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i. HATTER ' 82 Goodbyes are not forever Stetson University DeLandy Florida Journey . . . Journey . . . on my friend . . . To a new beginning . . . For this is not the end . . . It is with difficulty that I say farewell . . . For who knows what events shall occur No one knows, who can tell? 3i [ " y J That realization a dream is all, That ' s what it is, that beconing call Though we shall all leave something behind . . . It is the joy of discovering something new, Bright and brilliant, that makes it all worthwhile Employing oneself wholeheartedly with Incredible stamina, To attain this goal . . . Shining, scintillating, throughout the eternal depths of your soul . . . Seeking ones destiny . . . Playing with the dice of fate Goodbyes are not forever, lets hope this holds true . . Wm 1 _: 5 ' SL ■ Yet if we do not see each other again on this earthly sphere . . . We shall be reunited in a world far away from here . . . Cast out each worry and fear . . . For though we may not see each other, The memories in our hearts held dear . . . Shall keep us held together in spirit . . . And our souls, though separate, shall always be near . . . 10 m Pi " TiA.. - ■ " TS 12 15 Wherever you r o, I shall go. Wherever you live, so shall 1 live. Your people will be my people. And your God will be my God too. want to say something to all of you who have become a part of the fabric of my life. The color and texture which you have brought into my being have become a song and I want to sing it forever. There is an energy in us which makes things happen, when the paths of others touch ours we have to be there and let it happen. When the time of our particular sunset comes our thing, our accomplishment won ' t really matter a great deal. But with the clarity and care with which we have loved others will speak with vitality of the great gift of life we have been for each other. Wherever you die, I shall die. And there shall I be buried beside you. We will be together forever . . . And our love will be the gift of our life . . . - gregory norbel 16 TABLE OF CONTENTS: SECTION: PAGES: OPENING 1-16 FACULTY 18-33 CLASSES 34-85 ORGANIZATIONS 86-113 SPORTS 114-149 GREEKS 150-173 STUDENT LIFE 174-191 ADS 192-211 SENIOR DIRECTORY 212-213 EDITORIAL YEARBOOK STAFF 214-215 CLOSING 216 FACULTY AND ADMINISTRA TION 19 PRESIDENT These are exciting days to be a part of Stetson University. As we complete the 99th year of this institution, we have a chance lo reflect upon the significant heritage which is ours. I am grateful to be President of this University at this significant time. It is incumbent upon all of us to make plans now which will be challenging for the new century into which Stetson will shortly enter. Together, we must bring the University to the place that she will be widely recognized as one of the nation ' s premiere small universities. Key words must be quality and caring in all that we try to do. Also, the linkage in our motto of the intellect and the spirit — pro Deo ct pro Veritate — provides the continuing base for us. Stetson has had a great past, and successful and supportive alumni attest to that. Stetson is a vital and creative place to bi now, and excellent students and faculty attest to that. Stetson wil be an even better place to be in the next century for future students because alumni, students, faculty, and ail the rest of us associatec with the University are working to make that happen. Dr. Pope A. Duncan 20 PROVOST Dr. Thomas J. Turner I he year of 1982 is a time when people are saying that students suffer, and are in trouble, because they have no heroes. Recently at a faculty luncheon, 1 heard a psychiatrist say that the problem is not just for students but for all of our society. When I consider the question of what Stetson means to me, I must say that it is a place of authentic heroes. By the term " authentic hero, " i mean one who does his job well, often under difficult circumstances and who continually gives himself to others, one who is changing, yet not changing. Thus, I speak of an authentic hero as one who stands for something and it is evident in his lifestyle. To me. Stetson University is a place where we have such heroes, all across the spectrum of the University. Ten years from now when you look back on your Stetson experience, I am sure there will be two or three professors who loom large in your mind as authentic heroes. But, part of the genius of Stetson is that these heroes are not just on the faculty. We find them among the students who. for e.xample, put this publication together. We fmd them among the staff and admmistration of the University. To the graduating seniors I say " Be a hero " , or " Continue to be a hero. " The real test of your Stetson experience comes ten years from now when we ask, not only what are you doing, but what have you become. You see, we want for you all that our Lord wants for you, and that which He wants for you is supremely good. A final word - cherish your alma mater. Help us fo continue to produce heroes, those whose lives are different because they have been a part of the genius of Stetson. You are certainly not the same for having been a part of Stetson. ,% 4- IS x 21 ACADEMIC and ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS J. Ollie Edmunds Chancellor -- H. Graves Edmondson, Jr. V.P. for Finance and Planning E. Garth Jenkins Dean of Student Affairs Gary A. Meadows Director of Admissions 22 Robert S. Chauvin Dean - College of Liberal Arts David W. Nylen Dean - School of Business Administration Paul T. Langston Dean - School of Music 23 Admissions Office Gary A. Meadows, director Mark W. McMasters James Bambrick Susan Taylor Melody Chance Eileen Merrill LaBerta Williams Gladys Wilcox Millie McCain Alumni Relations John Bowley Dee Clark Maggie Dobson Jack Fortes Jackie Hays Doug Lee Linda Parson Charles Shale Kathy Smith i 1 , w m m i Wi 1 r I, ■•f li ST . ,3 r fi J y v » n 9im ' 1 ' : 1 1 1 . Sj .i 1 M ■ ' ' • ), V C - v f Wt Kt i i r B 1™ ■4 t j M Pt . :sd M i " k Cafeteria Doug Arie Dan Bull Wayne Wellmaker Rosalie Dubril Margaret DeRieu Elizabeth Mendenhal 24 Church Relations Charles F. Granger, director William Allen Margie Duncan Rodney Ellis, director Jean Collins Tim Keener Donn Bordonaro Anita Beck Dena Denham 25 . iii 1 Data Processing Joe Burke, director Lucy Fitzgerald Bonnie Barber Charles Prevatt David Pretzsch Perry Akbari Rose Gray Financial Aid Dan Moore, director Norma Allen Cordelia Cone Julie Redlinger Student Health Services Janice Hess, director Hadie Kenner Ruth Spencer Gladys Alvarez Del Liegler Elaine Murdough Dr. W. L. Smith, staff physician 26 Library Joe I. Myers, director Betty Johnson, tech. services Sims Kline, reference Anne Hurst, circulation Ray Jordan, periodicals Martha Scott, audio-visua Nadeline Quinn, cataloguer Print Shop Mario J. Losasso, director Jim Decker Joseph Marcucella Josephine Losasso 27 Purchasing and Bookstore Everett W. Johnson, manager Joesph A. Dowdell Diane Clark Alberta Montgomery Marge Lozano Pat Simmons Brenda Forsyth Flora Monk Howard Knapp Bud Burley Sheri Atcheson Hazel Logan Student Affairs Residential Life Jayne Marlowe Kemper Smith Tina Habeck Mary-Edna Walls Zula Parker Betty Hubbard Delores Green Tess Freeman 28 Registrar Helen W. Sassard, Lois Hanson Irene Brown Lu Wilson Robin Nason Floyd Cameron Josephine Carlson Evelyn Ciewell Eileen Dorfman Sharon Cridge Lucille Jackson Comptrollers Darrell Benge, Comptroller Mack Wadsworth, Asst. Comptroller Dottie Eaves Dot Griffin Lois Stevens Betty Wilkins Fred Cooper Shirley Haas J. K. Hughey Leslie Lewis Mary McBride Margaret Perino Steve Quillan Dorie Rockefeller ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF FACULTY Personnel Wayne Hanks Lori Bradov Margaret Casey School of Business Administration DEAN: DR. DAVID W. NYLEN FACULTY Accounting Dr. David W. Nylen, Dean Mr. Richard W. Copeland Mr. Joseph J. Master Dr. Judson P. Stryker Mr. Harry J. Taft Finance Dr. G. Michael Boyd Dr. Garry A. Fleming Dr. Edward A. Nelson General Business Mr. Kenneth L. Jackson Dr. Betty J. Thome Marketing Management Dr. Richard L. Cherry Dr. Jean M. David Dr. Randall M. Evanson Dr. Harry D. Garber Dr. E. Garland Keesling Ms. Maxine L. Patterson 30 School of Liberal Arts FACULTY l EL. l ' N. American Studies Dr. Richard Wood Dr. Gerald Criloph Dr. John A. Hague English Dr. Carter Colwell Art Dr. Wayne Dickson Mr. Dan Gunderson Ms Margaret Dunn Mr. Gary Libby Dr. Bryan Gillespie Mr. Fred Messersmith Dr. John Greenfield Mr Keith Hardie Biology Dr. Ann Morris Dr. Derek Barkalow Dr. Michael Raymond Ms. Cheryl Coutant Ms Lorie Roth Mrs. Dorothy Fuller Dr. Marsha Savage Dr. Keith Hansen Dr. Ellen Smith Dr. Elaine Norman Dr. David Stock Education Dr. Ruth Arnold Chemistry Dr. James Coffee Dr. T. W. Beiler Ms. Carol Corcoran Dr. Edwin Coolidge Dr. B. Glen Epley Dr. James DeLap Mr. M. S. Jimmie Greek Dr. Kenneth Everett Dr. Elizabeth Heins Dr. Allan McAllister Mrs . Lena Hobbs Dr. George Hood Economics Dr. Richard Morland Dr. John Booth Mrs . Barbara Jean Nordmann Mr. Rudolph Knabe Mrs . Sandra Raborn Dr. Neal Long Dr. Elizabeth Schumaker DEAN: ROBERT S. CHANIN Dr. T. Edward Smotherman Mr. Robert Weickel, Jr. Dr. Bruce Bradford Dr. Robert Chauvin Foreign Languages Dr. Mario Aldana Dr. Gerald Anderson History Dr. Evans Johnson Dr. Marc Lovelace Mrs. Janet Anderson Dr. Kevin G ' Keefe Dr. Hertha Berry Dr. Jesse Berry Dr. Paul Steeves Dr. Malcolm Wynn Dr. Donald Davies Dr. Richard Ferland Dr. Robert Smith Humanities Dr. Carter Colwell Mrs. Kathleen Johnson 31 Geography Geology Mathematics Dr. Cloyd Ezell Mrs. Annette Gillespie Dr. Dennis Kletzing Dr. Elizabeth Magarian Dr. Gene Medlin Dr. Warren Thwing Mrs. Donna Williams Dr. Gareth Williams Philosophy Dr. Rob Brady Dr. Donald Musser Physical Education Dr. Rob Brady Mr. Gil Dominguez Mr. Ray Hussey Mrs. Sandra Raborn Dr. Elizabeth Schumaker Mr. Robert Weickel Physics Dr. Anthony Justick Dr. Thomas Lick Dr. P. Papacosta Dr. Thomas Turner Political Science Dr. T. Wayne Bailey Dr. Gary Maris Psychology Dr. C. D. Cochran Dr. Dan Hale Dr. Richard Kindred Mr. Rick Medlin Religion Dr. James Beasley Dr. Pope Duncan Mr. Russell Gregory Dr. Earl Joiner Dr. Donald Musser Sociology Dr. John Schorr Dr. Charles Vedder Mr. Joel Wright Speech Ms. Ann Burlin Mrs. Marjorie Gilbert Mr. Bruce Griffiths Dr. James Wright Student Teachers Miss Robin DeLoach Dr. Margaret Horton Miss Celeste Zervos 32 MILITARY SCIENCE R.O.T.C. FACULTY Military Science Lt. Col. Al Wehrle Maj. George Alexander Capt. John Nash Capt. Gregory Howard Capt. Gary McMillan Capt. Keith Fukumitsu Sgt. Maj. John Pope Master Sgt. Charles Thomas Sgt. 1st Class James Jenkins Sgt. 1st Class Thomas Childs Staff Sgt. John Billups Mrs. Margaret Bean Mr. Dave Ellison SCHOOL OF MUSIC FACULTY DEAN: DR. PAUL T. LANGSTON Blasdaie, Mr. J. Butler, Mr. J. Feasel, Mr. R. Fort, Mr. R. Hutchings, Mrs. V. Jenkins, Mrs. J. Jenkins, Dr. P. Kindred, Mrs. J. Langston, Dean P. McKnight, Mr. C. O ' Hara, Mr. G. Phillips, Mr. P. Rich, Mrs. M. Rich, Dr. R. Schweizer, Mr. M. Toth, Mr. K. 33 CLASSES 35 Adams. Michael Adams, Michelle Ahrens, Carol Alley, Steve Allibone, David Ashcraft, Helen Austin, Elizabeth Babey, Sandra Banning, Kevin Barnes, Mark Bauer, Kirk Beck, Amy A- SENIORS Beekman, Amy Berg, Carl Owen Bergman, Timothy Bianchini, Jeff Blanz, Cathy Boldish, Jennie Bonnell, Jane Bordonaro, Ann Bordonaro, Donn Bosse, Walter Brooks, Glen Brooks, Gloria SENIORS 37 Buckner, Steven Burkbardt, Theresa Butler, Gary Butler, Howard Byer, Tracey Campbell, Karen Carroll, Jennifer Carroll, John Carter, Donald Carter, Pamela Chambers, Joseph Chronister, Jeff 3S SENIORS Clark, Bonita Clark, Keith ChughJey, Megan Collins, Melony Cook, Mary Ann Cooney, Gary Cotter, Ann Beth Crews, Charles Daly, Lindley Da vies, Blake Delap, Carolyn Delaughter, Georganne SENIORS 39 Denmark, Andy Dicosola, AngJela Douglas, James Dowman, Cameron Dagger, Donald Dunnam, Lee Easterling, Karen Edwards, Kim Eubanks, Brian Fahey, Janet Fambro, Lauren Fisher, Rebecca 40 SENIORS Flowers, Stacey Fortes, Scott Fraser, Cynthia Freeman, Karen Garrett, Scott Gentry, David Gilbert, Grayson GillHand, Cindy Gilmore, William Graessle, William Graham, Lawrence Griffin, Julie SENIORS 41 GnlHs, Hilda Griffith, Allena Groves, Allen Guthrie, William C. Ill Haines, Heidi Hallis, Robert Hallisey, James Ham, Linda Hamilton, Michael Hausbeck, Jean Heartfield, Mark Helton, Roger moRS Hill, David Hill, James Hines, Tracy Hock, Gretchen Hoffman, Sandra Hosey, Lynn Hunt, Renee Ireland, Timothy Irza, Chris Ives, Bruce Japinga, Kathy Jinks, John SENIORS 43 Johnson, Daniel Johnson, Joy Johnston, Jeff Joiner, John Jones, Suzanne Kandt, Charles Kay, Robert O. Ill Kemna, Ann Kiesling, Douglas King, Theresa Klusacek, Bob Krauss, Kevin SENIORS Labranche, William Langley, Mary Ellen Leese, William Lohlein, Robert Long, David Lopresti, Vince Lussier, Dianne Lutz, Lisbet Marcoux, Edward Marshall, Arthur Massey, Renelle Matbieux, Daniel SENIORS 45 Mattina, Kim May nor, Patricia McNeir, Lori McQueen, Ed McQueen, Henry Merrow, Monique Messersmith, Patricia Michael, Robert Michaels, Ken Miller, Ken Miller, Nancy Mims, Jennifer SENIORS Mitchell, Christina Mizeli, John Moland, Kevin Molina, Juanita Mooney, Glory Moore, Jimmy Mori, Sonia Morley, Jenny Morrow, John Love Murphy, Kathy Musacchia, Michele Musalen, Belkin SENIORS 47 Musselman, Caria Nazari, Naeimeh NeJms, Adrienne Wynette Nelson, Jan Nicewander, Suzanne Nielander, Kathy O ' Leary, Joseph Overall, Teresa Owens, Heather Pascual, Gloria Pellegrino, Cynthia Petrie, Lynn SENIORS Pileggi, Suzanne Pistey, Susan Plaisted, Polly Powell, Nancy Quimby, Patricia Raymond, Bradley Rice, Cheryl Roach, Rick Rogers, Elizabeth Routh, Donna Rowel I, Robert Rubino, Richard SENIORS 49 Ruiz, Katharine SaUee, Susan Sanner, Elizabeth Segal, Brad Sellar, Carin Sewell, Robert Sgambati, Julie Shiles, Michael Sides, Diane Sleeper, Kay Smith, Douglas Smith, Grace 50 SENIORS Smith, Pam Snyder, Randy Springer, Toy Stevens, Myra St rat is, Nick Suddard, Timothy Talley, Sarah Tatarczuk, James Uhl, Linda Urban, Juhe Vanbibber, Mavis Vinson, J. Allen SENIORS 51 Vites, Tony Wall, Kenneth Walters, John Waters, Mark Waters, Paula Watson, Laura Webb, Gary Weston, Mathew Wilkinson, Lynne Wilson, John Wunderlich, Steven -? SENIORS lit. 1 _A . i - b. Hv B ' ' ' ' f • rs -vv M h % i:iii CANDIDS 53 54 CANDID JL BE- I -■ ' • ( H ' 1 ■1 I ' CANDIDS 55 Allen, Robin Baker, Michele Ballinger, Bill Barnett, Nancy Beall, Donna Behm, Charles Bender, Robert Bentz, Laurie Betz, John Borden, Jeff Boyer, Shawn Brackett, Kathleen Brackett, Mark Brand, Jeffrey Budzinski, Sharon Carson, Pat Cato, Robin Cerella, Michele Chadbourne, Lori Chamberlin, Jeff 1 fiifii Cbastain, Eric Clancey, Patrick Clark, Anthony Clark, John Clayton, Marcy Colbert, Michele Coleman, Carol Collins, Jeanette Cook, Diane Cosio, Cynthia Crawford, Carrey Crossan, Cathv Crumley, Russell Cullen, Patrick Dahlgren, Bruce Daly. Jim JUNIORS 57 Darville, Rodney Dehanco, Tom Dement, Lori Depass, Vivianne Dunn, Lauren Duvall, Sharon Echols, Tracy Eckes, Karen Eller, Catherine Ellis, Laura Evans, Sylvia Evers, Judy Fagelson, Melinda Fazio, Tom Fewox, Brenda Fields, Greg 58 JUNIORS I r 4 •w Fullmer, Robert 1 - 3 Gardyasz, Michael k . r Garland, Linda • ' V Gerdes, Jonathan i 1 I 1 1 1 Gibson, Robert Gilreath, Paul Glenn, Gay Glover. Barbara Gomez, Leo Gorr, Susan Grange, Dinkins Griffin, Gina Grindle, Gale Guess, Sherri Habart, Arlene Ha gen, Karen Hardin, Lee Harrell, Rhonda Harris, Debra Harrison, Richard JUNIORS 59 Heaslip, Paul Hedgepeth, Bruce Helton, Annamarie Hendrix, Jana Hensley, Donna Hewitt, Fay Hill, Charles Hollo way, John Humes, Louis H. Hunt, Missy Hunter, Scott lannone, Mike Iglesias, Jacqueline Irazabal, Gabriella Irvin, Mary Beth Ivey, Susan 60 JUNIORS James, Thomas Javens, Luisa Jean, Vera Johnson, Caroh ' ne Johnson, Su Jordan, Tricia Juda, Kimberly Khatri, Rashmikant Kiefer, Scott Kimbrough, Lane King, Richard Knauer, Sharon Knight, Barry Kovach, Glenn Kroemer, Kent Lacko, Kim Lambert, Julie Lawless, Renee Lay cox, Monty Laver, Karen JUNIORS 61 Lee, Lynda Lee, Raison Leech, Alex Leonard, Lisa Letter, Chip Lewis, Andrew Lewis, Fran Lieberman, Meryl Lindquist, Laura Lopez, Eric Losner, Steven Lott, Stephen Lovallo, Anthony Lurtz, Judi Lyons, George MacFarlane, Bruce McCannon, Tracy McCrea, Ralph Mendes, Graham Metcalf, Angle 62 JUNIORS m Metz, Margo :M Meyer, Diana IK Milner, Ann I ' S i Mints, Julie Minella, Thomas Mi skew, Steven Montecki, Laura Nipper, Karen Nora, Nancy N orris, Anne Osmun, Wendy Owens, James Page, Joan , Pappas, Mark if Patterson, Greg i Peacock, J Paul Pellett. Glynnis Pelzer, Barbie Perez. Rosario Phelps, B. J JUNIORS 63 Potts, Janine Powell, Sheri Prittie, Ralph Ramsey, Walter Reid, Andrew Rish, Lee Anne Rogers, Emory Rohsler, Lauren Rollison, Kathryn Roskamp, Steven Rossie, Jim Rowe, Randy Roy, David Schaefer, Georg Schalfer, Alice Schroeter, Tony 64 JUNIORS Sciacca, William Sew ell, Margie Shields, Elayne Sic Hi a no, Bill Sides, Jo Skidmore, Lori Slone, Richard Smith, Jane Smith, Kirk Smith. Wendell Smyth, Sheila Songster, Maryellen Sorondo, Ana Sowers, Richard Slice, Roxie Strange, Howard Sumner, Gina Sutte, Ted Sylvester, Lauren Tat em. Tim JUNIORS 65 Taylor, Fred Taylor, Kelley Thomas, Billy Thompson, Beth Tidwell, Allison Todd, Marty Tofte, Jon Toland, Denise Townsend, Leigh Tredway, Patricia Vandyke, Doug Vosler, Jean Vough, Susan Walker, Sherri Warren, Chris Warren, Doug Weigel, Dulce Weiss, Richard Wells, Rebecca West, Nancy 66 JUNIORS Wheeling, Richard Wherley, Michael Whipple, John H. White, Edward Whiteside, Thomas Wierman, Beth Williams, Bernadette Williams, Scott Wilson. Lynne Yeargan, Teresa Zehnder, Kristi Zimmernan, Chrissy Zorn, Nick JUNIORS 67 i Albano, Maria Anderson, Frank Ariale, John Aronstamn, Alyse Ary, Susan Atcheson, Sheri Baisley, Kevin Baldwin, Dana Bapst, Maureen Bardeen, Anita Benjamin, Pamela Beretta, Bettina Berry, Jim Berry, Robert Bonura, Jamie Boos, Julie Borozan, Susan Botten, Ken Boyd, Laura Bricker, Mark Brillante, Karen Brockhouse, Sandra Bronstein, David Broom, Lyn Browder, Elizbeth Bryan, Lynn Bundrick, Sharon Burgreen, Sandre Butt, Janice Byrd, Stephen 68 Cammarata, Gina Carson, Elizabeth Carter, James Cavasinni, Elena Chambers, Susan Chandler, Frances Chavers, Sam Childers, Linda Clayton, Janice Clemmens, Amy Clutts, Leslie Coleman, Tracy Conerly, Marie Conner, Christy Connor, Robert Cooksey. Karen Cooper, Cheryl Copper, William Corbin, Tara Cox, Scott Crespo. Janny Curl, Shepherd Cutler, Kieth Davi. Catherine SOPHOMORES 69 Davidson, Mary Debbie, Carey Decker, Kim Delaughter, Suzanne Dell, Sharon Diniaco, Joanne Dittmann, Ken Dowling, Celia Dunn, John Dye, Susan Efird, Bob Ferguson, Ronda Flannery, Colleen Fletcher, Terri Forbes, Bertha Frazee, Greg Freeman, Debby Frioioni, Dan Fry, Martha H. Gardyasz, Joseph Geyer, Jackie Giancotli, Sue Gibson, Julie Gilbert, James Greathouse, Charles Green, Catherine 70 SOPHOMORES iSL Hi Criggs, Ray Grisson, Cheryl Hale, Christopher Halle, Amy HaUis, Lucy Hannes, Gary Harris, Rick Hendrix, Kevin Hey wood, David Hiley, Kim Hill, Jeanne Hine, Lisa Hoelscher II, Robert Holcombe, Vicki Holmes, Constance Holster. Elizabeth Howard, Mary Ann Howell Paul Hubbard, Janine Huhta, Neil Humphrey, Deborah Hurley, Kathy Hutchinson, Ann Jones, Jodi Kager, Sabine Kellam, Cassandra Kelletl, Vincent E. Kelly, Tim KUpa trick, Tim King, Lisa SOPHOMORES 71 Knight, John KoHender, Geoffrey Kostidakis, Maria Kovach, Douglas Kratina, Kevin Krause, Julie Krauss, Nancy Kreis, Alison Langgood, Nora Lanier, Allison Larsen, Sara Lawrence, Bill Layton, Becky Linsler, Kristene Long, LaDawn Longdon, Lynn Loscb, Patty Love, Fred Lucas, Kenneth Maloney, Mary Beth Mangham, Kay Manke, Amy Mardigian, Marisa Marlowe, Pamela Marstiller, Simone Mathis, Chuck Matthews, Liz McDonough, Joseph McFadden, Nina McLeod, Sarah 72 SOPHOMORES Me e, Tim Mellor, Philip Merritt, Car en Merritt, James Messersmith, Mari Meyer, Eileen Michael, Anne Michaud, Stacey Millard, William Miller, Tami Mims, Gary Moffatt. Katie Morris, Sheila Morrison, Abbe Morrow, Melanie Murphree, Boyd Murphy. Francis Murrey, Ma the w Nash. Nancy Nave. Kristin Nave, Michael Nebus, Janet Nelson, Valerie Nezzer, Barbara Nick, Karen Nielander. Helen SOPHOMORES 73 Ogle, Christa Ortiz, Lance Paguaga, Ricardo Palmer, Betsy Papendick, Karen Payne, Mary Pease, Pam Pedraja, Luis Penn, Mary Elizabeth Pequignot, Jon Persson, Erica Peterson, Greg Pfiester, Dennis Pile, Bob Pistey, Eileen Powell, Laura Premuto, Michelle Pringle, Richard Proetta, Mike Queen, Tracey Rathbun, Drew Reiersen, Bruce Richards, Kimberly Richards, Marcia Richards, Tracy Richardson, Holly 74 SOPHOMORES Richardson, Todd Ridgway, Lynn Robinson, Wendy Rosenberg, Alysa Roulslone, Sue Lynn Rowe, Helen Ryan, Jeffrey Schellenberg. Mary Scfiilling, Robbie Schulenberg, Jim Scbuman, Dee Ann Sciaino, Maria Serio, Tim Sewell, Steve Shive, Sheryl Simon, Linda Smarkusky, Ronald Smith. Denise Smith, Sharon Spatara, Bonni Spooner, Bob Stainback, L uri Stavey, Diane Stephens. Pamela Studstill, Wilson Suhr. Hugh Sutton, Mark Swanbery. Sharon Teets, James Tesh. Kurt J. SOPHOMORES 75 Thomson, Laurie Thurlow, Henry Trumball, Trixie Tulka, Josie Turner, Robyn Varnum, Troy Viles, Kathy Wadsworth, Dawn Wajdowicz, Thomas Wallace, Coni Walrath, Beth Way, Cindy Weyd, Donna Williams, Scott Williamson, Denise Williamson, Mary Liz Wotring, Deborah Wray, David Young, Janet Zobel, Hallie 76 SOPHOMORES A bs flier, Mary Lean Adiey, Rhonda Agramonte, Mercedes Ajluni, Shannon Aldrich, Betsy Anreson, Adrienne Antonetti, Barbara Bailey, Patricia Ball, Marguerite Ballard Jeff Baratian, Marina Barhill, Brad Barnes, David Bascom, Michele Batts, Michael Beck, Betty Bell, Erin Belyew, Denise Benson, Lynda Birkenslock, Lisa Bishop, Tonya Black, Crystal Blanchard. Donna Boggs, Jeff Bonnell, Beth Brewer, Vicky Brogdon, Ashley Brorup, Deann a Brown, Randy Bryan, Stacy tq 77 Buchheister, Denise Buckminister, Dorothy Bunde, Debra Burnett, Jeffrey Cad well, Eliza be til Cannon, Latriva Carter, Susan Cartwright, Kelly Chastain, Bret Cherry, Andrew Christian, Heidi demons, Shelby Coke, Lisa Cole, Leonna Coleman, Gregory Collins, Annie Crosby, Paul Crouse, Greg Cupick, Linda Dabrowski, Helena Dahlgren, Kristin David, Andrew Dejoy, Frances Demott, Catherine 78 FRESHMEN .. ■i,PII ' Depamphilis, Loretta Dereuil, Cecy Desantjs, Anthony Dicarlo, Sheila Difatta, Donna Digennaro, Linda Dona to, Cathy Doty, Kathleen M. Dramko, Diane Drivas, Marilyn Drummond, Lori Dubendorff, Carol Dunbar. Jane Dunn, Linda Durbin, Deirdre Dyer, Keith Ebenger, John Edelmayer, Holly Elbualy, Mariam Fade, Melanie Fanguiaire. Tracey Felberg, Cindy Feldman. Keith Flader, Jean Fornari, Larry Fountain, Augustus Fribourg, Kelle Frutchey, Marcus Gall, Kathryn Garner, Garv FRESHMEN 79 Garnsey, Lisa Gaudet, Robert Ged, David Geiger, Jennifer GiUiJand, Ginny Gliesche, Jules D. Go forth, Cfieryl Goodson, Jacqueline Goodwin, John Goodwin, Tim Gost, Kym Greene, Thomas Gregg, Spencer Griffin, Patricia Grissett, Nadine Hansen, June Hardin, Leah Hargraves, Elinor Harvey, Janice Harvey, Kim Hencken, Alfred Hirschy, Amy Hobbick, Sherrie Hague, Kieran Holland, Deborah Holmes, Benjamin F. Hone, Catherine Hoperich, Matthew Howell, Philip Howell, Richard 80 FRESHMEN Hunt, Michele M. Johnson, Angela Johnson, Chris Johnson, Lanetta Johnson, Teri Kauflmann, Diana Keesee, Kellie Keller, Jane Kin, Joanne Knight, Linda Kruelle, Marlene Kullman, Jared Lamb, Lori Lane, Mary Larson, Laurie Lategano, Gena Lee, Randall Letter, Dave Leukanech, Melissa Lexow, Al Listiak, Pamela Long. Cynthia Marino, John Marshall, Elizabeth Matthews. Susan Maule. Tamara FRESHMEN 81 May, Mary Catherine McCallister, Donna McCarthy, Carta McCarthy, Dean McCranie, Stacy McCrink, Micheie McDonough, Monica McEachran, Diane McFarland, Beth McGarry, Patricia McNeil, Sheri Melvin, Beth Michael, David Michnowicz, Lori Miller, David Millikan, Joe Morton, Linda Mueller, Marcia Nanna, Page Newton, Tony Obrien, Sean Offerle, Tony Paar, Richard Paramore, Michelle Parker, Jessica Parker, Missy 82 FRESHMEN Vf If- Paulos, Elena Peace, Michael Penick, Mary Jo Pfeifauf, Donna Pirson, Robert Pitchford, Lisa Poliakin, Pamela Pommersheim, Ann Ponder, Deborah Porter, Claire Pruett, Angela Putnal, J. Craig Ralston, Cynthia Read, Caren Redstreake, Elizabeth Reidy, Karin Reilly. Michelle Reynolds, Terri L. Richter, John Rig by, David Risberg, Robert Robinson. Julia Robinson. Marcia Rogers. Lyn Romgnoli. George Rondino. Ellen Rosati, Christopher Ross, Colleen Rushton, Wendy Russell. Darcy FRESHMEN 83 Sarratt, Joan Scargill, Caroline Schautz, Elizabeth Schlossberg, Susie Schneider, JuUe Schramm, Uta Seymour, Beverly Sheffield, Pam Sides, Woody Smith, Catherine Smith, Denny Smith, Kimberly Smith, Laura Smith, Sally Sorrells, Robin Spiriti, Joe Sproat, Thomas Squillace, Brian Stanhope, Mark Stitely, Nancy Stoumbos, Maria Strapple, Gena Stribhng, Keith Sularski, Theresa Taft, Eileen Tagg, Michael Teal, Janice Tennis, Roxanne Thornal, Alison Thorne, Steve 84 FRESHMEN THLRZ WAS A BOY NWED VJHO 6ECKME A ZeRH « one f«e JiS?, ■, r - rr, 4JlKV Vf ilNtjb a honey NDNOW HeisW by Thornton, Linda Tournade, Dave Trate, Amy Tucker, Amy Turner. Carta Tyler, Kevin Urban, Elizabeth Urciola, Ellie Vetrano, Camille Walls, Joette Watford, Linda Weber, Laura Wehrle, Royellen Weiner, Marie White, K.C. White, Kendrick Whitestine. Laura Wilkinson, Lori Williams, Derrick Williams, Jenny Williams, Michael Wilmoth, Kristi Wimberg. Theresa Wines, Rbett Zappala, Janelle Zeigler, Mark Zygar. Diane FRESHMEN 85 ORGANIZA TIONS 87 Student Affairs Committee The Student Affairs Committee is a pre- sidential committee es- tablished to serve as a coordinating and advi- sory body for student organizations. The Dean of Student Affairs chairs this committee, which is composed of students, faculty, and administrative members. The Board comprises one third of the Common- wealth of Students — Stetson ' s student govern- ment, the other two organizations being the SGA and the Judiciary Council. The SUB ' s role with in the Common- wealth is to allocate the University ' s budget for programming student ac- tivities and services. The Union Board oversees the facilities related to the Union: the Alley game- room, Coffeehouse and WHAT, the campus radio station. The SUB also presents major concerts, films, weekly Happy Hours, and other events and provides refrigerator, camping gear, and canoe rentals. Officers: J. Tofte, president; L. Siegel, vice president; J. Tatarczuk, treasurer; S. Jones, secretary Student Government Association Officers: T. Ireland, president; T. Richardson, vice president; J. Voldisfi, secretary The Student Govern- ment Association, com- prising one third of the Commonwealth of Students, is composed of the president of the SGA, vice president, cabinet, and thirty- three senate members. The SGA is charged with the responsibility of providing student leadership and repre- sentation in virtually every aspect of student life. The SGA functions through seven main committees: legal af- fairs, academic, elec- tions, budget, campus, senior affairs, and mun- icipal relations commit- tees. Major services provided by the SGA include the University Forum, senior banquet, course evaluations, and student discount cards. The University Judi- ciary Council, compris- ing one third of the Commonwealth of Students serves as a link between the Uni- versity Administration and the students. Any student ' s alleged vio- lation of university reg- ulations is brought be- fore the council for adjudication. The Ju- diciary Council is com- posed of twelve elected members, including two sophomores, four juniors, and six seniors. Front: F. Rogers, C. Gilliland, K. Roberts Back: R. Helton, R. Dyer, B. Raymond Mortar Board Mortar Board, Pi Sigma Alpha, is a Na- tional Leadership Hon- orary built on the ideas of Service, Scholar- ship, and Leadership. Each year. Mortar Board promotes these qualities by inducting rising seniors who dis- play these characteris- tics in an exemplary fashion. These mem- bers collectively pro- vide stimulus for growth in the Stetson community. Omicron Delta Kappa Omicron Delta Kappa, the National Leadership Honorary, is one of the highest honors attainable by a member of the Stetson community. It is the purpose of the society to recognize those who have attained a high level of leadership in collegiate activities and to inspire others to strive to attainments along similar lines. This is possible by bringing together students and faculty on a basis of mutual interest and understanding. Front: D. Johnson, President; M. Stevens, T. Templeton, Secretary; Dr. Hood. Back: Dr. Cool! Beasley, G. Cooney, K. Bauer, Dr. Johnson. Stetson Ministerial Association Stetson ' s Minister- ial Association is an organization of students who plan to enter some type of Cfiristian ministry as a career. The group is made up of future missionaries, music leaders, youth leaders and preachers as well as other types of minis- ters. The S.M.A. meets weekly and sponsors activities throughout the year including re- treats, campus radio devotionals, and wor- ship services and Jun- iper Springs Camp- ground. Front: B. Cadwell, P. Bailey, N. McFaddin. Back: E. McQueen, Director; J. Tore, Pres.; V. Holcombe, Sec. Treas.; C. Hill, C. Black, R. Howell, L. Pedrafa, T. James, G. Lyons, J. Holloway, V.P.; T. Tate, A. Wilder, R. Maurer. Religious Life Council Front: Father Pat Powers, J. Rossie, L. Benson, S. Ary, C. Crews. Back: T. Clark, Dr. Garth Jenkins, Mr. Rodney Ellis, B. Allen, Rev. Charles Granger, Mrs. Margie Duncan. The Religious Life Council, comprised of representatives of the denominationally spon- sored campus ministry organizations (Catholic Campus Ministry, Can- terbury House, Wesley House, Baptist Campus Ministry, and the Stet- son Ministerial Associa- tion), sponsor speakers, performers, and other programs to enrich the lives of students, pro- mote greater under- standing among the religious organizations, and achieve coopera- tion for special projects. Events sponsored this year were Ragan Counlney ' s perfor- mance, " Truth " con- cert, the Raft Debate, Robert Short ' s Visual Presentations, and the Oxfam Fast (hunger). The Baptist Campus Ministry is an organiza- tion that supports and promotes the quality standards of Stetson University. The major goal of Baptist Campus Ministry is to encour- age and make avail- able many different ways to help others and for students to help themselves. BCM strives to meet needs in the community as well as on campus. BCM is on campus to allow students to enjoy shar- ing a common belief. Baptist Campus Ministry . l rXiSt: -- Vv Officers: N. Powell, President; A. Cotter, Director of Worship; L. Miracle, Secretary-treasurer; G. Webb, Director of Recreation; M. Songster, Director of Special Ministries. Canterbury House Canterbury House at Stetson University is a campus ministry of the Episcopal Church. Founded in 1937, it has been providing students of all denominations with a place to come and grow spiritually. Activities of the organization include an Evensong, supper, and a program. The group is led by Fr. Eric Ravndal and several advisors: George and Mary Hood, Jan Peacock, and Charlotte Smith, Canterbury ' s co-founder. f. ,i4 T «- ? Officers: Jim Rossie, Senior Warden; Dermott Dessert, Junior Warden; Robert Bender, Treasurer; Michele Colbert, Secretary 92 Newman House The Newman House provides a place to study, socialize, or just relax for all students. In particular, the Newman House is a focus for establishing communi- ty relationships among the Catholic students attending Stetson. Officers: J. Nelson, president; G. Smilfi, vice-president; K. Orsini, treasurer; L. Hedberg, secretary; L. Lee, house representative; C. Luce, fresfiman representative; M. Menefee, kitchen hostess. Wesley House is a fellowship composed of house members and those who come to the programs. Both are considered as part of the " Wesley Gang. " They seek growth, sup- port and encounter faith among the com- munity. These ongoing goals are achieved through Bible study, recreational activities and Sunday discussion groups. Besides these " public " ministries, there is the " private " extending of hands, of hearts, and of needs by both Tom Cunningham and house members. It is a campus ministry of the United Methodist Church. 93 Sigma Pi Kappa Sigma Pi Kappa is Stetson ' s Journalism Honorary. Membership is open to those who have made outstanding contribution to the student publications at Stetson in the form of writing, photography or leadership, such as editorial positions. The Publications Board consists of the Editors in Chief and the Business Managers of the Hatter, the Reporter, and the Touchstone, student publications, along with three elected represen- tatives and the faculty advisors for the pub- lications. The purpose of the board is to govern the affairs of the student publica- tions, making certain that the publications are completed on time and efficiently. Front: K. Eckes, N. Barnett, D. Thornal. Back: T. Templeton, J. Marlowe, T. Sproat, M. Bapst, J. Farinacci. 94 Reporter The staff of the Reporter consists entirely of students who work on the staff voluntarily. The staff publishes the paper each Friday during the school year. Management: K. Tesh, station manager; B. McFarland, assistant station manager; C. Warren, programming manager; E. Shields; D. Ratteree, sound manager. WHAT, the campus radio station, is a special committee of the Student Union Board. WHAT consists entirely of students and is primarily known for bringing music and news to the Commons during meals. WHAT also broadcasts to the Alley and the HatRack. Student disc jockeys learn to operate broad- cast equipment, ar- range and program radio shows and make promotional adver- tisements. Once a student has been a D.J. at WHAT, ideally he or she is qualified to gain employment at any commercial AM or FM radio station. 95 Phi Eta Sigma Phi Eta Sigma is a national honorary organization for stu- dents who have ex- celled academically during their freshman year. The minimum requirement is a 3.5 grade point average for the freshman year. Officers: Pre sident, Eric Lopez; Vice-President, Kim Lacko; Secretary, Becky Wells; Treasurer, Bruce Hedgepeth; Faculty Advisor, Dr. Gene Medlin Phi Chi Theta, a national business fra- ternity, was started at Stetson in 1970 by Professor Nylen. With- in the last year, it has increased in member- ship by 100% and has continued its previous programs of speakers and community par- ticipation. Officers: President, Cindi Rourk; Vice-President, Howard Butler; Secretary, Jane Bonnell; Treasurer, Walter Ramsey; Faculty Advisor, Dr. Michael Boyd Alpha Kappa Psi Stetson ' s Theta Mu Chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi, the oldest professional business fraternity in the nation, strives to facilitate and promote learning in the fields of business and commerce. Guest speakers and tours of various corporations are important parts of Theta Mu ' s professional activities. In addition to furthering its members ' education in many aspects of business, the fraternity annually co- sponsors Career Fair, publishes a magazine entitled Future, and actively participates in Greenfeather. The Stetson Market- ing Association is a stimulating, informa- tive, and helpful col- legiate business organ- ization affiliated with the American Market- ing Association. The SMA gives its members a head start in their careers and an op- portunity to gain early experience in the field of marketing. Officers: L. Uhl, President; L. Wilkinson, Vice-President; P. Smith, Recording Secretary; P. Kampf, Corresponding Secretary; CO. Berg, Treasurer; J. Bonnell, Publicity; J. Hausbeck, Social; M. Cerelle, Program. 97 The Pre-Medical Club is a loosely struc- tured in formal organ- ization where the main goal lies in aiding the student in preparation for admission into health-related fields. To achieve these goals, we present sev- eral in-town physicians of the varied medical fields: Medicine, Den- tistry, Veterinary, and Medical Technology. In addition, we plan to visit various medical centers, have a mini- MCAT preparation course, and have a CPR demonstration, as well as a reception for the physicians in town. I Pre-Medical Club Officers: P. Connor, President; J. Lang, Vice President; M. Relf, Secretary; Dr. K. Everett, Faculty Advisor; L. E. Wadsworth, M.D., In-town Medical Advisor Beta Beta Beta Tri-Beta is the national biological honorary society. It ' s membership is extended to advanced biology students who have achieved excellence, not only in the biological sciences, but in overall academics as well. With increased campus activity including Greenfeather, aluminum can recycling, discussion groups, and various other activities, the group was challenged and rewarded. Front: K. Mettina, Sec; B. Layton, K. Hiley, S. Talley, M. Relf, Miss Coutant, M. Proetta, K. Cooksey, S. Peleggi, A. Cotter, R. Harding, Historian; J. Molina, K. Horten, Back: B. Musalim, N. Zorn, P. Polack, P. Connor, M. Ross, D. Rathburn, B. Dugger, D. Clayton, D. Meyer, K. Ruiz,President; C. Johnson Gamma Sigma Epsilon The Beta Beta Chapter of Gamma Sigma Epsilon pro- motes health, happi- ness and comfort of our fellow man. The organ- ization strives to pro- mote allegiance to law and order by engineering a high regard for virtue and truth and by bringing the facts of science closer to the truth of the universe through the promotion of chemistry. It also provides tutorial services for all chem- istry classes. Members must have a minimum of fourteen hours of chemistry, a 3.0 chemistry average, and a 3.0 overall G.P.A. Phi Alpha Theta is the history honorary organization. This is open to those students who have taken at least twelve hours of history and have a 3.5 grade point average. Each year a delegate is chosen from the stu- dents and sent to a national convention. The students were ac- tively involved in pub- lic and world political affiars. Front: R. Balte, J. Tofte, Vice President; J. Joseph, President, R. Ruhlman, K. Allen, Back: P. Guthrie, Dr. Lovelace, Dr. Steeves, Dr. Wynn Sigma Tau Delta is a national English honor- ary which was founded in 1924. Membership is limited to those upper- class students that have completed six hours of English beyond the freshman requirement with a 3.0 grade point average in all English courses. Members of Sigma Tau Delta are distinguished by their outstanding achieve- ment in English. Sigma Tau Delta 9 Front: E. Shields, N. Pfeiffer, Dr. E. Smith. Back: Dr. W. Dickson, J. Bonnell, K. Allen, B. Wolf. Psi Chi Psi Chi is the nation- al honor society in psychology, and it is an affiliate of the Amer- ican Psychological As- sociation and the As- sociation of College Honor Societies. The Society was founded in 1929, and the Stetson University Chapter was chartered in 1957. Thus the 1981-82 academic year marks the silver anniversary of Psi Chi at Stetson. The pur- poses of Psi Chi are to encourage, stimulate, and maintain scholar- ship of the individual members in all fields, particularly in psy- chology, and to ad- vance the science of psychology. • ' ' ■rr.-vr Dr. D. Hale, M. Adams, R. Massey, J. Toro, T. Miller, S. Vough, D. Weigel, L. Lee. 100 Society of Physics Students The Society of Physics Students is a national organization which is open for mem- bership to all students interested in physics. The Stetson Chapter ' s activities included special lectures by professional physicists and physics teachers, scientific movies, space shuttle launching trips, socials and a Green- feather booth. Members received Physics Today magazine and the SPS Newsletter each month, providing in- formation on current physics - related activ- ities throughout the country. Chemical Society This social organiza- tion is primarily for those with an academic or intellectual interest in chemically related subjects. Selling soft drinks to students and working diligently in labs is the main source of income. This year A. C. S. sponsored several fund raisers to create two new departmental awards. We hope these awards will stimulate interest in chemistry and honor those who have excelled ac- ademically in chemis- try. Officers: President, James Lang; Vice-President, Karen Haggen; Treasurer, Chuck Presti; Secretary, Megan Cloughtly; Faculty Advisor, Dr. James DeLap Stetson Political Forum The Stetson Political Forum is a non- partisan organization of students and faculty members who are interested in discussing politics and current political events. The Forum sponsored lun- cheons every Monday, featuring a guest speaker. The luncheons were informal and al- lowed students and faculty to discuss issues outside of the class- room. Circle K is the world ' s oldest collegiate service club. Sponsored by Kiwanis Internation- al, there are some 900 clubs on college cam- puses around the world. Along with Key Club and Kiwanis, Circle K is a service club. Circle K serves the communi- ty as well as the campus. This year ' s activities have included visiting the Florida Lutheran Retirement Center, working with area Girl Scout Troops, and tutoring in the Deland area schools. Officers: President, Alison Steele; Vice-President, Judy Evers; Secretary. Christa Ogle; Treasurer, Lynda Lee Stetson College Republican Club The Stetson College Republican Club saw 1981-82 as a year of re-building and prepar- ing for the 1982 elec- tions. Coming off the significant victories of 1980, the club was intent on making sure the majority party in Florida and the United States was Republican. The major project for the club during the fall term was the Poland petition. The petition was to show the sup- port of Americans for those in Poland in their drive to establish basic freedoms denied them by the totalitarian government support by the Soviet Union. Stetson Young Dem- ocrats is an organiza- tion interested in sup- porting the Democratic philosophy on Stetson campus and helping people become familiar with politics and the issues facing our country. Our activities have included attend- ing the 1981 Florida Democratic Conference in Hollywood, holding an anti-James Watt petition drive, and at- tending meetings of the Volusia County Demo- cratic Committee. Officers: Lynda Lee, President; Keith Allen, Executive Vice-President; George Romagnoli, Vice-President for Political Affairs; Kirk Boutwell, Secretary; Mattew Hoperich, Treasurer I The Stetson Con- cert Choir is an under- graduate choir made up of music majors and non-music majors alike. The music they per- form ranges from the newest pop tunes to such masterpieces as Handel ' s " The Mes- siah " and Schubert ' s " Mass They great the m also deal G Major " , perform a outside of university at churches, social func- tions and high schools. Concert Choir Officers: C. Pelham, President; A. Lewis, Vice President; A. Sorondo, Secretary; D. Brooks, Student Conducter. The purposes and ideals of the Society are stated best in the Preamble to the Scab- bard and Blade Consti- tution: " Believing that mili- tary service is an ob- ligation of citizenship, and that the greater opportunities afforded college men and women for the study of military science place upon them certain re- sponsibilities as ci- tizens, we cadet officers in various colleges and universities conferring baccalaureate degrees, do form this society and adopt this constitution in order to unite in closer relationship the military departments of America universities and colleges; . . . Officers: Company Captain, B. Neier; Company First Lieutenant, R. Hoelscfier. Music School Advisory Council The Music School Advisory Council is the student government of the School of Music, its primary purpose is to provide a liason between the student body and the Dean of the Music School. The Council has many func- tions including faculty evaluation, facility im- provement and social activities. It also plays an active role in the Music School Advisory Board. The Advisory Coun- cil consists of 12 members - one from each medium in the school - as well as a president, vice-pres- ident and secretary. Officers: Lawless, Ashley Andrews, President; Donna Durland, Vice-president; Juanita Molina, Secretary; Renee Historian; Mr. Bruce Griffiths, Sponsor. The Florida Alpha Chapter of Theta Alpha Phi was founded at Stetson University by Dr. Irving Stover on March 1, 1920. The purposes of T.A.P. are to increase interest, stimulate creativity, and foster artistic achievement in all of the allied arts of theater. Activities the 1981-82 year ude: sponsoring 3 major productions, hav- ing a booth for Green- feather, putting on a Haunted House for Halloween, holding a Homecoming reception for alumni, and spon- soring many dance classes and produc- tions. the for 105 Dancers ' Workshop, an organization affiliated with Stover Theater, is under the direction of Coach Bruce Griffith. This year the annual concert was held in December and was entitled " A Celebration of Life. " The second part of the year entailed touring with the area elementary schools with a specially prepared program. Dancers ' Workshop plans to expand its program even more next year with the acquirement of floor length mirrors. Dancers Workshop Front row: S. Budzinski, C. Long, R. Wehrle, T. Granata, J. Morely, L. Larson, M. Hunt. Back row: E. Bell, A. Dicosola, C. Brown, B. Brown, K. Keesee. Stetson Speech Union Forensics involves the development and expansion of speech techniques through in- tercollegiate and on- campus activities. The team has competed primarily in the South- east but has also been in tournaments in the Northeast and Midwest this year. The year culminated in April when the team compet- ed in the National Forensic Association National Tournament. Front row: Mrs. Baugh, Director; M. Groover, A. Milner, D. Kauffman, L. Drummond. Middle row: C. Putnal, S. Dye, T. Jordan, A. Johnson, C. Fohrman, R. Broadhurst. Back row: S. Acevedo, B. Nieport, S. Lott, T. Desantis, K. Boutwell, P. Cummings, G. Champion. 106 Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Delta Pi is an honor society in education. It was founded on March 8, 1911, at the University of Illinois. The purpose of Kappa Delta Pi is to encourage high profes- sional, intellectual, and personal standards and to recognize outstand- ing contributions to education. Stetson Afro American Society Stetson Afro American Society, being a service and social organization, provides aid to the DeLand and the Stet- son community as well as catering to the needs of the minorities on campus. Left to Right: K. Tyler, Sec; C. Kellam, R. Allen, D. Johnson, R. Darville, Pres.; V. Jean, B. Williams, V.P.; K. Clark, Treas.; M. Jackson. The Indies are a group of Stetson women who get together simply because they enjoy athletic recreation other words, they are a group of independents who unite to play sports in the various intramural sports in the various intramural tournaments. Though they only play for fun, the Indies perform well in competition. For instance, the Indies won the Fall swimming meet and placed second in the football tournament. Keep it up Indies! Indies The Stetson Judo Club experienced a banner year as club members travelled across the state par- ticipating in many tour- naments. During the Spring semester the club hosted a very successful tournament in the Edmunds Center and also held a compe- tition clinic attended by many fine judo-players from the entire state. Judo is a martial art designed to throw an opponent to the mat using strength and weight. Submission techniques such as chokes and joint-locks are also used to defeat an opponent. Front: Kurt Tesh Middle: Peg Granger, Susan Montony, Back: Mike Proetta, John Donn, Danny Wooley, Esther Strange, Angie Duncan Fraternity Graduate Counselor Staff M. Strobeck, D. Hill, J. Cooper, D. Teets, M. Beumont The Fraternity Graduate Counselors, staff members of the Department of Student Life, are responsible for the administrative management of the fraternity house and serve as program re- sources for the fraterni- ties and the Interfrater- nity Council. In addi- tion to these routine duties, the staff pre- sented several work- shops during the year, including the Fraterni- ty Leadership Seminar, a retreat for fraternity officers in Daytona Beach. R.O.T.C. Officers: Captain, Cadet Lieutenant Colonel, R. Lohlein; Cadet Major, R. Beesch; Cadet Captain, D. Ingham; Cadet B. James. ROTC ' s freshman and sophomore cadets participated in one of four modules; Aviation, Color Guard, Marks- manship, or the Rai- ders. Cadets in the junior year of ROTC prepare all year for advanced camp — a six week summer camp at Ft. Bragg, N.C. Senior cadets comprise the cadet staff where they learn the intricacies of staff planning and organization. Army ROTC is a great way to prepare for being an Army officer. ROTC helps you develop discipline of mind spirit, and body as well as your ability to make deci- sions under pressure. With the remodeling of the north wing, Chaudoin Hall had a new look this year. That great Chaudoin spirit, however, was still the same and the staff worked together smoothly. Some of the many exciting activi- ties that were planned included a Friday the 13th party with Smith Hall, a jail booth with Carson Hall for Green- feather, and the annual Halloween and Christ- mas parties. The in- tramural teams looked great with Chaudion ' s top athletes working together and having fun. Each individual hall adds its own special style to make Chaudoin complete. Chaudoin Hall Front: B. Wells, K. Vites, V. Nelson, L. Miracle, T. Miller, K. Mattina Back: P. Gaddis, L. Petrie, K. Maddison, N. Powell, L. lezzi, T. Granata, J. Korfage, D. Green, J. Clayton Things at Conrad are really looking up this year. For Halloween, a nursery school was in- vited to trick-or-treat throughout the resi- dence hall. The girls really shined at Casino night with Carson Hall. Through bead parties. of Conrad had devel- oped closer friendships All in all, Conrad i wonderful place to be place to be. Front: M. Songster Back: J. Luriz, L. Wilson, K. Carlton, D. Toland, S. Morris, D. Hensley, L. Lindquist, S. Dell, J. Bonura, F. Rogers. Emily Hall What was once an upper class women ' s residence hall has now become a fully inte- grated home housing women from each of the four classes. Yes, our freshman have given Emily Hall a face ift with new blood and constant craziness. Staffed by seven Re- sident advisors, six staff assistants and one head resident, Emily enjoys programs ranging from hall salad bars to inter- dorm barbeques. This year at the Green- feather Carnival, Emily joined Cordis Hall to sponsor a Bagel booth. Other traditions include a Halloween pumpkin- carving, Christmas par- ty, study breakers, and Blue Spring runs. Stetson Hall Scope dinners; Trick-or-treaters and witches; Intramurals and chipmunks at Christmas time kept staff and residents in- volved. With a flair for seasons not in season, the women of Stetson Hall sponsored a gayla " New Year ' s Eve in October " party and with Smith Hall, " A Nite of Summer Fun " in January. Through the course of the school year, staff and re- sidents have lived by our adopted motto, " Deal with it! " Front: L. Rohsler, R. Lee, V. Torres, A. Morrison, D. Musselman, T. Fletcher Back: N. Krauss, C. Rise, J. Guess, B. Pelzer, S. Pilessi, C. Mitchell, C. Zimmersman, C. Carroll, P. Benjamin, K. Davidson, R. Adiey, S. Larsen, K. Sellar, M. Dietrich We ' re making a name for ourselves: " We lie here, looking back at the year, pon- dering a pleasing plethora of passings - Incredibly outrageous newsletters - Jay " Ebenezer " Rust Really guys, I ' m ser- ious! - In-staff training - Basic sliding tech- niques on sudsy floors - Don ' t say the D-word! - Golly Ge Whiz! - Runs to the fountain?! - Casino Night - Take the money and run - Good rock and roll parties get better with age - Have a parsley and a smile! - Lots of great memories, lots of super guys - Does anyone have a cigar- ette? " They did it! Carson Hall B. Reeder, J. Rust, E. Gudger, W. Rickenbach, R. Crumley, J. McCorvey, J. Daly, S. Kiefer Ranging from date-n-skates to the third annual Gordis Game Night, it was a fun packed year for the Gordis Vanguards. Each hall participated in the Gordis Cup competition with the point leader gaining a free dinner at the end of the year. The re- sidence hall also did very well in the in- tramural program with good participation. Other than fun, the staff built a new trash bin, lower six repainted their hall, the main lobby was remodeled, and a refinished ping- pong table offered many hours of enjoy- ment. Front: D. Ingam, M. Proetta, K. Bauer, K. Krauss, B. Neier, D. VanDyke, T. Barley Back: B. Ballinger, N. Raven, E. Lopez New Mens Dorm R. Slama, G. Cooney, D. Johnson, B. Connor, D. Rathburn, M. Herr, B. Copper, M. Tatum Continuing in the lightening bolt tradition of past years, the New Mens staff climbed, both literally and figur- atively, to new heights this year. From our lofty perch, we can easily survey the rest of the campus. The main lounge has been given a new lease on life, and much re-decorating has been done in other areas. Dinner parties, hay rides, and other activities were offered in an effort to bring the lovely Stetson women together with the men. It has certainly been an awesome year for the guys of New Mens. Smith Hall Well, we made it - it is over and we ' re " bustin out " of here. No looking back now - This Is It! To the residents of Smith Hall - May you rest in peace over the summer! The Management K. Michaels, P. Cullen, V. Scott, S. Wunderlick; standing; R. Mines, T. Lovallo, J. Ariale, B. Shepard, J. Farinacci SPORTS 115 SOCCER The " Hatters " in 1981 are still a very young team with only four possible returning seniors. The core of the team will be a crew of eleven returning sophomores and juniors. Added to this will be a talented group of newcomes including freshmen Danny Rich, Todd Johnston, and Larry Powers. A different look for Stetson will be their move to a new home field. All home games will be played under the lights in DeLand ' s Spec Martin Stadium. The Bermuda grass field will seat up to 1000 fans and is a welcome addition to the growing Hatter soccer program. The 1981 schedule is a demanding one with traditional state powers such as Florida International, University of Miami, Jacksonville, and Eckerd. Newcomers this year will include an exhibition match with the University of Dublin, Ireland; Georgia Southern, and Covenant College. PL A VERS Glenn Brooks John Clark Dave Drescher Scott Fortes Mike Goodrich Spencer Gregg Joe Harbon Rick Harris Todd Johnson Dan Keane Reed Kinnison Dan McMarthy Billy Meaker Tim Mele Bobby Pirson Larry Powers Danny Rich John Richter George Schaeffer Bob Spooner Bob Wilson Aa 116 117 118 WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL The 1981-82 edition of the Lady Hatters basketball team features five returning upper classmen and nine freshmen and sophomores. Despite their youth, the Lady Hatters are the most talented team Stetson has fielded. The Hats venture into Division I ranks this year, led by senior guard Donna Johnson. Johnson was selected to the All-State and All-Region Division II teams last year. Another All-Stater, Diane Hayes, returns for her junior season at the forward slot. Joining the Hats for their premier seasons are four talented freshmen. Sally Smith, an All-State player, Micheall Reilly, who will play guard for the Hats, Missouri McCoy, and walk-on Vicky Brewer. Young but talented is the key phrase for the Hats this year. " On paper we are a very young team, " stated Coach Jordan, " but on the court we will have talented individuals who will improve with experience. I ' m very excited about the personel we have this year. " PL A VERS Vicky Brewer Tracey Byer Leslie Clutts Diane Hayes Angela Head Monica Jackson Donna Johnson Linda Kiefer Theresa King Karen Lovaglio Missouri McCoy Micheall Reilly Sally Smith Marnie Vanslrum 119 120 w % s ' " i Ew vJi m ■ - - f T i S 121 MEN ' S BASKETBALL The bible is replete with examples of moanings of prophets who, in their anguish, point to the clangers of the stronger enemies then lament their own lack of strength and experience. Thus saith Stetson ' s head Coach Glenn Wilkes: Groaning above his sack cloth and ashes, the twenty-four year veteran coach of the Halters sees only two of his top six players returning to meet what is unquestionably the toughest basketball schedule ever faced by a Stetson squad. Frank Burnell and Brad Weston are the only starters returning from the 18-9 team of 1980-81 that came within a heartbeat of a post-season bid. The duo will continue with other lettermen and recruits to face the likes of Marquette, Auburn, Duke, Old Dominion, West Virginia, Clemson, Southern Louisiana University, New Orleans, and host of other major powers during the 1981-82 season. The Hats had five freshman gaining experience in 1980-81. The 1981-82 recruiting efforts have netted a quartet of talented players from both the high school and junior college ranks. Time will tell on the accuracy of the coaches predictions . . . PL A VERS Frank Burnell Bill Cunningham John Dunn Jorge Fernandez Mike Maloney Derrick McDowell Gary Mims Glynn Myrick Mike Reddick Mike Roach Roland Rucker Tim Shuler Brad Weston 122 123 124 RN I E- l l ■ iS ' b y FaTV B ' li v HL wi m 1 4 1 - " S 1 725 126 127 WOMENS ' VOLLEYBALL With five returning players and five new players this years offense and defense had a new look all together. This year there was a great deal of versatility in our offense. The returning players worked out off and on during the off season and came back strong. With great athletic mentality the freshman players were coachable and eager to play the ball. Sophomore, Maria Albano, was a walk-on last spring, coach Scheumaker calls her " impressive " . Julie Hall, a freshman was the strongest candidate for starting position with a fine serve. The Hatters faced a tough division 11 schedule. Competitors were to include national powers of V.C.F., F.I.T., and Florida Southern. Coach Schuemaker was extremely excited about the assembled team and felt more confident about a successful season. PL A VERS Kathleen Codey Brenda Hoot Dana Baldwin Cindy Paquet Sue Gioncatti Maria Albano Julie Hall Lori Lamb Maureen Sullivan Mary Beth Thompson Lynn Hallmark Kathleen White 128 ' dnQTMTB CHEERLEADERS 1981-82 was a year of growth and improvement for the Stetson Varsity Cheerleaders. Two varsity squads were comprised this year, the first an all-girls Women ' s Basketball squad and then the addition to the Men ' s Basketball squad of 8 men! Yes, Stetson has seen the needed expansion to improve the squads performance on the court. After long hours of practice and many mundane moves they became a squad of unity and acquired skill. The girls squad traveled with their team and kept the spirit and enthusiasm flowing. The men ' s squad saw a vast increase in Spirit displayed by the fans, which made the transitional year much easier to bear. The success of the men on the cheering squad is contingent upon support from the faculty, administration and student body. Only with positive reinforcement will we be able to excel in the field of cheerleading here at Stetson . . . Coaches: Jan Wilkes Karen Eckes Women ' s Basketball: Kim Harvey Adrian Anderson Lisa Birkenstock Shannon Ajluni Men ' s Basketball: Diane Sides - Captain Doug Barnes Kathy Nielander Randy Brown Lori Chadborne Bill Cleare MaryBeth Duckworth Chris Johnson Julie Gibson Kevin Kratina Rhonda Harrell George Ryan Jackie Iglesias Fred Taylor Raison Lee Ed White 130 131 MENS ' TENNIS Coach Ray Hussey sits in the shade of an old oak tree and watches with a gleam of excitement in his eye as his 1982 mens ' tennis team practices. " Never before have 1 had so much depth on one team, " boasts Hussey. " I ' ve had better individual talent before, but never the depth of talent that this year ' s squad possesses. " This year ' s tentative squad will be as follows: Jim Skalko, a transfer student from the University of Colorado where he played in the number 1 and 2 positions. Jeff Burnett, a freshman from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Peter Nylen, son of the Dean of the Business School, will be playing in one of the top three slots. Phil White, who was last years number 7 player and won " Most Valuable Player of the Year " will return for his third year on the squad. John Joiner, son of a Baptist minister, will be returning for his fourth year on the squad. Other new prospects for this year will be freshmen Brad Lehan of Boca Raton, Gary Marks of Boynton Beach, and Shoib Myint of Tampa. There are twenty to twenty-five matches scheduled with some nationally known teams among them. Among these teams are Emory, Carson Newman, Washington and Lee, Air Force Academy, Rollins, University of Florida, and Florida State. The Hats are looking forward to a year filled with success and determination to proudly uphold the Stetson tradition. PL A VERS Jeff Burnett Scott Hunter John Joiner Brad Lehan Gary Marks Shoib Myint Pete Nylen Jim Skalko Phil White 132 TrrnrminL ui 735 134 WOMENS ' TENNIS At the beginning of the school year, Lady Hatter tennis coach Vicky Pate was extremely worried about the forthcoming 1982 season. She was thrilled to find that seven of nine players from last year ' s team, ranked 17 nationally in Division II, had returned. What worried her was that the number one seed, Harriet Monroe, was one of the ones that didn ' t. Plagued by knee problems, Monroe was forced to give up tennis for at least a year. Surprisingly though, Pate ' s troubles ended on the first day of practice. It wasn ' t a new face on the court, it was a squad of the same faces, but with much improved talent. The Lady Hatters have increased with their depth of talent also. They have many of the same faces as last year, however the girls mental aggressiveness has increased their stamina. They will exercise agility and will carefully excel in their field for a season of much success. PL A VERS Mary Pat Dougherty Sharon Swanbery Elizabeth Schroeder Jane Thompson Karen Layer Terri Fletcher Peggy Scheb Cabriella Irazibal Pam Scheffield K 135 I 136 137 MENS ' GOLF Stetson ' s 1981-82 golf season in the fall started with a very optimistic note. Coach Weickel began practice as soon as school started, wasting no time to perfect his team. The season opened this fall with Stetson hosting a twelve team Intercollegiate Tournament held at the Swallows Golf Course in DeBary. The fall season ended with another state tournament that was held in Sebring at the Sun and Lakes Club. Although Stetson finished 11th the " inconsistency of play " is something Coach Weickel is hoping will be gone by spring season. " We are competitive enough to finish in the middle of the field but we have that inconsistency. " With a smile he added, " One day everyone will play extremely well and the next everyone will play badly. " Spring brought about many more tournaments and the Hatter ' s golf team did improve. Their averaging now to come out 6th, in the middle of the road, which pleases Coach Weickel. The team has many hopes for a successful season and building for a good future for Stetson University. PL A VERS Mike Benevento m Dave Pfiffner Buster Hunt s Chuck Kandt Hm Greg Knowles m? ' ■ ■ David Sullivan ■r Steve Todd Mtkij red shirted: Dan Bendell Brad Parsons _ . " ■ Hugh Heinz •. ■ ' - .- n --- 138 ' sss; 139 BASEBALL While baseball fans everywhere languished during the infamous " Strike of ' 81 " , Stetson head coach Pete Dunn was busy — busy creating what may turn out to be the best baseball team Stetson fans have ever seen. Decimated by graduation and the Pro draft, the Hatters were in dire need of rebuilding. The loss of five starters made the left side of the infield and the entire outfield question marks. Dunn, using a clever mixture of seasoned junior college standouts and high school prospects, did more than just rebuild — he revitalized. After switching designated hitter Jeff Pequinot (.346) ' to the outfield, Dunn added a promising freshman by the name of Howard Manzon. Transfers Rodney Langston and Jeff Gallagher will vie for the third outfield position. Freshmen Tom Meucci and Rusty Green should see action this year. In the infield, the other Pequinot brother, John, will also shift. John will move from third base to the second base position, where he will join first baseman, Andy Moffat (.384), on the right side. John ' s departure will make room for two Seminole Community College transfers, third baseman Vince Riva (.352) and short-stop Bob McCullogh, to nail down the left side. With Scott Gray available to fill in, the infield should be solid. Stetson will also be solid behind the plate. Seniors Mark Zaleski (.319), and Jeff Altier will call the signals, with Alex Lucco ready to share the duties as well. Their battery mates, the pitchers, will be the key to the Hats success. Stetson will look to seniors Mike Burgermeister (4-1) , Jim Fry (4-4), Mike Hamilton (2-4), and Bob Klusacek (6-4) to shut down the opposition. Freshmen hopefuls Bart Bishop and Robbie Smith will be looking to break into the starting rotation. Out of the pen, the Hats will rely on Dennis Martin and junior transfer Ed Augustine. Sophomore Mike Maloney, along with freshmen Scott Cantrell and Jerry Ryder, will also be ready in relief. Team strengths will include: pitching, defense, speed, and perhaps most importantly, a good attitude. The Hatters appear to have the healthy attitude necessary to compliment their talent and carry them through their demanding 55 game schedule. The Hats will have to beat teams like Miami, North Carolina and Seton Hall if they are to perpetuate their fine reputation and attempt to gain an NCAA Division 1 tournament bid — goals Pete Dunn had in mind long before the " Strike of ' 81 " . Batting Average Won-Loss Record 140 PL A VERS NO. NAME PITCHERS 35 Augustine, Ed 5 Bishop, Bart 8 Burgermeister, Mike 27 Cantrell, Scott 32 Fry, Jim 20 Hamilton, Mike 26 Klusacek, Bob 30 Maloney, Mike 23 Martin, Dennis 11 Ryder, Jerry 31 Smith, Robbie 6 Altier, Jeff Carlton, David 28 Hartman, Bill 34 Johnson, Scott 12 Lucco, Alex 21 Maynard, Dan 18 Zaleski, Mark 4 Cray, Scott 15 Hayes, Dan 14 McCullough, Bob 33 Meucci, Steve 10 MoHatt, Andy 22 Peacock, Paul 17 Pequignot, Jon 13 Riva, Vince 2 Rose, David 24 Gallagher, Jeff 1 Green, Rusty 19 Langston, Rodney 9 Manzon, Howie 29 Meucci, Tom 16 Pequignot, Jeff 25 Pete Dunn, Head Coach 7 Rick Hall, Ass ' t Coach 3 Jeff Brawner, Ass ' t Coach Glenn Wilkes, Athletic Director FOR THE STRAIGHT PITCH. amtmmammmm 142 143 144 146 INTRAMURALS 148 COACH ' S FACE A SURRFN ' r rn V- ' . v;, ' T SyNG. WE HAVE 149 GREEKS 151 " THERE IS A DESTINY THA T MAKES US BROTHERS NO ONE GOES HIS WA Y ALONE; ALL THA T WE SEND INTO THE LIVES OF OTHERS COMES BACK INTO OUR OWN. " edwin markham 152 153 ALPHA XI DELTA Alpha Xi Delta was founded by ten women in 1898 at Lombard College. Today, we strive to reach the ideals of womanhood just as our founders did. Our flower is the pink rose, our emblem the Quill, and our mascot, Al Fuzzy Bear is derived from our name. We hold a special place in our hearts for Olga Bowen who was one of the chapter ' s first founding members. 1981-1982 has been a busy and fulfilling year for the Xi-s. We began with a successful rush, the pace has yet to slow down. The rest of the year has been a whirlwind of social, panhellenic, athletic, and philanthropic activities. After all that ' s our motto: HAVE FUN!! President . . . Myra Stevens Vice President . . . Leigh Chamblis Pledge Trainer . . . Lauren Dunn Treasurer . . . Kathy Neilander Recording Secretary . . . Julie Urban Quill Chairmen . . . Carol Johnson 154 ALPHA CHI OMEGA Alpha Chi Omega Sorority was founded on October 15, 1885, at DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana. The Gamma Chi Chapter of Alpha Chi Omega was founded here at Stetson on May 18, 1957. Alpha Chi opened up the year by pledging quota; 17 wonderful girls. Alpha Chi showed their enthusiasm at a great roaring 20 ' s party with the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. Other highlights include an aitrustic project with the Sugar-n-Spice Day Care Center, making football playoffs, and coming in second in Greenfeather. Probably the high point of the year was Greek Week. We came in first in Quiz Bowl for fraternities and sororities, first in the Bed Race, first in participation for sororities, and first overall. The Alpha Chi ' s have had a wonderful fa anticipation for a spring full of sisterhood fun. President . . . Cindi Rourk First Vice President . . . Ka thy Ruiz Second Vice President . . . Kristi Zehnder Third Vice President . . . Barbie Pelzer Treasurer . . . Sharon Smith Corresponding Secretary . . . Maureen Bapst Recording Secretary . . . Nancy Nash Scholarship Chairman . . . Barb Clover Rush Chairman . . . Arlene Habart Panhellenic Treasurer . . . Marybeth Duckworth Panhellenic Rush Chairman . . . Beth Thompson 755 The Gamma Chi Local Fraternity was founded by Scott Kiesling, Allen Vinson, and Russell Crumley in the Fall of 1980. Scott ' s dream of founding a new fraternity based upon Christian and other moral principles was shared with friends, and quickly gained momentum. Through persistence and action by its founders, Gamma Chi was recognized by the Student Affairs Committee, and became an associate member of l.F.C. The Spring of 1981 was marked by participation in intramurals. Gamma Chi ' s private rush and first pledge class, and the introduction of a little sister program. This year Gamma Chi has further solidified by acquiring a house, participating in l.F.C. rush, and seeking affiliation with a national fraternity. As a local fraternity. Gamma Chi has enjoyed its first year of service to Stetson and her students. As a colony of a national fraternity, the brotherhood looks forward to many years of such commitment. President . . . Allen Vinson Vice-President . . . Rick Slone Treasurer . . . Gary Butler Secretary . . . Robert Broadhurst Parlimentarian . . . Dennis Pliester Chaplain . . . Charles Hill GAMMA CHI 156 DELTA DELTA DELTA Tri-Delta was founded at Boston University on Thanksgiving Eve, 1888, by Sarah Ida Shaw. Our Alpha Delta Chapter here at Stetson is the oldest chapter in the state of Florida and was founded in 1913. The Delta girls have been involved in many activities. The semi-annual blood drive took place in October. Tri-Deltas were also involved in a candy sale with the proceeds going to charity. We also participated in a haunted house for underpriviledged children. A canned good drive and see saw marathon were some added activities. 1981-1982 has indeed been an exciting and productive year for the Tri-Deltas. President . . . Rebecca Fisher Executive Vice President . . . Lynn Wilkinson Chaplan . . . Susan Evans Pledge Trainer . . . Pam Caddis Scholarship Chairman . . . Beth Wait Social Chairman . . . Julie Mims Rush Chairman . . . Cindy Gilliland Fraternity Education . . . Pam Smith Panhellenic Representitive . . . Dennise Williamson Treasurer . . . Kathy Murphy Recording Secretary . . . Melody Tinsly Marshall . . . Caren Sellar iiiiiujii ii 1 157 A Fraternity may be judged by its s choice of members, and an individual by choice of Fraternities. -unknown 158 DELTA SIGMA PHI Delta Sigma Phi was founded at New York City College on November 10, 1899. The Alpha Chi chapter was established here at Stetson in 1925. The year started out with pledging 20 men in the fail rush. The semester progressed with many exciting activities, Punk Parties, Dunder-runs, POW Parties, and Greek Week, where we came in second in the Quiz Bowl and 1st in the Bed race. We also had many traditional activities including our bi-annual Two-Band extravaganza; Pharoh Party; and Thanksgiving Banquet. The Dynasty goes on in the world of Delta Sigma Phi. President ... Bill Cuiek Vice President . . . Jolin McCeachy Director of Engineered Leaderstiip . Chaplain . . . Scott Schumaker Treasurer . . . Randy Gordon Secretary . . . Mike Hudson Rush Chairmen . . . Scot Browning Pledge Masters . . . Scott Wilder Kevin Beckwith Alumni Director Social Chairman Martv Davids Mark Wallbei Mark Brackett 159 ZETA TAU ALPHA The Beta Psi Chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha was founded on March 15, 1934. Nationally, Zeta was founded on October 15, 1898, at Longwood College in Farmville, Virginia and is currently the third largest womens ' fraternity in number of chapters. Our flower is the white violet, our colors are turquoise blue and steel gray, and our mascot is the Zeta Bunny. Our year has been highlighted by a great pledge class, our annual Christmas dance, our lead in the all-points race and our fantastic Big Brothers, the Zeta Men. Zeta service projects have included a Halloween haunted house benefitting the Duval Home residents, a donation to the Ronald McDonald House fund, carolling at retirement homes, and participating in campus-wide charity programs. President . . Rosie Perez First Vice President . . . Edie DeMarsh Director o Pledge Programming . . . T Secretary . . Carolyn DeLap Treasurer . . Sandy Babey Historian Reporter . . . Sylvia Evans Membersh p . . . Andria Long Ritual . . . Kim Edwards Panhellenic Delegate . . . Lisbet Lutz 160 KAPPA ALPHA THETA Kappa Alpha Theta began in 1870 at Ashbury University, now DePauw University, in Greencastle, Indiana. It is the first Greek-letter fraternity known among women, and is now 100 chapters strong in both the U.S. and Canada. Although Theta is so prominent nationally, it is quite new to Stetson and the Greek System here. With the initiation of our first pledge class increasing our number, Theta is beginning to blossom. This years activities included a campus reception held at the Theta House; our Philanthropic project of aiding the elderly in any way possible; and continuing our support to the Institue of Logopedics in Wichita, Kansas and Theta Court, a home for parents of children who attend the institute. President . . . Michele Dascanio Vice-President ol Efficiency . . . Brenda Fewox Vice-President of Pledge . . . Karen Catje Recording Secretary . . . Elayne Shields Treasurer . . . Joan Page Rush Chairman . . . Diana Acosta 161 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Lambda Chi Alpha came into being here at Stetson in 1947, then a local known as Sigma Omega. By ' 48 we were colonized, and later that year we were initiated as a chapter. Thirty-four years later, Lambda Chi Alpha continues to excel in academics, sports, and community service, our general purpose being to serve and support our community both within and about the University. Lambda Chi Alpha ' s heritage if based on human vision, need, understanding, idealism, and love. Above all, it is built on a series of honest friendships. This heritage began at Boston University in 1909, and today we still believe in that the essence of our fraternity lies in the fundamental ideals on which Lambda Chi Alpha was founded: Courage, Loyalty, Industry and Truth. We are currently lead by a group of officers known as High Zeta, which include: President . . . Steve Miskew Vice-President . . . Bruce Dahlgren Secretary . . . Bob Pile Rush Chairmen . . . Harvey Jay Treasurer . . . Bill Siciliano Fraternity Education . . . Tony Schroeter 162 163 PI BETA PHI Founded as I.C. Sorosis on April 28, 1867, at Monmouth College in Illinois, Pi Beta Phi was the first organization established as a national fraternity for college women. Having adopted the Greek name Pi Beta Phi in 1888, the organization presently has more than 106,000 members. Stetson ' s chapter has its roots in the Delta Alpha Delta organization founded here in 1910. On January 30, 1913, the members of Delta Alpha Delta were initiated into Pi Beta Phi, Stetson ' s first Greek fraternal organization for women. A very successful Rush marked the beginning of a great year. Shortly following, the Pi Phi ' s chose several new Arrowmen. Throughout the Fall Semester the Pi Phi ' s participated in a Daytona beach party and a Thanksgiving social sponsored by the local alum. a Halloween carving, a costume party with the Lambs, a toga party with the Pikes, and a delicous Sugar Mill breakfast run. The Christmas Dance atop Daytona ' s Treasure Island highlighted the season. President . . . Tracey Irey Vice President of Moral Advancement . Vice President of Mental Advancement Vice President of Social Advancement . Secretary . . . Carol Fromhagen Treasurer . . . Jackie Islesias Panhellenic Officer . . . Sandy Hoffman Panhellenic Delegate . . . Sue Whalen Lizette Hedberg . Siri Schuster Jo Jo Guess 164 PI KAPPA ALPHA Six, University of Virginia students founded tfie Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity on March 1, 1868. Since then, the Fraternity has become a major factor in national campus prominence. Founded in 1951, Stetson ' s Delta Upsilon chapter has played an important role in the Fraternity ' s success. The Fraternity also participated in campus extracurricular activities. Pi Kappa Alpha provided leadership for the Freshman Orientation, Greenfeather, and Homecoming committes. During Greenfeather and Greek-Week, the Pikes set the example for campus-wide participation. Within the community, PiKA assisted Daytona ' s Cedar House Project. Once a month the brothers visit the home. Early in the year, the Fraternity hosted a Sorority Pledge Social, welcoming all new pledges to the Panhellenic community of Stetson ' s campus. The Pikes sponsored exciting socials with several of Stetson ' s sororities. Overall, Pi Kappa Alpha ' s Delta Upsilon chapter provided exemplary campus and state leadership. With Delta Upsilon ' s help. Pi Kappa Alpha can fulfill its commitment to excellence. President . . . Allen W. Groves Vice President . . . John Morrow Secretary . . . James Crawford Teets Treasurer . . . Bill Guthrie Rush Chairmen . . . Edward L. White III Social Chairmen ... Tom Minella 165 ilMllllIll, PI KAPPA PHI Pi Kappa Phi was founded at the College of Charleston in 1904 and chartered at Stetson as Chi Chapter in 1921. The fraternity ' s colors are gold, white and blue. The flower is the red rose. Pi Kappa Phi prides itself with outstanding achievements in academics, athletics, community services, social functions, and brotherhood. Each of these areas enables each member to obtain a knowledge of diverse achievements while each is enriched with the love which is the center of our brotherhood. In the area of community service. Pi Kappa Phi is proud of its efforts on helping underpriviledged children through such programs as Head Start, Big Brother, and our national philanthropy project — Project P.U.S.H. (Play Units for the Severely Handicapped). Chi Chapter recently received the President ' s Award from our National Council for our outstanding support of Project P.U.S.H. in raising over 1200 dollars. Archon . . . Dean Mollis Vice-Archo n . . . Kirk Bauer Treasurer . . . Jaime Polit Secretary . . . Leo Gomez Warden . . . Dave Fifner Historian . . . Jeff Brand Chaplain . . Robert Dyer 166 yy h4y SIGMA NU Founded at Virginia Military Institute in 1869, Sigma Nu became the first chartered National social fraternity at Stetson when Delta Mu Chapter number 81 was established in 1913. Sigma Nu ' s colors are black, white, and gold, and the fraternity ' s flower is the white rose. House Father . . . Dave Hill Commander . . . Ken Wall Lieutenant Commander . . . Tom McGeachy Recorder . . . Steve Alley Treasurer . . . Rick Lam Chaplain . . . Doug Smith Pledge Marshall . . . Lee Dunham ImJ 4A ; ' 3 .. ' . ' ■ sri m H . ' 9. J ' ■J 0- . ' v- ■» - . rs. 1 i HT 5 JB-jBI 167 BEHOLD, HOW GOOD AND HOW PLEASANT IT IS FOR BRETHREN TO DWELL TOGETHER IN UNITY! -Old Testament, Psalm 133:1 ALL YOUR STRENGTH IS IN YOUR UNION; ALL YOUR DANGER IN DISCORD; THEREFORE BE AT PEACE HENCEFORWARD . . . AND AS BROTHERS LIVE TOGETHER. -Henry Wordsworth Longfellow LTU 168 SIGMA PHI EPSILON ;i ' ricwis Sigma Phi Epsilon, a fraternity founded on the principles of brotherhood, was established at Stetson by ministerial students in 1948. Our local chapter was received on February 12, 1949. Since then Sigma Phi Epsilon has flourished into a close-knit, strong standing fraternity at Stetson University. Living under the concept of fraternal brotherhood, Sigma Phi Epsilon also offers many services to the DeLand area. Our yearly Chariot Pull and various other functions help raise funds that are used in helping the community. Our fraternity is consistently active in intramural sports and shows great dedication to the purple and red when the going gets rough. The quality of the Epsilon brotherhood is visible through the pride of its active members in all the fraternity ' s functions. President . . . Mike Ree.ser Vice President . . . David Allibone Comptroller . . . Jum Hewitt Corresponding Secretary . . . Brett Fortune Recording Secretary . . . Glen Hauenstein Chaplain . . . Kent Schenkel 16f PHI MU Phi Mu was founded at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia on March 4, 1852, making it the second oldest fraternal organization for women in the country. Our flower is the rose carnation and our colors are rose and white. Phi Mu upholds a proud tradition of service to the community and the world. Our service activities include an afternoon with the United Methodist Children ' s Home and a Rock-A-Thon for our national philanthropy. Project Hope. Highlights of our year included Bucket Runs, cook-outs, and our very special Carnation Ball. All of these, combined with the joy of sisterhood, made our year a very precious one, indeed. President . . . Rebekah Barron Vice President . . . Linda Ham Treasurer . . . Karen Nipper Secretary . ■ Janine Potts Phi Director . . . Fiona Weir Membership . . . Linda Garland Ethics . . . Sharon Gartner no PHI SIGMA KAPPA Phi Sigma Kappa was founded on March 15, 1873, at the University of Massachusettes at Amherst. It was originally called T, Double T, T Upside down. In 1878 the national organization adopted the Greek letters and name Phi Sigma Kappa. Since then Phi Sigma Kappa has established a proud and prosperous history, and is currently one of the largest national fraternities. Phi Sigma Kappa emulates their three cardinal principles, to promote brotherhood, stimulate scholarship, and develop character. One of the strong ties brothers of Phi Sigma Kappa have is their magazine the Signet. Once a person becomes a brother, he receives the magazine quarterly lor the rest of his life. The name of the magazine came from the fraternity ' s first piece of jewelry, the Signet ring. The Stetson colony was created on February 2nd and 3rd in 1973. On May 18, 1974 the colony became the Kappa Hexalon chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa. In just these few years the brothers have built a strong and prospering fraternity with high e.xpectations for the future. The fast-growing alumni foundation is lending great support for our youthful chapter and is helping mold the organization into a leading fraternity on campus. 171 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL 172 BROTHERHOOD, once a dream and a vision has now become a dire necessity. Louis L. Mann is a credit. 173 STUDENT LIFE 175 3 K« ' 0. :i w ' jK " E BI STUDENT LIFE 177 Stetson ' s Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity had its beginnings as a local fraternity named Gamma Chi. Gamma Chi had been founded by ten students in the fall of 1980. The first organizational meeting was held October 21, 1980. Shortly thereafter a constitution and officers were elected in subsequent meetings which were held in the Carlton Union Building. By January of 1981 Gamma Chi moved its meeting place to the small apartment behind the Counseling Center. On February 2, 1981 Gamma Chi was officially recognized by the Student Affairs Committee and was given associate membership in IFC. Gamma Chi was not to remain in the apartment for long. Recognizing a need for its own fraternity house, Gamma Chi ' s George Kern, after weeks of hard work, negotiated a rental agreement with the owner of a house across from the Business School. Housing nine brothers, this house is presently the home of Stetson ' s ATO ' s. Within a matter of nine months Gamma Chi moved from a room in the Carlton Union Building to a fraternity house able to provide housing for the brothers of Gamma Chi. September of 1981 marked the beginning of a national search effort. With the help of Jayne Marlowe and Dr. Garth Jenkins, Gamma Chi solicited information from over 50 national fraternities. That number was cut to twelve and then, after many hours of evaluation, five nationals were selected to give presentations to the brothers. The nationals were Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Beta Theta, Delta Tau Delta, Sigma Chi, and Alpha Tau Omega. After two weeks of close scrutiny the brothers of Gamma Chi chose to affiliate with Alpha Tau Omega. On January 21, 1982 Gamma Chi became an ATO Interest Group. March 26, 1982 marks the date that the Gamma Chi A TO Interest Group became an official Colony of Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity. 1781 Stetson University ' s personalization program is clear evidence that when residential life welcomes students to campus by saying " make yourself at home, " they really mean it. Stetson ' s residence halls are filled to capacity and rooms are as varied and expressive as their creative inhabitants. Not only is personalization being done with paint which is provided by the institutions to the students, but also with students creating a varied decor with lofts, carpeting, paneling, and matching curtains and bedspreads. Since the inceptions of Stetson ' s personalization program, there has been an increase in student satisfaction, retention, growth and interaction with a notable decrease in residence hall damage, and roommate conflicts. Students who decorate together tend to stay together; students who work hard to create an environment tend to support that environment. As one can plainly see, college is not just the same old bunk in Stetson University ' s residential life pro- gram. :r i i C 8 179 Stetson ' s annual Greenfeather week was again a huge success. Co-chairmen Tony Clark and Cindi Rourk, with the help of many hardworking students and faculty, reached the desired goal of $10,000.00 Along with the hard work, however, came many good times too. This year ' s Miss Greenfeather was Lynn Wilkinson representing Alpha Kappa Psi, a business fraternity on campus. GREENFEATHER 181 182 IW 1 ii jr .; kfl il r j -_!Ti 91 u ■ r ' " P F GREENFEATHER 183 184 STUDENT LIFE 185 186 STUDENT LIFE 187 DELAND — Stetson Univer- sity ' s " Homecoming ' 82 " celebra- tion has expanded into a four-day event, March 4-7, and offers returning alumni and students an even wider range of programs than usual, according to Linda R. Parson, associate director of alumni affairs at the school. Reunion dinners and break- fasts, entertainment and sports events will highlight the schedule, which also includes the annual alumni meeting, Saturday at 10:30 a.m., and alumni awards presenta- tions. The celebration begins Thursday evening with student skits in Elizabeth Hall Auditorium at 7 o ' clock and Stover Theatre ' s melodrama, " Deadwood Dick, or the Game of Gold, " at 8. The Stover production will also be presented Friday and Saturday nights. 188 HOMECOMING ' 82 189 tLCmE i 190 191 ADS 193 PONDO ' S CONGRATULATES OUR FIRST GRADUATING CLASS! the fischers Need quality printing. tTENJGNTt printing LJ company Come see us at 726 South Boulevard (the place on South Boulevard where the clock is never right) Letterheads Envelopes Business Cards Business Forms Flyers Labels Books Programs Tickets Newsletters Four-color process THANKS TROY! the hatter Lennox Studios !! H • J ry ' _ r » ' f V m r- • -r J Uj jj v- 1 - . Ji - ■.■ •-■ 3(K f h B ' t- . .. .IL K THE WORLD IS FULL OF FOLLOWERS: LEARN WHAT IT TAKES TO LEAD. WE DID IT ALL FOR YOU • • • - i wow LtZ CHINESE AND AMERICAN RESTAURANT Eat !n and Take Out 1329 N Woodland Blvd Hwy 17-92 N DeLand, Florida 32720 Phone (904) 734 0904 Joe Mano is a Stetson tradition. MANO ' S RESTAURANT 100 East Ohio Ave. Deland n n- Compliments of JCPenney 101 S. Woodland Blvd. Deland, Fl. (004) 734.0e70 (Uxanqa D £.s. Unn 1010 N. WooDi_ANO Blvd. DELANO. FUORIDA 32730 l l U. eMoilon LENOX STUDIOS 21 N. MAIN STREET BREWER, MAINE t201)-989-4231 w ON THE IMPORTANCE OF CLEAR COMMUNICATION The following instructions actually appeared in a church bulletin: " The service will close with ' Little Drops of Water ' . One of the ladies will start quietly and the rest of the congregation will join in " . In case we have not communicated effectively with you, we would like to say that we have started quietly and we hope the rest of you will join in. BAPTIST CAMPUS MINISTRY STETSON ALUMNI ASSOCIATION WELCOME TO STETSON ' S ALUMNI ASSOCIATION ALMA MATER Dear Alma Mater smile upon thy children; Gladly we greet thee, altogether lovely; Peace be within thy classic halls and temples, Hail Alma Mater dear . . . CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ' 82 HATTER BOOKSTORE VOLUSIA TOM ' S SALES DISTHIBUTOn OF CARROLL J. LORD Olilrlbutor 440 Walker Street HOLLY HILL, FLORIDA 32017 (904) 252-1292 Peanuts • Candies • Sandwrches • Baked Goods ' ihips • Oiner Fine Snacks ss asE ; % ._ er- CJ = 5— s S S kMffl f 1 » • ITALIAN SPECIALTIES • SEAFOOD • STEAKS • NATURAL FOODS SALAD BAR WATCH FOR OUR: " ALL YOU CARE TO EAT OR DRINK SPECIALS " COCKTAILS IMPORTED BEER •FRESH FRUIT DAIQUIRIS " A SPECIALTY ' MON — SAT — 1 1 AM — 1 O PM CLOSED SUN. . BANQUETS RESERVATIONS ACCEPTED • CLUBS • MEETINGS 734-441 1 225 WNEW YORK AVE (HWY 44 OFF 17-92) LOCATED IN PUTNAM HOTEL Bellinr$ Delicatessen Uariety Of Hot Or C old Subs Phone 736-1747 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1982 the shoe store, 208 N. WOODUND BLVD. DOWNTOWN DELAND PH: 736-6640 HRS. 9-5 etc. •Hush Puppies •Keds •Mushrooms •Borelli •Grasshoppers •And Many Others. QUALITY, FASHIONABLE FOOTWEAR FOR THE STETSON COMMUNITY 137 W. WOODLAND DOWNTOWN DELAND FEATURING: Michael E. Keith, Ltd. fin. fe..Lr. WooJLnJ PLra 1348 S. IVooJfanJ BU. 2 eJanl DJ 32720 734-8114 €.,. Dre. uill, PurcL,, BriJJ . i U Dorn,. I or 3nforn,J JppraisJ IVa ten ana eweir Ktpairi CusU „ ..Jr, Wanufa lur ., JJel rUom and €slaU nvlr JDiamondi 135 NORTH BOULEVARD DELAND, FLORIDA 32720 [9041 736-0777 a O T e (utd 131 N. Boulevard DeLand, Fl. 734-5221 University Inn MOTEL AND RESTAURANT 60 Modern Rooms Conference Rooms Color TV Direct Dial Phones Meeting Rooms 30 X 60 Pool 18 Miles to Daytona Beach 45 Miles to Disney World 644 N. Woodland Boulevard Deland, Florida 32720 (on Hi-ways 17 92) Phone (904) 734-5711 " % J J " " ' ir|iPj| BC ■•SS SSQ A Shenuood MHMCm niit nujvct M»MBaiirtBi SHERWOOD MEDICAL INDUSTRIES A Brunswick Company DeLanci, Florida The CAVERN 100 WEST RICH AVENUE " Why don ' t you come and visit us! ' d Meet Me At Best western RESTAURANT LOUNGE COMMERCIAL RATES r n 112 TASTEFULLY DECORATED ROOMS COLOR T.V. - PHONES POOL LAUNDRY FACILITIES BANQUET MEETING FACILITIES FOR UP TO 150 MOST MAJOR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED 736-3440 1-4 SR 44 IN DELAND MINUTES FROM DOWNTOWN When you plug your ad into... 1. Bc?:imD im tii5 2. Three Publications Combining To Offer The Only Total Market Coverage Of West Volusia EVERY Wednesday EVERY Wednesday and Saturday West Volusia 34,100 Combined Issues FA ' F.RV Wodncsdav For " Want Ad " Advertising Information Call 734-3661 For Display Advertising Information Call 734-3661 Guaranteed Home Delivery WeJ ands AKavel (Je vice, J) nc. " We Know Because We Go ' v f 228 E. New York Avenue Deland, Florida Telephone 734-4531 Leah W. Conklin, Stetson ' 55 DAYTONA LINEN SERVICE 989 Bellevue Ave. Daytona Bch., Fl 32018 904-252-0488 DEPEND ONUS 345 N. Woodland Blvd. DeLand CHECKING £cke§ A§§€ciate§ m rUt NiTLt E AT IT§ M9£§T ycu : ckes ©Associates MANUFACTURERS REPRESENTATIVE P O BOX 3023 • 1763A FLORIDA MANGO RD WEST PALM BEACH. FL 33409 (305) 683-8686 DADE (305) 945-6115 " We are not BABES in the woods; We are tops in the field. ' F. N. Deltuy Son 139 N. WOODLAND Deland Fl 32720 Congratulations Seniors! " Closest jewelry store to Stetson ' POOL TABLES PINBALL MACHINES JUKE BOXES FOOSBALL TABLES OVER 200 CUSTOM 2 PC. CUE STICKS Complete Line of Billiard Accessories MON. - Fri. 8:00 AM - 5:30 pm 635 BEVILLE RD. S. DAYTONA • 761-3754 GO With The HOME TEAM! We offer friendly personal service - designed just for you. See us today for all your Banking needs We want to he YOUR Bank c DeLand State Bank and Trust 734-8511 Member FDIC Comer E. New York Arrielia Ave DcLand. Fla Our 24 hour teller never takes a Holiday Fast-action loans Checking and Savings Immediate credit on parents ' checks Free Orange juice and coffee The Home Town Bank Congratulations To The Class of ' 82 Templeton Co. Suite 250 169 Miracle Mile Coral Gables, Fl. 33134 (305) 445-8878 FROM THE MEN OF PI KAPPA ALPHA Retail Consultants Alpha Kappa Psi Oldest National Business Fraternity THETA MU CHAPTER Congratulates its graduating Seniors and the Seniors Class of 1982 " Things to Rmnl for f v«fy Ivnt " J. E. Smothers OWNER 1450 SOUTH WOODLAND BLVD. DELANO. FLORIDA 32720 Phone: (904) 734-6261 PATRONS Douville and Sons Rave Swan Shop Betty Drekas BRUNSWICK CORP. BRUNSWICK 2000 BRUNSWICK LANE EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER TECHNETICS — r . W Morrison Food Services, Inc. Providing food management expertise for superior meal programs in hospitals, schools, office buildings and factories across the South. preparing delicious food from recipes that have pleased Southerners for generations ss Senior Directory Adams, D. Michelle Rte 4, Box 275 DeLand, Florida (904) 734-1026 Major: Mathematics Minor: Business Administration Ahrens, Carol 3675 Royal Oak Drive Titusville, Florida 32780 (305) 269-3147 Major: Accounting Alpha Kappa Psi: Secretary; Who ' s Who in American Women; Staff Assistant; Resident Advisor; Green- teather Committee; Parents Weekend Committee; Intramurals. Ashcraft, Helen Elaine P. O. Box 232 Pierson, Florida 32080 (904) 749-2538 Major: Political Science Political Forum; Model Senate. Babey, Sandra Jean 2934 N.E. 7th Drive Boca Raton, Florida 33431 (305) 395-1593 Major: Political Science Zeta Tau Alpha: Treasurer; Rho Lambda; Student Assembly Rep; Staff Assistant; Political Forum; Student Assembly Representative; Greenleather Chairman, 1980-81; Parent ' s Weekend Committee; Who ' s Who Among American Universities and Colleges. Beck, Amy 1602 Cordova Greens Largo, Florida 33543 (813) 391-7254 Major: Accounting Alpha Kappa Psi: Treasurer; American Marketing Association; Greenleather Committee: Treasurer. Bianchini, Jeff 1321 S. W. 130th Avenue Miami, Florida 33184 (305) 223-9539 Major: Chemistry Baptist Campus Ministrie Society; Discipleship, S.P.S. Boldish, Jennie S. 2640 Sandy Lane Orlando, Florida 32808 (305) 299-4314 Major: Management Marketing Phi Chi Theta; Pep Band; Wind Ensemble; Residential Hall Staff; Anderson Campaign Coordinator; Judiciary Council; Student Government: Secretary; Greenleather Publicity Chairman. Bonnell, Jane Kathryn 143 Country Club Drive Tequesta, Florida 33458 (305) 747-0224 Major; Finance Rho Chi; Member of Honors Program; Stetson Marketing Association: Publicity Chairman; Phi Chi Theta: Recording Secretary; Sigma Tau Delta: President; Sigma Pi Kappa; Rho Lambda; Tassel Award; Mortar Board; Freshman Orientation Advisor; Stetson Reporter; Phi Sigma Kappa: Little Sister; Alpha Chi Omega: Treasurer, Corresponding Secre- tary, Lyre Editor, Courtesy Chairman, Acting Recording Secretary. Carroll, Jennifer 849 - 30th Street West Palm Beach, Florida 33407 (305) 842-5409 Major: Political Science Stetson Speech Union; Model Senate; Academic Affairs Committee; Curriculum Review Committee. Carter, Don 8712 - 36th Avenue E Palmetto, Florida 33561 (813) 729-2843 Major: Art Baptist Campus Ministries; Art Club; Intramurals. Cooley, Kathleen S. Box 3460 DeLand, Florida 32720 (904) 736-9359 Major: Elementary Education. Cooter, Ann Elizabeth 636 Del Rio Orlando, Florida 32802 (305) 859-1182 Major: Biology Education BBB: Biological Honorary Society; Baptist Campus Ministry; Director of Worship; Alpha Tau Omega, Little Sister. DeLaughter, Georganne 717 Ocean Shore Blvd. Ormond beach, Florida Major: Accounting Pre-Law Director of Nominations Committee; Senator; S.G.A.; Co-Chairman, Greenfeather Committee; Alpha Xi Delta; Scholarship Chrmn; Delta Sigma Phi, little sister; Ski Club. Duncan, Angela 255 Lakeview Drive New Port Richie, Florida 33553 Major: Political Science Eubanks, Brian F. P. O. Box 625 Bushnell, Florida (904) 793-4554 Major: Social Science Homecoming, Parents Weekend, Co-Chrmn.; College Bowl; Greenfeather Comm.; S.A.C.; S.G.A.; Landers Scholar; Honors Porgram; Phi Alpha Theta; Phi Eta Sigma; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; College Republicans; Political Forum; University Forum; Model Senate; Model U.N. Fisher, Rebecca 17 Donelson Street Fort Bragg, N.C. 28307 (919) 436-0890 Major: Special Education Delta Delta Delta: President; Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity Little Sister; Orientation Adviser; Baptist Campus Ministries; Kappa Delat Pi; Rho Lambda; Mortar Board; Omicron Delta Kappa; Parents Weekend: Co-Secretary. Flowers, Stacey J. 8127 Ravine Drive Westland, Michigan (313) 261-3998 Major: Music Concert - Mistress; Choir; Church Activities. Frank, Lisa 2729 Saratoga Road DeLand, Florida 32720 Major: German History Garramone, Lisa 123 First Avenue Indiatlantic, Florida 32903 Major: Comparative Literature Gilmore, William G. 109 Parkland Avenue St. Louis, Missouri 63122 (314) 821-5513 Major: Management Phi Sigma Kappa: Secretary, Social Chairman, Scholarship Chairman. Grifhth, Allena D. (Lynnie) 6414 South Drive Melborne Village, Florida 32901 (305) 723-7101 Major Physical Education Coach. Groves, Allen William 11512 Portside Drive Jacksonville, FL 32225 (904) 641-3806 Major: History Pi Kappa Alpha: President, Treasurer, Alumni Chairman, State Vice-President; Phi Alpha Theta State Manuscript Award; Stetson University " Rhett " Award; Student Assembly Representative; Yearbook; Omicron Delta Kappa; Gamma Delta Sigma; Parent ' s Weekend Committee; Homecoming Committee; Orientation Committee. Hanes, Heidi Bay Island Villas 202 3108 NE 27th Street Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33308 (305) 563-9095 Major: Elementary Education Alpha Xi Delta; Pi Kappa Phi Little Sister; Batgirl; Press Aid. Hausbeck, Jean Elanie 1461 Roth Road Seaford, New York 11783 (516) 826-2356 Major: Finance Marketing Stetson Marketing Association; Intramurals. Hosey, Lynne A. 1700 Caldwell Road S. Daytona, Florida 32019 (904) 788-0312 Major: Music Education Church choir; Soloist - Orchestra; University Orchestra; Woodwind and Brass Quintet. Ireland, Timothy F. Ft. Myers, Florida (813) 694-2052 Major: Political Science Student Government Association: President; Stetson Political Forum: President; " Best Senatorial Portrayal " Award; U.S. Model Senate. Irza, Chris P. O. Box 3 Glenwood, Florida 32722 (904) 734-6449 Major: Special Education Lambda Chi Alpha Little Sister; Alpha Xi Delta: Quill Chairman; Staff Assistant. Johnson, Daniel C. 2321 Cedar Shores Circle Jacksonville, Florida 32210 (904) 786-6524 Major: History Pi Kappa Alpha; Omicron Delta Kappa: President; Mortar Board; Scroll Key; Head Resident; Resident Advisor; Staff Assistant; Cantebury House: President, Vice President; Stetson Union Board: Representative at Large, Finance Committee, Alley Manager; Phi Alpha Theta. Johnson, Joy 7800 Hanover Parkway T-2 212 Creenbelt, Maryland 20770 (301) 345-4447 Major: General Business Baptist Campus Ministry. Johnston, Jeff D. 19946 Great Oaks Cr. N. Mt. Clemens, Mi. 48043 (313) 463-6460 Major: Finance Varsity Baseball 1978-81; Alpha Chi Omega: Big Lyre; Stetson Union Board; Inlramurals; Year Book Committee: Stetson Union Board. Krauer, Kevin Gerald 8234 Ridgewood Circle Seminole, Florida 33342 (813) 392-0567 Major: General Business Resident Advisor; Intramurals. Lopresti, Vincent J. Youngstown, FL. (904) 722-4741 Major: Finance Stetson Union Board; Student Government Associa- tion; Chairman Senior Affairs; Alpha Kappa Psi; Residence Hall Staff. Lussier, Dianne J. 1409 N.E. 27th Drive Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (305) 564-3034 Major: Marketing Alpha Xi Delta; Pi Kappa Phi Little Sister; Rho Lambda; University Forum; Freshman Orientation Advisor. Lutz, Lisbet 721 Tabit Road P. 0. Box 851 Belle Glade, FL 33430 (305) 996-3471 Major: Marketing Management Zeta Tau Alpha: Executive Council, Panhellenic Delegate; American Marketing Asso.: Secretary; Orientation Advisor; Greenfeather Committee; Par- ent ' s Weekend Comm.; Homecoming Committee. Mattina. Kim 13302 Meadowood Court Tampa, FL 33624 (813) 961-2263 Major: Biology Tri Beta; Phi Eta Sigma; Intramurals; Circle K; Staff Assistant. Maynor, Patricia Karen 481 North Washington Titusville, Florida 32780 (305) 269-2911 Major: Elementary Education Baptist Campus Ministry; Cantebury Club. McNeil, Lori 8453 Lynda Sue Lane, W. Jacksonville. FL 32217 (904) 731-5879 Major: General Business Admin. Alpha Tau Omega Little Sister; Baptist Campus Ministries; Intramurals. Michaels, Ken 3011 S. Osceola Street Orlando, FL 32806 (305) 859-4267 Major: Biology Resident Advisor; Security; Stetson Union Board; Staff Assistant; Tri Beta; Intramurals; Honor Roll; Intramural Director; Pre-med Club; Smith Hall Comm. Molina, Juanita Louise (Juan) 3507 SE 6lh Street Ocala, Florida 32671 (904) 694-4773 Major: Biology Medical Technology Stover Theatre Productions; Theta Alpha Phi: Secretary; Beta Beta Beta; Phi Eta Sigma; Catholic Campus Ministry; Delta Sigma Phi Little Sister; Orientation Advisor; Biology Laboratory Assistant; Student Assistant in Geography Geology Department; Greenfeather Committee: Follies Co-chairman, Secretary. Morian, Karen 4015 Michigan Avenue New Smyrna Beach, Florida 32069 (904) 428-5007 Major: French Morley, Jenny 724 Buoy Road North Palm Beach, FL 33408 (305) 848-9567 Major: Accounting Lambda Chi Alpha Little Sister; Phi Eta Sigma; Accountancy Club; Delta Delta Delta. Morrow, John Love 20 Ocean Way St. Augustine, Florida 32084 (904) 824-4777 Major: Marketing Management Phi Kappa Alpha: Vice-President. Nason, Philip William 411 N. Boston »6 DeLand, FL 32720 (904) 736-3057 Major: Religion Baptist Campus Ministries; Ministerial Association; Stetson Hat. Petrie, Lynn 831 Ponderosa Dr. S. Daytona, FL 32019 (904) 767-6530 Major: English - Business Head Resident; Intramurals; Catholic Campus Ministries. Plaisted, Polly J. 740 Regatta Road Naples, F l. 33 40 (813) 261-5289 Major: Math Alpha Tau Omega Little Sister; Stetson Union Board; Wesley House. Powell, Nancy Cheryl 11450 Inez Drive Jacksonville, Florida 32218 (757) 5826 Major: Humanities Symphonic Wind Ensemble; University Chorus; Resident Advisor; Baptist Campus Ministry: President, State Secretary. Roberson, Elizabeth A. 7007 Delora Drive Orlando, Florida 32805 (305) 351-2669 Major: Marketing Alpha Kappa Psi; Intramurals. Rogers, Elizabeth Dortch 3200 Washington Rd. West Palm Beach, Florida 33401 (305) 832-5858 Major: Elementary Education Delta Delta Delta; Parent ' s Weekend Committee; Homecoming Committee; Greek Week Committee; Greenfeather Committee. Ruiz, Katherine Ann 7631 N.W. 6lh Street Pembroke Pines, Florida 33024 (305) 987-4426 Major: Biology Alpha Chi Omega: First Vice-President, Scholarship Chairman, Warden, Chaplain; Inlramurals; Phi Sigma Kappa Little Sister; Rho Lambda; Tri-Beta: President; Pre-Med Club; Scroll Key; Phi Eta Sigma; Honors Program; Honors Council; Freshman Orientation Advisor. Sellar, Carin Adah 6191 Silver Lake Drive Leesburg, Florida 32748 (904) 787-2680 Major: General Business Delta Delta Delta; Staff Assistant; Resident Advisor; Phi Chi Theta; Rho Umbda; Scroll Key; Orientation Advisor. Sgambati, Julie 520 31st Street West Palm Beach, Florida 33407 (305) 844-7544 Major: Elementary Education Cantebury Club; Orchestra; Catholic Campus Ministries. Siegel, Lennie 1409 Morningside Drive Birmingham, Alabama 35213 (205) 591-0555 Major: Accounting Stetson Union Board: Vice President; Accountancy Club; Omicron Delta Kappa; Alpha Kappa Psi. Stratis, Nick Route «2 Box 281 Whispering Pines, New Smyrna Beach (904) 427-2508 Major: Economics Political Science Forum. Thompson, Margaret (Molly) 345 Durand Falls Drive Decatur, Georgia 30030 (404) 377-3541 Major: Marketing Management Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl; Alpha Xi Delta; Omicron Delta Kappa; Bat Girl; Resident Advisor. Urfalino, Helene 717 N Street West Palm Beach, Florida 33401 (305) 689-1337 Major: Foreign Languages Viles, Tony J. 4305 Roosevelt Street Hollywood, Florida 33021 (305) 981-3306 Major: Finance Alpha Kappa Psi: Ritualist; Future Magazine Editor, Orientation Advisor; Judo Club; Rep, Greenfeather Fun Run. Wall, Kenneth W. 428 Maple Avenue Danville, Kentucky 40422 (606) 236-3605 Major: History Sigma Nu: Commander, Rush Chairman. Sentinel. Wallace, Beverly 91 Sylvan Street Avon, Ct. 06001 (203) 673-2000 Major: Psychology Alpha Chi Omega; Phi Sigma Kappa Little Sister; Beta Beta Beta. Wilkinson, S. Lynne 8355 40th Avenue, N. St. Petersburg. Florida 33709 (813) 343-5823 Major: Accounting Delta Delta Delta: Executive Vice-President, Social Chairman. Officer ' s Council. Standards Committee; Panhellenic Council; Cheerleader; Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister; Yearbook Staff; American Marketing Association: Vice-President; Alpha Kappa Psi; Rho Lambda: Treasurer: Miss Halter Court 1981; Miss Greenfeather 1981-82; Homecoming Commillee; Accountancy Club. 213 EDITORIAL Amazing — the most appropriate word for the Hatter 1981-82 T . .u ' u ' ' ! ' " ' " " ' ' ' ° ' ' ° ' " ' ' ' ° " " " ' ° " ' " P " nd internally witti ttiis book. The main objective of myself and my staff was to represent the campus as a whole, its activities, organizations, and sports events with care, lo show through pictures the memories which we dearly will appreciate m times to come. The year wasn ' t an easy one!! Staff members were hard to come by. However, I my thanks to Nancy, Ten, Joan and Jayne who ' THAn ' Ynr V " " " ' ' ' ' " ' " - ' ' ' ° - editors I say 1 HANK YOU for your sections that were done with the care and respect of yourself and Stetson as a whole. To anyone reading this I say " Goodbyes are not forever " - hrough the availability of a yearbook you will be able to stay close to Stetson and remember both the good and bad, happy and sad, defeats and victories, - but most of all you will remember yourself and how you were throughout your college days vnnpT.c°r.? ' " ' ' " COLLEGE IS THE TIME OF YUUK Lihh - enjoy because the work world is right around the corner with its responsibility attached. But what we all must realize IS that responsibility just doesn ' t pop into our lives the day we receive a diploma - ' » s here, it ' s now, we must live with and accept it NOW Marlowe ' " ' " " " " ' ' ' ' ' ° ' ' ' ' " " ' ' ' ' " ' ' " - n ¥r ' ' ' T " " " f ' " " ° ' ' distinction on this campus Ur Thomas Turner. I dedicate this book to him, for his support and strong interest in this book. A man of such faith like his has given me the courage to complete the Hatter Finally I ' d like to thank God for his continual guidance over my hfe and with this book. I know there have been times when I would have just quit. It was then I felt His hand come down and help to th.t r mT ' ' t " T ' ' ' ' " ° " ' ' ' " d ° --f-- -y belief that the Hatter would be a success. To you I give the year 1981-82: SINCERELY: 214 c R E D I T S EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Karen C Eckes ASSISTANT EDITOR: Nancy Barnett PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR: Teri Johnson BUSINESS MANAGER: Troy Templeton ADVISORS: Jayne Marlowe Dr. Ann Morris COMPANY REPRESENTATIVES: Jerry Fields Allen Rosenberg Organizations: Sports: Baseball: Greeks: Photographers: EDITORS AND STAFF: Faculty: Classes: Student Life: Karen Eckes Teri Johnson Nancy Barnett Loresa Driggers Lisa Garnsey Catherine Green June Hansen Teri Johnson Angie Metclaf Allen W. Groves Nancy Barnett Karen Eckes Others: Art: Cover by Robert Slama Joan Jolley Kimberly Smith Laurie Larson Tony Desantis Phil White Jeff Johnston Ed White Deniece Dauksch Tom Tuttle Pam Poliakon Bob Koslow Bruce MacFarlane Pat Cullen Nancy Barnett Betsy Aldrich Robert Slama Fred Taylor Tony Clark Lawrence Kramer Donna McAllister Charles Fernsell Patti O ' Keefe Donna Thornal Rodney Ellis Randy Brown 215 216

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