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J or tkz reoptd 7 Happiness comes of the capacity to feel deeply, to enjoy simply, to think freely, to risk life, to be needed. Storm Jameson m !»■ ¥ •■:■} ' f I ' m painting my room in the colourful way And when my mind is wandering — There I will go. And it really doesn ' t matter If I ' m wrong I ' m right Where I belong I ' m right Where I belong. John Lennon Paul McCartney - a ' ' ■ it ■:v , " ; J£ It is not given to us to right every wrong, to make perfect all the imperfections of the world. But neither is it given to us to sit content in our storehouses — dieting while others starve, buying eight million new cars a year while most of the world goes without shoes. We are simply not doing enough. Robert F. Kennedy Only a moment; a moment of strength, of romance, of glamour — of youth! . . . A flick of sunshine upon a strange shore, the time to remember, the time for a sigh, and — goodbye! . . . Joseph Conrad Herein lies the tragedy of the age; not that men are poor — all men know something of poverty; not that men are wicked — who is good? Not that men are ignorant — what is truth? Nay, but that men know so little of men. W. E. B. DuBois v P w All of the nights We ' d harmonize till dawn. I never laughed so long So long So long. Paul Simon All knowledge is of itself of some value. There is nothing so minute or inconsiderate that I would not rather know it than not. Samuel Johnson ■ ■ V ' Enjoying living was learning to get your money ' s worth and knowing when you had it . . . Perhaps that wasn ' t true, though. Perhaps as you went along you did learn something. I did not care what it was all about. All I wanted to know was how to live in it. Maybe if you found out how to live in it you learned from that what it was all about. Ernest Hemingway " . »■ :. FOR THE PEOPLE THE PEOPLE 20 Administration S :. " ] 22 Faculty - 34 - Organizations 48 . Beauties 86 Greeks " 9 Seniors 127 ' , ABOUT THE PEOPLE 162 FaH - " 164 Winter 212 Spring 227 Epilogue f 1270 Community - 278 The 1971 HATTER, Stetson University, DeLand, Florida 32720. Published « by Inter : Collegiate Press, Shawnee Mission, Kansas 66202. - n ■ ' a Administration Dr. John E. Johns President George Borders Dean of Men : lfe ■- Trrr tM W ■1 Etter Turner Dean of Women Mary Edna Walls Assistant Dean of Women Richard Reiff Assistant Dean of Men Robert S. Chauvin, Dean of Liberal Arts Edward Furlong Dean of Business Paul Langston, Dean of Music Richard Dillon Dean of the College J. Ollie Edmunds Chancellor Earl Edington Chairman Board of Trustees H. Graves Edmundson Comptroller Barbara Rowe Registrar Gary Meadows Admissions Ted Banks International Studies Fred Cooper Public Relations Bill Ford Public Relations mzm ■VJWSft - ■ ■ r . :i . :- r " - : v ' - ■ " -,;wv : ■-■;- ■ Faculty V • V ■ ' ' ' : M; W„ ' ■■m:Si Dr. K. Everett, Chemistry Miss L. McDaniels, Phys. Ed. Dr. John Evans, History Dr. Smotherman, Education Dr. T. W. Beiler, Chemistry Dr. R. Morland, Education Mr. Leo Snedeker, Speech Mrs. S. Jernigan, Phys. Ed. Mrs. Thwing, Phys. Ed. Dr. Bradford Crain, English Dr. Edwin Coolidge, Chemistry Mr. Tommy Tucker, English V v Dr. Ethel Colbrunn, English Dr. Vaughn, Chemistry w Dr. Charles Andrews, Economics Dr. Robert Loftin, Philosophy Mr. Leon Braxton, German Mr. Gary Noffke, Art. Dr. Richard Langford, English Dr. Bryan Gillespie, English Dr. William Taylor, English Dr. F. Frauchiger, German Mr. Joe Womack, English Dr. R. Sherer, Am. Studies ifc Dr. Rollin Armour, Religion Mr. Fred Messersmith, Art Dr. Gary Maris, Pol. Sci. Mr. Lewis Myer, Religion Mr. John McCabe, Math Mr. Peter Maddock, Math «E I lb Mr. Rand Sutherland, History Dr. Gene Medlin, Math Dr. T. Bailey, Pol. Sci. Dr. Harold Schultz, History Dr. Gilbert Lycan, History Dr. Byron Gibson, English Dr. George Jenkins, Physics Dr. Gerald Anderson, Spanish Col. John Chitty, ROTC Cpt. John Sanders, ROTC Mr. Michael Kaldor, Geol. Dr. John Hodges, German Mr. Richard Wood, Economics Miss Mary Lou Jupp, French J I Cpt. George Jones, ROTC Maj. G. McKinnon, ROTC Dr. W. Thwing, Math. Dr. A. Morris, English | mm Cpt. J. Sanders, ROTC Mr. W. Dickson English Mr. J. Wright, Speech Mrs. K. Johnson, Humanities Dr. J. Hague, Am. Stu. Dr. G. Wilkes, Phy. Ed. Dr. F. Srygley, Physics Dr. R. Wiley, Psychology Dr. E. Ashcraft, Math Col. J. Downing, ROTC Mr. E. Wilde, Pol. Sci. Dr. J. Scalf, Sociology Dr. W. Shearon, Music Dr. E. Norman, Biology Dr. E. Fasanella, Physics Mrs. V. Giffin, Humanities Dr. A. Jusick, Physics Dr. D. Nylen, Business Dr. W. LaBach, Business Dr. C. Elkins, Business Mr. D. Page, Business Mr. J. Masters, Business Mr. D. O ' Keefe, Business Dr. D. Patterson, Business Mr. D. Currie, Dr. W. Anderson, Business Mr. K. Jackson, Business Mr. W. Martin, Music Mrs. J. Jenkins, Music Mr. M. Capell, Music Miss F. Buxton, Music Mr. P. Jenkins, Music Mr. R. Fort, Music Miss E. Leek, Music Mr. G. Gilbert, Music s: f Mr. D. Yates, Library Miss G. Lewis, Library Prof. H. Giffin, Music z t Mrs. E. Peek, Library Mr. J. Baker, Library Mrs. M. Quinn, Library Miss A. Hurst, Library Miss R. Jordan, Library Organizations R. Crosby, President L. Arrington, Vice-President Student Government Association K. Bettendorf, Treasurer N. Middleton, Secretary K. Gormley, Secretary C. Ebbetts T. Singletary Dr. C. Andrews a§ T 1 11 C ? Kk ■ S. Carlson, G. Smith P. McKain J. Chapman C. Logan V. Dix T. Miller G. Retter J. Deen C. McKeeby D. Westhoven K. McAnear R. McTureous M. Prom J. Smathers, J. Burns — Greek Week F. Clarke, M. Southward — Orientation M. Schick, M. Johnston — Homecoming P. Stone, J. Burns — Green Feather Stetson Union Board R. Hansen; vice president, M. Hay; president E. Acosta, J. Erickson, L. Dallager E. Turner, G. Maris N. Naylor, D. Prince, D. Wilson PHI PARTH P. Partee, A. Ritchie Below: S. Osthoff, D. Barker, J. Fraser J. Mickel, S. Irvin, S. Kirk Men ' s Council S. Kirk, S. Woods, R. Klein, R. Harwood, G. Hanlon, L. Densmore, B. Bruce, M. Ziontz, G. Smith, D. Williams. AWS L. Dallager, S. Coffey, F. Clarke, J. Courson, S. Stillwell, S. Bender, L. Swope, T. Deen, E. McGill. Panhellenic P. Stone, B. West, President, L. Statham, G. Jacobs, L. Kitching. IFC L. Strum, President, C. Sorenson, D. Frank, P. Binkow, A. Davis, T. Williams, D. Atwell, T. Hicks, C. Os born, C. Logan, C. Darden, J. Chapman, N. Morris, T. Davis, G. Maxwell. SUB Hostesses K. Slater, N. Naylor, A. Draper, D. Hipps, A. Kouracos, A. Seabold. T. Deen, S. BeVille, Z. Tyre, E. Brown. K. Littlehale, E. McGill, D. Zinzow, L. Statham, C. Fergu- son, S. Bender. Women ' s Service Club P. James, L. Hoy, L. Bryant, L. Kehoe, J. Fairbairn, K. Owens, E. Mann, R. Galliano, S. Shleif, E. Bradley, G. Bierley, L. Clements, K. Deere, B. Fuller. Stetson Afro-American Society - • K. Ware, B. Mack, T. Singletary, T. Davis, E. Wallace, L. Williams, E. McGill, P. Clemons, F. Thompson, P. Scurry, L. Wilson, E. Filpot, W. Dassie, O. Duren, S. Saunders, J. Ken- drick, T. Hicks, W. Floyd, P. Pompey, G. Culver, P. Culpepper, S. Armstrong, A. Floyd, F. Frazier Harper ' s Greenery Committee M. Johns, M. Prichard, M. Prom, P. Engel, D. Feather, S. Poore, J. Deen, P. Slusher, M. Shuttleworth Reporter P. Lee, Editor-in-Chief J. DuPree Layout Editor M. Partlow, Photographer S. Bearman Business Manager C. Ebbetts, Sports Editor J. Rochford, Campus Editor D. Jordan, Reporter E. Acosta, Reporter R. Klein, Co-ed Editor S. Davidson, Copy M. Partlow, Photography D. Mcllwain, Photography Hatter T. Mullen, Business Manager B. Starr, Photography B. Prosser, Layout J. Gwynn, A. French, Co-Editors P. Grant, Copy T. Deganhardt, Advertisements, J. Tidmarsh, Layout. Courtesy of SOUTH magazine Student Affairs Committee M.E. Walls, B. Rowe, B. Cook, C. Andrews, K. McAnear, T.W. Bailey, E. Turner, L. Strum, R. Reiff, P. Lee, J. DuPree, M. Hay, L. Arrington, S. Sanders, G. Borders, R. Crosby Publications Board Dean Turner, J. Gwynn, J. DuPree, P. Lee, Dr. A. Morris, A. French, T. Mullen, D. Noxon. Rob Taylor, Traffic Dept. David Broome, Security Guard Religious Life Council S. Shipman, B. Barr, H. Merriam, L. Hoy, J. Mabry, G. Hardy, J. Giel, R. Pistone, Dr. G. Critoph Ministerial Association M. Ward, T. Bamberg, K. Terrell, M. Rowland, D. King, R. Guthrie, C. Vance, J. Zimmer, B. Allen, J. Hammock, M. Watterson, R. Vollmer, K. Yarborough, B. Newsome Newman Club D. Noxon, Fr. Stegaman, P. Hooper, C. Moralas, Ft. Pistone, T. Somerville Christian Science Organization S. Berggren, S. Smith, L. Goetz, E. Brown, D. Vanzandt, B. Page, Mrs. Tiffany, S. Shipman, G. Miller, B. Kuhl Westminster Fellowship April, L. Holt, B. Barr, K. Kraeger, F. Green, V. Barr, D. Whalen, B. Fletcher, Mrs. Dr. Crit- oph, H. Merriam Wesley Foundation B. Williams, J. Weiss, R. Stewart, S. Schleif, B. Cook, G. Padgett, S. McBroom, J. Colding, Rev. Cummingham, R. Herman, J. Bohl, T. Hatch, R. Miller Green Circle C. Ebbetts, P. Clemons, B. Stepp, C. Logan, R. Blanton, L. McAmis, D. Prince, S. Kirk, C. Bradbury, B. Bugg, R. Klein. Kappa Pi (Art) V. Ellis, A. Mellon, K. Bettendorf, T. Belanger, J. Kinney, T. Gingras Brassard, Singbush, Jones, Ritter, Johnson, Thomas, Hill, Rawls, Porantha, Harold, New- some, Collins, Murphy, McLaughlin, Broyles Mortar Board Frankie Clarke Donna Hipps Jean Fairbairn Teresa Deen Pat McKain Kenan Fishburne Pat Stone Harold Ziontz Delta Kappa a s a Lft 1 t N Larry Densmore H. Graves Edmundson ■ 7 V» - ' " £? MR i ■fifi 1 ' §k- M. David Williams Robert Taylor Lewis Myers Bill Bruce Gary Meadows Tassel L. McCormick, N. Shannon, K. McAncar, B. Prosser, N. Naylor, E. McGill, S. Schleif, Z. Tyre, G. Miller, A. Draper. E. Young, S. Ross, C. Hertzog, L. Kirker, M. Patterson, T. Williams. Pill Beta (Music) P. Thomas, V. Wykoff, P. Stone, N. Cresswell, J. Roberson, P. Thomas, D. Clifton, M. John- son. Beta Beta Beta ( Bioi ° T. Berkman, L. Briggs, Dr. K. Hansen, S. Smith, D. Minor, S. Beckmeyer, S. Bain, C. Ous- ley, Dr. Knapp, L. Carlton, P. Ho, J. Romer, R. Alden, Miss D. Fuller, M. Galzerano, S. Ross, S. Fimbel, M. Repansky, S. Acree, N. Ruby, R. Major, W. Nettleton, J. Dolan, J. Gro- gan, D. Olander, T. Adams, J. Horn, R. Weibley, J. Tangney, R. Thompson, A. McKittrack, S. Gray, S. Talbot. Stetson Speech Union Pi Kappa Delta S. Beasley, E. Lewis, A. Insley, M. Cleeland, B. Klein, A. Layne, P. Murray R. S. Beasley, R. Klein, A. Insley, B. Bugg, M. Cleeland Theta Alpha Phi (Drama) J. Long, B. Webster, M. Hood, H. Atkinson, H. Bevis, I. Weiss, D. Demers, D. Whitsel, M. Reis, P. Atkin- son, C. Nelson, M. Womeldorf, S. Demers, C. Tate, J. Jarvis, A. Lenssen, J. Blades, L. Powars, M. Part- low Phi Chi Theta (Business) M. Lederhaus, D. Curry, G. Voss, A. Seabold, J. Courson, S. McCarty, B. Doyle, Dr. Nylen, R. McTureous, A. Godding. Alpha Kappa Psi (Business) L. Loria, J. LaSalle, R. Herman, J. Sears, J. Gorman, K. Dayton, R. Klein, D. Jellison, G. Tait, W. LaTulip, J. Murray, S. Carlson, T. Rotroff, W. LaSalle, W. Ward, D. Courtney, J. Rotroff, Mr. Jackson. Student Music Educator ' s National Conference J. Blackman, J. Gowen, C. Birtwistle, B. Renfroe, S. Harris, L. Quackenbush, J. Roberson, G. Cornett, D. Clifton, L. Mills, A. Andonian, Dr. Wallace Shearon, T. Harden, C. Vance, Mr. R. Feasel, M. Rowland, M. Miller Sigma Pi Kappa (Journalism) B. Prosser, J. Tidmarsh, A. French, W. Dickson, N. Farr, T. Mullen, L. Acree, M. Partlow, C. Andrews Track S. Harless, R. Blanton, M. Orban Tennis P. Kuchar, J. Thomson, J. Johnson, M. Lenahan, S. Frates, P. Dome, R. Beckwith, C. Logan Fencing J. Flint, J. Berry, B. McCorkle, R. Lasrus Archery J. Grogan, B. Martin, J. Grogan, R. Merrill, D. Cushman, D. Whipper, S. Beasley, J. Gilbert, A. Osborn, M. Fulford, C. Holland Baseball " ills JUST S-. R. Edwards, T. Lawrence, S. Sharp, W. Bartholemew, R. Gill, J. Durkin, R. Tanner, L. Moll, A. Lowry, P. Lord, C. Edwards, J. Rodriguez, S. Madeaux, M. Kirchoff, E. Meneses, T. Tashima, W. Bingham, N. Pedro, B. Holler, R. Keith, C. Bailey, M. Ryczek, M. Smollen, J. Fischetti, D. Davidson, J. Orr, T. Lawson, R. Bales, M. Fulford, J. Grove, R. Chittty. Soccer A. El Darrat, D. Hull, A. Mellon, H. Merriam, T. Olagbemiro, B. Rosenberger, co-captain, C. Intaraprawat, J. Buxton, B. Stepp, S. Linn, B. Ayala, J. Nestle, D. Brandt, B. Hinchliff, J. Flint, S. Baum, M. Menendez, Coach Borders, S. Harless, T. Davis, B. Borden, B. Bald- win, F. Lawaetz, D. Baker, co-captain, K. Dayton, J. Horn, F. Roddy, R. Blanton, D. Fre- mont. Basketball J. Grove, D. Scates, C. Lundberg, manager, B. Hanson, J. Orr, R. Beal, F. Ross, K. Ware, Coach Develey, Head Coach Wilkes, J. Fuchs, B. Mack, M. Klarer, K. Showers, L. Yother, D. Wallace, Coach Weickel, missing from picture, S. Sterling. Cheerleaders N. Baur, S. Smith, D. Jones, T. Williams, R. McTureous, N. O ' Keefe, D. Ervin, K. Giffin, S. Erard-Coupe, Captain. Bat Girls P. Grant, D. Wood, C. Hertzog, E. Pappas, D. Zinzow, H. Simons, C. Kiehl, P. Turner, C. Holland, D. Jones. Beauty §§ ' mmmmmAmmmmM • ' ' . ' ■. ' ■■ .i ' -. ' Vs ' ; mmmmm mmmmMmmmm;. Ill n0w m Lynn Moore Basketball Queen Susie Erard-Coupe Military Ball Queen Jill Bussey Greek Goddess Wendy Solheim Freshman Beauty Queen Kenan Fishburne Miss Stetson , Sfete ?® SrW.tSi Jackie Wice, Pi Kappa Phi Terrye Singletary, Omega Phi Ellie Haines, Delta Si gma Phi Susan Cole, Sigma Phi Epsilon Cindi Holland, Sigma Nu Brenda Kruse, Lambda Chi Alpha Gayley Jacobs Homecoming Queen Greeks Alpha Chi Omega L. Bennett, K. Slater, N. Templeton, P. Grant, J. Berg, L. Walkers, Z. Tyre, H. Simons, N. Shannon G. Rand, M. DiMartino, M. Maroon, C. Kiehl, B. Howie, S. Edmiston, G. Holcombe, S. Davidson, J. Gre- nell, P. Campbell, L. Thompson, N. O ' Keefe, S. Fimbel, C. Berkey E. Hamblen, D. Zinzow, M. Creese, B. Doyle, J. Hargnett, J. McDonald, S. McCarty, D. Edwards B. Doyle, B. J. Searles, L. Hope, F. Dallas, J. Hargnett, R. Genres, K. Fishburne, E. Hamblen S. Erard-Coupe ' J. Papp, K. McBryde. S. Coffey, S. Pin- son, K. Renne, R. Gehres, B. Kruse, S. Collins Alpha Kappa Alpha • ■■ 1 Ml 1 ■ MB VB ■ ■■ . HI 1 MM !■ ■ ■» 1 » 1 i J L. Adams, T. Wolf, S. Sanders, D. Byrne, M. Bailey, S. Talbot, E. McGill, J. Green, C. Hudson, G. Frazier, C. Gibson, J. Russell. Xi Delta K. McAnear, L. Kitching, C. Hartzog, M. Sansone, A. Wyott, K. Giffin, R. McTureous, K. Pastorius, J. Brown, G. Miller, S. Branch, D. Thorn Kain, S. Wynn, D. Jones, S. Ross, H. Moore, J. Gauss. L. Parson, F. Hight, C. Hill, B. Furr, K. Gorton, L. Ferguson, M. Taylor, B. Zimmerman, as, C. McKelvey, N. Bauer, J. Wice, N. Earll, M. Beeson, C. Parry, L. Feasel, P. Mc- Delta Sigma Phi B. Warnock, S. Kent, J. Stroud, J. Thorpe, R. Davis, E. Haines, C. Bowen, J. Green, R. Ponder, Gebore, T. Warnick, T. Branaman, M. Kennedy, Longo, D. Jobes, J. Schroeder, L. Strum, S. Burley, R. Casson, T. N. Prokop, B. Brigham, C. Chenoweth, S. Burley, K. Peterson, C. J. Blades, S. Roy, S. Herkel, R. Laurens Delta Delta Delta T. Deen, D. Hipps, P. Scheb, A. Draper, E. Young, C. Dominic B. Neithold, J. Gannett, K. Hubbard, C. Little, T. Whidden, L. Jackson D. Kerr, J. Bussey, L. Reetz, J. Smathers Zeta Tau Alpha B. Fuller, C. Hayes, L. Cheatham, C. Andrews, S. King, J. Daly, E. Haines, C. Neville B. Coons, S. Irvin, M. Strum, L. Adams, N. Watson, J. Tidmarsh, B. Pros- ser, A. Gill L. Statham, C. Wanner, A. Barron, P. Lenton, B. Garbett, B. Laman A. Neyer, S. Bender, A. Ritchie, T. Klar L. Mowery, C. Anderson, A. Touchton, S. Walker, E. Smith, V. Caile R. Compton, R. Kelley, C. Otwell, N. Keen S. Kulick, J. Evans, J. Magruder, S. Fleming, L. Smolik, B. Smith, B. West Lambda Chi Alpha D. Pierce, J. Flournoy, C. Parks, A. Lichtenstein, M. Klarer, B. Sisson, S. Carlson, R. Crosby, J. Pelter, N. Clemmons, A. Davis, R. Hansen, C. McKeeby. J. Shelfer, M. Johnston, S. Marple, G. Smith, D. Williams, T. Riedel, G. Gerrard, M. Baker, N. Allen, T. Somerville. P. Kucher, J. Thomasini, J. Pritcher, G. Heley, V. Krause, C. Miller, R. Merrill, R. Russ, R. Thomas, S. Frates. G. Norris, K. Eckel, N. Webb, D. Jellison, J. Sheiry, R. Schultz, J. Mozingo, J. Bow- ley. Pi Beta Phi S. Edmundson, P. Smenner, S. Whitehurst, N. Smith, L. King, A. Floyd, M. Schick. S. Stillwell, B. Bogosian, L. Snedeker, W. Solheim, A. Kouracos, B. Apell, G. West. A. Porter, E. Solheim, L. Wynn, C. Hammon, R. Lewis, C. Moore, M. Smith. K. Bettendorf, M. Joyner, C. Pope, J. Wheeler, L. Kazo- ros, K. Miller, G. Jacobs. Pi Kappa Alpha L. Keen, K. Peck, S. Lent, R. Conlin, B. Zimmerman, R. Glenn, B. Bruce, S. Johnson, J. Weingarten, T. Frazier, G. D ' Agnese, J. Kern, J. McConnell, M. Kirchoff, R. Cunning Langille, M. Scenti, R. Langford, P. Binkow, C. Lindgren, R. Sturgis, S. Pullem, D. Moore, K. Mack, S. LaFreniere, R. Bales, T. Sweatt, S. Schrimsher, F. McConnell, K. Haase, C. Bradbury, D. ham, J. Johnston, H. Crum, G. Hanlon. Pi Kappa Phi B. Stockamore, C. Ebbets, P. Moore, S. Lanier, T. O ' Keefe, B. Ben Grady, D. Boone, J. Chapman, V. Dix, R. Arnold, M. Weaver, H. Bailey, L. Anderson, J. Ross, G. Retter. der, N. Morris, J. McSwain, J. Herrin, R. Versaggi, M. Loftin, T. Bussman, T. Santilli, W. Ayala, B. Heinle, S. Stutts, J. Orr, J. Imbergamo, P. Loganzo, P. Rawl, S. Smith, T. Mullen, S. Sterling, J. Sigma Nu T. Trebulo, J. Fischetti, D. Atwell, J. Tangney T. Williams, C. Sorenson, M. O ' Brian, D. Baker R. Holifield, J. Gaylord, J. Vinski R. Pepper, T. Trebulo, G. Peterson, M. Lena- nan, G. Flowers, N. Skiff J. Warren, S. Kelley, T. Aiello S. Springer, E. Meneses, R. Chitty, D. Bennett M. Lenahan, K. Clarke, B. Hedlund, J. Rodriquez, A. Gale T. Trebulo, R. Orr, G. Flowers, G. Reddick R. Doetsch, J. Fischetti, D. Davidson, W. Brewer, D. Atwell Sigma Phi Epsilon J. Mancuso, S. Sebastian, W. Roe, S. Tur- ner, J. Younger, B. Borden D. Frank, J. Moore, S. VanDerKarr, M. Menendez, R. Al- den, M. Norris J. Bianca, R. Kerins, S. Boore, T. Price, P. Partee, T. Fish C. Darden, J. Geneke, R. Chissey, J. Pope, T. Strahan, B. Ward W. Bartholemew, M. Zionte, J. Buxton, D. Cook, B. Hinchliff, J. Fulwiler L. McAmis, R. Dean, A. Ross, S. Van Der Karr, B. Tatgenhorst J. Bergland, R. Cook, C. Logan, J. Nestle, J. Craig, R. O ' Neil, E. Harper Phi Mu J. Pointer, S. Yount, C. Hester, S. Shipman, S. Hensley, J. Han- kin, E. Brown. P. Dybvad, S. Scott, L. Wright, L. Rogers, M. Krayer. W. Burnett, J. Hill, E. Lewis, N. Scott, A. Bu- chanan. J. Ott, S. Kortuase, P. Keene, L. DelBene. J. Gawley, J. Fowler, P. Jordan, K. Littlehale. Z. Williams, M. Grant, L. Hall, B. White, C. Grable, M. Gavin. A. Sullivan, L. Bolton, D. Stevens, J. Lind- sey, L. McCormick. P. Bannister, M. Burr, S. Bruce, M. Lippert, A. Insley. Omega Phi M. Cleeland, T. Hicks, E. Reeves, P. demons, Kendrick. mi mm mm D. Wentz. (Not Pictured) W. Dassie, T. Davis, J. Burns, C. Harold, E. Seniors Susan Acree Jean Aliff Joyce K. Anderson Jerome Leroy Adams Patrick Atkinson Raymond W. Alden, III Gabriel Adelowotan Michael J. Baker Carole Lee Anderson David Beggs Donald Malcolm Baker Susan Beckmeyer Daniel Phillip Barker - ...2 — Terry Belanger rf " ! Bill Boerner David Bennett Kristi Bettendorf Paul Blankinship AM y. Wes Benton Mary LaRoche Bailey Jobbo Berry Ron Bostic Wayne Brewer Lynn Bolton Loretta Boyett Bobbi Braxton Kathryn E. Brooke David Brett Mike Brown Tony Bussman Richard Brown Connie Jean Burke Dana Conover Robert Cunningham Mary Ann Burr Barbara Cavender Sharon Sue Childress Judd Chapman Russell Casson f ' ' !-f Leffie M. Carlton g . fl - flPH —V w» H| in - B 1 - to Bui B7 ' " ' ' - - ' m Am Kit i ™ : y 1 ' diR m ■■■I! f 1 Alan Coates Brenda Coons Jenny Courson Lynn Gamble Clark Orey William Crippen, II Sue Coffey Biff Clark Patricia Culpepper Bob Daniels Betty Date Leonard E. R. Cutcher Linda Dallager Thomas Walter Davis Merrill Crissey Tiberio P. De Julio David L. Davidson, III Donna Jane Davis Denese Deeds Kathleen Deere Gloria Deen Carolyn Dial Warren E. Dickson Vince Dix Nancy Dewey Kathleen Dunn Larry Densmore Art Dewey mm m m ■i mm t£w§ it iir . ' Marvin Francis Gerry Durkin Bob Fennell Marcia Field Alvin Everson Felty Susie Erard-Coupe John Herron DuPree Gwen Frazier Kei-Fung Lau Ruth Genres Daniel C. Fremont Rebecca Roe James E. Flint John Fischetti John Gorman James T. Golden Laurel E. Goetz .:-. V 2 v -jjmtiKto t 1 I " " .« ■ 1 1 fj|jl_2j Sharon Gore Dianne P. Gilbreath Clark William Goff, Jr. Jeanne Gwynn Doug Grier Jakki Hallas Sharon Griffiths Judie L. Hill Tim Harden David Green t t jOI Ttitix. V " -- h K F ■ Rudolf Heller Richard Herman C. R. Hartnett Steve A. Holcomb Marjorie Hodges Morgan Hay Perry Hodges David John Hull Ray Hodges, Jr. Frank Hunt Mary Ann Hood Richard Holifield Cindy Huffman Mark Johnston Lynn Jones rrs: Deborah Kleinhaus Glenn Kirkpatrick Susan Jones Kevin M. Kearley Ronnie T. Keith Sue Kennedy Carl Lindgren Mike Kennedy Kathryn Littlehale Marion and Noel Lovelace Argene Kouracos Craig Lundberg Mary Ann Lederhaus Scotty Marple Steve Lanier Robert E. Mack Bob Martin Donna Samal Maddock I Sara McBroom Scott McBroom Cheryl Middleton John Mickel Rochelle McTureous Jeff Messersmith Dennis McDaid Karen McBryde Charles McKnight Don Moore Linda Murch Suzanne O ' Keefe Philip John Moore Larry Steve Miller Timothy Olagbemiro Robin Overstreet Sandy Myers Vernon R. Peterson, Jr. Patric Penn Mike Partlow Wayne Perry Janice Papp Philip Partee Bruce Potter Linda Ratliff Bruce Reams George E. Ridge Ginny Rand Karen V. Renne Anthony Riedel Richard Reed Robert Revere Linda Ross Ned Ruby i K ■ Wl3 4S»W _. J mi 4 E zT M ll u Joan Russell Bruce Rudolph Bruce Rose Vicky Scheufler E. Scott Schroeder James R. Shinholser Kathleen S. Shelfer Jim Shelfer Marlene and Wendell Seay Linda Schweikart James W. Sears Kenneth Shaw Kenneth Smith Paula Slusher Deborah Slone Nancy Simmons Mark Shuttleworth Gary W. Smith Kenneth R. Showers I J Chris Sorenson Jeff Tripp Evelyn Solheim Barbara Rice Sumner Karl D. Stein Fred D. Stratton Suzanne Smith Barbara Brice Stone Pamela Thomas Jacquelyn Taylor John D. Tangney Deborah Rae Thompson Judith Ann Thompson Polly Ann Thomas Suzanne Tyner Gretchen Voss Mary Baube Tidmarsh Eleanor Todd Laura Lee Tinsley ft -W4 $ w8? Jorge E. Uquillas Jane Vreeland Phil Wagner Karen Walling Stan Wade Sally Walker Marvin Vollum Lyle Wadsworth Oliver Walling Cheryl Wanner Jackie Wice Robert Wickmann John Warren Susan Whinnery Ken Ware Ray Waters Ginger Willis Melanie Wilson Dave Williams Daryl Wilmoth Kay Griffin Wimberley Edward Terrell Wimberley ■J I Donna Whitesall Horatio Yrausquin Mark Zimmerman Steve Woods Lynette Wright Virginia Wykoff ' £ 56?% s« -pff : ' « = o L V V S: ■■;■;. - ■.■■:■.--■:, -• ' -:.-■■ ■■; ' ■■ : -;.-. Mi It was the excitement and ner- vousness of being new, and the attempt to remember your room- mate ' s last name and your room number. Orientation week was checking your schedule every hour to make sure you got to the places you were supposed to be at the right time. People who asked what you thought of Stetson were upperclassmen and those who asked where Elizabeth Hall was were obviously freshmen. The day began early with com- puter matching, lectures, and exemption tests; followed by the annual SG beach party, and an evening dance. It was the most fantastic week of all be- cause no matter how many freshman classes come, it will remain unique — it was Orienta- tion 1970. r y rr .M — -;■■ ,■ r ■ ' i pngDMVRP BQRM C) i m There was excitement even for those who didn ' t want to pledge. Dinner invitations flowed free- ly; there were parties and people to meet who talked about soror- ity, fraternity, the Greek sys- tem. The guys shook hands and were only slightly uncomfort- able in coats and ties. The girls entertained with cokes, songs and friendship. It was confus- ing, hurried and well — it was Rush. When the week was over there were many reasons to say " It was worth it " . . ■ - asp Twenty-three Stetson students are " living with the natives " of Freiburg, Germany, Neuchatel, Switzerland and Madrid, Spain this year as affiliates of the Year Abroad Program of the Asso- ciated Mid-Florida Colleges (AMFC). Since it was founded in 1964, the program has offered a wide variety of opportunities for the interested student; from expanding the student ' s mastery of the language and his understanding of people from another culture, to in- creasing his appreciation of foreign cuisine, wine and music. This page top-down L-R: M. Garby, R. Parpard, G. Allred E. Bean; opposite page: V. Greek, A. Green, J. Smathers, P. Bow- ers, J. Ashley, T. Taylor, B. Wil- lis, D. Griffith, K. Howard; L. Morehead, A. Edmiston, C. Shroads. This page from top down L-R: Mrs. Hall, B. Willis, T. Taylor, P. Bowers; P. Bowers, A. Green, J. Ashley, K. Howard, K. Elli- son, Guide; C. Shroads, L. More- head, A. Edmiston. Opposite page: P. Bowers, K. Ellison, K. Howard; M. Garby, B. Jowers, L. Dunlop; E. Bean, R. Parpard. Among the countless Orienta- tion activities, there ' s a frantic search for the forty best-look- ing Freshman girls. After in- terviews and photography ses- sions, only fifteen remain. From these, Miss Wendy Solheim was chosen Miss Freshman Beauty Queen 1970-71, with Misses Lynn Moore and Jan Gauss first and second runners- up. % 2. Speeches were given, classes were missed in order to hang banners across the trees and plot against opponents. Signs were hung through the Com- mons, through dorms, even on the bathroom doors. Candidates visited with their populace late at night asking questions, tak- ing notes and promising to do their best. Yet, it wasn ' t until after the elections that the vic- torious new politicians realized that their work had just be- gun — there was a long year ahead. The tradition of poorly attended soccer games terminated some- what this year as strong team spirit spurred Stetson on to the finest record in the school ' s history. Led by co-captains Don Baker, Bo b Rosenberger, and exceptional forwards Chan Chai Intaraprawat and Tim Ol- agbemiro, the team finished 8-5-1, second in the conference. This would have been a further impossibility without the su- perior unity that prevailed throughout the entire season among all members of the team. Loss of goalie Ted Davis made the excellent performances of Bill Stepp and Steve Harliss greatly appreciated. 18? WW « «•,- «HI • ! -4 f it • Green Feather time at Stetson is one of building and partici- pating in raising money for the United Fund. It began with the kick-off behind Hully Tower and continued with days of fren- zied planning. A spirited Miss Green Feather Contest, hurried building of booths, parades, tricycle races, and even dinner napkins urged support of the annual charity drive. On the night of the carnival there was a pride and excitement among the hard-working students, al- most equalling that of a child seeing his first fair. Large crowds and spirited brothers make Intramural Foot- ball one of the most popular sports at Stetson. More impor- tant is the fierce competition, that drives each fraternity or organization practically to its limit at each game — just to beat an arch-rival or in a step toward the coveted President ' s Cup. There ' s little to resemble pro- fessional football. No shoulder pads or helmets mean frequent visits by the ambulance. Foot- ball at Stetson means flags, jerseys, ripped shorts, bare feet, fierce looks, even fiercer lan- guage. And a winner. This year ' s victor: Pi Kappa Alpha. ■- ■ 193 m» m J Stetson Fencers, in their second competitive season joined the Florida Intercollegiate Fencing Association, and on the third and fourth of October, they host- ed the first F.I.F.A. tournament of the year. Two other F.I.F.A. tournaments were held in which Stetson fencers picked up two individual placings. By mid-season, the team was rank- ed third of all schools in the Association. Stetson fencers also competed in four open A.F.L.A. tourneys in which they placed decisively. Later that season, Stetson sent one fencer to the International Gold Coast Classic in which he placed second in Epee. The Stetson Room was the set- ting this year for the annual Military Ball. Music was pro- vided by the Third Army Band Combo. A raffle took place and such door prizes as a trip for two to Weeki-Wachee were won. The highlight of the eve- ning was the crowning of the Queen — Miss Susie Erard- Coupe. Her runners-up were Miss Betty Scaggs and Mrs. Linda Armour. Climax to a week of photo- graphic sessions and endless interviews, the Miss Hatter contest is the search for Stet- son ' s most beautiful, poised and photogenic co-ed. A dozen or so organizations sponsored the girls for the event. Some of the girls were tense, some confi- dent, but all were beautiful. Tension continued to mount as the contest was narrowed to eight finalists. It remained sus- pended until the announcement of second and first runners-up, Kay Gorton, Nancy Bauer and Miss Hatter for 1970-71, Miss Brenda Kruse. The week of October 19-22 was oriented toward the Stetson woman under the formal head- ing of " Women ' s Emphasis Week. " Participants stressed that the activities were not in any way associated with the Women ' s Lib Movement, but dealt instead with the theme " The Total Woman, a Composite of Femininity, Leadership and Service. " Speakers during the week included Dr. Lynn Bart- lett, Mrs. Robert Sherer, and Miss Elizabeth Kovachevich, attorney, member of the Florida Board of Regents, and a Stetson alumna. Linda Dallager served as chairman of the Week. Ecoustically, the Orlando Sports Stadium leaves much to be de- sired, but when James Brown, The Mothers of Invention and the Chambers Brothers were featured in Stetson ' s fall con- cert program, people were little bothered by the resounding vi- brations of the metal roof. The James Brown Review was a complete experience in raw soul which had a lot to say to Blacks as well as whites. Led by shirtless Frankie Zappa, The Mothers appeared in Oct- ober playing in their unique style. Ushers patrolled the fire aisles, extinguishing cigarettes and grabbing incense as though it were a " new-type drug " . The Mothers finished their gig with a twenty -five minute in- strumental. The final fall con- cert was The Chambers Broth- ers, whose music spewed from the stage in an endless array of new, untamed and complicated sounds. The audience, keeping rhythm to the music with cease- less body motion, tried to focus on the psychedelic light show behind the group. Peter Sayers, famed English folk singer, appeared in Eliza- beth Hall auditorium in early November accompanied by the genius of Norman Blake on clas- sical guitar. They responded to the standing ovation of the en- thusiastic crowd with an en- core. Mr. Jack Anderson, nationally syndicated columnist, spoke to several hundred persons in the auditorium of Elizabeth Hall. He discussed the complexity of the problems facing America today and warned that " In guarding our front door against foreign powers, we have left the back door at home open. " In contrast to the frequent visits of political figures, the Biology Department sponsored Ross Allen, owner of a serpentarium in Silver Springs. He discussed the habits of many different species of snakes and then, on a four-foot Diamond Back Rat- tler, demonstrated how a snake is milked of its venom. In an elegant Victorian setting, a pair of Ernests fibbed their way into the hearts of two trusting ladies, only to discover that honesty would have been the best policy. An excellent, amusing production, " The Im- portance of Being Earnest " was Stover ' s major fall presentation. For an instant, I am in another time, another place, another life. For just an instant, reality is forgotten and I am free to play in its shadow, to explore worlds that I will never see, to express emotions that I would never let be seen. Despite the replacement of candles with electric lights in the dorm windows, relocation of the yule log burning, and the total absence of Hulley Tower bells, we still had final exams — Merry Christmas! Ho Ho Ho. Winter If a sport is best defined as the art of competition, then certain- ly this year ' s basketball team exhibited that talent. From pain of loss to the cheer of victory, the squad again traveled to Regionals and displayed the Hatter spirit in its purest sense. With the winning season 18-8, the team and Coach Wilkes sparked a new dream of a school gym. If pride is a prerequisite for success, then there is little doubt that Stet- son ' s Basketball Team was every bit a success. £ Bfcr ? 9 ' or H 14 1 i! ! I n ! ! " ■ M ' V While campus life remained relatively calm during the winter months, a large number of students participated in the exhausting yet rewarding experience of Stetson ' s mini mester abroad program. Pictured here are a few adventurous travelers in Germany and the Soviet Union. V Atfa One has to admire them for their seemingly boundless energy and undaunted enthusiasm. Their fervor is semi -restrained by our varsity players, who serve as referees in their spare time. But Intramural Basketball remains a well-attended event being the alternate to the library as the place to meet your friends on any week night. Players usually wear brightly colored jerseys, baggy shorts and sagging athletic socks. They still manage to work up a sweat, while their fans sit suffering from the heater that never works. But it ' s all part of the game. Although not necessarily the hardest workers, the deserving winners of this year ' s season: Pi Kappa Alpha. ■ J ■ H 1 — »i mk i r w ' p l ail ■■ ' ■■:;■ ' -.-I ' ' ' ' % ' +Z : :?. : s Si0SiVmM, } ' h Spring WmMMM .:..■:..■ ' .■■■.■. ' .: ' .■■■..... ' .■ ' ■■■■■.■.■ ■ " ' • ' ■ ' ■ ■ ' ■ " ' . ' ■■■■ The 1971 Homecoming Ball has been labeled by many as one of Stetson ' s best dances. Other activities included banquets, the annual parade, and for the aesthetically-minded, a memorable " happening " . This year ' s Homecoming King and Queen — Tom Krist and Gayley Jacobs. It was actually late fall when Senator Chiles made his visit and Senator Tydings spoke in Elizabeth Hall. Both performances were quite a contrast to the exuberating Winter Consort, compliments of Paul Winter and his band. For a few, it was their first exposure to Stetson. Some had been here before, as visitors or students. For all, it seemed a little stiff. It was easy to pick out who belonged to who, even if they weren ' t parading around together. Even if it was the first time you had seen your friends in anything but jeans, the spotlight was on their mother and father, for we call this display Parent ' s Weekend. All year we had been preparing and polishing the Follies, The Taming of the Shrew, and other events presented on their behalf. A sigh of relief and the re-donning of jeans came with their departure. Setting high standards of speech, the Stetson Speech Union entered ten tournaments and earned fifteen awards in the first semester alone. They went on to enter the National Discussion Contest, placing fourth in the nation. 4 ■ " Hailing as a former student of Segovia, classical guitarist Oscar Ghiglia performed brilliantly to a little better than average crowd. But who could have foreseen the coming events of the following evening? The Amboy Dukes, The Fantasy, and Southpaw entertained an overwhelming Elizabeth Hall crowd. Result: a great rock concert with some sad consequences. Who should clean up the littered campus and pay for the damaged chapel? Minor sports and lectures are two of the most ignored events on campus. Tennis and Archery both posted good records despite a lack of support. The Archery team traveled widely while the Tennis team rebuilt after losing many of its top players last year. Floyd McKissick spoke to relatively few people when he came to Stetson but his message needed to be heard by all. vaSfc- ' A aK- ipp Student umpires don ' t al- ways get the last word, and there is constant haggling over the rules in Stetson Intramural Softball. The end of this year ' s season was particularly exciting, as the Sigma Nus and Lambda Chis battled for possession of the President ' s Cup. The Lambda Chis walked off with both the softbal l title and the Cup. I think that I shall never see A billboard lovely as a tree. Indeed, unless the billboards fall I ' ll never see a tree at all. Ogden Nash New uniforms half-way through the season seemed to bring good luck and more victories after a disappoint- ing start. The Hatters were ranked 16th in the NCAA College Division with a 25-16 record. Team leaders were catcher Ralph Edwards in RBI ' s and home runs, John Fischetti as the season ' s outstanding pitcher, Lorenzo Moll as the Outstanding Offensive and Most Valuable Player, and Roy Tanner who won the Outstanding Effort trophy. Providing an added attraction for Stetson ' s few but loyal fans were the Bat Girls. La Traviata Never intending to be a beauty pageant, the Miss Stetson contest selects a girl who is beautiful in every respect. Chosen on the basis of activities, poise, personality and appearance, the winner reflects the ideal Stetson coed. Selected from a group of twenty-five well- qualified young ladies, was Kenan Fishburne, an out- standing all-around student. First runner-up was Frankie Clarke. Miss Congeniality was Terrye Singletary. Black Emphasis Week 1971 They spoke to us — were they heard? ' Hit the road Jack " , ,1 1.1 :•.-:; S ' J5t ' Dr. Johns? " . . . " Dean Chauvin. " . . . wherever in the world you may go. " 1 ... If in the twilight of memory we should meet once more, we shall speak again to- gether and you shall sing to me a deeper song. And if our hands should meet in another dream we shall build another tower in the sky. Kahil Gibran Community . lilliiilils . The Conrad Company 118 W. New York Ave. F.N. DeHuy Son 139 North Boulevard Florida Bank at D eland " Serving West Volusia Since 1926. 131 E. New York Ave. Deland Sun News J.C. Penney Co. 119 South Boulevard 101 South Boulevard Barnett First National Bank of Deland 119 W. Indiana Ave. Why in the world are marine biologists skindiving at Florida Power? Florida Power has welcomed the placement of two State of Florida marine biologists at our Crystal River Plant to study the effects of " thermal additions " on plant and marine life. □ These two biologists are not employees of Florida Power, nor associated in any way with our company. They are employees of the Florida Bureau of Marine Science and Technology. Florida Power welcomes their presence at our plant because we want only the most authoritative and independent research in connection with our efforts to prevent water pollution of any kind. This is only one part of our comprehensive Environmental Monitoring Program, part of which is to study the ecological effects of warm-water discharge. The effort is in close cooperation with the Florida Air and Water Pollution Control Commission. □ At Florida Power ... we search for problems before they happen. That ' s why our record is good in combating pollution . . . and will remain so. 7 — I, 1 -,— T) 1 — helping build better communities. V.M. Fountain, Co. 129 North Boulevard " Your Clothes Express You " Fountains For Clothes Mano ' s Restaurant 100 E. Ohio Ave. Feasel Paint Glass 247 North Boulevard " For the Final Touch " Coston ' s Laundry and Dry Cleaning 224 South Florida Avenue The University Shop 118 North Boulevard Congratulations and Best Wishes Class of 1971 The city of Deland and the Chamber of Commerce are proud of the cooperative relations be- tween the residents of our community and the students of Stetson University. Deland Area Chamber of Commerce 336 North Woodland Boulevard The Turtle Dove Outfitters to Stetson ' s best dressed women 143 North Boulevard For your book and personal needs, your own campus bookstore .... Stetson Bookstore Congratulations Class of 1971 Stetson Flower Shop 116 East New York For That Someone Special Patrons Bauman ' s Office Supply 113 North Boulevard Gibbs of DeLand 131-33 North Boulevard McCrorys 103 North Boulevard Betty Dreka ' s 105 South Boulevard ' ■■ ' . ■ ■ •- " Where the leaders Are. Stetson University ROTC 1 :. .

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