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m ■ •. m ;; )!:-: ?»! • ■ ■; kJf •.•: ' : .v.. -x-x=iv. ; V " . - • ■ ' fiC ' THE 1 970 HATTER ONE IS welcomed to Stetson every day he is here. He plans for her, works for her, pays for her. He is often rewarded; sometimes not. Yet she continues to be important; a place to sing and play. Stetson is a unique idea; a collection of inadequacies, chuck holes and bad food which equals the most intense, happiest, saddest, most important time of one ' s life. Welcome, then, to Stetson as we found her and were able to picture her. Live, again, through all of these things. ONE BLOCK behind Conrad Hall, across the street from the Men ' s Dormitories, there are four playgrounds. Many men learn many things there. Some learn pride in Stetson. Some have Greek letters to defend. But they all learn pain and the color of fe on these playgrounds; as do all those who so faithfully watch. The women play, too. They play almost as hard. One laughs and cheers and argues and, perhaps, cries as he learns that it is not really play at all. ■1 r VpH- j i ■ 9 BH B " ' fl ONE TIME is especially suited to being with someone; to finding many types of love. Stetson offers a time when two people may see together and paint things brighter colors. Jerseys, pins, lavaliers, rings, promises and agreements tie people together in baffling, repeating arrangements. Phones are always busy, back doors are always crowded at curfew. Hearts and minds are pushed together for many reasons and in many ways. One learns, however, as he goes. The reasons become harder to find. They become more important. Here and everywhere, one finds another or goes on looking. 1 ONE REASON for coming to Stetson is to gain a degree; to join in a " commitment to academic excellence. " It is like a fingerprint; each person studies in a different way and in a different place and with a different attitude. But mostly, they study for different reasons. Mother ' s mad. Gotta get in grad school. Gotta go active. Gotta prove something to myself. Gotta learn. Gotta do something with myself; with my world. 1 .. t li...:. .MtMiiiAMHMr- l K ONE FOOT before the other; time after time, day after day. There are simply places here at Stetson which one must walk every day. One walks with the same people carrying the same books, his stride mirroring his last test grade, his bank balance or the situation at home. The post office, class, the Commons — they all become old at the same time they are becoming surprisingly new. They become new for every person at Stetson as they undoubtedly will for all the others ' who pretend to tire of the same steps. ONE ALWAYS sees them. Just as everywhere, they are marketed in every conceivable package. They are all sizes, all temperaments. They sometimes " would love to go out. " Just as often they " have to study. " Some never have time to study, some order pizza in the dorm every Saturday night. And people laugh about " the Stetson Woman. " Is there one? Does she wear short skirts? What is she? What do they want her to be? How many keys should she have? Should we ask her mother? What will happen to her? What would happen to the men if she weren ' t here? Keep guessing and wondering about her. Look closely. You may even see her walking across campus with a cigarette. Stetson women don ' t walk across campus with a cigarette. r % .- ' ' WE ARE one; each of us needs something or someone. We may laugh about it. But the need is there and it makes us all one. A human necessity forces us to transcend bounds made by money, class, greek letters and attitudes. It is forcing us to transcend bounds made by color. And Stetson is a good place to watch it happen; to watch people get together. Maybe we have problems; maybe we don ' t. Stetson, however, is an old lady helping us as best she can. n- J ■Hwrw , " ' i ' ff ■ " " . Hj.-it ■ . - INTRODUCTION 2 THE PEOPLE 20 Administration 22 Faculty 34 Students 48 THE ORGANIZATIONS 84 Religious 86 Campus 92 Greeks 110 Publications 164 Leadership 174 THE SPORTS 184 Varsity 186 Intramural 208 THE BEAUTIES 224 THE YEAR 240 Fall 1969 242 Winter 1969-1970 266 Spring 1970 270 SENIOR DIRECTORY 294 THE DEDICATION 302 THE EPILOGUE 304 THE COMMUNITY 306 The 1970 HATTER was published by Inter-Collegiate Press of Shawnee Mis- sion, Kansas. The staff was: editor, Ralph Cline; assistant editor, Jeanne Gwynn; managing editor, Ric Crosby; layout editor. Amy French; photo editor. Bill Starr; Greek editor and spiritual ad- visor, Jeff Aste; organizations editor, Pat Stultz and nice person to have around, Bitsy Prosser. Print, 18, 12. and 8 point Trade Gothic Extended bold and regular. Paper stock, Satinweave. Professional photography by Tommy Taylor, DeLand. Business manager of the 1970 HATTER was Terry Mullen. i 1. - — i THE PEOPLE THE ADMINISTRATION SELECTED as President of Stetson University on April 24, 1970, Dr. John Edward Johns became the sixth man to hold the post. He succeeded the late Dr. Paul F. Geren. Dr. Johns served on the Stetson faculty for 22 years prior to his selection by the board of trustees. Dr. Johns was born in Ozark, Alabama and his family moved to Florida in 1922. He was educated at DeSoto County High School. He received his A.B. degree in history from Furman University in 1947. There he was president of the Kappa Alpha Fraternity, member of Omicron Delta Kappa, business manager of his college yearbook, vice president of the student body and chosen best all- around student in his class by the Furman faculty. Dr. Johns received his M.A. and his Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina. In his service career. Dr. Johns received the Distinguished Flying Cross and a Purple Heart. In 1947, Dr. Johns married the for- mer Martha Mauney. They have three sons: John E.. Jr., Steven IVl. and Marcus M. (See page 286 for installation pictures.) ALL OF J. Ollie Edmunds ' college pre paratory work was at the YMCA night school, Jacksonville, Florida. While completing his college work at Stetson, he entered law practice in DeLand. At 27 he was appointed Judge of Du- val County. He was narrowly defeated in a race for the United States Senate. In 1948, Dr. Edmunds became the fourth President of Stetson University and the first graduate of any Florida college to return to h is alma mater as President. Dr. Edmunds retired the Presi- dency in September of 1967 and was invested as Chancellor in November of 1967. AT THE helm of the University is the Board of Trustees, a self-elected, self-perpetuating organization. The Board of Trustees has the responsibility of selecting Presidents of the University, deciding policy, interpreting intensions and reviewing al- most every aspect of campus life. Dr. Earl Edington is chairman of the Stetson University Board of Trustees. FIRST she was director of religious activities. TInen she became an assistant professor of religion. That job was followed by her present position as Dean of Women. Miss Etter Turner received her A. B. and her A. from Stetson University. HAVING been a Hatter for four years, Dean of Men, George Borders is no stranger to Stetson life. Mr. Borders was born in Louisburg, Kentucky in 1939 and attended Duncan U. Fletcher High School in Jack- sonville Beach, Florida. He graduated from Stetson A ith a B.A. in English. After his graduation, Mr. Borders A ent to the Marines where he earned the rank of Captain. In 1965 he earned his M.A. degree in education from East Carolina University and quickly became Dean of Men at Orlando Junior College. He came to Stetson in 1966 as assistant Dean of Men and was named Dean in March. 1969. Mr. Borders is married to the former Sybil Folsom and has two daughters: Kimberly, 7 and Julie, 5. SPRING semester, 1968, saw two new deans named at Stetson. The appointnnents were approved by the Board of Trustees on the morning of January 26, 1968. Dean of Humanities is Dr. Eliot D. Allen (see pages 302 and 303), professor of English, Dr. Allen earned his B. A. in 1940 at Wesleyan University, his A. M. in 1941 at Harvard and an M. A. and Ph. D. at Princeton shortly thereafter. Dean of Sciences is Dr. Robert S. Chau- vin, professor of geology and geography. Dr. Chauvin holds his B. S. from New York State University College, an M. Ed. from the University of Houston, an M. A. from Columbia Uni- versity and an Ed. D., also from Columbia. DEAN of the Stetson School of Busi- ness Administration is Mr. Edward C. Furlong. Dean Furlong received his education at West Virginia University, Potomac State College and Stetson Uni- versity. He received his B. S. in business administration in 1938 and his A. B. and M. A. in economics in 1940. Mr. Fur- long served as the business manager of the University from 1957 to 1963. Mr. Paul T. Langston is Dean of the School of Music. He received his B.A. from the University of Florida and his Doctorate in sacred music at Union Theological Seminary. Mr. Langston also studied at the American con- servatory in Fontainebleau, France. M, y 4, 1970 ALL STUDENTS ATTENDING CLASSES IN DAVIS HALL ARE EXPECTED TO BE PEOPEBLY DRESSED. ALL MEN ARE EXPECTED TO WEAR SHIETS AND TROUSERS (NO SHORTS). ALL STUDENTS MUST WEAR SHOES. AFTER serving Florida ' s oldest col- lege of law for eleven years, Richard T. Dillon was named Dean of the college by the University ' s Board of Trustees. Dillon replaced Dean Harold Sabring who retired. Dean Dillon was born and educated in Tampa, Florida. He is a graduate of Hillsborough High School and was valedictorian of his class at the University of Tampa in 1953. This earned him two scholarships to Stetson college of law. tK K ? H M-M HH HMWH ' ' [j H ' ' ' " J SS I VbiT IHBI ' ' ' . sueGhB b I I M l fji ' ■r vjjt-jLlHk- HKZ Hl u m . BM a 1 Hi BI ' sJ " y NEWLY named to the post of Business Manager of the University, H. Graves Edmundson served the past year as Stetson ' s Comptroller. Born in Atlanta, Mr. Edmundson received his B. S. and M. B. A. from Stetson, the latter with the 1970 commencement. Miss Barbara Rowe is the University Registrar. Miss Rowe has been at Stetson University since 1939. She received her B. A. from Hillsdale College in Michigan and her M. A. from Stetson. HAVING received his B. S. from Stetson, Mr. Fred York returned to Stetson as Director of Public Relations, a job vital to Stetson ' s competition in the academic world. Fred did an out- standing job this year but, alas, next year he will be working for a different employer — the United States Army. Director of Counseling Services for Stetson is Dr. George W. Hood. Dr. Hood is also a pro- fessor of education. He received his B. A. from Baker University in Kansas, his M. B. A. and his Ph. D. from the University of Chicago. Dr. Hood has been at Stetson since 1950 A HATTER in 1958, Miss Judy Ausley returned to her Alma Mater this year to serve as Director of News Services. Her job is to notify the world of Stetson ' s activities and accom- plishments. Judy is a native of Florida and considers herself a DeLandite. Also working to keep Stetson in touch with the A or d is Mr. Ted Banks, Director of Inter- national Studies. Mr. Banks is from Greenwood, South Carolina. He received his A. B. from Emory in 1949 and his M. S. from Georgia Tech in 1955. Mr. Banks has been at Stetson since 1968 and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa. THE FACULTY DOLLARS and cents are the usual topics of discussion in the Stetson School of Business Administration. Students are taught how to earn it, how to spend it, how to save it, how to manage it and almost everything except how to get along without it. Dr. W. H. Anderson is a special- ist in finance and accounting. Dr. James Brown teaches about invest- ments. Mr. Harry Edwards teaches about real estate while he is the Placement Director for Stetson. Lt. Col. Kenneth L. Jackson is a professor of quantitative analysis and statistics. Mrs. Mary P. Jones teaches about finance. Mr. Ray G. Jones, Jr. is also a professor of finance. Mr. Joseph Master is an accounting professor. Mr. David W. Nylen teaches management and economics. Mr. Daniel O ' Keefe is an accounting professor. Mr. Dallas M. Patterson also teaches account- ing and management. WITH the dedication of the new Theodore Presser Hall, Stetson ' s Music School faculty has one of the finest buildings in which to teach in the southeast United States. Those faculty members pictured are: Mrs. Lenlor Almand, professor of piano; Miss Frances J. Buxton, a specialist in violin; Mr. Richard M. Feasel, a specialist in theory and conducting; Mr. Robert Fort, a professor of church music; Mr. Harold M. (Prof) Giffin, a professor of voice and director of the University choirs; Mr. Roger Cushman, a specialist in piano; and Mr. William W. Martin, a specialist in violin. Mr. Ronald Baugh, professor of speech and coach of the debate team; Dr. T. W. Beiler, chairman of the chemistry department and a specialist in organic chemistry; Mr. Leon F. Braxton, professor of German and director of Stet- son ' s AMFC year-abroad program; Dr. Concha Breton of the Spanish de- partment; Dr. Fred E. Clark, professor of biology and a specialist in parasitology; Mrs. Elizabeth Clay, professor of elementary education. Dr. Ethel Colbrunn, professor of English with specialties in Renaissance and Victorian literature; Dr. Gerald Critoph, professor of American Studies with special interest in urban life, leadership and social change; Mr. William Wayne Dickson, pro- fessor of English specializing in contemporary literature; Lt. Col. Joyce Downing of the ROTC department whose branch is Armor; Dr. Kenneth G. Everett of the chemistry department; Mr. David E. Fields of the mathematics department. ■ ' flrrrifii J m _.m 1 ; fi; ' ( _ ' A MiCiM. 1 Jm n 1 1 Miss Dorothy Fuller, pro- fessor of biology specializing in non-flowering plants; Dr. Byron H. Gibson, chairman of the English department with a special interest in Shakespeare and linguistics; Dr. Bryan Gillespie, professor of English with the same specialty area; Miss Sandra Gleason, professor of economics with a special interest in anthro- pology; Dr. Keith Hansen, professor of biology whose specialty is cold- blooded vertebrates; Mr. Bill Hickman of the religion department whose field is missionary work. Dr. John L. Hodges, chair- man of the foreign languages department and professor of German; 1st Sergeant Joseph Holbert of the ROTC department; Dr. George L. Jenkins, chairman of the physics department and an expert in nuclear physics; Dr. E. Earl Joiner, pro- fessor of religion whose field is Christian ethics; Mr. Anthony T. Jusick, physics professor with a special interest in the field of astrophysics; Miss Marian Jupp, professor of French; Miss Ethel Kinnum, professor of Fre nch. Dr. William Laboch of the mathematics department; Dr. Richard E. Langford, pro- fessor of English with special interests in American literature and semantics A ho is also one of the founders of Everett Ed- wards Press; Dr. Robert Loftin, professor of phi- losophy and logic; Dr. Marc Lovelace of the history depart- ment whose interests are the Near-East and archae- ology; Dr. Gilbert Lycan, pro- fessor of history with a special interest in American History; Major Ted A. McDonald of the ROTC de- partment whose branch is artillery. Major Graham McKinnon of the ROTC department whose branch is artillery; Miss Elizabeth Magarian, pro- fessor of algebra; Dr. Gary L. Maris, professor of political science with specialties in the fields of inter- national law and political theory; Mr. Fred Messersmith, chairman of the art depart- ment and noted artist; Mr. Lewis Myers of the religion department whose special field is the philosophy of religion; Mr. Gary Noffke, professor of art. Dr. John Outtersen of the education department; Dr. Elmer Prichard, the senior member of the Stetson faculty, chair- man of the biology department with a special interest in botany; Dr. Morris T. Reagan, professor of chemistry specializing in or- ganic chemistry; Dr. John Scalf, professor of anthropology; Dr. Harold J. Schultz, specialist in African and British history; Mr. Edward E. Settgast, co-director of the AMFC year- abroad program and professor of Spanish; Mrs. Ella Mae Shearon of the education department specializing in psy- chology. r - l r Mr. Robert Sherer of the American studies department; Dr. Ruth Smith, professor of education with special interests in elementary education and reading; Dr. T. E. Smotherman, professor of education with special interests in elementary education and science and mathematics; Dr. Ray Sowers of the education de- partment, a specialist in con- temporary problems in Florida education; Mr. Fletcher D. Srygley, a specialist in solid state physics; Mr. Charles R. Stephen, professor of economic geography and conservation; Dr. William E. Taylor, professor of English with special interests in poetry, drama and creative A riting. Dr. Elizabeth Teigland, professor of education with a special interest in reading; Mr. Henry Thwing, professor of derivative algebra; Dr. O. LaFayette Walker, chairman of the religion department and a specialist in Biblical studies; Mr. James Ward, teacher of swimming and coach of the Hatter baseball team; Dr. Margaret W. Wood, director of the Stetson intern program of the education department; Mr. James Wright of the drama department and many, many others who could not find time to have their pictures taken. NOT A very trusting lot, the librarians are at least, very hard working. Mr. Dudley Yates is the head librarian, but he is assisted by Mrs. Ellen Peek, Mrs. Eleanor Hurst, Miss Mary G. Lewis and count- less students who do not seem to like the library at all. Second only to the Hat Rack in social significance, the Library serves as a clearing-house for campus activities and romances. It also serves as an excellent site for slumber and for reading the ne A spaper. There is even a small, radical student minority who would attempt to use the library for study and break an age old Stetson tradition. THE STUDENTS THE FRESHMAN CLASS ' m:.m Acree, Mary Ocala Adams, Joan Indianapolis, Ind. Adkins, Jeffrey Fort Lauderdale Adsit, Donald Holly A ' ood Aldridge, Debby New Smyrna Beach Allen, Ethan DeLand Anderson, Larry Fort Lauderdale Andre A s, Carol DeLand Antolick, Karen Vero Beach Apell, Buffy Oshkosh, Wis. Armstrong, Martha Miami Arnold, Lynn Sanford Ash, Terrence M. Miami Springs Atwell, Donald Balboa, Canal Zone Auman, Lynne Atlanta, Ga. Ayala, William Tampa Bader, Marcie Miami Baggott, Vickey Norfolk, Va. Bamberg, Joe Milton Banks. Theodore DeLand Barnes, Barbara Falls Church, Va. Barnhill, Patty Hollywood Barrett, Linda Glenarbor, Mich. Barros, Beth Dallas, Tex. Bateman, Suzanne Kissimmee Bauers, Norene Hollywood Baur, Nanci North Palm Beach Bearman, Samuel Pensacola Beckwith, Richard Vernon, Conn. Behrens, Susan Coral Gables Bennett, Laurie Maitland Bigney, Chris Plantation Bissell, Connie Clearwater Blanchard, Robert Mamaroneck. N. Y. Blanton, Robin Fort Pierce Boling, William Fort Lauderdale Bracewell, Teresa Jacksonville Bradbury, Carl Delray Beach Brannen, Daniel Saint Petersburg Briggs, Garrett Daytona Beach Brooks, Ervin Salem. Va. Brown, Eve Babson Park Brown, Zanese Bartow Broyles, Thomas Brunswick. Ga. Bryant. Henry Huntsville, Ala. Buckner, Jim Ocala Bugg, Robert Miami Burke, Peggy Marion, Va. Burr, Debra Atlanta, Ga. Calder, Frank Lantana Caruth, Mark Venice Cayce, Caroline Hopkinville, Ky. Charurangsun, Anne Bangkok, Thailand Charvat, James Atlanta, Ga. Cheatham, Linda Tampa Chivers, Ann Miami Cipolloni, David Miami Clifton, Debbie Titusville Clarkson, Jane Pittsburgh, Pa. Cornett, Geraldine, Columbus, Ga. Cousins, Charles Miami Cox, Nancy Miami Cunningham, Paula Saint Petersburg Cushman, David DeLand Dallas, Fay Winter Park Dampier, Prudence Ponte Vedra Beach Darden, Craig Valdosta, Ga. Dassie, Wiley Delray Beach Degenhardt, Tara Earleton DePue, Rob Savannah, Ga. Draper, Ann Ocala Drew, Faye Fort Myers Dukes, June Lakeland Duren, Opal Miami Duro, Rosalind Hialeah Durst, Lester Sarasota Ebbetts, Chobee Miami Edmonson, Shirley Hollywood Eggeman, Gail Clearwater Ellis, Peggy Satellite Beach Erickson, James Delray Beach Ervin, Debra Jacksonville Eubank, Janet Boca Raton Evans, Linda Fort Myers Eyies, Elizabeth Eau Gallie Feyereisn, Maryann Lehigh Acres Fimbel, John Bernardsville, N.J. Fink, Robert Fort Myers Fleming, Shelley North Miami mk i% ► f % 4 Floyd, Robert Miami Foard. Alice Hopkinsville, Ken. Ford, Craig Washington, D. C. Frakes. Vicki Winter Haven Frank, Daniel Decatur, Ga. Fraser, John Miami Frates, Stephen Palm Beach Fuller, Brenda Satellite Beach Fulwiler, John Atlanta, Ga. Garment, Robert Fort Lauderdale Giel, John DeLand Giffin, Kathy DeLand Godfrey. Mark DeLand Goodrich. William West Hartford, Conn. Gormley. Katherine Arlington, Va. Gorton, Kathryn DeLand Grant, Paige Delray Beach Green, Judy Tacoma, Wash. Grogan, James Sanford Grogan, Joseph Sanford Hackett. Jane Metuchen. N. J. Hackett, Joan Metuchen. N. J. Hall. Lynne Tampa Hamman. Christine Hollywood Hancock. George Wallingford. Conn. Hanni, Blair Fort Lauderdale Hardy, George Clearw ater Harris, Travis Williston Harwood, Henrick Pompano Beach Hatch. Theresa Alexandria. Va. Heley, Glen DeLand Hensley. Sue Bradenton Higgins. Doug Orange. Conn. Hinchliff. William Fort Lauderdale Hindenach. Julie Cape Coral Hipps, Donna Charlotte, N. C. Holloway. Bonnie Eustis Hooper, Peter Roanoke. Va. Hope. Laura Lookout Mountain, Tenn. Horn, John Jacksonville Beach Horton, Katherine Charlotte. N. C. Hotaling, Betty Clermont How ett, Susan Hollywood Hubbard. Kathy Lake Helen Hudson, Camille Shushan. N. Y. Icenogle. Marjorie Casey, III. Insley. Anne Clarksville, Md. Jac kson, Eric Lakeland Jobes, David Winchester, Me. Johnson, Kristin Jacksonville Jordan. David Boca Raton Joyce, John Jacksonville Katz, James DeLand Kelly, Spain Pfafftow n, N. C. Kennedy, Janice Cocoa Beach Kern, John Delray Beach Kimmich, Bruce Madison, Conn. Kirk, Scott Sanford Kirkpatrick, Kerry Winter Haven Klein, Randy Miami Kraft, Bayard Moorestow n, N. J. Krause, Vernon Fort Myers Krayer, Marti Kucher, Peter Watertown, N. Y. Lafreniere, Stephen Lecanto Lander, Teri Sue West End, N. J. Langille, Richard Moorestown, N. J. Laughlin, Shari DeBary Lent, Stephen White Plain, N. Y. Lester, Robin Cocoa Beach Lewis, Robin DeLand Lindsey, Carol Satellite Beach Lindsey, Jean Vero Beach Lindstrom, Kathlee Hollywood Lippert, Mary Sarasota Logan, Curt Needham, Me. Long, Jean Kenner, La. Longo, Robert Harrison, N. Y. Lusher, John Pittsburgh, Pa. Lynn, Lorraine Falls Church, Va. McAnear, Kathlee Arlington, Va. McCormick, Lynette Sayville, N. Y. McCoy, Pat Gainesville McGill, Ella Hollywood McKelvey, Catherine Sanford McKenzie, Susan Lake Helen MacConnell, Robert Titusville Mackee, Dennis Wanamassa, N. J. MacVane, Stanley South Portland, Me. Major, James Atlanta, Ga. Mancuso, James Pelham Manor, N. Y. Menuhin, Michael Newark, N. J. Mertz, Marilyn Potomac, Md. Messersmith, Linda DeLand Meyers, Carol Sarasota Middleton, Natalie Clermont Miller, Clifford Windermere Miller, Gail Fort Lauderdale Miller, Russell Lakeland Miller, Timothy Martinville. W. Va. Milley. David Daytona Beach Mitterer, Gayle Holly Hill Moore, Carolyn Lakeland Moore, Janice Fort Myers Moore, Karen Jacksonville Morris, Newth Severna Park, Md. Morrison, Frank Miami Shores Moyer, Nancy Haverford, Pa. Mulcahy, Sharon Hialeah Mulford, William Green Cove Springs Murphy, James Taylors, S. C. Naylor, Nancy Jacksonville Neithold, Elizabeth Goshen, N. Y. Neyenhouse, John Toms River, N. J. Nielson, Chris Saint Petersburg O ' Connor, Claire Forest Hills. N. Y. O ' Neill, Rick Huntington, N. Y. Orr, Roger Fort Pierce Osborn. Ann Saint Petersburg Osborne, Charles Eustis Osthoff. Stephen Bartow Owens. Katharine Eglin A. F. B. Parry, Catherine Concord, Tenn. Parry. John Eau Gallie Parson. Linda Fort Pierce Partin. Vivian Jacksonville Pastorius, Katharine Clearwater Paul. Jane Cocoa Beach Peck, Kevin Guilford, Conn. Peschau. John Maitland Petty, Gail Gulfport Peper, Sharon Tavernier Pierce. Karen DeLand Plemmons, Deborah Jacksonville Pompey, Patricia Vernon Pope, Carola Price. Thomas Prince. Richard Prom, Marcus Prosser, Kayren Prouty, Mary Ruth Pullen. Douglas Ratliff, Carol Ratts, Martha Rawls, Steve Reavey. Thoma; Reeves, John Rhinehart. Nanc Richman, Edith Ridenhour, Jane DeLand Spring, Md. Largo Jacksonville Lakeland Largo Jacksonville Hollywood Orlando Ocala Islar Monroevil Charlotte, N. C. Ritchie, Ann Roe, Woodward Rogers, Elizabeth Romer, John Ruland, Linda Russ, Ron Saenz, Pedro Schick, Martha Schleif, Sharon Schmale, John Schrimsher, Jc Scott, Oreon Scott, Sandra Seabold, Ann Seitz, Claudia Shea, Timothy Shelton, Linda Shroads, Joyce Bias, Richard Sieger, Mark Simons, Helmi Singletary, Deni Skiff, Edward Slater, Kay Smith, Edith Riopiedras, Puerto Rico East Lansing, Mich. Sanford Charlottsville, Va. Hollywood Windermere Panama Grosse Point, Mich. Burlington, Iowa Belleville, III. Orlando Fort Lauderdale Palm Beach Opalocka Clermont Saint Petersburg DeLeon Springs Miami DeLand Boca Raton Panama Jacksonville Fort Lauderdale Jacksonville Lakeland Smoak, Judy Snedecker, Lourele Southwick, Karen Speairs, Steven Statham, Lisa Clearwater DeLand Daytona Beach Beaufort, S. C. Williston 5 MM %ii M i- ft? Steiner, Rebecca Silver Spring, Md. Stephenson, Marc Lake Placid Stillwell, Serena Savannah, Ga. Streitenberger, Katherine Hialeah Suarez, Jorge Boca Raton Svireatt, Harold Boston, Mass. Tatgenhorst, William Atlanta, Ga. Taylor, Marylin Jackson, Tenn. Teichert, Gayl Eau Gallie Tennis, Barbara Winter Park Tharp, Deborah Miami Thompson. William Palmetto Toland, Henry Tampa Touchton, Anne Dade City Turner, Patricia Marietta, Ga. Turner, Steve Jacksonville. III. Tyre, Zondra Jacksonville Vance, Christine Brooksville Walker, Janet Wildwood Walters, Lynn Montgomery, Ala. Ward, Mary Lakeland Warnock, Brent Fort Myers Watterson, Michael Tampa Weber, Linda Cape Coral Webster, Robert Miami Shores Weingarten, James Miami Wever, Lisa Hialeah Whalen. Sharon Stuart Wheeler, Bonnie Winter Park Wheeler, Janie Fort Lauderdale White, Joan Tallahassee Whitehead, Marcia Washington. D. C. Williams, Cheryl Gastonia. N. C. Williams, Julie Sanford Williams, Peter Allentown, Pa. Wilson. Donald Bartow Wilson, Gloria Jacksonville Winn, Leonore Orange. Conn. Woodard. Charles Satellite Beach Woodie, Kathy Tampa Worsham, Henry Guatemala Wymbs. Paul Boca Raton Yanosy. Lynne DeLand Holland, Jan Savannah. Ga. Zimmerman. Bobette Pittsburgh. Pa. THE SOPHOMORE CLASS Adelowotan, Gabrii Allred, Glenn Anderson, Janet Andonian, Andrea Armond, Paul Ashley, Judith Bailey, John Bannister, Patricia DeLand Orlando Carrollton, Ohio Satellite Beach Waterbury, Conn. Stuart Saint Augustine Caseyville, III. Baric, Janice Carlisle, Pa. Barton, Jeff Emporia, Kas. Batey, Mae Gainesville Bean, Ethelle Ormond Beach Becht, Barbara Fort Pierce Belanger, Terry Ann Whately, Mass. Bender, Sue Allentown, Pa. Seville, Sandra Newport News, Va. Bevis, Hank Orlando Bianco, John Fort Lauderdale Binkow, Philip Miami Birtwistle, Cynthia Titusville Bohl, Judith Bosang, Stephen Bostrom, Karen Bowers, Patricia Gulf Breeze Ormond Beach Hollywood North Palm Beach Adams, Tyrone Cv J? ife i 4 " ' Bozeman. Jo Ann Tampa Branch, Sherry Palm Beach Brassard, Barry DeLand Brehme, David Orlando Brien, Dorothy Orlando Brien, Patty Orlando Bruce, Bill Miami Bryant, Linda Pensacola Burley, Steve Sebring Burns, Jesse Bradenton Camp. Jerry Durham, N. C. Canfield, David Fort Lauderdale Carlson, Steven Miami Cassel. Marcia Ormond Beach Chick. Erma Sanford Choate. Susan Jacksonville Clark, Remington Wells, Maine Cole. Susan Dallas, Texas Collins, Donald Clearwater Colson. Kenneth Valdosta. Ga. Conner, Robert Jacksonville Constantine, Jan Fairfax, Va. Cook, Elizabeth Miami Coons, Brenda Pensacola Cornell. Vaughn Orlando Coville, David Hallandale Cox. Nikki Fort Lauderdale Crane. David Fort Lauderdale Crissey. Robert Homestead Crosby. Richard Annandale. Va. Cummings. Sally Saint Petersburg Daniels. Gregory Clearwater Daves. Nancy Miami Davis. Alan Oceanside. N. Y. Davis. Edward Fort Lauderdale Deeds. Denese Miami Deen. Teresa Charlotte. N, C. Deere. Kathleen Bradenton DeVito. Jim Saint Augustine Dempsey. Jo Hialeah Dickson. Warren Winter Park Dixon. Eric McLean. Va. Dorlon, Robert Fort Lauderdale Doudney, Ann Sanford Dowell, Frances Saint Petersburg Doyle, Marcia Dreggors, Wayne Dunlop, Lorraine Earll, Nancy Edmiston, Anne Edwards, Debra Ellison, Kathy Ellis, Vera Erard-Coupe, Su; Fairbairn, Jean Feasel, Lorraine Feather, Dan Felty, Alvin Ferguson, Carol Fishburne, Kenan Leominster, Mass. Deland Miami Chevy Chase, Md. North Miami Fort Lauderdale Jacksonville Eau Gallie n Fort Lauderdale Roslyn Heights, N. Y. Deland Orlando Deland Miami Sannibel Island Freedman, Cynthia French, Amy Furst, William Gagnon, Donald Garby, Martha Gavan, Maureen Giles, Edward Grant, Marsha Green, Anne Green, Roger Greenfield, Lorraine Haddock, Wayne Hall, Mary Hamblen, Eunice Hansen, Roderick Hardy, William Hargnett, Joyce Harman, Darrell Harper, James Harris, Susan Hays, Charlee Hearth, Blair Herkal, Steven Hicks, Timothy Hogan, Julienne Ormond, Beach Avon, Conn. Lake Forest, III. Bradenton Saint Petersburg Charlotte, N. C, Lake Worth Mulberry Atlanta, Ga. Saint Petersburg Eau Gallie Neptune Beach Leesburg Great Lakes, III. Orange, Conn. Louisville, Ky. Jacksonville N. Chicago, III. Winter Park Fort Lauderdale Orlando Naples Miramar Tarpon Springs Palm Beach Holcomb, William Deland Horner, Elizabeth Miami Howard, Kathryn Metairie, La. Irvin, Sally Ormond Beach Jacobs, Gayley Lakeland i. k ' kmk James, Patricia Fort Pierce Jeandheur, George Lighthouse Point Jennette, Sid Jacksonville Jennings, Cheryl Okeechobee Jennings, Jeffrey Arlington, Va. Johnson, Scott Tampa Johnston, James Calhoun, Ga. Jordan, Margaret Atlanta, Ga. Jowers, Becky Atlanta, Ga. Joyner, Mary Lakeland Keefe, Catherine Richmond, Va. Kelly, Rhonda Annandale, Va. Keen, Nancy Annandale, Va. Kendall, Patricia West Palm Beach King, Kay Lutz Klarer, Michael Newport News, Va. Kniseley, Joseph Cocoanut Grove Kolber, Eric Miami Krechman, Alan Mount Vernon, N. Y. Kruse, Brenda Fort Wayne. Ind. Lankford, Richard Annapolis, Md. Lasalle, William whately, Mass. Lawaetz, Frits Bahamas Lee, Pamela Deerfield, Mass. Lemmond, Carol Daytona Beach Lewis, Sherrill Deland Linder, Elizabeth Lakeland Loria, Lance Sarasota Lucas, Kathy Miami Lundgren, Patricia Paridise, Pa. Lykes, Charles Jacksonville Mccarty, Susan Winter Park McDonald, Joan Hollywood Mcllwain, David Alexandria. Va. McKeeby, Charles Leesburg McMasters, Thomas Tallahassee Mack, Geoffrey Miami Beach Margolin, Elizabeth Memphis, Tenn. Maxwell. Gregory Boynton Beach Merrill. Raymond islamorada Messinger. William Altamonte, Springs Miller, Kay Tallahassee Miller, Martha Melbourne Mininsohn, Peter Satellite Beach Minor, Dorothy Washington. D.C. Moir, Alexander Boca Raton Monk, Ron Havana Mullen, Terrence Lakeland Murphy, Barbara Miami Nettleton, Wesley Guilford, Conn. Nguyen, Kim Anh Nhatra ng, S. Vietnam Nugent, Nicholas Saint Petersburg Olagbemiro, Timothy Nigeria Orr, James Indianapolis, Ind. Pait, Virginia Carrollton, Ga. Paller, Patricia Parker, Joseph Parpard, Katharina Peele, Beverly Pelter, Joseph Perry, Ann Pistone, Richard Pitts, Mary Polk, John Porter, Anne Price, June Prugh, Jana Raboy, Eric Reddick, Gary Reid, David Reid, Norman Reeves, Earl Retter, George Riley, Donna Ritter, James Rosin, Benita Rotroff, Thomas Row e, Paulette Salyer, Pat Sanderson, Wayne Delray Beach Miami Boynton Beach Jacksonville Beach Goldsboro, N. C. :inia Beach, Va. Bronx, N. Y. A auchula Punta Gorda Coral Gables Lake Helen Fort Lauderdale Windermere Gainesville Longmeadovj , Mass. Daytona Beach Seville Jacksonville Scotch Plains, N. J. Little Rock, Ark. Palm Beach Indian Harbor Beach Homestead Largo Jacksonville Scaggs, Bettie Lake Wales Scenti, Michael Wethersfield, Conn. Schweikart, Linda Hialeah Searls, Bobbie Jo Tampa Sebastian, Scott Boca Raton Seglem, Kevin Key West Sherwood, Anne Sebring Shields, Jack Tampa Shotwell, Clark Sarasota Siman, Ann Miami Simmons, Nancy Pompano Beach Sisson, William Rosemont, Pa. Slayback, Pamela Miami Sorensen. James Lake City Sorrell, Melville Charlotte, N. C. Southward, Mike Sanford Spiwak, Sally Fort Pierce Stacks. Cheryl Dallas, Texas Staples, Geoffrey Atlanta, Ga. Staples, Kenneth Pittsfield, Mass. Steele, Elizabeth Folkston. Ga. Sterling, Steven Naples Stone, Patricia Charlotte, N. C. Strahan, William Silver Springs, Md. Strum, Louie Indialantic Sturgis, Robert Manila. Phillipines Swern, Victoria Sarasota Talbot, Saidee Kowloon. Hong Kong Taylor, Douglas Sarasota Taylor, Trudy Orlando Terry, John Vero Beach Thomas, June DeLand Thompson, Andrew Gainesville Thurman, Sharion Fort Myers Tripp, Candace Jacksonville Vaiek, Sue Titusville Vogel, Kathy Babson Park Vollmar, Ronald Florida City Wallace, EInora Tarpon Springs Walsh, Christopher Maitland Walton, Ellen Augusta, Ga. Walker, Gordon Port Orange Ward, Mary Springfield, Ken. Wasmund, Donald Mandarin Weiss, Clazina Orlando West, Betsy Mount Vernon. Ohio Wice, Jackie Clearwater Williams. Reginald DeLeon Springs Willis, Rebecca Boca Raton Wolf, Tina Hollywood Wolfe, Wanda Saint Augustine Womeldorf. Mardie Wayne, N. J. Wynn. Cynthia DeLand Zinzow, Dale Miami Ziontz. Harold Pompano Beach THE JUNIOR CLASS Acree, Susan Jacksonville Adams, Jerome Aiello, Thomas Silver Springs, Md. Alden, Ray Newton Upper Falls, Mass. Aliff, Jean Bailey, Mary Jacksonville Cocoa Beach Baker, Michael Arlington, Va. Barker, Daniel Brunswick, Ga. Barrett, David Miami Barrett, Evelyn Hialeah Beggs, David Clearwater Berry, Robert Melbourne Bettendorf, Kristi Miami Beach Bianculli, Eileen Hallandale Biller, Carol Miami Blackwelder, Johnnie Eau Gallie Blakely, Barry Fort Lauderdale Blankinship, Paul Brevard, N. C. Bluemont, Barbara Crescent City Boerner. William Marathon Bostic. Ron Jacksonville Bostrom, Carol Hollywood Bowman, Priscilla Miami Springs Boyett, Loretta Ocala Brevi er. Samuel Wir iston Salem, N. C. Brooke, Kathryn Gainesville Brovi n, Michael DeLand Brown, Richard Panama City Bunch, Susan Macon. Ga. Burke. Connie Dayton. Ohio Burr, Mary Ann Wantagh. N. Y. Bussman, Tony Elma. N. Y. Casson, Russell Portland Park Chaille, Angela Hana Ranch, Hawaii Chapman, Judson Tallahassee Chorpening, Mary Ann DeLand Christian, Stan Valdosta. Ga. Clamp, Jay Loxahatchee Coates, Alan Florence. S. C. Coffey, Sue Bradenton Collins. Joseph DeLand Courson, Jennifer Hialeah Conover, Dana Coral Gables Culpepper. Patrici DeLand Daniels, Robert Hollywood Date, Betty Miami Davidson, David Bonaire, Ga. Davis, Donna Sanford Davis, Robert Ridgefield, Conn. Davis. Thomas Jacksonville DeLacy. Janis Otega, N. Y. Densmore, Larry DeJulio, Tiberio Dial, Carolyn Dix, Carl Dorough, Mike Fort Myers Coral Gables Moultrie, Ga. Dunn, Kathleen Shawnee Mission, Kan. Dupree, John Akron, Ohio Engelhard, George Leesburg Entzminger, Paul Greenville Farmer, Gail Fort Lauderdale Fennell, Robert Richmond Hill, Ga. Flint, James Satellite Beach Fore, Rebecca Jacksonville Fowler, Jan Saint Petersburg Francis, Marvin Charlotte, N. C. Gamble, Lynn New Hope, Pa. Goetz, Laurel Daytona Beach Gore, Sharon Hialeah Gorman, John Schenectady, N. Y. Green, Robert DeLand Guenther, Carol Largo Gwynn, Jeanne Delray Beach Harden, Timothy Okeechobee Hay, William Cranford, N. J. Heald, Nena Leesburg Helms, Brent Casselberry Herman, Richard Sarasota Hill, Judie Jacksonville Hodges, Perry DeLand Hodges, Marjorie DeLand Hodges, Raymond Zehyrhills Holland, Steve Evansville, Ind. Hood, Mary Lake Helen Hooper, Sidney Clearwater Hope, John Saint Petersburg Huffman, Cindra West Palm Beach Jenkins, Carolee DeLand Jones, Douglas Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Jones, Peter Atlanta, Ga. Jones, Susan Jacksonville Karns, Shorty Saint Petersburg Kearley, Kevin West Palm Beach Kennedy, Robert Ormond Beach Kennedy, Sue Mount Dora Kirkpatrick, Glenn Winter Haven JiMJi ' AA f In ' ' C " K Kk i. J T kAM Konrad, Barbara Laurel Springs, N. J. Koszoru, Thomas Bradenton Kouracos, Argene Daytona Beach Latour. Tony Er isenada, Puerto Rico Lederhaus, Mary An n DeBary Lindgren, Carl Miami Littlehale, Kathryn Weston, Me. Loftin, Michael Rome, Ga. Longshore. William Jacksonville Mack, Robert Chicago. III. Maire. William Neptune Beach Martin. Bronwyn Stow. Me. McBroom, Sara Orange City McBroom, Scott Decatur, Ga. McBryde, Karen Camden. S. C. McKnight, Charles Raleigh. N. C. McTureous. Rochell Homestead Mickel, John Miami Mugaas, Rhoda Annandale. Va. Murch. Linda Lewiston, Me. Murray. James Jacksonville O ' Keefe, Suzanne Miami Overstreet, Robin Orlando Papp, Janice Winter Park Penn. Patrick United Kingdom Pieller. Andrea Ellenton Pinson, Sara Honea Path. S. C. Price, Sandy Cleveland. Ohio Ratliff, Linda Hollywood Ratterree, Marlene Orlando Reams, Bruce Vero Beach Renne, Karen Madison. Ind. Revere, Robert Wallingford. Conn. Ridge. George Saint Augustine Riedel. Anthony Fort Lauderdale Rose. Bruce Eau Gallie Rosenberger, Robert Bethlehem, Pa. Ross, Linda Winter Park Ruby. Edward DeLeon Springs Rudolph. Bruce Cedar Grove. N. J. Russell. Joan Cocoa Beach Saunders. Donna Roanoke, Va. Sears. James Orlando Seay, Wendell South Daytona Shaw, Martha Ridgewood, N. J. Showers, Ken Fort Pierce Shuttleworth, Mark West Palm Beach Slusher, Paula Raleigh, N. C. Smith, Gary Atlanta, Ga. Smith. Kenneth Leesburg Snyder, Debra DeLand Solheim, Evelyn Miami Somerville, Thomas Boca Raton Spiwak, Rand Hialeah Steiger, Walter Miami Stella, Joe Fort Lauderdale Stewart, Richard DeLand Stone, Barbara Winter Park Strasbaugh, Jerry Fort Myers Stringfield. Jean Winter Park Tangney, John Acton, Mass. Thomas, Pamela Fort Pierce Thomas, Polly Atlanta, Ga. Thompson, Judith Miami Thomson, Deborah Fort Lauderdale Thorpe, James Virginia Beach, Va. Tinsley, Laura Marietta, Ga. Trask, Sara Lexington, Mass. Tripp, Jeffrey Leesburg Uquillas, Jorge Quito, Ecuador Voss, Gretchen Davenport, Iowa Vreeland, Jane Fort Lauderdale Wade, Stanley Marathon Wadsworth, Lyie Daytona Beach Ware,- Kenneth Maywood, III. Waters, Ray Parker Weaver, Mark Miami Wethington, John Gainesville Whinnery, Susan Miramar WiMard, Patricia Miami Willis, Mary Pahokee Wilson, Melanie Macon, Ga. Wilson, Richard Ormond Beach Wimberly, Kay DeLand Wimberly, Terrell DeLand Winston, George South Miami Woods, Steven Miami Wright, Lynette Keuka Lake, N. Y. Yrausquin, Horacio Miami Zimmerman, Mark Miami THE SENIOR CLASS Ahlquist, Ernest Allen, Eugene Avondale, Ga. Lakeland Allen, Franklin Armour, Willian Aste, Robert Spartanburg, S. C. Gainesville Miami Atnip, Gilbert Badinelli, Joan Baker, Sally Tampa Smithtown. N. Y. Montgomery, Ala. Barnes, Elizabeth Barton. Janice Bateh, Janan Great Falls. Mont. Winter Garden Atlanta. Ga. Beach, Jennifer Beall, Stella Bebout, Glenn Beltz, Susan Berner, Candace Blades, Gerald Brown, Frederick Brown, Jane Browning, Joan Eau Gallie Fort Lauderdale Miami Pompano Beach Tampa Orlando Blasser, Jose Panama Bohac, Paul Pinellas Park Boone, A. Derrell Jacksonville Bott, Gynell DeLand Bozer nan, Linda Tampa Bray, Scott Tampa Saint Petersburg Hollywood Fort Benning, Ga. Buchanan, Mary Calava, Nina Carley, John Cocoa Athens, Greece Shalimar Case, Iva Church, Fred Church, Janice Fairfield, Conn. Jacksonville Daytona Beach Clayton, Thomas Cline, Ralph Conroy, Wendy Merritt Island Dunedin Miami Cornwell, Carol Coulantes, Robii Craig, Charles Bradenton Orlando Coral Gables Craven, Carnie Crews, Ronald Crossley, Janet Atlanta, Ga. Ocoee Jacksonville Cunningham, Robert Damon, Joan Davis, Becky Plains, N. J. Summit, N. J. Fort Lauderdale Davis, Donna Dawson, Alvin Dehoney, Katherine Orlando Bradenton Louisville, Ky. iirifniiiiTJ Dekle, Cynthia Delvich, Bonnie DeSear, Vernon Gainesville Apopka Bradenton iji Dew, Brenda Dickson, Jewel Dimmick, Loreen Maitland DeLand DeLand Disney, Margaret Lee DeLand Drury, Bruce Chevy Chase, Md. Dullard, Patricia Ormond Beach Dunkirk, John Eckert, Jane Estes, Richard Riviera Beach Belleville, III. Charlotte, N. C. Eunsor , Ann Clearwater Farley, James Jacksonville Feasel Marlynn DeLand Folds, James Frank, Vernon Fraser, Harold Lakeland Decatur, Ga. Jacksonville Fraser, June Frazier, Gwendolyn Furches, John Saint Petersburg Orange City Miami Gale, Archie Gallenkamp. Marsha Gamboa, Alexander Plant City DeLand Orlando Garment, Linda Garment, Stanely Garret, Alice Fort Lauderdale Fort Lauderdale Fort Lauderdale Gasser, James North Tonawanda, N. Y. Gateman, Larry DeLand Gawley, Robert Lincroft, N. J. gllll l Gearhart, Elizabeth Giffin, Barbara Goff, H. Stephen Wilmington, Del. DeLand Knoxville, Tenn. Goldman, William Gram, Edward Grant, Mitchell Teaneck, N. J. Daytona Beach Mulberry Gray, Michael Green, George Hale, Martha Saint Petersburg Holly Hill Hallas, Jacqueline Hamman, John Hancock, James Saint Petersburg Harrisburg, Pa. Park Ridge. III. Harden, Allen Hardy, Margaret Hartz. Chuck Ormond Beach Wilmington, Del. Coral Gables Hathaway, William New Smyrna Beach Hay, Karen Boynton Beach Henderson, Glenn DeUand Hess, John Hetzler, Susar Hicks, Harry Indian Harbour Beach Jacksonville Uakeland HightovA er, Danny Hite, Joan Hoch. Judyth Lakeland Edgewater Berea. Ohio Hodge, Gradie Holland, Robert Holzman, Jim Newberry Washington, D. C. Lake Worth Houghton, Elizabeth Howard, Richard Hughes, Nancy Hull, Carol Hull, David Hull, Nancy Jacke, Michael Jackson, Lindy Jarrard, Michael Saint Augustine Lakeland Jacksonville Cassadega Ormond Beach Orlando Okeechobee Decatur, Ala. DeLand Jarrell, Maureen Miami Lakes Joel, Catherine Orlando Johnson, Joy Miami Johnson, Mary Jones, Kenneth Morgan, Jewel Madison, ind. Deerfield Beach DeLand Jones, Susan Jordan, James Jordan, Janet Clearwater Clewiston Mobile, Ala. Jordan, Martha Cook Kahn, Barbara Kennedy, VJiUiam Largo Orlando Mount Dora Ketcham, Walter Lang, Lana Langford, Sherry Nashville, Tenn. Needham, Mass. Tampa Laurens, Richard LavA rence. Sharon Lenna, Robert lond Beach Avon Park DeLand Letson, Robert Lewis, Deloura Lewis, Marva Dunwoody, Ga. Gainesville Cocoa Lohr, Larry Long, Lewis Loveland, Johnson Winter Park Lake Helen Homestead Lutz, Stephen Lynn, Diane McConnel, Estelle Merritt Island Boca Raton Ormond Beach McCullough, Janet McGrath, Marian McGuire, Michael Jacksonville Saint Petersburg Atlanta, Ga. Mclntyre, John McKenzie, Ronald McTureous, Ann Cambridge, Mass. Seville Umatilla MacBeth, Ross Maddox, Jane Mahaffey, Dick Sebring DeLand Toms River, N. J. Mahan, Delta Mangione, Catherine Martin, Pamela Clearwater Ormond Beach Miami Martin, Saundra Masters, Jay Mathews, Marion Decatur, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Jacksonville Mathues, Steven Sarasota Matthews, William Walnut Creek, Calif. Meyer, Craig Clearwater Michaels, Charles Indian Harbour Beach Michaelson, Philip Holly Hill Mock, Elizabeth Moffat, Mary Molloy, Kathleen Jacksonville Orlando Orlando Monkiewicz, Joseph Lynnfield, Mass. Montgomery, Robert Fort Meade Mullins, Dona Saint Petersburg O ' Hare, Barbara O ' Keefe, William T. Pasnicky, Wanda DeLand DeLand Melbourne kflj dh k Patton, Marion New Smyrna Beach Pearsall, James New Smyrna Beach Peffer, Mary Lou DeLand Mfcififcii i Perny, Elliott Perry, Jessie W. Perry, William H. Bradenton Crystal River Pompano Beach Perry, Samuel Pickens, Carolyn Prster, Vicki Pitt, Linda Psillas, Linda Pye, Carolyn Rajchel, Rachel Ray, Rebecca Raynolds, Edwin Fort Myers Aurora. III. Wayne. N. J. Ritchie. George Robinette. Linda Russell. James West Dennis, Mass. Ormond Beach Sylvania, Ga. Winter Park Orlando jmmit. N. J. Rea. Peggy Asheville N. C. Rife, John Key Largo Riggs, Mary Daytona Beach Daytona Beach Jacksonville Palm Beach Ryan, Kathleen Sager, Suzanne Salyers, Jonda Willsboro, N. Y. New Smyrna Beach Fort Pierce Santiago, Carol Satava, Martin Schroeder, Sally Hollywood Venice DeLand Selph, Carl DeLand Shierling, George DeLand Shinholser, James New Smyrna Beach Shoemaker, Stephen Shurley, Angela Skees, Joseph Charlotte, N. C. Miami Louisville, Ken. Silvers, Patricia Simmons, Joan Smith, Chuck Orlando Bradenton Pompano Beach i kttii Smith, Craig Smith. Leon Smith, Mary Kensington, Md. Miami Frostproof Smith, Suzanne Sorenson, Christian Starr, William Kent Sarasota Maitland Fort Lauderdale Staton, Suzanne Strasbaugh, Gene Stultz, Patricia Folkston, Ga. Fort Myers Hialeah Stutts, Stephen Terrell. Cheryl Thompson, John Lakeland Jacksonville DeLand Thomson. Robert Thurston, Wallace Tomyn. Seton South Orange. N. J. Belle Mead Ocala Townsend, John Troll, Carolyn Tubbs, Thomas Jacksonville Fort Lauderdale DeLand Tyner, Larry VanBlarcom, Bruce Wadsworth, Shirley Pawleys Island, S. C. Tierra Verde Daytona Beach d]k d Walker, Carolyn Walker, George Wallberg, Lindstrum DeLand vliami Springs New Smyrna Walling, Oliver Walter, Toni Ward, Bethany Toms River, N. J. Bradford, Pa. DeLand Waters, Brenda Weart, James White, James DeLand Merritt Island Okeechobee i jA Wilbers, Elizabeth Wilbers, Larry Willenbrock, Lynn Charlotte. N. c. Wyoming, Ohio Vero Beach Williams, Donna Willis, Rupert Wilson, Suzanne Atlanta, Ga. Winchester, Diane Winse, Lawrence Woullard, John Jacksonville Boca Raton Hattiesburg, Miss. Wright. Christine Wright, Howard Yancey, Susan Orlando West Palm Beach Umatilla MM Young, Mary Younger, James Younger. Judith Jacksonville Beach Puerto Rico DeLand € ' . ' ' V - - THE ORGANIZATIONS RELIGIOUS STETSON ' S Ministerial Association is an organization for students wishing to enter church-related vocations. The Religious Life Council is comprised of all the religious denominations interested and represented by students on campus. The sponsor is Mr. Jack Mabry, and the members of the council are the president and representative from each religious organization. The special focus of Religious Ennphasis Week is provided by this group as are most of the promotions of religious life on campus throughout the year. services every Tuesday and Thursday night immediately bring to mind Stetson s Baptist Student Union, the BSD. The BSU is sponsored by Mr. Jack Mabry, the director of religious activities for Stetson. Some of the BSU s most important activities were the pre-school retreat at the Central Baptist Church Camp the international students ' banquet in September, the state convention in November and the sponsoring of Reverend Bill Self as a speaker at Stetson. The BSU ' s home is Allen Hall, named for the fourth president of the University. The president of the BSU is Jonda Salyers. MARY Baker Eddy, in 1866, was healed of severe injuries which she re- ceived from an accident. The healing occured as the result of her reading of a certain passage in the Bible. She understood the healing, she said, but determined to understand the science behind it. From this landmark springs the Christian Science Students Organ- ization. The organization meets every month and annually has a speaker from Boston, the home of the Christian Science move- ment. Pictured are: Mrs. Don Page, councillor; Gail Miller, Eve Brown, Laurel Goetz and Joan Simmons. MADE up of interested Presbyterian students, tine Westminster Fellowship provides many activities during the year. They host many dinners and hold an annual car wash for the benefit of their adop- ted child. Westminster holds two yearly retreats. The fall retreat fea- tures discussion by members of all cam- pus faiths of possible means of foster- ing religious growth in the Stetson community. The spring retreat is open to high school seniors of the Presby- terian church. President is Harland Merriam. The other officers are: Barry Brassard, vice president; Steve Rawls, treasurer; Dorothy Minor, sec- retary; Trey Brooks, Jr., enlistments chairman and Barbara Barr and Kathy Kraeger, social chairmen. CAMPUS CHOSEN by the Stetson Circle of Omicron Delta Kappa, the members of Green Circle must be rising sopho- mores. The group was conceived in order to show recognition to those sophomore men who have conspicuously contributed to Stetson University and its com- munity. Recognized in 1970 were: Chuck McKeebey, David Wilt, Geoff Mack, Chris Park, Shon Saxon, Bill Bruce, Max Ziontz, George Hanlon, Greg Padgett, John Bailey and Jim Orr. i ' ., f G NO ARKING T ) 4J[ ANY TIME V ' j " Jl Is ..;--W;; THOSE whose job it is to preserve order on campus are sometimes not extremely popular. They do, however, do an outstanding job of carrying out their responsibilities and keeping Stetson running smoothly. Two such people are Eliot Perny, Director of Traffic and Dave Broom, Director of the Campus Security Guard. The Traffic Depart- ment has paved three parking lots this year plus depositing a substantial amount of money in the University ' s general operating fund. The Campus Security Guard is possibly the only one of its kind in the nation. Completely run and staffed by students, the Guard has been much more success- ful than any security method tried. PROUDLY wearing the small, black mortar- board pin, one may see the recipients of the highest honor available to Stetson women. This honor is to be tapped into Mortar Board, the national leadership fraternity for women. This year ' s membership was: Elizabeth Gearhart Farr, Janet Crossley, Pat Stultz, Jan Barton Buchanon, Lindy Jackson, Pat Dullard, Janet McCullough (all pictured opposite page), Suzanne Clarke O ' Keefe, Linda Ross, Suzy Smotherman, Evelyn Solheim and Debbie Thompson. OMICRON Delta Kappa, national leader- ship honorary for college men, was founded December 3, 1914 at Washington and Lee by fifteen student and faculty leaders upon the idea that leadership of excep- tional quality and versatility in college should be recognized. The membership is made up of both faculty members and students. The members for 1970 were: Dick Mahaffey, president; George Borders; Steve Shoe- maker; Bill Armour; John Swann; Elliot Perny (pictures this page); Dr. Glenn Wilkes; Dr. T. Wayne Bailey; Lyie Wadsworth; Jim Davis; Bill Hathaway, Bob Lenna and Ralph Cline (pic- tures opposite page). i ' ' ■: -: ■ ' — " ' ' - Wt - M llr T ■ JB f t rj " " r jfl9 1 m ftk. ip Wj Hk. - 3. A JOINT committee of students, faculty and administration, the Publications Board has as its functions the reviewing of candidates for editorial of- fices and the insuring of satisfactory progress on the part of all the campus publi- cations. Its members include the editors and business managers of the Reporter and the Hatter, a chairman se- lected by Sigma Pi Kappa, the editors of South, head of the public relations department, dean of women and a faculty advisor. The Stu- dent Affairs Committee is constituted to deal with non-academic areas of stu- dent life. Its members are: dean of women (chairman), dean of men, registrar, assistant dean of women, the faculty advisor to the student government, the director of religious activities, SG president, SG vice president, AWS president. Men ' s Judiciary Council president. Reporter editor, Publications Board chairman, SUB president, presidents of the Pan- hellenic council and IFC, a chairman of the SAC dis- ciplinary committee and a faculty representative from the faculty senate. SCABBARD and Blade is a national military honorary society for outstanding cadets in the ROTC program. The society spon- sors assorted charity ac- tivities as well as social campus functions, and provides leadership training and ex- perience to the selected cadets. NATIONAL Honor society of the basic level ROTC cadets is Pershing Rifles. They are the only drill unit which represents Stetson in area parades and provides leadership training and experience to the selected cadets. MISS Dorothy Fuller is the faculty advisor to Beta Beta Beta, the national biology honorary organi- zation. Its membership is limited to biology majors who maintain a B-average in biology. FOILS and epees, white suits and masks, thrusts and parries — all these new terms come with a brand new sport. The Stetson Fencers in their first year at Stetson compiled an enviable record. Captain Steve Rawls won the state under 19 men ' s foil champion- ship and the divisional under 19 men ' s epee championship. Cathy Bursock represented the women in the winner ' s circle by taking the state title in the under 19 women ' s foil com- petition. Although the fencers have not been able to wrest a team status from the University, they have suc- cessfully competed against the University of Florida, the Florida State University and Florida Presbyterian. Dr. Fritz Frauchiter and Dr. C. Car- ter Colwell are the faculty sponsors of the Stetson Fencers and Jim Flint is the president. SIGMA Tau Delta is the national English honorary fraternity. Members must have at least twelve hours of upper- division English with a B-average in order to qualify. Dr Ann Morris is faculty advisor. Sigma Pi Kappa is the local journalism fra- ternity. Its sole qualification is outstanding work on Stet- son ' s publications. DeLand State BANK CONGRATULATIONS STETSON DEBATING TEAM FOR YOUR VICTORY OVm HARVARD THE DEBATE Squad has upheld Stetson ' s honor well this year, especially with an out- standing victory over Harvard April 2, led by Bob Bugg and Chobbie Ebbets. The Squad participates in intercol- legiate debate and forensics both locally and in tournaments. Coached by Mr. Ronald Baugh, the Stetson Debate team has brought much notice to the campus. TAPPING for Scroll and Key is from the top five percent of the ju- niors and seniors holding at least a 2.5 average. It is Stetson ' s honorary fraternity for academic excellence. Phi Beta is the national profes- sional fraternity for women in the field of music. The members serve as hostesses for all musical activities. To be considered for member- ship, one must have a B average. FORMED as a means to give greater expression to Stetson ' s black students, the Afro- American Society claims as its purpose " to contribute to the University community and to the DeLand com- munity at large with a specific orientation to the black experience. " The society strives to emphasize the cultural history of blacks in America. The executive council of the SAAS consists of: Frank Scruggs, Greg Price, Teri Singletary and Al Harris. Their representative to Student Affairs ' is Greg Padgett. WHO ' S Who in American Colleges and Universities, in the past two academic years, inas accepted 46 of Stetson ' s nominations. Those accepted who were in attendance at Stetson for 1969-70 were: Bill Armour, Janet Crossley, Pat Dullard, Jane Eckert, Bill Hathaway, Betsy Craig, Lindy Jackson, Cathy Joel, Bob Lenna, Dee Lewis, Janet Mc- Cullough, Dick Mahaffey, Eliot Perny, Steve Shoemaker, Joan Simmons, John S A ann, Jeff Aste, Beth Barnes, Ralph Cline, Sue Coffey, Joan Damon, Bob Daniels, Jim Davis, Vern DeSear, Bob Gaw- ley, Judie Hill, Marva Lewis, Bob Montgomery, Suzanne O ' Keefe, Bill Perry, Linda Ross, Jonda Salyers, Evelyn Solheim, Pat Stultz and Lyie Wadsworth. THE GREEKS : 9ta r 1 m i - . mk r f SOME say they are discriminating. The an- swer always reiterates the individ- ual ' s right to choose his associates as he sees fit. They sing and they play football. They drink and they sing and they visit dormitories late at night. They maraud fraternity houses with crippling toilet paper and steal and paint each other ' s emblems. But they are here and the Greeks, like most people here. try to contribute more than they detract. They discriminate; but usually they aid. They. also, make Stetson Stetson. There are 14 Greek organizations on campus and they are listed here according to the Greek alphabet. ALPHA CHI OMEGA SORORITY Treasurer Barbara Becht Susan Behrens Laurie Bennett Suzanne Clarke Sue Coffey Rosalie Cole Fay Dallas Cynthia Dekle Marcia Doyle Anne Edmiston Debra Edwards Peggy Ellis Susan Erard-Coupe Kenan Fishburne Ruth Gehres Paige Grant Eunice Hamblen Joyce Hargnett Nena Heald Susan Hetzler Cynthia Holland Laura Hope Maureen Jarrell Cheryl Jennings Katie Johnson Pamela Martin Susan McCarty Second Vice President Joan McDonald Ann McTureous Natalie Middleton Linda Morehead First Vice President Patricia Paller Janice Papp Jane Paul President Sally Pinson Karen Renne Bobbie Jo Searles Nancy Shannon Secretary Carol Shroads Joyce Shroads Angela Shurley Joan Simmons Helmi Simons Kay Slater Paula Slusher Cheryl Stacks Sally Trask Lynn Walters Barbara Walton Diane Winchester Jessie Perry Susan Yancey Dale Zinzow ALPHA KAPPA SORORITY Vice President President Secretary Treasurer Social Chairman Linda Adams Mary Bailey Patricia Culpepper Gwen Frazier Sharon Lawrence Jean Lewis Kathy Owens Rachel Rajhel Joan Russell Deen Ryle Sandy Sanders Carol Santiago Nancy West Mary Young ALPHA XI DELTA SORORITY Chaplain Lynne Auman Janice Barton Nancy Baur Priscilla Bowman Sharon Branch Susan Cages Ann Chorpening Dana Conover Wendy Conroy Nancy Earl! Gail Eggeman Kathy Ellison Lorraine Feasel President Rebecca Fore Kathryn Giffin Kathryn Gorton Jacqueline Hallas Susan Jones Lynn Kitching Sharlene Laughlin Dee Lewis Jean Long Kathryn Lucas Delta Mahan Carolyn McCoy Janet McCullough Rochell McTureous Gail Miller Catherine Parry Wanda Pasnicky Kathrine Pastorius Treasurer Sandra Price Peggy Rea Linda Robinette Benita Rosin Paulette Rowe Patricia Salyer Sandra Sanderson Judy Smoak Vice President Susan Smotherman Kathleen Summer Marylin Taylor Carolyn Troll Jackie Wice Elizabeth Wilbers Cheryl Williams Cynthia Wynn Bobette Zimmerman " 51 AH t 5«» i 5i DELTA DELTA DELTA SORORITY Chaplain Linda Barrett Janan Bateh Susan Beltz Connie Bissell Patricia Bowers Jill Bussey Marshal President Vice President Mary Cayce Nikki Cox Carolyn Craven Sarah Cummings Prudence Dampier Nancy Daves Becky Davis Gloria Deen Tommie Deen Ann Doudney Frances Dowell Ann Draper Carol Ferguson Katherine Gormley Donna Hipps Katherine Horton Kathy Hubbard Darcie Kerr Annamae Kinnan Bronwyn Martin Ann McCormick Claire O ' Connor Virginia Pait Jane Ridenhour Wilma Romanello Barbara Sawyer Penelope Scheb Kristy Skuda Joy Smathers Patricia Stone Deborah Thomson Toni Walter Mary Willis Nancy Simmons Betsy Neithold Rt r ji i W ' - " Si- J - 1 ' Ji j! i l f ' . DELTA SIGMA PHI FRATERNITY Secretary Vice President President Treasurer Donald Adsit Sammy Bearman Richard Beckwith Jerry Blades Russell Cassons Tom Davis Sam Dower George Englehard Richard Galavotti William Goodrich John Hammon William Hardy Steve Herkal Douglas Higgins Robert Holmes Eric Higgins Robert Jordan Stan Kent Walter Ketchem Dennis MacKee Bill Mulford Denis Noah Charles Osborne Richard Reed Leon Smith Tom Stearns Walt Steiger James Stroud Louie Strum Jim Thorpe Wallace Thurston Larry Tyner Brent Warnouck Paul Wymbs ZETA TAU ALPHA SORORITY Treasurer Secretary Vice President Historian President Carol Andrews Rita Badinelli Mary Ann Baube Ann Barron Sue Bender Marcia Cassel Brenda Coons Shelly Fleming Cynthia Freedman Ellen Haines Charlee Hays Sally Irvin Marjorie Jenks Nancy Keen Rhonda Kelley Elizabeth Margolin Kayren Prosser Kathleen Ryan Peggy Sanders Bettie Scaggs Edith Smith Mary Smith Lisa Statham Jan TidMarsh Anne Touchton Cheryl Warner Betsy West Patricia Willard Jay Younger High Phi High Epsilon High Beta High Alpha High Epsilon LAMBDA CHI ALPHA FRATERNITY Ernest Ahlquist Norman Allen Frank Allen Ross Armour Mike Baker John Carley Steve Carlson Scotter Collins Rick Crosby Bill Curtis Lad Dunton John Flournoy Steve Prates Greg Gerard Jeff Gerrard George Green Rod Hansen High Gamma High Tau High Kappa Bill Johnson Bill Jackson Charles Johnston Mark Johnston Pete Jones Bruce Kimmich John Kirk Laurie Kitch Mike Klarer Bayard Kraft Vernon Krause Pete Kuchan Alan Lichtenstein Scott Marple George Mathey Kevin McDowell Chuck McKeeby George Mitcheson Chris Parks Doug Pierce Gerry Railey Bob Rosenberger Ed Raymond Tony Riedel Jim Russell John Schmale Mark Seiger Jim Shelter Bill Sisson Gary Smith Tom Somerville John Steel David Wilt PI BETA PHI SORORITY Kathleen Dunn Jane Eckert Dorothy Eubank Mary Hall Christine Hamman Jan Holland Lynn Jackson Gayley Jacobs Marcy Jay Kay King Argene Kouracos Teri Lander Robin Lewis Elizabeth Linder Rush Chairman Phyllis MacLean Linda Messersmith Carolyn Moore Anne Porter Susan Powell President Linda Ross Martha Schick Anne Sherwood Recording Secretary Sally Smith Suzanne Smith Pledge Trainer Joan Adams Buffy Apell Patty Barnhill Candace Berner Kristi Bettendorf Carol Biller Frances Clarke Toni Colombi Janice Daniels Patricia Dullard Vice President Evelyn Solheim Serena Stillwell Jean Stringfield Nancy Webster Joan White Marcia Whitehead Julie Williams Melanie Wilson Linda Bryant Kay Miller Linda Pitt PI KAPPA ALPHA FRATERNITY S.C.M. s.c. T.H.C. Philip Binko Carl Bradbury Randy Cunningham I.M.C. David Disney Kirk Glenn George Hanlon Charles Hartz Bill Hathaway Sid Jennette Scott Johnson James Johnston Steve Karr John Kern Tom Krist Steve La Freniere Steve Lent Bob Letson Carl Lindgrin Ross MacBeth John MacConnell Robert MacConnell Bob Minor Don Moore Chris Nielson Nick Nugent Kevin Peck Link Powars John Rife Don Romanello Mike Scenti Steve Schrimsher Bob Sturgis Harold Sweatt John Thompson James Weingarten Peter Williams Larry Winse Steve Woods PI KAPPA PHI FRATERNITY Treasurer Gene Allen Ray Arnold Larry Arrlngton Jeff Aste William Ayala John Bailey Derrell Boone Bob Bugg Tony Bussman Judd Chapman Ralph Cline Scott Cooper Larry Densmore Bob DePue Bill DesVousges Vince Dix Chobie Ebbets Jim Evens Jim Folds Archon-Spring Archon-Fall Secretary Ashby Frayser Bruce Grady Steve Goff Gene Harrison Herman Heinle Danny Hightower Mike Jarrard Steve Lanier Mike Loftin Dick Mahaffey Tom McMasters Newth Morris Terry Mullen Tim O ' Keefe Tom O ' Keefe James Orr Bill Perry David Reid George Retter Keith Roberts Jim Ross Martin Satava Shon Saxon Frank Scruggs Stephen Shoemaker Mike Southward Steve Sterling Steve Stutts John Swann John Terry Seton Tomyn Lyie Wadsworth James Weart Mark Weaver Greg Wilkerson SIGMA NU FRATERNITY Tom Aiello Tom Appleton Don Atwell Doug Bagin David Bennett Wayne Brewer Andy Burnett Ted Butler Richard Clarke Jim Craven David Davidson Commander Lt. Commander Treasurer Rick Doetsch Pete Dunn John Fischetti Tom Foster Paul Gleason Curtis Goll Jesse Grove Darrell Harmon Ray Hartnett Bruce Hedlund Bob Holland Steve Holland John Horn David Hull Larry Jones Spain Kelley David Lake Mike Langman Tony Latour Bill Maire Bill Mathews Larry Miller Ed Mills Lorenzo Moll Roger Orr Doug Ostwalt Doug Pullen Ron Rasco Gary Reddick Howard Rigg Chris Sorenson John Tangney John Warren John Whiteman Tad Williams SIGMA PHI EPSILON FRATERNITY President Corresponding Secretary Secretary Ray Alden Terrence Asln Randy Burwell Bob Crissey Craig Darden Greg Daniels Ted Davis Randy Fairbairn Bob Foulds Dan Frank Stewart Friend Alex Gamboa Jack Geneke Bill Goldman Vice President Comptroller Chaplain Jim Harper Hendrick Harwood Glen Henderson Hal Hicks Bill Hinchliff David Jobes Curt Logan John Loveland Jim Mancuso Lynn McAmis Craig Meyer Charles Michaels Manuel Menendez Pete Mininsohn Frank Morrison Philip Partee Elliot Perny John Peschau John Polk Tom Price Bob Revere Woody Roe Austin Ross Wayne Sanderson Don Settina Craig Smith Hugh Smith Ken Staples Ted Strahan Bill Thompson Steve Turner Skip Van Der Karr George Walker Jim Younger Max Zionte • " - ' .If K pp :« . IS -■ ' J PHI MU SORORITY Corresponding Secretary President Judith Ashley Recording Secretary Lynn Bolton Frances Brown Susan Bunch Vice President Mary Ann Burr Janet Crossley Treasurer Joan Damon Brenda Dew Susan Dinkey Lorraine Dunlop Janice Fowler Linda Gamble Martha Garby Maureen Gavan Janis Gawley Marsha Grant Anne Green Lynne Hall Joyce Hankin Judie Hill Judyth Hoch Kathryn Howard Nancy Hughes Margaret Jordan Rebecca Jowers Patricia Kendall Barbara Konrad Marti Krayer Beverly Lindermann Kathryn Littlehale Diane Lukoski Deborah Morrison June Musser Cathy Northcutt Dorothy Peyraud Marian Rogers Jane Siman Gertrude Taylor Sally Warner Donna Williams Lynette Wright OMEGA PHI FRATERNITY President Jerome Adams Jesse Burns Timothy Hicks Craig Maguire Robert Montgomery Earl Reeves George Roman Kenneth Showers THE PUBLICATIONS ONE usually unnoticed person always has to edit the Compass. A large part of the summer is taken to compile all the information and pictures needed by entering stu- dents. Piles of phone numbers and club descriptions, pictures and rulers all mesh, somehow, into probably the most useful publication on campus. The editor for the 1970 Compass is Miss Jan Holland, who also serves as secretary of the student publi- cations committee. south is the literary magazine and review of Stetson University. Its purpose is to provide a means where creative worlds of fiction, poetry and literary criticisms can be displayed for the public ' s scrutiny. Photographs and drawings are also used in the belief that true artistic endeavors are not necessarily written. Although not all of the material used for south is written by members of the Stetson community, the em- phasis is upon local work. The members of the south staff are; John Dupree, editor; Tagore Somers, Robert Berry, Dan Casale, Deborah Turner, Susan Gould and Wayne Dreggors on the editorial staff. Dr. William E. Taylor is the advisor. EVERY Friday one may see. scattered in tied bundles in every important corner of the campus, what seem to be thousands and thousands of copies of Florida ' s oldest college news- paper, the Stetson Reporter. The bundles are eagerly torn into for reasons varying from the literary merit to the Burger Chef coupons. This, however, is its purpose. The editor of the 1969-1970 Re- porter was Bob Lenna. His two assistant editors were Brian O ' Keefe and John Dupree. The Reporter sports editor was G. A. Mitcheson. Staff Writers were: Greg Price, sports; Vern DeSear, coed of the week; Janet Crossley and Linda Messersmith, Greek Gab; Pam Lee; David Jorden; Randy Klein, and Sam Bearman. Business manager of the Reporter was Walt Ketcham. Throughout the 27 issues of the year, editor Lenna stated his purpose as " to tell it like it is and at the same time to follow the advice of William Cowper who said ' Differing judgments serve but to declare that the truth lies somewhere — if we knew but where! ' " . (Please see pictures on pages 168-169.) SCOTCH tape has left white squares all over the death-green walls and the typewriter only works part of the time. In this room where faded blue curtains hang cowardly in the corners unaware that they are unable to stretch completely across the windows, a group of people works on painting what lies outside the windows. They are sick of one pica and Trade Gothic Extended Bold and Mat Binders. They never really tired of what v as outside the dirty windov s, though. Jeanne was assistant editor. She didn ' t want to be. Ric was managing editor. Amy was layout editor and in the office all the time. Bill was photo editor and hard to find but uniquely dependable. Dr. Morris was our faculty advisor. She kept us out of trouble with the publications board. Sage took a lot of pictures and taught school. Sue inspired Bill. Nat did a large number of advertise- ments that Terry sold. Pat was organizations editor. Vern got the pretty girls and Nasty Jeff got all the hard, unglorious work. But, at least, we all learned something — to look at today in terms of what it might be tomorrow. Sometimes. A sense of history. THE LEADERSHIP AWS stands for " associated women students, " the organization of all Stetson women. It has two main areas of concern: interest and judicial. The pur- pose of the interest board is to satisfy and broaden women ' s interests through planned social and intel- lectual activities. The judicial council is designed to encourage individual respect and integrity as women take increased responsibility in governing themselves. The Men ' s Council serves as a link between the University Administration and the men students and tries to develop a sense of responsibility and high standards of conduct in each Stetson man as a corollary to its governmental functions. IN CHARGE of an active and successful Student Government Associ- ation, Bill Hatha A ay has put in thousands of hard hours. As President of the SGA, Bill holds the most important executive office available to a student. His Vice President, Bill Armour, is the presiding officer of the senate. Wanda Pasnicky serves as Treasurer and Susan Jones is the Secretary. LOYAL but often unnoticed ser- vants of Stetson are the ap- pointed Co-chairmen on major Student Government committees. These students work diligently to plan and supervise the major events of the school year. Co-chairmen of this year ' s Homecoming (see page 290 for additional information) were Judd Chapman and Judie Hill. Planning 1969 ' s Green Feather week (see page 252) were Dick Mahaffey and Sally Trask. In charge of Parents ' Weekend were Vern DeSear and Joan Damon (see page 294). THE S.G. senators are: Mark Shuttle- worth, president of the junior class and chairman of the judicial and rules com- mittee; George Retter, sophomore class senator, chairman of the business rela- tions committee; Janet Crossley, business school senator, chairwoman of the or- ganization and finance committee; Vince Dix, junior class senator and chairman of the labor and student services committee; Ric Crosby, sophomore senator, chairman of the elections and appointments com- mittee; John Swann, presi- dent of the senior class; Joan Simmons, president of the liberal arts school. I j 1 11 1 ki Chobee Ebbets and Jim Davis, liberal arts senators; Jessie Burns, liberal arts senator; Judie Hill, liberal arts senator; Pam Thomas, music school senator; Kenan Fishburne, president of the Sophomore class. Gary Smith, junior class senator; Mark Zimmerman, liberal arts school senator; Ron Bostic, music school senator; Terry Mullen, business school senator; Warren Dixon, music school senator. IN GREEN and white outfits, sporting name tags, the Stetson Hostesses may be seen often working hard to sell Stetson to prospective students and campus visitors. The work is hard and often unrewarding. The smiles are sometimes hard to produce, but they always are. Member- ship is completely voluntary and the only reward is the satisfaction of working to improve the University. The hostess bureau is directed by the Stetson Union Board ' s hos- pitality committee and works closely with the Office of Admissions. They are made up of 20 of Stetson ' s most attractive young women. The chairman of the group is Miss Mamie Feasel. HOUSED in the Carlton Student Union, the Stetson Union Board is nnade up of those students interested in bettering the Stetson com- munity. The SUB plans ac- tivities of interest to all Stetson students. The Union Board operates under the Student Affairs Committee, as does the Stu- dent Government, and is a parallel organization to the Student Government. SUB officers are: Richard Brown, president; Eliza- beth Mock, vice president; Marva Lewis, secretary; Bruce Rose, treasurer; Robby Connor, Cellar Door Chairman; Bill Calvin, Films Committee Chairman; Marnie Feasel, Hostess Bureau Chairman; Tom Koszoru, Recreation Committee Chairman. Other members in- clude Dean Etter Turner; Bill Armour, SG vice president; Mr. Jack Mabry. Faculty advisor is Dr. Gary Maris. THE SPORTS VARSITY MOST of the time, they cheer by themselves. A Cheerleader is an animal that does funny tricks — somersaults and the like — while the crowd watches and occasionally snickers. But what kind of lethargy would we all slip in- to if it were not for the cheerleaders. Any place has to have at least one group of people who are not the least bit ashamed to be enthusiastic. Captain Rochelle Waters McTureous, Lynn Kitching, Zondra Tyre, Kathy Giffin, Susie Erard-Coupe, Paula Snell, Sherry Laughlin, Nancy Baur and Debbie Ervin tirelessly cheer, make posters, travel and make Stetson an exciting place to be. COKES A ere fifteen cents apiece for as long as tlney lasted. They never lasted very long, however, as a Stetson Soccer game is a very hot, sultry affair. When it is not hot and sultry, it is raining. Virtually unobserved, the Stetson Hatters fought through 13 soccer games to end a disappointing 4-7-2 sea- son. Those who watched were loyal, but few. The soccer team has always had to serve their school with very little support. Coach Borders started the season with almost all of his last year ' s stars returning. An exceptional season was predicted but things just did not fall into place. There were stars, however. Tim Olagbemiro was the highest scorer in the Florida Inter-Collegiate Soccer Conference. Along with Tim, John Davis and Jeff Aste were named to the FISC All- Conference Team. Others who played were: Ted Davis, Frits Lawaetz, Wes Nettleton, John Wethington, Tad Williams, Bobby Rosenberger, David Hull, Jim Flint, Dan Fremont, Dave Bestor, Vernon Frank, Ibrahim Gheiadi, Bob Baldwin, Bill Perry, Harland Merriam, Jorge Uquillas, Link Powars, Kurt Hertle, Steve Baum, Bill Hinchliff, Rob DePue, Charles Cousins, Manuel Menendez, John Horn, Pete Staley, Steve Carlson, Dave Brandt, Paul Wymbs, William Ayala, Alex Mellon, and ChanChai Intaraprawat. ■ " i4 rj % T , ' i-i ■ - » J ? ' - ■ 5 :s r ' x BUFFALO state killed the Hat ' s chances at an NCAA College Division Channpionship and they only did it by one point. And that point came after the final buzzer! Nevertheless, it was Stetson ' s best basketball season. Our dream was indeed realized as the voice of G. A. Micheson told us that the season would end in Evansville, Indiana rather than DeLand. High points of the season were the victories over 14th ranked Louisville and Georgia Southern, the game that gave Stetson her first NCAA Divisional Title. The Tars, the Spartans and Buffalo State, of course, provided the low points. Doctor Glenn Wilkes ended the great season by sending Ail-American Ernie Killum to the National Association of Basketball Coaches ' All-Star Game where he played beside Charlie Scott and Dan Issell. Killum started every Hatter game with Derrell Boone, Junior Gale, Bob Mack, and Ron Beal. Ken Showers served as a high-jumping clutch man. Along with them, Steve Sterling, Jim Orr. Steve Holland, Jessie Grove, Ken Ware and John Loveland made Hatter people a lot happier than they had ever been before. . NORFOLK, Virginia will be the site of the end of the Stetson Hatters ' baseball season. Extremely successful under Coach Jim Ward, the Hatters finished the regular season with 34 wins and only 12 losses. The Hatters threw and hit A ell enough to receive the at-large bid to the NCAA college division tournament from the Atlantic Coast Conference. Bill Rhoden led the team in batting average while Mike Fulford led the Hats in RBI ' s with an astounding 46. The lowest earned run average for the pitchers belonged to Jim Orr with 1.29. John Fischett pitched the most winning games with 8 Members of the team are: Pat Arnett Ted Butler, David Davidson, Pete Dunn Ashby Frayser, Jesse Grove, Brent Helms Larry Jones, Ron Keith, Tony Latour Tom Lawrence, Larry Miller, Lorenzo Moll, Nick Pedro, Wayne Perry, Gary San- chez and Mike Smollon. The student assistant is Matt Rosiek. Ned Skiff is the manager. The scorekeeper and statis- tician are Dave Bennett and Bob Watson. Mike Medows is the batboy. I ■ . ' ' ■- , ' ■+ V - OCX , )0 VIRTUALLY ignored by the student body, tennis and golf are two of the most interesting spectator sports at Stetson. Coach Ray Hussey was in charge of the 1969- ' 70 tennis team. The Stetson golf team was coached by Bob Weickle and was very successful in Florida meets. : . ; ■ ■•. ' „■■ •■■■ - ' ' ■ ' " ' " ' - ' . " •■-, i S:- ■:■ ' ■■ ' ' ■ ' ■.. ' . ' ' ■ . ' ■ ' S " ' - . :• ' ■ ■ ' - ' ' ; " " ' --: v " ; " - ' - .■: ...,; - :,.: ' ■ THE INTRAMURALS NEITHER as easy nor as gentle as one might think, Stetson ' s intramural sports draw large and spirited crowds. Perhaps the most popular intramural sport is Intramural Football. Each fraternity spon- sors a team and the Independent Men ' s Organization also enters one. Each team plays every other team twice in a truly exciting sea- son. The air is often rather cold but the tension is hot as the fans wish victories for their favorites. Intramural football has all the characteristics of regular football, but Stetson adds her smallness and rivalry to increase the com- petition. One gets hoarse as he screams invitations he could not possibly live up to and wishes that people would get hurt. The end of the game, however, brings a cheer and a return to humanity. The fierce rivalry melts first into muffled " Nice games " and then nto everyday life. This year the Pikes took the title from the Sigma Nus in a two-part, grip- ping, almost dark playoff game. TWICE and over the net. Straight down if one is able to arrange it. The goal of the game is to write " Voigt " on their faces while protecting one ' s own. Just as the rest of Stetson ' s recreation sports, Intramural Volleyball is not as easy as it would seem. There is not even a small hint of grass and the nets are usually sagging. The sun is in one ' s eyes or he is in night-like shade. But people enjoy it. This year, the Sig Eps took the trophy in a see-saw double round-robin tournament. SLIME grows on the xA indows that have not been opened in many years. The roof leaks even when it isn ' t raining and the heater, when it works, emits echoing screams and moans around Hulley Gym. The old gym, in the winter, hosts two games per night, four nights per week. The phenomena featured are collectively called In- tramural Basketball. One crowd files out as the other files in and as the refs change shirts to play in the next game. And the heater, sometimes, screams and the scoreboard, sometimes, works and the sweat of the players, usually, rolls and forwards, often, slip on wet places on the floor as someone manages to win the hazardous, unique game of Stet- son intramural basketball. This year, the Sigma Nus, on their blistering road to athletic recovery, took the basketball title. But they paid for it. X ERRORS in the outfield cause one ganne to severely interfere with another as the outfielders often rub shoul- ders. Stetson Intramural Softball is truly a unique sport. Where else could one see a pitcher pitching from a hole rather than a mound? Where else could one see human backstops? At any rate, the action is fast and the crowds are enthusiastic. And, as the bases and the runners move around the diamond, a reasonable facsimile of that great American sport takes place at Stetson. This year the Lambda Chis took the title in =t season that v. ' ent right down A.e-. ' - : 4a»»- ' - ' • ;. V ' . ' tr ■ ,- USUALLY figuring heavily in the decision for the President ' s Cup, the Minor Intramural Sports lack the appeal of the major ones. The minor sport pictured is Water Basketball. The winner of the former was Sigma Nu and the latter was Sigma Phi Epsilon. Other minor sports and their winners were: Horseshoes, Sigma Nu; Table Tennis, Lambda Chi Alpha; Cross Country, Pi Kappa Phi; Bowling, Delta Sigma Phi; Paddleball, Sigma Nu; Golf, Lam.bda Chi Alpha and Tennis, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Two intermediate sports were Swirnming and Track, both won by Pi Kappa Phi. THE BEAUTIES WHETHER she is called Dream Girl or Rose Queen or just Sweet- heart, she means the same thing to the men who have chosen her. On these two pages are pictured the Sweethearts for the Stetson Fraternities. They are: Joy Johnson, Pi Kappa Alpha; Jacki Wice, Pi Kappa Phi; Jan Tidmarsh, Sigma Phi Epsilon (clockwise this page); Linda IVlorehead, Lambda Chi Alpha; Pat Craven, Sigma Nu and Becky Davis, Delta Sigma Phi (clockwise opposite page). MEN who are members of fra- ternities vote on candidates sponsored by ail the sororities to select the Greek Goddess. This year. Miss Pat Dullard was crowned at the annual Greek sing. Pat is a 21 year- old senior from Ormond Beach. Her major is history and she enjoys knitting, reading, sewing, s A imming. traveling and working with children. WHAT used to be Homecoming Hostess was made this year into the Homecoming Queen. Chosen by a student election was Miss Linda Ross, a 20 year-old junior from Winter Park. Linda ' s major is Russian and she likes art, cats, teaching, serving, reading and dancing. Each year the cadets in Stetson ' s ROTC brigade choose a Military Ball Queen. This year ' s Queen was Miss Kathy Littlehale, a 21 year-old sociology major from Weston, Massachusetts. Kathy ' s interests include horseback riding, swimming, sports and travel. v( Y - t (4 p y i " -i M " i M S Sm " SIS " M mm ii s«i EACH year the Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity spon- sors the Freshman Beauty Queen Contest. This year ' s winner was Miss Joan White, an 18 year-old freshman from Tallahassee. Joan likes to go for walks, read modern poetry and follow her horoscope. She is also interested in fashions and modeling. A panel of judges picks the annual Stet- son Basketball Queen to reign as queen of the sport for the current season. Miss Joan Adams was this year ' s queen. Jo is an 18 year-old freshman also and is from Indianapolis. She enjoys bike rides and swimming. She has a thing about sunrises and her hobby is smiling. in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Miss Stetson for 1970-71 is Miss Dale Zinzow. Dale is a 20 year- old sophomore whose interests are swimming, bowling, sewing and water skiing. She is an elementary education major and a member of the Stetson Honors Program. Dale was a Regents Scholar and is a mem- ber of Alpha Chi Omega Sorority. EVERY year, a distinguished panel of judges chooses a young woman who they feel typifies the ideals set for a Stetson woman. Miss Stetson is chosen from a large group of candidates sponsored by many campus organizations. She is chosen on the basis of performance in an intervievA and poise and beauty shown the night of the contest. Miss Stetson for 1969-1970 was Miss Joan Damon, a twenty-one year-old history major from Summit, New Jersey, whose interests include talking with people, traveling, tennis, water sports, and sewing. SHOWN also on page 231 as Homecoming Queen, Miss Linda Ross was also chosen the 2nd Runner-up to the Miss Hatter title. Chosen by the judges as 1st Runner-up was Miss Anne Chorpening. Anne is a native of De- Land. At age 21, she is a junior majoring in marketing. Her enjoyment comes from doing things such as water-skiing, participating in the sport of archery, painting and singing. ANGEL hair and other Christmas dec- orations set the stage for the combination SUB-HATTER staff Christmas Miss Hatter dance. Chosen was Miss Peggy Jordon from Atlanta, Georgia, a nineteen-year-old elementary education major. Her interests are sewing, Spanish, travel, teaching, cooking, tennis, and children. First runner-up was Miss Linda Ross, featured as Homecoming Queen on page 231. THE YEAR via THE FALL SANDER Vanocur was there. And if one were a Freshman, he was about the only person on Stetson ' s campus who looked anywhere near familiar. Orientation is about unfamiliar people, how- ever. Evil people somehow plan things so that one does not have any free time at all. They find the number of people the auditorium will hold, double it and have an assembly. They wait until everyone is tired and sunburned, and plan a social. They spend hours plan- ning rancid punch and make sure the air conditioning is not working. Then, when everyone is wearing his newest clothes, the dating market opens. " Where are you from? " " You came all the way to Stetson from there? " " What ' s your major? " " Man! Be sure not to get Dr. — ! " " By the way ... " Exemption tests, conferences with faculty advisors, missed scheduled events and the sanctity of the beach when everyone else is in Elizabeth Hall, new ROTC uniforms that must have fit someone at sometime, mispronunciations and the proverbial name tags ( " Oh! Do you know . . . ? " ) all conspire to keep bags frorn being unpacked and rooms from being set straight. But, one has all year for that kind of thing! ALWAYS afraid that they will trip, yet unable to hold back their ex- citement, the women who have just pledged Sororities run from the dormitories to the Panhellenic Building which has been calmly watching young ladies run and scream for fifty years. But they forget that. They forget that this is but one of a series of pledgings. Sorority Rush is a time apart for them — there has never been another like it. There never will be. And, although it is their duty to look at the display with disdain, the Greek men know how they feel for, just the night before. Fraternity Rush (pictures opposite page) ended with pledging ceremonies. The ceremonies were different — they like to say more sophisti- cated — but the feeling was the same. So now as everyone gathers on Saturday morning to see who everyone else pledged, the old Panhellenic Building watches a new group of people start life at Stetson in a particular way. THE SEATS are as uncomfortable as they are old and one can seldom shake the feeling that the roof isn ' t completely dependable. But Stover Theatre usually takes on all the magic that is expected of a theatre on the night of a presentation. The early part of the year brought Laugh-In, an adaptation of a script from the TV show of the same name. When they had finished, there was not much left of Ken and Barbie, Mrs. Sigmund Freud or Senator Muskie. Later came Deadwood Dick, a western melodrama featuring tattoed treasure maps, hisses and boos and lines that dripped from the stage. Deadwood was one of the most popular plays of the year. Passion, Poison and Petri- faction followed with the story of an American cousin and a very sick stiff. INC 4 . |i n ? WORK FOR Peace, October 15. That was what the blue circles with the white dove said. Someone made a lot of money off of those blue circles. At any rate, many people here did indeed work on October 15. A Congressman spoke, students wore black armbands, there were two films and there was, for a short time, some competition for the Army Re- cruiter on Peace Day at Stetson. The Student Peace Comnnittee started the whole thing. The administration joined later. There was much to do to achieve the exhibition of different vie A points; classes had to be called off, chapels had to be planned and disillusioned alumni had to be placated. Heatedly, prayerfully and musically, peace was dis- cussed and admired. Then, as the day of moratorium ended, the war still screamed and the people who worked in the Hat Rack still displayed the American Flag. i il •v ' S .1 ' SOCIAL probation and threats of non- participation by the Fraternities rang in 1969 ' s Green Feather Carnival and the annual drive for the United Fund almost totally failed because of a panty raid. But, minds changed and the carnival site was cleaned up just in time for the fun. Odds are ten-to-one that there was not one funny joke told, not one public ad- dress system that worked — but people laughed and pre- tended to hear. And, most important of all, the people paid. Stetson became bigger than herself for one week of dorm collections and painful rehearsals. The Omega Phi ' s had their inevitable soul show, the Sig Ep ' s gave people colds, Joe Mano sold pizza, the Pershing Rifles rented bb guns and the Lambda Chi ' s, as they al A ays do at Green Feather, reddened the faces of at least 75 % of the student body by exhibiting at least 75 % of theirs. Green Feather is always help- ful, charitable and just a little hard to believe. OFF AND on, the Greeks at Stetson stage an event called Greek Week This year was an on year and about 400 Stetson students who were members of Sororities and Fraternities took a week to play. There was a dance, a sing, a Queen, a King and a day of games. Mature college students crammed Volkswagens, pushed Volkswagens, tugged ropes and raced tricycles. And most of them enjoyed it, even though it seemed necessary to scoff at the childish goings-on. There was also the seemingly eternal chariot race which necessitated end- less searches for tiny girls. Some young ladies A ere un- fortunate enough to have their bodies painted. Some young men were fortunate enough to paint them. At any rate, it is a tradition. And, although it was cold, it was fun. YELLOW suits with black shirts and orange ties which came off at the first trickle of sweat danced and made love to microphones for three solid hours. The fabulous Tams review featuring the spectacular Drifters, as this type of phenomena is commonly called in the promotion world, came to Stetson via the SG and Stetson people went to watch. The evening fol- lowed the age old custom of nine tenths warm-up, one tenth show. The audience sat patiently and listened as the Tams Orchestra readied them. Then, after the long, hot, loud wait, the Tams came upon the stage. Then the audience stood up. They danced with the arms of their chairs. They obscured the view. They swarmed the stage. Then, following the revered cus- tom of our age, the final tenth was cut to a twentieth by the off-duty policemen. A PLAY running the gamut of religious feelings, For Heaven ' s Sake was another excellent pro- duction of Stetson University ' s Stover Theatre. Unusual set- tings, songs, dialogue and choreography accented the up-to-date things the play had to say. WAY of the Sword and The Zen Substitute were the two comic one-act plays shown by Stover Theatre to demonstrate the style of the Japanese Kabuki theatre. The first was the hilarious tale of a young man ' s inordinate desire to emu- late his father and become a famous Samurai. The Zen Substitute tells the entertaining story of Lord Uko ' s attempts to foil his domineering wife, Lady Tamanoi. These difficult and enjoy- able plays further demonstrated the range of talent in Stover Theatre. DESPAIR mingles with cheer because, at Stetson, exams always come with Christmas. The weather is cold, but never with snow. One has to be a magician to find the time to buy any Christmas presents during study time. Yet there is something unkillable about Christmas, even in Florida. It takes strength to believe in Christmas here. Perhaps that is why it comes this way. Jesus and Santa Claus demand strength. Some Fraternities and Sororities usually go down- town and find underprivileged children and throw a party for them. Someone always has to dress up like Santa and hates it until he looks in the first kid ' s eyes. The big Christmas tree shines almost in desperation against the lights of the cars on the boul- evard. Prof starts the choir and, although it seems horribly immature, everyone sings carols. The fingers of light from Chaudoin bravely listen. Then the Yule Log is lighted and no one worries about the soot mark it will leave on the concrete. The bell choir plays next. One wonders if anyone has ever really heard them. Still it seems good to listen to their silent music. Then some- one tells you about Christmas if the public address system is charitable enough to be work- ing. And the microphone crackles at every " s " and " p " and the pages of the Bible blow, being light, in the wind and the oldest and best story of them all marches, unstopped, through circumstances. LONG a member of Stetson ' s faculty, the sagacious oak which used to stand in front of the Carlton Union Building died and was mourned in February. The hoary tree stood long at Stetson ' s heart and, as count- less students passed it each day, it told them something of experience. The oak spon- sored romances and rest and complimented the sun as it blocked it from the circle. The tree surgeons said, how- ever, that its cement heart had at last surrendered and that it had to be taken out of its misery. And it was; in February. And its job was taken by a pointed evergreen, still wet behind the ears, with not nearly so much ex- perience, which began to die two months after it arrived. THE WINTER NOBEL Prize winner. Samuel Becket ' s Waiting for Godot amazed and puzzled the audiences at Allen Hall. It was an un- usual play to begin with; one of the few plays held in the round. Two hoboes and their troubles and their long wait for the never-arriving Godot held the Stetson audience silent for two hours. And Godot never came. We waited all that time with them and Godot never came. Should we have left? After all. he was due the next day! ORANGE City probably heard Big Brother and the Holding Company (pictures opposite page) the night Stetson had her first (albeit mini-) rock festival. Freaky, complicated, loud and new, the music screamed from the stage to hundreds of pairs of ears and then fell on the beach-blanketed grass of the Forest of Arden. Just as complicated and just as enjoyable was the Paul Winter concert (pictures this page) in the Elizabeth Hall auditorium. The instruments were more classical, but the sounds were just as haunting, just as new. THE SPRING 9 " ■■ v. ' :, ' ■hi - SS s ' ni ' :- !- ' ■ - , PENS quickly moved as reporters and students hungrily wrote down every word he said when Senator William Fulbright came to Stetson. People spoke of Doves and Hawks and WDBO for days before he got here. He was against Vietnamization; for pulling out. He would have to think about Judge Carswell before making a decision. " I have no doubt the man ' s a competent jurist, but . . . " It was sometimes difficult to know just what he was saying, but that is an old, respected political game in America. He spoke well, and as long as he was allowed. He had been here before. He liked it. WHEN ' T- the Paul Revere 250 begins at midnight, the air for miles around Daytona takes on an excitement that is not duplicated the rest of the year. The little sports cars run most of the night and in the infield there is Miss Paul Revere and a whole lot of beer. The real excitement does not come until the next morning, however. Then begin the 24 hours of speed, the Daytona 500. Cale Yarborough set a new track record with his quali- fying speed of just under 195 miles per hour. But approximately 100,000 people, many of them Stetson students, watched Cale develop engine trouble and hand the race to Pete Hamilton, driving a Petty Plymouth Superbird. Afterwards, there are a lot of term papers late and a lot of pain from the sun and the noise and the celebration. The campus is a somber, quiet place after 24 hours of Daytona. 1 NO ONE really seemed to know what " Star- blazing " was, but someone had de- cided that Stetson was going to do it to the Seventies anyway. Home- coming, 1970 drew a larger number of alumni than any Homecoming had and saw the first annual Hatter Howl, a group of skits caricaturing contemporary life. The winning skit was by the junior class. Saturday morning featured a parade down Woodland Boulevard. The winning float was put together by Delta Sigma Phi and Phi Mu. Friday night was highlighted by a dance in San- ford featuring music by the Leaves of Grass from Georgia. Derrell Boone, Pi Kappa Phi and Linda Ross, Pi Beta Phi were selected King and Queen of Homecoming. The alumni banquet saw Ed Hender- son replaced by Jack Inman as president of the alumni association, Possibly the high point of the week- end was Stetson ' s victory over rival Mercer in the Homecoming basket- ball game. sm SINCE the parents are the ones who pay all the bills and since without the bills there would be no Stetson, the University sees fit once a year to invite the hands that feed her for a weekend visit. The campus spruces up, the Commons food inexplic- ably improves, the professors have cof- fees and it all is called Parents ' Weed- end. This year ' s Weekend was one of the largest we have ever had and featured banquets, tours, the Follies (pictures page 279) and Stover Theatre ' s Cele- bration (pictures pages 280-281). ANY SCHOOL worth its salt has a variety show at least once a year. Any variety show has singers, dancers, a theme and an accordion player. The Parents ' Week-end Follies, then, qualifies as a first-class variety show. It always has all these things: a girl who puts make-up on boys, boys who complain about make-up but who are always first in line to have it put on, a young man who does nothing but move things, a pres- ent for the director, flowers for the choreographer and a standing ovation. The Follies may be different from any other variety show. Then again, it may not be. The difference comes in an unobservable attitude. These are Stetson students trying hard to make their parents as proud of the old place as they are themselves. That is a difficult job. The Follies always seems to do it. SOME shouted " Bravo! " . Some shouted " Censored! " . Some shouted nothing because they did not understand the play we enough to shout. Nevertheless, Stover Theatre welcomed the parents with Celebration. It was a strange play. It was expertly done and it was very well received. Most people really liked it. But it was a strange play! year a panel of judges chooses a Stetson man to become Mr. Stet- son. They choose him on the basis of how completely they feel he equals the ideal of a Stetson man. Our Mr. Stetson for 1969-70 was Dick Mahaffey. Dick was a psychology major and president of the Stetson circle of ODK. He served Stetson as a senator, a head resident and chairman of the student publications board. Mr. Stetson for 1970-71 is 21 year-old junior Lyie Wadsworth. Lyie is an honors program student majoring in chemistry. Lyie will also be a head resident and has served as president of Canterbury House. Lyie is a member of ODK and has been named a trustee for the new Episcopal college. FIFTY -cent cigars filled the ash trays for one afternoon when Flor- ida ' s unique Governor Claude Roy Kirk visited Stetson. He came to confer with mem- bers of his College Student Advisory Board, headed by Ric Crosby. From Stetson the Governor flew to Lakeland and had a kidney stone re- moved. From there he flew to Manatee County and took over the public schools. From there he went to The Walter Cronkite Report, but only for 75 seconds. SELF- assertion is, many times, a necessary and beneficial thing. It is this self-assertion that insures a man ' s right to, at least in some respects, rule himself. Once a year, then, in order to continue Stetson Student Government, many people unabashedly, in large letters, proclaim their virtues to the student body. The Student Elections decide senators, committee members, editors and representatives-at-large — and they occur religiously every Spring. There are thousands of mimeographed drawings of Snoopy, thousands of mimeographed letters display- ing faded copies of high school senior portraits and thousands of thefts from the Daytona Linen Company. Add these ingredients to desire and service, splash them in every bathroom and between every two trees on campus, and one will have a picture of how the people at Stetson go about the business of government. in the afternoon of Friday, April 24, 1970, Dr. John E. Johns was named the sixth President of Stetson University by Dr. Eding- ton. Chairman of the University Board of Trustees. Dr. Edington noted that Dr. Johns had been selected from a list of sixty possible candidates. The selection was made on the basis of the fulfillment of ten criteria. In his short acceptance speech, Johns said that he hoped to be able to maintain and improve Stetson ' s position as a place where Christian education can flourish. (For bio- graphical information, please see page 23.) ARTEXWHT REVEREND Hosea Williams spoke. There were panel discussions. There was a play and an art exhibit. There was soul music under the trees outside Hulley Gym. All this was in an attempt to create a little understanding, to acquaint the white with the black experience. Stetson ' s newly formed Afro-American Society worked very diligently on the project with the hope of improving things in our back yards. We will hope they succeeded. We will see soon. But, this was Black Emphasis Week at Stetson. - A aACXEMPHASI l J ONE OF the reasons to go abroad is to expand one ' s experience. One reason is to be able to say Ine has been. But it ' s the chance of a lifetime and nine- teen Stetson students decided to take it. Freiburg, Germany is the temporary home of Anna Barber, Marva Dawkins, Marcia Ann Field, Deborah Ann Kleinhans, Karen Poling, Sharon Reid and Don Yates. James Carter and Rice Sumner are in Madrid. In the snow and mountains of Neuchatel, Switzerland are Carolee Ander- son, Barbara Ann Bahl, Donald Baker, Gale Goodwin, Douglas Grier, Jeffery Messersmith, Virginia Rand, Josette Rochon, Lucia May Smith and Jacquelyn Taylor. Another reason to go abroad is to receive a com- pletely different type of edu- cation; an education only given by travel. DOGS barking and trash being emptied and all conceivable sounds and smells of irreverence laced the warm air of the Forest of Arden during baccalaureate and graduation. The night before, President Johns had held a reception. Thursday morning, Dean Turner held a breakfast. Wednesday night, the Senior men held a solemn, tradition-filled service. And Sunday night people sat for hours and sweated and brushed that tassel out of their mouths. They walked, one-by-one, across that concrete, past all those wonderful wizards dressed in their most colorful and frightening magic robes, past the man who gave them something and remembered them if they happened to be someone important ' s son or daughter, to the tube rack and back to their seats. Then they sweated some more. The rest of that night, they were younger than they had ever been. That was their last regression. m$mmm ADAMS, JEROME, Dean ' s List 2,3; Honor Roll 2,3; Phi Society 2,3; Stu- dent Affiliate American Chemical Soc. 3; Chemistry tutor 2,3. AKINS, SUZANNE ALLEN, DAVID KEITH, Honor Roll, Phi Alpha Theta, Union Board Social Committee, Professor ' s Asst., Young Republicans, Young Democrats, Stu- dent tutor at S.W. High School. ANSLEY, BARBARA JEAN, Dean ' s List 2; Chi Theta 3; Year Abroad in Spain 2. ARMOUR, WILLIAM L., Honor Roll 1, 2,3,4; ODK 3,4; Green Circle 2; Scab- bard and Blade 3,4; Alpha Kappa Psi 2,3,4; Lambda Chi Alpha Prat. 1,2,3, 4; Religious Li fe Council 3,4; Student Advisor 2; V.P. Men ' s Council 2,3; Union Board 3,4; Student Affairs 3,4; V.P. Student Govt. 4; Intramurals 1,2, 3,4; R.A. 2,3; Head Resident 4; Co- chairman Orientation Week; Adelphos Society. ATNIP, GILBERT, Dean ' s List 3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Scroll Key 3,4; Phi Society 2,3,4; Kappa Mu Epsilon 2,3,4; Scabbard and Blade 4; Prof. Asst. 3,4. BAKER, SALLY, Dean ' s List; Honor Roll; Pi Beta Phi Sorority 1,2,3,4; BSU 1,2,3,4; Farthside Baptist Church 4; Student Advisor 3,4; Accounting Club 3,4; Chi Theta 4; Hatter 2. ship Chm.; Panhellenic Council 3,4; House Council, Green Feather, Parents Weekend, Junior Counselor, B.B. Queen contest, Miss Stetson contest. BATEH, JANAN, Dean ' s List 2; Honor Roll 2,4; Honor ' s program 1,2; Sigma Delta Pi 2,3,4; Delta Delta Delta 1,2,3, 4; Student Govt. 1,2; Student Advisor 2; Homecoming 2; Year Abroad 3; B.B. Queen Finalist, ROTC sponsor 2; Miss Hatter finali st 4; Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Court 2. BERNARD, JILL BOGER, MARGARET BOHAC, PAUL, Kappa Kappa Psi 3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3. BOONE, DERRELL, Sigma Pi Sigma 3,4; Pi Kappa Phi Prat. 1,2,3,4; S- Club 1,2,3,4; Homecoming Host. BROWN, FREDERICK, Honor Roll 3; Dean ' s List 4; Beta Alpha Sigma 2; Pres. Young Adult Fellowship of Fla. 3,4; Religious Life Council 1; Disciple Student Fellowship 1,2; Alpha Kappa Psi 3,4; Hatter Staff 3; Security Guard 3; Student Advisor 2; Homecoming Committee 3; Youth Advisory Comm. to the Selective Service System for Fla. 4. BUDHAI, GUYTRI, Beta Beta Beta 3, 4; International Club 3,4; BSU 3,4; House Council 3,4; Biology Asst. 3,4. BUTCKA, WALTER, Dean ' s List 4; Honor Roll 3,4. BARKER, DANIEL, Honor Roll 1; Can- terbury 3; Union Board Rep. at Large 3; Music Education Nat ' l. Conference 1; Band 1,2,3; Orchestra 1,2,3. BARNES, ELIZABETH, Dean ' s List 1, 2,3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Scroll and Key 2,3,4; Phi Society 1,2,3,4; Aca- demic Council Award 2,3; Delta Phi Alpha 3,4; BSUZ 1,2; Student Advis- or 2; German Club 2,4; Slavic Club 1, 2,4; Student Fla. Educ. Assoc. 4; Ger- man tutor 4; Banquet Waitress 4; Ev- ergreen Day School 4; Women ' s Ser- vice Organization 4; Year Abroad 3. BARTON, JAN, Dean ' s List 3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Mortar Board 3, Sec. 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3,4; Alpha Xi Delta Historian 1,2, Rush and Membership Chm, 3,4, Standards Board, Scholar- CASALE, DANIEL CHURCH, FRED, Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Pi Kappa Delta 2,3, Pres. 4; Indepen- dent Men ' s Organization 2,3,4; BSU 1,2,3,4; Political Emphasis Week 2; German Club 2; Pre-legal Club 1; De- bate Squad 2,3,4; Baseball 1; Intra- murals 2,3; Prof. Asst. 3; SUB Bowl- ing Manager 2,3; Cue Room worker 4; Young Republicans 1,2, Pres. 3,4; Chess Club 2,3; Dorm Council 2,3. CHURCH, JANICE, Honor Roll Dean ' s List 4. 3,4; CLINE, RALPH, Green Circle 2; ODK 4; Sigma Tau Delta, Pi Kappa Phi Frat. 1, Sec. 2,3, Social Chm. 4; Hatter Ed- itor 4; R.A. 2,3. CORNELIUS, DAVID, Follies 2,3, Di- rector 4; BSU 1,2; Campus Crusade 1,2; Orientation 4; Parent ' s Weekend 4; Debate Workshop 2,3; Theatre 1,2; Group Discussion 4; Cafeteria 1,2,3. Dean ' s List 3; Green Circle 3; Phi So- ciety 2,3; Alpha Kappa Psi 2,3; Pi Kappa Phi 1,2, Treas. 3; IPC 2; Class Pres. 2; Student Advisor 3; Men ' s Council 3; RA 3. CRAIG, CHARLES, Honor Roll 3,4; Pershing Rifles 1,2,3,4; Scabbard and Blade 3,4; Pi Kappa Phi Prat. 1,2,3,4; Hi Phi 3,4; Hatter Holiday 1; Parent ' s Weekend 3; Reporter Staff 4; Intramu- rals 1,2,3,4; Head Res ident 4. CRAVEN, JIM, Dean ' s List 4; Honor Roll 4; Sigma Nu Prat. 1,2,3,4, Social Ohm. 4; Canterbury 1; Intramurals, Scabbard and Blade. CROSSLEY, JANET, Dean ' s List 3,4; Honor Roll 1,2; Pres. Mortar Board 4; Tassel 3; Scroll and Key 4; Sigma Pi Kappa 3,4; Phi Mu 1,2, Treas. 3,4; Wesley 1,2; Senator 4; Green Peather 3; Homecoming 3; Orientation 3; Stu- dent Advisor 2; Union Board 3; Host- ess 2,3; Accounting Club 3,4; Report- er Staff 2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Ju- nior Counselor 3; Miss Stetson Finalist 3; Who ' s Who 3. DESEAR, VERN, Dean ' s List 4; Honor Roll 3,4; Sigma Pi Kappa 3,4; Inde- pendent Men ' s Organization 1,2; BSU 1,2,3,4, Exec. Cabinet 2,3; SGA Exec. Cabinet 3; Chairman of Elections 3; Elections Comm. 1,2,3; Green Feather 1,2,3; Parent ' s Weekend 2,3,4; Home- coming Comm. 2,3; Orientation Comm. 2,3; Student Advisor 2,3; Union Board 1,2; German Club 3,4; Players Guild 2 University Chorus 1, ROTC Band 1,2 Hatter Staff 1,2, Feature Ed. 3,4 " Girl of the Week " Ed. 3,4; Intramurals 1,2; Homecoming Court 4; Pres. Dorm Council 1; Adelphos Society 4; Follies 1,2,3,4; University Shop College Board 1,2,3; Chairman Miss Stetson Contest 1,2,3,4; Chairman Miss Hat- ter 3,4; Young Democrats 1,2. DICKSON. JEWEL, Honor Roll 2,3,4; Dean ' s List 3,4; Kappa Delta Pi 4; Stu- dent Fla. Education Association 4. DAMON, JOAN, Honor Roll 3; Phi Mu 1, Social Ohm. 2, Rush Chm. 3, Pres. 4; Panhellenic Council 3,4; S.E. Pan- hellenic Conference Steering Comm. 3; Canterbury 1,2,3,4; Co-chairman Parent ' s Weekend 4; House Council 2; Junior Counselor 3; Miss Stetson 4; SUB Hostess 3. DAVIS, BECKY, Honor Roll 4; Dean ' s List 4; Kappa Pi 3,4; Delta Delta Del- ta 1,2,3,4; Panhellenic Council 4; V.P. House Council 4; Parent ' s Weekend 1; SUB Hostess 3; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Snack Bar 3,4; Director Women ' s In- tramurals 3,4; Student Advisor 2,3; Faculty Asst. 4; B.B. Queen 2nd Run- ner-up 3; ROTC Sponsor 4; Delta Sig- ma Phi Sweetheart 3,4. DEKLE, CYNTHIA, Dean ' s List 4; Honor Roll 4; Alpha Chi Omega 1,2,3, 4; BSU 1,2,3,4; Phys. Ed. Major and Minor Club 3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Theatre Opera 4. DELACY, JAN, Honor Roll 3,4; Dean ' s List 4; Delta Delta Delta 3; Homecom- ing 3; ROTC Sec. 3,4. DELVICH, BONNIE, Honor Roll 1,2,3, 4; Kappa Mu Epsilon, Wesley Founda- tion, Accounting Club. DENSMORE, LARRY. Honor Roll 2; DIMMICK, LOREEN, Honor Roll 3; Phi Beta 3; Dean ' s List 4; Band 1,2.3,4; Orchestra 2,3,4. DOROUGH, MIKE, Canterbury Club, Choir Director and organist First Chris- tian Church, Collegium Musicum, Man- ager of Cue Room. DULLARD, PAT, Honor ' s Program 1, 2,3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Dean ' s List 3,4; Mortar Board 3,4; Tassel 2; Phi Alpha Theta 3,4; Pi Beta Phi 1,2,3,4; Panhellenic Delegate 1,2; President 2, 4, Secretary 2; Student Affairs 3; Who ' s Who 3; Dorm Receptionist, Asst. Dorm Director 4; Miss Stetson First Runner-up; Greek Goddess 4; Sig- ma Nu Sweetheart 4. DUNN, EMORY, Sigma Nu 3,4; Fel- lowship of Christian Athletes 3,4; Phys. Ed. Majors Club 4; S-Club 3,4; Intramurals 3,4; Baseball 3,4, Co-cap- tain 3,4. ECKERT. JANE. AWS V.P.. 4; Chm. Interest Board. Soph. Exec. Rep., Dorm President, Pi Beta Phi V.P., Panhellenic Honorary, S.E. Panhellenic Conference Steering Comm. 3; Orien- tation Co-Chm. 4; Student Advisors Chrm. 3; Outstanding Jr. in Marketing by Scroll and Key. Business Computer Game Team, Participant Direct Mail Institute, " Stetson Today " Program " University Self-study " Comm., Who ' s Who. ESTES, RICHARD, Honor Roll 1,2,3; Green Circle 2; Concert Choir T-Squad 1,2; Chorus 1; Madrigal Singers 1,2,3, chrm. 4; Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Collegium Musicum 3,4; Church Choir Teacher, Opera Workshop 1,2,3,4; Adelphos 3, Sec. 4; Metro. Opera Guild District Auditions Winner 2,3; Apprentice Art- ist Santa Fe Opera 3,4; Commence- nnent Soloist 4. EVANS, HARRY, Dean ' s List 3,4; Honor Roll 2,3,4; Scroll and Key 4; Gamma Sigma Epsilon 4; Kappa Mu Epsilon 3,4; Orchestra 2. Council 2; Band 1; Prof. Asst. 1,2,3,4. Intramurais 3,4; EVANS, JAMES, 4; Tennis Team tramurals. Pi Kappa Phi 1,2,3, 1,2,3,4; S-Club, In- EVANS, JAN, Honor Roll, Phi Mu So- cial Chairman. ERASER, HAROLD, Honor Roll 4; Member American Schools of Oriental Research, Delta Sigma Phi, Soccer Team 1,2. FRAZIER, GWENDOLYN, Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Dean ' s List 4; Alpha Kappa Alpha 2,3,4; S-Club 4; Print shop 2,3; Library 3,4. FULLER, CYNTHIA, Honor Roll 4; Sig- ma Pi Kappa, Pi Beta Phi, Panhellenic Honorary, Co-Chrm. Parents Weekend 3; Co-Chrm. Moratorium 4; Follies Stage Mrg. 2,3,4; Pres. AWS 4; Stu- dent Affairs 4; Hatter Year Ed. 4; Jr. Counselor 3; Dorm Director 4; Out- standing Freshman 1; Outstanding Se- nior 4; Who ' s Who 4; Future of Univer- sity Comm. 4. FARR, ELIZABETH GEARHART, Dean ' s List 3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Mortar Board 4; Tassel 2; Scroll and Key 3; Phi Beta 1,2,3,4; Alpha Xi Del- ta 1 ; Pi Kappa Lambda 4; Student Ad- visor 2; American Guild of Organists 1,2,3,4; Concert Choir, Key Member 1,2; Chorus Accompanist 1,2; Colle- gium Musicum 3; Church organist 1,2, 3,4; Theodore Presser Scholarship 4; Senior Recitalist 3; 1st place organ competitions, Davidson College 3; Ft. Wayne 3; S.E. Conference AGO 3; 1st place Young Artists Competition at Boston 4; Who ' s Who 3. FEASEL, MARLYNN, Honor Roll 1,2 Dean ' s List 3,4; Tassel 2,3; Psi Chi 4 Alpha Xi Delta 1,2,3; Westminster 1,2 Green Feather 2; SUB Hostess 2,3, chrm. 4; Homecoming 4; Jr. Counselor 3; Prof. Asst. 1,2; Secretary Admis- sions Office 4; Service Organization 2, 3,4. FOULDS, ROBERT, Sigma Phi Epsilon 2,3,4; Intramurais 2,3,4; Intramural Athlete of the Year 1 ,4. FOULDS, SARAH WALDEN, Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Kappa Mu Epsilon 2,3,4; Delta Delta Delta 1,2; Sigma Phi Epsi- lon Heart ' s Club 2,3,4; Green Feather 2; Parents Weekend 1,2; Homecoming 1; Student Advisor 2; Student Asst. 4. FOWLER, KATHERINE FRANK, VERNON, Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Dean ' s List 3,4; Scroll and Key 4; Phi Society 2,3,4; Kappa Mu Epsilon 2,3, 4; Westminster 1,2,3,4; Religious Life FURCHES, JOHN, Scabbard and Blade 4; Kappa Mu Epsilon 2,3,4; So- ciety of Physics Students 2,3,4. GAMBOA, ALEX, Sigma Phi Epsilon 1,2,3, pres. 4; IPC 3,4; International Club 1,2,3,4; Canterbury 1,2,3,4; Stu- dent Advisor 4; Men ' s Council 3,4; In- tramurais 1,2,3,4; Fencing Team 4; Lifeguard 3,4; Co-chrm. Greek Week 4; PFBA 1,2,3,4; Sig Ep Beavers Pa- trol 1,2,3,4; Quiz Bowl 3,4. GARMENT, LINDA, Honor Roll 4. Dean ' s List 4; GARMENT, STANLEY, Dean ' s List 4; Honor Roll 4; Young Republicans. GASSER, JAMES, Honor Roll 3; Dean ' s List 4; Green Feather 3; Home- coming 3; Men ' s Resident Council 1, Pres. 3. GAWLEY, ROBERT, Honor Roll 2,3,4; Gamma Sigma Epsilon 2,3,4; Kappa Mu Epsilon 2,3,4; Presented research paper in S.E. Regional Meeting of ACS 4; Westminster 1, Officer 2; Home- coming 2; Student Advisor 2; Men ' s Council 4; Self Study chrm. 4; Con- duct Code Revision Comm. 4; Lab Asst. 2,3,4; Research Asst. 3,4; B.B. Statistician 2,3,4; ROTO 1,2,3,4. GOFF, STEVE, Dean ' s List 2; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Pi Kappa Phi 1,2,3,4; Ori- entation 1,2,3; Hatter Staff 1. GOLDEN, JAMES GOLDMAN, WILLIAM, Honor Roll 3; Scabbard and Blade 4; Pres. Alpha Kappa PsI 3,4; Sigma Phi Epsilon 1,2, 3,4; Student Advisor 2; Judiciary Council 3,4; V.P. Beta Alpha Sigma 1, 2,3; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; IPC 2. GRANT, J. MITCHELL, Psi Chi 3,4; Honor Roll 2,3; Men ' s Council 4; S- Club 1,2,3,4. Student Advisor 2; Student Pla. Edu- cation Association 4; Intramurals 1,2, 4; Intramurals Board 2; Prof. Asst. 2, 3,4; Asst. Dorm Director 4. HICKS, HARRY, Honor Roll 2,4; Sig- ma Phi Epsilon Trees. 2,3,4; Account- ing Club, Tennis Team 1,2,3,4; S-Club 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 3,4. GUENTHER, CAROL, Kappa Delta Pi 2,3; Honor Roll 1,2; Dean ' s List 3; Wesley 1; House Council 2; Education Dept. 3; Library 1,2. H HIGBE, CHARLENE HOCH, JUDYTH, Honor Roll 2,4; Dean ' s List 4; Phi Mu 1,2,3,4, Sec. 2, 4; Wesley 1; SUB Hospitality 1,2; SUB Hostess Co-chairman 2; Intramu- rals 1,2,4; Year Abroad 3. HALLAS, JAKKI, Honor Roll 3; Alpha Xi Delta 1,2,3,4; Slavic Club 1; Intra- murals 3; Sociology Student Asst. 4; Theatre 3,4. HANCOCK, JAMES, Honor Roll 3,4; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Wesley Founda- tion, Soccer 2; Intramurals 2,3,4. HODGE, GRADIE, Honor Roll 3,4; Kap- pa Mu Epsilon 2,3,4; BSU 2,3, Minis- ter of Communications 4; Parents Weekend 3; Homecoming 2,3; Hatter 2; Cafeteria 1; Prof. Asst. 3,4; Library 3. HOLCOMBE, MARJORIE HARDY, MARGARET, Zeta Tau Al- pha, Music Director, Canterbury, Ves- try, Senate, SUB Hostess, Concert Choir, T-Squad, Key Member, Soloist, Chorus, Librarian, MENC, AGO, Opera Workshop, Cafeteria, Sound Lab. HARTLEY, PHYLLIS HARTZ, CHARLES, Pi Kappa Alpha, V.P. and Pres., IPC, Intramurals 1,2,3, 4. HATHAWAY, WILLIAM, Honor Roll 1, 2,3,4; Dean ' s List 4; Washington Se- mester, Harvard Summer Scholarship 3; ODK 3,4; Who ' s Who 3,4; Green Circle 2; Pi Kappa Alpha V.P. 2; Adel- phos 3,4; Pres. Student Gov ' t 4; Pres. MJC 3; Sec. MJC 2; R.A. 2,3. HAY, KAREN, Dean ' s List 3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Scroll and Key 3,4; Phi Beta 2,3,4; Pi Kappa Lambda 3,4; BSU 1,2,3; American Guild of Organ- ists 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1,2; Collegium Musicum 3,4; Madrigal Singers 3,4; Church Organist 2,3,4. HESS, STEVE, Gov. Hagdon Burns Scholarship 1; Honor Roll 4; Managing Ed. Reporter 2; Pres. Sigma Pi Kappa 3; RA 4; Advanced ROTC 4. HOLCOMB, STEVE, Honor Roll, Pres. Pi Kappa Psi, Canterbury Club, Green Feather, SUB Publicity Co- chrm., MENC, Band, Operations 3, Manager 4; Orchestra, Operations 2,3, 4; Pep Band Leader, Brass Choir, Hat- ter Club, Prof. Asst., Music School In- strumental Operations Manager, WBOD, Theatre, Circle K, Young Dem- ocrats. HOLZMAN, JIM, Honor Roll 1,2.3.4; Dean ' s List 4; Student Advisor 2; In- tramurals 1,2,3,4; R.A. 2,3; Head Res- ident 4. HOLLAND, ROBERT, Honor Roll 2; Alpha Kappa Psi 2.3,4; Scabbard and Blade 3,4; Sigma Nu 1,2,3,4; Com- mander 3,4; Pledge Trainer 2; IFC 2, 3,4, Sec. 2,3; Canterbury; Pres. Busi- ness School 3,4; Senator 3,4; Beta Alpha Sigma 2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3, 4. HUFFMAN, CINDY, Dean ' s Honor Roll 2; BSU 2,3; SFEA. List 3: HULL. NANCY, Dean ' s List 2.4; Hon- or Roll 1,2.4; Kappa Mu Epsilon, Delta Phi Alpha, Sigma Pi Sigma. BSU 1.2, 4; Student Advisor 2; German Club 1. 2,4; Reporter 1; Intramurals 1; Year Abroad 3. HETZLER, SUSAN, Honor Roll 1,2,3 Dean ' s List 4; Sigma Delta Pi 2,3,4 Alpha Chi Omega 1,2,3,4; BSU 1,2 House Council 4; Student Gov ' t. 2 JACKSON. LINDY. Dean ' s List 3,4; Honor Roll 1,2; Mortar Board VP 3 Pi Phi Scholarship Award 4; Tassel 2 Pi Beta Phi, Pledge Supervisor 2,3 Corres. Sec. 2; Asst. Treas., Activities Chrm., Student Advisor 2; Interest Board 4; SUB Hostess 2; Accounting Club Sec, Business Games Competi- tion, Intramurals Board 3; Intramurals Participation Award, Prof. Asst. 4; Miss Hatter 2nd Runner up 3; Miss Stetson 3rd Runner-up 3; Miss Stet- son Universe 2; ROTC Scabbard and Blade Sponsor 3,4; Who ' s Who, Chrm. 1969 S.E. Panhellenic Conference, Panhellenic Honorary. 1,2,3,4; Dean ' s List 4; Honor Roll 1,2, 3,4; Alpha Kappa Psi 2,3,4; intramu- rals 1,2,3,4. LEWIS, MARVA J., Dean ' s List 4; Honor Roll 3,4; Pi Kappa Delta 4; Al- pha Kappa Alpha 3,4; Grammateus 4, Epistoleus 3,4; BSU, SUB, SUB rep- at-large 3, sect. 3,4, hostess, 3,4, publicity 3, Cellar Door 2, student ad- visor 4; Debate, Intramurals 3,4; Stet- son Women ' s Service Club, Omega Phi Queen, Homecoming Court 3; theater work 3,4; Young Demos 1,2; Miss Stetson contestant 3. JARRELL, MAUREEN, Honor Roll 4; Beta Beta Beta, BSU 1,2; Alpha Chi Omega 1, president 2,3; Panhellenic 2,3; SGA corresponding sec. 2; Orien- tation comm. 2,3; House Council 2; Cellar Door comm. 1; junior counselor 3; biology lab ass ' t. LONG, LEWIS, Dean ' s List 2; Honor Roll 3,4; Omega Phi 4; Canterbury 1, 2,3,4; Relig. Life Council 4; SFEA 1,4; theater 1,4. LOPEZ, MERCEDES JOYCE, JOHN M. ketball 1. Pi Kappa Phi, bas- K KAHN, BARBARA J., Honor Roll 1, 2,4; Dean ' s List 4; Canterbury 4; Hillel 1,2,4; La Franciase 4; Young Demos 1,2; Junior Year Abroad Neuchatel, Switzerland, Polit. Emphasis Week 2; Washington New York Seminar 4. KETCHAM, WALTER, Alpha Kappa Psi 2,3,4; Delta Sigma Phi 2,3,4; West- minster Fellowship 1; Orientation comm. 2; Reporter bus. mgr. 4; Pub- lications Board 4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; golf team 1,2,3,4; S-Club 1,2,3,4. LAWRENCE, SHARON LAWRIE, Dean ' s List 3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Tassel 2,3; Sigma Tau Delta 2,3,4; Sigma Pi Kappa 2,3,4; Adv. Studies, Alpha Kappa Alpha, treasurer 3, pres- ident 4; student advisor, Univ. chorus 1,2; intramurals 3,4; Compass staff 1, 2,3, editor 3; Publications Board sec. 2; junior counselor 3; theater 1,2; Who ' s Who, Cellar Door entertainer. LOVELAND, JOHN, Dean ' s List 1,3,4; Green Circle, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Scab- bard and Blade, Honor Roll 2; Sigma Pi Sigma, Sigma Phi Epsilon, chaplain 3, public relations 4, jr. marshall 3, co- pledge of year, Scot key, student ad- visor 3; S-Club 2,3,4; Track all-star 2, 3; basketball varsity 2,3,4; hold 880 record for school. LYNN, DIANE, Dean ' s List 4; Canter- bury 2,3,4; Chi Theta 4. M MCCULLOUGH, JANET, Dean ' s List, Honor Roll, Mortar Board, treasurer 4; Tassel, Psi Chi, sect. 4; Alpha Xi Delta, scholarship, pledge trainer, chaplain. Green Feather co-chrmn.. Student Af- fairs, Pres. AWS, pres. Stetson Hall, soph. rep. AWS, intramurals, Emily Hall head resident. MCGRATH, MARIAN, Honor Roll 1,2, 3,4; Dean ' s List 2,3,4; Sigma Tau Del- ta, Phi Alpha Theta, Canterbury 2,3; student advisor 1; Compass staff 3; asst. director Stetson Hall 4. LENNA, ROBERT C, Honor Roll 2; Phi Alpha Theta 2,3,4; Sigma Pi Kap- pa 2,3,4; ODK 3,4; Kappa Alpha So- ciety, Canterbury 2,3,4; Board of Trus- tees and Board of Regents Fla. Epis- copal College Student Affairs Comm. 3,4; Reporter 3,4; Publications Board 3,4; Who ' s Who 3; Future ' of Univ. comm. 3,4; Univ. Housing task force 3; Univ. self comm. 4; Adelphos So- ciety 3,4; IPC 3. LETSON, ROBERT, Pi Kappa Alpha MAGUIRE, CRAIG A., Omega Phi 3,4, vice-pres.; Pershing Rifles 1,2,3,4; IFC 4; Wesley, intramurals 1,2,3,4. MCGUIRE, MIKE, Dean ' s List 3; Hon- or Roll 3,4; Scroll and Key 4; intramu- ral tennis 3,4; basketball 4. MC INTYRE, JOHN, Honor Roll 4; Dean ' s List 4; Scabbard and Blade 4; Sigma Phi Epsilon 1,2,3,4; intramu- rals. MCKENZIE, RONNIE, Dean ' s List Honor Roll 4; Ministerial Assn. MCTUREOUS, ANN, Alptna Chi Ome- ga 1,2,3,4; BSU 1,2,3,4; Cheerleader 2,3; runner-up Miss Stetson 2; Follies 3. 1,2; LaFrancaise 4; Ind. Men ' s Org., 1,2,3,4; Neuchatel Association de la Biere 3,4; Lutheran Students Assn. 1, 2,4; Canterbury Club 1,2,4; Religious Life Council 2; Junior Year Abroad Neuchatel Switzerland. MILLER, JEAN C. MACBETH, ROSS, Honor Roll 1,2,3, 4; Dean ' s List 3,4; Green Circle 3,4; Phi Alpha Theta 3,4; Pi Kappa Alpha 1,2,3,4; IFC 2,3, president 4; student advisor 3,4; student affairs comm. 4; intramurals 3,4. MAHAFFEY, DICK, Dean ' s List 3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; ODK 3,4; Green Circle 2; Pershing Rifles 1; Psi Chi 2, 3,4; Scabbard and Blade 3,4; Signna Pi Kappa 3,4; Distinguished Military Student 4; Pi Kappa Phi 1,2,3,4; Sen- ate 2,3, pres. jr. class, NSA co-ordina- tion, Co-chrman. Green Feather, Stu- dent Affairs comm.. Future of Univ. 4; asst. ed. Hatter 3; chrmn. Publica- tions Board 4; intramurals, head-resi- dent 4; resident advisor 2,3,4; Mr. Stetson 4; Who ' s Who 3. MAHAN, DELTA, Honor Roll 1; Alpha Xi Delta sec, vice-pres., Greek Week, Green Feather 2; Parents ' Weekend 2, 3; Homecoming 2; Orientation Week 2,3,4; Chi Theta 4; Concert Choir 1; Univ. Chorus 1; Madrigal Singers 1; in- tramurals 2,3. MOCK, ELIZABETH R., Honor Roll 1, 2,3,4; Dean ' s List 4; Tassel 3,4; Phi Alpha Theta 3,4; BSU sec ' t. 2,3, State BSU sec ' t. 3; Relig. Life Council sec ' t. 4; House Council 2; Women ' s Exec. 4; Emily Hall president 4; SUB committee chrmn. 3; SUB vice-pres. 4; Parents ' Weekend 3; intramurals 1, Board 2; junior counselor 3. MOFFAT, GAIL, Canterbury vestry; theater work. MONTGOMERY, ROBERT F., Honor Roll 1,2; Scabbard and Blade 3,4; Omega Phi 2,3,4; IFC 2,3; BSU 1,2,3, 4; Student Senate 3,4; Green Feather 2,3; student advisor 2; Student Affairs 3,4; SA sub-disciplinary comm. 3,4; Accountancy Club 3; RA 4; Security Guard 4; intramurals 1,2. OSTWALD, DOUGLAS KEITH, Honor Roll, Sigma Nu. pledge class pres.; basketball. MASON, BRADFORD MATHEWS, MARION J., Pershing Ri- fles 1,2,3,4; Commander 3,4; Kappa Mu Epsilon 1,2,3,4; Gamma Sigma Epsilon 3, president 4; Beta Beta Beta president 4; Scabbard and Blade 4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4. MATHUES, STEVEN S., intramurals 1,2,3,4. MATTHEWS, WILLIAM K., Honor Roll 2; Alpha Kappa Psi 3,4; Sigma Nu 1, 2, treasurer 3,4; intramurals. MENOTTI, ROGER MEYER, CRAIG, Honor Roll 2,4; Sig- ma Phi Epsilon 1, sec ' t. 2, president 3; IFC 2,3; prof, ass ' t. 4. MICHAELS, CHARLES, Scabbard and Blade 4; Honor Roll 2,3,4; student ad- visor 2,3; intramurals. track all-star 1. MICHAELSON. PHILIP A.. Honor Roll PASNICKY, WANDA, Dean ' s List 3; Honor Roll 3; Alpha Xi Delta treas. 2, 3,4; BSU 1; SGA treas. 3,4; Green Feather 3, student adviser 4, Hatter Holiday 1; intramurals. Dean ' s ass ' t. PEGRAM. DAVID PENN, PATRIC R., Canterbury Club 1. 2,3,4; intramurals 1,2,3,4; Delta Sig- ma Phi 1,2,3,4; Internat ' l Club 1,2,3. PERNY, ELLIOTT A., Honor Roll 1,2, 3,4; Dean ' s List 4; ODK, treas. 4; Green Circle 2,3 president; Scabbard and Blade 4; Alpha Kappa Psi 3,4; Sigma Phi Epsilon, chaplain 3, pledge trainer, rush chrmn., vice-pres. 3; IFC 3; Senate 2,3; Traffic comm. vice- chrmn. 3, chrman. 4; student advisor 2,3; Mens Council 2,3; Beta Alpha Sigma 2; Adelphos Society 2,3.4; Who ' s Who 3; intramurals 1,2,3. PERRY, SAM PERRY, WILLIAM H., Scroll and Key 3, president 4; Phi Alptna Theta 3,4; Dean ' s List, Honor Roll, Scabbard and Blade 3, vice-president 4; BSU 1; Pi Kappa Phi 1,2,3,4, chaplain 2,4; Par- ents ' Weekend comm. 2,3; varsity soccer 1,3,4; intramural Softball 1,2,3, 4; basketball 1,2,3,4; tennis 3; volley- ball 3,4. PINHOLSTER, JOHN, Dean ' s List 3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Scroll and Key 3,4; Phi Society 1,2,3,4; Kappa Mu Epsi- lon 2,3, president 4; Sigma Pi Sigma 3,4. SKEES, JOSEPH B., JR., Dean ' s List 3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Kappa Mu Ep- silon 1,2,3,4; Scroll and Key 4; Sigma Pi Sigma 3,4; Society of Physics Stu- dents 2,3,4, pres. 4. SMITH, MARY CATHERINE, Honor Roll 2,3,4; Dean ' s List 4; Zeta Tau Al- pha, BSU, intramurals. SMITH, CRAIG R., Alpha Kappa Psi 2,3,4; Sigma Phi Epsilon 2,3,4; record- ing sec ' t., house manager, Greek Gab; Wesley 2,3,4; SGA cultural comm. PISTER, VICKI PSILLAS, LINDA, Dean ' s List 3,4; Honor Roll 3,4; Scroll and Key 4; So- ciety of Physics Students 3,4; ACM 3,4. RAY, REBECCA JO, Honor Roll 1,2,3, 4; Tassel 2; Phi Beta 2,3,4; BSU 1,2, 3,4; YWA ' s 1,3,4; Concert Choir 3,4; T-Squad 4; Chorus 1,2; Opera. RAYNOLDS, EDWIN, Lambda Chi Al- pha 2,3,4, Sec, Homecoming 3; Ori- entation 3; Intramurals 2,3,4; Post Of- fice 2,3,4. ROBINETTE, LINDA, Honor Roll 1,4; Alpha Xi Delta 1,2,3,4; House Council 2; Jr. Counselor 3; Cheerleader 3; In- tramurals 1,2,3,4. RUSSELL, JAMES, Lambda Chi Al- pha, Nat ' l. Student Marketing Corp. SHOEMAKER, H. STEPHEN, Honor Roll 1,2; Dean ' s List 3,4; Green Circle, ODK, BSU, Ministerial Ass ' n., Pi Kap- pa Phi, chaplain, rush chrmn., Student Senate 1,2,4; Pres. Freshman class, soph, class, pres. pro-tem senator 4, chaplain 4; Adelphos Society pres. 4; Homecoming King 3; Opera, Mr. Stet- son 1st runner-up. Who ' s Who, Rotary Outstanding Service Award 2. SMITH, MICHAEL D., Honor Roll 3,4; Sigma Pi Sigma 2,3,4; Young Repub- licans. STULTZ, PATRICIA A., Dean ' s List 3, 4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Scroll and Key 2,3,4; Phi Society 1,3,4; Sigma Tau Delta 3,4; Sigma Pi Kappa 2,3,4; Hon- ors Program 1,2,3,4; Westminster 1, 2,4; Parents Weekend comm. sec ' t. 2; Homecoming comm. 2; SUB 2,4, Cel- lar Door comm. 2, Hostess Bureau chrmn. 2,4; Hatter organizations ed. 4; Reporter staff 1,2,4; director AMFC Junior Year Abroad Neuchatel, Switzerland 3; Internat ' l Honors Pro- gram candidate 3; Univ. self-study comm. 4; Miss Snowball finalist 2; Miss Friendship 2; nominee for Wood- row Wilson Fellowship 4. SWANN, JOHN A., Honor Roll 1,2,3, 4; Dean ' s List 3,4; Green Circle 3; ODK 4; Scabbard and Blade 4; Sigma Pi Kappa 3,4; Pi Kappa Phi 1,2,3,4; IFC 2; Senate 4; Co-chrman. Green Feather 3; Hatter staff 3; resident ad- visor 2,3; intramurals 1,2,3,4; head resident 4; Good Buddy and Counselor of Hatter Editor (R.C.) 1,2,3,4. THOMPSON, JOHN L., Pi Kappa Al- pha 2,3, president 4; Senate 2; intra- mural football all-star 2,3,4; IFC 3. THOMPSON, RAMONA CARROLL SHURLEY, ANGE, Alpha Chi Omega 1,2,3,4; Panhellenic 2; Canterbury 1, 2; Reporter staff 1; intramurals 1,2,4; junior year abroad Madrid, Spain; work with Evergreen Day School. SIMMONS, JOAN, Honor Roll 4; Chris- tian Science Org. 1, pres. 2,3, sec ' t. 4; junior counselor 4; Who ' s Who; Alpha Chi Omega 2,3,4, scholarship chrmn. 4; senator 4; pres. Liberal Arts School 4; Chaudoin House Council 3. THURMOND, SUE TOMYN, SETON, Dean ' s List 3; Hon- or Roll 1,2,3,4; Society of Physics Students 2,3,4; Scroll and Key 3,4; Phi Society 2,3,4; Kappa Mu Epsilon 1,2,3,4; Sigma Pi Sigma 1,2,3,4; Scab- bard and Blade 4; Pi Kappa Phi 2,3,4; Student Advisor 3,4; Men ' s Council 4; Honors Program Exec. Council 4; RA 3,4; Basketball 1,2,3; Intramurals 2,3, 4. TOWNSEND, JOHN, Honor Roll 1,2,3; Phi Alpha Theta, German Club 1. TRASK, SARA, Dean ' s List 4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Tassel 2; Alpha Chi Ome- ga Standards Board 1,2,3, Chaplain 2; Soc. Chrm. 2; Rec. Chrm. 4; Jr. Pan- hellenic 1; Sigma Phi Epsilon Hearts Club 1,2,3; Green Feather 2, co-chrm. 3; Miss Hatter Contest 2; Steering Comm. for S.E. Panhellenic Confer- ence 2. TROLL, CAROLYN, Honor Roll 1,2,4; Sigma Delta Pi 1,2,3,4; Alpha Xi Delta 1,2,3,4, House Chrm. 1; Westminster 1; Women ' s Exec. 2; SUB Hostess 4; Year Abroad 3. WESTON, BONNIE WALKER, Dean ' s List 3,4; Honor Roll 2,3,4; Pi Kappa Delta 1,2,3,4, Pres. 3; Women ' s Exec.; Dorm President, House Council, Work- study, Service Club 2. WHITE, JAMES, Honor Roll 3,4; Dean ' s List 4; BSU 3,4; Ministerial Assn. 3,4; Concert Choir 4; T-Squad 4. WILBERS, ELIZABETH ANN, Honor Roll 4; Dean ' s List 4; Alpha Xi Delta 1, 2,3,4; House Chrm. 2,3; Philanthropy Chrm, BSU 1,2; Canterbury 3,4; Ori- entation Social Chrm. 2; Green Feath- er Sec. 3; Hatter Holiday Publicity 2; House Council 3; Beta Beta Beta 4; Switchboard. TURNIER, JOHN, Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; V.P. Bio. Honorary 3,4; Math Honor- ary 3,4; ROTC scholarship award 3,4; Delta Sigma Phi 2. V VAN BLARCOM, BRUCE, Dean ' s List 3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Theta Alpha Phi, Dorm Council, Players Guild, In- tramurals, Associate Director Fla. Summer Theatre, Theatre. w WALLBERG, S. LINDSTROM, Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Bateman Academic Scholarship; Pershing Rifles 1,2; Cho- rus 1,2; Concert Choir 1,2,3,4, Key Member, T-Squad, Men ' s Pub. Officer 3, Student Director 4; MENC 1,3,4; SFEA 4; Stover Plays and Operas. WALTER, TONI, Dean ' s List 4; Honor Roll 4; Beta Beta Beta 3,4; Delta Del- ta Delta Pres. 3,4; Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Girl 3; Panhellenic Council 3, 4; SGA 2; Traffic Comm. 2,3,4; Ori- entation 2; Homecoming 2, Co-Chrm. 3; Intramurals All-Star 1,2,3,4; Jr. Counselor 3; Finalist Miss Stetson Contest 2; Posture Contest 4; Home- coming Queen 4; ROTC Sponsor 3,4. WILKERSON, GREGORY, Pi Kappa Phi 2,3,4; Senator 3,4; Hatter Staff 3; Intramurals, R.A. 3,4; Theatre 4. WILLIAMS, DAVID, Honor Roll 1.2,3; Dean ' s List 2,3; Green Circle 2,3; Phi Society 1,2,3; Kappa Mu Epsilon 1,2. 3; Sigma Pi Sigma 2,3; Society of Physics Students 1,2,3; R.A. 3; Quiz Bowl Chrm. 3. WINCHESTER, DIANE, Honor Roll 4; Sigma Pi Sigma 2,3,4; Alpha Chi Ome- ga House Chrm. 1, Historian 2, Sec. 3, V.P. 4; Little Sister of Pi Kappa Phi 3,4; Society of Physics Students 3,4; Greek Gab Reporter 3; Intramurals 1, 2,3,4; Library, Lab. Asst., Sec. WINSE, LAWRENCE, Honor Roll 2,3, 4; Gamma Sigma Epsilon 4; Kappa Mu Epsilon 2,3,4; Pi Kappa Alpha 1,2,3,4; Student Senate Comm. 2,3; American Chemical Soc. 4; German Club 3; Soc- cer 1,2; S-Club 1,2,3.4; Intramurals 1. 2,3,4; Lab. Asst. 4; Student Asst. 2, 3,4. WOULLARD, JOHN, Omega Phi 2,3; IFC 3; Canterbury 4; Green Feather 2, 3; Homecoming 2; German Club, Intra- murals 2,3; Prof. Asst. WARNER, SALLY REBECCA, Honor Roll 1,2; Dean ' s List 3,4; Sigma Tau Delta 3,4; Phi Mu, Wesley 1; Orienta- tion Comm. Advisor 1 ,2; Reporter Staff 1; Cafeteria 1; Dorm Receptionist 2,3, 4; Theatre 1. YOUNG, MARY. Honor Roll 3.4; Dean ' s List 4; Alpha Kappa Alpha 2,3. 4; Westminster 1,2,3,4; SUB Cultural Cornm., Service Organization. WEART, JAMES, Pi Kappa Phi 3,4; Intramurals 3,4; Security Guard 4. WERNER, FRANK, Dean ' s List 4; Hon- or Roll 4; Sigma Pi Sigma 4. YOUNGER, JAY, Dean ' s List 3,4; Hon- or Roll 1,2,3.4; Psi Chi 3,4; Zeta Tau Alpha 2,3.4; Student Advisor 4; Intra- murals 2,3,4; Volleyball Team 3,4; Cafeteria 4; Pershing Rifles Sponsor 2; Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweethearts Club 2; Theatre 1. ONE who will let his students into his home and make them feel important there, Dean Eliot Allen is the recipient of the dedication of the 1970 HATTER. The people who have made this picture of Stetson University feel strongly that this man is the epitome of what we want our picture to be. Dean Allen dedicates himself to making people earn. He gives nothing and gives everything. We will miss a man who will let students into his life and make them feel important there. H WM L " « Jf n " = a Hk Kh i 1 A YEAR ■ for pulling up the old and putting in the new. First Viet Nam and then Cambodia and pollution. A lot of people started, it seemed, to try to do something who had never tried to do things like that before. Four died in birth. People prayed for peace and hoped for the sun and wondered about their fu- tures. But people still smiled rid resorted, at times, back to ■le concrete things in life. They ■ade love and music. And :-,ave and aspired, it was a year for pulling up the old and put- ting in the new. But. hasn ' t every year been that? THE COMMUNITY 143 N. Boulevard 734-1430 thanks for your support see you in the fall ! S ' SaK J}mi 1 ¥ m iks For your book and personal needs, your own campus bookstore STETSON BOOKSTORE Congratulations Class of ' 70 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES CLASS OF 1970 The city of DeLand and the Chamber of Commerce are proud of the cooperative relations between the resi- dents of our community and the students of Stetson University. DE LAND CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 336 N. Woodland Boulevard 308 V.M. FOUNTAIN, CO. 129 N. Boulevard Your Clothes Express You Fountain ' s for Clothes J.C. PENNEY CO, Whitehair Building FEASEL PAINT GLASS 247 North Boulevard for the final touch STETSON FLOWER SHOP 1 16 East New York For That Someone Special Dirty air comes from cars and trash burning and industry and airplanes and on and on and on. Well, Florida Power Corporation doesn ' t like it either. That ' s why we ' ve spent more than $1,500,000 on air pollution control equipment in the last five years just as a start. Because we want to breathe too. (W fo otMyUckpm helping build better communities. Bill Holler Motor Sales 550 South Boulevard OPEN EVENINGS TIL 7:00 Oidswohih Phone 734-2661 DELAND, FLORIDA 313 BI-RITE DRUGS 121 North Boulevard Price, Service, Quality LES FERRELL JEWELER 115 North Boulevard THE UNIVERSITY SHOP 118 North Boulevard Florida Bank at DeLand 131 East New York DE LAND SUN NEWS 119 South Boulevard THE CONRAD INSURANCE COMPANY 1 18 West New York Avenue MANORS RESTAURANT lOO East Ohio COSTON ' S LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING 224 South Florida Avenue DE LAND STATE BANK Student Banking Headquarters 302 East New York Avenue Telephone 734-8511 Home of Happy Banking -Sp ' v " - .. ...- GIBBS OF DE LAND 131-33 North Boulevard H 1 1 HP ■ L H i d Kl R V XjiJUM 1 PATRONS Bauman ' s Office Supply 113 North Boulevard Betty Dreka ' s 105 South Boulevard McCrorys 103 North Boulevard STETSON UNIVERSITY ROTC ONE TIME my friends and I decided to make a yearbool . IVlany times we thought the decision unwise. A few times we thought it wise.. Many people helped. Many people will help after I write this. Armed with a love for the school, too little talent, too little money and too little time, a lot of papers and . things, a broken typewriter, a Three Dog Night record and too much enthusiasm, we set about to produce a picture of a truly baffling and wonderful place. . Thank you Jeff. Pat. Jackie, Jim. Jan, Amy, Nat, Honey, Ric, Bill and Tommy. We all worked too much. The entire book is an example of people doing too much. That ' s the, only way to live. And, thank you Jeanne. Jeanne who worked harder than anyone. Jeanne who made tlie office unique and happy. So. everybody, our book is on the way, , ' It will rest, as does everyone, on the lap of people ' s opinitjn and we will hop( for .$weet sleep and good opinion at least somf of Ihp time ■ .. ■ ' RC- m ?m ' mmii

Suggestions in the Stetson University - Hatter Yearbook (DeLand, FL) collection:

Stetson University - Hatter Yearbook (DeLand, FL) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


Stetson University - Hatter Yearbook (DeLand, FL) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Stetson University - Hatter Yearbook (DeLand, FL) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


Stetson University - Hatter Yearbook (DeLand, FL) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


Stetson University - Hatter Yearbook (DeLand, FL) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


Stetson University - Hatter Yearbook (DeLand, FL) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


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