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Steubenville High School - Crimsonite Yearbook (Steubenville, OH) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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L K if 1 x F , . X . E A A L. x f J 11 2 1 i S S I 1 . I I a I w 1 i i Z ! a I A 1 s 1 I I I 1 3 i i 1 1 1 1 l 4 ! X I 4 A 1 f i I x f I E 2 Ex ll IS " -vw.: , 'Q 543 '. " . ' l Q 'I -' I . -rw - , il . if-vp' , x. '-rg. '-,fa 14 Law ' -21634 1,3 ,4UaUgHNf Cox PJWES MY! ROCCO 24+ som YE Sf' 521 eulu ewviffe, 641.0 V A K 1 . x xx A 1 A. 4 1 Q 4 Q46 cglfengen SENIOR CLASS of STEUBENVILLE HIGH SCHOOL IQ!-I-O Wm! 741. SHAW IN ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF HIS MANY SERVICES AND FAITHFUL FRIENDSHIP TO THE STUDENTS OF THIS HIGH SCHOOL, WE, THE GRADUATES OF THE CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED FORTY, SINCERELY DEDICATE THIS, OUR ANNUAL uvmmsmmrumas 8 3,X9jvW"t L . A Q A umm! URI 6 THHIRHQII MUS LJ:Uv UID. EFACLUJILUW M N55 if sam uisnwmuimn PIQOLOGUE 'All the worldis a stage, And all the men and women, merely players." ---William Shakespeare Lasl noles of music die away, The curlain rises on lhe play, The scene is Here-The lime. Today. The play is merely a Revue Of four years, during which lhere grew Young men and women, brave and lrue. Each pupil has a leading parl, As deslined from 'rhe very s'rar+, To be performed wilh happy hearl. Baclcsfage +he Jreachers lend 'rheir aid As promplers in The huge parade Of Talenl being Jrhere displayed. The scenes will slip by very lash And so, before The chance is pas'r, Please come baclcsfage and meel' our casf. FACULTY Tl-IE STEUBEN FOCDTBALL STUDENT COUNCIL CLASS OF :Qui K- I :T 'J :UW fr- - . -n r. 11- . - -Y - nc: ' LJ.. 53- T- .: '53, 4? F fi? .53 ' ' A. Ajjggr' ' 1 V . 3 Ma- TE- 'ww iff T. '-315 -'IGQH T 55.54 is V71 QW!!-Z-'.f" 1-1 . ..- . . L.. -,PARA 1.--..,n. 'fn r 4 Y -. ' 4! f' ,'-fuvxx -'J ' 1 P -' fxflfg. -wfL+:Evz1-'Q?i'-Tl- Egg! 1755 - .iw iqgyg- 's-Q!.xQsr-.-'yfu-.- 1, 5- L , ...ty-4: ,. mfr. -,I-g:53i.3:5! , Ask- '. wks.. 5 Eff '?-l21g1g!ffg2-Ef',"l5s-f 11" - ' -41,-l ' , ,H '-.- H'-J ' yfffnu '--':w.'.'f:'f , -.gk 1-'yffiv A f 1:-V T - .F is ' -. 'f we fffxfefe f ' gap I-wif. if-1 Lk' 'f'Si'sfi5.5f ,t wg . ,.. ,:,n5 --11 f9Q::,:.,1:-U..-L. , me f 1'-l?3,4 QTS5Eu'g:1ifgf5 'A' , ". -:TJ .. 95152 ' ' gw55i3a3a2Q2?s5g.-2 I: Qlhfgg A . " " -'ij'-..' :11'..'t-"'-5L"::gSa,tQx.,i-L.':C A .'----.ggi .1 .f ., . . ...Qt,15,-.,p..5:,T .- V rv asv Qi:-:VQWI . asf. . are-:Lx '-v--1'-1:5 .. - - , 14-:A '. .Q-',:'!:':..i4N fi,-1 if 1 52 5? ' hifi g-.i'2+.f-e?f. +-- T 1' -1 -s: 3 27:-.evf??Q-:ref ' 'Z'-:'s'15 ill- EQ: 1'-"ff ' , 5 1 :T-U " - A 'viii i1-'Y'i:Z'3i-. .1f.:1fa'3?-5? ' S? ' 'H-E T12 --2--'G V1 -' f- J-'S T 'f -""?iw'2"f21r:':wma: 1 .fiziaswi g ' T 13 - 'ii ii? W Yigii -QI- 'cmr f yrs, - g-1.24:-Qi M.w,:g 1114, l T3:f ' f'g -alfa, "2 gf ,I-f rp Yi " Q' ' nf- lf, . 9135: ' li algfiwiz f:3Tg-fvgyzivf, -i J as ' ,. ':-:mg , wi LU 33 -,X A 'SX 'gf . , ?p5fv,?.'.-x-pl. -- .T ' A w1gf"'l.1' -S 43 Fi' :H '+6:4Z'wQ'2'3:2s' -f1?ifF?E+ 1.. uf! . S - . 'err We ig'rf2?qm 'Peg-,m -1, v , -, , ' . s fklie.,-fg.f .1',4x'-4,652 - lrgx qv-1 . R M 1 Ep., gwg.iw,aqnN.QgEy'1 swf-s S: - -yi xr, P 13556 - F, ' 2' Q . A-W a-vafgaf-:NLT ' iii -'BWI I - . - '. 5 2331- "" "Wff5'5+'. .- A-2 J' U 'Q' ff- Mm- 'aVii?S5atf'Q Y14,f s -f f ly, w x .- T T 'fee M- .ihkfq-ln,-', A .,,e , .1 -. tl A X QW... is , v ,ilk 1, I: up 1 Y 'V ?' w ffm. -1-s . . . - .' r Sw' ' -mwfsfg K- f -f -ff' . U T XI-':ij.nh1l,w its. .H v . , h vu. G if... .14 E -: 141- H .M f an fi f f' - A , .. -, -: a ' V, E?i3'ff357'Z?2f" '95L ' ' "iff33'W'i'fT": ' LTR 731: ,mfahw A .' - f ' :., Tai in '-T593 fw-M f gm , X ..'msM. 52 Tiki :T ,f I T X li? T T. ff --f' ,TQ " ' ' SST 'si ' F' -V ' J , '-' Ur. 5 J' - . -f 4 win- ' 1 'B 1:51-..5.4Sfi1v V ,--gm uf-T ,.-g,'g'f'-,,- JT-fa .Tami-gQQSEQL,-Yfffj-9' d,j15,g1M w F 3:55 XX X - 12' Z i - 31,3 . X, 3- . Top row, lefi 'ro righiz Jessie M. Byers Fred E. Kendall Andrew W. Fenslce Harold H. Bach Beriha Creswell Mary E. Brown Rachael Freedman Joseph B. Hughes Charles Q. Carrledge Agnes J. Duslcey Margarei Boyd Simon A. Grill Harold Beckes T. W. Caskey Bernice R. Dennis Lillian Cochran Margarel' Hilsinger Fred C. Lausch Nina R. Clay Juliel' W. Eakin Marjorie CaH'ell Marfha C. Madora :.::.s.' 5, x 1 1 I 1 Ei . .5 I Q - -. - -, .f as ,-:rig Top row, leii 'ro righl: Angelo Vaccaro Blanche Price Lora B. Childs E Myrile L, Johnson Thelma R. Taylor X ' as Tw X E E is X s R . '- 1 a s l-larrief Smurihwaile Bess L. Oolell E. Josephine Thompson Miriam NeHing , Frances Krumm James T. Welsh George K. Pearce Eleanor Giles I John A. Turlcopp E. Louise Lyons Flora Augusf Lenoir Pomeroy Elizabe+h Newlon, Secrefary +0 Principal Paul l-l. Wrigh+ Ecli+h Manor ' Elvira Parrish Charles T. lvlcQuinifF John W. Siimpson -r RUSSEL E. SCI-IAFER Superin+enden+ of Sleubenville Public Schools I I' FOREST J. MICK Principal of Sleubenville High School Board of Education CHARLES H. MCEARLAND ,7,,.....,..,,,7.....,...,..,,,...,,...,.. Presiclenl' HARRY L. COOPER ...,,,,,,,. .......,, , Vice-Presiclenl EDITH SMITH .........,..,,,,.,,......,. .. , ..,...A.. Clerk-Treasurer MARY WILMA DAWSON SAMUEL PEARCE JOH N E. PETERSON The Steuben STeubenville l-ligh School TirsT had an annual in l9lO, published under The name of "The BulleTin." Ever since Then, a resume oT The preceding year has been pre- pared by The graduaTing class in The Torm oT This year book. The EdiTors of This year's "STeuben" have worked hard To make iT a success. Many gallons oT "midnighT oil" have been burned, much hair has been pulled, many TighTs have been ToughT, in order To make This book aTTracTive To The sTudenTs. JusT as wiTh all previous annuals aT The beginning no one ever expecTed To see The book in prinT. Now ThaT iT is finished, The only worry of The compilers consisTs in The hope ThaT iT meeTs wiTh The approval of all who read iT. When you read This "STeuben", remember ThaT iT is due To The labors of The following sTaTT: 4 EdiTor-in-ChieT .......... .......... R ena Dell BraTrnan LiTerary EdiTor ,...., ....,...,...., l-l elen Caine Club EdiTor .,,,,... .....,,,.,........., D oroThy Mills Music EdiTor ....., ......... M argareT Coupland SporTs EdiTor ..,..,.......,....s,...... ,...... .............. C a smir Myslinski PicTure EdiTor ,.,,.....,,.,c...,....,..,........,..,...,.,,. Mary l-lelen Wolperr AdverTising c.s,...,.. John Turkopp, Sara Mae Endich. Bob Kimble lzootbo II AnoTher "Big Red" array was whipped inTo shape by Coach "Punque" CarTledge and his assisTanT Ang. Vaccaro. AT The beginning of The season The "Big Redi' looked very impressive. lT showed a biT of The old Tiqhi- buT seemed To lack oxperienco. However, The iniury jinx soon rrverTook The squad and sTayed wiTh iT To The very end oT The season. The "Big Red" combine opened The TooTball soason by deTeaTing l.ancasTer's "Golden Gaels." ln The TTrsT play oT The game I-'liaTcher suTTered a knee iniury Thaf kepT him ouT oT The line-up Tor The remainder oT The season, Three plays aTTer The opening kick-oTli, E. Mike recovered a Tumble on The LancasTer TO. STauTTer Then plunged Through The line Tor 8 yards, and on The nexT play I-lillis scampered over The goal line Tor The TirsT Touch- down oT The season. OTher Touchdowns were made in The Third and TourTh quarTers. STauTTer, Gillian, and Sloiack proved To be The mosT consisTenT ground gainers. E. Mike played a bang-up game aT righT end. The Tinal score was STeubenville 20: LancasTer, O. The nexT Team To Tace The "Big Red" was Col- umbus CenTral. There was a slighT change in The STeubenvil'e line-up wiTh MonTi aT righT Tackle in place oT l-laTcher. The TirsT halT oT The game was played in a ccnTinuous rain. The only score was made in The TourTh guarTer when SToiack cor:- pleTed a pass To Cybulski who raced I3 yards Tor The Touchdown. The game ended wiTh The score Sieubenville. 6: Columbus CenTral. O. The Tolfowing Friday The "Big Red" aggregahon wETnessed Hs TirsT seTback oT The season. The power- Tul PorTsmouTh "Trofans" came Through wiTh The TirsT score oT The game. The "Big Red" reTaliaTed wiTh a 5l-yard drive To Tie The score. However. The "Trojans" soon Took The lead again when They recovered a Tumble on The STubbers' 5 yard line. Bob Mike was The ouTsTanding player in The "Big Red" line. The game ended wiTh The score PorTs- mouTh, 39: STeubenville, 6. The STeubenville Team suffered iTs second deTeaT aT The hands oT Bellaire. The STubbers seem- ed a biT beaT-up aTTer The PorTsmouTh encounTer and lacked The necessary drive To win. AT The end oT The game The score was Bellaire, 83 STeubenviIIe, O. A crowd of l0,000 pegople iammed inTo The Harding Sfadium and saw The sTaTe champion Massillon Team again prove iTs invincibiliTy by de- feaTing The "Big Red." This was The STubbers TiTTh encounTer wiTh The Tigers, Massillon having won The lasT Three games. Lonas replaced SToiack in The STeubenville line-up. The final score was Massillon, 50: STeubenville, O. The following week The Team Traveled To Erie, Pa.. where They encounTered anofher sefback aT The hands of Erie EasT's Warriors. The game was played in a sea of mud and bofh Teams had To rely solely on line plunges. A knee injury puT STauTfer ouT of games for The remainder of The season. The final score was Erie, I3: Sreubenville. 6. The sevenfh game of The season again found The squad baTTling on foreign soil. The game was played in McKinley's new sTadium and iT drew a large crowd. The Canfon combine led by Maran- Tides subdued The "Big Red" by a score of 20 To O. The nexT week The Sfubbers played hosT To MarTins Ferry. This was The TirsT day game and The lasT home game To be played aT The Harding arena. The game was hard foughT wi+h Ferry making The only score. The game ended. Marfins Ferry. 7: Sfeubenville, O. The lasr game saw The STubbers suTfer Their sevenTh consecuTive defeaf. The iniury iinx clung To Them To The end. A few new faces appeared in The Sfeubenville backfield because of injuries To The regular backs. Brown, a freshman, played his Tirsf varsiTy game aT halfback. Love was shifTecl Trom his cenTer posifion To fullback. The "PoTTers" made The only score of The game by inTercepTing a Sfeubenville pass and running iT back 30 yards Tor The Touchdown. BarneTT played a good defensive game aT guard. The final score was Easf Liverpool. 6: STeubenville O. Taking parT in high school fooTball for The lasT Time in The EasT Liverpool game many of The regu- lars made ready To bid adieu To Their uniforms as well as To Their Alma MaTer. These boys were: RoberT Mike, Jack Sfauffer, Ted SaTula, ErnesT STarr, Paul HaTcher, and Alf Carducci. This was probably The worsT season experienced by any "Big Red" Team. Much crediT musT be given To our coach "Punque" CarTledge. who, Though hampered by iniuries ThaT Took ouT many of The regulars, managed To puT Togefher The besT pos- sible combinafion Thar could be formed from The squad. If has been lhe cuslom in lhe pasl lo presenl honorary lellers 'ro boys engaging in infer-scholaslic sporls. This praclice was carried our and ihe following received Varsily "S" lellersz Adams. D.: Barnell, T.: Carducci, A.: Cyloulslci, B.: l-larvey, G.: l-lalcher, P.: l-lillis, R.: Lonas, W.: Milce, Eddie: Mike. Roberl: Monli, V.: Myslinski, C.. Capiain: Pelerson, W.: Slarr. E.: Sloiaclc, J., Salula. T. Managers: Goodman, S.: Firm, D.: Roe, J. The schedule for 1940 includes a group of high class Teams which promises lo offer inleresling games. Se-pl. 20-Nighl'-Columbus Cenlral Sepl. 27-Nighl--Daylon Slivers Ocl. '4-Nighl-Campbell Memorial Oct I2--Day--A+ Bellaire Oclr. I8-Nighl-A+ Massillon Ocl. 25-Day+Erie Easl' Nov. 2--Day-Canlon McKinley Nov. 8-Nighl-Al' Marlins Ferry Nov. l6-Day-Easl Liverpool HERFF-JONES COMPANY Jewelers To Steubenville H' l Sl l lg 1 c moo Indianapolis, Indiana - The Student Council STeubenville High School was one oT The early insTiTuTions oT learning To adopT The STuclenT Council plan Tor giving pupils a voice in The governmenT oT Their school. By each home room elecTing a represenTaTive, and Mr. Mick giving his Time, The pupils and The oTTicials oT The school have come To a beTTer undersTanding oT each oTher. For years This group oT sTudenTs. elecTed annually. have kepT peace, and acTecl as an inTermecliary beTween The pupils and The Teachers of .The school. This parTicular acTiviTy gives The sTudenTs pracTice and experience in selT- governmenT. They gain a liTTle knowledge of The workings oT parliamenTary law, and They learn To work TogeTher Tor a common cause. This year They had The ChrisTmas vacaTion exTencled Tor The beneTiT of The sTudenTs who had employmenT during The pre-holiday rush. Earlier This year, This group broughT abouT a liTTle more school spiriT Than has been shown laTely. They also worked To abolish The rule ThaT prevenTs a pupil's exempTion Trom his examina- Tions iT he has been absenT more Than Tive days. WiTh The increase of The number oT sTudenTs in school. The council's imporTance is growing, also. The work of This group is highly commendable and iT deserves real appreciaTion Trom The sTudenTs. The oTficers of This year's council are: President RoberT Dunkle: Vice-President Frances Reiner: SecreTary, Sara Mae Enclichg SergeanT-aT-Arms, ErncsT ST-nrr. , Compliments of S'rEUBENv1LE HERALD STAR 4 OVERTUQE - Steubenville High School Orchestre Howard Beclces, DirecTor lT is indeed rare To Tincl bofh quanTiTy and qualiTy in any organizaTion. buT such is The case in respecT To The high school orchesTra. From a membership in V929 oT sixTeen, iT has grown unTil now There are sevenTy-Tive, The largesT membership in iTs hisToryg and sTill iT has gone on To bigger and beTTer accomplishmenTs. T , Long 'before a band was even ThoughT oT, There was an orchesTra in The'school which. under The direcTorship oT John Phillips, played Tor assemblies and The com- mencemenT. Since Then. we have had as direcTors. Hugo Miksch, G. AusTin Kuhns and Howard Beckes. The developmenT oT an orchesTra is necessarily slower Than ThaT of a band as iT Takes much longer To Train The players oT sTring insTrumenTs Than iT does The wind insTrumenTs. ln The lasT Three years. Through The eTforTs oT Mr. Kuhns, addiTional insTrumenTs were added. so ThaT finally The necessary insTruimenTaTion Tor enTrance inTo conTesT was reached. ln The disTricT conTesT in '38 we Tied wiTh Bellaire Tor a second raTing which was The highesT given. ln '39 The orchesTra showed iTs abiliTy by winning a Superior plus raTing in The disTricT and a second or ExcellenT raTing in The STaTe con- TesT in Columbus. This year, on March 29. This organizaTion,gain received a Superior plus raTing in The disTricT conTesT aT Muskingum College. The presidenT oT The group is Ranier DelnTinis: The concerT masTer' is Mario Mancilella. - INTEIQMISSION - Steubenville l-ligh School Chorus Howard Beclces. Direclor A Our mixed chorus has a membership of sixly This year. This choir is a source of inleresl' 'ro 'rhe enlire school and, also, aids in musical apprecialion. We are cerlain lhal 'rhe pupils of 'rhe school will always recall The Carols as sung by The chorus in our halls ar Chrislmas lime. V Our chorus, as an A Capella Choir. parlicipared in lhe Ohio Valley con+es'r in '38 al Wheeling, and received an Excellenl raling. ln l938 The chorus received The same raling in The dislricl conl'esl'. Three years ago robes were made 'lor This group under 'rhe direclion of Miss Dennis and assisled by 'rhe girls of Jrhe l-lome Economics deparlmenl. ' The choir makes many public appearances lhroughoul 'rhe year lalcing parl in concerls, assemblies, and special occasions. Soloisls and seleclecl groups are also given an opporlunily To enler conlesrs and also To sing before civic organizalions of lhe cily. The presidenr of lhe chorus is Arrhur Livergood. FINALE - - - Steubenville l-ligh School Bond Howard Beclces, Direcior The high-school band is 'rhe pride noi' only of lhe school bul of Jrhe enfire com- munHy. Hs repulaiion 'for Hs abilHy lo play Jrhe loesl' music in The besl manner has exiended beyond Ohio and has pui Sleubenville in The fronl' ranks in high-school bands. - The band now has 90 pieces in Hs conceri organizaiion and lO2 in Hs marching band. All The members of The conceri band are excellenlly irained as has been evidenced many limes in +heir sigh? reading work on boih disiricl and slale coniesis. The Sreubenville band lirsl parlicipaled in a Slaie conresf in i928 al Akron and again in l93l ai' Porismoulh, boih under 'rhe direciion of l-lugo lvliksch. WHh 'rhe coming of G. Ausiin Kuhns in l932 'rhe band won many firslrs and seconds loolh in Disiricf and Siaie coniesis. The high poinlr was Hs parricipafion in Jrhe Naiional ai Ellcari. Indiana, in I938. Mr. Kuhns resigned in '39 'ro go 'lo Findlay. Ohio, and Howard Beclces came +0 Sieulaenville. Our loes+ wishes go fo each of +hem for success in new locarions. This year fhe band was given an a-I ra+ing in The Dislricl coniesf a+ New Con- cord. and laier rcceived a 2+ irafing in Columbus. The band presidenr is Margarei Coupland. Q s sras u if , ., Vg, ii J ffflilll in -iii T X ' ..,i, . 1 l ..,ss 'H '-" - "-'-" " Wir 1 -'f..i ...L .iwi : v ' J ii MQQQM if l Class OT IQLLI PresidenT .............,.,,,,.,.,...,....,...,,..........A..,,,. JAMES WHITMAN Vice-PresidenT ,....... ...,..,.,, S PENCE KRAGER SecreTary ..,.,.,,,.,. ,,.,..... R OBERT KIMBLE Treasurer ..,,,..,...,. ...,....,..,..... V IRGIL MONTT CommiTTeeman .....,.........,7.7.,,,.,............. LORNA JEAN MILLER Class MoTTo-Carpe Diem lSieze The opporTuniTyl Class Flower-Prince Felix Rose lRecll Class Colors-Maroon and WhiTe l . i 0 l i T l On The nexT Two pages are picTures OT almosT The enTire T Junior Class. This is The TirsT Time in many years ThaT The Junior Class has been TeaTured in an annual in This manner. Compliments of S'rEU1s.:.w1r.E ITERALD-STAR The Crimson ond The Block Allhough Yale has always favored +he viole+'s dark blue And The gen+le sons of Harvard +o rhe Crimson rose are Jrrue: We will own our colors' splendor. nor honor shall 'rhey lack While lhe l-ligh School sfands defender of +he Crimson and fhe Black. Through 'rhe four long years of high school, 'mids'r 'rhe scenes we know so well, As 'rhe mysfic charms of knowledge we vainly seek io spell: Or we win alhlelic viciories on lhe fooiball field or Jrrack. Slilll we work for dear old high school and +he Crimson and ihe Black. When 'rhe cares oi life o'er+ake us, mingling fasf our locks wiih gray, Should our dearesi hope belray us. false iorlunes fall away: Then we banish care and sadness as we +urn our memories back Slill we work for dear old high school and The Crimson and 'rhe Black. May Your Future Be As Pleasant As Your High School Years BEALL AND STEELE DRUG Co. 4,6 . . YF? Eff 4 1 --1 :4553 .j,,.r :ia f+r"a,p:j. '-Sli. St: 3,1-rs -J? -4 WMM 5'-4 Iitqj - .-21.1 -vw ' rlfwisf- 2-.1 7 .3555 1-.if 3? 'fu I 'fi' j .-ul., -. . , - 1. i Q.. 1. . A L , . . , ,. X. -- .. X, 1:1 ,Q Jj: A fggv-,::g?s5. i, - ra: W align 52-LEG' Ziggy 53225 ' ' ' yt.-.4,:"rxx ,. ,Q1 .-: fx-,ai 4 ' , jgf' ij'??:'1-ef. :ik ' .gg - :: vi-' ' . f- . . - 'I Q . , 253325 '?-- 1 5 ', , ...V :?1i?i-'fi 'u5'.i-A9911 ui'-w '-NR, " 'F lj: f Qi gf.. 5 fr 5 'i ew... V . T' .- '--:,.'I2-ffj. W' siflgff. i Tfzfgm - A -.!:ggL2'ib -Q .-1. A -:?.x5f'v'v'3LE!4 f - - I. Y 9""""f' j -i n A . I l::' .a 51:3 l.,4K .ax A ,. ,Q .rh - .if Q. A BAS KET BALL 2 ,I V -M Q lyk : Cl-U BS ' ..: B . I N TRAM U RA LS "ur 'Y ' 4 L" 1 BIG RED BEACON -35. :A 5. H. S. ON PARADE E' lv.vfi1T1+5fV"' ' '- - r . A. MSX' -'Jw ' --'-Y 7' . A ,g.rnf5fx.-gsvfiafl' mi ' N395 ' T X . ar . W, ,bw 1:14-r . un , w ,4 ' 4 F4 , l 14,.'A .Nu - -. w, Q. A' '--vff A 'axis .g. , R 4 I.,- v . H+ 2' .. W Ili A i S Q A' if ffm- Sf-' O Sh Vg so. L' ,X F ' X r l 1 ' ' If ' . xgf. nl- 13- A-:1 'Ili igsfgii L fr: w :5'Z5'1f' Y' -:X '. 'W . '-'fm -. Xxv :nf Y QI A ,. It ri- I il 15.135421 fgjflfggq' Xa. ef if' F' .I 5' .'."-wif -Q' i 1 . ll' , I I --' .QA ' . - Ava' 1 'f'l-L, 'I 'fl5t2f'i: 3 i?i"l,' .Q ' nal . 'IF' ,,, ,W Q33 ju-g'i:'Qs.' A .yu-. W Jiffy . G I '. '1Q.j352.3'f,' ' F as J ' "lg "1-z A' 1132? N' 7"if2N'f'f-4' N. ' u. -' ., r , .. Af-' 'f.'-'PH S' '. ' . 3? .xgsiif 5. 9 .g5?'1f.?, .Aix .42 A A .fs yi? 1 ' I 1. f Q -sa -.1 m m.: -. . 1: l. ' All 13: - 'ww 'iii' .'?-H' R' ga iw-S n l - L. A hr 1 1. - Q .I X- 3-uf. lib .631 4 ,Q W Z , "I.v .QQ ik - XJ, . 'R' Y, . zrll L fs- F SH ' ' ' 'fu' -11' " A .az 1 . 3- 5- 1 .Qu Q- . -2. -3 jr . .'k1'X5'QgE,h 'fx f ' 1- , 1. .' ', llkl 5- 'H 'S . og k . " . z , - Q - , , ff . I QR: J . ..W Q: Hu.-"immamwvytz1 L. 25 , E?-Q R1-ii I '11 1 wi.: L if .' 1 ., .f A ' ' 4 v -H , .v my Vx : .Lx . ,b T55 s 3? 3, if A 'Swv' '5 . . , ,. . g w,., . .M 1, J 'X f . W ,V F x ,I ,gg 5 K , A , - 5 -. PM 1, iw, -. - .. 2 - , ,Y . at , ' 5. ,1 'rfY'. in 1 VJ 'F 5' ' W . -1-5.-: .:. .. v , -in .'- - S. -. ,Y ' fjx' mini' 'pf-5' .5 Q..-s'w +1 -- -- - Basketball ' Our school, This year, was represenTed by one oT The besT baslceTball Teams iT has had in some Time, AlThough iT TalTered a biT in The closing sTages oT The season, iT managed To Tinish wiTh Twelve wins and seven losses. The Reserve Team Tinished wiTh eleven wins and seven losses. The Team was again coached by Coach C. CarTledge and his assisTanT, Ang. Vaccarro. The Big Red opened Their season by deTeaTing The Alumni, a Team composed of Tormer Wells sTars, by a score oT 36 To 29. The Reserves won 4l To 27. . The second game was played aT Bridgeport The "STubbers" again were vicTor- ious, STeubenville 42, BridgeporT 32. The "B" Team was deTeaTed 33 To 35. lvlingo high's courTmen came To STeubenville wiTh high hopes, buT They were romped 52 To 2l. The "LiTTle STulos" won 40 To 24. The nexT game saw BridgeporT invading The Wells Tloor To avenge The seTbaclc suTTered aT The hands oT The STubbers in Their TirsT encounTer. ln The lasT Tew seconds The BridgeporT Team sank a Tield goal To win The game by a one poinT margin- 3l To 30. The "B" Team won 34 To 20. The TiTTh game was played in Wellsville where The STubs meT The same TaTe ThaT They did aT The hands oT BridgeporT. The score: Wellsville 3l, STeubenville 30. The Reserves won again 23 To l4. For The Tollowing game They Traveled To lvlarTins Ferry where They beaT The highly-TouTed Ferry Team 37 To 34. The liTTle STubs Tell vicTims OT Ferry's "B" Team by a score oT 2l To 4l. WeirTon's "Red Riders" came To STeubenville where They were soon seT back by 44 To 33. The STeubenville "B" Team losT again 20 To 49. 'JT ' Headqualte for Band Instzu e1tS FINDT MUQ C QOMPANY The eighTh game saw The STubs again playing on a Toreign Tloor. They played TilTonsville and were behind mosT oT The game. ln The lasT Tew minuTes They spurTed ouT in TronT To win 52 To 50. The Reserves won Their game by 42 To 36. A The Wellsmen played ToronTo and added anoTher vicTim To Their lisT by deTeaT- ing Them 38 To 32. The liTTle STubs were vicTorious by 4I To 25. Follansbee was The nexT vicTim To Tall. They were romped by The STubs 50 To 3l. The STeubenville "B" Team also won by 45 To 20. The mosT Thrilling game played aT The Wells gym Tor many years was wiTnessed when EasT Liverpool came To STeubenville. The game was played on even Terms Till The Third quarTer. AT The sTarT oT The TourTh quarTer The "PoTTers" Took The lead and kepT iT unTil The closing seconds oT The game. JusT when many Tans gave up all hope oT winning, The Big Red seemed To gain new life and overcame The Tive poinT lead and added Tour more poinTs To win 39 To 35. E. Mike led The aTTack wiTh I7 poinTs. The Reserves Took over The Liverpool "B" Team 30 To l5. The STubs wenT To W'eirTon where They suTfered Their Third seTback, 33 To 4l. The "B" Team also losT 25 To 30. The nexT game saw The STubs avenge The deTeaT suTFered aT Wellsvile by romp- ing The Wellsville Team 6l To 2I. The liTTle STubs won L38 To 32. lviarTin5 Ferry came To STeubenville and Wells losT iTs TourTh game oT The season. Due To The closeness oT The game, There resulTed some unp!easanT clashes beTween players. The Tinal score, Ferry, 48: Sieubennville, 35. The "B" Team losT 25 To 37. This was The lasT game To be played on The Wells Annex Tloor. NexT year's games will be played in The new high school gym. ' The Tollowing SaTurday STeubenville played aT EasT Liverpool. The PoTTers seT Them back by a score oT 43 To 53. The Reserves losT 8 To 24. The Big Reds wenT To Follansbee and won 45 To 37. The liTTle STubbers were also vicTorious by 24 To ll. The Tollowing Friday The STubs wenT To ToronTo whore They were deTeaTed 33 To 38. The "B" Team meT The same TaTe. The Score: STeubenville 29, ToronTo 33. ln The lasT scheduled game oT The season The Eig Red beaT Mingo 39 To 27. The Reserves won 37 To 22. ln The disTricT TournamenT STeubenville was maTched againsT TilTonsville. The Big Red losT 43 To 34. The Big Red ended Their season wiTh Twelve wins and seven losses, wiTh no Team Taking The measure oT The Big Red Twice. The Big Red Team scored 773 poinTs Tor an average oT 4I poinTs per game Tor T9 games, while Their opponenTs scored 667 poinTs average oT 35 poinTs per game. Eddie lvlike led The scoring by collecTing 243 poinTs, Ted SaTula was nexT wiTh T85 Tollowed by Tony Torcasio wiTh l05, Nick Goich Sl, Larry l-Tadobas 73, and "Duck" Adams 68. The Reserves won ll games and losT 7. They scored 554 poinTs while Their opponenTs scored 475 poinTs. his Shelly Goodman was The high scorer Tor The Reserves wiTh l2O poinTs. The Tollowing received varsiTy "S" leTTers: SaTula. T, CapTain: Adams. D.: Goich. N.: Grgich, N.: l-ladobas, L.: l-ladobas, W.: Mike, E.: and Tor- aj: .-.V casio, T. 4a-L' ,-"' 5 4 i ...naman- Girl Reserves The Girl Reserve Club. an affiliafed organizaTion of The Young Women's ChrisTian Associafion, has long been a parT of The varied club program offered aT STeubenville l-ligh School. The officers for I939-40 are: PresidenT, ElizabeTh Schaeffer: Vice PresidenT, MargareT McAndrews: SecreTary. Wanda GrafTon: Treasurer, l-lannabelle MonTgomeryg Program Chairman, CharloTTe Greneberg: AssisTanT. BeTTy Dunlap. The faculTy advisor is Miss Taylor. The purpose of Girl Reserve Clubs in all parTs of The world is "To face life squarely." Programs and acTiviTies are planned To realize This purpose. These Junior members of The Y.W.C.A. Take part in communiTy life Through direcT conTribuTions and personal work. CharloTTe Greenberg and Jean KeTTler aTTended The yearly conference in Wheeling in February. A large number of The girls parTicipaTe in The l-li-Y Girl Reserve conferences aT The Y.M.C.A. summer camp. lvlothemotics Club The Junior-Senior MaThemaTics Cllub was organized in i928 wiTh The obieci' of opening up possibiliTies in The The field of rnaThemaTics, creating an inTeresT in The pracTical uses of maThema'Tics, and promoTing The sTudy of maThemaTics in hisforical. recreaTional, pracTical, and scienfific fields. An applica,nT for membership musT have complefed aT leasf Two years of high school maThemaTics. Each school year This .organization presenis an award of meriT, consisTing of a loving cup. To The sTudenT of The graduaTing class who has The highesf average for four years of high school maThemaTics. Social affairs are planned during The year for The members. Miss Boyd is The club advisor. Officers for The firsf semesTer included: PresidenT Helen Caine: Vice Presidenf, Jean KeTTler: oecreTary, Flora Miller: Treasurer, Sarah Margaref Gescheider. For The second sernesTer: President George Melville: Vice PresidenT, Clara Mae Jones, SecreTary, ElizabeTh Schaefer: Treasurer CharloTTe Greenberg. . N The Gosh Club The Gosh Club was organized in The fall of '39. The club is sponsored by Miss Krumm and Mr. Simpson. The club has Three purposes, namely, providing visual educaTion, planning audiTorium programs. and offering vocafional guidance. lnformaTion concerning scholarships is also offered To all who desire iT. ' Each weelr a varied program is prepared by a differenT commiTTee wifh several members of The club parTicipaTing. During The pasT year The proiecT commiTTee of The club has prepared aTTracTive posTers con- cerning school acTiviTies for The bulleTin boards. The club has also recorded a skiT for Robinson's Music Company and shown a moTion picfure. , This organizaTion has several sfanding commiTTees: execufive. social, general improvement finance, proiecT. scholarship, and occupaTional informaTion. These commiTTees presenT maferial of inTeresT To Those who are inTeresTed in developing Their hobbies. The spring social affair was a Leap Year Dance. Officers for The club are: PresidenT, Rena BraTman, Vice Presidenf, Sara Mae Endich: SecreTary, DoroThy RalsTong Treasurer, Mary Cafherine McDonald. . Compliments and Congratulations JANE MCDOWELL, Flowers 181 North Fourth Street I Junior lQecl Cross The Junior Red Cross Club of Sfeubenville High School is one of fhe leading clubs in fhe school. lr boasfs a membership larger fhan any ofher school organizafion. Af fhe firsfqneefing of fhe l939-40 school year fhe club members made if fheir aim fo have one proiecf for each monfh. ln November fhe members sold ribbons af one of fhe foofball games and af Thanlrsgivingysenfflwelve baskefs filled wifh canned goods and meaf fo local needy families. Early in December a parfy was given for fhe club members- and fhe club made a survey of local charifable insfifufions. As a resulf of fhis survey fhe club senf a radio fo fhe Counfy Infirmary in January. During fhe monfh of February 525.00 was senf 'ro fhe Nafional Children's Fund. Two pair of glasses were furnished for high school sfudenfs whose eyes needed affenfion. ln April fhe club reached fhe peak of ifs acfivifies and gave a Charify Ball af fhe Forf Sfeuben l-lofel. Officers for fhe pasf year were: President Nancy Cox: Vice Presidenf, Eugene DeLuciag Secre- fary. Mary Jane Vance: Treasurer, James Weinsfein. Miss Augusf is fhe club advisor. Current Events The Currenf Evenfs Club was organized on Sepfember l, l939. by Miss Clay and a small group of sfudenfs. The membership is composed enfirely of Sophomores. The meefings are held each Wednesday affernoon during fhe school year. The club members are divided info feams, four persons fo one feam. Each week a differenf feam presenfs a program on some ifem of currenf inferesf such as hisfory. liferafure, phofography. sporfs, efc. The enfire group is very acfive and fhe meefings are nof only educafional buf also enferfaining. The organizafion has proven fo be very successful and when fhe new ferm began in February ifs enrollmenf was more fhan fripled. Officers for lhe firsf semesfer are: Presidenf, Thelma Lonngq Vice Presidenf, Wayne Snedelcer: Secrefary4Treasurer, Eileen Burge. Officers for fhe second sernesfer are: President Adorna Cellini: Vice Presidenf, Madeline Rosifa: Secrefary-Treasurer, Edwina Peferson. CAPITOL Creme STORE Frank A. Hawkins Edwin T. Hawkins Fourth and Adams Sts. Steubenville, Ohio 1 W , - 1 J Journolism Club The Journalism Club was organized in IQ36. IT now consisTs of TorTy members. The ulTimaTe purpose oT The club is The publishing of The school paper. "The Big Red Beacon." The club advisor is Mr. 'Paul WrighT. lTs officers acT in The capaciTy of The "Beacon" sTaTF and iTs members are reporfers. The l94O ediTors are: EdiTor-insChieT, MargareT Keller.: AssociaTe EdiTors, Frances Reiner and James Gaylord: AdverTising Manager, Annabelle Zinlc: Makeup EdiTor. Helen Caine: News EdiTor and Co-EdiTor, Marilyn McGough and l.aVerne Fisher: FeaTure EcliTor and Co-EdiTor. DoroThy YosT and Barbara Dyer: Humor EdiTor and Co-EdiTor. Audrey RubensTein and Jane Finnegan: Girls' SporTs EdiTor. Mary Harvey: Boys' SporTs EdiTor, William LamberT. Jessie STewarT is in charge of disTribuTion. A meeTing of The sTaTT is held each Monday in preparaiion for Tuesday's Club meeTing. Auto Club The AuTo Club was organized in I934 and has The disTincTion of being one of The lirsT clubs QT iTs kind in The'STaTe. lT has several naTional alTiliaTions. Two of which are The "Always Be Careful" lABCl Club and The "NoT Over FiTTy" Club. The aim of The club is To make iTs members more careful and more skillful drivers. In order ThaT The club accomplish iTs aim each member musT malce a sTudy of The laws and regulaTions of The ciTy and sTaTe sTaTuTes as well as Those oT neighboring sTaTes. A greaT deal oT The maTerial used by The AuTo Club is Taken Trom The publicaTion, "How To Drive." This club meeTs once a week under The supervision oT Mr. McQuiniTT. The TaculTy advisor. The officers elecTed This year are: PresidenT, James Brown: Vice PresidenT, James Richardson: SecreTary-Treasurer, Regis Gaughan. ' French Club The French Club. which was organized several years ago, is now under The direcTion of Miss AugusT. ' The main purpose of The club is To sTimulaTe The inTeresT of The sTudenTs in The French language, culTure. and cusToms. This club diliiers widely Trom The oTher organizaTions of The high school in ThaT iTs meeTings are conducTecl in French. The meeTings consisT of French games, songs, and reporTs on Tamous men. Besides The meeTings, flhe club members enioy parTies and oTher social aTfairs each semesTer. The olilicers :For The pasT year were: PresidenT, Mary Helen WolperT: Vice PresiclenT. Thelma WeinsTein7 SecreTary-Treasurer, Frances McFeely: Program Chairman, CharloTTe Biorlclund. Cong:-atulauons and Best Wishes COOPER KI INE COMPANY I 4 lntromurol Basketball The Juniors iumped To an early sTarT and lcepT well ouT in TronT ThroughouT The TirsT halT oT The series. Based on percenTages The Juniors led wiTh eighT wins and Tour losses, or .666. The Sophomores and Seniors were Tied Tor The second place wiTh Tive wins and seven losses. or .4l6. The Sophomores, bolsTered by The new recruiTs ThaT came To Wells in The midTerm Trom GranT and Harding, Took The lead in The second halT. They led The Teams wiTh a percenTage oT .7501 The Juniors were second wiTh .4003 while The Seniors Trailed wiTh .300. CompeTing in The Tinals boTh The Juniors and Sophomores were keyed To a high poinT oT exciTemenT. The game was played on even Terms buT The Sophomores made Two Tield goals and a Toul in The Tinal minuTes which gave Them a winning margin. The score: Sophomores, 35-Juniors, 32. Joe LiTTle oT The Juniors was high poinT man. Cori mtulatlon and a Lifetime of Success With Sheaffer Lifetlme Pens and Pencils PROBFRT DRUG COMPANY The Big l2ed Beocon I94O marks The TourTh anniversary oT The Big Red Beacon. IT daTes back To l936 when Through The iniTiaTive oT Bernard Rosenson and Franklin ManiaTis, The Journal- ism Club was Tounded. The Beacon is published bi-monThIy during The school year under The direcTion oT MargareT Keller, EdiTor-In-ChieT, and Frances Reiner and James Gaylord as associaTe ediTors. I The purpose OT The Beacon is To sTimuIaTe school spiriT and To acT as a medium beTween The sTudenT body and The TacuITy. The school paper is a member oT The Journalism AssociaTion oT Ohio Schools. IT was represenTed by several oT iTs members aT boTh The sTaTe and disTricT convenTions. The I94O Beacon can be remembered Tor several ouTsTanding TeaTures and proiecTs. IT proved insTrumenTaI in procuring The exTended ChrisTmas vacaTion. The paper was improved by more picTures and can boasT oT iTs impressive ediTorials and clever humor. The Beacon sponsored Two sTudenT polls. a TavoriTe song conTesT. and The selecTion oT The mosT popular boy and girl oT S. I-I. S. The remaining parT oT The execuTive sTaTl is: Marilyn McGough and La Verne Fisher. News EcIiTorsq DoroThy YosT and Barbara Dyer, FeaTure EdiTors: Audrey RubensTein and Jane Finnegan, Humor EdiTorsg Bill LamberT and Mary I-larvey, SoprTs EdiTorsg Helen Caine, Make-up EdiTorg Annabelle Zink, AdverTising Manager. Mr. Paul I-I. WrighT acTed as TacuITy advisor. Comphments and A Conglatuhtxons ' THE H UB Eastern Ohio s G1 eatest Store Q S. H. S. Cn Porode The accounT oT The school year would be incompleTe wiThouT menTioning "S. H. S. On Parade." GiganTic, sTupendous. colossal. unique, and new, The all-sTudenT revue broke all previous records, boTh in aTTendance and in The numerous ouTsTand- ing scenes and acTs. More Than 4,000 people wiTnessed The performance which, like lasT year's, won Tame by The varieTy oT iTs TalenT. Had seaTing capaciTy permiTTed, hundreds more would have seen The sTreamlined revue. From The minuTe The curTain rose on The "S. H. S. RoclceTTes." To The Tinal sTrain oT music. TalenT and originaliTy marked "S. H. S. On Parade" as one oT The smarT shows oT The season. All This was due To The show's originaTor and direcTor. CurTis Greenberg. One oT The Top-TlighT dancers oT The Tri-STaTe disTricT, CurTis won a place in The memory oT all The Tans who saw The exTravaganza. The "S. H. S. RoclceTTes" proved To be a sTimulanT To Tans by exhibiTing a galaxy oT inTricaTe rouTines. Comedy by Fox, Crider, Willson and Sanders "rolled 'em in The aisles," as did The hilarious boys' chorus. The vocalisTs, The noveI+y numbers. The dancing, and The amusing blaclcouTs all scored hiTs. Several oT The ouTsTanding scenes were repeaTed again beTore The RoTary Club and. also. aT The STeubenville CounTry Club. Memorable, indeed, To boTh The casT and The audience is "S. H. S. On Parade" -ala l940l Compliments and Congratulations THE HUB Eastern Ohio s G1 eatest Store Beach Bellowers Billy Beach Chorus Trio Enclich. Sfevenson, CUF+ Wilson and Sander? Girls' Orchesfra Baby Counfer Finale Compliments of THE H. C. Cool: COIKIPANY Printers and Binders - Big l2ed Fight Song Oh leT us TighT, 'lighT, Tight Big Red, l.eT's TighT, And raise our glory To The sky. The Team will do iTs l9esT, we'll do The resT. Come cheer Them wiTh our cry-Ra! Ra! Ra! FighT, FighT, FighT. BIG RED, leT's TighT And come vicTorious Through The Tray And we will shouT Hail! li-lurrah! Three Cheers! For Big Red STeubenville. Chorus Yea Teavml We're wiTh you every man unTo The end FighTing hard and Tair a viciory To win. Do your level besT boys, Hear us loudly cheering Figl-1TTeam. FighT Team, Fight FighT, FighT. s NAUONALHONORSOCETK CLASSCDFIQAO FEATUQES SENIOR BANQUET PROMS I-IISTOIQY OF BUILDING .r-4 , h 'fgx-kai.:-1,2 ,-Lf. I ff-5 Nl :vm 1 S ' Wfi .HwWxMf If. . .8 '4 ff. ' v, nv' 14- ,:' 59.5- ': ' -if QsL"5a?Ia,v7 . J.. "'i'. ' .- 4- . Qin'-nl5g3'.'.'Z 'IM 5.3, . l:':f"5?39I'?.,ff1- 15,3 Fw' My f ffgi.. fig,?wfggl :I3r.3"5, 31. Zgffr - IQ., I. , 1-' 4XfvFr5?g1,.,- Zivffff-I -6 i ml .'0eISYaf.L"k5! Hmm: A3 I ?I1,.,7xinkqp.F, Hvghf ,mm,w wwwmwf iwwkm -+m1QMQMwif . -:az -,6Q l:.,.. . Zffj . P g ' ., .T, . "ie V'-5,2 NMMA jp ' '-if -' uffffi TN'I!'I"lI www, Q mwwmw QMMHQ: -waagmmwwf infijsf if :ui fig 1 -Q- u 1 SLK' TA I. " 3, - A ',"'Q ',1!IQ,f1 15,33-EN ii? h'k a' ju :b:'3xTP,'3.LL lfsfff Tk ' I f- "f,1iff'Q3j.i 36-ll: 3 wg U" K fs ' v M ?T 1 1 4 Q. , 'ax P, I- I-' wm'wfWy Nitin ,I I x"'I5? ,B .' , ,II iiig5f' 41.: ffl , firiqh , T"5'L1.x V , - l I "YI:f9A', I 'vi?.'I'4": " 'Q Qin I 5 ji- ', h 1. ' 14534. - , I: xg!!! -'??5g?",1i'f65A 5' tl' I ' ua' " K , ,Q . T51 ,E 1'-355 2 mu -G . 'him' . x!wKfS,y'- .ffgwiggklf j Emfh - .IIA F- frfgiig EEQEIP - .ff - - , .1 ..,b:f.i,.S,':..g,t,' .15 . 1, , , 1,75 VV ki., I ' 1 gf' A fl? 1-1 ff. . . . . f. -- U... 1' - 'EFX' , Hr -fH1Z?i'M- " . --'Y--Q: -. ' 1 , D H , in 1 M ,W 1. ,. ' ' 'V -- .-,.l,:1-.K A gg :h .' - N 52413--Qi. 1.4 . . Q.-.11 ,, Q 1. 'Q h - ' - 1.13: I . ,- ,.I:, :. '. .4 I ' '- ' 94.35 I .nl F' H "l , I .FH , -.V I, I V h Q r rl .I K f-V. , . E ' vb 5,2 - 1-I: -- '- ai' ' - - ,- I ' 3' ,' -. ,Q - ' -- f .-.I f,.- ,I H - 4, V ,M ,, g Q -, , ,. fi!" u' -f:,..': . ' "' ' .9 f iw ' r -b . - ,I ,. .. . , ,if 7 nw, W . . 3.2 . .Rf ..- . .P-:"'1' uf, . Q ,-.' 2 , ' V Iv- JF.. gli.-U.. If, A Q I I A it 4 ls '67 QQ 'ggi A 'R n , I . Q- ff .2 F' 44456 11 I I A f. N I 'f'-xr f 'TQ :I 'F was "' ,, I ' ' 5 I, 'Q , I 'Tw 4 35 'I f as If. 'I K .vml .51 Q.. I i :Iva r f lf, -" -'LI r- 'f--.4---' I " I U ' "ir-I -1','?x ""' '- 1-If .. '1'Q.:1-I .4 -iff' .-"'r -Q, ., '- 7- ff I.: - " " f , ' -"! 4 Ufi' -3,54 525- ""iIHf.fSi'Q1"34f3?w1,125Iirhv' In. G-AXIS-Nw,-F - f1Ii ,A?i-,3f1Qi",. ,..-A 1. qw- .J -",m,QE-,tax ,M M Q ,R-x ,im-3 ,114--,Q f:-sm:-.,.. -153155 . . 1 'I f - 'E A '- 1 f 3, mm ,,ai'N.-'qw' .-.?:.:-in -.4 ma-Mlm.: f .. L . .,f5!f1:I'+:'1.Lf.mzf. sihrs 3444 nh wifi' hwikr r 't M 535 fe, hai 2' ' 'fix 15, '- . Q, . If 4 I 0, J'1".r .gu if If! I 'I If xfn 1' ,Sig ,IQ 'Z ,yin I? ' 1 W 5 ff' ln" if I lv, ,ll-'I -Ib I , ., . ,Q , .- ., :T :X--if Notionol Honor Society Local Chapfer No. 28l Membership in Jrhis Sociely comes lhrough elecfion by a Teacher com- miriee. Noi more lhan fifleen per ceni of ihe eniire class may be chosen each year and +he choice musl' be confined lo Jrhe upper lhird of Jrhe class. Scholarship alone is nol' ihe only requiremenl' for membership buf in addiiion lhe characier, service, and leadership evidenced by Jrhe pupil is Jraken info consideralion. The 'pupils elecied from lhe Class of I94-O lo This sociely are named loelow. Eliza loeih Schaefer Audrey Ruloensiein Mary Helen Wolper+ Jean MacLeod Compliments of PARA MOUNT THEATM: Thelma Weinslein Miriam Reno Frances Reiner Jean Kelller Frances McFeely Rena Bralman Arlene Kayser Rulh Divich Doroihy Ralsion Mary Jane Uhlich Helen Caine Sarah Gescheider Margaref Coupland Flora Marie Miller Mary Cafherine McDonald Roberi Herlosf Helen Morris John Sellaroli Sara Mae Endich Beiiy Johnson Belly Husfon James Howcrofl' Beverly Bailie John Turkopp John Wallman Palricia Preble Pefer Krnich Nicholas Goich Beverly Brown Naomi Halley Dorolhy Mills James Gaylord Doroihy Yos'r Mira Maragos Lavone Lanlz Alexander Nagy Annabelle Zinlc Class ol IQLLO Presiclenf ,,....7,,,Q,,.. ......Y, M ary Calherine McDonald Vice Presiclenl' Q....,.,.. ........V..,......,., E clwarcl Johnson Secrefary ...,..,..,. ,...... J olwn Roberl' Wellman Treasurer ..,,,....... .,Q.. ...Yr...,Y B e verly Bailie Commiifeeman Y.Q.,.,. .... , .. ,.,...... Rena Dell Brarman lv1o++o- "Vinci+ qui se vinci?" ll-le conquers who :conquers himselfl Colors - Royal Blue and Wliife W. G. SPIES Co., Jewelers In Steubenville Over 60 Years - I Jean Agnew 3 Irene Aucl'1 5 Ellen Anderson 7 Hallie Adyniece - Clerical Clerical Accounfing Secrefarial 2 Rocco Augusline 4 Leah Armslrong 6 Franklin Agnew It Clerical ,, Clerical R o c. K E Bealrice Ace1'o Anna Mary Aldridge James Barnlwouse Norvel Boles Secrelarial Clerical Clerical General Spinalba Anlolini Margarel Allwya Lida Belly Bales College Preparafory Secrelarial Secrelarial Beverly Bailie Owen Burns Fauslina Bianco Jolm Brondos - College Preparafory College College Preparalory Clerical Dorollwy Mae Brown Clwarlolle Bjorklund Margarel Coupland George Culnon Secrelarial General College Preparalory Vocaiional Harry Crider Helen Caine Alfred Carducci Kailwryn Copeland General College Preparaiory Vocalional General Elvira Cosenlino RobbieiCarl'er Pauline DeFoor Rulh Diviclw Secreiarial Accounling 'College Preparafory College Preparalory Donald Cable 1 Edward Cellini Paul DeFrances Accounling College Preparalory College Preparafory Mario DeJolun Roloerl Dunlcle Sara Mae Endicli William Erwin Accouniing General College Preparafory College Preparafory Frances DiFederieo Michael Diequez Willard EllioH' Vocafional General College Preparalory Marrlxa Fleming Wilda Grubbs Y Doreen Griflillw Sarah Gesclieider General Clerical General College Preparalory Curris Greenberg Slanley Gryszko Cl1ris+opl1er Georgoules College Preparaiory Secrefarial College Preparafory in Compliments of FERGUSONJS CONFECTIONERY 1615 Pennsylvania Avenue 1 . f ,I Palriclc Green 3 Niclc Goicl1 5 Alan l-leid 4 George Hruschalc Jjijji General Clerical College Prepararory Secreiarial 2 Rhoda Gore 4 Margarel' Granl 6 Jean l-laddow Secrefarial General College Preparafory Orlea Hayes Virginia l-lallas Roloerl' l-lerbsl' Mary l-lephner Secrelarial Secrefarial College Preparafory Secrelarial Arllwur I-lolliday ' Anna l-lruschalc Mary E. l-larris Accounling Secrerarial College Preparalory Sidney Hauser Lucille l-leid Berry l-larris Mary Isaac General College Preparalory College Preparalory Secrelarial Marian Jones Mildred Joyce George Jones - Jane Kelly General Secrerarial General College Preparalory Mary Kayalas Casimir Karpowicz Rose M. Kalinowski Arlene Kayser Secrefarial General Secreiarial College Prepara+ory J Ross Kell Willirlw Knox Irving Leon Lavone Lanlz Clerical General College Preparalory Accounfing Marie J. Kalinowslci Edward Kirlcparriclc Louise Lamanna General ' General Arfhur Livergood Chesrer Ligl1+l1izer Jean MacLeod Frances McFeely Vocational Accounling College Preparalory College Preparafory Dorollwy Lesnanclcy Mary C. McDonald Roloerf McCarrell General Secrefarial General A Eleanor McCaig Edna Mliskelly Flora Miller Mary A. Mills Clerical College Preparafory Clerical Karlwleen McCar1'l'1y John Morelli AgnesMiclcalal1 Secrerarial Clerical Clerical PITASSYJS 1VIEN,S SHOP Clothiers - Haberdashers Hatters ' l Charles Maiihews 3 Mildred Milosevich 5 George Morrisi 7 Susan Maieros Accouniinq Secreiarial Accouniing Secreiarial 2 Jane Mieczlcowslci 4 Doroihy Mills 6 Pauline Moore Accouniing J College Preparaiory General Rose M. Mills Myrile Myers Mia Maragos Roberi Owings Secrefarial General Secrefarial College Preparafory James Male Elizabeih Moiiai Ralphina Masiroianni Clerical Clerical Secrefarial Alice Ochsendori Elizabeih Pieirzak Mary M. Peiers Casimir Prolcorym General Clerical College Preparaiory Clerical Pairicia Preble Veronica Paulakonis Michael Peirella Yolando Pace College Preparafory Accouniing Clerical Clerical Doroihy Permar Raymond Perrone Lena Mae Porier Mary L. Peirella Vocaiional Secreiarial Clerical Secrefarial James Rossi Robe-ri Ryan Frank Roberis Mildred Siier V General College Preparaiory College Preparaiory Secreiarial Miriam Reno Darinlca Rebar Emilio Rossi College Preparaiory Secreiarial General Mariha Slcrownslci K Samuel Siewari Charles Sirean Jack Sharp Secretarial Clerical College Preparafory College Preparaiory Edward Sawlca Elizabeih Siasiulewicz Mary E. Spanovich Vocaiional Clerical Secreiarial Nora Siarr Mary Salamone Jessie Siewari John Sellaroli Accouniing Vocaiional General Accouniing Ted Suiula ' Jack S+auFFer iiernard Sugarman Accouniing College Preparaiory College Preparaiory C. W. Causes, INC. ' Furniture 152 South Fourth Street l Eda Agresla' 3 Richard Bayers 5 James Brown 7 Edward Barring Secrefarial College Preparalory College Preparalory Clerical 2 Elizaberh Abramowicz 4 Margarer Brush!! 6 Rena Bralman General Eileen Burson Margarel' Barrefl' William Conroy Jack Collaros General Clerical General College Preparalory John Browning Belly Burns ' Dororhy Claylon General Secrefarial College Preparaiory EN Ernesl Carducci Elizabelh Davis Ovidio Delvlarco l-lazel Dever Vocalional Clerical Accounfing College Preparalory Sophia Devich William Drazich Charles Eberhardl Caroline Flolo Vocalional General Secrelarial Walrer Fousl Margaref Ferguson Wanda Freeling Frank Foley General Secrelarial Accounfing General Raymond Guy James Gaylord Charles Gardner Regis Gaughan Clerical College Preparalory College Preparafory Clerical Eleanor Gillespie Lucille Grelsinger Georgia Mae Grofr Secrelarial - Secrela rial' Clerical Sarah l-lowcroll Evelyn Howard Belly l-luslon Naomi Halley Clerical Secrelarial Secreiarial College Preparalory James l-lumienny George l-loffman William l-lowcrofr Vocalional General General James l-lowcroii lv1'ar'rha lsner Belly Johnson Arrhur Kunlcle College Preparaiory Siecrelarial College Preparaiory Accounling " Jean lrwin Edward Johnson Mary E. Jimeson , Accounling College Preparaiory General - Compliments MCCOYJS SHOE STORE 157 North Fourth Street W I Edward Knowllon 3 Alberl Kopras 5 Norman Kindsvaiier 7 l-larry Kaiserling General General General Accounling . 2 Marjorie Kerr 4 Grace Kramer 6 Laura Keller College Preparafory General Secreiarial Rulh Knowles William L. Long Paul Licking William E. Long College Preparafory College Preparafory Accounring Joseph Kaplan Jane Lipperl lrvin Levinson General General Clerical John McDonnell College Preparafory Geneva Mcl-l en ry Clerical Barbara McCue Secrelarial Kalherine Mcl-lugh Clerical Margarel McAndrews Frank McPeelc John Myslinski Rosalie Morris Clerical College Preparafory Vocafional College Preparalory Thomas Moorhead l-lelen Morris Helen Marshall John Macre Accoun+ing Secrelarial Secrelarial Clerical Joseph Merriclc l-lelen Nelson Edna Norris Eugene Ochsendorf General Voca+ional College Preparalory Roberf Murphy Alex Nagy Norman Nickerson General Vocarional General Joseph Orsini William Parrish Calvin Pelerson Edward Pagnanelli General College Preparafory Vocaiional College Preparalory Anna Popovich William Parris Rurh Pugh Accounling General Clerical Anlhony Pinii Fred Rieger Anna Radalcovich James Ruach General College Preparalory Secre+arial Vocafional Dorolhy Reed Roberl Renfrew James Richardson Vocafional College Preparalory Vocafional Our Best VVishes to Every Member of the Class of 1940 -DENMARIVS FUR SHOP gm, Q xi.-5, QQ. MX 9 . '51 : s ' fl Q ,x ,mi ww? I Rf X gi V 2 X N Q 55,512 V in 5 xi RX if X X fgs w 2 ei x, X X Q X 'NS' mr. - .. as ga if 5' R Q W av A-X X X x ,N 166 4 X 'W'IP"Mary L. Schmid+ H 3 Josephine Sneddin 5 Pauline Sims Mary C. 'Sweeney College Preparalory Clerical General Clerical 2 Berardino Seralini 4 Ernesl Slarr 6 David Slevenson Secrefarial College Preparafory General Paul Scurri BeH'y L. Sfalilord William Trainor John Turlcopp Accounling College Preparafory General College Preparaiory Theresa Saggio Phillip Taran+ine Befly Troyan Accounfing S+ella Tillie Dominick Teramana Lee Topping Vera Vie+s General Vocafional Clerical Secrefarial Kennelh Vanlfirlc Anna M. Valerio Phyllis Unroe Doroihy Vein General' Secrefarial College Preparalory Accounfing Elhel Villies Oscar Valles Mary J. Uhliclc Auslin Wiles Secrelarial Clerical Secrelarial Clerical Waller Wallcins James Weinsrein Rober+ Walfman l-larold Weekly College Preparalory College Preparafory College Preparaiory General Belly Williams Mary l-lelen Wolperl' Luella Weaver College Preparalory College Prepararory Secrelarial Belly Woodward Anlhony Woodsfuiif Cafherine Wierzbiclca Alefhine Zizes Vocalional Vocalrional Secrelarial College Preparatory Jacqueline Wendell Margareir Welsh Mildred Zlolkowslci College Preparafory College Preparafory Secrefarial ' K , , Y Norma Yosf Q Virginia Criss Rufh Fisher Milferl Krnich General Secrefarial Secrefarial Vocalional Annabelle Zink Audrey Case Mildred Freeze College Preparafory Secrefarial Secrelarial LEICY'S PHARMACY Reliable Prescriptions 1531 West Market Street 1 l James Behringer 3 Jaclc Blum 5 Dominiclc Carducci 7 Michael Chilenslci Accounling College Preparafory Accounfing General 2 EHore Bello 4 Mildred Bolanovich 6 Robbie Carrer Accounfing Secrelarial Accounring Herman Chociei Dororhy Gorsuch Frank Galoney James Guy Clerical College Preparaiory General College Preparairory Evo DiCarlo Helen Gulan John Griffen Clerical Clerical General Paul Hafcher Roberr Higgins Mary Hoffman Roberr Hogue General Colleeg Preparalory General College Preparafory Fred Hurand Jean Ke'r'rler Roloerr Kirlcpairiclc Virginia Lashley Accounring College Preparafory Vocafional College Prepararory Clara Lee Anna Palombizio Mary Belle Pfanneschmidl Mildred Ralcanac Secrefarial Clerical Clerical X Accounring James Roe Norma Sanders Charles Scipio i Richard Vogler Clerical General College Preparaiory College Preparaiory Mary Russell Louis Sarap Donald Serrle, General General College Preparafory Thelma Weinsrein Woodrow Wooden Mildred Yurievic College Preparaiory General General Compliments of MILLER Sz SON-Photographers 436 Market Street Steubenville, Ohio Cmff Sf -if MCC.-xUsr.EN's, Florists 'Across from Herald-Star 173 North Fourth St., Phone 121 Firsl' Row, lelil' 'ro righl: Mildred Bolanovich, Secrelarial: Errore Bello, Accounling: Jack Blum, College Preparalory: Beverly Brown, General: Dominick Carducci, Accounling: Michael Chilenski, General: Evo DiCarlo, Clerical. Second Row. l. 'ro r.: Margarel Elswiclc, College Preparalory: Eric Farchione, Accounling: Rulh Eggleslon, Voca- lionalr John T. Grillen, General: Roloerl l-logue, College Preparalory: Paul l-lalcher. General: Fred l-lurand, Ac- counling. Third Row, l. l'o r.: Mary F. l-lorlman, General: Eugenia Johnides, Accounling: Jean Kerller, College Preparalory' Margarel Keller,-College Preparalory: Peler Krnich, Accounling: William J. Lewis, General: Virginia Lashley. Col- lege Preparalory. Fourlh Row, l. lo r.: Roberl Mike. Vocalionalz James Mcl-lugh: Frances Jane Mayers, General: Mary Pliannen- schmidl, Clerical: Anna Palornbizio, Clerical: Mildred Ralcanac, Accounling: Mary Russell, General. , ' Fillh Row, l. 'ro r.: Audrey Rubenslein, College Praparaloryi Dorolhy Ralslon, College Preparalory: James Roe, Clerical: Frances Reiner, College Preparalory: Elizaloelh Schaefer, College Preparalory: Norma Sanders, Gen- eral: Elwood Selsor, Clerical. Sixlh Row, l. 'ro r.: Slanley Schlesinger, College Preparalory: Woodrow Wooden, General: Fanny Slone, General: Dorolhy Yos'r,.College Preparalory: Norma Yost General: John Lawson, Clerical: James Guy. College Prepararory ...3 'THIS DUMPQ' gl .f, Ju NE ' ,. v 1940 H .f g f 5252 227.-nmlrff' 4 ,Q 5 T f 5 -, , f ,Zz -f ' Paouo' A I I l fl l l 'l f' an il, Tlx ? ,f - 3 L T? X "0 HM - i u-- "' i "'li1i.,fi' H . ,nh A . Q, , . K... T 'r bf?" i l E X l . ' Z ' W 4 -Q T V X N I , ,..... i ,Q i lf lb- , ff X R I. Jails U i Q ,-- QCA 53...-. -L laayf N . Nowfron A JOB Q MN 3, .iw ? , 1 SIE, 9 - NO. A f3095 ly in Ny f XX T Q fs-j'-- NO! 'M N0! -ILT- Silly Sym-Funnies Dororhy Mills-All This and Heaven, Too. Bernard Sugarman-Asleep in rhe Deep. George Jones-No Time For Comedy. Charloffe Biorkland-Accenr On Youlh. Bill Erwin-Ain'+ You Ashamedl Eda Agresra-Vivacious Lady. Fred Reiger--In My Merry "Oldsmobile" Louella Weaver-Well, All Righfl Jean Kelller--l Dream of Jeannie- Bob Dunkle-Frankly. my dear- Lucille Heid--l-leid and Seek. Bob Owing-O, The World's "owing" me a living. Mildred Freeze-Very Warm for May. George Hoffman-Laughing Boy. Thane B'arneH--Fuzzy-Wuzzy. Audrey Case-L'il Audrey. Regis Gaughan-Bur Nol wilh 'rhe Wind. Don Cable-Live Wire. Sid I-lauser--Hauser 'boul a dale? Jack Blum-"Buck" Blummy rides again! Margarel Coupland--A "Frenchie" wenchie. Teacher Dear-Tha+'s Right You're Wrong. Class of l94O-G. W. T. W. r aa. 0 Q ' 1 ' p'i?""N . , ,. C if S 2 in I ,f --- C max : B C ' f' ' K ' ,. 'N :vm " li" ill l ,Wx 1, , A 1 - J l ' T V' , 4, 3 A-.,,, -1 Comphments, Class of 1940 'u"',... ' '52 12' REINERJS A ' " Distinctive Clothes That Will y A T Put You atfthe A L A S T f "Head of the Class num... Senior Bonquet Wifh mosr of 'rhe Senior Class alrrending, S+eubenville High School's lhird annual Senior banquer was held ar 6:30, on Jrhe evening of May 23, af Jrhe Masonic Temple. Mir. Schafer, Mr. Mick and mos+ of rhe facully were also in affendance. H' fwas ,a huge success and in a year or fwo our belief is +ha'r if be on a par wilh +he proms. So come on Juniors and Sophomores, show your enhfusiasm and make 'rhe liorrh com'ng banquels of your classes as huge a success as Jrhe Senior banquef of '40 was. Making arrangemen+s for 'lhe menu were Lucille l-leid. James Roe, Edward Johnson and Charles Slrean. On 'lhe program commiHee were Jean Kelrler, Mary Jimison, and Alice Ochsendorf. Q gn , iv:n4.ur,swooLivzffgrWg .QW CM V - r -YHEM HOUR 'I v y i s N 'X Q , V , M y w w? u W w eft: lily me re se we - mum ' H, 1 'EZ' Qc i , fi? -h , ff 5 Q es D Z M, , J is i J M , l J i f l as - J f will it ' ' NW llllllljj xporr emuare courrlih The Senior-Junior Prom The annual Senior-Junior prom was held on Friday evening. December The fifTeenTh. During The evening, The ballroom of The Masonic Temple was The scene of TrivoliTy and The happy anTics of The confirmed "iiTTerbugs," as The sTudenTs and faculTy of Wells High School danced To The delighfful music of Fran Eichler. The ballroom was decoraTed in an inTriguing manner, The class colors of blue and whiTe fashioning a unique paTTern of a spider web, which blended well wiTh The dim lighTs oT a ChrisTmas Tree and The flickering shadows of The dancers. This dance was enjoyed by one hundred and fifTy couples, who danced from nine To one. This prom was planned and arranged by The officers of The Class of l940, wiTh The help of The members of The Senior Class. BL36 The Junior-Senior prom On The eve of Memorial Day. a greaT porTion of The sTudenTs and The members of The faculTy of Wells enioyed The gaieTy of The Junior-Senior Prom. The prom feaTured The sTardusT music of Baron EllioTT and his orchesTra. Dancers were in a gay holiday mood. filling The evening wiTh mirTh and happiness. The ballroom of The Masonic Temple was The scene of The dance. IT was deco- raTed in a skillful manner. displaying To greaT advanTage The Junior Class colors. The Junior class gave This dance Tor The Senior class of The high school. The officers of The Junior class planned The affair. These officers are James WhiTman, presidenTg Spence Krager. vice president Virgil MonTi. secreTaryg RoberT Kimble. Treasurer, and Lorna Jean Miller, cdmmiTTeewoman. The Seniors Take This opporTuniTy To Thank The Juniors for making possible such a pleasanT memory for Their album of high school memories. , HARRY THOBURN Oldsmobile Sales and Service 237 N. Fifth Street Steubenville. Ohio ...,. Commencement Donce As has been The cusTom oT Wells High School, a commiTTee oT seniors gave The annual ,reciprociTy ComimenncemenT Dance. IT was held in The Masonic Temple aTTer The graduaTion exercises on June ll. The dance was well aTTended by boTh sTudenTs and TaculTy. The dancers glided To The smooTh rhyThms of Paul Campbell. The ballroom was decoraTed in a mosT charming Tashion, adding To The gay spiriTs of The guesTs. This CommencemenT dance was planned in celebraTion oT The Seniors oT Wells High School, who had received Their diplomas earlier in The evening. Rena Dell BraTman, Sara Mae Endich, and Mary CaTherine McDonald consTiTuTed The commiTTee Tor The aTTair. The sinceresT appreciaTion is exTended To This commiTTee Tor such an enjoyable TesTiviTy To mark The end oT The high school careers oT The class oT 1940. ELK Boot lQide "I know a bank where The wild" sTudenTs waiT Tor The SenaTor To round The bend oT The Ohio River. The annual excursion To Rock Springs Park, one oT The hi-liTes oT The school year, was held on May 25. For days noThing was discussed buT The boaT ride. There wasn'T really anyThing To discuss - everyone knew everyone else would go, Tor iT's TradiTion ThaT S.l-l.S. Turns ouT "en masse" Tor The annual excursion. ATTer The TirsT inspecTion To see iT everyThi'nc1 is iusT as iT was lasT year. we wenT To The rail'To waTch The SenaTor pull away Trom The STeubenville dock. The hoT swing orchesTra, "The Cyclones," hoT dogs and 'foaming rooT beer, "The Whip," The ska+ing rink, The Top deck, Then The lighTs oT STeubenville OTT The porT and, docked, Tired and happy, we leave The SenaTor Tor anoTher .year - 'buT These memories will always be wiTh us oT 'The l94O annual boaT ride. THE STEUBENVILLE-MARIETTA PAINT COMPANY Paints, VVa1lpa.per, Glass and Picture Framing A Park ticket line Happy? Sarah Mae and lunch Another 'ticket line Ah! Kiclclies' day Girls and dolls More girls and Kioldies' day On the beautiful Ohio RAn's MEN,S VVEAR St911b8l1Vi1lB'S Finest Store for Men 127 North Fourth Street Senior ploy "The play's The Thing"- and This year iT was a sparkling Three-acT comedy by Ralph Birchard, "Leave lT'To YouTh." The senior play was presenTed by a TalenTed group OT perTormers, mosT OT whom have Trod The boards behind The TooTlighTs more Than once. The casT of "Leave IT To YouTh" was Eda AgresTa, as Lupe, The Spanish maid: BeTTy Johnson, as Delphine Alder, older daughTer oT The Alders: MargareT Keller, as Lois Alder, youThTul moTher oT The Tamily: FausTina Bianco, as Bunny Alder: Michael Chilenski, as Andy Alder, aspiring TooTball player: Sid Hauser, as Dyke BuTler: Sara Mae Endich, as Alice: Mary CaTherine McDonald, as Opal: STan Schles- inger, as Lynn Craig: RoberT Dunkle, as MaTT Moore, public speaking insTrucTor: Rena BraTrnan, as Evie STrong, research assisTanT To Dr. Alder: James Brown, as Mr. Engels: CurTis Greenberg, as Paul Devereaux, brillianT young French scienTisT, and RoberT Owings, as Dr. Raymond Alder. . The play happens To TiT The TiTle in ThaT The ploT concerns The younger Alders and Their problem moTher, who is afraid oT growing old. The way in which The chil- dren and Their Triends ThwarT Their moTher in her e'lTorTs To keep Trom showing her age is very amusing. This Tinely casT play, which owed iTs success To The skillTul direcTion oT Miss Eleanor Giles, deserves all The appreciaTion and high commenT which The audience accorded iT. OHIO VALLEY DAIRY AND PRODUCTS INC. The Home of Cream Top Milk" Dairy Products of Superior Quality 1 Steubenville, Ohio We Point With Pride ElizabeTh Schaefer The TiTle oT highesT ranking Senior belongs To BeTTy Schaefer. ThaT makes her The valedicTorian oT The l94O class. She was PresidenT oT The Girl Reserves and SecreTary oT The MaTh Club. BeTTy inTends To prepare Tor a Teacher's career. She enjoys swimming. and includes reading oT books in her lisT oT hobbies. BeTTy is quieT and sweeT, and loves music. being a TalenTed piano player. Edward Johnson A really nice young man is This Johnson, and he was Vice PresidenT oT The Senior Class. Too. Eddie had been Vice PresidenT and SecreTary of l-lome Room IO6. and was a member oT The Red Cross, French andl-li-Y Clubs. Poor Eddie - one of his peT peeves is crazy haTs. and The haTs This year - well. need we say more? One oT The more popular Seniors. Eddie possesses one oT The mosT amusing senses of humor. Ask any one oT his Tellow French classmen. RoberT Dunkle ' l-lere's a personable young man. "Bobby Jim" was PresidenT oT STudenT Council and oT his l-lome Room IO6. l-le's everybody's pal and an all-around grand. ambiTious, and energeTic Tellow. l-le played a year oT varsiTy TooTball and led a pep rally Tor ThaT lasT memorable PorTsmouTh TooTball game. Bob was one oT The mosT congenial and besT-liked Qboys in high school. l-le was prominenT in all school aTTairs and acTivi- Ties. and drew up The peTiTion Tor a Senior AcTiviTies OrganizaTion. l-le helped. Too, To make The Senior Play The success iT was. MargareT Keller DoTs and dashes. and loTs oT Tlashesl Yes, here comes a iournalisT. lvlargareT ediTed The "Big Red Beacon" and Turned ouT a paper ThaT was inTeresTing and "Tops" in maTerial maTTer. She headed The social commiTTee oT The Junior Red Cross Club. was a RepresenTaTive in The STudenT Council. l and was an honorary member oT The "Gosh" NZ-'K 'li' Club. This inTeresTing Senior is a good conver- 2 -Qjxg: if' T saTionalisT and a real school-spiriTed sTudenT. ms Nfwj' gsm my 1 ' E S xg 3 -onmy Ave 1 RoberT HerbsT 1 77 X , This young man is The highesT ranking Senior A Ig b0Y- Bob is a "regular guy." l-le held The posi- iii i' Tion oT Vice PresidenT oT The l-li-Y. They say f OTS,-Y-S ' .wifi - ' Ti- ' ' ThaT Bob is a woman-haTer - could be! AT any gi - raTe, he does enioy swimming, hiking and Tishing. Q 'C Bob would like To be an engineer. and plans To j 4 + d if '+ ' II . , T su y ori in co ege 5 - , MW, 05" J. AND M. Dx Novo MOTOR SALES - .- gnu S .1 d S - 'C s V a es an BIVI e 1 232 North Third Street "The lQoyol Family" On April 4, The "Big Red Beacon" sponsored a conTesT To deTermine The girl and boy in high school mosT worThy of The TiTles "King and Queen oT PopulariTy." All pupils were eligible and The voTers were allowed Their own choice oT The many popular sTudenTs in school. The resulTs are memorable. and "The STeuben" Takes This opporTuniTy To presenT once T again Their maiesTies. Queen Sara Mae Endich, and King "Chuck" STrean. ToremiosT in The hearTs oT Their classmaTes. Sara Mae has always been loved Tor her sweeT sincereTy, her charming per- sonaliTy, maTchless sense of humor. and, of course, her beauTiTul voice. "Chuck" is The boy ThaT everyone likes, a "regular" Tellow, wiTh an engaging smile, a manner abouT him ThaT is irresisTible To The Temale sex, and exTremely agree- able To The male sex. Their courT consisTs oT The oTher popular boys and girls, in The order oT Their ranking. We presenT The Royal CourT oT PopulariTy: Princesses Mary CaTherine McDonald KaTherine HunTer Mary Jane Vance RuTh Keller BeTTy Johnson Louella Weaver Jane Mayers MargareT Keller Rena BraTman Princes James WhiTman CurTis Greenberg Eddie Johnson Don Cable Lee Schaefer Bob Dunkle Jack STauTfer Paul l-laTcher Bill Erwin Beat Wishes F. J. MICK Mary CaTherine McDonald g PeTiTe, blonde, and always looking as Though she'd iusT sTepped ouT of a band box, "PaT" is one of The mosT admired seniors in The graduaTing class. She's PresidenT oT The class OT '40, Treasurer oT The "Gosh" Club, ex-Presidenl' oT The ParliamenTary Law Club, a member of The Junior Red Cross. and an honor sTudenT, Too. Mary CaTherine also doTes on hisTrionics, and appeared in LiTTle TheaTre producTions. CurTis Greenberg ' "CurT" was one of The mosT progressive and TalenTed members of The high school sTudenT body. and was also a Senior RepresenTaTive. l-le will be remembered Tor his excellenT showmanship in having produced and direcTed Two ouTsTandingly successful high school revues - "S.l-l.S. On Parade" of l939 and l94O. PropheTs predicT greaT Things Tor This senior oT unusual abiliTy and pleasing personaliTy. Rena Dell BraTman The EdiTor-in-ChieT of This year book, and EdiTor oT The "CommuniTy ChesT Courier," Rena also held The posiTions oT commiTTeewoman oT The Senior Class, PresidenT of The "Gosh" Club, PresidenT oT Home Room 2I, and a member of The Junior Red Cross. l-ler main inTeresT, however, lies in dramaTics, and she dis- played promising hisTrionic abiliTy in The TiTle role of The l.iTTle TheaTer Workshop ProducTion, "Lena Rivers." ln "Leave lT To YouTh," she played, oT all Things, a research assisTanTl She graduaTed in The TirsT Ten oT her class. John RoberT WalTman l-lere's anoTher Senior class oflicer - The SecreTary This Time. JusT To geT in pracTice Tor This posiTion, "Ollie" iuggled The minuTes in his Home Room IO8 lasT year. l-le goes in Tor Glenn Miller's orchesTra and chocolaTe pies: ThaT is, when he isn'T busy wiTh The Hi-Y and lv1aTh Clubs. Audrey Faye RubensTein "Aud" is The SaluTaTorian oT The Class oT l94O. She held The posiTion of l-lumor EdiTor oT The "Beacon," and was a member of The Junior Red Cross and Journalism Clubs. She is sincere and has a refreshing personaliTy. Audrey's puns and wiTTicisms are pracTically Tollclore, and Those long, black, shining Tresses are The envy oT many a Teminine eye, as well as The obiecT oT numerous masculine glances. BORDEN OFFICE EQUIPMENT C0 Phone 2300 122 N. Flfth Street Steubenville Ohio 5 , Lest They Forget We, lhe Class ol l94O, Being very sound ol mind, Find il our desire rlo leave behind Those qualilies we .hold mosl dear, And lhose we've had lor many a year. To Claramae Jones. who dislikes cokes, Dol Ralslon leaves her lund pl iokes. Frank Pendlelon, in lhe low bass zone, Gels Dave Slevenson's sweel lenor lone. Because "Kay" l-lunler makes so much noise, We're leaving her Miss McDonald's poise. To anyone who can qualify, We lel Curl Greenberg's lalenl lly. Jimmy Whilman ol lhe Junior Class l-las everylhing, .so we'll lel him pass. Lillle Mari Aike - lhal cule Ii++Ie lrick - Gels Glamour Girl Caine's brighl, ,purple lipslick. Lucky Wanda Grallon, who is quile well -known, Will mix Belly Schaeler's sweelness along wilh her own. John McDonnell, who lhinks his driving can'l be liner, Leaves 'his abilily lo drive and live lo lillle Morlon Reiner All lhe lriendliness lhal Nick Goich has, ls lell lo lhe boys in lhe Junior Class. The "Oomph" ol Oomphish Mari Kerr, we bequealh To Eleanor Alexander, in lhe class direclly benealh. Miss Eileen Auerback, we leave lo you Thelma Weinslein's l. Q. Eddie Johnson leaves his gmanners so debonair To .Jimmy Overholl - beller lreal lhem wilh care! We add lo Belly Dunlap's gaiely All ol Fauslina's sponlaneily. To Lois Dickson We're giving away The lalkaliveness ol smarl Aurey Faye. Paul I-lalcher is manly, lhis is quile lrue, So, Fred -l-larringlon, we leave lhis lo you. The ,charm ol Mim Reno - long has il shown - Goes lo Jean il-ladley, lhough she has lols ol her To George Melville, known as a sheik, Jack Blum leaves his "lab" lechnique. For Bill Lamberl il's a lucky day l-le .gels Bob Wallman's likeable way. To you, lulure edilor ol B. R. B., We leave Margarel Keller's abilily. Juniors and So hs will lind il worlhwhile To acquire Jacky Wendall's beaulilul simile. Given lo Jimmy Riser .by Georgia Mae Groll ls a voice flhal is ever genlle and soll. Virginia Duke gels a piece -ol azure skies When she receives Eleanor Harris' big blue eyes. ' The pep and vivacily ol Eda ,iAgresla we've kepl For Aileen l-lennessey - if lhese she'll accepl. OWVI. We hope lhese lhings .lhal once were ours, Will bring you many happy hours. The only lhing we wanl you lo do ls lo make us proud we lell lhem lo YOU! ,Coniplimehts of. - STAR LAUNDRYIAND, DRY CLEANING COMPANY g ,,,, , YYYYYNY Y, Y, 777777 V An V 477 Assembly Day In Room IO6 of and Jane Our Piclrure Ed. Gene DeLucia and +he Bear fCur+ Greenbergl Miss Krumm and a Pupil Quiflrin' 'Hme on The boa? ride Kiddies' Day All Aboard! SCHAEFEIUS ART YVALL PAPER STORE XVu1lpaper, Paints, Greeting ' Cards 146 South Fourth St. I "Fancy lvleeting You Here' Say Mayme, was iT Omar Khayam who said, "IT's a small world"? Well, anyway, he cerTainIy knew his geography - whoever iT was. When GerTie and I Took ThaT Trip around The world, we cerTainIy did meeT a Io+ of old pals in every porT. One never realizes how big The universe is, I guess, unless They've Taken a Trip around if. Have you goT a couple of minuTes To spare? Y'have? Well, geT aload of Thisl I955 being a year for Traveling, GerT and I finally managed To save enough for a real Tour. I'II never forgef if -i- On a Lifrle STreeT in' Singapore, who should we meeT, buT Those Three men of The sea, Those vagabonds, Bill Erwin, Dick Volger. and Alan Heid, iusT off a ca+TIe boaf - quife smelly, Too. Trying To aHracT Their aTTenTion were Jane LipperT, Mary Ellen Spanovich. and Virginia Criss. IT's only The beginning, Mayme, only The begin- ning, because Then we Ieff immediaTeIy on The clipper ship for sunny California. And who do you Think The airline hos+ess was? PeTiTe, blonde, Jessie STewarT, who Told us ThaT John Turkopp and Norvel Boles were co-piIoTs of The beaufiful ship. We admired her uniform and, To our surprise, we found ThaT iT was designed by our former school chum - you remember - Jean Haddow. Arriving in San Francisco. Jessie Told us ThaT Johnny Morrelli was iusf opening a new nighT spof, The " '40 Club," wiTh an escorf bureau To lure The fun-loving maidens. In The evening we decided To go There for a biT of relaxafion, and found Thaf The handsome escorTs were none oTher Than Jimmy Brown, George Jones, and Bob McCarreII. Sfan Schlesinger, Bernard Sugarman, Bob Dunkle, George Hoffman, Jack Sharp, Charles Sfrean and Sam STewarT were The "exTras." Evo DiCarIo, The head waiTer, showed us To our Table. Nearby saT Mary Russell and ArThur Livergood. Before we had Time To look around for more familiar faces, The IighTs were dimmed and The floor show was ready To begin. Ernie STarr, The M. C., infroduced Jane Mayers -- she sings wiTh Tommy Dorsey now, you know. Janie was dressed in a sfunning gown: iT was a real Mary Jimeson original! There was a brighf flash and we Turned To see Bob Ivlogue Taking her picfure. He's The phoTographer for The "BugIe BIas+." The only oTher former school chums of ours we recognized were Peggy GranT and Mary Helen Wolperf. Peggy did a syncopaTed Tap specialfy, and Mary Helen enacTed a one-woman "Gracie Allen." Following The show, we saw a group of women wiTh Their daTes. We recog- nized Them as Bunny BaTes, Rufh Divich, Wanda 4 - Freeling, Mary Hephner, Mary Hoffman, Jane Xxx nam M Kelly, Helen Morris, BeTTy Lou Sfafford, and Q : I f fSJ,,i6 BeTTy Burns. Mary I-Iephner invifed us To go i P -g li I over and ioin Their parfy. As we wenT over To UN N! The Table we heard Mary Hoffman say, "I Think - Dr. Leon llrvingl broke my jaw when he pulled - ..-- ' my wisdom TooThI If iT hadn'T been for Naomi X , eg -s I fc I if gg.. as ,,,.MfM' " Phone 9254 l-lalley, his nurse. l would have been shipped off To Flora Miller. The morTician! lmagine! This conversaTion broughT on Mary Helen WolperT's sTory oT her operaTion, perTormecl by surgeon James Gaylord. when her daTe inTerrupTecl and suggesTed ThaT we go over To Jack STauTTer's. Did you know ThaT Jack recenTly reTired Trom The ring? Well, he did, and he appropriaTely named his resTauranT "The Knockout" The Teal- Tured vocalisT aT Jack's is Vera VieTs, whose. populariTyis sweepingfrhel counTry, iusT as Bonnie Baker's did 'way "back in- l939,' ADI' T-leF"publici?Tyi agenT. Jack-Toldfus, is Ed BaTTing, To whom she owes much oT her success. Lucille GreTsinger. as her personal secreTary. answers all-Vera'sTanimail. on To 'say ThaT'we had iusT missed Rena BraTman, who dropped in Tor a -hamburg a'TTer her' evening performance in The season's mosT popular play. The nexT morning, while dashing Tor our Train To DeTroiT. we sTopped long enough To pick up The morning newspaper. ln glaring headlines, we saw ThaT Tom Moorhead- had hiT Anna Popovich when his brakes Tailed To work. Well. can you imagine! Mildred Rieger lThe Tormer Mickey Yurievicl. was represenTing Ann in courT. While we were siTTing in The club car, we heard ouri names. and Turned To Tind PaTTy Preble, Beverly Bailie, Mary -MargareT PeTers and BeTTy Johnson iusT bursT- ing wiTh inTormaTion. They were geTTing oTi in Chicago To hear Sara Mae Endich give a concerT. They Told us ThaT CharloTTe Biorklund is playing The organ in The LuTheran Church oT Chicago. They had been To YellowsTone NaTional Park where Alex Nagy conducTed Them around. The girls said ThaT. because of a' ToresT Tire, They were unable To see Bob Owings and Frank' McPeek, who are ToresT rangers There. Those newspaper hounds, DoT YosT and Fran Reiner. were There covering The Tire. Alex Told Them ThaT earlier in The summer Jean KeTTler, BeTTy Williams. DoT Mills, and Phyllis Unroe were There. ln DeTroiT. we visiTed Those Mlodel T magneTs, Fred Rieger and Joe Merrick. who are Trying To sell The idea To puddle-iumpers Tor college boys. Ed Pagnanelli. Ted SuTula, James Guy, Charles Scipio, and Bob Mike all work in The TacTory. 4LasT year. during a sTrike, George Gulnon and his miliTary' reserves puT down The disTurban'ce: ' ATTer we leTT The TacTory, we decided To visiT Sarah MargareT Gescheider. who has a dramaTic sTudio in The ciTy. She Told us ThaT Annabelle Zink is working in The laboraTory oT The DeTroiT General l-lospiTal. On our way over To see,Annabelle.' we'-happened To see Kay McCarThy and Thelma WeinsTein, who had come To DeTrioiT To geT as car aT The TacTory. Upon learning ThaT we all were leaving Tor STeubenville. The girls suggesTed ThaT we ride back wiTh Them, insTead oT going home by bus, as-we had fplanned. We came home and Tound STeubenville iusT as we had leTT iT, excepT.Tor a dress shop which DoroThy Permar had recenTly opened. Across The sTreeT 'From DoroThy's shop, we saw "The Jeanne BeauTy Shoppe." owned by Jean-Agnew - she oT The golden curls and blue eyes. AlThough we're noT as young as we used To be, we ran across The sTreeT and inTo The beauTy parlor To order a manicure, 'waves' and Tacial. Oh, gee, l goTTa run, Mayme - There's my bus. See you in l965 aT The Alikanna Dog Races! BATES Sz VVHITMAN School Supplies Athletic Goods - Omce Supplxes 135 N Fourth St l is 4 Qrgonizotions Imperial Order of Jibers Morro: "Laugh and grow far." Mos? Gracious Sovereign .,,,.,...,,r... 1 .......,....r....,...,.....,,..., John Iv1cDonall Lord High Secondliddle .....,,,,.,,...., .,........ E ddie Knowlron Presidenr of The Praciical Jokers ..,..,7.,,,.,..............,..,A,..,,,.,,AAA Buclc O'Brien Sacred Sociery of fhe Plaid Shir? Chief Wahoo ,,,...,.o ,...,,..,,,,,,.............,.........,,...,..,...,,.. J immy Weinslein Assisranr Wahoo ......... ....,.... Sfan Schlesinger Firsl' Depuiy ,,.,.,,,.,,,..., ...,... F rank Agnew Sacred Doorlceeper ...,,........,,.,,..,....,..,,.....,....,,,.,,..,, ,,.,.,. L avone Laniz Royal Socie'I'y of Grunlers or, "We Wish We Could Be Serious, Too." Imperial Sourpuss .,,...,..,,,.....,.........,.......,,,.,.,..,., .........,,,...,. J aclc Collaros l.iHle Polcerlace .....,e.,..,.,,,. e...e,,,.. R aymond Perrone Grand Commandam' .,,.,.,.,..,.,.,.,.,,.,.,....,......,..,,.... ,.,,,,A...,,,. J ohn Sellaroli SECRET SOCIETIES IShhhhI Royal Knighis of Ihe Monocle Supreme I-lighbrow ..,,eS,,,,.,.,.....e..,....,,.,,.....,., Sarah Iviargarer Gescheider Mos? High Second I-lighbrow .,,,,..,,, ,..,.,...,,,...e,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,, J ean Keri-Ier Depuiy ol Jrhe Raised 'Forehead ......,.,.,......,,...e..,...,,,,.,,,,,, Margarel' Keller Sisferhood of Ye Holle Mirror Champion Powder Thrower ....,..,.......,,..,.,,..,...........,,,, ...,e..,, ' 'Sis" Perers Supreme Manipulaior of Ihe Lipsiiclc ...........e......,..,....,......... Jane Mayers Exalled Comb Weilder ,.,.............,.....,.C................,..,.......,,,..... Jean Agnew Arrendanis ,,........,...e..,, ........,... M arybelle Phannenschmmidr, "Pere" Coupland, Parry Preble Augusl' Order of Ihe Ji'Herbug Chief Dispenser of Jive ,,....,...,..e.e.,..,..,,....e...........,......,...,,..,. Oscar Valles Sergeanr ar Jam ,,...............,.......,......,.,....e,,....,,.,....e...........,. David Powers I-lonorary Members .,., George I-Iolfman, Rurh Fisher and "Lou" Weaver Congratulations from GREENBERITS Gnocssn' Dependable Quality Foods 120 North Third Street Phone 378 "puns Apun To Time" "AH, CRUEL FATE: AH, WICKED FORTUNE" Assemble closer, dear children land Seniorsl and l shall relaie 'ro you 'rhe sad +ale of Celia fAhl. Celia, if you'll remember. was 'The girl who eniered our midsl' a happy, carefree sophomore. Bui' whal' a iragedy awaiiedg so sweei a lass - alas! She had been a pari of This greal' Caledral -of Knowledge for bul' a few weeks, when she fell prey +o Jrhar gvicious monsrer, +ha+ mos+ provoking of all provokalors, lhe Pun Bug. l-lad she been innoculalred firsr by a lengihy conversaiion wi+h a Pun addic1', she mighf have avoided rhis dread piifall. Bui Celia was young, impression- able, and ulrrerly guileless - an easy viciim. She became such an ard,en'r punsier, rhai' one mighi almosl' have believed her 'ro be hypnorized by an experienced praciioner of lhe crime. Celia was verilably in+oxica+ed wiih puns. ilShe rhoughl 'rhey were punyl. Whenever she weni any place, Celia would slealfhily prey upon conversa- 'rions and ,make a surprise a'r+ack wilh a barrage of ghasilyg disloriions of words. As +ime passed, 'her former friends 'Flew when They saw her coming: or, if escape was impossible, Jrhey uiiered no single word ywhile in her presence, knowing Jrhaf verbal murder would be commiiied. Celia, however, iyvas nor 'ro be discouraged, and con- iinued wilh fher obsession - Talking io herself if no one else cared 'lo ioin 'the sport Every evening she would carry home ,all The encyclopedias and dictionaries she could hold, and she spenr hours poring over 1'he words coniained in each. hoping fhal' her diligent research would yield some herefofore undiscovered pun. One day she pounced upon an urisuspeciing freshman, and reciled all of her maslerpieces +o him. The naive "frosh'.' was delighfed. by,+he a++en+ion - ai firsf - and moderaiely amused, ioo lafier all, a 'freshmanlgbur when 'rhe freshie said +ha+ his sisier wondered why Celia wasn'+ Taking Chemisiry, and Celia replied, "Taylor, ir Pierce we Kendall be Thai smari, al+hough l don'+ know how Krumm"g 'rhe 'freshman gol' a wild look in his eye, and shof boih himself and Celia. The Frosh was ,only wounded, buf Celia, alackrdid Parrish. Theyiburied her in symmerry, and on her +omb was +he inscriplionz ' A ' ' "l'l..l. CEUA AHL" ' Andi'rha+, kiddies, is Ahl! I Q Compliments of T W HE Ao-JN 219 North Fourth Street Phone 9250 r "The Best 5c Hamburger In Town" E., M. ERWIN T History ol: the Wells Building For almOsT Three generaTions. The youTh of STeubenville 'mended The Wells High School, When The Class of l94O gpoured Through iTs old doors, iT marked The end oT,The lasT-pleasanT year, wiTh all iTs memories, To be,spenT by. sTudenTs in The Wellsk,m ln,SepTember. I940, The new -STeul9enville High School will be ready ion schoolwpurposes, iLis.T as The presenT Wells buildingswas in SepTember, 1906. plheiold Wells ilauildingiwas simple and dignified, in archiTecTure.' sTanding as a Type of The,sQlid'iTy and sincerify of manhood ThaT was developed wiThin iTs walls. Over The arches, The flengTh of The corridor on The TirsT Tloorj were once inscribed LaTin andigerman ii'noTToes. The LaTin inscripTion being VinciT qui se vinciT." a TiHing moTTo for every school lif The sTudenT can read iTl. The ciTizens oT STeuloen- ville fwere parTicularly proud of The combinaTion gas and elecTric'TixTures which were innsTalled in The corridors. The office of The Principal was once over The NorTh STreeT enTrance on The mezzanine rfloor, buT when The Wells Annex 'was builT in I9I5, his oTTice was moved To The TirsT floor of ThaT exTension. 1 9 South Foprth Street B ks 'VV ll oo f- ,a Paper- . Office Supplies-Stationery - School Supplies The Chemislry laboralory was lirsf equipped wi'rh lwelve Allafler cabinels, suf- licienl' for 60 pupils, each desk -having live drawers for individual apparalus. ll' was 'rhelbesl equipmenl Thar could be secured, bul would probably now give Mr. Kendall a headache. A beauliful audilorium wi+h a sealing capacily of 704 people was si'l'ual'ed where The Jrwo sludy halls and lhe library have since been arrangedq The slage was large and well ,adapled for concerfs. Benealh The slage were dressing rooms. ln ilhe basemenf of lhe old building were lunch rooms for bolh boys and girls, and a gymnasium for boys. There were also fool warmers where wel' leef and clolhing could be dried quickly. The building ffurnished i+s own illuminalion and power 'lor operaling lhe blower by a 40 horsepower gas engine and a 25 kilowall direcled curren'r generaior. The engine was buill especially by lhe Foos Gas Engine Com- pany, Springfield, Ohio. ln l906. 'rhe Board of Educalion employed lvllrs. Lora Bair Childs as Secrelary 'ro lhe Superinlendenlg lvlr. Roberf McGowan, grandfalher of lhe presenl Mr. Roberl' McGowan, was a member ,of +he Board. The lirsl' prnicipal of 'lhe high school was W. l-l. Maurer, who also laughl geomelry and branches of nonmal educalion. Succeeding principals have been J. Vernon Cox, Miss Anne Buslard, and F. J. Mick. The alumni who have gone forlh from lhe Wells building will gregrer i'rs passing, and can only hope lhal from 'lhe new Ebuilding will come as ,useful and as honorable a sl'uden'r body. T lf' r i Q. F i l L il . Epilogue So ends lhe play. The curlain falls. Bul iusl ahead The Fufure calls To fhose who acl wifhin Jrhese halls. The aclors here lhal' you have mel. We won'+ permil' you fo forget Their acling isn'+ finished yer. For unlike olhers plays you see, The play of life will always be "Held over" - 'fill e'rernil'y! Engravings By Norlhern Engraving and Eleclrolype Co Canlon. Ohio Prinring By l-l. C. Cool: Co. , . , M... -., 'auf' 3 .-,M 'x 4, L+, -N5 A A -XL 3:3 .ffiq 1. -Nr jffu fx Q Tn , .xx 1 . .XS X51 : N . A 2' . a 'Q 4 . ,. he, ,. ,Q - 'SY' ,gg L- affix Q57-ik ,A ,hs .,.n . . up -4 ' 1 1 il -. .' Y it id f F 5 wi' 4 5 5 ?' 5' 1 2 S x 1 i I Q 1 . 4 1 I 1 1 .1

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