Stetson University - Hatter Yearbook (DeLand, FL)

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jts?; ti- ; t.vf -Y " " v r " Natter 3 4369 00479792 2 I DATE DUE 1 DO NOT REMOVE FROM LIBRARY DUPONT-BALL LIBRARY STETSON UNIVERSITY DELAND, FLA. stetson university deland, fiorida the hatter • 1966 • volume 46 6 the days 42 the year 72 . . the beauties 90 • . . the people 172 • • . the greeks 222 . . . the games 243 • • . the groups 296 the ads 108194 DR. ROBERT S. CHAUVIN a dedication Chairman, geography department . . . Governor ' s Council on Natural Resources . . . New York. State University, University of Houston, Columbia . . . President, Faculty Senate . . . O A K,, oAe, rev... Who ' s Who Among World Geographers . . .A credit to Stetson . . . A friend. Dr. Robert S. Chauvin . ' - ««ii ... .y;r:m ' 5 the days There is a time for some things, And a time for all things; A time for great things, And a time for small things. Cervantes 14 HiBI 1 K , a sl ' Mb i T i i » - _« . 20 =rsf ( I . : - »: ?• m M Zjs .j JmM 1 K ' ' ' ' .« • i.. -.-N- Vw f f.fc ■- 22 23 24 m i ' f ' P •! i " Tf- , " 25 26 I WM •|1 Sr deyHs who dp Art i e c w e e Cai c pR rrt -H yn a-h-t g Odd l ' i iT ' fQj 27 28 I F- - - i 32 33 i 34 35 36 37 l: yesterday is but today ' s memory and tomorrow is today ' s dream. Kahlil Gibran " % 42 the year 43 44 orientation 45 46 47 48 49 panhellenic rush 50 51 $3000 I SUPPORT GREEN FEATHER feather 52 SUPPORT GREEN FEATHER j 53 green feather 55 56 hatter contest ' ■ o 1 t J Bi w " " wt ' Ki B 57 inp y||f - :::|ji| ¥ • ' Hiwt tar " ym " " fc... greek god Ian Patterson greek goddess 59 r 60 m SMji . im ' ' ' P ' ' ■ ■ - ... Lk f :...:. w w t t tBff i SUi.x ' ' f i ■ : 61 Christmas 62 Afifi 63 stover theatre 64 a thurber carnival 65 homecoming Ka+hy Warthen, Hostess Bob Kimble, Host f •-.■ t r .( " i ' 4 ' h it ' PP W •!■ ■- mv-, Tr.T f !jir» " fH HE r, siirTn i; jen! » hatter tioliday 70 iC r C i 72 the beauties 73 Miss Ter ri Jo Kennedy AAA 74 1966 hatter 75 Miss Sandy Hardy Emily Hall First Runner-Up miss hatter Second Runner-Up First Runner-Up basketball queen (tie) 76 2ncl runner-up miss hatter Miss Toni Carameros IIK$ 77 Karen Petersen nK$ freshmen beauty queen 78 first runner-up Miss Greer Thomas runner-up 79 Miss Linda Woofter AXn basketball queen 80 Miss Ruth Colvard A X n 1966 posture queen Miss Kay Harmeling Z T A PERSHING RIFLES 82 CCo. Miss Judy Gregg " A " Co. 83 J I Miss Linda Guenther 2 N 84 scabbard and blade 1965 nniliffary ball 85 Miss Kevin Davis Z E 1st runner-up first runner-up basketball (tie) Miss Kathy Grandell Miss Deleware 1966 87 beauty on campus Marty Gregory Bagnal Miss Bobbi March 89 90 the people 91 J. OIlie Edmunds, Presidenf the p. J Doyle E. Carlton President, Board of Trustees Dr. Irving Stover 1881-1965 93 the administration William Hugh McEniry, Jr. Dean of the University George W. Hood Dean of Students and Guidance Director 94 Etter McTeer Turner Dean of Women and Associate Dean of Students Dean of Men Dean Arthur F. Tuttle, Jr. Assistant Dean of the University 95 Dr. John E. Johns Business Manager Mr. Gary E. Meadows Director of Admissions 96 Kenneth W. Phillips Financial Aid Counselor Mrs. Helen W. Sassard Assistant Registrar 97 Dean Mary Edna Parker Assistant Dean of Women Mr. Fluker G. Stewart Director of Public Relations H. Graves Edmondson, Jr. Comptroller 98 Henry A. Newman, Jr. Director of News Bureau Richard Thirlwell Director of Alumni Relations Elbert C. Tyner Director of Extension Service 1 II 1 1 i » HHI H t kJ ife Dr. Richard B. Morland Director of Graduate Council 99 Marvin Emerson University Engineer Harry Edwards Director of Placement Arthur Alderman Head Resident and Fraternity Advisor Everette Johnson Bookstore Manager and Purchasing Agent Mrs. Althea Sprague Director of Stetson Union Building 100 Mrs. Esther Ferns — Director, Stetson Ha Mrs. Elizabeth Linard — Director, Chaudoin hia Mrs. Mary hlolbrook — Conrad hiall Director Mrs. Delia Rowe — Director, Emily Hall 101 librarians Mrs. Louis Musgrove Assistant in Reference Mrs. Lillian Jost Assistant in Catalogue Dept. Mrs. Ellen Peek Assistant in Reference Mrs. Betty Johnson Catalogue Librarian Miss Genevieve Lewis Reference Librarian 102 Miss Charlotte A. Smith Librarian Miss Anne Hurst Circulation Librarian Mrs. Margaret P. Klein Assistant in Acquisitions Mrs. Madeline Quinn Secretary to the Librarian Mrs. Ida G. Beatty Assistant in Circulation Mrs. Arlene V. Feasel Assistant in Periodicals, Binding, and Instructional Materials 103 school of business Edward C. Furlong, Jr. Dean Dr. Walter Bennett Assistant Professor of Business Dr. William Anderson Associate Professor of Business Dr. Chauncey Elkins, Jr. Professor of Business Administration Eleanor G. Kincaid Visiting Instructor in Business Dr. Russell M. Nolen Professor of Economics MWWM jRsiiliin Dean Paul T. Langston school of music 106 Mrs. Lenoir Almand Assistant Professor of Piano Mrs. Ruth R. Carr Associate Professor of Music education Mr. Roger L. Cushman, Professor of Piano and Theory Mr. Richard M. Feasel Mr. Robert E. Fort Assistant Professor of Music Assistant Professor of Music Mr. Harold M. Griffin Professor of Voice Mr. Robert L. Hause Assistant Professor of Music Miss Frances Hughes Assistant Professor of Piano Mr. Paul R. Jenkins, Jr Professor of Organ Miss Eleanor Leeic Professor of Cello and Theory Mrs. Sarah T. Turner Instructor of Music Mr. Donald Yaxley Professor of Music 107 Harold L. Sebring Dean Mrs. Kay Eddy Registrar Connie E. Bolden Assistant Professor of Law Everett E. Cushman Professor of Law college of law I of law no David L. Dickson Professor of Law Richard T. Dillon Assistant Dean and Professor of Law Harold 1. Lindsey Associate Professor of Law Edward L. Piatt Professor of Law faculty dk Dr. David Abbott Dr. Eliot Allen Dr. Gerald Anderson Assistant Professor of Professor of English Associate Professor of Psychology Modern Languages Major Richard Anderson Associate Professor of Military Science Dr. Rollin S. Armour Associate Professor of Religion liberal faculty Dr. Amos Anderson Professor of Teacher Education Dr. Terrell Bailey Assistant Professor of Political Science Charles Andrews Assistant Professor of Economics Dr. John Barthel Associate Professor of Economics 112 Dr. Theodore Beiler Professor of Chemistry Fred Clark Assistant Professor of Biology Dr. Ethel Colbrunn Associate Professor of English Dr. Randolph Carter Professor of Education, Emeritus Dr. Carter Colwell Associate Professor of English 113 Dr. John Conn Professor of Chennistry Dr. Gerald E. Crifoph Professor of American Studies Dr. Edwin Coolidge Professor of Chemistry mtm A Dr. James DeLap Assistant Professor of Chemistry 14 Dr. Sidney Denman Professor of Social Psychology Louis Freund Artist in Residence ' ; Sgt. Major Charles Dohlnner Instructor in Military Science Dr. Byron Gibson Professor of English Sgt. Bolden Eiland Instructor in Military Science ( Bruce Griffiths Associate Professor of Speech Dr. Beniamin Haddox Dr. John Hague Dr. Ernest Hall Assistant Professor, Professor of American Visiting Professor of English Sociology Studies liberal arts faculty f ' : -; ::; ' Dr. Loyd Hilton Assistant Professor of English Sara Staff Jernigan Professor in Physical Education Dr. Warren Jones Professor of Psychology liberal faculty Dr. John Hodges Professor of German Dr. Evans Johnson Professor of History Dr. Edward Joiner Professor of Religion Ralph Hughes Instructor in Mathematics Oscar Jones Assistant Professor in Mathematics Ethel Kinum Assistant Professor of Modern Languages 1 Rev. LeRoy Lawson Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy Philip Lee Assistant Professor of Modern Languages Curtis Lowry Professor of Engineering Dr. Gilbert Lycan Professor of History and Political Science ▲T Dr. Gene Medlin Professor of Mathematics Dr. Gary Maris Assistant Professor of Political Science Fred Messersmlth Professor of Art L+. Col. Hewlett Rainer Professor of Military Science An James Robinson Assistant Professor of Psychology Dr. Ann Morris Dr. W. R. Pickens Dr. Elmer Prichard Assistant Professor of Associate Professor of Professor of Biology English Education John Scalf Assistant Professor of Sociology Dr. Harold Schultz James D. Shumaker Dr. Ruth Smith Professor of History Assistant Professor of English Professor of Education Sanford O. Smith Leo Snedeker Henry Thwing Instructor in Mathematics Assistant Professor of Assistant Professor of Speech Mathematics and Physics Sylvelin Thwing Ins+rucfor in Physical Education Dr. F. R. Tubbs Associate Professor of Education liberal faculty Dr. Charles Turner Assistant Professor of Education Dr. Ernest Weeks Associate Professor of English Capt. Jannes Wilhite Assistant Professor of Military Science Sgt. Eugene Van Norman Instructor of Military Science John Welch Assistant Professor of Journalism Martha Womack Instructor of Forensics Dr. John Vaughen Professor of Chemistry f v- Dr. Paul Wheeler Visiting Professor of English Paul Wrenn Instructor of Religion liberal arts faculty 120 James Wright Instructor of Speech and Dramatics Dr. Malcolm Wynn Professor of History and Political Science 121 on the deland campus iSLtJhiiaeM ' US ' :. . . Clifford Abies Elaine Abies Robert Aldrich Jacquelyn Allen Judith Anderson Karen Anderson Virginia Anderson Gwen Arnett Bruce Arnold William Arnold Sarah Ashcraft James Ault 123 Philip Baker Richard Baksa Glenn Baldwin ra Barbee Robert Barnes Sharon Barnhart Denice Barolo Shirley Barrett Brenda Baylor Barbara Beadle James Bickelhaupt Gerald Bottomley Larry Boyd Amelia Braun 124 Bruce Broer Sandy Brown Diana Bryan Joseph Buchner Harvey Burgett June Burton Steve Busey Douglas Butler George Carefoot Neil Carlson Donna Carr Yvonne Chaplin Arthur Charlesworth Evelyn Chatlos Ann Clements 125 Lynda Clenney Richard Cohen Patricia Coley Ruth Colvard Linda Compton Bonnie Conner Joseph Conner Stephen Conrad Clara Cox Margaret Cox Gloria Creagh Stan Crowe Edwin Culver William Cypress John Davis 126 Douglas Dawson Elizabeth Deal Jennie Dekle Donna Dericks Diane Doubleday Barbara Eason Robert Edelblut Hoyt Edge l Jl Arthur Edwards Wayne Ellis Robert Eslinger Mary Fear Alice Field Judith Field 127 Constance Fleishel Suzanne Fletcher William Francisco Thomas Freeman Edward Furlong Christopher Garbow John Gardner Joseph Garner Glenn Garvin Timothy Gaskell Carol Griffin Gail Gordon Richard Greenwood Norman Grinnell 128 Barbara Guyon Fred Hall Kurt Hampp Ralph Hampton Sandra Hardy David Hargnett Lester Hargrave Donna Healy Peter Heebner Lois Herberholz Judith Herrald Barbara Hinkle Paul Hird Diana Hoben Richard Holifield 129 Penny Hook James Hope Michael Horton Alice Howard Bob Hughes Eldyn Ingerick James Jackson Sally Jarman Jenasy Jensen Judith Johnston Richard Jones Terry Jorgensen Gloria Kegley Melissa Keisling Terrence Kelly 130 Kathleen Kentner Ralph Kitchens Gwen Knight Clay Knowles Dennis Lamphear Robert Lament Linda Landers Patricia Laney Michael Lawrence Peggie Long Robert Lowry Sandra Lucas Margaret Luke Janet Lyon Michael Mabry Henry Marks Elizabeth Martin Paul Martin Dale Massing Jeanne Mazur Lenora McCroskey Glynis Mchlargue John McQueen John Melton Sandy Melton Walter Meriwether Jane Merwin Marvin Metheny 132 Raymond Miller Annica Millsaps Mary Minor Bonnie Moffat Barbara Moody O+is Moody Cynthia Morris Patricia Morrissey James Morsicato Demetrius Moschandreas Barbara Mullins Richard Mullins Anna Nash Laura Nawotka Sanford Nelson 133 Randy Nimnicht Diana Norton Jill Nunez Janelle Orians Cary Page Charles Palmer James Parker Joseph Parko Sandra Parsons Ian Patterson Sam Pendino Richard Pond Linda Priddy Nancy Pries John Proctor 134 Robert Puterbaugh Richard Ricely Julief Richard Gail Richter James Richter Lawrence Riesbeck Marne Roach William Roberts Linda Rogers David Rosselle Lois Rovell-Rixx 135 Carol Rutan Phelps Salter Terry-Sue Salter James Sapp Mary Jane Seitz Robert Seymour Sandra Shippey Richard Shuford James Shupe Gerald Simmons 136 Martha Slaton Zoe Smith Howard Snyder Nancy Snyder Ron Solomon Gardner Soule Margaret Starkey Kenneth Steele William Stone Anne Stephens James Steven Judy Swanson Anne Swope Robert Tardif James Thompson 137 Mary Thompson Tim Thompson Brinck Thorne Richard Traut Edward Tribble Priscilla Tunnell Lewis Tussing Gary Tyson Arlene Vail Mary Lou Varnedoe Bing Vick Jerous Vincent g A SM Kaye Wachsmuth Paul Wagner Carole V ainman 138 Ka+hy Warthen Oneita Waters David Weippert Robert Wells Betsy Whelan Arthur White James White Peggy White Emily Wong Linda Woofter James Yaeger 139 Abies, M. Ackerman, C. Aldrlch, K. Alfonso, M. Anke, R. Archibald, G. Ashley, J. Ausinch, B. Barroso, J. Baube, J. Bauer, F. Beach, M. Beeman, P. Bigelow, V. Birrel, M. Bishop, R. Blank, P. Blazer, C. Bohmfalk, J. Boykin, R. Brack, P. Bradley, C. Brannam, J. Branan, R. Britt, P. Brockett, G. Brown, T. Bryant, F. Burnett, L. Burns, R. Butler, J. Caldas, hi. Carameros, T. Carefoot, C. Carter, D. Carter, F. juniors 140 Carow, M. Carfledge, J. Castillo, A. Christy, W. Clarke, L. Clifton, D. Cline, B. Cline, L Coker, D. Cole, L Combs, N. Coursey, C. Culp, M. Curmanskie, M. Dale, S. Davidson, P. Davis, D. Davis, K. Dawson, J. DeMiranda, Dickey, P. Dillard, C. Dudley, K. Enstice, R. Estenspn, J. Estes, S. Eubanks, D. Fendt, F. 141 Flippo, R. Frame, J. Sainey, B. Gardner, L. Garrett, P. Gentry, J. Gibson, J. Gilbert, C. Gonzalez, E Gon R. Graef, P. Grana, M. Grimm, B. Gruber, C. Guenther, L. Gussman, D. Hackett, P. Haln, F. Haire, J. Hanson, A. Hardman, J. Harmer, W. Harrison, Y. Hedrick, C. Hood, M. Hooker, C. Hooker, M. Howard , J. Hutchinson, Jackson, D. Jackson, K. Jackson, L. James, M. James, T. Johnson , c. Johnstoi n, G. Kayser, R. Keigley, B. Kennedy, T. Kirkpatrick, G. Kleinschmidt, C. Knapp, R. Kohn, R. 142 juniors Lady, C. Ledbetter, G. Lehton, V. Linzee, T. Little, M. Longbottom, J. Lorenzo, M. Maas, J. Maddock, P. Manning, L. March, B. Mastry, D. Matthews, F. Maxwell, G. McBryde, B. McCauley, R. McCranie, S. McCready, M. McCullough, F. McDonald, D. McGarity, B. McGee, J. Mechling, J. Medrano, G. Meisenheimer, J. Midkiff, L. Moncrieff, J. Montero, M. Moore, R. Morgan, D. Morgan, H. Morris, K. Morris, W. Mullia, B. Nail, B. Napoli, E. Napoli, W. Nemec, R. Nicodernus, V. Nlcoletto, S. Oglesby, R. Padgett, B. 143 Kfk t 4 Parks, S. Pendleton, G. Phillips, F. Phillips, B. Pickering, R. Pierson, R. Pike, R. Plumer, J. Pooser, C. Pozdena, G. Prichard, M. Pylkas, N. Rawls, C. Redd, T. Rey, C. Reynolds, R. RIntz, R. Roberts, J. Roberts, M. Robinson, B. Rodgers, S. Rosenbaum, H. Roth, J. Rybolt, A. Sanchez, S. Schavel, R. Schafer, L. Seaman, J. Seipp, P. Shaffer, J. Shapiro, B. Shearer, C. Shuchart, M. Smalley, D. Smartt, J. Smith, D. juniors 144 Sneider, P. Snow, B. Speicher, J. Spivey,. B. Springer, J. Sprouse, H. Stacey, K. Stanfield, E. S+illwell, H. Swayne, W. Tharp, D. Thomas, J. Thomas, K. Thompson, B. Thompson, J. Tiffany, J. Troxel, T. Tubb, J. 1.1 i4 Tubbs, C. Tunnell, D. Tutt, D. Upshaw, M. Vann, P. Vega, R. Vossberg, B. Walker, B. Walker, W. Watson, R. Weber, R. Welch, J. West, J. Wieland, W. Wiggins, W. Wilkerson, S. f Williams, A. Wilson, M. Wimber, H. Wood, S. Wright, B. Wright, J. Yakots, Z. York, F. Zupsich, M. 145 Abel, T. Adams, A. Adams, E. Allgaier, D. Ambachtsheer, Andersen, J. Armbuster, D. Armstrong, J. Ash, G. Ashley, M. Badgley, R. Bain, T. Baker, G. Batsel, G. Beasley, R. enson, A. Beste, F. Bidwell, B. Biggins, F. Blackburn, N. Boblitt, N. oniai, J. Bosley, G. owen, S. Bower, S. Bowles, S. owman, 1 Boyd, H. Bradford, B. Brendle, G. Brent, F. Breslin, G. Bright, S. Briggs, M. Brodbeck, R. Brown, B. Brown, J. Burns, R. Carlson, J. Carlton, B. Casey, D. Cassel, C. Caulfield, J. Celoria, A. 146 Chambers, B. Chandler, J. Christopher, J. Clamp, J. Cole, M. Colyer, R. Condurelis, hi. Connor, S. Cook, L. Cooper, G. Corfar, M. Cox, S . Crawford, C. Crosby, W. Curry, J. Daniels, C. Davis, C. Davis, C. Davis, S. Day, J. Day, P. Demers, D. Dennis, R. Densmore, T. DeRosa, J. Deuell, P. Dickens, B . Douglass, B. Drady, P. Duncan, D. Earl, D. Ebaugh, C. Edwards, K. Eickwort, G. Elkins, S. Ellerman, J. Eslinger, J. Evans, D. Evans, J. Farring+on, S. Fatula, G. Fernandez, L. Ferrell, J. Fields, L. Floyd, A. Eraser, M. Freeman, G. French, C. Friedewald, D, Fulton, P. Gabler, P. Gentry, B. Gillespie, B. Giumarra, F. Goldstein, B. Good, P. Graham, J. Grandell, K. Green, B. Gregg, J. 147 Grieb, T. Grubb, D Hobbs, S. Hodges, N. Holmes, J. Huff, W. Hunt, D. Hurst, M. Jankowski, T. Jensen, J. Johnson, J. Hall, T. Haman, D. Hamilton, M. Hamilton, R. Hardy, W. Harley, S. Harmeling, K. Harrison, J. Hauger, J. Hawkins, J. Hayes, G. Hays, J. Heath, D. Henrle, E. Hensley, J. Herrmann, R. Hertner, E. Hewitt, J. Hicks, J. Hill, M. Hilliard, M. Johnston, T. Jones, D. Jost, E. Jost, M. Keefe, T. ■Keliey, B. Kelly, K. Kilcullen, W. Kinsey, R. Kolansky, J. Kooistra, N. Koon, E. Kostrub, C. Kreider, A. Krumholz, M. Kutz, C. Landers, B. Laufer, S. Ledewitz, J. Llndsey, B. Lipscomb, L. Lloyd, S. Long, R. Lustig, L. Lynn, L. McCall, J. McCord, S. McCullough, J. McCune, M . McNamara, D. Machette, D. Maitland, B. Maloy, S. Markley, M. H. Markovitch, M. P Mm Martin, J. Martling, T. Mattingly, P. Mays, R. Merriam, A. Metzler, D. Middleton, L. Millem, D. Willward, W. Montooth, G. Moore, B. Morehead, D. Morgan, G. Mossien, L. MLigfor, P. Mullins, J. Murch, R. Nail, J. Napolitan, J. Needham, M. Nixon, N. O ' Callaghan, P. O ' Connell, M. O ' Daniel, C. Ogborn, E. 149 Olson, S. O ' Neal, C. Opaleski, R. Pancoast, P. Paresi, D. Park, D. Parker, S. Parlin, D. Paskewitz, B. Patton, J. Patfon, M. Pearce, S. Pedersen, C. Pegram, D. Pepper, J. Perino, C. Perry, J. Pefers, R. Peterson, A. Petrarca, J. Phillips, F. Pierson, P. Polk, B. Poulos, D. Purvis, M. Pylkas, S. Quarrier, D. Quina, F. Raymond, M. Reaves, C. Rhodes, J. Richardson, S. Ricketson, E. Ricks, N. Rinker, J. Roberts, J. Robinette, W. Robinson, M. Rock, V. Romans, L. Rothwell, D. Rowley, M. Russum, N. Scales, C. Schlatter, S. Schroff, W. Schwartz, M. Scruggs, S. Seddon, W. Seymour, M. L. Shaul, M. Shee, W. Schutts, F. Smith, D. Smith, L. Smith, S. Socarras, L. Solana, O. Solomon, G. Spitler, D. 150 Starling, J. Stewart, V. Stokes, T. Stone, T. Straube, P. Stroud, J. A. Styles, L. Sugimoto, T. Sumner, D. Swartz, R . Sylvester, J. Tally, B. Tankersley, J. Taylor, D. Taylor, J. Taylor, K. Telmanik, C. Thibault, K. Whisler, J. White, S. Wildman, K. Williams, E. Williams, V. Williamson, W. Willis, J. Woerner, M. Woodard, M. Yates, W. Yeargin, M. Young, W. Aaron, W. Abel, S. Adams, P. Addison, W. Agster, R. Allen, B. Almand, W. Amiot, D. Anderson, C. Anderson, J. Arnold, L. Baker, V. Baldwin, D. Baldwin, S. Ban-iford, J. Barrett, J. Baston, B. Baughman, T. Bell, E. Bender, R. Benton, L. Bergum, C. Bernet, K. Bernhardt, J. Blackwelder, K Blackwell, K. Borkowski, M. Bowen, C. Boyd, N. Braden, H. Brown, R. Brownfield, S. Bruce, K. Bryant, D. Buchan, R. Bunch, D. Bunting, V. Bush, J. Butler, R. Buttel, S. Byers, J. Byerts, J. Cabral, C. Campbell, M. Caruana, A. Carruthers, J. Caskey, E. Cassels, P. Casto, K. Cauvel, H. Chaffee, B. Chauncey, D. Cheatham, C. Clark, D. dementi, C. Cook, M. 152 frestimen Cooper, S. i Cornwall, H. Crawford, C Crawford, J. Creadick, C. Crosby, W. Crowell, R. Dale, B. Dalsis, C. Darnell, B. Davant, J. Davis, D. Davis, J. Davis, J. DeLacy, P. DeLand, M. Demonkos, G. Dempsey, B. DeVeaux, B. Dimmick, A. Dirlam, E. Dodd, D. Dougherty, M. Douville, R. Dunaway, M. A. Dunnagan, D. Durant, L. Durrence, C. Dyer, V. Dyson, J. Earle, S. Edgemon, K. Edwards, G. Elland, T. Elmore, S. Emerson, E. Errico, P. Ezell, G. Fagin, K. Farnell, S. Farrell, J. Farwell, J. Fear, K. Fenters, L. Fernsler, L. y - P ? 1 tj " SrJ jtJ MJTM 153 Fertlg, S. Fiduk, F. Finch, F. Finley, D. Finney, M. Fisher, D. Fryer, J. Fuller, C. Fulton, T. Furman, D. Gaertner, H. Gailbreath, C. C f- K- l ) Hammers, J. hlardy, M. Harris, K. Gilkeson, R. Gingery, W. Goff, W. Goldstein, M. Goode, P. Goodwin, L. Gorman, C. Goodwyne, O. Gould, T. Grant, M. Gray, J. Griffin, R. Groseclose, L. Guptil, C. Gunther, R. Haddock, L. Hall, S. Hamilton, M. freshmen 154 Harris, M. Harris, M. Harshman, R. Hart, W. Haskins, D. Hayden, J. Henley, K. Hibbs, S. Hill, G. iHinson, A. Hobbs, J. Hoblitzell, M. Hogebroom, W. Holliday, B. Hooper, L. Horton, T. Houts, S. Hughes, R. Hutchinson, W. Jacobson, D. James, T. Jankowski, R. Jants, W. Jarrard, J. Jaqua, P. Jernigan, B. Johnson, D. Johnson, R. Jones, E. Jones, K. Jones, S. Jordon, R. Kallon, F. Kane, K. Kennedy, D. Kern, I. Kimbrough, A. Kinzer, J. Kipping, A. Kircher, L. Kneen, J. Knight, J. Koerner, K. Kowaiski, M. Kreher, P. Laffey, L. Lamar, B. Lang, E. Langford, L. Lathrop, K. Lavender, W. Lavidge, A. Layton, G. Leeds, L. Lessley, B. Levy, D. ik9.MJM 155 E. G. C. Lewis, F. L ' Heureux, Lier, J. Ligler, P. Litz, A. Locke, L. Lonnman, Lott, L. Loveland, Lycan, B. Lyons, W. MacConnell, J. MacDonald, B. MacGregor, C. Malcolm, L. Malone, P. Meniscaico, M. Marion, M. Marrs, J. Masi, L. Mathews, S. Mattingly, T. Mays, M. McBeath, B. McCabe, B. McCarson, M. McCarthy, M. L McClain, C. McConnell, R. McCown, E. McDaniel, T. McEvoy, J. McGhee, P. Mcllwain, S. McKenzie, S. McLaughlin, S. McMartin, J. Meaders, J. Mercer, C. Meyer, C. Miller, M. Mills, J. Mitchell, L. Mitchell, O. Mitcheson, G. Molloy, K. Mcnkiewicz, J. Moore, N. Moore, T. Morales, G, Morgan, B. Morgan, R. Morley, J. Morrell, M. Morris, P. Morton, P. Motise, N. Moynshan, S. Muenze, D. K ' luldoon, M, L. Mulvllle, J. Murphy, D. Nettles, S. 156 Newton, C. Nichols, P. Nicols, V. Nugent, N. O ' Brien, R. Oliver, J. G. O ' Nei Orr, B. Paine, K. Park, D. Patterson Penn, P. Pergrem, P. Petersen, K. Petty, L Phipps, R. Pilafidis, O. Pileggi, A. Pickard, J. Pitts, S. Planck, S. Plattner, L Pollack, N. Ponnpey, D. Potter, D. Price, C. Price, B. Prichard, W. Puckett, E. Radebaugh, K. Rainwater, R. Ralph, K. Ralston, J. Ramey, D. Ramsey, D. Rawlston, S. Raymond, H. Reeves, M. Reiser, M. Rhodes, D. Riche, K. Rickel, J. freshmen 157 freshmen Robertson, L. Robuck, D. Royer, J. Sager, N. Sandefur, L. Sawyer, C. Sayles, W. Scharrer, M. Schaidt, S. Schroder, A. Schofield, D. Schweitzer, hi. Shannon, B. Shaw, S. Shelby, J. Sherfey, D. Simmons, M. Slusher, S. Smith, B. Smith, D. Smith, H. Smith, N. Smith, R. Smith, T. Speairs, T. Spivey, J. S potts, J. Spraggins, D. Stanfield, P. Starkey, D. Starr, J. Stitt, G. Stonebrook, J. Strait, C. Strasbaugh, L. Streb, G. 158 Strickland, M. Stripling, J. Strum, D. Sturges, M. Sugg, J. Sullivan, J. Swindall, M. Tallant, M. Taylor, L. Taylor, R. Theo, A. Thomas, G. Thomas, F. Thompson, A. Thompson, N. Ticconi, T. Tiffany, C. Tinsley, R. Tompkins, D. Turano, C. Tutterrow, C. Tyler, T. VanBuskirk, H. VanhHorn, E. VanNest, T. Vann, M. K. Vernon, M. Voyles, C. Wade, J. Waldron, G. Walker, C. Walker, R. Walker, S. Walters, J. Warfleld, R. Waters, B. Watson, D. Watson, J. Weber, W. Weeks, C. Weimer, D. Welch, S. Welling, R. Wells, L. Wetmore, J. Whellon, J. White, J. Wiedegreen, E, Williams, R. Williams, R. Williams, S. Wills, S. Wilson, D. Wilson, J. Witchen, G. Wohlfarth, T. Woodbury, R. Wooley, M. Wong, M. Wright, G. Yarbrough, C. Young, S. Zitis, C. 159 Alley, Raymond Aloia, Frank Bailiff, Charles Balasso, Anthony Barrow, David BehHuniak, Peter Blews, William Brickley, James Brown, James Cacciatore, Sammy Cobb, Jerry Deacon, Kenneth Demmi, John Easton, Burton Eichrodt, John - 161 Nance, Marshall Penrose, William Pierce, George Futch, M. Daniel Hirsch, Richard hloffman, EInno Howard, Robert- Hunt, Pfllip Mackoul, Walter Marshall, Ernest McClure, Corrine J McKay, L Kirk McKinley, Bruce Meyer, Larry Miklos, John 162 Provitola, Anthony Reynolds, Jery Rowan, James Sapp, Chris Schwarz, Stephen W Scott, Robert Shaw, E. Clay Smith, James Sole, Joseph Thury, Joseph Tomlinson, John Trute, Melvyn Webb, Neil Williams, Roland Yeakle, Clark iii iiiijk 163 Barwick, Bill Brown, Thomas Casoria, Simon Conrad, Richard Corbin, Eugene Davis, Michael Douglas, William Evans, Kenneth Gelman, Stanley Green, Clinton Holmes, Jay Jameison, John James, Craig Johnston, James Julian, Ned Keller, Max Kickliter, George Landers, Joseph Liberis, Charles Middleton, Harlow : ' MmM mM 164 juniors %4ti Miller, George Moorman, James Dates, Charles Reichert, Carlton Schoder, Charles Terrell, James Tison, Claude Trakas, Andrew h M 165 Alcorns, Carl Alford, Robert Allender, Jerry Ama+o, Stephen dik 166 Brewton, Wilbur Brown, Edward Chamelin, Neil Chapin, Bruce Chaplin, James Cibuia, Frank Cooke, Julia Crouch, James men 167 Mm M Granf, John Keller, William Hockett, Tobey Kennedy, Patrick Didio, Steve Hood, Richard Kilbride, Daniel Lima, Albert Mitchell, Joe Dowling, Richard hluff, Kathleen Levy, Joel Lowe, William Mulock, Edwin 168 O ' Connell, Phillip Pattinson, Jeffrey Ray, Ralph Raymond, Dudley freshmen 169 Relter, Joseph Repper, Willia Riden, Thomas i mMiM Silvert, David Smith, Fred Smith, Larry freshmen 170 Taylor, Robert Trocke, Michael Weiner, Barry Winderweedle, William Wills, Melvin Wilson, Calvin Wood, Bernard Wright, Thonnas rr 171 ■■■ 1 ¥ 172 the greeks 173 ■ ' !!!!iii,iiiiii«ui ' gamma chi chapter offic President First Vice-President Second Vice-President Treasurer Gwen Amett Linda Woofter Denice Barolo Alice Field UNICEF trick-or-treating . . . annual pledge auc- tion . . . President of Women ' s Executive Council, Jenny Dekle . . . Presentation of the " Big Lyres " . . . Posture Queen, 1966, Ruth Colvard . . . Mortar Board, Alice Field and Jenny Dekle . . . high money booth with Lambda Chi ' s at Green Feather Carnival . . . Linda Woofter, 1966 Basket- ball Queen. Gwen Amett, President Mrs. Art Skelly, Advisor Armstrong, J. Bain, T. Bartolo, D. Caufield, J. Colvard, R. Cox, S. Dekle, J. Dillard, C. Durant, L. Edwards, K. Eslinger, Eubanks, D. Field, A. Fisher, E. Grant, M. Harris, F. Hawkins, J. Hooker, C. Hunt, D. Jackson, L. Jensen, J. Kentner, . Lady, C. Laffey, L. Orians, J. Patterson, P. Phillips, B. Pickard, J. Priddy, L. Roberts, J. Rybolt, A. Scharrer, M. Shaul, Ml 174 175 176 Shearer, C. Shelton, B. Stanfield, L. Styles, L. Theo, A. Turner, J. White, S. Wildman, K.Woofter, L. 177 omega chapter Sandy Melton, President Mrs. James Jordon, Advisor offic President Vice-President Treasurer Membership Sandy Melton Anne Swope Mary Prichard Gail Gordon fl Scholarship trophy . . . basketball trophy . . . Tassel Pres., Darlene Smith . . . Miss Deleware, Kathy Grandell . . . Miss Snowflake, Linda Cline . . . cheerleader captain and co aptain, Carol Giffin and Linda Guenther . . . Beta Beta Beta Pres., Kay Stacey . . . Kappa Delta Pi Pres., Gail Gordon . . . Linda Guenther, Miss Stetson, Military Ball Queen. 178 Anderson, J. Ashcraft, S. Boblitt, N. Bowen, C. Boyd, N. Brown, T. Brownfield, S. Byerts, J. Cline, L. Combs, N. Corfar, M. Estes, S. Gailbreath, C. Giffin, C. Gordon, G. Grandell, K. Guenther, L. Haddock, E. Lynn, L. McCarson, M. McCord, S. McCready, M. Millsaps, A. Morehead, D. Nail, B. Paresi, D. Patton, M. Pergrem, P. Prichard, M. Pylkas, N. 179 Pyllcas, S. Richards, J. .Roberts, B. Robinette, W. Rutan, C. Sherfey, D. Shuchart, M. Smith, D. Stacey, K. Starling, J. Stephens, A. Swope, A. Tunnell, P. Wheelon, J. White, P. Williams, A. Williams, S. Wright, J. teM 181 ¥ L Mrs. Harry O. Wise, Advisor Terri Jo Kennedy, President alpha delta chapter officers President Chaplain Pledge Trainer Treasurer Terri Jo Kennedy Kathy Aldrich Donna Derricks Suzanne Farrington sponsored Blood Drive . . . Jann Plumer, Pres. Stetson Hall ... Jr. counselors, Lynn Schaf er, Toni Carameros, Kathy Aldrich . . . Miss Hatter and 1st runner-up, Terri Jo Kennedy and Toni Carameros ... 1st runner-up for Posture Queen, Connie Cheatham . . . Donna Derricks, Sigma N u sweetheart . . . Toni Carameros, Pi Kapp Rose Queen. Aldrich, K. Anderson, J. Bonial, J. Carameros, T. Carefoot, C. Carlson, J. Chaplin, Y. Cheatham, C. Cox, C. Darnell, B. Derricks, D. Dickens, B. Farrington, S. Farnell, S. Farwell, J. Good, P. Goodwin, L. Hall, E. 182 183 Hamilton, M. Hewitt, J. James, T. Kegley, G. Kinzer, J. Kreher, P. Little, M. Lloyd, S. Manning, L. Markley, M. H. McGarity, B. Meaders, J. Mossien, L. Nixon, N. Patton, J. Plumer, J. Sawyer, L. Rodgers, S. 184 Schafer, L. Shutts, F. Stripling, S. Sullivan, J. Swanson, J. Thomas, G. Vamedoe, M. Wachsmith, K. ' 7J 185 alpha Chi chapter officers President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Bob Lament Carl Pedersen Mike Repass Bill Millward largest pledge class in history of Stetson ... 14 went active in minimester . . . IFC pledge class scholarship trophy . . . brothers FatuUa and Linzee pulled Greek Week chariot to exciting victory . . . plans for a new house and a move to fraternity row during spring of 1966-67 . . . national recognition in THE CARNATION, National Delta Sigma Phi magazine. Mrs. Lucille Mann, housemother Bob Lament, President -f»iT . ' )ff.; •. Badgley, R. Baker, G. Bauer, F. Caldas, H. Carlton, B. Chaffee, B. DeRosa, J. Dodd, D. Fatula, G. Fendt, F. Fertia, S. Fulton, T. Miss Susan Chickering etheart Hargnett, D. Hutchinson, S. Jackson, W. Jordon, R. Kneen, J. Levy, D. Linzee, T. Mantooth, G. Mastry, D. McCabe, B. Millward, W. Napoli, E. Napoli, W. Pedersen, C. Pegram, D. Penn, P. Redd, T. Rosenbaum, H. Shapiro, R. Smartt, J. Solomon, M. Sugg, J- Thompson, M. Thorne, J. Tillinghast, S. Tribble, E. Watts, D. Weber, W. Mrs. Robert Husband, Advisor Laura Nawotka, President Ashley, J. Baube, J. Bishop, R. Bosley, G. HkE ' J ' Connor, S. beta psi chapter offic President Laura Nawotka Vice-President Glynis McHargue Treasurer Joyce Ashley Rush Chairman Bobbi March Most Improvement Scholarship trophy . . . Compass Editor, Nancy Hodges ... 1st place, Greek Week Olympics . . . Panhellenic Pres., Kathy War then . . . Hatter Editor, Mary P. Thompson . . . highest pledge class average . . . Greek Goddess and Pershing Rifles spon- sor, Kay Harmeling . . . University of Miami rush trip: 34 pledges for Gamma Alpha chap- ter. Deuell, P. Elkins, S. Finney, M. Fhppo, B. Eraser, M. French, C. 190 W( t.9! Goode, P. Green, K. Guard, S. Harmeling, K. Hodges, N. Johnston, J. Kooistra, N. Long, R. 192 MacDonald, B. March, B. McHargue, G. Moore, T. O ' Connell, M. Pierson, P. Pike, R. Richardson, S. Seymour, M. L. Shannon, B. Thompson, M. P. Tubbs, C. Ward, B. Warthen, K. Yerg, L. 193 Bamford, J. Barnes, B. " 3 M Bickelliauph, J. Bidwell, W. Blackburn, N. Bohmfalk, J. 4lL J4tii Buchner, J. Cabral, C. Carter, F. Casto, K. Davis, J. Davis, S. Goodwyne, O. Gunther, R. Mrs. June V. Morgan, housemother Bob Kimble, President :eta tau chapter offic President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Robert M. Kimble Tony Tussing Phil Seipp Frank Carter S.G.A. Pres. and V. Pres., Bill Schneider and Dick Shuford . . . Mens Intramurals Director, Tony Tussing . . . Larry Pierce, I.F.C. Pres. . . . S.U.B. Treasurer, John Leiand . . . Paul Martin, Sr. class Pres. . . . Bus. School Pres., Bob Barnes . . . Senators: Fr. John Bamford; Soph. Steve Hobbs, John Welch; Jr. Rob Oglesby; Bus. Sch. Barry Spivey, Richard Swartz. 194 Hall, J. Hamilton, R. Hampp, K. Hobbs, J. Hobbs, S. Hussey, J, James, T. Johnston, G. Leland, J. Maas, J. Mabry, M. Martin, P. Moncreaf, S. Moody, L. Nepolitan, J. ■« ' ■ j€ IVT- jr ■ 195 MJkM M MM JlMJfMAi m MUi JrM Oglesby, R. Rothwell .D.Salter, P. Schneider, B. Scholfield, D. Seddon, B. Seipp, P. Shu ford, R. Snyder, H. Soule, G. Spivey, B. Swartz, D. Swayne, B. Sylvester, J. Thompson, N.Thompson, T.Tussing, T. Tutt, D. Warfield, R. Welch, J. W «(««« ' « « ' ' 196 Miss Zane Yakots sweetheart 197 Karen Anderson, President Mrs. Sue Hilton, Advisor florida alpha chapter offic President Scholarship Pledge Trainer Rush Chairman Karen Anderson Nanq ' Snyder Gwen Knight Betsy Snodgrass Student Government Secretary, Kitty Morris . . . Emily Hall Pres., Betsy Snodgrass . . . Fall pledge class, scholarship trophy . . . Karen Petersen, Out- standing Pledge . . . cheerleaders, Judy Gregg, Kris Kane . . . Arrow Girl, Zane Yakots . . . Delta Sig sweetheart, Susan Chickering . . . Diane Gussman, Pike sweetheart . . . Zane Yakots, Lambda Chi Cres- cent Girl. Bowles, S. Brannam, J. Chickering, S. Evans, D. Ezell, G. Ferrell, J. Fletcher, S. Fleishel, C. Fuller, C. Gussman, D. Jackson, K. Jost, M. Kane, K. Knight, G. Knight, J. McDonald, D. Morgan, H. Morris, C. 199 200 Morris, K. O ' Daniel, C. Petersen, K. Prince, R. Robinson, B. Rock, V. Schlatter, S. Slaton, M. Smith, N. Snider, N. Spivey, J. Telmanik, C. Tharp, D. Wainman, C. Williams, V. Wilson, J. Wooley, M. Yakots, Z. 201 Mrs. Etta Reynolds, housemother Glenn Garvin, President delta upsilon chapter ofEc SMC IMC THC SC Glenn Garvin Bill McBride John Perry Peter Fulton Christmas Party with Pi Beta Phi for the children of the Enterprise Children ' s Home . . . Donated 52 pints of blood during both drives . . . highest Greek organization contribution for the Green Feather Drive with cooperation from all sororities who bought back their badges . . . Hosted the Pi Kappa Alpha District Convention. Baksa, R. Bruce, K. Burnett, L. Carefoot, G. Dougherty, M. Douglas, B. Ellerman, J. Francisco, B. Freeman, T. Friedewald, D. f Fulton, P. Gibbs, G. Gillceson, R. Gingery, W. Harshman, R. Heebner, P Horton, T. Kohn, R. Kreider, A. Cr C] 1 i 4i 4lJb MacConnell,J. ' Maxwell, G. McBryde, B.McConnell, R. Mcllwain, D. McNamara D. 202 203 o M JtM ;% M M Metzler, D. Meyer, C Mills, J. Nugent, N. Palmer, C. Perry, J. Pierson, R. Potter, D. Seymour, R. Solomon, R. Stevens, J. Tardif, R. Thompson, J.Vaughn, W. White, J. Wright, G. Miss Diana Gussman sweetheart 204 .J ••: ' i J(f ' i 7 205 Chi chapter officers Archon Steve Willcerson Secretary Jack Butler Treasurer Elmer Jost Warden Bill Morris Ian Patterson, 7th straight Pi Kapp Greek God . . . Greek Week Sing . . . ODK Pres., Bob Eshnger . . . 1 1 Senators, Music School Pres., L.A. School Pres., Jr. class Pres . . . Bill Morris, Green Circle and Men ' s Council President . . . SUB Pres., Jack Dawson . . . Men ' s Cross country ... 5th straight scholarship trophy . . . 2nd straight Mr. Stetson ... 11 resident advisors. Steve Wilkerson, Archon Mrs. Betty Buchanan, housemother C €? r " F C i i44.41ViY ifhli4 il 4lki 4 4jr :t ii£kii Q fi M A Abies, C. Abies, M. Anderson, J. Bagnal, J. Batsel, C. Branan, R. Bryant, F. Butler, J. Gauvel, H. Cooper, S. Crosby, W. Dawson, J. Densmore, K.Ebaugh, C. Edge, H. Eslinger, B. Garbow, C. Gryskiewicz, S.Haire, J. Hayden, G. Hayes, G. Jackson, D. Jost, E. Lawrence, M.Machette, D.McBeath, B. Moore, B. Morgan, D. Morris, B. O ' Callaghan, P. Patterson, I. Ricketson, E.Royer, K. Smith, T. Sumner, D. Thompson, JThompson, M.Traut, R. Tyson, G. Vick, B. 206 I 11 207 208 Miss Toni Carameros etheart II 209 delfa mu chapter office Commander Lt.-Commander Recorder Treasurer Wayne Ellis Ed Foreman Doug Dawson Dale Massing Won intramural ping pong and football . . . gave party with all sororities at Umatilla Crippled Children ' s Home . . . Dale Massing, Who ' s Who ... Joe Garner and Dale Massing, ODK . . . painted DeLand playground fire engine . . . gave 68 pints of blood for Sharon Smith ' s operation . . . brothers in both math and business honoraries. k; . Wayne Ellis, Ojmmander Mrs. Nell Hudson, housemother 210 Arnold, L. Bums, R. Cohen, R. Gulp, M. Dawson, D. DeLand, M. Gamer, J. Gaskill, T. Gruber, C. Holifield, D. Hutchinson, T. Keefe, T. Kilcullen, W. Kinsey, R. Massing, D. McCuUough, J. McCuIlough, T. McEvoy, R. 21 Miss Donna Derricks etheart 212 McQueen, J.Moore, R. Nelson, S. Newton, C. Polk, B. Sanchez, S. Schneider ,P.Speicher, J. Starkey, D. Stone, W. Watson, R. Webb, R. Webster, R. Welch, J. White, G. MJik M Puterbaugh, R. Reisbeck, L. Roberts, M. rhomas, J. Troxel, T. Wallace, S. Williams, R. Yeager, J. Young, W. 213 Bob Hughes, President Mrs. Helen Poteat, housemother Ackerman, C. Adams, P. Beste, F. Bigelow, V. Buttel, G. Caruana, A. CauIIey, M. Clamp, J. Dennis, R. Friend, S. Gonzales, B. Graham, J. iLTk rJ fflorida beta chapter offic President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Bob Hughes David Weipjjert Vining Bigelow Eldyn Ingerick President ' s Cup champions, 1965-1966 . . . Les Hargrave, Reporter Greek Gab Editor . . . Horeshoes champions . . . Hatter Business Manager, Vining Bigelow . . . IFC Treasurer, Ralph Hampton . . . Varsity soccer players; Howie Stillwell, Vining Bigelow, John Heald, Don Jacob- son . . . Neuman Club, President Bill Schroff. 214 Guptil, C. Hampton, R. Hargrave, L. g, f « ' i- ■ S gi u§ij r M P - K ' ij ff ' j I ' w ' i I M |4f . «ai ■H 1 215 Opaleski, R. Pond, R. Ralph, K. Roberts, J. Schroder, A. Schroff, W. Scudder, S. Shee, W. Stillwell, H. Wagner, P. Walker, C Weimer, D. Weippert, D. West, J. Wilson, D. Jf ilfe dtkirM4 - . Miss LaVeme Jackson etheart 217 alpha xi chapter offic President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Jeanne Mazur Arlene Vail Diana Norton Lois Rovell-Rixx Intramurals Participation Award . . . provided Christ- mas for a DeLand needy family . . . Emily and Chaudoin Hall ' s house council secretaries, Diana Norton and Nellye Russum . . . Intramurals Outstanding player, Pat Vann . . . members in Tassel, on Dean ' s List and Honor Roll . . . Jeannee Mazur and Betsy Whelan, tennis doubles winners. Jeanne Mazur, President Mrs. Stina Gifford, Advisor 218 g ? ;, h Ash, G. Ashley, M. Bowen, S. Clark, D. Clements, A.Dunaway, M.Elmore, S. Estenson, J. Fernsler, L. Fisher, D. Goldstein, B.Jensen, G. Kern, I. Kircher, L. Krumholz, M.Kutz, C. Landers, L. Malone, P. McCown, E. McCune, M.Millen, D. Muenze, D. Muldoon, M. Norton, D. 219 g§v i f t 220 Orr, B. Parker, S. Pozdena, G. Rovell-Rixx, L. Russum, N. Schaidt, S. Stewart, V. Thibault, K. Vail, A. Vann, P. Wands, N. Webster, P. Wetmore, J. Whelan, E. Whisler, J. 221 ■««HSES«»« ' SW«»MiS» KSs s« n.-— yi»f mti.,. TTTP- r ' ' ' - Xv SlW . " , • ■- ! - ? ' l..; ' ' ' :. .• ' • im ' f - , «» V aMiW« ' , ,. ,- «;v - -- ' -? ; ' tJn u. •W5U-: ii ' ._ 222 the games 223 Allgaier, Duane Badgley, Rick. Baker, Philip Bafine, Joseph Bigelow. Vining Burger, Jack Caldas, Henry Carter, Frank Casta, Keith Coker, Dan Davant, James DeLand, Michael Ezell, Boyce Floyd, Bruce Fulton, Pete Grace, Lenny Hutchinson, William Hcald, John Jacobson, George Knowles, Clay LeLand, John Mishler, William Skarstrom, Erik Stillwell, Howie Wayne, Stanley White, Gene 224 ■tii- - " 225 226 227 ■b («w» v c UTS; 7: V A. C. C. 4 3 A ' t m)i ' i m basketball Bats el, Guy Bryant, Fred Buchanan, Steve Drogue, Art Jenkins, Bobby Kilcullen, Walt Moore, Ronnie Parlin, Doug Ralston, Chris Thompson, Ben Webster, Ron Woodbury, Roger Yaeger, Jim Young, Wes 229 ■ I 1 ■ IH 1 lu Q H|s« " wH 1 i H s 00 H U[ pp jJB H 9 ►■ d BfeM y 7 231 Diane Paresi Peggy White Carol Giffin Dolly Morehead Kris Kane Pat Pergrem Judy Starling Kathy Grandell Susie McCord Judy Gregg 234 Warren C. Cowell, chairman, physical education dept. Glenn Wilkes, basketball Bob Weikle, baseball Ray Hussey, tennis Wes Berner, soccer 235 baseball 236 Jim Welch Terry Martling Rick Webb Ted Troxel John McCullough Serge Sanchez Frank Giumarra Jim Johnson Topper Keefe Rick Burns Wayne Bowen Jim Thomas Rick Branan Dane Starkey Tom Johnson Ken Jones Dale Massing, Captain Craig Gruber Ken Henley Bob Watson, manager Bob Weickel, coach 237 golf Paul Adams Roger Pierson Gary Witchen Greg Johnson Tom Norton Woody Gosney Jacque Mills Coach Wes Berner i 1 ( 238 tennis Coach Hussey Russ Hamilton Lenny Grace Brooks Ritzell Dan Coker Vining Bigelow Pete Maddock Bert Gonzales Ben Forkner 239 . « .» v men ' s intramu ■Vt.Z; ' ' - - • ' s. men ' s intramurals board; George Fatula, Tony Tussing, director, Mike McCaulley, Gerald Bottemly, David Metzler, Lynn Arnold. 245 women ' s intra murals I 246 women s intramural boar Dorothy Ramsay, Lillian Middleton, Mrs. Thwing, Advisor, Kay Harmeling, Bobby Guyon, Tana Brown, Linda Styles, Pam Webster, Susan Lloyd, Pat Vann, Caroline Tubbs, Carole Wainman. Women ' s intramurals on the Stetson campus provide an opportunity for participation in a wide variety of sports throughout the year. Among these are tennis, basketball, volleyball, softball, and badminton. An annual Posture contest is also sponsored. The intramural program is under the direction of the Women ' s Intramural Board, composed of representatives from Greek organiza- tions and the women ' s dorms. Awards are given each year for partici- pation, placement in each sport, and total points accumulated. 247 -f f 248 the groups 249 student government Kitty Morris, secretary Marsha Gelbart, secretary of elections Bill Schneider, president Becky Phillips, secretary of student events Steve Busey treasurer Gena Medrano, Linda Lippoldt, co-secretaries of communications Rick Knapp, secretary of student welfare Dick Shufford, vice-president Sandy Lucas, undersecretary of student events Tim Baughman, senate parliamentarian John Bohnfalk, secretary of traffic affairs flfii M 0 H| ' ' i W 3 W ' ' ' • ' i Ijl j HHjR H 250 Jim Thompson Pete Hogue Bob Barnes Paul Martin Hoyt Edge Bob Eslinger Sandy Hardy 251 Rob Oglesby Terry Abel John Hicks Steve Hobbs Liz Stanfield Dave Morgan Alice Brown John Welch Webb Wiggins Hal Cauvel Ted Troxel Richard Swartz Jack Dawson Jack Bulter John Bamford Angel Castillo Steve Wilkerson Jerry Hill Elmore Philpot H 1 252 4 „!— 253 stetson union board Nancy Combs Judy Gregg Bonnie Moffat Dean Etter Turner Jack Dan son, chairman Nina Pylkas Joyce Ashley Barbera Beadle Jeff Lederwitz Jerry Jackson Mr. Jack Mabry Dick Shufford John Leland John Tubb 254 chairmen: Homecoming Kathy Warthen Kurt Hampp parent ' s weekend Barbara Thompson Jim Thompson greek week Linda Lippoldt Barry Spivey 255 Jerry Jackson, Mike Repass, Bill Morris, Pres.; Dick Shuford, Joe Garner, Jan Roberts, Rick Knapp, Jim Thomas, George Hayes. men ' s judiciary council Jack Burger, Hal Cauvel, Mike Raymond, Pres.; Henry Caldas, George M. Hayes, Heyward Goodwin, Tom Fulton, Larry Romans, Clarence Anderson, Kelly Grimsley. men ' s dorm council 256 women ' s executive council Cary Page, Darlene Smith, Jenny Dekle, President; Linda Clenney, Jackie Eslinger, Judy Anderson, Carol Hooker, Jann Plumer, Shari Cox, Juanita Schiess, Betsey Snodgrass, Donna Carter. 257 emily hall— Diana Norton, Betsey Snodgrass, President; Rachel Pike, Bobbi March, Jeanne Matur, Zane Yakots, Nancy Wands, Lois Rovell-Rixx, Linda Lippoldt, Judy Brown. chaudoin hall — Lucy Fellows, Betsy Goldstein, Sharon White, Nellye Russum, Linda Eggeman, Kathy Thi- bault, Carol Hooker, President; Charlotte Kutz., Georgia Ash. conrad hall — Barbara Guyon, Trish James, Judi An- derson, President; Betsy Grimm, Brenda Baylor, Jackie Manning, Mary Rowley, Offie Solano. women ' s dorm councils stetson hall — Joyce Martin, Mary Pritchard, Jann Plummer, President; Kitty Morris, Jane Turner, Veda Williams, Joyce Armstrong, Joanna Pat ton, Jeannette Ferrell, Brenda Dickens, Becky Chambers. I ■■piiiiiiijiBii ijai«ii I ywuTVC- :• ::,: .i« - a - junior counselors — Judith Wri ght, Kay Stacey, Nancy Combs, Joyce Ashley, Linda Cline, Sharon Estes, Nina Pylkas, Lynn Shafer, Gwen Pozdena, Suzy Aldrich. junior counselors — Carol Blazer, Dottie McDonald, Clair Rey, Bobbie Flippo, Bobbie Shelton, Jo Tiffany, Grace Kirkpatrick, Mary Birrel, Wendy Harmer, Lynn Gardner. resident advisers — Rick Webb, Jerry Jackson, Steve Busey, Ralph Harper, Joe Garner, Hoyt Edge, Joel Bagnal, head resident; Red Alderman, head resident; Randy Nimnicht, Wayne Crosby, Topper Keefe, Nestor De Armas, Dave Morgan, Ira Bar be. Bob Eslinger, John Tubb, Jack Dawson, Bruce Arnold, Rick Branan, Buddy Moore, Pete O ' Callaghan. 259 260 the hatter editors Mary P. Thompson editor-in-chief Jim Sapp greek editor Joyce Armstrong women ' s intramurals editor David Amiot photographer Vining Bigelow business manager Marcia Hamilton organizations editor Glynis McHaugue Patterson beauty editor David Machette managing editor Ian Patterson men ' s intramurals editor staff members Kathy Aldrich Randi Bishop Ginger Brendle Joyce Cartledge Louis Ceballo Charlotte Daniels Carole Davis Frank de Miranda Pat Deuell Sharon Elkins Ginny Ezell Lois Fernsler Fran Fiduk Cindy Fuller Jane Furlong Marcia Gelbart Marcia Hamilton Don Jackson Trish James Jeanne Kenzer Gwen Knight Joy Kolansky Linda Lippoldt Laurie Lipscomb Annica Millsaps Laura Nawotka Butch Padgett Midge Scharrer Donna Sherfey Kathy Thibault Hillary Van Buskirk Pat Vann Ginger Wall Joanne Whisler Janice Willis Judith Wright Z.ane Yakots Marilyn Z.upsich Sharon Parker 261 1 i 262 Chuck Kleinschmidt, photographer Tom Henry, editor Bill Seddon, sports editor Rick Badgley, staff writer Angel Castillo, staff writer Howard Snyder, business manager Fred York, news editor Rob Oglesby, staff writer the reporter 263 interjraternity council — Bob Kimble, James Smart, Larry Pierce, Pres.; Ralph Hampton, Glenn Garvin, Wayne Crosby, Tom Hutchinson, Bill McBride, Jan Roberts. panhellenic — Laura Nawotka, Gail Gordon, Sandy Melton, Karen Anderson, Betsy Snodgrass, Nancy Wands, Jeanne Mazur, Kathy Warthen, Pres.; Frances Shutts, Pat V . Deuell, Pat Vann, Mary Patton, Lucretia Cain, Carolyn Lady, Gwen Arnett. 264 compass — John Welch, Nancy Hodges, Editor; Rachel Pike, Joyce Cartledge, Hil- lary Van Buskirk- junior panhellenic — Connie Care- foot, Trish James, Kris Kane, Mar- tha Eraser, Susan Conner, Frances Shutts, advisor; Faye Harris, Judy Knight, Betty Orr, Mary Lou Mul- doon, Linda Durant. 265 Sarah Ashcraft Gwen Knight Jennie Dekie Kaye Wachsmuth Jill Nunez Sandy Hardy, Pres. Alice Field Carol Riitan active faculty: Mrs. George Hood Mrs. Carl Johnson Dr. Elsie M inter Miss Barbara Rowe Dean Etter Turner mortar board J r " ' yy ill 266 odk ,....■• W ' M ' ' i Jack Dawson Steve Wilkerson Joe Garner Bing Vick Bill Schneider Dale Massing Dick Shujford Paul Martin Jay Haskell Ken Steele Hoyt Edge Pete Hogite Bob Eslinger, Pres. Jay Mechling active faculty: Dean Bill Baggett Dr. Robert S. Chauvin D r. John Hague Mr. Fluker Stewart 267 green circle — John Tubb, Angel Castillo, Bill Morris, Pres.; Webb Wiggin, Dave Morgan, Rick Branan, Jim Thomas, Barry Spivey, Rick Knapp, Jack Dawson. tassel and green circle tassel — Bobbie Flippo, Gena Medrano, Darlene Smith, Pres.; Jill Nunez, adviser; Lois Rovel-Rixx, Nancy Combs, Kathy War then, Liz Stanfield, Zane Yakots, Mary Pritchard, Joyce Ashley, Wendy Harmer, Jann Plumer, Terri Jo Kennedy, Nancy Snyder, Nina Pylkas, Mary Curtis Upshaw. 2bQ scroll and key — Sandy Hardy, Sandy Lucas, Carol Giffin, Pete Hogue, President. scroll and key phi society phi society — Jay Mechling, Carol Giffin, Rick Knapp, Ni na Pylkas, Sharon Estes, Pres.; Dr. Gerald Critoph, adviser; Mary Prit chard, joe Garner, Joyce Ashley, Pete Hogue. 269 1 1 Ml ( 1 i i ' u »iJ 1 ' • N 270 who ' s who Bill Schneider Kaye W achsmuth Kathy Warthen Gwen Knight Caryl Gijfin Bing Vick Carol Rutan ]ill Nunez Jerry Jackson Ken Steele Sandy Hardy Linda Woojter Sarah Ashcraft Dick. Shuford 271 Joel Bagnal Dale Massing Jennie Dekle Bob Eslinger Paul Martin Jim Thompson Peter Hague Hoyt Edge Alice Field Joe Garner who ' s who 272 Elmo Hoffman John Tonlinson, Jr. Charles Bailiff Sammy Cacciatore I C. Wade Yeakle III who ' s who OF STETSON LAW SCHOOL 273 pi kappa delta — organiiation for those students interested in forensic activ- ities. 21 A sigma pi sigma — national physics honorary. jLJmm ,r k ! . kappa delta pi — national education fraternity. 275 phi alpha theta — national history honorary society. young democrats of stetson. beta alpha sigma — business fraternity for men. 276 gamma theta upsilon — national geography fraternity. player ' s guild. theta alpha phi — national dramatic fraternity. 277 psi chi — honorary psychcology fraternity 278 beta beta beta — national honorary biology organization 279 concert choir professor tiarold griffin director 280 university ctiorus mr. robert e. fort director 281 band richard feasel director 282 robert hause director 283 american guild of organists — professional organization for organ students. tau beta sigma — national honorary band fraternity for women. 284 phi beta — national professional fraternity for women in music. kappa kappa psi — national honorary band fraternity for men. pep band. 285 interdenominational tutoring serv- ice. ministerial association. religious life council. bsu — organization for students of the baptist faith, executive council. 287 organization for presbyterian students Westminister feiiowsliip organization for lutheran students 288 canterbury club organization for episcopal students i 1 289 organizAtion for students of christian science faith Christian scientists organization for methodist students wesley foundation 290 organization of varsity lettermen s Club 291 m III scabbard and blade national military lionor society for cadet officers of advanced rote 292 pershing rifles national military tionor society for basic rote students 293 fiUS " « 294 295 " ■ , f g h 296 the ads 297 J. C. PENNEY CO. DeLAND Compliments of WEE WASH LAUNDRY Washing Ironing 243 North Boulevard Dry-Cleaning DeLand, Florida Compliments of COSTON ' S .aundry Dry Cleaning REdwood 4-3052 224 S. Florida Ave. Since 1873 F. N. DeHuy Son Diamonds Watches Jewelry Bridal Department Expert Repair China — Crystal — Silver Jewelry and Watches Best Wishes From Evelyn and Jimmy West STETSON FLOWER SHOP 106 E. New York Ave. Serving Stetson and DeLand for 32 Years DeLAND, FLORIDA 734-0796 FOUNTAIN ' S Over Fifty Years Cenfral Florida ' s Finest Store for Men DeLAND, FLORIDA COLLEGE PLAZA 115 EAST PLYMOUTH □ eland. FLORIDA DELAND CAMERA SHOP 142 North Boulevard DeLand, Florida 734-3595 compliments of BELUE ' S SHOES 136 North Boulevard DeLand Florida GIBBS OF DELAND, INC. Best Advertised Lines in Ladies ' Wearing Apparel 298 131-133 North Boulevard 734-5521 Stetson students always welcome EEVE HOWARD STATIONERY GIFTS-GREETING CARDS 105 West Indiana Avenue DeLand Mitchell Cleaners Sanitone CatlfiaI ' Maslcr ' Diydaner Finest in Dry Qeaning Polarized Care for Your Furs Box Storage for Winter Garments ATHENS Laundry Dry Cleaning STOUDENMIRE ' S THRIFTWAY 642 West New York Avenue DeLand, Florida deland federal sa tngs k . AND LOAN ASSOCIATION — JIIIIIE WM 136 NORTH FLORIDA AVENUE DeLAINTD, FLORIDA 32721 TELEPHONE 734-2551 BRANCH OFFICE - DEBARY, FLORIDA 299 ROEHR PRODUCTS CO., INC. Subsidiary of Brunswick Corporation DeLand, Florida Norfolk, Nebraska Wa+erbury, Connecticut World ' s Largest Manufacturer of Disposable Hypodermic Needles and Syringes Since 1929 rietMH ' On the Boulevard Gerald E. Frierson 230 N. Blvd., DeLand, Fla. Compliments of FRIEDMAN ' S GULF Michigan and North Boulevard 734-9729 PUBLIX " Where Shopping ' s A Pleasure " FEASEL PAINT AND GLASS Established 1921 Art Supplies Picture Framing 247 North Boulevard DeLand, Florida James F. Clardy p. O. Boi 441 213 North Woodland Boulevard, Dcland. Florida Phone: RE 4-4883 Representing The Travelers Insurance Companies DeLAND STATE BANK DeLand ' s Newest Financial Institution compliments of THE DODGE BOYS DeLAND, DODGE 1205 W. BLVD. 734-7800 On the Boulevard 300 Congratulations . . . Graduates of the Class of 1966 FLORIDA BANK AT DELAND " A Friendly Institution ' MEMBER FLORIDA NATIONAL GROUP OF BANKS FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE COMPANY 301 DELAND COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Phone 734-2182 The Smart Place To Go , , . For Good Things To Eat! BeHitnJJ «n Netar5 " Serving All of Volusia " THE ALLEN- WHITE CO, LNFC. Specialists in Q Sict Supplies Adding Machine Typewriter Repair 734-0395 103 W. Indiana Ave. DELAND, FLORIDA P.O. Box 354 302 AMERICANA BEACH LODGE KING ' S CELLAR RESTAURANT 1260 N. Atlantic DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA SOMEONE WANTS YOUR PORTRAIT. TO BE SURE OF PLEASING HAVE IT MADE AT KENT ' S Serving DeLand in photography Since 1949 224 North Boulevard Phone 734-1133 303 STETSOl the first name in hats . . . the last word in shoes! WRENN ' S r 119 N. Boulevard Tel. 734-4433 Compliments of BONREN ' S BARBER SHOP 134 N. BLVD. DEL AND, FLA. GOULD AGENCY REAL ESTATE-mSURANCE 201 North Boulevard 734-3770 DeLand, Fla. STETSON UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE Congratulations . . . Class of 1966 Your Book-Centered Store on Your Book-Centered Campus Compliments of MORRIS ' 217 N. Boulevard Deland ' s Finest Restaurant Compliments of THE BARNETT NATIONAL BANK OF DELAND Serving West Volusia Since 1929 305 LEEDS Shoes for the Entire Family 112 North Boulevard DeLand, Florida THE GREAT KNITTING SCOETY USES SUSAN BATES World ' s Finest Knitting Aids CHESTER, CONN. DAYTONA LINEN SERVICE INC BETTY DREKA ' S DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA 105 South Boulevard ■ ?;:-: " ' ' " DeLand 734-1949 306 UNDER THE CIRCUMSTANCES . . . " People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don ' t believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they can ' t find them, make them. " — George Bernard Shaw, 1856-1950 FLORIDA POAVER CORPORATION 307 Congratulations and best Wishes, Class of 1966 1 the city of DeLand and the Chamber of Commerce are proud of the cooperative spirit between the residents of our community and the students of Stetson University. DELAND CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 336 N. Woodland Boulevard 308 seniors ABLES, CLIFFORD M., DeLand, L.A., Pi Kappa Phi, house manager, BSU, Honor Roll, Student Advisor, Resident Advi- sor. ABLES, ELAINE, DeLand, L.A., Alpha Xi Delta. BSU, Honor Roll, Sponsor, Scabbard and Blade, " Bartered Bride, " ANDERSON, JUDI, Denver, Col., L.A., Conrad Hall, house council, Pres., SFEA, Honor Roll. ANDERSON, KAREN, Columbus, Ohio, L.A., Pi Beta Phi, Pres., V.-Pres., Sigma Tau Delta, Ford graduate stu- dent. Concert Choir, T.-Squad, Key Member, University Chorus, " The Boy Friend, " " The Merry Wives, of Wind- sor, " " Little Mary Sunshine. " ANDERSON, VIRGINIA LOVEJOY, Clearwater, Fla., L.A., Delta Delta Delta; rec. secy., social chmn., intra- murals, Emily House Council. ARNETT, GWEN MULLINIKS, Orlando, L.A.,-Alpha Chi Omega; House Chrmn., 2nd V.-Pres., Pres., Student Advisor, Orientation Registration Comm., BSU, Honor Roll, REPORTER staff, Intra- murals; volleyball. Posture Queen, 1st runner-up (2 years), Stetson Scholar, Honors Program, Dean ' s List. ARNOLD, BRUCE E., Clearwater, Bus., Westminster Fellowship; treas., Beta Alpha Sigma, The Accountacy Club; Pres., Dorm Advisor, Aspley Scholar, SUB Committee, Honor Roll. ASHCRAFT, SARAH, DeLand, L.A., Alpha Xi Delta; song leader, Pres., women ' s house council, BSU, intra- murals, Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Con- cert Choir; T-Squad, Key member, soloist, Panhellenic Council, Orienta- tion Week Comm., SFEA, Student Ad- visor, Mortar Board, ' Tassel, Who ' s Who, Kappa Delta Pi. AULT, JAMES F., Panama City, Mus., Stetson Scholar, Kappa Kappa Psi; treas., Pres., Band; general manager, operations manager. BAGNAL, JOEL B., Jacksonville, Fla., L.A.-Pi Kappa Phi, Chaplain, Historian, BSU, Social Chrmn., Ministerial Assoc, Hatter Staff, Layout Editor, Resident Advisor, Head Resident, Freshman Area, Kappa Pi, Pres., Sigma Pi Kappa, Central Florida Ceramics Society Scho- larship. Who ' s Who. BAGNAL, MARTY GREGORY, Law- renceville, Illinois, Bus. -Honor Roll, Water Ski Club, Sigma Beta Chi. BAILEY, ROBERT, Femandina Beach, Fla., L.A., Lutheran Students Assoc, Basketball Manager, Intramurals, Hon- or Roll, Scabbard and Blade, Pershing Rifles, Sigma Pi Sigma, Distinguished Military Student. BAKER, PHILIP GREELEY, Waterbury, Vermont, L.A., Wesley Foundation, Soc- cer, S-Club, Social V.-Pres., Honor Roll, Junior Year Abroad Program in France. BALDWIN, GLENN, Delray Beach, Fla., L.A. -Canterbury, Vestry, Wesley Tu- toring, Honor Roll, Player ' s Guild, Pres., Theta Alpha Phi, Pep Band. BARBE, IRA LEE, Warwick, R.I., L.A.- Independent Men ' s Organization, Gam- ma ' Theta Upsilon, Scabbard and Blade, Dorm Council Alternate. BARNES, ROBERT M., Jacksonville, Fla., Bus. -Lambda Chi Alpha, Editor and Alumni Correspondent, Business School President, Student Government Movie Committee, Student Senator, Freshman Advisor, Traffic Court Judge, V.-Chrmn., Traffic Dept., Canterbury Club, Intramurals, Beta Alpha Sigma, Sailing Club, ROTC Rifle Team Cap- tain, Chairman in charge of all Uni- versity Banquets. BAROLO, DENICE, Bradenton Beach, Fla., L.A., Alpha Chi Omega, pledge scholarship chrmn., Pledge Trainer, Scholarship Chrmn., V.Pres., Hatter Holiday Committee, Student Advisor, Orientation Committee, Honor Roll, Junior Counselor. BAYLOR, BRENDA, Cedar Key Fla., L.A. -Conrad House Council, Social Chrmn., Ski Club, SFEA, Publicity Chrmn. BEADLE, BARBARA, Atlanta, Georgia, L.A., transfer from Emory, Delta Gam- ma, Chaplain, Ritual Chrmn., Union Board, Chairman and Sec, Region VI — Association of College Unions, Wesley Foundation, Annual Staff, Intramurals, Dean ' s List, Hostess for Barkley Forum: Stetson — BSU, Stetson Union Board, Social Chairman. BICKELHAUPT, JAMES ALLAN, De- Land, Fla., Bus. -Lambda Chi Alpha, Canterbury Club, Intramurals, Parent ' s Weekend Arrangements Com., Chrmn., Parent ' s Weekend Comm., Chrmn., Ac- coimtancy Club, Beta Alpha Sigma, Secretary, V.-Pres., Quiz Bowl Team, Resident Advisor, Student Advisor. BOTTOMLEY, GERALD, Melbourne, Fla., L.A., Independent Men ' s Organization, V.-Pres., Pres., Intramurals, All-stars (football). Gamma Theta Upsilon. BOYD, LARRY CRAIG, McMinnville, Term., L.A., Wesley Foundation, Young Republicans Club, Bipartisan Comm., for Support of U.S. Policy in Vietnam. BRAUN, AMELIA, Jacksonville, Fla., L.A., Canterbury Club, Vestry, Re- porter Staff, Intramurals, FTA, IWO. BROER, BRUCE, Babylon, New York, L.A., Sigma Phi Epsilon, Intramurals, All Stars, Intramurals Board, Honor Roll, Dean ' s List. BROWN, SANDY, Lake Park, L.A., Stu- dent Advisor, Interdenominational Tu- toring. BRYAN, SYBIL DIANA, Manila, Philip- pines, L.A., Delta Delta Delta, Inter- national Club. BUCHNER, JOSEPH E., DeLand, Fla., L.A., Lambda Chi Alpha, Rush Chrmn., IFC, Student Advisor, Greek Week Comm., Articulation Weekend Comm., Orientation Weekend Comm., Intra- murals — all star basketball, soccer, S Club. BUSEY, STEVE, Jacksonville, Fla., Bus., Green Circle, Resident Advisor, Intra- murals, Student Government treasurer. Traffic Department Treasurer, Traffic Court Judge, Senator, Artist and Lec- turers Comm., Organizations and Fi- nance Comm., Vice-Chrmn. BUTLER, DOUGLAS, Atlanta, Georgia, Mus., Canterbury Club, Vestry, Music Director, Honor Roll, Concert Choir, University Chorus, American Guild of Organists, Dean. C CAREFOOT, GEORGE, Fort Meade, Fla., Bus., Pi Kappa Alpha, Historian, Alum- ni Correspondent, Wesley Foundation, Intramurals. CARR, DONNA, Longboat Key, Fla., L.A., Alpha Chi Omega, Chaplain, Stu- dent Advisor, Band, Orchestra, " A Thurber Carnival, " Junior Year Abroad Program in France. CHAPLIN, YVONNE THOMPSON, Delta Delta Delta, Service Projects Chrmn., Chaplain, Homecoming Comm., Women ' s Executive Council, Honor Roll, Stetson Hall House Council. CHARLESWORTH, ARTHUR T., Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., L.A., transfer from Ohio Wesleyan University, Sigma Chi, Chapter Editor, Dean ' s List, Circle K, Secy., Leas Math Contest, 2nd place, Campus Chest Comm., Stetson — Wesley Foundation, Pres., Phi Society, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Dean ' s List. CHATLOS, EVELYN, North Miami Beach, Fla., L.A., Westminster Fellow- ship, BSU, Honor Roll, Honors Semi- nars — Freshman and Sophomores, Young Democrats, Corresponding Secy. CLEMENTS, ANN, Vero Beach, Fla., L.A., Phi Mu, librarian, Ritual Chrmn., Orientation Comm., Student Advisor, Wesley Foundation, Devotions Chrmn., contributor to Stetson Review, Intra- murals, Stetson Scholar, Honor Roll, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Secy., Sigma Pi Sigma. COLVARD, RUTH, Pahokee, Fla., L.A., Alpha Chi Omega, LYRE Editor, Chap- lain, Student Advisor, BSU, Executive Council, Intramurals, 1st runner-up, Miss Stetson, Miss Haiter, Posture Queen, SFEA, Junior Coimselor, Uni- versity Chorus, Concert Choir, " Merry Wives of Windsor, " Concert Choir, T-Squad. CONRAD, STEPHEN W., Sturbridge, Mass., L.A. COX, MARGARET, Lakeland, Fla., Mus., BSU, Honor Roll, Phi, Beta, Pres., Madrigals, V.-Chnnn., Concert Choir, T-Squad, Women ' s Manager. CREAGH, GLORIA, Guantanamo, Orien- te, Cuba, L.A., Canterbury Club, Honor Roll, International Club. CULVER, EDWIN H., Savarmah, Ga., Bus., Pi Kappa Phi, Men ' s Dorm Council, Secy, and V.-Pres., Theta Alpha Phi, Stover Theatre, Dean ' s List, Honor Roll, Aspley Scholar Award for Out- standing Business School Students, Represented Stetson in Marketing Com- puter Games at Emory. DAVIS, JOHN M., Dade City, Fla., L.A., Lambda Chi Alpha, Intramurals Direc- tor, BSU, Intramurals. DAWSON, DOUGLAS, Coming, New York, L.A., Sigma Nu, Recorder. DEAL, ELIZABETH L., Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Mus., Westminster Fellowship, Intramurals, Scroll and Key, treas.. Honor Roll, Dean ' s List Phi Beta, treas., Presser Foundation Scholarship, Tau Beta Sigma, Secy.-Treas., Band, Secy.- Treas., Orchestra, Woodwind Quintet, Pi Kappa Lambda, Outstanding Fresh- man Woman in Band Award, MENC, Pres., Secy. DEKLE, JENNIE L., Gainesville, Fla., L.A., Alpha Chi Omega, pledge class Pres., Intramurals Chrmn., Warden, 1st V.-Pres., National Convention Delegate, Student Senator, Sophomore class V.- Pres., Women ' s Executive Council, sophomore representative, Pres., Chau- doin Hall Pres., Women ' s Intramurals Board, Tassel, Mortar Board, Psi Chi, Tau Beta Sigma, Mortar Board ' s Out- standing Freshman Woman Award, Band, Stover Theatre Productions, Who ' s Who, Student Affairs Comm., Disciplinary Comm. DERICKS, DONNA L., Cincinnati, Ohio, L.A., Delta Delta Delta, Panhellenic Representative, Rush Chrmn., Pledge Trainer, V.-Pres., L.A. Senator, Judi- cial and Rules Comm., Greek Week Publicity Chairman, Parent ' s Weekend Comm., Homecoming Comm., Honor Roll, Intramurals, Junior Counselor House Council, Panhellenic Council, treas., Sigma Nu Sweetheart, SUB Edu- cation Comm. DOUBLEDAY, DIANE, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., L.A., IWO, L-Club, Sailing Club, Parent ' s Weekend Comm., Women ' s Council, Wesley Foundation, Intra- murals, Women ' s Intramurals Board, Dean ' s List, Honor Roll, Tassel, Kappa Mu Epsilon. EASON, BARBARA ANN, New Smyrna Beach, Fla., L.A. EDELBLUT, ROBERT L., Fort Myers, 309 Fla., Bus., Pi Kappa Alpha, IFC, Intra- murals, Honor Roll. EDGE, HOYT L., LouisvUle, Kentucky, L.A., Pi Kappa Phi, Archon, Chaplain, IFC, Senator, Student Advisor, Judicial and Rules Comm., Hatter Holiday Comm., BSU, Pres. of Freshman Coun- cil, Executive Comm., Ministerial As- sociation, Program Chnrm., Stetson Revival Team, Intramurals, All-star basketball, softball, football, ping-pong, Intramurals Board, Honor Roll, ODK, Green Circle, Harry L. Taylor Prize in Humanities, Who ' s Who, Resident Ad- visor, German Club, Advisor of Honors Dorm, Junior Year Abroad Program in Germany with Honors. ELLIS, WAYNE, Jacksonville, Fla., Bus., Sigma Nu, .Commander, Intramurals Representative, Pledge Marshal, EFC, Disciplinary Council, Intramurals, Scab- bard and Blade, Battalion Executive Officer. ESLINGER, ROBERT, Bradenton, Fla., L.A., Pi Kappa Phi, ODK, Pres., Green Circle, Pres., Selby Science Award, Senator, Pres. of L.A. ' s School, Men ' s Council Secy., Orientation Week Comm., Co-Chrmn., Chrmn. of Organizations and Finance Comm. of Senate, Intra- murals, All-Star football and Basket- ball, Residence Hall Advisor, Assistant and Instructor in Math Department. FEAR, MARY H., Apopka, Fla., L.A. FIELD, ALICE, Jacksonville, Fla., L.A., Alpha Chi Omega, Pledge class V.-Pres., Chaplain, Treas., Union Board, Social Comm., Hospitality Comm., Chrmn., Orientation Week Comm., Honor Sys- tem Comm., Homecoming Comm., Green Feather Comm., School Spirit Comm., BSU, Freshman Council, Social Co- Chrmn., Executive CouncU, Fellowship Co-Chrmn., Social Co-Chrmn., YWA, State Revival Team, Hatter staff, sophomore class editor, Intramurals, Junior Counselor, Student Advisor, Tassel, Historian, Mortar Board, Editor and Historian, Who ' s Who. FIELD, JUDITH LOUISE, Asheville, N.C., L.A., SFEA, treas. FRANCISCO, WILLIAM PAYNE, Mana- gua, Nicaragua, L.A., Pi Kappa Alpha, Sgt.-at-arms, House manager, Greek Week Comm., Intramurals, All-star football. Scabbard and Blade, V.-Pres., Distinguished Military Student. FURLONG, EDWARD C, DeLand, Fla., Bus., Canterbury Club, Rifle Team. GARBOW, CHRISTOPHER D., McLean, Va., L.A., Pi Kappa Phi, IFC, Rush Chrmn., V.-Pres., Editor — IFC Riish Booklet, Intramurals, Scabbard and Blade. GARNER, JOSEPH, Carmi, Illinois, L.A., Sigma Nu, Rush Chrmn., Rec, Senator, Pres. of Liberal Arts School, Student Affairs Comm., Men ' s Council, Pres., V.-Pres., Honor Ro ll, Dean ' s List, Phi Society, ODK, Green Circle, Resident Advisor, Who ' s Who. GIFFIN, CARYL JEANNE, DeLand, Fla., L.A., Alpha Xi Delta, Assistant Pledge Trainer, Rush Chairman, Rec. Secy., Panhellenic Council, SUB Spirit Comm., Canterbury Club, Cheerleader, Captain, Co-captain, Intramurals, Phi Society, Secy., Tassel, Pres., Kappa Delta Pi, V.-Pres., Scroll and Key, Secy. -Treas., Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Who ' s Who, Concert Choir, .Soloist, Key member. Publicity Manager, " The Merry Wives of Windsor, " Student Advisor, Orienta- tion Week Comm. GORDON, GAIL REED, Arcadia, Fla., L.A., Alpha Xi Delta, pledge secy., house chrmn.. Rush chrmn., journal correspondent, Alfalfa Alphas, Parents ' Weekend Comm., SUB Recreation Comm., Secy., SUB Publicity Comm., SUB Hospitality Comm., Canterbury House, Publicity Chrmn., Vestry, Hat- ter staff. Kappa Delta Pi, Pres., Tassel, Student Advisor, Stover Threatre, Uni- versity Chorus, Junior Counselor, Pan- hellenic Council, SFEA. GREENWOOD, RICHARD, Beverly, Mass., Bus., Beta Alpha Sigma, Ac-- countancy Club, Tournament Comm.- SUB, Student Advisor, Honor Roll. GRINNELL, NORMAN, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Bus., Sigma Phi Epsilon, Parlia- mentarian, Intramurals. GUYON, BARBARA ANN, Marathon Shores, Fla., L.A., House Council, In- tramurals, Women ' s Intramurals Board, SFEA, Historian, V.-Pres. HAMPP, KURT PRESTON, Bethesda, Md., L.A., Lambda Chi Alpha, House Manager, Ritualist, Traffic Department, Student Advisor, Green Feather Rep- resentative, Elections Comm., Chrmn., Homecoming Comm., Director of Duval Home Charity Drive sponsored by Lambda Chi Alpha and Zeta Tau Alpha. HARDY, SANDY, Hollywood, Fla., L.A., IWO, Wesley Foundation, Board Repre- sentative, V.-Pres. HARDY, SANDY, Hollywood, Fla., L.A., Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Mortar Board, Pres., Tassel, Scroll and Key, Phi Society, Phi Alpha Theta, IWO, Wesley Foundation, V.-Pres., Board Represen- tative, Religious Life Council, Interde- nominational Tutoring Comm., Chrmn., Senator, Hatter Holiday Comm., Elec- tions Comm., Films Comm., Academic Affairs Comm., Orientation Comm., Stu- dent Advisor, Chaudoin House Council, Honor System Committee, Ford Pro- gram, Honors Program, Miss Stetson, 2nd runner-up, Miss Hatter, 1st runner- up, Basketball Queen, 1st runner-up. HARGNETT, DAVID, Jacksonville, Fla., L.A., Delta Sigma Phi, Corresponding Secy., Student Advisor, Traffic Comm., Library Comm., Commons Comm., Busi- ness Relations Comm., Co-Chrmn. HARGRAVE, LESTER BRIAN, Fort Pierce, Fla., L.A., Sigma Phi Epsilon, Public Relations Officer, REPORTER staff, Greek Gab Editor, Intramurals. HEALY, DONNA, Miami, Fla., L.A., Hat- ter staff, Sigma Delta Pi, Student Ad- visor, Orientation Comm., Junior Year Abroad Program in Spain. HEEBNER, PETER B., DeLand, Fla., L.A., Pi Kappa Alpha, Publicity Chrmn., Alurrmi Secy., Rush Chrmn., Community Service Chrmn., Orientation Comm., Green Feather Comm., Homecoming Comm., Canterbury Club, Hatter staff, REPORTER staff, Intramurals, Concert Choir, Men ' s Manager, General Man- ager, Opera. HERBERHOLZ, LOIS, Miami Shores, Fla., L.A., Hatter staff, ' Tau Beta Sigma. HERRALD, JUDITH. Baldwinsville, New York, L.A., student advisor, Wesley Foundation, SFEA, Kappa Mu Epsilon. HIRD, RANDY, Miami, Fla., L.A., Student Advisor. HOBEN, DIANA SUE, Atlanta, Ga., L.A., Canterbury Club, French Club, Honor RoU. HOLIFIELD, RICHARD N., Sebring, Fla., L.A., Sigma Nu, Chaplain, Canterbury Club, Vestry, Senior Warden, Intra- murals, Scabbard and Blade. HOOK, PENNY ANN, North Miami, Fla., L.A., Elections Comm., Parents ' Week- end Comm., LSA, Publicity Chrmn., Pres., Secy.-Treas., Religious Life Coun- cil, Christmas Program Chrmn., Hatter, Organizations Editor, Features Editor, Sigma Pi Kappa, Secy.-Treas., His- torian, Mademoiselle College Board Member. HORTON, MICHAEL GERALD, St. Pe- tersburg, Fla., L.A., Student Orientation Comm., Hatter Holiday Comm., Parents ' Weekend Comm., Wesley Foundation, Interdenominational Tutoring Service, Independent Men ' s Organization, Honor Roll, National Science Foundation Re- search. HOWARD. ALICE, Lakeland, Fla., L.A., BSU, YWA, Student Advisor, Jimior Counselor. HUGHES, BOB, Miami, Fla., L.A., Sigma Phi EpsUo n, Pres., Senior Marshal, In- tramurals, All-stars, volleyball, football, Honor Roll, Math Tutor for Stetson. INGERICK, ELDYN L., DeLand, Fla., L.A., Sigma Phi EpsUon, Comptroller, Intramurals, Accountancy Club. 3 JACKSON, JAMES F. (Jerry), Jackson- ville, Fla., Bus., Green Feather Comm., Hatter Holiday Comm., BSU, Stu- dent Center Chrmn., V.-Pres., Men ' s Intramurals, Scabbard and Blade, Con- cert Choir, Men ' s CovmcU, Resident Ad- visor, Union Board, Films Comm., Chrmn., Student Advisor, Who ' s Who. JARMAN, SALLY KATE, Philadelphia, Pa., L.A., BSU, YWA, Religious Life Council, Disciples Student Fellowship, Honor RoU, SFEA, Student Advisor, Junior Year Abroad Program in France. JENSEN, JENASY, Lake Helen, Fla., L.A., Phi Mu, Student Advisor, Canter- bury Club, Interdenominational Tutor- ing Service, Young Democrats, Cor- responding Secy., Pres. JOHNSON, JUDY, Skippack, Pa., L.A., Zeta Tau Alpha, Jr. Panhellenic, Ritual Chrmn., Intramurals Chrmn., Assistant Rush Chrmn., House Council Student Director of Intramurals Board. JORGENSON, TERRY L., Huntington, New York, L.A., KEISLING, MELISSA C, Jacksonville, Fla., L.A., Centerbury Club, Vestry, Treasurer, Phi Alpha Theta, Ford Pro- gram, Young Democrats, SFEA. KELLY, TERRY, South Miami, Fla., L.A., BSU, Ministerial Association, Yoiong Christian Athlete Association, SFEA, Sigma Delta Pi, Junior Year Abroad Program in Spain. KENTNER, KATHY, Tampa, Fla., L.A., Alpha Chi Omega, Activities Chrmn., Corresponding Secy., Standards Board, Parents ' Weekend Comm., Co-Chrmn., Student Advisor, STETSON REVIEW, staff. Editor, Honor Roll, Sigma Tau Delta, Stetson Scholar, Ford Graduate Program, Green Feather Comm. KNIGHT, DOROTHY GWEN, Jackson- ville, Fla., L.A., Pi Beta Phi, Pledge Class Pre., Outstanding Pledge, Assist- ant Rush Chrmn., Rush Chrmn., Arrow Tips Editor, Pledge Supervisor, Pan- hellenic Council, SUB Social Comm., Orientation Comm., Green Feather Comm., Donations Chrmn., Student Ad- visor, House Council, V.-Pres., Emily Hall, BSU, Hatter staff, Intramurals, Dean ' s List, Honor Roll, Kappa Delta Pi, SFEA, Mortar Board, Secy., Tassel, Pi Kappa Phi Freshman Beauty Queen, Miss Stetson, Pi Kappa Phi Rose Queen, Admissions Office Guide, As- sistant Dorm Director of Stetson Hall, Who ' s Who. KNGWl ES, CLAY, JacksonvUle, Fla., L.A., Canterbury House, Vestry, Jr. Warden, Soccer, S Club, Honor Roll, Stover Theatre, DeLand Players. 1 LAMONT, ROBERT S., Miami, Fla., Bus., Delta Sigma Phi, Rush Chrmn., Treas., Pledge Class Pres., Pres., BSU, Intra- murals, All-Southern Collegiate Bowl- ing Tournament, IFC, IFC Disciplinary Council, Union Board Billiard Cham- 310 pion, Chairman of Charity Dance given for DeLand Children ' s Museum. LANDERS, LINDA JOY, Chattanooga, Term., L.A., Phi Mu, Historian, Re- porter, Student Advisor, Union Board, Tournaments Comm., Wesley Founda- tion, Hatter staff, Intramurals, Stetson Scholar, Honor Roll, Tassel, Ford Graduate Program, Woodrow Wilson Nominee, Junior Year Aboard in Ger- many. LANEY, PAT, Birmingham, Alabama, L.A., BSU, Mission Chrmn., Freshman Council, YAW, Mission Study Chrmn., Honor Roll, Student Advisor, Inter- denominational Tutoring Council. LAWRENCE, MICHAEL BOWIE, St. Pe- tersburg, Fla., L.A., Pi Kappa Phi, His- torian, Student Advisor, Orientation Week Comm., Intramurals, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Ford Graduate Pro- gram, Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Scab- bard and Blade, Distinguished Military Student, Resident Advisor, ROTC Bat- talion Commander. LOWRY, ROBERT, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., L.A., Basketball Manager, Basketball Statistician, S Club, Honor Roll. LUCAS, SANDRA A., Coral Gables, Fla., L.A., SUB Communications and Publi- cations Comm., SUB Education Comm., Homecoming Comm., Secy., Under Secy, of Student Events, Wesley Foundation, REVIEW staff. Honor RoU, Dean ' s List, Tassel, Secy., Scroll and Key, V.-Pres., Honors Program, Ford Program, Sigma Tau Delta, Secy., Award for 2nd Highest Average in Junior Class. LYON, JANET, Lakeland, Fla., L.A., Women ' s Executive Council, Emily House, Parents ' Weekend Comm., Secy., Homecoming Comm., Elections Comm., SUB Education Comm., Student Ad- visor, Honor Roll, Kappa Delta Pi, Stet- son Scholar, Tassel, SFEA. MABRY, MICHAEL, Tampa, Fla., L.A., Lambda Chi Alpha, SUB Tournament Committee, BSU, Dean ' s List, Intra- murals, Beta Beta Beta, Pres., Canal Zone Junior College; Intramurals, Phi Theta Kappa, Biological Society. MARTIN, ELIZABETH, Starke, Fla., L.A., BSU, YWA, Sigma Tau Delta. MARTIN, Paul L., Gainesville, Fla., L.A., Lambda Chi Alpha, Song Leader, Pledge Trainer, National Convention Delegate, Conclave Chrmn., Executive Comm., Senator, Senior Class Pres., As- sembly Comm. Chrmn., Green Feather Comm. Co-Chrmn., Artists and Lec- turers Comm., Student Advisor, BSU, Freshman Council, Executive Council, State Revival Team, Religious Drama, Intramurals, Stetson Scholar, Honor Roll, ODK, Concert Choir, Key Mem- ber, Opera, Resident Advisor, Who ' s Who. MASSING, DALE F., Erie, Pa., Bus., Sigma Nu, treas.. Outstanding Pledge, Student Advisor, Resident Advisor, Intramurals, All-Conference Baseball, NAIA Ail-American Honorable Men- tion S Club, V.-Pres., REPORTER Best-All-Round Athlete, Stetson Schol- ar, Accounting Club, V.-Pres., ODK, Scabbard and Blade, Distinguished Mili- tary Student, Who ' s Who. MAZUR, JEANNE ELIZABETH, Palm Bay, Fla., L.A., Phi Mu, Pledge Pres., Junior Panhellenic, Activity Award, Recommendations Chrmn., Membership Chrmn., Door-Keeper, Pres., Panhellenic Council, Student Government Screening Comm., Emily Hall House Council, Canterbury Club, Intramurals, Sports Award, Tennis Doubles Winner, Out- standing Volleyball player. Junior Counselor. McCROSKEY, LEN, Florence, S.C, Mus., Canterbury Club, Pi Kappa Lambda, Phi Beta, Pres., Madrigal Singers, Phi Beta National Summer Study Scholar- ship, Carilloneur, University Chorus, Phi Beta Award — Most Outstanding Senior Woman in Music School. McHARGUE, GLYNIS, Sebring, Fla., L.A., Zeta Tau Alpha, Assistant Treas., Ritual Chrmn., V.-Pres.— Pledge Trainer, BSU, Hatter Beauty Editor, Junior Counselor, Orientation Week Comm., Student Ad- visor. McQUEEN, JOHN DAVID, Punta Gorda, Fla., L.A., Sigma Nu, Historian, Alunrmi Contact Officer, Intramurals, Dean ' s List. MELTON, JOHN RANDOLPH, Lenoir, N.C., Mus., Stetson Scholar, Honor Roll, Kappa Kappa Psi, Treas., Madrigals, Orchestra, Band, Brass Choir. MERIWETHER, WALTER H., Sanford, Fla., Bus., The Accounting Club, Or- lando Junior College: Dean ' s List. MERWIN, JANE H., Daytona Beach, Fla., L.A., Sigma Kappa, Rush Chrmn., Women ' s Greek Organization, Dean ' s List, Honor Roll (transfer). MILLER, RAYMOND, Fort Lauderdale, L.A., Sigma Phi Epsilon, Intramiirals, Freshman Basketball. MILLSAPS, ANNICA, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., LA., Alpha Xi Delta, Social Chrmn., BSU, Hatter staff, Greek Week Comm., Homecoming Comm., Miss Hat- ter Comm., SFEA. MINOR, MARY ELIZABETH, Atlanta, Ga., L.A., Christian Science College Or- ganization, Pres., Sigma Pi Sigma, Sec- retary, Physics Department Research MOFFAT, BONNIE FRANCES, Orlando, Fla., L.A., Homecoming Comm., Parents ' Weekend Comm., Secy, of Communica- tions and Public Affairs, Education and Cultural Comm., Chrmn., Canterbury House, Vestry, Social Chrmn., Program Chrmn., Rep. to Religious Life Council, Canterbury Hostess-Religious Focus Week, Member of Artists and Lecturers Comm. MOODY, BARBARA LUBBERS, Eau Gallic, Fla., Mus., Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Beta, Tau Beta Sigma, Band, Brass Choir, Orchestra, Woodwind Quintet, Outstanding Freshman Band Woman. MORRISSEY, PATRICIA ANNE, Aber- deen, Md., L.A., Newman Club, Theatre Guild. MOSCHANDREAS, D. J., Athens, Greece, L.A., Canterbury House, Vestry, Treas., Soccer, Dean ' s List, Honor Roll, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Pres., Sigma Pi Sigma, Pres., Woodrow Wilson Nominee, Hon Hall House Manager, International Club, Pres., L Club, Publicity Co- Chrmn., Physics Instructor, Physics Dept., Research Asst. MULLINS, BARBARA, Tampa, Fla., L.A., Student Affairs Comm., Canterbury House, REPORTER, Hatter, Stover Theatre, Debate Team, Young Demo- crats, Executive Comm. MULLINS, RICHARD A., Miami Springs, Fla., Bus., Sigma Phi Epsilon, BSU, Intercollegiate Computerized Market- ing Competition Team. NASH, ANNA R., Sarasota, Fla., L.A. NAWOTKA, LAURA, Chester, Virginia, L.A., Zeta Tau Alpha, Pledge Pres., Treas., Pres., Intramurals, Dean ' s List, SFEA. NELSON, SANFORD, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., L.A., Sigma Nu, Kappa Pi, Scab- bard and Blade. NORTON, DIANA, Atlanta, Georgia, Mus., Phi Mu, Secretary, Chaplain, Emily Hall House Council, Secy., Westminster Fel- lowship, Pi Kappa Lambda, Tau Beta Sigma, Pres., Phi Beta, American Guild of Organists, Sub Dean, University Band, University Chorus, Honor Roll, MENC. NUNEZ, JILL R., Guantanamo, Cuba, L.A., Student Advisor, Co-Chrmn., Ac- tivities and Entertainment Comm., Homecoming Comm., Canterbury House, Honor Roll, Tassel, V.-Pres., Mortar Board, V.-Pres., Mortar Board Advisor to Tassel, Sigma Delta Pi, Initiation Chrmn., International Club, Secy. PAGE, CARY, Evergreen, Alabama, L.A., SUB Recreation Comm., Homecoming Comm., Parents ' Weekend Comm., Res- ervations Co-Chrmn., Orientation Week Co-Chrmn., Honor Code Comm., Wom- en ' s Executive Comm., Sr. Representa- tive, Westminster Fellowship, Jr. Coimselor, Student Advisor. PALMER, CHARLES B., Orlando, Fla., Bus., Pi Kappa Alpha, Canterbury Club, Honor Roll, Team Captain-Management Computer Game at Mich. State. PARKER, H. JAMES, Lake Worth, Fla., Bus., Dorm Disciplinary Council, Wes- ley Foundation, Intramurals, Honor Roll, Pershing Rifles Commander, Scab- bard and Blade, Secy., Beta Alpha Sigma, Aqua Hats, Distinguished Mili- tary Student. PARKO, JOSEPH E., Fort Lauderdale, Fla., L.A., transfer from Broward County Junior College, Florida State Teaching Scholarship, Young Demo- crats, President, Sigma Tau Delta, Pres., Ford Graduate Program, Quiz Bowl Team, English Dept. Assistant, Intra- murals. PARSONS, SANDRA KAY, Cocoa, Fla., L.A., transfer from Brevard Jr. College, BSU, Pres. (Brevard), Social Comm., (Stetson), WMU, SFEA, treas., Brevard: Dean ' s List, Phi Theta Kappa. PATTERSON, IAN T., Hollywood, Fla., Bus., Pi Kappa Phi, Treas., Warden, Social Chnnn., Senator, Screening Comm., Green Feather, Co-Chrmn., Homecoming Committee, Hatter, Intra- mural Editor, Freshman Basketball, Intramurals, Greek God, Men ' s Dorm Council, Pres., Resident Advisor. PENDING, SAM D., Tampa, Fla., L.A., Intramurals, Debate Squad. POND, RICHARD G., Palm Beach, Fla., L.A., Sigma Phi Epsilon, Intramurals, Scabbard and Blade. PRIDDY, LINDA, Chattanooga, Tenn., Mus., Alpha Chi Omega, Rush Chrmn., Song Leader, Activities Chrmn., Sena- tor, Orientation Week Comm., Student Advisor, BSU, treas.. Freshman Council, Executive Council, Panhellenic Council, Concert Choir, ' " The Merry Wives of Windsor, " University- Chorus, Concert Choir T-Squad, Key Member. PRIES, NANCY R., Miami Springs, Fla., L.A., Conrad House Council, Ford Pro- gram, Dean ' s List, Honor Roll, SFEA, Sigma Tau Delta. PUTERBAUGH, ROBERT E., Babson Park, Fla., Bus., Nu, Intramurals, Scabbard and Blade. RICHARDS, JULIET, Bainbridge, Ga., Mus., Alpha Xi Delta, Pledge Pres., As- sistant Music Chrmn., Honor Roll, Phi Beta, Tassel, Junior Year Abroad Pro- gram in Germany. RICHTER, GAIL FLOYD, DeLand, Fla., L.A., Intramurals, H onor Roll, Kappa Pi, L Club, Sailing Club. RICHTER, JAMES, DeLand, Fla., Bus., SGA Social Comm., Soccer, Beta Alpha Sigma, Chaplain, Accountancy Club, Distinguished Military Student, Persh- ing Rifles, Executive Officer, Orienta- tion Comm., Homecoming Comm., L Club, Sailing Club, Green Feather Comm. RIESBECK, LAWRENCE, Coming, N.Y., Bus., Sigma Nu, Intramurals. ROACH, MARNE, Petersburg, Virginia, L.A. 311 ROBERTS, WILLIAM M., Miami, Fla., L.A., SUB Social Comm. Chrmn., SUB Films Comm., REPORTER Sports Edi- tor, Stetson Sports Information Direc- tor, Sigma Pi Kappa, Pres. ROGERS, DAVID WAYNE, Lysander, New York, Bus., J. C. Aspley Scholar- ship, Honor Roll, Beta Alpha Sigma, Accountancy Club, treas. ROSELLE, DAVID J., Sarasota, Fla., Bus., Recreation Comm., Wesley Foundation, Aquahats, Atlanta Optimist Club Scho- larship, Beta Alpha Sigma, Intercol- legiate Business School Games Team Member. ROVELL-RIXX, LOIS, Miami, Fla., L.A., Phi Mu, Pledge Class V.-Pres., treas.. Student Advisor, Emily Hall House Council, Canterbury Club, Intramurals, Stetson Scholar, Honors Program, Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Tassel, Secretary, Sigma Delta Pi, Corresponding Secy. RUTAN, EDYTHE CAROL, Atlanta, Ga., Mus., Alpha Xi Delta, Marshal, Intra- murals Chrmn., Senator, Pres. of Music School, Women ' s Executive Council, Sophomore Representative, Stetson Hall Pres., BSU, Tennis Team, Intramurals, All Star Basketball Team, Outstanding Basketball Player, Honor Roll, Mortar Board, Phi Beta, Tau Beta Sigma, Uni- versity Band, Orchestra, Brass Choir, MENC, Sr. Soloist with University Orchestra, Who ' s Who. SALTER, H. PHELPS, Bronxville, N.Y., Bus., Lambda Chi Alpha, Treas., Stu- dent Advisor, Parents ' Weekend, Wes- ley Foundation, Host, Intramurals, Beta Alpha Sigma, V.-Pres., Pres. SALTER, TERYL-SUE W., Fort Lauder- dale, Fla., L.A., Student Advisor, Parents ' Weekend, Wesley Foundation, Hostess, Dean ' s List, Kappa Delta Pi, treasurer, SFEA. SAPP, JAMES HARMAN, Orlando, Fla., Bus., transfer from Georgia Tech; Beta Theta Pi, Pledge Class Pres., Chorister, BLUE PRINT staff. Circle K., Pershing Rifles Drill Team, Stetson: Pi Kappa Phi Social Affiliate, Wesley Founda- tion, Hatter, Greek Editor, Intramurals, Honor Roll, Green Feather, Treas., Ac- counting Tutor, Accountancy Club. SCHNEIDER, WILLIAM J., Miami, Fla., L.A., Lambda Chi Alpha, Parliamentari- an, Student Government Pres., Jr. Class Pres., Sophomore Class Pres., Freshman Class Pres., Senator, Men ' s Coiincil, Wesley Foundation, V.-Pres., Pres., Re- ligious Life Council, Stetson Scholar, Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Secretary, ODK, Green Circle, Resident Advisor, Outstanding Fresh- man Man (Ye Mystic Crewe), Who ' s Who, SCHUMACHER, PAUL, Jacksonville, Fla., L.A., BSU, Hatter Holiday Comm. SCUDDER, HENRY, Campbell, New York, Bus., Sigma Phi Epsilon, Intramurals. SEITZ, MARY JANE, DeLand, Fla., Bus., Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Accountancy Club, Secretary. SEYMOUR. ROBERT TYRONE, Jackson- ville, Fla., Bus., Pi Kappa Alpha, Social Chrmn., Correspondent for " Shield and Diamond, " Pike National Magazine, BSU, Intramurals, Dean ' s List. SHIPPEY, SANDRA, Jacksonville, Fla., L.A., Wesley Foundation, Commons Comm., Intramurals, CCUN, Sigma Tau Delta, Dean ' s List, Honor Roll, Honor ' s Program, Academic Council Award. SHUFORD, RICHARD J., Jacksonville, Fla., L.A., Lambda Chi Alpha, Scholar- ship Chrmn., Student Government V.- Pres., Secretary of Student Welfare, Academic Affairs Comm., Honor Code Comm., Student Advisor, Men ' s Council, Union Board, Student Affairs Comm., Wesley Foundation, Treas., COMPASS staff. Publications Board, Intramurals, All-Star Badminton, Honor Roll, Gam- ma Sigma Epsilon, Secy., Scabbard and Blade, V.-Pres., Resident Advisor, Dis- tinguished Military Student, ODK, Who ' s Who. SIMMONS, GERALD E., Wauchula, Fla., L.A., Honor Roll, Teaching Assistant in Religion Department. SLATON, MARTHA CAROL, Damascus, Md., L.A., Pi Beta Phi, Scholarship Chrmn., V.-Pres., Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Stetson Scholar, Tassel, Phi So- ciety, Secy, of Communications, Green Feather Comm., Publicity Chrmn., Junior Year Abroad Program in France, with Honors. SMITH, ZOE CROOM, DeLand, Fla., L.A. SNYDER, HOWARD, Fort Pierce, Fla., Bus., Lambda Chi Alpha, Pledge Class treas.. Green Feather Comm., LSA, Green Circle, Dean ' s List, REPORTER, Business Manager, Publication ' s Board, Chrmn., Sigma Pi Kappa, Beta Alpha Sigma. SNYDER, NANCY, Miami, Florida, L.A., Pi Beta Phi, Scholarship Chrmn., Green Feather Comm., Hatter Holiday Comm., House Council, Conrad Hall Secy., LSA, REPORTER Staff, Tassel, Historian, SFEA. SOLOMON, RON, Fort Myers, Fla., L.A., Pi Kappa Alpha, Historian, Social Chrmn., Judiciary Comm., V.-Pres., Stu- dent Advisor, Intramurals, Golf ' Team, S Club, IFC, Young Democrats. SOULE, GARDNER N., Pittsford, N.Y., L.A., Lambda Chi Alpha, Historian, Education Comm., Hatter Holiday Comm., Hatter, Gamma Theta UpsUon, Dorm Council. STARKEY, MARGARET J., Fort Walton Beach, Fla., Mus., MENC, Secy.-Treas., State Secy.-Treas., University Chorus, Concert Choir, Key Member. STEELE, KENNETH RAY, Tampa, Fla., Mus., Hatter Holiday Comm., Orienta- tion Week Comm., Homecoming Comm., BSU, Ministerial Association, Religious Life Council, BSU Summer Revival Team, Dean ' s List, Honor Roll, Pi Kappa Lambda, ODK, Green Circle, Concert Choir, Soloist, Men ' s Manager, Publicity Manager, University Chorus, Madrigal Singers, Who ' s Who. STEPHENS, MARGARET ANNE, Talla- hassee, Fla., L.A., Alpha Xi Delta, Chaplain, Green Feather Comm., Miss HATTER Contest Comm., Stetson Hall House Council, BSU, Honor Roll, Kappa Delta Pi, Jr. Counselor, Concert Choir, Key Member. STONE, WILLIAM H., Jacksonville, Fla., Bus., Sigma Nu, Treas., Accountancy Club. SWOPE, ANNE H., Miami, Fla., L.A., Alpha Xi Delta, V.-Pres., Pledge Train- er, Student Advisor, Jr. Counselor, Parents ' Weekend Comm., Co-Chrmn. of Faculty Relations Comm. TARDIF, ROBERT, Dunedin, Fla., L.A., Pi Kappa Alpha, Scholarship Chrmn., Men ' s Dorm Council, Intramurals, TINC, Pres. THOMPSON, JAMES E., Vero Beach, Fla., Mus., Pi Kappa Phi, Chaplain, Historian, BSU, Executive Council, Intramurals, Orientation Comm., Student Advisor, Orchestra, Band, O perations Manager, Outstanding Freshman Band Award, Pep Band, Director, Kappa Kappa Psi, Secy., V.-Pres., Green Circle, Parents ' Weekend Comm., Co-Chrmn., Senator, Pre . of Music School. THOMPSON, MARY, Femandina Beach, Fla., L.A., Zeta Tau Alpha, Pledge Class Pres., House Chrmn., Parents ' Weekend Comm., Orientation Week Comm., Green Feather Comm., Homecoming Comm., Miss HATTER Comm., Chrmn., Hatter Editor, Publications Board, Intramurals, Gamma Theta Uosilon. Quiz Bowl Team. THORNE, JONATHAN BRINCK, Delray Beach, Fla., Bus., Delta Sigma Phi, Soccer. TRAUT, RICHARD KENNETH, Indialan- tic, Fla., L.A., Pi Kappa Phi, Intra- murals. TUNNELL, PRISCILLA JONES, Atlanta, Ga., Mus., Alpha Xi Delta, Song Leader, Concert Choir, Key Member, Student Director, University Chorus, BSU, AGO, Madrigals, Stetson Hall House Council, Honor RoU, REPORTER staff. TUSSING, LEWIS BENTON, Fort Lau- derdale, Fla., L.A., Lambda Chi Alpha, V.-Pres., House Manager, Executive Comm., Pledge Class Secy., Green Feather Committee, Orientation Week Comm., Traffic Department, Sr. Judge, Westminster Fellowship, REPORTER, Intramural Editor, Sports Writer, Intra- murals, All-Stars, Student Intramural Director, Sailing Club, V.-Pres., Pres., Aqua-Hats, Ski Club. TYSON, GARY M., Ocala, Fla., L.A., Pi Kappa Phi, House Manager, Warden, Intramurals, Honor Roll, Scabbard and Blade, Distinguished Military Student. VAIL, ARLENE, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., L.A., Phi Mu, Assistant Ritual Chrmn., Assistant Social Chrmn., Assistant Mem- bership Chrmn., Standards Chrmn., V.- Pres., Student Spirit Comm., Secy.- Treas. Canterbury Club. VARNEDOE, MARY LOU, Palatka, Fla., L.A., Delta Delta Delta, Sponsorship Chrmn., Fraternity Education, Home- coming Comm., Green Feather Comm., SUB Social Comm., SUB Recreation Comm., Honor Roll, Junior Counselor, Student Advisor, Co-Ed of the Week. VICK, BINGHAM L., Charlotte, N.C., L.A., Pi Kappa Phi, Chaplain, Song Leader, Senator, BSU, Executive Council, Pres., Concert Choir, Key Member, General Manager, Student Leader, University Chorus, Assistant Manager, Madrigal Singers, Chrmn., Honor Roll, Green Circle, ODK, Who ' s Who. VINCENT, JEROUS ALLEN, Fort Pierce, Fla., L.A., Disciples Student Fellowship, Gamma Theta Upsilon, Phi Alpha Theta, Quiz Bowl Team. WACHSMUTH, KAYE, Charlotte, N.C., L.A., Delta Delta Delta, House Pres., Pledge Trainer, Scholarship Chrmn., Outstanding Pledge, Homecoming Com- mittee, Parents ' Weekend Comm., Stet- son Hall House Council, Jr. Counselor, Student Advisor, Intramurals, Honor Roll, Beta Beta Beta, Scroll and Key Mention — Jr. in Biology, Kate Ellis Carlon Scholarship Award, Ford Gradu- ate Program , Mortar Board, Tassel, Summer Fellowship at Oak Ridge Na- tional Laboratory, Who ' s Who. WAGNER, SKIP, Largo, Florida, L.A. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Rush Chrmn., Scholarship Chrmn., Intramurals Chrmn., Ritual Chrmn., Varsity Track, Soccer, S Club, Homecoming Host Can- didate. WALLACE, STANLEY W., Sebring, Fla., L.A. — Sigma Nu, Intramurals, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Green Circle, Chemistry Honorary. WANDS, NANCY, Deerfield, Illinois, L.A. — Phi Mu, Social Chrmn., Panhellenic Delegate, Membership Chrmn., Women ' s Council, Traffic Committee, Sr. Rep., Intramurals, Honor Roll, Co-Chrmn. of Greek Week, SFEA. WARD, BRENDA, Port St. Joe, Fla., L.A. —Zeta Tau Alpha, Pledge Class Pres., Social ChiTnn., Membership Chrmn., Secretary, Miss Stetson Contest, WARTHEN, KATHY ANNE, Vidalia, Ga., L.A. — Zeta Tau Alpha, Historian, Panhellenic Delegate, Intramurals, Hon- 312 or Roll, Ford Program Fellow, Panhel- lenic President, Stetson Hall House Council, Young Democrats, Sec, Tassel, Homecoming Co-Chrmn., Homecoming Hostess, Who ' s Who. WATERS, ONEITA ANELL, Homestead, Fla., Mus.— BSU, Co-Chrmn. of Mis- sions, Christmas Program, University Chorus, Concert Choir, T-Squad, L Club, Secretary, V.-Pres., Pres., AGO, MENC. WEIPPERT, DAVID A., Jacksonville, Fla., L.A. — Sigma Phi Epsilon, Outstanding Pledge, V.-Pres., BSU, Intramurals, Honor Roll. WELLS, ROBERT, Miami, Fla., Bus.— SUB Social Comm., BSU, Independent Men ' s Organization, Secretary-Treas., Beta Alpha Sigma, Pershing Rifles, Executive Officer, Rifle Team. WHELAN, BETSY, Santurce, Puerto Rico, L.A.— Phi Mu, Pledge Class Treas., So- cial Service Chrmn., Treas., Fraternity Information Chrmn., Newmann Club, Intramurals, 1st Place, Tennis Doubles, SFEA, Activities Chrmn. WHITE, ARTHUR, Orlando, Fla., L.A.— Canterbury Club, Stover Theatre, Young Democrats, Publications Chrmn. WHITE, GENE, Daytona Beach, Fla., Bus. —Sigma Nu, IFC, Social Chrmn., Soc- cer, Co-Captain, All-Conference, Intra- murals, Green Circle, Homecoming Comm., Senator, S Club, Secretary, Pres., IFC Treas. WONG, EMILY, Kowloon, Hong Kong, Bus. — Alpha Chi Omega, BSU, Interna- tional Club, Sigma Beta Chi. WOOFTER, LINDA KAY, Delray Beach, Fla., L.A.— Alpha Chi Omega, 1st V.- Pres., Public Relations Chrmn., Pledge Scholarship Chrmn., SUB, Correspond- ing Secretary, Publicity Chrmn., Rec- reation Comm., Green Feather Publicity Chrmn., Homecoming Comm., Traffic Comm., BSU, YWA, Publicity Chrmn., Hatter Staff, Review Staff, Intra- murals, Stetson Scholar, Honors Pro- gram, Ford Program, Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Sigma Tau Delta, Quiz Bowl, Ger- man Club, Academic Council Award, University Band, Student Advisor, Woodrow Wilson Candidate, Who ' s Who. YAEGER, JAMES, Terre Haute, Ind., Bus. — Sigma Nu, Marshal, Co-Rush Chrmn., Varsity Basketball, Co-Cap- tain, Don Iverson Desire Award, S Club, Intramurals, Honor Roll, Green Circle, Treasurer. law seniors RAYMOND A. ALLEY, JR.— Tampa, Fla., Phi Delta Phi. FRANK JOHN ALOIA— Fort Myers, Fla., Phi Delta Phi, Treas., Co-Ed. of Sr. Placement Roster. CHARLES LOGAN BAILIFF— Tampa, Fla., Delta Theta Phi; Pol. and Soc. Chrmn., Rush Co-Chrmn., Amer. Law Student Assoc, rep.. National Conven- tion delegate. Honor Court Chancellor, Student Orientation Comm. Advisor, Editor, Student Directory suppl.. Fresh- man rep. to Executive Council, Inns of Court, Law Review Study Comm., Christian Legal Society, WTio ' s Who, Medical Jurisprudence award. Ford Foundation Fellow, Nat. Secy., House American Law Student Assoc, Chrmn., American Bar Assoc, Chicago, 111.; Young Republicans; ODK, Pres., Ameri- can Society of Inter. Law, American Judicature Society, Student Placement Comm., J.D. Comm., Barristers ' Club. ANTHONY, A. BALASSO, St. Peters- burg, Fla. — Phi Delta Phi, Associate Justice of Honor Court, Publicity Comm., ALSA. DAVID W. BARROW HI, Milwaukee, Wis., Canterbury Club. PETER P. BEHUNIAK, St. Petersburg, Fla.— Co-Chrmn., SBA, Moot Court Comm.; General Chairman, SBA Comm. for Retarded Children ' s Annual Christ- mas Party; Sr. Class Honor Court Rep., Pub. Defender Clinic, Open Moot Court Competition. WILLIAM F. BLEWS, St. Petersburg, Fla.— SBA Pres., Co-Ed. of 1935 Stu- dent Directory, Amer. Law Student Assoc. Convention rep.. Phi Delta Phi; Rush Chrmn. JAMES M. BRICKLEY, St. Petersburg, Fla.— Delta Theta Phi; Dean, Tribune, Treas., Honor Court Justice, Dean ' s List, Dana Scholarship winner. JAMES D. BROWN, JR., St. Petersburg, Fla. — Phi Delta Phi, Associate Justice of Honor Court, Executive Council; Co- Chrmn. Public Relations Comm., Co- Chrmn. Constitutional Revision Comm. SAMMY CACCIATORO, Orlando, Fla.— Delta Theta Phi, bailiff, SBA Pres., Jr. class treas., SBA treas.. Honor Court Chief Justice, Honor Roll, Charles A. Dana Scholarship Award in US Consti- tutional Law, Fresh., Advocacy and Brief Award, Who ' s Who, Moot Court Competition, Moot Court Comm., Pub- lic Defender Clinic. JERRY C. COBB, Gulfport, Fla.— Men ' s Executive Council, Delta Theta Phi, KENNETH C. DEACON, JR., St. Peters- burg, Fla. — Orientation Co-Chrmn., Inns of Court, chrmn., Moot Court, Honor Court Justice, Honor Roll, Delta Theta Phi, Steinhardt Award for scholastic excellence and leadership. BURTON EASTON, Clearwater, Fla.— Public Defender Clinic, Delta Theta Phi. JOHN C. EICHRODT, Miami, Fla.— SBA Secretary, Phi Alpha Delta, Charles A. Dana Scholarship, Delta Theta Phi freshman scholastic award, M. DANIEL FUTCH, JR., Jacksonville, Fla.— Delta Theta Phi; bailiff. Dean, Inns of Court Council. RICHARD A. HIRSCH, Tampa, Fla.— freshman advisor, Inns of Court Comm., Phi Delta Phi. ELMO R. HOFFMAN, Jacksonville, Fla.— Phi Alpha Delta, marshal, Justice, Jr. class, Pres., Moot Court Comm., Chrm., Athletic Comm., Chrmn., Constitutional Revisional Comm., Dana Scholarship, Outstanding Participant Freshman Moot Court, Moot Court Team for National Competition, Who ' s Who. ROBERT E. HOWARD, Goose Point Park, Mich., Phi Alpha Delta. PFILIP G. HUNT, Montgomery, Ala.— Phi Delta Phi. WALTER ERNEST MACKOUL, Jackson- ville, Fla.— Phi Delta Phi, Interna- tional Convention delegate, SBA; Sec- retary, V-Pres., Honor Court Attorney, House Comm., Chrmn., Legal Aid Comm., Chrm., Public Defender Fel- lowship, Moot Court Open Competition, Associate Justice, Freshman Moot Court. ERNEST S. MARSHALL, Oneco, Fla.— Outstanding Participant Award, Fresh- man Moot Court, Phi Alpha Delta, Hon- or Roll. CORRINE McCLURE, Bradenton, Fla. DAVID W. McKAY, Delray Beach, Fla.— Freshman Moot Court, Advocate of the Day. BRUCE T. McKINLEY, St. Petersburg, Fla. — Phi Delta Phi; Secretary, Honor Court Associate, Justice, Attorney, Honor Roll, Dana Scholarship, Joint Award for best brief in Freshman Com- petition, Inns of Court Council, Moot Court, Student Directory. LARRY KEITH MEYER, St. Petersburg, Fla.— Phi Delta Phi, Honor Court Jus- tice, Sr. Class, V.-Pres., Inns of Court Council, Co-Ed. of Student Directory, Freshman Scholarship Award, Dana Scholarship, Overseer ' s Scholarship. JOHN A. MIKLOS, Largo, Fla.,— Delta Theta Phi. MARSHALL EDWARD NANCE, III, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. — Sigma Phi Epsilon, Delta Theta Phi; Tribune, Co-Social Chrm., SBA treas., Freshman Moot Court Award. WILLL M L. PENROSE, St. Petersburg, Fla.— Phi Delta Phi, Co-Chrm., Orien- tation Comm., Freshman Scholarship, Charles A. Dana Scholarship. GEORGE A. PIERCE, JR., St. Petersburg, Fla.— Phi Delta Phi. ANTHONY I. PROVITOLA, DeLand, Fla. — Moot Court National and State Com- petition. JAY REYNOLDS, New Haven, Conn.— Phi Delta Phi, SBA, Moot Court Com- petition, SBA Freshman Moot Court judge, SBA Retarded Children ' s Party Comm., Co-Chrm. Legal Comm. JAMES J. ROWAN, St. Petersburg, Fla.— Delta Theta Phi; treas., Co-Chrm., Scholastic Committee of Student Bar. CHRISTOPHER F. SAPP, St. Petersburg, Fla. — SBA treas., Executive Council, Honor Court Clerk, AUSA Comm., Honor Court Comm., Law Review Comm., Chrm., Constitutional Revision- al Comm., Dean ' s List, Delta Theta Phi, Social Chrm. STEPHEN SCHWARZ, St. Petersburg, Fla.— Phi Delta Phi, Jr. class, Pres., Freshman class, V.-Pres., Young Repub- lican Club. ROBERT T. SCOTT, Miami, Fla.— Phi Delta Phi, Honor Roll, Dana Scholar- ship, Moot Court, Competition. E. CLAY SHAW, JR., Miami, Fla.— Sigma Nu, Phi Delta Phi, treas., Sr. class, treas., CPA, American Jurisprudence Award in Federal Taxation. JAMES W. SMITH, Live Oak, Fla.— SBA Public Relations Comm., Chrm., Open Moot Court Participation, Freshman Moot Court judge. Phi Delta Phi. JOSEPH A. SOLE, Fort Pierce, Fla.— Phi Alpha Delta, secretary, vice justice. JOSEPH L. THURY, Tampa, Fla.— Sigma Phi Epsilon, Phi Alpha Delta, Dana Scholarship, Perry Nichols Award, Barrister Award, Public Defender Clinic, Moot Court Team. JOHN TOMLINSON, JR., Jacksonville, Fla. — Who ' s Who, Chief Justice Honor Court, President Senior Class, Fresh- man Class Advisor, Ford Foundation Fellowship Recipient, Moot Court, Treasurer SBA, Judge Freshman Moot Court, American Judicature Society, Delta Theta Phi. MELVIN TRUTE, Miami Beach, Fla.— Delta Theta Phi; Ritual Master, Char- les Dana Scholarship, American Jur. 2nd. award high grade in State Con- stitutional Law. NEIL E. WEBB, Cadillac, Mich.— Phi Delta Phi, Secretary Freshman and Senior Classes, Polo, Public Defender Program. ROLAND E. WILLLfVMS, JR., Jackson- ville, Fla.— Phi Delta Phi; President and Social Chairman, Freshman Class Treasurer, Inns of Court Council F resi- dent. Best Brief award in Moot. CLARK WADE YEAKLE III, St. Peters- burg, Fla.— Phi Delta Phi; Chairman- Social Committee, Chairman — Bar Ad- missions Committee, Social Committee, Meeting Committee, Member — Host Committee, Housing Committee, First in Senior Class, Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Freshman Full Scholarship, Dana Full Scholarship, Overseer ' s Full Scholar- ship, Barrister ' s Club Full Scholarship, State Moot Court Competition, National Moot Court Competition, Who ' s Who, Public Defender Clinic, Barrister ' s Club. 313 juniors ABLES, MICHAEL, Sanford. Fla., 140. 206. ACKERMAN. CARL. Tampa. Fla.. 140. 214. ALDRICH, KATHY, Sarasota, Fla.. 140, 182. 258. ALONSO. MARIA, Miami. Fla.. 140. ANKE. ROBERT. Pittsburgh. Pa.. 140. ARCHIBALD. G. F., DeLand, Fla., 140. ASHLEY. JOYCE. Jacksonville, Fla.. 140, 190, 254, 258, 268, 269. AUSINSCH, BAIBA. Solna. Swed- en, 140. BARROSO. JUAN. Habana. Cuba. 140. BAUBE. JANICE. Mt. Vernon, Ohio, 140. 190. BAUER. FRANK, Pinellas Park, Fla., 140, 187. BEACH, MARCI, Holly HiU, Fla., 140. BEEMAN. PAUL, Miami, Fla.. 140. BIGELOW. VINTNG. Pine Orch- ard. Conn., 140, 214, 224, 258. BIRREL, MARY. Cocoa Beach. Fla.. 140, 258. BISHOP. RANDI, Clearwater, Fla.. 140. 190. BLANK. PAUL. Baltimore. Md., 140. BLAZER. CAROL. Fort Myers, Fla.. 140. 258. BOHMFALK. JOHN. Rye, N.Y., 140, 194. BOYKIN. Ron, Jacksonville. Fla.. 140. BROCK, PATRICIA, St. Cloud, Fla., 140. BRADLEY. CHARLENE. Hialeah, Fla., 140. BRANNAM, JULIA, Jacksonville, Fla.. 140. 199. BRANAN. SAMUEL (RICK). Vero Beach, Fla., 140, 206, 258, 268. BRITT, PEGGY, Flagler Beach, Fla., 140. BROCKETT, GAIL, Pensacola, Fla.. 140, BROWN, TANA, Columbus. In- diana. 140. 179, 247. BRYANT. FRED, St. Petersburg, Fla., 140, 206. 229. BURNETT. LANE. Jacksonville. Fla.. 140 . 202. BURNS. ROBERT. Florence. S.C. 140. BUTLER. JACK. Boca Raton. Fla.. 140. 206. 252. CALDAS. HENRY. Cocoa. Fla.. 140. 187. 224. 25B. CARAMEROS, TONI, Miami. Fla.. 140. 182. 209. CAREFOOT. CONNIE. Fort Meade. Fla.. 140. 182. 265. CARTER. DONNA. Orlando. Fla.. 140. 257. CARTER, FRANK. Chevy Chase, Md.. 140. 194. CAROW. MARCIA, Orlando, Fla.. 141. CARTLEDGE. JOYCE. Miami. Fla.. 141, 265. CASTILLO, ANGEL, Los An- geles, Calif., 141, 252, 268. CAULLEY. MIKE. Jacksonville. Fla.. 141. CEBALLO. LOUIS. Margate. Fla.. 141. CHICKERING. SUSAN. Camden. S.C. 141, 188, 199. CHRISTY, WALTER, Orlando, Fla.. 141. CLARKE. LARRY. South Miami. Fla., 141. CLIFTON. DORIS. DeLand. Fla.. 141. CLINE. BARBARA. Panama City. Fla., 141. CLINE. LINDA, Dunedln. Fla,. 141. 179. 258. COKER, DAN, Winter Haven, Fla., 141. 224. COLE. LEE R.. Pembroke, Mass.. 141. COMBS. NANCY. DeLand. Fla,. 141. 179. 254. 258. 268. COURSEY. CHARLES. Palatka. Fla.. 141. CULP. MILTON. DeLand. Fla., 141. 211. CURMANSKIE. MARY ANN. Mi- ami. Fla.. 141. DALE. SHERRY. Maitland. Fla., 141. DAVIDSON, PATTI, Columbus, Ga., 141. DAVIS, DAN, Jacksonville, Fla., DAVIS, KEVIN, St. Petersburg. Fla.. 86, 141. DAWSON, JACK, Venice, Fla., 141, 206, 252, 254, 258, 267, 268. deMIRANDA, FRANK, Miami, Fla., 141. DICKEY, PAUL, Miami, Fla., 141. DILLARD. CAMILLE, Tampa, Fla.. 141. 174. DUDLEY. KAREN. Weirsdale. Fla.. 141. ENSTICE, RICHARD, Melbourne, Fla., 141. ESTENSON, JAJSTET, Jacksonville, Fla., 141, 219. ESTES. SHARON. Fort Benning, Ga.. 141. 179, 258, 269. EUBANKS, DIANE, Jacksonville, Fla., 141, 174. f FENDT, FRED, Wayne, N.J., 141, 187. FLDPPO. BOBBY. Eustis. Fla., 142, 190, 258, 268. FRAME, JIM, Bartow, Fla., 142. g GAINEY. BETSY, Marathon Shores. Fla.. 142. GARDNER. LYNN, St. Peters- burg, Fla., 142, 258. GARRETT, POLLY. DeLand. Fla.. 142. GENTRY JAMES. New Smyrna Beach. ' Fla., 142. GIBSON, JIM. DeLand. Fla., 142. GILBERT, CHARLES, Jackson- ville, Fla., 142. GONZALEZ. UMBERTO. Cara- cas. Venezuela. 142. GONZALES. RAMON. Orlando. Fla.. 142. GRAEF. PAT. Westfield. N.J.. 142. GRANA, MADELINE. Jackson- ville. Fla.. 142. GRIMM. BETSY. West Palm Beach. Fla.. 142, 258. GRUBER, CRAIG, Lake Park, Fla., 142. 211. GUENTHER. LINDA. DeLand. Fla.. 70. 85. 142. 179. GUSSMAN. DIANE. Silver Spring, Md., 142, 199, 204. HACKETT, PAUL, Miami, Fla., 142. HAIN, FRED, DeLand, Fla.. 142. HAIRE. JOHN. Vero Beach. Fla.. 142. 206. HANSON. ALICA. DeLand. Fla.. 142. HARDMAN. JOHN. Hollywood. Fla.. 142. HARMER. WENDY, Pompano Beach, Fla., 142, 258, 268. HARRISON, YVONNE, Miami, Fla., 142. HEDRICK, CHRIS, Vienne, Va., 142. HOOD, MICHAEL, Homestead, Fla.. 142. HOOKER. CAROL JEAN, Pom- pano Beach, Fla., 142, 174, 257, -58. HOOKER, MARY, Ft. Myers, Fla., 142. HOWARD, JEANNE, Cocoa, Fla., 142. HUTCHINSON, STEPHEasI, De- Land, Fla., 142, 189. JACKSON, DON. Griffin, Ga., 142, 206, 224. JACKSON, KATHY, Orlando, Fla., 142, 199. JACKSON. LaVERNE. Jackson- ville. Fla.. 142, 174, 217. JAMES, MELVIN, DeLand. Fla.. 142. 195. JAMES. TRISH. Palatka. Fla., 142, 184, 258, 265. JOHNSON. CHARLOTTE. Or- lando Beach. Fla.. 142. JOHNSON. GREG. Ormond Beach. Fla.. 142. 195. KAYSER, ROBERT, Fort Lauder- dale, Fla., 142. KEIGLEY. RICHARD. Balboa Hts.. Canal Zone, 142. KENNEDY. TERRI JO. Jackson- ville. Fla.. 142. 182, 268, 74. KIRKPATRICK, GRACE, Jack- sonville Beach, Fla., 142, 258. KLEINSCHMIDT, CHARLES, Hollywood, Fla., 142, 262. KNAPP, RICHARD, Ft. Lauder- dale, Fla., 142, 268, 250, 256, 269. KOHN. RICHARD. St. Peters- burg Beach. Fla., 142, 202. 1 LADY, CAROLYN, Washington, DC. 143, 264. LEDBETTER, GWEN, DeLand, Fla.. 143. LEHTON. VIRGINIA, Cocoa Beach, Fla., 143. LINZEE, TOM, Port Jefferson, N.Y., 143. 189. LITTLE. MARGARET, Clearwa- ter, Fla., 143. 184. LONGBOTTOM. HELEN JANE. Sebring. Fla.. 143. LORENZO. MARCOS. Guanta- namo. Cuba, 143. MAAS. JAN. Katonah, N.Y., 143, 195. HADDOCK. PETE. Fort Lauder- dale. Fla.. 143. 211. MANNING. LAURIE, Sarasota, Fla., 143, 184. MARCH, BOBBIE, Bridgeport, Conn., 89, 258, 190, 193. MASTRY, DENNIS, Belize, Brit. Honduras, 143. 189. MATTHEWS, FRED, New Smyr- na Beach, Fla., 143. MAXWELL. GEORGE. Mel- bourne. Fla.. 143. 202. McBRYDE. BILL, Stone Mt., Ga., 202. 264. 143. McCARLEY. ROBERT. Fort Pierce. Fla.. 143. McCRANIE. SANDRA. Jackson- ville, Fla., 143. McCREADY, MARGIE, Orlando, Fla., 143, 179. MeCULLOUGH, FRANK, Charles- ton, W. Va., 143, 211. McDonald, DOTTIE, Coral Gables, Fla., 258, 143, 199. McGARITY. BETSY. Eustis, Fla., 143, 184. McGEE. JOHN. New Orleans. La.. 143. MECHLING. JAY, Miami Beach, Fla., 143. MEDRANO, GENA, Miami, Fla., 143. 250, 268. MEISENHEIMER, JANE, Fort Walton Bch.. Fla., 143. MIDKIFF, SKIPP, Deltona, Fla.. 143. MONCRIEFF. SCOTT. Neptune Beach. Fla.. 143, 195. MONTERO, MIRIAM, Miami, Fla., 143. MOORE, RON, New Brockton, MORGAN, ' DAVID, Miami, Fla., 255, 258, 268, 252, .143, 206. MORGAN, HELEN, Miami, Fla., MORRIS. ■ KITTY. Westfield, N.J., 258. 250. 143. 199. MORRIS. BILL. Pensacola, Fla., 255. 268. 143. 206. MULLIN. BRUCE, Winter Park, Fla., 143. n NALL, BETSY, Smyrna, Ga., 143, 179. NAPOLI. GENE. Coral Gables, Fla.. 143. 189. NAPOLI. WILLIAM, Coral Gables, Fla., 143, 189. NEMEC, RUTH, Palm Beach, Fla., 143. NICODEMUS, VERNON, San An- tonio, Tex., 143. NICOLETTO, SHARON, Tampa, Fla., 143. OGLESBY, ROB.. Palm Beach, Fla., 143, 196, 252. PADGETT. PHILLIP. Nashville, Tenn.. 143. PARKS. SHARON. Miami. Fla., 144. PENDLETON, GLENN, DeLand, Fla., 144. PHILLIPS. FRED, Chicago, 111., 144. PHILLIPS, REBECCA, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., 144, 174, 250. PICKERING. ROY. Datona Beach. Fla.. 144. PIERSON. ROGER, Cromwell, Conn., 144, 203. PIKE, RACHEL, Naples, Fla., 144. 265. PLUMER. JANN. Pahokee. Fla., 257, 258, 144, 184, 182, 268. POOSBIR. CRAIG. Jacksonville, Fla., 144. POZDENA, GWEN, Darien, Conn., 258, 144, 221. PRICHARD, MARY, DeLand, Fla.. 258. 268. 144, 179, 269. PYLKAS. NINA, Pinellas Park, Fla., 258, 268, 269, 254, 144, 179. RAWLS. CLARENCE, Miami, Fla.. 144. 189. REDD. THEODORE. Klssimmee, Fla.. 144, 189. REY. CLAIR. Miami. Fla.. 144, 258. REYNOLDS. RICHARD. DeLand, Fla.. 144. RINTZ. RICHARD. DeLand, Fla., 144. ROBERTS. JAN. Cazenovia, N.Y., 255. 144. 264. ROBERTS. MARSHALL, Jack- sonville, Fla., 144, 213. ROBINSON. BILLIE, Daytona Beach. Fla.. 144. 199. RODGERS. SUSAN, Valdosta, Ga.. 144, 184. 314 ROSENBAtTM, HENRY, Atlanta, Ga., 144, 189. ROTH, JAMES, Miami Beach, Fla., 144. RYBOLT, ARLEN, Orlando, Fla., 144, 174. SANCHEZ, SERGIO, Key West, Fla., 144, 213. SCHAVEL, ROBERT, Massa- pequa Park. N.Y., 144. SCHAFER, LYNN, Sarasota, Fla., 144. 185, 182, 258. SEAMAN, JUDITH. Sanford, Fla., 144. SEIPP, PHIL, Coral Gables, Fla., 144, 194. SHAFFER, JEAN, DeLand, Fla., 144. SHAPIRO. BOB, Westfield, N.J., 144, 189. SHEARER, CAROL, Indialantic, Fla., 144, 177. SCHUHART, MARY, CTearwater, Fla., 144, 180. SMALLEY, DAN, Plainfield, N.J..- 144. SMARTT, JAMES, Abington, Pa., 144, 264, 189. SMITH, DARLENE, Valdosta. Ga., 255, 257, 268, 144, 180. SNEIDER, PAUL, Fort Lauder- dale, Fla., 213, 145. SNOW, BRUCE, Delray Beach, Fla., 145. SPEICHER, JACOB H., Fort Lauderdale, Fla., 145, 213. SPrVEY, BARR Y, DeLand, Fla., 145, 268, 196, 255. SPRINGER, JAMES LARRY, Bradenton, Fla.. 145. SPROUSE, HARRIET, St. Peters- burg, Fla.. 145. STACEY. KAY, Miami, Fla., 258, 145, 186. STANFIELD, LIZ, Atlanta, Ga., 268. 252, 145, 177. STILLWELL. HOWIE. Ormond Beach. Fla.. 145. 224. SWAYTIE, BILL, Clewiston, Fla.. 196. 145. THARP. DOROTHY, Dallas. Tex- as. 145, 199. THOMAS. JAMES. Ft. Pierce. Fla.. 256, 268, 145, 213. THOMAS. KATHERINE, Tampa, Fla., 145. THOMPSON, BEN, Jacksonville. Fla.. 145. 229. THOMPSON, JOHN, Gainesville, Ga., 145, 203. TIFFANY. JO, Jacksonville. Fla.. 145. 258. TROXEL, TED, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., 145. 213. 252. TUBE. JOHN. N. Miami. Fla.. 254, 145. 258. 268. TUBES. CAROLYN. DeLand. Fla.. 247, 145 193. TUNNELL, DORIS, Homestead, Fla., 145. TUTT. DON. North Miami. Fla., 196. 145. u VANN. PAT. Eau Gallie. Fla.. 264, 247, 145, 218, 221. VEGA, RAMON, La Habana, Cuba, 145. VOSSBERG. BETTY, Umatilla. Fla., 145. w WALKER, BETTY, Miramar, Fla.. 145. WALKER. WILLIAM. DeLand. Fla.. 145. WATSON. ROBERT. Honeoye, N.Y., 145, 213. WEBER, RON, Charleston. S.C. 145. WELCH. JIM. Chantilly. Va, 145, WEST, JOHN. Lakeland, Fla., 145. WIELAND. WILLIAM, Mt. Gilead. Ohio, 145. WIGGINS, WEBB. Cedartown. Ga.. 267, 145, 252. WILKERSON, STEVE, Albany, Ga.. 145, 252. 267. WILLIAMS. ANITA. St. Peters- burg. Fla., 145, 180. WILSON, MARY GLENN. Tampa, Fla., 145. WIMBER. HAROLD, Jackson- ville, Fla.. 145. WOOD. SHIRLEY, Bradenton. Fla.. 145. WRIGHT, BECKY. Meridian. Miss.. 145. WRIGHT. JUDITH. Americus. Ga.. 258. 145, 180. YAKOTS, NANCY ZANE De- Land, Fla.. 83. 145. 258. 197. 201, 255, 269, 264. YORK, FRED, St. Petersburg, Fla., 145. ZUPISCH, MARILYN. Belleville, Illinois, 145. sophomores ABEL, TERRY, Eustis, Fla., 146, ADAMS, ALICE, Orlando, Fla., 146. ADAMS, ELMO, Orlando, Fla., 146. ALLGIER, DUANE, Orladno, Fla., 224, 146. AMBACHTSHEER, PIETER, Or- ange City. Fla.. 146. ANDERSON. JOHN. Jackson- ville. Fla., 146, 206. ARMBRUSTER, DAVID, Atlanta. Ga., 146. ARMSTRONG. JOYCE. Holly- wood. Fla.. 261. 258. 146. 174. ASH, GEORGIA. Fort Lauder- dale. Fla,, 146. 258. 219. ASHLEY. MARGIE, Stuart, Fla., 146, 219. BADGLEY, RICK, St. Petersburg, Fla., 224. 146. 187. BAIN. TERRY. West Palm Beach. Fla., 146, 174. BAKER, GARY, Chappaqua, N.Y., 146, 187. BATSEL. GUY. St. Augustine, Fla.. 146. 206. 229. BEASLEY. RICHARD, Orlando, Fla.. 146. BENSON. ARTHUR. Dade City. Fla.. 146. BESTE. FEED; Baltimore, Md., 214, 146. BIDWELL, BILL, Orlando, Fla., 146, 194. BIGGINS, FRANK, Daytona Beach, Fla., 146. BLACKBURN. NEAL, DeLand, Fla., 146, 199. BOBLITT, NANCY, Hollywood, Fla., 146. BONIAL, JANICE, Ft. Lauder- dale, Fla.. 146, 182. BOSLEY, GALE, Mentor, Ohio, 146, 190. BOWEN, SANDY, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., 146, 219. BOWER, SUSAN, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., 146. BOWLES. SANDRA. Martinsville. Va.. 146, 193. BOWMAN, BRUCE, Bethel. Conn.. 194. 146. BOYD. HELEN. Sarasota. Fla.. 146. BRADFORD. BRUCE. Key Bis- cayne, Fla., 146. BRENDLE, GINGER, Delray Beach, Fla., 146. BRENT, FRED, Winter Park. Fla 146. BRESLIN, GEORGE, Jackson- ville, Fla.. 146. BRIGHT, SUSAN, Miami, Fla., 146. BRIGGS, MIKE, Jacksonville, Fla., 146. 194. BRODBECK, RICHARD, Talla- hassee, na.. 146. BROWN, BONNIE. Miami Springs. Fla.. 146. BROWN. JOHN. Huntington. Ind.. 146. BURNS. RICHARD. DeLand. Fla.. 146. 211. CARLSON. JILL. Vero Beach. Fla.. 146. 182. CARLTON, BRUCE, St. Peters- burg, Fla,, 146. 187. CASEY. DAVID. Miami. Fla. 146. CASSEL. CAROL. Ormond Beach. Fla.. 146. CAULFIELD. JUDY. Orlando, Fla.. 146. 176. CELORIA, ALLEN. Jacksonville. Fla,. 146. CHAMBERS. BECKY. Jackson- ville, Fla., 147, 258. CHANDLER, JEAN, Ft. Myers, Fla., 147. CHRISTOPHER, NANCY JANE, Okeechobee, Fla., 147. CLAMP, JAY, West Palm Beach, Fla., 147. COLE, MICHAEL, Miami, Fla., 147. COLYER, RICHARD, Lauderdale By The Sea, Fla., 146. CONDURELIS, HELEN. Ft. My- ers, Fla., 146. CONNOR, SUSAN, DeLand, Fla., 146, 190, 265. COOK, LARRY, Pensacola, Fla., 146, 194. COOPER, GENE, Pahokee, Fla., 146. CORFAR, MIRIAM, St. Peters- burg, Fla., 147, 179. COX, SHARI, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.. 257. 147. 174. CRAWFORD. CAROL. DeLand, Fla., 147. CROSBY, J. WAYNE, Jackson- ville, Fla,, 147, 206, 258, 264. CURRY, JOHN, Paterson, N.J.. 147. DANIELS, CHARLOTTE. Holly- wood. Fla.. 147. DAVIS, CAROLE, Lashbum, Sas- ketchewan. Can., 147. DAVIS, CATHY, Hauertown, Pa,, 147. DAVIS, STEPHEN, Havertown, Pa., 147. 194. DAY. JAMES. Daytona Beach. Fla.. 147. DAY. PEGGY. DeLand, Fla., 147. DEMERS. DAVID. DeLand. Fla.. 147. DENNIS. RICHARD. Red Bank. N.J.. 147. DENSMORE, KEN, Jacksonville, Fla., 147, 206. DeROSA, JOHN, Miami, Fla., 147, 187. DEUELL. PAT V., Boca Raton, Fla., 264. 147, 190. DICKENS. BRENDA. Jackson- ville. Fla.. 258, 147, 182. DOUGLAS, BARRY, Jackson- ville. Fla.. 147. 202. DRADY. PAULA. Hollywood. Fla.. 147. DUNCAN, DALE. Sanford, Fla., 147. EARL, DOROTHY, DeLand, Fla.. 147. EBAUGH. CRAIG. Winter Park. Fla.. 147. 206. EDWARDS, KATHY. West Palm Beach. Fla.. 147. 174, EICKWORT. GREG. Ft. Lauder- dale, Fla.. 147. ELKINS. SHARON, DeLand, Fla., 147, 190. ELLERMAN, JOHN, Hannibal, Missouri, 147, 202. ESLINGER, JACKIE. Bradenton, Fla,, 147, 174. 257. EVANS. DIANNE, Brunswick, Ga., 147. 199. EVANS. JAY. Hollywood, Fla.. 147. FARRINGTON. SUZANNE. Eau Gallie, Fla., 147, 182. FATULA, GEORGE, Croton-on- Hud. N.Y,. 147. 186, 187, 244. FERNANDEZ, LEOPOLDO FRANCISCO, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., 147, 194. FERRELL, JEANETTE. Jackson- ville, Fla., 147, 199, 258. FIELDS, LYNNE, Lighthouse Point, Fla., 147. FLOYD, ARTHUS, Miami. Fla.. 147. ERASER. MARTHA. Delray Beach. Fla., 147. 190. 265. FREEMAN. GAIL. Daytona Beach. Fla.. 147. FRENCH. CAROL. Miami. Ela.. 147. 190. FRIEDWALD. DON. Miami, Fla., 147, 202, FULTON, PETER, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., 147. 202. 224. GABLER. BRUCE. Winter Park. Fla.. 147. GENTRY, BLANCHE, Madison, Fla., 147. GILLESPIE. BARBARA. Jackson- ville, Fla., 147. GIUMARRA, FRANK, DeLand, Fla., 147. GOLDSTEIN, BETSY, Wood- bridge, Conn., 258, 147, 219, GOOD, PATTY, Dallas, Texas. 147. 182, GRAHAM. JAMES. West Palm Beach. Fla.. 147. GRANDELL. KATHY Wilming- ton. Del.. 87. 147, 179, 234. GREEN, BURTON, Coral Gables, Fla., 147. GREGG, JUDY, Winter Park, Fla.. 83. 147, 234, 254. GRIEB, TERRY. Miami. Fla., 148. GRUBB, DIANNE, Alexandria, Va., 148. GRYSKIEWICZ, STAN, Frost- proff. Fla., 148, 206. GUARD, SANDY, Miami, Fla., 148, 191. GUNDLACH, JOHN. Orlando, Fla., 148. HABEL, MARTIN, Ft. Lauder- dale, Fla., 148. HALL. EMILY. St. Petersburg, Fla.. 148. 182. HALL, JAMES, Georgetown, Ky., 148, 195. HALL, TOWN, Sarasota, Fla., 148. HAMAN. DAVE, Melbourne, Fla.. 148. HAMILTON. MARCIA. SateUite Beach, Fla., 148, 184, 261. HAMILTON, RUSS, Sarasota, Fla., 148, 195. HARDY, WANDA, Groveland, Fla., 148. HARLEY, SHARON, Jacksonville, Fla., 148. HARMELING, KAY, Winter Park, Fla.. 58. 82. 148. 191. 247. HARRISON, JIM. Silver Spring. Md.. 148. HAUGER. SCOTT. St. Augustine, Fla., 148. HAWKINS, JANET. Boca Raton, Fla., 148, 174. HAYES, GEORGE, Adairsville, Ga., 148, 206, 256. HAYS, JAMES, Enid, Oklahoma, 148. HEATH, DAVID, Augusta, Ga., 148. HENRIE, ELI. Delray Beach. Fla., 148. HENSLEY, JOAN, Sanford, Fla., 148. HERRMANN, RACHEL, Indiana- polis, Ind., 148. HERTNER, HUZABETH, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., 148, HEWITT, JOYCE, St. Petersburg, Fla,, 148. 184. HICKS. JOHN. Louisville. Ky.. 148, 252. HILL, MARY JO, Decatur, Ga., 148. HILLIARD, MIKE, Americus, Ga., 148. HOBBS, STEVE. Charlotte. N.C.. 148, 195. 252. HODGES, NANCY, DeLand, Fla., 148, 191, 265. HOLMES, JAMES, Albany, Ga., 148. HUFF, WTLLA, Jacksonville, Fla., 148. HUNT, DONNA, San Diego, Calif., 148, 174. HURST, MARTHA, Miami, Fla., 148. HUSSEY, JIM, Dayton, Ohio, 148, 195. HUTCHINSON. TOM. Miami. Fla., 148, 211, 264. IVEY, THOMAS, Camp Lejeune, N.C.. 148. JACKSON, EDWIN. Jacksonville. Fla.. 148. JACKSON, WALTER, 148, 189. JAMISON, JANE, Winter Park. Fla.. 148. JANKOWSKI, THEODORE AN- DREW, N. Syracuse, N.Y., 148. JENSEN, JUNE, Riviera Beach, Fla., 148, 174, 219. JOHNSON, JIMMIE, DeLeon Springs, Fla., 148. JOHNSON, THOMAS. St. Peters- burg. Fla.. 149. JONES. DAVID. Brookville, Pa., 149. JOST. ELMER, Clermont, Fla., 149, 206. JOST, MARGARET, Clermont, Fla., 149. 199. KEEFE. TOPPER. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla.. 149. 211. 258. KELLEY. BETTY. HUliard. Fla., 149. KELLY, KAREN, DeLand, Fla., 149. KILCULLEN, WALT, Heamy, N.J,, 149, 211, 229. KINSEY, ROY, Salem. Va., 149, 211. KOLANSKY. JOY, Atlanta, Ga., 149. KOOISTRA, NANCY, Ft. Lauder- dale. Fla.. 149. 191. KOON. ELAINE. Jacksonville. Fla., 149. 315 KOSTRUB, CORNELIUS, Vermil- ion, Oiiio, 149. KREIDER, ANDREW, AjmviUe, Pa.. 149, 202. KRUMHOLZ, MISTY, Ft. Lau- derdale, Fla., 149, 219. KUTZ, CHARLOTTE, Orlando, Fla., 149, 219, 258. 1 LANDERS, BARBARA, Miami, Fla., 149. LAUFER, SHERRY, Miami, Fla., 149. LEDEWrrZ, JEFF, New Haven, Conn., 149, 254. LINDSEY, BARBARA, Jackson- ville, Fla., 149. LIPSCOMB, LAURIE, Coral Ga- bles. Fla., 149. LLOYD, SUSAN, Vero Beach, Fla., 149, 184, 247. LONG, RAMONA, Charlotte, N.C., 149. 191. LUSTIG. LARRY, SateUite Beach, Fla.. 149. LYNN, LINDA, Jacksonville, Fla., 149. 179. m McCALL, JOANNA, Miami, Fla., 149. McCORD, SUSAN, Largo, Fla., 149 179 234. McCULLOUGH, JOHN, Jack- sonviUe, Fla., 149, 211. McCUNE. MAUREEN, DeLand, Fla., 149, 219. McNAMARA. DENNIS, Orlando, Fla.. 149, 202. MACHETTE, DAVID, West Mil- ford, N.J., 261, 149, 206. MAITLAND, BONNIE, Miami, Fla., 149. MALOY, SHEILA, Ft. Lauder- dale. Fla.. 149. MARKLEY, MARY HELEN, Washington, D.C., 149, 184. MARKOVITCH, MARTY, Day- tona Beach, Fla., 149. MARTIN, JOYCE, Mt. Dora, Fla., 149, 258. MARTLING, TERRY, Jackson- ville, Fla.. 149, 211. MATTINGLY, PAT, DeLand, Fla., 149. MAYS, ROBERT, Lilbum, Ga., 149. MERRIAia, APRIL, DeLand, Fla., 149. METZLER, DAVID, Wallingford, Pa., 149, 202, 244. MIDDLETON, LILLIAN, Ft. Myers, Fla., 149. MILLEN, DORIS, Merritt, Island, Fla., 149, 219. MILLWARD, WILLIAM, Ft. Lau- derdale, Fla., 149, 186, 189. MONTOOTH, GEORGE, Birming- ham, Mich., 149. MOORE, HAROLD, St. Peters- burg, Fla.. 149, 206, 258. MOREHEAD, DOLLY, Eustis, Fla., 149, 179, 234. MORGAN, GEORGE, JR., Jenk- ins, Ky., 149. MOSSIEN, LAURIE, Rochester, N.Y., 149, 184. MUGFOR, MARGARET. Toledo, Ohio, 149. MULLINS, JON ED, Miami Spring, Fla., 149. MURCH, ROBERT, Lewiston, Maine, 149. NALL, JAMES WESLEY, Au- bumdale, Fla., 149. NAPOLITAN. JERRY, Ft. Lau- derdale, Fla,, 149, 195. NEEDHAM, MARGARET, Colum- bus, Ohio, 149. NIXON, NAN, Vienna, Va., 149, 184. O ' CALLAGHAN, PETE, Decatur, Ga., 149, 206, 258. O ' CONNELL, MAUREEN, St. Pe- tersburg, Fla., 149, 193. O ' DANIEL, CISSY, Dublin, Ga., 149 199 OGBORN, ' ELAINE, Yardley, Pa., 149. OLSON, SANDRA, Ft. Lauder- dale, Fla., 150. O ' NEA L, CLEVELAND Grove- land, Fla.. 150. OPALESKI, RON, East Bruns- wick, N.J., 150. v«vr! ' I .- ' S - Xr PANCOAST, PETER, N. Miami Beach, Fla., 150. PARESI, DIANE, Jacksonville, Fla.. 83. 150, 179, 234. PARK, DAVID. Katonah, N.Y., 150. PARKER, SHARON, Orlando. Fla., 150, 221. PARLIN, DOUGLAS, DeLand, Fla., 150, 229. PASKEWITZ, BEVERLY, DeLand, Fla., 150. PATTON. JOANNA, Panama City, Fla., 89, 150, 184, 258. PATTON, MARY, Atlanta, Fla., 150, 179. PEARCE, SHARON, Leesburg, Fla., 150. PEDERSON, CARL, Hinsdale, 111., 150, 186, 189. PEGRAM, DAVID, DeLand, Fla., 150, 189. PEPPER, JUDITH, Sebring, Fla., 150. PERINO, CARL, DeLand, Fla., 150. PERRY, JOHN, Palm Beach, Fla., 150, 203. PETERS, RONALD, Orlando, 150. PETERSSON, ANDREA, Daytona Beach, Fla., 150. PETRARCA, JAMES, Perrysville, Ohio, 150. PHILLIPS, FRED, Harvey. 111., 150. PIERSON, PAMELA ANN, Pier- son, Fla., 150, 193. POLK, BRIAN, Frostproof, Fla., 150, 213. POULOS DENISE CORINNE, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., 150. PURVIS, MARILYN MASIE, Dunedin, Fla., 150. PYLKAS, SUSAN E,, Pinellas Park, Fla., 150, 190. QUARRIER, DAVID W., West Hartford, Conn., 150. QUINA, FRANK HERBER, Mul- berry, Fla., 150. RAYMOND, MICHAEL W., Or- lando, Fla., 150, 256. REAVES, CAROLINE GREER, Tampa, Fla., 150. RHODES, JOYCE LYNN, Winter Park, Fla., 150. RICHARDSON, SANDRA CUL- LER, Columbia, S.C, 150, 193. RICKETSON, EMORY L., Fort Worth, Texas, 150, 206. RICKS, NED B., Tampa, Fla., 150. RINKER, JOHN JACOB, Palm Beach, Fla., 150. ROBERTS JERRY, Jupiter, Fla., 150. ROBINETTE, WENDY G., Jack- sonville, Fla., 150, 180. ROBINSON, MARTHA ENID, Gainesville, Fla., 150, ROCK, VICKI JOAN, Homestead, Fla 150 199 ROMANS, ' LAWRENCE MICH- AEL, West Palm Beach, Fla., 150, 256. ROTHWELL, DANIEL M., Fort Lauderdale, Fla., 150, 196. ROWLEY, MARY, Miami, Fla., 150, 258. RUSSUM, NELLYE, Fort Pierce, Fla., 150, 218, 221, 258. SCALES, CLAUDLA. LUCILLE, Miami, Fla., 150. SCHLATTER, SUSAN, Eau Gallie, Fla., 150, 199. SCHROFF, WILLIAM, Daytona Beach, Fla., 150. SCHWARTZ, MIKE, Orlando, Fla., 150. SCRUGGS, SKIP, Jacksonville, Fla., 150. SEDDON, WILLIAM GEORGE, Delray Beach, Fla., 150, 196. SEYMOUR, MARY LOU, Charles- ton, S.C, 150. 193. SHAUL, MARGOT WARREN, Boca Raton, Fla., 83, 150, 174. SHEE, WILLIAM S., Woodbrldge, Conn., 150. SHUTTS, FRANCES CAMERON, Jacksonville, Fla., 150, 185, 264, 265. SMITH, DAVID, Hohokus, N.J., 150. SMITH, LARRY, DeLand, Fla., 150. SMITH, SALLY J., Sarasota, Fla., 150. SOCARRAS, LUIS, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 150. SOLANA. OPHELIA G., Miami, Fla., 150, 258. SOLOMON, GENE R., Skokie, 111., 150, 189. SPITLER, DAVID M., Daytona Beach, Fla., 150. STARLING. JUDI, Orlando. Fla.. 151. 180. 234. STEWART, VIVIAN, St. Peters- burg, Fla., 151, 221. STOKES, THOMAS S.. Lakeland, Fla., 151. STONE, TONI R., Savaimah, Ga., 151. STRAUBE, PAXIL, South Bend. Ind., 151. STROUD, JO ANN, Worden, 111., 151. STYLES. LINDA E., Sarasota, Fla., 151, 177, 247. SUGIMOTO, TAICHI. Osaka, Japan, 151. SUMNER, DAVID E., Dade City, Fla., 151, 206. SWARTZ, GEORGE RICHARD, Leesburg, Fla., 151, 196, 252. SYLVESTER, JAY, ROSLYN, Pa.. 151. 196. TALLY. BARBARA L.. Atlanta, Ga., 151. TANKERSLEY, JOHN H., Bed- ford, Va., 151. TAYLOR, DAVID E., Lynn Haven, Fla., 151. TAYLOR, JUDITH A., Cochran, Ga., 151. TAYLOR. KENNETH. Call, Co- lumbia, S.A., 151. TELMANIK, CLAIRE V., Tampa, Fla., 151, 199. THIBAULT. Kathleen D., Miami, Fla., 151, 221. 258. THOMPSON. MICHAEL D.. Bay- ville. Long Island. N.Y., 151, THOMPSON, MICHAEL L., Malt- land, Fla., 151, 206. TIBBETTS, DOUG, Homestead, Fla., 151. TILLINGHAST, STUART A., St. Petersburg, Fla.. 151. 189. TRAVIS. DONALD, Cocoa, Fla.. 151. TURNER. JANE. Franklin, Ind., 151, 177. 258. VALENTINE. JOHN, DeLand, Fla., 151. VARDY, ELLEN M., Siesta, Key, Fla., 151. VAUGHN, WILLIAM E., Anchor- age, Alaska, 151. 204. w WALKER. N. DARLENE, Boca Raton. Fla., 151. WALL, GINGER LEE, Loughman, Fla., 151. WATTS, ALLAN. Haines City. Fla., 151. WATTS, EDMOND D., Baltimore, Md., 151, 189. WEATHERS, EDWARD B., Jack- sonville, Fla., 151. WEBB, RICK, Jacksonville, Fla., 151, 213. 258. WEEBER. WANDA J., Jackson- ville, Fla., 151. WEBSTER, PAMELA, Orlando, Fla., 151, 221. 247. WEBSTER, RONALD, Louisville, Ky.. 151. 213, 229. WELCH, JOHN, DeLand, Fla., 151, 196. 252, 265. WESTER, GAIL, DeLand. Fla.. 151. WHISLER. JOANNE, Clearwater, Fla.. 151, 221. WHITE, SHARON, Ft. Lauder- dale, Fla., 151, 177, 258. WILDMAN, KAREN, Maxville, A.F.B., Ala.. 151. 177. WILLIAMS. EDWARD, Merritt Island, Fla., 151. WILLIAMS. VEDA, Evansville, Ind., 151, 201, 258. WILLIAMSON, WILLIAM. At- lanta, Ga.. 151. WILLIS. JANICE SHARON. Daw- son, Ga., 151. WOERNER, MALINDA, Louis- ville, Ky., 151. WOODARD, MAURICE, Orlando. Fla., 151. YATES, WILMA, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.. 151. YEARGAN, MICHAEL, Dallas, Texas 151 young ' , WESLEY, Daytona Beach, Fla., 151, 213, 229. freslimen AARON. W. R.. 152. ABEL, SANDRA, 152. ADAMS. PAXIL. 152. 214. ADDISON. W.. 152. AGSTER, RICHARD. 152. ALLEN. BESS. 152. ALMAND, WARREN, 152. AMIOT, DAVID. 152, 261. ANDERSON, CLARENCE, 152, 256. ANDERSON, JUDY, 152, 179. ARNOLD. LYNWOOD, 152, 211. 244. BAKER. VALERIE, 152. BALDWIN. DANA, 152. BALDWIN. SARA. 125. BAMFORD, JOHN, 152, 194. BARRETT, JO LYN, 152. BASTON, BARRIE, 152. BAUGHMAN, TIM, 152, 250. BELL, EDITHAJMN, 152. BENDER, RONALD, 152. BENTON. LYNDA, 152. BERGUM, CANDY, 152. BERNET, KARLEN, 152. BERNHARDT, JULIUS, 152. BLACKWELDER, KATHERINE, 152. BLACKWELL, PATRICIA, 152. BORKOWSKI, MARK, 152. BOWEN. CAROL, 152, 179. BOYD, NANCY, 152, 179. BRADEN, HELEN, 152. BROWN, ROYAL, 152. BROWNFIELD, 152, 129. BRUCE, KEVIN, 152, 202. BRYANT, DONNA, 152. BUCHAN. RUSSELL. 152. BUNCH. DEAN, 152. BUNTING, VEDA, 152. BUSH, JOHN, 152. BUTLER, REDGE, 152. BUTTEL, GARRETT, 152, 214. BYERS. JANE, 152, 179. BYERTS, JANE, 152. CABRAL, ALBERT, 152, 194. CAMPBELL. MICHAEL, 152. CARUANA, ALBERT, 152, 214. CARRUTHERS, JOHN, 152. CASKEY, ELSA, 152. CASSELS, PAUL, 152. CASTO, KEITH, 152, 194. CAUVEL, HAL, 152, 256, 206. CHAFFEE, BRUCE, 152, 187. CHAUNCEY, DONALD, 152. CHEATHAM, CONNIE, 152, 182. CLARK, DEBBIE, 152, 219. CLEMENTI, CLAUDETTE, 152. COOK, MARLYN, 152. COOPER, SCOTT, 153, 208. CORNWALL, HOWARD, 153. CRAWTORD, CYNTHIA, 153. CRAWFORD, JAMES, 153. 194. CREADICK. CHRIS. 153. CROSBY. WILLIAM. 153. CROWELL, ROBERT, 153. DALE, BRIAN, 153. DALSIS, CATHY, 153. DARNELL, BEVERLY, 153, 182. DAVANT, JAMES, 153. 224. DAVIS. DIANE, 153. DAVIS, JIM, 153. DAVIS, JOH N W ., 153. DeLACY, PETER, 153. DeLAND, MICHAEL, 153, 224, 211. DOMONKOS, GERALD, 153. DEMPSEY, BOBBY, 153. DeVEAUX, BARBARA, 153. DIMMUCK, ARTHUR, 153. DIRLAM, EDWARD, 153. DODD, DAVID, 153, 187. DOUGHERTY, MICHAEL, 153, 202. DOUVtLLE. ROBERT, 153. DUNAWAY, MARY, 153, 219. DUNNAGAN, DANIEL, 153. DURANT, LINDA, 153, 174, 265. DURRENCE, CAROL JEAN, 153. DYER, VIRGINIA, 153. DYSON, JIM, 153. EARLE, SUSAN, 153. EDGEMON, KAY, 153. EDWARDS, GEORGE, 153. EILAND. TERRY. 153. ELMORE, SUZY, 153, 219. EMERSON, ELISSA, 153. ERRICO, PAT, 153. EZELL, GINNY, 153, 199. f FAGIN, KAREN, 153. FARNELL. SARAH, 153, 182. FARRELL, JIM, 153. FAR WET J., JILL, 153, 182. FEAR, CHRIS, 153, 194. FENTERS, LYNDA, 153. FERNSLER. LOIS, 153, 219. FERTIG, STEVEN, 154, 187. FIDUK, FRAN, 154. FINCH, FRANCES, 154. FINLEY, DAVID, 154. FINNETY, MARGE, 154, 190. FISHER, DONNA, 154, 219. FISHER, ELLEN, 154, 174. FLOYD. BRUCE. 154. FORE. ROBERT. 154. FOSTER. DONNA. 154. FOSTER, JULIAN, 154. FRIEND, STEWART, 154. FRYER, JEFFREY, 154. FULLER. CINDY, 154, 199. FULTON, TOM, 154, 187. FURMAN, DENNIS, 154. GAERTNER. HUGUETTE. 154. GAILBREATH, CAROL, 154, 179. GALT, DEXTER, 154. GARRETT, LYNNE. 154. GARTNER. CHRISTINE, 154. GATLIN, BEN. 154. GAVENTA, BILL, 154. GIBBS, GARY, 154, 202. GILKESON. RICHARD, 154. 202. GINGERY, WOODY, 154, 202. GOFF, WILLIAM, 154. GOLDSTEIN. MARVIN, 154. GOODE, PHYLLIS, 154, 191. GOODWIN, LOIS, 154, 182. GORMAN, CHARLES. 154. GOODWYNE, OWEN. 154, 194. GOULD. TERRY, 154. GRANT, MARSHA, 154, 174. GRAY, JAMES, 154. GRIFFIN. ROLAND, 154. GROSECLOSE, DAVID, 154. GUPTIL, CHARLES, 154. GUNTHER, RONALD, 154, 194. HADDOCK, ELIZABETH, 154, 179. HALL, SANDRA, 154. HAMILTON, JEAN, 154. HAMMERS, JEFFREY, 15 4. HARDY, MARGARET, 154. HARRIS, KENNETH, 154. HARRIS. FAYE. 155, 174, 265. HARRIS. MARCELLA, 155. HARSHMAN, RICHARD, 155, 202. HART, WILLIAM, 155. HASKINS DAVID, 155. HAYDEN, GEORGE. 155. HENLEY, KENNETH, 155. HIBBS, STANLEY, 155. HILL, GERAL D, 15 5, 252. HINSON, ANETTE, 155. HOBBS, JAMES, 155. HOBLITZELL. MARTY, 155. HOGEBOOM, WAYNE. 155. HOLLIDAY, BEVERLY, 155. HOOPER. LARRY, 155. HORTON, THOMAS, 155, 202. HOUTS, SHERRY, 155. HUGHES, RONALD, 155. HUTCHINSON, WILLIAM, 155, 224. JACOBSON, DON, 155. JAMES, THOMAS, 155. JANKOWSKI, RICHARD, 155. JANTS. WALTER, 155. JARRARD, JIM, 155. JAQUA, PAUL, 155. JERNIGAN. BARBARA, 155. JOHNSON, DONALD, 155. JONES, KENNETH, 155. JONES, ELIZABETH, 155. JONES, SUSAN, 155. JORDAN, BOB, 155. KALLON, FODAY, 155. KANE, KRIS, 155, 199, 234, 265. KENNEDY, DANIEL, 155. KERN, IRENE, 155, 219. KIMBROUGH, ART, 155. KINZER, JEANNE, 155, 184. KIPPING, ALLAN, 155. KIRCHER, LAURA, 155, 219. KNEEN, JEFF. 155. 189. KNIGHT. JIIDY. 155. 199. 265. KOERNER, KAROL. 155. KOWALSKI. JO. 155. KREHER. PAMELA. 155. 184. 1 LAFFAY. LINDA, 155, 174. LAMAR, BURDETTE, 155. LANG, EDNA, 155. LANGFORD, LYNN, 155. LATHROP, KENNETH, 155. LAVENDER, WILLIAM, 155. LAVTDGE, ARTHUR, 155. LAYTON, GAYE, 155. LEEDS, LINDA, 155. LESSLEY, BETTY. 155. LEVY, DANIEL, 155, 189. LEWIS, FRED, 156. L ' HEUREUX, ELAINE, 156. LIER, JUDITH, 156. LIGLER. PENNY, 156. LITZ, ALAN, 156. LOCKE, LUCINDA, 156. LONNMAN. GREGORY, 156. LOTT. LORRAINE, 156. LOVELAND, CONSTANCE, 156. LYCAN, BARBARA, 156. LYONS, WILLIAM, 156. m MacCONNELL, 156, 202. MacDONALD, BONNIE. 156, 193. MacGREGOR, CAROL, 156. MALCOLM, LAWRENCE, 156. MALONE. PEGGY, 156, 219. MANISCALCO. RONALD, 156. MARION. MARGARET, 156. MARRS. JO, 156. MASI, LINDA, 156. MATHEWS, SONJA, 156. MATTINGLY, TIM, 156. MAYS. MARTHA. 156. McBEATH, ROBERT. 156, 216. McCABE. B NARD, 156, 189. McCARSON, MARGIIE3UTE. 156, 179. McCarthy, mary lou, ise. McCLAIN, CYNTHIA, 156. McCONNELL, RICHARD, 156, 202. McCOWN. EDNA, 156, 219. 317 McDANIEL. TRACY, 156. McEVOY. RICHARD, 156, 211. McGHEE, PAUL. 156. McILVAIN, SAMUEL, 156, 202. McKENZIE, SUSAN, 156. Mclaughlin, sammy. i56. McMARTIN. JIM, 156. MEADERS, JUDITH, 156, 184. MERCER, CHRISTOPHER, 156. MEYER, CHARLES, 156, 203. MILLER, MARGARET, 156. MILLS, JON, 156, 203. MITCHELL, LESTER, 156. MITCHELL, OMAR, 156. MITCHESON, GEORGE, 156. MOLLOY, KATHLEEN, 156. MONKIEWICZ, JOSEPH, 156. MOORE, NANCY, 156. MOORE. THERESA, 156, 193. MORALES, GERARDO, 156. MORGAN, BETTY, 156. MORGAN " , RODNEY, 156. MORLBTY, JOSEPH, 156. MORRELL, MARY, 156. MORRIS, PAMELA, 156. MORTON, RICHARD, 156. MOTISE, NATALIE, 156. MOYNAHAN, STEVE, 156. MUENZE, DIANE, 156, 219. MULDOON, MARY LOU, i; 219 265 MULVITJ.E, JANE, 156. MURPHY, DENIS, 156. NETTLES, SHERRON, 156. NEWTON, CLIFFORD, 157, 213. NICHOLS, PERRY, 157. NICOLS, VICKI, 157. NUGENT, JOSEPH, 157, 203. O ' BRIEN, ROBY, 157. OLIVER, DIANE, 157. O ' NEILL, GEORGE, 157. ORR, BETTY, 157, 221, 265. PAINE, KABEN, 157, PARK, DAVID, 157. PATTERSON, PAM, 157, 174. PENN, ROBERT, 157, 18S. PERGREM, PATRICIA, 157, 179, 234 PETEiRSON, KAREN, 78, 157. 199. PETTY, LINDA, 157. PHIPPS, RICHARD, 157. PILAFIDIS, OLYMPIA, 157. PILEGGI, ALFRED, 157. PICKARD, JOYCE, 157, 174. PITTS, SUSAN, 157. PLANCK, SHARON, 157. PLATTNER, LOIS, 157. POLLACK, NEUMAN, 157. POMPEY, DOROTHY. 157. POTTER, GENE, 157, 203. PRICE, CAROL, 157. PRICE, REBECCA, 157. PRICHARD. WILLIAM, 157. PUCKETT, ELAINE, 157. RADEBAUGH, KENNETH, 157. RAINWATER, RUTH, 157. RALPH, KENDRICK, 157. RALSTON, CHRISTOPHER, 157, 229. RAMEY, DANNY, 157. RAMSEY, DOROTHY, 157, 247. RAWLSTON, SUSAN, 157. RAYMOND, HOLLY, 157. REE ' VES, MARY ANN, 157. REISER, SANDY, 157. RHODES, DONNA, 157. RICHE, KATHLEEN, 157. RICKEL. JUDITH, 157. RICKS, CARLYNN, 157. RITCH, GENEVA, 157. RITTER, BARBARA, 158. ROBERTS, JODY, 158, 174. ROBERTS, ROBERTA, 158, 180. ROBBHITSON. LARRY, 158. ROBUCK, DANIEL, 158, ROYER, KIT, 158, 206. SAGER, NANCY, 158. SANDEFUR, LYNN, 158. SAWYER, CHRYSTENE, 158. SAYLES, GAY, 158. SCHARRER, MIDGE, 158, 174. SCHAIDT, SUSAN, 158, 221. SCHRODER, AAGE, 158. SCHOFIELD, DAVID, 158. SCHWEITZER, HARVEY, 158. SHANNON, BONNIE, 158, 193. SHAW, SHERRY, 158. SHELBY, JOHN, 158. SHEKFEY, DONNA, 158, 180. SIMMONS, MARK, 158. SLUSHER, SANDRA, 158. SMITH, BEVERLY, 158. SMITH, DENNIS, 158. SMITH, HILDA JEIAN, 158. SMITH, NANCY, 158, 199. SMITH, RONALD, 158. SMITH, THOMAS, 158, 206. SPOAIRS, THOMAS, 158. SPI ' VTEY, JANICE, 158, 199. SPEAIRS, THOMAS, 158. SPRAGGINS, SUE, 158. STANFffiLD, PAULINE, 158. STARKEY, DANE, 158, 213. STARR, JANE, 158. STITT, DONALD, 158. STONEBROOK, JEANNIE, 158. STRAIT, CAROLE, 158. STRASBAUGH, LAMAR, 158. STREB, GARY, 158. STRICKLAND, ELAINE, 159. STRIPLING. SARALYN, 159, 185. STRUM, DIANNE, 159. STURGES, MARJORIE, 159. SUGG, JOHN, 159, 189. SULLIVAN, JAN, 159, 185. SWINDALL. MARGARET, 159. TAT.T.A1MT, MARILYNN, 159. TAYLOR, LINDA, 159. TAYLOR, ROBEniT, 159. THEO, ALICIA, 159, 177. THOMAS, GREER, 159, 185. THOMAS, FRANK, 159. THOMPSON, ALLEN, 159. THOMPSON, NICHOLAS, 159, 196. TICCONI, THOMAS, 159. TIFFANY, CHARLEN, 159. TINSLEY, RUSSELL, 159. TOMPKINS, DANNY, 159. TURANO, CHARLOTTE, 159. VanBUSKIRK, HILARY, 159, 265, VanHORN, ERIC, 159. VanNEST, THOMAS, 159. VANN, KRISTA, 159. VERNON, MARSHA, 159. VOYLES, MICHAEL, 159. W WADE, JOYCE, 159. WALDRON, GEORGE, 159. WALKER. CLYDE, 159. WALKER. RITA, 159. WALKER, SHARRON, 159. WALTERS, J. HENRY, 159. WARFIELD, ROBERT, 159, 196. WATERS, BRENDA, 159. WATSON, DIANE, 159. WATSON, JEANNIE, 159, WEBER, WILLIAM, 159, 189. ■WEEKS, CLAIRE, 159. WEIMER. DAVID, 159. ■WELCH, STEPHEN, 159. WELLING, RENEE, 159. WELLS, LENA, 159. ■WETMORE, JO, 159, 221. ■WHEELON, JANICE, 159, 180. WHITE, JAMES, 159, 204. WIEDEGREEN, ERIC, 159. WILLIAMS, RICHARD, 159. ■WILLIAMS, RITA, 159, 180. WILLIAMS, SANDRA, 159. ■WILLS. SALLY, 159. ■WILSON, DA VID, 159. WILSON, JULIE, 159, 201. WITCHEN. GARY, 159. WOHLFARTH, THEODORE, 159. WOODBURY, ROGER, 159, 229. WOOLEY, MILLAINE, 159, 201. WONG, MICHAEL, 159. WRIGHT, GEORGE, 159, 204. YARBROUGH, CLAUDIA, 159. YOUNG, SHARRON, 159. ZITIS, CHARLOTTE, 159. 318 ' • ' ' " ■ wifWWPPPI .4?; - - s ... ill There are days when it is the greatest job in the world. Then there are days when it just doesn ' t seem worth it. You really wonder if anyone cares but the University Budget Committee. Then comes a time when it is so close to being finished that you are sad about getting through. You think of all the people who have always been there and wonder why you ever felt so alone. Your only hope is that the people who won ' t like your efforts will at least apperciate the fact that you tried. After months, weeks, hours — you end as you began saying, " TTiank you, David. " Mary P. Thompson, Editor 1966 HATTER 320

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