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THE 1969 HATTER VOLUME XLIX STETSON UNIVERSITY DeLand, Florida TABLES OF CONTENTS THE YEAR 14 Spring 1968 16 Summer 26 Autumn 52 Winter. 60 Spring 1969 66 ACHIEVEMENTS 72 Publications 73 Beauties 84 Student Leadership 96 ORGANIZATIONS 124 Greeks 138 SPORTS. 192 Intramurals 210 RECORDS 216 Administration 218 Business School. 232 Music School , , 234 Liberal Arts School 236 Classes 248 LAW SCHOOL 288 THE COMMUNITY 304 SENIOR DIRECTORY 316 DEDICATION 324 EPILOG 326 M c al t had iometnina. in mind. _ imatt cantpui, lA nere recoanition wai an excuie for qreetina, (AJkere profeSiori knew if our full name but called uou bu uour firit, UUnere uou could qel to know the dean, iomekow. ' ui i : - f .. -r _y(t kandiome college, lAJhere araii wai not a place to keep off of, _y4na little uelloiv paltni were not Spaced in pots aloncf sideuiatki lAJliere trees were oiq and areen and natural, Ciood for iifina under, or wandering through, or thinking amon . _ i academic communilu, lA here i ou could itudu if uou need to, Jr wanted to, lA nere graded were earned and not rewarded. _ town where trie clerk remembered Hour inoe size, lAJnere the wfiote population wad in the i hriitmai parade, Where 5 p.m. did not mean caod, copi, and carbon monoxide. _ climate where winter meant tona ileevei, ontu, .y nd froit wai iomethina wonderful and rare. we were LooKinq for, ome of ui found part of it, ome of ui overtoohea wnat we found, ome of ui tooned furtner. ' vm THE YEAR BBvl ' UHi H " Htp l H H | ||B H M V:. %. 1 ic •.:•-, 7iS ;,-. ' » •• ' .,■.♦- 1 s?;. 4 ;yy;- -y :r ■v s j y - " 9 SPRING 1968 ?! £ • .- Hatter Holiday . l HaHer Holiday, 1968 Since Stetson ' s social emphasis is on the Fall Semester, Hatter Holiday provides an accent for an otherwise neglected portion of the year. Activity and relaxation, competition and fellowship all find their way into the after- noon. Broken eggs, beauty contestants, bath- ing suits, boating and bagging are Hatter Holiday, and Hatter Holiday is Stetson in the Spring. Mr. and Miss Stetson Contest, 1968 During Hatter Holiday, Mr. and Miss Stet- son are chosen from the representatives of participating organizations. The week preceeding the contest is filled with interviews, preparations and sittings with the photographer. Tensions produced by this seemingly endless week were cli- maxed with the announcement, Mr. and Miss Stetson for 1968-69 ... Mr. Frank Thomas and Miss Dee Lewis. 1 ■ 1 The Lark " JOAN: . . . Dear my God, Forgive me, and keep me now to be myself. Forgive me and take me back for what I am. . . . " X-i Elections ending and beginning . . . professors and friends . . . Hully Tower and Elizabeth Hall . . . palm trees and forests . . . frustration and freedom . . . laughter and tears . . . youth and age . . . love and life . . . Grad- uation, 1968. Graduation ■1 B w BtlLS .Jfc ' « H . y ■HI ill §l4 Hil ■ t m ' " — ' " •: ■ - . ■ " ' ■-■.■■jjwJi ' 9 ■HI m iili 5L MM£R Pool Dedication Fifty years of intermittent efforts to secure a swimming pool for Stetson were realized in August with its dedication by President Geren. The dedication ceremony featured University President, Dr. Paul Geren; Dean of Women, Miss Etter Turner; Student Gov- ernment Secretary, Miss Marsha Gelbart; and Student Government Vice President, Jim Jarrard. An unexpected end came to the afternoon when several of Stetson ' s administrators were thrown, fully clothed, into the new pool. AUTUMN Orientation? Who could get lost in a place this small? . . . Now, which door do I go in? . . . No, that ' s my roomate ' s name . . . It ' s a good thing we don ' t have curfew . . . Sign out of what? . . . Yes, I remember you from yesterday (maybe we ' ll become friends) . . . Rush Cokes and smiles and conversation after party parties . . . smokers . . . hopeful looks on happy faces . . . kids . . . happi- ness and hurt . . . brotherhood and sister- hood . . . that ' s what life is all about . . . ' «■ ., M v V ' ■ ■■ m 1 T . 1 V My Fair Lady " Of course she matters. What do you think I ' ve been doing all these months? What could possibly matter more than to take a human being and change her into a dif- ferent being by creating a new speech for her? Why, it ' s filling up the deepest gulf that separates class from class, and soul from soul. She matters immensely. " Student Government Elections » jr, r r The 1969 M ss Hatter Contest Music, dresses, beautiful girls le Waters,a new Miss Hatter. One Burns Janice Daniels Bev Darnell Pat Dullard Lindy Jackson Kathy Joel Kris Kane Joy Johnson Vicki LaFreniere Susie Morris Robin Overstreet Dorthy Pompey Linda Powell Lucia Smith Diane Strum Marsha Vernon Sharon Walker Rochelle Waters Toni Walters Jackie Wice Lolly Wykert . Roche!- Green Feather Comes but once or twice a year . . . ' ■ l«j m H |B| n H f. . Stetson thinking beyond itself ing . . . together. Work- The Love Potion Election Year, 68 O ' " .JV " SGA Progress First you have to assume that something can be done. Then you do it. Results? . . . Not always fast or spectacular, but slowly . . . Extension of hours, off-campus housing next year, Friday night open house, cigar- ette machines. Elimination of strict proba- tion by Men ' s Council, PR 301, more dan- ces, petitions. Students on important com- mittees. Students talking to trustees. Class attendance policies up to individual pro- fessors. Curriculum evaluation, record clubs, book exchanges. Better food (sometimes). . . Some call it " enthusiasm, " Some label it " student power, " Some rightly talk about freedom, responsibility, and maturity, others call it " irresponsibility, " Why not sim- ply say, " We ' re trying to make the school we go to a better place to be? ' Bill Gaventa, President SGA Arden Where once there was nature, now there s man . . . for better or for worse . . . Military Ball Sue Bender, Eleanor Todd, Toni Walter, Dee Lewis, 1969 Military Boll Queen, Terry McNamaro, Sandy Williams-. ' - ' " %il ' ' mmmk Snowball Snow Queen Contestants Sue Bender Carol Bowen Sally Farnell Ginny Rand Evelyn Solheim Snowman Contestants Ernie Alquest Eliot Perny Mike Jarrard Smiley Thurston Chris Sorenson Snow Queen, Ginny Rand and Snowman, Mike Jarrard. Finals. . . are an obscenity. Christmas Choir singing under star-studded veil of black velvet . . . sparks fronn the Yuietide fire carrying us through two thousand years of night time darkness ... to the night that a child saved the earth in the hope that earth might save itself for its children . . . WINTER ' • v yyy, lM«lC-0«» 1T»J«»-CS0 |?»J»0-09« |If}J-C3J inr»»-o«« |Uli«-e44 I Hl»C-0«» tT»ltC-C«T iii»i«-cn I«lfl0-C«l i»»e«c-c3» l((} C-C)i l«««J«-C)l 3gllS0-039 J2«077-0«0 J»82S0-0«2 3J6130-030 32e2!0-C«6 3Je«75-0 6 3a»i36-03l 327SS0-0«3 3je3e3-o«e 3J«!5i-0«« 33l«20-a2« 32«7«0-037 3?«»10-037 3307J5-04I 33G770-0S0 331170-03? 33iei5-C«7 463107 484650 486150 4eS360 487650 487660 488350 468985 488 ' 390 489350 494260 495370 495360 495590 496225 4966 0 498030 g ea -02» 1-03 040 ■03T •039 •037 023 036 026 0 5 036 040 035 034 027 030 570260-030 S7I 160-036 571355-032 572420-0 0 572510-031 572520-036 573654-025 57 277-052 57 283-040 575 70-039 575670-051 577680-035 578260-038 580436-039 583450-044 5B4160-04S 7 3«a«S- 73«l»0- 740720- 742960 744I42- 744J60- 749190- 748240- 746230- 747240- 747365- 747479 74e .eo- 7513AC 793J75- 794680- ••90 ■0»l 03 •0« ' 02« •046 •04« •046 ■0 1 ■0S9 ■050 ■048 ■0 6 ■b3« •029 •047 • 1 M »- • «| iO«»-9t« • I I ••»-•» ■ I2«7 -»M •lf«0 -t»f •i ««o-««i • i«a ' i9-««« •ittoaCKMI •aoj «-ai« • yoi -««« THE NEAM SCORE IS 038.48 1112 2 3 ......C....i....o....5..,.o, • « f 4 G-113 . . . friendship born of shared con- fusion . . . new ideas in rapid-fire . . . West and Non-West . . . weekly test ... a bell shaped curve . . . mini-mester, 1969 . . . Cellar Door Some needs are filled by the warm glow of a candle. Some needs are filled by being with friends, talking quietly and listening to music. Some needs are filled by loud, un- ashamed, free laughter and clapping, or private tears. Some needs ore filled by making music or making friends. Needs are filled by being yourself . . . needs are filled by the Cellar Door. 1 p " 1 1 K:W T M , 1 9| K Km Uk_ ? The Orchestra. . . Hours of practice . . . anxiety-ridden . . . the language of sound . . . concen- tration of hands and mind and heart ... a living art. I! iiii -W MIk SPRING 1969 Homecoming Memories of the old . . . awakening to the new . . . nostalgia and change . . . tradi- tion and love . . . your alma mater, 1969. Homecoming ♦►l ' - sr Parentis Weekend Invitations accepted, the campus overflows with parents ... a time to catch up on all the news and show them your world . . . events scheduled . . . events missed ... a time to entertain . . . the Follies, The Birds, the President ' s Reception ... for the first time, they ' re foll owing you . . . they under- stand you a little better . . . Parent ' s Week- end, 1969. ACHIEVEMENTS ' " ■■ • - Tli£ PrMldwt foporta =ua-«;s.-5.-,= T7 I s » 0- PUBLICATIONS Student Publications Committee Mr. Fred York, Rodney Morgan, Dr. Ann Morris, Ed Jones, Jim Jarrard, Debbie Dull, Rod Taylor, Jane Brown, Sam McLaughlin. The 1969 Hatter Ed Jones Editor Debbie Dull Managing Editor Dick Mahaffey Assistant Editor Hatter Staff Dave Amiot Joan Badnelli Bonnie Blount LeKie Carlton Ed Combs Jane Gilbart Anne Green Danny Hightower Mike Jarrard Tricia Kilgore Kathy Lucas Dave Machette Dave Martin Virginia Peterman Kris Radebaugh Edi Reno Bobby Roberts Jack Rochford Curtis Tutterow Greg Wilkerson Bill Starr Photographer 9 ' ■1- Jim Jarrard Faculty and Administration Editor Ralph Cline Copy Editor J H B p pH j Bob Fennel! Faculty and Administration Editor Sage DeVane Year Editor Sharon Walker Beauty Editor ■t j- " ' — - i • 1 f m i 1 1 Vern DeSeor Beauty Editor Pris Harris Organizations Editor Bob Lenna, Editor - . Mike Pennington, Sports Editor Vern Deseor, Feature Editor Julie Swain, Executive Assistant Reporter Staff ' Hf n Janet Crossley, Greek Gab Editor Jeffery Kneen, Business Manager David Coville, Executive Assistant ' •i; - ? s«:;. «; ' «as;:» r Gregory Price, Sports Jennifer Johns, Executive Assistant The Compass Stetson University Student Handbook b Jane Brown, Laurie Lawrence, Betty Margolin PROJECTING NAILS I IN LOOSE BOARDS ! " ' ' ' " ' CAUSE ACCIDENTS g i " " ' ' WORN ! ON THIS JOB south a magazine of the arts, edited and published at stetson university Rod Taylor, Potsy Duncan, Dan Vining. BEAUTIES freshman d eautu Q it L andu iflarikatt J4. omecomina yo ueen Q. f ancu lolzbie Doni Waffe EdiLtUtt Queen 1969 iril Kunner-ut, _y nn CAc raenina lAJendu C-oi S- C leanot oda RODC -S T onAorA oLinda vSretl f- aula Uiliello oLindu Aackion ' Ooni WJter dSriaade Sponsors t-oLarat 1968 Wliitur BJi Que Jerru Crazier Ifjc I lumar 1967 Wdtar Bail Qu. 1969 Wiktar EJl Q. eJjee rJLewiA Second IKunner- l4p Owe Ijjenaer 1968 iVU ' iA tetion C ourt irdl Kunner-up J rii Kadeoauan Second Ki unner-ut .yfnn iflc u fourth Kunner-up Joni Waller Uhird Kunner-up cJ-inda Aachion on 1968 dd Matter 1969 Js econd f unn er- ufp rJLlnclu Aachdoi KHj ' ' ■JJIHil Jjriril IKunner- lAp dSev cJjarneii STUDENT LEADERSHIP Women s Executive Council Executive Branch of the Associated Women Students First row: Susan Jones, Evelyn Solheim,. Cindy Fuller, Jane Eckert, Betsy Hester, Jan Sullivan. Second row: Neno Heald, Janet C. McCullough, Kattiy Dehoney, Marilyn Tollant, Sandy Berwald, Crys Sawyer. Men ' s Judiciary Council Men Students ' Disciplinary Council First row: Elliot Perny, Mike Campbell, Bill Armour, Rob Taylor, Jim Davis. Second row: Skip Harris, Steve Woods, Jerry Rail- ey, Jon Mills, Jim Crawford, Jerry Morales. Student Government Bill Gaventa, Presidenr Jim Jarrard, Vice-President Wanda Pasnicky, Treasurer Jane Gilbart, Secretary Dr. Andrews, Advisor Rob Taylor, Secretary of Traffic Control Vern DeSeor, Secretary of Elections Sfiaron Beasley, Corresponding Secretary Ron Crews, Cfiaploin Barry Gladden, Parliamentarian SGA Committee Chairmen Green Feather Janet McCullough, John Swann. Homecoming Toni Walter, Roy Brown. Parent ' s Weekend Cindy Fuller, Ralph Cline. Orientation Bill Armour, Kathy Brown. The Senate Peg Hardy Bob Daniels Hal Cauvel Tim O ' Keefe George Retter Elliot Perny Dick Mahaffey Dean Bunch Scott Cooper Student Union Board Kat Quina Secretary Mrs. Smothers SUB Director Don Jacobson Treasurer Paul Gleason Recreation Elizabeth Mock Hospitality Josette Rochon Cellar Door Jay Weisman Representative at Large Joe Adams Faculty Adv sor t m f 1 ' (4 1 jP W ' A mM f m Richard Goff Public Relations Marti Hughs Publicity Adelphos Society Collegiate Masons and Demolay f rwams ' SSam Dr. Daniel O ' Keefe, Elliot Perny, Steve Shoemaker, Jon Mills, Bob Jordon, Steve West, Dr. Gilbert Lycon, John Swann, Chic Myer, Ray Johnson, Bill Curtis, Rick Estes, Bill Armour. Alpha Kappa Psi Business Honorary First row: Steve Moynahon, Kirk Glenn, Wallace Thurston, Clyde Walker, Bill Armour, Elliot Perny, Jerry Railey, Carl Lind- gren. Second row; Richard Goff, Bob Letson. Third row: Mr. Ray Jones, Wayne Hodgeboom, Mike Jordan, Jim Knollenberg, Bob Holland, Bill Matthews, Lorry Densmore, Tim O ' Keefe, Stanley Wade, Jim Gilbert, Mike Baker. Fourth row: Bob Tonry, Don Moore, Mike Swartz, Joe Masters (Advisor), Sam McLaughlin, Fred Brown, Bill Boerner, Paul Blankenship, John Gorman, Mike Luker, Doug Murray, Richard Herman, Bruce Weaver. Beta Beta Beta National Biology Honorary Bruce DeGrove, Carol Price, Jane Roork, Laura Kircher, Bob Douville, Dr. Prichard, Mrs. Wojcik, Carol MocGregor. Delta Phi Alpha National German Honorary Frank Thomas, Mrs. Ingeborge Frank, Barbara Braxton, Dr. Larcher, Der Kleine Larcher, Dr. Larcher, Mark Borkowski, Larry Robertson. Gamma Sigma Epsilon National Honorary Chemistry Fraternity First row; Salem Attiga, Anna Barber, James Werntz. Second row: Martin Cupery, Dr. James DeLap, Julius Barnhordt. Gamma Theta Upsilon National Geography Fraternity Walter Jants, Dean Robert S. Chauvin, Margaret Disney, Ray Johnson, Kappa Kappa Psi National Honorary Band Fraternity for Men Pete DeLacy, Rusty Simmons, Steve Holcomb, Bob Fore, Don Travis, Ben Cox, Chuck McKnight, Greg Lonnman, Alan Coates, Art Kimbrough, Mike Campbell, Frank Hunt. Phi Alpha Theta National History Honorary Society First row: Dr. Sutherland, Dr. Lycan, Dr. Lovelace, Dr. Evans, Dr. Johnson, Dr. Critoph, Dr. Wynn. Second row: Hal Herzog, Bob Lenna, Bill Perry, Andy Burnette, Keith Alan, Dot Mare, Millaine Wooley, Carney Craven, Pat Silvers, Nancy Dalsis. Pi Kappa Delta Forensic Fraternity Miss Martha Womack, Bruce Rose, Bonnie Walker, Rachel Rajchel, Al Dawson, Margo Mitts, Fred Church. Sigma Pi Kappa Local Journalism Honorary Ed Jones, Dean Bunch, Bob Lenna, Jim Jarrord, Steve Hess, Sam McLaughlin, Leora Brown, Debbie Dull. Sigma Tau Delta National English Honorary Jane Brown, Carol Durronce, Kay Aaron, Dr. Byron Gibson, Twylo Bishop, Charlotte Zitis. Sigma Pi Sigma National Physics Honorary First row: Diane Winchester, Carlynn Ricks, Candy Wallet, Dr. Hughes, Arthur Chick, F.A. Lick. Second row: R.V. Pinholster, Tom Minor, Joe Page, Dennis Furman, Dr. Srygley, Dr. Jenkins. Tau Beta Sigma National Honorary Band fraternity for Women Donna Rhodes, Suzanne Staton, Pricilla Marvin, Barbara Bowles. Theta Alpha Phi National Dramatic Fraternity Kothy Rounds, Pat Atkinson, Pete Smollnnan, Helen Braden, Carol Tate, Lorry Grello, Leora Brown, Jeff Messersmith, Ja- koy Jarvis, Mary Hood, Bob Gleason, Jerry Blades, Bruce VanBlorconri, Rob Wood, Coach Griffiths. Scroll and Key Junior and Senior Class Scholastic Honorary Society First row: George Edwards, Carol McGregor, Penny Ligler. Second row: John Pinholster, David Emerson, Tom Minor, Richard Jankowski. Phi Society Liberal Arts School Scholastic Honorary First row: Jack Johnston, Susan Acree, Lynn Wilkerson, Jean Aliff, George Edwards, Ram Thompson, Jane Vreeland, Katie Fockele, David Williams. Second row: David Emerson, Carol McGregor, Frank Hunt, Alan Coates, Terry Rowell, Pat Silvers, Evelyn Solheim, Tom Minor, Gilbert Atnip. Third row: Ginger Willis, Richard Jankowski, Vern Frank, Frank Thomas, Larry Dens- more, Debbie Dull, John Pinholster. Tassel Susan Jones, Elizabeth Mock, Evelyn Solheim, Lindy Jackson, Elizabeth Gerhart, Bobbi Roberts, Becky Day, Laurie Lawrence Dawkins, Janet Crossley, Janet McCullough, Polly Thomas, Sandy Sanderson, Sandy Slusher, Janet Burkart, Gaye Layton, Rachel , Marva Rojchel. Green Circle Steve Shoemaker, Elliot Perny, Dick Mohatfey, Tim O ' Keefe, Ra lph Cline, Andy Burnett, John Svvonn. R.O.T.C Brigade Staff Ken Radebaugh, John Bamford, Jim Dyson, David McCorvy, Roy Brown, Dave Amiot. Scabbard Blade National Military Honor Society Gary Witchen, Jon Mills, Rodney Morgan, Woody Gingery, Done Starkey, Jim Dyson, Roy Brown, Bill Goventa, Dave Amiot, Ken Radebough, Robert Pugh. Mortar Board Women ' s National Leadership Honorary Barbara Jernigan Betty Jones Nan Moore Omicron • M ' C ' Delta a Men ' s National Leadership Honorary Bill Stemper, President f ' ' V {V ' ■ ) .• , .i Russ Buchan L4 Jl ' - ;-rv; m Hal Cauvel Alan Celorio Bill Gaventa Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities Etter Turner J. Ollie Edmunds Outstanding Seniors Awards Kathy Brown ■If ' - . MjiS - ' ' M Bk ' ■ m i ' 4 I 1 i Cindy Fuller __ " - " ' ' «CS«i ' i|Jl ORGANIZATIONS ■ " ■• nL fc - Religious Life Council Sarah McBroom, Nancy West, Jack Mabry, Frank Thomas, Mary Houk, Vern Frank, Ed Jones, George Owens, Ted Wohlfarth, Jeff Fryer. Baptist Student Union First row: Steve Shoemaker, Jabez Oyetode, Frank Thomas, Second row: Jack Mabry, Ehzabeth Mock, Bill Baggett, Sylvia Nel- son, Carol Bozeman, Sandy Slusher, David Groseclose, Vern DeSear, Becky Jowers. Wesley Foundation Methodist Student Organization ' . .»%-»;%it ij .,, - _ First row: Alan Coates, Terri Powell, Sara McBroom, Sharon Gore, Frank Hunt. Second row: Dan Gunter, Elissa Emerson, Dave Williams, Richard Stewart, Doug Murray, Beth Cook, Carlynn Ricks, Richard Herman, Mary Margaret Houk. Canterbury House Episcopalian Student Organization First row: Lewis Long, Lyie Wadsworth, Mardi Hughes, Katie Fockele, Joan Damon, Barbara DeWolfe. Second row; Vince Dix, Mark Shuttleworth, Jeannie Watson, Nancy Dalsis, Ed Jones, Jane Gilbart, Mike Southward, Gail Moffett. Christian Science Organization Ted Wohlfarth, Angie Wohlfarth, Mrs. Barbara Page, Dorothy Ramsey, Sherwood Tiffany, Mrs. Sherwood Tiffany, Joan Simmons, Bruce Kuhl. • tp - Westminster Fellowship, sponsered bythe Synod of the Presbyterian Church, engages in many community welfare activities as well as providing communion and fellow- ship amoung college students. During the past year the group has sponsered a dance in order to raise money to help support Chang, their foster child in Taiwon, for whom they send money each month to the Christian Children ' s Fund in Richmond. They are rewarded with letters from Chang. Westminster Fellowship Presbyterian Student Organization Barry Brassard, OIlie Walling, Vernon Frank, Barbara Barr, Marie Sick, Bev Swart, Harland Merriam, Mike Swart. Psi Chi National Psychology Honorary Mitch Grant, Jay Younger, Sandy Slusher, Dick Mahaffey, Janet McCullough, EcJ Jones. Ministerial Association First row: Jeff Fryer, Chip Shotwell, Trena Poppard, Ron Crews, Tom Clayton. Second row: Ed Jones, Tim Harden, Terry Raburn. Concert Choir Andi Andonian Nancy Baker John Barker Barbara Becht David Benson Ron Bostic Connie Burke Jane Byers Alan Celoria Suzanne Clark Ken Colson Marche Crocker Donna David Jo Dempsey Warren Dickson Mike Dorough Elissa Emerson Paul Entzminger Jon Farmer Bob Fenell Steve Fletcher Katie Fockele David Freeman Bill Goff Prof Griffin Donna Homes Tim Harden Jim Higby Beth Huckaby Cheryl Jennings Pat Jeoannides Cathy Joel Don Johnson Janet Jordan Debbie Klimp Argene Kourocas Helen Lewis Noel Lovelace Dove Martin Sara McBroom Sam McLaughlin Bill Mills Doug Murry Maria Nobile Janice Papp Rick Phipps Sharon Phipps Susan Pov ell Terry Roburn Becky Roy Bruce Reams Lynn Sandefur Becky Shaver Ron Smith Dave Stephens Pat Stone Kathy Strock Marilyn Tollant Rob Taylor Charlene Tiffany Pom Thomas Polly Thomas Debbie Thompson Candace Tripp Lin Wallberg Chris Walsh Jay Weisman Carl Whitehead Marian Williams Tom Wrenn Sue Yancey Tom Young Student Union Board Hostess Bureau Janet Crossley Chairman Debbie Dull, Paula Slusher, Sandy Martin, Susan Jones, Becky Davis, Rochelle Waters, Debbie Slone, Joan Damon. Beth Huckaby, Pam Martin, Marva Dawkins, Ann McTureous, LoHy Wykert, Marnie Feasel, Sylvia Nelson. Graduate Student Organization First row: George Hood, Lillian Kalashion, Richard Moreland. Second row: Cornelius Albaugh, Nancy Hsu, Mary Scholler, Paula Drady, Anna Marie Krumholz, Angela Adellcra, Drucilla Raymond, Barbara Adams, Shil Hsun, Leung. Third row: Jon Straube, Richard Sullivan, Richard Sparkman, Bill Munsey, Danuta Zyndram-Koseialska, Jean Moltby, Hedi Randall, Rebecca Worthing- ton. Fourth row: John Schwartz, James Ulmer, Irvin Northcutt, Dexter Hagmon. Fifth row: Tom Saunders, Don Dertod, Garvin Toms. Debate Squad First row: Miss Martha Womacl , Rachel Rajchel, Margo Mitts, Pot Wilkinson, Bonnie Wal ker. Second row: Fred Church, James Flint, Fodoy Kallon, Bruce Rose, Al Dawson. Pershing Rifles National Honor Society of Basic ROTC Cadets First row: Dan Fremont, Wendell Seay, Dave Amiot, Capt. McDonald, Dee Lewis, Marty Mathews, James Gilbert, Jerry Strasbaugh, David Midkiff. Second row: Charlie Craig, Roy Akin, Jim Owens, John Warren. Third row: James Ritter, Alex Moire, Donald Settina, Charles Parantha, Leroy Goodrich, Randy Spiwak, Barry Brassard, John Sowdon, Daniel Gunter, Greg Maxwell, Steve Skelton, Warren Rowley. Young Democrats Dr. Critoph, Mae Andrews, Nena Heald, Rob Taylor, Kathy Bott, Jenny Courson, Neuman Pollack, Cheryl Michael, Jane Spotts, Bruce Rose, Dr. Bailey. Young Republicans IWBVF First row; David Canfield, Mike Smith, Sandra Helling, L.W. Sndeker, Richard Herman. Second row: Jeff Jennings, Keith Allen, Tom McDermott, Lorraine Dunlap. Third row: Walt Steige, Glen Bebat, Watson Chaney, John Sawdon, Lee Smith, Pinky Lee, Jim Flint, Ron Crews, George Puckhafer, Fred Church. Stetson Fashion Board Founded in conjunction with Mademoiselle Mag- azine, the Fashion Board ' s purpose is to increase fashion awareness on Stetson ' s campus through such activities as--Orientation Fashion Show . . . Green Feather Fashion Show . . . Glamour ' s Best Dressed Contest . . . Mademoiselle ' s Mag- azine ' s College Board Competitions. Joyce Anderson, President Joyce Anderson Candace Berner Bev Darnell Barbara DeVeaux Susan Earle Ellen Exon Susan Goldsmith Pris Ha- ' ris Lynn Jewell Dusty Kenyon Sherrie Lewis Kathy Lucas Candie Marshall Cora Meyerhaver Donna Mulllns Anne Porter Barbara Sawyer Paula Slusher Judi Sweeney Toni Walter Mary Ward Sandy Williams Lolly Wykert Panhellenic Council Jan Fowler, Kathy Dehoney, Pom Erickson, Pat Dullard, Jane Gilbert, Dale McCormick, Suzanne Clarke. Inter-Fraternity Council Seated: Steve Lanier, George Walker, Frank Steuart, Bob Holland. Standing: Bill Curtis, Chris Carley, Jim Graham, Tom Aiello, Ken Jones. Axn V Becht, Barbara Clarke, Suzanne Coffey, Sue Collier, Camille Daye, Susan Edmiston, Anne Edwards, Debbie Fisher, Ellen Gehres, Ruthie Hardiman, Martha Hazelton, Linda Huckaby, Beth Jennings, Cheryl Joel, Cathy Johnson, Mary Martin, Pamela Mikell, Ann McCarty, Sue Mclrvin, Rosemary McTureous, Ann Paller, Patti Patterson, Pam Penson, Sally Poling, Karen Price, Rebecca Rand, Ginny Renne, Karen Shroads, Carol Simmons, Joan Smith, Kimberly Snell, Paula Stacks, Cheryl Trask, Solly Walton, Ellen Watson, Jeannie Wilkinson, Lynn Winchester, Diane Yancey, Sue Zinzow, Dale Jarrell, Maureen President We call it fun! ... a red door and wax on the rug . . . and we all wear the same pin senor . . . Ocala National forest . . . Lost Lyres and a surprise serenade . . . who re- tired the blooper award? . . . Feathers are fun . . . Sixteen is such a sweet number . . . Sunday night socials, bring your own candle . . . Egg shells don ' t causecancer . . . There ' s no money in oranges . . . we must be the kind they marry ... In a little red carnation . . . Lyrebirds are for real . . . Uncle Sam had two dates to weekend . . . spaghetti anyone . . . We elected her president to keep her out of the kitchen . . . any new diet ideas . . . You may call it madness . . . May you always. Marva Dawkins, President 1,2,3 . . . Dumm. Dumm Dumm: Prefer- ably, etc., etc., etc.. Poop. HAIL Bananie Oakley: " What can I say? ' . . . Carol, who is Best? . . . Algae lives again in J ' ville, or was that Ken Knight ' s Drive?. . . And now for our next trix-Poop and all of Poop ' s friends are immortals. . . . the six legged turtle, grand-dad, the big AA: Ah, Ah, Bob!!! Vacation in sunny Frazier ' s Ville, Fla. . . . Spike Sandy; forever! Sick? Amen . . . Linda Adams Mae Andrews Pat Culpepper Barb DeVeaux Gwendolyn Frazier Laurie Lawrence Marva Lewis Marti Hughes, Marie Sick, Carol Santiago, Sharon Young, Dean Ryle, Sadie Talbot, Carol Feyerisn, Joan Russell, Debbie Kleinhans, Mary Young, Nancy West, Alicia Floyd. Barr, Barbara Barton, Jan Bell, Priscilla Bowen, Carol Branch, Sherry Cages, Susie W 4 ' Chorpening, Mary Anne IIa »IJ Conover, Dana f cr- Conroy, Wendy Davis, Donna Earll, Nancy Ellison, Kathy Feasel, Lorraine Feasel, Marnie Gailbreath, Carol Gaskins, Susie Jane Byerts President Gilbart, Jane Hallis, Jakki Jones, Elizabeth W dA Lewis, Sherri Locosole, Judy Lucas, Kathy Mohan, Delta Millard, Jill McCullough, Janet Posnicky, Wanda Ralston, Carol Pylkas, Suzy Hey yoyo! Bitsy Bu . . . " I ' ll get over it. " But Mamma . . . Has anything traumatic happened to you today? But he ' s too short ... Hi! How ' s the party? But I don ' t like tuna fish! Let ' s play bridge . . . Y ' all Toodles! Go Panhellenic . . . Dadgum! Teufelita . . . Easy! Oh! He ' s so sweet! Be discreet . . . Isn ' t that a tad redun- dant? The sexy sixteen? Rea, Peggy Roberts, Bobbi Robinette, Linda Sanderson, Sandra Sherfey, Donna Smotherman, Susan Sorrell, Liz Walker, Sally Water, Rochelle Wheelon, Janice White, Judi Wice, Jacqueline Williams, Sandy Wynn, Cynthia Alpha XI Delta I mean really!!! Obnoxious pledges, but good ones. STARCHED SHIRTS ONE TIME! Who said that???? 24 pledges . . . that ' s enough to revolt! 24 pledges at breakfast on Saturday morn- ing??? Thumbs up Walter and Cromwell! Bex and her Blonde door!!! SYLVIA . . . " Mighty Mo " . . .Pitti Patti! Pine trees, pine trees, pine trees . . .huh Pait??? Marshmel- lows on strings? Convince me!!!! Good things come in small packages!!! Who ' scom- ing to mini-mester? Jan, Sally, Chrys??? Did you ever have your slip on backwards? ' The Space " . . . Did he call yet, Fergie? Snoopy . . . The Red Baron . . . Elvira! Anderson, Jan Anderson, Joyce Beltz, Susan Bostick, Karen Brown, Kathy Bussy, Jill Coiner, Sherry Craven, Carnie Cromwell, Pamela Cummings, Sally Darnell, Bev Davis, Becky Daves, Nancy Deen, Gloria Deen, Teresa Doudney, Ann LM L.A Dowell, Fran Farnell, Sally Ferguson, Carol Gale, Gwen Kerr, Darcie Kinnan, Anne Klotzbier, Nancy McCormick, Dale Potter, Susan Sawyer, Bebe Saeyer, Chris Skuda, Kristy Smothers, Joy Starr, Janice Stone, Pot Sullivan, Jon Sweeney, Judi Thomson, Debbie Walter, Toni Willis, Ginger Young, Amanda Delta Delta Delta Ashley, Judith Bauknight, Lynn Laura Kircher President Barrett, Jo Lyn 3urr, Mary Ann Clark, Debbie Damon, Joan Dew, Brenda Dinkey, Susie Dunlop, Lorraine Ernst, Jan It ' s the worst! . . . Have you seen our bathroom? . . . We love you Uncle Wally . . . Did you really? ... But the Phi Mu ' s don ' t! . . . Laura ' s birthday present. . . . IFC did what?! . . . And now for our next lesson in etiquette . . . Never pawn your pin. . . . TheTop ' 21. . . . Oh, WOW! . . . Stop clap . . . So listens . . . Innocents? Abroad? . . . Love, Clutz. . . . Finch, Francis Fockele, Katie Fowler, Jan Gamble, Lynn Gaven, Maureen Crossley, Janet D I A Green, Ann Hankin, Joyce Hester, Betsy Jowers, Becky Kendall, Pat Kenyan, Dusty Kern, Irene KIrcher, Laura Laise, Mia Lindemann, Beverly Littlehale, Kathy LukoskI, Diane Malone, Margaret Mitchell, Susie Morrison, Deborah Martin, Barbara Martin, Sandy Musser, June Riley, Donna Taylor, Trudy Trahan, Paula Weathers, Janet Wetmore, Jo D. Williams, Donna Wright, Lynette Wykert, Lolly Phi Mu w I 1TB Excuse me, but I think you ' re in my way. . . . Another condlelighting? . . . Where ' s the fly swatter? I don ' t mean to be ugly, but . . . Give us an A -A. . . . Still chewin ' your gum? . . . Did you learn that in Wes- tern Civilization? Alday, Linda Baker, Sally Berner, Candoce Berwald, Sandy Bridgers, Jan Cabral, Gall Clarke, Frankie Clay, Barbara Colombi, Toni Daniels, Janice Dehoney, Becky Dehoney, Kathy Dullard, Pat Eckert, Jan ; Ezell, Ginny Goldsmith, Susan Jackson, Lindy Jacobs, Gayley Kouracos, Argene Marshall, Candie Minor, Kathy Moore, Nan Maclean, Phyllis McCardle, Kathy Millaine Wooley President Peterman, Virginia Powell, Susan Radebaugh, Kris Reynolds, Carol Ross, Linda Sherwood, Anne Smith, Lucia Smith, Sally Smith, Suzanne Solheim, Evelyn Spivey, Janice Stringfield, Jean Vernan, Marsha Vihien, Carol Walker, Sharon Ward, Mary Webster, Susie Willis, Nancy Wilson, Melanie Wooley, Millaine Pi Beta Phi J J " ■hi ' ■ ' ' n ' t l l ti 11 Carolee Anderson Andi Audonian Joan Badinel Ann Barron Susan Bender Mary Ann Baube Romona Carrol Rocky Church Brenda Coons Marche Crocker Elissa Emerson Pamela Erickson Sharon Frank Carol Gill Ellen Haines Margaret Hardy Twenty-two is a lucky number . . . the Barron . . . Not Andonian again . . . the purple pig . . .Bop, didly dotten, opps, I forgot the words . . . Not a surprisecandle- lighting . . . Peanut butter and fire engines . . . Organization plus . . . the blue bug . . . ROTC did it again . . . Like mother, like daughter . . . What have they done to the Oscar Meier weiner song? . . .Where you going LaFreniere . . . We like spaghetti!!! . . . the Weekend visitors . . . Pledges one time, maybe all thetime?? . . . M.C.andthe chocolate cherries . . . Cocoa Beach will never be the same . . . Delta Sig infiltrators . . . Purdue . . . U.N.C. . . . Zeta was founded where?? . . . We try harder . . . the super stars . . . Zeta is an un-sorority . . . the Trip ... a cat named Tom . . . Millisor, oh no!!! . . . Lambda Chi one time . . . Rally round the fire, girls . . . Martha Pollard President Charlee Hays Cindy Johnson Mary Jane Jones Rhonda Kelly Vicki LaFreniere Linda Leeds Sarah J. Lewis Linda Millisor Elizabeth Margolin Martha Pollard Lynda Pratt Kathleen Ryan Lynn Sanderfer Peggy Sanders Mary Catherine Smith Anne Marie Vitek Cheryl Wanner Betsy West Mary Ann Wilcox Jay Younger Xeta Tau Alpha 11 i AE4) Steve Burley Winston Ca rlton Tom Davis George Engelhard Harold Fraser Philip Gonot John Hammon Becky Davis Sweetheart Bob Houmes Robert Jordon Jeff Kneen Ron Lewis Bernie McCabe Allan McFarland William Napoli Carl Pedersen Kendrick Ralph Leon Smitfi Stuart Tillingfiast President The Big F Bummer . . . Mystics . . . Glad to see you finally made it . . . What ele- phants? . . . Power weekend ... In the dirt? . . . Good " O " . . . you sly dog . . . Harold, the master ' s on the phone . . . Thorpe has a date? . . . you can ' t take a joke . . . Somebody clean the roaches out of Kent ' s room . . . Delta Sigs don ' t dot, they dive. Ken Staples Frank Stewart Jim Stroud Louie Strum Mike Tfiompson Jim Tfiorpe Wallace Thurston Larry Tyner Bill Weber Max Ziontz Delta Sigma Phi I .a ' f k !fV. AXA Ernie Ahlquis Norman Alle, Bill Armour Ross Armour John Bamford Bruce Bowman Royal Brown Albert Cabrol Chris Carley Keith Casto Jim Crawford Richard Crosby Robert Curtis Chris Fear John Flornoy Robert Fore » 15 George Green Roderick Hansen Tim Haywood Jim Hobbs Bill Jackson Tom Koszoru Tom Lynch Scott Marple Dick Moorehead Chris Park Slick . . . Sizeable . . . What Castle? . . . Today I will instruct you in . . . Check . . . You guys seen a tuning fork? . . . See Scot- ty Run . . . the ' 57 . . . Decent ... If you can ' t take a joke . . . Don ' t you look like Joe College tonight . . . What ' s the good word ... If they ain ' t Lambs . . . Home of Kendall . . . Ain ' t no one gonna climb our mountain . . . OTR . . . He must be in Orange City . . . Strange way to carry a toothbrush . . . We got him on the head- phones . . . Fiiiii . . . Chuck and Eddies ' . . . Colonel WHAT?? . . . That ' ll be five . . . Cooter . . . Iron M-M-M . . . Demons . . . Super sniggie . . . Joe Pelter Alfred Pileggi Tony Riedel Rick Rintz James Russell David Schofield Jim Shelfer Gary Smith Tom Somerville Bob Sturgis Robert Warfield David Wilt Lambda Chi Alpha TTKA Charlie Anderson Philip Binkow Dennis Boothe William Bruce Biff Clark Randy Cunningham Dave Disney John Duncan James Edwards Tim Frozier Robert Giles Lewis Gingery George Hanlan Chuck Hartz Greg Hoagerwerf Sid Jennette V I Kathy McCordle Sweetheart Scott Johnson Steve Karr Frank Kiehelman Fritz Lawaetz Bob Letson Carl Lindgren Bill Lindsley John MacConnell Joseph Macbeth Geoffrey Mack Steve Moynchan President QuiH . . . Borneo ' s car is brown ... Ice cream party ... By the skin of Morton ' s 3rd . . . Nebish . . . Tractor. . . Smeed . . . Eatsie . . . Beaver . . . Droptime . . . Mule . . . Biggy Nixon . . . Green Room . . . Yeti missed his block and Yeti is Dumb . . . Gentle Ben . . . Moore found himself . . . Pretty Boy . . . I ' m good enough to go active now . . . Bonholing . . . Keep your doppersup . . . 3rd stall . . . Fast break Disney . . . Shoe ' s back . . . D B . . . R oad King . . . Clackers . . . Pec . . La Tree . . . VINCE Ramanello ... In There . . . BMFB . . . Trophy Week. Robert McDade Dennis McNamora Chick Meyer Jon Mills Donald Moore Steve Maynahan John Rife Bruce Rudolph John Thompson Lawrence Winse TTK ) Gene Allen Jeff Aste Derrell Boone Tony Bussman Mike Camp Hal Cauvel Judd Chapman Reed Clary Ralph Cline Charlie Craig Chess Donbury Larry Densmore Vince Dix Jim Dyson Jim Evans Dave Falkins Kris Radebaugh Rose Queen Jim Folds Bill Gaventa Steve Goff Danny Hightower Mike Jarrard Ed Jones Rick Lankford Steve Lanier Dave Lavvrence Mike Loftin Dave Machette Dick Mahaffey Mike Matheson BobMcBeath Terry Mullen Perry Ken Radebaugh David Reid Shuttleworth, the leech . . . Clacker . . . Catfish . . . Tree ' s limb . . . Stud-ah! . . . Yeah, uh-huh! . . . Red Arrington . . . Uncle who? . . . Homer Folds! . . . You keep on, heah! . . . Stash ... I ' d rather spend one day as a lion than a thousand years as a . . . I ' ll never tell a lie, George Washing- ton . . . She ' s from St. Augustine ... FT . . . Peepmobile . . . The Dragon Wagon . . . Black Glove, 88 . . . ' The Barn " . . . Cool red-neck . . . Yeah, bass . . . FP . . . Perchance we have!!!! George Retter Martin Satava Steve Shoemaker Mark Shuttleworth Mike Southward Bill Stemper Steve Stutts David Sumner John Swann Seton Tomyn Terry Trebelo Jim Weart Mark Weaver Greg Wilkerson Pi Kappa Phi 1 Kp- j H [p 1 1 w s s Thomas Appleton Lynwood Arnold Doug Bagin David Bennett Wayne Brewer Andy Burnett Ted Butler Charles Chaplin Jim Craven Rick Doetsch Millard L. Fowler Bill Marie— report to Jacksonville . . . Prune . . . Who is the real " kid " ?, Holland or Davidson? . . . Glenn Ernest who? . . . Pledge Longman in the —closet . . . Harris? The Prince? Right! . . . Our Gotlieb Teamis Number One! . . . Haoa! . . . Ping Pong... Tooth is a Redneck . . . Brewer eats lizard meat . . . Jim Craven, called from the State Welfare Agency . . . Pledge Latour en la casa! . . . The Fuller Brush Men I don ' t core if the T.V. in the house is twenty times better, you can get privacy at the PI PHI apartment . . . William Matthews Hugh Mcllwain Larry Miller Gus Mills Mark O ' Brien Christopher Ralston Mike Scenti Chris Sorensen Dave Starkey Thomas Stewart John Tangney Wally Wenk Sigma Nu A E4 E Raymond Alden R. M. Bagby Randy Burwel Brent Byars Ted Davis Robert Eckers Wayne Forguson Robert Foulds . Tom Fulton Alexander Gamboa Don Dashiell Jim Graham Robert Goissey Jim Hancock Don Jacobson Tom Krist y Nancy Mills Sweetheart John Loveland Ward Mathis Charlie McCombs David McCorvey Craig Meyer Chad Michaels Jay Moore Elliot Perny John Polk Robert Revere HOSE . . . Mayor Daley alive in the Sig Ep House . . . Goat Man . . . The cynical unwalrus . . . Hick replaces Younger . . . Lawrence is allergic to pencillin . . . Fulton ' s technicolor neck . . . Foulds:-10-20-30-sold! . . . Hey, Bob, are you a warlock? . . . Say, Polk, what do you think of my banana tree? . . . Obnoxious . . . " Donnie and Clyde " . . . Loveland prays with his guru ... In the left ear, brutal situation . . . Oscar (Bomber) Meyer is a winner . . . SigEpallthemaddog time!!! Wayne Sanderson William S. Shee, Jr. Jack Shepard Philip Shew Randy Smalley Donald Suttira Clyde Walker, Jr. George Walker Ed Weathers Mark Williams David R. Wilson Jim Younger Sigma Phi Epsilon fl Robert Montgomery President Jesse Burns Roland Griffin Timothy Hicks George Roman Ken Showers Reginald Williams John Woullard Omega Phi Omega Men . . . ready for a successful year . . . building . . . pledges . . . cocky, defiant, but slaves to actives . . . Represen tative-at-Large, SUB . . . Roland Griffin . . House Parties . . . fun . . . Brotherhood . Tearing down . . . unveiling . . . Beauty Exhaustion . . . Hell Week . . . H-E-L-L . . Trophies . . . Omegas second straight Green Feather win . . . will-power . . . temporary . . . striking . . . planning residence ... a new Omega Phi House . . . More Brothers . . . fulfilling their beliefs . . . OMEGA PHI FOREVER!. . . m M« ii » i» ' » ! " ' «y i ww " ' " ' l , l ll lW Pli.) . i . l l ( . m»m » »» ■ ' » SPORTS Cheerleaders N Anne Corpening, Judy LoCasole, Susie Gaskins, Ann McTureous, Linda Robinette, Rochelle Wa- ters, Linda Powell, Paula Snell, Susie Smith, Nancy Klotzbier. 1968 So ccer Stetson Opp Ga. State 3 2 Fla. Southern 2 1 Embry Riddle 4 5 U. of Miami 2 1 Flo. Southern 1 2 St. Leo College 2 Fla. Presbyterian 3 1 Embry Riddle 1 4 Rollins 1 2 Fla. Southern 4 St. Leo College 1 3 Brevard 3 2 Jacksonville 1 1 Fla. Presbyterian 5 Rollins 7 BASKETBALL Earnest Killum Junior guard— transfer from Coahoma Junior College in Clarksdale, AAiss.— 23 pointaveroge last year — 42 points in Miami game. Ken Showers Sophomore forward - center — came on real strong during latter part of freshman cam- paign — scored 24 points and grabbed 17 re- bounds against Tulane. Derrell Boone Junior forward — led team in scoring during his sophomore season — top Stetson game was 30 point effort against the Citadel during his freshman season — average points, 14. First row; Jessie Grove, Steve Holland, Archie " Junior " Gale. Second rov : Mitch Grant, Ron Beal, Earnest Kil- lum, David Davidson, Frank Allen, John Loveland, Coach Weickel. Third row: Coach Gray, Roger Woodbury, Chris Ralston, Ken Showers, Derrell Boone, Seton Tomyn, Coach Wilkes. Steve Holland Sophomore guard who saw starting service as a freshman — had 31 point night at Georgia Southern. Jesse Grove Sophomore guard who scored total of 160 points as a freshman — very good outside shooter — fastest player on team. Ronald Beal Freshman forward who started forMaplewood High School in New Jersey where he averaged 19 points and 16 rebounds per game— sound fundamentally for a freshman— handles ball well. Roger Woodbury Senior forward-center — a 3-year letterman who earned " Best Effort " award his freshman year as a starting center. Chris Ralston Senior center — returning starter who led team in rebounding during his sophomoreand junior campaigns — lettered as a freshman though mis- sing first half of season with broken hand — named to AII-FIC second team in 1966-1967. John Loveland Junior forward— started most of last season and earned coaches ' " Best Effort " award for the year. Archie Gale Junior transfer from South Florida Junior Col- lege—very good ball-handler and floor lead- er— prepped at Plant City High School where he was All-Southwest conference and led his team to Florida State Class A finals. Baseball This team will have the challenge of re- establishing the Stetson baseball tradition. Our primary goal will be the basic goal of athletics to " earn the respect of our oppo- ents. " Coach James Ward First row: Wayne Perry, Jesse Grove, Dave Reid, Gary Sanchez, John Reeves, Tom Gringras, Ronnie Keith. Second row: Coach Word, Pete Dunn, Steve Crossett, Lorry Jones, Dave Davidson, Doug Bagen, Jim Orr, Mike Baker, Ted Butler, Lar- ry Miller, Tony Latour, NAME POS. CL. HOMETOWN Bagin, Doug P. Jr. Syossett, N.Y. Baker, Mike P. So. Allington, Va. Butler, Ted OF Jr. Pahokee, Fla. Crossett, Steve P. Fr. Pleasantville, N.Y. Davidson, David OF-INF So. Bonaire, Go. Dunn, Pete C Jr. Delray Beach, Fla. Goingras, Tom INF So. West Palm Beach, Fla Grove, Jesse INF So. Deland, Fla. Hackleman, Bob INF Fr. Indianapolis, Ind. Jones, Larry INF So. Vero Beach, Fla. NAME POS. CL. HOMETOWN Keith, Ronnie INF-C So. Orlando, Fla. Latour, Tony IB Jr. Ensenada, Puerto Rico Miller, Larry OF Jr. Longwood, Fla. Orr, Jim P. Fr. Indianapolis, Ind. Perry, Wayne P. Jr. Richmond, Va. Reeves, John INF Jr. Islamorada, Fla. Reid, David OF-P Jr. Winter Park, Flo. : ' :: .kiS .}[4:S mr . ._-._. . ' , »Siiw42 NAME POS. CL. HOMETOWN Sancher, Gary OF Fr. Vero Beach, Fla, Winslow, Herbert IB-C Fr. Wenham, Mass. Tennis Ed Jones Sr. Coral Gables, Fla. Ted Davis Fr. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla Hal Hicks Jr. Lakeland, Fla. Randy Burwell Sr. Rumson, N.J. Ron Lewis Soph. Bradenton, Fla. Harland Meriam Fr. Deland, Fla. Ted Davis, Randy Burwell, Hal Hicks, Harland Merrlam, Ed Jones, Coach Ray Hussey, Ron Lewis. Golf Jim Ross, Wayne Brassey, Walt Ketcham, Howard Wright, Martin Satava. ,. ' » U¥e0m INTRAMURALS W amends Intramurals -• mT ' _ i- Football »9 V I r jB L tr THE RECORD - ' i(! ' )tak f LiZABETH HALL „ PRESIDENT » AN OF WOME COMPTRor ADMINISTRATION President Dr. Paul F. Geren For the most port, students don ' t see what transpires behind the closed doors of this office, and perhaps they ' ve only seen at a distance the green carpet that you ' re almost afraid to walk on, or the big glass coffee table that you ' re afraid to touch. But they can see him at 6:00 in the morning running around the track with a bunch of students, or somehow finding the inner fortitude to eat lunch in the commons. As president, he ' s new on the job, and yet he ' s had to take some strong positions. You don ' t always agree with him, but you have to respect him: Paul Geren, our sophomore president. Chancellor J. Ollie Edmunds He graduated from Stetson, and was presi- dent for twenty years, but he still won ' t retire. He still cares about a little university in a small town in central Florida. He must prefer people to redwood trees, and quality to quantity. In twenty years here he made twenty dollars, but earned a million times more. He has seen a lot happen at Stetson, and wants to see more. Thank you, J. Ollie Edmunds, for staying around and caring. Dr. Earl Edington Chairman of the Board Dr. Edmunds, Dr. Geren, Gov. Carlton, Dr. Edington. Back Row: Mr. Henderson, Mr. Gurney, Mr. Harold Bennett, Dr. Knight, Mr. Campbell, Mr. Wheeler, Mr. Mann, Mr. Carlton, Jr., Dr. Parker, Mr. Blalocl , Mr. Flippo, Mr. Clapp, Mr. Stenstrom, Mr. Morris, Mr. Harshow. Front Row: Mr. Reid, Dr. Edmunds, Mr. Ferrell, Dr. Geren, Gov. Carlton, Dr. Edington, Mr. Jarrard, Dr. Coleman, Mr. Robinson. Dr. John E. Johns Vice-President in Charge of Finance " We have the type of University that will survive. The things we want to do will make us a better college. . . . Experimentation in our case is necessary, because money will flow to a progressive school, rather than a needy institution. " Dean of the School of Business Administration Edward C. Furlong, Jr. " Stetson ' s Business School students are above the average for most business schools. We don ' t anticipate any expansion as far as physical plant goes, but we are constantly seeking to improve our faculty and curriculum in order to keep pace with the growing demand for business school graduates and the general excellence of this university. " Paul T. Langston " We feel that we want to be small here at Stetson in the Music School. This way we can give a personal touch to the student. My idea is that there needs to be in the Southeast a small undergraduate music school of truly high quality. At the present there isn ' t an outstanding one, unless it is us. We can gain this goal with our efforts alonq with the new music school. " Dean of the School of Music Dean of the Sciences Robert Chauvin . . The sciences at Stetson are reaching the threshold of excellence . . . Stetson is well known for its science program, which is unique among Baptist institutions in our part of the country. There is no reason to believe that it will not continue to be a plus for the Stetson of tomorrow. Eliot D. Allen . . . One of the chief joys of being at Stet- son-besides the kind of students we have! -is the privilege of working with a very un- usual, gifted, and dedicated faculty. We have been fortunate enough to keepteachers here whom we literally cannot afford in terms of the salaries they are worth. Two things I specially hope for the future are these: first, that we can reward our faculty much better; but, second, that we will always continue to have a faculty so good that it is better than we can afford. Dean of Humanities Dean of the Law School Richard T. Dillon . . . During the administration of the for- mer dean, Justice Harold L. Sebring, the Law School made remarkable progress. Stetson University, alumni, and friends, and sup- porters of the College of Law can take great pride of the record of achievement of the school and in the national reputation it has earned under his leadership. I will make every effort to continue the administration of the college in the fine tradition already established by him. Ted Banks . . . I ' ve only been here a short while, and before I came I only knew of Stetson vaguely. Stetson has its problems, and we must deal with them honestly. There are exciting possibilities and the potential is here. We must take an open stance on what a university is, question our goals and aims, and redesign them to keep pace with our potential. Assistant to President in Development Assistant to the President William R. Baggett I do feel we have a great future here at Stetson. We are becoming much more involved. We can ' t be static, we have to be receptive to new ideas. Innovation is the key word. We are going to have to stay alive. George Borders My new job involves more than the former one, but as long as I can work with the stu- dents I am happy. As far as Stetson itself goes, I think it is becoming stronger. I might add that I think that Stetson has had the finest soccer team it has ever had in its 12 year history. Dean of Men Dean of Women P ' IIS t ' V.i Etter Turner Through the years Stetson Students hove shown a unique quality in their leader- ship ... In the years called " apathetic " on many campuses, there were always active student leaders at Stetson who were willing to take the time for discussion and involve- ment . . . The mature and responsible stu- dents will continue, I believe, to be involved with faculty and administration in striving to create an atmosphere in which students can truly learn. Mary Edna Walls I don ' t see at Stetson a precarious pos- ition . . . Changing from some of the ideas which we held in the past shows that we are interested. Stetson adds the personal touch to education, bearing with the students until they mature. Assistant Dean of Women Comptroller of the University H. Graves Edmondson Despite momentary frustrations, I have enjoyed my job very much. I have found much excitement in working with our stu- dents . . I am sure the University will have to meet pressures of rising cost, but we are always seeking new approaches and new ways to find funds for our operations. Barbara Rowe Students today are much more aware than those of years past. They know of the innerworkings of a university and want to help it in every way they can. Students are becoming less and less transient and this concept provides exciting possibilities. Registrar Director of Admissions Gary Meadows Actually, all of us at Stetson hope to up- grade its activity. We have always been somewhat selective, choosing the Student who is nationally above average. We are not Ive League, but regionally Stetson stacks up very well ... In general, the prospects for Stetson are very bright. 0. C Allen Financial aid at Stetson is a million dollar business . . . The Federal Government en- try into the program . . . completely revol- untionized the entire concept. Our greatest anxiety is the distribution of Fede ral funds. Director of Finacial Aid Director of Guidance Center George Hood Stetson must be influenced by other in- stitutions, because we cannot exist in a vacuum. We certainly need to examine our structure and experiment. The experimenta- tion of one generation is the boredom of the next. George Painter My concern is to develop an alumni pro- gram which will keep our alums informed about the University and committed to the educational objectives of the academic com- munity. This will result, hopefully, in stronger alumni support for the University and their personal involvement in the educational concerns of their local communities. Director of Alumni Affairs hihrarian Dudley Yates Not only should one be able to point with pride to the beautiful library building, but also to the quality collection housed within. The latter is not yet a fact . . . Richard Moreland The Stetson Graduate almost without ex- ception is well prepared for graduate school. Not only in the Ph.D., programs, but also in fields of medicine, law and dentistry, to name a few. Our graduates have the basic tools to compete favorably with any other student. Chairman of Graduate Council SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Dr. William Anderson Finance, Accounting Mr. Harry Edwards Real Estate Dr. Chauncey Elkins Marketing, Management Lt. Col. Kenneth Jackson Quantitative Analysis, Statistics Mrs. Mary P. Jones Management, Communications Mr. Ray G. Jones, Jr. Finance Mr. John MacDonald Management Mr. David W. Nylen Management, Finance, Economics Mr. Daniel E. O ' Keefe Accounting THE SCHOOL OF MUSIC Mrs. Lenoir Almond Piano Miss Frances J. Buxton Violin Mr. Roger Cushman Piano Mr. Richard Mr. Feasel Theory, Conducting Mr. Robert Fort Church Music Mr. Harold M. Giffin Voice Miss Frances Hughes Piano Mrs. Janet Jenkins Music Librarian Mr. Paul Jenkins Organ Miss Eleanor Leek Cello, Theory ■-■?.■ ' " , V Tl ' W LIBERAL ARTS SCHOOL Dr. Harland C. Merriam Chairman, Guidance, Reading Education Dr. A. M. Anderson Administration Dr. George Hood Guidance Dr. Richard B. Morland Philosophy, Research Mrs. Ella Mae Shearon Education Dr. Ruth Smith Elementary, Reading Dr. T. E. Smotherman Elementary Science and Math Dr. Ray Sowers Contemporary Problems in Florida Education English Dr. Byron H. Gibson Chairman, Shakespeare, Linguistics Dr. Eliot D. Allen Novel, Victorian Dr. Ethel B. Colbrunn Renaissance, Victorian Dr. C. Carter Colwell Criticism, Humanities Dr. Bryan E. Gillespie Renaissance, Linguistics Dr. Loyd H. Hilton 18th Century, American Literature Mrs. Kathleen A. Johnson Linguistics Dr. Richard E. Longford American Literature, Semantics , Dr. Ann R. Morris American Literature Dr. V illiam E. Toylor Poetry, Drama Mrs. Ingeborg Frank German Dr. Elsie G. Minter French Mr. Edward E. Settgast Spanish Dr. John L. Hodges Chairman, German Foreign Languages Philosophy Psychology Religion Sociology Mr. Joseph V. Adams Clinical Psychology Dr. Tucker Callaway World Religion Dr. C. D. Cochran Statistics, Learning Mr. Lewis Myers Philosophy of Religion Dr. John Riser Contemporary Philosophy Mr. D. Anthony Vice Abnormal and Criminal Sociology Mr. James D. Shumaker Philosophy Chairman, Aesthetics Dr. O. LaFayette Walker Religion Chairman, Biblical Studies speech Drama Art Mr. Bruce Griffiths Chairman, Theatre Mr. Fred Messersmith Chairman, Painting Mr. Leo W. Snedeker Speech and Hearing Pathology Mr. Charles Williams Design and Craft Miss Martha Womack American Studies Economics Political Science Dr. Thomas E. Allen American Politics Dr. Gerald E. Critoph Urban Life, Leadership and Social Change Miss Sandra Gleoson Underdeveloped Countries, Anthropology Dr. Gary Maris International Law, Political Theory Dr. John A. Hague American Studies Chairman Twentieth Century U.S.A. Dr. Charles Andrews Economics Chairman Underdeveloped Countries, Theory Dr. T. Wayne Bailey Political Science Chairman International Relations Lt. Col. David D. McCorvey Commanding, Chemical Corps Lt. Col. Joyce Downing Armor Military Science Physical Education Major Graham McKinnon Infantry Captain Ted A. McDonald Artillery SGM Ben Taylor SSG Ted Jones Mr. Robert Weickel Freshman Basketball Mr. James Ward Swimming, Baseball Dr. Fred E. Clark Parasitology Dr. Edwin C. Coolidge Analytical, Physical Chemistry Dr. James H. DeLap Physical, Inorganic Chemistry Miss Dorothy Fuller Non-Flowering Plants, Embryology Dr. Keith Hansen Cold-Blooded Vertebrates Dr. William E. Hughes Solid State Physics Mr. Anthony T. Jusick Astro Physics Mr. Fletcher D. Srygley Solid State Physics Dr. John W. Voughen Physical, Analytical Chemistry Mrs. Violet H. Wojcik General Biology Biology Chemistry Physics Dr. George L. Jenkins Physics Chairman, Nuclear Mathematics Dr. Gene W. Medlin Chairman, Matrix Algebra Mrs. Ann L. Allen Statistics Mr. Emmett S. Ashcraft General Math Dr. Elizabeth Boyd General Math Mr. Henry W. Thwing Derivative Algebra Geography History Dr. John L. Evans Russian Dr. Evans C. Johnson American, Latin American Dr. Marc Lovelace Near-East, Archaeology Dr. Gilbert Lycon American Mr. Charles R. Stephen Conservation, Economic Geography Mr. A. Rand Sutherland Medieval Dr. Malcolm M. Wynn European, French Dr. Robert S. 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Bagby, Robert Boiley, John Bailey, Shawn Baric, Janice Barr, Barbara Barron, Ann Batey, Mae Becht, Barbara Belk, Tom Bender, Susan Besler, Dave BeVille, Sandy Bevis, Mark Binkow, Philip Bohl.Judy Bolton, Lynn Bostronn, Karen Bowers, Patti Brehme, David Bridgers, Jan Brien, Doty Bruce, William Burley, Steve Burns, Jesse Bussy, Jill Bott, Kathryn Byors, Brent Cages, Susie Calvin, Susan Calvin. Willian Campbell, Linda Canfield, David CarroM, Ramono Cheung Suk Kai, Phyll Clork, Elizabeth Clarke, Frankie Clarkson, Ken Coiner, Sherry Cole, Steve Cole, Susan Colombi, Toni Colson, Ken Camp, Mike Conner, Robert Coons, Brendo Cornell, Vaughn Colney, Floyd Coville, David Merrill Island Si. Augustine Tampa Carlyle, Pa. DeLand Chester Springs, Pa. Gainesville Fl. Pierce Charlotte, N.C. Allentown, Pa. Windsor, Conn. Newport News, Va. Orlando Miami Gulfbreeze Delray Beach Hollywood North Palm Beach Boyer, Ted St. Petersburg Bozeman, JoAnn Tempo Branch, Garland Schenectady, N.Y. Branch, Sherry Palm Beach Branigan, Maureen Rockledge Brassard, Barry DeLand Solellile Beach Orlando Sabring rodenton New Orleans, La. Deltona Elizabethtown, Ky. Atlanta, Ga. Eustis Euslis Milton Ft. Lauderdale Keystone Heights Hong Kong, China Hollywood Lakelond Furlong, Pa. Fairfax, Va. Baltimore, Md. Dallas, Tex. Sarasota Voldosta.Go. Durham, N.C. Jacksonville Pensacolo Orlondo Euslis Hollendole Cox, Nikki Ft. Lauderdale Crone, David Ft. Lauderdale Green, Roger St. Petersburg Crissey, Robert Miami Crocker, Morche Plant City Crosby, Richard Annandole, Vo. Cummings, Solly Borre, Vt. Donbury, Chess Annapolis, Md. Daniels, Gregory Cleorwater Dorian, Robert Ft. Lauderdale Daves, Nancy Miami Davis, Alan Oceanside, N.Y. Davis, Ted Ft, Lauderdale Deen, Teresa Charlotte, N.C. Delvich, Bonnie Apopka Desvousges, William St. Augustine Dirkey, Susie Tequesto Disney, Dove DeLand Dixon, Eric Norwalk, Conn. Doetsch, Rick Ft. Lauderdole Doudney, Ann Sonford Dowell, Fran St. Petersburg Doyle, Marcio Leominster, Moss. Drake, Dale Ft. Myers Druggars, Wayne DeLand Duncan, John Coral Gables Dunlop, Lorraine Miami Earl, Nancy Chevy Chase, Md. Eckers, Robert Pompano Beach Edmiston, Anne North Miami Edmondson, Marsha Bethel, Alaska Edwards, Debbie Ft. Lauderdale Ellis, Vera EouGollie Ellison, Kothy Jacksonville Elsberry, Melinda Miami Ewing, Susan Indion Harbor Beach Fairbairn, Borbara Roslyn Heights, N.Y. Farmer, John Winter Park Feasel, Lorraine DeLand Feather, Don Orlando Ferguson, Carol Miami Fishburne, Kenan Sannibel Fletcher, Steve New Smyrna Beach Float, Nancy Ft. Louderdole Flornoy, John North Palm Beach Frank, Susan St. Petersburg French, Amy Avon, Conn. French, Sydney Ft. Lauderdale Furst, William Westport, Conn. Goskins, Susie Arcadia Goven, Maureen Charlotte, N.C. Giles, Ed Loke Worth Giles, Robert Savannah, Go. Goldey, Steve Daytona Beach Goldsmith, Susan Crystal Lake, III. Gowen, Jerry Folkston, Go. Gonot, Philip Hollywood Green, Anne Atlanta, Go. Guerin, Rene Vero Beach Guinn, Gayle Gainesville Gunter, Dan Viena, Vo. Haines, Ellen Piscataway, N.J. Hamblen, Eunice Washington, DC. Homes, Donno Miami Springs Honkins, Joyce Ft. Lauderdale Hanlon, George Jacksonville Hansen, Roderick Orange, Conn. Hardy, Bill Louisville, Ky, Hargnett, Joyce Jacksonville Harkey, Blaze Winston-Salem. N.C Hays, Chorlee Orlando Haywood, Tim Elyria, Ohio Hazelton, Linda Eau Gollie Hearth, Blair Naples Heitner, Bob Pompono Beach Helling, Sandy Orlando Henriquez, George Caracas, Venezuela Herkal, Steve Hollywood Hicks, Timothy Tarpon Springs Hill.Carlyn DeLond Ho, Patrick Hong Kong, China Hoogerwerf, Greg Clearwater Horen, Susan Boxley, Ga. Horner, Elizabeth Miami Houghton, Betsy St. Augustine Howard, Kathy New Orleans Jockson, Bill Boca Raton Jacobs, Goyley Lokeland James, Patricio Ft. Pierce Jeandheurs, George Lighthouse Point Jeglem, Kevin Solomons, Md. Jeoonnides, Patricia Jacksonville Jenkins, George DeLand Jennette, Sid Coral Gables Jenning, Jeffery Washington, D.C. Jennings, Cheryl Okeechobee Jewell, Lynn Kissimmee Johns, Jennifer Kissimmee Johnson, Scott Tompo Jordan, Margaret Atlanta, Go. Jowers, Becky Atlanta, Ga. Karr, Steve Wallingford, Conn. Keefe, Calhy Richmond, Va. Keen, Nancy Annandale, Va. Kelly, Potricio Oca la Kelly, Rhonda Annondole, Vg. Kelly, Wade Monroe, La. Kendall, Pal West Polm Beach m 1 Kenyon, Dusty Kerr, Dorcie Kitching, Lynn Klarer, Michael , Klimp, Debbii Knighl, Elle Krisl.Tom Lankford, Rick Lau Kei-Fug Lawrence, Maryon Lemmond. Carol Lewis, Helen Lichtenstein, Alan Linger, Neil Loper, Beverly Lucas, Kothy Lust, Patty Lykes, Ctiarles Lynch, Tom Mach, Geoffrey MacLeon, Phyllis Mallard, Bob Mo ' -golin, Elizabeth Maxwell, Grey McCorty, Sue McClure, George McFarland, Allan McGinnis, Richard Mcllwain, Dave Mcllwoin, Hugh McKeely, Charles McMosters, Tom Merrill, Raymond Miller, Kay Miller, Larry Miller, Richard Mills, Gus Mininshohn, Pete Minor, Dorothy Monk, T. R. Moore, Jay Mouring, Donald Mullen. Terry Neal, Harry Nettleton, Wesley Neuyen, Ann Nha Newsome, Ruth Mobile, Marcio Oof, Paty Hudson, Ohio Pompano Beach Tompo Newport News, Va. Lighthouse Miami Chevy Chase, Md Annapolis, Md. Hong Kong, China Mtam Alexandria, Va Evanston, III Ft. Meade DeLond Ne w Haven, Conn. Silver Spring, Md. Ft. Lauderdale Harrisburg, Pa. Miami Apopka Jacksonville Hollywood Coral Gables Mineola, N.Y. Orlando Memphis, Tenn. Boynton Beach Winter Park St. Augustine Harleysville, Pa. Norfolk, Va. Alexandria, Va. Jacksonville Leesburg Tallahassee ada Tallahassee Zephyrhills Jacksonville Cheshire, Conn. Satellite Beach DeLond Havana Cleveland. Ohio Red Hook, N.Y. Lake Wales Miami Orlando Guilford, Conn. Trang, So. Viet Nam Jacksonville Hollywood Del to no O ' Brien, Mark Olagbemiro, Timothy Orr, James Paller, Palli Park, Chris Parpard Rina riy Pelter, Joe Peyraud, Jenny Pistone, Richard Poling, Karen Polk, John Porter, Anne Potter, Susan Powell, Devon Price, June Roboy, Eric Reddich, Gory Reeves, Earl Reeves, Wolloc Reid, Norman Retter, George Rhodes, Terry Riley, Donna Ritter, Jim Rosin, Benito Rotroff, Tom Rowe, Poulette Loui; Salyer, Pot Sanchez, Gory Sanders, Peggy Sanders, Sondra Sanderson, Wayne Sonlilli, Ann Sawyer, Bebe Soyles, Sandy Lee Scaggs, Bettie Scinti, Mike Schuster, Charles Seorles, Bobbie Jo Settino, Donald Shanlian.JohnP. Shepard, Jack Sherwood, Anne Shew, Philip Shields, Jack Singletory, Terry Sisson, Bill Smith, Solly Smothermon, Susan Snell, Paula Sorenson, James Southward, Mike Stacks, Cheryl Louisville, Ky. Nigeria Indionapolis, Ind. Delroy Beach Kotonoh, N.Y. Boynton Beoch Jacksonville Beoch Goldsboro, N.C. Melbourne Bronx, N.Y. Athens, Greece Punto Gordo Coral Gables Jacksonville St. Augustine Loke Helen Windermere Gainesville Seville Zephyrhills Doytono Beach Jacksonville Scotch Ploins, N.J. Littlerock, Ark. Polm Beoch Indian Harbor Homestead Lorgo Vero Beach Louisville, Ky. Tompo Jacksonville DeLond DeLand Miami Lake Wales Weothersfield, Conn. Gullbreeze Tompo Glenshow, Pa. Haddonfield, N.J. Sorosolo Sebring Avon, Conn. Tampa Tarpon Springs Wynnewood, Po. DeLond DeLond Lake City Sanford Dollos, Tex. Staples, Geoffrey Atlanta, Go. Staples, Ken Piltslield, Moss. Steele, Elizabeth Folkston, Go. Sterling, Steven Brownstown, Ind. Stevens, Janet Atlanto, Go. Stierii, J. P. Doylona Beoch Stone, Pat Charlotte, N.C. Strahan, Ted Silver Springs, Mo. Strum, Louis Indiotlanic Sturgis, Bob Manilla, Phillipines Sweeney, Judi Indianopolis, Ind. Swern, Vicky Sarasota Talbot, Soidee Hong Kong Taylor, Doug Sarasota Taylor, Trudy Orlando Terry, John Vero Beach Thomas, June DeLond Thompson, Robert Doytono Beach Thurman, Sharion Ft. Myers Trohon, Paula Polm Beach Trebolo, Terry Georgetown, Ky. Turner, Borry Clevelond, Ohio Uhelski,Mike Grand Blonc.Mich. Vaughn, Pat Jacksonville Vilek, Joella Juno Walker, Sally Jacksonville Wallace, Dan Tell City, Ind. Wallace, EInora Tarpon Springs Walton, Ellen Augusta, Go. Ward, Mary Springfield, Ky. Wasmund, Don Jacksonville Weathers, Janet Louisville, Ky. Weiss, Ina Orlando West, Betsy Mt. Vernon, Ohio White, Jim Okeechobee While, Judi Springfield, Ohio Whileman, John Ft. Myers Wilcox, Mary Ann Jacksonville Wilkinson, Jack Palm Beach Wilkinson, Pot Miami Williams, Mark Greenwich, Conn. Williams, Rebecca Cocoa Beach Williams, Reginald DeLeon Springs Williams, Tad Manosset, N.Y. Willis, Becky Boca Raton Willis, Nancy Alexandria, Va. Wilt, David Neptune Beoch Wolf, Tina Wolfe, Wanda St. Augustine Womeldorf, Mardie Gull Breege Wynn, Cynthia DeLand Zinzow, Dale Miami Ziontz, Max Pompano Beach Zipperer, Jerry Bradenton Sophomores Alden, Raymond Newton Upper Falls, Mass. Allen, Norman Ft. Lauderdale Anderson, Corolee New Smyrna Beach Anderson, Charlie Greenville, S.C. Andrews, Linda St. Petersburg Armour, Ross Miami Ashcratt, Carol Charlotte, N.C. Bailey, Mary Cocoa Beach Baker, Mike Arlington, Vo. Baker , Daniel Brunswick, Go. Baker, John Wilmington, N.C. Bar on, Jon Winter Garden Boube, Marianne Ml. Vernon, Ohio Beasley, Sharon Winter Pork Beggs, David Clearwater Belonger, Terry Whotely,Mass. BelLPriscillo Miami Springs Berke, Connie Jean Dayton, Ohio Bionculli, Eileen Hollendole Burr, Mary Ann Wontogh, N.Y. Blonkinship, Poul Brevard, N.C. Bloom, Jeff Wyncate, Pa Boerner, Bill Marathon B ostic, Ron Jacksonville Brev er, Wayne Winston-Salem, N.C. Brown, Michael St. Thomas, Virgin Islonds Bussman, Anthony Elmo, N.Y. Boslrom, Carol fHollywood Brien, Pally Orlando Brown, Pot Cocoa Beach Chapman, Judd Tallahassee Chorpening, Mary An ne DeLand dork, Biff New York City, N.Y. Clorke, Suzanne Miami Coales, Alan Florence, S.C. Coffey, Sue Bradenton Collier, Camille Montezuma, Go. Colpepper, Pot DeLand Conover, Dona Coral Gables Cook, Morii Largo ' Kiyi Coorson, Jenny Hialeah Craig, Jim Woodbridge, Conn. Curlis, Roberl Monson, Mass. Daniels, Janice Son ford Davis, Donna Sanford Davis, Tom Jacksonville Dale, Belly Miami Dovidson, Charles Foirfax, Vo. Deen, Gloria Charlolte, N.C. Densmore, Lorry Jacksonville Dickson, Warren Winler Pork Diliey, Dee Dee Allonlic Beach Dull, Debbie Pompano Beach Edelblul, Mary Suzanne Albany, Go. Engelhard, George Leesburg Erickson, Pamela Si. Croix, Virgin Islands Ernsl, Jan Challonoogo, Tenn. Fennel!, Bob Richmond Hill, Go. Field, Marcia Denver, Colo. Flinl, James Satellite Beach Fockele, Kalie Gainesville, Go. Forguson, Wayne Daytono Beach Fowler, Jan St. Petersburg Frazier, Joyce Orange City Frozier, Tim Orlando Gamble, Lynn Daytono Beach Gehres, Rulhie Jocksonville Gilberl, James Hollywood Gieoson, Paul DeLond Glenn, Kirk Ft. Myers Goelz, Laurel Daytono Beach Gotf, Bill Pittsburgh, Pa. Goff, Richard Winter Pork Goldstein, Phil Prince Frederick,Md. Gore, Sharon Hialeah Gorman, John Schenectady, N.Y. Greek, Volerie Jacksonville Greenfield, Lorraine Eou Gallie Grenci, Eugene Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. Grier, Doug Lokeworth Griffin, Kay Ocolo Guenlher, Carol Largo Hanney, Rosemary Clifton, N.J. Harden, Timolhy Okeechobee Hardimon. Mariha Ashland, Ky. Harris, Pris Alexandria. Va. Hartnett, Ray Ft. Lauderdale Herman. Richard Sarasota Hersey. Bonnie Lakelond Hill, Judie Jacksonville Hite, Joan Edgewater Hodges, Perry Hollywood Holbrook, Kalhryn Orlando Holcorrb, Steve Brunswick. Go. Hopkins, Jeff Cold Spring Harbor. N.Y. Huffman, Cindy West Palm Beach Hunt, Frank Orlando Johnson, Cindy Damascus. Md. Johnston, Jock Thompsonville. Conn. Jones, Pete Atlanta. Ga. Jones, Susan Jacksonville Katz, Ray DeLand Kearley, Kevin West Palm Beach Kennedy, W. C. Mt. Dora Kirkpalrick. Glenn Winter Haven Kleinhans. Debbie Stamford. Conn. Klotzbier, Nancy North Palm Beach Kourocos, Argene Daytona Beach Lanier. Steve Savannah. Go. Lawaetz. Fritz F edericksted. Virgin Islands Lawrence. Dan Ft, Myers Lawrence. James Briorcliff Manor, N.Y. Lederhaus, Mary Ann DeBory Lewis. Ron Brodenton Lindgren. Carl Miami Lindsley.Bill Miami Littlehole, Kothy Weston. Mass. Loftin, Michael Rome, Go. Lovelace, Noel DeLand Luker. Mike Orlando Lukoski, Diane Hauppauge, N.Y Maire, Bill Neptune Beach Marple, ScotI Worden, III. Monsfield. Wendy DeLand Motheson. Mike South Miami Molhews. Mariorie Tampa McBroom, Soro Orange City McCombs, Cliarlie Crestwood, Ky. Mclrviring, Rosemary Leesburg McNeil. Victor Atlanta, Ga. Mk Messersmrlh, Jeff DeLond Milchel, Susie Philodelphio, Pa. Milts, Margo Jacksonville Moore , Donald Miomi Moss, Michael Sorrento Mugoos, Rhodo Annandole, Va. Murch, Linda Lewiston, Maine Myers, Sandra Marie Ft. Louderdale O ' Keefe, Brian Palm Beach Overstreel, Robin Orlando Owens, Jim Dunedin Pallas, Brian Marlborough, Conn. Popp, Jonice Orlando Porker, Evelyn Hialeoh ParHow, M. G. DeLond Pinson, Sally Honeopoth, S.C. Peterman, Virginia Ft. Pierce Pond, Laura Frostproof Pope, Jane Ellen Powder Springs, Go. Powell, Linda Miami Powell, Teresa EouGallei Pratt, Lynda Edgewood Prescott, Amy Cleveland, Ohio Price, Sandra Cleveland, Ohio Purcell, Marsha Doytono Beach Rand, Ginny Atlanta, Go. Rathft, Linda Hollywood Reams, Bruce Vero Beach Reed, Richard Brodenton Regensburg, Marcel Ml. Vernon, Ohio Renne, Karen Madison Revere, Robert Wollingford Riedel, Tony Ft. Lauderdale Riggs, Mary Daytono Beach Ritchie, George Doytono Beach Rochon, Joselte Montreal, Canada Roman, George Titusville Ross, Linda Winter Park Rudolph, Bruce Cedar Grove, N.J. Russell, Joan Cocoa Beach Ryle, Deen Upper Marlboro, Md. Schweikart, Linda Hioleoh Shover, Becky Volporaiso Show, Kenneth A. Shelter, Jim Hovona Shortwell, Chip Sarasota Showers, Kenneth Ft, Pierce Shroads, Carol Miami Shuttleworlh, Mork West Palm Beach Skelton, Steve Greenwood, S.C. Slusher, Paulo Raleigh, N.C. Smolley, Randy Bronxville, N.Y. Smothers, Joy Miami Smith, Gary Atlanta, Go. Smith, Lucio Orlondo Solheim, Evelyn Miami Sone, Aiko Kamokuro, Jopon Slewort, Thomas Marietta, Ohio Stone, Barbara Winter Pork Stringfield,Jeon Winter Pork Stroud, Jim Worden, III. Tongney, John Acton, Mass. Taylor, Jocquelyn Jocksonville Thomson, Deboroh Ft. Lauderdale Thomas, Pomelo Ft, Pierce Thomos, Polly Atlonlo, Go. Thorpe, Jim Virginia Beach, Vo. Tinsley, Louro Marietta, Go. Trask, Solly Lexington, Moss. Tishko, Undo Cleveland, Ohio Uquillas, Jorge Quito, Ecuador Vice, Jeni Deland Vitiello, Poulo Warwick, R.I. Voss, Grelhchen Davenport, lowo Vreeland, Jane Ft. Lauderdale Waters, Roy Parker Waters, Rochelle Homestead Webster, Jane Gainesville Weismon, Jay Long Branch Wenk, Wolly Hollondale Wice, Jocqueline Clearwater Williams, Dove Kodiok, Alaska Willis, Ginger Pohokee Wilson, Melaine Macon, Go. Wimberley, Terrell Mayo Winfrey, Cheryl Jacksonville Winston, George Miami Wright, Lynetle Dundee, N.Y. Wykert, Dolly Winter Pork Zimmerman, Mark Miami Beach Juniors Adams, Linda Miami Ahlquist, Ernie Avondale Estates, Go, Allen, Gene Lakeland Allen, Keilh Jocksonvllle Alvarez, Gene Miami Anderson, Joyce DeLand Appleton, Thomas Benton, III. Armour, Bill Gainesville Aste, Jeff South Miami Atkinson, Pat DeLand Atnip, Gilbert Tampa Badinelli, Joan Smithtown, N.Y Boker, Sally Montgomery, Ala Barrett, David Miami Beltz, Suson Pompono Beach Bennett, David Rocky Mount, Vo. Berner, Candace Tampa Berwald, Sandy Lakelond Blount, Bonnie Vidalia, Ga. Boone, Derrell Jocksonvllle Booihe, Dennis Miami Bott, Gynell DeLond Bov. ' les, Barbara DeLand Bozeman, Carol Tampa Brown, Fred St. Petersburg Bray, Scott Tampa Buchanan, Betty Cocoa Budhai, Guytoi Berbice, Guyana Bunn, James Miamisburg, Ohio Burwell, Randy Rumson, N.J. Burnett, Andy Tampa Colova, Nina Athens, Greece Carley, Chris Ft. Walton Beach Carlton, Leftie Tampa Case, Iva Fairfield, Conn. Chaplin, Charles Ft. Lauderdale Church, Fred Jacksonville Church, Rocky Cocoa Beach Cloy, Barbara Vero Beach Clayton, Thomas Merrill Island dine, Ralph Dunedin Cornelius, David Miami Cornwell, Coral Brodenlon Craig, Charlie Miami Craven, Cornie Atlanta, Ga. Craven, Jim Crews, Ronald Crissey, Merrill Croft, Polly Crossley, Janet Cunningham, Randy Damon, Joan, Davis, Becky Davis, Donna J. Dawkins, Morva Dawson, A! Dehoney, Kathy Dekle, Cynthia DeLucia, Ruth DeSear, Vern Dew, Brendo Dieller, Andrea Dullard, Pat Dimmick, Loreen Dodd, David Dorough, Mike Dunn, Pele Eckert, Jane Edwards, James Entzminger, Paul Estes, Richard Evans, Horry Evans, James Feasel,Marnie Folds, Jim Foulds, Robert Frank, Vernon Frasen, Harold Freeman, Helen Furches, John Gamboa, Alejandro Garment, Stan Gosser, James Gearhart, Elizabeth Goldman, Bill Gram, Edward Grant, Mitchell Green, George Hole, Morlho Hollas, Jacki Miami Ft. Myers Orlando Dade City Jacksonville Morristown, N.J. Summit, N.J. Ft. Lauderdale Orlando Jacksonville Brodenton Louisville, Ky. Gainesville Ormond Beach Brodenton Ormond Beach Morshfield, Wis. Moultrie, Go. Delray Beach Bellville, III. Pontiac, Mich. Greenville Charlotte, N.C. St. Petersburg Wilmington, Del. Teoneck, N.J. Daylona Beach Mulberry St, Petersburg Holly Hill St. Petersburg Hamman, John Hancock, Jim Horris, Skip Hartz, Chuck Hoy, Karen Heater, Rudi Hess, Steve Hitt, Richord Hodges, Jean Howells, Andrea Huckaby, Belh Hughes, Martha Hughes, Nancy R. Hull, Daniel Jackson, Lindy James, Edward C. Jaquo, Paul L Jarrell, Maureen Jarrard,Mike Joel, Cathy Johnson, Joy Jones, Susan Jordon, Janet Jordon, Michael Kennedy, W. C. Kleinberg, Stepher Knollenberg, Jim Lang, Lono Longman, Michael Latour, Tony Lolulip, James Laurens, Richard Letson, Bob Lewis, Dee Lewis, Mo rvo Long, Lewis Loveland. John Lutz, Stephen Lynn, Diane Macbeth, Joseph Mohoffey, Dick Mohan, Delia Martin, Pomelo Martin, Sandy Mathews, Marly Horrisburg, Pa, Pork Ridge, III. Seminole Miomi Boynlon Beach SorosolQ Indian Harbour Beach SI. Petersburg Beach Gainesville Atlonlo, Go. Jacksonville Vero Beoch Jacksonville Ormond Beach Decotur, Ala. Ml. Dora Portland, Ind. Miami DeLand Orlando Cle ater Mobile, Ala. Clewiston Mt. Dora Long Islond, N.Y. Ripon, Wis. Needham, Moss. Baltimore, Md. Ensenado, Puerto Rico Oswego, N.Y. Doylono Beach Louisville, Ky. Gainesville Cocoa Lake Helen Homestead Merritt Island Boca Raton Sebring Tom River, N.J. Clearwater Miami Decatur, Go. Jacksonville Matthews, William Walnut Creek, Calif. McCardle, Kathy Dollas, Tex. McCormick, Dole Chorlotte, N.C. McCullough, Janet Jacksonville McGuire, Michael Atlanta, Go. McKenzie, Ronnie Vidolio, Go. McTureous, Ann Umatilla Meyer, Craig Sarasota Michaels, Chad Indian Harbour Beach Miller, Larry Zephyrhills Mills, Bill Rocky Mount, N.C. Mills, Nancy Miami Mock, Elizabeth Jacksonville Moffat, Goil Orlando Montgomery, R. E. Ft. Meade Moore, Marilyn Gainesville, Ga. Mullins, Dona Ann S . Petersburg Musser, June St. Petersburg Pasnicky, Wanda Melbourne Potton, Marion Savannoh, Ga, Perny, Elliot Bradenton Perry, Bill Pom pane Beach Pickens, Corol Aurora, III Pitsiou, Helen Athens, Greece Pitt, Linda Boston, Mass. Pye, Cecile Sylvania, Go. Robon, Terry Sonford Rojchel, Rochel Orlando Ray, Rebecca Jo Orlondo Rife, John Miami Roork, Jane Hollywood Robinette, Linda Jacksonville Russell, Jomes Palm Beach Ryan, Kathleen Willsboro, N.Y. Soger, Suzanne NewSymrna Santiogo, Carol Hollywood Selph,Jack Palatka Shoemaker, Steve Charlotte, N.C. Sick, Marie Mansfield, Po. Silvers, Pat Orlondo Simmons, Joan Bradenton Smith, Chuck Pompano Beoch Smith, Leon Miomi Smith, Mary Catherine Frostproof Smith, Suzanne Sorasoto Somerville, Tom Boca Raton Sorenson, Chris Winter Park Sorrell, Liz Charlotte, N.C. Spary, Charles Aberdeen, Md. Spell, Martha Jacksonville Stolon, Suzanne Folkslon, Go. Stutts, Stephen A. Lakelond Swonn, John Lake Worth Swart, Beverly Pompono Beach Tomyn, Seton Ocolo Thompson, John L. Sparta, N.J. Thurston, Wallace Miami Town send, John Jacksonville Tyner, Lorry Rowleys Island, S.C. Van Blarcoon, Bruce Arden, N.C. Wadsworth, Shirley Doytono Beach Wollberg, Lin NewSmyrnoBeoch Walden, Sarah Richmond, Vo. Wolker, Bonnie Mirromor Walker, Carolyn DeLond Walker, George Miami Springs Wolker, Richard Jacksonville Walling, Oliver Toms River, N.J. Walters, Toni Brodford Waters, Brendo DeLand Weaver, Mark Miami Webster, Susan DeLand West, Nancy Miami Wilbers, Larry Wyoming, Ohio Wilkerson, Greg Albony, Ga. Wilkinson, Lynn Vero Beach Williams, Donno Doria Williams. Marion Suffolk, Vo. Willis, Rupert Tompo Wilson, Susan Atlanta, Go. Winchester, Diane Jacksonville Winse, Lawrence Boca Raton Wohlfarth, Angle DeLand Woullord, John Hotliesburg, Miss. Wright, Christine Orlando Wright, Howard West Palm Beach Yancey, Sue Umalillo Young, Russell Miami Younger, Joy Boyamun, Puerto Rico Younger, Jim Boyomun. Puerto Rico Seniors Agster, Richard Almond, Warren Amiot, David B. Andrews, Mae Arnold, Lynwood Baker, Nancy Baldwin, Dono Bomford, John T. Barrett, Jo Lyn Aaron, Kay Aaron, William P. Bauknight, Lynn 3ebout, Glenn 3eil, Jacqueline Fernet, Karlen Bernhardt, Julius Jishop, Twyla Blackwell, Louis Blackwell, Tish Blanton, Edward Bloodworth, Susie Borkowski, Mark Bostick, Karen Bowen, Carol Bowman, Bruce Boyd, Nancy Boyer, Peter Braden, Helen Bridges, Louise Jrinson, Delores 3ritton, Lee Jrown, Kathy 3rown, Leora Jrown, Royal Jrownfield, Susan }ryant, Donna Juchan, Russ 5unch, Dean Burkhort, Janet Burns, Mary Ona Byers, Jane Byerts, Jane B. Cabral, Albert C. Cabral, Gail Calloway, Thomas Carlton, Winston Corr, Richard Casto, Keith M. Causseoux, Al Cauvel, Hal Celoria, Alan B. Chapin, John M. Chauncey, Donald Clark, Debbie Clementi, Claudett Cobb, Ellen Comer, Ann Cook, Marlyn Cooper, Scott Cox, Ben Crawford, Jim Crawford, Peggy Cromwell, Pamela Dolsis, Cattiy Dolsis, Nancy Darnell, Bev Dashlell, Don Davis, James H. Doye, Susan P. DeGrove, Bruce Dehoney, Becky Delacy, Pete DeVane, Dwight DeVeaux, Barbara Dewolfe, Barbara Dimmick, Stephen Dirlam, Edward Domonkos, Gerald Douville, Robert Durrant, Linda Dyson, Jim Earle, Susan Eason, Edward Edwards, George Emerson, Elissa Emerson, David Evans, Roger Ezell, Ginny Farr, Robert Fear, Kip Felton, Dorothy Fiduk, Frances Finch, Frances Fishburne, Merritt Fisher, Ellen Floyd, Bruce Fore, Robert Foster, Leiia Fowler, Leon Free, Darryl Fryer, Jeff Fulton, Tom Furman, Dennis Gailbreath, Carol Gaudreau, Robert Gaughan, Patricio Gaventa, Bill George, David Gilbort, Jane Gingery, Lewis Gleason, Robert Gomez, April Graham, Jim Griffin, Roland Groseclose, David Hall, Sandy Hamilton, Melba Hanley, Patricia Hardy, Margaret Harrison, Gene Hensley, Joan Hester, Betsy Kinkle, Jo Ellen Hobbs, Jim Hodgeboom, Wayne i l iH Holliday, Beverly Horton, Terry Houmes, Bob Jocobson, Don Jankowski, Richard Jants, Walter Jarrard, Jim Jarvis, Jakay Jernigan, Barbara Jetmore, Jo D. Johnson, Don Johnson, Ray Jones, Ed Jones, Elizabeth Jones, Mary Jane Jones, Susan K. Jordan, Robert Kallon, Foday Kelly, William Kern, Irene Kimbrough, Art King, Jeannette Kipping, Alan Kircher, Laura Kirk, Diane Kitchens, Mrs. John Kneen, Jeffery Korey, Robert Kowalski, Jo Kuhl, Bruce LaFreniere, Vicki Laise, Mia Lane, Mrs. Marshall Lavender, William Layton, Gaye Leeds, Linda Levy, Daniel Lewis, Fred Ligler, Penelope L ' Heureux, Elaine Longyear, Andrea Longman, Greg Lott, Lola Lyons, William MacConnell, John MacDonald, Mrs. John MacGregor, Carol Machette, Dave Main, Eleanor Malone, Margaret Marder, James Marrs, Jozi Martin, Barbara Marvin, Priscilla Marvin, Spivey Mathis, Ward Mattingly, Tim McBeath, Robert McCabe, Bernie McCarthy, Mary Louise McComb, Donald McDade, Robert McGrath, Michael McLaughlin, Sam McMullen, Mary Lou Meridith, Marilyn Meyer, Chic Mikell, Ann Millard, Jill Mills, Jon Minor, Kathy Minor, Thomas Mishler, William Molloy, Kathleen Monkiewicz, Joseph Monte, Jolie Moore, Deortha Moore, Nan i i Mit Moore, Nancy Morales, Jerry Morehead, Dick Morgan, George Morgan, Rodney Morrill, Rebecca Morrow, Connie Moynahan, Steve Mugfor, Peggy Nelson, Robert Nelson, Sylvia Nettles, Sherron Nugent, Neil Oliver, Judy Orr, Betty Oyetade, Jabez Pankonin, Linda Page, Joe lH Patterson, Pam Pederson, Carl Perry, Chorlene Phipps, Rick Pileggi, Alfred Pinkerton, Charles Pollack, Neuman Pollard, Martha Pompey, Dorothy Powell, Susan Price, Carol Price, Rebecca Pugh, Robert Quino, Mary Radebaugh, Kristen Ralph, Kendrick Ralston, Carol Ralston, Christopher Redding, Gary Reed, Marvin Reiser, Sandra Rhodes, Donna Rich, James Richey, Betty Ricks, Carlyn Rintz, Rick Riser, Susan Roberts, Bobbi Robertson, Larry Root, Rita Rouse, Charlaine Soger, Nanocy Sandefur, Lynn Sanderson, Sandra Sapp, Dolores Sawyer, Chrys Sayles, Wendy Schiller, John Schofield, Daniel Schroff, William Searles, Donna Shee, William Sherfey, Donna Shinn, Joan Simmons, Mark Skates, Bette Slusher, Sandra Smith, Ronald Smith, Kimberly Spivey, Janice Spotts, Jane Starkey, Dane Stemper, Bill Stewart, Frank Stower, Douglas Streb, Gary Stripling, Saralyn Strum, Dianne Sullivan, Jan Sumner, David Swart, Michael Swindall, Margaret Sylvester, Geneva Tallant, Marilyn Taylor, Robert Taylor, Rod Thomas, Frank Thompson, Ken Tolbert, Caroline Tonry, Robert Torres, Carol Travis, Donald Turano, Charlotte Tutterrov , Curtis Tvedt, Leila Valentine, John Vernon, Marsha Vitek, Anne Marie Wade, Joyce Waldron, George Walker, Clyde Walker, Sharon Ward, Robert Warfield, Robert Watson, Diane Watson, Jeannie Weart, Jim Weathers, Ed Weaver, Bruce Weber, Bill Wells, Lena West, Judith Wheelon, Janice White, Elaine Whitehead, Carl Wiedegreen, Eric Williams, Sandy Wilson, David Witchin, Gary Wohlfarth, Ted Wooley, Millaine Yarbrough, Claudia Young, Sharon Zitis, Charlotte Zyrdram, Danuta THE SCHOOL OF LAW jgl ' M ' t L The Campus Faculty Paul Barnard Everett Cushman David L. Dickson Mrs. Kay Eddy Henry Fisher Harry Haden Calvin Kuenzel Harold Lindsey W.M. Smiley Victor Wehle Seniors BLAKE, ALLEN; Norwalk, Conn.; Kenyon College and University of Bridge- port, B.A.; Undergroudate Dean ' s List; Varsity Athletics; Beta Theta Pi Fraternity; Law School Associate Justice of the hlonor Court; Phi Alpha Delta Fraternity. BLASINGAME, OSCAR; St. Peterburg; University of Florida, B.A.; Phi Alpha Delta Parlimentarian. BOWDISH, JAMES L. S.; St. Petersburg; Wake Forest University, B.A. (cum laude) Sigma Chi Fraternity Varsity Athletics; ROTC Commission out of law school; Stetson Dean ' s List; Honor Roll; First place, Freshman Moot Court; American Jurisprudence Awards for excellence in criminal law and torts; Phi Delta Phi Fraternity, Secretary and Vice President; Stetson Student Bar Association Secretary; Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities. BOYER, JAMES R.; St. Petersburg; University of Tampa B.S.; Dana Scholar; American Jurisprudence Award for excellence in Agency a nd Partner- ship; Harrison Publishing Com jany Award for excellence; Honor Roll; Public Defender Clinic; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity; Co-Editor, ROSTER. BRANDON, JACK P.; Naples; University of South Carolina B.A.; Stetson Vice President of Freshman Class; Treasurer Student Bar Association; Kappa Alpha Fraternity; Vice President of Junior Class; President Phi Delta Phi Fraternity. BUSEY, STEPHEN D.; Jacksonville; Stetson University B.B.A. ROTC Com- mission out of Law School; Stetson Low Honor Roll; Secretary of Student Bar Association; Phi Alpha Delta Fraternity; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. BYWATER, JOESPH G.; Florida State University, B.A.; Kappa Alpha Order; J. C. of the Month in Lakeland. CARLSON, JOHN D.; St. Petersburg; Florida State University B.S.; Law Clerk; Stetson Honor Roll; Phi Delta Phi. CARRES, LOUIS G.; West Palm Beach; Florida Atlantic University, B.A.; Public Defender Cline; National Moot Court Competition. CASELLA, ROBERT M.; North Arlington, New Jersey; St. Bonaventure University, B.A.; Stetson Young Republicans, President; Chairman, Stetson Young Americans for Freedom; American Jurisprudence Award for ex- cellence in Pleading; Honor Roll; Junior Class; Treasurer Student Bar. COKER, ROBERT C; Gulfport; Florida Southern College B.S.; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Vice President of Freshman Class; President of Sophomore Class; President of Junior Class; Treasurer Stu- dent Bar. CONKLIN, RAYMOND C; Gulfport; University of Southern California, B.A.; Phi Alpha Delta; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; State Moot Court; National Moot Court. COULTER, WAYNE R.; Dade City; Stetson University, B.S.; Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity; Public Defender Clinic. CRITCHLOW, WARREN H. JR.; Tampa; B.A. Florida Southern College; Secretary of Junior Class; Treasurer Student Bar Association; Phi Delta Phi; President of Senior Class. DAGONESE, JOSEPH C; Buffalo, New York; Canisius College, B.S.; IRS Trainee, Law Clerk; Phi Delta Phi Fraternity. DAHLGARD, ERIK A.; Sarasota; Florida State University, B.S.; Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity; Freshman Moot Court Award; Dana Scholar; Public Defender Clinic; Law Clerk. DAVIS, HENRY A.; Roanoke, Virginia; Vv ' illiam and Mary, B. A.; Phi Alpha Delta. DIECIDUE, DENNIS G.; Tampa; Loyola University, B.A.; Beggar ' s Fra- ternity; Law Clerk; Dana Scholar; State Moot Court; Public Defender Clinic; Phi Delta Phi Fraternity. DOREMUS, THEODORE A.; Red Bank, New Jersey; Washington and Lee University, B.A.; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity; Law Clerk. DOUGLASS, ROBERT A.; St. Petersburg; Wake Forest University, B.A.; Sigma Chi Fraternity, B.A.; ROTC commission out of law school; Public Defender Clinic; Editor of Student Directory; Phi Delta Phi Fraternity. DRAVECKY, ROBERT S.; Scotch Plains, New Jersey; Florida Southern College, B.S.; Kappa Sigma Fraternity; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity, Historian. DYCHES, FLETCHER A.; Tampa; University of Georgia; B.A.; Sigma Nu Fraternity; Law Clerk; Phi Delta Phi Fraternity. EDEN, NATHAN E.; Key West; Universiry of Florida, B. A.; Sigma Nu Fra- ternity; Stetson Dean ' s List; Honor Roll; Freshman Moot Court Outstanding Participant Award; Overseer ' s Scholarship; American Jurisprudence for Excellence in contracts, personal property, bills and notes, evidence. Con- stitutional law, Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity; Law Clerk; Public Defender Clinic; Co-Editor, ROSTER; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Un- iversities. ELLIS, WAYNE M.; Stetson University, B.B.A. Sigma Nu Fraternity, Com- mander. FREEMAN, THOMAS B.; St. Petersburg; Stetson University B.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity; Law Clerk; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity. HALL, DONALD R.; Miami; Florida Southern College, B.A.; President of the Student Body; Who ' s Who in American College and Universities; Pi K appa Alpha Fraternity; ROTC commission out of low school; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity. HAMILTON, IMY N.; St. Petersburg; University of South Florida, B.A.; Barrister ' s Award; Vice Chancellor of Nu Beta Epsilon Legal Fraternity. HAMPP, KURT P.; Bethesda, Maryland; Stetson University, B.A.; Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity; Chief Justice Honor Roll Court; Phi Alpha Delta Fraternity; Vice President of Junior Class. HASTINGS, MICHAEL L.; Leesburg; Florida State University, B.S.; ROTC Commissions out of law school; Junior Class President; Vice President Student Bar; National Moot Court; District Vice Justice; Phi Alpha Delta Fraternity. HIGHTOWER, DENNIS J.; St. Petersburg; Florida State University; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity; Honor Court Justice; Law Clerk; Stetson Honor Roll; Public Defender Clinic. HOFFMAN, CLIFFORD G.; St. Petersburg Beach; Queens College, B.A.; St. John ' s University, M.B.A.; Law Clerk; Vice President Student Bar; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity. JOBE, JACKSON M.; Jacksonville; Jacksonville University, B.A.; Vice Pre- sident of Junior Class; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity; Outstanding Participant, Freshman Moot Court Competition. JOY, DANIEL F.; Seminole; University of Rhode Island, B.A.; Administra- tive Assistant, Florida Senate. KATZ, LAWRENCE H.; Orlando; Rollins College; B.S. and M.B.A.; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity; Vice Justice; Prentice Hall Award For Ex- cellence in Estote Planning. LENDERMAN, JOHN C; St. Petersburg; Florida State University, B.A.; American Jurispurdence Award for Excellence in pleading and practice; Junior Class, Treasurer; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity. McCLURG, ERNEST V.; Lakeland; Emory University, B.A.; Pi Delta Pi. McCREARY, WILLIAM M.; Mason City, Illinois; Illinois Wesleyan Univer- sity, B.S.; Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity. McDonnell, MICHAEL, R. N.; St. Petersburg; United States Military Academy, B.S.; Recipient of Bustion Memorial Scholarship Award; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Member of State and Na- tional Moot Court Teams; President of Freshman Class; President of Stu- dent Bar Association; Phi Delta Phi. MILLER, RAYMOND,; Ft. Lauderdale; Stetson University, B.A.; Vice Pre- sident, Senior Class; Phi Legal Fraternity. MINGLEDORFF, LEE; Savannah; Rollins College, B.A.; American Juris- prudence Award for Excellence; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity; Out- standing Participant Freshman Moot Court; President, Stetson Lav Young Republicans. PARKER, H. JAMES; Lake Worth; Stetson University, B.B.A.; Outstanding Brief, Freshman Moot Court; Public Defender Clinic; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity; Law Clerk. PATTERSON, JEROME A.; Jacksonville; University of the South, B.A.; Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity. PUTERBAUGH, ROBERT, E.; Babson Park; Stetson University, B.B.A.; Sigma Nu Fraternity; ROTC Commission out of Law School. RICHMOND, RONALD R.; Tampa; Florida State University, B.A. Sigma Chi Fraternity; Lawyers Title and Guaranty Fund Award for Real Pro- perty Essay; Outstanding Participant in Freshman Moot Cout Court; Law Clerk; ROTC Commission out of Law School. RINGERS, ANDREW L.; West Palm Beach; Florida State University B.S.; Dana Scholar, Ray Greene, Jr. Scholarship; Vice Justice and Treasurer of Phi Alpha Legal Fraternity; Justice of Honor Court; HonorCourt Attorney. SACKS, STANDLEY M.; Margate City, New Jersey; Franklin and Marshall College B.A.; Phi Lambda Phi Fraternity; Outstanding Brief Freshman Moot Court. SHERMAN, W. VAN; Madiera Beach; University of Miami, B.A.A.; Out- standing Brief, Freshman Moot Court. SIZEMORE, WILLIAM F.; South Daytona; Florida State University; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity; American Jurisprudence Award for Excellance in Administrative Law; Treasurer and Vice President of Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity. SNYDER, HOWARD T.; St. Petersburg; Stetson University, B.B.A.; Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity; Law Clerk. SQUIRE, STEVEN F.; Atlanta, Ga.; Florida State University, B.A.; Bancroft Whitney Awards for Excellence in Equity, Jurisprudence, and Criminal Law; Tau Epsilon Phi Fraternity; Outstanding Participant in Freshman Moot Court; Treasurer, Senior Class; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity; Law Clerk. STOLBA, LOUIS E.; Treasure Island; University of South Florida, B.A.; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity. STRICKLAND, WILTON L.; Ft. Meyers; University of Florida, B.A.; Pi Kap- pa Phi Fraternity; Marshall and Justice of Ph ' Alpha Delta Legal Frater- nity; Public Defender Clinic; Honor Roll; Acting Vice-President of Student Bar Association; Associate Justice of Honor Court. THOMAS, ROBERT L.; St. Petersburg; Florida State University, B.S.; Var- sity Football; President, Barrister ' s Club; Law Clerk. THOMPSON, JAMES B.; Tarpon Springs; Emory University, B.A.; Kappa Alpha Fraternity; American Jurisprudence Av ard for Excellence in plead- ing and practice; Public Defender Clinic; Treasurer, Phi Delta Phi. TROVILLO, PHILLIP B.; St. Petersburg; Florida State University, B.S.; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity; Law Clerk. VAIL, K.A.; University of Florida, B.A.; Pi Alpha Delta. VAUGHN-BIRCH, NORMAN; St. Petersburg; University of Florida, B.S.; Chi Phi Fraternity; Outstanding Participant Freshman Moot Court; Amer- ican Jurisprudence Award for Excellence in Federal Taxation; Public De- fender Clinic; Law Clerk; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity. VECCHIO, A.B.; Tampax; Syracuse University; B.A.; Phi Alphu Delta Legal Fraternity; Law Clerk. WAGONER, KENNETH M.; St. Petersburg; University of North Carolina, B.A.; Public Defender Clinic; Historian, Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity; Law Clerk. WEBB, CHARLES W.; Sarasota, University of South Florida, B.A. (Summa cum laude); Honor Roll; Outstanding Participant, Freshman Moot Court; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity. WHATLEY, JACQUELINE B.; Tampa; University of Tampa, B.A.; Vice Chan- cellor and Exchequer of Nu Beta Epsilon; Secretary of Stetson Law Young Republicans. WHITTER, JAMES L.; Washington, D.C.; University of Maryland; B.A. M.A. Honor Roll; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity; Law Clerk. Undergraduates Baker, B. Bone, J Bolton, J Brousseau, T. Brown, W. Buek, R. Carney, J. Cole, L. Clayton, W. Demers, D. Downey, B. Fisher, W. Format, G. Gibson, J. Goldstein, J. Harrell, G. Hogcn, R. Kiefner, J. McArthur, J. Morachnick, C. Ottie, F. Porter, D. Rayvis, M. Sharpe, B. Springer, R. Solomon, S. Stallings, J. Tennant, K. Thornton, R. Waller, J. White, G. Wingrove, D. Woodward, P. THE COMMUNITY 2 1 M Sandy Fertsch consults with experience CONRAD INSURANCE CO. 1 18 West New York Ave. For insurance you can bet your life on. Canvas — What type? Paint— Name your color. Brush — How fine is fine? FEASEL PAINT GLASS 247 North Boulevard For the final touch. Mike and Bev Swartz Make it a family affair at STOUDENMIRE ' S THRIFTWAY 642 West New York Ave. For Quality Foods " it is our desire to serve you wel V. M. FOUNTAIN, CO. 129 N. Boulevard Suits Rob Taylor. Your clothes express you. Fountain ' s for clothes Bob Lenna and staff at DeLAND SUN NEWS 1 19 South Boulevard And another Reporter hits the presses. Alteration — Expert Tailoring — Reweaving The personal attention COSTON ' S LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING 224 South Florida Avenue Bob Fennell wants quality jewelry. F.N. DeHUY SON 139 North Boulevard has it for him. For you, too! Not a glass slipper, Lynn Sandefur looks for comfort at LEED ' S SHOES, INC 1 12 North Boulevard And a helping hand. FLORIDA BANK AT DeLAND 131 East New York Saves for Donna Bryant; A bank worthy of trust. Congratulations and Best Wishes, Class of 1969 the city of DeLand and the Chamber of Commerce are proud of the cooperative relations between the residents of our community and the students of Stetson University. Deland Chamber of Commerce 336 N. Woodland Boulevard eveuy yeAR eLecTuiciiy Does morg for (_ ;ij:.ri cM!n FLORIDA PO A ER CORPORATION YOUR TAX-PAYING, INVCSrOR-OWNCD ELECTRIC COMPANY Make of our hands one hand, A Diamond. ZALE ' S 1 16 North Boulevard A Friend. Vern DeSear reflects the college needs in clothes found at THE UNIVERSITY SHOP 1 18 North Boulevard Stop in A car can show you the world. BILL HOLLER MOTOR SALES 550 South Boulevard Can show you a car. See for yourself as Anne Greene did. The bankwith a wealth Of helpfulness: BARNEH FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF DELAND 1 1 9 West Indiana Avenue Sandy Slusher opens an account at BARNEn FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF DELAND And uses it. You can use one too! Rings to inspire thoughts Of the future. LESFERRELL JEWELER 1 15 North Boulevard Janice Papp brightens her wardrobe... A new ensemble. J. C. PENNY CO. Whitehair Building A smile. ..lovely flowers... Jeff Fryer picks a bouquet from STETSON FLOWER SHOP 1 16 East New York For that someone special. Patrons SMITH DRUGS, INC. 124 North Boulevard DeLand, Florida McCRORY ' S 103 North Boulevard DeLand, Florida BAUMAN ' S OFFICE SUPPLIES 243 North Boulevard DeLand, Florida THE PALMS Try a new idea in eating, A AAANO ' S meal ticket. 100 East Ohio Avenue And maybe win a free meal WRENN ' S for men 1 19 North Boulevard WRENN ' S for women 1 1 1 B West Indiana For your book and personal needs, Your own campus bookstore. STETSON BOOKSTORE Congratulations class of ' 69. For the support given to THE HATTER by the merchants represented in the preceding pages, we extend our appreciation and our hope that Stetson students will support them as faithfully. Sam McLaughlin Business Manager .. Senior Directory A AARON, LYNDA; DeLand; English; Student Advisor; Sigma Tau Delta, President; Dean ' s List; Honor Roll. AARON, WILLIAM; DeLand; Piano; Univer- sity Chorus; Dean ' s List; Honor Roll. AGSTER, RICHARD; Tampa; History; Pershing Rifles; ROTC; Student Advisor; Circle K Com- mittee Chairman, Secretary; Westminster Fellowship. ALAAAND, WARREN; Atlanta, Go.; English; Sigma Tau Delta; SUB Cultural Committee; Cafeteria Cashier; Woodrow Wilson Nom- inee. AMIOT, DAVID; Orlando; Math Intramurals; Kappa Mu Epsilon; ROTC; Pershing Rifles; Green Feather Committee; SUB Orientation Committee. ANDREWS, W. MAE St. Petersburg; Religion and English; Stover Theater; Interdenomina- t ional Tutoring Committee; Young Democrat Club; Yearbook; Ministerial Association; Al- pha Kappa; BSU. B BALDWIN, DANA; Oak Hill; History; Baptist Student Union; Young Woman ' s Auxiliary. BARNES, BARBARA; Hialeah; German; Phi Mu; Junior Year Abroad, University of Vienna. BARREn, JO LYN; Birmingham, Ala.; English; Junior Counselor; Chaudoin House Council; Y.W.A., Program Chairman, Treasurer; Phi Mu, Secretary; Stover, Stage Crew. BAUGH, DAVID; Santa Barbara, Calif.; Busi- ness. BERNHARDT, JULIUS; Daytona Beach; Chem- istry; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Sigma Phi Sigma. BISHOP, TWYU; Ft. Myers; English; Sigma Tau Delta. BLANTON, EDWARD; Fort Pierce; English; Westminster Fellowship. BLOODWORTH, SUSIE; Orlando; Music Ed- ucation; MENC, Vice President, President; Opera Workshop, Stage Manager; Univer- sity Orchestra; University Band; University Chorus; Concert Choir; Woodwind Quintet; Phi Beta; Student Advisor; Women ' s Intra- murals; Archery. BOSTICK, KAREN; Hollywood; Economics; Del- ta Delta Delta; Pedge Class President, Fra- ternity Education Officer, Social Chairman; Canterbury Club; Homecoming Committee; Orientation Committee, Registration Co- Chairman. BOYD, NANCY; Monticello; Elementary Ed- ucation. BRADEN, HELEN; Baton Rouge, La.; Speech and Drama; Theta Alpha Phi, President; Can- terbury Club; Tassel; Emily House Council; Honor Roll; Outstanding Jr., Department of Speech; Student Advisor; Stover Theatre Pro- duction. BROWN, KATHRYN; Orlando; Economics; Mortar Board, President; Delta Delta Delta; Orientation Co-Chairman; Liberal Arts Sena- tor; Who ' s Who; Intramural Athletics; Honor Roll; Student Advisor. BROWN, ROYAL; Orlando; Marketing and Management; Business School Senator; Stu- dent Advisor; Homecoming Co-Chairman; Lambda Chi Alpha; Scabbard and Blade; J.C. Aspley Scholar; Who ' s Who Among Stu- dents; Alpha Kappa Psi; Beta Alpha Sigma Intramural Athletics; Omicron Delta Kappa Outstanding Jr. Marketing Major; Dean ' s List, Honor Roll. BROWNFIELD, SUSAN; Cleveland, Ohio; English; Cheerleader; Junior Counselor; Al- pha Xi Delta, Recording Secretary; Student Advisor; SUB Hostess. BUCHAN, RUSSELL; St. Petersburg; Econom- ics; Omicron Delta Kappa, Vice President; Who ' s Who; Sophomore Class President; Class Senator; ElksNational Foundation Scholarship; Green Circle; Kappa Mu Epsi- lon; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List;MostOutstanding Senator; Outstanding Jr. in Economics; Intra- mural All-Star, Horseshoes; Orientation Co- Chairman; Secretary of Assemblies; Student Gov ' t. Book Exchange, Chairman; Evaluation and Development Committee, Chairman;Or- ganizations and Finance Committee; Consti- tutional Revisions Committee; Student Events, Secretary; Artists and Lecturers Committee; Labor, Student Services, and Education Com- mittee; SUSGA Convention Arrangements Committee; Student Advisor; Committee of International Studies; Reporter Staff; South Staff; Committee for Cigarettes on Campus; Quiz Bowl; Student Affairs Committee; Inde- pendent ' s Organization. BUNCH, DEAN; Jacksonville; Political Sci- ence; Stetson Reporter, Editor In Chief: Stu- dent Affairs Committee; Student Publications Board; Student Senator; Who ' s Who in Amer- ican Colleges and Universities; National So- ciety of Pershing Rifles; International Studies Committee; Sigma Pi Kappa. BURKHART, JANET; Ft. Lauderdale; Music Ed- ucation; Honor Roll; Tass ' el Award; School of Music, President; Student Senator; Opera Workshop; Concert Choir, Key member and T-squod; Madrigals; Phi Beta; MENC; Col- legium Musicum; University Chorus. BYERS, JANE; Ft. Lauderdale; Music Educa- tion; Honor Roll; Tassel Award; School of Music, President; Student Senator; Opera Workshop; Concert Choir, Key member and T-squod; Madrigals; Phi Beta; MENC; Colle- gium Musicum; University Chorus. BYERS, JANE; DeLand; Music Education; Phi Beta, Secretary; MENC; Concert Choir, Key Member. BYERTS, JANE; Tallahassee; Elementary Ed- ucation; Alpha Xi Delta, President; Junior Counselor; Intramurals. DARNELL, BEVERLY; Fernandino Beach; Eng- lish; Who ' s Who; Miss Stetson 1967- ' 68; 1st runner-up Miss Hatter 1968; Junior Coun- selor; SUB Hostess; Delta Delta Delta; Fashion Board; Etta Turner Scholarship. DAVIS, JAMES; Orlando; Political Science; Young Democrats; Honor Roll; Washington Semester Program. DeGROVE, BRUCE; West Hollywood; Biology; Beta Beta Beta; Pershing Rifles; Pershing Rifles Adjutant; ROTC; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. DEHONEY, REBECCA; Louisville, Ky.; Span- ish; Honor Roll; Pi Beta Phi, ScholarshipChair- man; Miss Hatter Contest Committee. DIMMICK, STEPHEN; Daytona Beach; Music; University Orchestra; University Band; Brass Choir. CARR, RICHARD; Clearwater; Political Sci- ence and History; Student Government, At- torney General; Senate Reporter; German Club. DYSON, JAMES; Carlisle Barracks, Pa.; His- tory; Pi Kappa Phi; ROTC, Brigade Command- er; Scabbard and Blade, Captain; Debate Team. CASTO, KEITH; Hollywood; Pre-Law; Lambda Chi Alpha; Varsity Soccer; Intramurals; Home- coming Committee; Student Advisor; Honor Roll. CELORIA, ALAN; Apopka; Music; Omicron Delta Kappa; Pi Kappa Alpha; Concert Choir, Student Conductor, Key Member; German Club; AGO; BSU; Independent Men ' s Organ- ization; Madrigals, Co-Chairman; Opera Workshop; University Chorus; Intramurals; Elections Committee COBB, ELLEN; Sarasota; Business Education. COPP, GEORGE; Daytona Beach; Econom- COX, BENJAMIN; Orlando; Music; University Orchestra, Assistant Conductor; University Band. CROMWELL, PAMELA; Ft. Lauderdale; Art; Delta Delta Delta, Pledge Class President, Publicity Chairman, Correspondent; Intra- murals All-Star; Green Feather, Co-Chair- man (Publicity Committee); Kappa Pi. D DALSIS, CATHY; Modesto, Calif.; American Studies; Canterbury Club, Publicity. DALSIS, NANCY; Modesto, Calif.; History; Stetson Scholar; Phi Society; Scroll and Key; Delta Phi Alpha; Phi Alpha Theta, Secretary, President; Canterbury Club, Corresponding Secretary. EARLE, SUSAN; Jacksonville; Elementary Ed- ucation; Stetson Women ' s Service Club; Fash- ion Board; SUB Hospitality Committee. EDWARDS, GEORGE; St. Petersburg ' Politi- cal Science; S.G.A.; Attorney General; Scroll and Key, President; Honors House, President; Men ' s Dorm Council, Vice President; Phi Society; Phi Alpha Theta; U.S. Senate Intern; Reporter; Political Emphasis Week, Publicity Chairman; Dean ' s List; Honor Roll. EMERSON, DAVID; Winter Park; Physics; Hon- or Roll ' Dean ' s List; Scroll and Key; Phi So- ciety; President; Sigma Pi Sigma; Society of Physics Students; Delta Phi Alpha; German Club; Canterbury Club; Quiz Bowl; MC and performer at Cellar Door; DJ at WBOD. EVANS, ROGER; Kingsport, Tenn.; Organ; AGO, Historian, Vice President, President; Collegium Musicum; University Chorus;Mad- rigals, Co-Chairman; Concert Choir; Univer- sity Orchestra; Canterbury House, Layreader, Organist; Young Republicans; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Carilloneur of Hulley Tower. EZELL, GINNY; Lake Wales; English; Concert Choir; Follies; Hatter Staff; Pi Beta Phi. FALKINS, DAVID; Miami; Biology; Resident Advisor; SUB Representative at Large; SUB Treasurer; Pi Kappa Phi; Green Feather, Chairman; Parents ' Weekend, Publicity Chair- man; College U.S.A. Touring Group; Green Circle; Stover Theater, " Spoon River Anthol- ogy; " ROTC; Intramurals. FARNELL, SARAH; Jacksonville; Elementary Education; Delta Delta Delta; Emily Hall House Council; Hatter Holiday Committee; Intramur- als; Orientation Committee; Parents ' Week- end Committee. FARR, ROBERT; Orlando, Church Music; Mu- sic School Senator; Student Advisor; Concert Choir; University Chorus, AssistantManager, Manager; Green Circle; Musicum Collegium; AGO. FEAR, CHRIS; Apopka; Economics and His- tory; Lambda Chi Alpha, Scholarship Chair- man, Ritualist; Intramurals. FELTON, DOROTHY; DeLand; Music Educa- tion; Phi Beta; Opera Workshop; Concert Choir. FIDUK, FRANCES; Winter Park; Elementary Education; HATTER Staff; Tutoring at South- western; Sigma Phi Epsilon Hearts Club. FINCH, FRANCES; Birmingham, Ala.; French; Phi Mu Secretary; Mortar Board; Chaudoin House Council; Tassel; SUB Hospitality Com- mittee; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Westminster Fel- lowship; International Club; Junior year abroad program in France. FOWLER, MILLARD; Key West; Math; Varsity Baseball; Sigma Nu; Intramurals. FRYER, JEFF; Hialeah; Religion; Resident Ad- visor; Student Advisor; Orientation Commit- tee; Ministerial Association, Treasurer, Presi- dent; Soccer; BSU, Cabinet Member, Minister of Missions; Religious Life Council. FULTON, TOM; Decatur, Geo.; History and Political Science; Sigma Phi Epsilon. FURMAN, DENNIS; Daytona Beach; Physics; Sigma Pi Sigma. GILBART, JANE; St. Petersburg; Social Sci- ence; Student Gov ' t, Secretary; Alpha Xi Delta; Panhellenic Council; Junior Counselor; Honor Roll; Intramurals; Canterbury Club Vestry; Tassel; HATTER Staff. GLEASON, ROBERT; DeLand; Physics; Stover Theater Productions; Alpha Phi. GRIFFIN, ROLAND; Miami; Psychology and Sociology; Green Circle; SUBRepresentative- at-Large; Reisdent Advisor; Student Gov ' t, Secretary of Communications; Who ' s Who; Omega Phi, Vice President; HNOC. GROSECLOSE, DAVID; Eau Gallie; Psychol- ogy; Psi Chi; Ministerial Association; BSU; Intramurals; Minister of Outreach; BSU Co- ordinator; Spring Rev italization Program; Cafeteria, Personnel Manager. H HALL, SANDRA; Bradenton; Business Finance; Pre-Law; Student Gov ' t; Intramurals. HAMILTON, MELBA; Dade City; Business; Bap- tist Student Union; Y.W.A. ' s. HAMAN, DAVID; Melbourne; History. HARDY, MARGARET; Wilmington, Del.; Music; Senator; Concert Choir, T-Squad, Key Mem- ber; University Chorus, Librarian; Canter- bury House, Vestry; MENC; AGO; Hostess Board; Zeta Tau Alpha; Opera Workshop; Student Advisor. HESTER, BETSY; Orlando; Political Science; Phi Mu, Pledge Class President, PledgeTrain- er; President Chaudoin Hall; Women ' s Exe- cutive Council; Junior Counselor; Panhellenic Honorary; Tassel, Treasurer; Honor Roll. GAILBREATH, CAROL; Miami; Elementary Ed- ucation; Alpha Xi Delta; Orientation Com- mittee; Student Advisor; Homecoming Com- mittee; Green Feather Committee; Hospitality Committee; Greek Week Committee; Alfalfa Alphas. GAVENTA, BILL; Louisville, Ky.; American Studies; Honors Program; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Borden Prize Academic Class Council Award; Phi Society; Scroll and Key, Presi- dent; Taylor Prize; Resident Advisor; Sena- tor; Student Government President; Pi Kappa Phi; S Club; Soccer Team; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who; Scabbard and Blade; DMS; 1st runner-up Mr. Stetson Contest; Jun- ior in American Studies; Committees of all shapes and sizes. HINKLE, JoELLEN; St. Petersburg; Education; Canterbury Club; SUB Publicity Committee. HOBBS, JAM ES; Coral Gables; Political Sci- ence; Lambda Chi Alpha, Vice President; Fra- ternity Intramurals; Orientation Week Com- mittee Member; Stetson Review Contributor; Student Advisor. HOGEBOOM, WAYNE; Daytona Beach; Busi- ness Administration; Pershing Rifles; Scab- bard and Blade; Beta Alpha Sigma; Alpha Kappa Psi; Dean ' s List; Honor Roll. HORTON, TERRY; St. Augustine; Elementary Education; Young Women ' s Auxiliary, Presi- dent; BSU, Outreach Ministry; Kappa Delta Pi, President. J JANKOWSKI, RICHARD; Lakeland; Math; K.M.E., Vice President, President; Sigma Pi Sigma; Phi Society; Scroll and Key, Vice Pres- ident; German Club; Slavic Club; BSU; Math- ematics and Computer Assistant; Sailing Club; Intromurals; Orientation Week, Arrangement Chairman; President Seminar; SUB Commit- tees; Student Advisor; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. JARRARD, JAMES; Winter Park; Psychology; Vice President of Student Body; Student Sen- ate, President; Senator; Elections and Ap- pointments Committee; Student Advisor; Hat- ter Holiday Committee; Green Feather Com- mittee; Parent ' s Weekend Committee; HATTER StaH; Follies; COLLEGE, U.S.A., director; Stu- dent Affairs Committee; Resident Advisor; Intramurals; Alpha Chi Omega Big Lyre, Car- nation Court; MC, Miss Stetson Contest; Fresh- man Talent Shov , MC; Green Circle; Minis- terial Association; Sigma Pi Kappa; Concert Choir, T-Squad; Who ' s Who; SUB Represen- tative; Publications Board. JARVIS, JAKAY; Winchester, Tenn.; English; Theta Alpha Phi; Players Guild; StoverTheater Productions; Teen Theater; Experimental The- ater; Canterbury Club; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Winter Term in England Project; Alpha Lambda Delta at University of Georgia. JERNIGAN, BARBARA; Crawfordville; Ele- mentary Education; BSU, Cabinet Member; Young Woman ' s Auxiliary; Program Chair- man; S.F.E.A.; Student Advisor; Junior Coun- selor; Tassel; Kappa Delta Pi; Mortar Board, Secretary; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. JOHNSON, CHARLES; Jacksonville; Econom- ics and Religion; Pi Kappa Alpha. JOHNSON, DONALD; Gainsville; Church Music; University Chorus; Concert Choir; Key Member, Officer; Opera Workshop; BSU, Of- ficer; Stage Manager Elizabeth Hall; BSU Revival Team; BSU Summer Missionary in Northwest USA. JOHNSON, RAYMOND; North Miami; Geog- raphy and History; SUB Publicity Committee, Chairman, Vice President, President; Gamma Theta Upsilon, Vice President, President; Adel- phos; BSU; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Student Affairs Committee. JONES, EDGAR; Coral Gables; Psychology Omicron Delta Kappa; HATTER Staff, Editor Greek, Co-Editor; MC, Miss HATTER Contest Tennis Team, All-Conference; Pi Kappa Phi, Historian, Alumni Relations Director, House Manager; Canterbury House, Junior Warden, Senior Warden, Lay Reader; Religious Life Council; S Club; Psi Chi; Sigma Pi Kappa; Adelphos Society; Resident Advisor; Home- coming Committee, Treasurer; Ballots Sub- committee; Student Advisor; Dean ' s List; Hon- or Roll; Publications Board. JONES, MARY JANE;Morehead, Ky.; Elemen- tary Education; Hospitality Committee; Zeta Tau Alpha. JONES, SUSAN; Denver, Col.; Russian; SUB Hostess; Hospitality Committee; Slavic Club, President, Vice President; Student Advisor; Homecoming Committee. JORDAN, ROBERT; Drexel Hill, Pa.; Business; Delta Sigma Phi, Rush Chairman, House Man- ager, Chaplin. K KALLON, FODAY M.; Bodma-Koya, Sa-Leone, West Africa; Political Science; CCUN; Motive Chairman-Wesley Foundation; Debate Club; International Club; Filmore Club of Hon Hall; Independent Mens ' Club. KERN, IRENE; Dundedin; English Spanish; Phi Mu Sorority, Outstanding Pledge, Rush Chairman, Social Chairman; Pa nhellenic; Del- egate to Southeastern Panhellenic Confer- ence; Tassel; Homecoming Committee; Jun- ior Year Abroad, Madrid; Honor Roll. KIMBROUGH, ARTHUR L; Panama City; Music Ed.; Kappa Kappa Psi, Secretary; University Orchestra, Operations Manager, Tour Mana- ger; Outstanding member of the Orchestra in 1967-1968. Independent Mens ' Organiza- tion, President; Brass Choir; Concert Band; London Symphony Instutute. KIRCHER, LAURA; Ft. Lauderdale; Biology; Phi Mu, Panhellenic Representative; Presi- dent; Panhellenic Council; Beta Beta Beta; Homecoming and Parents Weekend Follies; SGA Communications. KIRK, DIANE; Bradenton; Music Education; University Chorus; Concert Choir; " T " Squad, Key Member; MENC; Opera Workshop; Stu- dent Advisor. KIHLER, PHYLIS; Carlisle, Ark.; Medical Tech- nology. KOWALSKI, JO; Cocoa; Elementary Ed.; BSU; SFEA, Secretary, Treasurer; Conrad Hall House Council, President; Women ' s Executive Council; Green Feather Committee; Student Advisor; Young Women ' s Auxiliary. KNEEN, JEFFREY; Lighthouse Pt.; General Business; Delta Sigma Phi, Treasurer, IFC, Vice President; Publications Board; Reporter, Business Manager; Sigma Pi Kappo; IFA, Secretory-Treasurer. LAFRENIER, VICKI; Lecanto; English; Zeta Tau Alpha, Social Chairman, Rush Chairman; Stu- dent Adviser; Miss HATTER Finalist; Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweetheart Club; Nominated for Woodrow Wilson Scholarship; Dean ' s List; Honor Roll. LAISE, MIA: Arlington, Va.; English; Parent ' s Weekend Follies; Homecoming Follies; HAT- TER Staff, Secretary; Honor Roll; Phi Mu, Scholarship Chairman; Student Advisor. LANE, SHIRLEY; DeLand; Elementary Ed. LAVENDER, WILLIAM W.Jr.;Charleston,S.C.; Psychology; Ministerial Association, Presi- dent; General Manager WBOB; BSU Out- reach Committee. LAYTON, GAVE; Hollywood; French; Conrad House Council; Summer Women ' s Executive Council; Student Government, Elections Com- mittee; SFEA; Kappa Delta Pi; Tassel; French Club; Dean ' s List; Honor Roll. LEEDS, LINDA: Lake Park; History; Zeta Tau Alpha, Ritual Chairman; SUBHospitolity Com- mittee, Social Committee; Intramurals. LEVY, DANIEL E.; Montevideo, Uruguay; Ec- onomics; International Club, President; Var- sity Soccer; Spanish Club. LONNMAN, GREG; St. Petersburg; Music Independent Mens Organization; Intramurals Pep Band; Kappa Kappa Psi, Vice President University Band; University Orchestra; Brass Choir; London Symphony Institute. LOTT, LOLA; St. Augustine; Spanish; Sigma Delta Pi; Junior Year Abroad in Spain;Stover Bowl; International Club. LYONS, WILLIAM; Kensington, Maryland; Eng- lish; Intramurals; Disc Jockey for WBOD; Dorm Representative Junior Year. M Mac CONNELL, JOHN C; Titusville; General Business; Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity. Mac GREGOR, CAROL; Jacksonville; Biology; Phi Society, Tri-Beta; Scroll and Key. MAURER, DONALD; Daytona Beach; Physics; Sigma Pi Sigma; Vice President; American Institute of Physics Student Chapter; Affiliated with General Electric ' s Apollo Systems De- partment. McBEATH, ROBERT E.; Louisville, Ky.; English; Pi Kappa Phi; Resident Advisor; Stetson Fol- McCABE, BERNARD; Mt. Dora; Political Sci- ence; Intramurals; Student AffairsCommittee; Delta Sigma Phi, Athletics Chairman; Vice President;Pledgemaster; Greek Week Chair- man; Interfraternity Council, President. AAcCOMB, DONALD; DeLand; Management- Marketing. McDADE, ROBERT; Miami; History; Pi Kappa Alpha, House Manager, Social Chairman; Playboy Club; Wednesday Evening Club; Lake Eustis Yatch Club. McGRATH, MICHAEL; New Smyrna Beach; American Studies; Scroll and Key. McKENZIE, SUSAN; Satellite Beach; French; Intramurals, Junior Year Abroad; StudentAd- visor; Political Emphasis Week; International Club; Student AffairsCommittee; French Club; Russian Club. McLaughlin, SAM; Oalnsville; Accounting; Concert Choir; University Chorus; Home- coming Committee; Green Feather Commit- tee; Student Advisor; Alpha Kappa Psi; Sig- ma Pi Kappa; Beta Alpha Sigma; The Account- ancy Club; BSU; HATTER Staff, Business Man- ager; Publications; Players Guild; Winter Term Abroad in Ireland. MEYER, CHARLES; Jacksonville; Economics; Pi Kappa Alpha, Historian; Pershing Rifles; ROTC Rifle Team; Adelphos Society. MIKELL, ANN; Eustis; English; Alpha Chi Ome- ga, 3rd Vice President; Intramurals; Reporter Staff, Editorial Assistant; Stover Theater Pro- ductions. MILLS, JON; Coral Gables; Economics; Pi Kappa Alpha, Secretary, Rush Chairman, Vice President, President; Townsend Leadership Award; Honor Roll; Scabbard and Blade; IFC, President; Homecoming Committee, Elec- tions Committee, Chapel Committee; Adel- phos Society; " S " Club; Varsity Golf; All Con- ference Golf Team; Student Advisor; Intra- murals, All Star Teams in Volleyball, Softball, Football; Senior Class Senator; Men ' s Ju- diciary Council. MINOR, KATHRYN B.; Madison, Wise.; Eng- lish; Pi Beta Phi Sorority, Activities Chair- man; Program Chairman; Scholarship Chair- man; Phi Society; Order of Scroll and Key; Sigma Tau Delta; Dean ' s List. MINOR, THOMAS; Eau Gollie; Physics; Omi- cron Delta Kappa; Sigma Pi Sigma; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Society of Physics Students; Del- ta Phi Alpha; Scroll and Key; Phi Society; Presidential Running Team; Stover Bowl; Hon- ors Program; Dean ' s List; Honor Roll. MISHLER, WILLIAM; Miami Beach; Political Science; Independent Men ' s Organization, President, Vice President; Soccer Team; In- tramurals, Debate Team; Political Emphasis Week Co-Chairman, Young Democrats. MONKIEWICZ, JOSEPH; Lynn Field, Mass.; General Business. MONTE, JULIA REED; South Daytona Beach; Math. MOORE, NANCY C; Ormond Beach; Social Science; Women ' s House Council, Conrad; BSU Women ' s Service Club; Honor Roll. MORALES, GERARD, Miami; Political Science; Men ' s Judiciary Council; Liberal Arts Senator. MORGAN, RODNEY W.; Tampa; Political Sci- ence; Honor Roll; Omicron Delta Kappa; Green Circle; Sigma Pi Kappa; Scabbard and Blade; Senator; President of Junior and Senior Class; President Pro-Tem of the Sen- ate; Student Affairs Committee; HATTER staff; Publications Board, Chairman; Young Demo- crat ' s; Adelophos Society, President; Resident Advisor, Head Resident-Upper Class Area. MOYNAHAN, STEPHEN; Radnor, Pa ; Busi ness Administration; Pi Kappa Alpha, Social Chairman, President; President of Business School; Alpha Kappa Psi; Beta Alpha Sigma. N NEHLES, SHERRON; Starkville, Miss.: French; Junior Year Abroad (Strasbourg, France); Student Advisor, French Club; International Club; Office Assistant; BSU. NEWTON, CLIFFORD; Jacksonville; Econom- ics; Green Circle; Theater fraternity; Inter- fraternity Council; Sigma Nu Fraternity; Rush Chairman, Commander. NUGENT, NEIL J.; St. Petersburg ' History; Pi Kappa Alpha; IFC Representative; Intra- murals. OLIVER, JUDITH D.; St. Augustine; Spanish; BSU; Young Republications; Student Advisor; Honor Roll; Sigma Delta Pi; Junior Year Abroad Program-University of Madrid. PAGE, JOSEPH T.; Miami; Physics; Sigma Pi Sigma; Orchestra; Omicron Delta Kappa; Concert Master. PANKOKIN, LINDA; Mechanicsburg, Penn.; French and Spanish; Intramurals; JuniorYear Abroad. PEDERSEN, CARL; Hinsdale, Illinois; Business Administration; Delta Sigma Phi, Vice Presi- dent, Sgt. at Arms; Intramurals. POLLACK, NEUMAN; Hollywood; Political Sci- ence; Young Democrats, President; Founda- tion Chairman of Hillel Fund; Religious Life Council; Resident Advisor; Slavic Club; Edi- tor of Young Democrat; Political Emphasis, Dialogue ' 67 and ' 68; Research Assistant for President Geren; Pershing Rifles; Woodrow Wilson Nominee; Liberius Staff and contribu- tor ' 68; Youth for Collins in West Volusia County, Chairman; Orientation; Cultural Committee. POLLARD, MARTHA; DeLand; Elementary Ed.; Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority, Standards Chair- man, President; Stetson Union Board, Hos- pitality Chairman; Gamma Theta Upsilon; Mortar Board, Vice President; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Stu- dent Advisor; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. PRICE, CAROL; Eau Gallie; Biology; Beta Beta Beta; Stetson Women ' s Service Club; House Council; BSU; Yearbook; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. PUGH, ROBERT; DeLand; History; Green Feather Q QUINA, M. KATHRYN; Mulberry; Psychology; SUB, Films Committee, Chairman; Stetson Women ' s Service Club; Tassel Psi Chi, Treasurer. R RADEBAUGH, KENNETH; Kissimmee; History; Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, Archon, Chaplain; Head Resident; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Scabbard and Blade; Canterbury House, Sen- ior Warden, Lay Reader. RADEBAUGH, KRISTEN KANE; Winter Park; Elementary Ed.; Cheerleader; 1st runner up Freshman Beauty Queen; Pi Beta Phi; HATTER Staff; ROTC Sponsor; Military Ball Queen; Sigma Pi Kappa; Panhellenic Honorary; Sec- retary of Stetson Hall; Junior Counselor; 1st runner up Miss Stetson; Traffic Court; Traffic Committee; Green Feather Committee; Par- ent ' s Weekend Committee; Homecoming Committee; Pi Kappa Phi Rose Queen; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Dear Friend of Hatter Editor; Canterbury. RALPH, KENDRICK W., JR.; Wallingford, Conn.; Business Economics; SUB Social Com- mittee; Soccer; Sigma Nu. RALSTON, CAROL LUCAS: Columbus, Ohio; History; Alpha Xi Delta; Women ' s Council; Green Feather; Student Director of Women Intramurals; First Runner Up Posture Con- test; Finalist Basketball Queen Contest; Pan- hellenice. RALSTON, JAY CHRISTOPHER; Columbus, Ohio; History; Varsity Basketball; Sigma Nu; Pledge Marshal; S Club; Social Chairman. RAMSEY, DOROTHY AA. C; Bushnell, Fla.; Moth; Christian Science Organization. REED, MARVIN; Zephrhills, Fla.; Math; In- tramurals; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Honor Roll. SHEE, WILLIAM; Woodbridge, Conn. Math; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Social Chairman. SIMMONS, AAARK; Eau Gallie; Music Educa- tion; Band; Outstanding Freshman Male A- word; Orchestra, Operations manager. Gen- eral manager; Letter of Commendation; Pep Bond; Conductor; MENC; Kappa Kappa Psi; National Band Honorary, Vice President. REISER, SANDRA; Daytona Beach; German; German Club; Student Advisor; German Hon- orary; Jr. Year Abroad; Concert Band; Tau Beta Sigma; Shoestring Theater; International Club. RHODES, DONNA M.; Orlando; Music Ed.; Tau Beta Sigma; Band; Phi Beta, Pres.; Honor Roll; Mortar Board Treas.; Student Advisor; Tassel; Music Ed. National Conference; Out- standing Music Student Award. RICH, JAMES M., JR.; Winter Park ' Account- ing; Accounting Club. RICKS, CARLYNN; Miami; Math; Wesley Foundation; Phi Society Sec ' y; Scroll and Key; Kappa Mu Epsilon; International Hon- ors Program; Honor Program. RINTZ, RICHARD; DeLand; Sociology; Lamb- da Chi Alpha; Dean ' s List; Honor Roll; So- ciology Club; Phi Guy. ROBERTS, BOBBI; Ft. Lauderdale; Elem. Ed.; Jr. Counselor; House Council; HATTER Staff; Orientation Committee; Homecoming Com- mittee; Tassel; Alpha Xi Delta, Rush Chair- man. ROBERTSON, LARRY W.; Jacksonville; Chem- istry; Jr. Year Abroad; NSF Research; Delta Phi Alpha. SAGER, NANCY; New Smyrna Beach; Elem. Ed.; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Student Gov ' t; Election Committee; SUB Hostess; Assistant Dorm Director; Student Advisor. SANDEFUR, LYNN; Gainesville; Music; Zeta Tau Alpha, Music Director; Concert Choir, T-Squad, Key Member, Soloist; Collegium Musicum; Opera Workshop; MENC, Trea- surer; Madrigals; Follies; University Chorus; Student Advisor. SAWYER, ANN (CHRYS); Wiesbaden, Ger- many; Elementary Ed.; Delta Delta Delta, House President, Chaplain; Song Leader; President of Emily Hall; Executive Council; House Council; Intramurals; PanhellenicHon- orary; Orientation Committee; Homecoming; University Chorus. SAYLES, WENDY; Miami; English; Stetson Women ' s Service Club; BaptistStudentUnion. SLUSHER, SANDRA; Raleigh, N.C.; Psychol- ogy; Honor Roll; Tassel; Psi Chi; President; BSU, Minister of Communication; HATTER Staff, Secretary; Student Advisor; Junior Councelor; Co-Chairman of Committee for Parent ' s Weekend; Russian Club; Home- coming Committee; Orientation Committee; Contestant in Miss HATTER and Miss Stetson Contests. SPOnS, JANE; Lake Worth; English; Sigma Tau Delta; Young Democrats, Tutoring; Hon- or Roll. STEUART, FRANK; Washington, D.C.; Busi- ness; Delta Sigma Phi, Rush Chairman, Sec- retary, President; Cantebury Cl ub; Interfra- ternity Council, Treasurer. STRUM, DIANNE; Indialantic; Art; Kappa Pi art honary. SULLIVAN, JAN; Jesup, Go.; Education; Del- ta Delta Delta Sorority, Pledge Trainer, Vice President, Sponsor Chairman; Panhellenic Council, Junior Counselor; Panhellenic Hon- orary; Student Advisor, Senior Representa- tive to Women ' s Executive Council, Tassel; SFEA. SUMNER, DAVID; Dade City; Social Science; Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, Pledge Class Chap- lain, Secretary; Baptist Student Union, Fresh- man Council, Vice President, News letter editor; State B.S.U. Revival team; South- western Tutoring Program; Student Advisor; Orientation Committee, Honors Program; Concert Choir; Honor Roll; Student Union Board; Resident Advisor, Winn-Dixie Stores Foundation Scholarship Award; Reporter Staff. SWART, MICHAEL; Ft. Lauderdale; Business Administration; Alpha Kappa Psi, President, Vice President, Warden; Westministor Fel- lowship, President, Enlistment Chairman; Sigma Phi Epsilon. T TALLANT, MARILYNN; Louisville, Kentucky; English; AWS Executive Council, Chaudoin Hall President; Student Advisor Co-Ordin- ator for Orientation ' 67; Orientation Social Committee Co-Chairman; ConcertChoir; BSU Cabinet, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. TAYLOR, ROBERT; Ft. Lauderdale; Psychology; Men ' s Judiciary Council; Concert Choir, " T " Squad, Key Member, General Manager; Op- era; Student Advisor; Orientation; Home- coming; Chairman of Elections Committee; Traffic Department; Chairman; Student Gov- ernment President ' s Cabinet; Reporter Con- tributor; Intramurals, Dorm League. THAYER, JOEL; DeLand; Sociology; Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. THOMAS, FRANK; Atlanta, Go.; History; Bap- tist Student Union; Intramurals; Phi Society; Scroll and Key; Phi Alpha Theta; Delta Phi Alpha, Kappa Delta Pi; Omicron Delta Kap- pa; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Senate; Resident Advisor; Adel- phos Society; Slavic Club; Woodrow Wilson Nominee in History; German Club; Student Assistant to Dr. Schultz; State of Florida BSU President. TVEDT, LEILA; Asheville, N.C.; Political Sci- ence; Charter Member and Secretary of Women ' s Service Club, Historian. TURANO, CHARLOnE; St. Petersburg; Biolo- gy; Beta Beta Beta; Women ' s Service Club; Canterbury; Dorm Council; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. V VIHLEN, CAROL TORRES; Geneva; Elemen- tary Ed.; Sigma Pi Kappa; Kappa Delta Pi; Pi Beta Phi; Tassel; HATTER Staff, Managing Editor; Junior Counselor. r WADE, JOYCE; Marathon; Elementary Ed.; Independents Softball; Intramural Board; Hon- or Roll. WARFIELD, ROBERT; Eustis; Business Admin- istration; Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity; Alpha Kappa Psi; Orientation Committee; Home- coming Committee; Intramurals, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Bowling. WATSON, DIANE; DeBary; Elementary Ed.; Pi Kappa Delta; Debate Team; Young Demo- crates; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; SNEA. WATSON, JEANNIE; Alexandria, Vir.; Ele- mentary Ed.; Tassel; Alpha Chi Omega, 1st Vice President; Chairman of Standards, Out- standing Pledge of the Year Award; Canter- bury House, Vestry, Food Chairman, Trea- surer; Panhellenic Honorary; Women ' s Exe- cutive Council; Stetson Hall House Council; Honor Roll; Student Assistant. WEATHERS, EDW RD B.; Louisville, Ky.; Gen- eral Business; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Honor Roll. WEAVER, BRUCE; San Tome, Venezuela; Young Republicans; Alpha Kappa Psi; Dean ' s List; Honor Roll. WETMORE, JO D.; Weston, Mass.; English; Phi Mu, Treasurer, Standords-member-at- large; Outstanding Intramural athlete; 1967 Posture Queen; Player Guild; Junior Coun- selor; Stetson House Council;Treasurer, 1969 Southeast Panhellenic Conference; Sigma Phi Epsilon Hearts Club. WHEELON, JANICE; Block Mountain, N.C.; English; Co-Chalrman of Orientation Week; MInlmester Evaluation Committee; Hatter Holiday Publicity Chairman; Greek Editor of ' 67 HATTER; Secretary of Homecoming Com- mittee; House Council; Student Advisor; Jun- ior Counselor; Library Comm.; Alpha Xi Del- ta, Historian, Vice-President; Liberal Arts Sen- ator; Elections and Appointments Committee; Honor Roll; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. WHITEHEAD, E. CARL; DeLand; Music; Soloist Concert Choir; University Chorus; Opera Workshop. WILLIAMS, SANDRA; St. Petersburg; Theolo- gy; Alpha Xi Delta; Homecoming Committee; Green Feather; French Club; SUB Hostess; Intramurals; Freshman Beauty Contest; Stet- son Fashion Board; Miss Stetson Contest; ROTC Sponsor; Military Ball Queen Contest, 1st runner-up; Basketball Queen; Student Ad- visor; BSU, Relazation Committee; Alfalfa Alphas; Southeastern PanhellenicConference Steering Committee; Coed of the Week. WILSON, DAVID; Coatsville, Pa.; Accounting; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Vice President; Student Advisor, Accounting Club. WOHLFARTH, THEODORE; DeLand; Econom ics; Christian Science Organization; Sigma Pi Kappa, Stetson-Southwestern Tutoring Pro- gram; Reporter Staff. WOOLEY, MILLAINE; Jacksonville; History; Pi Beta Phi, House Manager, Social Chairman, President; Phi Alpha Theto; Intermurals Par- ticipation Award; Posture Contest Finalist; Miss Stetson Contest; Homecoming Com- mittee. WORD, ROBERT J. II; Clearwater; Film; Hon- or Roll; Theta Alpha Phi; Photography Editor for HATTER 1968; Fine Arts Editor for Repor- ter ' 68; Parent ' s Weekend Follies; Baptist Theatre Convention; Stover Productions, Film Committee ' 68; Player ' s Guild. Y YARBROUGH, CLAUDIA; Jacksonville; Biolo- gy; Beta Beta Beta; Stover Bowl. YOUNG, SHARON; BelAir, Maryland; Mar- keting-Management; Alpha Kappa. J ow di o uou. . . map concern: translate love.. . . color couraae.. . . draw mndneSii. . . paint pain:. . . iKetcn louattu.. . . diaaram invotment,. otueprint vision:. . . ijou live a dau in the life of tjjean Cotter burner. . . lA e iearched, and in part iucceeded. VUe found ivu rooti on SJ ' laaer J4ail tnd the taundru room in L arion. lA e found r otaidi after everu ( ontmoni meat . nd . IKa-J ettzer after everu J aturdai ni nt. lA e neard of ioccer aamei . na named refereei at oaiheloalt aamei. lA e walked in L itleipie ifluieum, . nd ioon uiathed out. ' STETSON liS vs. RIDER . (lintQNRlBUffiffldRMaSY 4nmfMmmm liHiHItlHst lA e itudied ahead for finali, _ t aau ahead. ZJnere wai Audu K otiini iinaina in the ..J at Kack, lAJltk a new popcorn machine, ipecial on p ZJnere wad a ipecial on Jfpana loothpaile in the bookito lere were itolen umbrettai on rainu da i. ZJnere were wet iludenti wfio uiea to own umoretta. ZJnere were number 2 pencili for q-113 teit , _y na oeil-inapea curved. « s - Jhere were airli who nad other plans for ridau niahli, . na iirli who had no piani for anu niaht. tetion wai airli, and u S, and euenli, . nd whatever elAe wai worth remembering. ' " ' ' A ' ! ? iPllllll ■Si 11 1 C i er thin pleadant and everutninq Sad qaue u-i iomei ■ telion wad, and ii, a menaqerie of memoriei. Ihinq to rememo lA e teamed to iludu, to question, Jo live, to love ortant. JU.eif ikould be remembered. Jkeu u itt oe. I

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