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THE HATTER J963 i ax- - e P r2. i 3 ' p Dedication A Vanderbilt graduate, Dr. William E. Taylor came to Stetson as an assistant English professor in 1957 but though a comparatively new member of the uni- versity faculty, he has nonetheless achieved a vast degree of popularity, respect, and influence. Knowing his field thoroughly, he dynamically im- parts it to others, at the same time drawing from their minds and experiences. His peers and his stu- dents alike gravitate to him to find an essence with which to enhance themselves ; yet he is continually fulfilling his own ideas and capabilities by writing plays, articles, and poetry, editing anthologies, ad- vising student religious and honorary organizations, acting, etc. For example, as Luther Billis he was a major attraction in South Pacific, and his Colonel Phillips was one of Stover Theatre ' s three fall semes- ter productions this year. His powerful verse, highly romantic with traces of classicism, has appeared in such diverse publications as Impetus, The Ohio Po- etry Review, and The New York Herald Tribune. It is indeed difficult to describe a man so talented, humorous, and vibrant, but a recent Stetson gradu- ate seemed to express the idea well. When Dr. Tay- lor was mentioned, she simplv threw up her hands and said, " He ' s WOOONDERFUL! " By the time this book is published, the current staff will be out of office, close to graduation and then advanced study. Therefore, we feel that this is the perfect opportunity to express our appreciation, admiration, and respect of one who, by example rather than argument, has caused so many students to decide to become college teachers ; and so we hereby dedicate the 1963 Hatter to Dr. WiUiam E. Taylor. Dr. William E. Taylor n Look At Progress • • • Now in its eightieth year, Stetson University con- tinues to stand out as a pacemaker in the resurgent South and the new Florida. The oldest university in the state, Stetson constantly endeavors to maintain and extend its list of " firsts " by embarking on massive programs of curriculum revision, faculty enlargement, and building expansion. The past decade alone has seen Dr. Edmunds be the first Florida university presi- dent to head the As.sociation of American Colleges, Dean McEniry be named president of the Southern Assoication of Colleges and Secondary Schools, the uni- versity receive several national government research grants, the alumni to lead all Florida colleges and uni- versities in citations in Who ' s Who in America, and the chapel to receive one of the country ' s few Beckeraupth organs, to cite but a few of the major accompilsh- ments. Such an era of progress can most easily be seen in the building program now underway, and these two pages show the advances made in merely the past FIVE years — obvious evidence of the dynamic spirit of this eighty-year-old institution. Opened in 19.58, the Student Union Building has since become the center of campus and civic activity. W : ' A tribute to student spirit is the recently lighted cupola atop Elizabeth Hall. This fall saw the opening of five such new dor mitories for fraternity and independent men ' s housing. Below is the artist ' s conception of the new library for which construction was begun this past February. m-. Editor ' s Preface - - - As graduation nears and we finally can no longer look forward to compiling another Hatter, we would like to express particular appreciation to the following people for their invaluable assistance on the past three annuals: Mrs. Marguerite Spivey, former assistant in the News Bureau and now secretary in the President ' s office, for her time and effort in lo- cating photographers, pictures, copy, etc. ; Roger Gilmore, sports editor of the Deland Sun-News, for the many action shots he has given the Hatter; and Dean Etter Turner for her counseling, prodding, direction, and general " organization. " Although few people have the opportunity to dedicate even one year- book, much less three, everyone must realize the difficulty involved in making such a decision since there are so many worthy subjects connected with the university. Therefore, a new format has been designed to enable us to cite many more than usual. The selections may not seem entirely relevant to the sections they preface in some instances, but they are as closely related as possible. The 1963 Hatter as a whole is dedicated to Dr. William E. Taylor, but special recognition is in order and has been made to these eight worthy teachers, administrators, and friends : DR. ROBERT S. CHAUVIN MISS BARBARA ROWE " PROF " HAROLD GIFFIN DR. JAMES A. STEWART DR. ELMER PRICHARD CARL " DOC " JOHNSON DR. JOSEPH SUTTON DR. GENE W. MEDLIN THE ADMINISTRATION 8 The President 10 Administration 11 Faculty 18 THE CLASSES 26 Seniors 28 Who ' s Who 43 Law 52 Juniors 60 Sophomores 72 Freshmen 84 FEATURES 96 Miss Hatter 98 Queens 102 Beauties 105 Campus Life 106 THE GREEKS 120 Sororities 122 Fraternities 147 Table of Contents MILITARY 172 SPORTS 180 Soccer 182 Basketball 184 Baseball 192 Spring Sports 195 Intramurals 196 ORGANIZATIONS 204 Government 206 Publications 211 Honoraries 215 THE ADS .240 Administration DR. ROBERT S. CHAUVIN . . . ■ On the Stetson campus since 1950, Dr. Chauvin has attained a host of fans due to his warm and sincere personality. As a professor of geography and geology he has achieved such distinctions as listings in Who ' s Who in Education, Leaders of American Science, and Orbis Geographicus. His popularity locally is obvious in his being president of the Faculty Senate and chair- man of the Athletic Committee. DOYLE E. CARLTON President, Board of Trustees J. OLLIE EDMUNDS President of the University 10 WILLIAM HUGH McENIRY, JR. Dean of the University EDWARD COLSON FURLONG, JR. Business Manager; Dean of the Business School Officers Of The Administration WILLIAM R. BAGGETT Dean of Men PAUL C. PARKER Director of Admissions y The Administration ETTER McTEER TURNER Dean of Women Assistant Dean of Students DONALD C. YAXLEY Acting Dean of the School of Music :r J GEORGE W. HOOD Dean of Students ARTHUR FARWELL TUTTLE Assistant to the Dean of the University r H. GRAVES EDMUNDSON Comptroller -I BARBARA ROWE Registrar i ' - iJj JAMES A. STEWART Dean of Chapel BOB LEE MOWERY Librarian The Administration HAROLD SEBRING Dean of the College of Law EDNA SEARLES Secretary to the President RICHARD B. MORLAND Director of Graduate Studies f--- j- ] CARL H. JOHNSON Director of Men ' s Housing ELBERT TVNER Director of Extension Services KEN PHILLIPS Director of Student Aid HAROLD ARCHIBALD Business Manager, Law School RALPH A. BECKER Postmaster, Assistant to the Business Manager INFIRMARY STAFF Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Hann, Mrs. Reese Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. Pfeiffer j %: ' ' -; ' KAY EDDY Registrar, Law Schoo l IBM DIRECTOR Doroth.v Dessert W. LANDON SMITH Physician and Health Officer ASSISTANT DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS Gary Meadows WILLIAM K. GUMMING Director of Public Relations MANAGERS OF UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE Mr. and Mrs. Everett Johnson BYRON H. GIBSON, Professor of English, 1946 - A.B., Birmingham Southern College; M.A., Ph.D., University of Illinois. ETHEL B. COLBRUNN, Associate Professor of English, 1959 - A.B., The College of Wooster; M.A., Ohio State University; Ph.D., University of Florida. ERNEST J. HALL, Visiting Professor of English, 1960 - A.B., Allegheny College; M.A., Pennsylvania State University; Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania. JOHN GLADSON GARDNER, Assistant Professor of English, 1959 - B.A., M.A., Yale University. ERNEST E. WEEKS, Assistant Professor of English, 1959 - B.A., Bowdoin College; M.A., Tufts Univer- sity. SERGE A. ZENKOVSKY, Associate Professor of His- tory and Political Science, 1958 - Diploma of Engi- neer in Economics, School of Economics, Prague; Licenie es Lettres, University of Paris; Ph.D., Charles University, Prague. GILERT L. LYCAN, Professor of History and Po- litical Science, 1956 - B.A., Berea College; M.A., Ph.D., Yale University. EVANS COMBS JOHNSON, Associate Professor of History and Political Science, 1953 - A.B., M.A., Uni- versity of Alabama ; Ph.D., University of North Caro- lina. HAROLD J. SCHULTZ, Assistant Professor of His- tory and Political Science, 1959 - B.A., Goshen Col- lege; M.A., Michigan University; Ph.D., Duke Uni- versity. JOHN EDWIN JOHNS, Professor of History and Political Science, 1948 - A.B., Furman University ; M.A., Plr.D., University of North Carolina. MALCOLM M. WYNN, Associate Professor of His- tory and Political Science, 1952 - A.B., M.A., Ohio State University ; Graduate Study, University of Paris ; Ph.D., University of North Carolina. C. H. CHORPENING, MAJ. GEN., USA (ret.). In- structor in Mathematics, 1958 - B.S., United States Military Academy. ELIZABETH N. BOYD, Associate Professor of Mathematics, 1959- B.S., Juniata College ;M.A., Ph.D., Columbia University. GENE W. MEDLIN, Associate Professor of Mathe- matics, 1958-B.S., Wake Forest College; M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina. EMMETT S. ASHCRAFT, Associate Professor of Mathematics, 1949 - B.S., Wake Forest College; M.A., University of North Carolina. SANFORD O. SMITH, Instructor of Mathematics, 1962 - A.B., Mercer University; B.D., Southern Bap- tist Theological Seminary; M.A., University of Louis- ville. JAMES A. SAWYER, JR., Instructor of Mathematics, 1961 - B.S., Stetson University; M.S., Louisiana State University. GLEN W. RAFFENSPERGER, Visiting Instructor in Mathematics, 1961 -B.S., Albright College; M.A.; Bucknell University. RAY V. SOWERS, Professor of Education, 1948 - A.B., LL.D., Florida Southern College; M.A., Uni- versity of North Carolina. RUTH I. SMITH, Associate Professor of Education, 1954 - B.A., Pennsylvania State Teachers College; M.A., Ed.D., University of Pittsburgh. HARLAND C. MERRIAM, Associate Professor of Education, 1952 - B.S., Boston University; Ed.M., Ed.D., Harvard University. W. R. PICKENS, Director of Student Teaching and Teacher Placement, 1958 - B.A., Oklahoma State Uni- versity ; M.A., Ed.S., Ed.D., University of Florida. F ' RANK R. TUBBS, Assistant Director of Interns, 1947 - A.B., Maryville College; M.S., Ed.D., Uni- versitv of Tennessee. T. EDWIN SMOTHERMAN, Associate Profes.sor of Education, 1956 - A.B., Springfield Teachers College; M.Ed., Ed.D., University of Missouri. RICHARD W. COPELAND, Associate Professor of Education, 1958 - A.B., College of William and Mary ; M.Ed., D.Ed., University of Florida. Faculty «f|fi= = J5! SCHOOL OF LIBERAL ARTS PAUL M. WHEELER, Visiting Professor of English, 1961 - A.B., M.A., Columbia University; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University. C. CARTER COLWELL, Assistant Professor of Eng- lish, 1958 - B.A., University of Chicago; M.A., Cam- bridge University; Ph.D., Emorv University. WILLIAM E. TAYLOR, Associate Professor of Eng- lish, 1957 - B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Vanderbilt University. ANNE R. MORRIS, Instructor in English, 1961 -B.A., Stetson University ; M.A., University of South Caro- lina ; Ph.D., Florida State University. ELIOT D. ALLEN, Associate Professor of English, 1959 - B.A., Wesleyan University; M.A., Harvard University ; Ph.D., Princeton University. JOHN L. HODGES, Professor of German, 1954 - A.B., M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina. BETTY JEAN ZENKOVSKY, Instructor in Russian Studies, 1958 - A.B., University of Michigan; M.A., Indiana University. ELSIE MINTER, Assistant Professor of French, 1962 B.A., University of Richmond ; M.R.E., Carver School of Missions and Social Work ; M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina. SOPHIE ANN GREEN, Assistant Professor of French, 1960 - B.A., Lawrence College; M.A., Uni- versity of Wisconsin. HUGH N. SEAY, JR., Assistant Professor of Modern ' Languages, 1958 - B.A., Randolph-Macon College; M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina. GERALD F. ANDERSON, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages, 1961 - A.B., Bates College; M.A., University of New Hampshire; Ph.D., Univer- sity of Madrid, Spain. E. W. ROLLINS, Assistant Professor of German, 1962 - A.B., Wake Forest College; M.A., Indiana University. WILLIAM F. MITCHELL, Assistant Professor of French, 1960 - B.S., Bowdoin College; A.M., Middle- bury College ; Diplome D ' Etudes Francaises, Univer- site D ' Aix-Marseille, France. JEANINE SWIFT, Assistant Professor of Psychology, 1961 -B. A., M.A., University of Maryland. JOSEPH T. SUTTON, Professor of Psychology, 1959 - B.S., Stetson University. M.A., PH. D., Vanderbilt Uni- versity. JOSEPH V. ADAMS, Assistant Professor of Psycho- logy, 1962 - B.A., Tennessee Temple College; M.A., Baylor University. WARREN F. JONES, JR., Associate Professor of Psychology, .1955 - B.A., Union University; M.A., George Peabody College; Ph.D., Vanderbilt Univer- sity. FRANCES CARLTON, Instructor in Health and Physical Education, 1959 - B.S., Stetson University. WARREN CASSIUS COWELL, Professor of Physi- cal Education, 1935 - B.S., Kansas State Agricultural College ; M.A., University of Florida. ELIZABETH AUTREY, Professor of Physical Edu- cation, 1946 - B.S., Florida State College for Women; M.S., University of Wisconsin. WESLEY M. BERNER, Assistant Professor of Phy- sical Education, 1947 - B.S., Pacific University; M.A., Stetson University. GLENN N. WILKES, Assistant Professor of Phys- ical Education, 1957 A.B., Mercer University ;M.A., Peabody College. RAYMOND HUSSEY, Instructor in Physical Educa- tion, 1950. ROLLIN S. ARMOUR, Assistant Professor of Re- ligion, 1961 - B.A., Baylor University; B.D., Southern Baptist Seminary ; S.T.M., Harvard University. 0. LAFAYETTE WALKER, Professor of Religion, 1945 - A.B., Howard College; Th.M., Th.D., South- ern Baptist Seminary. E. EARL JOINER, Assistant Professor of Religion, 1955 - A.B., Stetson University; B.D., Th.M., Th.D., Southern Baptist Seminary. Faculty SCHOOL OF EUGENE F. BUNKER, JR., Assistant Professor of Art, 1959 - B.S., Montana State College; M.A., Mills College. LOUIS FREUND, Artist in Residence, 1949 - Mis- souri University; Washington University; Princeton University; Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center; Colerossi Academy, Paris. FRED L. MESSERSMITH, Professor of Art, 1959 - M.A., B.F.A., Ohio Wesleyan University. WALTER SONNENBURG, Associate Professor of Speech and Drama, 1961 - B.A., M.A., University of Denver. BENJAMIN B. GRIFFITHS, Associate Professor of Speech and Drama, 1956 - B.A., Baylor University; M.F.A., Yale University. IRVING C. STOVER, Professor of Speech, 1908 - B.O., M.O., Susquehanna University; Litt. D., Stetson University. EDWARD A HOLMES, JR., Assistant Professor of Philosophy, 1956 - A.B., Mercer University; B.D., Emory University. LeROY LAWSON, Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy, 1952 - A.B., Chapman College; B.D., General Theological Seminary. JAMES A.STEWART, Professor of Philo.sophy, 1955 - Diploma in Theology, Baptist Theological College of Ireland; M.R.E., New Orleans Theological Sem- inary; Ph.D., Eastern University; D.D., Stetson Uni- versity. MARY GENEVIEVE LEWIS, Reference Librarian, 1961 - B.A., M.A., Northwestern University; B.S., Columbia University. CHARLOTTE A. " SMITH, Documents Librarian, 1938 - B.A., Agnes Scott College; A.B., M.A., Emory University. NORMA CARY, Catalogue Librarian, 1961. ELEANOR ANNE HURST, Circulation Librarian, 1952 - B.S., Georgia State College for Women; M.L., Emory University. LIBERAL ARTS HARRY B. STOUDEMIRE. CAPTAIN, USA, Assis- tant Professor of Military Science, 1961 - B.S., Clem- son A M College. HARRY E. APGAR, LT. COL., USA, Professor of Mili- tary Science, 1959 - B.A., Lafayette College; LL.B., George Washington University. JOE A. BROWN, CAPTAIN, USA, Assistant Pro- fes.sor of Military Science, 1962 - B.S., Clemson A M College. f- MELVIN J. WILLIAMS, Professor of Sociology, 1952 - A.B., B.D., Ph.D., Duke University. JAMES A. SARTAIN, Assistant Professor of Socio- logy, 1955 - B.S., Troy State College; M.A., George Peabodv College. SIDNEY B. DENMAN, Professor of Social Psycho- logy, 1950 - B.A., Mississippi College; M.A., Tulane University ; Ph.D.. Duke University. JAMES E. WILLS, Professor of Physics, 1956 - B.A., Mississippi College; M.A., University of Virginia; Ph.D., University of Texas. GEORGE L. JENKINS, Professor of Physics, 1948 - A.B., Berea College; M.S., University of North Caro- lina ; Ph.D., University of Kentucky. DOROTHY LANGFORD FULLER, Associate Professor of Biology, 1941 - A.B., M.A., Stetson University ; Graduate Work, University of Cincinnatti, University of Virginia. ELMER C. PRICHARD, Professor of Biology, 1947 - A.B., Mississippi College ; A.M., University of Richmond ; Ph.D., Uni- versity of North Carolina. AARON O ' BIER, JR., Assistant Professor of Biology, 1961 - B.A., M.A., University of Richmond ; Ph.D., Virginia Polytech- nic Institute. E. BURWELL WINGFIELD, JR., In.structor of Biology, 1961 - A.B., Transylvania College ; M.A., Appalachian State Teachers College. Faculty SCHOOL OF LIBERAL ARTS JOHN A. HAGUE, Professor of American Studies, 1955 - A.B., Princeton University ; Ph.D., Yale University. GERALD E. CRITOPH, Assistant Professor of American Studies, 1959 - A.B., Syracuse University ; A.M., Ph.D., University of Penn- .sylvania. EDWIN C. COOLIDGE, Associate Professor of Chemistry, 1961 - A.B., Kenyon College; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University. JOHN V. VAUGHEN, Professor of Chemistry, 1946 - A.B., Oberlin College; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University. JAMES H. DELAP, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, 1962 - B.A., Southern Illinois Uni- versity; M.A., Ph.D., Duke University. JOHN FERGUSON CONN, Professor of Chemistry, 1929 - B.S., Georgetown College; M.S., University of Chicago; Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh. JUDGE PEABODY HOWARD, Professor of Law, 1962 - LL.B., Cumberland University Law School ; Vanderbilt University Law School ; Washington and Lee University Law School. EDWARD LAMONT PLATT, Visiting Pro- fessor of Law, 1956 - A.B., LL.B., University of Montana ; LL.D., Harvard University Law School. Faculty SCHOOL OF LAW EVERETT E. CUSHMAN, Associate Profes- sor of Law, 1960 - A.B., Bates College; M.A., University of Miami ; L.L.B., Stetson College of Law. CALVIN ARNOLD KUENZEL, Associate Professor of Law, 1959 - B.A., J.D., State University of Iowa ; LL.M., University of Ill- inois Law School. FRANK EDWIN BOOKER, Associate Pro- fessor of Law, 1960 - LL.B., Duke University. JAMES A. STEWART, Professor of Philoso- phy, Lecturer in Federal Taxation, 1955 - Di- ploma in Theology, Baptist Theological Col- lege of Ireland; M.R.E., New Orleans Theo- logical Seminary; Ph.D., Eastern University; D.D., Stetson University. FRANK M. PHILLIPS, Visiting Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, 1946 - Bachelor of Didactics, Newton College ; Master of Didactics, Iowa State Normal School ; A.B., Iowa State Teachers Col- lege ; M.A., State University of Iowa ; Ph.D., George Washington University. HENRY F. GODFREY, Visiting Assist- ant Professor of Business Administration, 1956 - A.B., Harvard University. RICHARD W. PEARCE, Assistant Pro- fessor of Business Administration, 1958 - B.A., M.A., LL.B., Stetson University. DAVID M. HEIGHTS, Professor of Ac- counting, 1953 - A.B., University of Colo- rado; M.S., PhD., University of Illinois; C.P.A. DAVID W. MILLER, Assistant Profes- sor of Business Administration, 1955 - B.S., A.B., University of Florida ; CPA. CHANCERY S. ELKINS, Associate Pro- fessor of Business Administration 1956 — A.B,University of Michigan; Ph. D., Louis- iana State University. Faculty SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ' IfVf ' ' irtfe ' i.- • »W « i Hh B - ■ 4 ieJM G. WILLARD FREEMAN, Visiting As- sociate Professor of Business Administra- tion, 1952 - D.B.S., Webber College. LOUISE QUARLES, Secretary to the Business Manager, 1958. MAXINE L. PATTERSON, Professor of Business Admini-stration, 1948 - B.S., Mary Washington College, University of Virginia; M.B.E., University of Colo- rado. EDWARD COLSON FURLONG JR., Professor of Business Administration, 1938-B.S., M.A., Stetson University ; Grad- uate Studv, Case Institute of Technology. LOUISE STOUDEMIRE, Secretary to Dean of the Business School. CAROL NICKLAS, Associate Professor of Business Education, 1954 - B.S., M.B. A., Indiana University. JOHN E. BARTHEL, Assistant Professor of Economics, 1955 - Diplom-Volkswirt, Doktor rer. pol.. University of Berlin. 24 FRANCES HUGHES, Assistant Profes- sor of Piano and Theory, 1960 - B.M., iVr.M., Philadelphia Conservatory of Mus- RUTH RICHARDSON CARR, Associ- ate Professor of Church Music, 1946 — B.S., Houghton College; M.M., Eastman School of Music ; Graduate Study, Union Theological Seminary. HAROLD M. GIFFIN, Professor of Voice, 1935 - A.B., Denison University: B.M., M.A., Eastman School of Music. RICHARD M. FEASEL, Associate Pro- fessor of Wind Instruments, 1946 - B.M., M.A., Stetson University. ELEANOR LEEK, Associate Professor of Violincello and Theory, 1946 - B.M., M.M., Eastman School of Music. Faculty SCHOOL OF MUSIC PAUL T. LANGSTON, Assistant Profes- sor of Church Music, 1960 - B.A., Univer- sity of Florida; M.S.M., School of Music, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. JACK H. COLDIRON, Assistant Profes- sor of Voice, 1960 - B.M., Stetson Uni- versity; M.C.M., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; Graduate Study, Southern Methodist University. ROGER L. CUSHMAN, Professor of Pi- ano and Theory, 1950 - B.M., M.M., Yale University. DONALD CHARLES YAXLEY, Assoc- iate Professor of Wind and Percussion In- struments, 1949 - B.M., M.A., Stetson U- niversity. ROBERT L. HAUSE, Instructor in Mus- ic History, 1962 - B.M., M.M., Univer- sity of Michigan. PAUL R. JENKINS, Associate Professor of Organ, 1956 - B.S., Davidson College; M.M., University of Michigan. LENOIR ALMAND, Assistant Professor of Piano, 1958 - B.A., Furman University ; Diploma, Julliard School of Music. 25 The Classes MISS BARBARA ROWE . . . ■ One of the hardest, most time-consuming, and most thankless positions at any university is that of the regis- trar. Miss Rowe, a graduate of Hillsdale College and Stetson University, has served the school in this capacity since 1939, effecting such beneficial innovations as a sys- tem of pre-registration. 27 THE SENIORS . . . 1963 ADAMS, DONALD, Lloye, 111. . . . Bus.— Sigma Phi Epsilon Social Fraternity; Aqua-Hats, Pres. ; Beta Alpha Sigma. ANDREW, GLORIA JEAN, Jefferson, Ga Bus. — Alpha Chi Omega Social Sorority, 1st Veep, Treas., Standards Bd.; Sigma Beta Chi; Student Advisor. ARNHOLTER, ALLENE, Jacksonville, Fla L.A.— Sigma Tau Delta; Review Staff; Reporter Editorial Staff ; Honor Roll ; Honors Program ; Woodrow Wilson Candidate. ATSMA, NANCY, Delray Beach, Fla. . . . L.A.— Pi Beta Phi Social Sorority. BEARDEN, MARGUERITE, Atlanta, Ga. . . . L. A. BLACKWELL, GRACE, Ormond Beach, Fla L.A. BLOSH, FREDERICK CARL, Ocala, Fla. . . . Bus. — Central Fla. Jr. College ; Honor Roll ; Accountancy Club, Pres. ; Beta Alpha Sigma, Chap. BOYER, MARTHA, New Buffalo, Pa. Bus.— BRITTON, LEE, Macon, Miss. . . . L.A.— Sigma Phi Epsilon Social Fraternity. BROOKS, PETER, Prospect, Ky. . . . L.A.— Pi Kappa Phi Social Fraternity; Varsity Basketball; Varsity Track ; Athletic Trainer ; " S " Club, Pres., Treas. ; Greek Week King ; Intramurals. Adams, D. Andrew, G. Arnholter, A. Atsma, N. Bearden, M. Blackwell, G Blosch, F. Boyer, M. Britton, L. Brooks, P. Brown, W. Cain, J. Carroll. M. Cassedy, N. Chamberlin, J. Chapman, B. Cimpi, R. Clark, F. Clifton, R. Cooke, T. Corbett, L. Couch, J. Crittendon, S. Crosby, J. BROWN, WYNN, Miami. Fla. . . . L.A.— Zeta Tau Alpha Social Sorority ; B.S.U., Enlistment Chm. ; Dean ' s List; Honor Roll. CAIN, JOHN, New Smyrna Beach, Fla. L.A. CARROLL,MARILYN A., Ft. Myers, Fla L.A. — LW.O. ; Phi Mu Social Sorority ; Wesley Foundation ; Intramurals ; Kappa Pi. CASSEDY, NANCY ALLEN, Jacksonville, Fla. . . . L.A. — B.S.U. ; Y.W.A. ; Reporter Staff ; SFEA. CHAMBERLIN, JOAN, Lake City, Fla. ... L.A CHAPMAN, BEVERLY, Atlanta, Ga . . . L.A.— Pi Beta Phi Social Sorority ; Cheerleader, Co-Capt. Orientation Comm. ; Student Advisor; Reporter Staff; Public Relations Dept. Photographer; Baseball Mgr. ; " S " Club; Fla. Center for Education in Politics; Exec Sud. Observership Program ; Washington Semes- ter; International Relations Club; Political Forum; Southeast Asia Inst. Comm.; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Phi Alpha Theta ; Omicron Delta Kappa. COOKE, TUCKER, Newberry, Fla L.A. — Lambda Chi Alpha Social Fraternity ; Kappa Pi. CORBETT, LINDA SUE, Sarasota, Fla. . . . L.A. — Alpha Chi Omega Social Sororitv, Corr. Sec, Warden; L.S.A., Soc. Chm.; Kappa Delta Pi; Honor Roll; Emily House Council ; SFEA, Mem. Chm. CIMPL ROSEMARY, Port Orange, Fla. . . . L.A. — Kappa Delta Pi ; SFEA. COUCH, JOAN, Pittsburgh, Pa. . . . L.A.— Alpha Chi Omega Social Sorority, Warden, Pledge Veep; Women ' s Council ; Psi Chi, Pres. CLARK, FRANK, Hollywood, Fla. . . . L.A.— Varsity Soccer, All-FIC ; " S ' Club; Varsity Baseball; Honor Roll ; Dean ' s List ; Green Circle ; Kappa Mu Epsilon. CRITTENDON, SHELLY, St. Petersburg, Fla. . . . L.A. — Pi Beta Phi Social Sorority, Treas. ; Washington Semester ; Honor Roll ; Miss Ugly. CLIFTON, RONALD R., Richmond, Va. L.A.— CROSBY, JIM, DeLand, Fla L.A. 29 THE SENIORS . . . 1963 CURLESS, WILBUR WATSON, W. Palm Beach, Fla. . . . L.A. — Beta Beta Beta ; Ministerial Association. DEAVER, GLENN LAMAR, Fitzgerald, Ga. . . . L.A.— Varsity Basketball ; " S " Club. DELLIBOVI, ROSEMARY, Satellite Beach, Fla. . . . L.A. DENNIS, JOHN T., Dade City, Fla. . . . L.A.— Fine Arts Comm. ; Student Union Board; Honors House Sr. Rep.; Newman Club; Canterbury Club, House Mgr. ; Reporter Staff, Research Ed., Feature Ed., Associate Ed. ; Stetson Review, Ed. Asst., Edi- tor-in-Chief ; Publications Board; Sigma Pi Kappa; Intramurals ; Atlanta Intercollegiate Bowling Tourna- ment ; Honor Roll ; Honors Program ; Sigma Tau Delta ; University Chorus; R.O.T.C; Stetson Players ' Guild; Academic Probation ; Social Probation ; Unrestricted Probation. Pi Kappa Alpha Social Fraternity- DILLON, JAMES, DeLand, Fla. Alpha Sigma ; Stover Theatre. Bus. — Beta DONEGAN, HORACE W. B. II, Hartford, Conn. . . . L.A. — Sigma Phi Epsilon Social Fraternity, Chap., Song Leader; Canterbury House; Varsity Soccer; " S " Club. Curless, W. Diipre, J. Dcaver, L. Durgin, L. DelliBovi, R. Earnhardt, J. Dennis, J. Eckblad, B. Dillon, J. Elliott, R. Donegan, H. Erickson, E. Everroad, M. Ezelle, J. Fielder, C. Finch, F. Flynn, B. Forest, A. Fouse, C. Frye, D. Gage, S. Garnsey, G. Gaylord, H. Geiger, G. DUPRE, JACK, Antioch, 111. . . . Bus.— Delta Sigma Phi Social Fraternity ; Beta Alpha Sigma. DURGIN, LISA LOUISE, Ormond Beach, Fla. . . . Bus. — Phi Mu Social Sorority, Sec. ; Sigma Beta Chi ; Sigma Delta Pi, Veep. EARNHARDT, JOHN, DeLand, Fla. . . . Mus.— University Band ; University Orchestra ; Kappa Kappa Psi. ECKBLAD, ROBERT H., Eustis, Fla. . . . Bus.— Sigma Phi Epsilon Social Fraternity, Compt., Soc. Chm. ; Parents ' Weekend Comm. ; Varsity Track ; " S " Club, Treas. ; Intramurals ; Beta Alpha Sigma ; Ac- countancy Club. ERICKSON, EDWARD, Bay Shore, N.Y. . . . L.A.— Delta Sigma Phi Social Fraternity ; Varsity Soccer. ELLIOTT, RANDALL, Edgewater, Fla. . . . L.A.— Pi Kappa Alpha Social Fraternity ; Scabbard and Blade, Pres.; D.M.S. ; SAR Award; ' Resident Advisor. EVERROAD, MARYBETH, Columbus, Ind L.A.— Delta Delta Delta Social Sorority; Intramurals, Letter; Women ' s Phys. Ed. Majors ' Club, Pres. EZELLE, JENNINGS W., JR., Clewiston, Fla. . . . Bus. — Lambda Chi Alpha Social Fraternitv ; Varsity Golf. FIELDER, COLEMAN MEREDITH, Mt. Dora, Fla. . . . Bus. FINCH, FLORA, DeLand, Fla Bus. FLYNN, BEULAH, Daytona Beach, Fla. . . . L.A. FOREST, ANGELINE, Daytona Beach, Fla. . . . L.A. — SFEA ; Kappa Pi ; Intramurals. FOUSE, CLARENCE D., Miami, Fla. . . . LA.— Sigma Nu Social Fraternity ; Student Union Board, Veep; Westminster Fellowship, Pres.; Ministerial As- sociation, Veep ; Religious Life Council ; Reporter Staff ; Intramurals, Varsity Tennis ; Pershing Rifles. FRYE, DARLA, Orlando, Fla. . . . L.A.— Delta Delta Delta Social Sorority. GAGE. SHARON GAYLE, St. Petersburg, Fla . . . L.A. — Phi Mu Social Sorority, Corr. Sec, Int. Rep., Hist., Pledge Sec. ; Rules and Procedures Comm. ; Citizenship Comm.; B.S.U., Exec. Coun., Student Center Chm.; Y.W.A., Veep. Missions Chm.; Student Union Board, Soc. Comm. Chm.; W omen ' s Council; Intramural Board, Soc. Chm.; Sigma Pi Kappa; Pub- lications Board, Chm.; Reporter Staff; University Band; SFEA. GARNSEY, GAIL, Port Orange, Fla. . . . L.A. GAYL ORD, HELEN, Hialeah, Fla. . . . L.A.— B.S.U.. Exec. Coun.; Y.W.A., Exec. Coun.; Intramural Board. GEIGER, O. GLENN, Plant City, Fla. . . . L.A.— Lambda Chi Alpha Social Fraternity, Exec. Coun., Pledge Master, Asst. Pledge Master, Traffic Dept., Chm. ; Homecoming Comm.; Parents ' Weekend Comm. ; Ministerial Association, Sec, Pro. Chm ; B.S.U. Exec. Coun. ; Intramurals ; Intramural Board ; ROTC. 31 f . J THE SENIORS . . . 1963 GLADDEN, FLOYD E., Speed, Ind. . . . L.A.— Sigma Nu Social Fraternity, Treas. ; Varsity Basket- ball, Co-Capt; Varsity Golf; " S " Club; Men ' s Council; Gamma Theta Upsilon ; Scabbard and Blade. GNANN, MARILYN, Gainesville, Fla L.A. GOULD, ZILLIAH C, New Smyrna Beach, Fla. . . . L.A. GRAY, PENNY, Eau Gallic, Fla. . . . L.A.— Pi Beta Phi Social Sorority ; Theta Alpha Phi ; Stover Theater ; Honor Roll; Miss Basketball; Military Queen; Miss Hatter Runner-up. GREENE, ANNE, DeLand, Fla. . . . L.A.— Alpha Xi Delta Social Sorority, Rec. Sec, Journal Corr. ; B.S.U., Frosh Coun. ; Canterbury House ; Hatter Staff, Bus. Mgr. ' 62 and ' 63; Publications Board; Honor Roll; Sigma Pi Kappa, Pres. ; Greek Week Comm., Sec. ; Hatter Spirit Comm.; Water-Ski Club, Veep, Sec. GREGORY, RUSSELL STEELE, Danville, Ky. . . . L.A. — Sigma Nu Social Fraternity; Green Circle; LF.C; L.A. Treas. HAMBY, REBECCA, Crescent City, Fla. . . . L.A.— Women ' s Council; B.S.U., Exec. Coun.; Y.W.A., State Pres. HANLE, ELIZABETH, Naples, Fla. . . . L.A. Chi Omega Social Sorority ; Kappa Pi. HARRIS, LEBRONE, Pensacola, Fla Bus. -Alpha Gladden, F. Hamby, R. Gnann, M. Hanle, E. Gould, Z. Harris, L. Gray, P. Hartung, J. Greene, A. Hedrick, P. Gregory, S. Henry, L. Henry, R. High, C. Hoequist, D. Jacob, A. James, C. Johns, F. Johnston, I. Jones, A. Jones, W. D. Jones, W. M. Juarez, 0. Junger, J. HARTUNG, JOY, Clearwater Beach, Fla. . . . Bus.— Pi Beta Phi Social Sorority, Corr. Sec, Pledge Trainer, Sunshine Girl, Exec. Coun. ; Student Advisor; Parents ' Weekend Comm. ; Orientation Comm. ; B.S.U. ; Re- porter Staff ; Honor Roll ; Pi Kappa Phi Sweetheart ; Calendar Girl ; Sigrna Beta Chi. HEDRICK, PHYLLIS, Tampa, Fla. . . . Delta Delta Social Sorority. HENRY, LARRY, Holly Hill, Fla. . . . Mus. L.A.— Delta Lambda Chi Alpha Social Fraternity ; Beta Alpha Sigma. JAMES, CRAIG, DeLand, Fla Bus. JOHNS, FRANK, Live Oak, Fla. . . . Bus.— Wesley Foundation ; Beta Alpha Sigma ; Concert Band ; Polit- ical Forum ; ROTC ; Young Democrats Club. JOHNSTON, IRA L., Jacksonville, Fla. Beta Alpha Sigma. Bus. HENRY, RALPH, Margatte, N. J. . . . L.A.— Lambda Chi Alpha Social Fraternity ; Intramurals. HIGH, CHARLOTTE, Sylvania, Ga. . . . Bus —Alpha Chi Omega Social Sorority, Act. Chm., Asst. Treas., Pledge Pres. ; S.E. Panhellenic Comm. ; Panhellenic Model ; Articulation Comm., Co-Chm. ; Parents ' Week- end Comm., Pub. Co-Chm.; Rules and Procedures Comm. ; Women ' s Council, Sec. ; Dorm Council, Sec. ; B.S.U., Frosh Coun., Enl. Chm., Exec. Coun. Sec; Y.W.A., Dorm Pres., Exec. Coun. Sec. ; Sigma Beta Chi. HOEQUIST, DIANE, Orlando, Fla L.A. JACOB, ALAN D., West Chester, Pa. Bus.— JONES, ARTHUR DAVID FULLERTON, New York, N.Y. . . . LA— Pi Kappa Phi, Treas; Reporter Staff. JONES, WILLIAM D. Washington, N.C. . . . L.A.— Sigma Nu Social Fraternity; Ministerial Association; B.S.U. JONES, WILLIAM M., Clearwater, Fla. . . . L.A.— Kappa Mu Epsilon. JUAREZ, OSCAR F., Tampa, Fla. . . . L.A.— Lambda Chi Alpha Social Fraternity, Rush Chm., Soc. Chm., Int. Dir. ; Newman Club ; Intramural Board ; Intra- mural All-Stars; Sigma Delta Pi; International Club. JUNGER, JACQUES, Coral Gables, Fla. . . . L.A.— Sigma Nu Social Fraternity. 33 s ;f.:U ' w THE SENIORS . . . 1963 KEIPER, JOHN, DeLand, Fla. . . . Mus.— Sigma Nu Social Fraternity; Varsity Tennis; " S " Club; Intra- murals ; University Chorus ; Kappa Kappa Psi ; Uni- versity Orchestra ; Stover Theatre. KEISLING, CHARLES M., Jacksonville, Fla. . . . L.A. — Canterbury House; Sigma Pi Kappa; Reporter Staff; Intramurals ; Honor Roll. KELLY, KERRY M., Gainesville, Fla Bus.— Beta Alpha Sigma, Mem. Chm. ; B.S.U., Mem. Comm., Music Comm; Religious Emphasis Week, Music Comm.; University Chorus; Travel Squad; Male Quar- tet ; Stover Theatre. KENNEDY, THOMAS F., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. . . . Bus. — Sigma Phi Epsilon Social Fraternity, Sr. Mar- shall; Westminster Fellow ship; Beta Alpha Sigma; ROTC. KINNAN, HARRY, Bradenton, Fla L.A.— Lambda Chi Alpha Social Fraternity, Parliamentarian, Int. Rep. ; Wesley Foundation, Soc. Chm. ; Varsity Base- ball; Intramurals, All-Stars; ROTC; Phys. Ed. Majors Club. KRAUSE, MARGARET GORMLY, Miami Shores, Fla. . . . L.A. — Alpha Xi Delta Social Sorority, Pledge Chap., Pledge Panhellenic Rep. ; B.S.U. ; Intramurals ; Honor Rolls ; Deans List. Keiper, J. Krebs. M. Keisling, C. Lamed, F. Kelly, K. Lasseter, K. Kennedy, T. Lawhon, B. Kinnan, H. Lehotay, W. Krause, M. Lohof, B. McArthur. W. McBain, B. McCloskey. R. McGuffie, C. McKinlev, C. Makris, G Martini, L. Matlack, R. Mazzeo, P. Merrifield, J. Miehels; C. Miller, C. KREBS, MARY JO, Miami, Fla. . . . Bus.— Newman Club; Hatter Staff; Accountancy Club, Veep. McGUFFIE, CYNTHIA, Ormond Beach, Fla. L.A. LARNED, FRANK, Lake Helen, Fla. Bus. LASSETER, KENNETH C, Neptune Beach, Fla. . . . L.A. — Lambda Chi Alpha Social Fraternity ; West- minster Fellowship ; Kappa Mu Epsilon, Treas. ; Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Pres. LAWHON, BETTY, Pensacola, Fla. . . . L.A.— Alpha Chi Omega Social Sorority, Pres. ; Psi Chi. LE HOTATAY, WANDA KAY, Columbus, Ga L.A. LOHOF, BRUCE A., Billings, Mont. . . . L.A.— Pi Kappa Phi Social Fraternity, Archon, Sec, Warden ; LF.C.; Student Senate; Repoi ' ter Staff; Intramurals; Green Circle. McARTHUR, WILLIAM, Clearwater, Fla. . . . Bus — Sigma Nu Social Fraternity. McBAIN, BEVERLY ANN, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. . . . Mus. — Westminster Fellowship ; Concert Choir ; Uni- versity Orchestra. McCLOSKEY, ROBERT J., Rockledge, Fla. . . . L.A. — Pi Kappa Alpha Social Fraternity, Pres. ; I.F.C. ; Canterbury Club, Vestryman ; Layreader, St. Barnabas ' Church ; University Concert Choir, Accompanist ; A.G.O. ; University Madrigal Singers. McKINLEY, BRUCE, Jamesboro, N.J. Delta Sigma Phi Social Fraternity, Veep. MAKRIS, GREGORY, Athens, Greece. Stover Theatre. . L.A.— . L.A.— MARTINL LOUIS C, Budapest, Hungary . . . L.A.— Canterbury House ; Reporter Staff ; Varsity Soccer ; International Club ; Chess Team, Capt. ; Chess Cham- pion ; Chess Club Mgr. MATLACK, RICHARD H., Lutherville, Md. . . . Mus. — Kappa Kappa Psi, Pres. ; M.E.N. C, Pres. ; Or- chestre Mgr. ; University Band ; Woodwind Quintet. MAZZEO, PETER M., Winter Haven, Fla. . . . L.A — Canterbury House, Vestry, Lay Reader, Char; Beta Beta Beta, Pres.; S.F.E.A., Treas.; Stover Theatre. MERRIFIELD, JOHN, New York, N.Y. . . . L.A.— Sigma Nu Social Fraternity MICHELS, CAROLYN, Sanford, Fla. . . . L.A. MILLER, CHARLES GROFF, Leesburg, Fla. . . . L.A. — Sigma Phi Epsilon Social Fraternity, Sec; Honor Roll. 35 THE SENIORS . . . 1963 MOORE, CHARLES E., Moultrie, Ga. . . . Mus.— University Chorus ; A.G.O. ; University Madrigal Sing- ers. MOORE, G. ELAINE, Miami, Fla. . . . L.A.— Independent Women ' s Organization, Pres., Treas. ; S.G.A. Cabinet ; Intramurals ; Food Fair Stores Schol- arship; S.F.E.A., Pres.; Student Advisor; Orientation Comm. ; Quiz Bowl. MOORE, ROBERT, Opa-Locka, Fla. . . . Bus.— Sigma Phi Epsilon Social Fraternity ; Intramurals. MURPHY, JAMES W., Winter Haven, Fla L.A.— Lambda Chi Alpha Social Fraternity, Soc. Chm., Exec. Comm., Nat. Conv. ; Parents ' Weekend Comm. ; Homecoming Comm.; Greek Week Comm.; Hatter Holiday Comm. ; Residence Council ; Canterbury Club ; Kappa Pi, Pres. ; Fla. State Fair Art Prize ; Alpha Chi Omega Sv ' eetheart ; Stover Theatre ; Fraternity Row Interior Designer. NANCE, MARSHALL, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. . . . L.A. — Sigma Phi Epsilon Social Fraternity. NELSON, CONRAD, Hollywood, Fla. . . . Bus.— Lambda Chi Alpha Social Fraternity; Beta Alpha Sigma, Hist. ; Accountancy Club. NELSON, GAIL PATRICIA, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. ...L.A.— S.F.E.A.;L.S.A. Moore, U. Nance, M. Moore, C. Nelson, C. Moore, G. Nelson, G. Moore, R. Nemchik, G. Murphy, J. Newhart, B. .• ' ' f ' ? v Mordstrom, P. Page, J. Parker, E. Parks, N. Parsons, T. Peterson, D. Phillips, K. Pinachian, F. Plapp, N. Plenge, L. NEMCHIK, GEORGE S., Naples, Fla. . . . L.A.— L.S.A. ; Varsity Track; Intramural Board; I.M.O., Sec. ; S.F.E.A., Treas. Student Leader, Pub. Mgr. ; Orientation Comm. ; Stu- dent Advisor; Stover Theatre Productions: Carousel, Bartered Bride. NEWHART, BARRY, Sarasota, Fla. . . . L.A.— Delta Sigma Phi Social Fraternity ; Honor Roll ; Birth- day Enterprises. PARSONS, TOM, Oak Ridge, Tenn. . . . L.A.— Lambda Chi Alpha Social Fraternity. PETERSON, J. DANIEL, DeLand, Fla. . . . L.A. NORDSTROM, PHILIP, DeLand, Fla. Honor Roll ; Beta Alpha Sigma. Bus.— PHILLIPS, KEITH, Silver Spring, Md. . . . L.A.— Sigma Nu Social Fraternity. PAGE, JUDITH, DeLand, Fla. . . . Bus. PARKER, EDWARD, JR., Texarkana, Ark L.A.— Varsity Baseball; " S " Club; B.S.U.; Stover Theatre Productions: The Tempest , Col. Phillips, The King and I (backstage). PARKS, JO, Albemarle, N.C. . . . Mus.— Pi Beta Phi Social Sorority, Soc. Chm., Program Chm., Music Chm. ; B.S.U. ; Majorette ; Honor Roll ; Tassel, Hist. ; Phi Beta, Soc. Chm.; M.E.N.C, Sec. Veep; Student Union Board Ed. Comm. ; Concert Choir, Soloist, Duet Team, PINACHIAN, FLORENCE, W. New York, N.Y. Mus. PLAPP, NANCY CAROLINE, Ft. Gordon, Ga. . . . L.A. — Delta Delta Delta Social Sorority, Pres., Pledge Trainer, Outstanding Pledge; S.G.A. Pub. Staff; Re- porter Staff; Intramurals; Atlanta Intercollegiate Bowling Team ; Student Advisor ; Greek Week Comm., Co-Chm. ; Panhellenic Council. PLENGE, LYNN L., Clearwater, Fla. B.S.U. , Pub. Co-Chm; I.M.O. Bus. 37 THE SENIORS . . . 1963 POLK, ROGER EUGENE, Lake Placid, Fla. . . . Bus. — Pi Kappa Phi Social Fraternity; Student Sena- tor; Intramurals, All-Stars; Scabbard and Blade, Treas. ; D.M.S. ; ROTC Battalion Exec. Officer ; Student Advisor. PRICHER, NORM, Zephyrhills, Fla. . . . Bus.— Lambda Chi Alpha Social Fraternity. PYLE, FRANK J., Jr., Orlando, Fla. . . . L.A. — Pi Kappa Alpha Social Fraternity, House Mgr. ; Intra- murals ; ROTC. RAMAKER, LELAND J., Hollywood, Fla. . . . Bus. — Intramurals, All-Stars; Dean ' s List; Honor Roll; Accountancy Club ; Florida Bankers ' Association Schol- arship. REDMOND, PATRICK M., Miami, Fla. . . . Bus.— Pi Kappa Alpha Social Fraternity; Men ' s Dorm Council; Beta Alpha Sigma; Greek Week Comm. REIFF, RICHARD F., Allentown, Pa. . . . L.A.— Pi Kappa Phi Social Fraternity, Chap.; Student Senator; Men ' s Council; Citizenship Comm. Chm. ; Varsity Tennis; " S " Club; Intramurals; Greek Week Zeus; Student Advisor. RIEDEL, MARIE, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. . . . L.A.— United Campus Christian Fellowship, Pres. ; West- minster Fellowship; S.F.E.A., Sec; Honor Roll; Kappa Delta Pi, Veep. Polk, R. Reiff, R. Pricher. N. Riedel, M. Pyle, F. Riera, F. Ramaker, L. Riley, L. Redmond, P. Robinson, J. Roche, J. Sechrist, L. Rouse, C. Shaw, J. Rule. P. Shore, R. Schmitt, D. Smith, J. Scott, J. Smith, J. RIERA, FELIX, Miami Shores, Fla. Kappa Alpha Social Fraternity. . . Bus. — Pi RILEY, LINDA KATHRYN, Miami, Fla. . . . L.A.— Canterbury House; Reporter Staff; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Early Admissions; S.F.E.A., Pub. Off., Conv. Del. ; Kappa Mu Epsilon, Assoc. Member. ROBINSON, JACKIE C, DeLand, Fla. . . . Mus. — Varsity Track; " S " Club; State Weightlifting Champ- ion; Stetson Band, Gen. Mgr; Kappa Kappa Psi; University Orchestra ; Brass Choir ; University Chorus. SCHMITT, DONALD, DeLand, Fla. . . . Bus. SCOTT, JAMES C, Winter Haven, Fla. . . . Bus.— Pi Kappa Phi Social Fraternity ; Green Feather Comm. ; Articulation Week Comm. ; B.S.U. SECHRIST, LOIS, W. Palm Beach, Fla. . . . L.A.— Independent Women ' s Organization; Intramural Board. SHAW, JOHN, Miami, Fla. . Social Fraternity ; Intramurals. Bus. — Sigma Nu ROCHE, JAMES, DeLand, Fla. Sigma Phi Social Fraternity. L.A.— Delta SHORE, RICHARD (CHIPS), Bradenton. Fla. . . . Bus. — Sigma Phi Epsilon Social Fraternity, Pub. Rel. Off., House Mgr; S.G.A. Cabinet; Intramurals; Student Affairs Comm. ; I.F.C., Pres., Sec. ROUSE, CLINTON M., Bradenton, Fla. . . . L.A.— Pi Kappa Phi Social Fraternity; Articulation Week Comm. ; Intramurals ; Frosh Basketball ; Frosh Honors Seminar; Resident Advisor; Men ' s Dorm Council. SMITH, JAMES, DeLand, Fla. . . . Bus.— Sigma Nu Social Fraternity ; Intramurals ; Intramural Board. RULE, PATRICIA, Ormond Beach, Fla. L.A. SMITH, JOYCE CLARK, DeLand, Fla. . . . L.A.- Zeta Tau Alpha Social Sorority, Soc. Chm. 39 THE SENIORS . . . 1963 SMITH, MARION, Macon, Ga. . . . L.A.— Alpha Xi Delta Social Sorority, Hist., Rush Sec, Corr. Sec. ; Honor Roll; Student Advisor; Sigma Omicron Chi, Veep. SPORHASE, VIRGINIA, DeLand, Fla. . . . L.A.— Alpha Chi Omega Social Sorority; Student Advisor; Stover Theater. SQUIRES, LINDA, Macon, Ga. . . . L.A.— Chi Omega Social Soroity. STENNER, MADELINE, Lantana, Fla. . . . Mus.— Tau Beta Sigma ; Stetson Band. STRAUS, SHANNON, Tampa, Fla. . . . L.A.— Delta Delta Delta Social Sorority ; Intramurals ; Miss Hatter Runner-up ; Cheerleader. SUMMER, SANDRA, Lake City, Fla. . . . Bus.— B.S.U. ; Accountancy Club ; Homecoming Comm., Sec. SWEITZER, DOROTHY, Inverness, Fla. . . . L.A. TAYLOR, PETER, DeLand, Fla L.A.— Sigma Nu Social Fraternity; Varsity Basketball; Varsity Soccer; Intramurals; " S " Club. TERRY, ELBRIDGE W. (BUZZ), Miami, Fla. . . . Bus. — Pi Kappa Phi Social Fraternity, Rush Chm., Int. Dir. ; Green Feather Comm. ; Beta Alpha Sigma ; Battalion Staff, ROTC; D.M.S.; Scabbard and Blade. Smith, M. Sporhase, V. Squires, L. Stenner, M. Straus, S Summers, S. Sweitzer, D. Taylor, P. Terry, E. Thode, A. M " " « 0t - h Thomas, J. Vevier, C. Thorn a son, A. Vose, J. Turley, J. Walker, R. Tyner, D. Wehr, J. VanHoose, E. Wheeler, A. THODE, AL, Highland Park, N.J. Sigrma Phi Social Fraternity. Bus.— Delta VAN HOOSE, EDMUND, Port Orange, Fla. L.A. THOMAS, JAMES, DeLand, Fla. terial Association ; B.S.U. L.A. — Minis- THOMASON, ANN, Miami, Fla. . . . L.A— Alpha Xi Delta Social Sorority ; Reporter Staff ; Intramurals ; Junior Counselor ; Debate Squad. VEVIER, CAROL, Clearwater, Fla L.A. VOSE, JAMES, Patuxent Rivers, Md. . , . L.A. Delta Sigma Phi Social Fraternity. WALKER, RUSSELL, New Smyrna Beach, Fla. . . . L.A. — Pi Kappa Phi Social Fraternity; Intramurals. TURLEY, RAYMOND JAMES, Meredith, N.H. . . . L.A. — Pi Kappa Alpha Social Fraternity, Hist., Serg- eant-at-arms ; I.F.C. ; Young Republicans ' Club, Pres. WEHR, JEANINE, New Smyrna Beach, Fla. . . . L.A. — Westminster Fellowship ; United Student Chris- tian Fellowship; Honor Roll ; Kappa Delta Pi. TYNER, E. DAVID, Dade City, Fla. . . . L.A.— Pi Kappa Phi Social Fraternity, Warden ; B.S.U. ; Traffic Co-Ordinator. WHEELER, ANITA MAUREEN, Oak Hill, Fla. . . . L.A.— B.S.U., Exec. Coun.; Y.W.A., Exec. Coun.; In- tramurals ; S.F.E.A 41 THE SENIORS . . . 1963 WHITLEY, WILLIAM, DeLand, Fla. . . . L.A. WISNER, JEAN, Coral Gables, Fla L.A. WILCOX, ELINOR, Atlanta, Ga. . . . Mus.— Zeta Tau Alpha Social Sorority ; Westminster Fellowship ; Uni- versity Chorus ; Student Advisor. WOOD, ANTHONY, Pensacola, Fla. . . , Bus.— Delta Sigma Phi Social Fraternity; Greek Week Comm.; Homecoming Comm. ; Zeta Tau Alpha King. WILLIAMS, ROLAND E., Jacksonville, Fla Bus.— Sigma Nu Social Fraternity, Lt. Comm., Soc. Chm., House Mgr. ; Dorm Council; Canterbury Club; ROTC, Rep. ; Intramurals ; Beta Alpha Sigma ; Green Feather Comm.; D.M.S. ; Scabbard and Blade; Battle Group Staff; Playboy Club. WOOD, JUDY, Eustis, Fla. . . . L.A.— Pi Beta Phi Social Sorority, Rush Chm., Pledge Sec, Panhellenic Rep. ; Panhellenic Council, Sec. ; Student Union Board, Corn Sec; Traffic Comm., Sec; Greek Week Comm.; Senate; S.F.E.A. ; Miss Basketball ' Dorm Council; Military Ball Court. WILLIS, LARRY M., Orlando, Fla L.A. WOODMAN, DANIEL, Newmarket, N.H. . . . Bus. WINGFIELD, SHIRLEY, DeLand, Fla. L.A. WISE, CHRIS, DeLand, Fla. . . . L.A.— Delta Sigma Phi Social Fraternity, Treas.; ROTC; Psi Chi; Sigma Pi Kappa ; Reporter Staff. WRENN, THOMAS MANLIFF, Winter Park, Fla Bus. — Pi Kappa Phi Social Fraternity ; B.S.U. ; Concert Choir, Grn. Mgr. ZESSIN, JUDY ANN, Miami, Fla. Tau Alpha Social Sorority. . Bus. — Zeta Whitley, W. Wisner, J. Wilcox, E Wood, A. WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES CARL M. ADAMS Fort Lauderdale, Fla. JANET S.HANKINS Miami, Fla. DIAN S.AIKEN Sanford, Fla. GAILJ.HILVERINK Rex, Ga. ARTHUR N. ALDERMAN Melbourne, Fla. DONL.HUNEYCUTT Greer, S. C. PRISCILLA A. CAMPBELL Pageland, S. C. CHARLOTTE A. KEYES Hialeah, Fla. MARY L. CHAPMAN Gainesville, Ga. ROBERT E. MORRIS Apopka, Fla. CHARLES L. CLARK Jacksonville, Fla. H.WILLIAM PERRY Live Oak, Fla. JAMES F. COULTER Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. HUGH R. PETERSON, JR. Louisville, Ky. ELEANOR H. DICKEY Bristol, Va. CHARLES E.RIKARD Winter Haven, Fla. DIANE M. DISNEY N. Vernon, Ind. KAREN E. STEANSON Griffin, Ga. THOMAS R. FAY Largo, Fla. HOWARD L. SWEET, JR. Tampa, Fla. WILLIAM D. GARDNER Americus, Ga. M AROLYN L. WHITE Princess Anne, Va. JANE G.HALL Atlanta, Ga. ROBERT E. WOOD Gainesville, Fla. 43 CARL M. ADAMS, JR. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla Bus. Sigma Phi Epsilon Social Fraternity, Hist., Alum Rel. Chm., Guard, Pledge Pres. ; Men ' s Council ; Student Advisor ; Orientation Comm. ; Westminster Fellowship ; Intra- murals ; Pershing Rifles ; Scabbard and Blade; Battalion Staff; D.M.S. ; Academic Wreath, ROTC; Beta Alpha Sigma; Omicron Delta Kappa; Resident Advisor; Head Resi- dent Advisor ; Who ' s Who. AIKEN, DIAN Sanford, Fla L.A. Delta Delta Delta Social Sorority, Veep, Schol. Chm. ; Parents ' Weekend Comm.; Dorm Council, Pres. ; Women ' s Council ; Westminster Fellowship, Prog. Chm. ; Reli- gious Life Council; Honor Roll; Phi Soci- ety ; Scroll and Key ; Kappa Delta Pi ; S.F.E. A. Mortar Board ; Who ' s Who. CAMPBELL, PRISCILLA Pageland, S.C L.A. Westminster Fellowship, State Sec, Prog. Chm., Sec. ; Assembly Youth Council; S.E. Reg. W.F. Conf . ; Phi Society ; Psi Chi, Veep, Sec.-Treas. ; Scroll and Key, Sec.-Treas. ; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Independent Women ' s Organization, Sec., Soc. Chm. ; Tassel ; Mortar Board, Hist. ; Freshman Ad- visor ; Who ' s Who. 44 MARY LYNN CHAPMAN Gainesville, Ga L.A. Alpha Chi Omega Social Sorority, 1st Veep, 2ncl Veep, Int. Chm. ; Women ' s Co u n c i 1 , Pres., Soph Rep. ; Dorm Council, Pres. ; B.S. U. ;Intramural Board, Dir., Asst. Dir., Act. Chm.; Intramurals, Rookie of the Year; Wo- men ' s Phys. Ed. Majors ' Club, 2nd Veep, Soc. Chm. ; Hatter Holiday Comm. ; Student Affairs Comm. ; S.F.E.A. ; Who ' s Who. CHARLES LEWIS CLARK Jacksonville, Fla L.A. Christian Science Organization, Pres. ; Gym- nastics ; Intramurals ; Honor Roll ; Outstand- ing Freshman Man ; Green Circle ; Stover Theatre Productions: Stalag 17, Arsenic and Old Lace, Alice in Wonderland, King I, Bartered Bride, Julius Caesar, Glass Mena- gerie; Shoestring Theatre Productions: Male Animal, Bad Seed, Hello Out There ; Library Comm.; Omicron Delta Kappa, Pres., Who ' s Who. JAMES FREDERICK COULTER Ft. Lauderdale, Fla Bus. Sigma Phi Epsilon Social Fraternity, Pres., Compt. ; Bus. School Senator ; Wesley Foun- dation, Veep ; Honor Roll ; Pershing Rifles ; Scabbard and Blacle; D.M.S.; I.F.C.; Beta Alpha Sigma; Accountancy Club; Resident Advisor; Student Advisor; DeLand Lion ROTC Award ; Superior Cadet Award ; ROTC Academic Wreath ; Omicron Delta Kappa ; Who ' s Who. 45 ELEANOR DICKEY Bristol, Va Mus. Pi Beta Pi Social Sorority, Pres., Pledge Trainer; Dorm Council, Soc. Chm. ; Phi Beta ; Stetson Band ; University Orchestra, Pub. ; Tau Beta Sigma; Tassel, Veep; Mortar Board ; Who ' s Who. DIANE MARIE DISNEY North Vernon, Ind. . . . L.A. Zeta Tau Alpha Social Sorority, Treas., Pari., Int. Chm., Exec. Comm., Bv-laws Comm., Pledge Soc. Chm.; Crown Shield. Editor; I.F.C. Handbook, Editor; Reporter Editorial Staff, Sports Editor, Bus. Mgr. ; Publications Board; Hatter, ' 61, ' 62, ' 63 Editor-in-Chief, Bus. Staff; Sigma Pi Kappa, Pres., Veep, Sec; Corr. for A.P., U.P.I., News-Journal, Times-Union; Green Feather Comm., Pub. Chm.; Miss Hatter Contest, Dir. ; Hatter Spirit Comm. ; Library Comm. ; Orientation Sub-Comm. ; Student Advisor ; Greek Week Olympics Comm. ; Parents ' Weekend Comm. ; Intramurals ; Intramural Board, Act. Chm. ; Men ' s Intramural Official ; Scorer-Statistici- an, all Men ' s Intercollegiate Sports; Varsity Letter; " S " Club; Sports Publicity; Basket- ball Beauty Contest, Co-Chm. ; Wesley Foun- dation ; Tolstoy Club ; Stover Theatre Pro- ductions: King I, South Pacific (Asst. Stage Mgr.); Honor Roll; Freshman Semi- nars ; Inter-Regional Scholarship ; Woodrow Wilson Candidate ; Who ' s Who. 46 THOMAS R. FAY Largo, Fla L.A. Lambda Chi Alpha Social Fraternity, Pres., Sec, Nat. Conv. ; Frosh Treas. ; Canterbury Club ; Men ' s Council ; LF.C. ; Parents ' Week- end Comm., Chm. ; ROTC ; Omicron Delta Kappa ; Who ' s Who. WILLIAM GARDNER Americus, Ga L.A. Pi Kappa Phi Social Fraternity, Chap. ; Men ' s Council, Pres. ; Ministerial Association ; Intramurals ; Who ' s Who. JANE HALL Americus, Ga L.A. Pi Beta Phi Social Sorority, Veep, Treas., Pledge Pres. ; Frosh Veep ; Dorm Council, Pres.; Women ' s Council, Veep; Homecom- ing Comm. ; Green Feather Comm. ; Cheer- leader ; Tassel ; Southern Intercollegiate As- sociation of Student Govt., Pres., Treas. ; Who ' s Who. 47 J. SUZANNE HANKINS Miami, Fla L. A. Pi Beta Phi Social Sorority, Schol. Chm.. Outstanding Pledge ; S.G.A. Sec. ; Parents ' Weekend Comm.; Leadership Weekend Comm. ; Women ' s Council, Rep.-atLarge ; Dorm Council, Pres. ; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Woodrow Wilson Candidate; Tassel; Phi Society, Pres.; Kappa Mu Epsilon, Veep; Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweetheart; Basketball Queen Court; Mortar Board; Who ' s Who. GAIL JANET HILVERINK Rex, Ga L.A. Alpha Chi Omega Social Sorority, House Mgr. ; Panhellenic Rep., Pledge Pres. ; B.S.U., Frosh Council, Dev. Chm. Exec. Council Soc. Chm. ; Women ' s Phys. Ed. Maj- ors ' Club, Veep; Intramurals, Athlete of the iear Award; Panhellenic Council, Pres., Veep; SE Panhellenic Conf. Chm.; Women ' s Council ; Dorm Council, Soc. Chm. ; Greek Week Comm.; Hatter Holiday Comm.; Military Ball Court, Company Sponsor ; Student Affairs Comm. ; Majorette ; Who ' s Who. HUNEYCUTT, DON Greer, S.C Mus. University Orchestra; Stetson Band; Wood- row Wilson Candidate; Danforth Fellowship Candidate ; Honor Roll ; Who ' s Who. 48 CHARLOTTE ANN KEYES Hialeah, Fla L.A. Alpha Chi Omega Social Sorority; Dorm Council; B.S.U., Frosh Council, Enl. Chm., Fellowship Co-Chm. ; Y.W.A., Program Chm., Pres., Comm. Missions Chm.; State B.S.U. Revival Team ; Stetson Revival Teams ; In- tramural Board ; Women ' s Phys. Ed. Majors ' Club, Pres.; S.F.E.A. ; Student Advisor; F.A.H.P.E.R.; A.A.H.P.E.R.; Who ' s Who. ROBERT MORRIS Apopka, Fla. . . . L.A. S.G.A Pres; Homecoming- Co-Chm.; Hatter Holiday Co-Chm. ; Frosh Basketball ; Varsity Track; Green Circle, Pres.; Mr. Stetson; Omicron Delta Kappa, Treas.; Who ' s Who. H. WILLIAM PERRY, JR. Live Oak, Fla L.A. Lambda Chi Alpha Social Fraternity, Treas. ; B.S.U. ; Ministerial Association. Veep; Intra- muFals; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who. 49 HUGH RAYMOND PETERSON, JR. Louisville, Ky L.A. Pi Kappa Phi Social Fraternity, Hist., Int. Rep, Football Comm, Co-Chm.; Reporter Editor-in-Chief; Publications Board, Chm ; Intramurals; Soph Treas.; Dorm Council; Green Circle; Platoon Leaders Class Grad., U.S.M.C; Who ' s Who. CHARLES RIKARD Winter Park, Fla Bus. Pi Kappa Phi Social Fraternity ; S.G.A. Treas. ; Homecoming Comm., Chm. ; Green Feather Comm. ; Greek Week Comm. ; Pres- ident ' s Cabinet; Intramurals; Who ' s Who. KAREN STEANSON Griffin, Ga L.A. Stetson Band, Sec.-Treas. ; University Orches tra; Tau Beta Sigma; Canterbury Club; Tassel, Sec. ; Sigma Pi Kappa, Treas. ; Sigma Tau Delta ; Stetson Review ; Pi Kappa Delta ; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Honors Program; Mortar Board, Pres. ; Who ' s Who. 50 HOWARD L. SWEET, JR. Tampa, Fla L.A. Pi Kappa Phi Social Fraternity; Student Union Board, Treas. ; Ministerial Association, Pres.; B.S.U., Veep, Exec. Comm.; Psi Chi; Resident Advisor; Who ' s Who. MAROLYN WHITE Princess Anne, Va. . . . Mus. Music School Sec. ; Wesley Foundation, Music Co-Chm. ; Phi Beta, Pres.; Scroll and Key ; Honor Roll ; Dean ' s List ; Glee Club ; University Orchestra ; Academic Council Award ; Mortar Board, Treas. ; Who ' s Who. ROBERT EMERSON WOOD Gainesville, Fla L.A. Parents ' Weekend Comm.; Student Advisor; B.S.U., Exec. Comm., Pub. Chm. ; Frosh Chemistry Award; Phi Society, Treas., Quiz Bowl Comm.; Scroll and Key, Pres.; Gen. Physics Award ; Honor Roll ; Dean ' s List ; Academic Council Class Award ; Danforth Fellowship Candidate ; Stetson Band ; Uni- versity Orchestra; ROTC Academic Wreath, R.O.A. Award; Stover Theatre; Quiz Bowl; Who ' s Who. y 51 I y 1.1 II .it ir - !rf »- ' ' AJrMJrM Blue, J. R. Boswell, C. A. Cappa, J. Carlton, C. Carter, B. THE LAW SENIORS BLUE, JOHN ROBERT, Bradenton, Fla. - B.S., Florida State University. BOSWELL, CLARENCE A., Bartow, Fla. - B.S., University of Florida; Delta Theta Phi Legal Fra- ternity, Tribune ; Law Day Comm. CAPPA, JOHN R., St. Petersburg Beach, Fla. - Florida Southern College ; Delta Theta Phi Legal Fraternity, Clerk of the Exchequer. CARLTON, CHARLES, Ft. Pierce, Fla. - B.A., University of Florida. CARTER, BRINLEY, DeLand, Fla. - Stetson Uni- versity ; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity. CHRIST, M. ROBERT, Tampa, Fla. - B.S., Tampa University. DAWSON, JAMES, Pompano Beach, Fla. - B.A., Stetson University; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity. DeLOACH, DENNIS JR., Statesboro, Ga. - B.S.F., University of Georgia. FRANCISCO, SAMMIE, St. Petersburg, Fla. - Rol- lins College. HARRIS, TIMOTHY, Dallas, N.A. - Belmont Abbey HENFERTY, ROWAN JR., Clearwater. Fla. - B .S., Florida State University; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fra- ternity, Clerk. JACKSON, CARL I.. Leesburg, Fla. - Stetson Uni- versity ; Delta Theta Phi Legal Fraternity. KING, JANET L., Lakeland, Fla. - University of Florida ; Student Bar Association Comm. LITTKY, MARVIN, St. Petersburg, Fla. - University of Detroit ; Phi Alpha Delta Fraternity ; Honor Court Attorney. LOBB, RICHARD W., St. Petersburg, Fla. - B.S., Florida Southern College; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fra- ternity. Christ, M. Henferty, R. DeLoach, D. King, J. J ' i M " N Francisco, S. Littkj. M. Harris, T. Lobb, R. ' 10 ' SMSM [: ML McCIure, C. McLarry, G. Marks, T. C. THE LAW SENIORS McCLURE, CHARLES, D.. Tallahassee, Fla. - B.S.J., University of Florida ; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity ; Senior Treas. McLARRY, GEORGE, St. Petersburg, Fla. - B.A., Stetson University ; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity. MARKS, THOMAS C. JR., Tampa, Fla. - B.S., Flor- ida State University; Delta Theta Phi Legal Fratern- ity. NEISER, RICHARD W., St. Petersburg, Fla. - A.B., Centre College ; Delta Theta Phi Legal Fraternity. NOVILLA, MICHAEL, St. Petersburg, Fla. - B.S., Ferris Institute ; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity. PEAVYHOUSE, RUSSELL, Tampa, Fla. - B.A., Car- son-Newman College; Phi Alpha Theta Fraternity; Student Bar Association, Pres. PITTMAN, ROBERT, Tampa, Fla. - B.S., Univer- sity of Tennessee; Delta Theta Phi Le ' gal Fraternity. PRATHER, CHARLES, Orlando, Fla. - B.A., Stetson Neiser, R. Novilla, M. University ; Delta Theta Phi Legal Fraternity. STEINBERG, PAUL B., Miami Beach, Fla. - B.B.A. University of Miami ; Phi Alpha Delta Fraternity. TAYLOR, LUTHER M., Palm Beach Fla., - B.S., East Carolina College. THOMPSON, M. LEE, W. Palm Beach, Fla. - B.S., Midwestern University ; Delta Theta Phi Legal Frater- nity. THURMAN, RUTH, St. Petersburg, Fla. - B.A., Smith College. ULRICH, ROBERT L., St. Petersburg, Fla. - B.A., Duke University ; Delta Theta Phi Legal Fraternity, Dean. WENDEL, JOHN F., Lakeland, Fla. - B.A., Univer- sity of Florida ; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity. WINTER, EDWARD J. JR., Palmetto, Fla. - B.A., Tulane University. Peavyhouse, R. Thompson, L. Pittman, R. Thurman, R. Prather, C. Ulrich, R. Steinberg, B. Wendel, J. Taylor, L. Winter, E. ABERNATHY, CARROLL J. Gulfport, Fla. - B.A., Stetson Univer- sity; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity, Magister . WHO ' S WHO CAROTHERS. CHARLES G. Tallahassee, Fla. - B.S., Florida State University ; Phi Delta Phi Legal Frater- nity; Senior Class Veep; Student Bar Association Comm. Arnold, Robert Winter Park, Fla. Blankenhorn, Fred Long Branch, N. J. Burton, Daniel St. Petersburg, Fla. Capps, Jefferson St. Petersburg, Fla. Conrad, Marshall Tallahassee, Fla. Dauksch, James Jr. Maitland, Fla. THE LAW JUNIORS . . Jfj J Dinkins, Lewis Ocala, Fla. Dyches, Aiken Tampa, Fla. Edwards, Charles New Port Richey, Fla. Eubank, James Daytona Beach, Fla. Fearington, Mercer DeLand, Fla. Halvorsen, Robert St. Petersburg, Fla. Harris, Henry Jacksonville, Fla. Hatch, Gary W. St. Petersburg, Fla. Hobbs, Helen St. Petersburg, Fla. Ingram, L. N. HI Naples, Fla. Kern, Jerry Delray Beach, Fla. Krassner, Edwin St. Petersburg, Fla. Krone, Norman Tampa, Fla. Littman, James St. Petersburg, Fla. Lockhart, Gary Trea-sure Island, Fla. McAtee, James St. Petersburg, Fla. Malcolm, Terry Orange, Conn. Miller, Charles Ft. Myers Beach, Fla. NINETEEN HUNDRED SIXTY-THREE Moriarity, Daniel St. Petersburg, Fla. O ' Neal, J. Pat Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Pipkins, Royce Haines City, Fla. Renn, Robert Tallahassee, Fla. Roberts, Fred Salisbury, Md. Roth, William Lake Wales, Fla. Somers, Mike St. Petersburg, Fla. Soud, Abraham Jacksonville, Fla. Sutton, William Coral Gables, Fla. Thorpe, Jay Miami Beach, Fla. Vass, Richard Winter Park, Fla. Alderson, Madison Coral Gables, Fla. Bair, Oliver Tampa, Fla, Blanton, Myrna Punta Gorda, Fla. Bruckman, Thomas Largo, Fla. Bunn, Edward Miami, Fla. Byrd, Calhoun Tampa, Fla. Cash, John Tampa, Fla. Casler, Dr. William St. Petersburg, Fla. THE LAW FRESHMEN t Chapman, Kenneth Sarasota, Fla. Cooper, Frederick Tampa, Fla. Ebra, George Tampa, Fla. Elliott, James DeLand, Fla. Fletcher, Albert St. Petersburg, Fla. Fontaine, Denis Lakeland, Fla. Foster, Thomas St. Petersburg, Fla. Grandof f, J. B. Jr. Tampa, Fla. Griffin, John P. Tampa, Fla. Griffin, J. Richard Bartow, Fla. Hagin, T. Richard Perry, Fla. Hall, Dan Lakeland, Fla. Hartsfield, Lamar Tallahassee, Fla. Henniger, David St. Petersburg, Fla. Hobby, Clyde Dade City, Fla. Jane, Robert Maitland, Fla. Kuttler, Carl St. Petersburg, Fla. Lamb, Iven Jacksonville, Fla. Lowe, James S. Charleston, W. Va. McCormic, Daniel Miami, Fla. Markman, Barry Vineland, N. J. Meyers, Thoman Tampa, Fla. Payson, Earl Rock Island, 111. Pierce, George Jacksonville, Fla. NINETEEN HUNDRED SIXTY-THREE Pilcher, John Sarasota, Fla. Pitcher, Louis St. Petersburg, Fla. Ray, James Baker, Fla. Rodgers, John Windermere, Fla. Rote, Lawrence St. Petersburg, Fla. Schnell, Ronald Haverstraw, N. Y. Seay, James Sarasota, Fla. Siegel, Bill Amityville, N. Y. Spivey, Clarence Sarasota, Fla. Stabell, Richard Winter Park, Fla. Steffens, Theodore Hollywood, Fla. Stewart, Richard St. Petersburg, Fla. Trumbull, Ronald Palmyra, N. Y. Vaillancourt, Robin St. Petersburg, Fla. Vance, Raymond Tampa, Fla. Whitson, Edmund St. Petersburg, Fla. Allison, Ron - L.A. Myrtle Beach, S. C. Appleton, Marshall Bus. Treasure Island, Fla. Arnall, Lori Mus. Venice, Fla. Arnett, Bud L.A. Springfield, Pa. Arrigoni, Jack! L.A. Daytona Beach, Fla. Austin, James Mus. DeLand, Fla. Baer, Pamela L.A. DeLand, Fla. Baily, Robert S. L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. THE JUNIOR CLASS . . Bailey, Walter Mus. Waycross, Ga. Ballou, Kaye L.A. Pompano Beach, Fla. Barber, Nancy L.A. ' fck tlfci ' V Winter Haven, Fla. « _ P_V Barineau, Martha .. L.A. l ' Quincy, Fla. . HiV ' Barnard, Jack L.A. DeLand, Fla. Barnhill, Mary . L.A. DeLand, Fla. Beebe, Verl L.A. West Palm Beach, Fla. ' " Bicksler, Sylvia L.A Fort Pierce, Fla. j p .. ,.-,. Bierley, Beth L.A West Palm Beach, Fla. Berley, Cecilia L.A Columbia, S. C. Bishop, Carol L.A --— ' " Ocala, Fla. Blechman, Lynn L.A. K t Cy Levittown, Pa - Bolster, Donald Bus. Miami, Fla. Booth, Sara L.A. Clearwater, Fla. Bradshaw, Bill Mus. Decatur, Ga. Bray, Billy L.A. Hilliard, Fla. ft m Broome, William L.A. Eau Gallie, Fla. Browning, Virginia L.A. DeLand, Fla. Bruce, Mike Bus. Glenville, 111. Bryan, Susan L.A. Chattanooga, Tenn. f fine teen J undred ixtu-thi Bunnell, Rodger L.A. West Hollywood, Fla. Butler, Kenny L.A. Albany, Ga. Cacciatore, Sammy L.A. Orlando, Fla. Callaway, Claudia Mus. Umatilla, Fla. Campbell, Judy L.A. Rochelle, 111. Carroll, Barbara L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Chaffin, Raymond L.A. Decatur, Ga. Chandler, Diane L.A. Social Circle, Ga. Chatham, Robert _ Bus. East Point, Ga. Cheshire, Gwen L.A. Pompano Beach, Fla. Christmas, Marlene L.A. Miami, Fla. Clark, Carol L.A. Bradenton, Fla. Clark, Donald .„ Bus. Greenfield, Mass. Clay, Todd L.A. Coral Gables, Fla. Cleland, Max L.A. Lithonia, Ga. demons, Marcia Bus. Jacksonville, Fla. Cole, Stephen Bus. Miami, Fla. Collins, Cecil L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Comer, Jane L.A. Orlando, Fla. Cope, Vernon L.A. Springfield, Mass. THE JUNIOR CLASS Corbett, Nancy L.A. St. Augustine, Fla. Cox, Dona L.A. Miami, Fla. Cox, Mary L.A. Seneca, S. C. Cregar, Edward Bus. E. Northfield, Mass. Crowley, Carolyn L.A. N. Augusta, S. C. Damianos, Carolyn L.A. Miami, Fla. Daniel, Frances L.A. Ocala, Fla. DeFlaun, Robert L.A. DeLand, Fla. DeLeGal, Mary L.A. Waycross, Ga. Durham, Joseph . Bus. Bowdon, Ga. Ellis, John L.A. DeLand, Fla. Elmore, Pat L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Emig, Charles L.A. • Orlando. Fla. ■ V Ennis, Steve Bus. Vf I Daytona Beach, Fla. V A . Field, Joanne L.A. yAi J B Jack-sonville, Fla. » » H ' yW Field. Merilyn L.A. . mw lp J T Fletcher, Edward Bus. Hl " " ' B ' iHw Greensboro, Fla. L J B Francisco, John L.A. iMk 4Br A IIMlr fep " DeLand, Fla. K BK ' Frank, Susan L.A. H ' ttfi Wk - Cranford, N. J. 1 " ? W Garcia, Diana L.A. . m ttKF Ff . flineteen . J undred ixtu-thi Garris, Mary Kay L.A. Umatilla, Fla. Gehrke, Susan L.A. New Smyrna Beach, Fla. Gentry, Diane Mus. Charleston, S. C. Gilder, Lynda L.A. Atlanta, Ga. Goodson, Patricia L.A. Edgewater, Fla. Grassmuck. William Bus. Cincinnati, Ohio Greene. Pat L.A. Silver Spring, Md. Gregory, Gayle L.A. Danville, Ky. Gress. William L.A. DeLand. Fla. Hampton, John L.. . Hollywood, Fla. Harden, Mary Dell „. L.A. Miami Springs, Fla. Hargrave, Betty L.A. St. Petersburg. Fla. Harrell, Wilber L.A. Pompano Beach, Pla. Harrison, Robert L.A. Tallahassee, Fla. Hartlieb, Judith Mus. Orlando, Fla. Hatfield, Jean L.A. Tow son, Md. Henderson, Glenn L.A. DeLand, Fla. Hfendry, Gail L.A. Lakeland, Fla. Hepler, Gwili L.A. Miami, Fla. Hill, Carole L.A. Miami, Fla. THE JUNIOR CLASS Hill, Frances L.A. Youngsville, N.C. Hill, Sandra Bus. Coral Gables, Fla. Helen, Ray Bus. DeLand, Fla. Holtzendrof, Virginia ..„ L.A. Waycross, Ga. Howell, Michael . L.A. Silver Springs, Md. Irish, Nancy L.A. Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Jackson, Judith Mus. DeLand, Fla. Jarrett, James L.A. Orlando, Fla. Jennings, William L.A. Fiarburn, Fla. Johnson, Ron L.A. Tampa, Fla. Jones, Janice L.A. DeLand, Fla. Jones, Robert L. L.A. Orange City, Fla. Julian, Ned L.A. Sanford, Fla. Kahle, William L.A. Tequesta-Jupiter, Fla. Katsikas, Billie Sue L.A. Fort Lauderdale, Fla. KeRley, Kathryn L.A. Decatur, Ga. Keith, Bob Bus. Atlanta, Ga. KerlinK, Betty Jo L.A. Hartsdale, N. J. Kimbler, Freida L.. . Palatka, Fla. Kinder, Sara Fran L.A. Miami, Fla. I lineteen y undred ixtu-tm Kraft, Linda Bus. Miami .Springs, Fla. Kressman, Joy L.A. Shamrock, Fla. Landers. Jav L.A. Orlando, Fla. Laney, Joel L.A. KirminKham, .Ala. LaSalle. Thomas Bus. Northampton, Mass. Lay. Julie L..4. Miami, Fla. Leonardson, Marsha L..-V. West Hollywood, Fla. Levy, Joe Bus. Bayport, New York Lewton. Sandra L.A. Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Linane, Gail L.A. Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Lingle, Donald Mus. Orlando, Fla. Lippi, Linda . L.A. Chatham, N. J. m Lipthrott, Charles L.A. St. Petersburg, Fla. Lipthrott, Eileen . L.A. St. Petersburg, Fla. Littlejohn, Fred Bus. Tampa, Fla. Lombard, Marvean L.A. Hallandale, Fla. Long, Camille L.A. Palatka, Fla. Lovegren, Seven L.A. Fort Pierce, Fla. Lutz, Susan La. Riviera Beach, Fla. Lyle, Frances L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. THE JUNIOR CLASS . . McCartney, Gerry L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. McCord, Sandra L.A. DeLand, Fla. McCree, Margie Bus. Orlando, Fla. McGee, Judie Mus. Ormond Beach, Fla. Mcllvain, David L.A. Wynnewood, Pa. Mansfield, Herbert L.A. DeLand, Fla. Mathewson, Alice Kay L.A. Miami Shores, Fla. Matthews, Turner L.A. Bradenton, Fla. Mauldin, Gail Mus. Pompano Beach, Fla. Meadows, John L.A. Cleremont, Fla. Menefee, Katherine Mus. Lenoir, N. C. Messick, Linda L.A. Canonsburg, Pa. Mikell, Dell Marie L.A. Trenton, Fla. Mikkelsen, John Bus. Camden, N. J. Mills, Bassha .— „. L.A. Macon, Ga. Mitchell, Paul L.A. Broomall, Pa. Mize, Frank Bus. Panama City, Fla. Molnar, Diane Bus. Philadelphia, Pa. Morris, William L.A. Apopka, Fla. Mosser, Juliette Mus. Manning, S. C. . . ilineteen J undred ixtu-tni 1 IB Mullins, Suzanne L.A. Decatur, Ga. Mundrick, Dan L.A. F ' ort Lauderdale, Fla. Murphey, Edwinna L.. . Gainesville, Fla. Myers, Wanda L.A. Daytona Beach, Fla. Newton, Sandra L.A. ■ Tampa, Fla. I Niswonger, Patti L.. . - - Winter Haven, Fla. Nordan, Page Mus. Charlotte, N. C. — ' i Nunlev, Jay L.A. ■ k Portsmouth, Va. ■I Paschal, Robert L.A. I Enterprise, Ala. . P Payne, Edith Ann L.A. Homestead, Fla. Perkins, Frank L.A. DeLand, Fla. Perrv, Jol-.i L.A. DeLand, Fla. I ' hillips, Louis L.A. Hollywood, Fla. I ' ickerine, John L.A. Fort Myers, Fla. Pickering, Richard Bus. South Hamilton, Mass. Pike, Jessie L.A. Astatula, Fla. Pixley, Elsie L.A. Managua, Nicaragua Pritchard, Susan L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Putnam, Jay L.A. Palm Beach, Fla. Rains, Brenda L.A. Lafollette, Tenn. THE JUNIOR CLASS . Rasco, Russell DeLand, Fla. L.A Ravines, Marcia Lima, Peru L.A Reid, Barry DeLand, Fla. L.A Rhoades, Shirrett DeLand, Fla. L.A, Rhode, LcRoy Bus. New York, N. Y. Riffle, Allan L.A. DeLand, Fla. Rodelli, Mel L.A. fi Hollywood, Fla. Ruggiero, John L.A. BrooksviUe, N. Y. fv JtMmfM mi Sc-hacfer, Richard Dayton, Ohio lius Schindehette, Harry Miami, Fla. L.A Schoder, Charles Jacksonville, Fla. I.. A ScoKRins. Joseph Miami, Fla. L.A Scott, I ' eKfjy Fort Lauderdale, F " la. L.A. Shaw, Sue Ann Vero Beach, Fla. L.A. Shelton, William DeLand, Fla. Hus. Sherard, Sam Suffolk, Va. Bus. % J undred ixtu-thi .Sistrunk, Katey Sue L.. . Tampa, Fla. Smclcer, Mabel L.. . Jacksonville, Fla. Smith. Andy Bus. Frostproof, Fla. Smith, Betsy L.A. .Atlanta, Ga. Smith, Harriet L.A. DeLand, Fla. .Smith, Raymond L.A. Largo, Fla. Smith, Robert Bus. Hollywood, Fla. Sparks, Jack L.A. Santo, Texas Amm Spears, Judy Orlando, Fla. L.A. Spivey, Jemoine Jacksonville, Fla. L.A. Squires, Ray L.A. Orleans, Mass. Strickland, Diane Tallahassee, Fla. L.A. Swallows, Mary Winter Haven, Fla. L.A. Swanson, Donald Orange City, Fla. L.A. Taft, Eugene Summit, N. J. L.A. Tanner, William Bus. Miami, Fla. . THE JUNIOR CLASS . . Terrell, Dewey Bus. W ' auchula, Fla. Terrell, Jim L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Thompson, Jim ... L.A. DeLand, Fla. Townsend, Frank Bus. Lake Wales, Fla. Turner, Betty Kay L.A. Vero Beach, F ' la. Walker ( laudine L.A. Atlanta, Ga. Ward, Hampton L.A. DeLand, Fla. Waters, Vernon L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Watkins, Gwen L.A. Ocala, Fla. Watkins, Mike L.A. West Palm Beach, Fla. West, Frank L.A. Atlanta, Ga. Whitley, Harry L.A. Albermarle, N. C. Whittenburg, Carolyn Mus. Lake Worth, Fla. Wilby, Yvonne L.A. Fort Myers, Fla. Wilson, Beverley L.A. St. PetersburK, Fla. Wilson, Carolyn L.A. Miami, Fla. flu ..J undred ixtu-tni Wilson. Sandra L.A. DeLand, Fla. Wood, Stan L.A. Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Woodberrv, Martha L.A. Plant City, Fla. Wright, William L.A. Hollywood, Fla. Yeakle, Wade L.A. St. Petersburg, Fla. Young, Beverly L.. . Harrington Park, N. J. Youngerman, Ralph ... L.A. Chatham, N. J. Zimmerman, Bonnie .... L.A. Winter Park, Fla. Abercrombie, Monica Mus. Jacksonville, Fla. Abies, Cliff L.A. Sanford, Fla. Adams, Julia . L.A. Miami, Fla. Akers, Avis L.A. Dalton, Ga. Albrecht, Darla L.A. Orlando, Fla. Alexander, Karen L.A. Palmetto, Fla. Allen. Jacquelyne L.A. Orlando, Fla. Alston, John . L.A. Dade City, Fla. THE SOPHOMORE CLASS . . Anders, Joan West Palm Beach, Fla L.A. -Vndrews, Dixie Hollywood, Fla. L.A. .Vndroud, Roberta DeLand, Fla. L.A. ArmstronR, Rruce Riverside, Conn. L.A. Ballard, Kim L.A. Asheville, N. C. Bailey, Robert L.A. Fernandina Beach, Fla. Barineau, Anita UeLand. Fla. Bus. Barnes, Charles Winter Park, Fla. L.A. Barnett, Ginger Quincy, Fla. L.A Barrett, Al LeesbuTR, (Ja. L.A Barrett, Squire Bartow, Fla. Bus Beadleston, Suzi Lake Placid, Fla. L.A Beasley, Charles Winter Haven, Fla. Bus Beasley, Sandra Winter Park, Fla. LA Bethea, Janet LeesburR, Fla. L.A Beauchamp, Nancy Winter Haven, Fla. L.A Beavo, Joe Fort Myers, Fla. Keeker, Robert Bartow, Fla. Behney, Wilson DeLand, Fla. Bell, Robert Lake Worth, Fla Bena, David Brooksville, Fla. Bledsoe, Thomas Bus. Winter Park, Fla., Alexander DeLand, Fla. Bowman, Roy Clanden Hills, III flu J undred ixtu-ihi L.A Jacksonville, Fla. Brescher, George Cranford, N. J. L.A Brickley, David DeLand, Fla. Mus Bridpres, Jesse , Lakeland, Fla. L.A Broer, Bruce Babylon, N. Y. . L.A. L.A Washington, D. C. Brown, Cheryl Miami Springs, Fla. L.A. Brown, Linda Fort Meyers, Fla. L.A. Browne, Mary Llew Miami, Fla. L.A. Brownsen, Judy Vero Beach, Fla. L.A L.A. Miami, Fla. Bugg, Charles Miami, Fla. L.A. Burns, Chris Lexington, Ky. . Mus. Burry, Leonard DeLand, Fla. L.A. Butler, Carol Miami, Fla. L.A. Carpenter, John Delray Beach, Fla. Bus. Carr, Susan L.A. West Palm Beach, Fla. Chamberlin, Carolyn L.A. Fort Myers Beach, Fla. Chambers, Robert L.A. Winter Haven, Fla. Chaplin, Jim Bus. Biscay ne Park, Fla. Chapman, Barbara L.A. Gainesville, Ga. Childs, Richard L.A. Winter Park, Fla. Christian, Sandra L.A. Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Clark, William L.A. Sebring, Fla. THE SOPHOMORE CLASS . . Claussen, Kenneth Bus. Miami, Fla. Cole, Betty L.A. Chattanooga, Tenn. Cole, Charles .. L.A. Ocala, Fla. Coley, Patricia L.A. Hialeah, Fla. Comer, Marti L.A. Iowa City, Iowa Condon, Richard .. L.A. Pompano Beach, Fla. Conklin, Addie L.A. Tampa, Fla. Cooper, Patti Bus. Titusville, Fla. Courchaine, Nancy Bus. DeLand, Fla. Cowart, ZoUie L.A. Calera, Ala. Cox, Cecilia _ L.A. Orlando, Fla. Crable, Nancy . L.A. Winter Park, Fla. Cypress, Billy L.A. Hollywood, Fla. Davis, Geoffrey L.A. Miami, Fla. Davis, Michael L.A. Orlando, Fla. Deal, Betty Mus. Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Dearmas, Frederick L.A. Tallahassee, Fla. deLesdernier, Noel _ L.A. Titusville, Fla. DeLisle, Connie L.A. Westfield, Mass. Demirgian, Mary L.A. Miami Shores, Fla. Dickey, Alan Bus. Miami, Fla. Dill, Carol L.A. Oakland, N. J. Dollens, Donna L.A. Valdosta, Ga. Dorsey, Carol L.A. Danville, III. . . rllneteen J undred ixtu-tni Durrence, Gloria L.A. Lake Placid, Fla. Eckloe, Diane L.A. Hialeah, Fla. Edinper, Evans Bus. Louisville, Ky. Edwards, Arthur L.A. DeLand, Fla. Elste, Barbara L.A. DeLand, Fla. Engle, Kitty L.A. White Plains, N. Y. Everist, Robert L.A. Des Plaines, III. Farrington, Martha .... L.A. Eau Gallic, Fla. Fly, Janice L.A. Apopka, Fla. Francie, Jeannette L.. . Clewiston, Fla. Free, Joseph L.A. St. Augustine, Fla. Gardner, Terry L.A. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Geiger, Dwight L.A. Pompano Beach, Fla. Ginn, Richard L.A. Maimi, Fla. Greenbaum, Leslie L.A. Miami Beach, Fla. Gregory, Linda L.A. Key West, Fla. Gregory, Martha Bus. Vincennes, Ind. Haig, Eva May L.A West Hollywood, Fla. Hall. Gary L.A. Elizabeth, Pa. Hall, Laura L.A. Hradenton, Fla. Hamil, Pat - L.A. Decatur, Ga. Hansen, Carol L.A. Melrose, Fla. Harman, Dianne Mus. Casselberry, Fla. Harper, Stephen L.A. Miami, Fla. THE SOPHOMORE CLASS . . Harris, Cissy L.A. Orlando, Fla. Barter, Pat L.A. Lakeland, Fla. Hartman, William Mus. Winter Haven, Fla. Hartsfield, Larry L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Hasbrook, Julia Mus. Bladenboro, N. C. Haulman, Bruce Mus. Panama City, Fla. Hayes, Karen . ... Bus. New Smyrna Beach, Fla. Hendrick, Kaye L.A. Winter Haven, Fla. Hicks, Violet L.A. Tampa, Fla. Higgs, Howard L.A. Fort Pierce, Fla. Hird, Linda L.A. Coral Gables, Fla. Hoadley, Sherwood L.A. Daytona Beach, Fla. Hoiles, Pat L.A. Sarasota, Fla. Holland, Cecil Bus. Miami, Fla. Hood, Richard . Bus. Homestead, Fla. Horn, Karen L.A. Sun City, Arizona Home, Elizabeth Hus. Beaufort, S. C. Hopper, Townsend Bus. New York, N. Y. House, Lorey L.A. Miami, Fla. Hoven, Stevie L.A. Huntington, N. Y. Howard, Jayne L.A. Harlan, Ky. Hudgins, Mary L.A. Decatur, Ga. Huff, Kathleen L.A. Miami, Fla. Hughes, Bobby L.. . Miami, Fla. % J undred ixtu-tlti Hunter, Bonnie Burlington, N. J. L.A. Ikard, Myra Columbia, Tenn. . L.A. Ingersoll, James L.A. Lake Worth, Fla. Ireland, Russell L.A. Oceanside City, N. Y. Irvin, John Miami, Fla. . L.A. Jaris, Barbara „. . L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Jenkins, Lawrence Albany, Ga. Bus. Johnson, James - — Ft. Myers, Fla. L.A. Jokela, William Panama City, Fla. Mus. L.A. Corrington, Ky. Justice, Peggy . - L.A. Douglas, Ga. I, Winter Park, Fla. Kennedy, Pat St. Paul, Minn. . L.A. Kessler, Mary Ann Riviera Beach, Fla. L.A. Kilbride, Daniel L.A. Daytona Beach, Fla. Kimble, Robert .._ Arlington, Va. . Bus. Kincaid, Kenneth Bus. Lafollette, Tenn. Kirk, William L.A. Sanford, Fla. Kirkpatrick, June L.A. Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Fla. Kraemer, Elizabeth L.A. Miami, Fla. Lacer, Beth . L.A. Opalocka, Fla. Laird, Nancy L.A. Milwaukee, Wis. Laird, Wendy L.A. Milwaukee, Wis. Lamb, George . L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. THE SOPHOMORE CLASS Lanum, Jackie L.A. DeLand, Fla. Lavoy, David L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Liddy, Sandy L.A. St. Petersburg, Fla. Lipps, Larry L.A. Winter Park, Fla. Lokey, Thomas Bus. Daytona Beach, Fla. Love, James .. Bus. Lake Worth, Fla. LoZito, John L.A. Miami, Fla. Ludwig, Germain L.A. Ormond Beach. Fla. McCroskey, Len Mus. Florence, S. C. McDaniel, Phyllis L.A. Arlington, Va. McDonald, Sam L.A. Louisville, Ky. MacFarland, David L.A. Melbourne Beach, Fla. McGinnis, Leanne L.A. Atlanta, Ga. McKittrick, Douglas . L.A. Ft. Pierce, Fla. Mallard, Mary Mus. Eau Gallie, Fla. Mann, Sara L.A. Encino, Calif. Marion, Karen L.A. Orlando, Fla. Marchinton, Linda L.A. New Smyrna Beach, Fla. Mason, Don Bus. Stoneham, Mass. Mayer, John L.A. Louisville, Ky. Meadows, Linda L.A. Clermont, Fla. Meeker, Joyce Bus. Clermont, Fla. Meierstein, Gloria Bus. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Metheny, Marvin L.A. Wauchula, Fla. . . nineteen J4undred ixtu-thi Miller, Lanny L.A. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Moody, Leon L.A. Zephyr Hills, Fla. Moore, Vicky L.A. Dahlonega, Ga. Moorman, James L.A. Winter Haven, Fla. Moran, Elizabeth L.A. North Ft. Myers, Fla. Morris, Annette L.A. Apopka, Fla. Morrow, Florence L.A. Daytona Beach, Fla. Morsicato, James L.A. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Mulock, Eddie Bus. Bradenton, Fla. Murray, Melville Bus. Fayetteville, N. C. Myers, Fred L.A. Pittsburgh, Pa. Napoli, Dominick Bus. Coral Gables, Fla. Neal, Dave Greenville, S. C. Nelson, Bill Ft. Pierce, Fla. Norris, Billy DeLand, Fla. Oddo, Chris DeLand, Fla. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. Odden, Andrea L.A. Ft. Myers. Fla. Oliver, Dana Bus. Savannah, Ga. Olsen, Lois L.A. Savannah, Ga. Orme, Sue L.A. Plant City, Fla. Ostrom, Gary L.A. Miami, Fla. Owsley, Carole L.A. Orlando, Fla. Partin, Charles L.A. Pensacola, Fla. Pattison, Jeff L.A. Clearwater, Fla. THE SOPHOMORE CLASS Paulk, Patti L.A. Pompano Beach, Fla. Payne, Randall L.A. Homestead, Fla. Peabody, Cecilia „. L.A. Milledgeville, Ga. Peters, Thomas L.A. Orlando, Fla. Petty, Alice L.A. Pleasantville, N. J. Pickard, Merrilee L.A. Clermont, Fla. Poteete, Ronald L.A. Marietta, Ga. Price, Donald _ Bus. Chatham, N. J. Pruett, Amos L.A. DeLand, Fla. Pullen, Lynn L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Pulley, Pamela . L.A. Clearwater, Fla. [ ' Quarrier, David L.A. West Hartford, Conn. Raynal, Marilyn L.A. Miami, Fla. Reynolds, Robert Bus. Coral Gables, Fla. Riden, Thomas L.A. St. Petersburg, Fla. Roach, James L.A. Miami, Fla. Roach, Sharon Zellwood, Fla. L.A. . Vt B Robb, Carol Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. L.A. f " Roberts, Leighan Pensacola, F " Ia. L.A. B ' r Roberts, William Miami, Fla. L.A. Vz;. Rogers, Ann Jacksonville, Fla. L.A. _ __ V ' ? Rutledge, Elaine Atlanta, Ga. Mus. ■1 J Schibanoff, Virginia Freehold, N. J. L.A. K iJr Schwartz, John L.A. Orlando, Fla. BN Hr r lineteen J undred ixtu-tni Sellers, Diane L.A. N. Miami, Fla. Senna, Larry L.A. Miami, Fla. Shipman, Robert Bus. Ann Arbor, Mich. Shubella, Joan L.A. Miami, Fla. Skibbe, Art L.A. Charlotte, N. C. Smith, Francene . L.A. Orlando, Fla. Smith, J. H. L.A. Delray Beach, Fla. Smith, Sandy . _ Mus. Jacksonville, Fla. Snow, Patricia L.A. Delray Beach, Fla. Snyder. Roanne L.. . Lakeland, Fla. Southard, Stuart L.-V. West Palm Beach, Fla. Sparkman, Susanne _ L.A. Tampa, Fla. Spoon, Larry L.A. Apopka, Fla. Stack, Edward Bus. DeLand, Fla. Stanlev, Susan „ L.A. Port Charlotte, Fla. Starbuck, Ginger L.. . Miami, Fla. stark. Bill Jacksonville, Fla. Bus. Stecher, Carolyn Jacksonville, Fla. L.A. •Streets. Mary Kay .. LarRO. Fla. L.A. Studier. Gerald ... Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. L.A. Svikhart, Brian St. Petersburg, Fla. L.A. Swan. Stephen Westbrook, Maine L.A. .Swinney, Bettina Miami, Fla. LA Talley, Phyllis New Smyrna Beach, L.A Fla. THE SOPHOMORE CLASS . . Taylor, Everett La keland, F " la. Bus. Thomas, I ' atricia V . Myers, Fla. L.A. Thornton, Tom Hapeville, (Ja. Mus. Thorwald, Jon Orlando, Fla. Bus. Tilton. Joan No. .Miami, p ' la. L.A. Tondee, Paula Kllaville, Ga. Bus. Torres, Smokey DeLand, Fla. L.A. Tucker, David DeLand, Fla. Bus. Tunnell, Gene Homestead, Fla. Mus. Turk, William Montverde, Fla. L.A. Turner. John Balboa, Canal Zone L.A. TussinK, Benton Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Bus. I ' mbauch, .Sandra Ocala, Fla. L.A. I ' pp, Michael Portland, Ind. L.A. rttrup, June Folkston. Ga. L.A. Vanderwal. Carole Atlantic Beach, Fla. L.A. Villers, Kathic L.A. Ft. Myers, Fla. Wagner, Paul - L.A. Clearwater, Fla. Walker, Barbara L.A. Oak Hill, Fla. Walker, Nisa L.A. North Miami, Fla. Wall. Ilenise L.A. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Weed, Judy „ L.A. Orlando, Fla. Wells. Robert Bus. Miami, Fla. Wheeler, Sherry L.A. Alma, Ga. n J undred S ixlu-thi White, Mary L.A. Orlando, Fla. Whittington, Helen L.A. Winter Park, Fla. Wick, Elizabeth Bus. West Palm Beach, Fla. Wilkins, Grover Dallas, Texas Mus. Williams, Jeanne Jacksonville, Fla. L.A. Williams. Karen St. Petersburg, Fla. L.A. Williams, Randal Ft. Myers, Fla. L.A. Williamson, Mary Jo Jacksonville, Fla. Bus. Wilson. Kay Allen Cvnthiana, Ky. L.A. Wilson, Lee Orlando, Fla. L.A. Winn, Harland Pensacola, Fla. Bus. Wirsing, June CarroUton, Ga. L.A. Yetter. Mary Tavares, Fla. L.A. Yocum, Donna . North Miami, Fla. L.A. Yount, Emmalee Delray Beach, Fla. L.A. Aaron, Ch ristine L.A. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Abbott, Thomas L.A. Atlanta, Ga. Adcox, Julia „ L.A. DeLand, Fla. Alpert, Jonathan L.A. Miami, Fla. Anderson, Joy L.A. Clearwater, Fla. .Vnderson, Judi L.A. Denver, Colo. Anderson, Karen Mus. Columbus, Ohio Anthony, Sarah Bus. Jacksonville, Fla. Appleby, Janis L.A. Waterford, Conn. Austen, Snellen L. A. Miami, Fla. THE FRESHMAN CLASS Bailey, David L.A. Plant City, Fla. Baksa, Richard Bus. Scotch Plains, N. J. Baldwin, Glenn L.A. Delray Beach, Fla. | Bandy, Joyce L.A. i jL Dade City, Fla. JBLL ' 1 Ira ■ H H Jamestown, R. L | M Barnes, Robert L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Barolo, Denice L.A. Bradenton Beach, Fla. Barrett, Shirley L.A. Savannah, Ga. Barron, Lynn L,A. Chester Springs, Pa. " -— ' j v Baylor, Brenda Bus. B Cedar Key, Fla. ti . H Bedwell, Donald L.A. ■ ' Hollywood, Fla. Beeman, Paul L.A. Miami, Fla. Bennett, William Bus. Gainesville, Fla. Benson, Mary L.A. Rockville, Md. Benton, Don , Bus. Atlanta, Ga. Beyer, Jane Bus Pittsburgh, Pa. Bishop, Don „ Bus West Shokan, N. Y. Bivans, Barbara L.A Miami, Fla. F jas. " Blount, Sandra L.A Ft. Knox, Ky. Bottomley, Gerald L.A, Melbourne, Fla. Braisted, Larrv Bus. Staten Island, N. Y. Braun, Amelia L.A. Baldwin, Fla. Brock, Martha Mus. Hendersonville, N. C. Brooks, Beverly L.A. Decatur, Ga. Bryan, Diana L..V. rhaftanooga, Tenn. Bryan, Penny L.A. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. Bryer, .Sandra Bus. Natick, Mass. Buck, Gary L.A. Sarasota, Fla. Busey, Steve Bus. Jacksonville, Fla. Carlson, Neil L.. . St. Petersburg, Fla. f lineteen J undred ixtu-tltt Carr, Donna L.A. Longboat Key, Fla. Case, Gene L.. . Irons, Mich. Case, Tim L.A. Irons, Mich. Casey, David L.. . Miami, Fla. Cason, Carol L.. . St. Petersburg, Fla. Cason, Diane L.. . Homestead, Fla. I. hancellor, Ann L.. . -Alexandria, Va. Chatlos, Evelyn L..V. Miami, Fla. ( heatham, Laurie L..V. P ' ern Park, Fla. Clements, Ann L.A. Vero Beach, Fla. Clenney, Lynda _ L.. . Jacksonville, Fla. Cochron, Bruce L.. . Clearwater, Fla. Cole, Anthony _ Bus. Ocala, Fla. Collins. Nancy L.. . Coral Gables, Fla. Colvard, Ruth .. L.A. Pahokee, Fla. Congdon, Dana L.. . Babylon, N. Y. Conrad. Stephen L.. . Sturbridge, Mass. Cook, John L.A. Thorntown, Ind. Cornwall, Peter L.A. Spencer, Iowa Cowden, Douglas L.A. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Cox, Clara L.A. Gainesville, Fla. Culver, Eddie L.A. Savannah, Ga. Dankel, Nat Bus. Starke, Fla. Dansyear, Patti L.A. Coral Gables, Fla. Davidson, Norton Bus. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Davis, John L.A. Dade City, Fla. Dean, Russell Bus. East Northfield, Mass. Deaton, Joyce L.A. Charlotte, N. C. Dekle, Jennie L.A. Gainesville, Fla. Dennis, Charles ..- L.A. Walaka, Fla. THE FRESHMAN CLASS . . . Dericks, Donna -_ L.A. Cincinnati, Ohio DeSola, Roger L.A. Caracas, Venezuela Detrick, Fred L.A. DeLand, Fla. DeVeal, Raymond L.A. Houlton, Maine Dillman, Charles L.A. Miami .Springs, Fla. Dodd, Rita Jane Mus. Kissimmee, Fla. Doubleday, Diane . L.A. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Eastwood, Pat L.A. DeLand, Fla. Edelblut, Robert Bus. Ft. Myers, Fla. Edge, Hoyt . L.A. Louisville, Ky. Eger, Judith L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Eiseman, Dianne L.A. Miami, Fla. Ellis, Wayne Bus. Jacksonville, Fla. EslinEer, Robert L.A. Bradenton, Fla. Euskirchen, Karen L.A. Cincinnati, Ohio Fairclough, Jane . L.A. Bonita Springs, Fla. Ferguson, William L.A. Ormond Beach, Fla. Fernandez, Larry L.A. Tampa, Fla. Field, Judi L.A. Asheville, N. C. Finney, Beverly L.A. N. Miami, Fla. Fleishel, Connie Mus. DeLand, Fla. Fletcher, Suzanne L.A. Greensboro, Fla. Fortson, William L.A. St. Petersburg, Fla. Foster, Nancy L.A. Miami, Fla, Fox, Sandra — L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Francisco, Bill L.A. Tampa, Fla. Freeland, Melissa L.A. Panama City, Fla. Gamage, Richard - L.A. Gloucester, Mass. Garbow, Christopher L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Garbreana, Janice - L.A. Tampa, Fla. flu J undred ixtu-tlii Gardner, John L.A. St. Petersburg, Fla. Garland, Carol L.A. Naples, Fla. Garner, Joe L.A. Carmi, 111. Garvin, Glenn L.. . DeLand, Fla. Genung, Edith L.A. Miami, Fla. Gieg, Charles , L.. . Wilton, Conn. Gimenez, Cesar L.A. Miami, FJa. Glaze, Rita _ L.A. Lauderdale-by-the-sea, Fla. Goodson, Barbara L.A. Haines City, Fla. Gordon, Gail L.A. Arcadia, Fla. Gray, Eleanor L.A. Springfield, Mass. Gray, Margaret Mus. DeLand, Fla. Grinnell, Norman L.. . Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Guinand, Joel L.A. DeLand, Fla. Gutman, Virginia L.A. Pompano, Fla. Guyon, Barbara L.A. Marathon Shores, Fla. Hall, Fred Bus. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Hall, Patricia L.A. Leesburg, Fla. Handley, Tom L.A. Oakridge, Tenn. Hardv, Sandra L.A. Hollywood, Fla. HarRnett, David L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Harkins, Steven L.A. Bolton, Mass. Harkness, Lynne L.A. Rochester, N. Y. Harrington, Mary L.A. Chicago, 111. Harvey, Marion , L.A. Jackson, Tenn. Hastings, Larry L.A. Hamden, Conn. Hayman, Cindy L.A. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Haynes, Janet L.A. IJainbridge, Ga. Healy, Donna L.A. Miami, Fla. Heblen, Wayne Bus. Kirkwood, Mo. THE FRESHMAN CLASS Heebner, Pete DeLand, Fla. Bus. Heidbreeder, Susie Quincey, 111. L.A. Herberholtz, Lois .Miami, Fla. LA. Herrell, Sarah DeLand, Fla. L.A. Herrold, Judith Baldwinsville, N. Y. L.A. Higffins, Terry Sarasota, Fla. LA. Hill, Eileen Roxboro, N. C. Bus. Hite. Cheryl Miami, Fla. L. A. Hoben, Diana Atlanta, Ga. L.A. Hobson, Shcryl Cedartown, Ga. L.A. Hogue, Peter Ft. Myers Beach, P ' la. L.A. Holifield, Richard Sebring, Fla. L.A. Holmes, Owen Jacksonville, Fla. L.A. Holmes, .Susan L.A. Pompano, Fla. Hooper, Judi Holly Hill, Fla. L.A. Home, Jane Miami, Fla. L.A. House, Curtis Ft. Myers, Fla. Bus. Howard, Alice I akeland, Fla. L.A. Humes, Virginia Altamonte Springs, F ' L.A. la. Hunter, Boyd HoUandale, Fla. Bus. Jackson, Jerry L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Jarman, Sally L.A. Philadelphia, Pa. Johnson, Marjorie Mus. Apopka, Fla. Johnston, Judy L.A. Skippack, Pa. Johnston, Richard Bus. DeLand, Fla. Jones, Mary Jo L.A. Lee ' s Summit, Mo. Jones, Priscilla Mus. Atlanta, Ga. Jordan, Hunt Mus. Highpoint, N. C. Jorgensen, Terry L.A. Huntmytum, N. Y. Kappeler, Gary Bus. Canonsburg, Pa. ifineteen J undred ixtu-tlii Kellv, Terry L.A. Miami, Fla. Kentner, Kathy . L.A. Miami Shores, Fla. Kitson, Worth L.A. DeLand, Fla. Kline, George Bus. Jackson, Mich. Knight, Gwen __. L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Kressman, Vickie L.A. Shamrock, Fla. Landers, Linda L.A. Chattanooga, Tenn. Laney, Pat L.A. Birmingham, Ala. Langille, Doug L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Lankford, Robert L.A. Ocala, Fla. Lawrence, Michael L.A. St. Petersburg, Fla. Lewis, Clyde L.A. DeLand, Fla. Longbottom, Helen L.A. Sebring, Fla. Lovell, Anne-Marie L.A. Miami, Fla. Lowry, Robert L.A. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Lubbers, Barbara Mus. Daytona Beach, Fla. Lyle, Randy L.A. Alexandria, Va. Lvnn, Rav L.A. Perry, Fla. Lyon, Janet - L.A. Lakeland, Fla. McCall, Mahlon L.A. Milton, Fla. McCloskey, William .... L.A. Cocoa, Fla. McCreery, Mike L.A. Mason City, 111. McDaid, Edward .. L.A. Drexel Hill, Penn. McDurham, Nancy-Jean Bus. Jacksonville, Fla. McGee, John L.A. New Orleans, La. McHargue, Glynis L.A. Sebring, Fla. McQueen, John . L.A. Punta Gorda, Fla. Maas, Jan L.A. Katonah, N. Y. Marcial, Ferdinand L.A. Blairstown, N. J. Martin, Linda L.A. Ft. McCoy, Fla. THE FRESHMAN CLASS Martin, Paul L.A. Gainesville, Fla. Massing, Dale Bus. Erie, Pa. Matthews, Frederick .. Bus. Columbia, S. C. Maury, Vincent . L.A. Coral Gables, Fla. Mazur, Jeanne , L.A Eau Gallic, Fla. Melton, Sandra L.A. Atlanta, Ga. Miller, Peter L.A. Kingston, Jamaica, W. L Miller, Raymond L.A. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Millsaps, Annica L.A. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Minkley, Betty Sue L.A. Sarasota, Fla. Minor, Sandy ... L.A. Atlanta, Ga. Mitchell, Barbara L.A. EHzabethtown, Ky. Moffat, Bonnie L.A Orlando, Fla. Moore, Carol L.A. DeLand, Fla. Moore, Margaret . Bus. Ormond Beach, Fla. Morgan, Dorothy L.A. Miami, Fla. Morris, Pat L.A. Apopka, Fla. Moulton, Anthony . L.A. New York, N. Y. Mullins, Barbara L A Tampa, Fla. Murray, Clark ... Bus Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. MuTray, Jane L.A. Savannah, Ga. Myers, Sandi L.A. DeLand, Fla. Nash, Anna L.A. Sarasota, Fla. Nathan, Anne L.A. Orange City, Fla. Nelson, Sanford L.A. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Nimnicht, Randy - L.A. Miami, Fla. Ninow, Penny -— L.A. St. Cloud, Fla. Norris, Sally L.A. DeLand, Fla. Norton, Diana - Mus. Atlanta, Ga. Nunez, Jill L.A, DeLand, Fla. . . . r lneteen J4undred ixtu-tki Nunez, Richard L.A. DeLand, Fla. Nye, Thomas L.A. Summit, N. J. Oglesby, Rob , L.A. Mission, Kansas Olson, Sheilah L.A. Dublin, Ga. Orians, Jan L.A. Toledo, Ohio Page, Cary L.A. St. Petersburg, Fla. Parker, James L.A Lake Worth, Fla. Perry, Jean L.A. DeLand, Fla. Pettigrew, Luanne L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Pierce, Larry L.A. Summerville, S. C. Pond, R. G. L.A. Jupiter, Fla. Poppe, Carol L.A. Umatilla. Fla. Potter, Harriett .— Mus. Daytona Beach, Fla. Priddy, Linda Mus. Chattanooga, Tenn. Pries, Nancy L.A. Miami, Fla. Putcrbaugh, Robert L.A. Babson Park, Fla. Pye, Marybeth Mus. Jacksonville, Fla. Rankin, Richard __ L.A. Teaneck, N. J. Rauschert, Louise L.A. Fernandina Beach, Fla. Rayner, Carolyn L.A. Clearwater, Fla. ReddinR, Jill L.A. Atlanta, Ga. Richards, Juliet Mus. Bainbridge, Ga. Richter, James Bus. Orlando, Fla. Riddile, Scott . L.A. Milwaukee, Wis. Rikard, Evelyn L.A. Winter Haven, Fla. Rinker, John Bus. Palm Beach, Fla. Ritchie, Dennis L.A. Miami, Fla. Roach, Marne L.A. Forest Park, Ga. THE FRESHMAN CLASS . . Robinson, Marcia L.A. Apopka, Fla. Rolin, Martha L.A. North Palm Beach, Fla. Ro.sselle, David Bus. DeLand, Fla. Rutan, Carol Mus. Atlanta, Ga. Salter, Philips Bus. Bronxville, N. Y. Sanderson, John Bus. Fontana, Wis. Sawyer, Dianne Mus. Atlanta, Ga. Schneider, William L.A. Miami, Fla. Schumacher, Paul L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Schuman, Betsy L.A. Melbourne, Fla. Scott, Gloria . Mus. Jacksonville, Fla. Scott, Judith L.A. Tokoma Park, Md. Scrimshaw, Connie L.A. Miami, Fla. Seipp, Filip Bus. Coral Gables, Fla. Selman, Rita L.A. East Point, Ga. Shemct, Elizabeth . L.A. Clearwater, Fla. Shippey, Sandra L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Shuford, Hichard L.A. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Skidmore. Daniel L.. . Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Slaton, iMartha L.A. Damascus, Md. Smith, David L.A. Tampa, Fla. .Smith, Joyce . L.A. Jasper, Fla. Smith, Larrv L.A. Ft. Pierce, ' Fla. Smith, Nancy . L A Miami, Fla. I lineteen J undrecl ixtu-tni Smith, Sandra Kav L.A. Palatka, Fla. Solomon, Ronald Bus. Ft. Myers, Fla. Soule, Gardner L.A. East Rochester, N. Y. Steele, Kenneth Mus. Tampa, Fla. Stephens, Anne L.A. Tallahassee, Fla. Steven, Jim Bus. Charlotte, N. C. Stone, William L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Swanson, Judy L.A. Keokuck, Iowa Swope, Anne L.A. Charlestown, S. C. Tavlor, Charlotte L.A. Albany, Ga. Tavlor, Dorothy L.A. St. Petersburg, Fla. Tavlor, Roger Bus. Beloil, Wis. Temple Linda L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Terry, Linda L.A. Miami Springs, Fla. Thomas, Prentice L.A. Greenville, S. C. Thompson, James L.A. Pahokee, Fla. I Thompson, Tim L.A. Bedford, I ' a. Thompson, Yvonne L.A. Pahokee, Fla. ,, F 1 " ll Titus, Diane L.A. -t flv— — p, Winter Haven, Fla. k Traut, Richard L.A. r Indialantic, Fla. Tyson, Gary L.A. Ocala, Fla. Vail, Arlene L.A. ' f WB S k. H K P " ' suderdale, Fla. H B " W ' - I Iana L.A. «r H V» _? Jttt H j ... Winter Haven, Fla. H ' ' Varnedoe, Mary Lou L.A. Palatka, Fla. Vaughn, Vicki L.A. Arlington, Va. THE FRESHMAN CLASS . L.A. . flHKk Charlotte, N. C. T Wachsmuth, Kave L.A. V I Columbia, S. C. M ' ' ttii ' Wade, Bonnie L.A. m%, , Folkston, Ga. 1 . Wager, Mike L.A. bJIly k. Jacksonville, Fla. T " B Wagner, Phillip . L.A. 4 f " , Daytona Beach, Fla. t| ,, .- i Walker, Gloria Mus. H| 1 Hialeah, Fla. Walker. Ralph L.A. McLean, Va. Wallace, Stanley L.A. MMH Bf W Sebring, Fla. IMWS BpT Jim Wands, Nancy L.A. Ueerfield, 111. Ward, Brenda L.A. Port St. Joe, Fla. ' . t Ward,Teryl-Sue L.A. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Waters, Oneita Mus. Homestead, Fla. Watson, Beth Arcadia, Fla. L.A Watson, Duffy Starkville, Miss. L.A Watts, Nancy Sarasota, Fla. Mus Weaver, Bruce DeLand, Fla. L.A Wertz, Janice _, L.A. Bainkon Beach, Fla. Wheeler, Katherine L.A. Atlanta, Ga. Whelan, Betsy L.A. Santurce, Puerto Rico Whipple, Foster L.. . DeLand, Fla. White, Dudley L.A. Atlanta, Ga. White, Gene L.A. Daytona Beach, Fla. White Peggy . L.A. Fountain Inn, S. C. Whitlock, .Vnn Mus. Rising Sun, Ind. m J undred ixtu-tm Wicker, Jo Ellen L.A. .Miami, Fla. Wieland, William Bus. DeLand, Fla. Wiggs, Danny L.A. .Murphysboro, III. Wilkinson, Kenneth L.A. Lake Worth, Fla. Williams, Jack L.A. Gainesville, Fla. Williams, Kirby . L.A. Ft. Myers, Fla. Williams, Terry L.A. Miami, Fla. Wilson, Mark Bus. Granite Falls, Minn. Wingate, Judith L.A. Winter Park, Fla. Wong, Emily L.A. Hong Kong Woofter, Linda L.A. Pahokee, Fla. Woolley, David L.A DeLand, Fla. Yaeger, James Bus. Terre Haute, Tenn. Young, Christina L..A. Jacksonville, Fla. Young, Judith L.A. Irvington, N. Y. Young, Paul Bus. Eau Gallie, Fla. Features HAROLD M. GIFFIN ■ Now in the twenty-eighth year at Stetson, " Prof " Giff— in has become known throughout the country for the dy- namics of his teaching, his ability to weld great choruses, and his own voice; his subtle humor has further enhanced his popularity. An avid sports fan, " Prof " directs the uni- versity ' s cheerleading squad in addition to its choruses. He is also a member of Omicron Delta Kappa with cita- tion in Who ' s Who in Music. 97 MISS KAREN MARION A nineteen-year-old sophomore from Orlando, Miss Karen Marion, was chosen in November as titular beauty for the 1963 Hatter. The dark-eyed winner was sponsored by Pi Beta Phi social sorority, of which she is a member. In her only previous appearance in a Stetson contest, she also did well, being named first runner-up to the Pi Kappa Phi freshman beauty queen. To the right, Karen is seen smiling happily after just becoming Miss Hatter; below, she is crowning this year ' s frosh queen. Miss Gwen Knight. Miss Hatter •1963 98 I Miss Leighan Roberts FIRST RUNNER-UP Miss Hatter 100 SECOND RUNNER-UP Miss Hatter Miss Penny Gray Military Queen 102 Basketball Queen Miss Julia Mobley Miss Gwen Knight Pi Kappa Phi Freshman Beauty Queen 104 Miss Patricia Greene Campus Beauties Miss Virginia Sporhase Miss Virginia Holtzendorf Miss Monica Abercrombie Miss Diane Ek:kIoe f ••l?H 105 Orientation Week L K .X ' fl A 1 1 £ r Delta Sir Sweetheart Betsy Siegle and president Bill Thompson dance at the fraternity ' s open house. Early in the year Stetson ' s school spirit is raised at a traditional bonfire. Soprano Monica . bercrombie entertains the freshmen at the annual orientation banquet. 106 Dr. Zcnkovsky seems intriRued as Misters Freund, Messer- smith, and Bunker explain the functions of the art department to a freshman coed. Joe Beavn seems delighted that Ken Kincaid has sold another of the " S " Club ' s rat hats. Mrs. Sara Jernigan keeps right on calling at the annual square dance in the Stetson Room. 107 An unidentified coed clutches the screen as she taunts passersby to buy eggs to throw at her for charity. Green Feather Drive No carnival would be complete without a cal- liope, so the Green Feather Committee annual- ly uses this one belonging to the Daytona Lions Club. For the third consecutive year, the Pershing Rifles perform an exhibition drill at " half- time " of the Miss Hatter contest. Seen below is a small segment of the crowd and midway at the carnival. ill •••••• ... - ««.«« t Mai ■- » -♦ ,«V • ••»» ' • " Ml iJBI s|y| iiii. Posing en masse following the preliminary judging are the 1963 Miss Hatter contestants; from left to right are Gwen Cheshire, Penny Gray, Suzanne Fletcher, Nancy Corbett, Carolyn Pilcher, Susy Hankins, Diane Eckloe, Sandy Umbaugh, Karen Marion, Phyllis Talley, Mary Ann Keesler, Diana Norton, and Leighan Roberts. (Jack Sparks was one of the ushers.) Sandy Edinger gets dunked in one of the carnival ' s more popular booths. Beta Alpha Sigma proclaims that " deans have no special value " for its jail. Richard Reiff Miss Caroline Pilcher Athena and Zeus Always one of the most impressive spectacles on campus is the torchlight sing which officially begins Greek Week. Greek Week Chris Wise and Diane Disney are among the many Greeks waiting to vote for Athena and Zeus. Glynnis McHargue. Mickey Upp, and Danny Peterson pose with their groups ' chariot before the annual race. Bev Chapman delivers one of her priceless lines in the prize- winning Pi Phi-Delta Sig skit. Ill Homecoming Mayor and Hostess Bill Perry Miss Gail Hilverink A birthday cake for Stetson ' s eishtieth and Delta Mu ' s fiftieth anniversaries centers the Snake-Zeta float. Stelsonites harmonize in a faculty-alumni quartet at one of the many Homecoming banquets. Homecoming Fred Littlejohn pilots the redoubtable Pike fire engine through another parade. A bear and an eagle walked the Berlin tightrope in this prize-winning Pi Phi-Delta Sig float. Miss Eileen Lipthrott Robert Morris Mr. and Miss Stetson 114 This is but part of the hundreds of Stetsonites who crowded around to watch the contests. ■■ ' -«» Hatter Holiday Almost unidentifiable Nancy Atsma and Harry Kinnan won the Mr. and Miss Ugly titles. Nearly everyone is off to a faltering start in the women ' s " ob- stacle " race. Below is one of the many swimming relays of the holiday at Ponce deLeon Springs. KkSJKw_ K!uS K. Miss Stetson hopefuls snowing the judges are, from left, Tina Kar- berg, Eileen Lipthrott, Anne Greene, Jo Parks, Yvonne Wilby, Penny Gray, Caroline Pilcher, Leighan Roberts, Shannon Straus, Frances Lyle, Sallie Gaskins, Virginia Holtzendorf, and Sue Gehrke. H5 I Confrontation of father and son takes place in Dr. Critoph ' s experimental play. Laurie Cheatham and Vince Maury are two of the surviving soldiers in COLONEL PHILLIPS. Soldiers work feverishly to aid the suffering ( " olonel Phillips Billje Griffiths and Gerald Critoph vividly relive their past in THE FOUR-POSTER. Stover Theatre . . . Nellie (Betty Day), Luther Billis (Bill Taylor), and a group of island nurses entertain the Seabees with their rousing rendition of " Honey-Bun " in SOUTH PACIFIC. TW ' I w ?£0SPVf f[ M(i A V " 23 iM l wWnSiH r ' ' VmE George Statler seems rather bored by the entire idea as he makes an entrance in the Homecoming presentation of THE BOY-FRIEND. Lady Brockhorst (Zelma Coonley) sternly prohibits her husband (Ned Grimes) from flirting with some roaring twenties bathing beauties in THE BOY-FRIEND. The deserted Colonel and Lieutenant correspond to Phi- loctetes and Neoptolamus of Greek legand. Lord Brockhorst gets a scalp shine despite his wife ' s disdain. The cast of ALADDIN AND HIS WONDERFUL LAMP, written and directed by Walt Sonnenburg, pose in a market scene for last spring ' s Children ' s Theatre pro- duction. Dr. Stover returns to active duty as a waiter in THE BOY-FRIEND. Stover Theatre f4 19 jy X The Greeks DR. JAMES A. STEWART ■ Not too long- ago. Delta Upsilon of Pi Kappa Alpha initi- ated James A. Stewart, a man who has earned the respect and devotion not only of the chapter, but also of the entire university. As a professor, he has engendered the love of philosophy in both the DeLand and St. Petersburg cam- puses; as a counselor he has provided guidance and reas- surance to many students ; and as an administrator he has sponsored several edifying faculty retreats and seminars. Perhaps his most notable achievement, however, comes from his being Dean of the Chapel, for Dr. Stewart has made the services as nonsectarian and enlightening as possible . 121 I OFFICERS PRESIDENT Betty Lawhon 1st VICE-PRESIDENT Gloria Andrew 2nd VICE-PRESIDENT Julia Mobley REC. SECRETARY Ann McDowell CORR. SECRETARY Diane Chandler TREASURER Gloria Meierstein RUSH CHAIRMAN Bev Wilson SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Nancy Irish PRESIDENT BETTY LAWHON Alpha Chi Omega was founded in 1885 at DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana, by seven outstand- ing memlDers of the music school. The golden lyre badge was chosen because of its significance as the first musical instrument of the Greeks; it also repre- sents the musical heritage of Alpha Chi. The colors are scarlet and green, and the flower is the red carna- tion. The Gamma Chi Chapter was founded at Stetson in May of 1957 and has since been recognized as the out- standing AXO chapter in the state of IForida. The friendly Alpha Chi ' s may be seen participating in many campus activities. Lynn Chapman serves as president of Women ' s Executive Council, while many other Alpha Chi ' s are house council memtaers. Panhel- lenic president Gail Hilverink and Charlotte Keyes are cited in Who ' s Who in American Universities. Ed- winna Murphey is secretary to the Publications Board and editor of Compass. Other honoraries represented among the group are Kappa Pi, Sigma Beta Chi, Psi Chi, Phi Society, and Kappa Mu Epsilon. In addition, Alpha Chi ' s have merited recognition through the Hon- or Roll and Deans ' List. The girls of the golden lyre are doing capable jobs in the fields of publications. Stover Theatre produc- tions. Union Board, Religious Life Council, the many religious organizations. Intramural Board, and the Green Feather, Parents ' Weekend, Orientation, Home- coming, Hatter Holiday, and Leadership Weekend Committees. Beauty honors received by Alpha Chi ' s include Julia Mobley as Miss Basketball, Caroline Pilcher as Greek Week Athena, and Gail Hilverink as Homecoming Hos- tess. Virginia Sporhase was also sponsored in the Miss Basketball contest. 122 Carole Owsley and Ann McDowell seem to be enjoying themselves Charlotte Keyes watches intently as Gail Hilverink gets ready to at one of the Sigma Nu band parties. make a call in an intramural softball game. GAMMA CHI CHAPTER OF Alpha Chi Omega Andrew, Gloria Appleby, Janis Barineau, Anita Carr, Donna Chandler, Diane Chapman, Barbara Chapman, Lynn Clark, Carol Corbett, Linda Corbett, Nancy Couch, Jean De Lc Gal, Mary 1 Fly, Janice Geutry, Diane Hanle, Betty Harter, Pat High, Charlotte Hilverink. Gail Hooper, Judi Irish, Nancy Kessler, Mary Ann Keyes, Charlotte Patti Paulk and Wendy Laird minRle with the guests at Alpha Chi ' s Greek Week open house. Julia Mobley beams as she is being crowned Miss Basketball for ' 62- ' 63. 124 Laird, Nancy Laird, Wendy McCree, Margie Meierstein, Gloria Moffat, Bonnie Murphy, E winna Newton, Sandra Niswonger, Patti Orians, Jan Owsley, Carole ALPHA CHI OMEGA Paulk, Patti Redding, Jill Robb, Carol Sporhase, Virginia Whitlock, Ann Wilson, Beverly Wong, Emily Young, Christina OFFICERS PRESIDENT Kaye Ballou VICE-PRESIDENT — . Carolyn Meisenheimer RECORDING SECRETARY ._. Anne Greene CORRES. SECRETARY Marion Smith TREASURER Gwen Cheshire RUSH CHAIRMAN Yvonne Wilby PRESIDENT KAYE BALLOU Alpha Xi Delta, founded at Lombard College in Galesburg, Illinois, on April 17, 1893, was one of the first ten sororities in the National Panhellenic Coun- cil. The golden quill studded with pearls and the pink Killarney rose are the symbols of Alpha Xi Delta, its colors being double blue and gold. No matter where one goes on campus, he will find a friendly and capable Alpha Xi. The trophies which fill the trophy case give evidence to the many titles and honors which our girls have garnered. Pike Sweetheart Yvonne Wilby is also reigning beauty of the Ft. Myers pageant and a candidate in the Miss Florida competition. Other honors among the group include Lambda Chi Sweetheart Suzanne Mullins, SGA Secretary Judy Campbell, Hatter Bus- iness Manager Anne Greene, and cheerleaders Diane Strickland, Francene Smith, and Marcia Robinson. Among the other activities on campus, one will find Alpha Xi girls on house councils, the Reporter staff, in Stover Theatre productions, in the Concert Choir, and on Honor Roll and Dean ' s List. Alpha Xi ' s are also outstanding members of many honorary societies: Phi Society, Sigma Delta Pi Sig- ma Pi Kappa (president Anne Greene), Pi Kappa Delta, Kappa Pi, Sigma Beta Chi, and Tassel. Also, many of the members are found working in Canter- bury House, B.S.U. and other religious organizations. Alpha Xi Delta ' s national projects are a great source of pride, one of the most important being in connection with a national juvenile delinquency pro- gram. Alpha Xi ' s also help with several annual char- ity drives. 126 SGA secretary Judy Campbell takes minutes as president Bob Morris conducts an assembly. Alpha Xi ' s Leanne McGinnis, Paul Tondee, and Nancy Crable join in the fun at the DeLeon Springs party during orientation week. OMEGA CHAPTER OF Alpha Xi Delta Bandy, Beth Barron, Lynn Benson, Ginger Bierley, Beth Brown, Linda Brownson, Judy Campbell, Judy Cheshire, Gwen Crable, Nancy Elmore, Pat Greene, Anne Howard, Jayne Gregory, Linda Horn, Karen Justice, Peggy McGinnis, Leanne Meisenheimer, Carolyn Melton, Sandra Millsaps, Annica Molnar, Diane Mullins, Suzanne Olsen, Lois Nohody list ' scorns amazed, but Sarah Condit does a doubletake at the photographer ' s being at the sorority ' s open house. Leanne McGinnis poses with the roses she has just received after being named runner-up in the Miss Hatter contest. 128 Pettigrcw, Luanne Roach, Sharon McGinnis, Leanne Robinson, Marcia Rutan, Carol Rutledge, Frances Selman, Rita Smith, Francene Smith, Marian Spears, Judith ALPHA XI DELTA Stephens, Anne Strickland, Diane Swope, Anne Thomason, Ann Tondee, Paula Walker, Claudine White, Peggy Wick, Elizabeth Wicker, Jo Ellen Wilby, Yvonne Young, Beverly OFFICERS PRESIDENT ._. Nancy Plapp VICE-PRESIDENT Dian Aiken REC. SECRETARY Martha Barineau CORR. SECRETARY Susan Bryan TREASURER Brenda Raines RUSH CHAIRMAN Kenny Butler PLEDGE TRAINER Sara Booth SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Shannon Straus PRESIDENT NANCY PLAPP Delta Delta Delta was established on Thanksgiving Eve, 1888, at Boston University. Alpha Delta Chap- ter, founded at Stetson in 1913, is the oldest Tri-Delta chapter in Florida. Tri-Deltas honor their badge of three pearl-studded stars within a golden crescent and hold fast to their colors of silver, gold, and blue. Tri-Deltas take a very active part in all phases of campus life. Dian Aiken serves as president of Cha- douin Hall, as well as being a member of Scroll and Key and Who ' s Who in American Universities and Col- leges. Sara Booth, Beth Lacer, and Patti Snow also represent the group on councils. Mary Beth Ev- erroad is president of the Women ' s Physical Educa- tion Majors Club and Margaret Jones is Kentucky golf champion. Nancy Plapp, co-chairman of Greek Week, recently won a southeastern intercollegiate bowling championship. Further, Patti Snow is on the Reporter editorial staff, Sara Booth a member of Sigma Pi Kap- pa, and Kenny Butler in Kappa Pi. As a group, Tri-Delta this year won the Greek Week Olympics and, in conjunction with Pi Kappa Alpha, won the trophy for the best-decorated chariot. These are but a few of the activities in which rTi- Deltas engage . Traditional activities of the sorority, now in its fiftieth year on the Stetson campus, are the Apple-Polishing Party, Founders ' Day Banquet, re- treat, Pansy Breakfast, and Tri-Delta Weekend. 130 This Tri-Delt team seems intent on winning the three-legged race. Greek Week co-chairman Nancy Plapp presents commander Jack Sparks with one of the Sigma Nu ' s trophies. ALPHA DELTA CHAPTER OF Delta Delta Delta Aiken, Dian Anderson, Joy Barineau, Martha Booth, Sara Browne, Mary Llew Bryan, Susan Butler, Kenny Dericks, Donna Donovan, Carol Everroad, Marybeth Finney, Beverly Frye, Darla Garcia, Diana Hall, Laura Halt, Patricia Harrington, Noni Hedrick, Phyllis Herrell, Sarah Jones, Margaret [IPUP! This group seems to be taking a few minutes ' respite from the social whirl to relax in the apartment. Cookie Wertz is escorted past a line of her pledge sisters and their dates at the Greek Week dance. 132 Lacer, Beth Mann, Sara Mills, Hassha Mitchell, Barbara Pickard, Merilee Rains, Brenda Rayner, Carolyn Snow, Patricia Straus, Shannon Swanson, Judy DELTA DELTA DELTA Talley, Phyllis Thompson, Yvonne Turner, Betty Kay Varnedoe, Mary Lou Wachsmuth, Kate Wertz, Janice Wilson, Kay Allen Wingate, Judith Woodberry, Martha PRESIDENT ELEANOR DICKEY OFFICERS PRESIDENT Eleanor Dickey VICE-PRESIDENT Jane Hall REC. SECRETARY Donna Dollens CORR. SECRETARY June Wirsing TREASURER Shelley Crittendon MEMBERSHIP CHAIRMAN Judy Wood PLEDGE TRAINER Joy Hartung SOCIAL CHAIRMEN -.... Penny Gray Jo Parks I I Pi Beta Phi, the oldest national fraternity for wom- en, was founded in 1867 at Monmouth College, Mon- mouth, Illinois. Florida Alpha, one of its 104 chapters, was established in 1913, making Pi Beta Phi the first national Panhellenic organization on the campus of John B. Stetson University. Pi Phi ' s national philanthropic work is the Pi Beta Phi .settlement in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, founded in 1912 for educational and medical services. Among the outstanding alumnae of the sorority are Margaret Truman Daniels, Mrs. Calvin Coolidge, Jane Wyman, Elizabeth Scott, and Mrs. Farris Bryant. Stetson ' s wearers of the golden arrow are active in every phase of campus life. Sweethearts of four of the campus ' s six men ' s fraternities are Pi Phi ' s: Penny Gray, Betsy Seigle, Suzy Hankins, and Joy Hartung. Mortar Board and Who ' s Who have tapped Suzy and Eleanor Dickey. Cheerleader Cissy Harris is also sponsor of Per.shing Rifles. Penny Gray is a member of Theta Alpha Phi, and many of the girls are in the university choir, chorus, and orchestra. Pi Phi ' s are all very proud of group participation. The sorority has won another scholarship trophy, first place for the Greek Week skit, and first place for the 1963 Homecoming float " Walking the Berlin Tight- rope. " Beauty honors are also numerous within the soror- ity and the entire group is proud of these girls . Gwen Knight became the fifth straight Pi Phi to be named Freshman Beauty Queen. This year ' s Miss Hatter is Karen Marion, with Penny Gray a runner-up. Suzanne Fletcher was runner-up in both the Freshman Beauty Queen and the Miss Basketball contests. And then there is always Miss Ugly, Nancy Atsma. 134 All eyes are on Suzy Hankins as she takes a part in the wedding ceremony which is traditional at all Pi Phi formal rush parties. FLORIDA ALPHA CHAPTER OF Pi Beta Phi Anderson, Karen Atsma, Nancy Ballard, Kim Barnett, Ginger Barnhill, Mary Chapman, Beverly Crittendon, Shelly Dollens, Donna Fleishel, Connie Fletcher, Suzanne Fox, Sandra Gray, Penny Hall, Jane Hankins, Susy Harden, Mary Dell Harris, Cissy Hartung, Joy resident Eleanor Dickey ecstatically conveys er congatulations to Karen Marion and Penny ray for tak ing the first two places in the Miss Hatter contest. 136 Hoilcs, Pat Holtzendorf, Virginia Huff, Kathy Jones, Mary Jo Kane, Karen Knight, Gwen Liddy, Sandy Marion, Karen Morrow, Florence PI BETA PHI Parks, Jo Pullen, Lynn Ravines, Marcia Slayton, Martha Smith, Betsy Whittington, Helen Wirsing, June Wood, Judy OFFICERS PRESIDENT Marcia demons VICE-PRESIDENT Sandy Umbaugh REC. SECRETARY Lisa Durgin CORR. SECRETARY Sharon Gage TREASURER Mary Bues RUSH CHAIRMAN _ Sue Gehrke PLEDGE TRAINER Carol Butler PRESIDENT MARCIA CLEMONS Phi Mu, the second oldest sorority in the United States, was chartered in 1852 at Wesleyan College, Ma- con, Georgia. Presently there are eighty-three collegi- ate chapters and one hundred seventy-nine alumnae groups. The Stetson chapter of Phi Mu was chartered in 1949. Its symbols are an oddly-shaped badge bear- ing a heart and hand embossed in gold and black, and the pink Enchantress carnation. Since Phi Mu has been on Stetson ' s campus, mem- bers have been active in all phases of campus life. Among the current members are Bev Graham, member of Mortar Board and Who ' s Who; Joy Kressman and Mary Bues, Kappa Mu Epsilon ; Durgin, Sigma Delta Pi ; Sharon Gage, Sigma Pi Kappa, Student Union Board Hostess ; Marcia Clemons, Sigma Beta Chi. Oth- er activities include Phi Alpha Theta, dorm councils, university choir. Hatter staff, SGA committees, and Panhellenic committees. Phi Mu places emphasis on social services. The chapter ' s major project is the care of an adopted Ko- rean boy. There are many other projects and all are carried out with special attention to helping the needy and underprivileged. In keeping with chapter traditions, the group held the annual fall pledge retreat, Mother-Daughter Christmas party, spring retreat, spring weekend, and senior breakfast. Alpha Xi has also been chosen the best all-round Phi Mu chapter in the state. Thanks to a wonderful alumnae group and to the ef- forts of our officers, the past year has been a success- ful one for Phi Mu. 138 Frank West ' s signs explicate Sandy llmbaugh ' s oration in the Phi Mu-Pi Kapp skit for Greek Week. ALPHA XI CHAPTER OF Phi Mu Anders, Joan Austen, Suellen Blount, Sandra Bramlitt, Brenda Bues, Mary Butler, Carol Carroll, Marilyn Clements, Ann m ' ' ■ Comer, Marti Courchaine, Nancy Cox, Cecilia Durgin, Lisa Engle, Kathy Gage, Sharon Gehrke, Susan Glaze, Rita Harvey, Marion Hatfield, Jean Holmes, Susan The Phi Mu ' s host an open house in their lavender-shaded apartment. .000 1 ' Getting a few minutes respite, the chapter ' s Softball line- up watch one of the girls attempt a bunt. I 140 Hudf ins, Mary Kressman, Joy Landers, Linda Laney, Pat McDurham, Nancy -Jean Mazur, Jeanne Mullins, Barbara Ninow, Penny Ogden, Andrea Olson, Sheilah PHI MU Sawyer, Dianne Schibanoff, Virginia Schuman, Betsy Smith, Sandy Umbaugh, Sandy Vail, Arlene Vaughn, Vicki Wands, Nancy Zimmerman, Bonnie . OFFICERS PRESIDENT Jane Kraft VICE-PRESIDENT Eileen Lipthrott REC. SECRETARY .- Pat Greene CORR. SECRETARY Bunny Mihm TREASURER Diane Disney RUSH CHAIRMAN Gayle Gregory RITUAL CHAIRMAN Betty Hargrave SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Gail Linane r PRESIDENT JANE KRAFT Zeta Tau Alpha is collective individualism. It has always stood for the autonomy of the individual, for to stifle individualism would be to defeat its purpose. Yet, each member is always ready to put her own aca- demic, athletic, social, and administrative abilities to work for the group and the university. Academically, Zeta has members in Beta Beta Beta, Kappa Delta Pi, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Kappa Pi, Sigma Beta Chi, Sigma Pi Kappa, Sigma Tau Delta, Phi So- ciety, Tassel, Honor Roll, and Dean ' s List. Athletically, Zeta has won the Intramurals trophy for the past five years and the Hatter Holiday trophy for the past two . The group also ran a close second in the Greek Week Olympics this year, after winning the trophy for the previous four years. Socially, Zeta initiated desserts for other sororities, helping build Panhellenic spirit. Individally, Eileen Lipthrott is reigning Miss Stetson, and Frances Lyle her runner-up, and Patti Cooper is an ROTC company sponsor. Administratively, Zetas served on many SGA com- mittees and on house councils. Individually, Diane Disney is HATTER Editor for the third consecutive year and a member of the " S " Club. Jane Kraft is co- chairman of Homecoming. This is but a brief picture of Zeta Tau Alpha at Stet- son University 1962-1963 — with each member striving to uphold the goals of the National Fraternity, which was established at Longwood College, Farmville, Va., on October 15, 1898, and the goals of the charter mem- bers who founded the Stetson chapter in 1934, choos- ing as charter president our own Dean Etter McTeer Turner. 142 Dr. Robert Chauvin, chairman of the Stetson Athletic Committee, presents Diane Dis- ney with a letter sweater at the Homecoming basketball game for service to university athletics. This crowded apartment during Greek Week is typical of the so- rority ' s open houses. BETA PSI CHAPTER OF Zeta Tau Alpha Bishop, Carol Jean Case, Jean Cooper, Patti Crowley, Carolyn Dansyear, Patti Demirgian, Mary Disney, Diane Eckloe, Diane Eger, Judy Foster, Nancy Greene, Pat Gregory, Gayle Hargrave, Betty Heidbreder, Susie Hendry, Gail Hoven, Stevie Johnston, Judy Katsikas, Billie Sue President Jane Kraft and former King Tony Wood are just as ecstatic on pledging day as new members Judy Eger, Susie Heidbreder, Judy Johnston, and Jean Case. Betty Hargrave charges out to quite a lead in the Olympics relay. 144 I.inane, Gail Lippi, Linda Lipthrott, Eileen Lyie, Frances McDaniel, Phyllis McHargue, (Ilynnis Minkley, Betty Sue Murray, Jane Nathan, Anne ZETA TAU ALPHA Perry, Jean Shaw, Sue Ann Ward, Brenda Williams, Kirby Wilson, Sandra Wall, Denise Wilcox, Elinor Zessin, Judy Seated, from left, are Gail Hilverink, Karen Kane, Phyllis Hedrick, and Frances Lyle. Standing are Lois Olsen, Nancy Plapp, Gayle Gregory, Eleanor Dickey, Bev Wilson, Marcia Clemons, Sue Gehrke, Virginia Sporhase, and Cissy Harris. Panhellenic Council OFFICERS PRESIDENT Gail Hilverink VICE-PRESIDENT _.__ Karen Kane SECRETARY Frances Lyle TREASURER Phyllis Hedrick Stetson ' s Panhellenic Council, a member of the na- tional group, is the governing body for the six social sororities : Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Xi Delta, Delta Delta Delta, Pi Beta Phi, Phi Mu, and Zeta Tau Alpha. The group represents preparation for service through character-building inspired in the close con- tact and deep friendship of fraternity life. Of primary concern to Panhellenic is sorority rush. At the beginning of each semester it holds informa- tive sessions to explain rush rules, preferentials, and penalties to prospective Greeks. This year it also sponsored a welcoming party for all freshman wo- men during orientation week. The council also acts as a judiciary board, hearing all cases involving illegal rushing, broken pledges, initiation exceptions, and disputes between member sororities. Further, it annually awards a two hundred dollar Panhellenic Scholarship to a deserving female undergraduate. Each member organization has three representa- tives on the board: its president, rush chairman, and repreaentative-at-large, only the latter having a vote. Offices are rotated to provide equal opportunities to all groups. 146 Seated, from left, are Dick Ulack, Jim Terrell, Mel Rodelli, and Jay Landers. Standing are Jim Coulter, Art Skibbe, Chip Shore, and Eddie Mulock. Interfraternity Council OFFICERS PRESIDENT Jim Terrell SECRETARY VICE-PRESIDENT Mel Rodelli TREASURER Jay Landers __ Dick Ulack Corresponding to Panhellenic is the Intei ' -Fraternity Council, which coordinates the activities of and settles the disputes between Stetson ' s six social fra- ternities: Delta Sigma Phi, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pi Kappa Alpha, Pi Kappa Phi, Sigma Nu, and Sigma Phi Epsilon. Each of these groups are members of national fraternities pledged to uphold ideals and standards similar to those embraced by the Univer- sity. Fraternity life is one of the most important extra- curricular activities of one ' s college career, as mem- bership enhances one ' s sense of responsibility, schol- arship, leadership, and belonging. The local chapters are aware of this importance and, aided by I.F.C., are ever conscious of their responsibility for devel- oping men willing and capable of assuming the posi- tions of leadership both on the campus and in the world. Dean Bill Baggett serves as advisor to this group, just as Dean Turner does for Panhellenic. 147 OFFICERS PRESIDENT Bill Thompson VICE-PRESIDENT John Ruggiero SECRETARY Tony Wood TREASURER Chris Wise RUSH CHAIRMAN Mike McGraw PLEDGEMASTER David Mcllvain PRESIDENT HILL THOMPSON Delta Sigma Phi was founded in 1898 at the Col- lege of the City of New York. Since that time it has grown to be one of the largeest national fraternities, with over 100 chapters and 50,000 brothers in the bond of Sphinx. The local chapter, Alpha Chi, was installed at Stetson in 1925 with Dr. J. Ollie Ed- munds, now president of the University, as charter president. The chapter conducts such annual affairs as the Christmas " Pop Garner " party for underprivileged children, Honki-Tonk party, and the Sailors ' Ball. The latter originated at Alpha Chi chapter during the depression and has since been adopted as the official weekend for all chapters of the fraternity. The Delta Sigs, while a social fraternity — all for one, one for all, and all for fun — add much to campus life and the brothers hold many honors, ranging from I.F.C. secretary (Dick Ulack) to Zeta King (David Mcllvain). Alpha Chi chapter has always excelled in sports, ancl this year again won the intramural football championship, under the direction of quar- terback Ron Gironda ; many of the brothers also par- ticipate in varsity sports. The brothers of the Green and White take pride in their honors, striving constantly to improve their scholastic stand-averages and campus standing. Faculty members of Delta Sigma Phi include Wesley M. Berner, Donald C. Yaxley, and Burwell Wingfield. 148 m :.: - ,WJ ft Odds-on favorite to take the football tournament, this Delta Sig squad, quarterbacked by All-Star Ron Gironda, poses happily after doing just that. ALPHA CHI CHAPTER OF Delta Sigma Phi Armstrong, Bruce Benton, Don Bledsoe, Thomas Gamage. Richard Gieg, Charles Dupre, Jack • s -ym W ' ' " Johnston, Richard Mcllvain, David McKinley, Bruce Marcial, Ferd Moulton, Anthony Newhart, Barry Nye, Thomas Riden, Thomas Riffle, Alan Roche, James Ruggiero, John Odysseus-like travellers Ron Gironda and John Ruggero watch Martha Slayton explode in the Pi Phi-Delta Sig first place skit. President Bill Thompson seems ready for action at the Honki-Tonk party. 150 Taft, Eugene Thode, Al Thompson, Jim Vose, Jim t Ward, Hampton Wilson, Mark Wood, Tony Young, Paul DELTA SIGMA PHI Such a Honki-Tonk party always highlights the Delta Sig social season. OFFICERS X PRESIDENT - -- Tom Fay VICE-PRESIDENT ._.. Tom Parsons SECRETARY ._.. Russell Rasco TREASURER Ralph Henry RITUALIST Norm Pricher RUSH CHAIRMAN Oscar Juarez SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Jim Murphy PLEDGE TRAINER Glen Geiger i PRESIDENT TOM FAY Kalepa Ta Kala is the open motto of Lambda Chi Alpha. Meaning " Naught without Labor, " it has pro- vided the basic tenet for Lambda Chi since its founding on November 2, 1909, at Boston Univer- sity. With this thought always in mind, Lambda Chi has grown to become one of the largest international fraternities with a total of 151 chapters. Lambda Chi has a tradition of steady growth through work, always striving to improve in order to offer more and more to its men. This has been the story of Zeta Tau on the Stetson campus from the beginning of the chapter in 1949 to the present. It is through working toward common goals and ideals that a close brotherhood is formed, and it is this brotherhood, the essence of fraternity, of which Lam- ba Chi is most proud, feeling that ours is of the highest calibre. It is our goal to have a well-rounded fraternity with something to offer every man and a place for every man to apply his particular talents; only in this way can a fraternity grow and prosper as it should. While a social fraternity. Lambda Chi contributes much to campus life in all areas. Brothers are seen on the basketball, soccer, and track teams. They are representatives in the Student Senate, Homecoming Mayor, director of the Traffic Committee, president of the Baptist Student Union, interior decorator for the new men ' s residence halls and fraternity houses. Lambda Chi ' s are seen in Green Circle and Omicron Delta Kappa, as well as Who ' s Who, Dorm Council, Pershing Rifles, various honoraries, and on commit- tees of the Student Government Association. The desire to work to succeed has brought the fraternity to first place in scholarship. Through fur- ther adherence to Kalepa Ta Kala, the never-ceasing aid of friend.s and alumni, and the close brotherhood within the chapter. Lambda Chi will continue to maintain its high moral and scholastic ideals. 152 tiiintii Tom Parsons, Dwight Geiger, and Ned Julian read and relax in the new Lambda Chi house, one of the four on fraternity row for which Brother Jim Murphy was interior decorator. ZETA TAU CHAPTER OF Lambda Chi Alpha Bailey, Bob Barnard, Jack Barrett, Squire Clay, Todd Cleland, Max Cook, Dave Cooke, Tucker Davis, John Dickey, Alan Durham, Joseph Earnhardt, John Ellis, Wayne Ezell, Jennings Fortson, Bill Gardner, Terry Geiger, Dwight Geiger, Glenn Gress, Bill Hall, Gary Henry, Ralph Holland, Cecil Hopper, Townsend Jacob, Alan Juarez, Oscar Julian, Ned Kieth, Bob Kimble, Bob Kinnan, Harry Kirk, William Lasseter, Kenneth This large door-covering, bucked-toothed clown greeted Lambda Chi visitors during the " Circus of the Sixties " Homecoming. 154 ■ " 1 McCreery, Mike •tf - Maas, Jan 2y . Martin, Paul Moody, Leon Murphy, Jim Napoli, Dominick f Neal, Dave m Nelson, Bill ■ • Nelson, Conrad W ' Oglesby, Rob ; cr Parsons, Tom mm Perry, Bill jj . Peterson, Dan J ' i Pierce, Larry f ' Pricher, Norm Rasco, Russell i : Salter, Phelps V. Schneider, Bill LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Seipp, Filip Shuford, Richard Skibbe, Art Spivey, Butch Swan, Stephen Thompson, Tim Thornton, Tom Tussine, Benton Upp, Michael Waters, Vernon OFFICERS PRESIDENT Bob McCloskey VICE-PRESIDENT Mel Rodelli SECRETARY -- Niles Williams TREASURER - - Jeff Dease PLEDGE TRAINER Pat Kennedy RUSH CHAIRMAN Steve Ennis PRESIDENT BOB McCLOSKEY March 1, 1898, was the founding date of the Pi Kap- pa Alpha Fraternity at the University of Virginia. Since then it has grown to 139 chapters, located at ma- jor colleges and universities throughout the United States. Delta Upsilon chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha was founded at Stetson on March 31, 1951. The men of the Shield and Diamond are proud of members who have participated in campus affairs dur- ing the past year, such as John Dennis being member of the Publications Board and Editor of the Stetson Review, and Guy Villa being co-captain of the soccer team. Delta Upsilon members have been active in such other phases of campus life as the " S " Club, Pershing Rifles, Phi Society, Green Circle, Stover Theatre Pro- ductions, Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, and the Stet.son Orchestra and Choir. The Pikes have always taken an active part in the sports program of the University, Pike can be seen on the varsity soccer, golf, tennis, baseball, and bowl- ing teams. In addition to the intercollegiate sports, Pi Kappa Alpha has also done an outstanding job in cam- pus intramurals by winning the tennis trophy. During Greek Week, Delta Upsilon again won the trophy for the best-decorated chariot. Wherever beautiful girls are to be found, one will always see a Pike around. Typifying this are our Miss Hatter representative Miss Suzanne Fletcher, and our Dream Girl, Miss Yvonne Wilby, who is also reigning Queen of the Ft. Myers Pageant. Pi Kappa Alpha is honored to have initiated the Reverend LeRoy Lawson and Dr. James A. Stewart, who also serves as our faculty advisor. 156 ' fcs r Open-mouthed Tim Case strains to stay ahead the last few feet of this inter-fraternity race. 7 I After much public relations work, manager Dave Stacy finally presents the new " Zeusie " Carbine image. DELTA UPSILON CHAPTER OF Pi Kappa Alpha Baksa. Richard Boriss, Alex Case, Tim Cole, Stephen Edelblut, Robert Elliott, Randall Ennis, Steve Fletcher, Edward Francisco, Bill Hall, Fred Hood, Richard House, Curtis Little Jake has switched from his usual fast tempo for one slow song at this I ' ike party. m Dick Hood does not look too concerned as he pulls out ahead here. 158 Lppy nif jb «• i Littlejohn, Fred McCloskey, William Oliver, Dana Pickering, Richard Pyle, Frank Redmond, Pat Reynolds, Robert Riera, Felix PI KAPPA ALPHA Rodelli. Mel Shipman, Robert IS 15- A Solomon, Ronald Steven, Jim % Torres, Smokey Townsend, Frank r) Turley, Jim Winn, Frank tt " T» B OFFICERS (Fall Semester) ARCHON . Richard Beauhcamp TREASURER Art Jones SECRETARY _. Ron Peacock CHAPLAIN Richard Reiff RUSH CHAIRMAN Jay Landers PLEDGE TRAINER David Tyner SPRING SEMESTER ARCHON BRUCE LOHOF Chi chapter of Pi Kappa Phi was founded on Stet- son ' s campus in 1921, seventeen years after the na- tional organization was chartered in Charleston, South Carolina. The first local. Pi Kappa Phi, was originally started at Stetson in 1912. Since these early years our fraternity has founded many traditions which are now a part of campus life, such as the Freshman Beau- ty Queen Contest, the Parade of Orchids, the Fresh- man Girls ' Serenade . . . and Uncle Gy-Rack. Throughout the years. Pi Kappa Phi at Stetson has become recognized and respected for its " tradition of excellence " in all phases of university life. This tra- dition has been consistently maintained through a bal- anced program of leadership development in such areas as athletics, music, scholarship, political and religious activities, participated in by men of superior talents. Men of Pi Kappa Phi have served their campus in many offices and honors during the past year. Some of these service positions include SGA treasurer, " S " Club president. Men ' s Council president. Union Board president, and various senate offices. Pi Kapps have in the past year had several of their men honored in such organizations as Green Circle and ODK. This year there were Pi Kapps in the chairmanships of the Green Feather and Homecoming committees. We feel that the individual members and the chapter as a whole were honored when for the fourth year in a row the women of Stetson University elected another Pi Kapp to reign as Greek Week King, and when this year four of the men elected to Who ' s Who in Ameri- can Universities and Colleges were Pi Kapps. Pi Kappa Phi also prides itself on its athletics. We have members on all the intercollegiate sports teams and are among the top contenders in intramurals. Pi Kappa Phi — the friendly fraternity— is aware of and assumes with confidence its responsibilities for de- veloping leaders on today ' s campus for tomorrow ' s world. 160 Ull ' Clinton Rouse studies to stereo upstairs in the new fraternity house. The group takes time out from dancing to watch the band ' s antics at this Greek Week party. CHI CHAPTER OF Pi Kappa Phi Abies, Cliff Beasley, Charles Beavo, Joe Bugg, Charles Edge, Hoyt Eslinger, Robert Gardner, Bill Haulman, Bruce Hogue, Peter Jones, Arthur D. F. Kincaid, Kenneth Landers, Jay Lipthrott, Charles Lunkford, Robert McDonald, Sam Mayer, John Mulock, Eddie Pattinson, Jeff Peterson, Hugh Polk, Gene Queen Gwen Knight and her two runners-up pose after being chosen this fall in the annual Pi Kapp Freshman Beauty contest. Ken Kincaid hosts teammate Lamar Deaver after Stetson ' s thrilling victory over Miami. 162 Price, Don Reiff, Richard Rikard, Charles Rinker, John Rouse, Clinton Scott, James Smith, Ray Sweet, Howard PI KAPPA PHI Terry, Buzz Tork, William Traut, Richard Matthews, Turner Tyner, David Wager, Mike Walker, Russell Watson, Duffy West, Frank Williams, Randal Wrenn, Thomas 1 OFFICERS COMMANDER Jack Sparks LT. COMMANDER ..-_ -- - Roland Williams TREASURER ._ - — Keith Phillips RECORDER Doug Sucher MARSHALL Dave Johnson PLEDGE TRAINER -- Jim Terrell HISTORIAN -- Grover Wilkins SOCIAL CHAIRMEN Tony Schoder Bill Grose COMMANDER JACK SPARKS " He who starts out on a road, not knowing where he is, where he is going, or how he is going to get there, is lost. He may reach no worthwhile destination - or if he does by accident - how does he know that he has ar- rived? " For many a young man these words may describe the situation which he faces as he begins his college career. For most, a destination becomes clear and a desire to fulfill a purpose is acquired. Yet the means of obtaining this destination are often difficult to ascertain. Of many, a few find in the spirit, heritage, and traditions of Sigma Nu the way to follow throughout their lives. Each man learns " to believe in the life of love ... to walk in the way of honor ... to serve in the light of truth. " Honor is the keystone of Sigma Nu, uniquely an Honor Fraternity, founded at an Honor College, with brothers all pledged to try to " walk in the way of honor. " This is an ideal which, when followed, makes a man trusted, his word good, his actions dependable, and his decisions admired and respected. The Way of Honor is the Way of Sigma Nu. As for Delta Mu of Sigma Nu each brother strives to maintain the high spirit and traditions that have been passed down through the years. Now in its fiftieth year on the Stetson campus, Sigma Nu was the first national social fraternity here, and from the very beginning, the word " first " has remained a keynote of the chapter. It is unnecessary to present a list of accomplishments of each brother or the chapter as a whole. Names such as Terrell, Keiper, Gladden, Williams, Wilkins, Chaplin, and Hester are familiar to the campus for leadership in various ac- tivities. Trophies for Greek Week, Hatter Holiday, and intramurals line the trophy case at the house as but a few of the tangibles of which we of Sigma Nu are proud. Realizing and intending to follow our destination, Sigma Nu bases its future upon its past. The broth- ers both as individuals and as a group will continue to strive for ideals upon which the fraternity was founded and will remain loyal to the traditions and the heritage of the Honor Fraternity. 164 These are but a few of the various sizes and shapes of beards grown by the Snakes this Homecoming to celebrate their fiftieth anniversary on the Stetson campus. DELTA MU CHAPTER OF Clara Cox and Jack Sparks watch the fraternity serenade them for being pinned. Sigma Nu Arnett, Bud Bray, Billy Chambers, Robert Chaplin, Jim Clark, William Cornwall, Peter Fouse, Clarence Gladden, Floyd Gregory, Steele Holifield, Richard Irvin, John Jarrett, Jim I Jennings, Alan Jones, Billy Junger, Jacques Keiper, John McArthur, Bill McCall, Mahlon McQueen, John Massing, Dale ■lull «■» K.d£i. .1 tf 4ip f In a race against the clock, the Snakes capture another Greek Week trophy in the chariot race. Jim Terrell stands solemnly behind the candles after his ODK initiation. 166 ' » MsA TgggH M f 4e?| - ► i«rt w f » iif| - iSW i N Paschal, Hob Phillips, Keith Riddile, Scott Roach, James Schaefer, Richard Schoder, Tony Shaw, John Skidmore, Dan SIGMA NU Smith, Andy Smith, Jim Stone, William Terrell, Dewey Terrell, Jim Wallace, Stan Watkins, Mike White, Dudley Wilkins, Grover Williams, Jack Williams, Roland Yeager, James " r l x ta ' ' % N J OFFICERS PRESIDENT . Jim Coulter VICE-PRESIDENT __ Bob Moore COMPTROLLER Bob Eckblad HISTORIAN Toy Miller RECORDER Ray Squire RUSH CHAIRMAN Mike Howell PRESIDENT JIM COULTER Sigma Phi Epsilon, the world ' s second largest social fraternity, was founded November 1, 1901, at Rich- mond College in Virginia, the Florida Beta Chapter being estabilshed at Stetson in February of 1949. Striving constantly to improve scholarship and lead- ership, Sigma Phi Epsilon this year has two members in Omicron Delta Kappa and one in Who ' s Who in American Universities. There have also been Sig Eps on the Honor Roll and Dean ' s List. Sig Ep is proud of its leaders, such as the head resi- dent of the men ' s dormitories, with members in Scab- bard and Blade, Green Circle, Pershing Rifles, Men ' s Council, " S " Club, and many other leadership positions and honoraries. Always active in intramurals, the members also participate in intercollegiate athletics. The group won this past year ' s Hatter Holiday com- petition. The Sig Ep house is the center of social events, the year being highlighted by the annual Christmas and Valentine dances and the fraternity weekend, which is well-known for its " Queen of Hearts " Ball. Sigma Phi Epsilon is .justly proud of its camp fund to benefit underprivileged children. Established in 1950, it was the first such project successfully admin- istered by a national fraternity. Prominent alumni of the fraternity on campus in- clude Dean E. C. Furlong, Dr. John Vaughen, Graves Edmundson, and Richard Pearce. 168 ggt» LJfaL Bill Morre easily clears this bar in an interfraternity track meet. Lanny Miller and Dick Childs are among the many Sig Eps enjoying themselves at this sorority open house. FLORIDA BETA CHAPTER OF Sigma Phi Epsilon Adams, Carl Adams, Don Allison, Ron Beeman, Paul » - » 4 Bena, David Britton, Lee Casey, David Childs, Richard vi ««Sv % Clark, Don Collins, Cecil Cregar, Edward Davis, Geoffrey Dean, Russell Donegan, Don Eckblad, Bob Edinger, Evans Grassmuck, William Harkins, Steve Harper, Steve Hastings, Larry Henderson, Glenn Howell, Michael Bob Moore rushes to intercept a pass in one of the intramural football games. 170 ,,-» ' - ' 1 ' C Hughes, Bobby Ingersoll, Jim Kennedy Thomas Lockey, Thomas Lyle, Randy Matthews, Fred Mikkelson, John Miller, Charles Miller, Lanny Moore, Robert SIGMA PHI EPSILON Moorman, James Murray, Melville Nance, Marshall Quarrier, David Schindehette, Harry Senna, Larry Shore, R. B. Squires, Ray Taylor, Roger Military DR. ELMER C. PRICHARD . . . ■ A devilish sort of twinkle in the eyes reveals the good nature of Elmer Prichard, the versatile chairman of Stet- son ' s biology department. As a retired Army Colonel, he has taught several advanced ROTC classes; as a former professional baseball player, he now aids in coaching the university ' s team; as a scientist he has done much noted research, published many articles, and merited a place in Who ' s Who in American Science; and as a professor and friend he has attained a devoted following. 173 In its thirteenth year on the Stetson cam- pus, the Reserve Officers ' Training Corps is currently training over two hundred ca- dets in the Branch General Program, which stresses general military subjects applicable to the Army as a whole, with emphasis on leadership. Through class work, drill peri- ods, patrols, and summer camps, it contin- ues to train men for each of the service ' s fifteen branches. Beyond this career preparation come scholastic, service, and social opportunities. Outstanding cadets may attain membership in the military honoraries, Pershing Rifles and Scabbard and Blade, and may achieve the status of Distinguished Military Stu- dents. Further, ROTC sponsors one of Stet- son ' s social highlights with the annual spring Military Ball. R. O. T. C LIEUTENANT COLONEL HARRY E. APGAR CAPTAIN HARRY B. STOUREMIRE li SERGEANT INSTRUCTORS From left to right are Ser- geant First Class Harold Myers, Sergeant Frederick Hoxworth, Sergeant George Purvis, and Sergeant First Class Paul McCrory. HEADQUARTERS - ffk !ESERVE OFFICER T ' TRAINING CORPS ' - Stetson Univfrsity f 5sai BATTLE GROUP STAFF Composing the Battle Group Staff are, from left, Cadet Major Carl Adams, Cadet Major Roland Williams, Cadet Major Buzz Terry, Cadet Colonel Bob Bidwell, Cadet Major Tom Wrenn, Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Gene Polk, and Cadet Major Leroy Rhode. 2fc«::iK ' ' «gw 5£iSJ 175 " A " COMPANY COMMANDING OFFICER Robert Moore EXECUTIVE OFFICER Tom Fay PLATOON LEADERS Don Adams John Dennis Tom Kennedy " B " COMPANY COMMANDING OFFICER Jim Coulter EXECUTIVE OFFICER Russ Walker PLATOON LEADERS Floyd Gladden Barry Newhart James Smith R. O. T. C. Companies At 3:30 each Monday afternoon, the entire Cadet Corps assembles, starched and polished, on Hulley Field for a three-hour drill period. Each cadet must meet Regular Army specifications regarding dress, drill, conduct, and care and maintenance of weapons. Divided into companies of approximately fifty men each, the cadets are supervised by a six-man Battle Group Staff, aided by Regular Army officers and NCO ' S. Each company has its own commander, ex- ecutive officer, and platoon leaders who, in turn, are aided by various sergeants and corporals. The ROTC program is not limited to this drill procedure, however, as it extends to classwork, field maneuvers, and summer camp stints. Upon gradua- tion and successful completion of the requirements, a cadet receives a commission as second lieutenant in the Army in his particular area of specialization. 176 " C " COMPANY COMMANDING OFFICER Chris Wise EXECUTIVE OFFICER Harry Kinnan PLATOON LEADERS Bill Grose Willett Wentzel Pete Taylor " D " COMPANY COMMANDING OFFICER Randall Elliott EXECUTIVE OFFICER Bill McArthur PLATOON LEADERS Clarence Fouse Bill Winderweedle Tony Wood " HQ " COMPANY COMMANDING OFFICER Tom Parsons SERGEANT MAJOR LeRoy Rhode FIRST SERGEANT Max Cleland Cadet ( ' aptain Tom Parsons makes his rounds in an inspection. Rattle Group Commander Bob Bidwell stands at attention. - § Ik f Led by Headquarters Company, the Cadet Corps marches in the HomecominK parade. Dean Stewart tries his aim at the ever- popular Green Feather Turkey Shoot sponsored by Scabbard and Blade. Rows of cadets stand at parade rest during an afternoon drill period. T f 179 Sports CARL H. " DOC " JOHNSON . . . B Along with his faithful sidekick Blackie, " Doc " Johnson has become somewhat of a legend around Florida. Since being graduated from Stetson, he has stayed with the uni- versity twenty-eight years in such capacities as assistant professor of geography, director of intramurals, traffic co- ordinator, director of men ' s housing, and baseball coach. Nearly everyone connected with Stetson has at some time affectionately imitated his well-known vocal mannerisms and has become aware of his sly humor; some have learned of his avid and cagey bridge playing, his wide reading, and his writing of poetry ; and all of them feel a genuine fond- ness for " good ol ' Doc. " 181 COACH WES BERNER CO-CAPTAINS FRANK CLARK AND GUY VILLA Soccei Clark rushes out to narrowly make a save in this FIC tilt. Highlighted by a flashy and aggressive front line, the soccer squad almost effected a winning season this year, ending with a 4-5 record. Indi- vidual game results were: Stetson 3 -— Emory 1 Miami 11 _... _... Stetson Stetson 3 ._ Jacksonville Stetson 3 Fla. Southern 1 Rollins 5 Stetson 4 Miami 7 „ Stetson Stetson 5 Fla. Southern 3 Rollins 8 Stetson L| % -ilMH wHKS Hi Hl 182 . .. - - a Stetson ' s Soccer Squad 1962 Lance Gaddy heads one in in this victory over Florida Southern. .4.«=:2 183 rm Bill Clarke gets two off Miami ' s mighty Mike McCoy. Basketball 1962 - 1963 Quelching Jacksonville ' s Homecoming hopes, Stetson began a rocky season with over half the victories in Florida Intercollegiate Conference competition. The Wilkesmen were undefeated in conference play until the final two games, then settling for second place behind Miami. Seldom a smoothly working unit this year, the Hi- Hats needed the NAIA District 25 championship to effect the university ' s fourteenth consecutive winning season (14-12). As the 1963 Hatter goes to press, the team is enroute to another national NAIA tournament in Kansas City. COACH GLENN WILKES Kneeling, left to right, are Frank Shelton, Vernon Waters, high-scorer Lamar Deaver, Ken Kincaid, and Floyd Gladden. Standing are Coach Wilkes, Jim Yeager, Bill Clark, Jim Jarrett, Dewey Terrell, Joe Beavo, Jack Sparks, Bobby Paschal, Bill Hester, manager Kim Lowry, and assistant coach Joel Hancock. J Head and shoulders above his opponents, Deaver aims for another basket CENTER LAMAR DEAVER Co-Captain This Florida Southern player cannot break through Stetson ' s double-post offense. GUARD BOBBY PASCHAL 186 GUARD FLOYD GLADDEN Co-Captain Jim Jarrett poses with the four other choices for the Hatter Invitational ali-tournament team. ♦November 30 at Jacksonville ♦December 3 at Rollins December 6 Georgia Southern ♦December 8 Florida Southern December 14 Presbyterian College ♦December 15 Rollins December 17 Baldwin-Wallace December 19 David Lipscomb ♦December 20 Tennessee Tech December 29 New Hampshire ♦January 2 Transylvania January 5 at Georgia Southern January 7 at Mercer ♦January 10 Tampa University ♦January 16 Rollins College January 21 University of Georgia ♦February 1 University of Miami ♦February 2 DePauw University ♦February 7 Mercer University February 9 Florida State University ♦February 16 Florida Southern February 21 at Tampa February 23 Jacksonville February 26 at Miami ♦March 4 Ga. Southern (NAIA) ♦March 5 Jacksonville (NAIA) ♦games won GUARD JIM JARRETT 187 FORWARD BILL HESTER FORWARD BILL CLARK Deaver strains only slightly for two more against hapless Rollins. Shock, amazement, or maybe just dismay are the Spartans ' re- actions after Gladden has worked his way in for an easy bucket. A sliRht shove and a hook yield t»o more points for I ' ascha). Jarrett winces and shoots as a Georgia player stays right with him. 189 Jacksonville ' s Tiner and Moraski watch (Jladden toss in an easy two. 190 Hester goes up and over Transylvania ' s zone defense. The Georgia Southern bench doesn ' t I seem too excited as Waters tries to out- tip one of the Eagles for control. k :mmi COACH CARL H. " DOC " JOHNSON Baseball . . . SCHEDULE March 16 18 Valdosta State College March 22 23 Yale University March 25 26 Pfeiffer College March 28 29 Hampden-Sydney College April 1 2 Amherst College April 5 6 Rollins College April 12 13 University of Tampa April 19 20 .___. at University of Miami April 26 27 Jacksonville University May 3 4 at Florida Southern College 2 games these days On the 1963 baseball squad are, kneeling, left to right, Jeff Kinnard, Harry Schindehette, Dale Massing, co-captain Verl Beebe, Larry Hartsfield, Mickey Westberry, John Mayer, and Ken Jones. Standing are assistant coach Bob ' W ' eickel, Ray Miller, Ed Parker, Roy Bowman, Dewey Terrell, Danny Wiggs, co-captain Lee Gartside, Ron Clifton, and coach " Doc " Johnson. i Pitcher Jack Cunningham swings away against Tampa University. First-sacker Dewey Terrell finishes off a double play. In his usual end-of-the-dug- out place, " Doc " gives a player some words of wis- dom. 193 r y. Verl Beebe tries to beat the ball, the catch and the ump into third. Baseball - - - Assistant coach Bob Weickel and the players relax and share notes about the pitcher before going to the plate. ' i i jjs 194 Golf SCHEDULE March 7 Florida Southern March 11 _ __ at Rollins March 15 Universities of Florida and Georgia at Ocala March 21-23 „. Florida Intercollegiate Tournament at Ocala April 1 at Florida Southern April 4-5 Florida Intercollegiate Tournament at Tallahassee April 11-13 Miami Invitational Tournament in Coral Gables Spring Sports GOLF COACH WES BEIJNER TENNIS COACH RAY HUSSEY Tennis SCHEDULE March 2 at Rollins ] Iarch 7 Florida Southern March 13 at Florida Southern March 16, 18 Valdosta State College IMarch 21 _._ Georgia Tech March 27 at University of Florida March 30 ..._ Emory University April 4 Davidson April 6 _ Hope College April 10 _ .„ at Valdosta State April 11 at Mercer University April 12 ..__ _ , at Emory April 13 at Oglethorpe University April 18 University of Cincinnati April 25 Rollins College May 4 at Florida Presbyterian May 11 - -— Florida Presbyterian 195 h URAL HA. ' .= INTRAMURALS yft Seated, from left, are Dell Marie Mikell, Mary Lynn Chapman, Mrs. Carl ton, Mar- garet Jones, and Mary De- LeGal. Standing are Lynn Harkness, Lois Sechrist, Mary Cox, Sharon Gage, Helen Gaylord, Marilyn Ray- nal, Denise Wall, Paula Tondee, Nancy Atsma, and Charlotte Keyes. WOMEN ' S BOARD The Intramural Boards These boards, working with their respective groups, direct one of the most popular extra-cur- ricular activities at Stetson — intramurals. Nearly everyone at the university has at one time or a- nother participated in one of the programs ' wide range of sports, including basketball, bowling, volleyball, tennis, etc. Each year awards are made for each major sport and for overall supremacy. 1961-62 winners were Zeta Tau Alpha and Sigma Nu. MEN ' S BOARD Seated are Frank Wynn, Bob Smith, and Cecil Collins. Standing are Bill Kuhl, Bill Gress. Roger Nofsinger, and David Johnson. Anne Quarles and IJunny Herein smile happily after Mrs. Fran Carl- ton has presented them with the Zeta ' s fifth consecutive Intramurals Point Trophy. Womens Intramurals Tri-Delt Mep: Jones rushes to the net for a volleyball assist. Marilyn Raynal blocks a shot. 198 If he can release the pole properly, this vaulter has made a successful try. Men ' s Intramurals The recorder watches closely to see if this high- jumper clears the mark. vm Too much interference probably negates this attempt. 199 Sigma Nu Bucky Gladden lets go with a barrelhouse swing in this Softball game against Lambda Chi. Pi Kapp Roger Nofsinger leaps high for a rebound. Men ' s Intramurals Lambda Chi Tom Barnard rolls over the hifjh jump bar. Bobby Scott cannot quite prevent this shot. Despite rushing Sig Eps, all-star quarterback Ron Gironda gets off his pass to Delta Sig teammate John Ruggiero. Glenn Geiger rather disinterestedly watches one of his teammates finish the mile. A Pi Kapp and a Sig Ep scramble for the toss in their bas- ketball game. Men s Intramurals One of the largest crowd- drawing football matches is always that between the Snakes and the Delta Sigs. I y - -. f 202 Stetson ' s Cheerleaders Two juniors, two sophomores, five freshmen, and a mascot comprise the Stetson cheerleading squad, under the direction of " Prof " Giffin. Serving to promote and channel enthusiasm at pep rallies, bonfi res, basketball and soccer games, the girls have themselves received encouragement this year with their new uniforms and increased travel allotments. Seven " plus one " are getting ready to pep up the crowd in one of the university ' s autumn games. Janice Fisher is heading for a conference with the rest of the squad about the next yell at this soc- cer season bonfire rally. Up in the air about leading the Rollins Tars are, from left, Francene Smith, Laurie Cheatham, Marcia Robinson, mascot Cathy Giffin, Janice Fisher, Diane Strickland, Cissy Harris, and Cheryl Hankins. Organizations DR. JOSEPH T. SUTTON . . . ■ Although he often seems to fit the role of the absent- minded professor, in reality Dr. Sutton possesses imagina- tive and organizational talents which have led him to two national research grants (Project English Composition and the Volusia Individualized Mathematics Project), the SGA sponsorship, and an active part in Stetson ' s IBM activities. But perhaps his greatest contributions have come strictly from his personality. As a counselor, friend, and frequently just listener, he has given countless persons aid, stability, and reassurance; his warmth, compassion, and sincerity have left indelible imprints on all with whom he has come in contact. 205 PRESIDENT BOB MORRIS " Exerting the gift of freedom, bestowed by God and insured and established in the Constitution of the United States, we, the students of Stetson Uni- versity, in order to afford just representation in the interest of the student body, to centrally govern and coordinate the various organizations, and to cooper- ate with the University authorities for the benefit of all, do establish this Constitution for the Student Body of Stetson University. " The above preamble to the recently revised SGA constitution clearly and simply states the objectives of Stetson ' s student body. Headed by a four-man executive committee and a student senate, the SGA governs organizations, elections, and schoolwide so- cial and philanthropic projects. These elected offi- cials attempt to conciliate the students ' ideas and wishes with those of the administration and faculty. Below are excerpts from the constitution to further explain the workings of SGA. STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION ARTICLE I. Name. The name of the government herein established shall be the Student Government of Stetson University. ARTICLE II. Membership. Every undergraduate student in the University shall automatically become a member of the Student Government and shall be subject to its Constitution and by-laws. ARTICLE III. Student Body Officers. Section 1. President. Thei ' e .shall be annually elect- ed a President of the Student Body whose duties s hall be: (1) to call and preside at all meetings of the Student Body; (2) to appoint necessary Student Body Committees; (3) to exercise generally such powers as may be invested in him by the Student Senate or by the rules, laws, and custom of the Stu- dent Body; (4) to preside at all meetings of the Student Senate. ARTICLE IV. Qualifications. Section L Probation. Candidates for all Student Government offices shall not be on academic pro- bation or social probation. Section 4. Holding other offices. The President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer of the Stu- dent Government shall not be president of any other campus-associated organization, or editor of any cam- pus publication. ARTICLE VI. The Student Senate. Section 1. Composition. There shall be a Student Senate composed of thirty-two members of whom four shall be the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer of the Student Body. The remaining twenty-eight members shall be elected annually, e- lecting four representatives from each class and school or college. In this election the candidate re- ceiving the largest number of votes in each of the class, school or college elections shall be designated as the President of that particular class, school or college. Section 2. Duties. It shall be the duty of the Stu- dent Senate to determine those policies which may be necessary and proper as the legislative represen- tatives of the Student Government except those pol- icies delegated to the respective Councils. ARTICLE VIII. Student Body Functions. Section 4. Recall. Any elected officer of the Stu- dent Body may be recalled by a two-thirds majority of the Student Body voting expressed by secret bal- lot. Section 5. Repeal of Senate decisions. The decis- ions, regulations, and by-laws of the Student Senate may be subject to referendum by the Student Body and may -be repealed by a two-thirds majority vote of the Student Body voting. 206 standing behind president Hob Morris are treasurer Charles Lipthrott, sec- retary Judy Campbell, and vice-pres- ident Richard Nicholls. Executive Committee Student Senate Seated, left to right, are Chuck BugR, Jay Landers, Chris Burns, Bill Schneider, and Russ Walker. Standing are Bing Vick, Jim Terrell, Hoyt Edge, Bobby Keith, Jim Coulter. Mel Rodelli, Bob Snowden, Gene Polk, Bill Perry, Ray Smith, Ron Peacock, Richard Reiff, Ray Lynn, and Jay Brophy. n A I I- ) W . • -♦ ' ! 799 Left to right are Becky Hamby, Dian Aiken, Charlotte High, Lynn Chapman, Mary Beth Locke, and Jane HalL Women ' s Executive Council PRESIDENT OFFICERS Lynn Chapman VICE-PRESIDENT Jane Hall SECRETARY _ _. _.... Charlotte High Dormitory Councils Located on North Woodland Boulevard, Chaudoin Hall is a three-storied red brick building designed pri- marily to house freshmen women. Its council, to the left, consists of Edwinna Murphy, Susan Pritchard, Bev Wilson, Karen Youmans, Carol Robb, and president Dian Aiken. I I Below is the Conrad Hall Council: from left, Carol Cresswell, Julie Lay, Bettina Swinney, and president Mary Beth Locke. m ' - The Palms Council consists of Betty Bedsole, president Becky Hamby, and Lois Olsen. Emily Hall council members are Carolyn Meisenheimer, Marguerite Bearden, Linda Corbett, and president Yvonne Wilby. Dormitory Councils On the Stetson Hall council are Patty Snow, president Judy Campbell, and Barbara Ste- wart. 209 Seated, from left, are president Bill Gardner, vice-president Jim Terrell, secretary Jim Chaplin, and Floyd Gladden. Standing are Tom Fay, Bob Bell, Carl Adams, Ron Peacock, Bill Perry, Jay Landers, and Frank Townsend. Men ' s Executive Council Men ' s Residence Halls Staff Seated, from left, are Jay Landers, Don Clark, Carl Adams, Dick Krause, and Skip Broome. Standing are Jim Terrell, Chuck Bugg, Char- les Lipthrott, Bobby Keith, Tom Parsons, Howard Sweet, Charles Beasley, Bobby Scott, Bill Gardner, Ron Shelly, Bill Ferry, and Bill Morris. From left to right are David Stacey, John Denni; Disney, and chairman Hugh Peterson. Dean Turner, Dr. Ethel Colbrunn, Anne Greene, Diane Publications Board The Publications Board governs selection of candidates for publica- tions offices, awarding of contracts to printers and photographers, and all other matters pertaining to Stetson student publications. Sigma Pi Kappa The local journalism honorary, Sigma Pi Kappa is designed to encour- age a higher standard of journalism on the campus, to promote the best interests of the college publications, and to make any suggestions which may prove beneficial to them. A member of the group is each year chosen to serve as chairman of the Publications Board. Seated, from left, are Olive Westberry, president Anne Greene, vice-president Diane Peterson, David Stacey, Joanne Field, Mickey Kiesling, and John Dennis. Disney, and Karen Steanson. .Standing are Hugh V -rf v DIANE DISNEY Editor ANNE GREENE Business Manager 1963 Hatter TERRY LUNG Photographer STAFF EDITOR- Diane Disney BUSINESS MANAGER _ _ Anne Greene PHOTOGRAPHERS Terry Lung Ron Clifton STAFF Jay Putman, Joanne Field, Martha Farrington, Anne Nathan, Ed McDaid, Susan Holmes 212 •5» I DAVID STACEY Editor BOB CHATHAM Business Manager The Stetson Reporter From left to right are editorial staff mem- bers Bob Stubbings. Ralph Greene, David Stacey, Patty Snow, John Karber, and J. Q. Irwin. Under the direction of John Dennis, The Stetson Review this year received a face-lifting. In addition to the traditional essays, plays and poetry, the maga- zine now includes a music score, several photographs, and numerous art reproductions. Editor Dennis has redesigned the Review to be an outlet for all aspects of the " creative urge " on campus. JOHN DENNIS Editor The Stetson Review Standing behind advisor Dr. VVilliam Taylor are Louis Phil- lips, Bonnie Zimmerman, John Dennis, and Carolyn Damianos. From left to right are Gerald Stud- ier, IJillye Griffiths, Karen Steanson, Tom Peters, JoAnna Conte, and Al- len Newman. Pi Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Delta is the nation ' s largest forensic fraternity. It recognizes participation and achievement in intercollegiate debate, discussion, and related speech activities. Florida Beta Chapter, installed at Stetson in 1958, honors those showing possession of " the art of persuasion beautiful and just. " Kappa Pi Kappa Pi is a national art fraternity seeking to stimulate interest in art and creative activity of campus. HOLMES HALL f h Standing before now-razed Holmes Hall are. by rows, Lyn- da Gilder. Nancy Irish, Betty Lawhon, Linda .SUeen, .Suzanne iMullins, Richard Karber, Tuck Cooke. Jim Murphy, Eugene Bunker, Louis Freund, and F ' red Messersmith. OFFICERS PRESIDENT _... Dick Krause VICE-PRESIDENT .__ Clarence Fouse REC. SECRETARY _ Carol Clark CORR. SECRETARY Gwili Hepler TREASURER _. Howard Sweet FACULTY ADVISOR Bob Lee Mowery UNION PROGRAM DIRECTOR Jackie Hogue Student Union Board ALETHA B. SPRAGUE Student Union Buildinj; Manager Seated from left, are president Dick Krause, program director Jackie Hogue, associate dean of students Etter Turner, faculty advisor Bob Lee Mowery, and Sharon Gage. Standing are treasurer Howard Sweet, corresponding secretary Gwili Hepler, recording secretary Carol Clark, film committee chairman Jim Chaplin, education committee chairman Sandy Newton, and SGA vice-president Richard Nichols. . President Edmunds uses the building ' s front steps to address the assembled Greeks. Various types of greenery surround the Georgian building. The Union Board sponsors such ac- tivities as the brass choir ' s playing Christmas music in the commons. Seated, from left, are Connie DeLisle, George Nemchik, Liz Moran, Mary Llew Brown, Patti Niswong- er, Edwinna Murphey, Patticia McGinnis, Addie Jo Conklin, and Mary Beth Locke. Standing are Sue Orme, Judy Weed, Roger Dixon, Rita Glaze, Jean Hatfield, Mary Swallows, Bernice Rountree, Ginny Schibanoff, Anne Payne, Elaine Moore, Betsy Whelan, David McFarland, Nancy Cassedy, Florence Pinachian, and Jean Wisner. Student Florida Education Association The Student Education Association is designed to aid those planning to be teachers in devel- oping an organization which shall be an integral part of state and national education associations, in growing professionally, and in giving practical experience in working together democratically on the problems of the profession. The Stetson chapter of the S.F£.A. is a member of both the National and Florida Education Associations. On the first row are Marie Riedel, Bev Wilson, and Nancy Corbett. On the second row are Linda Riley, Nancy Barber, sponsor Dr. Ruth Smith, Linda Corbett, and June Wirsing. On the third row are Marlene Christmas, Kathy Villars, Marvean Lombard, Rosemary DelliBovi, Nancy Hogle, and Patricia Thomas. Standing on the fourth row are Carol Hansen, Sally Jarman, Susan Pritchard, Gwen Cheshire, Kitty Engle, Gwen Watkins, Carolyn Wilson, Pam Baer, Sharon Gage, Nancy Atsma, Gail Nelson, Teri Sue Ward, Frances Daniels, and Barbara Walker. Finally, there are Dr. Frank Tubbs, Harry Whitley, Tom Thornton, Dr. Harland Merriam, Yvonne Wilby, and Jessana Gartside. The Independent Women ' s Organization was estab- lished on campus to promote the social, cultural, po- litical, and religious life of its members. Any woman who is not affil iated with a national sorority may be- come a member. In addition to participating in all campus activities, I.W.O. has such special activities as a Christmas party for underprivileged children, a fash- ion show, and a Cancer drive. SPONSOR MARY EDNA PARKER Independent Women ' s Organization .Seated, from left, are Elsie Pixley, Priscilla Campbell, president Elaine Moore, sponsor Mary Edna Parker, Sandy Lewton. and Carol Cresswell. Standing are Sandy Hardee, Karen Hayes, Lois Sechrist, Jackie Lanum, Bettina Swinney, Joyce Shubella, Addie Conklin. Mary Cox, and Liz Moran. The Executive Council consists of, seated left to right, Helen Gaylord, Russ Rasco, Charlotte Keyes, Janice Jones, Diane Gentry, Joanne Field, Howard Sweet, and Sven Lovegren. Standing are Sharon Gage, Becky Hamby, president Bill Perry, Joe Scoggins, Skip Broome, director Jack Mabry, Gail Hilverink, and Charlotte High. Baptist Student Union The Baptist Student Union is composed of all Baptist students who are members of the differ- ent church-affiliated organizations on campus and in the churches, such as training union, Y.W.A., and the Ministerial Association. The Executive Council is elected annually to direct and coordi- nate the work of the various groups. It seeks to encourage enlistment in the local Baptist churches and to promote a spiritual atmosphere at Stetson through the different committees. The Freshman Council is designed to help with freshman activities and enlistment. B.S.U. headquar- ters are in Allen Hall on North Woodland Boulevard. On the Freshman Council are, from left, Linda Hird, Betty Cole, Mary Cox, Janice Fly, Bill Cypress, and president Chuck Bugg. I 4 4 . ttt ' Stetson Concert Choir In addition to an extensive tour, the concert choir this year presented nine separate concerts, including a revival of Handel ' s " Messiah. " As the major choral group on campus, the choir in- cludes the travel squad, male quartet, and soloists. Membership, by audition, includes students from all colleges of the university. DIRECTOR HAROLD M. GIFFIN MEMBERS SOPRANO — Monica Abercrombie, Lorey Arnall, Martha Brock, Ruth Colvard, Rita Dodd, Connie Fleischel, Barbara Giffin, Judy Hart- lieb, Priscilla Jones, Gail Mauldin. Bev McBain, Page Nordan, Jo Parks, Linda Priddy, Joyce Smith, Ivey St rock, Oneita Waters, Nancy Watts, Carolyn Wittenburgr. ALTO — Karen Anderson, Sarah Ashcraft, Elizabeth Bedsole, Linda Brown, Margaret Cox. Donna DoUens, Mary Mallard, Alice Mathew- son, Juliet Richards, Judy Spears, Margaret Starkey, Anne Ste- phens. Barbara Stewart, Linda Terry, Elizabeth Watson, Ann Whit- lock, Patrica Wil ' .iams, Carol Wrenn. TENOR — Bill Alderman. Jim Austin, Peter Heebner, Lawrence Hen- ry, John Keiper, Don Lingle, Paul Martin, John Perry, Kenneth Steele, Bing Vick, Harry Whitley, Grover Wilkins, IIL BASS — John Burchette, Harvey Burgett, Jack Coldiron, Tuck Cooke, Arthur Edwards, Wayne Hebden, Jerry Jackson, Fred Myers, Mar- vin Reed, Jack Robinson, Thomas Thornton, Richard Wall, Thomas Wrenn. 224 From left to right are Sher- wood Hoadley, Charles Clark, Carol Vevier, Bill Kirk, and Helen Whittington. Christian Scientists The Christian Science College Organization is a group of Stetson students working within and for that denomination. It is the most recently formed religious organization on campus. Ministerial Association The Ministerial Association is open to all student ministers of the varied denominational affil- iations. Speakers for vespers, radio, assemblies, supply preachers — all are part of the activities. Each week programs are planned to help the ministerial students prepare for the complex work to which they have been called. From left to right are Bill Jones. Joy Kressman, president Bob Wood, Frances Lyle, and Sherwood Hoadley. Kappa Mu Epsilon Kappa Mu Epsilon is a national honorary to recognize outstanding achievement in the field of mathematics. The Stetson math honorary became affiliated with the national organization four years ago. Beta Beta Beta Beta Beta Beta is the national biology honorary on Stetson ' s campus. It is designed to in- crease interest in biology, to stimulate sound scholarship, and to encourage biological research. Seated, from left, are Dr. Elmer Prichard, president Lee Britton, and Dr. Keith Hansen. Standing are Wilbur Curless, Violet Hicks, Richard Nicholls, Marsha Leonardson, Jay Nunley, Carolyn Crowley, and Burton Walker. Seated, from left, are Frank Perkins, Father Lawson, Mrs. Coolidge, Dr. Coolidge, Julie Scott, and Mary Bues. On the second row are Pete Heebner, Pauline Perkins, Barbara Giffin, Pam Baer, Jay Putnam, Arlene Vail, Richard Jones, Sue Mercurio, Kathy Kentner, Rich- ard Nunez, Mr. Carl Johnson, Mrs. Carl Johnson, and Father Peterson. On the third row are Richard Wall, John Thompson, Ross Coslow, Kay Lehotay, Betty Hanle, Terry Clopper, Bill HaTrell, Bev Brooks, Jean Wisner, Doug Butler, Michelle Brennan, Patty Cooper, Chuck Cole, Mickey Keisling, and Melissa Freeland. Canterbury House Canterbury is composed of the students and faculty of the Episcopal Church. The college center, Canterbury House, is the scene of many social and educational activities, of which weekly Sunday supper meetings and programs, parties, dances, informal recreation, study nights, discussion groups, and Sunday evening prayer play a big part. Members work and serve in many areas of parish life: the church school, Altar Guild, choir, nursery, and as ushers and coffee hour sponsors. Seated on the first row are Dr. Evans Johnson, Mrs. Serge Zenkovsky, Dr. Frances Thornton, Mrs. Hodges, and Dr. Serge Zenkovsky. On the second row are Jim Murphy, Kaye Ballou, Julie Lay, Barbara Mullins, Carol Taylor, Dotty Collman, June Uttrup, Bonnie Moffat, and Sally Stinson. On the third row are Charles Day, Carol Dill, Beth Kraemer, Carol Cresswell, Gerry Payne, Mildred Powe, Gail Gordon, Ann Chancellor, and Christine Aaron. On the back row are Bob Barnes, Amelia Braun, Glenn Baldwin, Bill Gress, Ed Furlong, John Donegan, Pete Mazzeo, and Charles Barnes. University Chorus The second major choral group on campus, the uni- versity chorus is now in its fourth year of operation. Highlight of its 1963-64 season was the presentation of Honegger ' s " King David. " MEMBERS SOPRANO — Nancy Watts, Ruth Colvard. Joyce Smith. Sandra Smith, Page Nordan, Elizabeth Wolfe. Hunt Jordan. Ann Whitlock, Nancy McDurham. Linda Priddy. Judy McGee, Diane Sawyer, Gail Gordon, Rita Dodd. Lenora McCroskey, Roberta Andraud. Oneita Waters, Martha Brock. . LTO — Peprsy Starkey, Margaret Cox, Priscilla Jones, Evelyn Long, Dorothy Collman, Bonnie Wade, Karen Anderson, Su- san I ' ritchard, Margaret Gray. Juliette Mosser, Patricia Wil- liams, Judy Jackson, Claudia Callaway. Dianne Matthews. TENOR — Bing Vick. William Alderman, Jim Austin. Don Ling- le, drover Wilkins, Harry Whitley, Wayne Hebden, Charles Moore, Lawrence Henry, Marion Anderson, Paul Porter, Ken- neth Steele. B.ASS — John Burchette, Harvey Burgett, Howard Higgs, Verley Spivey, Richard Wall. Douglas Butler. Thomas Thornton, Russell Brickley, Richard Pehle, Raymond Chaff in. DIRECTOR PAUL LANGSTON I 1 3mmmm i Stetson University Band OFFICERS Always a vital factor in campus life, the Stet- GENERAL MANAGER Jack Ro binson son Band has risen to the top echelon of Ameri- PUBLICITY MANAGER Eleanor Dickey can university bands. Featuring a wide range of materials, the band this year presented six con- OPERATIONS MANAGER Walter Bailey certs both off and on campus. The roster includes SECRETARY-TREASURER Betty Deal students from the liberal arts and business schools as well as from the music school itself. SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Katherine Menafee MEMBERS FLUTE — Katherine Menafee, Karen Stenson, Sylvia Howe, Siane Herberholz, Diana Norton, Marjorie Johnson, Gloria Walker. OBOE — William Hartman, Wilson Behney. BASSOON— Richard Matlack, William Jokela, David Wooley, Jennie Dekle. CLARINET— John Earnhardt, Betty Deal, Carol Vanderwal, Mary Demirgian, Jim Thompson, I ' enny Ninow, Nancy Bar- ber, Louise IJauschert, Marie Yankovich, Don Mason, Karen Hayes, Jeannette F ' rances. BASS CLARINET— David Rosselle. SAXOPHONE— Ralph Hampton, Gerald Studier. TRUMPET— Bill Bradshaw, Carol Rutan, Walter Bailey, Bill Wright, Mickey BumRarner, James Ault, Richard Ginn, Tim- othy Owen. HORN — Jay Nunley, Bobby Keith, Barbara Lubbers. TROMBONE— Mike Olsavsky, Kenneth Yount, Raymond Chaf- fin, John Melton, Jack Robinson, Gene Tunnell. EUPHONIUM— Madeline Stenner. David Casey. TUBA— Samuel Allen. DOUBLE BASS— Bruce Haulman, Harriett Potter. PERCUSSION — Eleanor Dickey, Carol Moore, Donna Carr, Claudia Callaway, Thomas Thornton. DIRECTOR RICHARD PEASAL 226 Symphony Orchestra Major appearances for the orchestra this year were in conjunction with the chorus on Honegger ' s " King David " and with the choir on Handel ' s " Messiah. " OFFICERS MANAGER Richard Matlack ASSISTANT MANAGER Michael Olsavsky PUBLICITY Katherine Menafee LIBRARIAN Beverly McBain ROBERT L. HAUSE, CONDUCTOR MEMBERS VIOLIN I — Frances Buxton (conoertmaster), Caroline Pilcher, Mildred Hubbard, Denise Scott, Charles Armbrust, Marybeth Pye. VIOLIN II — Cornelia Shaw, Dianne Harman, Elaine Rutledge, Anne Seay, Jean Keiper. VIOLA — Roger Casini, Beverly McBain, Lorey House, Paul Porter, Gloria Ann Scott, Donna Carr, Andrew Mezik. CELLO — Eleanor Leek, Christine Burns, Stanley Hanna, Joan Shubella. BASS — Harriet Potter, Bruce Haulman. FLUTE — Katherine Menafee, Karen Steanson, Sylvia Howe. OBOE — William Hartman, John Lozito. ENGLISH HORN— Wilson Behney. CLARINET— John Earnhardt. Bettv Deal. BASS CLARINET— David Ros.selle: BASSOON— Richard Matlack, William Jokels. HORN — Julia Hasbrouck, Barbara Lubbers, Robert Keith Jav Nunley. TRUMPET— William Bradshaw. Walter Bai!ev, Carol Rutan TROMBONE— Kenneth Yount, Randv Melton, Mike Olsavsky Gene Tunnell. TUBA— Samuel Allen. TJa x A A ' y " f ' ERCUSSION-Eleanor Dickey, Carol Moore. PIANO — Don Huneycutt. 3. . mT Seated, from left, are Bill Hartman, Chris Burns, Dick Matlack, Judy Hartlieb, and Mike Olsavsky. Standing are Gloria Walker, Kath- erine Menefee, Carolyn Wittenburg, Linda Priddy, Bill Jokela, Sam Allen, Gene Tunnel), Diana Norton, Peggy Starkey, and advisor Mrs. Ruth Carr. Music Educators ' National Conference The Music Educators ' National Conference is the national organization for music educators, as the title implies, and for students preparing for this profession. Supplemented by films and speakers, the Stetson chapter meets monthly to discuss the problems involved in music education on all levels. Phi Beta Phi Beta is a national professional fraternity for women in the fields of speech and music. Its select members act as hostesses for all music activities on campus. On the front row, from left to right, are advisor Miss Eleanor Leek, Claudia Callaway, Diane Cross, president Marolyn White, Kather- ine .Menafee, Diane Gentry, and Diane Matthews. On the back row are Judy Hartlieb, Betty Deal, Sandra Smith, Chris Burns, Diane Harman, Len McCroskey, and Carol Hahn. Seated, from left, are Betty Bedsole, Marion Anderson, advisor Paul Jenkins, Charles Moore, and Len McCroskey. Standing are Paul Porter, Richard Wall, Prissy Jones, Sandra Smith, Siana Norton, Joyce Smith, Hunt Jordan, and Harvey Burgett. American Guild of Organist The American Guild of Organists strives to advance the cause of worthy religious music, ele- vate the status of the church musician, and provide members with opportunities for meeting for the discussion of professional topics. Understandably, they are the group proudest of the recently added Beckerauth organ in Elizabeth Hall. Kappa Kappa Psi Kappa Kappa Psi is a national honorary for men band members. This group comprises the nucleus of the Stetson Pep Band, probably the group most responsible for raising school spirit. From left to right are John Keiper, Mike Olsavsky, Jack Robinson, Raymond Chaffin, Dick Matlack, and Jim Moody. Tau Beta Sigma Tau Beta Sigma is a national honorary for outstanding young women in the band. Its members are chosen on the basis of musician- ship, service to the band, scholarship, and char- acter. From left are Nancy Barber, Karen Steanson, and Katherine Menafee. Physical Education Majors ' Club The Women ' s Physical Education Majors ' Club is an organization for the professionally minded student who plans to teach physical education in the public schools. Meetings are held twice a month, one being a recreational meeting and the other a business type. Occasionally a guest speaker is mvited to address the group on some related subject. From left to riRht are Nancy Laird, MarRaret Jones, Dell Mane Mikell, president rrieda Kimble, and Wendv Laird. The " S " Club is composed of all Stetson men who have lettered in varsity sports. It is designed to promote interest and partici- pation in intercollegiate athletics and to fur- ther sportsmanship and individual maturity both on and off the playing field. Each year the club participates in such projects as Rat Week, aiding grade school children in the annual Christmas parade, and the March of Dimes. One of the outstanding events every year is the banquet given in the spring to honor new letter winners. This year the " S " Club set a precedent by initiating Diane Disney, who has been scoi ' er and statistician for the men ' s intercollegiate teams for four years. The " S " Club Chaotically arranRed, members pictured are Ralph Youngerman, Leo (lartside. Verl Beebe, Bob Bidwell, Dennis Skelton, Gene White. Skip Broome. David Tuck- er, Adrian Bambini. Lance Gaddy, Coach Berner, Jeff Goddard, Larry Hartsfield, Bob Eckb!ad, and Don Donegan. Such " bumbershooting " is but a part of the " S " Club initiation. Seated, from left, are Rodper Bunnel, advisor Captain Harry B. Stoudemire, sponsor Elizabeth Ann Harris, commanding officer LeKoy Rhode, and John Francisco. Standing are Pete Kaunitz, Jack Hampton, Bob Bailey, Don Ellis, and Bruce Armstrong. Pershing Rifles A national society of Reserve Officer Training Corps students, Pershing Rifles is aimed at the proportion and development of proficiency and interest in the basic course of ROTC. The Stetson company takes part in local parades and the Regimental Drill meet. Active members are, seated left to right. Bob Everist, Alan Roberson, Lynn Greenbaum, Don Napoli, and Tony Hopper. Standing are Bob Smith, Bill Fagan, Bob Wills, Wayne Rothery, and Bob Matthews. f ■« is ' ' T , ' -2 I- f 1 i Seated, left to right, are Floyd Gladden. Gene Polk, advisor Captain Joe A. Brown, Randall Elliott, and Bob Bidwell. StandinR are LeEJoy Rhode. Tony Schoder, Bob Moore. Jim Terrell, Buzz Terry, Tom Wrenn, Andy Smith, Jim Coulter, Roland Williams, Bob Smith, Rodger Bunnell, Bob Matthews, and John Francisco. Scdbbard and Blade Scabbard and Blade is a national military honorary society limited to cadets enrolled in the advanced course of ROTC and further restricted to those with high scholastic averages and es- sential officer qualities. Perenially leading the Green Feather charity drive with its turkey shoot. Scabbard and Blade also furnished Stetson with a major social highlight in the annual Military Ball. Pershing Rifles pledges seated, from left, are T. . bbott, J. Johnston, J. Parler, J. Zimmerman, and B. Stark. Standing are J. Turner, F. Betrick, C. Geig. B. Kuhl, R. Jones, R. Dreisslein, J. Richter. G. Morrison. P. Dennis, M. Lawrence, A. Rankin, B. Cypress, J. Bickelhaupt, S. Nelson, and H. Buck. ( 1 i fi . « J i I ilk T u. From left to right are Dr. John Hague, Bob Wood, Dian CAkin, Marolyn White, and Priscilla Campbell. Scroll and Key The Order of Scroll and Key is a local honorary stressing scholarship and leadership. Members are chosen from the upper five per cent of the junior and senior classes with a minimum grade point average of 2.5. Highlight of the year is the spring initiation and banqtiet. Phi Society Sponsored by faculty members of Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Society is a scholastic honorary for students maintaining a 2.4 grade average during their freshmen year. Seated, from left to right, are Dr. Gerald Critoph, Carolyn Damianos, Ray Smith, and Carolyn Crowley. Standing are Vernon Cope, Edwinna Murphy, Dian Aiken, and Priscilla Camobell. Kneeling, from left, are Chuck Burr, Jay Brophy, Bob Snowden, and Richard Ginn. Standing are David LaVoy, Edward Mulock. Hon Peacock, Bruce Haulman, and Jim Chaplin. Green Circle Green Circle is an honorary sponsored by Omicron Delta Kappa to recognize outstanding soph- omore men. Tassel The women ' s corollary to Green Circle, Tassel was founded by Mortar Board just two years ago. Tassel members seated are Claudine Walker, Diane Gentry, president Carolyn Crowley, and Carolyn Damianos. Standing are Edwinna Murphey, Frances Hill, and Carol Clark. Leadership, scholarship, service — these are the goals of Mortar Board, a national honorary organ- ization devoted to these standards and composed of women who have achieved them during their first three years in college. Stetson ' s chapter each year presents awards to the outstanding freshman and senior women in the field of serv- ice to the university. The group ranges in activities from sponsoring Tassel to directing the sale of corsages for Par- ents ' Weekend. Dian Aiken Eleanor Dickev Pris Campbell Bev Graham Mortar Board Suzy Hankins Ettcr Turner Barbara Rowe Marolyn White OFFICERS PRESIDENT Karen Steanson VICE-PRESIDENT Marolyn White SECRETARY Priscilla Campbell TREASURER Eleanor Dickey HISTORIAN Dian Aiken 236 Omicron Delta Kappa heads the list of men ' s honoraries at Stetson. A national leadership society, it encour- ages general campus citizenship and recognizes men who have attained a high standard of efficiency in colle- giate activities. O.D.K. strives to bring together the most repre.senta- tive men in all phases of college life: faculty members, administrative of- ficials, and students. The group spon- sors Green Circle, a leadership honor- ary for sophomore men. Charles Clark Thomas Fay Ron Clifton Don Huneycutt Jim Coulter Jav Landers Omicron Delta Kappa Charles Lipthrott Charles Kikard Bob Morris Jim Terrell Bill Perry Bob Wood OFFICERS PRESIDENT Charles Clark VICE-PRESIDENT Bob Wood SECRETARY Don Huneycutt TREASURER Jim Coulter Advertisements I DR. GENE W. MEDLIN B In the areas of science and education, few things popu- larize a university so much as a National Science Founda- tion Summer Institute for Teachers. Dr. Gene Medlin is currently reviewing nearly a thousand applications for this summer for the second such institute he has directed at Stetson. He has also worked as a consultant for the Vo- lusia Individualized Mathematics Project and as a deacon in the Baptist Church, but we feel that he should be most highly cited for the aid he has provided students. His gen- uine, sincere interest has led him to help countless students secure financial assistance and admission to graduate school, and has greatly furthered amicable faculty-student rela- tionships. 239 Congratulations, Class of ' 63 Best Wishes to All b r y n - a I a n studio creative photographers since 1936 JACKSONVILLE TAMPA ST. PETERSBURG General Offices and Laboratories — 208 S. Boulevard, Tampa fk ' STETSON AND DELAND Have Marched Hand in Hand For Many Years We are proud of the cooperative spirit that exists between the people of our community and the officials and students of Stetson University CHAMBER OF COMMERCE FOUNTAINS The Home of Insured Savings DELAND FEDERAL Over Fifty Years SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Central Florida ' s Finest Store for Men 136 Florida Avenue Deland, Florida DELAND, FLORIDA UNIVERSAL BOOK SHOP 245 North Boulevard Deland, Florida " Books are not men and yet they are alive They are man ' s memory and his aspiration, The link between his present and his past, The tools he builds with. " Stephen Vincent Benet Penney ' s 101 South Boulevard DeLand, Florida Stetson ' s Shopping Center RE 4-2856 Stetson Students Always Welcome REEVE HOWARD The Store of a Thousand Gifts 105 West Indiana Avenue RE 4-1227 DeLond, Florida BELUE ' S SHOES 136 North Boulevard DeLand Florida PONCE DELEON SPRINGS DeLeon Springs, Florida THE BOULEVARD MOTEL 1349 North Boulevard DeLand Florida PENTHOUSE BEAUTY SALON 1 14 West Rich Avenue DeLand Florida FEASEL PAINT AND GLASS Established 1921 Art Supplies Picture Framing 247 North Boulevard, DeLand, Florida DELAND CAMERA SHOP 142 North Boulevard DeLand, Florida RE 4-3595 Stoudenmire ' s THRIFTWAY 642 West New York Avenue DeLand, Florida MATHER OF DELAND 142 South Boulevard DeLand Florida BAMBOO CLUB RESTAURANT 1220 South Boulevard DeLand Florida MclRA DRUG CENTER Corner of New York and the Boulevard DeLand, Florida BARDEEN MOTORS Home of the Lark 528 South Boulevord DeLand, Florida SMITH DRUGS, INC. Headquarters for Revlon — Lavin — Christian Dior Helena Rubenstein — Dona — Chontilly Lentheric — Dorsay — Max Factor Shalimar — Chanel — Faberge 1 24 North Boulevard RE 4-0577 WE DELIVER WEE WASH LAUNDRY One-Stop Service Washing Ironing Dry Cleaning 243 North Boulevard DeLand, Florida GIBBS Ladies ' and children ' s wearing apparel Infant ' s and children ' s wear Boys ' Wear RE 4-5521 DeLand, Floirda MORRIS ' RESTAURANT The Favorite With Stetson University 207 North Boulevard DeLand F. N. DeHUY SON 139 North Boulevard DeLand, Florida RE 4-1337 THE BARNETT NATIONAL BANK OF DELAND TOM ' S PIZZA 140 East Rich Avenue DeLand, Florida RE 4-9760 LEEDS SHOES 112 North Boulevard DeLand, Florida RE 4-4508 LARRY SMYRE JEWELRY " Jewelry of Distinction " BETTY DREKA ' S A Beautiful World of Finest Quality Where Stetson Students We Promise You Pleasant Shopping Are Always Welcome In a Relaxed Atmosphere 105 South Boulevard RE 4-1949 212 North Boulevard RE 4-7979 DeLand, Florida DeLond, Florida LOU SKILLMAN Standard Oil Agent Best Wishes From Evelyn and Jimmy West Distributor STETSON FLOWER SHOP Atlas Tires and Batteries " on the bolevard " 345 West Michigan RE 4-1499 DeLand, Florida RE 4-0796 DeLand, Florida Congratulations Class of 1963 ATHENS THEATRE DELAND, FLORIDA HATS ON! to the ' 63 HATTERS from Morrison Food Service Inc. " No Finer Food . . . Anywhere! " MORRISON FOOD SERVICE a division of Morrison Cafeterias, Inc. PAUL HUNTER ' S RESTAURANT Off Campus Meeting Place Banquet Facilities 3ulevard Rich RE 4-9950 DeLand, Florida MITCHELL CLEANERS Finest in Dry Cleaning Polarized Care for Your Furs Box Storage for Winter Garments TRADE - MARK DELAND COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY RE 4-2182 Congratuloltions Class of ' 63 DELAND LANES Free Instruction — Student Rates Bring a Party and Bowl for Fun 1207Soutfi Boulevard RE 4-1004 DeLand, Florida " IMAGINEERING TODAY, the business world, the arts and sciences, and the professions are seeking young people with " imagineering " ability. . .the ability to combine their imagination with scientific exactness in their work. Only through education and training can young minds be prepared to meet the challenges of a rapidly-changing world. More power to you, the " imagineers " of the future! 1 -TTieT ba ei ■ o ' 7=i !3a ey FLORIDA POWER CORPORATION YOUR TAX-PAYING. INVESTOR- OWNeO ELECTRIC COMPANY HOMES UNIVERSITY MANOR ROEHR PRODUCTS CO., INC. East Minnesota Avenue Subsidiary of Brunswick Corporation 1 2 Mile East of Stetson DeLand, Florida — Norfolk, Nebraska Three Blocks South of Waterbury, Connecticut New hiigh School World ' s Largest Manufacturer of Disposable Hypodermic Quality Homes Frank L. Basso — Joseph Leibold Needles and Syrings Office — 233 South Florida Avenue RE 4-5206 RE 4-2618 CONRAD LUMBER COMPANY Congratulations Lumber Building Supplies To the Class of ' 63 Phone - RE 4-4454 THE WHITEHAIR West Michigan at Delaware COMPANY DeLand, Florida JEAN ' S SPAGHETTI HOUSE Specializing in Home-Cooked Meals Serving Natural Gas to . . . Spaghetti DeLand Orange City DeBary Ravioli Lasagne FLORIDA HOME GAS Veal Parmigiano Chicken Cacciatore COMPANY Steaks Chops Sea Foods 206 East New York Avenue DeLand, Florida Pizza Complete Carry Out Service Parties Accommodated — Call for Reservations CHIMNEY CORNER MOTEL 1 ' 2 Miles South of DeLand, Florida Routes 17 92 Congratulations . . . Class of ' 63 Your Book-Centered Store on your Book-Centered Campus 1 1 1 West Rich DeLand, Florida STETSON UNIVERSITY Let Us Help You Live A BOOK STORE Clean Life Congratulations . . . B O CLEANERS Class of ' 63 1000 North Boulevard Your Book-Centered Store Drive-in Service on your Book-Centered Campus Phone 734-75 1 8 DeLand, Florida COSTON ' S THE DELAND SUN-NEWS LAUNDRY DRY Serving All West Volusia CLEANING Read Daily and Sunday 224 South Florida RE 4-3052 For News of Stetson University DeLand, Florida CONGRATULATIONS . . . GRADUATES OF THE CLASS OF ' 63 FLORIDA BANK AT DELAND • • Member Florida National Group of Bonks Federal Deposit Insurance Company Congratulations to the Seniors from THE CONRAD COMPANY Bonds — Insurance 1 1 8 West New York Avenue DeLand, Florida RE 4-2272 BIFF-BURGER DRIVE-INN 827 South Boulevard RE 4-2009 DeLand Florida JACOBS MOTOR SERVICE Rambler Sales and Service 501 South Boulevard DeLand, Florida MR. MRS. WALTER E. FOSTER 312 South Beach Street Daytona Beach Florida BUY E. M. A. L A W ROOT BEEF DRIVE-IN Look For the Bright Orange Building 600 South Boulevard DeLand, Florida WALTE E. FOSTER, JR. CAROLYN B. FOSTER Daytona Beach, Florida FINIS m m ! THE 1963 HATTER WAS PRODUCED BY PLATE makers incorporated 1022 NORTH 19TH STREET . BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA . I

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