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: , " l M k • -iiK , 3 H jyK ' KMmfMm mum 1 WSSm jjfmi Hn ViOH B HH i flHo B I I Ba D. ' M BMk BX jHKiifvS K |X9S ' .;£ • -■■■ M Kv i BI 1980 HATTER Stetson University Deland, Florida Volume 59 Convocation signals the beginning of a new fall semester. Students, faculty, and administration assemble to renew their faith in the goals and philosophy of our University. " Pro Deo et Veritate. " The most familiar and significant symbol of Stetson is the seal bearing the school ' s motto, " For God and Truth. " The philosophy of the University is based on the belief that it is not enough for a college graduate to be able to earn a good living. The graduate ' s education is incomplete if he has not also increased his capacity to enjoy a good and satisfying life. Education is multifaceted. It varies in areas, as well as degrees. From music to math, from freshmen to faculty, and from study to sports. Stetson allows for constructive diversions. The Water Understands Civilization Well . . . Emerson . . . And civilization is enriched at Stetson through education in the arts and sciences, and in the campus ' social, political, and cultural complexity. These aspects of civilization are seen everywhere on the Stetson campus, but are greatly emphasized in the educational buildings such as Elizabeth Hall, which lodges the Religion, Philosophy, Speech and Theatre, Mathematics, and Political Science departments. Flagler Hall finds the student emerged in English, Psychology, and Sociology, while Sampson Hall is the home of the Foreign Language department and the art gallery. All of this enhances the beauty of Stetson ' s atmosphere, just as the sunlight enhances the beauty of the fountain. )l l®l ' -- We spend much of our time moving from one place to another. We move from home. We move in at college. We move around campus. These changes allow us variety and growth. Ideally, changes in locale and changes in our attitudes should be steps up from wherever we ' ve been. Climbing is not easy and neither is it a short-lived endeavor. We should be continually ascending towards the next goal. Therefore, as we move from day to day, we should keep notice of our direction. A short walk around Stetson campus is all that Is needed to see the vast spray of student life that it houses. College is a time to reach out and broaden experiences and to develop new relationships with different acquaintances. Stetson offers this opportunity by the wide range of students it attracts from all over. Not only are there individuals from different parts of the state, but from various areas around the country and the world. Students from as far away as Germany and the Virgin Islands and as near as Debary, all unite together to mix and share their ideas and beliefs, much like the fountain gently blends her waters into one. Stetson ' s format encourages the student to become a well-rounded individual. In addition to the excellent academic program, there is also an emphasis placed on the need to become involved in the extra-curricular activities Stetson has to offer. There is a wide range of opportunities available to the student. Intercollegiate and intramural sports, student government, Greek organizations, and student publications, are examples of only a few of the numerous special interest groups Stetson presents to the students. Without these the student would still receive a good education, but would not be as enriched through the forming of friendships and the experiences of fulfilling activities. A student needs an effective combination of academic life and extra-curricular activities to secure the benefits of college life; Stetson provides everything necessary to accomplish this. A L p y-y yr- ' m .i A ()mi;u;i.lhcl (i Ik: siiid unto mo. II is doiK!. I am Ali)hii and he lic in 11 iii.u ,111(1 lh(M!iid. I will givcunto him thai (il liio rmiiilain of iho vvaliM- of Hfo frc;ol -. " |Rov. ' IVM Sports ' . ' ■ i. f ■: ■ • - V ' " .- -• l " SOCCER ■•. ' ■■• V • ' . HOME MATCH ■ ; • ' VERSUS B Greeks Il w, 154 Ui [STETSON kSTLiDPn? , .— " »-« ' Ads 194 204 Index FACULTY POPE A. DUNCAN President Stetson University The year represented in this book is a segment taken out of time, but for each of us, more importantly, it is a segment taken out of lives. As these permit us to reflect upon this portion of life, I hope they will give pleasure, not pain. But in any case, they represent a year of you and of me — and of Stetson University, alma mater. One year of the 97 that she has lived. I hope that you are better because of her and that she is better because of you. " Pope A. Duncan, President - Stetson University, 1980. Administration ROBERT S. CHAUVIN Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Professor of Geography tb. P n J « r r 2 I ' V i DAVID W. NYLEN Dean of the School of Business Administration and Professor of Marketing w k PAUL T. LANGSTON Dean of the School of Music and Professor of Church Music THOMAS J. TURNER Vice President and Dean of the University, Professor of Physics Administration H. GRAVES EDMONDSON Vice President for Finance and Planning H. DOUGLAS LEE Vice President for Development OLLIE EDMUNDS Chancellor Administration Left - (GARY A. MEADOWS), Director of Admissions. Below (JAMES K. BAMBRICK, LESLIE McMASTERS] Admissions Counselors; (MARK W. McMASTERS), Assistant Director of Admissions. Administration JAYNE L. MARLOWE Director of Student Life E. GARTH JENKINS Dean of Student Affairs MARY-EDNA WALLS Assistant Director of Residential Life KEMPER D. SMITH, III Director of Residential Life Administration Registrar ' s Office-Brown, I., Wilson, L., Hansen, L., Pugh. J.. Sassard, H. |. DANIEL MOORE Director of Student Financial Aid Comptroller ' s Office-Iohns, S., Lcdgerwood, Col., Wadsworth. M., Bengc, D.. Office of Student Affairs-D. Green, C. Friedman, M, |ackson, L.. Dorfman, E., Stevens, L., Davies, T., Wilkins. B.. Eaves, Willis, Z. McAfee, B. Hubbard. D. Administration LINDA PARSON Assistant Director of Alumni Affairs JACK F. FORTES Executive Director of Alumni Affairs and Annual Giving CHARLES C. SHAFE Executive Director of University Advancement LTC. A WEHRLE Professor of Military Science BETTY JOHNSON Technical Services Librarian Librarian SIMS D. KLINE Documents References Librarian Administration }OE I. MYERS, Director of duPont-Ball Library. GREGORY MAKRIS Director of Visual Aids. RODNEY L. ELLIS Director of the Carlton Union FRED H. COOPER Assistant to the President Athletics and Director of Public Relations MARVIN R. EMERSON University Engineer Administration Business Richard Copeland Dr. Neal Long Maxine Patterson Edwin Sanders Harry Taft Dr. Richard Wood Education Barbara Anderson Dr. Ruth Arnold Dr. Robert Fox Lena Hobbs Dr. Margaret Horton Dr. Richard Morland Sandra Raborn Shirley Mallory-Smit English Dr. Brad Grain Dr. Bryan Gillespie Karen Osborne Dr. Ellen Smith Faculty English Dr. William Taylor Warren Westcott Foreign Language Dr. Mario Aldana-Fr. Dr. Richard Ferland-Fr. Dr. Connie Kihyet-Sp. Dr. Robert Smith-Sp. History Dr. Gerald Critoph Dr. John Hague Dr. Evans Johnson Dr. Marc Lovelace Dr. Gilbert Lycan Dr. Kevin O ' Keefe Humanities Thomas Cook-Phil. Dan Gunderson-Art Kathleen Johnson-Hu. Fred Messersmith-Art Faculty Humanities Dr. Donald Musser-Rel. Dr. James Wright-Speech Mathematics Annette Gillespie Dr. Elizabeth Magadan Dr. Warren Thwing Military Sciences CPT. James Hornaday MAJ Marquis Howell CPT. Allen Irvine MAJ Leo LaFrance Music Richard Feasel Janice Jenkins Paul Jenkins Janis Kindred Eleanor Leek Clark Walters Faculty Science Dr. E.G. Coolidge-Chem. Dr. Eliane Norman-BY Social Sciences Dr. Bruce Bradford-Geo. Dr. William Hale-Psy. Dr. Gary Maris-Pol. Sc Mark Priewe-Pol. Sc Dr. John Schorr-Soc. Faculty Faculty Not Pictured Alport, Jonathan L. Anderson, Gerald F. Anderson, Janet C. Anderson, William H. Bailey, T. Wayne Barkaiow. Derek T. Batey, Robert Baugh, Ronald L. Beasley, James R. Beilcr, Theodore W. Berry, Hcrtha A. Berry, Jesse L. Bickel, Robert Dale Blasdale, Justin Booth, John M. Brady, Rob Bruce, John W. Brunk, Joyce E. Brunk, Paul W. Bush, Mary Wayne Buxton, Frances Cannon, Raymond J., Jr. Carroll, Nansi Clark, Fred E. Clark, Millard W„ Jr. Cochran, CD. Coffee, James M. Colwell. C. Carter Cox, David M. Craig, Edward Burr, IV David, Jean M. Davies, Donald M. Delap. James H. Dickson, William Wayne Dillon, Richard T. Everett, Kenneth G. Ezell, Cloyd L., Jr. Faris, E. McGruder Fort, Robert E., Jr. Fuller, Dorothy Langford Furlong, Edward Colson, Jr. Garber, Harry D., Jr. Gilbert, Geoffrey Gilbert, Marjorie Forster Greek, Morgan S.J. Greenwood, Mary Griffiths, Benjamin Bruce Hansen, Keith L. Harrington, George A. Heckel, Robert J. Hickok. Kathleen K. Homaii, (Catherine 1. Hood. George Wilson Hurst, Anne Hutchings, Virginia Irvine. Allen D.. Capt. Jackson, Kenneth L. JenkitiK, (jcorgc bn cli Johnson, Betty Drees Johnson, Kathleen Johnson, William C. Joiner, E. Earl Jordan, Ray Jusick, Anthony T. Kindred, Richard A., Jr. Kletzing, Dennis K. Kline, Sims D. Kuenzel, Calvin Arnold Langston. Paul T. Lashbrooke. Elvin C, Jr. Latimer, Jerome C. Lefter, J. Baird Libby, Gary R. Lick, Thomas A. Lindsey, Harold I. Marks, Thomas C, Jr. Master, Joseph J. McCallister, S. Allan Mcdlin, Gene W. Milby, Jerry M., Capt. Minor, Harold Bronk Minter, Elsie G. Morris, Ann Roberson Myers, Joe I. Nordmann, Barbara Jean Nylen, David W. O ' Hara, Gordon Oleck, Howard L. Page, Donald A. Raymond, Michael W. Rich, Mollie Rich, Robert Smiley, W. McKinley Smotherman, Thurman Edwin Faculty Steeves, Paul Stock, David Allen Stryker, Judson P. Swygert, Michael I. Thurman, Ruth Fleet Turner, Thomas J. Truesdell, Clarence C. Vause, W. Gary Vedder, Charles B. Walker, Oliver Lafayette Weickel, Robert W., Jr. Wilkes. Glenn N. Williams, Gareth Wright. Joel S. Wynn, Malcolm M. Yaxley. Donald Charles Zenkovsky, Serge A. Faculty I ■iPff iNWPJ ' lfe t? ' " % fl l 6 R A P V J 35 Frank Adams Mustafa Ahmed Dar ' l Alfrev Barbara Albiez Janice Aldrich George Alexander Keith Allen Debbie Anderson Francis Armato Greg Ballard Dean Barley Jim Barton Seniors Marc Beaumont Linda Bennett Jodi Bergstrom Leslie Berry Robbie Best Sandra Binde Carmel Bitondo Val Bland Tom Bollinger Sandra Bolton Barbara Bossong Duncan Boyd Seniors Rebbecca Brannon Misty Brickson Bernadattc Britz Beck} ' Brum field Hal Bryant Michele Buckley Barbara Calcavecchia Lucille Callaway Rene Campbell Kathy CantrcU Susan Carlson Robert Carr Seniors Michelle Cashulette Steve Clark David Conway Dana Cook Elena Correa Becky Counselman Gale Creighton Kim Crosby Bruce Crosswbite Jeffrey Crowe Timothy Dance Mae Beth Davis Seniors Marty Davis Michael Davis Rebecca Davis Sharon Davis Vickie Davis Sheila Dawkins Steve DevariL Gar - Dim on Gil Dominguez Drew Draper Paul Duval Robert Eifert ' ' I Seniors Beth Ely George Engelhard Melvin Ervin W. Etzel Lynne Evans Michael Farmer Brady Fennell Kathleen Einnegan i Diane Fiscina Barry Fisher Dorothy Fisher Angel Fitzpa trick Seniors Elisabeth Fitzpntrick Richard Flood Charles Flournoy Ir. Marc Foster Michael Foster Lorene Gill Charlet Gen ton Dexter Glenn Brian Green Alexander Guerra Cydena Hall Janet Harris Seniors Ron Hartman Patrick Healy Edward Hedrick Suzanne HinckJey Pam Hines Janet H inkle Melanie Hoover Mark Hopson Dyan Housam Sarah House Leslie Howell Kate Hoyer Seniors Mark Huband Fredrick Ingham Lauri Jackson Deborah Jefferson Grant Jeffries Melinda Jobson Jan Johnson Kary Johnson Tricia Johnson Wayne Johnson Nancy Juckett James Juhan Seniors William Keebler Eileen Kennard Frank KiUgore Mike King Joan Kreider Steven Kulik Joan Kyle Kim Lafferty Freda Lane Melody Lauer 1 Jean Lestourgeon Carol Longquist Seniors Marina Lnvc Regina Mabor Patricia Mangrich Joel Manning Michael Marcbione Robert Martini Derek Maul Bruce McCandless Lois McConnie Patrick McGavock Steven Medina Larry Medlock Seniors Stacie Meiners Susan Menasco Tim Merriman Harry Messersmith Stephen Miraglia Mike Mitchell Kathleen Moore Charles Mul finger Charlotte Murray Debbie Myers Arthur Nadalman Cathy Nance Seniors Muribeth Nash Alice Ncwgiirdon David North Nan O ' Brien John O ' Keefe Christopher Ohlweiler William Oliver Sue Overvold Kim Page David Pang Charles Parks Dianne Patrick Seniors Cristina Patterson Denise Patterson A maw Perez Daniel Perry Joanne Phillips Margaret Phillips Shirla Pinder Kristin Powell Bill Price Yvonne Prince Lizanne Randall Lisa Reddick Seniors Jiimos Roson fmiiuia Rowzco I.e. Russell ( ' Ruzzo Lcvi)nt Sunders Ann Sargent Steven Schilling Carol} n Schmidt Karen Schmitt Gail Schuck Alan Schutz Beth Schulz Seniors Nancy Schwager Scott Schwerdfeger Lydia Sco field ■ " Daryle Scott Michael Scott Randal Shell Reece Sherman Diane Simonsen Katherine Sloss Shelly Sparks Douglas Spears Brian Spickard Seniors Susun Spnuil Phillip Staskowski Nicholas Staszko Angclika Stegner Elizabeth Stewart Todd Swann Laura Talbot Glen Teschner Kenneth Thwing Dian Toban Jane Tucker John Tucker Seniors Cindy Turner Linina Turner Barrv Unterbrink John VanNorden S. Cheri Varnadoe Grace Vaughan Wendy Vaughn Carl Vinson Wendv Walker Frank Walton Vicki Ward Daniel Webster Seniors Bruce Wclh jay Wbitr Monica Wiebe ' or W " Ellen Wilcox Pamela Williams Rebecca Williams Terry Williams Todd Wil liams Steve Woodruff Christine Woodson Kathryn Yingling James Zaleta Seniors Adams, Margie Allen. Jan Allibone, David Amler, Roy Anderson. Sandra Arnold. Stuart Baker. Bud Balise. Peter Barnes, Mark Baron. Frank Bean. Pam Bennett, Mary Bobbitt, Myra Bolin, Todd Bollinger, Ann Boman, Peggy Boone. Cynthia Brannan. Gary Brennan, Howard Brooks, Amy Juniors Brooks, Glon Brooks, Tom Brorup, Maicia Broward, Karen Brown, Debbi Brown, |oel Burns. |ohn Canady, David Caradonna, |oanne Carroll, Cori Gate, Cindy Chazel, Charles Cheatham, Russell Chronis, Beth Clark, Keith Clemens, Betsy Coleman, Nancy Cordell, Nancy Cornell, Riter Cortes, Cindy Juniors I iit ese, Carol Crews. Charles Davison, Donald Davison. Thomas Dicosola, Angela Digney, Mike Dinsmore. |ini Diibbs, Sara Duke. Laura Duncan. Ken Dyer. Gin Edmondson. Melody Evans, Cheryl Fahey, |anet Farr, Fredda Ferguson, Anna Figlioli. Karen Filson. Richard Fitzgerald. Edward Fortson, Tricia Juniors Gaffney, Kevin Garcia, Gail Garrett, David Garwich, Keith E. Gilbert, Grayson Gilbert, Michael Gorman, Maura Green, Clayton Greene, Chris Griner, David Grove, Kennith Grover, Janine Halbrooks, Brenda Hallis, Robert Harllee, Mark Harris, Doris Juniors Hass, Steve Healy, Margaret Henson, Deborah Hickman, Chris Horey, Jeff Hosey. Lynne Hoyt, Peggy Hudgins, |im Huguely, Linda Hutchinson, Karl Irby, Mike Irwin, Tom Isaac, Cheryl Ives, Rob Jackson, Karen Jacobs, Kiki Jenkins, Yvette Jonardi, Dale Jones, Christine judah, Patricia Juniors Karrer, Mary Karres. Mary Kautsky, |orri Kenfield, joyco Kern, George Khatri, Prakash Khatri, Rashmikant Kirkland. Kelly Kirsch, Lauri Klinepeter. Mark Laker, John Laseter, Doug Lee, Thomas Lefils, Greg Luka, Diana Lyon, Katherine Magidson, Debbie Mahathey, Ryland Manley. Peter Mantz. Bob Juniors Marshall, Arthur McClain, Ray McCloud. Leslie Meadows, Leigh Meinholtz, Dore Merrell. Melody Miller, David Mondello, Christopher Montgomery, [oe Mostello, Patrice Moulton, [anet Myers, Mary Nagle. Patty Nickens, Carl North, )oe O ' Dwyer, Kevin Oliver, Leslie Ostermann, Joseph Paulk, Kenneth Phillips, Kathy Juniors Philyaw, Yvette Price. Piorottc Pridmore, Mark Redman, Susan Rhynehart, Rick Rhyner. Michael Roberts, Greg Robinson, Michael Rountree, Jeffrey Royer, Barbara Sanner, Ehzabeth Sargent, Regina Sawon, Nina Scarce, Rik Scerra, Steven Scola, Vicki Seaman, Vicki Segal, Brad Sharron, Tim Shaw, |eff Juniors Speciale, Donna Stahl. Tom Steiner, Patricia Stewart, Dee Stidham. Marie Stroud. Susan Szabolcsy. Kathy Tanella, Robb Tanous. |ames Taylor. Tim Telson, Ed Thorsen. Samuel Tiffin. Kenneth Toole. Dana Torcise. Sandra Trate. Marcie Juniors Tumor, Dane p- Tiiten. Allen Tnllle. Robert Tyler. Steven Van Der Lugt, Becky Walker. Alexis Ward. Cindy Weber. Carole Juniors Wells, Taylor Wemmers, Christian White. Theresa Wike, Denise Wilcox. Mary Williams. Karen Willis, Suzette Witts, Ken Juniors Adiims, Mic Ahrciis. Can Altman. Rick Ashcrnft, Davit Athanasion, George Babey. Sandra Balaknnis, Joseph Barati, loe Barranco, Robert Bauer. Kirk Beck. Amy Beekman. Amy Binns, Lorraine Blanchard. Nikki Blanks. Kenneth Blanz. Mary Sophomores Bozzuti, Kathleen Brooks. Gloria Brown. Linda Buck. Herbert Buckner. Steven Burnett. Kay Byer. Tracey Carter. Donald Carter. Suzanne Clark. Bonita Cohen. Robert Colborn. Holli Collins. Melony Comiskey. Robert Conradi. Alan Coolev, Kathleen Cosio. Cynthia Cotter. Ann Dabbs. Teri Dee. Jennifer Sophomores Dougherty. David Dozier, Sport Drescher. Dave Duckworth. Mike Duerr. Kathleen Dunnam. Arthur Durland. Donna Durland. Mark EasterHng. Karen Edwards. Carol Edwards. Kim Evans, Julie Evans, Susan Fenn, Bonnie Fifner, David Fisher, Rebecca Flowers, Stacey Fortes. Scott Fortune, Brett Frith, Deanna Sophomores Fromhagen, Carol Garramone, Lisa (latie. Karen C.iilins. Mary Gilliland, Cindy Glynn. Martha Groux. Pete Haines. Heidi Hallisey. )im Ham. Linda Hammersley, Barb Heartz, Geralyn Helms. Tracey Helton. Roger Hennessy. Robert Houtrides, |ohn Hunt. Laurie Hunt, Marilyn lezzi. Luanne Japinga, Kathy Sophomores Lookretis, Danny Loveland, Melissa Lussier, Dianne Mahoney. Thomas Sophomores, Kathleen M.irtin. Robin Maynor, Patricia Mclnerny, Brian McQueen, Henry Merrow, Monique Messersmith, Patti Michael, Robert Michaels, Ken Miller, Ed Minor, Vanessa Mitchell, Christina Mo. [am Molina, juanita Musacchia. Michele Musselman, Carla Nelson, [an Nicewander, Suzanne Nielander, Kathleen Nuzum, lennifer Sophomores O ' Donnell, Christy O ' Neil, Sheila Orsini. Keith Osborne, Beth Painter, Tina Palmer, Debbie Pascual. Gloria Pattey, Jennie Plaisted. Polly Powell, Nancy Presti. Chuck Pruett, Peggy Psarakis, Dean Raymond, Bradley Rogers, Elizabeth Rourk, Cindi Routh, Donna Rowell, Bob Rubino, Richard Ruhlman, Ray Sophomores Ruiz, Katherine Sallee. Susan Sellar. Carin Sgambati, )ulie Sides, Diane Siegel, Leonard Smith, Grace Sorensen, Chris Soucy, Judy Stephens, Bill Stolicki, Laurene Suddard, Timothy Swann, Sonia Talley, Sarah Tant, Frank Tasman, Dean Theurer, Kimberly Thompson, Molly Tidwell, Cindi Tofte. Ion Sophomores Weidner, Mary White, Phillip Widdrington. jo Wilkinson, Lvnn Wilson. Beck Wineland, Kirk Wink, Sharon Wunderlich, Steve Sophomores Aarons, Dennis Akerman, Stephen Anderson. Mitzi Armstrong. Lisa Arnold. Elizabeth A ( ' rs. Greg liHi ' tzman. Kristi H.nley. Gregory Baker. Michele Baldonado. Robert Ballinger. Nanette Ballinger. William Barron. Raci Barrow. Brenda Bender. Robert Bennett. Kohn Bitting. William Blate. Keith Bolton. Katherine Bostanoglu. Burcu Bracket!. Kathleen Brandvik. Neal Galvin. Calhi Carlton. Karen Caron. Mike Caskey. Bryan Chadbourne, Lori Chambliss, Leigh Chapman. Camille Chassell. Andrea Freshmen Clark, Phil Clino. Calh Cloiifjhley. Mojjan Cofi. Elona Colaprico, Tom Colbort, Michele Collier. Judy Collins. |nan Connor. Patrick Cortner. Carla Coster, Catherine Coulter, Keith Cowgill, Ken Crawford. Carrey Crighton. Thora Cristo, Debbie Crumley. Russell Cullen. Patrick Curtis. Cathy Dahlgren. Bruce Dailey. Kimberly Dement. Lori DePass. Vivianne DeRango. Donna DeSouza, Joyce Dodson, Shaun Dorman, Denise Downs, Ivy Drake, Monica Dubose. Donnie Freshmen Duffy. Lorraine Dunn. Jason Dunn. Lauren Dupree. Denise Duval. Yvonne Echols. Tracy Eckes. Karen Elam. Tommye Elliott. Dave Erdman. Robert Evans, Sylvia Evans, Zed Ewing. |im Fagelson. Melinda Fewox, Brenda Franson. Susan Gardyasz, Michael Gerlach. Peter Gillespie, Susan Gilreath, Paul Glover, Barbara Gomez, Loe Gordon, Randolph Grange, James Gress, Daniel Grimm, Reed Grindle, Gale Guess, Sherri Guthrie. Joyce Habart, Arlene Freshmen Hagen. Karen Hanlon, Cathy Harrell. Rhonda Harris, Patricia Harrison, Leslie Hartung, Sandy Hedgopeth, Bruce Helton. Annamarie Hewitt, Fay Hill, Charles Holloway, John Hoot, Brenda lamartino. Gregory lannone, Michail Iglesias, Jacquellyn Irey, Tracey [avens. Luisa Johnson, Caroline Johnson. Su Jones, Lori Kiefer, Scott Kampf, Paula Kilgore, Tim Kiesling, Douglas Kintz, Sharon Kimbrough, Lane Knight, Barry Kipper, Robert Knuttila, Bob Kun, Debbie Freshmen Lacko. Kim Lambert, [ulie Lawless. Robin Lee. Lynda Linquist. Laura Letter, Raymond Lewis. Andrew Lewis. Fran Lieberman. Meryl Light. Darren Lopez, Eric Losner. Steven Lott. Stephen Lucas, lay MacFarland, Bruce McCannon, Tracy McCauley, |ames McDonald, Robert Maddison. Kimberly Mailer. Glenn Massing, M ' Liss Masterson. Michael Maslin. Michael Mendes, Graham Menefee, Melanie Metz. Marge Meyer. Diana Meyerholtz. [ohn Miller. Stuart Mims, |ulie Freshmen Mitchell, Bruce Mitchell, Lorenzo Monroe, Brook Montrose, Celine Murray. Michael Murray, Pamela Nemes, Diane Neuner, Scott Nowsom, Scott Nipper, Karen Noxon, Scott Pagano, Donna Page, loan Patterson, Greg Patterson, Michelle Pequionot, Jeffrey Perez, Rosario Pfeiffer, Nancy Phelps, Barbara Phillips, Lisa Pino, Nary Pistey, Susan Policicchio, Laurie Potts, lanine Price, Tracy Prittie, Ralph Pukorny, William Ramsey, Walt Reid, Andrew Revell, Anne Freshmen Riser, Karen Roberts. Melba Roche, Art Rodgers, Valerie Rogers, Emory Rogers, Frances Roj, Barbara Rood, loann Roskamp, Steven Rossie, |im Rowe, Randy Sawyer, Robin Scheb, Peggy Schroeter, Tony Scroggin, Betsy Seal, Steve Shields, Elayne Shiles, Michael Shutze. Susan Skidmore, Lori Smith, Curt Smith, Wendell Smyth, Sheila Snell, Denise Songster, Maryellen Sorondo, Ana Stange, Howard Stevens, Myra Stones, Susie Sullivan, Mark Freshmen Turner. Tuttle. Thomas Uhls, Susan Ulmer. Shirley Wagner, Marlene Wanucha. Judy Weber, Heidi Weems. Robert Weigel. Dulce Weir, Fiona Weiss, Richard Welborn, Jennifer Wells. Rebecca Weppelman, Katherine Whalen, Sue Wherley, Kenneth Whipple, [ohn White, Ed White, lulie Whiteside. Thomas Freshmen Williams, Holly Willmott. Lucy Woods, Michael Wortman, Barbara Yeargan, Teresa Freshmen STUDENT LIFE LULL - -- - -aS-iis - ' :-- r KKBm . IrilMflflflHHI Min !iirila ' illi), according to |inimy Buffet, can lie anywhere you vvani it to In;. For Sti;ts(initt;s, it was Gaincsvillo, the night of October 19. 1979. They had spent five l urncd-oiit (hiys in the Stetson l)ook haze and at 8:00 in the Floritia gym, Iimm ' Buffet and the Coral Reefer Band phiycd for an enthusiastic crowd. The result — a good time for everyone. Come Monday, for those attending, everything was .dl right and the ' can ' t wait to see him again. Where Is Margaritaville? Give The Gift Of For the fifteenth running year, Tri-Delta Sorority and ROTC joined forces with the American Red Cross in a campus-wide blood drive. Students were asked to give up twenty minutes to one-half hour of their time to donate one pint of blood that may save someone ' s life. This year ' s turn-out of 233 donors came close to meeting the 300 pint goal set by ROTC and Tri-Delta co-chairpersons, John Lacey and Sue Overvold. Approximately 305 people made the effort to donate blood, but were unable to do so due to illness or due to medication they were taking at the time. The American Red Cross provides a complete mobile unit to test " the medical health of persons willing to give blood. " ROTC members assisted the Red Cross in setting up the Stetson Room, which was used for the project. After they had given blood, donors were served refreshments by sisters of the Tri-Delta sorority. A person can give blood every eight weeks as long as their overall medical health is good. After giving one pint of blood, the donor or any member of his family is eligible to receive one pint any time that particular year. After a donor has given eight pints, he or any member of his family is eligible to receive any amount of blood needed during their lifetime. A spring blood drive was planned for February 25 and 26. So if you ' re chicken about giving blood, just think about what would happen if you needed it. Then: is ii iniiv(;mi!nl ,il Stetson — meving olf-ciimpiis. For various reasons, students choose to make a home for themselves in one of the many apartments or rental homes near the imivorsily. They prefer the larger living space, convenient use of kitchen, the at-home atmosphere, and the personal opportunities; while they accept new responsibilities for themselves, such as maintenance, rent, cleaning, and living costs. Some students view the move as a well-timed transition between the security of college and the problems of a work-a-day world. Living off-campus, they say, will afford them insights into the inconveniences they will be facing in a few years. Still, inconveniences of on-campus living are cited by other students as initiative of the move. Visitation, noisy halls, waiting for a shower, and other menial obstacles moimt making the move off-campus particularly appealing to some. Off-campus living is a way of life at all universities large and small. No matter the policies, some students will always make it their policy to go-off. Going Off A Stetson Tradition Secrets To Success Drink Right Eat Right. Tho final nij ht of Grocnfoathor wook, Siiturday. foaturnri a carnival. To op(!n tho festiviti( s. many f)oi, in(i community parcmts hroiij fit thoir childron (lr(!SS(;(i up as iho Fniir Muskotoors, little filophants, soldiers, witches, j ohlins, and .1 ' ari( ty of other characlers. These children were judged in a coslume conl(!,st sponsored by the carni ' al co-chairpersons. Meanv hil( the many sororiti( s and organizations sot up their booths. The first gambling casino ever seen on Stetson ' s campus was run by Phi Mu: Sigma Nu ' s traciilional t gg toss brought men out in full force for this smashing cxont. The Lambda Chi Alpha " honey girls " showed off iheir sexy bodies to several crowds during the evening. Man - new booths such as Wesley House ' s jVV ' s Bakery and Conrad Hall ' s Fortune telling booth proved to lie helpful additions to the carnival. ( (immittco Chairpersons: lournjnients: Ellen Covert and Craig McDermott Field Day Activities: Tony Vitas and Cori Carroll (tielp provided from Mrs. Rayborn ' s Recreation Sports Class) Fiiilios: Angle Duncan and Tony Julian Greenfeattior: Sandy Babey and Mark Waters Carnival: Debbie Magidson and Charles Chazal (;halk Arts Festival: Debbie Myers and The Fine Arts Committee of the Stetson Union Board, Dating Came: Stetson Hall Arrangements: Tom Stahl Publicity: Roger Helton, )ohn Walters, and Carol Ahrens 1979 marked the silver anniversary of the Greenfeather tradition at Stetson I Iniversitj ' . Co-chairpersons overlooking the entire week ' s events were Carmel Bitondo and I-ki Telson. Their goal to make this landmark a more memorable ex|)crience for all involved was two-fold. The first was to reach a goal of $12,000, a $3,000 increase over last year ' s goal, secondly, they wanted to make a bigger, better-planned, and more entertaining week. For eight fidl days, activities were carried out on various parts of the campus to raise money for charity. In order to make things run more smoothly, committees and co-persons were established for the; various events. By the last day of Greenfeather, pockets were lighter, the sidewalks in front of the; Carlton Union Building were brighter, decorated with lively colors and designs, and traces of Greenfeather could be found everywhere. Certainly professors noted that studtsnts ' thoughts had been in places other than in their studies during that week. Nonetheless, the students, faculty, workers, and community friends all ended up feeling truly .satisfied after an enjoyable week of fun. sv- , ' y ' r The evening was brought to a close with the announcement of the Miss Greenfeather Award. For several days, twenty six girls solicited charitable gifts from banks, churches, depart- ment stores and small shops within and outside the DeLand Community, on behalf of (jroon feather. This event has traditionally been one of the great money-makers of Greenfeather week. Karen Schmidt, representing Alpha Ka|)pa Psi National Business Fraternity, was crowned Miss Greenfeather 1979 by former Miss Greenfeather Karen Jackson. O.K.- O.K., so wc haven ' t pictured everyone who shoiilcl be mentioned for beinj good people. That woultl have been impossible. Here are some nice guys who get special attention, because they have given special attention to others. Dr. Vedder afforded his classes opportunities to volunteer their time helping others and themselves, jane Marlowe, stayed busy with Student Affairs and is pictured here with Al Rosenburg, yearbook representative, and Gary Rosenthal, president of the Stetson Hat factory; all very helpful in the making of this yearbook. In Our Book. LTC Wehrle was integral in providing the yearbook staff a room in the ROTC building and was an extremely cooperative landlord. Rodney Ellis deserves a kiss for all the love and attention he has given to Stetson students. Thanks to these and all those nice people not mentioned. The ' ' Loco-Motion " of Facing As finals week quickly approached, students felt the need for some lively diversions. The Studen Union Board offered an outlet from study, at lunch on November 29, 1979. In addition to finals, what has become a tradition in entertainment at Stetson, is the traveling troubadors of Loco-Motion Circus. The magician-g ' mnastic-clowning of Loco-Motion delighted, once again, hundreds of Stetson students. Many stayed for the whole show, but for others, it was necessary to leave, as studying was of major concern in preparation for exams. Much tension was released through lunch and laughter. After the circus packed up and moved on, we were left to face finals At Home • • •••• •••• • (liiitiu ' ist - singer Louise Dimicelli p!()l)ai)ly won ' t remain an " unknown " artist il siie continues to capture audiences iitce siie (lid on Monday night, February 4, in Stetson ' s Coffee House. A " standing room only " record was broken when some 125 students and faculty gathered in the Coffee House and even the hallway in order to liear her " neoteric " music. She and her bass accompanyist, Peter Deakman, performed a combina tion of original numbers composed l)y Louise as well as some creative arrangements of oldies such as " Since I Fell for You. " She promised the audience she had no real " love " for cowboys even though she sang a couple of ballads about them. However, her version of " Even Cowgirls Get the Blues " will be used as the theme song for an upcoming new movie from a novel by the same name. The crowd roared with laughter over her theme song entitled " Ice Cream, " which called for a few mellow numbers to calm everyone down. Besides charming the audience with her beautiful personality and voice, she entertained them with a few jokes and anecdotes from her life and career thus far. Louise and Peter were rewarded by a warm and sincere standing ovation concluding both halves of the performance. Louise Dimicelli Performance Taps S.R.O. Record for Coffee House ••••••••••••••••••••• And Abroad • • • • • • •••• -Al. ' ' ' ' ' j s mk M lt ii ' Student life not only encompasses ,11 tivities on campus, but also gives students many opportunities to travel abroad. A group of Stetson students had the opportunity to travel to Europe and study at the Universite de Neuchatel in Neuchatel. Switzerland. The students receive a certificate of proficiency in French from the Swiss Government, providing they all pass their exams. Each one of the students enjoyed their adventure, bringing back souvenirs and memories that will make this trip an unforgettable one. They would like to express their gratitude to all that made the trip a success, both here and abroad. Students participating in trip abroad: Blackford, B., |r; Bullock. B., Jr.; Dudeck, C, St.: Dixon. B.. |r.: Haywood. S.. Ir; Pasak, P., St.: Whitly. E. K.. jr.: Workum. K., |r.; Wurth, M., [r.; Corcoran. |.. Ir. Director of Program: Dr. Elsie Minter • •• • • •••••• ••••• Filteen yeiirs from now wo will ikiI romcinbor evcrythin; wo h;ivo lioon liiuj hl ill Stetson, Init somo thinj s iiro more likoly to slny with us Ihiin othois. Whiit liavo wo roiilly boon loiirning iit Stotson? r)(;s|)ito our diffonMit miijors. our ViU ' ious schoduios and our ages, many of us havo boon oxposod to new views. Wo have learned from each other that life is composed of things Ihal .uv strange to us, as well as things w familiar. Those differences taught us acceptance. Wo havo grown to look beyond our t)wn attitudes for fresh At Stotson, we have been learning about . . . life. Learning at Stetson The Art of Communication We began communicating. It was a language of sound that we taught our parents, enabhng them to provide for our needs. When we learned to speak we were better able to ask for those things we wanted. As we perfected our conversation, we learned workable ways to persuade and convince others to see things as we did. College is a studio where we can be our own clay as well as our own artist. We form our lifestyles and our futures. An important art we practice is the one of communication. Talking and listening to others is the art in action. All the World ' s . . . More than twelve nights of casting and rehearsal paid off for Stetson ' s drama department in their presentation of William Shakespeare ' s Twelfth Night. Staged three nights in a row. the play was almost completely directed by the student actors, according to Director Marjorie Gilbert, which is quite an accomplishment with a Shakespearean work. The serious theme of the blind romantic love of Orsino for Olivia, was pleasantly contrasted by the humorous character of Feste. the court jester. The performance of these characters was greatly supported by the rest of the cast. With more than six hundred productions already under its belt, the Stover Theatre Company will add several more to the list as this season ' s schedule included such plays as Li ' L Abner, Fantasticks. and All Mv Sons. Homecoming 1980 was one of the most thrilling weekends here at Stetson. There were many activities planned for the weekend. On Friday, the Mad Hatter Ball was hold at the Holiday Inn Surfside in Daytona Beach. The dance started at 9:00 p.m. and lasted long in to the morning. The dance featured a band from Orlando called " Ricky and Tightrope " . The six piece band played the " Top 40 Hits " and entertained the students with an excellent show. At eleven o ' clock, the most anticipated moment of the evening arrived — the announcing of the 1980 Homecoming King and Queen. The 1980 King and Queen were Charlie Mulfinger and Denise Wike, the first runners-up were Todd Williams and Donna Pagano. The weekend continued with the constant activities for the Alumni and Students. These scheduled events included seminars, and luncheons. Friday afternoon, the Stetson Varsity ' Baseball Team played the Alumni and provided us with an entertaining afternoon of baseball. Needless to say the Hatters defeated the Alumni with a 13-1 victory. On Saturday, the festivities continued with more seminars and a Bar-B-Que lunch in the Forest of Arden. The highlight of the afternoon was the Homecoming Parade. The parade started at the Edmunds Center and proceeded down N. Woodland Blvd. into the heart of town. The day ' s weather also attributed to the beauty of the floats. Winners of the float competition were: second place to the business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi; and first place went to the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. The first place winner of the car competition was the Girl ' s Tennis Team. Saturday evening was the spine-tingling moment of Homecoming Weekend. Stetson Hatters played a superb game of basketball against Oral Roberts. The Hatters defeated Oral Roberts 81-75 with a crowd of 5,837 delighted Homecoming fans watching. The high scorer of the game was Wilbur Montegomery with 20 points picture yourself Homecoming 1980 and nine rebounds. Brad Weston exemplified the talent of an outstanding basketball player. His quickness and expertise of handling the ball helped to push the Hatters ahead to keep the lead and go on for the victory. Along with Weston, Montegomery, and Johnson, the rest of the Hatter players proved to the fans that our team sticks together and goes for the win! The fans were behind the Hatters all the way, anticipating a win however back at stetson knowing that at any point the Hatters may lose the game. Spirit was the number one aspect of Saturday ' s game. Spirit from the Alumni, students, and other patrons kept the Hatters fighting right down to the last seconds of the game. . . . and neither do the opportunities to get involved on Stetson ' s campus. Deland is only a deadland if you don ' t participate in the calendar full of events planned for students. The residence hall staff persons plan everything from halloween parties (at which they raid the dorms of the opposite sex] to big dates at " Date-n-Skate " , and from Bible studies to dorm demonstrations. Music School colleagues provide the student with numerous concerts throughout the year — and with a wide enough variety to please every taste. Students at Stover Theatre stage several great plays during the nine months including the student-created, student-directed night of comedy. You cm grab a snack at the Wednesday night Happy Hour, or see a favorite flick on Friday night in the Stetson Room. You can join an organization that reaches out to help the community or one that makes life more fun for oUow students. Whether it be getting involved in a fraternity or sorority, or making a goal to make it to every concert, basketball and soccer game played on campus, there is a world out there for every student to enjoy — and ho fun never ends. SPORTS ' 79 Season Considered A " Building Year " " A building year " was the term coach Gil Dominguez used for his 1979-1980 soccer season. Character- ized by a young team and a new coach the soccer team based their year on improvement. Coach Gil Dominguez came to Stetson from DeLand High School where he has taught soccer for the past six years. He was named Volusia County ' s Coach of the Year in 1978 and led his high school team to the top ten in Florida. Dominguez stressed very strict rules on his players and made sure that he used his team to their fullest extent. There were only eighteen players on this year ' s team and each of these had plenty of playing time. Stetson ' s best contest was a shutout against Palm Beach Atlantic College where they broke an old record of most goals scored in one match. The final outcome was 10-0. Coach Dominguez says next years team will be experienced and he guarantees a better win-loss record. 1. Vince Accardi shows the talent of Stetson by heading the ball away from his opponent. 1. Another defensive play by Eddie Fitzgerald. 2. Pregame strategies are discussed by Stetson. 3. Timing is of the essence, and Gary Cox has it under control. 4. Glen Brooks makes another spectacular save. 5. LEFT: Coach Gil Domingucz, Dave Drescher, Chuck Flourney. Bob Cohen, Eddie Hetrick. Vince Accardi. Glen Brooks, Boh Knuttilla. Dean Tasman, Steve Scerra. Eddie Fitzgerald, Lorenzo Mitchell, Derek Maul, Assistant Coach Steve Doran 1. Expert hiindling (if the b.ill by |clT Gould wiis just |),irl el the recison for Stetson ' s success. 2. DefeiKhn Stctson ' sgcil isStcvcScorrii.3. What , vvoulii ( ' lie without Erik? 4. Manipulating the liall is no problem for Dave Drcscher. J SOCCER r • " h V- V:»» V tf( £ rmmm ; «:• .1 ?f :•» ! m 1 w vl fi v 4m. ' .. 1, Aliin Conradi and Eddie Fitzgerald drive for iinolher goal. 2. Clearing the goal one more time is tilcn Brooks. 3. Attempting a penalty kick is Scott Fortes. 4. Taking flight for tfie ball is Eddie Fitzgerald. 5. Eddie Fitzgerald moves tfie ball up the field. Hatters Go To The N.B.A, The Hatter Basketball team was ciiiick and experienced this year with it ' s ten returning lettermen and lour newcomers holding the team together. Dirk Ewing, Glen Wilkes |r.. Brad Weston, and )im Ramsey led the backcourt while Greg Guye, Wilber Montgomery, and Corky Corzine saw the frontcourt for the hats. Two of this years outstanding [liayers. Dirk Ewing and Greg Guye, wore drafted by the NBA ' s Indiana Pacers. Both men ' s shooting capabilities and defensive action were a great asset to the Stetsen team. Wilber Montgomery ' s muscles and Derrick McDowell ' s legs put the team on top. The Hatters had a new tlimension this year as they battled new opponents including top ranked Ohio State, Oral Roberts, and Marquette in their twenty seven game slate. Greg Guye defies gravity for another Hatter Basket. 1. At the foul line for two is Dirk Ewing. 2. Jim Ramsey takes another jumper. 3. Wilber Montgomery does it the hard way! 4. Stymieing Old Dominion once more is Wilber Montgomery. 0- ■ i 5 lv ;H J J " : 45 • -v ' d ' V i i® 1. Sharpshooter Greg Guye makes a technical foul shot for the Hatters. 2. Dirk Ewing moves the ball gracefully through the South Florida defense. 3. The " 15 footer " is a favorite for Glen Wilkes Jr. 4. Wilber Montgomery makes yet another foul shot. 5. " Swish " goes another Greg Guye shot. L The Buckeyes simply could not stop Wilber Montgomery. 2. Wilber Montgomery sets for the extra point. Experience And Dedication Help Lady Hats The 1979-80 basketball season was the most exciting ever for the Stetson Hatters, who had their top three scorers and rebounders return- ing from last year. Sophomore point guard Donna Johnson as last years leading scorer and MVP returned. Also, lending experience to the Hatter ranks were junior guard Brenda Elrod, senior forward Debbie Toole, junior Trina Hudson, and sophomore Janet Hud- son, were relied on to provide leadership and experience. Five newcomers took the court for the Hatters this season, led by high school teammates Karen Louaglio and Diane Hayes. They were joined by junior forwards Terry White and Theresa King. Rounding out the Hatter squad is transfer Tracey Byer, a sophomore guard. Intense play was needed by the Lady Hatters in 1979-80, as they again faced the top Florida schools and some tough out-of-state competition. In addition to Mercer, University of Miami, Flagler, and South Florida, the new schedule had additions like N.C. State, UNC, College of Charleston, and Yale to contend with. " We are an improved team this year, " quoted Coach Jordan, " because we have to make use of the experience of the past year, and a lot of dedication, contribution, and execution. " The Hatters looked to surpass the .500 mark for the upcoming campaign. 1. Going up strong for the layup is Diane Hayes. Jeanne Rowzee moves the ball toward the basket. 2. A lost contact delayed the hatter match against the Lady Titans. 3. Against strong opposition Karen Lovaglio throws downcourt. 4. Left to Right: Coach Kelly [ordan, Donna Johnson. Brenda Elrod. Debbie Toole, Diane Hayes. Trina Hudson. Karen Lovaglio. Theresa King. Terri White. |anet Hudson, Dorothy Harris. Tracey Byer. [eanne Rowzee. Martha Miller. Top Teams Battle In Hatter Classic It was another exciting year for DeLand as the Hatters hosted the 15th Annua] Hatter Classic. All four teams that began the tournament had winning records and proved their strength in the Edmunds Center. Two games were played each night with the champion- ship match on the final night. The midshipmen from the U.S. Naval Academy met against the Engineers of Lehigh in the opening game. Navy was just too tough upsetting the Engineers in a close battle. The host Hatters vied against the Houston Baptist Huskies with the Huskies winning with their outstanding shooting ability. On the second night Stetson and Lehigh battled in a consolation match with the Hatters coming out on top placing third in the Classic. Navy overran the Huskies winning the championship Classic title. 1. Coach Glen Wilkes explains the final winning play of the game. 2. A strong layup is executed by Derrick McDowell. 3. Pregame warmup was an important part of the Hatter ' s strategy. Miss Hatter Crowned It was not just an ordinary basketball game-it was special. It was the annual Miss Hatter crowning. After weeks of prelimin- ary judging the following girls were picked as finalists; Nancy Cordell, Luane lezzi, Suzi Stroud, and Laura Watson. The girls paraded around the floor during halftime as the judges made their final decision. As the crowd hushed the final decision was announced " 51st runner up - Miss Laura Watson and the 1980 Miss Hatter queen - Miss Luane lezzi. " The crowd roared as President Pope Duncan and Mrs. Duncan presented the girls with their trophies and flowers. 1. The Queen ' s Court: Miss Luane lezzi and Laura Watson. 2. President Pope Duncan and Mrs. Duncan give queen Luane lezzi their congratulations. 3. Congratulations to the 1980 Miss Hatter and her court! 1. Louis Stawarz grounds another pitch into the plato. 2. The Dugout is a cool place to rest during Spring Training. 3. Dave Miller hits a long ball. 4. Awaiting his turn on the field is Shane O ' Shea. 5. Mark Zaieski tests the pitcher with one of his fine leads. 1. During a night game Brad Cloud awaits his turn to slam one home. 2. Louis Stawarz dives back to first as Jim Fry looks on. 3. Mike Bergmann throws another fast bail. I Looking To A Winning Decade The 1979 - 1980 Baseball season lent an optimistic look into the future. With a new coach and a great depth of players the Hatters started a new decade of wins. The team had a fifty six game schedule facing such rivals as Rollins, Florida Southern, University of Miami, and Georgia Southern. Stetson gained coach Pete Dunn to fill last year ' s coach ] m Ward ' s position. Coach Dunn gained all of the players respect and produced a winning attitude among his players. The team had good solid starters with a new depth in the pitching staff. The staff was bolstered by an influx of junior college transfers such as Mike Hamilton. Mike Bergman, Brad Fraley and jerry Costigan. The three senior captains for the year were Joe Ostermann, Tyrone Tinsley and Al Guerra. The team was supported by enthusiastic Bat Girls who devoted much time and efforts to the team and their opponents. 1. Slugger Dave Miller cocks for the pitch. 1. Former Hurler Rick Hall returns as a student coach. 2. FRONT ROW: Bob Schaeffer, Dave Miller, Brad Miller, Mark Zaleski, Jim Sprow, jerry Moulton, |erry Costigan, Matt Starrett, Jeff Johnston, Scott Morro, Al Guerra MIDDLE ROW: Trainer Mike Robinson, Steve Bieri, Shane O ' Shea. Ronnie Hartman, Brad Fraley. Wade Rowdon, Louis Stawarz. Brad Cloud. Rick Weeks, Joe Ostermann, Jeff Pequinot, Mike Hamilton BACK ROW: Coach Rick Hal " Charlie Mulfinger. lim Fry. Mike Hamilton, Tyrone Tinsly. Mike Bergmann. Don Barton. Ed Danson, Kirk Eicholtz. Dennis Martin. John Paone. Coach Pete Dunn. 3. In amazement of his strike out, Don Barton walks to the dugout. 4. Catchers Tyrone Tinsley and Mark Zaleski await their turn behind the plate. 1. Preseason practice drills improve base running for Kirk Eichollz and Joe Ostermann. 2. Don Barton knocks another one out of the park. 3. During a preseason scrimage Mark Zaleski took his turn against his team as A] Guerra caught behind the plate. 4. Steve Bieri improves his pitching in warmups. 1. Louis Stawarz moves toward the plate. 2. Coach Pete Dunn explains the signals for the spring season. 3. Coach Dale Klaus takes a break from the statistics to give a smile to the photographer. 4. Stopping another grounder is jerry Moulton. 1. Louis Stawarz grounds another pitch into the plate. 2. The Dugout is a cool place to rest during Spring Training. 3. Dave Miller hits a long ball. 4. Awaiting his turn on the field is Shane O ' Shea. 5. Mark Zaieski tests the pitcher with one of his fine leads. I B i 1 " MJ 1 During a night game Brad Cloud awaits his turn to slam one home. 2. Louis Stawarz dives back to first as [im Fry looks on. 3. Mike Bergmann throws another fast ball. v.sKftr smt- ifiiat; 1. Senior John Tucker sends back an opponents serve. 2. Phil White sends another ball over the net. 3. The opponents couldn ' t stop Scott Hunter ' s abilit ' . 4. VARSITY TENNIS; Phil White, John )oiner. Scott Hunter, Scott Kiefer, Kevin Weiberg, Coach Ray Hussey. Chris Chrissenberry, John Tucker, Craig Kettles, Brian Miklas 5. Keeping his opponent running John Tucker sends back a slam to the opposite corner. Tennis Team Takes New Image The 1980 mens tennis squad showed their rivals a new image this year. Led by avid tennis player Coach Ray Hussey the team struggled through another tough year but greatly improved over last year. " The team has depth, " exclaimed sophomore star [ohn Joiner " we have the skills and ability. " The team lost last year ' s number one man, Casey Dagenhardt, but retained senior starters John Tucker and Mark Siegal. Sophomores |ohn joiner, Chris Chrisenberry and Phil White all pulled the team together with their dynamic strength. The team was also fortunate to gain Scott Hunter, Florida State High School Champion, to fill the gaps where needed. The team faced such rivals as U.S. Air Force Academy, Florida Southern, Rollins, and their new rival University of Tampa. 1. John Joiner sends a smashing serve to his opponent. Weight Room Helps Hatter Tennis Freshman took the court for the Lady Hatters tennis team this year. Sparked with six new, experienced players the Lady Hats had another triumphant season. Led by returning seniors Joan Kreider, and Sue Overvold. junior Patty Nagle, and sophomore Beth Schneider, the girls tennis team built towards another national team. Freshman players Laurie Bentz. Robin Cornell. Beth Wait. Lorna Lindquist. Pegg - Scheb and Kathy Womack all added their own talent to the Stetson team. Coached by avid tennis player Vick - Pate the girls were required to work out on the Nautilus weight training equipment each day to tone muscles and build up stamina. Coach Pate is a graduate of the University- of Miami and led the 1978-79 Hatters through the state and regional championships then on to Denver where they placed fifth nationally in the Small College Division. Coach Pate looked at a good season this year, but she promises for an even better one next. 1. Pegg - Scheb sends a smashing sene to her opponent. 1. Exhibiting her excellent backhand is Lorn.i Lindquist. 2. Short discussions during practice helped the team iron out mistakes 3. |oan Kreidcr protects the net. 4. Bottom: Pegg Scheb. Kathy VVomack, Lorna Lindquist. Top: [oan Kreidcr. Sue Overvold, Beth Schneider. Beth Wait. Robin Cornell and Coach ' ick Pate Young Team Takes To The Green Stetson Golf team wns d young group after losing its four senior members. The team relied on the strength of Sophomore Steve Todd, Junior Mark Hartfield, and freshman Buster Himt and Ke ' in Lawrence to fill their shoes. The team placed 8th in the Miami Sun and Fim Intercollegiate Tour- nament with Steve Todd having the best round for the entire field for all three days. In the Florida State Championship Stetson gained a reputation of the Best Non-scholarship team in the state. Coached by Mr. Bob Weickel the team practiced everyday and kept a very difficult schedule. The team faced such schools as Rollins College, Central Florida, and University of Miami. Stetson fielded a young team this year but look for years to come. 1. Perfect form produces a long drive for Steve Todd. I Leaving the first tee, Steve Todd looks for his hall. 2. Expertise in the sand trap gets Mike Bencvcnto ' s ball up into the green. 3. Left to Right: Coach Bob Weickal. Doug Lasoter. Mike Benevento, Mark Hartfield, Steve Todd. Craig Howell. Buster Hunt. Mi ssing: Kevin Lawrence, Chuck Kandt. Todd Bolin. Dave Fifner. 4. In just one more of his difficult situations, Busier Hunt hits another great iron shot. 5. A sloped green sets up a difficult putt for Craig Howell. Crowds Have More To Cheer For Sli ' tson cinwds h;i () iiiorc Id clioor lor as the lv olve vvomiin scuuui lead tho school in spirit. Practicinj throe times a week, the cheerleaders have really made a name for them- selves. They cheered for soccer, girls basketball, and boys basketball. Tryoiits were held in the I ' all, adding five to the scn ' on veterans. They traveled to away games within the area and continued to exude enthusiasm through the season. Their impressive cheers, inchul- ing towering stances and lively steps, were real crowd pleasers. Clioorlciuicr .sqiuid .shows llinir favorite pyramid. 1. [ackie Inglesias and Beth Cantly devise a new move. 2. Practicing her new cheer is Raison Lee. 3. Hard work pays off in the final cheer. 4. Bottom - Sheila O ' Neal, Michelle Discanio. Jackie Inglesias. Pam Williams. Susie Stones. Susie Stroud, Raison Lee Middle - Diane Sides, Kathy Nielander. Top - Beth Cantly. Rhonda Harrel. Lori Chadborne. 5. V-I-C-T-O-R-Y cheer was always a favorite. Turnout Sparks Improvement The Intramural program this year was the best of many. Each dorm along with fraternities, sororities, and ministries fielded teams for the intramural sports. Each afternoon one could find the teams competing against each other in sports such as football, volleyball, basketball, and swimming. The men ' s teams fought for the President ' s Cup while the women fought for the All Points trophy. 1 . Along with compelition lliere were also a few liUighs during girl ' s ping-pong. 2. Concentrating on his serve. Pete Balise plans another score. 1. Pregame strategies are a must for the INDIE team. 2. The Little sisters always supported their team. 3. The return was an important part of men ' s ping-pong. 4. A perfect run by Chris Mitchell is ended by her opponent. 5. Bob Martin attempts another pass for a touchdown. 6. The center is an important element for a strong team. 1. A long serve scores another point for the CCM. 2. The champion Pi Kapps finalize prcgame strategies. 3. Marc Beaumont throws another long pass. 4. The " SPIKE " scored the most points in volleyball. 1. |oe Hill blocks another off-campus shot. 2. Pregame practice is executed by the INDIES. 3. Debbie Kun sends back a smashing save. 4. Womens Intramural Committee: Front row: D. Meyer, D. Toland. L. Duke, C. Evans, Second Row: Mrs. S. Raborn, M. Gorman, R. Martin, M. Love, C. Pinder. Back Row: B. Clinton, P. Kamps, C. Frechette, E. Taylor. 5. INTRAMURAL COM- MITTEE: Ken Michals, Tony Lovallo, Doug Laseter, Coach Weikel, Alan Beck, Robert Tanella. GREEKS GO GREEK! Anothor tratiition held strong at Stetson — Greek spirit. .Wdf }My 11 " ilfriPiBirj fjli ifjW .i,,j t AX12 Sportsmanship Award, Big Lyre, barbeques. Family Feud, Open Rush parties, honest NCFA test?. Pledge Retreat - Daytona ( " beer is strickly taboo " ) Sugar and Spice Day Care Center. " Walk Pretty " under your rain- bow. 1 ASA Are Alpha Xis pretty and fun? Do fuzzy bears sleep in the woods? Alpha Xi ' s combined sisterhood with sports and scholarship to their 1979-1980 school year. Frequent Biellini Runs. fraternity socials and philanth- ropies kept the sisters busy. AAA Delta Delta Delta was established on Thanksgiving Eve, 1888, at Boston University. The Alpha Delta Chapter, founded at Stetson in 1913, is the oldest Tri-Delta Chapter in Florida. The Tri-Delta badge is the stars and crescent, their colors are silver, gold, and blue, and their flower is ho pansy. - .;..?? P3lf lBW AXA The highlights of the fraternit ' s social functions were the Greenfeather Strip Show, Sororit ' kidnapping, the Christmas part ' . Weekend, and the brothers as a brotherhood. " The fraternity of honest friendship " . ' ' ' ' Jp r- $M Phi Mu ' s in action: Pledge Retreat, Bucket Runs, Halloween Party, Football, Children ' s Methodist home. Volleyball, Thanksgiving, Christmas Party, Lock-in, Big Brother picnic, . . . Weekend, Port, Delta Chi Social, . . . Whew, What a year! But it was fun doing it in the bond of sisterhood and Phi Mu. $2K The Kappa Hexaton Chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa has a proud history and many traditions. Among these are our cardinal principals of Brotherhood, Scholarship, and Character. The fraternity ' colors are magenta and silver. Our fraternity flower is the red carnation. nB i Pi Phi ' s started their year with a pledge retreat at Deltona. The " Angels " selected their Arrow Men and shared with them the colors of wine and blue and the sisterhood of Pi Beta Phi. nKA The brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha began the year by inviting 24 pledges to join in their fraternity. This was followed by the traditional " Gong Show " at Greenfeather, the wild and crazy Toga party, and Founder ' s Day in the spring. HK The Chi chapter of Pi Kappa Phi is proud of its leadership and athletics on campus. Their year was highlighted by a Head Start Halloween party, Can Drive, Pi Cafe party, and Little Sister Sing. ' V- y " ' rj little titled, but so were thev SN Founded at the Virginia Military Institution in 1869, Sigma Nu has Ijecomc the first chartered national social fraternity at Stetson when the Delta Mu chapter was established in 1913. The Sigma Nu colors are black, white, gold and the fraternity flower is the white rose. S I E Sigma Phi Epsilon, Beta Chapter, invited their pledges to share in the traditions of brotherhood on Stetson ' s campus. The Chariot Pull, Bahama Mama, and regular brotherly get-togethers were integral in their fraternity life. % The Zeta ' s started the year with successful fall rush gain ing 18 fantastic pledges. The Zeta ' s have completed activities this year such as Halloween party for their philanthropy at the Duval Home, Clothes drive, a Christmas bazaar, and helping with Greenfeather. ORGANIZATIONS W.H.A.T, W.I-I.A.T. is a volunteer student staffed, closed-circuit radio station. A vital member of the Stetson Union Board, it promoted and advertised all Union Board events. Additionally, W.H.A.T. helped at several dorm and Greek functions when a D.]. was needed. Rourke, C, Duclcworth, M.B.. McFarland. B.. Mitchell. C. Muller, R.. Roach, A., Pisti, S., Murray, C, Meirholtz, [.C, Cullen, P.. Baker. K.. Irby. M.. Weiss. R.. Toftc. |. Phi Beta Fraternity The National Professional Fraternity of Music ushered at recitals, held receptions for visiting artists and provided various other services for the School of Music. Bobbitt. M.. Blevins, T., House. S., Barton. ]., Stevenson, T., Bradford. L., Clark, B., Calloway, L., Trigg, M.. George. S.. Frith, D., Neil). S.. Brooks, C, Pruett. P., Williams. M., Johnston, L., Bennett, L., Dell, M., McClain. R., Lanier A.. Tuten. A.. Leek, E. Litrachur Magazine Stetson has very recently acquired a literary pamphlet that contains the original works of students. The editors of Litrachur collected poetry, short stories, and art from submitting students and sent their choices off to print. The pamphlet was then available to all of Stetson ' s campus. Horton. C, Lubbers. M.. Stempol. S.. Turnage. T. Catholic Campus Ministry The Catholic Campus Ministry was established to foster a sense of Catholic fellowship, minister to spiritual needs of students and reach out in welcome to the school body. The Newman House, which is located adjacent to campus, is maintained for the use of the students and to hold social activities. Some of these activities include prayer groups, pizza socials, group discussions and Sunday dinners. Potts, ]., Gatins, M. P.. Carroll, C. O ' Kecfc, |.. Frechette. C. Nash, M.B. 1 ' . ' » 4 A 1 DcVenoche. M., Charest, Fr. Glenn, Mengrich, Delta Tail Kappa. an International Social Science Honor Society, was formally ( stal)lishecl on April li), 19fil. It ' s meml)crs incliule iindergradiiati? and jjr ' aduato students, faculty members, and leading scholars throughout the world. Delta Tau Kappa Etirlich. I., Price, W., Sctiiirr. This national honorary leadership fraternity for junior and senior men is comprised of those who have shown an efficiency in their college activities and have proved an example to their classmates. Omicron Delta Kappa Pelzer, |., Dunn, D., Killgore, F.. Maul, D., Egnor, T., Crowe, ]., Edmundson, G., Sloan, |., Maraglia. S. Hood, G.. Wright, I., lulian, T., Coolridge, E.G. Panhellenic The Panhellenic is a group of representatives from all sororities on campus. They sponsor Greek Week and other interfraternity projects to maintain the high quality of Greek relations. The Greek women are very proud of the Panhellenic spirit at Stetson. Young. G., Davis, M., Cordell. N., McCain. D., Torcise. S., Bimnc ' ll, |,. Wilkinson. L.. Babey. S., Kautsky, ).. Karrer, M. Rho Lambda At each fall pledge banquet, the new Greek Women see the tapping of actives that have shown outstanding leadership and involvement. The Rho Lambda initiates have been exceptional, not only in their sororities, but in showing Panhellenic spirit. [ones, C, Jiihn.siin, T., Cordell, N., Fortson. T.. Fromhagen. D.. Taylor, S., Davis, M., Edmondson, M., Sloss, Christian Scientist The Christian Science Organization was officially chartered on campus in 1978. This religious organization annually sponsors a lecture for the Stetson community- and this group is a participating member of Stetson Religious Life Council. B.. Hallis. R.. Griffiths. |.. North. D,. Dick -. L.. Page. D. Alpha Kappa Psi is the largest and oldest professional business fraternit ' on campus. In addition to furthering its members ' education in the fields of economics. commerce and finance, the fraternity annually co-sponsors Career Fair and publishes a magazine entitled Future. Alpha Kappa Psi Ingram, F., Webster, D., Schut , A.. Bullingur, A,. Uavis, M-, lackson, Prince, Genlun. C, Greene. B., Walters. |., Aarons. C, Johnson. J.. Simonson, D.. Vinson. C. Greene. Jones. C.. Amler. R.. Reiner. M.. Schearer. B.. Booth. J.. Pridmore. M., North. D.. Alexander. G.. Phillips. J.. Davis. G.. Wilcox. E., Berry. L.. Patterson. D. japinga. K.. Kenfield. J. Miller. T.. Schmitt. K.. Waters. M. Stetson Union Board The members of the Stetson Union Board work to make life at the university more exciting for its students. They sponsor concerts, movies, and camping trips. They operate both the Alley and the W.H.A.f. radio station. Ellis. R.. Sindy. B.. Merrow. M.. Schwerdfegger. S.. Myers. D.. Collins. G.. Rourck. C. Templeton, T.. Dunn. D.. Uncapher. K.. Van Wart, C. Guthrie. B., Buck. H.. Kilgore. F. Student Assembly The purpose of the Student Assembly is to foster discussions. suggest improvements. present student opinion, and propose changes concerning any aspects of life at Stetson. They also provide counsel for students concerning their ideas on school projects. The representatives were elected by their dorms and off-campus. They held meetings in the Carlton Union Building open to those students who had complaints or suggestions about student life. Dinsmore. j.. Julian. T.. Fromhagen. C.. Edmondson. M.. Baboy. S.. Glynn. M.. Mitchell, L.. Cutright. S.. Kern. G.. Bland. B.. Gulek. B.. Mostello. P.. Medina. S.. Schmitt. K.. Sargent. R.. Cobb. M. Beta Beta Beta Tri-Beta is a honorary fratornitN ' for outstanding Biology students. The group emphasized community services, participating in Stetson (ireenfoathor. Also, the members made an effort to have social outings as a group. One such function was a Tri-Beta cook-out. Stidham, M.. Duke. L., Johnson, C, Davison, D., Meinholtz. D.. Merrell. M., Gate, C, Cortez, C. Rush, P.. Hinkle, |.. Cheatham. B.. Eiffert, B., Mattina. K.. Bitondo. C. Beggs, K.. Tucker, j.. Price, W., Brennen, R,, Rust. |. Student Advisory Council (Music] Stetson ' s music students find time in their intensive schedules to make music a part of even their extra-curricular activities. One of these organizations is the Music Student Advisory Council. George, S., Bradford. L.. Clark, B., Stevenson. T.. House. S.. Smith. M.. Barton, |., Neill. S., McClain. R.. Stevenson. D. Model Senate The Stetson members of Model Senate assume roles of members of our government ' s Senate. They organize, research and simulate the proceedings of the congressional senate. Allen. A., Dozier. S.. Atwood. T.. Palph. |.. Dunn. D.. Crowe Phillips. K.. Adams. F.. Aldridge, ).. Dawkins, S.. Fanigan, K, [.. Torcise, S., Phillips, M., Gravel, M., Phi Eta Sigma Phi Eta Sigma is an honorary organization for freshmen who achieve a grade point average of 3.5 or above. They sponsor a Quiz Bowl in February and have an initiation banquet in the late Spring. Medlin, Smith, J., Williams, M. Edleberg, E., Gould, W.. Templeton, T.. Kettles. C.. Tuten. A.. Kilgore. F.. Ruiz, K., Czarcks, D., Jenken Films Crew The Films Crew, a committee of the Stetson Union Boeird, presents the Friday Flick for the entertainment of the Stetson Community. This year ' s crew chose the slogan " Reel People " whidi became their logo as well. L. Spriggs, |. Mo. D. Davison, M. Erikson. L. Graham. S. Arnold, ]. |acobs, S. Schilling, P. Woodward, Weems, T. Wiltcher. E. Byrd. Music Educators National Conference This organization is comprised of music majors who plan to make a career of music through teaching. The members are made privy of news and opportunities in the field. Their group took trips to meetings of other music educators, such as the one they attended in Tampa. L. Bradford. S. George, M. Weidner, ). Fahey, Mr, O ' Hara, |- Rosen, V. Ward, ). Whipple. Sigma Tau Delta Sigma Tau Delta is the honorary for outstanding English majors. The club sponsors a get-together for the English and prospective English majors, along with the faculty in the English department. It aids them in their studies and keeps them informed of opportunities in their field. L. Huergo, D. Brown. M. Lubbers. C. Turner, E. Edelburg Sigma Pi Kappa Sigma Pi Kappa is Stetson ' s honorary for outstanding journalism majors. These skilled writers improved their talents as they shared ideas and opinions. Unterbrink. B., Brennen, R.. Karrer. M.. Scarce, R.. Fox, D., [ackson, L., Securih ' and Traffic Pnr.vBQE die ganndf. cunr» " and Tigfnc i . aich arot-- Ministerial Association 1 1 U Iv-r A ' 3.. Ym g, iL. BriC B., !.Iuna . I.I.. ' .Vood. . ' .!., Crcr. «. K.. , 1. MahoiMT. T. Norwcwd. I. Irfay, M. Dancer ' s Workshop stretchir.j .-.: ., , . •..■ sessions exerc ed these girls imaginations as their creati it soared high in their first year at Stetson. Selling t-shirts at Christmas raised sufficient funds for the year ' s events. These high-stepping charmers were well-received as they made their debut at the annual Hatter HoUdav. Massing, M_ Dupree. D_ Wo: K_ BrowTL C Wlfce. D. jhoson. . Roberts. K_ Mcss: Pep Band Composed of music and non-music majors the Stetson Pep Band set the tempo at all sporting events and were well-received b the foot-stomping. loud-cheering crowd B. Wartman. L. SvUesCer. C Boikoc:. M Psarakis. R. Shell. I. Whipple. K, Bakt- Uingknecht. T S«.=nn s K,-v,-r. i Ktr- •..I-.:. I K-.ackUy R, Benson. K ■:;i " Rossoa. Stetson offered honorary societies for its dedicated students in their particular majors. Outstanding Psychology ' majors were annually inducted into the Psi Chi honorary fraternity where interests and efforts were further encouraged and rewarded. Psi Chi Torres. |.. Miraglia. S., Pound. B., Manna, E.. Onek. B.. Dr. Kindred. Dr. Cochran. Phi Chi Theta Accomplished business students were inducted annually into Stetson ' s Phi Chi Theta where interests and ideas were met with positive action for further understanding of the business world. Sawon. N., Eman. E.. Anderson. D.. Heckel. R.. Ives. R.. Nadelman. A., Mahathey. R.. Dinsmore. |.. Mann. K., Evans. C, Figlioli. K. Rowdies An organization of independent women, Rowdies matched talent with action as they played a major role in Stetson ' s Women ' s Intramurals. Evans. B.. Ambrose. C Hudson. |.. Elrod. B., Evans. C, Hoyer, K.. Sawon. N. Indies Full of talent and ready for action, the Indies were tough competition for Stetson Women ' s Intramurals as these independent girls made their mark in all sporting events. Royer, B.. Clinton. B.. Hutchings. L.. Echols. T.. Love. M.. jonardi. C. Cooley. K., Metz, M.. Sewell. S.. Lacko, K. Interfraternity Council This council of men are representatives of the Grcei fraternities on campus. The organization met to decide directives for the Greek students. Such activities included the freshmen register, Greei Weel; and I.F.C. organized parties for all Greeks. S. Goozee, H. Alcott, |. Doorman, G. Roberts, ). |oseph. M. Segal, Maclnerney, J. Yanchak, G. Smith, F. Tant. Tyson, R. Roman, A. Groves, B. The Stetson Afro-American Society provides a campus outlet for community service and intramural athletics. Stetson Afro-American Society Weeks, R., Netms, P., Tinsley, T., Jean, D., Firsher, L., )ohnson, C., Clark, K., Daly, Lynne.. Williams, B., American Marketing Association Encouraging members to promote their talents and skills, the American Marketing Association provided Stetson students with guest speakers and slide presentations on advertising, radio, television and different types of business. The resume clinic was a featured service where students learned how to market themselves for top job positions through interview techniques and proper attitudes. Scola, v., Dr. David. Penge, S., Mr. Heckel, Figlioli, K., Green, B., Evans, C, Sawon, N., Simonson, D., Prince, Y., Carlson, S., Miller. K.. [ohnson. |.. |ones, C, Bollinger, A., Llnterbrink, B., Davidson, T., Weber, C, Fox, D., Komescher, P., Ingham. P., Van Norden, |., Schutz, A., Webster, D., Green, C., Kenfield, |. Publication Board Keeping tabs on the latest techniques and editions. Stetson ' s Publication Board reviewed copy and shared ideas from the staffs of the Stetson HATTER, REPORTER, and LITRACHUR. Meeting bi-weekly, this board consists of the editor, business manager and representative from these three publications. Lubbers, M., Dr. Grain, Green, B., Karrer, M., Scarce, R.. Fox, D., Marlowe, |., Wike, D. The REPORTER Stetson ' s REPORTER was never better than this year ' s publication, 1979-80. For this weekly newspaper contained the feelings of the students and covered major events including sports and academics. Under the direction of Rik Scarce, editor, the REPORTER turned out exceptionally well. providing the students with a great campus newspaper. M. DeVenoge. R. McCormick, M. Karres, B. Pokorney, P. Waters, B. Clemmons, R. Scarce, C. Rice, Bonnell, S. Evans. ]. Negron, |. Messersmith, B. Unterbrink. R. Reedgrim, B. McFarland. R. Hunt. American Chemical Society The American Chemical Society is a social organization open to all chemistry students. Stetson ' s A.C.S. is a student affiliate ch apter of the world ' s largest organization. Stetson was given its charter in the early ' 70 ' s. It enabled them to receive help in placement for employment after graduation. The A.C.S. is an organization that strives for both excellence in chemistry yet affording the student a social life. D. Erdman. K. Hager. T. Posa. D. Meinholtz, S. Kulik. M. Erickson, |. Bergstrom, D. Welch. M, Digney, G. Wynn, C. Bitondo. Phi Alpha Theta Phi Alpha Theta is the history honorary organization. The honorary organization is open to those students who have taken at least 12 hours of history and have a 3.5 grade point average. Each year a delegate is chosen from the students and sent to a national convention. The students are actively involved in public and world political affairs. K. Allen, D. Tode, G. Wynn, [. Hodgins, R. Russell, R. Martin. L. Oliver, ]. Cohen. K. O ' Keith, E. |ohnson. Dr. Wynn, A. Ventura, ). Rowzee, A. Groves, C. Turner Gamma Sigma Epsilon Gamma Sigma Epsilon is an academic honorary organization for all chemistry students who have taken over 14 hours of credit in Chemistry. Gamma Sigma Epsilon has been in existence at Stetson since 1930. The students of this organization strive for academic excellence and hope to inspire others through their tutoring program. G. Wynn, M. Digncy, M Erickson. S. Kulik. T. Posa. ]- Bergstrom. U- Scott. S. Schilling. juiiii Charm fills Chaiidoin as those girls host Holiday parties such as Halloween ' s scariest and sexiest witch contests, Christmas skits and open house. The year ' s street dance, hayride, and roller skating parties make for wall-to-wall folks and ear-to-ear smiles. Featuring two guest speakers, Chaudoln hosted a seminar on Communism and the Chaudoin Brown, D., Murphiy, K., Edmondson, M., Dobratz, S., Botondo, C, Nelson, ]., Ventura, A.. Wilson. B.. Burnett. K.. Ptiillips, K., Harper, C, Ahrens, C. Frechette, C, Correa, E., Conrad A fun-filled year was on the agenda for the folks at Conrad Hall as progressive dinners competed tubing and pool parties with Cordis and New Men ' s Halls. Everyone ' s welcome at this dorm as the Valentine ' s Day dance sent feet tapping and hearts thumping. Scholarship was also promoted as study rooms were renovated and an Iranian Crisis lecture was hosted featuring Ambassador Minor as the guest speaker. Collins, G., Glynn, M., Gotter, A.. D., Mobley, S., Mobley, L. Jackson, L., Kautsky, I., Babey, S., Wilcox, P., Clemons, B., Millecan, Emily Adventure was the name of the game for Emily dwellers as the year ' s events featured twenty-five foot banana splits, and pickle-eating contests with special guest chower, Kemper Smith, where halls competed for the first annual Emily Cup Award. Long hours of toil and trouble over mini-mester produced a beautifully decorated basement. Added attractions included a Halloween party, Christmas party Guitar skit night and a novel staff meeting at Otis ' s. Gatje, D., Patterson, D.. Dee, [., Metz, M., Taylor, S., Brumfield. B., Lauer, M., Crosby, K., Schultz, L., Weber, C, Sargent. R., Spriggs. L. Stetson Heading the agenda for Stetson Hall ' s events were Greenfeather ' s Dating Game and carnival booth, " The Hitching Post. " Dances were a favorite as Stetson Sponsored one with Cordis Hall and another for Leap year on February 29th. A novel event to be long-remembered was the Film Festival before fall exam week where 24-hour visitation crowded the lobby with nostalgic visitors. Sindy, B.. Cortes, C, Carlson, S., Hinckley, S.. Uhl, L., Kelts, D., Urban, J., Langley, M., Robinson, D., Phillips. M.. Walker. A., Berry, L.. Cave, C, [ones, C, Sloss, K.. [obson, M., Kemna, A., Drake, M., Adams, M., Petrie, L., Wink, S. There was a new added feature to Carson Hall as a result of hard work during this year. They turned the basement of the dorm into a Health Club. So we were all able to tell which guys lived in Carson Hall. The residents of this hall also participated in an inner dorm competition for a coveted Carson Cup. Carson Hall Vinson, C. Durland, M., Sherman. R.. Baade. S., Best, R.. Curran, G., Cordis Hall This has been a year of renovation for Cordis Hall. They painted the halls, fixed up the lounges, and built swings out in front of the dorm for the residents to enjoy. The addition of central air condition helped to cool everything down. Cordis and Delta Delta Delta enjoyd a " Clam Bake " at the St. Johns river and ate a lot of good seafood. Canoes were available to those who wanted to brave the water (some even dared the water without canoes), and others played football. Cordis Hall Staff Oliver, W., Williams, T., Kraus. K.. Spurlock. S.. Hass. S., Bulone, Paulk, K., lohnson. D., Herr, M.. Helton, R. , Bauer. K.. Rust, New Men ' s Hall New Men ' s Hall worked hard to redo many areas of their dorm. They painted the halls, made study rooms, and astro turfed the stairs. They are in the process of creating an auto mechanics center that the whole school will be able to use. They also held two school wide dances and sponsored candidates in Homecoming and Greenfeather. Balakanis. |.. Andrews. A.. Kettles. C. Onek. B.. Walters. ).. Tucker. ].. Stage. J.. Smith Hall As for most of the other dorms, this too, was a year of redecorating for Smith Hall. All the halls and most of the room were painted. Several of the lounges were converted into study areas with carpet and study carrolls and one was turned into a comfortable TV room. The addition of a patio with barbecue grills enabled the dorm to have steak cookouts with womens dorms and in honor of the baseball team. Grangrr, ) , Mich.i. ' is, K . Foster. K.. Egnor, T.. Hubband, M., Hutchinson. K. Conway, D., Miraglia. S.. Kant. C. Brown, | . Harris. M.. Brennen. R., Q) corner fjjk To represent one year at Stetson University, distinct from any other time or 0P place, was the initial goal of the 1980 HATTER staff. To this we added £ professionalism, wide coverage, student appeal, and a spring delivery date to our already high aspiration; but even this was not all. We intended to produce a ?J yearbook that would transcend the college years of those students it contained. ip A yearbook that would find its real usefulness after ten or fifteen years: when ■■ it would help us to recall the happy years of our youth. " We can consider the seventies our first decade of maturity ' . During this time, we have seen much of how the world continues to evolve through conflict and tension. Issues, such as equalitA ' , political asylum and oil distribution have taken world-wide importance. We have seen the effects of fallen power in the overthrowing of Iran ' s Shah. We have recently seen the renewed power of our own American democracy against the threats of the third world. The decade was opened with indecisions. American reactions to the coup in Afganistan brought the decision that the 1980 Olympics would be held in Moscow without the participation of the U.S. team. The race for the Presidency began its first lap with Republican and Democratic hopefuls positioning for the nomination by their respective parties. The decision to reinstate the selective service was announced. The question of how women would fit into this selecting was one brought out through the strongly debated Equal Rights Amendment. With all this around us, we also managed to struggle with our own conflicts and tensions, coming closer to the decisions that would direct our proceeding years. If 1980 can mark for us a new decade, then we must now think ahead to where we will be in the next ten years. Use this book then, to look back at where we were. I would like to thank my staff, especially Randy Brennen, for their time and talents. A special thank you to Dr. Brad Grain, who could never understand how important it was to me that he accept the position as advisor. My admiration and respect for him was a constant motivation to have a yearbook published that he would find satisfactory-. Also, hundreds of thank yous go to jayne Marlowe for the hundreds of things she did over the year for myself and the 1980 HATTER. The staff would like to thank LCT Wehrle and the ROTC program for providing a yearbook room and for their continued cooperation. I would like to thank Allen Rosenburg, our company representative, for being a good friend, as well as a good counselor. I would also like to thank Stetson for the opportunit ' of working on this book and for my years at this University ' . Finally, I would like to thank God for my life and for the book; both I have personally dedicated to him. Without his love, I could have never found the strength to complete this year. EDITOR-in-CHIEF Denise Wike HEAD PHOTOGRAPHER Randy Brennen BUSINESS MANAGER David B ADVISORS Dr. Brad Grain Jane Marlowe COMPANY REPRESENTATIVE Alien Rosenburg STAFF; Faculty Susan Campbell Student Life Barbara Bossong Diana McCall Jenny Chinelli Organizations Cheryl Evans Nina Sawon Sports Kirk Bauer Greeics Cindi Tidwell Julie Urban Index Meg Phillips Susan Franson Publications Becky Brumfield David Fox Photography Marcie Trate John Wolosky Misc. Michele Baker Marianne Deferdinando Sara Dobbs Lauren Dunn Kar en Eckes Tommye Elam Paula Kampf Debbie Kun Belkis Musalem Jennifer Nuzum Susan Redman Karen Riser Amy Voorhis Enjoy, uHjce I NKM I™ ' U f (E[[ l I JKSSitt n ADVERTISEMENTS U enyou do Imsiness with us, you get treated like youre ivorth half a million bucks. Because to us, you are. All Barnell Banks are members ol FDIC Compliments of JCPenney 101 S. Woodland Blvd. Deland, Fl. s M% Gibbs 131 N. Boulevard DeLand, Fl. 734-5221 Joe Mano is a Stetson tradition. MANO ' S RESTAURANT 100 East Ohio Ave. Deland WeJ ands A avel Oemce, cJnc. " We Know Because We Go " 228 E. New York Avenue Deland, Florida Telephone 734-4531 Leah W. Conklin, Stetson ' 55 138 South Woodland Boulevard Deland, Florida 734-1949 Mirino ' s Deli Italian Bakery Specializing in Italian Subs and Pizza 253 N. Spring Garden Avenue and Truck Route in DeLand Mon. thru Thurs. Fri. thru Sat. 9-8 9-10 734-9724 BAKED FRESH DAILY ON PREMISES Bellinr$ Delicatessen Uariety Of Hot Or C »ld Subs Phone 736-1747 BRUNSWICK Defense Technetics Brunswick Corporation An Equal Opportunity Employer HATTER BOOKSTORE ON CAMPUS Thank You for Allowing Us to Serve You ¥ MchaelE Keith. M 1348 SOUTH WOODLAND BLVD. DELANO, FLORIDA 32720 _ SIVERSITV Congratulations Class of ' 80 Welcome to Woodland Plaza Deland, Fla. 734-1774 Stetson ' s Alumni Association. DEPEND ONUS 345 N. Woodland Blvd. DeLand Wld Equal Housing Opponunii FIRST FEDERAL MID-FLORIDA . FSIJC 135 NORTH BOULEVARD DELAND, FLORIDA 32720 [904] 736-0777 ARMY ROTC LEARN WHAT IT TAKES TO LEAD Some of our classrooms areif t classrooms. When you plug your ad into... 1. HcIauD unMnus Afternoons Doily 2. EVERY VVodiicsd.ix ,111(1 Saturday For " Want Ad " Advertising information Call 734-3661 For Display Advertising Information Call 734-3661 Three Publications Combining To Offer The Only Total Market Coverage Of West Volusia 32,000 Combined Issues Guaranteed Home Delivery ThErmali m PRODUCTS INCOBF PRODUCTS INCORPORATED ▲ Sheruiood MEDICIIi c uRlRS OF SHERWOOD MEDICAL INDUSTRIES A Brunswick Company DeLand, Florida ■■?-- -- ' «i- ' " - RAF MAGNETICS Congratulations and Success To the class of 1980 GO . . With The HOME TEAM! We offer friendly personal service - designed just for you. See us today for all your Banking needs We want to be YOUR Bank Our 24 hour teller never takes a Holiday Fast-action loans Checking and Savings Immediate credit on parents ' checks Free Orange juice and coffee [DeLand State Bank and Trust 734-8511 Member FDIC I Comer E. New York Amelia Ave- DcLand. Fla. The Home Town Bank S.i.-riii " ' Frmklin " Frank " Adams I Li 32048 iiitrunirr.ils: [ii-lmle Tnam; Model Senate Tiooige Hugh Alexander ' tCLi Dover St. Siitellilr Bfiich, FIdriHn Businois Ailmiiiistratiun Alpha Kapp Psi; Intraimiiuls Francos Loins " Frank " Armato fi3ii(l S, E, F- ' odRral Highway Sliiart, Floridii 33494 Piano . » Lewis Dean Barley P (). Box 172 Sanford, Florida 32771 RuliKinn ResidiTil A(l isiir: Men ' s Bible Study Leader. Intramurals; Tennis: Big Brother; Ministerial Assiic:iation: Youth Director at First Baptist Church, Pomona Park. Jodi Lynn Bergstrom 920 Lake [essamine Drive Orlando. Florida 32809 Chemistry Pi Beta Phi: Band: Orchosir American Chemical Society: Gamma Sigma Episilon. !b President. Leslie Gayle Berry 45 Cameron Glen Drive Atlanta. Georgia 30328 General Business Alpha Xi Delta: Little Sister of Pi Kappa Alpha: Resident Advisor: Alpha Kappa Psi. Verle Robert " Robbie " Best 762 North Walnut Starke. Florida Intramurals: Outreach, Baptist Campus Ministn, ' . President and Director of Outreach: Ministerial Association. Chairman of Discipleship: Resident Advisor. Sandra Ann Binde 1964 Stanton Ave. V Largo. Florida 33540 Biology Phi Mu. President: American Chemical Societ ' : Beta Beta Beta: Rho Lambda Carmel G. Bitondo 1301 S. W. nth Terrace Boca Raton. Florida 33432 Chemistry Staff Aide: Resident Advisor; Greenfeather Committee. Co-Chairman; Parent ' s Weekend: American Chemical Society; Vespers: Orientation Advisor; Beta Beta Beta. Valerie Bland Delta Delta Delta; Lambda Chi Alpha Little Sister; Parent ' s Weekend Committee, Chairman; Greenfeath er Committee. Model Senate, Greek Week Committee. Sandra LaVonne " Sandy " Bolton 1151 A Gilmore Or, South Key West, Florida 33040 Physics Baptist Campus Ministry. Puppets. Singing Ensemble. Vespers Committee, Discipleship Family. Dorm Bible Study. Revival Teams; Society of Physics Students: American Chemical Society ' ; Phi Eta Sigma; Scroll and Key: Sigma Pi Sigma. Barbara Ellen Bossong 20620 N E 15th Avenue North Miami Beach, Florida 33179 Spanish Staff Assistant. Women ' s Inter-Collegiate Softball Team. Richard Edwards Breed 415 Montery Ave. Annapolis, MaPi ' land 21401 Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon. Coffee House. Becky Brumfield 503 Brookside Circle Maitland. Florida 32751 Sociologi ' SSudant Union Board. Chairman of Coffee House: Pi Beta Phi; Inter- Varsity Christian .fellowship; Resident Hall Staff; President ' s Advisory Committee for the Budget; ' I ' t ' orbook Staff. Barbara ]. Calcavecchia 1005 Alamanda Drive North Palm Beach Florida 33408 Marketing T ' ella Delta DeltH. President ' Marshal. Fraternity Education Chairman, Song Leader. i ambda Chi Aijiha Cresent Girl. Little Sister; Student Assembly; Music School Accompanist. Inin.raaliDii Rei:ept!onist: Rho Lambda: Phi Beta; American Marketing . ■••50clation . Lucille Caroline Calloway 4 ' 52 ■Unri Street •■— .! Beach. Florida 33407 ii.|,: £.)«■ -li™ . ' : ■• " . , " -I ' Chaplain. Vice President: Stetson Orchestra. Principal ■, k String Project; Staff Assistant; Fellowship of n; Staff Aid; Head Resident: Christian Atheletes; Rho Lambda; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Beta; M.E.N.C; Who ' s Who; Mortar Board Kathy Cecile Cantrell 2530 Highland Ave. Kissimmee. Florida 32741 Marketing Phi Mu; Alpha Kappa Psi; American Marketing Association Susan Laura Carlson 572 N Central Ave. Ramsey. New Jersey Marketing Management Alpha Chi Omega. First Vice President. Rush Chai Resident Advisor; Rho Lambda; Mortar Board Gerry Eugene Chambliss 18 Richmond Drive New Smyrna Beach. Florida 32069 Finance Catholic Campus Ministry; Delta Sigma Phi; Deans List Elizabeth Ann " Beth " Clinton 26 Prairie Road Huntington Station, New York 11746 Biology Catholic Campus Ministry; Intramurals: American Chemical Society; Intramural Representative: Soccerette ; Concert Committee; Parents Weekend Committee David Milford Conway 925 S.E. 2nd Street Belle Glade, Florida Accounting Lambda Chi Alpha: Alpha Kappa Psi; Head Resident; Resident Assistant; Om ' cron Delta Kappa Jeffrey Brian Crowe 4408 N.E. 8th Street Ocala, Florida 32671 Marketing Economics Stetson Speech LInion: American Marketing Association; Staff Aid: Pi Kappa Alpha; Greek Week Co-Chairman; Omicron Delta Kappa Stephen Dale " Steve " Cutright 919 Tower View Rd. Cape May, New Jersey 08204 Accounting Student As.sembly: Freshman Orientation Adviser; Publicity Committee - Student Union Board Mae Elizabeth " Mae Beth " Davis 3766 Hermitage Rd, E. Jacksonville. Florida 32211 Physical Education Alpha Xi Delta; Panhellenic, President; Baptist Campus Ministry: Pi Kappa Alpha, Dream Girl; Rho Lambda; Kappa Delta Pi; Homecoming Hostess Marty E. Davis 6640 SW 20th Street Plantation. Florida 33317 General Business Pre-L aw Alpha Kappa Psi. President; American Marketing Association: Parent ' s Weekend Committee Rebecca Jean " Becky " Davis 40 Catalina Dr. DeBary. Florida 32713 Accounting Alpha Kappa Psi; Wesley House Fellowship; Scroll and Key Sharon Venese Davis Music Education Alpha Kappa Alpha. President Clint C. DeMarsh RED 4 Box 17A Business Phi Sigma Kappa; Inter Fraternity Council Drew Ann Draper 20833 Ramita Trail Boca Raton, Florida 33433 Art Sigma Nu Little Sister; Sports; Fundraising Dennis R. Dunn 619 E. Rich Ave. Deland. Florida 32720 Political Science Assistance to Director of Student Activities; Stetson Union Board. Vice President, Chairman of Recreation. Student Services Committee: Manager. Director of Gameroom and Coffeehouse: Model Senate Chairman; Scroll and Key; Outstanding Political Science Major; Omicron Delia Kappa. President Paul A. " Amos " Duval 50 Tucker St. Lenox. Massachusetts Physical Education Intramurals; Pi Kappa Alpha Timothy Paul " Tim " Egner 705 Cheston St. New Smyrna Beach. Florida Social Science Education Resident Assistance; Intramurals; Phi Alpha Theta; Omicron Delta Kappa; National Leadership J Ivonne M. " Ivan " Ehrlich 860 NE 129 Strnot North Miami. Florida 33161 Zeta Tau Alpha, President; Re sident Staff Member: Winter Term Committee; Delta Tau Kappa. Secretary. Treasurer; Rho Lambda. Treasurer; Tassle Award George William Engelhand 6076 N, Silver Lake Dr. Leesburg. Florida 32748 Religion Baptist Campus Ministry-; Delta Sigma Phi Misty Barkley Erickson 1208 Lugar Street lacksonville. Florida Chemislrs ' Films Committoc Chairman; Stetson Union Board; American Chemical Society Walter Theodore " Theo " Etzel 111 710 San Bruno Ave Coral Gables. Florida 33143 Business Economics Disc jockey; Orientation Advisor; Zeta Tau Alpha " Sweetheart " Lynne Renee Evans 5348 Buchanan Road Delray Beach. Florida 33445 Sociology Zeta Tau Alpha. Parents Weekend Committee; Homecoming Committee Barry Clark Fischer 422 St, Lucia Ct. Sattellite Beach. Florida 32937 Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha; American Marketing Association; Honors Program Dorothy Lee Fisher 1822 Country Club Prado ' ■■ Coral Gables. Florida 33134 Mathematics Wesley House Ministry; judo Club; Kappa Mu Sigma; Society of Physics Students; Beta Beta Beta - v Charles E, " Chuck " Flournoy, Jr. i- - 2019 Golfview Dr. ' Dunedin. Florida 33528 Marketing Varsity Soccer. Zeta Man; Assistant to Sports Information Director, Head Soccer Coach. Deland High School. Stetson Marketing Association. Marc Kerry Foster 1801 Forestdale Drive Richmond. Virginia Business Management Intramurals: Staff Aide; Resident Advisor: Committee Chairman Freshman Orientation Richard I. " Rick " Gaylord P. O. Box 317 Deland. Flordia History « Delta Sigma Phi. Vice President " siTeSon ?ecurif uar3r Symphonic Wind Ensemble; Stetson Orchestra Charlet Sue Genton Rt 2. Box 1130 Oviedo, Florida 32765 General Business Alpha Kappa Psi Ssi s lohn Dexter " Dex " Glenn 206 Whitehall Road Anderson, South Carolina 29621 Finance Staff Assistant; Resident Advisor; Intramural Brian Christopher Green 7014 - 21 St. N St. Petersburg. Florida 33702 Marketing Management Alpha Kappa Psi. Warden. Master of Rituals. Parliamentarian; Stetson Marketing Association, Vice President; Reporter Business Manager. Model Senate Committee. Treasurer: Stetson Union Board, Assistant Treasurer, Work Study, Publications Board; Cyndena Ann " Dana " Hall 777 88th Ave N St. Petersburg. Florida 33702 History Baptist Campus Ministry, Newsletter Editor, Publicity Chairman; Ministerial Association. Vice President Janet Marie Harris 310 Pinecrest Drive Miami Springs, Florida 33166 Accounting Alpha Kappa Psi; Efficiency Rating Points Committee, Vice First Vice President, Secretary: Career Fair Hostess James Michael " Mike " Hartley 21 Fulterwood Drive St Augustine, Florida Religion Ministerial Association; Outreach Director; Baptist Campus Ministry; Mission Emphasis Committee, Chairman Suzanne Emily Hinckley 889 Palmer Ave. Winter Park, Florida Humanities Alpha Xi Delta: Canterbury; Band; Orchestra; Resident Assistant; Fine Arts Committee Pamela ), " Pam " Hines 2551 Yucca Rd. Venice, Florida 33595 Elementary Specific Learning Disabilities: Baptist Campus Ministry; Whfelcr House; Canterbury House Melanie " Mel " Hoover 1666 Periwinkle Drive English Business Phi Mu; Reporter Staff: Intramurals: Alpha Lambda Delta Sarah Louise House 1018 Academy St. Charlotte, North Carolina 28205 Music Phi Beta. Vice President. President; Concert Choir. Secretary; Music School Recital; Madrigals; Music School Advisory Council. Organ Representative Mark Vincent Huband 1716 Lighty Lanes Neptune Beach. Florida 32233 Political Science Orientation Committee. Co-chairman of Welcoming Information; Resident Advisor: Lambda Chi .Alpha; Vespers; Intramurals Frederick Hubbell Ingham 2848 NE. 28th St. Fort Lauderdale. Florida 33306 Business Administration Alpha Kappa Psi; American Marketing Assocation; Greenfeather Committee Lauri Ann Jackson 1111 Beach Court Furt Pierce. Flnnda English Staff Aid; Re.sidrnt Assistant: Head Resident: Reporter, Copy Editor, Associate Editor, Litrachur, Associate Editor: Artists Lecturers Committee; Orientation Committee, Co-chairman; University Forum Committee: Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister: Intramurals: Student Advisor: Wesley House, Panel Member; Sigma Tau Delta, Vice President: Mortar Board; Scroll and Key, President: Sigma Pi Kappa William Grant Jeffcries 312 14th Ave Palmetto, Florida 33561 Psychology g Pep Band Melinda Ann Jobson 1037 Wavecrest Ave. Indialantic. Florida 32903 Markoling Management Resident Advisor; Alpha Xi Delia, Treasurer. Assistant Treasurer. American Marketing Assocation: Business School Award; Eugene M. Lynn Scholarship Janet Mary " Jan " Johnson p. O. Box 148 Lake City, Florida 32055 Marketing Campus Affairs Committee: Homecoming Committee: Greenfeather Committee; Parent ' s Weekend Committee; Stetson Marketing Association, President, Vice President; Alpha Kappa Psi; American Marketing Association Patricia Gail " Tricia " Johnson Rt. 5 Box 362 Lenoir City. Tenne.ssee 37771 Delta Delta Delta, Vice President; Rho Lambda, President; Pi Kappa Phi Little Sister: Orientation Advisor Wayne Alden Johnson 647 Henderson Sumter, South Carolina History Pi Kappa Phi James Anthony " Tony " Julian 6053 Florida Circle South Apollo Beach, Florida 32720 Speech Education Baptist Campus Ministry: Omicron Delta Kappa; Forensics: Residence Hall Staff; Stover Theater Productions: Religious Life Council; Greenfeather Committee, Co-chairperson: Summer Orientation: Stetson Speech Union Paul H. Kohmescher 8808 Raidersrun Cincinnati, Ohio 45236 Marketing Sigma Phi Epsilon, Vice President; Intramurals: Inter Fraternity Council; Inter Fraterity judiciary Council; Varsity Golf; American Marketing Association Joan Louise Kreider 16111 4lh St. E. Redington Beach St. Petersburg, Flordia 33708 ship; K.itherino Resnick €i f ,. ! ucalion . Delta: Women ' s Varsity Tennis Team fi.Miii Diane Lane ;!3l W. Minnesota Ave. i.leland. Florida 32720 Finance Alpha Xi Delta, Aclivilies llcsli ' ss; Alpha Kappa Psi: American Marketin;; Asscicialion: Theta Alplia Phi. Secrelan, ' Melody Ann Lauer 213 Thnma. ' . Circle Roswell. ( -nrgia 30075 Sociol(»K Head Residi ' nI. Resident Advisor; Phi Eta Sigma; Mortar Board; Orientation ( ' omniillcr; P.irenl ' s Weekend Committee, Co-chairman; Groenfoather Committee; Scroll and Key; Sociology Award, ynan Ann LeStourgeon li-ll) Klder Court , ltamonte Springs. Florida 32701 Financp Pi Beta Pin. S, , i ,l,ii . Treasurer ; Edward C. Furlong Schola Scholarship. Patrick [ohn McGavock 3360 S. E Golf Terrace Stuart. Florida 33494 Finance Pi Kappa Alpha; Zeta Man Regina Marie Maher 975 Cimarron Dr. Punta Gorda. Florida 33950 Marketing Yearbook Staff; Sigma Nu Sweetheart; American Marketing Association Miss Greenfeather Candidate; Winter Term Committee. Patricia Rose " Patty " Mangrich Venus 60, Atlantic View Isla Verde. Puerto Rico 00913 Finance Phi Chi Theta, Intramurals; Catholic Campus Ministry; Bat Girl; Winter Term Committee. . Donna Joan Millecan 8 Larkspur Lane Fairport. New York 14450 Physical Education Business Intramurals; Catholic Campus Ministry; Resident Advisor. Kathleen Moore 495 Riverside Avenue Marrittside Island, Florida 32952 German Canterbury Club; Year abroad Charles H.. " Charlie " Mulfinger. 2657 Kingston Ave. Grove City, Ohio 43123 Finance Stetson Baseball Team; Lambda Chi Alpha; Arrowman Pi Beta Phi. Ashley Business School Scholarship. Charlottee Murray 1204 Jackson Road Clearwater, Florida 33515 Psychology Education Delta Delta Delta; Greek Week. Maribeth " Bessie " Nash 1717 Bayshore Dr. Fort Pierce, Florida 33450 Finance Catholic Campus Ministry; Intramurals. Alice Ann Newgarden 8540 Lower Road West Monro, New York 13167 Marketing Management Alpha Kfippa Psi; Alpha Chi Omega; Student Assembly. David Jeffrey North 204 South Harrison Street Easton, Maryland 21601 Jvliirkeling, ' Management Alpha Kappn Psi, President ; Staff Aide; Christian Science Organization, President; Campus Affairs Committee. Christorth.°r Rich " Chris " Ohlweiler Wiliia. .■ nnandaie, Vi;; .American Stud;- Blk. A 7th Floor Shamshuipo Kowloon, Hong Kong General Bu.siness Cristina J. " Tina " Patterson 1209 Ridge Ave. (Clearwater, Florida Finance Student Assembly; [udiciary Council; President; Resident Hall Staff; Intramurals; Baptist Campus Board; Tassel Award Denise M, Patterson 2254 Woodland Blvd. Fort Myers, Florida Accounting Re.sideiit Advisor; Alpha Kappa Psi, Treasurer; Independent Team; Intramurals John Henry " Jack " Pelzer 3406 Summerwind Ave. Winter Park, Florida 32792 English Pre-Law Fnrimsics; Stetson Speech Union, Vice President: Litrachur, Associate Editor, Business Manager; Debate; Omicron Delta Kappa, Vice President: Publications Board Daniel Wayne " Dan " Perry 2352 Woodcrest Dr. Winter Park, Florida 32792 Finance Model Senate; Young Republicans; Student Assembly; Legal Affairs Committee, Co Chairman Margaret Elizabeth " Meg " Phillips Rt. 1, Box 348 Kingsley Lake Starke, Florida 32091 Political Science History Alpha Xi Delta, President, Membership Chairman: Resident Advisor; Staff Aid; Summer Head Resident; judiciary Council; Model Senate, Vice Chairman; Batgirl; Homecoming Committee: Stetson Young Democrats: Volusia County, Young Democrat; Rho Lambda; Delegate to 1979 Florida Democrat Convention; Senior Index William Gregory " Bill " Price P.O. Box 268 Scenic Drive Middleburg, Florida 32068 Biology Sociology Delta Tan Kappa, President; Beta Beta Beta; Pi Kappa Alpha Martin Anthony " Marty " Radovan 1905 Pennsylvani.i Ave. Englewood, Florida 33533 Accounting Pi Kappa Alpha Lisa Charlene Roddick s ; Greenfeather ig Davnd Pang X.jsident Hall Staff: Intramurals Rt. 9 Box 6900 Plant City, Florida 33566 Physical Education Delia Delta Delta- Recording Secretary: Pi Kappa Alpha Little Siste Committee, Intramurals James Mitchell " Jim " Rosen .. , 34 Huxley Way Fairport, N ew York 14450 ' ■ ' tnm.fvm Music Education Pep Band: Greenfeather: S.M.E.N.C; H.O.S. Charter Member Molly White Rowe P.O. Box 733 Vero Beach, Florida 32960 Humanities Pi Kappa Phi; Delta Delta Delta Jeanne Marie " Rowdie " Rowzee 3009 Greencastle Road Burtonsville, Maryland 20730 History Business Administration (Pre-Law| Varsity Basketball: Varsity Softball: Zeta Tau Alpha; Committee Chairman for Parent ' s Weekend; |r. Panhellenic Council: Rho Chi; President of Phi Alpha Theta; History Honorary; National Merit Scholar Gene Levant Sanders 606 East 61st Street lacksonville, Florida 32208 Social Science (Preministerial) Baptist Campus Ministry; Ministerial Association; Kromatics: Stetson ' s Photography Club; Disc jockey; Baptist Campus Ministry Rivival Teams; Resident Advisor Stephen Lyle Schill ing 1134 Stephen Foster Dr. Largo, Florida 33541 Chemistry Biology American Chemistry Society: Judo Club; Films Committee Carolyn Ann Schmidt 3620 Lake Osborn Drive Lake Worth, Florida 33461 Mathematics Wesley House, President, Vice President, Staff Assistant Karen Jean Schmitt 3815 Appleton Way Orlando, Florida 32720 Finance Economics Zets Tau Alpha; Alpha Kappa Psi; Student Assembly; Homecoming Committee; University Forum; Senior Affairs Committee; Orientation Advisor; Miss Greenfeather Scott R. Schwerdfeger 4990 Sentinel Dr. Apt. 201 Washington D.C. 20016 Biology Concerts Committee Chairman; Stetson Union Board; Traffic Manager; W.H.A.T.; Greenfeather Committee; Student Service Committee; Beta Beta Beta Daryle Vlic Scott 2331 Welton PI. Dunwoody. Georgia 30338 Chemistry Pi Beta Phi; American Chemical Society; Chemistry Honor Society; Ganima Sigma Epsilon Gail Laurene Schuck 52 Harrison Road North Bradford. Connecticut 06471 History Staff Aid; Resident Assistant; Student Assembly, Concert Board Randal Joseph Shell 1120 S. Sheeler Ave. Apopka, Florida 32703 Music Education Director of Discipleship; Weight Lifting; Kappa Kappa Psi; Mu Epsilon Nu. Co-President Marc Howard Siegel 200 Central Park South New York, New York Economics Varsity Tennis; Pi Kappa Alpha; I.F.C. President; Alpha Xi Delta Rosethorn Diane Lynn Simonson p. O. Box 207 Estero, Florida 33928 Accounting Alpha Chi Omega, Treasurer; Stetson Marketing Association; Alpha Kappa Psi; Key Award from Alpha Chi Theta; David M. Heights Accounting Scholarship. Katherine J. " Kathy " Sloss 7814 Seville Circle Bradenton, Florida 33505 General Business Alpha Chi Omega, President, Treasurer, Chaplain: Resident advisor: Staff Aide; Rho Lambda. Rebecca Anne " Becky " Spencer 701 Cheston Street New Smyrna Beach, Florida 32069 Art Education Art Club: Phi Theta Kappa, Susan Mae Sproul 7545 Palm Road West Palm Beach, Florida 33406J Zeta Tau Alpha, Treasurer. Philip [ohn " Hollywood " Staskowski 3706 S, E. 6th Avenue Cape Coral, Florida Finance Phi Sigma Kappa. Cindy Lou Turner 1925 Wyoming Avenue Ft. Pierce. Florida English Social Sciences Alpha Chi Omega; Model Senate; Phi eta Sigma; Sigma Tau Delta; Phi Alpha Theta: Scroll and Key. Dane Jay Turner Weeds Street Atlanta. Illinuis Business Administration Ps ' chology Kenneth Raymond " Ken " Uncapher 210 Robles Way Vallego, California 94590 Psychology Recreation Committee Chairman: Stetson Republicans, President: Sierra Club; Stetson University Kromatics; Psi Chi John Donald Van Norden 263 Madison Rd. Scarsdale, New York Business Administration Sigma Nu; Inter Fraternity Council Grace Ann Vaughan 2653 Bywood Road Jacksonville, Florida 32211 Social Science Education Baptist Campus Ministry: Resident Assistant: Gremfeatlipr Chairman: Kappa Delta Pi: Mortar Board Maria Angela " Angie " Ventura 615 Drivers Circle Kissimmee, Florida History English Head Resident: Batgirl; Student Affairs Committee; Newman Club; Fellowship of Christian Athletes; History Honorary Paul Linzel Walder 5326 Baltimore Ave. Chevy Chase, Maryland Finance Intramurals; Student Assembly; Sitpoty Fidvo Lounge Customer of the Year Award 1978 ' Wendy Leigh Walker 1958 Washington Ave. Sanford, Florida 32771 Comparative Literature; Year Abroad Program Vicki Lynn Ward 2570 Cedar Canyon Dr. Marietta, Georgia 30067 Music Education Baptist Campus Ministry; Ministerial Association; Music Educators Conference: Concert Choir; University Chorus: Pops Ensemble Daniel John Webster 305 S. Indian River Rd. New Smyrna Beach, Florida 32064 Business Administration Alpha Kappa Psi; Stetson Marketing Association; Phi Theta Kappa Bruce Michael Weller 311 S. Woodland Blvd. Apt. B Deland, Florida 32720 Accounting Academic Computer System Manager: Student Advisor Monica Renate Wiebe 426 University Blvd. Daytona Beach, Florida Speech Fitrensics Team: Stetson Speech Union; Theater; Skroll and Ke ' Ellen Sue Wilcox 10121 Dogwood Ave. Palm Beach Gardens, Florida Accounting Student Union Board. Concert Committee; Representative at Large: Kappa Psi, Corresponding Secretary: Mortar Board Tassel Award Pamela Yvette Williams 710 N.W 41h Street Gainesville. Florida 32601 Marketing Management , Cheerleading Rebecca D. " Becky " Williams 515 Bahama Drive Indialontic, Florida 32903 Business Administration Baptist Campus Ministry: Intervarsity: Ministerial Association; American Marketing Association Stephen Brent " Woody " Woodruff 18 Regency Lane Pine Bluff, Arkansas 71603 Finance Intramurals; Varsity Golf; Portazeebee Soccer Club; Zeta Man Christine Imogene Woodson Woodson ' s Trailer Park 26 Key West, Florida 33040 General Business Administration Alpha Chi Omega. Warden. Scholarship Chairman John Boteler Wright 816 S. Division Street Salisbury, Maryland 21801 Theater Stover Theater Productions, " Twelfth Night " . " L ' il Abner ' , " Play It Again. Sam " . " The Drunkard " , " Absurd Person Singular " , " Hotel Paradise " , " Playboy of the Western World " : W.H.A.T.: Omicron Delta Kappa; Theta Alpha Phi, President Kathryn Ann " Kay " Yingling 2119 Oak Grove Dr. Clearwater, Florida 33516 Math Physics Canterbury: Religious Life Council; Baptist Campus Ministry; Math Club: Society of Physics Students; Republican Club, Secretary; " Nexus " , Co- editor: RLC Program Committee; Sigma Pi Sigma, Executive Secretary James Martin " Jim " Zaleta 1747 Mosswood Drive Melbourne, Florida 32935 History Catholic Campus Ministry; Wesley House; Alpha Delta Phi: Intramurals: Stover Theater; Orientation committee; Academic Affairs Committee; Phi Alpha Theta " Just as each individual is unique in character and personality, so is an institution of higher learning. Just as an individual has a certain value system and a life directed bv certain goals and objectives, so does an ' ' ■ ' " ' ' -■ character of Stetson ' •:;ji ' .;s5ed values, goals employees have ■ itson University ' . help shape its ' VnoNS i jm ■ f k 1 ■ ' ' i ' t i W Iri m ■ % T ' U .J: m. K m nr a» 1 ' " W T ' pi? 1 ' . -lUt " - ' B 1 f H ' K ' ' EBk k B B

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