Steubenville High School - Crimsonite Yearbook (Steubenville, OH)

 - Class of 1952

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Steubenville High School - Crimsonite Yearbook (Steubenville, OH) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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,V 'or GTI T b Ze 5 lmhed A Pub an D Lu I- an . Q O I O 11.1 ..1 7 .1 P 7 1.1.1 CD D l.J..I 1- ua ' . O I O 1.u .1 .1 P LL! J D LU ln . O O I O LU .1 .1 P Z LU an 3 LU 1- an f . O I O LU .1 .1 P Z LLI no D 1.11 P- um C O O I O 1.u ..1 .1 P Z 1.11 an D 1.1.1 I- U, lm .W T of SS lc O O ch h S ' 'doo-Low IGI md 57m-MDEW . ' JOOIQW IGI Nj PZMEDEW . . I-COT-Om IGI Nj PZM-mDm-Fm . 0 AGOT-Om IGI ml: PZMQDEM Sn e e hlw e Y S og H C --an -.lL- H BG RED STEUBENV LLE BG REDOO STEUBENV LLE BG REDCO STEUBENV LLE BG RED STEUBENV LLE BG REDO0 STEUBENV LLE BG RED 0 STEUBENV LLE BG RED!! STEUBENV LLE BG REDOO STEUBENV LLE BG REDO O STEUBENV LLE BG REDOO STEUBENV LLE '7!w6 -1' 'dit ---.-............, 7a0aacfw1af lfze em 1 11 E1Hlt111111IIOxl111I1 lllf All, 1s1 111111111111 011111 s 1 1110111111 of the X1 f31Y1I1 I11111s 131,11 R111 111101111111 A11 8111418 4 111111 Jones 111111 P1111 N 1111111t 1 1 1111 111111 1111 H11-Qs 11111 I 111111 1111 111111151 14111101 111 111111 1111111 Stl1l 111 1511101111 1911 11 the O11111 511111 Rllllllt IS up S 1t11111 11 11111111 191 9 We fbechcde H144 195.2 1'Sl'euJen" BG REDOO STEUBENV LLE BG REDOO STEUBENV LLE BG REDOO STEUBENV LLE RED STEUBENV LLE B G BG RED STEUBENV LLE RED BG H H 6 Pi Pi f.. C C C C "' p..4 ' 1 C91 . A " T2 . .14 LC ' 1 71' PC M- I - 'Q' ?5 - 3 'E ' . Y -- ,..,, :T , , .. . , . u A- W Y I Y 1 Z ,L . .. g J , :Q , 4 . 11- y QQ -7 " A: I-,L 1-1. rf - i " LV vu Q 4 A- P+ u- - 1 nf . LE' , M I i A ,-4 LJ -. V 4 An I . Eu: 1 A: ' A1 J , D rw T-4 d 14 14 '-' . E I -1. D ' . 1- ff P1 "1 :f f-1 1 11' Q -1 - 1 TI 1- I J Q-. .1 ' A 1 Y. .. 1--1 1.: L 1 I xv . I , ,g AJ Y A: ,., fu f - A4 .s ,5 . "1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I NV LLE STEUBE RED 6 STEUBENV LLE B RED G B LLE STEUBENV RED G STEUBENV LLE B RED G STEUBENV LLE B I iff H., .o4""',' If I Q,? ' I M5127 QQ 1 E if ff 1 E 9 filriilg l iiaii' , . s 'wig'- giga -: a 5 Z4 L J .5 A Whule +he hugh school sfands defender of fhe Crumson and 'rhe Black Ahead of us as sludems of a free nahon Iles llne 'rask of securnng a 'free world a Task so greal lhal I+ wall lake every lasl ounce ol pnrll and above all knowledge lhal we pos ess We ol Sleubenvnlle l-hgh School are proud lo say lhal we have been gnven The opporlumly lo gam such knowledge and splrul Through our sludles our ouflook upon fhe world has been widened Exlra currucular achvnhes have given us a glnmpse ol a llle of leadershup and co operahon Academic courses have prepared us lo lv a lull rich llle and lo serve mankind IH a lull rich manner ll' has been buf lor us lo reach oul and grasp 'rhese lreasures And 'rhere lo guide us an our seekvng were lhe leachers and lnslruclors All ol us have enioved and are s+nII enloyung lhe hnesl days of our luves IN our own "Big Red " Thus "S+euben" was nol composed lo be merely a memory book for Semors, bul lo be a gundnng spurxl lo all lhe sludenls ol Sleubenvnlle Hugh School lor all hme lo come a beacon +o lnghl lhe palhway lo a greal' prlcle IN The hlgh school whuch so proudly s+ands benealh lhe Crnrnson and lhe Black l4l 1,53 V154 ly f W 167.1 'X e4 j. 1 x 21.702, If ffyas' ff - lx , ffff' Auf' Z"W ' p . K 5 K . , will I l l I I l ly I xi gy, , , I ,r ,ng ' ' 1 e 'ez' Eflllhl' A l " - -4 " WW r .M 2 'A ' he lv I gl c " ' n Kg "L: 14, 75 ll U ' f ll S . . g Ie I . . THE CRIMSON AND THE Although no the VN hen the Qi C ftllggl I I . Yam h wh ln ord Tc our long war of Hugh M owl wt L cure: f L on M 0 X1If1Llll1L ff-his tru Hail EEN? BLACK ut knows our lst s dark 1 uc WL tx nth grax C px And e al ut En 8 SUHS BY X H1 L ms L tharm to lxnoxxl my Should ur dur as hopes Iran J lo 1 grlm C Vlln F 1 s0n OI' Kline TO C BTL Iflll see to spcll 1 AQ +14- xy fi J 1 'l 11915 if 41 XJ mlm M-- 1 own our co org p tn or 'Nlor mu sha x :L r mln 1 e w. L trlu lu fm 1 hed track NI! Nl- U- xu an sh ure 11 :md nos we. turn our mum rms hxck ?E'-EE' iii?-9 Hlxxln. me Hlgh tn ut work And kd bnhool tandb or dear thobe dm s fen old High bghtml g at new 4-D- +f- 43 QD- yfp 41 +9 fpWi' lil I- a J lm up t e Cnm And the Lrnm Neath t Crxm son xon QOH lfi: JH xn an U' + X.-X Blank t e c Blank e Bl uk 4 -Q-L' N...z Wann yvmud by Dan Vxlauuch -fhhhT , hhhigaiiiih h fhff hhhh ll Ziff h fhh g Whh i-hh' , P' ',iihj1QhiW,T,,, 1 1 Z i ' , l l- as al- 'a 5 L" Q, h- vt - u - l-" ll '. 1 Tl ' f j- 5 1 - Q 'h . Xl: l,h th- Qc- -S '- ' ' so -ll. 3 ' h 0 lzf - 5 . li us. ' 1' ' fmt 'lt " ' WW ln, W , W W ,, ,iW,, . LW l , , , , ,, - JN A , ,321 - .- ll h f -X U , E1 4- -2 bg lg i - -ri 4 : 1- i'b"7wY' "" 'VY I V V V .- I -, 5 WW T WW iWA "fi "fn Y , BAE,-WW fs, QW iiiiiw i WY, l - l I u l V 4 4 V .1 l , .,Y, ,, ,W W WWWW W, W, l ,W ,l .. - V- 2 - - -,iw -- WW- ll-Y ------- - - - H F h ---at A jk gif Q 5 --W W, J 4 . .J Y X- ,J 4- jf I --W, th g - tl of H - 'L l l' th- ' ' - ,' S ' '. As th, ,V .KV M ' . -av. w A -ly k -. Q 0 -- - - t 5 be - j uw, :1lQ- F - fall 11 - way: ' -bv P l "? 'h l A, 1, . l l h' --- f - 5 1 -l ah, -W , fl --1 - 5 .W ' -l I I ' - - 5 4- 2 , i , P L, 'WW l, n-,,.,,,p,, ,, , 1. . 2- ---- . -Y -- f f+ -f- -Q-1---0- gjdfi , ' , WIW, Wf,,,'f' M f vi 'Xin l ., 2 L-iff, il I l, X .-My---- 1p,-f -- -hhhh v--df------U---- --M 5 - , 17 fulflf-W f Kff' fir 'TWW WW, , , , , WH WWWW,W, , W P ,WY W WY, Wil- Hi ,, rf W, , . , 4 7, ,- ,, ,,,W,f.,wl x . , 6: W ,,WWt W , 9 ,,9,, ,WW :W WL, , . . , W- will ' l - S l- - Li l l - or ,h ll thej lt 'k. U wc ' ith - l I - lc 'I' - ' -. On t - f t - hall ' l , or ' . 3 'll V- hd . -1 .ni ,Q - As -- x - ' 1 . , iz, f! 'f:,f , Hi? f'W1f ii, W, ,Y, . ,W 'il W, W WW, l - f ,f hw 1 - F wr ig h ll M -P 4 4-W H h - f- L, l . 5 Ll I 1 l t is ll - - ,QQQP2 h - -3- --1 h WWW ' -' V 5 I 'hglh LQW ,, ,ii - ll 'h S' V ' de - d - cr Of h I ' ' Ll h ' , S ll '- ' ' f ' 1 - N' , i - Q 1 d th ' . rv - " ll X ,L of l l - l. ' nl: - , Cl th 1 ' . , 1 I I X 7 ' l 'IW' 'W W inf' W W',W 'rf QW, W 1, Y "" fffil Y ,I Y, 7' f 8 ,W l - fftifbfi if il 1 8 W1 TF? W if i Y I v fr ' : A i- : F ' -- 1- ' l : ,, , ,Q WWWW 5, Wi . X lx ' QU KW BWW f, W WW, Y WWW, Y Y ' WW,Q ,. ..fY.g Wlf, 4 W f llyr ,WWIQ d . fhh .- Af , . --A' H h- h f -hf h- -Q h h Ganienh Dedrcahon Foreword The Cramson and Table of Confenfs Admumsfraflon Faculty Seniors A+I1Ie+uc:s ACIIVI I6 Spec aI Fearures I2 Adverfusung fhe B ac 0 C U I. ' ' ,,.A,,.,,, . . . . 2-3 3. " ' I Ia" 5 4. .. . . 6 5. ' ' ' ,.,,, , . . . 7 6. . II 7. ' . I9 8. Underclassmen ... .. 43 9. ' . , , ., . 59 IO. 'AI' 3 . . . . . 8I II. I . Y A 99 . H ., ...,., . . ...I I7 ADMINISTRATION ...culhemqalicfzhamn b M X I E HH , I I f? Mass Boyd ns Assls'ran+ Supernn+enden+ of Sfeubenvnlle Public Schools Thus year she also served as achng prnncupa af Hard :ng School Prior fo +ha+ hme Mass Boyd laughl rnafhemahcs m Sleubenvulle l-hgh School for a number of years Mass Boyd recenved her Bachelors de gree 'from Mounr Union College and her Masfers degree from Ohio S'ra+e Umver sn She has done graduafe sfudy al' Teach ers College Columbia Unlverslfy and The Umverslfy of P:++sburgh Mass Boyd af presen+ as an N EA dnrec+or for Ohno ano Chaurman of 'rhe lnfernahonal Qelahons Cornmnflee of +he N E A Mass Margaref Boyd l-leading The admnmslrahve slahf of fhe Sleubenvale Publuc Schools srnce l95O s lvlr Ralph lvl Ganli Before cornung +0 Sfeubenvslle Mr Ganfz faughf and coached In Medina Counly and Barberron from 1929 'ro I935 l-le was superm+enden+ of The hrah school an Mnffln Township Ohuo unhl I944 Then Mr Ganlz assumed fhe supern endency a Bedford Ohio unhl he came +0 Sfeubenvnlle l-hgh Mr Ganlz qradualed from Offer b IU C llege In l92O l l935 he e ceuved has Masfers decree from +he School of Educahon Alcron Un1vers+y Ralph M Ganh 0 0 0 S e' o ' ,. n r - I C I Q C . . . . K ,K .I vs, . . . . I - 'N b A Q . . 4 L L , ' i . '+y. . 1. l8l func Gurdlng The school alfaurs as prmc oal for hls second year s Mr Alberl C May Formerly he served as prnncupal a +he lollowmg schools Keene Hug School l926 27 Newcomerslown l927 38 Marlins Ferry I938 43 and 'vlar on Harding Sr Hugh School I947 50 Having graduafed from Bucyrus H gh School an '922 Mr May allended Olferbeun College vhe e he recenved his bachelor of arfs degree an 1920 He recerved hrs rnasrer o ars degree In I976 from Qhlo Slale Lnlversxry Alberi' C May uulawipunc 'O A new adduhon +o lhus years lacully as A suslanr Pr nclpal 'Ar Hugh E Sarles Wusco sm us h s home and 1+ was There he recewved rnosl ol hns cducahon Mr Sarles recemyed his Bachelors de gree lrorn Norrhweslern lnuve s +y and has Maslers from Wayne Un fersrly an I946 Before cornwng ro Slecbenv he he was Sen or Counselor a+ Lorarn Ohuo l-hs duhes here lnclude +each1ng coun g nd aovlsor 'ro Swdenf Councll Hugh E Sarles gwwzcye The l95I 52 Board of Educahon ol The Sfeubenvllle Publ c School Sysfem has Taken many reps To mproye me schools The members are lef? lo rlqhr l-lerberf W Lelcgy Wrlmer Myers Edlfh Sm lh Clerx Dr C W L ohfhlzer Pres den? Fred W Dougherly C W Crlbbs and Benlamnn S Lamb msel' Mnss Eclu+h Smrih Sec: efay To The Superlnrend en add Clerk Treasurer of fhe S eubenf lle School Board Mrs Barbara Travis Secre ary fo The Prmclpal Mr May and School Treasurer Muss Rena Phslllps Ofhce Secrerary and Sw rch board Operalor Mrs Roxle McKee O c Sr. relar no FACULTY ..Zal!wazam0nw4e aaebme n ' ' '. +1 my na- ll'l unnQsnna .:U N? C I X C.o .D ' ,ix .515 , ' 7, I 'vs' "" 1 4 - uf ff ,,, 5 L. i '5' if fi-1 Lv' 'f : , h-L Q i k 1f:' ,Kei-W:u ., QQ , ,I 1 ,jg ' . VZ! K 1 xgkg lffze aww Wnlllam M Berndf Supervisor of lndusirnal Educahon S nn Eclucaflon Ohio Sfafe Unnversufy Mas+er of Arfs Ohio Qlafe Unnversuly E W Capen Dfrecfor of Chorus B S In Eclucafon Bowl ng Green Unnversufy Barbara Andreanslcy Enqlsh Specnal Courses B A Alberlus Magnus College Harold H Bac lnclusfrnal Arfs B S nn Educahon Ohio Unlversnfy Masfer of Ar s Ohxo Sfafe Umversnly 'Z' lldred A Bermer Helen Brown Social Sfudnes Malhemahcs B S IH Edugahon B S In EdUC6'lIOf1 Ohio Umversuly Demson Unlversnly T W Caskey Soclal Sfudres Bachelor of Arls Mlllugan Collegz Masfer of Arls Umversuly of W: nz ODSIYI Ernesi' Clashman Scrence Bachelor of Arls Hanover College Eileen Cozarf Ar Bachelor of Scrence Wes? Llberfy Sfale College Masler of Arls Ohuo Slale Unlverslfy C arles H Decker lncluslrlal Arls Bachelor of S-:sence Kansas Slale Teachers College Masler of Educalmon Unwerslly of Puffsburqh Jullef Ealun French and English Bachelor of Arfs Muslcmgum College 'O-any WI lam Croskey Dorofhy Daugheriy clal Slud es n Eoucahon nl Sla O Unzverslly Margare+ Denison Eno sn Bacnclor ol Ar s Nuslc roam College Wnlluam Ellus Soclal Sludues Bachelor ol Arts Dav s Elk ns College Masler of Arfs Ohuo S'a1e Umversxfy ll31 Eno sh Bache r ol Sc ence On o Ln verslly Mas er of Educaluon U verslly ol Plllsburqh vf' Tod O Dravls S n Educa on lno ana Slale Teachers College Mas e TEduca lon Un versl y of Plllsburgh ffze emma, me amy, Benlamln Eniwlsle Comrnerclal Deparfrnenf Bac el of r s wa Sfafe Teach C We Masrer cl Arfs Un vers y ol ovxa Vuc+or Fula lnduslrla Arls S n Eouca N Y Sla e Teachers Masfcr cl Educafnon Unlversny of Buffalo Co qe Mary Barbara Fish Drslrrbulnve Educahon Bachelor of Sclence Bowl nq Green Unlverslly Masler of Sclence New York Umversnly Clifford C. Heffelfinger Howard Hersh Physical Educallon l-lislory, Physical Educafion B. S. ln Educalion -1 B, S. in Educafion- Ohio S'ale Universlly Miami Universlly Masfer of Arfs -- Ohio Sfale Universify U41 Andrew Fenslie lndusfrlal Arls Bach lor of Science w o Unlverslfy Mas r cr Educallon U ve s+y of Plrfsburgh fu.- 'E' Eleanor Giles Enollsh Bachelor or Arls M am Umversnfy asfer of Arls Mlaml Umversrly Alfred A. Herzberger lnduslrial Arls Bachelor of Arfs - Heldelberq College Masfer of Aris- Ohlo Srafe Universify Bachelor of Divinily- Cen+ral Theological Seminary Il? 7: a Ray W Hoyman Rudolph Hudec Alhlehcs Bachelor of Sc ence S m Eoucal n Un ver ly cl Pflsburoh Ollerbeln College Masfer of Educahon Unlversuly of Pullsburgh Myrlle L Johnson Chrushne Humphrey Mafhevwafncs n Edaca o fa Un vers! Rchard Kung F E Lausch Enolxsh Sclence and Alhleflcs nce Bachelor ol Arfs Musk nqurn College Mas+er of Sclence Ken? Slale Unrverslly John Malfese E Loulse Lyons Scxence Journallsm and Englush Bachelor of Arls B A College cl S eubenvllle Sm lh College Masfer ol Educahon Unwers ly of Pxflsburgh llbl Bachelor of Sclence B e or of rfs Muslunqum College o L JE zzwawu, , X 4, , fy. ' 'jx' ji B4 4' ' YO - l fl T I , B. S. 7 Y Von - ' Oh? S fe l 'ay gift' ., ' 4. ' ' . . 'scfe - ' - ach I . A --A 3 ' Chi lf-I rs'fy . 3 Q J Sf, - '3 ' Q - - x, A S l . me aww, A erf B Myers Band Bachelor ol Arts San Jose Slale Couleqe ol Calxlornla 'Gi Edllh Manor Charles T MCQUIHIH Commercual Deparlmenl Malhemal cs Bachelor ol Arls Bachelor of Arls Bowllnq Green Un versrly Ohio Slale Unlverslly Masler ol Arls Ohio Slale Unxverslly Mlrlam Nelhng Enqllsh Bachelor of Arls Belhany College Masler of Educalxon Unlversnly ol Pnllsburgh Bess L Lalm Bachelo Ohio Masler Ohvo Odell r of Arls Umverslly ol Arls Umverslly Blanche Price Frances E. Rinner l-lame Economics and I-lealfh Comrnerclal Deparlmenl' Lalln and English Mildred Pirgan B. S. ln Vocalional Home B. S. in Educallon- Bachelor of Arls Economlcs Ohlo Slale Unlverslly Ohio Unlverslly Carnegie Tech Universlly Masler in Educalion - Unlverslly of Pillslourgh l l6l Gerfrude Rosen G-erfrude E. Ryan Spawsr Civics DUN' Slal,'v:l'r ol Arls' - Bachelor f 'X 5 H f- Unlvcrslly Miam' Ufvcrsffy Bachelor ol SQli?PCQ - . B S n E31'farfn-- CHO S'aff: Unfversify Clio UnUC's"v Pos' Gradufo OHM Unlvcrslly Mmfer In L'lC'afurO -- - Unlvorsfly cf Pufsburglv Irene Seidman Prvysk-a' EdLca"on 3. S. 'rw Edutaviin Olwfo Unlfrrsl' 'Wx Ida Mae Slern Clara Rena S+rmger Mary arr Comrnercal Dena menl' Howe E ro S wence Bane-lm r of Am n Edu a Bw Ho' r FSC ence Colege of Swubenvull Cn o Urversry vers N o Hsburglu Masfer Educal on v s y or P'+sbur 1 Thelma Taylor Ka+l1ryn Trlbble Doro+l1ea L Kern Ma 'Q V J lS" Frances Truslllo Durecfor of l-lxgh School Orchesfra Clncmna r Corwservalory of Mu Mafhemahcs B S rn Educa on Ohio Shale Unnversuly Masfer of Arfs Teachers College of Columbia Helen M WaH Mafhemahcs Bachelor of Sclence Wesfmlnsler College J A Turkopp Ma hemahcs Ba helor of Arls Ohuo Slale Umverslfy Masrer of Arfs On o Slafe Unrversxfy Aflflehcs Bachelor of Arls Ursnnus College Masler of Educahon Llnverslfy cl: Pulfsburgh Muldred Wheafcraff Eng l rsh Bachelor of Arls Oh o Slare Unrverslfy Mas er of Arrs B ead Loaf School of English Mlddlebury College ll3l Bermce Tweed Enol sh S an Educan n Ken? Slaie Unxversvly Band B S ln Educa on Oh o Sfafe Unrversuly Mllan Zorl Track Coach Bachelor of Sc ence Norrh Carollna Shale 5 V ' A C l 1- I B. .f' Yo --. SJC J .. A fs' J' Laura J. Tweed A. J. Vaccaro Anihony T. Violi . +10-Q A - . ml-' SENICDRS 441,411 scam Paul L. Masfros College Preparalory Dislikes empfy pockeis Desires oi be a millionaire Key Club 3, 4: Presiclenf 4 Forum Presidenl H. R- IOO, 3 Sfudenf Council 2 Presidenf of Senior Class 195.2 Charles Golden Sedgwick College Preparaiory "Chas" Wanfs To be a lawyer Band 4 Orchesfra 2, 3, 4 Key Club 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Commiifee Vice Presidenl Senior Class Nancy Lee Kliner College Perparafory Dislikes people wifh lhe "l clon'f care" affilude Desires fo be a blonde Beacon Sfaff 4, Fealure Edilor Jr.-Sr. Prom Commiffee Sr.-Jr. Prom Commiflee Forum GAA. I Secrefary l-l. R. IO5, I Secrefary of Senior Class Sfudenf Council 3, 4 Jr, Red Cross I, 2, 3 Pepper Club 2, 3, 4 Chorus l, 2, 3 Assembly usher 4 Foofball usher 2, 3, 4 Sludenf Governmenl Day 3 Frank Gilliam General Wanfs fo become All-American end af Michigan "Shaggs" Key Club 3, 4 Forum Treasurer of Senior Class Beacon Slafi 4 Foolball I. 2, 3, 4: Lelfer 3, 4 Baskefball I, 2, 3, 4: Leifer 3, 4 Caplain 4 Baseball 3, 41 LeHer 3, 4 Samuel R. Thomas College Preparaiory Dislikes girls 'lhaf smoke Thinks S.H.S. needs more girls like Marilyn G. Sfudenf Council 2 Senior Class Commiffeeman Key Club Treasurer 4 Track Team l, 2. 3. 4: LeHer 2, 3, 4 Forum Vice Presideni' Los Amigos General Chairman Sr.-Jr. Prom Foo+ball 2 James George Adams General Wanss To be a raids announcer Desires fo marry Pnyl and raise a basebal 'earn Baseball 3. 4: Lelfer 4 V'ce Presidenl I-I. R. I00, 4 Slamp Club, Vice Presidenf 2 Camera Club, Presidenl' 4 Fcrufn Beacon Slaff 4 Annua' Siaff Arl' Edllor Jr.-Sr. Prem Commillee 3, 4 Dale S'Iuar+ Anderson General ' Daisyi' Tlwfnlrs S-I-I,S. needs a swimming pool Jr. Red Cross 2, 3 Pepper Club 3 Foolball manager I, 2, 3: I.eI'ler4 Presidenf I-I. R. 207, 3 Baslcelball I Baseball manager 2 Library Slall 2 3 4 Jr Sr Prom Commullee Vce Presidenl I-I R 207 Doris Jean Ayoub Vocalional Commercial Plans lo alfend Olno Sfale Univ Tlw nks S I-I S needs more senior bo,s Jr Red Cross 2 3 Pepper Club 2 3 Amanuenses Forum Recording Secrelary Jr Sr Pr m Cornmiflee Kennefh Wlllnam Baker College Preparalory Wanrs ro be a radio announcer Dnslilces conceilecl people Los Amigos Vce Pres oe-nl I-I R 300 2 Treasurer I-I R 300 4 K Club 2 3 4 Pepper Club 4 Baslcerbail manager 2 3 4 Lelfer 4 3asepaIl manager 3 4 Madelme Marne BarbeHa V cali nal Corrrnerc al Warts o be a successlul verograplier Maog Amar-uenses ba Prog am Se er "-.- 'VZ' Angela Kafherine Aivaliolis College Preparafory Plans lo go fo college Desires Io become slim Treasurer I-I. R. I, 2 Sr.-Jr, Prom Commiflee Orclweslra I, 2, 3,4 Pepper Club 4 Forum Knilling CIub3 Annual Slalf Zoe Gerlrude Anderson Secrelarial Dislikes conceiled people Desires fo marry Ernie Secrefary I-I.R. 207, I Amanuenses, Vice Presidenl, Second semesfer Barbara Ann Baur General XVanls To be a housewife Plan To allend business college Fulure Rela lers Club Pepper Club 3 Mary Lou Ball General Disl kes I3 T O s Plans Io work al Werrlon Sleel Olllce n I Sludenl Councul 2 Ross Edward BarreH' General and car Th nlfs S I-I S neeos cough med icrne bel re assernblres Poo ball I c all u cn' Coun I 4 Vcc- r denl 3 Seroea I al arms 4 Pcpp r Club 4 . I I 3 i ' . . , 1 I W ' V I I ,' I . I Ba d , 2, 3,4 ey , , ' f , I Wr1n's ro own his own house ii I i . . . I - r af I' is II 4 L' f I I C , Q ' 1? Bas-b I ' ' ""' I SI d-. ci 3. 7 I Pesi Doro+hy Jean Barry General Dislikes preiudiced people Plans lo enler nurses' Training Y-Teens Pepper Club Chorus l, 2, 3, 4 Nadine C. Beck College Prepararory Wanfs fo be a psychialrisl' Thinks S H S needs 'fall boys Pepper Club 2 3 Presndenf e Presiden+ H R 2ll Sfudenf Councl 3 4 Forum Assocrale Edifor of Annual Beacon Sfalzl 3 French Club 3 Jr Sr Prom Comrnillee Sr Jr Prom Commillee Jr Red Cross 2 3 Bowling Club 2 Foofball usher Sludenl Governrnenl' Day 3 Fred L Bell General Plans +o work in Posl Office Thinks SHS needs more school spnrni fine women Jack Arms+rong Billham lnduslrial Arls Peewee Thinks S HS needs a parking o Roberf David Black College Preparafory Carrols Dislikes women drivers Forum Treasurer Key Club 4 Foofball usher 4 Jr Sr Prom COmmIlle6 Sr Jr Prom Commilfee Boys Sfafe 3 e Presldenl H R lO5 Annual Sfahf Junior Play Sfudenf Governmenf Day Marlene Marnel BaH'on Home Economics Wanrs +o be a WAF Desires lo have her own car Y-Teens 2, 3,4 William Lee Beekman College Preparalory Wanrs fo make Navy his career "Fishhook" Pepper Club 4 B erballl 2 3 Foorball manager 2 3 S+udenl'Counc1l I 2 Treasurer H R IO 4 Jr Sr Prom Commiffee William Bell General Dislikes smarf guys Desires ro become Edifor of e Herald Slar Waller Gales Burrell General Wanrs 'ro be an Adm ral in Navy Des res 'ro pass a Cadillac in a Model A Harry N Bloch, ll College Preparalory Wanls lo gel info eufher Harvard or Yale Desires lo have a dale wilh l. ll Sl r Sc ence Club l Annual Slalzl Bea on Slall 2 4 Forum Key Club 4 Pepper Club 4 esiderr H R 2ll Sally Lucille Borden College Preparafory Plans fo marry Dlclc and leach lhrrcl grade oz Red Cross! 2 3 Counc Bowl ng Club 2 Pepper Club 2 3 4 Forum Annual Staff Co Achvvfles Ecllfor General chalrman of Jr Sr Prom Sr Jr Prom Comrnlllee Semor Chorus 4 Foolball usher 4 rarn seller I 2 Sfudenl Governrnenl Day 3 Paula Bougher General Pefe Wanls fo be a nurse Fufure Rerallers Club Judnlh Ann Bra ndl General Wanls lo become a wrrler Desures lo be an old rnald Forum Howard Waller Bre'H'ell Jr College Preparalory Plans lo go lo Ohuo Slale and sfudy pre med Desxres lo be an opera ssnger C orus l 2 3 Presndenl'4 Orcheslra 2 3 Band announcer 4 Forum sldenf l-l R l Key Club 4 Elberfa Louuse Brown Home Econormcs Dlsl lies sluclc up people Plans 'ro leach sewrng Foolball usher 4 'rr Wnlllam Wells Borden General Dvslllces phoney people Wants o graduale In less 'than fve years Orchestra I 2 3 4 Conceri' Masler 3 4 C rus 2 L s Amigos Junlcr Play Jr Sr Pr rn Ccmmnllee Jr Prom Commnlfee Pepper Club 2 3 Ru+h E Bradley General Plans lo allend Ohno Slale Desires To gel rnarrned Peoper Club 3 4 Y Teens 4 Beacon Sfahf 3 Vnce Presndenf l-l R 2Il Annual Slafl 3 Carol Ann Braun College Preparalory ffrla Dlslllces concealed people Secrelaryl-l R 300 2 Pres1den'l'3 Pepper Club 2 3 4 Jr Red Cross3 Council Vsce Presldenl 4 Los Amuoos Forum Jr Sr Prom Cornmlllee Sr Jr Prom Commuflee l-lomecornlng ueen 4 S+uden+ Governmenf Day Eleanor Mae Brondos Secrela rral Wanls lo confmue worlnng al fhe balrery orus l Randolph Franlclm Lee Brown General Warrs lo be a success es c a P r rr' a Clu Q r Sfa o Club 4 Arrnl S?aT Sr lr Prom C rrmlllee Rosemarie E. Caracciolo General oe Wanls lo become a beaullclan Pepper Club 2 Jr Red Cross Council 4 Srudenr Councll 2 Chorus I Krrker Jones Car+ledge College Preparalory Deslres Io be a crooner Tlunlcs S I-I S needs more school solrxl' Los Amlgos Secrelary P sldenl I-I R IOS 4 Boys Slale Cary Audllor Key Club 4 d C oss I I3 s elball I 2 Sluden Gowernmenl Day 3 Nancy Jean Chrlsfner College Preoaralory Wanls ro become a lorelgn lournallsl Tln nls S I-IS needs less cllqu Y Teens 3 d Coss I 2 3 Cou Treasurer 4 Cl'rorus3 4 Secrelary 4 Pepper Club 2 4 Forum Assembly uslwer 2 3 4 Slu enl COUHCII I Junler Annual Slant Edlrcr In Cluef Jr Sr Pro'n Cornmullee Secrelary of Freshman Class Beacon Slail 3 Assoclale Edlfor Buslress Manager E+I1eI Ann Coleman I-lorne Econom cs Plans lo become a Wave To receuve my dryers Incense Marlene Ann Crewson College Preparalory Wanls lo be a sclwool leaclner Macle Y Teens 3 Los Armgos Knwlllncz Club 3 Pulure Teachers 1 Arnerlca 3 John Frederick Call General Wants lo be a mmnsler Plans To arrend college Vo e of Clmrsllan Youllw 4 Lewus Lemorne Chrrshan lrduslrlal Arls D slllces lo go broke on a dale Deslres lo slay away from Korea lball T acl: I Doro+I1y Nell Churchwell General Clnurclvxe Tn nlcs S I-I S needs b ler sporls manslwlp G A I 2 Secrelary 3 Presldenf 4 Pepper Club 2 Y Teens I Harold Roberl' CoH'relI lnduslrual Arls Drslllces women and eallng Th nlcs S I-I S needs a swimming poo Nancy Lee Curry Secrelarlal D slnlces people who larlc ba y la Deslres To dale Mlclcey eens I Fulure Teachers ol' Amerlca 3 4 Pepoer Club 2 Jr Red Crcs 2 Clarence Edward Davis Vocarional "Bud" Desires Io own a powder blue Cadillac converrible Key Club 2. 3, 4 Baslcerball I, 2, 3, 4: Leller 3, Presidenl H. R. I, 4 Presidenr of Freshman Class Julius DeHore Induslrial Arfs "Turk" Desires Io be a pro baslcelball player Presndenl H. R. 300, 3, 4 Baslcefball I, 2, 3, 4: Lerfer 3, 4 Traclc I, 2. 3, 4 Anna Mary DlAngelo Secrelarual Wanls fo become a pr1va're secrefary Dnslulces conceded people S crelary H R IO 2 4 R d Cross I 2 Pepper Club 3 4 Annual Slall Foorball usher 4 Program seller 3 Jr Sr Prom Commuflee Franlr John Dorlo College Prepararory Wanfs fo be a lawyer Dlsl Ines showoffs French Club 3 Bowling Club 3 4 Presudenr H R 204 3 Rudolph Duxon General Wanrs fa become a pro foofball player Dslulres women drivers oball I 2 3 4 Lerle cl: I 2 Le? er Vrce Presudenr H R 204 3 Margarel Ada Davis General Wants Io ger our of school Des?res 'ro be a floorwallrer af McCrory's Furure Rerailers Club Jr. Red Cross 3 Bowling Club I, 2 Pepper Club 2 Roberl' D. Dicioccio College Preparalory Plans la go To college Desires 'Io play a "mean" lrumpel Sfudenr Council 3: Presldenl 4 Key Club I, 37 Vlce Presidenl' Band I, 2, 3, 4: Presldenl 4 Baseball I, 2, 3, 41 Lelfer 2, 3,4 Baslcelball l, 2 V7ce Presldenl of Junior Class Treasurer of Freshman Class Carolyn Sue DrMarzuo General Dslllces concelfed people Th nlcs S H S needs elevators Sludenl Councll 3 Fnure Relaulers Club Y Teens 4 Rober+ Paul DlRosarlo College Preparalory Plans ro become a polnrucal lawyer Thnnms S H S needs a bugger fool' ball sradlum Forum easurer I-I R 2II 3 :ce Presndenl 4 Los Amigos Joseph Vmcenl Dragoun Co ege Preoaralory Wanfs To become ednlor of Herald Slar Th nlcs Sl-IS needs more sporfs mansh D re Presrden H R IO5 Fcrurr' Jr Rec: Cross 2 3 Pepp r Club 2 3 Srudenf Coun I 2 Los Armgos V e Presudenl' 4 Jun or Play Alace Jeanne Drascoll College Preparafory Daslalces bag wheels Desares lo go Io Europe Fulure Teachers of Ameraca Jr Red Cross I Y Teens I Bowlang Club 2 Lola Josephane Echols College Preparalory Wanfs Io marry a sharp rnan Desares Io be a rnaaorefre al college Forum d Cross I Pepper Club 4 Sr Jr Prom Cornmn'r'I'ee Chorus 2 3 Assembly usher 3 4 Loas Annefle Edae College Prepararory Thanks SHS needs a co e machine an 'the hall Jr Red Cross 2 3 C orus 2 3 4 Vrce Presadenf H R 300 2 4 Sr Jr Prom Commaflee Forum Assembly usher 2 3 4 Los Amagos Charles Davad Ellas College Preparafory Chuclc Desares Io hal 800 an baseball B s efball I, 2 3 43 Leller 3 4 eballl 2 3 ' er , Forum Club l, 2 Presidenl' of Junior Class Commilleeman of Freshman Class Pr sideni H. R, IO, 2 Annual Slafl Boys' Slale 3 Dons Elanor Evans General Desires Io marry Ken Thinlcs S-H.S. needs laller sludenls Bowling Club I GJKA. l Marian R Dumbola General Wanfs fo be a pro baseball player Thanks S H S needs more sharp gar s Secrelary H R l00 3 eball I 2 4 Lel B s efball I 2 3 4 Lefler 3 4 Beacon Slaff 4 Sludenl Governmenl Day 3 Eleanor Vargmla Edgerfon General Desares Io caplure a foolball player Wanls Io loan Ihe Waves Pepper Club 4 Bowlanq Club 4 G A A l Fulure Teachers of Ameraca 3 Vaclor Grady Edanburgh General Wanis to anherar ea mallaon bucks Daslalres sagnafaers n I Baseball 2 3 Baslre+ball 2 Forum Harry B Ensell General Wanls Io become a manasfer Daslalces bag-headed people Foolbal I 2' Manager 3 Baslrelball I Baseball I George Facaros Col lege Preparafory Wan+s Io fly a Iel' plane 'El Grlego' Los Amigos Nrla June Fufe General Plans fo losn The WAFS Deslres fo rause a lamnly C orus 3 4 Edward Roger Fulhyan College Preparalory Wanls lo own a mens clolhang slore Edd e n I 2 3 4 Dance Ban e Presldenf H R 305 I Pepper Club 2 3 4 Forum Jr Sr Prorn Comrnlllee Los Amugos Jr Red Cross 2 3 Jack Wayne Fouls Vocaluonal Plans lo slay single Thlnlrs S H S needs longer week en H Y Club I Sclence Club I Elodee Sharon Freedman College Preparalory Wants lo oe a psychologusl Dnslulres laur wealher lr en s Jr Red Cross 2 Annual Slall Forum Sr Jr Profn Comrnnllee Foolball usher 4 Y Teens I Alice Louise Ful+on College Preparalory Slump Plans To enrer nurses Trarnlno GAA 2 Jr Red Cross 3 Peoper Club 3 Y Teens 3 ev' - is-'47 88' ba Carl R Fuora College Preparalory Wanls lo gel through chemuslry Fole Key Club 4 Sfudenl Councl 3 4 Forum French Cluo 3 BONIIUQ Club 3 Sr Jr Prom Commlllee Baseball 2 3 Eva Mary Flemmg General Plans lo go lo Bowrnq Green Th nlcs S H S needs a swxrnmrng poo Y Teens I Alhena B Fralhellos D srrubu e Educalnon Teena Plans 'ro qo unlo modellnq and dress desuqnrng work Jr Sr Prom Comrnlllee Sr Jr Prom Commllfee Presrdenf H R IOO 2 ow Inq C ub I ed Cross I Peoper Club 3 Chorus 2 Fulure Refaulers Club Program seller 2 Wnlllam Eugene Freeze Genera Wanls lo oecerne a successful lafher Des res lr marry Monle an nave I2 sels ol lwms s dent H R Bowllnq Club 4 Pres denl' 4 Beacon S a"l 4 Sr Jr Prorn Cornrmllee Ca era Club 4 Annual Srag Juamla Cornelia Hudson General Wants ro be a Jcceslul model Th nlrs S H S ends nnore hea' Proqrarn selle GAA I Y Teers I William Ge+schnman General Wanfs Io be a brake mechanic Plans Io loin Ihe Service Bowling Club 4 Vice Presldenf Henry Delano Giles General Milne Desires lo drive a sloclc car 2 Chorus 2 3 Phyllis Goldfeln Col lege Preparalory Dislikes unreliable people Thlnlrs S H S needs a 'felephone af each desk Secrelary H R 204 2 4 n I 3 4 Malore e O c esfra I 2 3 4 Kmlfin Club 3 J Re Cross? 3 Pepper Club 2 3 Distric? Sfafe Music Conlesr Jr Sr Prom Commilfee Sr Jr Prom Commiflee Forum Phyllis Lee Green College Preparalory Wanls 'ro be a flighf nurse Thlnlrs S H S needs more alrac 'live and laller males Jr.-Sr. Prom Comrmflee Pepper Club 2. 3 4 Jr. Red Cross 2 3 Forum Foolball Usher 3 4 GAA. I Y-Teens I T asurer H.R. 2II 2 Barbara Jean Hay General Wanls Io be an Airline I-Iosless Desires Io worlc for 'rhe F.B.I. Jr. Red Cross Council 4 Chorus 2. 3 Program seller 4 Y-Teens I 2 "Wh-5 We N-Y Arfhur Glannamore General Plans lo go Io 'rhe Armed Forces Thinlcs S I-I S needs more school spnril Key Cub 3 4 Los Amigos Track I Barbara Ann Gullen Secrelarial Dislilres unlidy people Thinlcs S H S needs shorler riocls Amanuenses sudenl' H R 2II Program seller I 2 George Thomas Gran? General Desires 'ro own a molorcycle Plans To loin The Navy C orus I 2 B n 2 3 Beacon Sfafi 4 Roberl' George Hlbblis General Plans fo loin 'rhe Service Wanls lo be a machinisl Doroihy Jeanne Heale Vocafional Commercial Wanls Io become a lawyer's secrefary Desires Io gel married Assembly usher 2. 3, 4 Chorus I Jr. Red Cross 3 Amanuenses, Presidenl Carrie Elizabelh Hendricks Secrelarial Belly Plans fo go 'lo California G.A.A. I Edwin George Hill College Preparalory Plans fo allend college Th nlrs S H S needs more school splrul 2 Ke Club3 4 Forum Jumor Class Play Jr Sr Prom Commlllee Los Amlqos n I P sldenl I-I R IOS 2 David Carl Hoffman College Preparalory D slnkes BTO s Thlnlrs S H S needs Ava Gardner Vlce Presndenl H R 204 4 C orus I 2 Charles Vudor Honllonen College Preparalory Chuclr Desnres lo fund fha? cerlaln gurl Pepper Club 2 3 Georgianne Howell General Dlslulres all mannered boys Plans fo loan lhe Waves Vlce Presudenl H R 204 2 Forum Jr Sr Prom Commillee Beacon Slaff 4 Pepper Club 4 Jr Red Cross Councll 4 Secrelery 4 'Er Palricia Ellen Henry College Preparalory Wanls fo marry Bill Dislikes B.T4O.'s Jr. Red Cross 2, 3 Pepper Club 2. 3, 4 Los Amigos. Treasurer 4 Forum G A I Treasurer of Sophomore Class Jr Sr Prom Commullee Secrelary H R 3l4 3 :ce Pres denl 4 Nellie Mae Hobbs General Plans lo Ioan The Waves Desrres lo be a perfecl housewife A I Forum Los Amugos Pepper Club 4 Sr Jr Prom Commillee William Ben Holroyd General Dusl Ines loud people Thanks S H S needs beller assemblnes orus I 2 Pepper Club 4 Arrua Jane Hope Vocaluonal Commercial Janne Plans To go lo nurses framing Amanuenses 4 Publlcily Chair man 4 Forum Corresponding Secrelary Red Cross I 2 Pepper Club 2 3 Assembly Usher 2 3 4 Sludenl' Council I Secrelary Treasurer H R IO5 3 4 Jr Sr Prom Commrlfee Sr Jr Prom Commnllee Foolball usher 2 3 4 Program seller I Ella Louise Hudson General Dlslllres snobs Plans lo be a lelephone operalor Ban I 2 YTeens4 VaIen+ino A lachini College Preparalory a Des res lo have hs own larnlly Llbrary Slafl 4 Forum Los Armgos Presldenl Annual Slafl es dent I-I R Marlene Joy Jenluns General Wanls Io be a nurse Thnnlcs S I-I S needs a swlrnmlng poo Jr Red Cross 3 Lalsn Club 3 Jlm L Jewell Vocafronal D slllres Bug Red nol gellung slale champronshlp IU loolball Thanks S I-I S needs more school spurnl' Sfudenf Councvl I Treasurer I-I R 305 2 V rgunla Anne Johnson College Preparalory Jason Plans 'ro go lo college fo slucly rnerchandnsnng Annual Slall Curculalwon Manager Chorus 3 Forum Pepper Club 3 4 Assrnbly usher 4 Foolball usher 3 Secrelary I-I R 208 I Jr Red Cross 3 Kmlflng Club I Jr Sr Prom Cornrmllee Sr Jr Prom Comrnnflee PBIYICIB Louise June General Plans lo slay marrled Desnres fo have a famnly Foolball usher I Pepper Club 2 Jr Red Cross I G A I Y Teens 2 John Anfhony Jachereas General Yum D sl Ines olondes Wnlluam Lawrence Jonhlns General Plans lo marry Loss Thlnlrs S I-I S needs a parlung lol Jr Sr Prom Commnflee Sr Jr Prom Comrnnllee T clc3 4 Foolball I Doro'I'hy Jane Johnson College Preparalory Dlslllnes wamng for people Deslres lo gaun 50 pounds Jr Red Cross I 2 Secrelary 3 Presxdenf 4 Jr Sr Prom Comrmlfee r I enl' l'I R 305 I Assembly u her2 3 4 Chorus 2 Shurley Jean Jones Vocahonal Commercual Desires To be a polncewoman Thlnlrs S I-'I S needs a lulre box fhe Iunchroom ed Cros I Pe per Club I 2 3 Jr Sr Prom Comrnnflee easurer I-I R 2II Secrelary 4 Amanuenses Foolball usher 3 4 Amelna Angela Knrlanglhs Secrefarmal Wanls lo become a secrelary M Ile Dolores Ann Koller College Preparalory "Tubs" Plans fo be a fashion designer Jr.-Sr. Prom Decorafing Chairman Sr.-Jr. Prom Decorafinq Chairman Forum Vice Presidenl H. R. IOO, I Annual Sfafl Jr. Red Cross I, 2, 3 Pepper Club 3 GJKA. I Sfudenf Governmenf Day 3 Proqram Seller 3. 4 Raymond Lesler Kunlxle Vocafional Dislilces girls Thinlrs S.H.S. needs more holidays Pepper Club 2. 3 Roberla Marne La pov General Plans fo be a Ielephone operalor Dislilces conceiled people Program seller 4 Cl1arIo'I"I'e Ann Lewis Secrefarial Desires fo be a boy Wants Io loin 'the Waves Forum crefary H R I G A A 3 Foofball usher I Jean Marie Nahon Vocalional Cemmercial Wants fo be a good secrefary Dislilres conceiled people ed Cross I Pepper Club Secrelary 2 3 Vce Presidenl H R 204 2 Secrefary 3 Cheerleader 3 GAA I Jr Sr Prom Commillee 0' Q-v Margaref Elaine Kofora General Wanfs 'ro be a nurse Desires fo rreel a sharp infern Jr. Red Cross I, 2, 3: Council 4 Chorus 3, 4 Pepper Club 3 Assembly usher 4 Program seler I, 2, 3. 4 Secrelary H. R- IO, I Tom Langford General Dislikes sfuclc-up People Plans To aflend aufornolive school Foolball I, 2 Baslnefball 2, 3 Jr.-Sr, Prom Commiflee Sr.-Jr. Prom Commillee Doris Jean Leasure Secrela rlal Disl lces slucl: up people Thinlcs S H S needs elevafors Jr Red Cross 2 Pepper Club 2 Amanuenses Jack Howard Munsee College Preparalory Wanls 'fo become an engineer Plans lo enfer colleqe Sfamp Hinge Club I 2 B n 3 4 Key Club 4 French Club 3 Mildred Louise Nemelh Secrefarial Thinlrs S H S needs more boys P ev ew ueen 3 Homecoming Aflendanl' 4 Jr Sr Prom Commillee Pepper Club 2 3 4 Jr Rec Cross I Vice Presicenl of H R 3l4 Cheerleader I 2 3 Head Cheerleader 3 Howard L Llnn College Preparalory Tiny Thrnlcs S I-I S needs beller co op eralron belween Iacully and sludenls Jr Sr Prom Commullee Sr Jr Prom Cornmlllee ck I Los Amlgos 4 Pres denl' Key Club 4 olball I 2 3 4 Le 2 P sldenl I-I R 3I4 3 Vrce Presldenl 2 Commrffeeman of Jul lor Class Commrlleernan Sophomore Class Forum Baslcelba Kalherlne Lou Llsle College Preparalory Desxres lo be a sec nd Talullah Banlchead Thlnlcs S I-I S ne ds Clarlr Gable Jr Sr Prom Commrllee Sr Jr Prom Commvlee ed Cross I 3 Cre Woman 3 Ccuncll 4 Pepper Club '7 3 4 Forum Los Amlqos orus I 2 srdenl I-I R 3 4 2 Secre lary Treasurer 4 Edrlor ol Beacon Slall 4 Jun or Class Play Foolball usher 2 3 4 Eugene Edwards Locusl' lnduslrnal Arls Wanls Io become a welchl luller Th nlcs S I-I S needs more acfrvrl es olball I 2 L aclc I 4 Lelle Nancy Lee Lorella Colege Preparalory Plans 'ro allend college and become a nurse Thnnlrs S l-I S needs beller school spurul Q7 A I Jr Red Cross 2 3 Forum Program seller 3 4 VIFQIFIIB Lee McClam Vocalronal Commercnal Wanls 'lo be a prnvale secrelarv Desires To have an aparlrnenl of my own 'ro decorale Jumor Career Grrls 4 Dorolhy Jean Lmfon College Preparalory Desures lo be a blues singer Plans lo go Io college orus I 3 4 Pres: e esldenl of I-I R I Secrelary 2 Vrce Presrdenf of Freshman Class Beacon Sfall 4 Annual Slall Jr Sr Prom Comrmflee Sr Jr Prom Commlllee Sfudenl Governmenl Day 3 Vocallsl lor The Dance Band Red Cross I 2 Pepper Club 3 4 Forum Junwor Play Rulh Eslher Llvlngslon General Plans fo vlsur Calrfornra Drslllces mrsunderslandrnq people Band Manager 2 Program Seller I G A l Charles Rnchard Lodge College Preparalory s lces lcnow ll' a S Plans Io allend college Y 2 Key Club 3 4 Baseball 3 4 LeIler3 4 Sfudenl Councnl I Baslcelball 3 4 Leller Palrlcla Sue Lowry Secrelarlal Wanls To learn Io drnve Plans Io go Info nurses Iranmng Y Teens I Bowlnng Club I Teasurer I-I R IOO I Belly Carole McCleary General Dvslulces people who never smile Desires fo be lhe 'llrsl person 'lo reach lhe moon Forum Pepper Club 2 3 4 Chorus I 2, 3 4 Foofball usher 2, 3. 4 Jr Red Cross I, 2, 3 Treasurer H R I, 3 Calvin J. Jones Voca+IonaI Wanfs To coach foo+baII ,CJ ,, Foofball I, 2, 3, 41 Lefrer I, 2, BasIrefbaII I, 2, 3, 4: Lerfer I, 2, 3. 4 Joseph Maffhew Melnrch Indusfrval Arfs Wanfs To eaf more Deslres To be an offncer In rhe l9Isr Engineers Scxence CIub 2 Frank John Morgan 6eneraI Plans fo enrer Umfed Sfafes Navy Desires +o marry a nurse orus I 2 Jo Ann Moore Secrefarnal Wanfs fo Iearn 'to drive PIans To marry Ofsey Presldenf of I-I R 305 2 Secrefary 4 Amanuenses Vice Presldenr Is? semesfer Presrdenr 2nd semesfer GAA I Pepper CIub 3 Jr Red Cross 3 Co Acfuvnhes Ednfor of Annual J Sr Prom Commuffee Sarah Ann Morris Secre'IarlaI Annie Wanrs 'fo be an a1rIune hosress Thanks S I-I S needs more sfress on schoIas+uc achuevemenis John Ronald Means IndusI'riaI Arfs Wanfs fo be a fypewrifer servicemen Desires fo sfay a bachelor Sfudenf Council I Treasurer H. R. IOO, 3 John Lee Moore Vocahonal Johnny PIans ro loln rhe Navy Preswdenf of I-I R 208 2 Foo+baII 2 Lorefia Morrow Secrefarlal Reffa PIans fo ge? a secreIaruaI IO In Washnngfon A I Chorus 2 3 Program seller 4 Karhleen OreIIa Moore General Wants To be an anrlune siewardess DesIres Io meer John Derek rn person Joan Lounse Mornson GeneraI Desfres Io qef her drivers Incense Dusllkes buq headed people Chorus 2 3 4 Y Teens 3 4 Pepper CIUID 3 Thomas J McConneII General Dislikes some Teachers Desires Io be a greaf lover Mildred Dora Jane McEIwaln Secrefarial Wanfs 'fo be a music Ieacher M Ilie Roberf L Mclnfyre College Preparaiory Wanis fo be a chemical engineer Mac HiY Eleanor Marchlone General Wanfs +o be a division manager af Sears Thinks SHS needs more Seniors Fufure Refaslers 4 Jacqueline Marhn College Preparaiory Plans 'ro go inio nurses Training Jackie' Y-Teens 2 3 4' Presideni' 4 Sfudenf Council 3 4' Secrefar 4 Vice Presideni' H. R. I 2 Y Band 3 4 Charles L McCosky General Plans 'Io aifend college Desires ro become drrecior Ohio Siafe Band n I Orchesfra 3 4 Baskefball manager Trac 2 Dance Band 3 4 Distric? Music 3 4 Nancy Jean Mclniosh Vocaiional Commercial Jeannie Thinks S H S needs more operaiion Ama nuenses 4 Richard Michael Maloney General Dislikes some Sophomores Desires +o siay a bachelor all C orus I 2 3 4 Treasurer4 Vice Presudenf H R IO5 2 Forum Sr Jr Prom Commriiee Beacon Sfaif 4 Los Amigos Jo Ann Mane Builer Marsh Home Economics Pinky Desires 'Io be a singer Angelo S Masholannn General Desires 'ro become e carpenier Dislikes a drama club n I HLY 2 Carolyn Rufh Newman General "Newmie" Desires Io have a nice home and money enough 'ro live nicely Maiorelre 2, 3 Forum Los Amigos G.A.A. l Jr.-Sr. Prom Commirlee Srudenf Council I Jr. Red Cross I Pepper Club 3 Sr.-J r, Prom Commifree Adonna E leen Oliver College Preparafory Plans lo enler nursing school Desires +o marry a millionaire Jr Red Cross Council 4 Chorus 4 Forum Los Amigos Treasurer of H R 204 Leslle Lee Owens General es Wanfs fo become manager deparrmenf slore Future Refailers Cafherune Vlrglnla Pasfors Secrelarlal a Desires fo reside in New York J Red Cross I 2 3 Pepper Club 2 3 Forum Amanuenses Jr Sr Prom Commlflee Sr Jr Prom Commnllee Secrelary of H R 207 4 Vice Presidenl 3 Secrerary of Sopnomore cass William Roberl Paul Indusfrial Arfs Wee Willie Thinks S H S needs younger teachers d ' 1 llnsnivun-...ff Lillian Marie Oclrenhouser Vocafional Commercial Desires ro live Io be a million Wanfs fo graduale in Ihe upper fhird of fhe class Jr.-Sr. Prom Commilfee Bowling Club 2 Pepper Club 2, 3 Jr. Red Cross 3 Amanuenses Secrefary of H. R. 2ll, 3 Beacon Sfall 3 Foorball usher 4 Harry James O Neill Vocahonal im Thmlcs S H S needs more Senior gir s n I Track Presidenl of H R 3l4 I Orcheslra Dale Dean Parry General Plans ro find a good lob Desires 'ro have more hme Io res? David Vance PaHon General Wanrs Io be a professional golfer Plans lo loin Ihe Army Baslcelball 3 4 Lefler 4 Tracl: 3 Priscilla Louise Pavelka College Preparalory Dislikes people who cracl: gum Desires Io visir Spain and speal: Espanol Freshman Cheerleader Pepper Club 3 4 Secrelary of H R 300 I 4 Jr Sr Prom Commiflee Jr Red Cross 2 3 Los Amigos G AA I 2 Chorus 2 3 Susanna Mae Pefrelle College Preparalory Wanfs Io be a feacher Desires Io play +he piano Fuiure Teachers of America Y Teens 2 Pepper Club 2 Sr Jr Prom Commifiee Norman A Polonofslxy College Preparalory Norm Plans Io enler Ohio Slafe Unnversify Sfudenl' Council I Presidenf of Sophomore Class Presidenf of H R 300 2 Junior Play Cas? Sfudenf Governmenl' Da Presidenl' of Forum Associafe Ednfor of Annual Sr Jr Prom Commifiee Key Club 3 4 Pepper Club 4 Los Am1goS Edward William Price Vocahonal Wanls Io be a salesman Plans Io have a qood business and a secure home life Fufure Refanlers Doroihy Marie Rizzo General Wanls 'ro pass chemnsfry Thinlcs S H S needs beH'er co operahon from fhe sludenis Sr.-Jr. Prom Commiffee Presidenl of H. R. 204 4 Secreiary-Treasurer of H. R. 204 3 Bowling Club I Pepper Club 3 Beacon Sfaff 4 Dorofhy Roberis Ruland College Prepa rafory "Dorf" Desires Io play a solo al a fool- ball game Band 2, 3, 4: Treasurer 3 Orchesfra 2, 3, 4 Sfudenl' Council 3, 47 Vice Presidenl Forum Assembly Usher 3, 4 Sr.-Jr. Prom Commiifee Jr.-Sr. Prom Commiilee Chorus I Dance Band 3, 4 Bowling Club I. 3: Treasurer 3 M .6-A Bur' Eu Pnlya Vocahonal Wanls 'ro be a foofball coach Thinlcs SHS needs more beauh fu gurls Foolball 4 Leller 4 Baseball 2 Jr Sr Prom Commiflee Sr Jr Prom Commxffee Sfudenf Governmenf Day Nancy Joan Por+er Secreiarnal Safch Wanfs Io live n Florida and speak Spanish Jr Red Cross 2 3 Council 4 Vice Presidenl' of H R IOO I Sr Jr Prom Commnllee Pepper Club 2 3 4 Nicholas S Raslra Incluslrial Arfs Dislikes women drivers Thinks S H S needs a swimming poo v ng Cu 3 Duane Firsier Roache College Preparalory Dislnlces people who say My how you ve grown Plans fo ailend Ohio Universify John Alfred Sands General Desires Io graduaie Plans Io make The Navy his career Band I, 2, 3, 4 Orcheslra I, 2. 3 Sfudenl Council I Nancy Lee Shoemaker College Preparaiory "Munch" Wanfs 'ro be a gym 'reacher G.A.A. I Jr. Red Cross I, 2, 3 Pepper Club 2, 3, 4: Treasurer 3: Secrefary 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Commiflee Secrefary of H. R. 2I I, 2 Vice Presidenf of H. R. 2I I, 3: Treasurer 4 Football Usher 2, 3, 4 Annual Slaii Forum Assembly Usher 4 Chorus I, 2 Richard Clifford Smifh College Preparaiory Desires 'ro be a deniisi in a 'Iown in Michigan Dislikes drunken drivers l'lifY l, 2 Forum Vice Presidenl Sophomore Class Jr.-Sr, Prom Commiffee Sr.-Jr. Prom Commiffee Roberl' Sfanley Spenski General Desires Io be anolher Dick Kazrnaier Thinks S.H.S. needs more Ioofball Ieam supporf Fooiball 3, 4: Lefler 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Los Amigos Beacon 2, 3 Vice Presideni of H. R. 2lO, 4: Secrelary 3 Shirley Eileen Sfewari Secrelarial Wanfs Io gel a good grade in shorihand Thinks S,H.S. needs more school spirif 6.A.A-l Jr. Red Cross I, 2, 3 Assembly Usher 3, 4 Foolball Usher 4 Beacon S+afI 4 Annual Slail Pepper Club 2, 3, 4: Vice Presidenf 4 Jr.-Sr, Prom Commilee Sr.-Jr. Prom Commilfee Lillie Bell s+yles General Desires io marry a rich man and go To Paris Io live Thinks S-H.S. needs more sharp men Pepoer Club 4 Bowling Club 4 Los Amigos G.A,A. I, 2 I Clara Elizabefh Singer Secrelarial Wanfs To own a mansion and a converfible Dislikes people who fhink Ihey know il all Jr. Red Cross I, 2, 3: Council 4 Sfudenf Council 2 Program Seller 2, 3, 4 Chorus 3 Vice Presidenl of H- R. I, 4 Sr.'Jr. Prom Commiflee Forum Beacon SIaFI 4 Annual Sfaff Jo Ann Smifh Secrefarial Dislikes conceiled people UO., Amanuenses Pepper Club 3 Jr. Red Cross I, 2, 3 Knilfing Club 3 Bonnie Lou Sfarr General Likes college men Plans Io be a Ielephone operalor Chorus I, 2, 3,4 Y-Teens 3, 4 Pepper Club 2, 3 Jr. Red Cross 3 Pa+ricia Jane Slringer Secreia rial "Shing" Plans fo go Io England as Mrs. Thomas Cheerleader 4 Jr. Red Cross I, 2, 3 Pepper Club 3, 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Commilfee Secrelary H. R. 207, I Angela Synodinos College Preparafory "SIeny" Thinks S.H.S. needs a dancing class Freshman Cheerleader Jr. Red Cross Council 4 Pepper Club 2, 4 French Club 3, 4: Presidenf 4 Sr.-Jr. Prom Commilfee Pafricia Louise Sarlo General Wanls lo be a success in life Plans lo ioln lhe Waves Cheerleader 4 Pepper Club 4 G.A.A. l Vice Presidenl' of H. R. 305, 4: Secrelary 2 Raymond Carl'l'on Shanlon College Preparalory oe Desires 'ro play baseball Forum Los Amigos Slarnp Club 2 3 4 John George Synodlnos lnduslrlal Arfs Wanfs lo be a Geologlsl Plans 'ro loin lhe Navy Forum Pepper Club 3 4 Sr Jr Prom Commrllee Allce Vlrgnma Tedreau General Duslulces concealed people Plans lo go lo college or lhe Waves Y Teens 3 Knullung Club 3 Chorus 3 4 Fulure Teachers of America 4 Foolball Usher 4 James H Tice lnduslrlal Arls Wanls lo be a Cnvul Engineer Duslalres sluclc up Sensors Track I 5 -ui Lawrence McKinleySedgwiclr College Preparalory "Lolly" Plans lo join The Navy or enler college Band 4 Slamp Club l, 2. 3 Kalhryn Joan Sharp General Sharple Desures lo drlve a Cadlllac con verllble Los Armgos Pepper Club 3 4 Jr Red Cross 2 3 Secrelary ol H R IO3 2 Marnlyn Taylor General Wanls lo play hoolcy wnlhoul gellnng caughl Desrres lo go lar away from Sleubenvulle Jr Red Cross Councul 4 Pepper Club 4 French Club 3 Y Teens l Jongean Thompson General Desnres lo marry a rmlllonanre Thunlcs S l-l S needs fewer BTO Y Teens Secrelary 3 Vice Presudenl 4 Bowling Club 2 Jr Red Cross 3 Foolball Usher 4 Palrlcla Eileen Trbovlch General Peppy Wanls lo be a gym feacher Jr Red Cross 3 Pebper Club 3 4 Beacon Slall 4 Foolball Usher 4 Baslcelball Usher 3 4 Y Teens I GAA I Maff TTIROHOS Drsfrrbuhve Educahon Bufch Desnres lo enler fhe servuce Donna Van Dune General Wanfs lo conlmue worlung Dnslulres sfuclc up people Future Refaulers Bowling Club 3 Nncholas Vergus Vocahonal Ouslrlces loafung Plans fo affend Neon Sugn School of Sfeubenvnlle Shirley Jane? Wallon Commercual Drslllres some leachers Plans fo work In an office or loan Waves Arnanuenses Assembly Usher 2 3 4 Chorus I Jr Red Cross Councnl 4 Norma Jeanne Weaver Secrefarral Wanfs lo become an ellvcuency secrefary Plans fo become Mrs John Zak Amanuenses if iv' '4,,i X si. Mrlre Alberf Trombefh College Preparalory Wanfs +o fly gels Dnslulces women dravers Baslrefball 2 Sfudenl'Counc1l I 2 Treasurer of H R 204 Los Amrgos Frederlclr Waller Vandme General Wanls fo go lo college Drslulres gnrls 'rhal' smoke C orus 2 3 4 Gladys Mae Walfers Secrelarnal Wanls fo be a secrelary Thinks S HS needs more school spnrnf Amanuenses Secrefary Treasurer of H R 305 Joanne Ellzabelh Wasson College Preparalory Wanls fo be a psychualruc nurse e Assembly Usher 3 4 G A I Jr Red Cross 2 3 4 Peoper Club 3 4 Sfudenr Councll 3 4 Program Seller 2 Jr Sr Prom Commulfee Forum Beacon Assocuafe Edufor 4 Foofball Usher 3 4 Vlrgrnra Mae Weaver General Wanfs 'lo be a dnvusnon manager th a s ore Desures fo go baclc fo Chicago Vace Presudenf of Drsfrnbuhve Educahon Club Edward Wayne Thorn General T Becky Desrres fo fravel 'through all 48 sfares Chorus l 2 Nlla June Welsh College Preparafory Wanls fo graduale from 'rhe Umversufy of Crncrnnaln Plans fo became a nurse n I Maloreffe 4 Orc esfra l 3 4 Dunce Band 3 4 Forum Jr Red Cross 2 3 Pepper Club 2 3 Jr Sr Prom Commrllee Assembly Usher 4 Marlha Rufh Wrllrams General Marfy Plans +0 become a Regrslered Nurse Jr Red Cross 2 3 Program Seller Library Sfaff 4 Wllllam F Wood lnduslrual Arls Wanls fo be a prrnler Dnslrkes brgshof Aces Roberf Harold Yohn General Desires fo be a fooiball player or a coach Thinlrs S.H.S. needs more loofball players Presldenf of H. R. 207, I, 4: Vice Presidenf 3 Foofball I, 2, 3, 4: Leller 2, . Track I, 2 Forum Annual Slafl Beacon S+aFf 4 Jr.-Sr. Prom Commillee 4 Sr.-Jr. Prom Commiffee ' Buclceye Boys' Slafe 3 Shirley Ann Wells College Preparalory Wanls ro be a prrvale secrefary Thlnlcs S H S needs more school sp rrl Cheerleader 4 Sfudenl' Council 3 4 Presudenl l-l R IO I Treasurer Treasurer of Jumor Class Jr Sr Prom Commrflee S Jr Prom Commrffee Forum Red Cross I 2 Peppe Club 3 4 Los Amugos Jon C Wrllrams College Preparalory Wanls fo be an archrlecl D slrlces bossy people Chorus l J Sr Prom Commdlee Pepper Club 4 Los Amrgos B acon Slahf 4 Vurgrma Mariha Jean Wlllnams General Wanls lo go 'ro college Thmlrs S l-l S needs good sporlsmanshrp Chorus 2 Pepper Club 4 A l BeH'y Jane Yoder Secrelarral o Wanls fo become an accom pllshed pranrsf Jr Red Cross I 2 3 Councrl Credd Woman 4 Pepper Club 3 4 Treasurer 4 Presrdenl of H R 305 4 Lalrn Club 3 Jr.-Sr. Prom Commflfee Sr.fJr. Prom Commilfee Foolball Usher 4 Forum Annual Sfall Beacon Slahf 4 Sarann Yurlclc General "Too+sie" Desires 'ro be a model Fulure Relailers Club Chorus I William Ross Eddie Vlncenl GHG CHI' of I 4 0 if I Innlrfrle Ave Gen-In ' ' " g EY 'ws eefriz Q Q-Vai Pwr? 3 Ee, '-fs 'C LQ r eh L rslws " ge? I1 I: 'ra I3aiIf2'oa I 2, 3. 4: Lf:"er 2, 3, 4 sf'c,irs"'D , I3e1fvI:aI I 2 3, 7 Le'5ef I 2, 3,4 I f25S,JV'?' C5 I-I. R. I, Q Jn Rea Cfisa 2,3 I Afff we I i Ffrurr Fcvna I. 2, 3, 4t Lever 4 X I3asfi"::f1' I 2, 3, 4' Lffuer 3, 4 Q Y f Tm, I.27 :IcrI X A 5' Be Q n Staff 4 'S f. ff. I I f ' ' I. I I ' , . . T ' ' ' id T' Feifb II 2, 3 4' Lek r 4 ra , l V5 re 'd fr' I-I. R. 3I6, 2 d TH' . . .-e I" ys Ge wal ' Pla III he my GD pm! Tnnlcs SI-IS, reecs an Iewlo D 'fu Io s my 'qle Base ?, 3, 4: Lqeffer 2,3 4 Cnc I I4Il Roberl Charles Maxwell Vocaflonal Pars Q 'om fne Armed Forces Tlwnks S I-I S needs more school sp rf Henry Olszewslu Voca cnal I-lanlx Inks SH S we ds more ha ca Ralph An+l1ony Plerro F CSIU Y SIU Wants c, be a Ioarfr e.baII I VOS ark Let 5 Gordon Flerclwer V caIIcnaI Perch Des res Io rfarrx, a rucn w ow a Ie T ck? 4 ce P 5 C Ban I Donald Lee Kennedy nslo Cnl Ar Q JN! r' VALEDICTORIAN SALUTATORIAN IT guuves us greaT pleasure To presenT To you The ValeducToruan oT The class oT l952 Clara Sunger NOT only an ouTsTandung sTudenT academuc subuecTs Clara Sunger has been an acTuve parTucupanT un schoo acTuvuTues Durung her senuor year she was one oT The TypusTs Tor boTh The Beacon and The Annual sTaTT and also served as a represenTaT ve To The Junuor Red Cross Councul Clara was vuce presudenT oT her home roo'n and member oT The Forum In her uunuor year Clara sang wuTh The hugh school horus and was one oT The regular TooTball program sellers a posuTuon she has held for all Tour vears of hugh school As a sophomore Clar r ceuved The honor of elecTuon To The STU denT Councul Clara us a sTuderuT oT The secreTarual course and a sTudenT of whom STeubenvulle Hugh School should be proud l4 PucTured above us The SaluTaToruan of oT l9'32 Nancy ChrusTner As a college preparaTory sTudenT Nancy has been ouTsTandung un her sub lecTs and un school acTuvuTues Durung her sen or year Nancy was a member oT The Pepper Club and Forum and served as secreTary oT The hugh school chorus Serv :ng as Treasurer oT The Jun or Red Cross Councul Nancy compleTed her TourTh year oT Red Cross parTucupaTuon She was chosen a uun or The asQ9uaTe eduTor of The Beacon For Three years Nancy has been an assem bv usher Tor The hugh school assemblies Durung her freshman year Nancy was chosen as a represenTaTuve To STudenT Councl and as secreTary oT The freshman class ln a recenT DA R husTory +esT she paced 6Th un The sTaTe and receuved hon orable mcnTuon nn The Ohuo STaTe Scholar shup Te T Nancy us anoTher sTudenT whom S eub nvulle Hugh School should recall wuTh prude , A ,fu T f' ' in . . . . f ' . ' . E - ' a as ediTor-in-chieTtpT The 52 STeuben and as a . ' . . - ?l UNDERCLASS!wcd!f!w4eJa474 afqfaineifi A fs an s 'fuk-Z Glafu . . . 195.2 CLASS OFFICERS Hoff 'o Riqhrj Se-crerary, Sandy Wrnfrlnqer Treaswer, Reber' Kofurq President Sranrey Freed Aman: Vice-presdenr, Ronald Ben: and Cornmir 'eemar Carmre DeSanf7s. HOMEROOM PRESIDENTS left +0 Rrgnrj FTrs+ Row: Gradys Wrcknarn, Donard Conkle, James Krrranqrfrs, Ronard Conker, Shirley Capuro. Second Row: Roberr Korur, Eddie Snrieve. Jonn Farbarilc, Arlen Gould. Nor prcfured 's Larry Dun::pe. H41 Adams, Charles E Adaws, Bill I H .YN 75 4 l l l G f K 5 Alberls. James I E X. Arilwer, Clyde All nson .lerry Ba lfer Callrer Barllwld Ann B lv nqer Barbara Bel onn Bolrunolf Valerla Bolden Helen Braun Dean Brula Terry Bunch Ben Burlcell Pal Buslclc Edward Bulclver Judy Bulle Jolwn Carney Wllnelmlna Ch nsllan Lloyd Clowers Ralph C 'err-an Belly fx ll '15 Ga s C nlrel Donald Co lr Mary Jane Cooper Howard Cou ll Dave Daley Joe Dawson Joe Davldson Marlon WU D arnanl' s Yolanda D Gregory Rula i 5 l 99.9 l4 'N Ar-nick, Dlclc Anderson, Judy Anderson Paul' Tl? , Aqnes Bane Herman Barna Gr 1 Bell Barbara Be-rnslenn leda Burrell Harr el B lell Jolnn B andl Carol B oolcs Waller Barnlwarl' Dean Burns Laura Busuclc Danlel Campbell Loss Caldarell Euqe Capulo Slmrley Clllbm Barbara Cole Mary Jo e B Conlcel Rona Conrad Don PQ UP Conslanrlne Franlr C ss ex Crlser Jaclce Dallas Marlene Dxll al' D:G-reqory Sylvesler De-Sanhs Carrrellla Dorlo Mark Dossell Ray Dunlape, Larry Elliafr, Barbara Fafbarilc, John Ferrell, Martha Flelds, Bill Freedman, Sfanley Fulfon, Befsy Gibson, June Glnsburq, Harold Goooman Marqarel' Gould Alan Grazran Palsy l-'arrs Celesfune l-lelrnbrnqlwr Darlene Hellman Mary Jane l-lc royd June Jackson Joe J nrclros Do ores Jolwns n Ernoqene Jones Sarah Karnerer Marlyn Krndsvarler Jerry Krrlanqnfus James Kolur Bob Lewrs Bernarda Levy Charles Lrpper+ Joanne Maraqos Marrna Marlc Peqqy Ma fun C arlc McFadden Terry Medley Bob Q V Y vd. eg.. g - y i .C - Q 5 jr' 9 l gli. Q .i R58 l , 4. , as-A Q- 0 3 gg l S 'Q 1 ZE: ge 'E' I Q G fm, B Qs X L... I I4 Ki Nu. 4 Ferguson, Joann Ferguson, Roberla Ferquson, Ronald Freezernan, Joan Frey, Gary Frey, Shlrley Godicln, Marian Godlcln, Sarah Goff, Clarence Greene Carolyn Gr ffhlr Georqe G fl flu ean Hrqqrns Marnlyn H clxs eo l-lqquns l-larrlyn Jar o Pal Jewell Duck Johns Ronnre Keenan Joanne Slwur e K mble Roberl Kolur Joyce Koyarrlc Malfnew Kunl: e Sue Looman Nancy Lulla Gorla Maqgr Marlo Malheny Cary Maxwell Jo Ann McConnell Louuse Mlls Nancy Mrnnus Marluyn Mlryis, Dick Moniqomery, l-lowarcl Monfqomery, Jim Morgan James Morrow James Myers Edward Nunley Loxs O Donnell Sleye Paqnanell Rober? Pa fne Gary P vlwps ean Porfer John ulnn Mnlce Raqusa JoAnn Rayburn Jack I B R chards Rulh Rogers Donna Shanfz Joe Shrleve Eddue Summons June Thomas Carol TKZZIBDGI Aida Twyford Tom Welnlraup Beverly Wells Delores Wes'lunq George Weclrham Clarence Wllllarns Donna L -M . Q lf - y .V ' I ,J ' ,X xy K' I E1 M 5 I W in I Wnclrham Gladys . Yales Marnlyn Yoder June .ogg l4 Moody, Beverly Moody. JoAnn Moore, James Myers Lu Ann N eclerhuber Jane? Nnederhuber Ralph Parry Ronald Pale Marne Fallon Marilyn Prolaqo l-lelen 9 I Pyle Esfher Rayburn John Rayburn Joyce Read Richard Rowe Rudy Schell Smwfh Smulh Ronnie Nancy om o Carol Thomas Barbara Vecchvone Armond Warren Kalhernne Welnman Marque Wesflnnq Jxm Wesfllnq Rufh Whaley Joe Wllllams Ralph Wlnfrlnqer Sandy Wolperf Ray Zobenuca Mldred Zurnpano Vnnce I I -qs ' 1 , as 1 V 2 " or I - I I J , ? g . ' I , g J- , A V C t tn -f F A VI . In 'Q , Q-P 2 .Q ' .5 ' f I ' : " l I :-' ,li Q Q.. W IH' l' J ti-l " - K V - 4 Pyl , Els'e I Y x X 1 l l N , Q Q I . ' 1 '-N I - ' 1 ., 'J X Q ber ,gl . 1 .' V 4 , I f ll 12, s Re'+h, ill 5 R y . ' l I A iw 9. , l .rz 6 R T V, T 4 nz QQII Q i :-: ' M ,..... , .,.. - "X . A . : ' ' , B b U . - I Q 4- by 3-3 :2k.:i Qu I 'gk-1 Ay y D l 5 :E f jlkgfirgr-141V , p 6, . A , IE: L il A Y 1' .. A yi, . U Y gk ., ., J: Q' - ll W' if i A l ' J r',i 3 1 , . . l l 5 is R 6 ' I I h l . . ' Q 'Ik 5. fr V, I I ' M f A as 1 7l S HOME ROOM PRESIDENTS feerfarw, Sandv Poloncfekv. Glafu 195.2 CLASS OFFICERS ILM' 'Q R'gr'j Treasurer, J:a'w Srrufbers: Vla- Preskiemr, Harry Wf 'arm' Pfesicen' Bark' Smuer: Searemary, March Mane: ana Ccrrrrri' YROW: ILQF1 fn Riqhfl Marne Yoder. Marcla Mance. Carol Davis, Karen Mccuimuqh, S ond RCW: Gary Nfer, R:pnaWd Beresford, Sdmey Grsburq, ro Rfv.: Reber' Yurk Barfcrw Snyder, Sieve Parrish. H31 Joe Acerra Nancy Alberls Barbara Aldr ch Sh rley Alwel' He mf Ayers Mary F ancls Ball Roberf Barach Pal Barqer Jarnes Bell Barry Blclrersfaff Donna Budlsh Bob Burney l-lelen Boyer Sandra Braunard Charles Brandl Ruchard Broolcs Evelyn Brown Waller Buck Sllvno Busana Carol Bush Mary Jean Cahull Shvrley Carlson Larry Chambers Ronald Chappel Robrnson Christ an Jane? Chrlsfner Joan Clancy QE. 6 K. QQ wa 42 Gary Alfer Velya Apoleqarfh Charrnane Aralalms George B Jerry Banks Jaclc Banlrs Ronald Bell Judy Beneducf Bob Berarduccl Ju lf Bloomer Sue Boofman James Bowman Evelyn Brobslon Dorns Brolhers John Bronner Ronnve Burchf eld Don Bu xha Be++y Burns Tony Canerns Helen Calhoun Maman Callas Clarence Checca Edd e Chmlds Eleonor Chrnsl an Judy Clnffon Saralyn Cohen V r n a Col ns Nelda Com pslon Bob Con lcel Coleen Conley Bull Crewson Dave Dallonso Carol Sue Davus Gloria Dlclocclo John DnMarzlo Elolse Dixon Barbara Duslfey Nancy Elsnauqle Barbara Ell s Pearl Flelds Rufh Flernnnq Ralph Flolo Glen Gamer Sfanley Gasfon Barbara Gvbson Beverly Gnllen Evelyn Gullnson James Gulkey Bull Graham Kafhryn Gray Mary Lou Green John Hardey Dody Harper Make Harrison 5'- meh Q x ...L Philornena Consfanllne Juanlla Grease David Cralq Delores Delonq Comme Dernas Floyd Dllknqelo Buddy Dorlman Sandra Drake Tom Dray Donna Evans Al Fablan Toula Facaros Jo Ann Fraley John Fucco Waller Fullon Pal Gibson Frank Glannarnore James Gullcey Ray Gorman Jane Gossefl Dlclr Gourley John l-lalrsfon Sandra l-lampfon Sandra r-laney Ruchard l-lm rnson Joan Harler Dsclc Haverfleld Jirn HawkTns Anna Ma Haynes Evereff Havn H nd Y D nald Herslco John Hersko G rua Hqo s Roberla H ll Lows Hoffman Waller Jackson Larl James Rulh Jefer Bob Kaneslo B ll Kaufmann Lors Kell Ross Knrlrendall Annelfe Kvrlan Jlm Kofora Le Bo Lewls Lcnda Llle Wlll am Luzer Eddwe Mrfxla n Shella M r-ne Arqyl McElwawn Bel , McGrew Pa? MacLauqhlun S1 'N i AF :ffm- l Par Hazlf-:H Bob Hazleff J Hn Hearn Jannes Hervey B Herchalc Allred H eyrnar- J rn Houser Rosle Hull N ck lvlcovlch James Johnson Shxrley Johnson Wrlma Johnson Nora Kell Belly Kelly Ray Kraeer Peler Krnrch Marqare+ Lawrence Ronald Locus? Barbara Loffus Waller Ludewxq Charles McCoy Karen McCullough Bro e McElroy Ann Malor Marana Manco Rrqer Manton John Mapel lrene Marangom Marque Marshall Dorus Meskus Sfanley Mxchalulc Norma Mlchlow Jay Mxnqes Marlon Mxichell Anne Monfaque Margaret Musqrave Ralph Myrlclr Nancy Nelson Laura Ollver Carolyn Olszewslcn Anna Oroloqas S+eve Parrish David Paul Sandra Pelcruhn Sandy Polonofslcy Shenla Porfer Carl Pra nzarone Phnllnp Rasuc Marnlyn Reeves Gene Rueben Anthony Romano Robert Ross Hayes Sanders pl X .pw l52l Rlcharcl Marzocco Carol Meadows N clc Medves Kay Muller Marnanne Muller Pa? Muller Jerry Morqan Judy Moses lm Murray Il Norrs Barbara O Dell George Olnver Nancy Orsml Davld Pane Cecelia Paras Befly Peferson Wnllram Pefrue Nancy Polen B l u a Don ulnn Luclnda Raye Bull Ric ey Pal Rnser Pa+ Roberfs Nano Sferrella Shnrley Schwarfz Carolyn Seffles S 4 Z V-..V I t -4 cl fs. if 5' . .. . W D L H , N . , X X K . , V J ', fr srll, R 2- a rs.s. so f-1 . s ,y N .y in I .. ,... I .,,. 1 1 Z Q Y A V . , b 'l - - A 1 , ' 1 5 Q sr - Q " ' s ir' A W 13 - ' ' , V Q- .gg P I5 Y 7 71 Z . JN Q. J Q A F. A A ix -W Q - I ' :R K 1 Bi I . 1- .. - .. sl Y C V I , tg r A . l' :A I f M no A H N' :,. - QE" 5 ' ' , J' 2E'E-.3 - 52 Q .,.. I s 4 V K ,,.,s, t ' fi W Q N lung--W-.,'h AX f- M... N ' 1 X, I . , A l K . s - ,p 2 - , 3 X . X " an K ' ' N- 5 H 3 ' R A I I r X S. 'Q il P'ly . Q O . Ruby Shallro Roberl' Slivlca Don Smericlr John W Smnfh Lola Smrfh D clr Smrlh Barton Snyder M lan Snyder Franlc Sobolewskre Vrrqrl blewarf Wullle Simson Jo Ann Slrofhers Marque Thomas Shrrley Thomas Daryl Toofhman Mary Ellen Uzlen Don Vance Sluarl Vness Jasper Wamsly Barclay Warren Dorofhy Wemman Barbara Wheafly Harry Wnllnams Kennelh Wllllams Peggy Wusener Frank Wusmeslrl Carol Woods Mary Zadzillro Tony Zaras Sh'rley Z'lnIo 'N Ss H-IL nv. 9 is if R., F Clara Smilh Emma Smith Howard Smifh Pal Sm lh Ron Srrvurfhwalfe Janne Smylhe Lewls Sla b John Sleele Barry Slephenson Wnlluam Slroud l-larvey Thomas Jerry Thomas Esielle Tuclcer Louis Turlc Bob Turk Chrrslune Vogaqls Euqenra Voqaqus Pele Vulnovrc Joanne Wellun Shrrley Wesffall Bull Wesrlalce Duck Wrlson Joseph ne Saqqlo Donald Wrnebrenner Paula Yafes Carolyn Yeomans Marque Yoder Jo Ann Zimnox Tom Zornc 4 Glfm... 195.2 CLASS OFFICERS Herr ro Riqrwrl Commifrccman, Roberr Qufnrwg Vlcebpresiderwf, Joyce Maror: Preskiemr, Rldward Wefdayq Secrefary, Barbara Farmer: and Treas- uer, Roqer TaWb:', HOME ROOM PRESIDENTS S r' Rf R Hadscgr. Fr R HGH fc fqrmj Dorghv. Parks, Jane? Brrffcn, Jcyce Hcsfe ', Trwerma S'r'rc'e Derma UH, Arna Mae W5dwarr cccrr Qrfnrv, Mlm Iv1r'wc'lcv':h, Pl'w7N'o Varrweclr, Richard Bodarrvn, Fred 154, Barbara Abraham Alucna Achhammer Shrrley Achhammer Donna Adams F ank Anderson Terry Anderson ly Anlll Darrel Ash Emma Barry Don Beck Larry Becker Arlene Belford Lenord Bernsleun Marlene Blabac Bac Grace Blackshere Jane? Brsfron Sharon Brolhers Vrrqunla Brun Donald Burchlueld :hrreda Call Erleen Campbell Joanne Chapman Cornelia Chulds Thelma Collnns Pafrncna Colman Sandra Lonn Delores Conners Joann Corfez Carol Crarq B ll Cramblel Dorls Crawford Danlel Davus George Davis Da n Robe r Dayxdson Barbara D1 Comes Dowd DlelrlCl'l Lours Dlguez Donna D ll Roland Elsenberq Mary Ann Ln a dd?-Mfg 5:98 9 2 :gl James Cash qgxx geo 939 'E ego 22 y ,ak 21 V K ' , .ll ,' 1 My 5 .l x 1 ' " 5, -f 1-. ' ' Bll 'I ii , y A A 2 f , L J I rf? 1, 4 l ,N ' P 6 . aa ' H T5 B'lI l k A 'i J l sl J: ' . r L? r h J l , ' ,if , R Ai 'v-,- ...- . . . A . M .V ,A :im G gil" . sr - . ' - 4' 'E' A! My M R As , 1 x 3 gc. 54. I ,V 5 A . . 3 A 5 Q . .L :jg , 3 k , L' ' la , ' , M "' 1' I if J I 'Fifi 7 1 X' . l X, A V I , T' C h 1 ' A ' 5 i - J G b, . J . . 5 ' - 5 ' Q f-gp. s- s Bill ye - l 2, ' ' ' A' J A A F A lg 'v ' , . . . l 2 V , A 1 . .. . . . l s , l 2 I - ' . ,, 4' 1 'y' 6 ' Q. I X xxx I 'H , We x 'irq - . 11 at xxx ,y , . l Marsha Adams Sandra Allen Sfeller Almonle Shirley Amos Sherman Alkrnson Hamer Ayers Alvera Baker D ck Baker Roberl Bell Richard Bellomo Joyce Bencle Florefla Benner? Marlorue Blankenship Anna Bly David Borden Mary Jane Boznch Tommy Burns Roberr Busana Berrrrm Ca pea nsky Sandra Cluncy James Coker Ronald Collier Ronald Colluns James Cook Carol Cooks Carol Cooper Delores Coppa Nancy Janlce Mamie Gloria Alberr James Croner Crassley Culbrealh D Angelo Dawson Dawson Garland Denfy Paul DuBlase Dorus Dmon Curhs Doan Norma Drazrc Marvln Durbun Barbara Eva ns Jane Evans Barbara Farmer Ray Ferguson Donald Fields John Fulupovlch Joan Fulwaod Joseph Gabrnel Kay Gamer John Georqxalandrs James Gllleffe Bessie Glllnam Marguerlfe Gnllus John Glover Charles Green Fred Grew Sue Gruesmqer Belly Gyarmafy Lou Anne Hasfunqs Beverly l-lazelnp Ronald He 'nbrlqh aharon l-lullard P I-lukll Nancy l-lumes John James Davlne lngold Benlamun Jeffries Jane? Jenlnns Ralph Jefer Mary Jane Johnsfon Claylon Jones Gladys Jones Leonard Jones Barbara Kalln Charles Kelly Janice Kerr Judy Kerr Aluce Kelley John Kuznalr Mary Alcce Langford Laura Lauer Mullncenl Leclco Dorolhy Lovell Raymond Lucus g or 1 ' 'F "' K wr ,x R I f egsvg, 39 mmm l56l Pearl Fithen JoAnn Fox Joan Frafhellas Norma n Frazee Arley Gllberf Leonard Gllberf Marqaref Gulberl Donald G llrey Loss Goddard JoAnn Goqul Kenny Goury Max Grafe Wayne Harberf Leona l-larrls Mnlxey Harris Joanne Hari Marva Holmes Naome l-lorsley Joyce l-laslell Bernlce Howard Lorefla Jablonslu Smyrna Jackson Mary Lou James Mrke Jarlro Ray Johnson Rulh Johnson Sandra Jonnson Bll Johnson Don Kallas Barb ra Kaufmann Mary Jane Kexffer Franlc Keller Cecella Kovarnlc Fred Krnsher Geraldme Krnlcl: Joanne Kuhns Phlllp Levln Bob Lewns L nda Lodge Marlorle Lodge Maman Lucus Clark MacGregor Joyce Malor Raymond Manslleld Slw rley Marhn Lou se Masfros Wayne Mcffollough Jaclc McClelland Ronald McCla n Jarnes Mcfkllsler Mary Mrnor Sam M losev ch N me Mal s Ross Mrl er James Medley Rlclnard Meadows Andy Mozzonu Jay Monlqomery Sl: rley Morrlson Leland Murray Frances Nalepa Bob Nesbnff E een Oluver Cayle Oler Wnllre Proful Glora Profil I Pers r Lena Perone Charrnayne Plnfn Marran Penman Mary Pappas James Palmer Carol Oxley Da d R elz Dayld Rerslrnil Mary Re Her Nancy Reese I Boboy Qu nn Tony u HCS Mary Pyle W lllam Slmvely Sn rley Seflles Cnarles Selman .G sf f my-ka N JJ' wr A B Il N cNeul Jarnes McConnell Ccroflwy McConneI D inc McConnell J rn McAfee M lan Moncrlov Mary Moffalf Ronald Mrlche Marlene Mrller Pchard Mles Judy Meyers Von Mlclwael Olrvua Monfqomery Norman Moore Rober' Moore B ll Moore Sh ley Noble Bob Nordunqer Marlene Oldalcer Joe Olmveflu Howard Pierce Beverly PIER Ord Poe Pelerson Rorno Pesce Paul Pawlaclm Wrll arn Pafferson K rllwryn Palrxclr Dcroflrwy Parlrs LoJ se Rrclwardson fre R cnards olm Rlneu Kennerh Renner R clvard Rallw Judy Ralslon Caro Raolrovllz Roqer u nn Bob Sn me Kay Slnaw Da d a fenberq Jerry Slwaprro Marrha Sclwell Franlr Sclarra Blll Saunders Danuel Sanders Bernard Sanders Nancy Rubaclcer Kenny Robunson Jean Robinson Dave Roblnson Donald Sfarllper Vernclla Smnfh Mary Alice Smvlh Jo Ann Smulh Donald Smlrh Do y Slrns Theresa Sumone Carl Slrnone Louise Slmera Mary Vmcenf Claudefle Vuncenl Arr Veechlone Phrllp Varnlclc Annue Thorn Roberl Thomas Evelyn Thomas Charles Thomas Veronica Swlnsxnsk Ralph Suflon Pal Summerynlle Kenny Sluder Joan Znvlez Bob Yosl l-larry Yocum Loulse Walford Jeaneffe Wulluams Barbara Wnlluams Alfred Wnlluams Benny Wugqens Nlorene Wheaf Louise Wesllmq Charles Wendf Duck Welday Ladonna Weunman Peqqy Weaver Gary Weaver 'I 2. S35 ,kwa l is Alan Rosanslcy Sally Rodqers B ll Robxnson Delores Snyder Ahce Snyder Glen Snawr Joyce Snape Chauncey Smrkh Margarer Slcmner Roger S zemore No man Snx Allen Sulberman Carol Shoemaker Dororhy Waqner Anqellne Voqagus Barbara Vanlurk Jam Trulcones R Chard T mmons Robert Thorn Davld Thomas Barbara Thomas Barbara Taylor Roqer Talboll Judy Stephenson Charles Sfephenson Allen Sla r Jeanelle Young Bob Slarllper Paul Wilson George Wilson Vaun Wrllnams Anna Mae Wuclrham John Whnre Saundra Wheeler Russell Wesflung Jackle Welday Gary Welch Jack Welss Dave Welnsfem Bob Walls Brenda Wallcer ' ' Bill Ross Q .E 1 ' . 'Y ' . r V. S .. A . 'Q' I f ' y, ,X ., SQSAQYB ' ' , L k A I s. O y ' ' 4 as R .., T V A ' ' - 5 iii.. 3 ,Q Aw Il ', Q , I ' ' , Y Q ' bi t . as W N , T ' '51 S 3' ' If V .. . h . .. 531. My 5 K -' ':" , in - Y, Q., A I ., . is 1 T -' . my I I- u- 1 l 1' A 'Q' T ' - 'Y ' 5 . ' ' 5 f ' Y' A N S ' 1 Q . . . 5 5 Am . , lx 'li I Y 2--r-.,g-,f. h ,A , , A Z S l 'E .-" ,.,,, M1 l N ll ' ' ' lv- 1 . , Q 7: V 5 tsf fl M V V I ly -V t F - X '- r - Q L '- A 1 .1 . x YYYY T ' . 9, :M A 9 A 4 A 5 - ' T I l za . . l5B ATHLETICS az01fa4ze4 . S5051 .' ff 1 E5 'N xqc. 1. 'I- C 0 O I M .2 5 c cu .o 3 an +- an I o fu E I1 ubenvi Ie 37 On e 6 Mass enV 9 el'lV eVe dn 'Io S'I'eubenviIIe 4I - Weir I2 Warren I3 nviIIe ns Fe yO I Sfeube Ma e22 2 O Sieubenv Ak on Easi' y 6 I Sfeubenv e 55 anfon Sreubenville 26-CI I dJohn Adams0 O S+eub ill 25-Easf LiverpooI6 I Sreub III - III I3 I Sie Sieubenville 63 - C McKinIe III - r I fll - r'Ii rr ' F 0 Lo 5 OJ . 5 . 5. 1 . I n F rn I ' 6' - Q O 1 -01 . U LD 3 . A C . A O. . ru D , S. Q 2? I . , L5' D- ' C17 - . n 0 A' 3- I . l O CL . A f O , O 3 Q. - ? . , LQ 44,4444 Qaazfdall... The I95' foo+balI season wolI long be remennbered as one of a record of 9 wnns aqaunsf a lone derea+ fhe rnfqlww Bug Ped ended Ihe campaugn second ID 'rhe ra e for Ohao s myrhocal charnpuonshnp Led by Ihe Buckeye Sfafe S I.lne'nan of Hue Year Calv n Jones rhe Sfubbers reached rhe r peak wnfh a Ihumpnng 63 6 vncfory over nval Canron McKinley .1' Bug Red Opp John Adams Eas+ Llverpool Massnllon Lama Sou+h Cd+hOIlC Cenfral Canion McK1n'ey Akron Eas+ Marhns Ferry Warren Welrfon I J 711 ,.,, n. ' e b afd or fure ab Head Coach a m r a C ases ar 5 C ff H Hel? nqer and Howard Hers e M054 of r w dong u D rrfmaqg Q B fj Red S C fps of man Q or neu Neff O ua ' as Mfmwqu L Arvde C nk Mura, Zuwoa 'vo Rc V V Th 1 X ' :F Svafegy 1' BQ Red 5 verify is p Hi, G- 'S fwaweo Cx V145 b f' ' ' M n o o 'HH 59' fr W, flf Fr: fcybad 's 'L be fffwd We sccveze., and THC? ' y 'HO , X 1' . L W Q q -3 3 Y ded + f' H.: He ' 11" Deb fsc' Rcberf ,C QW, JW' ' ', Vice F: Q, F- Je J:'r's. fwga Q rare" W eafr r who more 'UGE'WfS a O gem a e rum r r Q rv n L 5 U A fc: F H Cipfar' Jowm Secrrwd Row ad ay 'wav w ww am xov rv rw f' Corwin Bckcrsfafr o ffm fn Q fsk W Cl f P rsm w a NNN.. N-SQ 'I-R. aD'a PDC u ' P OUHP more querd e as oc r fo hes? w eff .uu- Car:'o 3 was a 5 nw 0 0 0 C P',f e Dive GVQ '59 VJWFJ Bd R d, We c C, 2 's"Ca', ' , " We Safe if Q I: W K pY' , f 5. P' mc . Lef' M I ' Ist QW: Pays Kc L7 rw, E. Lf:'u'T, GMI-rv, La vw M.-'aes Y ,P Feds SMC. :N 7 -, T' 'H""5VT. , . 1 C3 Ry H3y! - VW-V V WFZVF N , R D? S'fw1c", D. CC HA Baxqf, R. . :, I - , r CVMVS N1'2wC?Xf R. Ls sf S "H, TFV Rrw: E. Pye T'vr"'iS SC" W' 3. pf x BT-PM Crkg J fmgh QE,-34 H, Ygrx fvfdr B-'fl df carl' Co? Hdff:Vn1:f1' Cn Ch L-4':r.'w:v. "3 '-'iis'iQ"lQsk LA WEN Ca::'a'n CAV' Jwws f,'.f'f1'fafMa+7r1q l952 , , 'V'-fgff-QQ' 1, 'f V . Q EW wwf, nw an - 'sand' Q , , -Lira? , As 'Qui d '1 Cnc gf F Vue . :lsr 1 , 7q'. Dfcsm ,S in Bd Rec F'i'Cr,, WJ , '1 C N." QZMXS if-"THU 5' " "5 Ae-d r:cs"'c' 'C CC1S"?' 'w ff-"uf 15 "H Bb Rec 'rio ' 'HL' 'al ,f "1-0' r:"s -'yr' G. Jaw-s 'f dl new 5'-s'5'e '-K' ri: .-.15 'JN'-3 Chi 5 f'c Wa' J "Q Yea' r. "vs "1-"a"i'1 Niue Sf-'fin Y LU' qaaliall . . . BIG RED 26-CLEVELAND JOHN ADAMS 0 Big Bed opened Ilwe I95l campaign vvirlw a 26-O win over Cleveland Jolin Adams, Cenler Eugene Locusl, Ben Buncli, Clarence Lawson, and Rudy Dixon eacli scored one louclnclown. BIG RED 25-EAST LIVERPOOL 6 On runs of 72 and 48 yards Ben Bunclw scored Iwo of Ilwe four Iouchdowns scored by Sleubenf ville over rival Easl Liverpool. Jim Frayso ran 40 yards for a score and Eddie Vincenf conrribuled a 98-yard dasIi lor anoflier. Gil'7ar' na'ls Salancy for a Iivevyard loss ir' second cefod 'I Cerrral dame. BIG RED 6- MASSILLON I3 Big Reds only delear of 'rlie I95I carnpagn came as Wie lwands of flie miglily IvIassi'lon Tigers who scored flue winning fouclidown in +l'1e lasl 'ren seconds ol +Iie game. Jim Prayso scored Big Red's lone TD. Ynlnn bzoclrs - V'ncenT ofes afi the way for TD in Central game. Guida of Ccrvra neiufed down by Vincenl alter a snorf gan on a pass connplefon. ,ff 4 nl' r way for BL D r s F rrv qa e BIG RED 37 LIMA SOUTH 0 Bac an llue wuru co urnn aluer lluc Vlassulen 0 ca due u cen an ranlf G lurn ol crossed flue double cnallc lne 'lf-fuce Clarence Lawson and Ron Locusl eaclu added sux pounls lo llueur uoual for flue season T 'TL ,LVV ' l1'. ' ""'l T ' ' 'uf S c'5c1.F'l ,"P'l l aro aun rc 'r u d ro oer do Y M on oarne BIG RED 38 CENTRAL 0 Wllu a crusluung 380 wun over Cenlral Bd Red aqa larneo lluo coveled Slee Buclce symbol OT flue cufy lulle Clarence Lawson Ed due Mncenu Jam rayso Ben Bunclu and Wulue Slvnson all crossed flue eruerufuf goal BIG RED 63 -CANTON 6 Traveling lo Canlon flue Slubbers added vlc- uory nunuber 5 +o uluefr slrlnq. Jinu Prayso led +lue allacl aoalrusl luis former +ea'n males willu uluree louc d vns. Vincent Laws n, Medves G7 Fafn R Dx aso con rl ul d 'o +ne s Tno ,- rade. avoids! I MassIcn BIG RED 55 AKRON EAST I2 Sfubbers was shown oy runwbI ng ofer Akron Eas+ Rudy Dwxon gan ced for our Iouchdowns Bunch R Locusf and Vwnc nf aIso scoreo n V Id for a score I66 edss+psVefae ao o Ma Ion aa BIG RED 22 MARTINS FERRY 0 deIeaIed Ihe RurpIe Rwders from Marhns Ferry The Bnq Red Inne VuncenI s Iwo 'rouchdowns and Lawson s one were foo much Ior Ihe Rader BIG RED I3 WARREN I2 Bag Red moved Info hrsf place IU Ihe Ohio rnyfhucal champuonshup race wn+h a hard Iouqhf I3 I2 vucfory over Warren Harding onIy con queror of Massullon The Sfuobers scores came on long runs by Bunch and Eddwe Vrncenf . O 0 D'lQ'I any Kr" 'gc rmlgr Fgr Frarjsco 'o II , F' I Q T I+ r 5 fye-y r' :an 'n 'rv oenod I ssli "9. Ano+her dernonsfrahon oI Lhe power OI Ihe On a very soggy, snow-covered IieId, Big Red . ,yn F . . . . I , , ' C, I. I ' S. I . ' I Pu Ifn incvn C'arrIes ha, diwn Inf: IM: . , 313.4 I T BQR 53 26 99 I5 2 II6 76 23 I3 329 469 ya 5 2 I QT 224 6 2936 2 I , ,si Q, W y Q H SCE ,fs ,J I95I STATISTICS Tiuchdowns Evra PCTTS F'fsT Downs Bushwg P'rsT Downs Passncq Pr! Down Penahes T3TaI FIrsT Dowrs Passes Trled Passes CornpIeTed Passes InTercepTed Yards GaIned Passng Running PIays Yards Gaines RushIng Yards LosT Rushing Average Per Try Rushlnq NeT Ga5n PurnbIes PenaITIes Yards LosT by PenaITTes MassIIIon's "Ace Src rns pIouqhs Thru Bo Red I7ne. TD EP T BIG RED 4I -WEIRTON 0 By deTeaTung We rTon The STubbe s roIIed uo Thewr besT season s record In I8 years V ncenT Bunch and Dnxon aII cored Tor The STuooers wITh VunCenT scoring Three and Bunch wo Touch downs So roIIed down The curTaun o a gr T yea Une ThaT Tars oT he B g Red wuI rerne ber Tor many long years VInCenT I5 3 93 Bunch B I 49 Lawson Dixon Prayso GnIIIarn R Lo T Inn Medves Pu ya E LocusT ST nson ToTaIs Two oTher poInTs were The resuIT oT a saTeTy IU The MarTnns Ferry game Oreo sn an 8 55 'B 9 E2 T43 47 2 6I6 34I IO8 414 i9 668 29 36 290 7 I 43 I 7 D 42 , ' T , r 6 D 36 - I - 7 ' V 3 I I9 X . 4 yy II ' I . cus 2 C I2 ' S I O 9 9 ' ' I X I - I 2 B D 7 7 ' . I D 6 T ' n ea I r. f I O 6 T I 'I, on F -T 1 '-T I I I 51 24 326 If J " V12 ' :'f"'- T '-f' ' 1.. 1 " 1 . 1'-' .1 fr 50" I "WJ lv 'L":: 1.-f"':: of 1071 NZ! Shiva Eddie Pumplun Vmcenl Vmcenl slarled lhe season as a suloslulule bul came nnlo hus own aller nnlerceplnng a pass In lhe Easl Luverpool game and racnng 98 yards lor a louchdown Pumplcun was puclced on lhe Frank Shaggs Gilliam Raled as one ol lhe llnesl ends IH Sleuben vulle l-llgh School hnslory Shaggs olaced on lhe all Ohuo lhurd learn G-ulham played one ol has unesl games agaunsl mughly Massillon Sure lure college rnalersal Franlc rs loolcung loward lhe mud wesl all Ohuo second learn Ek'gh-www Ben ny Bunch Roberl Yohn Bob spcnl mosl ol lhe season In lhe opposing A varslly man since hrs lreshman year Boundnng Benny has slruclc lear lnlo lhe hearls ol many an opponenl One ol lhe hardesl druvlng llbaclcs nn Ohuo Bunch was honored on mosl all Ohuo leams learns baclclmeld Among lhe lrzbules which came his way Bob was awarded a spol on lhe All Easl ern Ohio Squad More lhan lhnrly colleges are seelclng lhe services ol Wohn las ' o o 0 . I. . . .I R J . . . 3 ' ' .. f -- lu ' ', l 4 Waddell... Leff fo rxqhf Ig? Row 5 Abe Bryan D n Nd Sfarhp r R o nso ce R uns A Sfarr Denry D Fvelds Head Coach D Kwnq 2nd Row ah an ers Weave D Kalas nder P Pwwac Shaw F Anderson Mg C Doan 3rd Row r M Jarlco J oker R a of? C cGreqor R Col! eer B ay J NNh e M MwveWOw ck C Swmone Mgr H Peferson The Ln'+le Bug Red compiled a wnnmng season for I95I salvagung four vnc+ornes from a sux qame schedule Boashng many fu+ure Big Red s+ars fhe Frosh were mos+ lmpressuve n knocking off fhe Wheellrg freshmn 37 O The Record S+eubenvuIle S+eubenvnIle Sfeubenvni e Sfeubenvrlle S+eubenvnIIe S+eubenvulle We1r+on Toronfo Wellsvulie Wun+ersv1.le Wheeling as uveroool .auf D c K c c n. G a B lr C a h K J rec: P c + bas c SPG Casecan a A U r' s Musk he Oh 0 scn 'WO lx. L Yeaff Acc ar 1 S cn. h Qraduafe cf N af o s 1 1, Asf. ,oa Ae, .lh.n,,l.Quin ,R. ob'on,. ,G. 5 R, R + , D, S d ,G. r, , I , R. Lucas, P. Ncfdl V , A k, Cv. ' :Mq., ,.C ,.TIb,.M ,. Rns,R.JT..R', . . I . .L ' O ' 6 ' 7 I2 '.! 58 ' 6 ' 26 ' A 'H 6 ' 37 ' O ' I3 E +L' A I2 -- - V R 'rg ' 'We 51' 'ce "Q" 's 'fe nc-:3 Ffegnrnan Fccfgal fd as ef:a1'C:ecr' a' S. H. S a h:"e Qfirf' Vooucf c Q, 'rw' IOI var Y' fc ca' Haba? " a' B5 Re . n A7 "f,u cf "nga" CChCflE', KY-3 pa,cCi 'vars'f, aw: av + ,' xcci 5 ' was alSC a rec War an fne cafkwbai, acc naswbaw' s. I Bw a IN' 3s ra' 'ner 'when' ',- of duct A I rf 'hc' U"'w3rs"-,' A wh" F' '51, Bmw 's H ".V'f1f:sh"', fo?- :W 'iieff' fd L- C J: P-','f"'V:g" " , J. X! 'r haidcaff, STEUBENVIL LLANSBEE FO STEUBENVILLE - NGO M LLE STEUBENV NTRAL CE STEUBENV LLE STEUBENVIL ONSVILLE LT STEUBENVILLE - TI WELLSV LLE STEUBENV LLE SF ELD MAN LLE STEUBENV B The l95l 52 eduhon of +he Bug Red baslceleers es Jrabllshed lhe besf record ever omplled IH lhe 50 years of schola hc como L hom Led by Caplauh Pram Gu :am +he Bug Red sweplr aside all 20 regular season foes and loughlr nfs wax lo The olay offs nn Columbus Afler lwo swung oa++les Jrhe S+ubbcrs landed m lhe Pals aqauh l mlghly lvllddlelown only To lall before The Middle lvlacuc 63 53 A huge Tumour Nolcomed lhe Oho Slale Cham plonslw, Ruhhers Up oh fhevr relurn home n n , f . r- s. . .. . .,. C .f-Q. I I .,w ,Il . l l I Y l ' . . l , 1 V, , I J ! , .,, Tl' 5 . u I . x - 1 . 'l"H . - I Coach Ang Vaccaro dmc-c+ed his hoons Ter fhrough a brllhanf campamgn which nded ID fhe spacrous Cohseum un Coiurn bus No sfranger 'ro dns+rmc'r sporfsmon Vaccaro ns anofher Bug Red alumnus who rdurned home +o add fo +he school s many frophues XJ we ,M Le? io rwghf x e effcro BN ucv: C C a n F ank GN am Maffy Dumbcld CGVVW s Mor D Cow d 2nd R4 nbu Q Dclr Lodoc Cay M Ea c Paton Eddwc Vmcenr Ciarencc DavQ and Coach Ano Vaccaro X74 8 . . . Y W . S . . . . O . . . . ,K i V , f U I rv, . N - .4 5? M 2 , X1 U ' 'F F773 1 A H' f 2 M ff . X 'if x f , mm Sf? id., if J. , 4 I 5, Am K, ,ii A ,L ,J ' - . .- 'K'-Y V ' ,- ,I ' , I Y , s X " ' .9 ' . f ' : Ig' Rau Jul D E Rcss Ch ' Eihs, a ' 3 f ,, ' , li Jcne , L . . -a . -W3 V15 EGR rc K -, r fvhgny .va ' , I ' V, 1 Q I C CFL, L1 U Ed vburah V Cha es I m Fran .lowes Calvin cdce D ck Parlor' ave R m V rcerif Eddie vis an nes Icolc cri n Ior ri T ronlo qamc Iqhl rig Mansl cId fearr SUMMARY OF l95I 52 BASKETBALL SEASON Bug Red 54 Cenfral 45 The Sluboers opened lhe season w h a 54 45 win over The r cily rvals The originally scheduled opening game wIlhYour1gsl'owrI Easl was poslooned I Jan BIII Ross holshol guard led +he lack wilh I8 ponnls Bug Red 53 Mnngo 42 The down river rIvaIs ol Mingo were ine second viclims of The Bq Red BII Ross and uclc s accourifed Tor I5 ooinls each IU viclory No 2 Bug Red SI Mansfield 30 The basIce++eers dusled off high powered lvlans Ie lor viflory No 3 uclc is an oss popoed IH I7 QOIHIS each Bug Red 7I Follansbee 40 The Sfubbers wailooed +he Blue Wave ol Fc Iarisbee IU gaming vidcry No 4 Capil Crank I Iiam dumped ri I3 oowls lo lead The avi' Individual Statistics Shols fvlempled FGA a aronce Dumbcla Marly 9 4 Goals Made FGM , ,rf , . FUA Foul AH. FTA S Made FTM 'i Foul PCA 2 68 Tclal Po'n+s ada rs WeIs 0 F ar' S fr I V If 'B TP D vis, C' II4 50 43 57 35 bl I35 B T' H, J 'I' 5 I65 50 30 47 29 6I.7 I29 ' I 5 22 37 I7 8 47 52 II , ic 64 I6 25 24 IO 4I 42 Ellis, rl 380 I27 33 I45 98 67.5 352 Giliia , Ii 309 l20 39 l3I 75 57. 3I5 , i IB2 53 29 55 2I 38 I27 I L ,I I 2I 5 23 9 5 55.5 I5 ., D IO 5 50 4 0 0 IO css, W . 66 209 3I I45 93 64,I 502 4. , I' 43 I8 4I I9 7 3 . 43 Da A d Jo as Ellis si Ins a I Q :ne T Ihe Bud Davis malces a drivTriQ lay-up as The Big Red sfop a I I i I , . I 1' il, -. unlil . I5. I I B I GI- ' ' i . f Ch EIII ld '- . . Ch EII' d Bill R 5. ' A I I. . . . - V I E75 Pipe ere -VT I ' lille WWI Bc-fo ' ,ces I ' I 5 J' lccks ch. Jul rip th, rel .gina up To 'I rbircund ir rmvf a T,'f'L gawc. 73? R ss are F 1 ra xo 'I 0 C13 I ri O 5 C O Bug Red 58 Marhns Ferry 43 The mlghly Blg Red conhnued Iher wunnlng ways wllh an easy vlclorv ove ar h ruv I Marlins Ferry The x clory was Ihe nlnlh sr alghl for Ang Vaccaros hoobslers Ross led Ihe aflaclc wn+h I5 oolnls Bzg Red 7I Canfon McKinley 46 The Bulldogs ol Canl n Mclilnley suop eo Inc Bug Red wlfh vucrory INo IO B I Ross oourbd n 33 polnfs and shaflered 'rhe newly erecled Canlon Bg Red 67 Welr+on 44 The hoobslors narled Iheur I I+h s+ra ghl vlc o v ID deleaflng Welr I-hgh 5 Red Rlders by Ihe score oI 67 44 BIII Ross aga n d th allacm by bang no away for I9 DO nIs Bug Red 4I Massillon 36 The Shlbber brushed by Ifasslons Igers I e II I2 r w Ro wno hum s ww I and IO poxnrs r sbechvey lcd Ire Irac Big Red 64-WeIIsviIIe 42 Wellsville Bengals provlded The Big Red wifh viclory No. 5. Bill Ross, Ihe Slubs candldafe lor aII-0hIo honors, blazed away for I9 poInIs. Bug Red 7I TuI+onsvuIIe 35 The Slubber Iuve humbled Trllonsvllle 5 Ramblers Ior vlclory N 6 Frank Shaggs Gnlnam oooped an 22 pomls Bug Red 48 Easi' Liverpool 46 The hoopslers squeezed by Easl Luveroool s Ro+ Iers Io accounr for vuclory No 7 Bull Ross agaln Ioalc down hgh pounl honors by durhplng an I8 oounls Bug Red 72 Youngs+own Eas+ 45 Youngslown Easls Golden Bears were Ihe nexl vlchrns of Ihe lug Red I3 II Ross sel 'rhe pace for vlclory No 8 by accounhng lor 23 oo nls e n I olre ou he Hd o - . A I. r. -I' Q- I I 1 X, I I if . I , . i 1 . o . mole R1 ers wfwcn as ra nwvfy r-ver 2' M Gllafn aw R ,ss f dv ' 1f,n':'.1 C r s zzfnsv Ferry. SI P Ing riff' ir wd fClfK C". . . . E . . . . A F C l . 6 . . ff ' r ' , A ' 'Q ' M . . . , 1 ., . , , sr 2 1 , . FieIdhouse's prevlous record of 3I pofnls. - ' ' I , I ' I r . ' g In 3 ' ' ' ' V l , J C , .1 , T. The Ea R d Freshman :e's I To hc ac? as C r sole for , , X , - - I- ' I O 6 swslfa mek ' In 5 Q - 55 L I ' V AI c,-5 s harsh "rg IMI' 1, I' If lor The Castel, R-rsulw: I . , . i I W , L 'w pf,'n's In-r Ire Fresh. 3 , ' I c. X . L74 B?g Red 7I - Marlins Ferry 63 The Slubbers made I+ I3 in a row by rallying Io deleal The Purple Rlders ol Marlins Ferry. The poIn+-rnaklnq was led by Bill Ross. who senl 26 poinls whizzTng Ihrouqh Ihe hoops. Big Red 70-Barberion 47 Barberlorfs Magics Taiied Io supply +he Slubs wllh an ewpecled rugged Iesl, as The Big Red hoopsIers walloped Them, 70-47. The poinlfmakinq was led by Bill Ross and Frank GI?IIam wi+h I6 and I4 poinls respedfvely. Big Red 66 -- Toron+o 34 The Big Red, ranked 3rd in Ihe slale, swepl by ToronIo's Red Kniqhls Io gain vlclory No. I5. Ross and Gilliam again led Ihe way wilh I4 and I6 poinls respeclively. Bg Red 55 Eas+ Lxverpool 48 The Sluboers rallied n The lasl quarler Io re peal over Easl Llverpool s Rollers by The score of 8 Ross d Ellns h an I5 oonnls re spechvely I d Ihe way :BC 3 OS lv a ere lh b 7 cl on e dur ng Mans Ield ganwe aces a d E a e e r n r SII, ers 7 Bug Red 52 Welrfon 48 The Slubs made II I7 IH a row by slruggl q pasl Wear I-I qh 52 48 Ross Ellls and Gul Iam ac counfed for I6 I5 and I3 ponnls respechvely Bug Red 65 Mmgo 27 The baskefe rs walloped Ivlnngo I-Inghs lndnans Io make I+ I8 In a ro Chuck Ellis popped n I6 0 n+s Io lead Ihe way Bug Red 64 Cenfral 42 The Sfubbers conhnued Iheur wlnnnng ways by agaun delealung Ihelr only rnva' 64 42 The allack was led by Chu k Ellus who pooped IH 23 ponnls Bug Red 52 Toronlo 45 The Blq Red Tor Ihe Irsl Ime n Ihe schools hlslory comple+ed 'Is T1rs+ oerfecl season In qalnlng a repeal flclory over Toronlos Red Knlghfs I dornq so They made I+ lwenly In a row Capl Frank Glllam conlrlbured I9 po n+s 'ro lead Ihe BQ Red allack I -. . . . . I . - . . I 55-4 . an ', wil I7 d y ' - 7 l 4 I , . B ll - Wh s e al.. A I foo-4 plac I Y , 3 . Q V Sh M n I'Is b 'ffl F r 'a s To ba,'. -bb won IV63. ' ' In , , - . , , I ' fa ' ' T ' I A ' W. T T X oi I . N f' 7 7 7 y s. , I . ' , l I I T . , . . . . . i X '. . . I n G' 7ar" bonds over b wafchfhq hs as-be sho? - 4 f ' sho 'hfcmh nc'-. Q ' ' ' I Paws szires - arcfher orfn: la,un kgfyw 'I, a fy , :if-11. I -- ,Sl y. ff. gawezaazz Nc wfrrcv' Lfrus rw or Wr' ns N Sfere 2rd Rc Jacks x. Murra D owne B Kau mar H Q Cc + f Wn GN Junlor Vorslty Schedule B I wut: r-var C Sreup FVNJIQ Sfeubelrwvmc Sfcucenvniae SfCUD rwnlk Sfeuberw Sfeucenv Sfoubuw Sfeuberw Sfeucsr' 'Ne Sfs-uCenwl'c Skzulte-nv feurewv feubcrw H SfPUf'0V'VNIJi S1'CUCtfTVNMK Sieubew M sfeubenvnlwf- SJCUEJPVWVVML g Red Opponenfs V6 L. calc FSTOG Wg 5 K' 1 vm a Cl Y BS cf VU? Mere ar 0 lnduvuduol Scorung MONTGOMERY MEDVES LOCUST P-HGDON PARRISH NE S PWLYA WNGQINS VWLSON JELL DRONNER WJJNOVNC ff ls' Rcv.: H. W "5 g -. R. ', ' BON, S. Per SH, P, WFS ,, B. 7Y,q7 . Xa. ' J-.3 J ' in, B. Pa y B. Lev-'Q J. Paffer, B. PJva 33 RCN: F, SCblJ9SK' J. y E. Qmnr J, hr . V, . f . 4'm Rc,-.3 Q. S'e"pf' C, L-'JOCV' 5' icf Cf: H95 9 ' qef. M'15'r': JT" o'C'q: N, NC Qs :VG ge' F. GY 'iff' re. S , ,g, '41 53 Cer' 1 V4 , wg, ' 48 H: We 46 N ' 32 Mxrcvh 26 I67 J 'J 30 N161 'I J 39 I I 1 II6 STeubCrw'He 42 FCVGVTBDCC 46 ,II -- Je. ' '1 55 V'f1Jc3 46 Wir: 30 T,'tnwV:r,- 2b ' St A , Ne 44 Em' LN yrpi C! 36 65 , 1 'HC 4o Ycmzfo E if 45 F LD ,V 62 , llie SN M "FS For . 27 ' 50 V V,-,lf 45 Vv'f?'f'cr' BI ,, ' ', 49 Mc SJWGH 60 33 :ue 38 Mw-S PQ-fm 28 J 35 S J, 'UQ 47 Lxfix 5 48 N 25 S , 1 Q 45 for F' 53 A I7 , I, ,X ' I 29 EGR' LW? ' 64 ' I4 J 1 ',: 44 VVf-7? P 43 , I t 59 M "iii 4I ' ' ", 40 Cffvu' 32 ' - 40 Ftrs" 49 62 B The Big Red Frosh courhmeh gave an Indicaform of corwhnued power on fhe hard- woods as rhey compiled a seasorfs record of I6 wins aqeinsf fhree defeads. The Jfhree losses were by a Tofal of 7 ooirwfs. one In an overfime, Sizemore led fhe requiar seaf son scoring wifh ZI4 poinfs The Frosh are coached bv Dclc Kmq Former Bug Red fhree sporfs sfar Bg Red 53 43 " " 37 " " 58 34 41 5 K " " 59 ' 63 49 " " 52 ' 34 Sfeuberwulle Vxfelfsw ie 35 Fohahsoee 23 Wellsburq 24 Cefdrqf 46 Cheffer 38 We lsvl 'e 27 Ee! Lwerpoo' 33 Fohcmshee 36 Tororwfc 40 VV'eh3bL1rq 25 Chesfor 48 Bermwood Unlon 3I Cenrred Marhrws Fcr v Dm lomvefe Easf Lrvcroool Torom o Tofel Qpp PM ' V' d M M MS ' , , ' 64 3l 3 1 3 50 ' 5 f-I 52 ' f - 45 'e 4I " 50 A 5 49 36 f 37 I SW . . 6.6 Ns' Ref.: R, He'rrbr':1" J. Coker, 6. Cert R, F-5-rf: rr r R S1"'3 Pr Row: Mqr. M. Jaw: H, P f-'f :rscr B, Dr. 5 , M fm " , ferr J Srisri. Mor. J. .cCe- and 3':1 Pg'-: Conch f ik KV: , ,bf-r'r1' E Svc'-r P. D1--. 1 .' rw' BIG RED NI STEUBENVILLE STEUBENV LLE B G RED N NE STEUBENV LLE B G RED N NE BG RED NNE STEU BENV LLE BIG RED NI STEUBENVILLE STEUBENV LLE B G REC N NE STEUBENV LLE B G RED N NE RED N NE STEUBENV LLE B G I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ' I U I , . . ' I - ,fr l ' . 1 f M ' -. I 'fa ' ' I . - . l M3 k V, , A , I , ,N - ' 5,4 ,ie Bawdall. .. Bob DIC occo crosses home plale n Ihe d slr cf playoff al Bridgeport The l95I Bug Red baseball mne agaun gauned con+roI of +he cnly hamononshnp by defeaf ng Ihe Cenrral Crusaders Iwlce by scores of 32 and 6 2 Rollxng up an Impressive record ol I6 and 3 Ihe learn advanced +0 Ihe reguonal Innals ar Brldgeporl where Ihev were de fealed by Porlsrnoufh 6 4 Ivlcrnbers of las? years Ieam fha? re furned for I952 are as follows Bob DIC occuo Chuck Ellis Bull Ross Marry Durnbola Ralph Prerro Joe Jackson Vlc Ednnburgh Dock Lodge Frank Gulluam Carl Flora Clarence Checca Terry McFaddm and Warren Barkley Row I Kerny Balmer Manager Clwuclc Ells Marly Dumbala IOVY' M Caplarn La r Jerer and Joe .laclcson Row2 rl Meyers Manager Bll s I r Edrrburqb and Barclay Warren Rc:w3 'ry H ver eld Fr nlc ll rr arl M F cm n Claren ec a Boo Th mpson Mar-au r and Ara Vacca o BASEBALL PROSPECTS FOR THE l952 SEASON Alrlwouqlm several members of +l'1e oaseball Ieam were losl Ilwrougln graduallon The Team Ilns year should be belfer +l1an ever Many ol sored by The Amerrcan Legron las? year Tlns 'ream you wrll remember was Ilwe slale runner uc Mos? of rlme posur ons w II be Trlled by lellermerw bu+ The experrenced players wrll be sadly massed The baseball feam should do :Is par? To brmq glory To Brq Red by w nnmg mosl of Ilmerr games and adyancrnq far rrwlo Ilwe aournamcnl l95l BASEBALL RECORD Bq Red Opponenfs Cl'CSI0V T rer' Folarrrc as Lv r 0 Ca rollon Ivlnq d rn We Yon M Krr Q v- u : , . -: ,'. "wel, 'I ry 1 Ca , , 3 I Res, Ralph Plerro. Bob D7C'oc:o. Rerry Jele , VIC 1 Son, ' a T' , a G4 Ia , C Flora, Dick Lodoe, Te"y Q a QA , ce CF :. zjle o , et , r , C'a:'. II , , I I5 o J r 2 3 Cervral 2 2 I 6 l s: e S . I E. ' ' e p ,. I' O ' Q - ' 2 ' " , y 4 I 0 rlwe boys on The ream played lor Ihe ream soon, 6 W "wtf le O D l I 2 Sc' 'dsl e Tw . 3 ' .I ' 6 Eas' Llferofo 4 I ' Y . I I7 Be a"e SY Jinrs' I . , . . I 8 Serrgfec Twp, 3 I I ' 4 if I h I l . 6 Carfcn Q Uley' 2 - - 4 R:r's"o' ' ' 6 IO W"'e 2 'I e 7 I I l l - 5 Creve' 4 ' ' ' Y 5 Eze' L'-e's f 6 ' 6 2 Wen I6 - Los'3 ri, ramen' l79I STEUBEN B G RED C NDERMEN STEUBENV LLE STEUBENV LLE B G RED C NDERMEN STEUBENV LLE B G RED C NDERMEN STEUBEN B G RED C NDERMEN STEUBENV LLE STEUBENV LLE B G RED C NDERMEN MEN ER ND RED C G STEUBENV LLE B I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I - 5 , , y N ' 57: . ' , 2 4 A 4 , . T. C , I .' fi A . W 2 - " ' ' . , A S ,T ' T ' T it ' . wah Sam Thomas sen or member oT The Traclc squad easly cears The I r es n a pracf ce sesso The I95l ednhon oT The Traclc squad compeTed an sux meeTs They Turned an The besT shownnq aT ToronTo where They placed second ID a Tueld OT sux counTy Teams Benny LnghTnlng Bunch capTured nndnvxdual honors Tor The besT all around showing aT The CounTy MeeT The relay Team was The besT parT oT The Team AT Wheeling ID The lnTelllgencer lnvuTaTlonal, They Took Third place In a Tneld oT The besT Teams In The Tru sTaTe area Through graduahon The 1952 edlT1on oT The Team will be weak IH expernenced compehhors, however, They hope To malce up Thus laclc oT experience Through a loT oT husTIe and deTer'mnnaTuon ACTIVITIES lfwm -3 Slacfenl' foamed N Row W W if Gm Bar ra Kau man Eu een lver Joan Fulwoo Vrgna Wlnarrs R o Moore Nancy Kllner Carol Shoemaker Joe Ga rle arra Ca C, ercra rawnar lS e Be V urns Shlrle Wels ue G es er J Anne Wasson Rcoer unr 'vw a 3 lfavls Judy Bufcher Donna Evans Peqq Mar .lo Anne N v Rudy Rcharo Gourley Sal 0 Sue Bech o Sara Go c Dor + y Ru an Nao ne Bec unc Slc r R s Birrelr B fe ex rlss I ar arsocco a .lm A e 3 n J r Jerry Kndsvalrer and Charles Se owc To decade on polncles and marrers whuch perlaln 'ro 'rhe sfuclenl body ss 'rhe prnncupal duly of fhe Sludenl Council Presldenl' Roberl Ducloccro was euecled by lhe sludenl body Olher olhcers Dorolhy Rulancl vice presndenl Jackue lvlarln secre 'rary and Ross Barrelr sergeanr al arms were elecfecl by +l1e counczl members This year Sludenl Councll look charge ol l-lomeconmng achvlhes sponsored Dads nngh+ honorung fhe foorball players falhers olanned 'rhe annual Twurp Week and made rhe hrsl handbook complefe wlfh dnagrams +0 accua n+ new sfuocnls wrlh our school Mr Sarles quucles fhe councll In srudenl governing l92l 0 . . O Ro l: Jf kc: Wi-l " , f ba f , ll Ol' , l d, I If Q" n Phl Rift, f fir' , ' , , , b' l. 2: B l, ra Wh '. , S B ' cl, Lo' K il, +1 B , " y ll, S rf "Q , I - , 4 QR ., Ro 3: rlfrlene Bl bfc, Bill ', ' , , y k, Perma on, ancl , i l . Row 4: 'lx Bon Beck, ll, d: h, oh l d, 'T k, N' , -r Q- ff os 1 . Re 5: eb UC?-clo, John Bur , R C' , Rxch d M , C rl Fifra, l lb rls, lvla2":s 'arlon S vfe ' ' dy T k, . . . . , y .V . . . ,ee,,e,,4. .. Row I orrran P fsky G y AN r fwqt wi as L radEudoCl'1rv Ba Row 2 owa d Mrnfqemery K r to 1 b utk ENS N arf Th me 5 shoe or r rf v KU v Q J D eveloo mmafmve d N aoerf we serv Hue schoow a d Commun +y and ro pre are or usefur or zermslwo are rrme ma rm o nec wee of fhe Key Quo of our scHool wh dw wb soorwsored by fhe focal Krwarwws Quo Some of The duo s acfrvmes mdude scrap ure readmq each morning over frve P A Sys + rr and 'rrwe ooerafmen of a Cowce Q rv s a o askefba' games cers rrws year are r s erm' au M 5 ros Vee Pr soenf Ro er+ Oreo ecr ary Hewaro Monfqorrwerv Trea urer aw oma aoam cr c e WM, adv : N r gleno f, ar 'e, Sf: Cr We':s, Ho md Brodeur, Mr. C Ray, Der Com. ' ' , fe e, Kevmy Xlccr. : H r ,',' ri C:s'W:,C1Lg, Gayle I-Hi Cn Fora, B0 DfC'oif' Ch E. Harry BNOQ' Rox Cris-, Row' Marmr. RL 3: SL r T Q PVT G "a"i'f1- RIF' Br- JH' Gem, B' B fl, Eli? L 0'1" Fa.: Ma G , B 'C S yds' Jfrrr Yds fre'-J S'-'11f,ir. Tod an e',.rx'N,+o Ci I . . .N I b- , . . , - 'e , ' :Fo + mi ar 5' 'l . GW' I ' :Pefoe,PV .a ' ' I - e 7 X , 5 D? Q ' ' S e" ', J It . S S Th S' Ch I' DI' L Sq. Mr. Casker, is 3 Igor. r- M "1 4.e.'e'-1',' Sf' T"'r11 'za Vw" K 1'- J:-"' GI DAC t. If'---2-" for f "v . Ap 'my' ffl 7Ae Simian The ST uber sTaTT adv sed by lvlr John llalTes worked rem The begrnn ng oT Th school year unnl early an May To om ouT a book TU whuch al' The sTudenTs wlll flnd enloymenT Chose Trom a sclecT group oT sensors The sTaTT deszqns and oubllshes a yearoook The sTaTTs Tunchons are To gaTher oerTrnenT daTa abouT school acTnvrTues pucTures and drawunqs Nancy Chrusfner and arrange Them ln The' order Whale o e parT oT Tne sTaTT s laying om The STeuben The oTher parT as work ng on The bus ness e d clrcu ahon ady rhsunq and las' buT noT easT suoscr phorq ASSTST q The oTor nchueT Nancy ChrnsTner are Nadxne B k and Norman Dolon T lfy assusTanT edurors l-larry Bunch ad VGVTTSIVWO manager Qaly Borden and JoAnn Moore achvlhes ed Tors Anne Joh son crculahon manager Jwnn Adams arT on r Bob Black boorT ed Tor and Tony Zaras phoToqrapher 1 Q Q' 'Mui qs--.,, Harry Bloch SeaTcd Be Y der Norrran P lonoTsky Nancy Chrlsmer Harry Bloch Nadlne Beck Shlrley STewarT andlng F 5+ N Clara Snqer D roflny Lunfon Elodee Freedman Nancy Shoemaker an r en Anna a wAnqel Anne ohnso A ela Ayalohs or a lac nn n ro Br wn Jw A ams B Yohn huc ls Bo Bac and Mr Ma esc- l84l Tony Zaras 3- pf' Doro+l1y L1n+on Kay Lisle The Beacon is The iournalisfic voice cf 'he high schcol presenring lor lhe sludenrs The imporianl news and views around fhe school. All aclivilies, arhlehc evenfs, and la+ese happenings appear in lhe oaioer. Prinred bi-weelcly and supporled by ils adverlisers and subscribers, rhe Beacon is proud ro boasr of ifs achievemerrs in bringing lo lhe sludenfs one ol the linesl schoo' caoers in rhe srale. The slall includes lhe edilor-in-chiel, Kay Lisle? assislanl edilors JoAnn Wasson and Jim Adams adverhsing manager Dorcihy Linron lealure ed lor Nancy K ner clnoo edilor Anne Johnson soorls ediror Sranlcy Freedma and oholoo raohers Tony Zaras and Jaclc Williams John T lvlal+ese is The lacully advisor al lh Beacon J Arn as y L Aoi 3 Elcerva A rc Johns :Jo la l ' i ' 'V li ' s , l ' , l i ' A -rl' . Q- , , 1 . . 4 ' " -C . Serves: Snrey S'eNarf f . VV 33", Ka ise Jn' 'Urs Bere". ,"'i', Cya S"':i', S"-rjrg: Lei' tg r'3h', ' Brew- n H ic' E if Viwcenf Haw E--cr Harm 3 1' 3'3"y Ycce' S'a"e. Freeornar' Geergfarne Hcwe Nat, lf fe' 5 C Y M Qnlh VJ' RN: fgnne Ewing Fry. Q' dr' Anna Mae W'clf'a" Ma", Dmrcia 33' T'cif"' f '- . 1 3-9, B' Freeze Vvlj 'er BV'-3 Tc' CJ'o"', ic" 'A.5i'3 I T". F 1: Qi"J1:g 2'--1 i ', -yas Ma" n Ea.':::f.". NM '7fLe efnafmet TI-IE SENIOR CHOIR Aga n Ihzs year Ihe S I-I S chorus un:1erIne able dwre hon oI Mr E W Qaoen has b oucxhf rruch en own PI I9 om, s Jdenh ae weI as Io Ihe rnenebers of +he meny c3Iuos arc orofmn zehon Tor wnonn Ihey have perIormed Chowrs In years oasf however I+ 5 deI Hey no+ Iackmq IP quaIuIy and vo ume as weII es n precuswon TI-IE JUNIOR CI-IOIR AIso oureded oy M Capen In Ju or Chowr IS ea new organnzahon corn ooged rn brly oI Ire hfnen who enloy swrg ng Sorne oI Ihe achyuhes oI The Junior Chowr ere sungung BT a Rohary Iunch can Ihe Cnrwshnas concerI Uno +wo spru g Concerfs Theresa Simone IS ores oenI oI Ihe group I86I I ' . . . , I I ' Q' . . . T l r L, I 5 A Ir Ll J ' k I , J I . , F . . k I I5 1 . SInCe Ihe SenoIr Chofr is a qrom p of seIecI voICeS. II is smaIIer +hf3n Ihe ' '. N 7 , ' I in' I ' ', ' I V, I ' ' . . x I rv I 9 A . . . . X. C' . S , ' '. ' . . . K I . ' , I ' VI . '7!1e 0 Row ll Borden leda Bernsleun Elalne Whllcomb Roger Manlcn Allan Ro any Angela AVI5llOllS Row Ernesl l.aTanzu Ray Dossel June Sumrrons Emma Barry Davud Renlz Row Truslllo Pnylls Goldfeun Sarah Jones Harry Wllams Marque Tnornas J an Pnllllps Jlm Kurlanqells June Welsh Nancy Orslnl Row Charles Mcflcslry Jim ONell Charles Sedgw k Bob Kolu Gary Palne Jerry Klndsvaller The Orcheslra Indeed an organnzaluon of long slanclunq as lhe oldesl' memloer of 'rhe musacal deparlrnenls Under lhe experl durecllon of Mass Frances Trusnllo lhls orcheslra has become one of lhe lop ranlung groups ever lo be had an lhe school They have appeared before Klwanus Rolary and rnanv womens organ nzaluons The school achvzlles uncluded rne Junuor and Sensor plays and 'rhe Sensor Banque? We are proud of lhe slung ensemble whlch also has appeared before 'rhe publuc on many occasions Mlss Frances Trusrllo rs a graduale of 'rhe Clncnnnah Conservalory of lvlusuc and lor many years has performed wnlh lhe Vlfheelnng Symphony Orcheslra now under lhe drreclnon of lr-lenry Mazer l87l I: Bll , . ', ' ' , , s lc, 2: '. . ' . , , ' '. 3: ',' E ', , rl , ' '. ,c "', 4: , ' ' ', lc, r, ', E2 if ,,. Q- il. VV' rch CV' 9 pe corr nf reasu r Dcrs o r fa T O I 7!ze Woman The S+eubenviHe High Schooi Forum, com- posed of seniors and advised by Miss Margarei Denison, mee+s every Monday evening ro dis- cuss currenr affairs and common probiems. A member oi rhe Ohio Vailey Junior Town Meering League, H has parricipafed in many radio programs over VVSTV, WEIR and WWVA. This year fhe organizafion performed in rhe Kiwanis Forum and for American Educafion VVoek The Forum sponsored a "Sadie Hawkins Dance" in our gym November 30. compiefe mnrh srraw scarecrows rhe Dance Band an A No man Doioiofsicv was eiecfed pr sdenf an wasasisod by wcepwewden+SaniThomas recording secrc cry Doris Ayoub corresoond ing secrefary Jane Hope and rreasurer Eob Back Row I ei I Char Ho e ih L' Golgi n Kay Pasfors Nancy Chris+ner Sahy Bor en r re M s n son Kay Lisie rom Mrfeieary Gco n anne Howe-ii Eiodee Freed fu Jcan Na i c hn yn rn a Dr' c Pa He Lois e orhy an c are ram fa Echos Judy B an c i wan o I c c 0 S rc inos Q in er' uc s Na un Wei mc Ccrna r Q y R ian 5 x r r r fm as Diffs Ma orex I-4 cb iam S L i nn was 5 yd Adams B 0 5 K J 'u8 . 4 , , d Lii' bner. . , , . f i i e I .d i I S' '- ' ' 7 'N ,fe i ' - l . "cn-.frha Fcu :Lei++c I MN- ' H Y I V P rnsky orc-sdenf: Jar H: gc L L1 1-ire' yt Rob Biack, ' ei ' i . A c rfcc' Vo were ry' ard Sam rcrras 'Q-ni 3 li i io riorvl ic L wir, ' y.if ui , , ' , ,L d , Naicy KI: f, mean , ' Ca A- S L , A f1 , ,, , 1 nna 2 Yon. Rr.-. 2: Arn- Jo fir, Cav! Newman, Jcai Q VV sscn yor-s Koiiar, f nry, ' Edi , Dir I L'n'on, J' o Hopi, C L B. i, Lo i r di. Rww 3 Vai lQh'ni, Erildi- Ffh' ,B b Dicic Zio J hr ywd' Eddi Vi C f, Ch kEi:Q, dine Br-J J fl rsh, Shrew XNQLLS Bo"v Ycer, Nf Sh A che, Dfoih ui id, Phyiis Grffcrcv, Aizcla AI,'aLc'ie. R 4: Nrrrfaar Pc c':iic, B L' DR1sfic, Cari Fira Dici- S' if", D. L M dere, if i Gff"1i- i-4 Nehc s C' n'1Qr 'i 5: Pwr Gi"-fr Sm 'no' 1 Bn Yi h" Jer: Shawrr, JW- L ziur, Jrn , ., 9 BI ci LW- Ldv- Vf Edinbu 1 Hcwarc: Brorfl- F-ifvix B"r Lxnr- Aycup Nanw Lorena Aaimr C 744 Ewa! The Bug Red Band under 'rhe experr dvrec hon or M Myers and Mr Vuoh has fwo dushnd' oarfs +he ma Chung band and 'rhe Concerf band Nmef s+rorwq +he marchrrwu band has en harmed foecrarors durmg foo+ba" season vyr+h s rn r a+e dr Us and clever waht 'mme s ows 'ed by drum mayor Jerry Krmdsvarfer and sux hwqh sfeppmq ma orerhes 'rue band performs In am woalher urwoer any corwdwhons I s Truly a creorr fo S+6LIbGVVV!lIG P-hgh School The concerr band w +h eghry hve members successfuly comolefed rhe res of fhe year wrh severav concerfs oresrdem' Boo Kofur vxce presuderwr oe fx erra Secre ry and Pa+ Glu' Leasurer Q TeBg Rec 'ras nad Serwe 5 u rw r qSa R n. a arc er e l Xl D ' , 1+ ' +Zc I ' I +1 . L- I . I . . . . , . Y - , i . , 4. . ,f Q r, , 5 ' ' , . if I ' T E I . -I , ,l 4 The orffcers ihis year are Boo DIC?occ:7c, r ' 7 r ' ' ' J C , V fa D X7 f, rr . rw ' ' f Wag' m Tn ac":'. C wa d r"'g Iqhf game a' Ha dlr' ' dur' The BVU ed dr m "aiu nd 'r ' f fe ' Recf 611.044 The Junior Red Cross is an inlernalional orqanizalion wilh a represenlalive lrom each homeroom. The whole school is enrolled as a member. Some projecls lhis year included collecling loys lor needy children al Chrislmas lime, packing boxes lor overseas shipmenl, and enlorlainlnq several hosplials and resl homes. Dorolhy Johnson as presudenl ol lhe orgamzaluon wnlh lvhss Mlldrcd Wheal crall aclnng as advusor Clher ollucers are Carol Braun .face presldenl Georguanne l-lowcll sec relary Nancy Chrlslner lreasurer and Belly Yoder commll cewoman ow Lell lo rnqhl Marulyn Taylor Loulse McConnell Sally Borden Kay Llsle Nancy Cnrslner Dale Anderson Georqlanne Howell Belly Yoder C rol Braun Mass Whealcrall Sussy Pallon Joyce Rayburn Row ar ara K lun Nancy Croner Nancy Mllls Clara Snnqe one e Marr Davndson Delores Janlclcos Jo Ann Werlcnn Sam Claypoole Row John lvlaley Foula Facaros Nora Kel' Ca cl Woods Nancy Lcorran fkdonna Ollver Mane Pale Pal Rlser Sonny Mapel l9l . . . . . . I. i V l : A . 2 , fla . . R I: ' : ' , ' , . 4 , ' I , . ' , . G . ' Row 2: Alice Fullon, Angela Synodinos, Rosemary Caraccloli, Peggy Kolora, Nancy Porler, 3: B b a' , , ' , ' :y A 2 BalllE , Aan 41 , , ., " , l , O W- '7eew1 lhe fTeens adv: ed oy Mwss Sfnnger ws an oroanwzahon ' ouulo be-Her 4el owsnmp afnono Q Ns Bei on 'rnemr many money ra 5 ng o Ol6CfS me CNVWS nad a Nome Uauower fnef annea soruno o n ano a Cady For underpnvuleoe Q n n Qervmnq wwfn pfeswden Jackme Marnn are J'wnJean Thompson vwce oress em Barbara ENS secfewry La Pnn veff 'reaswer ano Aloe Teoreau proofam cnaurman sump em :VUE JL' +V'1UL.Qh NVTSCMVS HTG 'ST SGVTIGSTSF IS HOT 6 NSW CUD CJ DU NS CVQLD V OC VTOGV' Hx? SUS VV 9 CD f Mr U05 TS OV' f' T 55" O fl fl x. ' UC 40 Y X- 1 ,S , . . . X . .1 X3 , . w - 'I . Q f. .. T . , . . rr Tea. 'f Y 1-N ' J IC JC. ' '. 1, d Wdre . V . . V . , . . 1 . .- d ' , ' i, W. ' . M , ' , A ' E W , Tee Si Cl' -, ox ' ' ' ' . ' V " Bo 9, . Tn' bg o 'NV jfs u ' f- 3 'f of .H Q: mee' C: 1 Lea- 'o audkn nov, swmos ang .Q 13 one, Eaffn Sfnnzer N: - ,Ceo ziwez'-n' C' "3 e , ' 1 .EM Nm B Monfhhf Musa Roser s QLCOPC year Spamsh classes convene as clubs The Q asses Neafn much abou? Soannsh Cusfrm from fhelr vamous programs an Spanxsh whrch i Cluoe playmnq games snngmq cards and Telhnq sforues The oresudems of fhe h d and mnurfh perod clubs are respec uvely Val lfchunm and Howard Lunw Unoer The ooo anne of Mr Too Draws fhe Amanuenses a dub exclus1ve.y 'or Q ns r' he Vocahonal Connmerfmal gourse undorfoolc many nfereshnq and varwed afhwhes our q fhe year PC L.UL,d WMVG VY'OPH'W!N OIDVWCVS NA '1 DVLITWIFECVIT OUS 'TGSSVTWLU GS QUGS Leah fs ano + L CHOOVL smug of MOOO envektoes for a Cvlc pro,eC+ O51 4mfww7eac!w14af14 ... .4 .WH c To culhvafe The qualufes essenhal m a good 'feacher fo arm abouf oopo hmnhes IH feachmq and fo fosfer school Weeoersh p are fhe ouroose of Fufure Teachers Assocarlr on Mwss Prrqan as me 1dv sor hd Cafhe Va ker as resa de-n+ o+ +he orqamzalzon Wulww fleladmfi Glad Members assusf rn +he Renal SaNes lnsh ufe haf ws held m Jgrwarv and Feoruarv In May They sponsored rho enmnl EmpNoy r Emoioyee Barwou Preswdem Barbara Bear ws asswsfed by Vrro rm VVeaver x res flehf Mar qaref Dfws secrehary and Les e Owen easurer l93J ,. . . . , . , 1 , .e r r- .. . . , g F , . .I . . . I . ' . .K . . 2 1 . k a .1 a , rho L 1 - p - I 4 U I I U This dub Ps e member of fhe Dhfribuflve Educahon Cubs off America. . . of L! . I .U A X , . , - 5 e - , ' , " ' ' ' " QE ia ' 'Ice P To ,Q - 5 ' , , h 2, 'r - . .Ee Gmcle afzancaoi XXX The prog am of The French club desnqmed fo s urrmlafe m+eres+ m We Counrry or Franc and nfs people cufrorrs ano iarwquage Mass Eakm rs fhe advrsor of rhe group wr'rl'w Angela Symodmos as oe srderwr Swoney Gmsburq freasurer Marnlvn Reeves ecrefary and Cr1ar'es Bauer com rmrrecman pepfpm Glad To s+rrmNa'e school sprrmf wwfb rcqard fo soorfe ba been We mayor oolec ve We Pepper Club ever swnce rf was orqamzed rw fbe fall of l949 lr 5 advused oy Mr WnuV11m El S Headed bv Nadme B ck 'rbe Wub rw been . fbarqe f pep rail: 5 and bonhres 1941 I I I I ,M i 7 X' Q X 2 CJ x , 7 si? X A A ,sf 1 Q r A , , EL ' Y ' ' . . . . V V I r . 1, 1 W . 5 7 T . , 7 W J . I I I . X . . . J X 5 V . , . V H or r - ' 2 ' ' I . , I . , ,, . ,. . C lr . f ' e , c as Tn , o 'e BMQGIMA. .. 'FG' wk h Voce of Cnrnshan Youfn a new dub 'rrns year as eponsorbd by Mr Mwme uvp me y e U er To U My W era? 5 nfaeanrrq Cn February 9 and IO The members a 'rended a na? onai meerrnq of Bwble Clubs af Wrnowa Lake Ind ana K N Your Comrnundy fne rno++o of Hue Sreubenvr le H 1 fnrs year oy W ou+s+ar wr ac rw ues nun b rnq a wreb C' 'WOW NGS 6 JO E3 DQ C Mr Q N Croakey aovr G re run and Gres Barra se yea as ores denr X7 T A V. . . , . . K 6 E 'Pa Us ' "oe E5 fe Mud fb Bfrle In orde' ' "el - urd' 'and If ' F r . , + Q F ' ' ' I ' L' 0 o a HA FOX 1 . 1- IS xqkxf 4- I Soonscrrng of a can dance ai' Sy-fng Haven +0 ob+a?n canned feed for nee V +ann4'7es as one of P5 , d' ,Q 5 'Y . Vs an if 'oi nd X 63113 5 K 3' "4 su cess. . .WI1i'1v , "se N Q , ,' J r r X E . Glu To enloy qood lellowski o keen fornpelilion and nealflnlui exercise l e purpose ol The Lowland Club quided by Miss Andreansky Qllicers llwis year are presidenl Bill Freeze vice oresiden B ll Gelclwrna secrelary Marian Godicli and lresaurer Mark Duorio fed Yr Tnis busy slall ol lwelve lwelps Miss Freedman n llwe library during llneir sludy hall periods Tlwey cnarqe books lo oupils a sis+ n ind Q oooks and are ol qeneral help lo lhe librarian The slall consisls of: Jule Deffore, Vince Zurnpano, Mike lrombelli, Eddie Fiflnyan, Dale Anderson, BUG Davis Marflna Williams, Ben Buncki, Mike uinn. Dick Lodge. Val laclwini, Eli Pilya and Ar? Ginnarnore, Wbl fbancegancf. . . The lwo year old dance band has agann broughr much honor lo our school wulh :ls excellenl performances al various organlzahon and group meehngs The members are selecled for lheur oulslrandung musncal abnlnv The dance band as a branch of fhe Bug Red Band Fealurecl as singers wlh lhe dance band are Pal Davull Dorolhy Llnfon and Lors Campbell Gamma Glad in Vx The Camera Club has been recenlly re achva+ed un Sl-l S Under rhe dnrechon ol Mr Mahese lhe club has made use of +he new oholog aphc equupmenr purchased by 'rhe Boaro of Educahon James Adams as Presndenl of +he organlzahon l97 . . . 1 ,S I . . I U ' 5 1 G A l 4 , 5 . . , V A r . l 1444em6!qZl4Jm4. .. The haduhonal enfrance of 'rhe sfudenlr body Info The auduforvum for various school assennblnes as condudred by capabie ushers composed chuefly of sensor garls These gnrls under +he durechon of Mass Trnbble confro' 'rhe flow of 'rrag c +0 and from our assemblies 'xqvi Anil! 'EE og Q A! I9 ' -Z K , - ' Bl I my ik ., ,,, W ff ' X if f! x W M f iii,- SPECIAL FEATURES amffkedlwk. fl' QQQRWVW5 Fl ,vw Q W 266660 Crowned Homecoming ueen of '952 Carol Braun snnules her mosl royal smnle Carol was chosen o rexgn foolball game and Jrhe dance lollowlng 'rhe game Desplle a gloomy drnzzle of rann Carol smiled her brlghlesl as she recesveol her floral crown as l-lomecomung Queen of Sleu benvulle l-llgh School over lhe halflime ceremonies al' The annual homecoming law fm' Qs. Q' 4,1 W' MX-J iff Q.. wi SIWJMQ WT a regai Jw her neacz Car my Jcwm m me er oace as l952 Sfeuecn u en C 0 oe L ucev w se eciecn y vo e 0 +ve S euoen 1 f Ax f rw a ua and blacx our caros lc c ef fe a FS! 'Cn WI 6 Wann! QU' c, ' Queen cf ine Sched awww! was cver We an ue ueem orewoeo w.+ r qi: Grace cv e U V1 R ,V IV .. , I '- .. g e . V N I 1' 'fe .N 2 f . ,V , E ,if ,, , 1 x 1, 3 ' ' ' 1 , Qmf Q A " A Q . ' -V V 1345, is . may W .- '. , 1, zmaxxmm F 3 3 2 5 5 3 .Q v" ,4 Q A J AX 2,5563 f lg ,A 'ZH We? ' :,r?'1- 4 iQ hi' V-Qe. woiwcje,af N ,c ' bf a + 5 di , + ' S.JCS.'.CC'i. , ' Ereci I q , ' ' 1 C quee' flccszfed H- ey N pe 'Y Wm 7 'ng , , We. TM Es Pe Vfs' year fhdg A 4 f ' ' e cpsc.. Cfwoixm, a +r q ,A Wwe lc ,eff x52S+ebe. Carol Eraur l-lomecom ng ueen presuded al' rhe hall 'fume ceremonues al +he Marluns Ferry game Carol her arlendanrs Pal Slrunger and Muldred Nemerh enrered rhe sraduum arop a gauly decorared floar lhal' had an Aluce un Wonderland rnolul Aller The game a l-lomecomung Dance was held un lhe gym The ueen and her courl danced un 'rheur chuc gowns The beaululul ueen was chosen from a lueld ol 25 senuor gurls Thus cuance was sponsored by 'rhe Srudenl Councul and was under lhe durecl on ol Mr l-lugh E Sarles Top The Queen and h r arrendanl presude over 'rhe L-lomecomung Dance Borrom Queen Carol Erauru d nces wulh Duclc Srnurh ar uh Dance LIOZ O O O J! ' i.u EQ , 1 . 4 ' . .. g Q . .. a ,Q ,', g 'e,X Vs , his A 'my : .' e s 'Ar 1' I 'uni l ,Af if r C acer . AWNCG f'4C Vj L, LAC. VC wc' afc Ref? MC some ram md smdcn Qmmc VWSWOGFS aqspwce and dec ff e 'F uf U 3 era are 1 om ew 'iowa v rs ar in a Sn New V e s M s Cozarf emo Rcsi Ba re+r F 'W O L. VO qi V r rgwgg mn 5 ,. CCF? W' GS CGQ, , Pre' cnc Pfiee-fi Liz' C,J3'." Life, D:-f REF: .,I'Q'iYL,iH'Cf wc ff'-.-.W :J U52 2.93-' C46 E . . ML" ima Naam... o Iell re ol lm rrers ernernbrance T The beaurful decorahons o rrqhf err worl: r 5 e e oul lc pose lor a plc ure Boffom lefl Eyerybooy o Ts 4 My conf we loolc shar ' The I95I Chrnsrrnas Prom was lrhe soclal hzghlaghr of The yulehde season Held an The gelly decoraled gym The dance was lealured by The music of Johnny Crmmo and hrs orrheslra Cver ZOO couples enloyed +he music and The Chrnslmas scenes nn +he corners of 'rhe gym Cenfral aflra hon was a huge manllepuece Through which +he dancers en+ered The hall A gleaming Igloo housed The mend The ehlalr w l long be remembered oy +he sludenls and lheur dale-s ll'l4l T p I C rl - cg , 5 r c T ' . T p 'V 1 l-l J e s r lr 'Im ' T . ,, : Ae ln +h7s ne. . , T p. Bckfcm rlqhfz Brrrf -- wnler Es really here from rhe looks of lhls scene. T ' as ' ' . Sacfie JI lance The Thanksgiving season was marked al Sl-l.S. by lhe "goings on" el Sadie l-lawkins and her kin. A real old +ime Sadie Hawkins dance, sponsored by lhe Forum, ahracleo a large crowd who miveo modern day dancing wilh hoe-downs. The gym was decofaled wilh vaoiiional corn slalks which added lo lhe almosphere. Jo Anne Wasson was crowned Sadie Hawkins, and Eill Beekman named Lillle Abner during lhe le-slivilies. The school dance band supplied 'rhe music. DV e aa Haw rs o 13 oc l-la va?- .4 A'-D-W "'14... 15 fy . s' wma -.-N. I A V ,i S Ly"--Q f -.W ..- 'x Tc 'ghlz Teacfvs and s'coe"s a' fn S 'f- k' Caffe, Tec lei? Sc-:'9 carjng 5' 'ne grrua Fcmy' Sadif l'-lgwkirs Ec"l'. Hove" lolz: We 35 pf' S-v '1 Banc Ca. Q' 'nc Sadr- Hawkna facts. Sehem ri l": Q. Acne' ac: Sa - wins +P' a frenz. vin-' Mhtmqwmhnh-W '7laeSemafn4 The I952 Sensor Assembhf Show fume S H S was he'd before a capac :fy crowd March I4 af +he hugh school audlforlcm where +hea+r cal +aVen+ walfed and ho ed for a break + carne an he form of a 'ralenf scour Duck Smu+h who gave 'rhe performe s +heur bug chance and rhe audience an enloyaole evening Par Sfrunqer and her hullbllhes were 'fhe hu+ of +he show quoe The se++inq was a boarding house p . l ' + r . . I Samoa Play A np roannc, comedy made :ls way unlo +ne Seeu benvslle l-lnglw School audlloruum rn llwe guise ol +l'1e annual S mor Play Dusguused beneallw lne lnnocenl Mile l Summer Scene llwe play carrled llme audlence along al a lnolm rale ol sp ed by means ol u+s plol and Comucal clnaracler zaluons Weslern IW s ere flue play has :ls beqlnnmnos wnen I4 yea old Blnlcue Sally Borden oecudes rls lame lne A rr l-lero lDorus Ayoub was marrred F om L ere on nfs a rrol Wu+lw me Mr Smullws snowlnq up lo Clsarm Pxunl l-lero ano a bonalude mu dere on flue r mpaqe lne Sensor Play was one of llne d zzle + luis ol Tne season Ollxer members ol +l'1e cas+ we e a lollofvs Louise Elodee Freedmarl Amla Loss Ed. Roscoe Jum Jew + Prxncess Kale Walerlall lDoro+l1y Ruland Ned Weaver Knrlc Cadledge John Smnlw ll.awrenc Sedq w l4 'flue slwerllil lBob Blaclc and Everesl Everlnarl' lll Clwarles Sedqwnclcl llO7 O ,, V ii I,. . l-. A rl . . r J , . ., FJ F f Ll I I A l I . r ln X .. l F . 6 , l l- ' l A 'ell 1 l 'l - ef ll ' l l- l ' ll 1 ' S - lc l ' , 1 y ' . l u ' Ei? flecfgaculmg A banqud honofmg we foofbdl feafn and Coaches was mewd 5+ 'me dose or lhe seesor by Hwe Sfeubfhnvulle Boodch 5 Afrervded by ox r 300 lens OUGS+ S caker vms coacm T Pu cue SH. Ho um Pwdured ern Rev Hoyman aqcepfmq comorfahiahons for M5 feam Q rwnrii T my H081 -S-sq., ' N ' f Y Y 1 Y . 4 X w N. , ,F . , 'S L , , , F . . p 'A C r , w Fc . H , as ,, . N . , , J , . 'Wu I 1 C Frmxgn VJLU5, M,-.f ,gms fecfpcrw? of 'rc Curfew Mf:m"f'f1N A.-fwd, 'S zhn-w Q fqm? uf.1'Rn-'I Wil yfmft win. 'xv' H ' ' U Y x UWM Ghmledm. .. Var my cnee Lao nq squad pwdured lef' +0 rqhf S Caroyn Green af Lnnwnqnann Joanne LIDCGV1' Snwrley Welli Def Sfnnqer and Pa? Safe From e I + w su ns qrouJ If wou aocegr 'neerm ws as ruqgeo as +oo'roaH Tnree of 'rhe qwrls wer ou? pe + of 'rne season Joanne wvfh a 'rracfured arm Pant Serb wnh a :eg nlum and P + Cunnwnglnarn wdn spuneW mennngnhs qdufzmem. Ghemleafym M193 HQ T , ' U , I I P' fn is 0+ injures Ffered by VI p ' ld X J -3. ' q ' , . . . x C3 T , 1 1 , ' Y . I z , Il' 5 W , . 0 C I G "2 'n'f:s :z"Q f -"2 :ac-exe: desxecs :uf 5f':x"'e' some L"'e CJ RN f , 'f1""-' v- ,,,3. Ke" Bfzew N HWS fs . f' :W f fx sczmufqe. .. Tup eff Twas The week b frre Xmas Top Cenfe Mama Sfrmqe- nd her young Sfrnnqs Icp Ruqhf I wan? you Cenfer Le-9 Down Yonder cal! fha? pamhn Consfruchon Ganj Affer the qame IS over Jam surveys Hue ssruafmon C I L - " - e 1 . . . M P- A I an "l.uKgi and Pnlsquafimr , , I can see if now U B622-worms .. Z The Phofog , ,, "Y-ob IIO sczmz .age S Yen? N gin mfs e acw ur rv err w a P ' ' 3 ,f ...,' L'q' C m9V6,. Vonf! "Fc H QC ,l e wd 'SY' Vcrthas- I wav? you, will D'd ?"':-X. score-7? Vcur' left ycq' HQN, your 'efi f'-Qlhf, Neff!! Ambcci, :ee 5 CVM 'T-. S-7? Teacher We' We :QS :uf , . . .. .. OH, 'C 5 bf: bg C- Vid ddr . . . SH. . spA"' c Xmas . , Le' " fn. E+ ff iniwff. A .... an 'hff Sergei? 53,5 ,. N y u 'lfb + gm, S f G gm, sczmzfqe. .. Y op Leff Harry BYOQH checks frm Sfeuben fmanc S Top Cerwer Can? be Hua? ser ous To Rwqhf Hum and peck dass S gms of Hwe fumes We re wmflw yew I wanf vou three ' Wer on Marci Gm Tme Shady HaU'7'77 QIIPT WeH done, Baskefeers , ,, H Tha? can? be rqihi Pep parade ,, , OHEo's besf for Sl. ,, . ., , , R .. , , SHE. 'e Hwe air W, , ' 2 Q R ,, ,, ,, ' . . . Sdaoolfzlfe Lv ,si M 5 Y l g ,....,--f- 1: , ' l 'v 1 x-55, :J 'Wi i J 1. vi 3 35,6 pf, P gf' if ff i i Y 3, K Y :K Xl .- A ff A Tp 'tmp I ' Tl Yr: I wa.-ga.-V 7 . -I 'I X- ' ' f , . , . jj, , XAL r 'X 9, ' V R Q 7 A '. : , Y ' 7' W Q 5 Q4-0: b hx: Q I we 1 A f . 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Suggestions in the Steubenville High School - Crimsonite Yearbook (Steubenville, OH) collection:

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