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enso-Uons 1988 HATTER ......I A.:., l.. .fa L .4- Mii aaitaaaaaHai TABLE OF CONTENTS Opening 2 1 f Calendar 6 Personnel 22 Sports 38 Greeks 66 Organizations 84 Ads 106 Classes 136 Closing 182 1 SSS HATTER Passing Sensations STETSON UNIVERSITY Deland, Florida Volume 67 Dan Bell gets caught off guard by our staff photog- We can see how much of the freshman orientation rapher. Good work guys! this parent heard. Randy Walton. Amy Mussleman, and Bob Muga vero enjoy taking this focus picture. Welcome to Graduation 1987. Seniors, it won ' t be long now. 2 Openii ' p WELCOME BACK! Changes Throughout The Campus The reflections of the first year. Carson hall was newly ren- ovated. Cordis and Smith halls were old. There was no pedestrian mall and Stetson hall was falling down. Elizabeth hall had no carpet. Wesley house was in good shape. That was then. We moved into the dorms. We didn ' t know anyone. A new surrounding. A new way of life. We had our first focus meeting. We found out what Creenfeather meant. We saw our first Stover production. We found out what a real test was. Studying took on a new meaning. The library was one of our best friends. That was then. The reflections of the senior year. Three classes of seniors have graduated. Cordis and Smith halls are renovated. There is a pedes- trian mall. Stetson hall is rebuilt. Elizabeth hall has carpet, and Wesley House burned. This is now. We know the campus well now. We have seen several Stover productions. We know how to take tests. Stetson is now home with many Passing Sensations. Dr. Colwell, Dr. Brackman, and Dr. Lee sing during convocation. assin ensaUons Opening 3 4 Opening STUDENTS Show Their Pride! Throughout Stetson ' s history there are al- ways students that are Stetson proud. This year was no exception. Students here have a chance to show this pride in various forms. Whether they are enjoying sitting in the pedestrian mall or sitting in the student lounge, they are Stetson proud. Whether they are walk- ing through the campus, or attending a fraterni- ty party, they are Stetson proud. Whether they are playing a game or studying in the library, they are Stetson proud. The size of Stetson, along with the variety of activities, as well as the solid, rigid curriculum makes our school respected and recognized throughout the southeast. This is what makes our students here at Stetson, Stetson proud! Stetson ' s acclaimed Holler Fountain. Opening 5 Geoff Williams takes Jessica Jordan for a wild ride. 6 Calendar Carolyn Hunter shares her happiness on Bid Day. LOOKING BACK A Year to Remennber What is it tiiat sets a school year apart from any other? This past year witnessed many events and special occasions. It welcomed a new President. It also welcomed 600 new students, marking the beginning of a new adventure in their lives. It celebrat- ed with Greenfeather ' s hiliarity, competition, talent, and giving. It saw the frustration and dedication of Rush, and the smiles of Bid Day. It brought Hatters together at Homecoming to boast of past and present victories. Yearly events do not make school years unique but instead tie them together with tradition. People, on the other hand, bring traditions to life with the flavors of the times. One-of-a-kind person- alities, opinions, and insights made this year at Stetson one to remember. It is the FOGGS advisor who went the extra mile, the R.A. who took the time to listen, the actor or musician who gave his her best performance ever . . . these are the people who give us our fondest memories of Stetson. Hanging out: Nancy Drumov and Dale Putnam. !? asstm ensaUons CALENDAR Calendar T AND RAZE DOWNS UPS of a Stetson summer! Has there been a more obvious expression of change and pro- gressiveness at Stetson in recent years than the Panhellenic Complex of seven new sorority houses? Initial con- struction work began early in 1987, but students left school after Spring semes- ter wondering if the houses would be livable by late August. Although the houses were a little rough around the edges, six of the seven were, in fact, ready for the returning resi- dents. The sev- enth house. Kappa Alpha Theta ' s, was completed a week later. Fin- ishing touches and landscaping efforts continued into November. Other major and minor changes also occurred at Stetson during Summer, 1987. Fire engulfed the main building of Wesley House; none were injured, but reconstruction work lasted several months. Elizabeth Hall got a new look on the main and two upper floors. The President ' s home received special deco- rating and repair attention to prepare for Stetson ' s new President, Dr. Douglas Lee, and his family. Although special Physical Plant pro- jects such as these continue to enhance | Stetson ' s campus, attentions return to the Panhellenic Complex. These build- ings are the beginning of a new Panhel- lenic orientation: increased pride, a sense of " home " , healthy competition mixed with bonding similarities. They are the end of sorority " apartments " and Rush on fraternity row. Senior so- rority members this year will be the last t o vividly recall these Passing Sensa- tions. Kim Dupree, Director of Student Life Jayne Mar- lowe, and Lucille Russo admire tlie new sorority houses. : i_-M if ' ?5ij -• « ■ ' I 1 n n j " " i ' ■ - ■««alfcrimiT t ' .jrrii; sm w??fv ilk o Construction The evolution: boards are set into place; beams are positioned to prepare for the roof; bricks are laid; seven new houses tal e shape. Each house is structurally identical to the other six, although each chapter room was decorated by the individual sorority. A bright balloon rainbow, Catherine Diethorn, and Amy Granholm welcome visitors to the ZTA house. Construction 9 The 1987 FOCUS staff: Back: Andy Reich, Todd Davis, David Whidden, Randy Walton. Third Row : Scott Lynch, Kevin Neat, Derrick Kupier, Tamnny Firman, Elizabeth Younggren, Kim Danley, Joellen Matrundola, Vikki Hodgkins, Clemente Inclan, Bill Gray. Mike Kelly. Second Row: Bob Mugavero, Matt Lacey, Bill Hamilton, Pete Beebe. Front Row: Kellie Taylor, Sherri Rice, Mandy Raiford, Michelle DeLude, Caria SanGiovanni. Not pictured: Frank Bell. Ready to answer all new students ' questions are Beth Younggren, Michelle DeLude, Kim Danley, Scott Lynch, Pete Beebe, and David Whidden. FOCUS Advisor CarIa SanGiovanni meets casually with her FOCUS group. How many new students will be dunked in the foun- tain during their first year at Stetson? 10 Focu INTO FOCUS ' 87 new oerson for two!) to live aue. and the Edmunds Center Dance. ii ■ Anew person (or two!) to live with . . . food from the Com- mons . . . feeling lost . . . feeling lonely . . . What ' s a new student to do to keep up with all of these changes in his her life? FOCGS helps provide the an- swer, through contact with the FOCGS advisor and week-long programs. While new students are adjusting to life at Stetson, their FOCGS advisor be- comes an anchor in their lives, someone who can answer questions, introduce them to new friends, and " show them the ropes " around Stetson and DeLand. In keeping with tradition, the FOCGS staff hosted a week of events, including the Goombay Smash luau, the Flagler Beach party, parent and student infor- mation sessions. New Student Barbe- que, and the Edmunds Center Dance PLAYFAIR, an exciting and innovative icebreaking session, brought new stu- dents together in a special way. Addi- tions to the FOCGS agenda included a New Student Dating Game and a rendi- tion of " Early Afternoon with Da terman ... " Stetson Gniversity as a whole has undergone many changes during the past year, and adjusting to these changes is the name of the game. The FOCGS pro- gram has been addressing the topics of change and ad- justment for years, helping new students become " Stetson Proud " Hatters. Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Qarth Jenkins ponders a question posed by Andy " David Letterman " Necit. CONFUSION turns into confidence as Stetson University ' s new students learn the ropes during FOCUS week. Focus 11 OING GREEK Rushees are greeted by Barbara Raines as they see the new Pi Phi house for the first time. FRANTIC WEEKS lead to happy endings as the 1987 Rush boasts the biggest pledge class ever! 12 Rush Over 300 shouting observ- ers watched as fourteen Delta Sigs formed a hu- man pyramid and as Sigma INu pledges jumped through the air, landing safely (?) in their new brothers ' arms. Songs and cheers were all a part of Fraternity Bid Pick-Up as 134 men pledged Stet- son ' s eight fraternities. Although approximately the same number of men rushed fra- ternities this year as last, a higher percentage pledged. This may be attributed to many changes, in- cluding more creative Rush parties with greater emphasis on the bene- fits of the over-all fraternity sys- tem. Under Geoff Timm, IFC Presi- dent, Stetson ' s fraternities enjoyed a year of high pledge retention, improved programming, and Rho Chi Cheryl Watier with Tracey Frick, Stacey Swanson, and Carmen Rajos. enthusiasm. This Fall ' s sorority Rush also boasted a large pledge class, due in part to sever- al changes in the Rush format. For the first time, sororities Rushed in their own houses, serving to enhance Rush parties and h eighten members ' excitement. Also, because of delays in construction of the houses, Rush was postponed one week. This allowed sorority members more time to prepare for their Rush par- ties and to meet individuals interested in rushing informally. Whatever the reasons, sorority Rush was a definite success this year. Al- though about the same number of wom- en participated in Rush this year as last, 27% more pledged a sorority. This trans- lated into 169 new pledges, the largest Panhellenic pledge class ever. Delta Sigma Phi reaches new heights. V Derrick Kuiper proudly displays his fraternity banner at fra- ternity Bid Pickup. Bob Daniels, Jack Canouse, Chris Warren, Jimmy Haskins, Matt Montgomery, Sean Stevens, Todd Davis, Mark Wheller, Dave Speregan, Henry Fordham, Joe Nichols, and Paul Hamm. Joe Roach, Paul Mezura, and Clemente Inclan at an ATO Rush event. Sean Edwards and Scott Moody help out at a Sig Ep Rush party. Top, Left to Right: Joanne Joyce, Sabrina Cox, Amy Simchick, Cheryl Watier, Debbie Monaco, Susy Roth, Deb Boston, Kim Dupree, Jayne Marlowe. Bottom, Left to Right: Susan Gilliland, Julie Bishop, Mayte Figueiras, Sheri Reid, Susan Coker, Pam Childers, and Janice Malkasian: the 1987 Rho Chis with Kim Dupree, Rush Chairman and Jayne Marlowe, Advisor. Rush 13 Q REENFEATHER G iving is a Greenfeather tradition, but this year ' s Greenfeather, held in late October, brought the spirit of giving to the forefront more than ever. Eleven charities including the Duval Home, the United Methodist Church, and the United Way, benefitted from the special week-long activities. As in the past, Greenfeather events included the Fund Run, the Rock-a- thon, creative Chalk Art on the sidewalks in front of the Union, the Talent Show, the outrageous Mr. Beauty Con- test, Miss Greenfeather con- test, the Olympic Events, and the popular Greenfeather Car- nival. Student winners includ- ed Chris Bennett, first place in the Fund Run, and Darald Stubbs, " Mr. Beauty, 1987 " , but the true winners were the charitable organizations who split over $17,000 in dona- tions. Representatives from each charity spoke at each activity this year, helping stu- dents and supporters to see Talent show participant Eric Owens. SUCCESS was the name of the game for 1987 Greenfeather! The Uncalled Four: Jeff Harris, Ben Jenkins, Carson Baker, and Greg Moon. The 1987 Greenfeather Rock a then was a great success. how their donations help those in need. As well as increasing charity visibility, Co-Chairmen Dana Boeckh and Jim Daughton set " student und erstanding through involvement " as one of their goals this year. One unique way they accomplished this was through a new program called the " Readathon " . Greenfeather staff members recognized that visually impaired and blind Stetson students, because Braille textbooks are unavailable, have their texts read to them. The Readathon, therefore, in- volved groups and individuals in reading necessary textbooks onto a tape for those in need. This year, enough texts were read for two semesters ' worth of material. Hopes are high to begin a li- brary of these materials for all interest- ed students to use. Sincere giving and hard work coupled with fun events and good times makes Greenfeather Week a hit every year. Special projects such as the Readathon made this year ' s Greenfeather unique in its generousity and scale. 14 Greenfeather The 1987 Miss Greenfeather contestants are Ana Sanch ez, Amy Musselnnan, Susannah Shope, Terri Dupont, Cynthia Magnum, Holly Norton, Susan Gilliland, Karen Baker, Sonall Suero, Jamie Ball, Cynthia Driver, Kelly Bostdorf, Dawn Thomas, Lisa Romay, Virginia Hall, and Dene Gleason. The 1987 Mr. Beauty is Darald Stubbs. Helen Stratigakos and Jeff Arnold rehearse for the Greenfeather Talent Show. Catherine Diethorn chalks the sidewalk. Jeff Arnold and Bas T share a special moment during the tension of Mr. Beauty. Greenfeather 15 5 POTLIGHT: THE ach of us views " creativity " differ ently. A musician ;ees it in the interpretation of a song. Kctors find it in tfie development of he characters they portray. A painter ises it to redefine reality onto an easel. ue craftmanship requires a " love- late " relationship between artist and irt. An artist must then combine his inbounded cr eativity with refined kills to produce well-designed, well-re- learsed, ingenious pieces of himself. Stetson University very fortunately as a large population of aspiring rtists in different disciplines. Student pajors vary from drama to church mu- ic, and student performances vary rom quartets to exhibits to student- produced one-acts. Young talent is rec- ognized and culti- vated here, as in- structors spend many extra hours working to develop individual potential. While faculty teach, they also per- form on their respective stages throughout the year. The Artists and Lecturers Committee, for example, brings to campus outstanding speak- ers and performers, while " Top Hat " performances and other recitals show off our own, in-house talents. Events such as these help all to benefit from Stetson ' s creative community. Student artists work long hours in the studio perfecting their technique A scene from " A Company of Wayward Saints " CREAT IVITY and diversity gives Stetson ' s campus a special flair! Top Hat Entertainment presents Scott Jones, live! Left: Special exhibits run throughout the academic year for all to come and learn. Arts 17 S(JB members welcome comedian Jay Leno to Stet son. Above, students enjoy the Fund raiser Right, Hatters battle it out against Georgia Southern Cookout. Homecoming Queen and King Tiffany Seibold and Clemente Inclan. 18 hc Racers recuperate from the three mile Road Race held on Satur day. HOMECOMING «« w y atter Homecoming, 1988: a evenings. Also on Friday evening, m m Hatter Homecoming, 1988: a time where traditions meet new ideas and bright plans for the uture. A time to celebrate athletic vie- ories and personal triumphs. A time ,0 see old friends. A time for laughter and rededication. This year Homecoming weekend vas held on February 19 - 21. The Hatters met Georgia Southern in bas- ketball. This was not the only athletic rhallenge of the weekend, however. Fennis tournament play, varsity base- ball, and alumni baseball games were ]11 held on Friday, and the Lady Hat- ers and alumni basketball team joined he Hatters in playing Saturday. The innual Road Race was also held on Saturday. The weekend was also filled with special reunions, receptions, and events. Stover Theatre presented a production of " A Company of Way- ward Saints " on Friday and Saturday evenings. Also on Friday evening Stetson University welcomed famous comedian Jay Leno to the Edmund ' s Center stage. Leno is well-known for his appearances on The David Letter- man Show and guest-hosting on The Johnny Carson Show. Saturday morning, stu- dents, faculty, staff, and alumni enjoyed the annual Fund-Raiser Cookout held in the Forest of Arden. At 1:00 that afternoon, a large crowd assembled to commemorate the official University dedication of the Panhellenic Complex. Others enjoyed the Music Festival in Elizabeth Hall. All Hatters rallied around the Hatter basketball team as they performed strongly against Georgia Southern. Campaign Headquarters are diligently manned by Karen Lankford and Sherry Qillentine. OLD FRIENDS gather to celebrate the traditions of and changes in our dear alma mater. President Doug Lee enjoys the Cookout at the Forest of Arden. Homecoming 19 H ATTER EEDERSHIP HO TMNG Organizations celebrate Homecoming ' s theme by making banners. It seems fitting that a theme for Home- coming would involve the recognition of campus leaders, past and present. Stetson ' s " Leedership " theme high- lighted the inauguration of Doug Lee as President this year, welcom- ing him to his new role and sup- porting him and changes inspired under his lead. Many other individuals have also played special roles in the de- velopment of Stetson. Etter Turn- er, former Dean of Women, and Jayne Marlowe, current Director of Student Life, spoke at the Panhel- lenic Complex Dedication, proudly witnessing the reality of their Leedership " dreams and hard work. Athletes competed in their specialties for person- al and team triumphs. Gifted musicians and actors performed for audiences, en- tertaining all with their expertise. This year ' s Homecoming Host and Hostess were Tres MuUis and Lillian Washington. These two outstanding students represented the student body during many activities. Because of the committment and hard work of these and many other students, faculty, and staff leaders, this year ' s Homecoming was even more than an athletic success. STETSON celebrates the leaders of yesterday, today, and tomorrow during Homecoming, 1988. The Lee ' s opened their home for a 50 year Reunion Recep- Director of Student Life Jayne Marlowe tion. at the Panhellenic Complex. 20 Homecoming Presidents of each sorority are recognized at the Panhellenic Complex Dedication: Drea Rideout, Janet Booth, Stephanie Olin, Claudia Epting, Debbie Sabol (not seen: Tiffany Seibold and Danielle Mezura). Above and Left: The Hatters of tomorrow! Homecoming 21 Amid smiling faces. Dr. Carter Colwell assumes his regal position at the head of the Convocation pro- cession. 2 Persjnnel Making friends and influencing people: Rodney El- lis in the midst of his duties as CUB Director. " - ■-«» »»•■ w !P ' FORESIGHT Prepares Student! for the Future W: ' hether fresh and new or established and proven, it is the faculty and staff that Stetson students look to for friendly advise and helpful guidance. Stetson faculty is dynannic and ever-changing. The most obvi- ous change this year was the gala and ceremonious installation of the new President, Douglas Lee. Of course, there remain some unchangeable symbols of knowledge, such as Dr. Colwell, an extraordinarily able professor who faithfully leads the spectacular convocation at the Forest of Arden each year. A university is a multi-faceted institution. As well as a place of learning, it is a food service, a counseling center, a comptroller, a health service, and a safe, secure place to call home. Running a university such as Stetson is a big business, and for such an establishment to thrive, it takes a special group of people to keep it running smoothly — the Stetson staff. And as the Stetson students of today are the leaders of tomor- row, these valuable role models generously pass on to us the leadership skills, knowledge, and important values that will be indispensable aids as we bravely face the challenges of the future. After a strenuous day of Residential Life duties, Kemper Smith relaxes for a few moments. asstm ensatwns PERSONNEL Personnel 23 24 Beginning a New Era It has been about a year since Presi- dent Doug Lee began in his new of- fice, and it certainly has been a year of reflection and of looking ahead. Looking back means understanding Stetson ' s current status: entrenched in a highly competitive environment, yet providing unique opportunities for students, faculty, and staff. Look- ing ahead means long-range goals, considering the community ' s needs, encouraging faculty, staff, and stu- dent participation in planning, and positioning Stetson on the national academic map. Working to put it all together are all Stetson supporters. Working to keep it on track is Dr. Doug Lee. Dr. H. Douglas Lee and Mark Hollis. Frovost Louis Brakarum Dr. Louis Brakeman joined the Stetson team as tine new Provost this past year. He was formerly the director of the Study of Professional Development for the Great Lake College Association. Dr. Brakeman believes that the faculty development and curriculum development need to be competitive. As- sisting them with this is one of his major responsibilities. One of the steps he has taken was to schedule monthly faculty meetings so that the faculty can come together to appreciate the value of the whole university. Dr. Brakeman enjoys working with the faculty, and wants to encourage them to pursue their individual and collective goals. Chanceiior Pope Duncan I he position of Chancellor was set up in the university by-laws when former president J. OIlie Edmonds retired from his office in 1977, and the second person to hold that title is former university president Dr. Pope A. Duncan. The chancellor is an elected officer of the Board of Trustees given duties, mostly fund raising activities, as assigned by the president. For example. Dr. Duncan repre- sented the university on behalf of the president at the 100th anniversary of Flagler College. Chancellor Duncan no longer deals with the day-to-day operations of the university, but he will help in any way appropriate to the external constituencies. 2D Personnel Cfmrcfi Kehdons John Fdham John L. Pelham, a former Stetson student, is now the Vice President for Church Relations. He has had a wide variety of pastoral and denominational experience at the Associational, State, and Southern Baptist Convention levels. Dr. Pelham has also been involved with preaching mis- sions in Jamaica, Peru and Equador. Since 1968, he has gone on the Annual Youth Mission Trips to pioneer areas of the northeast. In 1987, Dr. Pelham received the honor of being voted Alumnus of the Year by the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Business C Finance H. Graves EcfrnondioTV F or the students, rising tuition rates are a major con- cern while maintaining costs with the changing econom- ic conditions is a major concern for Vice President of Business and Finance, H. Graves Edmondson. He gradu- ated and received his masters degree of business admin- istration from Stetson. Joining the university as comp- troller, he has served as the chief business officer for the past seventeen years. His responsibilities include all matters concerning the budget, accounting, personnel and the physical plant. Personnel Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Gary Maris Dean of Student Affairs Garth Jenkins Dean of Business Administration William Wright Dean of Adnnissions Gary Meadows Dean of Law School Bruce Jacob Vice President for Planning Developnnent Mark Whitaker c.O Personnel J V J T " ' f ' r J I -A, Have you been a good little girl this year? Mayte Figueiras with " Santa " Kenny fei;; Av. Toasting Student Life secretary Lisa Stroebeck and her babytobe is Drea Rideout. Faculty : Siajf T5| llilii Personnel 29 Dr. Michael Boyd Director of Carlton Union Rodney Ellis and Sigma Gpsilon Beta (SUB). 3l. ' Personnel p I !■■ 1 -1 1 1 Tss - s T l ; ' f ' ' f , .,- k V 1 i ■Hifliiiiril n iii ■ ■ki.i.L ,...J Dennis Davenport Gerald Davenport Residential Life Physical Plant Intramural Atiiletics Director ■ Joseph Dermody Dr. Elizabeth Dershir Security Traffic Education f ] ■ i Maggie Dobson Provost Secretary Dr. Robert Fort Jack Fortes Delores Foster Director of Special Gifts Counseling Center Secretary Enjoying a Housekeeping get-together are Dennis Davenport and Cecilia Ruddell. Dr. Jack Gibson Biology Personnel 31 » 2 E 111331 1 H I H Annette Gillespie Dr. Bryan Gillespie Terry Grieb Bruce Griffiths Edward Gumbart Math Computer Science English Audiovisual Services Speech Theater Sports Information ■ % m iw - Awards are presented by Col. Tarleton at an ROTC student recognition ceremony. Dan Gunderson Dr. Paul Jenkins Dr. Evan! John j2 Personnel Going over the duty roster are Mark Cooper, Assistant Director of Traffic, and Scott Stafstrom, Assistant Director of Security. Grace Lasorsa David Lawson Year Abroad Study Program Math Computer Scie Faculty members and students at Convocation. Dr. Neal Long Josephine Losasso Mario Losasso Dr. Marc Lovelace Dr. Ned Lovell Shih-Jung Lu Dr. Elizabeth Magarl Economics Print Shop Print Shop Supervisor History Graduate Studies Data Processing Mathematics Personnel 33 Dr. Elsie Minter Foreign Language w T %L i 1 j Mt pm Q Q " ? - ' .vIMB iy ., v:- ' WMA w ' jr I Hhlv .• • ' «Ny| V y - m2ji L L BRI 1 June nolan Palcicia OShea Dr. Kevin O ' Keefe Gladys Osborne Switchboard Registrar wf i History Switchboard ! PH I w mC Balii M nwr 1 P W ' JV ifl V U ► 1 AxH A B - lk kljJ .r s» . 1 mMmt Zula Parker Linda Par tudent Affairs As sociate Vice cutive Secretary for Develop Mrs. Betty Hubbard and MaryAnne Loftus take a quick lunch break in the Student Affairs office. wT m jt y ' 9 l i T ■H f S? IHl ■T ' cn:.- T iwl e5 ai ' i m 1 1; ► : Vi L ... .1 ■iM Ji 1 ' ■ " Elizabeth PIppIo Religion Secretary 34 PersonneI m nr% ff% WP Hp vT I f r :r . %- " •. ' " ' ]« H7 ' " . ' R MJLa 1, ' J If k David Schwind Security Traffic Dr. Douglas Strickland Dean of Continuing Education Dr. Charles Vedder Joanna Voorheese Sociology Chairman Switchboard Student Life Secretary Lisa Stroebeck, Residential Life Sec- retary Doe Green, and Residential Life Director Kennper Smith. P V P f ■■[ ■pi n R r jta K w " PB W Kg «t ■F lji ? " H H JH ' iVP " J I Vm Bt i- ?T rK H H L .i ■ ' A ' i;-.- " ' I BSImH Hi l l H H H, k.. ,iai HiU IL ■i HuJH. H H Robert Weickel. Jr. Bruce Weller Physical Education Academic Computer Sei Howard West Military Scie Mancy Wilton Math Computer Science Secretary Dr. James Woodward Dr. James Wright Dr. Judith Wright Richard Wright Dean of Music School Speech Theater Chairman Counseling Center Director Data Processing Personnet 35 RESIDENTIAL LIFE 5TAEF STETSON HALL — PROMT; Allison Turner, Sandra Cluett, Jaime Clark, Donna Smith, Carolyn Cira MIDDLE: Tammy Yarnall, Kathy Eccles BACK: Susan Mull, Ann Marie Balaschak, Katie Byrne HEAD RESIDENTS — (Ir) Mary Keyes, Kathy Kivi, Jules Gepfrich. Susan Mull, Libby Threlkel, Anne Ralph WEST GNIVERSITY Kathy Kivi CONRAD HALL — (front to back) Kris Bittenbinder, Becky Condon, Shannon Lundequam, Annie Chapman, Mary Keyes EMILY HALL — (l-r) Mikki Minnard, Sandy Borriello, Susie Madden, Michelle James, Kim Rogers. CORDIS HALL — FRONT: Jeff Bittenbinder, Morris Hartley, Bobby Cranston, Jim Daughton BACK: Chris Lovett, John Hanson, Melissa Giarrusso, Rob Waizenhofer NEMEC HALL — (l-r) Steve Jones, Evan Baldwin, Shawn White, Dan Gilbride, Jeff tSewton CARSON HOLLIS HALL — Laura Zindell, Scott Koeniger, Pam Barkley, Jim Cashion, Dennis Aubry CHAODOIN HALL — FRONT: Nora Matamoros, Debbie Stones, Donna Cowden MIDDLE: Amy Balfanz, Amy Miller BACK: Mia Sullivan, Susan Wolfe (not pictured — Kim Bunting, Libby Threlkel) SMITH HALL — Brad Bowman, Jim Smarkuski, Andy Ciambrone, Garth Goodman, Jeff Ladinski Fraternities leap for victory during an intramur als game. 38 Sports The cheerleading squad works to perfect a stunt. INTRAMURALS: Fun and Frenzied One of the most exciting sports programs at Stetson is that of Intramurals. Designed to provoke friendly competition between organizations, and establish pride, Intramurals in- clude a wide range of activities, from football and volleyball, to ping pong and tennis. Headed by Dennis Davenport, as director, a nd three chairmen, Terri Rosenberg, Kathy Masters, and Terri Horton, the Intramurals Staff oversees all sports, and award the coveted P-cup and All Points Trophy. Emphasizing participation as well as overall skill, the P-cup is awarded to the male organization that has amassed the most points, and the All Points Trophy goes to the female organiza- tion that meet the same criteria. Men ' s football was grueling this year, with the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity taking highest honors. In women ' s volleyball, the team from Emily Hall placed first, with Conrad Hall close behind them. The season is completed with Tennis, Swimming, and Women ' s Football. Winter Term activities will include horseshoes, soccer, and ping-pong, while in Spring we will see Softball, baseball, and basketball. Challenging and enjoyable, Intramurals is an important part of student life. asstm ensaUons SPORTS Sports 3y WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL Last season the Lady Hat- ters enjoyed a fantastic 21-8 record without seniors; this year ' s roster therefore boasts experience, enthusi- asm, and positive momen- tum. At the beginning of the season, Head Coach Nancy Michols stated, " I think we have a strong shot at the Conference title if we ' re healthy, if we ' re not, then we are going to struggle. " Unfortunately, at the begin- ning of the season, four of the nine returning players were recuperating from in- juries. Besides three returning seniors and three juniors on the squad, the Lady Hats welcomed two new promis- ing team members. With this kind of leadership and variety, the Lady Hats con- tinued to excel on the court, and, as a result, had an ex- citing and rewarding season. Senior Terri Cain, above Dee Hillery mal es a shot! NANCY NICHOLS at STETSON 1984-85 1985-86 1986-87 10-20 12-15 21 18 .333 .444 .724 Career 43-43 .500 Head Ch. Nancy Nichols Below, Debbie Dalley concentrates on working out. Going for the shot — Senior Michelle Michael. s - ront, 1-r: Sarah Foley, Diedre Hillery, Student Ass ' t Laurel Robinson, Anita lathur, Michelle Michael, Rebel Wesley, Courtney Hall, Debbie Dalley. Back, Ir: lebbie Garrison, Valerie Golden, Brenda Eason, Terr! Cain, Asst. Coach Kathy fdrnard. WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL SCHEDULE U. of Northern Iowa St. Leo College G. of Tennessee FS.G. G. of Cincinnati Xavier G. Lady Hatter Classic including Stetson. DePaul, N. Carolina at Charlotte, Miami of Ohio, Murray State, Robert Morris and Marshall G. of Richmond G. of Pennsylvania GA State G. Mercer G. FL International FL Atlantic G. G. of Florida GA Southern Florida ASM G. G. of Central FL FL International G. of Miami GA State G. Mercer G. G. of Central FL Florida ASM G. GA Southern G. of South FL New South Women ' s Championship Brenda Eason rises above the Georgia Southern defense. The Lady Hatters: Seated: Anne Gatins. Middle Row: Kim Odom, Tami Hay, Michielle McEntire, Katy Barbour, Stephanie Roszell, Cristy Hoffman, Mar Margaret Enns, Toni Roszell. Back: Trainer, Chris Rainer; Head Coach, Liz Schumaker; Asst. Coach, Bryon Klabirk. Dr. Elizabeth Schumaker. Head Coach, Women ' s Volleyball WOMEN ' S VOLLEYBALL TEAM SCHEDULE Baker, U of Kansas Florida " 8 " Tourn. G. of Tampa U. of Central FL FL Southern Bethune Cookman Winthrop Tournament a. of South FL U.C.F Tournament Rollins College St. Francis College Furman Invitational Florida Virginia (J. of South FL Bethune Cookman Rollins College Jacksonville Tourn. Florida Intern. a. of Central FL St. Leo College CI. of Tampa NSVk AC Tournament FL Southern Concentration is the name of the game. 42 Spor WOMEN ' S VOLLEYBA This year ' s Lady Hat Vol- leyball team faced a differ- ent schedule pitting Stetson against top competition. The team ' s strength ' s in- cluded seniors Stephanie Roszell and Katy Barbour and veterans Cristy Hoff- man and Michelle McEntire, along with enthusiastic newer members and strong team spirit. Although the team ' s season ended with a record of 14-25, the Lady Hats continue to be a driv- ing force within the Mew South. This year also welcomed back Elizabeth Schumaker, head coach of the women ' s volleyball team. Schumaker was the Lady Hatter coach seven years before stepping down after the 1986 season, but after just one year, the coaching bit her again and she returned to the team. Schumaker is an associate professor of Physical Educa- tion on the Stetson faculty. baseba: Hangin ' out in the dugout. Stetson ' s Baseball team has a long history of suc- cesses. At the beginning of the 1988 season, the Hatters boasted an impressive nine- teen consecutive winning seasons. In 1969, the Hat- ters hierarchy committed to excellence in baseball, and Stetson has not had a losing season since. The Hatters played a 15- game fall slate between September and November and an extremely competi- tive MCAA Division I 55- game schedule between February and May. The Spring schedule is tradition- ally one of the most de- manding in the Southeast. This year the Hatters wel- comed 12 newcomers to the team and 17 returnees. One of Stetson ' s strongest areas was pitching; 13 team mem- bers were pitchers. Pulling together experience and " new blood " within the team gave the Hatters an- other winning season. d « (t €A a L " , VJ " : V; « «•? !«, Front 1-r: Rich Floyd, Jim Smith, Steve Shatter, Tom Hickox, Ed Corbett, Tom Knutson, Dennis Campbell, Scott Miller, Ed Cooney, Dan Finley. Mid. Ir: Shawn Lee, Ricky Bowrosen, Keith Scherer, Bobby Dryden, Tim Farrand, Craig Risdon, Steve Skoko, Mike Robinson, Pat Harding, Asst. Ch. Jeff Altier. Back l-r: Ch. Pete Dunn, Mike INatale, Ken Connell, Tom Riginos, George Tsamis. Nick Tsamis, Jay Waring, Kevin Weickel, Mike Sempeles, Asst. Ch. Rick Hall. Asst. Ch. J.B. Caldwell not pictured. Jeff Altier, Assistant Coach Stetson ' s 1 Batgirls! Pete Dunn. Head Coach STETSON FALL ROSTER Mike Robinson C Tim Farrand C Tom Knutson C Ed Corbett INF Dan Finley INF Shawn Lee INF Jim Smith INF Kevin Weickel INF Ed Cooney OF Richard Floyd OF Tom Perkins OF Tom Riginos OF Pat Harding OF Ken Connell P Mike Natale P George Tsamis P Buddy Dryden P Scott Miller INF Rick Bowrosen INF Steven Shaker P Shane Turpin P Steve Skoko P Nick Tsamis P Joe Green P Tom Hickox P Jay Waring P Craig Risdon P Keith Scherer P -r 44 Sports The Dugout displays Stetson ' s winning concentration. Tim Farrand stretches out for his upatbdt. 1988 BASEBALL SCHEDGLE February Massachusetts Flagler College SW Missouri St. a. of S. FL SW Missouri St. U. of S. FL Mercer FL International Mercer FL International Harvard Central FL Brown Central FL Florida A M a. of S. FL April March Qeoriga Southern Rollins College Georgia Southern Florida N. Florida Flagler College Mercer Eckerd College Mercer Jacksonville 0. N. Florida Florida Georgia Southern Ithaca Georgia Southern Maine Central Florida FL International Central Florida FL International Samford Yale Samford St, Xavier Conference Tourn. St. Xavier May Samford Rollins College Samford Jacksonville U. SW Missouri St. WKKHm Sports 45 Smile Guys . . . we ' re winning! 46 Sports baseba: he 1987-1988 Stetson Bat Girls icluded: Lisa Herron, Gina Dianni, Jicia Raffa, Lisa Bales, Stacey ' oston, Lydia Fiedler, Kim Barnett, Aichele Pirkau, Robyn Farrar, Cindy iriffis, Laura Gareau, Beth Younggren, ;rista St. John, Shelly Minotti, leather Clarke, Tina Mumford, Sharon ones, Mandy Raiford, Dawn Pilot, indrea Fair, Kelly Bostdorff, Donna hristopher (Administration). Pete Dunn has only coached the Stetson Hatter Baseball teann for eight years, and yet this year he passed the 300 Wins mark with the Hatters. At the be- ginning of the 1988 season, Dunn had an overall record at Stetson of 298-156 or a winning percentage of .656. Head Coach Pete Dunn has much to be proud of, not only in his team ' s record but in his own accomplish- ments. In 1987 he was ranked in the nation ' s Top 50 coaches in percentage of wins and among the top 125 coaches in total victories. Only two coaches among more than 250 NCAA Divi- sion 1 college coaches have won more games in the same career span. Hats off to Stetson graduate Pete Dunn a nd his outstanding record with the Hatter Base- ball team! Eagerly awaiting a turn at bat. Stetson Bat Girl gets caught by the camera. A stunning hit for Jim Smith! Sports 47 WOMEN ' S SOFTBALL Stetson fast-pitch softball had quite an impressive his- tory as it completed its third season. With a two-year rec- ord of 52-20 and a 1986-87 New South Championship to look back on, Stetson by- passed the building stage of its program, in 1987-88, Stetson faced new chal- lenges as their schedule continually got upgraded. In 1987-88, pitching and defense were the Lady Hat- ters ' strengths. Senior Erin Owen and Sophomore rSo- reen Sullivan formed a solid pitching " team " . At the plate, the team ' s excellent defensive infield looked to Co-Captains Debra Clarke and Cheryl Conklin and to Erin Owen to lead the way. Each freshman also had fast-pitch experience and provided a spark with the bat. The 1987-88 schedule posed some hurdles for the Lady Hats but history fa- vored them. In fact, it was often heard coming from the dugout, " In 1986-87 we were the best, now we ' ve gone and beat the rest! " mm . FRONT 1-r: Patty Dailey, Janet Hauck, Lynne Camposano, Denise deNoyelles, Robyn Swartz, Denise Mikel, Sandra Tankersley. Back l-r: Jammi Gilliard, Valerie Patton, Jackie Ramsey, Erin Owen, Laurel Robinson, Melissa Giarusso, Andrea Swartz, Denine Edelson. Junior Robyn Swartz makes the pitch. Senior, Erin Owen LADY HATTER SOFTBALL i DATA: Head Coach: Karen Page Jl Home Field: Sperhnng Sports W t Complex Returning: 9 Lost: 12 .jA Top Returnees: Erin Owen, Denise deNoyelles, Robyn Swartz m Top Newcomers: Andrea Swartz. T Sandy Tankersley, Lynne - 6. Camposano 1987 Record: 36-28 1987 NSWAC Record: 10 3, Chris Ramer, Champions Athletic Trainer 48 Sports CROSS COUNTRY Hatter Cross Country Teams: Men ' s roster includes: Brian Nolan, Robert Cranston, Frank Green, Kim Heller, Thonnas Stallings and Scott Jones. Women ' s roster includes: Cynthia Anderson, Germaine Durand, Valerie Durand, Holly Horton, Sarah Smith, Connie Perry, Sharon Carr, and Vina Snijders. Although Stetson ' s Cross Country team is small and their events not v ell-publi- cized, every year the Hatter harriers run in several major races including the TAAC Championship meet and several races run locally at the DeLand airport. The women ' s Cross Country team also participates in a variety of events in the Flor- ida South group. This year ' s TAAC Cham- pionship was held in San Antonio, Texas in late Octo- ber. The University of Texas finished in first; our own Hatters finished fifth in the team standings. Top finish- er for Stetson, Frank Green, finished the 5-mile course in 28:04, good for 14th place overall. On your mark, get set . . . GO! Push it! CROSS COGNTRY SCHEDGLE September St. Leo Invitational Florida Southern October Flagler College Florida Intercollegiate Championships TAAC Championships November NSWAC Championships The Cross Country building at the airport. Sports 49 STETSON basketba: Hatter Coach Glenn Wilkes stated at the begin- ning of the season that if the team could improve by just four points, he would be completely satisfied. After playing 30 games of a schedule termed by ex- perts as one of the strongest in the nation, Stetson fell four points short of a berth in the 1986-87 NCAA post- season tournament. This year seven players return out of last year ' s ros- ter. Randy Anderson heads the returnees. He led the Hats in both scoring and re- bounding last year (his 311 rebounds in 1986 set a school Division I record). Kuhl, Johnson, Jenkins, Barnett, Woodward and Cumbie also returned in ' 88. Forward Hakim Hazim goes for two. Mac Stones gets off a jumper. Hatters play against Centenary home. STETSON HATTER GENERAL INFORMATION Location DeLand, FL Founded 1883 Enrollment 2,800 Colors Green White Nickname Hatters Conference Trans America Affiliation NCAA Division 1 Home Arena Edmunds Center Capacity 5,000 30 Year Record 467-344 1986-87 Record 18-13 50 Sports he Stetson Hatters Basketball Team: Front Row: Eric Cumble, Steve Coleman, Mike Barnett, Charles Marcum, Terry Johnson, Frank Ireland, Donnell ampson, Rob Biasotti and Hakim Hazim. Back Row: Glenn Brickey, Head Trainer; Rick Buntz, Manager: Glenn Wilkes, Head Coach; Frank Burnell, Assistant oach; Randy Anderson, Jimmy Kuhl, Torbjorn Gehrke, Andrew Woodward, Martin Jenkins, Glynn Myrick, Coaching Assistant; Terry Wuennenberg, Assistant oach; and Dave Williams, Coaching Assistant. HATTER BASKETE 3ALL SCHEDGLE Marathon Oil Rollins College Duke G. Bethune-Cookman Samford G. U. of N.C. G. of Arkansas-Little Rock FS.U. Hardin-Simmons G. GA Southwestern G. of Texas-San Antonio Northeastern U. Marquette G. Southern Illinois Mercer G. Hardln-Simmons CI. GA State G. U. of Texas-San Antonio GA Southern G. Mercer 0. Centenary College GA State U. Houston Baptist G. QA Southern Samford G. Centenary College G. of Arkansas-Little Rock Houston Baptist CI. TAAC Tournament An excellent shot blocker, sure passer, and good ball handler. Randy Anderson shows his stuff against Georgia. Sports 51 Frank Burnell, Assistant Basketball Coach The Hatters hustle against the Hardin-Sim- mons Cowboys. r - Heads up! MEMBERS OF TAAC Stetson CI. Arkansas-Little Rock Houston-Baptist Georgia Southern Hardin-Simmons Mercer Georgia State Texas-San Antonio Centenary Samford 52 Sports Dr. Glenn Wilkes, Head Basketball Coach STETSON basketba: The Ocean Center arena in Daytona Beach was the scene of this year ' s Trans America Athletic Confer- ence Tournament. Last year ' s host, the University of Arkansas-Little Rock, also bid for the event again this year, but conference of- ficials instead elected to try a new location. The deci- sion was based on the fact that the arena holds up to 8,000 fans and can be con- sidered a more " neutral " arena for basketball play than the Trojan home arena in Little Rock. Head Coach Glen Wilkes was excited about the pros- pect of hosting the event. He felt that Stetson fans would be able to follow tour- nament action much more closely and the event itself would be beneficial for the area. " After all, " he said, " Little Rock is a long way from Volusia County ... we wanted (our fans) to attend the tourney. " Sports 53 MEN ' S GOLF Headed by Mark Leet- zow, Team Captain, and Head Golf Coach Michael O ' Sullivan, the Stetson Men ' s Golf Teann has en- joyed a year of successes on and off the range. On the fairway, the teann enjoyed victories as did individuals. Mark Leetzow, for example, boasts past victories includ- ing All Conference champ in 85-86 and 86-87 and All Tournament Champ in 86- 87. Off the fairway, the team has grown in size and in spir- it. Since 1984 when O ' Sulli- van began coaching the team, interest in and com- mitment to the program has escalated so that now, in 1988, about 25 student-ath- letes take part in tourna- ments. Mot only are team numbers increasing, but more and more quality play- ers are seeking spots on the team. Below, Stetson ' s Men ' s Golf Team. Front Row: Tom Rauchegger, Mark Shepsick, Mark Leetzow. Bobby Hunt, Chick Hammett, Coach O ' Sullivan, Matt Spear. Middle Row: Michael Spestios, Constant DeMattia, Dave Scott, Sean O ' Sullivan, Jon Archard, Ric Hughes, Dave Kean. Back Row: Jim Gilbert, Geoff Campion, David Zima, Barry Hinckley, Don McDougall, Curtis Cook, Dan Kilbride. 1 IM r . k MEM ' S GOLF SCHEDGLE September Paradise Island Outing October Stetson Intercollegiate EmbryRlddle Invit. Dixie Intercollegiate November Florida Intercollegiate Ridley Cup Fun " n " Sun Citrus Bowl Invit. 54 Sports Constant DeMattia prepares for the shot. WOMEN ' S go: The Lady Hat Golf pro- gram began just two years ago under the direction of Coach Mike O ' Sullivan. At first, O ' Sullivan had to search for players to nneet the minimum of five players required for entering a tour- nament. This year, eight women, all quality players, are committed members of the team. The commitment felt by both the Men and Women ' s teams was inspired by the dedication of Mike O ' Sulli- van, who took over Stet- son ' s golf program in 1984. O ' Sullivan turned pro in 1961 and joined the PGA a couple of years later. He is the first full-time golf coach in Hatter history, and in his four years here, he has ele- vated the program to a place of prominence in Flor- ida and in the Southeast. Keep your head down Above: Concentration is tlie name of the game. Coach O ' Sullivan offers his advise. The Lady Hat Golfers: Front Row: Joyclyn Tussey, Katie Byrne, Becl y Condon, Tori Sizemore. Back: Joanne Rundle, Betsy Byrne, Beth Dalson, Coach Mil e O ' Sullivan. Not pictured: Karen Palacios. WOMEN ' S GOLF SCHEDGLE September 1 Lady Seminole Outing iHBSH October V B Beacon Woods Invit. mf November Lady Blazer Outing k - fM Ridley Cup w riJH Pat Bradley K - BGDDIE OOTINGS T September Indigo October Glen Abbey Mike O ' Sullivan, November Golf Coach Disney World Sports 55 The soccer team scrimmages at practice. Jerry Kilpatrick is deep in thought as he concentrates on practice. WUSk ■In Glenn Brickey, Head trainer Hatter Soccer Games U.N.C.-Ashville Tourn. Saint Leo College Palm Beach Atlantic Florida Southern University of Tampa Monarch Tournament Univ. of Central FL Georgia State Georgia Southern Univ. of South FL Centenary College Flagler College FL Invitational Cup Jacksonville Univ. Eastern TAAC Championship Go for the goal! DD Sports 1987 was a strong recruit- ing year for Stetson ' s soc- cer program. Tiie team was led by tiiree outstanding se- niors, Co-Captains Brian Candon, Chris Bennett and Chip Bauder. The defense was led by two-time TAAC All-Conference selection Ed Puncheon along with Pat Daxon at center back. The SOCCER midfield was directed by TAAC All-Conference selec- tion Brian Candon and Ja- son Russek. Coach Gary McKinley continued his crusade to at- tract the most talented play- ers in Florida. With the sign- ing of Thad Bostic from De- Land High and the hiring of Bob Wilson as the new as- sistant Coach, local f--ns had one of their own to roc: for. " Florida is developing some of the greatest players in the U.S. and as long as we continue to draw players from Florida and across the G.S., we will compete with anyone on the Division 1 lev- el, " said McKinley. Midfielder Striker Steve Knott against a USF player. The 1987 Roster included: Chip Bauder, Chris Bennett, Brian Candon, Pat Daxon, Ed Puncheon, Jerry Kilpatrick, Jason Russek, Kevin Daxon, Paul Koreniuk, Mike King, Thad Bostic, Jin Byun, Jeff Daily, Steve Kilpatrick, Steve Knott, Matt Parker, Mike Valdez, Nick Yocca. Jerry Kilpatrick goes fo r the block as Brian Candon tries to score. The 1987 Hatter soccer team. ' .ML - Sports 5Y STETSON TENNIS During a doubles match: Lisa Anne Smith and Kristin Smith. 58 Sports The Tennis Teams: Front Row, from left; Bill Curtis, Kelly Qazaway, Susie Stewart, Patricia Van By levelt, Martin Gehlen. Second Row: Kristin Smitli, Lisa Anne smith, Mandy Stoll, Jessica Jordan, Robyn Welsh, Kami Hostetler, Sonya Bradford. Back Row: Coach Vicky Pate. Ron Woodard, Jason Marshall, Jim Soltys, 5teve Gionis, Frankie Miller, Oscar Losada, Todd Carriglio, Coach Bill Furlong. MEN ' S TENMIS SCHEDULE H mM S M St. Leo College GA Southern Benefit Tournament Wooster College Fl.T CI. of Wisconsin Melbourne Stout Eckerd College U. of Wisconsin St. Pete Eau Claire St. Leo Eckerd College Jacksonville (i. Morehouse College U. of Central FL CI. of Missouri Orlando Lehigh U. Homecoming Tampa CI. Jacksonville U. Fl.T FI.U, a. of Central FL FL Atlantic U. Florida ASM U. Florida A M U. Washington and Lee Mercer U. of Tampa GA State TAAC Samford Tennis Banquet Sports 59 The Women ' s Team during a doubles match. The team at practice. LADY HATTER PAST TEAM RATINGS Conference Champs (New South) 1986 Ranked 10 nationally (ITCA) 84-85 Ranked 7 Nationally (ITCA) 83-84 Ranked 6 Nationally (ITCA) 82-83 Second Place, Region III, Div, II 81-82 nth Place, AIAW Div. II Championship 81-82 17th Place, AIAW Div. II Championship 80-81 9th Place, AIAW Div. II Championship 79-80 5th Place, AIAW Small Colleges 7879 3rd Place, AIAW Small Colleges 77-78 Kami Hosteller prepares to serve. Follow through oO Sports STET TENNIS Returning a forehand lob. The Lady Hatters are in their second year of compe- tition in the Hew South Women ' s Athletic Confer- ence. Stetson is a charter member of the league which began last season. The Lady Hats went on to win the first-ever INew South Tennis Championship held last spring. For Stetson, joining the conference, ac- cording to Stetson ' s Tennis Update, put all the women ' s teams into NCAA Division I competition. Teams in the Mew South are Stetson, Central Florida, Florida A M, Georgia Southern, Geor- gia State and Mercer. Last season ' s tennis champion- ship helped Stetson to a first-place tie in the final all- sport trophy standings. This year, although the team is young, they benefit from enthusiasm and talent. Two-time MVP Whitney Bales served as assistant coach this year, adding ex- perience to the team ' s many other assets. Mandy Stoll serves game point. Kami Hosteller returns a center smash as Robyn Welsh looks on. A smashing forehand! Service! by Lisa Anne Smith. WOMEN ' S TENNIS SCHEDGLE St. Leo College Furman (J. Benefit Tournament Florida ASM U. U. of Central FL Eastern Michigan G. FL Southern CI. of New Mexico Jacksonville U. FL Atlantic U. Santa Fe CC GA State U. St. Leo College FI.U. U. of South FL GA Southern Jacksonville U. G. of South FL FL Atlantic U. Harvard G. FL Int. U. G. of Central FL Barry U. Rollins College FL Southern Florida A M G. Rollins College FS.G. Homecoming New South Conference CI. of Michigan Tennis Banquet Sports ol Ooh Girl, Who ' s that institution over there?! Urn hm . . . are you guys sitting down on the job? M Important Events Cheerleading Camp Fundraisers 1987-88 Calendar Formals Captain Jamie G. Ball Co-Captain David " Scoop " Smith 62 Sports CHEERLEADING At the sound of hearing the word Cheerleader, the first things to come to mind are basketball, energetic chants, and fundraisers. However, being a cheer- leader is much more than just those things. There is a great deal of time, dedica- tion and enthusiasm that is necessary to creating a skilled and " cheery " squad. This year, the Stetson Cheerleaders were very busy on and off the court. Contrary to what many may think, the Cheer- leaders had numerous oth- er activities to keep their schedules full. Their year started off to a quick pace when they attended Cheer- leading camp at Tenn. State University, where 1987-88 Cheerleaders: Jamie Ball— CAPT, David Smith— COCAPT, Michelle Solomon, John Hunt, Karen Jones, Phil Thurman, Joey Hoffemeier, Steve Berg, Christie Shortel, Bill Gray, Kathy Bloodworth, Hal Haller, Peggy Threkel, Paul Mezerra, Liz Kozas, Paul Hastings. they earned seven superior ribbons. After this, they ar- rived home to Stetson and began work on the 1987-88 Cheerleading Calendar. The Cheerleaders strove to do their best — not only for our teams, but to keep the Stetson Proud spirit roar- ing! The competition ' s got nothin ' on the Hats! The Hats take time out at camp to pose for a picture. Sports 63 INTRAMURALS Intramurals represent more than students vying for trophies. Many don ' t re- alize the long-standing In- tramurals traditions. It ' s es- timated that about 30% of the student body partici- pates in Intramurals annu- ally, and this year, over 800 students gave their all in In- tramurals events. " People don ' t realize how much In- tramurals are part of Stet- son ' s spirit and tradition, " said Dennis Davenport, In- tramural Director. The pride of Intramurals has re- mained in that they ' re sole- ly for students. Quoting the 1964-65 Intramural report forward: " The purpose of Intramurals is to encourage students to manage, direct and participate in physical events as part of a learning process, to promote stabil- ity, coordination, sports- manship and a sense of leadership. The program is for you, the student. " Intra- murals are truly a vital tra- dition in Hatter life! Intramural Athletes pace themselves in the X-C competition. About to begin play, the Greek men face off. Annual Intramural Events Football Horseshoes Cross Country Table Tennis Basketball Bowling Volleyball Paddleball Tennis Badminton Softball Track Swimming A sorority sister races for the finish! 64 Sports Kappa Alpha Thetas share their excitement on So- rority Bid Day. 66 Qreeks ilSorority and fraternity members give a little of Ihemselves during a Stetson blood drive. !P BEING GREEK Knowing the Alpha, Beta, Gammas What does it mean to be Greek? There are three major elements to being a Greek: friendship, learning, and lead- ership. First, when new students (and not-so-new stu- dents) participate in fraternity or sorority Rush, often they do so to meet new people, make new friends. And when a senior Greek member is asked what made being Greek special, often he she first answers, " My brothers sisters. " Learning and growing is the second element of Greek life. Through involvement in the organi- zation, members become wiser (and older) and as they grow through the many transitions of college life together. Finally, Greek organizations provide unique opportunities for individual mem- bers to find their niche and explore their own abilities as leaders, both within the Greek organization and on campus. Fraternity and sorority members participate in Greenfeather activities including the Chalk Art and Rocka-thon events. asstm ensaUons GREEKS Qreeks D ALPHA TAU OMEGA • ALPHA TAU OMEGA z yi tt ]k K. Kurad, S. Madden, R. Colon, S. Gegerson, B. Dain, C. Rojas, R. Schumann, A. Phillips, K. Burke, R. Pedraza, K. Dupree, N. Messina, S. Osburn, N. Vancleef, S. McKeluey, T. Weyd, J. Joyner, J. Nevin, S. Osteen, M. Cooper, B. Tchiviosian, D. Kellner, D. Fountain, G. Kindred, K. Jones, T. Cowart, T. Gustafson, E. Shapiro, M. Gast, N. Matamoros, A. Miller, R Hastings, F Valdes, S. Soud, G. Oldenbreit, L. Threlkel, C. Lovett, K. Stevens, J. Kendall, B. Keels, T. Perrotti, K. Cole, P Lohmann. M. Figueras, D. Newell, H. Rushton, W. McWhorter, T. Burke, M. Lynch, V. Conaway, S. Cacciatore, A. Ysaguirre, D. Bell. D. Davison, S. Gill, B. O ' Brien, R. Waizenhofer, S. Husuar, T. Dapont, M. Harmon, M. Hornstein, J. Dickson, B. Finkbeiner, B. Ezell, A. Kaminski, L. Kay, V. Brown, K. Steele, J. Roach, S. Michell, C. Shortle, S. Poindexter, K. Gerry, J. Delago, M. Dehn, D. Lewis, R. Gallon, J. Stokes, S. Guffey, H. Howes, C. Inclan, R. Hughes, R Wasmund, C. Vedder, R Patterson, A. Wilson, R. Pistani, S. Berg, J. Daughton, J. Hunt, K. Massey B. Hamilton, J. Goodfriend, K. Andres. Have a Nice Day This year marked Alpha Tau Omega ' s Five Year Anniversary since their Theta Psi chapter was char- tered on February 5, 1983 here at Stetson. Although they are the youngest fraternity on campus, they have grown to become the second largest in membership. This increase in size has brought with it many changes that have improved the fraternity as a whole. They have become more geared toward social service, there is a greater emphasis on scholarship, more effort is being made to meet ATO ' s from other schools, and their intramurals ' performance has improved. Their alumni relations have also turned for the better and the highlight event of the year. The Founder ' s Day Ban- quet, held on February 5th, allowed the brothers to celebrate their anniversary with the alumni. Oo Greeks During the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity rush party Ben Worst listens to the sounds of the sea. DELTA SIGMA PHI • DELTA SIGMA PHI r Digs Break Loose Delta Sigma Phi is the oldest fraternity at Stetson University and in the state of Florida. This year marked their Ninetieth year on campus and in celebration the Sailor ' s Ball was held with alumni from all over Florida and state officials attending. The fraternity takes pride in its traditions and it also has been through some important changes. In the past four years, the fraterni- ty has doubled their membership and this year over half of the brothers are planning on attending graduate school. The fraternity was recognized by the National Fraternity for their exceptional scholarship and in No- vember the President, Dave Bricker, received National recognition at a convention. They sponsored a Little League baseball team and they set up a perpetual fund to support internships at National during the summer and to provide scholarship awards. 1 I a PC Diggers Jeff Koontz, Vince Puleo, Courtney Taylor, and Ron Qironda hangin ' out at the house. Delta Sigma Phi: Brian Ray, Jim Kaighin, Kevin Kraus, Matt Lacey, Brian Williams, John Moore, Albie Martin, Jay Sartor, Jerry Berson, Joe Hess, John Blackwell, Scott James, Shawn Adrian, Chip Peabody, Jeff Paullactc, Kevin Cox, Rob Moore, Mike Haber, Derrick Riley, Benji Harnage. Ryan Goldwire, Joe Yazdan, Brent Bowen, Jeff Stanley, Chip Howard, Morris Hartley, Paul Lawson, Dave Wilson, Doug Sobieski, Ron Gironda, David Bricker, Mark Cooper, Blake Lindstadt, Shawn Lackey, David Scott, Damon Dittmar, Robert Chapman 111, Kevin Feldman, Dave Gant, David Turley, Jeff Campion. Greeks oS LAMBDA CHI ALPHA • LAMBDA CHI ALPHA z BE ui BE Lambda Chis Rock The Beach Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity, founded in 1909 at Boston Cniversity, was chartered at Stetson University in 1948 as the Zeta Tau chapter. Their flower is the white rose, their colors are purple, green, and gold, and their synnboi is the cross and crescent. The Lambs, known as the " fraternity of honest friendship " , are actively involved in all areas of campus life and community service. The fraternity ' s newest project was regular weekly visits to the Duval Home, a home for mentally and physically retarded people lo- cated here in Deland. Also, the brothers periodically went to the Sheriff ' s Youth Ranch and spent time with the boys staying there, sharing good times and creating fond memories. Finally, Lambda Chi Alpha sponsored a canned food drive at Thanksgiving for the needy in the area. One of their house accomplishments this year was the completion of the Lamb beach and deck. Enjoying the new beach scene, Matt Montgomery, Paul Hamm and Joe Nichols have some refreshments. Lambda Chi Alpha: Front row — Judy Sellers, Catherine Canouse. Second row — Lorl Eckler, Jim Lather, Jim Holliday, Will Shackelford, Dave Ingram. Dan Kriebs, Jim Haskins, Blane Dobey, Sean Smith, Maria Casella, Mike Houck, Penny Klaiber, Kristine Dallet, Jeff Arnold, Charles Devine, Kami, Hal Haller, Denise Morgan, Dave Speregen, David Whidden, Beth Hargrave, Oscar Losada, Michelle Nichols, Caroline Howard, Christy Smiley, Joann Felton, Todd Davis, Jack Canouse, Heidi Pape, Paul Hamm, Quinn Fazio, Marilyn Troup, Matt Montgomery, Jackie Payne, Cyndi Vayo, Reno Van Arkel, Allison Stiles, Fifth row — Henry Fordham, Melonie Carol, Sandra Williamson, Larissa Hainle, Jessica Leland, Claudia Palle, Ashland Brown, Top row— Pete Suarez. Bill Pursell, Chris Warren, Paul Shaffer, Ken Keck, Jim Hughes, Tom Hornsyld, Kirk Highfield, Tracy Freke, Brian Holcombe, Collie King, David Taylor, Scott Jones, Lenny Polcaro, Bob Daniels, Bryan Jones. 70 Greeks PI KAPPA ALPHA • PI KAPPA ALPHA Pi Kappa Alpha: Front row — Jon Glugover, Deanna Scherock, Pam Childers, Chris Garvin, Dana Boecl h, Scott Adams, Debbie Rhodes, Jon Frye, Kara Bachus, Mark Relicke, Todd Kennedy, Pat Wilbur, Chris Lunder, Jeff Wallace, Bob Mugavero, Doug Thornton, Christine Adney. Second row — Andy Hartline, Paul Zarella, Jim Tobin, Mike Harrison, Ruth Laws, Dave Smith, Tim Callahan, Susan Coker, Ken Connel, Mike Garguillo, Mike Evans, Randy Walton, Molly Beckhan, Doug Wells, Tom Snyder, Neil Battagliese, Shane Morin, Steve Franklin. Third row — Yasmin Suero, Dave Miller, Scott Clguccioni, Rich Batchelor, Shawn Yule, Andy Neck, Pete Beebe, Michelle Delude, Jeff Love. Fourth row — Ty Whitney, Karleen Kimburg, Jamie Ball, Tom Brookhart, Jared Knapp, Brett Schrotel, Glenn McKoin, Ryan Babenzien, Howard Newman, Geoff Alexander, Dave Martin. Fifth row — Debbie Stones, Chad Johnston, Barbara Whiperfurth, Julie Dempsey, John Drye, Greg Rupp, Jeff Bittenbinder, Frank Bell, Mark Depass, Darren Leroux, Scott Koeniger, Jennifer Galbarath, Marcus Bates. Sixth row — Tim Shea, Max Deisch, Burt Hurner, Chris Myer, Tony Sciarrino, Rich Thompson. Top row — Kevin Neat, Dave Bricker, Matt Simpson. 90 in PC After the excitement of shirt day, Darren Leroux, Mark Depass, and Scott Koeniger head for the fountain. Pike Is It! High participation in social service projects was the major goal for the Pi Kappa Alphas during the year. There were many facets of charity work by all. The Cerebral Palsy Dance-a-thon to the haunted house for underprivileged children was held in conjunc- tion with the Pi Phis. One of their community services was to adopt a grandparent and provide companion- ship throughout the year. Pi Kappa Alpha was founded on March 1, 1968, at the University of Virginia. The Delta Gpsilon chapter was founded at Stetson in March of 1931. Traditionally being active on campus, some of their activities in- clude the sorority pledge class welcome and their annu- al Toga party. Their colors are garnet and old gold and their flower is the Lily of the Valley. The fire truck has become the symbol at Pike Chapters all over the country. SIGMA NU . SIGMA NU Z I Sigma Nu: Standing— Mike Conway. Ted Bohne, Ann Cooksey, Jay Edwards, Robyn Ferrar, Jack Dudley, Allison Deinard, Phil Leddin, Donna Shapiro, Brian Zimms, Merriam Abascal, Kevin Early, Missy Patrick, John Withers, Todd Carriglio, Dave Castelli, Keith Torrie, Jeff Williams, Scott Alper, Ken Palik, Darrin INewbury, Harold Kilgore, Scott Foltz, Guy Valencic, Ken Edwards, Christy Allen, Joanne Rundle, Alan Smith, Jim Trentalange, Todd Aldrich, Dean Wilkinson, Pete Prygelski, Pete Eckert. Sitting— Amylynne Landers, Ashlee Rhyne, Cynthia Anderson, Leigh Ray. Brad Duggar, Laura Teramo. Angle Greene. Laura Vaughn. Jennifer Neafsey, Michelle Hall, Krista Traister, Ricardo Cividanes, Geoff Timm, Peanut. Mot Pictured— Pres.— Jon Deinard, Joe Dermody, John Ong, John Bishop, Mark Smith. Snakes take the Bite! The first annual Labor Day Weekend party started the year off with a blast for the Sigma hus. Amidst the collection of new trends was the Halloween social that included two sororities, the Alpha Xi Deltas and the Zeta Tau Alphas and another fraternity, the Peeps. Among special events for the year was the celebration of Sigma Mu ' s seventy-fifth anniversary. They also were the annual host of the Duval Home Christmas party and the Sigma Nu division leadership confer- ence. Adjusting to change, Sigma INu was proud to take on twelve new pledges at fall rush. The pledges are the " brothers ' guarantee for a great future of Sigma Nu " , states brother Ricardo Cividanes. Showing their enthusiasm for the Snakes. Ricardo Cividanes, Joe Dermody, and Ted Bohne shout for their new pledges. 72 Greeks PI KAPPA PHI . PI KAPPA PHI r 1!ii H R i 4kSM We Will be Strong Again! " We will be strong again! " was the reply from one of the brothers of Pi Kappa Phi after their recent dismissal from fraternity row. The fraternity was the only one to be founded in South Carolina in 1904 at the College of Charleston. The Stetson chapter was established in 1921. Seventeen of the brothers stayed to rebuild what is one of Stetson ' s oldest fraternities. The pride, broth- erhood and memories of what once was will always be with them. Dedication and the beliefs they hold sacred will keep them together and allow them to achieve their goals. " Ooden deaspa ' sa ha ' mas " , " Nothing shall ever tear us asunder " , sincerely replied the Men of Chi. After shirting their pledges, Pi Kapps along with President Kevin Tweedle eagerly await the end of events. Pi Kappa Phi: Front row — Ron , Jason Gelinas, Dave Tumbline, Mii e Bonvissuto, Todd Jones, Jon Walsweer, Bill Qreeman, Tony Biancarosa. Second row — Paul Cullom, Marts Qilmore, Brendan Bastille, Chris Esler, Dale Putnam, Kevin Tweddle, Tony Wilson, Doug Babb, Andy Cowen. Third row — Tim Current, Matt Smith, Glen Fisher, Robert Livingston, Al Finch. III III m z Enjoying the festivities, Dave Tumbler throws a tennis ball at the crowd. SIGMA PHI EPSILON • SIGMA PHI EPSILGN Top row: Dawn Snyder, Darcy Hendrix, Walter Bleck, Tara Edwards. Middle row— Darryl Edgman, Rich Self, Jeff White, Will Frisbie, Ken Lynch, Keith Costner, Shawn Edwards, John Thompson, Cynthia Driver, Bill Stringer, Lauren Weeks, Tom Dodge, Garth Goodman, Mike Simon, Giz Kakuk, Rob Travis, Tom Bass, Dave Pearl, Chris Edeburn, Caroline Robinson, Terry Carten, Scott Swannson, Todd Schyver, Carl Poedtke, Mark Judd, Shawn Winston, Captain Carlan, Rob Soeull, Edith Janes, Craig Stone, Ken Holmes, Rob Travis, Woody O ' Neil. Bottom row: Drew Strauch, Jimmy Rutt, Will Hoffman, Tracy Louis, Janet Carbone, AnnMarie Giannone, Amy Bryda, Mindy Manuel, Adrienne Powell, Monica Williams, Rob Hine, Mara Hayes, Angle Prevatt. Our Hearts Belong to You, Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded on Novenn- ber 1, 1901 at the University of Richmond. The fraternity colors are violet and red, and their flower is the violet and dark red rose. This year ' s officers are: Keith Costner, President; Walter Bleck, Vice President; David Pearl, Con- troller; Alvaro Quiros, Chaplain; Tom Dodge, Alumni Chairman; and John Thompson, Secre- tary. This year was packed with spirited, fun ac- tivities such as the Annual Bahama Blue Party, the Third Annual Bourbon Street with the Pi Beta Phi sorority, and the Block Party in the Spring. Along with the spectacular parties, the fraternity was involved in helping the communi- ty. They held a Softball Marathon on Labor Day weekend to benefit Muscular Dystrophy. Their major fundraiser for the year was the Third Annual Airband Competition. Celebrating Bid Pick-(Jp Day with Jim Nittoli and Rob Hine. i My k Jk ■am •w ' If ff ' il BI % _L : m m |jBM|rv ' ■ ' A- c ' R M Sig Eps, Eddie Bolet, and Tracy Lewis show their spirit. 74 Greeks PHI SIGMA KAPPA • PHI SIGMA KAPPA I Proud to Be a Phi Sig " You ' ll never catch a Phi Sig Associate with his drawers down . . . twice, " says Terrell Salerno to Mike Finley. Since their reinstatement in 1984, Phi Signaa Kappa has grown considerably. Before the end of 1987 their fraternity membership reached forty brothers. Mot only did they grow in numbers, but they also grew in accomplishments and pride. For the past four years Phi Sigma Kappa had been rewarded by Volusia Coun- ty School Board for its outstanding contribution to Blue Lake Elementary School. The brothers were proud to display the trophy for the number one G.P.A. on cam- pus when the school year opened. For the first time in Phi Sig history, the brothers obtained a live-in house on Fraternity Row. It was a fun and exciting year, as the brothers never knew what to expect from one second to the next — especially in Room Nine. On a sentimental note, the original refounders gradu- ated this year and will be deeply missed. But their spirit will carry through the years and make all the brothers " proud to be a Phi Sig. " Top row: Andy McCleese, Bobby Cranston, Jeff Ladinsky, David Anderson. Back row — Greg Stratekas, Segrid Tejo, David Kratze, Jeff Smith, Andrew Daire, Tim Ccarignan, Glynn Lipham, Sarah Nietzke, Jim Stewart, Pam Williams. 2nd row — Kristina Kaplan, Ruth Ellis, Diane Anderson, Debbie Monaco, Bill McBride, Randy Jones, Lee Tranford, Scott Phillips, Mike Merlo, Terrell Salreno, Stacey Merritt, Beth Brooks, Phil Vidal, Lisa Otamanelli, Chuck Raleigh, Nicki Haun, Derrick Kuiper, Carson Baker, Denise Deshazo. 1st row — Debbie Mikuta, Sean Hamilton, Tim Mcllheney, Cindy Morris, Chuck Freed, Pam Williams, Rob Brosofsky, Michael Whiteside, Dave Finley, Jayne Bennett, Mike Weber, Elsa Trembour, Evan Baldwin, Cynthia Magnum, Patti Groanwold, Kim Bailey, Yolanda Cairo. 4 ' Greeks 75 ALPHA XI DELTA • ALPHA XI DELTA Jenny Macam, Yeline Ggalde, Stephanie Clark, Lucia Bruno, Jamie Ball, Drea Rideout, Lisa Satchell, Maggi Swing, Maria Cassella, Susan Coker, Laurie Nason, Julie Case, Bridget Swing, Ruth Warren, Christina Adney, Stacey Ellis-Brown, Mansureh Iravani, Dene Gleason, Lisa Romay, Anna Latour, Jen Irza, Quinn Fazio, Michelle Pollock, Allison Stiles, Kara Bachus, Stephanie Swann, Amy Creech, Jackie Payne, Judy Sellards, Shari Reid, Kim Kendall, Cyndi Hall, Laura Bellinger, Kristin Buck, Joanne Felton, Debbie Rose, Dawn Carlin, Sandi Jones, Claudia Palle, Erica Wood, Qabrielle Gunter, Beth Hargreaves, Carolyn Howard, Connie Perry, Julie Lenigan, Jane Wendt, Cathy Hartley, Cassandra Wilkins, Lori Beason, Janie Fowler, Heidi Papa, Tami Carmichael, Ashlyn Jones, Lauren Weeks, Jan Hancock, Joann Rundell. Alpha Xi-Gnbearably Fun Alpha Xi Delta was established on April 17, 1893, at Lombard College. The quill is the sorority ' s badge, the pink rose its flower, and Al Fuzzy Bear its mascot. The colors of Alpha Xi Delta are gold and double blue. Alpha Xi was chartered at Stetson in 1917. A successful rush marked the beginning of a fantastic year for the Xis. The Alpha Xis had a great year holding socials with all of Stetson ' s fraternities, and also found time to organize an Easter Egg Hunt for the Twinkle Star Day Care Center, sponsor a fashion show to benefit the American Lung Association, plus have a wonder- ful time at their Winter and Spring formals. Drea and Jenny horsing around Happiness in Teddyland 7 D Greeks ALPHA CHI OMEGA • ALPHA CHI OMEGA Pure " Panda " monium Alpha Chi Omega is a sorority based on friend- ship, love, and laughter. Their colors are red and green, their flower the red carnation, and their mas- cot the panda bear. Alpha Chis had a great rush, gaining 27 new pledges. The sorority will be involved in many projects and socials throughout the year. Their motto is, " Together Let Us Seek The Heights. " The Alpha Chi Omega sorority had a great year at Stetson. 9B Alpha Chis watch their formal dates. Julie Nichols, Adrienne Powell, Heather Clarke, Lani Keller, Tracy Nelson, Heather Kelly, Marne Olson, Karen Baker, Sonya Bradford, Lisa Angelo, J.T. McDonald, Robyn Stearns, Ashlee Rhyne, Miriam Abrascal, Amy Balfany, Christy Allen, Donna Schweirs, Susan Wolfe, Amylynne Landers, Jennifer Wamboldt, Tonya Baldwin, Kimi Palmer, Missy Patrick, Shannon Qrickland, Robyn Ferrar, Liz Beck, Wendy Lincer, Laurie Turner, Zara Suplick, Alison Scoggins, Debbi Jones, Paige Bradley, Bonnie Baker, Margo Williams, Tina Montavani, Sabrina Cox, Jill Leone, Deanna Sherock, Wendy Bowden, Kelly Steele, Leslie Davies, K.C. Wahlstad, Kristen Johanessen, Jen Neafsey, Sherry Pesola, Jocyin Tussy, Becky Upp, Lara Vaughn, AM Deinard, Shanda Gilderbloom, Sharon Carr, Merri Beth Doty, Wendy Sauer, Alicia Cole, Monika Mendoza, Kim Herald, Chris Wood, Janet Booth, Monika Williams, Ronda Sapp, Heather Ohanian, Angle Parker, Cindy Lane, Melissa Little, Arlene Leemkuil, Angle Chadwick, Ann Cooksey, Rene Holloway, Bev King, Bertha Longwalski. Alpha Chi Bid Day excitement jreeks 77 ZETA TAU ALPHA • ZETA TAU ALPHA s Top row left to right: Ashley Watson, Pam Burgos, Sherry Mullenex, Sarah Neitzke, Sheryl Slocum, Andrea Saur, Selena Walker, Becky Fite, Jocelyn Jukes, Shirley Beal, Lauren Vondrasek, Kristin Smith, Kim Dougdale. Second row — Missy Finn, Cindy Pires, Susan McCaskill, Cinda Morris, Michelle Day, Terri DuPont, Kim Gould, Amy Qranholm, Tracy Stromberg, Marisa Neal, Kerri Showalter, Elizabeth Harper Third row — Catherine Deithorn, Julie Bishop, Tori Sizemore, Christa Einheit, Linda Jameson, Carmen Rojas. Wendy Ryan, Nora Matamoros, Cheryl Harvey, Georgeanne Anderson, Pam Burnett, Stacey Motes, Kathy Kivi, Claudia Epting, Cheryl Waiter, Kelly Taylor, Amy Miller, April Cullum, Carolyn Cira. Bottom row — Michelle Hall, Natalie Van Cleef, Michelle Faive, Julie Graber, Abby James, Kerri Engelbrecht, Joe-Ann Fergus, Fay Theos, Diane Anderson, Susan Blackmer, Stacey Freeman, Kim Fugate, Heidi Hastings, Kelly Newsome, Mindy Garrett. ZTA ' s Got It! ZTA ' s come a long way since Oct. 12, 1934 ... the date that the Beta Psi chapter was installed on Stetson University ' s campus. Originally, they were called Sig- ma Alpha Phi, the proud wearers of the mulberry and mill green. Several fraternities and sororities marked the occasion with gifts and greetings. Now, 53 years later, and after a tasteful switch to turquoise blue and steel grey, Zeta Tau Alpha maintains the same intra- fraternal spirit with her fellow fraternities as she did in the earlier decades. The Zetas boast of Greek honors including Panhellenic Pledge of the Year for the past four years, overall Greenfeather champion for six out of seven years past, and friendly intramurals competi- tion. ZTAs also salute their new house, and all the good things to come! Georgeanne social. Anderson and Emily Byer relax during a Zeta 78 Greeks DELTA DELTA DELTA • DELTA DELTA DELTA --..( ' s» ■ • " W ■ ' U Wm n W a ' e Three Times the Fun! Delta Delta Delta was founded in 1888 at Boston Gniversity. The sorority ' s colors are blue, silver, and gold. Their flower is the pansy, and their symbols are the pearl, pine tree, and stars above the crescent moon. Stetson ' s Alpha Delta chapter of Delta Delta Delta was established in May of 1913, one of the oldest sororities on campus. The Tri-Deltas kept very busy this year with campus events such as their Blood Drive, Formal, Founder ' s Day celebrations, and pledge activities. The sorority boasted a strong Fall pledge class, high aca- demic achievement, and individual member involve- ment in a wide variety of campus activities and organi- zations outside of the sorority. Delta Delta Delta is a sorority that takes pride in its diversity coupled with member unity. 9B Ginny Pohlman and Beth Kaufman pose during Bid day excitement. I Bottom row left to right— Kris Bittenbinder, Tiffany Seibold, Beth Kaufman, Janice Mull asian, Lucille Russo, Caria SanQiovanni, Bret Schrotel, Molly Beckham, Mary Sages, Kim Contreras. Second row— Barbra Wipperfurth, Amy Pitchford, Angie Qhin, Christine Dallet, Natalie Barth, Beth Dalson, Claudia Burke, Joey Hoffmier, Joellen Matrundola, Jennifer Piedra, Carla Townsend. Third row— Betsy Cowan, Scarlett Butcher. Melody Weber, Katie Byrne, Dana Ziegler, Terri Norton, Melissa Warwick, Alicia Raffa, Susan Gilliland. Fourth row— Allie Novak, Jennifer Kjellgren, Lauren Smith, Julie Dempsey, Karen Bittenbinder, Angelia Giranda, Kate O ' Brian, Leigh Ray, Tracey Thompson, Cathy Finley, Amanda McGrath, Sue Younkin, Michelle Pirkau. Fifth Row— Tony Heist, Ginny Pohlman, Amy Dunham, Gentry Barnett, Michelle DeLude, Crista Holland, Kendell Jones, Vicki Hodgkins, Lori Beth Woodham, Lea Ellen Ridenour, Babe Laws, Debbie Stones, Kim Danley, Kathy Barnes, Caroline Hunter. Greeks 79 KAPPA ALPHA THETA • KAPPA ALPHA THETA s I Kappa Alpha Theta: Front row — Caroline Duncil, Michelle Martorana, Samantha Smith, Kim Warren, Kristie Kirkpatrick, Diana Goijburg, Elizabeth HInz, Stacy Sumner. Second row — Susan Poindexter, Mayte Figueiras. Megan O ' Connor, Stephanie Olin, Kim Broyles, Caroline Robinson, Elena Sanchez-Burr. Third row — Sheri Fields, Michelle Kocsis, Kelly McNamara, Allison Turner, Heidi Davis. Fourth row — Lisa Ojeda, Sheri Robinson, Anne Ralph. Kathy Masters, Lisa Herron, Carol Zimmerly, Tina Zarbo, Julie Warren, Kim Holmes, Lynell Finkel, Nikki Minard, Trish Weyd, Anne McGrath, Susannah Shope, Andrea Calvert. it! I Thetas Show Spirit! This year was one to be noted as dynannic and growing . . . The women of Kappa Alpha Theta moved in and up during the Stetson Year 1987-88. The changes can be gathered under a broad theme called, " Enthusiasm. " The first cause for enthusiasm was the super change of sorority housing! Thetas were proud to have a beau- tiful place to call home. With such a solid foundation and enthusiasm une- quated, Thetas excelled in all typical college adven- tures. Rush was charged and compelling, and quality women joined the black and gold bonds. Socially, aca- demically, and in the realm of campus events, the kite- flyers were active everywhere. Continuing its sixth year as a chapter at Stetson, Theta ' s recipe has been enthusiasm and growth, coup- led with the sorority ' s love and unity. On the Kappa Alpha Theta annual Kite Fly, we happened to have caught a few Kites in a tree. 80 Greeks PI BETA PHI . PHI BETA PHI Taking time out from their gourmet meal in tlie commons, Lucy McCaffery, Jammi Gilliard, Slierry Gibson (below) and some of the other Pi Phi ' s (above) flash their angelic smiles. Angels Aim Straight! There are inevitable changes that occur in a sorority each year: a new pledge class, different officers and a variety of social events. However, the most significant change this year was the addition of Pi Beta Phi ' s own sorority house. Not only did it house sixteen of their upper-classmen, it also served as a center of all Pi Phi activities. They were able to hold Rush activities, and weekly meetings in a place they could call home. The Pi Phis also held their annual Winter and Spring formals, the Headstart program, the Big Sister Little Sister hunt, and the continued support of their philan- thropies — Arrowcraft and Arrowmont. Perhaps the most important constant in Pi Beta Phi was their never-ending link of friendship and sisterhood that bonds them to Angels, arrows, and the wine and silver blue, regardless of change. K Pi Beta Phi: Front row — Angela Giles, Nadine Mescia, Ellen Lanier, Libby Threlkel, Brenda Daniels, Tracy O ' Hare, Amanda Gregg. Second row — Lyn Faust, Nancy Holjes, Holli Horton, Debbie Sabol, Sarah Brown, Laura Janeczko, Lillian Washington, Rebecca Palmer, Laura Gareau. Third row — Dona Cowden, Berit Pederson, Mia Wood, Sherry Gibson, Zuzette Estevez, Jammi Gilliard, Kristin Koch, Suzi Lietner, Barbara Brown. Fourth row — Julie McFall, Laura Duckworth, Cyndi Vayo, Allison Ashwood, Shirin Mohammadboy, Lucy McCaffery, Peggy Threlkel, Amanda Keiper, Kathy Bloodworth. Fifth row — Lisa Bales, Tara Edwards, Darcy Hedrick, Pamela Childers, Kathy Murphy, Celia Robinson, Angela Baise, Kerry Rogers, Vickie Caro, Katie Haller, Mary Tyler, Liz Fedele, Lisa Garthright. Back row — Ashley Alderman, Myra Phipps, Krista Erickson, Lisa Lent, Jennifer Galbreath, Jennifer Behrendt, Andrea Glaser, Laurie Klingmeyer, Sally Padgett, Sheryl Brinkley, May Hayes, Kris Hammak. Greeks 81 PHI MU • PHI MU s Kimberly Vance, Meg Sugihara, Terri Rosenberg, Dawne Thomas, Mary Keyes, Evelyn Barba, Debbie Brenner, Belinda Montalvo, Michele Dukes, Debbie Allen, Kim Courtney, Danielle Mezera, Karin Rowland, Sheri Harlan, Debbie Boston, Shannon Rogers, Michelle Fana, Bethany Eidel, Jackie Evans, Valerie Patton, Anita Heist, Karyn Nussey, Robin Wilkie, Taun Miller, Dawn Pilot, Pam Williams, Sherri Harrel, Christine Pickett, Jo Cline, Lydia Feilder, Christine Owens, Susan Grant, Joann Giangregorio, Marcy Mitchum, Laura Avery, Kim Mofi, Amy Siegalman, Sam Cluett, Monica, Kris Godzik, Cami Anderson, Tracy Domkowski, Ann Marie Balaschak, Tracy Caldwell, Deanna Boudin, Tammy Firman, Anneke Salvage, Lori- Ann DiPenta, Angle Greene, Maria Lancina, Andrea, Michele Nicoli, Mandy Raiford, Lee Teanford, Susan Kuznicki, Ginny Moorefield, Cindy Garen, Mimi Radovich, Anne-Marie Salmore. Let The Lions Roar! Phi Mu was founded on March 4, 1852, at Wesieyan College in Macon, Georgia. The founders, Mary Dupont Lines, Mary Myrick Daniel, and Martha Hardway Red- ding first named the fraternity the Philomathean Soci- ety. On March 12, 1949, the Phi Mu chapter was in- stalled at Stetson. Their two philanthropies are Project Hope and the Children ' s Miracle Network in Shand ' s Hospital in Gainesville. Phi Mu has gone through many changes. Their growth only allows them to progress closer to the ideal Phi Mu, which is their ultimate goal. Phi Mu is unique because they are diverse. Their indi- viduality allows each of them to utilize their strengths and transfo ' m their weaknesses. It is easy to see why they liKe to Sout Phi Mu has " All the Best! " 32 Greeks Phi Mu ' s share hugs and jerseys with new Phi ' s on Bid Day. PANHELLENC • INTRAFRATERNITY BHHil Top row: Tina Mantovani, Kristin Buctc, Jan Hancoctt, Miriam Abascal, Darleen Opfer. Middle row — Angela Giles, Caroline Hunter, Joanne Joyce, Mayte Figueiras, Kathy Eccles, Kim Danley, Liz Fedele. Bottom row — Evelyn Barba, Debbie Monaco, Karen Rowland. Top row: David Bricker, Dave Speregen, Kevin Tweddle, Jon Deinard, Tres Mullis, Keith Costner, Michael Whiteside, Steve Berg. Bottom row — Frank Bell, Todd Heusner, Geoff Timm, Andy Reich, Chuck Freed. Panhellenic and IFC Spread Greek Spirit to its fullest Stetson ' s Panhellenic Council strives to pro- mote a true spirit of sisterhood among all Greek women by organizing many activities in which the sororities participate together. For example, the Junior Panhellenic Council sponsors the an- nual Christmas caroling. Panhellenic also hosts the Greek Awards Celebration and Greek Week which includes the Dating Game, Bed Race, and Greek Sing. Panhellenic experienced many changes this year. For example, they now have their own o ffice located on sorority row. Also, the panhel- lenic ' s Kappa class of Rho Chis changed the shape of Fall Sorority Rush by generating the largest number of pledges ever reaching the highest quota ever set. There was a substantial increase in the number of upperclassmen that participated in the formal Rush activities. Presi- dent Mayte Figueiras feels that the successful Rush was a direct result of Panhellenic portray- ing a supportive and positive image of the so- rorities on campus. Stetson ' s Intrafraternity Council also works to promote Greek life on campus. In addition to working with Panhellenic on Greek Week and organizing Formal Fraternity Rush, they put out the annual Freshman Register. I.FC. has gone through some necessary re- structuring this year. INow they not only have elected representatives but also a President ' s Council made up of the presidents of the Frater- nities. The council has become more active and now has meetings every week. These changes have helped them to increase the bonds of brotherhood between Greek men on Stetson ' s campus. in n e z Greeks o3 stetson Union Board representative Jeff Arnold poses withi a friend at thie annual N.A.C.A. conven- tion in Birmingfiam, Alabama. 84 Orga I Wesley House members Andrea Liska and Helen Maddox enjoy a break from classes. GROUPS • CLUBS Getting Involved On Campus The word " college " can make any high school senior feel a little uneasy. Big and expensive textbooks, two-hour exams, and nights filled with homework aren ' t much to look for- ward to. College life is, however, much more than this. It also means getting involved on campus, and Stetson has many great organizations from which to choose. This year, hundreds of enthu- siastic freshmen entered Stetson and took these organizations by storm. Many clubs experienced a substantial increase in member- ship as a result. Being involved does require commitment, but it also means fun, new friends, and new experiences. A well-rounded education comes not only from reading a book but by learning from real-life experiences as well. This combination of a formal and informal education helps a person to change and grow during this impor- tant time of life spent at college. All of those students who are involved in campus organizations are truly making the most of their years at Stetson. Members of the American Chemical Society, Erin O ' Connor, Diane Goijburg, and Todd Lowther, work on an experiment. Passim Sensations ■ ■ " 0 ORGANIZATIONS Organizations o5 0»R«G«A«N«1«Z«A«T»1«0»N»S Touchstone — Five years ago the Eng- lish honorary society Sigma Tau Del- ta published the first Touchstone, as a literary magazine with graphics. Since then the magazine ' s publication has been assumed by an independent staff, and the magazine itself has grown to encompass more than just stories and poems. The 1985 editor-in- chief Sam Acevedo conceived the idea of dividing Touchstone into sec- tions according to genre. Thus evolved the present Touchstone, which includes not only prose and po- etry, but also critical and lyrical es- says and two and three dimensional graphics. As this year ' s editor-in-chief Eric Owens said, " Touchstone " is now an aesthetics magazine. " The Hatter — Hatter editor Steve Boyd opened the first yearbook meet- ing with a pep talk. " We ' re going to make this year ' s Hatter the best year- book we can. Even if we ' ve got to kill ourselves to do it. " Then began the frenzy. Even with the help of a profes- sional photographer and developer, the photography staff had its hands full taking candids, while the layout staff tried to track down various peo- ple for copy information. At first no one could get into the locked office, and, of course no meeting was ever scheduled that everyone could at- tend. Even as deadlines drew near, though, dedication and enthusiasm remained high, the staff worked many long hours to capture in the 1987-88 Hatter the passing sensa- tions of this year. The Hatter thanks for their assistance the people at the physical plant. Stetson ' s public rela- tions department, the Reporter, and the Camera Store. The Reporter — This year the Report- er celebrated its hundredth anniversa- ry and received as a present its very own darkroom. (Well, sort of. It no longer has to share a darkroom with the yearbook.) As it had done for a century, this " most important organi- zation on campus, " as the newspaper staff likes to think ol itself, continued to keep the students well informed on the administration, Greek life, sports and activities — in short, o ' l anything affecting the student body. 06 0rganizations Touchstone: Elizabeth Kaufman; Busn mngr., Annette Blackburn; Humanities ed. Anne Mumbauer. Eric Owens; Editorin chief, Mary Alfonso, ' Hatter: Front row — Elizabeth Harper, Lydia Fiedler, Nadine Muench, Second row — Lisa Otamanelli, Carolyn Seymour: Photcl ed.. Lori Ann DiPenta, Mike Whiteside, Susan Bowman, Terri Kukuck, Shelly Minotti. Last row — Stacy Merritt, Heather Holjesj Missy Finn. Anne Mumbauer, Kevin Andres; Busn. mngr, Diane Qoijburg, Amy Tamberrino, Advisor. Reporter: Front row — Glenn Kindred; Ed., Second row — Lauren Smith. Cami Anderson. Last row — Timothy Louer, Contributing ed,, Paul Wasmund; Photo ed. 0»R«G» A»N«I«Z»A»T»1«0»N»S student Government Association Front row — Leon Armbrester, Laurie Beth Woodham, Tracy Ttiompson, Michelle Fana, 3asyl Tchivajian, John Moore, Chip Howard, Sheila Gillispie, Shirin Mohammadbhoy, Emily Koulouvaris. Second row — Ray Holly, Lorraine Morris, Judy Lane, Jon Hansen, Joe Stokes, Abby James, Catherine Deithorn, Andrea Abrass, Lauren Smith, Terry Barrow. Third row — Wendy Bowden, David Whidden, Chris Rutz, Wes Savage, Caroline Hunter, Erin Jowaisas, Andrew ?eich, Jeff Bittenbinder, Natalie Messina. Back row — Dave Merrill, Claudia Epting, Jeff Arnold, Joe Hess, Andrew Hartline, Scott Koeniger, Angel Ysaguirre, Clemente Inclan. Student Government Association — The Student Government Associ- ation (SGA) attends to tlie welfare of the student body and accordingly seel s changes and provides services that benefit the students. This past year the SGA had the library hours extended from 11:00 to 12:00 PM, and, by holding the food service meet- ings, helped to bring back the takeout trays and to establish once and for all that one can get a baked potato as a side. During winter term the SGA published the yellow pages, advertis- ing the books students wanted to sell, and, hoping to increase voter turnout in the spring elections, published pamphlets under its Exercise Your Right campaign. The SGA sought a revision of its constitution, and, final- ly, planned the graduation ceremo- nies that sent off the Class of 1988. ;hip Howard, John Moore and Lauren Smith preside over a Carolyn Seymour, VP of the SOB, snaps a picture for the leeting of the SGA. yearbook. Stetson Union Board — The Stetson Onion Board (SUB) sponsored through its committees a variety of student activities. Friday Flicks pre- sented weekly movies for a mere fifty cents, and Concerts arranged for musical groups to perform on cam- pus. Special Events planned both amusement park trips and Hatter nights out. In coordination with the Stetson Outdoors Club, Special Events also rented sports equipment and planned excursions into the Great Outdoors. Top Hat provided mid-week musical and comic entertainment. Occasionally the doughnut and juice Happy Hours, hosted by the elected representatives, would be coordinat- ed with the Top Hat acts so that the performers could play teasers before their night shows; most often, though, the Happy Hours were held just to relieve the week ' s stress. And, as the students were aware, especial- ly before the volume was adjusted, WSTN provided the music at meals and on campus events. Also, a new committee was formed-Student De- velopment and Communications. This committee arranged for speak- ers to deliver to the SCIB informative lectures and, more importantly, han- dled the comments and suggestions of the student body. CB: Front row — Elizabeth Younggren, Linda Halloway, Laura McCarthy, Shelly Minotti, Tracy Thompson, Sharon Jones, enny James. Last row — Bill McBride, John Joyner, Greg Kazanjian, David Merrill, Carolyn Seymour; VR Michael Brennan; res., Lisa Krucker; Sec, Tim Bowden, Jonathon Frye, Derrick Kuiper, Rodney Ellis; Advisor. Organlzat!ons o7 Alpha Kappa Psi is the oldest and largest coed professional business fra- ternity here at Stetson. The Theta Mu Chapter of AKPsi was founded in 1968, and has provided Stetson busi ness students who join with two ma jor benefits ever since. One opportu nity lies in its business foundations Alpha Kappa Psi fosters the advance- ment of business ethics and promotes the extra-curricular study of business- related topics. AKPsi sponsors guest speakers, special topics discussions, and career preparation. The second benefit is social . . . AKPsi furnishes the opportunity for its members to have fun and get involved while devel- oping lasting friendships. The Accountancy Club at Stetson University promotes proficiency in Accountancy and professionalism within the Accounting profession. Members sponsor guest lecturers, seminars, workshops, and other ac- tivities on accounting and related business topics. These activities help prepare Accounting students for work in the " real world. " Special em- phasis is placed on interviewing, en- hanced studies, and stressing ethics in and out of the classroom. The Ac- counting program has been very strong and successful at Stetson, and this may be due, in part, to the sup- port system created by business orga- nizations such as the Accountancy Club. Alpha Kappa Psi: Laura Avery, Selena Walker, Kim Nofi, Pam Burgos, Tina Carantzas, Erin Jowaisas, Lisa Krucker, Laura McCarthy, Karen Blosch, ThuyTrang Tu, Kelly Giteles, Anke Kaminski, Glen Martin, Jennifer James, Debbie Monaco, Susan Dorsey, Nora Matamoros, Patty Gronewold, Caroline Dunal, Lee Tranford, Mary Phan. Joanne Woodbury, Amy Dance, Jamie Ball, Greta Camp, Kim Broyles, Mayte Figueiras, Mirtha Valdes, Jenny Lingo, Mike Brennan, Tim Bowden, Sharon Moylan, Debbie Aylor, Julia Gepfrich, Laura Gravens, Jennifer Meyer, Mike Houck, Mark Cameron. Steven Mooney, Robert Ottesen, Matt Scarborough, Kenneth Mearkle, Ben Jenkins, Michael Bennett. David Merrill, Dr. John Booth. Accountancy Club: Scott Simpson, Calin Stark, Merill Wimberly, Wade West, Lisa Spriggs, Nancy Held, Joe Williams, Robin Garretson, Mary Phan, Glen Martin, Sharon Goff, Michelle Podany. OO Organizations 0»R»G»A»N«I«Z»A«T»1«0»N»S Alpha Kappa Delta: John Shore, Carle Wehrle, Janet Booth, Cathy Barnes, Kathy Henry, Mike Remo, Joellen Matrundola, Dominique Duryea, Kim Moecl el, Teresa Martin-Yates. American Chemical Society: Claudia Epting, John Tutay, Todd, Raul Sanchez, Kim Gossett, Dee Remillard, Trudy Damm, Mike Remo, Carol Lemons, Karen Jones, Sherri Pescola, Lucille Russo. TVudy Damm prepares Mike Kelly for a shot. Alpha Kappa Delta is a Sociology Honorary here at Stetson. According to Funk and Wagnalis Standard Col- lege Dictionary, sociology means " the science that treats of the origin and evolution of human society and social phenomenal, the progress of civiliza- tion, and the laws controlling human institutions and functions. " Although their numbers are small, the mem- bers take great pride in sharing these common interests. The American Chemical Society, an organization oriented toward Chemis- try and Chemical Engineering profes- sionals, invites students to join who are interested in furthering their knowledge and understanding in these fields. Members participate in field trips and special projects as well as sponsor visits from guest lectur- ers. Students in ACS find that their involvement in the organization great- ly enhances their preparation for their chosen careers outside of regular classroom work and studies. Organizations oy 0«R»G«A»N«I»Z«A»T»1»0»N»S The University Judiciary Council, ac- cording to the 1987-88 Student Hand- book, serves as a link between the University and Stetson students. Any student ' s violation of University regu- lations will be brought before the Judi- ciary Council for review. In adjudicat- ing each case, the Council attempts to develop a sense of high standards and responsibility in each student in accordance with established doc- trines. Judiciary Council membership consists of two sophomores, four ju- niors, and six seniors. Students main- tain their position on the Council until their expected dates of graduation. Elections for the Council are held ev- ery Spring. Beta Beta Beta is an honorary organi- zation for Biology students. Its prima- ry focus is on the enhancement of undergraduate studies of Biological fields. The group encourages intellec- tual achievement and a great appre- ciation of its particular areas of inter- est. Special projects and trips are in- cluded on this organization ' s yearly agenda. Judiciary Council: Matt Lacey, Joe Spikes. Mil e Brennan, Matt Lacey, Jeff Bittenbinder, Janet Booth, Brett Schroetei, Julie McFall. yU Organizations Beta Beta Beta: Dr. Stocl , Jofin Tutay, Carol Lemons, Tracy Donkowski, Lorraine Frances, Trudy Damm, Claudia Epting, Mike Wever. Dan, Tom Roberts, Lillian Pescola, Laura Zindell. 0»R»G»A«N»I«Z»A«T»I»0«N»S Gamma Sigma Epsilon: Dr. Beiler, Mike, Tom Bernard, Dee Remmillard, Todd, Dr Everett, Tom Kelley, Trudy Damm, Laura Zindell, Lucille Russo. Gamma Sigma Epsilon is a national chemistry honorary society. The or- ganization is open to students who excel in the field of Chemistry and Chemical research. It recognizes stu- dents with exceptional academic achievements. Members and faculty advisors enjoy a comradery which de- velops from working closely together in and out of the classroom and con- tinues past graduation. New mem- bers are invited to join in the Spring. Mortar Board, an honor society for Stetson seniors, recognizes students who have consistently excelled aca- demically and in service to the Uni- versity. New members are inducted into Mortar Board in the Spring at the ODK Mortar Board Leadership Ban- quet. This organization sponsors sev- eral events including Hatter Hat Day, and promotes over-all involvement at Stetson, so its members collectively boast of achievements in all areas of campus life: Residential Life, Greek involvement, SOB, SGA, Publica- tions, Academic Honoraries, commu- nity activities, and service organiza- tions. Similarly, Mortar Board is rec- ognized nationally as one of the most prestigious societies at the college level. Mortar Board: Lisa Romay, Kim Rogers, Bobby Cranston, Trudy Damm, Carolyn Cera, Dr. Jackson Stevens, Lucille Russo, Stephanie Olin, John Moore, Leann Weiss, Dan Bell, Laura Zindell, Kim Dupree, Tiffany Siebold. Organizations 9l 0«R»G»A»N«I«Z»A»T»I»0»N«S Concert Choir — The Concert Choir is a group of approximately 40 sing- ers who are chosen by audition. The choir toured extensively throughout the United States and occasionally in Europe. The Stetson Concert Choir has appeared at Lincoln Center in New York City, at conventions of the Music Educators National Confer- ence, the American Choral Directors Association and at numerous other conventions and public events. Chapel Choir — The Chapel Choir is a group of approximately 30 singers chosen by audition for the purpose of providing music for the University ' s weekly chapel services. This group performs a wide variety of sacred mu- sic, new and old, and is well known for the high quality of its work. Concert Choir: First row— Dr. Rich, Heather Cazova. Rhonda Sapp, Mary Caldwell, Charles Huthmaker. Alonzo Williams, Marion Harden, Jan Booker, Leslie Connerly. Second row — Jennifer Nuthall, Barbara McColley, Theresa Martin, Kurt Danskin, Mark Williams, Jeff Newton, Kelly Steele, Sonya Mobley. Third row — Anna Gregory, Kristy Hearn, Rus Franks, Will Aleshire, Dwane Fernandez, Carsen Baker, Darren Reynolds, Leslee Limeberger. Leslie Seeds, Micheie James. Fourth row— Edie Bradshaw, Margaret Flatt. Susan Yankee, Paul Hunt, Steve McDade, David Yawn, Sidney Brock, David Byrd, Krista Erickson. Heidi Jones, Elizabeth Laney Chapel Choir: Front row— Dr. Fort, Jackie Evans, Diana Ryder, Susan Wolfe, Sherry Vanwarmer, Sherry Mitchem, Stephanie Galloway Belinda Johnson, Blake Hobby, Scott Cockerham, Tim Murphy. Second row— Denise DeShaso, Denise Squire. Sherri Harlen, Kayla Leichty, Vicky Caro, Lisa Bales, Brad Shinn. Tres Mullis. Andy Neck, Randy Hoffman. Third row— Stephanie Priceler. Mary Ellen Speidel, Cte Oesschler, Michelle Martorona, Shannon Gill. Clint Cormany, Roger Parrord, Jeff Ray Wayne Foster Last row— Erika Danney, Margaret Ann Hill, Nancy Doty, Lucinda Williams. Shelle Hinson, Blake Rambo, Robert Craig, Derrell Johnson. Sean Guffey, Roger Hutto. 9i2 Organi; 0«R«G»A»N»I»Z»A«T«I»0«N»S Orchestra: First row — Carmen Llop, Charles Huthmaker. Kathleen Beard. Tara Bates. Kim Stewart. Marty Matteson. Donald Douglas. Laura Finley. Second row — Judy Thompson. Brian Ray. Sheri Margraves. Carol O ' Dell. Renee Pittman. Kregg Lupo. Monica Little. Cathy Zelley. Margaret Ann Hill. Kathy Finley. Josh Bogg. Third row — Phillip Leddin. Mark Reed. Arlene Leemkuil. Mary Ellen Speidel. Janice Rubio. Edie Bradshaw. Katherine Sleeper. Elizabeth Hinckley. Chris Cowell, Erin Stanyon. Nancy Guinn. Margaret Smythe. Fourth row — Bill O ' Brien. Gte Oesschler, Amanda McQrath. Pete Waidelich. Jim Frank, Howard Carson. Glenn McCoin. Last row — Mr. Sleeper. Chance Morrison, Anthony Zecco, Kristine Graham. Orchestra — Very Few undergrad- uate ins titutions the size of Stetson have symphony orchestras which are student staffed and perform the stan- dard repertoire as does the Stetson Orchestra. This is made possible at Stetson through an extensive scholar- ship program for outstanding orches- tral musicians, it is important to note that one need not be a music major to qualify for an orchestra scholarship, and generous scholarships are avail- able to music majors and non-music majors alike. The Stetson Orchestra performed regularly on the Stetson campus throughout the school year and made occasional tours off-cam- pus. In addition to regular concert schedule, the orchestra also spon- sored its annual Concerto Competi- tion for members of the Stetson body. In this competition three students were chosen by a panel of faculty judges to appear in a full length con- cert presented by the orchestra dur- ing the spring term. Wind Ensemble: First row — Monica Little, Barbara Filegar, Kim Dugdale, Laura Leslie, Debrah Brothers, Yolanda Cairo. Debbie Harvey. Beth Claxton. Merideth Post. Second row — Edie Bradshaw. Susan Kuznicki. Elizabeth Hinkley. Carol Zimmerly. Jane Wendt. Holly Hook. Chris Cowell. Nancy Gwen. Erin Stanyon, Ron Deleppo, Warren Williams, Monika Schilcher, Wendy Rynn, Denise Squire. Third row — Janice Rubio, Lisa Herron, Rerri Kukuck. Mr. Adams. Theresa Martin, Roger Hutto, Tom Damato, Derrick Mier, Laura Hardman, Joan McCrane, Brad Shinn. Fourth row — Chance Morrison, Anthony Zecko, Catherine Templeton, Kristine Graham. Wind Ensemble — Stetson ' s Wind En- semble consists of non-majors as well as music majors. Students from all majors are eligible for wind ensemble scholarships as long as they play well enough and agree to be a part of the Stetson Wind Ensemble. Wind En- semble gives students an opportunity for a diverse musical experience. This arrangement of woodwinds presents many concerts throughout the year performing a varied repertoire from Bach to twentieth century. New mu- sic professor Thomas Sleeper con- ducts the Wind Ensemble. The University Chorus and the Choral Union are two other choirs at Stetson University. The University Chorus combines the Men ' s and Women ' s chorus. These two groups rehearse separately and come together to form the Uni- versity Chorus. Together, the groups include members of the entire Stetson community, and present concerts at Stetson throughout the term. The Choral Union combines the Universi- ty Chorus, the Chapel Choir, and the Concert Choir for major presentations of large choral works. The Choral Union performs not only with the University Orchestra but with other orchestras as well. Organizations 9 J 0»R»G«A»N«1«Z»A»T«I»0»N»S ROTC provides its cadets with leader- ship training, close friendships, and a special, intense kind of education in a variety of skills. Through teamwork, ROTC members learn benefits of co- operation, good communication, and hard work. Members take pride in their accomplishments and carry their learning experiences with them long after graduation. Phi Chi Theta helps link the college world and the business world in an effort to prepare its collegiate mem- bers for the challenges of a new ca- reer. The Gamma Theta chapter of Phi Chi Theta provides speakers on special topics, sponsors field trips to surrounding businesses, and arranges for faculty members to meet with the group informally to answer questions and give advice. Members also orga- nize career workshops to give stu- dents an opportunity to see what the market has to offer and the trends to anticipate. Alan Younger, Ricardo Cividanes, George Odenbrite, David Pearl. Charles Guarneri, Todd Gustafson, Mike Conway, Michael Lowline, Joe Haage, Christa Traister, Robert Hine, Jim Holliday. Dan Gilbride, S teve Rathman, Jerre Nerin, Lara Edwards, Pat Patterson. Scott Daniels, Derrick Kuiper, Todd Watt, Andrew Hartline, Herod Kilgore, Matthew Smith, Mike Harrison, Todd Heussner. Robin, MIndy Tbrner. Tammy Firman, DeeDee Watler. Marge Diephouse, Mike Waters, Mark Letzow, Wendy Lincer, Margo Williams, Ted Bohne, Shanda Gilderbloom, Michelle Ponany, Rick Hughes, Mark Edwards. 94 Organizations 0»R»G»A«N«I«Z«A»T»I»0«N»S Lynn Nichols prepares for another Outdoor Club Great Adventure. Jason Carr, president of the BCM group, resides over a Kathy Eccles enjoys a CCM function, typical meeting. CCM members enjoy a get-together. The Stetson Outdoor Club sets three goals for participants: 1) grow as an Individual: 2) learn to be a part of and work together in a group: 3) learn wil- derness skills. These goals provide in- dividuals with benefits which they can apply to other areas of their lives and may aid the students in finding special qualities and skills in them- selves they never knew they pos- sessed. SOC is unique because partici- pants do not need prior experience or training to take part in the programs. Just a few of these activities include snow skiing, a bare foot cruise, and kayaking. The Stetson Outdoor Club not only provides students with a break from the ordinary, but a challenge. As one participant recalls, " The challenges and fears we all had, i.e. rockclimb- ing, backing off a rock, etc., are like the challenges of tests and social ac- ceptance. Gradually, through ail these shared though separate expe- riences, the people became a group of individuals. " BCM, or Baptist Campus Ministry, is an institution nearly as old as Stetson itself. Founded on the principles upon which the University was founded, the BCM promotes fellowship, per- sonal growth, and learning through the study of Christian doctrines. The group sponsors special trips, attends conventions, and continues the tradi- tion of Thursday night Vespers at Al- len Hall. All students, regardless of denomination, are always welcome. Catholic Campus Ministry is growing each year. Through outreach pro- grams, Sunday Mass, special get-to- gethers, and sincere service activi- ties, members of CCM learn about others and themselves. Organizations SJD 0»R»G«A»N»1«Z«A»T«1»0»N«S Phi Alpha Delta is one of the newest honoraries at Stetson University. The organization is an honorary fraternity for Pre-Law students. Because of Stet- son ' s DeLand campus ' close ties with the Law school, Phi Alpha Delta ad- dresses important undergraduate needs. The organization helps prepare members for law school entrance re- quirements and, more important, for the realities of the rigors of law school. Wesley House, the home of the Meth- odist Campus Ministry, strives to pro- mote fellowship among its members (both Methodists and non-Methodists) by providing a spiritually strong core. This core is built through regular ac- tivities and meetings and special camping trips, dances, picnics, par- ties, and fellowships. Student involve- ment in all activities is welcomed and encouraged. This past summer, the Methodist Campus Ministry suffered a huge loss when the main building of the Wesley House caught on fire and had to be closed for some time. Because of the strong bonds developed between members, however, the Wesley House remains a strong force at Stetson. Phi Alpha Delta: Chip Howard, Clemente Inclan, Liz Fedele, Patrick Bell. Bob Finkbiner, Garth Goodman. Sandy Boriello, Stephanie Olin. Wesley House: Helen Maddox. Carson Baker, John Hicks, Andrea Liska, Mark Caterinni, David Pinkie, Brett Templeton, Lisa Templeton. 36 Organizations 0»R«G»A«N»I«Z»A«T»I»0«N»S Omicron Delta Siebold, Lucille Kappa: Danielle Mezura Russo, Stephanie Olan, Sims Kline, Andy Neck, Kim Heller, Clemente Inclan, Janet Booth. Tiffany Laura Zindell, Bobby Cranston, Caria SanGiovannl. Omicron Delta Kappa is a National leadership iionorary society of highi national repute and equally great re- gard at Stetson. This organization is made up of juniors and seniors who meet certain standards specified in the ODK charter. These standards specify selection on the basis of high scholastic achievement and involve- ment in at least five major areas of college life. Membership is also ex- tended to faculty members who show outstanding leadership qualities and exemplary character. ODK recog- nizes today ' s leaders and fosters this leadership potential through superla- tive campus involvement and aca- demics. The Religious Life Council is a multi- denominational organization that pro- vides members with experience in the ministry. Students lead services in a variety of settings, counsel young people in the community, and be- come aware and involved in current events and issues that impact upon them as students and people. Expe- riences obtained through the activi- ties of the Religious Life Council pro- vide members with valuable lessons and practical experiences to be ap- plied throughout their lives. Religious Life Council: Back row — John McCall, John Tutay, Shelli Henson, Nini Kazinski, David Finkle. Front row — Garth Jenkins, John Hicks, Margie Duncan, Morris Hartley, Barbara McColley, Charles Granger, Rodney Ellis. Organizations 97 0»R-G«A«N-I»Z»A»TM»0»N»S Phi Eta Sigma was chartered at Stet- son University in 1978. It is a national honorary society that recognizes out- standing freshman students. To be eli- gible for membership, a freshman must have achieved and maintained a 3.5 grade point average. Psi Chi is the National Honor Society in Psychology. The Stetson chapter of Psi Chi was founded in 1957, and con- tinues to maintain the principles upon which it was founded: to encourage, stimulate, and recognize achieve- ment in the science of Psychology. Students are eligible to join Psi Chi who maintain a 3.0 grade point aver- age and who have taken at least 12 hours of Psychology classes. Both graduate and undergraduate students are welcome to become members. The Society of Physics Students pro- vides members with opportunities to explore the facets of Physics outside of their regular class work. SPS spon- sors many activities including lec- tures, special events, and career plan- ning along with regular meetings. n ' i ii ' hfi Phi Eta Sigma: Tammy Firman, Dee Remiiard, Dr. John Booth. Kim Gossett, Bobby Cranston, Jason Carr, Eric Owens, Mike Weber, Mike Wilson, Andy Meek, Dr. Garth Jenkins, Lisa Otamenelli, Nancy Guinn, Trudi Damm, Caria SanGiovanni, Lucille Russo Psi Chi: Dawn Arbaugh. Donna Christopher, Tiffany Seibold, Lisa Ottomonelli, Sandi Jones So Organizations Society of Physics Students: Dr. Kevin Riggs, Rhonda Dehart, Mike Kelley, Michele Canamucio, Dr. Lick, Dan Mordman, Mike Wilson, Todd Lowther, Raul Sanchez, Grace Wong, Annie Akarjalian. Kim Gossett, Dee Remiiard, Amy Toppins fH: f A Ai 0»R»G»A»N«1»Z»A»T»I»0»N»S ' ' M Sigma Tau Delta: Eric Owens, Annette represent STD. Sigma Tau Delta: Stetson ' s chapter of the national English honorary, en- courages fellowship among those ma- joring in English and advances inter- est in literature and writing. Students majoring or minoring in English and maintaining a 3.0 or better in English are eligible to become members of STD. This year, the organization asked several professors and writers to speak on English-related topics, special personal interests, and to share excerpts of their own works. The group made special efforts to col- laborate with students who don ' t ordi- narily have the opportunity to share their literary talents. Rho Lambda is an honorary society of outstanding Greek women. Mem- bers boast long lists of accomplish- ments both within their own sorority and across the campus. New mem- bers are selected at the beginning of the year and are welcomed into the group during the Panhellenic pledg- ing ceremony. At this year ' s ceremo- ny, Rho Lambda ' s president, Bret Schroetel welcomed nearly a dozen new members to the prestigious group. Rho Lambda: Shanda Qilderbloom, Carolyn Ciera, Kathy Kivi, Bret Schiotet, Claudia Epting, Stephanie Olin, Caroline Robinson, Lillian Washington, Ronda, Danielle Mezera, Debbie Monaco, Sarah Brown, Debbie Sabol, Tiffany Siebol, Dana Boeck, Debbie Allen, Lisa Romay, Libby Threlkel, Janet Booth. Organizations 99 0»R»G»A»N«I»Z»A«T«I»0»N«S Theta Alpha Phi is the national dra- matic honorary fraternity here at Stet- son. In order to be considered for membership, a student need not be a theatre major, but must meet certain criteria. The student must be at least a sophomore and must acquire a cer- tain number of points awarded on the basis of participation in acting, set work, lighting, sound work, and com- pletion of speech and or theatre classes. Members of Theta Alpha Phi take part in all Stover Theatre produc- tions, this year including The VJorld We Live In (The Insect Comedy). The Rivals, and Little Mary Sunshine. In addition, the group participated this year in Greenfeather and Parents ' Weekend activities. The members of Theta Alpha Phi are a very diverse group of people who use their com- munication skills in all aspects of campus life. The Stetson College Bowl team com petes intercollegiately with about twenty-five institutions in the South- east. Popularly called the " academic game of the mind, " members of the team, under the leadership of the cap- tain and the coach, participate In tournaments throughout the semes- ter. The challenge of learning and re-- calling knowledge in a wide variety of subject areas is intensified under the tournament conditions. The team participates in five to seven tourna- ments on local campuses, leading to the regional competition for qualifica- tion in the national event. The team also holds a tournament for similar groups in Volusia County high schools. Theta Alpha Phi: David Finl le, Kim Millwater, Andrea Liska, Steve Boyd, Carolyn Seymour, Alan Younger, Marjorie Gilbert, Coach Griffiths, Carol Andersen, Eve Chin, Jeffre Pawlack. Barbara Rickmens, James McBride, Debra Cole, James Wright, Jim DelAquilla. 1 J9H 1 ■ ■kc. ■•- ,; : ■ • •: ■■ t .| V if 1 ' pQT n I I " T 1 i:- P " " W P ' - - —■ »■ 1 » K « . - - ' - Members of Theta Alpha Phi perform in the Fall production of The World We Live In (The Insect Comedy). College Bowl participants: Mancy Tomasso. Norman Seachrist, C. J. Drake, Arthur Hassall, Greg Moon, Tim Carignan, Terri Kukuck, Laura Hardiman, and Advisor. Dr. Garth Jenkins. Not pictured: John Moore, Lorene Francis, Harold Findley. Jeff Harris, Laura Leslie, Jay Striker, and Chris Lovett. 100 Organizations 0»R«G«A»NM«Z»A«T»I»0»N»S Carson Health Club: Dave Speregan, Dawn Eclendahl, Kevin Neat, Jason Oust, Rick Colvert, Joe Hess, Richard Shuman, Dan Bell. Forensics: Sherri Rice, Tracey Schuitz, Angel Yasquire, Julie Kohne, Lauren Furay, Lynette Jackson, Steve Boyc Harold Finky, Jeff Hoffman, Patrick Jones, Deryl Johnson, Karen Palacios. New SMA members for 1987-88 include: V. Ackel, T. Aldrich, C. Allen, S. Birkenstock, J. Blackwell, 1 Bohne, E. Buss, K. Byrne, K. Contreros, R. Covert, S. Cox, K. Cronin, D. Dodge, L. Duckw jrth, J. Dunahoe L. Fedele, J. Frye, J. Gepfrich, A. Giles, L. Cravens, J. Hancock, B. Harnage, V. Hodgkins, C. Howard, Z Irvani, L. Jaber, B. Jacobs, J. James, K. MacDonald, M. Mendoza, S. Morgan, L. Nason, K. Neat, H Newman, D. Parsons, C. Perry, M. Pollock, T. Rustin, J. Saufley, S. Stafstrom, R Stefik, B. Swing, D Thornton, M. Troup, Y. Ugalde, P. Wasmund, F Wheeler, M. Williams. Carson Health Club was established over eight years ago to nneet students ' requests for such a facility, and has now grown into a vital part of many students ' overall health program. Soccer and baseball players as well as many other men and women use the facilities regularly. The Club also sponsors major events including the Powerlifting Meet and the Bench Press competition. Forensics is Stetson ' s prestigious for- ensics fraternity. The organization participates in state and national tour- naments, gaining recognition for prizes won and unique individual per- formances. The fraternity is open to all forensics participants who have competed in at least two tourna- ments. Through competition, hard work, and a special flair for the dra- matic, Forensics members become well-received, well-rounded speakers. As an example of this year ' s ac- complishments, the Stetson Foren- sics team attended the Silver Falcon Forensic Tournament in Miami in mid- November. Speakers competed in a variety of judging categories, includ- ing Oral Interpretation, Persuasive Speaking, Impromptu Speaking, In- formative Speaking, and Duo. The team won a second place sweepstake trophy and first in the individual events category. Stetson Marketing Association strives to stimulate interest and en- courage participation in extra-cur- r icular activities related to the Mar- keting field. The organization spon- sors special events all year including guest lecturers, special topic discus- sions, and surveys of the business community. The group also supports its members and encourages them academically. Finally, it provides its members the opportunity to serve in leadership roles that will provide them valuable experience within their chosen careers. Organizations 101 0»R«G»A»N»1«Z«A«T»1«0«N»S Hatter Connection is a group of stu- dents, organized and overseen by the Admissions Office, who serve as hosts and hostesses to prospective students and their parents. These stu- dents help in all phases of the " re- cruitment " : they contact potential new Hatters toward the end of Winter Term, and spend a substantial amount of time with them when they visit Stetson. The Hatter Connection is available to answer questions, and this staff is indeed well-versed in the ins-andouts of life at Stetson. The Hatter Connection staff is the very first impression a prospective student has of Stetson, and the staff ' s training provides them with valuable interper- sonal experience to be used in their own lives. Sprichst du Deutsch? if you do, whether you only know a little or can speak fluently, perhaps you would be interested in the German Club. There you will find others who share your interest in the German language and German culture. However, not all of the club ' s activities center directly around Germany. Besides meeting once a month, once a year in the fall the club holds a picnic for its mem- bers in DeLeon Springs. In December they go Christmas caroling, and four or five times during the year they gather to watch a movie. As for sam- pling the German fare, once a year the club goes to a German restaurant. Some new activities have been planned for this year. One of these is holding a series of one-act plays with students in the French Club and the Spanish Club. Another is holding an International Olympics, also with these two clubs. Many of the students in the German Club are here at Stet- son on the Year Abroad Program. So if you ' d like to learn more about Ger- many, they would be glad to tell you about their experiences and help you learn to speak " Deutsch " , also! 1 -VljfrV i.«v ' " . Hatter Connection: Dave Whidden, Andy Reich, Mike McMatt, Tres Mullis, Kim Rogers, Ray Sanchez. Bill Hamilton, Jenny James, Donna Smith. Sara Nitzke, Tammy Firman. Not Pictured: Dona Cowden, Kim Gossett, Shelle Hinson, Paula Homan, Dian Hood, Kristin Jones. Anne Ralph, Libby Threlkel, Todd Aldrich, Brad Bowman, Steve Boyd. David Gant, Jeff Ladinsky, Raoul Sanchez, Scott Gguccioni. German Club: Barbara. Annetta Brossi, Martin Gehlen, (Jte Oeschler, Laura Ernest, Ted Puig, Lori Mason. Rachel Kesserling, Caria Wehrle, Phil Shelton. Bobby Cranston, Derrick Kuiper, Frau and Herr Berry. Erin Connors. 102 Organizations 0»R»G«A»N«I«Z«A»T»I»0«N»S |f!i l 9 f 9 9 ■ I ' Z - A- Tae Kwon Do: Mike Gast, Natalie Messina, Barbara Vorpe, Cami Anderson, Abby James, Ruth Ellis. Richard Granson, Jim Trentalange, Jason Murphy, Andy Mcleese, Ed Morrow, Brian Singleton, Chip Howard, Ben Jenkins, Master S.G. Chung, Greg Kazanjian, Fred Wagner, Greg Stretak. 1f " Sigma Pi Sigma: Kim Gosset, Dr. Lick, Caria SanGiovanni, Amy Topplns. I Concentrating is an integral part of the martial arts. Wearing his fourth degree black belt with pride — Master S.G. Chung. Tae Kwon Do is a form of martial arts self def ense, and the class is open to men and women of all ages. The col- ors of the belts are symbolic. Begin- ners wear white belts, symbolic of the fact that they know nothing about this art. However, in the class the stu- dents learn enough to become yellow belts, symbolic of a blossoming flow- er. Master Chung, the instructor, is a fourth-degree (out of eight degrees) black belts. Early in the year. Stetson hosted the Southeast Conference, a national competition. Shawn White, the only black belt at Stetson Univer- sity, took second place. Stetson is hoping that the Conference can be- come an annual event. Sigma Pi Sigma is a Physics Honor- ary organization. Students are brought together by their common in- terests in the science of Physics, and the organization sponsors informa- tional meetings on the field. Focusing on career preparation, and academic achievement, Sigma Pi Sigma offers its members an important opportuni- ty to remain up to date in their curric- ulum. International House: If you are inter- ested in a study abroad program or would like to have contact with stu- dents from different countries, the In- ternational House is the place to go! Dr. Richard A. Ferland is the new Di- rector of the Office of International Exchange and Mrs. Grace Lasorsa is the Executive Secretary. They pro- cess all international student applica- tions for Stetson ' s programs in Dijon (France), Freiburg (West Germany), and Madrid (Spain). The Study Abroad Program Office also pro- cesses immigration papers for all for- eign students who attend Stetson. This year there are fifty-one foreign students on campus, representing twenty-three different countries (a large increase from the eighteen for- eign students who were here eight years ago). Forms for Winter Term trips and university exchange pro- grams are also handled at the Interna- tional House. Organizations 103 Probably discussing an upcoming party, Nora Motamoros and Linda Jamison chat between classes. Last minute studying is always a good idea. Studying always takes a backseat to smiling for the camera. ■ H ' - j — - -4 2 Or V — --- 4 When you got it, you got it, Heh - heh - heh. i04 Organizations GET SHOT! Nobody Can Escape the Camera ' s Eye Club and group members, fraternity and sorority men and women, unknowing individuals walking to class — nobody can escape the all-seeing eye of Hatter photographer ' s cam- era. The diversity and individuality on a college campus provide unique opportunities for any photographer or observant bystander to watch . . . and learn . . . about the character of the times. Stetson University ' s students have always been individuals, and, as you can see, still are. Here, a few Stetson students GET SHOT, caught in the act of being themselves. Oh yeah - I was just gonna say that, Yeah. A warm smile like this one indicates a pretty wonderful day for Miss! Finn. Never too busy to say Hi to a friend, Kim Gossett stops to pose with Jamie Clark. Organizations lU3 students often fill Deland ' s fast food restaurants after a long day of classes. lOo Advertising ' hen students find time they go to one of the major lopping areas In Daytona or the Orlando area. ADVERTISING Provides Students With Resources o matter what the form, whether personal, greek, Stetson pub- licity, or a business, advertising is an essential part of the year- book production. The Hatter provides businesses with a direct link to Stetson students. Advertising is good for businesses because through publicity, they gain loyal customers. The Hatter guarantees a circulation of over 2600. Newspapers, not even commercial advertising, can guarantee any spe- cific number. Gnlike other forms of publications, the Hatter is distribut- ed free to all students. No fee is charged. Not only do the yearbooks go out to Stetson students, they also reach other businesses, professionals, and parents as well. In the 1988 Hatter, some forty-five advertisers accounted for over $7,000 of the funds used to publish the book. A yearbook advertisement is a valuable source of publicity because unlike a newspaper or flyer, the Hatter is a permanent fixture — not something to be thrown away — but be kept and looked at again and again. The Hatter advertisements provide students with a source to refer to when looking for products, public services, restaurants, or any other student needs. The Hatter appreciates its sponsors — students, par- ents, Stetson alumni, Greeks, businesses, and the community as a whole for their continued contributions to the publication of the Hatter. Stores carrying the essentials for a college student are within easy walking distance of the university. c assviuf Sensations Advertising 107 THANKS FOR YOUR SGPPORT LES CAMP Woodworking Shops 615 Hwy. 92 DeLand, FL COMgRAT ULATIOHS I I I I I I I -yj r? BACH ' S OFFICE VIDEO 342-A E. New York Ave. • 4291 N. U.S. 17 2504 N. Woodland Blvd. 108 Advertising CONGRATULATIONS — and — BEST WISHES ALPHA TAG OMEGA GRADUATES Dan Bell Ken Caeners Todd Gustafson Joseph Stokes Kirk Eppenstein Kris Cole Paul Wasmund e. Richard Schumann Clemente Inclan Harold Findley Mark Harman Jack Delago Rob Waizenhofer Keith McCormick Shannon Osteen Steven Berg Bill O ' Brien Roberto Colon David Newell John Hunt " ftX Brian Dain Advertising 109 Quality Fashionable Footwear for the Hatter Community 137 N. Woodland Blvd. Downtown DeLand 734-2570 WIESEHBECK, BRISCOE, HARBISOFI, AMDRES, P.A. (certified f- ubiic . ccountantA 772 U.S. Highway No. 1 north Palm Beach, Florida 33408 (407) 626-0400 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1988 110 Advertising West VbLusiA — PQeir-SUPPB — ' " We Solve Pool Problems " 739 S. Spring Garden Ave. DeLand 736-3368 Don Janet Page Good times begin at the Publix Deli. You ' ll find everything from complete Deli Dinners, including fried chicken and all the fixin ' s, to sandwiches and salads all ready to take out. And whether you ' re entertaining formally or casually, Deli platters are a great way to get the good times underway Bellinrs Delicatessen Uariety Of Hot Or C old Subs Phone 736-1747 Advertising Ill COliQRATULATIONS To Class Of ' 88 2000 Brunswick Lane DeLand, Florida 32724 BRUNSWICK An Equal Opportunity Employer BRUNSWICK TECHNETICS 135 North Boulevand DeLand, Florida 32720 (904) 736-0777 and Cfibbd yJf- eJjeland 131 N. Boulevard DeLand, FL 734-5221 THANK YOG! 112 Advertising CONGRATGLATIONS STETSON GRADUATES!! DeLand ' s First Class Business Address SHAKE ' nATTLE- MOLL HAPPY HOGR Monday — Friday 4-8 Hot Buffet 5-7 Saturday: 8-2 " Bud Tub Night " $.75 Draft DELAND HILTON Breakfast 6:30am — 11:00am CONVENTION CENTER Luncii 11:00am — 2:00pm 350 International Speedway Boulevard Dinner 5:00pm — 10:00pm DeLand, Florida 32724 (904)738-5200 Sunday Brunch 11:00 — 3:00pm Advertising 113 ANGELS, ARROWS, EIGHT WHITE PEARLS, •SHOiOD ' nma ' m3aiis ' hkiim 114 Advertising PHI SIGMA KAPPA IS . . . We, the associates of Belk and Leggett stores, are committed to 0 superior customer service. tine success of our 100tl Anniversary DeLand Rental Headquarters (904) 734-9567 KATHY SANDERS REALTY 135 W. Plymouth Ave. DeLand, FL 32720 IB CGD Bick Marlines Owner T-Shirts • Sweats • Towels Hats • Jerseys • Posters Cups • Stationery • Buttons Specializing in Silk Screen Printing CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! (904) 985-5909 DeLand, FL lib Advertising Now you can bank at Stetson! At Florida Nationeil ' s BankCenter £ Florida National Bank Expect more from usf Member FDIC Located at the Carlton Gnion Building Yeah, Dad. I ' m watching my money and eating just fine! 941 N. Woodland Blvd. DeLand, FL 32720 Phone: 734-7779 IT ' S A FOR THE C 1984 McDonalds Corporation Advertising llf STEPP OFFICE SUPPLY 300 North Amelia Avenue DeLand, Florida 32724 Phone: (904) 736-3205 M. Teresa K. Szucs BANKERS LIFE AND CASaALTY Career Agent 2280 U.S. 19 North, Suite 210 Clearwater, FL 34625 813-797-7470 jm KUii conip ny IRREPLACEABLE SENIORS ORANGE TREE INN . NEW COLOR CABLE TV • 24 HOUR SELF DIAL PHONFS • EFFICIENCIES - AIR - HEAT • COMMERCIAl RATES 734-0670 AMERICAN OWMED 1 1 M Woodlind Blvd S OPERA TED Nur SItlson a Shopping .—— . Simt Owninhip . . . remember, Theta is for a LIFETIME! Love, the sisters of KAPPA ALPHA THETA llo Advertising Tan ifielnii 4 MIN FROM STETSON HIGHWAY 17 NORTH 985-4224 734-0670 Stay with Eppie Among the Orange Trees. GOOD LUCK GRADUATES THAriKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT. QOFF Hardware 303 N. Woodland, DeLand TIDY CLEANERS 117 W. Plymouth DeLand, FL 32720 734-5775 ■■» •• R D L M I sy 1 P " " • ' ' !M Corner US Hwy 17-92, DeLand Call: 734-6071 (DeLand) Or 255-3777 (Daytona Beach) Advertising 119 A ARDMORE FARMS, INC. P.O BOX 183 DELAND, FLORIDA 32721 -01 83 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! The Future ' s In Your Hands PANHELLENIC C O N G R A T a L A T E S G O O D L U C K 120 Advertising CONGRATUIATIONS GRADUATES! We applaud the university that gave us some of our most valued assets . . . William " Red " Martin, CPA, Partner Class Of 49 William LaBranche, CPA Class Of ' 82 Janet Mills, CPA Class Of ' 82 OH co, OSBGRN HENNING AND COMPANY CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS, PA. 617 E. Colonial Drive • Orlando Florida 32803-9985 (305) 896-8021 Large Enough For Quality Small Enough For Service PRiNTiNC helpful, professional printing sen ice and copies we take the time to help you • RESUMES • COPYING • FULL-SERVICE PRINTING • COMPLETE nPESEUING ART ON PREMISES — CORNER — N.Y. AMELIA (Just a few blocks from campus) 734-1877 THANKS STETSON Advertising 121 We can ' t say it enough. yl!S Bamett Is Florida ' s Baiik. 122 Advertlsmg Michael E. Keith, Ltd. Manufacturing Jewelers West Volusia Regional (904)734-8114 9ai .-oni Vitli CL,, JESSIE WOOD ««l ft TCBV The Country ' s Best Yogurt All Of The Pleasure. 967o Fat-Free. NoneOfTheGulL Advertising IcLi ■ t Planning A Bright Tomorrow? Look to the Sun Today. Our full range of banking services can help you meet your unique financial goals. Look to the future. . .Look to the Sun. Member FDIC ©1982 Sun Banks of Florida, Inc. 124 Ad vertising SAVE " THE WAL-MART WAY " DELAND GATEWAY VILLAGE 1470 N. Woodland Blvd., Deland N 1 si- Airport 7 92 WAL- MART ■■ j To Jackie Giles: Follow your dream . . . take one step at a time. And don ' t settle for less, just continue to climb. Follow your dream; if you stumble, don ' t stop and lose sight of your goal Press on to the top. For only on top, can we see the whole view. Can we see what we ' ve done and what we can do. Can we then have the wisdom to seek something new . . . Press on and follow your dream. Love, Mom Trudi Dam CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS " We ' re Stetson Proud " Advertising 12D 126 Advertising STETSON PROUD Department of Student Affairs • Residential Life Advertising 127 HATS OFF!! to the CLASS OF 1988 Below: Susan Holies, Robin Qarretson, and Darcy Headrick With Warmest Wishes, The 1988 Hatter Staff li28 Advertising Dear Joseph Borzu: Wishing you a lifetime of happiness, prosperity, good health, love!!! Love and Best Wishes, Dad, Monm, Ana, John Jim Dear Kevin, If your life is just half as happy as you have made ours, you will have everything! All our love and pride. Mom and Dad Dear Michelle: You are my sunshine, honey, and I am so very proud of you. Let the Lord continue to guide your life. Love you — Mom Dear Mary, Sharing your pride happiness on your graduation. Love, Mom Phil Dear Russ, We are very proud of you, and we love you. Love, Mom Dad Dear Sherry, We ' ll love you always and are so proud of you. Love, Mom and Dad C.P.L. Ill " There are three things which are real: God, human folly and laughter. " " The first two are beyond comprehension. So we must do what we can with the third. " ' The Family Dear Amy, We are so very proud of you. Love, Mom and Dad " May your glass always be ' half full ' . You ' ve given us so much joy. " Love, Dad Pam Dear Robyn, You did it Robby! I am very proud of your achieve- ments. We love you. Dad and Meppie Dear Michele, " We are very proud of you and we love you very much! " MOMIE AND DADDY Dear Mandy, You ' ve given us so much love. You are very special and deserve the best. We love you. Mom and Dad iBob Yetman, Congratulations and best wishes always. Love, Mom Dad Smurf, Your heart is kind. Your smile is free. You will be blessed. Love, Mom Dad Dear Kenny Congratulations, you made it! We are proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad, Carol Dear Colin, We wish you well in all you do. Love, Mom and Dad To Liz ' s " big sister " and our second daughter. What a great way to renew old friendships — thank you for helping Liz get acquainted with Stetson and " The Mad Hatters " we all love you Sarah. The Fedele ' s Dear Kevin, On your own, you ' ve shown us what hard work and determination can accomplish. May your constant ef- forts always provide the best life has to offer. We all love you very much. Dad, Lillian, and Dianne Dear Woody, We are proud of you but remember to never let your brains fall out of your head! Love, Mom and Dad " Hoss-Fly " , You have become a fantastic filly. We are so proud of you. WE know that you will succeed in all that you do for the Lord. Love, Mom and Dad Dear Joseph John, Your are our most priceless possession, our flawless gem and our pride and joy! May the future be as won- derful as to you, as you are to us. Congratulations! We love you so much. Mom, Dad, Michelle John Anthony Tutay, Congratulations on your accomplishments. You have made us so very proud. May God direct to the right road through lif e. We love you. Mom, Frank, Ann-Marie, Grandmothers and Cuddles, too! Dear Cindy, " We thank God upon every remembrance of you . . . " and that " the Lord is your light " . Keep on shining. Love, Mom and Dad Blane Dobey, Congratulations! We ' re so proud of you. Mom, Dad, Grandma Grandpa Dear Carol Ann, We love ya! Mom, Dad Ronnie Dear Karen, We are so proud of you. Special, that is what you are to us. Love, Papa and Mom Dear Jennifer, We love you and feel proud! Mom and Dad Dear Stuart, We love you and are so proud of you. Mom and Dad Congratulations Michael Lohlein, I am so proud of you and so is Dad. Love, Mom Liz and Michael, Future happiness to the newest Lohlein merger. Love, The rest of the Lohleins and the Gentrys Congratulations to Liz Evangelista and welcome to our family. Love, Rosemary and Ralph Dear Teri, Your life is a joy to all who know you. Love, Mom and Dad Dear Tres, We are so very proud of you and for the strong interest you have shown in furthering your education. Love, Mom and Dad To Carolyn, With all of our love and best wishes for success in all you do. Love, Mom and Dad Libby, This is your " Gold Medal " year. Go for it! We love you. Mom, Dad, Kit and Peggy Dear John, We love You! way. " . . truth, justice, and the American Love, Mom and Dad Dear Brenda, May life bring you as much happiness as you have brought to us. We love you, Mom and Dad Dear John, We ' re happy to see you so excited about life with your new " family " at Stetson! Love, Mom, Dad, Rich and " Lafayette " Dearest Amy, May your life be as happy as you have made mine. I Love You, Mom To our Stacy . . . Sending you love as you travel your rainbow. Mom, Dad, and Steve May God Bless You Always We love you. Mom, Dad and Family Dear Jamie, We love you! Mom and Dad Bass, " HAMMER ' N " — The Brass Ring is Yours! Reach for it. We are so very proud of you son. Love, MOM AND DAD Congratulations To Class Of ' 88 Special Thanks to our Son, David Gant. You have honored God with your talents, and we are blessed to be your parents. LOVE CONT SUCCESS IN GRAD. SCHOOL MOM DAD Dear Mayte, We can ' t believe you graduated! CONGRAiaLATIONS— LOVE, PILY, MOM DAD Dear Mark, " We are so very proud of you! " Love, MOM AND DAD Dear Greg, We love and are very proud of you. Love, MOM AND DAD Dear Scott, We are so very proud of you and so delighted that you can already climb your own mountains. MOM AND DAD Richard and DeeDee, " We Love You. " MOM AND DAD John W. Hunt, We knew you could do it! Congrats Good Luck. We are so very proud of you! Love, DAD MOM CONGRATCJLATIONS! Susan P. Fitzgerald Love, Mom and Dad Dear Deborah Lynn, With pride and love to our " Southern " girl! X O, MOM, DAD, MIKE, TIGER Dear Steve, We are very proud of you. WHAT A SON! LOVE, MOM DAD (Isaiah 40:31) Dear Jen, Keep following your dreams. Love, MOM DAD Dear Bill, C0NGRATGLAT10r; ; ou ' ve made us so proud and have been a joy in our lives. God Bless You. Love, MOM, GRANDMA, GRANDPA, 1 KRIS, DEBBIE, AND DAWN. KREBS TOYOTA Pittsburgh ' s Oldest Toyota Dealer Dan Krebs President Dear Chuck We are very proud of you and love you. Mom and Dad Dear Melissa We are all very proud of you. You are really special and we love you very much. Love, Mummy, Daddy, Yousef, Andrew Dear Melissa, You will always be very special to us. Just keep being you. Love, Aunt Elham, Uncle Frank, Christine, Frank Jr. Alia Dear Abby, We ' re proud of you. You ' re very special and we love you. Love, Mom and Dad Dear Lisa Marie, We love you and are very proud of you! Your smiles light up our lives! Love, Mom, Dad Karen Just for you Kathy: Salud, Amor Y Pesetas-Y Tiempo Para Disfrutarlas. We love you, Mom and Dad Dear Marian, We are so proud of you. We love you so very much. Daddy and Mary Dear Chad, Beats mowing grass! Love, Mom and Dad Dear Liz Mike, Congratulations, we are proud of you both. We love you, Mom and Dad Dear Ben, We ' re proud of you and know you will continue to succeed in your chosen goals. Marie, Mom and Dad Dear Andrea, We hope for the very best for you. We love you. Mom and Bob Dear Lisa, We are very proud of you! Love, Mom and Dad Dear Abby, A proud day for all of us! Love, Mom, Dad, Fred, Lynn, Diane Jason, Just because you ' re you and we love you for it. Mom and Joe Dear Lucia, Success In Your Sophomore Year. Love, Mom and Dad Congratulations, Jared! Best wishes for all your future endeavors. With love, J Mom and Dad J Don, We ' re proud to be your parents. We know you have a great future ahead of you. Love, Mom and Dad Dear Kim, You truly are the sunshine of my life. Love, Mom Dear Maria Christina, We love you. Dad, Mom, Bobby, Ricky Nancy Dear Lori, We appreciate all your hard work. Love, Mom and Dad Dear Pete, " May your life be as happy as you have made ours! " Love, Mom and Dad Dear Tom, God be with you always. Love, Nana, Mom and Dad Dear Blake, " We are very proud of YOO! " Love, Mom and Dad Dear Kent Troy, May your kids spend as much of your money as you have of ours. Love, Mom and Dad We are very proud you were able to continue tour education. Love, Dad Debbie Joe, We are so proud of you! Good luck in the future. Love ya. Mom and Dad Pam, Chris and Lynn Dear Rob, May you find all the happiness, success and love that you deserve. We love you. Dad, Mom and Robyn Dear Kim, I ' m so proud of you! Love, Mom The staff would like to thank the following patrons for their support in making the 1988 HATTER a success. Mr. Mrs. Thomas B. Andres North Palm Beach, Attorneys ' National Clearing House Mr. Mrs. Biancarosa Plantation, FL Bonita S. Burr Delray Beach, FL Joan Byrne Nokomis, FL Mr. Mrs. John C. Dalson Brownsville, PA Mr. Mrs. E. L. Daman Westfield, NJ Mr. Mrs. O. L. Davis, Jr. South Daytona, FL Mr. Mrs. Nathaniel L. Dumas Jacksonville, FL Kim Fugate Lake Mary, FL Mr. Mrs. Eugene R. Hall Longwood, FL Edwin Barbara Hickox DeLand, FL Roy Hogue Hawthorne, FL E. Everett Huskey Huskey Realty, REALTORS Dr. Mrs. Rafael S. Inclan Jacksonville, FL Dr. Mrs. George loannides Miami, FL Irene Ireland Boynton Beach, FL Joe Dianna Kight Pensacola, FL Klssimmee — St. Cloud Gas Company Mary Ann John Koehne Sarasota, FL Bob Kay Kujawa Arcadia, FL Bill Jaye Lather Venice, FL FL Thomas Janet Lee Miami, FL Jim Joy Miller Tallahassee, FL Dr. John Robert Mitchem Palatka, FL Mr. Mrs. Ronald J. Neck Dunedin, FL Mr. Mrs. Steve R. Novack Memphis, TN Leland H. Phillips Bethesda, MD Arnold A. Phipps III Williamsport, PA Mr. Mrs. F. R. Pittman, Jr. Waycross, GA Shirley Jim Posey Marbury, MD Mr. Mrs. Bernard Robins Cutchogue, NY Mr. Mrs. Royce M. Sages Jupiter, FL Arlene Shufond Winter Haven, FL Jay Smith, Inc. Realtor, Vero Beach, FL Diego R. Suarez Family Miami, FL Mr. Mrs. Thomas J. Tull Westmont, NJ Betty James D. Turpin Zebulon, GA Mr. Mrs. Dennis R. Vaughan, Jr. Charleston, WV Ramon Villares J.R.J. Communications Gene Lee Wilkinson Marietta, GA Mr. Mrs. Ernest O. Watt Deltona, FL Marlene Woodward, Assoc. Professor Palm Beach Atlantic College West Palm Beach, FL » S ardors 36 Seniors i.J ' - I Vicky Ackel Marketing M. A. Agramonte-Harper Spanish Education Jeff Allebach Political Science David Anderson Chemistry Kathy Andress Finance STEVE BOYD When reflecting upon his years spent here at Stetson Gniversity, Steve Boyd re- calls how much he hinnself has changed since he was a Freshman. " I was ultra- conservative and closed-minded, " he muses. " My views and beliefs were very self-centered. 1 have learned that people can be different and still be good. " Steve attributes his healthy changes in attitude to his experiences in the Theatre. " The theatre is where my heart is. It pro- vides me the opportunity to forget about the ' real world ' . It allows expression with- out limitations. The people involved with the theatre are my family and my founda- tion. " When asked what accomplishment he is especially proud of, Steve enthusiasti- cally replied, " The 1988 Hatter! " Darald Stubbs Business Management Deborah Aylor Marketing Douglas Babb Psychology Bonnie Baker Elementary Education Amy Balfanz Marketing Timothy Ballestros Marketing Mikael Bang Religion Lynette Barba Marketing Thonas Barnard Chemistry Richard Batchelor History Seniors 137 MIKE BRENNAN " Gravity — not just a good idea. It ' s the law, " quips Mike Brennan, SGB activist. Sure, what comes up usually comes down, but Mike ' s involvement here at Stetson seems only to skyrocket as he prepares for graduation. Many are familiar with Mike as SUB offi- cer, Sig Ep member, Zeta Man, etc., etc., but he insists he has other important " hob- bies " : " biking, lifting, running, coin collect- ing, and watching women, " he says, and adds, " but not necessarily in that order. " His favorite professor is Dr. John Booth, and his favorite faithful stand-bys are Luci, his pet boa, and Orville, his office plant. Finally, Mike ' s motto to live by: " He who dies with the most toys, wins! " Charles Bauder III Economics Molly Beckham Mathematics Dan Bell Religion KIM BROYLES The different organizations which Kim Broyles was involved in each helped her to grow and learn during her four years at Stetson. She is now better able to express her beliefs and values. She is much more secure in herself and the goals she sets out to accomplish. Each person whom she came into contact with taught her some- thing different about how to live, laugh, and learn. One of the most important or- ganizations which contributed to her self- growth was BCM. By holding the position of president, she saw the importance of unity and of setting a good example. Her parting words of advice are " Be willing to take risks even though you may get hurt because if you don ' t take the risk, you might miss out on something really spe- cial " . David Castelli Business Lisa Cerio Political Science Anna Chapman Political Science Sharon Chin Business Carolyn Cira Mathematics Seniors 139 I 5potM; BOBBY CRANSTON " Footprints in the sands of time are nev- er made by sitting down. " Here, Bobby Cranston shares his favorite motto and a bit of his insights. " (Stetson) is a small school which provides the opportunity to get to know your professors really well. It also provides students with a lot of activi- ties outside the classroom. " Bobby follows his own advice by split- ting his time between studies, clubs. Phi Sig, Head Resident responsibilities, and Cross-Country. He takes special pride in his completion of the Trans America Ath- letic Conference (TAAC) Meet in San Ant- onio, Texas. Never to be one to sit down on the job, Bobby wishes the best of luck to future Stetson University generations. Kris Cole General Business Mark Combs Finance Leslie Conerly Music Education April Cullom sin " 5s Administration 140 Seniors Joseph Dermody Sociology Thomas Dodge Finance Susan Dorsey Business Management S om KIM DGPREE RUSH — although a four-letter word to some, Kim Dupree found that being soror- ity Rush chairman this past Fall was one of her most rewarding experiences while at- tending Stetson, " i enjoyed the challenge of doing something like that, " Kim recalls. She was indeed challenged as she planned for the changes the new sorority complex would have on Rush as well as how it would affect each sorority individually. She also gained from " working with Jayne (Marlowe) and the Student Affairs staff. They ' re wonderful. " To Kim, Stetson is " a home away from home. You know practically everybody. Sometimes that can be good or bad, but the good definitely outweighs the bad. " Caroline Duncil General Business Kimberly Dupree Accounting Dominique Duryea French Laura Eckler Sociology Dawn Rise Ekdahl Psychology Robin Elliott Business Administration Stacy Ellis-Brown Psychology Ruth Ellis Elementary Education Hal Epperson Political Science Cheryl Fernald Biology Seniors 141 ]VIAYTE FIGOEIRAS As Mayte Figueiras reflected upon her experience at Stetson University she em- phasized how change for the better had occurred because the people had brought about those changes. She was involved in many campus organizations that helped her to realize that nothing is impossible. Each one gave her a sense of personal gratification and accomplishment. She felt more prepared to go out into the world because she learned and experienced a lot in her organizations. The organizations are representative of every part of Stetson and the different types of people that at- tend Stetson so to get the most out of the college experience one has to get in- volved. Mayte Figueriras Business Administration Barbara Filegar Finance Harold Findley Mathematics Margaret Flatt Music Performance Scott Foltz General Business Holly Forman Sociology Russell Franks Tracy Fruedensteln John Fuller Anne Gatins Annmarle Ciannone Music English Political Science History Business Administration Business Management Sheila Gillispie siness Administration Kelly GIteles Sociology Gerald Goodchild Finance Sally Graber Finance Laura Gravens General Business 142 Seniors Amanda Gregg Sociology Allison Gross Psychology P " R3i Edward Guirlinger Business Finance X " .ot ' lxt= HAROLD FINDLEY During the four years that Harold Find- ley spent here at Stetson University, he has seen both himself and the Stetson community change tremendously. He has become more receptive to different peo- ple ' s opinions and has learned to take them into account when formulating his own ideas. Harold feels that the people are what makes Stetson what it is today and that one should never deny himself the many opportunities that Stetson has to offer. By getting involved in various activi- ties, Harold was able to experience many different aspects of Stetson and meet and assist the people who helped make things happen. Most importantly, Harold learned how to set goals and reach those goals by having motivation and persistance. Nancy Haas Humanities Sean Hamilton Social Science Karen Hanks Exceptional Education Mark Harman Art Deborah Harvey Elementary Education Arthur Hassall History Lucinda Hawley Spanish Kim Heller Accounting Carol Heymann Elementary Education Nancy Holjes Medical Technology Paula Homan Elementary Education Holli Horton Elementary Education Clemente Inclan Political Science Seniors 143 5pottir CLEMENTE INCLAN It ' s kind of sad to graduate, " says Cle- mente Inclan. " I ' m trying to relax and spend time with friends before I do. " Cle- mente ' s years at Stetson were far from relaxing, as he involved himself in many areas of campus life. One aspect of his involvement was " a one to one relation- ship with . . . faculty and administration. It ' s a great asset for Stetson, it gave me an oppportunity to grow personally. " One vivid memory Clemente has is of his experience in his IPR class. " It ' s amaz- ing that a class could bring people togeth- er (like that). I remember that we were together when the Shuttle exploded, and we were able to share our feelings and friendship when it happened. We ' ll always be close. " Martin Jenkins Sociology Julie Jernigan French . i, .:i Kaufman F.nglish 144 Seniors Gregory Kazanjian Biology Mary Keyes Psychology Kathy Kivi Psychology Sociology Angellka Kllmek German Elizabeth Koszas Accounting Dina Kushner Finance Matthew Lacey History 5 pot MATT LACEY " I was the original squirreily-eyed Fresh- man. " Matt Lacey has come a long way since his Freshman days. He reflects that Stetson " is a good place for you to mature. Now that I ' m leaving, I feel prepared and ready to take on any task. " Matt ' s empathy for " the Freshman Ex- perience " led him to involvement in the Residential Life and the FOCGS staffs. He is also a believer in the value of extra- curricular activities: " In the future, after I ' ve graduated, the things I will use the most will be things I ' ve learned outside the classroom. " Matt ' s congratulations go out to all the Delta Sig seniors and the entire class of 1988. Jeff Ladinsky Biology Kristin Lakso Sociol ogy Elizabeth Laney English Ellen Lanier Elementary Education Christopher Lapp German Ana Latour Marketing Man Le Political Science Shawn Lee General Business Patricia Lino Political Science Andrea Liska English Elaine Liz Finance Michael Lohlein Finance Monika Long English Seniors 145 JAMES McBRDE James McBride has been very involved at Stetson with both theatrical and reli- gious activities. He has played several lead and supporting roles in Stover produc- tions. Also, he is the Director of Off-Cam- pus Ministries for the BCM, overseeing the touring Choir, Revival Team and Drama and Puppet committees. James says that he has found Stetson to be " spiritually rewarding, " and he be- lieves that the campus provides many op- portunities for Christian growth. Through his own active participation on campus, he knows that he will leave Stetson with many friendships that will last a lifetime. His advice to those who claim that they can ' t find what they are looking for at Stet- son is that they aren ' t looking hard enough. Michelle Martorana Music Education James McBride English Speech Theater Laura McCarthy Education Keith McCormick Marketing Andrew McLeese Biology . " ' .ichele McMahon Pnysical Education viicliael McNatt Finance Ewa Mekwinski Piano Performance Robert Mendenhall History rSadine Mescia Psychology 146 Seniors ltt= JOHN MOORE " Out of all my accomplishments here, the one thing that stands out is the time I cleaned my room . . . once, " brags John Moore. " Actually, I am especially proud of a third-place victory I had in an Intramurals swim meet. I had never swum competi- tively before, so it was very exciting for me. " John recognizes several changes in Stetson and in himself since he first began attending. He says that Stetson cares more about students now than before and that students have earned a more respect- ed voice in the conduct of the university. As for changes in himself? " 1 can express myself much better, 1 have adopted differ- ent ways of thinking, and 1 have learned how to better ponder issues and develop completely my own insights and opinions on those issues. " Kim Millwarer Theatre Shelly Moak Elementary Education Stacey Moats Finance Deborah Monaco Marketing John Moore History Robert Mugavero History Tres Mullis Business Administration Michael Natale General Business Andrew Neck Church Music Darrin Newbury Psychology Jeffrey Newton Church Music Lynne Nibbelink Business Meghan O ' Connor Psychology Seniors 14Y ANDY REICH Andy Reich is a strong supporter of campus involvement. He considers the Greek system to be one of the most re- warding experiences at Stetson because it provides an avenue to campus activities. Besides being the President of Pi Kappa Alpha, he has also held six other offices in his fraternity. He is also President of Order of Omega Greel Honorary. Two other areas he has found extremely gratifying are the Hatter Connection, because " it ' s easy to sell a University you like so much, " and FOGGS, because it helps Freshmen on a direct, " one to one basis. " Andy strongly feels that, through his in- volvement at Stetson, he has obtained practical leadership and communication skills which will help him throughout life. TVacy O ' Hare Business Management Stephanie Olin Political Science iLL ue iLL .-Hui John Ong Computer Science Shannon Osteen Accounting Roger Pafford Music Performance Karen Palacios Speech Theater Richard Parsons Finance Thomas Perl ins Biology Cynthia Perrick Business Management Sherry Pesola Biology Mary Phan Accounting Erin Phillips English 148 Seniors nhelle Podany Accounting Susan Poindexter French Humanities Angela Prevail English Todd Puig History Spanish f LOCILLE RUSSO Lucille Russo remembers that the first time she visited Stetson ' s campus, she was struck by how friendly the people were, a feeling that over her four years here has not diminished. " Stetson, " she says, " is a warm and friendly place. It ' s a small community of friends. 1 never dread- ed returning here after a holiday! " She also praises the academics and ac- tivities: " Instead of just being a number in a huge class. Stetson ' s small classes pro- vide me with more individual attention from my professors. And through activi- ties, like the Greeks, I learned to interact with various types of people. Stetson is a university where one can get a great edu- cation and, at the same time, remain in- volved. " James Robinette General Business Caroline Robinson Psycliology Laura Rodriguez English John Rutherford Business Economics Debbie Sabol Psychology Mary Sages Elementary Education Elena Sanchez-Burr Econonn ics French Caria SangiovannI Physics Seniors 149 BRET SCHROTEL Bret Schrotel believes that Stetson pro- vided her with an invaluable opportunity for personal growth. " I was shy when I got here as a freshman, but there were so many opportunities, like organizations and the Greek system for instance, through which to grow. " She has learned to deal well with people, speak in public — and has become self-confident and happy personally, if one is happy with oneself, says Bret, one can achieve whatever one wants. " Definitely — Stetson ' s environ- ment allows one to reach one ' s potential. " Greg Sapp Religion Wendy Sauer Marketing Bret Schrotel Finance Richard Schumann Psychology Kevin Sciacca Computer Science Rhonda Scott History Wayne Screiber Psychology Tiffany Seibold Psychology Joseph Sesta Psychology Carolyn Seymour Theatre Sharon Seymour Business Administration 4 ' ' J Renee Shelly Sociology French 150 Seniors Philip Shelton Spanish Kim Siciliano American Studies Amy Simchick Business Management Margaret Smythe Music Performance Don Snyder Marketing Thad Soles Geography History Carolyn Sproul General Business -tti« Ivt: UBBYTHRELKEL One of Libby Threlkel ' s biggest sources of pride and accomplishment (and, per- haps, occasional frustration) has been in her positions as Resident Advisor and Head Resident, involvement in the Resi- dential Life staff provides participants with leadership and time-management ex- perience and increased inter-personal skills. Libby hope to apply her experiences in education, possibly teaching for a year after graduation. Her interests in education are not limited to teaching and instruction. Libby attend- ed the National College Student Women Leaders Conference in Washington. There, she participated in workshops and semi- nars discussing a variety of college-level positions and women ' s roles within the col- lege university setting. Scott Stafstron Marketing Jeff Stefanski Marketing Psychology James Stewart Computer Science ■ my!:m- ' ' mi:mi Joseph Stokes Political Science V " WW Stacey Sumner Elementary Education Kathleen Taylor Psychology Dawne Thomas General Business Libby Threlkel Psychology Geoffrey Timm Finance Seniors 151 v GEOFF TIMM Greek Man of the Year Geoff Timm has been extremely involved in his fraternity, Sigma Nu, and those things which impact upon the organization. He served as IFC President for two years, represented IFC on the Student Affairs Committee, and worked as Sigma Mu ' s Risk Reduction Chairman. He also explains his position of House Father: " It is a graduate counselor liason between university policies and fra- ternity. I have been involved in complete chapter programming and in charge of the administrative aspects of the house . . . much more than just a big babysitter. " Geoff believes that Stetson has become less conservative since he has attended school — much more liberal, says Geoff, " in policies and administration. " David TUrley General Business Kfmberly Warren Medical Technology Paul Wasmund Marketing Darlyn Watler Business Administration Karia Wehrle Sociology German 152 Seniors Sr !!! LAURA ZINDELL Laura Zindell finds great satisfaction in her many accomplishments. As a Junior, she was President of ACS and as a Senior was President of Omicron Delta Kappa, a leadership and academic honorary. Be- coming President of these organizations has provided her with the opportunity " to meet people, " she claims, " as well as the opportunity to get involved " on campus and with cam pus events. " (Stetson) is what you make of it, " Laura says, and with support and understanding from her friends, Laura has definitely left her mark. And where will Laura leave future im- pressions? " I ' m excited about moving on. I love to travel . . . it ' s a big goal for me. " Brian Williams History Marl Williams Church Music Monika Williams Marketing Dana Zeigler Elementary Education Laura Zindell Biology Jill Zirkel-Mitchell Finance Seniors 15j o n being a junior — One year to go! Why is it that the gap between sophomore and junior is so tremendous and the gap between junior and senior is so insignificant? Juniors are up- perclassmen with all the luck — they are far from the bottom, close to the top, and an entire year away from being thrust into the cold, cruel world. But is a year really such a long time? Juniors begin to seriously consider their ma- jors, their careers, and their lives after gradu- ation. Classes become more specialized and directions become clearer. In high school, col- lege-bound juniors simply prepare for college, but the future possibilities for college juniors are endless. A student ' s junior year can provide an excellent time to thoroughly investigate ca- reer goals and personal expectations. Jerre Nevin moves in William Aleshire Dawn Arbaugh Kimberly Bailey Working hard on a hot issue of the Reporter, Glenn Kindred races toward a deadline. Juniors CLASS OF 1989 154 juniors Carson Baker Robert Baldwin Jr. Lynette Barba Pamela Barkiey Catherine Barnes Anthony Baumgartneer Karen Blosch ' CALLEC t WJ •- 4J r J ' H ' P i Venezuela 1 1 Caught in the act of studying ... or daydreaming ... is Nora Mata- moros. Debbie Boston Donna Boyett Debra Bremer Catherine Brittain Deborah Broe Rebecca Budner Kimlyn Bunting Pamela Burnett Joanne Butterbrodt Katherine Byrne Andrea Calvert Tina Carantzas Paige Cavanaugh Pamela Childers Juniors 155 Douglas Davison Cherie Dees Constant DeMattia Kathryn DeShazo Marjorie Diephouse Laura Duckworth Mary Enns IDD Juniors Claudia Epting Lyn Faust Rohiert Finkbeiner, Jr. David Finkle Melissa Finn Tammy Firman Lorene Francis Susan French Shanda Qilderbloom Alisa Giilis Rob Martin and Ryan Goldwater talk to a fellow Delta Sig Brother during Rush. Kathleen Henry Michelle Hinson Linda Holloway Juniors 157 ' .ore comfy than a desk, the floor makes a good ! ' ' »; for Cathy King to study. 15o juniors Suzanne Madden Teresa Markle Theresa Martin Anita Mathur Joellen Matrundola Joan McCraney Kelley McNamara Jennifer Meyer Amy Miller Kimberly Moeckel Qinny Moorefield Joseph Morris Laura Pippio Patsy Pittman Stephanie Pollaro Michele Pollock A bright, sunny day and a bright, sunny smile. Juniors lDy Mary Potts Anne Ralph Dorcas Remillard Richard Remirez, Jr. Barbara Rickmers IIJiill;w«L.» Karin Rowland Susan Santiago Nancy Holjes watches as Karla Kikot and John Tutay take a dip. i Robert Sobieski Michelle Solomon loO junlors Joseph Spikes, Jr. Kelly Steele Rachel Stewart Mandy Stoll Tracy Thompson Nancy Tomaso Robert Travis Pi Phi Arrowman Kevin Weickel adds a little " oomph " to his performance at the Mr. Beauty Pageant. Kevin Weickel Douglas Wells Patricia Weyd Michael Whiteside Margaretta Williams Pamela Williams Michael Wilson, Jr. Jennifer Withers Grace Wong Tammy Yarnall Susan Youngkin Lillian Washington Juniors lDl o n being a sophomore — One profound professor once said, " Being a sophomore is the most frustrating experience anyone can ever have. 1 would never, and probably could never, live through it again. " No longer a freshman but far from senior, sophomores of- ten take on the " middle child " stigma. Be- cause they are not new to Stetson, they are expected to know it all and be completely adjusted. They cannot, however, share in the rites of an upperclassman ' s status. Yet, is the plight of the sophomore in fact, a plight at all? Hardly, because it is during this year that a student is best prepared to make the most of his her remaining years at Stetson. Freshman idealism disappears and is replaced by more realistic, clearer views of college life. More importantly, they become more familiar with what Stetson has to offer, and they begin to consider what they have to offer Stetson. studying hard ... or hardly studying?? Serenading his partner during the Greenfeather Talent Show, Greg Moon expresses his talents. Ashley Alderman Cynthia Anderson Diane Anderson Kevin Andres Laura Merf ' Sovhomores CLASS OF 1990 162 Sophomores jm Joey, Paige, and Barbara take a stroll to the CGB. Kathy Bloodworth Kelly Bostdorff Tim Bowden More than she bargained for, Bonnie Cleveland gets a taste treat at the Qreenfeather Carnival. Sammy Cacciatore Patrick Campbell Lynne Camposano Michelle Canamucio Sophomores loS Sharon Carr Jimmy Cashion Angela Chadwick Tony Chase Diana Chin Bonnie Cleaveland Sandra Cluett Sharon tider Krista Erickson Michelle Faivre 164 Sophomores Robyn Farrar Lydia Fiedler Scott Foeller Stephanie Galloway yws I i t Joanne Giangregorio Ken Lynch takes advantage of the du-Pont Ball Library as prepares for a class. r — " ' Kristina Godzik Amy Granholm Richard Granson Michelle Green Cindy Griffis Michelle Hall Robert Hamilton liiS yiAH Andrew Hansen Benjie Harnage Tami Hay Mara Hayes Debbie Bremer and Lydia Fieldler with senior Dawne Thomas. Gene Heitman Kim Herald Robert Hine Crista Holland Sophomores loS Kim Holmes Daryl Holt Norman Holt III Dian Hood Terri Horton Chip Howard Michele James Jessica Jordan After Sorority Bid Pick-up, Katherine Bryan gives Paige Cavanaugh a congratulatory hug. Jocelyn Jukes Kevin Kraus James Latlier David Lawrence loo Sophomores Laura Leslie Leslee Limeberger Melody Lindsey Angela Morris Nadine Muench Sarah Neitzke Ursula Noeth Brian Noian Jennifer Nuthall HF h M L . Sally Pagett On the way to the Skating Party during Rush, Lauren Smith, Anne McGrath, and Barbara Rickmers. Heidi Pape Sophomores lDl Sophomore Marisa Neal with her Zeta sisters, Missi Finn and Suzanne McCaskell as they take a break from Rush activities. Adrienne Powell Madeilyann Pugh Amanda Raiford Charles Raleigh Steve Reed Sherrl Rice Joseph Roach C .t Sheri Robinson Kerry Rogers Janice Rubio Joanne Rundle Kevin Sams Anna Sanchez Raoui Sanchez :helly Sauer IDO Sophomores £1 David Schwind Norman Seachrist II Leslie Seeds Michelle Sesta Nikki Shapiro Susannah Shope Christina Shortle Dana Smith Donna Smith Lauren Smith Thomas Snyder Rosanna Soloperto Krista St. John Fay Theos Stetson ' s answer to QQ. Peggy Threll el Caria Townsend Lee Tranford Elsa Trembour Giving the gift of life, Rick Hughes was one of tlie many who contributed unselfishly to the Fall Blood Drive. Tanya Wynne Elizabeth Younggren Roderick Zambrand Sophomores lD9 o t_ n being a freshman — The first days are filled with wide-eyed wonder ... so this is college? High school is just a small step back and graduation is miles away as new students begin their careers at Stetson. But " Careers " and gradu- ation are hardly considered; survival is the key. This means learning the ropes: staring over in a new place, developing new friendships and find- ing a niche. It means homework like you ' ve never seen, professors who expect so much, meeting true academic challenges, and effectively relearn- ing how to learn. It means freedom, social inde- pendence, personal challenges, and spiritual ex- ploration. It can be the toughest and the easiest year at college . . . everything is different and diffi- cult, but, it ' s okay! You ' re a freshman, and there- fore have the ultimate excuse. Mark Alexander Mary Alfonzo Scott Alper Stavros Anatasiades Camilla Anderson Andrea Andrews Relieved after a full week of Rush, Billy Kiel shows his enthusiasm for Alpha Tau Omega after being tapped on Bid PickClp Day. Learning the ropes — Bob Finkbeiner teaches John Dickson the art of persuasiveness in selling Mud-wrestling tickets. Fresftmert CLASS OF 1991 l O Freshmen Lenn Bell W. Colin Bernard Hanging out in the hail — Jennifer Kjellegren and Amy Pitchford. Pete BianchI Miles Bobdurant Michael Bonvissuto Wendy Bowden Belli Brooks Mary Bryan Claudia Burke Sean Burke Caught by the camera, William Frisbee during Rush. Tracy Caldwell Catherine Canouse Cari Caplia Timothy Carignan Freshmen 171 Julia Case Brooke Chambliss Susan Chaplin Shelia Cox Robert Craig Michelle Cross Andrew Daire Lisa Dawson Roger Depass Giving blood isn ' t so terrible, Andrea Glaser can even manage a smile John Dickson Lori Ann DiPenta Kimberly Dugdale Eric Eisen Mike Fenwick Jo-Ann Fergus " resliman Paul Mezura finds a quiet place to ■ ludy at the Phi Mu house. 1 TT- Martin Gehlen Kenneth Gerry Sherry Gibson Jamnni Gilliard 1 2 Freshmen Laura Haradman Monica Henderson Lisa Herron Margaret Hill Elizabeth Hinckley Elizabeth Hinz Kelli Hogue Ray Holley Kami Hostetler Wendy Lea Howell Jamie Hug hes Charles Huthmaker Ricardo Hwang Freshmen l J Terri Kukuck Susan Kuznucki Deadlines take a toll on Hatter editor Steve Boyd, but Freshman Lori Ann DiPenta and Advisor Amy Broutman remain in good spirits. No. chivalry is not dead at Stetson. Some young men still enjoy carrying a voung lady ' s books. 174 Freshmen Glyn Lipham Michael Lynch Jennifer Macam Jason Maddox Andrea Mahoney li _ ...J Lorraine Morris Ron Mullins Anne Mumbauer Tim Murphy Amy Musselman Georgia Nelson Muriel Nichols Denise Oliver Claudia Palls Rebecca Palmer Rose Paxson James Payer Berit Pendersen Scott Phillips Freshmen 175 FOCUS WELCOMES HEW STUDFMTSf Maria Ruiz Heidi Rushton Christopher Rutz Wendy Ryan Focus plays a big role formost every Freshman during those Ann« -Saiv n ' i !.=. Q=.. h ii m n c u j , « ■, c- u, ,_ first few weeks of adjustment. Anna Salvage Lisa Satchell Noelle Schaedel Monika Schilcher William bhackelford Amy Siegelman l D Freshmen Tori Sizemore Kristin Smith An unknown student makes her mark on posterity. Samantha Smith Shannon Smith Matthew Spear Michael Sretsios Deirdre Stevens Tracy Stromberg Kimberley Summers Krista Traister David Tumblin Studying for the big exam — Junior Marcy Mitchem and ary Tyler Lara Vaughan Freshman Bethany Eidel. Cynthia Vayo Lauren Vondrasek Eric Walmsley Kristin Warner Ruth Warren Robyn Welsh Jane Wendr i Erika Wood Tina Zarbo Carol Zimmerly Derek Zimmerman Freshmen often get " initiated " into college life. Freshmen 177 ACKEL, MARY V. (Vicki) Lambda Chi Alpha Little Sister (1, 2, 3, 4); Phi Chi Theta (3. 4); Public Relations; Stetson Mar- keting Association (4); Newsletter Committee Chairperson AGRAMONTE-HARPER, MERCEDES ANA Student Government Association (1) ANDERSON. DAVID TURNER Phi Sigma Kappa (1 . 2, 3, 4); Tae-Kwon Do Club (1,2. 3, 4) AYLOR. DEBORAH LYNN (Debbie) Stetson Marketing Association (3, 4); Alpha Kappa Psi (3, 4); BABB. DOOGLAS R. ROTC (1, 2, 3, 4); Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity (1. 2. 3. 4): Scabbard and Blade Honorary Fraternity (2, 3, 4); Stetson Security (4) BAKER, BONNIE SUE Alpha Chi Omega (1. 2. 3, 4); Residential Advisor (4); Stetson Outdoors Club (1, 2, 3. 4) BALLESTEROS, TIMOTHY ALAN (Save) Baseball (3, 4); O C. Football (4) BANG. MIKAEL O. Baptist Campus Ministry (1 , 2, 3, 4); BCM Reviv- al Team (3. 4); InterVarsity Fellowship (4); Foren sics Team (4) BARBA. LYNETTE A. Scuba Diving (1,2. 3, 4): Phi Chi Theta (2, 3, 4); Catering (2, 3, 4); Professor ' s Assistant (3, 4) BARNARD, THOMAS A. (Tom) Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity (1, 2, 3, 4); Ameri- can Chemical Society (3, 4); Gamma Sigma Ep- silon (3, 4 - President. 4) BATCHELOR, RICHARD Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity (1. 2. 3, 4); Wrestling Team (1, 2), Wrestling Team President. (3) BAUDER, CHARLES JOSEPH III (Chip) Stetson Soccer (1, 2. 3, 4); Stetson Marketing Association (3. 4); BECKHAM. MOLLY JEAN Delta Delta Delta (1. 2. 3. 4); Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister (4); Mortar Board (4) BELL, DANIEL MILTON JR. Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity (1, 2, 3. 4 - Presi- dent. 3); Mortar Board BENNETT CHRISTOPHER ANDREW Stetson Soccer (1. 2, 3, 4); Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity (1, 2, 3, 4); Fellowship of Christian Athletes (4); Resident Advisor (3) BENNETT. JAYME Phi Mu Sorority (1,2- Outstanding Phi, 1); Phi Sigma Kappa Little Sister (1, 2. 3, 4); Kappa Delta Pi (3, 4 - Chaplain, 4 BENNETT. MICHAEL JAMES Alpha Kappa Psi (4); BIRMINGHAM. JAMES B. (Buddah) Stetson Reporter (2. 3 - Staff Editorialist. 2); Democrats of Stetson University (President - 3, 4); Greenfeather Committee Chairman (4); His- tory Political Science Honoraries BISHOP, JULIE ANN Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority (1, 2, 3, 4); Stetson Marketing Association (3, 4); Phi Chi Theta (3); Stetson Outdoors Club (1 , 2. 3. 4); Rho Lambda (4); Sigma Nu Little Sister (1. 2. 3, 4) BLACKBURN. ANNETTE THOMPSON Faculty Evaluation Committee; Sigma Tau Del ta (3. 4 - Historian, 4); Touchstone Production Editor (3); Touchstone Humanities Editor (4) BOLTON, BEVERLY A. Alpha Kappa Psi (3, 4) BOOKER, JANNETTE ALICIA (Jan) Concert Choir (1. 2. 3, 4); Concerto Winner (3) BOOTH. JANET CARROLL Alpha Chi Omega (1, 2, 3. 4 - President, 4); Omicron Delta Kappa (3. 4); Resident Advisor (2, 3); Rho Lambda (3, 4); Student Union Board (1) BORRIELLO. SANDRA D. (Sandy) Student Government Association Senator (1, 2); Resident Advisor (2, 3, 4); Stetson Reporter Busi- ness Manager (3); Phi Alpha Delta (2, 3, 4); Stu- dent Union Board (1) BRENNAN. MICHAEL JOSEPH (Mike) Stetson Union Board (President, 4 - Vice Presi- dent, 3 - Concerts Chairman, 2); Judiciary Council Senior Representative (4); Sigma Phi Ep- silon Fraternity (1, 2, 3, 4); Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity (2, 3. 4); Zeta Man (2. 3, 4); Stetson Marketing Association (3. 4); Student Affairs Committee Representative (4); Hatter Holiday Committee Chairman (3); J. OIlie Ed- munds Scholarship Selections Committee Chairman (3) BROSOFSKY. ROBERT NEAL (Uncle Mishka) Phi Sigma Kappa (1, 2. 3, 4); Chapter Treasurer 2; Chapter Inductor (3); Province Vice President (3, 4); Social Chairman (4); Association for Com- puting Machinery (2, 3. 4); IFC Greek Week Chairman (2) BROWN, GREGORY BAYARD Residential Life Staff (2, 3); Theatre (1. 2, 3. 4); Honor Roll (2); Touchstone (3) BROYLES. KIMBERLY JEAN Kappa Alpha Theta (2. 3, 4 - Corresponding Secretary, 3 - Vice President Finance, 4); Alpha Kappa Psi (3. 4); Stetson Marketing Association (2, 3, 4); Baptist Campus Ministry (1, 2, 3, 4 - Secretary, 2 - President, 3 - Revival Teams, 4); Rho Lambda (3, 4); Ministerial Association (3, 4) BRYDA. AMY LYNN Sigma Phi Epsilon Little Sister (1, 2, 3. 4); Stet- son Marketing Association (3, 4) BUNTZ. EDWARD PATRICK (Rick) Men ' s Basketball Manager (2, 3. 4); Correspon- dence Secretary, Young Democrats (4); Green- feather Committee Member (4); Phi Alpha Delta (4) CAENERS. KENNETH Alpha Tau Omega (1, 2, 3, 4) CAIN, TERRI ELLEN Women ' s Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4) CALDWELL. MARY LYNN Kappa Alpha Theta (2, 3, 4); Baptist Campus Ministry (1, 2, 3, 4); Concert Choir (2, 3, 4) CANDON, BRIAN H. Stetson Soccer Team (1, 2, 3, 4); Fellowship of Christian Athletes (4) CASTELLI, DAVID MICHAEL Sigma Nu Fraternity (3. 4); Varsity Soccer Team (1, 2) CERIO. LISA L. Young Democrats (3, 4); Model Senate (2, 3) CHAPMAN. ANNA MARIE (Annie) Phi Alpha Delta Fraternity (3, 4); Wrestlerette (2, 3); Intramurals (4); Residential Advisor (4); Mod el Senate (4) CHIN, SHARON SIMONE Alpha Kappa Psi (4); Spanish Teacher at St. Bar- nabas Episcopal School (2); Stetson Union Board (3) CIRA. CAROLYN MARIE Resident Advisor (3, 4); Zeta Tau Alpha ( 1 , 2. 3, 4 - Director of Pledge Programming, 3 - Judiciary Council President, 4); Phi Sigma Kappa Little Sister (3, 4); Mortar Board Vice-President (4); Rho Lambda Treasurer (4); Catholic Campus Minis try (1, 2, 3, 4) COLE. KRIS IVES Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity (2, 3, 4); Baptist Campus Ministry (1 , 2, 3, 4); Alpha Kappa Psi (2, 3,4) CONKLIN. CHERYL LYNN Varsity Softball (4); Varsity Volleyball (4) CONWAY. MICHAEL JAMES Sigma Nu Fraternity (2, 3, 4); ROTC (2, 3. 4); Men ' s Cross Country (4) COOPER. MARK SMITH (Coop) Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity (1, 2, 3, 4); Assistant Director of Traffic (3, 4); Stetson Security Shift Commander (2, 3, 4); Stetson Marketing Associ- ation (2, 3): College Republicans (1); ROTC (1, 2) CONTRERAS, KIMBERLY ANNE (Kim) Delta Delta Delta Sorority (1, 2, 3, 4); Phi Alpha Delta (1.2, 3); Omega Delta Kappa Green Circle (2); Yearbook Staff (1,3- Greek Life Editor, 3) COX, SABRINA JANE Alpha Chi Omega Sorority (2, 3, 4); Greek Bible Study (2, 3, 4); Baseball Bat Girl (3) CRANSTON, ROBERT WILLIAM (Bobby) Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity (1, 2, 3, 4); German Club (2, 3, 4 - President, 2, 3); Cross Country Team (3, 4); Resident Advisor (3); Head Resident 4; Phi Eta Sigma (2, 3. 4); Omicron Delta Kappa (3, 4 - Vice President, 4); Mortar Board (3, 4) CULLOM, APRIL SUE Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority (1, 2, 3, 4 - Social Chair- man, 4); Soccerette (2); Phi Chi Theta Business Fraternity (2, 3, 4); Yearbook Photographer (4) DANIELS, BRENDA S. Pi Beta Phi Sorority (4); Miss Greenfeather 1986; Stetson Marketing Association (4); Business In- ternship Program (4) DAVIES, LESLIE CHRISTINE Alpha Chi Omega (1, 2, 3, 4); Phi Chi Theta (3); Stetson Marketing Association (3. 4); Stetson Outdoor Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Bacchus (1,2.) DEINARD, JOHN Sigma Nu Fraternity (1. 2. 3, 4 - President. 4); Alpha Chi Omega Big Lyre (2, 3. 4); Beta Beta Beta (4); ROTC (2. 3. 4); Inter-Fraternity Council (2,4) DERMODY. F. JOSEPH Sigma Nu Fraternity (3. 4 - Social Chairman, 4) DODGE, THOMAS HYATT (Tom) Stetson Outdoor Club (1); Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity (2, 3, 4); Fraternity Graduate Counsel- or (4); Hatter Stat Crew (4); Davis Hall Co-Direc- tor of Computer Maintenance (4) DORSEY, SUSAN LYNN Baptist Campus Ministry ( 1 , 2, 3, 4); BSM Secre- tary (3); BCM Director of Outreach (4); Alpha Kappa Psi (3. 4) DOTIE, MERRIE BETH Alpha Chi Omega Sorority (2. 3, 4); Honor Roll (1. 2, 3. 4); Dean ' s List (2); J.C. Aspley Scholar- ship and Character Award (4) DUNCIL. CAROLINE A. Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority (1, 2, 3. 4); Alpha Kappa Psi (2. 3, 4); Yearbook Staff (2) DUPREE. KIMBERLY DEE (Kim) Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority (1. 2. 3. 4 - Vice Presi- dent, 3); Mortar Board (3, 4); Rho Lambda (3, 4); Rho Chi (3); Panhellenic Rush Chairman (4); Fo- cus (2, 3); Stetson Outdoors Club (3, 4); Alpha Tau Omega Little Sister (3. 4); Greek Bible Study (1, 2. 3. 4); Accountancy Club (3. 4) DURYEA. DOMINIQUE ERIKA (Nick!) Phi Eta Sigma Academic Honorary Society (I); Alpha Kappa Delta International Honor Society (4); Junior Year Abroad in Dijon, France (3) DRAKE. CHRISTOPHER JOSEPH (C.J. Drake) Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity (4); Model Student Senate (1,2, 3, 4); Phi Alpha Theta (3, 4); ROTC (1, 2, 3, 4) DRGMOV, NANCY Cheerleading (1, 2, 3) Pi Kappa Phi Little Sister (3, 4); Fellowship of Christian Athletes ECKLER. LAURA LIN (Lorl) Alpha Xi Delta Sorority (2, 3); Lambda Chi Alpha Little Sister (2, 3. 4); ROTC (1, 2, 3, 4) ELLIS, ROTH ELIZABETH (Ruthy) Phi Signna Kappa Little Sister (1, 2, 3, 4); Canter- bury Club (1, 2, 3, 4); French Club (1, 2) ELLIS-BROWN. STACY MARIE HELANE Alpha Xi Delta (3, 4); Baptist Campus Ministry (3,4) ELLIOTT. ROBIN RENEE Phi Chi Theta (2, 3, 4) EPPERSON. HAL C. Baptist Campus Ministry (1, 2, 3, 4); Phi Alpha Delta (3, 4); Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity (3, 4); Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science Honorary Frater- nity (3, 4) FIGUEIRAS, MAYTE Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority (1, 2, 3, 4); Panhel- lenic Council (President, 4 - Secretary, Vice President, 3 - Jr. Panhellenic Advisor, 3); Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity (3, 4 - Chaplain, 4); Student Affairs Committee (3, 4); Alpha Tau Omega Little Sister (1 , 2,3,4- ATO Sweetheart, 4); Stetson Marketing Association ( Rho Lambda (3, 4); Rho Chi (4); Homecoming Finalist (2); Homecoming Committee (2, 4); Greenfeather Events Chairman (3, 4) FINDLEY. HAROLD EDWIN Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity (1, 2, 3, 4); College Bowl (2, 3, 4); Student Government Association (3); Student Union Board (4); Forensics Team (4); Inter-Fraternity Council (3); Stetson Outdoors Club (3, 4); Society of Physics Student (3); Honor Roll (1,2); Dean ' s List (3, 4); German Club (2, 3, 4); Order of Omega (3, 4) FLATT. MARGARET LORRAINE Opera (3, 4); Omega Delta Kappa (3, 4); Baptist Campus Ministry (1, 2, 3, 4); Ministerial Associ- ation (3, 4); Music Advisory Council (2, 3) FOLTZ. SCOTT ALLEN Men ' s Tennis Team (1, 2); Stetson Marketing As- sociation (2, 3); Sigma Nu Fraternity (1, 2, 3, 4) FORMAN. HOLLY ELIZABETH Pi Kappa Phi Little Sister (1, 2, 3, 4) FRANKS. RaSSELL ALAN Opera (3, 4); Giffin Vocal Scholarship Winner(3) FREUDENSTEIN. TRACY ANN Pi Beta Phi Sorority (1, 2, 3, 4); Sigma Nu Little Sister (1,2); Tennis Team (1,2); Phi Alpha Delta (3,4) FULLER. JOHN DAVID Student Government Association (4); Model Stu- dent Senate (4); Homecoming Co-Chairman (4) GATINS, ANNE H. Lambda Chi Alpha Little Sister (1,2,3, 4); Volley- ball Team (2, 4); Stetson Marketing Association (3, 4); Phi Chi Theta (3, 4); Greenfeather Co- Chairman (3); Fellowship of Christian Athletes Catholic Campus Ministry; Resident Advisor (3); Stetson Athletic Department (2, 3, 4) GIANNONE. ANNMARIE Sigma Phi Epsilon Little Sister (1, 2, 3, 4) GITELES. KELLY JEAN Alpha Kappa Psi (2, 3, 4); Independent (1, 2, 3, 4); Stetson Marketing Association (3, 4); Report- er Staff (2); Emcee for Follies (2); Greenfeather Talent Show (3, 4); Stetson Outdoors Club (2, 3, 4); Stover Play (1) GOODCHILD. GERALD B. (Brad) Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity (1,2,3,4- President, 4 - Vice President, 3); Order of Omega (3, 4); Student Judicial Council (1, 2, 3, 4); Student Budgetory Council (1, 2, 3, 4); Resident Advisor (2); Phi Chi Theta ((3, 4) CRAVENS. LAURA FRANCES Alpha Kappa Psi (3, 4); Dance Performance Group (2, 3, 4) GREGG, AMANDA ASHBROOK Pi Beta Phi Sorority (1, 2, 3, 4); Pi Kappa Phi Little Sister (1, 2, 3, 4) HAMILTON. SEAN PATRICK ( " GQ " ) Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity (1, 2, 3, 4 - Secre- tary, 2) HARMAN. MARK EDWARD Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity (3, 4); Theta Alpha Phi (4) HASSALL. ARTHUR HALE Honors Program (1, 2, 3, 4); Phi Alpha Theta (3, 4); Forensics Team (1); College Bowl (1, 2, 3, 4); Canterbury House (1, 2, 3, 4 -Senior Warden, 4); Religious Life Council (1,2, 4); WSTN Vice Chair (2) HELLER. KIM FREDERICK III ROTC (1, 2, 3, 4); Cross Country (2, 3, 4, 5); Accountancy Club (3, 4); Pi Kappa Phi (2, 3, 4); Alpha Kappa Psi (4); Omicron Delta Kappa (4, 5); WSTN (1); Forensics Team (1); Resident Advi- sor (5) HOMAN. PAULA (Hey Hey Paula) Pi Kappa Little Sister (2, 3, 4); Hatter Connection (4) HORTON. HOLLI SUZANNE Stetson Cheerleader (2, 3 - Captain, 3 - Co- Captain, 2); Pi Beta Phi Sorority (1, 2, 3, 4 - Chaplain, 3); Pi Kappa Phi Little Sister (1 , 2, 3, 4); Cross Country Team (4) INCLAN. CLEMENTE J. Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity (2, 3, 4); Student Government Chairman (3); Business Manager of Yearbook (3); Publications Board Chairman (3); Forensics Team (2, 3 - Vice President. 3); Phi Alpha Delta (3, 4); Focus (3, 4); Omicron Delta Kappa (3, 4) IRAVANI. MANSUREH SHIRIN Alpha Xi Delta Sorority (1, 2, 3, 4); Pi Kappa Phi Little Sister (1, 2, 3, 4); Beta Beta Beta (2, 3, 4); Gamma Sigma Epsilon (3, 4) IRZA. JENNIFER LYNN Alpha Xi Delta Sorority (1, 2, 3, 4); Panhellenic Council (2, 3); House Manager (4) JAMES. JENNIFER LEE (Jenny) Cheerleader (2); Touchstone Editor (3); Publica- tions Board (3, 4); Stetson Union Board (4); Alpha Kappa Psi (3, 4); Stetson Marketing Association (4); Hatter Connection (3, 4); Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister (2, 3, 4); Fellow- ship of Christian Athletes (3, 4) JANKINS. MARTIN LUCIAS (Marty) Varsity Basketball (3, 4) JERNIGAN, JULIE ANNE Greenfeather Co-Chairperson (2); Alpha Xi Delta Sorority (2, 3, 4); Stetson Study Abroad Program - France (3); Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister (1 , 2, 3, 4); Honor Roll (2, 3) JONES, KAREN L. Cheerleader (1, 2, 4); Beta Beta Beta (3, 4); American Chemical Society (3, 4); Cheerleading Coach (3) JOYCE, JOANNE MARIE (J.J.) Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority (1, 2, 3, 4); Rho Chi (4); Stetson Outdoors Club (3, 4);; Accountancy Club (3, 4); Greek Bible Study (4); Phi Chi Theta (3,4) KACZYNSKI, ERNA MARIE (Nina) Canterbury (1,2, 3,); Religious Life Council (2, 3, 4); Society of Physics Students (3, 4); Intramur- als Representative (4); Model Student Senate Page (1) KAMINSKI. ANKE Alp ha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity (2, 3, 4 - President. 4); Alpha Tau Omega Little Sister (2, 3, 4); German Club (2, 3 - Vice President, 2. 3); Stetson Union Board (3, 4) KARR. JASON LEE Baptist Campus Ministry (3, 4 - President, 4); Student Ministerial Association (President, 3, 4); Phi Alpha Theta (Treasurer, 3); Omicron Delta Kappa (3, 4); Honors Program (1, 2, 3, 4); Green- feather Co-Chairman of Events (4) KAUFMAN. ELIZABETH J. Delta Delta Delta Sorority (1, 2, 3, 4); Pi Kappa Phi Little Sister (1. 2, 3, 4); Touchstone Literary Magazine (2, 4); Study Abroad Program - France (3); Panhellenic Council (1, 2); Honor Roll (1, 2. 3,) KAZANJIAN. GREGORY ARMEN Pi Kappa Alpha (1, 2, 3, 4); Stetson Union Board (4); Stetson Tae Kwon Do Club (1. 2, 3, 4) KEYES. MARY TABER Phi Mu Sorority (1, 2, 3, 4); Women ' s Tennis Team (1); Student Government Association (1); Resident Advisor (3); Head Resident (4); Sandra Marie Hamilton Award (3) KIVI. KATHLEEN DIANE (Kathy) Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority (1,2,3. 4); Rho Lambda (3, 4); Hatter Connection (3); Resident Advisor (3); Head Resident (4); Wrestlerette (1, 2); Year- book Staff (3) KUSHNER. DINA MICHELLE Director, Davis Hall Computer Lab (3, 4); Sigma Nu Little Sister (3, 4); Phi Chi Theta Business Fraternity (2. 3) LACEY. MATTHEW JEROME (Matt) Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity (1, 2, 3, 4); Model Student Senate (1, 2, 3, 4); Resident Advisor (2); Head Resident (3); Judiciary Council (3, 4); Home-Coming Co-Chairman (3); FOCUS (4); Stu- dent Affairs Committee (4); Catholic Campus Ministry (1, 2, 3, 4); Model United Nations (1, 2, 3, 4); Political Forum; Wheat Scholar (3, 4); Hon- or Roll (2, 3, 4); Mr. Beauty Runner-up (2) LADINSKY. JEFF IRWIN Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity (1, 2, 3, 4 - Presi- dent, 2) Beta Beta Beta (3, 4); Resident Advisor (2); Head Resident (3, 4); Student Affairs Com- mittee (4); Inter-Fraternity Council (2, 3 - Vice President, 3) LANEY. ELIZABETH ANN Concert Choir (2, 3, 4); Baptist Campus Minis- tries (1, 2, 3, 4); Ministerial Association (1, 3, 4 - Secretary, 3, 4) LANIER. ELLEN Pi Beta Phi Sorority (1, 2, 3, 4); Stetson Market- ing Association (2, 3) LATOUR. ANAMARIA LAURA (Ana) Alpha Xi Delta Sorority (1, 2, 3, 4 - Treasurer, 3); Stetson Marketing Association (3, 4); Phi Alpha Delta (2, 3, 4); Rho Chi (3); Rho Lambda (3. 4); Catholic Campus Ministry (1, 2, 3, 4); Bat Girl (1) LE. MAN MINH Baptist Campus Ministries ( 1 , 2, 3. 4); Honor Roll (1, 2. 3, 4); Internationals Committee (3, 4); For- ensics (3, 4); Koinenia Staff (3, 4); FCA (3, 4) LEE, SHAWN THOMAS Baseball (2, 3, 4) LINO. PATRICIA Lambda Chi Alpha Little Sister (1, 2, 3, 4); Phi Alpha Delta (3, 4); Political Science Honorary (3, 4) LISKA, ANDREA lONE Stover Theatre ( 1 , 2. 3, 4); Sigma Tau Delta (2,3, 4); Omicron Delta Kappa (3, 4); Phi Alpha Delta (2, 3, 4); Phi Eta Sigma (2, 3, 4); Theta Alpha Phi (2, 3, 4); Honors Program (1, 2, 3, 4) LIZ. ELAINE D. Resident Advisor (2, 3); Kappa Alpha Theta So- rority (1,2, 3); Alpha Kappa Psi (3, 4 - Secretary, 3); Greenfeather Co-Chairman (3); Parents Week- end LOHLEIN. MICHAEL G. Stetson Security Staff (2, 3, 4); Lambda Chi Al- pha Fraternity (I, 2, 3, 4); ROTC (3, 4) LONG. MONIKA Newspaper (1,2) LUCAS. DANIEL LEWIS (Danny) Mens Varsity Basketball (1, 2. 3, 4) LUKITO. IRINA M. Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity (1, 2, 3) MACDONALD, KURT JOHN Varsity Soccer (1, 2, 3, 4); Stetson Marketing Association (4); Stetson Outdoors Club (1. 2, 3, 4) MACGRATH. WILLIAM TODD Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity (1, 2, 3, 4 - Vice President, 3 - Secretary, 2); Stetson Marketing Association (3, 4); Order of Omega (3, 4) MARRERO, JORGE LUIS Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity (2, 3, 4); Honor Roll (2, 3) MARTORANA. MICHELLE H Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority (2,3, 4); Kappa Del- ta Pi (2, 3, 4); Chapel Choir (2, 3, 4); CMENC (2, 3,4) McBRIDE. JAMES PATRICK (HugHugHug) Sigma Tau Delta (2, 3, 4); Pi Kappa Delta (1,2); Theta Alpha Phi (2, 3, 4); Omicron Delta Kappa (3, 4); Honor Roll (1, 2); Dean ' s List (3. 4); Stover Theatre Productions (1, 2, 3, 4); Wesley House (1, 2), Baptist Campus Ministries (1, 2, 3, 4); Direc- tor of Off Campus Ministries (4); Children ' s The- atre (1,2); Yearbook Photographer (4); Religious Life Council (2, 3, 4) Mccormick, brian keith Stetson Jazz Band (1); Stetson Marketing Asso- ciation (2, 3, 4 - President, 3); Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity (1, 2, 3, 4 - Secretary, 3); Stetson Reporter Contributing Editor (1, 2, 3, 4); RUTC (1, 2, 3, 4); Order of Omega (2, 3, 4); Phi Eta Sigma (1, 2, 3, 4) McNATT. MICHAEL WALTER (Mike) Hatter Connection (4); Alpha Kappa Psi (3, 4); Association of Computing Machinery (3, 4); Mor- tar Board (3, 4); Baptist Campus Ministries (3, 4) MESCIA, NADINE D. Pi Beta Phi Sorority (3, 4); Psi Chi Honorary (2, 3, 4), Mortar Board (4); Phi Alpha Delta (4) MEYER. ALISA DAWN Delta Delta Delta Sorority (1, 2, 3, 4); Pi Kappa Phi Little Sister (1, 2, 3, 4); Phi Chi Theta (3, 4); Homecoming Publicity CoChairman (2) MEZERA. DANIELLE REBECCA Phi Mu Sorority (2, 3, 4 - President, 4); Resident Advisor (2, 3); Rho Lambda (3, 4); Kappa Delta Pi (3, 4 - President, 4); Omicron Delta Kappa (3, 4);Stetson Union Board (2); Baptist Campus Min istries (2) MILJOLLIM. LYNN V. Model Student Senate (3. 4); Model United Na tions (3. 4 - Secretary General, 4) MILLWATER. KIMBERLY IRIS (Kim) Theta Alpha Phi (2, 3, 4 - Vice-President, 4 - Historian, 3); Wesley House (1 , 2, 3, 4); Children ' s Theatre (2, 3); WSTN (I) MOAX. SHELLY LYNN Religious Life Council (4) MOATS. STACEY ANN Zeta Tau Alpha (1, 2, 3, 4); Phi Chi Theta (3, 4) MONACO, DEBORAH LYNN (Debbie) Alpha Kappa Psi (3, 4 - Corresponding Secre- tary, 4); Stetson Outdoors Club (3, 4); Phi Sigma Kappa Little Sister (4); Panhellenic Council (3, 4); Rho Chi (4); Stetson Marketing Association (3, 4) MOORE. JOHN LESLIE Student Body President (3, 4); Phi Alpha Theta (3, 4 - President; College Bowl (2, 3); Delta Sig- ma Phi ( 1 , 2, 3, 4); Omicron Delta Kappa; Mortar Board; Resident Advisor (2) MULLIS, TRES Student Government Association (1, 2); SGA Vice President (2); Homecoming Committee (2, 3, 4); Chapel Choir (1, 2, 3, 4); Winter Term Com- mittee (3); Hatter Connection (3, 4); Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity (1, 2, 3, 4); Inter-Fraternity Council (3, 4) MUGAVERO. ROBERT CHARLES Stetson Union Board (2); Student Government Association (3); Stetson Marketing Association (2, 3); Phi Alpha Delta (4); Pi Kappa Alpha Frater- nity (1, 2, 3, 4); Focus (4) NATALE. MICHAEL ANTHONY Varsity Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4) NECK. ANDREW CHARLES Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity (1, 2, 3, 4); Focus Co- Director (3, 4); Omicron Delta Kappa (3, 4); Mor- tar Board (3, 4); Pi Kappa Lambda (3, 4); Phi Eta Sigma (1, 2, 3, 4); Chapel Choir (1, 2, 3, 4) NEWBERRY. DARRIN JOHN Sigma Nu Fraternity (2, 3, 4 - Chaplain, 4) NEWTON. JEFFREY LEONARD Omicron Delta Kappa (3, 4); Dean ' s List (3, 4); Honor Roll (1, 2, 3, 4); Concert Choir (1, 2, 3, 4) NIBBELINK. LYNN CHRISTIANSEN Cross Country (2, 3, 4); Delta Sigma Phi Little Sister (2, 3, 4); Basketball Tutor (3) OBRIEN. WILLIAM THOMAS (Bill) Orchestra (1,2,3,4); Alpha Tau Omega Fraterni ty (1, 2, 3, 4); Resident Advisor (3) O ' CONNOR, MEGHAN JUSTINE Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority ((2, 3, 4); Catholic Campus Ministry (3, 4) O ' HARE. TRACY M. Pi Beta Phi Sorority (1, 2, 3, 4); Stetson Market- ing Association (2, 3, 4) OLIN, STEPHANIE Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority (1, 2, 3, 4 - Presi dent, 3, 4) Mortar Board (3, 4); Omicron Delta Kappa (3, 4); Rho Lambda (3, 4); Political Sci- ence Honorary (2, 3, 4); Phi Alpha Delta (2, 3, 4); Phi Eta Sigma (1, 2, 3, 4) ONG. JOHN B. Association of Computing Machinery (1); Sigma Nu Fraternity (3, 4); Alpha Chi Omega Big Lyre (3, 4); American Chemical Society (2); Academic Computer Assistant (2, 3) OSTEEN. SHANNON R. Alpha Tau Omega (3. 4) PALACIOS, KAREN ELIZABETH Women ' s Golf (3, 4); Forensics Team (4) PARSONS. RICHARD ATHERTON Stetson Marketing Association (3, 4); Phi Chi Theta (3, 4) PERKINS. THOMAS ADDISON Varsity Basketball (1, 2, 3); Alpha Xi Delta Ro- sethorn (2, 3, 4); Beta Beta Beta (2, 3, 4) PESOLA, SHERRY LYNN Beta Beta Beta (3, 4); American Chemical Soci- ety (3, 4); Alpha Chi Omega (1, 2, 3, 4); Bacchus (2) PHAN. MARY Alpha Kappa Psi (3, 4); Accountancy Club (3, 4) PHILLIPS, ERIN CLAIRE Choral Union (2, 3, 4); BCM (1, 2, 3, 4) POINDEXTER, SUSAN L. Kappa Alpha Theta (1, 2, 3, 4); Alpha Tau Ome- ga Little Sister (1, 2, 3, 4); Theatre (3); Hatter Photo Editor (2); Greenfeather Committee Chair- man (4) PODANY. J. MICHELLE Baptist Campus Ministries (2, 3, 4); Aleathia (2, 4) Ministerial Association (3, 4); Phi Chi Theta (4 - Treasurer, 4) PREVATT. ANGELA Fellowship of Christian Athletes (1, 2, 3, 4); Sig- ma Phi Epsilon Little Sister (2, 3, 4); Batgirl (1, 3, 4); SUB (1, 2); Bacchus (3); Stetson Outdoor Club (2); Soccerette (1) PUIG, TODD ANDREW Spanish Table (3, 4); German Club (4); Phi Alpha Theta (3); Phi Beta Kappa (4) REICH. ANDREW ADAM (Andy) Pi Kappa Alpha (1, 2, 3, 4 - Pledge Class and Fraternity Historian, Scholarship Chairman, Secretary, Vice President, Pledge Educator(; IFC (2, 3, 4 - Director of Educational Programming, 2, 3; Judicial Vice President 3, 4); Phi Alpha Delta (2, 3, 4 - Vice President, 4); FOCUS Advi- sor (3, 4); Resident Advisor (2); SGA (3, 4); Order of Omega (3,4- President, 4); Hatter Connection (3, 4); Student Affairs Committee (4); SMA (2, 3); Intramural Tennis (1, 2, 3, 4) RIDEOUT. DREA Alpha Xi Delta (1, 2, 3, 4 - Pledge Educator, 3; President, 4); Lambda Chi Alpha Little Sister (1, 2, 3, 4); Rho Lambda (3, 4); SMA (3, 4) ROBINETTE. JAMES LAWRENCE (Jim) Judo Club (3, 4); Hatter Connection (3); Soccer (3) ROBINSON. CAROLINE WAVERLY Kappa Alpha Theta (I, 2, 3, 4); Hatter Staff (2) ROGERS. KIMBERLY JO Alpha Tau Omega Little Sister (1, 2, 3, 4); BCM (2, 3); Concert Choir and Choral Union (1 , 2, 3, 4); Resident Advisor (4); Hatter Connection (4); Mor- tar Board (4 - Secretary, 4); Greenfeather Co- Chairman of Participation (2) ROMAY. LISA MARIE Alpha Xi Delta (1, 2, 3, 4 - Vice President, 3; Treasurer, 4); Pi Kappa Phi Little Sister (1, 2, 3, 4); SMA (3, 4); Rho Lambda (4); Mortar Board (4 - Treasurer; 4); FOCUS Advisor (4) ROSENBERG, TERRI ANN Phi Mud, 2,3,4); Reporter Staff (1, 2); SMA (3, 4); Hatter Staff (4); Greek Week Co-Chairman (3); Greenfeather (3) ROSSO. LUCILLE RENEE Phi Beta Kappa (3, 4); Mortar Board (4); Omicron Delta Kappa (4); Delta Delta Delta (1, 2, 3, 4 - Recording Secretary, 2; House Manager, 3; Scholarship Chairman, 4); Gamma Sigma Epsi- lon (3, 4); Phi Eta Sigma (2, 3, 4); Beta Beta Beta (2, 3, 4 - Secretary, 3, 4); Society of Physics Students (3); American Chemical Society (3, 4); Catholic Campus Ministry (2, 3, 4); Pi Kappa Phi Little Sister (2, 3, 4); Rho Lambda (3, 4) SABOL, DEBBIE LYNN Pi Beta Phi (1, 2, 3, 4 - Pledge Educator, 2; President, 3, 4); SOC (1, 2, 3, 4); Pi Kappa Plii Little Sister (2, 3, 4); Hatter Representative (1); Panhellenic (1); Bacchus (1); SMA (2); Rho Lambda (2); Homecoming Court (4) SAGES, MARY THERESE Delta Delta Delta (1, 2, 3, 4); Pi Kappa Phi Little Sister (2, 3, 4); SGA (1) SANCHEZ-BURR, ELENA MARIA SCJB Representative (1, 2); Kappa Alpha Theta (1, 2, 3, 4 - House Manager, 1, 2; Service Chair- man, 2; Intramurals Chairman, 2); Miss Green- feather candidate (1 , 2); Theatre (3, 4); Phi Sigma Kappa Little Sister (1, 2, 3, 4) SANGIOVANNL CARLA MARIE Delta Delta Delta (2, 3, 4); SUB (3); SGA (4); Sigma Pi Sigma (3, 4); Omicron Delta Kappa (3, 4); Phi Eta Sigma (2, 3, 4); Mortar Board (3, 4); Rho Lambda (3, 4); FOCOS staff (4); Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister (2, 3, 4) SAPP, DAVID GREGORY (Greg) BCM (3, 4 - Alethia Director, 4); Ministerial Asso- ciation (3, 4) SAUER, WENDY ANNE Sigma Nu Little Sister (1, 2, 3, 4); Sigma INu Sweetheart (3); Phi Alpha Delta (3, 4); Wrestler- ette (2); Alpha Chi Omega (2, 3, 4) SCHREIBER ADRIAN WAYNE (Wayne) Phi Alpha Delta (4); Hatter photographer (3) SCHROTEL, BRET Delta Delta Delta (1, 2, 3, 4); Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister (3, 4); Rho Lambda (3, 4 - President 3, 4); FOCUS staff (2, 3, 4); Rho Chi (3); Judiciary Council (3, 4); SGA Senator (3); Panhellenic So- cial Chairman (3); Phi Alpha Delta (2, 3) SCHUMANN, RICHARD WILLIAM Alpha Tau Omega (1, 2, 3, 4); Wrestling (1, 2) SCIACCA, KEVIN C. Wrestling (1, 2, 3, - Captain, 1, 2, 3); Sigma Nu (3, 4 - Pledge Marshall, 3; Social Chairman, 4; House Father, 4) SCOTT, RHONDA MARIE Sigma Nu Little Sister (4) SESTA, JOSEPH JOHN Pi Kappa Alpha (2, 3, 4); Psi Chi (2, 3, 4) SEIBOLD, TIFFANY LYNN Phi Eta Sigma (1); Beta Beta Beta (2); Delta Delta Delta (1, 2, 3, 4); Mortar Board (3, 4); Omicron Delta Kappa (3, 4); American Chemical Society (3); Rho Lambda (4); Psi Chi (3, 4) SEYMOUR, CAROLYN D. Theatre (1, 2, 3, 4); Theta Alpha Phi (3, 4 - Secretary, 4) SUB (3, 4 - Vice President, 4); Chil- dren ' s Theatre (4); Hatter staff (2, 4 - Photogra- phy Editor, 4); Canterbury Club (1, 2, 3); Phi Sigma Kappa Little Sister (2) SEYMOUR, SHARON LEIGH BCM (1, 2, 3, 4) SHELLY, RENEE LYNN Dance Ensemble, Stetson Outdoor Club SHELTON, PHILLIP MATTHEW (Phil) Spanish Table (2, 4); German Club (4) SIMCHICK, AMY E. Phi Mu (1 , 2, 3, 4 - Social Chairman, 1 ; Develop- mental Chairman, 2; Treasurer, 3); Rho Chi (4); Reporter staff (1); Hatter radio (1) SMYTHE, MARGARET ANN Orchestra (1, 2, 3, 4); Wind Ensemble (1, 2, 3,); Phi Eta Sigma (1, 2, 3, 4); Hi-Notes (2, 3, 4); Pi Kappa Lambda (3, 4) SNYDER, DON B. ' SMA, German Club (Vice President, 3); Sigma Phi Epsilon SOLES, THAD HAROLD BCM (Intramurals Director, 3, 4); Phi Alpha The- ta (3, 4) STAFSTROM, SCOTT ERNEST Pi Kappa Alpha (1, 2, 3, 4); SMA (4); Assistant Director of Security (4) STOKES, JOSEPH BAILEY III (Joey) Alpha Tau Omega (2, 3, 4 - Pledge Class Presi- dent, 2 - Worthy Scribe, 3, 4); Model Senate (3, 4); SGA (3, 4); Senior Affairs Chairman (3, 4) STRATIGAKOS, HELEN Lambda Chi Alpha Little Sister (1, 2, 3, 4); Psi Chi (3, 4); Phi Alpha Delta (3, 4) STEWART, JAMES MICHAEL Phi Sigma Kappa (1, 2, 3, 4 - Sentinel, 1 - Induc- tor, 2 - Treasurer, - Vice-President, 4 - Historian, 3 - Alumni Chairman, 3 - Structural Chairman, 2); Association of Computing Machinery (3, 4 - Treasurer, 3); Judo Club (3, 4 - Vice President, 4) STRAYBORN, STEVE BCM (2, 3, 4) STUBBS, DARALD HASSAN Phi Sigma Kappa ( 1 , 2, 3, 4 - Secretary, 1 - Little Sister Liaison, 1, 3, 4 - President, 3 - House- father, 4); Resident Advisor (2, 3); SUB SUERO, SONALI Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity Little Sister; Phi Chi Theta SUERO, YASMIN Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity Little Sister; Phi Chi Theta; Phi Eta Sigma SUMNER, STACEY Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority (3, 4); Phi Eta Sig- ma Little Sister (1,2); BCM (1, 2, 3, 4); Women ' s Chorus (2) THOMAS, DAWNE I. Phi Mu Sorority (1, 2, 3, 4) THRELKEL, LIBBY HAYS Pi Beta Phi Sorority (1, 2, 3, 4); Homecoming Hostess (3); Resident Advisor (3); Head Resident (4); Judiciary Council (3, 4 - Vice President, 4); SMA (2, 3, 4); Rho Lambda (4); Leadership Task Force (4); Hatter staff (3); Alpha Tau Omega Fra- ternity Little Sister (3, 4) TIMM, GEOFFREY J. IFC (3, 4 - Vice President, 3 - President, 3, 4); Fraternity Graduate Counselor (4); Varsity Soc- cer (1,2, 3); Student Affairs Committee (3, 4); Fraternity House Manager (2, 3); Fraternity Risk Reduction Chairman (3, 4); Order of Omega (3, 4) TOPPINS, AMY SUE Society of Physics Students (3, 4 - Vice Presi- dent, 4); Sigma Phi Epsilon Little Sister (2, 3, 4); SUB (1, 2); Sigma Pi Sigma (3, 4) TUTAY, JOHN ANTHONY (Tatoo) CCM (1, 2, 3, 4); Eucharistic Minister (2, 3, 4); ACS (1, 2, 3, 4); Beta Beta Beta (2, 3, 4 - Vice President, 4); Catering (1, 2, 3, 4 - Headwaiter, 2, 3, 4); RLC (2, 3, 4) TWEDDLE, KEVIN MATTHEW Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity (2, 3, 4 - Historian, 2 - Treasurer, 3 - President, 4) TU THUYTRANG N. Alpha Kappa Psi (Treasurer, 4) TURLEY, DAVID A. Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity ( 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5 - Treasur er, 4); Varsity Golf (1, 2) VAN ARKEL, TERENCE Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity (1, 2, 3, 4); Alpha Xi Delta Sorority Rosethorn (4) VANCE, KIMBERLY LYNN Phi Mu Sorority (3, 4); SGA (3); Phi Alpha Delta (4) WALTON, RANDALL S. Pi Kappa Alpha (1, 2, 3. 4); SGA (2); SUB (3); FOCUS staff (2, 3, 4); SMA (3) WARHOP, PAMELA DENISE (Pam) Alpha Kappa Psi (3, 4); SUB (1,2); SMA (2, 3, 4) WARREN, KIMBERLY ANN FOCUS staff (3); American Chemical Society (2, 3, 4); Kappa Alpha Theta sorority (2, 3, 4 - Vice President of Finance, 3 - Jr. Panhellenic Secre- tary, 2) WASMUND, PAUL TIMOTHY Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity (3, 4); BCM (3, 4); Hatter staff (3); Reporter staff (3, 4); SMA (4) WATIER, CHERYL L. Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority (2, 3, 4 - First Vice President, 4); Rho Chi (4); Phi Chi Theta (3, 4) WATLER, DARLYN ADDYS Phi Chi Theta (2, 3, 4) WEHRLE, KARLA Pi Beta Phi Sorority, Sigma Nu Little Sister, Ger- man Club, International Sociology Honorary WESTHRIN, LEANNE ELIZABETH UN University (1, 2, 3); Music Advisory Council (2) WHELAN, PATRICIA KATHLEEN Delta Sigma Phi Little Sister (1 , 2, 3, 4); Wrestler- ette (2) WILLIAMS, ALONZO III Concert Choir (2, 3, 4) WILLIAMS, BRIAN Delta Sigma Phi (1, 2, 3, 4) WILLIAMS, MARK H. Concert Choir (2, 3, 4); BCM (1. 2, 3, 4); FOCUS staff (2); Opera (3) WILLIAMS, MONIKA LINN SMA (3, 4); Phi Chi Theta (3, 4); Alpha Chi Ome- ga Sorority (3, 4); Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity Little Sister (1, 2, 3, 4) WILLIS, MARRETT E. Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity Little Sister (2, 3, 4); Pi Beta Phi Sorority (1, 2, 3, 4) WISE, DONNA LYNN Phi Eta Sigma (2, 3, 4); Accountancy Club (3. 4) YOUNGER, ALLEN R. ROTC (1, 2, 3, 4); Scabbard and Blade (2, 3, 4); Theta Alpha Phi (2, 3, 4); Zeta Man for Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority (2, 3, 4) YOUNT, SUE A. SMA (3, 4); Phi Chi Theta (3, 4) ZAVATKAY, DIANE ELIZABETH SMA (2, 3, 4 - Social Committee Chairman, 4); Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity Little Sister (1, 2, 3, 4) ZEIGLER, DANA C. Delta Delta Delta Sorority (1, 2, 3, 4); FOCUS staff (2); Resident Advisor (3); Mortar Board (3, 4) ZINDELL, LAURA LEIGH SUB (1); Phi Eta Sigma (1, 2, 3, 4 - Secretary, 3); Society of Physics Students 2, 3 - Secretary, 2); Beta Beta Beta (2, 3, 4); Gamma Sigma Epsilon (3, 4); FOCUS staff (3); Resident Advisor (4); Omicron Delta Kappa (3, 4 - President, 4); American Chemical Society {2, 3, 4 - President, 3); Mortar Board (3, 4); Cafeteria Supervisor (3) BOYD. STEVE E. Hatter Editor (4); Publications Board (3. 4); Sto- ver Productions (1, 2. 3, 4); Theta Alpha Phi (2 - Treasurer, 3 - Vice-President. 4 - President); Hat- ter Connection (3. 4); SASS (2); Forensics (1, 4); Children ' s Theatre (3, 4) CLOSING 19ftfi m . jagigK w M Old Thetas and new Thetas gather for ground breaking ceremonies last spring for their new house. 182 ciosing rom our ad department; Passing Sensa pns. One of the smiling faces found in the Hatrack. It ' s business as usual in the security office. As I reflect upon the four years that I have been here at Stetson, I have seen almost ev- ery aspect of it change. The things that I have noticed the most change in are the Forest of Arden, the courtyards of the dorms, the basketball games and the people. All of these passing sensations have made my four years at Stetson all the more enjoyable. For those of you who are to remain here, 1 ask you to start to notice these things around you. I ask you to start to build your passing sen- sations. For the seniors, like my- self who are leaving, I hope that you took the time to notice, build, and collect your passing sensations. So now remember intramurals, formals, parties, loves . . . asstr ensaUons Closing lo3 rs ations 184 The 19 „..„., ju ' re superwoman. To all of my Student editors, you made my job easi- consists business manager, Kevin, nup- ' — ' ie y ' - — ' ' ations. To pr.- ' would ni ne; thank hance to prove you ■ " h thanks for being not least to Eve; 1 J tiave done vvithoul you. love you.

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