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t h e 1 9 6 -■ We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams, wandering by lone sea-brakers, and sitting by desolate streams;- world-losers and world-forsakers, on whom the pale moon gleans: yet we are the movers and shakers of the world forever, it seems. -Arthur O ' Shaughessy. to a student whomever he m3y b KSZIi.nEEK«HZtQLfUS£3ieHC5EftS9SUIEHSS»f:i£k eanbK»SC»lieiH» »I»C»feCHCBE E I j«« jEiOKMtsBaiiew. J : :- . - yi xf -rr-. " ji ■■ ;• •? ww Wendy Hawkinson (Freshman, Caracas, Venezuela) " I think most people will agree that Stetson is a very friendly school, which I think is important, especially for those of us who have never lived in the states before. I ' d rather not cut Stetson down like most people do, be- cause I think wherever one goes one will always tend to cut the school down, some way or another. Anyway, there is no one perfect university anywhere. " Charlie Daniels (Senior) " Stetson ... a deep, good breath in a growing person ' s lifetime . . . How sincerely I agree with a friend ' s com- ment on his commencement day: ' You know, Charlie, this is a good school! ' " Rodney W. Morgan (Junior) " Stetson is small and in that smallness her students have become small with her. She and her students have be- come petty in their relationship and trivial in their com- munication. She is suspicious of her students in their youth and they in turn have become untrusting of her direction. She is frustrating in her provincial splendor and lonely in her solitude. " Cindy Fuller (Junior) " Stetson has atmosphere. Stetson has potential. Stetson needs a boost. She rests in complacency. Stetson is a feeling. Stetson is a mood. Sometimes I wish I hadn ' t come here. " Cathy Rounds (Sophomore) " Stetson? Well I feel like in Stetson I am getting what I missed by not going to public high school - no culture, no thinking, no Dick Gregory and a lot of teeny-bop. If and when I graduate I will have to learn how to readjust to the real world. I have met some really great people and had a few good times, though. I ' d tell you more except I have to go get a pass to the girl ' s room — . " Tim Frazier ' Freshman) " I like it! But it is a paradox. There are a variety of in- consistencies in both the administration and the projected image I received of Stetson before I arrived. Most of all I like the idea of being able to be an individual and not a number. " Leffie AA. Carlton, III (Sophomore) " It ' s great to learn what to think and not how to think. Knowledge is fine but how about wisdom? Perhaps the student deserves more trust, maybe not, who can tell until it ' s really given. " Dolly Morehead (Senior) " Everybody has gripes about Stetson. They ' d gripe any- where they went. It ' s just that here the opportunity pre- sents itself more often . . . That ' s school. Sometimes you can ' t live with it but I ' ll always be grateful I did. " Darrin Berger (Sophomore) " Stetson to me is a place where I have found my true purpose in life. Explaining in terms of economics. Stetson is a production possibility curve. On one axis you have what you can do, on the other you have what you shouldn ' t do. It seems that I ' m on the axis of what shouldn ' t be done. Stetson has taught me to be an an- tagonist. I love you Stetson. " David Emerson (Junior) " Stetson. Well, it ' s not too bad in some ways. Some of us are getting good undergraduate educations, but we would anyway. A few good professors. Has usual advantages and disadvantages of a small college. It could be pretty good in the future, if it goes the right way. I don ' t know; I won ' t be here. " ;n c»£»en«£e5({R ec¥UF; s»ms»»mimsmHBH 4m. ' - 1 9 6 7 1 9 6 8 Although the academic year for the university began in September, for the HATTER as well as for many organizations, the year really began several months earlier. April, 1967, saw the beginning of this year. It began with the preparation and the planning, the choos- ing and the electing. It began with the Stu- dent Government and Publications elections on April 18 and 20, and with them the plan- ning for a new administration, a new senate, a new HATTER, a new year. 1 A: W On April 26 an annual Stetson tradition, Hatter Holiday was held. The administration, realizing the probability of various outside activities available to Stetson students during the warmer seasons, attempts to alleviate the problems of cutting with Hatter Holiday. Of course it helps, it gives us a day off in DeLeon Springs for general egg tosses, inner-tube races, water football games, and the Mr. and Miss Stetson Contest— events to remember by all the stupid things you could not do atony other time during the year. . - MISS STETSON Bev Darnell MR. STETSON Stan Grvskiewicz 14 miss stetson contestants iC». BwBiSBfc .S. ' , SUEBEAVO Pi Kappa Alpha VEDA JO BUNTING Emily Hall PATH BURHANS Phi Mo BEV DARNELL Delia Delta Delta PAT DULLARD Lambda Chi Alpha LINDA EGGEMAN Alpha Xi Delta SUSAN FEDYSHYN Zeta Too Alpha ELLEN FISHER Alpha Chi Omega KAREN KELLY Independent Men JUDY KNIGHT Pi Beta Phi ELAINE LHEUREUX Stetson Hall LAURIE LIPSCOMB Religious Life Council RUTH NEMEC Choudoin Holl PATPERGREM Pi Kappa Phi BECKY PRICE Delta Sigma Phi SANDY SLUSHER Conrad Hall OPHIE SOLANO Sigma Phi Epsilon SANDY WILLIAMS Sigma Nu nnr. stetson contestants TERRY ABLE Independents FRED BESTE Sigma Phi Epsilon GEORGE FATULA Delta Sigma Phi STAN GRYSKIEWICZ Pi Kappa Phi STEVE HOBBS Lambda Chi Alpha TOPPER KEEFE Sigma Nu DENNIS MCNAA mRA Pi Kappa Alpha MIKE RAYMOND Upper Classmen Dorm MIKE SWART Religious Life Council FRANK THOMAS Freshmen Dorm lune It was the end of four years--the beginning of somettiing new. It was the usual time for re- flection and looking ahead--but until each of us graduates too, we won ' t know the meaning of this reflection and looking ahead. As re- cepient of the Outstanding Senior Awards, this was a special time for Dave Morgan and Darlene Smith. For President Edmunds it was a time for long reflection-for it was his com- 7 The official Rush Week began. A few were sure at the beginning; a few weren ' t sure at the end. It seemed to be a constant party, a terribly long seige of trying to be " natural. " It was K- - Parties, and Ice Water Teas, smiles and decisions. Then on September 22 the men headed for the Traffic Department; on September 23 the women made a mass exit from the dorm. Great Expectations, and then that feeling of happiness ... a bond everlast- ing. And a new force of pledges was available forthoseneverending " odd jobs ' . DEBBIE THOMPSON RUTHIE GENRES PATSY COLE LUCIA SMITH PAULA VITELLO SUZANNE CLARK ROBIN OVERSTREET MARTHA HARDIMAN LANE TAYLOR VIRGINIA PETERMAN ANNE KNIGHT KATHY SUMMER LINDA BRETT GINNY RAND ROCHELLE WATERS 3° The Pi Kappas had made an excellent choice ... To narrow their , selections to one would be difficult. But finally, it was announced . . Miss Rochelle Waters . . . the 1967 Freshman Beauty Queen. 31 After an abscence of a year, October 13tfi and 14th brought us Greek Week again. The Pi Kopps saw their ninth Greek God in Steve Buchanan and the Zetos their consec- utive Greek Godess in Pat Deuell. The tradi- tional torch lighting ceremony was high- lighted by classic works of art such as the Pikes rendition of ' The Let- ter " . On Friday the Greeks adjourned to the Olympic Arena to watch the Chariot Race —but what was the writ- ing on one of the char- iots? That evening the Olympian hosts gath- ered in Daytona-City of the Sun-for the Greek Week Dance. It was obvious on Satur- day that the sun God was not pleased with the revelry and con- sequently froze those who braved the Atlan- tic during the beach party. 33 34 On October 19, Stetson University students attended the Seekers concert. It was sponsored jointly by Stetson and Rollins, although the Rollins announcer kept secret the fact that Stetson was co-sponsor. After successfully driv- ing a comedian off the stage, the Seekers proved to be a tremendous success. 35 36 LIN ALBEE SUSAN BELTZ SANDY BERWALD DEBBIE DANO PAT DULLARD MARTHA FRAISER TERRY FRAZIER LIBB HADDOCK LINDY JACKSON KATHY JOEL PEGGY MALONE HEATHER PAGE DIANNE PARES! BECKY PRICE MARGOTSHAUL SUSAN SHOEMAKER NAN SMITH ELEANOR TODD JULIE UPP SHERELL WANNER Despite interviews with judges, a reception, and a tape recording session all twenty contestants made it through to the contest- even those with more Important things in their minds. The judges selected Miss Margot Shaul--1 968 Miss HATTER. A goal of $5000 ... a dance ... a pancake day . . . a soul show ... an egg throw . . . a follies ... a turkey shoot- each played its part in our annual drive for charity. There were collections in the dorms all week and then the day-long seige of Hulley Field to build the booths for the carnival Saturday night. The next week Nan and Dave very proudly announced the result of all our work-the goal had been sur- passed by almost $1000 and it was all worth it. ' »ri 39 4° . j f: : ' " «; . If finally happened-Stetson co-sponsored a concert with Rollins and actually got credit- Dionne Warwick 43 Another big Stetson weekend . . . we didn ' t get out of classes Friday afternoon, the concert in Orlando, open houses, a welcome for D.J., and the oldies but goodies, every- one staying dressed for the week- end to give a good impression, the Daytona Plaza Ballroom, no parade this year, we won ' t mention the soc- cer game, and a tribute to a great man J. OIlie Edumnds, Stetson Class of ' 25. 44 45 The science departments were of- ficially welcomed to their new build- ing-Sage Hall, by Mrs. Sage an im- portant friend of the university, and the many other financial contribu- tors in the construction of the build- ing. Later in the month the Davis family arrived in DeLand to help dedicate the new Building for the School of Business. These two build- ings have changed the face of our campus, but in a few years, few will remember Flagler and 3rd floor Eliz- abeth Hall as the science depart- ments, and that World War II bar- racks as the Business School, for Sage Hall and Davis Hall have quickly become an integral and last- ing part of our campus. 46 47 » This year the Christmas Parade went by with- out incident-thanks to a certain fraternity. Then it was time for the parties for the underprivi- ledged children and for the formal Christmas dance — The Snow Ball. Nan Nixon was Snow Princess and Ediie Culver was Snow Prince. Finally, the fateful week arrived and every- one more or less made it through-then home for vocation. 49 lanuary 50 January 26, 1968 Stetson Univer- sity ' s first formal presidential inau- guration. The honor of being Stet- son ' s fifth president was bestowed upon Dr. Paul Francis Geren. The guest speaker was Dr. Samuel H. Miller, Dean of the Harvard Divin- ity School. President Geren was graduated CUM LAUDE from Baylor University with a A.B. degree in English and Speech. He received an M. A. de- gree in Economics and Business Ad- ministration from Louisiana State University. He received a second Master ' s degree and his Ph.D. de- gree in Economics from Harvard University. He has taught at several American and foreign universities. For two years he served as Deputy Director of the Peace Corps. He has been in the Foreign Service and has served in Syria, India, Jordan, Libby, and the Federation of Rhode- sia, and Nyasaland. Among the sev- eral books he has published are BURMA DAIRY, NEW VOICES, OLD WORLDS, and CHRISTIANS CON- FRONT COMMUNISM. Stetson University is privileged to welcome Dr. Geren into its com- munity. A e i -¥--. ifTfBBBWl ¥ 3. K ' y l , - ,-- ■M Jl - J cu dick gregory-3ppear3nce cancelled 54 In May, 1967, the Student Affairs Com- mittee, composed of Administrators, Faculty members, and student leaders, discussed the subject of " controversial speakers " ap- pearing at Stetson. Mr. Dick Gregory was used as an example. The Stetson Union Board voted in favor of inviting Mr. Greg- ory to Stetson to speak sometime in the spring, 1968. His appearance would be financed jointly by the S.U.B. and Student Government. The contract was signed in September, 1967, and Mr. Gregory ' s ap- pearance was announced to the Stetson student body. On February 15, 1968, Presi- dent Geren called an Executive Council meeting to discuss Mr. Gregory ' s appear- ance. This body consisted of Administrators, Faculty, and the Student Government Presi- dent. No decision was reached, but Presi- dent Geren stated that he would not inter- fere in the students ' right to invite whom- ever they wished. On Friday morning, February 16, President Geren met with the board of Trustees and representatives from the Faculty Senate to discuss the rap- idly growing problem. After this meeting. President Geren met with the Board of Trustees, at which time the Board requested the students, through President Geren, to cancel Mr. Gregory ' s speech at Stetson. That afternoon, student leaders met with members of the Faculty and Administration to decide what action should be taken. A decision was reached. The President at the S.U.B. called Mr. Gregory ' s agent and Mr. Gregory ' s appearance at Stetson Univer- sity was cancelled. 55 parent ' s weekend In March, Stetson was inundated with 800 very important guests -- parents. It was their weekend - a time to meet the new pin-mate, a time to sit in the hallowed halls of ' Liz ' Hall, a time to eat a meal at that noted, or rather infamous, cafe- teria the Commons. The Follies, a Parents ' Weekend tradition, was presented in Elizabeth Hall. Through the Artists and Lecturers Committee, Stover Theatre presented Mr.Sorrell Booke as Socrates in Maxwell Ander- son ' s play. Barefoot in Athens. 56 58 The Military Ball was quite a Command Performance. The 98th Army Band en- tertained with sedate, but excellent mu- sic. The 196 8 Military Ball Queen, chosen from the company and organizational sponsors, was Terry Frazier. The runners- up were Margot Shaul and Dee Lewis. HH H»1 1 i i 1 4 L ' H ' - j 1 59 T3 ■I In 6i o c c 6i 63 frit [ " • tyr- ' •«« NeMMi 64 % 3MCr 65 t b a I I 68 r i %, A V 69 7° baseb3ll 7 73 74 75 76 tennis n 78 cheerleaders 79 intramurals 80 ' 1Mp» ' . mmmm fti vfl y 87. ' = m V 83 84 86 87 J 3 3 7 (D 3 a (0 ST 3 90 ■ j iliiiil ii ' iiirt 111 iii tf i liftifeg» ;nf - ' i m -x ■A») " " TJt A ■ V s: ' " ■ " " , ' V i % •Jh»«fiii .-.-A .. 4A!|i it- — tjjv »■ ' ««• - ' W - 25 ' tl. iNb ««I«Vm - jr i ff ' -l . At, " ' V ,S? - tt ' miM jff% M . ' .iJjTfar,, 4 ' m • drama o o n e r 105 You may play well or you may ploy badly; the important thing is that you should play truly. Conslantin Stanislavski io6 i io8 log " I know that all around me on the stage is a rough counterfeit of reality. It is false. But if all should be real, see how I might be carried away to some such scene; then I would act. " -Conslanlin Slanislavski c h a r I e a y u n it seems to me that there is no true theater without language and style, nor any dramatic work which does not involve human faith in all its simplicity and grandeur. " thie sound off music " 3 u " 5 concert choir tour " 7 university orcliestra iL ii8 concert choir HH||IIII|| P 1 1 1 ! ! ! 119 i ' 3 1 4 9 I 1 9 6 I o n The Publications Committee Standing, L. to R. David Machete, Chairman; Skipp Rupp, Business Manager, 1968 HATTER; Steve Hess, Managing Editor, The Reporter. Sitting, L. to R. Dean Bunch, Editor, The Reporter; Dean Etter Turner, Advisor; Dr. Ann Mor- ris, Advisor; Carol Torres, Managing Editor, 1968 HATTER; Marsha Gelbart, Student Gov. Vice-President; Bill Millword, Business Manager, The Reporter; Fronc de Miranda, Editor 1968 HATTER; Laurie Lawrence, Editor, The Compass. 1X7 J (D 0) 7 V FRANC DE MIRANDA Editor SKIP RUPP Business Manager CAROL TORk; S Managing Editor ii8 BILL ALBERTSON Organizations RODNE ' - ' . i I ' . Classes DEBBIE DULL Layout KRIS KANE Greeks BONNIE BLUNT Photographer 130 staff kOGER ' RALPH C. JANICE DANitL: VEPN DE SEAR btii ' GASkiNS MARTHA HARDIMAN JEAN HODGE STEVE HOLCOME STEVE JOHNSON KATHY KEPLER PATRICIA KILGORE JOZI MARS SANDY MARTIN MARSHA MATHEWS AAARY LOU MCCARTHY MARY MCFALL SAM MCLAUGHLIN DOLLY MOREHEAD MARY LOU MULDOON PAT PERGREM CAROL PRICE SUSAN PUL5 MARIE SICK JEAN SIMMONS MIKE SMITH DAPHNE SPRAGGINS BILL STARR CAROL STRAIT SMILEY THURSTON DEBBIE VENN JAY VREELAND LYNN WILKINSON JANICE WILLIS reporter ILLMILLWARD, JEFF KNEEN 5usiness Managers 13 PAT SrULTZ, Editorial Assistant JOHN IRWIN, Photographer JEANNE KINZER, Greek Gab Editor JULIE SWAIN, Executive Assistant ' 33 t t a» t s " club 134 the compass Laurie Lawrence, Editor, Staff Leora Bown, Marilyn Moore ' 35 c a (D 3 SQ (D 3 3 (D 3 JOHN WELCH President NANCY KOOISTRA Secretary JULIE WILSON Secretary MARSHA GELBART Vice President CAROLE DAVIS Treasurer 136 the senate Steve Hobbs Franc de Miranda ?uss Buchon Mike Egan Bill Gaventa Steve Shoemaker Rachel Rajchel Rodney Morgan Frank Thomas Tim Baughman Richard Finley Jim Jarrard 138 Larry Lennon 3 C 3 3 cr tt Ti a JEFF LEDEWITZ President KAREN KELLY Vice President LAURIE LIPSCOMB Recording Secretary JOYCE MARTIN Corresponding Secretary DAVE FALKir Jb Treasurer 140 CINDY MCCLAIN Cultural Committee RAY JOHNSON Publicity Committee I D J5Ai-J L ft; Social Commitlee MIKE SAAITH Building Committee DON JACOBSON Social Committee PAT STULTZ HcjIhss Pui eau CLARENCE ANDERSON Representative-at-lorge Nan Smith Moore Dave Folkins Green Feather Tom Johnston Dave Demers Political Emphasis Week Karen Kelly Buddy Moore Parents ' Weekend Janice Wheelon Russ Buchan Orientation CO ch mitee rmen Sue Lloyd Cabbie Cabral Homecoming 141 Colonel Dan Rothwell Brigade Commander Lt. Colonel Ken Densmore 2nd Brigade Commander r o t c 143 O X e c n u ' t c o u n c i I 144 m c e o n u f n s c i i 1 u d i c i a r y 145 Pete O ' Callaghan Charlotte Daniels Becky Chambers Wayne Crosby I i 7 Mary Patton Steve Hobbs 146 Barbara Gillespie 147 besuties Jay Youger Ginger Wall Dee Lewis I i t a r y p o n s o r Kris Kane I i t a r y b a I I u n 149 h o n g h o Nan Smith Moore 150 o d d Pat Deuell 151 freshman beauty queen b q a u n t b a I I Sandy Williams ' 53 ' 54 Bev Darnell 55 iss hatter nd runner up It ( ■Br!?f«« miss hatter 1st runner up Terry Frazier 1 9 6 Margot Shaul 158 I: ' H5 ' .■ ' j. % - j " " k n io fli 3 N 3 religous life council iSt r _ -1 ir uL- baptist student union canterbury club .63 wesley foundation westnninister fellowship 164 christian science college organizatio lutheran student association i66 sut hostesses adelphos society - ' 167 y o u n o c r i68 u n P u b I i c 3 n i6o vifomens servic organization kappa icappa psi 170 debate squad Slavic club 171 b e t I P h t h u P 173 I o n pi kappa delta igma tau delta 174 Jgma pi kappa phi aiph theta 75 signn3 pi delta thet alpha 176 theta alph phi tau beta Sigma 77 ma sispma »psilon bet3 beta beta Hi l H I H HT H IV I H Hj HI 1 H K c!t I l B ' r l H H H R l P » H ■tr- ' i l |H| I 1 S | BK»« | kIT i HH HVaR O H I IW ■«»I H wfl Kc E ■ Ih B kS H ■ H l Vjl ' - vp l l H HjpraP 11 l v " ! jV Tr fhfRi i ■ Bi H M il Vi B U . » j iiJ H ap S B l H Ei :| ' 11 Vm VhMI m MM Wk ::V ;. h lump 1 P ' HkI ' S f V 1.1 178 scroll and key phi society 179 b b a r d b I n n c i r c I mortar board arbara Gillespie Charlotte Daniels 184 o d k 185 ■■ m Topper Keefe P c a o n u h n e c I i I I i86 i f c n r o t a u e t n r ec r i n I i t y Joyce Armstrong Dianne Bethany l oJ Loucretia Cain Lourinda Chapelle Suzane Clarke Patsy Cole Comile Collier Pot Dixon ' -4 ' A Linda Durant Ellen Fisher Ruthie Gehres Martha Hardeman Susan Hetzler Beth Huckaby Donna Lee Hunt Maureen Jerell Katie Johnson Sandra Elizabeth Kemps Patricia Marsh Pamela Martin Rosemary Mclrving Ann McTureous Catherine Mellor Ann Mikell k nd The Fearless Fifteen . . , Remember all those dirties, Marg? . . . Ruthi ' s song . . . Five dia- monds is not a bid . . . Happy Hera to you . . . Study buddies . . . One sleepless night on Crystal River . . . Actives - 14 and Pledges - 6 . . . Hot eggs . . . Try to Remember . . . Cocky pledge McBryde . . . But what will you do without us, Mrs. Skelly? . . . Seniorities . . . Actives beware, there could be on alarm clock under your bed . . . Are you sure Dean Turn- er was there? ... I ' m glad I went Alpha Chi! Margaret Needham President Solly Pinson Linda Powell Rebeco J. Price Ginny Rand Deborah Redeker Karen Renne Jody Roberts Margot Shaul Susan Shoemaker Carol Schroods Ange Shirley Kimberly Smith Sally Trask Jane Turner Jeannie Watson Diane Winchester Jessie Woodward Sue Yoncey pBi wBUBiiiJ M alpli3 Chi omeg3 190 Linda Eggeman President Janice Barton Pris Bell Carol Bowen Susan Brownfield Jane B. Byerts Ann Chorpening Dana Conover Miriam Corfar Linda Eggeman Marilyn Feasel Becky Fore Carol Gailbreath Betty Gaskins Jane Gilbart Kathleen M. Grondel Wendy Gryskiewicz Gerri Gumula Wendy Hawkinson Betty Jones Susan Jones Dee Lewis Judy Lo Casoie Carol Lucas Linda Lynn Hi ya Groovey . . . Sil down and take a load off your feet . . . Let ' s have another candle lighting? . . . Mr. and Mrs. " Paresi " . . . Fuzzy Frolics . . . Locochunk chunk . . . Ablacklimousine . . . Hawk . . . Who ' s pouring water off of Stetson Hall ' s porch? . . . The T.P. Gang . . . ' They have the cutest little chicken feathers . . . What song did you wont to hear, Patty? Gold Platter of the 1st magnitude . . . Remember ' . . . ZJ JV Delta Mohan Janet McCullough Dollie Moreheod Wondo Posnicky Mary Patton Suzy Pyikos Peggy Reo Sharon Raid Linda Robinette Boby Roberts Donna Sherfey Liz Sorell Linda Taylor Cheryl Terrell Pot Pergrem Thompson Carolyn Troll Rochelle Waters Janice Wheeion Jacqueline Wize Sandy Williams 193 alpha xi delta ' 94 Janan Bateh Susan Beltz Janice Bonial Karen Bostic Linda Brett Kathryn Brown Barbara Clapp Cornie Craven Charlotte Daniels Becky Davis Lynda Davis Becky Day 196 Gloria Deen Gina Delholm Carol Drever Kathleen Dunn Priscilla Harris Mary Henion Joyce Hewitt Jane Ingersol Anne Kinnan Jeanne Kinzer Nancy Klotzbier Margaret E. Little Sue Lloyd Dale McCormick Mary McFoll Sandy Norvell Nan Nixon Heather Page Joyce Rhodes nv Chrys Sawyer Kristy Skuda Marion Miller President Jan Sullivan Sarah Walden Toni Walter Whose idea was it to get the canoes for a half-day? . . . Second place and no one on the All-Stars? . . . OFB ... The daisy doz- en .. . Pledge, you will bob for those pearls! . . . Kinzer, the walking miracle . . . She ' s a shoo-in for BBQ . . . But Miss Snowfloke is a serious thing . . . So-nuts . . . Thunder thighs . . . But Miss Stetson would never do that! . . . No hazing? . . . Turkey . . . You ' re going to fail . . . Goats and bats . . . Sex symbols and beauty queens . . . Well, let ' s just say it ' s attitude . . . Check yes or no . . . We wouldn ' t do it if we didn ' t like you . . . WAP . . . Rickie ' ll take her . . . What ' s Seymour got to say? . . . Keep your pants on . . . »97 i n ' i delta delta delta iT 199 Raggedy Ann loves You . . . " Where is pledge LiHle- hale? " . . . Bavava focus week . . . Lightning strikes twice ...Flower... Hatrack baseball . . . Good- bye paisley preacher . . . Congratulations, Jo Lynn . . . Posture power . . . " Whos ' he lavaliered to this week? ' . . . Georgia boys ... Do your turtle imita- tion Laura . . . Another bloopei from our sleepy blonde . . . little black butterfly pins . . . forever . . . Joanne Whistler President Sue Angenendt Georgia Ash Margie Ashley Kathy Baransky Jo Lyn Barrett Sandy Bowen Susan Bradfield Debbie Clark Janet Crossley Joan Damon Mary Dunaway Jan Ernst Kathy Fockele Jan Fowler Lynn Gamble Sharon Parker Hablel Betsy Hester Judy Hoch Laura Kircher Misty Krumholz Kathryn Littlehale Sandy Martin Edna McCown Doris Millen Susie Mitchell Mary Lou Muldoon Rebecca Paschal Valerie Shafransky Ram S-nyder Nancy Stricklanc Laura Tinsley Pom Webster phi mu r 4 Mj H L " ji Wt Kmm -M himS 1 Demise Augliaro Sally A. Baker Judy Knight President Anne Beoty Sue Beavo Sandra Bowles Barbara Clay Janice Daniels Carole Davis Kathy Dehoney Jane Eckert Ginny Ezell Jeonnette Ferrell Kris Kane Judy Knight Lindy Jackson Gail Maclean lO Who ' s our new president?! . . . Efficiently yours, Elda . . . Eric wfio? . . . Well, I ' m not lavaliered, pinned, orengoged!! . . . When ' s your serenade, Kane? . . . You circle and I ' ll jump up and down . . . Prosperpina, Sweet Prosperpina . . . Pledge class sweet- hearts . . . God-Bod . . . Y ' olj — but I love him!!! . . . Elephant wolld! . . . Phone Booth — Station 8 . . . Your friendly study bug. . . Student Government drives away another one . . . F.S.U. has sent one back! . . . Terry - our first! . . . Beatty adds another trophy to the case . . . And now — for the latest epi- sode of Marsha ' s adventures in France . . . Looks like Maclean won the big race . . . Frohliche Veihnachten, Judy . . . She ' s sweet, lovable, and efficient but she sure has a tem- per .. . Pi Beta Phi Kathy McCardle Virginia Petermon Susan Powell Carol Reynolds Vickl Rock Nan Smith Sally J. Smith Suzanne Smith Evelyn Solheim Janice L. Splvey Lane Chattan Taylor Claire Telmanik Carol Torres Diana Lynn Verdun Sharron Walker Julie Wilson Melanie Wilson Millalne Wooley X05 pi bet3 phi ■2.06 lOJ A.Aary Ann Baube Linda Marie Bowler Carol Cassel Rocky Church Cathy Lee Davis Patricia Deuell Margaret Disney Pamela Rose Erickson Martha Rose Fraser Carol Gill Jennifer Green Sandy Guard Cindy Johnson Mary Jane Jones Vicki Lo Freniere Carol P. Lozzo Linda Leeds Mary Lehman Ramona Long Cathy Middleton Linda Millisor Maureen O ' Connel iAjHi Nancy Kooistra President How are things on the plantation? . . , A- L-O-H-A . . . What light from your window breaks? . . . The pledges ore washing— on air- plane? . . . But we don ' t want to pull our own chariot . . . Another Greek Goddess. . . So what if you got an egg under your pil- low ... Hi Bun-n-ny! . . . No one gets lost on the way to retreat . . . Why she ' s an o ld toad anyway! . . . Richardson, go down and send Linda Byrd a telegram . . . Would the girl with the jungle jeep please park it in the back of the Panhellenic Building . . . Let os coll you sweethearts . . . Thanks, Zefa King! . . . Richardson, your fall fell . . . Have you seen Nancy ' s rock? Moe— and how was your Christmas vacation?? . . . N.K., Martoon, Tur- tle, Dewey, the Rock, Tiger, Reject, Gunch, Og . . . ooh-ah-ooh-ah!. . . Elaine Ogborn Pam Pierson Martha Pollard Lynda Pratt Loral J. Rezek Cathy Rounds Lynn Sandefur Mary Lou Seymour Barbara Smith Teede Tebeau Cheryl Gay Jay Younger A 1 w " et3 tsu alph3 Richard B. Badgley Winston Carlton Don Doshill George William Engelhard George J.R. Fetula Steven Fertig Harold Fraser Richard Galavotti Robert Jordan Bernard McCabe William John Carl Pedersen Spyder Pegram Patric Penn Jeff Schroeder Frank Steuart James L. Stroud James G. Thorpe Micfiael D. Tfiompson Dick Watts William Weber Larry Zimmerman At the Zoo! . . . Aquo-Lol . . . Win, Place, Show . . . Entering in Post 1, Hud II, Post 2 . . . Dropelo!! . . . " Hurry Mr. Peters! " . . . Moon and his midnight sprinklers . . . We beat WHO in football?? . . . Hey Jeff, got change for a quarter? . . . R.R. ' s moving again . . . Let ' s DITCH the Duck!! . . . Our fathers: Sol and Shapiro; what happened to Fertig!! ... If it stays up there all day you can win . . . Oh, O!!! . . . Frank Steuart-Mr. Tru Love . . . PRP . . . Rich " Green Finger " Galavotti . . . Weber, Lava i I ered!?? . . Juice, is that for your boat? . . . Winskin . . . French Fry, where ' s our house? . . . Ollies our boy, jump for joy . . . The Big F . . . YITBOS. ai3 «mAnsT?is deltd Sigma phi 15 William Yerkes Albertson Bill Armour Ross B. Armour William A. Bedell Ron Bostic Royal A. Brown, III Chris Carley Jim Crawford Robert W. Curtis Steve Davis Michael Edward Egan George Green ' J I Richard Swartz High Alpha ai6 Richard T. Morehead Michael D. Moss Jerry Napoliton Newt Raynolds Rick Rintz James O. Shelfer Tom Somerville John Welch Dirty ' s last bow , . , Heidi-Ho . . . The Most popu- lar eighth grader . . . Duell ' sphonecalls . . . Skin! . . . Tales of the machine, by Gary . . . Stella the connoiseur . , . Crabby Doug , . . New Year ' s Eve in D.C. . . . Billys liHle flightbag . , , Hall+McKen- ney + Friday Afternoon=?. . . . blow your mind . . . That ' s right lady, there ain ' t no Folstafl . . . Rally once more for Hussey . . . Assume the L position . . . King Kelly . . . Davis is lavalierd? . . . Piece your bets on Somerville . . . Wimpy turns evil . . . Rothwell ' s list . . . Bob Davis-rug captain . . . A shot in the dark . . . Let ' s ploy jail ... I bet I can lift 450 pounds! . . . No more G.O. . . . Any questions-Bruce? lambda Chi Alpha. Z17 Ismbda chi alpha zi8 r John Perry President Bill Hathaway Charlie Hats Edwin Jackson Frits Lowaetz Bob Letson Carl Lindgren Joseph Ross MacBeth John A. MacConnell Dennis C. McNomora Dave Metzler Charlie Anderson Peg Pen Boothe George Breslin Remington A. Clark, III Randy Cunningham John R. Ellermon Jeff Forwell Tim M. Frazier Don E. Friedwald Rick Gilkeson Lewis W. Gingery Kirk Glenn Piece of what? . . , Sugar Bear . . , Wierd Harold . . . Biff Smeod . . . Walter the Flea . . . D.J. Hawk . . . Sgt, Lionel Brownford. . . Yeti . . . Even the Rev. takes off his collar ocassionolly . . . Dirty Dozen . . . Shoulder Loaf . . . Hey Crow, want to roce? . . . IIKA Heavyweight window busting contest ... Is- rael Bond . . . Little Tommy got o car? . . . Junior Letson " 37 . . . Boo Hiss . . . Wimpy . . . Hairy High School ... It takes ' a thief . . . my little chickadee . . . pull Carl! . . . Turkey ' s gobble, right beaver? . . . Goon squad . . . Mom Sampson . . . Morte, we hove you now . . . Hogoday . . . P.W.Perry . . . D.B.S. . . . Red John soys B.M.F.B. . . . F.C.S. . . . Wolf drew . . . What a finish! . . . Jon Mills Don Moore Stephen Moynohan Neil J. Nugent Bo Perry Roger Pierson John M. Rife John L. Thompson Wiley Thompson William E. Vaughn, III Larry Winse Steven Woods pi kappa alpha Wayne Crosby Archon Gene Allen John Anderson A. Derrell Boone Stan Christian Reed Clary Ralph Cline Charlie Craig Ken Densmore Larry A. Densmore Vincent Dix Craig Ebaugh Dave Falkins Bill Gaventa Steve Goff 7.7.4 l.vnHM I H. Paige Grohom Ston Gryskiev icz Ed Jones Donny Highlower -Irner C. Jost ovid Machette OickMahaffey Bob McBeoth Harold " Buddy " Moore Pete O ' Callaghon Bill Perry Ken Rodabaugh Jovid Reid Emory L Ricketson Pete Rowel! Martin Richard Satava H. Stephen Shoemaker Steve Stutts John Swonn Mike Thompson Greg Wilkerson Roger Woodbury General Densmore, Infantry . . . Quack!, Stomp out Arabian Birth Defects . . . Cros- by ' s Public Bed . . . Eddie Do you tfiink I hove a chance Culver . . . P-P-Paul ' s Ep- p-istle . . . Webb ' s Coop ' s B. G ... We Give B. H. Green Stamps . . . T.Q. . . . Mrs. H.D. Tfiompson . . . Gene H. just had his hair styled, want to make something of it? . . . Butane!! . . . R.T. . . . Artistic end Intelligent Pledges . . . Mahoffey vs. the Pi Phi ' s and Swann vs. the Navy ... I don ' t know if she ' s alive! Pot Pergrem Thompson Rose Queen 11 pi kappa ph 7.16 117 How about you, Bud . . . Okay Culler, we ' ll wheel °7 in the 11th ... It was unanimous, six to nothing . . . Berger, just how bod oh you . . . It ' s 1 1 o ' clock and the whole world is in Keefe and McCullough ' s room ... I need the key to the fraternity office . . . Hi, gong! Who ' s turn is it? . . . Yogi, stop loan- ing out your key . . Who wants to be " Lucky Pierre? ' . . . Stop putting me on the pan . . . Did Henley really do it? . . , Who ' s smaller, Berger or Jones? . . . Marshall, where did you get your newcor? . . . What ' s on sale at the Open-Air? . . . Arnold, is your girl paying dues next month? . . . Did you enjoy song practice, sweetheart? . . . Hi, HI . . . Anybody seen a 1960 Renault Dauphine? Lynwood Arnold Wayne Brewer Andy Burnett Cliff Newton Jomes Craven Darry I Forrester Tom Gingeras John Irvin Ken Jones Jeff Kielbasa Roy Milton Kinsey, Jr. Jofin Eston McCullough Marshall Roberts Dale Schlenker Chris Sorensen Hank Speicher Dane Starkey Rick Webb 3 ' i Fred Beste President Raymond W. Alden, III Charles Brewer Mike Caulley Stephen Randolph Creas W. Richard Crosby, Jr. Stewart Friend Ray Frowd Alexander Gamboa Jim Graham John Heald Michael A. Milliard G. Donald Jacobson, Jr. J. Randall Lawrence John Loveland Robert G. Mays, Jr. r 6 Fult-ups=1 push-up . . . Porches ore better than snow . . . Donny Mouse, Growth, Su- per-Spic, Choo Choo Sugar Top, Buzzard, Old Weird, Uncle Willie, T.H.E., Old Gross, Jim and Jane, Polish Power, Bomber, Mac- infree. Caterpillar, Beaver, The Hulk, Ter- mite, J.R., The Utah Reject, Physical, Yashu Pendowski, White Trash . . . There goes the gang out to Wally ' s . . . DIVE for the ball, Chilly . . . Sig Ep cleans up in Greek Week . . . Mom Panton, the world ' s greatest cook . . . Where ' s Chase? Where ' s Rene ' s? . . . The Phantom. Butterball, The Faithful Sheep Dog, The Wench, Comanche . . . Break a brick, or a brother . . . STICK to it, McCor- vey ... I can take any curve on Lake Win- Imisset . . . Senora . . . Oh Yeah! You too! . . . Dr. Allen made it through another year . . . WHO burned our decorations. ' ?! ... I didn ' t know David Niven was a Sig Ep . . . Is Sig Ep the GREATEST !?! . . . Does a wild bear Martha Froser Sweetheart David McCorvey Jock Mclntyre Don A. Mehaffie Craig A. Meyer Charles E. Michaels Ronald Opaleski Elliott Perny Jerry W. Roberts Bill Schroff Bill Shea Randy Smclley Craig R. Smith Luis A, Socorras Michael Swart Clyde Walker, Jr. Edward Weathers David Wilson Jim Younger 33 igma phi epsilon L34 Maureice Woodward Founder Cheryl Michael Sweetheart Jerome Adams Clarence Anderson Roland Griffin Jimmie Johnson Robert Montgomery Bill Strawfer Maureice Woodard John Wallard 136 37 7 (D ■I • 139 ol ' vi% f ; ■ ' the campus 241 I T. 43 45 1 6 d r u I ff r a n c 47 n administration DR. J. OLLIE EDMUNDS Chancellor 148 My business is the University ' s business. JOHN E.JOHNS Business Manager 49 College years involve many decisions to be made and crises to be met. We hope that each student who comes to our center will not only recieve as- sistance in meeting his immediate problem but also develop his personal resources so that he can be more adequate for future problems. GEORGE W. HOOD Director of Counseling Services M i ««N» ' . s The University Motto Pro Deo Et Veritate proclaims that whatever else higher education is or does it is a quest for values and meaning which provide adequate fulfillment for all our human capacities. RAY V. SOWERS Dean of the College of Liberal Arts After thirteen years of serving as Dean of the Col- lege of Law, Dean Sebring announced his retire- ment in order to pursue writing and studies. He will also continue teaching on a limited basis. HAROLD LEON SEBRING Dean of the College of Law My most important duty is counseling with stu- dents, from Liberal Arts College as well as the School of Business Administration, to help them achieve the qualifications for service. EDWARD C. FURLONG JR. Dean of the School of Business Administration M ' My line is Music, Musicians, and Musicianship. FAULT. LANGSTON Dean of the School of Music My business is girls, . and I like my business. ETTER TURNER Dean of Women The Dean of Men is responsible for the general welfare of all men on the campus. BILL R. BAGGEH Dean of Men My job? just to keep the records straight. BARBARA ROWE Registrar 53 The Admissions Officer is responsible for inter- preting Stetson ' s programs and curricula to her constituency - students, guidance counselors, par- ents, etc. It is his responsibility not only to pro- mote Stetson, but to carefully study applicants, in light of his experience with enrolled students, so that the admissions decision might be best for all concerned. GARY A. MEADOWS Director of Admissions. " This is my world! Within these narrow walls, I own a princely service. " Paul Hamilton Hayne, My Study This Thought could have been expressed by any member of the Stetson Community. And so, come, let us read together! CHARLOHE A. SMITH Librarian . . . the puzzling problem of stretching scarce re- sources among competing and compelling demands and needs . . . H.GRAVES EDMUNDSON Comptroller - 4 A Friend in need - a friend indeed — one for the women to see with regards to permissions and housing. MARY EDNA PARKER Assistant Dean of Women ' 55 B ; irl It ' s not that we don ' t love you, boy, but . . . GEORGE R. BORDERS Assistant Dean of Men Dr. A.M. Andersoi Dr. HarlandC.Me Dr. W. R. Pickens Mrs. Ella Mae She Dr. Roy V. Sowers Dr. Ruth Smith Dr. T. E. Smothe Dr. F. R. Tubbs education Dr. R. B. Morelond 2.56 english Dr. Byran H. Gibson 57 Dr, Eliol D. Allen Df. Erhel Colbrunn Carter Colwell . an Gillespie " Md d Mrs. Corl H, Johnson Mr. Richard Longford Dr. Loyd H. Hilton Dr. Ann Morris Dr. William E. Toylor Mr. Joseph Womacic foreign languages Dr. Gerald Ander- Mr. Philip G. Bake Mr. Leon Braxton Miss Ethel Kinum Dr. Elsie Minter Dr. Edward E. Settgast 158 Dr. RoberlChau history 9 Dr. Harold Schultz Dr. Malcolm Wynn mathematics physical education Emmett Ashcratt T. E. Allen Dr, Elizabeth Boyd D. P. Hayes Dr. Gene W. Medlii Henry W. Thwing R. W. Weichel W. C. Cowell Dr. O. Lafayette Waike a67 philosophy religion physics chemistry biology Dr W E Hugh. Dr. Anthony Jusick Dr. F,D, Srygley Dr. E. C.Coolidge Dr. J. H. DeLop Dr. John Vaughn Ar, Fred Clark Miss Dorothy Fulli Dr. Keith L. Honse Dr, Georqe Jenl ir Dr.E. C. Prichord iS-i. Dr. T.Wayne Bailey politic3l science ECONOMICS RUSSIAN STUDIES AMERICAN STUDIES Dr. John A. Hagu 2.63 Dr. Gerald E. Criloph Mr. T. E. Allen Richard R. Clayton psychology sociology Taylor C. Scott Ronold Wimberley 164 __L r o e ff s ff e i r c V e e r s t r n c o r P Lieutenant Colonel Dovid D. McCorvey Captoin Ted McDonald Major James Wilhite Major Allen DeGrow Sergeant Major William Werth Master Sergeant Edward K. Moore Master Sergeant James C. Hawk Staff Sergeant Robert Ariail speech drama art Mr. Leo Snedeker Miss Mymie Caldwell Mr. James C. Wrighl Mr. Charles Williams Mr. Bruce Griffiths ' .66 Ot. Williom Anderson Or. Woller Bcnneli Dr. J. W. Eudino, Jr. Dr. Chouncy Elkins Miss Marjorie P. Guy Dr.R. G. Jones. Jr. Mrs. Eleanor Kincoid Mr. JohnMocDonold Mr. Joseph J. Masters Dr. Russell M. Nolen Mr. Daniel E. O ' Keefe Miss Maxine L. Polterson school off busine: Mrs. Lenoir Almond Miss Fronces Buxton chool ff usic Mrs. Rulh Corr Mr. Roger Cushmon Mr. Richard Feosel Mr. Robert Fort Mr. H.M. GiKin Miss Frances Hughe Mr. Paul Jenkins Miss Eleanor Leek 2.68 librarians r K , Hfe - 9V | hAi AAissCharlolte A. Smith . 169 Mrs. Arlene . . Feasel Miss Anne HorsI ' ■ ' rs z eir , _ohnson Mrs. Lillion Jos! Miss Morgorel Kle Miss Genevieve Lewi; Miss Louis Musgrove Mrs. Ellen Peek Miss Madeline Ouinn freshmen Acree, Suson Jocksonville Adams, Jerome L, Orlando Alden, Raymond W, Newton Upp Foils, Moss. Aliff, Jean Jacksonville Anderson, Charlie Greenville. S.C. Andrews, Linda St. Petersburg Armour, Ross B. Miami Auglioro, Denise Miramar Bailey, Mary Cocoa Beach Barker, Daniel P. Brunswick, Go. Barker, John S. Wilmington, N.C. Barton, Janice Winter Garden Baube, Mary Ann Mt. Vernon, Ohio Bell, Priscillo Miami Springs Benton. Wes Tampa Bethany, Diane Noples Blockwelder, Johnnie Eau Gallie Blankinship, PaulR. Brevard, N.C. Bloom, Jeffrey W. Wyncole. Po. Boerner, Williom D. Marathon Shores Bostic, Ron Jacksonville Bostrom, Carol Hollywood Bionculli, Eileen M. Hollondale Brett, Linda Miami Brien, Patricio Orlando Brown, Patricia Cocoa Beach Burke, Connie J. Dayton. Ohio Bussmon, Anthony J. Elmo, N.Y. -LJO Coeello. ' .o(t Ft Louderoole Cosson. kussell Leesburg Chopmon. Judd M lallohossee rjw - DeLond ■!-:ter, tAoii Miomi Clary. Reed f .iomi Clenney. Jonice Jocksonville Cooles, Alon Flwence, S.C, Cole, Palsy Miami Colemon. Linda Punlo Gordo Callier. ComilleB. Monleiumo. Go. onover. Domo Corol Gables look, Mortho J. Lorgo Courson. Jenny Mialeah Craig, James Woodbridge. Conn, Creosmon, Slephen R. LoGronge Parke, III. ' ' ulpepper, Polricia A. DeLond lurlis, Roberl W. ' lAonson. Moss, L ' oley. Ttmolhy Jupiler Coniels, Janice Sonlord i ale. Belly Miomi Davenporl, Lorry Columbus, Go- Oovidson, Charles FoirfoK, Va. - ovidson, Dovid L. Bonoire, Go. jovis, Donno J. Sanford Joy, Becky St. Petersburg Deen. Glorio Charlotte, N,C. Denholm, Gin Keokuk, Iowa Densmore, Lorry A. Jocksonville Dilley, Dee Dee Ailontic Beoch Dix, VincenI Coral Gables Drever, Corol Geneva!, Ill, Dull. Debbie Pompono Beoch Dunn, Kathleen Shownee Mission, Kon. Edelblul, Mory S. Albany, Go. Engelhard. George W. Leesburg Erickson, Pomelo R, Cronbury, N.J. Ernsl. Jon Chottonoogo, Tenn. Eunson, Ann Cleorwoter Evans. Jone Kingsport, Tenn. Farwell. Jeffrey Ponte Vedro Beoch -ennell. Bob Richmond Hill, Go. Fletcher. Mary Jo Ft. Louderdole =ockele. Katie Goinesville, Go. Fore, Becky Jacksonville Fowler, Jon St. Petersburg Fronk, Vernon Decotur, Go. Frazier, Gwendolyn J. Oronge City Frozier, Tim M. Orlondo Fremont, Don Weston, Conn. Gomble, Lynn New Hope, Pa. 71 ingr leason Paul 1 -nn Kirk uetz Laurel Golding, Mary Graham H. Paige Green Cheryl E. Green Jennifer Grenci Eugene R. Guenther, Carol J. Gumulo Gerri Hall Charles R. Honney Rosemary Honnum. Jerry Harden Timathy Hordiman. Martha Har Jlla Harten Teresa Hartnelt, Ray Hawkmson, Wendy Hoy Morgan Heald Neno Herman, Richard Holbrook, Kathery Holcomb, Sieve A Hood, Mary A. Hughes, Mary Hull, Brian Humphreys, Janet Jaquo, Poul Jerquin, Marilyn Johnson, Carol C. Johnson, Cindy Johnson, Mary K. Jones, Marguarite Jones, Pete Jones, Susan J. Kerns, Shorty Katz, Roy Kilgore, Patricio Kleinhons, Debor( Klotzbier, Nancy Knight, Anne Jacksonville Chester Springs Melrose, Mass. DeLond Fort Meyers Datona Beach Orlando Tampa Orlando DeLond Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. Lav etz. Frits Lawrence, J. Randall Lennon, John L, Lindgren, Carl Liltlehole, Kothryn Largo Loke Park Panama City Lake Pork Clifton, N.J. Okeechobee Ashland, Ky. St. Augustine Ft. Lauderdale racas, Venezuela Cronford, N.J. Leesburg Sarasota Orlando jnswick, Ga. Lake Helen Cosselberry Lakeland Orlando Atlanta, Ga. Jacksonville St. Petersburg DeLond Ocola Brodenlon Stamford, Conn. Palm Beach Eustis Jacksonville Brodenton Frederiksted, Virgin Islands Jacksonville Beach Briorcliff Manor, N.Y. King William, Va. Weston, Mass. ■2.7Q Lilllolon, Sue Lovolaco, Nooll C Wako ForesI, NX, MacBolh, losoph Rosg Srjbnr.g Mason, Jano Fayelville, lom, Matheson, Michoc 1 M. So. Mia.n Mothews, Mariori ran,,.., Malliows, Maishtj St. Lours, IM,. McBroom, Sarci Lc u Orange City McBroum, Scoll Decatur, Go, McDaid, Denni, ' i Drexell Hill, Pa, McFall, Mary Atlanta, Ga. Mcli ving, Rosenici ry Lousbuig McKniglit, Chariss Monioc il Lexington, S.C, McNeil, Viclor O. Atlanta, Ga. McOuade, Adrien le Winter Park McVeigh, Polrick Wayne, TJ.J. Michel, Cheryl Y. Dotona Beach Miller, Gary Orlando Millisor, Linda Ml, Vernon, Ohio Miseko, Ronald J. St. Petersburg Moore, Don Miami Moss, Michoel D. Sorrento Mugoos, Rhoda Annondale, V,:, Murch, Linda Lewiston, Maim Narvell, Sandy Atlanta, Go. Nelson, Non Milllown, N .J. Nelson, Steven Le vis Jacksonville Olmsleod, Molly Sonlord O ' Neal, Tommy OokHill Overslreel, Robin Orlando Pai leer, Evelyn Jon g Mialeoh Paschal, Rebecca Atlanlo, Go. Pelerman, Virginic Fort Pierce Pinder, Flora Ann Moitland Pinson, Sally Hone Path, S.C. Powell, Denny W. Arlington, Va. Pov ell, Linda Miami Powell, Susan Vienna, Ga. Powell, Teresa EouGallie Prall, Lynda ■ New Smtran Beach Prescoll, Amy Willoughby, Ohio Price, Sandy Clevelond, Ohio Rand, Ginny Atlanta, Go Rallilf, Linda Hollywood Reynolds, hJewl Vero Beocli Reams, Biuce VeroBeoch Regensburg, A arc IM.R. Mt. Vernon, Ohiu Reid, Sharon O.lo Vista Renne, Karen Madison, Ind. Rezek, Lore! J, Clarendon Hills, III. Rilchie, George Fr jnklin Doylono Beach Ross, James Coral Gables Ruby, Ned Deleona Beach Rusell, Joan Cocoa Beach -zM iik £ j: . 73 So mo I, Sand I a J. Schroeder, Jefl Schweikorf, Linda Secy, Wendell G. Shelfer, Jomes O. Showers, Kennelh R. Shroods, Carol Skelton, Steven Slone, Deborah Slasher, Paula Smolley, Randy Smith, Lucio Smith, Michael Solheim, Evelyn Stewart, Thomas G. Stone, Barbara Sirosbough, Jerry Stroud, James Summer, Kathy Taylor, Fred Taylor, Jackie Taylor, Lone C. Thomson, Deborah R. Thompson, Judith Ann Thorpe, James G. Tishko, Linda Tinsley, Laura Trosk, Sara Tutlon, Butch Vitiello, Paulo. A. Vollum, Morvin P. Voss, Gretchen Vreeland, Jone Wade, Stonley Wodsworth, Lyie E. Wallet, Joy Waters, Roy Waters, Rochelle Weston, Stephen White, Arlene Wice, Jacquelyn Wigington, Gib Willis, Gingei Wilmer, Lindo Wilmolh, Doryl J. Wilson, Melonie Wimberley, Terrell Wollord, Sheryl L. Woods, Steve Worshom, Mary A. Wykert, Lolly Yotes, Donold Zimmerman, Mark Zinn, Florence S. Ft. Lauderdale Garden Grove, Colli. Hioleoh Doylono Beach Greenwood. S.C V4 tf h Allen, Gene Lakeland Anderson, Joyce DeLond Angenendl. Sue Si Petersburg AInip, Gilbert Tempo Boker, Sally Ann Montgomery, Alo. Boranski, Kotherine G. Miomi Barber, Anno St. Petersburg Barnes, Beth Great Foils. Mont. Baleh, Janon Atianto, Go. Beach, Jennifer Eou Gollie Beoly, Anne Chorlotte, N.C. Beovo, Sue Ft. Myers Bellz, Susan Pompono Beoch Bianchi, Roberl Marco Island Blokely, Barry W. Ft. Lauderdole BlounI, Bonnie Vidolia. Go. Bohac, PaulD. Pinellas Pork Boone, Alberl D. Jocksonvilie oihe, Dennis slick, Karen wies, Barbara J. Hollywood DeLand (A " 0 J 3 (D (A 75 Bozeman, Carol Tom pa Brodfield, Suson C. Clearwater Broylon, Debby Vero Beach Brewer, Wayne Springwater, N.Y. Brooke. Kathryn Gainesville, Fla, Brown, Fred St. Petersburg Brown, Leoro Satellite Beoch Brown, Richord Panama City Buek, Sharon EouGollie ■ urnetl, Andy Tampa Lain, Rex Orlando Carley, Chris Ft. Bragg, N.C. Carlton, Lettie lam pa Choney, Watson Lake City Chrislion, Stan Valdosto, Go. Church, Fred G. Jacksonville Church, Rocky Cocoa Beach Clapp, Barbara Arlington, Va. Cloy, Barbara Vero Beach Cline, Rolph Dunedin Cornelius, Dave Miomi Cornwell, Carol Brodenton Courtney, Roger Sarasota Craig, Charlie Coral Gables Craig, Patty Charlotte, N.C. Craven, Carnie Atlanta, Go. Craven, James Miami Shores Crews, Ronald A. Ocoee Croft, Polly Dade City Crossley, Janet Jacksonville Cunningham, Randy Morris Plains, N.J. Damon, Joan Kingston, Jamaica Dovis. Becky Ft. Lauderdale Davis, Donna J. Orlando Davis, Lynda Marbleheod, Moss. Dawkins, Marva Jacksonville I ' a wson, Al Brodenton Doye. SusonP Hialeah Dehoney, Kathy Louisville, Ky. Delvich, Bonnie A. Apopko DeSear, Vernon Brodenton Disney, Morgaref DeLand Dixon, Pat Falls Church, Va. Donehoo, Linda J. Jocksonville Dorough, Mike Moult, ie. Go. Fckert, Jane Belleville Farley, James M. Jacksonville Feosel, Mornie DeLand Forrester, Darryl Moi ietta. Go. Fraser, Harold M, locksonvilie Furches, John Miomi Gallovotte, Richard Hollywood Gamboa, Alexonder Miami Garment, Stan Ft. Lauderdale ■2.j6 Gaskins, Bally GassBi, Jim Gawloy, Bob Gladden, Barry God, Sieve Gram, Edward M. GranI, J. Milchell Gray, Mike Green, George Harrison, Ed Hariz, Chuck Hatcher, Grace Holhaway, Will Hay, Karen Hellei, Rudy Henion, Mary Hess, John S. Helzler, Susan Highlower, Danny Hill, F. Richard Hoch, Judy Hodge, Gradie J, Hooper, Lorry Howard, Richard Wopp Huckoby, Belh Hughes, Martha E. Hull, Sabra Ingersoll, Jane Ivey, Vicki Jackson, Lindy Jorrord, Michael Jorrell, Maureen Jeffrey, Laurence R. Joel, Cathy R. Jones, Doltie Jones, SueF. Jordan, Mildred Kahn, Barbara Kelley, Glen Kennedy, William C. Kesmodel, Karyl A. Knollenberg, Jim Kuchler, Charlotte Lane, Shirley Long, Lona Longford, Lynn Lawrence, Shoron Letson, Bob Lewis, Dee lewis, Moi va Lovelond, John Lynn, Dione Moholley, Dick Mahon, Delta V7 _ IM h i i Morlin, Pamela Miomi Martin. Sandy Decatur, i3o. Marlin, Bill Atlanta, Go. Mathews, Morty Jacksonville McCaidle, Kotlny Dollos, Tex, McCormick, Dale Charlotte, N.C, McCoy, Lyn Greensboro, N.C, McCullough, Janet Jacksonville, Jack Cambridge, Mass, McTureous, Ann Umatilla Mahoflie, Dan A Canton. Ohio Mellor, Catherine Ft. Myers Meyer, Craig A. Maitland Michaels, Charles 1: Indian Harbour Beac h Michaelson, Phil Daylono Beach Middieton, Cathy Coral Gables Mills, Noncy L, Miami Montgomery, Robert E. Fl. Meade Moore, Marilyn Gainesville, Go. Myers, Russell New Smyrna Beach Nelson, Sylvia Miami Norman, Nancy Hyattsville. Md. Ostwall, Douglos K. Louisville, Ky, Owens, Brenda Colorodo Springs. Colo. Oyetade, Jobez O. Odeomu. Nigeria Poge, Heather Miami Pasnicky, Wanda E. Melbourne Perny, Elliot Brodenton Perry, Bo Ft. Myers Phoy, Carolyn Kissimmee Pinholster, Jon EouGoilie Pitt, Linda Boston, Mass. Pye, Cecile Syivonio, Go. Ouinn, David Bonilo Springs Rojchel, Rochel Winter Park Ray, Rebecca Orlando Rea, Peggy Ashville, N.C. Redeker, Deborah Lorgo Reid, David Winter Park Rennell, Robert Homesteod Reynolds, Carol Allanio, Go. Rite, John Ocean Reef Roark, Jane Hollywood Roarke, Richard Hollywood Robinetle, Linda M. Jacksonville Rochlord, Jack Jocksonviile Rounds, Cathy Norwell, Mass. Rutler, Robert Eustis Soger, Suzanne •New Smyrna Beach Solyers, Jonda Ft. Pierce Sontiago, Carol R. Hollywood Sotavo, Martin Venice Shalranski, Valerie Orlando Shoemaker, Stephen Charlotte, N.C. L78 Siodenion , !)Qf Q ft rjrt, Smilh, Chuck f ...n|,.rj,,c ie(;ct Smith, Croig tr ' S ' fiqton, Md Smilh, Kimberly . ' -M;«ondt.O, Vo. Smilh. Mor Cotheriric- Fioslproof Smith, Suzoone Tq ' QSCj ' O Snow, Wendy Snyder, Pom Cenierville. Ohio SomerviMe, Tom Wosti.iialcn. O.C. Sorensen. Chris Sorrell. Lis Spell, Morlho ocl.-.onvdie Slolon, Suzanne Folkslon, Oa. Siegoll, Deidre Cocoa Beoch find, Nancy Jocksonville er. Rice Culpepper. Vo. iwann, John Loke Worth Tebeou. Teede Sylvonio. Go. Terrell. Cheryl Jacksonville Thompson, John Sporlo. N.J. Thurston, Wolloce Belle Mead Townsend, John Jacksonville Troll, Corolyn Ponipono Beach Turnrer, John Modison, Conn. Von Blorcom. Bruce Arden. N.C. Wolden. Soroh Richmond, Vo. Wollberg, Lindstrom New Smyrna Beoch Walling, Oliver Toms River, N.J. Walter, Toni Bradford. Tenn. Wanner, Cheryl Downingtown, Po- Werner, Frank Doytono Beach West, Noncy Miami Whitehead, Carl DeLond Whitesoll, Donna Dcytono Beoch Wilkerson, Greg Albany. Ga. Wilkinson, Lynn Vero Beoch Willis, Rupert Lee Tompo Winchester, Diane Jocksonville Wink, Wally Chuluoto Winse. Lorry Boca Raton Woodward. Jessie Crystal River Woullard, John Hattiesburg. Miss. Wright, Christine . Orlando Wykotf, Virginia Polotka Yancy, Sue Umatilla Younger. Jay Son Juon. Puerto Rico Younger, Jim Son Juon, Puerto Rico Zeanoh, Koren Tuscalooso, Ala. Zimmermon, Lorry Roslyn Heights, N.Y. %JQ luniors Abel. Sandra Orlando Allen. Bess Wauchulo Almond. Warren Atlanta. Go. Anderson, Clarence Jocksonville Andrews. Willie Si. Petersburg Altride. Solly Cocoa Beoch Boker. Nancy Greenville, S.C. Boston. Borrie S. Lake Park Blonton. Edward Lee FortPieree Bowen, Carol Dowsonville, Ga. Bowler, Linda Marie Altamonte Springs Boyd, Nancy Monlicello Braden, Helen Baton Rouge, Lo. Breslin, George Jacksonville Brown, Kalhryn Orlando Brown, Royal A, III Orlondo Brownfield, Suson Cleveland. Ohio Bryant, Donna E. Lake Helen Buchon, Russell St. Petersburg Bunch. Dean Jacksonville Byerts, Jane B. Tallahassee Campbell, Michael S. Winter Park Corllon. Winston Wauchulo Corr, Richard Clearwater Chick, Arthur Sanford Clork, Deborah Ann St. Petersburg Calylon, Thomas M. Jr. Meritt Island dementi, Cloudette Tompa Crawford. Jim Geneva, Ohio Crawford, Margaret A. St. Petersburg Cromwell. Pom Ft. Lauderdale Crosby. W. Richard, Jr. Tempo Dale, Brian Cocoo Beach Dashiell, Donald H. Cocoa Beach DeGrove, Bruce D. West Hollywood Dempsey, Bobby Hioleoh Fiduk, Frances Bufdine •Vh.I,;, f ' O,, Finlev :jnvH C, F ' een-rjr, -P r ...... Friend, Steworr Milv»ojkee. ' .v.s e ' frey l-tioleoh furnion, Dennis Dayiona Beach Goilbreoth. Corol M.omi Govenlo. Bill Louisville. Keniocky Gilborl, Jane St. Petersburg Giikeson, Rick Toronto, Conodo Gill, Carol Ann Honolulu, Howoii Gingery. Lewis W Tompo Gleason, Robeii DeLond Goldstein, Morvin H, Hollywood Gr.((in. Rolond Miami Groseclose. David Eou Gallie Hall, Sandra Broder, ;- Homer, Mary Ann Crescent City Hamilton. Melba Dode City Hardee, Judge Altamonte Springs Hensky. Joon Umalillo Hester, Betsy Orlando Hogeboom, Wayne Doytono Beoch Holliday. Beverly Orlando ---:-- - - z ' zlz . ' ■• ' est Horllord, Conn. ._■_-■ -_-_:■ D Lakeland Jants, VVoJle. C nii Pasadena, Texas Jorrard, Jim Altamonte Springs Jarvis, Jakay Winchester, Tenn. Jernigon, Barbora Crawfordville Johnson, Donold Goinsville Johnson, Raymond North Mioni Jones, Edgar A iomi Jones, Eliiabeih Miami Jones. Mary Jane Morehead. Ky, Jones, Susan Denver. Colo. Jordan, Mildred Jordon, Robert DrexeilHill. Penno. Kollon, F. Moinomo Boo ma-Koya. Sierro Leone Kane, Kris Winter Pork Kircher, Louro Ft. Lauderdale Knight, Judy M, Jacksonville Kowalski, Joy Cocoa Lo Freniere, Vicki Leconto Leeds, Lindo Marie Loke Park Leon,, Robert Jr. Scorsdale, N.Y. Levy, Daniel E. Brussles, Belgium Lewis, Fred Jacksonville LoCasole. Judith Ft. Louderdole Longyeor. Andrea Jean Lake Pork Lucas. Carol Columbus, Ohio MacConnell. John Tilusville MacGregor. Corol Lynn Jacksonville MacLean, Gail Mineola, N.Y. Marrs, Jozi Lake Placid Mathews, Sonjo Miami Mothis, Ward Miami Mottingly, Tim DeLond McCabe, Bernie Ml. Dora McCorthy, Mary Lou Dellona McCarthy, Mary Louise CrescenlCily McComb, Donald Deland McCorvey, David DeLand McCown, Edna Ocola McLaughlin, Sam Gainsville Meridilh. Marilyn L. Sonford Mikell , Ann Euslis Millard, Jill Westboro. Mass. Mills, Jon Corol Gables Molloy. Kathleen Ann Orlando Monkiewicz, Joseph Lynnlield, Moss. Monte, Julie Lemon City Moore, Noncy Ormond Beach Morden, Jim Orlando Morgan, Rodney Tampa Moynahan. Stephen Radnor, Po. . ' .Auldoon. Mary Lou Lighthouse Point Murch. Lewis Lewiston, Maine tJolion, Jock R. DeLond r Jewton. Cliff Jacksonville 1 lugenl. Neil St. Petersburg Beach Orr, Belly Hollywood Palmer. Momie Sanford Polterson. Pom Sonford Penn. Patric Pembrokshire, Eng. Pergrem. Pol Severna Pork, Md. Perry, John H. Ill Palm Beach Pileggi, Alfred DeLond Pollard. Martha DeLond Pollack. Neumon West Hollywood Price. Carol Jean Eou Collie Price, Rebecca New Orleans. La. Rodebaugh, Ken Kissimmee Reed, Morvin Kenneth Zephyrhills Rhodes, Donna Orlando Riniz, Richard Del and Roberts, Bobbi Ft, Lauderdale Roberts, Jody Orlando Root, Rilo Sue Charleston Rouse, Cbarlaine Free D =lond Soger, Nancy New Smyrna Sondelur. Lynn Gainsville Sawyer, Chrys Wiesbaden, Germany Soyles, Wendy Miomi Searles, Donna DeLand Shannon, Bonnie St. Petersburg Shee, Bill Woodbridge, Conn Sherfey, Donna Winter Park Slusher, Sandra Raleigh, N.C. Smith, Michael D. Miromoi Smith, Nan DeLand Smith. Ronald E. Atlanla, Go, Spivey, Janice DeLand Steuart, Frank!. Washinglon, D,C, Strait, Carole Sarasota SIrasbaugh, Gene Fori Myers Streb, Gary Hollywood Stripling, Soralyn Dellono Strum, Dianne Indiolonlic Slullz, Pat Hialeoh Slurges, Margie Nokomis Sullivan, Jon Jesup, Go. Swindall, Margaret Midwest City, Oklo. Sylvester, Geneva DeLeon Springs Tollant, Morilynn Ormond Beach Taylor, Linda Jacksonville Taylor, Rob Ft. Lauderdale Thomas, Frank Atlanta, Go. Torres, Carol Geneva Tvedt, Leila Asheville, N.C. Wade, Joyce Marathon Walker, Clyde Jr. Neptune City, N.J. Walker, Sharon Sonford Wolers. Brendo K. DeLand Watson. Dione DeBorry Watson, Jeannie Corol Gables Weber, Gcwiiam Ono Wells, Lena Arlena Nassau West, Judy Crescent City Wheelon, Janice Block Mountain, N.C. Williams, Sandy St. Petersburg Williomston, Helen Miami Wilson, David Coatsville, Po. Wilson. Julie Atlanta. Go. Wohllarth, Ted A. DeLand Wooley, Meloine Jacksonville Young, Shoron Belair, Md. Zilis, Charlotte Miami a83 seniors Abel, Daniel W. Adams, Morris Albee, Lynn Eustis Avon Park Sarasota Albertson, William Y. Allison, Sherry Ambachtsheer, Pieter C. Clearwater Dunnellon Orange City Anderson, John R. Armbruster, David L. Armstrong, Joyce Anne DeLand Atlanta, Ga. Hollywood 184 Ash, Georgia Ashley, Margie E. Badgley, Richard B. Fort Lauderdale Stuart St. Petersburg Badzinski, Joan Orlando Barkett, Lawrence A. Miami Barnes, Marlene Rae DeLand Jaughman, Timothy H. Jedeii, William Alva 5este, Frederick J. St. Petersburg Holy Hill Timonium, Md. Jishop, Donald F. 5lois, Beverly A. 5oblitt, Nancy West Shokay, N.Y. DeLand Hollywood Bollinger, Gregory Allison Holly Hill Bonial, Janice Marily Ft. Lauderdale Bornstein, Mildred Lillian Orlando --8 $owen, Sandy 5ower, Susan 5owles, Sandra Ft. Lauderdale ft. Lauderdale Martinsville, Va. Boyd, Helen L. Brack, Patricia N. Bradford, Bruce Carlton Sarasota St. Cloud Key Biscayne Brendle, Ginger Brent, Fredrick F. Brewer, Charles H. Boynton Beach Toyko, Japan Springwater, N.Y. Brodbeck, Dick Tallahssee Browning, Virginia R.New Smyrna Beach Brunner, Sheilia hlollywood Cain, Loucretia Carter, Shelia Daniels Cassel, Carol Ann Lake Wales Eustis Ormond Beach l86 Caulley, J. Michael Chambers, Rebecca Chappelle, Laurinda A. DeLond Jacksonville Daytono Beoch Cole, Michael C. Miami Colyer, RichardA. Lauderdale-by-the-5ea Condurelis, Helen Ft. Meyers Congdon, Robert S. Conner, Doug Confer, Miriam Jean DeLand Tampa St. Petersburg Crosby, J. Wayne Daniels, Charlotte Ann Jacksonville Hollyv ood Davant, Jim Juneau, Alaska Davila, Katharine E. Atlantic Beach Davis, Carole Lashburn, Saskatchewan, Canada 187 Davis, Cathy Lee Hovertown, Pa. Davis, Kevin R. Boston, Mass. Davis, Stephen Alfred Havertov n, Pa. Day, James F. Ormond Beach Day, Peggy Carol Lake Helen Dembitz, Sally Sebring Demers, David DeLand deMiranda, Francisco, M. Ill Miami Dennis, Richard M. Red Bank, N.J. gU Densmore, Kennith Deuell, Patricia L. Jacksonville Olean, N.Y. Drady, Paulo Hollyv ood Ebaugh, Craig Winter Pork Edenfield, Rea DeLand Edwards, Kathryn West Palm Beach Egan, Michael Edward Winter Park Eggeman, Linda Clearwater Eickwort, Gregory A. Ft. Lauderdale Ellerman, John R. hiannibal, Missouri Elliott, Carole Owsley Orlando Evans, Jay A. Hollywood Fatula, George J. Croton-on-the-Hudson, New York Ferrell, J. Jeannette Jacksonville Fertig, Steve A. New Brunswick, N.J. Floyd, Arthur Joseph Miami Foster, Leiia C. Altoona Eraser, Martha Friedewald, Don E. Friedman, Sharon Delray Beach Miami Los Angeles, Calif. Friel, Billie Kessner Frowd, Raymond George Galitz, Earl Howard Groveland Thornwood, New York Coral Gables Gelbart, Marsha Gentry, Blanche Getty, Nilda Daytona Beach Madison DeLand Gillespie, Barbara Goodson, Barbara Graef, Patricia L. Jacksonville Haines City Elizabeth, NJ Graham, Jim West Palm Beach Grandell, Kathleen M. Wilmington, Del. Grieb, Terry J. Miami Gryskiewicz, Stanley Gryskiewicz, Wendy Guard, Sandy DeLand DeLand Miami Habel, Martin Habel, Sharon P. Haddock, Lib Ft. Looderdole Ft. Louderdole jockson ville Hall, James W. Hall, Town Georgetown, Ky. Sarasota Hamon, David B. Hardy, Wanda Day Harrison, Jim Melbourne Groveland Silver Springs, Md. Head, Sarah Porterfield DeLand Heald, John Hingham, Mass. Heath, David Augusta, Ga. Hertner, Elizabeth Hewitt, Joyce Hicks, John Randall Ft. Lauderdale St. Petersburg Jeffersontown, Ky. X9I Hilliard, Michael A. Hobbs, Stephen H. Holmes, James K. DeLond Charlotte, N.C. San Antonio, Texas Horn, Pamela Hauff, Willa Los Angeles, Calif. Jacksonville Hunt, Donna Lee Hurst, Martha Nel Irving, John P. San Diego, Calif. Miami Miami Ivey, Thomas S. Winter Park Jackson, Edv in E. Jacksonville Jackson, Walt Thomaston, Conn. Jamison, Jane, E. Winter Park Jonsons, Andrejs DeBary Johnson, Franklin Sanford Johnson, Jimmie DeLeon Springs Johnson, K. Steven Miami Johnston, Thomas E. St. Petersburg Jones, David E. Brookville, Pa. Jost, Elmer C. DeLand Jost, Margaret Emma DeLand Kalcshian, Lillian M. DeLand Keefe, Topper Ft. Lauderdale Kelly, Betty F. Milliard Kelly, Karen R. DeLand Kemp, Sandra Elizabeth Jacksonville Kielbasa, Jeffrey Peter Ft. Lauderdale Kilcullen, Walter Kearny, N.J. Kinzer, Jeanne Naples, Italy Kirkpatrick, Grace Jacksonville Beach " -93 Kiienschmidt, Charles Kolansky, Joy Kooistra, Nancy E. Hollywood Atlanta, Ga. Ft. Lauderdale Koon, Elaine Kostrub, Cornelius E. Krumholz, Misty Jacksonville Vermilion, Ohio Ft. Lauderdale Kuchler, Judith Ann Landers, Barbara Ann Lazzo, Carol P. DeLand Miami West Palm Beach Ledewitz, Jeffrey H. New hJaven, Conn. Lehman, Mary Rowley Miami Leiand, John Eustis Levinson, John A. Lipscomb, Laurie Little, Margaret E. Orlando Coral Gables Clearwater -94 Lloyd, Susan E. Long, Ramona Lustig, Larry P. Vero Beach Charlotte, N.C. Satellite Beach Lynn, Linda Maitland, Bonnie Gail Marsh, Patricia Jacksonville Miami Shores Rockledge Martin, Bronwyn Martin, Joyce Mattingly, Patricia Marie Umatilla Mt. Dora DeLand Mays, Robert G. McCall, Joanna Liiburn, Ga. Miami McClain, Cynthia Lee McCullough, John Eston McNamara, Dennis C. Miami Jacksonville Orlando X95 Mercer, Z. Christopher Merriam, April Millen, Dorris Daytona Beach DeLand Cocoa Beach Miller, George Z. Miller, Marion L. Moore, Harold " Buddy " Ft. Lauderdale Cincinnati, Ohio St. Petersburg Morehead, Dorothy Louise Eustis Morehead, Richard Theodore Eustis Morgan, George Jenkins, Ky. Morrison, Joseph G. Altamonte Springs Moss, Joseph R. Cocoa Mossien, Laurie A. Motise, Natalie Marie Nail, James Rochester, N.Y. Hollywood Auburndale iq6 Napoli, William John Napolitan, Jerry Philip Needham, Margaret Coral Gables Ft. Lauderdale Columbus, Ohio Nemec, Ruth G. Nester, Gail L. Nicholson, Jill O ' Connell, Maureen Ogburn, Elaine Olson, Sandra Palm Beach Sarasota Miami Nielson, Arthur DeLand Nixon, Nan F. Vienna, Va. O ' Callaghan, Pete Decatur, Ga. St. Petersburg Yardley, Pa. Ft. Lauderdale O ' Neal, Cleveland, Jr. Groveland Opaleski, Ronald E. Brunswick, N.J. Osiwala, Bernadette Maitland P£J 97 Park, David Sutton Parker, Laura J. Patton, Mary Payne, Glenda Rene Pearson, Mary Pederson, Carl Pegram, David H. Pence, Richard Clay Pepper, Judith E. Peppersack, Joan M. Perino, Carl F. Peterson, Andrea L. Katonah, N.Y. Sanford Atlanta, Ga. Longvi ood Miami Hinsdale, III. DeLand Ormand Beach Sebring DeLand DeLand Daytona Beach Petlak, Peter J. Petrus, Don Phagan, Richard L. Wallingford, Conn. Winter Park Sanford iqS Pierson, Pamela Pierson, Roger H. Poulos, Denise C. Pierson Cromwell, Conn. Ft. Lauderdale Pylkas, Suzy Ramsey, Dorothy M.C. Pinellas Park Bushnell Rowis, Andrew Rayburn, Joanne Raymond, Michael Reed, Theodore W. Reichmon, Michael Reno, Hilde S. Rhodes, Joyce Ricely, James Carle Ricketson, Emory L. Holly Hill Eustis Orlando Kissimmee Miami Opa Locka Winter Park Ft. Lauderdale St. Worth, Texas i9P Ricks, Ned B. Tampa Roberts, Jerry W. Cazenovia, N.Y. Roberts, Marshall Jacksonville Rock, Vicki Rohmer, Clark J. Homestead Ormond Beach Rowell, Peter Rupp, John Sapp, Kathl een A. Scales, Claudia L. Schlenker, E. Dale Schroff, Bill St. Petersburg Roseville, III. Orlando Miami Convent, N.J. New York, N.Y. Seymore, Mary Lou Mt. Pleasant, S.C. Shaul, Morgot W. Boca Raton Shelby, John D. Pensacola 300 Simmons, Suzanne Moore Sarasota Small, Michael D. Gettysburg, Pa. Smith, Barbara T. Bethlehem, Pa. Smith, Solly J. Sarasota Smith, William Lawrence DeLand Socorras, Luis Albert Matonzas, Cuba Spitler, David Milton Daytona Beach Spraggins, Daphne Sue St. Petersburg Stollings, James L. Marietta, Go. Stocker, Susan Elizabeth Stokes, Gail Y. Stokes, Thomas S. Vero Beach St. Petersburg Lakeland Stone, Toni Roy Straube, Paul J. Strawter, Bill Savannah, Ga. South Bend, Ind. Tampa 301 Stroud, Jo Ann Sugimoto, Tai Taylor, Ken Telmanik, Claire Thompson, Mike Thompson, John W. Thormon, Richard F. Tiffany, Josephine N. Tiliinghost, Stuart Worden, III. Tokyo, Japan Cali, Colombia Fairfax, Va. Maitland Gainesville, Ga. St. Petersburg Jacksonville St. Petersburg Tubbs, Michael L. Turner, Jane Winter Park Franklin, Ind. Van Horn, Eric Vordy, Ellen Vaughn, William South Daytona Sarasota Ormond Beach Verdun, Diana L. Tampa Walker, Jane Miami Wall, Ginger L. Loughmon Watts, Dick Baltimore, Md. Webb, Rick Jacksonville Weeber, Wanda Jacksonville Welch, John M. DeLand Whistler, Joanne Clearwater Willenbrock, Paul K. Formingdale, N.Y. Williamson, William A. Willis, Janice Winslov , Frederick!. Jacksonville Dawson, Ga. Orlando Woerner, Molind K. Woodard, Maurice G. Yeargan, Michael H. Louisville, Ky. Orlando Dallas, Tex. 303 ADAMS, MORRIS; Avon Park; Biology; Beta Beta Beta; Green Feather Committee; Resi- dent Advisor; Student Advisor. ALBERTSON, WILLIAM YERKES; Clearwater; English; Honor Roll; Lambda Chi Alpha, Pledge Trainer; Intramurals; HATTER Staff, Organizations Editor. ALLISON, SHERRY; Donello; Social Sciences, Phi Alpha Theta; Phi Theto Kappa; Dean ' s List; Honor Roll. ARMBRUSTER, DAVID; Atlanta, Georgia; Rus- sian; Pershing Rifles; Scabbard and Blade; Honor Roll; HATTER Staff; Student Advisor; Parents Weekend Committee; Green Feather Committee; Slavic Club; Canterbury Club; Distinguished Military Student; WoodrowWil- son Designate. ARMSTRONG, JOYCE ANN; Hollywood; Eng- lish; Honor Roll; Honors Program; Stetson Scholar; Alpha Chi Omega, Treasurer, Rush Chairman; Panhellenic Council; Hatter Staff; Green Feather Committee; Jr. Councilor, Stetson Hall House Council; Student Advisor. ASHLEY, MARGIE; Education; Honor Roll; Phi Mu, Vice-President; Recommendations Chair- man; Art and Activities Chairman; Standards; Student Advisor; Junior Counselor; SFEA; Stover Theater Productions; Experimental Theater; Players Guild. BAUGHMAN, TIMOTHY; St. Petersburg; His- tory; Green Circle; Phi Alpha Theta; Stetson Fencing Team, Captain; ReporterStaff; French Club President; Slavic Club; German Club Sophomore Senator; Liberal Arts Senator Chairman of the Judicial Rules Committee Constitutional Revisions Committee. BLOIS, JR., BEVERLY; DeLand; History; Phi Alpha Theta; Slavic Club; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. BOBLin, NANCY; Hollywood; Political Sci- ence; Tassel; Honor Roll; Alpha Xi Delta, House Chairman; Parents Weekend Com- mittee; Coed of the Week; Young Demo- crats; Slavic Club; Student Advisor; Intra- murals. BORNSTEIN, MILDRED; Orlando; Elementary Education; Honor Roll. BOWLES, SANDRA; Martinsville, Va.; French; Tassel; Honors Program; Dean ' s List; Pi Beta Phi; Junior Year Abroad-France. BRADFORD, BRUCE; Key Biscayne; Geogra- phy; Gamma Theta Upsilon President and Vice President; Pershing Rifles Commander; Scabbard and Blade; Beta Alpha Sigma; Slav- ic Club; Dean ' s List; Honor Roll; ROTC Aca- demic Achievement Award; Distinguished Mil- itary Student; Student Advisor; Student Con- tact Committee; Key Biscayne Woman ' s Club Scholarship; Intramurals; Stetson Bowling Team; Independent Men ' s Organization, Vice President; Experimental Theater; American Legion Award for Military Excellence; Na- tional Society of Pershing Rifles ' Gold Achievement Award. BRACK, PAT; St. Cloud; Psychology; Honor Roll; Intramurals; BSU; YWA. BRENDLE, GINGER; Boynton Beach; Spanish; Kappa Delta Pi; Sigma Delta Pi; Stetson Schol- ar Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Hatter; Student Advisor; Stetson Representative on College Bowl. BRENT, FREDERICK; Tokyo, Japan; Business; Rifle Team. BRODBECK, DICK; Tallahassee; Business; Beta Alpha Sigma; Adelphos Society; Concert Choir; RO TC; Independent Finance Commit- tee; BSU. BRUNNER, SHEILA; Hollywood; Music Edu- cation; Tau Beta Sigma; Phi Beta; Honor Roll; LJniversity Band; University Orchestra; University Woodwind Quintet. CARTER, SHEILA DANIELS; Eustis; Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Phi; Dean ' s List; Hon- or Roll. CASSEL, CAROL; Ormand Beach; American Studies; Dean ' s List; Honor Roll; Zeta Tau Alpha. CHAMBERS, REBECCA; Jacksonville; English; Who ' s Who; Honor Roll; President Associated Women ' s Council; President Stetson Hall House Council; SUBHostess Bureau; BSU; Stu- dent Affairs Committee; Cultural AffairsCom- mittee. CHAPELLE, LAURRINDA; Day ton a Beach; Spanish; Sigma Delta Pi; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Brain Bowl; Alpha Chi Omega, 3rd Vice President; HATTER Staff. 304 COLE, MIKE; Miami; Accounting; Beta Alpha Sigma, Secretary; ROTC, COLYER, RICHARD A.; Lauderdale by the Sea; Marketing and Management; Beta Alpha Sig- ma, President; Adelphos Society; J.C, Aspley Scholarship Award; Dean ' s List; Honor Roll; Academic Affairs Committee; SUB Cultural Committee; Student Senate. CONSDON, ROBERT S.JR.;DeLand;Business; Accountancy Club; Honor Roll. CORFAR, MIRIAM JEAN; St. Petersburg; Soci- ology; Alpha Xi Delta, Treasurer; Honor Roll; Intramurals; German Club; Student Advisor. DANIELS, CHARLOnE; Education; Honor Roll; Tosse, President; Mortar Board, Presi- dent; Kappa Delta Pi; Gamma Theta Upsi- lon; Baptist Student Union, Cabinet Member; SFEA; Intramurals; Delta Delta Delta; Pledge Class President, Pledge Trainer; Vice-Presi- dent, Hatter Holyday Committee; Parent ' s Weekend Committee; Homecoming Commit- tee Co-Chairman; HATTER Staff; Student Ad- visor. DAVANT, JIM; Juneau, Alaska; Philosophy; Varsity Soccer; " S " Club; Advanced Studies Program; German Club; Circle K. DAVIS, CAROLE; Loshburn, Saskatchewan, Canada; Business; Aspley Scholarship inBusi- ness Administration; Stetson Scholar; Honor Roll; Pi Beta Phi, Treasurer; SGA Treasurer; SUSGA Convention Delegate; Intramurals; HATTER Staff; Posture Queen Contest Chair- man. DAVIS, CATHY LEE; Hovertown, Pa.; Econ- omics; Zeta Tou Alpha; House Council. DEMIRANDA. FRANC; Miami; Political Sci- ence; Senior Senator; Education Servicesand Student Labor Committee; Chairman Library Committee; Parent ' s Weekend Committee; Publicity Chairman; Open House Co-Chair- man; Homecoming Committee; Green Feath- er Committee; Chairman Miss HATTER Con- test; Organizations Editor, 1965 HATTER, Fac- ulty, Classes and Administration Co-Editor 1967 HATTER; Editor, 1968 HATTER, Publica- tions Board; Sigma Pi Kappa; Theta Alpha Phi; Players Guild; Stover Theater Produc- tions; Intramurals Board; Canterbury Club, Social Chairman; Washington-New YorkSem- inar Participant. DENSMORE, KENNETH; Jacksonville; Busi- ness; Scobbord ond Blade, President; Dis- tinguished Military Graduate; Student Advi- sor; Pi Kappo Phi, House Monoger; Inlro- murals. DEUELL, PATRICIA L; Olean, New York; Busi- ness; Zeta Tou Alpha, Rush Choirmon; Stu- dent Government Corresponding Secretory; HATTER Stoff; Lambda Chi Alpho Crescent Girl; Greek Goddess Panhellenic Council- Emily Hall House Council; Student Advisor; DeLand Fashion Board; Coed of the Week. EGGEMAN, LINDA; Clearwater; Business; Stetson Scholar; Honor Roll; Alpho Xi Delta, President; Co-Choirman Greek Week; Senior Class, Secretary; Choudoin House Council; Intramurals; HATTER Staff. Beauty Editor; Ju- nior Counselor; Stover Theotre Productions, tions. EDWARDS, KATHY; West Palm Beach; Eng- lish; Sigma Pi Kappa, Secretory; Dean ' s List; Honor Roll; Alpha Chi Omega, Scholarship and Activities Chairman; Green Feother Com- mittee; HATTER, Managing Editor; Publica- tions Board; Junior Counselor; Student Ad- visor. ELKINS, SHARON; DeLand; History; Phi Al- pha Theto; Koppo Mu Epsilon; Phi Society; Dean ' s List; Honor Roll; Stetson Scholar; Zeta Tou Alpha, Treasurer, Scholarship Chairman; Hospitality Committee; Homecoming Com- mittee; HATTER Stoff; International Honors Program. FERTIG, STEVEN A.; New Brunswick, New Jersey; Biology; Beta Beta Beta; Honor Roll; Delta Sigma Phi; Men ' s Dorm Council. FRASER, MARTHA; Delray Beach; Sociology; Honor Roll; Zeta Tau Alpha, Social Chairman; Emily Hall House Council, Secretary. GOODSON, BARBARA; Haines City; Eng- lish; Sigma Tau Delta; Dean ' s List; Honor Roll; Stetson Scholar; HATTER Staff; Women ' s Council; Junior Counselor; BSU; YWA. GRIEB, TERRY J.; Miami; History; Kappa Del- ta Pi, President; Phi Alpha Theto; Gamma Theta Upsilon; Dean ' s List; Honor Roll; Stu- dent Advisor. 305 GRYSKIEWICZ, STANLEY; DeLand, Psychol- ogy; ODK; Adelphos; Green Circle; Who ' s Who; Pi Kappa Phi; Stetson Union Board, President; Mr. Stetson; Concert Choir; Uni- versity Chorus; Head Resident. GRYSKIEWICZ, WENDY ROBINETTE; DeLand; Elementary Education ;Panhellenic Honorary; Dean ' s List; Honor Roll; Alpha Xi Delta; Co- Chairman of Homecoming; Concert Choir; Junior Counselor; Miss Snow Queen. HABEL, MARTIN; Ft. Lauderdale; Biology; Pershing Rifles; Scabbard and Blade; Super- ior Cadet Award; Kappa Delta Pi, Secretory- Treasurer; Honor Roll; Recreation Board Chairman of SUB; Student Advisor; Intra- murols; Independent Men ' s Organization, President. HOBBS, STEPHEN; Charlotte, North Caro- lina; Psychology; Green Circle, Vice Presi- dent; Omicron Delta Kappa, President; Psi Chi; Scabbard and Blade; Pershing Rifles; Stetson Scholar; Honors Program; Dean ' s List; Honor Roll; ROTC Scholarship; Senator; president of Junior and Senior Class; Co- Chiurman of Orientation; Inlramurals; Who ' s Who; Homecoming Host; Head Resident Ad- visor. HURST, MARTHA; Miami; Mathematics; Beta Beta Beta; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Dean ' s List; Honor Roll; YWA, Secretary; BSU. IRVIN, JOHN; Miami; History; Sigma Pi Kap- pa; Sigma Nu; Reporter Photographer. HABEL. SHARON PARKER; Orlando; Elemen- tary Education; Kappa Delta Pi; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Phi Mu, Rush Chairman; Student Advisor; Student Government Recreation; Traffic, Social Committees; Intramurals; In- tramural Participation Award; HATTER Staff; Student Florida Education Association. HADDOCK, LIB; Jacksonville; Elementary Ed- ucation; Honor Roll; Traffice Committee Sec- retary; Student Florida Education Associa- tion; Junior Counselor. HALL, JAMES W.; Georgetown, Kentucky; Po- litical Science; Lambda Chi Alpha, Treasurer; Debate Squad; Young Democrats; Political Emphasis Week Committee. HAMILTON, RUSSEL; SARASOTA: Political Sci- ence; Lambda Chi Alpha; Varsity Tennis; Varsity Soccer; Student Advisor. HEALD, JOHN; Hingham, Massachusetts; Phi- losophy; Honor Roll; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Soc- cer Team, Co-Captain; " S " Club. HEATH, DAVID; Augusta, Georgia; English; Sigma Tau Delta, President; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Outstanding Junior English Ma- jor; Men ' s Judiciary Council; Intramurals; Resident Advisor. HERTNER, ELIZABETH; Ft. Lauderdale; Ac- counting; Stetson Scholar; Honor Roll; Ac- counting Club, Secretary; Sailing Club. HICKS, JOHN RANDALL; Jefferson town, Kentucky; Political Science; Omicron Delta Kappa; Student Senate 2,3. JANSONS, ANDREJS; DeBarry; History and Russian Area Studies; Phi Society; Scroll and Key; Phi Alpha Theta, President; Academic Council Class Award, Junior Class; Young Republican ' s Club. JOHNSON, STEVE; Miami; Music; Theta Al- pha Phi, HATTER Staff; Concert Choir, Gen- eral Manager. JOHNSTON, THOMAS E.; St. Petersburg; Ec- onomics; Young Republican ' s Club, President; Phi Society; Political Emphasis Week, Co- Chairman; Varsity Baseball Team; Most Out- standing Junior Economics Major. KEEFE, TOPPER; Ft. Lauderdale; Accounting; Omicron Delta Kappa, Vice-President; Green Circle, President; Who ' s Who; Beta Alpha Sigma; Honor Roll; Sigma Nu, Commander; Business School Senator; Varsity Baseball; Intramurals; IFC; Accounting Club; Traffic De- partment, Vice-Chairman. KELLEY, BETTY; Hilliard, Oregon; Phi Beta, Piesident; Outstanding Freshman Music Stu- detit; Accompianist Concert Choir; Concert Band; Concert Choir; University Chorus. KELLEY, KAREN; DeLand; Elementary Edu- cation; Gamma Theta Upsilon, Vice Presi- dent; Parent ' s Weekend, Co-Chairman; Worn- em ' s Intramurals Board; HATTER, Copy Edi- tor; SUB, Vice-President; BSU. KEMP, SANDRA; Jacksonville; Elementary Ed- ucation; Alpha Chi Omega; Women ' s Exec- utive Council; SUB, Hostess. io6 KILCULLEN, WALT; Kearny, New Jersey; His- tory; Green Circle; Sigma Nu; Senator; Var- sity Basketball; President ' s seminar, KIRKPATRICK, GRACE; Ja c kson v i 1 1 e Beach; Music Education; Ptii Beta; BSU; YWA, Pres- ident, LUSTIG, LARRY; Satellite Beach; English; Phi Society; Sigma Tou Dello; Deon ' s List; Honor Roll; Inlramgrals; Varsity Boseboll; Dorm Council. KOOISTRA, NANCY; Fort Lauderdale; Busi- ness; Thela Alpha Phi, Secretary Treasurer; Players Guild, President; Zeto Tou Alpha, Rush Chairman, President; PanhellenicCoun- cil; Student Advisor; Homecoming Committee; Parents Weekend Committee; 1966, 1967 Follies; Faculty and Administration Editor, 1968 HATTER; Secretary of Student Govern- ment; Student Internship program; Stover Theater Productions. KOSTRUB, CORNELIUS; Vermilion; Business; Beta Alpha Sigma; Adelphos Society; Scab- bard and Blade, Vice-President; Traffic Com- mittee; Intramurals; Pershing Rifles; BSU, President; Resident Advisor; Religious Life Council. KOLASHIAN, LILIAN; DeLand; English. KRUMHOLZ, MISTY; Ft. Lauderdale; Lan- guages; Phi Mu; Junior Abroad. KUCHLER, JUDY; DeLand; Elementary Edu- cation; Honor Roll; Student Assistant in Dean ' s Office. LEDEWITZ, JEFF; New Haven, Connecticut; Elementary Education; Honor Roll; Student Government Cabinet; Young Democrats; Stu- dent Advisor; Independent Association, Pres- ident; Student Affairs Committee; Chapel Committee; Stetson Union Board, Recreations Chairman; Stetson Union Board Treasurer; Stetson Union Board President. LLOYD, SUSAN; Vero Beach; Sociology; Hon- or Roll; Delta Delta Delta; Intramurals Chair- man; Traffic Control Board; Women ' s Intra- murals Board; HATTER, Co-Editor of Classes; Canterbury Club; Homecoming Comm. Co- Chairman. LONG, RAMONA; Charlotte, N.C.; Elemen- tary Education and Sociology; Panhellenic Honorary; Honor Roll; Zeta Toy Alpha, Vice- President; AWS, Treasurer; Junior Counselor; SFEA. MAITLAND, BONNIE; Miami Shores; Geog- raphy; University Scholar; Gamma Theto Up- Silon, President; Roil MARSH, PAT; Rockieage; Konncoi Science; Outstanding Junior in Polilicol Science; Pi Koppo Delta, Secretory; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Woodrow Wilson nominee; Alpha Chi Omega, Treasurer. MARTIN, JOYCE; Ml. Dora; English; Tassel, Historian; Sigma Pi Kappo; Who ' s Who; Hon- or Roll; Student Advisor; BSU; YWA. Vice President; Reporter, Assistont BusinessMono- ger; House Council; Junior Counselor; SUB, Hostess Bureau. MCCLAIN, CINDY; Miami; English; Sigma Pi Koppo; fteviev . Assistant Editor; Tassel, Presi- dent; Conrad House Council. MCCULLOUGHT, JOHN; Jockso n v i I le; Ac- counting; Beta Alpha Sigmo; Sigma Nu; Var- sity Baseball. MERCER, Z. CHRISTOPHER; Daytono Beach; Economics; Dean ' s List; Honor Roll; Intra- murals; ROTC, Distinguished Military Student. MOORE, BUDDY; St. Petersburg; History; Phi Alpha Theto; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Pi Kap- pa Phi, Warden; Co-Choirmon Parent ' s Week- end; Green Feather Committee Chairman; Resident Advisor; Head Resident. MOREHEAD, DOLLY; Eustis; Elementary Edu- cation; Cheerleader, Coptain; Coed of the Week; Alpha Xi Delta, Pledge Projects Chair- man, Assistant Social Chairman, Assistant Pledge Trainer; Homecoming Committee Chairmen; Green Feather Committee; Quill Board; Junior Representative; Alfalfa Alphas, Leader; HATTER Staff, Sports; President ' s Task Force; Homecoming Hostess Candidate. MOTISE, NATALIE; Hollywood; Political Sci- ence; Tassel; Phi Alpha Theta; Newman Club; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Student Advisor; Re- ligious Life Council; Young Democrats. MORGAN, GEORGE; Jenkins; Geography; Gamma Theta Upsilon. 307 n NAPOLI, BILL; Coral Gables; Business; Delta Sigma Phi; Young Democrats; Circle " K " ; Col- legiate Council for the United Notions; Can- terbury Club. NICHOLSON, JULIA JILL; Miami; Speech and Drama; Aggelios Editor; FSU; Sigma Alpha Iota; FSU; University Singers; FSU; Canter- bury Club President; FSU; Concert Choir; Theta Alpha Phi, President; Stover Theater Productions; Teen Theater; Childrens Theater; Cellar Door. O ' CALLAGHAN, PETE; Decatur, Georgia; Psy- chology and History; Green Circle; Omicron Delta Kappo; Who ' s Who; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Pi Kappa Phi, President; IFC; Intromurols; Resident Advisor; BSU; Men ' s Dorm Coun- cil, President. O ' CONNELL, MAUREEN; St. Petersburg; His- tory and Social Studies; Zeta Tau Alpha, Sec- retary; House Council. OGBORN, ELAINE; Yardley, Pa.; Art, Kap- pa Pi; Honor Roll; Zeta Tau Alpha. O ' NEAL, CLEVELAND; Groveland; Account- ing; Beta Alpha Sigma; Accounting Club; University Chorus. OSIWALA, BERNADEnE; Maitland; Elemen- tary Education; Honor Roll; SFEA; Young Republicans, Treasurer; Newman Club; Stu- dent Advisor. PERINO, CARL; DeLand; Business, Beta Al- pha Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; Pershing Rifles. PHAGAN, RICHARD; Sanford; Business; Hon- or Roll; Phi Kappa Tau, Auburn University. PIERSON, PAM: Pierson; Elementary Edu- cation; Dean ' s List; Honor Roll; Zeta Tau Alpha; SFEA. PYLKAS, SUZY; Pinellas Park; Psychology; Psi Chi, Secretory-Treasurer; Alpha Xi Del- ta, Vice President; Intromurols; Review Staff; Junior Counselor; Homecoming Committee Chairman; SUB, Hos °55: Student Advisor. RAYBORN, JOANNE; Eustis; English; Gamma Theta Upsilon; Sigma Delta Pi; Delta Phi Alpha; Honor Roll; Young Republicans C lub. RAYMOND, MIKE; Orlando; English; Sigma Tau Delta; Green Circle, Secretary-Treasurer; Stetson Scholar; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Big Lyre; Student Advisor; Dorm Council, Presi- dent; Intromurols; Intromurols Board; Resi- dent Advisor; IndependentOrgonizotion, Sec- retory-Treasurer. RICELY, JAMES; Ft. Lauderdale; Chemistry; Theta Chi; Intromurols. ROTHWELL, DAN; Ft. Lauderdale; Political Science; Omicron Delta Koppo; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Scroll and Key; Phi Alpha Theta; Lambda Chi Alpha; Intromurols; Intromurols Board, Student Director; Varsity Baseball; ROTC, Distinguished Military Student; Scab- bard and Blade; Reporter, Sports Editor; BSU; Stetson Scholar; ROTCTwo-Year Scholar- ship. ROWELL, PETE; St. Petersburg; Psychology; Psi Chi; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Pi Kappo Phi; Intromurols; Concert Choir; Stover Thea- tre; Parent ' s Weekend Follies. RUPP, SKIP; Roseville, III.; Pre-Low; Sigma Pi Sigma; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Intromurols; HATTER, Business Manager; Publication ' s Board; President ' s Cir- cle; Young Republicans. SCHROFF, BILL; New York, New York; Busi- ness; Pershing Rifles; Accounting Club; Hon- or Roll; Beta Alpha Sigma; Sigma Phi Epsi- lon; Business School Senator, President; In- tromurols; Student Advisor; Religious Life Council; Newman Club, President; SUB. 308 SEYMOUR, MARYLOU; IM. Pleasant, S.C., Music; Phi Beta; hlonoc Poll; Zeta Tau Al- pha; Concert Choir; Opera Workshop. SHELBY, JOHN D.; Pensacola; AAalh; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Honor Roll. SMITH, SALLY; virasolu; Eleiiienlary Edu- calioii; Pi Belu Phi; HATTER, Class Editor. SOCARRAS, LUIS; Motonzas, Cuba; Biology; Beta Beta Beta; Honor Roll; Sigma Phi Epsi- lon; Soccer Team; Canterbury Club; Inter- national Club. SPRAGGINS, DAPHNE; St. Petersburg;Math; Phi Society; Scroll and Key; Russian Club; Selby Science Scholarship; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Student Advisor; BSU. STALLINGS, JIM; Marietta, Go.; History; Al- pha Phi Omega, Carson-Newman College; Gamma Theta Upsi lon; Honor Roll; BSU. STRAUBE, PAUL; South Bend, Ind.; Business; Beta Alpha Sigma, Treasurer, Adelphos So- ciety; ROTC; Canterbury Club. STRAWTER, BILL; Tampa; Chemistry; Gamma Sigma Epsilon, President; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Soccer; Ministerial Association; Omega Phi, President. VAUGHN, BILL; Ormond Beo ence; Pi Kappa AlfJ. ' j, :■ •• j ' l _ WALL, GINGER; Loughman; French; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Phi Alpha Theto; Slodeni Advisor; House Council, President; Woman ' s Executive Council; HATTER Staff; Homecoming Follies; French Club, Vice President; Basket- ball Queen Contest, Finalist; Scabbard and Blode, Sponsor; College Fashion Boord. WEEBER, WANDA; Jacksonville; English; Sig- mo Too Delta; Honor Roll; Westmi- lov ship; SUB; Young Republicons. WELCH, JOHN; . . ' .Iliical Science Who ' s Who; Stetson Scholar; Green Circle Woshington Seminar; Lambda Chi Alpha; Honor Roll, Student Government, President; International Studies, President; Intromurols WILLENBROCK, PAUL; Farmingdale; Social Science; Gamma Theta Upsilon; Honor Roll; Dorm Council; Intramurols; Christian Sci- entist; Tutoring Organization; Religious Life Council. WILLIAMSON, BILL; Jacksonville; Physics; Sig- ma Pi Sigma; Radios Station, Generol Mon- ager. THORMAN, RICHARD; St. Petersburg; Ger- man; Delta Phi Alpha; Men ' s Council. TIFFANY, JOSEPHINE; Jacksonville; Music Ed- ucation; Phi Beta; MENC, State and Local President; Concert Choir; Canterbury Club; YWA; Opera Workshop. WOERNER, MALINDA; Louisville, Ky.; Music Education; Dean ' s List; Honor Roll; Tou Beta Sigma; University Bond; University Orches- tra; BSU; YWA. WOODARD, MAURICE; Orlando; Moth; Ome- ga Phi; Soccer; Young Democrats. TUHERROW, ELAINE; Jacksonville; Elemen- tary Education; University Chorus; SFEA, Vice President; BSU; YWA, President. VARDY, ELLEN; Sarasota; English; Sigma Tau Delta; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Woman ' s Coun- cil, Secretary; Intramurals; Cantebury Club; SFEA; Student Advisor. 309 w 310 z seniors Mik ALBRITTON, LAWRENCE E., Marion Military Institute, B.A., University of Florida, 1964; Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Kappa Kelta Professional Fraternity; Student Bar Association; Phi Delta Phi Legal Franternity. Interested in La- bor and Commercial Law. Graduates June 1968. ALCORNS, CARL A., Phi Theta Kappa; President, Treasurer Mu Delta; Treas- urer, Athletic Chairman, Kappa Sigma; Delta Theta Phi Legal Fraternity, Rush Chairman; Top 15% of Class; Charles A. Dana Scholar; American Jurisprudence Award for Excellence in State Constitutional Law; Interested in General Practice. Graduates June 1968. ALFORD, ROBERT B., B.A., History, Stetson University; Phi Alpha Theta and Phi Kappa Delta Honorary Fraternity; " Who ' s Who in American Politics " ; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity; President, Young Republicans, Stetson Chapter; Editorial Staff, Stetson University Newspaper. Interested in Inter- national and Criminal Low. Graduates June 1968. ALLENDER, JERRY W., B.S., Accounting, University of Evansville (Indiana) 1965; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity, Treasurer; Vice-President Freshman Class; Secretary, Student Bar Association; Honor Court Justice; Outstanding Participant Award, Freshman Moot Court. Interested in General Practice. Graduates June 1968. AMATO, STEPHEN, A.B., Sociology-Philosophy, Belmont Abbey College, 1963; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Social Chairman; Student Government, Secre- tory; Lincoln Foundation Recipient; Phi Delta Phi, Secretary; Student Bar Association, Secretary; Inns of Court Representative; Student Assistant Instructor, Medical Jurisprudence; Junior Class Officer, Treasurer; Interested in Admiralty and Personal Injury. Graduates January 1968. ANDERSON, HOWARD ALDRICH, JR., B.S., Accounting, Atlantic Christian College, 1965; President, Junior Class; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity; Alternate, National Moot Court Competition; Top 10% of Class; Honor Roll; Charles A. Dana Scholar; Interested in Trial Work, Civil or Crim- inal, Graduates January 1968. BADEN, EARL, B.S. Florida State University, .1965; Student Government, Representative; Student Bar Association; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity; " Charles A. Dana Scholar. Interested in General Trial Practice or Com mercial Law. Graduates June 1968. BAIRD, WILLIAM DOUGLAS, B.A. Economics, University of Colorado 1965; Treasurer, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Blue Key; Chairman Freshman Orienta- tion; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity; Outstanding Moot Court Award; Na- tional Moot Court; Interested in Trial and Workmens Compensation. Grad- uates June 1 968. BARNES, ROBERT M., B.B.A., Business, Stetson University 1966; Lambda Chi Alpha; Student Senate; Beta Alpha Sigma Professional Fraternity; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity; Outstanding Moot Court Award; Chairman, Student Bar Association Retarded Childrens Christmas Benefit; Interested in Trial Work and Negligence. Graduates June 1968. BEE, FRED A., B.S., United States Naval Academy, 1960; Naval Aviator; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity; Treasurer and Vice-President; Student Bar Association; Interested in General Practice. Graduates June 1968. BELCHER, FLETCHER, Student Bar Association; State and National Moot Court Competition; Charles A. Dana Scholar; Honor Roll; Upper 10% of Graduating Class. Interested in General Practice or Commercial Law. Graduates June 1968. H B BERGMAN, RONALD A., B.S., Business, Economics, Utah State University 1959; Treasurer, Pi Kappa Alpha and Student Government; Student Union Committee; Student Bar Association; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity; In- terested in Aviation Law, and Management. Graduates June 1968. BOWLES, ROBERT WILLIAM, JR., Georgia Tech, B.S., Criminology, Florida State University 1965; Pi Kappa Alpha; Justice, University Court; University Union Board; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity, Publicity Chairman; Chair- man, Retarded Childrens Christmas Party, Student Bar Association; Inter- ested in Trial Work. Graduates January 1968. BREWTON, WILBUR E., B.S., Economics, Jacksonville University, 1964; Kap- pa Alpha Order; Florida Blue Key Speaker; Honor Court Attorney; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity, Rush Chairman, Clerk; Editor, The Roster; S.B.A. Placement Committee, Chairman; Honor Roll; Top 10% of Class; Charles A. Dana Scholar; Interested in Commercial, or Trial Work. Graduates June 1968. BROWN, CALVIN B., Wake Forest College, B.S.B.A., Marketing, Finance, University of Florida 1965; Track Team; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Plege Class President, Rush Chairman; University Religious Assn., Officer; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity; Outstanding Moot Court Av ard; Interested in Com- mercial Law and Trial Work. Graduates June 1968. BUSSEY, JOHN W. Ill, B.A., Florida State University 1965; Alpha Tau Ome- ga, Rush Chairman, Worthy Usher, Editor, Rush Manual; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity, Treasurer; Charles A. Dana Scholar; Who ' s Who in Amer- ican Universities and Colleges; Honor Roll; Top 1 0% of Class; Interested in General Practice. Graduates June 1968. CASORIA, SIMON M. Ill, B.A., Florida State University 1965; Alpha Tau Omega; Alpha Phi Omega, President; Delta Theta Phi Legal Fraternity, President; Charles A. Dana Scholar; Co-Chairman, Orientation; Inns of Court Council; Recipient, Southern Scholarship and Research Foundation Scholarship. Interested in Trial and Commercial Law. Graduates June 1968. CHAMELIN, NEIL C, B.S., Police Administration, Michigan State University 1965; Tou Epsilon Phi; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity; Instructor, St. Petersburg Junior College; Head Student Assistant, Charles A. Dana Law Library; Charles A. Dana Scholar. Interested in Criminal Low and Law Enforcement Education. Graduates June 1968. CHAPIN, BRUCE ELLIOTT, B.A., Williams College 1961; Phi Gamma Delta Scholarship; Delta Theta Phi Legal Fraternity, Officer; Dana Scholar; Honor Roll Faculty Research Assistant; Public Defender; Interested in General Practice and Trial Work. Graduates January 1968. o. M CHAPLIN, JAMES B., B.S., Accounting, Stetson University 1965; Sigma Nu, Commander; Men ' s Judiciary Council, President; Omicron Delta Kappa, Vice President; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Scab- bard and Blade, Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity; Interested in Transportation Law. Graduates June 1968. CIBULA, FRANK G. JR., B.S., Business, Florida State University, 1965; Hon- or Court, Counselor; Theta Chi Fraternity, Vice President; Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity; Recipient Edward L. Plott Award; Inns of Court Council. Interested in Commercial Law and Labor Law. Graduates June 1968. CLARK, ROBERT LIDDELL, St. Petersburg Junior College; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity, Historian, Secretary; Charles A. Dana Scholar; Student Bar Association; Interested in Tort Law. Graduates June 1968. CLAUSSEN, KENNETH FRANKLIN, Palm Beach Junior College; B.S., Ac- counting, Stetson University, 1965; Pi Kappa Alpha, Social Chairman; Busi- ness Manager of Hatter; Member of Publications Board; Chairman Com- mons Committee; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity; Interested in Federal Tax, Estate Planning, Contract and Commercial Law. Graduates June 1968. COLLINS, GEORGE G. JR., B.A. Rollins College 1965; Lambda Chi Alpha; Student Council Proctor; Deans List; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity; Student Bar Association; Library Assistant; Interested in Real Property and Do- mestic Law. Graduates June 1 968. mM COOKE, JULIA FITCHETT, Asheville Biltmore College, West Carolina Teach- ers College, Stetson University; Participant in National Moot Court; State Moot Court; Outstanding Participant Freshman Moot Court; Secretary, Law Center Foundation; Interested in Trial Work Civil or Criminal, Appellate practice. Commercial Law. Graduates June 1 968. CYCMANICK, MICHAEL, Florida Southern College; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity, Officer; Charles A. Dana Scholar; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Stu- dent Bar Association. Interested in General Practice. Graduates Cum Laude, June 1968. 1 DE VW A, NICHOLAS GEORGE, University of South Florida, Major in Phi- losophy and Political Science, 1965; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity; In- terested in Corporate, Tax and Labor Low. Graduates June 1968. DUDLEY, FRED R., B.A., Accounting, University of South Florida, 1965; President, Inter-fraternity Council; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity; Hon- orable Mention, Honor Roll, Highest Average; Public Defender Clinic; In- terested in General Practice, Commercial and Corporate Law. Graduates June 1968. EASLEY, KENNETH E., B.S.C., University of Iowa, 1949; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity, Officer; Outstanding Participant, Freshman Moot Court; Stetson Representative, State Moot Court; Barrister Club Award; Charles A. Dana Scholar; Recipient, Gulf Life Insurance Scholarship; Interested in General Practice. Graduates June 1968. EDMAN, JOHN, B.S. Economics, Florida State University, 1962; Former Claims Adjuster; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity; Student Bar Associotion, Honor Court Attorney; Interested in Trial Work. Graduates June 1968. EZELL, BOYCE FOWLER, III, Florida State Univer sity; Stetson University; Sigma Chi; President Freshman Class; Alpha Council, President; Alpho Phi Omega, Vice President, Governor ' s Advisory Council; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity, Social Chairman; Student Bar Association, Secretary and Treasurer, Orientation Chairman; Interested in General Practice and Trial Work; also in Educational Field. Graduates August 1968. FRAZER, JOHN P., B.A. Florida State University 1965; Lambda Chi Alpha; Student Senate, Chairman of Budget Committee; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity; Student Bar Association, Orientation Committee, Athletic Chair- man, Honor Court Attorney; Freshman Class President; Public Defender; Interested in Trial Work, Commercial and Personal Injury. Graduates June 1968. GEOGHEGAN, EDWARD JOSEPH, St. Petersburg Junior College, B.S. Florida Southern College, 1963; Theta Chi; Sertoma Club; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity; Library Assistant; Charles A. Dana Scholar; Law Clerk; | Interested in General Practice. Graduates June 1968. GRANT, JOHN AUDLEY, JR., University of Florida; B.A. Political Science, University of South Florida, 1964; M.S. Government, Florida State Uni- versity 1965; Charles A. Dana Scholar; Freshman Advocacy Award; Honor Roll; Inns of Court Council, President. Interested in Trial and Appellate Work. Graduates January 1968. HAYES, DAN, Palm Beach Junior College, B.A., Florida State University 1964; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity; Charles A. Dana Scholar 1966; In- terested in the Field of Federal and State Taxation. Graduates June 1968. HAYGOOD, BECKY C, B.S., Education, Stetson University 1952; Zeta Tau Alpha, President; National Honorary Teacher ' s Fraternity; Inns of Court Council; Upper 20% of Class; Interested in General Practice. Graduates June 1968. M HENDERSON, STEVE LAURENCE, B.S., Business Education, Stetson Uni- versity 1965; Delta Sigma Phi, Officer; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity; Student Bar Association; Interested in General Practice and Commercial Low. Graduates June 1968. HILYARD, SUTTON G., JR., B.A., Political Science, Florida State University 1965; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity; Student Bar Asso- ciation; Charles A. Dana Scholar; Interested in Real Property, Contracts, and Trial Work. Graduates August 1 968. HOCKETT, TOBEY C, A. A., Miami-Dade Junior College; B.A., History and Political Science, Stetson University 1965; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity; Law Clerk Public Defender Clinic; Interested in General Gractice. Gradu- ates January 1 968. HUFF, KATHLEEN B., B.A., Stetson University 1965; Pi Beta Phi, Treas- urer, Executive Council; Pi Beta Phi Delegate to National Convention; State Moot Court Competition; Inns of Court Council, Secretary; Interested in Real Property and Corporation Law. Graduates June 1968. JENNINGS, MICHAEL ALAN, B.A., Spanish, Florida State University 1965; Alpha Tau Omega, Vice President; University Court Justice; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity; Outstanding Advocate Award in F-reshman Moot Court; Interested in General Practice and Trial Work. Graduates June 1968. JENDRZYSNKI, DOLORES L., B.A., Loyola and Northwestern Universities; Florida Presbyterian College; Trust Officer, Northern Trust Company of Chicago; Student Bar Association; Interested in General Practice. Gradu- ates June 1 968. JONES, JOHN EDWARD, B.A. English, Florida State University, 1965, President, Secretary of State, Secretary of Finance of Student Body; Presi- dent, Secretary, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity; Omicron Delta Kappa and Gold Key Honoraries; Hall of Fame; Dean ' s List; Phi Delta Legal Fra- ternity, President; Charles A. Dana Scholar; President, Inns of Court Coun- cil. Graduates June 1968. KENNEDY, PATRICK GENE, B.A. History, Stetson University 1965; Pi Kappa Alpha, President, Pledgemaster, Secretary; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fro- ternity; Associate Justice of Honor Court; Vice President of Junior Class; President, Student Bar Association; Interested in Trial Work. Graduates August 1968. KIRKLAND, THOMAS ROBERT, B.S., Business Administration, University of Florida 1965; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity; Freshman Jus- tice of Honor Court; Junior Class Treasurer; Chairman of Athletic Com- mittee; State Moot Court; Interested in General Practice. Graduates June 1968. LANE, GARY B., B.A., History, Davidson College 1964; Sigma Alpha Epsi- lin, Secretary; Varsity Soccer; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity; Freshman Moot Court, Outstanding Participant in Advocacy. Interested in General Practice or Real Property Law. Graduates June 1968. LIMA, ALBERT PAUL, B.A., Accounting, University of South Florida 1964; Accounting Organization; Language Club; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity; State Moot Court; Clerk of Honor Court; Judge for Freshman Moot Court Competition; Interested in Commercial Law and Federo! Income Tax. Gradu- ates June 1 968. LOPEZ, WALTER M., JR., B.A., Education, Florida State University, I960; M.S. Social Science, Florida State University, 1965; Scabbard and Blade; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity; President, Brevard Council for Social Studies; Interested in General Practice with Emphasis on Comparative and International Law. Graduates June 1 968. LOPP, JAMES DANIEL, University of Indiana; B.A., University of Miami 1965; Alpha Tou Omega; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity; State Moot Court Competition; Interested in Tort and Criminal Law, Appellate Prac- tice. Graduates June 1968. LOWE, WILLIAM E., St. Petersburg Junior College; B.A., Political Science, University of South Florida 1965; Young Republican Club; Pyramid Club; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity, Clerk; Interested in General Practice and Trial Work. Graduates June 1968. MCKINNON, NOAH CARTLEDGE, JR., B.A. Government, Florida State University 1965; Pi Kappa Alpha, Senator FSU Student Government; Var- sity Debator; Columnist, Florida Flambeau; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity; Public Defender; American Jurisprudence Award, Estate and Gift Taxation; Interested in Criminal Law. Graduates January 1968. MAXWELL, EUGENIA, B.A. English, Florida State University 1964; Lamar School of Law, Emory University; Zeta Tau Alpha, Vice President; Student Union Committee; Junior Counselor; Student Bar Association Placement Committee; Associate Editor, The Roster; Secretary, Senior Class; Interested in General Practice. Graduates June 1 968. MITCHELL, JOE MARTIN, B.A., University of South Florida 1965; Gold Key Honor Society; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity; Charles A. Dana Scholar; Honor Roll; Student Bar Association Placement Committee; Constitutional Revision Committee; Treasurer of Senior Class; Public Defender; Executive Council; Inns of Court Council; Interested in Trial Work. Graduates June 1968. MULOCK, EDWIN THOMAS, B.S., Stetson University, 1965; Pi Kappa Phi, President; President, Green Circle Honorary; Vice-President IFC; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity; Senior Class President; Vice-President, Junior Class; Honor Court Justice; Executive Committee, Student Bor Association; In- terested in Trial Practice Civil or Criminol. Graduates June 1968. NORTON, JOHN WILLIAM, St. Petersburg Junior College; B.S., Business Administration, Marquette University 1964; Delta Theta Phi Legal Fra- ternity, Vice Dean, Rush Chairman; Inns of Court Committee; Student Bar Association Executive Committee. Interested in General Practice. Gradu- ates January 1 968. O ' CONNELL, PHIL, JR., B.S., Accounting, Florida State University, 1963; Alpha Tau Omega, Secretary, Treasurer; Alpha Kappa Psi; Certified Public Accountant; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity; Outstanding Brief, Freshman Moot Court; American Jurisprudence Book Award, Insurance; Honor Court Justice; Interested in Federal Taxation. Graduates January 1968. O ' DAY, JOHN J., B.A., Business Administration, University of Miami 1964; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Iron Arrov Honorary Fraternity; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity, President; Public Defender; Ex- ecutive Committee, Student Bar Association; Interested in General Practice. Graduates January 1968. PASLICK, EDWARD N., B.A., Pre-Law, Bellarmire College 1964; Univer- sity of Louisville Law School; Air Force R.O.T.C.; Delta Theta Phi Legal Fraternity, Treasurer, Recording Secretary; Family Law Journal Staff; Brief- ing Service Staff; Interested in General Practice. Graduates January 1968. PERRONE, STEPHEN LAWRENCE, University of Florida; B.A., University of South Florida 1964; Phi Kappa Tau; Phi Eta Sigma; Gold Key; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity, Vice Justice; President Freshman Class; Chief Jus- tice, Honor Court; Freshman Scholarship Award; Dean ' s List; Overseer ' s Scholarship; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Interested in Tax and Commercial Law. Graduates June 1968. QUINN, JEROME DENNIS, B.A., History, University of Tampa 1966; Theta Chi Fraternity, President; Interfraternity Council; Outstanding Participant Award, Moot Court; Interested in General Practice. Graduates June 1968. RAY, RALPH JACKSON, JR., B.A., University of Florida 1962; Kappa Alpha Order; Detal Theta Phi Legal Fraternity, Tribune and Master of the Ritual; Charles A. Dana Scholar; Outstanding Freshman Moot Court Award; Na- tional Moot Court Competition; Interested in Admiralty Low. Graduates January 1 968. REICHERT, CARLTON RILEY, St. Petersburg Junior College; B.A., Business Administration, University of South Florida 1964; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Mu Delta Social Club; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity; Christian Legal Society; American Jurisprudence Award, Sales; Interested in Criminal Torts and Probate Law. Graduates January 1968. REITER, JOSEPH JOHN, A. A., University of Illinois 1964; Student Bar Asso- ciation, Vice President, Treasurer; Treasurer, Freshman Class; Secretary, Junior Class; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity, President, Marshall; Chair- man Freshman Orientation; Public Defender; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Charles A. Dana Scholar; Interested in General Practice. Graduates January 1968. RICKEY, BURTON NORRIS, B.S., Business Administration, University of Virginia 1964; Echols Scholar; Varsity Tennis; Rifle Team; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity; Student Bar Association; Interested in General Practice and Criminal Law. Graduates June 1968. RIDEN, THOMAS K., B.A. Stetson University 1965; Men ' s Judiciary Coun- cil, Inter-Fraternity Council; Delta Sigma Phi, President; Delta Theta Phi Legal Fraternity; Omicron Delta Kappa; State Moot Court; Public Defender; Interested in Criminal and Commercial Law. Graduates January 1968. ROBINSON, R. CLARK, B.S. Florida State University 1965; Sigma Nu Fra- ternity; Varsity Football; Track; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity, Social Com- mittee; Interested in General Practice. Graduates June 1968. t M SANDERS, EDWIN P.B., B.S. Business, Stetson -University 1965; Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity; Delta Theta Phi Legal Fraternity, Treasurer; Moot Court Advocacy Award; Inns ' of Court Council; Charles A. Dana Scholar, 1966; Interested in General Practice. Graduates June 1968. SCANLON, PATRICK M., B.S. Political Science, University of Florida 1965; Sigma Nu, Vice-President, Treasurer; Florida Blue Key Speakers Bureau; Phi Delta Phi Legal F raternity; Honor Roll; Charles A. Dona Scholar; In- terested in General Practice and Labor Law. Graduates January 1968. SCHWARTZ, JAY D., B.S. Business, American University 1967; Zeta Beta Tau; Legal Aid Society; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity, Vice-President; Honor Court Justice, Student Bar Association; Interested in Labor Law. Graduates June 1968. SIERRA, MICHAEL, B.A., Accounting, University of South Florida, 1964; Business Administration Club; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity, Vice-Jus- tice; Vice-President Senior Class; Charles A. Dana Scholar; Interested in General Practice. Graduates January 1968. SMITH, H. VANCE, B.B.A., Business, University of Miami, 1964; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Officer; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity; Student Bar Asso- ciation; Interested in Negligence and Insurance Defense. Graduates Jan- uary 1968. SMITH, J. LAWRENCE, B.A., Stetson University, 1965; Sigma Phi Epsilon, President; Men ' s Judiciary Council; Homecoming Committee; Honor Roll; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity; Top 10% of Class; Charles A Dana Scholar; Vice-President, Student Bar Association; Interested in Commercial and Tax Law. Graduates June 1968. STEIN, DONALD T., B.A., M.A., George Washington University, 1965; Tau Epsilom Phi; Inter-Fraternity Council; Debate Team; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity, Clerk; Junior Class President; Outstanding Moot Court Av ard; " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities " ; Charles A. Dana Scholar; Executive Council, S.B.A.; Interested in Tort and Criminal Lav . Graduates June 1968. STODDARD, RICHARD C, B.S., Psychology, Georgia Tech, 1963; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Student Council; " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities " ; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity; Freshman Moot Court Jus- tice; Interested in Admiralty and International Law. Graduates June 1968. TART, THOMAS B., B.S., Business, University of Florida, 1965; Florida Blue Key; UF Hall of Fame; President, Alpha Tau Omega; Football Team; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity; President, Student Bar Association; Executive Com mittee, S.B.S.; Honor Court Justice; Student Delegate ABA Convention; Interested in General Practice. Graduates August 1968. 4 WALIGUNDA, WALTER RICHARD, B.A., Psychology, University of Florida, 1965; C.A.P. Triangle Flying Club, Treasurer; Pre-Law Association; Delta Theta Chi Legal Fraternity, Master of The Ritual; Barristers Club; Inns of Court Council; Student Bar Association; Interested in Estate Planning. Grad- uates June 1 968. WATKINS, MICHAEL E., B.S. Business, Stetson University, 1965; Sigma Nu, [ Social Chairman; Intra-Murals; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity; Honor Roll; Student Bar Association; Interested in Corporate Law. Graduates June 1968 WELLS, HENRY H., B.S., Business, Jocksonville University, 1965; Senior Class President; Alpha Koppa Psi; Student Legislature; Delta Theta Phi Legal Fraternity; Student Bar Association; Interested in General Practice. Graduates June 1968. WILLIAMS, WINSTON, University of Chicago; B.S., University of South Florida, 1965; Honor Student; National Merit Scholarship, Finalist; In- terested in General Practice of Lav with Emphasis on Medical Jurispru- dence. Graduates June 1968. WILSON, CALVIN W., Pensacola Junior College; B.S., Journalism, Florida State University, 1957; Public Relations Director, St. Regis Paper Company; Delta Theta Phi Legal Fraternity, President; Student Bar Association; In- terested in the General Practice of Lav . Graduates January 1968. WRIGHT, THOMAS. Graduated January 1968. YANGER, WILLIAM H., JR., B.S., Education, University of Tampa 1958; Member Pi Kappa Phi; University Crew; Delta Theta Phi Legal Fraternity; Dun Bradstreet Credit Reporter; Interested in General Practice. Graduates June 1968. ZIELINSKI, STEPHEN J., JR., B.A. English, Rutgers University 1965; Tau Kap- pa Epsilon, Sgt. at Arms; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity; Charles A. Dana Scholar 1966; Interested in Trial Work with Emphasis on the Law of Real Property. Graduates January 1968 juniors Marjorie Anthony William Athanson Allen Blake James Bowdish Jack Brandon Stephen Busey Robert Coker Wayne Coulter Henry Davis Gary Dirlam Theodore Ooremus Robert Douglass Thomas Dozier Rodney Durronce Kotherine Ezell Thomas Freeman Imy Hamilton Kurt Hompp Dennis Hightower John Lendermon Williom Nelson Dovid Newman James H. Parker Howard Snyder James Thompson L. N. Vaughon-Birc Charles Webb Jacqueline Whotle; C . fu4 CVf- C f f - ' 4 ri t i rd f %I7 - j M hdxm MmA 316 freshmen 4.ifei r r Roberts. Aloia Horoce A. Andrews jale AnslJne ohn E, Bearden •Villiom Brown - chard Buck Joseph Caruso Alexonder Cohn Roger J. Copenhogen Joonne Crothers Thomos Dowe Richord Donovan Joseph Goynor Jomes Gibson Joseph Goldstein Anthony Gonzole David Greuel fOrlGrube -;onzo Hordesty Richard Hogon Harold Hume Pobert Jomison " . ' eni Konner _ohn Mc Arthur .Michael McDonnell Charles Morochnick Alexander Myers George V. Naze Robert Nutter William Pace Roger Pearson John Pettigrew John Pope Myron Rayvis David Repass Charles Rickerd Lorry Rogers James C. Roth James G. Roth rlugh Sawyer Alan Scott Richard Snyder Barry Spivey Thomas Turner Ray Weigel Allen Wexler Gene White Reinhord Widmo 3V " tf fe RMl 3 c t 3 3 9 3 N « C Compliments of Goodyear 138 W. New York DeLand, Florida a (D (D Howdy ' usic Shop Best Wishes Baumsn ' s Office Suppli 243 N. Boulevard DeLand, Florida 33° Congr3tul3tions 3ncl Best Wishes from WxmnB OF FLORIDA 119 N. Boulevard DeLand, Florida Compliments of Bdbcock Furniture 136 S. Boulevard 331 PROTEST AND PROGRESS It may shock some Hippies to learn that HviiiH in dis- regard of conventions while pursuing art and intellec- tualism is older than antimacassars. Hippies even look like old-time Bohemians. Also, there ' s nothing unresjyectable about protest. Plato taught, in the .5th Century, B.C., that man can move toward the highest good hy constant questioning of assumptions. His Republic, a plan for a new social order, was followed a thousand years later by St. Augus- tine ' s City of God . . . and in another thousand years by Sir Thomas More ' s Utopia. The Great Seal of the United States proclaims a New Order of the Ages, Novus Ordo Seclorum. No sooner was the Great Experiment launched, than little experi- ments—agrarian communal colonies— sprouted from Texas to Massachusetts. These, in time, petered out. What changes ths social order most radically is not re- volt against society, but practical inuention— moveable type, steam engines, electric light, automobiles, com- puters . . . the corporation, advertising, credit buying. Research and development are accelerating changes. Both protest and progress stem from discontent with things as they are. But progress lapperw- undramatic- ally— the result of practical improvements. That ' s why your world will see a New Social Order. FLORIDA PO VER CORPORATION THIS AD PREPARED BY ' •W.M. ZEMP, ADVERTISING AGENCY ST. PETERSBURG. FLORIDA 33 DEALER FOR WESTINGHOUSE MAYTAG Since 1929 T%CC t Ut 4 - ' " ' ESTABLISHED 1911 734-0355 Q(jurrcy the Christ GERALD E. FRIERSON 230 N. BLVD. s 116 east indiana De Land Florida Kussel P. (.urrey Member b 1 DA GOOD LUCK TO THE GRADUATING CLASS REEVE HOWARD STATIONERY GIFTS-GREETING CARDS 105 West Indiana Avenue COLLEGE PLAZA 115 east plymouth Delano. Florida FEASEL PAINT AND GLASS Established 1921 Art Supplies Picture Framing 247 North Boulevard DeLand, Florida Best Wishes From Evelyn and Jimmy West STETSON FLOWER SHOP On the Boulevard Serving Stetson and DeLand for 32 Years DeLAND, FLORIDA 734-0796 The Smart Place To Go . . . For Go od Things To Eat! Compliments of MORRIS ' 217 N. Boulevard Deland ' s Finest Restaurant 334 GOOD LUCK AND BEST WISHES Z3les Jewelers 116N. BOULEVARD DeLAND, FLORIDA CONGRATULATIONS The STOUDENMIRE ' S Conr3Cl Compsny THRIFTWAY 118 West New York Avenue 642 West New York Avenue Deland, Florida DeLand, Florida 335 Congratulations and best Wishes, Class of 1968 DELAND CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 336 N. Woodland Boulevard 33 Compliments of Holler Motor Sal 550 S. Boulevard Deland, Florida I? Smith Drugs Inc 124 N. Boulevard DeLand, Florida BEST WISHES Leeds Shoes 112 North Boulevard DeLand, Florida 337 Compliments of T.G. Lee Dairy Congratulations . . . Graduates of the Class of 1968 FLORIDA BANK AT DELAND " A Friendly Institution " MEMBER FLORIDA NATIONAL GROUP OF BANKS FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE COMPANY J. C. PENNEY CO. DeLAND Since 1873 1 F. N. DeHuy Son Diamonds Watches Jewelry Bridal Department Expert Repair China — Crystal — Silver Jewelry and Watches BELUE ' S SHOES 136 North Boulevard DeLand Florida FOUNTAIN ' S Over Fifty Years Central Florida ' s Finest Store for Men DeLAND, FLORIDA 338 THF, UNIVERSITY SHOP MEN ' S - LADIES WEAR 118 N. BLVD. 734-4768 DELAND, FLA. HjJlCimD im Nclir5 STETSON UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE Congratulations . . . Class of 1968 " Serving All of Volusia " Your Book-Cenlered Store on Your Book-Centered Campus THE BARNETT NATIONAL BANK OF DEL AND BANKING HEADQUARTERS FOR STETSON STUDENTS FACULTY SINCE 1929 Compliments of COSTON ' S .aundry (Sr. Dry Cleaning DeLand Laundry and Cleaning REdwood 4-3052 243 North Boulevard DeLand, Florida 224 S. 339 Florida Ave. ..J the 1968 hcitter-volume 48 staff Editor-in-chief Franc de Miranda Managing Editor Carol Torres Business Manager Skip Rupp Layout Editor Debbie Dull Sports Editor David Reid Greek Editors Kris Kane Ed Jones Administration Editors Nancy Kooistra Jim Jarrard Class Editors Sue Lloyd Ed Jones Fine Arts Editor Jeannie Kinzer Beauties Editor Linda Eggeman Organizations Editors Joyce Hewitt Bill Albertson Copy Editors Karen Kelly David Armbruster Secretary Mia Laise Law School Kathy Ezell Wilbur Brewton 340 contents To a Student 2 1967 - 1968 April 20 June 26 September 28 October 32 November 41 December 48 January 50 February 54 March 56 Sports Varsity 62 Intramurals 80 Achievements The Moods of Stetson 90 Fine Arts 104 Publications 127 Student Government 136 Who ' s Who 146 Beauties 148 Organizations General 162 Greeks 186 The Record The Campus 240 Administration 264 Faculty 256 Freshmen 270 Sophomores 275 Juniors 280 Seniors 284 Directory 304 Law Seniors 312 Conclusion Ads 330 Credits 340 Contents 341 Hatter Philosophy 342 Outstanding Senior Awards 344 Dedication 350 341 hatter philosophy I have been thinking for the past three weeks about what to put in these pages and I still don ' t know. I ' m going to start by repeating what I have been saying all year long, the yearbook this year is really different. Well by now you have seen most of it and I am sure you have formulated an opinion. I hope that you like it. I hope that you have found yourself in it somewhere, in a pic- ture, a line of copy, or maybe just in a mood, and that somehow we have succeeded in capturing the Stetson that is you. If for some reason you don ' t like part of it, I hope that you at least appreciate the efforts we put into it and that sometimes it is very hard to capture you, your moods, your actions. I left myself two pages hoping that by this time I would be able to write flowing epistles on the changes in the HATTER and the philosophies behind it (how is that for vocabulary coming from me), or a blow by blow account of how the book was put together, or my thoughts on the art of yearbook production, but the changes somehow seem to need no explanation, what happened here in the office seems so unimportant except to those who were here and know it already, and my comments on the art of yearbook production now could never be printed. There are a few things, however, that I do want to say. I wish I could name every person that I want to thank for their help but I would need more than two pages to do that. I want to thank those who just dropped by and stopped to chat and waste some time with us for a few moments, those of you who just asked " How is the HATTER coming " and give us the needed inspirations when things were going bad. I want to thank Dr. Morris for being such a wonderful person and for keeping us going some of the times (we were deathly afraid to fall on her black list), Mrs. Floy Blane and all the people at Alabama En- graving who make the book a reality and Dean Turner for being there when we needed her most. And I want to thank the Staff. If you turn to pages 128 to 131 you will see their names and their pictures. Without each and everyone of them the task of putting out the 1968 HAT- TER would not have been possible. And then there are the many who dropped by and worked when they could, even those who said " I did not work for Mary P. and I did not work for D.J. and I am not going to work for you. " (he did), well enough of this to all of you, just thank you. 34 Only one thing in the 1968 HATTER seems to need ex- planation--the Etter Turner, J. OIlie Edmunds Outstanding Senior Awards. The recipients of these awards were cho- sen by a joint administration-student committee, they recognize both men and women, they take into accounts oil facets of student achievements. They were given to those seniors who in the opinion of the committee, have provided outstanding leadership, character, but above all unselfish service to the Stetson community. They were given with the hope that they will become a port of our tradition and that they will be looked to as one of our highest awards. Looking back it seems as if it was yesterday that I arrived here at Stetson and saw the sign put up by Joanne Fields asking for anyone that wanted to work for the 1964 HAT- TER. It was then that it all started and as you read these pages it will all have been over. It was an interesting time, sometimes frustrating, sometimes all-demanding, but most of all it was a time full of faces that turned to smiles and then turned to friends. =1 343 etter turner j. oilie edmunds outstanding senior award 344 ' XT: 345 Charlie Daniels Franc de Miranda Judy Gregg 346 Stan Gryskiewicz Steve Hobbs 347 Topper Keffe Karen Kelly 348 Jeff Ledewitz 349 Pete O ' Callaghan I n d e d i c a t i o n dr. j. oilie edmunds The love of a friend for a friend never ceases, a friend never leaves. 35 ' iB L mmm

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