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J irii ...rfvNffl Ml PiliAt unn Hyii Hi fVl filH 1979 HATTER Walking through the front doors of the commons during any given meal was often like stepping into Big Dad- dy ' s or Nichol ' s Alley. W.H.A.T. played the driving disco beats that marked the music of our times. For many, the dancing, lights, and fashions of disco were the very essence of survival. They thrived on it. But for those spe- cial laid-back times when A Taste of Honey or Village People just didn ' t fit the bill, both the disco and non-disco buffs tuned in the peaceful, more mel- low music of Billy Joel or the campus favorite Mission Mountain Wood Band. Still, there was another artist whose records held a special place in those " Peaches " album crates — that " good ol ' southern boy " who hosted Saturday Night Live, broken leg and all. He sang of sailors, cheese- burgers, and margaritas — all the things college kids relate to. He also sang of the changes in latitudes , in attitudes . . . that nothing remains quite the same. Jimmy Buffet sang about it; the Stetson community lived it. Opening 1 «5 PW m) ' ill ' mn Take A Look Around Changes In 2 Opening Latitudes. . . The first day of school was about as calamitous and frenzied as ever. Freshmen, of course, suffered the usual ailments of paranoia, hysteria, apprehension, and were generally stricken with mild to severe cases of panic. Nothing unusual. Upperclassmen moved their junk back into the dorms, but for some reason, it didn ' t seem to take as long this year. They ' d finally found that you really didn ' t need all ten stuffed animals, the extra garbage can, and the spare chess set. The sense of security that comes along with being an upperclassman guided them through the first week with minimal anguish. Again, nothing unusual. Parties, dances, and more parties at the frats filled those first nights back. Freshmen just couldn ' t seem to find the frats in the first place, but had an even harder time finding their way back to the dorm after- wards. On the whole, the school year was off to its usual start; noth- ing terribly unusual or out of the or- dinary. Then the dust began to settle. There was time to look around at what was really going on at Stetson — a look around campus, a peek through a closed door, the door opens wider and eyes opened wider to some very definite changes — nothing terribly unusual ... it was something especially unusual and quite extraordinary! Flagler Hall: a luxurious, plush ren- ovation not to mention a $9000 couch in the Office of Admissions. Elizabeth Hall: under reconstruction. Mini-Sub: repainted and furnished. Also under construction: a new game room to be opened in January. New landscaping . . . ladders and lumber were everywhere ... it was a time of new directions and changes in latitudes. ABOVE: Opening doors in Elizabeth Hall re- veals hidden changes much like the changes taking place all over campus. The interior of this office is but a microcosm of the macro- cosm. The Stetson Community, in physical appearance, new personalities, and general attitudes, is in for many changes. RIGHT: The President ' s home is a contrast and yet a stan- dard for all the changes in the campus ' ap- pearance this year. 4 Opening ae Opening 5 . .Bring Changes 6 Opening In Attitudes! Opening 7 The physical appearance of the campus was not the only thing to change. Personalities changed and new administrators brought new life and energy. Kemper Smith, Director of Residential Life, introduced the concept of Territoriality to the cam- pus. This environmental concept acted as a catalyst for the many atti- tude changes in the student body and administration. Territoriality was designed to give students a sense of personal belonging, a chance to say, " This is my place. " Every student was given the chance to order two gallons of paint; one thing lead to another and dorm rooms transformed into showcases for students artistic and creative urges. There seemed to be a direct cor- relation between the spirit found in dorm life and the attitude changes all over campus; Greek enrollment was higher than ever, as was partici- pation in the Blood Drive, soccer games, Greenfeather week, and in- ter-dorm activities. BELOW: Terry O ' Neil, Carson Hall graphics Opening 9 10 Opening Nothing Remains Quite the Same. ■jimmv Imtfct Opening 1 1 RRITORy ABOVE LEFT: Although the chance to paint her room takes away a lot of time from her studying, Mary Gatens takes advantage of the two gallons of paint offered the students as a part of territor- iality. LEFT: Deep, rich earth tones change a once drab dorm room into Donna Milligan ' s idea of home away from home. ABOVE: Nancy Kuchen and Eva Hubertz enjoy the peaceful easy dorm life in Stetson Hall. RIGHT: Peggy Pruett ' s territory reflects the atti- tude found throughout the student body; it ' s something worth smiling about. i m ' A! , Opening 13 ■;-mTli:»(«SHaf5S -W f JCWSiRBlli ' . tt? 14 Gpening FACULTY 18 Faculty Dr. Pope A. Duncan, president of Stetson University, has now completed one full academic year. Through all of the university ' s changes, in administration, in the physical plant, and in the attitudes of both students and faculty. Dr. Duncan has retained his position and good reputation as the head of the Stetson community. As Duncan stated at the beginning of his first term, " The strength of Stetson lies in many things, among which are its nearly 100-year tradition of commitment to quality higher education, its loyal and competent faculty dedicated to the teaching enterprise, its supportive alumni scattered throughout the world, and its commitment to Christian values. " 20 Administration Administration Dean Thomas Turner Vice-President Dr. Garth Jenkins Vice-President of Student Affairs Administration 21 Deans Of The Schools Robert Chauvin Dean of the College of Liberal Arts 22 Administration w m ' v H. Graves Edmondson Vice President of Finances J. OIlie Edmunds Chancellor Gary Meadows Director of Admissions Adminlstration 23 Office Of Student Affairs Jayne Marlow 24 Administrators American Studies Gregory Crider Fred L. Messersmith Art Department Dan A. Gunderson Department Of Dorothy Langford Fuller 1 Fred E. Clark 4 26 Faculty Biology ij AMTM-er? Faculty 27 Chemistry Department Kenneth G. Everett Edwin C. Coolidge A. McAllister 28 Faculty Economics Department George Lovell Jenkins Neal B. Long Faculty 29 Division Of 4 Margaret W. Horton Clarence G. Truesdell 30 Faculty Education Faculty 31 study Of Physical James M. Coffee George Wilson Hood Richard B. Morland 32 Faculty Elementary Education • S . » 3i.v m v v te V- - Thurman Edwin Smotherman Glenn N. Wilkes Mollie Rich Faculty 33 English Department Ellen Hurt Smith William Wayne Dickson 34 Faculty English Department Faculty 35 English Dept. Bryan Gillespie Kelly Jordon Michael Raymond 36 Faculty Foreign Language Department Gerald Anderson Faculty 37 Department Of Foreign Languages Hertha Berry Jesse L. Berry 38 Faculty Physical Education Sandra Raborn Gary Deckert Faculty 39 Evans Combs Johnson Marc Hoyle Lovelace Department Of History •w J ; Malcolm M. Wynn Paul Steeves 40 Faculty Military Science Capt. Levass ' jf ' B B K |l i BB V i V B 1 t " i f ' -x ' 1 t 1 ■ j ' - " i 1 ■ ' mmm- ' . Capt. Johnson ■Ku ' ' a HPI I I 5i e b e 1 y Lt. Capt. Wehrle Maj. Howell Faculty 41 Department Of Gene W. Medlin Henry W. Thwing Elizabeth A. Magarian Gareth Williams - «J 42 Faculty Mathematics Dennis K. Kletzing Annette Gillespie Cloyd Ezell Robert Atkins Faculty 43 Philosophy Department Rob Brady George Lovell Jenkins Thomas A. Lick Physics Department 44 Faculty Political Science John A. Hague T. Wayne Bailey Faculty 45 P chology _ apartment c • ' li CD. Cochran Richard A. Kindred, Jr. EIek J. Ludvigh. Jr. 46 Faculty E. Earl Joiner Oliver Lafayette Walker Department Of Religion A 0 1 H J 1 i V I B A 1 m H A;.| w 1 lS:i Jita 1 Donald Musser James R. Beasley Faculty 47 Sociology Department RR Joel S. Wright 48 Faculty Department Of Speech And Theatre Ronald L. Baugh Benjamin Bruce Griffiths James C. Wright Faculty 49 Music Department Richard McDowell Feasel Gordon O ' Hara Nans! Carroll 50 Faculty Teaches Music Eleanor Leek Claude Watters Robert E. Fort, Jr Faculty 51 Music Is Very 52 Faculty " Note-Worthy " Faculty 53 Dr. Anderson Dr. Okeefe 54 Faculty Dr. Taylor Coach Hussey Faculty 55 Business Administration Jean M. David Robert Smith Richard Wyatt Copeland 56 Faculty Department HARRY D. GARBER. JR. Facultv 57 CLASSES 58 Classes Classes 59 SENIORS 60 Seniors Lisa Albert Keith Allen Mark Anderson Elaine Anderson James Anderson Lennie Astrauskas Amos Baily John Baker Scott Bartholmey Russ Bausch Kathy Bevington Brain Biddinger Seniors 61 Steven Bieri Barbara Billings Majorie Blair William Bland Thomas Bollinger Rae Boylan Charlotte Breed Thomas Brooks Hal Bryant Sara Bush Margaret Butler James Butterfield 62 Seniors Hugh Cairns Terri Cason Kenneth Caster Melodie Chance John Chapman Dee Dee Charleston Lynn Chervenok Richard Cheston Pamela Cole Seniors 63 James Cox Barbara Davis Valerie Dawkins Kirk Davis Michael DeGolyer Louis De Joy Oscar Delgado Gregory DeLoach John Draper Rosemary Dunlop Elizabeth Early Mark Erickson 64 Seniors Marion Evans Ronald Evans Jamie Everett Philip Fisher Angel Fitzpatrick Gary Flecther David Fluker Janet Fluker Beth Fogle Valerie Fronk Amanda Gable George Gallaway Kim Gardner Sylvia Garrett Donna Goldbarth Connie Grant Rebecca Graves Greg Hageage Joseph Halsema Kay Harbin Donna Hope Jeffery Howells Adrlenne Hutchings Mary Jennings Anna Jernigan Susan Johnson Cynthia Jones Eugene Kahle William Keebler Seniors 67 Leigh Kimbrough Virginia Kirkwood Susan Koch Mark Korenko Carlos Latour Carrie Laucher Sarah Lazenby Craig Lindsay 68 Seniors Loretta LoPiccolo Sherry Lovett Robert Mack David Maile John Mancarella Sarah Marsha " Russell Martin Linda Mascio David Mayr Francis McAloon Betty McAlpin Donald McCullough Seniors 69 John McDaniel M. Lee McGrew Michael McGrew Karen Mclntyre Carol Meacham Laurie Messer Gary Monnin Greg Moskun Dale Murphy 70 Seniors Lawrence O ' Connell John Orebaugh Ronald Osborne John Pangborne Kurt Panouses Mark Paty Lisa Paxton Cathy Perry Susan Perry Seniors 71 Earnest Pittman Joel Plough Robert Potter Garry Potts Linda Przybylski Stanley Puckett Michel Redlow John Renfoe Rhonda Reynolds Jim Rochford Jim Rolfes LaRita Rollins Ji 1 72 Seniors Samuel Ronald Mike Ryan Marc Saunders Robert Sawyer Dominic Scalers Gerald Scallan Sheri Schfer Ute Schulz-Knappe Steve Schumacher Seniors 73 David Smith Sharon Smythe Amy Speers Joseph Stephenson Susan Strates Tracey Sutherland Catherine Templeton Mark Thome Elaine Thorpe 74 Seniors Pa.ricia Tiffany Barbara Timmons Ellen Tyson Nancy Uhl Olga Valentin Nicholas Vellis Robert Vignola R. Paul Walker Kenneth Ward Debra Welch Ricky Welch Candace Wharton m Smi Senior 75 Jill White Leslie Whittern Jeffrey Wieland Brenda Wilcox Greg Wilder Andrew Wilk Cathy Williams Lenae Wisner Gary Wolfe Lynn Wuesthoff Paul Young Beth Zeller 76 Seniors JUNIORS Janice Aldrich Daryl Alfrey Alice Allen Debbie Anderson Francis Armato Shaun Baggot Misty Barkley Alan Beck Lisa Bellinger Linda Bennett Jodi Bergstrom Dana Berry Carmel Bitondo Valerie Bland Sandra Bolton 78 Juniors Sherry Cook Laura Coons Elena Correa Becky Counselman Gale Creighton Rebecca Brannon Becky Brumfield Rose Burns Darlene Bushdld f m Barbara Calcavecchia Rene Campbell Kathy Cantrall Susan Carlson Vanessa Cherry Alyson Cook Dana Cook Phyliss Cook Juniors 79 Kim Crosby Terri Cushman Tim Dance Margaret Davenport Marty Davis Rebecca Davis Slieiia Dawkins Lee Dickey Gary Dimon Paula Dunlay Tim Egnor Beth Ely George Englehard Melvin Ervin Theodore Etzel Lynne Evans Micheal Farmer William Fenlon 80 Juniors Connie Hankins Dorothy Harris Janet Harris James Hartley Ed Hedrick Brady Fennell Kathleen Finnegan Barry Fischer Kerry Foster Keith Garwick Charlet Genton John Glenn Brain Green Kelly Gregory Elaine Gudmunsen Alexander Guerra Willaim Hamm Juniors 81 Pam Mines Janet Hinkle Judith Hobbs Valmore Holmes IVIelanie Hoover Saraii House Mark Huband Frederick Ingham Lauri Jackson Yvette Jenkins Melinda Jobson Kary Johnson Micheal Roller Joan Kreider Lois MacConnie 82 Juniors Shelly Madray Patricia Mangrich Micheal Marchione Robert Martini Bruce McCandless Patrick McGavock Charles McRae Steve Medina Susan Menasco Stephen Miraglia Mike Mitchell Charlie Mulfinger Arthur Nadelman Maribeth Nash Nancy Nason Juniors 83 Christopher Ohiweiler Will Oliver David Rung Mandy Parson Denise Patterson Tina Patterson Bruce Paulk Daniel Perry Meg Phillips William Price Yvonne Prince Lizanne Randall Ann Sargent Carolyn Schmidt Karen Schmitt 84 Juniors Tg Philip Staskowski Dian Toban Gail Schuck Alan Schutz Scott Schwerdfeger Daryle Scott James Scruton Randal Shell Reece Sherman Diane Simonsen Kathy Sloss Bill Smalbein Sean Smith Juniors 85 Eddie Towson John Tucker Cindy Turner Sharon Turner Kenneth Uncapher Barry Unterbrink Liza Van Name Grace Vaughn Angela Ventura Frank Walton Vicki Ward Daniel Webster Christine Woodson Errick Young James Zeleta SOPHOMORES Janet Allen Stuart Arnold Peter Balise Suzanne Banas Pam Bean Kathy Beggs Rex Bellar Mary Bennett Charlene Bissen Tim Blevins Hans Block Colleen Bolkcom Gary Brannan Howard Brennen Marcia Brorup 88 Sophomores Debbie Brown oe Brown Elizabeth Byrd Joanne Caradonna Cori Carroll Frank Cerio Charles Chazal Keith Clark Andrew Clifford Nancy Coleman Nancy Cordell Marguerite Cornell Sophomores 89 Ellen DeRoche Douglas De Stwolinski Michaela DiCosola Jim Dinsmore Sharon Dobratz Laura Duke Gin Dyer Ester Edelberg Rick Eggers Kirk Eicholtz Brenda EIrod Beth Erickson David Fox Patrick Fronk Gail Garcia 90 Sophomores Susan Hopkins Lynne Hosey Craig Howell Susan George Cheryl Gipe Maura Gorman Allison Grainge Clayton Green Christopher Greene Mathew Griffin Dave Griner Tara Hanks Doris Harris Steve Hass Margaret Harris Sophomores 91 MaryKate Hoyer Ann Huddleston James Hudgins Laura Huggins Linda Huguely Cheryl Issac Rob Ives Karen Jackson Dale Jonardi Amy Jones Christine Jones Anne Karay Jerri Kautsky Cindy Kennedy Craig Kettles 92 Sophomore Kim Lafferty Doug Lanier Garfield Lear Patricia Lee Leigh Meadows Stephanie Meeks Louise Milani Thomas Lee Greg LeFils Lisa Lopez Michelle Loughran Samuel Lubus Diana Luka Thomas Marshall Martin Matthews Sophomores 93 Ross Miller Jam Mo Joe Montgomery Patrice Mostello Janet Moulton Mark Moyer Walter Nason Adrienne Nelms Carl Nickens Larry Nikula Richard Niles Brian Painter Katherine Pappas Ken Paulk Susan Penge ■•ft i m- Kristen Petterson Donna Piccirilli Pierrette Price 94 Sophomores Mark Pridmore Becky Raughley Susan Redman Katherine Resnick Valerie Scott Veronica Seamon Brad Segal Michael Rhyer Elizabeth Roberson Greg Roberts George Robinson Michael Robinson Cynthia Rooks Jeff Rountree Barbara Royer Sophomores 95 Beth Sindy James Smith Mary Smythe Jim Sokolowski Lisa Spriggs Carol Springstead Tom Stahl Patricia Steiner David Stevenson Dee Stevifart Jennifer Stidham Laurie Stinson David Teets Michael Temoshchuk Brian Templin 96 Sophomores Isobel Thompson Warren Thompson Robert Tuttle Sally Urbanczyk IT Vicki Vaiek Becky Van der Lugt Leonard Wagers Alexis Walker Carole Weber Yvette Webster Terri Wester Betzi Whiteside Karen Williams Kenneth Witts Katy Workum Jan Worthy Marilyn Wurth Curt Young Sophomores 97 FRESHMAN Michelle Adams Carol Ahrens Richard Altman Tom Altman Carolann Ambrose Ashley Andres David Ashcraft Sandra Babey Robert Barranco Robert Basile Amy Beck William Bennett Lorraine Binns Kevin Birkofer Kenneth Blanks Freshman 99 Ann Bollinger Jane Bonnell Sarah Booker Terry Bouras Bambi Bowen Gloria Brooks Kay Burnett Carlos Bustabad Howard Butler Jimmy Cannon Beth Cantley Anne Capitanelli Julieta Garbo Suzan Cardoza Jennifer Carroll 100 Freshman Catherine Cave James Cohen Holli Colborn Melony Collins Mary Cook Kathleen Cooley Betsy Connolly Ann Cotter Michael Creighton Michele Dascanio Blake Davies Brian Dempster Freshman 101 Bonnie Fenn Rebecca Fisher Kathleen Flamia Stacey Flowers Scott Fortes Deanna Frith Karen Gatje Philip Gauntlett Cindy Gilliland Richard Graber Lawrence Graham Victoria Graham Allena Griffith Janine Grover Allen Groves Heidi Haines Linda Ham 102 Freshman Renne Harding Mark Harris Sandy Hoffman Karen Horton John Houtndes Jerald Jacobs Katfiy Japinga Daniel Johnson Donna Johnson Keith Johnson Jeff Johnston Tracy Jones Jeanie Jordon John Joseph Jennifer Joyce Katy Kadison Debbie Kennedy Freshman 103 Greg Knight Katie Kusik Mary Langley Theodore Lenhardt Tina Livingston Connie Long Melissa Loveland Dianne Lussler Debbie Magidson Sharon Mammerella Arch Martin Robin Martin 104 Freshman Monique Merrow Patti Messersmith Robert Michael Brian Miklas Ed Miller Jennifer Mims Vanessa Minor Chris Mitchell Juanita Moline Patricia Moore Robert Moore Joseph Moran Freshman 1 05 Kathleen Nielander Mary O ' Donnell Lewis Oliver Christopher Pappas Gloria Pascual Jennie Pattey Deborah Pearson Susan Perry Lynn Petrie Janie Pfautz Nancy Powell Tara Pressley Peggy Pruett Janet Rabner Bradley Raymond 106 Freshman Cindi Rourk Donna Routh Robert Rowell Richard Rubino Ray Ruhlmann Susan Sallee Alexander Saxe Carol Scarberry Kent Schenkel Barbara Sergi Julie Sgambati Cheryl Sides Freshman 107 Terri Sorrentino Bill Stephens Robert Stobaugh Sonia Swann Sarah Talley Frank Tant Dean Tasman Ellen Taylor Mark Tharrington Kimberly Theurer Molly Thompson Cindi Tidwell Melody Tinsley Steve Todd Allen Tuten 108 Freshman ' WiT S ' Cynthia Van Wart Cathy Vecella Tony Vites Julie Walte John Walters Bob Weems Janice Weems Patricia White Alison Widmaier Lynne Wilkinson Becky Wilson Robert Wooldridge Freshman 109 STUDENT LIFE no Student Life Student Life 111 112 Student Life student Life 113 114 Student Life Convocation ;-fw r:3 student Life 115 a . J j 8 ( |: ■fill - ■■■Ml MK ' ' - ' S 2| SHS| iBji C 116 Student Life student Life 117 118 Student Life student Life 119 Getting Away 120 Student Life For A Change y smA-J :aetaxi r ' li xr J haM. i ' ' alS Student Life 121 Homecoming The 59th annual Stetson Homecoming was highlighted this year with Gene Cotton — country rock songwriter, also the Hatter basketball had a tremendous victory. About 600 alumni attended this year viewing of the Art Exhibit of S. Tucker Cooke who graduate from Stetson in 1960 also to dedicate the portrait of J. OIlie Edmunds. Gene Cotton brought many students to hear his mellow but light and easy music. Many students were surprised how country can make you feel so good. Other events was the two-mile forum, ministered breakfast, tennis tournament. Plus the preview of " Kiss Me, Kate " . The Mad Hatter Ball was a blast with every swinging to disco and rock roll. It was held at the Plaza Hotel in Daytona. 122 Student Life Singer-Songwriter Gene Cotton was the 1979 Home- coming Concert. He established himself through doing colleges and small circuits. He is now one of the nations finest songwriters and has produced albums of his own as well as other artists. He has appeared at Stetson many times before. student Life 123 ju njimJIxAj Oh, my friend, now that you ' re gone, I must carry on. I must live without your love. Without your smile, without all those things that we had left to share I can ' t understand, it ' s so hard to bear. Why did you have to leave? Oh, it ' s hard for me to believe. Oh, my friend, rest assured that I will endure. Our friendship will always be. As if you were only across the sea. You know I ' ll always remember. All those times together, I ' ll always feel our loss, But I ' ll know that there was a reason And I want you to know, that for every season That I see go by, I ' ll think of you, and miytSe wonder why. But I ' ll know you ' re at peace and that I ' ll believe bo take care my friend. And know, that with you my heart always will be. Look! LOOK! Up in the cupola! Its a bird, its a plane, no its Superman! No you idiot, its not Superman, its SuperHat- ter! Yes, SuperHatter, strange visitor from a distant college, faster than the commons line, slightly more pow- erful than W.H.A.T., able to leap small buildings in a single bound, and who, disguised as Arnold Swardslinger, mild- mannered librarian at Stetson University, fights a never ending battle for truth, justice and a date with Marcia Hardtoget, beautiful work study student. As we join our hero, he has just saved Deland from certain distruction in the hands of SuperHatter ' s arch enemy. Colonel Doorflinger, renegade R.O.T.C. officer and psychopathic leader of P.F.E.C, the Popular Front for the Elimination of Civilization. A small nuclear device plant in the bushes surrounding the famous Holler foun- tain was disarmed at the last minute by SuperHatter, when, thinking fast, he threw the box into the water to extinguish the fuse. SuperHatter, dressed in his familiar green and white satin tights, wasted no time in flying off to find his true love, Marcia Hardtoget. Meanwhile, really mean bad guy Timm Doorflinger is busy dreaming up new plans in his secret headquarters located 200 feet below the Hat Rack in an abandoned subway station. While his chubby blond mistress, Emmy Lou Airhead, floats in the pool, the second rate criminal mind plots his greatest scheme yet to destroy SuperHat- ter and gain control of Deland. " Ah yes my petunia, " said Doorflinger, " in one dastardly blow I ' ll be rid of that Su- pertwit and Deland will be all mine! Think of the power, the wealth! " " Oh Timm, " oozed the blond, " you ' re the greatest! But how can you stop SuperHatter? " Elemen- tary my fruitcup, " uttered the Colonel, " there is only one possible thing which can stop SuperHatter, and thats a slice of Mano ' s pizza, with anchovies. All we ' ve got to do is hang a slice around his neck, and he ' ll be helpless! " " Timmy, you ' re the meanest! " sighed Emmy Lou. Not suspecting this terrible plot, mild mannered librar- 126 Stuclent Life - ian Arnold Swardslinger is still trying to get a date with =ga;a j=sap - Wf Marcia Hardtoget, who also works in the library. As Ar- bBSSbBS ' Iv nold casually walks by her desk, he purposely drops a I HI Jft fii book. " Oh, I ' m sorry Marcia, " he says, stooping to pick ' " o 3 up the volume, " I didn ' t see you there. I was wondering ft 0 what you ' re doing tonight? Maybe we could do some- i taiMB-h-juu yP thing fun. I heard that the concert choir is rehearshing Vl ll HMitol - tonight? " " Drop dead Arnold, " said Marcia pleasantly, B R " n HB] " you know I find you a real drip. " Dejectedly, Arnold turned away. If she only knew, he thought. The next day Arnold finds a letter on his desk mysteri- ously addressed to SuperHatter. It said that if SuperHat- ter did not come to Timm Doorflinger ' s secret Headquar- ters within the hour, all of Deland would be destroyed. " Gee, " he thought Arnold, " think of all those innocent to make you helpless! " screamed the furious crime chief, " why aren ' t you in agony? " " Simple Colonel, " mumbled SuperHatter between bites, " ever since they switched to frozen anchovies it just hasn ' t been the same. " With that, SuperHatter grabbed the bad guy and flew off to save Deland and deliver his man to justice. H.R. Brennen iV • people and Stetson students. " With that, Arnold leapt into the nearby closet and became SuperHatter! Super- Hatter flew out the library door, much to the surprise of the patrons. Ariving at the secret headquarters of the criminal, SuperHatter smashed through the locked cur- tain and entered the room. " Nice of you to come Supers- wift, " cooed Doorflinger. " What is it this time, another snail nuclear device? " asked SuperHatter, " you want to ill more innocent people " " Yes SuperHatter, " leered Doorflinger, " its another bomb, but not even you will be able to stop it in time! Heres a small present. " With that the evil Colonel tossed our hero a small white package. SuperHatter opened it and saw a slice of Mano ' s pizza with anchovies! " Thanks Timm, " said SuperHatter. " I did skip lunch. But where is the bomb? " " But thats supposed student Life 127 128 Student Life Student Life 1 29 130 Student Life - ■ • ■-sm L V ; li " - -sjiT A - , ' r K BHr ' JQ S7 P ly L student Life 131 1 Wi- 132 Student Life student Life 133 134 Student Life i h ' . ' - ' L. student Life 135 136 Student Life student Life 137 138 Student Life ■ " S student Life 139 140 Stuclent Life student Life 141 142 Student Life Student Life 143 Who ' s Who Every one of our 1979 graduates is special; every one has survived his years of work and maturing in the halls of Stetson University, going to classes which in some cases were bearable only because required and in some were delightful because desired. They did their best, withstood the test, and entered also into extracurricular activities of their choice. The Forest of Arden and Holler Fountain, the Hat Rack and Mini SUB, Edmunds Center and Elizabeth Hall ail became familiar themes to 337 newcomers in the Fall of 1975. Quietly and happily for most, they flowed into the rhythm of the campus and, along the way, picked up some transfers from other colleges and grew in number. The music built, they became " involved. " They learned — in the Stetson tradition — the crescendo of caring. They now number 370, who will be Hatter for life. Out of that number there are 30 young men and women whose song was heard just a trace louder and clearer than the rest: they will be listed in the national publication " Who ' s Who Among Students In American Universities and Col- leges. " Campus nominating committees and editors of the an- nual directory have included the names of these students based on their academic achievement, service to the community, leadership in extracurricular activities and fiture potential. At least a B avergae was necessary to be eligible for this honor; to that was added their total achei- vements outside the classrooms. It was a difficult choice, but ultimately the records of these graduating seniors spoke for themselves. We are proud to present the melody that comes from harmony — the finest all-around students in the Stetson University Class of ±979 Russell Kim Baush Charlotte Telford Breed Lucille Carolyn Callaway 144 Who ' s Who Kirk Stuart Davis Michael Edison DeGolyer « i Dennis Robert Dunn Elizabeth Ann Fogle Rebecca Lynne Graves Amanda Clark Gable r. I Sylvia Garrett Kirk Marvin Griffith Donna Lynn Hope Who ' s Who 145 Donald John McCullough Karen Sue Mclntyre John Henry Pelzer 146 Who ' s Who Nancy Jane Uhl Jill Louise White Brenda Wilcox Who ' s Who 147 SPORTS 148 Sports Sports 1 49 Soccer The Hats had positive thoughts for this Soc- cer season. A valuable asset to the Hatters this year was a team closeness, both on and off the field. Coach Deckert instituted a completely new defense, The " Diamond D " , which was a great asset to the team. At this point in the season, the Hatters are looking good!!! 150 Sports sports 151 .■•. ' f: 152 Sports Sports 153 Sports 155 . jT 156 Basketball Hatter Basketball The Stetson Hatters; directed by Head Coach Glenn Wilkes, Sr. with assisting coaches, Bill Alexander and James " Josh " Giles; are playing against the strongest competition in Stetson ' s history. To everyone ' s surprise they are giving each team they play a fantastic game whether they win or lose. The Hatters this year show " a lot of team spirit. " They always support each other and that can make the differ- ence in close games. Coach Wilkes feels this year ' s Hat- ters have a very good shooting team. They move up and down the floor quickly, putting a lot of points on the board which makes for an exciting game. However, Coach Wilkes feels the team could improve their rebounding. Coach Wilkes characterizes each player as having his own special quality which, when all combined, helps the team out in any given situation. Some characteristics of the team can be seen by: " the terrific moves of senior Kevin Tucker; the shoot- ing of junior Greg Guye; floor leadership of junior Glenn Wilkes; the hustle of junior Marty Shuette; and the im- proved play of sophomore Wilbur Montegomery. Some characteristics of the newcomers to the team include: " the outside shooting ability of last year ' s red shirt. Dirk Ewing; the post play by transfers Corky Corzine and Walt Kaczmarek; and the freshmen enthusiasm of Derrick McDowel, Rick Roach, and Brad Weston " . Although sen- ior Kevin Tucker will be greatly missed next year, the rest of the team will be returning to make the Hatters very competitive. The Hatter basketball reputation has been steadily building and next year more teams are going to be watching Stetson closely as a team which will be diffi- cult to beat. Basketball 157 W ' : -iJ Hl£ ' t 158 Basketball (op. page) (left): The crowd looks on. (upper right): Corzine goes for the two points, (middle right): Dirk Ewing at the foul line, (lower right): Glenn Wilkes Jr. goes for the layup. (upper right): Corzine controls the ball, (middle right): Under pressure Montgomer shoots a hook shot, (bot- tom): Kevin Tucker blocks against South Florida, (upper right): Brad Weston on an outside shot. Hatter Classic The Hatter Classic this year was a small letdown to the basketball team in that they didn ' t win the Classic. However they did play two very good games and came very close. Friday night the Hats played Cleveland State losing by a small margin. Indiana State played East Carolina, easily winning. Saturday night Stetson and East Carolina paired up, Stetson leading the whole way and winning and Indiana State beat Cleveland State to win the Hatter Classic. To add to the excitement of the game Stetson held the annual Miss Hatter Queen and court. There were many beau- tiful girls to choose from and the judging was tough. The 1978-79 Hatter Classic Queen was Janet Hinkel, first runner up was Betty McAlpine. The other two members of the court were Shadon Davis and Susan Tay- lor. Queen Janet Hinkel. Dirk Ewing gets the two points. Coacin Wilkes on the move. Homecoming The 1978-79 Homecoming was a gala event. Friday and Saturday were filled with one exciting activity after an- other. The Homecoming basketball game was one of the best games of the season. The Hatters met South Caroli- na and to use a familiar phrase " there was never a dull moment. At the second half the Hats had an 8 point lead over South Carolina. But through the rest of the game there was a constant battle for the lead with the Hats ahead one minute and then South Carolina leading the next. At the end of the game the score was tied and the game went into overtime. The Hats kept making points but every time Stetson made a basket, South Carolina also made a basket. At the end of the overtime the score was still tied. Stetson finally won the game by four points in the second overtime as a breathless crowd watched on. (upper left); Greg Guye puts the ball up for two points. (upper right): Glenn Wilkes Jr., Corky Corzine, and Brad Weston guard the opposition. (lower left): Glenn Wilkes receives a pass. Basketball 161 The Lady Hatters under the direction of Coach Kelly Jordan are " building a competitive basketball program. " The basketball team of only three years is a young team, but has a good nucleus for the future. Of the returning five starters for the Lady Hatters, three players had double digit scores last year. Brenda EIrod led with 14.7 points per average game last year. Dorothy Harris with 14.1 points and Debbie Toole with 13.9 aver- age points. Debbie also led the team in re- bounds; 11.7%. The other two returnees were Jean Rouse with 8.5 points and Susie Gilmere with 4.3 points. Joining these five to make up the Wom- en ' s Basketball team are: sophomore: Trina Johnson, and six fresh- men: Gail Carwise, Donna Johnson, Renee McCloud, Mary Gatins, Janet Hudson, and Tina Livingston. Currently freshman Gail Carwise is leading scoring at 10.9 points per game. Brenda EIrod is close behind with 10.5 points per game. Although from the scores the girls basketball team may not seem very promising Coach Jor- dan feels that the team is getting much needed experience this year which should make for a strong team in forthcoming years. Coach Jordan feels Setson ' s Women ' s Bas- ketball is a young team looking to the future and also to a development of competitive women ' s program at Stetson. • • f m r » ? i ,1- I ' t 162 Wonnen ' s Basketball Women ' s Basketball " r. H, -3i Women ' s Basketball 163 The Stetson Cheerleaders spon- sored by Jan Carey and lead by Senior Starr Hutchins and sophmore Susie Stroud, promoted a lot of spirit and enthusiasm for Stetson basketball. Their activites included sponsoring a carwash, having a spagetti dinner and selling Hatter pens. With the money they earned the cheerleaders were able to accompany the basketball team to Las Vegas and Colorado. Stet- son also has a J.V. cheerleading squad who cheer for Soccer and Women ' s basketball. (upper right): J.V. squad; Beth Cantley, Sandi Hoffman, Jenny Pattey, Kaydene Roberts (bottom): Varsity squad Bobbi Royer, Starr Hutchins, Lynne Wilkinson, Susie Stroud, Mi- chelle Dascino. Kelly Jones, Diane Sides, Kathy Neilander, Pam Williams " ' H x, )7 , » 164 Cheerleaders Hatter Cheerleaders ' i ti Cheerleaders 165 stetson Golf Team Stetson ' s Golf Team coached by Coach Weickel has outdone itself this year with many successes. The team had the talents of many returning players and with their skill and knowledge kept up the tradition of excellence. The practice out at Southridge Golf Course. 166 Sports jiL islu. : Sports 167 Girls Tennis We should be very proud of our champion girls tennis team. Their excellent effort produces excellent results. Mandy Parson, senior, was ranked 5th ladies ' singles player in Canada. Parson finished second in the 1 posi- tion in the state and regional tournaments. Joan Krieder, a junior, is Stetson ' s 1 seed. She earned Ail-American honors last season. Gail " Gigi " Garcia, sophomore, won her 3 singles position at the state, regional and small college national tournaments and ranked 40th in the nation for girls 18 singles. Sue Overvold, junior, won the state and regional dou- bles championships with partner Joan Kreider. She also won the regional 4 position singles crown. Overvold and Krieder have become known as the threatening doubles team within Florida. Mary Prebil, a sophomore, won her 5 spot at the state and national championships. Patty Nagle, sophomore, won her 6 spot at the state and regional championships. Her second place finish at the national tournament insured Stetson ' s third place finish among all schools. The six lead players will be pushed through the season by Jill Jinks, a senior; Mildred Cross, a sophomore; and Beth Schneider, a promising freshman. ?»v ' 168 Sports rOP LEFT: Gigi and Mary enjoying the game. TOP RIGHT: The three all- Americans Patty Nagle. Gigi Garcia and Joan Krieder. LEFT: Beth watch- es and waits. BOTTOM LEFT: Coach Pate is a dedicated leader and friend. ABOVE: Gigi in action. Sports 169 Mens Tennis This was a strong, successful year for the Stetson Mens Tennis Team. Seven lettermen returned, five of whom were seniors to the veteran team under the leadership of head tennis coach Ray Hussey. Coach Hussey has coached the Hatters to 19 winning seasons out of his 25 on record. Casey Dagenhardt, senior, played No. 1 singles and doubles this year with a strong well rounded game. His good serves and excellent net quickness keep him ahead of his opponent. Micky Nolan, senior, plays with good stamima and quick footing with an intense desire to win. He played No. 1 doubles last year. Marc Seigel, senior, an excellent player uses knowledge of the game and strategy more than an overpowering ball to win. Jim Butterfield, senior, is a tall rangy player with a good power stroke and excellent reach for net play. Bill Stover, senior, probably the best all-around athlete on the squad, having power and speed to burn. John Tucker, junior, seems to be the most improved player. He has strong serves but his biggest asset is his ability to take over the net. Bill Ward, sophomore, is one of the steadiest preformers on the team. He has great endurance and is on the court for hours every available day. John Joiner, freshman, shows great potential and promise for the starting line up. The varsity team played 19 games and traveled around the state this season during competition. Well done guys! BACK; Bill Ward, Bill Stover, Micky Nolan, John Tucker, Jim Butterfield, John Joiner, Coach Ray Hussey. FRONT: Casey Davenhardt, Marc Seigel. 170 Tennis ® :y»uV « w «?:... ., • V vO.a. XvCvvX vN f SHi — 1 ' . -flfc-- y ' " TOP: Micky positions himself for the return. MIDDLE: Casey and Coach discuss strategy (?) RIGHT: John Tucker smashes the serve. LEFT: Casey returns the ball with a smile. Tennis 171 The baseball team headed by Coach Ward and assis- tant Coach Dunn and Coach Moyer did very well this year. Even though the Coaches didn ' t expect anything but the teams best they were very proud of Stetson ' s team. With excellent coaching and Stetson pride help the Hitting Hatters have a successful season. 172 Sports inji i g -mm -tui - i Sports 173 ;;5l. .i-. S[SKvS « 174 Sports Sports 175 ■.■ ' ■ .? - " !. ' ■ •«« ■: , •♦• " ,■ ' V 176 Sports Sports 177 Girls Volleyball The Stetson University Girls Volleyball team is another shinning group of atheletes representing the Hatters. Many hours of practice and pain has produced a success- ful year. Coach Lewandoski is very happy to have finished his first year meeting his pre-season goal of winning more games than losing, 21-10, above .005%. The team and the coach worked together producing excellent attitudes in both. With effort, enthusiasm and determination the team produced the best record in four years. However, with three graduating seniors: Pam Cole, Kathy Bevington, and Susie Gilmore; and only three play- ers returning for next years ' team, Coach Joe Lewan- doski is looking for some super recruits in order for an- other winning season. The girls and coach are to be congratulated on their excellent performance this year. To the right we see Susie Gilmore spiking against Jack- sonville University. Below, Coach Lewandoski gives quick strategy to the players during a time out. 178 Sports LEFT: Susie Gilmore and Beth Sklenar blocking. BOTTOM LEFT: Debbie Toole spiking. BELOW: Deb- bie Toole plays offensively. BELOW RIGHT: Kathy Bevington setting. BOTTOM RIGHT: defense situa- tion. REMEMBER THE WORK , . , REMEMBER THE PRIDE! NOVEMBER 25 27 30 DECEMBER 2 6 8-9 20 22 28-29 JANUARY 4 6 10 13 15 20 22 27 FEBRUARY 5 7 10 13 17 19 23 28 Men ' s Basketball Schedule 1978-79 STETSON UNIVERSITY MEN ' S BASKETBALL SCHEDULE University of Nevada-Las Vegas University of Colorado Sunshine State Doubleheader (Stetson V. UNC-Wilmington, Florida v. Ohio) SUNSHINE STATE DOUBLEHEADER (Stetson V. Ohio, Florida v. UNC-Wilmington) JACKSONVILLE UNIVERSITY HATTER CLASSIC (Stetson. Indiana State, Cleveland State, East Carolina) UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO LASALLE Tangerine Tournament (Stetson. VMI. FTU. American) UNIVERSITY OF EVANSVILLE COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY University of South Florida Mercer University Furman University CAMPBELL COLLEGE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY Old Dominion University University of Richmond U.S. AIR FORCE ACADEMY Marquette University Oral Roberts University Samford University UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA HOME COMING MERCER UNIVERSITY Women ' s Basketball Schedule STETSON UNIVERSITY WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL 1978-79 NOVEMBER 29 Wed. FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY DECEMBER 1 Fri. FLORIDA A M UNIVERSITY 6 Wed. •FLAGLER COLLEGE 9 Sat. University of Tampa 20 Wed. •FLORIDA TECHNOLOGY UNIVERSITY JANUARY 8 Mon. TRENTON STATEG COLLEGE 10 Wed. University of South Florida 13 Sat. •Mercer University 15 Mon. •Furman University 19 Fri. ST LEO COLLEGE 22 Mon. •FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE 24 Wed. •Rollins College 26-27 Fri. -Sat . Flagler College Tournament 30 Tues. UNIVESITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA FEBRUARY 3 Sat. FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY 5 Mon. Florida Southern College 7 Wed. Flagler College 9 Fri. UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI 15 Thurs. Florida A M University 16 Fri. Florida State University •Preliminary to men ' s games Head Coach: Kelly Jordan Trainer: George Woodring Managers: Marina Love Terry White Women ' s Softball Schedule STETSON UNIVERSITY 1979 SOFTBALL SCHEDULE MARCH 9 UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA (DOUBLE) 10 University of Florida (Double) 13 JACKSONVILLE (DOUBLE) 15 STETSON FACULTY (Johnson Field) 20 MILLIGAN COLLEGE (DOUBLE) 22 Flagler College (Double) March 23-April 2 (Spring Break) APRIL 3 UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA (DOUBLE) 4 Florida Southern College (Double) 6 7 Flagler Tournament 9 University of South Florida (Double) 11 Jacksonville University (Double) 12 FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE (DOUBLE) 16 UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA (DOUBLE) 17 FLAGLER COLLEGE (DOUBLE) 19-21 State Tournament MAY 3-5 Regional Tournament HOME AWAY HOME HOME HOME AWAY HOME AWAY AWAY AWAY AWAY HOME HOME HOME 180 Sports FEBRUARY 28 MARCH 2 6 9 12 13 16 19 22 APRIL 5 9 11 16 21 24 28 Men ' s Tennis Schedule STETSON UNIVERSITY 1978-79 MEN ' S TENNIS SCHEDULE WHEATON COLLEGE FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE St. Leo College EMBRY-RIDDLE AERONAUTICAL UNIVERSITY NORTHERN KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY Florida Southern College APPALACHIAN STATE UNIVERSITY ST. LEO COLLEGE BAKER UNIVERSITY Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Florida Institute of Technology Rollins College Eckerd College FLORIDA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY ARMSTRONG STATE COLLEGE ECKERD COLLEGE HOME HOME Away HOME HOME Away HOME HOME HOME Away Away Away Away HOME HOME HOME Coach: Ray Hussey Women ' s Tennis Schedule Men ' s Baseball Schedule STETSON UNIVERSITY BASEBALL 1979 SCHEDULE 1978-79 STETSON UNIVERSITY WOMEN ' TENNIS JANUARY 18 UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA DELAND 19 INDIAN RIVER COMMUNITY COLLEGE DELAND FEBRUARY 1 University of South Florida Tampa 8 UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA DELAND 10 Florida State University Tallahassee 13 Rollins College — Blue Team Winter Park 16 University of Central Florida Orlando 17 FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY DELAND 19 Florida Southern College Lakeland 24 UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE-CHATTANOOGA DELAND 26 FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE DELAND 27 NORTHEAST LOUISIANA UNIVERSITY DELAND MARCH 6 Flagler College St. Augustine 12 JAMES MADISON UNIVERSITY DELAND 13 University of Tampa Tampa 15 UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA DELAND 17 Indian River Community College Fort. Pierce 21 ROLLINS COLLEGE — BLUE TEAM DELAND 26 Mercer University Macon. Ga. 27 Furman University Greenville. S.C. 28 College of Charleston Charleston, S.C. 29 Georgia Southern College Statesboro, Ga. 30 Valdosta State College Valdosta. Ga. APRIL 6 UNIVERSITY OF TAMPA DELAND 7 University of Florida Gainesville 10 FLAGLER COLLEGE DELAND 20-22 State Tournament at Florida Tech Orlando 28 Rollins College — Gold Team Winter Park MAY 11-13 Regional Tournament FEBRUARY 26 March 2 3 5 7 8 9 10 12 13 14 15 16 17 19 20 21 22 22 23 24 24 26 27 28 29 30 31 APRIL 3 6 7 7 12 12 13 14 17 18 20 20 21 24 27 28 MAY 1 BALL STATE MERCER South Florida (2) OLD DOMINION (2) WILLIAM MARY WILLIAM MARY ROLLINS DAVID LIPSCOMB DAVID LIPSCOMB XAVIER DELAWARE STATE DELAWARE STATE YALE YALE SOUTH FLORIDA (2) Ohio State OHIO STATE MARYLAND KENTUCKY SETON HALL DELAWARE DELAWARE NOTRE DAME Florida State South Alabama South Alabama Tulane New Orleans (2) New Orleans (2) Rollins Baptist College (2) Baptist College The Citadel Georgia Southern Georgia Southern Georgia Southern Mercer Jacksonville FLORIDA MIAMI MIAMI MIAMI FLORIDA FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL JACKSONVILLE (2) DELAND DELAND Tampa DELAND DELAND DELAND DELAND DELAND DELAND DELAND DELAND DELAND DELAND DELAND DELAND Daytona Beach DELAND DELAND DELAND DELAND DELAND DELAND DELAND Tallahassee Mobile. Ala. Mobile. Ala. New Orleans. La. New Orleans. La. New Orleans. La. Winter Park Charleston, S.C. Charleston, S.C. Charleston. S.C. Statesboro. Ga. Statesboro. Ga. Statesboro. Ga. Macon. Ga. Jacksonville DELAND DELAND DELAND DELAND DELAND DELAND DELAND DELAND 1979 Sports 181 GREEK M. tAt-tUOMi Greeks 183 ZETA TAU ALPHA On October 15, 1898, Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority was founded at Long- wood in Farmville, Virginia. The Beta Psi Chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha was installed at Stetson in 1934. Zeta ' s badge is the crown and shield. Their colors are turquoise blue and steel gray, and the flower is the white vio- let. PI BETA PHI Pi Beta Phi was founded in 1867 at Mon Mouth College in Mon Mouth, III. The Florida Alpha Chapter was established here at Stetson in 1913, making Pi Beta Phi the first National Panhellenic organization on cam- pus. The Pi Beta Phi badge is the green arrow, their colors are wine and silver blue, and the flower is the wine carnation. Greeks 185 PHI MU Phi Mu Fraternity, the second ol- dest sorority in the United States, was chartered in 1852 at Wesleyan college in Macon, Georgia. The Stet- son chapter of Phi Mu, Alpha Xi was chatered in 1949. Phi Mu ' s badge is the shield of gold, her colors are rose and white and, her flower is the rose carnation. 136 Greeks DELTA DELTA DELTA Delta Delta Delta was founded on Thanksgiving eve, 1888, at Boston University. The Alpha Delta chapter, founded at Stetson in 1913, is the oldest Tri Delta chapter in Florida. The Tri Delta badge is the stars and cresent, their colors are silver, gold and blue, and their flower is the pan- sy. Greeks 187 ALPHA XI DELTA Alpha Xi Delta was founded at Lombard College in Galesburd, Illi- nois, on April 17, 1893. The badge of Alpha Xi Delta is the golden quill studded with pearls. The colors of this soroity are double blue and gold, and the flower is the Killarney rose. Alpha Kappa Alpha Alpha Kappa Alpha was founded in 1908 at Howard University, Washing- ton D.C. The Epsilon Omicron chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha was founded at Stetson on December 10, 1969. Their symbol is the ivy, their colors are salmon pink and apple green, and their flower is the pink tea rose. Greeks 189 ALPHA CHI OMEGA Alpha Chi Omega was founded in 1885 at Depauw University in Green- castle, Indiana. The Gamma Chi chapter at Stetson was founded in May of 1957. The badge of Alpha Chi Omega is the golden lyre, their col- ors are scarlet and olive green, and their flower is the red carnation 190 Greeks SIGMA NU " - |H ■ ■ ■gHJ HT ■ ea H 1 ' r ' W ' k iC J rt m H 1 L " ' " ■■ ' " " tJrr-T ' Sffj 1 1 R B B wLu ! EK tj f [ Ii I I I I mI V vi m Wm i K ' 1 X 3 H H ' H ItM i H u IST W t f H l HV UzJ ' 3m f ti " i. ' ■2 r A r " 1 Pt JS ' 4 |9k: BM I j lSf - - - IM ijlk ' sl. n B. ik . ? . " H l d mf -.f Founded at Virginia Military Insti- tute in 1869, Sigma Nu became the first chartered National social frater- nity at Stetson when Delta Mu Chap- ter was established in 1913. Sigma Nu ' s colors are black, white and gold and the fraternity ' s flower is the white rose. Greeks 191 Lambda Chi Alpha Lambda Chi Alpha was founded at Boston University on November 2, 1909. Zeta Tau chapter at Stetson was installed in April of 1949. The flower of the fraternity is the white rose and the colors are purple and gold. 192 Greeks PI KAPPA PHI Pi Kappa Phi was founded at the University of Charleston, South Carolina in 1904, and gave to Stet- son the Chi chapter in February of 1921. The fraternity colors are gold and white and the flower is the red rose. Greeks 193 Delta Sigma Phi Delta Sigma Phi was founded in 1899 at the College of the City of New York. The local chapter, Alpha Chi, was installed at Stetson in 1925. Their colors are Nile green and white and their flower is the white carnation. Phi Sigma Kappa Phi Sigma Kappa was founded at the Massachusetts Agricultural Col- lege (now the University of Massa- chusetts) on March 15, 1873. The Kappa Hexaton chapter was estab- lished at Stetson in 1974. Their col- ors are magenta and silver, and their flower is the red carnation . Greeks 195 Sigma Phi Epsloin Established in February of 1949 was the Florida Beta Chapter of Sig- ma Phi Epsilon. Sigma Phi Epsilon was found November 1, 1901 at Richmond College in Virginia. The Sig Ep ' s colors are red and royal pur- ple. The flower is the red rose. 196 Greeks Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha was founded at the University of Charleston, South Caro- lina in 1904 and gave to Stetson the Chi chapter in February of 1921. The fraternity ' s colors are gold and white and their flower is the red rose. Greeks 197 ORGANIZATION 198 Organizations Organizations 199 1979 Stetson Hatter staff Suzanne Banas Editor-in-Chief Amy Speers Business Manager Marilyn Wurth Copy Editor Vicki Vaiek Assistant-to-Editor Esther Edelberg Sherry Cook Vicki VaIek Jill Jinks Amy Speers Section Editors Niles Beddingfield Karen Gatje Lee Dunnam Judii Harris Regina Maher Pamela Smith Lynne Wilkenson Claudi Wunderlich Michalene Zunich Contributing Staff Photographers Randy Brennan Photo Manager Bruce Dalhstaid Color Photography Gary Potts Mike Koller Dave Dougherty 200 Organizations Wr- Organizations 201 The Reporter EDITOR: Frank McAloon ASST. EDITOR: Jamie Richards FEATURES EDITOR: Margie Blair NEWS EDITOR: Mark Moyer CO-NEWS EDITOR: David Fox NEXUS EDITOR: Michael DeGolyer Nolan Raybon STAFF WRITERS: Mary Karrer, Katnleen Malloy, Dave Hill, Bob Koslow, Mike Koller, Rick DeMeo, Pam Wilcox, Becky Brumfield, Lauri Jackson, Jim Rochford, Jane Bonnell. 202 Reporter Dave Fox and Mike Koller set layouts. Frank McAloon checks on all the work. Nolan Raybon works on finished layout. Preparing layouts is everyone ' s job. Reporter 203 Student Assembly stetson ' s Student Assembly is the voice of the student in their school life and activities. The assembly plans activities, presents opinions and offers a free to students book directory. President — John Draper. V.P. — Cathy Williams, Secretary — Patrice Mostello. Stetson Union Board The Stetson Union Board sponsers concerts, movies, and camping trips. They also rent items such camping equipment and refrigerators to students. President — Kim Cavenaugh. as canoes. 204 Organizations Judiciary Council Judiciary Council is a group of student selected by the student body to hear student cases and judge them in accordance with proper parliamentary procedure. President: Wade Myers Student Affairs Committee student affair Committee is comprised of student and faculty which deal with non-academic area of student life. They coordinate and advise all student organizations. Panhellenic Panhellenic develops and maintains sorority life and interfraternity relations at a higin level of accomplishment. President; Diane Zimmerman. Vice President: MaeBeth Davis, Secretary: Anne Peterson, Treasurer: Susan Perry. IFC InterFraternity Council is made up of representatives from all the fraternities, in this way they maintain relation between all the frats and hold group projects. 206 Organizations SAAS The Stetson Afro-American Society promotes service and social functions to the campus and community through projects such as Thanksgiving baskets, and other services. V.P. — Brenda Wilcox, Secretary — Yvette Jenkins, Treasurer — Starr Hutchings. Art The art club is comprise of majors and non-majors alike. They help with gallery openings, take field trips, and sponsor the annual Christmas ' pot ' sale. President — Lisa Thorsen, Secretary — Gene Hotaling, Organizations 207 Rho Lambda Rho Lambda is an honorary organization of outstanding Greek women wtno Inave shown leadership and envoivement to their sorority and Stetson community. Physics The Society of Physics Students provides an opportunity to develop closer interaction between students and faculty in both social and professional activities. They sponser the Burnett Prize in Physics, science films, and plan field trips. Beth Ely — President, Sandy Bolton — V.P., Karl Hutchinson — secretary treasurer. 208 Organizations Faculty Senate Faculty Senate is one organization of faculty from all the different schools which rules administration procedures through out the faculty. Model Senate Model Senate is a student organization which simulates the proceedings of the congressional senate. The students learn about all the aspects in running of the senate. Organizations 209 Bat Girls Batgirls is an organization wliicln supports the Stetson Baseball Team. They help the team by morale support, cheering. They also keep score, fill water bottles and help the game run smoothly. Archery Club The Archery Club is an extracurricular organization which competes in competition. The Stetson team has students and faculty members. 2 10 Organizations Ministerial Association Ministerial Association is a group of religious students who sponsor projects like working with the Nursing Homes and conduct Sunday Ministry in Juniper Springs Parks. Advisor: Dr. Beasley. Chorus Chorus is a group of Voile majors who perform at many campus functions give their own concerts for the community. Organizations 211 BCM The Baptist Campus Ministry of Stetson is a group of Christians, not necessarily Baptist, who enjoy christian fellowship, bible study and personal witnessing. We be- lieve the Christian life is a joyous life, filled with love, strength, and especially fun. The BCM holds Vespers on Thursday, also Fellowship dinners and Prayer breakfast. 212 Organization Wesley Foundation is the United Methodist Campus Ministry providing fellowship and service activities. Their house is located on Woodland Blvd. across from Hulley Tower. ACS The American Chemical Society is a social organization which all science students may join. They sponser speakers. T-shirt sales and biannual parties. President: Ken Caster. Vice President: Carmel Bitondo. Secretary: Cathy Williams. Advisor: Dr. Coolidge. Organizations 213 Young Republicans Young Republicans is Stetson political organization for the purpose of expressing views on current issues and to help students be informed on things that are happening to them through government. President: Jack Scalera, Vice President: Majorie Blair. Now National Organization for Women is a new chapter for Stetson who work towards the ERA movement and keep students inform on current issue concerning the movement. The sponsor speaker, rallys and petitions. President: Barbara Knipper. 214 Organizations ■m ft ROTC Pictured below is the ROTC cadet staff winich is made up of senior ROTC students. Organizations 215 KAn Kappa Delta Pi is the education lionorary which recognizes outstanding contributions to the field. President — Brenda Wilcox, V.P. — Leigh Shipley, Secretary Treasure — Tracy Sutherland, Sponsers — Mrs. C. Homan, Richard Feasel BBB Beta Beta Beta is the honorary Biology organization it emphasizes scholarship, dissemination of scientific knowledge, and promotes research. President — Kirk Davis, V.P. — Mark Thorne, Secretary — Rae Ann Boylan, Historian — Amos Bailey. 216 Organizations Rowdies Rowdie are a group of independent girls who enjoy sports. The group first started when one hall wanted to participate in intramural sports, they have grown from there. : ' b-x:a ( i ii y A - »7 , Scroll Key Scroll and Key is an academic organization honoring seniors in the top 5% of their class. President: Mark Thorne. Vice President: Hugh Cairns. Secretary Treasurer: Michel Redlow. Organizations 21 ' Pep Band THE STETSON PEP BAND PROVIDES MUSIC FOR SPORTING EVENTS, AND IS MADE UP OF MUSIC MAJORS AND NON-MAJORS ALIKE. IT IS DIRECTED BY SENIOR MEMBERS OF THE BAND. Sierra Club The Sierra Club promotes environmental awareness and enjoyment of the out-of doors through activities such as canoeing and hiking trips, guest speakers, and film and slide shows. Lisa Thorsen — President, Rick DeMeo — V.P., Pete Manley — Secretary treasurer, Sandra Apgar — Outings Chairman. 218 Organizations SLSFRTSG The Stetson Ladies Society for the Restoration of the Social Graces is a new organization at Stetson, President: Ginny Kirkwood; Vice President: Monica Wiebe; Secretary; Diane Patrick, Advisor: Marjorie Gilbert. ETA Sigma Tau Delta is a honorary organi zation for English majors. The club helps students in their careers and studies. President: Amanda Gable. Organizations 219 Sigma Nu BILL BELMONT Lambda Chi Alpha ALEX PETERSON Sigma Phi Epsilon DAVID AND RANDY ERDMAN 220 Orgnizations Delta Sigma Phi CHIP JAMERSON i ) Pi Kappa Phi DAN AND ELLEN FITZGERALD Phi Kappa Alpha JIM AND CAROL WEST Organizations 221 KME Kappa Mu Epsilon is the math honorary organization for both majors and non-major. The sponsors tutor service and guest speakers. Speech stetson Speech Union is to promote the development of communicative skill through intercollegiate competition. The ranked 10th in Nation. President: Jeff Crowe. Vice President: Jack Pilzer, Secretary — Michele Miles. Advisor — Ronald Baugh. Judo Judo club promotes judo as an art on campus. They sponsor tournament on campus and help arrange for students to participate in off-campus tournaments. Advisor; Rob Brady Phi Alpha Theta Phi Alpha Theta is the history honorary for students who have taken at least 12 hours of history with a 2.5 average. Each year a delegate is sent to the national convention. Organization 223 Cordis Hall Staff Head Resident — Russ Bausch, Ass ' t. H.R. — Bob Vignola, Resident Advisors • Williams. Staff Assistants — Jeff Crowe, Steve Mass, Mike Temoshchuk. Bill Allen, Alan Beck, Ray Kimsey, Will Oliver, Jack Scalera, Todd " , r Smith Hall Staff Head Resident — Bob Potter, Ass ' t. H.R. — Dave Conway, Resident Advi sors — Levant Sanders, Nolan Raybon, Mark Huband, Ken Caster, Steve Miraglia, Dexter Glenn. Staff Ass ' ts — Scott Plakon, Karl Hutctiinson, Kevin O ' Dwyer, Kerry Foster, Chris Green. 224 Organization Carson Hall Staff Head Resident — Joe Halsema, Ass ' t. H.R. — Armando Lopez. Resident Advisors — Steve Baade, Dean Barley, Robbie Best. Reece Stierman. Staff Assistants — Mike Cleghorn, Ken Thwing. 1 1 W fA?s ' ' JC:jfe. p M ' . «v- - New Men ' s Hall Staff Head resident — Jim Anderson. Ass ' t. H.R. — Jim Sims, Resident Advisors — Mike Mitchell. Jamie Everett. Bruce Crosswhite. John Tucker. Joel Manning, Staff Assistants — Tony Julian, Ed Patricoff, Leonard Wagers. Craig Kettles. Organizations 225 Conrad Hall Staff Conrad Head Resident: Beth Fogle; Asst. Head Resident: Karen Mclntyre; Resident Advisors: Sheri Schafer, Jill White, Lauri Jackson, Melody Laver, Kim Gosby: Staff Aids: Lisa Spriggs, Carole Weber, Shari Mobley, Kay Yingling, Ellen Wilcox. I M Chaudoin Hall Staff Chadion Headresident: Donna Hope; Asst. Head Resident: Amanda Gable, Staff: Meg Butler, Carme Betondo, Gail Schuck, Pam Pasak, Grace Vaughan, Madge Lipton, Michele Blank, Ivonne Ehrlich, Angle Ventura, Carol Frechette, Kathy Philips, Ellen Armour, Melody Edmondson, Corrie Carroll, Debbi Brown, Sheri Dobratz, Patricia Lee, Katy Workam, Carol Springstead, Shelly Stempel. 225 Organizations stetson Hall Staff r Emily Hall Staff Head Resident — Valerie Dawkins, Ass ' t. H.r. — Debra Keller, Resident Advisors — Alyson Cook. Connie Gwynn. Laurie Messer. Maribeth Nash. Lynn Chervonok, Staff Assistants — Becky Brumfield. Cheryl Manning. Leslie McCloud. Charlene Bissen, Karen Figlidi. Regina Sargent. Leigh Meadows, Carol Harper, Susan Taylor, Ellen Covert, Mary Karrer, Debbie Hannington, Kathleen McManus. Security And Traffic Director — Ernest Scott. Ass ' t. Director of Security — Tim Keener, Ass ' t. Director of Traffic — Chip Wilkins, Shift Commanders — Richard LaPorta, Nicolas Vellis, Richard Mines, Louis DeJoy, Chuck Prather. What Radio What is the S.U.B., sponsored radio station run by student volunteer disc jockeys, who go through a special training program. Station Manager — Theo Etzel, personal manager — Gary Lear, Traffic Manager — Cindi Rourk. 228 Organizations Honors House Honors House is a residence facility for honor ' s program men. It is well loved by the program ' s students, male and female alike, head resident (not pictured). Drew McQuade. Also not pictured — Chris Ohiweiler. Wheeler House Wheeler House is a co-operative men ' s residence in which a feeling of harmony and friendship is promoted, Head Resident — Kirk Griffith. Organizations 229 x Psi Chi is the national Honor Society of psychology. To become a member, a student must be in the top 35% of his class, have a B average in psych courses, and have at least 12 hours of psych. President — Kirk Griffith, V.P. — Kathy Brottem. rsE Gamma Sigma Epsilon, the national Honor Society of Chemistry, is open to students w ith a high scholastic achievement. Their object is to increase interest, scholarship, and research in chemistry. President — Ray Kimsey, Treasurer — Ken Caster, Se cretary — Dave Jackson, Sargent at Arms — Kirk Davis. 230 Organizations Theta Alpha Phi Theta Alpha Phi Is the theater fraternity. It sponsors play for the enjoyment of the community and Stetson students. Some of the plays have been " Kiss me Kate " " Play it again, Sam. " Phi Eta Kappa Phi Eta Kappa Is a honorary organization for freshman who achieve a GPA of 2.5 or above. They Induct new members In the Spring. Organizations 231 Morter Board Morter Board is a honorary organization for women who excel in qualities of leadership, scholarship and community activities. President: Tracey Sutherland OAK Omicron Delta Kappa recognizes those students and faculty who have attained a high degree of efficiency in collegiate activities, and who have inspired others to strive for the same goals. President — Jamie Everett, V.P. — Bob Potter, Secretary — Kirk Davis. 232 Organization Sigma Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Kappa is an honourary organization for outstanding work on school publication (Hatter and Reporter). Publication Board Publications Board is comprised of the editor, business manager and representive from the Hatter. Reporter and Litrachur. President ' Frank McAloon. Vice President: Suzanne Banas, Secretary: Rik Scarce Organlzation 233 $B Kappa Kappa Psi is another honorary organization made up of Stetson ' s fine school of music students Phi Beta Fraternity is for men and women in the field of music. They usher at recitals, hold receptions for visiting artists, provide scholarship funds, and various other services for the School of Music. President — Don McCullough, V.P. — Sarah House, Secretary — Lenae Wisner. Treasurer — Lea Kibler, Historian — Linda Pfeifauf. 234 Organizations Alpha Kappa Psi Alpha Kappa Psi is the largest and oldest professional business fraternity on campus. President: Marty Davis, Vice President: Janet Harris, Sara Bush, Advisors: Richard Copeland. Ken Jackson, Faculty Mennbers: Dean Furlang, J. Masters, Mr. Anderson Delta Tau Kappa Delta Tau Kappa is the sociology honorary fraternity. They sponsor picnics for sociology majors and maintain the sociology lounge in Flagen Hall. Organi2ations 235 Scholastic And Honoraries Scholastic And Honoraries Alpha Kappa Bi (Business) Beta Beta Beta (Biology) Delta Phi Alpha (German) Delta Tau Kappa ( Sociology) Gamma Sigma Epsilon (Chemistry) Gamma Theta Epsilson (Geography) Kappa Delta Psi (Education) Kappa Kappa Psi (Band) Kappa Mu Epsilon (Math) Kappi Pi (Art) La Franciade (French) Mortar Board (Leadership) Tassel (Soph. Leadership) Omicron Delta Kappa (Leadership) Green Circle (Soph. Leadership) Order Scroll Key (Academic) Phi Alpha Theta (History) Phi Beta (Music) Phi Chi Theta (Business) Phi Eta Kappa (Academic) Pi Kappa Delta (Forensics) Phi Kappa Lambda (Music) Psi Chi (Psychology) Scabbard Blade (ROTC) Sigma Alpha Omega (Math) Sigma Delta Pi (Spanish) Sigma Pi Kappa (Journalism) Sigma Pi Sigma (Physics) Sigma Tau Delta (English) Tau Beta Sigma (Band) Theta Alpha Phi (Theatre.) Religions Organizations Baptist Campus Ministry Canterbury Club Fellowship of Christian Athletes Ministerial Association Newman Club Wesley Foundation 236 0rgani2ations Departmental Organizations American Chemical Society Music Educators National Cont. American Guild of Organists School of Music Advisory Council Chorus Student Florida Education Assn. Athletic Clubs Archery Club Fencing Club Judo Club Rugby Club Miscellaneous Organizations International Club Interfrate rnity Council MBA Organization National Organization of Women Panhellenic Council Stetson Afro-Amercian Society Young Democrats Young Republicans Fraternities Sororities Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Kappa Alpha Alpha Xi Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Sigma Phi Landa Chi Alpha Phi Mu Phi Sigma Kappa Pi Beta Phi Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Phi Sigma Nu Sigma Phi Epsilon Zeta Tau Alpha Organizations 237 ADS 238 Ads Ads 239 WeJ and ' s zFlavel Oewice, Jnc " We Know Because We Go ' 228 E. New York Avenue Deland, Florida Telephone 734-4531 Leah W. Conklin, Stetson ' 55 DeLand State Bank and Trust • FREE CHECKING FOR SENIOR CITIZENS • FAST ACTION LOANS VOLUSIA ' S ONLY 24 HOUR AUTOMATIC TELLER FOR DAY OR NIGHT BANKING! • SATURDAY BANKING 9-1 IN.MAIN LOBBY DRIVE-INS DeLand State Bank and Trust 734-8511 Member FDIC ■ ComerE. New York Amelia Ave. -DeLand. Ha. I The Independent Saturday Bank " 240 Ads Compliments of JCPenney 101 S. Woodland Blvd. Deland, Fl. Gibbs 131 N. Boulevard DeLand, Fl. 734-5221 V A-l PHOTOGRAPHY riOWER SHOP, INC. 100 E. Ohio DeLand, Florida 32720 (904) 734-4222 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED Flowers and Photographs for ALL OCCASIONS We Wire Flowers Worldwide Wedding Photographs, Portraits Invitations Accessories for Any Occasion 138 South Woodland Boulevard Deland, Florida 734-1949 crfs Ads 241 SCOOP PHOTOS 1105 SOUTH WOODLAND BOULEVARD DELAND. FLORIDA 32720 MORRIS GOODWIN pHONE 736-3395 PHOTOGRAPHER BANK WITH BARNETT We ' re convenient reasonably and friendly. arnett anK. Bamett Bank of Deland, N.A. 230 N. Boulevard 734-2311 IVKKSITY HOI Woodland Plaza Deland, Fla. 734-1774 Congratulations Class of 79 Welcome to Stetson ' s Alumni Association. 242 Ads " GOFF ' S GOT IT " • Hardware • Paint Electrical • Housewares • plants GOFF-ACE HARDWARE INC. 303 North Boulevard Deland 734-0444 Celebrating our 50th Year Need Quality Printing Purrey the " lori l 116 East Indiana Deland, Florida (904) 734-0355 Flowers for all occasions ' X Timam J printing L ] company Est. 1911 Come see us at 726 South Boulevard Deland, Florida Ph.: 734-2233 Ads 243 Joe Mano is a Stetson tradition. MANO ' S RESTAURANT 100 East Ohio Ave. Deland MehaelEKatKLtd. 1348 SOUTH WOODLAND BLVD. DELAND, FLORIDA 32720 DEPEND ONUS 345 N. Woodland Blvd. DeLand [qual Housing Opportunity FIRST FEDERAL MID-FLORIDA ESUC 244 Ads Ads 245 HATTER BOOKSTORE ON CAMPUS Thank You for Allowing Us to Serve You DELAND AUTO RENTAL Your Transportation Headquarters DELAND DODGE-FIAT 125 North Boulevard Deland, Florida Pupello ' s Wholesale Tire Co., Inc. Wholesale 1204 North Boulevard 734-3868 8-6 6 days a week Tires for all occasions master charge BankAmericard ive omemne 246 Phi Chi Theta National Fraternity in Business and Economics CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING SENIORS COMPLIMENTS OF ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA y Congratulates it ' s Graduating Seniors welcomes all interested Business Economic Students V.M. Fountain Co. " Your clothes express " Fountains for Clothes 129 N. Woodland Blvd. DeLand QUICK CLFAN COIN LAUNDRY PROl ' ESSIONAL DRYCLFANING 117 West Plymouth (next to 7-11) Attendant on duty at all times! Laundry drop-off service done by the pound. Ads 247 When you plug your ad into... 1. Bc2:anCi imNcUi5 2. 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DeLand, Florida 32720 • Phone 734-0166 HOME OFFICE: 501 No Grandview Ave., Daytona Beach Phone (904) 252-9611 OTHER OFFICES Daylona Beach New Smyrna Beach Ormond Beach Port Orange Delto Palm Coast Winter Park Longwood Orlando St Augustine ESUC Compliments of " We ' re Small Enough to Know You Yet Large Enough to Serve You " Hwy. 17-92 South 734-2661 Deland ( Inlenwliatul Housic of Panc3ke.s 1215 North Woodland Blvd. Open 24 Hours Ads 249 stetson, this is your Yearbook, and it must reflect what is going on presently. It must represent your uniqueness and individuality. Changes in attitudes? Changes in Latitudes? Yes, I feel there are changes here at Stetson and I have tried my best to represent these changes, in all the ways possible. I must thank my photographers: Randy Brennen, Dave Moss, and Mike Koller for putting their all into their work. Special thanks to Bruce Dahlstaid for trying and succeeding in reproducing the colour for this book. Many thanks to Ester Edelberg, Marilyn Wurth (who wrote our copy) Sherry Cook, Jill Jinks and Lynne Wilkenson for putting pic- tures and thoughts into an organized book. Thanks to Amy Speers (my business manager) for all the work she put in. My extra special thanks to Vicki Vaiek (my right-hand women, sometimes left-hand too) for doing whatever I asked at whatever time. Putting together the Yearbook wasn ' t at all easy or fun (some- times-yes) but it was rewarding. It was an experience with a tremen- dous responsibility organizing people (friends) and their work. BUT I ' m glad I did it. Sincerley, -n, -X_— 250 Closing Closing 251 Then Yearn. • rTTiiiiTfi; 252 Closing Then e... Closing 253 Then ' 5j8 ' away These are illG ••• Closing 255 by William Touhy ; 256 Closing %i m mi M i5, i, t f IIV ' ♦ ■v Vi

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