Steubenville High School - Crimsonite Yearbook (Steubenville, OH)

 - Class of 1938

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Steubenville High School - Crimsonite Yearbook (Steubenville, OH) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Cover

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', 7 ' AI 1 ir? - -t-Q.:n'az,.a.....a4:.:::-:.::-- -' - Y ,-Y-, N-, --- ---if.-F K - Vi .. ,, , n, 4 V rw X oc -3 -. ' '- X 1- f 7 ,, ' 4-' A A : - I , f' fl 5 Q " A - 4 ' Q 5 5 E - 7 E 15 ' 1 , f . . I ik ' if 3 5- ' Q . , , ' . E 1 , V 3' g . 1 1 5 1 ' S . . .A , 3 ' Q v , 7 i M z f .' 9 E 'v n--as. ms-x wi H ' P ' 2 . 2 'H J, .. I , . I 1.1 LPA f 1 -. ' ,1 x 1 5 - .5 f . . I- - I .- X Q ,f' m . 'Lv 4 ' I -'u . f ,, ,W W, .. 4 . 5 'ff-Y . , , , . ., , - - ' -2- g -.1 " . j , 1. - , . , L 4 ' A' ' ' x , 'X '-V1 X , 'Y 'L' lfht' ' . 1 fp' ,S k in 2 -. ' , j ,K - " '. ' 5 '-xsx A , Q ' T . A .A ' f n if JZ K X f , 3 A, V ff E f f ' ' ' ', " h-1... fy' S , If ' . ,' ,. ' " . V " 'ff' ff" ' " n T" ' 7 '?'9: " " ' " lx " "5f" '- " pf V "fir 15 ' - - "5 . 3105 " '- ' ' '- I'1- - 4 'W i' i ERB X716 LZLIIALII SENIQR CLASS I 9 X 7 V 7 7 if pubfisl eff fy QP TEUBEQNN"lLUQ H Q, Hgfffal 3 5 Beholdmg llze brlght counlenance 0 Zlulll Ln the MISS E LOUISE LYONS WE DEDICATE THIS ANNUAL IN APPRECIATION OE I-IEI2 GENUINE INTEREST IN US AND I-IEI2 INSPIRING ENTI-IUSIASM EOI2 ALL TI-IAT IS WELLS quiet and still air of a dclighmzl study.',--Milton TO I I . I BOARD OF EDUCATION MARY VVILMA DAWSON Presldenf ROBERT R MC6ONfAN Vice Preslden F-JARRYI COOPEQ SAMUEI PEARCE C'-'ARLES MCFAPLAND WELLS DUI! DING AND ANNEX Ll lllflllfl OG' 127 fbi Q FACULTY FOOTBALL MUSTCAL ORGANIZATIONS "BIO RED" BEACON JUNIOIQS Af- 2'22,x+Af .L M X Wifi i L 'fix C71 1 f f T . T A JT T Kf"Q- ,ff ,BQ fklf Gr- 1 .1 1' M HV F-PO LJ H BALH MARY BROWN P-ARLES Q CARTLEDGE U 5 OU HPC 'QACHAEL FREEDMAN Lifnrar MAPCARE1 BOYD MMF rf T W CRCKEY C Wm' r xai S MON A GRN HIVW 'ILLIAN COCHRAN VY' F 'XUNA R C'AY r-lr tory MARCARET PHLSNNGYR 'J V MARJORXE CATTELL Ldfm BERNWCV R DENNNS Vocafwrnal IOSEDH V3 HUGHES r ERTHA 'RFSWE L ' FT V FA ALSTNN L4 lE J SYEY NDPEN PEN PPED A KMA B. CHNLDS Ai1?:'gn' "3 Pffika. ?.'kfpTlE L. 'f'JW'l'V. E'fF .rlf iff- V 715 KU" P4 ' ', EEST L, ODELL LN " EVO'-NCES VPUMM Aff P CEVEWETAL ,r-'Jn f'i Em ', GEORGE K, PEARCE Ccf"'fffc:a1 E. LCWSE LYONS Sifrii V, DEUXNE C' ND OH? POUEPOY D' H VAAV R 1' F IAPP' T MURTHX A 'IEA LES T 'A V EF '1 f 1M X HEC VI Wy-OFF vpn K7 O 5- 1 .. 'A ' iff J f :C 7 1 RUSSELL H ERWINE Suoermfcrm nf of Sfeulqenvulle Public Schools FOREST J MICK N . He X M . . 'foal of S+euGJenvEi!e P-Heh SCHOO C Q CARTIEDGE Our po ch fa 'ln nil Athlehc Managers Shelfon Gooomafm Cra 'es Jone F aI'1K Haras ul: Donald Muhrew James RCP Cheer Leaders Beffy Deus? Arthur James Doro hy Rohertson Charles Franlre . . . ' L. A F4 'QR V Q.. 6 fr-",." rg , ra. "V" 3 'A Us N' ' 4 ,Af N Q, 45-2, ', ., . V ' -- ' , I r.- 5, f' ' ' E , V , J-. -' - . -. A ' A 1 . . FQCDTBALI. Baseball us oTTen spoken oT as The qreaT Pmerucan game buT un STeubenvulle Hugh TooTball has held The spoT lughf Tor many years Compehng wuTh baseball Then The mosT popular game TooTball gradually replaced uT un The unTeresT oT sTudenTs and Town people For many year The TooTball eams aTTauned only munor successe and :T was noT unTul The ad fenT of Charles 0 CarTledge as menTor was real success achuevcd Under Punque s able TuTelaqe The Team bccame uncreasunqly successful and esTablshed enviable records un The annals oT scholasTuc sporTs These Teams several oT which were unscored upon unbeaTen and ur'Tued esTablushed a hard To maunTaun record Tor The Team oT l938 The Fall oT I937 Tound Coach CarTIedge handucapped by The loss Through graduahon of many oT The regulars of The precedunq season Thus loss wa modufued To sonce menT by The promu unq group oT rec uuTs whu h Turned ouT Tor Fall pracTucc and TurTher subsTanTuaTeo bv a Tew leTTer men DuCarlo Roe Funqers Bell STralca player wore welded unTo a compacT coordunaTecl worlcuno unuT whuch oroved To bc a source or prude To The school DespuTe These handucaps The perTormance of Th Team luved up Taurly well To The repuTaTuon sTablushed by Those oT prevuous years w nnunq Tour losunq hree and Tvunq one The schedule resulT Tor l937 STeubenvulle OpponenTs Columbus CenTral LancasTer Erue EasT Nules McKunley Massillon Campbell Memorual CanTon McKunley 8 DayTon STuvers Fryer and Gilliam. These boys were The nucleus abouT which The more inexperienced 27 - H C, , O I3 - , O O - ' , ,, , I6 25s - ' ' X C o O - ' ,H ..., ,, I3 G - ' O 6 -- i , I4 - ' Y 6 IN RETIQOSPECT The lrrsl slcnrmlsh on lhe grudxron opened lhe season wulh a wan over Columbus Cenlral Many ol lhe boys were glven a chance lo qaln experience by lrequenl subs'nlulIons Fungers Roe DICarIo and Albrullon proved 'rhe mosl conslslenl' grouno gamers and lhe game ended wllh Innal score Columbus O S+eJbenvIIIe 27 Lancasler nexl Invaded I-Iarcllng Qladuum only lo lall flclum lo a Bug Red aggregahon whIch was showlng power and coordonaluon Scornng on 'fouchdowns by DICarIo and Fungers and paced by dnmlnulne Charley Albrullon as leadrng grouncu garner lhe Well men over rode 'rhorr oooonenl FInaI score Lancasler 0 Sleu benvulle I3 Ram bealung down on lhe grlduron and lurnunq Il IDIO a sea of mud wllnesseo lhe fnrsl selbaclc ol lhe season lor Vfells A I Io goal IU lhe Tmrsl pernod nelleo Erle Easl' :ls larsl score which Il folloved up wllh Iwo more louchclowns Thus was Ernes hllh wan over Wells In lhelr seven game s res Funal score Erne Easl I6 Ihe nexl 'ream lo lace Wells McKInIey ol Nlles was encounlered by a changed Iuneup An Inlury lo DICarIo s should r If pl hum from laxlng hrs regular place In lhe Iuneup Thus dud nol' lessen lhe c-Ifncuen y ol lhe leam however and lhe game ended wllh +he score Nules O Sleubenxllle 25 The slale champlon MassIIIon learn pared bv lhe br Illanl Bob Glass proved 'fhal Il was slull InvIncIbIc lo lhe hard lnqhlnng Vfells Eleven Johnny Kofvalczuk was lh new man IH lhe Inne replacvng J C I-IIII al rvqhl end The never say due Qlubb rs held lhe IvIassIIIon leam lo a score al lhe end of lne game Massullon I3 Wells O The lollowung weelc Sleubenvllle mel a roarung powerful Campbell Memorla leam boaslung a record ol an unbrolfen slrng of lwenly 'rue vnclorues and seekuno lo Ialce 'rhc scalp of The Wells men Wulh excellenl defensrve worlr by every man on 'rhe Sleubenvulle learn lh Memorlal learn vas held lo a scoreless 'rue whlch was 'rhe nrsl lor Wells slnce I978 Funal score Ivlemornal 0 Wells O - I I I . . . V ' I . - - I I I I - . . . - . . II I II I I I . A A -. C . A - n '4 . ... I , ,- , . I A I . 1 . , . II-. . I .- . IQ . . ' . I . I . I . . G . . . ' ' C I . I , Wells, o. I - I . U . . . I e Ie . I. . . . ' Cl . , . . ' Y l. I I I I I I - . . , 4 I , , I I . . . F . . H r X H , . . I U . - . G . I . - I I ' I ' I I I .II 'I I , I 3 . . 9 . I I '. l I I-. . . . I - - - I I I I - Theur nexT Tray beung played on enemy grounds The Bug Red warrlors accom panned by l 500 Tans gourneyed To CanTon To Ta e a sTrong Mclilnley eleven OuT playlng The McKlnley Team and wlTh mosT oT :Ts playing belng done In hoshle Terr: Tory The Wells Team neverTheless was a vnfhm of bad brealcs The lone STubber Touchdown was made by CapTaln laclc Roe The Tlnal score was McKinley I4 STeubenvllle 6 The lasT game oT The year ended wuTl'1 a wun over Wells Tradlhonal enemy DayTon ST1vers A Touchdown and a saTeTy In The second quarTer provlded a vucTory by a narrow margin oT Two pounTs To close The season successfully Tor Wells The Talmng parT ln hugh school TooTball Tor The lasT Tnme In The Shvers game many OT The regulars made ready To bld adleu To Thelr uniforms and equlpmenT as well as To Thelr Alma MaTer These bovs were Captain lack Roe George Flnqers Galdo DlCarlo Bull Be'l John Kowalczulc STeve Fryer George STralca Blll l-lenry Clarence Larsuch Abc Lldv and Milan Grublch 'T has been The cusfom To presenT honorary lcTTers To boys engaging In lnTer scholashc sporTs Thus pracTlce was carrued ouT ano The Tollowlng boys recenved leTTers , . . y 1 . C . ' 1 . . Tlnal score was STivers, 6: Wells, 8. . . . . . . , . I X . v s. I T I I In -l , - ' u T A n . - : Albrlffon C J r-lenry W Mulosovuch M Barsuk C S Olson 6 Bell Wulllam C l-lurand Peier Roe J E Caplam DuCarlo G J Kowal zulc J Slralca G W Iungers G M Lady A A Vlfnlluams G E :rublch M C Mnlce Roberl Fryer S J The schedule for 1938 carrynng on fhe policy of Coach Car+ledge bv uncludnng a group of Class A leams promises lo offer several nnrereshnq games Sepfember 23 Seplember 30 Oclober Cclober I4 Ocfooer Ocfober 28 29 November 5 November I2 November I9 Nofember 24 Lancasfer Columbus Cenrral Porfsmoufh Erie Easf Massillon Pending Canfon McKlnley Daylon Shvers Campbell Memomal Marhns Ferry Nlqhl Naghl Nlghl Nrghf Nlghl a a a Da Home Homc Away Home Away Home Home Home Homc Away BAND ?f f dw Lv 1 , . "F :V 975 M". PUT '- E' 1' 'f . , K , VA! 5 , 7 F ' , Q ff :..f"1'i U' f.' ,' ' -V ?' , . M g ,- F fun", U" :f "- f .' 1 ,' ' 'c m ,. 1' ,,,. 1' mg 'f".t': Q , A, , ,. 1 ,L ,T 'pu ,J VK 'QQ 1 ' f " 3 Enix" C", V. . , ., , , IQ, -, . 531,51 ,I , , I . :U - V -V, . ,VMI jlfmfl ' " ' IQ' ,' I' 1' ' I ' I " .. A .f V , Tiwr 7 H , pp . 5-N, A. . ,F Q I4 ,, , f' Q wx f X f CDRCI-IESTTQA Our hugh school orcheslra deserves hugh place among The Tune musucal organuza luons 'rhal have been produced un Wells Through 'fhe years ll consusls of TuT+y sux members al presenf and several young hopeful are beuno 'rrauned fo lalce 'rho place of The members lhal v ull graduuafe Thus year The sulrung secluon has increased especually durung The pasl year unhl al preser' lhere are lhurly lwo vuoluns Tour vuolas lve cellos and Tour slrung bass vuoluns Miss Frances Trusullo a well known and accomplu hcd vuolun unsfruclor un Steubenville while Mr Kuhns The dureclor has been pulling un mosl of hus lime wulln he cellos and slrung basses Thus year The hugh school orchesfra enlered The duslrucl conlesl for +he Tursl fum un The huslory of 'rh hugh school and received a second rahng 'rhe hughesl ralung guven al The conlesl There was no Sfafe Crchesfra conlesu' 'rhus year buf nexl year lhe oichesfra hopes To omp 're un 'The Slale conlesl The orches+ra played for 'rne Granl lunuor Hugh School play and appeared un several concerls I+ wull also perform af +he Senuor Class play and al +he Commence menf program s ' , ' - lv. ' . . . . . . . L has been giving special inslruclion lo The violins and violas for The pasl school year . , , . , .. . Ie n 1 G A a 4 -I gl- I' w I 4 4 c -e ' . L , . . . Cl-IGRUS The Wells I-hgh S hoo! lvl med Cho u und r he o rec on of G Aushn Kuhns con I Ts oT TuTTy Tuve rrenroer They meeT he Turl per od un Room 2l ThroughouT The week The r'-emoer oT The chorL rccenve one TourTh oT a unuT a school year The chorus enTered The EasTern Ohio D1sTr1cT conTesT held aT Muslcungum College March 26 l938 and re euved a second rahnq They sang From Heaven Above a ST Olaf Chour ArranqemenT by l-len k,hr1sTvansen and a modern arranqemenT ol SweeT And Low by Nobel Cam Also several ele Ted croups mcludzng a double The A Caopella Cher has Taken promun nT par+ IP band con erTs a semblres n The l-larnlxne Church Fesnvals aT Oglebay Park nn Wheelang ncl lso on special occasnons Tor local organnzahons The chorus vesTure consIsTs of robes of school colors whnch were made under The supervusnon of Mrss Denms They were TrsT worn by The chorus aT The DrsTrucT conTesT The Muxed Chorus has sung many b auTuTul numbers by we l known composers Numbered among These a e My Bonn Lass by foward 'Ser The Swing by Palgreen Dedlcahon by Frarz Mu ller Br ak SOTT Ye Wnnds by Samuel Weber and The Solduer Chorus from ausf bv Cnarles F Gounod . r - T 1- T- ' - , l' f T' S, ,G 'I . ll . .s's " ,,'fs. ,.T 's. 'Q' . . .. ' s A as A -' - ' . f . . .. .. I . in J rx j S Al .5 . E . . ., c J , quarTeT, a Trio, and five so'oEsTs compeTed wiTh olher schools. E ' ' e , '. cs , s .' I . ' , " ' . ' , a a f ' T e ' l-P. , . . r Z.. ye A :s gh: .. . f H . I ,H I C Q T H C I ,ll . Il - F -- : 1 1 3 I ' A I v I I Q The Bug Red Beocon The Bug Red Beacon daTes back To OcTober 2l T036 when The Journalnsm Club was organIzed Through The InTeresT oT Two sennor sTudenTs Bernard J Rosenson and Franklun Manuahs The paper was oubllshed bI wekly ThrouqhouT ThaT school year and when classes resumed lasT SepTember The Blo Red Beacon was Issued wITh DoroThy RoberTson as edITor In chIeT and Thelma Thompson busnness manager The paper IS sTencIled and mlmeographed aT hugh school on 8 x ll 2 sheeTs wITh lvllss ElIzabeTh NewTon In charge oT The mlmeographung STencIlIng was done by Howard Taylor and VIFQIDIRTIBPTDGH The puropse oT The Beacon was To sTImu laTe school spIrIT and To keep The sTudenT body InTormed oT The schools acTIvITIes Remarkable sTudenT supporT was shown aT each publIcaTIon The edITorIal sTaTT Included Tor The TrsT s mesTer Rober TUnroe News Mac Erwm LITerary RuTh TIlTon SOCIETY Maman SchaeTer l-Tumor Fred Dreyer SporTs For The second semesTer Maruan Scl'IaeTer News Anna STeTTler LITerary KaThryn Behrlnger SOCIETY BeTTy Dorsch T-Tumor James Cochrun SporTs O I - I , . . t -. ' , r s -. I . . . . . 1, ' I .. . , . . . I- . ! 5 I I I I I I I I I I - I - I I I I - I I I I I . Class oT N939 The ame splrlT oT enThusuasm wh ch was o fonspncuous an :Ts TnrsT Two years was agaun sTrongly an evidence as The Fla s oT 39 rounded up Ts Thurd year During Ts sTay aT Wells The class oT 30 nas rnaunTalned scholasTlc and aThleTlc sTandards and has parTlcupaTed un every ohase oT school arTufuTy Those who were selecTed To oulde The o sT1nu s oT The class Thus year were headed by STanley STITT who made a caoaole and ouTsTandunq PresudenT A hrs able asslsTanT STanley had The ever lulceaole and clexer Erleen Buchanan Rob r OT SecreTary GreaT abuluTy IH rnaTTers oT hugh Tunance was shown by Jarnes Mfcarrol whose oTTucual TlTle was Treasurer And laT ouT noT leasT Rlchard Bundy was The commrTTeernan Tor The oreaTesT oT all socu l v nTs The Junior Pr l-le dd a swell 'ob Too Red and WhnTe were The color ThaT The class selecTed as :Ts own The class Tlower was The American l3eauTy Rose Vrdorua PaTnenTuum CoronaT or VrcTorv Crowns Pahence lS The moTTo ThaT The clws oT 39 rememb red ThrouqhouT Th school year Talcnng all Thus lnTo consnderahon we Teel ThaT The class oT 39 wal be more Than able To Tull The posuhon as The lead ng class oT Wells Hugh School nexT year S V . . . E A F S 1 . . f . . . . I M S , , I . - . I K . , - . . F . . . ,ek . .Q . . , i I A . . i S . . . . , l . I V G y Daley Toolc Time away Trorn his business and social acTlviTles To Talce care oT The lob ' J . 'a e e , ' om. l I . C y . ' . ' . 4 5 ' e e . . . y A . mlm Q N lfllillu Q BASKET BALL INTRA MURAL CLUBS STUDENT COUNCIL THE ANNUAL 5 T l L-R-H fa X Nl L-.TJ ! A BASKET BALI. The beginning oT Thc 193738 ha P hall season Tound a n w man Tak ng Coa h Punque C rTlcdgc To ace as ha lefhall coach This was James Welsh who had previously ac cd a Punques asslsT3nT and who was a capable lnsTrucTor Th preceding gruduahng class had rohocd The Team oT all oT :Ts leTTer men anfl a Tew reserves Thus leavmg The dsTTlculT Ta lf of recruxhng ano Traumng an almosT new seT OT boys Due To The lack oT oxperlenced maTerual and consTanT exper1menTaTnon To dl covcr a smooTh worlcnnq corrl:nnnaTucn Th Wclls Team did noT have a very success lul eason PI yung a ToTal OT sevenTeen games The STl olccrs Nor' Tnve and losT welve l-lowever we can look Torwurd To a more successrul sea on n xT Tall as mosT oT Thc vrescnT Team w1ll reTurn ln The TursT game oT The l931 38 s ason Wells wenT To ToronTo and bowed The Red KnnghTs one oT The besT Teams In The STaTe To a score OT 26 46 The nexT The nexT Two games were dnsasTrous To The Wells m n who losT To Br1dgeporT l8 37 and To MarT1ns Ferry 25 36 The EasT Luveroool Wclls gamc wcnT nap and Tuck Tull The las+ whusTle whnch Tomd Wells The loser 33 34 Meehng ToronTo Tor The second Tumc The Eg Red aoam meT deTeaT by a decnsuve score 20 53 The nexT game wnTh a scrapox, Vlfcllsnlle Tve saw The Wel K, a 6 ' - ' fr e - . . To encounTer played on The hcnne Tloor againsT Mingo Tound Wells The vEcTor, 2848. O ' ' . N . I 4 F ' T V ' . x l G- rvmt Team agamn The los r I3 3I The n XT Thr e Q mes were ou o Town We gourneyed To TTITon vulTe and deTeaTed Th TniTor-s 36 26 T r our econd wnn oT The year How ever The nexT Two encounTers ended IU oeTfal los nq To Ca'1Ton Lehman 2632 and To Nex Pnwlud lohua 25 47 e rQTurn maTrhcs we I r To fu 32 46 bu' Turned The Tables on e'svuTe by Wwnnung 24 29 Mwrhn F rrf vws Th x o o e ID a re game by The score oT 33 27 Trufehfm To T3r1fTqc ,3orT The STubbers agaun losT bv 3 3l CanTon Lehman rep aTed TTS pr vrou vrcfely by w nnwno 3038 whxle Wear Ton meehnq WelTs Tor The T1rsT Twnne won I4 2 Tn T3sT came oT The season Tound Wells deTeaTmq Mango by a scorc of 26 23 TO a n uTs hfh vTcTory oT The Season The hgh scorer OT The squad wa John Q nTosh a re erfe who made 49 goals Il Touls Tor a ToTa oT '09 pownTs n Dasmc Ted The xars4Ty wuTh 38 goals and ouls Tahnq 9 poun s For Theur w In basTfcTbaTT The Tollowmnq boys were pre enTed wTTh TeTTe-rs aT Th close oT THC sc on fxabe Pas: en LwaTon Pa s C E 2 M ke Ro ers VV F M Te Edward Osorw Georg ' e, A . e . e a T T . ' ' 9' f e ' . . - e S ' . - f -. - f . , ' ' :., F "T . - . I Tir C! I, ' . In Th 1 ' - X os' TiTT,nsvIl!e. , . WI. 'T " f 's ex P "eneTToeT ls' Turn .- , rx , . -T in ., I l 2 - . . - e V ' e' s ' ' 'H I. ' 4 - , ' '- ' ' ' . f . e H qi ' 'f ' . I J ' s ' M i . 5 T and T . ' . Be , ' ' ' ' 15+ ,To'AI '+, '-ark' e ' 4 5 ' e f ' nas 2 ., T, D. H. 'C B. 3 ey, F. A. rk, . . Fofch. I g , . . T., T-hl', S. C. T , e lntro lvlurol Basket Boll Compellluon an unler class s, orl has alway oeen lceen In Wells l-lngh especially IH baslcelball Lalely lhus game has be ome lhe only rompelulnve sporl an lhe school Formerly even unlra mural loolball Nas played loul lhls oroved loo hard on lhe under nn mlra mural sporls some means had lo lo aevused lo obla n grealer parlncuoallon Accordangly Coach Carlledoe wenl lo wor ano Inaugural d a new syslem ol play Thus new syslem gave play lo snxlv boys Each class was allolled a souad ol lwenly boys lo be duvlded lnlo lwo leams lhe f' leam and lhe B learn Each ol lhese un lurn consuslecl ol len players The earn were lo play a lolal ol lwenly lour games dnvuded nnlo lwo nalves lhe winner ol lhe lursl hall lo play lhe second hall wnnners lor lhe champuonshlp The sophomores lumpmg lo an ca ly slarl seemed lo be lhe apparenl wenners ol lhe lnrsl hall bul lhe Junuors came on wrlh a rush and delcaled lhem 27 I8 Based on percenlages lhe Junrors led wrlh 6l: lranled oy sophomores 530 and wnlh sennors lralllng wulh 334 The second hall saw a change IH lhe orocr ol lhungs wxlh lhe Senior B leam undelealed and gamnng lhe rlghl lo plaf lhe Junuors nn lhe lunals Closely lollowed ,V ,, 'm'xn., 1 ' ur 1 , X, x n ' V W I S X, y a 1 A P 4 V ' an MX, A l I L X 9 ' lhll '4 T 4 l ' T . . . , - 0 S S L . . I . . - X I . condilioned players and led lo ils eliminallon. Will: baslcelball as lhe only game . , , . . K e . ' ' . A l s , - . . , . , . . by lhe Juniors 'rhe Seniors led lhe learns in average wilh 558. Juniors .500, while lhe sophomores also ran with .4l7. Compeling in lhe finals bolh lhe Juniors and Seniors were lceyed lo a high poinl ol excilennenl, probably lrom envisioning swealers and numerals. The cham- pionship wenl lo lhe Seniors as a resull' ol swamping lhe Juniors 40-22. This is lhe second year lhal lhe Seniors have ernerged viclorious. delealing lhe Juniors 49-36 'asl year. ln addilion lo lhe Seniors who were awarded swealers and numerals an honorary award was made lo Ted Sulula, sophomore, lor being high poinl man ol lhe lournamenl. Granling a special privilege Coach Carlledge consenled lo nominale an all- class leam, somelhing he has never done before, Forward ,, ss,,, s,,i s ssss . ,J . c, ,J ,s.s,, Slanley Slill. Junior Forward, , . s.,Jim lvlcl.e-ish. Junior Cenler ,H ,,... . , ., Henry Maleslcy, Junior Guard Senior , , , ,,,,, , ...s,,,,,s,,,,. Bill Bell, Guard . ,,,s ,, s, sss,.. ....,cs, ,cs,... T e cl Sulula, Sophomore Courte s of THE sux-rox NIOTOR Co Fold Dealer Lountx IQDIE entm One make of our Y sj The oldest dealer in the w A. . - S ' g FRENCH CLUB The Frerfh Club, unoer The supervision of Miss August was orC10f1i70d in I'I'lC' Tivsr SCPWCSTGF. The ourpose oT The club isToir1Teresl srudenTs in The French language and French cuITure. ATpresenT The club is worlning on a play Tor The pufooze oT raising money To buy French phonograph records. The club has also ordered pins Tor members decfring The-rv The Club Ts planning a social To be gifen before The close of school. The meeTings are cordurted enfiraiy in French. The programs consisf oT reoorTs on Tarnous Frenchrnen, riddles, games and songs. The oTTicers Tor The Tirsf sernesTer were: President Eloise MfCausIeng Vice Prc-sidenT, Nick PeTersg Secrefary-Treasurer, Rurh Bfisiorg SergennT-aT-Arms, Ewozd Moore: Program Chairman, .lane Brooks. The second se'nesTer officers are: Pre:.idcnT, Elwood Moore' Vice Presider-T, Lucilc Held? SecreTary-Treasorer, Eleanor MaTIa'V: S5'QC'if1T-GT-fxJ'fT7S, Thomas MonTaIbano, P'ograr'n Chair- rnan, Thomas MonTaIbano. HIY CLUB e OTT oT ne 1' Cu Io I9373 wr-rc Pre dcrT Andrev. Drager Vice Presi en V Oicnrv c-cre-Tery I YT7 'vi Farrand rewsur r Jarne McCarre The Hi Y Clrb i organized To pro roTe chrishan fellowshio arnonq Th boys of The high schocl e purpo of The club is To creaTe rnarnfa n and e T no Throuihou The scho I and communiTf i sTanca es oT a fhrishan fharecT I The oIaTTor"n i Clcan So e I Clean Lvinn Clean 5 orl and Clean Scholarship Ther and Son Banquel' Bake Sales Cushion Sal d I-I lo 'U y The club spon ored rnornrro a fr rvohcn ervicfs o T ree days r T e fel Q or-I slu n HIY Clubs anr' r r srrve urs O ro Va cy c ra 1 af STeut:envi'e C1 Play I? The I-In Y clos IT yr-ar The IaTTer parT o 'vlay Tn T e mdu Tier The ri w oh ers aT The annual MoTher and Qon Bar-queT This club is spon cred by The Y M CA and Mr Pe ryWl on 'T ys Vforl QPFYCTOFY I The ponsor Th ,icers T' E-'ITT I b r - S 'T si -- , ' f' 1 ' 'd T, Jac if ' rl ' S A , WiI,7f,. . C f 1 T f e, .. K II, Th se . ' " , , ' i . v e 'V Q T o ' I hgh 'J . ' ' -. ' ex' , 's " I Ie cm, , 7' 4, p s The Hi'Y Club Tor The year l937-36 has had rnany acTiviTies, here are sono oT Them' ParTies, Fa - , , , , ' . fe en .ei I 2 . 5 ' 4 E'sTf D: ' S ' 5 T r h ' To h -.T ,I -, Hi h Sch . de Ts. The '- A The Gi I 'Ye 3 CI ', of The hf II' helI a Ili . ' '.I, . . ed ' s - I T I wf h ' . C' I ol' 9 'ic . . , . Tl-IE DEBATE CLUB ln The second ser'nesTer The DebaTe Club was reorganized. Cn The principle ThaT we learn To do by doinq. This cluo imrnediaTely aTTer orqanizaTion, beqan a series oF debaTes which are being held on almosT every Friday. GreaT iriTeresT has been rv'aniTesTeH and many impOrTanT qUeSTiOr1S have been discussed, Some of These have been of local inTeresT such as Thc need oT public buildings in our own ciTy. On oTher occasions Topics oT qreaT naTionai imporTanc,e have been aTTernpTecl and Tearlessly argued. Perhaps, if Congressman lmhoff or SenaT'mr Donahey could have had The b'2f1PfiT oT lisTeninq To our young people, The counTry miqhT be made even saTer Tor dernorcracy. PracTice in The Torms OT parliamentary usage are also dressed. The officers have been: PresidenT, Helen GrumeT: Vice PresidnT, William Sawyer, and Secrefary-Treasurer, Virginia Engel. The adviser has been Mr. WrighT. KNITTING CLUB For six years a KniTTinq Club has been Tunchoninq in The STeuoenville l-llqh School This year The club has a small membership ouT is rnalclng uo Tor ThaT in The qualiTy and amoun oT worlc done Any girl may belong To This club buT To receive diT m.JsT learn how To lcrnT correcTly TaT compleTe some qarmenT which she herselT ha nnade and Th piece musT be Tree Trorn msTalres ln The above phoTooraph some OT The girls are wearing messes and sweaTers They have made is year We concenTraTe on The principles oT xniTTing and plain gar'nenTs raTher Than Tancy fads are preTerred We believe ThaT This club has a carrv over falu ThaT malres any Time spenT on This worlc well worTh while . . . , . , . , A . . V . we . I . l S rneasuremenTs and worlc ouT direcTions Trom her own measuremenTs. ln addiTicn To This, rnusT , ' . S . . is ' i . 5 . . I Th' . ' ' ' ' ' -' , , . JUNIOR RED CROSS COUNCIL The Junior Red Cross council was organized in 'Wells l-ligh al The beginning ol lhc l937 fall lerm. Sponsors are Miss Clay and Marv Calherine Brady. field secrelary ol lhe Jellerson County chapler. Mrs. Maude E. Lewis, assislanr nafionai direclor ol lhe J. R. C.. addressed lhe council members af 'rhe organizalion meeling, and ouflined local nalionel and Inlernalional programs. Junior Red Cross was organized during lhe World War when school children soughl' an oppor- 'lunily lo enlisl in lhe service of lheir nalion. The Juniors have lor lheir mollo, 'l Serve." Grouped by schools-public. privale, parochial -They aid in communily proiecls, o'ganize welfare programs. and engage in making gills 'lor children, veferans and lhe aged in hospilals. Through lhe lnler- nafional Junior Red Cross lhey exchange with lhe children ol ofher naliens using rhe malerial lor school room sfudy. Thus promoling good will and underslanding. During lhe inilial year, 'lhe local council 'nembers have made placards lor holiday frays and dolls liorisrnall children al lhe hospiralg eighleen needy larvilics were cared lor al Thanksgiving: loys were Taken lo lhe Childrens Home af Yellow Creek al' Chrislrnas: a group parlicipaled in lhe sale of Chrislmas seals: olhers allended inlorrnalion desks al fha Vlfeslern Union and Y.M.C.A. durino lhe Norlhwesl Terrilory celepralion in Sl Julrcnville' rrap books were prepared lor lhe hospilal and a Service lund was buill Tor reserve The council members roceife no decimal rr dil lh T purely vo or i y ar lure was a mcnw rsnip c our un ed lfcny via n The aclivc roll consi o orly lu cnls irers cr 1 e yea N re irr nu aorr' n rio: en? William Sawyer vice presidcnl Belly Fellows rc-fary a d lil rs Conov irea Tl-IE JOURNALISM CLUB Th Journalism Club was organized i nlle al of IQB6 cr lhe pirpese publishing a ig biweekly in rnrmeograph form during flre sch ol y The usual slall officers of 'heoaper ar lerfc-'4 1 ed o n chief ard lhe business manager an These in furn choose lheir own s'all cdnls w n a i y lc wi-irc and inleresle in iournaism are cordia ly inviled To loin ie 'lhc primary lunclion ol h club is To edl lhc schoc ow r a lillle social diversion was enroyed in 'The form ol a dance hc d ar ine Caoilol Ball Room in November and a box social held in the high school gymansium I February The club members and lheir friends enloyed bolh very much The following are fhe cl.1b olic r Dorofhy Roberlson Eoilorin Chief Thelma Thompson Business Manager J A TurkopD Adv CV L uhllu I iwxlle Oldsmobile B1 FHAXAN 8. NTARB " North Fifth Street steubem llle i I i 7 I i . en' , as in 0 cr flshs, bu all work is lun- 1' Y. This 'e' ls ' - be 4 l l h dr if ff .iile ls. ' f ,. islod l l s d- . Olli , ll h if ' o V' 35 'e Ch J -sid 3 'i . , ' 4 1 , soc , an .y ,. oi, surer. 5 1' d'," ,ll.,.l -. -.oi " hih school paper. Since lhen "The Big Red Beacon." as ihe paper has been named, has been published '. I ' ' , ' . c ear. ' . X . e se-, .. by he ,il r-i f . ' d ' ' i , Sf' if' :.i'i?- V ' 1 ' - d ' A l'. . , V . . . , l . Wh'l - ' ' 1 e ' ' A i - Il yf ce. " f 7 Y' i ' ' 5' e s. . , " -' - ' q , ' , 7 , , , . is . ' MATH cLuB The Junior-Senior Malhemafics Club, organized in I9?8, has comoleled The Tenfh successful year in Sleubenville High School. The obiecl of lhis organizafion is lo acquainl The sludenf body with The work fha? has been done in The developmenl of mafhemalics and lo promole lhe sfudy of mafhemalics in The hisrorical, recreafional, praclical and scienfihc fields. The members of fhis orqaniazlion musf have compleled al leasf one year of Algebra and one year of Plane Geomelry. Af the reqular weekly meelinqs Th club has presenlecl programs, varied in nalure buf illusfrafing The imporfance of mafhemafics. Soecial meelings fhis year have included fellas by Mr. Bach and Miss Krumm, a social meeling for The members and Their guesls and a presenfaiion of fhe play, "The Case of Mallhew Maflixf' Each school year this orqanizafion presenls an award of merif To The sfudcni of The qraduaiinq class of Sleubcnvillc l-liqh School who has The hiqhesf afcraqe for tour years of high school mafhemalics. Officers of The club are: Firsf semesler 4 Presidenl, Reed Cramner: Vice Presidcnl, Ruth Brislorg Secrelary, Helen Morse: Treasurer, Vfrqinia Bell: Adviser, Miss Boyd. Second semesler Rulh Brislor Arnola Vifade Alice Jones Mf-ry Jane Mffxarlnef Tl-IE INDIAN CLUB urinq fhe hr? semesfer l 4, lndian Cluo comnu d ls Tudie in The llc and confribuhons lo our hislory ol These Furs? Am rncans Each 'nemb r fo if an l dian name ard was held responsio or knowinq T e li and characlerrshcs of The cwuel c h ro ne he or sne represenled Especial allenhon was oiven lo 'll' rela? on o ln ro ic our ocal hisl ry Reporfs on such fopics as 'u a music and ndiar' g nres w re made Vlfalr abou? h :lf and excu sions 'fo more drslanf oinfs were enlo ed y 1 rn rn er nler sln oiiechor of vs apons and bead worlc wer shown Cy members ol me clo nd 'her friend Edward Ferou on served as Chief Sachem cr Presidenf l Mc ang was War hi f or Vice Pre ioenf E ie rryer was Keeper of Recor s o Secrelar, vll'-:le Maraaref Bruslc kepl ln wamown lcinq re Tr a uer Achnq as Massosolf o Medicine n or ave and sou ws was l' r Dau' H Wriq YN um Bamv: Coxxmxi' -A ' - ' ., i -J T. l i i ,, , X I D ' is . he ' l ' ' e i 5' ' s ' 7 i ' . . . . . . ..i e . . i e c .n - .e T " V h "fe . , - ' .' 1' r e E. ' ' . ' V ' ' . ie i T 'ese li' es V l ' o . . ' ldfn " lr". aa, e ii . ls fee- . r' .. ' p ' . ' 3 b- 'he ie lb S. l ,e 5 g -' l' ' 3 'e , li' l li e , 7 i 5. - ' S ' ' ., Ela C' C 'e' ' ' -s"i, , ls' " f - d - ". ' 'e ' f'r e s r . ' ' z ' ' Ma 'F These br s e heir advise, . . ' hf. v. . v ATI n -Y THE AUTO CLUB The AUTO Club was organized in Seplerrlber, l9l4, under The spcnsorzhio QT The STcubenville AuTo"nobile Club, The local club has The disTincTion oT being one ol Tre T'rsT club oT iTs lflnd To be orqanibzed in The sTaTe. lT has several naTional aTT'iliaTion3 such as The 'TAL-'l'5T,'S Be CareTul" Club and "NoT Over FiTTy" Club. Every member of The club is anxious To become a more carc-Tul and elilllul driver in The TuTure. ln order To do This he musT malre a sTudy oT The laws and reoulafiens oT The ciTy and STaTe sTaTuTes as well as Those oT neighboring sTaTes. The Club has made good use of The W. P. A. reoorT oT "Local TraTTic' prc-senTed Thorn by The Chamber OT Commerce. The STandard Oil Company oT Cleveland breugl'T Their Tallsie rnovie, "T-lisTorical Ohio" Tor one oT Their programs. Mr. George Fellows, a local dealer, gave in inTc-resTing Tall: Tor Those inTeresTed in The sales and service vocaTion. AT anoTher meeTing, Mr, Vance, a member oT hTe Ohio STaTe Highway PaTrol qave a Tallr on law enTorce'nenT on The highways. Ofhcers Tor This year have been: Howard Taylor, PresidenT: Charles Klages, Vice President RoberT Unroe, SecreTary: Charles T. McQuiniTT, FaculTy Advisor. GARDEN CLUB T e Garden Club oT Wells l-lvoh Qchool s on o Te exTra curricular c ool acTiviTies lT meeTs aT 330 p rn on Thursday in Room 'W7 The club s eks The chievemc-nT OT a number oT o ecTives O e s To learn T cogrize The dTTe nT n oT and To becom afquain e. iwTh The essenTial plant Toods Th propaoah n QT planT Trorr seed cuTrinos rooTs and bulbs and by layering and budding is sTudied The culTure of planTs and Tlowers and The m ans oT cornbahrg Ther GKSGBSSS and desTroying Their enemies is anoTher underTalung oT The ru members Each rnemb r eelcs To become some whaT experT in growing Two lunds OT Tlowers and Tnus b an auTh riTv To whom oThe s may con'-e Tor advice A greaTer appreciahon oT The b au owers and The mculcahon cT a civic pri ir b auTiTyno The communiTy in wh ch The rn mb rs li e is souon T rcu r flu wor e club also aT:hliaTes wiTh ciTy Womans Ga den Club The OTIIC rs of Th club are Presio nT Ga do DiCarlo S reTar Char es S echT Treasurer Nucl Blelac Librarian SalvaTere Maogio Cfccuhve Co'nfniTrfe Gencviefe Frea CaTherin Auou Tine Ir s THF TAPCET NHOP Im For Nporxmg hoods l i i h 'A ., E e T h . . ' 5 h ' " . : . , ' -o . i e.. T, a ' T bi ' . n i o re .' i' re ki ds soils e - ' T-d ' ' . e V: 5 . S, ' , . Q N .IX . I .. . ' ' ' ' l b . e s - ' ' i l e o', r . ' . ' ' T e 'Ties QT Tl ' ' ' ' ' 'de 4. e ' J , ' ' ii 4 e e Y' ' 1'T lh gh The U b R, Th r , f e e 1 'le li ' 3 ec . if, ,, ' p . 3 , ' ' 3 ' i , 4 i I L. ' ' . i li , - - ' - S, A e I S' . Girl Qeserve Club ot Wells High Girl Reserves are The younger members cl The Nafional Y. W. C. A. The club al Wells High for l9374I938 is lhe largesr in ifs hislory, averaging abouf sevenfy-five girls during rhe lwo sernesfers. The symbol of The organizafion is a blue rriangle inside a circle. The rriangle sfands for The individual member and rhe circle for rhe world in which she lives. The slogan "To find and give The best" is followed by The Girl Reserve who lakes an aelive parr in worlhwhile communify worlc. The officers Tor The pr sen? year are ws lolows Presid n Emma Jarvis Treasurer Belly l-luslon Vice Presidenr lvlarguerire lvlonilgomery lrooram Chairman Virginia l-lusror' vi ss Taylor 1 lh Tacully adv: or Compllm t f HILLPP 1' L xH- 'rr xr-:Rx XX lTll"lI'll Becker F tel Han kms 1 ' '- if ' -1 f T 1 . g. . ,J . . . . , , , J ,, .,,,,. , - Secrerary ,. ,,,,,, .,,, ,.,,, , , ,, Laura Eares Assisrani' , ,, ,,.,,, Helen Coleman l i 'S e ' 's . T . PH S 0 .ES "O.":s' of ' " I -.S z ' ' r TTPAQLIAMENTAQY uw crua Per'7arnen1ary law was born when our slrin-clad ancesfors 'ner under The greenwood free and discovered Thai all could nor 'rallc ar once. They, Therefore. devised some rnerhod of procedure +hal would give each one an oppOf'lunify lo be heard. A qarne or fennis or foofball would be spoiled by fhe ignorance of some ol The players or by disregard of rhe rules. On rhe orher hand a meelinq rnay be a pleasure as weil as a success iusl as a game may be if fhe rules are applied. Rules for The conducl ol meefings have developed qreally lhrouqh The centuries. No one person wrole our a ser of 'Them pu? since men mel fo 'lallr over The affairs cerlain cusloms were used. These cusroms changed ro mee? varying condifions, becarne accepred rules which we lrnow as parliarnenrary law. ln The parliarnenfary Law Club, usually ccnduclec in The iirsl' semesrer, pupils have an oppor- funily of learning boih by precepi and praclice These procedures. Tl-IE I-IISTRIONIC CLUB rrioni Cuu was rs or anize n now un Th sup rvi ron i sep in ornpson c r o oup' sp a inn nd En is The club This year presenred fne lollowi ig plays T e Separafisr by Harrlin The Boy W o e ohicers for The Das? y ar were resi en? Marion Cc aele Cars? Vice Presidenf e Gu'r'adore Second Vice Presiden' Alc Jones Secrelary Judy Beard Treasurer Dorofhy Palmer The Chairrran of +he Proorarn fornrniwee for ine frsr e're re was B H Dcrsch and 'he Chairman lor the s cord sernesrer was CUVIS Creenburo lmnplmiem of I1 II rrrnp H' Wa hlflgloll Num-1 I xersl uns. for Hour Aumiimhilq, l The His ' 'Q l b ' Ti 1 q ' d i W28. I1 is der e C ASA ol Miss fc., h' ,e Th , , lea he T Y ',ic e rs A a ql' h. r ' , ' " 'r. ' :Uh ',', h Found fhe Kinqf by McFadden: 'The Treef lsy McMarlin, and "The lnn of Rerurnf' by Jones. Th " V e I P, 'du , " ,, hr . rg ,' ' , T d . 7 .. i e .: . , 3 , , . Vic QI -. r1r'T'y'r:x' Cu. ' GIRLS ATI-ILETIC ASSGCIATION L Grl Ie Ir s 0 o Us Q rn mee of aL'ou+ one Imunoreo Tne purpose o e I, f n fI I eras I rg Is The 'asses fornpere In such sporrs as oadmm on 1 gy baII as a L J Inf an Iennns Perhr Qaruor In sport earns 'Ior 'rI'Ie oIrI5 pour-Is 'haf acCur'nuIa+ toward awe s w I a e IeIIerS S e ofmers o du ff Ide I Qare Crane Secrcfarv Mildred Raclcamc Sensor Manager TIV rna Imnrf 'ne IvIane'1r-r J n a I-IIIIdoro LmII0 Wearer SopI'Iomore an EIIa Mc a B Mary arv v 0 O I 'I wave erred 9 Nara Crane Norma Bond GIadv Carney Dmsy Jddcwsovugh Dmsf Mnxomcrm TH Ima Temp sf TOURIST CLUB I I-I H 'W V' W asf 95 'raver I' Pro: rr A hr In x Q 1 I X11 I NI u :ru-1 1: a Q I-Iarruc' 'VIUYYLIWGIYC T Our I:-r vera rn wer I. red o e me cu oIaces o es' rr I u D I r F- ore 'I' our: n 1 ec era y 3 T P TI'I- I s' AW. II, A 2 QIILII r II' s C: I' rsHIp , I , I, I I IIII du' I5 Io zponzc I Ig C6122 XIIII I ' or ,II . c , , I : I I I , IoII' ,b'IceIbII,IcfIcIaI, wk d ' I1 III. ' . J' I. .I . e rd II'IICI'1 r ., II TII I' , I ?IIe b were: I' ,QI ,rm . ' - V, I I g I Y , gf T: 42: JI. I ,r , , 2, 'um II' I ., L I ' : M - frgrzrz, f C f3, . I-I. ey- TI'Ie I II qI:I3 I Q e' . IQIIC' I: I ' , . . . 5 , I I, I , I I I I I I, I.e C . TV.. C I.: 1-..s i'1anIzed 2-3-.erm -efkrp go unfair 're SLI C-rv',IGe ef Vis I . S I uri Is CDT? 'i 3 Vw: . V3 .cvs 1.96 are I'TT'2""fiI"rd In r'aw:I. Eazn , errm. Is req I, 'I :He "1 rrmfri fffznfunii-s Cr '3 few of an Iffaafnfafr, 'rIrI. The Durpose CI II'IIs orqarfzaffon 'f +L gaI cr1I1"1e 'n reainq e-eerbrges and rr nf "Q '-If ,Msn ar f I Inrer - In Cnr C n c2-"', a":J Hao. Tre cub vfsfwrj Min. I"'4'3'9SII"T1 Elite-s I Se b,nvIII-3 du'Ing 'ne y r, Er'g"5'n"-3 ?r5.eTQu-s wwe QI., E, W,f'f'1 ard vIsI?'3 S bi , ...e I , TIL ,e ,Q s :filers 'ncucw P sow-I T-Aan Feb: Vie Presfzerr leer :V-PSYC? S- ' r an 'eas- ver, Tt2V76Y'C lffgl' bra. CreIr'ne", Sa7.e'rtI'e Magafs. '- Nl. I N '-- Al I'l'I'Ii .ixmis Sul -s :ml Svrxiq- 232 .' rt I Thirnl .'1'-'L Student Council The STudenT Council as an unTermeduary beTween The TaculTy and The pupuls IT 'nares declsrons on problems 1nTroduc d by nnernb rs oT Th faruous rooms and pro vxdes a means Tor announcemenTs To be drrecTed ThroughouT The school by Thc sTudenTs The group meeTs vllTh Prlncloal F J Muck adflsor Tor a TwenTv mlnuTe perlod every Monday Torenoon lnTormaTlon concernlno currenl achvuhes ns carried To Thc home rooms by The reoresenTaTuves The presenT consTuTuTlon oT The 9Teuccnvrllc hlah school counczl was adopTed If I927 Four successTul camparons have nce bcen oonsored ov he oroup Two of Them havfno been unTroduced ano carrucd ouT ID Thus years Te m The I937 38 campaugns To The BeneTlT conccrT given by The l-hgh School Band The Councul also decndes such queshons as seTTunq a lde oaTes Tor Kucldles Dav The annual boaT rude and cerTaxn oTher hugn school Tunchons RecenT achnevemenTs oT The Council Include The choosing o a sTandaro school rung organuznng oT The Hugh School Bard and seTT1ng asvde a dav o ophomores To become acquamTed wnTh The new bunldvng Ohfncers Tor The year were Vnrgm a Chaoman presudenT Maman SchaeTer vmcc pre xdenT RuTh BrusTor secreTarv and Fulcen Scanlon sergeanT aT arm 1 mfllm nl f Hhx TIIPATIL l , . T ' ' ' . ' e N . e F .er ' . - l. . . . X. A g . . , . , . . . . . Y X s 1 . . 'L sl , A sl Y ' I T. J , were a BeTTer PosTure carnoalgnl and a movemenT To geT behind The sale oT TickeTs . K. . , . . . . . I , . . . . . ., 9 , 4 , x . , " - ' T r s - ' ' A ' 'rl , ' T ' . I " t. I . . . A - g C 'U The Steuben The Sleuben of nineleen nundred lhirly eighl does nol hope lo presen+ here sornelhing enlirely new and dillernl lr slrives only lo review lor you +he evenls ol lhe ycar in a logical and nnlereshng rnannrr The bool- is simple in lone and slylo lls divisions follow 'rhe nalural order ol lhe school year aulurnn wlnler and spring under which are grouped 'rhe logical happenings ol The season May lhis issue ol lhe Sleuben serve lor years 'ro bring baclc fond memories ol dear old Wells and al 'rhe same lime serxe as an incenhve and nnspirahon lor prospcflive gradualcs Vife presenl il for your approval Edilor in Chiel lvlarian S haeler Bu moss Manager lfalhryn Behringer Sporls Edilor Neil Monaco Music Edilor Guy Jacobs Fealure Edilor Reed Cramner Guardian J iwenly Hvo A sislanlg ltXX19 . , . . . . .- . . O X A . . I . . . . . Club Edilor, ,, ., ,, , , . Virginia Chapman ' o o up .. o up up up F. . Mick T . .' .S los "sh S L PI-I:-Kmxs LMMPANX' JTCLVLX .ni v ,- A X ' 5 JI Q I cfm SENIOIQS EEATURES NATIQNAL HONOR SOCIETY TIQACK TENNIS We Cmmsom Ord the Block ,,, 1. , - ,I . 4 , 1 , - -, ', Class OF IQ38 Presuclen ROBERT LYONC Vnce Presldenl DOROTHY FISHER Secrelary JEANNE LUCAS Commlfleemarm ROBERT JONES CLASS COLORS Royal Blue and Whlfe CLASS FLOWER Amcrucan Beauly Rose CLASS MOTTO lmle ul cllscahs exnle u'r servrahs lEn+er +0 learn go forlh fo serve Treasurer , , ,, ,,., .,,,,,, . ,, WILLIAM DORSCH . 1' J DOROTI-IY E. ALLEN Vocalional KENNETI-I J. AMOS General NAOMI R. ATKINSON General CATI-IERINE M. AUGUSTINE Commercial ROBERT A. ANDERSON General JAMES E. ANGEL Commerclal MARY E. BABELLA General NORINE L. BAKER Commercial EDWIN BALFOUR General THELMA L BALIMGARDT Commercial JEAN V BARNI-IOUSE Colleqe Preparalory JULIA E BEARD Commercial CI ARENCE S BARSUK SCIGDIITIC IAURA C BATES General VATI-IRYN W BEI-IRINGER College Preparaforv WILLIAM BELL I X . . Hr:A1,l.I-: .Q :4'rL:H+ I 4 , Sic-l1Iw1.x'ill+fs Ull I I J., I I x'VlLLlAl4 S BURNS Gen ral JANET E. BENDURE General RGEERT J. BENDURE General Tl-lELMA J. BERT General VINCENT A. BGGGIA College Preparalory ANITA BGNITATFBUS General ELSIE M. BOWMAN Commercial GERTRUDE C. BJORK General STEPHEN P COLLAROS General HELEN M COLEMAN General ESPERENCE C DIEGUEZ Cornnnerclal NEVIEVE M CALL Col G Preoaralory Al BERT B CAMPBELL General FDWlN C CALLAN C Q Preparalory ELIZABETH J CARPENTER General JOl-l N D. BRAY General NIRIII l fx X T C GE . le ,A olle e l Tnpulzu' I ' 'A ' 1 'ly-10-Yvvl I' l e Hl'1:m:'.' l ur H- S 1' H GERALDINE J. CASE Commercial BETSY S, CONOVER VIRGINIA I. CHAPMAN General College Preparalory RUTI-I L. COTTMAN HANNAI-I COCI-I RAN General JAYNE T. CORCORAN CLAIRE C. COLIN General Commercial SARAI-I M. CRANE Vocalional L REED CRANMER Srnenhfnc GIFFORD CROSBY General U NELLIE J D ANGELO General MARY ELIZABETH DEIST General PEGGY J DAVIDSON General RQBERT J DAVIS Commercial EVELYN V DELL Comrnercval EVELYN I DIBLE College Preparalory I X ill II L t Cumpl 1 nl I llI's'ruN K Gm xx I Ir TII I Ph I N3 fm' FREDERICK DREYER I Scienlfic I-IELEN ELLIS General .IOH N WILLIAM DORSCH College Preparalory JANET M. ENGEL General ROBERT E. DOGGETT General ' EMMETT M. ERWIN GLADYS R. CARNEY General College Preparalory TWIIA C FEIGI-ITNER JOYCE E. ELSWICK General Vocaluonal I3ETIf E EELLOWS JUDSON R ELICKINGER College Preparafory College Preparalory DOROTHY FISHER OLOA M ELORENZO General College Preparafory EDNA 6 FLEMING LIT Ll hx R RAYMOND J EORCONE Cornrnerc al STEPHEN J FRYER I I , I ' . I . . xx 11 H1211 14.-Inu-l's l":u'm'it.- ll 11- lm-1-I with YHIII' frienlts 1 I - l'l'Q-21111, Smlus, Sumlm-s I l uulie-sf . '. z':'s T1 mul WILLIAM EURDA General IIELLIE E. GILLESPIE IQOLA M. GAMBILL Commercial THEODORE J. G,-RESICI-I JCI-IN J. GAUGI-IAN General General EUWARD C GRETSINGER J WARREN GILCREST General Vocahonal JAMES T GRIFFIN Commercial LILLIAN GROSSMAN Commercnal TITAIIK A HARASUII4 Commercual THEODORE GIJTTADORE College Prcpwrafery IO IN T I-IATCI-IER Co mcrclal RAII-IERINE L HAMMOND General IOEERTA V HERVEL WILLIAM R HANNEN Commercial E LEENI MAE El LLIARD oeneral I1 11111 L . 3 Y 'M X . G ' c I I V . FYI. 3 I f V, , I X . General I I . Q, I ..I F A 'nu 'll P Ill! 'Luxe-1' UI EMMA L JARVIS VlRC5lNlA M. HlLLlARD Commercial BETTY L. HOGUE General DOROTHY A. HUBER Commercial HELEN M. HUGHES Commercial College Prcpararorv CHARLES T JONES Commercual HELEN MARIE JOHNSON Cen ral GVJENDOLYN M EDWARDS Col: gc Preparalory M LDRED M JOHNSON College Preparalory ALICE A JONES ROBERT L JONES Sclenllllc College Preparalory Tm Hlb DOROTHY A KAISER General F-!lll.DRED l-l. l'lUNTSlVlAN General E. VIRGlNlA HUSTON General PAUL R. IIVARI Vocallonal GUY W. JACOBS Scnenlnfuc . -. 1 3' '3 I C , I . , . 1 1Plll!lrIlIS 4 I lgrzitlllzltilms I' 1 1 ollioirm-.lrf.-1 .ft,1'- MICHAEL KALISH General CHARLES E. KINDSVATTER JOHN C. KAUEMANN College Preparalory General CHARLES F. KLAGES 5 . DOROTHY J. KERR General General CLIFFORD I3 KNOWLES EMMA R KIEL General GRACE M KNOWLTON Vocalaonal LILLIA N D KNOX General WILLIAM C LAKIOS Commercial HELEN S KRAWCZYNSKA General MABEL M KRNISH Commercial NICK B KRNISI-1 ETTY M LAMBERT General HELEN A LAMBING Cal ege Pfeparalory ELIZABETH D LASLO Cor mcrcnal I I , ' x . W u . ,.. . I, General 4'1-mpl I I I':l"1'TE LAI ff X I X LN E MALEASA General I A MXNNGES LENN MAPEL JEAN E. LEATHERS General I-IELEN M. LEIST General LONA' D M LEWIS Voralfonal ROBERT I ILOYD RQSE J. LONGO General JEANNE M. LUCAS College Preparalcry ROBERTJ LKONS S Lnflln Col egg Prervurulory I IIAM G MAYHEVV General FWIEIERINE V McCARTNEf Comme-renal I WI r E MQCAUSLEN F' V PCBEI I C MATIIEWS QYLVESTER R MACRE Cor mercaal VW G IIXL I l KIIJLEEN L MQCLAIN G neral I L. . X nl H -.fl 1 , , ,, - - fil x I f- IIEI - . I . IIIV! ., , AIJEL, -.- - X x AK - . . C-- Y.. V fx we-ngral E f C' ,LIU V . f I -MJ C O N TV J. f F I U- er if G -my-Iin1+-ms I T 1: l,xl'xx1:x' ' '1.IE,K.' J: '. INILl,IAI,I H. MCCOY GRACE E. MILDNER B. JANE MQGOUGH Votelional BARBARA E. MILLER CHARLES S. IVICKIININEY General KATHERINE W. MISER DAVID MEN DELSOHN College Preparalory NEIL O. MONACO College Preparalorf Commercial Commercial General HELEN L MORSE Scuenhluc RANDALL E OLLER Commercial HERBERT A NASH General CAROLINE C LYONS College Preparalorv WILMA M NOLTEMEYER College Preparalory A' ICE OLESKY ROBERT C ORMSBY College Preoaralory DOROTHY J PALMER Commercual I 11111 , . . L. l'l'I'.XSSY'S Alrzfs FH I 1,'rIll1icl'S g lI:I:1'wI:asI I fi C? General A. JANE PARKS Commercial COVWWCFCIBI ENJAMIN PASIC General BEVERLY A PETERSON Col ege Prepare ery Llf NCIIE S PLIES Commercial I fR'II-IA A PI-IILLIPS ollege Preparalory ol' ACE S IRLIES Comrnercual XNA NL C PHILLIPS GCVCEGI College Preoara o y ANTO NETTE M P ZZOEERRATO Gen ral RAVMOND QUILLEN Ceneral x T CHARLES EDWIN PARKS fl N NA PASIUCPIA Comrnfreial JCI1 N EDWARD WAVE' General rLCRENCE D PARRISI-I f BRAI-IAM PEARLNAAN General TPINA PEARI MAI I Comr ercml Y' .. I x ' . .X .." hc I 1 I' I .-I '. . C , Rf I RICHARD G, POWELL I FI ' I C I 1 -my-lixllvllls ll .I-ws .IH Ill: 1'. CHARLES W. RAMBO General lvliCHAEl- A. REGGlLO Colfeqe Preparalory FLORENCE R. RANDOLPH Commercial VVILLIAM P. RICHARDS Commercial A. BETTY REINACHER General JOHN E. RICHEY College Preparalory EVELYN S. REINER College Preparalory DOROTHY A. ROBERTSON College Preparafory JOHN E ROE General SOPHIA lvl SHANK Commercial ELO K ROWAN Commercnal ALBERT W SCH MIDT General El LEEN R SCAN LON General M ISABELLE SHIRLEY Vocahonal MARIAN L SCHAEFER Comm rcual VERA J SICILIA Commercial 1 L llc l 1 1 tlg 3 . 4'f g.r:xt11l:lIi1ms, Vluss 1 S IU-IINEli'S I Glirlfltiw- Vlnllu-s rhnr x ll 1 1 ,' Zl l"'ll14lUS 1- ANNA M STETTLER EDWARD C. SIMMONS General JOHN R, OUEEN College Preparalory H. ELIZABETH SINGER College Preparafory STELLA T. SLOMSKA Commercial LOTTIE SOH N General H. ELIZABETH SPIES General ANTHONY P. SMARELLI General College Preparalory GEORGE STRAKA ROBERT E STULLER General JOSEPH SUGAR ocalnonal 1XtIlItItt HOWARD J TAYLOR Commercial THEI MA R THOMPSON General IAMES A TIBERIO Commercial RUTI-I L TILTON General LEAH L. STAR R Commercial I .. I I V - 1 vmplimm- Is I' N -ssr:T's JT 'I . Il Vlnss lflnt EVAII A' 'In' I -'1 . VINCENT A. IOMASZEWSKI General fxLVfN M. VIRIUE College Preparalory VERNON ,l. TRAGGIE Commercial MELE M. VUKELIC Commercial LUCLLE ll. IRASK Commercial IQOBERI' I. WATT General IAARIAN E. IXNINEIVI College Preparalory MARY LOUISE WELCI-I General II-IEI MA L. WILSON General RUTH M. YOUNG Commercial JAMES E. WISE College Preparafory LEONARD ZACHAR General JACK W. WOODWARD JOI-IN J. ZIRILLE Commercial RUTH A. WRIGI-IT College Preparalory GEORGE E. ALDRIDGE General IU!!! Xnnhhll 1 ..H.S.1'l IIl:.,1ll 1:11 Nun! I III Lx r O. BERNADINE CHRISTOPHER ELIZABETH J. BATES General CHRISTINE G. CARAPELLOTT Con-.merclal ELMER E. BORING Vocalional WILLIAM J. CARPER. General PAULINE I. IERONDOS Commercial NORMAN LEAR CARSON General JAMES F. BUCY College Preparafory NELLA I. CELLINI Commerclal General WILLIAM E. FERGUSON General ROBERT W. CIJLLINS General GEORGE M. EINGERS General DAISY DADOSOVICH General ' DONALD FIRM General ADELINE T. DIEALCO Commercial OLIVE M. GARDNER General LADNN Cr.r:Axg:Rs "IL is Cleaner' x e 1' Il 1 1 14 T dgre A V . ,u H :I I 4 LEAI-I C. GEORGE Vocallonal E. JEAN GROVES LOUISE K. GEORGE Vocanonal General W JAY GRUBBS Cl IIORDC CIENN Qolqo lrcpara ow General MILAN S GRUBICI-I WILLIAM E GRIEEITI-I Comrncrcmal General JIRGINIA M INDOVINA Co-'nrnercual JAMES T I-IARRIES Commercial 'PICI-IARD L JONES I MELVIN C LANGFORD General College Preparalory M Cl-IAEL S LECI-IOLOP College Prcparalory T PATRICK KENEFICK General ELI E KVOCKA Vocahonal SELMA A LEON College Preparalory ABRAHAM A LIDY 'Il' ' -ji ' .I-je D I I x ' ' . 1 I X I . Commercial Y, M. 4 X IIII Uplmsila- ll N Nl 1 X Flo-l1Iwx1x'Il I 1 l T I MARGARET J. LONETTA Commercial MARINA D. LONGO General DARSIE C. McCOY General VVILLIAM D. McEARLAND College Rreparalory SALVATORE T. MAGGIG General MARY A. McKINLEY General GENEVIEVE M. MAI-IEOOD Commerclal NATI-'ANIEL N MERVIS General DIA NE MII KOVICI-I General IAMES L MORRIS Commerclal MAE M MORRIS Commercial QI II I ELEANOR R PALMER General M ICI-IAEL S PAVLOVICI-I General EDNA C PEACH General r A7EL B PETRELLA Gen ral ANNAMAY D. IVIERRIMAN Commercial 1 K '4 3 I 'rl-:l'm:xvI1,:.:fBl.x1: ET , PAINT Vw. I iuts, XX':1lIpu1n-l'. H4 'Il"ll!'Q' -'rznminu MARJORIE L. PORTER College Preparalory MARY S. RODICI-I ANDREW S PRAGER College Preparalory DOROTHY ROI-IREY JOl'l N A PRAYSO General ELI lvl Sl-IULMAN ROY I3 REED General JAMES I-I SNIDER General General College Preparal General OPAL I SPENCER Gen ra JOSEPH I-I VELTMAN General ROEERT E STONE Cornmerelal JACK L WALTZ IAARJORIE I-I VAIL College Preparalory RALPI-I W WILSON General HEI EN M VEIN College Preparaforv A 'STIN R WOODARD College Preparalory Ixl or-y 1 I e 'I I College Preparalory I I - I 1 Lf 4 I v XVJ III' 1 DGAR D SPRAGG Cornmercval AMELIA C POMPA Gener I T I- TPI BF NIIIF 1 h 'NON 'I' eple ll B kk XI Her Pink I ml llle Uhl HELEN E. DORSCI-l General MADELINE V. HICKS Commercial CASIMIP J. MICHNOVECZ General PAUL E. PADEN Cornriercial JOHN KOWALCZUK, JR. General i-iEN RY MCGOWAN General KANDM l-1 KERSTETTER Cn 'vncrcral S MILTON BARBANELL Comrnerclal MARY L. SMITH HERMAN M SIMMONS 7neC! q Ce r'l l I . 1. J.. e ' . lL. 1. 6 H: S . ' .N' 1 IF mm: H11's' Assmv. ,' Il ,-XllIUl'lUCt'i Suite- Hunk TI Miners and xl8l'll1llllt'S Szxvinfs k rust Co, Tl P n s National Hunk Tl I' 1i rn SZIXWHHS un' V Trust Co. . ell 1 1: 's S 91 menv' , '0 Goloxy ol: Grads Ed Balfour Whaf Null Muss Byers do wnfhour hlrr'7 ocnevneve Call Call of 'rhe Wr'd Bob Culluns Gang way He s loose' Vrrgxnra Chapman Vlfho rhoughf N D were somebody s If1I'l'I6lS Belly Dues? l-ln' em hugh' L-luf em low' Fred Dreyer The brains of The Senior class Mac Erwun Build fhee more sfafely mansions George Fnngcrs He S all feel Helen Morse A nnre I1HI Morse I John Kaufmann Tnckefs please Dorolhy Rober+son She lcepr our Beacon lughled Dorolhy Palmer Buck Sneden rndes agaun Rulh Wrnghf Paramounf has a double feafure aflrachon El: Shulman uufe a busmess man Leah Sfarr Chorf and sw el Bob Lyons Our pres Oh mv yes Bersy Conover We fhlnk she II go 'ro Muamr Dnclc Jones Follow he leader fe++y Fellows Ore of our besr sporls Andy Prager Hu Y and handsome Berry l-logue Amlable agrecable and ambfhous Bob Jones Whaf are has nn1'enhons7 Bill Langford Oh for has way wnll' The women Dorofhy Fu her Orchids fo you Compliment of s1'P BF vnu: HERAII STAR - X . . l A. . ,N A . - .I l - .I . 6 A h . I . Jack Walfz-They're neck and neck af 'rhe hall. I ' - f . rf, ... '- . ' 'S - ' . 5 , , . S I 1 1 .V iN 4, 41' STE! WE, The Class ol IQ38, WILL Belly Spies' sophislicalion lo Virginia Alberl. Auslin Woodard's accenl lo Bud Kaplan. Bill Dorsch s rnasculinily lo J'm Vsfefnslein. Ed Pavelka s hair lo Jack Kemoler. 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V , .7, -. r E E l A ' , yn ' s are Mfg . . v I r+ ' ' K '. e y b ' e' on he ' 's 2 re e ,I . ' 5 I A r .- . ' Q - a - : E3 2 . . ' l e e s E r, ' - - ' M . - L r . .iwc ,'I' I c- I J . ' 5 . . 4 .T r my ri r E I r ,rf v . ,. 1 X Y c y ' ' l ' sol? of h' .oerru L J . . , , 7, O ' -fr' V-as You ' . as - 1 r e I l I 3" o,' sansle ' I A ., C S7 ro .L d , ,we id fng ,l ss. h . e.e d ' - ' .o d nk I lI w co s, ' ' s . 1 . . . . D AQ . X . BH . . G . 6 ' 7 - ral s , .r I -'mf' r.' f ' A ' , h' ' j . , W 'ls D G ,Ax af , l ' 7 1 r, f l s. . ' , '- . , will , ,-l :N 1 l we . , . 3' h I , I , ,- I, .. , ' ' ' ' ' ., Y - ,J 1' ' ' .Q ., E, , ' - c, " Wes. fe si . h r 'Sl' I Arr! ld X h + : I .. 'IQUE .r I . 33 3 , . , a' r ' ' l -P l, - . . 'I' A . I. r . . in . . ' n . ' l 7 4 1 7 l I. I lb I . 2 , f ,, s Sr f r -d f I fe . ' c b - A 1 . s "if e l f . . an Churc She also wnpefed in . . ,n L I I' V 4 .. , ,. . - eso: S e was sa-lecl-L. ere ol he l u 5 - . 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Suggestions in the Steubenville High School - Crimsonite Yearbook (Steubenville, OH) collection:

Steubenville High School - Crimsonite Yearbook (Steubenville, OH) online yearbook collection, 1928 Edition, Page 1


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