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iMlittH HATTER STETSON UNIVERSITY DELAND, FLORIDA VOLUME 45 Stetson is a dichot- omy in dreams She is the student. . . " involved " or performing a four- year ballet of sterile steps Stetson stands ever choosing before two doors opening to seemingly incompatible goals: tradition, with exposure to some new world, . . . excellence, but financial security conventional religious orientations, yet sophisticated edu cational philosophies Who hears, comes, sees, stays, moves, loves and leaves? We do the Stetson community We who first gathered here randomly . . . we who are here for a purpose - - immediate or hazy far . . . little or large . ... in the single breath between rat caps and mortarboards . . . there are those who don ' t reach out . . . but most of us look, sometimes seeking, sometimes finding, and sometimes yielding . . . . and somehow in the high bounces along an uneven road a vision comes This vision comes when the individual begins to juggle the pieces of his chaotic world . ... he may attempt to put the pieces aside .... respite may seem to be in the dots between two thoughts that are a Hat Rack cup of coffee . . . dry words in old books under the arm getting unavoidably wet in the shimmering spray of Holler Fountain... ...the jingle that brings to mind your post office box combination wondering if the number plate on your chapel seat is squarely between your shoulder blades so you aren ' t counted absent .... No-Doz mixed with all- nighters and coke breaks .... sunset behind Hulley Tower ' s din -whisper spire The young girl incognito in a vocation that follows the rules with effortless energy she hints at sophistication . . . wind free and warmed over with a smile . . . she ' s intellectual, ' ' gung-ho " , party . . . . . a galaxy of Villagers, cut-offs, and fraternity pins clothing a heart CASHIER H B n - ' 5 « ' -M " ' Pi . ... too alive for silence too dear to be wasted . . . too meaningful to go unshared . . . Suspended in the dizziness of new found freedoms . . . Beyond the ken of only written word and tabled taboos new heights and depths discovered in impulse and passion commitment and con- cern reframing a vortex of moods and experiences .... faint hint of the boy the innuendo of a man Eight decades of becoming in a landscape of subtle steeples tease and toss us in a house with many rooms to seek a name for flowers and for stars a string for each balloon a handle to a hope this chafing-dish for dreams .... this Stetson r If It • " • » How to become? the subtlety of the quest is not surely grasped . ... but the shy-steady reach for it . . . . . this is Stetson. .Youth not wasted on the young. TABLE OF CONTENTS The Year 20 Beauties 42 Fine Arts 54 Faculty and Administration .... 76 Classes 100 Sports 152 Greeks 178 Organizations 230 Advertisements and Index 274 m,- - ' ' ii ' ' f Can ' t you see him now welcoming visiting of- ficials to the University of Georgia ' s President ' s box during the Homecoming festivities; or getting out a hurried edition of the college newspaper; or trying to find time to edit the university annual while holding membership in ODK, Blue Key, Sphinx and the debating society? Sounds like a rough schedule for any university student doesn ' t it? But move on a bit to the years he spent as a teacher, free lance writer, public relations official for a large industrial firm, member of community and civic groups, and active member and teacher in his church. And now he is a part of our community. Maybe you have met him in his office. If so, you have found a cordial manner that is the pure personifi- cation of Southern Hospitality. He ' s a man with a tight schedule that has endless " urgent " cases squeezed into every margin. Georgia bred and Tennessee tempered, he combines the quickness of a highly efficient corporation executive with the casual geniality of a next-door neighbor. Or possibly you have en- countered this Public Rela- tions courser on the campus — between meetings and appoint- ments! If so, you have found a new friend almost automatic- ally. And he ' s decided he likes Florida: " I ' m gonna ' get to that beach before June if it kills me! " Bermudas are on the agenda when this busy PR man has a few minutes at home. A family man with two children, he has found great satisfaction in his endeavors at Stetson. Profes- sionally, he has combined a genuine concern for every fa- cet of campus life with a deep affinity to Stetson as a spiritual institution. If you check the records you will find that he has contribu- ted a gr eat deal to the univer- sity in his one year. Because of his desire for improvement, be- cause of his encouraging vital- ity, because we admire his sin- cerity, we inscribe the 1965 Stetson Hatter to MR. FLU- KER GORDON STEWART. ,-%• Wh2 S -f? ' " i? jftt- -)4- V; t I Features I Whipping through a tortuous week . . . 8:00 for welcome . . . 9:00 fun and games . . . and at 10:00 to the regional parties , . . the new- ness of Spanish moss . . . sand . . . commons food . . . you adjust to what will be your world for four years pieces for an undone mosaic . . . REGISTRATION . , . an hour in line and your courses are closed no thank you, Fm not on a meal ticket (high protein-low calorie diet) . . . finally the checkers . . . how does Miss Rowe manage to keep smiling? ... Left to Right: Gena Medrano, Patricia King. Kim Ballard, Charlita Larsgard, Janet Lyon, Cheryl Bardowell, Karen Wildman, second runner-up Toni Carameros, Miss Hatter Ruth Colvard, first runner-up Linda Clenney, Mary Lou Varnedoe, Donna Dericks, Veda Williams, Kathy Warthen, Linda Guenther, Kathy Grandell, Nancy Combs, Marty Gregory. ITS GREEN FEATHER CARNIVAL TIME Concerted efforts . . . goal $3333.33 . . . looks like rain . . . thought these boys sai d they would do the dirty work . . . blistered hands . . . not enough lumber . . . Nervous beauties wait inside . . . Toni and Linda are runners-up . . . the Queen Anne ' s Salute . . . screams of joy from the Alpha Chis . . . Miss Ruth Colvard is MISS HATTER 1965! ., , Spotlights die . . . empty popcorn bags . . . crumpled ticket stubs and a now peaceful coffee house , , . the festivities have ended . . . Stetson shared and we ' ve decided it was worth every minute . . . ' iA y£ f fe ( f C i. Chosen to reign over the festivities of the 1964 Greek Week are Alpha Xi Delta ' s Linda Guenther and Pi Kappa Phi ' s Ken Kincaid. frwr 28 Flickering torches and over- worked Greek diaphragms began a week with the Pi Phis and the Pi Kapps taking the sing Tri- Delta and the Sig Eps came out on top of the Olympic heap .... screaming females, skinned knees . . . . bets on which chariot would collapse first .... and Linda and Ken reigned over the whole thing , Candidates for Greek God and Goddess are, L. to R.: Vining Bigelo, Jeanne Mazur. Larry Pierce, Judy Swanson. Stan Wallace. Jennie DekJe. Ken Kincaid, Kim Ballard. Tom Bledsoe. Linda Guenther, Lane Burnett. Stevie Hoven. The dark night .... sirens . . . silent faces . . . appearing . . . disappearing amid whirling red lights . . . loud radios, urgent, commanding . . . students standing tearful . . .friends, classmates, brothers . . . concern for things in the house . . . The Dean, the President . . . everyone watching in disbelief as forty -two years of traditions and memories join the upper black velvet of the night above the crackling, charred remains. and on the next morning the Sigma Nus started again . . . 31 Everything spicn span for the alums loads of handshakes and hellos a taste of the modern in a hootenanny initiates the three day festivities our first bonfire the Zeta Tau Alphas and the Pi Kappa Phis took top honors with their gay and dazzling lawn decoration and Francene and Bruce reigned over an- other successful and eventful Homecoming for the Hatters. 32 No convertible without the top down co-ed with- out her shades . . . icy mineral water . . . games to separate the men from the boys . . . and the Hatters hit the Springs en masse for a rolicking day of LEGAL ACADEMIC ABANDON . . . a parade of flustered young men ... Toni and Ruth tie as runner s-up ... Ron is hailed as the best all-around Stetson man . . . and with charming loss of poise Owen is crowned Miss Stetson 1965 . . . Runners-up Toni Carameros and Ruth Colvard pose with Mr. and Miss Stetson, Gwen Knight and Ron Peacock, candidates of Pi Kappa Phi. Slowly a new building appeared . . . a building in which the academic battle headquarters are centered. From out- ward appearances it doesn ' t look to be strong or fort-like .... but within its glass walls the students and faculty face the problems of the academic community and here conquer them. The DuPont-Ball Library is the brain center of Stetson . . . with its carpeted floors . . . its contemporary look . . . and its pervading stillness. The new library is a brick- and-glass home for the lives of men . . . the lives of men with books. Bright day . . . picnic lunch in the Forest of Arden . . .a mere 150,000 books to move President Edmunds checked on us periodically. Endless trips back and forth . . . armloads of books . . . cards to be punc hed. Books off shelves a short walk , , .up the steps , , , books on shelves. Dusty books in a clean, new library , , . we re- member the old one , . . closed stacks... col- umns,,, long tables .... and many hours spent there with the books. If September is a Monday morning yawn, can June be anything but a Sunday evening quiver . . . and the year only one week of gliding between falling leaves of education in a last attempt to do more than fill up so many individual think-tanks with predigested wisdoms? For the outwardly somber face of the senior, topped in tassel eighty threads per tassel, he has counted them below the stream of podium en- couragement the journey from yawn to quiv- er has been laced with the bright -eyed expectation of a Monday morning away from the other mother. So many lips in motion . . . . . . without sound . . . speculating . , , . so many tomorrows planned . . . . but today the week is only yesterdays in retrospect the blue vaulted today of carefully couched clauses . . . draped in the flashing eyes and brilliant costume . . . eighty strands of tassel for the minds eye full of weeks forever irretrievable . . . A rogue ' s gallery of moods mirror the years events .... a melody of noses lined up for data process- ing counterpoint eyebrows following lively guitar strings of a fall concert lips watching Prof s fingertips in the once only sound of Noel . . ,a mouth of open awe as the last flickers of the Sigma Nu house met the sky the souls of hands jabbed into jaw bones and thin eyes reworking the week ' s progress during exams a tousled shock of hair bleached in the sipping ocean tides of one last Weekend a year like any other but as unique as the experiences of the people who lived it at Stetson in 1965 I i ih Beauties I Miss Hatter 1964-1965 Sponsored by Alpha Chi Omega l H:,, .„SL Ul, First Runner-Up, Miss Hatter Sponsored by Baptist Student Union i H;,,. .; a, «- V » «4 »VO-ft ' Second Runner-Up, Miss Hatter Sponsored by Pi Kappa Phi V ' lj-s s J ' lo- ' vi H ' - rc a-T Freshman Beauty Queen Military Ball Queen Sponsored by Delta Delta Delta Greek Goddess Sponsored by Alpha Xi Delta Sorority : kllL MAy Basketball Queen Sponsored by Alpha Xi Delta V » I i ft - i r%v« i V jB X pJit Miss Stetson, 1964-1965 52 - . ' i, % mp - Fine Arts A concertmaster mourning solo A . . . timpini tuning the moment before . . . so many thrilling touches against a cello bridge . . . the tips of fingers, executing the swish- whisper of passing pages as notes dance across the score into acute vibrations . . . the valves and reeds as tools in magic springing under the arc and sway of a baton . . . from tiered seats the enchantment rises: now from harp and pianissimo and sforzando . . . empty breathes . . .petal-delicate power and heart-felt applause What defense has man to the Sirens of the symphony, or the symphony of a seraph ' s voice? Ol CllUilR think continually of those who were truly great Whose lovely ambition was that their lips, still touched with fire Should tell of the spirit from head to foot in song, Stephen Spender 59 The influence of men from other communities . . . aesthetic . . . intellectual . . . beat ...we identified with, or at least responded to , Dr. Edmund Burke s expla- nation of the eclectic man a recital on the Beckerath by the master, E. Power Biggs, demon- strated amazing versatility and style ...the Lettermen were ' ' in ' with their usual modern sound. . . Brubeck came alive with his typical smooth swing share or understand another s philosophy to be caught up in Bach or Brubeck is some- how to become a bit more concerned a bit more alive. Against four fingertips a brush poised in balance by a thumb .... veins and knuckles all streaked with clay and color chaos on a pallet becoming the re- curring word, embodied with strange vitality ...symbolism.. .intellect- ualized language . . . from sculptor s edge... a viewpoint on canvas . . . . . in earth in the indomitable angles of bronze and stone in pastel parfaits . . . 62 poise thought of the somewhere mind brought to habi- tation in substance . . . ascendency in the delicate . . . how rich the experience for one viewer who not only looks at the creation, but has painted it in his own mind as well ' ' For art comes to you proposing frankly to give nothing but the highest quality to your moments as they pass, and simply for those l moment ' s sake ' ' Walter Horatio Pater SUMMER AND SMOKE Cast: Rev. Winemiller . . . Michael Upp; Mrs. Winemiller . . . Chris Hedrick; John Buchanan, Jr. . . . Glenn Baldwin; Alma Wine- miller . . . Linda Poland; Rosa Gonzales . . . Gena Medrano; Nellie Ewell . . . Terry Jo Kennedy; Roger Doremus . . . Donald Miller; Dr. John Buchanan, Sr. . . . Chuck Nelson; Mrs. Bassett . . . Carol Taylor; Vernon . . . Ned Ricks; Rosemary . . . Linda Eggeman; Dusty . . . Larry Olin; Gonzales . . . Seth Cooper; Archie Kramer . . . Ed Barton. B| H| B K - BII 1 m H K ' H i [ rr %l M m 1 g w i F ■ P 1 1 K, ' ' - ' x:V;- V V ' 1 ■ HKA ' •- H ■ 1 W ' -V m 1 ■ t ■ lUMk-- ' LITTLE MARY SUNSHINE RICHARD KARBERG . . Chief Brown Bear JOHN BURCHETTE Cpl. Billy Jester RICHARD KEIGLEY Capt. Big Jim Warington KAREN ANDERSON . . Little Mary Sunshine CAROL TAYLOR Mme. Ernestine Von Liebedich ANNE NATHAN Nancy Twinkle BUTCH PADGETT Fleet Foot SAM GRAY Yellow Feather RICK WALL Gen. Oscar Fairfax A TRIO OF ONE-ACT PLAYS This evening of one-act plays was produced, directed and acted by Stetson Players Guild members, so that students interested in these areas might try their wings and at the same time acquaint the interested audience with dramatic works of well-known authors. 72 FOR HEAVEN ' S SAKE Roster: Company A: Jay Mechling Chuck Nelson Liz Rogers Sue French Glenn Baldwin Francene Smith Company B: Dick Karberg Mary Tuxworth Larry Clarke Wendy Harmer Mike Yeargan Mary Helen Markley Mary Ellen Hooker 75 ' . . " S « «I V » Vv ! " % tr » % I J , - 4 v ;? ! : f y- . j XT : £ % 4 « ' ' %.pi ' U-V t ' ».» . ' . V ' ♦s ' rf Tt r. J « » " 5- %■. At M»». y « ».- » «»- « ' - ' . •., € ♦ t I - ' - -H « .J» Academics J. OLLIE EDMUNDS, President 78 WILLIAM HUGH McENIRY, JR., Dean of the University DR. EDWARD A. HOLMES, Acting Dean of Men GEORGE W. HOOD, Dean of Students and Guidance Director PAUL C. PARKER Director of Admissions JOHN E. JOHNS Business Manager 82 f r -v ELBERT C. TYNER Director of Extension Services ARTHUR F. TUTTLE, JR., Assistant Dean of the University FLUKER STEWART, Director of Public Relations, RICHARD THIRLWELL, Director of Alumni Relations, JACK OLOF- SON, Director of Development. GARY MEADOWS, Assistant Director of Admissions 84 MISS BARBARA ROWE Registrar HELEN SASSARD, Assistant Registrar KEN PHILLIPS, Director of Financial Aid DR. RICHARD B. MORLAND, Director, Graduate Council 85 H. GRAVES EDMONDSON, JR. Comptroller MRS. ALTHEA SPRAGUE, Dire ctor, Union Program HARRY EDWARDS, Director, Student Placement MARY EDNA PARKER, Assistant Dean of Women Seated, Left to Right, are Mrs. Elise Johnson and Mrs. Frances Hann. Standing, Left to Right, are Mrs. Mildred Franklin, Mrs. Grace Pheneger, and Mrs. Isa Reese. Not pictured is Mrs. Vivian Roberson. BETTY D. JOHNSON Librarian EVERETTE W. JOHNSON Purchasing Agent Bookstore Bookstore Manager MARY G. LEWIS Reference Librarian PHYSICAL EDUCATION, PSYCHOLOGY, SOCIOLOGY Dr. David Abbott Mr. Wes Berner Mr. Brady Cowell Dr. Benjamin Haddox Dr. Warren Jones Mr. James Robinson Mr. John Scalf, Jr. Mrs. Sylvelin Thwing Mr. Robert Weickel The building of a stronger body ... a release for excess energy ... a team effort ... a sturdy mind made alert by a well-developed, well-cared for body . . . The purpose of Physical Education . . . Studies in how we do or do not behave . . . how we do or do not react ... an effort to better understand our society and ourselves. Repeated tests and trials of human behavior can often predict psycho- logical tendencies as demonstrated by Mr. Robinson. Dr. Colwell observes the staunch guard position, flexible stance, the quick lunge and the alert parry for accuracy and effectiveness. ROTC Major Hewlett Rainer, PMS Anny ROTC is designed to supply the nation with quali- fied leaders of high morals and character. Through the ROTC program the qualities of leadership, patriotism, effi- ciency, loyalty, obedience, courage, duty and honor are developed. Graduates of the ROTC program have been pre- pared since the turn of the century to perform their respon- sibilities as citizens wherever the security of the United States is threatened by foes. Stetson ROTC men are serving with the Army from Viet Nam to Berlin with the same vigilance as their forefathers. Capt. Richard L. Anderson Capt. Joe A. Brown Sgt. Maj. Charles Dohlmar Paul T. McCrory, Jr. Sgt. lst Class Clifford R. Stearns And they expect me to put this together blindfolded! ENGLISH AND AMERICAN STUDIES Dr. Elliott Allen Dr. John Hague Dr. Ethel Colburnn Dr. Ernest Hall Dr. C. Carter Colwell Dr. Gerald Critoph Dr. Lloyd Hilton Dr. Ann Morris Dr. Byron Gibson Dr. William Taylor Mrs. Virginia Giffin Dr. Paul M. Wheeler With English we are in the world of our native tongue . . . we live, communicate, and die . . . we strive in the common ventures of hfe and, to tell each other of our own experi- ences, we use the Enghsh language ... it is a very familiar language yet always new . . . We study our culture and en- deavor to understand through our English-American tongue. But Gerry, are you sure he said that here? Cha, cha, cha! P " I ' m not going to tell you again, stay in character ' If life is anything it is experience and through drama and art we relate this experience to others ... we share our ambitions, our pleasures, and our challenges . . . art, drama, and the spoken word bring into focus and sharp contrast the experience of being alive. In the drama we see . . . with the spoken word we hear . . . with art we sense . . . and all of these come to result in the experience of being aware of the world around us. SPEECH, DRAMA, AND ART Mr. Louis Freund Dr. Mary Louise Mr. Bruce Griffiths Miss Betty Mack Gehring Mr. Walter Mr. Fred Messersmith Sonnenberg The finer points of pottery design, the mechanics of ceramic glazing and metal work are carefully explained by the animated portrayals of Mr. Bob Ebendorf, recent Fulbright Fellow. DEPARTMENT OF SCIENCES jjP M iMMm y d h M Dr. Theodore Beiler Mr. Fred Clark Dr. John Conn Dr. Ed Coohdge Dr. J. H. DeLap Miss Dorothy Fuller Dr. Keith Hansen Mr. William Hughes Dr. George Jenl ins Dr. Elmer Prichard Mr. H. W. Thwing Dr. John Vaughen Dr. Chauvin pauses to reflect on a specimen during an informal tour of the geological collection c- In science we learn of the world around us . . . its physical make-up ... its inter-workings ... its systems . . . theories ... and applications. The faculty presents us with the world around us and gives us the tools to understand our environ- ment ... yet we learn more than just what is around us. We learn of worlds that are yet to be ... we theorize ... we speculate ... we wonder ... we believe. With mathematics we work with numbers . . but more than numbers we use ideas . . . ideas which control, guide, and help . . . these are abstractions and from these abstrac- tions we learn more and more of the world in which w e Hve . . . mathematics is a technical realm but even more it is a human realm ... a world in which we build and grow. MATHEMATICS Dr. Fmmett Ashcraft Dr. Elizabeth Boyd C. H. Chorpening Mr. Ralph Hughes Mr. Curtis Lowry Dr. Gene Medlin (Maj. Gen. U.S.A.) ,W ik 93 Bj i ' ' PS H IJ HB Ei ' «i W KK M H| -: Uttfi H E A " iSSi K S B In the study of music we come to feel and know the places of our lives . . . where our technology cannot take us. We experience intangible things of joy . . . peace . . . emotion . . . and Romanticism. The faculty introduces us into these worlds and teaches us the things we need to know to enjoy and understand . . . Repeated exercises coupled with the skilled instruction of Miss Leek are necessary elements in attaining harmony and style. SCHOOL OF MUSIC Mrs. Lenoir Almand Miss Frances Buxton Mrs. Ruth Carr Mr. Roger Cushman Mr. Richard Feasel Prof. Giffin " Oh ' s " the correct facial manipulations: intricate steps toward vocal perfection. another of the Mr. Harold Giffin Mr. Robert Hause Mrs. Frances Hughes Mr. Paul Jenkins Miss Eleanor Leek Mr. Donald Yaxley FOREIGN LANGUAGES dtk MiM X Mechanical ingenuity conveys to the sensitive Dr. Gerald Anderson Dr. John Gardner Dr. John H odges Miss Ethel Kinum ear flowing intonations of a French folk tale. Mr. Philip Lee Mr. Ernest Rollins Dr. Hugh N. Seay, Jr. Mrs. Betty Zenkovsky With languages we deal in words . . . sounds . . . ideas . . . and literature. This area of study is technical but even more it is new horizons . . . new cultures . . . and new people. The faculty introduces us to worlds ranging from the Classics of Greek and Latin to the European worlds of Spanish, French, German, and the Oriental world of Russian. In the study of languages we cause our world to be small. Complex grammatical drills are practiced with Professor Rollins. Miss Gonzalez ' s facial expressions emphasize the phonetics of the language: a familiar session for beginning French students. SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Mr. Masters talks of the commercial world and its challenge. An inclusive term which summarizes the work and activity of an entire economy ... a critically important part of the world where buying . . . selling . . . and production are the important words . . . this is business. The place where the Stetson School of Business trains people to meet the chal- lenge of the commercial world and that of modern business. Soon in the future there will be a new building to aid in this challenge . . . and men will be better fitted for the competi- tion. The work is serious . . . students must learn to use machines and make them a part of the busi- ness major ' s life. The wires and inner workings of a computer are a complexity only a business major could know and love. Mr. Charles Andrews Dr. John Barthel Mr. Walter Bennett Dr. Chauncey Elkins Mr. David Miller Miss Carol Nicklas Dr. Russell Nolan Miss Maxine Patterson HISTORY, PHILOSOPHY AND RELIGION " Did you hear about this one? ' Goldwater in " 64: bread and water in " 65; hot water in " 66, " muses Dr. Schultz during a study break. Studies in the hows and whys of the foundations of our uni- verse . . . past events which shed light on what we will attempt today . . . thoughts which lead to ultimate answers . . . the quest for the something greater than ourselves . . . yesterday: Alexander ' s plan of attack, tomorrow: a summit conference on nuclear weapons . . . yesterday: Callicles ' theory of moral- ity, tomorrow: confrontation with the existential predicament . . . yesterday: mysticism, tomorrow: realization . . . the reli- ance on charts, maps, theories, thoughts, texts ... we attempt an understanding of that which we can learn through the events of yesterday that somehow we may be better prepared — intellectually, spiritually, morally — to comprehend the age of missiles, millions and miracles. Dr. RoUin Armour Dr. Evans Johnson Dr. Gilbert Lycan Dr. T. W. Bailey Dr. Earl Joiner Dr. Harold Schultz Dr. Ed Holmes Rev. Canon Leroy Lawson Dr. Malcolm Wynn " Now of course I am sure that all of you realize that St. Thomas must have been correct in his explanation: " a comment that is familiar to students in Father Lawson " s philosophy class. Dr. Zenkovsky, a recent Gugenheim scholar pauses for a leisurely chat before his next class. DR. RAY V. SOWERS, Department Chair- man " Well, that is not it exactly, but you ' re close. ' " Patience is the most important thing when teaching young students. " Dr. Randolph L. Dr. Harland Merriam Carter Dr. Ruth I. Smith Dr. Watie Pickens Dr. F. R. Tubbs Dr. T. E. Smotherman DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION In getting an education it is necessary to study education ... its theories . . . and ideals ... To come to know the real significance of the motto . . . Education is Power ... is of utmost import. We grow and develop through our education . . . and come to know the words of Aristotle . . . " We know the future of man through his education. " " Dr. Tubbs muses over a discussion in class. ' m Glasses SENIORS -CLASS OF 1965 KAREN A. BARRETT VIRGINIA LYNNE BARNETT CHRISTINE MARY AARON SAMUEL O. ALLEN JOAN A. ANDERS DIXIE ANDREWS KIM BALLARD ADRIAN PAUL BAMBINI CHARLES BARNES ROBERT M, BARNES CHARLES ( " CHUCK " ) BUGG was elected SGA Presi- dent in 1964. Since that time his effort towards such goals as the Honor System have been unceasing. Chuck ' s ambi- tion and intellectual ability have won him membership in ODK, Green Circle, Pi Kappa Delta, and Pi Kappa Phi Social Fraternity. He was president of his junior class, on the BSU Executive Council as president of that group, and a member of the Ministerial Association. Chuck Bugg is that kind of individual who has left a meaningful and purposeful legacy to Stetson University. 102 SQUIRE R. BARRETT, JR. SANDRA S. BEASLEY JOE BEAVO ELIZABETH ANN FLORENCE MORROW BEDSOLE BEEBE DAVID BENA CHARLES H. BENNETT DIANE BETHEA THOMAS WAYNE BRENDA BRAMLITT PAUL C. BREMER CHERYL ANN BROWN BLEDSOE THOMAS J. BROWNFIELD JUDITH ANN BROWNSON MICHAEL S. BRUCE MARY LLEW BROWNE MARY BUES SENIORS -CLASS OF 1965 ARTHUR SIMMS SUSAN M. CARR BARBARA ANN CARROLL BRENLEY CARTER CATHY LYNN BURNSIDE CHAMBERLIN I % Among the oustanding seniors of 1965 is SANDY CHRISTIAN. Sandy ' s contributions to several phases of campus activities will long be remembered. Her membership in Kappa Delta Pi and Mortar Board depict her outstanding scholastic achievements. Her interests have expanded to such activities as S.F.E.A., editor- ship of the Compass, and membership in Zeta Tau Alpha social sorority. BARBARA KAY CHAPMAN WILLIAM B. CLARK PEGGY JUSTICE CLAY RICHARD HAGER C HTLDS KENNETH CLAUSSEN BETTY COLE CHARLES N. COLE RICHARD P. CONDON ADDIE-JO CONKLIN WAYNE R. COULTER NANCY COURCHAINE The combination of energy, charm, intelli- gence and leadership have served to make the college years of ELIZABETH " CISSY " HAR- RIS both eventful for herself and beneficial to Stetson. Cissy served in the capacity of Pi Beta Phi President as a junior, was tapped for mem- bership in Tassel, was a Junior Counselor, and was chosen as Pershing Rifles sponsor. Cissy was a spirited and effective co-captain of the cheerleading squad and she reigned as Military Ball Queen during her junior year. ZOLLIE S. COWART NANCY CRABLE EDWARD H. CREGAR CAROL V. CRESSWELL H. " CHRIS " CRISWELL SENIORS " CLASS OF 1965 MARTHA CRUM ROSIE CRUZ FREDERICK DeARMAS EMILIE J. DECKER PATRICIA DANSYEAR CAROL DeLEEUW MARIAN S. DAVIS NOEL DeLESDERNIER CAROL DILL DAY MARY DEMIRGIAN BRUCE HAULMAN ' S name is synonymous with achieve- ment and leadership in the Liberal Arts School. His honors range from membership in Omicron Delta Kappa, S.G.A. Vice-President, and Arcon of Pi Kappa Phi, to the title of Homecoming Host. Bruce is also a past member of Green Circle, I.F.C., and many campus committees, including the Publications Board. ALAN DICKEY MARY A. DRIGGERS ROGER DIXON W. E. DUNWODY GLORIA DURRENCE GARY FORMET EVANS EDINGER ROBERT C. FOX KATHERINE ENGLE JEANNETTE FRANCIS ELOISE FLIPPO JOSEPH FREE DOUGLAS FOGLE DWIGHT GEIGER MARGARET JONES has exemplified the adage of the well- rounded student. She has a high academic average, winning mem- bership in Mortar Board and Tassel. Her tireless eiTorts to sorority life are shown by her election to Panhellenic Council and the offices of Scholarship Chairman and President of Delta Delta Delta. Margaret excelled in intramural sports throughout her four years at Stetson and managed to win the title of Women ' s State Golf Champion for Kentucky. RITA SUE GLAZE RALPH N. GREENE LESLIE N. GREENBAUM VIRGINIA GUTMAN 107 SENIORS --CLASS OF 1965 MARGARET HEFLIN AILEEN HERKO RICHARD HENDERSON OLGA HEYMAN STEVE HENDERSON JANET HICKS CAROL ROBB is outstanding in her efforts to attain well-rounded recogni- tion. Her academic endeavors have merited her membership in Tassel and Mortar Board. Carol is better known as the " girl Friday " of publications having worked as a staff member on all campus publications and also editing the " Compass. " ; through her efforts in this area she has won membership in Sigma Pi Kappa. Carol has worked tirelessly in the area of student government through her position as a Junior Counselor and as a member of the Women ' s Executive Council, of which she was President. DANIEL W. HALE CAROL HANSEN ROBERT HARRIS WILLIAM HARTMAN LAURA HALL DIANNE HARMAN JOHN HART LARRY HARTSFIELD VIOLET HICKS SUSAN HOLCOMBE STEVEN HIGH CECIL HOLLAND ROBERT HILL RICHARD HOOD TOBEY HOCKETT TOWNSEND HOPPER STEPHANIE HOVEN GLORIA HUNTER KATHLEEN HUFF RAY lANNUCCI ROXANA HUKE lAMES INGERSOLL BONNIE HUNTER LAWRENCE JENKINS 109 SENIORS -CLASS OF 1965 ROBERT A. JOHNSON PATIUCK G. KENNEDY ROBERT B. JOINER DANIEL M. KILBRIDE WILLIAM A. JOKELA KENNETH T. KINCAID EDITH M. JONES JOEL E. LANEY PETER D. KAUNITZ ROBERT LANKFORD Though an exemplary student of the Stetson Music School, the activities of GROVER WILKINS extend into many areas of campus life. Grover has maintained a high scholastic average which has won him membership in Omicron Delta Kappa and Green Circle. He has served as an active member of the Student Senate and has been recognized for his outstanding contributions to R.O.T.C. His efforts with the military have merited appointment to Scabbard and Blade. His endeavors in fraternity life have made him a popular and re- spected member of the Sigma Nu Fraternity. JACKIE LANUM ALBERT P. LEE PATRICIA L. LAVENDER SANDRA E. LIDDY . THOMAS LOKEY JAMES LOVE JOSH LONG JOHN LOZITO To be seen pounding a typewriter, balancing books or (rarely) trying to catch a nap at almost any hour of the day or night in the S.U.B. Office is senior DAVID LAVOY. Dave has been a regular contribu- tor to the Stetson Reporter, has served as S.U.B. Treasurer, and has won membership in Green Circle and O.D.K., the highest scholastic- leadership honorary. Furtherance of the ideals of campus panhellenic spirit has been the matrix of the efforts of SANDY SMITH, elected to Who ' s Who for 1965. Sandy ' s membership in Phi Mu social sorority and Phi Beta, the women ' s music honorary exemplify the diversity of activities to which she has applied her talents. Her efforts toward intersorority relations have done much to frame the foundation for a future of a stronger Greek system on the campus. DAVID T. MacFARLAND CAROL L. MANN ROGER R. MAAS LINDA K. MARCHINTON SENIORS -CLASS OF 1965 CHARLES W, MOCK OTIS L. MOODY WILLIAM A. MOORE " One of the most outstanding contributors to government life at Stetson has been RICHARD GINN. Richard has served in the Senate and on the Men ' s Council. He is a member of O.D.K. and Green Circle and has acted in the capacity as President of Wesley Foundation to make many outstanding con- tributions to Stetson life. DONALD MASON JOHN M. MAYER KENWOOD D. GEROLD M, McCARTNEY McCANN JUDITH A. McGEE MARY W. McENIRY MASON L. MILLER JOHN H. MIKKELSEN 112 JAMES M. MOORMAN ELIZABETH E. MORAN N. ANNETTE MORRIS EDWIN T. MULOCK JOHN MURPHY " " S ' - . ' ' ' 2 FRED S. MYERS DOMINICK J. NAPOLI CHARLES D. NEAL WALTER W. NELSON MARION M. NEWTON MARGARET A. NICHOLS One of the most outstanding of the Stetson senior women has been KAREN KANE. Karen has added much to Stetson life by her pleasant personahty and her devotion to the many organizations to which she belonged. She has served as past president of Panhellenic Council and is a member of Pi Beta Phi sorority, Mortar Board and Tassel. SENIORS -CLASS OF 1965 DONNA DOLLENS, an active member of Pi Beta Phi sorority, has contributed her time and talent to many areas of student life including the Execu- tive Women ' s Council, the Reporter staff, S.F.E.A., and Mortar Board, of which she is presi- dent. WILLIAM I. NORRIS CHRISTINA M. ODDO CHARLES B. PALMER SANDRA K. PARSONS JEFFERY I. PATTINSON PATRICIA A. PAULK RANDALL M. PAYNE MILDRED L. PULLEN FRANCIS E. PECK MARILYN R. RAYNAL JOHN C. PERRY THOMAS J. PETERS ALICE E. PETTY ROBERT J. RENFROE ROBERT R. REYNOLDS LEROY E. RHODE Scholarship, leadership, citizenship — all attributes of ROBERT SNOWDEN. An active member and song leader of Pi Kappa Phi, Bob has also given great energy to the student government as a member of the Senate. His outstanding scholarship has won him recognition by O.D.K. and Green Circle. Bob has been of great assistance to the religious life of the University as B.S.U. President. m JAMES RICHTER THOMAS K. RIDEN RICHARD G. RIGANO JAMES W. ROACH SHARON D. ROGERS VIOLET R. ROGERS EDWIN P. SANDERS VIRGINIA K. SCHIBANOFE JOHN J. SAUTNER JULIA R. SCOTT LEANNE McGlNNJS, cited for Who ' s Who 1965, has been an indispensable leader in the area of Women ' s Student Gov- ernment. Her membership in Women ' s Council and on the Executive Council has been active and eventful. She is a respected member of her sorority, Alpha Xi Delta and was chosen by the Lambda Chis for their Crescent Court. SENIORS -CLASS OF 1965 LARRY SMITH MARGARET SPORHASE SUSANNE SPARKMAN WILLIAM STARK Recognized as one of the outstanding members of the Stetson Music School, GENE TUNNELL has been chosen for Who ' s Who, 1965. Gene has been active in varied fields of university life and was elected to the Senate by his fellow music students. His membership in Omicron Delta Kappa reflects his excellence in scholastic endea- SHARON D, SELLERS SAMUEL SHERARD GEORGE LAMB DAVID SMITH FRANK SHELTON ROBERT SHIPMAN TERESA SINGLEY FRANCENE SMITH Pi Beta Phi ' s MARTHA FARRINGTON has achieved member- ship in Mortar Board, Tassel, Scroll and Key, and Phi Society — all of Stetson ' s honor societies open to women. Marty is a Stetson Scholar, and has studied in the Honors Program and the Washing- ton Semester Program. Her service also extends to the Stetson Union Board Social Committee. A name that has, over the past four years, become synonymous with campus leadership is that of JAMES B. " JIM " CHAPLIN. Besides a memorable year as Commander of Sigma Nu, Jim has also served as Secretary and President of the Men ' s Council, and Treasurer of the S.U.B. His election to Scabbard and Blade and ODK are further indications of his outstanding record of leader- ship. CAROLYN STECHER GERALD STUDIER KAREN TAFT RANDALL THOMAS RANDY STOKES BRIAN SVIKHART DIANNE TAYLOR PATRICIA THOMAS SENIORS-CLASS OF 1965 BUDDY KIRK has probably served on as many com- mittees as any other graduate of Stetson University. His service to Lambda Chi Alpha, student government and the Wesley Foundation as well as his achievement in academics make him truly worthy of the honor of being named to Who ' s Who. THOMAS THORNTON DAVID TUCKER JOAN TILTON THOMAS TUCKER PAULA TONDEE JOHN TURNER iROL VANDERWAL JUDY WEED KATHY WALTON CHARLES WATERHOUSE ANN WATERS MIKE WATKINS DENISE WALL PHILIP WELLS SHERRY WHEELER CAROLYN WHITTENBURG The scholastic attainments of LINDA GREGORY HAWES are to be seen in her membership in Mortar Board, Tassel, Kappa Delta Pi, the education honorary, and Phi Society, of which she was President. Linda has brought great honor to her sorority. Alpha Xi Delta, not only in the realm of scholarship but also in her participa- tion in various S.G.A. and campus committees. HELEN WHITINGTON GWYNNE WILLIAMS ANNA WILLIAMS KAY ALLEN WILSON GLORIA WILLIAMS JUNE WIRSING The year of 1965 has seen numerous innovations and improvements in the quality and attitude of the Stetson Reporter. This achievement has been due, chiefly, to the leadership and initiative of GARY OSTROM. Gary ' s participation on the Publications Board, and his presidency of Sigma Pi Kappa, journalism honorary, have been coupled with his activi- ties in Student Government and his fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon to make him an outstanding member of his graduating class. BARBARA WRIGHT DONNA YOCUM MARY Y ETTER RICHARD ZELLER STETSON UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF LAW STETSON UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF LAW FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION " The right to practice law is not a natural, inherent right, but one which may be exercised only upon proof of satis- factory legal attainments and character. Justice . . . can be maintained only if the conduct and motives of those who establish and administer it merit the approval of all just men ... " These are the opening words of the Honor Code of the Stetson University College of Law, and state the general goals of that institution. Since 1900 the Law School and the faculty of the St. Petersburg campus have directed their efforts toward the education of young men who understand and share the goals of a college dedicated to these high prin- ciples. The adaptation of the British system of legal educa- tion, stressing personal contact with practicing lawyers, promotes the effectiveness and merit of the quest for legal excellence. COL. WILLIAM UNGER, Business Manager; LL.B., Stetson College of Law miM OLIVIA J. ATHEY, Burser FRANK E. BOOKER, Assoc. Prof, of Law; LL.B., Duke L ' niver ity EVERETT E. CUSHMAN, Assoc. Prof, of Law; L.L.B., Stetson Univ. Law School DAVID L. DICKSON, Prof, of Law; LL.B., Harvard University RICHARD T. DILLON, Asst. Dean; Prof, of Law; LL.M., New York University MRS. KAY EDDY, Registrar; HAROLD I. LINDSEY, Prof, of DR. EDWARD LAMONT Administrative Asst. to the Dean Law; LL.M., Duke University PLATT, Visiting Prof, of Law; LL.D., Harvard Law School STETSON UNIVERSITY LAW SCHOOL WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES EDMUND S. WHirSUN, JR. J. BERT GRANDOFF, JR. DAVID T. HENNIGER (NOT PICTURED: JAMES D. LITTLE) DR. WILLIAM F. CASLER O. A. BAIR. Tampa, Fla.- College; Phi Delta Phi. -B.S., Florida Southern JERRY D. BELL, St. Petersburg, Fla.— B.S., Auburn University; Delta Theta Phi. EDWARD D. BUNN, Miami, Fla.— B.B.A., Uni- versity of Florida; President Student Bar; Moot Court Competition; Public Defender Award; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity. C. Y. BYRD, Deh-ay Beach, Fla.— B.S., Florida State University; Certified Public Accountant, Del- ta Theta Phi Legal Fraternity. JOHN W. CASH, Tampa, Fla.— A.A., University of Florida; B.A., Florida State University; Chief Justice of Honor Court, Delta Theta Phi Legal Fraternity; Student Advisor, Moot Court Partici- pant; Member, Public Relations and Student Place- ment Committees. DR. WILLIAM FRANKLIN CASLER, St. Peters- burg, Fla. — B.S.. D.V.M.. Michigan State Univer- sity; Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Universities; President. Student Bar Association; Magister, Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity; Michi- gan State University: Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Zeta; Salutatorian. ANNE GODSEY CONNELLY, St. Petersburg, Fla. — B.S., Beaver College; Secretary, Freshman Class; Secretary-Treasurer, Junior Class. CHARLES M. CUMBO, Tampa, Fla.— B.S., N. Y. State College for Teachers, B.S., University of Florida; Secretary, Freshman Class; Secretary, Student Bar Association; Veep, Student Bar Assoc- iation; Phi Alpha Delta; Clerk, Phi Alpha Delta; Barristers ' Club; Moot Court Competition; Co- Chairman, Christmas Party for mentally retarded children. v_. ROBERT K. DOWNS The Fall Term officers of the Student Bar Association are Left to Right: David T. Henniger, Honor Court Attorney; William J. Skarbek, Treasurer; Charles L. Bailiff. Vice President: William F, Casler. President; George D. Kickliter, Secretary; John W. Cash, Chief Justice of Honor Court. LAW SCHOOL SENIORS RICHARD CHARLES ED- WARDS, Tampa, Fla.— B.S., University of Tampa; Delta Theta Phi Legal Fra- ternity. DENIS L. FONTAINE J. BERT GRANDOFF, JR., Tampa, Fla. — B.A., Univer- sity of Florida; American Law Student ' s Association; Delegate; President, Phi Al- pha Delta; Chairman. Moot Court Team; National Moot Court Team; Who ' s Who; Dana Scholarship Award; Perry Nichols Award, Trial Practice; Outstanding Moot Court Participant; Inns of Court Council. JAMES EDWARD EL- LIOTT, St. Petersburg, Fla. — Stetson University; Phi Delta Phi; Barristers Club, Chairman; Chief Justice Honor Court; Justice Honor Court; Glee Club. THOMAS MICHAEL FOS- TER, Tampa, Fla.— B.A., University of Tampa; Fresh- man Moot Court Speaker of the Day; Phi Alpha Delta, Justice, Marshall; Junior Class Treasurer; Senior Class Honor Court Justice; Amer- ican Jurisprudence Award; Charles A. Dana Scholar- ship recipient; Who ' s Who. JOHN P. GRIFFIN, Tam- pa, Fla.— B.A., M.Ed., Uni- versity of Florida; Freshman Moot Court Winner; Presi- dent of Junior Class, Fresh- man Orientation Chairman; Student Bar Delegate, ALSA Convention; Tribune, Delta Theta Phi; Gulf Life Insur- ance Co. Scholarship Recip- ient. Officers of the Student Bar Association are. Left to Right: Sam Cacciatore, Treasurer; Charles M. Cumbo, Vice-President: Charles Bailiff, President; George Miller, Secretary; John Tom- linson. Chief Justice of Honor Court; Walter Mackoul, Honor Court Attorney. RONALD MELVIN GRUESBECK, Lawrence, Michigan — Andrews Uni- versity. DAVID THOMAS HEN- NIGER, St. Petersburg, Fla. — A.A., St. Petersburg Jr. College; B.S., Florida South- ern College; Honor Roll; Overseer ' s Scholarship Award; Freshman and Jun- ior years; American Juris- prudence Awards; Moot Court Competition; Honor Court Justice; Honor Court Attorney; Co-Chmn., How to Study Committee; Phi Alpha Delta, Treasurer; Who ' s Who. WILLIAM R. HERSEY. H. CLYDE HOBBY, Dade City, Fla. — Stetson Univer- sity; Pi Kappa Phi Social Fraternity; Phi Delta Phi; Treasurer, Student Bar As- sociation; Honor Court Jus- tice; State and National Moot Court Competition; Assistant Editor, Student Di- rectory; Co-Editor, Senior Placement Bulletin; Inns of Court Council. WILLIAM RUSSELL JEN- KINS, Walstonburg. N. C— B.S., University of North Carolina; Delta Theta Phi Legal Fraternity; Barrister ' s Club; Young Democrats Club. FRANK D. KELLY. De- land. Fla. — Daytona Beach J.C., Florida State Univer- sity; Delta Theta Phi Legal Fraternity; Government Club; Student Bar; Barris- ter ' s Club. CARL MARTIN KUTT- LER. JR., St. Petersburg, Fla. — A.A., St. Petersburg J.C; B.S., Florida State Uni- versity; Law Clerk; Orienta- tion Comm. Co-Chairman. • .JkA » » ' ' .IjSftS.-rC S ' J -. IVEN S. LAMB, JR., Jack- sonville, Fla. — A. A., Jack- sonville University, B.S., Florida State University; Delta Theta Phi; Public De- fender ' s Clinic; Christian Legal Society; Barrister ' s Club. R. BRUCE McMANUS, Gulfport, Fla.— B.S., Uni- versity of Oklahoma; John Marshall Law School; Phi Delta Theta Social Fratern- ity; Engineer Club; Pi Ep- silon Tau; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi; Law Clerk; Dean ' s List. JAMES D. LITTLE, St. Petersburg, Fla. — B.S., Uni- versity of Alabama; Charles A. Dana Scholarship: Sigma Chi Social Fraternity; Honor Court; Participant; State, National Moot Court; Phi Delta Phi; Student Assistant Librarian; Who ' s Who. THOMAS A. MERRITT, St. Petersburg — B.S., Stetson University; Sigma Nu Social Fraternity; Golf Team; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity. JAMES R. LOWE THOMAS E. MEYERS, Tampa, Fla.— B.S., B.A., University of Florida; Moot Court Team; Best Freshman Award, Moot Court; Mar- shall, Phi Alpha Delta; American Jurisprudence Award for Excellence in Labor Law; Judge, Fresh- man Moot Court. DANIEL C. McCORMIC, Miami, Fla.— B.B.A., Uni- versity of Miami; Freshman Law Class, President; Honor Court Justice; Exchecquer; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fra- ternity; Public Defender Fel- lowship Recipient. PHILLIP G. NEWCOMM, St. Petersburg, Fla. — B.A., Stetson University; Phi Del- ta Phi; Delta Sigma Phi Social Fraternity; President, Men ' s Council. LAW SCHOOL SENIORS JOHN CAROWELL PILCHER, Sara- sota, Fla. — B.S., Fla. State Univ.; Sec, Board of Publications; Yearbook staff; Phi Kappa Psi Social Frat., Chaplain, Pledge Master; Phi Delta Phi Legal Frat., Rush Chairman; Collegiate Civitan, Pres.; Veterans Club; Student Advisor; Student Assistant, Medical Jurisprudence; Public Defenders Clinic; Finance Comm., Stu- dent Bar Assoc. LOUIS PITCHER, Dixon, 111.— A.B., 111. Wesleyan Univ.; Phi Delta Phi Legal Frat. LARRY GEORGE RIGHTMYER, Sink- ing Spring, Pa. — A.B., B.S., Bucknell Univ.; Albright College; M.S., Univ. of Missouri; Chmn., Orientation Comm.; Veep, Sr. Class; Phi Delta Phi Legal Frat. JOHN W. RODGERS, St. Petersburg, Fla. — Stetson Univ.; Sigma Nu Social Frat.; Honor Court, Fr.; ALSA Rep.; Jr. Class Pres.; Editor, Student Direc- tory; Ass ' t Justice, Fr. Moot Court; Moot Court Competition; Phi Delta Phi Legal Frat., Magister and Clerk. RONALD HANS SCHNELL, Treasure Island, St. Petersburg, Fla. — A.S., Rock- land Community College; Stetson Univ.; P.A.D., Young Republicans, Pres., Corr. Sec; Sailing Club; Student Bar Comm. JAMES H. SEAY, Sarasota, Fla.— B.S., Indiana Univ.; Univ. of Denver; Student Bar Assoc; Mgr., Student Bar Book- store; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity; Ford Foundation Fellowship Recipient; Theta Chi Social Frat. THEODORE CHARLES STEFFENS, Hollywood, Fla. — A.B., Duke Univ.; Moot Court Competition; Public De- fender Grant. RICHARD LEE STEWART, Clear- water, Fla. — St. Petersburg J.C; Fla. State Univ., B.A.; Phi Delta Phi Legal Frat. ROBIN A. VAILLANCOURT, St. Pet- ersburg, Fla. — A. A., St. Petersburg J.C; B.I.E., Univ of Fla.; Vice Dean, Delta Theta Phi Legal Frat. Treas., Sr. Class; Public Defender Fellow, 1964. DAVID S. WALKER, St. Petersburg, Fla.— B.A., Wake Forest College; Phi Delta Phi Legal Frat., Co-Chmn., Young Repub. Club. ALBURN A. WARREN, Tampa, Fla.— B.A., Tampa Univ.; Delta Theta Phi Legal Frat. EDMUND S. WHITSON, JR., Clear- water, Fla. — A.A., St. Petersburg J.C, Univ. of So. Fla.; Pres., Sr. Class; Phi Delta Phi Legal Frat., Recipient, Charles A. Dana Scholarship; Recipient, Public Defender Fellowship, Chmn., Fr. Orien- taton Advisors; Amer. Jurisprudence Award, Constitutional Law; Who ' s Who. CLUDE H. WILSON, JR., Sarasota, Fla. — B.A., Univ. of Fla.; Moot Court, Re- gional Competition, National Competi- tion; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Frat., Mar- shal, Veep, Pres.; Recipient, Amer. Juris- prudence Award, Academic Excellence in State Constitutional Law. 126 LAW SCHOOL JUNIORS George Pierce Stephen Schwarz John Shaw Joseph Thury Roland WiUiams Jay Reynolds Robert Scott William Skarbek Harvey White Clark Yeakle ' ' w " idlk Philip Adams Sammy Cacciatore Bruce McKinley Carl Moore James Brickley Maurice Futch Walter Mackoul Marshall Nance James Brown Joseph Gilbert Larry Meyer George Patten 127 LAW SCHOOL FRESHMEN John Ashcraft Larry Bodiford Frederic Buttner Robert Barker Alex Boriss Norman Cannella T. Richard Barrett Thomas Brown Dwaine Carr William Blakeman Jerry Browning Don Caton Reuben Clarson George Coward Michael Davis Steve Ennis Richard Conrad William Daniel William Douglas Kenneth Evans Men iionored by membership in the DELTA THhr- i PHI Legal hi iteinitv aie Front Row, Left to Right: John Griffin, Jack Johnson, Jim Brickley, Marshal) Nance, Dan Futch, Robin Vaillancourt, Jerry Cobb, Bill Jenkins; Back Row, Left to Right: Ken Deacon, Sammy Cacciatore, Charles Bailiff, Bill Skarbek, Iven Lamb, Jim Rowan, George Coward, John Tomlinson, John Cash, Richard Edwards, John Miklos, Jerry Bell. 128 The members of PHI DELTA PHI International Legal Fraternity are: Front Row, Left to Right: Louis Pitcher. Edmund Whitson. Jr.. Thomas Merritt, Eugene C. Shaw, Jr.. John Hankal, John Rodgers, Daniel McCormic, William Casler, James Elliott, Larry Rightmyer, Richard Stewart, George Pierce; Back Row, Left to Right: Prof. Frank Booker, Frank Aloia, Walt Mackoul, William Blakeman, George Pa tten. Philip Adams. James Brown. Jr., Dean Harold L, Sebring. Charles Liberis, Jr., Frank Elkes. Stephen Schwarz, Richard Rhodes, William Blews. Mr. Everett E. Cushman. Mr. Calvin Kuenzel, Mr. Edward L. Piatt. S. John Gedge Robert Hamilton William Horton Stanley Gelman John Hankal Charles Hurt Donald Glazer Willis Heth Ronald Ingham Dennis Granda George Hieber Craig James Clinton Green Elmo Hoffman James Johnston Ned Julian George Kickliter Jay Landers Charles Liberis Eunice Luke William Lunsford James McNeil Gilbert MacPherson Robert Michaud Harlow Middleton George Miller Jeffords Miller LAW SCHOOL FRESHMEN The Stetson Law School Moot Court Team, which was a runner-up in the regional finals of national competition and competed in the national competition, has as its members: Left to Right: Calvin Kuenzel, Faculty Advisor; Clyde Wilson, Jr., J. Bert Grandoff, and Thomas Meyers. 130 Included in the membership of the PHI ALPHA DELIA Legal Lralcnuty are: Front Row, Left to Right: loseph Thiiry, Charles Cumbo, Prof. HaroFd Lindsey, Prof. Richard Dillon, Clyde Wilson, Elmo Hoffman, George Kickliter. Back Row, Left to Right: Thomas Shine, Joseph Sole, Bert Grandoff, Mike Foster, Tom Meyers, Dwaine Carr, George Osborne, David Henniger, Dennis Fontaine. H. Lee Moflfitt Millard Noblin Charles Gates Tarrence Ray Carlton Reichert Thomas Robertson Mel Rodelli Simon Rosin Charles Schoder G. Robert Schultz Thomas Shine Joseph Sole Thomas Taylor James Terrell Claude Tison Andrew Trakas William Tweedle Walter Williams Gary Willis Ty Wilson James Wischmeyer John Witt j. m ' € Joy Anderson Judy Anderson Karen Anderson Bruce Arnold Sarah Ashcraft James Ault Sue Austin Joel Bagnal Robert BaUey Richard Baksa Glen Baldwin Ira Barbe Denise Barolo Shirley Barrett Jane Beyer Doug Butler Jim Bickelhaupt Wm. Charlesworth Gerald Bottomley Evelyn Chatlos Larry Boyd Ann Clements Amelia Braun Ruth Colvard Ted Brousseau Pete Cornwall Steve Busey Charles Coursey MikJ M Andrew Coutant Clara Cox Gloria Creagh Eddie Culver Sandy Davidson John Davis Doug Dawson Betty Deal Joyce Deaton Jennie Dekle Donna Dericks Chuck Dillman Diane Doubleday Richard Dowling IL.S Brenda Durham Wayne Ellis O JUNIORS-CLASS OF 1966 Bob Eslinger Susan Fawcett Alice Field Judith Field Frank Fishbaugh Connie Fleishel Suzanne Fletcher Lelia Foster Bill Francisco Melissa Freeland Tom Freeman Edward Furlong Chris Garbow John Gardner Joseph Garner Glenn Garvin Tim Gaskill Caryl Giflfin Mack Gooding Barbara Goodson Larry Hastings Cindy Hayman J. V. Hays Robert Hebden Peter Heebner Lois Herberholz Judith Herrald Barbara Hinkle Terry Higgins Randy Hird Gail Gordon Marty Gregory Gary Hanson Sandy Hardy ,, .. „ .. T 1 u tr 4 Diana Hoben Patricia Hall Kurt Hampp Ralph Hampton Richard Holifield David Hargnett Less Hargrave Steve Harkins Owen Holmes Penny Hook AUce Toward Mary Hudgins Gwen Knight Clay Knowles Edward Levy Marcos Lorenzo Robert Lowry Sandra Lucas Margaret Luke Randy Lyle Ray Lynn Janet Lyon Barbara Macgill Glynis McHargue Jan Maas Michael Mabry Beth Martin Paul Martin Jeanne Mazur Ark tb i ( ? K -:r r- ■ ■ ' - ' i« Sandy Melton Marvin Metheny Raymond Miller Annica Millsaps Dorit Kiause Michael Lawrence Sandy Minor Bonnie Moffat Judy Moore Ronnie Moore Dorothy Morgan Cynthia Morris Pat Morrissey D. Moschandreas Forrest M. Moser Gwen Mulliniks Richard MuHins Anna Nash Laura Nawotka Robert Nelson 6 Sanford B. Nelson 1 Randy Nimnicht David Rosselle Phelps Salter William Schneider Diana Norton Jill Nunez Richard Nunez Jan Orians Jim Owen Cary Page James Parker Joseph Parko " ] Ian Patterson Sam Pendino Stephen Petersen Larry Pierce Linda Priddy Bob Peterbaugh Bev F. Richards James Richter Larry Riesbeck Evie Rikard Fred Robbins Wilham Roberts Paul Schumacher Sandra Shippey Gerald Simmons 136 Susan Smedley Ron Solomon Gardner Soiile Kenneth Steele Anne Stephens Jim Steven k M %. k Jfii JtM Judy Swanson Anne Swope Robert Tardif Jim Thompson Tim Thompson Yvonne Thompson Rick Traut Edward Tribble Tony Tussing Gary Tyson Arlene Vail Mary Lou Varnedoe , , Bingham Vick ,. -s. - Phil Wagner L tf Carole Wainman Richard Wall Stan Wallace Nancy Wands Brenda Ward Teryl-Sue Ward Oneita Waters David Weippert James Welch Bob Wells Katherine Wheeler Betsy Whelan Gene White William Wieland Linda Woofter Robert Wright Jim Yaeger Tina Young Jean Zeller Michael Abies Vincent Abreu Carl Ackerman Kirk Ainslie Ronald Albrecht Merilyn Albritton Kathleen Aldrich Leslie Alexander Kenneth Anderson Susan Arvanitis Joyce Ashley Baiba Ausinsch Cheryl Bardowell Jo Barringer Juan Barroso Janice Baube Frank Bauer Jane Beach Marci Beach John Bedell Alden Behrens Kurt Bendel Joe Biber Frank Bigelow Mary Birrel Randi Bishop Paul Blank Carol Blazer Gary Ballinger David Casey Angel Castillo James CauUey Luis Ceballo Joanne Cheshire Susan Chickering Larry Clarke Linda Claypool John BohmfaUc Marie Bozard Patricia Brack Rick Branan Julia Brannam Linda Cline Gail Chors Fred Brining Lillian Brockett Dianna Brown John Brown Tana Brown Daniel Coker Julius Coker John Buchanan Lane Burnett Robert Burns Loucretia Cain Rocki Campbell " Ai Sarah Cole Phil Collins Toni Carameros Ehzabeth Carroll Donna Carter Frank Carter Joyce Cartledge mM SOPHOMORES CLASS OF 1967 Nancy Combs Bonnie Corydon John Crowther Mary Curmanskei Richard Damron Patti Davidson Dan Davis Willaira Davis Jack Dawson Nestor de Armas F. de Miranda Lisa de Treville Paul Dickey Camille Dillard Henry Dolive [ ' i Selby Edwards jj Richard Enstice ■ Janet Estenson Sharon Estes Barbara Eubanks Fred Fendt Leon Fowler James Frame Jane Furlong Elizabeth Gainey Earl Galitz Lynn Gardner Polly Garrett Sam Gladding H. Gonzalez Patricia Graef Madeline Grana Betsy Grimm Craig Gruber Lina Guenther Diane Gussman John Haire Ron Hall Virginia Fishpaw Roberta Flippo Robert Foulds Alonzo Hardesty John Hardman Wendy Harmer Patricia Harrell Gene Harrison Robert Hayes 140 George Head Ronald Heath Don Heinze Mery Herbst Paul Hockett John Hogg Michael Hood Carol Hooker Mary Hooker Jeanne Howard Kathleen Huggard Catherine Hutchins Don Jackson Linda Jackson Dennis Mastry Phyllis Mathers 2fAd JtMM ' lL Ronald Johnson Gregory Johnston Kevin Jones Thomas Jones Gail Jordan m Richard Mayer Jay Mechling Sherrille Julian Terri Jo Kennedy Glenn Kessler Grace Kirkpatrick C. Kleinschinidt Gena Medrano Robin Merriam Bonnie Knights Richard Knapp Richard Kohn Carol Kuntzleman Carolyn Lady Lynn Midkiff Sally Middleton Douglas Lain Sharon Langwell Roman Lannes Catherine Lawrie Jeni Lehton Dottie Miles Marion Miller Thomas Linzee Linda Lippoldt Carlos Lopez Sig Lovdal May Lycan Mary Jane Miller Barbara Mishler William McBryde Robert McCauley Sandy McCranie T. McCullough D. McDonald James Moncrieff Miriam Montero Paul MacMahon Peter Maddock Hayden Malone Laurie Manning Bobbie March JrA2 o David Morgan Kitty Morris Mary Ann Morris William Morris Bruce Mullin M iM d SOPHOMORES CLASS OF 1967 Chick Prosser Nina Pylkas Sandi Myers Eugene Napoli William Napoli Jo Ann Nelson Ruth Nemec Chris Rawls Donna Reed Dickie Nettles Peggy Neubeck Sharon Nicoletto Lawrence Olin Phillip Padgett Robert Reese Clair Rey Carleton Pain Joyce Parker Sharon Parks June Paula Rebecca Phillips Laurel Richard Janet Richardson Thomas Phillips Roy Pickering Roger Pierson Rachel Pike Tom Pipher Jann Plumer Craig Pooser Gwen Pozdena Mary Prichard Thomas Prince Marshall Roberts Billie Robinson Joaquin Rodriguez Charles Rogers Henry Rosenbaum Lois Rovell-Rixx Arlen Rybolt Nancy Ryer Barbara Saari Sergio Sanchez Robert Satin Lynn Schafer Bob Schavel Juanita Schiess Jo Ann Schmierer Alice Schneider Judith Seaman Philip Seipp Jeani Shaffer Robert Shapiro Carol Shearer Barbara Shelton Fred Sherburne Sandra Shirley Mary Shuchart Daniel Smalley James Smartt Darlene Smith Margaret E. Smith Margaret L. Smith Paul Sneider Bruce Snow Howard Synder Jacob Speicher John West William Wiggins Barry Spivey Larry Springer Claire Sproul Kay Stacey Elizabeth Stanfield ▲l % Steven Wilkerson Anita Williams Howard Stillwell Frank Stubbs Bill Swayne Dorothy Tharp Jim Thomas Mary G. Wilson Priscilla Winn Kathy Thomas Barbara Thompson John Thompson Jo Tiffany Gerri Topaz Shirley Wood Diane Wright Laura Torres Ted Troxel Leilani Tsukano John Tubb Carolyn Tubbs Judith Wright Rebecca Wright Doris Tunnell Donald Tutt Mary C. Upshaw Claude Vann Hook Judy Vann Nancy Wutz Zane Yakots Patricia Vann Ramon Vega Gaston Vidana Betty Vossberg Chip Walker Gail Youmans Marilyn Zupsich Elizabeth Walker Donella Waller Katherine Warthen Allen Watts Ronald Weber ikta Mk M a d ik Terry Abel Joseph Adams Timothy Adams Lynne Albee William Albertson Du Allgaier P. Ambachtsheer Ben Anderson John Anderson Kati Annand George Archibald David Armbruster Joyce Armstrong Bruce Arnold Penny Artwohl Georgia Ash FRESHMEN -CLASS OF 1968 Skfi Jli n JkJik a Margie Ashley Richard Badgley Terry Bain Gary Baker Candy Bangs Lawrence Barkett Neal Blackburn Bill Blizzard Elaine Blum Guy Batsel Linda Beery Robert Belden Nancy Boblitt Greg Bollinger Janice Bonial Peter Belknap Arthur Benson Paul Berry Gale Bosley Sandy Bowen Susan Bower Frederick Beste Bill Bidwell Frank Biggins Sandy Bowles Bruce R. Bowman Helen Boyd Bruce Bradford Lee Brandon Virginia Brendle Charles Brewer Michael Briggs Susan Bright Richard Brodbeck Alice Brown Alison Brown Bonnie Brown Charlotte Brown Curtis Brown John F. Brown Sheila Brunner Ona Burns John Caldwell Jill Carlson Carole Cassel Robert Coblin FRESHMEN -CLASS OF 1968 Sue French Don Friedewald Peter Fulton Bruce Gabler Douglas Garrett Harver J. Gartner Frank Gaylord Marsha Gelbart David George Nancy Gilbert Barbara Gillespie Martharm Gilley Betsy Goldstein Ramon Gonzalez Patty Good Dennis Goodhue Kathy Grandell James Gray Ursula Green Burton Greene Judy Gregg Dyche Gregory Stan Gryskiewicz Sandy Guard Ofelia Gutierrez Martin Habel David Haman Marcia Hamilton WiHiam Hamilton Mary H. Harding Sharon Harley Kay Harmeling James Harrison James Hauger Sally Hawver Janet Hawkins George Hayes Joimie Hays Robert Hays David Heath John Heath John Henrie Joan Hensley Rachel Herrmann Elizabeth Hertner Joyce Hewitt John Hicks Mary Jo HUl Mike Hilliard Stephen Hobbs Nancy Hodges Cathy Hoehn James Holmes Karen House Kay Hubert Jack Hudson Marcia Hurst Jim Hussey Tom Hutchinson Thomas Ivey Arlene Jackson Margaret Jackson Walt Jackson " Trish " James Thomas James Ted Jankowski June Jensen Jimmie Johnson Kenneth Johnson Mary Lee Johnson Thomas Johnston Francine Jones FRESHMEN -CLASS OF 1968 dk h mM2 " J A ik Timothy Jones Elmer Jost Margaret Jost Christine Justice Karen Kane Louis Kappelmann John Keefe James Kell Betty Kelley Karen Kelly Karen Kelly Walter Kilcullen Becky Kolansky Nancy Koistra Elaine Koon George Koons Steven Kostrub " Rock " Kreider Annemarie Kurmholz Charlotte Kutz Sharron Laufer Jeflt Ledewitz Donald Lee John Leland Jean Lesh Joe Lewis Lana Lewis Barbara Lendsey Laurel Libscomb Susan Lloyd Ramona Long Roberta Love Donna Lundgren Larry Lustig Linda Lynn Joanna McCall David Machette Halo McClaren Sue McCIendon Susie McCord John McCuUough Maureen McCune Tom McDonald Dennis McNamara Helen McNeill Bonnie Maitland SheUa Maloy Kathy Mann Jacki Manning Larry Marino Mary H. Markley Mary A. Marshall Joyce Martin Ellen McGreevy Ray McKenney 148 Stephen Martina Judith Martinez Terry Martling Priscilla Marvin Patricia Mattingly George Maxwell Robert Mays Ronnie Medlock Mattie Menefee April Merriam Judith Metz Dave Metzler Lillian Middleton Doris Millen William Milhvard Margie Milner Donald Miller George Miller P. Montgomery Bill Montooth Harold Moore Dorothy Morehead Louise Morell George Morgan Michele Morrison Laurie Mossien Peggy Mugfor Robert Murch Harold Murphy Wesley Nail Margaret Needham GaO Nester Nan Nixon Pete O ' Callaghan Maureen O ' Connell Cissy O ' Daniel Elaine Ogburn Harry Oldham Roberto Oliva Sandra Olson Ronald Opaleski Peter Pancoast Diane Paresi Susan Park Michael Partlow Beverly Paskewitz Joanna Patton Mary Patton Sharon Pearce Mary Pearson Carl Pedersen Lang Pegram Barbara Pelter Judith Pepper Joan Peppersack FRESHMEN -CLASS OF 1968 ' kMt Mary Rowley David Runciman Carl Perino John Perry Ronald Peters Andrea Petersen Peter Petlak John Rupp Steve Rushing James Petrarca William Pettis Clarence Phelts Brant Phillippi Portia Polvado Nellaman Russman William Ryan Denise Poulos Marilyn Purvis Susan Pylkas Frank Quina Joanne Raybum Donna Samal Jack Samler Michael Raymond Robert Reves Michael Reichman Catherine Reilly Hilde Reno Sammie Sample Claudia Scales David Repass Joyce Rhodes Judy Richardson Sandy Richardson Ned Ricks Bill Schrotf Vernon Scruggs Dennis Ripley Jerry Roberts Wendy Robinette Marth Robinson Vicki Rock Bill Seddon Marylou Seymour Larry Romans Edward Rossi James Roth Daniel Rothwell Pete Rowell Margot Shaul Bill Shee Doug Short Frances Shutts Bob Siefert Charles Sipos Henry Skelton JoAnn Smith John Smith Sally Smith Luis Socarras Gene Solomon Greta Sorensen Nancy Spears Daryl Spradley Dauer Stackpole k Judi Starling Robert Stearns Dana Stephens Vivian Stewart Susan Stoclcer Thomas Stokes Toni Stone Marcia Stowell Paul Straube Jo Ann Stroud Linda Styles David Sumner Taich Sugimoto Richard Swartz jTk ' Herman Sylvester Barbara Tally Mary Tuxworth Russell Tyre John Valentine Carl Valerie J. Van Heywingen Michael Tarkoft Nick Tatro Kenneth Taylor Claire Telmanik Kathleen Thibault John Thompson Ellen Vardy William Vaughn Darlene Walkei Ginger Wall Edmond Watts Ed Weathers Rick Webb Pam Webster Ronnie Webster Wanda Weeber Richard Weimer John Welch Joanne Whisler Lisabeth White Sharon White Jim Whiting Karen Wildman Richard Williams Veda Williams Wm. WilUamson Michael Thompson Mike Thompson Janice Willis Wendy Woodson Connie Workinger K. Woodman Maurice Woodard Richard Thorman Stu Tillinghast Malinda Woener Wilma Yates Stefany Yakots Wesley Young Sue Youngman Nancy Troxler Jane Ellen Turner m iMm J ' ' n, ' .. ' ■■ Kf L J ' V V« ,1 ° V ■ ' .V . V,. .V s ■ ■-- -v. fi ' ■ ' ■■ ' :«- Coach Berner Leads Hats To Florida Inter-Collegiate Conference Championship 159 Left to Right: Coach Ray Hussey, Denise Wall, Bert Gonzalez, Doug Parlin, Dan Coker, Pete Maddock, Brooks Reitzel, Vining Bigelow. STETSON RACKET SET NETS DECISIVE VICTORIES You ye been in sweat pants and sweat shirts for three or four long months hands have been too cold to be nimble . . . it ' s a Florida February and you exchange winter armor for pleated white shorts and a T-shirt. . . .and next comes the sunburn ...... the serve and volley boys (and girl) bounced by Tampa U. in March and a so-so season ended with victories over Presbyterian and Tampa. . . . TENNIS SCHEDULE 1965 March 1: March 6: March 10: March 16: March 19: March 20: March 24: March 25: March 26: March 29: April 8: April 9: April 13: April 16: April 21: April 24: May 1: May 3: University of Florida Away Tampa University Home Florida Southern Away University of Kentucky Home Valdosta State Home Valdosta State Home University of Tennessee Home Cumberland College Home David Lipscomb College Home Davidson College Home Florida Southern Home Emory University Home Rollins College Away The Citadel Home Rollins College Home Florida Presbyterian Home Florida Presbyterian Away Tampa University Away 1964-65 RESULTS STETSON . . 84 Rollins 52 STETSON . . 84 Presbyterian 66 STETSON . . 57 Florida 90 STETSON . . 55 Jacksonville 65 STETSON . . 82 Wilmington 70 STETSON . . 86 Georgetown 75 STETSON . . 96 Tenn. Wesleyan ... 82 STETSON . .84 Kings College 47 STETSON . . 92 North Central 74 STETSON . . 96 Tampa 89 STETSON . . 78 Ga. Southern 86 STETSON . . 77 Mercer 81 STETSON . .99 Fla. Presbyterian . .75 STETSON . . 88 Tampa 78 STETSON . . 79 Ga. Southern 95 STETSON . .73 Cumberland 71 STETSON . .91 Fla. Southern 87 STETSON . .65 Spring Hill 56 STETSON . . 84 Miami 86 STETSON.. 55 Dayton 93 STETSON . . 63 Fla. Southern 50 STETSON.. 78 Mercer 72 STETSON . . 84 Miami 95 STETSON . . 92 Rollins 70 STETSON . . 67 Jacksonville 70 STETSON . . 72 Jacksonville 73 1964-65 Varsity Basketball Team: Front row, L. to R.: Wes Young, Ronnie Moore, Steve Buchanan, Tom Barnard, Jim Yaeger, Doug Parlin; Back row: Bobby Jenkins, Walt Kil- cullen. Jack Dortch, Fred Bryant, Bill Hester, Bill Clark. BILL " CANDY BAR " CLARK, Forward. JIM YAEGER, Guard BILL HESTER, Center Forward RONNIE MOORE, Guard BOBBY JENKINS, Guard BOBBY JENKINS, Guard-Forward Steve Buchanan The 1965 Stetson " Diamondmen " are, L. to R., Front Row: Serge Sanchez, Larry Lustig, Larry Hartsfield, Jim Thomas, John Mayer, Rick Webb, John McCullough. Second Row: Terry Marthng, Gary Byers, Jimmie Johnson, Jerry McCarty, Frank Guimarra, Robert Stearns. Marvin Metheny. Third Row: Coach Bob Weickel, Dale Massing, Craig Gruber, Dwayne Allgaier, Dan Rothwell, Rick Branan, Richard Schwartz, Tom Linzee. ■ ' ■- - -•-■ ■ 5 . S .. w . w ,„ 4_ uMi ■-■« y- " ' ■ » -«»• ■ — ii— 1 inmnniM 1965 SCHEDULE March 13 Fla. Presbyterian AWAY March 15 Kentucky HOME March 19-20 Valdosta HOME March 22-23 Berry HOME March 24-25 Yale HOME March 26 David Lipscomb . . HOME March 27 Georgia Tech HOME March 29 Fla. Presbyterian . . HOME March 31-April 1 Hampden-Sydney HOME April 5-6 Delaware HOME April 9 Jacksonville AWAY April 10 Jacksonville HOME April 16 Fla. Southern . . HOME April 17 Fla. Southern AWAY April 23 Rollins AWAY April 24 Rollins HOME April 30 Tampa AWAY May 1 Tampa HOME May 7-8 Miami AWAY 171 1965 Season Hosts See-Saw Contest for the President ' s Cup Between Sig Eps and Sigma Nu. « Tri-Delt ' s Try for the Top Pays Off in a Winning Season 176 Left to Right: Ken Kincaid, Ed Mulock, Chris Garbow, Lanny Miller, Larry Hastings, Pat Kennedy, Dick Hood, Glenn Garvin, Gene White, Marion Moorman. President, Tom Riden, Jim Smartt. Bob Lament. They come to see; they come that they themselves may be seen. — Ovid INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL The Interfratemity Council on Stetson ' s campus was creat- ed to promote a spirit of cooperation among the fraternities, and to establish a better rapport between the Greek men ' s organizations, and the people of DeLand. The council acts as the vehicle for the interchange of ideas among the frater- nities and has served to strengthen the Greek system, making it a useful body to the campus community. Composed of the presidents and one representative from each social fraternity, the council has been coordinated this year by Mr. Arthur " Red " Alderman, advisor to the I.F.C. The council, through the medium of a disciplinary commit- tee composed of the fraternity presidents, ejudicates in cases of infractions of the rules governing the Greek system by member fraternities. Tom Riden, Delta Sig President, acted as secretary for the committee for the year. Greek achievement was unparalleled this year as the Delta Sigs ran off with a fall bowling tournament championship, co-sponsored a benefit bash featuring the venerable Dr. Feelgood and his Interns, and avoided the stigma of proba- tion all in one memorable year! Lambda Chi Alpha held the chairmanship for the Greek Week activities, pridefuUy owned that a brother quite admirably filled the position of President of the S.U.B., while another clutched the S.G.A. money bags in his chubby digits. Jeez-O-Pete! The Pikes made probation! The campus witnessed the revival of that silly funster the Pike fire truck after lo these many months of idleness. Business manager- ship of the Hatter was assumed by one of the brothers: you can ' t keep a good man down! The Pi Kapps proved no ten o ' clock scholars as they came out on top of the academic situation. Presidencies of the Student Government and Omicron Delta Kappa placed them in the executive league, while their winning consistently at basketball proves them adept in the green league as well. The Sigma Nus entertained the rest of the campus with a house warming in January and then proceeded to burn up the athletic field, putting them in line for the President ' s Cup as the jocks most likely. The Sig Eps could very possibly implant the proverbial banana in the Sigma Nus ' ear as far as athletics this year, having taken the Greek Week Olympics and doing a fine job in all sports. This Sig Eps can also boast the president of I.F.C, Marion Moorman, who has done an outstanding job. AND A GOOD TIME WAS HAD BY ALL!!!!! PANHELLENIC COUNCIL We have been friends together, in sun- shine and in shade. — Ladv Maxwell New program, new schedules, new approach, new goals ... If the fall rushees thought they were confused they should have been in the shoes of the sorority women of the Stetson Panhellenic Council. After it was all over, everyone agreed that the new rush system was certainly a step in the right direction and the hours of planning spent by the dele- gates and presidents of each Greek sorority were lauded by all who participated in the program. Under the direction of Phi Mu Sandy Smith, the Stetson Panhellenic directed the activities of the Junior Panhellenic, sponsored the annual scholarship banquet and coordinated the campus events in- volving Greek organizations. While the Greek men were on their toes, the Greek women were not to be outdone. The Alpha Xi Deltas had one of the most successful years yet in practically every area of en- deavor. They again landed the scholarship trophy — for the pledges and actives no less!!! They can also be proud of sisters who hold the titles of Greek Goddess, Military Ball Queen, Homecoming Hostess, Posture Queen, Basketball Queen, and Miss Stetson (Jeeze!! ). The Tri-Delts " done good " !! After endless hours at the books they were awarded the most improved scholarship trophy — finally! Their achievements spread into other areas as well as shown in their success in taking the Greek Week Olympics and Hatter Holiday, and Glamour Magazine found the best-dressed girl on campus in the ranks of Tri-Delta. The Alpha Chis were right up on top of the executive world this year with several of the top positions in the re- spective dormitories as well as the Presidency of exec, in The members of Junior Panhellenic are. Left to Right. Front Row: Nancy Kooistra, Laurie Mossein. Linda Lynn, Terri Bain, Kathy Warthen, JoAnn Smith, Betsy Goldstein, Misty Krumholtz, Susan Schlatter. Back Row: Pat Deuell, Sally Hawver. theii ranks. Their continued excellence in scholarship coupled with their success in having a sister crowned as Miss Hatter speaks well of an all-around good year. Aside from their accidents with the Alpha Xi ceiling the Pi Phis sported the President of Mortar Board, a dormitory presdent. Miss Stetson, and three fraternity sweethearts in their midst this year. Phi Mu can be proud of sister Mary Hues, the only Greek woman to be awarded a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship this year. Phi Mu also had a rolicking day at the Springs by tak- ing second place in the Hatter Holiday events. The Zetas were right in there at Homecoming and with the help of the Pi Kapps took the lawn decoration trophy. Zeta can also boast of Sig Ep sweetheart and the new Hatter Editor. No mention of Stetson ' s Panhellenic Council is complete without the name of Dean Etter Turner. Dean Turner has been a guide and example for all Greek Women and her efforts in improving and expanding the work of Panhellenic have made her an exemplary Greek woman at Stetson and throughout the Greek organizations. The representatives and presidents composing the membership of the Panhellenic Council are, Left to Right, Front Row: Toni Cara- meros. Linda Priddy, Caryl Giffin, Phyllis McDaniel, Brenda Ward, Sarah Ashcraft, Tana Brown, Suzanne Fletcher. Back Row: Patty Paulk, Nancy Wands, Margaret Jones, Brenda Bramlett, Gwen Knight, Sandy Liddy, Jeanne Mazur, President Sandy Smith, Kathy Warthen, Donna Dericks. ALPHA XI DELTA SORORITY SARAH ASHCRAFT President Tana Brown Judy Brownson Joanne Cheshire Linda Cline Nancy Combs Nancy Crable Robin Dennison Linda Eggeman Sharon Estes Caryl Giffin Gail Gordan Kathy Grandell Linda Gregory Linda Guenther Jonnie Hays Karen Horn Margaret Jackson Prissy Jones Hunt Jordan Lana Jane Lewis Linda Lynn Susan McCord Leanne McGinnis Sandy Melton Margaret Milner Dickie Nettles Mary Patton Barbara Pelter Mary Prichard Nina Pylkas 1S2 " And they told me that being a sorority girl was all fun .... and this is supposed to be fun? Alpha Xi ' s Kevin Davis seems pleasantly surprised at her selection as first runner-up to Miss Stetson. A A Susan Pylkas Marilyn Raynal Wendy Robinette Carole Rutan Darlene Smith Francene Smith Margaret Smith Kay Stacey Judy Starling Anne Stephens Mary Shuchart Paula Tondee " Now girls, we can all get in step if we try!! Alpha Xi president Sandy Melton accepts the scholarship trophy — It looks The " Alfalfa Alpha ' s " swing for the Home- as if it is becoming a yearly habit. coming Hootenanny. Cline Baby . . . How ' bout it! . . . all pledges out in the hall! . . . What ' s the matter with the clock? ... I get the couch! . . . PURE SEX . . . tweedy . . . Cool but not too cool, casual but not too casual . . . We need a pledge to wash dishes! . . . Chipmunk Giffin . . . Sssssssssssssss . . . Could we have two volunteers? . . . Sign on this piece of paper . . . Definitely in this year . . . The Strippers ... I get the " prettiest " . . . Alpha, Hey! At A ALPHA CHI OMEGA SORORITY PATTY PAULK President " A xfi Girls ... It reeks . . . Do it, bod!! . . . Utterly cool ... He grossed me out . . . No big thing . . . Awright! . . . . Tuff enuff . . . Why not? . . . Hey, babes . . . Doll . . . . She ' s out of it totally chilled . . . Look sweetie . . . funniest thing ... I crave it . . . nice talk . . . I ' m going for it . . . basically ... it don ' t get it . . . she ' s got boo- coos of !!!! . . . Merilyn Albritton Joyce Armstrong Terry Bain Denise Barola Jo Barringer Lucretia Cain Barbara Chapman Gail Chors Ruth Colvard Sherry Cox Joyce Deaton Jennie Dekle Camille Dillard Kathy Edwards Diane Eubanks Alice Field Mary Gilley Ginny Gutman Janet Hawkins Carol Hooker June Jensen Mary Lee Johnson Kathy Kentner Carolyn Lady Judy Metz Dottie Miles Gwen Mulliniks Jan Orians Patty Paulk Becky Phillips Linda Priddy Carol Robb Dear Mother, Wish you could meet all of my lovely new sorority sisters. « Pledge Joann Smith works dili- gently at what is to become the Sigma Nu-Alpha Chi Homecoming decoration. A xfl Sidewalk surfin ' A chi O style! Arlyn Rybolt Margot Shaul Carol Shearer Joann Smith Liz Stanfield Anne Swope Barbara Thompson Jane Turner Mary Tuxworth Karen Wildman Anita Williams ' ' 1W Linda Woofter ' • ' Judith Wright Tina Young DELTA DELTA DELTA SORORITY MARGARET JONES President ' But Margaret, this wasn ' t our idea! You know the Pikes " 190 t JP C; f A A No complaints, pledge, play ball! Kathy Aldrich Joy Anderson Sue Arvanitis Jane Beach Janice Bonial Lee Brandon Mary Llew Browne Toni Carameros Jill Carlson Clara Cox Donna Derriclis Brenda Dickens Sharon Drinkard Suzanne Farrington i Nancy Gilbert -•• Pat Good If the Tri-Diddly ' s mess it up, they clean it up! Joyce Hewitt Margaret Jones Gloria Kegley Terri Jo Kennedy Susan Lloyd Laurie Manning Mary Markley Marion Miller " But Mrs. Jackson, Stetson ' s different . . . Boom-de-a- da . . . Nurd corner . . . " 21!! — Gads " . . . " Let a pledge do it — we ' ve got plenty " . . . Delta Stomp . . . " But Finney, I simply can ' t make it today " . . . Sapp ' s serenade . . . " We can ' t afford it, it ' s not in the budget " ... " I just don ' t like to be pushed so I jumped! " . . . " Get with it, Hewitt " . . . Hey, look, the rug stands up now!!! . . . " Sarah Ida who? " . . . " Even if she was loud she wouldn ' t fit in " . . . Emmy ' s anemic pine tree . . . Most improved scholarship trophy . . . the beautiful " Green Grunt " ... Six parties in two days . . . But she ' s got three dots!!! . . . Whatever Lola wants . . . Pledge Little do that dirty dance . . . Alpha Delta one time . . . " How do they do it at Brenau, Gloria? " . . . Dericks and Finney are at it again . . . Come on Maggot, please sing the Pearl Song . . . And you know we bob for pearls! . . . Our glamour girl Toni . . . That ' s sisterhood for ya . . . T.J. and the new, yellow bathroom rug . . . DDD pledges + paint + Sigma Nu snake = huge H O fight . . . " You may think tigers are all in the zoo BUT!!! . . . " If her Trident ' s at an angle of 90 degrees . . . Intramural Volleyball Champs . . . Well Hi there Hazel Horton . . . DDD is DDD, No other sorority can make that statement!!! aA Laurie Mossien Nan Nixon Joanna Patton S- Jann Plumer ij t Donna Reed Joyce Rhodes Bev. Finey Richards Lynn Schafer Frances Shutts Judy Swanson Welcome to Tea House of the August Tri-Delts, Ah so! So its April and you haven ' t gone active yet . . . quit gripping and keep singing your pledge song . . . " My little pledge pin, it keeps me free from sin. " Yvonne Thompson Nancy Troxler r t Mary Lou Varnedoe Gwynne Williams Kaye Allen Wilson Sue Youngman PI BETA PHI SORORITY SANDY LIDDY President " ■ fcOC SW " I like you too, Leslie. IT 3 Me for — Pi for — Beta Phi for!!! . . . " Big Mama Ballard " . . . Mouth the words, Bangs! . . . Prissy . . . O.K., who left metrecal and olives in the refrigerator? . . . Well girls, my husband said . . . But she ' s my very best friend! . . . Yes, I always wear my sunglasses ... If you don ' t come and visit me . . . No, we ' re not kidding, the trophy is for singing . . . This is a retreat? . . . Hey, " Liddy-bird " . . . Donna and her Mortar Board . . . Teresa runs Emily Hall you know . . . But you get a gold star if you play . . . On the floor pledge . . . He ' s an arrow-man . . . Y ' all, this isn ' t funny! . . . Sure we ' re athletic! . . . Arrowtips . . . The curtain fell again . . . Ginger — etiquette — smoking?? . . . We are Pi Phi ' s aU!!! Leslie Alexander i Karan Anderson Kim Ballard Candy Bangs Ginger Barnett Julie Brannam Susan Chickering Sarah Cole Donna DoUens Selby Edwards Dianne Evans Jeannette Ferrell Connie Fleishel Suzanne Fletcher Diane Gussman Pat Harrell Kathy Huff Margaret Jost Who ' s idea was it to keep the boys out anyhow! ! ! Karen Kane Gwen Knight Sandy Liddy Linda Lippoldt Dottie McDonald Kathy Mann Judy Moore Cindy Morris PHI MU SORORITY 20 pledge points . . . Ronoh . . . Carnation Girl . . . Can in your handle . . . Oh pooh!!! . . . Pledge! . . . Where Ya ' from and what ' s your major? .... Bushie . . . Cleaning chart . . . The Magic Mustic . . . There ' s a wrinkle in the rug . . . Where are the refreshments? . . . Wheel award . . . Jeanne said that Johnny said . . . Surprise! Senior Breakfast! .... Baby Benny . . . Who ' d like to claim this $4.75 phone call? . . . Greenie ... Be serious ... To lend to those . . . Les Soueres Fideles ... A mouse in our house . . . You can only vote once, Girls . . . Man of the year, Bill Francisco . . . But I don ' t want to play ping pong Saturday night H t Jeannette Francis Betsy Goldstein Mary Herbst Mary Hudgins Jenesy Jensen Margaret Jones Bonnie Knights Misty Krumholz Charlotte Kutz Maureen McCune Mary Anne Marshall Jeanne Mazur Diana Norton Gwen Pozdena Lois Rovell-Rixx Virginia Schibanoff Sandy Smith Vivian Stewart Karen Thibault Arlene Vail Judy vanHeyningen Pat Vann Nancy Wands Betsy Whelan ZETA TAU ALPHA SORORITY PHYLLIS McDANIELS, President Joyce Ashley Randi Bishop Sandy Christian Betty Cole Patti Dansyear Mary Demirgian Pat Deuell Brenda Durham Sharon Elkins Roberta Flippo Carol French Kay Harmeling Coach Lanny Miller, though a tad dubious of women mixed with basketball, takes a quick breather with the Zetas to discuss strategy. It ' s a ZTA — Pi Kappa Phi winner Zetas Nancy, Bobbi, Sanimie and Kathy muse over the possibilities of another year of athletic success. ' The many faces of a ZTA. Nancy Hodges Stevie Hoven Gail Jordan Nancy Kooistra Ramona Long Barbara MacGill Sue McClendon Glynnis McHarque Bobbie March 204 - . Phyllis Mathers -; A Maryann Morris Laura Nawotka Rachel Pike Sandy Richardson Barbara Saari Sammie Sample Sandy Shirley Laura Torres Carolyn Tubbs Brand a Ward Kathy Warthen . . . Wedding bells in Fort Lauderdale . . . Have you turned in your study sheet? . . . Scholarship, scholarship, Elkins!! . . . Would anyone like to go on an Easter egg hunt: . . . New kind of animal!! a red-headed house chairman ... if anyone knows where the hall rug is . . . the sad farewell of Abraham . . . love those somemores . . . Bishop, an active? . . . Lanny, the King . . . what ' s wrong with a red rug? ... All right! Pi Kapps and Homecoming . . . You have to hand it to little Mata Hari . . . Phoo ' s our leader . . . it ' s England for three . . . What a schleneister year! ! ! ! The Goddess Thespis is honored at the annual Zeta formal party to explain the more serious aspects of Zeta life. !«?1 DELTA SIGMA PHI FRATERNITY 206 n .1 I ii A r (D -.- M(t Y Tom Riden Richard Rigano mk 1 Wacket ... set the pace . . . take a break . . . Can ' t see it in my schedule . . . O.K., Hamp! . . . Helen forever . . . boss . . . turn left. Henry . . . Don ' t poosh me . . . Raginaw ... no news this week! . . . Beer here . . . Smart ' s out of uniform . . . HEEEEEEEY! ... We really care! . . . Let ' s attack the plant . . . how many quail in a covey? . . . Hey Dee, can I go out with the boys? . . . Beware of the Arc! . . . Meat loaf and a double — , Wally! . . . Quiet, Nose! . . . You wrote on my board . . . Gottcha! ... I want to be a leader . . . Who ' s a dirty old man????? Robert Satin Bob Shapiro Robert Siefert James Smart Gene Solomon Gerry Studier Mike Thompson Stu Tillinghast Edward Tribble Rick Zeller mmM M LAMBDA CHI ALPHA FRATERNITY ALLEN DICKEY President Another active bites the dust! 210 We ' re just checking ID ' s miss! Pledge paddles hang at attention for many memories. Terry Abel W. Albertson Lawrence Barkett Robert M. Barnes Squire Barrett Jim Bickelhaupt Bill Bidwell Neal Blackburn John Bohmfalk Bruce Bowman Frank Carter Wayne Coulter John Davis Stephen Davis Allen Dickey William Duley Mike Egan Chico Fernandez mk iM Cresant Girl, Zane Yakots Take the bridge Carter . . . mad thumper . . . Candy . . . King Mutt . . . Haystack . . . sand dunes . . . " R.O. " . . . " Beast a beast a mighty mo, get bent!!! " ... I ain ' t be- lievin ' it! . . . " Kee-ya! " . . . never was heard a discouraging word . . . Unc . . . blow lunch much . . . Raina . . . Cobra . . . Horace and Sammie . . . Dirty . . . Raw . . . HORSESHoe . . . Thunder . . . La mbda-Mams . . . Butterball . . . " K.D. " . . . Pledge Reed, hang on to that paddle!!! . . . Delta Pi = distinguished pledge . . . dumb pledge ... the best victory of all was losing to the Indies A X A Larry Pierce Dennis Ripley Dan Rothwell Phelps Salter Jack Samler Bill Schneider Phil Seipp Doug Short Dick Shuford Howard Snyder Gardner Soule Barry Spivey Paul Storm Bill Swayne Tim Thompson Tom Thornton Tony Tussing Don Tutt Phil Wagner John Welch " Mmk 213 PI KAPPA ALPHA FRATERNITY J DICK HOOD President Welcome, Pi K A style John Anderson Richard Baksa Don Friedenwald Pete Fulton C Tim Owen Ron Medlock George Maxwell Steve Martina Roger Maas Dennis McNamara Dave Metzler Rock Kreider My Red Ball Jets Ralph!! . . . you silly Funster .... matters four feet and glassy Lurch Cheaters 5 Squirrel Load! Headsy-Poo Don ' t bet the ranch on it Thay Fellath! You ' re out of your tree ten-four Tri-pod Beaver and Borneo Surfin Buffalo, Bison on the Deep Peep!!! Jeez-O-Pete! Hi, How ' s your mother? Surfin ' Horror Show .... 6 ' and undulating .... dis- cretion!!! .... Armadillos anyone .... Beat it! Suzanne Fletcher, Pi Kappa Alpha Dreamgirl. Richard Kohn Charles Palmer Pete Pancoast Mike Partlow John Perry Roger Pierson Tom Prince Rob Reynolds Ed Sanders Rick Sherborne Ron Solomon Bill Stark Jim Steven John Thompson PI KAPPA PHI FRATERNITY ED MULOCK President Mike Abels Joel Bagnal Joe Beavo Alden Behrens Rob Belden Kurt Bendel Joe Biber Bill Blizzard Rick Branan John Brown Steve Buchanan Chuck Bugg Roger Burns Phil Collins Jack Crosby Jack Dawson Nestor DeArmas Ken Densmore Hank Dolive Bob Eslinger Doug Fogle Bruce Gabler Chris Garbow Richard Ginn John Haire Gene Harrison Bruce Haulman Don Heinze Steve High Ray lannucci Don Jackson Tom James Jeff Jones Elmer Jost Ken Kincaid Doug Lain mmk ' ff P ' -:4 218 ¥ We may not be much to look at, but we sure do sing good!! .... Better than the waltz! . . . Bag time for Doug 219 Patterson, have you heard anything about a new drinking rule? |a fl- : %i._i No, no, babes — you eat it in one bite only!!! i.O Bob Lankford Mike Lawrence " " ' «»« John Mayer Buddy Moore Bill Morris Richard Nunez Ian Patterson Jeff Pattinson Pete Rowell Bill Ryan Skip Rupp Steve Rushing Frank Shelton Bob Snowden Dave Sumner Jim Thompson Rick Traut Gary Tyson Bing Vick Steve Wilkerson SIGMA NU FRATERNITY JIM CHAPLIN President Beastie, Beastie, Mighty Mo . . . quit buggin ' me Alderman ... if you don ' t play to win, why keep score? ... A record player without a volume control ... all this and me without my marshniallows . . . five to one is even odds . . . best behaved pledges on campus ... all night pool games . . . what do you mean who won? Did we play? . . . open air chapter meetings . . . check firearms at the bar . . . New Sigma Nu doll: wind it up and it runs out of the house with all its clothes on . . . Burning desire!!!! q n a O c . p, ■ ? f p o. N Jim Chaplin Bill Clark Pete Cornwall Doug Dawson Chuck Dillman Elliott Dunwody Wayne Ellis Leon Fowler Joe Garner Tim Gaskill Frank Gaylord Dyche Gregory Craig Gruber Dick Holifield Jack Hudson Tom Hutchinson Kevin Jones John Keefe George Koons Don Lee Paul MacMahon John McCullough T. McCoUough Paul Martling Sam Nelson Jim Parker Bobby Reese Larry Riesbeck Jim Roach Marshall Roberts 4 • ,■% ; . " Just keep smiling Vonnie and maybe it will go away! Serge Sanchez Hank Speicher Daryl Spradley Dauer Stackpole Bill Stone Jim Thomas Ted Troxel Bob Tyre Stan Wallace ktfl l 4iiifJ Linda Guenther, Sigma Nu Sweetheart Mike Watkins Rick Webb Jim Welch Phil Wells Gene White Grover Wilkins Bob Williams Jim Yaeger Ride the wild surf the White way " So this is the way the fire started! ' SIGMA PHI EPSILON FRATERNITY LARRY SMITH President dM m -Md Sk Charles Ackerman Robert Albrecht Adrian Bambini Dave Bena Frederick Beste Vining Bigelow Paul Bremer Charles Brewer Tom Brownfield Mike CauUey David Casey Dick Childs Ed " Candy " Cregar John Crowther Richard Damron I4!i K dM James Day Sandy Edinger Robert Foulds Ralph Hampton Les Hargrave Larry Hastings George Hayes ■ ' W " Robert Hays MkdM ' v •■ - MdMitMmt t f ( Wayne Hebden John Hicks Bob Hughes Eldyn Ingerick Jim Ingersoll Bob Joiner Peter Kaunitz Tom Lokey Randy Lyle Don Mason Marvin Metheny John Mikkelsen Lanny Miller Ray Milier Bill Moore Marion Moorman Bob Opaleski Gary Ostrom Steve Petersen Peter Petlak Jan Roberts Bill Schroff Bill Shee Larry Smith Bill Stillwell David Taylor Randall Thomas Ed Weathers David Weippert John West X OE Organizations STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Everything is simpler than you think and more complex than you can imagine. Goethe Left to Right: Ted Brousseau, Charlotte Kutz, Steve Busey, Claire Telmanik, Tony Tussing, Mr. Ralph Hughes, Lane Burnett, Dr. Edward Holmes, Fred de Armas, Dwight Geiger. Left to Right: Sandra Lucas, Robert Johnson, Bonnie Moffat, Nancy Prichard, Lynn Gardner, Tom Henry. The Student Government is organized for the purpose of promoting responsible, purposeful, and eflfective student leadership, performing services for the student body, expressing student opinions and linking communication between the administration and the students. The Stu- dent Government has worked hard this year to further these aims. Many innovations have come about in 1965. The structure and effec- tiveness of Student Government has been improved by the addition of statutes to the constitution. These statutes contain election and senate procedures, traffic regulations, provisions for the establishment of a student cabinet, and a curriculum evaluation council. Student Govern- ment has recently presented to the student body a projection of a newly proposed Honor System. Such traditional projects as Spring and Fall Concerts, Green Feather, Homecoming, Hatter HoUday, and Parents Week-end also met with unsual success. Left to Right: Bill Schroff, Dr. William Taylor, Sandy Hardy, Richard Ginn, Fred de Armas, Dick Shuford, Steve Wilkerson. Left to Right: Jeanne Mazur, Bonnie Moffat, Mr. Fred Messersmith. % fH B Wk ih B Ij Hpi H B k Kh h 9 H K: -v SK Left to Right: Tom Pipher, Leanne McGinnis, Dickie Nettles, Jill Nunez, Francene Smith, Marilyn Raynal. Mr. Richard Feasel, Jim Richter. Second Row: Lynn PuUen, Terri Jo Kennedy, Kay Stacey, Dean Etter Turner. Third Row: Janet Lyon, Mary Llew Browne, Gail Cohrs, Randy Nimnicht, Mr. Dick Thirlwell, Pete Hogue. Top fo Bottom: Steve Busey. Dick Shuford, Sandy Hardy, Carol Taylor, Richard Dowling, Jay Mechling. Lett to Right, Front Row: Richard Ginn, Fred de Armas, Tom Hendry, Jeff Pattinson, Steve Busey, Kathy Warthen. Left to Right, Rear Row: Richard Dowling. Sandy Hardy, Bonnie Moffat, Tony Hopper. Left to Right: Mike Egan, Zane Yakots, Paul Martin, Don Tutt, Linda Woofter, Dave Morgan, Jim Richter. 233 H H FfV K ' ' H li jBH.„VMHi ED B ROUSSEAU Betsy Snodgrass, Recording Secretary is to serve other people. Anonymous Recognizing the need for a center of social, cultural, and recrea- tional activities, the Student Union Board endeavors to present these to the campus community through its facilities. Plans of the Board are made by its members who are representatives from the campus at large. Working together for the benefit of all, the group has far exceeded their intended goals. 236 Mr. Gary Meadows, Advisor 237 Left to Right: Bob Kayser, Bob Tardiff, Pete O ' Callaghan. Marcos Lorenzo, Eddy Culver, John Smith. MEN S DORM COUNCIL WOMEN ' S EXECUTIVE COUNCIL To plan the plans is oh so grand. Lenard Gillen The Men ' s Dorm Council is made up of one member from each dormitory. These representatives serve as a dis- ciplinary court for dormitory problems and conduct social affairs, such as open houses, parties, and an annual Christ- mas party for visitors and the residents of the dorms. Mem- bers are elected each semester by the residents of each respective men ' s dormitory. Not to make the laws but to interpret them. Harvard Review The Women ' s Executive Council, made up of elected representatives from the student body, has as its high goal the fair and unbiased interpretation of the rules governing the women students of the university. Their work with the new Senior Key privilege has given the women on the campus a greater sense of responsibility as well as increased pride in their system of self-government. 238 MEN S COUNCIL " With all things in common . . . the laws must be balanced. " Felix Frankfurter Founded in 1950, the Men ' s Council serves as a link be- tween the University men and the administration, and strives to develop a sense of responsibility and a high standard of conduct in every Stetson gentleman. The Men ' s Council reviews all violations of men ' s conduct rules and regulations and recommends appropriate action to the Dean of Men. Men ' s Council consists of twelve members: three sopho- mores, four juniors, and five seniors. Left to Right: Carol Robb. Judy Anderson, Darlene Smith, Judy Swanson, Jennie Dekie, Donna DoUens, Janet Lyon. Left to Right: Bob hsimger. lorn Rideii. Jim Ingersoll, Dick Mayer, Larry Smith, Serge Sanchez. Joe Garner, Doug McKittrick, Bill Morris. WOMEN ' S DORMITORY COUNCILS STETSON HALL, Left to Right: Juanita Schiess, Annette Mor- ris, Jeannette Francis, Judy Anderson, Nancy Wutz, Mrs. Hol- brook. EMILY HALL, Left to Right: Zane Yakots, Diana Norton, Gwen Knight, Betsy Snod- grass, Joy Anderson, Nancy Wands, Teresa Singley. CHAUDOIN HALL, Left to Right, Seated: Robin Merriam, Terri Jo Ken- nedy, Jo Barringer, Carol Shearer, Pat Vann. Standing: Addie Conklin, Jennie Dekle, Diane Doubleday, Carol Hooker. STETSON HALL, Lett to Right, Seated: Sara Ashcraft, Judy Brown- son, Kathey Warthen, Judy Wright, Randi Bishop, Carol Rutan. Left to Right, Standing: Cissy Harris, Jann Plumer, Prissy Jones, Mrs. Ferns, Leslie Alexander. 240 Left to Right, Seated: Arthur " Red " Alderman. Gerald Bottomley, Wayne Coulter, Michael Lawrence, Standing: Jack Dawson, Jim Bickelhaupt, Dan Hale, Buddy Kirk. RESIDENT ADVISORS Only accept that counsel which comes from, another ' s own experiences. Rousseau Those university men selected to serve as Resident Advisors are chosen by the two head residents and the Dean of Men. They are to act as supervisors of dormitory Ufe and are responsible for their respective areas in each dorm. If a boy should need advice regarding his academic schedule, a personal problem or any other matter which he would care to discuss with someone other than a faculty member, his resident advisor is the man who is there to see that he receives the assistance needed. David Lavoy, Columnist Gary Ostrom, Editor-in-Chief STETSON REPORTER " . . . whence . . . comes the magical word NEWS! " Howard Snyder, Business Manager Victor Reasoner, Columnist m Bill Seddon, Sports Editor Tony Tussing, Columnist Art Skibbe, News Editor Bob Snowden, Circulation Gloria Hunter, Columnist Joan Shubella, Columns Editor 1965 HATTER STAFF Beverley Finney Richards Editor-in-Chief Michael H. Upp Copy Editor 2U Non factum hue persecutus ignem. Anonymous Frank deMiranda Organizations Editor Joel Bagnal Layout Editor Ken Claussen Business Manager HATTER Marsha Gelbert Classes Jenny Schibanoff Typist Linda Styles Classes Brian Svikhart, Art Director THE STETSON REVIEW The poet ' s pen . . . gives to airy nothing a local habitation and a name. Shakespeare More than a literary magazine, greater than a volume of student art, graphics, photography, prose, poetry, or drama, the Stetson Review attempts to relate the cultural expressions of a college generation. The introduction of foreign language poetry, a fresh format and an expanded photography section, along with the intent of making " every page a picture " has insured that the 1965 Review has become the confluence of Stetson ' s creative awareness. David MacFarland, Editor Left to Right, standing: Carol Robb, Gail Brockett, David MacFarland, Fred de Armas, Barbara Gillespie, Brian Svikhart. Seated: Sandy Lucas, Judy Pepper, Addie Conklin. Members of the Publication Board are. Left to Right: David MacFarland, David Stacy, Dean Etter Turner, Ken Claussen, Bruce Haulman, Bev Richards, Dr. Ann Morris, Dr. Ethel Colbrunn, Mr. Fluker Stewart, Howard Snyder, Sam Gladding, and Gary Ostrom. PUBLICATIONS BOARD Longer than deeds liveth the word. Pindar The editors and business managers of the various campus publications strive to insure that campus journalism will ful- fill the needs and desires of the entire university community. Elections for positions on publications and discussions of editorial policy are handled by this board. The endeavors of the Publications Board also extend into the area of fos- tering interest in campus journalism. SIGMA PI KAPPA What is the use of brevity if it constitute a hook? Martial Membership in Sigma Pi Kappa is offered to those students who have shown, by their efforts in journalism, that they are actively interested in the merit and future of Stetson ' s publi- cations. This organization initiated a new approach to the elections for positions on campus publications in an attempt to familiarize the student body with their functions and goals and to encourage broader participation in campus joumahsm. The members of Sigma Pi Kappa are. Left to Right: Mr. Fluker Stewart, Dean Etter Turner, David MacFarland. Dr. Ethel Colbrunn, Dr. Ann Morris, Sam Gladding, Bev Richards and Howard Snyder. Not pictured: Pres., Gary Ostrom; Sec, Penny Hook; Treas., Carol Robb; Sandy Christian, Art Skibbe, Richard Karberg, Michael Upp. Lett to Right: Joe Garner, Gene White, Ken Steele, Bing Vick, Steve Busey, James Thompson, Bill Schneider, Bob Eslinger, Larry Pierce. GREEN CIRCLE And love of truth and all that makes a man. Alfred Lord Tennyson Organized in the Spring of 1959, Green Circle, sponsored by Omicron Delta Kappa, is an honorary for the recognition of sophomore men who excel in scholarship and leadership. Green Circle places emphasis upon the development of the whole man, both as a present member of the Stetson com- munity and as a prospective contributor to a better society. TASSEL Men have sight, women have insight. Victor Hugo Tassel members are selected by Mortar Board each year on the basis of leadership potential, high character, and a high scholastic average. Tassel sponsors the regional parties during Orientation Week, and assists the Admissions Office in the Spring. Members of Tassel offer services at Homecoming and Parent ' s Weekend. Left to Right, Front Row: Jill Nunez, Caryl Giffin. Second Row: Gwen Knight, Sarah Ashcraft, Sandra Lucas, Kaye Wachsmuth, Betsy Snodgrass. Third Row: Barbara Pagan, Gail Gordan, Jennie Dekle, Sandy Hardy, Diane Doubleday, Janet Lyon. OMICRON DELTA KAPPA CHDClCBUGG JIM CHAPLIN Achievernerit and leadership are the two qualities of Omicron Delta Kappa which exemplify the organization of highest honor for men on Stetson ' s campus. Members must have a high scholastic average plus qualities of outstanding leadership in one of the many areas of campus life. TOM RIDEN ' ■■ ' ■ " " ■ ' ■ " " BILL SCHNEIDER BOBSNOWDEN " DR. RAY V. ' r Jsi i KAREN KANE MISS BETTY MACK CAROL ROBB SANDY SMITH M Mor- pmen of I; junior iip and Left to Right, seated: Tom Hanley, Mr. Ralph Hughes. Left to Right, seated: Al Barrett, Carol Hansen, Liz Moran. Marilyn Zupsich, Francene Smith, Violet Hicks, Ginny Gutman, Demetrios Moschandreas, Mary Bues. Left to Right, standing: Stan Wallace, Nancy Crable, Diane Doubleday, Mr. Glen Raffensperger. KAPPA MU EPSILON But we have proved it, and we know it to be true. Anonymous Florida Alpha Chapter of Kappa Mu Epsilon, Stetson ' s mathematics honorary, was established in 1960. It is com- posed of student and faculty members who are outstanding in the field of mathematics. Its objectives are to further interest in, develop an appreciation of, and familiarize mem- bers with new developments in mathematics. GAMMA MU EPSILON So many a million of ages have gone to the mak- ing of man. Tennyson Initiated to the study of a wider knowledge of the earth and its place in the universe. Gamma Mu Epsilon works with forthright diligence. Gamma Mu Epsilon was established with these goals and also to give geography majors at Stetson a focal point for their studies. Left to Right: Dave Stacey, Dr. Robert Chauvin, Mary Curtis Upshaw, Carol Vanderwall, Steve Cole, Jerry Vincent, Robert Johnson, Fred de Armas, Sherry Wheeler. SIGMA DELTA PI Speak the truth and shame the devil Cervantes To foster friendly relations and a cooperative spirit between the Spanish and English-speaking peoples: Sigma Delta Pi was initiated to dissiminate these goals. Sigma Delta Pi on Stetson ' s campus strives to contribute knowledge and insight into the Spanish cultural influence in the western world. BETA ALPHA SIGMA . . . for a nation whose government is influenced by shopkeepers. Adam Smith Left to Right: Fred de Armas, Nancy Smith, Patty Ann Hall, Jill Nunez, Jeffrey Higgins, Richard Knapp. To coordinate the interest of Stetson School of Business and to provide a common meeting ground for business majors. Beta Alpha Sigma has worked diligently for many years. The letters of the fraternity stand for Business At Stetson. With the building of a new School of Business, Beta Alpha Sigma will endeavor to expand and grow as does the school. Left to Right: Phelps Salter. Jim Bickelhaupt, Bob Wells, Tony Hopper, Richard Greenwood, Jim Parker. Ramon Vega, David Russell, Jim Richter, Robin Reynolds, Juan Barroso, Howard Snyder. PI KAPPA DELTA " Men are never so likely to settle a question rightly as when they discuss it freely. " T. B. Macaulay Dr. Mary Louise Gehring, Miss Betty Mack, Advisors Carol Blazer Pu 1 ' ' iJ H ■ 1f| m s ■ Jay Mechling Left to Right, Front Row: Dorit Kraus. Dr. Elmer Prichard. Baiba Auscinch, Mary McEniry, Miss Jane Kantz, Miss Dorothy Fuller, Annette Morris, Joe Beavo, Kaye Wachmuth. Left to Right, Second Row: Violet Hicks, Sandy Beasley, Mike Mabry, Dr. Keith Hansen, John Turner, Mr. Fred Clark, Kay Stacey. BETA BETA BETA Things are more simple than you think and more complex than you can understand. Goethe Beta Beta Beta is a society for the students of tlie biologi- cal sciences. Affiliated with the American Society for the Advancement of Science, Tri-Beta encourages scholarship, seeks the dissemination of scientific knowledge, and promotes biological research. KAPPA DELTA PI Evidence and truth are of no avail unless they can be adequately presented and learned. Felix Frankfurter Kappa Delta Pi, the national honor society in education, promotes excellence in education by its adherence to the ideals of knowledge, beauty, toil, and power. The society provides educational opportunities for others by having its published material used in Internship Seminars. Left to Right, Front Group: Gwen Knight, Major James Henderson, Anne Stevens. Left to Right, Second Group: Sandy Christian, Donna Dollens, Janet Lyon, Dr. Ray V. Sowers. Left to Right, Rear Group: Jane Greenlaw, Barbara Chapman, Dr. John Tubbs, Caryl Giffin, Susan Smedley, Mr. Ken Phillips. K ' " ' is: mSS Left to Right: Linda Gregory Hawes, Violet Hicks, Dr. Gerald Critoph, Caryl Giffin, Sandy Hardy, Joan Tilton. PHI SOCIETY Wisdom is the gray hair unto men . . . Apocrypha Phi Society is a scholastic honorary sponsored by the fac- uhy members of Phi Beta Kappa. Members are chosen from the freshman class in the school of Liberal Arts who main- tain a grade point average of 2.5. Phi Society sponsors a Quiz Bowl annually, and holds an initiation banquet in the spring. STUDENT FLORIDA EDUCATION ASSOCIATION An ornament in prosperity, a refuge in adversity. Diogenes The SFEA, a professional organization for prospective teachers, is designed to aid education majors in developing an organization which is an integral part of state and na- tional educational associations. The association gains prac- tical experience from working on the problems of professional education. Left to Right: Nellye Russum, Mary Ann Marshall, Jeannie Shafer, Vicki Stewart, Kay Woodman, Judy Pepper, Wilma Yates, Sandy Shippey, Margie Ashley, Robin Merriam, June Wirsing, Gwen Knight, Carol Shearer, Jean Greenlaw, Kitty Engle, Ginny Shibinoff, Nancy Courchaine. 256 Left to Right: Barbara Gillespie, Sherry Wheeler, Violet Hicks, Dr. John Hague, Linda Gregory Hawes, All Lee, Addie Conklin. Joan Triton. SCROLL AND KEY KAPPA DELTA PI . . . Showed him to be the gentleman and scholar. Robert Burns The Order of Scroll and Key is a scholastic honorary com- prised of the upper five percent of the Junior and Senior classes, who have a minimum grade point average of 2.5. The society encourages scholarship with the idea of counting the enjoyment of life, in the social, physical, and spiritual aspects as being most important endeavors in living. For education is, Making Men. Arthur Guiterman Kappa Delta Pi attempts to promote a closer bond among students of education. It encourages scholarly achievement and the pursuit of worthy educational goals. Kappa Delta Pi was founded at the University of Illinois in 1911 and the Stetson chapter is one of the oldest active chapters through- out the United States. Left to Right: Donna Dollens, Maj. Richard Henderson, Sandy Charistian, Addie Conklin, Linda Marchington, Linda Gregory Hawes. Roster: Chris Aaron, Glenn Bald- win, Rocky Campbell, Larry Clark, Helen Cornelieus, Charles Faisel, Earl Gailitz, Mary Ellen Hooker, Gloria Hunter, Richard Karberg, Jay Mechling, Gena Medrano, Charles Nelson, Sharon Pierce, Ned Ricks, Liz Rogers, Genie Shafer, Walt Sonnenberg, Mike Thompson, Mary Curtis Upshaw. PLAYERS GUILD These our actors, as I foretold, were all spirits. Shakespeare The purpose of Players Guild is to train students for membership into Theta Alpha Phi and to provide an active organization for all students interested in work in the theatre. The Guild sponsors lectures, experimental productions, and the Fine Arts Film Festival, THETA ALPHA PHI And, like this insubstantial pageant faded, leave not a rack behind. Shakespeare To increase interest, to stimulate creativity, and to foster achievement in the allied arts and crafts of the theatre is the purpose of Theta Alpha Phi, the national dramatics and speech honorary. Those chosen for membership have given many hours to the advancement of Stover Theatre. Left to Right: Eddie Culver, Miss Betty Mack, Dr. William Taylor, Mr. Bruce Griffiths, Meg Heflin, Mr. Walt Sonnenberg, Carol Taylor, Dr. Mary Louise Gehring, Dan Hale, Arm Nathan, Dr. Gerald Critoph, Liz Rogers KAPPA PI As much as heaven is visible as we have eyes to see. William Winten Kappa Pi is Stetson ' s national art fraternity honorary. Kappa Pi works to promote creative interest in art and to recog- nize outstanding achievement. The fraternity sponsors an annual sidewalk show for the campus. To learn to interpret color, line, and form are the goals of the art student at Stetson. In working towards these goals, Kappa Pi strives for accuracy and discipline needed to produce meaningful and creative art. Mr. Fred Messersmith and Lynn Pullen dis- cuss elaborate plans for a campus art project. Left to Right: Mr. Robert Ebendorf, Lynn Pullen, Helen Whittington, Kaye Allen Wilson. Standing: David Neal, Roxanne Huek, Mr. Louis Freund, Mr. Fred Messersmith, Joel Bagnal. Left to Right; Sitting: Mary Bues, Beverly Paskewitz, Mr. Frank Sparrow, Barbara Chapman. Sandy Minor, Judy Martinez, Bob Renfroe, Jackie Lanum, Penny Hook, Allan Watts, Jack Butler, Sandy Hardy. Left to Right; Standing: Bill Schneider, Mr. Jack Mabry, Dr. O. Layfette Walker, Bob Snowden. RELIGIOUS LIFE COUNCIL " Read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest. " Book of Common Prayer The Religious Life Council consists of the presidents and elected representatives from the various religious organiza- tions on campus. Under the supervision of Mr. Jack Mabry, the council sponsors Religious Emphasis Week, and under- takes other religious connected projects during the year. MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION " Prove all things; hold fast that which is good. " New Testament Members of the Ministerial Association include those men and women of various denominations who are interested in the ministerial or Christian education fields. The Ministerial Association presents speakers for Vespers, as well as supply- ing preachers when requested. Left to Right: Lee McCauley, Janet Hicks, Craig Pooser, Sam Gladding, Barbara Gillespie, J. V. Hays, Bob Renfroe, Lang Pegram. Tom Stokes, Bill Mock, Tim Jones. John Perry. Left to Right: Lynn Griffin. Mr. Frank Sparrow, Sandy Minor, Paul Willenbrock CHRISTIAN SCIENTISTS As much of heaven is visible as we have eyes to see. Mary Baker Eddy The Christian Science organization endeavors to unite the Christian Scientists within the University community. It fur- ther seeks to provide those outside the faith with an oppor- tunity to learn about Christian Science and to cooperate with other student religious groups on campus in the promotion of inter-religious interest. INTERNATIONAL CLUB Through understanding others we make the world small. Anonymous The International Club strives to unite foreign students on Stetson ' s campus with a common bond of understanding. The club endeavors in their meetings to exchange cultural ideas, discuss international problems, and to further under- standing of all peoples, and their own cultures. The club was founded on the Stetson campus in 1964. Left to Right, Standing: Richard Nunez, Frank de Miranda, Juan Barroso, Ramon Vega, Ken Taylor, Demetrios Moschandreas, Larry Olin. Left to Right, Seated: Dr. E. C. Coolidge, Baiba Auschinch, Dr. John Vaughen, Miss Ethel Kinum, Gloria Creagh, Rosy Cruz, Fred de Armas, Mr. E. W. Rollins, Gena Medrano. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Get wisdom, but with all the getting get understanding. Proverbs Left to Right, Seated: Diane Bethea, Boh Snowden. Linda Priddy, Paul Martin, James Thompson, Camille Dillard. Left to Right, Standing: Ken Steele, Barbara Chapman, Steve Wilkerson, Bing Vick, Joel Bagnal, Prissy Jones, Judie McGee, Mr. Jack Mabry, J. V. Hays, Lee McCauley, John Perry, Sam Gladding, Jerry Jackson, Mary Curtis Upshaw, Mary Glen Wilson, Sharon Estes, Linda Bird. FRESHMAN COUNCIL: Left to Right, Stand- ing: Jo Tiffany, Sam Gladding, Mary Glen Wil- son, Grace Kirkpatrick, Camille Dillard, Steve Wilkerson. Left to Right, Seated: Mary Curtis Upshaw, Sharon Estes. Left to Right, Seated: Mr. Jack Mabry, Bett Cole Mdr Glen Wilson, Sam Gladding, Jo Tiffany, Dan Jiale. Left to Right, Standing: Grace Kirkpatrick Steve Wilkerson. Prissy Jones, Linda Priddy, Diane Bethea, Ruth Colvard, Larry Hartsfield, Barbara Chapman, Lee Mc- Cauley, Judie McGee, Paul Martin, Bob Snowden. 262 Left to Right: Judy Gregg. Robin Dciuiison. Sarah Cole, Susan McCoid, Dolly MoreheaU, Fiancene Jones, Kathy Grandell, Caryl Griffin, Linda Guenther. IDiane Paresi. CHEERLEADERS And you will speed us onward with a cheer . . . Maurice Baring Stetson ' s cheerleaders work with greatest devotion for the encouragement of school spirit and enthusiasm. It takes only a split second to change a cheerleader ' s expression from joy to disappointment, but whatever the situation Stetson ' s cheerleaders are always caring and always ready to renew and encourage Stetson ' s teams on to winning. Stetson ' s cheer- leaders, under the leadership of Francene Smith, always mir- ror the uncontrollable excitement of a close game. Last minute reminders are exchanged by Stetson ' s cheer- leaders in the last minutes before the Homecoming bonfire. 263 Left to Right, standing: David LaVoy, Dick Shuford, Richard Ginn, Linda deValencia, Art Charlesworth, David Roselle, Bob Northridge, David George. Left to Right, sitting: John Miller, Kay Woodman, Mrs. C. Carter Col- well, Linda Beery, Addie Conklin. Jeff Pattinson, Sherrie Wheeler, Helen Miller, Willa Huff, Skip Scruggs Dr C. Carter Colwell, Sandy Hardy, Diane Doubleday, Bill Schneider. WESLEY FOUNDATION Do all the good you can . . . John Wesley ' s rule. A new house for the Wesley Foundation has fostered the introduction of a new spirit of community service throughout its membership. As the campus organization sponsored by the Methodist Church, Wesleyites have given many hours to the improvement and expansion of the tutoring program for Negro students in the DeLand area. Along with this new endeavor the members work with the Methodist Children ' s Home in Enterprise, and support a foster child. The officers of Wesley Foundation are. Left to Right: Dick Shufford, Treasurer; Richard Ginn, Board Representative; Linda Beery, Secretary; Bill Schneider, President; Sandy Hardy, Vice President. LUTHERAN STUDENTS ASSOCIATION A mighty fortress is our God. Martin Luther The Lutheran Students Association serves as a Hason be- tween the church and the campus life of the students. During the past year LSA sponsored the entire Stetson community Christmas program. It has also presented " Table Talks " with Reverend Charles Jacobson as moderator. PHI ALPHA THETA Left to Right, seated: Penny Hook, Charlotte Kutz. Left to Right, standing: J J Beverly Paskewitz, Misty Krumholz, Paul Blank, Nancy Courchaine, Rick From our studies of the past we guide and plot Knapp, Tony stone, Clnny Schibanoff, Mary Yetter, Reverend Jacobson. our future. Anonymous Phi Alpha Theta is the national honorary in history. Stetson ' s Alpha Zeta chapter was installed in 1942. The fraternity has over 215 chapters and on Stetson ' s campus it has a high percentage of faculty members. Left to Right, rear: Dr. Harold Schultz, Dr. Malcolm Wynn, Dr. T. W. Bailey, Merrilee Lipthropt, Dr. Evans Johnson, Jean Wil- liams, Melissa Freeland, Fred de Armas, Suzanne Sparkman, Sandy Hardy. ' g ' - Left to Right, Standing: Allison Brown, Albert Thorburn, Mike Davis, Bob Alford, Bob Renfroe, Don Wilcox, Jerry Vincent, Elmer Jost. Left to Right, Sitting: Susie Carr, Anne Nash, Chris Aaron. YOUNG REPUBLICANS The arts of power and minion are the same in all governments. Henry Clay The Young Republicans group on campus was founded in 1961. It works to stimulate interest in political issues and to increase political support of candidates. Striving for a more informed voting public, the Young Republicans spon- sor lectures and meetings with visiting political figures. YOUNG DEMOCRATS Government made for the people, made by the people, and answerable to the people. Daniel Webster The purpose of the Young Democrats is to promote politi- cal discussion and activity, and to implement the principles and policy of the Democratic Party. Founded October 21, 1963, the Stetson Club has attained distinction in its nomina- tion for the most outstanding college club in Florida. Left to Right, Sitting: Babs Mullins, Carol Mann, Kathy Warthen, Dan Kilbride, Les Greenbaum, Alice Petty, Gigi Jensen, Julie Scott. Left to Right, Standing: Cheryl Bardowell, Jackie Manning, June Uttrup, Jeanne Williams, Joe Parko, Nancy Hodges, Bob Johnson, Melissa Freeland, Earl Galitz, Mickey Keisling, John Schwartz, Jeannette Francis, Margaret Jones, Annette Morris, Joan Peppersack, Mike Reichman, Larry Romans, Dave Demers, Charles Coiirsey, Randy Payne, Lynn Chatlos, Richard Condon, Dr. Gerald Critoph. ' 4L ' 1 " •♦1 WJ ■i s si m ,■• ' %■ " L " CLUB Spirit cJotlied from head to foot in song. Stephen Spender The newest organization on the Stetson campus is the L Club. This club was organized to promote and boost school spirit and has done quite well in pursuit of this elusive goal. Enthusiasm is the predominate air which seems to have come alive with the growth of the club. The last mournful rights are given to another victim of the Hatters: a ritual dutifully performed by the L Club. Left to Right: Chris Rawls, Bob Jenkins. Steve Buchanan, Carol Wit- tenberg, Bob Wells, Craig Pooser, Dave McFarland, Paul Hockett, Brian Svikhart, Francine Smith. Left to Right, sitting: Bruce Gritfiths, Sherry Wheeler, Dave McFarland. Addie Conklin. Jackie Lanum, Bob Renfroe. Left to Right, standing: Carol Wittenberg. Jim Richter. Demetrios Moschanderos, Meg Hcllin. Gloria Hunter, f raig Pooser. Chris Assron, Oneita Waters. 267 Left to Right, Rear Row: Fr. Bonaventure, Gail Gordon, Chris Aaron. Amelia Braun, Tom Tucker, Mary Bues, Jane Furlong. Clay Knowles, Carol Day, Doug Butler, Fr. LeRoy Lawson, Mickey Quisling, Ed Furlong, Rick Wall. Front Row: Dr. George Hood, Bob Renfroe, Liz Knapp, Bonnie Moffitt, Gretchen Freize, Ken Jones, Joaquin Rodriquez, Susan Smedley, Melissa Freeland, Sally Porterfield, Gloria Creagh, Mrs. Mary Hood, Dr. Frances Thornton, Juan Barroso. CANTERBURY HOUSE Behold I will build me a nest on the greatness of God. Sidney Lanier Canterbury House is the Episcopal organization of students and faculty on Stetson campus. Activities of Canterbury House include a weekly Sunday evening supper followed by a program which is paralleled with campus life, and Even- song. During the year Canterbury holds many dances, parties, and banquets for various occasions. Under the leadership of The Rev. Canon LeRoy Lawson, who is also Professor of Philosophy at Stetson, Canterburians are closely related to the life of St. Barnabas parish. They serve as lay readers, acolytes, and members of the choir. Canterbury endeavors to bring a closer connection between life of the Anglican and life of the Stetson student. Left to Right, standing: Canterbury officers are Tom Tucker, Vestry member; Clay Knokles, Vestry member; Ed Furlong, Junior Warden; Bob Renfroe, Senior Warden. Seated: Mary Bues, Vestry member; Bonnie Moffit, Vestry member; Melissa Freeland, Treasurer; Carol Day, Secretary; Doug Butler, Organist. Left to Right, back row: Adrian Bambini, John Heald. Bert Gonzalez. Rick Branan. Skip Wagner. Craig Gruber, Dan Coker. Dick Childs, Denise Wall. Ken Kincaid. Col. Herb Mansfield. Front Row: Gene White. Dale Massing. Ron Allison. Mike Watson. Larry Spoon. Ron Heath. John Mayer. Frank Carter, Dave Bena. Serge Sanchez. Sandy Edinger, Marvin Methaney. " S " CLUB " . . . to love the game beyond the prize. " Sir Henry Newbolt S Club is an organization composed of those athletes who have earned a letter in varsity sports. The members sponsor an annual drive for the March of Dimes and conduct Rat Court during Orientation Week. During this year S Club is in charge of obtaining ads for the bastketball programs and selling them at each home game. S Club works to promote school spirit and enthusiasm for all Stetson sports events. Left to Right: Joyce Ashley, Sam Gladding, Editor: Rick Knapp, Tom COMPASS " There is no playing fast and loose with the truth. " Charles Dickens Compass is the publication which compiles and publishes a guide book for Stetson ' s campus for the freshman class. It is distributed annually to incoming freshmen as an aid to adjusting to life at Stetson. This pubhcation demands much work and effort so as to give the freshmen an up-to-date guide for his important beginning weeks on campus. Com- pass endeavors to keep apace of the changing face of Stetson. Piper, Fred deArmas. ROTC Company Sponsors are. Left to Right: Zane Yakots. Military Ball Queen Linda Guenther, Diane Paresi, Joanne Ches- hire, Kim Ballard. STETSON ROTC Left to Right: ' 64- ' 65 Brigade Staff: Cadet Maj. Peter Kaunitz S-L, Cadet Maj. Gary Ostrom S-2, Cadet Maj. Bill Francisco S-3, Cadet Col. Gary Formet, Brigade Commander. Cadet Maj. Sandy Edinger, S-4, Cadet Lt. Col. Grover Wilkins, Brigade Executive Officer, Cadet Sgt. Maj. Peter Hogue. V t Left to Risht. rear: Jim I ' arker. Milton Culp, Dick ShuforJ, Ken Kincaid. Steve High, Bill Stark, Pete Hogue, Bob Joiner, Dick Pond. Dale Massing. Left to Right, front: Bob Puterbaugh. Pete Kaunitz, Dick Holifield. Eliott Dunwoody. Bill Francisco, Bob Fox, Joe Barbe. Gary Tyson. Billy Cypress, Tom Hanley, Front: Gary Formet, Capt, Joe Brown, PERSHING RIFLES Duty . . . Honor . . . Country. Gen. Douglas MacArthur Pershing Rifles is the national mihtary honorary for ROTC cadets. These basic cadets work to promote interest and proficiency in the ROTC program. The precision drill team performs at the Annual Green Feather Carnival as well as local parades and area drill meets. SCABBARD AND BLADE Our Federal Union: it must be preserved. Andrew Jackson Leadership, discipline, rigorous training, and learning mil- itary skills are the main emphasis of the ROTC program. Here we learn the meaning of General MacArthur ' s words Duty . . . Honor . . . Country. We examine and apply these words and they become real and become a part of us. From the top, left to right: Jim Parker. Charles Sipos. Bruce Bradford. Jim Whiting, Chuck Perino. Kernie Kostrub, Art Floyd. Bill Millward. Jim Richter, Bob Alford, Joanne Chesire, Sponsor, Capt. Richard Anderson, Advisor, John Hardman, Steve Hobbs. Marty Habel. Jay Sylvester, Dave Armbruster, Bill Hurlburtt, John Anderson, Jan Roberts. __ pBiiii!! MILITARY To fight the good fight for what is the truth and right. New Testament Army ROTC is designed to supply the nation with qualified leaders of high morals and character. Through the ROTC program the qualities of leadership, patriotism, efficiency, loyalty, obedience, courage, duty and honor are developed. Graduates of the ROTC program have been prepared since the turn of the century to perform their responsibilities as citizens wherever the security of the United States is threat- ened by foes. Stetson ROTC men are serving with the Army from Viet Nam to Berlin with the same vigilance as their forefathers. " . . . it must be kept in order at all times. " " Walking on your elbows isn ' t easy. " 272 " If I drop this thing on my foot one more time .V,. f :v ' ' .f : " .%: Advertisements ® PORTRAITS -. ® COMMERCIAL ® ADVERTISING Photographs by 2162 N.W. 95 Street Miami, Florida Senior Index AARON, CHRISTINE, Ft. Lauder- dale, Fla., L.A. — SUB Social Com- mittee, Canterbury Club, Intra- murals. Honor Roll, L Club, SFEA, Player ' s Guild, Sailing Club, Young Republicans. ALLEN, SAMUEL O., Valdosta, Ga., Mus. — Kappa Kappa Psi, Pep Band, Music Educators Nat ' l. Conf., Veep; Univ. Madrisal Singers. AMBERG, CHARLOTTE, Cazeno- via, N.Y., L.A. — University Chorus. B BAMBINI, ADRIAN PAUL, JR., Hollywood, Fla., L.A. — Sigma Phi Epsilon, Rush Chm., Pledge sec, Files Chm.; Orientation Committee, Homecoming Committee, Hatter Holiday Committee, Newman Club, REPORTER Staff, S. Club, Intra- murals. Tennis Team, Track Team, Intramural All Star, Student Ad- visor, Library Asst. BARNES, ROBERT, Jacksonville, Fla., Bus. — Lambda Chi Alpha, Editor and Alumni Correspondent, Gen. Assembly Rep., Movie Com- mittee, Canterbury Club, Intra- murals, R.O.T.C. Rifle Team, Beta Alpha Sigma. BARNETT, GINGER, Quincy, Fla., Bus. — Pi Beta Phi, Pledge Class Veep, Asst. Pledge Trainer, Arrow- board, Intramurals, Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Junior Counselor, Fresh- man Beauty Contest 1st Ruimer-Up, Miss Hatter Court, Business School Sec, Student Advisor, Sigma Beta Chi, R.O.T.C. Company Sponsor, Stover Theater, Basketball Queen Finalist. BARRETT, SQUIRE, JR., Key- stone Heights, Fla., Bus. — Lambda Chi Alpha, House Mgr., Treas.; R.O.T.C. Rifle Team, Accountancy Club President. BEDSOLE, ELIZABETH ANN, Jacksonville, Fla., Mus. — BSU, Phi Beta, University Chorus Soloist, Con- cert Choir, Stover Theater. BETHEA, DIANE, Jacksonville, Fla., Mus.— Pi Alpha Lambda, BSU, Music Co-Chm., Mu Phi Epsilon, Concert Choir, Stover Theater: " Merry Wives of Windsor, " Univer- sity Chorus, Madrigal Singers. BLEDSOE, THOMAS WAYNE, Winter Park, Fla., Bus. — Delta Sig- ma Phi, Social Chm., Athletic Chm., Veep, Pledge Master: Intramurals, R.O.T.C. BRAMLITT, BRENDA, Jackson- vOle, Fla., L.A. — Phi Mu, Social Chm., Standards Chairman, Presi- dent, Panhellenic Council, Emily Hall House Council, Greek Week Committee. BROWN, CHERYL ANN, Miami Springs, Fla., L.A. — Canterbury Club, Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Woodrow Wilson Nominee. BROWNE, MARY LLEW, Miami, Fla., L.A. — Delta Delta Delta, Veep, Chaplain, Standards Chm., Chm. of 50th Anniversary Celebration, Lead- ership School Delegate, Trident Cor- respondent, Faculty Evaluation Committee, Homecoming Commit- tee, Orientation Week Committee, BSU, Junior Counselor, Student Ad- visor, SFEA. BROWNSON, JUDITH ANN, Vero Beach, Fla., L.A.— Alpha Xi Del- ta, Historian, Philanthropy Chm., Homecoming Dance Committee, Parent ' s Weekend Open House Committee, Westminster Fellowship, Secretary, Vespers Committee Rep., Religious Life Council Alternate, Kappa Pi, Stetson Hall House Coun- cil, Sec, SFEA. BUES, MARY, Miami, Fla., L.A.— Phi Mu, Treas., Veep, Librarian, Parliamentarian, Canterbury House, Treas., Vestry, Religious Life Coun- cil Rep., Secretary, Intramurals, Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Honors Program, Ford Graduate Program, Phi Society, Treas., Scroll and Key, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Student Advisor, Woodrow Wilson. BUGG, CHARLES, Miami, Fla., L.A. — Pi Kappa Phi, Chaplain, Pledge Sec, SGA President, Soph. Class Pres., Jr. Class Pres., Men ' s Resident Counsel, Student Affairs Committee, BSU President, Fresh- man Council, Fellowship Co-Chm., Ministerial Association, Treas., So- cial Chm., State Revival Team, Phi Society, Academic Council Class Award, Borden Prize, Winn-Dixie Scholarship, Honor Roll, Stetson Scholar, Debate Team, Pi Kappa Delta, Green Circle, Omicron Delta Kappa, Outstanding Freshman Man, L Club, Resident Advisor, Who ' s Who. CARR, SUZY, North Pahn Beach, Fla., L.A. — SUB, Canterbury Club, REPORTER Staff, Intramurals, Honor Roll, Sigma Omicron Chi, Hatter Holiday Committee, Green Feather Committee. CHAPLIN, JAMES B., Miami, Fla., Bus. — Sigma Nu Commander, Men ' s Council Pres., Sec, SUB Treas., Omicron Delta Kappa, Veep, Scab- bard Blade, Who ' s Who. CHAPMAN, BARBARA KAY, Gainesville, Ga., L.A. — Alpha Chi Omega, Scholarship Chm., Warden, Standards Board, BSU Veep, Religi- ous Life Council, YWA, Publicity Chm., Literature Chm., Social Chm., REPORTER Staff, HATTER Staff, Intramurals, Honor RoU, Student Advisor, Junior Counselor, Sigma Omicron Chi, SFEA, Tassel. CHRISTIAN, SANDRA, Ft. Lau- derdale, Fla., L.A.— Zeta Tau Al- pha, House Chm., Corresponding Sec, Orientation Committee Sec, Parent ' s Weekend Co-Chm., West- minister Fellowship, COMPASS Edi- tor, Pubhcations Board, HATTER Staff, Sigma Pi Kappa Veep, Mortar Board Sec, Kappa Delta Pi Veep, Pres., Who ' s Who. CLAUSSEN, KENNETH, Miami, Fla., Bus. — Pi Kappa Alpha, Social Chm., Commons Committee Chm., HATTER Bus. Mgr., Publications Board, Intramurals, Accountancy Club Veep. COLE, BETTY, Chattanooga, Term., L.A. — Zeta Tau Alpha, BSU Executive Council Sec, Intramurals, SFEA, Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweet- heart. COLE, CHARLES N., Ocala, Fla., L.A. — Canterbury Club, Physics Dept. Research Assistant. CONDON, RICHARD PAUL, Pompano Beach, Fla., L.A. — Wes- ley Foundation, REPORTER Staff, REVIEW Contributor, Intramurals, Band, Debate Team, Young Demo- crats, Young Republicans, Quiz Bowl, Kumquot Ice Cream Eaters Club Sec CONKLIN, ADDIE, Tampa, Fla., L.A. — SUB Educ. Committee, Wes- ley Foundation, Publicity Chm., Interdenominational Tutoring Coun- cil, Intramurals, Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Stetson Scholar, Scroll and Key Veep, Tassel, Junior Counselor, Women ' s Council, SFEA, Sec, Pres., Student Advisor. COULTER, WAYNE, Dade City, Fla., Bus. — Lambda Chi Alpha, Pledge Class Pres., SGA Treas., Honor Roll, Pledge Scholarship Award, Resident Advisor, Account- ancy Club. CORUCAINE, NANCY ANN, Du- luth, Miim., Bus. — Phi Mu, House Chm., Recording Sec, Lutheran Stu- dent ' s Association Sec, Social Chm., HATTER Staff, Sigma Beta Chi Pres ., Religious Focus Week Host- ess, SFEA. CRABLE, NANCY LICILE, Win- ter Park, Fla., L.A. — Alpha Xi Delta, Editor, Corresponding Sec, Parent ' s Weekend Committee, Reg- istration Committee, Homecoming Committee, Westminster Fellowship, Program Chm., Pres., Religious Life Council, Tassel, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Junior Counselor, Student Advisor, Green Feather Committee. CRESSWELL, CAROL, AmityviUe, N.Y., L.A.— IWO Treas., House Council Veep, Canterbury Club, Interdenominational Tutoring Com- mittee, Honor RoU, Dean ' s List, Stetson Scholar, Honor ' s Program, Phi Alpha Theta, Stover Theater, University Chorus. J. C. PENNEY CO DeLAND MANO ' S PIZZA 1109 S. Blvd. RE 4-4907 Universal Book Store 245 North Boulevard DeLand WEE WASH LAUNDRY Washing Ironing 243 North Boulevard Dry-Cleaning DeLand, Florida LEED ' S Shoes for the Entire Family 112 North Boulevard DeLand, Florida Congratulations HOWDY ' S MUSIC SHOP " Music For All Ages " 214 North Boulevard DeLand Since 1873 F. N. DeHuy Son Diamonds Watches Jewelry Bridal Department Expert Repair China — Crystal — Silver Jewelry and Watches AX- - A MATHER of DeLand FURNITURE 142 South Boulevard 734-1931 B O CLEANERS 1000 N. Boulevard — Phone 734-7518 Let Us HELP You Live A CLEAN Life DeLand, Fla. Compliments of COSTON ' S Laundry Dry Cleanini REdwood 4-3052 224 S. Florida Ave. Senior Index D DANSYEAR, PATRICIA, Miami, Fla., L.A. — Zeta Tau Alpha Veep, Pledge Trainer; Co-Chm. Parent ' s Weekend Registration Committee; Lutheran Student ' s Association; SUB Film Committee. DE ARMAS, FRED, Ft. Lauder- dale, Fla., L.A. — Sen ior Senator, Academic Affairs Committee Chm., Chm. Curriculum Evaluation Coun- cil, Traffic Committee Veep, COM- PASS Staff, STETSON REVIEW Staff, Pres. Sigma Delta Pi, Pres. Gamma Theta Upsilon, Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Pershing Rifles, Veep International Club, Student Advisor, Phi Alpha Theta. DE LESDERNIER, NOEL, Titus- ville, Fla., L.A.— HATTER Copy Editor, Scroll and Key, Stetson Scholar, Honor Roll, Junior Coun- sellor. DEMIRGIAN, MARY ELIZA- BETH, Miami Shores, Fla., L.A.— Zeta Tau Alpha, Reporter, Scholar- ship Chairman, Historian, BSU, In- tramurals. Homecoming Committee, Greek Week Committee, Tau Beta Sigma, Veep, Treas. DICKEY, ALAN ADEE, Miami, Fla., Bus.- — Lambda Chi Alpha, Pres., Alumni Sec, Editor, Senator, Parent ' s Weekend Committee, Intra- murals. Honor Roll, Sec. Beta Alpha Sigma. DIXON, ROGER WELDON, Lake Mary, Fla., L.A. — SFEA Treas. DOLLENS, DONNA, Valdosta, Ga., L.A. — Pi Beta Phi, Veep, Sec, Outstanding Pledge, Women ' s Ex- ecutive Council, Common ' s Com- mittee, REPORTER Staff, S tudent Advisor, Jr. Counselor, Sec. Tassel, Kappa Delta Pi, Pres. Mortar Board, Concert Choir. DURRENCE, GLORIA SUE, Lake Placid, Fla., L.A.— -BSU, HATTER Staff, Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, SFEA. EDINGER, EVANS, Louisville, Ky., Bus. — Sigma Pi Epsilon Sr. Marshall, Parent ' s Weekend Com- mittee, S Club Pres. ENGLE, KATHERINE, White Plains, N.Y., L.A.— Phi Mu, Chap- lain, Registrar, Corresponding Sec, Publicity Chm., Wesley Foundation, Honor Roll. FARRINGTON, MARTHA G., Eau Gallic, Fla., L.A. — Pi Beta Phi House Chrn., Stetson Scholar, Hon- or ' s Program, Mortar Board, Tassel Veep, Jr. Counselor, Dean ' s List, Honor Roll, SUB Social Committee Chm., HATTER Staff, Washington Semester Program, Phi Society, Scroll and Key, Who ' s Who. FORMET, GARY LEE, Winter Park, Fla., Bus.— R.O.T.C. Brigade Commander, Pres. Scabbard and Blade, Pershing Rifles. FRANCIS, JEANNETTE, Clewis- ton, Fla., L.A. — Phi Mu Veep, Scholarship Chm., House Council, Canterbury Club, Honor Nominee, Student Advisor. G GEIGER, D WIGHT L., Pompano Beach, Fla., L.A. — Lambda Chi Alpha, Chm. Trapc Dept., Presi- dent ' s Cabinet, Lutheran Student Association Pres., Veep, Treas., Re- ligious Life Council, IFC Sec, Chm. of State IFC Convention. GINN, RICHARD, Miami, Fla., L.A. — Pi Kappa Phi, Senator, Par- ent ' s Weekend Committee, Student Advisor, Pres. Wesley Foundation, Regional Veep, Religious Life Coun- cil, Student Tutoring Council, Ford Graduate Program, Woodrow Wil- son Nominee, Danforth Nominee, Kappa Kappa Psi, R.O.T.C. Aca- demic Achievement Wreath, ODK, Pres., Sec. Green Circle. GREENBAUM, LESLIE, Miami Beach, Fla., L.A. — Pershing Rifles, Young Democrats. GREENE, RALPH N., Jackson- viUe, Fla., L. A.— REPORTER Staff, Intramurals, Wesley Foundation, Sigma Pi Kappa, R.O.T.C. H HALE, DAN WARREN, Ft. Pierce, Fla., L.A. — BSU, Ministerial Asso- ciation, Intramurals, Theta Alpha Phi, Resident Advisor. HANSEN, CAROL, Melrose, Fla., L.A. — Student Advisor, BSU, Intra- mural Board, Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Ford Pro- gram, Woodrow Wilson, Academic Council Award. HART, JOHN, Perry, Fla., L.A.— Senator, Pres. BSU, Intramurals, Social Science Award, Phi Theta Kappa. HARTMAN, WILLIAM JOSEPH, JR., Winter Haven, Fla., Mus. — Assistant Mgr. Orchestra, L Qub, Pep Band. HAULMAN, BRUCE EVANS, Panama City, Fla., L.A. — Pi Kappa Phi, SGA Veep, Senator, Veep Green Circle, IFC Veep, Kappa Kappa Psi, Student Affairs Commit- tee, Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Who ' s Who. HAWES, LINDA LEE GREG- ORY, Key West, Fla., L.A.— Alpha Xi Delta, Treas., Exec. Council, Canterbury Club, Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Winn-Dixie Scholar- ship, Stetson Scholar, Kappa Delta Pi Veep, Pres. Phi Society, Pres. Scroll and Key, Tassel, Mortar Board, Hatter Holiday Committee, SFEA, Student Advisor, Jr. Coun- selor. HEFLIN, MARGARET ANN, Al- exandria, Va., L.A.— HATTER Staff, Theta Alpha Phi, Treas. Play- er ' s Guild, L Club, Sailing Club. HENNICK, DIXIE ANDREWS, Hollywood, Fla., L.A. — Sigma Delta Pi, Lutheran Student Association Corresponding Sec. HERKO, AILEAN, Miami, Fla., L.A.— BSU. HICKS, JANET ESTELLE, Orlan- do, Fla., L.A.— BSU, Sec. Minis- terial Association. HICKS, VIOLET ANN, Tampa, Fla., L.A. — Sec. House Council, BSU, YWA, Sec. Phi Society, Scroll and Key, Beta Beta Beta, Pres., Sec, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Stetson Scholar, Ford Program, Woodrow Wilson Nominee, NSF Grant for Under- graduate Research. HOOD, RICHARD L., Homestead, Fla., Bus. — Pi Kappa Alpha Presi- dent, Treas.; Intermurals. HOPPER, TOWNSEND, Backing Ridge, N.J., Bus.— Lambda Chi Al- pha, Homecoming Committee, As- sembly Committee, Business Rela- tion Committee, Beta Alpha Sigma, Ministerial Association, Canterbury Club, Pershing Rifles Veep, Editor. HUNTER, GLORIA JUNE, States- viUe, N.C., L.A.— BSU, REPORT- ER Staff, Honor RoU, T-Squad, Player ' s Guild, L. Club. I INGERSOLL, JAMES RUSSELL, Lake Worth, Fla., L.A. — Sigma Phi Epsilon, Freshman Class President, Senior Senator, Lutheran Student ' s Association, Intramurals, Men ' s Council, Men ' s Residence Hall Council. JENKINS, WILLIAM LAW- RENCE, Albany Ga., Bus.— Beta Alpha Sigma Historian. JOHNSON, ROBERT A., Jackson- ville, Fla., L.A. — Public Affairs Committee, R.O.T.C. Superior Ca- det Award, Distinguished Military Student. JONES, EDITH MARGARET, Sanford, Fla., L.A.— Phi Mu Citi- zenship, Young Democrats, Canter- bury House. K KANE, KAREN DARE, Winter Park, Fla., L. A.— Pi Beta Phi Ex- ecutive Covmcil, PanheUenic Rep. Pledge Trainer; Canterbury Club, Intramurals, Stetson Scholar, Honor Congratulations . . . Graduates of the Class of 1965 FLORIDA BANK AT DELAND " A Friendly Institution " MEMBER FLORIDA NATIONAL GROUP OF BANKS FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE COMPANY M Senior Index Roll, Junior Counselor, Ass ' t Dorm Director, Panhellenic Veep, Presi- dent, Tassel, Mortar Board, Student Affairs Committee. KAUNITZ, PETE, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., L.A. — Sigma Phi Epsilon, Chaplain, Scholarship Chairman, House Manager; Intramurals, R.O.T.C. Scabbard Blade, Chem- istry Honorary. KILBRIDE, DANIEL M., Jr., Day- tona Beach, Fla., L.A. — Newman Club, Soccer Team, President Young Democrats, Collegiate Council for the United Nations Veep, Indepen- dent Men ' s Organization. KINCAID, KENNETH T., LaFol- lette, Tenn., Bus. — Pi Kappa Phi Warden, Senator, Basketball, S Club, Scabbard and Blade, Sec. Account- ancy Club. LANEY, JOEL E., Tampa, Fla., L.A. — Ministerial Association. LANKFORD, ROBERT W., Ocala, Fla., L.A. — Pi Kappa Phi, Wesley Foundation, Gamma Sigma Epsilon. LANUM, JACKIE, Brooker, Fla., L.A. — Wesley Foundation, Worship Chairman, Rep. Religious Life CouncU, Vespers Committee, Sum- mer Service and Evangelism Chair- man, Intermurals, Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Psi Chi Veep, L Club, Student Advisor, I.W.O. LAVENDER, PATRICIA, Sanford, Fla., L.A. — Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Phi Alpha Theta. LA VOY, DAVID WAYNE, Jack- sonville, Fla., L.A. — Sec. Student Events, Fall and Spring Concert Committees, Cafeteria Committee Chairman, Spirit Committee, Home- coming Committee, Parents ' Week- end Committee, BSU, Wesley Foun- dation Council, REPORTER Staff, HATTER Staff, REVIEW Staff, In- tramurals, Green Circle, Artists and Lecturers Committee, Student Ad- visor, SUB Treas., SUB Education Committee chairman. LEE, ALBERT PAUL, DeLand, Fla., L.A. — Ministerial Association Sec, Dean ' s List, Honor RoU, Scroll and Key. LO ZIRO, JOHN C, Miami, Fla., L.A. — Wesley Foundation, Honor Roll, R.O.T.C. Scabbard Blade, Drum Major. LOKEY, THOMAS CHARLES, Daytona Beach, Fla., Bus. — Sigma Phi Epsilon, Senior Marshall, Pledge Educator, Intramurals. M MAC FARLAND, DAVID THOM- AS, Melbourne Beach, Fla., L.A. — Editor STETSON REVIEW, Sigma Pi Kappa, Veep Sigma Tau Delta, Woodrow Wilson Nominee, Dan- forth Nominee, SUB Recreation Committee, President L Club, Resi- dent Adviser, Stetson ' s Ev and Charlie Show, SUB Hootenanny Record Co-producer. MC GEE, JUDIE ANNE, Ormond Beach, Fla., Mus. — BSU Devotion, Missions Chairman, University Cho- rus. MCGINNIS, LEANNE, Atlanta, Ga., L.A.— Alpha Xi Delta, Chap- lain, Marshall; Women ' s Executive Council, BSU, Honor Roll, Home- coming Committee, Junior Coun- selor, Student Advisor. MAAS, ROGER R., Clearwater, Fla., Bus. — Pi Kappa Alpha, Chap- lain, Intermurals. MANN, CAROL LEE, West Palm Beach, Fla., L.A. — Veep Young Democrats. MARCHINTON, LINDA KAY, New Smyrna Beach, Fla., L.A. — Wesley Foundation Devotional lead- er. Stetson Scholar, Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Phi Society, Kappa Delta Pi, Interdenominational, Tu- toring Committee, SFEA. MASON, DON, Stoneham, Mass., Bus. — Sigma Phi Epsilon, Control- ler, Songleader; Student Senate, Pres., Business School, Pilgrim Fel- lowship, REPORTER, Intramurals, R.O.T.C. MAYER, JOHN M., JR., Louis- ville, Ky., L.A.— Pi Kappa Phi, Treas., Pledge Class, I.F.C. Rep., National Convention Rep., Intra- murals, Fresh. Basketball Team, Varsity Soccer, Varsity Baseball, " Doc " Johnson Most Improved Player Award, S Club, Orientation Committee, Student Advisor, Head- Resident Advisor, SUB Advisor. MIKKELSEN, JOHN H., Dallas, Texas, Bus. — Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sec, Pledge Class, Intramurals, All Stars, Dean ' s List, Honor Roll, Stover Productions, " L ' il Abner, " " Of Thee I Sing. " MILLER, MASON LANCE, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., L.A. — Sigma Phi Epsilon, Public Relations Chm., In- terfratemity Council Chm., Greek Week Committee, Parent ' s Weekend Publicity Committee, Wesley Foun- dation, Green Feather Committee, Sports Editor, HATTER, Intramur- als, R.O.T.C. MOORE, WILLIAM A., Miami, Fla., L.A. — Sigma Phi Epsilon, Frat. Intramural Director, Guard Key Award, Freshman Basketball Team, Frat. Key Award, Intramurals, All Stars, Intramurals Student Director. MOORMAN, JAMES MARION, Winter Haven, Fla., L.A. — Sigma Phi Epsilon, I.F.C, Veep, National Conclave Rep., Green Feather Co- Chmn., Varsity Soccer, Student Af- fairs Comm. MOR ELIZABETH E., Fort Myers, la., L.A. — Student Advisor, Curricuijm Evaluation Comm., Homecoming Comm., Sec, Treas., Lutheran Student Assoc, Intramu- rals, Pres., Kappa Mu Epsilon, Veep, Phi Society, Scroll and Key, Ford Program, Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Tassel, Quiz Boul, Ind. Women ' s Organization, Player ' s Guild, Delta Delta Delta Scholarship, Woodrow Wilson Candidate. MULOCK, EDWARD, Bradenton, Fla., Bus. — Pi Kappa Phi, Archon, Social Chmn., Warden, Alumni Di- rector, Intramurals, Student Advisor, Pres., Green Circle, Student Affairs Comm., National I.F.C. Conference, State I.F.C. Convention, Veep, I.F.C. N NAPOLI, DOMINICK J., Coral Gables, Fla., Bus. — Pershing Rifles, Grand Prix Driver, Orientation Comm. NEWTON, MARION MARTHA, St. Cloud, Fla., Bus. O OSTROM, GARY WILLIAM, Mi- ami, Fla., L.A. — Sigma Phi Epsilon, REPORTER Editor, News Editor, Intramurals, Pres., Sigma Pi Kappa, Publications Board, Student Affairs Comm., R.O.T.C, Brigade Staff, Cadet Major, Newspaper Fund, Inc., Scholarship. PATTINSON, JEFFREY INMAN, Clearwater, Fla., L.A. — Pi Kappa Phi, Historian, Orientation Comm., Election Comm., Wesley Founda- tion, Intramurals. PAYNE, RANDALL MERLE, Homestead, Fla., L.A. — Young Democrats, Independent Men ' s Or- ganization. PERRY, JOHN C, Daytona Beach, Fla., L.A. — Baptist Student Union, Executive Council, Ministerial As- sociation, President, Religious Life Council, Intramurals, Dean ' s List. PETERS, THOMAS, Orlando, Ha., L.A. — Canterbury Club, Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Kappa Mu Epsi- lon, Pi Kappa Delta, Veep, Pres., University Debate Squad. PETTY, ALICE ELIZABETH, PleasantvUle, N.J., L.A. — Intramu- rals, Phi Society, Scroll and Key, Phi Alpha Theta, Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Wasl. " gton Semester Program, Ford Prc ram, Collegiate Council for the U.N., I.W.O., Young Democrats. R RAYNAL, MARIL ' in R., Boca Raton, Fla., L.A. — Alpha Xi Delta, Intramurals Chairman, Hatter Holi- day, Athletic Chmn., Co-Chmn., Homecoming, Westminster Fellow- ship, REPORTER Staff, Intramural The Smart Place To Go . , . For Good Things To Eat! AT SiMU Best Wishes From Evelyn and Jimmy West STETSON FLOWER SHOP On the Boulevard Serving Stetson and DeLand for 32 Years DeLAND, FLORmA 734-0796 t%m Sun Netai5 " Serving All of Volusia " Senior Index Board, Tennis Team, Rookie of the Year Award, Phys. Ed. Major ' s Club, Women ' s Council, S.U.B., Tournament ' s Chmn., Rep. at Large, Junior Counselor, Student Advisor. RENFROE, JOBERT JACKSON, West Point, N.Y., L.A. — Canterbury Club, Sec, Senior Warden, Religious Life Counci l, French Club, Young Repubhcans, Sec, Veep, Ministerial Association, Interdenominational Tutoring Committee, Vice-Chmn., Sigma Omicron Chi, Sec. REYNOLDS, ROBERT RICE, Coral Gables, Fla., Bus. — Pi Kappa Alpha, Rush Chmn., Intramurals Coach, Football Capt., Business School Senator, Elections Ap- pointment Committee, Beta Alpha Sigma, Veep, Pres., Stover Produc- tions: " South Pacific. " RHODES, LEROY E. (DUSTY), Apopka, Fla., Bus. — Scabbard and Blade, Pershing Rifles, Command- ing Officer. RIGANO, RICHARD GLENN, Mamaroneck, N.Y., L.A. — Delta Sigma Phi, Pledge Pres., House Manager, Sgt. at Arms. ROBB, CAROL DIANE, Ft. Lau- derdale, Fla., L.A. — Alpha Chi Omega, Pledge Pres., Lyer Editor, Ceep, Carnation Editor, COMPASS Editor, STETSON, REVIEW, HAT- TER, STETSON REPORTER, Staff Member, Publications Board, Sigma Tau Delta, Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Ford Program, Sigma Pi Kappa, Treas., Tassel, Mortar Board, Stu- dent Affairs Comm., Disciplinary Comm., Freshman Talent Show, Green Feather Comm., Women ' s Executive Council, Jr. Rep., Pres., Dorm Council, Junior Counselor. SCHIBANOFF, VIRGINIA KAY, Freehold, N.J., L.A.— Phi Mu, Pledge Chaplain, Outstanding Pledge, Asst., Pledge Director, Pledge Director, Lutheran Students Assoc, HATTER Staff, Intramurals, Atlanta Intercollegiate Bowling Team, Student Advisor, S.F.E.A., Vice-Pres., Orientation Comm. SHIPMAN, ROBERT L., II, Ann Arbor, Mich., L.A. — Pi Kappa Al- pha, Pledge Pres., Canterbury Qub, Beta Alpha Sigma, Young Demo- crats. SMITH, A. FRANCENE, Braden- ton, Fla., L.A. — Alpha Xi Delta, Quill Chmn., Publicity Chmn., Bap- tist Student Union, HATTER Staff, Cheerleader, Capt, Intramurals, Honor Roll, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Stetson Union Board, Sec, Publicity Chmn., Social Chmn., Contests Chmn., Hatter Holiday, Student Ad- visor, Junior Counselor, Homecom- ing Committee, Green Feather Com- mittee, Greek Week Comm., Home- coming Hostess. SMITH SANDRA, Jacksonville, Fla., Mus. — Phi Mu, Panhellenic Delegate, Song Leader, Social Graces Chmn., Panhellenic Council, Pres., Veep, Dorm Council, Westminster Fellowship, Mortar Board, Treas., Phi Beta, Sec, Veep, American Guild of Organists, Sec, Sub-Dean. SNOWDEN, ROBERT T., Jackson- ville, Fla., L.A. — Pi Kappa Phi, Rush Chmn., Music Director, Ouiz Bowl Team, Intramurals, Senator, Chmn., Elections Appointments Comm., Sr. Class Pres., Green Feather Comm., Orientation Comm., Student Advisor, Ministerial Assoc, Religious Life Council, Baptist Stu- dent Union, Devotional Chmn., Freshman Council, Social Chmn., Executive Council, Pres., REPORT- ER Staff, Stetson Scholar, Honors Program, Honor RoU, Green Circle, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Omicron Delta Kappa, Treasurer, Who ' s Who. SPARKMAN, SUSANNE, Tampa, Fla., L.A.— Y.W.A. Social Chmn., Sec, Washington Semester, Baptist Student Union, S.F.E.A., Collegiate Council for the U.N. STACY, PATRICIA SNOW, Del- ray Beach, Fla., L.A. — Delta Delta Delta, Social Chmn., Liberal Arts Senator, REPORTER, Columns Editor, Green Feather Comm., Stu- dent Co-Chmn., " Operation Book Lift, " Sec, Traffic Committee, S.U.B. STARK, WILLIAM D., Ill, Jack- sonville, Fla., Bus. — Pi Kappa Al- pha, Treas., Soccer Team, S Qub, R.O.T.C., Rifle Team, Accountancy Club. SVIKHART, BRIAN JEFFREY, St. Petersburg, Fla., L.A. — Inde- pendent Men ' s Organization, Sec, Treas., STETSON REVIEW, Art Director, HATTER Staff, Honor Roll, Harry L. Taylor Prize in Hu- manities, Sigma Tau Delta, Pres., S.U.B. Hootenanny Record, S.U.B. Recreation Committee, Operation Book Lift, Stetson ' s Ev Charlie Show, Wit ' s End. TAFT, KAREN HORN, Sun City, Ariz., L.A. — Alpha Xi Delta, Pledge Sec, House Chmn., Secret Office, Rec. Sec, Canterbury Club, S.F.E.A., Student Advisor, Junior Counselor. THOMAS, NOYES RANDALL, Orlando, Fla., L.A. — Sigma Phi Ep- silon, Big Brother Chmn., Social Chmn., Intramurals, Freshman Hon- ors Program, Greek Week Com- mittee. THORNTON, WM. THOMAS, Hapeville, Ga., L.A. — Lambda Chi Alpha, Sec, Correspondent, Execu- tive Comm., Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Honors Program, Ford Gradu- ate Program, Concert Choir, Uni- versity Chorus, MENC, SFEA, Pep Band. TILTON, JOAN, N. Miami, Fla., L.A. — Phi Society, Scroll and Key, Sigma Tau Delta, Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Janet Howard Taylor Shakesp re Prize, F. H. McDonald Foundation Award, Ford Graduate Program, French Club, Sec Treas. TONDEE, PAULA JO, Ellaville, Ga., Bus. — Alpha Xi Delta, Pledge Class Pres., Intramural Dir., Pledge Trainer, Veep, Baptist Student Un- ion, Intramural Board Sec, Student Advisor, Parent ' s Weekend Comm., Sigma Beta Chi, Veep. TUNNELL, GENE, Homestead, Fla., Mus. — Kappa Kappa Psi, Pres., Music School Pres., Westminster Fellowship Veep, Intramurals, Hon- or Roll, General Mgr. Stetson Band, Pep Band Director. TUSSING, L. BENTON, Ft. Lau- derdale, Fla., L.A. — Veep, Lambda Chi Alpha, Senior Judge, Traffic Department, REPORTER, Intra- murals Editor, Sports writer, Intra- murals, Water Ski Club, Vice-Com- mander of Sail Club. W WATERHOUSE, C. BERNARD, Paisley, Fla., L.A. — Student Minis- ter, Altoona-Paisley Methodist Church. WHEELER, SHERRY LYNN, Al- ma, Ga., L.A. — Wesley Foundation, Council Member, Phi Society, Scroll Key, Gamma Theta Upsilon, Sec, " L " Club Historian, Honor Roll, Dean ' s List Academic Council Award, Young Democrats. WHITTINGTON, Winter Park, Fla., L.A. — Pi Beta Phi, Treas., Rec Sec, Christian Scientists Or- ganization Veep., Religious Life Council, Kappa Pi. WILLIAMS, GLORIA JEANNE, Jacksonville, Fla., L.A. — Intra- murals, Young Democrats, Collegi- ate Council for the U.N. Secretary- WIRSING, JUNE, CarroUton, Ga., L.A. — Pi Beta Phi, Corresponding Sec, Chaplain, Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, S.F.E.A., Parent ' s Weekend Comm., Student Advisor. WRIGHT, BARBARA JARIS, Hollywood, Fla., L.A. — Intramu- rals, Honor RoU, Dean ' s List Aca- demic Council Award, Psi Chi, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Phi Society, Scroll and Key. YETTER, MARY E., Tavares, Ha., L.A. — Lutheran Students Associa- tion, Treas., HATTER Staff, Mod- em Dance Club, Veep, Pres., Honor RoU, Young Republicans, N.E.A., S.F.E.A. TflMflRRflW Yesterday there were no jobs in the electric industry for grade school drop-outs. Today there are no jobs for high school drop-outs. Tomorrow ' s jobs . . . the job YOU want . . . will require advanced training . , or even a college degree Get all the education and training you can. The payoff is a better life for you and a better nation, too! -rMT ou s ' o ' 7 z4ey FLORIDA PO A ER CORPORATION YOUR TAX PAYING. INVESTOR-OWNED ELECTRIC COMPANY Junior Index ANDERSON, JOY, Clearwater, Fla., L.A., 133, 191, 240. ANDERSON, JUDI, Denver, Col., L.A., 133, 239. 240. ANDERSON, KAREN ELAINE, Co- lumbus, O., L.A., 133, 195. ARNOLD, BRUCE EDWARD, Clear- water, Fla., Bus., 133. ASHCRAFT. SARAH F., DeLand, fta., L.A., 133, 182, 240, 249. AULT, JAMES, Panama City, Fla., Mus., 133. AUSTIN, SVELLEN, Miami, Fla., L.A., 133, 199. B BAGNAL, JOEL, Jacksonville, Fla., L.A., 133, 218, 245, 262. BAILY, ROBERT B., JR., Fernandina Beach, Fla., L.A., 133. BAKSA, RICHARD WILLIAM, Scotch Plains, N. J., 133, 215. BALDWIN, GLENN, Delray Beach, Fla., L.A., 133, 258. BARBE, IRA LEE, Warwick, R. I., L.A., 133. BAROLO, DENICE, F., Bradenton Beach, Fla., L.A., 133, 187. BARRETT. SHIRLEY, Savannah, Ga., L.A., 133. BEYER, JANE H., Niagara Falls, On- tario, Bus., 133. BICKELHAUPT, JAMES ALLAN, De- Land, Fla., Bus., 133, 211, 253. BOTTOMLEY, GERALD LESLIE, Mel- bourne, Fla., L.A., 133. BOYD, LARRY CRAIG, McMinnville, Tenn..L.A., 133. BRAUN, AMELIA, Baldwin, Fla., L.A., 133, 268. BROUSSEAU, TEDDY, Ormond Beach, Fla., L.A., 133, 232, 235. BUSEY. STEVE, Jacksonville, Fla., Bus., 133, 232, 233,249. BUTLER, DOUGLAS L., Atlanta, Ga., Mus., 133, 268. CHARLESWORTH, ARTHUR T., Pon- te Vedra Beach, Fla., L.A., 133, 264. CHATLOS, EVELYN, N. Miami Beach, Fla., L.A., 133. CLEMENTS, BERNICE ANN, Vero Beach, Fla., L.A., 133, 199. CLENNEY, LINDA, Jacksonville, Fla., L.A., 24, 46. COLVARD, RUTH ELIZABETH, Pa- hokee, Fla., L.A., 24, 35, 45, 133, 187. CORNWALL, PETER S., Spencer, Iowa, L.A., 133, 223. COURSEY, CHARLES C, Palatka, Fla., L.A., 133, 266. COUTANT, ANDREW, Stuart, Fla., L.A., 133, 207. COX, CLARA, Gainesville, Fla., L.A., 133, 191. CREAGH, GLORIA H., Havana, Cuba, L.A., 133, 261,268. CULVER, EDDIE H., Savannah, Ga., Bus., 133, 258. D DAVIDSON, SANDY, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., Bus., 133. DAVIS, JOHN MASON, Dade City, Fla., L.A., 133,211. DAWSON, DOUG, JR., Corning, N. Y., Bus., 133, 223. DEAL. BETTY, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., Mus., 133. DEA TON, JOYCE H., Charlotte, N. C, L.A., 133, 187. DEKLE. JENNIE, Gainesville, Fla., L.A., 133, 187, 239, 240, 249. DERICKS, DONNA, Cincinnati, O., L.A., 24, 133, 191, 235. DILLMAN, CHARLES, Miami, Fla., Bus., 133, 223. DOUBLEDAY, DIANE, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., L.A., 133, 240, 249, 252, 264. DOWLING, RICHARD, Treasure Is- land. Fla., Bus., 133, 233. DURHAM, BRENDA LOU, Blounts- town, Fla., L.A., 133, 202. ELLIS, WAYNE. Jacksonville. Fla., Bus.. 133. 223. ESLINGER. BOB, Bradenton, Fla., L.A., 134, 218, 239, 249. FAWCETT, SUSAN, Lighthouse Point, Fla., L.A., 134, 198. FIELD, ALICE, Jacksonville, Fla., L.A., 134. 186. FIELD, JUDITH LOUISE, AsheviUe, N. C, L.A., 134. FISHBAUGH. FRANKLIN JAMES, Ocala, Fla., L.A., 134. FLEISHEL, CONNIE, DeLand, Fla., L.A., 134. 194. FLETCHER. SUZANNE, Greensboro, Fla., L.A., 134, 194. FOSTER, LELIA C, Altoona, Fla., L.A., 134. FRANCISCO, WILLIAM PAYNE, San Antonio, Texas, L.A., 134, 214. FREELAND. MELISSA. Panama City, Fla., L.A., 134, 265, 266, 268. FREEMAN, THOMAS BRENT, St. Pet- ersburg, Fla., L.A., 134, 214. FURLONG, EDWARD COLSON, III, DeLand, Fla., Bus., 134, 268. GARBOW, CHRISTOPHER DEANE, McLean, Va., L.A., 134, 180, 218. GARDNER, JOHN, St. Petersburg, Fla., L.A., 134. GARNER, JOSEPH, Carmi, 111., L.A., 134, 235, 239, 249. GARVIN, GLENN, Chevy Chase, Md., Bus., 134, 180, 214. GASKILL, TIM, E. Pepperill, Mass., Bus., 134, 222. GIFFIN, CARYL JEANNE, DeLand, Fla., L.A., 134, 182, 249, 255, 256. GOODING, MACK D., Jacksonville, Fla., L.A., 134, 237. GOODSON, BARBARA, Haines City, Fla., L.A., 134. GORDON, GAIL, Arcadia, Fla., L.A., 134, 182, 249, 268. GREGORY, MARTY, Lawrenceville, III., Bus., 24, 134. H HALL, PATRICIA ANNE, Leesburg, Fla., L.A., 134, 190, 192, 253. HAMPP, KURT PRESTON, Bethesda, Md., L.A., 134, 210. HAMPTON, RALPH CLINTON, JR., West Palm Beach, Fla., L.A., 134, 226. HANSON, GARY, Holly Hill, Ha., L.A., 134. HARDY, SANDY, Hollywood, Fla., L.A., 134, 232, 233, 249, 256, 260, 264, 265. HARGNETT, DAVID LEE, Jackson- ville, Fla., L.A., 134, 206. HARGRAVE, LES, Ft. Pierce, Fla., L.A.. 134, 226. HARKINS, STEVE, Bolton, Mass., L.A., 134,214. HASTINGS, LARRY, Hamden, Conn., L.A., 134, 180, 226, 236. HAYMAN, CINDY, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., L.A., 134. HAYS, J. v., Ocala, Fla., L.A., 134, 260. HEBDEN, ROBERT WAYNE, Kirk- wood, Mo., Bus., 134, 226. HEEBNER, PETER B., DeLand, Fla., L.A., 134, 214. HERBERHOLZ, LOIS DIANE, Miami, Fla., L.A., 134. HERRALD, JUDITH, Baldwinsville, N. Y., L.A., 134. HINKLE, BARBARA ANN, Ocean City, N. Y., L.A., 134. HIGGINS, TERRY L., Sarasota, Fla., L.A., 134. HIRD, RANDY, Coral Gables, Fla., L.A., 134. HOBEN, DIANA SUE, Atlanta, Ga., L.A., 134. HOLIFIELD, RICHARD NEWTON, Sebring, Fla., L.A., 134, 222. HOLMES, OWEN, Jacksonville, Fla., L.A., 134. HOOK, PENNY ANN, N. Miami, Fla., L.A., 134, 244, 260, 265. HOWARD, ALICE RUTH, Lakeland, Fla., L.A., 134. HUDGINS, MARY VIRGINIA, Deca- tur, Ga., L.A., 134, 198. HUGHES, BOB, Miami, Fla., L.A., 135, 226. INGERICK. ELDYA, DeLand, Fla., Bus., 135, 226. JACKSON, JERRY, Jacksonville, Fla., Bus., 135, 262. JENSEN, JENASY, Lake Helen, Fla., L.A., 135, 198, 266. JONES, JEFF, Jacksonville, Fla., L.A., 135,218. JONES. PRISCILLA, Atlanta, Ga., Mus., 135, 182, 240, 262. JONES. RICHARD S., West Patai Beach, Fla., L.A., 135. JORDAN, HUNTER, High Point, N. C, Mus., 51, 135, 182, 234. K KEGLEY, GLORIA GILL, Decatur, Ga., L.A. 135, 190, 192. KENTNER, KATHY, Tampa, Fla., L.A., 135, 186. KIMBLE, BOB, Arlington, Va., Bus., 135, 210. KITCHENS, RALPH E., Douglas, Ga., Bus., 135, 206. KNIGHT, GWEN, Jacksonville, Fla., L.A., 35, 52, 53, 135, 194, 240, 249, 255, 256. KNOWLES, CLAY M., JR., Jackson- ville, Fla., L.A., 136, 268. KRAUSE, DORIT H., Pittsburgh, Pa., L.A., 135, 255. LAWRENCE, MICHAEL BOWIE, St. Petersburg, Fla., L.A., 135, 218. LEVY, EDWARD A., JR., Altamonte Springs, Fla., Bus., 135. FOUNTAIN ' S Over Fifty Years Central Florida ' s Finest Store for Men DeLAND, FLORIDA ROEHR PRODUCTS CO., INC. Subsidiary of Brunswick Corporation DeLand, Florida Norfolk, Nebraska Waterbury, Connecticut World ' s Largest Manufacturer of Disposable Hypodermic Needles and Syringes V. W. GOULD AGENCY, INC. BELUE ' S SHOES 136 North Boulevard DeLand Florida DELAND CAMERA SHOP 142 North Boulevard DeLand, Florida 734-3595 Junior Index LORENZO. MARCOS F., Guantanamo, Cuba, L.A., 135. LOWRY, ROBERT K., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., L.A.. 135. LUCAS. SANDRA ANN, Coral Gables, Fla., L.A., 135, 232, 247, 249. LYLE, RANDY, Alexandria, Va., L.A., 135, 226. LYNN, RAY B., Perry. Fla., L.A.. 135. LYON, JANET, Lakeland, Fla., L.A., 24, 135, 233, 239, 249, 255. M MAAS, JAN WILLEM, Katonah, N. Y., L.A., 136. 212. MABRY, MICHAEL, Ft. Benning, Ga., L.A., 135, 255. MARTIN, BETH, Starke, Fla., L.A., 135. MARTIN. PAUL, Gainesville, Fla., L.A.. 135. 212, 233. 234, 262. MAZUR, JEANNE ELIZABETH, Eau Gallie, Fla., L.A., 135. 200. 232. MELTON. SANDY, Atlanta. Ga.. L.A.. 135. 182. METHENY. MARVIN L.. Wauchula, Fla.. Bus., 135. 228. MILLER. RAYMOND. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.. L.A.. 135. 228. MILLSAPS, ANNICA MAE, Ft. Laud- erdale, Fla., L.A., 135, 184. MINOR, SANDY, Atlanta, Ga., L.A., 135. 260. 261. MOFFAT. BONNIE F., Orlando, Fla., L.A., 135, 232, 233, 268. MOORE, JUDY, DeLand, Fla., L.A., 135. 196. MOORE. RONNIE. New Brockton. Ala., Bus., 135. MORGAN, DOROTHY M., Miami, Fla., L.A., 136. MORRIS, CYNTHIA, DeLand, Fla., L.A., 136, 196. MORRISSEY, PATRICIA ANNE, Aber- deen, Md., L.A., 136. MOSCHAYDREAS, DEMETRIOS, Ath- ens, Greece, L.A., 136, 252, 261, 267. MOSER, FORREST M., Indialantic, Fla., L.A., 136. MULLINIKS, GWEN, Orlando, Fla., L.A., 136, 188. MULLINS, RICHARD A., Miami Springs, Fla., Bus., 136. MACGILL, BARBARA, Abington, Pa., L.A., 136, 204. McHARGUE, GLYNIS, Sebring, Fla., L.A., 136, 204. N NASH, ANNA R., Sarasota, Fla., L.A., 136, 266. NATHAN, ANN, Orange City, Fla., L.A., 163, 204, 258. NAWOTKA, LAURA, Falls Church, Va., L.A., 136, 204. NELSON, ROBERT, DeLand, Fla., L.A., 136. NELSON, SANFORD BONNER, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.. L.A., 136, 224. NIMNICHT, RANDY F., Miami, Fla., L.A.. 136, 233. NORTON, DIANA A., Atlanta, Ga., Mus., 136, 200, 240. NUNEZ, JILL R., DeLand, Fla., L.A., 136, 233, 249, 253. NUNEZ, RICHARD, DeLand, Fla., L.A., 136, 220, 261. O ORIANS, JAN, Toledo, O., L.A., 136, 188. OWEN. TIM, Howey. Fla.. Bus., 136, 216. PAGE, CARY, Evergeen, Ala., L.A., 136. PARKER. JAMES, Lake Worth, Fla., Bus., 136,253,271. PARKO, JOSEPH E., JR.. Ft. Lauder- dale. Fla.. L.A.. 136, 266. PATTERSON, IAN T.. Hollywood, Fla., Bus., 136, 220. PENDING, SAM D., Tampa, Fla., L.A., 136. PETERSEN, STEPHEN D., Spencer, Iowa, Bus., 136, 228. PIERCE. LARRY HUNTER, Summer- ville, S. C, L.A., 136, 212. PRIDDY, LINDA, Chattanooga, Tenn., Mus., 136, 188, 262. PUTERBAUGH, BOB, Babson Park, Fla., Bus., 136. R RICHARDS, BEVERLEY FINNEY, DeLand, Fla., L.A., 136, 193, 238, 244, 246. RICHTER, JAMES, Orlando, Fla., Bus.. 136, 233. 253, 267. RIESBECK. LAURENCE WILLIAM, Corning, N. Y., Bus., 136, 224. RIKARD. EVIE, Winter Haven, Fla., L.A., 136. ROB BINS, FRED, Coral Gables, Fla., L.A.. 136. ROBERS, WILLIAM M.. Miami. Fla., L.A.. 136. ROSSELLE, DAVID JAMES. Sarasota, Fla., Bus., 136, 264. RUTAN, CAROL, New Orleans, La., Mus., 136, 184, 240. SALTER, PHELPS, Bronxville, N. Y., Bus., 136, 212, 253. SCHNEIDER, WILLIAM J., Hamden, Conn., L.A., 136, 212, 234, 249, 260, 264. SCHUMACHER, PAUL DAVID, Jack- sonville, Fla., L.A., 136. SHIPPEY, SANDRA, Jacksonville, Fla., LA., 136, 256. SHUFORD, DICK. Jacksonville, Fla., L.A., 136, 212, 232, 264, 269, 271. SIMMONS, GERALD E., Astor, Fla., L.A., 136. SKIBBE, ART, Charlotte, N. C, L.A., 136, 243. SMEDLEY, SUSAN, Media, Pa., L.A., 147, 196, 255, 268. SNODGRASS, BETSY, Miami, Fla., L.A„ 137, 196. 236, 240. 249. SOLOMON. RONALD ELLIS, Ft. My- ers. Fla.. L.A., 137, 216. SOULE, GARDNER, Palos Hts., 111., L.A., 137, 212. STEELE, KENNETH, Tampa, Fla., Mus., 137, 249, 262. STEPHENS, MARGARET ANNE, Tal- lahassee, Fla., L.A., 137, 184, 255. STEVEN, JAMES A., Charlotte, N. C, L.A., 137, 216. STONE, BILL, Jacksonville, Fla., Bus., 224. SWANSON, JUDY, Keokuk, Iowa, L.A., 137, 193, 239, 246. SWOPE, ANNE, Miami, Fla., L.A., 137, 184. TARDIF, ROBERT C, Dunedin, Fla., L.A., 137,216. THOMPSON, JIM, Vero Beach, Fla., Mus., 137, 220, 235, 249, 262. THOMPSON, TIM, Bedford, Pa., L.A., 137, 212. THOMPSON, YVONNE TRUETT, Pa- hokee. Fla.. L.A.. 137, 193. TRAUT, KENNETH RICHARD, India- lantic, Fla., L.A., 137, 220. TRIBBLE, EDWARD J., DeLand, Fla., L.A., 137, 208. TUSSING, BENTON " TONY " , Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., L.A., 137, 212, 232, 243. TYSON, GARY MICHAEL. Ocala, Fla., L.A., 137, 220, 271. VAIL, ARLENE MARIE, Ft. Lauder- dale, Fla.. L.A., 137, 200. VARNEDOE, MARY LOU, Palatka, Fla., L.A., 24. 137. 193. VICK. BINGHAM L.. JR., Charlotte, N. C, L.A., 137, 220, 235, 249, 262. W WACHSMUTH, KAYE, Columbia, S. C, L.A., 137, 193, 249, 255. WAGNER, PHIL, Daytona Beach, Fla., L.A., 137, 212. WAINMAN, CAROLE, St. Augustine, Fla., L.A., 137, 196. WALL. RICHARD C, Sandersville, Ga., L.A., 137, 268. WALLACE, STAN, Sebring, Fla., L.A., 137. 224. 252. WANDS. NANCY, Deerfield, 111., L.A., 137, 200, 240. WARD, BRENDA, Port St. Joe, Fla., L.A„ 137, 204. WARD. TERYL-SUE, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.. L.A.. 137. WATERS. ONEITA ONELL. Home- stead, Fla., Mus., 137, 267. WEIPPERT, DAVID, Jacksonville, Fla., L.A., 137, 228. WELCH, JAMES ROBERT, Chantilly, Va., L.A., 137, 224. WELLS, BOB, Miami, Fla., Bus., 137, 253. 267. WHEELER, KATHERINE RUTH, At- lanta, Ga.. L.A., 137. WHELAN, BETSY, Santurce, Puerto Rico, L.A., 137, 200. WHITE, JAMES EUGENE, Daytona Beach, Fla., Bus., 137, 180, 224, 234, 249. WIELAND, WILLIAM F., Mt. Gilead, O., Bus.. 137. WOOFTER, LINDA. Delray Beach, Fla.. L.A.. 137, 188, 233, 236. WRIGHT, ROBERT, Meridian Miss., Bus., 137. YAEGER, JAMES, Terre Haute, Ind., Bus., 132, 224. YOUNG, TINA, Ponte Verde Beach, Fla., L.A., 137, 188. ZELLER, JEAN F., Rome, N. Y., L.A., 137. DELAND COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Phone 734-2182 CONNELL COX JEWELERS DIAMONDS — WATCHES — REPAIRS ALL WORK GUARANTEED 203 NORTH BOULEVARD DeLAND FEASEL PAINT AND GLASS Established 1921 Art Supplies Picture Framing 247 North Boulevard DeLand, Florida STETSON UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE Congratulations . . . Class of 1965 Your Book-Centered Store on Your Book-Centered Campus Sophomore Index ABLES, B. MICHAEL, Sanford, Ba.. L.A.. 139, 218. ABREU, VINCENT J., Havana, Cuba, LA., 1.19. ACKERMAN, CARL, Tampa, Fla., Bus., 126, 139. AINSLIE, KIRK, GainesvUle, Fla., LA., 139. ALBRECHT. RONALD JAMES, Scarsdale, N.Y., Bus., 127, 139. ALBRITTON, MERILYN LEE, Wauchula, Fla., L.A., 139, 187. ALDRICH, KATHLEEN LENORE, Sarasota, Fla.. L.A., 139, 191. ALEXANDER. LESLIE, St. Peters- burg, Fla., Bus., 139, 140, 195. ANDERSON. KENNETH DON- ALD, West Hartford, Conn.. Bus., 139. 207. ARVANITIS, SUSAN, St. Paul, Minn., L.A.. 139, 191. ASHLEY, JOYCE, Jacksonville, Fla.. L.A., 139, 202. AUSINSCH, BAIBA, Solna, Swe- den, L.A., 139, 255, 261. B BARDOWELL. CHERYL, Jamaica, West Indies, L.A., 139, 266. BARRINGER. JO, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., L.A., 139. 187, 240. BARROSO. JUAN. Havana, Cuba, L.A.. 139. 253, 261, 268. BAUBE, JANICE, Mt. Vernon, Ohio, L.A., 139. BAUER, FRANK ROBERT, Pinel- las. Fla., L.A.. 139. BEACH. JANE J.. Eau Gallie, Fla., L.A., 139, 191. BEACH. MARCI, Holly HUI, Fla., Mus.. 139. BEDELL. JOHN C, Hempstead, N. Y., Bus., 139, 207. BEHRENS, ALDEN, DeLand, Fla., L.A., 139, 218. BENDEL. KURT N., Mt. Bethel, N. J., L.A., 139. 218. BIBER, JOE. Spartanburg. S. C, L.A., 1-39, 218. BIGELOW, FRANK VINING, Branford, Conn., Bus., 139, 227. BIRREL, MARY GRACE, Cocoa Beach. Fla.. L.A.. 139. BISHOP. RANDI, Clearwater, Ha., L.A., 139, 202, 240. BLANK, PAUL L., Baltimore. Md., Mus.. 139. 265. BLAZER. CAROL ALINE, Fort Myers, Fla., L.A., 139. BOLLINGER, GARY, Indialantic, Fla., L.A., 139. BOHMFALK, JOHN FREDERICK, Rye, N. Y., Bus., 139, 211. BOZARD, MARIE, DeLand, Fla., L.A., 139. BRACK, PATRICIA NELL, St. Cloud, Fla., L.A., 139. BRANAN, RICK, Vero Beach, Fla., L.A.. 139, 218. BRANNAM. JULIA ANN, Jack- sonville, Fla.. Mus.. 139. 195. BRINING. FRED, Miami, Fla., L.A., 139. BROCKETT, LILLIAN GAIL, Pen- sacola, Fla., L.A., 139, 247. BROWN, DIANNA, Satellite Beach, Fla., L.A., 139. BROWN, JOHN, Riviera Beach, Fla LA 139 218 BROWN, TANA JEANNE, Colum- bus, Ind., L.A., 139, 182. BUCHANAN, JOHN STEPHEN, Savannah, Ga., LA., 139, 218, 267. BURNETT, LANE THOMAS, Jack- sonville, Fla.. Bus. 139, 215, 232. BURNS. ROBERT KOGER. Flor- ence, S. C, Bus., 139, 218. CAIN. LOUCRETIA PEARL, Lake Wales, Fla., L.A., 139, 187. CAMPBELL, ROCK, Pompano Beach. Fla.. L.A.. 139, 258. CARAMEROS, TONI, Miami, Fla., L.A., 24, 35, 47, 139, 191. CARROLL, ELIZABETH ANN, Mt. Dora, Fla., L.A., 139. CARTER, DONNA, Orlando, Fla., L.A., 139. CARTER, FRANK, Chevy Chase, Md.. Bus.. 139. 211. CARTLEDGE, JOYCE, Miami, Ha., L.A., 139. CASEY. DAVID EARL, Miami, Fla., Bus.. 139, 227. CASTILLO, ANGEL, Miami, Fla., L.A., 139, 234. CAULLEY, JAMES MICHAEL, Jacksonville. Fla., L.A., 139, 227. CEBALLO LUIS ERNESTO, Or- lando, Fla., L.A.. 139. CHESHIRE, JOANNE. Pompano, Fla., L.A., 139, 182, 270, 271. CHICKERING. SUSAN C. Cam- den. S. C, L.A.. 195. CLARKE. LARRY ROBERT. Mia- mi. Fla., L.A.. 139. 237. CLAYPOOL, LINDA JEAN. Hia- leah. Fla.. L.A., 139. COHRS, GAIL, Pompano Beach, Fla., L.A., 139. 187. 233. COKER. DAVID L.. Winter Haven. Fla., L.A., 139. COKER. JULIUS VERSON, JR., Bradenton. Fla.. L.A.. 139. COLE, SARAH ELIZABETH, Dal- las, Texas. L.A.. 139. 195. COLLINS, PHIL. Tampa, Fla., L.A.. 139, 218. COMBS, NANCY REA, DeLand, Fla.. L.A.. 24, 140, 182. CORYDON, BONNIE, Boca Raton, Fla.. L.A.. 140. CROWTHER. JOHN B., Hamden. Conn.. L.A., 140, 227. D DAMON, RICHARD. University City. Mo.. Bus.. 140. 227. DAVIDSON. PATTI. Columbus. Ga.. Mus., 140. DAVIS, DAN, Jacksonville, Fla., Bus., 140, 215. DAVIS, WILLIAM MICHAEL, Waycross, Ga.. L.A., 140, 266. DAWSON. JACK E., Venice. Fla.. L.A.. 140, 218. 235. 237. DEARMAS. NESTOR. Miami, Fla., L.A., 140, 218, 233, 252, 253, 261. DE MIRANDA, FRANCISCO, Ca- maguey, Cuba, L.A., 140, 245. 261. DE TREVILLE. LISA. Jacksonville, Fla., L.A., 140. DICKEY. F. PAUL. Miami, Fla., Mus.. 140. DILLARD. CAMILLE. Tampa, Fla., Mus.. 140. 186. 262. DOLIVE, HENRY, DeLand, Fla., L.A., 140, 218. EDWARDS, SELBY, DeLand, Fla., Bus., 140, 195. ENSTICE, RICHARD ERLING, Caldwell. N. J.. L.A.. 140. ESTENSON. JANET. Jacksonville. Fla.. L.A.. 140. 199. ESTES, SHARON. Fort Benning, Ga.. L.A.. 140. 182. 262. EUBANKS, BARBARA DIANE. Jacksonville, Fla., L.A., 140, 186. FENDT, FRED, Wayne, N. J., L.A., 140. 207. FLIPPO, ROBERTA DAYE, Eustis, Fla., L.A., 140, 202. FOULDS, ROBERT, DeLand, Fla., L.A., 140, 227. FOWLER, LEON, Key West, Fla., L.A.. 140, 223. FRAME, JAMES EDWARD, Bar- tow, Fla., L.A., 140. FURLONG, JANE V., DeLand, Fla., L.A., 140, 268. GAINEY, ELIZABETH, Marathon Shores, Fla., L.A., 140. GALITZ, EARL HOWARD, Coral Gables, Fla., L.A., 140, 258, 266. GARDNER, LYNN. St. Petersburg, Fla., L.A., 140, 232. GARRETT, POLLY, DeLand, Fla., L.A., 140. GLADDING. SAM. Decatur, Ga., L.A., 140, 248, 260, 262. GONZALEZ, HUMBERTO J., Cara- cas, Venezuela, L.A., 140. GRAEF, PATRICIA, Westfield, N.J., Bus., 140. GRANA. MADELENE J., Jackson- ville. Fla.. L.A.. 140. GRIMM. BETSY, TitusvUle, Fla., L.A., 140. GRUBER, CRAIG H., Lake Park, Fla., L.A., 140, 223. GUENTHER, LINDA MARIE, DeLand, Fla., L.A., 24, 28, 50, 140, 182, 270. GUSSMAN, DIANE, Silver Spring, Md., L.A., 142, 195. HAIRE, JOHN, Vero, Beach, Fla., L.A., 140, 218. HALL, RON, Sarasota, Fla., L.A., 140. HARDESTY, ALONZO HOMER, Daytona Beach, Fla., L.A., 140. HARDMAN, JOHN ALBERT, Hol- lywood,. Fla., Bus. 140. 271. HARMER. WENDY JEAN, Pom- pano Beach. Fla.. L.A., 140. HARRELL, PATRICIA. DeLand, Fla.. L.A.. 140, 195. HARRISON, GENE. Miami. Fla., L.A., 140, 218. HAYES, ROBERT C, Auburn, N.Y., L.A., 140. HEAD, GEORGE OSWELL, Cape Canaveral, Fla., L.A., 141. HEATH. RONALD E., Warwick, R.I., L.A., 141. HEINZE, DON, Beltsville, Md., L.A., 141. 218. HERBST, MARY FRANCES, Mar- tinsville. N.J.. L.A., 141. 199. HOCKETT, PAUL E., Miami, Fla., L.A., 141, 267. HOGG, JOHN FORBES, Miami, Fla., L.A., 141. HOOD. MICHAEL B., Homestead, Fla.. Bus., 141, 215. HOOKER, CAROL J., Pompano Beach, Fla., L.A., 141, 147, 240. HOOKER, MARY ELLEN, Fort Myers. Fla.. L.A.. 141. 258. HOWARD. HEANNE. Cocoa, Fla., Mu 141. HUGGARD, KATHLEEN EMILY, Sun City Center. Fla.. L.A.. 141. HUTCHINS, CATHERINE T., Bra- denton Beach, Fla., L.A., 141. JACKSON, DON, Griffin, Ga., L.A., 141, 218. JACKSON, LINDA, Valdosta, Ga., Bus., 141, 187. JOHNSON, RONALD WAYNE, Columbus, Ga., L.A., 141, 211. JOHNSTON, GREGORY A., Or- mond Beach. Fla., L.A., 141. JONES, KEVIN, Wilmette, III., Bus., 141, 223. JONES, THOMAS A. D. Ill, Osh- kosh. Wise, Bus.. 141, 223, 260. JORDAN, GAIL EILEEN. Chester- field. S.C. L.A., 141, 203. JULIAN, SHERRILE, Sanford, Fla.. LA.. 141. K KENNEDY. TERRI JO. Jackson- vUle. Fla., L.A., 49, 141, 192, 233, 240. KESSLER. GLENN D., DeLand, Fla., L.A., 141. KIRKPATRICK, GRACE, Jackson- ville Beach, Fla., Mus., 141. 262. KLEINSCHMIDT. CHUCK. Hia- leah. Fla., 141, 242. KNIGHTS, BONNIE LEE, Day- tona Beach, Fla., Mus., 141, 199. KNAPP, RICHARD FREDERIC, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., L.A., 141, 253. 265. KOHN, RICHARD, St. Petersburg Beach, Fla.. Bus., 141, 215. KUNTZLEMAN, CAROL A., Or- mand Beach, Fla., L.A., 141. LADY, CAROLYN, Washington, D.C., L.A.. 141, 188. LAIN, DOUGLAS, Norris, Tennes- see. L.A. 141, 218. LANGWELL, SHARON, DeLand, Fla.. 141. LANNES, ROMAN M., Coral Ga- bles, Fla., L.A., 141. LAWRIE, CATHERINE, Seaford, Del., L.A.. 141. LEHTON, JENI, Cocoa Beach, Fla., L.A.. 141. LINZEE. THOMAS EDWARD JR., Port Jefferson, N.Y., Bus., 141, 208. LIPPOLDT, LINDA, Gainesville, Fla.. L.A.. 141. 196. LOPEZ, CARLOS RAFAEL, Ha- vana, Cuba, L.A., 141. LOVDAL. SIG, St. Petersburg, Fla., L.A., 141. LYCAN, MAY, DeLand, Fla., L.A., 141. McCAULEY, ROBERT LEE, Fort Pierce, Fla., L.A., 141, 260, 262. McCRANIE, SANDY, Jacksonville, Fla., L.A., 141. McCULLOUGH, TOPPER, Charles- ton, W. Va., L.A., 141, 223. McDonald, DOROTHY, Coral Gables, Fla., L.A., 141, 196. MacMAHON, PAUL J., Ft. Pierce, Fla., L.A., 141, 223. M MADDOCK, PETER WHITE, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., L.A., 141. MALONE, HAYDEN, Jacksonville, Fla., L.A.. 141. MANNING. LAURIE, Sarasota, Fla., Bus., 141, 192. MARCH, BOBBIE, Bridgeport, Conn., L.A., 141, 203. MASTRY, DENNIS, St. Petersburg, Fla., Bus., 141, 208. MATHERS. PHYLLIS ANN, Uma- tilla, Fla., L.A., 141, 203. MAYER, RICHARD THOMAS, Lake Mary, Fla., L.A., 141, 213, 239. MECHLING, JAY EDMUND, Mi- ami Beach, Fla., L.A., 141, 233, 254, 258. MEDRANO. GENA, Miami, Fla., L.A., 24. 141, 258, 261. MERRIAM, ROBIN, DeLand, Fla., L.A., 141, 240, 256. MIDKIFF. LYNN E., Deltona, Fla,, L.A., 141. MIDDLETON, SALLY ANN, Asta- tula, Fla.. Mus., 141. MILES, DOTTIE, Merritt Island, Fla., L.A., 141, 187. MILLER, MARION LESLEY, Cin- cinnati, O.. L.A., 141, 192. MILLER, MARY JANE, St. Augus- tine. Fla., Bus., 141. MILNER, MARGIE, Ocala, Fla., L.A.. 141, 182. MISHLER, BARBARA ALLYN, Miami, Fla., L.A., 141. MONCRIEF, JAMES SCOTT, Nep- tune Beach. Fla., Bus., 141. MONTERO, MIRIAM, Miami, Ha., L.A., 141. MORGAN, DAVID, Miami, Fla., L.A., 142, 233. MORRIS, KITTY, Westfield, N. J., L.A., 142. 196. MORRIS. MAKY ANN. Jackson- ville. Fla., Bus., 142, 203. MORRIS. WILLIAM C. Pensacola, Fla., L.A., 142, 218, 239. MULLIN, BRUCE, Winter Park, Fla., Bus., 142. MYERS. SANDI LEE, Lakeland, Fla., Bus., 142. N NAPOLI, EUGENE T., Coral Ga- bles. Fla.. Bus., 142, 208. NAPOLI, WILLIAM, Coral Gables, Fla., Bus., 142, 208. NELSON, JO ANN, Ft. Pierce, Fla., Bus., 142. NEMEC, RUTH GENEVIEVE, Palm Beach, Fla., L.A., 142. NEUBECK, PEGGY, Miami, Fla., L.A.. 142. NICOLETTO. SHARON CHRIS- TINE, Tampa, Fla., L.A., 142, OLIN, LAWRENCE MANVILLE, Bogota, Colombia, S.A., Bus., 142, PADGETT, PHILLIP TANTON, Nashville, Tenn., L.A., 142. PAIN, CARLETON FRANK, St. Cloud. Fla.. L.A.. 142. PARKER, JOYCE V., Miami, FIa„ L.A., 142. PARKS, SHARON SUE, Miami, Fla., L.A., 142. PAULA, JUNE, HaUandale, Ha., L.A., 142. PHILLIPS, BECKY, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.. L.A., 142, 187. PHILLIPS. THOMAS ANDREW, Schenectady, N. Y., Bus., 142. PICKERING, GEORGE WILLIAM ROY, Daytona Beach, Ha., Mus,, 142. PIPHER, TOM, Naples, Fla., L.A., 142, 233. PLUMER, JANN, Pahokee, Ha., Mus., 142, 193, 240. POOSER, CRAIG, Jacksonville, Fla., L.A., 142, 260, 267. POZDENA, GWEN H., Darien, Conn., L.A., 142, 200. Since 1929 On the Boulevard Mitchell Cleaners Finest in Dry Cleaning Polarized Care for Your Furs Box Storage for Winter Garments STOUDENMIRE ' S THRIFTWAY 642 West New York Avenue DeLand, Florida BARNETT NATIONAL BANK OLDEST AND LARGEST NATIONAL BANK IN WEST VOLUSIA A STETSON BOOSTER FOR 35 YEARS GIBBS OF DELAND, INC. Best Advertised Lines in Ladies ' Wearing Apparel 131-133 North Boulevard 734-5521 Sophomore Index PRICHARD. MARY. DeLand, Fla., L.A.. 142. 182. PROSSER. CHICK, Lakeland. Fla., L.A.. 142. 208. PLYKAS. NINA, St. Petersburg. Fla.. L.A., 142, 182. R RAWLS, CHRIS, Miami, Fla., Bus.. 142, 267. REED, DONNA. Falls Church. Va.. Bus.. 142. 193. REESE. ROBERT S.. JR., Charles- ton, S. C, Bus., 142. REY, CLAIR SUZANNE, Miami, Fla., L.A., 142. RICHARD, LAUREL, Whitehouse, Fla.. L.A.. 142. RICHARDSON. JANET, Naples, Fla.. L.A.. 142. ROBERTS, JAN M., Syracuse, N. Y., Bus., 229, 271. ROBERTS, MARSHALL, Jackson- ville, Fla., Bus., 142, 223. ROBINSON, BILLIE CLARICE, Daytona Beach, Fla., L.A., 142, 196. RODRIGUES, JOAQUIN, Havana, Cuba. L.A.. 142. 268. ROVELL-RIXX, LOIS, Miami, Fla., L.A.. 142, 201. ROWELL, PETER PUTNAM, St. Petersburg, Fla., L.A., 219. RYBOLT, ARLEN LOUISE. Orlan- do. Fla.. Bus.. 142, 189. RYER, NANCY, Rome, Ga., L.A., 142. SAARI, BARBARA. Arlington, Mass., L.A., 142, 205. SANCHEZ, SERGIO, Key West, Fla., Bus., 142, 224, 239. SATIN, ROBERT, Bala-Cynwyd, Pa., L.A., 142, 209. SCHAFER, LYNN, Sarasota, Fla., L.A., 142, 193. SCHAVEL, BOB, Massapequa Park, N. Y., Bus., 142. SCHIESS, JUANITA, Cali, Colom- bia. S. A.. L.A.. 142. 240. SCHMIERER. JO ANN, DeLand, Fla., Bus., 142. SEAMAN. JUDITH, Sanford, Fla., L.A., 142. SEIPP, PHILIP R.. Coral Gables, Fla., Bus., 142, 213. SHAFFER, JEANI, DeLand, Fla., L.A., 142. 256, 258. SHAPIRO, ROBERT LEE, West- field, N.J.. Bus., 142, 209. SHEARER, CAROL ANN, India- lantic, Fla.. 143, 189, 240, 256. SHERBURNE. FREDERICK B., Clearwater, Fla., L.A., 217. SHIRLEY, SANDRA. Palatka. Fla.. L.A., 205. SHUCHART. MARY E., Clear- water, Fla., Bus., 184. SMARTT, JAMES M., Abington, Pa., L.A., 180, 209. SMITH, DARLENE, Valdosta. Ga., L.A., 183, 239. SMITH, MARGARET L., New Smyrna Beach, Fla., Bus., 183. SNYDER, HOWARD T., Ft. Pierce, Fla., Bus., 213, 242, 248, 253. SPEICHER, JACOB HENRY, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., Bus., 224. SPIVEY, BARRY FRANK, DeLand, Fla., Bus., 213. STANFIELD, ELIZABETH, Atlan- ta, Ga., Mus., 188. STACEY, KAY, Miami, Fla., L.A., 184, 233, 255. STILLWELL, HOWARD R., Or- mond Beach, Fla., L.A., 229. THARP, DOROTHY, Dallas, Texas, L.A., 197. THOMAS, JIM, Ft. Pierce, Fla., L.A., 224. THOMPSON, BARBARA JEAN, Boca Grande, Fla,, L.A., 187. THOMPSON, JOHN, Gainesville, Fla., Bus., 216. TIFFANY. JO. Jacksonville. Fla.. Mus., 262. TORRES. LAURA, Miami, Fla., L.A., 203. TROXEL, TED, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., Bus., 224. TUBE, JOHN B., N. Miami Beach, Fla.. Bus.. 237. TUBBS. CAROLYN RUTH. De- Land, Fla.. L.A., 203. TUTT, DONALD STACEY, N. Mi- ami, Fla., L.A., 213, 233, VANN, PATRICIA, Eau Gallie, Fla., L.A., 200, 240. VEGA, RAMON, Havana, Cuba, Bus., 253, 261. W WALKER, ELIZABETH ANN, Mi- ramar, Fla., L.A., 254. WARTHEN, KATHERINE ANNE. Vidalia, Ga., L.A., 24, 204. 233, 240, 266. WATTS, ALLEN, Haines City. Fla., L.A., 260. WILKERSON, STEVEN EUGENE, Albany, Ga., L.A., 221, 232, 234, 262. WILLIAMS, ANITA BROOKS, St. Petersburg. Fla., L.A., 185, WILSON, MARY GLENN, Tampa, Fla., L.A., 262. WRIGHT, JUDITH LINN, Ameri- cus, Ga., L.A., 189, 240. WUTZ, NANCY VERA, Miami, Fla., L.A., 196, 240. YAKOTS NANCY ZANE, DeLand, Fla., L.A.. 196. 233, 240, 270. ZUPSICH, MARILYN SUE, BeUe- viUe, lU., L.A., 252. Freshman Index ABEL, TERRY, Eustis. Fla., LA., 145, 212 234. ADAMS, JOSEPH MORRIS, Avon Park, Ha., L.A., 145, 215. ADAMS, TIMOTHY, DeLand, Fla., L.A., 145. ALBEE, LYNNE, Sarasota, Fla., L.A., 145. ALBERTSON, WILLIAM YERKES, Haddonfield, N. J., L.A., 145, 211. ALLGAIER, DU, Orlando, Fla., L.A., 145. AMBACHTSHEER, PIETER, Orange, Fla., L.A., 145. ANDERSON, SENECA BENJA- MIN, JR., Miami, Fla., L.A., 145, 215. ANNAND, KATI, Charleston, W. Va L A 145 ARMBRUSTER, ' DAVID L., Atlan- ta, Ga., L.A., 145, 271. ARMSTRONG, JOYCE, HoUywood, Fla., L.A., 145, 187. ARTWOHL, PENNY, Rio de Janei- ro. Brazil, L.A., 145. ASH, GEORGIA, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., L.A., 145, 199. ASHLEY, MARGIE ELIZABETH, Stuart, Fla., L.A., 145, 199, 256. B BADGLEY, RICHARD BOND, St. Petersburg, Fla., L.A., 145. BAKER, GARY LYNN, Chappaqua, N. Y., Bus., 145, 207. BANGS. CANDY, Dawson, Ga., L.A.. 145. BARKETT. LAWRENCE A., Mi- ami, Fla., L.A., 145, 211. BATSEL, GUY, St. Augustine, Fla., L.A., 145. BEERY, LINDA, Miami, Fla., L.A., 145, 264. BELDEN, ROBERT, Carlisle, Pa., Bus., 145, 218. BELKNAP, Peter M., BeUows Falls, Vt., Bus., 145. BENSON, ARTHUR FRANCIS, Dade City, Fla., L.A., 145. BERRY, PAUL, Dover, Del., L.A., 145. BESTE, FREDERICK J., HI, Ti- monium, Md., L.A., 145, 227. BIDWELL, BILL, Orlando, Fla., L.A., 145, 211. BIGGINS, FRANKLIN N., Daytona Beach, Fla,, L.A„ 145. BLACKBURN, NEAL H., DeLand, Fla., Bus.. 145, 211. BLIZZARD, BILL, Jacksonville, Fla., L.A., 145, 218. BLUM, ELAINE, Fayetteville, Ga., L.A., 145. BOBLITT. NANCY EILEEN, Holly- wood, Fla., L.A., 145. BOLLINGER, GREG, Daytona, Ha., L.A.. 145. BONIAL, JANICE, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.. L.A., 145, 191. BOSLEY, GALE ANNETTE, Men- tor. O., L.A., 145. BOWEN, SANDY, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., L.A., 145, 199. BOWER, SUSAN, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., L.A., 145. BOWLES, SANDY, MartinsvUle, Va., L.A., 145. BOWMAN, BRUCE RICHARD, Bethel, Conn., L.A., 145, 211. BOYD, HELEN, Sarasota, Fla., L.A., 145. BRADFORD. BRUCE C, Miami, Fla., Bus., 145, 271. BRANDON, LEE DALTON, Nash- ville. Tenn.. L.A., 145, 191. BRENDLE, VIRGINIA LEE, Del- rav Beach, Fla.. L.A., 145. BREWER. CHARLES HUDSON, Springwater, N. Y., Bus., 145, 227. BRIGGS, MICHAEL ALAN, Jack- sonville, Fla., L.A., 145. BRIGHT, SUSAN, Miami, Fla., L.A.. 145. BRODBECK, RICHARD T., Talla- hassee. Fla.. Bus., 145. BROWN. ALICE DEAN, Atlanta, Ga.. Mus., 145. BROWN, ALISON CATHERLNE, Meadow Brook, Pa., L.A., 145, 266. BROWN, BONNIE JEANNE, Mi- ami Springs, Fla., L.A., 145. BROWN, CHARLOTTE M., West Palm Beach, Fla., L.A., 145. BROWN, JOHN F., Huntington, Ind., L.A., 145, 218. BRUNNER, SHEILA MODENA, Hollywood, Fla., Bus., 145. BURNS, ONA, Atlanta, Ga., L.A., 145. CALDWELL, JOHN A., Cocoa Beach, Fla., L.A., 145. CARLSON, JILL PAMELA, Vero Beach, Ha., L.A,, 145, 191. CASSEL, CAROL, Ormond Beach, Fla., L.A., 145. CHAMBERS, REBECCA, Jackson- ville, Fla., L.A., 146. CHICK, ARTHUR, JR., Sanford, Fla., L.A., 146. COBLIN, ROBERT SHANNON, Louisville, Ky., L.A., 145. COLE, MICHAEL, Miami. Fla.. Bus.. 146. COLYER. RICHARD ALLEN. Lauderdale by the Sea, Fla., Bus., 146. CONCHA, KARIN, Pompano Beach, Fla., Mus., 146. CORDURELIS, HELEN, Ft. Myers, Fla.. L.A., 146, 258. CONNOR, SUSAN, DeLand, Fla., L.A., 146. CORFAR, MIMI JEAN, St. Peters- burg, Fla.. L.A.. 146. COOPER. SETH E., Pahokee, Fla., Bus., 146. COX, SHARI, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., L.A.. 146, 187. CROSBY, WAYNE, Jacksonville, Ra.. L.A., 146. 218. CUNNINGHAM, DYER D., Lake Placid, Fla., Bus.. 146. CURRY, JOHN FRANCIS, Pater- son. N. J., L.A.. 146. CUTHILL, JOHN, Winter Haven, Fla., Mus.. 146. DANIELS. CHARLOTTE ANN, Hollywood, Fla., L.A., 146. DAVENPORT, LONNIE, Jackson- ville. Fla.. L.A., 146. DAVIS, CAROLE, Lashbum, Sas- katchewan, Canada. Bus., 146, DAVIS, CATHY, Havertown, Pa., L.A.. 146. DAVIS, JUDY MAREA, Pittsburgh, Pa., L.A.. 146, 202. DAVIS, STEPHEN, Havertown, Pa., L.A., 146, 211. DAY, JAMES FRANK, Daytona, Fla.. L.A., 146, 227. DEAN, JOHN, Decatur. Ga., Bus., 146. DEMERS, DAVE, DeLand, Fla., L.A., 146, 266. DENNISON, ROBIN, Covington, Ga., L.A., 146, 182, 282. DENSMORE, KENNETH IVAN, Jacksonville, Fla., L.A., 146, 218, DEROSA, JOHN ANTHONY, Mi- ami, Fla., Bus., 146. DEUELL, PATRICIA, Boca Raton, Fla., Bus,, 146, 202. DEVALENCIA, LINDA CHAR- LENE, Homestead, Fla., L.A., 146, 264. DICKENS, BRENDA, Jacksonville, Fla., L.A.. 146. 191. DICKINSON, GEORGE E., Miami, Fla., L.A., 146. DORAN, JUDITH ANNE, Glen Cove, Long Island, N. Y., Bus,, 146. DORTCH, JACK, Lake City, Fla., Bus., 146. DOUGLASS, BARRY L., Jackson- ville, Fla., L.A„ 146. DRADY. PAULA FRANCES, Hol- lywood, Fla., L.A., 146. DRINKARD, SHARON, Cullman, Ala., L.A., 146, 191. DULEY, WILLIAM PRICE, Leba- non, Ky., L.A., 146, 211. DUNCAN, FREDERICA, Leesburg, Fla.. L.A., 146. EDGERLY. ALAN T.. Hampton Falls. N. H.. L.A., 146. EDWARDS, KATHRYN, West Palm Beach, Fla., L.A., 146, 187. EGAN, MIKE, Winter Park, Fla,, L.A., 146, 211, 233. 234. EGGEMAN. LINDA SUE. Clear- water. Fla.. L.A.. 146. 182. EICKWORT. GREG. Ft. Lauder- dale. Fla.. Bus.. 146. ELKINS. SHARON KAY, DeLand, Fla., L.A., 146, 202. ELLERMAN. JOHN ROBERT, Hannibal, Mo., Bus., 146, 215. ESLINGER. JACQUELINE SUE, Bradenton. Fla., L.A., 146. EVANS, DIANNE, Brunswick, Ga., L.A., 146, 195. EVANS, JAY A., Hollywood, Fla., L.A., 146. FARRINGTON, SUZANNE, Eau Gallie, Fla., Bus., 146, 191. FATULA, GEORGE J., Croton-on- Hudson, N. Y., L.A., 146, 207. FELLOWS. LUCY ANN, Gaffstown, N. H., L.A., 146. FERNANDEZ, CHICO, Ft. Lauder- dale, Fla., L.A.. 146. 211. FERRELL, JEANNETTE, Jackson- vUle, Ha., Mus., 146, 195. 291 DELAND FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 136 North Florida Avenue " Specialists in Loans for Homes " BRANCH OFFICE IN DEBARY Freshman Index FIELDS. LYNNE, Lighthouse Point, Fla.. L.A., 146, FIZELL, CHARLOTTE, West Palm Beach, Fla.. Bus.. 146. FLOYD. ARTHUR JOSEPH. Mi- ami. Fla.. L.A., 146. 271. FRANCESCHI. FRANCO FER- RAR. Parma. Italv. L.A.. 146. 211. ERASER. MARTHA LEE. Delray Beach. Fla.. LA.. 146. FRENCH. CAROL, Miami, Fla., L.A.. 146. 202. FRENCH SUE, Lake Worth, Fla., L.A.. 146. 202. FRIEDENALD. DON, Miami, Fla.. Bus.. 146, 215. FULTON, PETER BENNETT, Ft. Lauderdale. Fla.. Bus., 146, 215. GABLER. BRUCE GERALD, Win- ter Park, Fla., Bus,. 146, 218. GARRETT, DOUGLAS W., Juno, Fla.. L.A,. 146. GARTNER. HARVEY JAY, Jack- sonville. Fla.. L.A,. 146. GAYLORD. FRANK, Eustis. Fla,. L.A.. 146. GELBART. MARSHA. Daytona Beach. Ha.. L.A.. 146, 246. GEORGE, DAVID, Kingsport, Tenn., Mus., 147, 264. GILBERT. NANCY P., Darien, Conn.. L.A.. 147, 191. GILLESPIE, BARBARA ANN, Jacksonville, Fla., L.A., 147, 257, 260. GILLEY. MARY MARTHANN, Jacksonville. Fla.. L.A.. 147. 187. GOLDSTEIN, ELIZABETH, Wood- bridge, Conn.. L.A., 147, 199. GOOD. PATTY, Dallas, Texas, L.A.. 147. 191. GOODHUE. DENNIS R., Keene. N. H.. L.A.. 147. GRANDELL. KATHLEEN MARIA. Wilmington, Del., L.A., 24. 147, 182, GRAY, JAMES S., North Reading, Mass., Bus.. 147. 207. GREEN. URSULA. Gainesville, Fla., Bus.. 147. GREEN. BURTON. Coral Gables, Fla.. L.A.. 147. GREGG. JUDY ANN. Winter Park. Fla.. L.A.. 147. GREGORY. DYCHE, Danville, Ky.. Bus.. 147. 223. GRIEB. TERRY J., Miami, Fla., L.A., 147. GRUBB, DIANNE, Alexandria, Va., L.A., 147. GRYSKIEWICZ, STANLEY STE- VEN, JR„ Frost Proof, Fla., Bus., 147. GUARD. SANDY, Miami, Fla., L.A.. 147. GUTIERREZ. OFELIA, Miami, Fla.. L.A.. 147. H HABEL. MARTIN L.. Ft. Lauder- dale. Fla.. L.A.. 147. 271. HAFFIELO. JODY. Key West, Fla., L.A., 147. HALL, EMILY IRENE, St. Peters- burg. Fla.. L.A.. 147. 192. HALL, JAMES W., Georgetown, Ky., L.A.. 147. 211. HALL. TOWN, Sarasota, Fla., L.A., 147. HAMAN. DAVID B., Melbourne, Fla.. L.A.. 147. HAMILTON. MARCIA ELIZA- BETH. Satellite Beach, Fla., Bus.. 147. HAMILTON. WILLIAM RUSSELL. Sarasota. Fla.. L.A.. 147, 211. HARDING. MARY HELEN, Win- ter Park, Fla.. L.A.. 147. HARLEY. SHARON, Jacksonville, Fla., L.A., 147. HARRISON, JAMES B., Silver Spring. Md.. L.A.. 147. HAUGER, JAMES SCOTT, St. Augustine. Fla.. L.A., 147. HANVER. SALLY JANE, Norfolk, Va.. Bus.. 147, 192. HAYES. GEORGE, Lakeland, Fla., L.A.. 147. 227. HAYES. GEORGE M., Adairsville, Ga., L.A., 147. HARP, JONNIE LOU, Mass Point, Miss., L.A.. 147. 182. HAYS, J. ROBERT, Enid, Okla., L.A., 147, 227. HEATH. DAVID, Augusta, Ga., L.A., 147. HENSLEY. JOAN. DeLand, Fla., L.A.. 147. HEARMANN. RACHEL. Indianap- olis. Ind.. Mus.. 147. HERTNER. ELIZABETH ERMA, Ft. Lauderdale. Fia.. L.A.. 147. HEWITT. JOYCE HARDY. St. Pet- ersburg. Fla.. L.A.. 147. 192. HICKS. JOHN. Louisville, Ky.. L.A.. 147. 227. HILL. MARY JO, Decatur, Ga., L.A., 147. HILLIARD, MIKE, Americus. Ga.. L.A.. 147. HOBBS. STEPHEN HOWARD. Charlotte. N. C, L.A.. 147. 211. 271. HODGES. NANCY ANN. DeLand. Fla., L.A.. 147. 202. 266. HOEHN. CATHY. Miami, Fla., L.A., 147. HOLMES. JAMES K., Albany. Ga.. Mus.. 147. HOUSE, KAREN, Auburndale, Fla., L.A.. 147. HUBERT. KAY, Hialeah, Fla.. L.A., 147. HUDSON. JACK, Macon, Ga., L.A.. 147. 223. HURST. MARTHA NELL. Miami. Fla.. L.A.. 147. HUSSEY. JIM, Dayton. Ohio. L.A.. 147. JACKSON. MARGARET. Jackson- ville. Fla.. L.A.. 147. 182. JACKSON. WALT. Harwinton, Conn.. L.A.. 147. JAMES. PATRICIA, Patterson, Ga., L.A.. 147. JAMES, THOMAS C, Ft. Lauder- dale. Fla.. Bus,. 147. 218, JANKOWSKI. THEODORE AN- DREW. N, Syracuse, N, Y.. L.A,, 147, JENSEN, JUNE. Riviera Beach, Fla,- L.A,, 147, 187, JOHNSON, JIMMIE, JR., DeLand, Fla.. L.A., 147, JOHNSON, KENNETH, Miami, Fla,. Mus,, 147. JOHNSON, MARY LEE. Decatur, Ga,. L,A,. 147. 187, JOHNSTON. THOMAS EDWARD. St, Petersburg. Fla., L.A.. 147. JONES, FRANCINE. Miami, Fla., Bus.. 147. JONES, TIMOTHY WAYNE, New Orleans. La., LA., 148. JOST. ELMER. Clermont, Fla., L.A., 148. 218. 266, JOST. MARGARET. Clermont. Fla,, L.A,, 48. 148. 196, JUSTICE. CHRISTINE. Miami Beach. Fla., L.A., 148. K KANE. KAREN A.. Windermere, Fla.. L.A.. 148. KAPPELMANN. LOUIS ROBERT, Jacksonville. Fla., L.A.. 148 KEEFE, JOHN RUSSELL, Ft. Lauderdale. Fla.. L.A.. 148. 223. KELL. JAMES, Cape Coral, Fla., L.A.. 148. KELLEY. BETTY FRANCES. Hil- liard. Fla.. Mus.. 148. KELLY. KAREN ELEANORA, Or- lando. Fla.. L.A.. 148, KELLY. KAREN R., Huntington. W, Va,. L,A,. 148, KTLCULLEN. WALTER, Kearny, N, J.. L.A.. 148. KOLANSKY. REBECCA JOY, At- lanta, Ga., L,A„ 148 KOOISTRA, NANCY ELIZABETH, Ft, Lauderdale, Fla,, Bus,, 148, 203. KOON, ELAINE, Jacksonville, Fla., L.A., 148. KOONS. GEORGE. West Milford, N. J,, L,A,. 148. 223, KOSTRUB, CORNELIUS STEVEN, Vermilion, Ohio. Bus.. 148, 271. KREIDER. ANDREW RAYMOND, Annville, Pa.. 148. 216. KRUMHOLZ. ANNEMARIE (MIS- TY), Ft. Lauderdale. Fla., L.A., 148, 199, 265. KUTZ, CHARLOTTE ANN, Orlan- do, Fla., L.A., 148, 199, 232, 265. LAUFER. SHARRON. Miami. Fla., L.A., 148. LEDEWITZ. JEFFREY HERBERT, New Haven, Conn.. Bus., 148. LEE, DONALD. Miami, Fla., L.A., 148. 223. LELAND. JOHN, Eustis, Fla., Bus.. 148. 212. LESH, JEAN TAFT. Muncie, In- diana. L.A.. 148. LEWIS. JOE, Lakeland, Fla., Bus., 148. LEWIS, LANA JANE, Panama City. Fla., 148, 183, 282. LINDSEY. BARBARA ANN. Jack- sonville, Fla., L,A,. 148, LIPSCOMB. LAUREL ANN. Coral Gales. Fla.. L.A.. 148. LLOYD. SUSAN ELIZABETH. Vero Beach. Fla.. L.A.. 148. 192. LONG. RAMONA GAVE. Char- lotte. N. C. L.A.. 148. 204. LUNDGREN. DONNA LOUISE, DeLand. Fla.. L.A.. 148. LUSTIG. LARRY P.. Satellite Beach. Fla.. L.A.. 148. LYNN. LINDA LOU. Jacksonville, Fla., L.A., 148. 182. M McCALL, JOANNA, Miami, Fla., Mu 148. MACHETTE, DAVID. West MU- ford. N. J.. Bus.. 148. McCLARAN. HALO. Palatka. Fla., L.A.. 148. McCLENDON, SUE CAROL, By- ram, Conn., L.A., 148. 204. McCORD. SUSIE ADELL, Largo, Fla.. L.A,, 148. 182. McCULLOUGH, JOHN. Jackson- ville. Fla,, L,A., 148, 223, McCUNE, MAUREEN ANN, De- Land. Fla,, L,A,. 148, 200. McDonald. TOM, N. Miami Beach. Fla,. Bus.. 148. McGREEVY, ELLEN, Miami, Fla., L.A.. 148. McKENNEY. RAYMOND. Jack- sonville, Fla., L.A.. 148, 212. McNAMARA, DENNIS C, Orlan- do, Fla., Bus., 148, 216. McNeill. HELEN. Holly Hill, Fla., L.A.. 148. MAITLAND, BONNIE. Miami, Fla., L.A.. 148. MALOY. SHEILA M.. Ft. Lauder- dale. Fla.. L.A.. 148. MANN. KATHERINE ELIZA- BETH. Jacksonville, Fla., L.A., 148. 196. MANNING. JACKI. W. Palm Beach. Fla.. L.A.. 148. 266. MARINO, LAWRENCE WILLIAM, JR., W. Simsbury, Conn., L.A., 148. MARKLEY. MARY HELEN. Chevy Chase, Md,. L,A,, 148. 193, MARSHALL. MARY ANN. Moncks Corner. S,C.. L.A,. 148, 200, 256. MARTIN, JOYCE ELAINE, Mt. Dora. Fla.. L.A., 148. MARTINA. STEPHEN R.. Fairfax, Va.. Bus.. 149. 216. MARTINEZ. JUDITH A.. Marl- borough. Conn.. L.A.. 149, 260. MARTLING. TERRY PAUL. Jack- sonville. Fla.. Bus.. 149, 223. MARVIN. PRISCILLA HOVEY, Mt. Dora, Fla., L. A., 149. MATTINGLY, PATRICIA, DeLand, Fla., L.A., 149. MAXWELL. GEORGE W.. Mel- bourne. Fla.. L.A.. 149. 216. MAYS. ROBERT GIPSON. Lilburn, Ga., LA., 149. MEDLOCK, RONNIE, Winter Park, Fla., Bus., 149. 216. MENEFEE. MATTIE, Lenoir, N.C., Mus., 149. MERRIAM. APRIL, DeLand, Fla., L.A., 149. METZ, JUDITH ANN, Fairview, Mass., L.A., 149, 188. METZLER. DAVID, Philadelphia, Pa., Bus., 149, 216. MIDDLETON, LILLIAN MAE, Ft. Myers Beach. Fla.. L.A., 149. MILLEN. DORIS MARION, Cocoa Beach, Fla., L.A., 149. MILLER, DONALD RALPH, Or- lando. Fla.. L.A.. 149. MILLER. GEORGE Z., Ft. Lauder- dale. Fla.. L.A.. 149. MILLWARD. WILLIAM I. H., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., Bus., 149, 207, 271. MONTGOMERY, PENNE, Cocoa Beach. Fla.. L.A.. 149. MONTOOTH, BILL, Birmingham, Mich., L.A., 149, MOORE, HAROLD " BUDDY " , St. Petersburg. Fla,. L,A,. 149, 219, MOREHEAD. DOROTHY LOUISE, Eustis. Fla,. L,A.. 149, 263, MORELL, LOUISE, Westport, Conn., L.A., 149, 203. MORGAN. JR., GEORGE, Jenkins, Ky., L.A.. 149. MORRISON MICHELE. Holly- wood. Fla.. L.A., 149. MOSSIEN. LAURIE ALLYN, Rochester, N.Y., L.A.. 149, 193. MUOFOR. MARGARET ELEA- NOR. Toledo. Ohio. L.A.. 149. MURCH. ROBERT THOMAS, Lewiston, Maine, L.A,, 149, MURPHY, ERNEST HAROLD, Pepperell, Mass., L.A., 149. N NALL, WESLEY, Auburndale, Fla., L.A,, 149, NEEDHAM, MARGARET ANN, Columbus, Ohio. L.A,, 149. NESTER. GAIL, Sarasota, Fla., L.A.. 149. NIXON. NAN. Vienna, Va., L.A., 149, 193. O ' CALLAGHAN, PETE, Decatur, Ga.. L.A.. 149. O ' CONNELL. MAUREEN, Gulf- port, Fla.. L,A,. 149. O ' DANIEL. CISSY, Dublin, Ga., L.A..; 149. OGBURN, A. ELAINE, Yardley, Pa L A 149. OLDHAM. ' HARRY, Eau Gallie, Fla.. Mus.. 149. OLSON. SANDRA LEA, Ft. Lau- derdale. Fla., L.A., 149. OPALESKI. RONALD R., East Brunswick N.J., L.A., 149, 228. PANCOAST, PETER RUSSELL, N. Miami Beach, Fla., L.A., 149, 217. PARESI, DIANE, Jacksonville, Fla., L.A.. 149. 270. PARK, SUSAN, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.. L.A., 149. PARTLOW, MICHAEL G., Winter Park. Fla.. Bus.. 149. 217. PASKEWITZ. BEVERLY ELAINE, DeLand. Fla.. L.A.. 149, 260, 265. PATTON. JOANNA SUE. Panama City. Fla.. L .A., 149, 193. PATTON. MARY. Atlanta, Ga., L.A.. 149. 183. PEARCE, SHARON, Leesburg, Fla., L.A.. 149. PEARSON. MARY L., Miami, Fla., L.A., 149. PEDERSEN. CARL, A., Hinsdale, 111.. Bus., 149. 207. PEGRAM, LANG, Virginia Beach, Va.. L.A.. 149. 260. PELTER. BARB. Whiteman A.F.B., Mo.. L.A.. 149, 182. PEPPER. JUDITH E., Sebring, Fla., L.A.. 149, 247, 256. PERINO. CARL " CHUCK " , De- Land. Fla.. Bus.. 150, 271. PERRY. JOHN H.. Palm Beach, Fla., Bus., 150, 217, 260. PETERS. RONALD L., Orlando, Fla,. L.A., 150. PETERSEN. ANDREA LOUISE, Daytona Beach. Fla.. Mus., 150. PETLAK. PETER JOSEPH, Wal- lingford. Conn., Bus., 150, 227. PETRARCA. JAMES J., Perrysburg, Ohio, L.A.. 150. PETTIS, WILLIAM LEX, JR., Jack- sonville. Fla.. L.A.. 150. PHELTS. CLARENCE RUSSELL, Jacksonville, Fla.. L.A., 150. PHILLIPPI. BRANDT D., Delray Beach, Fla.. L.A.. 150, 212. POLVADO. PORTIA, Camarillo, Calif., L.A.. 150. POULOS, DENISE CORINNE, Ft. Lauderdale. Fla., L.A., 150, PURVIS, MARILYN MARIE, Dunedin, Fla., L.A., 150. PYLKAS, SUSAN ELIZABETH, Pinellas Park, Fla., L.A., 150, QUINA, FRANK, Mulberry, Fla., L.A., 150. SOMEONE WANTS YOUR PORTRAIT. TO BE SURE OF PLEASING HAVE IT MADE AT KENT ' S Serving DeLand in photography Since 1949 224 North Boulevard Phone 734-1133 294 Freshman Index R RAYBURN, JOANNE, Eustis, Fla., L.A.. 150. RAYMOND. MICHAEL W. Orlan- do, Fla., L.A., 150. REEVES, ROBERT HARRIS, Had- donfidd, N.J., Bus., 150, 217. REICHMAN, MICHAEL, Miami, Fla., L.A., 150, 266. REILLY, CATHERINE, Lake Worth, Fla., L.A., 150. RENO, HILDE S., Miami, Fla., L.A., 150. REPASS, DAVID MICHAEL, Na- ples, Fla., L.A., 150, 208. RHODES. JOYCE, Winter Park, Fla., L.A., 150, 193. RICHARDSON, SANDY CULLER, Columbia, S.C, L.A., 150, 203. RICKS, NED B., Tampa, Fla., L.A., 150, 258. RIPLEY, DENNIS, Ft. Pierce, Fla., L.A.. 150, 213. ROBERTS, JERRY W., Jupiter, Fla.. Bus., 150. ROBINSON, MARTHA ENID, Gainesville, Ha., L.A., 150. ROCK, VICKI, Homestead, Fla., L.A., 150, 196. ROMANS, LARRY, West Palm Beach, Fla., L.A., 150. ROSSI, EDWARD C, Sanford, Fla., Bus., 150. ROTH, JAMES, Miami Beach, Fla., L.A., 150. ROTHWELL, DANIEL M., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., L.A., 150, 212. ROWLEY. MARY, Miami, Fla., L.A.. 150. RUNCIMAN, DAVID, Chelsea, Mich, L.A., 150. RUPP, JOHN, Roseville, 111., L.A., 150, 221. RUSSUM, NELLAMAR, Ft. Pierce, Fla., L.A., 150, 256. RYAN, WILLIAM RICHARD, Jacksonville, Fla., L.A., 150, 221. SAMAL, DONNA, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., L.A., 150. SAMLER, JACK, Riviera Beach, Fla.. L.A., 150, 213, 235. SAMPLE, SAMMIE, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., L.A., 150, 205. SCALES, CLAUDIA LUCILLE, Merritt Island, Fla., L.A., 150. SCHROFF, BILL, Daytona Beach, Fla.. L.A., 150, 229, 232. SCRUGGS, SKIP CASTLE, Jack- sonville, Fla.. L.A.. 150, 264. SEDDON, BILL. Delray Beach, Fla.. LA., 150, 243. SEYMOUR, MARYLOU BRANT- LY, Charleston. S.C. Mus.. 150. SHAUL. MARGOT, Boca Raton, Fla., L.A., 150, 187. SHEE, BILL, Woodbridge, Conn., Bus., 150, 229. SHORT, DOUG, Daytona Beach, Fla.. L.A.. 150, 213. SHUTTS, FRANCES CAMERON, Jacksonville, Fla.. L.A., 150, 193. SIEFERT. ROBERT FENN. New York, NY., LA., 150, 209. SIPOS, CHARLES A.. Stuart, Fla., L.A.. 150, 271. SKELTON, HENRY, Springdale, Ark., L.A., 150. SMITH, JO-ANN, Miami, Fla., L.A.. 150, 189. SMITH. JOHN EDWARD, Lake Worth, Fla.. 150. SMITH. SALLY, Sarasota, Fla., L.A.. 150 245. SOCARRAS, LUIS A., Miami, Fla., L.A.. 150. SOLOMON, GENE RUSSEL, Sko- kie. 111., L.A.. 150. 209. SORENSEN, GRETA, Coral Gables, Fla.. Bus., 150. SPEARS. NANCY, Mansfield, Ga., L.A.. 150. 197. SPRADLEY. DARYL EDWARD. Winter Park, Fla., L.A., 150, 224. STACKPOLE, R. DAUER, St., Marys, Pa., L.A., 150, 224. STARLING, JUDI, Orlando, Fla., L.A., 151, 184. STEARNS. ROBERT W., Gaines- ville. Fla., L.A.. 151. STEPHENS, DANA WINIFRED, Cocoa Beach, Fla., L.A., 151. STEWART, VIVIAN FRANCES, St. Petersburg, Fla., L.A., 151, 201, 256. STOCKER, SUSAN ELIZABETH, Vero Beach, Fla., Bus., 151. STOKES, THOMAS SYDNEY, Lakeland, Fla., L.A., 151, 260. STONE, TONI RAY, Savannah, Ga., L.A., 151. 265. STRAUBE, PAUL JEFFREY, South Bend, Ind., Bus., 151. STROUD, JOANN, Worden, lU., Bus., 151. STYLES. LYNDA EMERSON, Sarasota, Fla., L.A., 151, 246. SUMNER, DAVID EDWARD, Dade City, Fla., Bus., 151, 221. SUGIMOTO. TAICHI, Osaka, Ja- pan. L.A., 151. SWARTZ, RICHARD, Leesburg, Fla.. Bus., 151. SYLVESTER, HERMAN, Roslyn, Pa., L.A., 151, 271. TALLY, BARBARA LOUISE, At- lanta, Ga., L.A., 151. TARKOFF, MICHAEL, Ft. Lauder- dale. Fla., L.A., 15 1. TATRO, NICK, Daytona Beach, Fla., L.A., 151. TAYLOR, JUDY, Empire, Ga., L.A.. 151. TAYLOR, KENNETH, Cali, Colom- bia, L.A., 151, 261. TELMANIK, CLAIRE, Leesburg, Fla.. L.A.. 151, 232. THIBAULT, KATHLEEN D., Mi- ami, Fla.. L.A., 151. THOMPSON, M. JOHN, Tampa, Fla.. L.A.. 151. THOMPSON. MICHAEL DAVID, Long Island. N.Y., L.A., 151, 209. THOMPSON. MIKE, Maitland, Fla., LA.. 151. 224. 258. THORMAN, RICHARD FRANCIS, St. Petersburg, Fla., L.A., 151. TILLINGHAST, STU, St. Peters- burg, Fla., L.A., 151, 209. TROXLER, NANCY, Jacksonville, Fla.. L.A., 151. 193. TURNER, JANE ELLEN, Frank- lin, Ind., L.A., 151. 189. TUXWORTH, MARY LAURA, Jacksonville, Fla., L.A., 151, 189. TYRE, RUSSELL S., Mt. Dora. Fla., L.A., 151, 224. VALENTINE, JOHN FRANK, De- Land, Fla., L.A., 151. VALORIE, CARL M., Daytona Beach. Fla.. L.A.. 151. VAN HEYNINGEN, JOANNA LE- NORA, Clearwater, Fla., L.A., 151, 201. VARDY, ELLEN MARGARET, Sarasota, Fla., L.A., 151. VAUGHN, WILLIAM E., Anchor- age, Alaska, L.A., 151, 216. W WALKER, DARLENE, Boca Raton, Fla., L.A., 151. WALL, GINGER LEE, Loughman, Fla., L.A.. 151. WATTS, EDMOND DICKSON, Baltimore, Md., Bus., 151. WEATHERS, ED, Jacksonville, Fla., Bus., 151, 229. WEBB, RICK, JasckonsviUe, Fla., L.A.. 151, 224. WEBSTER, PAM, Orlando, Fla., L.A., 151. WEBSTER, RONNIE, Crestwood, Ky., L.A., 151. WEEBER, WANDA JANE, Jack- sonville, Fla., L.A., 151. WEIMER, RICHARD, Dayton, Ohio, L.A.. 151. WELCK, JOHN MORGAN, De- Land. Fla., L.A., 151, 213, 234. WHISLER, JOANNE, Clearwater, Fla.. L.A.. 151. WHITE, LISABETH ANNE, Oahu, Hawaii, L.A., 151. WHITE, SHARON ANNE, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., L.A., 151. WHITING, JIM, Mapleton, Iowa, L.A.. 151, 271. WILLIAM, RICHARD W., Thomas- ton, Ga.. L.A., 151, 224. WILLIAMS. VEDA, Evansville, Ind.. Mus., 24, 151. WILLIAMSON, WILLIAM A., Mi- ami, Fla., L.A.. 151. WILLIS, JANICE, Dawson, Ga., L.A., 151. WOODSON, WENDY, Rio de Ja- neiro, Brazil, L.A., 151. WORKINGER, CONSTANCE LEE, Naples, Fla., L.A.. 151. WOODMAN, KATHERINE DI- ANE, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., L.A., 151, 264. WOODARD, MAURICE GUY, Or- lando, Fla., L.A., 151. WOERNER, MALINDA K., Louis- ville, Ky., Mus., 151. YAKOTS, STEFANY, DeLand, Fla., L.A., 151, 197. YATES. WILMA LOU, Ft. Lauder- dale, Fla.. L.A.. 151, 256. YOUNG, WESLEY C, Daytona Beach. Fla.. Bus., 151. YOUNGMAN, SUSAN LORE, Mi- ami, Fla., L.A., 151, 193. 295 Congratulations and Best Wishes, Class of 1965 We are proud of the cooperative spirit that exists between the people of our community and the ofiScials and students of Stetson University DELAND CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 206 West New York Avenue CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! Your Alumni Association welcomes you. Now that your undergraduate days have passed, we hope you will continue your interest in your Alma Mater. There are many Stetson Alumni Clubs in all sections of the nation. If for some reason you find no Stetson organiza- tion in your area, let us know; we will be glad to help you start one. The purpose of the Stetson Alumni Club is to keep the Alumni of a geographical area informed of the state of Stet- son and to afford the alumnus the opportunity of meeting with other Stetson alumni on a purely social basis. Please remember to keep in touch with your alumni of- fice. We need to know when you move, marry and have children. We want to know what work you are doing and what success you are enjoying. Like any mother, your Alma Mater is proud of her chil- dren. You have passed the test and made the grade. Now you are on your own but her interest in you and yours con- tinues. Remember we are here to serve you and hope that you will call on us often. Yours truly, Wm. Richard Thirlwell Executive Secretary Stetson Alumni Association Compliments of FRIEDMAN ' S GULF Michigan and North Boulevard 734-9729 DeLAND STATE BANK DeLand ' s Newest Financial Institution fS 1 Stetson students always welcome REEVE HOWARD GIFTS 105 West Indiana Avenue DeLand ATHENS Laundry Dry Cleaning FACULTY INDEX DEPARTMENT OF AMERICAN STUDIES GERALD E. CRITOPH, Associate Professor of Ameri- can Studies, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. JOHN B. HAGUE, Professor and Director of American Studies, A.B., Ph.D. DEPARTMENT OF ART LOUIS FREUND, Artist in Residence. FRED L. MESSERSMITH, Professor of Art (Chairman), B.F.A., M.A. DEPARTMENT OF BIOLOGY DOROTHY L. FULLER, Professor of Biology, A.B., M.A. KEITH L. HANSEN, Associate Professor of Biology, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. ELMER C. PRICHARD, Professor of Biology, (Chair- man), A.B., M.A., Ph.D. DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY THEODORE W. BEILER, Professor of Chemistry (Chairman), B.S., M.A., Ph.D. JOHN F. CONN, Professor of Chemisti7, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. EDWIN C. COOLIDGE, Associate Professor of Chemis- try, A.B., Ph.D. JAMES H. DeLAP, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION RANDOLPH L. CARTER, Professor of Education, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. HARLAND C. MERRIAM, Associate Professor of Edu- cation, B.S., Ed.M, Ed.D. WATIE R. PICKENS, Assistant Professor of Education, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. RUTH I. SMITH, Professor of Education, B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D. T. EDWIN SMOTHERMAN, Professor of Education, A.B., M.Ed., Ed.D. RAY V. SOWERS, Professor of Education, (Chairman), A.B., LL.D., M.A. FRANK R. TUBBS, Associate Professor of Education, A.B., M.S., Ed.D. DEPARTMENT OF ENGINEERING CURTIS M. LOWRY, Professor of Mathematics and Engineering (Chairman), B.S., M.A., M.E. DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH ELIOT D. ALLEN, Professor of English, B.A., A.M., M.A., Ph.D. ETHEL B. COLBRUNN, Associate Professor of English, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. C. CARTER COLWELL, Assistant Professor of English, B.A.,M.A.,Ph.D. BRYON H. GIBSON, Professor of English, (Chairman), A.B., M.A., Ph.D. ERNEST J. HALL, Visiting Professor of English, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. ANN R. MORRIS, Instructor in English, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. WILLIAM E. TAYLOR, Assistant Professor of English, B.A.,M.A., Ph.D. ERNEST E. WEEKS, Assistant Professor of English, A.B., A.M. PAUL M. WHEELER, Visiting Professor of English, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES GERALD F. ANDERSON, Assistant Professor of Mod- em Languages, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. JOHN GLADSON GARDNER, Professor of Classical Languages, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. JOHN L. HODGES, Professor of Foreign Languages (Chairman), A.B., M.A., Ph.D. ETHEL KINUM, Instructor in Modem Languages, A.B., M.A., (French Spanish), Diplomee. PHILIP A. LEE, JR., Assistant Professor of French, A.B., M.A. MARTHA J. MANSFIELD, Director of the Language Laboratory. ERNEST W. ROLLINS, JR., Assistant Professor of Modern Languages, B.A., M.A. HUGH N. SEAY, JR., Associate Professor of Modem Languages, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. BETTY JEAN ZENKOVSKY, Assistant Professor of Russian, A.B., M.A. DEPARTMENT OF GEOGRAPHY ROBERT S. CHAUVIN, Professor of Geography (Chair- man), B.S., M.A., M.Ed., Ph.D. DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE TERRELL WAYNE BAILEY, Assistant Professor of Political Science, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. JOHN EDWIN JOHNS, Professor of History and Political Science, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. EVANS C. JOHNSON, Professor of History and Political Science, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. HAROLD J. SCHULTZ, Assistant Professor of History and Political Science, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. MALCOLM M. WYNN, Professor of History and PoUtical Science, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. SERGE A. ZENKOVSKY, Professor of History, Diploma of Engineer in Economics, Licenie es Letters, Ph.D. DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS EMMETT S. ASHCRAFT, Professor of Mathemtics, B.S., M.A. ELIZABETH BOYD, Associate Professor of Mathema- tics, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Congratulations Class of 1965 MORRIS ' 207 N. BLVD. DeLand ' s Finest Restaurant DELAND LANES Bowl for fun at 1027 South Boulevard PUBLIX ' Where Shopping ' s A Pleasure " BETTY DREKA ' S 105 South Boulevard DeLand 734-1949 FACULTY INDEX C.H. CHORPENING, MAJ. GEN. USA (Ret.), Visiting Instructor of Mathematics, B.S. RALPH HUGHES, Instructor in Mathematics, B.S., M.S. GENE W. MEDLIN, Professor of Mathematics (Chair- man), B.S., M. A., Ph.D. GLEN W. RAFFENSPERGER, Visiting Instructor of Mathematics, B.S., M.A. SANFORD O. SMITH, Instructor in Mathematics, A.B., B.D., M.A. HENRY WARREN THWING, Assistant Professor of Physics, B.S., M.A. DEPARTMENT OF MILITARY SCIENCE JOE E. BROWN, Captain, USA, Associate Professor of Military Science and Tactics, B.S. BOLDEN H. EILAND, JR., MSat., USA, Administrative NCO (Sgt. Major), B.S.E.E. PAUL f. McCRORY, JR., SFC, USA, Supply Sergeant HEWLETT E. RAINER, Major, USA, Professor of Mili- tary Science and Tactics, (Chairman), B.G.E. HARRY B. STOUDEMIRE, (Major), USA, Associate Professor of Military Science and Tactics, B.S. DEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHY EDWARD A. HOLMES, JR., Associate Professor of Philosophy (Chairman), A.B., B.D., Ph.D. LEROY LAWSON, Visiting Assistant Professor of Phi- losophy, A.B., B.D. DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION ELIZABETH AUTREY, Professor of Physical Education, B.S., M.S. WESLEY M. BERNER, Professor of Physical Education, B.S., M.A. WARREN C. COWELL, Professor of Physical Education (Chairman), B.S., M.A. SARA STAFF JERNIGAN, Professor of Physical Edu- cation, B.S., M.A. ROBERT W. WEICKEL, JR., Instructor in Physical Education, B.S. M.A. GLENN WILKES, Basketball Coach and Assistant Pro- fessor of Physical Education, A.B., M.A. DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS GEORGE L. JENKINS, Professor of Physics (Chairman), A.B., M.S., Ph.D. HENRY WARREN THWING, Assistant Professor of Physics, B.S., M.A. DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY WARREN F. JONES, JR., Associate Professor of Psy- chology, (Chairman), B.A., M.A., Ph.D. JOSEPH T. SUTTON, Professor of Psychology, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. DEPARTMENT OF RELIGION ROLLIN S. ARMOUR, Assistant Professor of Religion, B.A., B.D., S.T.M., Th.D. E. EARL JOINER, Associate Professor of Religion, B.A., B.D., Th.M., Th.D. O. LAFAYETTE WALKER, Professor of Religion (Chairman), A.B., Th.M., Th.D. DEPARTMENT OF SPEECH AND DRAMA MARY LOUISE GEHRING, Professor of Speech (chair- man), A.B., M. A., Ph.D. BENJAMIN BRUCE GRIFFITHS, Associate Professor of Speech and Drama, B.A., M.F.A. BETTY MACK, Assistant Professor of Speech, B.A., M.A. WALTER H. SONNENBURG, Associate Professor of Speech and Drama, B.A., M.A. SCHOOL OF BUSINESS JOHN E. BARTHEL, Associate Professor of Economics, Diplom-Volkswirt, Doktor rer. pol. DAVID M. BLIGHTS, Professor of Accounting, A.B., M.S., Ph.D., C.P.A. CHAUNCEY S. ELKINS, JR., Professor of Business Administration, A.B., M.B.A., Ph.D. HENRY F. GODFREY, Visiting Assistant Professor of Business Administration, A.B. CAROL J. NICKLAS, Associate Professor of Business Education, B.S., M.B.A. RUSSELL M. NOLEN, Professor of Economics, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. MAXINE L. PATTERSON, Professor Business Adminis- tration, B.S., M.B.E. RICHARD W. PEARCE, Associate Professor of Business Administration, B.A., LL.B., M.A. SCHOOL OF MUSIC LENOIR ALMAND, Assistant Professor of Piano, A.B., Diploma, Juilliard School of Music. FRANCES BUXTON, Professor of Violin and Theory, B.M., M.M. RUTH RICHARDSON CARR, Associate Professor of Music Education, B.S., M.M. MURIEL O. CUSHMAN, Assistant Instructor of Piano, B.M., M.M. ROGER L. CUSHMAN, Professor of Piano and Theory, B.M., M.M. HAROLD M. GIFFIN, Professor of Voice, A.B., B.M., M.A. ROBERT L. HAUSE, Instructor in Music History, B.M.Ed., M.M. FRANCES HUGHES, Assistant Professor of Piano, B.M., M.M. ELEANOR LEEK, Professor of Violoncello and Theory, B.M., M.M. DONALD C. YAXLEY, Professor of Wind and Percus- sion Instruments, B.M., M.A. . . .is more than an idea or an inspiration when you have the tools with which to work, and a printer who is qualified and interested FOOTE DAVIES offers: O Professional consultation and assistance in pl anning and preparation of your book, O A complete supply of materials and equipment for your use in producing a " customized " book. Q Expert in-plant coordination of your material with personal attention to every detail. O Experienced copy prep personnel who help perfect material and proofread your copy as well as your proofs a minimum of four times. Q Printing craftsmen dedicated to pro- ducing a book worthy of the Foote Davies label which has appeared on fine yearbooks for over 60 years. m ' .Kr. . ,)M Plan and design with FOOTE DAVIES in mind. Telephone 404-451-4511 FOOTE DAVIES DIVISION OF McCALL CORPORATION POST OFFICE BOX 1000 DORAVILLE, GEORGIA 30040 DISTRICT OFFICES: PITTSBURGH, P. O. Box 8288, Pittsburgh, Pa. 16218 • ANN ARBOE, 2338 Yorkshire Road, Ann Arboe, Mich. 48104 • DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, P. O. Box 1137, Langley Park, Md. 20787 • BUFFALO. 6 Westview Place, Orchard Park, N. Y. 14127 • NEW YORK, 47-35 69th St., Woodside, N. Y. 11377. ORGANIZATIONS INDEX Baptist Student Union 262-263 Beta Alpha Sigma 253 Beta Beta Beta 255 Canterbury House 268 Christian Scientists 261 Compass 269 Gamma Mu Epsilon 252 Green Circle 249 Hatter 244-246 House Councils 240 Interfratemity Council 1 80 International Club 261 Junior Panhellenic Council 181 Kappa Delta Pi 255 Kappa Mu Epsilon 252 Kappa Pi 259 L Qub 267 Lutheran Students Association 265 Men ' s Council 238 Ministerial Association 260 Mortar Board 250 Omicron Delta Kappa 251 Panhellenic Council 181 Phi Alpha Theta 265 Phi Society 256 Player ' s Guild 258 Publications Board 248 Religious Life Council 260 Reporter 242-243 Reserve Officers Training Corps 270-273 Resident Advisors 241 Review 247 S Club 269 Scabbard and Blade 271 Scroll and Key 257 Senators 234-235 SFEA 256 Sigma Delta Pi 253 Sigma Pi Kappa 248 Student Government Association 232-233 Student Union Board 236-237 Tassel 249 Theta Alpha Phi 258 Women ' s Executive Council 239 Young Democrats 266 Young Republicans 266 GREEK INDEX Alpha Xi Delta Sorority 182-185 Alpha Chi Omega Sorority 186-189 Delta Delta Delta Sorority 190-193 Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity 206-209 Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity 210-213 Pi Beta Phi Sorority 194-197 Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity 214-217 Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity 218-221 Phi Mu Sorority 198-201 Sigma Nu Fraternity 222-225 Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity 226-229 Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority 202-205 the reason and hope of an expanding university are to be found in that intangible, undefinable, ever-present quality known as you. we became quite bold with the 1965 hatter: we assumed to capture a bit of you in these 303 succeeding pages — your moods and actions, your joys and sorrows, your efforts and frustrations, your hearts and your ideas. you were by no means an easy undertaking. you demanded nine months of " all nighters " , tired eyes, cut classes, hat rack cokes, disappearing quality points, shot nerves, and no-one-knows-how-many-hours. but you were patient — you endured our tardiness for appointments, our endless stream of form letters, our spying photographers and our scowling countenances. during this nine month (or was it nine year?) period many hands, many heads, many hearts have given their best efforts to see that indescribable bit of you become a reality, dr. ethel colbrunn, our advisor has been of invaluable assistance — anywhere, anytime! dean turner, as usual, has always offered a shoulder to cry on when the going really got rough, mr. everette cushman of the law school has been a most tolerant and efficient liaison between the St. pete campus and our office, in our moments of mass hysteria there came the brave few who somehow threw in a bit of sanity: dave glenn, friend even when asked to drive 270 miles for one picture. Steve stern, dave macfarland, brian svikhart added a much-needed and greatly appreciated note of intellectuality, fred, sarah, brady, marcia, Joyce, clinton, pete and the tri-dehs and their peculiar ability just to put up with me have made this wee endeavor worth while, jack shapiro, of ibis infamy, as another editor, knows what words cannot express, harrell brooks of foote davies " came on like gangbusters " and if this book, by some quirk of fate, should be a success the thanks go to him. in the end i suppose only the editor knows what she really meant. i ' ve searched your faces, your moods, your actions through the pictures you see on the succeeding pages, i ' ve listened to your thoughts, your dated terminology, your college generation dialogue, in all of these i have seen the vision mentioned earlier in the book, if you get the message and smile we will be satisfied.

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