Steubenville High School - Crimsonite Yearbook (Steubenville, OH)

 - Class of 1942

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Steubenville High School - Crimsonite Yearbook (Steubenville, OH) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Cover

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Zftlm-CA 77? 277 CHM , Y V 'H " " -Y'-1-V .- , .W uh ,""' -fwv-V : Y ll ' fr L 1 5 ac K QW STEUBENV LLE I-I GH SCHOOL THE STEUBEN ir PUBLI ED THE EN CLASS OF TH S V HIGH HOOL T NVIL , O . KK X X SX THE PART PLAYED BY X-. .xg EDUCATION IN PREPAREDNESS 'RWQRKMAN BUSINESS MAN STUDENT HOMEMAKER To a friend of boys and maidens Who have known her kindly interestj Who have heard her friendly counsel: To a lady always gracious, Who with cheery morning greeting Makes the day more bright for each one: To our Mrs. Childs, retiring, Now we dedicate this Annual - And with deep regret we'll miss her. But for her we wish all joy May she cherish in her memory. Happy days and years at High School. I CI I IZEN SHIP Fostering the ideals and the purposes of education, the school is playing an increasingly important part in shaping the destiny of our beloved nation. It is preparing boys and girls for an ever- changing world. It is teaching these future leaders to become better citizens and to understand the functions of a democracy. It is giving them a greater opportunity to obtain better jobs and equipping them for highly specialized work in the future. While the preparation for future service is going on, the pupils are living real situations in the class rooms and laboratories of our modern high school. 'lfifb HOMEMAKING INDUSTRY SCIENCE CONTENTS Q wif ACADEMIC s " IEEE! f lm E 'ADMINISTRATION E. Em g FACULTY ni A -IQ g SENIOBS Q IUNIOBS Mflf' X 'af' I Nffyff 6 If If A 9 gf ,km g FOOTBALL g BASKETBALL g INTBAMUBALS ACTIVITIES g CLUBS IU , I- 'PUBLICATIONS B -' Q GOVERNMENT ,MQ Y I, I 'NIU ?e3A 1 -,' ug. I I' I ':'-7'-52, .ZA I , -F Q IX A , 5' I ' LZ' ATHLETICS II Q' Q' X' QI f I ag I - i QE 1 . 2 ,Q-1 X' 'A -' 3 X ir Q 'U' T - ACADEMIC , 1 'aslzgl , g ADMINISTRATION K 6 Gigi ig, g FACULTY Arg,-'ja I-E g SENIORS .QV 5 my Q IUNIORS E- gym fidmwn ADMINISTRATION RUSSELL E SCHAFER Supermtendent Steubenv111e Pubhc Schools Mary E Brown Rachael Freedman Andrew W Penske Margaret Boyd Nlna R Clay S1mon A Gull I B Hughes Marjone Cattell Martha C Madory Iuhet Eakm Fred C Lausch .ez A- 5 f T. W. Caskey I I ny , y S. t - , t Q b . . AND FACULTY FOREST I MICK Pr1nc1pa1 of Steubenv111e Hlgh School Bertha Creswell Walter A Edwards Chnst M Kmg Mrldred Wheatcraft Y' Iohn W S1 Paulme Kerr Margaret C Denn1son Helen H Brown Charles T MCQUIDIH W1l11am Elhs Warren M Dav1s Arthur A Mannmg QYV7 0 Q, or x Q fZa5W?w . V . ' - 1 ,. 'I A 0. - , 4 A A. T or or T . I FACULTY AND BOARD OF EDUCATION Iohn E Peterson Presldent I Henderson Evans V1ce Pres1dent Samuel Pearce Charles H McFarland Harry L Cooper Edlth Smlth Clerk Treasurer Bermce R Den1s Blanche Pnce Lora B Ch11ds Secy Myrtle L Iohnson Bess1e C Sm1th Mlfldm Nett1ng Bess L Odell E Lourse Lyons 1 Flora August Iohn A Turkopp George K Pearce Edlth Manor M11dred Bern1er Mary Tarr Bernard A Ore Paul H Wnght Lenolr Pomeroy Luella Kelly I R Thorne Eleanor Glles E11zabeth Newton Secy Kathryn Tr1bb1e Bernrce Tweed Esta L Maxwell Mrs Scott N Watt Iacob H Martm 193516 M Byers Melvm Knowlton Frances Caulheld Lillian Cochran THE CRIMSON AND THF BLACK 1-KDAPTAI ON UF PRINLLTUN 5 N11 CHQTV dh- 11 Alnhough fhro the XX hen the 5 K I fn Q m LW! ll Yale has 11.111 fu orcd 10 our long 111' Hlgll mhool 1 1 1111 carex of 1 a e Nlnnlilmnfl An he en 1- suns 1 e m 5 1l11r111 Nlmuld our dwr hupu 4 NJ ur 1 nl I lxnmx 1.1 1,1 tr11 111 dark 1 ue 111 knuw 1x1 11111 loglu vwllh 1.,rax 5 ni Il 1 l 95 T rl ll L1 11 Lrlm N011 row. are trun e 1111 to a I' NIH? l VMHK rr Q? ?1 QL ESWSZJS " iii ipl AxTg U hhi X! 'I -p-lin 5F 9 NK OWU OUT C0 win JI L 1 we un S Care ors xplen clor Nur Y C U89 H C' wn end ness A ue uv Ei? lfhll U ll turn JJ Our if Q?11x 0437 ,WWWJW V111 the H1gh Nc mol 1.11111 5 111 mu lm or d1,1r rm LJ thu e 1 1 1, gig? Id 4-Q-4-Q 4-14- V fr I .1 usb sha he d mem lhex .uk track nes hack E hh Eff? Wh h Qi em 11 H11,h Snhoml 'Il HES O h1 C run 1 And lhc Lnm sun Neath t Lf m o fin .111 1 e Bla l-1 mn le Blank am e Black lf is 4:-ps E 4 ' 4 gy C41 1,3 Word: prmrcd by Dan Vhlasnufh 4 J I W 11 W 1 1 "iq 5 1 1 11 W W11h W 1' - I PA Q , -1.5 .. 1 Wighl-h' W W WJ , , , Q' , . WW V V 1 11. -1, -. Tl 11 -1, . 1-- ll 1. ' ' f 5-L-f 1 uf Y - f' . N11 ls tl11- Nu' -1 'A ' S0 ' 3 ' ' 5 l1f1 11111 I k us, ' ' fmt ' 'W ' Y l.WW'NW W 1 1 A 1 WW W flf hh h-hhh 'h h , h h,ii 1 W h Wi" ,Wi 3 35W :QW W 4 gh 1 f--ffh-7 hh' I h h 9 l? p. p hj7 h -.17 3K,,W WW W ,g WW5 1 . W W W 3 Ng WWh, WW, WW gh? ,hi W, W 2 , WW,ii,, 'ii'lW, W W P, Ti?" ' W? " h H l l 1 J 1 U l7W"' 'hh h , lJWi,,WWl hi ' 'S . p, WWI " " ' l E h hih hh hh hh hhh 'l' hh Wi W - WWWWWiTW' ,hi W W WWW, " W ', 'W , 'i,, J 1 g 1 tl ' . of H - '11 'l' ll - ' - . S' ' As h y' - uc ' 1 0 ' I - -lvl W 'a 1 - ly seek 'pell. I A - 1-51 AW ln- - aj 111. Fnlv- F11 - fill 11 - ' W. W,--.. WW W.. W WW1 W W W -WW --W W-f--?- --1 1123 r 0 W WWWWWZW WWW WW-WW ,,,, W A WWW WWW, W W , , IQ hhh W 5 W "lf 4,3 ,WLW llll , , W: .'l" 1h . 'W ,,W, W WWWW W W Q2-Fw - ' T 1 4 1 1 1 12- 4 1 - 1 A - W,,, gw4ii,.31f11i, .Wf+3hV5W+P:f'l Q, , W4 IWW W, W WWW WW ' .W W W 1-- 1, ,W , I WWW WWW , ,W W. WWWW WW X WWW W N W 14 1 ll hhhj ,W 11.111111 W W ,WWW.,,, 1 WW .WWW fffr WHW 1 XV W 11' 'ill 1 - W - .' 1 W 01 - ll W- 11 of we 1' A 11-1-1 - 11 11 -1' , o 111 11 W l'll '1, 111 W Sllll 1 11 111 1 . 11 1 - 5 - - " -. 1 W' 1 WWWWWW, WW, W' 'jWjWW , i'lf'7 W:W QW h ' ,WW 1 , W i h W ,-,W W ffl' W f W E W i 'WT' WW, WW I , W W' , ,WWW -W - j W W- 'Y -P - - I3 -Wy W 1111 3 h 111, Wfh h 1 ,W W1,Wh W1 ,QW11 ,ihL1W -,ii WW, W if , ggitggg hh N W h . ,W W W, WWQW T ZWQ 'hhj "fi W ii W WW WWW W W W ,W ,WWWWWWWW W - W 4 I 1,,?1,W, '1-fi 'T' Y f. 'jihhh ,QWIMJJ 1 If i gh WW ,WWW W , W WW1WWWWfW,,, W ,lf W, WWWW W X.l- fh 1' suv-f l-er fill - un '1l h c. '1111 11 11- 1 1- IJ 5 W - ' - W 1 1 11 -W And 1 - '- ll S 1.15 of gh l 1 5 ,' 31- ' 1 - K n 1 th - '. VN V h f .h h hhhhhh' hhhh'hhhh'h h hh ' hh"'T ' ' "'h "hh h T ff ' " L 1 .h WW fl, WW hh". i'W,2i,Q WWW.W, Wi, 'W W W- , N ,lfli W W 'Wi AI 7' ' ' ' W' ' wh 1 I 1 . - n i F7 T' YF ,Q - :ff WWWW -WW 4, . 1 , X 1- J 2- hhhh + - ' hhhhhh. W, WW hi W ,,,,W,,,,, ,W .h W' fb , ,Fhii 1, 5',11l . P1 WWW WWWWWW1 WW W W WWW WW: W5 9 , hhhhh' p 7 hh h hhhEh,h h 1h h hh h h h h , :W gf. U111.. 111.11 11. J111111 x 11, A ' Preparahon for the Future Wrth the1r class motto 1n m1nd V1nc1t qur se v1nc1t He conquers who conquers hlmself three hundred twenty seven sen1ors wound up thexr hlgh school careers w1th the fxve people p1ctured below as thelr class officers Because of the1r enthusrastrc efforts and the trme they have grven they have made the class successful as we hke to thlnk 1t to be Holdmg the most rmportant ofhce as pres1dent of the class was Howard Rogers Howard played on the reserve basketball team 1n hrs jumor year and partrclpated 1n Intermurals as a senror As presldent he supervlsed the arrange ments for the Spr1ng prom of 1940 and asslsted rn decoratrng the gym for the Chnstmas prom of 1941 Holdmg the next offrce rn lmportance was Wanda Grafton actrng as VICS most outstandmg grrls In add1t1on to bemg V1ce Pres1dent of her class she was also Pres1dent of Home Room 303 and at the Coronatron Hop was crowned Queen of Populanty She also gave her trme to help make arrangements and decorate the gym for both proms In the senlor class play she ably took the part of Mrs Norns The offrce of Secretary was held by Adorna Celhnr She was one of the most br1l11ant students rn the senror class placmg second scholastrcally 1n th1s graduatrng group She was a member of the Math Club and also of the Iumor Red Cross Paul Clary was the Treasurer of th1s Class of 42 He was act1ve on the varsrty basketball team but hrs career ended 1n mrd term because of gradu anon He was also a member of the H1 Y Eleanor Alexander was Commrttee Woman of our class She was a member of the Iurnor Red Cross and lately placed second m the Populantl Contest Howard Rogers Paul Clary Wanda Grafton Adorna Ce111n1 1 Eleanor Alexander President. Throughout the four years, Wanda had been one of the school's xml SQFNQ ig XX? if my Elrzabeth I Adey Marjone I Arkey Mary June Anderson Clara M Bello Ruth E B1ppus Wanda B Boles Donald I Boyd Elleen R Burge Albert Wmlham Cam LaVeta V Call Iulrus C Carroccr Charlotte C Carson Ioanna Cesta Charles F. Iohn Robert Clary Venturia S. Colagjgjgg- Mary Louise Coligure Lee W. Collins Mary E. Collins Mary Iean Cooper F23 . Aff enwr la, I gggnen Fort -two Iean Mane Cortez Lou1se M Costanzo Robert M Cozart Helen V Craqle Clyde W Darly Dolores R Dayton Mary Grace DeGor1o Lyda E Dello Betty lane Denmark LOUISG Drnraco W1lma lean Dunn Dora C Ferrelh Don1s Mae Floto Dorothea M Foley Robert B Fornr Erleen L Franke Ellen T Fullwood Ruby Foster Dorothy I Garrrson Margaret T Gxbson Stephen Geor rafandrs :- Erleen L Gossett Vrrqrnra B Greer Olga Grgrch Grace E Gnffrth Prrscrlla Ann Harrrngton Wrlham R Hazencomb Betty I Hrqqrns Robert D I-locker Ida Mae Glover Eleanor V Iarvrs Rose Marie Genise Patncla F Inskee Laurabelle Jones Anna M Kalserhnq Sophla Ann Kasko Alberta L Kayser Ahce M Kell g2L12.B.M..Kennsdaa Grace E Knowles Lee Khne George C Lak1os Ruby M Lecholop W1111am C L61Sl Charles W Lodge Irene F Long Thelma E Long Harold I MCCIGIH Dorothy Mahfood Peter Manuel arles Mara os obert E Mart1n rMagg1e Mastro1ann1 M Meatns F MEIVIS Sylv1a P Meyers Donald F Mxldner Mary Ahce M1tchell Betty Iane Morqart Hazel A Muckle Iohn M Mutton Adelme F Novak Donald B Patterson M Ieanne Maderia Q t 5 . ' Semor Class 0 Edwma I Peterson Betty Lou1se Phrlhps Harry W Poole Edlth Iane Porter Lo1s Mae Robertson E11 M Rodosov1ch Marjone I Rowell Gerard A Russell Robert W Saltsrnan Mary M Satkowska Vxrgmra P Scott Ada Ieanette Sexton Dorothy V Sheple Ameha T S1c111a Iane Slomska Martha lean Sm1th Frances R Smoger Sy1v1a Spon Andrew Stanko Manan P Taham W Qeen Forty two I 35 fl lkffx enwr lass een Fort two A rea ft iv DOIIS Mae Teaff Lyda Rae Thompson Margaret W T1mber1ake Ioseph M Valeno Martha Ann Vance Robert Vand1ne Rrchard S Vaughan Margaret Von Brockdorfi Iean Audrey Wagner Eunlce I Warnoc Clara Mae Wasuleskl Betty M Watkms Mar o Paul D Welch Wanda V Wlerman Clance E WIISOD V L1111an Wmonch Davrd N Wood Olga D Yannon V1rg1n1a C Zalewskr Eleanor A Alexander Thomas I Anrn E1leen T Auerbach Ruth E Am1don Glorla I Ahrendts Wxlda M Boles Mary Delores Bucy Cathenne Bolonovxch R1chard D1x Bass Chester Brzozowskr Dorothy Iean Bates Soph1a Ann Bo1ch Donald M Bell Betty Iane Bowers Adorna L Ce111n1 Betty E Condle Paul Ioseph Clary Ruth E Cnbbs Dav1d R Cu111ns M Laura D1B1ase Edward DeAnqelo N1ck Roy Drazrck nag Mane ,Q Algssro Kathryn E Dunkle Hugh C Dodd Myram I Dempsey Fred I Davrs rancls P Dylewskg Martha Iane Ewmq Wanda Iean Grafton Dons Iean Gorsuch Mary Patricia Cope A . , . F ' . ' Murray C Greenberg Arleen Hennessy Kathenne M Hunter Lawrencel Hadobas V1ola lean Hayes Dean O Herdman Elvrra Iackrnr W11l1am G Iurevlc C Iames Mary Krmch Iane Kell Ioseph D Kuhns Brchard Q Krng Frank B Lemmon W1111am H Lambert Charles H McCausland Hester V MacAdoo Mary E McDowell Phylhs V McCue W Lawrence Garvrn Martha V Gnffrth Frankl Mroduszewskr Menelous Iohn Manos Anne F Mendelsohn Helen L Mrldner Rrchard E Maus Kathleen L Mood Eleanor H Mayers Ralph W Mantrca Allan G Moffat Alma Molesky Helen I. Lisle emor lass Dan M11osev1ch Cas1m1r Orzechowsk1 Luc111e PQVlOV1Ch Dommrca M Pusatena V1r 1n1a R Pnce Mrchael Pa1dous1s Robert W R1 ex ward A Rogerg Nlcholas Radakov1ch Madahne Roseto George M Ryder Donald R Robertson Bett Lou R1ser Lo1s V Reany Iames Robert Smxth Marjone I Smrth Robert E Sanders Rudolph S Satory Raymond B Strohl Nell Iohn Shaw ,1 Z fx f een Fort two RK 83- I ral- E enwr lass --m sg, : 31' A 1 Y Q Q Agn 24 Forty argaret H Allen Marran S Delhnger Fred Ferqhtner Vlfglnld L Herd Gabnel I Hadabos Ieanne V Hoover Ralph I Lamberh Faye H M1ller Mary Anna Mlkula Percy V Morrrs Ir Ernest R P1I'1l1 Beatnce Smlth Clalr S1nger W1ll1am Sullxvan Catherme G T11l1e Ioanna V Thom s An elo Tsan eo Charles V Taylor W1l11am L Tempest Evelyn M Updegrafi WO Doroth F Artman W1ll1am M Cros1er Mary D1Cocco Marjone I Downer Ioseph A Escalada Marjorte E Flsher Dorothy A Green Ehzabeth H Gaffney Patr1c1a L Harrlngton Lou1s Katz Margaretl Kaufman W1l11am B Levxnson Iohn McC1a1n gm Q Li Man z V1ctor W Morovxc Denver A Nutter Ioseph N Perrone Iames W Saunders W1Il1am I Schnabel V1rg1n1a M Stultz Mary Martha Thompson Dorothea A Tepovrch K Lavonne Wells 1r21n1a C WooQ Robert G Wallace W1n1lred L W11l1arns Maxeyene Welhngton Blanche A Wxgglns Dorothy M Wa1n Betty lean W11son Martha Ya1ch MGIIO A Yannon X. .2 Ra mond Applegarth Donald R Boehm Harry R Bates Io Ann Barker Iohn Clapham Dorothy Chnstner Fiosalee M Curran Margaret L Dabney Anthony P Debtlno Alfred D1Albert Nellre N Delack Andrew lay Gould George P Groit Ir Clara Wrlma Huff Walter I Habowskr Iohn Robert Iones Theresa Kuczykowskr George Katrch Thomas R. Kalinowski Robert C. Moran Norma C. Moore Paul D. Nathan Iames V. Nobile Carl Palmer Reade Peyton Phillips Eleanor E. Rohrey Iudith A. Rosati Walter P. Shekey Betty E. Stern Margaret H. Viets Charles W. Zende Senwr lass 0 Mary Io Bedford Ioseph Brrmmgham Warren S Bock Ahce Robert B Brandt Mar aret Carmrchael Helen Mane Cnsono Ruth A Campbell Betty Ruth Dczvrdson Robert M Garvln MGIIOIIG L Horns Elv1ra Hams Ioann Lenno Earl R Mlldn Thomas Eugene Murphy Eenneth May Betty Lourse Porter Roland W Sanders Ienme Trzaskoma O Louis DeLeonardis Graduates whose pictures do not appear but who were ehgrble at the "ljx ew 12-'fl X S IX? g X! Dorothy M Edwards Theodore Duchnowski Henry Gilbert Phrllip I Katrch Carl V Palmer Eugene Smarelh Iames Wilson Casimrr G Zrarko Leo Steve Baczewskr close of the first semester are: Kenneth H. Aldridge Iames Todd Belton Vincent P. Cybulski Nan ' Robert Daniel Grimm ack Arth ' iliarn R. Hazencomb Robert Dale Hocker Leroy Andrew Klein Edna Mae Lawson Madge Frances Lipke Mary K. Murphy Franklin W. Snedeker Mildred M. Swearingen Iennie Wasner Delbert K. Welch Harold W. Wilson Q enwr FOTl9f-ZZUO AND YOUR ANNUAL SERMON PROGRAM HERE PLACE YOUR COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM HERE OFFICERS Elxzabetlt Grafton Phylhs Westland Iohn W Thompson Geraldrne Qumn Io Ann Cox THE IUNIOR CLASS Although the electron of lunror class offrcers came rn the m1dst of a blazrng basketball season 1t took the l1mel1ght for days The 1un1ors elected represent atrves from each room to attend a con ference for the1r class From thrs group a temporary charrman was elected who chose the commrttees to select candrd ates to run for class ofhces Suggestrons were also 1n order as to a class motto and a symbollc flower From all of thrs prehmmary work a ballot was prepared upon wh1ch the junrors voted They took the1r electlon senously and the sentors gave the1r advrce twanted or notl Who would be elected and why was the ma1n quest1on of the school lack Thompson who was sharrng honors on the basketball team took the lead rn the electron as Pres1dent of th1s torthcomrng class Ehzabeth Grafton most dependable slster of Wanda who 1S th1s year s V1ce Pres1dent obtarned the same ofhce as her stster Io Ann Cox one of the schools most art1st1c and 1nd1v1dual1st1c students was elected to the oft1ce of Secretary Geraldme Qumn the g1rl wlth the lovely volce captured the ofhce of Treasurer Phylhs Westland very actrve and popular was chosen Commrttee Woman The yumors decrded that the1r class colors would be royal blue and whrte the1r flower the Arnerlcan Beauty Rose and the1r motto 'Post nobes sol After the clouds the sun We of the senror class des1re to wrsh these newly elected leaders and the students they represent lots cf luck We feel sure however that rn such capable hands as those of the1r chosen offlcers that even though the luck may be bad the lumor class w1ll succeed' A 1 V . . . I 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 I 1 ' ' ' I 11 11 - 1 , , 11 1 . 1 11 11 I . 1 1 1 - - - 1 - . . . 1 1 . Charles W Agxn Raymond Agresta Edwln Akers jr Mary Albaugh Ellen E Albrlght Robert G Aldrrdge Sophra V Alex Betty jean Allen Rachel Amos Betty E Arderson Levxo D Antollm Raymond Applegarth Kenneth F Armltage Dorothea Arthurs Mxke Assrmemos Robert M Ba1l1e Ida Mae Ball Frances Balor Eleanor G Banks Merle Barry Betty jane Bassow Edward W Bauchnecht Thomas George Beard Agnes J Bednarek Davld J Belasco Betty J Belknap Claudxa Bello W1ll1am J Berarduccl Marlan L Berkey L1ly Nlcolena Blanco Elsle Blrell Wllbert Bjorklund Regxna M B1 nkely Georgene M Blanchard George M Borden Sherwm Paul Bosse Bernard C Bradlev Ralph Lee Brandt Kathryn A Brmdley Floyd James Broady Danlelj Brondos Mlldred P Brondos Paul B Brondos Mary A Burchiield Frances J Burns Marjorlel Burns Thomas P Came W1lma A Call Betty C Calland Alvm R Calvert Vlfglnla A Campbell Florence V Cash Aloslus B Chllenskx john Cho1ceJ Betty E Chrlstman Elxzabeth Chzanowskl Margaret E Church Elmer E Cxcone john I Cllfton Wxlllam Contes jack Cook Robert R Cook Betty J Cooley Jean A Cooper Rose E Cordaro Catherme E Ccx JoAnn Cox Wxlfred L Cox Cathenne C Cranmer Helen M Crxsarxo W1ll1am R Cunnxck Catherme V Currance Dorothy W Dahlem Dora E DalBosco Vlrgmla M DAless1o Mary Damls Rocco D Amlco Margaret D Annlballe Mae Danver Clement Dasch Betty R Davldson Charles Dav1s John W Dav1s M1chaelL Dav1s Eleanor I DeCesare Mary E DeCesare Wrllxam DeFallo James L DeLeonard1s Raymond DeMatt1a Amaleta DeSant1s Lols M Dickson Rlchard J Dlmlt Katherlne DIDIBCO Allce D1Palma Nxck D1Stefano Betty Rae Dobbs Emma M Dobczy Wxlham N Drazlc Elsle May Dreyer Rose E Dreyer Cormne M Duffee Thomas E Dunley Mary M Dylewska Almee H Eaton Delores Edroso Wllllam I Edwards Ehzabet'-1 Elxsh Barbara Elson Martha C Erwm Lowell K Everley Russell U Farrell Lols M Ferguson Marlon V Fetty Frank R F1gl1ol1 Charles K Flrm Ruth A Flrm Betty L Flsher Fred W Flsher Lawrence Fleming Cecll J Fletcher Jean E Floto Lo1s M Floyd Lloyd F Foley john Delatore 'TILL' we? JUNIOR CLASS Vlrglma M Forcone Dorothy G Fowler Scott G Freeland Loren R Freshwater Robert Freshwater Mnke Gallo FrankJ Gamble Darrell G Gaylord Paula A Gesmger Eugene H Gemse Wllllam George Margaret N Glbson Antsnette Gilbert Stella Gzpalo Archre Glasgow Nma C Goehrmg Nancy E Goldsmrt Robert G Goodchxld Grace E Gouker Ehzabeth M Grafton Irene A Grajewskl Jack M Grant Vance Edward Gray Estella E Greenberg Donald L Gregory Nlck Greskovlch Ruth L Grxmm Ellen M Grossman Rose Mane Gugllelmx Reba Marie Gunn Charles R Guttadore Walter J Habowskl Phyllls C Haddow Mary C Hall Earl E Harding Jayne Harrls Mar1or1e L Harrls Theodore R Harris Betty I-Iastwell Glorla M Henry John C Henry Louls C Herm andez Phyllrsl H1xenbaugh Dean E Hood Jane E Hoover James W Horner Helen B Horvlath AudreyM Howcroft Odene Hunt Dale C Hutton Leroy Hyman Marjorie I Iler Marv L Ingram Marjorie J Irwm Joseph J Jacobs Catherme Jcnes Lawrence Jones John G Kam Irene S Kalatta Martm B Kaplan Mary Katlch Stella Kefalos W1ll1am H Krntosky Leroy A Klem Emory E Knowles Jeanette Kompart Lazarus L Kotur Helen A KTIVISKI Sarah J Krmch Laura T Kulmacz Paul T Kumckx Emrly Kusera Paul R Lambmg W1ll1am Lee Lang James Laslo Walta Dawn Lawler Emma Lou Lawrence Richard Lawrence Frederick R Leon E110 Leone Jean Levmson Jack Lewls John W Lewls Dons A Lxghthlzer Jeanne E Lloyd Martha J Lodge Fred L Lowe DanteM Lucxan James McClaxn Nancy A McCleery Elmma McCloskey Eleanor J McCune Janet C McDowell Rob Roy MacGregor Sam Anthony Macre Helen M Majeros Mary Mandlch Menelaus J Manos Gabriel Manm Wxlllam Austm Maris lacquelyn D Mark James D Marsh Dorotha J Martm Guldo Mastromnl Charles W Mathes Jack Ed Maus Kenneth May Ida Lewrs Melghen Lucille Merxck Armando D Mlcuccn Walter F MICCZKOWSKI Ross Mlke George A Mxller Marne E Miller Ruth K Mxller Lester L Mllls Susle Mxlls Martha MllOS8VlCh Josephme C Mlser Margaret J Mary Jane Murray Amelia T Musxtelll William C Myers Julius E Nagy Thelma K Newburn Vlolet M Nlchols Maybelle Nlcholson Charles W Nunley Wenonah E Ochsendorf Edward M OLeary Berna W Ollver Carl V Palmer James J Panaccx Marjone H Parrxsh Clarence E Pearce Katherme Perry Bob Peters Mur1elE Peter son Glorla Petrella Wxlham H Please Mary Polovma Wensel L Poole Davld W Powers Elizabeth B Pryer John Puhowsky Wanda L Puzlo Joseph A Quattrone Geraldine Quinn Dan Radakovlch Mlldred Radulovlch Mabel Jean Rakanac Dean D Raklch Ann Ralxch Helen M Reed John M Reld Joseph Remy Mae Anna Rlchards Elsie H Roberts Chaytor L Robertson Margaret Rocknage Edward Rogers Thomas Donald Rucker Betty Ryan John Frank Saggxo William E Sanders Rudolph S Satory Corrme F Schmldt Nellie M Schnabel W1ll1am Schoppe Betty J Schwartz Dons Mae Scott Ellen K Servals Agnes E Severml Frank Sferella Ruth V Shernlsky John Shipley Wxllxam Slmmons Louls H Slmpson Douglas H Sizemore Harold W Stacy June M Starr Paulme E Steen Barbara Stuart Jack M Stuller Frank A Sullivan Raymond Sutula Frank H Swentzer Frank L Swxckard James Forrest Taylor Wrlham A Taylor Robert James Tempest Betty Jane Thomas Edward D Thompson Jean M Thompson John W Thompson Julletta Thompson Francis Threnhauser Jr Lewis Tltus Joseph Toplch Madeline M Travis Frances L Trotter Jenme Trzaskoma Mary Trzaskoma John M Tsangeos Stella Tsanges Theodore H Turner V1rg1n1a Lee Twyford Elizabeth Vaughn Daxsy Vern Dorothy Veltman Ruby Vergrs Harold CJackJ Votey Mllan Vukelxc James V Waddell Betty Jane Walker Nelda Walker Gerald Wells Paul Wells John A Welsh Phyllns Westland LeMoyne H Whlte Laura E Wlggms Ruby E Wxgglns Clarence R Wllllams Helen K Wxlllams Rlchard N Wxlllams Vlolet L Wrlllams Wllllam D Wxlson Judxth J Westlake Anme L Wmland Cecella Wmovrch John C Wlse Edward J WIEKOWSKI Ada I Woods Anna May Woods Rose Mary Woods Hugo J Yannon Vercnlca Yashko Sam M YUYICIC Peter A Z1zes,Jenn1e A Zobosky Vmcent J Zuk Charles V Zumpano V . Q ' ! , ' I. ' ' 7 . ' . ' ' . . ' h . ' '. , , I . , ' . . , . . 1 , ' , ' , 1 ' , U 1 1 ' 1 , . , s , . . ' , . ., ' ' " ' ' 1 . .' . ' . . , - 1 I - l 1 1 . - 1 . l , 1 - 1 ' 1 ' ' , . . I , - 1 - s ' as l . , . 1 1 , 1 , l ' 1 V ' l , . ' , 1 , . , , . ' . ' l r 9 ' ' ' . 1 ' Q Y D I . ' , . 1 l , . s . ' , . , . , Y . 1 , 1 , 1' I , 1 , 1 1 ,1 1 ' , , , , . g . . Q , . , - . , . Y ' V 7 ' Y D ' . l 1 , 1 , 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 . ' Y , I , 1 1 , 1 1 , ' ' ' . ' . .' ' ' , . , , , . , . Moody, Elizabeth J. Morovic, George E. Morris, Alfred J. Murray, Betty Jane Murray. , . , . ' , . , U. . . ' . ' ' ' . ' ' ' . ' ' . ' ' . . ' . ' . ' ' ' . - , - , . , . . , . .' . ' ' . . ' . ' . ' ' ' 1 '1 y 1 , , . U 1 ! ' 1 ' i D . ! . , . . 1 1 1 , , J 1 , 1 v 1 1 ' l ' - 1 ' - . v ' ' 1 . v - 1 1 , 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 D 1 .y , . . ' 5 I 1 ' y I . 1 1 , . , . . 1 ' ' Y D .1 1 ' . l ' ' ' 3 1 ' ! 1 1 ' . l ' . ' . ' . ' . ' 1 ' 1 V ., , ' , ' ' ' . . 1 ' . ' ' ' ' ' . ' ' . . ' l . ' , , . , . , ' ' '. : ' . .' ' ' v v , .1 1 , , 1 . 1 I , 1 . 1 1 , 1 1 l ' v l. 1 , . 1 l l . l . y 1 I , ' I. ' ' ' . ' . ' . ' ' 1 1 . . , 1 1 , 1 g S H S SCHOLASTIC HONORS The followmg puplls compnse the upper thxrd of the Class a pos1t1on tradmonally assocrated w1th scholast1c honors and 1nd1cat1ve ot rntellectual achrevement Ehzabeth I Adey Glona I Ahrendts Kenneth H Aldr1dge Eleanor Alexander Margaret H Allen Thomasl Anm E1leen T Auerbach Amanda I Barker Donald M Bell Ruth E B1ppus Warren S Bock Betty I Bowers Elleen R Burge Margaret L Carm1chael Adorna L Cel11n1 Dorothy M Chrlstner Mary E Collms Mary I Cooper Robert M Cozart Rosalre M Curran Anna M D A185510 Myram I Dempsey Betty I Denmark Mrldred L D1B1ase Nlck R Drazrck Ioseph A Escalada Martha I Ewlng Dora C Ferrelh MGIJOIIG E Flsher Doms Mae Floto Robert B Form Dorothy I Garnson Robert M Garv1n Grace E Gnfhth George P Grott, Ir Gabrrel I Hadobas Patr1c1a L Harnngton Arleen L Hennessy Ieanne V Hoover Clara W Huff Frances P Inskeep V1rg1n1a C Iames Eleanor V Iarvrs Laurabelle Iones Ph1l1p I Katrch Alberta L Kayser Marjonel Kell Grace E Knowles Wlllldm R Lambert RalphI Lambert1 Ruby M Lecholop Frank B Lemmon Ioann Lenno Madge F Lrpke Charles W Lodge Irene F Long Hester V McAdoo Iohn McCla1n Phyll1s V McCue Mary E McDowell Dorothy Mahfood Magg1e Mastrolannr Eleanorl Mayers Sylv1a P Meyers Donald F Mrldner Faye H Mrller Stephen G Georg1afand1sDanny R Mllosevrch Margaret T Grbson Kathleen L Moody Wanda I Grafton Edwmal Peterson V1rg1n1a B Greer Betty L Phllllps Edmth I Porter V1rg1n1a R Prlce Dom1n1ca M Pusaterr Nrcholas Radakov1ch Lo1s M Robertson Howard A Rogers Madelrne Roseta Mary M Satkowska A Ieanette Sexton Clarre Srnger Beatnce Smlth Marjonel Smrth Franklm W Snedeker Betty E Stern V1rg1n1a M Stultz Mrldred M Swear1ngen Mar1an P Tal1an1 Charles V Taylor Dor1s M Teaff Margaret W Tlmberlake Angelo Tsangeos Evelyn M Updegraff Ioseph M Valeno Martha A Vance Margaret Von Brockdorff Iean A Wagner Dorothy M Wa1n E'L1I11Ce Warnock Ienme Washner Clara M Wasulesk1 Kaye L Wells Wanda V Wxerman Clance I Wllson Davrd N Wood Casrmrr G Zrarko 1 , . . . SENIOR PERSONALITIES George Groit George IS the Pres1dent of the Stuaent Counc1l Pres1dent of Home Room 304 and on March 27th he was crowned K1ng of Populanty As1de from hold1ng 1mportant ofhces he was outstand1ng as a vars1ty basketball player HIS alm 1n l1fe IS to be an eng1neer and he certa1nly has the schools good w1shes beh1nd h1m He IS undoubtedly an out standlng boy ln the sen1or class lane Edlth Porter S1tll water runs deep' We more or less assoc1ate the old adage w1th Iane She IS Ed1tor1nCh1ef of the B1g Red Beacon and Pres1dent of the Iournahsm Club She IS also very act1ve 1n the Glrls Athletlc Assoc1at1on lane too has one of the 10 h1ghest averages 1n the sen1or class Her amb1t1on 1S to be a school teacher A l1ttle g1rl who can take a great deal of respons1b1l1ty Thomas Anm Always ready w1th a sm1le Tom 1S a member of the Gosh Club and also of the Iumor Red Cross He IS a very br1ll1ant young man plac1ng thlrd 1n the sen1or class We have all l1stened to Torn s magnetxc vo1ce over the a1r on the regular school broadcast As our student announcer he 1S a defmtte cred1t to the school Toms amb1t1on 15 to become a radlo announcer Madehne Roseta Valed1ctor1an of the sen1or class rank1ng hrst of 327 students Her average tor the four years was 96 7 She has brought many honors to the school because of her br11l1ancy and recently captured hrst place 1n Iefterson County 1n the state scholarsh1p test She 15 a member of the Math Club and also the Iun1or Red Cross Along w1th everyth1ng she had to do she st1ll had t1me to be everyone s fnend' Ieanette Sexton Ienny lS another br1ll1ant student, rank1ng fourth 1n the class She also ranked h1gh 1n the county scholarsh1p tests Ieanette IS an act1ve member of the Iumor Red Cross and last year was one ot the delegates to the Nat1onal Red Cross Conventlon 1n Washtngton D C Ienny 1S tak1ng the part of M1ss Slocum 1n the enrar play Her amb1t1on IS to be a Pubhc School Mus1c teacher . . , . . 1' 1 , . , . . . . . . . . . ,, . ,, . . . . . . , - 1 1 . . . . . 1 . . . . . 1 . . . , . L 1 . . . 1 . 11 11 - . . . . 1 ,, ,, . . . . . . . S NINE YEARS FROM NOW' We see lean Dunn 1n a nurse s umform takmg the temperature of admrrmg men and grateful women We w1ll hear our chrldren speak of Ted tDuch1nJ Duchnowsk1 as therr chem lstry teacher Scotty Pavlovrc w1ll be a glamorous rockette on the New York stage B1ll Crosxer w1ll be shootmg laps from a U S plane Pat Harr1ngton w1ll step mto Dorothy Gardner Kmght s shoes m the golfmg world Thomas Arrm w1ll be announc1ng the lack Benny program and grvmg a boost to the 7 dehcrous flavors Phyll1s McCue w1ll be the lovmg and devoted w1fe of a certarn Bob Hatcher Paul Clary W1ll be coachlng football at Notre Dame under the mckname of Perk rather than Knute Madel1ne Roseta w1ll be teach1ng mathematlcs to a group of 1ntell1gent students Chester Brozowskr w1ll be operatmg a mmt Brown1e Bo1ch w1ll be modehng rn a brg New York department store lack Harns w1ll be rece1v1ng dxvldends on h1s 1dea An Easler Way To Loaf We see Betty Porter as a da1ry mald on a farm on Route 22 Howard Rogers as a member of the House of Representatxves mak1ng a motron that the pages be grrls pretty grrls Io Ann Barker w1ll be smgmg Wllh a famous orchestra as the second Bonnre Baker Lou1se Cohger WCf1l11'1g at the door for her husband fl KD to come home rn h1s yellow convertlble Larry Garvln as the second Henry Aldnch on the rad1o leanette Sexton w1ll be teachmg mus1c to young ch1ldren Bob Iones wrth a m11l1on dollars made from h1s many arrplane mventxons Martha Vance w1ll be grvrng Culbertson a few pomters on contract bndge Kenneth Aldnch w1ll be elllng refngerators to the Esklmos Nancy Elllott W1ll be the owner and manager of H1llcrest George Groft W111 be teachlng eng1neer1ng at Carnegle Tech Kay Hunter w1ll be looklng sweet 1n a bndal gown saymg I do to a handsome dark haxred Iames Overholt Gerard Russell the boy w1th the n1ce vo1ce w1ll be takrng Raymonds place on the Inter Sanctum program Bonnle Wells w1ll be help1ng Petty wrth h1s p1ctures Ioe Perrone w1ll be famous as a boxer Charlotte Car on and Betty Stern w1ll be wntmg Jmgles for Burma Shave Tony Dent1no w1ll stxll be thr1ll1ng basketball fans w1th h1s beautlful long shots Ruth Campbell w1ll be w1nn1ng pr1zes for her cakes and also pleasmg Bob Fudgle Sanders w1ll be drawlng ammated cartoons for the movles and leadmg a band 1n the Brown Derby when he has some spare txme Munel Peter on w1ll be help1ng her chlldren wxth then' Enghsh so they can make 100s too IIGSSIS Iames w1ll be trymg to declde whrch man to accept Martha Thompson w1ll be on shampoo ads as the g1rl w1th the beautlful ha1r Fred Ferghtner w1ll st1ll be avoldrng brunettes who want a chance w1th h1m Mary K Murphy w1ll be racmg her husband rn town both 1n new Buxcks I . , . . . . . . . - I . . u U - - 1 ll ll II ll . . . . . . - - If . u n . . 1: 1 S . . . . . . ,, ,, 1 I , - . . . . . . , I 1 - - - -- ff n c H . S I , . , . ,, .... THE CLASS WILL WE THE CLASS OF 1942 BEING OF GRADUATING AGE AND SOUND MIND AND MEMORY DO MAKE PUBLISH AND DECLARE THIS OUR LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT HEREBY REVOKING AND ANNULING ANY AND ALL WILLS BY US MADE HERETOFORE Wanda Grafton leaves her charmrng personalrty to her 1ster Ellzabeth Howard Rogers leaves h1s ofhce as presrdent of the class 1n the capable hands of Iack Thompson Ieanette Sexton bequeaths her oratoncal ab1l1ty to Dorothy Fowler Marshall Kennedy leaves h1s place on the football team to B111 Snyder Larry Hadobas leaves h1s way w1th the women to Ed O Leary Anna Mary Krmch w1lls her frankness to Margaret Church Casmrr Z1arko leaves h1s ab1l1ty to make those 2 pornts when they are needed most to Edd1e W1tkowsk1 Thomas Ar1m w1lls h1s srlent w1sdom to Bob Ba1l1e E I Mayers w1lls her way w1th the men to Betty Calland Bob Sanders leaves h1s laugh to Iohnme Crlss Madel1ne Roseta leaves her place as Valed1ctor1an to whoever IS bnlhart enough to take her place Bob Garv1n leaves h1s place 1n Student Councll as mot1on maker to Iohn Delatore M1 Dempsey w1lls her Bubble Gum to Mr Mart1n B111 Lambert bequeaths h1S ab1l1ty to ptterbug to W1lbert Bjorklund Kay Dunkle leaves her beautrful long eyelashes to lane Hoover George Groft leaves h1s place as Popular1ty K1ng to-I cant tell you that s Dorothy Shepler w1lls her pretty clothes to Ianet McDowell D1ck K1ng w1lls h1s two pretty g1rl fnends to why would he want to QIVG them away? Erleen Auerbach leaves her unnecessary 1nfer1or1ty complex to anyon who 1S overbearmg Bob Clary leaves h1s excellent trans1at1ons 1n VIIQII to Clement Dasch MGIIOIIS Alkey leaves her beaut1ful VOICE to Manan Berkey Ventur1a Colapretro w1lls h1s pos1t1on as Ed1tor1nCh1ef of the Annual to anyone who 11kes to wr1te t1ll the m1dd1e of the mornrng Ann Harrrngton leaves her many parrs of shoes to Em11y Kusera Torchy Von Brockdorft W1llS her beaut1ful red ha1r to Frances Balor Frank Lemmon w1lls h1S ab1l1ty to get good grades 1n everythmg to Iohn Puhowsky Mary McDowell w1lls her ab1l1ty to play the prano to Ieanette Kompart Steve Georglanfandrs w1lls h1s ab1l1ty to convlnce to B111 Edwards Martha Ew1ng w1lls her srncere sweetness to Betty Belknap Ph1l Kat1ch w1lls h1s good grades and h1s ab1l1ty to play basketball to B111 Cunnrck Margaret Tlmberlake w1lls her pretty blond ha1r to Io Ann Cox Don Bell w1lls h1s part 1n the sen1or play that of a father to Bob Garv1n WE THE CLASS OF '42 HOPE YOU ACCEPT WILLINGLY WHAT HAS BEEN WILLED TO YOU AND THAT YOU PUT THESE CHARACTERISTICS AND QUALITIES TO THEIR BEST ADVANTAGE-THE CLASS OF 42 , . , . . S. I . . ' ll ' Il I . . . . . . ,, . ,, - ' ll ' ll . . '. . . H . H - - - 1 . 1 . the Beacon's job! ll ll ' ' ' . I E. . 2? I s ww ?' X Q , .tw , + n X -L . Q2 . H. r 1, ' . Q A K 9 7 ' v ....-,. . M- 1 ' OW ' I i 5. 7, ,, U ' Sl A f 4v 'Q' ...Q 5 A ' s . 5 X .Q fag GJ' ' SX 'S L. , 1 ' t R J M A A . .ls-Xu K 2 - 'li "A 7 ,uw 2 A , - t. 1 '. A .. - 5 y if fw' ff ?rl.gtf?, any Q -3 ' ,. I , .4 1, ffl! 1 f" ff , 5 1 r f' ,T ' K x 1. 5'Y rn gwww W K 33 'Rf I Am ff Qi M n , ,Q i v so s .. W - ,. x' .L , x as 4 Ng W Q-A I at 2 ff. E353 w ,aw 22 m ' , ,J A ,Q 2' 0 -K .5 4, f Y '1 1, I E1 5, . 13 item v H fr-an 2. X 54 Dm , '53, ATHLETICS g FOOTBALL g BASKETBALL 5 INTRAMURALS g MINOR SPORTS COACH KNOWLTON The FGOTBALL SEASON 1941 witnessed the beginnrng of a new era in Steubenvrlle High School football history Last season opened under a new coaching regime headed by Melvin Knowlton a graduate of Massillon High School in 1933 and of Miamr University in 19.57 Mr Knowlton was named Head Football Coach and Director of Athletrcs and Physical Educatron He was assisted by Howard Brinker who was formerly his aide at Massrllon Robert Brertenstem from Cincinnati and Bill Ellis who came to us from Shadyside in the fall was a tremendous one Graduation and 1nel1g1b1l1ty had wreclfed the hopes for a spectacular season and the coaching staff played many soph omores and juniors with an eye to the future seasons The opening of the football season was as usual a hrgh spot rn Steubenville High School activity though the 1941 season was approached with much more suspense In spite of limited preparation the Stubbers opened the program with a thrilling win over Columbus Central 14 2 This was the 13th straight game in which the Brg Red has whipped the Capitol C1ty eleven The Stub eleven came back in the last quarter to score two touchdowns after trailing by a slim 2 0 margin The Crimson then trounced Dayton Stivers 33 13 The following week the Big Red suffered its frrst defeat of the season at the hands of a strong Akron South team 7 0 It was in this game that Captain Mike Patdousrs 1n1ured hrs knee and was forced to stay out of service for the remainder of the season 'Ihe Crimson lost the rest of its games Bellaire S H S 19 6 Massillon S H S 58 0 Youngstown Rayen S H S 19 O Canton McKinley S H S 54 8 Martins Ferry S I-1 S 55 B and Alliance S H S 19 7 For the records the Steubenville grid combine won two games and lost seven scoring 72 points against the opponents 246 The 1941 season marked the end of the high school football career of nine Big Red gridders These mne rnclude Paul Clary David Cullins Clyde ' ,Ly V 19 , E. . l . . I I . . . t . . With no spring practice having been held, the task facing the new coaches BIG RED GRIDMEN Mike Paidousis Ioe Panacci Guido Mastroianni Dave Cullins Dohrman Doggett Don Gregory Lee Klein Richard King Marshall Kennedy George Kopras Richard Lashley Robert Miller Wensel Poole Iames Smith Lemoine White Da1ly Marshall Kennedy D1ck Kmg Lee Klem M1ke Pa1dous1s Wensel Poole and I1m Smlth Even though S H S lost n1ne senloxs lt st1ll has several letter men and also many expenenced playe s for the commg season Iudgmg by the squad wh1ch 15 out for spnng pract1ce a ogod team 1S 1n much heavler faster more expenenced and w111 have much more 1nd1v1dual talent than the 1941 team The new coaches lnstalled a completely new system 1nto the1r play and had had too l1ttle t1me last fall to set th1s system 1nto a smooth workmg cond1 t1on Football 1S an endless race aga1nst t1me and must be mastered by constant repet1t1on Through th1s, the coachmg staff wlth spnng dnlls for the 1942 squad hopes to bu11d a team that w11l Wm adm1rat1on for every member of the Steu benv1lle schools prospect for next tall. Barring unforseen difficulties, the 1942 squad should be The BASKETBALL SEASON B111 E111s 1n hrs second year at Steubenvllle Hlgh School coached the Blg Red cagers to one of therr best seasons cmd to Steubenvrlles hrst d1str1ct champronshrp The 194142 season record showed 15 v1ctor1es agalnst hve det als The Stubbers trounced 1Vl1nqo 51 24 to rnaugurate the season and then took a close one from Akron South by a 43 40 count For therr frrst away game the Cr1mson handed Scottdale Pennsylvanra a 53 32 lacmg and next took revenge upon Allxance for last year s overtrme setback by bumpxng the AV1G1OIS 33 24 Follansbee and Wellsvrlle fell by scores of 6017 and 55 33 respectxvely In revenge for another overtlme loss of last season Coach E111s passers nlpped the Wexrton Red Rlders 35 32 on the home floor The Brg Red 1ourneyed then to Toronto where the Red Knrghts broke the Stub seven game wlnmng streak by a core of 26 32 At home agaln the Cr1mson spllled Brldge 29 38 count but returned home to defeat East Lrverpool 35 25 The Brg Bed passers then lourneyed to Martrns Ferry for thexr closest game of the season Tra1l1ng by 12 polnts at the three quarter mark the Purple Blders came back 1n the last perrod to hand the Stubbers therr thlrd setback by a 46 47 margrr The Cr1mson lost 1ts only home game ro Bellarre 38 42 and then returned to the w1n column by trouncmg Wellsvxlle 5131 on the latters floor The Stubbers enjoyed sweet revenge when Martms Ferry vlstted Steubenv111e to rece1ve thelr frrst loss ln 38 games 48 39 Thrs vrctory was slgmflcant rn that the Purple, Coach Elhs Zrarko Kmg, Thompson Sutula Hadobas Manager Yur1c1c Hyman Dent1no Mastorranm W1tkowsk1 Golembeskr port 58-39. At Tiltonsville the Stubbers were handed their second defeat by a Rrders had captured the 1941 state crown and had rematned undefeated smce the Crlmson had spxlled them last sea on The Brg Reds were handed the r worst defeat of the season 33 51 by East Llverpool One of the most thrlllmg games was when on the home floor Steubenv1lle n1pped the Toronto Red Kmghts 42 40 The Stubbers remamed undefeated for the rest of the1r regular schedule beat1ng MIHQO 64 33 Wellsvrlle 57 24 and Bndgeport 37 28 In the sect1ona1 tournament at Toronto the Stub cagers were pa1red off wrth Wellsvrlle Toronto drawmg a bye The Crlmson bumped them m order by scores of 43 21 and 54 34 respectrvely In d1str1ct competrtron on the Steuben v111e floor the Stub qu1nt aga1n met Mart1ns Ferry and came out on the long end of a 50 35 count The Elhsmen encountered a pnrned Bndgeport team tn the fmals and captured Steubenvrlle s hrst d1str1ct class A champronshrp by a 44 42 score The B1g Red cage comb1ne journeyed to Denmson for the regronal tourney and rn another close contest the Cambrrdge outf1t ehrnmated the Stubbers 40 43 The result of tournament play the B1g Red a complete season s record of 19 v1ctor1es and s1x defeats scormg 1134 po1nts to thetr opponents 846 For the1r 25 games the Stubbers pumped 1n an average of 142 po1nts per mmute Cas Z1arko Larry Hadobas and Tony Dentmo were holdovers from last season s varsrty whxle Ph11 Kat1ch Dtck Krng and Gurdo Mastro1anm also saw some varsty servtce on the 1940 41 team The 1941 42 season opened wrth Cas Z1arko Larry Hadobas Drck Krng Tony Dentmo and George Groft Phrl Kat1ch Paul Clary Ralph Lambert1 and lack Thompson rounded out the vars1ty Wlth m1d year graduat1on the loss of Groft Katrtch and Clary effected the mtroductron of Ray Sutula to the frrst frve The tournament team rncluded Tony Dentmo Larry Hadobas Dlck Kmg Ray Sutula Cas Z1arko Eddte Golem beskt Leroy Hyman Gurdo Mastrroannr Iack Thompson and Edd1e Wttkowskr These ten players and Coach B111 Elhs recerved 1nd1v1dual troph1es for ther tournament performance Cas Z1arko was the 1ead1ng 1nd1v1dua1 scorer for the Crrmson nettmg a total of 320 for the season or an average of 12 8 po1nts per game H dobas and Dentmo were next wrth 241 and 178 respect1ve1y The Steubenv111e reserve squad performed admrrably comp111ng a record of 18 w1ns agamst two losses both of whrch were to the Mart1ns Ferry reserve team The httle Stub ran up a stnng of 11 w1ns before Mart1ns Ferry trrpped them 22 27 The Btg Red re serves rang up two more wms and aga1n the Purple Rrders gaxned the long end of cz 3341 count The Cnmson seconds fmrshed the season tn fme style totahng 853 to then opponents 507 Here the managers take a bow and give us a smrle These lads have been qutte effxctent and have won the approval of Coach Elhs and of the team Managers Sam Yurxcxc Loren Fre hwater Harvey Doggett S - 1 I - I ' 1 - I - I , . . I 1 - 1 . . . . . . , 1 . 1 . 1 1 1 ..... . . . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I - I I I I I I I ' 1 1 1 1 - 1' 1 . N I a bt . .1 1 . , S . . . . ,' 5 1 'I' ' X 1 in Al . . . tw V , 1 1" ii INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL This year the intermural games were hotly contested and upsets were as frequent as they were unexpected The playing of some of the boys at times was almost of the calibre of our varsity players Many of the games played were won by narrow margins thus showing that competition was always great However the Senior A s had the best of the going at all times and although they dropped one game to the Senior B s they were victorious in the1r playoff game with the Senior B s The members of the benior A squad are as follows Player manager Ioe Perrone Paul Clary George Groft Charles Nunley Percv ILIIIVIC The Senior A s were greatly assisted in their championship quest by Groft and Clary who became ineligible for varsity cornpetltion at the mid term Not to be forgotten are the Semor B s who finished second always yust nipping at the championship heels of the Senior A s Fletcher Brown Nunley CIOSISI Edwards Clary Groft, Perrone Iurevic Samarrelh Brown, Bill Edwards, Bill Crosier, Cecil Flecter, Eugene Smarrella, and Bill CHEERLEADERS Th1S year heralded the 1ntroduct1on of erght new cheerleaders under the d1rect1on of Mr Mart1n a new member of the h1gh school faculty The 1942 squad was selected from a group of more than forty students who appl1ed for places as B1g Ped cheer leaders Many hours of practrce were spent by these students to perfect a style of cheer lead1ng that has won admlratxon not only 1n our own school but also throughout the valley The larger number of cheer leaders made necessary the purchas1ng of new umforms Many new cheers were rntroduced both by members of the squad and by the student body lean Hayden a freshman l1kes cheenng very much and hopes to retam her place on the squad next season lean has a way w1th the mascul1ne sex that br1ngs out the cheers Wllllam Eddy a sophomore IS a happy go lucky lad who really l1kes sports R1chard Clarke better known as Butch 1S another sophomore A husky fellow he really llkes to yell Shlrley Polonoisky a jumor enyoys cheer1ng for all there IS 1n 1t Shes small but look what l1ttle n1troglycer1ne can do' Betty lane Belknap IS also a 1un1or She lrkes sports and 15 an all around h1gh school booster Iohn Bloomer a 1un1or IS a member of the squad who can really move on Chlcka-Chlcka Boom Ch1ck Charles Guttadore a 1un1or has a mutual l1k1ng wlth everyone W1ll1am Lawrence GUIVIH IS the only graduat1ng sen1or on the squad Larry has real1zed a ch11dhood amb1t1on by becom1ng a B1g Red cheer leader AND MANAGERS Donald Rucker Termrte to the boys has been one of the managers of the football squad for the past two years and has one more to look forward to He rece1ved h1s varsrty S th1s year Vmcent Zuk because of a broken leg 1n h1S sophomore year was not able to play on the team th1s year so he gave h1S servlce as a manager Chuck Zumpano IS the M D of the team and has one more year to serve Iack Ensell IS the sophomore manager and he 1S known as just plam Bones SPRING ACTIVITIES Th1s spr1ng under the d1rect1on of Coach Mel Knowlton Steubenvrlle Hrgh held 1ts frrst box1ng tournament The 1942 champrons of th1s tournament are Floyd Porter rn the hghtwerght class and Percy lBomberl Brown rn the heavywe1ght d1v1s1on Twas about that trme that the balmy sprmg breezes caused a yearn for the outdoors Under these con d1t1ons the football players took to the fmelds for spr1ng pract1ce wh1ch lasted four weeks The squad shaped up extremely well and a steady 1mprovement was noted throughout the four weeks Good luck next season fellows When lt was declded by the Athletlc Commrttee that we would not venture mto 1nterscholast1c baseball 1t was agreed that we would have 1nstead mtermural baseball consrstmg of four teams from the four years represented rn our school Track was added to the 11st of spr1ng sports rntramural and not tnterscholastlc There were four track teams, one represent1ng each class Followmg the custom of former years there was a golf team wh1ch practlced and played 1ts matches at the Bellevrew Golf Course 11 - 11 1 1 . . - 11 11 . . . . . N l -Il 11 11 - 11 11 - 11 11 1 . . . . . . . , 1 . . 1 , . . 1 - 1 SPO RTS ACTION THICK MANEUVERS CHEERLEADERS POW WOW FANCY STRUTTIN' POINTING THE WAY LIMBERING UP GET THAT MAN A NERVOUS MOMENT -OOPS! VZ if ACTIVITIES Q ORGANIZATIONS g CLUBS g ACTIVITIES THE STEUBEN Var1ous plans have been put 1nto practxce durmg the many years that Steubenv1lle Htgh School has ex1sted For qu1te a few years the yournahsm class produced the annual as tts mayor publrcatton but tn 1930 tne book came to represent the talents of pup1ls whether they were enrolled 1n a Journal lsm class or not Thrs year the pr1nc1pal of the school and several teachers selected a staff who 1n turn were per m1tted to choose therr own helpers for d1fferent sect1ons of the year book The 1942 staff mcludes the followmg student wr1ters Venturrs Colap1etro ed1tor1n Chlef Myram Dempsey hterary ed1tor Peggy Von Brockdorf club ed1tor Wxl 11am Lambert boys sports ed1tor Wrlda Boles g1rls sports ed1tor Janet Mc Dowell mus1c ed1tor and W1ll1am Le1st busmess manager Although none of h1S exact words appear 1n the annual Mr M1ck has glven rnvaluable ldeas and help to each staff head M1ss Wheatcraft and MISS Iohnson actlng as adv1sors have grven much w11l1ng advrce to all who worked on th1s year s book In th1s annual the staff has tr1ed to present a bnef resume of h1gh school act1v1t1es durrng the past year They have tr1ed to mclude everythmg that you as senlors have partlctpated 1n or watched as a spectator You may well keep your graduatrng class 1n m1nd rn v1dual plctures and may easlly recall the feelmg you exper1enced at seemg your basketball or football team wrn or lose Because you are able to re capture these scenes by leafmg through your annual 1t has become one of the essentlals of a graduatrng sentor The staff hopes that you w1ll fmd the Splfll and theme of th1s book pleaslng as 1t sketches the school act1v1t1es . . . 1 - 1 ' , , future years, by looking over the indi- THE BIG BED BEACON The Big Red Beacon student public at1on of Steubenville High School cele brated its sixth anniversary this year The paper is issued every three weeks This year has marked a great change in the Beacon Every issue has a different full color design on the cover and also contains eight pages the largest number of pages s1nce its establishment The covers were design of Miss Frances Caulfield the art advisor Mr Paul H Wright 1S faculty advisor and Mr Crist M King the Technical adv1sor The Beacon this year was made possible by the following people Editor in chief E Iane Porter Associate Editors Thomas Caine and William Lambert News Editor Wilma Call Feature Editor Catherine Cranmer Humor Ed1tor Robert Wallace Boy s Sports Editor Hichard Lashley and Clrculation Edltor Lo1s Dickson Eloise Hohman Betty Chnstman lean Levin son Esther Boedecker and W1ll1am Crabbe served in the1r respective posi tions as assistant editors of News Feature Humor Girls Sports and Boy s Sports f On November 7 8 the Beacon sent a at Columbus Ohio They included lane Porter Wlllldm Lambert Thomas Caine W1ll1Gm Leist Wrlma Call Catherine Cranmer Lo1s Dickson and Dora Pet rella The Beacon once again featured the annual Popularity contest At the Coron at1on Hop held in conjunction with the contest George Groft and Wanda Graf ton reigned as the King and Queen ol Popularity 1 ' 1 I I - I . - I I I ed by the art classes under the direction delegation to the l0U1'T1G1iSiiC COHVGIIUOH : ' I ' : . . BAND A fanfare please' Hats off to the Steubenvllle Hrgh School band and 1ts d1rector Mr Bernard Ore Thrs year as rn many prev1ous years the band re cexved a one ratlng 1n the dlSlI1Cl con test held at Bellarre on March 21 The c11max to be sure came wrth the very excellent ratrng rece1ved rn the State contest held 1n Columbus 1n Apnl Each of the four judges who lxstened to our band gave us a one ratrng Mr Bernard Ore our drrector has done much to bnng the band up to 1lS present hrgh po1nt of ef'f1c1ency He 1S assrsted 1n the rnstruc tron of the band by Mr Enea Trovarellr who pays attentron to the reed sectlons Th1s group 15 also very well known for t1s ab1l1ty 1n march1ng and entertaxnmg on the football held The band has also been a colorful part of many commumty parades and has appeared several trmes 1n C1v1l1an Defense gather1ngs One publ1c concert was glven and also another one rn whrch the hmgh school chorus took part These concerts were well attended and many 1n the aud 1ence remarked favorably on the excel lence of the performance Vacancles are frlled from the Cadet Band whose members worked hard to become able to f1ll places 1n the larger band The offrcers of the band are Frank Sullrvan pres1dent Fred Davrs vrce pres1dent and Howard Turner secretary vc Q , . , . . I I I . . . I I I , . The members are Raymond De Mattla H lane Eaton Ferne Blakely Rose Dreyer Ann DAless1o Veronrca Starr Eddre De lVIatt1a Armando Mrcuccr Roland Sanders Donald Mathews Robert Cozart Iohn Shlpley Elsxe Dreyer Ilmmy Derst Armee Eaton Dorus Mae Floto Mary Al1ce Mltchell Lo1s Floyd Dor1s Brand W1lma Thomas Verne Hashman Tom Pardousrs Wrllram Della Penna Lors Robertson Wlllram Drazrc Charles Barr Bernard Wersenthal Randolph Safford Lee Moore Irrnmy McClam IoanGoodch1ld Harry W1ll1GH1S Betty Shock Iackre Fowler Howard Turner Louxs Polrtr Donald Agresta Ioe Recrnella Fred Davls Jerry Del Frrandra Rrchard Guy Wrllram Connors lack Oller Betty Wrlson Paul Lambrng Raymond Grlbert Ahce Hazlett Rose Cres arro Iack Perry George Beard Corlrss Harsha Wrllram Dunlap Irene MOIIIS George Ross Wrllram Hambelton Iames Mottrce Lours Tltus Iack Cook Harold Turner Ted Wrllrams Faye Mrller Frank Sulllvan Henry Gllbert lay Gould Audrey Howcraft Iune Starr Lors Starr Smrth Albert Macre MIXED CHORUS ' I I I I I I . I I I I ' I I I I I I I I I I - I I I I I ' I MIXED CI-ICRUS The membersh1p of the hrgh school chorus has now reached seventy seven Thrs year our chorus part1c1pated 1n the d1str1ct contest held at Be11a1re where 1t recelved the much coveted rat1ng of 1 wh1ch entltled the organrzatlon to ente the state contest Later rn Aprrl the chorus d1d enter 1nto compet1t1on at Columbus and earned a ratrng of T1 From th1s group as well as from tne band solos and ensembles groups were sent to the d1St1'1C1 contest where many favorable commendatlons were recen ed from judges Appearances were made throughout the year 1n assem b11es radro broadcasts concerts and rr' speclal occas1ons We are sure that the ent1re school remembers w1th pleasure the smgmg of Chr1stmas carols a prac t1ce of long standmg 1n our school The chorus was under the d11'eC11011 of M1ss Luella Kelly unt11 after our part1c1pat1on 1n the state contest 1D Columbus Then because oi the mar r1age of MISS Kelly Mrs Walter Ed wards k1ndly consented to take the chorus and carrled on the work untrl the close of the school year Slnce MISS Kelly a graduate of Carnegle Tech had taken over the1r d1rect1on and tram 1ng our chorus has attarned new he1ghts of mus1cal proflcxency and accompllsh ments The pup1ls and especlally the chorus regrets to lose th1s teacher and very s1ncere1y w1sh her happ1ness and w111 have pleasant memorles of a pleas 1ng personallty and unusual mus1cal ab111t1es Our chorus was able to make a very attractlve appearance because of the academ1c gowns whlch were pur chased through the generos1ty of the Band Mothers Club We here express our appreclatron to that Club The followmg pup1ls are enrolled on the roster of the Chorus Eleanor Alexander Marjone Arkey Claud1a Bello Clara Mae Bello Catherine Cox Lorella De 1nt1n1s Marjorle HUIIIS Iean Isner Von Peters V1Ig1H1G Iames Allce Ftunser La Vonne Wells Annabelle Warth Ieanette Sexton Margaret Radulovrch Mabel Rackmae Mary Ellen Thompson Anna Laur1e Wrnland Thelma Ruester Ruth Kennedy Martha S1nc1a1r Beverly Sk1nner Taddy Me1ghen Patr1c1a Wrlson V1rg1n1a Twyford Eleanor Broudy Geraldlne Qurnn Katherme Bardell1ne Estelle WSISS Anna Mae Woods HGII19l Cohen Eleanor Mcpune Nancy Corcoran Carol Crewson Ioanne Frazer Antolnette Gllbert Stella G1pa1o Betty HIQQIDS Helen Iohnson Margaret Kramer Hazel Muckle Anto1netteRosat1 Carolyn Satory Clara Snyder Ienn1e Tzaskoma Betty West Blanche WIQQIHQS Eula Wrlght Paulrne Steen L1ly Blanco Marte Mrller Bob Garvm Larry Garvln Donald Bell Robert Fresh water Dale Brown Ierry Wells M1chael Dav1s B111 Heale Eddre Bertourlle B111 Steveson Fred Montgomery Lee Cozart Dezso Hadabas, Gerard Russell N1no Cammerdrse M1lan Krmch lack Stuller B111 Densnsore Ruth Hood Georgene Blanchard Margaret Rocknage Ioan Petty ' Q Q I - o I I I ' I . I 1 .I l I -I . I ll ... . . I N I '- I I . I I '-F I D I I I I 'I - I I I I I I I . -I I I I I .- - I... I I I 'I - -I .I I ' 5 I A ' I I I --I I I I . .I I I - I I -I I . I - 1. I I I B -1- I . .I I I I I I . -I I .I I. ' I I ODDS AND ENDS PREPARING FOR THE WORLD S WORK INFORMALLY YOURS HELP YOU THE BAND AT BELLAIRE ENTER HERE HOT STUFF' V WE'RE READY TO SAFE DRIVERS PHOTOGRAPHERS HOMEMAKERS PRINTERS Clubs for all tastes are popular at The Auto Club was organized 1n 1934 It has the d1st1nct1on of bemg one of the f1ISl clubs of 1ts k1nd 1n the state and it also has several natronal CIf'f1l1ClleS The a1m of th1s club 1S to make 1lS members more careful dnvers In order to accompl1sh th1s each member must study the laws and regulations of the city and state statutes as well as those of nerghbonng states The offrcers elected th1s year are Pres1dent Nick D1Feder1co V1ce President Anthony Lopresto Secretary Treasurer Phyll1s Rodgers The faculty ad v1sor is Mr Charles T MCQUIHIH The Camera Club 15 for those who are interested in photo graphy as a hobby To become a member a student must own a camera and prove that he has an interest 1n rt The purpose of the club 1S to foster rnterest 1n photography among the students of Steubenv1lle H1gh School to provide them Wllh useful extra curr1c ular act1v1ty to promote an exchange of 1d6US to exh1b1t the1r photographs and to sponsor contests 1n photography OHICSIS for the year are Presrdent Chelsa McM1llen V1ce President Io Ann Cox Secretary Treasurer Betty lane Ryan The faculty advisor 15 Mr Edwards The Home Economrcs Club IS one of the clubs in our school Economics Clubs It has proved 1tself very active Meet1ngs for the thirty members are held on Wednesday Every Tl1ursday the club has an afternoon tea for the teachers The club took part in one of the school broadcasts on wh1ch they presented a play They also attended a party grven by the Graph1c Arts Club The officers are Presldent Dorothy Dahlem V1ce Presldent Ida Mae Bradley Secretary Treasurer Kay Dunkle The Advrsor rs Mtss Denms Th1s IS the second year a Graphic Arts Club has been organ ized in The Steubenv1lle Htgh School The Club IS affrhated w1th the natlonal Assoc1at1on for Pnntxng Educanon with headquarters in WQSh1HglOH D C Membership 1S l1m1ted to puplls enrolled 1n pr1nt1ng with an average of 90 per cent or more Officers for lh1S year are Robert Quattrocorcche President Chelsa McM1llan V1ce Presldent W1ll1am Berarduccl Secretary Cnst M K1ng 1S the sponsor A feature of the club IS the monthly exchange of prolects which IS drstrrbuted from nat1onal headquarters The ma1n soc1al act1v1ty th1s year was a party Wllh the Home Economtcs Club as quests Steubenmlle Hzgh Auto Club Camera Club Home EC Club Graphlc Arts Club now in its first year. This club is affiliated with the National Home 0 I G1IlS Athletrc Assocratron Leaders' Club The G1rls Athlet1c Assocratron of Steubenvrlle Hrgh School sponsors athletlc act1v1t1es for all the g1rls rn the school Now rn 1ts twelfth year of be1ng a v1tal part of school hte 1t boasts 185 members OHICGIS for th1s year are Presrdent Ienn1e Washner V1ce Pres1dent Helen Cr1ser1o Secretary Dawn Lawler Senxor Manager Betty Lou R1ser Iumor Manager Ehzabeth Morav1c Sophomore Manager Rose Ann Iacobs Freshman Manager Phyll1s Rogers Press Reporter lane Porter The G A A has recently founded the Quadrangle Club whose purpose IS to have hrgh school teams from drfferent d1Sl.I'1ClS come and compete agamst each other 1n varrous games Mrngo W91IlOn Wmters vxlle and Steubenvrlle make up the organlzatlons Th1s year the G A A was hostess at the basketball games Th1s ASSOC1Gl10n IS the only way that g1rls have of earnrng letters for the1r skrll rn athlet1cs A f1ISl year member earns the r1ght to wear the club 1ns1gn1a whrch 1S a red and black c1rcle marked wrth Steubenv1lle hlgh and G A A A second year member earns a small red pocket S trrrnmed w1th black A thrrd year member rece1ves a large red S trnnmed an black Another newly formed part of th1s G A A IS the Honor S Club The purpose of th1s club 1S to select f1Ve of the most outstand1ng g1rls that partrcrpated rn the sports throughout the years Th1s year the honors go to these g1rls Ienn1e Washner lane Porter Wanda Boles Phyll1s McCue and Betty Lou Rrser The Leaders Club was organrzed to promote school sp1r1t and good sportsmansh1p Any grrl who attends Steubenvrlle I-hgh School and meets the requrrements IS elrgrble to become a mem ber She must show d1st1nct qual1t1es of leadershrp dependabrlrty and w1ll1ngness The autres of a Leader are to take the roll assrst the squads 1n the drfferent act1v1t1es and to pol1ce the locker rooms They also act as offrcrals and capta1ns Meetmgs are held the fourth Thursday of each month A Leader IS recogn1zed by her rel1ab1l1ty and w1ll1ngness to accept responslblllty Hzclclen talents are develaped . , , . . . . ' X n u 1 . . . . . l . - 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . X . . . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , , . . . . . 1 1 ' , . ,, ,, . . . . 11 11 - . . - 11 11 - . 1 1 1 1 - . . ' 1 1 ' 1 1 0 ATHLETES LEADERS and brought forth in oorious clubs ot S. H. S. Along with books for education we have REIN ACCOMPLI SALESMEN AUTHORS FUTURE EUCLIDS Clubs for relaxation In the year 1939 a group of puprls a number of whom d1d not belong to any other club m the school concelved the xdea of an orgamzatron whose chtef purpose mrght be to do somethmg outstandmg for therr school Thrs club meets 1n the room of 1ts advrsor Mxss Bessre Smrth each Wednesday at the close of school As rn all well organrzed clubs regular attendance at the meetrngs and the payment of dues IS requ1red before the puprl rece1ves credrt The ofhcers of the club are Presrdent Thelma Long Vrce Prestdent and Program Chalrman L11y Branco Secre tary Margaret D1-lnmballe Treasurer Robert Boeche The Salesmanshrp class and club functron as a umt The work rn class ts supplemented by the club and V1Ce versa Th1s club rn 1ts frrst year has gamed recogmtron throughout the school and the Clly The arm of each member IS to understand and respect the consummg pubhc and to have the desrre to serve 1t honestly and efftclently The offrcers are Grace Knowles General Man ager Chester Brozozskr Assrstant General Manager Margaret Kaufman Secretary and Treasurer and these w1th the Consultant Mr I H Martm have effecttvely carrled out the purpose of the class and the club The Iournalrsm Club whlch was orgaruzed 1n l936 has as 1t chref purpose the publ1cat1on of the school paper THE BIG RED BEACON The advrsor of thrs group IS Mr Paul H Wnght The staff of the Beacon act as the offxcers of the club Thrs staff for 1942 consrsts of Ed1tor 1nCh1ef E lane Porter Assocrate Edrtors Thomas Came and Wrlham Lambert News Ed1tor and Co Ed1tor Wrlma Call and Elorse Hohman Feature Ed1tor and Co Ed1lO Robert Wallace and lean Levrnson Sports Ed1tor and Co Ed1tor Rmchard Lashley and W1ll1am Crabbe Co Ed1tor of Grrls Sports Esther Boedecker Lots Drckson IS tn charge of crrculatxon and exchanges The Math Club was orgamzed rn 28 to promote the study ot mathemattcs 1n h1stor1cal recreatronal p acttcal and sc1ent1f1c flelds Students who have completed two years of math are el1g1b1e to membershrp Each year a lovmg cup IS presented to the graduatrng sen1or havrng the hrghest average for four years of mathematrcs Mrss Margaret Boyd 1S the club advrsor Offrcers for the frrst semester were Presrdent Wrlham Lambert V1ce Pres rdent Iames Horner Secretary Phyll1s Westland Treasurer Betty Iane Belknap ln the second semester W1l11am Cunmck Boy McGregor Faye Mrller and Wrllram Lambert Gosh Club Sales Club lournallsm Club Math Club 1 1 1 . . , I I I - 1 - , 1 1 1 . ,. n f I - 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 - J 1 ' - - I ' I I I - I 1 ' I, I - I . . . . . . , I - I . . , 1 1 - ' I I ' I I I I I . . I I 1 Bowlrng Club Semor H1 Y Sophomore H1 Y To all Ln, to get Ln, to The hrgh school bowlmg club has taken raprd str1des rn 1ts two years of organrzatron Thrs year 1ts erght teams regrstered wrth the Womens lnternatronal Bowlrng Congress The ofhcers are Presrdent Betty Thomas Vrce Presrdent Wrlda Boles Treas urer Wanda Boles and Secretary lane Porter The Toppers won the placque glven by the Congress for havrng the hrghest three game total dunng the year The team members were lane Porter Wanda Boles Wrlda Boles Wrlma Call and the Captam Marlone Smrth In the tournament Esther Boedecker won her prn for the s1ngles and also 1n the doubles wrth partner Betty Thomas The Semor H1 Y Club rn our hrgh school rs one ot the 8 O00 clubs rn the Un1ted States and Canada The comblned member shrp of all these clubs IS more than 220 O00 boys The H1 Y repre sents a movement ot hrgh school youth who are commrtted to a Chr1st1an purpose of work rn the school and rn the communrty The purpose of th1s group 1S to create mamtarn and extend throughout the communrty hrgh standards of Chrrstran character The platform rncludes clean l1v1ng clean speech clean athletrcs and hrgh scholarshrp The club ha sponsored many events One ot the most rnterestmg of these was the Chrrstmas assembly an annual event for several years another the Lenten SGIVICGS dur mg Holy Week whrch were greatly enjoyed by both puplls and Reserve Banquet The offrcers are Presldent lack Thompson Vrce Presrdent W1ll1Gm Cunmck Sec etary R1chard D1m1t Treas urer Charles Guttadore Thrs club an aH1l1ated organrzatron of the Y M C A was organrzed 1n 1923 and smce that trme has been gurded by Mr Perry Wllson the Boys Secretary of the Y and assrsted by varrous hrgh school teachers Mr Wrlson has brought to th1s club hrs keen msrght 1nto boy nature hrs bubblmg enthusrasm and hrs aboundrng energy for work It IS Wllh much rearet that we must brd farewell to Mr Wrlson smce he rs leavrng Steubenvrlle to enter rnto another held 1n Zanesvrlle Best wlshes Perry The Sophomore H1 Y club IS sponsored and advlsed by Mr Perry Wllson The purpose of the club 1S to rarse the standards of Chrrstran l1v1ng of the boys rn the school and rn the communrty Through the membershrp rn the Y the boys enjoy the act1v1txes at a specral rate of S2 per year rnstead of the usual S4 fee Meet mgs are held every Monday evenmg at the Y M C A The oftrcers of the club are Presrdent Leo McDonald V1ce Presrdent Robert Koch Secretary Cllfford Iohnston and Treasurer Ross Bell rf 0 teachers: and then also the "Friendship Day" and the Hi-Y-Girl keep in, with the progress of our .school STRIKERS f LIVE Y EHS LIVE Y ERS e MORE SERVICE LIFE SAVERS the only school of graduates the . . V -A L . . -- One of the oldest clubs 1n S H S 15 the Grrl Reserves Thxs year MISS Helen Brown has served as 1lS sponsor The offlcers are Presrdent Estelle Greenberg V1cePres1dent Martha Reed Treas urer Grace Grrffrth Qecretary El1zabeth Grafton and Program Charrman Kay Bardellme An annual act1v1ty of the Reserves 1S to yom wrth the H1 Y rn presentrng pre Easter serv1ces for the entrre school These serv1ces are largely attended and much apprec 1ated Another act1v1ty 1S the Grrl Reserves H1 Y Banquet Thrs IS entered 1DlO by clubs from all the Trl State area Delegates were sent to the G1rl Reserves Convent1on at New Castle 1n February Actmg as delegates were Estelle Greenberg Hlzabeth Grafton and Mxss Helen Brown Also th1s club has sold Defense stamps 1D the halls of the school e ch noon for many weeks and wrth much success At Chrrstmas each year the g1rls g1ve a party for under pr1v1leged chrldren at the Y M C A Parlors Thls t1me there were twenty ch1ldren who at ended and all had a very pleasant trme Membershrp 1n the club IS oper to all sophomore junror and senxor grrls Meetmgs are held fortnrghtly rn the Pubhc Speakrng room where 1nterest1ng programs are presented and a warm welcome extended to all who wrsh to attend The Iunlor Red Cross club was organrzed rn Steubenvrlle h1gh at the begrnmng of the 1937 fall term It 1S one of the largest and defrmtely one of the most actlve clubs rn the school Thrs organrzatron has tr1ed to carry out three types of prolects to be of servxce to our school and to our communrty and to rarse funds to carry on wrth projects that cannot be completed through servrce alone Durlng the 1n1t1al year the members made pennants whrch were sold at the football games a group partrcrpated rn the selhng of mrlk tags several paxrs of eye glasses were bought for puprls of the school Thrs year we have collected 218 books for the Vrctory Book Campargn 35 baskets were fllled at Thanksgwmg Ut1l1ty bags were made for soldrers candles were made by club membe and old at Chrrstmas trme Two thousand Decals were bought and sold and the grrls have volunteered to kn1t sweate s Off1Ce s for the past year are Presrdent Martha Vance V1ce Presldent Rrchard Lashley Sec etary Edwrna Peterson Treas urer Hlchard Vaughn Mrss Flo a August rs the faculty adv1sor school of experience Gurl Reserves lumor Bed Cross . - . ' I 1 - I 1 - I I 54 I I , . 1 . 1 C1 . , - l ' . - 1 , , , , . 1 . 1 1 I - 1 1 1 H 1 0 . . A 1 S .a . A - - 1 1 ' . . ' Y . A - 1 1 - 1 1 . Q . V . . 1 1 L . Sen1or l un1or Prom lunror Sen1or Prom Sen1or Banquet The annual Sen1or Iunlor Prom whrch was held on December 19 was a huge success The senorr class offlcers Howard Rogers Wanda Grafton Adorna Cell1n1 Paul Clary and Eleanor Alex ander made preparatrons for the dance and made sure that the gym was decorated attracttvely The mam decoratlon was an 1mmense Chr1stmas tree wrth brrght ornaments and hghts whrch stood 1n the center of the gym floor The band stand was decora ted w1th green and red crepe paper Lang Thompson and h1s famous orchestra offered mustcal mterp etatlons whrch greatly pleased the many attendants The leader htmself handled the vocals and those who attended w1ll long remember h1m as he sang You Darhn as only Lang Thompson can smg rt On the n1ght of May 29 all the ptterbugs and smoothres of Steubenvtlle Hrgh attended the annual Iun1orSen1or Prom Thrs dance was held rn the gym and lasted from 9 to 1 It was planned by the newly elected Junror class offxcers Iohn Thompson Elrza beth Grafton Io Ann Cox Geraldtne Qurnn and Phyll1s Westland jumor class colors Th1s dance was an extremely beautrful one and the mus1c was excellent Mrckey Ross and h1s WJAS staff orchestra was the reason for the splend1d mus1c as 1t was thought to be one of the frnest bands that has ever played rn our gym The sen1ors w1sh to thank the juntors for thrs very fme prom Llttle d1d those IH authorrty reahze when they 1n1t1ated the 1dea of a sen1or banquet that 1t would some day become an essent1al occasron 1n the mmds of the graduatrng senrors Now new dresses and su1ts are bought shoes are sh1ned and every one frles mto the Masomc Temple looklng hrs best One of the very pleasant and rn fact an essent1al feature of a banquet rs a good menu and thrs year was no exceptton The feasters greatly enyoyed bemg together and especrally d1d they engoy the clever after drnner speeches of therr fellow students Thrs banquet has rn past years l1ved 1n the mrnds of those who came as a get together almost as 1mportant as the actual graduatton exerctse Those who have attended say 1t IS the one meal eaten outsrde of therr own homes where they can let the1r harr down and really enjoy the food' Proms highlzght the The gym was cleverly decorated in royal blue and white, the CLASS PRESIDENT GAY GIRLS STILL ON DUTY LANG THOMPSON WHERE ARE THE STABS THE LAW social season at Steubelwille High P f I ' Q Student COUHC11 The Student Counctl of Steubenvxlle Hrgh School acts as a contact between the faculty and the students It makes deC1s1ons and solves the problems whrch are rntroduced by the members of the councrl The members are called Student Councll Hepresentatwes and are from the var1ous home rooms of the burldmg There are 38 members 1n the Counc11 Every Monday mornmg these representatlves meet wrth Mr F I M1Ck as adv1sor to dlscuss the program for the week The meetmgs are conduct ed accordrng to Parhamentary Law Between the fourth and the f1fth penods on Monday afternoon there 1S home room assembly at each of whrch the Student Councrl Representatrves relates to the members of hrs home room the rmportant announcements of the week If any student of Steubenvrlle Hrgh School has a complarnt about the regu lat1ons of the school he can tell hrs Hepresentatrve who 1n turn w11l br1ng the questron up at the meet1ng The Student Councrl const1tut1on 1n present use was adopted 1n 1927 At the begln mng of each year the const1tut1on 1S read to the members of the COUHCII by the secretary Some of the achrevements th1s year mclude the formmg of a com m1ttee from the Councll to obtarn buses for the out of town basketball games for the students selhng defense stamps rn school dancrng 1n the Gym at noon The offxcers of th1s year s Councrl are Pres1dent George P Groft Vrce Presl dent Wtlham Lambert Secretary Marlone I Arkey Sergeant at Arms Rrchard Maus 1 I . 1 1 . ' 1 - 1 1 . . . . , . 1 1 . , ' ' 1 1 1 ' 1 ' ' 1 Semor Play Swmg Fever IS the story of the Norr1s famrly wh1ch cons1sted of erght members They mrght have been a typ1cal peaceful Amer1canfam1ly had lt not been for the last two addrtrons Alex and Toots1e The play more or less centers around Alex the krnd of teen age boy who yearns passronately for th1ngs and 15 out of harmony w1th the rest of the famrly TOOlS19 Norr1s IS a re coc1ous shrld about n1ne years old he IS the only one of the Norr1s chrldren who shows no fear ofthe paternal frown of d1sapproval Polly Becker l1ves next door IS a charmmg teen age grrl who has a crush on Alex Mrs Gnmm the werght and plods along w1th an 1nd1f ferent attltude Though the Norr1s ch1l dren are all grown up she strll bosse them and treats them as though they were chrldren especrally Alex Ph1l1p Noms IS Alexs older brother He 1S earmng h1s own l1v1ng and IS rather satrsfled wlth the rdea Grampa Fuller IS a whrmsrcal old gentleman whos a fnend of youth Mrs Noms IS e typrcal sweet mother who spends e greater part of her trme wa1t1ng on chrldren and calmrng her husband the d1gn1f1ed stard Dean of Men at Stafford College M1ss Slocum from the Wel fare Soc1ety 1S a sacchanne sort of person who pays a v1s1t to the Norr1s home M1ss Spencer 1S Alex s teacher She 1S a drctatorral sort who causes Alex and h1s parents many headaches Penny Palmer IS the blond actress who chooses Alex to be her dancrng partner Th1s fact IS unknown to the Norr1s larruly untrl she puts 1n an ap pearance at the Norr1s home to fmd the boy w1th whom she d1d the Lambeth Walk Morgan Maxwell and lake R1Ch ards are Penny s publ1c1ty agents The errne Hunter V1rg1n1a Iames Murray Greenberg Wanda Grafton Robert Garvm Marjone Arkey Myram Demp- sey Iennette Sexton W1l11am Lambert Robert Sanders lames Belton Eleanor Alexander and Charlotte Carson M1ss Eleanor Grles the drrector has drsplay ed her usual exceptronal ab1l1ty rn select1ng just the nght puprl for each part 1n the play and nghtly deserves commendatron for much of the success and approval wh1ch greeted 1ts presen tatlon I housekeeper, is middle-aged and over- cast consists of: Lawrence Garvin, Kath- ' . . ' ' th ' ' ' , th ' . . . the . . - wig TE BE ILLE HIGH CHOOL The old adage of the postman that in spite of rain, snow, or hail, the mail must go through is alike applicable to our high school students. They find themselves busy whether inside or out regardless of weather or other distrac- tions. As we look back through the year to get a glimpse of the academic, social, and athletic activities, we realize that the high standing we have attained is due partially to the inspiration we re- ceive when entering such a magnificent building. Many a happy hour has been spent pondering over mathematics, science, languages, arts, music, ath- letics, vocations, and social sciences. The library is the place where informa- tion in addition to that obtained from the classroom teachers, text books and fellow students is secured. lt is also a center for social contact. Many new friends are made as we meet in our search for knowledge. While one group of people is trying to concentrate on the appreciation of fine poetry or how Caesar conquered Gaul or why was the Civil War, through the windows come the sounds of saws, hammers against the anvil, machines rotating, and the rhythmical clack, clack of typewritersg add to the pleasant discord the odors of hydrogen sulfide and carbon disulfide as they permeate the top floor of the building and you have a composite picture of the diverse activities that take place in our class- rooms, shops and laboratories during a typical school day. The absence of a crowd to watch a game does not dis- courage the class teams or gym classes or reduce the thrill of competition. The gay and excited voices of the players prove again that supervised play is fun. as we see it through the year Three cheers for art! Art is what makes the world go round, and some ways you look at it, art is what makes the school go round. For example, there are the posters that are turned out to help make our school activities suc- cesses, or the covers tor the Big Red Beacon that are designed and prepared by students. The art classes have been fortunate with teachers this year-First, Miss Caulfield fmay her marriage be happyl, and now Miss Maxwell, fresh from Ohio University. The ideas that these instructors have carried into the big, airy, well-sotcked art room make students clap for joy Subjects covered are commercial art, costume designing, lite drawing, textile printing, illustrating, sketching, portrait painting, interior- decorating, fine arts, wood carving, and just about every phase of activity in art anybody could want. No department is neglected or over- emphasized. In former years many pupils failed to complete high school because high schools lacked a compos- ite and balanced program. The old- fashioned high school resembled a college in its course of study with emphasis on ancient languages, ad- vanced mathematics, technical sciences, strict rules ot grammar, and had for its purpose training students for the learn- ed professions. Now when a pupil enters who is not interested in educa- tion beyond high school, he can pre- pare himself through the work of his hands for his life's ambition. BUSINESS CARDS THESE FIRMS HAVE HELPED TO MAKE THIS ANNUAL POSSIBLE YOUR PATRONAGE WILL BE APPRECIATED GERTRUDE LEE CANDY SHOP Homemade Cand1es 171 S Fourth St Phone 23041 E M ERWIN Books Stat1onery Wall Paper and OIIICS Supphes 129 South Fourth Street Comphments of HERALD SQUARE CIGAR S'lORF Herald Star Buxldmg Comphments of REICHBLUM S Your Iewelers 524 Market Street Congratulatlons Class of 47 THE SNACK SHOP 306 North Fourth Street Comphments of Your Darly Newspaper STEUBENVILLE HERALD STAR ROGERS IEWELRY COMPANY 415 Market Street Comphments of 338 Market Street Sheaffers Eversharp and Parker Fountam Pens and Penc11s Glfts of SGIVICG Wlth a Llfetlme of Success and Happmess PROBERT DRUG CO Ft Steuben Hotel Bldg Comp11ments of THE IDEAL FILSON STUDIO 106 South Fourth Street Comphments of IAMES T WELSH Your Mayor WILSON S DRUG STORE Capxtol Theatre Bu11d1ng South Fourth and Adams Street George and Cooper McCaus1en FLORISTS 182 North Fourth Street Fort Steuben Hotel IANE McDOWELL Flowers 181 North Fourth Street Steubenvrlle Ohxo Comphments of THE H C COOK COMPANY Prrnters and B1nders Congratulauons Class of 42 REINER S Steubenv111e's Dependable Store Your Friendly Iewelry Store THE PHIL-MOR BUSINESS CARDS THESE FIRMS HAVE HELPED TO MAKE 'IHIS ANNUAL POSSIBLE YOUR PATRONAGE WILL BE APPRECIATED Comphments of STEUBENVILLE CLEARING HOUSE ASSOCIATION The Peoples Natlonal Bank The Antonuccr State Bank The Mrners and Mechanlcs Savmqs and Trust Company The Nat1ona1 Exchange Bank and Trust Company The Unxon Savrngs Bank and Trust Company STEUBENVILLE MARIETTA PAINT COMPANY Parnts Wallpaper Glas and Prcture Framrnq 161 South Fourth Street Sponsored by THE HUB Eastern Oh1os Greatest Store Comphments of HARTS I EWELERS Engravlng by PONTIAC ENGRAVING AND ELECTROTYPE COMPANY Chtcago I11 Comphments of PARAMOUNT THEATRE Comphments of FLAHERTY GILMORE INSURANCE AGENCY 151 North Frfth Street Conqratulatlons of GREENBERG S GROCERY Dependable Quahty Foods 120 North Thlrd Street THE FT STEUBEN HARDWARE AND SUPPLY COMPANY 136 South Frfth Street Comphments of MAYLRS HARDWARE BARCLAY BROOKS Insurance 142 North Fourth Street Steubenvrlle Ohro THE BEALL AND STEELE DRUG STORE 424 Market Street Prlntlng by H C COOK COMPANY Steubenvrlle, Ohro 421 Market Street - I b BUSINESS CARDS THESE FIRMS HAVE HELPED TO MAKE THIS ANNUAL POSSIBLE YOUR PATRONAGE WILL BE APPRECIATED Comphments of MILLER AND SON Photographers 436 Market Street Comphments of W G SPIES CO Jewelers 115 North Fourth Street Comphments of FISHER S DEPT STORE 430 Market Street Steubenvrlle Ohro Congratulatrons and Best Wrshes COOPER KLINE COMPANY 134 South Fourth Street BATES AND WHITMAN Athletrc Goods Offrce Supplres 135 North Fourth Street PITASSY S MEN S SHOP Emrl H Prtassy Desrgner of Men's F me Clothe 147 North Fourth Street Comphments of BRANAGAN AND PUNKE 179 North Fourth Street Comphments of GRAND THEATRE LEICY S PHARMACY Physrcran and Hospltal Supphes Phones 2 5393 cmd 2 5394 1531 West Market Street MIRKIN AND COMPANY The Dependable Jewelers 332 Market Street Comphments of NOSSET STUDIO Steubenvrlle s Leadmg Photographe 123 North Frith Street Comphments of DENMARK S FUR SHOP 114 116 South Fourth Street MCCAUSLEN S FLORISTS Across from Herald Star 173 North Fourth Street Comphments of C W CRIBBS INC Furmture 152 South Fourth Street HERFF JONES COMPANY Indrarrapohs Indrana Jewelers to Steubenvllle Hrgh School Comphments of MCCOY S SHOE STORE 157 North Fourth Street H C COOK CO STELJBENVILLE OHIO 1 , , f S I I . , . W- .. 1 . . , . , ,

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