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 - Class of 1949

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Steubenville High School - Crimsonite Yearbook (Steubenville, OH) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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3 E 5 35 Q 2 5 5 3 5 5 rs 5 55 Q 5 5 Q Qs 5 we E 5 5 ? 5 z 22 3 3 9 E E gf E E Q S fl 4 F ...-RANK 'M-K M 5 ,WE -4-sqm QI X W 12 .Lg X V1 'A , 5. X K, ' sf ga 3' XF R ,bi Wk. N . 112 ,P ff' L 4 152 5 X Li RA t vs Lfyikii 'E M, ei Wkfwfwfa ,M ' rw? W ' W L?ejv"",f4i Q .r , ,li z .- 'S X In Q M.. N fjvvif W Q, ., ul" . ' - iff' V ' Y . ' A, J N kb,,,f"Jg , ff .L 'ff , M ,f'M:a Q www! Wf1YM.Wh , ., x Tb V 'im Uk . . ,Aww , .fjy , 'TM-Mag. ,Q NRL, fy -1, V yy. diff wasnt ' Y ,Y .Wa W ,, . , We SFIPHT QF X '12 MN.-., -, M-, gum-vnu J -Lx- , 4 ,ww 1: f ..- ' ,A 'W a Fw K knees aio' T F' H f 15 'W3v2E?1Y!LA-E' ' fliwfwsa. ' BH -m.,...V,,x N A W Wm '+M-...Nm b I-NF 1-4 6 uffd Steubenville High School Steubenville, Ohio J T'- jb I 3 , lk ill Seniors of 1949, molded by such forces as a de- pression, a world war, post-war confusion, step out confidently to be- come valuable world citizens- "Not for school, but for life we learn" is their motto. 3 W jable of jaculty and n . . . 7 3 N , 9 5.Ql'lL0lI,d . . . 77 3? f WH QQ N, 53 gvntenta ww, .. 5,3 77 g ,, X, .5 1 4-N 5 K4'n I H Q 1 iii 54 J c X1 ,Qdfl,ULQd . 3:3-D 0 , ' 6 if ' .4-VIR ,, WW F ,gimxm V V V V V,,g,M'w . VVVV N MAN xi? 7, ,Mf""' ,, 1 " 6xfJf'M.L'f V T LX,g V M-.Qa..w,.,,W,-+Q""' 7,512 YV V- f+"'9W . " ,L. W 'A vm .. SQ V :xg-.-x,,W,..W-YWWVW, -fgQfE4f5ri 13 ' g ' ' lf fi Wgw Ex His. ' 7? V, V,f A V qi? Ve ary V 1 Q .f f 35 fi X if 5? if 5? E 1 ,,, 4112 K 'f,: ff ii E5 E m E 5 'Q ' W55?fff"7 F ffl-Z I if 57 3 1 5 545,13 ff in , 5 5 , , s.-W, V' , , : f V. - 3 gg fm 5, - Q A ,- . f im rg 2 I 5 2, A ,J Q., Q, ff - Vl H, ,ff M Wsswi S5155 NWA is if 3 2 Q 1 13 - 1, A ., BMW ,,,,.f..MMw-Www , 41 A K5 JL QWMM , 5 5 53 4.5 gf? mg fs if , 'm,k f I 5 4 2 , fm, 5 K ' 47.15 .V f Vf ,Ki -3,26-fVy Vf , ,Y W 'i2,,'f2FZ2gff" 1 , if-f'f'ffiif" f 7',A V NV VV f Y jg fi A'.' f"'4 ,, fi. f 2' H 'H Lg 7516. wf km 21 x ff ' fd'-w, f I ' xy N Q , gig? , f Af , X wi ,, ' pgs ,V NX Vy if V'-w.,,V 'Vg 1 . , -- , 40- , . Q. M .. , Xu xy .V VVVf V xx ,H Hf"'f" rg Q. N,sVVNfV.VV ,,,.. V AV jing K V, VV L VV ,, ,,,, ,wk VVV,4VV . NNN X :VV 1, VWVVVVNVVVVV is Vwjs,-1 I J a Harold L. Gear Charles D. Fox Charles D. Fox, Superintendent of Schools since 1942, is a graduate of Bowling Green State University where he received the degree of Bachelor of Science in Education. His Master of Arts degree is from Ohio State University. Mr. Fox states that he understands the time and trouble pupils have in producing an annual, as he served as editor of the Bowling Green KEY for two years. Harold L. Gear is finishing his second year as principal of our school. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree at Kent State University, his Master of Arts from Ohio State, and is a candidate for the degree of Doctor of Education at Harvard. Besides school his enthusiasms include music, sports, his home and family. The Board of Education is composed of five members elected by the voters of Steubenville for four-year terms. Fred W. Dougherty is the president of the Board this year. The present terms of Mr. Dougherty, Mr. Edward B. Bennett, and Mr. H. C. Ewing expire January 1, 1950. Mr. Ewing was appointed .lune 9, 1942, to fill an unexpired term and was elected in 1946, so he has had the greatest number of years of service with this advisory group. The most recently elected members are Mr. C. W. Cribbs and Mr. Wilmer Myers, each serving his second year on the Board. Committees from this group are generallyxappointed as situations requiring special atten- tion arise. However, there is a standing Finance Committee which this school year has Mr. Bennett as chairman. For several years Miss Edith Smith has been a very capable clerk of the Steubenville Board of Education. 'PYT Miss Smith, Mr. Myers, Mr. Bennett, Mr. Dougherfy, Mr. Fox, Mr. Cribbs, Mr. Ewing. Elizabeth Newton Nancy McCauslen Edith Smith Miss Newton is secretary to the High School Principal. Miss McCauslen is general secretary, while Miss Smith is secretary to the Superintendent of Schools. SY Q, ,Mc M Y I 9-4 ,ana 41 Stephen A. Cocumelli is officially the guid- ance director of Steubenville High School. He is also known as the sponsor of the Junior Red Cross. Mr. Cocumelli attended Duquesne University and earned the de- gree of Bachelor of Arts from Ohio State University. William Hannen has been serving the schools of the city for twenty years as pupil personnel director. He was educated in Glasgow, Scotland, and has retained an interesting accent. An out-of-school inter- est is racing pigeons. Leonora Barkhurst has the degree of Bachelor of Science in Education from Ohio University. She also attended the Carnegie Institute of Technology and the Art Students League in New York. Miss Barkhurst is at school only in the afternoons, during which X she teaches the art classes. St ndin GT. iN. Caskey, besides teaching in two departments, holds the official title qf Athletic Man- ager. He received the Bachelor of Arts degree from Milligan College and the Master of Arts from the University of Wisconsin. Mildred A. Bernier received the degree of Bachelor of Science in Education from Ohio Uni- versity. She also has done under-graduate work at Northwestern University and graduate work at the University of Pittsburgh. Mary E. Brown received her degree, that of Bachelor of Arts, from Marietta College. She also attended Ohio University and Ohio State University. Miss Brown has sponsored many students participating in local, state, and national history tests. Sitting Thelma Taylor can be recognized anywhere by her soft voice with its southern accent. She received the degrees of Bachelor of Arts from Butler University and Master of Arts from the University of Virginia. Nina R. Clay is a graduate of Oberlin College. She earned the Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees there. We were all very glad to have Miss Clay back with us this year after a year's leave of absence because of sickness. Mary Downer received the degree of Bachelor ot' Arts in Education from Beaver College in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania. She also has done work at the Carnegie lnstitute of Technology and the University of Pittsburgh. t ----.-.--9 Kathryn Tribbie attended Muskingum College to receive the degree of Bachelor of Arts. One of her activities is training and supervising the ushers' who help to make our assemblies a pattern of orderliness. Bernice Tweed attended Steubenville Normal, Ohio State University, and Kent State Uni- versity. From Kent she received the degree of Bachelor of Science in Education. This year Miss Tweed took on the extra iob of sponsoring the newly formed Stamp Club. Last year she was the co-sponsor of the graduating class. Miriam Netting received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Bethany College and a Master of Education degree from University of Pittsburgh. She has traveled extensively in North Amer- ica and Europe. Antiques and her little house in Bethany are her out-of-school interests. Mariorie Taylor is one of the newer teachers at Steubenville High. Formerly she was a teacher of History at Harding Jr. High. She attended Ohio State University and Seton Hill Col- lege from which she received a Bachelor of Arts degree. Tom S. Dailey serves in two departments, English and History. His main service to Steuben- ville High is teaching journalism and acting as faculty advisor ofthe Big Red Beacon. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Bethany College, Master of Literature from the University of Pittsburgh, and is doing additional work at the University of North Carolina. Dorothy D. Daugherty received the degree of Bachelor of Science in Education from Ohio University. She then went on to the University of Pittsburgh to earn the Master of Education degree. Miss Daugherty has many outside interests to supplement her enthusiasm for teaching. Mildred Wheatcraft, one of our senior class sponsors, not only takes an interest in reading the works of various authors but she also enjoys meeting writers personally. She first attended Ohio State University where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree and since has earned credit at "The Bread Loaf School of English", the University of California, and the University of Wisconsin. Sitting Eleanor R. Giles adds the dramatic touch to Steubenville High. She annually directs the Senior Class plays and also is an active member of the Steubenville Little Theater. As a graduate of Miami University she received two degrees, those of Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts. Myrtle L. Johnson is a graduate of Muskingum College. There she earned the degree of Bachelor of Arts. She was one of the sponsors ofthe class of '48. Miss Johnson can be found in the gym whenever there is a game involving a Big Red team. Margaret Denison is our hard-working class sponsor. When not busy working on senior activities, she can be found helping a Junior Forum member with his speech, as she is also the sponsor of that organization. Miss Denison attended Muskingum College where she received the Bachelor of Arts degree, Ohio State University and the University of California. Nat Shown Rachael Freedman earned the degree of Bachelor of Arts at Ohio State University and that of Bachelor of Library Science at the Carnegie Institute of Technology. These degrees qualify her to be the school librarian. Stondinq Helen R. Brown graduated from Denison University with the degree of Bachelor of Science. For many years she served as advisor to the Y-Teens. She is known among the students as "the red-headed Miss Brown who teaches math." Laura J. Tweed attended Kent State, Ohio State, and Columbia Universities. She received degrees of Bachelor of Science in Education from Ohio State University and Master of Arts from the Teachers College of Columbia. Miss Tweed is the sponsor of one of our newer clubs, the Future Teachers of America. J. A. Turkopp is a graduate of Ohio State University. Both his degrees, which are Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts, are from that university. You can all see Mr. Turkopp wherever you see a ticket to a Big Red game, for he holds the responsible position of Manager of Ticket Sales. Charles T. McQuiniff holds the degree of Bachelor of Arts from Ohio Wesleyan University. He also has attended Northwestern and Ohio State Universities. Mr. McQuiniFf is most familiar to the students as overseer of the lunchroom at noon. Sitting Christine Humphrey came to our school after serving many years at Grant. Her degree, that of Bachelor of Science in Education, is from Ohio University. In addition to math Miss Humphrey could teach very interesting classes in geography or history because she has traveled extensively. Margaret Boyd' has achieved much fame as the president of the Ohio Education Association. She earned the degrees of Bachelor of Arts from Mount Union College and Master of Arts from Ohio State University. All of the organizations in which Miss Boyd is active are proud ofthe distinction she has brought them. Helen M. Watt attended Westminster College where she received the degree of Bachelor of Science and went on to Columbia University and New York University. Mrs. Watt's dignity and quiet efticiency are in evidence in her school work. Dorothea L. Kern watches the health of the students in 'the capacity of' school nurse. She prepared for this position by studying in Cincinnati at the Christ Hospital x . School of Nursing for the Registered Nurse degree, and earning the degree of Bache- " lor of Science at Geneva College. Lorraine Wilson is the teacher of one of our best liked subjects-FOODS. This may be the reason for the congestion outside her door on cooking days. She is a gradu- ate of Muskingum College where she re- ceived a Bachelor of Science degree. She is also the sponsor of the Y-Teens. Clara Rena Stringer is the other half of the home economics department. She car- ries out the Steubenville tradition of pretty, young teachers. in that department. Miss Stringer earned the degree of Bachelor of Science in Education at Ohio University. is ff 4 W il ik , if 1 - Af' x f ' . .wt ' W- 1 ,- i , .ef ' ' -- ' A egg-f5ff3'fTTf "-i' ' J ' ie 4 ef Standing Beni. S. Entwisle has spent many years as a Steubenville teacher. He has two degrees, those of Bachelor of Arts from Iowa State Teachers College and Master of Arts from the State University of Iowa. He is the school treasurer. E. Lester Severs is that tall college boy you often see in the halls, the one who is always smiling. He graduated last year from West Liberty State College where he earned the degree of Bachelor of Arts. He belongs also to the history department, as he teaches civics and sociology. Sitting Edith Manor has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Bowling Green College of Commerce at Bowling Green, Kentucky. She is so devoted to teaching that she has several times turned down offers of secretarial positions. Phyllis Jean Fields is perhaps our youngest teacher. Miss Fields graduated from the Uni- versity of Pittsburgh last year with the degree of Bachelor of Science. She amazes her classes by being able to be heard above the clatter of typewriters. The words most often heard are, "Throw that carriage much faster." Blanche Price, the optimist of the teachers, holds two degrees. The Bachelor of Science in Education she received from Ohio State University and at the University of Pittsburgh she earned the Master in Education. Miss Price is the guardian of the lunch room door. Helyn Burrows is one of our newest teachers. She attended the University of Virginia and Bethany College. From Bethany she received the degree of Bachelor of Arts. Miss Burrows is active outside of school hours as the sponsor ofthe Bowling Club. 13 E. W. Clashman teaches freshman science, both biology and general science. Another of his duties is responsibility for the audio-visual equipment used in the classrooms. He is a graduate of Hanover College where he was awarded the degree of Bachelor of Arts. Marys Tarr received the degree of Bachelor of Science and of Master in Education from the University of Pittsburgh. When not busy teaching general science or biology, she sponsors the "Atomites", a very active organization of students interested in science. F. C. Lausch supervises the physics students, who remember with interest the laboratory ex- periments and demonstrations in class. Mr. Lausch received the Bachelor of Arts degree from Ohio University. E. Louise Lyons has charge of the Chemistry branch of the science department. Her degree, Bachelor of Arts, is from Smith. Miss Lyons has taken extra work at the University of Pitts- burgh. For many years, she was the sponsor of the Knitting Club. Standing Frances Trusillo received her musical training at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, from where she was graduated. As director of the school orchestra she has been mainly concerned with building up that organization. She has had the satisfaction of seeing many of her pupils earn scholarships in music. Willis E. Buettner replaced Mr. Vacca as ou.r band director two years ago. He attended Mil- waukee State Teachers College where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree,,and North- western University from which he received the degree of Master of Music. Under Mr. Buettner the band learned many new formations which they displayed at football games. Sitting E. W. Capen is the head of the Music Department of all the Steubenville schools. Besides di- recting the high school chorus every day, he trains students in iunior high and grade schools, both vocally and instrumentally. Mr. Capen graduated from Bowling Green University with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Education. He also attended Northwestern University. Enea Trovarelli began his musical career by studying at San Piedro a Amaiella in Naples. He then toured England as a flute soloist with Joseph Creatore's concert band. His duties here consist of training the woodwind section of the band. Last year Mr. Trovarelli directed the band in the first performance of his own composition, Steubenville High Spirit. Standing Juliet W. Eakin is well-qualified to be our French Instructor, having studied at Muskingum College, Ohio State University, University of Chicago, Western Reserve University, and traveled extensively in France. She holds the degree of Bachelor of Arts from Muskingum College. Gertrude Rosen, the Spanish Teacher, attended Ohio University and Ohio State University. From the latter she holds the degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science. Remember those pictures always on Miss Rosen's blackboard? In college she minored in art. Bess L. Odell attended Kent College, Steubenville City Normal, and Ohio University. Her degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts are from Ohio University. Miss Odell annually encourages her classes during the magazine sales contest to the extent that they are always among the leaders. Sitting L. Marjorie Cattell, who teaches Latin, attended Mount Union College and Ohio University where she received the degree of Bachelor of Science in Education. She is well-known among the teachers for being one of the wittiest of the group. Standing Cliftord C. Heffelfinger is a graduate of Ohio State University where he received the degree of Bachelor of Science in Education. He also earned the Master of Arts degree from that university. Mr. Heffelfinger coached our champion freshman basketball team. Ray W. Hoyman holds the position of assistant 'Football coach and track coach. He received his degree, Bachelor of Science in Education, from Miami University. Mr. Hoyman came to our school directly from the Armed Service. sitting Howard Brinker, head football coach, attended Miami University where he received the degree of Bachelor of Science in Education, and Ohio State University where he is planning to earn an advanced degree. Irene Seidman received her degree, a Bachelor of Science in Education, from Ohio University. In addition to teaching all classes in girls' gym, she supervises the GAA. Miss Seidman also sponsors the noon games between the girls' teams. A. J. Vaccaro has two degrees, those of Bachelor of Arts from Ursinus College and Master in Educa- tion from the University of Pittsburgh. Mr. Vaccaro is head coach of the baseball and basketball teams. Lester E. Tuttle, Jr. has the undisputed honor of being our newest teacher, as he arrived the second semester. He has an- other distinction in that he introduced a new course - Driver Education and Training. Mr. Tuttle received the degree of Bachelor of Science in Education from Wittenberg College and attended Purdue University to earn a special degree in Driver Education and Training. Harold H. Bach is our mechanical drawing teacher. He hastwo degrees: Bachelor of Science in Education from Ohio University and Master of Arts from Ohio State University. Mr. Bach also attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Leo A. May has a Bachelor of Science in Education degree from Kent State University. He spends all his time at Steubenville High School in the machine shop. Part of his outside time is taken up by the Hi-Y, as he is faculty advisor of that organization. Alfred A. Herzberger is the instructor in auto repair. He holds three degrees from as many colleges. These are: Bachelor ot Arts from Heidelberg College, Master of Arts from Ohio State University, and Bachelor of Divinity from Central Theological Seminary. A. W. Fenske teaches woodshop, one of our most popular vocational courses. Mr. Fenske attended Ohio University and Ohio State University, receiving the degree of Bachelor ot Science in Education from the former. He also attended the University of Pittsburgh where he earned his Masters degree in Education. Charles H..Decker also holds two degrees. His are Bachelor of Science from Kansas State Teachers College and Master in Education from the University of Pittsburgh. Mr. Decker is our printing teacher. l l I f' 6 1 Wm A fW.,,, Q...............w-..,, .., in . There are two ways to look at any experience before you determine its worth. There is, of course, the question of what good, what pleasure, what last- ing profit you received from it. There is also the question of how others may have gained or lost because you had the experience. Either measure without the other is inadequate in evaluating the component parts of one's life. You seniors are closing your high school days, and in terms of your career as a student at Steubenville High School each of you may well ask, "What good has this school experience been to me?" But you ought also to ask, "What has been the effect upon the school and on my classmates of my having been here?" I should like to propose a measure of your worth and a measure of your lives. The measure is one which you can apply to individual experiences, phases of your lives, and to your lives generally. .How wonderful it would be if, every now and then, we could examine our pasts and our presents and could honestly say, "l'm satisfied that this world is better than it was, at least in part because l've lived in it!" l can think of no better fate for you than that your lives might be of that sort, and my parting wish is that you may be infinitely happy while consciously or- dering your existence to this measure.We like to feel that Steubenville High School is the better for your having been here, we hope you find yourself able to award the school credit for a part of your own successes. fl' 5 X ff: 4 in Y, 4 CCCS ,la,, KN fi VIA lllfblfil MU' A"d"59" lawrence leberf Anderson Clarence Harley Archer lorbara Jean. frlllur , Clifkfl College Preparatory College PreparalorY se""""" -ommencemenl Announcemenls Vgc,.Prg5idenf of HAR- 301 4 SHS Forum Chorus 'l, 2 Commivev .lunior Red Cross 4 Band 3' 47 tene' 4 JM fi . Secrelary of H.ll. 108 3 Raising Money Cornmivloe 1' Xlgifduifigf 2 ,Mz,54,?-ff' 1 Gilda Marilyn Auerbaeln College Preparatory Junior Red Cross 4 Y-Teens 4 Secretary of H.R. l05 3 ff! 1-7 1 Myrna Jeanne laell College Preparatory G,A.A. I, 2, 3, 4 Secretary 4 Annual Staff-AH .loan Agnes loll Clerical G.A.A. 1, 2 Bond 2, 3, 4, Letter 3 COlTll'NEl'lCell1el1l AnnOUnCelTlel1'S Committee Mary Alice lakor College Preparafory Junior Red Cross 4 G.A.A. l SHS Forum 4: Yreasurer Journalism Club l Annual Sloff-Club Editor Annual Commilfee 20 Norma .lean Betts General Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4 William James larcus College Preparatory 'ice-President of H.R. H2 3 enior Banquet Committee JZ Glenn lee Bielxerstatt Nora Elizabeth loyor Vocational College Preparatory President of Junior Class Senior Banquet Committee Seniof Pfiflfing Cnmmlnee American Legion Awards Football I, 2, 3, 4, letter 4 .i V1 JSQZAW rn I QINIIIIIQEEIIIIITI Bo 'E 2 ,.?Inv,w,5 3 ,lynx - ,, QX -' 5 cm 'Q 1 :rin ff-w n 9 K-'-of ' Q'-'53 ' Ag 55- or f :IT """"' ""' """" G""'4 f4"""'4 "em" William Randall mmm- wilberv Reiner' lofhe College Preparatory College Preparatory conege prepamnny qgng,-gl 'Reins 2!' 2' 3' 4 '2""I":'I 's'g'tf' h Money Raising Committee Stlgdenf COURCII 44 . - - SSISOI1 OOgl'Cp EY f e f. ffns :ture Teachers of America 3, 4 Track 3, 4: Letters 3, 4 Fooibglrgl 3, 4, Leffgr 4 nnuol Staff-Art Tumbling Club 4 A Tmck 3, 4: Lever 4 rs' In "I Speak For Demorrf-1Cv" Prom Decorating Commmee v5,e.p,esqde,,, of 5-LR, 112 2 Contest Motto Committee Prom Decorating Committee H Boy's State ' yy, M" n I, wwe? I if Lillian Virginia lougher College Preparatory Student Council 3 Secretory Prom Decorating -Committee Dance Committee Q t Mary Louise Caputo General Chorus l, 2, 35 letter 3 Junior Red Cross 4 Prom Decorating Committee 094.-I Phyllis Claire Cartledge College Preparatory Junior Red Cross 3, 4 Vice-President 4 Journalism Club 2, 3 Beacon Stoll 3, A Feature Editor A Circulation Editor 3 G.A,A. l, 2 Student Council l President ol H.R. ll? 3 Prom Decorating Committee Annual Staff-Art Co-editor Senior Assembly Committee W c P5 5 Q Z ,., a 1' ,D 4 ilk?-,Qi f? Ii i!! Q la- ? ' , X , 'Z' A12 2 N r 'C' 3 fi of - C ggm- ii :- .,.,,, Dorothy lolanavich Clerical G.A.A. 3, 4 Class Assemblies Committee ll gg is 22 Marilyn Irene Church College Preparatory G.A.A. l Knitting Club 3 Junior Red Cross 2, 3, 4 Secretary 4 Vice-President ol H.R. H2 4 Prom Orchestra Committee Prom Decorating Committee a MLQM, Rena Mary Checca Accounting Junior Red Cross 4 Annual Committee Prom Decorating Committee Typing Committee larbara Grace Cipalla College Preparatory Annual Stall Co-editor Junior Red Cross 3, 4 Committee Women 4 Journalism Club 2, 3 G.A.A. l SHS Forum 4 Secretary of H.R. ll2 3 Prom Decorating Committee Checking Committee Garrbf -' Thomas Hawthorne Claypoo College Preparatory 'W fmy Alma Mildred Coleman Mar Collaros Y Clerical College Preparatory G LA. 1 2, 35 Letter 2 Y-Teens l Mary Ann Cool: College Preparatory Bond l, 2, 3, 4 President 4 Junior Red Cross 4 G.A.A. 2, 3 Class Assemblies Committee Prom Decorating Committee ts liiblf -' ite 1, f Frankie Ernest Core Vocational Bond 1, 2 Prom Orchestra Committee Chairman Prom Decorating Committee f 1' " 22 I C fo N Q-.of f ,X W-ef 41 52... Q Jw- l I xx' 4 'L mo A-5 fsfs r-5 N , N -i V ....fh--x,- ,rf-lf' V I ' xfx 5 x13 1 I in i- ee H i 1 --FNL.7:, in T , ls 4 .-5 L.--Q, -i -'- i g fv-'1'- A Si ia i -P7i f s -,,..--.7-" A . V Q ,,. + William Ernest Coxart Judith Rose lleSantis jonny, pun pipgmenigo Anthony Dluidifle Vocational Commercial General CONC!! Preparatory rinting Committee-Chairman E-rifli 22, 3 Junior Red Cross 4 EHS :0YUmf4 R 20 Bdl,2,3,4 resientoH.. 23 Chorus 2, 3 Bgrkeqboll 4 Class Assemblies Committee Beacon Staff lg Typist Basehzll 4 Choi,-mon Yyping Committee 5H5.po,um q ll Class Assemblies Committee presiden, of HBR' 202 I C Annual Staff-Baseball editor Prom Decorating Committee Motto Committee Il ll Q , 'Ser 3 was me if A ,, wi' it : ,irga b . fl Q, :ihfiiii i 4,1 f Q ' FQ. . .tn ' W ggi? - .,f.. . -.,, . ,gifs WWE? is fa is . est ff , ,Q L l, 1 1 riff-Q :gf . ,':vwmf,QW,-,,.,A'K' ' ' 8 it 5: I . . .. . ' Tx 1 f 13' . L ff' Q' as 'SL-2 biz: 5 7 : rx-, 1 it lx Hu' ,N X-if , fi if ,, M '-,,f,,:, vga., 1. , Q2 Q 'H',,',g::'.. iv 'Ni , - - K ..f:ff'Z1 dx. -""' fviafw' ' Ei t. -L" , 4,17 . ,r ,,,,..,, , ., . ,. ,A 5' K Q - . williim mm," Lawrence Joseph Dillosario Michael Dorahotl lgbgrq Mqgtgn Dqwlim . V'fU'l9"U' College Preparatory College Preparatory Ggngrql Sf-sure Civb I sus Forum 4 Track 3, 4 Journalism Club 4 5'Ud"" CU'-"lvl 1 Annual Staff-Art Co-editor Juniqr Red Crqgs 1 Prom Decorating Committee President gf H,R, 112 I Senior Assembly Committee Beacon Staff I . .fi V i " -' ,i QL.. - gl lv , if v W, , 'H l -' 'A - f sf XL,- I- , -ci'-" LC 5 Ei-. W -'-?? , -rg.. .., ia- l A ff i rl LL i F, f " Li? if ... ,I ff, 'Wi 'W 1 ' -1' ' 2 ,L S ,.,,f ll ... - , 5 N 1 f QX 1 ,-- l , F ' ' Y -,,,,-..,, V ff 5 f, 1 f 1 - ' r ' f.g:'i1" - H 4? f .Y ,E use is Af LIJM3 '61 Carol Virginia Dougherty' General Annual Staff-Art Raising Money Committee Prom Decorating Committee Rose Darlene Eddy College Preparatory Auto Club 2 Junior Red Cross 3 G.A.A. 2 Chorus 2 Annual Staff-Photography Motto Committee John James Edwards College Preparatory Junior Red Cross 4 Band l, 2, 3, 4, letters 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 'l, 2, 3, 4 President of H.R. 202 2 Prom Decorating Committee K" ,r,df-ygf' Jacqueline loe llllo G.A.A. 1 .rf General '4 I .--k f 19-fi 5 1 5'-WH t ,git A if A is if Q f :ia - H 'ii -E 1 ,,- ,EMS W- V252 iw f , g Y Er at iii We Hai "N sf, W ,Q R .. -,Ki ,Q I ,V.., g r l 3 - ' ' 4' 3 J, ' A ' 1 : 1 i Q , F fi? 7 , 2 152! V Q i' , I t 3 5 jf, ,V '?w'5'i47fe ' ' K dk Q . Msg, Carl Richard Ellis College Preparatory HS Forum 4 asketball 2, 3, 4, Letter 4 'aseboll 3, 4, Letter 4 mnual Staff-Basketball Editor resident of H.R. llo 4 rom Decorating Committee ml :f 'MH lpn fu'J'1'?'ll:" ,lil Marcus James Freeze College Preparatory Iunior Red Cross 4 SHS Forum 4 Student Council 'l, 4 President 4 knnual Staff-Advertising Motto Committee 'rom Decorating Committee 71f,,JL . -. my f z' iv ff H. 5, Mary Jo Ellis College Preparatory Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4 President 4 Secretory 3 Knitting Club 3 G.A.A. 2 Future Teachers of America 4 SHS Forum 4 'W Z' Fred Harrison Fisher General Band 'l, 2, 3, 4, Letters 3, 4 Orchestra l, 3, 4 Senior Banquet Committee Printing Committee Gqnxlf f, ll l Val' XX XXca lc saw C ill, 5 Q-le- N 'lreva Ann Evans Accounting Y-Teens l, 3 I I Levy ll l xllil-!!I!l'l!! V Fi' x mu al 6 , Jn e- - C ' rl I' X' xi fi X I u Q il- I I L ,X 3- X S I I Q Tl ES " ,, ' Floyd Ronald Fraley College Preparatory Football 2, 3, 45 Letters 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4, Letters 3, 4 Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, letters l, 2, 3, 4 SHS Forum 4 Student Council 3, 4 Vice-President 3, 4 Prom Decorating Committee Annual Staff-Football Editor Boy's State Bmw e it ., gt! tgp. , . , , :gtg-,fgz5,e1ff?F:,': 5 it ll 2- lobert Arthur Gentle William Reginald Garrison Commercial Vocational Football 2, 3 Student Council 3 Prom Decorating Committee Hal' Sarah Margaret Gawen College Preparatory Junior Red Cross 3, 4 Chorus 'l, 2, 3, 4, Letter 3 Vice-President 4 SHS Forum 4, Secretary Knitting Club 3 Secretory of H.ll. 202 2 Annual Staff-Photography Prom Decorating Committee fo I Q 95 Edwin Fraser Harris College Preparatory Hi-Y l, 2 Biology Club 2 Cheerleader 3 Senior Banquet Committee Annual Stott-Photography Il E A rw if llenry Adler Greenburg College Preparatory Biology Club l Science Club l, 2 Photography Club 3 Beacon Staff 47 Co-editor Annual Staff-Photography editor Senior Assembly Committee Prom Decorating Committee Wm, giirif' at-"' l C2 'M 1Ull fa 'Noe J x xi. 97 x AIN. l X l. lean Louise llaner College Preparatory Annual Staff-Photography Maxine Mae Gartner General Junior lied Cross l Y-Teens 3 Prom Decorating Committee Barbara Ann Harper College Preparatory Y-Teens 2, 3 Junior Red Cross 4 Annual Staff-Advertising Q Secretary of H. R. 100 2 Commencement Announcemen Committee Prom Decorating Committee Q . f UN o ,, l x l l l I --s X l- Go X "MFT-rf-Mil x lllewlvl, g i,..x .-f--"- f 'u'. SAN Mary Elizabeth Henry College Preparatory Student Council 1 Socratic Club 3 Motto Committee Annual Staff-Advertising fl 4 Mary Adeline Hoot Clerical G.A.A. l, 2 Y-Teens 3 Raising Money Committee , ,, X in Patricia Anne Howard Secretarial G.A.A. l, 2, 3, A Vice-President 3 Letters 2. 3 Student Council 4 Cheerleader 45 letter 4 Prom Decorating Committee Typing Committee f-IQ' Dewitt Allen Jeffries Vocational !w"' George Wesley Hunt College Preparatory Class Assemblies Committee Pluyllls Ann Hatton Conunereial G.A.A. l Bowling Club l, 2 Annual Committee . 1 k lee- K A ' F-'P 9791 'nrltq Marilyn Loy Jenkins College Preparatory G.A.A. l. 2 Cheerleader 3, 4: letter 4 Prom Decorating Committee Freddie Jean Johnson College Preparatory Knitting Club 3 Chorus 2, 35 Letter 3 SHS Forum Commencement Announcements Girls' State Committee Ida Ingram General Robert Marshall Jones College Preparatory Football l, 2, 3, 4, letters 1, Track l, 2, Letter 2 Band l, 2, 3, 4, letter 3 Vice-President of H.R. l01 4 fi? 3 Jacelyn Lee Jurevic General Band 'l, 2, 3, 4, letters 3, 4 Orchestra 3, 4 'I Martha Virginia Kindsvatter James Louis Kirkendall Frank Klrlangitis College Preparatory SHS Forum 4 Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Letters 3, 4 Vice-President of H.R. 'IOO 2 Junior Class-Committeewoman Annual Committee Prom Decorating Com-Mittee Vocational Auto Club 1, 2 Vocational Printing Committee 4-I, vt 4 ,lf IL X ,Tl f, 7 1 0 W ' lx N pg J .4 -' ll' -X X a -an x1 I!--to ' - Af' 1 X X C ff1 413 arf! 3, . spy I' I- if nfs ' 17' :S HQ'- Y Y lf' YJ.: .. J - , V A . i-T A x'?31 'A wi M4-,-l- .--- 'Z' S , fi' 5 2' "Q" - F - "' , - -xl, , Qt., , W Y iq K- if--3 C-, A ! . - ? i, - - N Ad 5 L lil N n Lamar Lau ll D'l"?.x:3' K"" Frank Alexander Lambert! Ctsflg, :f:!q::pg:: Cuitze Preparatox Bowling Club 3 c""""""" GAA' 1' 2 SHS F"3""' 4 C SHS F r 4 resi ent oanxgganeni Announcemems Cheerlzeauclilr 3, 4, Letter 4 Hi-Y l, ?, 3, 4 Treasurer of Senior Class ClfCPl0lN-2 - Annual Committee Vlre-President 4 - Raising Money Committee Football 1 Prom Decorating Committee F00lb0ll MUNUQGI' 2. 31 l-GNCVS Basketball 2 Q IAQ C7 xy X Q I f as Student Council 2 Annual Staff-Advertising President of H.R. 102 4 Boy's State Mary Frances Lockhart Vocational 5 Donna Mae Laizgeselle General Junior Red Cross 4 Y-Teens 3, 4 Vice-President of H.R. l'l6 3 Senior Banque! Commiflee Prom Decorating Commilvee Dora Lulla Virginia Roberfa McKinney Clerical Secretarial Science Club 2 Chorus 1, 2 Secretary of H.R. 202 3 Senior Banquet Commiilee I I J' -uV"V My ' -, 1 """' I I 41 .ef W S l ' n - x. 'f :. J 4 fx! Q 'i-, ml A fy W. lf f a l , - ,, wr A-'13 l P ,ff , .4 K 0 X . . 5 N ,-- fi' l ' 55 ' "" " 'sf' X I xy , - 1 x b --fi-' ' 5 f 41 ' 1 f -N' - -wi 5-'-2-J-of ,I JN L , if . fl v V 'J it A I P X l YC-ft 1 -'J '41,-iff" ' f ' -if ' I A Q f.'..':T...F Y, '-' -1 . A Q- - 4-Y,.,li.4.,, M' ge' H " Wx ,Si - V .-,-, - Donna Lee McNeal Joanna Miser Doris Amalia Monaco Beny 'lane Mangold ch,-ea' C H P , C H F Secrefarlal Clogs Assemblies 'Commivne Junior Eeclgzltossrlrgrn cry G.A.A.o1p.aTier '2epm-'nary Y'-hens 3 Typing Commilvee QL Knihing Club 2 Bowling Club 3 Mall! Club 3 Chorus 2, 3, 45 Leller 4 Dance Committee-Secreiary F71! Secretary of H.R. 203 3 " fi , A2255 0100 a f 4 1 Patricia Louise Montgomery General Band 4 Maiorette 2, 3, 47 Letters 2, 3, 4 Secretary of H. R. ll2 1 President of H. R. ll2 4 Commencement Announcements Committee .VM " Donald larry Montgomery College Preparatory Junior Red Cross 4 SHS Forum 4 Student Council 3 Auto Club 2 Treasurer of H.R. ll6 4 Annual Staff Vincent Louis Monti Clerical Luella Jane Odell Clerical Auto Club 2 Auto Club 2 Science Club l, 2, 3 Junior Red Cross 4 President 2, 3 Chorus l, 2, 3, Letter 3 I of if yi X ,,f, , Q ,f r ,f r, . .4 4 -.J X ox.: A eu .2 lik. larbara Ann Poland College Preparatory G.A.A. l, 3, 4, Letters l, 4 Vice President 4 Student Council 4 Junior Red Cross 4 SHS Forum Bond 'I Cheerleader 2, 3, letters 2, 3' Vice-President of H.R. 102 2 Motto Committee-Chairman f3cm3.m.W.. David Everett Prosser General Biology Club l Chorus 45 Letter Annual Staff-Art Co4Editor x' ' lay Floyd Purviance 44,21 Vocational Secretarial Senior Assembly Committee A, l, 2, 3, 47 Letters l 3 Music Honors in District Contest President 4 Y-Teens l f f 1 QW' y W - fb-M11-..i fi? f, 1436: .,,, gl. K f W svzigiffii J we V mm Analle Frances leetl Edward llgyd lighqy Paul Curtis llisdon Secretarial Vocational COHQSQ PFGPUNWUVY 5.A.A. 'l, 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 Junior Red Cross l, 2, 3, 4 yping Cgmmiffge Secretory 2 Disaster Chairman 3, 4 Iommencement Announcements Committee Tied James Rogers Yocafional Hi-Y l, 2 Beacon Stott 4 Prom Decorating Committee N tv Science Club 'l Journalism Club 2, 3 Chorus l, 2, 3 Bowling Club 3 Auto Club 'l, 2 Dance Committee Checking Committee Senior Banquet Committee 7, 3 Emma .lone Rogers College Preparatory Chorus l, 2, ,3 4: Letter 4 Y-Teens l, 2 ZW!-fe 1'-5 ig K I Y S ,Q fi Cc SD 5, lv '55 Q 5 15 Ee-s .- ll W ir - ' V r - -N x X ala' , - - Qndev l'ov - .M ': ,life- "a:n::.."':':rLT,.::2:" Mu'1'gqQ5g!.'112i-fvrfik' Science Club 3, 4 WM l Af' Beverly .loan Roush College Preparatory G.A.A. I, 2 Junior Red Cross 4 Bond l, 2, 3, 4, letlers 3, 4 Moiorette 4 Senior Assembly Committee Chairman few' Joyce Carol Runkle Clerical Dance Committee 77 " larbara Jean Smith Collage Preparatory Y-Teens l Camera Club 2 Bowling Club 2, 3. 4 G.A.A. 2 Knitting Club 3 I Senior Assembly Committee Checking Committee I Prom Decorating Committee Joseph Sabah Accounting Beacon Staff 4, Copy Editor Class Assemblies Committee Gretchen Ann Schreiner College Preparatory Junior Red Cross 2, 3, 4 President 4 Student Council 3 Journalism Club l Annual Committee-Chairman Checking Committee Co-chairman Prom Decorating Committee ' '--, , ' - A 'iii sg 9 ,iw rf f" ga 1 ff fs, 5, 1 h 7 9 Jack Sheldon Sedwick Vocational Band l, 2 Treasurer of H.R. 306 4 I' Capri-ol -N 3,11 'V TMJ Vdc est., f s . GRM, KW i N chi X X 'Q' A' .f ffl' N .lock Douglas Smittle College Preparatory Hi-Y 3, 4 Vice-President of Hi-Y 4 SHS Forum 4 Prom Decorating Committee Annual Committee Coke Committee-Chairman 'Q t James Eugene Soland Clerical Biology Club l 1,-1, Victor Carl Solomon College Preparatory Science Club l Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 4 Banquet Committee Coke Committee 'Vfif E Jacquelyn Spence College Preparatory 'Journalism Club 2, 3 Junior Red Cross 3, 4 SHS Forum 4 Annual Staff-Advertising Raising Money Committee Checking Committee ll David Martin Stacy Vocational Football 2, 3, 4, Letters 3, 4 All-State 4 Junior Red Cross 4 Vice-President of Senior Class me. H S X Sriig - - ws, 37 -- Ni. Al WVN: 9 U 41-At I- 15351 ,,m Dolores Maxine Su s 7-A.A. Bl I Semi-Clearical Barbara Lee Switzer College Preparatory Knitting Club 3 Y-Teens 4 Student Council 3 Secretorv of Junior Class Senior Banquet Committee Mei' R Y me A V ix in eb ig K . f Y nw 1 f We fm il' 213225 '- vw. .,, 3, , -Q in ,W , X w -M 35 L 1 'X - Stephen Edward Starr Vocational Chorus 'l, 2, Letter 2 Football 3 President of Library H.R. l, 2 Secretary of library H.R. 3 k Lucille Ann Stokely College Preparatory G.A.A. 1 Bowling Club 1, 2, 3 Knitting Club l Y-Teens l, 4 Junior Red Cross 4 Secretary of H.R. 303 4 Senior Banquet Committee "Jo W' Xf- l"' CA rx Ill r kt .rl ,l xx . ., -0 Q e XA ,: f James Boyd Teaff, lr. General Vice-President of H.R. 303 2 President of H.R. 303 3, 4 Annual Staff-Art Advertising ! , ,- Robert James Truesdale College Preparatory Junior Red Cross 3, 4 Math Club 3, Vice-President Chorus 1 A . Track 3, 45 Letters 3, 4 Student Council 4 f. E 5 QE 3? 30505 D-vii T""e"'l"' Lawrence Edward Vanbine Gullfll Vocational Junior Red Cross 4 Science Club 1 Football l, 2, 3, 4, Letters 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 47 Letters 2, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Letter 4 Vice-President of Junior Class President of H.R. 108 4 Prom Decorating Committee Chairman Motto Committee QDJ, oo -9 fl- Lf 'All fQ -:ES Donald Eugene Wickham Vocational Football 2, 3, 4: letter 4 Vice-President of H.R. 3l5 l, 2 Carl Vecchlone College Preparatory Band l, 2, 3, 45 Letters 2, 3 Orchestra 4 Senior Assembly Committee MJ Howard loblnson Well: General SHS Forum Junior Red Cross 3 Motto Committee Plom Decorating Committee or ' ,sf Si 1' ' C it lc, .' i 'L 5 is X 3 xx V T" P' ,ee 4 Q hfggv, X" L, j ' NX If . g N ' ' """'7'1Nf1 1 X 1 ' -M 'v,..n4 I ' 'E f- 1 LX 1 X lx Q ,-J ll l f X I I Y if f ? 7 X fr ? 7 X 1 X ' X xx js' gg tl I H. C-, g 4 X, 4 , Paul Dennis Wierman Mary Elizabeth Workman Mm., June yyimmm College Preparatory College Preparatvfv College Preparatory Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Chaplain 4 .luniov Recl Cross 2, 4 Yqeens 3' 4 Bowling Club l, 2 y,eu5u,e, 4 G-A-A' l . Senior Banquet Committee Annual Committee Chairman f it fff? IL ,ff ,415 ' " ', a by !lflfIfD!?C,?!C'6 Yikfwff W' my ffw mffffffffff W Jima' W W Dorothy Virginia Willson Secretarial nior Red Cross 1, 2, 3 Teens 1, 2, 3 esident of H,R, 203 4 nior Assembly Committee Martha Anne Willson Clerical G.A.A. 1, 2, 3 Science Club 1 Y-Teens 1, 2 Junior Red Cross l, 2, 3, 4 Senior Banquet Committee fi Dolores Faye Woods Secretarial Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 Junior Red Cross 4 Secrelory of H.R. 301 4 'Dance Committee William W. Wellr College Preparatory President of Senior Class SHS Forum 4 Junior Red Cross 4 Track 3, 4 Moth Club 3 Annual Committee . Prom Decorating Committee Boy's State si " h 1 4 .-swf, .. sf-N -fs sle k ,I 5 x K L.. vl' xx!! V , I 541- 5, QS S .M4 H 'Q vw-N 1 ll -' Eiiimtil ...--fl .K i 1 5 5' st: ' I ' ' ' 'K K , --j- s A I 11,1 ' lm I - A I .I P S " . ,, f f 1 1 , ' " - - ., ,, I .'.+, SLG -Iu majfiia WLM? in Y, . 4,2 J ,Y 6' gi ,fr -it -gA , I --:- Y-it ss :X-ef "ix 4, . X f A ' -Q +1 -xv - sf ch-He. L wrigh' NIIWYGL-:5r.YY0llf Albert Anthony Yannon Janet Virginia Yonnn College Preparatory sident of H. R. 301 4 dent Council 2 :rus 1 V! ' J tl G.A.A. 1 Bowling Club 2 Junior Red Cross 4 Bond I, 2, 3, 4: letters 2, 3, 4 President of H.R. 105 3 Motto Committee Music Honors in District Contest 1 it College Preparatory Student Council 2, 4 Baseball 3, 4 Annual Staf?-Business Manager SHS Forum 4g Vice-President Dance Committee-Chairman Boy's State General Y-Teens 1, 2, 4 Junior Red Cross 2, 3, 4 Motto Committee Prom Decorating Committee 4 I I ' . as, Lena Ann leukovich li"""l c""'l" 'Unk' Donald Joseph Blair Elspia Ann Brinkley Accounting Cvllege Preparatory General Seffefdfidl G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y 2. 3, 4: Chaplain 3 Bowling CM, 4 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, letter 2 Biglggy Club Pfeildenl 4 Junior Red Cross l, 2, 3, Vice-President SHS FP"V"' 4 CHOYUS I Student Council 2 Senior Assembly Committee fl WM7 " ffl 4 " U r A F'-J 'rp S22 Aifglgjxm aww Q . f 1' 'F 'N 5 ' i '1, sm rj t M- X f '-" 1- - , ,.,. "'FK'Lg I 'le-:rs X' Q F-,"f ss c If S: 'Q -1-v :Yfv'lt:5:V7f Y riff '-'T Y Z ' .. A " 2 ai' A gt' 'P ...W Y' ----' fini- Y - "' -- ff '32 C - .4:fA Q Claryne Leatrice Cooper Raymond Paul Dallonso .lolln Franklin Downer wilfef lUd0lPll DY' College Preparatory Junior Red Cross 2, 3, 4 Knitting Club 3 Bowling Club 2, 3 Y-Teens 1, 2 Annual Staff-Advertising Senior Banquet Committee Secretary Vocational Science Club lg President Football 2, 3, 45 letter 4 Basketball 2, 3 Track 3, 4 Tumbling Club 2, 3 M J 49' "' tb. . ' College Preparatory Junior Red Cross 4 Band 4: Letter 4 Senior Assembly Committee Commencement Announcements Committee ff? '8 College Preparatory Science Club l Math Club 1 Vice-President of H.R. llb Commencement Announceme Committee 26.6 ' Merle Curtis Ekey College Preparatory Science Club l A-no Club 3 :loss Assemblies Committee X Shirley Mae Cooper College Preparatory Junior Red Cross 4 Bond l, 2, 3, 45 Letters 2, 3, 4 G.A.A. l Secretary of Senior Class 4 President of H.R. ll2 l Prom Decorating Committee f px-A fkdfu Q gi o K2 if 5535, lf, Donna Marie Forrester Clerical ior Red Cross 4 lorette l, 2, 35 Letters 2, 3 LA, l, 2 retary of H.R. 116 2 e-President ol H.R, llb 4 ting Committee ss Assemblies Committee Victor Anthony Gallo College Preparatory SHS Forum 4 Junior Red Cross 4 Hi-Y 3 Motto Committee J f ,Q Mabel Louise Elson General Biology Club l 715208 -V yi .F e Q f,'a 's K ,fz Patricia Lucille Fetty General Y-Teens 4 .s ll! E S rp 49 '7 , F31 6 'J , xfff'df:isI9Oa A :ff Mildred Geraldine Greer Vocational Typing Committee Roseann Hodgson Clerical Junior Red Cross 4 Student Council l Secretory of H.R. H6 4 Prom Decorating Committee Typing Committee -6?,.,,,v,,, go 37 1 ,Q ,M , f .7 L 3 , i'gfl'gLQ,i'l A ,iff Leslie Harold Howard D Clerical Biology Club l ,f1..,Q.Le Dolores Jean Leaiherberry Secretarial Chorus 2, 3, 4 Bowling Club 2, 3, 4 President 4 Dance Comminee Bowling Pin 3 5 I' " James Weldon Johnson voganona' Dorolhzolszxs Jones Football 'l, 2 Y-hens 1 Truck 'l Baseball l Chorus 4 Science Club l ff J D as ,l q f - 3 -5 I sq 1 , 'Q . i l 'W X . .,' L 1 . -jxjfe, 44 11- f C J 3-is - I WQIM 9 42' ""' -- W - Waller Eugene leafherberry Pufririu I-wise I-Ons General Yoeailanal Bowling Club 3, 4 Y-Teens 4, Secrelary Science Club l G,A.A. 2 Aulo Club 3 Chorus 2 Math Club 3 Secretary of H.ll. l08 4 Secrelory of H.R. l9 l Raising Money Commihee C 2114! General G.A.A. 2 O 0 ffl' 3 WMM .loan Jean Meban College Preparan Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4 Junior Red Cross 4 Pafricla Ann lag Hi 'J' N ll ,CNC lm' MN," Doris Ellen Noldongard Anlmcgrgifgiggmel Genera' q"""l Chorus 2 Annual C0mf""'ee Raising Money Committee Chairman 'P 0 " ' 1 V' - L4 'ff X gr x- fb NCS ' 'N I a -'15 , XXQ i " . Lf 1 f' 2, 1 - Alice Lorralne Parlse iology I P.K.A. 4 Chorus 2 Vocational 'OZ Helen Fawloek Secretarial Vice'President of H.R. 214 Typing Committee K - Peggie Jane Rasor College Preparatory Junior Red Cross 3, 4 Auto Club 2 Math Club 35 President Chorus 1, 2, 35 Letter 3 Y-Teens l SHS Forum 4 Committee Woman of Senior Class President of H.R. 201 3 Prom Decorating Committee 'ffwg Edith Mae Price Clerical Chorus 1, 2. 3: l-CNG' 3 President of H.R. 214 3 Secretory of H.R. 303 4 Secretary of H.R. 201 2 Motto Committee 4 ll I Sora lou Schaefer College Preparatory G.A.A. 1 Junior Red Cross 4 SHS Forum 4 Annual Staff-Photography Band 4 Muiorette 4g Letter 4 Secretary of H.ll. 102 3 E reef 5 Mary Carolyn llutchlson William Joseph D'Alonzo Donald Rae Duncan Gentiline Anna Giannamore colhg. ',np.r.,.ry College Preparatory Vocational Clvrlllll G.A.A. 1, 2 Junior Red Cross 3, 4 Football 2. 3, 4: l-elle' 4 Cl'0.YUS lf 2 ' 'fypgng Commune Bond 1' 2, 3: tener, 2, 3 Senior Assembly Committee SHS Forum 4 Q " -ff fj , President of H.jl. 202 2 ' "' " ' -' Annual Staff 1" U "' Advertising Co-editor " ll ,!..-. Y, in '03 05 e or cf' up Z? X Pm ' Qgbbsx WA RHI ZZ-'Q -A f ' -f-'17 ' ? ??fZ,5?:F Elizabeth Ann Jelliies General Junior Red Cross 4 Knitting Club 3 Beacon Staff if Co-editor Annual Staff-Art Co-editor Annual Committee Prom Decorating Committee ft ,re5,w' Ira Alwin Jarvis Vocational Vice-President of H.R. H3 3 Treasurer of H.R. 301 4 Class Assemblies Committee 4 Coke Committee finwlfliiiix 4 . Adelaide Joan Kolin General N Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 Program Chairman 4 Vice-President of H.R. 30l 3 Tvping Committee Motto Committee Checking Committee If rl , ry' C319 Q! Joan Angela Leist Secretarial Y-Teens 3, 4 Junior Red Cross 4 Vice-President of H.R. 301 4 Typing Committee-First Chairrr Senior Assembly Committee Secretory At +5 5 leannette Jacqueline Oliver Secretarial horus 2, 3: Letter 3 nnual Staff-Photography :mquet Committee 'ping Committee M eu y H. ,,,,.fav,, .A . 4 wvns, Ann Whitaker Patterson Mifiifef Jllllef Sllvlla College Preparatory Glllvrdl Annual Staff-Co-editor Journalism Club 1, 2 Band l, 2, 37 letters l, 3 Junior Red Cross 4 SHS Forum 4, Secretary Orchestra 2, 3 Student Council 2 Biology Club l Secretary of H.ll. l02 4 Checking Committee G.A,A. l. 2. 3. 45 letters 2, 4 Dean Lyle Sells Football l Football Manage? 2, 35 Letters Vocational 2, 3 Ba3k?ball Manager 2, 3, Letters lunior Red Cross 4 Hi-Y l, 2 Raising Money Committee Annual Staff-Art ., W M ff? ,X 'eq 5 We ffrzf 1519! C lfglggn Y' Marlene Alta Smith ZFIOYUS 3 if General Wadell Denvol Snyder General Football l, 2, 3, 4, Letters l, 2, 3, 4 President of HI. 306 4 0 - I I LAM y 13 ,f,.,9,, jg . i ff" F .f L ?'3.,:.V Y Q of L' ' H ' .iz Charles Sllelbe Strean General Auto Club 3 Vice-President 3 Chorus l, 2, 31 letter 3 Student Council 2 Dance Committee I' ll Daisy Marie Taylor General Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4 Vice-President 4 Beacon Staff 4 Club Editor fi! Fra nk Wagner, Jr. I. A M Townsend Mm Mgsmfqlcmpwn M' s::..-an ""a,:Q2f" . cauego Pmwrvfon Raising Money Committee six :A br C . Music Honors in Disirict Contest ass sum "5 ommms' Q if 1 I Q -,Vial Lgtl' e'f..- 5 - - V1 - Wan Street 1 .- f f I f - in - f..r--,. .- f y r . . - -L. V r L F . f lllalll I. Q, , ' r - ' , V " -Ihlllll 1' ' 'I r f nl F f' 1 I - .- .ew N . '- ' ' f :-- - -ue: sf R igggifg. - 1929 K , c fo" .: llurriotf Lou Warner Shirley lee Williqmg Geneva Faye ufill D"""E M"'c""' General vomfionul General I 2 """ OYCHOSVU 1, 4 G,A.A. 1, 2, 3 Secretory of H. R. 19 I, 2 Y'T""s ' 3 4 Y-Teens 'I Chorus I, 2, 3 Secrefory of H. R. I0 3 G'A'A' I' 2' 3' 4: Lena" ' Sevvivf ASSGMBIY Committee Commencemem Announcemenfs Commenfemsm Annoumemem Commune Tygzvrgmdgxmifiee Prom Decoraiing Commiiiee 7 ' Orff I Q Elalne Marie Scott College Preparatory Secretary of H.R. ll6 3 Norma Jean Iair Secretarial Chorus 'l, 2, 4, Letter 4 SHS Forum 4 G.A.A. 1, 2 Typing Committee-Chairman Raising Money Committee Carolee Gall Barrett G.A.A. 1 Junior Red Cross 4 Student Council 3 Prom Decorating Committee General - C H Tgsrgg, 'l 5 ax S 'Sl' Paul Wilkal Bernstein College Preparatory Band l, 2, 3, 4, Letters 3, 4 Class Assemblies Committee Music Honors in District Contest ,MW Q PM 5 ' 1 2 f" f- Q- ,fffg sn' . fy ' f 1-:J f'-w.,,r '.1-ff RSX: 4 l ' ,Z 'XZ ff, b ks-:'g'!,s, . 'A 0' Erma S. leurnes Clerical Y-Teens 1, 2 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3 Senior Assembly Committee Sally Lee Alexander College Preparatory Junior Red Cross 4 Biology Club 1 Senior Banquet Committee Student Council 3 J Lillie lelle Carr General G.A.A. I I 5 Q Ffa? R' Nanette Marie Casale General Raising Money Committee J0aTS ""'i 43 f s 5'-5 6 tg, zrfni' 1 'Q ,, 5 li 1 '-all ' M at X 5,1 K K , I .... X f 353482-Q ,i lg-l:..,E:'f-1 mn ,. -2:3 Virginia Eleanor Prolago mfhufd s'eV"" c9W"" Vocational , , G"""' G.A,A. I Vice-President of H.R, 303 3 Prom Decorating Committee ffl? N usd' f Moelatlma Culbreoih College Preparatory Chorus I, 2, 3 G.A.A. 1, 2 SHS Forum 4 Annual Sfoff Girl's Sporis Ediior Secretary of H.R. 202 2 Annual Committee 'f524! Elissa Anna Collini Socrofarial Junior Red Cross I, 4 Searetory of H.R. 304 2 Prom Docoraiinq Cornmiftee Senior Dance Commiffee fd :,.-f-- in If , .32 T fxfiztfag' xkgtixc-J Sf?-VJ, 5,- 1- -kv .f S - C- s J ,- Q .4 L I 3 V . In 54" , '- .q' I . Q 4 y , un", 'f, ll 4 Hi ",':a.-H f W , ' ' .WV 'kwfiflf - , l ll. N L lfl, stcqnu mt' I , ,. ' aiu -. ' A X - ,V L V T, Y ., s 1 . - . , una. H--H lltl' l 7 s '1-"-"r "' I .fling 1 l.' - ' ' v - , 'f N firing lvlih' 'i--, qi ' 1 -,lr fziw 1- - ig i -I Io ' . , Sarah A:::En'?::mbers S?y'7.EEg??:f'Lr:::M0I Mary Margins: Emery New Ellen Gow r Commenfemenf Announcemenls Bond 1, 2, g, 45 Legers 2, J 4 CIWQVUS if 2, 4 G-A'A- 4 G.n.r.' C0""""'ee Y'Tee"5 i . Closs Assemblies Cammihee Motio Commmee 5,c,e,o,y Typing Comminee l L uwfw Helen Elizabeth Butte College Preparatory Junior Red Cross 3, 4 SHS Forum 4 G.A.A. l Marian Hilda Floto Secretarial G.A.A. I. 2, 3. 4, letter 2 Typing Committee Annual Staff-literary Co-editor Secretory of H.R. ll2 2 Checking Committee Prom Decorating Committee X 5 L A, ,, 2 3 x , 1. A ,, ,i i , ttii ,,i: , titt 4, 4. ,, 5 . f 3 5 A3 f , ,e A E A William Yravis leo Vocational Trocll 4 y,,,:, Gust Steve Lardoi General V tl Gun' Jfpzzziya 3,11 'X ' . ' A31 -'A M, 'Z' L35 -- -, " -fi? Z -f 1 f' 'L' y an 'r f K yy Y 7-- - e C, . I, " in-X 1 Y-f . ff jf' - ,. Margaret Lillian Laux College Preparatory Biology Club l Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 Junior Red Cross 4 Student Council 4 Commencement Announcements Committee-Secretory Annual Staff-Advertising Prom Decorating Committee ' - ,-, - ev 1 Y-zu ' C ! ? June Arlene McGraw Secretarial Y-Teens 2 Science Club I Chorus 3 Commencement Announcements Committee Q- lllis Lee Mzllster College Preparatory Science Club l Tumblinq Club 4 Motto Committee If . ll 1+-xpzfi' - lonita Merrick General Y-Teens l Typing Committee It K-.ies-ff' H 1: L Qy . i V553 ww t s",h" M"""' Helen Kathleen Myers Gllifll G.-.ral Football 2, 3, 4, Letters 2, 3, 4 junio, hd Cross 2 Track 2, 3, 47 LINQYS 3, 4 Chorus 2' 3 Student Council 4 Junior Class Committeeman 43,43-,J Alma Ruth Pearce General Junior Red Cross 4 Knitting Club 3 ,QQ , f, 'f .L in WFS if y 1 n ' 1 H- rx ! k j 7 7 A K1 ? W .. I-mx in fi 3- ,. 'H' -flfgmw Q C1 5 .Q ' V v fl I Z, -7 i-,S V UJ,-,:.l..4-f',..,,,' - SM con5:keH!:,l::l.:,,ry Androwenisxss lllfll John 'Thomas lichards Mum club 3 Amo Club 2 chomfollege Preparatory SHS For-M 4 Annual Committee I Q I I Irene Fay Filer Vocational Y-Teens 3, 4 Chorus 2. 3, 4, letter 4 Annual Committee J llcllard Lee Richey Vocational Beacon Staff 4 Humor Editor 'j.f,xmlf-M4 - I new J YV' I ll. 6 '4 M -'VL ffl? MW Aw 35 SKC? VK ' , ,Q fm, W 4- 5 ,Q fa. ,M 'U g,,,1,,.., William Thomas Reborn Curmcllo Sisinnl Siruugluhr Frodorlck Smith Jisophlno Marlo Siduncllo J , R d CGUHOIGI General Gqpgrql 2 gorleal lfl1l0l' 0 ross - - ' Ch I, , Hpy I' 2' 3 zT34?gC2AnTr':1l:feEomm'ne' Trs:::rer of H.R. 203 3, 4 Yumbling Club 2, 3 Track 3 Treasurer of H. R. 306 3 Checking Commivfee Q 14 . or - f 5 - .N " -2- ,- ' " , 1 ..- vf fr l M 1, 2 - ' ' -- rf -sf"-ff f , f- ,Ek-5iq" "n w- l 5 . ' ' 'iff' ', ,,, , ,f 2 i- Q J KAI r . . ul l ,fa 45: I ', Q- L -1 Q ch.rl..G:::'U?.'.r' G.A.A. j.nyG:::r::-V... Y-TeeIl:TTcf.::u'Thom.. Football :f Beazon Sfuff 4 Annual Committee Checking Commihea f J14fZ5-1.41 and , K A 3' .., S K. , V 55 , l . ,k., ,. - ny, .- magma, -gf. -f-wp,,- ,,-- A f .,,. . .A, 4 f R Shirley Jean Thomas Un 1.-bovkh Nl lg 1355... Allne McNeil Q Generll Slczrotarial 8 Gang'-gl G.A.A. 4 BOWIIWQ Club lf 2' 3 G.A.A. ,l 2, 3, 4 Football 2, 3, 4, Letters 3, 4 5"fd 'I 21 3- 42 lem" 31 4 Y-Teens I ' Basketball 2, 3, 4, mm 4 MGINQN' 3' 4 senior Bcnqvvl C0"""""' aawbqu 1, 2, 3, 4, mom 1, Junior Red Cross 4 3, 4 Stvdent C0U"Cll 4 Vice-President of l'l.R. 303 4 Secretary of H.R. IND 3 X Affi-rf 'Nw ' 1 RSM "W N' "v s ' I ' A 'fn fxf X X we' w. gg, 1 . ,fa fl j 1 f -1 t ' ' a - ,Qc X Z e . if C . V' tv - .' - Xxx ikw "fi-A -H Q P" -1 Q X X ga , "- 5 6 fy., f X , x X RN ,, ,, H mfg L N X X , ' 4 - , 19, ... t't"1'X Thelma Louise Williams Angell A t i tt V Georgia Ruth Vergis I y G---f-I C37-n-"rTfJ.,1f..'3""' Swv'-'ff' ""v.f.lJIl..T"' G.A,A. I . Junior Red Cross 4 Knitting Club 3 StamP Club 4 Class Assemblies Committee Prom Decorating Committee Science Club l Raising Money Committee Il ll Vice-President of H.R. 107 3 Vice-President of H.R. 201 4 Annual Committee 1' E Qi Q ZX 3 'Q f if William 'Ilnolnos Owesney Mary Catholeen Williams Eunice Bernice llackshere William Wesley Mowdgr College Preparatory College Preparatory Ggngfgl Aggounggng Secretory of H.R. 306 4 Biology Club 1 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, letters 3, 4 SHS Forum 4 Hi-Y l G.A.A, I Band l, 2, 3, 45 Letters 3, 4 Orchestra I, 2 Senior Assembly Committee ZS X K'-' S Ag l I l l , s lkkv' kk Q qs l l 6 S Cf! J X fi . l 4 N XNQX f 5 Z 1 ' fxm' in 91 Q S - xx! I X Z M l x XQDQ -- . I fx Kid X . - 'fs 4 C Q " N 1 ' N I A fs, QI' N, Q X , 'X X X C .KBI Jkf e C mx wx tis- 'N 1 " f K 5 "" 5 "A - ,4 k X f J ,Z fs W l 'S 5 .,-- X J S:-1.-.1 zz' '1 M g'--' Barhara Ellen Harris Wanda Moe llvhver Adellu Jane Miller Mary Catherine Mclntosli COUIQG PYUPUVUNFY General Clerical College Preparatory G.A.A, I, 2 Chorus 1, 2, 3, letter 3 Dance Committee Y-Teens I, 2 Journalism Club 1, 2 Class Assemblies Committee G,A.A. 1' 2 Junior Red Cross 2, 3, 4 Checking Commitiee Class Aueml-,lies Commmee SHS Forum 4 Band I, 2, 3, 4, letters 2, 3, 4 Annual Committee-Secrelarv Annual Staff-Music Co-editor Advertising tg II gpm! J I My Ann Morrison lull: Ann Mofryncn J G N bl. 2 Ann: snrnana' 4 Accounting Y T ens 3, 4 V R g Money Committee 5-M, I 'V lG0od Luc ,Mtv llllkklxmlllqllllll' " ITT IHII1 V1 A 1: Charles Allred Elliot' Voeafional A 6 CI b 2, 3 P 'd 0 fl-4.8.1043 D Iborf Eugene Owens I - lf. Ufll G A A Typ C H WOM Class o'l:'49" ' ' ,j 1 4 , , K 1 I w MW' lllllll IL nu-le' lnl W W' MUN 'lu ,li , Gr-aelvdtnon-S949 'E'-i --- W ,, ,K - f' ' Donald Emerson I Vocational B dl 2 3 45 L1 4 Cl ss Assembli C DW C Mega Prepcru90rY , Ch 1 2, 35 Lette' 3 Rllllfll yN G I lllig In SOI A1234 'I2 S yfHR20 34 5 JI 5 5Ch.0l6l6.fllC Zia The upper third of the Class is a group traditionally honored for scholarship and for intellectual achievement. Scholastic honors go to the pupils named below. The names are arranged according to the scholastic attainment of each pupil: Peggie Rasor Ann Patterson Joanna Miser Nancy Lashley Barbara Cipolla Helen Butte Albert Yannon Mary Alice Baker Helen Pawlack Richard Banks Joseph Sabah Edwin Harris Phyllis Cartledge Duke Rakich Barbara Harris Marcus Freese Jeanette Oliver Mary Henry lawrence DiRosario Jean Harter Adelaide Kolin Lucille Stokely Norma Bair Margaret Laux Sally Schaefer Barbara Borden Jackie Spence George Hunt Barbara Switzer Warren Rogers Clarence Archer Norman Lausch Henry Greenburg Mary Ann Cook Joseph DiDomenico Mary Jo Ellis Paul Bernstein Frank Lamberti William Wehr Barbara Harper Mabel Elson William D'Alonzo Claryne Cooper Patricia Howard Sarah Gowen Virginia McKinney Tony DiMichele Dick Ellis Ronald Fraley Marvin Rosansky Angeline Vatrella Maefatima Culbreath Mary Catherine Mclntosh Freddie Johnson Mary Jane Williams Elizabeth Jeffries Nora Boyer Virginia Willson William Mowder Stella Rebich Darlene Eddy Mary Collaros Norma Jean Betts Merle Ekey Victor Solomon Dewitt Jeffries Dolores Woods Gretchen Schreiner Virginia Kindsvatter Elaine Scott Donna Lotzgeselle Barbara Poland Jane Moore Jo Ann Boyd Analie Reed Waddell Snyder Jack Smittle Barbara Arthur Sally Bechtol Wilbert Bothe Charles Elliott Robert Nuzum A FeffY N ice Bunch S ally Mander C h eck your coo' Cheeto If Must Be Love ? S 190 . Junior Officers President , , . . .,.. r , Wiley Smith Vice-President, , Mary Louise Watson Secretary. . . Pat Alban Treasurer. r , . ,Sandra Miller Committee Woman Nancy Hutter Fw , Home Room 104- Top Row:, Russell Daugherty, Shirley Freese, Margaret Kelps, Lois Lee Tenney, Edgar Beekman, Regina Spiewak, Ernest Anderson, Paul Alexander. Second Row: Robert Hanson, Roger Porter, Janet Honkonen, Nancy Hutter, Frank Merryman, Eleanor Dettore, Anita De Santis, Evelyn Preston, Clair Artman. First Row: Eileen Bertouille, Barbara Woods, Gloria Rasta, Bernice Meek, Miss Odell, Clarice McCall, Delores Ferguson, Patricia Mark, Ruth'Gibson. ' Home Room 106 - Top Row: John Moody, William Richards, Robert Di Bartolomeo, John Critser. Second Row: Vincetta Sanders, Charles Dean, Robert Fraley, Mr. McQuinniff, Philip Eisenberg, Gene Nida, Earlene Carr. " First Row: Donna Elswick, Arnold Di Cioccio, Barbara Doionovic, Ted Rogers, Nancy Bronner, Marjorie Ewing, Irwin Reuben, Geraldine Walsh. Home Room 107 -- Top Row: Charles Chambers, Ronald Long, Milan Alinich, Eugene Fillipone, Ralph Giannamore. Second Row: James Robinson, Gertrude Anderson, Eileen Campbell, Rachel Johnson, Miss Boyd, Audrey Henderson, Betty Oliver, William Roberts. First Row: Fred Karaita, Jean Yoder, Sarah Fenton, Geno Lelli, Donald Pratley, Jean Owens, Robert Nolf, Lee Libengood. Home Room 'l'l3 - Top Row: Dorothy Krnich, Donald Carney, Charles Daniels, Clarence Parker, Audrey Campbell, Shirley Johnston, Clarence Dalton. Second Row: Ray Parkinson, Rena Phillips, Janet Brandt, Mrs. Watt, Jeanette Chappo, Joan Arnoff, Eleanor Boehke, Helen Kirlangitis, Robert Davis- First Row: Robert Willson, Billie Jean Yost, Patricia Alban, Lewis Di Fillipo, Florence Olszewski, Barbara Curry, Mary Louise Watson, Francis Coligure, Leaman Martin. Home Room 201 - Top Row: James Bickerstaff, Robert Ater, Myron Henry, Walter Ludewig, Nickolqs Contes, Thomas Keenan, Sanford Wiesenthal. Second Row: Robert Ewing, John Hastie, Elizabeth Lindeman, Miss Daugherty, Cleeta Fowler, Janet Craig, Frank Ensell. First Row: Faith Ann Moore, Victoria Zadzilko, Donna Wilson, Barbara Kocsis, Ray Franckhauser, Jenny Diniaco, Shirley Workman, Elaine Highsmith, Theodore Confalone. Home Room 204 - Top Row: Dick Richey, Berlin Bruns, Erdal Trikones, Donald Tuttle, John Kernan, Bill Rohrey, Don Auvil, Charles Rayburn. Second Row: John Conrad, Walter Garber, Connie Lehman, Catherine Ralich, Joan Williams, Freddie Parris, Mary Smith, Bob Stuck, Jack O'Brien. First Row: Bill Roberts, Janet Butte, Pat Porter, Bob Beattie, Sam DeLavo, Sandra Miller, Mr. Entwisle, Pat Hollis, Kathleen Trbovich. f'f'-LQET 'fr ........-S M 2 Home Room 305 -Top Row: Jacqueline Armentrout, Leonard Minor, Jack Steele, William Miles, Carl Snyder, Mike Bozich. Third Row: Wiley Smith, Donald Clark, Richard Cowan, Marjorie Cope, Jack Jurevic, Lloyd Kimble. Second Row: Terry Risdon, Mary Jane Rudy, Caroline Sawicki, Marie Saggio, Margie Sabah, Elizabeth Gilchrist. First Row: Jack Milby, Carl Taylor, Barbara Freedman, Maxine Harrison, Warren Silveski, Miss Laura Tweed. Home Room 309 -Top Row: Elmer Lytle, Julia Mathews, Margaret Platt, Wilma Greenlee, Katherini Shepherd, Georgeann Smith, Vincent Mancano- Third Row: Ellen Wolinsky, Dolores Sellaroli, Shirley Papick, Joe Agresta, Arthur Hoover, George Lelli, Lester West. Second Row: Carl Cotton, Dick Davison, Jack Bidish, Albena Keene, Anna Jackson, Carol Star, Bob McGrew, First Row: Raymond Adams, Christine Robinson, Helen Turner, Janet Roush, Clyde Freese, Mark Goode, Miss Downer. Home Room 310-Top Row: Claudine Mancinelli, Betty Mickey, William Graham, Malcolm Stenger, Gayle Herzberger. Third Row: Janet Stead, Yvonne Galloway, Louise Leveridge, Fred Hibbs, Robert Morgan, Anthony Leone. Second Row: James Nedin, Richard Haney, Gerald Silberman, John Tatgenhorst, Robert Jack, Reed Jewett. First Row: Eleanor McCombs, Barbara Burkett, Gordon Ginsburg, Marvin Gosseye, Richard Jenkins, Leula McEndree, Miss Thelma Taylor. iNot in picture: Ray Hicks, Abdullah Talibj Home Room 315 - Top Row: Theodore Randolph, Peter Tomillon, Mary Howard Patricia Par menter, Margaret Nemeth, Alvera Di Gregory, Rosemarie Petrelle. Second Row: Erwin Patterson, Donald Gump, John Hagerty, Elizabeth Jones Donna Hardney Katherine Freeman, June Shonek. First Row: Norma Lellie, Sonny Gorrell, Marvin Wasliggtgn, Chester Sullivan Betty Wottyntck Miss Tarr. J9ff'DffW3!7:Q2, IW E .2 ' X6 iff 50,ZZh0.l7l.0!l.Qd SOPHOMORE OFFICERS President ..,. Vice-President Secretary ,.., Treasurer ..,. Committeeman Richard Fox Larry Jeter Anna Yakshevich Lois Peterson Ross Medley Home Room 3 - Top Row: Carol Weinmcin, Roberta Peters, Patricia Trimmer, Barbara Weinman, Dolly Jane Jarrett, Barbara Yates. Second Row: Marlene Wallace, Janet Wells, Eleanor Winters, Evelyn Williams, Arlene Vitale, Jo Ann Trew. First Row: Catherine Vatrella, Marcella Kolesza, Barbara Vaccaro, Anna Yakshevich, Betty Vitale, Miss Wilson- Home Room T9 - Top Row: Ted Boyer, Dave Amos, Dale Bickerstaff, Albino Bodo, Albert Baker, Don Bell. Third Row: Dan Bielac, Carol Allebaugh, Marian Mclnnis, Vashti Baker, Hattie Bickerstaff, Aubrey Trayvick. Second Row: Patty Archer, Barbara Brandt, Elizabeth Belfiore, Jerry Adams, Jackie Anderson, Barbara Albaugh, Wayne Beal. First Row: Ruth Bell, Ted Barna, Bill Anderson, Dave Anderson, Nancy Braun, Miss Brown. T? 1 I 5 1 I if i J - -...isli... Home Room 101 - Top Row: Fred Zumpanc, Robert Collins, Robert Canyock, Robert Carrothers. Second Row: Kenneth Dahlem, Gene Sarno, Mary Fryar, Annie Mae Lee, Elbertia Brown, Mary Ellen Robinson, Isabella McAdam, Barbara Ryan. Firsi Row: Jo Ann MacPherson, Jennie Lu Ault, Mr. Turkopp. Home Room 103 - Top Row: Thomas Bruce, James Childs, Ronald Crossley, Thomas Cook, Charles Lucas, William McClelland, Lawrence Vuinovic, Kenneth Blake. Third Row: Bruno D'Alonzo, Vuceta Milan, Angela Cottis, Adella Conforti, Grace Daugherty, Miriam Cottrell, Caesar Churchwell. Second Row: William Carnes, Laura Burke, Margaret Chociei, Catherine Castner, Delores Burchfield, Margaret Wilson, Eileen Darnoc. First Row: Harold Ferguson, Joan Cahill, Robert D'Anniballe, Joyce Cozart, Edward Carnes, John Chihockt, Miss Rosen. Home Room Ill - Top Row: Roosevelt Dawson, Wallace Dixon, James H. Evans, Dohrman Wells, John DiCocco, Charles Moore, Barry Dixon. Third Row: Mary Della Penna, Barbara Evans, Jessie Dawson, Catherine DeLong, Lucille Doan, Antoinette Dobrynski, Thomas Elliott. Second Row: Vera Finnigan, Julia Morrison, Norma Fabian, Anna Facaros, Joan Davis, Nora Davis, Charles Cole. First Row: Marjorie Duvall, Sue Evans, Barbara DeVore, Bob Wilson, William Ellis, David De Christopher, Alfred Olesky, Miss Wheatcraft. QNot in picture: Helen Ferguson, Lillian Edgerton-J Home Room 200 - Top Row: Ralph Scharfenberg, George Grimm, David Marsh, William Harris, Robert Hendershot, George Gorman. Third Row: Calvin Gilbert, Arliss Freeman, Nick Georgoulis, Fred Giannamore, John Sigler, Betty Fisher, Scott Goff. Second Row: louise Forester, Marlene Fray, Alfred Haverfield, Ruth Hagerty, Dorothy Garber, Nell Brink- ley, Jacquelyn Fowlkes. First Row: Doris Helton, Marilyn Green, William Henderson, John Foulke, Jacquelyn Harrison, Patricia Glover, Miss Manor. Home Room 213 -Top Row: Shirley Lewis, Beverly Thomas, Walter Zadzilko, Robert Jeffries, William Pearce. Third Row: Alice Johnston, Martha Ann Kerr, Jeanette Jones, Larry Jeter, Leona Huston, Juanita Hudson, George HuH. Second Row: Henri Albert, Audrey Kayzser, Patricia Kaiserling, Barbara Kerr, William Zellers, William Kopras, Robert Noder. First Row: Pearl Higgins, Louise Homola, Marilyn Keller, Royal Keene, Tom Kridler, Steve Lardas, Teddy Brzozowski. lNot in picture: Joy Layne, William James, Joseph Kell, James Bougherl . X Home Room 302 - Top Row: Robert Hudson, Hugh Moffat, Charles Cook, James Evans, Stanley Matchett, Rodney Lippert. Third Row: David Kelly, Goldie McEndree, Thelma May, Patricia May, Dorothy Baker, Martha Sue Hall. Second Row: Anna Mae Thomas, Amelia Medves, Patricia Miles, Greta Mitts, Donna McGrew, Barbara Meredith, Edo Lulla- ' First Row: Donald Jones, Earl McLeish, Thomas Mitchell, Howard Ross Midley, Charles McKee, Calvin Mills, Miss Taylor. Home Room 304 --Top Row: Abe Pendleton, John Oliver, William Oliver, Fred Niederhuber. Third Row: Donald Owens, Ronald Niederhuber, Frank Kowalsky, Carl Myers, Angelo Peters, John Peoples, Jerry Newman, Richard Mucci. Second Row: Tony Paganelli, Rayom Sells, Edwina Pearce, Delores Paglery, Genevieve Peterson, William Peterson. First Row: lone O'Brien, Helen Owen, Lee Mushrush, Jack Munk, Delores Nelson, Elsie Palmer, Miss Humphrey. Home Room 31 I - Top Row: Pete Satiropaulis, James Luparello, Ronald Crouch, Joseph Bocek, Austin Black- shere, Paul Richley. Third Row: Don Powell, Raymond Piergallini, Paul Robinson, Gene Sands, Ronald Ruggieri, Herbert Safford. Second Row: Dick Schaefer, Noama Williams, Consuela Collier, Loretta Reids, Doris Poole, Delores Rich- ards, Sally Roberts. First Row: Ann Coleman, Sallie Lou Robinson, Joan Queen, Lois Peterson, Carol Sanders, Theresa Schi- appa, Mr. Lausch. Home Room 316 - Top Row: Donald Soland, Albert Stasiulewicz, Robert Stewart, Gordon Fletcher Harry Thompson. Third Row: Norman Durbin, Althea Stewart, Leila Suggs, Mary Jane Starr, Shirley Scharfenberg Keith Graham. Second Row: Margaret Smuck, Eleanor ,Smerick, Patricia Smith, Donna Smith, Maxine Stout Hazel Shot ko, Betty Stanko. First Row: Richard Sperry, Patricia Wertz, Patricia Secosky, William Thompson, Bonnie Schwartz Philip Stevens, Betty Shively, Mr. Clashman. President. T T , , . Vice-Presidents . . Secretary ...,,. Treasurer ..,... Committeeman . , . Freshman Officers ,Clarence Davis . Dorothy Linton Nancy Christner Robert DiCioccio . . Charles Ellis Home Room 1 - Top Row: Edward Vincent, Edward Thorn, Victor Edinburgh, Ray Kunkle, Charles McCosky, Fred Bell- ' Second Row: Charlotte Lewis, Angela Aivaliotis, Clara Singer, Carol Clark, Marlene Batton, Frank Gilliam, Howard Brettell. First Row: Josephine Simera, Clarence Davis, Doris Swaringen, Miss Stringer, Carole McCleary, Frank Morgan, Nancy Christner. Home Room 'IO - Top Row: Kenneth Frazee, Charles Ellis, Anna Mary DiAngelo, Virginia McClain, Ruby Palmer, Peggy Phillips. Second Row: Walter Birrell, Thomas Langford, Nila Welsh, Diane Roach, Ruth Livingston, Loretta Mor- row, Carrie Hendricks, Mr. Bach. First Row: Robert Hibbits, Bill Beekman, Donald Kennedy, Shirley Wells, Margaret Kotora, Valentino lachini, Raymond Talamine, Sandra Fraley. 1 ' ""' "" " Home Room 100 - Top Row: Nick Vergis, Martin Dumbolo, Michael Shotko, David Patton, Ronald Early, George Brokaw, Alexander Marrow, Eli Pilya, Amelia Kirlangitis, Sarah Morris. Second Row: Lillie Styles, Paul Mastros, Dale Phillips, Jack Foutz, Robert Lilliard, Joanne Wasson, Athena Frathellos, Lawrence Sedgwick, Mariorie Knowles, Nancy Mclntosh. First Row: Miss Tribbie, Bonnie Starr, Margaret Davis, James Adams, Shirley Linn, Dorothy Linton, Dolores Kollar, John Means, Charles Honkanen, Shirley Stewart, Nancy Porter. Home Room 105 -Top Row: James Tice, Richard Maloney, Bill Jenkins, John Call, Kirk Cartledge, Bill Bell, Robert Black, Joe Dragoun. Second Row: Betty Bickerstaff, Minnie Beanchini, Lucille Pysniak, Marlene Crewson, Judith Brandt, Miss Cattell, Doris Jean Leasure, Mary Ann Farmer, Jean Lawson, Joan Sharp. First Row: George Hill, Hank Ensell, David Baker, Nancy Kliner, Jean Freeman, Jane Hope, Angelo Mas- troianni, Jack Billham, Dorothy Barry, Angela Synodinos- CCalvin Jones not in Picturel Home Room 202 - Top Row: Perry Jeter, Eleanor Edgerton, Vivian Di Filippo, Doris Evans, Dorothy Churchwell, Robert Yohn, Eleanor Brondas, Dorothy Heale, Patricia June, Catherine Gabriel, Leonard Barns. Second Row: Isiah Williams, Matt Trikones, William Holroyd, William Pickford, Charles Lodge, Thomas McConnell, Sally Borden, Paula Bougher, Donna Boyd, Jon Jean Thompson. First Row: Dale Anderson, Nancy Schaup, William Borden, Ross Barrett, Zoe Anderson, John Watson, Patricia Stringer, Catherine Pastors, Carolyn Newman, Miss Fields, Nancy Curry. Home Room 208 - Top Row: Marion Pucharich, George Grant, Catherine Hardney, John Synodinos, Rob- ert DiCiaccio, Rudolph Dixon, William Getchman, Nettie Hobbs, David Hofmann, Leslie Owens. Second Row: Frank Diorio, Roberta Liapov, Valentino Brunone, Richard Smith, Betty Lucas, William Wood, Sara Ann Yuricic, Jean Nation, Mildred McElwain, Robert Carnahan, Joan Greenberg. First Row: Adonna Oliver, William Paul, Phyllis Goldfein, Michael Trombetti, Ann Johnson, John Moore, Miss Burrows, Georgianne Howell, Dorothy Rizzo, Betty Westlake, Shirley Walton. Home Room 211 - Top Row: Lillian Ockenhouser, John Jackereas, Robert Di Rosario, Billy Freeze, Harry Block, Lewis Christian, Ralph Pierro, Randolph Brown, Carl Ferguson, Sylvia Woodward, Mary Pleise. Second Row: Mary Lou Ball, Gladys Walter, Madeline Barbetta, Joan Morrison, Nancy Shoemaker, Virginia Williams, Mary Townsend, Jean McGee, Martha Williams, Barbara Ann Bair, Ella Hudson, Mr. Dailey. A First Row: Ida Kirkpatrick, Jack Munsee, Dale Parry, Ruth Bradley, Barbara Gillen, Shirley Jones, Cather- ine Miltko, John Sands, Jack Fairclough, Phyllis Green, Alice Tedreau- , Home Room 214 - Top Row: Pauline Anderson, Bobby Cottrell, William Evans, Jo Ann Marsh. Second Row: Elizabeth Yoder, Linnie Hess, Mr. Severs, Jenny Prezenkop, Jo Ann Moore, Betty Berger First Row: Patricia Sarlo, Edward Fithyan, Dorothy Johnson, Rosemarie Caracciola, Dorothy Ruland Delores Battolochi. I Home Room 300-Top Row: Marilyn Taylor, Kenneth Baker, Kenneth Greenburg, Shirley Sutton, Lota Ecols, Nancy Loretta, Jean Driscoll, Carol Braun, Melva Price. Second Row: Julius Dettorre, Naomi Sandy, Charles Sedgwick, Ben Gaffoli, Eugene Locust, John Foley, Julietta Leone, Julianne Miller, Thomas Williams. First Row: Jon Williams, Dorothy Wood, Norman Polonofsky, Priscilla Pavelka, Nick Roska, Miss Clay, Lois Edie, Donna Van Dine, JoAnn Barrett, Eleanor Marchione. Home Room 314-Top Row: Susanna Petrelle, Tom Driscoll, Frederick Vandine, Raymond Shanton, Norma Lamp. Second Rows Yvonne Breuder, Jo Ann Smith, Donald Haines, Doris Ayoub, Patricia Henry. First Row: Mildred Nemeth, Arthur Giannamore, Howard Linn, James O'Neill, Samuel Thomas, Richard Weinman, Katherine Lisle. .VET . . . . . V-,.-rf y7,?,..:v?V, ,i-2.5.:,i , M,f..,,M, ., H., A , 5.1 H :sf 'M ' .Y .. qi-.,,,3 ., ,iv Y: J ,. ,qfmg , WJ., ., ,,.h M , 4 filikwa Q ,.. K Aw, 51 ,f Ra i f 4 ,mf fguw m f 1,4 f ,., .K ,-Lam-,-,M , . ., . ...A ' 577, j 4Q5"'1.:1 ' ' ' ' " ' - M- 'Hww W --iw' f H... 2 :52 TF , ,- fi "fr 1 5- s , gnu ' Z 'M E . T ? Y if 31612 ' - 4 gf Qui? V V f .5 , W ,k'f we iw A 3.15 .W . TE: ' . , z,, ,, 'K , . ,. :fm--aa , ' f , 5 A.: Q' W: Q- , . M 5 Q -1 m ay-Q. " ff? 512, 5' 3 Q Q giail ,. we 'S -L 1 , 5 M A , 56 R f 1 J ,X J 4 'r 1 Q , vi' , f f ' 3 ' 1' aw Aw, f , .J 5 W I -1 'EK :ug ,I -'-3112.5 fy if , X - ,mfg : -. A A ., . W Q 4' g ' ' -2: ffz, -as-.eff A ' " 132 'x v ., M? fl ' ' --H vi' in .-14" Cf fggaixyy, 3. 1 35,5 r f, 1 V? 'k i J , ? W .' J J Wi gi, , Q, W 'T 152-R - I '-'? .u f ,fi ,L MMV ' 'A 1- 1 Kuna? Top Row: Arnold DiCioccio, Joanne MacPherson, William Anderson, Robert Beattie, .lack Means, Earl Mcleish, Marilyn Keller, Marcella Kolisza, Jo Ann Queen, Pat Howard. Third Row: Jack Munk, William Beekman, Bonnie Schwartz, Bernice Meek, Margaret Laux, Bob Truesdale, Jane Hope, Carolyn Newman, Rose Marie Caracciolo, Norman Polonofsky. Second Row: Albert Yannon, Robert D'Anniballe, Marvin Gosseye, Shirley Thomas, Nancy Christner, Maxine Harrison, Sarah Fenton, Pat Alban, Mike Trombetti. First Row: Mr. Gear, Barbara Poland, Ronald Fraley, Bill Bothe, Sue Evans, Marcus Freese, Betty Woityniak, Christine Robinson, Richard Weinman. The principal duty of the Student Council is to act on matters pertaining to the entire student body. For this purpose they meet with Mr. Gear for an hour each Tuesday, rotating through the periods so that each week the members miss a different class. Marcus Freese, president of Student Council, was elected by the student body. The other officers, Ronald Fraley, vice-president, Sue Evans, secretary, and Bill Bothe, sergant-at-arms, were elected by the members of Student Council. The thirty-nine members of the council are elected from the homerooms. Each homeroom has one representative whose duty is to take the opinions of his classmates to meetings and to tell them of decisions reached at those meetings. This year the Student Council has accomplished many things: the change in the music played for the entering of the auditorium during assembliesp the choosing of the four girls from whom the student body elected two to represent our school at the De Molay Sweetheart Dance, the nomination of those seniors from whom the party caucuses chose the party slotes in the election of city officials held in cooperation with the Junior Chamber of Commerce, and most important, the re- vision of their Constitution by correcting contradictions and misstotements. The affiliation of our Student Council with the National Association of Student Councils, which each week sends information regarding the work of other councils, should give this organization an increased understanding of its possibilities. l 'ii 'nr Ucw .Ge- ri fe if . 'VI .elif is - -. , 1 L., 1 f s .51 , . , A M, f ,J M -,E .pf -N 'L i' , , ,V . ,,..,A ., r, Q .K , ""fL.. -or i A Ti ll F l u 135 - . V i iwfi u w? , ,fem Qt . 2 A 'W 5 s , w . 2 'ffm , ,ic ' - y 2' --1. , - Si I , g if, fl on i'-f-he '4 ' , . . 'M ' Ak! we A Y jig' '- nf fi-ff . 6' ,ef THE ELECTION Confusion reigned in the corridors of Steubenville High during the weeks pre- ceding March I, 1949, for that was the period of "electioneering" by the student candidates for the offices of the city officials. Students become sandwich men to sup- port their favorite candidates. The tireman's hat warn by Gretchen Schreiner pro- claimed her a candidate for Fire Chief, her opponent, Mary Henry, passed out her name cards with match sticks stuck on. Bill D'Alonzo made known his intention to put pool tables in every corner of the building, if elected, and match covers endorsing Phyllis Cartledge for President of Council were given out. This mack election was sponsored by the Junior Chamber of Commerce and our Student Council. Student Council designated each homeroom as a member of the Whig or Federalist party. Then they nominated a double number of seniors for each party slate. The following week each homeroom chose two representatives to attend the caucus of the party to which it belonged. At the caucus each party slate was reduced by half and campaign managers were chosen-Sue Evans for the Whigs and Warren Sylveski for the Federalists. The managers laid plans for the election of their candi- dates in accordance with this provision: "You are free to use any campaign tactics which are not destructive." And the campaign was launched. A l908 Buick, several convertibles and other cars filled with enthusiastic candi- dates and their adherents dl'ove through the city streets. "A little Bird Told Me" was rewritten by the Whigs as their campaign song. During the campaigning there was much good-natured rivalny between the Whigs and the Federalists. The Federalists encouraged the students to "Vote the best, vote Federalist!" and the Whigs reciprocated with "Don't be a pig, vote Whigl" Rhyming phrases characterized most of the signs, as, "Don't be ienlous, vote for Ellis," or "Don't be left in a lurch, vote for Church." Other posters were "P. C, stands for Phyllis Cartledge and President of Council" and the use ofitlorma Bair's last name to illustrate her good qualities as, B-usinesslike, A-rdent, I-n ustrious, R-eliable. Finally it was time to vote and when the returns were tallied it was found that Norman lausch had defeated Bill D'Alonzo in the race for Mayor. Ronald Fraley KWJ was President of City Council, Councilmen-at-large were Dick Ellis CWJ, Robert Turrentine CFJ, and David Stacy KWJ, Ward Councilmen were Glenn Bickerstatf KFJ, Ray Dalfonso KWJ, Patricia Howard lWl, Barbara Harris IFJ, William Roberts IFJ, and Donald Wickham CFD. Nick Tsangeos KFI was Municipal Judge, Mary Ann Cook lWl, City Solicitor, Norma Bair lFl, City Treasurer, Virginia Kindsvatter KWJ, City Auditor, Mary Jo Ellis CFD, Chief of Police, and Gretchen Schreiner QWJ, Fire Chief. "Mayor" Lausch appointed Bill D'Alonzo as Service Director, Albert Yannon, Bill Wehr, Recreation Director, Safety Director, Barry Montgomery, City Engineer, Phyllis Cartledge, Health Commissioner, and Carolee Barrett, Clerk of Council, On Tuesday afternoon, March l, the students took their places with the real "city fathers" in the offices to which they had been elected or appointed. During the afternoon "Mayor" lausch had lunch with Mayor Sterling, "Police Chief" Mary Jo Ellis refused to "fix" a parking ticket for two S. H. S. teachers, "Judge" Tsangeos and Judge Downer settled many disputes, and Council made plans which would better our city. A 1 ,gg .,,. A We Sw ,Wi ,,.. .2 Pi 6 an Mfg! dl . , F.. fF'. a . . si it an-nu-ns-1 1 s QU assi DUEENIE UQUEENI SEZ sez" Wage 4' I mme 47 V""N0- 9 March 4 top ' highest 1 Lashley, annon, s Richard d tuhercul when the twelfth and cu a Louise had an nurse, lay fty two led for ether, thir irch 28th. red by the and of which executive me X-rays embers of aikasislsy i Tfnllhurincr the 'Farm rf' sa ci'nn-.i don,t get mad! D0n,t go V5 fgofball, ba Background: Marvin Rosansky, Joe Sabah, Myron Henry, Barbara Kocsis. ?0l'82 ld track. Foreground: Daisy Taylor, Maxine Harrison, Elizabeth Jeffries, Phyllis Cartledge, Henry Greenburg, Donna x-ray machine is to be in- locutor with' specialty acts at in- Uon't get discouraged, Homer. HEI! .ash in the home economics de- tefvals- There are about five hundred Also at-ei Frank Lnmbmi. ent, End men are Bud Turrentine, other boys in "Big Red" who Wgyr- Bgfgffa Hfgfwff Mah fCOTltlI'll19d on Page Chuck Henry Greenburgl can,t understand their friends Wi lamlnAuf?:1:.:H ngryfqggeo -,ii For the first time in the history of our school paper, The Beacon staff has put our a paper which was printed outside of the school, and which contained both pictures and advertising. This successful venture was in o large port due to the fr initiative and ability of the iournalism instructor, Mr. Thomas Dailey. His two iournalism classes together comprised the staff of The Beacon. The editorial branch of this staff wrote most of the material which was printed. Their other duties consisted of making the paper up and proof-reading it. The Beacon was publish every two weeks. Heading the staff were Elizabeth Jeffries and Henry Greenburg, co-editors. These two students, together with those graduat n of the K who assisted them, devoted much of their time and effort to put out o paper which the entire school would like. Their .ves the 3 was exp! efforts resulted in a paper which featured a cross-section of the whole school, instead of favoring one or two groups of 'fs Ste! arold Gear students, as former papers had often done. Mr. Dailey and the editorial staff should be complimented for their excellent art W0 council me work. Foyglzivl sgosiorjlfigi The Beacon also sponsored the annual Coronation Ball, held April 22. Worki- who liave received honors Virginia Kindsvatter, Liblfy iuziozii fgavsivnfuggxft lgjage. as Realtors ,are iool for scholastic achieve- Workman, Roseann Hodgson, Boo- girls either. PfgyT:2S,CartlE3Ze DxRosa Junior re 2, Mi" Clnledl im - A It ' i more . will sp , To the left: The co- iz Tema i at the l e t to S Zeagftlfgf? editors are making ,-, six: nt council staff :onstitutic the loyout. are Jt ip was r r Donna vert Yann ' Schaef Munk a To the right: Mem- ii egiily tl nted thei ! I I bers of the staff are ii UNK illty req council. ' n in bward 'k This active ' y 1'7t 1948 two door Chevrolet has At the last meeting of the class favors for the children's ward in home economics room: pur 74ed for use in the the constitution was read by the Ohio Valley hospital for Saint iately after school. Patrick' Day. Coach Brinker was ng classes. The car was David Cowan. It will be voted .. . .. .,,o,..i,-- ies- .---.. ..+ .. ,a..+., +,. 1... .mnmmr-pa 'Phm-sdnv. March 3. the Junior golf clubs, golf balls ani HOME : busy writing copy. ' NEW BETTER THE BEACO BE Page 4 5 lPage at l...1.i--1- .-.1-ll XV Quee osen n Bal students ears balll ge Ju' -or and queen Coronatior by The B April 22. gif!! fo orchestra ll f t ,icaea u izabeth J have the fol , ,S FN, mprlse the role X Jnioy' T1 tractive P Qi ,Kinda Hanc med 1: assigned vs. , ,. ., -. 5,4 , teacher. She has accqntnd the B 9 st Athlete, Smooth 'I hr, president, announced. Background: Bob Willson, Bob Davis, Philip Eisenberg, Malcolm Stenger. lb Whatta' Da n C 9 I' n I Frien his assembly," Miss Schr- lrned, "anything goes, and 'y man for himself." Foreground: Carol Dougherty, Mildred Thomas, Rena Checca, Sara Chambers. SS Most Talented and Biggest :dl In the girls category are m me Ironr, winuow uispiay ofitractive Personality, W: ry Montgomery, Marcus KiE2iiSKiya iubj Sponiored by -young woman's dresses. Designinghegwful Pretty,, Cute Smile, lnd P-hy11:- 43-,,4,J,,,,,1..s ,-..:4,1, V . -. I OVS Orlm C --.L ..e.:-.. .-g,,,..,..:.,,,. ..--,,..- g,, -A .l-,.,gn,gv, nuhdt, Most fl szggetg The headaches of financing The Beacon and of circulating it went to the Business Staff, headed by Business Manager Er and B Edwd Malcolm Stenger. The extra cost of the paper this year, caused by having it printed outside of the school, was partly , Y . . . . . . . . . that all , Smal, S, taken care of by running advertisements. Solicitlng and collecting for the advertisements was handled by the advertising end f tl gadg tm committee. The circulation managers took over the iob of distributing and collecting the money for the papers. will ge C 111950 My The typists had one of the most tedious iobs on the staff. The task of typing all the material written by the editorial Ray H staff and preparing it to be printed fell to them. Much of this work had to be done in the typists' spare time. Tl' ' , The majority of the members on the business staff also helped the editorial staff in writing the material which was ,writers . . l...- , printed an The Beacon. D 'Pence 9 A Dlck, Jah and all Big Red students! ibutions to be donated by I - ' R d c h 't ms ye EZ More Members ag the assembly. "Anyone wishing to join the get for high atte' may still 101' ' will not re-,Of a Newton sf nral at the endlMarch f0l1r C2 Dave 85 ahd 98 Ca SCl'l00l February. the was sfld nrollment is Bob mes. chorus was absent. The conducted a rection tools Downer, These 'This s club at t i rr have l ,amest Stamp entirely .isers 3 n d we have .1..i. L Conside lt President gay colo Stafsihxi To Hou- Qms.-I,.11..f lbcine mnsicgigecilivg adopt T , Some of the typists and reporters - l AddY'9SSl1'l lude colors:-grei as progrguland comme, hard at work. He and n white. . will be Miss' Helen Keiss: and grayg red and white 1 ty I Great Day! . u ' Miss Keiss is a customer con- and white, 75 3 Q Here are some of the business staff working 'Wi The sultant at the Ohio Bell Tele- Miss Marjorie, Catell, cle bv , ,.uW--,A ,U ...LA nunn- ' llbe-T10 phone company and will speak in visor, is conducting a sex THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY Too many hands in the pot spoil the soup. Maybe so, but the 'I949 edition of the Steuben is surely an exception to this rule. A vast staff of seniors toiled vigorously from September to mid-April to present to their class and the high school an annual which they consider a tribute to the class of '49, and a goal for future senior classes. Led in their work by co-editors Ann Patterson and Barbara Cipolla, the literary, photography, and the art staffs, aided invaluably by a large staff of typists, blended the general theme of "49ers" and the "Big Red" mascot into a book financed largely by a hard-working business staff. The editorial staff consisted of the co-editors Ann Patterson and Barbara Cipolla, literary editors, Joanna Miser and Helen Butte, club editor, Mary Alice Baker, music editors, Peggy Gowen and Barbara Harrisg sports editors, Maefatima Culbreath, girl's sports, Ronnie Fraley, football, Dick Ellis, basketball, Joe DiDomenico, baseball, and Bill Wehr, track. Advantage was taken of the abundant art talent in the class of '49 by the creators of the annual. An efficient art staff led by Dave Prosser, Lawrence DiRosario, Phyllis Cartledge, and Elizabeth Jeffries supplied the feature pages and other sketches. Other members of the staff were Barbara Borden, Wil- liam Richards, and Frank Merryman. The girls who sacrificed study halls to type the copy were organized under a staff headed by Norma Bair and Joan Leist. Too numerous to name here, this staff consisted of about 30 seniors. Henry Greenburg and Gerald Boehke, chairmen of the photographers, may be accredited or blamed as the case may be, for the style of photography and arrangement in the yearbook. Included with them as assistants are Philip Eisenburg, Tom Cook, Stratas Lardis, and Vincent Monti. The huge task of financing the 'I949 edition of the Steuben was placed on the broad shoulders of the business staff and the Money Raising Committee. Members of this staff are Bill D'Alonzo, Albert Yannon, Mary Alice Baker, Roseann Hodgson, Paul Bernstein, Barbara Borden, Helen Butte, Phyllis Cart- ledge, Claryne Cooper, Frankie Core, Mae Culbreath, Johnny Edwards, Marcus Freese, Norman Lausch, Barbara Harper, Margaret Laux, Barry Montgomery, Jackie Spence, Peggy Gowen, Bill Wehr, Dave Stacy. These combined staffs and the sponsors submit for your discretion "The 1949 'STEUBEN' ". WO' fr -my Q'ZihL-'L . I Q I I Smdes of Acmevemem This Is What We Strive For T f 3 I r Y T ..f::. ::: Q 5 -A W A A5,,,. e f A if ., A Tough Problem -A "M 'XHVAL' "Mj'? .f ' ix W X' Flash! W Our Sport Siuff T TT The Lirerury Editors Our Pen and Brush Team jim ' 611.041 Top Row: Reed Jewett, Pat Mark, Peggy Gowen, Helen Butte, Jackie Spence, Sophie Dorsey, Shirley Thomas, Carolee Barrett, Sally Schaefer, Ann Patterson, Bernice Meek, Marcus Freese, Clara Singer, Doris Swaringen. Sixth Row: Dick Davison, Bob Truesdale, Bud Turrentine, Nancy Wyant, Shirley Cooper, Barry Montgomery, Barbara Poland, Don Carney, Elizabeth Jeffries, Mary Louise Watson, Vic Gallo, Barbara Woods, Eileen Campbell, Jo Ann Trew. Fifth Row: Nancy Cristner, Luella O'Dell, Pat Alban, Gertrude Anderson, Janet Honkonen, Eileen Bertouille, Mary Workman, Beverly Roush, Lois Peterson, Doris Poole, Gloria Rosta, Barbara Vaccaro, Sally Robinson, Betty Stanko, Virginia Willson. Fourth Row: Barbara Gillen, Ann Brinkley, Kathleen Trbovich, Rena Checca, Mariorie Sabah, Catherine Vatrella, Angeline Vatrella, Nell Brinkley, Elsie Palmer, Joe Di Domenico, Bill D'Alonzo, Dolly Cellini, Joanna Miser, Mary Alice Baker, Sally Alexander. Third Row: Athena Frathellos, Elaine Highsmith, Jean Owens, Lota Echols, Peggy Kotora, Dolores Sellaroli, Lucille Stokely, Gilda Auerbach, Barbara Harper, Flo Olzeweski, Margaret Laux, Peggie Rasor, Dolores Woods, Joan Leist, Joan McDonald. Second Row: Marvin Gosseye, Katherine Costner, Sally Borden, John Edwards, Donna Forrester, Dean Sells, Roseann Hodgson, Mary Ann Cook, Angeline Synodinos, Dorothy Johnson, Jane Hope, Dorothy Linton, Carole McCIeary, Bill Roberts, Barbara Harris, Jean Yoder. First Row: Mr. Cocumelli, Margaret Kelps, Nancy Hutter, Ellen Wolinsky, Mariorie Ewing, Marilyn Church, Phyllis Cartledge, Gretchen Schreiner, Barbara Cipolla, Paul Risdon, Katherine Lisle, Katherine Pastors, Dick Richey, Larry Anderson, Bill Wehr. The largest organization in our school is the Junior Red Cross. The members of this club engage in many activities under the leadership of Gretchen Schreiner, president, Phyllis Cartledge, vice-presi- dent: Marilyn Church, secretary, Marjorie Ewing, treasurer, Ellen Wolinsky, credit woman, Barbara Cip- olla, committeewoman, and Paul Risdon, disaster chairman. They sell programs and usher at football and basketball games and sell milk and pop in the lunchroom each day at noon. With the help of the entire school thirty baskets were filled with food for the needy at Thanksgiving and Christmas. The Homecoming Dance after the Big Red-Erie Tech football game, at which Sally Schaefer reigned as Queen with Shirley Thomas and Nancy Lashley as Attendants, was sponsored by the Junior Red Cross. The sequel to "Up and Atom" and "Down and Out" is "Back and Forth", the assembly planned by the group for March 25. The annual banquet is planned for early May. Mr. Stephen Cocumelli directs the activities of this group with the aid of Miss Gertrude Rosen who is in charge of the ushers. 4 ef. 1 , , f , 9 H s . .V - -' '12ts.:'?, V ef ' UQ 5, e.. J ,ggsgib V HL E ,iii , K , K, , gm W , ,.. i t .,, A gswij, . i'1"- 3 J ww f ff, W' my-W '05 T D 1 Mini? ,Q we fnwlinq gm Thursdays after school thirty boys and girls meet at the Belleview Bowlodrome to enioy a clean all- season sport under the supervision of Miss Helyn Burrows. The Bowling Club has as its officers Dolores Leatherberry, presidentp Joe Agresta, vice-president: Miriam Cottrell, secretaryp and Rosemary Petrella, treasurer. The organization plans to give awards to the boy and girl with the highest individual scores and to the boy and girl with the highest average scores for the season. ,ff dtanulaa Marvin Rosansky, Roy Kunkle, John Sigler, John Synodinos, Raymond Castner, Arliss Freeman, Stratas Lardas, Charles Chambers, Harry Bloch, Miss Tarr. The Atomites with Raymond Castner as president, Stratas Lardas as vice-president, and John Sigler as secretary, meet for an hour every Thursday under the capable supervision of Miss Mary Tarr. These meet- ings serve to further their interest in science and increase their knowl- edge of it. Some meetings are devoted to the showing of scientific films and to demonstrations by club members. This group, composed entirely of boys, has already viewed the heating and ventilation system of our school and the new rocket proiector shown by the Army. 535 Front Row: Dick Ellis, Mary Alice Baker, treasurer, Ann Patterson, corresponding secretary: Norm lausch, president: Peggy Gowen, recording secretary, Albert Yannon, vice-president, Mary Jo Ellis, M. Denison, advisor. Second Row: Barbara Poland, Barbara Harris, Jackie Spence, Helen Butte, Beverly Roush, Virginia Kind- svatter, Jeanette Oliver, Joanna Miser, Bill D'Alonzo. Third.Row: Peggie Rasor, Barbara Cipolla, Sally Schaefer, Barry Montgomery, Jack Smittle, Freddie John- son, Bill Mowder, Mae Culbreath. Fourth Row: Henry Greenberg, Howard Wells, Ronald Fraley, Victor Gallo, Joe Di Domenico, Tony Di- Michele, Marcus Freese, Richard Banks, lawrence Di Rosario. The Steubenville High School Forum is a member of the National Town Meeting League and the Ohio Valley Junior Town Meeting League. The seniors who compose this group discuss and debate questions and problems of current interest. - During National Education Week sixteen members of the club presented a discussion over WSTVg in February a debate on Socialized Medicine was given over WWVA. Each year the Forum presents pro- grams before various organizations of the community. This year the Forum sponsored a dance after the Big Red-Central football game. Also the club was visited by representatives of the Weir High Town Meet- ing Club who explained the functions of their group. Miss Margaret Denison and Miss Mary Brown are the faculty advisors to this group whose ofticers are: Norman Lausch, president, Albert Yannon, vice-president, Peggy Gowen, recording secretary, Ann Patter- son, corresponding secretaryp and Mary Alice Baker, treasurer. jnfuzm These students were heard over WSTV during AMERICAN EDUCATION WEEK discussing the various phases of "Strengthen- ing the Foundations of Freedom." Left front clockwise: Joe DiDomenico, Beverly Roush, Helen Butte, Peggy Gowen, Joanna Miser, Norman Lausch, Marcus Freese, Peggie Rasor, Albert Yannon, Dick Ellis, Barbara Harris, Mae Culbreath, Victor Gallo, Lawrence DiRosario, Ronnie Fraley. "Norm," our genial president, has been serving as chairman not only for the many vociferous argu- ments in our Monday evening meetings but also for our public panel discussions. Every member has his say when Norm is in charge. If tempers wax hot, he makes us laugh, if ideas are slow, he prods us. We've had exciting times de- bating school issues and current events. PRO: Tony DiMichele, Peggy Gowen, Peggie Ras The Forum discussed the subiect of Socialized Medicine or high school on February 17. Members of the audience challenged the 23, Peggie, Albert, Jackie, and Richard presented a discussion of school Forum is one of 28 schools that compose an Ohio Valley dis institute, WWVA, and Bethany College. The Steubenville Junior Ch assistance and encouragement to our group. CON: lawrence Di Rosario, Richard Banks, Ronald Fraley, Jackie or, Albert Yannon Public Health insurance before the speakers with questions. On February this subiect over WWVA. Our high cussion group sponsored by Oglebay amber of Commerce gives continued Spence, Chairman Norman lausch. .f JILQJ J H ' Background: Jeanne Driscoll, President Anna Yakshevich, Miss laura Tweed, Grace Daugherty, Jackie Harrison, Carol Allelaaugh, Barbara Borden, Janet Stead, Lois Peterson. Foreground: Mary Jo Ellis, Joyce Gozart, Betty Vitale. Instructor for projector: Bob Willson. The Future Teachers of America grew out of the Horace Mann Centennial in I937 when it was established by the National Education Association Assembly. The local club received its charter on April 21, l948, receiving its name, "Helen Holiday Club", from that of a beloved former Steuben- ville principal and head of the local teacher training school. The club assembles each Tuesday afternoon under the direction of Miss Laura Tweed to learn about the opportunities in teaching, to cultivate the qualities essential in a good teacher, to study the lives of great teachers, and to foster student leadership. Along with the usual offices of president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer filled by Anna Yaksevich, Barbara Borden, Joyce Cozart, and Marilyn Keller, this group also has a librarian, Grace Daugherty, a historian, Betty Vitale, a song leader, Jackie Harrison, and a parliamentarian, Carol Allebaugh. The F. T. A. has visited an elementary school and a college campus, ushered at teachers' meetings, learned to operate a movie proiector, heard addresses by local teachers, and held a covered dish dinner and a hiking party. Mm.- if K 4. Edd Top Row: Christine Robinson, Anna Jackson, Ann Keller, Maxine Stout, Eleanor Dettorre, Anolie Reed, Marjorie Slivlxa, Betty Biclmerstaff, Nancy Kliner, Nancy Shoemaller, Dolores Koller, Carolyn Newman. Fourth Row: Louise Leveridge, Shirley Johnston, Georgiann Smith, Norma lellie, Aline McNeil, Ruby Palmer, Eleanor Edgerton, Miriam Cottrell Nell Brinkley, Ann Brinkley, Jean Nation, Joanne Wasson. Third Row: Jo Anne Moore, Ruth Bradly, Alice Driscoll, Nancy Loretta, Betty Berger, Peggy Phillips, .lo Ann Boyd, Donna Boyd, Virginia Williams Choclotte Lewis, Catherine Hardney, Pat Stringer. Second Row: Florence Olszewslxi, Ann Patterson, Sally Robinson, Patricia Henry, Barbara Evans, Marian Floto, Lena Beulcovich, Helen Smogono vich, Katherine Trbovich, Laura Burke, Mary Howard, Nettie Hobbs, Dorothy Churchwell, Loretta Reeds. First Row: Miss Seidman, Phyllis Green, Elsie Palmer, Priscilla Pavellta, Shirley Wells, Shirley Stewart, Milva Trbovich, Pat Howard, Myrna Bach Barbara Poland, Stella Rebich, Elizabeth Jones, Melbu Price. The Girls' Athletic Association, comprised of eighty students, this year celebrates its nineteenth anniversary, having been organized in 1931 by Miss Lenoir Pomeroy. The main purpose of the association is to sponsor athletics for girls. One afternoon a week the members assemble to participate in sports that are suitable to the season. This year the club has played Weir High School, as well as interclass tournaments in baseball, basketball, kickball, and volleyball. A dance given after a game during football season was among the proiects of the club. The proceeds from this affair bought a phonograph for the exclusive use of the gym and dancing classes. The Christmas gifts pre- sented by the G. A. A. to the children in the Yellow Creek Home afforded them much pleasure. Incomplete plans have been made for a Playday to be held in May. The eighth grade girls from Harding and Grant are to be invited to attend this event where games will be played, refreshments served, and movies shown. A system of points is used whereby each girl through active team participation may receive a circle "S" for 10 points, a small "S" for 25 points, and a large "S" for 35 points. The officers for this year are Stella Rebich, president, Barbara Poland, vice-president, and Myrna Bach, secre- tary-treasurer. 86 9-.LQI5-X fi fi. T fl-Q 501'-Qi!! X M- '7fYif1fQ S -LLC' I . Minas. xxxx X I. is fuse va X . Q , 5 ' f X R xx ' tix gi X e X ,xJ"'V, kg ' 4' ' - -"M ..,.. ... 'bm ' Bock Row: Charles Chambers, Donald Galleher, Miss Bernice Tweed, Raymond Castner, lawrence Sedgwick, Jack Munsee. ' ' Front Row: Jack Billham, Robert Hanson, David Cowan, Arthur D'Anniballe, James Adams. .. vi , If Vu.. -1 - 1 0 '22 '- ' ,,.. l 'ly '71 Sl The newest organization in our high school is the S. H. S. of S. H. S. which holds its meetings 1 .. D ...Y 4 usikhrgffrihzcilsi N ,Alf f X ' 7 each Tuesday afternoon at 3:30. At the beginning ofthe second semester Miss Bernice Tweed agreed to sponsor this society which promotes interest in the hobby of stamp collecting, and gives the members an opportunity to examine each other's collections, exchange surplus stamps, and learn the values of various stamps. David Cowan is president, Robert Hanson, vice-pres- ident, and Arthur Giannamore, secretary-treasu rer. V g ep l fxmg 4 , ,,- V A , ?-:A T. 1 V ' , : QVSKQRSIETYINA , K rx - - i7-,, Q1-.f,..:--,A 'Y ,4 xx V ff' ' '. Aamcm:runA4 , I nf' V F J A 1. P Z J '79 M s , e H. -Q i2Fi,gl1': J w T ' 'sr' f V s el s . "'., i H rf.. 1, s of R' ' at T T f H vii? t' ' W X 'I 'f-M 2 4 515 ,V 11,31 1 4- , V ' 1, A T ss. QC Q I -I 1 - i . . - as .... ,- I 1 -T - M , , 7 - H t as Y f 15555 ' .pi ' ' - ' I . h f' okaf-pep? . ax 'J RGRQ1E,p0SY I it F , -.x xv :NNN . Osr M , 5xQ1: I-iv 4. - A ,C . ' I f-1 :5 Q F E . A , , . . , .- I I2ENf1?rOi?,4 , . X , V -rx . r 5,03 I 1 lv 41 K , fn , ' 9" 13041. X 'fun , ' Ty H ,F xrwty l ypfiz N :Q lIfEi'0'l'C4f? IW . ,H if Jgmi N A K 'i'7'f f,.. ' s.. ., we . 'nge' '19 t Q , 4. ,I V' 5 I '. . k s f 1 Q 'L-X' 4 1 If X ' llN, .,,,X - ' -,A I - ' Mn -Y V' XX i F H My XZ, .. . . Dsrdrzxfx ' X ..,f,,:5 , Y b 4 : L- 1' V : 35435.-4 Q .. 'Shogi- V 1 W, ' , 1 -vi if , too , 5 .gb , 4 ' Try. , , i . .. 'L ct 3' ' ,- Lfvkwq AlRcgYsMAIL . E ' , fi Q ' Q ,Z 2 Q 1 . p r . - , W ., i , -, ,, . . v, hz: -.wgv as , 3 D'N'1W'- ', .. , '.'i.rF'D ,,.,,. .- .,r - 174 Tony Pagnanelli, Malcolm Stenger, Ted Boyer, Eddie Burns, .lock Jurevic, Victor Solomon, Phil Stevens, .lack Smittle, Barry Dixon, Mr. leo May, Ted Rogers, Richard Banks, Tom Elliott, Bob Hanson, Henri Albert, John Hastie, Albert Baker, Scott Goff. "To maintain, create and extend throughout the high school cmd community high standards of Christian character" is the worthy purpose of the Steubenville Hi-Y, as well as that of the 45,000 other Hi-Y's throughout the world. Advised by Mr. Leo May, the Hi-Y has this year been host to other Hi-Y's in a District Field Day. On February 3 the members attended a district meeting in Toronto. Other meetings were held in various towns during the year. Annually the Hi-Y and Y-Teens present the pre-Easter services in our school. Malcolm Stenger and the officers, Richard Banks, president, .lack Smittle, vice-president: Barry Dixon, secretary, Ted Rogers, treasurer, and Paul Wierman, chaplain attended a Southeastern Ohio conference of Hi-Y Clubs in Zanesville in November. . .Z X .,,, My , f H '?lf2g.,H Z 27,3 K J 2 ' r v'3L,,1N My-S Q 74-Jww Top Row: Mary Jane Starr, Jean Driscoll, Mary Jane Williams, Barbara Borden, Mary Jo Ellis, Miss Wilson, Adelaide Kolin, Lois Peterson, Loretta Reids. First Row: Anna Jackson, Dolores Woods, Althea Stewart, Norma Betts, Joan McDonald, Eileen Darnoc, Louise Leveridge, Barbara Kerr, Dorothy Baker. "To build better fellowship among girls" is the commendable purpose of the Y-Teens. Their meet- ings, conducted by President Mary Jo Ellis, Vice-President Daisy Taylor, Secretary Pat Long, Treasurer Mary Jane Williams, and Program Chairman Adelaide Kolin, carry out this purpose. This organization is directed by Miss Lorraine Wilson under the auspices of the Y.W.C.A. The annual pre-Easter services held co-operatively with the Hi-Y are an important proiect. Also this year the Y-Teens have sponsored two formal dances and have sorted clothes that were given away at Christmas. On alternating Fridays Miss Gertrude Rosen's second year Spanish classes convene as clubs Although the clubs meet separately-each in its own regular class period-they are conducted very similarly. During the meetings of the clubs, Spanish is the only language spoken, and, in the first semester the sixth period club imposed a fine of one cent for each English word spoken. The program chairmen plan the varied programs which have included Spanish skits, instrumental numbers, games, as Truth or Consequences, Twenty Questions, What Is It?, spelling bees, and special parties. Again this year the club members have purchased pins engraved with "Los Amigos", which means "the friends." The officers of the second period club are Barbara Harris, president, Shirley Cooper, vice- president:Mary Ann Cook, secretary, Nick Tsangeos, treasurer, Barbara Kocsis, program chair- man. For the sixth period Henry Greenburg is president, Phyllis Cartledge, vice-president, Jackie Spence, secretary, Bill Roberts, treasurer, and Claryne Cooper, program chairman. .fl , 4' , , Q Y' V W " u Jim my The Big Red Band under the capable leadership of Mr. Willis Buettner has completed another successful season of activities which have included appearances in six parades, two concerts, and at the football games. The smartly dressed musicians, the drum major and maiorettes are the pride of the students and patrons of S. H. S. This year white plumes and vari-colored lights were added to their uniforms. Football fans were thrilled with the band's fast-stepping precision marching and delighted with their colorful half-time presentations. Many novelty shows were featured by the band and maiorettes, led by drum maior Dick Fox. The band's clever arrangement of "The Story of a Peanut" scored a hit before Steubenville and Weirton spectators. The band executed fourteen different formations in presenting this show, singing and playing the story while Victor Gallo portrayed the peanut. Maiorette Shirley Thomas and drum maior Dick Fox were featured in a Tango to the music of "l.a Comparsita". Mrs. Helen Anderson Kirk taught Dick and the maiorettes the dances which were featured throughout the program. She also taught the Conga to the entire band so that they could end the most successful show of the football season by leaving the field in a Conga line. On February 3 the concert band presented its first concert of the year. A varied program of old favorites and new numbers was received by an enthusiastic audience. The selection "Badinage for Brasses", "Second Suite, ni- r S. H2da6'and in F", "Promenade", and "Fantasy for Three". The maiorettes and drum major were featured in a twirling routine to the march "The Skywriter". Mr. Enea Trovarelli, assistant to Mr. Buettner, directed "Cypress Silhouettes". Mr. Trovarelli, who has been a member of the music department for many years, teaches instrumental music in the elementary schools and has had a maior part in training the wood-wind section of the band. A similar program was presented on March 12 in the annual assembly before the school. This year the band elected Mary Ann Cook as president, Robert Stuck, vice-president, Nancy Braun, secre- tary, Mary Lou Ball, treasurer, Nancy Wyant and John Edwards, board members. The band mourned the death of Raymond Wise who perished in a fire at his home on December 24, 1948. Raymond, who played the trumpet, was a very active member of the band. A floral tribute was sent and members of the band acted as pall-bearers at the funeral. The band loses twenty-four seniors this year. They are Paul Bernstein, Donald Brown, Joseph DeDomenico, John Downer, Walter Dradt, John Edwards, Fred Fisher, Robert Jones, Raymond Purviance,. John Thompson, Carl Vecchione, Barbara Arthur, Joan Ball, Sally Bechtel, Mary Ann Cook, Shirley Cooper, Barbara Harris, Patricia Montgomery, Beverly Roush, Sally Schaefer, Shirley Thomas, Mary Cathaleen Williams, Nancy Wyant, Jacqueline Jurevic. !' sift The Big Red Band Parents' Club, formerly the Steuben- ville Public School Music Club, has aided the music department of Steubenville High School for many years. This year they have been more active than at any previous time. The band parents work at the concession stands at Harding Stadium during football season. All the money obtained from this work is used to accomplish various things for the band. The extended activities of the purchasing a music holder, new formal appearances, and summer os chaperones on trips, repairing band parents include: spats and gloves for uniform shirts, serving and purchasing equip- ment for the music department, giving a party for the band members and their friends, and sponsoring and financing a one-week summer camp. The most outstanding proiect of the Club this year was the one-week summer camp. The band parents paid all expenses for the camp and many of them served as chaperones. The band was greatly improved by this summer session and showed their appreciation to the parents by putting on more difficult and entertaining shows this year. The band practiced the routines for their half-time shows for football season and had the oppor- tunity to learn many things about music impossible to be included in the crowded schedule of the school year. Besides marching and playing, the band enjoyed many outdoor activities and sports all supervised and planned by the parents. The Band Parents' Club was piloted this year by: President, Mrs. Richard Fenton, Vice-president, Mrs. Stanley .lurevicp Secretary, Mrs. Nelson Vecchione, and Treasurer, Mrs. A. K. Shonelz. "J f C .S -'H i ' MV- ri g, .she M. ' pf.-'A 'ff .. . " 'Q' 'HQ .siege 3 . ,si .sw ts ,, -- .. I .Mfg M M. W .1 ,. . . . s., 1- 252. 'W' . . .,.. my W- V .9 . . wg Q. M- M., eg... .L L' 22 .img .. M ,.f......---.V new Q-apr-K f W ,Z , it fi f we I gag . . ' X. 11 mv. 3 te f , t i ee.. R A , x , is ,, eq . ,Sa s- . , 5 -K : ..fV -A A .is I A M, -Lise A tiff A ,,.,.-1-W tw , , 9 N944 jimi? The Steubenville High School Orchestra consisting of thirty- two members meets in Period 6 on Monday and Tuesday of each week. The only requirements for membership are that o student play an orchestral instrument and read music fairly well. Each year, usually in May, the orchestra appears in a concert. Most of the music studied is classical, however, a few popular numbers are used. Steubenville High School has always had a string group, and over the years it has developed to the orchestra we have now. At this time Fred Karaffa is the first violinist and concert master. Claudine Mancinelli is the pianist. Within the orchestra there is a quartet, the members of which are Fred Karatfa, first violing Dick Fox, second violin, Helen Turner, viola, Betty Oliver, cello. This quartet has made several appear- ances in concerts at school and at club meetings. At present they are studying the Mozart quartets. Miss Frances Trusillo is the director of the orchestral group. She is a graduate of the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, and for ten years has played in the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Mr. Motarelli. This summer Miss Trusillo will teach at Ohio Wesleyan University. voice recl hund Cl OVOI' of US chor C by enriched again School is gh Hi of Steubenville department C US TTI the This year it class, GSC Though it meets E. W. Capen. every day during the fifth period under the direction of The group meets secretary-treasurer. Palmer as Elsie Peggy Gowen as vice-president, and Davis as president, club with .lack EC organized lik sacred as well com postions and includes the most recent from folk tunes to ranges sings the chorus The type of music numbers. as secular the party for the Moose Week, ucation Ed tiona Na CS occasions ch FSU fo s sung ha chorus the SGUSOI1 is th eady Alr public annual their appearance was final winter Their Club. Rotary the and for home, the Yellow Creek children of ncert. Christmas co will . They St pa the ts in omplishmen CC CI had have s they U ture fu r the fo lans P any TTI GS s iust ha anization V9 O The CONCEPT year's spring This the year. of concert final their present will spring the in and groups various civic fe befo appear feature Trew, will and Joanne Patricia Miles by very ably accompanied The chorus, interest. be of unusual promises to Ye G numbers These 'Carousel". AIone" from alk W SVEI' N nYou1 Suite" and cker y's "Nut Cra sk ikow s Tscha such numbers a school years and their happiest in the chorus as some of spent in hours the ember H1 fe ers will mb me ten senior The I1 COMES. aduatio Y 9 of 8 m ir ti hen the W Ve to lea rry be so will embers derclass m Un the know hey t V, f Xxx ul- . Q, -wf-wr' V' CHORUS any M mamma 914 dction .gi 99 , e ' ' ' SQUAD FOOTBALL THE Stacy, Dave Dixon. Ce 51 do, Walla y, Steve Morate nso, Albino Bo nie Frale y Dalfo son, P OI11 Harry Th rt Turrentine, Bob Beattie, ry, Robe geos, Ron Tsa nes, Nick Jo ton, Bob Washing arvin gene Locust, M Yohn, Grego Robert lipone, Fil X U U 'T c UI kersta w: Eugene Glenn Bic Donald Duncan, First o .r: ill o m I o 2 6 Q.: -'C 03 Dc EP Uv mai .:-u qflll 'is F2 "'s Tal! 'ou 51 E 3.2 .E . N-E -EE 82 -2 in P-E Uo '12 1-o UI 'fs EA Uo ja: .26 s-g 35 gg :s as E.: .aa '56 nw Z' Q.. 13 5? 2.1 is 28 'Ei .2 39. 2: l.llI's U- mo EU .25 -is 'SE ln S.: 00 and L o UI o o u E o UI TE 9 u D .Y .2 Q E o 0 L an 'u : o I E u E C I 'o L u 3 o :l: E o Ill .E .n o nc 3 o n. . vn 0 E U -s E 8 5 Jeter, 'Y Per Lytle, el' on, Elm ix D Gilliam, Malachi Suggs, Rudy ank Fr Hazlett, ncl, Jack .9 'ii EU 0 th C IH 3 5 .Y o L an o on B o 0 0 vi u L n. o me E .E 3 3 o Z 'U .2 4: i- P- 5. H . U I 5 e 2 E E 2 1 N E .E E C on 'U O 7' 1: ov .Q O nc as 3 .: U ln :a ..: U k Sperry. Dic ui .E as C 0 H E U 3 .,:f: LW . W Y 7 'R-A-'.i"""' : 1. "W'1'1 ' i.+.,, XM ,www -- -M-use wel M., w 4 " . Nick Tsungeos, Leff Half Som Deluvo, Tackle Glenn Bickersfqfl Guard -fx - N I ,qv 'il K A -os, VYQQM gd, V. ks' Ag, 3 'S .. ' .mn LQ di: A ,, Q' L , , ' f,.- Q ' . M.. . . ,. :. 14' -.3 f Q A 'fb f'., Y- . A, V., fifiifffg ' T1 1 - ., , ,f:z.-,M. . Above: Steve Momtes' Tackle Above: Zinno U23 drives for a T.D. Below: Captain Bud Turrentine, End Below: Bill Bothe, Guard Below: Don Duncan, Center -1 1' wr -f , gm , , iw' ,V Q.. - W ' v - . - . -,B .wf...fs . .M-B i f Q 7 A 'a A-, A X. f' .,w,,Q' 1 B' ' on KI v .pk , , V51 "" ,fa '. 5 "I, f, . fix' fe, M, . V ffrkggnw BQ? ,gm . H. fy K. , ' - 1 . . - M, A f if .cf , . . , -.H M , , . X "...,,..' - - . -"' " ' WA. , K 'L 'A Wm M ',.. X Q F.ld'm'4 Q- , Q ' -, A ww , 'B " M ' 'W ' 'Q . 11 15" " fe. ' B -' " . . . w, L :U Q-JMX A " 'W 'K WM-Q K . X -fi. " 5- " .V 1 . W atv .12 H W " ff K ,x AL Y, "fin-Jw wi.. ,, , J' Z, we. f . ff ,, . Q i? M ,, ,Egg qtsf. i 4 f ' 5 55+- f., U'V f,, , . . -f .,-- A ' , V ,yn we Wu . -B B. 3 A ' . 1 y . , W A un 1 ' F I ,z ' , Q fx B 4, V, 1134923 JV BX Dom Zinno, left Half Nyilgg, yn' Qi .pw Above: Ray Dalfonso, Guard Below: Ron Fraley, End in mgl'-:f,T3,.-gil W Thompson 1481 runs the end of Liverpool. No. 34 is senior tackle Steve Morates. Dom Zinno 1121 races the last two yards for a score against Central. ew of Tsangeos lon groundi tallies against Liverpool as Thompson C485 and Jones guard. 104 BIG RED 40- DAYTON KISER 6 Coach Howard Brinker used his entire squad of 30 as the Big Red rolled to two touchdowns in each of the first, second, and fourth periods, being held scoreless in the third quarter. Senior Fullback Wadell Snyder mode three trips into the Kiser end zone, and Senior Holfback Nick Tsangeos reeled off a 99V2-yard touchdown gallop to highlight the Big Red scoring. Harry Thompson and Larry Jeter also scored. Geno Lelli and Dom Zinno did the place kicking. BIG RED 41 -EAST LIVERPOOL 0 Meeting East Liverpool's Potters in its second start of the season, Big Red unleashed its second six-touchdown barrage in as many games to win going away by the score of 41-0. A 76-yard romp by Thompson set up the first Big Red touchdown in the first quarter. Tsangeos scored from the three. Lelli's kick was good. This was all the scoring until the third and fourth quarters in which Steubenville ran up 34 points on touchdowns by Tsangeos, Snyder, Wells, and two by Zinno. Lelli and Zinno each booted two extra points. BIG RED 20-LORAIN 12 Big Red was victorious the next week against Lorain by the score of 20-12. Big Red was held scoreless until late in the second quarter when they staged a drive of 64 yards with Tsangeos scoring from the two-yard line. Big Red scored early in the third quarter when Thompson raced 82 yards for a touchdown. The Stubbers' last score came on a Beattie to Tsangeos pass from Lorain's 25-yard line. Lelli kicked two out of three of the points. Both of Larain's scores came late in the final period. BIG RED 21 -MASSILLON 34 The following week the Big Red moved into Massillon to encounter the Tigers in a contest that was billed as the week's top scholastic pig- skin attraction. A crowd of 19,000 saw Massillon win 34-21. Steubenville scored first on a pass from Beattie to Tsangeos. How- ever, Massillon struck back quickly with a touchdown on a pass from Johnson to Crable. A Big Red fumble on the 21-yard line set up the second Massillon touchdown. Another fumble gave Massillon a touch- down in the second quarter. Massillon scored again just before the half on another costly Stubber fumble and a two-yard run by Brown. ln the second half Big Red came smashing back with two quick touchdowns by Snyder and Thompson. Lelli kicked both points. Massillon scored again with two minutes left in the game, but Big Red had thrown a terrific scare into the mighty Tigers. BIG RED 0-MIDDLETOWN 40 The Big Red returned to its home field the next week to open athletic relations with Middletown High School. Flashing a pair of fleet-footed halfbacks and a swell quarterback, the Middies rollrsrl up two touchdowns in each of the first two periods and one in the lust two. A hard-charging Middletown line held the Steubenville offence in check throughout most of the game. BIG RED 7- CANTON McKINLEY 32 With an upset triumph as the main thought in their minds, Big Red gave an inspired performance during the first two quarters, as the line repeatedly out-charged the heavier McKinley forwards. Behind, 6'0, guard Dave Stacy blocked and intercepted a pass which led to Big Red"s lone touchdown. Snyder went over from the one-foot line. Lelli put his placement between the uprights to put his team mates out front 7-6. From there on it was Canton's game. They came back to score 26 points to make the score 32-7, BIG RED 26-ERIE TECH 0 Before a homecoming crowd of 6,000, Big Red marched 68 yards for a score with Tsangeos and Snyder carrying the brunt of the attack. Nick went off tackle for eight yards and a touchdown. Lelli booted the extra point. In the second quarter on a short pass from lelli to Captain Bud Turrentine, Big Red again scored. Lelli's try for the extra point was blocked. Later in the same period the Stubs drove 75 yards with Zinno scoring from the six-yard line. His placement was wide. Snyder ran 35 yards for the final score with Zinno kicking the extra point. BIG RED 0 -MARTINS FERRY 20 g The Big Red took to the road again the following week to meet the Purple Riders of Martins Ferry. The first half of the ball game was a defensive battle with neither team able to score. ln the second half Martins Ferry took advantage of fumbles and pushed over 20 points. Big Red had seven first downs and gained 199 yards from rushing to Ferry's eight first downs and 144 yards gained from rushing. BIG RED 41 -CENTRAI. 7 The Big Red met its city rival Catholic Central the following week and came out with a decisive 41-7 victory. Harry Thompson went into pay territory from seven yards out after Coach Brinker's boys moved 66 yards in 11 plays. The scoring in the second period was set 'up on intercepted passes with Thompson and Jeter doing the scoring. lelli converted all three placements after the touchdown to make the score 21-0 at the half. In the third quarter Snyder scored on a recovered fumble and Lelli converted. Nick Tsangeos returned Galownia's kickoff 85 yards for a touchdown to highlight the game. l.elli's kick was wide. In the fourth period on another intercepted pass Zinno scooted around right end for the touchdown and kicked the extra point to make the count 41-7, BIG RED 0-WEIRTON 6 Big Red met Weir High's Red Riders in the final game of the season. During the entire day of the game it rained and by game time, the field was a sea of mud. A crowd of 7,250 braved the elements to see the rivals clash. The condition of the field and ball was such that it made it impos- sible for either team to launch a passing attack. Big Red made their most serious scoring bid in the second period when they rolled up three successive first downs to reach the Weirton four-yard line. Thompson, Snyder, and Tsangeos all ripped oft good gains during the march, only to fumble and lose the ball on the eleven- yard line. Through three quarters they battled each other and with the clock showing only five minutes left, Weirton pushed over the lone touchdown. Their try for the extra point failed. "B" TEAM RECORD Big Red 33 lrondale Big Red 12 St. Clairsville Big Red 0 Wintersville Big Red I3 Adena ,.., , Big Red , . .. 13 Weirton Reserves , 6 Playing some of the better Class "B" teams of this vicinity and other reserve outfits, the little Stubs compiled a record of three victories and two defeats in five starts. The Big Red "B" squad was composed entirely of freshmen and sophomores and all of those boys can be counted upon to wage terrific battles for varsity positions next season. Good luck, fellows! Bob Jones gains with the aid of a good block Stacy C137 races to give assistance. Tsangeos C271 is stopped by Liverpool. Fraley 1317 takes out two as Bickerstaft C491 blocks. Wadell Snyder stiff arms a potter for yardage around their end. I 105 BIG RED VARSITY First Row: Nick Tsangeos, Charles Cole, Bud Turrentine, Capt. Ron Fraley, Joe DiDomenico, Dick Ellis. Second Row: Geno Lelli, Eugene Fillipone, Calvin Jones, Bob Beattie, Reed Jewett, Marvin Washington. Third Row: Bill Thompson and Carl Myers, Mgrs., Coach Ang Vacarro. Coach Ang Vaccaro led his Big Red Basketeers through a stiff schedule with 'li wins and 11 losses despite the fact that there was only one returning letter-man, Marvin Washington. The remainder of the varsity squad consisted of Captain "Ron" Fraley, "Dick" Ellis, "Bud" Turrentine, Joe DiDomenico, Charlie Cole, Nick Tsangeos, all of whom are seniors and Geno Lelli, Eugene Fillipone, Reed Jewett, Bob Beattie, all juniors, and freshman Calvin Jones. The Big Red, during the regular season, posted double victories over Tiltonsville, Weirton, and Central. They recorded single victories over Salem, Cambridge, Canton McKinley, and Uhrichsville. For the greater part of the season the starting quintet had Fraley and Jones at the forward positions, Turrentine at the pivot, and Ellis and Washington at the guards. Cole, Tsangeos, and Fillipone broke into the starting lineup at one time or another during the season. The main fault of the Big Red was a slow start. In over half their contests they were behind midway in the game and had to fight hard to come through with a win. In eight of the games the final outcome was decided in the last few minutes. Six of these ended in reverses for the Red and Black. Big Red downed Central for the third consecutive time by defeating them in their first outing in the tournament. Toronto proved to be the iinx team of the 49ers, for after handing the Stubbers two regular season defeats, they knocked them out of the tournament in a close game which ended 59-54. "Ron" Fraley and "Marv" Washington engaged in a close race for scoring honors which Fraley won with 242 points compared to Washington's 237. "Dick" Ellis with T21 points was third highest scorer. The complete scoring record is: Field Goals Fouls Total Ronald Fraley ....,. 95 52 242 Marvin Washington . , . 90 57 237 Richard Ellis ,.... . . .47 27 121 Charles Cole . . . . 46 10 T02 Nick Tsangeos . . , 28 40 96 Calvin Jones ..... , . 22 24 68 Robert Turrentine . . , . . 22 18 62 Eugene Fillipone . . . 25 7 57 Geno Lelli .....,... 8 14 30 Joseph DiDomenico ., 6 3 15 Reed Jewett ,...... 4 3 11 Robert Beattie . . 3 3 9 TOTALS. . . . . Egg- -258- gTcT5o Charles Cole Joe DiDomenico Nick Tsangeos A6'aAlmt6all 448-49 Tiltonsville Massillon Salem Cambridge Mingo Central Toronto Barberton Canton Township Tiltonsville Liverpool Martins Ferry Canton McKinley Weirton Uhrichville Martins Ferry Liverpool Toronto Weirton Central TOURNAMENT Central Toronto Bud Turrentine Capt. Ron Fraley Dick Ellis 10 Big Red Reserves, First row: larry Jeter, Bob Jack, Larry Vuinovic, Clyde Freese, Wiley Smith, Abe Pendleton, Mgr. Second row: Dick Schaefer, Tom Mitchell, Roosevelt Dawson, Bob Wilson, Ed Beekman, Coach Ray Hoymon. ' Third row: Wallace Dixon, John Hostie, Bruno Morini, Ross Medley, Don Powell, Albino Bodo, Mgr. Coach Cliff Heffelfinger's freshmen champs. First row: Bill Beekman, Dale Anderson, Frank Gilliam, Julius Detore, William Ross, Eddie Vincent. Second row: Coach Cliff Heffelfinger, Kirker Cartledge, Tom Langford, Charles Ellis, Clarence Davis, Victor Edinburg, ond Eli Pilycl. Top row: Mike Trombetto, manoger, Harry Ensell, Marty Dumbola, Robert DiCiocco, Kenny Baker, manager. l 4 K X 'A , 1 Ron goes in the air for a shot Marv fights with a Weirton Bud iumps high to take the re against Weir. player for the ball. bound in the Salem game. THE RESERVES Coach Ray Hayman and his Reserves should be commended for the 15-6 record they established during the season and in the Reserve Tournament at Toronto by polishing off Weirton and previously undefeated East Liverpool. In the finals, however, Toronto kept the J. V.'s from winning the first Reserve Tournament held in this district by clipping them 42-37. Wiley Smith, Bob Jack, and Larry Jeter fwho were selected on All-Tournament teams at Torontoj led the Reserves through their season along with Clyde Freese and Larry Vuinovic. THE FRESHMAN SQUAD A new addition to the coaching staff, Cliff Hefflefinger, led the Freshman squad to the championship in the Yorkville Junior High Tournament by sweeping five straight games. The Freshman's record was 17-2. William Ross, Frank Gilliam, Chuck Ellis, Julius Detorre, Eddie Vincent, and Bud Davis were the boys most responsible for establishing the excellent record for the Freshman. Dick guards his man in the Charley gets set for a shot. Nick ready to drive thru Liver Liverpool game. pool zone. FN TRACK S- o I be 0 as .c U U 0 U Ol c o O- III '5 UI 4 ai U ':: U U L- Q. T: .o O- o o 9- 1:1 1: ': Q. II! o c Ill 0 3 as L as .1: 0' 'U c 1: 'U an .E 'E .C o. Ill 0 .c ID U 3 I- ua .mc c ': cn 'U L- D . 311 om IE -1:2 gs U5 2.5 DL gm v . On. -02 ki 22 1: X: O- wan UT! -2 X0 1.5 D 0-E -U0 gf ,QE 'S .mc u.: go 1-2 c U E 2 .E 3 155 x 'T o- IO .c .: 3 'u C o U an Uh U1 u 3 o O- 1: o L o r- 3 4- .E o D. cn x ? I 0 tx .c fl' 3 4: firs GS Follansbee w 6 4- C 0 L 0 I'- 4- U -Q- 0 0 E l.. 2 D Ui C U '.: O- U .E O- D .D QD 'U .': 0 .C 4'- 0 'o o E UI I- 0 .o .o D Ol 10 GI .C I- nd Union cl X4. Jefferson -3 45 with Steubenville by ed ollow f ei x ,- I ? N .c fl 3 'U 2 'a L 0- 'U 0 Z 2' an d Knights got 95-'U2 points, Re The OHIO. Tor meet CI' t nd in the nex O u O un 'U 0 u 2 CL 'U 0 1 .9 dl EE oo kk 55 l-l- 11 aa mm 15.2. -No sv: 11155 PS ov Za.: .eg .c .- Q-'E 'U 00: Ego 333 .z'1'i."' aff" -Q8 Clio, -E3-E :JEL EI? was oo. 'EEE -u'o:a mc-- ...,.--C :arm ug.: ouo inf 'c BE.- oct? LL .Egfr , I- 29-9 " an 52: 'Emu 'cure .coo :ge 4-'ig o-og 1-o Umm qs . ii? :so-D 17-32 0-Q... v o :EU 'Jn"'.. .--no .235 'E-11.2 C": OCO l:.-.32 .-2'UUE 2228 .-.Egg Sash vs O 2."5,5"' 5'f6':-ig 11.5- -Som! mldig .:c.n -gagv -222.-E 20.83 N352 5132 U 'U T: o1u'2.c F'-150. 70,51 .,. as 5250: 2 .U c oo -- cc 3 22 26 5-5. o C 02 EE 4132 21: as mc .EE L- S2 E2 E .EU '02 my .CL -o 0 U73- 5: E2 4-.- ,o '02 Nz be LE o ,ov -E .n vu. w.9 -5 Qu. -UL C2 o.. 20 3.9.5 0: o .ro gm m.a :Lo om 'cs -3 SE -as 'E U0 :S .Uo- OE'-0 'Trng mo- aero E33 mug Em- 65" .n E30 Um 0 Q .cgv -0-0,1 .sgyi .. o '0.Z'm 85:9 519 .253 -I :U- "VI ul. mg? 2"'2. C 'o--.n woo 59? .ogg 113: 0 c New In .995 II-I.. 'u 3 Of 'rin Mrl lei ll .2 In ll .I 1 G 1 es 4 I 4 lt 1 .1 C I 1 C 1 E 4 4 'I 1 1 1 I I F I 1 C 1 I 1 1 2 4 C i 1: 'I 1 I .1 4 5 4 . 1--Q. 0 1 ., ' .151 +,5,,f.1' ,M,V wfvffmksf, 'V 1, .,,,L , H .. f, '- 3-jz1y,? iw Y ,I PM a Bob Truesdale, 100 yard dash A Q wov- F5 . , rl K., du' V 55.59 ' i, ,f,f'1917.m7 , hey 1 5 , V,- Ll i i a h e I 0 Ng? 0 ,' A K, r 1' .0 0 ,Z sf 0 ,.ff9!N- Bm welwl low hurdles Dom Zmno, 220 yard dash Gerald Boehke lcenierl gets set to run the high steve Momfes 'e9dY 79 hefwe the 5h0f 0 90041 hurdles at Ferry dmance 0 1 I fr is 'gf W yyr if ii' Q 'Gil gm: . I , lp A w 2 D ' 1- H N iv r 12 fl X.. -1 P Q, 1 mr S mf, A, qkw iii-a4l....... 1 1' 4 ., X -4. AH 4 fe. We MY Q 44 I we ' I 1 ' j , V, A . , I ,LA .,. W NIT. . V , rf . gym? :W y 14 I . I ,, .. ' 2 -' , A'A' 7 , " fu ,..., , ' 'L . I 5 'g h i " x y.,, f sfsf ifh . 1 - . ' A ff , . f ff-ei . x '- fr-. " V ?f?152 fM51:fez1 . 'L If nf "'13fg', V f.- ','f"" mv . :.:-5:5 - 2314. ggyyaggf i -I .Z fr -is-,. ff " s in Y . W? My 'Tqm , w Ln-mud ,di Ray Dalfonso, 440 yard dash Bild TU"e"'7i"ef M95 iUmP Bull Bothe pole vault V 1 Bob Jones' sho' Pu' Gerald Boehke, high hurdles Steve MOYCWGS. CHSCUS E I I I Bob Truesdale l2nd lane! at the start of the 100 Bob Jones throwing the shot at Ferry yard dash. Q Q. 'sg Skip Mclister, 880 yard dash Mike Dqrghgffl 440 yard dash Walter Dfudff 330 Yflfd dash Bill Richards, broad iurr l l 2 The 1948 Baseball Team First row: Jim luch, Pete Polovina, Querino Lelli, Ron Froley, Nick Tsangeos, Paul Williams, Bob Stratton, Joe Mickey, Lawrence Thompson. Back row: Carl Myers, mgr., Eugene Fillipone, Doug Bell, Marvin Washington, Dick Ellis, Don Billham, Geno Lelli, Ray Hicks, mgr. The lettermen of "48" were as follows: D. Billham, a dependable pitcher, D. Bell, a very fine out- fielder, R. Fraley, a good pinch hitter, the never exhausted Q. l.elli, catcher, J. Luch, our maior league third baseman, short stop, flawless J. Mickey, P. Polovina, a "clutch hitter", R. Stratton, a speedy out- fielderg hard-hitting N. Tsangeos, L. Thompson, the "lanky" first baseman, and P. Williams, the "no hit" specialist. The faithful helpers of Coach Vaccaro who earned letters were R. Hicks and C. Myers. The Big Red team, which finished the season with a record of 16 victories and 3 defeats, was the runner-up in the District Tournament. This team was coached by A. J. Vaccaro. 4 5. ' f A L Q qi ft I fr A .aj fn! X , s" -V t A ,7 11 M ? A t fy-,Q..n , ,,,,a MA'--.Mu ' me - 'V': ' .,V. . Aprll 8 Wellsburg A . A 1,-Y ah' x" " f f April 'l5 Tiltonsville D' E ' . . 'ck llls' second base April 'I9 at East Liverpool April 22 Mingo April 26 Central April 28 at Toronto May 3 at Weirton May 5 at Mingo May 'IO East Liverpool May I3 Toronto May l7 Wayne Bill Barcus, pitcher May May May Moy 19 21 24 27 Weirton Barberton Central Tiltonsville ln addition to the original sched- ule, Coach Voccaro arranged a second game with Follonsbee, 3 Nick Tsangeos, first base st -R is in S 3 ,. Ron Fraley, third base single contest with Springfield and scheduled home engagements with Follansbee and Wintersville. Albert Yannon, second bose Joe Dipomenico, shongfop 114 V, , M t up ,rt . . M5 Q W . T s. .1 4' ' 'tif' iiifgfi' E' K b'., sf M QI' -V 3- .,- N.. 'sv v ii i .mi ,' .Z . . ..... N., . it :E.f...i:w!f1 .- A yi' ' . A Joe, Nick, Ronnie, and Albert in practice session at Murphy Field Coach Ang Vaccaro's Big Red Baseballers, runner-up for the district championship in 1948, launched their campaign, Friday, April 8, at Pleasant Heights field. The diamond crew undertook a 21-game sched- ule, but was forced to struggle along during the first two weeks of the campaign without the service of several veteran performers. While Vaccaro helped Ray Hoyman, newly-appointed head football coach, with the task of prepar- ing his gridders for the autumn wars, Steve Cocumelli took over the baseball team. Seniors, non-football men and a talented group of freshmen carried the baseball torch during the grid training season. Vaccaro was greeted by an eager turnout of 92 men when he issued a call for baseball candidates. This number was pared to 32 by o series of cuts and nine of the survivors were ticketed to participate in spring grid drills. Two receivers, the veteran Gino Lelli and Perry Jeter, a pair of firing line candidates- Tom Langford and Marv Washington, two first sackers- Frank Gillom and Howard Linn, and three hot- corner candidates - Larry Jeter, Hank Ensell and Clarence Davis donned grid togs. The developments left Tom Mitchell and Don Wickham for backstop duty and Ron Fraley, Ted Rogers, Reed Jewett, Eugene Fillipone, Ralph Pierro, Sonny Haverfield, William Barcus and William Johnson as mound candidates. Joe DiDomenico and Marty Dumbola were short stop aspirants. The veteran Nick Tsangeos took over first base, with Dick Ellis, Albert Yannon, Harold Ferguson, Ross Medley and John Conrad after the second base iob. Freshman Chuck Ellis was in line for third base. Don Pratley, Robert DiCicco, William Ross and Dean Sells were the outfield candidates. The squad included 10 freshmen of particular promise who may crash into the varsity lineup. Fillipone, Jewett, Fraley and Washington were available for outfield duty when they were not assigned to work on the mound. Mory's got 'em both Holding Hands? The Munchen 'H at xQ Froulein Johnson QUif'fy's Boys Shifty Jus' Posmg Brown-nosers Q i hx! 4 R E E 2 s 2 ? ? is Q1 Q ,J v f 5 Sp: Q W . is 2 Q V L,,LLW ,L 2 Q 'lfwri ,gg-QE 3 , Lf f 1 5 ' fi 75352 HW 3, fi 5 if , ' ' EW- f f p V 2 1153? f 15 53 T ,g L f . Q 3, - . , 5 4 , if Puff! 1 '- J Y 3 5 51 wg V" if , - ax, 2 Q , i 2 , 1 H ag J, 5 Hfgwg 1 Y Q 5 if SQ f fe A N' V. Q. : Q 3 , 5 ' ' j 5 3,359 ' ' PQ? ' Q .Q R 55135 S f QQWI K z was -i H 5 ,- . ' 2 ' M .54 LE 2 W 53 wi Az F ks ggi D 522 Q if ff ff gg 5 g 2 , ,M-,A A 1 ,ff'ff2w5,xg?' Q ' AX EE A f,w,wX41g A 4. 4 E , 'ii V , :iii A J" Wk 4 ,. g " I 35 5' , J i- ,gy i ' 553-, if .E r L W wg I an 1 if, if YH 5 2 Z , mm .y ga' 3 fi w 1 ,Ni 5' 3 EQ, 32? X k--. six , lf? if EL? ,BRS-shy KX 55 Yip yi . g X 51 . ff E ff, 3 x '5 X, K A NL 5 , X5 'H7 J iss Jim gm wal We, the members of the class of '49 of Steubenville High School of the city of Steubenville, county of Jefferson, and state of Ohio, being not very sound of mind and memory, do hereby make, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testament hereby revoking any will or wills heretofore made before us. Each of the members gives, devises, and bequeaths the following things unto the following people: Sally Alexander leaves her faithfulness to Barb Curry. Larry Anderson leaves his big ears to Bob Jack. Clarence Archer's ability in trig goes to Bob Fraley. Barbara Arthur wills her drums to Eddie Fithyan. Gilda Auerbach leaves her big brown eyes to Janet Brandt. Myrna Bach's two-toned hair goes to Clarice McCall. Norma Bair's typewriter will be left for Janet Honkenon. Mary Alice Baker leaves her driving to Theresa Schippa. Joan Ball gives her friendliness to Margie Kelps. Richard Banks pins his Eagle Scout Pin on Howard Linn. Bill Barcus wills his bow and arrow to an underclass Robin Hood. Carolee Barrett wills Dave Qin case he comes back, to some Junior girl. Sallie Bechtol leaves her ability to sell band tickets to Pat Glover. Paul Bernstein leaves his clarinet to Tom Kridler. Glenn Bickerstaff -leaves "Gloria" to a Junior boy. Gerald Boehke sadly gives his hurdles to Bob Beattie. Dorothy Bolanovich gives her folk dancing to Miss Siedman. Barbara Borden leaves her ambition to teach to Jackie Harrison. Bill Bothe's talents as a wolf go to Dave Anderson. Ginny Bougher's sewing ability is left to Pat Porter. Ann Brinkley leaves her love of history to her sister Nell. Don Brown leaves his trumpet playing to George.Hill. Geneva Burden's quietness is left to Jocelyn Marsh. Helen Butte gladly wills her success in Spanish to Janet Butte. Mary Louise Caputo leaves all the sophomore boys to all the sophomore girls. Dolly Cellini wills her talking to Shirley Freese. Sarah Jane Chambers' shorthand ability goes to Margie Sabah. Marilyn Church gives her bottle of peroxide to Mary Louise Watson. Barbara Cipolla leaves the editor's chair to next year's editor. Tom Claypoole's suspension slips will be left to Marvin Bane. Alma Coleman's tallness goes to Harriet Fleming. Mary Collaros leaves her neat dressing to Shirley Papich. Mary Ann Cook leaves her presidency of the band to Dick Fox. Claryne Cooper hands over her endurance record in talking to Gert Anderson. Shirley Cooper wills her dancing ability to Jenny Diniaco. Mae Culbreath leaves her good manners to Rachel Johnson. Ray Dalfonso's good-naturedness goes to Ted Rogers. Judy DeSantis wants her shining face to go to Donna Elswick. Larry DiRosario leaves his window decorating to Sam DeLavo. Johnny Downer sadly leaves his love for women to Iggy Mushrush. Walter Dradt's blonde hair goes to Stan Matchett. Don Duncan wills his two front teeth to Margie Knowles. Darlene Eddy leaves her impishness to Nancy Hutter. Johnny Edwards leaves his drums to Calvin Gilbert. Merle Ekey gives his motor bike to Chuck Dean. Chuck Elliott's shortness goes to Paul Robinson. Dick Ellis gives his basketball to Chuck Ellis. Mary Jo Ellis leaves her tall boyfriends to Evelyn Preston. Mabel Elson wills her Chinese iacket to Joy Layne. Treva Evans leaves her serenity to Barbara Evans. Pat Fetty leaves her Iittleness to Sandra Fraley. Marian Floto wills her quietness to Nancy Birrell. Donna Forrester gives her flirtatiousness to Pat Hollis. Marcus Freese leaves Bernie Meek to the Junior Boys. Ronnie Fraley leaves popularity to a lucky underclass boy. Vic Gallo's iitterbugging is willed to Bob Jack. Bill Garrison bequeaths his wiry beard to Jack Gregory. Jenny Giannamore leaves a sweater to Jo Anne Trew. Mary Ellen Goff gives her love of baseball to June Shonek. Peggy Gowen leaves her vice-presidency to some poor unsuspecting chorus member. Henry Greenburg leaves working for the Beacon to Malcolm Stenger. Gerry Greer leaves her temper to Barbara Meredith. Maxine Gurtner gives her initiative to Barbara Burkett. Barbara Harper leaves her short hair to Flo Olszewski. Barbara Harris wills her seriousness to Lois Tenney. Eddie Harris gives his iumpiness to Ray Hicks. Jean Harter leaves tranquility to Sarah Fenton. Mary Henry leaves Sam's football to a cute iunior. Roseann Hodgson wills her fickleness to Francis Coligure. Ira Jarvis leaves neckties to Leslie Owens. Betsy Jeffries gives her pretty complexion to Eileen Bertouille. Marilyn Jenkins wills her love for one boy to Dolores Nelson. Bob Jones gives his size to Marvin Gosseye. Gee Gee Kindsvatter leaves her cheerleading to Ellen Wolinsky. James Kirkendall gives his height to Abbie Confalone. Butch Roberts wills searching for his "mother" to an underclassman. Bud Turrentine leaves his basketball ability to Eugene Fillipone. Norman Lausch leaves Sandy Miller to some lucky guy. Joanna Miser leaves her homework to whom it may concern. ' Peggie Rasor bequeaths her devotion to her sweetheart to Sue Evans. Jackie Spence wills to a loyal Republican her Dewey button. Shirley Williams wills her hairdo to Hazel Brown. D Dave Prosser leaves his art ability to anyone who wants to be an artist. Beverly Roush leaves Geno in the care of Janet Roush. Joan Leist wills her height to Pat Porter. Ann Patterson leaves the Annual to next.year's editor. Stella Rebich wants to give her athletic ability to Nell Brinkley. Joseph Sabah wills his typing speed to Bob Ater. Nick Tsangeos leaves his seat in Spanish class to Reed Jewett. Gretchen Schreiner gives the Red Cross to Marge Ewing. Lucille Stokely gives her shortness to Betty Woityniak. Batbara Poland wills her laugh to Gert Anderson. Mary Workman leaves her thumbs to Barb Vacarro. Joe DiDomenico bequeaths his Irish accent to Dino Pesce. Bill Wehr leaves his first period nap to a sleepy underclassman. Phyllis Cartledge leaves her wit to Jackie Anderson. Bill D'Alonzo leaves his place as a politician to Mark Goode. ln witness whereof, we members of the senior class, testators, have' set our hands and seals hereto this first day of April in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and forty-nine. ll? Sally Schaefer - Homecoming Queen S Shirley Thomas - Attendant Nancy Lashley T' Anendonl The Homecoming festivities held during halftime of the Big Red-Erie Tech game on October 29 were sponsored iointly by the Junior Red Cross and the Big Red Boosters Club. The float which was decorated in red and black on a white background carried the queen, Sally Schaefer, and her two attendants, Nancy Lashley and Shirley Thomas, to the center of the field. There Mr. Charles D. Fox and Mary Lou Young, the Big Red Homecoming Queen of T947, presented a bouquet of flowers to each. The queen also received a crown of white pompoms. After the game the Junior Red Cross sponsored the annual dance held in the gym. Music was provided by the student swing band of Johnny Edwards. Special entertainment included the Fac- ulty Quartet composed of Eleanore Giles, Juliet Eakin, Lester Severs, and Stephen Cocumelli, and a cheerleader-maiorette chorus line. The innovation of the colorful homecoming ceremonies - the queen and the dance - has rapidly become a tradition in Steubenville High School. 'Higgs' f 2, .Egan ik 'ftifzig SQ S if: 5 THE CRIMSON AND THE BLACK IADAPTATION OF PRINCETON SONGl I f I J if I C F-7 'A P f T- - I x . If If e-W W I. Although Yale has al - ways Inv - ored, The vi - o - Iet's dnrk blue. 2, Thro' the four long years of High-School. Midst the scenes we know so well, 3. When the cares of life o'er take us. ' Minglinz fnst our locks with gray. , I i A I I 534 4 if A I - - P g ' ' P' -'A . . X . I' I' I' gg I I IJ I IJ I I 0 I I Iss' .I gl J' tv, 1. 1 And the gen - tle sons of Har - vard To the crim - son rose are true. As 'the mys - IIC charm to Knowl - edge We vain - ly seek to spell. Should our dear - est hopes be - tray us, False For - tune fall a - way: I I I ! I 2" - E I Ill: I in " 1 is gk J Q I mn - -5 I . - Q I I Yiu YH' Q 11 . I I V Plum r D Himnai' wk 4 I ,-Q X . .- - -I I s gy , I I ' 1 ' I YWYYAW If W wir -I J5J.II"'E'eI1f-S rf'I?I'pII1 B I U V I We will own our col - ors splen - dor Nor hon - or shall they lack, Or we win ath - let - ic vic - t'ries On the foot - ball field. or track. Still we ban ish care and sad - ness As we turn our mem - 'ries hack, I 4, 1 : . -Y ' I ' E- 5 I ' v . A- W P I J EI . --I I . dl I It IJ ' I ' We - I' if I N V1 je A V Ib I P - 'I I I EI A 41- of While the High School slnnils de ,- fend - er Of the Crim - son and the Black. Still we work for dear old High - School, And the Crim, - son - and the Black. And re - call those Ilnys of glad - ness 'Nenth the Crim - son and the Black. . . I J . E 1 . - I qi j A 5 , l I ' v I - -1 , Nl! - 6' Big Red football and basketball games are notable not only for the athletic ability of our teams, but also for the decorativeness of our cheerleaders. Yelling for the team when it was on top, encourag- ing it when it was down, the six girls who served this year attended every game of the season. But cheerleading isn't iust a free ticket to each game and a seat in the front row, for the girls practiced every day under the direction of Miss Seidman and the head-cheerleader. lt took Gee Gee, who joined the squad when she was a sophomore, three years of hard work and faithful attendance to earn that posi- tion. Nancy, Marilyn, and Ellen got their start with the reserves, and Janet with the freshmen. Pat was lucky enough to break into the varsity in her first try. The two remaining members of this year's squad will have to go a long way to build up as fine a team of cheerleaders as the one dominated by 49'ers. .fl V: XXRH it 1,1 - I hyvv A A ,gf 3 gis- y Vhifjf, klyky .W fysgif- :R Vk-,L x Wig: K wk ' s .vii 1:15 I iw ' i I ,, MA if is, igfl 1 . N W df X X1 , 'L A 5:1 jf s" 3 N gf, ' an J ' R 5 .,',. , h , I, ' Y in' it 1, ' X fried, ,.,a-5 'sw' , fad if f' 1 ,Hsu- Dm' In ,,....Mfltf'ws as 'E if we . ,fs as s , df of 1 gf 3 rg 4 E, In-dim V . 1 W fe, X. ff: ,..,, 4 f fi W i A fl' r W1 NHNZQQAM if "Walking in a Winter Wonder- land" -f this melody was sung, hummed, and whistled in the hulls all the month of December as the school prepared for the annual Senior-Junior Prom. And it was a wonderland that was unveiled to the prom - trotters on December l7th. The hard work of eighty-nine seniors, under the direction of Bud Turrentine, had converted the gym- . + ,. 1 -- 'sm r .. , 2, ,J is ,X A Wk, , ff M, we nasium into an outdoor scene com- plete with snow bunk, ice-skating pond, Santa's workshop, and his sleigh filled with gifts. A huge snowman stood serenely in the center of the floor, undisturbed by the goiety of the couples dancing around him. The music of Russ Romero ond his orchestra put the finishing touches on a truly mem- orable evening. A 'Q' gr, 6 gdml 51321 Let your minds wander for a few minutes to see if you can picture the ideal girl from the class of '49, This girl would set any boy's heart on fire. Imagine, fellows, sitting on the couch running your fingers through MARY HENRY'S HAIR, staring into BARBARA HAR- PER'S big brown EYES, rubbing your nose against BARBARA SWlTZER'S dainty little SNIFFER, MYRNA BACH'S LIPS tempt- ing you every minute, MARY JO ELLlS'S TEETH revealed by PEGGY GOWEN'S SMILE which makes your heart flutter. With o SENSE OF HUMOR like NANCY LASHLEY'S and o LAUGH like BARBARA POLAND'S, Miss "49" would help your iokes go over big. She'd always have a joke to tell you, too, with PHYLLIS CARTLEDGE'S WIT. You couldn't help being drawn to her with GRETCHEN SCHRElNER'S PERSON- ALITY and BEVERLY ROUSH'S DISPOSITION. You'd really be proud of her when you went swimming. She'd wow the boys with MARGARET LAUX'S FIGURE, CAROLEE BARRETT'S LEGS, and STELLA REBlCH'S ATHLETIC ABILITY. Your chest would swell when the other boys saw you take Miss I949er into Swing Haven. She'd have a POSTURE like MAE CULBREATH'S, CLOTHES like JACKIE SPENCE'S, and the NEATNESS of VIRGINIA KINDSVATTER. You'd take that lovely HAND like NORA APPLEGARTH'S and glide over the dance floor, cheek to cheek with that lovey COMPLEXION OF ELIZABETH JEFFRIES', iust as smoothly as you could DANCE with SHIRLEY COOPER, or perhaps you'd CUT A RUG with ANNA ROSE NEMETH. You could spend a very entertaining evening at home too with CAROL DOUGHERTY PLAYING THE PIANO for yOU, JENNY GIANNAMORE SINGING. You'd never need a icb, fellows, not with a girl as INTELLIGENT as ANN PATTERSON or ONE WHO COULD SUCCEED as easily as PEGGY RASOR. Oh, well, Iet's come back to earth. Where could anyone ever find a girl like that? gdcal B04 Any Big Red girl would feel a thrill of pride watching the ideal boy of 1949 lead his team to victory on the hardwood floor of the gym. With RONNIE FRALEY'S ATHLETIC ABILITY, how could his team lose? Her eyes follow WADDELL SNYDER'S Powerful Pu-ivsuous as he afabbles down the floor, am WEHR'S well-built LEGS carrying him swiftly toward the basket. The bright glare from overhead highlights CHUCK STREAN'S ruddy COMPLEXION and accents DICK ELLl5'S firm MOUTH and BOB TRUESDALE'S NOSE, as EDDIE HARRIS'S HANDS expertly send the ball swishing through the basket. After the game, while the girl waits for him, she hears the pleasant VOICE of BARRY MONTGOMERY and turns to see him hurrying toward her with GLENN BlCKERSTAFF'S WALK, his POSTURE erect and straight like TOM OWESNEY'S. Even though he has iust played a hard game and taken a shower, as the drops of water in BOB DOWLING'S well- groomed HAIR show, he is dressed as attractively as ever in DICK RICHEY'S CLOTHES with iust as much NEATNESS as ALBERT YANNON. He looks at her attentively with JOE DiDOMENICO'S deep brown EYES and gives her one of NICK TSANGEO'S SMILES, showing RAY D'ALFONSO'S overt, white TEETH. JOHNNY DOWNER'S LAUGH rings out when she repeats a ioke she has iust heard. She knows he always appreciates a good ioke, having BUTCH ROBERTS' even SENSE OF HUMOR, and she knows he always has a quick reply, calling on JIM TEAFF'S ever-ready WIT to help him out. Now, walking into Swing Haven, she notices that everyone is glad to see him for with NORMAN LAUSCH'S agreeable PERSONALITY and DON WlCKHAM'S cheery DISPOSITION, who could help liking him? He can always pep up a gather- ing, too, with JOHNNY EDWARDS' MUSICAL ABILITY, and can contribute much to a conversation or debate by using DUKE RAKICH'S INTELLIGENCE to. prove his point. One can tell by hearing him talk that he has MARCUS FREESE'S ability to be the MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED. Now, as the music starts again, the girl turns to him and they glide rhythmically across the floor, with FRANKIE CORE'S smooth DANCING asserting itself and VIC GALLO'S .IITTERBUGGING adding variety. Finally it is time to leave and as they walk out together, the girl glances up at the ideal boy, proud to be called His Girl. And speaking realistically, wouldn't YOU be overioyed if a boy with all these good features really existed? 91? 1 ei .Lum ,Q ,f I , I TQ A yt' 1 N 4 :H VM A 9 We s , ,Q IP' 1 'if .,,,,-,,,f......:... 523 Q sw, 1- Wm w as' in " -' 5 A - . - I v xv , ,W AQ ' 553. Sw ' fm 25 nl T 4 ls -a F 4 , if :W qw , 9 W T13 M QS, 1 Q 1, ---0 ll: 'IP' wwf? ,vs 5 '51 xv , , -w Q ...-Nw!! 1 QS we H- ? 3 i 7 4 3 . In , "'N J'-"5 'wi - w ' N- 128 arlm Index in Advertising Section lil? X' 2 Qu. ex W w w--' ya-wzf, 'mv 1-z.-gel 'X-A - 4 3.1, nn, V Q f"1f'1. "ink Q B ww' . M f .L N3 K M940 'va -' in ' ,QU 524547 Aw., ,, , f www w fi: if ' 525: , , rv 1 fi- 4L.. Q , 4 55 . ., Q , ,. 3 , ,,.. ..1,b..w,: 1w ,5 5i5S?Q'????i!Y5i?11L QV -' Af " 'e15.." :ff :. 1.1 'w ., z i 'mapa Q, " 11 f E '9' A1 id f- ia , W 1 j , Y LX 'I XR r ac N 4 f , ke 7' r i 'S l 44. a f , ,A +71 4 i gf Q 0, N' ff' ,, K fr M. H 5-E X25 in 4. 1 ,, , A -. .W , V ,S g k 52, , 1 s Ay. + 1 W f, 3 1 1 Q? X, 'K rl 151 1 3.. . . 'e i 7, jk fi, iff A f '.wi3?g:" " Mya n 2 2 SX K k S K K S as Q V Q3 5 Q Q3 A, E s ,L . 4 ' . " nga Q 1 4 Mig... Q Q ., I n',.,,., 5 V .p 'F' I 'W , S' 6, if ' Q' ' Q '?'s2,,., I K W A -ek 3, .5 J, :WK Q59 'fhfmfq' 'Y"fff7'S fs -L f ik w 25 -f W ' 1 VN . .M MG Qfi'fL . I , 1' A, r f:'fgf?5E? 4 F ' -XP - 5 1' av g . . '- " .. 1 2 rw 9 492 ,The Endmen: Howard Wells, Marcus Freese, Charles Wright, Charles Strean, Norman Lausch, Henry Greenburg, Joe DiDomenico, Bud Turrentine, Barry Montgomery, Bill Bothe, Bill Wehr. The 49'ers, used to doing things in a big way, presented to the students of Steubenville High School and the public, a minstrel for the annual Senior Assembly. A capacity crowd watched the fast- moving evening performance after the high school students had en- ioyed the matinee presented to them as an assembly. The minstrel, a radical change from previous senior assemblies, was directed by John Edwards. ' Together with John'Downer, interlocutor, Johnny led the chorus, specialties, and endmen through six weeks of teidious practice. Faculty supervision was given by the class sponsors, Margaret Denison and Mildred Wheatcraft. Assistance was also given by many other people, both faculty members and patrons of the school. , F The minstrel, a success as a financial venture and also as entertainment, added another fine ac- complishment in extracurricular activities for the class of '49. nfwnafion Hap The annual Coronation Hop was held in the Big Red gym April 22 with Shirley Thomas and Ronald Fraley reigning over the festivities as king and queen of popularity for 1949. The court consisted of, in order of royalness: Sally Schaefer Nancy Lashley Gretchen Schreiner Shirley Cooper Virginia- Kindsvatter Barbara Poland K Carolee Barrett Roseann Hodgson Pat Montgomery Bud Turrentine Dave Stacy Bill Wehr John Edwards Norman Lausch Bill Bothe Dick Ellis John Downer Nick Tsangeos Music was furnished for the occasion by Russ Romero and his orchestra. In the customary royal dance the king and queen and their court danced while their subjects stood by. Also announced by the "Beacon", sponsor of the Hop, were the follow- ing results: Bud Turrentine Atractive Personality Nancy Lashley Bill Wehr Wittiest Gretchen Schreiner Bud Turrentine Friendliest Gretchen Schreiner Bill Bothe Kinda Handsome, Cute Sally Schaefer Albert Yannon Smooth Talker Donna Forrester Ronald Fraley Athletic Ability, Cute Smile Sally Schaefer Bill Bothe ' Wolf, Flirt Donna Forrester Victor Gallo Best Dancer Shirley Cooper 2' T ii 1 W ha m ,... ATT TT -+A pf ,QT T, ,T K I H -:Y V V TV xl 1 2 'T iiif QT f 5 'Yi ' M , T T A A A W T. : fl K. ..., . In K M i i jw gl JPL T X' . T. T M kk- VI .vl :V t 7 t ' V' i T ti H 'i.ii ii if A T S -f'e T . iv . i t-T T T T : i lt r.str lllli Q -" ' 'E f . Q A G 1 T f ' ', -i ' Y TT . 152' ' QT T T A ,,"- T - "TW " , A ' ' gg T Tw T To r r e e R S Q TT. T it-Q Q if TTTV it T T T T 7 if S I "il ' T S kv tial .:1 TT, T "i'B it A R T T T iel R elf? TTS T ' 'L TT A Q ' T I T. If B I Trtk K- iik"' MF "1' S ' V A . b ,f V T T . I -tyy Tl M, W TV L T M T N' I V T M f g T ' rg,-. wzzxiif fc i s T ' C T A T Y T to T 'li' Y T-W I Yilitttg ii T NQM T W T. ,Ty T W L T h A ATT. 4,1534 ,Je V awww M T .T T ..., T TT f LL . T ft . r'TV life if 'B TT .TTTT -V g liybs T y T y yqxi ""'0fw.. T ,T.TTTT T AdAit"' ff wfefle -'eT f fi T TTTTA T TTTTTT Qytig G V' ii' 'et iit TTTS T :T TTTATT TTTTT B irrT A '31 F F I T. ,T.,..,: ew,-W-' - A - Dove Stacy Bud Turronhne Wgiff'- 'S f 1'V wmzwm' ., f ,g Q0 G -is it ' w Q W img. W 'R 4, Q 1' 2-W Y 1-A ' i ' Y ,, 8 X Nam viii' 1, Q 4' ' Ja ' am in in Ng R.. ,..i:.:.: ,5 . M PN l 7 - ,L . ' ,S x,,. . , fx an in rf A V fx? an K -7 'lv W, 5 5 m y is f -wig-f' . ' A I A if -1' f Zami 57134272?'i2?kfSfl'Kf, 45253 52' f :- K L, I o ff: L Q - I K K - 1 I W 'Y s Wkili , -- V11 V v.,-'gm 1.1" .rw W ..,. ,V,. . W- -J-Eva., ., m A 'f:5E:"::" "ws: V' A H" fgi:i2'7-3 ..-k Johnny ECIWGYJS ..... af -, Hx- -f f ,mu ff -. z Q .L ,,25,.,S,l K v s-H , 3 A , .,., - '-.- -. 1 i we., L. PW? 'l 4 - -, ' M,- M Ml..-W 25 :31. i Bill Bothe Ronnie Froley Johnny Downer Nick Tsangeos xr ' ,,,:.vp1iQ'f-i:ffZf5sL.: ' Bill Wehr Norm Lousch "Chick" Ellis Sally Schaefer Gretchen Schreiner Nancy Lashley vi" Shirley Cooper Barbara Poland Shirley Thomas Roseann Hodgson Pat Montgomery Gee Gee Kindsvatter Carolee Barrett Jlw ' 6916111 "The Whole Town's Talking," a farce in three acts by John Emerson and Anita Loos, was presented by the Senior Class of T949 on May 3 and 4 in the school auditorium. The play centered about Mr. Simmons' attempt to marry his daughter Ethel to his business partner, Chester Binney. To please Ethel, who wanted a man of the world, Mr. Simmons planned an imaginary romance for Chester with the motion picture queen, Letty Lythe. The news of Chester's past romance with the celebrity spread all over town and when Miss Lythe arrived in town for a personal appearance with her fiance, Donald Swift, Chester was speechless. Chester became involved in hilarious circumstances that built to a frolicsome climax. The cast included Norman Lausch as Mr. Simmons, Virginia Yocum as Mrs. Simmons, Peggie Jane Rasor as Ethel Simmons, Paul Wierman as Chester Binney, Jackie Spence as Letty Lythe, Ronnie Fraley as Donald Swift, David Prosser as Rodger Shield, a man ofthe world, Dolores Woods and Pat Howard as Lila and Sally, friends of Ethelg Barbara Poland as Annie, the maid, Gretchen Schreiner as Sadie Bloom, a dancing teacher, Bill D'Alonzo as the taxi-driver. The play was selected and directed by Miss Eleanor Giles. "The Whole Town's Talking" is the 68th production in which Miss Giles has acted or directed. Her extensive experience on the legitimate stage has given her the ability to train high school students who have never acted before. Miss Giles' patience and enthusiasm guided the cost to another successful senior play. l . 1' ,f l . 56906 wwf" we The STEUBEN Go-Getters Urfy o . r nd EAITO D"Ye ou' dub 135 Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. Jon. 8 10 12 14 16 20 21 29 13 15 20 22 25 26 28 29 3 8 9 12 15 17 19 24 30 2 7 14 15 16 17 3 7 17 21 22 25 31 School opens. The things we did last summer. National Overall Day. "Butch" takes first prize. Freedom Train - not enough time. Bud Turrentine holds Joan BalI's hand in public speaking. First Pep Rally - gym - 3:00. Gee Gee and crew mix a brew of pep. Strike! Strike! 50-yard line or bust! Assembly - "White Hussars" Ann liked 'em. Ohio History Test -- Joanna Miser and Angeline Vatrella win trip to Ohio University. National Suit Day. Teachers didn't recognize Dean Sells, Pat Montgomery gives herself a black eye. Assembly - Conservatory Play "The lmportance of Being Ernest." Canton McKinley defeats Big Red 32-7. Big Red wins first half. Sally Manders and Ku Ka Monga Long Johns tie. National Shirt Day - Tails out. Report Cards. Life gets tedious, don't it? Assembly, Stanley Ross "Spotlight on Latin America." Teachers' Convention - no school - Why don't they take a week? Big Red defeats Erie Tech 26-0. Sally Schaefer - Homecoming Queen. Oh, you beautiful dolls! Thomas and Lashley attendants. National Chute Day. Assembly - debate - Western Reserve vs. Pitt. "Should We Establish World Government?" Open House 7:00-8:30. Forum Broadcast. Pep Rally in gym - Advertise Victory Dance - Munchers give cheer. Big Red defeats Central 41-7. Victory Dance. Home Ec. girls go to Pittsburgh. Munchers hold huge rally. Assembly - Fire Prevention. Pep Rally in Gym - Yannon sits on floor - thanks to Freese, Lausch and D'Alonzo. Weirton defeats Big Red 7-0. Weir holds dance in honor of us'uns. , School out 2:30 - Thanksgiving vacation. Fifteen Thanksgiving baskets delivered. Y-Teen formal - twelve couples attend. Assembly - make-up artist "Alexander Graham Garrison" "Robert E. Lee Rhinaman" Learn to dance session 7:00. Report Cards - Mother's going to be bitter. Chorus Concert. Assembly - chorus, concert. Senior Class Assembly - skit - "Twas the Night Before Christmas". Manners at Prom - Turrentine turns red. Decoration for Prom. School out - Christmas vacation. Prom - Russ Romero gives out with hep music. Schools reopen. Everyone looks good in Christmas clothes. Assembly - Magazine Sales begin. Football letters presented to 22 boys. Cheerleaders given letters. Miss Odell's room comes in first in magazine sales. Martins Ferry defeats Big Red. Big Red defeats Canton McKinley. Senior Assembly practice begins - Edwards 8. Downer go crazy. Assembly - Dr. Jones. First day of new semester. I Feb. 3 4 8 16 17 18 21 22 23 24 28 Mar. 1 3 4 5 9 12 14 16 17 18 19 21 23 28 31 April 2 12 14-18 22 25 26 29 May 3-4 12 27 30 June 2 5 6 8 9 June 1954 March. Band Concert. Seniors take scholarships tests. Toronto defeats Big Red. Joe D. and Cole kept out of game for eating potato chips. Assemblyg- George Johnson. Candidates for city iobs nominated. Whigs flood halls with signs. Forum debates. Public Health Insurance. Sweetheart Dance Schaefer - attendant Thomas, Hodgson, Church, Cooper - Court. Federalists come out with signs. 1908 Buick vs. 1948 Buick. No school - everyone sells ads - practice for Senior Assembly. Edwards tears hair. Forum debates over WWVA. Both sides won. Election. Billy Whig votes for Norm Federalist. Stanley Jackson, SHS alumnus, burned out at Kenyon. Faculty and students send him 5204. Candidates take over city. Butch slanders police department. Big Red defeats Central in tournament, 'fOn to New Concord!" We thought. Toronto defeats Big Red in tournament - Nope, back to Steubenville. Assembly practice lasts until 11:15 P. M. Barb Arthur unable to finish her dance. Senior Assembly Success. Night performance - capacity crowd - Will this black stuff ever come off? Mr. Gear announces seniors' ranks in class. Rasor, valedictorian. Patterson .002 behind. Miser third. . Annual Staff works all day in 116. Senior Play cast chosen. D'Alonzo's Italian accent wins him a part. Annual staff works all day. Report cards. Was mother satisfied? Party at Swing Haven for Athletes. Ang steals Fraley's chair. Professor Juttes of Ohio U. interviews Seniors. Assembly. Big Red Band gives usual fine concert. Swing Haven anniversary - Floor show huge success. Leicy's go to Akron - but not excused. Annual editors at 'hard labor entire weekend. Fire Drill. Mr. Dailey escapes unburnt. Seniors hear talk on business by Robert Morris School Rep. Ohio Bell Telephone sends Miss Kiess to lure Senior girls. Mr. Gear spends a week in Chicago at North Central Assn. meeting. No post cards. Assembly Liquid Air. Small Explosions. Much fun. Tag Day for band by Band Mothers. Assembly, Nathan Gist. , Easter Vocation, No school. Coronation Hop lausch bought Sandy's and Sally's flowers - Didn't he, Bothe? Assembly. Grade cards out. Is thereistill a chance? Dress Rehearsals for Senior Class play. Performances, Senior Class Play. Band Concert. Junior-Senior Prom. Orchestra - Lee Barrett. Memorial Day, No school. Last classes for seniors. Rehearsals for Baccalaureate. Rock Springs Park fmaybel. . Baccalaureate service. Speaker chosen by Seniors. Senior Banquet followed by dance. Commencement: Dr. Arthur Flemming, President Ohio Wesleyan University Delaware, Ohio School closes. We're now alumni. 4 the 49'ers have their first reunion. Be sure to send your address to the high school in 7 944' . IRQ ' 4 W rp 11,3311 -1 is x , w Q fy , -. 4 f 'bw E ,, ae' ' + -Vi. L f ,V 4 "l spent four years in the dreary place: I'm through with school. Now to face My future." But we just smile, For we know - well, let's return a while - We, grassy green, as Freshmen came, At first it seemed a kind of game To get to classrooms, not be lost, Nor by the upper classmen bossed Too much. We caught on quick And like the flaming candle-wick We glowed with pride. Then in the halls Resounding, echoing from the walls, Much to our ioy we hear Ringing, the last bell of the year. Now as sophomores we all return. Old sights and friends we yearn To see, and meet new teachers, studies, As we now choose our loyal buddies. Stay out late, with all the gang, Soon this year closes, with a BANG! Then Juniors all, real upper cldssmen, Smartest in the school, iust ask them. Steady dates and increased friends Seem to be the customed trends ln our third year. But soon, There rolls around, as does the moon, The time for this good time to end, And other summer months to spend. Most busy time in all our life! To fail, or pass - ne'er ending strife Belongs to some who fevil thoughtl Leave their minds where they ought not To be. And quickly rolls around The prom, which committees say is bound To beat all in the past, or future too. Fellowship gained in all the work to do ls not the least important gain Derived from such a pleasant pain. Then practice hour on hour for weeks Learning when to hit the peaks And valleys in the music of our song, Then the time - and after practice long, We hit the school with the blackface show, The directors really had the "know". Oh, long and dreary play rehearsal That ends in a complete reversal Of the flop the weary cast expects. Capable leadership now directs The seniors through last minute preparations For the day when, with ovations, We cross the stage to get our sheepskin. After twelve long years we now begin To realize how much we gained, How much we lost when e'er we feigned, .lust what we lose by leaving. V Now we're finally believing That teachers are not to bawl us out, The principal not to kick us out For every misstep that we take, For each little fseeminglyt mistake. Our teachers were our friends, Put on the iob to teach us trends Of living, how to face our life. And like the slashing of a knife, The idea smites us across the face That, tho we're finished with school, Or the education that, like a fool, We tried to get around, if we live To be a thousand, the principles that give Life to our living here were founded: And after school days, all is bounded By what we learned. So, millionaires to miners Be sad to leave, O 49ers! Richard Banks ddr: f 'ii ' J 'V' ff 4 -4 p 2 o .ULU XV ,N 'Y'-f.,,, THE AMERICAN BEAUTY CIGAR CO., INC Manufacturers and Jobbers in Cigars Stogles Candy, Pipes, Tobaccos and Cigarettes Phone 2-3521 Steubenville Phone 100 Toronto Ohu Compliments of IRA C. McCLAVE and OLIVER H. EKEY The patrons and business firms have shown their interest and faith in our school in a tangible manner. We appreciate their continued support. We can express our thanks to the advertisers A TASTE I5 WORTH A through the years by our patronage. THOUSAND WORDS if Best Wishes to the ClAS5 OF '49 NOSSET STUDIO GLAUSER'S FLORIST and 2118 Sunset Blvd. Steubenville's Leading Photographers Compliments of and Camera Suppliers GEORGE M. GILMORE AGENCY 120 N. Sth Street Phone 2-814, Congratulations McDOWELL FLOWERS fothe CLASS of 1949 Agnes Haupt - Margaret Moffitt it "Flowers By Telegraph" See the New 1949 181 N. Fourth sf. Phone 2-7311 NASH AIRFLYTE Steubenville, Ohio 42 at the BLVD. NAS H CO. at Cohen's Curve 202 Kan who jhinlw Zia Kan! O BEST WISHES TO YOU ALL IITT Launderers Cleaners . . . Since 1907 You'll Be Pleased" Congratulations to the "49ers" MONTGOMERY-PONTIAC CO. Pontiac Sales and Service 2001 Sunset Blvd. Compliments of KlRBY'S 423 Market Street Steubenville, Ohio Compliments of ' .t,, 4A,qLl' it -' S S M, 4, S Borclon Office Equipment Co. P A 14 SIMON WHITE'S SONS West Market at Brady Steubenville, Ohio Compliments of HART'S JEWELRY STORE 421 Market Street Phone 2-2031 Compliments of MORI.EY'S CLOTHES 426 Market Street vANcE HEATING COMPANY Furnaces Installed and Repaired 104 North Third Street Steubenville, Ohio Congratulations Class of '49 For Men Who Care THE PHIL-MOR Steubenville Martins Fen McGOWAN INSURANCE, INC. "Protection" 102 N. Third St. Phone 2-9708 , X , , Athletic Goods Toys Steubenville, Ohio Stationery Books Office Supplies Compliments of The Steubenville Pottery Co. 144 School Supplies 135 North Fourth Street Steubenville, Ohio Compliments of VANCE'S Gulf Service Brody Circle DARLING SHOP 508 Market Street Your Headquarters for Women's Fashions Jhio Novelty 8. Candy Company Established 1919 "Oceans of Notions" "lf lt's Seasonal Merchandise, V We Have It." 156-158 North Third St. ALL GOLD COFFEE is the best that money can buy MYER AND STONE Men's Wear 164 S. Fourth St. Dial 2-9811 KASDUM COMPANY Furniture, Floor Covering, Appliances 124-126 South Fifth Street Phone 2-9593 Compliments of THE GUY JOHNSTON LUMBER 8. SUPPLY COMPANY Steubenville 2-5373 Toronto 502 145 Congratulations! 395' l-Wk Graduating Class of '49 from 1, HATCHER'S ' Meats Groceries JOHN A. Dixon ' REALTOR - BUILDER Dial Complete Food Market Semi Self-Service 2-4071 328 N. Fifth GERTRUDE LEE CANDY SHOP Home Made Candies 2132 Sunset Blvd. 171 So. 4th St. - The Hub 5th 8- Market Dial 2-3041 Steubenville, Ohio Compliments of HADLEY FURNITURE CO. Complete Home Furnishings CONGRATULATIONS , FORTYNINERS! W. W. BORDEN AGENCY Compliments ot W. G. SPIES COMPANY Compliments of FlSl'lER'S DEPARTMENT STORE Steubenville, Ohio Compliments of . DENMARK'S Furs - Ladies' Apparel 114-116 South Fourth Street Steubenville, Ohio 146 Congratulations to the MEMBERS OF THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1949 and to all of their fellow graduates in a grand school - STEUBENVILLE HIGH SCHOOL from WEIRTON STEEL COMPANY si Authorized LI ggi? A Qgl - errl L Direct Factory Dealer COMPLETE c plqmuulh Dealer SALES - SERVICE - PARTS THE LOCKHART MOTOR CO. Stb. 2-5389 316 N. 4t h St. 147 L.OlT1pllI'l'IEIllb ul RElCHBLUM'S Your Jewelers 524 Market Street W' ..... W . le vs. 51 WV 552552215-wifi? ":f:?f2Eii2a?-fl' , . lNc. l06 NORTH FOURTH ST. . STEUBENVILLE. OHIO Steubenville Sporting Goods Cc 215 North 4th St. Steubenville, Ohio Phone 2-20C Headquarters for Ohio Valley Sportswear Compliments of BUCHANAN MOTOR CO. Compliments of THE GRAND THEATER Good Entertainment PACKARD Rec Trucks The Original Dl CARl.O'S , Famous Bread 244-246 Norlh Alh Dlcl 2-0851 255 N. 7th Street Steubenville, Ohic Phone 2-6421 14 lif' 8 The Last Word in Fashion ls Always First at RElNER'S "Steubenville's Dependable Store Since 1908" Compliments of BATES BUILDING 8. SUPPLY CO 317-322 N. Seventh Street Phone 2-4508 dex for Page :za :per left: John Downer Upper Right! Peggy Gowen econd row down: Gretchen Schreiner, Standing in 'oup picture: Jane Smith, Lois Jean Risdon, Jackie 'elday, , Nancy Lashley, Marilyn ercer, Barbara Harper, Dorothy Jones, Billie Duvall, it Montgomery, Gretchen Schreiner. Standing at ght: Dick Ellis. nird row down: Margaret Laux, Sam Delavo, Ann ltterson. turth row down: Roseann Hodgson, Jackie Spence, ld Turrentine, Mark Freeze, Ron Fraley. nttom row: Eddie Harris, Mary Cooks M 8. M HARDWARE CO. Quality Hardware Since 1914 531 Market Street Phone 2-1621 Steubenville, Ohio "T HE STORE OF OVER 10,000 ITEMS" Compliments of LAMAN PHOTO STUDIO Portraits of Distinction The Steubenville Clearing House Association Compliments of - . . . Q The Miners 8. Mechanics Savings 8. Trust Co. The National Exchange Bank 8. Trust Co. The Union Savings Bank 8. Trust Co. The Peoples National Bank Steubenville, Ohio Compliments of FELLOWS FEED SUPPLY Eastern Ohio's Largest Farm Supply Store 526 North Seventh Street Doctors Recommend It Babies Cry For It PURE MILK Vitamin "D" lt's Richer Pure Milk Corporation Steubenville Timberlake and Maior Auto Sales Co. Clean Cars General Repairing Auto Body Service Complete Complete Top Adams Street Phone 2-0638 - 2-4861 - 2-1153 149 MAY 8. LEOPOLD CO. "First with the finest in furniture and furnishings 124 N. 4th St. Steubenville, Ohio BEORGE W. McCAUSLEN 8. SON FLORISTS Fort Steuben Building Phone 2-5351 Steubenville, Ohio THE STEUBENVILLE AUTOMOBILE CLUB Compliments of THE OHIO VALLEY TOOL AND DIE COMPANY YEARBOOKS or DISTINCTION are produced by THE LITHO-PRINT CO under the direction of Wei! gowe pulhcdfiona MEDINA OHIO FINDT MUSIC COMPANY Frigidaire Electric Ranges Refrigerators Automatic Washers Electric Ironers - Dryers Hoover Cleaners American Farmers Mutual Insurance Co. Wayne Davis-Unionport 43R121 O. Dail Parrish-Steub. 4-2944 MAYER'S HARDWARE CO. Home of Sherwin-Williams Paints and Varnishes 30 N. Fifth St. Phone 2-6571 HEIGHTS PHARMACY Phone 2-8891 - 532 Lawson Avenue Steubenville, Ohio "Where Service is Pleasant" 151 COOPER-KLINE COMPANY "Ladies' Clothing" 134 South Fourth Street Dial 2-2789 Compliments of OHIO VALLEY DAIRY Compliments of THE BRANDT MOTOR COMPANY Your Buick Dealer 1439 Market Street Best Wishes LA BELLE CANDY CO. QWholesale only, Steubenville, Ohio POWELUS DAIRY "Quality Dairy Products" ,Phone 4-1521 fCream-Top Milkj GENUINE PARTS, INC. of STEUBENVILLE, OHIO I 240 N. 4th sf. Phone 2-627- Automotive Parts and Machine Shop Service STEUBENVILLE, OHIO STEEL FILING WALL PAPER EQUIPMENT STATIONERY DESKS AND CHAIRS BOOKS SCHOOL SUPPLIES OFFICE SUPPLIES DIAL 2-1 21 1 LElCY'S Prescription Specialists Fort Steuben Hotel Building and 1531 West Market 152 United Press News and Mutual Network's ace commentators, including Fulton Lewis, Jr., Cedric d Gabriel Heatter. Foster an nley's daily "Local Sports Review," and d asts of important sports of Sports." Red Do "on-the-scene" broa c events, plus Mutual Networlz's "lnside Curly Higgins' "Nite Club of the Air," "Saturday Date," "The Music Box," "Melody Hit Parade," and many other programs bring you the top tunes first. Five local news programs daily to keep you abreast of local hap- penings, Mutual Network's "Queen For A Day," "Kiwanis Club Forum," "The Ohio Story," and many other outstanding programs. our div' WSTV-'FM 103.5 Mc NSTV-AM 1340 on y 4 COVE .IEWELERS 176 South Fourth sf reet Steubenville, Ohio The H9019 of Fine Dlammlds Wishes a Happy and Prosperous Future to I All Members of the Class of "49". S-'late Automobile Juanita Mark - 'l'l'I1 Park Street Mutual Insurance Company Phone 2-6006 or 2-6601 - J. W. Beckett, Agent 5 b -H oh- 1115 Park sneer Phone 2-2681 'eu env' e' 'O lSteubenvilIe, Ohioj PIETRU DINOVO 8: SON Dodge Plymouth Fort Steuben Auto Sales 218-232 North mn, S,- S b 1 'll , ' Kaiser Frazer Dealer ,eu env' e Ohm The Most Copied Car On The Road 626-628 Market Street Dial 2-6253 Compliments of THE STEUBENVILLE HERALD STAR 0 ur Sponsors ual nd the Ann Mr. Gowe O f it on Nl9hl Tum Sta Compliments of HILLCREST CONFECTIONERY "Where friends meet" Compliments of CHERYL CLEANERS 21 so sm.-ef Blvd. Phone 4-2171 COMPLIMENTS OF FRIENDS Compliments ot WEIR-COVE DAIRY Grade A Milk Ed and Bus McCausIen, Florists 173 North Fourth Street Phone 2-4525 IHJIIYELRY' 415 MARKET ST pHQNE 21361 Compliments of HOBBY HAVEN 129 North Third Street to the Class of '49 REMY'S BAKE RY We Specialize in Birthday and Wedding Cakes 151 South Fourth Street Phone 2-5241 HILLCREST DAIRY Manufacturers of Perfectly Pasteurized Dairy Products Wholesale and Retail 1900 West Market Phone 2-7021 Steubenville, Ohio 155 156 Compliments of El.l.lOTT FUNERAL HOME 245 North Fifth Street SCOTT LUMBER CO. 620 Slack St. H. Mahon Elliott Milton cs. :anon Phone 24529 Class of '47 Follansbee 181 Weir Cove 1030 THE IDEAL FllSON STUDIO The Oldest and Largest Photographer ln Town 106 South Fourth Street Congratulations Class of 1949 Compliments of Tronti Brothers Music House 234 South Fourth Street Dial 2-5638 To Our Senior Class President There was a young fellow named Wehr Who hadn't an atom of fear. He indulged a desire To touch a live wire. l'Most any last line will do here.i By Joseph Sabah Compliments D E N M A R K ' S Appliances - Jewelry 155-157 North Fourth Street sales Ford service The Steubenville Motor-Co. "Your Ford Dealer" 250 North Fourth Street Dial 2-3689 ' Compliments of Spahn's Sweet Home Dairy 15 7 5 www" :dex for Page 129 .... A . ap row: Peggie Rasor, Bill Wehr, Helen Butte acond row down: Gerald Boehke, Barbara Harper, ominic Zinno, Glenn Bickerstaff, Marilyn Church, 'orman Lausch. 'tird row down: Mary Workman, Paul Sutton, Bill ozart, Wanda Hoover, Helen Butte Jack Tho V , mpson, h' ob Jones, Nancy Wyant. C ottom row: Nancy Lashley. In group picture, stand- ig: Anne Robinson, Pat Layne, Joanne Fisher, Myrna . ach, Pat Howard, Ann Patterson, Mary Hutchison. itting: Richard Banks, Louis Welsh, Jack Sedgewick, im Welch , , Carl Cotton. Joanna liser with unknown boy friend. Congratulations! Steubenville High School Class of '49 J 8. M SUNOCO SERVICE Spray-Foamatic and Compliments of Moto Glaze Moto-Sway Swuys Squeoks Away Eastern Ohio's Greatest Store Cars Washed, Glazed and Lubricated 209 North 3rd Street Compliments of 8 Compliments of The Fort Steuben Hardware Co C I. The Oldest General Electric ALEYSCZSXIEIMS of Appliance Dealer in Steubenville ' Y MARKET 139 136 South Fifth Street Dial 2-2783 South Fourth Street Steubenville, Ohio 59 Q-. ,uf K K as MV .Q . wk" Uyscl, 3 0 d,,,,rer X954 S She'll get it in the end rehsk el 3 Bo Ys oo" wo' vlkexmom Compliments ot ' FEl.l0WS MOTOR CO. The Oldest Reliable Auto Dealer .ly Q Q in the Ohio Valley e tl A CHE VROL E T lotf t .tttet Chevrolet and Cadillac Sales and Service AAA Emergency Service 315 South Third Street Steubenville 2-3695 W. .I. Alexander 8 Son Beall 8. Steele Phillip Burman Coca Cola Bottling Works Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Cozart Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Downer Enclich's Fashion Hosiery Shops A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Fried A Friend Grumet's Market Huston 8. Gorman Electric Co. Mr. Edward Jack Mr. and Mrs. James S. Kimble H. J. Lane 8. Company patfwna Dr. and Mrs. C. W. Lighthizer Dr. Thomas Longo Lou's Cigar Store McCoy's Shoe Store Pitassy's Men's Shop Royal Crown Bottling Co. Schaefer's Wall Paper Store Mr. Irving A. Slifkin Mr. and Mrs. Jack Spence Standard Welding Steubenville Coal 8. Mining Co. Stony Hollow Inn Mr. M. I. Sugarman Mrs. Fred Walker Wigginton Grocery Mr. Ray A. Yoder Alexander, Sally lee Anderson, Barbara Mae Anderson, lawrence Robert Archer, Clarence Harley Arthur, Barbara Jean Auerbach, Gilda Marilyn Bach, Myrna Jeanne Bair, Norma Jean Baker, Mary Alice Ball, Joan Agnes Banks, Richard Charles Barcus, William James Barrett, Carolee Gail Bechtol, Sally Elizabeth Betts, Norma Jean Bernstein, Paul Wilkof Beulxovich, Lena Ann Bickerstaff, Glenn lee Blackshere, Eunice Bernice Blair, Donald Joseph Boehke, Gerald Edmund Bolanovich, Dorothy Bonar, William Randall Borden, Barbara Ann Bothe, Wilbert Reinert Bougher, Lillian Virginia Bournos, Erma S. Boyd, Jo Ann Boyer, Nora Elizabeth Brinkley, Elspia Ann Brown, Donald Emerson Burden, Geneva Faye Butte, Helen Elizabeth Caputo, Mary Louise Carr, Lillie Belle Cartledge, Phyllis Clare Casale, Nanette Marie Cellini, Elissa Anna Chambers, Sarah Jane Checca, Rena Mary Church, Marilyn lrene Cipolla, Barbara Grace Claypoole, Thomas Hawthorne Coleman, Alma Mildred l Collaros, Mary Cook, Mary Ann Cooper, Claryne Leatrice Cooper, Shirley Mae Core, Frank Ernest Cortez, Dorothy Mae Cowan, Richard Stewart Cozart, William Ernest Culbreath, Maefatima Dalfonso, Raymond Paul D'Alonzo, William Joseph DeSantis, Judith Rose DiDomenico, Joseph Paul DiMichele, Anthony DiRosario, lawrence Joseph Dixon, William Dorohoff, Michael Daniel Dougherty, Carol Virginia gndaxj Dowling, Robert Maston Downer, John Franklin Dradt, Walter Rudolph Duncan, Donald Rae Eddy, Rose Darlene Edwards, John James Ekey, Merle Curtis Elliott, Charles Alfred Elliott, Jacqueline Rae Ellis, Carl Richard Ellis, Mary Joanne Elson, Mabel louise Emery, Mary Madeline Evans, 'Treva Ann Fetty, Patricia Lucille Fisher, Fred Harrison Floto, Marian Hilda Forrester, Donna Marie Fowler, Donald Eugene Freese, Marcus James Fraley, Floyd Ronald Gallo, Victor Anthony Garrison, William Reginald Genise, Robert Arthur Giannamore, Gentiline Anna Goff, Mary Ellen Gowen, Sarah Margaret Greenburg, Henry Adler Greer, Mildred Geraldine Gurtner, Maxine Mae Harper, Barbara Ann Harris, Barbara Ellen Harris, Edwin Fraser Harter, Jean louise Henry, Mary Elizabeth Hodgson, Rose Ann Hood, Mary Adeline Hoover, Wanda Mae Howard, Leslie Harold Howard, Patricia Anne Hunt, George Wesley Hutchison, Mary Carolyn Hutton, Phyllis Ann Ingram, Ida Mae Jarvis, Ira Alwin Jeffries, Dewitt Allen Jeffries, Elizabeth Ann Jenkins, Marilyn Loy Johnson, Freddie Jean Johnson, James Weldon Jones, Dorothy Marie Jones, Robert Marshall Jurevic, Jocelyn lee Kindsvatter, Martha Virginia Kirkendall, James louis Kirlangitis, Frank Kolin, Adelaide Joan Koon, Dolores Mae Lamberti, Frank Alexander lardas, Gust Steve lashley, Nancy Adaire Lausch, Norman Lamar Laux, Margaret Lillian Layne, Patricia Anne Leatherberry, Dolores Jean Leatherberry, Walter Eugene Lee, William Travis Leist, Joan Angela Lockhart, Mary Frances Lotzgeselle, Donna Mae Long, Patricia Louise Lulla, Dora McDonald, Joan Jean McGrew, June Arlene Mclntosh, Mary Catherine McKinney, Virginia Roberta Mclister, Ellis Lee McNeal, Donna Lee McNeil, Aline Ulrich Merrick, Bonita Merryman, Ruth Ann Miller, Adella Jane Miser, Joanna Aletha Monaco, Doris Amalia Monigold, Betty Jane Montgomery, Donald. Barry Montgomery, Patricia Louise Monti, Vincent Louis Moore, Jane Ann Morates, Stephen Morrison, Betty Ann Mowder, William Wesley Myers, Helen Kathleen Neidengard, Doris Ellen Nemeth, Anna Rose Nicholson, James Henry O'Del', Luella Jane Oliver, Jeanette Jacqueline Owesney, Thomas William Porise, Alice Lorraine Patterson, Ann Whitaker Pawlack, Helen Pearce, Alma Ruth Pifer, Irene Fay Poland, Barbara Ann Price, Edith Mae Prolago, Virginia Eleanor Prosser, David Everett Purviance, Raymond Floyd Rakich, Dushan Rasor, Peggie Jane Rebich, Stella Reed, Analie Frances Reith, Andrew Thomas Richards, John Thomas Richey, Edward Lloyd Richey, Richard Lee Risdon, Paul Kurtis Roberts, William Thomas Rogers, Emma Jane Rogers, James Rogers, Warren Franklin Rosansky, Marvin Howard Roush, Beverly Joan Runkle, Joyce Carol Sabah, Joseph Schaefer, Sara Lou Schreiner, Gretchen Ann Scott, Elaine Marie Sedwick, Jack Sheldon Sells, Dean Lyle Sisinni, Carmella Slaven, Betty Lau Slivka, Margaret Juliet Smith, Barbara Jane Smith, Marlene Alta Smith, Straughter Frederick Smittle, Jack Douglas Snyder, Wadell Denvol Soland, James Eugene Solomon, Victor Carl Spence, Jacquelyn Stacy, David Martin Starr, Stephen Edward Stetanello, Josephine Marie Stewart, Charles Ray Stokely, Lucille Ann Streon, Charles Shelby Suggs, Dolores Maxine Switzer, Barbara Lee Taylor, Daisy Marie Teaff, James Boyd Jr, Thomas, Mildred Jean Thomas, Shirley Jean Thompson, John McKee Townsend, Anna Mae Trbovich, Milva Truesdale, Robert James Tsangeos, Nick Turrentine, Robert Davis VanDine, Lawrence Edward Vatrella, Angeline Antoinette Vecchione, Carl Vergis, Ruth Georgia Vitale, Mary Wagner, Frank Jr. Warner, Harriet Lou Wehr, William W. Wells, Howard Robinson Wickham, Wierman, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Donald Eugene Paul Dennis Mary Cathaleen Mary Jane Shirley Lee Thelma Louise Willson, Dorothy Virginia Willson, Martha Anne Woods, Dolores Faye Workman, Mary Elizabeth Wright, Charles Lee Wyant, Nancy Lee Yannon, Albert Jr. Yocum, Janet Virginia Young, Max Allen Zinno, Dominic 16 6 This book has been made possible through the efforts of the Annual Staff, the senior sponsors, Miss Mildred Wheatcraff and Miss Margaret Deni- son, and Mr. Neil R. Gowe. Ann and Barbara, Co-editors 4 WNWANJ 7 .. NA . W, ,Nifty . Q x W. HW ' "M, me . .fx-::,m""f"f ,A ww My RN, mmm wW30f.l'y:N-..f V. fw, me fuwxkm WMQJQZ ny' W WM NX M ffwf.. gl WTJY t " ,. , 2 9 -M. ff 1 V,,. ,QSM 'M ,, .,n, NW f A 'wh--W.. fm -hw.m,N k Y'-W M'-. W-wr wang. w VM . 5 VX Wim xy 4 . M25 5 xx wx wig' Riff ai NM W QS! gm M. Ay: , Mm! N Sv , Q- X ml "-fb Q M fi A V22 ' V 5 ,. E51 ifigv g A R, Af . 2 4"'f" ffniiar Q-iiim -, :K B56 RED vue Sfifswr W STe'suaE?'vfSsJ.-EY 5-MGR 1 get

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