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Mattel E hfo. ' r HI an finBeT SI Mmml. m vi DATE DUE excursion DO NOT REMOVE JBBQWJUBRASY Stetson University Deland Florida (904) 734-4121 213 I live not in myself, but I become Portion of that around me; and the walls Of Academia can dance and bloom, Being my limbs long strides or infant-crawls . . . " " V ,. — — ■ " ■ ■■■■■■B _ %U :y 1 I jl J " 1 r t That blossom into wisdom with the years. Thus I am Stetson, and her mem ' ry calls scholar ' s hopes; a youngster ' s fears; My friends; my books; old buildings; growing with my peers There is a pleasure in the ivory tow ' r, There is a rapture when the Greeks regale, There is society, which has a pow ' r Of lifting spirits, now as we are hale And young, immers ' d in it. These days must fail 10 Or we must leave them for a greater world: Yet what we might become, when we shall sail On larger waters, here has been unfurled Stetson the canvas, life ..» t I v. " M M «u»« Sfti 12 the breeze; our ship, the world. 14 Farewell! A word that must be, and hath been, A parting, a remembrance seal ' d for time! But what is time, where life was lived — the scene Of growth in knowledge, love, and wisdom? Climb All hills before you with the joy sublime That comes from having scaled these first ones well; And Stetson ' s days, youth ' s journey, like a chime Of church-bells shall resound Immanuel! — May God be with you, and with Stetson. Friend, farewell! College: The Great Excursion Visit Florida and mix business with pleasure. Get set for the warmest, wildest, most exciting, funfilled time of your life at Stetson University, DeLand ' s historical attraction. It ' s like stepping into the past, enjoying the present, and preparing for the future. Fully staffed with friendly professionals. Stetson offers something for every- one. Fly Stetson. Come for the beaches. Come for the people. Let us show you our city. Non-stop and connecting flights are available. You can go anywhere from here. From your originating city to your destination. College is the Great Excursion. Make the most of your trip and enjoy your flight. For touring, exploring, meeting new The poem extended from pages 2-15 was written by Frank Cerio, a senior English major at Stetson. In the style of Byron ' s I ' hildc Har- old ' s Pilgrimage, the verse sug- geets our own travel motif. people or just relaxing. Stetson ' s the place. 16 Faculty (Enthusiasm) Classes (People) Student Life (Humor) Sports (Competition) Greeks (Spirit) Organizations (Dedication) Ads Senior Directory 18 36 88 114 152 Enthusiasm Enthusiasm ij " Having been at Stetson University for 18 years there is so much that I could say that it would fill the book. Therefore, I say nothing. " M. R. Emerson University Engineer 20 r I hope that you will find as much joy and information in this yearbook as I have in the ones which I have used since my own college days. I believe you will. Stetson is a wonder- ful place, but it would be nothing without the people who make it up. This yearbook has its principal value in the fact that it majors on these people. When we all are young, we are not as apt to be conscious of the significance of memories and connec- tions as we will be later. A yearbook helps us to preserve those memories and our consciousness of connections in a very unique way. Pope A. Duncan President, Stetson University i tsPf - Robert S. Chauvin Dean of College of Liberal Arts 5$£ Paul T. Langston Dean of the School of Music Ul lj David W. Nylen Dean of the School of Business Administration » . 3ju r Thomas J. Turner Vice President and Dean of the University H. Graves Edmondson Vice President for Finance and Planning Student Affairs: K. Smith, M.E. Walls, R. Ellis, Z. McAfee, D. Green, B. Hoffman, T. Freeman, J. Marlowe. Admissions: Row 1 - A. Beck, J. Bambrick; Row 2 - G. Meadows, E. Merrill, L. Williams, G. Wilcox, L. McMasters, M. McCain, M. McMasters. E. Garth Jenkins Dean of Student Affairs Linda Parson, As- sociate Director of Alumni Programs, is a on at 1st Presbyterian Church. Hiking. canoeing, camping and back- packing are among her favorite activities. Alumni Relations: Row 1 - J. Fortes, J. Hays; Row 2 - C. Shafe, J. Barbee, L. Parson; Row 3 - T. Bowley, D. Lee, V. President for Development, G. Mc- Dannel, M. Dobson. Placement CUB: H. Reed, P. Stinson, G. Williams, R. Archer, T. Keener, R. Ellis, J. Collins. Data Processing: J. Burke, Director, S. Haas, R. LaGor, D. Griffin, I,. Fitzgerald. Quite diversified in his interests, Joe Burke, Director of Computer Services, directs and acts in small theatre productions, writes songs, is a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers, draws cartoons, and paints. 24 R Comptroller: Row 1 - S. Holder, M. Fried- man, B. Wilkins, E. Dorfman; Row 2 - Col. Ledgerwood, E. Cle- well, L. Stev ens, L. Jackson, D. Eaves, D. Benge, Comptroller, M. Wadsworth. Registrar: Row 1 - J. Pugh, L. Wilson; Row 2 - I. Brown, H. Sas- sard, Registrar, L. Hansen. Financial Aid: N. Al- len, L. Duling, B. Tapscott, D. Moore, Director n You will find thai Joe Myers ia President of the DeLand Board ol Trust ■ - i Member ol the Volusia County Library Board. and he sings in the Trinity Methodist Church Choir. (Right) Library: S. ( " line. M. Scott, K. Johnson, R. -Jordan. A. Hurst. J. Myers. i Lower right) M.R. Emerson, University Engineer (Above) News Bureau D. Shank. M. McBride. J. Hughey. C Flourney, D. Rock efeller. F. Cooper. (Above) Counseling Center: G. Hood, E. Stephenson. A. Abernethy. B. Nordman. v - • .1 aUrt (Left) Print Shop (Upper right) University Health Services (Below) Cafeteria Art work, especially sketches, is what Janice Hess, Director of University Health Services, likes to do in her spare time. K Jackson and ;. Fleming show thai professors will clown around when given the proper circumstances! Business: Row 1 - M. Patterson, B. Thome, M. Dailey, J. Strvker, J. David, E. Nelson; Row 2 - D. Nvlen. R ( peland, J. Master, K. Jackson, G. Fleming, H. Taft, M. Boyd. B Hailing from Freiburg, Germany, Dr. Manfred Pelz is a visiting professor with the exchange abroad program. He teaches for- eign language and will be at Stetson for one year. Humanities, Foreign Language, Art, Amer- ican Studies: Row 1 - F. Messersmith, H. Berry, G. Anderson, J. Hague, K. Johnson; Row 2 - E. Minter, R. Smith, M. Gilbert; Row 3 - F. Frauchiger, J. Berry, M. Pelz, D. Gunderson. en Religion, Speech: J. Beasley, E. Joiner, 0. L. Walker, D. Musser, J. Wright. A Meditation One must learn silence. One must restrain the flood of feeling lest feeling run wild, thunder into gorges, drown the one mind able to command the great gates — thereby create sea so deep it cannot be breached, even by the sun. W. E. Taylor Dr. Raymond is prepared to take a dive at the dunking booth. Fnglish: Row 1 - VV. Tavlor, K. Osborne. K. Smith, A. Morris, H. Ciillespie. M. Ravmond, W. Johnson; Row 2 - W. Westcott, B. ( ' rain. C. Colwell. uz JJMJ History: P. Steeves, K. 0 ' - Keefe, M. Lovelace, J. Hague, M. Wynn, E. Johnson. Sociology, Economics, Political Science: T. Bailey, G. Maris, C. Vedder, J. Wycoff, J. Schorr, N. Long, R. Wood. r r PUNdaraental Laws It you ' ve iusi joined the Bailing club to impress ite guy who ; sailing, as you return to the ' lock, holding onto the Forward stay, sexilj perched on the deck in your pretties! bikini, the wind will change, the boal will tip, and you will Fall, intly into the slimy, green drink! It you try to recoup from the above .undent by pitifully crying tur help to gel oul ol the slippery water, the f uy who saves you will turn out to be the Turkey of the campus. Dr. Nancy Johnson Dr. Thwing is quite active in the Church. He sings in the choir, is President ol the Del. and Chapter of Full Gospel Business Men ' s Fellow- ship International, and has recently published an article in Charisma Magazine. Math: Row I A Gillespie, E. Magarian, N. Johnson; Row 2 Medlin, 1). Kletzing, H W. Thwing. C. BzelL G. Music: Row 1 - J. Jenkins. M. Rich. E. Leek. K. Toth. Row 2 W. HutchingS, J. Rlasdale. G. O ' Hara. R. Rich. C. Watters, R. Fort. P. Jenkins, J. Kindred. R. Feasel. P. Langston, D. Yaxley, T. Sleeper. u i wa - - — Education: Row 1 - R. Arnold, B. Nordman, L. Hobbs, J. Brunk; Row 2 - J. Greek, R. Mor- eland, G. Epley, T. Smotherman, J. Coffee. Dr. Delap can tell you quite a bit about his recent stay in Africa; but if you ' re more interested in his activi- ties here in DeLand, ask him about his ten- nis with the Dean, or his photochemistry re- search. He ' s President of the Gem and Mineral Club of DeLand, a member of the Council Commit- tee on Chemical Educa- tion of the American Chemical Society, and a councilor of the Florida Section of the American Chemical Society; guess who! He ' s none other than Dr. Beiler. g Physics, Chemistry, Biology: P. Papacosta, T. Lick, T. Beiler, A. Jusick, K. Everett, D. Barkalow, D. Stock, E. Coolidge, J. Bozard, C. Coutant, D. Fuller, E. Norman, K. Hansen. Military Science: Row 1 - MSC. K.Kilmer, LTC A. Wehrle, MAJ R. Sauer, MAJ .J. Hornaday. CPT G. Howard, CPT -J. Nash. Row 2 - SFC J. Hill, M. Bean, SFC •!. .Jenkins, G. Carlton, SGM J. Pope, LTC M. Howell. Row 3 - SSG M. Twymon. (Right) Dr. Derek Barkalow takes a breather. (Below right) This profile belongs to B-school professor Garry Fleming. More FUNdamental Laws If the biggest bash of the year is set for December 20th, your worst exam will be at 7 A.M. December 21st. If the courses you ' ve taken for two years were designed so you could take Chemical Engineering 476, the new catalogue will show Analysis 27. r . which you haven ' t taken, as a new prerequisite. Dr. Nancy Johnson I M T (Left) Sue Recko and Kemper Smith share a moment at the skating rink. (Below) About a dozen or so faculty members assemble each Tuesday and Friday afternoons for a few games of volleyball at the Emily Hall court. (Left) Spiking action at the net; (Right) Some of the players gather together for a group shot. . I Jl 35 People People a Margie Adams Janet Allen Keith Allen Richard Altman Carolann Ambrose Sandra Anderson Stuart Arnold Martha Ash Steve Baade Keith Bailey Robert Bair Buddy Baker seniors 38 John Baker Peter Halise Mark Barnes Robert Bartlett Bonnie Beall Pam Bean Cathy Beggs Mary Ellen Bennett Rebecca Blackford Timothy Blevins Myra Bobbitt Colleen Bolkcom b seniors 39 b Cynthia Boone T homas Boyd Lisa Bradford Gary Brannan Howard R. Brennan Amv Brooks Kathryn Brooks Tom Brooks Marcia Brorup Karen Broward Joel Brown David Burazeski seniors 40 k f H f P »- i 3 r « " V« -f .-11 ir J John Burns Robert Byerts Cori Carroll Robert Calamunci Joanne Caradonna Cindy Cate Bruce Causey Frank Cerio Russell Cheatham Beth Chronis Katie Clark Betsy Clemons G seniors c Robert Cohen Nancy Coleman Sherry Cook Phyllis Cook Nancy Cordell Colleen Coor Cindy Cortes Ellen Covert Carol Creese Charles Crews Michael Dell Douglas de Stwolinska seniors ar Angel DiCosola Jim Dinsmore Elizabeth Dixon Sara Dobbs Donna Dugger Esther Edelberg Mel Ervin Cheryl Evans Janet Fahey Daniel Fairchild Geralyn Farmer Fredda Farr £ senior 43 £ Michele Ferguson Karen Figlioli Lucile F ' ish Tricia Fortson Lori Fowler David Fox Sharlene Fox Brad Fraley Carol Frechette Teri Garber David Garrett Keith Garwick " t (Ak seniors 8 Richard Gaylord Susan George Maura Gorman Kevin Grail David Granger Marylynn Gravel Clayton Green Christopher Greene Matthew Griffin David Griner Kennith Grove Janine Grover seniors 45 g James Guthrie Edgar Haerle Brenda Halbrooks Debbie Hannington Shawn Harper Doris Harris Daniel Harvey Steven Hass Alan Hastey Margaret Healy Deborah Henson Janice Hobson seniors 46 Jeff Horey Craig Howell Ann Huddleston Elizabeth Huergo Karl Hutchinson Shahid Hussain Ceryl Isaac Michael Irby Rob Roy Ives Jerald Jacobs Kiki Jacobs Karen Jackson J seniors J Yvette Jenkins Chris Johnson Clifford Johnson Dale Jonardi Chrissie Jones Jeanie Jordan Patricia Judah Canan Kaplan Mary Karrer Mary Karres Jerri Kautsky Deanne Kells seniors 48 m Debbie Kennedy Craig Kettles Howard Langston Doug Laseter Manning Lathram Frank Lawrence Greg LeFils Susan LeFils Kevin Lowe Diana Luka Katherine Lynon Ray McClain seniors 49 m Leslie McCloud Kdith McCormick Rvland Mahathey Arthur Marshall Thomas Marshall David Martin David Martin Leigh Meadows Stephanie Meeks Melody Merrell Janice Michaels Evelyn Milby seniors 50 Donna Millecan David Miller Todd Miller Justina Mo Shari Mobley Chris Mondello Patrice Mostello Mary Alice Myers Vaughan Nadeau Patty Nagle Paul Nick Carl Nickens 11 seniors 51 It Larry Nikula Jennifer Nuzum Kevin O ' Dwyer Leslie Oliver Kristy Olson Robert Olson Kenneth Paulk Jerry Phillips Yvette Philyaw Donna Piccirilli Pierrette Price Mark Pridmore senior 52 Susan Redman Michael Rhyner Greg Roberts Michael Robinson Cindi Rooks Jeffrey Rountree Barbara Royer Elizabeth Sanner Regina Sargent Nina Sawon James Scarce III Steven Scerra S seniors 53 s Brian Schaerer Vicki Scola Brad Segal Donna Sevier Jim Shaw Daniel Shields Tim Sharron David Smith Donna Speciale Shelly Stempel Dee Stewart Elizabeth Stewart seniors Marie Stidham Kim Streit Ray Sullivan James Tanous Tim Taylor Brian Templin Kenneth Thwing Dana Toole Marcie Trate Allen Tuten Sally Urbanczyk Alexis Walker W seniors 55 w Frank Walton Carole Weber David Welch Taylor Wells III Timothy Wells Chris Wemmers Theresa White Debra Whiting Keis Whitley Denise Wike Karen Williams Leslie Williams seniors 56 Suzette Willis Terri Wiltcher Kenneth Witts Barbara Wolf Katy Workum Chris Wrenn W seniors 57 a Michael Adams Michelle Adams Carol Ahrens David Allibone Ashley Andrews Carla Anzalone Sandra Babey Kesin Banning Rebekah Barron Amy Beck Amy Beekman Robert Benson m 4 Lorraine Binns Kenneth Blanke Jennie Boldish Jane Bonnell Sarah Booker Walter Boose Terry Bouras Janet Bowman UJf Bkfl j(m J _ « _ i 4lk. • 58 juniors c David Brooks Glen Brooks Gloria Brooks Steven Buckner Theresa Burkhardt Kay Burnett Carlos Bustabad Gary Butler Tracey Byer Karen Campbell Jennifer Carroll Donald Carter Pamela Carter Wayne Chrisenberry Keith Clark Donna Clifton Melony Collins Alan Conradi David Cook Mary Ann Cook juniors 59 c Kathleen Cooley ( ' ( ' ..onev Ann Beth ( ' ..Her • urnev Martin Davidson Blake Davies Jason DeClroot Jennifer Dee Georganne DeLaughter Susan Demirgian Andy Denmark David Dresher Michael Duckworth Kathleen Duerr Angela Duncan Lee Dunnam Donna Durland Mark S. Durland Robert Dyer Karen Easterling juniors 60 Kim Kdwards Kfrain Kman Susan Evans Laurie Fambro Rebecca Fisher Stacey Flowers Lisa Frank Cynthia Fraser Karen Freeman Sharon Gartner Karen Gatje Philip Gauntlett Cindy Gilliland Martha Glynn Patricia Gosney Larry Graham Sandra Gregory Julie Griffin Pete Groux William Guthrie e juniors 61 h Heidi Haines Jim Hallisey Linda Ham Renee Harding Jean Hausbeck Lizette Hedberg Roger Helton Bob Henne» James Hill Gretchen Hock Sandy Hoffman Lynne Hosey John Houtrides Renee Hunt Chris Irza Daniel Johnson Joy Johnson Jeff Johnston Suzanne Jones Tracv Jones juniors 62 m Charles Kandt Janet Kenner George Kern Douglas Kiesling Barry Knight Kevin Krauss Benjamin Kurke Robert Lane Mary Ellen Langley Kim Libercci Mark Livingston David B. Long Vince Lopresti Dianne Lussier Lizbet Lutz Brian Mclnernev Lori McNeil Henry McQueen Terry McTighe Renelle Massey BUI juniors 63 in Kim Mattina Patricia Maynor Andrew Men " Ken Michaels Ken Miller Nancy Miller Susan Miller Jennifer Mims Vanessa Minor Christina Mitchell Juanita Molina Sonia Mori Jenny Morley Kathy Murphy Belkis Musalem Carla Musselman Phil Nason Kathleen Nielander Steve Neill Polly Nelms juniors 64 Jan Nelson Tina Newby Joseph O ' Leary Heather Owens Gloria Pascual Peggy Paulk Rodney Payne Lynn Petrie Anita Philip Suzanne Pileggi Polly Plaisted Nancy Powell Robert Rast Robert Kay Cheryl Rice Kaydene Roberts Brian Robinson Elizabeth Rogers Cindi Rourk Donna Routh r juniors 65 r Robert Howell (Catherine Ruiz Leah Rush Carin Sellar Julie Sgambati Michael Shiles Cheryl Sides Diane Sides Grace Smith Randy Snyder Judy Soucy Roy Springer Nick Stratis Sarah Talley Dean Tasman Mike Tatum Ellen Taylor Ray Taylor Frank Teets Kim Theurer juniors 66 »s • 1 . - ;. i - W Cindi Tidwell Vasti Torres Linda Uhl Helene Urfalino Cynthia VanWart John Allen Vincent Tony Vites John Walters Mark Waters Bill Watier Patricia White Phillip White Lynne Wilkinson John Wilson Michael Woods Rebecca Workman juniors 67 a Dennis Aarons .Id. ' Alllli ' II Vincenl Acardi Steve AkiTinan Robin Allen Lisa Armstrong Kristi Baetzmao Quilliam Ballinger Raci Barron Brenda Barrow Robin Bashlor I, y nne Bazley Charles Behm Robert Bender Michael Benevento Kohn Bennett Laurie Bentz Keith Blate Mark Bracket t Neal Brandvik Lisa Brewer Tony Brown Rosemary Calhoun Catherine Calvin Karen Carlton Valerie Carney Patrick Carson Bryan Caskey Lori Chadbourne Andrea Chassell sophomores d Eric Chastain Linda Christoph -John Clark Marcy Clayton Susan Clayton Cathy Cline Megan Cloughley Thomas Colaprico Michele Colbert Judy Collier Jeannette Collins Patrick Connor Sharon Cook Robin Cornell Carla Cortner Cynthia Cosio Catherine Coster Maria Costidakis Catherine Crossan Russell Crumley Patrick Cullen Cathy Curtis Bruce Dahlgren Lin Daly Charles Davis Lawrence Davis Lori Dement Vivianne de Pass Leslie Dinga Denise Dorman sophomores 69 d Greg Douglas Monica Drake Donnie DuBose Marybeth Duckworth Debbie Duncan Jason Dunn Lauren Dunn Yvonne DuVal Sharon Duvall Tracv Echols Karen Eckes Barry Edwards Brenda Edwards Tommye Elam Robert Erdman Becky Evans Sylvia Evans Zed Evans Melinda Fagelson Joe Farinacci Brenda Fewox John Fields Loretta Firsher Debi Fisher Jan Frymyer Robert Gammon Tina Gantz Michael Gardyasz Linda Garland Barbara Glover sophomores 70 h Robert Gibson Susan (iillespie Kathy Gillifl Paul Gilreath Leo (lomez Randy Gordon Susan Gon Dinkins Grange Dallas Gregory Timothy Greene Daniel Gress Georgina Griffen Sherri Guess Arlen e Habart Lee Ann Hadnot Karen Hagen Mary Lu Harrell Rhonda Harrell Patricia Harris Rhonda Harrison Schatzi Harrison Bruce Hedgepeth Annamarie Helton Mark Helwig Jum Hewitt Charles Hill Mark Hoefling John Holloway Louis Humes Kathy Hurley sophomores 71 1 Michael [annone •Jacqueline [glesiaa Mary Hfth Irvin Susan [vea I.uisa -lavfii- Vera D. Jean Caroline Johnson Su Johnson Lori Jones Triab Jordan Paula Kampf Daniel Keane Philip Keidaish Joyce Kenfield Thomas Kennedy Edward Kertis Rashmikant Khatri Scott Kiefer Robert Kimbrough Kathryn King Sharon Kintz Jeff Kipi Robert Kipper Jonathan Kittredge Sharon Knauer Kim Lacko Julie Lambert Renee Lwalwss Monty Laycox Lynda Lee sophomores 72 ttt Raison Lee Michael Leonard Raymond Letter Andrew Lewis Fran Lewis Darren Light Laura Lindquist •Jonathan Locke Eric Lopez Steven Losner Stephen Lott Anthony Lovallo Fred Love Judi Lutz Tracy McCannon Ralph McCrea Robert McDonald Bruce MacFarlane Valerie MacLean Kim Madison Glenn Mailer Gary Marks Donnie Martin M ' Liss Massing Michael Masterson Melanie Menefee Margo Metz Diana Meyer John Meyerholz Nathan Minear sophomore 73 m Lyane Miracle Bruce Mitchell Celine Montrose Sally Moore Karvn Mmidy Michael Murray- Joseph Negron Bryce D. Neier Scott NewsoBO Karen Nipper John O ' Keefe Wendy Osmun Joan Page John Paone Greg Patterson Carole Pelham Cynthia Pellegrino Glynnis Pellett Barbie Pelzer Jeff Pequignot Rosario Perez B.J. Phelps Lisa Picaroni Nery Pino Katherine Poland Jaime Polit Janine Potts Tracy Price Ralph Prittie Walt Ramsev 74 sophomores s Andrew Reid Karen Renner Anne Revell Walter Rickenbach Mark Robertson Valerie Rodgers Emory Rogers Frances Rogers Lauren Rohsler Barbara Roj Joanne Rood Steven Roskamp Jim Rossie Johnny Rosson Sue Lynne Roulstone Randy Rowe David Roy Robin Sawyer Peggy Scheb Tony Scjrpeter Bill Siciliano Beverly Sides Sally Skehan Lori Skidmore Richard Slone Curt Smith Wendell Smith Sheila Smyth Maryellen Songster Ana Sorondo sophomores 75 s Richard Sowers Howard Si John Steward Roxie Stice Susie Stones Tami Strickland Timothy Tatem David Taylor Fred Taylor Kellev Tavlor Martha Teal Beth Thompson Lesa Thurman Jon Tofte Denise Toland Teal Townsend Doug Tozier Joy Turner Susan Uhls Doug Van Dyke Loretta Vigil Susan Vough Marlene Wagner Jimmy Walker Sherri Walker Judy Wanuchs Chris Warren Douglas Warren Heidi Weber Dulce Weigel sophomores 76 z Fiona Weir Richard W i Rebecca Will- Nancy West Richard Wheeling Michael Wherley John Whipple Ed White Thomas Whiteside Bernadette Williams Holly Williams Kim Worthington Barbara Wortman Teresa Yeargan Linda Voder Kristi Zehnder Christine Zimmerman Nick Zorn Kristine Bienema sophomores a Diana Acoeta Cathy Adajian Jackeline Alvarez .Jerome Anuasewaki Susan Arv Dana Baldwin John Barbuto Anita Bardeen Kurt Barkalow John Bartels Pamela Benjamin Jim Berry Lori Blackmer Jamie Bonura Julie Boos Susan Borozan Ken Botten Artur G. Boulerice Laura Boyd Judy Bradley Scot Brands Thomas Brewer Julie Brian Mark Bricker Nancy Briggs Tracy Briggs Sandy Brockhouse David Bronsten Elizabeth Browder Elizabeth Brown freshman 178 c Scol Hmwning Lynn Bryan Sharon Bundrick Belinda Caldwell Gina Cammarata Keith Carlton Susan Carson Elena Cavasinni Susan Chambers Frances Chandler Sam Chavers Linda Childers Vickie Clark Janice Clayton William Cleare Amy Clemmens Bess Marie Cobb Barbara Coleman Cathy Collins Marie Conerlv Robert Connor Christy Connor Karen Cooksey Cheryl Cooper Tara Corbin Scot Cox Susan Cox Mardi Coxson Janny Crespo Sheperd Curl freshman 79 d Susan Daly Catherine Davi Kim Davidson Karen DeBruyn Jodi I h W Carej Dibble Tori DiGiulian nita DiMarsh (aria DiMauro Joanne Diniaco Ken Dittman Roger Dodson Denise Dorribo Celia Dowing John Dunn Susan Dye Robert Efird Laura Ellis Anne Erwin Joseph Farrell Anne Faucett Ronda Ferguson Debbra Fieldman Colleen Flannery Terri Fletcher Bertha Forbes Theresa Forde Robert Fraser Gregory Frazee Debbv Freeman freshman sb ft Dan Fricioni Martha Fry Cheryl Furr David Fussell Joe Gardyasz James Gaviola Mary Genz Max Gessner Jackie Geyer Sue Giancotti Julie Gibson Peter Gore Lisa Graves Charles Greathouse Carolyn Grier Cheryl Grissom Chris Hale Vesta Lee Hall Mark Hannington Joseph Harbin Debbie Harman Angela Head Linda Hedgepeth Kevin Hendrix Kim Hiley Jeanne Hill Lisa Hine Michael Hining David Hirshburg Amy Hoadley freshman h Dawn J. Heeldtke Robert Hoelscher Connie Holmes Michelle Hoaking Ann Howard Paul Howell Janine Hubbard Tom Hubbard Michael Hudson Debbie Humphrey Ann Hutchinson Lisa Iuliano Valerie Jackson Diane Johnson Joan Jollev Jodi Jones Sabine Kager Brenda Kalas Jim Karb Cassandra Kellam Larry Keenan Lisa King Richard King Geoffrey Kollender Julie Korfage Kevin Kratina Julie Krause Nancy Krauss Alison Kreis Kim Kushman ft freshman 82 m Allison Lanier Kerry Larkin Joanne Lauder Dave Lawson William Lawrence John Lease Sharon Anne Lefever David Lent Kristene Linsler LaDawn Long Lynn Longdon Patty Losch Kenneth Lucas Joseph McDonough Nina McFadden Leann McWhorter Maria MacNutt Lori Maddison Michael Malko Mary Beth Maloney Kay Mangham Amy Manke Pamela Marlowe Simone Marstiller Elizabeth Matthews Tim Mele Lynne Menard James Merritt Mari Messersmith Dawn Metcalf freshman 83 Itl Eileen Meyer . Miohaud Julee Milham William Millard Sharon Miller Tami Miller Gary Mims Katie Moffatt Lori Mondello Harriett Monroe Susan Montuny Mary Moorhead Robert Morgan Scott Morin Sheila Morris Abbe Morrison Melanie Morrow Margaret Murdock Matthew Murrey Debbie Mutz Nandy Nash Kristin Nave Michael Nave Janet Nebus Nannette Neeld Valerie Nelson Barbara Nezzer Helen Nielander Christa Ogle Patti O ' Keefe freshman 4 r Lance Ortiz Karen Papendick James Parry Mary Payne Luis Pedraja Erica Persson Gay Petterson Dennis Pfiester Bob Pile Eileen Pistey Peter Polack Laura Powell Michelle Premuto Michael Proetta Tracey Queen Cyrus Radgord Jeanie Ragland John Rasenas Drew Rathburn Ned Raven Murray Relf Janet Reynolds Marcia Richards Tracy Richards Holly Richardson Todd Richardson Lynn Ridgway Malcolm Robertson Wendy Robinson Jo Rogers freshman 85 r Alv-i Rosenberg Helen Rowe Margaret Ruff Richard Salmon Felipe Sanchez Mary Sanders Nancy Schema Mar Schellenberg Charles Schilling Robbie Schilling DeeAnn Schuman Maria Scianino Tim Serio Steven Sewell Julie Seymour Sharyl Hive Karen Shrigley Jim Shulenberg Vicki Sidle Alison Simpson Robert Slama Sandy Smalley Denise Smith Diane Smith Glenn Smith Sharon Smith Bob Spooner Diane Stavey Pamela Stephens Sandra Stewart freshman 86 z Melinda Strut hers Wilson StudstiU Hugh Suhr Mark Sutton Mike Taylor Kurt Tesh, Vicki Thecombe Laurie Thompson Jane Thomson Bernard Tomaskv Kelly Trafford Lewis Trauffer Josie Tulka Robyn Turner Mary Ann Unrein Grady Varnum Troy Varnum Kathy Vites Jeff Voss Dawn Wadsworth Thomas Wajdowicz Coni Wallace Randy Ware Donna Weyd Scott Williams W 7 illiam S. W ' illiams Denise Williamson Mary Liz Williamson Susan Willoughby Bob Wilson Lynnette Wolf David Wray Beverly Yokely Janet Young Hallie Zobel 87 Humor Humor ' ■: ' V ' rcen The Greenfeather Drive raised $10,000.00 this year. The co-chairmen for this event were Joel Brown and Sandy Babey, both of whom put in a lot of time and effort to make the charity drive successful. The money raised throughout the week goes to such charities as: United Way, Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy, Cancer Society, and such local charities as the Neighborhood Center and the Duval Home, among others. 9] The fund-raising events this year included .1 Fund-run, and Bar-B-Q and field-day. the Follies, and ut course, the Greenfeather Carnival. This YearV carnival boasted more booths and raised more money than its predecessors. Kids of all ages enjoyed it. including members of the faculty and administration. STUDENT LIFE The flight through college t.ikes us to many different c - Here at Stetson we .ire t ; us types ol acti fciV s Fur example, the campus united for such activities as A RS.. the hostage vigil, given by Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity and the Student Union Board, also the Christmas ces, and any other attractions that might arouse the student ' s interests. f $ - n 1 ■•• ' ' H -J . ' ■I It travel foi tht Stetson Student means the inward journey of a developing intellect along with the obvious outward journt y through time and towards maturity, then R Buckminster Fuller must embody the virtues of that journeyman. The internationally acclaimed genius and pioneer visited Stetson on October 10 and illustrated what th -Renaissance Man " of the twentieth century is like. We. the students, shall always strive to reach for the goals that we have set for ourselves no matter where the path may lead 95 96 97 98 99 Winter Term ' 81 proved to be a Buccess tor students and professors alike, due to the efforts ol the Winter Term Committee, headed by Dr. Gary Maris. Relief from the record- breaking cold weather was provided by the many extracur- ricular activities, visiting scholars, artists, musicians, and just plain good times. H k. ' . ' mmmwk IPS ' flEa i j Ik jJuM If fl ! Wi LOO saN Students were given many opportunities to " explore the outer limits " through indepen- dent study and various theme courses, ranging from The Third Wave to The Celluloid Horizon. Several off-campus seminars were offered, such as the Wa- shington - New York trip which brought students into contact with politics outside the class- room. 101 Many students used this time to " stretch their minds " as well as their bodies. Meditation and CPR classes, weight-lifting, suit hall, and aerobic dance were offered to fulfill their needs. For sheer entertainment. Stover Theatre provided Agatha Chris- tie ' s excellent mystery, " The Mousetrap. " 102 Despite classes, projects, and senior researches, relaxation was the order of the day. Resourceful as ever, Stetson students found endless ways to take it easy, take a break, and even take off. 103 Scoping is our favorite pasttime here at Stetson. What better reason is there to go into the commons, the library or even the hatrack? However, scoping has become a campus-wide occurrence, people " scope " from just about anywhere. The next time you ' re running around campus remember that people are " scoping " you out. So be on your toes and always look your best!! 3V, 105 , ' Bpeilon Theta i Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity w;is colonized .it S on February 14, 1981, and was installed as a chapter on May 2, 1981. The Thetas are proud to join the ranks of the Panhellenic Association as the first BOrority invited to the campus in twenty- tour years. The development of chapter unit has been enhanced by the dedication and effort of the collegiate members and alumnae in the community. Spring activities included a pledge retreat, fraternity socials, Panhellenic Pals, a Big Sister program with the University of Florida Thetas, and various alumnae activities. Our major event of the semester was the installation of our chapter when each member was initiated by the Cirand President of Kappa Alpha Theta. We look forward to our first full vear of existence in 1981 - 1982. 1 to r: D Luko, T Page, R Boccard, M Dicsanio, L Miracle, F Chandler (2) V Torres, K K Gillis, E Shields, J Bonura (3) C Carroll, K Gatje, B Edwards, K Carlton, 14) D Dorribo, K Lyon, J Rood, (5) D Clifton, R Sargent, D Johnson, B Fewox, M Fagleson (6) P Messersmith, M Messers- mith, K Hurley, D Acosta, T Granata, D Weigel 106 107 n BLACK EMPHASIS WEEK El E February 15th - 19th 15th Brians Song 16th Talent Show 17th Mr. Elwyn Adams - violinist 18th Chapel Rev. J. Coats Jim Haskins Lecture Coffee House 19th SAAS at Vespers Chairpersons: Lin Daly and Bernadette Williams OFF CAMPUS As we journey through Stetson some of us decided to adventure off campus. Off campus life does not only include a home outside the dorm but also includes any activity that we do off the campus grounds. Such activities include trips to Rosies. The " Port " . Daytona and various other destinations. 110 Ill 112 COMING ' 81 . h HOMECOMING: Coming back to Stetson. Traveling many times but always returning. This past weekend marked Stet- sons 98th homecoming. It started on Friday the 20th and continued on to Sunday the 22nd. Homecoming ' 81 was marked with many fun-filled activities, making the weekend most enjoyable for all. Committee chairmen Carol From- hagen and Brian Eubanks worked closely to make the weekend a success. Alumni came from everywhere to see if the campus had changed any. Although the weekend was de- signed for alumni, the school ' s student body also took part in making the weekend a memorable experience. Friday ' s activities were " tests " for the alumni — they were challenged in both baseball and tennis by the students. Friday night was highlighted by the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra which played in the Edmunds Center. Saturday began with a list of guest speakers at each of the breakfasts. Senator Lawton Chiles for example, spoke to an eager audience of Stetson grads, both old and new, at the Law breakfast. Also in the morning, there were the inductions into the Sports Hall of Fame. The day continued with many activities, field day at the BBQ and the sounds of Bluegrass music. Receptions, Fun Run, and many open houses also filled the afternoon. The night brought victory — the Hatters stomped on the team from Bethune - Cookman. Team work was the most important point of this year ' s game. As half time rolled around there was excitement in the air. Who will be the King and Queen? This years queen was Angel DiCosola and the King was Rob Dyer. Angel repre- sented Phi Mu sorority and Rob held strong for the Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity. The game continued to only prove once again the Hats are number 1. Homecoming was over just as fast as it started. Tears, hugs, and laughter will be remembered as the biggest part of Homecoming ' 81. Competition Competition tVlit ' tlili tLlrlrtiLi; aat " VLililiLL. mil IrL-L liULt ' ! The Stetson soccer team had another tough season ending with a record " I seven wins, ten losses, and one tie. With a tough schedule, Stetson ' s relative inexperience could nol quite keep up with the talents of such rivals as the University of Miami and Biscaj ne College. The Hats had a difficult year losing mosl games by only one goal. " Inexper- ience hurt us. " said coach Gil Domin- guez. " We have had the opportunity to win many games. " The team will only loose four senior : Ed Fitzgerald, Steve Scerra, Jim Massmello, and Edgar Haerle ot which the team relied upon lor their experience. The team was young and with many returning starters such as top scorer Kicky Harris coach Domin- guez said: " We have a good nucleus for next year ' s team. And with the season out of the way. I feel we haved turned the corner in our quest to make Stetson Soccer a competitor in this state. " The coach added. " I ' m very pleased with what we accomplished this year and very optimistic for the future. " 1 t sing his favorite technique for clearing the ball is So.n PortM 2. Quickness and agility were Tim Mele ' s rtr on g a rt assets 3 Kicky Harris shoots for a goal. 116 , Vince Accard, dears the baU to Dave Drescher as the HaUers move the " S X S SSK-SSl £££££££%£ S £S S£E S KSS ' SS Dan Keane. Dave Dresche, Coach fed Head Clark, Tim Mele, Mike Nave, Glenn Brooks, Reed Kinnison, Jim Massinello. Coach Gil Dominguez. 11 ' A _j [ ' . f . 3fc 3f xi + %f V . - 1. Rick Solomon puts the hall in play for another Stetson attempt to icon J Timing and skill are executed by Kd Fitzgerald. : . Mark Durland shoots for a goal. 4. The Hatter Soccerette ' s: FRONT ROW Catherine Davi. MUl Maiaing, MIDDLE ROW K.rr Larkin, Mali I ' ayne. .loane Lauder. BACK ROW Nannette Neeld. (lay Retterson 5. Mark Durland gets thwarted by his opponent. 118 1. After a steal, Ricky Harris moves the ball toward the goal. 2. Ed Fitzgerald more Glen Brooks steals the opponent from his chance to score, clears the ball upfield. 3. Another defensive play by Ricky Harris. 4. Once 119 LLiLlL, I ' ll ifcLl The Stetson volleyball team ended tln-ir season in early November with a record of IT wins and - - ached by Elizabeth Shumaker the team faced such rivals a- Jacksonville University, Eckerd College and the University ol Tampa. " ( ur record is not indicative ol how we played during the year, " said coach Shumaker. " We were competitive in almost all of our games. We met a lot of our fundamental goals and we have built a good foundation for next year. " The Lady Hats will only lose two players next year so coach Shumaker is looking to rely on plenty of experience in the 1981 season. Hard hitters Jan Michael and Teresa King will be leading Stetson hut with the talent of this young team coach Shumaker is ready for the new season. She stated: " With DQOBl of the women playing United State- Volleyball Association games in the Central Florida area during the oil season, conditions will he hetter once the season starts up again in September and we can give more time to the development of the offense and defense. " This past year there was just too little time for the young team to learn the new strategies and to condition themselves for the short, tough season. Spirit and determination held the team together and Shumaker added " The end of one season is just the beginning of a new one. " 1 Coach Schumaker finalizes pregame strategies before the Lady Hats take to the court. 2. From the bench, the girls get instructions from coach Schumaker 3, Another winning smash is executed by Debbie Fieldman 120 1. Kathy Cooley sends the winning spike into the opponents court. 2. The Murdock, Khristy Batezman, Debbie Fieldman, Julie Buhl. Kathy Cooley, Lady Hats in action. 3. Defense was the Hatters strong point against the Dana Baldwin, Theresa King, Cindy Paquet, Jan Michaels, Sue Giancotti, University of Jacksonville. 4. The Lady Hatters: Brenda Barrow, Margaret Brenda Hoot, Coach Elizabeth Schumaker. 121 i i LtL-LL ' t Vl:liliLt: The 1981 Stetson men ' s tennis team has moved from a stage of rebuilding to a stage of great depth. The hatters lost only two starters from last years squad and their positions were quickly replaced by two transfers from junior colleges. Coach Ray Hussey expects this years team to be the best he has had in half a dozen seasons. The Hats will be playing college power houses this year such as Univ. of Tennessee at Chatanooga, Air Force Academy, University of Charleston, Washing and Lee to mention a few. The 1980-1981 team is as follows: Scott Hunter: second year letter- man and sophomore from Palmet- to, Fl. Phill White: also second year letterman and a junior from Washington D.C. Playing number 2 last year Phill will be played 1 or 2 singles and number 1 doubles. John Joiner: returning number one player from last year and three year letterman. Rob Gabbard: First year with the Hatters Rob will be a great asset to the team. Gary Marks: a sophomore from Daytona Beach, Gary will be adding college level tennis to this years squad. Mark Wilkinson: Mark is a junior transfer from Daytona Beach Junior College. The best of luck to this years Hatters and the hopes that they may develop into a Fla. College power house under the coaching of Ray Hussey. 1. Coach Hussey. C. Cri9enberrv, S Hunter. .1. Joiner, D. Marks, P. Whit , S. Kieffer, P. Nylen, M. Wilkenson, Not pic. R. Gabbard 2. Phill White calmly crushes a forehand. 3. S. Hunter shows a perfect serve. 122 1. John Joiner serves up another ACE. 2. Gary Marks sweeps Stetson to a backhanded victory. 3. Rob Gabbard awaits his turn for the courts. 123 ill VL-aLi UfltSEE The Lady Hatter tennis team just tried to get off of the ground this year because of their virtually all freshman lineup. The team gained seven new faces joining veteran Liz Schroeder to make up one very determined and optimistic squad. The Hatter squad started with Harriet Monroe of Waycross, Ga., a freshman who won the Georgia state private school championshps for four years. In second position was Mary Pat Dougherty, a junior from Utica, N.Y., followed by Liz Schroeder of Holly Hill. who played strong for the Hatters last year, excelling in Doubles. The team was topped off with Karen Layer, Sharon Swanberry, N iki Perakis, Terri Fletcher, and Jane Thompson. (dach Vicky Pate explained thai she looked forward to doing well throughout the schedule but mostly about reaching the state championship. The team looked to face such rivals as Rollins and the University of South Florida. " Our doubles teams are strong again this season, and they ' ve been working hard. " explained Coach Pate, " We ' ve had weekly doubles clinics. " Coach Pate looked optimistic for the future of this vears team. 1. Front Row - Liz .Schroeder. Harriet Monroe. .lane Thompson. Mary Pat Dougherty, Sharon Swanberry. Back row ■ Terri Fletcher. Coach Vicki Pate. Nikki Perakis. Karen Layer. 2. Liz Schroeder practices her serve. 3. Returning a difficult serve is Mary Pat Dougherty 124 «tey..v % Sharon Swanberry was a big asset to the lady Hats. 2. Terri Fletcher practices her backhand. 3. Coach Pate gives Jane Thompson and Liz Schroeder some helpful hints. 4. Strong on the court, Liz Schroeder had a powerful backhand. 125 Lol l - ■ r The Lady Hatters were clearly the strongesl thi year than in many pasl years. The women were ranked t ir t in the state and overall had a well deserved season after many years of building. Led by seniors Brenda Elrod and Trina Hudson, the girls were able to beat such rivals as Flagler College, University of Central Florida, and Florida H M. Junior point guard Donna Johnson and senior Brenda Elrod were the leading scorers with Brenda breaking 100 points over her four years at school. Donna broke all existing Stetson assist records halfway into the season. The team was a relatively young team losing only four seniors, two of which started. The teams best game was against the University of Tampa. The Spartans were a well developed team but Stetson was just too tough. The Lady Hats played their best defensive match all year. With such a good season and a young team. Junior guard Tracey Byer stated. " This is only the beginning of a new winning era. " With the dedication, contribution, and expertise shown at the games there is no question the Lady Hats are on the move. 1. Diane Hayes concentrates on the basket for the winning shot. 2. Lady Hatters with team unitv 3 Donna Johnson brings the hall down the court 126 1. The Jumper is Tracey Byer ' s favorite shot. 2. The Lady Hats take control by the win of the tap by Angela Head. 3. In a breakaway. Diane Hayes scores two crucial points. 4. Monica Jackson sets the ball up for a score. 5. Eckerd proved to be a tough rival for the Hats. 6. Karen Lovaglio makes two points for Stetson. 127 liLLLLli LtlbLLiLLiLLlrL: The 1981 Baseball players gained exactly what head coach Pete Dunn hoped they would in fall workouts - experience. With few new members and a boat " i returning starters the team continued its elusive chase for the firsl ever NCAA Div. I tournamenl Bpot rhe i. ill program proved to be very usefull and hopeful for the Hatters, winning two Stetson hosted tour- naments, the Stetson-Junior College Invitational and the Stetson Fall Invitational. Coach Dunn separated the team into two squads, the green and the white. The white squad had a 5-0 record while the green had a 3-0 record for the fall. " If you view the fall program in the context of what we had hoped to get out of it, you ' d have to say we were a success, " explained Dunn. " It has given the younger players game experience, which adds to our teams depth. " Only three non pitching starters were lost from last year ' s lineup hut with a series of injuries and problems the coach was seriously concerned. Shortstop Wade Rowden, infielder Brad Cloud, and center fielder Hob Schaeffer all were sidelined the fall season. The biggest strength of the team lied in the pitching staff with Mike Burgermeister. Hob Klusacek, Mike Bergman, .Jim Frey, Brad Fraley, Mike C. Hamilton, Mike N. Hamilton. Dennis Martin, and -Jerry Costigan. The 55 game schedule included smh teams as Army, Louisville, and Delaware who all proved to be big challenges. 1. Pregame strategies are discussed by the Hatters. 2. Coach Rick Hall keeps an eye on the crowd. 3. Mark Zaleski catches a " fastball ' 128 ; ■-- - 1. The " homerun " batting style is shown by a Stetson slugger. 2. Dave Miller strolls home after a shot over the fence. 3. Setting up for his curve ball is Jerry Costigan. 4. Bottom Row - Jeff Gallager, Jerry Costigan, Mark Zeleski, Jeff Spina, Jeff Altier, Alex Lucco, Bob Shaefer. Jeff Johnston. Second Row - Rick Cashman, Jeff Pequinot, M.N. Hamilton, Wade Rowdon, Brad Cloud, Jon Puquinot, Dave Miller. Coach Rick Hall. Top Row - Coach Pete Dunn, Mike Bergman. Kirk Eicholts, Jim Fry, M.C. Hamilton, Andy Moffatt, Dennis Martin, John Paone, Mike Burgermeister, Paul Peacock, Manager Bill Hartman. Not Pictured - Brad Fraley, Manager Paul Howell. 129 1. Coach Dunn gives Wade Rowden the hitting strategy in the ninth inning. 2. Andy Moffatt takes a gamhle for second base. 3. Another strong pitch is thrown bj -It-Try Coctigan. 4 Brad Cloud slides safely into second base. 130 1. Getting back in time, a Hatter slides safely at first. 2. Dave Miller prepares to hit a winning single. 3. Coach Dunn gives some important signals. 4. Heading toward the locker room are Mark Zaleski and Coach Rick Miller. 131 1. Brad Cloud prepares for the right pitch 2. Jim Fry psyches out the batter 3. Batgirl. Sarah Booker, clears homeplate. 132 1. Coach Dunn explains the elements of winning. 2. Another ball is driven play. 4. Mark Zaleski awaits the relay. 5. Sliding safely at home for the over the fence by a Hatter player. 3. Andy Moffatt sets up for the double winning run is Brad Cloud. 133 VliliLLllaLiLLLVt: LLiLllLr t:LilrL:L:t:i£ The 1980-1981 Stetson Golf team had one of its best year- ever. Facing such rivals as Rollins College, Universi- ty of S mth Florida, and Florida Southern College, the team had a truly successful season. Led by senior Mark Heartfield and veteran Buster Hunt, the team prac- ticed daily whether it was on the soccer field, " shagging halls " , or out on one of the three beautiful DeLand courses used. The Swallows. Del. and Country Club, and South Ridge Golf Course all were competing grounds for the Hat- ters. The team competed in many- tournaments during the fall. They placed third in the Miami Sun and Fun tournament and also placed high in the Florida Intercollegiate Golf Champion- ship. Stetson also hosted a tournament of their own called the Stetson Invitational. This event brought many teams in for competition. £ t 1 Steve Todd. Buster Hunt. Steve Cnener. Mike Benevento. Mark Weikel .2 Mark Heartfield practices to perfect his raring Mike Benevento Heartfield, Joe Osterman. Dave Fifner. Kevin Lawrence. Coach Robert chips the hall onto the green. 134 1. " Practice makes perfect " is an idea Steve Griener keeps alive. 2. Mark Durland sends a ball out of the rough. 3. Mike Benevento is trulv pleased with his shot. 135 QM QJE LiLlLLlI ' LlLLl After a dynamic 198 the Matters had a tough act to follow. With a relatively experienced team returning, the Hatters maintained their .500 percentage throughout 1981. With a long list of defeats on road games the Hatters had an excellent home game record. The spirit of the cheerleaders and the excitement in the crowds got the team moving. Point guards Brad Weston and Derrick McDowell ran the show on the court. With 2 years experience and good floor leadership these two men controlled the action. Under the boards stood Wilbur Montgomery and Clifford Johnson, their senior experience and inside moves surelv added to the wins. The next two important people were Jim Ramsey and Frank Burnell. Ramsey, a shooting guard, has been moved in to fill last year- NBA recruit. Dirk Ewing. His shooting ability and style was a major team asset. The freshman squad cons Gary Mims. Glenn Myrick, Mike Reddic. and Mike Malony. These men picked up the slack when it was needed. The Hatters faced such opponents as Republic of China. Duke University. Butler University. Florida A M, Mercer University, and Jacksonville University. Miss Hatter was crowned in earls- December and after weeks of judging. Linda Yoder was the final winner. 1. A keen eye is kept on the game by the Hatter second team 2. Tracey Echols slams the ball in for two V Keepin his eyes on the basket. Brad Weston drives in for a score. 136 1. Coach Wilkes calls his team to the bench on a timeout. 2. Brad Weston from Pope Duncan. 4. Wilbur Montgomery lofts over the opponents to take sets up for the extra point. 3. Miss Hatter, Linda Yoder, accepts the award a shot. 137 1. After a steal Walt Kaczmarek clears the ball downcourt. 2. Derrick McDowell sets play into action 3. Glenn Myrick shoots the winning jumper. 4. The Stetson Hatters Front Row: C.raduate Assistant Maurice Harrell. Coach Wally Goodwin. Head Coach Glenn Wilkes. Coach Bill Alexander. Coach Otis Johnson, Manager Errick Young Middle Row: Tracey Echols. Randv Weston, -lohn Dunn. Jin Ramsey. Glenn Mvnck. Brad «««» " ■ Derrick McDowell Back Row Mike Maloney. W ilber Montgomery. Mike Reddick. G H r Walt Kaczmarek. Rick Roach. Clifford Johnson. Frank Burnell. 138 1. Clifford Johnson arouses the crowd with another amazing dunk. 2. Point guard. Brad Weston, runs the show for the Hatters. 3. Frank Burnell boxes out as Wilber Montgomery makes a twenty footer. 139 1. Clearing the ball from a tight Cajun defense is Derrick McDowell. 2. Clifford Johnson tips another two po,nt in for the Hatter . X Defying gravity. Jim Ramsey wins the tap. 140 1. Taking a rest with a two shot foul, Frank Burnell hopes for a conversion. 4. USL just left Clifford Johnson alone for an easy basket. 5. Big Wilber 2. Derrick Mcdowell moves the ball to the basket as Wilber Montgomery Montgomery just couldn ' t be stopped, prepares to set a pick. 3. Frank Burnell moves downcourt for two points. 141 1. Jim Ramsey sets in two for the Hatters. 2. NBC was present at some home games 3. Taking a short jumper is C.lenn M 1. Frank Burnel. shoots from 25 feet. 2. Defying the opponent, W.lbur Montgomery shoots for two. 3. The " press " was very effective for the Hatters. 4. The Hatters control the " tip " . 143 L zll The Stetson Cheerleaders had a new image this season with new cheers, new mount , and new uniforms. The girls wanted a " ' peppier ' style so they initiated many attractive crowd pleasers. Alter tryouts in September, there were twelve starting women with one alternate. The girls practiced three or more times per week and continually revised their style of cheering. Assisted by Jan Wilkes, their advisor, the girls travelled to away games within the area showing their deep support tor Stetson ' s teams. Cheers were also given at each home BOCCei match, girls ' basketball game, and men ' s basketball game. With the presence ot the Pep Band, the girls used the music to their own advantage. Modern dance, and new musical cheers were a common sight at each basketball game. The crowd enjoyed these lively exhibitions and always participated whenever possible. 1. Raison Lee awaits the upcoming cheer. 2. The Hatter cheerleaders get the crowd motivated H. The Pep Band v.n .t big help to the cheerleaders. 144 1. The Stetson Pep Band was a real help to the Hatters. 2. The Hatter cheerleaders!. 3. Mounts were the cheerleaders ' favorites. 4. The cheerleaders 145 L LlU- till: Irlil The intramural program this year was once again very competitive with a large amount of participation by the student body. Fraternities. Sororities, Dorms, and Ministries all vied for the President ' s Cup or All Points Trophy. With Pi Kappa Phi retiring the President ' s Cup last year, it was a new race for a new cup. In volleyball. Pi Kappa Phi was once again undefeated for the eighth year in a row while Conrad Hall took the trophy in the women ' s area. Pi Kappa Phi was also undefeated in flag football with Zeta Tau Alpha taking control in the women ' s matches. Lambda Chi Alpha took the trophy in men ' s badmitton. The year was surely filled with its moments of joy along with times of defeat, but all in all it was a very enjoyable time. ? m 1. Flag football was the favorite fall sport. 2 Jim Sokolowski spikes the ball into the Sigma Nu defense 3. The Pi Kappa Phi bench looks on to a tough game with Cordis Hall. 146 1. The Sigma Nu Off Campus game was very physical. 2. Bruce Hedgepeth Hall was just to tough for the Zetas. 4. Ladies Ping Pong was always a favorite, scores another two points for Pi Kappa Phi. 3. In the final match Conrad 147 1. A powerful Scot, Frechette scores another point for the PiKaps. 2. An INTRAMURAL COMMITTEE Howard Buttor Mark Henjony UgO excited thankvou is given to the opponent In the volleyball champions Roger Helton. David (.ranger. Dave Hfner. Will Hitchhorn. Mark Heartfield. Conrad Hall. 3. Paul Keens sends back a difficult serve. 4. MENS Coach Robert Weickel. Chip Letter. Larry (.raham. 148 1. WOMENS INTRAMURAL COMMITTEE: Maura Goreman, Bobbi a difficult shot. 3. As he snakes through the defenders, Roger Helton moves Royer, Mrs. Sandra Raborn, Edie DeMarsh, Denise Toland, Becky Evans, toward the goal for Cordis Hall. 4. Jeff Kipi makes another interception. Ann Revell, Lynn Daly, Marjorie Beazer, Cheryl Evans. 2. Ed Marcoux blocks 149 1. Foul shots were the important factor in winning many games. 2. The hardest defense of Cordis Hall ' l Bill Wright -1 The serve was an important aspect part of flag football was grabbing the flags. :?. Intramural basketball referee. of men ' s ping pong •lay Rust, awaits play to resume 4. Pi Kappa Phi ' s dreg Ballard defif- the 150 ■TAW 1 J V " • v v " ' " 5xi 1 1 ill I _J i 3 " ' : ' 1. Jum Hewitt defies the Lamb defense. 2. Ed Walton serves the game point. championship point. 4. Smith Hall awaits the shot made by Sigma Nu. 3. Layups are the easy way to score two points. 4. Conrad scores the 151 Spirit Spirit omT Wf tpf Alpha Kappa Alpha was the first greek letter organization lor black women in the world, it is also the first black sorority on campus, but it ' s membership is not only limited to black students. 1981 will mark the beginning of a solid sorority. Alpha Kappa Alpha seeks to promote the ideal- of scholarship, leadership and exemplary character. Additionally, Alpha Kappa Alpha dedicates itself to service to " mankind " . The national project of the sorority is the right to read program. Uhu JcHMbcJ A KA % ir 4 President: Karen Figlioli 1st Vice President: Kiki Jacobs 2nd Vice President: (aria Anzalone 3rd Vice President: Barbie Pelzer Treasurer: Cindi Rourk Corresponding Secretary: Jane Bonne Recording Secretary: Bev Wallace Scholarship Chairman: Kathy Ruiz Hush Chairman: Margaret Healy l s. Alpha Chi Omega was found- ed in 1885 at De Pauw University in C.reencastle, Indiana. Our chapter was founded at Stetson in 1957. These are a few of our favorite things: caring about our 22 fall pledges, who are more precious than pearls; celebrating Alpha Chi ' s 95th birthday; having fun in the sun at pledge retreat; stringing along the pledges before they find their Moms ' throwing a pajama party; sharing a close sisterhood. Row 1: K Figlioli, S Bundrick, K Moffatt, C Anzalone, K Zehnder, S Smith, K Kushman, N Nash, K Jacobs; Row 2: S Uhls, J Lauder, B Glover, S Morris, S Smallev, M Gendrun, K Moudy, P Harris, M Hosking, M Dorman, M Healy, A Kreis, B Wallace, C Rourk, S McLeod, M MacNutt, J Bonnell, L Longdon, L Bapst; Row 3: R Lee, T Overall, K DeBruyn, L King, R Stice, B Pelzer. D Smith, B Thompson, A Habart, M Duckworth, L Javens, K Ruiz, K Eckes. 155 Alpha Xi I cli. i was round- ed bj ten women in 1898 .it Lorn hard Colle . I oday, we strive to reach the ideals of womanhood jusl as uur founders did. Our flower is t lu- pink rose, our emblem the Quill, and our mascot, Al Fuzzj Bear, is derived from our name. In remembering mir heritage, we have ;i Bpecial place in mir hearts t r ol .i Bowen, who passed away this October. She was an original Omega Alpha i and we all loved her. L980 81 lias been an " awesome " year tor the Xi ' s. We began by sweeping all ol the Panhellenic scholastic awards, ailing with the 18 prizes known as ur pledges Next, we wen- chosen l»y ur national to open up a new chapter m iaineaville. The rest of the year has been a whirlwind oi Bocial, panhellenic, athle i i . rosel hern iu iimi her, and philanthropic activities, After all. that ' s uur motto: Have I un! President: Sandra Ton Vice President Deanne Kells Membership Chairman: Dianne Lussier Recording Secretary: Mary Wilcoi Corresponding Secretary: Sarah Hooker (}uill ( ' hairinan: Julie I rban Treasurer: Julie Crowell Pledge Trainer: Darcy Robinson ■ ■ ! Row 1: D. Robinson, D. Lussier. J. Crowell. S. Booker. J. Urban, M Wilcox, S. ToKIM, M Trate. I) Wike. K Phillips. D. Kells. Row - ' D risto. H. Mom- C Johnson, V Been, M Stevens, T .1 Klam, L Dunn. M. DeKerdmando. W Robinson. M. A. I ' nrein. K. Nielander. S. Campbell. A. Brooke, M I. Harrell, R. Hunt, D. Sides. L Menard. S. Michaud. L Skidmore. C. Irza. B. Musalen, Row 3i G. Del-aughter. L RidReway. J. Ragland. S. Pileggi. M SUdhata, I. Chambliss. L Uhl. S Willoilghby, C. Collins. J. Jordan, P. OKeefe. M. Thompson. C Tidwell. C. Bolkum. I. Childers. C. A. Edwards. H Weber, M Merrell, S. Stones, L Iezzi. J. Turner. 156 President: Melody Edmondson Vice President: Kehekkah Fisher Recording Secretary: Linda Yoder Corresponding Secretary: Pam Gaddis Treasurer: Nancy Coleman Pledge Trainer: Susan Evans Delta Delta Delta was founded on Thanksgiving Eve, L888. nur colors are silver, blue, and gold, and our flower is the pansy. Our motto is " Let us steadfastly love one another. " The Alpha Delta chapter of Delta Delta combined campus, philanthropic, and social activities for a most successful year. Some of the highlights included the Red Cross Blood Drive, a " Crush " party. Founder ' s Day, Apple polishing, the ( hrist- mas Dance, Alumn dinners, and as usual, the sisterhood of the stars and crescent lived up to its motto. CoaMj nt JuM v jusnyv l - f8u |il 111 Vj| ; Row 1- C Calvin J Collier M. Teal, J. Wanucha, P. Gaddis, J. Mims, K. Streit, S. Talley, D. Williamson. S. Redman, M. Schramm, P. Bean. L. Meadows. L. Wilkinson, J. Franklin, K. Burnett, S. Schutze. S. Mori, C. Sellar, S. Duvall, S. Penge, G. Hock, T. Scheb. C. Manning. M. Frye; Row 2: L. Dement, J. Gibson. C. Crawford, R. Sawyer, D. Hanington, C. Gilliland, D. Manning, B. Caldwell. K. Vites, C. Frechette, M. Coxon, M. Fambro, V. Scola, K. Easterling, M. Tinslev, L. Rogers. M. E. Bennett, M. Karres, P. Hoyt, R. Mcleod, J. Mims, S. Evans, P. Kamph, N. Coleman. Matthews, J. Jones, H. Owens, L. Boyd, C. Frazier, R. Fisher, P. Smith, L. Kirsch, L. Yoder, K. Trafford, B. Coleman, S. Furr, K. Broward, M. Edmonds J. Morley. 157 President Glen Teschner Vice President: Lewis (liver [Yeasurer: Rick Gaylord Se retary: Kevin I raffnej Sergeanl al Arms; John Houtirides Pledge Master Willy Waltke In L980, I lelta Sigma Phi rose oul oi mar extinction like the legendary Phoenix. With the help oi both the l rinn and I. ill pledge classes, the brotherhood has seen remarkable growth. This assures us thai the sphinx will never die. Highlights of i his year unhide the two hand spring Ex- tras aganza, the Pharofa party and the Sailor ' s Ball. JUiMjiaaa , Jujujjjoju d nnMJ JbtO L n m How i: c Cox, P. Lawrence, D Martin; Rot 2 J Brown, E Dalton, I) Wortman, B Guteck, C Shoemaker, T TrumUe, M Anderaon, ; Teachner, S. Arnold; Row 3: B. Rpj, K Moffitt, K Moody, V Sidle, V Rodgere, A Gregory, G Griffin, J Molina, S Schumaker, M Cuamano, E Dalberg, J I •I Huaaain, J Barbuto; Row 4: H. Hland. D. Bordanar... R Gaylord, 1 Davidaon, w Waltke, 1 Ruff, K Moyer, L Oliver, E Shields, I. Wolf, 1 Glenn, M Wagner, B. Clemens, B. Spurada. J. Richards. Rot 5: K Gaffney, J Houtridea, M. Brackett, B. Jamea, M Muds,,,!. J Dinamore, A Moore, W beer, C Giddings. Lambda Chi Alpha was founded al Boston Colle ge in 1909, and seventy one years later we ' re still extremely involved in campus and community affairs. Projects tins scar include fund raisers lor Cystic Fibrosis, the American Cancer Society and the Christian Children ' s Fund. Visits to the Harrv- Anna Crippled Children ' s Hospital, the Methodist Children ' s Home and local church groups also supplement our community involvement program. Our social projects include Jimmj Buffet and Bahama Parties, Faster Beer Hunts, and White Hose Formats. President: brist rreene ii e President: Hans Block Treasurer: Boh Mantz Secretary: Tom Marshall Front row: C. Greene, M. Bair, R. Jacobson, A. Gradv. M. Durland, B. Martin, D. Wooley, B. Morgan, P. Gauntlett. R. Tuttle, M Barnr- M. Temoschuck, B. Beaumont. H. Williams, M. Cloughlev. S. Haass. R. Ruhlmann. O. Santos, B. Dahlgren, P. Keidash. C. VanWart. B. Cleare, K Standing: S. Miskew, B. Wilson, P. Gore. B. Dixon. T. Davison, S. Penge. M. Hannington. J. Schulenberg. B. Siciliano, C. Anzalone, V. t R. Rast, M. Waters, P. Pidermann, M. Livingston, L. Chadbourne, G. Brannon, A. Martin. J. Balakonis, B. Houston, M. Teal, D. Anton L. Keenan, T. Schroeter, B. Pile, R. Sowers. N. Zarn, M. Drake, D. Barnes, B. Watier, R. Lee. B. Effird. H. Block, L. oder. 159 Phi lu ilrll ill Wesleyan College con, reoi irch I. L852 lur flower is the rose i arnation and mir colors are rose and white. i e i radii ionally taken an interesl in uur community through t h - Duvall Home, and an interesl in th - world around us through Projecl Hope Retreating to Ponta Vedra, mom hunting, and pumpkin carroling arc only Bome i ili - things we do t r fun President: Ihrissie Jones i i President: I lebbie Whiting Treasurer: lindj I ' ate Recording Secretary: Janine Grover Corresponding Secretary: Sharon Gartner Phi Director: Rebekah Barron Ethics: Mary Karrer Panhellenic: Nancj Cordell Membership Chairman: Ellen DeRoche flUCOu OJt J ULr CkjUXtfs N TWL, • • • JlM)t, JLdoC JI UL. . . j} HJLSnjbCLUHJ JoJJh) f. JflH(uJu Row i l Meyer, S Gartnei DeRoche, K Barron, I) Whiting. N Cordell, C Jones, C Cate, M Karrcr, .1 Graver; Row 2: L Hamm. M. Brorup, M. Mardigan. ( ' Isaac, M Clayton, R [ irner, D Weyd, A Simpson, K Davidson; Row 3 I. Bryan, Y Duval. H Bvans, V. Hall, C Curtis, T. Strickland, T. Townsend, 1. Garland; Row i M Skelton, K Weir, A Paucett, C. Wallace, K Maddison, T Pappas, H Sanner. .1 Potta, S. Walker. L. Rohsler, J. Nuzum. K. Nipper; nut shown: S Madraj 160 1 ' ln Sigma Kappa was rounded M arch 15, 1ST:;, and the Stetson chapter waa added in 1974. Our colors are silver and magneta, and cur flower is the red carnation. Phi Sigma Kappa is Brotherhood, Scholarship, and Character. It is pride in traditions and ideals, as embodied in our donations t the YM( A and our field day with the orphans I mm the Methodist Children ' s Home. Hut Phi Sigma Kappa is also Fridays at Otis ' s and lunch at the ' Port. It is Tackj Hawiian, Handi-Way, Sixties, and Toga parties, and kegs at the beach. It is a .v?C K 4 wild Mini mester, featuring the annua] Group Grope and the End oi the World Blowout. It is learning and growing in friendship under the Triple T ' s. President: -I. Marshall Fry Vice President: Peter -I. Groux Secretary: -John IV Joseph Treasurer: Walter Nason Inductor: Henry P. McQueen Sentinel: .Joseph T. O ' l.cary, -lr. ♦en 3oJJs Pjhayu»[ Oma. JkyouL Hb JboJ j oua I Row 1: P. Groux. J. Grover, G. Lear, C. A. Ambrose. B. Filson, R. Hoelscher, B. Gibson. B. Mclnerney. M. Rav. C. Brav, R. Barron. M. Fry. K. C. Campbell. Brandy. L. Rohsler, T. Behr. D. Aarons. J. Beam. C. Rourke. M. Gilbert, C. Mahoney. J. Hudgins, M. Lathram, J. Boos: Row 2: B. Wallace. S. Walker. H. Zobel. B. Gillmore, J. Guthrie, K. Bienema, C. McRae, B. Knight, J. Joseph. E. DeRoche, J. Moses, B. Tomasky. J. Michaels. K. Barkalow. M. MacNutt. M. Mardigan, N. Nash; Row 3: P. Cook, B. Osmun, J. Jackson, J. Kitteredge, H. McQueen, E. DuVal. A. Morrison. A. Aronstomn. V. Minor. W Osmun. E. Passarello, C. Coster. G. Peterson. K. Ruiz. J. Bonnell. L. Graham: Row 4: J. Farell, T. Suddard. J. Manning. W Nason. D. Hickman. Roof: P. Nelson D. Davison, J. Knafl, J. O ' Leary, B. Segal. B. Caskey; Not Shown: R. Amler, J. Hallisey. D. Schober. E. DeMarsh, M. Green, K. Maddison. 161 pp e pV President: Ann oorhia VP Moral Jan Nelson VP Mental Tracey Irt-y P Sot Carol Promhagen Penhellenic Officer Sandy Hoffman Treasurer Lori Vance Secretary; -lean Vosler The PI Phi ' s started this year with an other fantastic fall pledge class. They continued to grow with the induction of 25 excited arrowman who kidnapped their angels and cooked them a seafood dinner. Their fall •. flighted with the serenading of frat row and pumpkin treats at Halloween, and with their spirited Christmas Dance. Hut aPjiffhil gfyumJb WtotaJUfA) Row, 1 A V.K.rhis: Row 2: B Osborne. T Miller. .1 Diniaco; Row 3: T Fortson. A DeMarsh. C OTJonneU. A Hoadlev. T McCannon. B Bieber. .1 KauUskv. S S Hoffman. P Water . Whalen. M Anderson. H Rowe. C Fromhagen. L Stainbeck. V Sidle; Row 4: .1 Guess. .1 Young. C Blanz. A Lanier. T Irey: I MeConrick, S Timer. B Wierman. N Scherm. L Townsend. .1 Thomson. .1 Nelson. L Hedberg. .1 Umbert. J Y, ler. N Pino, D Thornal. A Wallace. S Shuster. J Korfage. C Conner. C Tindle. J N Ballinger. L Vance 162 ■ A ' The brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha started the year with a great success. They acquired a new tiretruck and had a great rush. The specialization of the little sister program brought the brothers and sisters closer together. The annual Toga party was a good time for all who attended as was the Halloween party with the Alpha Chi ' s. President: Dave Teets Vice Pres: Tom Minella Treasurer: Allen Groves Secretary: Mark Klin epeter UMfAJUfr jtfabpAAj , Row 1: M Klinepeter, L Williams, M Eachon, M Robinson, J Lang, M Tatem, G Winn, E White, T Minella, J Fanelli, T O ' Niel, M Digny, K Kratina, J Spenner, J Teets; Row 2: B Bailey, GG Garcia, F Taylor, B Guthrie, K Ford, K Israels, T Tuttleton, J Ryan, T Colaprico, B Wilson, R Weiss, L Schefer, A Groves, G Ayers, C Presti, S Setliff, D Teets, B Dean, M Mastin, J Moreno, B Koslow 163 9 oJ Pi Kappa Phi was founded al the College " i Charleston in 1904 and chartered Stetson ' s Chi Chapter in l In- fraternity ' s color-, are l l. while, and blue, and its flower is the red Chi chapter is a tightly knit K ' »up wlmh is proud ol its achievements in academics, athletics, community ser ice, and social endeavors. In the area of community Bervice, Chi chapter focused its efforts on helping underprivileged children through the sponsorship of such programs as Head Start. Big Brother. and Project PUSH, and in the area of sports and academics we hope to repeat last sear ' s accomplishments bj earning both the intramural spurts troph and the high GPA award However, all work and no play was not our objective. Our social traditions include serenading the Stetson ladies, skiing at Beech Moiin lam. getting " Blacked out " at Spring Weekend, and throwing Pubar Parties at our thirsts ' demand Archoii: Steve Brown V i ' e rchon: Mike Strohek Secretary: John Mi ell Treasurer Paul Ryan Historian: l.mdsev Porter Warden: Curt Young Chaplin: Brad Raymond P jJb Up $Ufo oeJL+ JUUlu y Lo, J. Baur, D. Kovak, D. Houghton. B. Tignor. K. Baur. ( ' . Kovak. .1 .links. ( ' Young, H. Messersmith. E. Frocione. S. Akerman. B Knuttilia. L. Porter. P. Ryan. B. Raymond. B. Davies. D. Fifner. E. Patricoff. C. Johnson, M. Heartfield. T. Wells, E While. I Brand. M Farach. S Brown. M. Wherley. C. Davies, K. Blate, M. Brown, J. Polit. ( ' . Marks. S Burkner. I. Gomez. G. Patterson. D Hollis. E. Kertis. B. Ward. B. Kipper. B Hedgepeth. G Ballard. S. Nuener, G. Roberts, C. Richmond. T Stahl, .1 Mizell. H. Buck, R. Dyer, W. Studstill. .1 Overlander. S Roskamp. G. Bankert. .1. .loiner. 164 4 -K 15jLcL cLoul LMj tuujJ JyiMHaAja, Commander: Dave Hill Lt. Commander: •Jim Tyson Recorder: ( lharlea Arnold Treasurer: Mill Heim Pledge Marshall: Hob (iahhard Si ma Nu Fraternity was founded in Lexington. Virginia at V.M.I, on January 1, 1869. Delta Mu chapter originates from Eustis, Florida in 1913, and was the first fraternity at Stetson. Our colors are black, white, and gold, and our flower is the white rose. The brothers of Sigma Nu are active in school and community affairs. We had parties for underpriveleged kids from DeLand, and won both the campus-wide canned food drive and the blood drive for the third time in a row. The Snakes are highly successful in athletics and academics as well as being tops in social activities. With over one thousand brothers from Stetson, they will all attest that " It is great to be a Snake! " Row 1: C. O ' Donnell, T. McGeachy. C. Radford, B. Fullmer, J. Walker, K. Wall, S. Wellman, S. Dodson, S. Alley, D. Buck. D. Tozier. D. Warren; Row 2: J. Knight, J. Harbin, L. Thurman, T. Latimer. T. Schmid. M. Schwallie. S. Brands, E. Rogers, S. Sewell. B. Bitting, T. Brewer; Row 3: C. Gould. M Byrd, G. IaMartino, B. Mangrat, B. Heim, P. Nick. M. Zajac. R. Gabbard; Row 4: E. Marcoux, R. Stempel, R. Bverts. C. Arnold, D. Hill, R. Lam 165 Ou Ph The Florida Beta chapter ol Sigma I ' lu Bpsilon was granted n charter on Februarj L2 L949 Vs a national fraternity it is ranked as the Becond in the nation and third in quality with over 240 chapters in nee. The 1980-81 school year witnessed the initiation of our 500th brother here at Stetson. This year has seen an all around improvement tor our chapter as well as the continuation of famous ior infamous) traditions such as our Road Rally. Brotherly (let Together , the Bahama Mama and the Chariot PulL President: Steve ( loo ee ' Y. President: Jim Sokolowski Recording Secretary: Chris Painter Corr Secretary: Brett Fortune Comptroller: rai Howell ! Ihaplin: I a id Alihone - V i- WW- € 7]juuJ T]pJicL Row 1: R Boccard. D Jonardi. L Bentz. H Wolf. T Gantz. S Smythe. C Creese. L Bethel. A Dicosola. G Pellit. P Hendrikx. .1 Mills. Row 2: M Desy. M Bradley. B Greathouse. ( ' . MurthB. C Mulder. K Naves. G EnRlehart. C Howell. S Fout.s. M Hardenberg. G Gettman. B Fortune, .1 Fortune. T Altman. S Goozee ' , J Sokolowski, D Alibone, K Lawrence. D Zuber, M Robertson. A Marshall. .1 Dunn. .) Anuszewski. T Richardson. M Holt, B Murphee. R Grimm. W Hichborn, T Brown, J Kent; Back row: Schooner. T Tatem. 166 President: Patty Nagle Treasurer: Sherri Mobley Director of Pledge Programming: Vice Pres: Julie -Johns Historian: Diana McCain Kathy Pappas Secretary: Michelle Ferguson Ritual: Kim Kdwards Membership: Ann Bolinger jh UjUisyru Qfiww lM 1fab (UwnyiJLfyJuA Row 1: J Dee, K Taylor, L Jones, S Demirgian, L Lutz, G Griffen, S Evans, R Perez, A Bolinger, K Edwards, K Pappas, P Nagle, J Johns, M Ferguson, D McCain, D Henson, S Babey, T Price, A Long, P Houck; Row 2: M Menefee, S Harrison, K Decker, S Rumberger, C DiMauro, S LaFever, L Wolf, L Blackman, B Smith, L Wieler, S Cochran, C Zimmerman, M Colbert, K Richards, K Larkin, D Fessler, J Seymore, T Forde, G Grindle, J Foley. 167 Dedication Dedication Panhellenic Council The Stetson Pan hellenic Council is a group of women who represent the interests of the six university sororities. It purpose is the unification of these six groups into one cooperative body. Pan- hellenic sponsored rush, Greek banquets, com- munity and school ser- vice projects, social ac- tivities, and academic- awards. The Greek women are very proud of the Panhellenic spirit at Stetson. Sireit. K.; Cordell, N.; Perez, R.; Harris, P.; Habart, A.; Guess, J.; Meadows, L.; Hoffman, S.; Evans, S.; Phillips, K.; Marlowe, J.; Murphy, K.; Meyer, D. Inter-Fraternity Council The Inter-Fraternity Council, made up of representatives from each of the seven frater- nities on campus was dedicated to the better- ment of relations among the fraternities, faculty, and adminis- trative officials at Stet- son. The group also encouraged commun- ications with the community of Deland. These goals were met by numerous activities; Greek Week, canned- food drives, skate- a-thons, Olympic day for the underprivi- ledged, and other inter- fraternity activities. Bland, B.; Brown, S. (T.); Goozee, S. (V.P.); Brannan. G. (P.); Allibone, D. (S.); Fry. M.; Knight, B.; Hmwn. .!.. T.; Curtis. E.; Oliver, L.; Abott, J.; Ruhlman. R.; White, E.; Mastin, M.; Fernsell, C; McCauley, K Rho Lambda and Order of Omega Wike, D.; Torcise, S.; Vorhees, A.; Streit, K.; Kautsky, J.; Fortson, T.; Figlioli, K.; Nick, P.; Nelson, J.; Goozee, S.; Yanchek, J.; Jacobs, K.; Healy, M.; Brannan, G.; Tyson, J.; Brown, S. Rho Lambda is an organization to honor those women within Panhellenic who have been outstanding in the display of demonstrat- ed leadership, ability and loyalty to Pan- hellenic and their soror- ity. Order of Omega is the male version of Rho Lambda. Men are cho- sen from their fraterni- ties who have been examples as positive Greek members. Both are honorary organiza- tions. Sigma Pi Kappa Stetson ' s journalism honorary, Sigma Pi Kappa, yearly inducts into membership those who have contributed the most to the excel- lence of the Hatter, Litrachur, and the Reporter. In the spring, inductees and members attend a banquet to honor the new initiates. While not a national organization, Sigma Pi Kappa serves to ac- knowledge work accom- plished by students with journalism inter- ests. Brennan, R.; Karrer, M.; Wike, D.; Sawon, N.; Scarce, R.; Negron, J.; McFarland, B.; Bonnell, J.; Fox, D.; Jacobs, J.; Not Pictured: Evans, C. The Baptisl i lampus Ministry ia one oJ Stel Min ' largesl religious organizations Its main concern is in sharing Christ with lioth the campus and communi- ty. Thursday night vespers, an informal worship service in Allen Hall, provided fellow- ship for Christians of various denominations. BCM also sponsored a number of outreach ministries, including revival teams and disci- pleship families. The Reverend Charles Gran- ger and Bill Allen as- sisted. Baptist Campus Ministry Officers: Garrett, D. (P.); Dobba, S. (S. T.; Ministerial Association The Ministerial As- sociation is a group of Christian students who have dedicated them- selves to helping others find the life that comes through Jesus Christ. Some activities includ- ed: visitation to the elderly at a local nurs- ing home, conducting worship services at Alexander Springs State Park, and spon- soring retreats for Christian growth. The faculty advisor is Dr. James Beasley. Dodaon, R.; Holcombe, V.; Halbrooka, B.; Gammon. R.; Murray. M.; McQueen, E. (P.); Grove, K.; Pedraja, L.; Toro, J. (S. T); Holloway, J.; Humes, L.; Barnes, M.; Not Pictured: Judah, P. (V.P.). Catholic Campus Ministry Fr. Powers; Wheeling, R.; Brackett, K.; Rasenas, J.; Urbanczyk, S.; Hoelsch, R.; Unterbrink, B.; Frechette, C.J Kinsey, B.; Cortez, C; Gorman, M.; Kinsey, J.; Maloney, M. CCM was established to foster a sense of Catholic fellowship, to minister to the spiritual needs of students, and to reach out in welcome to the student body. The Newman House is maintained for the use of all students. The campus priest, Father Pat Powers, and two couples from DeLand, Bob and Joan Kinsey and Ed and Mary Lee Rinderle acted as par- ents away from home. Some activities includ- ed group discussions, masses, Sunday din- ners, pizza socials, in- tramurals and weekend outings. Wesley House The Wesley House at Stetson University is a campus ministry unit of the United Methodist Church. Emphasis is placed upon openness in relationships which recognizes individual personality as a gift of God. The fellowship sought to be a commun- ity which takes serious- ly the idea of the ministry of all who have faith in Christ. Program activities included Sun- day evening light sup- per and program, week- ly Bible study, service projects, and spontan- eous fun. Meit, A.; Carroll, C; Wells, T.; Rev. Tom Cunningham; Whipple, J.; Wells, B.; Jacobs, J.; Nelson, J.; Workman, B.; Jones, J.; KaJas, B.; Allen, K.; Lee, L.; Brooks, T. Stetson Marketing Association n Market- ition, made ui ol business majors, illy marketing majors, who have spe cial interests in the field of marketing was organized to encourage those common inter- ests I In- chapter bdod sored speakers and ac- tivities to bring to the members a deeper in- sight into career op- portunities. The Stet- son Marketing Associa- tion worked to help serve as a catalysl in Fostering growth in marketing. Green, C; Scola, V (P.); Penge, S A P.); Unterbrink, B.; I hi, I , Sawon, . Piper, K; Miller. K . Bollinger, A.; Harper, F . Fox, I ' . Vites, I . Wilkinson, 1..: Rnntrrling. K . Weber, C . Davison, I Roberts, G.; Wilkerson, i . Hausbeck, J.; Buckner, S . Kh n r. M : Kenfield, • ' ; Piccirilli, I).; Schults, I.-. Hemlri . I ' . Davies, B.; Hoyt, I ' . Not Pictured: Luta, 1. ' Si. Fairchild, D. (T.) Alpha Kappa Psi Stetson ' s Theta Mu Chapter of Alpha Kap- pa I ' m. the oldest professional business fraternity in the nation. strived to facilitate and promote learning in the fields ol business and commerce. Guesl speakers and tours of various corporations were important part- ol Theta Mu ' s profession- al activities. In addition to furthering its mem- here ' education in the fields ol economics and finance, the fraternity annualK co-sponsors Career Fair and pub- lishes a magazine enti- tled Future Officers Kenfield, J (P.); Bollinger, A P.); Hum-. I (S.); Dugger, D. (T.) Dancers ' Workshop Massing, M.; Roberts, K.; Teal, M.; Tidwell, C; Crighton, T.; Granata, T.; Cox, S.; Dicosola, A.; Wong, S.; Hoffman, S.; Benjamin, P.; Jean, D.; Stavely, D.; Brown, B.; Gendron, M.; Marstiller, S.; Collier, J.; Not Pictured: Allen, J.; Williamson, M.; Griffiths, B. Theta Alpha Phi Dancers ' Workshop is an enthusiastic group of dancers who love exer- cising, performing, and of course dancing. Area teachers gave seminars on different styles - jazz, ballet, mime, yoga and others. The dancers performed several times during the year includ- ing presentations at the Follies, the Spring con- cert, and other special shows. Del ' aquilla, J.; Molina, J. (S. T.); Langston, C; Durland, D.; Wiltcher, T. (P.); Not Pictured: Andrews, A. (V.P.); Farmer, G. Theta Alpha Phi, Stetson ' s theatre frater- nity inducts worthy performers from the various productions that have been present- ed at Stover Theatre. Plays were sponsored for the enjoyment of the school and com- munity of DeLand. Some of the shows that were presented this past year were: " All My Sons, " " Guys and Dolls, " " Under Milk- wood, " and " Picnic. " The fraternity worked to promote incentive for new campus actors and actresses and ap- plaude its finest. American Chemical Society The American !hem- ical Society In ■ tudenl affiliate club of the national i r .inization. The ( ,S dub was composed of chemistry majors and other stu- dents interested in chemistry. Academic activities of the A.C.S. included films pertain- ing to chemistry as well as seminars given by professors about their research. In addition, the A.C.S. had its an- nual picnic, as well as a trip to Blue Springs. Dugger, B.; Fish, L.; Rush, L.; Cate, C; Begga K. (V.P.); Cheatham, B.; Davison, D.; Helton, A.; Meinholtz, D.; Kurlce, B.; Lieberman, M.; Hagen, K. (S.); Bianchini, .J.; Blanks, K.; Mondello, C; Carson, G. (P.). Society of Physics Students The Society of Phys- ics Students, known as the S.P.S., is a group of Physics majors and students interested in Physics. The goal of S.P.S. was to give all students an insight into the many aspects of Physics — both the commonplace and the unusual. To fulfill this goal, the S.P.S. was actively involved in bringing speakers on campus, as well as showing films and tak- ing trips to such places as the Kennedy Space Center. Dr. Papacosta; Hutchinson, K.; Stewart, S.; Laycox, M. (P.); Hagen, K. (S T.); Helton, A. (V.P.); Sloane. R.; Ward, T.; Plaisted, P.; Monroe, B.; Bardeen, A.; Gartner. S.; Meinholtz, D.; Bianchini, J.; Dr. Lick; Dr. .Jusick. Publications Board Brennan, H.; Wike, D.; Scarce, R.; Farach, M.; Karrer, M.; Stempel, S. The Publications Board is charged with overseeing the workings of the Hatter, Lit- rachur, and Reporter publications. The Pub- lications Board consists of representatives from each publication, mem- bers at large, and facul- ty advisors. The board was concerned with the budgeting, content, and quality of each publica- tion. It also serves as a screening board for po- tential candidates both to at-large seats on the board and for editors ' positions on the pub- lications. Press Aids The Press Aids are a group of women stu- dents who, under the direction of Mr. Fred Cooper, are responsible for helping local and visiting press members during the basketball games by keeping smooth communica- tions between the floor and the press box. These students also serve as hostesses for the booster club at half time by serving refresh- ments to booster club members. Tidwell, C; Habart, A.; Milham, J.; Piccirilli, D.; Dicosola, A.; Moffat, C; Healy, M. Stetson ROTC Department ROTCs freshmen and sophomore cadets participated this year in one of four modules: the ( Jolor (iuard, Mark- ma nship. Military Skills, or the Raiders. Junior year cadets, the Leadership Training Platoon, prepare all year for their six week summer training at Ft. Bragg, N. C. Seniors, the ROTC Cadet Staff, learn the intricacies of staff planning and organization. This year the Military Science Department kept busy by sponsoring a regis- tration Frisbee Fling, the Planking Contest for Greenfeather, and co-sponsored Blood Drives. Guthrie, J.; Edelburg, E.; Garrett, S.; Soper. S.; Burns, R. Reporter Hot off the presses, each week the Reporter, delivers the who, what, when, where, how, and why ' s to all of Stetson. Under the leadership of second-year Editor in Chief Rik Scarce, " Flor- ida ' s Oldest Collegiate Newspaper " sought this year to bring informa- tive, amusing and well- written journalism to the Stetson community. For the first time in several years, the first semester ' s issues were entered in the Associat- ed Collegiate Press ' journalism competition. J Farinacci; R. Hunt; B. Koslow; E. Shields; H. Urfalino; R. Scarce; J Negron; B McFartand; D ThornaJ; P. Polack; R. Slone; J. C. Meverholz; J. Bumgardner: R. Calhoun; Not Pictured: P. Waters; J. Bonnell Phi Beta Tim Blevins (P.); Myra Bobbitt (V.P.); Bonita Clark (S.); Michael Dell (T.) Phi Beta is the na- tional professional fraternity of music, speech, drama, and dance. Its ' object is to promote the best in music and speech, to foster service in these areas within both col- lege and community, and to advance the members intellectually and professionally. Some activities includ- ed ushering at recitals, holding receptions for visiting artists, and var- ious other services for the School of Music. Beta Beta Beta Tri-Beta is the na- tional biological honor- ary society. Its mem- bership is extended to advanced Biology stu- dents who have exhibit- ed excellence, not only in biological sciences, but overall academics as well. With increased campus activity includ- ing Greenfeather, alu- minum recycling, dis- cussion groups, and various other special activities, the group was challenged and reward- ed. Grindle, G.; Stidham, M. (V.P.); Meinholtz, D.; Rust, J.; Mattina, K.; Dugger, B.; Cotter, A.; Blanks, K.; Beggs, K. (S.); Brennan, R.; Weems, J.; Cheatham, B. (P.); Molina, J.; Davison, D.; Cate, C; Shutze. S.; Erdman, R.; Carlton, K.; Cornell, R.; Cornell, M.; Barkalow, D. 1 ' hc Stetson I nnm (SUB) is graining board to i, plan, and Btage a wide range of activi id ier icea for the benefil of the general student body. Unlike other organizations at Stetson thai are re- sponsible for only one weekend ' s worth of BC n ities, the Hoard was responsible for activi- i ies thai occur each day throughout the Bchool year. Many services were provided for BtudentS such as rent- ing canoes, refrigera- tor-, and audio-visual equipment. Stetson Union Board Kem. ( ' ,.; Shields, E.; Gatje, K.; Schulenburg, M. funis. C.j Scroggin B.; Sindy, H, DeWei Beekman, A.; Rourke, C; Tofte, J.; Templeton, T. Spriggs, I.. Siegal, I..; Rice C; Destwolinska. D.; Ives, s. Tatarczuk, -i . Johnson, I).; Lopez. E.; Towers, D.; Losner, S.; Tatem, T.; Pistey, S.; Pistey, E. Stetson Security and Traffic was composed of thirty six hard work- ing students. The students devoted late nights and long hours m order to make the cam- pus a safer place to be. I ' nder the leadership of Tim Keener, the securi- ty force became a more efficient and respected organization. With continued cooperation from students and faculty their job was made easier. Stetson Security and Traffic V rT lohnson, 1 K . Murth Hill. 1). .1 . Ambrose, C . Oberlander j. B.; .nun . M ; Heim, B ; 1 ; Leech, A . Knulehart. ihnaon, W .1 . fatal, G . Tyson, J . Woods, M . Ives, B . Knafl, J . Gaylord Keener, 1. Bordonaro, 1 ' . Murtha, G.; . t Pictured: Nick, P.; ;. Allcott, H. Kennedy, T.; Baker. K. Wray, l . Willtins, £; W.H.A.T. Irbv. M.; VVhitesides, T.; Nelson. V.; Moffatt. K.; Rickenbach, W.; Ambrose. C; Dupree. D.: Mitchell. C; Shields. E.; Hoefling. M.; Mellor, P.; Warren, C; Moore, A.; Tesh. K.; Pyle. B.; Meyerholtz. J. C; Borozon, S.; Cullen. P. (Manager); Macfarland. B.; Tofte, J.; Not Pictured: Millard. B.; Graham, L.; Darvill, R.; Thorson, S. IIA.T. is a closed- circuit radii) station run completely l student volunteers. The radio viai Mm served the Stet- son community by in- forming the students as to what was happen- ing around campus, whether it he a Stetson Union Board event or any other social or cultural activity. W.H.A.T. also offered its services to any student activities on campus, such as bar- beques and dances. Whenever anyone need- ed a D.J. W.H.A.T. was more than willing to help. Rowdies Indies Rowdies Indies is an organization of in- dependant women who enjoyed sports and were full of talent and always ready for action. As they played a major role in Stetson Wo- men ' s intramural pro- gram, they were tough competition for other teams. These high- spirited women brought excitement to competi- tion as they vied for the prestigious All Points Trophy. Baker. E.; Garcia, G.; Mussleman, C; Speciale, D.; Maddox, M.; Watson. L.; Rover. B.; Evans. C; White. T.; Theurer, K.. Weber. C, Stewart. D.; Metz, M.; Piccirilli, D.; Echols, T.; Sewell. S.; Clifton, D.; Blackford, B. Gamma Sigma Epsilon Gamma Sigma Ep- silon i the n chemistry honorary. The organization recog- students who have taken .it leasl fourteen hours oi chemistry and have displayed a high level of scholastic achievement in chem- istry as well as the remaining academic areas. Members par- ticipated in tutoring of chemistry students and the biennial national convention. Davison. D.; Dignev. M.; Merrell, M (S.); Williams. L. Pictured: Rust. J. (T.). Wynn. G. (P.); Dr. DeLap; BeggB, K N. t Phi Alpha Theta Phi Alpha Theta is the history honorary organization. Thi or- ganization is open to those students who have taken at least twelve hours of history and have a 3.5 grade point average. Each year a delegate is cho- sen from the students and sent to a national convention. The stud- ents were actively in- volved in public and world political affairs. Toole. I) . Oliver. I. . Hudgins. J . Dr Johnson. Or Wvnn. Dr. Hague; Joseph. J ; Dr O ' Keefe. Allen. K.; Dr. Lovelace; Ward. E Concert Choir The Concert Choir is the major choral organ- ization on campus. Memhers were accepted by audition. It was comprised mainly ol music majors, but was also open to liberal arts and business students. They performed at var- ious functions through- nut the southeast such as the Florida Baptist Convention and the American Choral Direc- tors Association Con- vention. Tim Blevin was the assistant to the Director of choral ac- tivities. Officers: Taylor, T. (P.); Bobbitt, M. (V.P.); Pelham, C. (S.). Music Educators National Confere nce Officers: Fahey, J. (P.); Whiteside, T. (V.P.); Harrison. R. (S. T.). The Music Educators National Conference is the organization that serves as leader and spokesman for music education in the United States. MENC ' s activi- ties and publications have been largely re- sponsible for the estab- lishment of music ed- ucation as a profes- sion, and for the pro- motion and guidance of music instruction in the schools as an inte- gral part of general education. Since its in- ception in 1907, the growth of MENC in strength and service has been paralleled by the growth in scope. Art Club and ill. open and other inter- jtudents, planned projects includ- muraJ mi the wall ot the mtteehou-. . T shirt de iu painting booth at the ( ' ■reenfeather carnival and contributions to various Stetson pub- licati ons. The club kept thi e interested in art informed on shows and exhibits in the area and provided an opportuni- ty for members to share Dicosola. A.; MaeLean. " .; -Smvth. S S - I. . ( «.k. P ; Gunderson. D.; Kelcum. .M ; Me rsmith. P. (P.); Routh. D. 1Y.P.1; Rush. L.; Carter. D. 1T.1: Griffin, J. Touchstone Touchstone, in its third year of produc- tion. i Stetson ' s liter- ary magazine. The magazine consisted of Stetson tudent and DeLand area resident contributions of poetry, short Btories, short plays, photographs, and art work. The staff shared ideas with other student-run college magazines in order to bring new, creative ap- proaches to Touch- stone. Dr. William Tay- lor, the chairman ot the English Department. was the facultv advisor. Workum. K .; Stempel. S . Stahl. T ; Farach. M Student Assembly Pileggi, S.; Urfalino, H.; Mostello, P. (S.); Sargent, R. (P.); Lindquist, L.; Anderson, S.; Evans, C; Bartlett. B.; Negron, J.; Adams. M.; Blate, K.; Lopresti, V.; Cooney, G.; McCrea, R.; Gaffney, K. (V.P.); Harris. D.; Browning, S.; Richardson, T.; Jacobs, J. Religious Life Council The purpose of the Student Assembly is to foster discussion about, suggest improvements in, present student opinion on. and propose changes concerning any aspect of life at Stetson. Some of its activities included things such as assisting with coordin- ating Senior Activities and making recom- mendations concern- ing Commencement and changes in the area of academics. The Religious Life Council is comprised of representatives from all the religious organiza- tions on campus. Their purpose is to provide religious activities for the student body at Stetson. The Religious Life Council sought to involve all the Stetson community in activities such as concerts, re- treats, films, and guest speakers. One of their main projects was a cosponsorship with the Wesley Foundation of the OXFAM for world harvest. Duncan, M.; Rev. Granger; Jacobs, J.; Moore, J.; Fr. Powers; Allen, B.; Fr. Ravendall; Langley, M.; Rossie, J.; Jenkins, G.; Rev. Cunningham. Mortar Board Board National Leadership Honorary which recog- nizes universit) Btu dents who excel in the areas I leadership, scholarship and service. The society endeavors to promote this high- caliber leadership by honoring those students who have demonstrated superior ability in their activities, attitudes and achievements within the Stetson communitv. Officers: LeFils, S. (P.); demons. B. (V.P.I; Bradford, L. (S.); Mobley. S. (T.). Omicron Delta Kappa Omicron Delta Kap- pa, the National Leadership Honorary, is one of the highest honors to be obtained by a member of the Stetson community. Qualifications for mem- bership are exemplary character and excel- lence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, and service. In 1980, Stetson University opened membership into Omicron Delta Kappa to women as well as men. Officers: Neill. S. (P.); Johnson. I). (V.P. Phi Chi Theta Officers: Hass, S. (P); Evans, C. (V.P.); Sawon, N. (S.); Email, E. (C.S.); Mahathey, R. (T.). Phi Chi Theta, a national fraternity in business and econ- omics, became a charter organization at Stetson in the early 1970 ' s. Dr. David Nylen was in- strumental in starting the new Gamma Theta Chapter. Accomplished business students are inducted annually into Phi Chi Theta where interests and ideas were met with positive action for further understand- ing of the business world. They listened to various speakers from the business world and toured corporations. Phi Eta Sigma The Phi Society is the Stetson chapter of Phi Eta Sigma, the national freshman honorary. This organ- ization is one of the newer honor societies on campus and also represents one of the largest. Members were initiated annually on the basis of their first- year grade point aver- ages. The Phi Society initiated over twenty- five sophomores this year. This group repre- sented a cumulative grade point average of over 3.6. Officers: Wrenn, C. (P.); Kenfield, J. (V.P.); Urbanczyk (S.). Water Ski Club The Stetson Water Ski Club began as a small group oi Stetson students with a jmiliar interesl in water-skiing. As the fall semester wore on, these students grew in number. Be- sides skiing tor enjoj meiil and to improve their skills, some members participated in intercollegiate com- petitions such as with Embry-Riddle Aeron- autical University. Officers: Tucker, .J. and Hollis, I). (Co-P. ' s); Davies, B. (V.P.); Gatje, K. (S.); Cornell, M. (T.I. Judo Club The members of the Stetson University •Judo Club worked together to promote and encourage par- ticipation in the art of judo and to enhance the gentleness it displays in everyday life. Judo classes were taught at the University as well as some in the community. Led by faculty advisors Ms. Jean Messer, Dr. Rob Brady, and Dr. Fangra- tion Papacosta, the members sponsored numerous tournaments, clinics, and demonstra- tions. Brady. R., Monroe. B., Vites, T., J., Strange, EL, Manke, A. Thwinc K., Ward. T , Dr. Papacosta. Messer, J., Massey. R . : Delta Tau Kappa O fficers: Williams, K. (P.); Hudson, T. (V.P.); Johnson, M. (S. and T.). Delta Tau Kappa is an honorary for those interested in the Social Sciences. To become a member, one must have maintained a 3.0 GPA in all Sociology courses and a 3.0 GPA in overall courses. He or she must also have a minimum of 12 semes- ter hours in the So- ciology department. The honorary occasion- ally sponsors speakers and lectures on campus. It is also responsible for the annual Sociology picnic which provides a chance for all the Sociology majors to get together and get to know one another. Stetson Afro American Society The Stetson Afro American Society being a service and social organization, provides aid to the DeLand and the Stetson community as well as catering to the needs of the minori- ties on campus. Among their many activities this year, SAAS held a haunted house party for the pre-schoolers at Twinkle Star Preschool, organized their annual " Black Emphasis Week " presentations, and participated in the intramural sports pro- grams. Robinson, B., Roberts, K., Killura, S., Jean, D., Williams, B„ Clark, D., Daily, L., Allen, R. This year I Hall came oul of no- where - thanks to its t.ii! ind ■ nts. In athletic compel ition, Carson fielded a team for nearlj every in- tramural sport and racked up points while vying for the Pre- sident ' s cup. Also, the intra-dorm competition tor the coveted Carson Cup has done much to bring the halls together. Several social activities took place such as lookouts with the women ' s dorms, Casino night, rock and roll parties, and several speakers and presenta- tions on interesting and educational topics. Car- son is on the move - watch out! Carson Hall Staff Steve Baade. .Jeff Horey, Scott Hunter. Chip Letter, Cire Knight, Russ Crumley, Allen Vinson. Bob Cohen, Walter Riekenhach, David Reinhardt. Gordis Hall Staff Continuing on the Vanguard tradition of 1979-1980, the Gordis staff added a new dimension to their " well-oiled machine " . They have been active- ly involved in many campus activities in- cluding Oktoberfest, the all campus camp- out, and a trip to Disney World. The " machine " certainly has been working. D. Johnson, K. Raur, T. Egnor. K. Krauss. Lopez. W. Ramsey. P. Nickens. R. Helton. K. fl roves. New Men ' s Hall Staff Craig Kettles, Jay Rust, Gary Dooney, Jon Stage, Mark Herr, John Walters, Jon Tofte. Bill Ballinger, Ashley Andrews, Bill Cinnetti. This year was full of both construction and constructive activity for the residents of New Men ' s Hall. A kitchen completed with an ice machine, an auto mechanics center, a new laundry area, and a refurbished main lounge were among the major additions to the dorm this year. When they were not skating with the girl ' s from Conrad, tide-sliding with the Emily women, or feasting on steak and seafood with the Tri- Delts at the St. John ' s river, the New Men ' s residents were compet- ing intensely in the Hall Wars. Smith Hall Staff 02. - =D B. Segal, B. Bartlett, B. Eubanks, M. Harris. J. Kipi, J. Clark, D. deArmas, J. Brown, T. Lovello. J. Farniacci, B. Raymond, K. Michaels. This was a year of new beginnings for Smith Hall. All the staff members were new to the program and each brought plenty of energy with him. Lower 9 was reopened as a study lounge and Lower 8 was refurbished as a comfortable T.V. room. Spirited Competition for the new Smith Cup found halls weight lift- ing and playing football and ping pong against each other. Speakers visited the dorm reg- ularly, speaking on everything from self- defense to birth control. In an effort to bring the lovely Stetson women together with the men, dinner parties, and dances were offered. It certainly was a year for the guys of Smith Hall! Chaudoin Hall Staff Chaudoin Mall is known for its pictures- irchitectun antique furnishing, but there is much more than jufll the pretty building. Traditionally a freshman dorm, Chaudoin has taken on a new style with both freshman and uppper class women who have worked and lived together to create a nice, homey atmos- phere. From birds to graphics to rainbows and flowers, each hall had its unique person- ality. Intramurals provided a sense of pride for the individual halls and competition for the Chaudoin Cup added to the total dorm unity. L. to R. Wells, B., Dunn L„ Harper, C, Burnett. K., Miracle, L., Bolkum, C. Fortson, T„ Phillips, K., Habart, A. Conrad Hall Staff New faces bring change and this year many new students joined in the warmth to help rekindle that ' Con- rad Fire. ' Along with general support of school functions, Con- rad upheld several dorm-wide traditions such as a Halloween party and caroling, a progressive dinner, and a campus wide Valen- tine ' s dance. The new ' fire ' inspired the for- mation of a strong intramural team, spon- sorship of a campus wide skating party, and continuation of the " face life " of Conrad ' s lobby. Conrad Hall, you ' re lookin ' jjood! L to R. Clark. K . Lieberman, M., I.indquiat. L., Toland. D.. Petrie. I... Marian. K.. Ne M.. Carlton. K„ Mobley, S., Judah. P. Emily Hall Staff L. to R. Weber, K., Sargent, R.. . Dee J., Clemons r, T., Th Guess, ipson, B., Langley, ms, M., Elrod, B., Foley, J., Metz, M., Easterling, Sellar, C. McCloud, L. Staff and laughs as students and pals - that ' s the life of Emily gals! The seven halls of Kmily invit- ed all sorts of activities ranging from serenades by Wheeler House to cookouts with the " fly- boys " from Embry- Riddle. A fearless (fear- ful?) staff of fifteen ac- companied their 200 neighbors through the thicks and thins of college life. Of course, the multi- ple personality of " Miss Emily " , chosen at the dorm Halloween party, watched over her girls, even though her portrait is strangely missing from the lobby! Where are you, Miss Emily? Stetson Hall Staff The dynamic staff of Stet- son Hall, led by Head Re- sident Debbie Brown, par- ticipated in several activities throughout 1980-81. The year started off with the Oktober- fest celebration sponsored by Stetson Hall and Gordis Hall. During Halloween, the Stet- son Hall women became a neighborhood of goodies for the kids trick or treating from an area day care center. Water balloons were Stetson Hall ' s contribution distinc- tion was in having the most RA ' s kidnapped and the most raids ever to occur in the womens ' dorms. L. to R. Jones, C, Brown, D., Dupree, D., Walker, A., Songster, M., Rosier, L., Stones, S., Beekman, A., Tores, V., Pileggi, S., Jones, S., Cornell, R. Bouras, T., Maddison, K., Zimmerman. C, Healy, M. editorial credits Four years flew. Each faster than the last, [f I really believed these had been " the happiest years of my life, " I could be satisfied. Wonderful times and lovely people have made up my Stetson years. 1 don ' t believe it. though. While these have been lour fabulous years, my happiest ones are still ahead. Each day is more full because of the la-t. I ' m looking forward to more blessings and thank the Lord for the future as well as the past. Special thanks go to Karen Rckes, assistant editor, for her diligence, cooperation, and concern as she took charge on my " breaks. " lavne Marlowe, advisor, for being in the thick of things 01) our account. Also, for always presenting a calm case when it was actually a calamity. Pictures, money, deadlines, staff, etc. Allen Rosenberg, company representative, for being another stable influence. The answer to our problems was never more than a phone call away. H.R. Hrennen, head photographer, for being a creative, dependable, and fun-to be -around kind of fella. And the yearbook staff, for their hours of work. Now that it ' s finished — Enjoy, Editor in ' Iih i Assistant Editor Busine88 Manager: Head Photographer d Mirv: Co. Representative: Editors and Support Faculty Editor Classes: Student Life: Off-Campus Mini -Mester ( Ireen feat her Art Editor Cop} Editor Sports: Organizations: Photography: Others: Denise D. Wike Karen Eckes Robert Tuttle Randj Brennan Jayne Marlowe I r Brad nun Allen Rosenberg Staff: Jennifer Nuzum Lisa Ford Mary Karrer Karen ( ' . E fcas Sharon Kintz Donna Picirelli Mary Karrer Angela DiCoaala Liz Huergo hirk Bauer ( ' beryl Evans Nina Sawon Dee Stewart Marcie Trate Steve Buckner Jim Dinsmoer Janny Crespo Margeret Healy Vickie Clark Arlene Habart IJJU ' UW 194 Round am) round and round % ® If we stop, we mav not grow. Advertisements 195 University Inn MOTEL RESTAURANT 60 ROOMS — BANQUET FACILITIES - 30 x 60 POOL 644 N. WOODLAND BLVD. 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" Through ninety-six years, under the leadership of seven presidents. Stetson University has remained true to that trust. DYNAMOMETER ELECTRONIC ENGINE ANALYSIS TUNE-UP 6 MONTH OR 6.000 MILE GUARANTEE! 1629 South Woodland Blvd., [17-92 at 15A] DeLand 734-2212 Bellini ' s Delicatessen Uariety Of Hot Or C old Subs Phone 736-1747 The bank that treats everybody like their balance is over $500,000. Come see us, ami get that half-millionaire feeling. All Barrett Banks are members ot FDIC Joe Mano is a Stetson tradition. MANO ' S RESTAURANT 100 East Ohio Ave. Deland WeJLand s J. ' iavel ibe ' ivice, J) nc. Mirino ' s Deli Italian Bakery Specializing in Italian Subs and Pizza 253 N. Spring Garden Avenue and Truck Route in DeLand Mon. thru Thurs. Fri. thru Sat. 9-8 9-10 734-9724 BAKED FRESH DAILY ON PREMISES " We Know Because We Go " 228 E. New York Avenue Deland, Florida Telephone 734-4531 Leah W. Conklin, Stetson ' 55 207 - Wil I food PH. 736-3964 TELEPHONE 19041 228 3131 NANTUCKET J. BIRD BOOKING THE ENTERTAINMENT AGENCY PO BOX IOI5 LAKE HELEN FLORIDA 32744 BONNIE GRINGO JAMES DURST M ' PHONE (904)734-5177 [»«• or 2bt£anA J Aotd ANDV ANN VALKO 1340 N. WOODLAND BLVD. DELANO. FLORIDA 32720 " Things to R»nf for fv«ry I vnf J. E. Smothers OWN£R 1450 SOUTH WDODLANO BLVD DELANO. FLORIDA 32720 PhOO« (904) 734-6261 Compliments of THE GREAT ESCAPE JCPenney 101 S. Woodland Blvd. Deland, Fl. Pinball Space Invaders • Pool Missle Command 1200 North Woodland Blvd. DELAND FL. Woodland The N 208 We 2W Jn W. emoneS SMLHk Uj v V LENOX STUDIOS 21 N. Main Street Brewer, Maine (201J-989-4231 i- ft - ' . " ■■; i M CHINESE AND AMERICAN RESTAURANT EAT IN AND TAKE OUT BUS 1904)734-0904 301 1C EXCHANGE COURT WEST PALM BEACH ■ -l -f— FLORIDA 33409 fr-f Kf-N (305)683-8686 v - v - 1 IV-_ DADE (305) 945-6115 ASSOCIflT€S manufacturers Representatives r AA I0O4I 7340S70 JB v J Twl %J lOlO N. woodland Blvd. L B L DELANO FLORIDA J2720 Instant Office Furnishings From Budget to Board Room m P O Box 3023 - West TaJm Beach. FL 33402 - 305 683-8833 210 PATRONS Tom ' s Pizza Betty Dreka ' s V.W. Gould Agency I-HOP Belly Busters Scoop Photos Record Ranch Beau Chrysler Plymouth Brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha Marshall and Greene Attorney ' s At Law. King Tut ' s Jiffy Store D ' Assaro ' s Recording Studio K.E. Publishing Co. Sadjyub ' s Research Kitty ' s Head ' s Pet Shop Sister of Alpha Chi Omega John and Yoko Wike ' s Travel Agency. I.F.C. Pan Hellenic The Peeps CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ' 81 211 ARMY ROTC LEARN WHAT IT TAKES TO LEAD Some of our classrooms aren ' t classrooms. D MS. MARC.IK Kligll.h Pre lav. tit D Woodaida Cli KJaaimmaa, I i Mi Amrru an BuaUWM v .iiirn National Scholailhip, Sigma Tau Delia Bckard Schokrthip, HA Sludrnl assembly. Model Senalr ALLEN, JANET C. Hlatorv Poll Sei , 80S, Hollandalr Ml I ' Alpha Chi Omega. I ' anhrlleim- rjfficar, SUndafda Board, Model Sonata 9l lid SUB PublicitJ Chairman. Dan» dar, nraaidant, and idea i " AI.I.IHONK, DAVID JOSEPH Market i ng; Management ■ rbj Road, Paha H«v PI 32905 i Lattaiad in loccai brothai ol Sigma Phi Epailon, Bzecutivi eounci] Siunm Phi Epailon, Mambai of [FC, Bxacutiva Board of larkating Council, Daani List. H„n,.r Roll ALTMAN, RICHARD MILTON Political Sciciuf Hi i, Bowlini Grata, PI 33834 Pntiduil Republican Club, I ' res of political Forum. Member Circla K, Golden Tassel award, highest average in political AMBROSE, CAROLANN Marketing Rt 4 H..i 47J-B, Deland. Fl 32720 I 0060 Saeurity guard. Phi Chi Theta, Phi Sigma Kappa little sister. Karate cluh, Q M ANDERSON, SANDRA L. PonigD Language 4730 Coconut Dr , Tituavill . PI 32780 (305) 269-6909 Dean ' s List, Presidential Scholarship, German Departmental Award. Scroll and Key. V.P.. Off- Campus representative Student Assembly. Honors Program, Greenfeather Comm. Chairperson. Student Assembly. Chairperson Cultural Affairs Comm., Student representative to Honor. Council, Delta Phi Alpha. Jr. yr. abroad program ASH, MARTHA E. Elementary Education 3761 S. Atlantic Ave,. Davtona Beach. Fl. 32019 (904) 767-7882 Kappa Delta Pi, Florida Student Leaders Association of Teacher Educators. BAILEY, KEITH A. Marketing Management 2427 Banchory Rd.. Winter Park, Fl. BARNHILL, CAROLE Psychology ' 312 E Rich Ave.. DeLand, Fl. 32720 (9041 736-8208 Psi Chi, Dean ' s List BARTLETT, ROBERT P. Psychology 550 Robert St., Orange City, Fl. (9041 775-3997 Honor ' s Program. Student Assembly. Psi Chi, Honor ' s Council, Political Forum R.A.. Dean ' s List BEAN, PAMELA A. Elementary Education 12605 Newgate Rd.. Potomic Md. 20854 (301) 762 5581 Delta Delta Delta. Honor Roll. Dean ' s List, Greenfeather Candidate. Lambda Chi Alpha Little Sister BENNETT, MARY ELLEN Physical Education 2837 Cleave Dr.. Fall Church V a . 22042 (703) 532-3813 Tennis Team. Delta Delta Delta Sorority, Campus Affairs Committee. Cultural Affairs Committee. Traffic Appeals Court. Intramural Sports. Elections Committee. Homecoming Commits CCM. Summer Conference Coordinator. BOBBITT, MYRA J. Church Music. Organ Principle 8715 Vermanth Rd.. Jacksonville. Fl. 32211 (9041 724-9507 Dean ' s List, Outstanding Freshman in the Music School, Phi Beta. Secretary. Vice President, Concert Choir, Vice President. Student Conductor. BCM, Member of Vesper Committee. BOCCARD, RUTH General Business 1 Coach Lane. Huntington Station, N .Y. 11746 (516) 423-7155 Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweetheart BOONE, CYNTHIA R. 1010 Knollwood Circle. Wauchula. Fl. 33873 (813) 773-9267 Baptist Campus Ministry BRADFORD. LISA A Muak Bducatlon Doubla Baaa 1 ' r i ii, ink mi S I ' mr St . Sparunbarg S.I [g0 1] - .ii MBNI Phi Bata Motoi Board HliWNAN, GARY T. i inani i 2132 .lame. Ii , K.» k Hill. B.C 29730 , - Unbda Chi Alpha. Vlea Praaidant, Ruth I hairman, in Praaidanl Ordai ol iga, Parant i Waakand CommUtaa, Gnwli Week ' Mimnm, t Graanfaathai I onmitfaa BRENNAN, RANDY Biolon ii Buana Viata Ava . Lakaland, Fl 33801 Hatlai Yearbook, Bali Bala Bala, Sigma PI Kappa BROOKS, AMY F.lemenfarv Fxlucaluin 31 Monlago Rd K, Jacksonville. FL 32216 ■.in . ' i 16 « Upha Kl Dalta Song Laadar, Baptiil Campui Ministry, Revival BRORUP, MARCIA I. Marketing 509 S. Auuma Dr., Sanfurd. Fl. 32771 Alpha Kappa Psi. Phi Mu BROWN, DEBBI Humanities 9906 Kingsbridge Rd.. Richmond. Va. 23233 (804) 740-8828 Honor Roll, Sigma Tau Delta. Omicron Delta Kappa, R.A., S.A., H R.. Orientation Committee. Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship. lntramurals-lndies Ratgirl CARADONNA, JOANNE Biology Route 5 Box 1030, Leland. Fl. 32720 (904) 734-8469 Tri Beta CARROLL, CORI Phys Ed 3721 N.E. 27 Terrace. Lighthouse Point. Fl 33064 (305) 942-2503 CATE, CYNTHIA RUTH Chemistry 2894 54th St. N St., Petersburg. Fl. 33710 1813) 321-1741 Phi Mu- Corresponding Sec. Treasurer, Pre-Med Club. American Chemical Society. Tn Beta CERIO, FRANCIS JOHN English 690 Westward Circle, Holly Hill, Fl. 32017 Honor Rull. Dean ' s list. Sigma Tau Delta. CHEATHAM, RUSSEL L. Biology 530 El Dorado, Plantation. Fl Karate Club. Tri Beta-Pres.. American Chemical Society. Society of Physics Students, Phi Mu Big Brother. CHRONIS, BETH A. Elementary Education 7256 Danbury Way. Clearwater. Fl. 33516 (813) 536- 6048 The Follies Talent Show Drill Team Captain Boi Girl (Basketball games). Dean ' s List. CLEMONS, BETSY English 3015 Middle Brooks Cir., Tallahassee, Fl. 32312 (904) 385-4670 Honors Program. Honors Council, Staff-RA, Head Resident. Freshman Academic Scholarship. Mortarboard. Scroll and Key. Dean ' s List, Honor Roll. OAK COLEMAN, NANCY Math 102 Water Oak Lane, AlUmonte Springs, Fl. 32701 (305) 862-5932 Delta Delta Delta. Trees.. Parent ' s Weekend Registration chairman. COOK, SHERRY N. Social Science 2408 DeCottes, Sanford. Fl 32771 (305) 322-2241 Hatter Staff. Army ROTC CORDELL, NANCY L. Psvchology 3963 NW 18 Ave . Ft. Lauderdale. Fl. 33309 (305) 733-7188 Miss Green Feather-1. Miss Hatter Finalist-3, Phi Sigma Kappa Little Sister, Greenfeather, Panhellenic Pres., Vice Pres. SAC. lntermurals, Phi Sigma Kappa Calendar girl. Phi Mu, Outstanding pledge. Outstanding Active. All around Phi Mu. Sandra Marie Hamilton Scholarship and Phi Mu Chaplain. CORNELL, MARGUERITE L. Biology P.O. Box 1792, Sanford, Fl. 32771 (305) 3220839 Tri Beta. Reporter, Ski Team. Ski-Club, Sigma Nu Little Sister. Honor Roll. lntermurals: Volleyball. Softball. CORR COLLEEN M Pn lav, Bigma Tau Dalta I rai lit tram. Stetaon Speech Un CROWELL, n LIE ANN Bu.,ne.» ' 2785 Mangrum Place. Tuu.ville PI 32780 61 2790 Alpha Xi Delta-tret. DEVANE, STEVEN C. Ralig 31 Dal Maao Dr., Daytona Beach, Fl 32014 , .,i . -- - Baptial Campus Ministry DIC.NEY, J. MICHEAL Chemistry Pre dental 1361 S. Federal Highway. Boca Raton, Fl. (305) 395-4781 I ' m idanl Pre Med club. Gamma Sigma Epailon, American Chemical Society, Green Circle, Pi Kappa Alpha DiCOLA, MICHEALA ANGELA Biology Art 1420 BayPoint Dr., Sarasota, Fl. 33577 (813) 955-9784 Sigma Phi Epsolon Little Sister, Tri Beta. Phi Mu. Press Aid, Yearbook, Art Club, Dancer ' s Workshop. DIXON, ELIZABETH MARIE French Int. Relations 11910 S.W 188 Terrace, Miami. PL 33177 (306) 251-3010 Lambda Chi Alpha Little Sister. Jr. Year Abroad. Greenfeather Comm.. International Students Organization. DINSMORE, JAMES M. General Business 1100 Washington Road. Mount Dora. Fl. 32757 Delta Sigma Phi. Pi Beta Phi Arrowman, Phi Chi Theta, Parent ' s Weekend Comm.. Student Assembly Yearbook photographer. Stetson Republican Club. DOBBS, SARA D. English business Route 2 box 575, Madison, Fl. BCM Secretary. Student Services Comm.. Co- Chairman of Miss Greenfeather. Phi Theta Kappa-Sec. DORE, CHRISTINA MEINHOLTZ Chemistrv Pre-Med 260 NW 3rd St., Ft. Lauderdale. Fl. 33309 (305) 566-7452 Honors Program. American Chemical Society. Tri Beta. ELROD, BRENDA D. Sociology 201 Wake Ave. N.E.. Winter Have. Fl. 33880 (813) 293-0552 Rowdies Rookie of the Year, Stetson Wotrens softball team. Women ' s basketball team. Co-Captain. Delta Tau Kappa. R A EVANS, CHERYL A. Management 23 Applewood Cir.. South Daytona. Fl. 32210 (904) Phi Chi Theta. VP. Yearbook Staff. American Marketing Assoc.. Rowdies. Intramurals Board. Student Director of Women ' s Intramurals. Sigma Pi Kappa Student Assembly. FAIRCHILD, DAN K. Mktg. Management 2457 N.E. 26 Ave.. Ft. Lauderdale. Fl. 33305 Treasurer Stetson Marketing Assn. FAREY, JANET M. Music Education 1 Tall Pines Hilton head S.C. 29928 Pres. of MENC. BME Voice Representative. Concert Choir. Cast of Marriage of Figaro. Phi Beta. FARR, FREDDA CASON Music Education 503 Crescent St.. Waycross. Georgia 31501 MENC. Stetson Orchestra FIGLIOLI, KAREN LOUISE Finance Economics 955 Samar Rd.. Cocoa Beach. Fl. 32937 (3051 783-8581 Alpha Chi Omega- 1st V.P. and Pres . Rho Lambda-Sec.. Phi Chi Theta. Stetson Marketing Association, S.A.. Stetson Jazz and Wind Ensemble, Rho Chi. FITZGERALD, EDWARD Marketing Management 540 W Minnesota. DeLand, Fla. (9041 734-9284 Cpt Varsity Soccer Team. Most Outstanding Effort Award in Soccer. Intramurals. 213 • VTRICIA I FOWLER, LOW DAVID w I Kappa - ■ n and Alumr POX SHAW ENE SHADDDC Marketing o Homan ' FRALEV ■ Kaarball FRENI HKl if CAROL Accounting - IVIu 1 " ■!•.« Delu. Inlrsmursls. Rho Lambda, Crecnfrsthrr. 3A K Vunin»r Hesd R.- ... Rep g GAETA THOMAS Accounting vdge Road. Fre.- " 728 •1634 Stetson Basketball Tram. Stetson RrpmtnuWT at Detand timn Program GAFFNEY KEVIN .1 Political Science Pre law Ur Naples. Kla 33940 . 1019 Delu Sigma Phi Vice pres Student Assembly Young DemocrsU GARWICK, E. KEITH Religion Routt 6 Boi 992 FF. Orlando. Fl 32820 - 4S64 GAYLORD, RICHARD I Route 5 Boi 388 H. Deland. Fl ; 489 StfUon Orchestra. Stetson «vm phonic Ensemble. Stetson Bras Sacuiity Officer Delta Sigma Phi Editor. Vice Pre . Tress Student for Anderson, SteUon Reporter Staff GREEN, CLAYTON H General Buaineaa . ' 44 Hsrding Air Libe rtwille. 11. 60048 Honor Roll. Dean ' s List. Alpha Kappa Psi. Stetson Marketing Association GRIFFITH. MATTHEW C Mathematics rikfuud Dr. Orlando. Fl 32808 {3061 293-8993 Ashcraft Math Award. 2 Presidential Scholarships. Phi Eta Sigma Scroll and Kev Math Club. Intramural. GR0VER. 1ANINE D. Rlementan Education Route 1 Boi WH. Belleviea. Fl 32620 Phi Thru Kappa. Miss Creenfeather Candidate. Freshman Onenution. Parent . Weekend Cmm Phi Mu. Phi Sifma Kappa I Ihi Mu Record.- . Historian Fund Raiser Scholarship Chairman HALLBROOKS. BRENDA Ministerial Aaancaatioo, Hit reach Ih rector. Baptist Campus Mim»trv Outreach ! ir»vt..r Rf» ,val Teams. Alpha Xi Delta. Student Summer Mtastonarv VA 1980 Oh HARRIS. DORIS Finance S03 Marshall Street. Clearwater. Florida 33515 . S400 Alpha Kappa Psi. Recording Seereurv. Student Assembly Rrpresenutive, Conrad Hall. Intramural Sports Rowdies A Conrad Hall STEVE M Finance lambda .... - ••■. Ff.lrr.1 ■ MARGARE1 1 ation . Pi U«d Fl. i nairman i.t. Rush Chairman. I ft lambda Chi ..... . ■■ .. i hairman R A -• idem Assrmbl. -• ir.r. HOBSON i wick K Klemrnlar, Btftui M Hill. FUmda ri-.ri.l- Student leader. Aasorialuon el Teacher Kducatson Hi DSON KATRINE .r Ai.t H DeLand. Kknds - .i.ili Raskethall 78 79. 7 B0, 10 1 MU Tau Kappa ROM. Rowdie Haskrtball 78-79 ' I M H t.„ ISSAI CHERYL LENNET Blol«ig ir Avenue. Ana,; ■ • Phi Mu Sotoh y -Sattiof Ethic Social Committee .senior I -phomorel, Rowdies Intramural I freshman t IAI 0BS, ROZANNE KIKI. Spanish lock, Tallahassee. Florida 32301 Alpha Chi Omega. Lambda Chi Alpha Little Si.ter i jm hh Lambda Honorary. Miss Hatter contestant. Orientation Advisor Honor Roll. Dean ' s List JENARDI, DALE L AoBouatiag 6717 Ridgevue Drive. Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15236 4923 ■ of the Scroll ar • Heart ' Little Sister (or Sigma Phi Epailon . Kiaj Me Kmte Dancer 2. Presidential Scholarship S, Aapley Scholarship 3. Intramural Sport Independent.. Dancer ' s p 4. Honor Roll 1.2.3 JENKINS, K Yl ' ETTE So ■»:■ I40f. I meson Street. Jacksonville. Florida 32209 Alpha Kappa Alpr D Afro- American - Intramural Representative. Artist at Lecturer Representative I0NES, CHRISTINE M Marketing 1090 Sonoma Court. Leongwood. Florida 32750 Phi Mu Sum i tj, President, Vice President. Social Chairman. Ritual. Histonan. Pledge Claas President. Model Pledjre. Alpha Kappa Psi. SteUon Marketing AaaooaUon. Rho I-amhda H .n..rarv Mortarboard Gold Taaale Award. S A I .r KA . vrs . Parents Weekend Committee 78, Homerfmini Committee . Week Committee 80 KARRKR. MARY E. Caita Postal 1719. Sao Pa , Sigma Phi Kappa Journalism Rho Lambda Honorary. Phi Mu. -taff writer Hatter Section EdiU r Publication Board Secretary SAC Representative SA Orientation Advisor. Homecoming. I ecoral»onji Committee Chairman. Wheeler House K At [ " SKY, 1ERRI BENNETT Finance 9 Burning Tree Drive Naples. Florida MM 2 -•300 Alumni Scholarship for Freshmen. Honor Roll. Dean a Last, Mortarboard. Rho Lambda. Pi Beta Phi pledge class treasurer Panhellenic delegate, chaplain. Rush Counselor, censor. Alpha Kappa Psi corresponding aecretarv Resident Advisor 9 Parent " . Weekend Committee. Creenfeather Committee HELLS, DEANNE w F.nglish " Business or Ocala. FWi " .. 1106 Alpha Xi Delu 2.3.4 V P 4. House Chairman 3. Scroll Kev I lean ' s LsM 1.2 . . -pics Co Chair 3. Homecoming Committee King a Quiia. KENPIELD I0Y( r L sgemrnt ma 1 P limo 4. " Tarn ■ " lll|IH ■ lauoa KENNEDY DEBBQ Markrting id [teerfis-ld Baach. FW.:. - ' ratr e Productiora. Ameru an Marketing | KETTLES I RAIG I .•inaas Fjitrrpnar FV.r A ht Head Resident Homsxoming Hwt arsits Tn t.reenfeather Tres- . ma Tn - Advrsor. Murtar Board. FJertiotia Delu Kappa LANI KuHKKT .1 Accounting Vt inner Creenfeather Fun Run. Intramural LAWRENCE. PRANK B Fjiglish m St trm Circle. Ormood Brach. Flonda 320T4 o410 Drlu Sigma Phi Fraternitv 3.4 Sigma Tau Delu 3.4 m MAHATHEV. RYLAND K Accounting nat, Riviera Beach. Flonda 33404 .i o086 Honor Roll. Phi Eu Sigma. Cultural Affairs Comrr Academic Affairs CommitUe. Phi Chi Theta T r iaa unr . Stetson Republicans MANNING CHERYL I. Creneral Business Administration Trail. Jacksonville. Flonda 32211 .: 1361 Delu Delu Delu Soror- Horaaroraing Committee 1978. Lambda Chi Alpha Little Saner 1J771980 W ' IAIN. JR KAY ' Musk Education 4626 Birken head Road. Jacksonville. Fionas 32210 Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminar. Ft Worth. Trias 19041 389-7369 Historian Phi Beta. Mussc School Advisory Council. Iniverarty Orchestra. Symphonic Wind Ensemble. I ' nivrrsily Jan Band. Percussion Ensemble. Pep Band. Coordinator. Mussc School Recr-rdin, - McCLOUD, LESLIE D. Business Management 2126 Allan-.- scksonvule. Flonda 32J04 • Alphs Ksppa Psi RA Emilv Hall McCORMICK. EDITH .1 - : H-ation 4V Wav-nr Avenue IndiatlanlK. Flonda 32903 • Pi Kappa Alpha UtUr Sister Pi Beta Phi. Head Ijfeguard Stetson Paat, Port v uren MEADOWS, LEIGH A aria Blvd Orlando. Flonda 32604 DeLand. Florida • Delu IVIu Delu Sorontv Fraternity Education Chairman Officers rmasli House President Panhellenic Representative. Psnhrllrnic Treasurer. RhoChi. Pi Kappa Phi Utile Sastar. SA Hatter contests MERREI.L. MELODY N Biology 4 " 84 S.«ith Peninsula Dun, Ponce Inlet. Flonda 3»I9 ■ FJslpha X i IVIu. Lambda Chi Alpha Little Sartar. Beta Beta Heu (.amma Sigma Epsiloo Ph. F.U Ssgma MESSERLY, KAREN K Political Sornce - ;Srll Circlr. Jackaonvillr. Flonda • MICHAELS, JANICE K ■ Miami. Flonda 33162 1 305 1 944 9864 Women ' s Varsitv Volsryball. Softball. Phi Sag Little Ssstar. 214 Uhlatii rralna Mil I KCAN DONNA JOAN , ducation s Urk.pur I uh Fairport, s,» Vori 14480 1179 Rowdjea R Vanity Volleyball, CCM, Dean 1 ! List, Honor Roll MOSTE] LO I ' M KICK S. Accounting unbridgt Drive, Longwood, Florida Alpha. Kappa Pei, Student Aaeambl) Secretary, Greenfeathei ■ u So • si Stal • ■ rlradlllK n NAGLE, PATRICIA A Mkt Management 4.11 Cudd) I ouH Naplai Florida AIAVt Diviaion II Ul StaU Ul Region Ul American tannii cc Proaidenl DiracUH ol Pledge Programming, Zeta Tau Alpha, 1980-81 Praaidanl Zata leu Alpha, rejt Force fur Panhellenic Growth, Viet Praaidanl Kh„ Umbda NICK. PAU1 C Accountinf Kabul, Afghanistan 60069 • . C 1,2,3,4,5, Rush Chairman. Commander. Sigma Nu Fraternity, Green Man of the Year 1980. Orientation Advisor 3, Sewing Huh 1.2. Y.O.I) Club 5, Fraternity Graduate CoulUftloi i NICKENS, CARL K. Rumiu-» Finance 1206 8th Street. Hampton. Illinois 61256 R Gordia, Phi Chi Theta. BCM, Greenfealher Field Day Co Chairman NAZI M, JENNIFER G. Bfolog) SIS Anchorage Drive. N Palm Beach. Florida 33408 . eon Phi Theta Kappa. 2, National Convention Delegate 2. Phi Mu Sorority 3,4, Bthica 3, Social 4, Kh„ Chi J. yearbook Stall 3,4, Facultj Editor 4. Parent ' s Weekend Committee 3,4 O ' DWYER. KEVIN M. Accounting Finance 955 Ginger Circle. Ormond Beach. Florida (9041 672-8234 CCM. S.A. Intramural Sports. Water Skiing Club PHILLIPS, JERRY F. Religion Madison, Florida Oral Roberts Seminar,- Tulsa. Oklahoma PHILYAW. YVETTE V. English Pre-Law ■ N Clara Apt. S3 Pi Beta Phi Sorority 1. Concert Choir 3.4. Phi Beta 4. Tassled by Mortar Board I, Aim tot Heaven. Kiss Me Kale 1.2, Sang in Greenfeather Follies Sang in Parents Weekend 1,2. Student Assembly Representative 1 PICCIRILLI, DONNA M. Marketing P.O. Box 5132. Orchard Lake. Missouri 48033 (3131 681-1650 Phi Chi Theta. Stetson Marketing Association, American Marketing Association, CCM, Intramural Sports. Sports Official. Math Tutor, Honor Roll. Varsity Basketball, Studied in Neuchatel. Switzerland, SUB Stage Crew, Yearbook Staff. Press Aid. PRIDMORE, MARK Management 2124 Lori Lane. Wichita. Kansas 67207 (316) 686-3615 Alpha Kappa Psi 2.3.4. 2nd Vice President 3,4. Stetson Reporter 2.3. Winter Term Committee 3. Phi Mu Guard 3.4 ROBINSON. DARCY S. Sociology 617 Inlet Road. N. Palm Beach, Florida 33408 (3051 848-5106 1570 Mediterranean Road W. Palm Beach. Florida 33406 (305) 439-2110 Alpha Xi Delta Social Chairman. Pledge Trainer. Sigma Nu Little Sister. Bat Girl. RA. SA. ROYER, BARBARA E. Physical Education 2230 Lake Rubv Road, DeLand Florida 32720 (904) 736-1334 SANNER. ELIZABE1 II 1 1 Kiln, Blvd in r„k Md 11 II. , Mu M|itm Kappa Pei, YrnrlM.ik l.ilraniHraK I .rrenlrather mitut General Buaineei SARGENT, SHARON REG1N Ptychologj )« link Street, R Georgia I i 1 mi, " ii m:ii Ri lidence Hall StaU Student Aetembly, President, c«mpu» Affair, Chairman, Cultural UTaii I i.,,,,, ,,,.,, « i l ran ' ommittec Summei Conference ( omm (irrenlrather I Homecon I ommittee CCM, Intramural Sports, Win i Ble i Comm., I gal Affairs Committee. Senior Affaire, Academii Affaire, Parent ' , Weekend SAWON, NINA Finance 168 High Street. South, Hound Hr, ,k. New Jersey 0880 • Phi i hi Hi, i,i Sei Steteon Marketing Assoc., Yearb.- k -•■ Sigma Pi Kappa Editor, Women ' , Intramurals SCERRA, STEVEN J. Marketing Management 2 Crescent St . Oxford. Ma, 01540 (617) 981 5060 S4iccer Team. Stetson Marketing Assoc. Am Marketing Assoc SHIELDS, DANIEL D. Accounting Honor Roll, Stetson Jazz Ensemble. Delta Sigma Phi Chaplain STEMPLE, SHELLY S. Humanities 1224 NE 16 Ave.. Ft. Lauderdale Fl 33304 Associate Ed. Literachur Publications Board. Reporter Staff Writer. Honor Roll, Dean ' s List. Honors Program, SA, Theater Productions STEWARD. ELIZABETH LENDIAN Psychology Chemistrv PO Box 953. 100 S. Andalusia. DeLeon Springs Fl. 32028 (9041 985-4538 American Chemical Society Theater. Business and Professional Women. STIGAL, STEVEN Mathematics 322 Helmlock Rd.. West Palm Beach. Fl. (305) 689-0195 STEICT, KIM Finance 1115 NW 35 Ave, Gainsville. Fl (904) 372-1525 Honor Roll. Dean ' s List. Delta Delta Delta. Jr. Panhellenic. Favors Chairman. Panhellenic Rep.. Social Chair. Panh.. Historian. Officers Council. Rituals Committee. Social Coram.. Intramurals, Rho Lambda. Greek Week Chair.. Rho Chi, Orientation Comm., Parent ' s Weekend. Marketing Assoc. STROBECK, MICHEAL General Business. Deland. Fl. (305) 943-5018 Pi Kappa Phi SULLIBAN, W. RAY JR. Religion 422 N. Amelia Ave, Deland Fl. 32720 (904) 736-6407 Scroll and Key. Who ' s Who Among College Students. Armour Scholar. Outreach to Married Students. Baptist Campus Ministry. TAYLOR. TIMOTHY L. Mu Ed 2723 Devonwood Rd , Jacksonville. Fl. 32211 (904) 744-5880 Concert Choir. President Concert Choir TEMPLIN, BRIAN K. Music 1714 Medowbrook 688-4471 TORCISE, SANDRA L. 11 Perky Rd. Ocean Reef Club, N. Key Largo, Fl. 33037 (305) 367-2104 Alpha Xi Delta, President Panhellenic Delegate Model Senate-Chair, of Legislature. Alumni Reception Con Aide, Bat Girl, Rho Lambda. Pi Kappa Alpha little sister. TURNER, BELLE B. Poli. Sci. 303 Aurora Dr.. Apopka. Fl. 32703 (3051 886-5208 Honor Roll. SGA Representative TUTTLE, ROBERT J. Market ing Management 1026 Flagstone Drive. Daytona Beach. Fl. 32018 Lambda Chi Alpha. Ritualist Senior Affairs Comm.. Publications i RBANI . i. - ' Piycbolog) Hmiimf It. -ii ,1-1 Deal lajor fof the Year . Phi Eta - , Republ Hub SA I NTERBRINK, BARRY I. ,..!.,.. 1 • HO60 American Marketing Amoc Charter member. Alpha Kappa Pti, ■ IH.rlrr l ' h,,t, faj,hrr I mni Racquetball VOORHIS. AMY I. I ' d Boi h7. Ridgewood, NJ 07461 Pi Beta Phi. Sigma Tau Delta, Omi w WALKER. ALEXIS Math ,20 Beat Hickor) Si Arcadia. Fl. 33821 Ra. SA, Intramurals, BCM. SCB Chairman of Hospitality. Math Club. Mortar Board Tassel Award. Honor Roll. WALL. KATIE F ' lementary Education 255 Theodore Fremd Ave. Rye, New York 10580 SCB Member, Off campus Rep. Student Assembly. Delta Sigma Phi Little sister. WEBER, CAROLE J. Marketing Management 7007 Versailles. Pinellas Park. Fl 33565 (813) 546-0368 Intermural Sports-Rowdies ' American Marketing Assoc.. Chapter Publicity Chair., Alpha Kappa Psi. RA, Concert Committee. W H A T WEEMS, JANICE MARIE Biology Tri Beta. Phi Eta Sigma Sierra Club. WELCH, DAVID C. English Reporter Contributor WHITE, THERESA Phvs Ed. 1010 Cherokee Ranch Rd . Holly Hill. Fl 32017 (904) 255-6205 Varsity Softball, Varsity Basketball. Intramural Committee WIKE, DENISE D. English 603 Piscataway Ct.. Oxon Hill. Md. 20022 13011 292-2416 Alpha Xi Delta, Pi Kappa Phi little sister, Y ' earbook editor and Publicitv board. Sigma Tau Delta. Sigma Pi Kappa. Rho Lambda ' 80 Homecoming Queen, Press Aide. BCM. Tasael Award. Sister of the Year. Dancer ' s Workshop. WILLIAMS. KAREN D. Sociology 4927 Biscane Dr.. Maples. Fl. 33942 18131 774-3814 BCM. Cabinet Officer. Co-Chairman Vespers Comm , Pres. Delta Tau Kappa. Outstanding Jr. in Sociology. WILLIAMS, LESLIE DIANE 5488 Fearnley Dr.. Lake Worth Fl. 33463 (305) 965-0785 Baseball Statistician. American Chemical Sociely-treas.. Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister WORKUM, CATHERINE A. Humanities French 491 Fern Ave.. Titusville. Fl. 32780 (305) 267-6874 Year abroad program. Yearbook staff. Associate Editor of Literachur. CCM. Homecoming Coming Comm.. RA. Intramural Sports-Indies. WRENN, PAUL CHRISTOPHER English 1647 Londenderry Road. Jacksonville. Fl. 32210 (9041 781-0301 Pres Phi Eta Sigma, Vice-Pres. Stetson Young Democrats. Sigma Tau Delta, SA. WYNN, GREGORY C. 801 Eastover Cr . Deland. Florida 19041 734-1555 CRC Award. Phi Eta Sigma. Scroll and Key. Phi Alpha Theta. Gamma Sigma Epsilon-Pres.. ACS. Pi Kappa Alpha. Green Circle. 215 T ISt rol nd smith nt«rpfi «« r J r y y x H H J i w am m H M m M $ ■ 4-- ' --- ■ f •M:_

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Stetson University - Hatter Yearbook (DeLand, FL) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 1


Stetson University - Hatter Yearbook (DeLand, FL) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 1


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