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PORTRAIT OF STETSON NINETEEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY-TWO THE ATTER STETSON UNIVERSITY • DELAND, FLORIDA Countless events, projects, and activities seem inconsequential when first experienced, yet it is these very things that fuse into a memorable image. A carved desk top, the moon over Hulley Tower, neon signs in downtown De- Land — all these and many more items are small but integral parts of life at Stetson. In choosing " Portrait of Stetson " as the theme for the 1962 Hatter, the staff endeavored to capture these different aspects and present a complete picture of college atmosphere. Each division section features a tiny but sig- nificant part of a phase of Stetson. 1962 DIANE DISNEY • Editor-in-Chief ANNE GREENE • Business Manager TERRY LUNG • Division Photographer UNIVERSITY Page 6 LA CLASSES Page 27 iQVO ' srj f£sm ' iMuJ. y iNCr ' FEATURES GREEKS Page 103 Page 129 MILITARY Page 185 SPORTS Page 195 ORGANIZATIONS Page 227 ADS Page 271 DEDICATION MR. WESLEY M. BERNER For the past fifteen years, Wesley M. Berner has faithfully and tirelessly served Stetson University. An Oregon native, he obtained his B.S. degree from Pacific University in 1941 and six years later joined the Stetson faculty; in 1950 he received his M.A. degree on the DeLand campus. Coach Berner has sponsored the " S " Club; served as a golf pro; and coached the local soccer, golf, and track teams as well as taught classes. How- ever, much of the work he has done has not been publicized. For example, it is he who arrives on campus a couple of hours before classes begin and lines the soccer and football fields ; and he is the one who stays after varsity basketball games to straighten up the gym. So to this dedicated teacher and respected coach whose merits have too long gone unnoticed, we would pay tribute. The 1962 Hatter is hereby dedi- cated to Wesley Melvin Berner. IJHI ' UNIVERSITY PRESIDENT DR. J. OLLIE EDMUNDS THE PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE As this 1962 Hatter memory book goes to press, Stetson University closes the pages on eighty years of service in the field of Christian higher education. During the past year, divergent requests tested the very foundations of the University. With change and in- security on every side, it is not difficult to conceive of trustees who might have been tempted to overlook a sacred trust in exchange for promises of more financial support ; it is easy to imagine trustees in frustration and disappointment contemplating new relationships and a new order. Let it be recorded to the eternal credit of the entire Stetson community in 1962 that there was never a moment of doubt as to what the decision of our trustees would be on this vital and fundamental issue. When it came, it was unanimous, and was heartily supported by students, faculty, and administration. The next two decades of this first century of our history will not be easy ones. All universities that are not publicly owned and controlled face critical days. But confident as we are of increased support from the several hundred Baptist churches within the state, to whom we are bound as partners in a common cause, and strengthened by the loyal backing of faithful alumni and friends. Stetson Uni- versity faces a future as bright as the promises of God. JAMES W. PARRISH Vice-President OFFICERS OF THE ADMINISTRATION WILLIAM HUGH McENIRY. JR. Dean of the LTniversitv EDWARD C. FURLONG, JR. Business Manager, Dean of School of Business GEORGE W. HOOD Dean of Students OFFICERS OF THE " tF, HAROLD LEON SEBRING Dean of the College of Law ETTER McTEER TURNER Dean of Women PAUL C. PARKER Director of Admissions ARTHUR FARWELL TURNER, JR. Assistant to the Dean of the University ADMINISTRATION DOYLE E. CARLTON President, Board of Trustees JAMES A. STEWART Dean of the Chapel BARBARA ROWE Registrar BOB LEE MOWERY Librarian DONALD C. YAXLEY Acting Dean of the School of Music BILLY RAY BAGGETT Dean of Men STAFF OF THE MARY EDNA PARKER Assistant Dean of Women CARL H. JOHNSON Director of Men ' s Housing WILLIAM K. GUMMING Director of Public Pe ' afions RALPH A. BECKER Assistant to tlie Business Manager £ ADMINISTRATION r I - A ! W. LANDON SMITH University Physician and Health Officer I H. GRAVES EDMONDSON Comptroller JAMES O. AVISON Director of Alumni Affairs INFIRMARY STAFF Mrs. Phifer, Barbara Swink, Mrs. Haun, Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. Reese, Mrs. Friend, Mrs. Phoneger. C ' V I . V 10 ELBERT C. TYNER Director of Extension Services SCHOOL OF LIBERAL ARTS The College of Liberal Arts is the oldest and largest of the four colleges comprising Stetson University. To its ap- proximately one thousand students, masters and bachelors degrees are offered in the divisions of humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, and education. Each Stetson student comes in contact with the liberal arts curriculum as it is the core of the University. Through its general education series one gains a well-rounded knowl- edge and understanding of the arts and sciences. In addi- tion, the liberal arts major has the opportunity to partici- pate in such areas of study as the Honors Program, the Charles E. Merrill Program of American Studies, combina- tion programs in forestry and engineering, and the Wash- ington Semester. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Dan Denman VICE-PRESIDENT Jackie Pitts SECRETARY Kaye Ballou TREASURER Dick Krause DEAN WILLIAM HUGH McENIRY, JR. From left are Jackie Pills, Dan Denman. and Kave HaHou. T THE FACULTY BYRON H. GIBSON, Professor of Enslish. 1916— A.B., Birmingham-Southern College; M.A., Ph.D., University of Illinois. KATHLEEN ALLEN JOHNSON. Assistant Pro- fessor of English, 1951 — B.M., Stetson University; A.B., Eastman School of Music; M.A., Stetson University. ELIOT D. ALLEN, Associate Professor of English, 1960 — B.A., Wesleyan University; A.M., Harvard University; M.A., Ph.D., Princeton University. VIRGINIA EDSALL GIFFIN, Assistant Professor of English, 1941— A.B., Denison University; M.A., Stetson University. ROBERT GRADEY BLAKE, Assistant Professor of English, 19,59 — B.A., Harvard University; M.A., Duke University. C. CARTER COLWELL, Assistant Professor of English, 1958 — B.A., University of Chicago; B.A., M.A., Cambridge University; Ph.D., Emory Uni- versity. JOHN GLADSON GARDNER, Assistant Professor of English, 1959— B.A., M.A., Yale University. ERNEST E. WEEKS, Assistant Professor of English, 1959— B.A., Bowdoin College; M.A., Tufts University. ETHEL B. COLBRUNN, Assistant Professor of English, 1959— A.B., College of Wooster; M.A., Ohio State University; Ph.D., University of Florida. PAUL MOWBRAY WHEELER, Visiting Professor of English, 1961 — B.A., M.A., Columbia University; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University. WILLIAM E. TAYLOR, JR., Associate Professor of, 1957— A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Vanderbilt Univer- sity. f I WILLIAM F. MITCHELL, Assistant Professor of French, 1960— B.S., Bowdoin College; A.M., Middle- bury College; Diplome D ' etudes Francais, Universite D ' Aix-Marseille, Aix-en-Provence. GERALD ANDERSON, Assistant Professor of Mod- ern Languages, 1961— A.B., Beights College; M.A., University of New Hampshire; Ph.D., University of Madrid. SOPHIE ANN GREEN, Assistant Professor of French, 1960— B.A., Lawrence College; M.A., Uni- versity of Wisconsin. HUGH N. SEAT, JR., Assistant Professor of Modern Languages, 1958 — B.A., Randolph-Macon College; M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina. JOHN L. HODGES, Professor of German, 1954— A.B., M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina. THE FACULTY OF THE EUGENE F. BUNKER, JR., Assistant Professor of Art, 1959— B.S., Montana State College; M.A., Mills Colleg-e. FRED L. MESSERSMITH, Associate Professor of Art, 1959— B.F.A., M.A., Ohio Wesleyan University. LOUIS FREUND, Artist in Residence, 1949— Missouri University; Washington University; Prince- ton University; Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center; Colerossi Academy, Paris. E. EARL JOINER, Assistant Professor of Religion, 195.5— A.B., Stetson University; B.D., Th.M., Th.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. O. LAFAYETTE WALKER, Professor of Religion, 194.5— A.B., Howard College; Th.M., Th.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. ROLLIN S. ARMOUR, Assistant Professor of Religion, 1960— B.A., Baylor University; B.D., South- ern Baptist Theological Seminary; S.T.M., Harvard University. MARY LOUISE GEHRING, Professor of Speech and Drama, 1956— B.A., Baylor University; M.A., Ph.D., Louisiana State University. BRUCE GRIFFITHS, Assistant Professor of Speech and Drama, 1956— B.A., Baylor University; M.F.A., Yale University. WALTER SONNENBURG, Associate Professor of Speech and Drama, 1961 — B.A., M.A., University of Denver. IRVING C. STO VER, Professor of Speech, 1908— B.O., M.O., Susquehanna University; Litt.D., Stetson University. CHARLOTTE A. SMITH, Documents Librarian, 1938 — B.A., Agnes Scott College; A.B. in L.S., M.A., Emory University. ELEANOR ANNE HURST, Circulation Librarian, 1952— B.S., Georgia State College for Women; M.L., Emory University. GENEVIEVE LEWIS, Reference Librarian, 1961— A.B., M.A., Northwestern University; B.S., Columbia University. BOB LEE MOWRY, Librarian, 1958— A.B., Catawba College; B.L.S., M.A., University of Chicago. SCHOOL OF LIBERAL ARTS ARCHER MOORE, University Counselor, 1961— B.A., M.A., Mercer University; Pii.D., Vanderbilt University. RICHARD L. STAFPORU, Assistant Professor of Psychology, 1959 — B.S., M.S., Auburn University; B.D., Soutliern Baptist Theological Seminary. JEANINE SWIFT, Assistant Professor of Psy- chology, 1961 — B.A., M.A., University of Maryland. WARREN F. JONES, JR.. Associate Professor of Psychology, 1955 — B.S., Union University; M.A., Peabody College; Ph.D., Vandei ' bilt University. JOSEPH T. SUTTON, Associate Professor of Psy- chology, 1959— B.S., Stetson University; M.A., Ph.D., Vanderbilt University. DOROTHY LANGFORD FULLER, Associate Pro- fessor of Biology, 1941 — A.B., M.A., Stetson Uni- versity. KEITH L. HANSEN, Assistant Professor of Biology, 1S55— B.S., M.S., Stetson University; Ph.D., Uni- versity of Florida. ELMER C. PRICHARD, Professor of Biology, 1947— A.B., Mississippi College; M.A., University of Rich- mond; Ph.D., University of North Carolina. EDWIN C. COOLIDGE, Associate Professor of Chemistry, 1961 — A.B., Kenyon College; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University. JOHN FERGUSON CONN, Professor of Chemistry, 1929— B.S., Georgetown College; M.S., University of Chicago; Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh. THEODORE W. BEILER, Professor of Chemistry, 1953— B.S., Allegheny College, M.S., Ph.D., Harvard University. JAMES SAWYER, Instructor in Mathematics, 1961 — B.S., Stetson University; M.A., Louisiana State University. EMMETT S. ASHCRAFT, Associate Professor of Mathematics, 1949— B.S., Wake Forest College; M.A., University of North Carolina. OSCAR T. JONES, Instructor in Mathematics, 1959 — B.A., Wake Forest College; M.S., University of Michigan. GENE W. MEDLIN, Professor of Mathematics, 1958 — B.S., Wake Forest College; M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina. C. H. CHORPENING. MAJ. GEN., USA (ret). In- structor in Mathematics, 1958 — B.S., United States Military Academy. GLEN W. RAFFENSPERGER, Visiting Instructor in Mathematics, 1961— B.S., Albright College; M.A., Bucknell University. y (.3 y H|)}([ft «s THE FACULTY OF THE HARRY E. APGAR, LT. COL. USA, Professor of Military Science and Tactics, 1959 — B.A., Lafayette College; LL.B., George Washington University. DAVID STOUDEMIRE, CAPTAIN, USA, Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics, 1961 — B.S., Vandei ' bilt University. HENRY MARTIN, MAJOR, USA, Assistant Pro- fessor of Military Science and Tactics, 1959 — B.S., Mississippi State University. MELVIN J. WILLIAMS, Professor of Sociology, 1952— A.B., B.D., Ph.D., Duke University. SIDNEY B. DENMAN, PROFESSOR of Social Psy- chology, 1950 — A.B., Mississippi College; M.A., Tu- lane University; Ph.D., Duke University. JAMES A. SARTAIN. Assistant Professor of So- ciology, 1955 — B.S., Alabama State Teachers College; M.A., Peabody College. JAMES E. WILLS, JR., Associate Professor of Physics, 1956 — A.B., Mississippi College; M.A., Uni- versity of Virginia; Ph.D., University of Texas. GEORGE LOVELL JENKINS, Professor of Physics, 1948— A.B., Berea College; M.S., University of North Carolina; Ph.D., University of Kentucky. WATIE R. PICKENS, Assistant Professor of Educa- tion, 1958— B.S., Oklahoma State University; M.A.E., Ed.S., Bd.D., University of Florida. RUTH I. SMITH, Associate Professor of Education. 1954 — B.A., Pennsylvania State Teachers College; M.A., Ed.D., University of Pittsburgh. HARLAND C. MERRIAM, Associate Professor of Education, 1952— B.S., Boston University; Ed.M., Ed.D., Harvard University. RANDOLPH LAURIE CARTER, Professor of Edu- cation, 1944 — A.B., Mercer University; M.A., Colum- bia University; Ph.D., Peabody College. RUBERT JAMES LONGSTREET, Visiting Professor of Education, 1949 — B.S., LL.B., Stetson University; M.A., Duke University. SCHOOL OF LIBERAL ARTS KOIJKKT W KK ' KEL, Instructor in Physical Educa- tion, litHO— B.S., Springfield College. (JAKLANI) H. WILLIAMS, Instructor in Physical Education, 1956— B.S., University of Georgia; M.A., Peabody College. GLENN N. WILKES, Assistant Professor of Physi- cal Education, Baskolball Coach, 1957 — A.B., Mercer University: M.A., IValmdv College. WESLEY M. BERNEK. Assistant Professor of Phys- ical Education, 1917 — B.S., Pacific University; M.A., Stetson University. RAYMOND HUSSEY, Instructor in Physical Educa- tion, 1950 — CARL H. JOHNSON, Assistant Professor of Geog- raphy, Baseball Coach, 1935— B.S., M.A., Stetson University. FRANCIS CARLTON, Instructor in Health and Physical Education, 1959— B.S., Stetson University- W ARREN CASSIUS COW ELL, Professor of Physi- cal Education, 1935 — B.S., Kansas State Agricultural College; M.A., University of Florida. ELIZABETH AUTREY, " Professor of Physical Edu- cation, 1946 — B.S., Florida State College for Women; M.S., University of Wisconsin. EVANS COMBS JOHNSON, Associate Professor of History and Political Science, 1S53— A.B., M.A., Uni- versity of Alabama; Ph.D., University cf North Carolina. GILBERT LESTER LYCAN, Professor of His- tory and Political Science. 1953 — A.B., Berea College; M.A., Ph.D., Y ' ale University. HAROLD J. SCHULTZ, Assistant Professor of His- tory and Political Science, 1959 — B.A., Goshen Col- lege; M.A., University of Michigan; Ph.D., Duke University. MALCOLM M. WYNN, Associate Professor of His- tory and Political Science, 1952 — A.B., M.A., Ohio State University; Graduate Study, University of Paris; Ph.D., Ohio State University. JOHN EDWIN JOHNS, Professor of History and Political Science, 1948 — A.B., Furman University; M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina. X ! ir ffl ' r 1 , h |H9|Hb| - n - " m «i M 1,4 P 13ii ■ RICHARD W. COPELAND, Associate Professor of Education, 1958— A.B., College of William and Mary; M.Ed., D.Ed., University of Florida. GEORGE W. HOOD, Professor of Education, 1950— A.B., Baker University; M.B.A., Ph.D., University of Chicago. THURMAN EDWIN SMOTHERMAN, Associate Professor of Education, If 58 — A.B., Springfield Teachers College, Springfield, Missouri; M.Ed., Ed.D., University of Missouri. RAY V. SOWERS, Professor of Education, 1948— A.B., LL.D., Florida Southern College; M.A., Uni- versity of North Carolina. SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Founded in 1940, the School of Business is the newest of Stetson ' s four colleges. It is housed in its own building on West Minnesota. The school is designed to avoid hampering the graduate from a limited education ; therefore forty per cent of his work is taken in the liberal arts field. These hours lay a broad foundation so that he has some knowledge of his- tory, government, science, and literature as a background. The rest of the student ' s work is taken in a major area of concentration designed to make him proficient in some field of business activity. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Bill Cross VICE-PRESIDENT Jack Dupre SECRETARY Ginger Barnett TREASURER Andy Smith DEAN EDWARD COLSON FURLONG From left are Jack Dupre, Andy Smith, Ginger Barnett, and Bill Cross. CAROL MCKLAS GREEN. Associate Professor of Business Education, 1954 — M.B.A., Indiana University. G. WILLARD FREEMAN, Visiting As- sociate Professor of Business Adminis- tration, 1952 — D.B.S., Webber College. EDWARD COLSON FURLONG, JR., Professor of Business Administration, 1938 — B.S., M.A., Stetson University; Graduate Study, Case Institute of Tech- nology. HENRY F. GODFREY, Visiting Assist- ant Professor of Business Administration, 1956 — A.B., Harvard University. MAXINE L. PATTERSON. Professor of Business Administration, 1948 — B.S., Mary Washington College, University of Virginia; M.B.E., University of Colorado. THE FACULTY LOUISE QUARLES, Secretary to the Business Manager, 1958. RICHARD W. PEARCE, Visiting In- structor in Law, 1958— B.A., LL.B., M.A., Stetson University. DAVID W. MILLER, Assistant Professor of Business Administration, 1955 — B.S., A.B., University of Florida; C.P.A. FRANK McKINLEY PHILLIPS, Visiting Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, 1947 — Bachelor of Didactics, Newton Col- lege; Master of Didactics, Iowa State Normal School; A.B., Iowa State Teach- ers College; M.A., State University of Iowa; Ph.D., George Washington Uni- versity. DAVID M. BEIGHTS, Professor of Ac- counting, 1952 — A.B., University of Colo- rado; M. S., Ph.D., University of Illinois; C.P.A. JOHN E. BARTHEL, Assistant Professor of Economics, 1955 — Diplom-Volkswirt, Doktor rer. pel., University of Berlin. 21 SCHOOL OF MUSIC Stetson ' s School of Music prepares students for the music profession, including teaching, directing, and performing. It also includes many courses for the non-professional, and a sub-collegiate department for children and students with insufficient previous experience. In 1932 this school became accredited with the National Association of Schools of Music, and it has steadily grown and improved. Experience in public performance is provided by recitals, oratorios, operas, and concerts. Both the choir and the chorus make many Florida and out-of-state trips for special concerts and festivals ; the band and orchestra delight audi- ences in Elizabeth Hall ; and the pep band provides the most enthusiastic support at soccer and basketball games. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Dan Fletcher VICE-PRESIDENT Jim Moody SECRETARY Mike Olsavsky TREASURER Chris Burns ACTING DEAN DONALD C. YAXLEY From left are Jim Moody. Mike Olsavsky, Chris Burns, and Dan Fletcher. HAKOIJ) M. GIFFIN, Professor of Voice, Concert Choir Director, 1935 — A.B., Denison University: B.M., M.A., Eastman School of Music. RUTH RICHARDSON CARR, Associate Professor of Church Music, 1946— B.S., Houghton College; M.M., Eastman School of Music; Graduate Study, Union Theological Seminary. JACK H. COLDIRON, Instructor in Voice, 1960 — B.M., Stetson University; M.C.M., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. DONALD CHARLES YAXLEY, Associ- ate Professor of Wind and Percussion Instruments, 1949 — B.M., M.A., Stetson University. LENOIR ALMAND, Assistant Professor of Piano, 195S — B.A., Furman Univer- sity; Diploma, Julliard School of Music. THE FACULTY FRANCES HUGHES, Assistant Profes- sor of Piano. 1960— B.M., M.M., Phila- delphia Conservatory of Music. ROGER L. CUSHMAN, Professor of Piano and Theory, 1950 — B.M., M.M., Yale University. JAMES D. PERDUE, Assistant Profes- sor of Music History, 1954— B.M., M.A., Stetson University. ELEANOR LEEK, Associate Professor of Violoncello and Theory, 1946— B.M., M.M., Eastman School of Music. PAUL JENKINS, Associate Professor of Organ. 1958 — B.S., Davidson College; M.M., University of Michigan. FRANCES BUXTON, Professor of Violin and Theory, 1943— B.M., Cleveland In- stitute of Music; M.M., Eastman School of Music; Graduate Study, Julliard School of Music, Mills College, Colorado College. RICHARD M. FEASEL, Associate Pro- fessor of Wind Instruments, Band Con- ductor, 1946— B.M., M.A., Stetson Uni- versity. 23 DEAN HAROLD L. SEBRING HAROLD F. ARCHIBALD Business Manager SCHOOL OF LAW ADMINISTRATION MRS. KAY EDDY Reiiislrar MRS. MARY BEEM I )irect r )(■ Food Service ! " « Hte 1 p 1 ' s - " i- i w : 1 ,M H 24 ■ ' ♦Jf ' W ' PAUL BAKNAKD FRANK BOOKER WILLIAM H. CAREY E. E. CUSHMAN Associate Professor of Law, 1958 Assistant Professor of Law, 1960 Lecturer in Law, 1958 Assistant Professor of Law, 1960 THE FACULTY DAVID L. DICKSON Professor of Law, 1961 RICHARD DILLON Associate Professor of Law, 1957 CALVIN A. KUENZEL Associate Professor of Law, 1958 STANLEY MILLEDGE Professor of Law, 1958 EDWARD L. PLATT Visiting Professor of Law, 1956 JAMES A. STEWART Professor of Philosophy, 1955 VICTOR O. WEHIE Associate Professor of Law, 1961 w p At one of the many banquets in the SUB private dining room are Dean of Chapel James Stewart, sociology professor James Sartain, Dean of Women Etter Turner, Assistant Dean Arthur F. Tuttle, Music School Acting Dean Donald Yaxley, Dean of Students George Hood, Mrs. Hood, Dean of the University Hugh McEniry, President J. OUie Edmunds, Business Manager Edward Furlong, Registrar Barbara Rowe, art instructor Fred Messersmith, Director of Public Relations William Gumming, and Librarian Bob Lee Mowery. FACULTY ACTIVITIES Dean Furlong and President Edmunds hold an informal conference over student activity. Voice instructor Jack Coldiron plays the lead role in the Stover production of The King and L HE CLASSES ¥■ M m ip ' ' J 4 A Nearly two thousand students comprise Stetson ' s eight various classes, four undergraduate and one grad- uate on the DeLand campus and three at the St. Peters- burg Law School. By groups the first and last are most unified, freshmen for orientation and seniors for grad- uation. Yet regardless of class, all the students share alike in inventories, parties, organizations, elections, publications, athletics, chapel, and Hat Rack. PRESIDENT JAY HASKELL Titusville, Pennsylvania VICE-PRESIDENT BUNNY BERGIN Avondale, Georgia THE SENIOR CLASS SECRETARY SUSAN GREEN Sarasota, Florida TREASURER BERT HUMPHRIES Redlands, California 31 THE SENIORS. .1962 ALDERMAN, ARTHUR, Melbourne, Fla L.A Pi Kappa Phi Social Fraternity, Pres., Chaplain ; B.S.U., Pres., Exec. Coiin., Fellowship Chm., Fresh. Coun. ; Rel. Emphasis Comm. ; Ministerial Assn. ; Resident Ad- viser; Asst. Resident Adviser; Soccer Team, Co-Capt., All-State Team; Varsity Team Track; " S " Club, Pres., Treas. ; Intramurals ; Disciplinary Coun. ; Traffic Dept. Chm.; Student Govt. Cabinet; I.F.C. ; Green Ciixle; Who ' s Who. ARENTZEN, E. HALLIE, DeLand, Fla. . . . L.A Kappa Mu Epsilon. ASHLEY, JO MARIE, Stuart, Fla. . . . Mus.— Pi Beta Phi Social Sorority, Rec. Sec; Glee Club; Symphony Orch. ; Phi Beta; Mus. Educators ' Nat ' l. Conf. ; Wesley Foundation ; Intramurals. AUFFANT, JOSE R., Maracaibo, Venezuela . . . Bus.— Delta Sigma Phi Social Fraternity ; Soccer ; " S " Club. AYERS, ANNIE MARGARET, LaFollette, Tenn. . . . L.A.— S.F.E.A., Chaplain ; Sigma Pi Kappa, Hist. ; Wes- ley Foundation ; Hatter Staff ; Reporter Staff. BABB, RAYMOND FRANKLIN, Kissimmee, Fla. . . . L.A.— R.O.T.C. ; Pershing Rifles. BABCOCK, EUGENE ROGER, DeLand, Fla. . . . Bus. — Beta Alpha Sigma. BALL, ROBERT. Laurel, Fla L.A. BARBER, JANICE MALRY, Winter Haven, Fla . . . L.A.— LW.O., Sec; S.F.E.A.; Substitute Majorette; Players ' Guild; Stover Theater; Concert Band. Iderman, A. Arentzen, E. Ashley, J. Auffant, J. Ayers, A. Hahh. R. I ' .ahcdck. i;. Hall. 1 {. Barber. .J. r.arker, .1. Barnett. J. Brand, B. Benn, L. Brand, L. Bradford, J. Brown, M. BARKER, JACK L., Waycross, Ga. . . . L.A.— Glee Club-Travel Squad, Key Member; Beta Beta Beta; B.S.U., Fresh. Coun. Devotional Chm., Exec. Coun., Veep, Devotional Chm. ; Ministerial Assn., Song Leader. BRADFORD, JOYCE ELAINE, Orlando, Fla L.A. — S.F.E.A.; B.S.U., Publicity Chm., Exec. Coun.; Y.W.A. ; Kappa Mu Epsilon, Assoc. Member. BARNETT, JAMES THOMAS. JR., Miami, Fla. . . . L.A. — Pi Kappa Alpha Social Fraternity; Kappa Mu Epsilon, Assoc. Member ; ROTC ; Scabbard and Blade ; DMS. BRAND, BRUCE, Lake Park, Fla. . . . Bus.— Delta Sigma Phi Social Fraternity, Publicity Chm., Social Chm. ; Homecoming Comm. ; Canterbury Club ; Intra- murals ; Young Republicans Club, Pres. BENN LOUISA WILLIAMS, Jacksonville, Fla L.A. — I.W.O. ; S.F.E.A. ; Canterbury Club ; Women ' s Phys. Ed. Club ; AAHPER. BRAND, LORINDA, Miami, Fla. . . . Bus.— S.F.E.A. ; Stetson Water Ski Club; B.S.U.; Sigma Beta Chi.; Y.W.A. BERGIN, ELIZABETH, Avondale Estates, Ga L.A. — Zeta Tau Alpha Social Sorority, Rush Chm., Sec. ; In- tramurals ; Beta Beta Beta, Sec. ; Orchestra ; Honor Roll ; Panhellenic ; Women ' s Coun. ; Parents ' Weekend Comm.; Homecoming Comm.; Senior Veep; Student Advisor; Int. Bd., Sec. BROOKS, WENDELL L., Sandford, Fla. . . . L.A. BROWDER, EDWARD, New Hyde Park, N. Y. . . . L.A. — Pi Kappa Alpha Social Fraternity; Student Union Bd. BLACKFORD, PENNY, Altamonte Springs, Fla. L.A. — Women ' s Council; Dorm Pres. BROWN, MARTHA JEAN, Zephyrhills, Fla. . . . L.A. —Concert Choir; B.S.U., Sec. 33 ' ie_H Ids THE SENIORS. ..1962 BUICE, DAVID, St. Petersburg. Fla. . . . L.A.— Pi Kappa Phi Social Fraternity; Resident Advisor. CAMPBELL, GUY R.. St. Petersburg. Fla. . . . L.A — Sigma Phi Epsilon Social Fraternity ; I.F.C., Treas. : In- tramurals. CARLING, ANNE L., St. Augustine, Fla. . . . L.A.— Orch.; LW.O., Dorm Veep; Flag Corps; Majorettes; Lutheran Student Assn., Veep, Social Chm. ; Reporter Staff. CAUTHEN, ROBERT E., Leesburg, Fla. . . . L.A — Pi Kappa Alpha Social Fraternity, Pledgemaster ; Tolstoy Club; Student Advisor. CLAYTON, DONALD BOONE, Jacksonville, Fla. . . . L.A. — Lambda Chi Alpha Social Fraternitv, Sec, Hist.; ROTC: S.F.E.A. COLE, FREDERICK MILLER, Ocala, Fla. . . . Bus Pi Kappa Phi Social Fraternity, Asst. Treas. ; Accoun- tancy Club ; Westminster Fellowship. COLLINS, ERNESTINE, Ft. Pierce, Fla. . . . L.A.— Alpha Xi Delta Social Sorority, Rec. Sec, Pledge Sec, Secret Officer; B.S.U., Exec. Coun. Sec, Enhstment Chm., Fresh. Coun. ; S.F.E.A. ; Homecoming Comm. ; Greek Week Comm. ; Student Adviser. COLLINS, JUDY, Coral Gables, Fla L.A.— Concert Choir, Key Member ; S.F.E.A. ; Westminster Fellowship. COMPTON, LYNWOOD, Princeton, W. Va Bus,— Beta Alpha Sigma. Buice, D. Cole, F. Campbell, G. Collins, E. r , ' « ' •. Cone, W. Cunningham, J. Conner, M. Dashiell, R. Cook, R. Davis, D. COMPTON. MARIE ANN, Orlando, Fla. Cheerleader, Co-Capt., Capt. ; S.F.E.A. L.A CONE, EDWARD E., JR., Jacksonville, Fla Bus.— Sigma Nu Social Fraternity ; ROTC Battle Group Com- mander ; Scabbard and Blade ; D.M.S. CONE, WAYNE, Okeechobee, Fla. . . . L.A.— Sigma Nu Social Fraternity, Chaplain, House Mgr. ; Scabbard and Blade, Sec; Soccer; " S " Club; Men ' s Phys. Ed. Club; Honor Roll; Intramurals, All-Stars; Hatter Hol- iday Comm. CONNELL, FRED W., Lake Wales, Fla. . . . L.A.— Lambda Chi Alpha Social Fraternity ; Pershing Rifles ; ROTC; Intramurals. CONNOR, MEEDA O. DeLand, Fla L.A.— S.F.E.A. COOK, ROBIN, Miami, Fla L.A.— Zeta Tau Alpha Social Sorority, Treas., Scholarship Pledge; Kappa Mu Epsilon ; Sigma Delta Pi ; Honor Roll ; Student Advisor ; Wesley Foundation. CROSS, BILL, Maitland, Fla. . . . Bus.— Delta Sigma Phi Social Fraternity, Pres., Sec. ; Beta Alpha Sigma, Treas. ; " S " Club, Veep ; Bus. School Pres. ; Men ' s Coun. ; Accountancy Club; I.F.C. ; I.F.C. Disciplinary Coun.; Rat Week Comm.; Varsity Baseball, Capt., All-F.I.C. ; Intramurals, All-Stars ; Omicron Delta Kappa. CUNNINGHAM, JOHN GORDON. St. Petersburg, Fla. . . . Bus. — Pi Kappa Phi Social Fraternity ; Beta Alpha Sigma; Varsity Baseball; " S " Club. DAMEWOOD, KATHLEEN, St. Petersburg, Fla. L.A. DASHIELL, REINA LEWIS (ROBIN), DeLand, Fla. . . . L.A. — Zeta Tau Alpha Social Sorority, Veep, Soc. Chm., Hist., Green Feather Comm. ; Greek Week Comm. ; Homecoming Comm., Chm. ; Sigma Nu Sweet- heart; SGA Cabinet; Hatter Staff; Reporter Staff. DAVIS, DAWN, Miami, Fla. . . . Bus.— Delta Delta Delta Social Sorority, House Pres., Treas., Rush Chm. ; Women ' s Coun. ; Dorm Coun., Sec, Veep; Religious Life Coun.; Hatter Staff; Sigma Beta Chi; Panhellenic Coun. 35 THE SENIORS. .1962 DAVIS, JOHN. Miami, Fla. . . . L.A.— Lambda Chi Alpha Social Fraternity, Soc. Chm., Veep ; Frosh Class Pres. ; Green Circle, Pres. ; Pershing Rifles, Exec. Off. DAY, CHARLES VAN, HL Miami, Fla. . . . Bus.— Pi Kappa Phi Social Fraternity, Treas. ; Glee Club, Pub. Mgr. ; Canterbury House. DEBTS, LAURENCE ALLEN, Miami Springs. Fla. . . . Bus. — Sigma Phi Epsilon Social Fraternity, Pres., Soc. Chm., Comp., Del. to Nat. Conv. ; Westminster Fellowship, Treas. ; Green Circle ; Pershing Rifles, Charter Member; Beta Alpha Sigma, Charter Mem- ber ; Accountancy Club, Pres. ; Resident Advisor ; LF.C. Disciplinary Coun., Sec. ; Rules and Procedures Comm., Chm. ; Traffic Comm. ; S.G.A. Cabinet ; Pre-Law Club. DENISON, MARTHA, Lake Worth, Fla. L.A. DENMAN, DAN F., Clearwater, Fla. . . . L.A.— Pi Kappa Alpha Social Fraternity, Treas.; Stover The- atre ; Liberal Arts Pres. ; S.G.A. Rules Procedures Comm., Chm. DICKS, TRIBBLE J., DeLand, Fla. Theta Upsilon. L.A. — Gamma DICKSON, JOHN, Orlando, Fla Bus.— Delta Sigma Phi Social Fraternity ; Mr. Stetson. DONAHU, JOHN, Jacksonville, Fla L.A. EASTER, VIRGINIA, Sanford, Fla Bus. Davis, J. OirKs, T. Evans, D. Fielder, V. Evans, J. Fink, J. ECKERT, JUDY ANN, Belleville, 111. . . . Mus.— Delta Delta Social Sorority, Chaplain, Marshall; Concert Choir, Pub. Mgr., Student Leader, Duet Team; Women ' s Coun., Sgt-at-Arms ; Dorm Coun. ; Phi Beta. EVANS, JO ANNE, Sanford, Fla. Foundation, Veep; S.F.E.A. . L.A. — Wesley EMERY, CELIA, Bunnell, Fla. . Y.W.A.; Women ' s Int. Bd. ; B.S.U. Accountancy Club; Honor Roll. . . Bus.— I.W.O.; Sigma Beta Chi; EPTING, DALTON D., Billiard, Fla. . . . L.A.— Sigma Nu Social Fraternity, Pres. ; Kappa Mu Epsilon, Pres., Treas. ; I.F.C. ; Varsity Basketball, Co-Capt. ; All-I.F.C, Alpha Social Fraternity ; Veep, Soc. Chm., Frosh Pres. ; Green Circle, Pres. ; Pershing Rifles, Exec. Off. All-Star M.V.P.; Varsity Track M.V.P.; Intramurals; " S " Club; Honor Roll; ROTC Battle Group Staff; Omi- cron Delta Kappa, Veep ; Who ' s Who ; Pershing Rifles ; Scabbard Blade; ROTC D.M.S. ; B.S.U. ; Green Circle. ERIKSON, PATRICIA, Pittsburgh, Pa. . . . L.A Alpha Xi Delta Social Sorority, Pledge Pres., House Chm., Rush Chm. ; S.F.E.A. ; Greek Week Comm. ; Pan- hellenic Coun. ; Canterbury Club ; Athena, Gk. Wk. ; Delta Sigma Phi Sweetheart ; Miss Stetson Court ; Miss Hatter Court; Gamma Theta Upsilon, Veep. EVANS, DONNA KAYE, Orlando, Fla Mus.— Phi Beta; Tau Beta Sigma, Pres.; M.E.N.C, State Veep; Women ' s Coun. ; Band, Soc. Chm. ; Orchestra, Sec. EVANS, LYNN, Morehead, Ky L.A.— Pi Beta Phi Social Sorority, Rush Capt., Exec. Coun.; Sigma Tau Delta, Sec. ; Dorm Coun. ; Hatte r Holiday Comm., Pub. Chm. ; Hatter Spirit Comm., Co-Chm. ; Panhellenic Coun. ; Maid of Cotton Finalist ; Tassel Sponsor ; Mortar Board, Hist., Ed. ; Who ' s Who. EVANS, MAXINE V., Boynton Beach, Fla L.A Women ' s Coun.; Washington Semester; Compass Ed.; Reporter Assoc. Ed. ; Phi Alpha Theta ; Sigma Pi Kappa ; Band ; Orchestra ; SUB Comm. FAY, LOGAN, Westfield, N. J. . . . Bus.— Sigma Phi Epsilon Social Fraternity, Pledge Trainer, Int. Chm. ; Men ' s Int. Bd., Sec. ; Intramurals, All-Stars ; Beta Al- pha Sigma, Veep. FIELDER, VIRGINIA, Mount Dora, Fla L.A. FINK, JAMES R., Jacksonville, Fla. . . . L.A.— B.S.U., State Evangelist; M.A., Ext. Dir., Theo. Ed.; Pi Kappa Delta; Debate Squad; Intramurals; Phil. Honors Sem- inar. 37 THE SENIORS. ..1962 FLETCHER, DAN, Marietta, Ga Band ; P ep Band ; Kappa Kappa Psi. Mus. — Orchestra ; FULFORD, LINDA, Ocala, Fla. . . . L.A.— Alpha Xi Delta Social Sorority, Soc. Chm. ; Panhellenic Coun., Pres. ; Greek Week Comm. ; Miss Basketball Court ; Mil- itary Queen Court ; Gamma Theta Upsilon, Sec. ; West- minister Fellowship; S.F.E.A. ; S.G.A. Cabinet. FURLOW, KATHRYN, Winter Park, Fla. . . . Alpha Xi Delta Social Sorority, Corr. Sec. ; Canterbury Club ; Panhellenic Conf. Sec. GIDDENS, ADA LOUISE, Miami, Fla. . . . L.A.— Phi Mu Social Sorority, Asst. Treas., Corr. Sec, Pledge Treas.; Glee Club; Travel Squad; S.F.E.A.; B.S.U.; Y.W.A. ; Student Advisor. GILLUM, MICHAEL, Lakeland, Fla. . . . L.A Pi Kappa Phi Social Fraternity ; Honors Program ; Phi Society; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Sigma Tau Delta, Veep; Sigma Pi Kappa; Reporter Staff, Assoc. Ed., News Ed.; Review Editorial Staff; Hatter Spirit Comm . ; S.G.A. Rules and Procedures Comm. GODWIN, ROY EDWARD, Pensacola, Fla. . . . L.A.— M.A., Veep, Pres.; B.S.U., Missions Chm., Revival Preacher. GOSLIN, MARY LOUISE, Atlanta, Ga L.A Phi Society, Treas. ; Scroll and Key ; Kappa Mu Epsilon ; Orientation Comm., Sec. ; Sigma Tau Delta ; Sigma Pi Kappa ; Review Staff ; Reporter Staff, Managing Ed. ; Rules and Procedures Comm. ; Dorm Coun. ; Honor Roll ; Dean ' s List. GRAISHE, BRYANT G., Orlando, Fla L.A. GRAY, DOUGLASS CUNNINGHAM, Plymouth, Mass, . . . L.A. — Kappa Pi; Poemspennyeach Staff. Fletcher, D. Furlow, K. Fulford, L. Giddens, L. Gillum, M. Codwin. I{. Coslin, M. (;raishe. li. (;ra,v, 1). Crecn. ,1. JTJtek A A Hahn, C. Hancock, J Hall, D. Hart, D. Hallman, R. Harvey, J. GREEN, JUDITH ANITA, Jacksonville, Fla. . . . L.A. —Debate Squad ; Pi Kappa Delta, Veep ; B.S.U. ; Play- ers ' Guild, Treas., Corr. Sec. ; Political Forum ; Interna- tional Relations Club; Hatter Staff; Student Advisor; Honor Roll. GREEN, SUSAN, Sarasota, Fla L.A.— Delta Delta Delta Social Sorority, Pres., Rec. Sec, Rec. Chm., Pledge Pres., Outstanding Pledge; Calendar Girl; Green Feather Comm., Sec. ; Jr. Class Sec. ; Sr. Class Sec. ; Greek Week Comm. ; Panhellenic Coun. ; Student Ad- visor ; Miss Stetson Court ; Dorm Coun. GREENLAW, MARILYN JEAN, Folcroft, Pa L.A. — Phi Mu Social Sorority, Veep, Treas., Scholarship Chm., Song Leader; Kappa Delta Pi, Hist; S.F.E.A., Ethics Comm., Chm.; Women ' s Coun.; Hatter Staff; Intramurals; Student Advisor; Honor Roll. HAHN, CAROL MARGOT, Hollywood, Fla Mus Glee Club; Travel Squad, Pub. Chm.; Concert Choir; Y.W.A., Music Chm., Circle Pres., State Mus. Chm.; B.S.U. ; S.G.A. Rules and Procedures Comm. ; Green Feather Comm. ; A.G.O., Dean, Treas. HALL, DON D., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla L.A.— Sigma Pi Kappa; Reporter Staff; S.F.E.A., Treas. HALLMAN, RUTH WOODMAN, Pierson, Fla. . . L.A.— Kappa Mu Epsilon; Kappa Delta Pi; S.F.E.A. HAMILL, EDWIN, Boise, Idaho . . . Bus.— Beta Alpha Sigma, Pres. ; Accountancy Club ; Scroll and Key ; Honor Roll ; Dean ' s List. HANCOCK, JOEL, Miami, Fla. . . . L.A.— Sigma Nu Social Fraternity; " S " Club; Varsity Basketball, Co- Capt., All-F.I.C, Small College Ail-American Hon. Ment. ; Intramurals. HARMON, LUTE, Rocky River, Ohio . . . L.A.— Pi Kappa Alpha Social Fraternity ; Psi Chi. HART, DOROTHY, Holly Hill, Fla LA.— S.F.E.A. HARVEY, JAMES N., New Smyrna Beach, Fla. L.A. 39 THE SENIORS. .1962 HASKELL, HARVEY H., H, Titusville, Pa L.A Pi Kappa Alpha Social Fraternity, Pres., Veep, Pledge Master; Sr. Class Pres.; Green Circle; S.G.A. Treas. ; S.G.A. Cabinet; Phi Alpha Theta; La Franciade; Phi Society; Homecoming Comm. ; Green Feather Comm. ; Greek Week Comm., Chm. ; Pershing Rifles; Reporter, News Ed.; Canterbury Club; ROTC; Omicron Delta Kappa, Pres. ; Who ' s Who. RASKINS, ROBERT, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. L.A. HENDRIX, PAUL V.. Crestview, Fla L.A.— Sigma Nu Social Fraternity; Beta Beta Beta; Scabbard and Blade; D.M.S.; " S " Club; Varsity Baseball, M.V.P. HENEY, JOHN J., JR., DeLand, Fla. . . . L.A — Pi Kappa Alpha Social Fraternity. HICKS, JUDI ANNE, Neptune Beach, Fla. . . . L.A.— B.S.U.,; Stover Theatre. HILL, VIRGINIA, Suffolk, Va. . . . L.A.— Pi Beta Phi Social Sorority, Pres., Reporter, Pledge Censor; Dorm Coun., Veep; Calendar Girl; Kappa Delta Pi, Veep; S.F.E.A. ; Gamma Theta Upsilon; Wesley Foundation; Student Advisor; Panhellenic Coun.; Miss Basketball Court. HOBBY, JOY GOODE, Hawkinsville, Ga. . . . L.A.— Delta Delta Delta Social Sorority, Rush Chm., Chap- lain; Glee Club; Travel Squad, Key Member; Panhel- lenic Coun.; Women ' s Coun.; Dorm Veep; S.F.E.A; B.S.U. ; Pi Kappa Phi Sweetheart. HOGARTH, WENDY B., DeLand, Fla L.A.— Alpha Xi Delta Social Sorority, Secret Officer ; Phi Society ; Psi Chi; Student Advisor; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; S.F.E.A. ; Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Girl Court. HOWELL, MARKHAM G., Clermont, Fla. Bus. umphries. 15. Jacobs, W. Jane, R. Johnson, G. Johnson, L. Jones, D. Jones, J. Kennedy, S. King, R. Knapp, R. HULBERT, BARBARA ANNE. Venice, Fla. . . . L.A. — Debate Squad ; Pi Kappa Delta, Pres. ; Wesley Foun- dation, Rel. Bd. Rep. ; S.F.E.A. ; Players ' Guild, Pres. ; Women ' s Coun. ; Theta Alpha Phi ; Sigma Tau Delta. HUMPHRIES, BERT W., JR., Redlands, Cal L.A. — Lambda Chi Alpha Social Fraternity, Treas., Pledge Trainer, Int. Mgr. ; Pershing Rifles, S-4 ; Westminster Fellowship ; Beta Alpha Sigma ; Green Circle ; Sr. Class Treas. ; Hatter Holiday Comm., Co-Chm. ; ROTC. JACOBS, WALTER, Orlando, Fla. Bus. JANE, ROBERT L., Winter Park, Fla Bus.— Delta Sigma Phi Social Fraternity, Rush Chm., Soc. Chm., Pledge Pres., Veep ; Homecoming Comm. ; Varsity Base- ball; Intramurals, All-Stars; Circle K Club, Treas., Pres. ; Real Estate Club ; Pre-Law Club ; Hatter Hohday Mr. Ugly. JOHNSON. GAIL ANN, Daytona Beach, Fla Mus. — Alpha Chi Omega Social Sorority, Scholarship Award, Act. Chm., Hist., Ed.; Women ' s Coun.; Dorm Coun.; Tau Beta Sigma, Veep, Sec.-Treas. ; Phi Beta, Treas. ; Band, Pub. Dir. ; Orchestra ; Honor Roll ; Dean ' s List ; M.E.N.C, Pres. ; Reporter Staff ; Sigma Pi Kappa Canterbury Club; Stu. Union Bd. ; Outstanding Fresh- man Woman ; Outstanding Freshman Woman in Band ; Music School Treas. ; Glee Club. JOHNSON, LINDA ALLEN, West Palm Beach, Fla. . . . L.A. JONES, DOROTHY LYNDIA, Jacksonville, Fla. . . . L.A.— Phi Mu Social Sorority, Memb. Dir., Pledge Treas. ; Panhellenic Coun. ; Dorm Coun., Veep ; Student Advisor; B.S.U. ; Y.W.A., Sec, Prayer Chm.; Kappa Delta P i, Treas.; S.F.E.A., Pres., Soc. Chm.; Phi Mu Scholarship; Honor Roll. JONES, JACK, Daytona Beach, Fla. . . . Mus.— Glee Club ; Travel Squad, Organist, Student Director; A.G.O., Treas., Dean; Honor Roll. KENNEDY, SUSAN, Ocala, Fla L.A. KING, R. C., Middletown, Ky Bus.— Sigma Nu So- cial Fraternity, Lt. Comm. ; Beta Alpha Sigma ; Intra- murals, All-Stars ; I.F.C. ; Greek Week Comm. KNAPP, RONALD G., Miami, Fla. . . . L.A.— Delta Sigma Phi Social Fraternity; Gamma Theta Upsilon, Pres., Veep; Poemspennyeach Staff; L.S.A. ; Honor Roll; Student Advisor. 41 THE SENIORS. ..1962 KNIPE, PATRICK J., Orlando. Fla. . . . Bus.— Lambda Chi Alpha Social Fraternity, Pres., Veep; Honor Roll ROTC, Outstanding Cadet, A.U.S.A. Award, D.M.S. Pershing Rifles; Scabbard and Blade; Green Circle Articulation Comm. ; Parents ' Weekend Comm., Chm. Intramurals; I.F.C; I.M.O., Veep; Omicron Delta Kappa, Sec. ; Who ' s Who. KRAUSE, RICHARD ARTHUR, Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. . . . L.A.— Pi Kappa Phi Social Fraternity; B.S.U., Pres., Dev. Chm., State Dev. Chm.; Green Circle; Stu. Union Bd., Treas., Host Comm. ; Liberal Arts Treas. ; Intramurals ; M.A. ; Articulation Comm. ; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who. KUNSMAN, BARBARA. Palatka. Fla. . . . L.A.— S.F.E.A. LAMBRIGHT, LOUISE, Daytona, Fla. . . . L.A. LANGHAM, RALPH C, Mamaroneck, N. Y. . . . L.A. — Pershing Rifles; Rifle Team; Kappa Mu Epsilon, Assoc. Member. LANIER, JAMES CARPENTER, Winter Haven, Fla. . . . L.A. — Pi Kappa Phi Social Fraternity, Hist. ; Con- cert Choir; Stu. Union Bd., Treas.; Phi Society, Pres.; Greek Week Comm.; Outstanding Freshman Man; LF.C. ; Parents ' Weekend Comm., Chm. ; Orientation Week Comm., Chm. ; Green Circle, Sec. ; Jr. Class Pres. ; Scroll and Key ; Sigma Tau Delta ; Resident Advisor ; B.S.U.; S.G.A. Pres.; Omicron Delta Kappa, Treas.; Who ' s Who. LAWSON. MARY LOVE, New Orleans, La. . . A.G.O., Hist.; Carilloneur; Canterbury Club. Mus. LEE, GUS, Atlanta, Ga. Brass Choir. Mus. — Band; Pep Band; LITVANEY, CHARLES W., Etna, Pa L.A.— Var- sitv Basketball ; Basketball and Soccer Trainer ; " S " Club; Men ' s Phys. Ed. Club; S.F.E.A. LOPRESTE, GENE, Westfield. N. Y Bus.— ROTC, Exec. Off., D.M.S. ; Scabbard and Blade; Beta Alpha Sigma. Langham, R. Lopreste, G. Ki l iM Lowe, J. Luther, F. Lynn, M. MacDonald, N. Maclfenzie, J. cDonald, B. McLaughlin, J. McMahan, M. Maris, G. Martz, P. LOWE, JAMES, Charleston, W. Va. Staff ; Honor Roll ; The Garage. Bus -Reporter McDonald, BECKY, DeLand, Fla. Phi Social Sorority. L.A.— Pi Beta LUTHER, ROSETTA FRANCES, Chattanooga, Tenn. . . . L.A.— Concert Choir; Y.W.A. ; S.F.E.A. ; B.S.U. ; Players ' Guild. LYNN, MARY ANN, Columbia, S. C Mus.— Delta Delta Delta Social Sorority, Cor. Sec, Pledge Sec. ; Dorm Coun. ; Madrigal Singers Hist. ; Rules and Pro- cedures Comm. ; Student Advisor. MACDONALD, NORMA H., DeLand, Fla. . . . L.A Phi Mu Social Sorority ; S.F.E.A. ; Wesley Foundation ; Players ' Guild ; Stover Theater. MACKENZIE, JUDITH LEE, South Euclid, Ohio . . . L.A. — Alpha Xi Delta Social Sorority, Outstanding Pledge, , Journal Correspondent, Scholarship Chm. Chaplain ; Mortar Board, Pres. ; Scroll and Key, Sec- Treas. ; Phi Society, Veep ; Kappa Mu Epsilon ; Sigma Pi Kappa ; Hist. ; Theta Alpha Phi, Pres., Treas. ; Stover Theater Productions ; Westminster Fellowship, Pres., Program Chm. ; Religious Life Coun. ; Soph. Class Veep; Tolstoy Club; Student Adviser; Parents ' Week- end Comm. ; Long-Range Planning Comm. ; Reporter Staff ; Hatter Staff ; Dean ' s List ; Honor Roll ; Players ' Guild, Pres. ; Who ' s Who. McLaughlin, JAMES R., Jasper, Fla. , . . L.A— Sigma Nu Social Fraternity; Intramurals, All-Stars; Men ' s Resident Coun. ; Head Resident Advisor, Fresh- man Area. McMAHAN, MARY RUTH, St. Petersburg, Fla. . . . L.A.— Phi Mu Social Sorority, Pledge Class Veep, Out- standing Pledge, Pledge Dir. ; Beta Beta Beta, Hist. ; S.F.E.A.; B.S.U. ; LW.O.; Glee Club; A.G.O.; Ski Club. MARIS, GARY, Melbourne, Fla L.A.— Varsity Soc- cer, Capt. ; Omicron Delta Kappa, Treas. ; Scabbard and Blade ; Indies, Pres., Athletic Chm. ; Green Circle ; ROTC, Superior Cadet Award, Sons of the American Revolution Award, Academic Wreath ; Men ' s Coun. ; B.S.U. Freshman Coun., Exec. Coun.; Dean ' s List; Honor Roll ; " S " Club, Veep ; ROTC Distinguished Mil- itary Student Award ; Who ' s Who. MARTZ, PAUL M., Pompano Beach, Fla Bus.— Pi Kappa Phi Social Fraternity ; Westminster Fellowship, Local Vice-Moderator, Treas., Synod Vice-Moderator, Moderator, National Moderator, General Assembly ' s Youth Coun. ; Beta Alpha Sigma ; Articulation Week- end Comm. Co-Chm. ; Parent ' s Weekend Comm. ; Resi- dent Advisor; Green Feather Fund, Co-Chm., Director, Contributions Research ; Religious Emphasis Week, Co-Chm. ; Accountancy Club ; Pre-Law Club ; Fresh- man Class Treas.; Who ' s Who. 43 ' ' (I THE SENIORS. .1962 MATHEWES, SARAH PERONNEAU, Jack sonville, Fla. . . . L.A. — Women ' s Exec Coiin. ; Dorm Coiin., Pres., Sec. ; Wesley Foundation, Pres., Treas., Pub- licity Chm. ; Religious Life Coun. ; Fla. State Meth- odist Movement, Registrar; Fla. Conference Board of Education of the Methodist Church, State Student Rep. ; Ga. Methodist Student Movement, Delegate ; Na- tional Methodist Student Movement, Delegate; Race Relations Institute, Delegate; Mortar Board, Veep, Delegate to National Convention ; Stetson Union Board, Sec, Rep. at Large, Pub. Co-Chm. ; Orientation Week Comm., Sec, Co-Chm. of Reg. Inf. Comm., Co-Chm. of Arr. Comm. ; I.W.O., Soc Chm. ; Tolstoy Club, Veep, Sec. ; Gamma Theta Upsilon, Treas. ; Rules and Proced- ures Comm. ; Leadership Weekend Comm. ; Sociology Club; Outstanding Independent Freshman Woman; Quiz Bowl Member of Winning Team ; Harry L. Taylor Prize in Humanities ; Honor Roll ; Who ' s Who. MERRITT, THOMAS A., Syracuse, Ind. . . . Bus.— Sigma Nu Social Fraternity ; Varsity Golf ; " S " Club. MILLER, HELEN M., DeLand, Fla L.A.— Phi Mu Social Sorority ; Reporter, Man. Ed. ; Sigma Pi Kappa ; Honor Roll. MILLER, JOHN, Deland, Fla. L.A. MOORE, CAROL JANE, Atlanta, Ga L.A.— Alpha Chi Omega Social Sorority, Cor. Sec, Warden; Student Advisor. MOSELY, GEORGE, Jacksonville, Fla Bus. MULLINS, MARTHA SUE. Ashland, Ky. . . . Bus Alpha Xi Delta Social Sorority, Veep ; Sigma Beta Chi, Sec-Treas. ; Concert Choir, Women ' s Bus. Mgr. ; B.S.U., Exec. Coun., Fellowship Chm. ; Student Christian Week, Hospitality Chm. ; Dorm Coun. ; Y.W.A. NAGEL, BETSY, Orlando, Fla. Alpha Social Sorority, Soc. Chm. L.A.— Zeta Tau Mathewes, S. Mosplv. G. Merritt, T. Miillins. M. Miller, H. Naffel. R. Owens, M. Prevatt, G. Pyle, R. Porep, S. Raught, B. NORTON, HENRY Z., Lakeland, Fla L.A.— Sigma Phi Epsilon Social Fraternity, Veep, Sec, Pledge Trainer ; Scabbard and Blade, 2nd Lieut. ; Pershing Rifles; Intramiirals, All-Stars; D.M.S. POREP, SANDRA, Opa-Locka, Fla. . . . L.A.— Zeta Tau Alpha Social Sorority; Phi Society, Sec; Sigma Delta Pi ; Sigma Tau Delta, Veep ; Tolstoy Club ; Honor Roll. OKEEFE, DANIEL E.. DeLand, Fla. countancy Club; Beta Alpha Sigma. Bus. — Ac- OWENS, WINIFRED MADALYN, DeLeon Springs, Fla. . . . L.A.— LW.C, Dorm Veep; S.F.E.A.; Theta Alpha Phi, Sec. ; B.S.U. ; S.U.B., Hostess. PERINO, SARAH .lANE (COOKIE), St. Petersburg, Fla. . . . Bus. — Cheerleader, Capt. ; Green Feather Comm., Sec. ; Hatter Court of Beauty ; Freshman Beau- ty Queen Court. PREVATT, GEORGE, DeLand, Fla. . . . Hus. PYLE, ROBERT, Orlando, Fla L.A. QUARLES, ANNE MARIE, Catonsville, Md. . . . L.A. — Zeta Tau Alpha Social Sorority, Hist., Soc Chm., Mag. Chm., Int. Chm., Pledge Pres.; Int. Bd., Ind. Sports Chm. ; Intramurals, " S " Winner ; Women ' s Ten- nis Team ; Debate Squad ; Verse Choir ; Honor Roll ; Pi Kappa Delta; Panhellenic Conf. Comm.; Student Ad- visor; S.F.E.A.; Hatter Staff; Quiz Bowl. PETTY, JOYCE, Tifton, Ga. . . . L.A.— S.F.E.A. ; B.S.U., Freshman Coun. ; Y.W.A., Missions Chm. ; Kappa Mu Epsilon, Assoc. Member; Dorm Coun. PITTS, JACQUELINE, Clinton, S. C. . . . L.A.— Delta Delta Delta Social Sorority, Veep, Marshall ; Women ' s S.G.A., Pres. ; Panhellenic Coun., Pres., Veep, Kappa Mu Epsilon ; Mortar Board ; Greek Week Co-Chm. ; S.G.A. Cabinet; L. A. Veep; Honor Roll; Who ' s Who. RANKIN, GLENNA PHELPS, Orlando, Fla L.A — Alpha Xi Delta Social Sorority, Pres., Pledge Trainer, Asst. Pledge Trainer; Student Advisor; Soph. Class Sec. ; Rat Week Comm. ; Traffic Court ; B.S.U. ; B.T.U. ; Dorm Receptionist; Panhellenic Coun. RAUGHT, BARBARA, Lima, Peru . . . L.A.— S.F.E.A. ; Reporter Staff ; Sigma Pi Kappa ; La Francaide ; Sigma Delta Pi, Treas. 45 THE SENIORS. .1962 READ, HARRY. DeLand. Fla. Comm., Chm. ; S.G.A. Cabinet. L.A.— Traffic REED, MARVIN ELIJAH, JR.. Bainbridge. Ga. . . . L.A. — Concert Choir ; Honor Roll ; Dean ' s List ; Phi So- ciety; Scroll and Key, Veep. REED, RICHARD, Miami Springs, Fla. . . . L.A.— Pi Kappa Alpha Social Fraternity; Reporter Staff; Re- view Editorial Staff; Quiz Bowl. RENICK, JOHN T., Jackson, Miss. . . . L.A.— Sigma Phi Epsilon Social Fraternity; Academic Class Coun. Award ; Ulysses Grant Dubach Award ; Clifford B. Scott Memorial Award; Beta Beta Beta; K.M.E., As- sociate Member; Dean ' s List; Honor Roll; Varsity Soccer. REYNOLDS, MICHAEL V., Tampa, Fla. . . . Mus.— Concert Choir, Soloist, Duet Team, Male Quartet, Mixed Quartet; Madrigal Singers; A.G.O. ; B.S.U., Freshman Coun. Mus. Comm., Chm. ; Exec. Coun. Mus. Comm. ; Co-Chm. RICHARDS, FRED, York, Pa. . . . L.A.— Pi Kappa Phi Social Fraternity ; Reporter Staff ; Intramurals, All-Stars ; Sigma Tau Delta. RIMES, ELEANOR, Cocoa, Fla L.A. RINKER, DAVID, Palm Beach, Fla Bus. ROSS, ELIHU, Williston, Fla. . . . L.A. ROSS, JUDY, Spirit Lake, Iowa . . . L.A.— Stover The- ater; Theta Alpha Phi; Intramural Bd. RUTAN, JANE MOLZAN, Marietta, Ga. Honor Roll ; Dean ' s List ; Kappa Delta Pi. L.A. RUTAN, SCOTT , Atlanta, Ga L.A.— Pi Kappa Phi Social Fraternity ; Green Circle ; Judiciary Coun. ; In- tramurals, All-Stars ; Honor Roll ; Dean ' s List ; Minis- terial Assn. ; Band. SAKON, FRED, Haines City, Fla. . . . L.A.— Sigma Phi Epsilon Social Fraternity ; LF.C. ; Intramurals, Di- rector; Int. Bd., Chm. SAMPSON, BARBARA, Tampa, Fla. . . . Mus.— Music School Sec. ; Phi Beta, Veep, Sec. ; Wesley Foundation. SANDERS, SHARON JEANNE, Jacksonville, Fla. . . . L.A. — Stetson Review, Ed. ; Impetus, Student Ed. ; Sigma Tau Delta, Pres., Veep; Sigma Pi Kappa, Veep; Pi Kappa Delta; Phi Society; Scroll and Key; Publications Bd. ; Canterbury Club ; Reporter, Column- ist; Visual Aids, Director; E.A.A.S.B., Counselor; Janet L. Taylor Prize; Academic Coun. Class Award; Elks ' " Most Valuable Student " Award; Scroll and Key Jr. Award; Players ' Guild; Stover Theater, Crews and Stage Manager of Ghosts; Woodrow Wilson Nominee; Honors Program. SCHIBANOFF, MILDRED LEE, Freehold, N. J. . . . L.A — Phi Mu Social Sorority, Standards Chm., Fra- ternity Education Chm. ; S.F.E.A., Social Chm. ; Y.W.A., Stewardship Chm.; I.W.O. ; Ski Club; B.S.U.; House Coun.; Student Advisor; Southeastern Panhellenic Conf. Chm. SCHLUETER, ELIZABETH, Lakeland, Fla L.A.— Alpha Xi Delta Social Sorority, Philanthropy Chm., Social Chm., Scholarship Chm. ; House Coun. ; Exec. Coun. ; Wesley Foundation ; S.F.E.A. ; Kappa Delta Pi, Pres. ; Players ' Guild ; Mortar Board, Sec. ; Honor Roll ; Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who. SCHUESSLER, RICHARD, Madison, N. J. . . . Bus.— Delta Sigma Phi Social Fraternity, Sec, Soc. Chm., Pledge Pres. ; I.F.C, Veep, Treas. ; Greek Week Comm. ; Green Feather Comm. ; Homecoming Comm. SCUDDER, JUDITH LYNNE, Campbell, N. Y L.A. —Honor Roll; K.M.E. ; Tau Beta Sigma; Kappa Delta Pi ; S.F.E.A. ; S.G.A. Cabinet ; I.W.O., Pres., Sec. ; Band ; Glee Club ; Student Development Comm. ; Orientation Week Co-Chm. ; Phi Society ; Mortar Board, Treas. ; Hatter Staff; Reporter Staff; Westminster Fellow- ship, Pres., Sec. ; Religious Life Coun. ; Who ' s Who. SEABORN, DONALD J., Lakeland, Fla. . . . L.A.— Sigma Nu Social Fraternity, Sec, Sentinel; Homecom- ing Comm. ; Parents ' Weekend Comm. ; Intramurals, All-Stars ; Track ; Student Leadership Conf. ; Pershing Rifles; ROTC Co-Commander; Scabbard and Blade, Pres., Sec; D.M.S. ; Kappa Mu Epsilon; Green Circle; Student Advisor; Men ' s Resident Advisor; Quiz Bowl; Men ' s Exec. Coun., Pres., Sec; S.G.A. Cabinet; Student Affairs Comm. ; Honor Roll ; Men ' s Residence Coun. ; Football Comm. 47 ■A THE SENIORS. ..1962 SEARLES, WILLIAM, DeLand, Fla. Bus. SHELL, RICHARD, Drayton Plains, Mich. . . . L.A.— Intramurals, All-Stars, Athlete of the Year; Int. Bd. SHEPARD, CAROLYN, Norfolk, Va. . . . L.A.— Zeta Tail Social Sorority, Corr. Sec; Intramurals; Psi Chi; Women ' s Conn. SHIELDS, THOMAS CALVIN, Naples, Fla L.A.— Kappa Mu Epsilon, Assoc. Mem.; ROTC Staff; D.M.S. ; Scabbard and Blade ; Pershing Rifles. SIEGEL, WILLIAM R., Hempstead, N. Y. . . . Bus.— Law Club ; Orch. ; Band ; Pep Band ; Brass Choir ; Wood- wind Ensemble; Operations Mgr., Concert Band. SIMPSON, AMELIA ANN, Annandale, Va L.A I.W.O., Dorm Veep; Psi Chi, Veep, Program Chm. ; Wesley Foundation, Publicity Chm. ; S.F.E.A., Ameri- can Education Week Chm. ; Honor Roll. SIMS, HAROLD DANA, St. Petersburg, Fla L.A. — Honor Roll; Resident Adviser; Wesley Foundation; Phi Alpha Theta. SLINGERLAND, PAMELA, Howe Cave. N. Y L.A. — Phi Mu Social Sorority ; Social Service Chm. ; Recom- mendations Chm. ; Canterbury Club, House Chm., Pro- gram Chm.; S.F.E.A. ; Student Adviser; Tri Beta; Hayes Essay Contest, First Prize. SMITH, JOSEPH P., Daytona Beach. Fla. . . . Bus Band; Orch.; Law Club; Kappa Kappa Psi, Treas. ; Pep Band; ROTC. SMITH, SANDRA, Lake City, Fla. LA. Siegel, W. Smith, S. AJtiJl ia M M iiithwick, E. Spears, J. Spencer, W. Springer, L. Starn, F. Strickland, G Stuart, J. Swink, B. Templer, J. Templer, J. Thomas, E. Thomas, J. SMITHWICK, ELEANOR BALTHASER, Ft. Lauder- dale. Fla L.A.— Beta Beta Beta. SPEARS, JEWELL FAY. Orlando, Fla. . . . Bus.— Alpha Xi Delta Social Sorority, House Pres. ; Concert Choir ; Accountancy Club ; Sigma Beta Chi ; Y.W.A. ; Cheerleader. SPENCER, WILLIAM, LaBelle, Fla. . . . L.A Delta Sigma Phi Social Fraternity ; Honor Roll ; Scroll and Key; Quiz Bowl. SPRINGER, E. LOUISE, Miami, Fla. . . . L.A.— Beta Beta Beta. STARN, FLORENCE, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla L.A.— S.F.E.A.; House Council. STRICKLAND, GUY, Sanford, Fla L.A. STUART, JIM, Jacksonville, Fla L.A.— Sigma Phi Epsilon Social Fraternity ; Green Circle, Charter Mem. ; Resident Advisor; S.G.A. Social Veep; Men ' s Resident Coun. ; Homecoming Comm. ; Articulation Weekend Comm. ; Leadership Weekend Comm. ; Greek Week Comm. ; S.G.A. Cabinet, Exec. Comm. ; Greek Week King Candidate. SWINK, BARBARA JEAN, Cheraw, S. C. . . . L.A Zeta Tau Alpha Social Sorority, Magazine Chm. ; In- firmary Staff, Registered Nurse; Beta Beta Beta. TEMPLER, JEAN, Perrine, Fla. Omega Social Sorority. TEMPLER, JOAN, Perrine, Fla. Omega Social Sorority. L.A.— Alpha Chi L.A.— Alpha Chi THOMAS, ELOISE, Rantovl, 111 L.A.— Pi Beta Phi Social Sorority, Veep; Women ' s Coun., Social Chm.; Parents ' Weekend Comm. ; S.F.E.A. ; Wesley Founda- tion; Intramurals. THOMAS, JOY LYNN, Lake City, Fla. . . . Bus.— Alpha Chi Omega Social Sorority, Second Veep, Cor. Sec, Hist., Chaplain, Pledge Scholarship Chm. ; B.S.U. ; Y.W.A. ; Stetson Verse Choir; Panhellenic Fashion Show, Chm., Model; Accountancy Club, Sec; Dorm Coun., Veep, Pres. ; Women ' s Exec. Coun. ; Sigma Beta Chi; S.E. National Panhellenic Convention, Budget Comm., Co-Chm. ; Student Advisor; Homecoming Comm. 49 THE SENIORS. ..1962 THOMPSON, WILLIAM M., JR., Brid geton. N. J. . . . L.A. — Delta Sigma Phi Social Fraternity, Veep, Pledge Trainer, Rush Chm., LF.C. Rep.; Intramurals; LF.C, Veep, Kiddie-Kans Chm. ; Mr. Stetson Cand. ; Clearing Comm., Chm. TILDEN, ROBERT L., Winter Garden, Fla L.A.— Delta Sigma Phi Social Fraternity, Pledge Master; Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Rec. ; Honor Roll; N.S.F. Re- search. TYLER. PHILIP H., Palmetto. Fla. L.A. ULMER. MARY ANN. Miami, Fla. . . . L.A.— Delta Delta Delta Social Sorority; Stover Theatre; S.F.E.A. UPCHURCH. JOHN DAVID. Atlanta, Ga. . . . Mus.— Lambda Chi Alpha Social Fraternity, Corr. ; Kappa Kappa Psi, Veep, Sec, Pledge Trainer; Band; Orches- tra; Brass Ensemble; Pep Band; M.E.N. C; Wesley Foundation ; Intramurals ; Cross-Country. VAN ZANT. JOHN HARRIS, JR., Jacksonville, Fla. . . . L.A. — Lambda Chi Alpha Social Fraternity, Corr., House Mgr.; Pershings Rifles; Band; ROTC. VARDAMAN, ENITH ENA. Miami, Fla. . . . L.A I.W.O., Veep, Pub. Chm. ; Lutheran Student Associa- tion, Pres., Sec.-Treas. ; Rel. Life Coun. ; S.F.E.A., State Veep; Hatter Staff; Sigma Pi Kappa; Phi Society; Scroll and Key, Pres.; Phi Alpha Theta; Student Ad- visor; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Borden Freshman Prize ; Academic Coun. Class Awards ; Phi Beta Kappa Award; Who ' s Who. VOCKINS, PAMELA FREDA ANN, Palm Beach, Fla. . . . L.A. — Gamma Theta Upsilon ; S.F.E.A. ; Canterbury Club. WALDROP, DON, Shelby, N. C. . . . Mus.— Stetson Symphony, Gen. Mgr. ; Band, Operations Mgr. ; Orches- tra, Operations Mgr.; Brass Choir; Pep Band; Kappa Kappa Psi, Pres.; M.E.N.C, Veep; Outstanding Fresh- man in Band. WALKER. NANCY DORA. New Smyrna Beach. Fla. . . . L.A. — Alpha Chi Omega Social Sorority, 1st Veep; S.G.A. Veep; Leadership Weekend Comm.; Football Comm. ; Wesley Foundation, Pub. Chm., Rep. to Rel. Life Coun. ; Stetson Union Board ; Publications Board, Sec. ; Rel. Life Coun. ; Honor Roll ; Stover Theatre ; Players ' Guild ; Reporter Staff, Religion Ed. ; Kappa Mu Epsilon, Charter Mem., Sec. ; Who ' s Who. Thompson, W. Tilden, R. Tyler, P. UFmer, M. Upchurch, J. Van Zant, J. Vardaman, E. Vockins, P. Waldrop. n. Walker. N. Ward, .1. Ward, K. k, Wassberg. L. Weaver, H. Wheat, R. Wliite, L. White, M. Whitmire, J. Wickstrom, B. Wiley, W. Wilson, 0. Woods, N. Woods, T. Yarbrough, C. WARD, JOHN, Columbus, Ind. . . . Bus.— Sigma Nu Social Fraternity ; Intramurals, All-Stars ; Varsity Golf; Basketball; " S " Sliib. WARD. KAY. Ft. Myers. Fla. . . . L.A.— Alpha Xi Delta Social Sorority, Pledge Trainer, Asst. Pledge Trainer, Int. Chm., Pledge Veep ; B.S.U., Exec. Coun., Dev. Chm., Fell. Chm., Freshman Coun., Sec. ; Women ' s Council ; Y.W.A. ; Student Advisor. WASSBERG, LEONARD, DeLand. Fla. . . . L.A. WEAVER, HAROLD, DeLand, Fla. . . . L.A.— Beta Beta Beta. WHEAT, BOB, Zellwood, Fla L.A. WHITE, LAWRENCE, DeLand, Fla Bus. WHITE, MARILYN, Atlanta, Ga L.A.— Alpha Chi Omega Social Sorority, Pres., 2nd Veep; Women ' s Exec. Coun.; Dorm Coun., Pres. ; Panhellenic Coun.; Cheer- leader; Miss Hatter Runner-Up; Miss Stetson Basket- ball ; Military Ball Queen. WHITMIRE, JIM, Forest Park, Ga Mus.— Pi Kappa Phi Social Fraternity; B.S.U., Pres., State Pres., Soc. Chm. ; Rel. Life Council ; Eel. Focus Week, Chm. ; Omi- cron Delta Kappa, Veep; Green Circle; Sigma Delta Pi; Theta Alpha Phi; Stover Theatre; Men ' s Exec. Coun. ; Concert Choir, Key Member, Soloist, Duet Team, Pub. Mgr., Mixed Quartet; Chorus; Madrigals, Chm. ; Green Feather Comm. ; Liberal Arts Treas. ; 1st Baptist Church of Winter Park, Min. of Music ; Who ' s Who. WICKSTROM, BONNIE RUTH, Lake Geneva, Wis L.A Kappa Delta Pi, Sec. ; Sigma Delta Pi, Sec. ; Rel. Life Council; S.F.E.A.; N.E.A.; Rel. Focus Week Comm. ; Pilgrim Fellowship, Pres., Sec. ; Student Ad- visor. WILEY, WILLIAM, DeLand, Fla Bus. WILSON, MERCELYN, Riviera Beach, Fla. Mus. WOODS, NANCY ANNE, Atlanta, Ga L.A.— D elta Delta Delta Social Sorority, Treas., Act. Chm., Asst. Soc. Chm.; S.F.E.A. ; Student Advisor; Green Feather Comm. ; Traffic Comm. ; Calendar Girl ; Parents ' Week- end Comm. ; Dorm Rec. WOODS, TRENT, Coral Gables, Fla. . . . L.A.— Sigma Nu Social Fi-aternity; Phys. Ed. Majors Club; Intra- murals. YARBOROUGH, CORNELIA, Waycross, Ga Mus. — Phi Beta, Pres., Sec; M.E.N.C, Veep, State Veep; Concert Choir, Key Member; Wesley Foundation. 51 WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES ARTHUR ALDERMAN DALTON EPTING LYNN EVANS HARVEY H. HASKELL JAMES LANIER PATRICK KNIPE RICHARD KRAUSE JUDY MACKENZIE GARY MARIS PAUL MARTZ SALLY MATHEWES JACQUELINE PITTS ELIZABETH SCHLUETER JUDY SCUDDER ENITH VARDAMAN NANCY WALKER JIM WHITMIRE OUTSTANDING SENIORS On The Stetson Campus . . ARTHUR ALDERMAN LARRY DEETS DALTON EPTING LYNN EVANS HARVEY H. HASKELL JAMES LANIER PATRICK KNIPE RICHARD KRAUSE JUDY MACKENZIE GARY MARIS PAUL MARTZ ENITH VARDAMAN JACQUELINE PITTS SHARON SANDERS ELIZABETH SCHLUETER JUDY SCUDDER DON SEABORN SALLY MATHEWES NANCY WALKER JIM WHITMIRE 52 ARTHUR ALDERMAN DALTON EPTING LYNN EVANS IG WHEELS ... AND JIM LANIER HARVEY H. HASKELL PATRICK KNIPE RICHARD KRAUSE JUDY MACKENZIE CAMPUS CELEBRITIES GARY MARIS PAUL MARTZ 54 SALLY MATHEWES JACQUELINE PITTS ELIZABETH SCHLUETER JUDY SCUDDER ENITH VARDAMAN NANCY WALKER 55 JIM WHITMIRE .|--|,% i ' ir ' Jr t. ll W n u THE LAW SENIORS 1962 Brellis, J. Broome, C. Brown, E. BRELLIS, JACK T., St. Petersburg, Fla. . . . B.S., University of Connecticut; Overseers ' Full Tuition Scholarship; Delta Theta Phi, Dean; Student Bar Advisory Committee; Who ' s Who. BROOME. CHARLES F.. Columbia, S. C. . . . B.S., University of South Carolina; Delta Theta Phi; Barristus. BROWN, EMORY L., Clearwater, Fla. ... Phi Delta Phi; Moot Court. BUMGARNER, ERNEST L., St. Petersburg, Fla. . . . B.S., Univer- sity of North Carolina. BUTLER, ROBERT N., St. Petersburg, Fla. . . . Rollins College. DREES, HAROLD A., St. Petersburg, Fla. . . . Stetson University. DRITTLER, FRANK J., St. Petersburg, Fla. . . . B.S., University of Michigan. FAST, LAWRENCE, Gulfport, Fla. . . . B.A., Bowling Green State University. FIELDS, ROBERT W., Tampa, Fla. . . . B.S., Stetson University. FITE, HORACE J., St. Petersburg, Fla. . . . Tampa University. FORD, FRANK A., DeLand, Fla. . . . LL.B., Stetson University; Phi Delta Phi, Exchequer; Honor Roll; Moot Court; Freshman Ad- visory Comm.; Honor Court, Chief Justice; Student Bar Athletic Comm. GEIGER, JAMES, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. . . . Stetson University; Omicron Delta Kappa; Delta Theta Phi; Moot Court, Chm.; Who ' s Who. HAGAMAN, ROBERT R., Rochester, Minn. . . . LL.B., Stetson University; Phi Delta Phi; Moot Court Comm.; Freshman Veep. Drittler, F. Fast, L. Geiger. J. Hagaman. R. Harnett, J. Knowles, R Kennedy, R. Lawrence, I. THE LAW SENIORS HARNETT, JACK A., Tampa, Fla. . . . B.S., Tampa University; Phi Alpha Delta; Moot Court, Sec; Student Bar Association, Sec; Justice Pres.; Junior Pres. KALLE, R., Clearwater, Fla. . . . University of Buffalo; A.B., Houghton College; Phi Delta Phi, Clerk of Rolls; Student Bar Ad- visory Comm.; Legal Aids Comm. KUBES, GENE, St. Paul, Minn. . . . B.B.A., University of Minne- sota; Delta Theta Phi, Treas.; Legal Aid Clinic, Research Director. LaRUSSA, JAMES P., Tampa, Fla. . . . B.B.A., Miami University. LAWRENCE, IRVING G., Perry, Fla B.A., Stetson University. KAPNER, LEWIS, St. Petersburg, Fla. . . . B.A., University of Florida. KAUOUKLIS, MICHAEL N., Pompano Beach, Fla. . . . B.S., Flor- ida State University. KENNEDY, ROBERT B., St. Petersburg, Fla. . . . B.S., University of Alabama. KNOWLES, ROBERTA P., Bradenton, Fla. . . . B.S., Florida State College for Women. KORP, WILLIAM R., Orlando, Fla. . . . Stetson University; Stu- dent Bar Association, Veep; Honor Court Justice; Phi Beta Phi, Clerk. LEWIS, HAROLD D., Lake Worth, Fla. . . . B.S.B.A., University of Florida; President ' s Cabinet; Delta Theta Phi; Student Bar As- sociation. McCLAMMA, HAL S., Lakeland, Fla. . . . B.S.B.A., Florida South- ern College. McCULLERS, CECIL LANNY, Lutz, Fla. . . . B.A., University of Florida. McKENNA, WILLIAM M., Ill, Orlando, Fla. . . . B.S., Stetson University. MALOUF, WALDENE D., Gulfport, Fla. . . . B.S., University of Massachusetts. 58 MARTINEZ, ELVIN L., Tampa, Fla. . . . Tampa University; Phi Alpha Delta; Student Bar Association, Veep. MIELE, JOSEPH R., Gulfport, Fla. . . . A.B., Dickinson College. MITCH AM, WILLIAM A., Atlanta, Ga. . . . Stetson University; Phi Alpha Delta; Perry Nichols Award; Barristers; American Jurisprudence Award; Junior Sec.-Treas.; Moot Court; Fr. Book Scholarship Award. MILLER, ROBERT B., Tampa, Fla. . . . University of Miami. MUNROE, ROBERT S., St. Petersburg, Fla. versity of Florida. B.S.B.A., Uni- Lewis, H. D. McClamma, H. McCulIers, L. McKenna, W. Malouf, W. Martinez. R. Miele, J. Miller. R. B. Mitcham. W. Munroe, R. S Muntzing, W. Musselwhite, T. Ottinger, W. Patarini, V. Piper, J. Quartel, L. Reeves, J. Rice, D. Ritter, G. Smith, R THE LAW SENIORS . . MUNTZING, WILLIAM H., Ill, Moorefield, W. Va. . . . A.B., Uni- versity of West Virginia; Moot Court; Fr. Moot Court, Judge; Delta Theta Phi, Dean. MUSSELWHITE, TROY C, JR., Orlando, Fla. . . . B.S.B.A., Uni- versity of Florida; Phi Delta Phi. OTTINGER, WILLIAM, Red Bank, N. J University of Alaska; Moot Court; Freshman Sec.-Treas.; State Moot Court Comp. Comm.; Phi Delta Phi, Clerk, Magister; Junior Pres.; Stetson Moot Court Comm., Chm. PATARINI, VAL R., Hollywood, Fla. . . . B.A., The Citadel; Phi Delta Phi, Hist.; House Comm.; Honored Guest Comm., Chm. PIPER, JAN J., St. Petersburg, Fla. . . . B.S., Florida State Uni- versity; Delta Theta Phi. QUARTEL, LESTER J., Dayton, Ohio . . . Ohio State University. REEVES, JAMES J., Pensacola, Fla. . . . Florida State University. RICE, DALE, Crestview, Fla. . . . A.B., University of Alabama. RITTER, GEORGE, Lakeland, Fla. . . . Florida Southern College; Phi Alpha Delta; Moot Court; Phi Mu Alpha; Sinfania. SMITH, RADFORD, St. Petersburg, Fla. . . . Stetson University. STEDEFORD, WALTER R., Jacksonville, Fla. . . . B.S.B.A., Uni- versity of Florida; Phi Delta Phi, Exchequer, Magister. STETSON, JOHN, Uew York, N. Y. . . . B.S., Bucknell University; Phi Delta Phi; Freshman Treas.; Junior Veep; Honor Court. STINNETT, ROBERT J., Sarasota, Fla. . . . B.S., University of Virginia. TAYLOR, JOHN, St. Petersburg, Fla. . . . B.A., University of California. THOMAS, STEPHEN, St. Petersburg, Fla. . . . Stetson University; Delta Theta Phi; Moot Court. 60 THOMPSON, RAYMOND E., Hollywood, Fla. . . . B.B.A., Univer- sity of Miami; Phi Delta Phi, Rush Chm.; Senior Sec.-Treas.; Fr. Moot Court Runner-Up; House Comm.; Student Bar Association. TUCKER, STANLEY A., W. Palm Beach, Fla. . . . B.S., Univer- sity of Florida; Overseers ' Full Tuition Scholarship; Honor Court, Justice; Student Bar Association, Advisory Comm.; Moot Court Finalist; Orientation Comm.; Who ' s Who. TYE, WILLIAM G., Ft. Pierce, Fla. . . . B.S.B.A., University of Florida; Phi Delta Phi; Speaker Barristers; Moot Court; House Comm. WEBB, CARROLL, Lake Worth, Fla. . . . B.S.B.A., University of Florida; Phi Delta Phi; Student Bar Association, Treas.; Moot Court, 1st Place, 1st Place Team. WOODWORTH. GLENN M., Mount Dora, Fla. . . . A.B., The Cit- adel; Delta Theta Phi, Vice-Dean; Freshman Pres.; Honor Court Attorney. Stedeford, W. Thompson, R. Thomas, S. Woodworth, G. Jack Thomas Brellis James Wayne Geiger WHO ' S WHO at stetson ' s school of law Robert Phillip Kalle Gerald Clifton Surfus Stanley Allen Tucker 62 ABERXATHY. CARROIJ. Gulfport, Fla. BALLARD, SIDNEY Melbourne, Fla. CAPPS, JOHN St. Petersburg, Fla. CARTER, BRINLEY DeLand, Fla. CHRIST, ROBERT Tampa, Fla. COLEMAN, EDWIN Winter Haven, Fla. CULLER, TOM Sarasota, Fla. DYSON. ALFRED Tampa, Fla. ELY, GEORGE Clearwater, Fla. FREED. ROSE St. Petersburg, Fla. FRANCISCO, SAM St. Petersburg, Fla. LAW JUNIORS GARCIA, ANDREW Tampa, Fla. KING, JANET Lakeland, Fla. MARKS, THOMAS Tampa, Fla. MIKELIS, PETER MOROZ, NICHOLAS MORTON, RICHARD St. Petersburg, Fla. Fairport, Ohio Sarasota, Fla. PALMER TRUMAN PITTMAN, ROBERT POWELL, JAMES POWERS, JAMES PRATHER, CHARLES SCRUGGS, CHARLES St. Petersburg. Fla. Tampa, Fla. Treasure Isle, Fla. St. Petersburg, Fla. Orlando, Fla. Tampa, Fla. SIRKIN JOSHUA STEINBERG. PAUL STRECKER, RICHARD THOMPSON, M. LEE THURMAN, RUTH WINTER, EDWARD Miami Beach, Fla. Miami Beach, Fla. Largo, Fla. W. Palm Beach, Fla. St. Petersburg, Fla. Palmetto, Fla. THE LAW ABOOD, NOKMAN Jacksonville, Fla. ARNOLD, G. ROBERT Winter Park, Fla. ATWATER, WILLIAM .Miami, Fla. r.AIR, OLIVER Tampa, Fla. BARRON, EDWARD St. I ' eter.sburg, Fla. BARROW, DAVID W., Ill Milwaukee, Wis. BERMAN, SEYMOUR St. Petersburg, Fla. BOLTON. GEORGE R. St. Petersburg, Fla. BOOTH, LELAND B., JR. Gulfport, Fla. BRACKIN, ED L., JR. Tampa, Fla. BRADLEY, EARL R. St. Petersburg, Fla. BURTON, DANIEL St. Petersburg, Fla. CALLAN, JAMES Pompano Beach, Fla. CONRAD, JAMES Tallahassee, Fla. CUMBO, CHARLES Tampa, Fla. D ' ALESSANDRO, JOSEPH Ft. Myers, Fla. DAUKSCH, JAMES C, JR. Maitland, Fla. DINKINS, LEWIS E. Ocala, Fla. DREKA, LONNY Hollywood, Fla. DUNWORTH, JERRY Hollywood, Fla. EDWARDS, CHARLES New Port Richey, Fla. EDWARDS, ROBERT St. Petersburg, Fla. EUBANK, JAMES Daytona Beach, Fla. FEARINGTON, P. MERCER DeLand, Fla. FERNANDEZ, VERNON St. Petersburg, Fla. FERQUERON, MARGARET St. Petersburg, Fla. FRASER, LEWIS Gulfport, Fla. FURNELL, TERRY Gulfport, Fla. GOODMAN, ROBERT Reading, Pa. GRAFT, ROBERT St. Petersburg, Fla. GRAND, IRA St. Petersburg, Fla. HAMMOCK, HARRY F., Ill Clearwater, Fla. HARE, JOHN FRANCIS Lake Wales, Fla. HARRIS, HENRY Jacksonville, Fla. HART, FREDERICK Miami, Fla. HERNDON, CHARLES Tampa, Fla. FRESHMEN HOWARD. WILLIAM Winter Huven, Fla. JENKINS, RICHARD Houston, Texas KEHLE. ANTHONY G., Ill Pompano Beach, Fla. KERN. JERRY Delrav Beach, Fla. KLEIN. MOTE Stratford. Conn. KOCHA. STEWART Riviera Beach. Fla. KRASSNER. EDWIN Miami. Fla. KRONE. NORMAN Tampa. Fla. LITTMAN. JAMES Miami. Fla. LOCKHART. GARY Treasure Isle. Fla. LURIE, EDWARD J. Largo. Fla. McATEE. JAMES St. Petersburg, Fla. MALCOLM. TERRY Orange. Conn. MILLER. CHARLES E. Ft. Myers Beach, Fla. MILLER. JOHN Winchester, Tenn. MORRILL. PHINEAS Treasure Isle, Fla. M MORRISON, JAMES Tallahassee, Fla. NEHRING, ALFRED Linden, N. J. NOVILLA. MICHAEL St. Petersburg, Fla. O ' CONNELL, DANIEL St. Petersburg, Fla. ONEAL, J. PATRICK Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. PEARCE. DENNIS D. St. Petersburg. Fla. PITKINS. ROYCE Haines City, Fla. ROSIER, RICHARD Daytona Beach, Fla. ST. LAURENT. LOUIS Anna Maria Isle, Fla. SLYE, JOHN Jacksonville, Fla. SUMERS, MICHAEL Treasure Isle. Fla. SOUD, ABRAHAM C, JR. Jacksonville, Fla. STOUT, IRBY C, JR. Tampa, Fla. SUMNER, ROBERT D. Dade City, Fla. SUTTON, WILLIAM Coral Gables, Fla. TELEPAS, GEIRGE Syosset, N. Y. THORPE, JAY Miami Beach, Fla. ULMER, RAY EUGENE, JR. Clearwater, Fla. VASS. RICHARD Winter Park, Fla. WAMBAUGH. MYRON Palm Beach, Fla. PRESIDENT RICHARD NICHOLLS Miami, Florida THE JUNIOR CLASS VICE-PRESIDENT FAITH SASSER Pahokee, Florida SECRETARY SUZANNE FREDRIKSON Charlottesville, Virginia TREASURER BRUCE McKINLEY Jamesboro, New Jersey 66 Abernathy, Mary Knox L.A. Winter Haven, Fla. Adams, Carl Bus. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Adams, Don Loye, 111. Andrew, Gloria Jefferson, Iowa Atsma, Nancy Delray Beach, Fla. Baker, Sara Melbourne, Fla. Baughan, Herb Avon Park, Fla. Bearden Marguerite Atlanta. Ga. Bus. L.A. STETSON ' S JUNIORS . 19 6 2 Bendle, Richard Miami, Fla. Blosch, Fred Ocala, Fla. Boyer, Marty New Buffalo, Pa. Breyer, William Ormond Beach, Fla. Britton, Lee Macon, Miss. Brooks, Pete Prospect, Ky. Burnette, Jenry Frostproof, Fla. Campbell, Priscilla Pageland, S. C. Carroll, Marilyn Ft. Myers, ipia. Cassedy, Nancy Jacksonville, Fla. Castle, Joan Orlando, Fla. Castleberry, Jerry Atlanta, Ga. Bus. L.A. Chapman, Beverly Atlanta, Ga. Chapman, Lynn Gainesville, Ga. Cimpi, Rosemary Port Orange, Fla. Clark, Charlie Jacksonville, Fla. Clay, E. T. L.A. Coral Gables, Fla. Clayton, Alice L.A. Delray Beach, Fla. Cole, Janet Mus. Sarasota, Fla. Cooke, Tucker L.A. Newberry, Fla. . ., £2 " a f - ' 0 MKk THE JUNIOR CLASS Corbett, Linda L.A. Sarasota, Fla. Couch, Joan L.A. Greenville, S. C. Coulter, Jim Bus. Miami, Fla. Cunningham, Joseph Bus. Armouk, N.Y. Decker, Janice L.A. Miami, Fla. DelliBovi, Rosemary L.A. Satellite Beach, Fla. Dennis, John L.A. Dade City, Fla. Dickey, Eleanor Mus. Bristol, Va. Dillon, James Bus. DeLand, Fla. Disney, Diane L.A. N. Vernon, Ind. Donegan, Don L.A. Hartford, Conn. Dowd, Verlee Bus. Orlando, Fla. df JmJrM a iimk Dupre, Jack Bus. Antioch, 111. Diirsin, Lisa Bus. Ormond Beach, Fla. Kaston, (iwendol Bus. Orlando, Fla. Eckblad, Robert Bus. Eustis, Fla. Edwards, Randy L.A. DeLand, Fla. Eller, David L.A. Deerfield Beach, Fla. Elliott, .James Bus. St. Petersburg, Fla. Eriksson, Edward L.A. Bay Shore, N. Y. NINETEEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY-TWO Everroad, Marybeth Columbus, Ind. Fay, Thomas St. Petersburg, Fla. Fielder, Coleman Mt. Dora, Fla. Fleishel, Victoria DeLand, Fla. Flippo, Kay Eustis, Fla. Fouse, Clarence Miami, Fla. Freeland, James Hillsboro, S. C. Frye, Darla Orlando, Fla. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. Gage, Sharon L.A. St. Petersburg, Fla. Garnsey, Gail L.A. Port Orange, Fla. Gaylord, Helen L.A. Hialeah, Fla. Geiger, Glenn L.A. Plant City, Fla, Gnann, Marilyn L.A Gainesville, Fla. Graham, Beverly L.A Orlando, Fla. Gray, Penny L.A Eau Gallie, Fla. Greene, Anne L.A. DeLand, Fla. Grose, William L.A DeLand, Fla. Hall, Jane L.A. Atlanta, Ga. Hankins, Suzy L.A Miami, Fla. Harden, Don L.A Venice, Fla. jsmds k THE JUNIOR CLASS . Hartung, Joy Clearwater, Fla. Bus. Hedrick, Phyllis Tampa, Fla. L.A. Henry, Ralph Margatte, N. J. L.A. Henry, Lawrence DeLand, Fla. Bus. Higgins, David Sebring, Fla. Bus. High, Charlotte Sylvania, Ga. Bus. Hilverink, Gail Rex, Ga. L.A. Hoequist, Diane Orlando, Fla. L.A. Huneycutt, Don Green, S. C. Mus. Hutson, Robert Lutz, Fla. L.A. Ivey, Sandy Forsyth, Ga. L.A. Jacob, Alar. West Chester, Pa. Bus. Johnston, Ira Bus. Jacksonville, Fla. Jones, Arthur L.A. New York, N. Y. Jones, Billy Bus. St. Petersburg, Fla. Jones, William L.A. Safety Harbor, Fla. Juarez, Oscar L.A. Tampa, Fla. Junger, Jacques L.A. Coral Gables, Fla. Keiper, John Mus. DeLand, Fla. Keisling, Mickey L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. NINETEEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY-TWO Kennedy, Tom Bus. Pompano Beach, Fla. Keown, Bill Bus. St. Petersburg, Fla. Keyes, Charlotte L.A. Hialeah, Fla. Kinnan, Harry L.A. Bradenton, Fla. Koch, Sandy Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Krause, Meg Miami, Fla. Lathrop, James Jupiter, Fla. Lawhon, Betty Pensacola, Fla. Lehotay, Kay Columbus, Ga. Lohof, Bruce Billings, Mont. McArthur, Bill Clearwater, Fla. McBain, Beverly Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Bus. L.A. Bus. McCardell, Tim L.A. St. Petersburg, Fla. McDowell, Ann L.A. Sarasota, Fla. McGuire, Margaret L.A. DeLeon Springs, Fla. McMillan, Richard L.A. Atlantic Beach, Fla. Manucy, Bette Mus. St. Augustine, Fla. Matlack, Richard Mus. Hardonfield, N. J. Mazzeo, Pete L.A. Winter Haven, Fla. Meisenheimer, Carolyn L.A. Eglin A.F.B., Fla. THE JUNIOR CLASS Merrifield, John New York, N. Y. Mikkleson, John Hartford, Conn. Miller, Charles DeLand, Fla. Moody, James Waycross, Ga. Moody, Ray Lyons, Ga. Moore, Elaine Miami, Fla. Moore, Jack Palatka, Fla. Moore, Robert Apopka, Fla. Moore, Rona Walnut Creek, Cal. Morris, Robert Apopka, Fla. Murphy, James AVinter Haven, Fla. Nelson, Conrad Hollywood, Fla. Nelson, Gail Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Nemehik, George Naples, Fla. Parker, Edward Te.xarkana, Ark. L.A. k iA Parks, Jo Mus. Albemarle, N. C. Parsons, Tom L.A. Oak Ridge, Tenn. Patten, George L.A. Starke, Fla. Perry, Bill L.A. Live Oak, Fla. Peterson, Hugh L.A. Louisville, Ky. Phillips, Keith L.A. Silver Springs, Fla. Pinachian, Florence Mus. W. New York, N. Y. Plenge, Lynn Bus. Clearwater, Fla. NINETEEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY-TWO t mkvk M iMas m, iii4i i Polk, Gene Lake Placid, Fla. Pvle, Frank Orlando, Fla. Randall, Eliot DeLand, Fla. Rasco, Russell DeLand, Fla. Redmond, Pat Miami, Fla. Reiff, Richard Jacksonville, Fla. Reynolds, Jay Hewen, Conn. Riedel, Marie Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Rikard, Charles Winter Haven, Fla. Riley, Linda Miami, Fla. Rodgers, John Windermere, Fla. Rose, Jane Punta Gorda, Fla. Rouse, Clinton Bradenton, Fla. Savage, Neil St. Petersburg, Fla. Schell, Ronald Haverstaw, N. Y. Bus. L.A. Bus. L.A. Bus. Bus. Scott, James Bus Winter Haven, Fla. Scott, Robert L.A Miami, Fla. Sechrist, Lois L.A W. Palm Beach, Fla. Shaw, John Bus Shore, Richard Bradenton, Fla. Smith, Marion Macon, Ga. Sporhase, Virginia DeLand, Fla. Squires, Linda Macon, Ga. Bus. L.A. L.A. L.A. itikidi M THE JUNIOR CLASS Steanson, Karen Griffin, Ga. Stenner, Madeline Lantana, Fla. Stewart, Barbara Coshucton, Ohio Straus, Shannon Tampa, Fla. Sutherland, J. Boone Middletown, Ky. Sweet, Howard Tampa, Fla. Sweitzer, Dorothy Inverness, Fla. Taylor, Pete DeLand, Fla. Thames, Rose Osprey, Fla. Thode, Al Highland Park, N. Trinowski, Charles Jamesport, N. Y. Turley, Jim Meredith, N. H. Tyner, David DeLand, Fla. Van Hoose, Edmund Port Orange, Fla. Vevier, Carol Clearwater, Fla. L.A. Bus. L.A. Villa, Guy Bus. Scotch Plains, N. J. Vose, Jim L.A. Patuxent Rivera, Md. Walker, Russell L.A. New Symrna, Fla. Wall, Lynn L.A. Lexington, N. C. Wehr, Jeanine New Smyrna, Fla. Wentzel, Willett Bradenton, Fla. Wheeler, Anita Oak Hill, Fla. White, Marolyn Atlanta, Ga. NINETEEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY-TWO Wilcox, Elinor Mus. Atlanta, Ga. Williams, Peggy L.A. Cairo, Ga. Williams, Roland Bus. Jacksonville, Fla. Wilson, Sandra L.A. DeLand, Fla. Wimer, Walter Bus. Winderweedle, Bill Bus. Winter Park, Fla. Wingfield, Shirley L.A. Florence, Ky. Wise, Chris L.A. DeLand, Fla. Wisner, Jean L.A. Coral Gables, Fla. Wolfe, Billy L.A. Norfolk, Va. Wood, Anthony Bus. Pensacola, Fla. Wood, Judy L.A. Eustis, Fla. Wood, Robert L.A. Gainesville, Fla. Wrenn, Tom Bus. Winter Park, Fla. Zessin, Judy Bus. Miami, Fla. PRESIDENT BUTCH SPIVEY Jacksonville, Florida VICE-PRESIDENT YVONNE WILEY Fort Mvers, Florida THE SOPHOMORE CLASS SECRETARY EILEEN LIPTHROTT St. Petersburg. Florida TREASURER DOUG SUCHER Hamden. Connecticut 76 Aiken, Dian Sanford, Fla. Aldrich, Roberta Mount Dora, Fla. Allen, Olive Elizabethton, Tenn. Allison, Ron Myrtle Beach, S. C. Appleton, Marshall Bus. St. PetersburR, Fla. Arnall, Lori Mus. Venice, Fla. Arner, Delano L.A. Sebring, Fla. Austin, Jim Mus. Hartwell, Ga. Baer, Pamela L.A. Stony Brook, N. Y. Ballou, Kaye L.A. Pompano Beach, Fla. Barber, Nancy L.A. Winter Haven, Fla. Barineau, Martha Bus. Quincy, Fla. Barnes, Susan High Bridge, N. J. Barnhill, Mary Hollywood, Fla. Bass, Louis Winter Haven, Fla. Bates, Nancy New Smyrna, Fla. THE SOPHOMORES 1962 Beebe, Verl L.A. W. Palm Beach, Fla. Bierly, Beth L.A. W. Palm Beach, Fla. Bing, Jack Jacksonville, Fla. Bishop, Carol Jean Ocala, Fla. Blane, Sandra DeLand, Fla. Blechman, Lynn Levittown, Pa. Booth, Sara Clearwater, Fla. Boriss, Alex Miami, Fla. L.A. Bus. L.A. L.A. L.A. Bradshaw, Bill Decatur, Ga. Mus. Bragg, Barnel W. Palm Beach, Fla. L.A. Bray, Billy HilHard, Fla. L.A. Broome, Skip Eau Gallie, Fla. L.A. Brush, Bob N. Miami, Fla. Bus. Bunnell, Rodger W. Hollywood, Fla. Bus. Burchette, John Cooleemee, N. C. Mus. Burgess, Lora Clearwater, Fla. L.A. Butler, Carol Miami, Fla. L.A. Callaway, Claudia Umatilla, Fla. Mus. Campbell, Judy Rochelle, 111. L.A. Campbell, Molly Decatur, Ga. L.A. Carbine, Tony Rutland, Vt. Bus. Carroll, Barbara Jacksonville, Fla. L.A. Carroll, Connie St. Petersburg, Fla. L.A. Chaffin, Raymond Decatur, Ga. L.A. f Mm THE SOPHOMORE CLASS . Chandler, Dudley L.A. Social Circle, Ga. Chastain, Sue L.A. Thomasville, Ga. Cheshire, Gwen L.A. Pompano Beach, Fla. Childress, Rebecca L.A. New Smyrna, Fla. Christmas, Marlene Miami, Fla. Clance, Wayne Jacksonville, Fla. Clark, Carol Bradenton, Fla. Clark, Don Greenfield, Mass. Clarke, Fred W. Palm Beach, Fla. Colby, Lynn Massapequa, N. Y. Collins, Cecil Jacksonville, Fla. Collman, Dorothy Glen Mills, Pa. Combs, Peter L.A. Gainesville, Fla. Comer, John Bus. P t. Myers, Fla. Condit, Sarah L.A. Miami Shores, Fla. Conte, JoAnna L.A. Tampa, Fla. Coonlev, Don L.A. DeLand, Fla. Cope, Vernon L.A. Springfield, Mass. Corbett, Nancy Mus. St. Augustine, Fla. Cowan, Emma L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Cowden, Darryl L.j Dayton, Ohio Cox, Mary L.i Seneca, S. C. Cregar, Edward h.j Hartford, Mass. Crews, Colin Bu Altamonte Springs, Fla. NINETEEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY-TWO Criswell, Harold N. Miami, Fla. Crowley, Carolyn N. Augusta, S. C. Damianos, Carolyn Miami, Fla. Dease, Jeffrey Dunedin, Fla. DeLeGal, Mary Waycross, Ga. Dellinger, Susan Charlotte, N. C. Denton, Bonny Macon, Ga. Domonkos, Lawrence Jack sonville, Fla. Dowling, Patrick Bus. Dunwoody, Ga. Durham, Joseph Bus. Bovvdon, Ga. Edwards, Arthur L.A Pontiac, Mich. Ellis, John L.A DeLand, Fla. Ellis, Peggy Bus. Florence, S. C. Ellwood, Leslie L.A. Vero Beach, Fla. Emerson, Frank L.A. Winter Park, Fla. Ennis, Steve Bus. Daytona Beach, Fla. Essrig, Martin Bus Tampa, Fla. Evans, Patricia Bus Anderson, S. C. Fant, Joe Bus Bradenton, Fla. Farris, Elvin, Jr. L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Fellows, Jacqueline L.A Douglas, Ga. Field, Joanne L.A Jacksonville, Fla. Fish, Nedra Mus Jacksonville, Fla. Fletcher, Edward Bus Greensboro, Fla. THE SOPHOMORE CLASS . . . Flynn, Lynda L.A. Callahan, Fla. Folds, John L.A. Miami, Fla. Fougnie, Dennis L.A DeLand, Fla. Garcia, Diana L.A. Miami Shores, Fla. Garris, Mary L.A Umatilla, Fla. Gaskins, Sallie L.A Spartanburg, S. C. Gehrke, Sue L.A New Smyrna, Fla. Gentry, Diane Mus Charleston, S. C. frM Gibson, Carole L.A. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Gibson, Linda L.A. W. Palm Beach, Fla. Gilbert, Pat L.A. Miami Springs, Fla. Gilder, Lynda L.A. Decatur, (ia. Goolsby, Joy L.A. Apopka. Fla. Grassmuck, Bill Bus. Cincinnati, Ohio Graustein, Alan L.A. Tewksbury, Mass. Greene, Pat L.A. Silver Spring, Md. Gregory, Gayle L.A. Danville, Ky. Gregory, Henry Bus. DeLand, Fla. Gress, William L.A. DeLand, Fla. Gulick, Arthur Mus. Pompano Beach, Fla. Guthrie, Margaret L.A. Miami, Fla. Haid, Carol Mus. Ft. Pierce, Fla. Hammett, Alfreds L.A. Hertford, N. C. Hampton, John L.A. Hollywood, Fla. NINETEEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY-TWO Hardee, Sandy Madison, Fla. Harden, Mary Dell Miami Springs, Fla. Harding, Jerry Sylacauga, Ala. Hargrave, Betty Orlando, Fla. Harrell, Wilbur L.A. W. Palm Beach, Fla. Harrison, Robert L.A. Tallahassee, Fla. Hartlieb, Judith Mus. Orlando, Fla. Hatfield, Jean L.A. Towson, Md. Heep, Linda L.A. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Hendry, Gail L.A. Lakeland, Fla. Hepler, Gwili L.A. Miami, Fla. Hill, Frances L.A. Youngsville, S. C. Hill, Sandra Coral Gables, Fla. HoUenbeck, Shirley Ormond Beach, Fla. Holtzendorf, Virginia Waycross, Ga. Hovey, Horace Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Howell, Michael L.A. Silver Spring, Md. Hughes, Eddie L.A. Tampa, Fla. Irish, Nancy L.A. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Jacobs, Paul L.A. Winter Park, Fla. Jacques, Donna L.A. Largo, Fla. Joiner, Sally L.A. Gainesville, Ga. Jones, Jan L.A. Lakeland, Fla. Jones, Kenneth Bus. Deerfield, Fla. THE SOPHOMORE CLASS Julian, Ned, Jr. Sanford, Fla. Kahle, William Jupiter, Fla. Kahn, Kris Jacksonville, Fla. Kalashnikoff, Teena Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Katsikas, Billie Sue Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Kegley, Kathy Decatur, Ga. Keith, Bobby Atlanta, Ga. Kelley, Patricia Sarasota, Fla. L.A. L.A. L.A. k JKd KerlinE, Betty Jo L.A. Hartsdale, N. Y. Kraft, Jane L.A. Hollywood, Fla. Kraft, Linda L.A. Miami Springs, Fla. Kressman, Joy Bus. Shamrock, Fla. Landers, Jay L.A. Orlando, Fla. Lange, David Bus. Milwaukee, Wise. Lay, Julie L.A. Miami, Fla. Lea, Jim L.A. Shelbyville, Ky. Linane, Gail L.A. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Lingle, Donald Mus. Orlando, Fla. Liptiirott, Charles L.A. St. Petersburg, Fla. Littlejohn, Fred Bus. Tampa, Fla. Locke, Mary Beth L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Lohman, Peter L.A. Kissimmee, Fla. Lombard, Marvean L.A. Hallandale, Fla. Loomis, William Bus. Edmeston, N. Y. NINETEEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY-TWO Lovegren, Sven Ft. Pierce, Fla. Lunsford, William Coral Gables, Fla. Lutz, Susan Riviera Beach, Fla. Lyle, Frances Jacksonville, Fla. Lynch, Burgess Winter Park, Fla. McAfee, Bob Orlando, Fla. McCanna, Mimi Maitland, Fla. McCree, Margie Orlando, Fla. McCormick. James New Smyrna, Fla. L.A McDade, Robert Miami, Fla. L.A McGaffin, Jav W. Glenwood, Fla. Bus Mcllvain, David Waynewood, Pa. L.A McNeal, Jim Ocala, Fla. L.A Mansfield, H. V. DeLand, Fla. L.A Mathews, Joan Portsmouth, Va. Mus Mathew.son, Alice Miami Shores, Fla. L.A Matthews, Turner Sarasota, Fla. L.A Mauldin, Gail Pompano, Fla. Mus Meadows, John Clermont, Fla. L.A Menefee, Katharine Lenoir, N. C. Mus Messick, Linda Canonsburg, Pa. L.A Mihm, Bunny Perkasie, Pa. Bus Mikell, Dell Marie Trenton, Fla. L.A Miller, Pat Eustis, Fla. L.A Mills, Bassha Macon, Ga. L.A. Mitchell, Robert Coral Gables, Fla. Bus Mobley, Julia Cedartown, Ga. L.A Molnar, Diane Philadelphia, Pa. L.A. J THE SOPHOMORE CLASS Morson, Carl St. Petersburg, Fla. Morris, Richard Lutz, Fla. Morris, William Apopka, Fla. Moskowitz, Ellen Miami, Fla. MuUins, Suzanne Decatur, Ga. Murdrick, Dan Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Murphy, Edwinna Gainesville, Fla. Murphy, Susan Naples, Fla. Myers, Wanda Jo Daytona Beach, Fla. Nehring, Carol Linden, N. J. Nelson, Roberta L.A. W. Palm Beach. Fla. Newcomb, George DeLand, Fla. Newman, Allen L.A. Ironton, Ohio Niswonger, Patti Winter Haven, Fla. Nordan, Page Charlotte, N. C. Nunley, Jay L.A. Portsmouth, Va. Page, Judith Bus. Sebring, Fla. Payne, Ann L.A. Homestead, Fla. Pennv, James, III L.A. Orlando, Fla. Penrose, Bill L.A. St. Petersburg, Fla. Phillips, Louis L.A. Hollywood, Fla. Pickering, John L.A. Ft. Myers, Fla. Pickering, Richard Bus. Hamilton, Mass. Pike, Jessie L.A. Astatula, Fla. Poulton, Connie L.A. Maitland, Fla. Pritchard, Susan L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Rains, Brenda L.A. LaFoUette, Tenn. Ravines, Marcia L.A. Lima, Peru Rhode, LeRoy E. Bus. New York, N. Y. Richards, Marilyn L.A. N. Miami, Fla. NINETEEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY-TWO Roath, Barbara Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Roche, Elizabeth Chevy Chase, Md. Rodelli, Mel W. Hollywood, Fla. Ross, David Lewiston, N. Y. Rothery, Wayne Lorton, Va. Rountree, Bernice Punta Gorda, Fla. Ruggiero, John Brookville, N. Y. Rutledge, David Atlanta, Ga. Schoder, Tony Jacksonville, Fla. Schutzendorf, Gordon Cazenovia, N. Y. Bus. Bus. L.A. L.A. Mus. L.A. Bus. Seigle, Betsy Alexandria, Va. L.A. Seigle, Libby Atlanta, Ga. L.A. Severud, Karen Miami, Fla. L.A. Shaw, Sue Ann Vero Beach, Fla. L.A. Shelley, James R. L.A. Pensacola, Fla. Sherard. Sam Suffolk, Va. Bus. Sistrunk. Katie Sue Tampa. Fla. L.A. Smelcer, Mabel Jacksonville, Fla. L.A. Smith, Alberta Eu.stis, Fla. L.A. Smith, Andrea L.A. Shawnee Mission, Kan. Smith, Andy Frostproof, Fla. Bus. Smith, Betsy Atlanta, Ga. L.A. Smith, Linda Pompano Beach, Fla. L.A. Smith, Raymond Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. L.A. Smith, Robert DeLand, Fla. L.A. Sparks, Jack L.A. Santo, Texas Squire, Ray Orleans, Mass. L.A. Stacy, Dave Tiffin, Ohio L.A Starn, Lillian Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. L.A Stevenson, Joel Sebring, Fla. L.A Sk i THE SOPHOMORE CLASS . . Stokes, Patsy Albany, Ga. Stott, Norman Sorreyl, England Strickland, Diane Tallahassee, Fla. Sutherland, John Miami, Fla. Swallows, Mary Winter Haven, Fla. Swanson, Don Orange City, Fla. Taft, Gene Summit, N. J. Terrell, Dewey Wauchula, Fla. Terrell, Jim Jacksonville, Fla. Thomas, Dan Ta -l,-cr.nvJI1p Fla L.A. L.A. Bus. iitiL ml ,M ; Jh L Thomas, Linda Jacksonville, Fla. L.A. Thorn ason, Ann Miami, Fla. L.A. Thorvvald, Jon N. Orlando, Fla. L.A. Tiffany, Faith Daytona Beach, Fla. L.A. Till, Frederick Tonawanda, N. Y. L.A. Toolev, Coreene Burton, S. C. L.A. Townsend, Frank Lake Wales, Fla. Bus. Ulack, Richard Glen Head, N. Y. L.A. Waldrep, Linda Forsyth, Ga. Bus. Walker. Claudine Atlanta, Ga. L.A. Wand, Genevieve Miami, Fla. L.A. Waters, Vernon Jacksonville, Fla. L.A. Watts, Roberta HuntsviUe, Ala. L.A. Wells, Bob Miami, Fla. Bus. West, Frank Atlanta, Ga. L.A. Whitley, Harry Albemarle, N. C. L.A. Whittenburg, Carolyn Lake Worth, Fla. Mus. Wilson, Beverly St. Petersburg, Fla. L.A. Wilson, Carolyn Miami, Fla. L.A. Wilson, Peggy Kissimmee, Fla. L.A. NINETEEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY-TWO Wilson, Ty St. Petersburg, Fla. Wimberly, Jimmie Ft. Myers, Fla. Wolfe, Elizabeth Norfolk, Va. Wood, Stan Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Woodberry, Martha Plant City, Fla. Woodworth, Dean Hollywood, Fla. Yeakle, Wade St. Petersburg, Fla. Youngerman, Ralph Chatham, N. Y. Yount, Kenneth Conover N. C. Zimmerman, Bonnie Winter Park, Fla. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. PRESIDENT JIM INGERSOLL Lake Worth, Florida THE FRESHMAN CLASS VICE PRESIDENT LEIGHAN ROBERTS Pensacola, Florida SECRETARY PATTI PAULK Pompano Beach, Florida TREASURER CHARLES BARNES Winter Park. Florida Aberirombie, M. Mus. Jacksonville, Fla. Adams, J. L.A. Key Hiscayne, Fla. Akers, A. L.A. Dalton, (Ja. Albrecht, O. L.A. Orlando, Fla. . le. ander, K. L.A. Palmetto, Fla. Aligood, G. L.A. Monticello, Fla. Allen, J. L.A. Orlando, Fla. Alston, J. L.A. Dade City, Fla. Ames, R. Bus. Hartford, Conn. Anders, J. L.A. West Palm Beach, Fla. Anderson, R. L.A. Miami, Fla. Andrews, D. L.A. Hollywood, Fla. Armstrong, B. L.A. Riverside, Conn. Ballantine, D. Mus. Homestead. Fla. Ballard, K. L.A. Eau Gallie, Fla. Bambini, A. L.A. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Barineau, A. Bus. Quincy, Fla. Barnett, G. Bus. Quincy, Fla. Barrett, A. Bus. Leesburg, Fla. Barrett, S. Bus. Bartow, Fla. THE FRESHMEN . . . 19 62 Baynham, D. Lexington, Ky. Beadleston, S. Lake Placid, Fla. L.A. L.A. Beasley, S. Apopka, Fla. Beauchamp, N. Winter Haven, Fla. L.A. L.A. Beavo, J. Ft. Myers, Fla. L.A. Becker, R. Mulberry, Fla. Bedsole, E. Jacksonville, Fla. Bus Mus Behney, W. DeLand, Fla. Mus Bell, R. Lake Worth, Fla. L.A Bena, D. Saratoga Springs, N. Y L.A IJonnett, C. Tampa, Fla. L.A. ISlackburn, S. Jacksonville, Fla. L.A. Blake, J. Miami, Fla. L.A. Bledsoe, T. Winter Park, Fla. Bus. Bowen, I. Corpus Christi, Tex. L.A. Bowman, R. N. II Clarendon Hills, 111. L.A. Bramlitt, B. Jacksonville, Fla. L.A. Branan, T. Ocala, Fla. Bus. Braun, B. Slant Hills, N. J. L.A. Brescher, B. Cranford, N. J. L.A. Brett, B. Eustis, Fla. L.A. Brewer, C. Siler City, N. C. Bus. Brewer, D. Stow, Mass. L.A. Bricklev, D. Orlando, Fla. Mus. Bridges, E. Lakeland, Fla. L.A. Broer, B. Babylon, N. Y. L.A. Brown, C. Morrisville, Pa. L.A. Brown, L. Ft. Myers, Fla. Mus. Browne, M. L. Miami, Fla. L.A. Brownfield, T. Canton, Ohio L.A. THE FRESHMAN CLASS Brownson, J. L.A. Vero Beach, Fla. Bues, M. L.A. Miami, Fla. BuKK, C. L.A. Miami, Fla. Bullers, T. L.A. Morristown, Pa. Burke, B. L.A. St. Simons Isle, Ga. Burnside, A. L.A. Dade City, Fla. Burst, C. L.A. St. Louis, Mo. Butler, S. L.A. Miami Shores, Fla. Camper, B. L.A. Orlando, Fla. Carefoot, G. L.A. Ft. Meade, Fla. Carlton, K. L.A. Clewislon, Fla. Carr, S. L.A. West I ' alm ISeach, Fla. C ' arr. W. L.A. Clermont, Fla. Cliamberlin, C. L.A. Ft. Myers Beach, Fla. Chambers, B. L.A. Winter Haven, Fla. Chappell, K. L.A. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Childs, R. L.A. Winter Park, Fla. Christian, S. L.A. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Clark, S. L.A. Homestead, Fla. Clayton, M. L.A. Tampa, Fla. Cochran, W. L.A. Atlanta, Ga. Coker, D. L.A. Winter Haven, Fla. Colbert, W. L.A. Sanford, Fla. Collins, R. L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Cooper, N. Mus. Miami, Fla. Cooper, P. Bus. Titusville, Fla. Cooper, S. L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Cole, B. L.A. Chattanooga, Tenn. Cole, C. L.A. Ocala, Fla. Comer, M. L.A. Iowa City, Iowa NINETEEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY-TWO Cone, R. Richmond, Va. L.A. Conklin, A. Tampa, Fla. Cowan, K. Macon, Ga. L.A. L.A. Crable, N. Winter Park, Fla. L.A. Cresswell, C. AmityviUe, N. Y. L.A. Gushing, S. Pensacola, Fla. L.A. Cypress, B. Hollywood, Fla. Davis, G. Miami, Fla. L.A. Bus. Davis, R. Live Oak. Fla. L.A. Day, J. Bradenton, Fla. L.A. DeArmas, F. L.A. Miami Beach, Fla. DeLesdernier, N. L.A. Titusville, Fla. DeLisIe, C. L.A. Westfield, Mass. Demirgian, M. L.A. Miami Shores, Fla. Dickey, A. Bus. Miami, Fla. Dill, C. L.A. Oakland, N. J. Dixon, R. L.A. Lake Mary, Fla. Dollens, D. L.A. Valdosta, Ga. Donavan, C. L.A. Coral Gables, Fla. Dorsey, C. L.A. Danville, 111. DuBois, B. L.A. Miami, Fla. Dukes, D. L.A. Orangeburg, S. C. Dunkle, K. L.A. St. Petersburg, Fla. Dunnegan, T. L.A. Leesburg, Fla. Dunwoody, E. Bus. Coral Gables, Fla. Durrence, G. L.A. Lake Placid, Fla. Eckloe, D. L.A. Hialeah, Fla. Edinger, E. L.A. Louisville, Ky. Elmore, P. L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Engle, K. L.A. White Plains, N. Y. THE FRESHMAN CLASS ' JikiL 4 English, R. Miami, Fla. Erickson, L. Coral Gables, Fla. Everist, R. Des Plaines, 111. Farnham, A. Brookfield, Conn. Farrington, M. Eau Gallic, Fla. Fay, R. Wallingford, Conn. Feige, L. Pompano Beach, Fla. Fly, J. Apopka, Fla. Frances, J. Clewiston, Fla. Frantz, S. Winter Haven, Fla. L.A. Bus. L.A. Bus. L.A. L.A. L.A. Bus. Mus. L.A. L.A. KuUon, K. Jr. L.A. Delra.v Ik-ach, Fla. Geiger, D. L.A. Pompano Beach, Fla. Geise, G. L.A. West Holljwood, Fla. Gilbert. C. L.A. Palm Harbor, Fla. Ginn, R. L.A. Miami, Fla. Goldsboroufjh, D. L.A. Bradenton, Fla. Gorman, G. L.A. Sanford, Fla. Gotts, P. L.A. Davenport, Fla. Greenbaum, L. L.A. Miami Beach, Fla. Greene, C. L.A. Troy, Va. Greene, R. L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Gregorv, L. L.A. Key West, Fla. Grella, R. Bus. Denver, Pa. Grimm, J. L.A. Winter Park, Fla. Haig, E. L.A. West Hollywood, Fla. Hall, G. Bus. Elizabeth, Pa. Hall, L. L.A. Bradenton, Fla. Hanna, S. L.A. Orlando, Fla. Hansen, C. L.A. Melrose, Fla. Harden, N. L.A Newbury, Mass. NINETEEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY-TWO Hardman, S. L.A. West Hollywood, Fla. Harman, D. Mus. Casselberry, Fla. Harper, S. L.A. Miami, Fla. Harris, C. L.A. Orlando, Fla. Harris, S. Bus. Atlanta, Ga. Barter, P. L.A. Lakeland, Fla. Hartman, W. Mus Winter Haven, Fla. Hasencamp, J. L.A Coral Gables, Fla. Haulman, B. Mus Panama City, Fla. Hayes, K. Mus New Smyrna Beach, Fla. Hearon, R. Winter Haven, Fla. L.A. Hegeman, A. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. L.A. Henderson, S. West Palm Beach, Fla. Bu.s. Hendrick, K. Winter Haven, Fla. L.A. Herko, A. Miami, Fla. L.A. Herman, G. Pompano Beach, Fla. L.A. Hicks, V. Tampa, Fla. L.A. HigRS, H. Ft. Pierce, Fla. L.A. Hill, R. Kinjjston, Jamaica L.A. Hird, L. Coral Gables, Fla. L.A. Hoadley, S. Daytona Beach, Fla. L.A. Holies, P. Sarasota. Fla. L.A. Holland, C. Miami, Fla. Bus. Hood, R. Homestead, Fla. Bus. Hopper, T. New York. N. Y. Bus. Horn, K. Winter Park, Fla. L.A. THE FRESHMAN CLASS Home, E. Beaufort, S. C. Bus. House, L. Miami, Fla. L.A. Hovell, B. Falls Church, Va. L.A. Hoven, S. Huntington, N. Y. Howard, J. Harlan, Ky. L.A. L.A. « Hubbard, J. Palantine, 111. L.A. Hudgins, M. Decatur, Ga. L.A. Huff, K. Miami, Fla. L.A. Hummert, L. Alexandria, Va. L.A. Hunt, B. Ft. Worth, Tex. L.A. Hunter. B. L.A. l$urlinston, N. J. Ikard, M. L.A. t ' olumbia, Tenn. Jekely, J. L.A. V. Hempstead, N. Y. Jenkins, L. Bus. Albany, Ga. Johnson, I{. L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Johnson, S. L.A. Newport, R. I. Johnson, W. L.A. Wellborn. Fla. Johnston, J. L.A. Ft. Myers, Fla. Joiner, R. L.A. Cocoa, Fla. Jokela, W. Mus Parker, Fla. Jones, M. L.A. Covington, Ky. Joyce, C. L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Justice, P. L.A. Douglas, Ga. Kane, K. L.A. Winter Park, Fla. Kaunitz, P. L.A. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Kavfetz, R. L.A. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. NINETEEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY-TWO Kells, L. Pompano Beach, Fla. L.A. Kennedy, P. St. Paul, Minn. L.A. Kessler, M. Riviera Beach, Fla. L.A. Kirk, W. Sanford, Fla. L.A. Kirkpatrick, J. Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, L.A. Fla. Klaitz, L. Atlanta, Ga. L.A. Knowles, C. Jacksonville, Fla. L.A Kuhl, B. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. L.A Kulik, P. Miami Shores, Fla. L.A Kunze, R. Miami, Fla. L.A 1 ' Lacer, B. L.A. Opa-Locka, Fla. Laird. N. L.A Milwaukee, Wis. Laird, W. L.A Milwaukee, Wis. Lamar, B. L.A Hialeah, Fla. Lamb. G. L.A Jacksonville, Fla. Lanum, J. L.A Ocala, Fla. Lavender, P. L.A Sanford, Fla. LaVoy, D. L.A Jacksonville, Fla. Layman, R. Daytona Beach, Fla. Lee, A. Marianna, Fla. LeMosv, W. Winter Park, Fla. Liddy, S. St. Petersburg, Fla. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. Lipps, L. Winter Park, Fla. L.A Lockwood, C. Barton, Fla. Bus Loftheim, J. Largo, Fla. Lokey, T. Daytona Beach, Fla. L.A L.A THE FRESHMAN CLASS McCrary, J. Jesup, Ga. McCroskey L. Florence, S. C. McDaniel, P. Arlington, Va. McFarland, D. Melbourne, Fla. McGinnis, L. Atlanta, Ga. McGregor, S. Boynton Beach, Fla. McGuinness, B. Hayattsville, Md. McMillian, M. Daytona Beach, Fla. McRae, S. Port Orange, Fla. Machek, A. Delray Beach, Fla. Maison, S. Bradenton, Fla. Mann, S. L.A. L.A. Encina, Cal. Marchinton, L. L.A. New Smyrna Beach, Fla. Marion, K. Orlando, F ' la. L.A. Martinez, P. Bus. Jacksonville, Fla. Mason, D. Bus. Delray Beach, Fla. Matson, J. L.A. Haverhill, Mass. Matthews, F. Bus. New Smvrna Beach, Fla. Mayer, J. L.A. Louisville, Ky. Meadows, L. L.A. Columbus, Ga. Meclewski, C. L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Meierstein, G. L.A. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Miller, G. L.A. Boca Raton, Fla. Miller, L. L.A. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Moore, S. L.A. Dahlonega, Ga. Moore, W. L.A. Opa-locka, Fla. NINETEEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY-TWO Moorman, M. Winter Haven, Fla. L.A. Moran, E. Ft. Myers, Fla. L.A. Morris, N. Apopka, Fla. L.A. Morrow, F. Daytona Beach, Fla. L.A. Morsicato, J. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. L.A. Mulock, E. Bus. Bradenton, Fla. Murdick, W., Gainesville, Fla. L.A. Murrav, M. Fayetteville, N. C. Bus. Napoli, D. Coral Gables, Fla. Bus. Neal, D. Greenville, S. C. L.A. Nelson, B. L.A. Ft. Pierce, Fla. Newberry, D. Bus. Orlando, Fla. Nichols, A. L.A. Miami, Fla. Nichols, M. L.A. Orlando, Fla. Xofsinger, R. L.A. (ireenville, Ky. Norris, B. L.A. Miami, Fla. Oliver, D. Bus. Savannah, Ga. Olsen, L. L.A. Savannah, Ga. Orme, M., L.A. Plant City, Fla. Osborne, N. L.A. Abilene, Tex. Ostrom, G. L.A. Miami, Fla. Ottens, L. L.A. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Owsley, C. L.A. Orlando, Fla. Parker, V. L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Parry, K. L.A. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Pattinson, J. L.A. Clearwater, Fla. THE FRESHMAN CLASS Payne, R. Homestead, Fla. L.A. Peabodv, C. Milledgeville, Ga. Peacock, R. Winter Park, Fla. L.A. L.A. Pederson, M. Miami Shores, Fla. L.A. Peeples, J. N. Augusta, S. C. L.A. Peirce, M. Hialeah, Fla. L.A. Pendergrast, K. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. L.A. Perkins, G. Clearwater, Fla. L.A. Persons, K. Maitland, Fla. Bus. Petty, A. Pleasantville, N. J. L.A. Pilcher, C. Mus. Charlotte, N. C. I ' oolf, J. L.A. RaleiRh, N. C. Pullen. L. L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Pulley, P. L.A. Clearwater, Fla. (iuarrier, D. L.A. W. Hartford, Conn. Kanan, W. L.A. Eastman, Ga. Rand, M. L.A. DeLand, Fla. Kapp, V. L.A. Welaka, Fla. Rathburn, H. L.A. Ticonderoga, N. Y. Raynal, M. L.A. Miami, Fla. Redwine, C. Mus. Spartanburg, S. C. Reid, J. L.A. Daytona Beach, Fla. Renfroe, R. L.A. W. Point, N. Y. Reynolds, R. Bus. Coral Gables, Fla. Riker, R. L.A. W. Hollywood, Fla. Rinaldo, M. L.A. Eau Gallie, Fla. NINETEEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY-TWO Roach, S. Zellwood, Fla. L.A. Robb, C. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. L.A. Roberson, A. Eastman, Ga. L.A. Roberts, K. Glandale, Mo. L.A. Robinson, R. Birmingham, Ala. Mus. Rodbro, P. Deerfield, HI. Bus. Rogers, A. Jacksonville, Fla. L.A. Rose, T. Jacksonville, Fla. L.A. Russell, L. Palmetto, Fla. L.A. Rutledge, E. Atlanta, Ga. Mus. ■HHiiki Jtii M Schindehette, H. Cocoa, Fla. L.A. Schmidt, G. Winter Park, Fla. L.A. Schwartz, J. Orlando, Fla. L.A. Scott, J. Jacksonville, Fla. L.A. Sellers, D. N. Miami, Fla. L.A. Shelton, F. Metropolis, 111. Bus. Sherrill, J. Daytona Beach, Fla. L.A. Shipman, R. Ann Arbor, Mich. Bus. Shubella, J. Miami, Fla. L.A. Simpson, M. Coral Gables, Fla. L.A. Skibbe, A. Charlotte, N. C. L.A. Slinn, M. Miami, Fla. L.A. Smith, B. Rockville. Md. L.A. Smith, D. Atlanta, Ga. Mus. Smith, F. Orlando, Fla. L.A. Smith, J. Delray Beach, Fla. L.A. THE FRESHMAN CLASS Smith, J. Old Greenwich, Conn. Bus. Smith, P. Delray Beach, Fla. L.A. Snowden, R. Jacksonville, Fla. L.A. Snyder, R. Lakeland, Fla. L.A. Sparkman, S. Tampa, Fla. L.A. Spivey, C. Plant City, Fla. Stanlev, S. Port Charlotte, Fla. L.A. L.A. Stark, W. Jacksonville, Fla. Bus. Starbuck, G. Miami, Fla. L.A. Stecher, C. Jacksonville, Fla. L.A. Stone, K. Mus. Charlotte, N. C Stolzenburg, B. L.A. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Strauss, M. L.A. Miami, Fla. Strock, C. Mus. Holly Hill, Fla. Studier. G. L.A Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. Svikhart, B. L.A St. Petersburg, Fla. Swan, S. L.A Westbrook, Me. Sweet, M. L.A Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Thome, J. B. Delray Beach, Fla. Tierney, T. Miami Beach, Fla. Tilton, J. N. Miami, Fla. Tondee, P. Ellaville, Ga. L.A. L.A. Swinney, B. Miami, Fla. Talley, P. New Smyrna Beach, Fla. Thomas, P. L.A. Ft. .Myers, Fla. Thompson, S. L.A. Indian Rocks Beach. Fla. L.A. L.A. L.A. Bus. NINETEEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY-TWO Torres, S. Geneva, Fla. L.A. Truitt, E. Hollywood, Fla. L.A. Tunnell, G. Homestead, Fla. Mus. Turk, B. Montverda. Fla. L.A. Turner, J. Balboa, Canal Zone L.A. Tussing, L. Lauderdale, Fla. Bus LTmbaugh, S. Ocala, Fla. L.A Uttrup, J. Jacksonville, Fla. L.A VanZant, C. Jacksonville, Fla. L.A Villers, K. Ft. Myers, Fla. L.A o Wagner, P. Sun Valley, Cal. L.A. Waldron, M. Vero Beach, Fla. L.A. Walker, N. N. Miami, Fla. L.A. Wall, D. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. L.A. Walthall, J. Atlanta, Ga. Mus. Walton, K. Miami Springs, Fla. Watson, H. Macon, Ga. L.A. L.A. Weed, J. Orlando, Fla. L.A. Wheeler, S. Alma, Ga. L.A. White, M. Orlando, Fla. L.A. Whitnel, E. DeLand. Fla. L.A. Whittington, H. Winter Park, Fla. Bus. Wick, E. West Palm Beach, Fla. Bus. Widegren, D. Keystone Heights, Fla. Wilkins. G. Dallas, Tex. L.A. Mus. Williams, G. Sanford, Fla. L.A. Williams, J. Jacksonville, Fla. L.A. Williamson, M. Jacksonville, Fla. Bus, Wilson, K. Cynthiana, Ky. Wilson, L. Orlando, Fla. L.A. L.A, THE FRESHMEN . . 1962 Winn, F. Pensacola, Fla. Wirsing, J. Carrollton, Ga. Witt, J. N. Miami, Fla. Wynn, N. St. Petersburg, Fla. Wysong, J. Daytona, Ohio Fla. Yetter, M. Tavares, Yocum, D. N. Miami, Fla. Youmans, S. Beaufort, S. C. Yount, E. Delray Beach, Fla. Zirbser, W. Glassboro, N. J. HE FEATURES Scholastics, athletics, fraternities, and organizations combine to form another major field of interest at Stetson — that of the featured activities. This category includes a wide range of events from Green Feather to Hatter Holiday, beauty contests to tugs-of-war. The Highwaymen to Julius Caesar. Such activities are special in that each and every student may participate in and derive enjoyment from them: hence, they are the " features. " Clockwise, the contestants in the Miss Hatter contest are Gwen Cheshire, Monica Abercrombie, Dorothy Jones, Shannon Strauss, Sue Chas- tain, Linda Klaitz, Penny Gray, Susan Green, Pat Erickson, Karen Roberts, Lorey Arnall, Ginger Barnett, and Lois Olson. MISS HATTE R JLorey yCrnaU Miss Lorey Arnall, 19-year-old sophomore from Venice, was chosen last fall as Miss 1962 Hatter over a dozen other beau- ties. Raven-haired Lorey was also in the Miss Stetson court at last spring ' s Hatter Holiday. Being a music major, she exhibits her vocal talents in the university choir and chorus. At the right Lorey is shown being crowned by the 1961 Miss Hatter, Jean Cox MacArthur. Below, she poses after the contest with runners-up Penny Gray and Shannon Strauss. M J i.« 109 FIRST RUNNER-UP i liss diatter 110 MISS SHANNON STRAUSS SECOND RUNNER-UP n iiss uiatter 111 ueen AND COURT From left are Virginia Hill, Queen Judy, and Suzv Hankins. ' • " ' I MISS VIRGINIA HOLTZENDORF 1 1 iilitar ueen AND COURT From left are Queen Virginia, Suzanne Fred- rikson, Judy Wood, Gail Hilverink, and Carol Clark. PI KAPPA PHI AND COURT From left are Karen Marion, Queen Edwinna, and Ginger Barnett. 114 [Parade of uDeautg MISS PATRHIA KUIKSON MISS SUZANNE FREDRIKSON ||||te,»f MISS MONICA ABERCROMBIE MISS KAREN ROBERTS Nearly as many upperclassmen as freshmen pack the SUB lounge durinR an orientation social, both to survey the crop of rushees and to share in the free refreshments. Traditional mace-bearer Dr. Elmer C. Prichard lead the processional to begin the opening convocation. " S " Club members Red Alderman and Bill Cross sell boxes of green beanies to new freshman " rats. " 116 Dr. J. Ollie Edmunds, Dean Etter Turner, and S(;A [ ' resident Jim Lanier greet frosh at the President ' s Reception. ORIENTATION WEEK Johnny Poole, Kirby Simmons, Bill Clark, and Ken Kincaid express a variety of after-dinner emotions at the annual freshman banquet. The line seems endless as students wait to purchase books in the university bookstore. Music school freshman Cathy Stone makes her Stetson debut in the orientation talent show. Gail Linane, Billie Sue Katsikas. and Dot Fiebrich reach the final steps in the arduons n tjistration process. GREEN FEATHER DRIVE Freshman Sharlene Abel sells tickets to the Zeta-Sig Ep haunted house. David Lan«e and Dave Johnson are victims of the merciless onslaught in the Sigma Nu egg-throw, always one of the more prominent booths at the carnival. Senior Paul Martz serves as barker for the business school ' s Platter Splatter, a new booth to the Carni-Gras this year. W- M-m Jim- m Miss Hatter of 1962, Lorey Arnall, is crowned by tlie 1961 title- holder Jean Cox Mac Arthur. Assistant Dean of Men Billy Ray Baggett offers Dr. Gene Medlin an umbrella with which to protect himself from soggy sponges. Bob Runze rubs a merangue pie into the face of an uniden- tified Pi Phi as Nancy Atsma looks on in relief and amuse- ment from the next stall. Dick Krause tries his skill at the Scabbard and Blade turkey shoot, but wife Meg seems too preoccupied to notice. MR. ARTHUR ALDERMAN MISS SUSAN GREEN 1 1 Laiior and uLc omecoming Layor and utostess HOMECOMING Hundreds of curb-sitters iewed the 1962 Stetson Homecoming parade. The rocking Euclid High School band was one of the favorite attractions of the February 17 parade. Alpha Xi and Lambda Chi took first place honors with their " Bon Mardi Gras " float l iiV ., The Zetas and Pi Kapps used a cafe motif for their float. A couple of clowns cavorted on the Pi Phi-Sig Ep float. With two huge champagne glasses, IWO proposed a toast to the Hatters. ' Bubbling over with Spirit " was the Phi Mu-Delta Sig theme. i . ,..,--, : -aiigip; 122 Seven cheerleaders and mascot Cathy Giffin rode atop a light SU ' s most enthusiastic group, the Pep Band, piled onto a school truck convertible in the Homecoming parade. for the occasion. Tennessee Williams ' Glass Menagerie was the special Stover Theatre production. HOMECOMING The Lambda Chis added a carnival note to their house for the weekend. A winking clown was the BSlI ' s Mardi Gras entry. MISS KAYE BALLOU MR. TED SUCHER 1 1 ir. and 1 1 iiss Stetson - llu ' criiwci rlix thniiiall_ h()iit?-. •■lli-a t- . ' " tho Sip;ma Nus outpull the Delta Sigs to win another trophy for Hatter Holiday athletics. I 111 ri:i- ilii; in and pull, too, to continue their stria;; cil Hat- ter Holiday victories. HATTER HOLIDAY i To the right, Bill Thompson prepares to start one of the day ' s many swimming matches. Twelve lovelies pose for final appraisal in the bathing suit division of the Miss Stetson contest. From left they are Dot Jones, Kelly dinger, Penny Gray, winner Kay Ballou, Lorey Arnall, Lynn Colby, Carol Clark, Judy Wood, Susan Green, Marie Compton, Ingrid Froman, and Linda Heep. 125 Conspirators Jim Sawyer, Louis Phillips and Charlie Clark address an obstinate Terry Lung in a sifnc- from the Stover presentation of Shakespeare ' s " Julius Caesar. " STOVER THEATRE Dons McFarland listens intently as she readies the sound d j d • t ■ n.- c r v r pp . r iu t J 4- Brutus and rortia quarrel m this scene trom Julius Caesar, etrects tor a theatre production. 126 " Off with his head: " ' is the erdict ajjainst poor Knave of Hearts Randy Griffiths in the Children ' s Theatre production of " Alice in Wonderland. " Dr. Irving C. Stover proudly cuts his birthday cake at the faculty reception in his honor. Kiny (if Slam Jack Coldiron listens haughtily to the pliants of a segment of his harem in " The King and I. " ct 127 STOVER THEATRE Theta Alpha Phi president Judy MacKenzie and theatre director Bruce Griffiths talk with Agnes Morehead before her fall appearance at Stover. A perennial favorite in " Alice in Wonderland " is the talking caterpillar atop a mushroom. Carol Tavlor and two children ready a scene for " J. B. " Dorothy Hart and Ray men Delgado also re- hearse for " J. B., " a play based on the Book of Job. HE GREEKS ' s , y ' y ' Ap - ' ' - " ' ■ ti 1 ' " i ' •i ' " ' In its highest expression, a Greek letter fraternity is an inner spirit, both idealistic and practical. It is a group of men or women each contributing to the group and to one another. In working to make their organi- zation as perfect as possible, they polish and enrich the life of each member, encourage the finest develop- ment of character, and form deep, life-long friendships. At Stetson, every student has the opportunity to de- velop and expand his horizons as fraternities strive for a successful balance between academic, athletic, social, and administrative activities. Moreover, a great meas- ure of the value of belonging to a fraternity comes from the associations with each other group. A true spirit of Panhellenism, based upon cooperation rather than com- petition, is essential for the prosperity of the fraternity system and that of each individual group. Newly-chosen Athena, Alpha Xi Kaye Ballou, and Zeus, Pi Kap Bill Gardner, pose be- fore the lighted torch, symbol of Greek Week. ena ara )eus . . To the left, last year ' s roval couple, Pat Erikson and Pete Brooks, light the fire open- ing Greek Week 1961. ALPHA CHI OMEGA OFFICERS PRESIDENT Marilyn White 1ST VICE-PRESIDENT Nancy Walker 2ND VICE-PRESIDENT Joy Lynn Thomas TREASURER Betty Lawhon SECRETARY Gail Hilverink RUSH CHAIRMAN Ann McDowell Alpha Chi Omega was founded in 1885 at DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana, by seven outstanding members of the music school. The golden lyre badge was chosen because of its significance as the first mu- sical instrument of the Greeks ; it also represents the musical heritage of Alpha Chi. Its colors are scarlet and green, and the flower is the red carnation. PRESIDENT MARILYN WHITE The Gamma Chi Chapter was founded at Stetson in May of 1957. Since that time it has made great prog- ress and has been recognized as the outstanding AXO chapter in the state of Florida. The friendly Alpha Chi ' s may be seen participating in many campus activities. Lynn Chapman and Joy Lynn Thomas serve as dormitory presidents and as members of the Women ' s Executive Council while many other Alpha Chi ' s are house council members. Nancy Walker is SGA vice-president as well as a member of Who ' s Who. In the way of scholastic honors, Edwinna Murphy was selected for Phi Society membership. Other honoraries represented among the group are Kappa Pi, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Beta, Tau Beta Sigma, Sigma Beta Chi, Beta Beta Beta, Kappa Mu Epsilon, and Psi Chi. Gail Johnson was awarded third prize in the Florida Music Composition competition. In addition. Alpha Chi ' s have merited recognition through the Honor Roll and Dean ' s List. Last spring intramural board trophies were awarded to Alpha Chi ' s Gail Hilverink as Co-Athlete of the Year and Roberta Watts as Rookie of the Year. This fall the group captured the basketball trophy with an undefeated season. The girls of the golden lyre are doing capable jobs in the fields of cheerleading, newspaper staff. Stover Theatre productions. Publications Board, Union Board, Religious Life Council, Intramural Board, the many re- ligious organizations, SGA Cabinet, and the Gr een Feather, Parents ' Weekend, Orientation, Homecoming, Hatter Spirit, Hatter Holiday, and Leadership Week- end Committees. The chapter also was host to the Southeastern Panhellenic Conference with Gail Hil- verink as chairman. Beauty honors received by Alpha Chi ' s include Carol Clark as first runner-up in the Miss Stetson Basketball contest and Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweetheart and Cal- endar Girl. Virginia Sporhase was the Alpha Chi en- trant in the basketball contest. Gail Hilverink and Carol were also chosen as ROTC unit sponsors. Alpha Chi was represented by two members in the Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Court. Lynn Colby represented the group in the Miss Stetson contest and Karen Rob- erts was in the Miss Hatter contest. 134 LAV .l Five new pledges cheer their team on at the annual fall retreat in Uaytona. The center gets ready to snap the ball in this pledge- active football game at retreat. Fall pledges Annette Hegeman, (.lorin M.i i .tiin. and ( arol Kohb wait backstage for their act to be called in the Freshman Talent Show. ■ «0S j£. " " trntfU. " ' ' . i Ann McDowell runs to see what is so funny as DeeAnn Conley, Jimmie Mae Wimberly, Nancy Irish, and Marilyn White cut up at DeLeon Springs. Andrew, Gloria Barineau, Anita Chandler, Diane Chapman, Lynn Clark, Carol Colby, Lynn Corbett, Linda Corbett, Nancy Couch, Joan DeLeGal, Mary Denton, Bonny Dorsey, Carol ALPHA CHI OMEGA Harris, Sandy Harter, Pat Hegeman, Annette High, Charlotte Hilverink, Gail Hubbard, Joan Irish, Nancy Johnson, Gail Lawhon, Betty Laird, Nancy Laird, Wendy McCree, Margie McDowell, Ann Meierstein, Gloria Mobley, Julia Moore, Carol Murphy, Edwinna Niswonger, Patti Pilcher, Caroline Redwine, Cherie Robb, Carol Roberts, Karen MEMBERS Russell, Lyn Sporhase, Virginia Templer, Jean Templer, Joan Thomas, Joy Lynn Waldrep, Linda Walker, Nancy Watts, Roberta Wilson, Beverly Wimberly, Jimmie Mae ALPHA XI DELTA OFFICERS PRESIDENT Glenna Rankin VICE-PRESIDENT Marty Mullins SECRETARY Ernestine Collins TREASURER Kaye Ballon RUSH CHAIRMAN Pat Erickson PLEDGE TRAINER Kay Ward Alphi Xi Delta was founded at Lombard College in Galesburg, Illinois, on April 17, 1893, and was one of the first ten sororities founded in the National Pan- hellenic Council. The golden quill studded with pearls and the pink Killarney rose are the Alpha Xi Delta symbols. Its colors are the double blue and gold. No matter where one goes on campus, he will find a friendly and capable Alpha Xi. The trophies which fill the trophy case give evidence to the many titles and honors which our girls have garnered. Miss Greek Week Athena, Kaye Ballou, is also Lamb- da Chi Alpha Crescent Girl and the reigning Miss Stetson. Other honors among the group include Delta Sigma Phi Sweetheart Pat Erickson, sophomore vice- president Yvonne Wilby, freshman secretary Leighann Roberts, cheerleaders Judy Campbell and Diane Strick- land, Panhellenic President Linda Fulf ord. Hatter Bus- iness Manager Anne Greene, Mortar Board President Judy MacKenzie, and Mortar Board Secretary Betsy Schlueter. Among the many other activities on campus, one will find Alpha Xi girls on house councils with Carolyn Meisenheimer as Emily Hall secretary and Judy Camp- bell as representative to Women ' s Executive Council. PRESIDENT GLENNA RANKIN Also are girls on the Reporter staff, in Stover Theatre productions, in Travel Squad and Concert Choir, and on Honor Roll and Dean ' s List. Alpha Xi ' s are also outstanding members of many honorary societies — Phi Society (president Judy Mac- Kenzie), Theta Alpha Phi, Beta Beta Beta, Sigma Delta Pi, Sigma Pi Kappa, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Pi Kappa Delta, Gamma Theta Upsilon, Phi Alpha Theta, Tassel, Phi Beta, and Kappa Delta Pi. Also, found working and participating in Canterbury Club, B.S.U., Y.W.A., and other religious organizations are many of our mem- bers. This year Alpha Xi was doubly honored in having two senior members chosen for Who ' s Who — Judy MacKenzie and Betsy Schlueter. Alpha Xi Delta ' s national projects are a great source of pride. One of the most important is with a national juvenile delinquency program; Alpha Xi ' s also help with several annual charity drives. 138 .MiT ' The Aliilui Xi ■Amazon.s ' try to stop a I ' i Thi attack in a touch football jjame between halves of a home soccer meet. Judy McKenzie directs children in their roles ft Theatre production. Betsy Schlueter, Sarah Condit, and Pat Erikson are in the midst of readying the Alpha Xi-Pike booth for the Green Feather Carnival. The prize-winning Alpha Xi-Lambda Chi float moves into place for the Homecoming parade. Four Alpha Xi lovelies — Linda Klaitz, Gwen Cheshire, Pat Erikson, and Lois Olsen — are in the 1962 Hatter Court of Beauty. Ballou, Kaye Bierley, Beth Blane, Sandra Brown, Linda Brownson, Judy Campbell, Judy Cheshire, Gwen Collins, Ernestine Condit, Sarah Crable, Nancy Elmore, Pat Erickson, Pat ALPHA XI DELTA Fellows, Jackie Fleishel, Victoria Fulford, Linda Furlow, Kathryn Greene, Anne Gregory, Linda Hogarth, Wendy Horn, Karen Howard, Jayne Justice, Peggy Kells, Linda Klaitz, Linda Krause, Meg MacKenzie, Judy Meisenheimer, Carolyn Molnar, Diane Mullins, Martha Mullins, Suzanne Olsen, Jjois Roberts, Leighan Robinson, Rosanne MEMBERS Strickland, Diane Tondee, Paula Walker, Claudine Ward, Kay Wilby, Yvonne Schlueter, Betsy Smith, Francene Smith, Marian Spears, Jewell DELTA DELTA DELTA OFFICERS PRESIDENT Susan Green VICE-PRESIDENT Jackie Pitts SECRETARY Kenny Butler TREASURER Daria Frye MARSHALL Judy Eckert RUSH CHAIRMAN Dawn Davis PLEDGE TRAINER Nancy Plapp PRESIDENT SUSAN GREEN Delta Delta Delta was established on Thanksgiving Eve, 1888, at Boston University. Alpha Delta Chapter, founded at Stetson in 1913, is the oldest Tri-Delta chap- ter in Florida. Tri-Deltas honor their badge of three pearl-studded stars within a golden crescent and hold fast to their colors of silver, gold, and blue. Tri-Deltas take a very active part in all phases of campus life. Jackie Pitts and Dawn Davis serve the Women ' s Executive Council as president and vice-presi- dent, respectively. Jackie has also been chosen for Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Eight girls represent the sorority on the various house councils. Sandy Ivey, Kenny Butler, Shannon Strauss, and Sara Mann are active in Stover Theatre produc- tions. Sandy also sings in the university glee club, as does Judy Eckert. Two of Stetson ' s cheerleaders are Tri-Deltas Sandy Ivey and Shannon Strauss; Shannon was also chosen runner-up in the Miss Hatter contest. Tri-Deltas serve the various schools and classes of the University as officers. Jackie Pitts is Liberal Arts vice-president, Faith Sasser is junior vice-president, and Susan Green is senior secretary as well as runner-up in the Miss Stetson contest. Academically speaking, Tri-Deltas Linda Heep, Kenny Butler, and Andi Smith were chosen for Kappa Pi, national honorary art fra- ternity. Dian Aiken and Molly Campbell were asked to become members of Phi Society. Serving as co-chairmen of three of Stetson ' s biggest annual events are Darla Frye, Green Feather; Sandy Koch, Greek Week ; and Sandy Ivey, Homecoming. Joy Goode Hobby was chosen by Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity as Sweetheart. These are but a few of the activities in which Tri- Deltas engage. Traditional activities of the sorority are the Apple-Polishing Party, Founders ' Day Banquet, retreat. Pansy Breakfast, and Tri-Delta Weekend. 142 Martha Barineau, Jackie Pitts, and Nancy Plapp relax at the fall retreat in Daytona. Sandy Koch peers over the planter at the lloniecoming open house. Brenda Rains, Jackie Pitts. Judy Eckert, Joy Hobby, Barbara Allison, Andi Smith, Sandy Ivey, and bespectacled Mary Beth Everroad heave hard in the Hatter Holiday tug-of-war. :f Libby Seigle races on in the Greek Week Olympics sack Aiken, Dian Barineau, Martha Booth, Sara Browne, Mary Llew Burgess, Lora Lee Campbell, Molly Davis, Dawn Day, Mary Jane Donavan, Carol Jean Dukes, Donna Eckert, Judy Everroad, Mary Beth DELTA DELTA DELTA Frye, Daria Garcia, Diana Gibson, Linda (ioldsborough, Dian Hedrick, Phyllis Heep, Linda Hobby, Joy Goode ii. Ai Ivey, Sandra Jones, Margaret Koch, Sandra Lynn, Mary Ann Maison, Sandra Mills, Bassha Mann, Sara Nelson, Roberta Pitts, Jackie Raines, Brenda Sasser, Faith Seigle, Libby MEMBERS Ulnter, Mary Ann Williams, Gwynne Woodberry, Martha Woods, Nancy Simpson, Marion Smith, Andi Straus, Shannon PI BETA PHI OFFICERS PRESIDENT Virginia Hill VICE-PRESIDENT Eloise Thomas CORRESPONDING SECRETARY . Susanne Higgins RECORDING SECRETARY .... Jo Marie Ashley TREASURER Jane Hall PLEDGE TRAINER Eleanor Dickey RUSH CHAIRMAN Lynn Evans Pi Beta Phi, the oldest national fraternity for women, was founded in 1867 at Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois. Florida Alpha, one of its 104 chap- ters, was established in 1913, making Pi Beta Phi the first national Panhellenic organization on the cam- pus of John B. Stetson University. Pi Phi ' s national philanthropic work is the Pi Beta Phi Settlement in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The school was founded in 1912 for educational and medical services. Among the outstanding alumnae of the sorority are Margaret Truman Daniels, Mrs . Calvin Coolidge, Jane Wyman, Elizabeth Scott, Mrs. Farris Bryant, and Miss America of 1958, Marilyn Van Derbur. Stetson ' s weai-ers of the golden arrow are active in every phase of campus life. Six of the fourteen girls tapped for Tassel, leadership and scholarship honorary for sophomore women, are Phi Phis Eleanor Dickey, Diana Morris, Susanne Higgins, Jo Parks, Jane Hall, and Suzy Hankins. Mortar Board, as well as Who ' s Who, tapped Lynn Evans. School and government of- ficers are S.G.A. Secretary Suzy Hankins, S.U.B. Sec- retary Judy Wood, and Business School Secretary Ginger Barnett. Jane Hall, Bev Chapman, and Cissy Harris are our peppy cheerleaders. Jane is also presi- dent of Stetson Hall. Suzy Hankins is president of Chadouin Hall and of Phi Society. Calendar Girls are Joy Hartung and Virginia Hill. PRESIDENT VIRGINIA HILL Pi Phi ' s are all very proud of group participation. The sorority has won the scholarship trophy for five straight semesters, first place for the 1961 Homecom- ing float " Remember When, " and the Intramural Par- ticipation Trophy. During the Green Feather Carnival, we teamed with Sigma Nu and earned the most money for charity. Beauty honors are also numerous within the so- rority and the entire group is proud of these girls. Military Ball Queen was Virginia Holtzendorf, who crowned Freshman Beauty Queen Edwinna Whitnal, the foui ' th straight Pi Phi to merit this honor. Vir- ginia was also Miss Waycross and second runner-up in the Miss Georgia competition. Other beauties in- clude Homecoming Hostess Diana Kunze, first runner- up for Miss Hatter Penny Gray, Hatter Tournament Queen Judy Wood, and last, but certainly not least. Miss Ugly, Shelly Crittendon. 146 Judy Nowell acoepts the Intramural Participation Trophy from Mrs. Esther Hick. Virginia relinquishes a title here, that of Freshman Beauty Queen, to Edwinna Whitnel. Penny Gray croAvns Virginia Holtzendorf 1961 Military Ball Queen. Pi Phi claims all three finalists in the ]9«1 Hatter Invitational Tourney beauty contest. From left are Virginia Hill, .ludv WOod, and Suzy Hankins. Abernethy, Mary Knox Ashley, Jo Atsma, Nancy Ballard Kim Barnett , Ginger Cole, Janet Dickey, Eleanor Dollens Donna Dunkle, Karyl Evans, Lynn Evans, Pat Gray, Penny PI BETA PHI Grimm, Joyce Hall, Jane Hankins, Suzy Hardin, Mary Dell Harris, Cissy Hartung, Joy Hasencamp, Judy Higgins, Suzanne Holies, Pat Holtzendorf, Virginia Huff, Kathleen Jacques, Donna Johnson, Linda Kane, Karen Parks, Jo Persons, Kay Poulton, Connie Pullen, Lynn Ravines, Marcia Richards, Marilyn MEMBERS Whitnel, Edwinna Whittington, Helen Wirsing, June Witt, Judy Wood, Judv Seigle, Betsy Severud, Karin Smith, Betsy Thomas, Eloise PHI MU OFFICERS PRESIDENT Beverly Graham VICE-PRESIDENT Jean Greenlaw SECRETARY Louise Giddens TREASURER Patsy Stokes RUSH CHAIRMAN Dot Jones Phi Mil, the second oldest sorority in the United States, was chartered in 1852 at Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia. Presently there are eighty-five col- legiate chapters and one hundred seventy-five alumnae groups. The Stetson chapter of Phi Mu was chartered in 1949. Its symbols are an oddly-shaped badge bearing a heart and hand embossed in gold and black, and the pink Enchantress carnation. Since Phi Mu has been on Stetson ' s campus, her members have been active in all phases of campus life. Among the current members are Dot Jones, Kappa Delta Pi treasurer and recipient of one of five na- tional Phi Mu scholarships; Jean Greenlaw, Kappa Delta Pi historian; Patsy Stokes and Joy Kressman, Kappa Mu Epsilon; Lisa Durgin, Sigma Delta Pi vice- president; Bev Graham, Tassel; Mary Ruth McMahan, Beta Beta Beta vice-president; Sharon Gage, Pubhca- tions Board Chairman, Sigma Pi Kappa, Student Un- ion Board Hostess; Sue Dellinger, Sigma Beta Chi vice-president ; Marcia Clemons, Sigma Beta Chi. Other activities include Phi Alpha Theta, Women ' s Council, concert and university choirs, Reporter staff, S.G.A. committees, and Panhellenic committees. Phi Mu places special emphasis on social services. The chapter ' s major project is the care of an adopted PRESIDENT BEVERLY GRAHAM Korean boy. There are many other projects and all are carried out with special attention to helping the needy and underprivileged. In the Florida Convention last spring, the Alpha Xi chapter was chosen as the best all-around Phi Mu chapter in the state. Of six awards given at the con- vention. Alpha Xi won four, another being for the best pledge classes for the previous biennium. In keeping with chapter traditions, we held the an- nual fall pledge retreat, Mother-Daughter Christmas party, spring retreat, spring weekend, and senior break- fast. Thanks to a wonderful alumnae group and to the efforts of our officers, the past year has been a suc- cessful one for Phi Mu. 150 The Phi Mu ' s pose for a group shot in the apartment. Mary Ruth McMahan prepares a biology demonstration. The girls discuss plans for the year at the annual fall retreat. All sorts of refreshments are sold at the Phi Mu-Indie booth at the Green Feather Carnival. 15 " Bramlitt, Brenda Bues, Mary Butler, Carol Clayton, Alice Bellinger, Susan Durgin, Lisa Gage, Sharon Gehrke, Sue PHI MU Kressman, Joy MacDonald, Norma McMahan, Mary Ruth Messick, Linda Sihibanoff, Millie Slingerland, Pam Slinn, Martha Smith, Sandra MEMBERS stokes. Patsy Toolev, Corene Umbaugh, Sandra Williams, Peggy Zimmerman, Bonnie ZETA TAU ALPHA OFFICERS PRESIDENT Suzanne Frederickson VICE-PRESIDENT Robin Dashiell RECORDIN G SECRETARY Bunny Bergin CORRESPONDING SECRETARY . Carolyn Shepard TREASURER Robin Cook HISTORIAN Anne Quarles Zeta Tau Alr)ha is collective individualism. It has al- wavs stood for the autonomv of the individual, for to stifle individualism would be to defeat its iDurpose. Yet, each member is alwavs readv to nut her individual academic, athletic, social, and administrative abilities to work for the erroup and the university. Academically, Zeta has members in Beta Beta Beta, Kappa Delta Pi, Kapna Mu Epsilon, Kappa Pi, La Franciade, Pi Kanpa Delta, Psi Chi, Sigma Beta Chi, Sigma Delta Pi. Sia-ma Pi Kanna, Sigma Tau Delta, University Chorus, Tolstoy Club, Phi Society, Honor Roll, and Dean ' s List. Athletically, Zeta has won the Greek Week Olympics and Intramurals tronhies for the past four years, and last year also the Hatter Holiday trophy. Socially, Zeta initiated desserts for other sororities and the tri-sorority dance, both building Panhellenic spirit. Individually. Ingrid Froman was Pi Kanpa Alpha Dream Girl, Robin Dashiell Sigma Nu Sweetheart, and Susan Barnes Southeast Pershing Rifles Oueen. Administratively. Zetas served on all Student Gov- ernment committees. Individually, Zetas serve as editor of the Hatter, vice-president of the senior class, secre- tary of the junior class, secretary of the sophomore K PRESIDENT SUZANNE FREDRICKSON class, secretary of Women ' s Executive Council, Uni- versity sports publicity director, secretary and ser- geant-at-arms of Stetson Hall, and representatives- at-large in the various dorms. This is a brief picture of Zeta Tau Alpha at Stetson University 1961-1962 — with each member striving to uphold the goals of the National Fraternity which was established at Longwood College, Farmville, Va., on October 15, 1898, and the goals of the charter mem- bers who founded the Stetson Chapter in 1934, choos- ing as charter president our own Dean Etter McTeer Turner. 154 Suzanne Fredrikson smilingly accepts the third straight Intramural Point Trophy from director Mrs. Fran Carlton. Doug Sucher helps Bunny Mihm hold her box of white roses at one of the many Zeta serenades. Badminton champ Anne Quarles starts a smashing return in one of her intramural matches. Eileen Lipthrott and David Mcllvain enjoy themselves at the Greek Week open house in the sorority apartment. Barnes, Susan Bergin, Elizabeth Bishop, Carol Bowen, Iris Chastain, Sue Cook, Robin Cooper, Pat Dashiell, Robin Disney, Diane DuBois, Barbara Ellis, Peggy Flippo, Kay ZETA TAU ALPHA L r- Gaskins, Sallie Greene, Courtney Greene, Pat Gregory, Gayle Hargrave, Betty Hendry, Gail House, Carol Hoven, Stephanie Katsikas, Billie Kraft, Jane Linane, Gail Lipthrott, Eileen Lyle, Frances Meclewski, Carol Mihm, Barbara McGregor, Sandra Nagel, Betsy Porep, Sandra Quarles, Anne Shaw, Sue Ann MEMBERS Wall, Denise Walton, Karen Wilcox, Elinor Wilson, Sandra Shepard, Carolyn Swink, Barbara Waldron, Marty j : : ' I Seated from left are Lisa Durgin, Jane Kraft, Gail Hilverink, Linda Fulford, Judy Wood, and Libby Seigle. Standing ' " tlie sam« wder are Glenna Rankin. Pat Erieksfn, Bev Graham, Yvonne Wilby, Suzanne Fredrikson, Lynn Evans, Dorothy Jones, Virginia Hill, Dawn Dav.s, Marilyn White, Susan Green, and Ann McDowell. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL OFFICERS PRESIDENT Linda Fulford TREASURER Jane Kraft VICE-PRESIDENT Gail Hilverink REPRESENTATIVE-AT-LARGE . . . Lisa Durgin SECRETARY Judy Wood REPRESENTATIVE-AT-LARGE . . . Libby Seigle Panhellenic Council is the central governing body for Stetson ' s six social sororities : Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Xi Delta, Delta Delta Delta, Pi Beta Phi, Phi Mu, and Zeta Tau Alpha; the local group is a member of Na- tional Panhellenic Council. Panhellenic ' s creed states that the board represents preparation for service through character-building in- spired in the close contact and deep friendship of fra- ternity life. Sorority rush is the council ' s main concern. At the beginning of each semester, the group holds several informative sessions to aid girls striving to become Greeks. At such sessions rush rules, preferentials, and penalties are explained to all rushees. The council also acts as a judiciary board, hearing all cases involving illegal rushing, broken pledges, or disputes between member sororities. In addition, start- ing this year, the council will annually award a $200 Panhellenic Scholarship to a deserving female under- graduate. Every member group has three representatives on the board : its president, rush chairman, and represen- tative-at-large. Only the representatives-at-large have a vote. Offices of the council are rotated to allow each organization an equal opportunity. 158 NTER- FRATERNITY COUNCIL OFFICERS PRESIDENT Richard " Chip " Shore VICE-PRESIDENT Bill Thompson SECRETARY Jay Buchner TREASURER Guy Campbell Inter-Fraternity Council coordinates the activities of and settles the disputes between the six social fra- ternities on the Stetson campus — Delta Sigma Phi, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pi Kappa Alpha, Pi Kappa Phi, Sigma Nu, and Sigma Phi Epsilon. All six of these are chapters of national fraternities pledged to uphold ideals and standards similar to those embraced by the University. Fraternity life is one of the most important extra- curricular aspects of one ' s collegiate career, as mem- bership enhances one ' s sense of responsibility, leader- ship, teamwork, and belonging. Stetson ' s chapters are aware of this importance and are ever conscious of their responsibility for developing men willing and capable of assuming the positions of leadership both on the campus and in the world. IFC performs the same functions for men ' s rush that Panhellenic does for women ' s. Although this does not involve the screaming and crying of women ' s rush, it is no less trying on the nerves ; here a hearty hand- shake conveys the same meaning as a " squeal hour. " Seated from left are Dalton Epting, Jay Buchner, Bill Cross, and Bill Thompson. Standing in the same order are Jim Terrell, R. C. King, Pat Knipe, Dick Ulack, Butch Spivey, and Guy Campbell. Pike, Pi Kapp, and two Sip Ep representatives are not pictured. DELTA SIGMA PHI OFFICERS PRESIDENT Bill Cross VICE-PRESIDENT Bruce McKinley SECRETARY Bob Mitchell TREASURER Chris Wise SERGEANT-AT-ARMS Ron Gironda PRESIDENT BILL CROSS Delta Sigma Phi was founded in 1898 at the College of the City of New York. Since that time it has grown to be one of the largest national fraternities, with over 100 chapters and 50,000 brothers in the bond of Sphinx. The local chapter, Alpha Chi, was installed at Stetson in 1925 with Dr. J. Ollie Edmunds, now president of the University, as charter president. The chapter conducts such annual affairs as the Christmas " Pop Garner " party for underprivileged children, Honki-Tonk Party, and the " Sailors ' Ball. " The " Sailors ' Ball " originated at Alpha Chi chapter during the depression and has since been adopted as the official weekend for all chapters of the fraternity. The Delta Sigs, while a social fraternity — all for one, one for all, and all for fun — add much to campus life and the brothers hold many honors. Brother Thompson has served as the vice-president of I.F.C. President Bill Cross is a member of Men ' s Council, president of the Business School, treasurer of Beta Alpha Sigma, and captain of the baseball team. Bruce McKinley is treasurer of the junior class, and Jose Auffant is S-4 of the R.O.T.C. Battle Group Staff. Alpha Chi Chapter has always excelled in sports, and this year won the intramural football championship under the direction of quarterback Ron Gironda. Sev- eral of the brothers are in Green Circle, Phi Society, and Omicron Delta Kappa, and many of the brothers participate in varsity sports. The brothers of the Green and White take pride in their honors. We strive constantly to improve our scholastic averages and campus standing. Faculty members of Delta Sigma Phi include Wesley M. Berner, James D. Perdue, Donald C. Yaxley, and Burwell Wingfield. 160 Tho brothers exult after colleeting over 17,000 cigarette packs in a contest last spring. Santa Claus visits the Delta Sig Christmas party for orphans. Ralph Youngerman takes a fl.ving leap (via trampoline) to dunk one. Pi Kapp linemen rush Intramural All-Star Ron Gironda as he attempts a pass to David Mcllvain. Auffant, Joae Baughan, Herb Brand, Bruce Coonley, Don Dickson, John Dupre, Jack Eriksson, Edward Greene, Ralph gr DELTA SIGMA PHI Henderson, Steve Hughes, Eddie Jacobs, Paul Jane, Bob Knapp, Ronald Mcllvain, David McKinley, Bruce Ruggiero, John Schuessler, Richard Schutzendorf, Gordon Spencer, Bill Taft, Gene Thode, Al Thompson, Bill Thorne, Brink Tilden, Robert MEMBERS Trinowski, Charles Ulack, Richard Vose, Jim Winderweedle, William Wise, Chris Wood, Anthony Youngerman, Ralph LAMDA CHI ALPHA OFFICERS PRESIDENT Pat Knipe VICE-PRESIDENT John Davis SECRETARY Tom Fay TREASURER Bill Perry RITUALIST Richard Nicholls RUSH CHAIRMAN Bob Hutson SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Jim Murphy PLEDGE TRAINER Bert Humphries imtg ' ' Kalepa Ta Kala is the open motto of Lambda Chi Alpha. It means " Naught Without Labor " and has provided the basic tenet for Lambda Chi Alpha since its founding on November 2, 1909, at Boston University. With this thought always in mind, Lambda Chi has grown to become one of the largest international fra- ternities with a total of 151 chapters. Lambda Chi has a tradition of steady growth through work, always striving to improve in order to offer and give more and more to its men. This has been the story of Zeta Tau Chapter on the Stetson campus from the beginning of the chapter in 1949 to the present. It is through working toward common goals and ideals that a close brotherhood is formed, and it is this brotherhood of which Lambda Chi is most proud for brotherhood is the essence of fraternity. We feel that our brotherhood is of the highest calibre. It is our goal to have a well-rounded fraternity with something to offer every man and a place for every man to apply his particular talents ; only in this way can a fraternity grow and prosper as it should. While a social fraternity. Lambda Chi contributes much to campus life in all areas. Lambda Chi ' s are seen PRESIDENT PAT KNIPE on the basketball, soccer, and track teams. They are president of the sophomore and junior classes, treasurer of the senior class, vice-president and secretary of the Ministerial Association, president of the Baptist Student Union. Lambda Chi ' s are seen in Green Circle and Omicron Delta Kappa as well as Dorm Council, Pershing Rifles, various honoraries, and on committees of the Student Government Association. The brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha ai ' e honored to say that Miss Kaye Ballou, our Crescent Girl, is the current Miss Stetson and Greek Week Queen. For the past two years Lambda Chi has been proud to sponsor the winning candidate for Miss Basketball, this year ' s winner being Miss Judy Wood. 164 The Lambda Chi house on West Minnesota features a backyard patio and large front porch for dances and parties. Anything from the twist to the cl ia-chu can be seen at Lambda Chi ' s frequent informal parties. Kaye Ballou helps Jim Murphy with some refreshments. 1961- ' 62 Crescent Girl Norma Gayle Hagan crowns her successor, Kaye Ballou, as the new fraternity sweetheart. Barrett, Squire Connell, Fred Cooke, Tucker Davis, John Dickey, Alan Durham, Joseph Eller, David Fay, Thomas Geiger, Dwight 3 LAMDA CHI ALPHA Geiger, Glenn Gress, William Henry, Ralph Holland, Cecil Hood, Richard Humphries, Bert Hutson, Robert Jacob, Alan D. c 1 T i» Juarez, Oscar Julian, Ned Jr. Kinnan, Harry Moore, Jack Mosely, George Murphy, James Neal, David Nelson, Conrad Parsons, Thomas MEMBERS Perry, Bill Rasco, Russell Skibbe, Art Swan, Steve Tussing, Lewis ,. Upchurch, John Van Zant, John Waters, Vernon PI KAPPA ALPHA OFFICERS PRESIDENT Jay Haskell VICE-PRESIDENT Dan Denman SECRETARY Dan Thomas TREASURER Jerry Bartholow March 1, 1868, was the founding date of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity at the University of Virginia. Since then it has grown to 139 chapters, located at major colleges and universities throughout the United States. Delta Upsilon chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha was founded at Stetson on March 31, 1951. The men of the Shield and Diamond are proud of members who have participated in campus affairs during the past year. Brother Tom Barnett is a Dis- tinguished Military Student and a company commander in Stetson ' s R.O.T.C. Battle Group. Brother Dan Den- man was elected president of the School of Liberal Arts and served the Student Government Association as chairman of the Rules and Procedures Committee. Brother Haskell is president of Omicron Delta Kappa, the senior class, and Phi Alpha Theta, history honorary. Brother Townsend was elected as secretary of the Men ' s Council. Delta Upsilon members have been active in other campus affairs such as the " S " Club, SGA Cabinet, Pershing Rifles, Phi Society, Student Union Board, Green Circle, and the Stetson Orchestra and Choir. The Pikes have always taken an active part in the sports program of the University. Pikes can be seen on the varsity soccer, golf, tennis, and baseball teams. PRESIDENT JAY HASKELL In addition to the intercollegiate sports. Pi Kappa Alpha has done an outstanding job in campus intramurals by winning the tennis trophy and the Intramural Achieve- ment Trophy. During Greek Week, Delta Upsilon won the chariot race and best-decorated chariot trophies. The chapter also placed an overall third in this year ' s Greek Week Olympics. Wherever beautiful girls are to be found, one will always see a Pike around. Typifying this is our Dream Girl, Miss Ingrid Froman, and our Miss Hatter repre- sentative, Miss Susan Green, president of Tri-Delta. Pi Kappa Alpha is honored to have initiated Dr. James A. Stewart, Dean of Chapel, who also serves as our faculty advisor. 168 J;ij Haskell holds a lighted lurch as Joe Walthall kads the brothers in a rousing fraternity song at the (Jreck Week sing. Doug Smith races to victory in the annual chariot race. PI KAPPA ALPHA DREAM GIRL— INGRID FROMEN Intramural director " Bulldog " Williams presents president Jay Hask 11 the Most Improved Trophy as student director Fred Sakon and Pike intramural chairman Steve Ennis look on. HT - l; ■ri Barnett, Tom Boriss, Alex Braun. Bill Brescher, Sret Brewer, Curtis Browder, Edward Carbine, Stephen Cauthen, Bob Comer, John Cunningham, Joseph Dease, Jeff Denman, Dan PI KAPPA ALPHA Ennis, Steve Fay, Robert Fletcher, Edward Freeland, James Henev, John J. Kahle, William Littlejohn, Fred Lohman, Peter Lunsford, William McAfee, Robert McCardell, Tim McDade, Robert McMillin, Richard Oliver, Dana Pickerins, Richard Pyle, Frank Redmond, Pat Rodelli, Mel Ross, David Shipman, Robert Smith, Douglas Smith, Brenton MEMBERS Stott, Norman Thomas, Dan Tierney, Thomas Torres, Smokey Townsend, Frank Turley, Jim Villa, Guy Walthall, Joe Wilson, Ty Winn, Frank PI KAPPA PHI ARCHON . . TREASURER SECRETARY HISTORIAN CHAPLAIN WARDEN . OFFICERS FALL SPRING " Red " Alderman . . . Bruce Lohcf Richard Beauchamp . R. Beauchamp Turner Matthews . . . Dave Rinker Clyde Hobby . . . Charles Lipthrott Bill Gardner Richard Reiff Bill Breyer Don Polak Chi chapter of Pi Kappa Phi was founded on Stetson ' s campus in 1921, seventeen years after the national organization was chartered in Charleston, South Caro- lina. The first local. Pi Kappa Phi, was originally started at Stetson in 1912. Since these early years our frater- nity has founded many traditions vv hich are now a part of campus life. Some of these are the Freshman Beauty Queen Contest, the Parade of Orchids, the Freshman Girls ' Serenade . . . and Uncle Gy-Rack. Throughout the years. Pi Kappa Phi at Stetson has become recognized and respected for its " tradition of excellence " in all phases of university life. This tradi- tion has been consistently maintained through a bal- anced program of leadership development in such areas as athletics, music, scholarship, political and religious activities, participated in by men of superior talents. Men of Pi Kappa Phi have served their campus in many offices and honors during the past year. Some of these service positions include SGA president and treas- urer, BSU president, editor and business manager of the Reporter, president of the " S " Club, and various class and school offices. Pi Kapps have in the past year had many of their men honored in organizations such as ODK and Green Circle. This year there were Pi Kapps in the chairmanships of Green Feather, Greek PRESIDENT ARTHUR " RED ' ALDERMAN Week, and the Stetson traffic department. We feel that the individual members and the chapter as a whole were honored when for the third year in a row the women of Stetson University elected another Pi Kapp to reign as Greek Week King, and when this year four of the seven men elected to Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities were Pi Kapps. Pi Kappa Phi also prides itself in its athletics. We have members of all the intercollegiate sports teams, all-conference positions in soccer and baseball, and are, among top contenders in intramurals. Pi Kappa Phi — the friendly fraternity — is aware of and assumes with confidence its responsibilities for developing leaders on today ' s campus for tomorrow ' s world. 172 Many of the brothers live in the fraternity house on North Boulevard. %i m Current Freshman Beauty Queen Miss Edwinna Whitnel poses beneath the arch in front of the Pi Kapp lodge. Brothfr l.ohof, Beauchamp, Reynolds, and I ' aston try out their vocal talents. In an intercollegiate track meet George Borders and Red Alderman run against men from Georgia Tech as their fraternity brothers Russ Walker, Bill Keown. Hugh Peterson, and Pete Brooks watch closely. Mrs. T. Matthews Housemother Beavo, Joe Bragg, Barnel Breyer, William Brooks, Pete Buice, David Cole, Fred Cunningham, Jack Cushing, Sonny Day, Charles Easton, Gwendol Erikson, Leif Folds, John Gilbert, Charles Gillum, Mike PI KAPPA PHI Higgins, David Jones, Arthur Keown, Bill Kraus, Richard Landers, Jay Lanier, James Lipthrott, Charles Lohof, Bruce Martz, Paul Matthews, Turner Mayer, John Mulock, Eddie Nofsinger, Roger Pattinson, Jeff Peacock, Ron Peterson, Hugh Reiff, Richard Reynolds, Jay Richards, Fred Rikard, Charles Rinker, David Rouse, Clinton Rutan, Scott MEMBERS Scott, James Scott, Robert Sweet, Howard Tyner, David Wentzel, Willett . AVhitmire, James ' Wrenn, Tom Zirbser, William Jr. SIGMA NU OFFICERS COMMANDER Dalton Epting LT. COMMANDER R. C. King RECORDER Don Seaborn TREASURER Floyd Gladden " He ivho starts out on a road, not knoiving where he is, where he is going, or hoiv he is going to get there, is lost. He may reach no ivorthivhile destination — or if he does by accident — how does he knoiv that he has arrived? " For many a young man these words may describe the situation which he faces as he begins his college career. For most, a destination becomes clear and a desire to fulfill a purpose is acquired. Yet the means of obtaining this destination are often difficult to ascertain. Of many, a few find in the spirit, heritage, and traditions of Sigma Nu the way to follow through- out their lives. Each man learns " to believe in the life of love ... to walk in the way of honor ... to serve in the light of truth. " Honor is the keystone of Sigma Nu. Ours is uniquely an Honor Fraternity, founded at an Honor College, and all the brothers are pledged to try to " walk in the way of honor. " This is an ideal which, when followed, makes a man trusted, his word good, his actions dependable, and his decisions admired and respected. The Way of Honor is the Way of Sigma Nu. As for Delta Mu of Sigma Nu on the Stetson campus, each brother strives to maintain the high spirit and traditions that have been passed down through the years. Sigma Nu was the first national social fraternity on the campus. From the very beginning, the word " first " has remained a keynote of the chapter. It is unnecessary to present a list of accomplishments and COMMANDER DALTON EPTING achievements of each brother or the chapter as a whole. Names such as Epting, Seaborn, Terrell, Cone, and Patten are familiar to the campus for leadership in various activities. Very few days pass without some mention of names like Hancock, Epting, Gladden, Hes- ter, and Poole on the sports pages of newspapers throughout Florida. Trophies for Greek Week, Hatter Holiday, and intramurals line the trophy case at the house. These are but a few of the tangibles of which we of Sigma Nu are proud. We are strong and proud, realizing our destination and intending to follow it. Sigma Nu bases its future upon its past. The brothers both as individuals and as a group will continue to strive for ideals upon which the fraternity was founded and will remain loyal to the traditions and the heritage of the Honor Fraternity. 176 Brothers allj Drumlj. Jim Smith, Bill Grose, Dewey Terrell, and Uavid Poole and their dates enjoy a band party at the house during Homecoming. Muscle straining by ten Snakes to the rhythmic chantint; of the rest give the fraternity another Hatter Holiday trophy as they win the tug-of-war. The entire chapter, as well as dozens of other spectators, turns out for an intramural Softball game. L . ' mm Billy Bray receives the intramural track trophy for the fraternity. A black and gold pirate ship is the 1962 Homecoming parade float motif. Bv-s ' Bowman, Roy Bray, Billy Castleberry, Jerry Cochran, Winkle Cone, Wayne Dunwody, Elliott Edwards, Randy Emerson, Frank Essrig, Martin Grose, William Hancock, Joel Hendrix, Paul SIGMA NU Jones, Billy Junger, Jacques King, R. C. Knowles, Clay Lange, David McArthur, Bill Mclaughlin, James McNeal, Jim Merrifield, John Merritt, Tom Miller, Mike Nicholls, Alan Patten, George Phillips, Keith Poole, John Rodgers, John Savage, Neil ■ Schoder, Tony Seaborn, Don Shaw, John Smith, Andy MEMBERS Terrell, Jim Ward, John Wilkirs, Grover Williams, Roland Woods, Trent SIGMA PHI EPSILON OFFICERS PRESIDENT Larry Deets VICE-PRESIDENT Henry Norton SECRETARY Charles Miller COMPTROLLER Carl Adams HISTORIAN Jim Coulter The Florida Beta Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon established itself at Stetson in February of 1949. Sigma Phi Epsilon, world ' s second largest social fraternity, was founded November 1, 1901, at Richmond College in Virginia. Sigma Phi Epsilon constantly strives to improve scholarship and leadership. This year Sig Ep has had one Rhodes Scholar nominee, one Woodrow Wilson scholar, and a Woodrow Wilson nominee. There have also been Sig Eps on the Honor Roll and Dean ' s List. Sigma Phi Epsilon recently won two scholarship trophies and the Quiz Bowl trophy. Sig Ep is proud of its leaders. Men such as the presi- dent of IFC, social vice-president of SGA, Intramural Director, and vice-president of Men ' s Council are wear- ing the Golden Heart. Sig Ep also has members in Omicron Delta Kappa, Scabbard and Blade, Green Circle, Pershing Rifles, Men ' s Council, Dorm Council, " S " Club, and many other leadership positions and honoraries. PRESIDENT LARRY DEETS The Sig Ep house is the center of social events. For example, when the Highwaymen recently made a special appearance at Stetson, they were entertained at the SPE house following their performance. The year is highlighted by the annual Christmas and Valentine dances and the Sig Ep weekend, which is well-known for its " Queen of Hearts " Ball. Sigma Phi Epsilon is justly proud of its camp fund to benefit underprivileged children. Established in 1950, it was the first such project successfully administered by a national fraternity. Prominent alumni of the fraternity on campus in- clude Dean E. C. Furlong, Dr. John Vaughen, Graves Edmundson, Richard Pearce, and George Hamilton. 180 The Highwaymen are entertained at the SI ' E house following their campus appearance. The Sig Ep band practices regularly to keep in tune for parties and dances. lEHEi Brothers meet, live, and party in the fraternity house on East Minnesota. Work parties such as this keep the house in top condition. Led by president Larry Deets the fraternity sings at the Greek Week opening ceremonies. L Adams, Carl Adams, Don Allison, Ron Bendle, Richard Britton, Lee Campbell, Guy Camper, Bill Clark, Don Collins, Cecil Combs, Pster Coulter, Jim Cregar, Ed Donegan, Horace Dowling, Patrick Eckblad, Robert SIGMA PHI EPSILON Edinger, Evans Fay, Logan Fulton, Bob Grassmuck, Bill Graustein, Alan Gregory, Henry Grella, Robert Harden, Don Howell, Michael Hunt, Bill Joiner, Bob Kennedy, Tom Lathrop, James Lokey, Thomas Matson, John Mikkelson, John Miller. Charles Miller, Melville Moody, Ray Moore, Robert Moore, William Morris, Richard Parry, Kenneth MEMBERS Norton, Henry Rathburn, Howard Renick, John Sakon, Fred Schindehette, Harry Shore, Richard Smith, James L. Squire, Ray Stuart, James Members of the 19G1 Greek Week Committee are: seated from left, Linda Messick, Sandra Blane, Jane Kraft, Nancj Plapp, Judy Wood; standing, Jaj Buchner, Charlie Rikard, Ton Wood, Gail Hilverink, Steve Piel, Suzanne Mullins, Charles Lipthrott, Tony Carbine, and David Johnson. Many sorority girls were on a temporary casualty list during the tricky sack race. GREEK WEEK The Pike-Alpha Xi chariot in lane three, pulled by Doug Smith, won the annual chariot race. A separate section of the Olympics was devoted to women ' s athletics. Zeta, here rep- resented by Betty Hargrave, won the relay and finally, the Olympics again. Jack Sparks finished far out in front here to help the Snakes take another Olympic trophy. HE MILITARY I r ' ngg;- ■■-nftmrnm rnimm ' -iqujfe- 1 Two years after its establishment in 1950, the Stet- son ROTC was designated by the Department of the Army to institute the Branch General Program,. stress- ing general military subjects applicable to the Army as a whole with emphasis on leadership. Since that time, through class work, drill periods, and summer camp, it has trained men for each of the fifteen special branches of the service. Not only does cadet life at Stetson involve career preparation, though ; it also incorporates honorary and social activities. Outstanding cadets may be tapped into Pershing Rifles and Scabbard and Blade, and may be designated as Distinguished Military Students. The social life is culminated each spring with Military Week, highlighted by the Military Ball. LIEUTENANT COLONEL HARRY E. APGAR R.O.T.C. OFFICERS MAJOR HENRY F. MARTIN CAPTAIN DAVID STOUDEMIRE 189 Sergeant instructors are, from left, Sergeant First Class Harold Wright, Master Sergeant Herbert Purvis, Sergeant Frederick Hoxworth, and Sergeant First Class Daniel Pope. Battle Group Staff members are, from left. Cadet Major Gary L. Ma ris. Cadet Major Patrick Knipe, Cadet Colonel Edward Cone, Cadet Major Tom Shields, Cadet Major Jose Auffant, and Cadet Lt. Colonel Gene Lopreste. liattk- (.roup Commander Ed Cone surveys the Cadet Corps. Four Sergeants I ' irsf Class compose the Coh r Guard — cadets Frank Wright, Tony Wood, Pete Brooks, and Russ Walker. Major Martin and Sergeant Hoxworth pose with their crack team at the rifle ranffc. R.O.T.C. COMPANIES Every Monday afternoon the entire Cadet Corps assembles, starched and polished, on Hulley Field for three hours of drill. Each cadet must meet Regular Army speciiications regarding dress, drill, conduct, and care and maintenance of weapons. To effect proper organization, the cadets are divided into companies of approximately fifty-five men each. A six- man Battle Group Stafi " , aided by Regular Army officers and NCO ' s, supervises the program. Each company has its own commander, executive officer, and platoon leaders ; these, in turn, are aided by several cadet sergeants and corporals of different rank. This drill procedure is but one facet of the overall ROTC program, which also includes classwork and a summer camp stint. Upon graduation and successful completion of the requirements, a cadet receives a commission as second lieutenant in the Army in his particular area of special- ization. " A " COMPANY COMMANDING OFFICER Don Seaborn EXECUTIVE OFFICER Franklin R. Babb PLATOON LEADERS Jack Barker James Lathrop Bill Thompson " B " COMPANY COMMANDING OFFICER Henry Norton EXECUTIVE OFFICER Wayne Cone PLATOON LEADERS Jim Coulter Harry Read Dave Rinker " C " COMPANY COMMANDING OFFICER Tom Barnett EXECUTIVE OFFICER John Van Zant PLATOON LEADERS P ' red Connell Bert Humphries Frank Pvle " D " COMPANY COMMANDING OFFICER Dalton Epting EXECUTIVE OFFICER Larry Beets PLATOON LEADERS Carl Adams Ralph Langham Bob Moore " HQ " COMPANY COMMANDING OFFICER Joe Smith SERGEANT MAJOR Gene Polk FIRST SERGEANT Tom Parsons Colonel Apgar presents awards to outstanding cadets with the aid of Military Queen Virginia Holtzendorf and Seargent Hoxworth, This small boy seems incredulous after watching the Pershing Rifles drill in the Christmas parade. Below is a typical Monday afternoon scene on Hulley Field. 194 HE SPORTS For many people, no victory can surpass that of an overtime conference basketball game, a record break- ing swim or run, a last-second touchdown, or a grand- slam home run, and such cherished triumphs come often in the world of sports. Athletics form a vital part of life at Stetson, where students are exposed to nearly every major United States sport. The intercollegiate schedule ranges from soccer and basketball to track, golf, baseball, and ten- nis. In addition, campus organizations vie for trophies in such diverse activities as touch football, badminton, volleyball, and bowling. SOCCER An aggressive forward line and an agile goalie led to a greatly improved soccer squad this fall. Though allowed fewer corner kicks, Stetson made more assists and hit a higher percentage of attempts than opposing teams to effect a 3-3-1 record. Goalie Frank Clark made over a hundred saves this season to merit a place on the All-FIC squad ; other FIC stars were fullback Tom Brist and co-captains Gary Maris and Red Alderman. Right Wing Boonie Sutherland, halfback Ralph Youngerman, and talented frosh Al Farnham, David Quar- rier, and Lenny Grace also sparked many Stetson wins. Highlight of the season was a long-awaited 3-2 victory over Rollins on first quarter goals by Grace and Farnham and a third quarter clincher by Sutherland. COACH WES BERNER On the front row from left are Bill Braun, Don Donegan, Red Alderman, Ralph Youngerman, Frank Clark, Guy Villa, Tom Brist, Coach Berner. and Manager Chuck Litvaney. On the second row are Brink Thorne. David Quarrier, Bob Ames, Boonie Sutherland, Skip Broome, Bill Stark, and Jay Landers. In the same order on the back row are Dave Dena, Tom Tierney, Steve Johnson, Herbert Mansfield, Al Farnham, David Tucker, Raymond Smith, and Lenny Grace. v ps(x i- M-X 5?s | $? i . , i «iS «%, % n . M Rollins players crowd around a Stetson man with the ball, but to little avail. Stetson outplayed the visitinf; Tars to end at long last their soccer supremacy. CO-CAPTAINS GARY MARIS AND RED ALDERMAN SCHEDULE OCTOBER 20— at Rollins (2-3) OCTOBER 28— Florida Southern (4-0) NOVEMBER 4— Miami (1-3) NOVEMBER 11— Rollins (3-2) NOVEMBER 18— at Florida Southern (2-2) DECEMBER 2— at Miami (7-0) DECEMBER 9— at Emory (3-2) Berner ' s Bootmen are in obvious control in this meet with Florida Southern. Red Alderman is temporarily off-balance in this race for a loose ball. f ' - ' m ' ' ; 1 Ipiv -:-■ h - 1 wt f l :;.- «aB 5 »;,.»»4-.; ' • m MW ' 1 ;. j . ..- m " ■ " s ■■ ' in % i mmwW ;f Such intrasquad contests are a biff part of practice for varsity games. (ioalee Frank (lark makes an eas sa e here All four players seem to have lost sight of the ball just kicked by .Jay Landers in this practice match. v- .« BASKETBALL Piloted by former Mercer cage star Glenn Wilkes, Stet- son ' s Hi-Hats racked up their thirteenth consecutive win- ning season this year. The local five posted a 16-11 record before bowing to Orange State in the first round of the NAIA finals at Kansas City. The Wilkesmen dropped their first road game 76-77 to Middle Tennessee State, indicative of the close matches to come. Nearly half of the season ' s contests were won or lost by less than five points. However, the victories were suf- ficient to carry the Stetson Five to the District 25 NAIA tournament in Atlanta again. Once there, the Hats pulled together to down Georgia Southern and Jacksonville and earn a trip to the national finals. Coach Wilkes brought his record at Stetson to 83-54 as he wrapped up his fifth year as head mentor of the DeLand campus. His overall record stands at 206 wins with only 83 losses for a .72 winning percentage. He was aided this year as last by Bob Weickel, a 1960 graduate of Springfield Col- lege, who also directed the freshman team. COACH GLEXN WILKES Seated on the court are, from left, Joel Hancock, Tom Barnard, Ray Moody, Tony Schoder, and Floyd Gladden. On the second row are Trainer Chuck Litvaney, Vernon Waters, Jack Sparks, Lamar Deaver, Dalton Epting, Dewey Terrell, Bill Hester, and manager Dick Mc- Millin. Standing are assistant coach Bob Weickel. Billy Bray, Bill Clark, Johnny Poole, Stan Wood, Jimmy Terrell, Frank Shelton, and Coach Wilkes. Though Johnny Poole has called for the ball. Buck Gladden is open and goes up for two against Georgetown. " Tricky " Hancock tosses in an easy basket after out- maneuvering his opponent. Both Stetson and Miami players stare in disbelief as Dalton Eptinj twists around for a field goal. SCHEDULE Dec. 1— at Middle Tenn. State (76-77) Dec. 2— at Tennessee Tech (73-100) Dec. 4— at Rollins (83-76) Dec. 7— Georgia Southern (73-62) Dec. 9— Presbyterian (78-63) Dec. 13— Univ. of the South - . . (68-62) Dec. 14 — Union University (76-75) Dec. 15— Georgetown (58-73) Dec. 18— St. Peter ' s College (96-86) Dec. 30— Blackburn College (106-80) Jan. 2— Transylvania (70-69) Jan. 4 — Tampa University (54-49) Jan. 6 — at Georgia Southern (73-75) Jan. 8— at Mercer (71-57) Jan. 13— Rollins College (92-61) Jan. 20— Mercer University (80-64) Jan. 22 — Jacksonville University (85-90) Jan. 81— Cumberland College (88-86) Feb. 2— University of Miami (70-7-9) Feb. 10— Florida Southern College .... (91-100) Feb. 15— at Miami (78-86) Feb. 17 — Oglethorpe University (53-55) Feb. 19— at Tampa (70-78) Feb. 23— at Jacksonville (68-67) Feb. 26— at Florida Southern (50-65) Mar. 2— Georgia Southern (76-74) Mar. 3— Jacksonville (61-57) Mar. 10— Orange State College (79-94) Hatter Invitational Tourney NAIA Tournament Epting gets two if his 3(i points in the Hats ' 106-80 victory over Ulaokburn College. 52 VARSITY BASKETBALL Six-foot, seven-inch center Lamar Deaver from Fitz- gerald, Ga., led the team in rebounds with 242 grabs in his first year at Stetson after transferring from a junior college. Joel " Tricky " Hancock copped scoring honors this season by a scant four points with a 19.8 point-per game average. He also led in free throw percentage, hitting 136 of 155 (88%). Dalton " Stork " Epting hit 49% of his field goal attempts and 74% of his free throws to rack up 550 points, 19.6 per game. Both he and Hancock were named to the All-Tournev team in NAIA District 25. y i MIW 205 Hoosier Floyd Gladden connected on 103 field goals and 25 charity tosses to be third highest scorer with 231 points. Sidelined for a quarter of the season by a muscle injury, forward Vernon Waters nonetheless tallied 160 points and took 100 rebounds. Deaver, Eptiny, and an oiiposinc center battle for this rebound. Freshman Bill Hester, a 6 ' i " forward from New Smyrna, proved to be a valuable varsity asset this season with his 109 rebounds and 165 points. Buck seems determined to plow right through Mercer guard Dulick. Despite a 33-33 halftime tie, the Hats ran wild the second period to capture an 80-64 victory. Jack Sparks strains for two as Ray Moody waits to make sure it goes in. Hancock confounds almost any defense with this one-hand jump shot. 207 Six-foot guard Tom Barnard earned 38 Hatter points on 16 of 36 attempts from the floor and 6 of 13 from the line. Playing only the first half of the season, guard Ray Moody made 64 markers and took 69 rebounds. Six-foot five-inch Texan Jack Sparks made 20 points and grabbed 26 from the boards in 13 games. VARSITY BASKETBALL Soph Jimmy Terrell hooks a pass in to center as two Mercer forwards and ref Bob Blair look on. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Dec. 7 — Daytona Beach Jr. College . Dec. 9— St. Pete Jr. College Dec. 12 — at Brevard Jr. College .... Dec. 13 — St. Johns Jr. College .... Jan. 2 — Brevard Jr. College Jan. 4 — Jacksonville U. Frosh .... Jan. 10 — at Daytona Beach Jr. College Jan. 11 — at St. Leo Jr. College .... Jan. 13 — Old Southern Foods Jan. 20— St. Leo ' s Jr. College Feb. 10— Dade County Jr. College . . . Feb. 13— at Dade County Jr. College . Feb. 15— at St. Pete Jr. College .... Feb. 22 — at Jacksonville (Frosh) . . . 92-39) 84-78) 72-65) 71-37) 72-49) 67-58) 100-66) 56-71) 78-82) 70-60) 56-62) 52-65) 70-64) 54-65) n. Bob Weickel, 65 " assistant basketball and baseball coach, directed the frosh squad to a 9-5 record this season. In his two years at Stetson, the tall Yankee has had a .667 winning basketball percentage. On the freshman team are. from left. Joe Beavo, John Frances, Ken Kincaid, Bob Mayer. Johnny Poole (high scorer with 246 and also 56 points and 45 rebounds in varsity play), Roy Bowman, Bill Clark, Frank Shelton, and Stan Wood. 209 KneelinR, from left, are John Dennis, Ijill Harrell, Larrj Hartsfield, Verl Beebe, Harrj Schindehette, Ed Lassiter, and Mel Murray. Standing are manager Ron Palmer, Ed Parker, captain Bill Cross, Jack Cunningham, Dennis Fougnie, John Mayer, Roy Bowman, Keith Phillips, and Coach " Doc " Johnson. COACH CARL " DOC " JOHNSON AND BLACKIE BASEBALL Jacksonville ' s Dolphins visited Conrad Park March 15 to open Stetson ' s 1962 baseball season. The Hatter Nine face a 26-game season including tilts with Amherst, Pfeiffer, Valdosta State, and Mercer, as well as the usual FIC teams. Last spring Stetson racked up its first winning season in several years with a 13-9-1 record, in- cluding a long-await ed victory over the Rollins Tars. This year, added pitching depth could offset overall team inexperience, as all but five Hats are freshmen or sophomores. Aiding Coach " Doc " Johnson this year as last are Dr. Elmer C. Prichard and Bob Weickel; senior Bill Cross, directly heads the squad as cap- tain. And everpresent for moral support is team mascot Blackie. SCHEDULE March 23— Pfeiffer College March 24— Pfeiffer College March 30 — at University of Tampa March 31 — at University of Tampa April 2 — Amherst College April 3 — Amherst College April 6 — Mercer University April 7 — Mercer University April 13 — University of Miami April 14 — University of Miami April 20 — at Jacksonville University April 21 — at Jacksonville University April 24— The Citadel April 27 — Florida Southern College April 28 — Florida Southern College May 4 — at Rollins College May 5 — at Rollins College May 11 — Valdosta State College May 12— Valdosta State College double-headers Shortstop Verl Beebe is ready to slam one out of the park. The West Palm freshman batted well over .300 last season. Senior tri-captains for the 1960-61 season pose in Conrad Park. From left they are Jerry Dunworth, Don Smith, and George Borders. J aJtlM, •W,. m .0M ' » ' » • ,J v .- First baseman Ed L ' Heureux makes ballet-like leaps into third in the Tampa game. Dunworth tries to put out a sliding Georgia Tech player but the visiting base coach thinks his man is in safe. Borders fires one in from second. The Stetson Nine wait for turns at the plate. Standing by the dugout is Ed L ' Heureux. Seated are Dave Ross, Jack Cunningham, Ralph Youngerman, Paul Hendrix, 1961-62 captain Bill Cross, Verle Beebe, Frank Clark, Jerry Dunworth, Ed Parker, Don Smith, George Borders, Lee Gartsido. and " Doc " Johnson. ! ' «Mu.«»4 Catcher Paul Hendrix is ready for action in this Jacksonville contest. The Crestview senior played most of the season as right fielder and was named 1960-61 Most Valuable Player. Assistant Coach AVeickel motions for runner Dunworth to hold up at third. Ace hurler Jack Cunningham warms up in the bullpen before taking over pitching duties. 213 Left to right are Coach Ray Hussey, Richard Reiff, John Keiper, Clarence Fouse, Bill Bradshaw, David Mcllvain, Don Coonley and Charles Beasley. COACH RAY HUSSEY TENNIS SCHEDULE March 7-9 — University of Florida March 13 — at Florida Southern College March 21— Georgia Tech March 24— Rollins College March 31 — Emory University April 3 — Amherst College April 5 — Hope College April 7 — at Rollins College April 11 — Florida Southern College April 18 — at Valdosta State College April 20 — at Oglethorpe University April 21 — at Emory University April 23 — at Mercer University April 25 — at University of Florida May 11-12— Valdosta State College 214 GOLF SCHEDULE March 6 Rollins College March 9 Florida Southern College March 10 at University of Florida March 15, 16, 17 . . . Florida Intercollegiate Golf Tourney at Ocala March 27 at Florida Southern April 12, 13 Florida Intercollegiate Golf Tourney at Orlando April 19, 20, 21 Miami Invitational May 3, 4, 5 Southeastern College Golf Tourney at Athens, Ga. COACH WES BERNER From left to right are Coach Wes Uerner, Bob Keith, Cliff Fisher, Bob Mason. S;uid Kddinj er, and Bill FaRan. 215 COACH WES BERNER TRACK-1962 SCHEDULE March 28 — University of the South March 30 — University of South March 31 — Florida Relays at Gainesville April 2 — Furman University April 7 — Emory University April 13, 14 — Furman Relays April 15— Rollins College April 24— The Citadel April 28 — University of Miami May 19 — at University of Miami 216 Sprinter GeorRe Borders breaks the tape for a first place against Georgia Tech; teammate Red Alderman is a few paces behind. Top track scorer Dalton Epting soars above the pit in a winning broad jump against Georgia Tech. Expressions of bystanders evidence consternation as Dohnel Miller cannot quite equal a Furman runner ' s pace. THE INTRAMURAL BOARD Six social fraternities, Independent Men, and the Ministerial Association all enter teams to make the men ' s intramural pro- gram one of the most popular extracurricular fields at Stetson. Nearly every university man at some time participates in at least one of the program ' s varied activities. During the school year, tournaments are held in such sports as basketball, touch football, badminton, table tennis, paddleball, horseshoes, bowl- ing, track, cross-country, tennis, and volleyball. In some of these areas even the faculty often enters a team. Men ' s intramurals are governed by a board composed of rep- resentatives from each participating group headed by a student chairman selected by the physical education faculty. For the last several years this board has been ably assisted by director Gar- land Williams, who left midterm this year to become a football coach in Georgia. The board awards trophies for each major sport and each spring Dr. J. Ollie Edmunds presents the President ' s Cup to the group with the highest point total for the year. In addition, an outstanding athlete is named every year; the 1960-61 winner was Richard Shell. DIRECTOR GARLAND " BULLDOG " WILLIAMS From left to right are Darryl Cowder, Logan Fav, Sven Lovegren, chairman Fred Sakon, John Ruggiero, Steve Ennis, and John Folds. 219 li - Sig Ep Phil Hembdt rushes intently at Snake quarterback and ball-carrier John Ward. MEN ' S INTRAMURALS tra .i i ' n ( ail Unit , (lu.u (c rl),n kmn (lie Indies ' team, gets read} to idll loi the l)all. University President .1. OIlie Edmunds smilingly presents the President ' s Cup for winning the 1960-61 intramurals to IMO prexy Gary Maris. The Dolta Sigs arc ready Id rush the iiiiniitc that Pi Kapp ball is snapped. , ..y,. v v;-jSI . About two dozen runners take off in the annual cross-country race as many other students lounfje in front oi the Union Building to see who takes an early lead. All-star Dave Poole tags Sig Ep Bob Moore as teammate Jim McGlaugh- lin rushes up to make sure Bob will not get away. (Those agonized ex- pressions give evidence to the seriousness of touch football.) Tony Shoder shoots one over guard Clinton Rouse ' s out- stretched arm. All eyes focus on Dave Poole and Red Alderman as tlu v for a jump ball. Well over 250 fans filled Hulley Gym for this I ' i kapp Sigma Nu tussle, always one of the highlights of any intramural season. Suspended in midair is intramural champion pole vaulter Roy Bowman. Timers and spectators wait and watch as an Indie runner strains to finish the cross-countrv run. At the close of each intramural basketball season, the all-stars chal- lenge Stetson ' s junior varsity. Here John Ward tries to stop an at- tempt by frosh Dewey Terrell. Ump Jack Dupre is all set to make a call against either slugger Charlie Warren or catcher Bob Smith ' s pitcher. One of the most familiar sights around Hulley Gym is equipment manager Ed DeLoorey and his cigars. Sigma Xu first baseman Jimmy Terrell is ready for a force out. Pi Kapp Huyh I ' tterson runs wide as Don Seaborn prevents Richard Beauchamp from receivinj; a pass at midfield. Seated, left to risht, are student director Mary Lynn Chapman, Charlotte Keyes, Roberta Watts, Meg Guthrie, and Beth Bierley. Standing are Dell Marie Mikell, Helen Gaylord, Celia Emery, Sharon Gage, Donna Jacques, Marilyn Raynal, Diane Disney, Roberta Aldrich, Bassha Mills, and Marilyn Rinaldo. WOMEN ' S INTRAMURALS Six social sororities, IWO, and five dormitories enter teams in the women ' s intramural program designed to present opportunities for Stetson women to participate in wholesome recreational activities. The program is directed by the intramural board, composed of a rep- resentative from each group, and sponsored by Mrs . Fran Carlton. During the year tournaments are held in such sports as basketball, bowling, softball, tennis, volleyball, shuf- fleboard, badminton, and table tennis. Each spring is an awards banquet at which point and participation trophies are presented. The 1069-61 Point Trophy went to Zeta Tau Alpha and the Participation Trophy to Pi Beta Phi. Hilverink and Sally Lied share the Most Valuable Player trophy presented to them by director Mrs. Carlton. 224 Badminton ace Roberta Watts has just returned an easy shot in one of her many matches. Intramural all-star Bunny Bergin tries to get a shot off de- spite close guarding by Palms players Karla Burger and Marilyn Raynal. Meg Jones rushes to the net as Daw Davis sets up a return. Tri-Delts Sara Booth, Mary Llew Browne, and Sara Mann, and judge Zeta Anne Quarles look on. In a practice leap, from left are Bev Chapman, Kris Kahn, Shannon Strauss, Diane Strickland, mascot Cathy Giffin, Jane Hall, Sandy Ivey, and Marie Compton. STETSON ' S CHEERLEADERS To promote and direct cheering at pep rallies, bonfires, basketball and soccer games are Stetson ' s cheerleaders. Captained by Marie Compton and Bev Chapman, the squad is under the direction of " Prof " Giffin, who is himself one of the school ' s most avid fans. " Give ' em the green! " is the cry of Jane Hall, Cissy Harris, and Marie Compton, as Kris Kahn, Shannon Strauss, and Janice Fisher await their turn. Beverly Chapman is all ready to start a yell at one of the pep rallies in front of the Union Building. 226 HE ORGANIZATIONS l ' ! Both outlets and honors come to students through Stetson ' s many cultural, academic, social, leadership, and service organizations. In addition to social frater- nities and school-wide student governments are num- erous voluntary and honorary organizations for special interests or capabilities. The honoraries recognize outstanding leadership, scholarship, and achievement in certain fields; volun- tary groups welcome anyone to participate and are dedicated to increasing interest in particular areas. " Exerting the gift of freedom bestowed by God, and insured and established in the Constitution of the United States, we, the students of Stetson University, in order to afford just representation in the interest of the student body, to centrally govern and coordinate the various organizations, and to cooperate with the University authorities for the benefit of all, do estab- lish this Constitution for the Student Government As- sociation of Stetson University. " The above preamble to the SGA constitution clearly and simply states the major objectives of Stetson ' s student body. Governed by an executive committee of five elected members and a cabinet of department heads, the SGA governs organizations, elections, and school-wide social and philanthropic projects. The elected officials also attempt to conciliate students ' ideas and wishes with those of the faculty and admin- istration. Below are excerpts from the constitution to further explain this organization. PRESIDENT JIM LANIER STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION ARTICLE I, Section 1. The name of this organization shall be the Student Government Association of Stetson University. ARTICLE II, Section 1. Every undergraduate and graduate stu- dent in the University shall automatically become a member of the Association and shall be subject to its constitution and by- laws. ARTICLE III, Section 1. There shall be a President, Vice- President, Social Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary of the Association to be elected from the student body at large for a term of one year, and they shall be known as the Execu- tive Committee. ARTICLE III, Section 2. Candidates for all Association offices shall not be on academic probation. A candidate ' s academic average shall be determined by the Registrar. ARTICLE IV, Section 1. The President shall not be chairman of the Cabinet; shall have power to appoint all committees of the Cabinet; shall call regular and special meetings of the Association, the Executive Committee, Cabinet, and all Cabinet committees, and shall preside over these meetings. AMENDMENT II. Article V, Section I, shall be amended as follows: " There shall be a Cabinet composed of the following: officers of the Association named in Article III, presidents of the College of Liberal Arts, School of Business, and School of Music, presidents of the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior classes, presidents of Panhellenic Council, Inter-Fraternity Council, Independent Men ' s Organization, Independent Women ' s Organization, and Student Christian Association. POWERS — 1) Expenditures of over fifty dollars shall be ap- proved by the Cabinet. 2) The Cabinet has the right to review any and all decisions of all committees of the Association and shall approve all committee appointments. SECTION 2. Rules and Procedures Committee — This committee shall be appointed by the President, subject to approval of the Cabinet. It shall consist of at least one member of each school and college, one of which shall be designated as chairman. Any members of this committee shall be temporarily relieved of his duties and responsibilities during the time he is a candidate for office. These temporary vacancies shall be filled by appoint- ment of the President with approval of the Cabinet. POWERS — 1) Shall provide rules and regulations for all elec- tions (class, school, special) subject to the approval of the Cab- inet and shall pass on qualifications as set up under this Con- stitution. 2) Shall interpret and construe this Constitution. ARTICLE X, Section 1. Amendments may be proposed by the Cabinet or by fifty Association members by petition. SECTION 3. A three-fourths majority of the voting body . . . is necessary for the adoption of an amendment. ARTICLE XII, Section 1. No organization shall exist as such on this campus until its constitution has been inspected and ap- proved by the Cabinet. Organizations must then be approved by the Association. SECTION 3. To retain a recognized campus organization, each organization shall file annually in the SHA office an organiza- tion form submitted to them by the SGA Secretary. Duplicate copy shall be filed with the Dean of the LTniversity. ARTICLE XIII, Section 1. The Association reserves unto itself all powers not delegated to the various committees, which powers may be exercised by a majority vote of the voting body. 231 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OFFICERS PRESIDENT Jim Lanier VICE-PRESIDENT .... Nancy Walker SOCIAL VICE-PRESIDENT . . Jim Stuart SECRETARY Suzie Hankins TREASURER Charles Rikard PRESIDENT ' S CABINET Seated, from left, are Jim Stuart, Nancy Walker, Jim Lanier, Suzie Hankins, and Charlie Rikard. Standing are Richard Nich- oUs, Jim Ingersoll, Dan Denman, Dan Fletcher, Jemoine Spivey, and Richard Shore. 232 Seated, from left, are Jackie Pitts, Dawn Davis, Judy Campbell, and Betsy Schlueter. Standing are Suzie Hankin . Jane Hall. Joy Lynn Thomas, Mary Lynn Chapman, and Penny Blackford. WOMEN ' S EXECUTIVE COUNCIL OFFICERS PRESIDENT Jackie Pitts VICE-PRESIDENT Dawn Davis SECRETARY Judy Campbell REPRESENTATIVE-AT-LARGE . Betty Schlueter PALMS HOUSE COUNCIL From left are Karla Burger, Joy Lynn Thomas, Marilyn Ray- nal, Florence Morrow, Kay Ward, and Burgess Lynch. The Palms on East Michigan is Stetson ' s most re- cently acquired dormitory. It is a one-time boarding- house remodeled for freshman housing. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Joy Lynn Thomas VICE-PRESIDENT Burgess Lynch SECRETARY Kay Ward SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Marilyn Raynal Conrad officers are, from left, Xancy Barber, Betty Harvey, Penny Blackford, Jean Wisner, and Nancy Kelley. CONRAD HOUSE COUNCIL OFFICERS PRESIDENT Penny Blackford VICE-PRESIDENT Jean Wisner SECRETARY Nancy Barber SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Patsy Kelley SERGEANT-AT-ARMS Betty Harvey Located a few yards southeast of the Union Building, Conrad Hall faces the quadrangle. This yellow brick dormitory was originally used as a men ' s residence hall. Chadouin officers are, from left, Gail Hilver- ink, Suzy Hankins, Dian Aiken, Joy Goolsby, and Charlotte High. Seated, from left, art ' Linda tiibsun, Ginl Johnson, and Kenny But- ler. Standing are Julie Lay, Mary Beth Locke, and Genie Ward. CHAUDOIN HOUSE COUNCIL OFFICERS PRESIDENT Suzy Hankins VICE-PRESIDENT Joy Goolsby SECRETARY Charlotte High SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Dian Aiken SERGEANT-AT-ARMS Gail Hilverink Chadouin Hall, primarily for freshman housing, is a large red brick dormitory on Woodland Boulevard. Its northeast wing houses the university infirmary. Seated, from left, are Diane Chandler, Eileen Lipthrott, Mary DeLeGal. and Connie Poulton. Standing are Margie McCree, Martha Woodberry. Bev Wilson, and Maude Bullock. EMILY HOUSE COUNCIL OFFICERS PRESIDENT Mary l.ynn Chapman VICE-PRESIDENT Virginia Hill SECRETARY Carolyn Meisenheimer SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Eleanor Dickey SERGEANT-AT-ARMS Eloise Thomas Emily Hall, located at the corner of Pennsylvania and Woodland Boulevard, is the newest and most mod- ern women ' s dormitory. It is generally regarded as an uppeixlass women ' s dorm. Stetson Hall officers are. from left, Libby Seigle, Jane Hall, and Pat Greene. Emily officers are, from left, Eloise Thomas, Virniina Hill, Eleanor Dickey, Carolyn Meisenheimer, and Lynn Chapman. Seated, from left, are Sharon (iage, Marty MuUins, Linda Corbett, and Lynn Evans. Standing are Alfreida Hammett, Jean Couch, Linda Corbett, and Yvonne Wilby. Seated, from left, are Darla Frye, Barbara Hulbert, and Jean Greenlaw. Standing are Betty Hargrave, Judy Wood, Phyllis Hed- rick, and Julia Mobley. STETSON HALL COUNCIL OFFICERS PRESIDENT Jane Hall VICE-PRESIDENT Libby Seigle SECRETARY Billie Sue Katsikas SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Sandy Ivey SERGEANT-AT-ARMS Pat Greene Stetson Hall is located on East Minnesota. As it is one of the university ' s oldest buildings, increased en- rollment has necessitated the addition of sections to its original structure. Men ' s Council members are, from left, George Patten, Bill Cross, Bill Gardner, Don Seaborn, Gary Maris, Jim Terrell, and Fred Sakon. MEN ' S EXECUTIVE COUNCIL OFFICERS VICE-PRESIDENT PRESIDENT Don Seaborn Fred Sakon SECRETARY Frank Townsend MEN ' S RESIDENCE HALLS STAFF Seated, from left, are Bob Morris, Jim Scott, Jim McLaughlin, and Jim Stuart. Standing are Howard Sweet, Bill Dunifon, Bill Perry, Tom Parsons, and John Rodgers. OFFICERS PRESIDENT George Patten VICE-PRESIDENT Randy Edwards SECRETARY Judy Wood CORRESPONDING SECRETARY . . Sally Mathewes TREASURER Howard Sweet ALTHEA B. SPKAGUE Student Union Building Director THE UNION BUILDING COMMITTEE Perhaps the busiest place in the Stetson community is the Union Building. This spacious center houses the cafeteria, Hat Rack, student and faculty lounges, con- ference and dining rooms, offices, guest rooms, post office, book store, bowling alley, and a recreation room. Its second-flood Stetson Room is booked for such di- verse activities as orientation socials, fashion shows, movies, and banquets for both on- and off-campus or- ganizations. The Union Board Committee is responsible for directing and coordinating the building ' s programs for students, faculty, alumni, and non-Stetson people. Seated, from left, are Dean Etfer Turner, Sally Mathewes, Director, Mrs. Althea B. Spraf-ue, Judv Wood, and Sharon Gage. Standing are BSr Director .lack Mahry, IJandv i ' :d vards. ancy Walker. Maxine Kvans. Howard Su.-.t. and .lav Kevnolds. 1 DIANE DISNEY Editor ANNE GREENE Business Manager 1962 HATTER Contracts, picture schedules, copy deadlines, page lay-outs, choice of theme and dedication, ad sales — all these and many more factors enter into the pro- duction of a school annual. The Hatter, employing a small and well-trained staff, attempts to synthesize these mechanical elements with the activities and lives at Stetson to produce a lasting pictorial documenta- tion of and for the university community. Beginning each spring with publications elections, work progresses through designing lay-outs in the summer to taking pictures and gathering data in the fall to making up the final pages to be sent to the engraver in the late winter. Then, while proofing and distributing one year ' s product, another staff is being chosen to begin the cycle anew. On the Hatter staff are, from left, Joanne Field, Olive Westberry, Sara Booth, Enith Vardaman, Men Jones, and Dawn Davis . STAFF EDITOR Diane Disney BUSINESS MANAGER . Anne Greene PHOTOGRAPHER SPECIAL EFFECTS PHOTOGRAPHER Randy Edwards Terry Lung EDITORIAL STAFF . . Dawn Davis, Gail Hendry, Sara Booth, Enith Vardaman, Meg Jones, Olive West- berry, Mary Jo Krebs, Anne Quarles, Frances Lyle, Joanne Field, Carol House. BUSINESS STAFF Charles Lipthrott, Mickey Kiesling STAFF EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Hush Peterson BUSINESS MGR. . ASSOC. EDITORS . NEWS EDITOR . . SPORTS EDITOR . COLUMN EDITOR . CARTOONIST . . CIRCULATION MGR. SALES AGENT . . PHOTOGRAPHER . . Jay Keynold.s Maxine Evans, John Dennis David Stacey . . Don I ' ohik Carol House Don Bohren . . Hill lireyer Betty Jo Kerling ' Randy Edwards COLUMNISTS . . . Mike Day, Fred Richards, Art Jones, Neil Savage, Bruce Cohof, Bill Hunt, Susan Barnes, Alan Newman. On the editorial staff are, from left, Maxine Evans, Jay Reynolds, Hugh Peterson, John Den- nis, and David Stacey. THE REPORTER Founded in 1886, The Stetson Reporter is Florida ' s oldest college newspaper. Its weekly editions are both written and edited by students. In addition to strictly news items, the Reporter con- tains commentaries on current events, essays of fash- ions and manners, social tidbits, humor, political car- toons, weekly calendars of events, stories on intra- mural and intercollegiate athletics. The major innova- tion of the 1961-62 staff is the publishing on standard- size newsprint with eight columns per page, allowing greater freedom in page make-up. From left to right are Fred Richards, Bill Breyer, Neil Savage, Mike Day, Betty Jo Kerling, Alan Newman, and Bruce Lohof. r i(lyiiA|Ai nl4y L J «k . 1 M H Hp! m i, V -■ ;-.«-. ' A« .V ' ' ' ' JBK i ' i-jf r-:j wtllA ' ' - m- ' m .. JH F • 1 [ij % ■y " " ! 1 , ; ■1 21 - ;; M I . ' ' ., :i Fs i ' Ht JK 1 1 ' ■ 1 I y V ■B.W— - H ' ' ' S BI » s »s f BBpP . P ' - ' ipWf ■ ? Seated, from left, are Dr. Ethel Colbrunn, Sharon Gage, Dean Etter Turner, and Nancy Walker. Standing are Hugh Peterson, Diane Dis- ney, Maxine Evans, Anne Greene, Sharon Sanders, and Jay Reynolds. THE PUBLICATIONS BOARD The Publications Board governs selection of candi- dates for publications offices, awarding- of contracts to printers and photographers, budgets, and all other mat- ters pertaining to Stetson student publications. On the board are the editors of the Review, Compass, Hatter, and Reporter; business managers of the latter two; Assistant Dean of Students ; Director of Public Rela- tions ; two faculty members ; and a representative from Sigma Pi Kappa, the journalism honorary. THE STETSON REVIEW Stetson Review is the university ' s annual literary magazine containing poetry, plays, and essays by Stet- son students and professors. Staffing the Review are, from left, Editor Sharon Sanders, Assistant Editor John Dennis, Mary Lou Goslin, Sponsor Dr. William E. Tay- lor, Michael Gillum, Richard Reed, and Assistant Editor Karen Steanson. Seated are Sigma Pi Kappa ' s officers; from left, they are treasurer Sharon Gage, vice-presidtnt SliarciM Sanders, iirtsident Diane Disney, secretary Gail Johnson, and historian .Judy MacKenzie. Standing are John Dennis, Enith Vardaman, Mary Lou Goslin, Louis Phillips, Anne Greene, Maxine Evans, and Mickey Kiesling. SIGMA PI KAPPA Sigma Pi Kappa is the local journalism honorary for students excelling in work on student publications. It is designed to encourage a higher standard of journal- ism on the campus, to promote the best interests of the college publications, and to make any suggestion which may prove beneficial to them. A member of this group is chosen each year to serve as chairman of the Publi- cations Board. SIGMA TAU DELTA Sigma Tau Delta, the national English honorary, is represented at Stetson by the Gamma Zeta Chapter. Membership is limited to twenty-five students and is based upon exceptional scholarship in the field of English. Sigma Tau Delta officers, seated from left, are Vice-President Michael Gillum, President Sharon Sanders, Secretary Lynn Evans, and Sponsor Dr. William E. Taylor. Standing are Richard Reed, Mary Lou Goslin, John Dennis, Barbara Hulbert, and Jim Lanier. SI!! h . Seated, from left, are Louis Freund, president Jim Murphy, Fred Messersmith, ai d Eugene Bunlver. In tiie second row are Suz- anne Mullins, Karen Severud, Nancy Irish, Betty Hanle, Carol Clarli, Linda Heep, and Lynda Gilder. In the back row are Andi Smith, Richard Montross, Doug Gray, Tucker Cooke, and Linda Skeen. KAPPA PI Kappa Pi is a national art fraternity seeking to stim- ulate interest in art and creative activity on campus. The Stetson chapter ' s major project is a poster service PI KAPPA DELTA Pi Kappa Delta is the nation ' s largest forensic fra- ternity. It recognizes participation and achievement in intercollegiate debate, discussion, and related speech for individuals and organizations on campus which was begun last year. activities. Florida Beta Chapter, installed at Stetson in 1958, honors those showing possession of " the art of persuasion beautiful and just. " From left to right are Dr. Irving C. Stover, Jerry Harding, treasurer Jo Anna Conte, Sharon Sanders, president Barbara Hulbert, Karen Steanson, vice-president Judy Green, George Patten, and Dr. Mary Louise Gehring. M ( From left to right at vice-president Virginia Hill, Dot Jones, Dorothy Hart, president Betsy Schlueter, historian Jean Greenlaw, and secretary Bonnie Wickstrom. KAPPA DELTA PI Kappa Delta Pi is the national education honorary- Stetson ' s Zeta Tail Chapter encourages scholarly achievement and the pursuit of worthy educational ideals. THETA ALPHA PHI Theta Alpha Phi is the national dramatics and speech honorary designed to increase interest, stimulate crea- tiveness, and foster achievement in the allied arts and crafts of the theatre. Members of the Stetson chapter are chosen from those excelling in Stover Theatre pro- ductions. From left to right are Fred Messersmith, secretary Madalyn Owens, historian Judy Ross, president Judy MacKenzie. treasurer Alice Stewart. Barbara Hulbert. Bruce Griffiths, Dr. Mary Louise Gehring, vice-president Margie McComb, and Dr. Irving C. Stover. Seated, left to right, are historian Sara I ' xioth, president Elaine Moore, sponsor Dr. Ruth I. Smith, and state iie-presidenl Enilh Vardaman. Standing are membership chairman Barbara Carroll, social chairman Patti Niswonger, treasurer Pete Mazzeo, pub- licity chairman Jane Comer, vice-president Nancy Barber, and secretary Gloria Peaslee. STUDENT FLORIDA EDUCATION ASSOCIATION The Student Education Association is designed to aid people planning to be teachers in developing an or- ganization which shall be an integral part of state and national education associations, in growing profession- ally, and in giving practical experience in working to- gether democratically on the problems of the profes- sion. The Stetson chapter of the S.E.A. is a member of both the National and Florida Education Associa- tions. On the first row, left to right, are Marie Reidel, Nancy Cassedy, Pam Baer, Linda Thomas, Nancy Atsma. and Eloise Thomas. On the second row are Ann Simpson, Louise Giddens, Joyce Bradford, Linda Riley, Gail Nelson, Virginia Hill, and Mary Ruth Mc- Mahan. On the third row are Phyllis Hedrick, Linda Marchinton, Jenine Wehr, Madlayn Owens, Dian Aiken, Addie Jo Conklin, and Olive Westberry. On the final seated row are Pat Thomas, Kitty Engle. Barbara Raught, Louisa Benn, Sharon Gage, Martha Woodberry. and Mary Llew Brown. Standing are Liz Moran, Martha Rand, Phyllis Gotts, Dot Jones, George Nemchik, Millie Schibanoff, Carol Vevier, and Linda Corbett. Seated are treasurer Dick Matlack, president Gail Johnson, secretary Jo Parks, and Don Waldrop. Standinj; are .Mike Oisavsky, Chris Burns, Betty Deal, Art Gulick, Katherine Menefee, and John Earnhardt. MUSIC EDUCATORS ' NATIONAL CONFERENCE The Music Educators ' National Conference is the na- tional organization for music educators and students preparing for this profession. Supplemented by films and speakers, the Stetson chapter meets monthly to discuss the problems involved in music education on all levels ; many of the students also attend an annual state music clinic. PHI BETA Phi Beta is a national professional fraternity for women in the fields of speech and music. Its members act as hostesses for all music activities on campus. Seated are treasurer Claudia Callaway, secretary Barbara Samson, vice-president Judy Eckert, and president Marolyn White. Standing are Jo Marie Ashley, Jo Parks, Katherine Menefee, Diane Gentry, Pat Williams, Gail Johnson, Joan Matthews, Cor- nelia Yarliormish, F]leanor Dickey, and Donna Evans. STETSON CONCERT CHOIR With the presentation of Bach ' s " Christmas Ora- torio " this December, the choir broke a twenty-six year tradition ; in 1935 Prof. Gif fin ' s group first gave Handel ' s " Messiah, " which soon became the annual event at the University. Within the choir are several distinct groups: the travel squad, girls ' trio, male quartets, and soloists. Membership, by audition, includes students from all colleges of the university. DIRECTOR HAROLD M. GIFFIN MEMBERS SOPRANO — Monica Abeicrombie, Mary Jane Anderson, Lorey Arnall, Nancy Corbett, Judy Eckert, Peggy Ellis, Jacqueline Fellows, Judith Hartlieb, Sandy Ivey, Joan Matthews, Cath- arine Mauldin, Beverly McBain, Page Nordan, Jo Parks, Roanne Robinson, Ivey Strock, Linda Whitmire, Carolyn Whittenberg. ALTO — Elizabeth Bedsole, Martha Brown, Constance Carroll, Joan Castle, Judith Collins, Donna Dollens, Nedra Fish, Louise Giddens, Elizabeth Harvey, Alice Mathewson, Margie McCree, Doris McFarland, Martha Mullins, Cheryl Redwine, Jewel Spears, Barbara Stewart, Sara Stinson, Katharine Stone, Patricia Wil- TENOR — James Austin, Lawrence Henry, Jack Jones, John Keiper, Donald Lingle, Mike Reynolds, Grover Wilkins III, Harry Whitley. BASS — Jack Barker, John Burchette, Tucker Cooke, William Delk, Joe Fant, Arthur Gulick, William Lackland, Charles Lock- wood, Robert McCloskey, Frederick Myers, Marvin Reed, David Rutledge, James Whitmire, Thomas Wrenn. 246 UNIVERSITY CHORUS Founded in the fall of 1960, the Stetson University chorus is the second major choral group on campus. Highlight of the year is the group ' s spring concert which, last year, was a memorial for Dean Duckwitz. The chorus is under the direction of Jack Coldiron as founder Paul Langston is on a year ' s leave of ab- sence for further study. SOPRANO — Carol Grimme, Judith Hamilton, Jane Hunter, Janet Cole, Judy Jackson, Joan Matthews, Marilyn Moore, Page Nor- dan, Anne Payne, Valerie Rapp, Carol Whittenberg-, Elizabeth Wolfe. ALTO — Barbai-a Allison, Joan Castle, Jane Coates, Dorothy Collman, Joanne Conte, Diane Gentry, Joy Goolsby, Judy Hart- lieb, Elizabeth Harvey, Diane Hoequist, Betty Manucy, Sally Stinson. DIRECTOR JACK H. COLDIRON TENOR — James Austin, Donald Lingle, Charles Moore, Harry Whitley, Lawrence Henry, Grover Wilkins III. BASS — Jack Barber, John Burchette, Bill Lackland, Jack Rob- inson, David Rutledge, Eugene Coates, Arthur Gulick. Hiilif mi: 1 ! w • ' t v,rr- ' - T STETSON UNIVERSITY BAND Always a vital factor in campus life, the Stetson Band has risen to the top echelon of American university bands. Featur- ing such diverse works as marches, suites, and show music, the band plays for civic groups, theatre productions, schools, radio, television, and local concerts. The band roster includes business and liberal arts as well as music majors and its sched- ule is so arranged that members participate in many other phases of campus life also. DIRECTOR RICHARD M. FEASEL OFFICERS GENERAL MANAGER James Moody PUBLICITY MANAGER John Upchurch OPERATIONS OFFICER William Bradshaw SECRETARY-TREASURER Karen Steanson SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Katharine Menefee MEMBERS FLUTE AND PICCOLO— Katherine Menefee, Karen Steanson, Karl Stein, Mac Evans. OBOE — Donna Evans, William Hartman, Jr., Wilson Behney, Jr. BASSOON— Richard Matlack, William Jokela. CLARINET — Joe Smith, Gail Johnson, John Earnhardt, Roberta Aldrich, Doug Smith, Betty Deal, Carole Vanderwal, Nancy Barber, Mary McMillian, Carol Haid, Ronald Resler, Mary De- mirgian, Judy McCrary, Karen Hayes, Donald Mason, Judy Scudder, Shannon Cooper. SAXOPHONE— Elizabeth Bergin, Gerald Studier. TRUMPET— James Moody, William Bradshaw, Joe Walthall, Mickey Bumgarner, William Wright, Walter Bailey, Richard Ginn. William Flowers, David Ballantine. HORN — Bill Siegel, Bob Keith, Jay Nunley, Benjamin Godfrey. TROMBONE— John Upchurch, Jack Robinson, Michael Olsav- sky, Raymond Chaffin, Gene Tunnell, Kenneth Yount, Thomas Bullers. BARITONE— Madeline Stenner, Roy Lee. TUBA — Samuel Allen, Sherwood Hoadley, Don Waldrop. DOUBLE BASS— Bruce Haulman. PERCUSSION— Eleanor Dickey, Charles Van Zant, Kurt Pen- dergrast, Tom Thornton. 248 SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA The Stetson Symphony Orchestra had a full year of activities. In addition to the regular series of four concerts and the coni- mencement concert, members of the orchestra appeared with the Concert Choir in a performance of the Christmas Oratorio of J. S. Bach. In the spring- the orchestra functioned as an opera orchestra in the presentation of The Bartered Bride by Smetans. Three School of Music faculty members appeared with the orchestra during the season. In November pianist Lenoir Al- mand performed the Beethoven Concerto No. 3 in C minor; in January organist Paul Jenkins played three of the Mozart Organ Sonatas and the Concerto for Organ, Strings, and Tym- pani by Poulenc. The Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen by Mahler was given by baritone Jack Coldiron in the April orchestra concert. Student soloists were Dick Matlack, bassoon, who played the Vivaldi Concerto for Bassoon in A minor on the April program; and faculty-selected soloists for the commencement concert, Dan Fletcher, piano: Jack Jones, organ; and Judy Eckert, soprano. OFFICERS MANAGER Donald Waldrop ASSISTANT MANAGER Richard Matlack PUBLICITY Eleanor Dickey LIBRARIAN Beverly McBain MEMBERS VIOLIN I — Concertmaster Frances Buxton, Louis Chalifoux, Caroline Pilcher, Nancy Cooper, Edward Jacobs, Daniel Ganin, Arthur Conversem, Denise Wenkenbach, Bentley Scott, Mildred Hubbard. VIOLIN II — Cornelia Shaw, Anne Seay, Jean Keiper, Pat Wor- den, Dianne Harman, Frances Rutledge, Carter Colwell, Robert Everist, Jo Marie Ashley. VIOLA — Tippen Davidson, Beverly McBain, Katharine Stone, Lorey House, Paul Porter, Andrew Mezick. CELLO — Eleanor Leek, Christine Burns, Stanley Hanna, Karl Stein, Joan Subella, Barbara Ransome, Carl McElfresh. DIRECTOR JAMES D. PERDUE BASS — Donald Waldrop, Bruce Haulman, Paul Caskey. FLUTE AND PICCOLO— Katharine Menefee, Karen Steanson, Carol Emory. OBOE — William Hartman, John Lozito. CLARINET— Gail Johnson, John Earnhardt, Douglas Smith. BASSOON— Richard Matlack, William Jokela. HORN — William Seigel, Benjamin Godfrey, Jay Nunley, Robert Keith. TRUMPET— James Moody, William Bradshaw, Joseph Walthall. TROMBONE— John Upchurch, Michael Olsavsky, Jack Robin- son, Kenneth Yount. TUBA— Samuel Allen. TYMPANI— Eleanor Dickey. PERCUSSION— Charles Van Zant. O fi n « 1 C On the first row. left to right, are Dick Matlack, John Keiper, Don Waldrop, and Bob Keith. On the second row are Mike 01- savsky. Jay Nunley, Raymond Chaffin, Jim Moody, and Bill Siegel. Last are Jack Robinson. Joe Smith. John Upchurch, John Earnhardt, Gus Lee, and Bill Bradshaw. KAPPA KAPPA PSI Kappa Kappa Psi is a national honorary for men band members. The above-pictured group plus Bill Hartman, Doug Smith, Walter Bailey, Joe Walthall, Sam Allen, Kurt Pendergrast, and Tom Thornton com- pose the Stetson Pep Band, the major group for rous- ing school spirit. They play at pep rallies, both on- and off-campus soccer and basketball games, and in parades. AMERICAN GUILD OF ORGANISTS The American Guild of Organists strives to advance the cause of worthy religious music, elevate the status of the church musician, and provide members with op- portunities for meeting for the discussion of profes- sional topics. They are seated in front of Stetson ' s new custom-made German organ in the chapel. Seated, left to right, are Jack Coldiron, Joan Castle, Paul Jenkins, Sandra Smith, and Prof. Harold Giffin. Standing are Paul Porter, Mar- ion Anderson, Gail Mauldin, Mary Lawson, Charles Moore, Jack Jones, Carol Hahn, Lenora McCroskey, Jim Austin, and Howard Higgs. Faculty advisor Mrs. Ruth Richardson Carr is not pictured. irx ' Left to rij;ht are Roberta Aldrich, Eleanor Dickey, Nanc I!arl)ir, Karen Steanson, Madeline Stenner, Katiierine Menefee, Donna Evans, (iail Johnson, and Carol Haid. TAU BETA SIGMA Tau Beta Sigma is a national honorary for outstand- ing young women in the band. Its members are chosen on the basis of musicianship, service to the band, schol- arship, and character. WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP Presbyterian students on campus are organized in the Westminster Fellowship to obtain a better under- standing of the principles of the religion. They are concerned with the promotion of cooperation with the local churches. Some of the group ' s activities are sup- per meetings, retreats, and having guest speakers. Left to right are Nancy Crable, Martha Rand, program chairman Dian Aiken, special projects chairman .lay Nunley, Edwinna Murphy, Karen Glendenning, and (iinger Starbuck. Officers are secretary Pris Campbell, president Judy Scudder, publicity chairman Sara Booth, Geoffrey Davis, special projects chairman Pat Gilbert, and Judy MacKenzie. On the first row, left to right, are devotional chairman Kay Ward, sec ' retar Martha JJrown, enlistment li:n chairman Joyce Bradford, music chairman Betty Manucy, and YWA president Charlotte Ke es. On the ecc Llyn Plenge, fellowship chairman Dave Rinker, missions chairman Billy Wolfe, fellowship chairman .Mart. Hilverink, enlistment chairman Howard Sweet, and vice-president Jack Barket. Standinfj are director Jack Geiger, youth revival chairman Bill Dunifon, president Dick Krause, and music chairman Don Lingle. riiuin ( li irl n l row ;ire Mullins, s Mabrv, social pu Ili h. pulilicit hiicitj chairman I chairman (jail chairman (Jlenn BAPTIST STUDENT UNION On the Freshman Council, from left, are enlistment chairman Wayne Dickson, secretary Diane Gentry, devotional chairman Sven Lovegren, publicity chair- man Linda Flynn, publicity chairman Skip Broome, president Joy Goolsby, and missions chairman Bonnv Denton. The Baptist Student Union is composed of all Baptist students who are members of the different church-affiliated organizations on campus and in the churches, such as training union, Y.W.A., and the Ministerial Association. The Executive Council is elected annually to direct and coordinate the work of the various groups. It seeks to encourage enlistment in the local Baptist churches and to promote a spir- itual atmosphere at Stetson through the dif- ferent committees. The Freshman Council is designed to help with freshman activities and enlistment. B.S.U. headquarters are in Allen Hall where meetings, vespers, and various social functions are held. Of f -campus activities, such as the . state planning conference at Leesburg, serve to enhance the program. 252 Canterbury is composed of the students and faculty of the Episcopal Church. The college center, Canter- bury House, is the scene of many social and educational activities, of which weekly Sunday supper meetings and programs, parties, dances, informal recreation, study nights, discussion groups, and Sunday evening prayer play a big part. Early each Wednesday morning throughout the year, members unite in the celebration of the Holy Communion, followed by coffee and doughnuts before classes begin. Members also enjoy working and serving in many areas of parish life: the church school. Altar Guild, choir, nursery, and as ushers and coffee hour sponsors. Helping the group realize its social, intellectual, and spiritual goals are advisors Miss Charlotte Smith, Dr. George Hood, and Father Lawson, also rector of St. Barnabas Church. FATHER LAWSON Chaplain and Advisor CANTERBURY CLUB Kneelinft. from left to right, are Julie Lay, Gennie Ward, Carolyn Meisenheimer, Lois Sechrist, Donna Evans, Gail Johnson, Pat Erikson, Phyllis Hedrick, Patti Cooper, Kaye Ballou. Yvonne Wilby, and Janet Jones. Seated are Dr. George Hood. Mrs. Mary Hood, Dottie Cole- man, Miss Charlotte Smith, Pam Baer. and Linda Riley. Standing are Bill Bradshaw, Vickie Fleischel, Chad Allen, Father Lawson. Bob McCloskey. Steve Bena, Tom Fay, Bruce Brand, Mickey KeisHng, Peggy Runkle Jane, Pete iMazzeo, Bob Jane, Charles Day, Barbara Samp- son. Carl Adams, Karen Steanson, Jim Murphy, and Gerry Payne. Seated are LSA officers; from left they are Keligious Life Council representative Stan Hanna, president Rosemary DelliBovi, secretary- treasurer Enith Vardaman, and social chairman Anne Carling. Standing are Pastor Charles Jacobson, Tom Peters, Liz Moran, Bill Wright, Susan Lutz, Bob Bailey, Carol Cresswell, vice-president Paul Mitchell, and Bob Lee Mowery. LUTHERAN STUDENTS ASSOCIATION L.S.A. unites Lutheran students on the campus in their efforts to foster Christian fellowship and better understand the principles of the Lutheran Church. CHRISTIAN SCIENTISTS The society of Christian Scientists is a group of Stet- son students working within and for that denomina- tion. It is the most recently formed religious gi ' oup on campus. Lilt to right are 01i e Allen, president Jeff Re.ul, slicruood Hoadlej, ice-president Helen Whittinntmi. Bob Shipman, and Barbara Dykes. On the front row. left tci rinlii. are Hal Sims. l{arl)ara Hulbert, IJettina Swinncy. .laikit- l.aiuini, Mary IJius, Linda .Messick, Ann Sinipsiin, Sally Joiner, and Richard (iinn. On the second row are Patty Evans, Becky McDonald, Linda Marchinton, Addie Jo C ' onklin, Mabel Smel- cer, Kitty Engle, Sue Gehrke, and I ' am Rodbro. Next are Lute Harmon, Barbara Sampson, Marolyn White, Don Huneycutt, Bill Flowers, George Carefoot, Bob Becker, and Jim Coulter. On the last row are Martha Woodberry, Virginia Holtzendorf, Charles Lipthrott, Connie Poulton, Nancy Barber, and Marty Comer. Standing are Diane Disney, Katey Sue Sistrunk, Sally Mathewes, Bill Dunifon, Nancy Walker, and Mr. Sartain. WESLEY FOUNDATION Wesley Foundation coordinates the interests of Stet- son ' s Methodists, the second largest religious sect on campus. Its purposes are to foster Christian fellowship and to provide a tie between religious and scholastic ac- tivities. Every Sunday night in Allen Hall programs are planned and carried out by the students with the aid of director Sartain ; plans are currently underway for ac- quiring a private building for the group. Throughout the year Wesley Foundation has retreats, supper meet- ings, and parties. Seated are director James Sartain and president Sally Mathewes. Standing are Katey Sue Sis- trunk, Connie Poulton, Charles Lipthrott, Nancy Walker, and Barbara Hulbert. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Sally Mathewes VICE-PRESIDENT Charles Lipthrott SECRETARY Connie Poulton TREASURER Katey Sue Sistrunk REPRESENTATIVE, RELIGIOUS LIFE COUNCIL Nancy Walker REPRESENTATIVE, BOARD OF DIRECTORS Barbara Hulbert SPONSOR James Sartain Seated, from left, are Lynda Flynn, Janice Jones, president Char- lotte Keyes, Carol Hahn, and Charlotte High. Standing are Mar- guerite Bearden, Sharon Gage, Helen Gaylord, and Nancy Cassady. Seated, from left, are Mary Hudgins. Mary Cox, Violet Hicks. Mar- garet Nichols, and Nancy Osborne. Standing are Betty Manucy, Phyllis Gotts. Celia Emory. Gail Mauldin, and Page Nordan. YOUNG WOMEN ' S AUXILIARY The Young Women ' s Auxiliary endeavors to unite Stetson women in an enduring missionary enterprise. It holds as its ideals thoughtful Bible study, devoted community missions for the needy, and regular pro- portionate giving to world-wide missions. MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION The Ministerial Association is open to all student ministers of the varied denominational affiliations. Speakers for vespers, radio, assemblies, supply preach- ers — all are part of the activities. Each week programs are planned to help the minis- terial students prepare for the complex work to which they have been called. Seated are president Roy Godwin and vice-president Bill Perry. Standing are social chairman Russ Rasco, intramurals representative Sven Lovegren, extension chairman Grant Bright, secretary Glenn Geiger, Clarence Fouse, sponsor Mabry, and AI Lee. Seated, from left, are treasurer Elaine Moore, secretary Julie Lay, advisor Dean Parker, president Judy Scudder, and vice-presideijt Enith Vardaman. Standing are Sandy Lewton, Celia Emery, Emma Cowan, Anne Carling, Elsie Pixley, Madalyn Owens, Loz Moran, Dot Hart, and Pris Campbell. INDEPENDENT WOMEN ' S ORGANIZATION The Independent Women ' s Organization was estab- lished on campus to promote the social, cultural, po- litical, and religious life of its members. Any woman who is not affiliated with a national sorority may be- come a member. In addition to participating in all cam- pus activities, I.W.O. has such special activities as a Christmas party for undei ' privileged children, a fashion show, and a Cancer drive. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Judy Scudder VICE-PRESIDENT Enith Vardaman SECRETARY Julie Lay TREASURER Elaine Moore CHAPLAIN Dorothy Hart INTRAMURALS Celia Emery SPONSOR Mary Edna Parker Seated are Jackie Lanum, Bettina Swinney, Phyllis Gotts, and Sandy Lewton. Standing are Emma Cowan, Alice Petty, Karen Hayes, Nancy Harder. Anne Carling, Elsie Pixley, Nisa Walker. Madalyn Owens, and Mary Cox. Seated on the first row, left to right, are Tom Brist, Floyd Gladden, Wes Berner, Red Alderman, and Dave Ross. On the second row are Dewey Terrell, Jack Sparks, Tom Merritt, Wayne Cone, John Ward, and Ralph Youngerman. On the hack row are Joel Hancock, Bob Eckblad, Bill Keown, Jack Cunningham, and Jeff Goddard. THE CLUB... STETSON ' S LETTERMEN OFFICERS PRESIDENT Red Alderman VICE-PRESIDENT Bill Cross SECRETARY Floyd Gladden TREASURER Pete Brooks SOCIAL VICE-PRESIDENT Lee Gartside ADVISOR Wes Berner Social veep Lee Gartside waits in open-mouthed expectation for a fly ball. The " S " Club is composed of all Stetson men who have lettered in varsity sports. It is designed to promote interest and participation in intercollegiate athletics and to further sportsmanship and individual maturity both on and off the field of contest. Each year the club participates in such projects as Rat Week, aiding grade school children in the annual Christmas parade, and the March of Dimes. One of the outstanding events every year is the banquet and party given in the spring to honor new letter winners. Advising the group is Wesley M. Berner, coach of the soccer, golf, and track teams. Treasurer Pete Brooks seems awaiting some action. Secretary Buck Gladden shoots one high over a Georgetown guard. Vice-president Bill Cross and president Red Alkerman sell rat hats to incoming freshmen during orientation week. From left to right are Pete Mazzeo, Lee Britton, Dr. Dorothy Fuller, Bunny Bergin, Dr. Keith Hansen, Louise Simmons, Burwell Wingfield, Virginia Fielder, Dr. Elmer C. Prichard, Mary Ruth McMahan, and Pat Wesver. ETA BETA BETA Beta Beta Beta is the national biology organization on Stetson ' s campus. It is designed to increase interest in biology, to stimulate sound scholarship, and to en- courage biological research. WOMEN ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS ' CLUB The Women ' s Physical Education Majors ' Club is an organization for the professionally minded student who plans to teach physical education in the public schools. Meetings are held twice a month, one being a recrea- tional meeting and the other a business type. Occas- ionally a guest speaker is invited to address the group on some related subject. Left to right are Dell Marie Mikell, Mary DeLeGal, Mary Lynn Chapman, vice-president (lail Hiherink, Nancy Laird, advisor Mrs. Fran Carlton, Wendy Laird, president Charlotte Keyes, Mary Beth E erroad, Meg Jones, and Marihn Rajnal. it BMc aaM! %. Seated, left t(i ri ;ht, are secretary .Marty Mullins. vice-president Susan Deliinner, publicity chairman Jane Rose, presi- dent Linda Waldrep, and advisor Miss Maxine Patterson. Standing are Glenna Lippett, Lisa Durgin, Charlotte High, Elizabeth Wick, Biinnv Mihni. Verlee Dowd, Gloria Andrews, and Sandra Blane. SIGMA BETA CHI Sigma Beta Chi is an lionorary for women students in the school of business. Its emphasis has been an ef- fort to meet the interests and needs of the women through programs and talks by successful business men and women from a variety of fields. BETA ALPHA SIGMA Beta Alpha Sigma is a local fraternity for students ma.]oring in business. Its purpose is to familiarize the members with actual problems and conditions that exist in business life, through talks by successful busi- nessmen and field trips through nearby firms. Beta Alpha Sigma officers are, seated from left to right, treas- urer Bill Cross, vice-president Logan Fay, president Ed Hamill, advisor Don Page, and secretary Larry White. Standing are Al Thode, Walt Lathrop, Roger Babcock, Dave Rinker, Jose Auffant, Jim C oulter, Larry Deets, Conrad Nelson, Bill Searles, Don Adams, and Lavaughn Johns. Seated, from left, are Jack Dupre, Pat Redmond, guest speaker Mr. McQueen, Bill Shelton, Kerry Kelly. Standing are Fred Blesch, Doug Sucher, Bill Tanner, Randy Fernon, David Lange, John Comer, Bob Mitchell, Tom Kennedy, Henry Gregory, Ira Johnson, Jerry Lohmann, Jay McGaffin, and George Kelly. Freshman pledges are, seated, left to right, Tony Hopper, Bruce Armstrong, Bob Bailey, Pete Kaunitz and Lanny Miller. Standing are Bill Nelson, Fred DeArmas, .Ion Loftheim, Les Greenbauni, and Phil Flanagan. PERSHING RIFLES Pershing Rifles is a national society of Reserve Of- ficer Training Corps students whose aims are the pro- portion and development of proficiency and interest in the basic course of ROTC. The Stetson company takes part in local parades and the Regimental Drill Meet. The group ' s 1961 sponsor, Miss Susie Barnes, was chosen district sponsor; the newly-elected sweetheart is Miss Cissy Harris, freshman from Winter Park. Active members seated are, from left, Ralph Langham, Bob Moore, Raymond Babb, advisor Captain Harry S. Stoudemire, and Tom Shields. Standing are John Francisco, John Ellis, Bob Smith, Rodger Bunnell, Jack Hampton, Dusty Rhode, Dick Morris, Bob Matthews, Bill Fagan, and Jim Penney. At the 19(n Military Hall are Queen Virginia Holtzendorf and the 19(50 titleholder Penny (iray. SCABBARD AND BLADE Scabbard and Blade is a national military honorary society. Membership is limited to cadets enrolled in the advanced course of ROTC and further restricted to those with high scholastic averages and essential of- ficer qualities. Scabbard and Blade has annually led the Green Feather charity drive with its traditional turkey shoot. The group also furnishes Stetson with a major social highlight in the annual Military Ball. Seated, left to right are Second Lieutenant Henry Norton, First Lieu tenant Raymond Babb, Captain Don Seaboen, advisor Major Henry Martin, and First Sergeant Wavne Cone. Standing are Gary Maris, Jim Coulter, Tom Barnett, Carl Adams, Roland Williams, Tom Wrenn, Tom Shields, Ed Cone. Gene Lopreste, Pat Knipe, Gene Polk, Floyd Gladden, and Bob Moore. On the first row, left to right, are Patsy Stokes, Sue Ann Shaw, and Linda Hill. On the second row are Olive Westber- ry, Joy Kressman, and Sher- wood Hoadley. Last are John Folds, Billy Bray, Karen Gain- Ker, and Frank Emerson. KAPPA U EPSILON Kappa Mu Epsilon is a national mathematics hon- orary. On Stetson ' s campus is the Florida Alpha Chap- ter, founded in May of 1960 from the local Sigma Alpha Omega. TASSEL Tassel is a local leadership honorary for sophomorewomen, founded in the spring of 1961. Seated, left to right, are secretary Karen Steanson, vice-president Eleanor Dickey, Mortar Board advisor Lynn Evans, president Alice Maris, and treasurer Pat Williams. Standing are Carolyn Meisenheimer, Suzie Hankins, Pris Campbell, historian Jo Parks, publicity chairman Suzanne Higgins, and correspondini; secretary Jane Hall. Left to riftht are Jim Lanier, |)resident Enith Vardaman, Sharon Sanders, Mary Lou Gos- lin, secretary Judy MacKenzie, and sponsor Dr. John Hague. SCROLL AND KEY The Order of Scroll and Key is a local honorary stressing scholarship and leadership. Members are chosen from the upper five per cent of the .junior and senior classes with a minimum average of 2.5. High- light of the year is the spring initiation and banquet. PHI SOCIETY Phi Society is a scholastic honorary sponsored by faculty members of Phi Beta Kappa. It recognizes high academic achievement; members are chosen from students maintaining a 2.4 average during their fresh- man year. Seated, left to right, are Judy MacKenzie, Enith Vardaman, Bob Wood, Alice Maris, sponsor Dr. Ted Beiler, and Pris Campbell. Standing are Dian Aiken, Ray Smith, Frances Lyle, Jim Lanier, Tina Kalashnikoff, Wayne Dixon, Molly Campbell, Alex Novenski, Judy Scudder, Dick Gibson, Edwinna Murphy, Jay Haskell, Pat Gilbert, Leslie Ellwood, Mary Lou Goslin, Marvin Reed, Carolyn Crowler, and Carolyn D.imi.mos. Leadership, scholarship, service — these are the goals of Mortar Board. Mortar Board is a national honorary organization devoted to these standards and composed of women who have achieved them during their first three years in college. Stetson ' s chapter each year presents awards to the outstanding woman in the freshman and senior classes in the field of service. The group sponsors such diverse activities as the Last Lecture Series and pancake suppers. .Mary T. Lowry Judy MacKenzie RTAR BOAR Sally Mathewes Bptsv Sfhlueter Jackie Pitts Judv Scudder Barbara Rowe Etter Turner OFFICERS PRESIDENT Judy MacKenzie VICE-PRESIDENT Sally Mathewes SECRETARY Betsy Schlueter TREASURER Judy Scudder HISTORIAN Lynn Evans Charlie Clark Dalton Epting Bill Cross Jav Haskell Omicron Delta Kappa heads the list of men ' s honoraries at Stetson. A national leadership society, it encourages general campus citizenship and recognizes men who have attained a high standard of efficiency in collegiate activities. O.D.K. strives to bring together the most representative men in all phases of college hfe: faculty members, administrative officials, and stu- dents. This group sponsors Green Circle, a leadership honorary for sophomore men. OMICRON DELTA KAPPA Dick Krause Fred Messersmith Jim Lanier Fred Sakon Gary Maris Jim Whitmire OFFICERS PRESIDENT Jay Haskell VICE-PRESIDENT Fred Sakon SECRETARY Jack Coldiron TREASURER Jim Lanier FACULTY ADVISOR . . . Fred Messersmith ' ' ' " ' ' ' • t , ,f„_ " " " W «ISH(sBto :-P JkiSlft X ' ltt ' itfliMiiti aQiadynaihMaki STETSON ' S ORGANIZATION MAN 268 HE ADS • m • i«ipfii • • «M % mm§ , %: . %» ' % ▼ €j .m i Nearly a hundred businesses and friends have pur chased space in this year ' s annual. The 1962 Hattei would like to thank these people for helping to make publication possible. Congratulations, Class of ' 62 Best Wishes to All b r y n - a I a n studio creative photographers since 1936 JACKSONVILLE TAMPA ST. PETERSBURG General Offices and Laboratories — 208 S. Boulevard, Tampa Congratulations . . . Graduates of the Class of ' 62 FLORIDA BANK AT DELAND • MEMBER FLORIDA NATIONAL GROUP FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION MORRIS ' RESTAURANT The Favorite with Stetson University 207 N. Boulevard Deland F. N. DeHUY SON JEWELERS SILVERSMITHS Since 1873 139 N. Boulevard Deland, Florida RE 4-1337 Gifts for all Occasions STETSON STUDENTS ALWAYS WELCOME REEVE HOWARD The Store of a Thousand Gifts 105 West Indiana Avenue Deland, Florida THE DELAND SUN-NEWS IS READ DAILY AND SUNDAY FOR NEWS OF STETSON UNIVERSITY HOMES UNIVERSITY MANOR East Minnesota Avenue V2 Mile East of Stetson THREE BLOCKS SOUTH OF NEW HIGH SCHOOL QUALITY HOMES FRANK L BASSO — JOSEPH LEIBOLD Office — 233 South Florida Avenue RE 4-5206 RE 4-2618 Congratulations Class of 1962 The BARNETT NATIONAL BANK of DeLAND Member F.D.I.C. Serving West Volusia Since 1929 Congratulations Class of 1962 ATHENS THEATRE DELAND, FLORIDA MITCHELL CLEANERS FINEST IN DRY CLEANING POLARIZED CARE FOR YOUR FURS BOX STORAGE FOR WINTER GARMENTS TRADE - MARK DELAND COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Serving Natural Gas to . . . DELAND ORANGE CITY DEBARY FLORIDA HOME GAS COMPANY 206 East New York Avenue Deland, Florida MARY DYKES Infants to Subteens and DYKES MENS ' SHOP DUVAL JEWELRY COMPANY T16 North Boulevard DELAND, FLORIDA LEEDS SHOES 112 North Boulevard DELAND, FLORIDA McVICARS 114 North Boulevard DELAND, FLORIDA The Home of Insured Savings DELAND FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 136 Florida Avenue Deland, Florida PAUL HUNTER ' S RESTAURANT Off Campus Meeting Place Banquet Facilities Boulevard Rich RE 4-9950 Congratulations . . Class of ' 62 Your book-centered store on your book-centered campus STETSON UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE DOBY ' S Beach Street at Volusia DAYTON A BEACH PONCE DeLEON SPRINGS DeLeon Springs, Florida THE BOULEVARD MOTEL 1349 North Boulevard DELAND FLORIDA BRADDOCK ' S FLOWER SHOP 135 East Howry DELAND FLORIDA G. G. SMITH DRUGS Headquarters for Revlon - Lanvin - Christian Dior Helena Rubinstein - Lentheric - Dorsay Max Factor - Chantilly - Richard Hudnut Houbigant - Coty - Foberge SCARBORO MUSIC 211 North Boulevard DELAND FLORIDA BOB ' S RADIO TV SALES AND SERVICE Zenith 207 W. Rich Deland, Florida Congratulations Class of ' 62 DELAND LANES on the Boulevard FREE INSTRUCTION— STUDENT RATES Bring A Party and Bowl For Fun UNIVERSITY MOTORS HOME OF THE LARK 528 South Boulevard Deland SMITH FEED SEED STORE 521 West New York Deland Florida CONGRATULATIONS . . . CLASS OF ' 62 A FRIEND TOWN COUNTRY BEAUTY SALON 136 West Indiana Deland Florida STETSON AND DELAND Have Marched Hand in Hand for Many Years We are proud of the cooperative spirit that exists between the people of our community and the officials and students of Stetson University. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE DELAND FLORIDA Buy Balfour BILL BOSTAIN FLORIDA REPRESENTATIVE Penney ' s DELAND, FLORIDA Stetson ' s Shopping Center BOULEVARD DRIVE-IN THEATRE DELAND, FLORIDA A W ROOT BEER DRIVE-IN Look for the Bright Orange Building DELAND, FLORIDA MATHER OF DELAND 142 South Boulevard DELAND FLORIDA MclRA DRUG CENTER THE REXALL STORE TeL RE 4-0911 Delan I DIXIE MOTOR LODGE 647 South Boulevard DELAND, FLORIDA FLAMINGO BEAUTY SALON 237 South Boulevard Deland, Florida CU RREY THE FLORIST 116 East Indiana Avenue DELAND, FLORIDA JACOB MOTOR SERVICE RAMBLER Sales and Service 501 S. Boulevard Deland, Florida COSTON ' S LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING 224 South Florida RE 4-3052 DELAND, FLORIDA Off Central Avenue at 31st Street HATS ON! to the ' 62 HATTERS from Morrison Food Service Inc. " No Finer Food . . . Anywhere! " MORRISON FOOD SERVICE a division of Morrison Cafeterias, Inc. FOUNTAINS Over Fifty Years Central Florida ' s Finest Store for Men DELAND, FLORIDA CHIMNEY CORNER MOTEL 1 V2 Miles South of Deland Routes 17 92 BAMBOO CLUB RESTAURANT 1220 South Boulevard DELAND FLORIDA DAVI-CRAFT OFFICE SUPPLIES 216 North Boulevard DELAND FLORIDA BELUE ' S SHOES 136 North Boulevard DELAND FLORIDA GIBBS Ladies and Children ' s Wearing Apparel Infants ' and Children ' s Wear Boys ' Wear RE 4-5521 Deland, Florida DELAND CAMERA SHOP 142 North Boulevard Deland, Floridg. RE 4-3595 LARRY SMYRE, JEWELER " Jewelry of Distinction " A Beautiful World of Finest Quality We Promise You Pleasant Shopping In a Relaxed Atmosphere Jewelry Designing - Repairing - Social Engraving 212 North Boulevard RE 4-7979 DELAND, FLORIDA CONGRATULATIONS To The Graduates of 1961 from THE BOOKSTORE 203A North Boulevard DELAND FLORIDA PENTHOUSE BEAUTY SALON 114 West Rich Avenue DELAND FLORIDA FURCHGOTT ' S 160 North Beach Street DAYTONA BEACH FLORIDA Best Wishes from Evelyn and Jimmy West STETSON FLOWER SHOP " on the boulevard " DELAND FLORIDA m West Rich Deland, Florida ROEHR PRODUCTS CO., INC. SUBSIDIARY OF BRUNSWICK CORPORATION Deland, Florida — Norfolk, Nebraska Waterbury, Connecticut World ' s Largest Manufacturer of Disposable Hypodermic Needles and Syringes TUlrAY the business world the arts and sciences, dhd the pro- fessions are seeking young people with " imagineering ability " . . . the ability to combine their imagination with scientific exactness in their work. Only through education and training can young minds be prepared to meet the challenges of d rapidly-changing world. More power to you, the " imagineers " of the future! 5S(S " S 5S t a n.-ii n a Original layouts, distinctive typography and sparkling reproduction that give your annual the luxurious appearance impossible to obtain by standard layout, mass-production methods. Vi C l S TRINITY U R, PLACE R G I

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Stetson University - Hatter Yearbook (DeLand, FL) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Stetson University - Hatter Yearbook (DeLand, FL) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Stetson University - Hatter Yearbook (DeLand, FL) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Stetson University - Hatter Yearbook (DeLand, FL) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


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