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' ■■■■■■ ' ■ ■? " ' ' ' ' ■ ' ' . -: .- ; ■■, " . ' ■■?,■. ; ' .,»; .■■;■■;• ,. ' . ' ,.■ ■ ■■ [•n-.v;: .,v.v» ,r--. - A- l •?5 ' ' :: ■ :v;v,t;: t- irW-fjf ' ' ' ' i-K ' 1-. ' ■. ' ' ' ' ■■■ ' ■■ W ' f- ;5. ' ■ " -. ' ' ' ■■ ' .■- ' ' ! ' ' ■ ■ ' ■ ,„,..., .,,, vjp.. ■ ;•r. ' t;i ? gy 4£-v ; ' ' :i : ' ■ ' Ivi ' " if|f ijij v- ' ■ " " ■• :?( ' ;■ v; {...;■ ' " ' :.v .- iv " ' ' A ' ' : ' i- ■• ' ■Vv ' i-- ' • ' ■ ' ■ " ■■ ' ■. ' ■ ••V t ' ■ -■.■■:■ •■ " ■ 1- ■,■■.,.,1 ,■ . ' . ' i " . ' . O ' .. ■, ■ -.v V.:: " . -■. ' ' ■■■■;.■•:■ ' - l- J ' i ' - ' . ' •■-• " •• ' • . • l-w ;: ' - ' ' ' ' ' ..;i ' ' :V ' i V V ' ' .. .w ,t. ■» :•, ;v■ THE 1967 HATTER ■ J- roloaue: lurpose of the HATTER is to tell the story of life at Stetson. It is the editor ' s job to select and describe, depict and illustrate the story. Yet it is really done by you. My job has merely been to assemble the material you have presented. The story of Stetson this year is going to be told through pictures and copy. We have tried to capture the faces of Stetson, but this face has as many attitudes, moods, expressions, and y divergences as there are people ._ in the student body. The I 967 HATTER is a mirror- It is the way we see you, the way your friends see you, the way you really i re. If glancing through these pages prings some small memory that is ijrs forever, then we consider the [purpose of the 1967 HATTER to have been accomplished. » ' --:jsmzi. Don Jackson, Editor V ? jg - f? 35S855SW55 ' ' ' " r ' 5SSllW ' PWR to OHnselor, rriena, a true t tetson aeniieman VOLUME 47 The 1967 HATTER of Stetson University DeLand, Florida CONTENTS 34 5 °° ' ' I ' l Fine Arts 138 Athletics IQg Greeks 2 1 O Organization 268 The Year 298 Beauties STAFF • Don Jacltson, editor • VIning BIgelow, business nnanager • Kathy Edwards, managing editor Jane Meisenheimer, editorial assistant • Elaine L ' Heureux, layout editor; Butch Pad- gett, assistant layout editor • Franc de Miranda, class editor; Kris Kane, administration editor; Mia Laise, typist • Jane Furlong, fine arts editor • Rick Brannan, sports editor .■ ' » = • Janice Wheelon, greek editor; Nancy Kooi- stra, typist • Sandy Guard, organizations editor • Nellye Russum, beauties editor y • Designed and produced by Alabama Engrav- ing Co. Inc.; photography by Carolyn Spray- berry of Jordan Marsh Studio, Tommy Taylor of Kent ' s Studio, Steve Klienberg, Sage Red- ding, David Amiot H tetdon wad, id, and dhall be ai areat a5 uour fondest menton of Iter or a5 dmall as that part of ner uou wish to foraet. fefn ydina a5 the reil ion wa5 ai rewaraina as ine re5l uout needed after ituauina for uour ( nrldtianitu inuentoru or ad annouina aA the murderous cru of uour ll aou. d en at seven a. m. stetson wad cold toast on ueidau mornina or roast ijeef at noon S undau. stetson was the mail truch tliat delivered uour mall from home, aS welt aS the hand which pushed uour oLJ Slip into uour post off-ice Ifox. w MmM M M v .. m Jver the pail montriS, uou had learned ta aiAociate manu idead with the term stetson . Somewhere uou had heard that it wad a aood 6chooi academicallu . Somewhere uou heard it wad a hat; uou knew it ad a wau of lit-e. onteti ible to it than a Pew olockd oj- concrete times uou were able to See it as no more Seam-ents oP wood and a bit of iron. ZJhen uou would think it a pit that such a representation oj concrete, wood, and iron couid mean So muck to uou. L ou knew daUA wnen uou walked tatter man -J utleu owei " , iJjou knew aau when uou feti tower tnan the Ifook uou dropped aA uou rudhed to uour eiaht o clock. S tetson had iti contradictiond. 14 K t H M griBjl sj fl ng SJH Hpl Bm 35 - MB m F ■ ■s M ii n 6 OM knew tetion as the familiar faces i ou passed dailu on i our wau to claSS; stetson was the person on the otiier side of the door with whom uou would inei itat?iu collide as uou rushed out of C iizabeth J4ail on y.our wau to the (commons. 16 ' ' »dii fllk B .. ««J " . ' Si ====— — — -== =- miB 1 llvll 1 B - " tetdon waA the people, the acaualntanceS, the ffiends uou would rememtyer for a tifetinte. t wilt be more titan a format education 5om.eone nad told uou. Jj t Jo uou stetson wa6 an old friend when uou returned from vacation, Jj t wad identitu, a 6en e of belonaina, wad. a place to ni hat. place to nana uour Ljou felt important, tetion wad chanae, experimentation, and flux alt wrapped up into a packaae whi ch, oddlu enouah, re6emt led uou. Jhere were new roteS for uou to tru; new IdeaA j-or uou to welan ana measure. IJjou were optimistic ana pe simiitic at once. Vjou oeaan to fall into the cateaories tit at enaea with ist . iJjou were the anaru uouna woman or man. IJjou were the radical, the thinner, the poet. .Someone once tola uou that colleae would brina areat chi inna ureal cnanae in uou. IJjou weren t the Same person who had left uour hometown a uear earlier. fHayTii ' I 19 S lel5on was a iialt, a lauah, a. Amite, a tear, a lump in uour tkroat. stetson wa5 Aacfificina uour dtuau tim.e to kelp a friend wno needed uou. tetdon waA beina intereAied in whui the chapel Apeaher ivaA Aauina deApite uout efj-ortA to be unattentiue. 20 t wad uour auiet moment a5 uou ti tened to the fapturouS Sounad of the K hapel choir, t wa5 uour of deApalr, uour tim e oP need, uour hour of trial. - t the Aam.e tim.e it was the enerau and sincerity, of a carefree you. - --f -jL. tetion waA all-nlahler5, llo-aJjoz, i itamtn pUii uet it could be uour r oual f-lu3n or ace of- tfuntp. Ujou mixed a fair portion of the aood and the had into uour life uou were iatiAfied with the combination. 9 « ¥ IE m • MMto -- aLnin ACTINSI 1 22 23 he eueA that watched uour ei eru dtep a6 uou waihed acroAA campuA, were tetion 6. J erA were the conformitieA, the poor oouA, the coraA, the bare anhteA, the long. hair. tetAon waA uour tan from aauA at eJjautona, the laughter front the VlvS movie, or cochtail areAAeA at a rromecomina dance. i m 1 24 25 I Stetson wad tne bou or airl in i our life, t was the teadina, tne torment, tne pain, ZJne aentte nana extended, trie auestionina alance, tne love of a ufetime. 26 Ljou Knew and experienced the parting at eleven o ctocn curfew ,tne iharina, the dau-dreani5, and the hours of tonaing-. 11 stetson wad eueru hope, everu ideal, eueru emotii ij-ou naa ever Known. JJ n eidence, uou were tetion. ijou were its personification, its perSonalitu and its imaae. ijou were the idea which inspired the buildina of- its foundations j-or ou were the student for wht the School was constructed. lont 28 Ljou were tetion A first tudent to enroll and its last one to araduate manu ueari in the future. 29 Ite J tetion ou loved, feared, or re5pecled wai that portion of i oar5elf which i ou touea, feared, or reipected. Ljou were anu name on ani iidewalh in front ojf anu dorm, and i ou would oe tetdon forever. 30 hl5 was the tetii L L new uourie on uou knew ai well ad uou Jjl was alt this and much 32 So veru much more. 33 34 THE SCHOOL 35 The President Dr. J. OIlie Edmunds 36 Left to Right, Seated: Authur Morris, Ralpti Ferrell. Robert Flippy, Robert Carnett, Albert Carnett, Doyle Carlton, Earl Edington, Earl Gas ton. Left to Right, Standing: David Harshaw, Rupert Co eman, Dan Blaloct, Henry Parker, J. OIlie Edmunds, O.-L. White, Malcom Knight, E. H. Price. The Board of Trustees 37 Dr. William Hugh McEniry, Jr. Dean of the University The Administration Dr. John E. Johns Business Manager Etter McTeer Turner Dean of Women Barbara Rows Registrar 39 Dr. George W. Hood Director of Counseling Services Dr. William R. Carden Director of Special Projects 40 H. Graves Edmundson, Jr. Comptroller Gary A. Meadows Director of Admissions Kenneth W. Phillips Financial Aid Counselor George A. Borders Assistant Dean of Men Mary Edna Parker Assistant Dean of Women Helen W. Sassard Assistant Registrar 42 Ralph M. Parkman Director of the News Bureau Edna P. Searles Administrative Assistant to the President rfW W. Richard Thirwell Director of Alumni Affairs Ralph A. Becker Assistant to the Business Manager 43 Mr. Harry Edwards Director of Placement Everette W. Johnson Manager of the Bookstore Marvin R. Emerson University Engineer f 44 Louise Russell Director of the Student Union Building Hazel Reed Switchboard Operator Mellinee Middleton Guidance Counselor 45 W. Landon Smith, M.D. University Physician Mrs. Esther Ferns Stetson hjall Director Mrs. Mary hlolbrook Conrad hiali Director Miss Donna Dollins Chadoin Hall Director Miss Ruth Rainwater Emily Hall Director 46 Charlotte A. Smith University Librarian Arlene V. Feasel Assistant in Periodicals Anne Hurst Circulation Librarian Betty Johnson Catalogue Librarian Lillian Jost Assistant In Catalogue Genevieve Lewis Reference Librarian Louis Musgrove Assistant in Reference Ellen Peek Assistant in Reference Madeline Quinn Secretary to the Librarian 47 School of Business Edward C. Furlong, Jr. Dean Where ' s your necktie? . . . The Fisherman . . . Does everyone have to wear ties? . . . The poorman ' s philosopher . . . Smokey the bear . . . Enough is enough . . . Aren ' t you Tennessee Ernie Ford? . . . The Skipper . . . " Son, don ' t you think it ' s time you got a haircut? " . . . seems everybody is an interior decorator . . . o lOO Dr. William Anderson Accounting Dr. Walter Bennett Management Dr. J. W. Budina, Jr. Finance Dr. Chauncy Elkins Marketing Dr. Russell M. Nolen Finance Finance Miss Maxine L. Patterson ) a Business Communications, Management Zi9 i S GOoqoO 1 1 000 7000 MS-qoo 91 SCO I 76 f 00 ....4. 49 College of Liberal Arts 5 0 Education Mrs. Shearon ' s haircut ... Dr. Sowers ' arti- ficial (?) plant in his office ... Dr. Tubbs, presi- dent of the Southeastern Regional Association of Student Teaching ... Dr. Smotherman ' s drop in the commodity market ... Dr. Smith ' s Thanks- giving holiday and her catch of bass ... A Volkswagen, a Mustang, a Mercedes ... A go-go girl, a singer of Old English rounds . . . Dr. Merriam ' s portable tape recorder which functions as he walks around the campus . . . the department has a hatchet which has been buried forever . . . Dr. W. R, Pickens Interning Mrs. Ella Mae Shearon Educational Psychology Dr. Ruth Smith Elementary Education Dr. T. E. Smotherman Elementary Education Dr. Ray V. Sowers Introduction Dr. F. R. Tubbs Interning 51 EngBish Everett Edwards Press, Langford ' s newest " hobby " . . . Books by Colbrun and Allen, Morris, Gibson, and who knows who else for " EE ' . . . The English 5 on the volleyball team . . . Terror of the Tennis courts . . . The department head?! Barefoot?!! The what ' s all wet?! . . . This year there will be no late papers! Dr. Ethel Colbrunn Victorian Literature Dr. C. Carter Colwell hlumanities Dr. Byran H. Gibson Chairman Shakespeare Dr. Bryan Gillespie Renaisance Literature Mrs. Carl hi. Johnson hlumanities Mr. Richard Langford American Literature Dr. Ann Morris Southern Literature Dr. William E. Taylor Contemporary Poetry Dr. Ernest E. Weeks Old English Mr. Joseph Womack Communications S2 Foreign Languages Language labs ... Dr. Hodges ' faculty meetings ... no heat in Sampson Hall . . . Shoestring Players ... a whole semester of 201 without a map of Spain . . . Dr. Anderson riots in Madrid! . . . Cricket Mr. Leon Braxton German Dr. John Hodges Chairman German Miss Ethel Kinum Spanish Dr. Elsie Minter French Mr. Edward E. Settgast Spanish Mr. Richard Valente French 53 5 Dr. Evans C. Johnson American History Dr. Gilbert Lycan American History Dr. Malcolm Wynn European History Dr. Robert Chauvin Geography History Geography What ' s going to happen at the AHA this Christmas? . . . Taxation without representation . . . We need a lower podium . . . We ' re hoping Zenkosvky will get past 1865 . . . Doc and his dog . . . Snow shoes in the what? . . . Faculty senate . . . Ant theory . . . The wrong set of notes . . . coffee and doughnuts — finals . . . fossilized Packard . . . 10,336,000 hens in Manchuria . . . 54 X ' -Z A- = 3 • I ■ » » if Figure 7.13 Where is Mr. Sawyer? . . . Boss . . . the stargazer is busy again . . . flying ace of the department . . . Dr. Boyd has become the stair ' s track star . . . Coffee time, Dr. Jones . . . Yes, Mrs. Tiffany usually has a crowd in her office. I am an American ... I like red but I ' m not a communist ... I don ' t understand this calculus . . . Charlie Mathematics Economics mmdi Mr. Charles Andrews Economics Mr. Emmett Ashcraft Math Education Dr. John E. Barthel Economics Miss Elizabeth Boyd Geometry Dr. Gene Medlin Chairman Matrix Algebra Mr. David HIayes Computer Science Miss Celia Roberts Math Education 55 Philosophy Religion Hell is . . . The only rele- vant philosophical ques- tion . . . other people . . . We are condemned to freedom . . . God is dead ... Dr. Armour ' s book published . . . New Dean of Chapel in the near fu- ture? ... 2 alumns in the dept. . . . The University sure has been glad Dr. Joiner was around . . . Working hard, Steve? . . . Mr. John Riser Philosophy Mr. James D. Shumaker Philosophy Dr. LaFayette Walker Religion Chairman Dr. Rollin Armour Religion Ik vM 56 Physics Chemistry Biology Dr. T. W. Beiler Chairman Organic Chemistry Dr. E. C. Coolidge Analytical Chemistry Who mixed the punch? ...Its intuitively obvious for the most casual observer . . . The eternal pledge trio . . . City water . . . Now how do you make banana oil out of petroleum . . . Once is OK but mercury all over twice, no . . . Now you all know I ' m a Botanist . . . Which one came first, the chicken or the egg? . . . Anybody want candy? . . . Dr. J. H. DeLap Physical Chemistry Dr. Keith L. hiansen Genetics Dr. George Jenkins Chairman Nuclear Physics Dr. F. D. Sprygley Solid State Physics Mr. Anthony Jusick Atmospheric Physics Dr. John Vaughn Physical Chemistry 57 Political Science American Studies Russian Studies How was Senator Holland, Jackie? . . . New books, would you believe $40,000? . . . Why Miss Masi? . . . Nice Christmas party . . . You know I ' m kind of afraid of Mr. Lathrop ... Sir Gerald Critoph ' s Spear . . . Rolls-Royce . . . Wedding Bells . . . Yes, you have to be twenty-one . . . The department is blooming . . . What ever happened at the Russian Orthodox Church . . . The important thing is Rus- sian . . . Dr. T. Wayne Bailey Political Science Chairman Dr. Gerald E. Gritoph American Studies Dr. John A. Hague American Studies Chairman Dr. Serge A. Zenkovsky Russian Studies 58 Dr. David Abbott Learning Mr. Richard R. Clayton Sociology of Family Mrs. H. B. Hay Social Stratification Dr. Warren F. Jones, Jr. General-Experimental Psychology Mr. Jack B. Rollins Physiological Psychology Mr. Taylor C. Scott Social Gerontology Psychology Sociology Don ' t think, BEHAVE . . . empirical . . . Handle rats with care ... 4 p.m. Tuesday Staff Meeting, attendance mandatory . . . Empirical . . . Freud who? . . . JEP . . . Do not disturb . . . EMPIRICAL . . . Lily ... And you are all new this year? . . . But what do you do during the winter term? . . . Mr. Clayton lectures on sex ... A grant, you say? . . . Mrs. Bar- row knows . . . " Termites carry away desk of faculty member " . . . Ambiguous Sociologists? No, they just all use the same quiz guide . . . 59 Major Richard Anderson Assistant PMSS-3 W. C. Crowell Physical Education Chairman Major Allen C. DeGraw Assistant PMSS-2, 4 M. Sgt. Edward K. Moore Administrative Supplies M. Sgt. James C. hHowk Principal Drill Instructor Lt. Col. D. D. McCorvey Professor of Reserve Officers Training Corp Physical Education NeatI? You look like a Chinese bandit! . . . I don ' t care if you are in a play, get your hair cut . . . At 162245 cross the LD avoiding INT OBJ then Cp I, 3, 9, call FCL, elim OBJ ZVCA, perp to cont Miss to RONDO. ACK. What ' s the matter, Troxel, can ' t you understand English? Last of the big spenders . . . Movement educa- tion instead of what? . . . Watch out for Straw- berry ' s behind . . . Weickle is worrying the team by showing emotion at a game . . . Joy of move- ment . . . Now you all tell me when you are sore and we ' ll quit . . . Military Science R. W. Weickle Physical Education Sergeant Master William Werth Sergeant Master Major James S. Wilhite Assistant PMS S-l, adj. 60 Speech Drama Art Janie, will you call and get afters for? . . . Wrong house much . . . Now if you ' ll lie down we ' ll see if you can breathe . . . Would you believe who won the sweep- stakes trophy? . . . Will you turn out the lights and lock up? . . . big mama . . . Texas alumni . . . Take-home finals . . . hHut-two- three-four . . . George Marks carnival . . . You sit there and sketch, and I ' ll go take the pictures . . . Folies Bergeres . . . Unity in Diversity . . . Shoestring Theatre . . . Not pornographic art . . . I ' m a painter, not a mechanic! . . . R-r-r-rape ... I liked the wine , . . Well, it ' s about time you showed up . . . Mr. Louis Freund Artist in Residence Mr. Bruce Griffiths Chairman Director of the Theatre Mr. Leo Snedeker Speech Correction Miss Martha Womack Forensics Mr. James C. Wright Technical Theatre School of Music ..All iiHiiMiiii Q i l 62 Jf •:J= rt ' f=T i ¥ m fee i T Get more " shee " in your grunt . . . Let ' s have sonne more college altos . . . The deaf-mute choir ... So this is music educa- tion? . . . Consult the Annex directory . . . Parking meters for bicycles? . . . Bravo . . . Tenors get the " pig " award . . . Please, Earl, I ' d rather do it myself . . . Sinuses . . . Don ' t touch the pipes . . . The Trinity Dean . . . Would anyone like to help tune the harpsicord? . . . Mrs. Lenoir Almand Piano Miss Frances Buxton Violin Mr. Richard Feasel Band Mr. H. M. Giffin Voice Mr. Robert Fort Voice Mr. Robert hiause Music History Miss Frances Hughes Piano Mr. Paul Jenkins Organ Miss Eleanor Leek Cello and Theory 63 64 J I Seniors 65 Abies, Judith W. Americus, Ga. Abies, Michael B. Sanford Abreu, Vincent J. Havana, Cuba Albritton, Merilyn Alonso, Maria J. Wauchula Mianni Andrews, Dana Artiz, Norma Ashley, Joyce Atkinson, Carrie M. Ausinsch, Baiba Barco, Tayman Barroso, Juan, VIII Baube, Janice E. Bauer, Frank R. St. Petersburg Satellite Beach Jacksonville ki i Orlando Soina, Sweden Orlando Havana, Cuba Mount Vernon, Ohio Pinellas Park mm Ld 66 Saughman, Earl 3axley, Wayne Beach, Jane Beach, Martha Behrens, Rae A., Jr Bigelow, Vining Birrel, Mary Grace Bishop, Randi Bohmfalk, John Bonkey, Wayne Bozard, Marie Bradley, Charlene Brannam, Julia Ann Branan, Samuel Britt, Peggy Apopka Weirsdale Eau Gallie Holly Hill Lakeland Branford, Conn. Cocoa Beach Clearwater Rye, N.Y. Umatilla DeLand Hialeah Jacksonville Vero Beach Flagler Beach 67 Brockett, Lillian Gai Brown, Tana J. Bryant, Frederick - Burnett, Lane Bush, Lynn G. Butler, Jack S. II Campbell, Rochelle Carameros, Toni Garden, Merilyn - ' Garefoot, Gonnie Garefoot, George H. Garlton, Bruce Garter, Donna f Garter, Frank A. II Gastillo, Angel Pensacola Golumbus, Ind. St. Petersburg Jacksonville St. Petersburg Boca Raton Pompano Beach Miami DeLand Ft. Meade Ft. Meade St. Petersburg Orlando Ghevy Ghase, Md. Burbank, Galif. Cartledge, Joyce Ceballo, Louis Christy, Walter Leon, Jr. Miami Guantanamo, Cuba Orlando Claypool, Linda Cline, Barbara Cline, Linda B. Hialeah Panama City Dunedin Cochrane, John S. Cohrs, Gail Cole, Lee Largo Pompano Beach Pembroke, Mass. Combs, Nancy Connor, Susan DeLand DeLand Corydon, Bonnie Jean Coursey, Charles C. Coutant, Andrew Boca Raton Palatka Stuart 69 Crawford, Carol Crowther, John B. Crowther, Margaret Smith DeLand hHamden, Conn. New Smyrna Beach Curmanskie, Mary Ann Davidson, Patti Dawson, Jack E. Deaton, Carol Blazer Delk, James Raymond Dickey, F. Paul Miami Columbus, Ga. Venice DeLand New Smyrna Beach Miami Dillman, Charles R. Dudley, Karen Estenson, Janet Estes, Sharon Jeane Eubanks, Diane Miami Springs Weirsdale Jacksonville Ft. Benning, Ga. Jacksonville 70 Flippo, Bobbie Freeman, Joan F Furlong, Jane V. Goodson, Patricia Graff, Elizabeth Grana, Madeline Grimm, Betsy Gruber, Craig h anson Guenther. Linda Gussman, Diane Haire, John Hall, Ronald L. Eustis Eustis DeLand Gainey, Betsy Marathon Shores Garrett, Polly DeLand Gibson, Jim DeLand Edgewater Maitland Jacksonville " ■ West Palm Beach Lake Park DeLand Silver Spring, Md. Vero Beach Sarasota Hall, Margaret S. Hamilton, Marcia Hardman, John A. Harkins, Steve Harley, Sharon Harmeling, Kay ft ij Harrison, Yvonne Marie Hayes, Robert C. Head, George Oswell, Jr. Hedrick, Christine Holifield, Richard N. Hood, Michael Jacksonville Satellite Beach Ft. Lauderdale Bolton, Mass. Jacksonville Winter Park Miami Auburn, N.Y. Tampa Vienna, Va. Sebring Homestead Hooker, Mary Ellen Ft. Myers Howard, Jeanne Cocoa Huggard, Kathleen Emily Sun City Center 72 Jackson, Donald G. Jr. Griffin, Ga. James, Irish DeLand Jansik, Peter Palm Beach Johnston, Gregory A. Julian, Sherrille Ormond Beach Sanford Kayser, Robert Kessler, Glenn D. King, John Charles Knights, Bonnie Lee Kohn, Richard D. Lee, Michael Edward Ft. Lauderdale Daytona Seweli ' s Point Kisner, Diane Miami Knapp, Richard F. Ft. Lauderdale Knight, Eugene DeLand Daytona Beach St. Petersburg Beach St. Petersburg Beach nA 73 Lippoldt, Linda Anne Little, Margaret Longbottom, Helen Jane Lorenzo, Marcos Lowell, Elizabeth Maitland Clearwater Sebring Tampa Ormond Beach dA Markovitch, Martha J. Manning, Jacquelene March, Bobbie Daytona Beach West Palm Beach Bridgeport, Conn. Mastry, Dennis Belize, British Honduras Mathers, Phyllis Umatilla Matteus, May L. DeLand Marz, Gretchen Grau McBryde, Bill McCallister, Betty L. Daytona Beach Atlanta, Ga. Titusville 74 McCready, Margaret McCune, Maureen McGarity, Betsy Ormond Beach Sarasota Eustis McMillian, Beverly McQulddy, Ralph L. Mechling, Jay E. Daytona Beach New Smyrna Beach Miami Beach Medrano, Gena Miami Meisenheimer, Jane Ft. Walton Beach Merriam, Robin DeLand Midkiff, Lynn E. II Millsaps, Annica M. Moore, Judith W. Deltona Ft. Lauderdale DeLand Moore, James Ronald Morgan, David M. Morgan, Helen Rae New Brockton, Ala. Miami Miami 75 Morris, Katherine Westfleld, N.J. Morris, William C. Pensacola Mullin, Bruce Winter Park Nail, Rebecca Smyrna, Ga. Napoli, Eugene T. Coral Gables Napoli, William J. Coral Gables Padgett, Phillip " Butch ' Paula, June Phillips, Rebecca Phillips, Thomas A. Pick ering, Roy Pierson, Roger Nashville, Tenn. tHallandale Ft. Lauderdale Schenectady, N.Y. Summerside, Canada Cromwell, Conn. Pike, Rachel Naples Pipher, Tom Naples Plumer, Jann Pahokee 76 Pooser, W. Craig Pooser, Langdon Pozdena, Gwendolyn Prichard, Mary F. Ramey, Allan Raymond, Drucilla Redding, Sage Reese, Robert S., Jr. Repass, David M. Interlachen ' , Interlachen Darien, Conn. DeLand Panama City Ormond Beach Monroe, La. Florence, S.C. Naples i M Rey, Clair Suzanne Roberts, Jan Morgan Roberts, Marshall Rogers, Charles J. Rodgers, Susan Miami Cazenovia, N.Y. Jacksonville Orlando Valdosta, Sa. 77 Romans, Larry Roth, James G. Russum, Nellamar West Palm Beach Miami Beach Ft. Pierce Rancher, Arlen Rybolt Schafer, Lynn Searing, Eari B., Jr. Seaman, Judith Shaffer, Jeani Shearer, Carol Ann Orlando Sarasota Starke Sanford DeLand Indialantic Shelton, Barbara Shuchart, Mary E. Smalley, Daniel Smartt, James M. Smith, Darlene Jacksonville Clearwater Pluckemia, N.J. Abington, Pa. Valdosta, Ga. 78 Smith, Philippe Sneider, Paul Speicher, Jacob H. DeLand Fh Lauderdale Ft. Lauderdale Spivey, Barr) Springer, Larry Sprouse, Harriet DeLand Bradenton St. Petersburg Stacey, Elizabeth Kay Stanfield, Elizabeth Sweeny, Anne L. Taylor, Judith Anne Tharp, Dorothy Thomas, Jim Thomas, Mary K. Thomas, Nina Pylkas Thompson, Barbara Miami Atlanta, Ga. DeLand Eastman, Ga. Dallas, Tex. DeLand Umatilla DeLand Boca Grande 79 Thompson, Benjamin W. Thompson, John W., Jr. Thrower, Jamesene Anderson Jacksonville Gainesville New Smyrna Tomlinson, Carl Troxel.Ted Tubb, John Burton Thomasville, Ga. Ft. Lauderdale North Miami Beach Tunnell, Doris Sail hHomestead Tutt, Donald S. North Miami Upshaw, Mary Curtis Jacksonville Vega, Ramon Guayama, Puerto Rico Walker, Elizabeth Ann Miramar Walker, William C. Watson, Robert West, John R. DeLand hloneoye, N.Y. Lakeland Whitington, Jean Whitley, Barbara Wiggins, Wm. Webb Wilcox, Donald R. Wilkerson, Steve Wilkerson, Terry Jo Williams, Anita Williams, Mary Wilson, Mary Glenn Wood, Shirley Wright, Becky Wright, Robert F. Pulaski, Tenn. DeLand Cedartown, Ga. Pittsburgh, Penn. DeLand DeLand St. Petersburg Orlando Tampa Bradenton Meridian, Miss. Meridian, Miss. Yates, Wilma Ft. Lauderdale Yakots, Nancy Zane DeLand York, Fred M., Jr. St. Petersburg Juniors Albertson, Willii Allgaier, Duane Andersen, John R. Armbruster, David Armstrong. Joyce Ash, Georgia Ashley, Margi. Richard Bond Baker, Nancy Barkett, Lawre Barnes, Marlen Bebout, Glenn Beery. Linda Beil, Jacquelir Bests, Fred IV Bird. Nancy Boblitt, Nancy Bollinger, Greg Bonial, Ja ■ ' ' Sandy Bower, Susan I. Boyd, Helen Bradford, Bruce ' Brendle. Ginger Brodbeck, Dick Broome. Paul John Fredrick Carlton. Winston Carter, Sheila Casey, David E. Caulfield, Judith Chambers, Rebec Chappelle, Laurinc Chick, Arthur J., , Clamp, Jay Clark, John Coker, Dan Cole, Michael C. Colyer, Dick Concha, Karin Sondurells, Helen Corfar, Mimi Crosby. Wayne Daniels, Charlotte Davant, Jim Eustis Orlando Orlando Avon Park Jacksonville Atlanta, Ga. Hollywood Ft. Lauderdale Stuart St. Petersburg Tir Md. Anna Ma Hollywood Holly Hill Ft. Lauderdale Ft. Lauderdale Ft. Lauderdale Sarasota Key Biscayne Delray Beach Tallahassee Kansas City, Mo. Atlanta, Ga. Miami Springs Huntington, Ind. Hollywood Lake Wales Vero Beach Orlando Jacksonville Daytona Beach Sanford West Palm Beach Sanford Winter Haven Lauderdale by the Se Pompano Beach Ft. Myers St. Petersburg 83 Davis, Carole Davis, Cathy Davis, Kevin Day, Jim Day, Peggy DeArmas, Nestor M. Lashburn. Canada Havertown. Pa. Boston. Mass. Ormond Beach Lake Helen Miami Demers, David Densmore. Ken DeRosa, John A. De Troia. Frederick Deuelh. Pat Drady, Paula Frances DeLand Jacksonville Miami South Orange. N.J. Clean. N.J. Hollywood Drury, Bruce B. Duncan. Dale Ebaugh. Craig A. Edwards. Kathryn Eickwort, Greg Eilerman. John Robert Chevy Chase. Md. Sanford Winter Park West Palm Beach Ft. Lauderdale Hannibal. Mo. Evans. Jay Fatula. George Jr. Fernandez. Chico Ferrell. Jeannette Floyd. Arthur J. Francisco. Don R. Hollywood Croton-on-Hudson. N.Y. R. Lauderdale Jacksonville Miami DeLand Francisco. Marion Fraser. Martha Friedewald, Don E. Friel, Billie Galitz. Earl Gelbart. Marsha DeLand Delray Beach Miami Groveland Coral Gables Daytona Beach George. David Graham. James Grandell. Kathy Gregg. Judy Grieb. Terry Gryskiewicz. Stan Kingsport. Tenn. West Palm Beach Wilmington. Del. Winter Park Miami Frostproof Guard. Sandy Hable Martin Hall. James W. Haman. David B. Hamilton. Russell Hardy, Wanda Kay Miami Ft. Lauderdale Georgetown. Ky. Melbourne Sarasota Groveland Harrison. Gene G. Harrison. James B. Hayes. George M. Heath. David Herrmann, Rachel Hertner, Elizabeth Miami Silver Spring. Md. Adairsville, Ga. Augusta. Ga. Indianapolis. Ind. Ft. Lauderdale Hewitt, Joyce Hicks, John R. Hobbs, Steve Hodges, Nancy Horton. Sharon Hudson. Jack St. Petersburg Louisville. Ky. Charlotte. N.C. DeLand Lake Wales Macon. Ga. ■illkiWIIIiBiiii mlmJmiM i£iMif : 84 AiM tM Mmhi ' Hurst. Martha Nell Hussey, Jim Irvin, John Ivey, Thomas S. Jackson. Edwin Jamison, Jamie Miami Dayton, Ohio Miami Winter Park Jacksonville Winter Park Johnson. Jimmie Johnston, Thomas Edward Jost, Elmer Kalashian, Lillian M. Keefe, Topper Kelly. Karen R. DeLeon Springs St. Petersburg Clermont DeLand Ft. Lauderdale DeLand Kemp, Sandra Kinsey, Roy M. Klelnschmldt, Charles Koolstra. Nancy E. Kostrub. Kernle Kuchler, Judith Ann Jacksonville Salem. Va. Hollywood Ft. Lauderdale Vermillion. Ohio DeLand Kutz, Charlotte Landers, Barbara Lazzo, Carol Ledewitz. Jeffrey LipscomlD, Laurie Lloyd, Susan Orlando Miami West Palm Beach New Haven. Conn. Carol Gables Vero Beach Long, Ramona Lustlg, Larry Lynn, Linda Machet+e, David Maitland, Bonnie Maloy, Sheila Charlotte. N.C. Satellite Beach Jacksonville West Milford. N.J. Miami Shores Ft. Lauderdale Marquette, Betty Marsh, Patricia Martin, Joyce Martling, Terry Mattingly. Patricia Mays, Robert G. North Miami Rockledge Mt. Dora Jacksonville DeLand Lilburn. Ga. McCullough, John E. McDade, Robert Merriam, April Metzler. David L. Miller. Doris M. Miller, George Jacksonville Miami DeLand Media, Pa. Merritt Island Ft. Lauderdale Miilward. Bill Moore, Buddy Morehead, Dolly Morehead, Richard T. Morgan, George Morris, Patricia Ft. Lauderdale St. Petersburg Eusti. Eustis Jenkins, Ky. Gainesville Mossien. Laurie Motise. Natalie Mullins. Jon Nail, Wesley Napolltan, Jerry Needham. Margaret Rochester. N.Y. Hollywood Miami Springs Auburndale Ft. Lauderdale Columbus, Ohio 85 O ' Callaghan, Pete O ' Connell, Maureen Olson, Sandra Lea O ' Neal. Cleveland Opaleskl, Ron Oslwala, Bernadette Pancoast, Pete Parker, Sharon Paskewitz, Bev Patton, Mary Pearson, Mary Lena Pedersen, Carl Pegram, Spyder Pehle, Richard C. Pepper. -Judith E. Poulos, Denise Pylkas, Suzy Ouina, Frank Ramsey, Dorothy M. C. Rawls, Andy Rayburn, Joanne Raymond, Michael W. Reichman, Michael Rhodes, Joyce Richardson, Sandy RIntz, Rick Robinette, Wendy Rock, Vicki Root, Rita Sue Rothwell, Daniel Rowell, Pete Rugg, Andy Rupp, John Samal, Donna Schiller, John Schrot;, Bill Seddon, Bill Seymour, Mary Lou Shively, Ike Small, Michael D. Smith, Barbara Smith. Michael H. ;mith, Sally Palm Beach Sarasota Vienna, Va. Decatur, Ga. St, Petersburg Ft. Lauderdale Groveland East Brunswick, N.J. Maitland Ft. Lauderdale Pinellas Park Mulberry Bushnell Holly Hill Eustis Raleigh. N.C. Columbia. S.C. DeLand Jacksonville Homestead Alberquerque N.M. Ft. Lauderdale St. Petersburg Hialeah Roseville. III. Ft. Lauderdale Eau Gallie New York, N.Y. Delray Beach Charleston, S.C. Ironton. Ohio Gettysburg, Pa. Bethletiem, Pa. Hollywood Sarasota Matanzas. Cuba Miami Beach 86 Spiro, Beth Stallings, Jim Stokes. Thomas Stone. Toni Straube, Paul J. Stroud. Barb Jacksonville Marietta, Ga. Lakeland Savannah, Ga. South Bend. Ind. Indialantic Styles. Linda Suglmoto. " Tai " Sumner, David Swayne, ' Biil Sylvester, Herman Tally. Barbara Sarasota Tokyo, Japan Dade City Clewiston Warminster, Pa. Atlanta. Ga. Taylor, Ken Telmanik, Claire Thompson. Michael D. Thompson, Mike Thorman, Richard Tillinghast. Stu Cali, Columbia Tampa Bayville, N.Y. Maitland Warner Robins, Ga. St. Petersburg Travis. Donald Tubbs, Michael Turner, Jane Vardy, Ellen Vaughn, William E., Ill Verdun, Diane Cocoa Winter Park Franklin. Ind. Sarasota Ormond Beach Tampa Walker, Darlene Walker. Lena Wall. Ginger Lee Watts, Dick Weathers. Edward B. Webb, Rick Boca Raton Live Oak Loughman Baltimore, Md. Louisville, Ky. Jacksonville Webster, Pam Webber, Wanda Whisler, Joanne White, Sharon Williamson William A. Willis, Janice Orlando Jacksonville Clearwater Ft. Lauderdale Atlanta, Ga. Dawson, Ga. Woerner, Malinda Woodard. Maurice Louisville, Ky. Orlando Ui iL dh iM 87 Sophomores Aaron, WilHarr Abel, Sandra Agster, RicKar Allen, Bess Almand, Warn Amiot, David Anderson, Judy Andrews, Willie ► Arnold. Lynwood Baker, Valerie Baldwin, Dana Baldwin, Sara Bamford, John Barrett, Jolyn Baston, Barrle S. Baughman, Tim Benson, Michael Bergum, Candy Seville, Curtis Blackwelder, Katie Blackwell. Tish Bowen, Carol Braden, Helen Brown. Kathy Brown, Royal A., I Brownfield, Susan Buchan, Russell Pa Bunch, Dean Burwell, John R. Bunting. Veda Jo Chaplin, Charle Clark, Deborah A. Claypool. Reed N. Cook. Marlyn Cooper, Deborah Corfar, Mimi Cox. Benjamin R. II Crawford, Jim Crosby. William R. Crowell, Robert L. Dale, Brian Ft. Pierce Oakhill Melrose Belle Glade irmingham, Ala. Lake Park St. Petersburg Tampa Alexandria. Va. Dawsonville, Ga, Baton Rouge, La. Orlando ;ieveland, Ohio St. Petersburg Jacksonville Rumson, N.J. Tampa Winter Park Tampa Hollywood Tampa Wi I listen Ft. Lauderdale DeLand Coral Gables St. Petersburg Mtmih Mm ' Winter Cocoa E Ouantico DeGrove, Bruce OeLacy, Peter Dempsey, Bobby DeVane, Dwight DeVeaux, Barbara Jean Dimmick. Stephen West Hollywood DeLand Hialeah Orlando Jacksonville South Daytona Dunaway, Mary Ann Dyer, Virginia Louise Dyson, James Edgemon, Kay Edwards, George Emerson, David Decatur. Ga. Cocoa Ft. Bragg, N.C, Chattanooga, Tenn. St. Petersburg Winter Park Emerson, Elissa Ezell, Ginny Farnell, Sally Farrell, James J. Fear, Kip Fedyshyn. Susan DeLand Lake Wales Jacksonville Woodbury. Conn. Apopka Satellite Beach Fenters, Lynda Carolyn Fertig, Steven A. Fiduk. Fran Finch, Frances Finley, David Fisher, Donna Titusville New Brunswick, N.J. Winter Park Birmingham, Ala. Sebring Lutherville. Md. Fisher, Ellen J. Floyd, Bruce Foster. Donna Freeman, Helen Fryer, Jeffrey O. Furman, Dennis St. Petersburg Milford, Conn. Jacksonville DeLand Hialeah Daytona Beach Gailbreath, Carol Garrett, Lynne A. Gaventa. Bill Gingery. Lewis Gleason. Robert Goldstein. Marvin Miami Ft. Lauderdale Louisville. Ky. Tampa DeLand Hollywood Gould, Terry Griffin, Roland A. Groseclose, David Haddock, Lib Hall, Sandy Hamilton, Melba Ft. Myers Miami Eau Galhe Jacksonville Bradenton Dade City Harris. Marcella Hayden. George Henley. Ken Hester, Betsy Hinkle. Jo Ellen Hobbs. James Titusville Charleston, S.C. Jacksonville Orlando St. Petersburg Coconut Grove Hobbs. Tommy Hoblitzell. Marty Hogeboom. Wayne Holliday, Beverly Jankowski, Richard Jants, Walter C. Orlando Fairfax. Va. Daytona Beach Orlando Lakeland Huntsville. Ala. 1 . .art . MM 90 Kimbrougli, Art Winter Park Winchester, Tenn. Crawfordville Avondale Est., Ga. North Miami Cora! Gables Miami Jacksonville Denver, Colo. Drexel Hill, Pa. Leone, W. Africa Winter Park Kipping, Alan S. Kircher, Laura Kirk, Diane Caracas, Venezuela Ft. Laudsrdale Bradenton Kneen, Jeff Knight, Judy Kowalski, Jo Laffey, Lynda Laise, Mia Latham, Babs Pompano Beach Jacksonville Cocoa Jupiter Arlington, Virginia Pensacola Lavender, William W. Lawless, Fayette Layton, Gaye Leeds, Linda Lessley, June Lewis, Fred Leesburg Winter Haven Hollywood Lake Park Wauchula Jacksonville Lewis, Lana Jane L ' Heureux, Elaine Lier, Judith M. Ligler, Penny Locke, Luci Lonnman, Gregory G. Panama City Auburn, Me. Wabasso Atlanta, Ga. Jacksonville St. Petersburg Lott, Lola Lorraine Loveland, ' Connie Lycan, Barbara MacConnell, John C. MacLean, Gail MacGregor, Carol St. Augustine Homestead DeLand Titusville Mineola, N.Y. Jacksonville Malcolm, Lawrence Malone, Peggy Maniscaico, Ron Marrs, Jozi Masl, Lin Mathews, Sonja Newton Square, Pa. Jacksonville Sarasota Lake Placid Ft. Lauderdale Miami Mattlngly, Tim McBeath, Bob McCabe, Bernard J, McClain, Cindy McCown, Edna McEvoy, J. Richard DeLand Louisville, Ky. Mt. Dora Miami Ocala Jacksonville 91 McKenzie, Susan E. McLaughlin. Sam McNamara. Dennis Meridith, Marilyn Meyer. Charles H. Jr. MIkell, Ann Satellite Beach Gainesville Orlando Sanford Jacksonville Eustis Mills, Jon Mitcheson, George Molloy Kathleen Moore, Nancy Morales, Gerard Morden. Jim Coral Gables St. Petersburg Orlando Daytona Beach Miami Orlando Morgan. Rodney Morreil Mary Morris, Pam Morrow, Dwight Moynahan, Stephen Muldoon, Mary Lou Tampa Jacksonville St. Petersburg Homestead Radnor, Pa. Lighthouse Point Nettles, Sherron Newton, Cliff Nugent, Neil Oliver, Judy O ' Neill. George Orr, Betty Starkville, Miss. Jacksonville St. Petersburg Beach St. Augustine Decatur. Ga. Hollywood Palmer, Mamie Pankonin, Linda Patterson, Pam Penn, Patric Pergrem, Pat Petersen, Karen Sanford Harrisburg. Pa. Sanford Wales. England Severna Park. Md. Ft. Lauderdale Petty, Linda Lee Philpot, Elmore G. Pileggi, Alfred Pinto, Louis Pitts, Susan Planck, Lynne Newport News.Va. Miami Daytona Beach Bombay, India Wauchula Eau Gallle Plattner, Lois Pollack, Neuman F. Pollard, Martha Jane Price, Carol Jean Price, Rebecca J. Prichard. William C. Boca Raton Hollywood DeLand Eau Gallie New Orleans, La. DeLand Radebaugh. Kenneth Reed, Marvin Reiser, Sandra Rhodes. Donna Rickel, Judith Lynne Ricks. Carlynn Kissimmee Zephyrhllls Savannah, Ga. Orlando Ft. Lauderdale Miami Roberts, Bobbi Roberts, Jody Robuck, Dan Royer. James K. Sager, Nancy Sandefur. Lynn Ft. Lauderdale Orlando Leesburg Lake Placid New Smyrna Beach Gainesville 92 Schofield, David E. Schroder, Aage George Searles, Donna Shaw. Sherry Lee Shelby, John Sherfey, Donna Simmons, Rusty Singleton, Pat Slusher, Sandy Smith, Bev ■Spragglns, Daphne S. Spivey, Janice Starkey, Dane Edwarc Steuart, Frank Stift, Glen D. Strait, Carole Strasbaugh, Gene Sullenberger, Carol A. Swart, Michael M. Swindall, Margaret Sylvester, Geneva Tallant, Marilynn Taylor, Rob Taylor, Linda Thompson, Nick Tinsley, Russ Tolley, David Ale Tutten irol Curtis Wade, Joyce Waldron, George Walker, Clyde Jr Walker Sharror Warlield, Rob. Waters Brenda Watson, Diane Watson, Jeanni We Weeks, Cla Philadelphia, Pa. Cape Coral DeLand Arcadia Pensacola Winter Park nons Island. Ga. Eau Gallie Miami Columbia. 5.C. Pompano Beach Ft. Pierce DeLand Atlanta, Ga. St. Petersburg DeLand Jacksonville Washington. D.C. Eau Gallie Sarasota Ft. Myers Hollywood TItusville Indialantic Honolulu, Hawaii Ft. Lauderdale Midwest City, Okla, DeLeon Springs Daytona Beach R. Lauderdale North Miami St. Petersburg Geneva Bradenton Weir Wells, Lena A. Wetmore, Jodie Wheelon, Janice Wiedegreen. Eri Ft. Myers Nepture City, N.J. DeBary Coral Gables DeLand DeLand Dayton, Ohio 93 Willi. Willi. Wilso Wong. Michael Woodbury, Roge Wooley. Millaine Word, Robert J. Yarbrough. Clauc Y,..,„o. Sharon Zitis. Charlotte Fayetteville, N.C DeLand Cotesville. Pa Atlanta, Ga Bradford, Pa DeLand an Nicholas, Aruba Netherland Antilles Merritt Island ' M. «- .««w — ■ miTTiriiwiiiMiiiiii 94 Freshmen 96 Adkinson, Bob Ahlquist, Ernie Allen, D. Kelfh Almand, Geraldlne Anderson. Joyce Kathle Angenendt. Sue Appelbaum, Jeff Armour. William Asfe. Robert Jeffrey Bagin. Doug Baker. Ed Baiter. Sally Ann Baranski. Kathy Barber. Anna Barron. Dougli Bateh. Janan Beaty. Anne Beavo, Sue Bell. Judy Beltz. Susan Bennett. David Berner. Candy Bertine. Vernon Berwald. Sandy Bianchi. Robert Blades. Jerry Bozeman. Carol Brassey. Wayne E. Brayton, Debby Breckstedt. Sybylle Brett. David Brooke. Kathryn Brown. Fred R. Brown. Leora Buek. Sharon Bunch. Susan Bunton. Winfrey Burke. Avery Burnett. Andy Carver, Jo Rache Case. Iva Chaney. Watson Christian, Stan Church. Rocky Clapp. Barbara Orlando Avondale Est., Ga. Jacksonville Lee Miami Ft. Lauderdale DeLand St. Petersburg Atlanta. Ga. Gainesville South Miami Syosset. N.Y. Philadelphia, Pa. Montgomery. Ala. Miami St, Petersburg St. Petersburg Great Falls, Mont. Beverly, Mass. Atlanta. Ga. Charlotte. N.C. Ft. Myers Englewood. Colo. Daytona Beach DeLand Crystal River Lakeland Goodland Orlando Lake Worth Jacksonville DeLand Tampa Panama Vero Beach Hamburg. Ger. St. Petersburg Gainesville St. Petersburg Satellite Beach Vero Beach Macon. Ga. Louisville. Ky. Louisville. Ky. Tampa Atlanta. Ga. Marco Island Tallahassee Salmanca. N.Y. Lake City Valdosta. Ga. St. James. N.Y. Arlington, Va. f € if 97 Clay, Barbara Cline, Ralph Conroy, Wendy Cooper. Richard Copes, Kris Cornelius, David Cornwell, Carol Courtney, Roger Craig, Patty Crane Donald W. Craven, Carolyn Crews, Ronald. Dillon. Bobbie Disney. Marge Dixon, Patricia Dunltak, John Eckert, Jane Edwards, James M. Ellerbe, Christophei Erickson, Ingrid Evans, Jim Farley, James M. Ill Feasel, Marlynn Fishack. Deanna Gamboa, Alexander Garment, Stan Gaskins, Betty Gasser, Jim Gawley. Bob Searhart, Elizabeth White Sulphur Springs, W. Va. DeLand Falls Chur jLii mM Geissal, Rick Gilmore, John L. Glassen. Barry Glass, Lewis Glick, Robert C. Godfrey, Joy Goff. Steve Goldston. Lnda Gost, Jeanne Gram. Edwards M. Grandell, Kristin Grant, J. Mitchell Gray. Betsy Gray, Michael Green. George Gregg, Mary Jo Guthrie, Benny Hallas, Jakki nbleh, Allun R. ris. Skip Daytona Beach ilmington, Del. Mulberry DeLand Miami St. Petersburg Maitland Brandon St. Petersburg Winter Park Largo Brandon Panama City Hearn, Robert Deni Heller, Rudolf Henion, Mary Hetzler. Susan Hicks. Hal Hightower, Danny Hilton, David Hitt. F. Richard Hoch, Judy Hodge, Gradie Holland, Donna Howard. Richard Altamonte Springs Call, Colombia Wappingers Falls. N.Y. Huckaby, Elizabeth Hughes, Martha Elizabeth Jacksonville St. Augustine Orlando Lake Worth Lexington, Ky. Decatur. Ga. Jones, Susan F. iami Springs DeLand Hialeah Sanford Cerning, N.Y. Merritt Island Venice Mobile. Ala. Clewiston Mobile, Ala. Orlando Coral Gables 99 Kaminis, Kim Kelley, Glen Ke smodel, Karyl Ann Ketcham, Walter Kleinburg, Steve Gr Knollenberg, James Mexico City. Mexico Aburndale Birmingham. Ala. Nashville, Tenn. at Neck Estates, N.Y. Ripon, Wis. LaFreniere, Vicki Lamsback, Charles Lang, Lana Lois Lawrence, Sharon Letson, Bob Lewis, Dee Lecanto Jacksonville Beach Needham. Mass. Avon Park Louisville, Ky. Camp Leieune, N.C. Lewis, Jean Lewis, Marva Lovelarid, Johnson Lynn, Diane Mahaffey, Dick Mahan, Delta Cocoa Cocoa hiomestead Boca Raton Toms River. N.J. Clearwater Maguire. Craig Marrs. John Martin. Barbara Martin, Pamela K. Martin, Philip Martin, Richard Green Cove Springs Lake Placid Hialeah Miami Bethesda, Md. Boca Raton Martin, Sandy Matthews, Bill Mathews, Marty Mathues, Stephen Sharpless McBroom. Steve McCardle, Kathy Decatur, Ga. Oakland, Cal. Jacksonville Sarasota Watseka, III. Dallas. Tex. McCormick, Dale McCoy, Lyn McCullough. Janet McDeavitt, Joyce McMurray, Chris A. McTureous. Ann Charlotte. N.C. Greensboro, N.C. Jacksonville Miami Clearwater Umatilla Mehaffie, Dan A. Meikel, Nancy Mellor, Catherine Meyer, Craig A. Middleton, Cathy Minor, Thomas Canton. Ohio Atlanta, Ga. Ft. Meyers Bartow Coral Gables Eau Gallie Mock, Elizabeth Modlln, Bill Montgomery, Robert Moody, Nancy Moore. Marilyn Morgan, Joanne Jacksonville Brandon Ft. Meade Nahunta. Ga. Gainesville DeLand Morris, Susie Musial, Dan Nation, Jack R. Nelson. Sylvia Nickerson. Carol Norman. Nancy E. DeLand Miami DeLand Miami Miami Springs Hyattsville, Md. 100 Page, Heather Pasnicky. Wanda Perny, Elliot A. Perry, Samuel L. Jr Perry, William Harr Phay. Carolyne Pllicy, Joe Pinholster. John Pitt, Linda Pomerich, Phylli; Pope, Jane Ellen Quina, Mary Kathryn Quinn. David Raichel, Rachel Ray, Rebecca Rea, Peggy Redeker, Debbie Reese. Janice C. Reichert, Allan Reid, David Renneli, Bob Richardson, Frank RIgg. Howard Roardfc. Jane Robinette, Linda Rochford, Jack Romanello, Don Rotundo, Dana Rounds, Cathy RUS! David Sager, Teedee Santiago, Carol Rose Satava, Martin Richard Sayles, Wendy Scofield, Benjamin Scurfield, April Seawell, Leonard Shafranski, Valerie Shoemaker, Steve Shoemaker. Susan Shurley, Ange Simon, Dorothy Paulii Simonds. Randy Smith. Chuck Smith, Kim Security, Colo. Ft. Myers Pompano Beach Boston. Mass. Orlando Powder Springs. Ga. West Palm Beach Jacksonville Bradenton Sylvania. Ga. Mulberry Bonita Springs Winter Park Orlando Asheville. N.C. Largo Jacksonville St. Augustine Winter Park Homestead Tampa Plantation Hollywood Jacksonville Jacksonville Ft. Pierce Sanford Norwell. Mass. Jackson ' Smyrna B( Hollyw Charleston, S.C. Montgomery, Ala. Bradenton St. Petersburg PI l: Sfam, Randr, Staton. Suzar Stegall. Dek Strickland. Na Strout, John Stuitz, Paf Stutts, Steve Tebeau, Teede Tennanf, Paul Terrell, Cheryl Tharln. Robert Thomas. Candy Thurston. Smiley Tisdale, Barbara Tomyn. Seton Townsend, John Troll, Carolyn Tubbs, Thomas Turner, Autley D.. r, John Larry r, Mike Walker, Bonnie Walker, Christine Walker. George Walker, Richard Wallin g. Oliver Walter. Tonl Warrick, Loreen M. West. Nancy Elizabeth Whipple, Walter Richi White. Rita L. Whitesall, Donna Wilkinson, Lynn Willbanks. Carol Jane Williams. Kathy Sue Williams. Marion Willis. Rupert Lee Wilson. Suiyn Wilson. Suzan Winchester, Ky. Naples Centerville, Ohio Washington, D.C. Charlotte, S.C. Delray Beach Hialeah Pompano Beach Jacksonville Lake Charles, La. Hialeah Lakeland Culpepper. Va. Ft. Pierce Lake Worth Sylvania, Ga DeLand Jacksonville Dunedin Jacksonville Miami Daytona Beach Ocala Jacksonville Pompano Beach DeLand Jacksonville Madison, Conn. Pawleys is.. S.C. Tampa Arden. N.C. Juno Richmond, Va. Miramar Ormond Beach Miami Springs Jacksonville Toms River, N.J. Bradford, Pa. Marshfield, Wise. Miami Hollywood Lexington, Ky. Pennsvllle, N.J. Vero Beach Ocala Palm Bay Suffolk, Va. Tampa Ft. Lauderdale Atlanta, Ga. r 0 ' f - P f 102 tkM Winchester DIan, Woodward. Jessif Woullard, John v ozneski, Steve Wright, Barbara Wright, Christine gini, Wright, Ho Wykoff. Vi, Yancey, Sue Younger, Jay Younger, Jim Zeanah, Kare Jacksonville Crystal River DeLand Coral Gables Bartow Orlando West Palm Beach Palaika Umatilla Bayamon, Puerto Rico San Juan, Puerto Rico Tuscaloosa, Ala. 103 College of Law 104 105 106 107 -i H 1 - ' Caton, Don J. Gelman, Stanley B. Pensacola Jacksonville »« f f ] Hamilton, Robert Lowery James, Craig T. Johnston, James Lovington Gates, Charles hlarmon Smith, J .Ron Trakas, Andrew Peter Tyner, Ed Wilson, Craig Rowe Orlando DeLand Ft. Myers Daytona Beach Wauchula Winter hiaven DeLand West Palm Beach 109 Alcorns, Carl A. Alford, Robert B. Barnes, Robert M. Cliaplin, Jim Coulter, Wayne Ezell, Boyce Fowler Largo Orlando Jacksonville Miami Dade City Coral Gables Juniors Huff, Kathleen Mitchell, Joe Mulock, Ed Nelson, William John Picras, Anthony Louie Rachels, Warren Adrian Sanders, Ed Smith, Fred Smith, J. Lawrence h l Miami Lakeland Bradenton Chester, Penn. Jacksonville Jacksonville DeLand St. Petersburg Delray Beach Alter, Ronald A. Mianni Beach Brandon, Jack Naples Busey, Steve Jacksonville Carres, Louis G. West Palm Beach Doremus, Theodore A., Jr. Red Bank, N.J. Freeman, Thomas B. St. Petersburc Gooding, Mack D. Jacksonvl ' e hiampp, Kurt Preston Bethesda, Md. Freshmen hlastlngs, Michael King, Michael W. Letize, Ronald Mlngledorff, W. Lee Snyder, Howard Trovillo, Phillip R. Turner, James hH. ; Whatley, Jacqueline Leesburg St. Petersburg Hallendale Savannah, Ga. Ft. Pierce St. Petersburg St. Petersburg Tampa III The Stetson University College of Law was the atmosphere of old Spain entwined with the vines of Old Florida. It was preparing a brief for the Freshman Moot Court or meeting at the swimming pool for the Inns of Court party. The Law School was coffee breaks at Miss Bean ' s, a four-hour exam, a student number, an unpaid debt from the Florida- Florida State game. It was a Gilbert, a Chet Smith, a Can, an " I Pass. " You hoped you would be among the one-third of your class who would graduate. The Stetson Law School was three years of some of the most difficult work you had ever done, and your finale was the Bar Examination you would face upon graduation. ■■f fX - i In Memorlam Judy Starling Mr. Walter Knapp Stuart Wyman Bryan Polk Charles Irwing 116 FINE ARTS Art I 19 Sometimes it was merely the process of beginning. It was as simple as trusting your hand to create what your mind had thought and your eyes had seen. Your hand would compose a miraculous new world -from the palpable world of charcoals, canvases, pastels, pallette knives, and turpentine. And when your creation was complete, you never regretted the scraping off or redoing which usually had pro- longed that final moment. As you stepped back to look, you saw some familiar aspect you had come to recognize as your style. It encompassed the labor of your hands, the inspiration of your heart, the reflection of your mind, and you smiled to think that in some Infinitesimal way you had captured one instant of time. 120 i_ 8f " ' ' i Drama Perhaps it was an instinct or an irrepressible inn- puise which always compelled you to explore the vibrant, enthralling sphere which you knew as the Theatre. For you found yourself returning again and again to participate in and explore its diverse phases. You welcomed the sound of a piece of scenery being shifted between acts or the breathless hush from backstage one second before the. opening lines pierced the silence. You appreciated the musty smell of costumes, the feel of greasepaint, and the pounding heartbeat which seemed to chant " The Play ' s the Thing. " It would begin on a poorly lit stage with an underlined script in one hand and a cigarette in the other, and the end would come only after you had heard the glorious applause, basked in the warm rays of floodlights, and watched the curtain glide sadly over the wooden floor and close for the final time. Dr. Faustus 122 123 Love Rides The Rails 124 125 126 127 128 129 Ferrante Teicher Student Government Sponsored 130 Vincent Price Artist Lecturers Series Music A sheet of music, a choir robe, a favor- ite composer, a concerto, a flute, a so- prano . . . this was your world, a world filled with music. Whether performing in concert, listening to a Bach suite, or simply humming the jingle that had been with you all day, your life was imitative of that part of nature which was first endowed with the gift of music. You took the song a robin dedicates on the first morning of spring and the music made by the threatening wind as it thrashes through the trees an hour before the storm; you captured and elaborated both. With your cellos, harpsi- chords, altos, pianos, and one baton, you took one of the secrets of nature, sang it and played it for the world to hear . . . University Orchestra 132 Concert Choir 133 The Messiah f A ' «lk , 134 New York Tour f tu 135 136 137 138 ATHLETICS 139 Soccer Jay Allen A 5 ' 8 " , 140-pound sophomore from Lakeland, playing left Inside . . . Player of the week . . . High scorer with eleven goals . . . Duane Allgaier A 6 ' 3 " , 170-pound junior from Maitland, playing center full- back . . . Vining BIgelow A 5 ' 8 " , 150-pound senior from Branford, Connecticut, playing center halfback . . . Co-captain . . . Elected to the All-Conference Soccer Team in 1964, 1965 . . . John Heald A 6 ' 3 " , 195-pound junior from Marshfield, Massachusetts, playing left fullback . . . Co-captain . . . Elected to the All-Conference Soc- cer Team in 1965 . . . Don Jacobson A 5 ' 10 " , I 55-pound sophomore from West Hartford, Connecticut, playing right inside . . . Player of the week . . . Second high scorer with nine goals . . . John LeLand A 5 ' 10 " , 165-pound junior from Eustis, playing left halfback . . . Player of the week . . . 140 1 i ..MIX- 141 142 143 The Cheerleaders Ruff, Tuff and you ' re Stuff . . . Tfiree cheers for Panhellenic . . . Well, according to our constitution . . . M-m-m-m Mississippi . . . I ' ll blow, you tie the knots . . . On! Wisconsin! . . . " B " to the audience . . . Alright, lot of pep, lot of spirit — this is a game situation! . . . Just march around the Stetson room — go SUSGA! . . . Just cheering in the rain . . . Why don ' t we take off our shoes? . . . And, above all else CHEERLEADING COMES FIRST!! iff iHiA ' f ' : Grady Cowell Department Head Wes Berner Golf Soccer Glen Wilkes Basketball Bob Weicke Baseball Coaches SClub Ray Hussey Tennis 145 I Basketball Derrell Boone A 6 ' 5 ' 2 " . 1 5 pound freshman from Jack- sonville, playing forward . . . Scored 30 points against Citadel . . . Averaged 7.7 points and 4.3 rebounds . . . Steve " Buch " Buchanan A 6 ' 2 " , 195 pound senior from Savannah, Georgia, playing guard and forward . . . Fondly known as Stetson ' s Hatchet Man or Defensive Star . . . Averaged 5.1 points and 2.3 re- bounds . . . Elected to All Florida Intercollegiate Conference Basketball Team in 1966 . . . 146 I Bob " Jenks " Jenkins A 6 ' I " , 185 pound junior from LaGrange, Kentucky; playing forward, guard, and center . . . Co-captain . . . Averaged 18.3 points and 4.4 rebounds . . . Most Valuable Player, Florida Intercollegiate Conference, 1966 ... All Tour- nament Team, Hatter Invitational Tournament, 1966 .. . Walt " Kil " Kilcullen A 6 ' 3 " , 160 pound junior from Kearney, New Jersey, playing guard . . . Co-captain . . . Averaged 16.6 points and 4.1 rebounds . . . All Tournament Team, Hatter Invitational Tour- nament, 1966, 1967 .. . All Florida Intercol- legiate Conference, 1966 . . . Chris Ralston A 6 ' 7 " , 208 pound sophomore from Colum- bus, Ohio, playing center . . . Averaged 9.5 points and 7.3 rebounds . . . Mike Vacher A 5 ' I I " , 165 pound freshman from Tampa, playing guard . . . Averaged 10.1 points and 2.9 rebounds . . . Most Valuable Player, Hatter Invitational Tournament, 1967 . . . All-Star, Hat- ter Invitational Tournament, 1967 . . . Ron " Webb " Webster A 5 ' I I " , 180 pound junior from Crestwood, Kentucky, playing guard . . . Averaged 2.8 points and .6 rebounds . . . Roger " Ram-Jett " Woodbury A 6 ' 5 " , 190 pound sophomore from Cocoa, playing forward . . . Averaged 6.7 points and 7.8 rebounds . . . Best Effort Basketball Award, 1966 .. . 147 148 149 ISO 151 g| ' •% Baseball Rick Brannan A 6 ' 3 " , 185 pound senior from Vera Beach, jack- of-all-trades, playing center field this year . . . Led team in runs-batted-in . . . Billie Friei A 5 ' M " , 215 pound junior from Groveland, play- ing catcher . . . Craig Gruber A 6 ' 4 " , 245 pound senior from Lake Park, playing pitcher . . . Led team in wins . . . Lowest Earned Run Average ... All Florida Intercollegiate Con- ference, 1966 . . . Frank Guimarra A 6 ' , 200 pound junior from DeLand, playing pitcher . . . Most Valuable Player, 1966 . . . 152 Jim Johnson A 6 ' , 200 pound junior from DeLeon Springs, playing catcher . . . John McCullough A 5 ' I0 ' 210 pound junior from Jacksonville, playing third base . . Dane Starkey A 5 ' 10 " , 185 pound sophomore from Jacksonville, play- ing third base, left field . . . Jim Thomas A 6 ' , 170 pound senior from Ft. Pierce, playing first base . . . Led team in hitting in 1965 . . . Rick Webb A 6 ' , 168 pound junior from Jacksonville, playing second base . . . 153 154 155 156 Golf 157 Sigma Nu Pi Kappa Alpha Lambda Chi Alpha Pi Kappa Phi Independents Sigma Phi Epsilon Delta Sigma Phi Intramurals Football 158 159 Cross Country P; Kappa Phi 6 Sigma Phi Epsilon 21 Siqma Nu 27 Lambda Chi Alpha 45 Delta Sigma Phi 63 Pi Kappa Alpha 72 Independents 82 Horseshoes Lambda Chi Alpha Independents Pi Kappa Phi Sigma Nu Sigma Phi Epsilon Pi Kappa Alpha Delta Sigma Phi 160 I Paddleball Tennis Bowling ,vr;;rr.rMM.. ...; i.t.MliltlllMM »»•»•• •»•»»• •• Basketball 162 Pi Kappa Phi ll-l 1 Sigma Nu 10 7 Lambda Chi Alpha 9 3 Independents 5 Pi Kappa Alpha 3 9 Delta Sigma Phi 2 m Sigma Phi Epsilon 2-10 163 Women ' s Intramurals 164 165 166 y 167 ■Mana ■ 1 f " ; X KSp •, -r« ' 168 GREEKS 169 Becky Phillips President Merilvn Albritton Joyce Armstrong Judy CauHleld Sail Cohrs Cindy Dekle Kathy Edwards Diane Eubanb Susan Hetzler Jacki Manninq Paf Marsh Mary Morrell Marq Needham 170 Arlene Rybolt Renche Jodv Roberts Carol Shearer Barbara Shelter Susan Shoemaker Kim Smith Ophie Solano Liz Stanfield Linda Styles Barbara Thompsi Jane Turner Lenna Walker Sharon White Diane Winchester Karen Zeanah Ad lib it, Phillips, it ' s only pledging . . . Mark Eden social tip of the week . . . BD=BB . . . Our pledges go to Mac ' s for pizza . . . someone say something nice about her . . . No, White, she was the one with the blue dress on . . . 100 cans of food on the floor . . . Spacy . . . Who ' d you think I was, Batman? ... A twenty dollar phone bill? . . . Let ' s sing " Smile Awhile " ... Big Lyres, not liars! . . . Oh, hioney . . . Pink pajamas . . . Mrs. Mauger just loved initiation this year . . . The " Terrible Threader " was here ... I just wanted to warn y ' all I have the apartment Saturday night . . . We only lost by 3 points this time! ... I ' m waiting for you all to be quiet! . . . Fifteen dollars worth of napkins and one broken cupola . . . Well, Nellye said . . . Charades . . . May you always be as happy as we are In Alpha Chi . . . 171 Alpha Chi Omega 172 173 Linda Guenther President Jane Bverts Unda Cllne Nancy Combs Wendy Conroy Mim; Corfaf Sharon Estes Marlvnn Feasel Carol Gallbreath Betty GasHns Liz Gearhart Kathy Grandell Tina Grandell Linda Guenther Jakki Hallas Betty Jones Babs Latham Dee Lewis Linda Lynn Delta Mahan Margaret McCready Janet McCullough 174 Nice . . . You cheeky little devil . . . Nobody likes a martyr, Cline . . . Ob- viously!!! . . . Keep your cools! . . . Would you believe " We Thought The Parade Was Tomorrow " ? . . . Gross me out!!! . . . Partici- pation anyone? . . . Any volunteers for painting the Snake? . . . " Poor Lil " . . . It ' s gotta be Pledge Mahan . . . We could do without a ceiling but can you do without a floor? . . . Strange . . . Everybody ' s dating which fraternity? . . . Happiness is having a " Fuzzy Brother " !!! Annica Millsaps Dollv Morehead BobbI Roberts Wendy Robinette M M 175 Alpha Xi Delta 176 177 Ton! Carameros Connie Carefoot Connie Chcatha ' ' Barbara CUpp Bobbv Cllne PatW Craig Carolyn Craven Charlotte Daniels Bev Darnell Becky Davis Sally FarneH Marion Francisco Marcia Hamilton Mary Henion 178 Typical ... No problem . . . What ' s a girl to do? . . . It ' s foul!!! . . . Sugar Daddies . . . Delta dump trucks . . . Pansy secrets . . . Please don ' t eat the daisies, Lynn!!! . . . Crazyneck . . .It ' ll be good for her . . . When you walk through a storm . . . Boom- de-a-da . . . Get your ho-ho ' s . . . Delta love. L is,JJ.d Share n Horto n Tnsh James Jean ne Kinze Susa Lloyd Dale McCorrr Betsy McGar ty Gen J Medra Laur e Mossi 5n Susan Rhodes Lynn Schafer Sarah Walden Toni Walter Cla Weeks Terr! Jo Wilke 179 Delta Delta Delta i.-. K £s . Willi ■■ Hslf l l % i ir -:■--[ jlL ' m Hi iTi K 1 HI ft J B Im 1 H Ik H ■wl n i 181 lliLliF Joanne Whisler President Jo Lyn Barrett Sandy Bowen Sue Bunch Deborah Clark Janet Crosslev Joan Damon Mary Dunaway Frances Finch 182 Thunder, Thundera+ion . . . 200% participation . . . Who blew out my candle? . . . Picture a girl . . . Circle of Unity . . . Three stars will shine for you . . . Aw come on, not the pledges calling me that too . . . Super Pledge . . . The Phi Mu frat house ... I wanta move that . . . Beat the tar out of ' em . . . M-l-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E . . . Vic- tory — a taste of honey . . . Meet Miss hHatter . . . Surprise Social-candle light- ing . . . Anybody else bring a lavalier tonight? . . . SAE legacies, shall we colonize? . . . Let ' s call her wonder bod 2 . . . Watch out for that low hanging branch! . . . Better tell them we ' ll file in last in the parade . . . hlow about a pink couch to match the orange carpet . . . Southern accent. MA ti VMtd y Jik M tk Bonnie Lee Knights Marv Lou Muldoon Sharon Parker Phyllis Pomerich Gwen Pozdena Saqe Reddlnq Valerie Shafranski Pamela Snyder Joan Spencer Nancy Strickland Pam Webster Jo Die Wetmore Joanne Whisler 183 184 185 Sally Baker Anne Beaty Judy Knight President 3 4 1 4 !»• Sandy Berwald Jane Eckert Inqrld Erickson Ginny Ezell Jeannette Ferrell Jeanne Gost Judy Greqa Diane Gussman Marty Hoblltzell Lindv Jackson Kris Kane Judy Kniqht Linda LipDoldt Gail Maclean « a.Tr ' W Kathy McCardle dJLM Helen Morgan Judith Moore iil KItfv Morr Susie Morr Karen Pete Vicki Rock Nan Smitti Suzanne Smitti Janice Spivey Claire Telmanlk Dorothy Tharp Carol Torres Loura Vance Diane Verdun Marsha Vernon Sharon Walker Julie Wilson Mlllaine Woole Remember ... Pi Phi ' s don ' t . . . It ' s true, t-t ' s true, the dragon ' s finally dead! . . . Fades into the wall . . . " Twenty " ! . . . You ' ll never guess what my little sister did! . . . Railroad . . . That ' s 2 no, no ' s . . . Study hall . . . But she ' s deep! . . . Don ' t stomp . . . E E E ... We are Pi Phi ' s all!! ... Be dis- creet!!! 187 V .1 i. 1 , 1 1 i ' ,- i j Q ' ■ ( v dtdk Judy Bei: Marv Grace Birrell Randi Bishop Jill Carlson Rocky Church Susie Connor Pat Deueli Bobble Dillon Marge Disney Ellssa Emerson Susie Fedyshyn Jane Furlonq Sandy Guard Kay Harmelinq Nancy Hodqes 190 Linda Leeds Ramona Long Bobble March Crls McMurrav Cathy Mlddleton Mo O ' Connell Rachel Pike Martha Pollard Sandy Richardso Cathy Rounds Lynn Sandefur Mary Lou Seyrr kiMkii Big Nurdy Pledge ... My hair is red, when it ' s clean . . . over the shoulder??? . . . She ' s hlomecoming hHostess, too!? ... I smell crabs, Disney . . . Where did you get those, what machine? . . . Pretty apartment with an original Messersmith . . . Deuell bought a refrigerator . . . who ' s wearing a T-shirt in the library? . . . J. B. has a new job ... I ' m going Continental today, toodle ... But Pat, Fayette has an X-KE . . . hlave you seen Mo ' s mu-mu? . . . Spic Sweetheart . . . Where ' s Pierson? . . . Whatever it is, Rounds can play . . . How ' s your cast, pledge? ... I ' m not one to talk, but . . . A vote for Don is a vote for yourself . . . What we need is more Zeta ' s in the theatre . . . Yeah, but she ' s president of the dorm ... So what if she wears a hippopotamus? . . . V-l-C-T-O-R-l-A . . . Richardson is getting up! . . . I ' ll bring Lewis . . . But did you like Tahiti, Martha? . . . I didn ' t say Mary Bell Grunch, I said Mary Grace! . . . U.I., B. P., R.B., P.L, G.A., D.J., J.J., C.Y.B., N.K., P.P. Ill, K.D., E.E.E., ZTA . . . 191 Zeta Tau Alpha 192 193 Mike Repass President Harry Camacho Winston Carlton Andy Coutant John DeRosa Georqe Fatula Steve Fertiq Harold Fraser Rich Galavotti Ron Maniscako Bernard McCabe Dennis Mastery 194 " My loyalty is to the I.F.C., " Okay Smartt! . . . Hey, Sharpie — get engaged yet? . . . F.T.S. 47 — D.W.I. . . . Stassen rides again . . . P.B.R. . . It ' s hiappy Harmontime — Let ' s get some Genee . . . Manny and his chickaritas — teehee, teehee . . . Hey Bruce, where ' s your little toe? . . . Pass the Righteous!.. . . Ward, let ' s make a deal!! . . . The Big F . . . Michael Mexican . . . Social Pro — B.F.D. . . . Fendt and Brockton — The " Golden " Trolley . . . Hud and Knoon — The Room 8 All-Stars . . . Dora Duck gets M.V.P. . . . Nice guy Jordo — we ' re just go- ing to the laundry! . . . and in centerfield number 7 — The Rose ... 7 P.M. Wed. — Cages Open! . . . Slow Roy — Wimp Out . . . French Fry, where ' s our house? . . . S.S.D.S. ... We really care!! . . . Wacket! . ..Y.I.T.B.O.S. Gene NaDoll Bill Napol; Mike Repass J -1 Smartt Fronfc Steuart fv ' chael D. Thompson 5tu Tililnqtiast Oliver Wallina Dick Watts 195 Delta Sigma Phi Joyce Rhodes Sweetheart 196 197 OY Albertson Ernie Ahlaulst Bill Armour John Bamford Tom Blash John Bohmfalk Roy Brown Cabby Cabral Frank Carter Keith Casto Jim Crawford John Ounkalc Jim Edwards Kip Fea- Chico Fernandez Jim Hall Russ Hamilton Ed Harrison Jim Hobbs Steye Hobbs 198 The 69th what? . . . Yuckety-yuckety-yo, Bah-ha! . . . Movies tonight in Hall ' s room . . . Were we grossed out at Mano ' s? Strange . . . Snnile, Schofield . . . Crutches? . . . hHuh! A fad . . . The Traffic Department has struck again! . . . You mean a " tenta- tive " party . . . Carter ' s Marauders! . . . Lauderdale party . . . The " Phantom " took your what? . . . Sorry, I lost my head . . . What fight, McKenny? . . . Another helmet? Well good! . . . You got lavaliered this weekend, too? . . . For that poster you get " strict pro, " Dirty . . . Danser ' s Initials . . . hHorseshoes, ha! ... Be discreet . . . Splish, Splash, Napolitan was taking a bath . . . I M j:m Hussev Greq Johnston Seorqe Mitcheso Dick Morehead Jerrv Naoolltan Rick Rmtz Bill Swavne Jav Sylvester Nick Thompson Don Tutt Rob Warfield Gary Wltchen 199 Lambda Chi Alpha Mary Helen Markley Crescent Girl 200 201 Lane Burnett George Carefoot Randall Cunningham John Ellerman Don Francisco Don Frfedewald Woody Gingery Michael Hood Edwin Jackson Richard Kahn Bob Letson £ Wt 202 i John MacConnell Steve McBroom Richard Morton Steve Moynahai :Ad Pete Pancoast Roger Pierson Jim Sutherland 1 John Thompson Bill Vaughn Verticals . . . He ' s probably out with Yerg . . . E. P. . . . Five foot two — eyes of blue — Beaver, Beaver, woo, woo, woo . . . Can I nave a Dr. Pepper, Morti? . . . Brown Bonnber . . . Anteater . . . B. Y. E. O. . . . It don ' t turn me on at all . . . Opossum . . . Stretched lizard . . . What ' s new in the " Third " ? . . . Wally, the weekend warrior . . . You just can ' t fool the old " Gru " . . . Wednesday night club ... If they had a meeting, we were fined . . . Library slot for a study break . . . Duals . . . Pike pledge house and tear gas . . . Burgundy . . . Wooley, the weekend widow . . . Exhale . . . He ' s a man of the cloth . . . Mule . . . P.O.D. . . . Semi ' s . . . H.S.C. . . . Sleek and racy . . . N.P. 203 204 205 Pete O ' Callaqhan Archon Hal Cauvel Stan Christian R alph Cline Scott Cooper Wayne Crosby Jack Dawson Nestor deArmas ■m ' I 18 John Haire Gene Harrison George Hayden George Hayes Danny Hightower Don Jackson Doug Jones 206 Chi Chapter selected as National Champion Chapter of PI Kappa Phi— No. I in the nation . . . Iron Duke . . . Harrison quarterback football . . . Good thing we don ' t play jacks! . . . Celia Roberts ... You take the high dune and I ' ll take the low dune ... No set Cline . . . Hey, what ' s the girl do? Redberry . . . Boy, is he spacey! . . . Fabulous Fred . . . Whaddya expect for 35 bucks-. . . . Golden-Spike . . . Green Hornet . . . E-Z fellows, this isn ' t good . . . Hubbs and Webb . . . Pick up those coke bottles . . . Wait till basketball . . . R-R-R-Rowell . . . BEOC ... The Coop . . . Ed Jones Elmer Jost David Machette Dick Mahaffey Bob McBeath Buddy Moore David Morgan Bill Morris Pete O ' Callaghar Bill Perry Ken Radebaugh David Reid Pete Rowell Kit Royer Martin Satav. Steve Siioem Steve Stutts Jolin Swann Ben Thompson Mike Thompson Steve Wilkerson Ted Wolfarth Roger Woodbury 207 Pi Kappa Phi Ton! Carameros Rose Queen 208 209 Ronnie Moore Commander Charles 0:ilman Craig Gruber Skip Harris Ken Henlev Dick Holilield Jack Hudson John Irvln Ken Jones Topper Keefe Roy Kinsey Phil Martin Terry Martling ; lltl i I ' r 111.. ' 210 1 0 nr r i irtWI S- ' » " ' il 111. Ah-h-h-h, do it; . . . Kilcullen, you ' re a fine fellow . . . Hello, is this Fowler speaking? No, this is Leon . . . Are you kidding, $250 for Mary Carter paint? . . . " Penny Penicillin, " who ' s she? . . . hienley, where ' s your pledge pin? . . . T-r-r-rue! . . .I ' m not for him or against him; all I want to say is . . . Now, y ' ali don ' t understand the seriousness of this . . . But Jack, we must walk some- where . . . Ron, 1 want to talk to you; while you were in Miami this weekend, these boys . . . Man, I ' ve got a prob- lem . . . Alright, which of you dumb pledges threw those weights through the door? Ronnie Moore Cliff Newton Bobby Reese Howard Rigq Marshall Roberts Paul Sneider Hank Spelcher Dane Starkey Jim Thomas Ted Troxel Robert Watson Rick Webb Sigma Nu Kathy Grardell Sweetheart c 4 N f LE5I aSCEI y ' T , ! v- ' g 212 213 Fred Beste Vinmq BIqelow John Burwell Jay Clamp Fred Beste President 214 William Hathaway Marcos Lorenzo Dan Mehaffie Craiq Meyer Ron Opaleskit Elliott Perny Jan Roberts Aaqe Schrode Bill Schroff Gaping, screaming, flying, leaping . . . Air runs . . . Musical lavaliers . . . You gotta want it . . . Tiny Tom, the money man . . . H. A., pledges . . . Casino Party . . . Beste and Shee are WHERE? ... The Pollock, Chuckles, hlud, Tricky Ricky, Big John, Ace, Augie Doggy, and least, but not last, Crudsy . . . How many pin-ups on one wall? ... To the beach! . . . Talked me into it . . . German Shepherds and Cocker Spaniels . . . Promise I will . . . Big Red one time! . . . Do the " Gator " again ... A matter of mutual concern ... Dr. Allen? HELP! . . . Snow skis? What for? ... A four-footed pledge . . . The Bomber ' s got a helmet . . . . . . Joey ' s a brother! . . . What ' s a QP? . . . Ophie ' s on the $100 bill . . . Come on Clyde, bigger and better . . . Don had six straight goals . . . Change for a quarter? Quarter for change? ... If it is to be .. . -» ♦ Michael Swart Clyde Walker Edward Weather: 215 216 217 US 218 ORGANIZATIONS 219 i F N? Ricic Knapp m. [ V i Senate 1 Tim Bajghr , isW ' -- " " ' vJ Webb Wiggins I Hostesses my hut in spring! true, there is nothing in it- there, is everything! sodo Student Government Cabinet octopus traps: how soon they are to have an end — these dreams Beneath the summer moon. basho 222 Student Union Board somehow it seems wrong: to take one ' s noonday nap and hear a rice-planting song. Issas 223 Student Government Committee Chairmen clearing after showers. and for a lit+le while the scent of hawthorn flowers . . . kyoshi Orientation Nellie Russum, Steve Hobbs Homecoming Wendy Robinette, Wayne Crosby K -.] E OHHTI 1 . - " piJSr 9 Hatter Holiday Elaine L ' Heureux. Steve Shoemalier Green Feather Judy Gregg. Jack Dawson Political Emphasis Week Darlene Walker, John Hicks 224 bright the full moon shines: on the matting of the floor, shadows of the pines, kikaku Reserve Officer Training Corps 225 Scabbard l Blade this road: wl+h no man traveling on It, autumn darkness falls. basho Diane Paresi 226 Kay Harmeling Pershing Rifles the others go home. with the fire-works over, how dark it ' s become! issa 227 Religious Life Council one full moon; stars nunaberless; the sky dark green. issa Ministerial Association around existence twine (oh, bridge that hangs across the gorge!) ropes of twisted vine! basho 228 Baptist Student Union they blossom, and then we gaze, and then the blooms scatter, and then . . . onitsura 229 Lutheran Student Association clouds come from time to time — and bring to men a chance to rest from looking at the moon. basho 230 Canterbury Club on the temple bell has settled and is fast asleep a butterfly. buson 231 Christian Scientists so far ... so long . . . a drowsy thrush? a waking nightingale? silence, we do not know. shank 232 Westminister Fellowship a lovely thing to see: through the paper window ' s hole, the galaxy. Wesley Foundation spring moor; for what do people go, tor what do they return? shiki 233 Independent Organization a one--foo+ waterfall if too makes noises, and at night the coolness of it all! issa International Club thanks to cherry bloom, in its shadow utter strangers — there are none! 234 Young Republicans on how to sing the frog school and the skylark school are arguing! shiki Young Democrats look and it starts misting; just don ' t look, and it clears when gazing at the moon. chora 235 Tau Beta Sigma National Band Honorary for Women a nightingale song i could not check my feeling, i too cried with the music. Phi Beta National Music hlonorary for Women how cool the breeze: the sky is filled with voices — pine and cedar trees. onitsura 236 Kappa Kappa Psi National Band Honorary for Men a village where they ring no bells! — oh, what do they do at dusk in spring? basho American Guild of Organists a bush warbler comes — and starts to wipe his muddy feet among the blossoming plums, issa 237 Beta Alpha Sigma National Business Honorary morning inaze: as in a painting of a dreann, men go their ways. buson 238 Student Florida Educational Association a lost child cries, and as he cries, he clutches at the fireflies. ryusui 239 Sigma Tau Delta National English Honorary for me who go, for you who stay — two autunnns. buson 240 Sigma Pi Kappa National Journalism Honorary the summer river: although there is a bridge, my horse goes through the water. shiki It " " ■ ' V V " " ' ' ' " ' IHHJI H ' HH ££■ ■■■■HHh— ■i H H®____ ■ ,:5W r 3 ' r IMBB mi B « »«T! " J 1 f pB Wm " 1 w H wt Bw " 1 m ■ ' " H hl i w H n H kflv HHJ K n 1 Pi Kappa Delta National Forensic hlonorary lightning play that yesterday was in the east, is in the west today. kikaku 241 Sigma Delta Pi Local Spanish Honorary insects one hears — and one hears the talk of me- with different ears. wafu Sigma Pi Sigma National Physics hlonorary a lightning flash: between the forest trees i have seen water. shiki 242 Phi Alpha Theta National History Honorary borrowed armour, old, getting fitted to my body- oh, it ' s cold. buson Gamma Theta Upsilon National Geography Honorary through all the fall of June rains it still stands? o shining hall! basho 243 nnMH Player ' s Guild night that ends so soon: in the shallows still remains one sliver of the moon, buson 244 Theta Alpha Phi National Dramatics Honorary the moon on the pine: i keep hanging it — taking it off- and gazing each time. hokushi 245 Kappa Pi National Art Honorary the beginning of all art: a song when planting a rice field in the country ' s inmost part, basho Kappa Mu Epsilon National Math Honorary cold is the moonshine: shadow of a stone pagoda shadow of a pine. shiki 246 Psi Chi National Psychology Honorary islands all around, each with its pine trees; and the wind- how cool its sound! shiki 247 Gamma Sigma Epsilon National Chemistry Honorary all the rains of June: and then one evening, secretly, through the pines, the moon! ryota Beta Beta Beta National Biology Honorary and no one knows who wrote it — this springtime master-song. issa 248 Inter-Fraternity Council the place where i was born: all i come to — all i touch- blosoms of the thorn! issa whatever we wear we become beautiful- moon viewing. chigo Panhellenic Council 249 The Publications Board snow that we two looked at together — this year has it fallen anew? basho 250 The Review many, many things they bring to mind- cherry blosoms! basho The Compass summer grass: of stalwart warriors splendid dreams the aftermath. basho 251 Don Jackson Editor The 1967 Hatter the winds of fall — and the things one looks upon are haiku, all! kyoshi Kathy Edwards Managing Editor Vinlng Bigeiow Business Manager 252 Jane Meisenheimer Editorial Assistant Kris Kane Classes Elaine L ' Heureux Layout 253 Jane Furlong Fine Arts tarnished is the gold — with young leaves round us we look back - to days of old. chora Sandy Guard Organizations JdFiice Wheelon Greeks 254 Rick Brannan Sports Staff John Anderson Marsha Gelbart Wanda Pasnicky Joyce Anderson Steve Goff Pat Pergrem Willie Mae Andrews Robert D. Hearn Linda Lee Petty David Armbrjster Jo Ellen HInkle Lynne Planck Sharon Buek Jeanne Kinzer Sandra Reiser Jane Byerts Laura KIrcher Judy Rickel Laurinda Chappelle Nancy Kooistra Carol Sullenberger Ralph Cline Mia Lalse Barb Tally Carole Davis Mike Lee Dorothy Tharp Jack Dawson Dick Mahaffey Carol Torres Jane Eckert Lin Masi Sharon Walker Betty Gasklns Mar Lou Muldoon Rob Word Butch Padgett Layout Steve Kleinburg Photography Sage Redding Photography 255 Fred York Editor The Stetson Reporter on the moor: trom things detached completely — how the skylark sings! basho John Tubb Ted Wolfarth Business Manager Managing Editor Dean Bunch News Editor Rachael Pike Feature Editor 256 Pat Stult7 Copy Editor Staff: Dennis McNamara Intramural Editor Iva Case JaKay Jarvis Stephen Kleinberg Ange Shurley Joan Simmons Erik Skarstrom Anne Marie Vlteic Angle Wohlfarth Dan Re thwell Varsity Editor Jeanne Kinser Greek Gab Editor Jouce Martin Assistant Business Manager John Irvin Photographer 257 Junior Counselors bush clover does not spill one small white dewdrop — though its waves are never still. basho Resident Advisors banked fires; night grows late — then connes a sound of rapping at the gate. kyoroku 258 Men ' s Judiciary Council a storm-wind blows — out from among the grasses the full moon grows. chora Men ' s Dorm Council they say there is a still pool even in the middle of the rushing whirlpool. mitsune 259 Women ' s Dorm Councils regret for spring ' s passing — year after year, and yet never the same. gekkyo Emily Hall ■ jgn l y H B H ■ H i J K; ' ' iByNi Hl X R - ' SKw IBIKB Fv Conrad Hali Stetson Hall 260 Women ' s Executive Council scattered petals lie on the rice-seedling water: stars in the moonlit sky. buson 261 Tassel Leadership Honorary for Sophomore Women here on the mountain pass, somehow they draw one ' s heart so — violets in the grass, basho Phi Society Scholastic Honorary Sponsored by Phi Beta Kappa green fields of grain: a skylark rises — over there, comes down again, onitsvra 262 Scroll 6l Key Scholastic Honorary for Juniors and Seniors here the cuckoo flies till it is lost to sight — out there a lone island lies. basho Green Circle Leadership hlonorary for Sophomore Men a morning-glory! and so — today; may seem my own life-story. maritake 263 Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Universities bent down by the rain, the ripe barley nnakes this such a narrow lane! joso Angel Castillo Connie Carefoot Nancy Combs Rick Knapp 264 Jay Mechling Gena Medrano •Jii r. ' . " Steve Wilkerson Joyce Ashley Nina Thomas 265 Butch Padgett Linda Guenther " .,. • -- v . 1 1 iVXi Bobbie Flippo Terr! Jo Wilkerson JBi B kl - ■ T ' ' . ) H i3H j l H f ' » l S r HIIH Bl 266 Jack Dawson Jim Thomas Dariene Smith Dave Morgan 267 Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honorary «., for Men above the veil of mist, from time to time there lifts a sail. gakoku Lfti Jay Mechling ,.«= ■ Ricl Knapp Butch Padgeft Webb Wiggi Mortar Board National Leadership Honorary for Women f li w ' f -fl r r ' mu ' 4 « Sj L -r i I « . fe envied by us all, turning to such loveliness — red leaves that fall. Bobbie Flippo t JM| 270 THE YEAR 271 i NO MOKING N •:4 Orientation You knew it was going to happen . . . you had been waiting for three months — three long, calm, glorious months. As suddenly and with as much noise as the clash of one harsh- noted cymbal, you had begun the inevitable process of orientation into the world that is Stetson. There was a moment of hesitation (tinted, perhaps, with a hint of hysteria), a final deep breath, and you were in. This new world was one of coat-hangers, trunks, awk- ward silences. But the frenzy so engulfed you that somehow your packet of multicolored I.B.M. cards found you, and you waded, through the faces, past the arrows, down the halls, to the end of the lines, and eventually you gave " Charlie " the final schedule you hoped he would like. And then came the books, meetings, worn smiles. When you finally paused long enough to wonder how you would ever come to know the people behind those faces, your orientation process was complete. You were a member. 272 VrCLCOME 273 I F C Rush You found that this was part of it too. Perhaps, you participated solely for the purpose of meeting new people. That you did. Perhaps you participated so that you could call " brother " the man you would be calling " friend " many years in the future. 274 : 5 im ' -■mm 275 Panhellenic Rush You remember thinking that whoever first termed this madness " rush " knew what they were talking about, for " rushed " you were. You began to associate water, tea, cigarette smoke, and aching feet with meeting new people, mak- ing new friends. For some of you rush meant long, tedious hours of work; for others rush meant seas of unknown faces wearing strained smiles. Somehow it was all worth it as the after- noon of pledging arrived. You embraced, ran, screamed, and sang the day away. You had a feeling that somehow you were a few friends closer to happiness. 276 J, 277 Miss Hatter Contest Confes+ant number one crossed the stage with the poise, grace, and elegance that you had learned to associate with beauty contestants. The other contestants followed her in their assigned order. From your seat in the shadows you watched and judged, selected and predicted. Your job was the easiest. But for the girls on stage, who were adorned with candlelight and flowers and were bathed in spotlights, the contest had a different air. Long before the momentous walk down the ramp, the contestants had waded through rehearsals, teas ancJ interviews with the judges. When the final announce- ment echoed through the auditorium, your eyes strained to find the new Miss Hatter. You found the number nineteen worn on the dress of Miss Jo- anne Whisler. 278 279 Green Feather You sacrificed your Saturday morning sleep, your study time, or your moments of leisure to fulfill your share In a worthy cause. The day was filled with boards, hammers, and confusion followed by an afternoon wind which seemed to destroy many of your efforts. The night was filled with laughter, bright lights, and cotton candy. There was water splashing, a small child ' s smile, and blaring music. All this culminated into the sights and sounds of giving. 280 281 282 283 Homecoming It all began sometime in Ocfober with a blur of strange faces and a registration tent. As Homecoming progressed, the campus pul- sated with excitement. You danced, you watched, you smiled at the alumni whose pasts were being relived in your actions. You waited for the parade you thought would never come, and then saw the float you had so diligently constructed disassembled by the October rain, htomecoming was wet construction paper, anticipation and many fond memories. But as suddenly as your last dance on a Saturday night. Homecoming was over. Too soon you found yourself sitting in your Monday-morning class as if the weekend had never happened. Dave Morgan Kay Harmeling Homecoming Host Hostess 284 .1 285 ml v 286 287 Christmas You had wished that by some miracle time had stopped, but the clocks continued to tick and the miracle was Christmas. It came to Stetson in the usual season, and although yau had always watched your calendar with the greatest of interest, Christmas came when you least expected It. First it arrived in the torm of a large tree beside Hulley Tower; in a day or two Christmas trees found a place in every dorm, every office, and every building on campus. You stood around the trees to carol, to burn a yule log, to share in the spirit of Christmas. You saw the Christmas trees as faint green blurs as you rushed to your finals. Christmas at Stetson went from hot weather to candlelight at a Snowball dance, from near panic about finals to tears at a party for underprivileged children. The time never passed so rapidly, yet so slowly; before you knew one moment s relaxation, you were on your way home to your kind of Christmas. Rick Brannan Wendy Roblnet+e Snow Ball Prince Princess 288 Minimester Minimester, as you knew it, was the shock of seeing a Chinese red Hat Rack for the first time after your Christmas vacation or it was the freezing January wind which penetrated your Lon- don Fog as you made your way to your eight-thirty. " Mini " (as she was affectionately known by the few friends she had) was the endless rows of heads you studied, contemplated, and mem- orized as you occupied your assigned seat in Elizabeth, Stover, or the Stetson Room. Or it was an independent study course, endless term papers, and long hours of research in the li- brary. Minimester was a listening hour, a series of books, a frantic struggle to " keep up, " a price- less class cut, and tedious hours of reading which all began one day too early in January and came to an end five weeks and a handful of pauses later. 290 291 Hatter Holiday Hatter Holiday happened during the first few days of Spring when the weather was so perfect that your thoughts were anywhere but in the class- roonn with your nnath professor. So you took the break you felt you deserved, and for one glorious day you let yourself become totally involved in enjoying yourself. Enjoying yourself included al- ternating between dry egg yolks, dirt and ice-cold water from the Springs. You went from fried chicken to the beauty contest, and the music you listened to was a band competing with cries from peacocks. As a finale for a memorable day. Stetson ' s agenda for Hatter Holiday included the serene beauty of a burning sunset over the deep blue waters of De Leon Springs. 292 293 294 Steve Willcerson Diane Pares! Mr, Miss Stetson 295 Graduation As you looked in retrospect at the time you had spent at Stetson, you saw four years here as one particle of sand in the proverbial hourglass. The piece of white parchment you held in your hand indicated that you had accomplished the goals you had set for yourself when you entered the world that is Stetson. The goals contained in the parchment told half the story. You won- dered what the compensation would be for leav- ing behind the friends who had meant so much, the buildings you had taken for granted, or the security of belonging to the friends and buildings. You found yourself looking around the campus as you never had before in a last desperate attempt to remember, to retain, to recapture. But the pendulum kept swinging and your life kept changing. And suddenly with as much noise as the click of a suitcase latch, you had begun the eternal steps — the eternal steps away. 296 • i ' " ' aL » " ' 297 298 li BEAUTIES 299 Miss Stetson 300 Alpha Xi Delta JDlane f a 301 ■- ■•»• J 9r { " I lija Posture Queen 302 Military Ball Queen Headquarters Company 303 Basketball Queen Sigma Nu 304 Freshman Beauty Queen 305 J athu L ranaell for Sigma Nu ecini t haffer for Chaudoin Hall iV«»C»- - •« ' Miss Hatter Jroanne {AJnislc for Phi U i To the DeLand merchants represented in these next few pages, THE hIATTER would like to extend its appreciatior for as supporters of THE HATTER they will remain in ths book forever Vining Bigelow Business Manager ADVERTISEMENTS 312 Congratulations and best Wishes, Class of 1967 the city of DeLand and the Qiamber of Commerce are proud of the cooperative relations between the residents of our community and the students of Stetson University. DELAND CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 336 N. Woodland Boulevard 313 DELAND CAMERA SHOP 142 North Boulevard DeLand, Florida 734-3595 THE ALLEN- WHITE CO, INC. SPECIALISTS IN OFFICE SUPPLIES ADDING MACHINE AND TYPEWRITER REPAIR LEN McCarthy, Manager Sales and Service Representative New and Reconditioned Machines STOUDE fMIRE ' S THRIFTWAY 642 West New York Avenue DeLand, Florida J. C. PENNEY CO. compliments of BELUE ' S SHOES 136 North Boulevard DeLand Florida DeLAND GIBBS OF DELAND, INC. Best Advertised Lines in Ladies ' Wearing Apparel 131-133 North Boulevard 734-5521 Mitchell Cleaners Sanitone Cattfied ' MaskrTkydaner V __ Finest in Dry Cleaning Polarized Care for Your Furs Box Storage for Winter Garments STETSON UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE Congratulations . . . Class of 1966 Your Book-Centered Store on Your Book-Centered Campus 314 Compliments of MORRIS ' 217 N. Boulevard Deland ' s Finest Restaurant Congratulations . . . Graduates of the Class of 1967 FLORIDA BANK AT DELAND " A Friendly Institution ' MEMBER FLORIDA NATIONAL GROUP OF BANKS FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE COMPANY 315 ■Bww -- -a imBM i .. i in w FOUNTAIN ' S DAYTONA LINEN SERVICE INC Over Fifty Years Central Florida ' s Finest Store for Men DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA DeLAND, FLORIDA DELAND COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Phone 734-2182 316 Crew to explore a new world! Vast unknown territory, rich potential. Some space travel. Ingenuity, adaptability essential. Challenging opportunity for skilled workers. Rapid advancement for adventurous high school and college graduates. The new world? A small solar planet named Earth. Not visible to the unimaginative, but many can see it now. And— it ' s exciting! The new world will be colonized by 90% of all the scientists known to history . . . and by technicians, specialists, teachers, writers, and many we can ' t name— because half the jobs there, ten years from now, do not even exist today! How can you qualify for the expedition? Acquire skills needed for today ' s jobs— in college, technical, or special school. Then keep up with the knowledge explosion by continuing education— in seminars, adult education and TV courses, on-the-job or armed services trainipg. When you ' re set to take off, you ' ll go a long, long way. Bon voyage! FLORIDA PO VER CORPORATION VO(y ? rAX PAVING. INVESJOROWNeO CLKTRIC COMPANY 317 Whett you think photography, think Keiits " KENT ' S PHOTO SHOP STUDIO 224 NORTH BOULEVARD Phone 734-1133 318 ROEHR PRODUCTS CO., INC. Subsidiary of Brunswick Corporation DeLand, Florida Norfolk, Nebraska Waterbury, Connecticut World ' s Largest Manufacturer of Disposable Hypodermic Needles and Syringes MANCS PIZZA LUNCH 1109 S. Blvd. RE 4-4907 DINNER PUBLIX P-V - ■ ' ' " TJ " " - L , 9 ' 5)_J«gL mj , - .c. ;,,,-e=rri M v Ji " Where Shopping ' s A Pleasure " COLLEGE PLAZA 115 EAST PLYMOUTH DELAND. FLORIDA James F. Clardy p. 0. Box 441 21} North Woodland Boulevard, Deland, Florida Phone: RE 4-4883 Representing The Travelers Insurance Companies Since 1873 F. N. DeHuy Son Diamonds Watches Jewelry Bridal Department Expert Repair China — Crystal — Silver Jewelry and Watches DEALER FOR WESTINGHOUSE MAYTAG Since 1929 Jft jP tA Ut A Since 1929 tccfua ' d THE BARNETT NATIONAL BANK OF DELAND BANKEVG HEADQUARTERS FOR STETSON STUDENTS FACULTY SINCE 1929 GERALD E. FRIERSON 230 N. BLVD. WRENN ' S 119 N. Boulevard Tel. 734-4433 77ie Smart Place To Go . . , For Good Things To Eat! HATS ON! to the ' 63 HATTERS from Morrison Food Service Inc. " No Finer Food . . . Anywhere! " MORRISON FOOD SERVICE a division of Morrison Cafeterias, Inc. .. s ' ?t 320 FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS - a AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF DeLAND WM 136 NORTH FLORIDA AVENUE DELAND, FLORIDA 32720 TELEPHONE 734-2551 BRANCH OFFICE - DeBARY, FLORIDA ' W iej r wtfSanc d C ave tyMi lco fd FEASEL PAINT AND GLASS Established 1921 Art Supplies Picture Framing 247 North Boulevard DeLand, Florida compliments of IHE DODGE BOYS THH UNIVERSITY SHOP MEN ' S Sf LADIES WEAR 118 N. BLVD. 734-4768 DELAND, FLA. DeLAND, DODGE 1205 W. BLVD. 734-7800 On the Boulevard " Serving West Volusia " 321 11 REEVE HOWARD STATIONERY GIFTS-GREETING CARDS 105 West Indiana Avenue ( DON PAGE AGENCY, INC. " 1 LIFE CASUALTY - FIRE 1 2lt E. NEW YORK AVENUE DELAND. FLORIDA S PHONE 734-9642 DELAND STATE BANK OFFERING SPECIAL STUDENT ACCOUNTS WITH EMBOSSED COVER AND STETSON SEAL DELAND FLORIDA Compliments of COSTON ' S Laundry Dry Cleanin; REdwood 4-3052 224 S. Florida Ave. Best Wishes From Evelyn and Jimmy West STETSON FLOWER SHOP 106 E. New York Ave. Serving Stetson and DeLand for 35 Years DeLAND, FLORIDA 734-0796 BETTY DREKAS 105 S. Boulevard DELAND, FLA. 734-1949 ESTABLISHED 1911 734-0355 he }lori 1 16 east indiana De Land Florida Russel P. Curry Member FTDA ATHENS Laundry Dry Cleaning CONGRA TULA TIONS TO THE EDITOR OF THE 1967 HATTER N K. 322 Seniors ABLES, JUDITH W., B ., Elementary Educa- tion. Americus. Ga., Alpha Xi Delta, Stetson House Council, HATTER Staff, Jr. Counselor. ABLES, MICHAEL B., B.S., Chemistry, Sanford, Pi Kappa Phi, Gamma Sigma Epsilon. ABREU, VINCENT J., B.S., Physics, Havana, Cuba, Sigma Pi Sigma, Cantebury Club, In- ternational Club, Stover Theatre Productions. ANDERSON, DONALD G., B.B.A., Accounting, Ormond Beach, Accountancy Club, Orienta- tion Comm. ANDREWS, DANA, B.A., Spanish, St. Peters- burg, Zeta Tau Alpha, Sigma Delta Pi, Stet- son Reporter. ASHLEY, JOYCE, B.A., Elementary Education, Jaclcsonville, Mortar Board, Secy., Tassel, Scroll and Key, Phi Society, Kappa Delta Pi, Dean ' s List, Honor Roll, Stetson Scholar, Stu- dent Affairs, Student Union Board, Publicity Chairman, Hospitality Committee, Vice Pres., BSU, Minister of Outreach, Junior Counselor. ATKINSON, CARRIE MAE, B.A., Elementary Education, Orlando. Honor Roll, Kappa Delta Pi. AUSINCH, BAIBA, B.S., Chemistry, Solna, Swe- den, Tri Beta, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Gamma Sigma Epsilon. B BARROSO, JUAN VIII, B.A., Economics, Ha- bana. Cuba, Beta Alpha Sigma, Sigma Delta Pi, Dean ' s List, Film Committee, Canterbury Club, Treas., International Club, Treas., Stover Theatre Productions. BAUBE, JANICE ELIZABETH, B.A., Elementary Education, Mt. Vernon, Ohio, Zeta Tau Alpha, Ritual Chairman, Dean ' s List, Honor Roll, Canterbury Club, Intramurals. BAUER, FRANK ROBERT, B.B.A., General Busi- ness, Pinellas Park, Delta Sigma Phi, Sergeant- at-arms. Rush Chairman, Alumni Relations Director, Orientation Committee, Homecom- ing Committee, Westminster Fellowship, Soc- cer Team, Intramurals, Sailing Club. BAXLEY, WAYNE, B.A., Religion, Wlersdale, Phi Theta Kappa, BSU: Ministerial Assn. BEACH, JANE, B.A., Hlstor , Eau Gallle, Delta Delta Delta, Publicitv Chairman, Recording Secy., Scholarship Chairman, Phi Alpha Theta, Secy.-Treas., Orientation Committee, House Council, Student Advisor, Junior Year Abroad. BEACH, MARTHA, B.M.E., Flute, Holly Hill, Phi Beta, Treas., Tau Beta Sigma, Secy-Treas., Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Band, Secy., Orches- tra, Publicity Chairman, MENC, Program Chairman. BEHRENS, RAE ALDEN, JR., B.S., Chemistry, Waco, Texas, Pi Kappa Phi, House Manager, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Pres., Scabbard and Blade, Homecoming Committee, Hatter Holi- day Committee, HAHER Staff. BIGELOW, VINING, M.B.A., Marketing-Man- agement, Branford, Conn., Sigma Pi Kappa, Publications Board Chmn., HATTER Business Manager, Soccer, Co. Capt,, Tennis. BISHOP, RANDI, B.A., Speech and Drama, Clearwater, Zeta Tau Alpha, Activities Chrmn., Historian, Dean ' s List, Honor Roll, Theta Alpha Phi, Veep, House Council, Hatter Howl, Parent ' s Weekend Comm,, Greek Week Comm., Children ' s Theatre, HAHER Staff, Canterbury Club, Stover Theatre Produc- tions. BOHMFALK. JOHN F., II, B.B.A. Accounting, Rye, N.Y., Lambda Chi Alpha, Accountancy Club, Pres., Secy, of Traffic. BRANNAM. JULIA ANN, B.M.E., Piano, Jaclc- sonville, Pi Beta Phi, Activities Chrmn., Intra- murals Chrmn., Hatters Holiday Comm., Stu- dent Advisor, BSU, University Chorus, MENC, Social Chrmn., Intramurals, Frosh Beauty Con- test. BRANAN, SAMUEL R., JR., B.S., Mathematics, Vero Beach, PI Kappa Phi, Secy., Intramural Chrmn., S Club, Scabbard and Blade, Treas., Green Circle, Secy., Student Advisor, HaHer Holiday Comm., hlomecoming Comm., HAT- TER Sports Editor, BSU, Resident Advisor, Baseball, Basketball, Intramurals, All Star Basketball and Football, Mr. Snowman. BROCKEH. LILLIAN GAIL, B.A., English, Pen- sacola, Sigma Tau Delta, Dean ' s List, Honor Roll, Stetson Scholar, Stetson Review, Canter- bury Club, Player ' s Guild, Treas., Stover The- atre Productions. BROWN, TANA, B.A.A., General Business, Co- lumbus, Indiana, Alpha XI Delta, Panhellenlc Rep., Standards Chrmn., Social Chrmn., Intra- murals Chrmn., Honor Roll, Homecoming Comm., First Runner-up Basketball Queen, Stetson Reporter, Intramurals, All Star Bas- ketball. BRYANT, FREDERICK M., B,A., History and Political Science, St. Petersburg, PI Kappa Phi, Honor Roll, Student Advisor, Basketball. BUTLER, JACK S., II, B.A., Political Science, Boca Raton, Pi Kappa Phi, Secy., Social Chair- man, Public Rel., Junior Class Senator, Senior Class Senator. Student Advisor, Orientation Week Comm., Green Feather Comm., Home- coming Comm., Parents Weekend Comm., Co- Chairman, Arrangements, Honor Roll, Scab- bard and Blade, Secy., DIstlngusihed K, Veep. Basketball, Intramurals, All Star Crosscountry and Basketball, Westminster Fellowship. CAMPBELL, ROCHELLE, B.A., Fren ch, Pom- pano Beach, Theta Alpha Phi, Stetson Scholar, Honors Program, Student Advisor, Hatter Hol- iday Comm., Junior Year Abroad, Players Guild, Secy-Treas., French Club, Secy., Stover Theatre Productions, Sailing Club. CARAMEROS, TONI, B.A., English, Miami, Delta Delta Delta, Pledge Class Pres., Rush Chairman, Panhellenlc, Secy., Pres., Pi Kappa Phi Rose Queen, Sigma Tau Delta, Orienta- tion Comm., Green Feather Comm., Student Affairs Comm., Student Advisor, Junior Coun- selor, ROTC C Company Sponsor, First Run- ner-up Miss Stetson, Best-dressed Coed, Sec- ond Runner-up Miss HATTER, First Runner-up Military Ball Queen, Who ' s Who. CAREFOOT, CONNIE, B.A., Mathematics, Fort Meade, Delta Delta Delta, Panhellenlc Hon- orary, Senior Senator, Veep Student Body, Parents Weekend Comm., Co-Chrmn., Orien- tation Comm., Homecoming Comm., SUB. House Council, Publications Board, Religious Life Council, Who ' s Who. CAREFOOT GEORGE H., Ill, B.B.S. Business, Fort Meade, Pi Kappa Alpha, Historian, Alum- ni Corres., Pledge Trainer, Orientation Comm., Student Advisor, Wesley Foundation, Intra- murals. CARTLEDGE, JOYCE E., B.A., English. Miami, Dean ' s List, Honor Roll, Sigma Tau Delta. Honors Program, Ford Graduate Program, SUB, HATTER, Y. W. A. CARLTON, BRUCE, B.B.S., General Business, St. Petersburg, Delta Sigma Phi, House Man- ager, Pledge Class Secy., Honor Roll, Intra- murals. CARTER, FRANK A., II, B.B.A., General Busi- ness, Chevy Chase, Md., Lambda Chi Alpha, Pledge Class President, Treas., Pledge Trainer, DIstlng. Military Student, Scabbard and Blade, Pershing Rifles, Stetson Reporter, Soc- cer. CASTILLO, ANGEL, JR., B.A., English, Burbank, California, Green Circle, Sigma PI Kappa, Pi Kappa Delta, Honor Roll, Student Govern- ment: Fresh. Soph., and Liberal Arts Senator. Pres. Student Body. Outstanding Senator Award, Hatter Holiday Comm,, Elections and Appointments, Chrmn., Organizations and Finance, Chrmn., Evaluation and Develop ment, Chrmn., SUB, Education Comm., Chrmn. Student Advisor, Stetson Reporter, Edit. Col umnist. Stetson Review, Publications Board Religious Life Council, Fine Arts and Lectures, Interofttlonal Club, Independents. CLAYPOOL, LINDA J., B.A., Elementary Edu- cation, HIaleah, Kappa Delta PI. Concert Choir, T-Squad, University Chorus, Canter- bury Club, SFEA. CEBALLO, LUIS E., B.S., Biology, Miami, Stu- dent Advisor, SUB, Lab Assistant, Biology, HATTER, Compass, Canterbury Club, Intra- murals. CHRISTY, WALTER L., JR., B.A., History, Or- lando, Ford Graduate Program, Phi Alpha Theta, Dean ' s List, Honor Roll, Cum Laude Graduate, Orlando Junior College. COCHRANE, JOHN S., B.S., Physics, Largo, Sigma Pi Sigma, Pershing Rifles, SUB, Young Repub. Club. COHRS, GAIL G., B.A., Art Education, Light- house Point, Alpha Chi Omega, Intramurals Chrmn., Intramurals. COMBS, NANCY R., B.A., Education, Deland. Alpha XI Delta, Pledge Class Veep., Out- standing Pledge, Exec. Council, Mortar Board, Veep., Tassel, Hist., Dean ' s List, Honor Roll, Who ' s Who, Junior Counselor, Orientation Comm., Secy., Student Advisor, Hatter Holi- day Comm., Green Feather Comm., Corres. Secy., SUB, Corres. Secy., Compass, Miss HAHER Finalist. CONNOR, SUSAN, B.A., English, Deland, Zeta Tau Alpha, Pledge Class Pres., Panhellenlc Rep. CROWTHER, JOHN B., B.A., History, Deland Sigma Phi Epsilon, Honor Roll, ROTC Aca- demic Achievement Wreath, Dist. Military Student, Pershing Rifles, Intramurals. CROWTHER, MARGARET S., B.B.A., Business Admin., Deland, Alpha XI Delta, House Chrmn., Honor Roll, Tau Beta Sigma, Band. DICKEY F. PAUL, B.M., Music, Miami, Student A. G. O., Dean, Asst. Manager, University Chorus. DILLMAN. CHARLES, B.B.A., General Business, Miami Springs, Sigma Nu. DUDLEY KAREN E., B.A., History, Welrsdale, Phi Alpha Theta, Academic Affairs Comm., Chmn., House Council, Young Democrats. ESTES, SHARON J„ B.A., American Studies, Ft. Benning, Ga., Alpha XI Delta, Historian, Rush Chmn., Stetson Scholar, Phi Society, Pres., Phi Alpha Theta, Junior Counselor, Women ' s Executive Council, Secy., BSU. Fresh. Council. University Chorus. 324 HALL, RONALD L., sofa, Honor Roll, Ministerial Assoc, FLIPPO, ROBERTA DAYE. B.A., Elementary Education. Eustis, Abelian Society, Exec. Coun- cil, Kappa Delta Pi, Secy., Sigma Taj Delta, Scroll and Key, Tassel, Treas., Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Mortar Board, Treas., Junior Counselor, SUB, Films Comm., Publicity Comm., BSD, Minister of Communications, Concert Choir FURLONG, JANE V., B.A., Speech and Drama, Deland, Zeta Tau Alpha, Theta Alpha Phi, Pres., Hist., Dean ' s List, Honor Roll, HATTER, Fine Arts Editor, Canterbury Club, Senior Warden, Religious Life Council, Stover The- atre Productions. GRAFF, MARY E., B.A., History, Maitland, Kappa Delta Pi, Concert Choir, Interdenomi- national Tutoring, Canterbury Club. GRANA, MADELIN J., B.S., Chemistry, Jack- sonville, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, BSU. GRUBER CRAIG H., B.A., History, Lake Park, Sigma Nu, House Comm., Pledge Trainer, Basketball, Baseball. GUSSMAN, DIANNE M., B.A., American Studies, Silver Springs, Md., Pi Beta Phi, Treas., Program Chrmn., Homecoming Comm., First Runner-up, Basketball Queen. H HALL, MARGARET SMITH, B.A., Elementary Education, Jacksonville, Dean ' s List, Honor Roll, BSU. B.A., Philosophy, Sara- Senate Chaplain, BSU, Head Resident Upper- classmen Dorms, Intramurals. HAMILTON, MARCIA ELIZABETH, B.B.A., General Business, Palm Beach Gardens, Delta Delta Delta, Recc. Chrmn., Scholarship Chrmn., Treas., Tassel, Sigma Pi Kappa, Veep., JC Aspley Business Scholarship, Traffic De- partment, House Council, Student Advisor, HATTER, Class Editor, Stetson Reporter, Canterbury Club. HARDMAN, JOHN A., B.B.A., Accounting, Ft. Lauderdale, Beta Alpha Sigma, Account- ancy Club, ROTC Scholarship, Dist. Mititary Student, ROTC Academic Wreath, Pershing Rifles, Commander, Scabbard and Blade, Canterbury Club, Jr. Warden. HARLEY, SHARON K., B.A., English, Jackson- ville, Kappa Delta Pi, Student Advisor, Wes- ley Foundation, SFEA. HARMELING, KAY, B.A., Elementary Education, Winter Park, Zeta Tau Alpha, Intram., Veep., Pledge Trainer, House Council, Greek God- dess, Homecoming Ho stess, Pershing Rifles Sponsor, Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Girl, Intramurals. HAYES, ROBERT C, B.S., Biology, Auburn, N.Y., Beta Beta Beta. HEAD, GEORGE A., JR., B.A., Spanish, Tampa, Kappa Kappa PsI. HEDRICK, CHRISTINE, B.A., English, Vienna, Va., Theta Alpha Phi, Sigma Tau Delta, Honor Roll, S. G. Spirit Comm., SUB, Cultural Comm., Chrmn., Communications Comm., Cultural Chrmn., Player ' s Guild, Pres., Canter- bury, Stover Theatre Productions. HOOD, MICHAEL B., B.B.A., General Business, Homestead, PI Kappa Alpha. HOOKER, MARY ELLEN, B.A., Psychology, Ft. Myers, PsI Chi, Pres., Veep., Student Advisor, Hatter Holiday Comm., SUB. Canterbury Club, Vestry, Sailing Club, Secy. HUGGARD, KATHLEEN E., B.A., Elementary Education, German, Sun City Center, Kappa Delta Pi, Student Advisor, Jr. Year Abroad, Stetson Reporter, SGA, SFEA. Follies, Director, BSU, Editor I9t7 HATTER, Stover Theatre Productions. JAMES, PATRICIA M., B.A., Education, Pat- terson, Ga., Delta Delta Delta, Veep., Pledge Trainer, Kappa Delta PI, Pres., House Council, Student Advisor, Parent ' s Weekend Comm. JOHNSTON, GREGORY A., B.S., Chemistry, Ormond Beach, Lambda Chi Alpha, Student Advisor, Intramurals, All Star Track, Bad- minton, Golf, Ping Pong, Golf Team. JULIAN, SHERRILLE, B.A., English, Sanford. K KNIGHT, EUGENE W., B.S., Physics, Deland, Sigma PI Sigma, Pres. KNIGHTS, BONNIE LEE, B.A., Elementary Edu- cation, Dayfona Beach, Phi Mu, Correspond- ing Secretary, Registrar, Chaplain, Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, American Guild of Organ- ists, Lutheran Student ' Association, Univer- sity Chorus. KOHN, RICHARD D., B.B.A., Business Adm., St. Petersburg Beach, PI Kappa Alpha, Treas- urer. JACKSON, DON, B.A., Social Sciences, Grif- fin, Ga., PI Kappa Phi, Theta Alpha Phi, Sigma PI Kappa, Gamma Theta Upsllon, Honor Roll, Fresh. Senator, Homecoming Comm., Parent ' s Weekend Comm., Hatter Holiday Comm., Chrmn., Parent ' s Weekend 325 LEE, MICHAEL E., B.A., Sociology, St. Peters- burg Beach, Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Hatter Holiday Comm., Parent ' s Weekend Comm. Homecoming Comm., Hatter Executive Staff Stover Theatre Productions. LinLE, MARGARET E., B.A., Elementary Edu cation, Clearwater, Intramurals, SFEA, Pub lications Officer. LORENZO. MARCOS F., B.S., Biology, Sara sota, Sigma Phi Epsllon, Public Relations. Frat. Reporter. Canterbury Club, Program Chairman, Varsity Soccer Team, Intramurals SUB Social Comm., SUB Cultural Comm., Senior Social Comm., Senior Commencement Comm. M MADDOCK, PETER W., B.S., Math., Ft. Lauder- dale, Sigma Nu, Honor Roll, Green Feather Carnival. Co-Chairman, Parent ' s Weekend Comm., Tennis, All Conference Team, Intra- murals, All Star. MARCH, BOBBIE, B.A., English, Bridgeport. Conn., Zeta Tau Alpha, Social Chrmn., Rush Chrmn., Pres., Sigma Tau Delta, Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, SUB Commons Comm., Intra- murals, Greek Week Comm., Homecoming Comm., Green Feather Comm.. Players Guild MASTRY DENNIS MICHAEL. B.B.A., Acting, Belize, British Honduras, Delta Sigma Phi, Chaplain, Treasurer. Traffic Dept., Treasurer. Traffic Dept., Treasurer, Canterbury Club, Intramurals. MATHERS, PHYLLIS A., B.A., Elementary Edu- cation. Umatilla, Zeta Tau Alpha, Gamma Theta Upsilon, Baptist Student Union, SFEA Intramurals. McBRYDE. BILL, B.B.A., General Business, Co- lumbia, South Carolina, Pi Kappa Alpha, Sec- retary, Vice Pres., Intramurals, R.O.T.C. Rifle Team, Interfraternity Council, Vice Pres. McCUNE, MAUREEN, B.A., Elementary Edu- cation, Sarasota, Phi Mu, Chaplain, Newman Club. Secretary. Intramurals, SFEA. McGARITY, BETSY FERRAN. B.A., Elementary Education, Eustis, Delta Delta Delta. MECHLING, JAY EDMUND, B.A., American Studies, Miami Beach, Omlcron Delta Kappa, Vice Pres.. Pi Kappa Delta, Pres., Theta Alpha Phi. Vice Pres. Phi Alpha Theta, Phi Society, Order of Scroll and Key, Pres., Who ' s Who. MEDRANO. GENA, B.A., Psy. and Spanish, Miami, Delta Delta Delta, Pledge Class Pres., Frat. Education. Activities Chrmn.. Sigma Delta Pi, Psl Chi, Tassel, Vice Pres., Who ' s Who, Parent ' s Weekend Comm., Homecoming Alumni Registration Chrmn., Green Feather Comm, President ' s Cabinet, Sec. of Public Relations. Senior Senator, Student Adviser, Orientation Week: Social Comm., Information Comm., Senior Class Social Chrmn., Hatter Beauty Editor, SUB, Hospitality Comm., Build- ing Comm. Chrmn., Intramurals, Stover The- atre Productions, Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Court. 326 jpwjn ' f " " ■■T 327 MIDKIFF, LYNN E.. II, B.A., English, Deltona, Wesley Foundation, Sr. Class Commence- ment Comm.. ROTC Rifle Team, Pershing Rifles Marching Band, Intra-Dormitory Coun- cil. MOORE, JAMES RONALD. B.B.A.. Account- ing, New Brockton, Alabama, Sigma Nu, Commander, Varsity Basketball, Co-Captain, Fraternity Intramurals, S Club. Account- ing Club. Senior Service Award from ODK. MORGAN. DAVID M.. A.B.. English, Miami, Pi Kappa Phi. Archon. Chaplain. Alumni Rela- tions Chrmn.. Rush Chrmn., Pledge Treas., Green Circle. Omicron Delta Kappa, Jr. Senator. Sr. Senator, Pres., Chrmn. Elections and Appts. Com., Chrmn. Commons Comm., Co-Chrmn. Orientation Week Comm., Chrmn. Green Feather Carnival, BSU, Pres., Social Co-Chrmn., Youth Director, Student Revival Team, Vice Pres., State BSU, Religious Life Council. Homecoming hlost. Resident Adviser. MORGAN, HELEN RAE, B.A., Sociology, Miami, Pi Beta Phi, Pledge Project Chrmn., Corresponding Sec, Intramurals, Participa- tion Award. MORRISS, KATHERINE JANE, B.A., History, Westfield, New Jersey, Pi Beta Phi, Record- ing Sec, Philanthropies, Pi Phi Times, Phi Alpha Theta, Honor Roll, Stetson Hall House Council, Recording Sec, Green Feather, In- tramurals. MORRIS. WILLIAM C, B.A., Pol. Sci., Pen- sacola, PI Kappa Phi, Warden, Green Circle, Pres., Men ' s Dorm Council, Vice Pres., Men ' s Judiciary Council, Pres., Student Affairs Comm., Intramurals, Scabbard and Blade, Circle K. N NALL, REBECCA LYNNE, B.A., History, Smyr- na, Ga., Alpha Xi Delta, Dean ' s List. Fresh- man Scholar. House Council, Intramurals, Stu- dent Adv., Parent ' s Weekend Comm., Canter- bury Club. NAPOLI, WILLIAM J., B.B.A., Econ., Coral Gables, Delta Sigma Phi, Chaplain, Ritual Chrmn., Stetson Reporter Staff, Editor of Greek Gab, Canterbur Vestry, Dir. of Lay Reader, Collegiate Council for the U.N., Deep South Chrmn., Young Democrat, Circle K. PADGETT, PHILLIP, B.A.. Speech and Drama. Nashville, Tenn., Alpha Chi Omega Big Lyre, Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Omicron Delta Kap- pa, Who ' s Who, Theta Alpha Phi, Historian, Gamma Theta Upsilon, SUB Comms.: Green Feather, Homecoming, Parent ' s Weekend, Orientation. Educ Films, HAHER Staff, Assis. Layout Editor, Compass Staff, Art and Design, Student Director of Stover Theatre, BSU, Student Adv. PAULA, JUNE, A.B., Spanish, Hallandale, Sig- ma Delta PI, Honor Roll, Jr. Yr. Abroad. PHILLIPS, REBECCA JO, B.A., English, Ft. Lauderdale, Alpha Chi Omega, Pledge Class Pres., Lyre Editor, Panhellenic Repres., Rush Chrmn., Pres., Dean ' s List, Honor Roll, Wom- en ' s Executive Council, Student Gov. Cabinet, Sec. of Student Affairs. Stover Theatre Bus. Manager, Greek Week Comm., Sec PHILLIPS THOMAS ANDREW, B.B.A., Account- ing, Schenectady, New York, Westminster Fellowship. Pres., Religious Life Council. PLUMER, JANN, B.A., English, Pahokee, Delta Delta Delta, Pledge Class Sec, Correspond- ing Sec, Marshall. Phi Beta. Vice Pres., Tas- sel, Mortar Board, Historian, House Council, Women ' s Exec. Council, Pres. of Stetson Hall, Homecoming Comm., Wesley Foundation, Religious Life Council, Intramurals, SUB Hostess, SUB Publicity Comm. POZDENA, GWENDOLYN H., B.S., Biology, Darien, Conn., Phi Mu. Pledge Trainer, Pan- hellenic Delegate, House Manager, West- minster, Student Adviser, Junior Counselor, Intramurals. 328 PIKE, RACHEL, B.A., American Studies, Naples, Zeta Tau Alpha, House Chrmn., Sigma P Kappa, Secretary, Emily Hall House Council President, Women ' s Executive Council, Par ent ' s Weekend Comm., Publicity Chrmn., Stu dent Adviser, Stetson Reporter, Columnist, Features Editor, Managing Editor, COMPASS Staff, Panhellenic Honorary. PICKERING, ROY, B.M.E., Music Education, Prince Edward Island, Canada, Kappa Kappa Psi, President, Pep Band Leader, National Band Honorary. PICHARD, MARY FLORENCE, B.A., English, DeLand, Alpha Xi Delta, Pledge Chaplain, Historian, Treasurer, Scholarship Chrmn., Phi Society, Secretary, Order of the Scroll and Key, Treasurer, Sigma Tau Delta, Treasurer, Stetson Hall House Council, Senate Com- munications and Public Affairs Comm., Elec- tions Comm., Baptist Student Union, State Vice Pres., Program Chrmn., Social Chrmn., Student Adviser, Tassel, Student Union Board Hospitality Chrmn., Recording Sec, Greek Week Comm., Secretary. R RAYMOND, DRUCILLA, Spanish, Ormond Beach, Sigma Delta Pi. REDDING, SAGE, B.A., English, Monroe, La., Phi Mu, Song Leader, Phi Beta, Sigma Tau Delta, HATTER Staff, Photographer, Wesley Foundation, Honor Roll, Mademoiselle Col- lege Board. RENCHER, ARLEN RYBOLT, B.B.A., Manage- ment Mrktng., Orlando, Alpha Chi Omega, Scholarship Chrmn., House Manager, Aspley Scholarship Award. 329 REPASS, DAVID MICHAEL, BJ .. English, Naples. Delta Sigma Phi, President, Dean ' s List, Honor Roll. Omicron Delta Kappa, Green Circle. Men ' s Judiciary Council, Sec. President. Intramurals. ROBERTS. JAN MORGAN, B.B.A., Econ., Caz- enovla, New York, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Presi- dent. Scholarship Chrmn.. House Manager, Interfraternity Council, Men ' s Judiciar, Council. Canterbury Club. Scabbard and Blade, Pershing Rifles. Executive Officer, 1st Lieut., ROTC. Intramurals. RODGERS, SUSAN, B.S., Biology, Valdosta. Georgia, Transfer -from Auburn Univ.. Delta Delta Delta. Chaplain, B.S.U., Cabinet Mem- ber. Tri Beta, Pres., Concert Choir, T Squad, SUB Hostess, Parent ' s Weekend Comm., SUB Cultural Comm. ROMANS. LARRY, BA., Econ., West Palm Beach, Pi Kappa Delta. Phi Alpha Theta, Secretary. Treasurer. Stetson Union Board, Rep.-at-large, Recording Sec. Liberal Arts School Senator. Chrmn. of Organizations and Finance Comm., Sec. of Constitutional Re- vision Comm., Student Affairs Comm.. Men ' s Residence Hall Council. Secretary. Canter- bury Club. Young Democrats, Vice Pres., De- bate Team, Green Circle. RUSSUM, NELLYE. B.A.. Elementary Education Ft. Pierce. Phi Mu. Wheel Award, Historian, Honor Roll, Co-Chrmn. Freshmen Orlentatio ' Committee, Social Chrmn. Freshmen Orient. Comm., SUB Hospitality Comm., Hatter Holi- day Comm.. Green Feather Comm., HATTER Staff, Beauty Editor. Stetson Reporter, Bap- tist Student Union. Inter-Denomlnalizatior- Tutoring Comm.. Junior Counselor, Chaudol " House Council Member, Secretary-Chaudol Hall, Student Fla. Educ. Assoc, Intramurals. SHAFER, LYNN. B.S., Biology, Sarasota. Delta Delta. Pres., Beta Beta Beta, Jr. Counselor, Assls. Dorm Director. SEARING EARL BURGE, JR., B.M., Piano. Starke. Scroll and Key. SHUCHART. MARY E, B.B.A., General Busi- ness, Alpha XI Delta. Honor Roll. Dean ' s List Aspley Award. Student Adviser, Newman Club. SMARTT. JAMES M.. B.BJ ., General Business, Abington. Pa.. Delta Sigma Phi, PJedgemaster, Honor Roll, IFC Representative. Sec, Pres, Student Affairs Comm., Inter-fratemify Dis- ciplinary Comm.. Greek Week Comm., IFC Scholarship Comm. Chrmn.. Intramurals. SMITH. DARLENE. BA.. English. Valdosta Georgia. Alpha Xi Delta. Chaplain, Sigma Tau Delta. Women ' s Executive Council, Rep- resentative. Secretary. President. Hatter Holi- day Co-Chrmn.. Orientation Week Co-Chrmn.. Tassel, President, Mortar Board, Editor. Who ' s V ho In Amer. Colleges and Universities. BSU, Devotional Co-Chrmn., Minister to Freshmen. SNEIDER. PAUL BARRY. B.B i., Accounting. Fort Lauderdale. Sigma Nu, Social Chrmn.. Pledge Trainer. Accounting Club. Honor Roll, Business School Senator. Judicial and Rules Comm.. Intramurals. SPIVEY, BARRY FRANK. B.A., English, DeLand Lambda Chi Alpha. Secretary. Social Chrmr. President, Senator. Business Relations Council Orientation Week Comm., Student Adviser Senior Gift Comm., Greek Week Comm.. Treas.. Co-Chrmn.. Greer Circle, Scabbard and Blade Resident Adviser, Interfraternity Council. Intramural Track. SPRINGER. JAMES LARRY. B.B .. Business Administration, Bradenton, Beta Alpha Sigma. Student Adviser. SWEENEY. ANNE LEE. A.B., Bementary Educa- tion. Kappa Delta Pi. Honor Roll. SFEA. 330 THOMAS, GEORGENA PYLKAS, B.A., Amer. Studies, Pinellas Park, Alpha XI Delta, Rush Sec, Journal Corres., Stetson Scholar, Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Phi Society, Scroll and Key, Kappa Delta Pi, Vice Pres., E. B. Malone Scholar, Tassel, Student Adviser, Green Feath- er Comm., Rec. Sec, Hatter Holiday Comm., Stetson Union Board, Publicity Chairman, Rec. Secretary., S. G. Elections Comm., Junior Counselor, Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Universities, Westminster Fellowship, Ex- ecutive Council, Enlistment Chrmn., Room Chrmn., Wesley Foundation, Hostess, Compass Staff, Intramurals. THOMAS, JAMES H., JR., B.A., Psy. and Math, Ft. Pierce, Sigma Nu, Scholarship Chrmn., Psi Chi, Vice Pres., Kappa Delta Pi, Dean ' s List, Honor Roll, Green Circle, Omi- cron Delta Kappa, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Men ' s Council, Stu- dent Adviser, Hatter Holiday Comm., West- minster Fellowship, Executive Council, Wesley Foundation, Compass Staff, Varsity Baseball, Capt., Intramurals. THOMPSON, BENJAMIN WARREN, JR., B.S., Pre-Law, Jacksonville, Pi Kappa Phi, Dorm Council, Basketball. TROXEL, THEODORE J., B.B.A., Act., Ft. dale, Sigma Nu, Reporter, Scholarship Chrmn., Treas., Scabbard and Blade, Omicron Delta Kappa, Accounting Club, Business School Sen- ator, Pres. of Business School, Organizations and Finance Comm., Homecoming Comm., Parent ' s Weekend Comm., Canterbury Club, Varsity Baseball, " S " Club, Intramurals, Di- rector of Men ' s Intra., ROTC, Brigade Com- mander, Distinguished Military Student, Honor Roll. TUBB, JOHN B„ B.B.A,, Business Administration, Pre-Law, Green Circle, Hatter Holiday Com., Sigma Pi Kappa, Stetson Reporter, Bus. Manager, Westminster Fellowship, Pres., Resi- dent Adviser, Beta Alpha Sigma, Chaplain, SUB, Vice Pres., Films, Comm. Chrmn. U UPSHAW, MARY CURTIS, B.A., American Studies, Jacksonville, Gamma Theta Upsilon, Pres., Historian, Tassel, Stetson Scholar, Rec- ords and Research Comm. Chrmn., Hatter Holiday Comm., SUB, Publicity Comm., Cul- tural Comm., Hospitality Comm., Religious Life Council, BSU Fresh. Council, Senior Mis- sionary to Mexico, Compass Staff, Reporter Staff, Sigma Pi Kappa, Sailing Club, Univer- sity Chorus, SUB, Stover Theatre Productions, Players ' Guild, Student Advisor. VEGA, RAMON, B.B.A., Accounting, Guayama, Puerto Rico, Student Gov. Treas., Canterbury Club, Vestry, Accountancy Club, Treas., In- ternational Club, Pres. W WALKER, ELIZABETH ANN, B.A., English, and Speech, Miramar, Pi Kappa Delta, Sigma Tau Delta, Theta Alpha Phi, Sec, Treas., Vice Pres., House Council, Children ' s Theatre, Hon- or Code Comm. WALKER, WILLIAM CHARLES, B.B.A., Gen- eral Business, DeLand. WATSON, ROBERT, B.A., Psychology, Honeoye, New York, Sigma Nu, House Manager, His- torian, Varsity Baseball Manager. WEST, JOHN RALPH, B.B.A., Accounting, Lake- land, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Controller, Social Chrmn., Accountancy Club, Sec, Wesley Foundation, Intramurals, Golf All Star. WIGGINS, WILLIAM WEBB, JR., B.M. Organ, Cedartown, Georgia, Green Circle, Vice Pres., Honor Roll, Omicron Delta Kappa, Student Gov. Senator, Music School Pres., Orientation Week Comm., Student Adviser, BSU, Executive Council, Religious Life Coun- cil, Amer. Guild of Organists, Sec, Concert Choir, T Squad. 33! WILKERSON, STEVE, B.A., Religion, Albany, Georgia, Pi Kappa Phi, Archon, Chaplain Stetson Scholar, Student Gov. Senator, Pres, of Fresh., Soph., and Jr. Classes, Chairman Labor, Student Services Comm., Chairman Hatter Holiday Comm., B.S.U., Pres., Fresh- man Council, Ministerial Association, Pres., Omicron Delta Kappa, Outstanding Fresh- man, Who ' Who In American Colleges and Universities. WILKERSON, TERRI JO, B.A., English, Jack sonville. Delta Delta Delta, Marshal, Pres. Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Tau Delta, Phi Society Kate Ellis Karlen Award, Hatter Holiday Comm., Homecoming Comm., Women ' s Stu dent Gvt., House Council, Mortar Board Pres., Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. WILLIAMS, ANITA BROOKS, B.S., Math, St. Petersburg, Alpha XI Delta, Treas., House Chrmn., Assis. Treas., Intramurals Chrmn., Quill Board, Pledge Scholarship Chrmn., Kappa Mu Epsilon, Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Stetson Scholar, Intramurals, Outstanding Freshman Math Major. WILSON, MARY GLENN, B.S., Math, Tampa, Sigma Pi Sigma, Hatter Holiday Comm., SUB Social Comm., Sec, BSU, Freshman Council Enlistment Chrmn., Ministry to Freshmen. YWA, Stewardship Chrmn., Vice Pres., Treas., Pres. of State Council for Florida, Student Adviser, University Scholar, Selby Science Scholar, Honor Roll. WOOD, SHIRLEY, B.A., Math, Bradenton, Kappa Mu Epsilon. Sec, Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Student Adviser, SUB Social Comm., Young Women ' s Auxiliary. Treas., Interde- nominational Tutoring Comm., SFEA. 332 YAKOTS, NANCY ZANE, B.A., Eng. Lit., De- Land, Pi Beta Phi, Vice Pres., Pan Hellenic Delegate, Asst. Treas., Asst. Pledge Trainer, Tassel, Signna Tau Delta, Emily House Coun- cil, Panhellenic Social Chrnnn., Chrnnn. Green Feather Comm., Student Adviser, Orienta- tion Comm., HATTER Staff, Canterbury Club, Lannbda Chi Alpha Crescent Court, ROTC Sponsor. YATES, WILMA LOU, B.S., Math, Ft. Lauder- dale, Stetson Scholar, Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Borden Foundation Freshman Award, Academic Council Freshman Year, Academic Council Soph. Year Aaward, Sigma PI Sigma, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Phi Society, Student Ad- viser, V omen ' s Executive Council, Publicity Comm. of SUB, BSU, Sec. of Fresh. Council, Student Fla. Education Assoc, Tassel, Treas., Concert Choir. T. Squad, Key Member. YORK, FRED, B.A., Political Science, St. Peters- burg, Hatter Holiday Comm., President ' s Ex- ecutive Comm., Managing Editor, Editor, the Stetson Reporter, Sigma PI Kappa, Pres., Educational and Cultural Film Comm., Chrmn., Unity of DeLand, Winter Term Evaluation Comm. 333 334 Law School Seniors BLUE JAMES M., B.A., Florida State Univer- sity, St. Petersburg, President Senior Class, President Junior Class, President Phi Delta Phi, Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. GELMAN, STANLEY B., B.S., Jacbonville Uni- versity, Jacksonville, Phi Alpha Delta. GREEN, CLINTON MARVIN TYLER, B.B.A., and B.A., University of MiannI, Coral Gables, Perry Nich ols Award winner In Trial Prac- tice, National Open Moot Court, Freshman Moot Court, Delta Theta Phi, Judge on Moot Court. HAMILTON, ROBERT LOWERY, B.S., Stetson University, Orlando, Honor Court Justice — Freshman Class, Secretary Junior Class, Sec- retary and President of Phi Alpha Delta, Chief Justice of Honor Court — Senior Year, Co-editor of THE SENIOR ROSTER, Judge Freshman Moot Court, Inter-Fraternity Coun- cil, Executive Council of Student Bar Asso- ciation. HANKAL, JOHN E„ B.A., Stetson University, DeLand, Historian Phi Delta Phi, Executive Council of Student Bar Association. HOLMES, JAY H., B.A., Stetson University, Palm Beach, Phi Alpha Delta, Judge, Fresh- man Moot Court Competition, Honor Court Justice. JACOBS, RICHARD O., B.B.A., University of Wisconsin, St. Petersburg, Phi Alpha Delta. JAMES, CRAIG T., Stetson University, DeLand, Delta Theta Phi, Tribune, Freshman Moot Court Advocacy Award. JOHNSTON, JAMES COVINGTON, B.A., Stet- son University, Fort Myers, Phi Alpha Delta, State Moot Court, Honor Court Attorney, Student Bar Ass ' n. Public Defender Program. KAY, ALAN, BSBA, Univ. of Fla., St. Peters- burg, Pi Delta Phi, State Moot Court Com- petition, Treasurer Student Bar Ass ' n. CATON, DON J., B.S. Fla. State, Pensacola, Outstanding Frosh. in Moot Court, Justice of Honor Court Junior Year, Vice-Pres. of Senior Class, Pi Alpha Delta. MACPHERSON, GILBERT PENDLETON, B.A., Univ of Miami, Clearwater, Vice-Pres. Frosh. Class, Junior Class Honor Court Rep., Treas- urer of Phi Alpha Delta. MIDDLETON, HARLON CLESTER. BSJ, Univ. of Fla., Palatka, Historian of Phi Delta Pi Inns of Court Council, Student Bar Assn., Delegate to the Fifth Circuit Conf. of the American Law Students Assn. GATES, CHARLES HARMON, B.A., Univ. of Fla., Daytona Beach, Chairman of Inns of Court, Nat ' l Moot Court, Christian Legal Society, Vice-Pres. Student Body, Vice-Pres. Junior Class, Honor Roll Spring 1966, Public Fall Semesters 1966. SCHULTZ, ROBERT, B.S., In Journalism, Univ. of Michigan. Pi Alpha Delta. Dana Scholar- ship, Pres. Frosh. Class. SMITH, J. RON, B.S.A., University of Florida, Wauchula, Student Bar Assn., Pres., Marshal, Phi Alpha Delta, Pres., Who ' s Who In Amer- ican Universities and Colleges. TERRELL, JAMES T., B.A., Jacksonville, Phi Delta Phi, Charles P. Dana Scholar, Moot Court, Public Defender Clinic. TRALCAS, ANDREW PETER, B.A., University of Florida, Winter Haven, Phi Delta Phi, Moot Court, Barristers Club. Chairman. WILSON, CRAIG ROWE, B.S., Florida State University, West Palm Beach, Phi Delta Phi. 335 The Party ' s Over It ' s all over now, except for the waiting; and by the time you read this that will be over too. It all started sometime last spring when the Publications Board gave me the O.K. to run, so Nancy, Elaine, Mia, Laura, and I built a rocket ship in Alden ' s Backyard. Then came the time to pick a staff. " L ' Heur- eux, if you can ' t be my managing editor why not layout editor — it won ' t take nearly as much time. " We all settled down when we found Edwards. The staff began to grow and the edi- tors were found — it turned out to be a very congenial group. We soon found out that this espirit de corps was a weakness rather than a strength. There were days that passed when none of us did anything but play " Gully, Gully " , " Plate " , and have the occasional record player. Franc was to do classes but not alone. I was very happy to find that Kris had given up cheer- leading to bring up her grades. We never were really sure of what happened to all of the pic- tures and weren ' t sure until the end that we wouldn ' t have a few white spaces. Then came Miss HATTER, and all Nellye had to do was " woods it. " The first trip almost brought an end to it, while merrily picking yellow flowers it seems she came upon a snake. Anyway we had a pygmy and a fat splc. Then came a fuzzy historian. Janice really pulled the Greeks out; in some cases with no pictures. Now when Sandy said she ' s be Organizations Editor I ' m sure she didn ' t know that she ' d be using the Instamatic. I ' m still wondering how 268 and 269 got there, and we ' ll never know how 271 and 272 would look. When we got to sports, I think Rick wished he could have at least had the Instamatic. A beautiful job of setting up! Janie innocently dropped by the office last spring and has been there almost ever since. I told her Fine Arts would be no problem, but it ' s funny how pictures can seem to be missing. As deadlines drew nearer, the job became more like work. The 3:30 to 5:30 office hours began to yawn and stretch until we were working most of the night. But It still wasn ' t really a chore. Besides the staff, there were always several people who dropped Into the office and made things less hectic. People like Randl Bishop and Ken Taylor always had some- thing complimentary to say and always listened to our problems. We were too far gone for help, but I really appreciated them livening things up. Suddenly we realized it was over! Now nothing but the waiting, yet this " big wait " wouldn ' t have been possible without Misenhelmer. Now we didn ' t care if she got married as long as she sent copy from Green- ville, S.C. She did — now here we are. In her words, " it was a lot of work. " It was; but you know something? It was worth It! ! D.J. 336 i ' ii :.v , [.■ ■ ' ■■:■-■ ' •■ " V ' , ■ ■ ' . ' ■ •.. ' ' ' 1 • ■. - ■. ■ ' • " • -r.-vc . " , ■ L • mMM- • ■ " - -. ■ ■■■■;■ ■,•-. ' ;■,..• -V-i i. ' . ■•■■■■ - ' i- ;-. ' . ' ;-. ' . ' ' J - -1.. ' ' -,■;■ ■.■■■„m ' ' . « ' ,;i , .;.y.-tr. ' :;! ■. : ' Jtfv,v ' - :s- ' 5 l ' " ■-;.- : " K?s; ' ' - " : ' 4- " ■W i mm mm

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