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CONTENTS UNIVERSITY SENIORS PAGE 16 PAGE 36 LAW SCHOOL JUNIORS PAGE 64 PAGE 74 m SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN GREEKS SPORTS MILITARY PAGE 86 PAGE 96 PAGE 108 PAGE 160 PAGE 192 FEATURES PAGE 200 ORGANIZATIONS PAGE 224 ADVERTISEMENTS PAGE 268 " This is Stetson " has been chosen as the theme for the 1961 Hatter because the book is designed to present a frank picture of life at this university. It shows students study- ing, partying, Hat Racking, or working, and professors teaching or relaxing, as well as incorporating familiar views of both the DeLand and the St. Petersburg campuses. Events included here cover the period from February of 1960 to that same month in ' 61. Little of the current spring ' s work is included because of deadlines necessary for May publication. Some reorganization has been made, such as placing Who ' s Who immediately following the seniors and putting the law school faculty with those of the other schools. These steps were taken to provide more continuity and unity. 19 6 1 ka HATTER I i % ■ m i . - . B . c. H ' ' f RL ' fll H xwS - 1 Mil BVBiHIIPiBHHHHHi The focal point of Stetson ' s picturesque campus is Hulley Fountain, located just off Minnesota Avenue behind Elizabeth Hall. Its constantly changing colors and water patterns inspire poetry, pictures, and romance. Emily Hall on Woodland Boulevard is the newest and most modern of the four women ' s dormitories. Stately oaks, Spanish moss, and shrubbery surround the entrance to Chaudoin Hall. Bill George ' s car is covered with literally a little of everything in piepaiiilion tor the basketball parade prior to the Mercer game. Campus beauties Kelly Olinger, Nancy Kohler, and Liz Frix pose for final judging in one of the many queen contests. Diane Disney, George Patten, and Jerry Castleberry relax on the Hat Rack patio by the Mad Hatter statue (before it was painted). Six social fraternities and six sororities provide the Greek social whirl at Stetson. The groups constantly com- plete in rush, intramurals, elections, and scholarship, yet cooperate to make such inclu- sive activities as Greek Week and the Green Feather Drive succeed. Sigs Eps won first place ..i„j$ijm . Frosh Jimmy Terrell and Tony Schoder had to dodge rotten eggs to earn money lor the (ireen Feather carnival. Cynthia Hair, Joy Lynn Thomas, Sally Lied, and Judy Eckert strain to break the tape in a Hatter Holiday race. in the basketball parade with this float. Carolyn Clark ' s sorority and V. J. Spivey ' s fraternity joined forces for a Green Feather booth. Equipment manager Ed DeLoorey smokes one of his 1,093.246 cigars as he momentarily pauses in handing out sports supplies. r Intramural directors Ed Ruby and Gar- land Williams present one of the many trophies for intramural excellence. v. Sports play a major part in life at Stetson. While only the very best make varsity squads, nearly all the students participate in the intramural programs. SU fields Hatter teams for basketball, soccer, baseball, tennis, track, and golf; the intramural players can go out for basketball, Softball, badminton, touch football, ping pong, horseshoes, shuffleboard, and several other activities. Jumpin ' jack guard Charlie Warren goes up for two in one of the Hi-Hats many successful games. Bill George prevents a Rollins goal as Gary Maris rushes to his aid. Pershing Rifles members bow before being tapped into the honorary. The Reserve Officer Training Corps is a four- year program enabling a college graduate to enter the service with a commission. Each cadet is pre- paring for the army through drilling, learning weapon maintenance, and having classes in mili- tary strategy, history, and regulations. A staff of Regular Army officers and NCOs direct the program at Stetson. The Cadet Corps color guard stands at attention on the drill field. Inclement weather sometimes necessitates the corps ' using Hulley Gym instead of the outside drill field. Cyrus Cressy directs a group of Stetson coeds in modern dance techniques. A small child looks on in rapt attention as Judy Hohman and Bert Humphries, last spring ' s Hatter Holiday co- chairmen, pedal away on a scooter and tricycle. Even " wandering minstrels " can be lured into an im- promptu concert at the university as was this talented ballad singer. 11 Bill George collects money for the March of Dimes from a passing motorist as S-Club president Jerry Dunworth, sponsor Wes Berner, and Bill Cross look laughingly on. The S-Club, organization for varsity lettermen, sponsors such other activities as Rat Week and donkey basketball. Beth Bierley and Lee Britton break into a cha-cha step at one of the SGA dances as Cookie Riley, dancing in background with Ken Cassel, is caught in the middle of a sen- tence. The Student Government Association, directed by president Byrd Booth, sponsored several similar dances in the Putnam Hotel. 12 One of the most familiar duos on campus is " Doc " Johnson and his sidekicii Blackie. The people and organiza- tions on these two pages are typical of Stetson. SGA, cheer- leaders, S-club, and, of course, Blackie, are integral features of the university. Jay Haskell, Liz Frix, and Carolyn Clark pose as Van Pittman relaxes. This group is the SGA Executive Committee. John Halliburton shouts out a punch line while serving as emcee. Cathy Griffis concentrates on her pose while kneeling be- fore cheerleaders Sandy Ivey, Cookie Rilev, and Jane Hall. The Golden Tower of the St. Petersburg campus is a replica of the centuries old " Torre del Oro " in Seville. Behind the trees is the Granary, also copied after a famous Spanish building. Law students can sun and swim in the school ' s private pool. The 1961 Hatter is DEDICATED TO Edward C. Furlong, Jr. E. C. Furlong, Jr., from Morgantown, Virginia, has faithfully and tirelessly served the University for twenty-three years in many capacities. He earned his B.S. and M.A. degrees from Stetson, then proceeded to do graduate study at the Case Institute of Technology. In 1938 he came to serve on the university faculty, whereon he now holds the title of Professor of Business Administration. During the past decade he has served as Dean of the School of Business and Business Manager of the University. Through these offices as well as the many local and state committees on which he works, the forty-eight-year-old administrator ' s business-like manner, coupled with a warm and sincere personality, has greatly aided Stetson in its many financial dealings. Dean Furlong now lives in DeLand with his wife Charlotte, also a Stetson alum, and their five children. So to express the respect, gratitude, and admira- tion of one who has given so much to the Univer- sity and asked so little in return, we humbly dedicate the 1961 Hatter to Edward Colson Fur- long, Jr. EDWARD C. FURLONG, JR. Dean Furlong listens intently to a remark at one of the faculty dinners in the Stetson Room. Dean Furlong poses in his office. THE UNIVERSITY stetson became a college in 1885, two years after its founding. It was named DeLand Academy after Henry A. DeLand, main founder of the town, and later became known as Stetson University in honor of the well-known hat manufacturer who generously endowed the college. The school added a college of music, one of law, and most recently, one of business to become a university. Thirty buildings on the seventy-five-acre DeLand campus house the university ' s varied activities. Elizabeth Hall, shown to the left, is the administra- tive and main classroom building. It also contains the principal auditorium. Stetson has perhaps the ablest faculty in the South, with approximately eighty per cent of the instructors having master ' s degrees and most o± that group also with doctorates. I STETSON ' S PRESIDENT Homecoming Day February 17, 1961 Memo: To the Stetson Community: As I write these lines, the Trustees of the University have just made one of the most significant decisions ever made by a Stetson governing board — ■ they have given instructions for worlc to be- gin upon the construction of a new build- ing. Of course, the decision to build the new library was made a long time ago, but the resolution to move ahead now was accompanied by a statement that it is the earnest purpose of the Trustees to continue this " academic construction program " without interruption, once commenced, until all of the faculty ' s other critical needs have been met. Thus, once again, this institution is moving forward on another " Venture on Faith. " You students of 1961 have much at stake in this up-reach, but I predict that in the years to come you will look back upon these " planning days " as some of the most exciting of your en- tire life. For the Trustees do expect to consult with you students in all of these plans — just as they consult with parents, churches, and alumni. I am confident that the entire community will welcome this opportunity to help. Faithfully yours, J. OLLIE EDMUNDS President OLLIE EDMUNDS President 18 JAMES W. PARRISH Vice-President of the University ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS WILLIAM HUGH McENIRY, JR. Dean of the University EDWARD C. FURLONG, JR. Business Manager, Dean of School of Business w r JAMES A. STEWART Dean of the Chapel HAROLD LEON SEBRING Dean of the College of Law A D M I N I O F F I ETTER McTEER TURNER Dean of Women GEORGE W. HOOD Director of Guidance, Dean of Men ARTHUR FARWELL TUTTLE Assistant to the Dean of the University C. H. BOLTON President, Board of Trustees DONALD C. YAXLEY Acting Dean of the School of Music S T R A T I V E C E R S BARBARA ROVVE Registrar PAUL C. PARKER Director of Admissions BOB LEE MOWERY Librarian H. iilLWES EDMUNDSON Comptroller RALPH A. BECKER Assistant to Business Manager CARL H. JOHNSON Director of Men ' s Housing MARY COOK HOOD Administrative Assistant to President A D M I N I S T A Carolyn Mann, Mrs. Haun, Mrs. Phifer, Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. Reese, Mrs. Pheneger, Barbara Swink. Infirmary Staff MARY EDNA PARKER Assistant Dean of Women S T R A T I V E F F THOMAS J. DRAPER Assistant Director of Development BILLY RAY RAGGETT Assistant Dean of Men JAMES 0. AVISON Director of Alumni Affairs WILLIAM K. GUMMING Director of Public Relations SCHOOL OF LIBERAL ARTS The College of Liberal Arts is the oldest and largest of the four colleges comprising the university. It offers both master and bachelor degrees in arts and science. Elizabeth, Flagler, and Holmes Halls are the major classroom buildings. Every Stetson student comes in contact with the liberal arts curriculum as it is the core of the univer- sity. Through its general education courses one gains a vi ell-rounded knowledge and understanding of the arts and sciences. The liberal arts major has the opportunity to participate in such courses of study as the Merrill Program of American Studies, the Honors Program, and the Washington Semester. OFFICERS DEAN WILLIAM H. McENIRY PRESIDENT Paul Storm VICE-PRESIDENT Anna B. Perry SECRETARY Suzanne Fredrikson TREASURER Jay Starling Anna B. Perry, Paul Storm. .Tay Starling. Suzanne Fredrikson 24 THE FACULTY KATHLEEN ALLEN JOHNSON, Assistant Professor of English. 1951— B.M., Stetson University; B.A., Uni- versity of Rocliester; M.A., Stetson University. VIRGINIA EDSALL GIFFIN, Assistant Professor of English. 1942 — A.B., Denison University; M.A., Stetson University. FAYE L. KELLY, Assistant Professor of English. 1956 — B.A., M.A., University of Florida. MARY TRIBBLE LOWRY. Associate Professor of English, 1923— Ph.B., M.A., Stetson University. WILLIAM E. TAYLOR, Assistant Professor of English, 1957 — A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Vanderbilt University. GUY OWEN, JR., Associate Professor of English, 1955 — A.B., M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina. ETHEL B. COLBRUNN, Assistant Professor of English, 1959— A.B., College of Wooster; M.A., Ohio State Uni- versity; Ph.D., University of Florida. JOHN G. GARDNER, Assistant Professor of English 1959— B.A., M.A., Yale University. C. CARTER COWELL, Assistant Professor of English, 1958 — B.A., University of Chicago; M.A., Cambridge University; Ph.D., Emory University. BYRON H. GIBSON, Professor of English, 1946— A.B., Birmingham-Southern College; M.A., Ph.D., Uni- versity of Illinois. ROBERT G. BLAKE, Assistant Professor of English, 1959 — A.B., Harvard University; M.A., Duke University. JOHN E. HALL, Assistant Professor of English, 1960— B.A., Southwestern; M.A., Ph.D., Vanderbilt University. ERNEST E. WEEKS, Assistant Professor of English, 1959— A.B., Bowdoin College; A.M., Tufts University. ALLEN, ELIOT D., Associate Professor of English, 1960 — B.A. Wesleyan University; A.M., Harvard University; M.A., Ph.D., Princeton University. BENJAMIN B. GRIFFITHS, Assistant Professor of Speech, 1956— B.A., Baylor University; M.F.A., Yale University. MARY LOUISE GEHRING, Professor of Speech, 1956 — B.A., Baylor University; M.A., Ph.D., Louisiana State University. IRVING C. STOVER, Professor of Speech, 1908— B.O., M.O., Susquehanna University; Litt.D., Stet,son Uni- versity. GEORGE W. STATLER, Instructor in Speech and Drama, 1960 — B.A., Temple University. CYRUS F. CRESSY, Instructor in Speech and Drama, 1960— B.S., Stetson University. Liberal Arts Faculty CECIL LIVETTE, Instructor of Russian, 1960— B.A., Foreign Language Institute, Leningrad, Ru,ssia. JOHN L. HODGES, Professor of German, 1954— A. B., M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina. SOPHIE-ANN GREEN, Assistant Professor of French, 1960 — B.A., Women ' s College of Zurich, Switzerland; B.A., Lawrence College; M.A., University of WiscoriiSin. HUGH N. SEAY, JR., Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages, 1958 — B.A., Randolph-Macon College; M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina. JOHN W. BOHON, Instructor in Russian Studies, 1960 — B.A., Michigan State University; M.A., Stetson Uni- versity. WILLIAM F. MITCHELL, Assistant Professor of French, 1960— B.S., Bowdoin College; A.M., Middlebury College; Diplom d ' Etade Fiancais, Universiyt of Aix Marsaille. ELEANOR ANNE HURST, Circulation Librarian, 1952 — B.S. in Ed., Georgia State College for Women; M.Ln., Emory University. CHARLOTTE A. SMITH, Documents Librarian, 1939— B.A., Agnes Scott College; M.A., A.B. in L.S., Emory University. ANN ELIZABETH MITCHELL, Reference Librarian, 1958— B.S. in Ed., University of Alabama; M.A., Van- derbilt University; M.A., Peabody College. EUGENE F. BUNKER, JR., Assistant Professor of Art, 1959— B.S. , Montana State College; M.A., Mills College. FRED L. MESSERSMITH, Associate Professor of Art, 1959— B.F.A., M.A., Ohio Wesleyan University. LOUIS FREUND, Artist in Residence, 1949— University of Missouri; Washington University; Princeton Uni- versity; Colerossi Academy, Paris. SIDNEY B. DENMAN, Professor of Social Psychology, 1950 — A.B., Mississippi College; M.A., Tulane Univer- sity; Ph.D., Duke University. MELVIN J. WILLIAMS, Professor of Sociology, 1952— A.B., B.D., Ph.D., Duke University. JAMES A. SARTAIN, Assistant Professor of Sociology, 1955— B.S., Troy State College; M.A., Peabody College. JOSEPH T. SUTTON, Associate Professor of Psy- chology, 1959— B. A., Stet,son University; M.A., Ph.D., Vanderbilt University. WARREN F. JONES, JR., Associate Professor of Psychology, 1955 — B.A., Union University; M.A., Pea- body College; Ph.D., Vanderbilt University. RICHARD L. STAFFORD, Assistant Professor of Psy- chology — B.S., M.S., Auburn University; B.D., South- ern Baptist Theological Seminary. 26 Liberal Arts Faculty KEITH L. HANSEN, Assistant Professor of Biology, 1955— B.S., M.S., Stetson University; Ph.D., University of Florida. DOROTHY LANGFORD FULLER, Associate Professor of Hiolosy, 1941 — A.B., M.A., Stetson University. ELMER C. PRICHARD, Professor of Biology, 1947— A.B., Mis,sissippi College:; M.A., University of Rich- mond; Ph.D., University of North Carolina. ALBERT M. WINCHESTER, Professor of Biology, 1947 — A.B., Baylor Uni versity; M.A., Ph.D., University of Texas. C. H. CHORPENING, MAJ. GEN., USA (Ret.), Visit- ing Instructor in Mathematics, 1958 — B.S., United State,? Military Academy. WAYLAND H. PARR, COL., USA (Ret.), Instructor in Mathematics, 1959 — B.S., United States Military Acad- emy; M.S., Purdue University. ELIZABETH NICELY BOYD, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, 1959— B.S., Juniata College; M.A., Ph.D., Columbia University. GENE W. MEDLIN, Associate Professor of Mathe- matics, 1958— B.S., Wake Forest College; M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina. OSCAR T. JONES, Instructor in Mathematics, 1959— B.S., Wake Forest College; M.S., University of Michigan. EMMETT S. ASHCRAFT, Associate Professor of Mathematics, 1949— B.S., Wake Forest College; M.A., University of North Carolina. GEORGE L. JENKINS, Professor of Physics, 1948— A.B., Berea College; M.S., University of North Carolina; Ph.D., University of Kentucky. JAMES E. WILLS, JR., Associate Professor of Physics, 1956 — B.A., Mississippi College; M.A., University of Virginia; Ph.D., University of Texas. THEODORE W. BEILER, Associate Professor of Chem- istry, 1953— B.S., Allegheny College; M.A., Ph.D., Harvard University. JOHN FERGUSON CONN, Professor of Chemistry, 1929— B.S., Georgetown College; M.S., University of Chicago; Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh. JOHN V. VAUGHEN, Professor of Chemistry, 1946— A.B., Oberlin College; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University. 27 Liberal Arts Faculty LUTHER WESLEY SMITH, JR., Assistant Professor of History and Political Science, 1957 — A.B., Denlson University; B.D., Colgate Rochester Divinity School; M.A., Yale University. HAROLD J. SCHULTZ, Assistant Professor of History and Political Science, 1959 — B.A., Goshen College; M.A., University of Michigan; Ph.D., Duke University. JOHN EDWIN JOHNS, Professor of History and Politi- cal Science, 1948 — A.B., Furman University; M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina. JOHN W. BOHON, Instructor in History, 1960— B.A., Michigan State University; M.A., Stetson University. EVANS COMBS JOHNSON, Associate Professor of History and Political Science, 1953 — A.B., M.A., Uni- versity of Alabama; Ph.D., University of North Carolina. MALCOLM M. WYNN, Associate Professor of History and Political Science, 1952— A.B., M.A., Ohio State University; Graduate Study, University of Paris; Ph.D., Ohio State University. HENRY MARTIN, Captain, USA, Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics, 1959 — B.S., Mississippi State University. HARRY E. APGAR, Lt. Col. USA, Professor of Military Science and Tactics, 1959 — B.A., Lafayette College; LL.B., George Washington University. HERBERT J. HEDRICK, Captain, USA, Assistant Pro- fessor of Military Science and Tactics, 1957 — B.S., Oklahoma State University. RUBERT LONGSTREET, Visiting Professor of Educa- tion, 1949— B.S., Ll.B., Stetson University; M.A. Duke University. WATIE PICKENS, Assistant Professor of Education, 1958— B.S., Oklahoma State University; M.A.E., Ed.S., Ed.D., University of Florida. GEORGE W. HOOD, Associate Professor of Education, 1950— A.B., Baker University; M.B.A., Ph.D., Univer- sity of Chicago. HARLAND MERRIAM, Associate Professor of Educa- tion, 1952— B.S., Boston University; Ed.M., Ed.D., Harvard University. RICHARD COPELAND, Associate Professor of Educa- tion, 1958— A.B., College of William and Mary; M.Ed., D.Ed., University of Florida. THURMAN E. SMOTHERMAN, Associate Professor of Education, 1956— A.B., State Teachers College, Springfield, Mo.; M.Ed., Ed.D., University of Missouri. RUTH I. SMITH, Associate Professor of Education, 1954— B.S., Pennsylvania State Teachers College; M.A., Ed.D., University of Pittsburgh. RAY V. SOWERS, Professor of Education, 1948— A.B., Ll.D., Florida Southern College; M.A., University of North Carolina. RANDOLPH L. CARTER, Professor of Education, 1944 — A.B., Mercer University; M.A., Columbia University; Ph.D., Peabody College. Liberal Arts Faculty GLENN N. WILKES, Assistant Professor of Physical Education, 1957 — A.B., Mercer University; M.A., Pea- body College. WARREN CASSIUS COWELL, Professor of Physical Education, 1935 — B.S., Kansas State Agricultural Col- lege; M.A., University of Florida. GARLAND H. WILLL4MS, Instructor in Physical Edu- cation, 1956 — B.S., University of Georgia; M.A., Pea- body College. ROBERT WEICKEL, Instructor in Physical Education. 1960— B.S., Springfield College. RICHARD B. MORELAND, Associate Professor of Physical Education, 1952 — A.B., Birmingham-Southern College; M.Ed., Springfield College; Pf.D., New York University. WESLEY MELVIN BERNER, Assistant Professor of Physical Education, 1947 — B.S., Pacific University; M.A., Stetson University. ELIZABETH AUTREY, Professor of Physical Educa- tion, 1946— B.S., Florida State College for Women; M.S., University of Wisconsin. FRANCES CARLTON, Instructor in Health and Physi- cla Education, 1959 — B.S., Stetson University. SARA STAFF JERNIGAN, Professor of Physical Edu- cation, 1937— -B.S., M.A., Stetson University. ROLLIN S. ARMOUR, Assistant Professor of Religion, 1960— B.A., Baylor University; B.D., Southern Baptist Seminary; S.T.M., Harvard University. E. EARL JOINER, Assistant Professor of Religion, 1955— A.B., Stetson University; B.D., Th.M., Th.D., Southern Seminary. O. LAFAYETTE WALKER— Professor of Religion, 1945— A.B., Howard College; Th.M., Th.D., Southern Seminary. EDWARD A. HOLMES, JR., Assistant Professor of Religion, 1956 — A.B., Mercer University; B.D., Emory University. SCHOOL OF BUSINESS The most recently formed of Stetson ' s colleges is the School of Business, founded in 1940 and housed in its own building on West Minnesota. To avoid handicapping graduates from a limited education, business majors are required to take approx- imately forty per cent of their work in the liberal arts field. The faculty endeavors to cultivate in students high ideals of business morality and social responsi- bility. Students are encouraged to acquire a clear under- standing of modern industrial society and of their responsibilities and opportunities in it. They may con- centrate in the fields of accounting, general business, business-law, finance and banking, real estate and in- surance, management, marketing, economics, business education, or secretarial science. OFFICERS PRESIDENT ■ Charles Royal VICE-PRESIDENT Sarah Foster SECRETARY Suzanne Higgins TREASURER Bill George DEAN EDWARD C. FURLONG Charles Royal. Sarah Foster, Bill George. Suzanne Higgins 30 FRANK McGINLEY PHILLIPS, Visiting Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, 1947 — Bachelor of Didac- tics, Newton College; Master Didac- tics, Iowa State Normal School; A.B., Iowa State Teachers College; M.A., State University of Iowa; Ph.D., George Washington University. DAVID W. MILLER, Assistant Pro- fessor of Business Administration 1955— B.S., A.B., University of Flor- ida; C.P.A. MAXINE L. PATTERSON, Professor of Business Administration, 1948 — B.S., Mary Washington College of the University of Virginia; M.B.E., Uni- versity of Colorado. JOHN E. BARTHEL, Assistant Pro- fessor of Economics, 1955 — Diplom- ' [ ' olkstvirt, Doktor rer. poL, Univer- sity of Berlin. ROGER G., GILES, Assistant Profes- sor of Business Administration, 1953 — A.B., Florida Southern College; LL.B., Cumberland Univer.sity; LL.B., Stetson University. DAVID M. BEIGHTS, Professor of Accounting, 1953 — A.B., University of Colorado; M.S., Ph.D., University of Illinois; C.P.A. THE FACULTY SIDNEY MITTRA, Assistant Profes- sor of Economics, 1960 — M. Comm., Univer,sity of Agra; C.A.I.I.B., India; A.B.I., Certified Bookeepers Institute, London. LOUISE QUARLES, Secretary of the Business School. EDWARD COLSON FURLONG, JR., Professor of Business Administration, 1938 — B.S., M.A., Stetson University; graduate study, Case Institute of Technology. CAROL NIKLAS GREEN, Assistant Professor of Business Education, 1945 — B.S., M.B.A., Indiana University. HENRY F. GODFREY, Visiting As- sistant Professor of Business Admin- istration, 1956 — A.B., Harvard Uni- versity. EUGENE SIMMONS, Assistant Pro- fessor of Business Administration, I960— B.S., M.S., Rollins College. G. WILLARD FREEMAN, Visiting Associate Professor of Business Ad- ministration, 1952 — D.B.S., Webber College. 31 MUSIC In 1932 Stetson ' s Music School became accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music and has since maintained excellent ratings. The university choruses make many Florida and out-of-state trips for special concerts and festivals; the orchestra de- lights audiences in Elizabeth Hall ; and the newly- formed pep bands brings crowds at soccer and basket- ball games to life. The school ' s curriculum prepares students for careers in teaching, performing, or creating music. Most of music student ' s time is spent in either DeLand or Band Halls, although he is required to take some courses in the field of liberal arts. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Joyce Ryan VICE-PRESIDENT Jim Moody SECRETARY Marolyn White TREASURER Katharine Menefee ACTING DEAN DONALD C. YAXLEY Joyce Ryan, Marolyn White, Jim Moody. Katharine Menefee 32 HAROLD MILNE GRIFFIN, Profes- sor of Voice, 1935 — A.B., Denison Uni- versity; B.M., M.A., Ea,stman School of Music. PAUL LANGSTON, Assistant Profes- sor of Church Music, 1960— B. A., University of Florida; M.M. Southern Baptist Seminary. JAMES D. PERDUE, Assistant Pro- fessor of Music History and Music Librarian, 1954— B.M., M.A., Stetson University. DONALD CHARLES YAXLEY, Asso- ciate Professor of Wind and Percus- sion Instruments, 1949— B.M., M.A., Stetson University. LENOIR PATTON ALMAND, Assis- tant Professor of Piano, 1958— B.A. Furman University; Diploma, Julliard School of Music. FRANCES BUXTON, Professor of Violin and Theory, 1943— B.M., Cleve- land Institute of Music; M.M., East- man School of Music. THE FACULTY JACK H. COLDIRON, Instructor in Voice, 1960— B.M., Stetson University; M.C.M., Southwestern Baptist Semi- nary. ROGER L. CUSHMAN, Professor of Piano and Theory, 1950— B.M., M.M., Yale University. PAUL R. JENKINS, JR., Assistant Professor of Organ, 1956 — B.S., David- son College; M.M., University of Michigan. RICHARD McDowell FEASEL, As- sociate Professor of Wind Instruments, 1946— B.M., M.A., Stetson University. FRANCES HUGHES, Assistant Pro- fessor of Piano, 1960— B.M., M.M., Philadelphia Conservatory of Music. VERONICA DAVIS GOVE— Profes- sor of Music Education, 1931 — B.M., University of Illinois; M.A., Columbia University. ELEANOR LEEK, Associate Profes- sor of Violoncello and Theory, 1946 — B.M., M.M., Eastman School of Music, 33 DEAN HAROLD L. SEBRING HAROLD F. ARCHIBALD Business Manager • LAW ADMINISTRATION MRS. KAY EDDY Registrar MRS. MARY BEEM Dietitian 34 PAUL BARNARD FRANK BOOKER Assistant Professor of Law, 1958 Lecturer in Law, 1960 JAMES T. BRAND Professor of Law, 1958 WILLIAM H. CAREY Lecturer in Law, 1958 AND FACULTY E. E. CUSHMAN Lecturer in Law, 1960 RICHARD T. DILLON CALVIN A. KUENZEL Assistant Professor of Law, 1957 Assistant Professor of Law, 1958 STANLEY MILLEGE Professor of Law, 1958 EDWARD L. PLATT Visiting Professor of Law, 1956 S. SIMMONS Lecturer in Law, 1960 CHARLES WAYGOOD Lecturer in Law, 1960 THE SENIORS Long awaited, eagerly anticipated, the day of gradu- ation from Stetson finally arrives. Then the senior must leave behind the parties, plays, inventories, pro- fessors, and Hat Rack to enter a new life of marriage, career, or perhaps more study in graduate school. How- ever, he will take with him the friendships, the memor- ies, and the satisfaction of completing a sometimes frantic course of study. Left to right: Mark Cornelius, Eva Lynn Newton, Suzanne DeLettre, Duane Doddington. THE SENIOR CLASS PRESIDENT Duane Doddington VICE-PRESIDENT Suzanne DeLettre SECRETARY Eva Lynn Newton TREASURER Mark Cornelius 38 ADAMS. JOHN BENJAMIN, JR., Savannah, Ga L.A. — Delta Sigma Phi, Rush Chm., Scholarship Chm., Intramural Rep. ; Undergraduate Research Program ; Am. Chemistry Soc. ; Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Pres. ; Kappa Mu Epsilon ; Phi Society, Pres. ; Green Circle ; Omicron Delta Kappa; Honor Roll; Men ' s Exec. Council, Sec, Veep; Inter-regional Scholarship. AUSTIN, RUTH W., Kannapolis, N. C L.A.— Pi Beta Phi, House Chm.; Calendar Girl; Majorette; S.F.E.A.; Student Advisor. AVERY, JOHN, JR., DeLand, Fla L.A.— Lambda Chi Alpha; Pershing Rifles; Scabbard and Blade; Beta Beta Beta; Canterbury Club; S.F.E.A.; ROTC. AIESI, DONALD, Reading, Mass. . Theta ; La Franciade ; Players Guild. L.A.— Phi Alpha ANDERSON, SARAH ELIZABETH, Panama City, Fla. . . . Mus.— M.E.N.C. ; Am. Guild of Organists; Glee Club, travel squad; BSU. ATKINS, JEANIE, Mt. Dora, Fla L.A. BARNES, JERRY RONALD, High Point, N. C LA. — Lambda Chi Alpha, House Man. ; Ministerial Assoc, Treas. ; BSU. BARNES, MARGARET ANNE, Orlando, Fla L.A.— Zeta Tau Alpha, Scholarship Chm.; Wesley Foundation, Sec; Kappa Delta Pi, Sec; Phi Society, Sec; S.F.E.A.; House Council. AUGER, JUDITH ANNE, Orlando, Fla L.A.— Pi Beta Phi, Pledge Sec, Censor, Rec Sec. ; SUB Com. ; Student Articulation Comm. ; Parents ' Weekend Comm. ; Student Advisor. BARNETT, DAVID J., Coatesville, Pa Mus.— Orches- tra, Concertmaster, Veep; M.E.N.C; Westminster Fel- lowship. Adams, J. Austin, R. Aiesi, D. Avery, J Anderson, S. Barnes, J. Auger, J. Barnett, D. Barret, S. Borders, G. Barrow, D. Brackin, E. Bennett, D. Bracking, A. Benton, J. Bray, J. Booth, B. Burnette, B. BARRETT, SANDRA, DeLand, Fla L.A.— Alpha Chi Omega, Charter Member, Activities Chmn., Cor. Sec. ; La Franciade, Veep ; Canterbury Club, Sec. ; Int. Bd. BARROW, DAVID, San Francisco, Cal. . . . Bus.— Beta Alpha Sigma ; Accountancy Club. BENNETT, DOUGLAS, Fort Thomas, Ky. . . . L.A.— Ministerial Assoc. ; Men ' s Residence Staff. BORDERS, RANDOLPH GEORGE, Neptune Beach, Fla. . . . L.A. — Pi Kappa Phi ; Soph. Class Pres. ; Men ' s Council ; S-Club, Treas.; Baseball, Capt. All-FIC; Soccer, Capt., All-FIC; Track; BSU, Veep; SUB Treas.; Homecoming Comm. ; Resident Adv. ; Dorm Judiciary Council ; Greek Week King; Who ' s Who. BRACKIN, ED., JR., Tampa, Fla. . . . Bus.— Beta Alpha Sigma; IMG; Student Real Estate Assoc; Men ' s House Council. BRACKINGS, AURELIUS J., Crestview, Fla Bus.— Accountancy Club, Pres. ; Beta Alpha Sigma ; BSU ; IMO. BENTON, MARIE JEANETTE, Daytona, Fla . . . L.A. BOOTH, LELAND BYRD, JR., Clearwater, Fla L.A. — Sigma Nu, Rush Chm., Scholarship Chm. ; SGA Pres. ; Senior Class Pres. ; Hatter Editor, Assistant Bus. Mgr., Bus. Mgr. ; Omicron Delta Kappa; Soccer; S-Club; Sigma Pi Kappa, Pres. ; Phi Alpha Theta ; Green Circle ; LF.C, Treas. ; Homecoming Comm. ; SGA Dance Comm. Chm.; Student Advisor; Who ' s Who; Publications Board. BRAY, GEORGIA JANE FERN, Baltimore, Md. . . .L.A. — Beta Beta Beta; Canterbury Club; transfer from Virginia Interment. BURNETTE, REBECCA FREEMAN, Paris, Ky L.A. — Delta Delta Delta, Pres., Pledge Trainer; Pan-Hellenic Council; House Council; Student Advisor; Women ' s Int. Bd. ; Women PE Majors ' Club, Sec, Chaplain, Pres.; F.A.H.P.E.R. 40 BURRESS, ROBERT H., Boonesville, Miss . . . Bus.— Sigma Nil ; Outstanding Intramural Athlete. BURTY, MARTHA ELIZABETH, Greenville, S. C. . . . L.A.— Phi Mu. Ritual Chm. ; BSU ; House Council. BUSH, THOMAS PAUL, Dade City, Fla . . . L.A.— Beta Beta Beta, Pres. ; S.F.E.A. ; Pershing Rifles ; ROTC. CAGLE, ANN McRAE, Lakeland. Fla L.A.— Phi Mu, Treas., Sec; BSU; Sigma Delta Pi, Sec; La Franciade. CAMP, ELISHA EDWARD, Saxtons River, Vt L.A.— Pi Kappa Alpha; Aqua-Hats; LF.C, Treas.; Student Advisor ; transfer from University of Oslo, Norway. CARDIFF, EDWARD, Ne wYork, N. Y. . . . Bus. CARPENTER, BROOKS HERB, Woonsocket, R. I. . . . Bus. CASON, GRADY, Mt McCoy, Fla. . . . Bus. CATLIN, TIM, Neevah, Wis. . . . L.A.— Sigma Phi Epsi- lon, Pres.; LF.C; Intramural All-Stars; Tennis, MVP; S-Club. CHEEK, JUNIUS PAUL, Chapel Hill, N. C. . . . L.A.— Pi Kappa Alpha, Treas., Pledge Trainer, Historian, Pres.; Univ. Party Pres. ; SUB Comm. ; Homecoming Comm. ; I.F.C; Int. All-Stars. Burress, B. Burty, M.E. Bush, T. Cagle, A. Camp, E Cardiff, E. Carpenter, B. Cason, G. Catlin, T. Cheek, P 1i£ A Clark, C. Davis, C. Cole, G. Davis, T. Corlett, C. Day, C. Cox, J. DeLattre, S. Crisp, B. Doddington, D. THE SENIORS»1961 CLARK, CAROLYN DALE, Valdese, N. C. . . . L.A.— Alpha Chi Omega, Social Chm., Rec. Sec. ; Women ' s Coun- cil; SGA Veep; Publications Bd, Sec; SUB Cor. Sec; BSU; Greek Week Comm.; M.E.N.C. ; Glee Club; Who ' s Who. COLE, GRANT, Chattanooga, Tenn. . . . Bus.— ROTC CORLETT, CLIFTON, Miami, Fla. . . . L.A.— ROTC, Battle Group Staff. COX, JUDITH ANN, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. . . . L.A.— IWO, Veep; House Council, Social Chm. CRISP, BILL, DeLand, Fla . . . Bus.— Sigma Nu ; Intra- mural All-Stars. DAVIS, SADIE CATHY, Eagle Lake, Fla L.A. DAY, CHAR LES . . . Bus. DELETTRE, SUZANNE, Miami, Fla. . . . L.A.— Alpha Chi Omega, Pres., Rush Chm., Treas. ; Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil; Orientation Comm., Chm.; BSU; Senior Class Veep; House Council; Hatter Staff. DODDINGTON, DUANE LYNN, Hallandale, Fla . . . Bus. Lambda Chi Alpha, Pres.; L.A. Pres.; Omicron Delta Kappa, Pres. ; I.F.C., Pres. ; Senior Class Pres. ; Men ' s House Council, Pres, ; Who ' s Who ; Jr. Class Veep ; Greek Week Comm.; Bus. School Treas.; SGA Treas.; Hatter Assistant Ed. ; Reporter Bus. Mgr. ; N.I.C. ; Intramurals ; Green Circle; Wesley Foundation; Beta Alpha Sigma; Stu. Real Estate Assoc. ; Sigma Pi Kappa ; President ' s Cabinet ; Men ' s Judiciary Bd. ; Four Freshmen Comm. ; Fraternity Housing Comm. ; Student Affairs Comm. ; Green Feather Comm. DODGE, LEWIS PIERSON, Millgurn, N. J. . . . L.A.— Delta Sigma Phi, Sec, Social Chm.; Green Circle; SUB Pres., Pub. Chm.; Dorm Council; Canterbury Club; Stu- dent Advisor; I.F.C. ; Homecoming Comm. ; Green Feather Comm. ; Greek Week Comm. ; ROTC. DAVIS, THOMAS ETHERIDGE, Jacksonville, Fla. . . . L.A. — Sigma Nu, Recorder; Greek Week King; Pershing Rifles; Hatter Staff; Track; S-Club; Beta Beta Beta. DOLBIER, WILLIAM READ, JR., Haines City, Fla. . . . L.A. — Gamma Sigma Epsilon ; Kappa Mu Epsilon ; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Chem. Award. 42 DOMPE, JOHN WILSON, Crescent City, Fla Bus.— Sigma Nu ; Basketball Varsity, Capt. ; S-Club ; Green Circle. DONNELLY, JEAN, Orlando, Fla L.A.— Pi Beta Phi; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Phi Alpha Theta. DUNWORTH, JERRY, Hollywood, Fla L.A.— Sigma Nu; Resident Advisor; Gamma Theta Upsilon, Treas.; S-Club, Pres. ; Baseball Varsity, Co-Capt. DURDEN, PATTI, Coral Gables, Fla. Alpha. L.A.— Zeta Tau EDDINGER, MARTHA ELAINE, Miami, Fla L.A.— BSU, Exec. Council; IWO, Chaplain; Y.W.A.; S.F.E.A.; Student Advisor; Concert Band; Intramurals; Theatre. DRUMMOND, DIANE, Jacksonville, Fla L.A.— Alpha Chi Omega, Pledge Sec; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Beta Beta Beta ; Kappa Mu Epsilon ; Kappa Delta Pi ; Sigma Pi Kappa; Hatter Staff; House Council; S.F.E.A. ELLIS, PEARL A., Rio de Janerio . . . L.A. EPPERT, MARGARET DIANE, Rockledge, Fla L.A. —S.F.E.A. ; IWO, Treas. Dodge, L. P. Dunworth. J. Dolbrier, W.R. Durden, P. Dompe, J. W. Eddinger, M. E. Donnelly, J. Ellis, P. Drummond, D. Eppert, D. Eriksson, B. Finley, C. Fain, M. Fleishman, C. Farr, S. Flook, K. Fiebrich, D. Foster, S. Figley, P. Franks, B. THE SENIORS»1961 FLEISHMAN, CHARLES DAVID, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. . . . Bus. — Green Circle; Student Intramural Director; IMO ; SGA Rules and Procedures Comm. ; Student Ad- visor; Intramural All-Stars. ERIKSSON, BARBARA L.A. FAIN, MARY ANN, Jackson, Miss. . . . L.A.— Pi Beta Phi, Chaplain, Hist., Pledge Trainer; Kappa Pi; Student Advisor; Homecoming Comm. FARR, SHALBY, Sebring, Fla. Bus. — Sigma Nu. FIEBRICH, DOROTHY JANE, Lexington, S. C L.A. — Phi Mu, Pledge Sec; Social Chm., Chaplain, Member- ship Chm. ; Pan-Hellenic Council; Lutheran Student Assoc; S.F.E.A. ; Greek Week Comm.; Sigma Pi Kappa, Sec. ; House Council ; Reporter Religion Ed. FIGLEY, PAT, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla L.A.— Pi Kappa Phi ; Stover Theatre. FINLEY, CLAUDETTE, Valdosta, Ga. Xi Delta ; BSU, Exec. Comm. . L.A. — Alpha FLOOK, KENNETH, DeLand, Fla. L.A. FOSTER, SARAH, Roebuck, S. C. . . . Bus.— Zeta Tau Alpha, Cor. Sec. ; Bus. School Sec, Veep. FRANKS, BRENDA SUE, Vero Beach, Fla. . . . L.A.— Alpha Xi Delta, Honor Pledge, Treas., Chaplain; BSU, Exec. Council, Devotional Chm. ; Women ' s Council ; Junior Class Treas. ; Sigma Tau Delta ; Sigma Pi Kappa ; Hatter Staff; S.F.E.A.; Y.W.A.; Student Advisor. FREUND, CONRAD N., Lantana, Fla. L.A. FRIX, KATHERINE ELIZABETH, Miami, Fla L.A. — Pi Beta Phi, Veep, Social Chm., Pledge Trainer, Pledge Pres. ; Mortar Board, Pres. ; House Council ; Women ' s Exec. Council ; SGA Sec. ; SUB Veep ; Calendar Girl ; Soph. Class Sec. ; BSU Exec. Council, Enlistment Chm. ; Scroll and Key; Sigma Tau Delta; Phi Alpha Theta; Player ' s Guild ; Hatter Staff ; Freshman Beauty Queen ; Miss Stet- son finalist ; Academic Council Class Award ; Phi Beta Kappa Award; Phi Society, Veep; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List ; Who ' s Who. 44 GATES, RALPH. Daytona Beach, Fla. Bus. GAUWEILER. RENATE MARIA. Miami. Fla L.A.— Sigma Tail Delta ; International Club ; Honors Program. GEORGE, WILLIAM, Haverhill. Mass. . . . Bus.— Delta Sigma Phi ; Soccer ; Golf ; Bus. School Treas. ; Pershing Rifles; ROTC. GILL, MARY L.. Rockford. 111. . . . L.A.— IWO, Hist.; Women ' s Council ; Wesley Foundation ; F.T.A. ; Student Advisor. GLENDON. ROBERT WALTER. Bridgeton, N. .1. . . . Mus. — Band ; Orchestra ; M.E.N.C, Treas., Pres. ; Kappa Kappa Psi. ; Mus. School Pres. ; Wesley Foundation. GLORE. CHARLES S., Orlando, Fla L.A.— Pi Kappa Phi ; Reporter Ed. ; Sigma Tau Delta, Pres. ; Sigma Pi Kappa. GOODING, MARILYN, Jacksonville, Fla L.A.— Delta Delta Delta, Magazine Corr., House Mgr.; BSU. GOODNOW, JOHN, DeLand, Fla. . . . L.A. iund, C. N. Frix, K. E. Gates, R. Gauweiler. R. M. George, W. Gill, M. Glendon. R. W. Glore. C. S. Gooding. M. Goodnow, J. Grentner, J. Groover, C. Guenther, M. Haddox, B. Hagan, W, Hall, E. M. Hallowes, W. Harper, B. A. Harrell, W. Hayes, D. THE SENIORS»1961 HARPER, BARBARA ANN, DeLand, Fla L.A.— Phi Mu; BSU; S.F.E.A. ; Women PE Majors ' Club; Intra- mural Bd. GRENTNER, JUDITH ANN, Coral Gables, Fla. . . . L.A. — Pi Beta Phi, Pledge Sec, Program Chm., Censor, Rec, Sec, Social Chm.; Executive Council; S.F.E.A.; N.E.A. ; F.T.A. ; Homecoming Comm. ; BSU. HARRELL, WILLIAM, DeLand, Fla L.A. HAYES, DAVID, DeLand, Fla. Epsilon, Pres. L.A. — Kappa Mu GUENTHER, MELVIN, DeLand, Fla. . . . L.A.— Sigma Nu, Commander ; Pershing Rifles ; Scabbard and Blade ; ROTC Exec. Officer; Intramural All-Stars. HADDOX, BRUCE, St. Cloud, Fla. . . . L. A.— Ministerial Assoc. HAGAN, WAYNE, DeLand, Fla. . . . L.A.— Lambda Chi Alpha; Baseball. HENDERSON, BEVERLY ANN, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. . . . L.A. — Alpha Xi Delta, Pledge Sec, Activities Chm. ; Pan-Hellenic Council ; Sigma Pi Kappa ; Women ' s Council ; BSU ; Y.W.A. ; Student Advisor ; Hatter Staff ; Orientation Comm. HENDERSON, DORSEY FELIX, JR., Kissimmee, Fla. . . . L.A. — Walter L. Hays Aw ard; University Concert Band; Players Guild; Kappa Kappa Psi. HALL, ELIJAH MAX, Haines City, Fla L.A.— Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pres. ; Ministerial Assoc. HINTZ, MARCELLA, DeLand, Fla. Foundation. . . L.A. — Wesley HALLOWES, WILLIAM . . . Bus.— Sigma Nu ; Beta Alpha Sigma. HOGARTH, RICHARD, Apopka, Fla. Chi Alpha. Bus. — Lambda 46 HOHMAN. JUDITH ANN, Coral Gables, Fla. . . . L.A.— Pi Beta Phi, Rush Capt., Treas. ; Pan-Hellenic Council ; Women ' s Council ; Bus. School Sec. ; Accountancy Club, Sec. ; Hatter Holiday Chm. ; Greek Week Chm. ; Mortar Board, Hist. RUBER, EDYTHE ANNA, Winchester, Tenn L.A.— Beta Beta Beta, Treas. ; Lambda Chi Alpha Sweetheart ; Calendar Girl ; ROTC Sponsor. HOLZMAN, JOAN ANNE, Boynton Beach, Fla. . . . L.A.— Pi Beta Phi, Pledge Veep; S.F.E.A. ; IWO, Veep; House Council ; Executive Council ; Kappa Delta Pi ; Mortar Board, Treas. ; Honor Roll ; Outstanding Freshman Ind. Award ; Parents ' Weekend Comm. ; Who ' s Who. HUBERT, JOHN NEWTON, Daytona Beach, Fla Bus. Delta Sigma Phi ; Beta Alpha Sigma ; Young Rep. Club ; Stu. Real Estate Assoc. ; Student Advisor. HOUSTON, BRAY, West Point, Va Bus.— Sigma Phi Epsilon, Comptroller; Wesley Foundation; Honor Roll; Intramural All-Stars; Frat. Conclave Rep. HUNT. EARL EUGENE, Macon, Ga. . Phi, Hist. ; Kappa Pi ; Stover Theatre. L.A. — Pi Kappa Henderson, B. Holzman. J. Henderson. D. F. Houston, B. Hintz, M. Huber, A. Hogarth, R. Hubert, J. Hohman, J, Hunt, E. Hunter, B. Jacobs, J. Huska, H. Jarmon, W. Hutchings, B. Johnson, J. Imes, W. Johnson, K. Jackson, E. L. Johnston, W. THE SENIORS»1961 JACOBS, JUDITH KAY, Lake Worth, Fla. . . . L.A.— Alpha Chi Omega, Hist. Activities Chm., Chaplain, Carna- tion Girl; House Council; Hatter Staff; Homecoming Comm. ; Sigma Alpha Sigma ; BSU ; Green Feather Comm. ; Intramurals ; Intramural Bd. HUNTER, BARBARA ANN, Lake City, Fla. Zeta Tau Alpha. L.A.— JARMON, WILLLIAM, Miami, Fla. Chi Alpha. Bus. — Lambda HUSKA, HOPE FRANCES, St. Petersburg, Fla L.A. —Alpha Xi Delta, Marshall; SUB Hostess; Pi Kappa Delta, Sec, Treas. ; Glee Club ; Modern Dance Club ; Greek Week Comm. ; Debate Team ; Political Forum, Sec. ; Young Rep. Club, Sec. HUTCHINGS, WILLIAM BRADFIELD, Somers, Conn. . . . L.A. — Head Resident Advisor ; SGA Parliamentarian ; Rules and Procedures Comm. ; Honor Roll ; Green Circle ; Omicron Delta Kappa ; Phi Alpha Theta ; Sigma Pi Kappa ; Hatter Bus. Mgr. ; Tennis ; S-Club. IMES, WALTER G., JR. ,Atlanta, Ga. . . . L.A.— Sigma Nu ; Homecoming Comm. ; Pre-Law Club ; SUB Board ; Intramural Board; Hatter Business Staff. JACKSON, EMORY LANE, Tifton, Ga. . . . L.A.— Psi Chi, Pres. ; Scroll and Key, Pres. ; Honor Roll; Harry L. Taylor Prize. JOHNSON, JANICE J., Havertown, Pa. . . . Bus.— Glee Club; Travel Squad; Lutheran Student Assoc, Pres.; S.C.A. ; Accountancy Club. JOHNSON, KAY, Hickory, N. C. Alpha, S.F.E.A. L.A.— Zeta Tau JOHNSTON, WESLEY HARLAN, JR., Dallas, Tex. . . . L.A. — Sigma Nu, Chaplain; Omicron Delta Kappa; Pi Kappa Delta; Sigma Delta Pi; SUB Bd.; Lutheran Stu- dent Assoc. ; Religious Life Council ; Stetson Debate Squad ; Honor Roll ; Intramurals ; Who ' s Who. JENKINS, RICHARD, Scarsdale, N. Y. L.A. JONES, BRADFORD W., St. Petersburg, Fla. . . . L.A. JUDGE, JUDY, Daytona Beach, Fla. . . . L.A. 48 I ' 1 aL Mr- s ■ i " ! KEARNEY, JOAN ELIZABETH. Baltimore. Md L.A. —Concert Choir ; S.F.E.A. KOHLER. NANCY PRENTICE, Houston, Tex Bus.— Pi Beta Phi; Miss Stetson; Miss DeLand runner-up; Miss Basketball runner-up ; Real Estate Assoc. ; M.Y.F. KEITER, DALE. Orlando. Fla L.A. KELLEY, PATRICIA, West Palm Beach, Fla. . . . L.A. — Beta Beta Beta; Canterbury Club. KOHLOSS. HARBIN ELIZABETH, Winter Park, Fla L.A. — Zeta Tau Alpha, Rep., Pub. Chm. ; P.T.A. ; S.F.E.A. KICK, RUSSELL CHARLES, .JR.. Daytona Beach. Fla. . . . Bus. — Intramural Official ; Fla. Bankers ' Assoc. Educ. Scholarship ; Young Rep. Club ; IMO ; Intramural All-Stars. KORB, PHILIP A., Apopka, Fla L.A.— Pi Kappa Phi. Jenkins, R. Kelley, P. Jones. B. Kick, R. Judge, J. Kohler. N. Kearney, J. Kohloss, E. Keiter, D. Korb, P. Krueger, G. Lewis, K. Kunze, D. Lexow, L. Laible, R. Lied, S. Lair, L. McCuIIough, M. Lanier, E. McCIosky, J. THE SENIORS»1961 KRUEGER, GAIL ELAINE, Cleveland Heiglits, Ohio . . . L.A.— Delta Delta Delta, Pledge Trainer, Pledge Pres. ; House Council; Women ' s Exec. Council; Disciple Student Fellowship; Parents ' Weekend Chm. ; S.F.E.A. ; Religious Life Council ; S .I.A.S.G. ; IWO, Social Chm. KUNZE, DIANE, Miami, Fla. . . . L.A.— Pi Beta Phi, Pres. ; Mortar Board ; Women ' s Exec. Council ; SGA Sec. ; President ' s Cabinet ; Homecoming Comm. ; Hatter Staff ; Beta Beta Beta, Veep ; Greek Week Athena ; Who ' s Who. LAIBLE, ROBERT, New Smyrna, Fla. . . . L.A.— ROTC Battle Group Staff. LAIR, LINDA, Howey, Fla. . . . L.A. LANIER, ELLEN, Spartanburg, S. C. . . . L.A.— Zeta Tau Alpha. LEWIS, KENNETH, DeLand, Fla. . . . L.A. LEXOW, C. LEX, Hollywood, Fla. . . . Bus.— Sigma Nu ; Sigma Pi Kappa, Pres. ; Reporter Editor ; Beta Alpha Sigma ; Green Circle ; Omicron Delta Kappa. LIED, SALLY ALICIA, Ephrata, Pa L.A.— Zeta Tau Alpha, Outstanding Pledge, Intramural Chm., Rec. Ch., Rush Chm., Pres. ; House Council ; Sigma Pi Kappa; Intra- murals; Pan-Hellenic Council; Women ' s Int. Ed. of Re- porter; Hatter Sorority Editor; Honor Roll; L.A. Veep; Tennis Team. McCULLOUGH, MARY INEZ, St. Augustine, Fla. . . . L.A. — BSU; I.W.O., Chaplain; S.F.E.A., Chaplain; Intra- mui als ; Student Advisor ; Honor Roll ; Alpha Dexioma, Chaplain. McCLOSKY, JOHN, Jacksonville, Fla. Sigma Phi. L.A.— Delta McDonald, jack v., DeLand, Fla. . . . L.A.— Men PE Majors ' Club. McGregor, MARJORIE ANNE, Boynton Beach, Fla. . . . L.A. — Zeta Tau Alpha ' , Pub. Chm., Standards Chm., Pledge Veep; Modern Dance Club; S.F.E.A.; Greek Week Comm. McINTYRE, JOHN M., Sallville, Va. . . . L.A. McNAMARA, TERRY, Hampshire, 111 L.A.— Pi Kappa Alpha, Pres. 50 McWHORTER, MAX H., Bremen. Ga L.A.— Kappa Pi. MAHAN, DARRYL. Clearwater. Fla. . . . L.A. MALCOLM .TERRY L.. Orange. Conn. . . . L.A.— Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pledge Trainer, Rush Chm., Jr. Sr. Mar- shal, House Mgr.. Song Dir. ; Track; Soccer; Lutheran Stu. Assoc: Student Advisor; Green Feather Comm. MALLARD. CHARLES E., Bradenton, Fla. . . . L.A.— Pi Kappa Phi, Scholarship Chm., Chaplain; Min. Assoc, Pub. Chm.; BSU, Soc Comm., Div. Comm.; Phi Alpha Theta; Articulation Comm. MANN. CAROLYN .JEAN, Abbeville, S. C. . . . L.A.— Alpha Xi Delta ; Registered Nurse, Infirmary Staff. MATHEWS, LAMAR, Bradenton, Fla L.A.— Pi Kappa Phi, Treas. ; LF.C, Treas., Pres. ; Articulation Comm. ; Players ' Guild ; Washington Semester ; Honor Roll ; Pi Kappa Delta ; Green Circle ; Quiz Bowl ; Intramural Bowl ; President ' s Cabinet; Student Leadership Conference; Fraternity House Comm. ; Homecoming Dance Comm. ; BSU, Fall Frolics ; Reporter Staff Debate Squad ; Glee Club Travel Squad; Stetson Brass Choir; Scholarship. McDonald, J. Mahan. D. Mc(iregor. M Malcolm. T. McNamara, T. Mann. C. McWhorter. M. Mathews. L. Matteodo, P. Mohn, M. Miles, S. Morgan, M. Milstead, S. Morgan, J. Milton, P. Morgan, V. Mitchell, J. Mosely, G. THE SENIORS«1961 MORGAN, JAMES PARKER, Elizabeth, N. J Mus.— Travel Squad; Student Leader; Men ' s Quartet, Dean ' s List; Omicron Delta Kappa. MATTEODO, PETER M., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla — L.A. Sigma Nu, Treas., Social Chm. ; Scabbard and Blade; Accountancy Club. MILES, SALLY JEAN, Miami, Fla L.A.— Alpha Chi Omega, Scholarship Chm. ; Sigma Tau Delta, Hist. ; Kappa Delta Pi; La Franciade; Psi Chi; S.F.E.A.; Honor Roll. MILSTEAD, SANDRA, Lake Worth, Fla. . . . L.A. Mu. -Phi MILTON, PAULA MAE, Miami, Fla. . . . L.A.— Stover Theatre Productions; Players ' Guild; Theta Alpha Phi, Veep. MITCHELL, KATHRYN JOAN, Bound Brook, N. J. . . . L.A. — Zeta Tau Alpha, Hist., Rep., Pledge Pres., Junior Pan-Hellenic, Rec. Sec; S.F.E.A.; BSU; House Council; Women ' s Exec. Council. MOHN, MICHAEL, West Palm Beach, Fla. . . .L.A.— ROTC Battle Group Staff; Scabbard and Blade. MORGAN, MIRIAM, .Jacksonville, Fla. . . . Mus.— Phi Beta ; Travel Squad, Bus. Mgr. ; Student Leader ; Accom- panist. MORGAN, VIVIAN ANN, Ft. Lauderdale. Fla L.A.— Sigma Tau Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; Sigma Pi Kappa; LWO.; Wesley Foundation; S.F.E.A. ; Reporter staff. MOSELY, GAIL, Decatur, Ga. Omega. . L.A.— Alpha Chi MUELLER, NICK, Louisville, Ky. . . . L.A.— Pi Kappa Phi, Warden ; Soccer ; Intramurals ; Articulation Conf . ; Student Advisor ; Water Ski Club ; S-Club. NEWTON, EVA LYNN, Orlando, Fla L.A.— Pi Beta Phi, Pledge Veep, Social Chm., Pledge Trainer, Rush Capt. ; Student Advisor; Hatter Staff; SUB Com.; La Franciade; Sigma Tau Delta; Sigma Pi Kappa; Mortar Board; Pan-Hellenic Council; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; ROTC Sponsor ; Senior Class Sec. ; Intramurals ; Articula- tion Comm., Co-chm. ; Who ' s Who. NOWELL, .JUDITH SNYDER, Nashville, Tenn . . . L.A.— Pi Beta Phi, Act. Chm.; Int. Bd.; Modern Dance Club; Stetson Players ' Guild; SUB Comm.; BSU; YWA; Dean ' s List; Honor Roll. 52 O ' CONNELL, DANIEL EMMETT, Gulfport, Fla Bus. — Pi Kappa Alpha, House Mgr. ; Stii. Real Estate Assoc, Treas. O ' DELL, BONNIE, Jacksonville, Tex. . . . L.A.— Delta Delta Delta, Social Chm.; Theta Alpha Phi; Stetson Play- ers ' Guild. OGLETREE, WYLIE JEAN, Beaufort, S. C. . . . Zeta Tau Alpha, Pledge Veep, Jr. Pan-Hellenic Rep., Music Chm., Ritual Chm., Pledge Trainer, Veep, Univ. Party Rep.; Ski Club; BSU; Hatter Staff; SUB Comm.; Home- coming Comm. ; Pi Kappa Alpha Sweetheart ; Student Advisor. O ' NEAL, JACK PATRICK, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla Bus. — Sigma Nu ; Sigma Pi Kappa, Treas. ; Hatter Photogra- pher; S-Club; Intramurals; Varsity Basketball. OGLETREE, LIBBY JANE, Beaufort, S. C. . . . Bus.— Zeta Tau Alpha, Activities Chm., Treas.; BSU; House Council; Ski Club; Pan-Hellenic Council, Pres.; Greek Comm. ; Homecoming Comm. ; President ' s Cabinet ; Intra- murals ; Orientation Comm. ; Hatter Holiday Comm. ; Stu- dent Affairs Comm. PAGE, KATE, .Jacksonville. Fla. . . . L.A.— Pi Beta Phi. PALMER, RONALD R., DeLand, Fla. . Sigma Phi. Bus. — Delta Mueller, N. Ogletree, T. Newton, E. L. Osletree, B. Nowell, J. O ' Neal, P. O ' Connell, D. Page, K. O ' Dell, B. Palmer, R. Parker, G. Pidgeon, R. Pavey, C. Pittman, V Porter, E. Perry, A. Raisner, C. THE SENIORS»1961 PARKER, GLORIA, Jacksonville Beach, Fla. L.A. PAVEY, CONSTANCE J., Canton, Ohio . . . L.A.— Zeta Tau Alpha; Alpha Dexioma; Canterbury Club; Gamma Theta Upsilon; Kappa Delta Pi; S.F.E.A. ; Honor Roll; House Council. PEFFER, DAN, Daytona Beach, Fla. L.A. PERINO, GEORGE, DeLand, Fla L.A.— Lambda Chi Alpha, Pres. ; ROTC Battle Group Commander; Pershing Rifles ; Scabbard and Blade ; D.M.S. PERRY, ANNA BRYAN, Gainesville, Ga . . . L.A.— Delta Delta Delta, Rush Chm., Veep; Women PE Majors ' Club; Int. Bd., Student Director ; Intramurals ; Outstanding Int. Award; Women ' s Exec. Council, Veep; Greek Week Comm. ; Sigma Pi Kappa ; L.A. Sec. ; Canterbury Club ; Mortar Board ; Who ' s Who. PIDGEON, RONALD WAYNE, Stuart, Fla. R.O.T.C. L.A.— PITTMAN, H. VAN, Dade City, Fla L.A.— Pi Kappa Phi, Social Chm. ; Beta Beta Beta ; SGA Social Veep ; President ' s Cabinet ; Green Feather Comm. ; Greek Week Comm. ; Homecoming Comm. ; Student Assembly Chm. ; BSU ; S.F.E.A. ; Student Advisor ; Players ' Guild ; Stover Theatre Productions; Intramurals. PLUMMER, TRAVIS JEAN, Orlando, Fla. . . . Mus.— Univ. Carilloneur; Phi Beta, Veep; Am. Guild of Organ- ists, Hist. ; Lutheran Stu. Assoc. ; Honor Roll ; Dean ' s List. PORTER, ERNIE LEE, .Jacksonville, Fla. . . . L.A.— Sigma Nu. RAISNER, CHARLES, Cocoa, Fla. Chi Alpha. L.A. — Lambda RAY, DONALD EDWARD, Graham, N. C. . . . L.A.— Sigma Nu; Int. Bd. ; Rat Week Chm.; Soccer, All-FIC, Co-Capt.; S-Club, Veep; PE Majors ' Club, Pres. RIDENOUR, HAWLEY, Marianna, Fla. . . . L.A.— Pi Kappa Phi ; Resident Advisor. ROYAL, CHARLES FRANKLIN, Belle Glade, Fla. . . . Bus. — Sigma Nu, Lt. Comm. ; Pi Kappa Delta, Pres. ; De- bate Team ; Bus. School Pres. ; Beta Alpha Sigma, Pres. ; Omicron Delta Kappa. 54 RYAN. JOYCE. Savannah, Ga. . . . Mus.— Mus. School Pres. ; Alpha Xi Delta, Music Dir. ; BSU ; House Council ; Travel Squad; SGA. RUNKLE. PEGGY LOUISE. Rockville. Md. . . . L.A.— Canterbury Club; Tolstoy Club; Sigma Tau Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; SUB Comm. ; House Council; Reporter Staff; Student Advisor; S.C.A. ; Religious Life Council; Honor Roll ; Quiz Bowl. SANDERS, DORIS MURL, Homestead, Fla. . . . L.A.— Glee Club; S.F.E.A.; Internat. Rel. Club; Hatter Staff; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Alpha Chi Omega; BSU. SANTORA, GLORIA ANTOINETTE, Jacksonville, Fla. . . . L.A. — Alpha Xi Delta, Pres.; Borden Fresh. Prize; Phi Beta Kappa Recog. Award ; Academic Council Award ; Scroll and Key; Phi Society; Dean ' s Lists; Honor Roll; La Franciade, Veep; Sigma Delta Pi, Sec; Hatter Staff; Reporter Staff; Sigma Pi Kappa; Sigma Tau Delta; Phi Alpha Theta; Pan-Hellenic Council; Student Advisor; Who ' s Who. SCHWEIKERT, JAMES FREDERICK, Hollywood, Fla. . . . Bus. — Sigma Phi Epsilon; Beta Alpha Sigma; S-Club; Tennis; R.O.T.C; Stu. Real Estate Assoc. SANDERS. ROGER. Glen Head, N. Y. Sigma Phi; Soccer; S-Club. L.A.— Delta SCURLOCK, ROBERT, Apopka, Fla. L.A. — Baseball. Ray, D. Sanders, D. Ridenour, H. Sand ers, R. Royal, C. Santora, (i Seckinger, K. Shaw, C. Sims, W. Slade, J. Sledge, J. Sloan, B. Smiser, A. Smith, T. Spitzer, D. Steanson, J, THE SENIORS»1961 SMISER, ANN K., Cynthiana, Ky. L.A. SMITH, THERRELL, Ocala, Fla. . . . L.A.— S.F.E.A. Y.W.A. ; Gamma Theta Upsilon ; Alpha Chi Omega. SECKINGER, KATHRYN, Glennville, Ga. . . . L.A.— Alpha Chi Omega; Y.W.A. ; S.F.E.A.; Stetson Verse Choir; Student Advisor; B.S.U. ; Miss Dogpatch; Stetson Players ' Guild ; Stover Productions ; Modern Dance Club ; Fencing Club. SHAW, EUGENE CLAYTON, Miami, Fla. . . . Bus.— Sigma Nu ; Hatter Photographer ; Beta Alpha Sigma. SPITZER, DAVID DELONG, Hallandale, Fla. . . . L.A.— Sigma Phi Epsilon, Hist. ; Green Circle ; Parents ' Week- end Comm. ; Debate Team ; Guidance Counselor. STEANSON, JULIA BRITT, Griffin, Ga. . . . L.A.— Honors Program; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Sigma Delta Pi, Treas., Pres. ; Sigma Pi Kappa, Pres. ; Reporter Edi- tor; Compass Editor; Pub. Bd., Chm. ; Canterbury Club; International Relations Club ; House Council ; Who ' s Who. SIMS, WILLIAM THOMAS, York, Pa. . . . L.A.— Delta Sigma Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Pi Kappa Delta; Phi Alpha Theta ; Religious Life Council ; Wesley Foundation ; Honor Roll ; Orientation Comm. ; Green Feather Comm. ; Frosh Class Treas. ; Political Forum ; Debate Squad. STEPHENS, BARTON, Ormond Beach, Fla. . . . L.A. STEVENS, DONNA, Winter Park, Fla. . . . L.A. STEVENSON, WE, Miami, Fla. . . . L.A. SLADE, JOSEPH, DeLand, Fla. L.A. SLEDGE, JAMES J., Chattanooga, Tenn. Ministerial Assoc. ; Intramurals. L.A.— SLOAN, BERNARD JAMES, JR., Bainbridge, Ga. L.A.— Pi Kappa Phi; Tennis; S-Club. ST. JOHN, NEWTON, JR., Daytona Beach, Fla. — Honor Roll; Track. .L.A. STORM, PAUL, DeLand, Fla. . . . L.A.— Lambda Chi Alpha, Song Dir. ; Intramurals; Glee Club; Luth. Stu. Assoc. ; Resident Advisor ; Beta Beta Beta ; Homecoming Mayor ; L.A. Pres. ; Canterbury Club ; Players ' Guild ; Stover; S.G.A., Blood Drive Chm. 56 STREETER, BARBARA, Zephyrhills, Fla. L.A. SUCHER, THEODORE RICHARD HI, Hamden, Conn. . . . L.A.— Sigma Nu; Outstanding Freshman; Soccer, Co- Capt. ; Fencing Club ; S-Club, Sec. ; Dorm. Council ; Gamma Theta Upsilon, Treas., Pres. ; Soph. Class Treas. ; Hatter Sports Ed.; Homecoming Comm., Co-Chm. ; Green Circle; Reporter Staff; Sigma Pi Kappa ; Rat Week Comm. ; Scab- bard and Blade; D.M.S.; Battle Group Exec. Officer; Const. Revisions Comm.; Who ' s Who; Men ' s Council ' Pres; Omicron Delta Kappa; Mr. Stetson. TEDDER, MONICA, West Palm Beach, Fla. . . . L.A. Alpha Xi Delta ; Hatter Staff ; Sigma Pi Kappa. TEETS, FRANK, DeLand, Fla L.A. THOMAS, BERYL, Ormond Beach, Fla. . . . L.A. Stephens, B. Streeter, B. Stevens, D. Sucher, T. Stevenson, V. Tedder. M. St. John, T. Teets, F. Storm, P. Thomas, B. Thomson, J. Tyner, S. Thorne, F. Ulmer, M. Thrower, G. Ulmer, R. Thurmond, J. Underwood, J. Towns, T. Underwood, K. THE SENIORS»1961 THOMSON, JOHN LEWIS, Jacksoville, Fla. . . . L.A.— Lambda Chi Alpha, Cor. Sec. ; Canterbury Club, House Mgr., Pres. ; S.C.A., Pres. ; Rel. Emphasis Week Comm. ; Stu. Christian Week Comm. ; Student Affairs Comm. ; President ' s Cabinet; Rel. Life Council; Orientation Comm. ; HS Math Weekend Comm. ; Intramurals ; Hatter staff; Reporter staff. THORNE, FRANCIS MARTIN III, West Palm Beach, Fla. . . . L.A. — Transfer from Palm Beach Jr. College. THROWER, GEORGE M., DeLand, Fla Bus. THURMOND, KATHRYN JOY, Minneola, Fla L.A.— Phi Mu, Ed. Chm., Pres. ; Kappa Delta Pi, Pres. ; S.F.E.A., Veep ; Greek Week Comm. ; Wesley Foundation ; Pan- Hellenic Council. TOWNS, THOMAS, Hillsdale, Mich. . . . L.A. TYNER, SHIRLEY, Bradenton, Fla. . . . L.A. . L.A.— Delta UNDERWOOD, JAMES, DeLand, Fla L.A. ULMER, MARY ANN, Miami, Fla. Delta Delta. ULMER, RAY JR., Clearwater, Fla. . Alpha. L.A. — Pi Kappa UNDERWOOD, KAREN, DeLand, Fla. L.A. WALTON, BRUCE GRAYDON, Miami Springs, Fla. . . . L.A. — Pi Kappa Phi, Rec. Sec; Beta Beta Beta; S-Club, Rec. Sec, Soc Veep; Articulation Comm.; Stu- dent Advisor ; SGA Dance Comm. ; Homecoming Comm. ; Int. Bd. ; Baseball ; Intramural All-Stars. WAMBAUGH, MYRON JIM, Palm Beach Shores, Fla, . . . L.A. — Transfer from Palm Beach Jr. College. WARREN, CHARLES, Kingsland, Ga L.A.— Basket- ball, Co-Capt., All-Star Tourney Team; S-Club; Men PE Majors ' Club; Sigma Nu. WATTS, BERTHA JANE, Summerfield, Fla. . . - L.A.— BSU; I.W.O.; Chadouin Veep; S.F.E.A., Treas. ; Intra- murals; Student Advisor; Band. WEBER, RUDY LEE, Perrine, Fla. Alpha; Int. Bd. ; Golf, MVP. . L.A. — Pi Kappa 58 WIGGINS, GLORIA. DeLand. Fla. . . . L.A. WILLIAMS, GWENDOLYN, DeLand, Fla. . . . Mus. WILLIAMS. JAMES P.. DeLand, Fla. . . . Bus.— Delta Sigma Phi, Pres. WILLIAMS, JUDITH, Hish Point, Fla. . . . L.A. WORTHINGTON, ALICE ONEITA, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. . . . L.A.— Alpha Xi Delta, Ex. Council, Veep, Rush Chm., Outstanding Pledge ; Pan-Hellenic Council ; Women ' s Coun- cil ; Emily Hall, Sec, Soc. Chm. ; Hatter Bus. Mgr. ; Glee Club ; Travel Squad ; Concert Choir ; S.F.E.A. ; BSU, Exec. Council, Pub. Chm.; Y.W.A.; Green Feather Comm.; Student Advisor; A.G.O.; Sigma Pi Kappa; Stover Theatre; Sigma Delta Pi, Hist.; Honor Roll; Fla. State Teacher ' s Scholarship. WILSLOW, JOHN WILLIAM, Tampa, Fla. . . . L.A.— Pi Kappa Phi, Soc. Pledge ; Political Forum, Pres. ; Wesley Foundation; PreLaw Club; Foreig n Relations Club. YAUN, PETER, Stone Mountain, N. C. . . . L.A. Walton, B. Williams, G. Wambaugh, J. Williams, J. Warren, C. Williams, J. Watts, B. Winslow, J. Weber, R. Worthington, A. Wiggins, G. Yaun, P. WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES JOHN B. ADAMS LELAND B. BOOTH GEORGE R. BORDERS CAROLYN D. CLARK DUANE L. DODDINGTON K. ELIZABETH FRIX JOAN ANNE HOLZMAN DIANA L. KUNZE EVA LYNN NEWTON ANNA B. PERRY GLORIA A. SANTORA JULIA B. STEANSON THEODORE R. SUCHER JAMES D. WHITMORE WESLEY H. JOHNSTON, JR. OUTSTANDING SENIORS ON THE STETSON CAMPUS JOHN B. ADAMS LELAND B. BOOTH GEORGE R. BORDERS CAROLYN D. CLARK DUANE L. DODDINGTON K. ELIZABETH FRIX JOAN ANNE HOLZMAN W. BRADFIELD HUTCHINGS WESLEY H. JOHNSTON, JR. DIANA L. KUNZE LAMAR MATHEWS SALLY LIED EVA LYNN NEWTON ANNA B. PERRY GLORIA A. SANTORA JULIA B. STEANSON THEODORE R. SUCHER JAMES D. WHITMIRE ALICE O. WORTHINGTON 60 K. ELIZABETH FRIX JOAN ANNE HOLZMAN DIANA L. KUNZE m i r JAMES D. WHITMIRE SCHOOL OF LAW Stetson ' s College of Law, founded at DeLand, is the oldest law school in Florida. During the summer of 1954 it was relocated on a new twelve- acre campus in St. Petersburg, where the stu- dents and faculty have ready access to the insti- tutional facilities of the Tampa Bay metropolitan area. The college has developed a lawyer-training pro- gram comparable to the famous Inns of Court and Chancery in London. This English system, which emphasizes close personal contact between students and practicing attorneys, has been mod- ernized and adapted to meet the special needs of American law students. Primary among the school ' s aims is the pro- duction of not only good lawyers, but also good citizens. On its campus it endeavors to create a moral climate which will encourage the students to achieve high standards of character and in- tegrity. Allen, J. Bard, E. Blume, G. Bonner, V. Bozeman, R. Foster, W. Giglio, V. Holman, R. Humphries, H. Kennedy, R. LAW SCHOOL SENIORS ALLEN, JOHN, St. Petersburg, Fla. . . . B.S.B.A., University of Florida. BARD, ERNEST, St. Petersburg, Fla. . . . University of Tampa; Perry Nichols Award; Moot Court; American Jurisprudence Award; Honor Roll; Phi Alpha Delta, Past-Justice; Honor Court, Associate Justice; Freshman Advisor Committee, Chairman. BLUME, GEORGE, Clearwater, Fla. . . . BONNER, VICTOR, Tampa, Fla. . . . University of Tampa. BOZEMAN, RICHARD, St. Petersburg, Fla. . . . B.A., University of Florida. CARRERE, CHARLES, Dublin, Ga B.A., University of Georgia. CONSER, LEE, Alliance, Ohio . . . B.A., Ohio Wesleyan. CRAPARO, JACK, Tampa, Fla. . . . B.S., Tampa University. DREES, HAROLD, St. Petersburg, Fla. . . . University of Dayton. FELLOWS, GEORGE, Delray Beach, Fla. . . . B.S., Ohio State University; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Delta Phi. FOSTER, WALTER, Daytona Beach, Fla. . . . B.S., Stetson Uni- verisity. GIGLIO, VINCENT, Tampa, Fla. . . . B.A., University of Florida; Phi Delta Phi; American Jurisprudence Award; Jr. Class Veep; Sr. Class Veep; Student Bar, Social Chairman. HOLMAN, ROBERT, Pinellas Park, Fla. . . . Boston University. HUMPHRIES, HOMER, Jacksonville, Fla. . . . B.A., University of Virginia. KENNEDY, RICHARD, St. Petersburg, Fla. . . . B.A., University of Wisconsin. KOVACHEVICH, ELIZABETH, St. Petersburg, Fla. . . . B.B.A.. University of Miami; Who ' s Who in American Colleges; Student Directory, Editor; ALSA Report and Convention; Legal — Medical Seminar Committee; Juvenile Forum Committee; Law Day Com- mittee; Phi Delta Delta. MeWhirtc Mensh, R. Mooney, T. Carrere, C. Conser, L. Craparo, J. Drees, H. Fellows, R. Kovachevich, E. Lyman, L. McArdle, B. McGowan, R. Mclnnis, M. Nineteen Hundred and Sixty-one LYMAN, LAWRENCE. St. Petersburg, Fla. . . . B.S., University of Tennessee. McARDLE, BRUCE, Indian Lake, N. Y. . . . B.A., Ithaca College. McGOWAN, ROBERT, Tampa, Fla. . . . Oregon State. McINNIS, MALCOLM, St. Petersburg, Fla. . . . B.S.E., University of Florida; Phi Delta Phi Trea .; Jr. Class Sec.-Treas. McWHIRTER, REID, St. Petersburg, Fla. . . . B.S., East Texas State. MALINOSKI, JOSEPH, New Smyrna Beach, Fla. . . . .A..B., Davidson College; Phi Delta Phi; Frosh Class Veep; Freshman Advisor; Honor Court, Associate Justice. MARTIN, KENNETH, Tampa, Fla. . . . B.S., University of Tampa. Nelson, W. O ' Riorden, J. Piper, MENSH, RICHARD, St. Petersburg, Fla B.S., Florida Southern College; Student Directory, Business Manager; Phi Delta Phi; Junior Class Sec; Honor Court, Chief Justice; Senior Class, Pres. MOONEY, THOMAS, St. Petersburg, Fla B.S., Florida South- ern College. NELSON, WAYNE, Galva, 111 B.S., University of Illinois; Phi Alpha Delta, Justice; American Jurisprudence award; Corpus Juris Secandum Award. O ' RIORDEN, JOHN, St. Petersburg, Fla. . . . B.S.B.A., University of Florida; Phi Alpha Delta, Veep, Trea,s. PIPER, MICHAEL, St. Petersburg, Fla. University of Tampa. PRIOR, THOMAS, Manchester, Conn. . . . B.A., University of Connecticut; Delta Theta Phi; Freshman Moot Court Winner. QUINN, DONALD, Ovid, N. Y. . . . B.A., Ithaca College. Prior, T. Quinn, D. S JrA Routh, G. Starkweather, H. 4i 1 l y l i Shoemaker, B. Tindell, C. LAW SCHOOL SENIORS University of Tampa. . B.S., Eastern Ken- ROGERS, PHILIP, St. Petersburg, Fla. ROUTH, GEORGE, St. Petersburg, Fla tucky State. SEWELL, JOHN, Winter Garden, Fla Stetson University. SHOEMAKER, BION, Sarasota, Fla. . . . B.A., University of Florida. SMITH, RADFORD, St. Petersburg, Fla. . . . Stetson University. SMITH, RANDOLPH, Torrington, Conn. . . . B.S., Syracuse Uni- versity; Harrison Co. Award; Moot Court Committee; Orientation Program, Chairman; Junior Class Veep; Delta Theta Phi, Dean; Who ' s Who; Honor Court, Chief Justice. STARKWEATHER, HAROLD, Miami, Fla. . . . B.B.A., University of Miami. STOKES, ROBERT, Lake Wales, Fla. . . . Emory University. TINDELL, CHARLES, Jacksonville, Fla. . . . Virginia Military Institute. THOMAS, ANTHONY, St. Petersburg, Fla. . . . B.S., Florida Southern College. THOMPSON, ROBERT, Sarasota, Florida . . . Stetson University; Moot Court; Barristers; S.B.A.; Delta Theta Phi, Vice-Dean; Inns of Court. TURNER, WILLIAM, Lakeland. Fla. . . . A.B,. Emory University. WADDELL, HOWARD, Tampa, Fla. . . . University of Tampa; Phi Delta Phi; Student Bar A,ssociation, Pres., Sec, Treas.; Who ' s Who. WARE, JOHN, St. Petersburg, Fla. . . . B.S., Florida State University. WIEDEMEYER, CARLETON, Clearwater, Fla A.B., Univer- sity of Maryland. WOLFE, FRANK, Hartford, Conn B.A., Rollins College; Moot Court Chairman ; Phi Delta Phi. Thompson, R. Waddell, G. Ware, J. Weidemeyer, C. Wolfe, F. Earnest K. Bard Elizabeth Kovachevich Philip Rogers WHO ' S WHO Among the Lawyers . . . Randolph Smith Glenn Waddell 69 BOOL, JAMES Tampa, Fla. BRELLIS, JACK St. Petersburg, Fla. BUTLER, ROBERT Lakeland, Fla. CHASTAIN, B. Miami, Fla. CULLER, THOMAS Sarasota, Fla. FAST, LAWRENCE St. Petersburg-, Fla. FIELDS, ROBERT St. Petersburg, Fla. FORBIS, MERWYN Miami, Fla. JUNIORS OF THE STET FORD, FRANK DeLand, Fla. GRANAHAN, THOMAS GEIGER, JIMMY Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. HAGAMAN, ROBERT Rochester, Minn. HARNETT, JACK Tampa, Fla. JENKINS, ROBERT Amherst, Ohio KALLE, ROBERT Clearwater, Fla. KNIGHT, PHILIP Blountstown, Fla. KORP, WILLIAM Orlando, Fla. LAWRENCE, IRVING Perry, Fla. LENOX, CALVIN St. Petersburg, Fla. LEWIS, HAROLD Lake Worth, Fla. McKENNA, WILLIAM Orlando, Fla. MALOUF, WALDENSE St. Petersburg, Fla. MARTINEZ, ELVIN Tampa, Fla. MILLER, JOHN Port Byron, N. Y. MILLER, ROBERT Tampa, Fla. MITCHAM, WILLIAM Tampa, Fla. MUNROE, ROBERT St. Petersburg, Fla. MUNTZING, WILLIAM St. Petersburg, Fla. MUSSELLWHITE, TROY Orlando, Fla. OTTINGER, WILLIAM Red Bank, N. J. PARARINI, VALENTINO Hollywood, Fla. PENA, WILLIAM Homestead, Fla. SON SCHOOL OF LAW PIPER, JAN St. Petersburg, Fla. REEVES, JAMES Pensacola, Fla. RUIZ, GUILLERMO Coral Gables, Fla. SALCINES, EMILLIANO Tampa, Fla. STEDEFORD, WALTER Jacksonville, Fla. STETSON, JOHN Norwich, N. Y. SURFUS, GERALD St. Petersburg, Fla. THOMAS, STEPHEN St. Petersburg, Fla. THOMPSON, RAYMOND Hollywood, Fla. THOMSON, C. E. TUCKER, STANLEY West Palm Bch., Fla. TYE, WILLIAM Pierce, Fla. WEBB, CARROLL Lake Worth, Fla. WITTERS, GARY Charleston, HI. WOODWORTH, GLENN Mt. Dora, Fla. ABERNATHY, CARROLL Gulfport, Fla. ATHANSON, MICHAEL St. Petersburg, Fla. BALLARD, SIDNEY Melbourne, Fla. BLANTON, MYRNA Punte Gorda, Fla. BOOTH. CHARLES Daytona Beach, Fla. BRICKLEY, VIOLA St. Petersburg, Fla. BRITT, JOSEPH Lumberton, N. C. CAPELL, JOHN Montgomery, Ala. CAPPA, JOHN St. Petersburg, Fla. CAPPS, JEFFERSON de Reddington Bch., Fla. CAROTHERS, CHARLES Tallahassee, Fla. CARTER, BRINLY DeLand, Fla. CARTER, MARY DeLand, Fla. CARTER, SION Valdosta, Ga. CECIL, HERBURT Gulfport, Fla. CLADAKIS, NICHOLAS Tarpon Springs, Fla. COLEMAN, EDWIN Winter Haven, Fla. COLLINS, ROBERT Wauchula, Fla. DYSON, ALFRED St. Petersburg, Fla. FREED, ROSE St. Petersburg, Fla. FRIEDLAND, LAWRENCE Riverdale, N. Y. GARCIA, ANDREW Tampa, Fla. GENS, HAROLD St. Petersburg, Fla. GEORGE, WILLIAM Clairsville, Ohio GRAYEB, JIM Largo, Fla. GRUESBECK, RONALD Lawrence, Mich. HAMLIN, MIKE Winter Park, Fla. HARRIS, TIMOTHY Dallas, N. C. HELFERTY, ROWAN, JR. Clearwater, Fla. HILL, JOHN Clairsville, Ohio JAMES, GERALD JENKINS, WILLIAM Walstonburg, N. C. KAPNER, LEWIS Palm Beach, Fla. KING, JANET Lakeland, Fla. LARSEN, NILS Dade City, Fla. LEVY, LARRY Pinellas Park, Fla. LITTKY, MARVIN St. PetersburK, Fla. LOBB, RICHARD St. PetersburK, Fla. LOPEZ, JOSEPH Tampa, Fla. McBRYDE, MYRON Delray Bch., Fla. McCLUNEY, JOHN St. Petersburg, Fla. McLARRY, GEORGE St. Petersburg, Fla. MARKS, THOMAS St. Petersburg, Fla. MIKELIS, PETER MOKELER, RICHARD St. Petersburg, Fla. MOREZ, NICHOLAS MORTON, RICHARD St. Petersburg, Fla. NEISER, RICHARD Ft. Thomas, Ky. NOVILLA, MICHAEL St. Petersburg, Fla. NYMARK, DENNIS Lantan, Fla. PEAVYHOUSE, RUSSELL St. Petersburg, Fla. PENSKY, MORRIS Haddon Field, N. J. POWERS, JAMES St. Petersburg, Fla. PRATHER, CHARLES St. Petersburg, Fla. REEVES, BARBARA St. Petersburg, Fla. RITTER, ALBERT Yemassee, S. C. RUSS, THOMAS St. Petersburg, Fla. SCHROWE, LOUIS St. Petersburg, Fla. SCRUGGS, CHARLES Tampa, Fla. SHEPARD. JOHN St. Petersburg, Fla. STEBBINS, ROBERT St. Petersburg, Fla. STEINBURG, PAUL Miami Beach, Fla. STINNETH, ROBERT Sarasota, Fla. TAPLIN, MARTIN Miami Beach, Fla. TAYLOR, BLAN St. Petersburg, Fla. THOMPSON, LEE West Palm, Fla. THURMAN, RUTH St. Petersburg, Fla. WILLIAMSON, WALTER Atlanta, Ga. WENDEL, JOHN Lakeland, Fla. WINTER, EDWARD Palmetto, Fla. WOOLEY, GENE Lakeland, Fla. Lindsey, Allen Left to right: Bill Spencer, Fred Sakon, Susan Green, Jim Lanier. THE JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Jim Lanier VICE-PRESIDENT Fred Sakon SECRETARY Susan Green TREASURER Bill Spencer Adams, JoAnne L.A. Miami, Fla. Adams, Mary Lou L.A. Blountstown, Fla. Alderman, Arthur L.A. Melbourne, Fla. Allen, Joel L.A. Columbus, Ohio Allen, Linda L.A. Miami, Fla. Arnholter, Allene L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Ashley, Jo MUS. Stuart, Fla. Ashley, Joe Mus. Maracaibo, Venezuela Ayers, Annie L.A. LaFollette, Tenn. Babb, Raymond L.A. Kissimmee, Fla. Balthaser, Eleanor L.A. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Barber, Janice L.A. Winter Haven, Fla. Nineteen Hundred and Sixty-one Barefoot, Russell Fort Meade, Fla. Barnett, Tom Miami, Fla. Bartholow, Jerry DeLand, Fla. Bergin, Bunny Avondale, Ga. Blackford, Penny Altamonte, Fla. Bowles, Evalynn DeLand, Fla. Bradford, Joyce Orlando, Fla. Brand, Bruce Deerfield Beach, Fla. Bus. Brand, Lorinda Miami, Fla. Brist, Tom Daytona Beach, Fla. Brooks, Wendell Sanford, Fla. Browder, Edward New Hyde Park, N. Y. Brown, Martha L.A. Zephyrhills, Fla. Bulce, David Bus. St. Petersburg, Fla. Campbell, Guy L.A. Erwin, Tenn. Carling, Anne L.A. St. Augustine, Fla. Clark Smith, Joyce L.A. Winchester, Ky. Cofield, Sylvia L.A. Mayo, Fla. Cole, Fred Bus. Ocala, Fla. Collins, Ernestine L.A. Ft. Pierce, Fla. THE JUNIOR CLASS Collins, Judy Coral Gables, Fla. Collins, Terre Manistee, Mich. Compton, Lynwood Princeton, W. Va. Compton, Marie Orlando, Fla. Cone, Wayne Okeechobee, Fla. Connell, Fred Lake Wales, Fla. Cook, Robin Miami, Fla. Corum, Robert Daytona Beach, Fla. Crosby, Jim L.A. Sarasota, Fla. Cross, Bill Bus. Maitland, Fla. Cunningham, John Bus. St. Petersburg ' , Fla. Curless, Wilbur L.A. West Palm Beach, Fla. Damewood, Kathleen L.A. St. Petersburg, Fla. Dashie ' l, Robin L.A. St. Petersburg, Fla. Davis, John L.A. Miami, Fla. Davis, Dawn Bus. Miami, Fla. Deets, Larry Bus. Miami Springs, Fla. DenisoTi, Martha L.A. Lakeworth, Fla. Denman, Dan L.A. Clearwater, Fla. Dinkins, Lewis L.A. Dunnellon, Fla. Nineteen Hundred and Sixty-one Dooley, Linda Rockledge, Fla. MUK DuBose, William DeLand, Fla. Mus Easter, Virginia Sanford, Fla. Bus Eckert, Judy Belleville, 111. Mus Emery, Celia Bunnell, Fla. Bus Epting, Dalton Hilliard, Fla. L.A Erikson, Pat Pittsburgh, Pa. L.A. Evans, Donna Orlando, Fla. Mus. Evans, Lynn L.A. Morehead, Ky. Fay. Logan Bus. Westfleld, N. J. Fay, William Bus. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Fielder, Virginia L.A. Mount Dora, Fla. Fink, James L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Fletcher, Dan Mus. Marietta, Ga. Folsom Borders, Sybil L.A. Lotahatchee, Fla. Fox, Ann L.A. Naranja, Fla. Fulford, Linda L.A. Ocala, Fla. Furlow, Kaki L.A. Winter Park, Fla. Giddens, Louise L.A. Miami, Fla. Gillum, Mike L.A. Lakeland, Fla. THE JUNIOR CLASS Givens, Mary Bus. Vero Beach, Fla. Godard, Jeff Bus. Roanoke, Va. Godwin, Roy LA Pensacola, Fla. Goode, Joy L.A Hawkinsville, Ga. Gray, Doug L.A Plymouth, Mass. Green, Judy L.A Jacksonville, Fla. Green, Susan L.A Sarasota, Fla. Greenlaw, Jean L.A Follroft, Pa. Gregory, Steele L.A. Danville, Ky. Hahn, Carol Mus. Hollywood, Fla. Hair, Cynthia L.A. DeLand, Fla. Hall, Don L.A. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Hancock, Joel L.A. Miami, Fla. Harrell, Roger L.A. Jacksonville Beach, Fla. Hart, Dorothy L.A. Holly Hill, Fla. Harvey, James L.A. New Smyrna Beach, Fla. Haskell, Jay L.A Titusville, Pa. Haskins, Robert L.A Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Hembdt, Phil Bus Agawan, Mass. Hicks, Judi L.A Neptune Beach, Fla. Nineteen Hundred and Sixty-one Hill, Sallye L.A. Prestonsburg, Ky. Hill, Virginia L.A. Suffolk, Va. Hogarth, Wendy L.A. DeLand, Fla. Hulbert, Barbara L.A Venice, Fla. Humphries, Bert L.A Arlington, Va. Huyck, Margaret Bus West Palm Bch., Fla. Jane, Robert Bus Maitland, Fla. Johns, Frank Bus Okeechobee, Fla. % Jm Johnson, Gail Daytona Beach, Fla. Mus. Johnson, Joyce Haines City, Fla. L.A Jones, Dorothy Jacksonville, Fla. L.A Jones, Pat Tampa, Fla. L.A Junger, Jacques Coral Gables, Fla. L.A Keiper, John DeLand, Fla. Mus Keith, Carolyn Newton, Ga. Mus King, R. C. Middletown, Ky. BUS Kinnan, Harry Bradenton, Fla. L.A Knapp, Ronald Miami, Fla. L.A Knipe, Patrick Orlando, Fla. Bus. Krause, Richard Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. L.A THE JUNIOR CLASS Krebs, Mary Jo Miami, Fla. Kunsman, Barbara Palatka, Fla. Lanier, James Winter Haven, Fla. Langham, Ralph Mamaroneck, N. Y. Ledbetter, John Cordele, Ga. Lee, Gus Atlanta, Ga. Lehotay, Kay Columbus, Ga. Litvaney, Charles Pittsburgh, Pa. Lockhart, Gary L.A. St. Petersburg, Fla. Lopreste, Gene Bus. West Field, N. Y. Lowe, Jim Bus. Charleston, W. Va. Luther, Fran L.A. Chattanooga, Tenn. Lynn, Mary Ann Mus. Columbia, S. C. McComb, Marjorie L.A. Huron, Ohio MacDonald, Norma L.A. DeLand, Fla. MacKenzie, Judith L.A. South Euclid, Ohio McMahan, Mary Ruth L.A. St. Petersburg, Fla. Martz, Paul Bus. Pompano Beach, Fla. Mathewes, Sally L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Mazzeo, Pete L.A. Winter Haven, Fla. Nineteen Hundred and Sixty-one M«rrifield, John L.A. New York. N. Y. Merritt, Tom Bus. Syracuse, Ind. Moller, Judy Bus. Jacksonville, Fla. Montross, Richard L.A Riverside, Conn. Moody, James Mus W aycross, Ga. Moore, Carol L.A Atlanta, Ga. Morgan, John Bus Jacksonville, Fla. Mosely, George Bus Jacksonville, Fla. Mullins, Martha Bus Ashland, Ky. North, Gwen L.A Laurel, Del. Norton, Henry L.A Lakeland, Fla. Nunez, Carlos L.A Tampieo, Mexico Nutt, Dennis L.A Dade City, Fla. dinger, Kelly Bus. Woodstock, Va. Osborne, George L.A. Lake City, Fla. Owens, Madalyn L.A. DeLeon Springs, Fla. Pauli, Fred L.A. Miami, Fla. Petty, Joyce L.A. Tifton, Ga. Pitts, Jackie L.A. Clinton, S. C. Porep, Sandra L.A. Opa Locka, Fla. THE JUNIOR CLASS m ik g Pricher, Norm Bus. Zephyrhills, Fla. Purvis, Rosa Lee L.A. Orlando, Fla. Pyle, Frank L.A. Orlando, Fla. Quarles, Anne L.A. DeLand, Fla. Rankin, Glenna L.A. Orlando, Fla. Reed, Marvin L.A. Bainbridge, Ga. Reed, Richard L.A. Miami, Fla. Renick, John L.A. Orlando, Fla. Richards, Fred L.A. York, I ' a. Riley, Cookie Bus. St. Petersburg, Fla. Rinker, David Bus. Palm Beach, Fla. Rosier, Richard L.A. Daytona Beach, Fla. Ross, E. R. Bus. DeLand, Fla. Ross, Judy L.A. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Rutan, Janie L.A. Marietta, Ga. Rutan, Scott L.A. Atlanta, Ga. Sakon, Fred L.A. Haines City, Fla. Schibanoff, Mildred L.A. Freehold, N. J. Schlueter, Elizabeth L.A. Lakeland, Fla. Schuessler, Dick Bus. Madison, N. J. Nineteen Hundred and Sixty-one Scudder, Judy L.A. Campbell, N. Y. Seaborn, Don L.A. Lakeland, Fla. Searson, Judy L.A. St. Augustine, Fla. Shell, Richard L.A. Drayton Plains, Mich Shepard, Carolyn L.A. Norfolk, Va. Sherman, Charles L.A. Tonawanda, N. Y. Shields, Thomas L.A. Naples, Fla. Siegel, William Bus. Hempstead, N. Y. k 1 Simpson, Ann Annandale, Va. L.A. Slingerland, Pamela Howe Cave, N. Y. L.A. Smith, Josepli Holly Hill, Fla. Bus. Smith, Sandra Lake City, Fla. Bus. i Somers, Mike Treasure Island, Fla. L.A. Spears, Jewel DeLand, Fla. L.A. Spencer, Bill LaBelle, Fla. L.A. Starn, Florence Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. L.A. Stewart, Alice DeLand, Fla. L.A. Stokes, Marie Jacksonville, Fla. L.A. Stuart, James Jacksonville, Fla. L.A. Summers, Sandra Sue Lake City, Fla. Bus. THE JUNIOR CLASS . T A Templer, Jean Perrine, Fla. Templer, Joan Perrine, Fla. Thomas, Eloise DeLand, Fla. Thompson, William Bridgeton, N. J. Tilder, Robert Winter Garden, Fla. L.A. L.A. LdfM Trinowski, Charles L.A Jamesport, N. Y. Upchurch, John Mus. Atlanta, Ga. VanDeusen, Elizabeth L.A Washington, D. C. VanZant, John L.A Jacksonville, Fla. Vardaman, Enith L.A. Miami, Fla. Vass, Richard L.A Winter Park, Fla. VauRhan, Dan L.A DeLand, Fla. Waldrop, Don Mus Shelby, N. C. Walker, Nancy L.A. New Smyrna Beach, Fla. Ward, John Bus. Columbus, Ind. Ward, Kay L.A. Ft. Myers, Fla. Weaver, Harold L.A. Winter Park, Fla. Nineteen Hundred and Sixty-one Wheat, Bob Miami, Fla. L.A. White, Marilyn Atlanta, Ga. L.A. Wickstrom, Bonnie Lake Geneva, Wis. L.A. wmu Woods, Nancy Atlanta, Ga. L.A. ' .-.. 1 Yarbrough, Cornelia Waycross, Ga. Mus. ' ••k ' ' Left to right: Cynthia C ' rumh, Hugh Peterson, Bev Graham, Dick McMillin. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Dick McMillin VICE-PRESIDENT Bev. Graham SECRETARY Cvnthia Crumb TREASURER Hugh Peterson kJ Adams, Ann L.A. Miami, Fla. Adams, Carl Bus. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Adams, Don Bus. Stege, 111. Amil, Becky Bus. Delray Beach, Fla. Andrew, Gloria Bus. Jefferson, Iowa Armstrong-, Dale L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Arnett, Bud Bus. Springfield, Pa. Baker, Sara L.A. Melbourne, Fla. Barrett, Linda L.A. DeLand, Fla. Bartholow, Linda L.A. DeLand, Fla. Bass, Pamela L.A. Rockford, III. Baughan, Herbert L.A. Avon Park, Fla. Bean, Joe L.A. Winchester, Tenn. Bearden, Marguerite L.A. Atlanta, Ga. Bendle, Richard Bus. Miami, Fla. Blaha, Judy L.A. Sanford, Fla. Boyer, Martha Bus. New Buffalo, Pa. Britton, Lee L.A. DeLand, Fla. Brooks, Peter L.A. Prospect, Ky. Brown, A. Scott Bus. Winter Park, Fla. Burnette, Jenny Bus. Frostproof, Fla. Campbell, Priscilla L.A. Pageland, S. C. Carey, John L.A. Daytona, Fla. Carroll, Marilyn L.A. Ft. Myers, Fla. Cassedy, Nancy L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Castle, Joan Mus. Orlando, Fla. Castleberry, Jerry Bus. Atlanta, Ga. Chamberlin, Joan L.A. Lake City, Fla. Jl Chaplin, Franklin Bus. Miami, Fla. Chapman, Beverly L.A. Atlanta, Ga. Chapman, Lynn L.A. Gainesville, Ga. Clark, Charles L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Clark. Frank L.A. Hollywood, Fla. Coleman, Carolyn L.A. Clearwater, Fla. CoUing , Richard L.A. Leesburg, Fla. Connor, Meeda L.A. DeLand, Fla. Cook, Marsha L.A. Charlotte, N. C. Cooke, Tucker L.A. Newberry, Fla. Corbett, Linda L.A. Sarasota, Fla. Couch, Joan L.A. Greenville, S. C. Coulter, James Bus. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Cox, Jean L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Crittendon, Shelly L.A. Clearwater, Fla. Crumb, Cynthia L.A. DeLand, Fla. Cunningham, Joseph L.A Armonk, N. Y. Dahlquist. Bonnie L.A Hobe Sound, Fla. Day, Mike L.A Tampa, Fla. Decker, Janice L.A Miami, Fla. Dellibovi, Rosemary L.A Eau Gallie, Fla. Dennis, John L.A Dade City, Fla. DesLondes, Danny Bus. Canal Zone, Rep. of Panama Dickey, Eleanor Mus. Bristol, Va. Dillon, Jim Bus. Warrington, Fla. Disney, Diane L.A. North Vernon, Ind. Dompe, Marjorie L.A. Daytona Beach, Fla. Donegan, Horace L.A. Hartford, Conn. Dougherty, Nellie Bus. Jacksonville, Fla. Dunifon, Bill L.A. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Dupre, John Bus. Antioch, III. Durgin, Lisa Bus. Ormond Beach, Fla. Earnhardt, John Mus. Atlanta, Ga. Easton, Gwendol Bus. Orlando, Fla. Eckblad, Robert Bus. Eustis, Fla. Eddings, Mary Beth L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Edwards, Randolph L.A. DeLand, Fla. EUer, David L.A. Deerfield, Fla. Everroad, Mary Beth L.A. Columbus, Ind. Ezelle, Jennings L.A. Clearwater, Fla. Fay, Thomas L.A. St. Petersburg, Fla. Feldman, Sharron L.A. Orlando, Fla. Felici, Ann L.A. Apopka, Fla. Fieldman, Coleman Bus. Mt. Dora, Fla. Flippo, Kay L.A. Eustis, Fla. Fortenberry, Mary Elaine L.A. Neptune Beach, Fla. Fouse, Clarence L.A. Miami, Fla. Frank, Carl L.A. Tampa, Fla. Fredrikson, Suzanne L.A. Charlottesville, Va. Freeland, James Bus. Hiekboro, N. C. Froman, Ingrid L.A. Miami, Fla. Frye, Darla L.A. Orlando, Fla. Gage, Sharon L.A. St. Petersbur g, Fla. Gardner, Bill L.A. Americus, Ga. Garner, Nancy Bus. Greenville, S. C. Garone, Paul Bus. Syosset, N. Y. Gay, Karen L.A. Fitzgerald, Ga. Gaylord, Helen L.A. Hialeah, Fla. Gibson, Jim L.A. Titusville, Fla. Gironda, Ron Bus. Mamaroneck, N. Y. Gladden, Floyd Bus. Speed, Ind. Geiger, Glenn L.A. Plant City, Fla. Gnann, Marilyn L.A. Gainesville, Fla. Goldstein, Carole Mus. Miami, Fla. Gormly, Meg L.A. Miami, Fla. Graham, Beverly L.A. Orlando, Fla. Greene, Anne L.A. DeLand, Fla. Gress, William L.A. DeLand, Fla. Grose, Bill L.A. DeLand, Fla. Hagan, Norma Bus. Plant City, Fla. Hall, Jane L.A. Atlanta, Ga Hankins, Susy L.A. Miami, Fla. Hanle, Betty L.A. Ft. Myers, Fla. Hart, Carole L.A. Quitman, Ga. Hartung, Joy L.A. Clearwater, Fla. Hedrick, Phyllis L.A. Tampa, Fla. Hennessy, Roland L.A. Orange Park, Fla. Henry, Ralph L.A. Margate, N. J. Higgins, David Bus. Sebring, Fla. Higgins, Susanne Bus. Sparta, Ga. High, Charlotte Bus. Sylvania, Ga. Hilverink, Gail L.A. Rex, Ga. Hobby, Clyde L.A. Dade City, Fla. Huffstetler, Ann L.A. Eustis, Fla. Hutson, Robert L.A Lutz, Fla. Ivey, Sandra L.A Forsyth, Ga. Jacob, Allen Bus West Chester, Pa. Jones, Billy Bus. St. Petersburji, Fla Jones, Janet Mus Baldwin, Fla. Jones, William Mus. Ormond Beach, Fla. Judson, Judy L.A Ft. Lauderdale Fla. Kennedy, Tom L.A Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Keown, Bill Bus. St. Petersburg, Fla. Keyes, Charlotte L.A Hialeah, Fla. Kiesau, Jane L.A Miami, Fla. Kiesling:, Charles L.A Jacksonville, F a. Koch, Sandy L.A. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Krom, Myrna L.A. Winter Park, Fla. Lathrop, James Bus. Jupiter. Fla. Lanhon, Betty L.A. Pensacola, Fla. Lenox, Ella Mae L.A DeLand, Fla. Lohof, Bruce L.A Billings, Mont. London, Patricia Mus Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Lycan, George L.A DeLand, Fla. McArthur, Bill L.A. Clearwater, Fla. McBain, Beverly Mus. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. McDowell, Ann L.A. Sarasota, Fla. McGee, Sally L.A. Greenville, S. C. McGuire, Margaret L.A. DeLeon Springs, Fla. McKenna, Diane L.A. Miami Shores, Fla. McKinley, Bruce L.A. Jamesboro, N. J McMillin, Richard L.A. Atlantic Beach, Fla. ym Manucy, Bette Mus. St. Augustine. Fla. Maris, Alice L.A. Melbourne, Fla. Matlack, Richard Mus. Haddonfield, N. J. Meisenheimer, Carolyn L.A. Eglin AFB. Fla. Middlekauff, Mary L.A. DeLand, Fla. Miller, Charles L.A. Leesburg, Fla. Mills, Bill L.A. Jupiter, Fla. Moore, Elaine L.A. Miami, Fla. Moore, Robert L.A. Opa-Locka, Fla. Moore, Rona L.A. Walnut Creek, Calif. Morris, Diana L.A. DeLand, Fla. Morris, Bob L.A. Apopka, Fla. Morsillo, Al Bus. Orange City, Fla. Mullins, Dick Bus. Miami Springs, Fla. Myers, Alice L.A. Delray Beach, Fla. Nagel, Betsy L.A. Orlando, Fla. Nance, Marshall Bus. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Nelson, Conrad L.A. Hollywood, Fla. Nelson, Gail L.A. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Nemchik, George L.A. Naples, Fla. Newhart, Barry L.A. Sarasota, Fla. Nicholls, Richard L.A. Miami, Fla. O ' Quinn, Patricia Bus. Callahan, Fla. Orell, Sue Mus. DeLand, Fla. Palm, Casey L.A. Sarasota, Fla. Parks, Jo Mus. Albemarle, N. C. Patten, George L. A. Starke, Fla. Peaslee, Gloria L.A. Mt. Dora, Fla. Robbins, Freddie L.A. Oviedo, Fla. Roche, James Bus. Southfront, Conn. Rose, Jane Bus. Ft. Myers, Fla. Rouse, Clinton L.A. Bradenton, Fla. Savage, Neil Bus. St. Petersburg, Fla. Scott, Bob L.A. Miami, Fla. Scott, Jim Bus. Winter Haven, Fla. Seckel, Ernest Bus. DeLeon Springs, Fla. Shaw, Emilie Bus. Miami, Fla. Shaw, John Bus. Miami, Fla. Shore. Richard Bus. Bradenton, Fla. Simmons, Donna L.A. Pascagoula, Miss. Perry, William L.A. Live Oak, Fla. Peterson, Hugh L.A. Louisville, Ky. Pinachian, Florence L.A. West New York, N. J. Pittman, Myrna L.A. Savannah, Ga. Plenge, Lynn Bus. Clearwater, Fla. Polk, Gene L.A. Lake Placid, Fla. Poole, David L.A. Raleigh, N. C. Powell, Barbara L.A. Miami, Fla. Ramaker, Leland Bus. Hollywood, Fla. Redmond. Patrick Bus. Miami, Fla. Reiff, Richard L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Reynolds, Jay L.A. New Haven, Conn. Riedel, Marie L.A. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Rikard, Charlie Bus. Winter Haven, Fla. Riley, Linda L.A. Miami, Fla. Roberts, Emily L.A. Vienna, Ga. MM EMmtm ' - ' - ' Simonson, Sunny Bus. Jacksonville, Fla. Smart, Jerry Bus. DeLand, Fla. Smith, Marian L.A. Macon, Ga. Smith, Maxine L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Smith, Wallace L.A. Orlando, Fla. Spooner, Zackie L.A. Immokalee, Fla. Sporhase, Virginia L.A. DeLand, Fla. Staggs, Sari Bus. Orlando, Fla. Starling, Jay L.A. Orlando, Fla. Steanson, Karen L.A. Griffin, Ga. Stevenson, Joel Bus. Sebring, Fla. Stewart, Barbara L.A. Coshoctoa, Ohio THE SOPHOMORE CLASS ii.i2 Strauss, Shannon L.A. Tampa, Fla. Sutherland, Boonie L.A. Middletown, Ky. Sweet, Howard L.A. Tampa, Fla. Sweitzer, Dorothy Bus. Inverness, Fla. Swink, Barbara L.A. Cheraw, S. C. Syfan, Caleta L.A. Decatur, Ga. Terry, Elbridge Bus. Miami, Fla. Thames, Rose L.A. Osprey, Fla. Thode, Al Bus. Brunswick, N. J. Townsend, Sandra L.A. Coral Gables, Fla. Trammell, Montelle L.A. Miami, Fla. Tyler, Pamela L.A. Miami, Fla. Vockins, Pamela L.A. Palm Beach, Fla. Vose, Jim L.A. Pensacola, Fla. Walker, Jackie L.A. South Daytona, Fla. Walker, Russell L.A. New Smyrna Beach, Fla. Ward, Hampton L.A. DeLand, Fla. Waters, Beverly Mus. Spartanburg, S. C. Weaver, Mary Lou L.A. DeLand, Fla. Wegener, Gerrie L.A. St. Petersburg, Fla. Wehr, Jeanine L.A. New Smyrna, Fla. Wentzel, Willett Bus. Bradenton, Fla. Wilcox, Elinor Mus. Atlanta, Ga. Williams, Denny L.A. Ft. Pierce, Fla. Nineteen Hundred and Sixty-one Williams, Peggy Ann L.A. Cairo, Ga. Williams, Roland L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. Williams, Zelma Bus. Decatur, Ga. Wise, Cris L.A. DeLand, Fla. Wisner, Jean L.A. Coral Gables, Fla. Wolfe, Billy Bus. Jacksonville, Fla. Wood, Anthony Bus. Pensacola, Fla. Wood, Judy L.A. Eustis, Fla. Wood, Robert L.A. Lake City, Fla. Wrenn, Tom Bus. Winter Park, Fla. Wright, Larry L.A. Greene Cove Springs, Fla. Zessin, Judy Bus. Miami, Fla. Left to right: Ty Wilson, Fred Clarke, Diana Garcia, Dewey Varner. THE FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Dewey Varner VICE-PRESIDENT Fred Clarke SECRETARY Diana Garcia TREASURER Ty Wilson 96 Abott, J., DeLand, Fla. Abstance, L., Kissimmee, Fla. Adams, B., Daytona Bch., Fla. Aiken, K., Sanford, Fla. Akers, A., Dalton, Ga. Aldrich, R., Mt. Dora, Fla. Allen, L., Elkins Park, Pa. Allen, O., Elizabethton, Tenn. Allison, B., Aurora, 111. Appleton, M., St. Petersburg, Fla. Arnall, L., Venice, Fla. Arner, D., Sebring, Fla. Austin, J., Hartwell, Ga. aer, P., Hempstead, N. Y. Bailey, W., Waycross, Ga. Barnes, S., Anna Maria, Fla. Barnhill, M., Hollywood, Fla. Beebe, V., W. Palm Bch., Fla. Bernard, M., Lakeland, Fla. Best, J., Bowling Green, Fla. Bierley, B., W. Palm Bch., Fla, Bishop, C, Ocala, Fla. Blane, S., DeLand, Fla. Blechman, L., Levittown, Pa. Booth, S., Clearwater, Fla. Borgeson, J., Wentzville, Mo, Boriss, A., Miami, Fla. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. Bus. L.A. L.A. Mus. L.A. Mus. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. Bus. 97 Bowles, J., Orange City, Fla. L.A. Boyd, K., Eustis, Fla. L.A. Boyd, M., Ocala, Fla. L.A. Bradshaw, B., Cartersville, Ga. Mus. Bragg, B., W. Palm Bch., Fla. L.A. Brenner, B., Miami Bch., Fla. L.A. Brigham, P., Atlanta, Ga. L.A. Broome, W., Eau Gallie, Fla. L.A. Bruce, M., Glenview, 111. Bus. Brush, R., Miami, Fla. L.A. Bryan, B.„ Sebring, Fla. L.A. Bryan, S., Asheville, N. C. L.A. Buchak, V., Riverhead, N. Y. L.A. Buchner, J., Daytona Bch., Fla. L.A. Budrawich, J., Stanford, Conn. L.A. Burch, H., Miami, Fla. L.A. Burchette, J., Albemarle, N. C. L.A. Burgess, L., Clearwater, Fla. L.A. Butler, C, Miami, Fla. L.A. Butler, K., Albany, Ga. L.A. ,. - - mMlm Butt, R., Albany, Ga. L.A. Callaway, C, Umatilla, Fla. Mus. Campbell, J., Rochelle, 111. L.A. Campbell, M., Decatur, Ga. L.A. Carney, L., Delray Bch., Fla. L.A. Carpenter, J., Delray Bch., Fla. L.A. Chaffin, R., Decatur, Ga. L.A. Chandler, D., Social Circle, Ga. L.A. Chase, G., Lantana, Fla. L.A. Chastain, S., Thomasville, Ga. LA. Chatham, B. East Point, Ga. L.A. Cheshire, G., Pompano Bch., Fla. L.A. . fMdl Childress, R., N. Smyrna Bch., Fla. L.A. Christmas, M., Miami, Fla. L.A. Clance, W., Jacksonville, Fla. L.A. Clark, C, Bradenton, Fla. L.A. Clark, D., Greenfield, Mass. Bus. Clarke, F., W. Palm Bch., Fla. L.A. Cleland, M., Lithonia, Ga. L.A. demons, M., Jacksonville, Fla. L.A. Clifton, R., Richmond, Va. L.A. Cochenour, J., Daytona Bch., Fla. Bus. Cole, R., Lake City, Fla. L.A. Cole, S., Miami, Fla., L.A. CoUman, D., Glen Mills, Pa. L.A. Combs, P., Gainesville, Fla. L.A. Comer, J., Ft. Myers, Fla. L.A. Condit, S., Miami Shores, Fla. L.A. Connelly, L., Canton, Ohio Bus. Conover, R., Ft. Myers, Fla. L.A. Conte, J., Tampa, Fla. L.A. Cope, v., W. Hollywood, Fla. L.A. Corbett, N., St. Augustine, Fla. Mus. Cowan, E., Jacksonville, Fla. L.A Cowder, D., Dayton, Ohio L.A Cox, M., Seneca, S. C. L.A Crabtree, R., Knoxville, Tenn. Bus Cregar, E., E. Northfield, Mass. L.A Crews, C, Altamonte Springs, Fla. DU3 Criswell, H., N. Miami, Fla. L.A Crosby, L., Hinsdale, N. H. L.A Crowley, C, N. Augusta, S. C. L.A Dalfred, R., Daytona, Fla. Bus Damianos, C, Miami, Fla. L.A w l Daniels, M., Jacksonville, Fla. Dease, J., Dunedin, Fla. DeLeGal, M., Waycross, Ga. Bellinger, S., Charlotte, N. C. Denton, B., Macon, Ga. Dinwiddie, M., Belleview, Fla. Domonkos, L., Jacksonville, Fla. Dowling, P., Dunwoody, Ga. Duncan, F., Plymouth, Fla. Durham, T., Boudon, Ga. Edwards, R., Tampa, Fla. Ellington, S., W. Palm Bch., Fla. Ellis, J., DeLand, Fla. Ellis, P., Hartsville, S. C. Ellwood, L., Vero Bch., Fla. Emerson, F., Winter Park, Fla. Emig, C, Pennsburg, Pa. Enis, S., Daytona Bch., Fla. Evans, P., Anderson, S. C. Fagan, B., Cocoa, Fla. Fant, J., Bradenton, Fla. Bus Feige, L., Pompano, Fla. Bus Fellows, J., Douglas, Ga. Mus Field, J., Jacksonville, Fla. L.A. Fischbach, F., Lake Wales, Fla. L.A. Fitzgerald, T., Mentor, Ohio Bus. Flynn, L., Callahan, Fla. L.A. Formet, G., Sarasota, Fla. Bus. Francis, P., Clewiston, Fla. Bus. Futch, E., Lake Placid, Fla. Bus. Garcia, D.. N. Miami Bch., Fla. L.A. Garris, M., Umatilla, Fla. L.A. Gaskins, S., Spartanburg, S. C, L.A. Gehrke, S., N. Smyrna Bch., Fla. L.A. Gentry, D., Charleston, S. C. Mus. 100 Gibson, L., W. Palm Bch., Fla. L.A. Gilbert, P., Miami Springs, Fla. L.A. Gilder, L., Decatur, Ga. L.A. Gladding, P., Decatur, Ga. L.A. Glendenning, K., St. Petersburg, Fla. L.A. Goddard, S., Daytona Bch., Fla. L.A. Goldman, S., Hollywood, Fla. L.A. Golz, M., Aurora, 111. L.A. Goolsby. J., Apopka, Fla. L.A. Graustein, A., DeLand, Fla. Bus. Gray, O., Melbourne, Fla. Bus. Greene, P., Silver Springs, Md. L.A. Gregory, G., Danville, Ky. L.A. Grimme, C, W. Acton, Mass. Mus. Guthrie, M., Miami, Fla. L.A. Haid, C, Ft. Pierce, Fla. Mus. Haight, B., DeLand, Fla. Mus. Halsey, J., St. Petersburg, Fla. L.A. Hamilton, J., Holly Hill, Fla. Mus. Hammett, A., Wake Forest, N. C. L.A. Hampton, J., Las Vegas, Nev. Bus. Harden, M., Miami Springs, Fla. L.A. Harding, J., Jacksonville, Fla. L.A. Hargrave, B., Orlando, Fla. L.A. Harrell, W., W. Palm Bch., Fla. L.A. Hartlieb, J., Orlando, Fla. Mus. Harvard, W., Live Oak, Fla. L.A. Harvey, E., Beltsv ille, Md. Mus. Hatfield, J., Townson, Md. L.A. Keep, L., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. L.A. Hempel, R., Homestead, Fla. L.A. Hench, K., Jacksonville, Fla. L.A. Hendry, G., Lakeland, Fla. L.A. Henry, R., Avondale Estates, Ga. L.A. Hepler, G., Miami, Fla. L.A. 101 Hill, F., Youngsville, N. C. Hill, S., Coral Gables, Fla. Hoffman, G., N. Miami, Fla. Holbrook, M., Hollywood, Fla. Hollenbeck, S., Westwood, N. J. Holladay, R., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Holloway, C, Frostproof, Fla. Holtzendorf, V., Waycross, Ga. Hughes, E., Tampa, Fla. Huke, R., Melbourne, Fla. Hunter, J., Ft. Screven, Ga. Irish, N., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Jackson, J., Sarasota, Fla. Jacobs, P., Winter Park, Fla. Jacques, D., Largo, Fla. Jeffrey, C, San Francisco, Cal. Johnson, G., Tarpon Springs, Fla. Johnston, L., St. Petersburg, Fla. Joiner, S., Gainesville, Fla. Jones, J., Lakeland, Fla. Jones, J., Orange City, Fla. Jones, K., Deerfield, Fla. Julian, N., Sanford, Fla. Kahn, K., Jacksonville, Fla. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. Kalashnikoff, C, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. L.A. Katsikas, B., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. L.A. Kegley, K., Decatur, Ga. L.A. Keith, R., Atlanta, Ga. Mus. Kelly, P., Sarasota, Fla. L.A. Kerling, E., Hartsdale, N. Y. L.A. King, K., Miami, Fla. L.A. Kraft, J., Hollywood, Fla. L.A. Kraft, L., Miami Springs, Fla. Bus. Kressman, J., Cross City, Fla. L.A. Lackland, W., Chicago, 111. L.A. 102 Lathrop, J., Jupiter, Fla. Bus. Lay, J., Miami, Fla. L.A. Leonard, A., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. L.A. Leonardson, M., W. Hollywood, Fla. L.A. Lewton, S., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. L.A. Linane, G. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Bus. Lingle, D., Orlando, Fla. Mus. Lipthrott, C, St. Petersburg, Fla. Bus. Littlejohn, F., Tampa, Fla. Bus. Locke, M., Jacksonville, Fla. L.A. Lockerman, B., Wilmington, DeL Bus. Logan, J., Nashville, Tenn. L.A. Lombard, M., Hallandale, Fla. L.A. Lyle, F., Jacksonville, Fla. L.A. McAfee, R., Orlando, Fla. L.A. McBane, L., W. Palm Bch., Fla. L.A. McCanna, M., Maitland, Fla. L.A. McCollum, L., Kingsland, Ga. L.A. McCree, M., Orlando, Fla. Bus. McDade, R., Miami, Fla. Bus. McGinnis, L., Melbourne, Fla. Bus McGinnis, P., Edgewater, Fla. L.A McGinnis, T., Melbourne, Fla. L.A Martin, J., Miami, Fla. L.A Mathews, C, Miami, Fla. Bus. Mathewson, K., Miami Shores, Fla. L.A. Matthews, B., Marietta, Ga. L.A Matthews, T., Bradenton, Fla. L.A. Mauldin, C, Pompano Bch., Fla. Mus. Meadows, J., Clermont, Fla. L.A. Miel, R., Venice, Fla. L.A. Menefee, K., Lenoir, N. C. Mus. Messick, L., Cannonsburg, Pa. L.A. Mihm, B., Perkasie, Pa. Bus. Mikell, D., Trenton, Fla. L.A. Miller, P., Eustis, Fla. L.A. Mills, B., Macon, Ga. L.A. Mitchell, P., Sanford, Fla. Bus. Mitchell, R., Coral Gables, Fla. L.A. Mix, H., Stanford, Conn. L.A. Mobley, J., Cedartown, Ga. L.A. Molnar, D., Philadelphia, Pa. L.A. Montgomery, J., Lake City, Fla. Bus. Moore, C, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. L.A. Moore, C, Miami, Fla. L.A. Moore, M., Marianna, Ark. Mus. Morris, R., Lutz, Fla. L.A. Morris, W., Apopka, Fla. L.A. Mullins, S., Decatur, Ga. L.A. Mundrick, D., Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. L.A. Murphey, E., Gainesville, Fla. L.A. Myers, W., Delray Bch., Fla. L.A. Nehring, C, Linden, N. J. L.A. Neidig, P., Orlando, Fla. Bus. Neil, J., Key Biscayne, Fla. L.A. Nelson, R., W. Palm Bch., Fla. L.A. Neumann, J., St. Augustine, Fla. L.A. Newman, A., Ironton, Ohio L.A. Newton, S., Tampa, Fla. L.A. Niswonger, P., Winter Haven, Fla. L.A. Nordan, P., Charlotte, N. C. Mus. Osborne, B., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. L.A. Outler, J., Gainesville, Fla. L.A. Owens, E., Sebring, Fla. L.A. Palmer, C, Freeport, N. Y. L.A. Paradise, C, Sarasota, Fla. L.A. Parkin, W., New Providence, N. J. Bus. Payne, A., Homestead, Fla. Mus. Pendery, D., Decatur, Ga. L.A. Phillips, L., Hollywood, Fla. L.A. 104 Pickering, R. S., Hamilton, Mass. Bus. Piel, S., S. Miami, Fla. L.A. Pike, J., Astatula, Fla. L.A. Pi.xley, E., Nicaragua L.A. Polak, D., Goshen, N. Y. L.A. Poulton, C, Maitland, Fla. L.A. Pritchard, S., Jacksonville, Fla. L.A Pruett, A., Webster, Fla. L.A Raines, B., LaFoIlette, Tenn. L.A Raley, N., Atlanta, Ga. L.A Ralls. P.., Orlando. Fla. L.A Rasco, R.,l)eLand, Fla. Bus Ravines, M., Lima, Peru L.A Reynolds, K., Jacksonville, Fla. L.A Richards, M., .Miami, Fla. L.A Rifjano, R., Miiniaroneck, N. Y. L.A Ritchie, B., .Atlanta, (ia. Bus Ritter, 1)., Sanford, Fla. l,.A Robertson, S., W. Palm Bch., Fla. L.A Robinson, A., (ireenville, S. C. L.A Roundtree, B., Punta (iorda. Fla. L.A Ruggiero, J., Brookville, N. 1 Bus Sayre, L., Miami, Fla. L.A Schaefer, R., Dayton, Ohio Bus Schoder, T., Jacksonville, Fla L.A Schutzendorf, G., Gazenavia, N. Y. Bus Scoggins, J., Westover .-VFB, .Mass. L.A. Seigle, B., Alexandria, Va. L.A. Seigle, L., Atlanta, Ga. L.A. Severud, K., Miami, Fla. L.A. Shaw, S., Vero Bch., Fla. L.A. Shelly, J., Pensacola, Fla. L.A. Sherard, S., Suffolk, Va. Bus. Simmons, J., Woodbine, Ga. L.A. Singer, J., Chiefland, Fla. L.A. 105 Sistrunk, K., Tampa, Fla. L.A. Smelcer, M., Jacksonville, Fla. L.A. Smith, A. , Eustis, Fla. L.A. Smith, A. , Kansas City, Kan. L.A. Smith, A. , Frostproof, Fla. Bus. Smith, B., , Atlanta, Ga. L.A. Smith, J., Lake City, Fla. Bus. Smith, 0., , Jacksonville, Fla. L.A. Smith, R., , Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. L.A. Smith, S.. Orlando, Fla. L.A. Sparlis, J. , Santo, Tex. L.A. Spivey, J. , Jacksonville, Fla. L.A. Spoon, L., Apopka, Fla. L.A. Squire, R. , Orleans, Mass. L.A. Stacy, D., Tiffin, Ohio L.A. Steele, R., , Webster, Fla. L.A. Stephens, W., Broomall, Pa. L.A. Stevens, A., Jaclisonville, Fla. Bus. Stokes, P. , Albany, Ga. L.A. Stone, N., Naples, Fla. L.A. BBM H k. Stott, N., Bloomfield, N. J. L.A. Strickland, D., Tallahassee, Fla. L.A. Sucher, D., Hamden, Conn. L.A. Swain, C, Hapeville, Ga. L.A. Swallows, M., Winter Haven, Fla. L.A. Taft, E., Summit, N. J. L.A. Taylor, E., Lakeland, Fla. L.A. Terrell, D., Wauchula, Fla. Bus. Terrell, J., Jacksonville, Fla. L.A. Thomas, D., Jacksonville, Fla. L.A. Thomas, L., Jacksonville, Fla. L.A. Thomas, N., Orlando, Fla. L.A. Thomason, A., Miami, Fla. L.A. Tiffany, F., Daytona Bch., Fla. L.A. Till, F., Tonawanda, N. Y. L.A. Tobin, J., Marietta, Ga. L.A. Whitten, G., Jacksonville, Fla. L.A. Whittenburg, C, Lake Worth, Fla. Mus. Wilby, Y., Ft. Myers, Fla. L.A. Wilson, T., St. Petersburg, Fla. L.A. Wilson, C, Miami, Fla. L.A. Wilson, M., Kissimmee, Fla. L.A. Wilson, T., St. Petersburg, Fla. Fla. Wimberly, J., Ft. Myers, Fla. Bus. Winston, A., Vineyard Haven, Mass. Mus. Wolfe, E., Jacksonville, Fla. Mus. Woodberry, M., Plant City, Fla. L.A. Woolsey, F., Albany, N. Y. Bus. Wurtzel, C, Millburn, N. J. L.A. Youmans, K., Cocoa Bch., Fla. L.A. Youngerman, R., Chatham, N. J. L.A. Zimmerman, B., Winter Garden, Fla. L.A. Tooley, C, Burton, S. C. L.A. Town, L., DeLand, Fla. L.A. Townsend, F., Lake Wales, Fla. Bus. VanAIlen, S,. Melbourne, Fla. L.A. VanBeyer, K., Bayamon, P. R. L.A. Varner, D., Miami, Fla. Bus. Vuak, R., Glen Head, N. Y. L.A. Waisman, M., Tampa, Fla. L.A. Waldock, K., Miami, Fla. L.A. Waldrep, L., Forsyth, (ia. Bus. Walker, ( ' ., Allanla, (ia. L.A. Ward, (;., Miami, Fla. L.A. Warlow, C, Orlando, Fla. L.A. Watts, R., Huntsville, Ala. L.A. Webb, ' " ., Smyrna, Ga. L.A. Wells, H., Miami. Fla. L.A. West, F., Atlanta, (ia. L.A. Westberry, ()., Savannah, Ca. L.A. Westphal, S., V. Palm Bch., Fla. L.A. Whifley, H., Albemarle. N. C. L.A. " ' ' i HbI ' GREEKS Twelve social fraternities provide the Greek life at Stetson. For the women are Alpha Xi- Delta, Alpha Chi Omega, Delta Delta Delta, Phi Mu, Pi Beta Phi, and Zeta Tau Alpha. Men may pledge Delta Sigma Phi, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pi Kappa Alpha, Pi Kappa Phi, Sigma Nu, or Sigma Phi Epsilon. These groups are constantly vieing for trophies — in scholarship, singing, intramurals, skits, or parades. Naturally, some of the stiffest competition comes with rush. Despite this, however, they can and do band together on projects for the betterment of the univer- sity as a whole. ALPHA CHI OMEGA Alpha Chi Omega was founded in 1885 at DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana, by seven outstanding members of the music school. The golden lyre badge was chosen because of its signiiicance as the first musical instrument of the Greeks, and represents Alpha Chi ' s musical heritage. Its colors are scarlet and olive green, and the flower is a red carnation. Gamma Chi chapter at Stetson was founded in May of 1957. Since that time it has made some important contributions on campus. Last spring Gamma Chi was presented the trophy for being the most outstanding Alpha Chi Omega chapter in the state. The friendly Alpha Chi ' s may be seen in such posi- tions as president of Chaudoin Hall, Marilyn White; PRESIDENT SUZANNE DELETTRE sophomore representative to Executive Council, Lynn Chapman; vice-president of the senior class, Suzanne DeLettre; secretary of SGA, Carolyn Clark; majorette, Gail Hilverink, Jimmie Mae Wimberly, and Beverly Wilson; cheerleader Marilyn White, and many Alpha Chis are on house councils. Last spring Alpha Chi ' s were honored to have three senior members chosen in Who ' s Who and five as Out- standing Seniors. This year Carolyn Clark was chosen for Who ' s Who. Alpha Chi ' s won first place with their float in the Homecoming Parade in conjunction with Sigma Phi Epsilon, first place in the Greek Week skits in conjunction with Phi Kappa Phi, and placed second in the inter-sorority sing. In the field of beauty, also, the Alpha Chis have some outstanding members. Caleta Syfan was Miss 1960 Basketball and was chosen for the Lambda Chi Alpha " Crescent Girl " Court; Sweetheart of Sigma Phi Epsi- lon was Betty Lee; three Alpha Chi ' s were sponsored in the Miss Stetson contest — Marilyn White, Caleta Syfan, and Carolyn Clark; Carolyn is being sponsored for Miss Citadel ; and Julia Mobley was sponsored in the Miss Hatter contest. Alpha Chi Omega has several main national projects. One of the largest is their work with the Cerebral Palsy Foundation. Another is the McDowell Colony in Peterborough, New Hampshire, which is a haven for artists to further their work. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Suzanne DeLettre 1ST VICE-PRESIDENT .... Diane Drummond 2ND VICE-PRESIDENT . . . Joy Lynn Thomas TREASURER Betty Lawhon SECRETARY Carolyn Clark RUSH CHAIRMAN Marilyn White GAMMA CHI CHAPTER ■1 ■ Carolyn Clark laughingly looks at her wall decora- lions in Emily Hall. Some of the fall pledge class pose in the apartment. Seated from left to right are Roberta Watts, Glenda Johnson, Margie McCree, and Diane Chandler. Standing are Bev Wilson, Jimmie Mae Wimberly, Linda Wal- drop, and Nancy Corbett. ■ Gail Hilverink, Judi Tobin and Marilyn White rest on the AXO float waiting for the basketball parade. DeeAnn Webb and Joy Lynn Thomas try hitchhiking on their " Touring Through the Twenties " Homecoming float. ALPHA CHI OMEGA MEMBERS Miles, Sally Mobley, Julia Moore, Carol Mosely, Gail Newton, Sandra Sanders, Doris Seckinger, Kay Smith, Therrell Syfan, Caleta Templer, Jean Templer, Joan Tobin, Judi Waldrep, Linda Walker, Nancy Watts, Roberta Webb, Dee Ann White, Marilyn Whitmire, Linda Wilson, Beverly Wimberly, Jimmie Andrew, Gloria Barrett, Sandra Chandler, Diane Chapman, Lynn Clark, Carolyn Cook, Marsha Corbett, Linda Corbett, Nancy Couch, Joan DeLettre, Suzanne Denton, Bonnie Drummond, Diane Hanle, Betty Henry, Roberta High, Charlotte Hilverink, Gail Jacobs, Judy Johnson, Gail Johnson, Glenda Irish, Nancy Krom, Myrna Lawhon, Betty McCree, Margie McDowell, Ann ALPHA XI DELTA Alpha Xi Delta was founded at Lombard College in Galesburg, Illinois, on April 17, 1893. Alpha Xi was one of the first ten sororities founded in the National Panhellenic Council. Its symbols are the golden quill studded with pearls and the pink Killarney rose. Everywhere you go on campus, you ' ll find an Alpha Xi, capable and friendly. Just listen to the titles that light up our quill: Miss Greek Week Athena, Miss DeLand Jaycee, Sweetheart of Pi Kappa Phi, first and second place runners-up in the Miss Hatter contest. Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Court, House Council, Hatter Stafl " , Reporter Staff " , Stover Theatre produc- tions. Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Travel Squad, Cheer- leading. The list goes on . . . president of the Music School, vice-president of Phi Society, Scroll and Key, La Fran- ciade, Sigma Pi Kappa, treasurer of Theta Alpha Phi, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Sigma Tau Delta, Pi Kappa Delta, Beta Beta Beta, Sigma Delta Pi, and Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Alpha Xi won first place in the inter-sorority sing and second place in scholarship. We sure are proud to be " Alpha Xi Girls. " OFFICERS PRESIDENT Gloria Santora VICE-PRESIDENT Alice Worthington SECRETARY Monica Tedder TREASURER Margaret Huyck RUSH CHAIRMAN Linda Fulford PLEDGE TRAINER Glenna Rankin OMEGA CHAPTER s. L ' . HH BH mmg k ' IHHI BP H iMi tjf HIP 4HMfl HbA wwy SSM r 1 " r Kelly Olinger represents Alpha Xi as Miss DeLand Jaycee, Azalea Queen, and runnerup to Miss Hatter of 1961. Some fall semester pledges pose in the recently redecorated apartment. Seated from left to right are Jackie Fellows, Marian Smith, Jewell Spears, Diane Strickland, Gwen Cheshire, and Carolyn Meisenheimer. On the floor are Kaki Furlow and Suzanne Mullins. Cynthia Hair, Kaki Furlow, and Kay Ballou portray girls of the twenties on the Homecoming float in conjunction with the Pikes. 115 ALPHA XI DELTA MEMBERS McKenna, Diana Meisenheimer, Carolyn MuUins, Martha Mullins, Suzanne dinger, Kelly Powell, Barbara Rankin, Glenna Ryan, Joyce Schlueter, Betsy Smith, Marian Spears, Jewell Strickland, Diane Tedder, Monica Ward, Kay Waters, Beverly Wilby, Yvonne Worthington, Alice Ballon, Kay Bicrly, Beth Blaha, Judy Blane, Sandra Campbell, Judy Cheshire, Gwen Collins, Ernestine Condit, Sarah Erikson, Pat Fellows, Jackie Finley, Claudette Folson, Sybil Frank, Brenda Sue Fulford, Linda Furlow, Kaki Greene, Anne Hair, Cynthia Henderson, Bev Hogarth, Wendy Huska, Hope Huyck, Margaret Lenox, Ellen MacKenzie, Judy Mann, Carolyn DELTA DELTA DELTA Delta Delta was established on Thanksgiving Eve, 1888, at Boston University. Alpha Delta Chapter, founded at Stetson in 1913, is the oldest Tri-Delta chapter in Florida. Tri-Delta ' s honor their badge of three pearl-studded stars within a golden crescent and hold fast to their colors of silver, gold, and blue. Tri-Delta Girls take a very active part in all phases of campus life. Gail Kreugar and Dawn Davis are on Women ' s Executive Council, of which Anna Bryan Perry is vice-president. Anna is also vice-president of Mortar Board and has been chosen for Who ' s Who. Sylvia Blake is another Tri-Delta on Mortar Board as well as being in Scroll and Key. Judy Eckert, Joy Goode, and Gwen North represent the sorority on house councils. Marybeth Everroad participates in many Stover Theatre productions, as do Bonnie O ' Dell and Marilyn Gooding, who are in the dramatic honorary Theta Alpha Phi ; Bonnie is its president. Karen Gay, Joy Goode, and Judy Eckert sing in the university glee club. Two of Stet- son ' s peppy cheerleaders are Tri-Delta ' s Marilyn Gooding and Sandy Ivey. Tri-Delta ' s also serve as officers in other departments. Anna Perry is vice-president of the Liberal Arts School, Susan Green is secretary of the junior class, and Jackie Pitts is president of Panhellenic Council. In the field of publications, Carolyn Coleman served as section editor for the Hatter and Cathy Warlow is on the Reporter staff. Last spring the sorority won the Hatter Holiday trophy and first place in women ' s intramurals. These are but a few of the activities in which Tri- Delta ' s engage. Traditional activities of the sorority are the Apple-Polishing Party, Founders ' Day Banquet, re- treat, Pansv Breakfast, and Tri-Delt Weekend. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Becky Burnett VICE-PRESIDENT Anna Bryan Perry SECRETARY Susan Green TREASURER Dawn Davis MARSHALL Jackie Pitts RUSH CHAIRMAN Joy Goode PLEDGE TRAINER Gail Kreugar ALPHA DELTA CHAPTER Marybeth Everroad works on the make-up crew backstage at Stover Theatre. Becky Burnett and Sylvia Blake Wofford make plans as Sandy Koch has a snack. Fall pledge officers are from left: Ann Huffstetler, Brenda Rains, Kenny Butler, Libby Seigle, and Susan Bryan. Phyllis Hedrick and Kathy Boyd practice the Charleston while Kathy Warlow plays cards on the Tri-Delt — Sig Ep Homecoming float. DELTA DELTA DELTA MEMBERS McCollum, LaRoyce Mills, Bassha North, Gwen O ' Dell, Bonnie Osborne, Barbara Perry, Anna Bryan Pitts, Jackie Plapp, Nancy Rains, Brenda Raley, Nancy Seigle, Elizabeth Smith, Andi Town, Linda Ulmer, Mary Ann Warlow, Kathy Woods, Nancy Allison, Barbara Barineau, Martha Boyd, Kathy Bryan, Susan Burgess, Lora Lee Butler, Kenny Campbell, Molly Coleman, Carolyn Davis, Dawn Eckert, Judy Everroad, Mary Beth Frye, Darla Gay, Karen Gibson, Linda Goode, Joy Gooding, Marilyn Green, Susan Hedrick, Phyllis Heep, Linda Holloway, Carol Huffstetler, Ann Ivey, Sandra Koch, Sandy Kreuger, Gail PHI M U Phi Mu Fraternity, the second oldest sorority in the United States, was chartered in 1852 at Wesleyan Col- lege, Macon, Georgia. Presently there are eighty-two collegiate chapters and one hundred seventy-five alum- nae groups. The Stetson chapter of Phi Mu was chartered in 1949, and since that time the members have been active in all phases of campus life. Phi Mu places a major emphasis on scholarship and is proud to be represented in many scholastic honoraries. Two Phi Mus were among the charter members of the local Mortar Board chapter. Members of the chapter currently hold posi- tions in Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Pi Kappa, Sigma Delta Pi, Beta Beta Beta, and La Franciade. PRESIDENT .JOY THURMOND In other areas of college life. Phi Mus are active as Conrad Hall vice-president, SFEA president, BSU Executive Council, secretary of the student sec- tion of the FAHPER, members of Women ' s Council, and sophomore class vice-president. Other activities include SGA committees. Physical Education Majors Club, concert and university choirs. Aqua Hats, and various religious organizations. Another major emphasis of Phi Mu is social service. As a major project this year the chapter adopted a foster child — a twelve-year-old Korean boy. Many addi- tional projects were also carried out with special atten- tion to helping the needy and underprivileged. In keeping with the traditions of the chapter, we held the annual fall pledge retreat, Mother-Daughter Christmas party, spring houseparty, spring weekend, and senior breakfast. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Joy Thurmond VICE-PRESIDENT Beth Burty SECRETARY Ann Cagle TREASURER Jean Greenlaw PLEDGE TRAINER Barbara Harper A ALPHA XI CHAPTER The " ills pr()udl display their carnations and stutt ' ed dog mascots after pledsinjj. Most of the fall pledge class pose in the sorority apartment. Kneeling are Sally Joiner, Patsy Stokes, Carol Grimme, and Julie Montgomery. Seated are Jean Hatfield, Judy Smith, Mary Lee Golz, and Joy Kressman ; and standing are Kathy Waldock, Doris Pendery, Betty Ralls, Marcia Clemens, and Susan Bellinger. Jean Greenlaw presides over a Phi Mu Italian dinner. " No Matter the Year, the Spirit is Here " was the motif of the Phi Mu Homecoming float. " •iiWiiirii p_iii%|ii ■ " JT " PHI MU MEMBERS Milstead, Sandy Montgomery, Julie Myers, Alice Pendery, Doris Purvis, Rosa Lee Ralls, Betty Schibanoff, Millie Slingerland, Pam Smith, Judy Smith, Sandra Staggs, Sari Stokes, Patsy Tooley, Corene Waldock, Kathy Walker, Jackie Wegener, Gerrie Williams, Peggy Williams, Zelma Atkins, Jeanie Burty, Beth Cagle, Ann demons, Marcia Bellinger, Susan Durgin, Lisa Felici, Ann Fierbrich, Dot Gage, Sharon Gehrke, Susan Giddens, Louise Golz, Mary Lee Graham, Beverly Greenlaw, Jean Grimme, Carol Haid, Carol Harper, Barbara Hatfield, Jean Joiner, Sally Jones, Dot Kressman, Joy MacDonald, Norma McMahan, Mary Ruth Messick, Linda PI BETA PHI Pi Beta Phi, the oldest national fraternity for women, was founded in 1867 at Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois. Florida Alpha, one of its 104 chap- ters, was established in 1913, making Pi Beta Phi the first national Panhellenic organization on the campus of John B. Stetson University. Pi Phi ' s natitonal philanthropic work is the Pi Beta Phi Settlement School in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The school was founded in 1912 for educational and medical services. Among the outstanding alumnae of the sorority are Margaret Truman Daniels, Mrs. Calvin Coolidge, Jane Wyman, Elizabeth Scott, Mrs. Faris Bryant, and Miss America of 1958, Marilyn Van Derbur. PRESIDENT DIANA KUNZE Stetson ' s wearers of the golden arrow are active in every phase of campus life. Five of the seven members of Mortar Board, women ' s leadership and scholarship honorary, are Pi Phi ' s. They are president Liz Frix, secretary Eva Lynn Newton, treasurer Judy Hohman, historian Joan Holzman, and Diana Kunze. Half of the girls tapped for Who ' s Who this year were Pi Phi ' s. Class officers include SGA secretary Liz Frix, business school secretary Susanne Higgins, and senior class sec- retary Eva Lynn Newton. Joan Holzman is president of Women ' s Evecutive Council and Liz Frix is president of Emily Hall. Eleanor Dickey was voted the outstand- ing freshman in the band. Linda Allen and Jean Don- nelly are on the Honors Program. Shelley Crittenden, Gloria Parker, Liz Frix, and Jean Donnelly are mem- bers of Phi Society. Pi Phi cheerleaders are Jane Hall and Beverly Chapman. Pi Phi has retired the Pan- hellenic Scholarship Trophy three times consecutively. Beauty honors this year include " Miss Stetson, " Nancy Kohler; " Miss Hatter, " Jean Cox; and " Fresh- man Beauty Queen, " Virginia Holtzendorf. Jean Cox was also first runner-up in the " Miss DeLand " contest. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Diana Kunze VICE-PRESIDENT Elizabeth Frix CORRESPONDING SECRETARY . Jean Donnelly RECORDING SECRETARY Judy Auger TREASURER Judy Hohman PLEDGE TRAINER Mary Ann Fain RUSH CHAIRMAN Eva Lynn Newton FLORIDA ALPHA CHAPTER W|8W " Remember When " was the theme of the Pi Phi- Lambda Chi float that took first place in the Home- coming parade. Karen Severud, Virginia Holtzendorf, and Gene Whitten sell Ted Sucher a student directory as part of their pledge project. Seated in front of the sorority ' s trophy case are the fall semester pledge class officers — Karen Severud. Connie Poulton, and Joan Holzman. Standing are pledges Judy Wood, Betsy Smith, Gene Whitten, Mary Dell Har den, Betsy Seigle, and Donna Jacques. PI BETA PHI MEMBERS Newton, Eva Lynn Nowell, Judy Page, Kate Parker, Gloria Parks, Jo Poulton, Connie Seigle, Betsy Severud, Karin Shaw, Emily Simmons, Dona Smith, Betsy Thomas, Eloise Whitten, Gene Wood, Judy Allen, Linda Ashley, Jo Marie Auger, Judy Austin, Ruth Cox, Jean Crittendon, Shelly Dickey, Eleanor Donnelly, Jean Evans, Lynn Fain, Mary Ann Frix, Elizabeth Givens, Mary Grentner, Judy Hall, Jane Harden, Mary Dell Hartung, Joy Higgins, Susanne Hill, Virginia Hohman, Judy Holtzendorf, Virginia Holzman, Joan Jacques, Donna Kohler, Nancy Morris, Diana ZETA TAU ALPHA Zeta Tau Alpha was established at Stetson Univer- sity in 1934 as the fourth Panhellenic group on the campus. Longwood College in Farmville, Virginia, was Zeta ' s birthplace, when, on October 15, 1898, nine girls proudly chose to wear the steel gray and turquoise blue. From the time of its founding, Zeta has been rep- resented in philanthropic projects. Recently two na- tional projects have been undertaken — the Cerebral Palsy Fund and the Zeta Tau Alpha Scholarship Fund. Already in the past eight years, $22,000 has been used for pamphlets to self-educate cerebral palsy victims. Locally Beta Psi Chapter every year has a Christmas party for underprivileged children. The wearers of the crown and shield have been quite active on campus this year. As a group, Zeta won PRESIDENT SAl.LY IJEI) the Greek Week Olympics for the third straight year, as well as the Point Trophy for Women ' s Intramurals for the second consecutive year. Individually, Cynthia Crumb was elected last year ' s outstanding freshman woman, a member of Phi Society, and is presently serv- ing as sophomore class secretary ; Suzanne Fredrikson is a panhellenic representative, member of the Student Union Board, and secretary of the Liberal Arts School ; secretary of the Business School is Sarah Foster Schuessler. This year ' s chairman of Homecoming was Robin Dashiell ; the sorority is also represented on the Hatter Spirit, Parents ' Weekend, Orientation, Library, Green Feather, and Leadership Weekend Committees. Several Zetas served on house councils ; in Stetson Hall, Joan Mitchell was president, Sally Lied was vice-presi- dent, Connie Pavey was secretary, and Kay Johnson and Suzanne Fredrikson were representatives-at-large ; Peggy Barnes served as a representative in Emily Hall. Editor of this year ' s annual, business manager and sports editor of the Reporter, and scorekeeper for varsity sports was Diane Disney ; and one of the out- standing debaters in the novice class was Ann Quarles. Speaking of outstanding people, some famous Zeta alumnae are novelist Faith Baldwin; Dorothy Shaver, president of Lord and Taylor ; and Etter Turner, Dean of Women here at Stetson. PRESIDENT Sally Lied VICE-PRESIDENT Bunny Ogletree SECRETARY Joan Mitchell CORR. SECRETARY Sarah Schuessler TREASURER Tonny Ogletree RUSH CHAIRMAN Bunny Bergin HISTORIAN Robin Dashiell About a dozen children were invited to a Christmas party in the apartment. Pledge officers were, from left, Diane Disney, Judy Moller, Sally Gaskins, Gayle Gregory, Eileen Lipthrott, Bunny Mihm, and Betty Hargrave. More fall pledges were Peggy Ellis, Sue Chastain, Betsy Nagel, Gail Linane, Ann Robinson, Jane Kraft, Pat Greene, Billie Sue Katsikas, Carol Jean Bishop, and Rita Butt. The chapter relaxes before entering the Greek Week Olympics. ' Zetaland " was the theme of the Indian-type pledge party. ZETA TAU ALPHA MEMBERS Johnson, Kay Judson, Judy Katsikas, Billie Sue Kraft, Jane Lanier, Ellen Linane, Gail Lipthrott, Eileen McGee, Sally McGregor, Margie Mihm, Bunny Mitchell, Joan Moller, Judy Nagel, Betsy Ogletree, Bunny Ogletree, Tonny Palm, Casey Pavey, Connie Quarles, Anne Robinson, Ann Shepard, Carolyn Swink, Barbara Tyler, Pam Wilcox, Elinor Zessin, Judy Adams, Ann Barnes, Peggy Bergin, Bunny Bishop, Carol Jean Butt, Rita Chastain, Sue Clark, Joyce Cook, Robin Crumb, Cynthia Dashiell, Robin Disney, Diane Durden, Patti Ellis, Peggy Flippo, Kay Foster, Sarah Fox, Ann Fredrikson, Susanne Fromen, Ingrid Gaskins, Sally Greene, Pat Gregory, Gayle Harbin, Betsy Hargrave, Betty Hunter, Barbara Seated, left to right: Sally Lied, Ginny Hill, Jackie Walker. Jackie Pitts, (Jail Mosely, Suzanne I ' redrikson, Becky Burnette. Standing: Gloria Santora, Linda Fulford, Marilyn White, Joy Thurmond, Suzanne DeLettre, Diana Kunze, Bunny Bergin, Joy Goode, Eva Lynn Newton, Dot Fiebrich. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL OFFICERS PRESIDENT Jackie Pitts TREASURER Bev Henderson VICE-PRESIDENT Jackie Walker REPRESENTATIVE AT LARGE . Suzanne Fredrikson SECRETARY Gail Mosely REPRESENTATIVE AT LARGE Ginny Hill Panhellenic Council coordinates the activities of Stet- son ' s six social sororities : Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Xi Delta, Delta Delta Delta, Pi Beta Phi, Phi Mu, and Zeta Tail Alpha. The local group is a member of Na- tional Panhellenic Council. Sorority rush is the main concern of the council. Panhellenic holds an open house and several informa- tion sessions at the beginning of each semester to help the girls striving to become Greeks. The council ex- plains rush rules, preferential bids, and penalties to all rushees. Panhellenic also acts as a judiciary board, hearing all cases involving illegal rushing, broken pledges, or dis- putes between member sororities. Each member group has three representatives on the council: its president, rush chairman, and one rep- resentative at large. The offices are rotated so that no one group should have an unfair advantage. Panhellenic ' s creed states that the group stands for preparation for service through the character building inspired in the close contact and deep friendship of fraternity life. 134 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL OFFICERS PRESIDENT Lamar Mathews SECRETARY Chip Shore VICE-PRESIDENT Chuck Handte TREASURER Ted Camp Interfraternity Council correlates the activities of and settles the disputes between the six social frater- nities on the Stetson campus. All six member groups — Delta Sigma Phi, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pi Kappa Alpha, Pi Kappa Phi, Sigma Nu, and Sigma Phi Epsilon — are chapters of national fraternities pledged to ideals and objectives similar to those embraced by the university. Fraternities are perhaps the most important extra- curriculur activity on a college campus. Stetson ' s chap- ters are aware of their responsibility of developing men willing and capable of assuming the positions of leader- ship both on the campus and in the world. IFC performs the same regulatory function for men ' s rush that Panhellenic does for women ' s. Although this does n ot involve the screaming and crying of women ' s rush, it is no less trying on the nerves. In the middle of the ' 60- ' 61 school year, IFC officers were changed; during the spring semester Chuck Handte was president, Dick Schuessler was vice-presi- dent, and Chip Shore and Ted Camp retained their respective positions as secretary and treasurer. Seated, left to right: Terry McNamara, Chuck Handte, Lamar Mathews, Chip Shore, Ted Camp, Mel Guenther. Standing: Dick Schuessler, Ken Cassel, Ed Browder, Jim Lanier, Jim Smith, Guy Campbell, George Ferine, Bruce Lohof, George Patten, Max Hall. ' H4 DELTA SI GMA PH I Delta Sigma Phi was founded in 1889 at the College of the City of New York. Since that time it has grown to be one of the largest national fraternities, with over 100 chapters and 32,000 brothers in the bond of Sphinx. The local chapter. Alpha Chi, was installed at Stetson in 1925. The chapter had been local since 1881. Dr. J. Ollie Edmunds, president of the university, was charter president of the chapter. The chapter conducts such annual affairs as the Christmas party for underprivileged children, Honki- Tonk party, and the " Sailors ' Ball. " The " Sailors ' Ball " originated at Stetson during the depression and has since been adopted as the official weekend for all chap- ters of the fraternity. The Delta Sigs, while a social fraternity — all for one, one for all, and all for fun — add much to campus life and the brothers hold many honors. Brother Adams served as vice-president of Men ' s Council and as a member of Gamma Sigma Epsilon. Dick Schuessler was elected vice-president of I.F.C., and Bill Sims was tapped into ODK. Several of our brothers are in Green Circle and Phi Society, and many of the brothers also participate in varsity sports on campus. The brothers of the Green and White take pride in their honors. They strive constantly to improve our scholastic averages. Faculty members of Delta Sigma Phi include Dr. A. M. Winchester, James D. Perdue, Wesley M. Berner, and Donald C. Yaxley. PRESn)P]NT JIM WILLIAMS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Jim Williams VICE-PRESIDENT Bill Thompson TREASURER John Hubert SECRETARY Bill Cross SERGEANT-AT-ARMS .... John McCloskey ALPHA CHI CHAPTER This pledge trio had to entertain as well as serve at the Honkey Tonk party. The fraternity house, located on West Wisconsin, is built in a circular design, with the rooms enclosing a patio for parties. Bill Thompson looks sublime with one arm around Kay Page and the other resting a mug on Jim Williams ' head. Others around the table are Sarah Foster Schuessler, Ruth Austen, Pat Erikson, and Joe Dodge. The Delta Sigs and their dates relax at one of their best-known annual affairs — the Honkey Tonk party. DELTA SIGMA PHI MEMBERS Neidig, Peter Newhart, Barry Palmer, Ronald Parkin, William Roche, James Ruggiero, John Sanders, Roger Schaefer, Richard Schuessler, Dick Schutzendorf, George Shelley, J. R. Sims, Bill Smart, Jerry Spencer, Bill Thode, Al Thompson, William Tilden, Robert Trinowski, Charles Ulack, Richard Wood, Anthony Winderweedle, Bill Vose, Jim Youngerman, Ralph Mary E. Stafford, Housemother Adams. John, Jr. Auffant. Jose Baufihan. Herb Brand, Bruce Bruce, Mike Budrawich, Jack Cross, Bill Dodge, Joe Dupre, Jack Fay, William George, William Gildersleeve, Phil Gironda, Ron Harrell, Roger Hubert. John Hughes, Edward Jacobs, Paul Jane, Robert Jenkins. Richard Lockerman, Robert Lycan, George McKinley. Bruce McCloskey. John LAMB DA CHI ALPHA Lambda Chi Alpha, the largest international fra- ternity, was founded at Boston University on November 2, 1909. Zeta Tau chapter at Stetson was the 141st chapter when installed in April of 1949. The flower of the Fraternity is the white rose and the colors are purple, green, and gold. While a social fraternity, Lambda Chi contributes much to campus life. Pershing Rifles, national military fraternity, counts in its rolls Brothers John Avery as commanding officer, S-3 Patrick Knipe, S-4 Bert Hum- phries, Tom Parsons, John Davis, Tom Fay, Fred Con- nell, Jay Starling, and Frank Chaplain. The ROTC Battle Group Commander is Brother George Perino, while Brothers Knipe, Perino, and Avery represent Lambda Chi in Scabbard and Blade. PRESIDENT GEORGE PERINO, JR. Green Circle, a sophomore leadership society, claims Brother Davis as president with Humphries and Knipe as active participants. Brothers Duane Doddington and Charles Raisner are members of Omicron Delta Kappa, the national leadership fraternity which spon- sors the Green Circle. Brothers Frank Chaplain and George Mosely are members of Beta Alpha Sigma, local business honorary ; Brothers Knipe, Perino, and Pricher belong to the Accountancy Club ; Brother John Thomson is president of the Student Christian Association and the Canter- bury Club; and Brother Ron Hennessy presides over La Franciade, French honorary. Fall voting saw elected Lambda Chi ' s Duane Doddington as senior class presi- dent, and Jay Sterling as ti ' easurer with Paul Storm as president of the Liberal Arts School. Brother Storm was the 1960 Stetson Homecoming Mayor. The varied social and service events were highlighted this year with the annual Christmas party for under- privileged children, the painting of the DeLand Chil- drens ' Museum, and the 12th Annual Founders ' Coro- nation Ball at which Norma Gayle Hagan was crowned " Crescent Girl. " The Fraternity wishes to express its gratitude to Mrs. Dorothy " Mom " Sturgeon, housemother, Pro- fessors Giles and Prichard, faculty sponsors, and Mrs. Clara Somners among other friends and alumni of the chapter for their never-ceasing assistance to Zeta Tau. Through their aid and the close brotherhood of the Fraternity, Lambda Chi Alpha shall continue to main- tain its high moral and scholastic ideals. OFFICERS PRESIDENT George Perino, Jr. VICE-PRESIDENT Patrick Knipe SECRETARY George Mosely TREASURER Bert Humphries RUSH CHAIRMAN Paul Storm RITUAL CHAIRMAN Wayne Hagan SOCIAL CHAIRMAN John Davis PLEDGE TRAINER Tom Parsons ZETA TAU CHAPTER The Lambda Chis went native for this oriental party. Pictured are Brothers Raisner, Parsons. Hennessey, Davis, Handte. Lushene, Feuerbacher. and Jacob with their attractive dates. Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Girl — Norma Gayle Hagan Nearby Daytona Beach is frequently the scene of beach parties for the group. Here the Brothers are shown preparing a booth for Green Feather Week. Some lucky girl at Stetson Hall is being honored by a Lambda Chi serenade. w LAMBDA CHI ALPHA MEMBERS Humphries, Bert Hutson, Robert Jacob, Alan Jarmon, Bill Julian, Ned Kinnan, Harry Knipe, Patrick Matthews, Bob Mosely, George Nelson, Conrad Nicholls, Richard Perry, William, Jr. Pricher, Norm Raisner, Charles Rasco, Russell Seckel, Ernest Smith, Wallace Spivey, V. Jemoine Starling, Jay Stevens, Albert Storm, Paul Thomson, John Upchurch, John VanZantor, John Allen, Joel Avery, John Barnard, Tom Barnes, Jerry Boyd, Mike Chaplin, Franklin Cleland, Max Colling, Richard Connell, Fred Cooke, Tucker Criswell, Harold Davis, John Doddington, Duane Durham, Thomas Earnhardt, John Filer, David Ezelle, Jennings Fay, Thomas Gress, William Hagan, Wayne Handte, Chuck Hennessy, Roland Henry, Ralph Hogarth, Richard PI KAPPA ALPHA March 1, 1868, was the founding date of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity at the University of Virginia. Since then it has grown to 139 chapters, located at the major universities throughout the United States. Delta Upsilon chapter of Pi Kappa was founded at Stetson on March 31, 1951. Delta Upsilon has grown also and is now one of the most active chapters on the campus. Delta Upsilon ' s men are active in campus affairs of all natures. Pi Kappa Alpha is proud of Brother Keith Morgan, Distinguished Military Student, Com- pany Commander and member of Scabbard and Blade. The men of the Shield and Diamond are also proud of Brother Jay Haskell, treasurer of the Student Govern- ment Association, Greek Week Chairman, and Green Feather Drive Chairman. Another who has served the PRESIDENT TERRY McNAMARA Fraternity is Brother Ted Camp, treasurer of the Inter- fraternity Council. The men of Pi Kappa Alpha are active in many other fields. Some of these are " S " Club, sophomore class president, chairman of the SGA Rules and Procedures Committee, freshman class treasurer, Pershing Rifles, Phi Society, Omicron Delta Kappa, Green Circle, Home- coming Committee, La Franciade, Theta Alpha Phi, Reporter editorial staff. Student Union Board, co- ordinator of the Early Admissions Program, Stetson Orchestra, and four Honorary Deputy Sheriffs of Vo- lusia County. The " Pikes " have always taken an active part in the sports program of the university and this year is no exception. Pike can be found on the soccer, tennis, base- ball, and golf teams. In addition to the intercollegiate sports. Pi Kappa Alpha participates in the campus intramurals. Wherever beautiful girls are found, you ' ll always see a Pike around. Typifying this are our Dream Girl, Miss Mary Heney, and our Miss Hatter representative. Miss Terri Collins. At any of the many Pike parties, the most beautiful girls on campus are present. Pi Kappa Alpha is honored to be represented on the faculty by its advisor Dr. James A. Stewart, Dean of the Chapel, and by Dr. Jon Hall, a new professor in the English department. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Terry McNamara VICE-PRESIDENT Jay Haskell SECRETARY Gene Ulmer TREASURER Dan Denman DELTA UPSILON CHAPTER One of the most familiar objects on campus is the Pike firetruck. piloted here by president Terry McNamara. Here the Pikes and their dates relax at one of the fra- ternity ' s many Bermuda parties. Steve Ennis is really putting pledge brother Ty Wilson down, to the delight of the actives and a couple of the other members of their fall pledge class. Pi Kappa Alpha Dream (iirl— MARY HENEY Brother John Heney demonstrates a back drop at his trampoline center. M % 145 PI KAPPA ALPHA MEMBERS Haskell, Jay Littlejohn, Fred McAfee, Robert McDade, Robert McMillin, Richard Meil, Ronald Neil, James O ' Connell, Daniel Palmer, Charles Pickering, Richard Redmond, Patrick Reed, Richard Somers, Mike Thomas, Dan Townsend, Frank Ulmer, Ray, Jr. Weber, Rudy Wilson, Tyree Barnett, Tom Bartholow, Jerry Boriss, Alexander Browder, Edward Camp, Ed Carpenter, John Cauthen, Bob Cheek, Paul Cochenour, John Connelly, Lawrence Cunningham, Joseph Denman, Dan Enis, Steve Fitzgerald, Terrence Fletcher, Ed Freeland, James Freund, Conrad Futch, Edward mbt :iiilt PI KAPPA PHI Chi Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi was founded on Stet- son ' s campus in 1921, seventeen years after the na- tional organization was chartered in Charleston, S. C. The first local. Phi Kappa Phi, was originally started at Stetson in 1912. Since these early years our frater- nity has founded many traditions which are now a part of the campus life. Some of these are the Freshman Beauty Queen contest, the Parade of Orchids, the Freshman Girls ' Serenade, and Uncle Gy-Rac. Throughout the years. Pi Kappa Phi at Stetson has become recognized and respected for its " tradition of excellence " in all phases of university life. This tradi- tion has been consistently maintained through a bal- anced program of leadership development in such areas as athletics, music, scholarship, political and religious ARCHON KEN CASSEL activities participated in by men of superior talents. Men of Pi Kappa Phi have served their campus in many offices and honors during the past year. Some of these service positions include I.F.C. president, SGA social vice-president, Zeus — God of the Greeks, Homecoming mayor, Reporter editor, class and school officers, and many more. In addition, Pi Kapps have many men who have been honored by O.D.K., Green Circle, state-wide organization presidencies, outstanding male graduate in the Southeastern United States, as well as many honorary fraternity members. In athletics, Pi Kappa Phi also is well represented. We have members on all the intercollegiate sports teams, all-conference positions in soccer and baseball, and are top among contenders for the intramural competitions. Pi Kappa Phi — the friendly fraternity — is aware of, and assumes with confidence, its responsibility for developing leaders on today ' s campus for tomorrow ' s world. OFFICERS FALL SPRING Archon . . . .Ken Cassel . . . . H. Van Pittman Treasurer . . Jack Duncan . Richard Beauchamp Secretary . . .Bruce Walton .... Bruce Lohof Warden . . . Nick Mueller .... Clinton Rouse Historian. . .Earl Hunt Clyde Hobby Chaplain . . . Richard Reiff .... Gene Mallard CHI CHAPTER The pledges rehearse a swingin ' type serenade in Davtona. Pi Kappa Phi Freshman Beauty Queen Virginia Holtzendorf was crowned during the first week of the fall semester. Her court consists of Susan Barnes (left) and Judy Campbell. Posing for a group shot is the fall pledge class. From left to right they are Louis Mc- Bane. John Comer, Tom McGinnis, John Folds, Barnel Bragg, Dick Gibson, Don Polack, Turner Matthews, and Eddie Cross- waith. Below is the lodge, built in 1934 on Hayden, which is used for meetings and parties. PI KAPPA PHI MEMBERS Matthews, Lamar Matthews, Turner Mueller, Nick Peterson, Hugh Pittman, H. Van Polack, Don Reiff, Richard Reynolds, Jay Richards, Fred Ridenour, Hawley Rikard, Charles Rinker, David Rouse, Clinton Rutan, Scott Scott, Bob Scott, Jim Sloan, Bernie Sweet, Howard Terry, Elbridge Walton, Bruce Wentzel, Willett Williams, Denny Wrenn, Tom Alderman, Arthur Borders, George Brags ' , Barnel Brooks, Peter Brown, Scott Bruce, David Comer, John Cunningham, John Day, Charles Eastor, Gwendol Gardner, Bill Gillum, Mike Glore, Charles Hobby, Clyde Hunt, Earl Keown, Bill Krause, Richard Lanier, Jim Lipthrott, Charles Lohof, Bruce McBane, Louis McGinnis, Tom Mallard, Charles Martz, Paul S I GM A N U " He who starts out on a road, not knowing tuhere he is, ivhere is going, or hoiv he is going to get there, is lost. He may reach no nwrthwMle cles- tinatioyi — or if he does by accident — how does he know that he has arrived? " For many a young man these words may describe the situation which he faces as he begins his college career. For most, a destination becomes clear and a desire to fulfill a purpose is acquired. The means of obtaining this desti nation are sometimes difficult to find. Out of many a few find in Sigma Nu through its spirit, its heritage, and its traditions the way to follow through- out their lives. Each man learns " to believe in the life of love ... to walk in the way of honor ... to serve in the light of truth. " Honor is the keystone of Sigma Nu. Ours is uniquely COMMANDER MEL GUENTHER an Honor Fraternity, founded at an Honor College, and all of us are pledged to try to " walk in the way of honor. " Honor is the ideal which, when followed, makes a man trusted, his word good, his actions dependable, and his decisions admired and respected. The Way of Honor is the Way of Sigma Nu. As for Delta Mu of Sigma Nu on the Stetson campus, each brother strives to maintain the high spirit and traditions that have been brought down through the years. Sigma Nu was the first national social frater- nity on the campus. From the very beginning, the word " first " has remained as the keynote of the chapter. It is unnecessary to present a list of accomplishments and achievements of each Brother or for the Chapter as a whole. Names such as Booth, Guenther, Sucher, Royal, Lexow, Johnston, Seaborn, and Patten are famil- iar to the campus for leadership in various activities. Very few days pass without some mention of names like Hancock, Epting, Dompe, O ' Neal, Gladden, Miller, and Ray on the sports page of newspapers throughout Florida. The Greek Week trophy, the Hatter Holiday trophy, and the President ' s Cup for the seventh straight year line the trophy case at the House. These are but a few of the tangibles of which we of Sigma Nu are proud. We have been called everything from a " fraternity of athletes " to " animals. " We have been praised and criticized, cheered and booed, liked and disliked. The face of petty jealousy wears many dis- guises, and Sigma Nu has learned to live with both the good and the bad. We are strong and proud. We realize our destination and intend to follow it. Sigma Nu bases its future on its past. The Brothers both as a group and as individuals will continue to strive for ideals upon which the Fra- ternity was founded and will remain loyal to the tradi- tions and the heritage of the Honor Fraternity. OFFICERS COMMANDER Mel Guenther LT. COMMANDER . . .• Charles Royal RECORDER . . . R. C. King, Jr. TREASURER Pete Matteodo DELTA MU CHAPTER SGA president Byrdicles Boothius dons tra- ditional garb to advertise Greek Week. Commander Mel Guenther receives the fraternity ' s seventh consecutive President ' s Cup for intramural championship from President J. Ollie Edmunds. The Sigma Nu House is the scene of many parties and dances, and all chapter meetings. On the front lawn is the fraternity ' s mascot, a gold snake coiled around a black post. For the 1961 Homecoming the Snakes constructed a large work- able locomotive. Their slogan, " Train the Tars " was put into ef- fect when the Hi-Hats downed visiting Rollins in an afternoon contest. »= S3S!HI fii " iiBi mm «!| SIGMA NU MEMBERS Imes, Walter Johnston, Wes Jones, Bill Junger, Jacques King, R. C. Lexow, Lex McArthur, Bill McArthur, Bob Matteodo, Pete Merrifield, John Merritt, Tom Morgan, John O ' Neal, Pat Patten, George Ray, Don Royal, Charles Savage, Neil Schoder, Tony Seaborn, Don Shaw, Clay Shaw, John Smith, Andy Sucher, Doug Sucher, Ted Terrell, Jim Ward, John Williams, Roland Allen, Lewis Barefoot, Russell Booth, L. Byrd Bryan, Bill Burress, Bob Castleberry, Jerry Cone, Wayne Cornelius, Mark Crisp, Bill Davis, Thomas E. Day, Mike Dompe, John Dunworth, Jerry Edwards, Randy, Jr. Epting-, Dalton Farr, Walter Shelby Gladden, Floyd Gregory, Steel Griffin, John Grose, Bill Hallowes, William Halsey, Jack Hancock, Joel Harvard, Joel Wyman SIGMA PHI EPSILON The Florida Beta Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon established itself at Stetson in February of 1949. Sigma Phi Epsilon National, world ' s second largest social fra- ternity, was founded November 1, 1901, at Richmond College in Virginia. During the past year Sig Ep ' s have won first place for both Homecoming and basketball parade floats. Brothers Malcolm and Catlin won the Greek Week chariot race for the third straight year. The SPE athletes retired the Intramural Achievement Trophy and also won the Hatter Spirit Trophy last spring. The fraternity ' s social life is highlighted by the annual Christmas and Valentine dances and the Sig Ep Weekend. The weekend is known for its " Queen of Hearts " Ball. Sigma Phi Epsilon puts forth every eff ' ort to pro- mote high academic attainment. The fraternity recently received several scholastic honors. Sigma Phi Epsilon is .justly proud of its SPE camp fund to benefit underprivileged children. Established in 1950, it was the first such project successfully ad- ministered by a national fraternity. Prominent alumni of the fraternity on campus in- clude Dean E. C. Furlong, Dr. John Vaughen, Graves Edmundson, Richard Pearce, and George Hamilton. PRESIDENT MAX HALL OFFICERS PRESIDENT Max Hall VICE-PRESIDENT Fred Sakon SECRETARY Henry Norton COMPTROLLER Larry Deets HISTORIAN Joe Bean FLORIDA BETA CHAPTER Startish and nets add to the realism of the Pirates ' Den, upstairs in the Sig Ep house. Brother Fred Sakon tries to reach a pass dropped by Preacher Larry Wright in an intramural foot- ball game. " Waiters " line up to serve at the annual Christmas party The suits and positions of the SPE Brothers outline their heart-shaped crest as they serenade a recently-pinned young lady. SIGMA PHI EPSILON MEMBERS Lathrop, James Lathrop, John Malcolm, Terry Miller, Charles Mills, Bill Moore, Robert Mullins, Dick Mundrick, Dan Norton, Henry ■1 ' Piel, Stephen I HPHm ' Renick, John ■ ' pfl f- Sakon, Fred B Sayre, Lewis H B " Schweikert, James HjHF Shore, Richard HBk • Squire, Raymond BHknp Stuart, James b ' . m w Adams, Carl Adams, Don Bean, Joe Bendle, Richard Britton, Lee Campbell, Guy Catlin, Tim Clark, Donald Cole, Grant Cole, Steven Combs, Peter Coulter, James Cregar, Ed Deets, Larry Deslondes, Danny Donegan, Horace Dowling, Patrick Eckblad, Robert Fay, Logan Grausteiner, Alan Gray, Charles Hembdt, Phil Houston, Bray Lackland, William 1 F V SPORTS Intercollegiate and intramural athletics play a major role in life on a college campus. At Stetson the interest develops in the fall with soccer, reaches a peak with basketball, and splits between the spring sports of track, baseball, golf, and tennis. But this is the intercollegiate schedule; to many intramurals have a much more immediate importance. There is a program for both sexes. The women ' s department awards both a trophy for points and one for participation ; in the men ' s field the year ' s top point-making team receives the President ' s Cup. The men are divided into Green and White Leagues, comparable to varsity and jayvee squads ; in some sports even the faculty enters a team to further heighten interest. Kneeling, left to right: Coach Wes Berner, Billy Wolfe, Wayne Cone, George Borders, Don Ray, Carlos Nunez, Bruce McKinlev, Ted Sucher. Tom Brist. Standing : Bill George. Jose Auffant, Nick Mueller, Red Alderman, Gary Maris, Frank Clark, John Carpenter, Jay Landers, Jay Buckner, Bonnie Sutherland, Ed Cregar. SOCCER Hampered largely by injuries and by a novice squad, the Stetson Bootmen were able to win only one and tie another match this fall for a 1-5-1 season record. Nearly all of the losses were by only one goal, though, indicating a possible upswing in soccer here. Stetson will lose FIG stars Don Ray, George Bor- ders, Ted Sucher, and Bill George this spring due to graduation. Goach Berner will be pressed to find replacements for these team mainstays, but juniors Alderman, Cone, and Maris, along with sophs Suther- land, Wolfe, Brist and Buckner, have shown promise of living up to the task. COACH WES I ERNER 162 rm ' ! ' v V, ■ (it ' orjje Uorders and Hill (ieoige try (o break up an opponents ' play in a meet with Jacksonville. k SCHEDULE October 22 — at Jacksonville (1-2) October 29— Rollins College (0-3) November 5 — Florida Southern (1-1) November 12 — Jacksonville (3-0) November 13— at Rollins (0-2) November 28— at Florida Southern (1-2) December 3 — Emory (1-3) Co-captains George Borders and Don Ray pose before a regular afternoon practice. Both the stellar linemen earned positions on the Florida Intercollegiate Confer- ence All-Star team. Goalie Bill George, another FIC star, makes a leaping save in the DeLand match with Florida Southern College. ' • • ' ■■v ; 163 COACH GLENN WILKES A Stetson ' s Hi-Hats, coached by Glenn Wilkes, ran, rebounded, and scored to rack up the school ' s twelfth straight winning basketball season. The local cagers posted a 20-7 record, going down to Oglethorpe in the District 25 NAIA semifinals which Stetson won the year before. The Wilkesmen got off to a slow start by losing their first four games, but when they came home December 14 to face WofFord, things started chang- ing. They won three, bowed to Georgia Southern, and ran up a fourteen-game winning streak be- fore facing Miami in February. Only away games seemed to be much trouble, for the Hats kept a perfect 15-0 record on the home court to delight partisan DeLand fans. This was Coach Wilkes ' fourth year as head basketball mentor at Stetson and in this period he has guided the Hatter quintet to a 67-43 record. His overall coaching record stands at 190 victories with just 72 defeats for a .725 winning percentage. He was assisted this year by Bob Weickel, a 1960 graduate of Springfield College, who also directed the jayvee teams. HI-HATTERS ON THE COURT Seated, left to right: Manager David Ross, Floyd Gladden, Bob Scott, Pat O ' Neal, Bernie Gray, Charles Warren, Joel Hancock, Manager Chuck Litvaney. Standing, left to right: Assistant Coach Bob Weickel, Vernon Waters, Dewey Terrell, Pete Brooks, Dalton Epting, Jack Sparks, John Dompe, Coach Wilke « ' " r? Co-Captain John Donipe, a 6 ' 3 " senior forward with a right-handed jump shot specialty, got 216 points and 176 rebounds. Georgia native Char lie Warren, also a co-captain, alternated as forward and guard. He grabbed 200 rebounds despite being only five- feet, ten-inches tall; in addition, he had 311 markers. December 3 — at Jacksonville December 5 — at Rollins December 8 — at Middle Tennessee State December 10 — at Murray State December 14 Wofford December 16 — Lincoln Memorial December 17 — Tampa January 2 — at Georgia Southern January 4 — Transylvania January 7 — at Tampa January 10 — Jacksonville January 14 — Mercer January 17 — William Carey January 19 — at Florida Southern January 21— St. Peter ' s January 23 — Georgia Southern February 1 — Florida Southern February 3 — Miami February 6 — at Mercer February 8 — at University of the South j February 9 — at Oglethorpe M February 11 — Newberry m February 15 — at Miami m Februarj ' ' 18 — Rollins (Homecoming) M February 22— Tampa " March 3 — Mercer at NAIA District March 4 — Oglethorpe at NAIA games won " Jumpin " Jack " Warren goes up for two against Transylvania. Hancock throws one up and over Sharry of Tampa. Four regular starters were Joel Hancock, John Dompe, Oalton Epting, and Charlie Warren. Dalton " Stork " Kptiny- cashed in on 56% of his field goal attempts and 75 ' ; of his free throws to tie for high scoring honors at 504 points. He also led the team in rebounding with 327 grabs. Joel " Tricky " Hancock was named to the Small College All-American Honorable Mention team. He sank 50% from the field and 84% from the charity stripe. Joel and Dalton averaged 18.7 points per game each. Chosen for the All-Tourney Chuck Engleking. Wofford ' s Boyce Determined Dalton outflies an opponent for another two points. Coach Wilkes ' Hi-Hats racked up their great 20-7 record this season by outshooting and out- rebounding opponents, while making fewer fouls. Stetson converted 785 of their 1584 field goal at- tempts for 49.5 0 accuracy; the opponents hit only 39%, sinking 710 of 1780 tries. On gratis heaves, the local cagers also held the edge by getting 72% on 534 of 740 to the other ' s 67 %- on 434 of 650. The Hatters controlled the boards by a slight 1178-1048 margin. In the fouling department, though, the opponents led the way, committing 580 personals to Stetson ' s 477. The Wilkesmen totaled 2104 points with a 77.9 average per game; other teams had 1854 for a 68.7 average per game. team for the Hatter Invitational in mid-December are Tampa ' s Berry, LMU ' s Larry White, and Stetson ' s Epting and Warren. Floyd " The Fly " Gladden soars up for two against Rollins. Floyd Gladden, from the basketball state of Indiana, connected on 36 goals and 18 free throws for 90 points, while committing only 9 fouls. Pat " Black Bart " O ' Neal scored 130 points and grabbed 88 rebounds. The 6 ' 2 " Ft. Lauder- dale native fills a forward slot. Vernon " Wimpy " Waters, a 6 ' 2 " forward from Jax, sank .55% of his field goal attempts and 50% of his free throws for 186 points. This was just his freshman year at Stetson. V- " «% Six-foot, five-inch center Pete Brooks got 41 points and 37 rebounds in the first thirteen games of the season; then he hurt his knee and was out the rest of the year. To the left Hancock gets two despite Mitchell ' s blocking before a standing- rootn-only crowd for the Homecoming contest. Freshman Dewey Terrell played in 15 of the varsity games, hit for 25 points, and took 28 rebounds. Sophomore guard Bob Scott earned 32 Hatter points on 13 of 26 field goals and 6 of 7 gratis heaves. Co-captains John Dompe and Charlie Warren accept the first place trophy from Dean McEniry for winning the 1960 Hatter Invitational Tournament. Vernon Waters is all ahiiif tor this basket. Forward John Dompe outjumps an LMU player for a tip-in. " Two Rollins players look amazed as Epting sails through the air to the goal. NOW DARN IT, STAY IN THERE! Bob Weickel, Joel Hancock, Charlie Warren, and Ual ' .on Eptinjr laiinh heartily at Coach Wilkes ' efforts to keep a driving machine ' s car on the road. They were relaxing while waiting for the opening game of the District 25 NAIA tourney; Dalton later was named the tournament ' s most valuable player and Stetson received the sportsmanship trophy. " King " Hancock stands over his teammates in the Oglethorpe locker room. The other players are Terrell, Epting, Barnard, Waters, Warren. Dompe, Sparks, and Gladden. ' jy m i Kneeling-, left to right: Billy Bray, Verl Beebe, Tom Barnard, Bob McAfee, Tony Schoder. Standing: Bernie Gray, Vernon Waters (moved permanently to varsity), Dewey Terrell, Jack Sparks, Pete Taylor , Jim Terrell. Bob Weickel, 1960 graduate of Springfield College, succeeded Don Harbin as assistant varsity and head jayvee basketball coach. The 6 ' .5 " Yankee led the frosh to a winning 11-5 record. He is currently work- in " : on his master ' s degree and assisting with var- sit basfball. JUNIOR VARSITY Dec. 3. . Jacksonville Frosh (74-91) Dec. 14. . Southern Tech (81-58) Jan. 4 . .St. Leo Jr. College (79-66) Jan. 6 . . Brevard Junior College (89 - 34) Jan. 10. . Jacksonville Frosh (58-81) Jan. 13 . . Univ. of Florida Frosh (49-85) Jan. 17. . Daytona Junior College (84-58) Jan. 19 . . Florida Southern " B " (79-59) Jan. 21. . Brevard Junior College (85-41) Jan. 23 . . Orlando Junior College (84-57) Feb. 1 . . Florida Southern " B " (65-57) Feb. 3 . . Miami Military Academy .... (84 - 48) Feb. 11 . . Univ. of Florida Frosh (73-76) Feb. 17 . . St. Leo Jr. College (79 - 90) Feb. 20 . . Daytona Junior College (86-76) Feb. 22 . . SU Intramural All-Stars .... (75 - 57) BASEBALL Florida Southern ' s Mocassins visited Conrad Park March 11 to open Stetson ' s 1961 baseball season. The Hatter Nine this year have a 25-game season, includ- ing 16 Florida Intercollegiate Conference tilts. Geor- gia Tech, Amherst, Valdosta State, Mercer, and Cin- cinnati are the non-FIC teams to face Stetson this spring. Early in the second semester Coach " Doc " Johnson and Dr. Elmer C. Prichard began working out the team on Hulley Field. After several days of running, the team settled down to batting and fielding prac- tice — all designed to get the boys in shape for the mid-March season opener. FLASH — Just before the annual w ent to press. Stetson wrapped up its first winning season in sev- eral years with a 13-9-1 record. This included a long- awaited victory over the Rollins Tars — the first in 18 games. COACH CARL H. " DOC " JOHNSON 1961 Kneeling, left to right: Elmore Underbill, Jr., George Borders, Jerry Dunworth, Lee Gartside. Standing, left to right: Bill Cross, Bill Grose, Don Smith, Bill Keown, Frank Clark. iiiiiiiiillfl Shortstop Elmer Underhill is left stranded on third in this game with Jacksonville. Catcher Paul Hendrix has finished giving the signal and is awaiting a possible strike in one of the Hats ' many home games at Conrad Park. Sophomore Frank Clark temporar- ily acts as third base coach as Jax coach stalks over to talk with " Doc. " Outfielder I eo fiartside. with open glove and open mouth, waits snaf; a high pop fly. March 11 — Florida Southern College March 15 — at Florida Southern March 20 — Georgia Tech March 21— Georgia Tech March 29 — at Valdosta State March 30 — at Valdosta State March 31 — at Mercer University 1 — at Mercer University 3 — Amherst College 4 — Amherst College 8 — University of Tampa 10 — Rollins College 12 — at Jacksonville University 14 — University of Miami 15 — University of Miami 19 — University of Cincinnati 20 — at University of Tampa 22 — at Rollins College 25 — at Florida Southern College 27 — at Rollins College 28 — Florida Southern College 1 — Rollins College 2 — Jacksonville University 5 — at University of Miami 6 — at University of Miami April April April April April April April April April April April April April April May May May May ' " rained out games Senior Jerry Dunworth starts his swing in one of last spring ' s games. Dunworth, playing third base, committed only two errors in the ' 60 season for a 0.976 fielding percentage; his batting average this year was in the high .300 ' s. 1960 co-captains Don Smith and George Borders try to make a pre-game arrangement with the umpires. They will be aided by tri-captain Dunworth in calling this season ' s action. Borders studies a Stetson batter ' s style and manager Ted Sucher grins into the camera as Doc Johnson deliberates on a change in the Hatter line-up for the next inning. Scorekeeper Diane Disney and shortstop Elmore Underbill are seated in the background. Miller proudly displays the shirt and tie he received at his surprise birthday party following the last Rollins game of 1960. Ace first sacker Dohnel Miller tries to beat out a throw to the Georgia Tech baseman, showing the form which led to his being named Stetson ' s Most Valuable Baseball Player last season. Pitcher Wayne Hagan hands the ball to southpaw Al Riffle, preparing to go in on relief duty. Riffle has since signed a pro- fessional contract. The Hatter Nine went under .300 last season, post- ing a 4-12 FIC and 6-15 overall record. Lack of pitch- ing and experience hampered the team ' s chances, but this year, with a mainly senior and sophomore squad, Coach Doc Johnson is expecting major improve- ments. Senior tri-captains George Borders, Jerry Dun- worth, and Don Smith will head the team; they will be aided by newly-added assistant coach Bob Weickel, a 1960 graduate from Springfield College in Massa- chusetts. " g. % % m s ' George Borders fires one in from second near the end of a pre-game warm-up. ' jitfega s 176 COACH RAY HUSSEY TENNIS MVP Tim Catlin gets up on his toes for a smashing return. March 4 — at Rollins March 10 — at Florida Southern March 18 — at Jacksonville March 21 — Georgia Tech March 24 — Rollins College March 27 — Eastern Georgia Col. March 29 — at Valdosta State March 30 — at Emory University March 31 — at Birmingham-Southern April 1 — at Howard College April 3 — Amherst April 8 — Jacksonville April 13 — Florida Southern Atjril 26— at U. of Florida Left to right: Bernie Sloan, Jim Gunderson, Jim Schweikert, John Keiper, Brad Hutchings, Bob MacArthur, Tim Catlin, Rip Rodgers, Coach Hussey. Kneeling, left to right: Floyd Gladden, Jerry Bartholow, Bob Mason and progeny, Bill George. Standing, left to right: Tom Merritt, John Ward, Jennings Ezelle,, Dennie Cliffe, Coach Wilkes. GOLF stetson ' s linksters host only three schools this spring in their schedule of mainly away games and tournaments. Glenn Wilkes will be taking over former Coach Wes Berner ' s job, for Berner is now in charge of track. Noticeably absent from this year ' s team is Rudy Weber, last season ' s most valuable golfer. John Cochenour, one of the squad ' s best golfers, is missing from the picture above. COACH GLENN WILKES SCHEDULE March 4 — University of Florida at Ocala March 10 — at Florida Southern March 16-18 — Florida Invitational at Ocala March 25 — at Jacksonville March 30-April 3 — Miami Invitational April 8 — Jacksonville April 13 — Florida Southern April 15- — Rollins 178 March 22- March 25- April 3- April April April May May 15- 22- 29- 6- 13- 1961 SCHEDULE -Georgia Tech -Florida Relays, away -Furman -Furman Relays, there -at Emory University -at Miami University -Florida A.A.U. -Miami University COACH WES BERNER Wes Berner assumed direction of an improved track and field squad for the 1961 season. The team posted much better scores this year, with stars Dohnel Miller and Dalton Epting leading the efforts. TRACK Left to right: Bob Morris, Red Alderman, Ralph Henry, Bob Eckblad, Jim Perry. Georire Osborne. Dohnel Miller, Don Adams, Bill Bryer, Dick Cruze, Pete Brooks, Marshall Nance, Hugh Peterson, Wayne (diif. ' ■! «f» Dalton " The Stork " Epting strains to fly over this hurdle and beat his Furnian competitor. George Borders takes the outside lane, readying himself for the 220-yd dash. 180 Carlos Nunez and Charlie Warren get ready to congratulate victorious runner Dohnel Miller as teammate Epting shouts en- couragement to straining Tom Davis in the background. Field judge Roland Williams checks for a foul against this Georgia Tech broad-jumper. Dale Justis gets a critical analysis from teammates as he strains to clear a high hurdle. ' ' . :vi? Pi ' - , Seated, left to right: Rudy Weber, Jim Smith, Director Ed Uuhy, liob .Moore, Fred Connell. Standing: Hush I ' elerson. (hark- Fleischman, Jim Geiger. INTRAMURAL BOARD Men ' s intramural activities at Stetson are governed by the Board under the provisions of the University Intra- mural Athletic Association. Each group entering teams — six fraternities, Indies and Preachers — has a representative on the board; student chairman, selected by the physical education faculty, is Ed Ruby. The program employs Hulley Gym, Hulley Field, and the athletic areas on East Minnesota for its varied activities. Sports scheduled by the UIAA include touch football, basket- ball, table tennis, horseshoes, paddleball, volleyball, tennis, badminton, softball, and track. In some of these the faculty enters a team, but no game with this group is counted in the standings. Trophies are awarded for each major sport; each spring Dr. J. Ollie Edmunds presents the President ' s Cup to the group with the highest point total for the year. An out- standing athlete is also chosen each year. DIRECTOR GARLAND WILLIAMS 183 Sigma Nu Tiny Hendrix, in his well-known torn tee-sliirt, catches a pass in his fraternity ' s game with the Delta Sigs. Tom Barnard tries to avoid hitting the bar while qualifying for the high jump finals. Pike Terry Fitzgerald is momentarily stopped in mid-air before clearing the bar. iilllll i Barnard gets hysterical as Lambda Chi Bill Perry strides to victory. 184 A ' rf George Borders, Red Alderman, and Frtd Sakmi await a possible rebound as a Sig Ep attempts to block a I ' i Kapp basket. Referee Chuck Litvaney almost throws the jump ball out of sight in one of the Green League contests. All eyes are focused on either an interception or touchdown in this Sigma Nu-Delta Sig game. Don Seaborn comes down the final stretch after winning the 1960 cross-country race. Timers I ' at Fifjlfj, Loyan Fa , and Tom I)a% i get read to clock runners in the intramural track meet. 4 ' 1 { Butch Bennett clears the bar at 10 ' 6 " to win the pole vault competition in last spring ' s track meet. Delta Sig Bill Cross won the broad jump last spring with this 19-foot, 8-inch leap. Sigma Nu John Shaw accepts the track trophy for his fraternity from Charles Fleischman, intramural director. Coach Garland Williams gets ready to start this fall ' s ' ' ■fl ' I ' ' • " ' Three timers stare to see exactly when Pi Kap Red Alderman will break the tape in last spring ' s track meet. Open-mouthed Joel Allen prepares to hit the birdie. Lambda Chi Allen was last year ' s badminton champ. cross-country race. WOJIKX ' S l.XTliAMLUAL BOARD— Seated, left to right: Ann Smizer, Mrs. Carllun. Anna Bryan Perry (Chairman), Carolyn Griffiths. Standing-, left to right: Gwen North, Mary Middlekauff, Dell Marie Mikel, Barbara Harper, Charlotte Keyes. WOMEN ' S INTRAMURALS Women ' s intramural program is designed to present opportunities for Stetson women to participate in as many wholesome recreational activities as possible. Competition is provided by sororities and dormi- tories. Each year point and participation trophies are given. Phi Mus all wait and watch for an assist in their volleyball match against the Zetas . Badminton singles champ Ann Quarles stretches for a return. Becky Burnett gets ready to try a free throw. This one-hand jump shot looks a little wide of the basket. Tri-Delt Marybeth Everroad prepares her serve. Alpha Chi Roberta Watts goes up for two. 189 Left to right: Marilyn Gooding, Marilyn White, Sandy Ivt-y, Cookie Rilej, .lane Hall, Shannon Slrau.s.s. Marie Compton. CHEERLEADERS Cheerleaders usually are a school ' s most avid fans, and Stetson ' s are no exception. The group leads yells at soccer and basketball games, bonfires, and pep rallies. The cheerleading squad is sponsored by Prof. Giffin, whose daughter is the girls ' mascot. Junior Cookie Riley is this year ' s captain ; she, Marilyn White, Marilyn Gooding, and Marie Compton each have three years service on the squad. The two Marilyns and Cookie lead the crowd in a snake Alternate cheerleaders are from left, Diane Strickland, Judy Campbell, dance at an SGA bonfire. and Kris Kahn. 0m m Left to right: Barbara Kitchey, Jo Parks, Virginia Holtzendorf, Jimmie Mae VVimberly, Yvonne Wilby, Eleanor Dickey, Margie McCree. MAJORETTES The majorette squad, headed by Jo Parks, has attained a precision surpassing that of any other such group in recent school history. The twirlers practice weekly to perform at soccer games and in parades. Head Majorette Jo I ' arks Twi- ' y : 191 ' $ i il I,, I . M ' thLi-i i f f- ' t--l-. ' MILITARY • • • y Every Monday afternoon the entire cadet corps appears, shined and starched on Hulley Field for a two-and-a-half hour drill period. They first hear announcements from the battle group staff and then stand at attention for inspection by the executive staff and Regular Army officers. Finally comes the actual drilling. Outstanding cadets are tapped into Pershing Rifles, the honorary for freshmen and sophomores, and Scabbard and Blade, for upperclassmen. In the summer between their junior and senior years, the men go to camp at Ft. Benning, Ga., where they can be recognized as " Distinguished Military Students. " In addition to marching in parades and competing in rifles matches, the corps sponsors Military Week. The highlight of this April week is the annual Military Ball. HEUTClNAjNl CULUlNJiL ±1 AKK i ii. APuaK CAPTAIN ' HENRY F. MARTIN Army ROTC is designed primai-ily to provide junior officers for all components of the Army. A vital secondary mission is to impart citizenship train- ing, develop leadership potential, and motivate the student for future service to the country. Stetson ' s branch is composed of about 200 students with student officers and battle group staff. Sergeant instructors Douglas, Hoxworth, Limerick and Marsh, with Captains Martin and Hedrick, compose the directing Army staff, headed by Lieutenant Colonel Apgar. Master Sergeant Morton Marsh Sergeant First Class Gaylon L. Limerick Sergeant First Class Billie W. Douglas Sergeant Frederick W. Hoxworth y0 ' .y X CAPTAIN HERBERT J. HEDRICK BATTLE GROUP COMMANDER LT. COLONEL GEORGE PERINO, JR. BATTLE GROUP STAFF First Row, left to right: Executive Officer Mel Guenther, Battle Group Commander George Perino, S-3 John Avery. Second Row: S-1 Ted Sucher, S-2 Mike Mohn. S-4 Mark Cornelius. Third Row: Band Co. Commander Clifton Corlett, Band Company Executive Officer Paul Hendrix. nss sii 195 R. O. T. C. Companies Each of the foui- letter companies is composed of approximately fifty men. Three platoon leaders directly supervise every group. The band platoon consists of nearly twenty musicians and is run by a company commander and executive officer in- stead of platoon leaders. Once each week the entire corps has an after- noon of drill and inspection. Every cadet must meet regular Army specifications as to care of uni- form and manner of drill. The students are also enrolled in classes concerning such military sub- jects as tactics and communications. Upon gradu- ation and satisfactory completion of requirements, a cadet receives a commission as second lieutenant in the Army. " A " COMPANY 1st Platoon Leader Don Clayton 2nd Platoon Leader Ernie Porter 3rd Platoon Leader Bruce Walton " B " COMPANY 1st Platoon Leader Jack Sweetman 2.nd Platoon Leader Tom Bush 3rd Platoon Leader Tom McFarland " C " COMPANY 1st Platoon Leader Brad Bradford 2nd Platoon Leader Joe Dodse 3rd I ' latoon Leader Robert Pidgeon " D " COMPANY Ist Platoon Leader Pete Matteodo 2nd Platoon Leader Grant Cole 3rd Platoon Leader Bill George BAND COMPANY Company Commander Clifton Corlett Platoon Leader Glen Henderson Executive Officer Paul Hendrix ONEC ) CLiCK 01- tUMtK ELEVWIOH OR NIND GE i m While at summer camp at Ft. lienning, Ga., the cadets had to run the leaders ' reaction course. This was a simu- lated battlefield test designed to test reactions to obstacles anci decisions. AT EASE Cadets Tim Catlin and Jim Schweikert paused on the Ft. Bennmg rifle range just long enough to smile for a local cameraman. Lt. Col. Apgar sits at the head of the group of Stetson cadets who traveled to the 1960 summer camp. 198 Cadet Ted Sucher is among a group of summer campers put to work scrubbing floors with toothbrushes. Lt. Col. Apgar strolls and chats with Mr. Ed Holmes, a Stetson instructor wh( represented the school at the camp. A group of students here receive a Chemical-Biological-Radiological lecture. Freshman Sue Chastain and senior Anna Huber add beauty to John Avery ' s tapping of Pii ' shiiig Riflfs " pli ' dgc-. FEATURES Homecoming, Greek Week, Hatter Holiday, orientation week. Stover Theatre, beauty contests — all play a prominent role in a Stetson student ' s life. Being crowned Athena or Zeus, playing the lead in a Stover production, or winning the Hatter Holiday races can be the highlights of a college career. This section includes the weeks, beauty contests, and productions which, because they ' re " special, " do not fit into any of the regular sections. JEAN COX Miss Jean Cox, 19-year-old sophomore from Jacksonville, was chosen Miss 1961 Hatter last November over eleven other beauties. The dark-haired lass was also first runner-up in the Miss DeLand Jaycee contest and a runner-up in the 1960 Miss Hatter finals. Jean was formerly a music major but changed to the business school this year. At the right she is shown at her serenade with now fiance Bob MacArthur. Below, she is being crowned by her Pi Phi sister, Emily Costar Shaw, last year ' s Miss Hatter. KAYE BALLOU FIRST RUNNER-UP Win Matt SECOND RUNNER-UP Wiii Malt KELLY ()MN(;ER dSudhetbalt Q i ueen CALETA SYFAN and Court Carol Clark, Judy Wood and Court Anna Huber, Eva Lynn Newton, Diana Morris Carol McCampbell f- l Jl appa l- kl U eauti q i VIRGINIA ueen holtzendorf r, SUSAN BARNES CAROLYN CLARK BEAUTY tne L c on Cfte s umpuS SUE CHASTAIN KATHY WARLOW tetd on NANCY KOHLER JOHN DICKSON Contestants for Miss Stetson pause for final picture taking; Nancy Kohler, fifth from left was victorious. HATTER HOLIDAY Bob Jane, second from left, won the title of Mr. Ugly over several other purposely hideous creations. Roland Williams and Bill Mac Arthur limber ip Hundreds of Stetsonites spent the entire day soaking up sun at DeLeon Springs. (Jneeileader Shannon Straus leads part of the crowd in ihe nauunal anthem at a bonfire pep rally. " S " Club president Jerry l)un«orlh looks on as members ORIENTATION WEEK FRESHMEN LEARN ABOUT LIFE AT STETSON University President J. Ollie Edmunds presents a freshman lass to Dean and Mrs. Hood at the President ' s Reception to climax Orientation Week. Bill (irose and Ted Sucher sell some freshmen rat hats. Soon after orientation, freshmen and transfers got perhaps their first taste of collegiate soccer. Frosh emcee Louis Phillips entertains the audience between acts of the Freshman Talent Show. J4c iVlcLuor and JwoAleAd omecomina i v luy, GEORGE BORDERS DIANA KUNZE ' The Homecoming Committee poses in front of the Union Building to build up interest in the Hoarding Twenties ' theme. From left to right they are Paul Cheek, Diana Kunze, Randy Edwards, Robin Dashiell, Gwen North, Ed L ' Heureux, Sandra Sue Sum- mers, and Bruce Brand. Dalton Epting goes up for an easy basket in the afternoon game with Rollins; Stetson romped to victory in the FIC clash. Roy Hamilton belts out one of his hits at the Homecoming Dance; he is accompanied by the Billy May orchestra. IjL 3 A ■HK V u Vi ' Ji Edwinna MiirphcN rides on one of the parade ' s independent floats. iiiiii m THE- ROARING avne C ' onf and Jim Smith ready The cheer ' eaders ride in style. The Pikes ' " Mow ' em down " lawn decoration featured the graves of all teams beaten by the Hi-Hats up to Homecoming, along with one ready for Rollins. ' Roaring 20 ' s and Soa ring 60 ' s " was the theme of A spirited nebbish stood on the Conrad Hall front vard. the Sigma iNu Koaring Twenties train. ' 23 Skidoo " was tlie motif of the Lambda Chi lawn decoration. The Sig Eps used a honkey tonk and bookie joint to typify life in the twenties. Pi Phi ' s and Lambda Chi ' s took first place with their float entiled, " Remember When. " the Delta Sig ' s winning lawn design. ATHENA and ZEUS 1960-61 Athena is Alpha Xi Pat Erikson; her Zeus is Pi Kap Pete Brooks. Last year ' s royal couple, Pi Phi Diana Kunze and Pi Kap George Borders light the torch to officially open the new Greek Week. The Delacadoes belt out one of their fabulous songs at the Greek Week Ball in Davtona ' s Bath Tennis Club. GREEK WEEK SGA Treasurer Jay Haskell presents trophies to Sigma Nu Dalton Epting and Zeta Sally Lied for their groups ' winning the Greek Week Olympics. Reporter Richard Reed interviews SGA Jreek Byrdicles Booth on upcoming estivities. Terry Malcolm goes all out in the chariot race. Big Ep Malcolm and Tri-Delt Bassha Mills receive the chariot race trophy from Jay Haskell as Tim Catlin, who ran the fir .t let;, loiik on. To climax Green Feather Week, the carnival was set up on Hulley Field. Above is a partial view of the midway, showing the Zeta, Pike, Alpha Xi, and Sigma Nu booths. GREEN FEATHER DRIVE Sigma Nu pledges Jim Terrell and Tony Schoder get splattered with rotten e ggs for charity. For obvious reasons, this was one of the most popular booths at the carnival. Dean Stewart and Tiny Hendrix compete at the Pershing Rifles ' Turliey shoot. This booth earned the most for charity at the carnival. Emily Costar Shaw crowns sophomore Jean Cox as Miss 1961 Hatter; Emily was the IHliO titli-hcilder. The barker seems here to be using Carolyn Clark as part of his speel for the Lambda Chi-Alpha Chi booth. ■iwwiwBiiiiwwii pisiriiii i ' mmmmmmmmw The SGA bought a wrecked car for $25 and sold swings at it for a ([Uartor apiece; it was great for releasing pentup hostilities. Coach Griffis points out some fine points on a set to (itorjjt Statler, Judy MacKenzie, Cyrus Cressy. SKIN OF OUR TEETH was the first . FAMILY PORTRAIT was the season ' s religious play. Many real thara.Uis « ere ixirtrayed in SKIN OP OUR TEETH. Doris McFarland and Dr. Fred Messersmith had starring roles in the summer production of BELL, BOOK, AND CANDLE. production of the ' 60-61 school year. STOVER THEATRE Shakespeare ' s THE TEMPEST was presented shortly after semester break. Linton Day serves chow to fellow prisoners Lee Spears, Bob Wood, Grant Cole, Charlie Clark, Ron Hennessy, and Ken Cassel in the Parents ' Weekend presentation of STALAG 17. ORGANIZATIONS In addition to social fraternities and school-wide stu- dent governments, Stetson has many voluntary and honorary organizations for special interests or capabili- ties. The honoraries recognize outstanding leadership, scholarship, and achievement in certain fields ; volun- tary groups welcome anyone to participate and are dedicated to increasing interest in particular fields. In the field of leadership. Mortar Board for women and Omicron Delta Kappa for men are the highest organizations to which students can aspire. Green Circle, the leadership fraternity for sophomore men, has been set up under the sponsorship of ODK. For scholarship Scroll and Key is the ultimate group. Phi Society is sponsored by faculty members of Phi Beta Kappa for students with a 2.4 average their freshman year. Other honoraries, such as Beta Beta Beta, Persh- ing Rifles, Sigma Tau Delta, and Phi Beta, award membership to outstanding students in their particular fields. The debate squad, publications staffs, Aqua Hats, and other similar voluntary groups provide in- ter rest and training for anyone seeking to join. STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION V, " Exerting the gift of freedom bestowed by God, and insured and established in the Constitution of the United States, we, the students of Stetson University, in order to afford just representation in the interest of the student body, to centrally govern and coordinate the various organizations, and to cooperate with the University authorities for the benefit of all, do establish this Con- stitution for the Student Government Association of Stetson University. " The above is the preamble to the SGA constitution, stating clearly and simply the purposes of Stetson ' s stu- dent government. Below are excerpts from the constitu- tion to furthei ' explain the organization. PRESIDENT BYRD BOOTH ARTICLE I, SECTION 1. The name of this organization hall be the Student Government Association of Stetson University. ARTICLE II, SECTION 1. Every undergraduate and graduate student in the University shall automatically become a member of the Association and shall be subject to its constitution and by-laws. ARTICLE III, SECTION I. There shall be a President, Vice- President, Social Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary of the Association to be elected from the .student body at large for a term of one year, and they shall be known as the Executive Committee. ARTICLE III, SECTION 2. Candidates for all Association offices shall not be on academic probation. A candidate ' s aca- demic average shall be determined by the Registrar. ARTICLE IV, SECTION 1. The President shall not be chair- man of the Cabinet; shall have power to appoint all committees of the Cabinet; shall call regular and special meetings of the Association, the Executive Committee, Cabinet, and all Cabinet committees, and shall preside over these meetings. AMENDMENT II. Article V, Section 1 shall be amended as follows: " There shall be a Cabinet composed of the following: officers of the Association named in Article III, presidents of the College of Liberal Arts, School of Business, and School of Music, presidents of the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior classes, presidents of Panhellenic Council, Inter-Fraternity Council, Independent Men ' s Organization, Independent Women ' s Organization, and Student Christian Association. POWERS— 1) Expenditures of over fifty dollars shall be approved by the Cabinet. 2) The Cabinet has the right to review any and all decisions of all committees of the Association and shall approve all committee appointments. SECTION 2. Rules and Procedures Committee. This committee shall be appointed by the President, subject to approval of the Cabinet. It shall consist of at least one member of each school and college, one of which shall be designated as chairman. Any member of this committee shall be temporarily relieved of his duties and responsibilities during the time he is candidate for office. These temporary vacancies shall be filled by appointment of the President with approval of the Cabinet. POWERS — 1) Shall provide rules and regulations for all elec- tions (class, school, special) subject to the approval of the Cabinet and shall pass on qualifications as set up under this Constitution. 2) Shall interpret and construe this Constitution of the Association. ARTICLE X, SECTION 1. Amendments may be proposed by the Cabinet or by fifty Association members by petition. SECTION 3. A three-fourths majority of the voting body . . . is necessary for the adoption of an amendment. ARTICLE XII, SECTION 1. No organization shall exist as such on this campus until its constitution has been inspected and approved by the Cabinet. Organizations must then be approved by the Association. TREASURER Jay Haskell VICE-PRESIDENT . Carolyn Clark SECRETARY .... Elizabeth Frix SOCIAL VEEP .... Van Pittman EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE PRESIDENT ' S CABINET Hendr1x ' ' Brad Hutchint " r™ ' P%7 ' ' " r ' k- ' ' ' i? ' ' . ' ' - At " V " ' " P ' " ™ " " Standing, left to right: Jim Lanier, Paul Manhews, Dr Medlin, Chuck G ' " " " " ° ' ' ' " ' " ' ' ' ' ' ' " ' ' ° ' ' ' - ' ' ' ' ' ' P " ' ' " o ge. Judy Cox, Gary Maris, Lamar Left to right: George Patten, Carl Adams, George Borders, John Adams, Ted Sucher, Don Seaborn, Fred Sakon, Ed L ' Heureux. MEN ' S EXECUTIVE COUNCIL PRESIDENT OFFICERS Ted Sucher VICE-PRESIDENT . . SECRETARY George Patten John Adams MEN ' S RESIDENCE HALLS STAFF Seated, left to right: Bill Mills, Doug Bennett, Dean Baggett, Don Seaborn. Standing: Jim Scott, Jerry Dunworth, Jim Coulter, Clinton Rouse, Charles Raisner. Seated, left to right: Red Alderman, Hawley Ridenour, Brad Hutchings, Jim Lanier. Standing: Fred Sakon, Tom Parsons, Larry Deets, Paul Martz, George Borders. MEN ' S COUNCIL Men ' s Council serves as a link between the university men and the administration and tries to develop a sense of responsibility and high standards of conduct in each Stetson man as a corollary to its governmental functions. Nine members are elected to the council each spring ; no more than three members of the same social fra- ternity may serve together. The board exists to serve Stetson men and they are encouraged to express them- selves at any time to council members on any matter concerning themselves or other students. The Men ' s Council reviews all violations of men ' s conduct regulations and recommends appropriate action to the Dean of Men. WOMEN ' S COUNCIL All resident women are automatically members of the Women ' s Student Government Association. The asso- ciation is designed for self-government for Stetson women in all matters concerning them, their student life, and their relationships with others. Dormitory councils deal with lesser infractions of the rules, thus leaving Executive free for the more serious misdemeanors. In addition to dealing with " criminal cases, " the council decides upon special per- missions for dress and late hours for the Stetson women as a whole. Women ' s Council is composed of four officers, a sophomore representative, a representative-at-large, and the four dormitory presidents. WOMEN ' S EXECUTIVE COUNCIL OFFICERS PRESIDENT Joan Holzman SERGEANT-AT-ARMS Diana Kunze VICE-PRESIDENT Anna B. Perry SECRETARY Dawn Davis Left to risht: Joan Mitchell, Marilyn White, Dawn Davis, Gail Kreugar, Sally Mathews, Lynn Chapman, Elizabeth Frix Diana Kunze, Joan Holzman, Anna Bryan Perry. Left to right: Judy Jacobs. Joan Templer, Marilyn White, Jean Templer, Joy Goode. Left to Right: Gwen North, Marie Stokes, Sally Matthewes, Dot Jones, Peggy Runkle. CHAUDOIN HOUSE COUNCIL Chaudoin is an old brick dormitory, situated on Woodland Boulevard ; it is primarily a freshman dorm. The northeast wing houses the university infirmary. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Marilyn White VICE-PRESIDENT Joy Goode SECRETARY Joan Templer SERGEANT-AT-ARMS Jean Templer SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Judy Jacobs CONRAD HOUSE COUNCIL Conrad Hall is a yellow brick dorm located a few yards southeast of the Union Building, facing into the quadrangle. It was originally designed as a men ' s resi- dence hall. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Sally Matthewes VICE-PRESIDENT Dot Jones SECRETARY Marie Stokes SERGEANT-AT-ARMS Peggy Runkle SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Gwen North Seated, left to right: Sharon Gage, Joyce Ryan, Joy Thomas, Sybil FoKom. Standing: Ann McDowell, Gail Hilverink, Marsha Cook, Charliitto High, Susie Hankins. Left to right: Mary Ann Lynn, Penny Blackford, Judy Searson, Mable Smelcer, Sunny Simonsen, Susie Barnes. Left to right: Brenda Sue Franks, Cathy Davis, Elizabeth Frix, Claudette Finley, Alice Worthington. Left to light: Judy Eckert, Judy Cox, Joan Mitchell, Connie Pavey, Sally Lied. EMILY HOUSE COUNCIL Emily Hall is the newest women ' s dormitory. It is located at the corner of Pennsylvania and Woodland Boulevard and is generally regarded as an iipperclass women ' s dorm. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Elizabeth Frix VICE-PRESIDENT Brenda Sue Franks SECRETARY Alice Worthington SERGEANT-AT-ARMS Cathy Davis SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Claudette Finlev STETSON HOUSE COUNCIL stetson Hallmon East Minnesota is one of the uni- versity ' s oldest buildings. Increased enrollment has necessitated addition of annexes to the original structure. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Joan Mitchell VICE-PRESIDENT Sally Lied SECRETARY Connie Pavey SERGEANT-AT-ARMS Judy Eckert SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Judy Cox Seated, left to right: Diane Drummond, Gail Mosely Judy Hohman, Peggy Barnes. Standing: Kay Ward, Joyce ' Petty Carolyn Clark. Dona Simmons. Seated, left to rig ' ht: Betsy Schlueter, Beth Burty, Dot Fiebrich, Kay Johnson. Standing: Jane Hall, Suzanne Fredrikson, Gerrie Wegener, Myrna Krom, Pat London. Seated, left to right: Sally Matthews, Eva Lynn Newton, Mrs. Sprague, Hope Huska, Peggy Runkle, Suzanne Fredrikson. Stand- ing: George Patten, Paul Cheek, Carolyn Clark, Dick Krause, Wes Johnston. THE UNION BUILDING COMMITTEE The Student Union Building is the central point of campus life as it houses the commons (cafeteria). Hat Rack, student and faculty lounges, meeting rooms, offices, guest rooms, the Stetson Room, private dining rooms, post office, book store, bowling alleys, and recreation room. The Union Board is responsible for coordinating the building and its program for students and faculty. DIRECTOR MRS. ALTHEA B. SPRAGUE OFFICERS PRESIDENT Wes Johnston VICE-PRESIDENT Eva Lynn Newton SECRETARY Suzanne Fredrikson CORRESPONDING SEC. Carolyn Clark TREASURER Jim Lanier DIRECTOR Mrs. Althea Sprague Left to right: Dr. C. Carter Colwell, Diane Disney, Julia Britt Steanson, Dean Etter Turner, Sharon Sanders, Chuck Glore. THE PUBLICATIONS BOARD The Publications Board is composed of the editors of the Review, Reporter, and Hatter; Dean of Women; News Bureau Director; two faculty members, and a chairman elected from Sigma Pi Kappa, the journalism honorary. The Board supervises all publications elec- tions and any other matters pertaining to student publications. THE STETSON REVIEW stetson Review is a semi-annual magazine containing poetry, plays, and essays by Stetson students and pro- fessors. Left to right: Lynn Blechman, Dr. William Taylor, Editor Sharon Sanders, Ron Hennessey, and Linda Carter. After many headaches, frustrations, bad grades, and countless hours, Diz and Brad finally propped up their feet, sighed a deep sigh of relief, and relaxed after sending off the final shipment. 19 6 1 HATTER STAFF STAFF EDITOR Diane Disney BUSINESS MANAGER . . Brad Hutchings EDITORIAL STAFF .... Gail Hendry, Sara Booth, Olive Westberry, Dawn Davis, Enith Vardaman, Judy Green, Annie Ayers, Cynthia Crumb, Sally Lied, Diana Kunze. BUSINESS STAFF Anne Greene, George Patton. Hugh Peterson, Kennv Butler. This year ' s Hatter started out to be the best organ- ized and best designed annual ever to appear at Stetson, but as usual the " best-laid plans " went astray. Picture appointment mess-ups, lack of identification, insufficient copy, and not enough time — all these factors and more combined to push publication to the very last minute. However, when that last shipment was sent to the en- graver, the feeling of accomplishment — or, at least, relief — was tremendous. Left to right: Sara Booth, Olive Westberry, Anne Greene, George Patton, Gail Hendry, Dawn Davis, Cynthia Crumb. THE REPORTER STAFF STAFF Editor-in-Chief Chuck Glore Busines.s Manager Diane Disney Managing Editoi- .... Mary Lou Goslin Feature Editor John Dennis Ne v.s Editor Mike Gillum Religion Editor Nancy Walker Sports Editor Diane Disney Intramural Editor Scott Rut an Columnists Tony Wood, Lamar Matthews, Don Hall, Sharon Sanders, Duard, Gloria Santora Business Staff ' Anne Carling, Mickey Keisling, Nancy Cassedy Photographer Pat O ' Neal CHUCK GLORE Editor DIANE DISNEY Business Manager The Stetson Reporter is Florida ' s oldest college news- paper. It is written and edit ed by students, and is pub- lished weekly. In the Reporter, besides strictly news items, are fea- tures, stories on intercollegiate and intramural ath- letics, and columns. " Jabberwocky " by Sharon Sand- ers is the most sophisticated and literary column in the paper; it usually satirizes some aspect of campus life. " Calling All Losers " by Duard is the mystery column ; that is, only the Reporter editors and Duard himself know his identity. " Campus Claptrap, " containing the latest social news, is written by ' Gloria Santora and Tony Wood. " Dissonant Data " by Lamar Matthews and " Hat Rack Humor " by Don Hall are the other two regular columns. Left to right: Allene Arnholter, Diane Disney, Chuck Glore, Gloria Santora, Mary Lou Goslin, Mike Gillum. Left to right: Sharon Gage, Chuck Gloie, Diane Drummond, Sally Lied, Vivian Morgan, Gail Johnson, Enith Vardaman, Marilyn Gooding, Sharon Sanders, Eva Lynn Newton, Dot Fiebrich, Brad Hatchings, Gloria Santera. Lett to right: secretary Diane Disney; presi- dent Lex Lexow; historian Annie Ayers; treasurer Pat O ' Neal was taking the picture. SIGMA PI KAPPA Sigma Pi Kappa is the local journalism honorary for students excelling in work on student publications. It is designed to encourage a higher standard of journal- ism on the campus, to promote the best interests of the college publications, and to recommend any sugges- tions which may prove beneficial to them. A member from this group is chosen each year to serve as chair- man of the Publications Board. SIGMA TAU DELTA Sigma Tau Delta, national English honorary, is rep- resented at Stetson by the Gamma Zeta Chapter. Mem- bership, limited to twenty-five per chapter, is based on exceptional scholarship in the field of English. The officers are from left, Sally Jean Miles, Brenda Sue Franks, president Chuck Glore, Sharon Sanders, and Peggy Runkle. Left to right: Sandy Milstead, Vivian Morgan, Watie Pickens, Liz Frix, Eva Lynn Newton, advisor B. H. Gibson, Mrs. Curtis Lowry, Mike Gillum, Gloria Santora, Renate Gauweiler, AUene Arnholter. Row one, left to right: Paul Storm, Louis Phillips, Cvnthia Crumb, advisor Bruce Griffiths, secretary Carolyn Mi-ist-nhtimer, Lee Spears, Judy Eckert, treasurer Van Pittman. Row two: Judy Nowell, Jean Donnelly, Marge Owens, Marie Weisman, Carol Taylor, Joy Kressman, Nancy Walker. Row three: Norma McDonald, Emilv Roberts, Joy Wisner, Carol Wurtzel, Marge McComb, Paula Milton, Bonnie O ' Dell, Pat Collman, coresponding secretary Judy Green. Row four: Dan Malarkey, Gerald Chase, Beverly Hargrave, Lynn Blechman, president Barbara Hulbert, Ron Hennessy, Jim Harding, Everett Taylor. PLAYERS GUILD Anyone who participates in a major prod uction, either, on — or offstage, is eligible for membership in Players Guild. Projects for the group include trips to other college theaters, plays in our own experimental theatre, and social activities, all of which serve to unite those with a common interest in dramatics. The Guild also serves as a stepping stone to Theta Alpha Phi. THETA ALPHA PHI Theta Alpha Phi is the national dramatics and speech honorary at Stetson. Purposes of the group are to increase interest, stimulate creativeness, and foster achievement in the allied arts and crafts of the theatre. Members are chosen from those excelling in Stover productions. Row one: Paula Milton, president Bonnie O ' Dell, Marie Stokes, Judy MacKenzie. Row two: Marge McComb, Dr. Stover, Bruce Griffiths, and Fred Messersmith. standing ' on sidewalk, left to light: Bertha Watts, Sylvia Cofield, Sharon Smith, Ai n Smiser, Rose Marie Thames, Margaret Waisman, Diane Garcia, Rosemary DelliBovi, Gloria Hoffman, Elsie Pixley, Sandy Lewton, Sally Baker, Ann Simpson, Marilyn Carroll. On steps, left to right: Helen Wells, Carol Wurtzel, Anne Carling, Mary Inez McCullough, Janice Barber, Diane Eppert, Judy Cox, Judy Scudder, Dean Parker, Marie Stokes, Elain Eddinger, Vivian Morgan. INDEPENDENT WOMEN ' S ORGANIZATION The Independent Women ' s Organization was estab- lished on campus to promote the social, cultural, politi- cal, and religious life of its members. Any woman who is not affiliated with a national sorority may become a member. IWO activities include participation in Homecoming, Green Feather Drive, intramurals, and Hatter Holiday ; and sponsoring a fall fashion show, Christmas party for underprivileged children, and the Cancer Drive. PRESIDENT Judy Cox VICE-PRESIDENT Judy Scudder SECRETARY Janice Barber TREASURER Diane Eppert CHAPLAIN Mary Inez McCollough SPONSOR Mary E dna Parker Judy C. Dean Parker The Stetson chapter of the Student Education As- sociation is a member of both the National and the Florida Education Associations. The group is de- signed to aid people planning to be teachers in de- veloping an organization which shall be an integral part of state and national education associations, in growing professionally, and in giving practical ex- perience in working together in a democratic way on the problems of the profession. Officers are from left, Annie A ers. Sybil Folsom, presi- dent Dot Jones, Don Hall, Judy Searson, and Itosemary DelliBovi. STUDENT FLORIDA EDUCATION ASSOCIATION First row, left to right: iVIaxine Smith, Elaine Moore, Jean Hatfield, Molly Campbell. Second row: Gloria Hoffman, Mimi McNamara, Harry Whitley, Sharon Feldman, Mary Dinwiddie. Third row: Nancy Cassedy, Sandy Townsend, Ginnie Ward, Gail Hendry, Patty Niswonger, Sara Booth. Seated, left to rig-ht: Cathy Davis, Louise Giddens, Jean Templer, Madelyn Owens, Virginia Hill, Joan Templer, Eloise Thomas, Sally Jean Miles. Second row: Tom Gates, Mary Inez McCoHough, Joyce Bradford, Peggy Barnes, Ann Simpson, Glenna Rankin, Joan Kearney, Pam Slingerland. Third row: Joan Holzman, Kay Johnson, Bertha Watts, JoAnn Adams, Norma MacDonald, Vivian Morgan, Virginia Fielder. Fourth row: Pete Mazzeo, Joan Mitchell, Dot Hart, Marcella Hintz, Bonnie Wickstrom, Millie Schibanoff, Fran Luther, Enith Vardaaman, Ronald Knapp. ;W Left to right; Vivian Morgan, treasurer Diane Drummond, Dr. Watie Pickens; president J( Ihuiinond, Dr. Randolph Carter, Diana Kunze, secretary Connie Pavey. sidcnt Joan Holzman, KAPPA DELTA PI Kappa Delta Pi, national education honorary, is represented on campus by the Zeta Tau Chapter. The group encourages scholarly achievement and the pur- suit of worthy educational ideals. MUSIC EDUCATORS NATIONAL CONFERENCE The Music Eduators National Conference is a na- tional education for students of music education, as the name implies. Its goals are to further music education in the schools, and to compare and improve music education standards. It sponsors many musi- cal events on the campus. Row one, left to right: Jo Marie Ashley, Gail Johnson, Jo Parks, Donna Evans, Karl Stein, Sarah Anderson. Row two: Don Waldrop, Pat London, Eleanor Dickey, Cornelia Yarbrough, Sally Stinson, Bill DuBose. Row three: Richard Matlick, Jack Robinson, president Bob Glendon, Katherine Menefee, vice-president Mercalyn Wilson, Mildred Clark. Seated, left to right: dean Carol Hahn, sub-dean Judy Williams, sponsor Ruth R. Carr. Standing: Mr. Jack Coldiron, Jim Austin, Don Lingle, Page Nordan, Gail iVIauIdin, social chairmen Mike Reynolds and Charles Moore, historian Travis Plummer, Mary Lawson, treasurer Jack Jones, Betty Manucy, and Mr. Paul Jenkins. AMERICAN GUILD OF ORGANISTS The American Guild of Organists works to advance the cause of worthy religious music, elevate the status of church musician, and provide members with oppor- tunities for meeting for the discussion of professional topics. PEP BAND The Pep Band, sponsored by Kappa Kappa Psi, is designed to increase school spirit, primarily at athletic events. The group is led by Don Waldrop and consists of John Earnhardt, Joe Smith, Bob Conover, and Dick Matlack on saxes ; Jim Moody, Bill Bradshaw, Gus Lee, and Walter Bailey on trumpets; Bill Seigel and Bob Keith on French horns ; Jack Robinson, John Upchurch, Mike Olsavsky, Ray Chaffin, and Waldrop on trom- bones ; Lowell Hopkins on the tuba ; and Bob Glendon and John Keiper at the drums. STETSON CONCERT CHOIR Within the .sixty-voice concert choir are several distinct units; the group as a whole regularly serves as a chorus for chapel services. The Travel Squad of forty selected mixed voices is heard often throughout the southeast. The men and women often appear as separate units with their own officers, headed by a general manager responsible to the Director. Soloists, girls ' ' trios, male quartet,s, and mixed quartets complete the organiza- tional structure. Membership, by audition, includes students from other colleges of the university as well as music majors. Director Harold M. Giffin is a graduate of Denison University and holds degrees from the Eastman School of Music. He possesses an unusually pleasing tenor voice and often appears with orchestra, in concert, and on the radio throughout the country, and is widely renowned as a conductor and clinician. DIRECTOR HAROLD M. GIFPIN FIRST SOPRANO— Loretta Arnall, Jane Coates, Judy Eckert, Jackie Fellows, Mary Givens, Sandy Ivey, Jo Parks, Joyce Ryan, Linda Whitmire, Carolyn Whittenburg. SECOND SOPRANO — Peggy Ellis, Joy Hartlieb, Joan Kearney, Joan Mathews, Beverly McBain, Page Nordan, Jean Templer, Joan Templer, Mercalyn Wilson. FIRST ALTO — Judy Collins, Jean Cox, Carol Hahn, Janet Jones, Carolyn Keith, Pat London, Frances Luther, Sue Orrell, Jewell Spears, Cornelia Yarborough. SECOND ALTO — Martha Brown, Claudia Callaway, Joan Castle, Louise Giddens, Carole Goldstein, Elizabeth Harvey, Alice Mathewson, Marge McCree, Martha Mullins, Barbara Stewart, Sally Stinson, Alice Worthington. FIRST TENOR — Jim Austin, John Keiper, Mike Reynolds. SECOND TENOR — Vernon Cope, Lawrence Henry, Jack Jones, Don Lingle, Lamar Matthews, Robert Steels, Harry Whitley. FIRST BASS— John Burchette, Tucker Cooke, Ronald Edwards, William Lackland, James Morgan, Marvin Reed, David Rut- ledge, Jim Whitmire. SECOND BASS— Eugene Coate.s, Bill DuBose, Joe F ant, Ed- ward Henderson, H. J. Robinson, Tom Wrenn. " Key " Members. ' 1 STETSON UNIVERSITY CHORUS THE CHORUS SOPRANO— Loretta Arnall, Nancy Corbett, Carol Grimme, Judith Hamilton, Jane Huntei-, Judy Jackson, Mary Ann Lynn, Joan Matthews, Gail Mauldin, Marilyn Moore, Page Nordan, Anne Payne, Carol Whittenburg, Elinor Wilcox, Anne Winslow, Elizabeth Wolfe. ALTO — Barbara Allison, Joan Castle, Jane Coates, Dorothy Collman, Joanne Conte, Nedra Fish, Diane Gentry, Judy Hart- lieb, Elizabeth Harvey, Diane Hoequist, Betty Manucy, Sally Stinson. TENOR — James AU|Stin, Donald Lingle, Charles Lipthrott, Charles Moore, Harry Whitley, Eugene Simmons. BASS— John Burchette, Bill DuBose, Ronald Edwards, Verley Spivey, David Rutledge, Eugene Coate,s. THE ORCHESTRA VIOLIN — Frances Buxton, David Barnett, Louis Chalifoux. VIOLA— Beverly McBain. CELLO — Eleanor Leek. FLUTE— Katharine Menefee. TRUMPET— Bill Bradshaw, James Moody. TYMPANI— Eleanor Dickey. ORGAN— Travis Plummer. The Stetson University Chorus, second major choral group on campus, was formed in the fall of 1960, under the dii-ection of Paul Langston. Since that time the chorus has given concerts featuring- the works of such composers as Bach, Redford, and Josquin. The spring concert was a memorial for Dean Duck- witz, and included Faure ' s Requiem in D minor. James Austin is student manager of the chorus. He is assisted by Donald Lingle, and by librarian Elinor Wilcox and publicity chairman Marilyn Marcum. DIRECTOR PAUL LANGSTON STETSON UNIVERSITY BAND FLUTE — Katharine Menefee, Karen Steanson, Karl Stein. OBOE— Donna Evans, Robert Wood. BASSOON— Richard Matlack. CLARINET— Joe Smith, Gail Johnson, Sylvia Cofield, John Earnhardt, Roberta Aldrich, Marolyn Marcum, Nancy Barber, Beulah Haight, Dell Mikell, Carol Haid, Shirley Hollenbeck. ALTO CLARINET— Judy Scudder. BASS CLARINET— Jim Swaim. SAXOPHONE— Bunny Bergin, Felix Henderson, Bob Conover. TRUMPET— Jim Moody, Bill Bradshaw, Walter Bailey, Ken Kingon, Bill Wright, Jack Bi ' own. HORN — Bill Siegel, Jay Nunley, Bob Keith, Pamela Bass. TROMBONE— John Upchurch, Ray Chaffin, Mike Olsavsky, Jack Robinson. BARITONE— Gus Lee. TUBA— Don Waldrop, Lowell Hopkins. PERCUSSION— Eleanor Dickey, Yvonne Wilby, Ed Futch, Don Huneycutt. PIANO — Barbara Samson. The Stetson Band, which has always been a vital factor in campus life, has risen to the top echelon of American university bands. This ha,s been due in large part to the skill and work of its directors and the diligence of its members. In addition to students majoring in the School of Music, the band roster in- cludes majors from other colleges of the university. The schedule is so arranged that band members participate in many other phases of campus life. The Band, in addition to giving local performances, is fre- quently featured on different radio and television stations and at schools both in and out of Florida. DIRECTOR RICHARD FEASEL r STETSON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA VIOLIN I — Prances Buxton (concertmaster), David Barnett, Ruth Surls, Helen Miller, Pat Worden, Louis Chalifoux, Edward Jacobs, Daniel Ganin. VIOLIN II — Cornelia Shaw, Claire Somers, Anne Seay, Jean Keiper, Carter Colwell, Ellen Yaxley, Jo Marie Ashley, Marie Stokes. VIOLA — William Netchert, Beverly McBain, Darrel Joachim, John Mangrum. CELLO — Eleanor Leek, Karl Stein, Frank Surls, Patricia Lon- don, Anne Carling, Stanley Hanna. BASS— Paul Ca key, Bob Glendon, Don Waldrop. TYMPANI— Eleanor Dickey. PIANO— Don Huneycutt. FLUTE PICCOLO — Katharine Menefee, Karen Steanson. OBOE — Henry Lengnick, Donna Evans, Bob Wood. CLARINET— Joseph Smith, John Earnhardt. BASS CLARINET— Gail Johnson. BASSOON— Richard Matlack. HORN — Bill Siegel, Jay Nunnally, Bob Keith, Pamela Bass. TRUMPET— Jim Moody, William Bradshaw, Walter Bailey, Roy Lee, William Wright. TROMBONE— John Unchurch, Michael Olsavsky, Jack Robin- son, Donald Yaxley. TUBA— Lowell Hopkins. PERCUSSION— Bill DuBose, Don Huneycutt, Marolyn White, Yvonne Wilby, Edward Futch. The Stetson Symphony Orche,stra began its 1960-61 seasor with changes in costume and conductors. James Perdue, Assis- tant Professor of Music History, was appointed the new regulai conductor la t fall. The Orchestra pre,sented foiir concerts during the year, ir addition to appearances for the DeLand Tourist Club and the annual commencement concert. Also, members of the orchestrs appeared with the Concert Choir and Chorus. Soloists for this season included Frances Buxton, violin: Eleanor Leek, cello; Daniel Fletcher, piano; and the two faculty- selected soloists for the commencement concert, Travis Plummer, organ, and James Morgan, baritone. DIRECTOR JAMES PERDUE Seated at the piano is president Cornelia Yarborough. Standing, left to right, are Judy Eckert, treasurer Gail Johnson, Marolyn White, secretary Barbara Sampson, Eleanor Dickey, Donna Evans, vice-president Travis Plummer, and Pat London. PHI BETA Phi Beta is a national professional fraternity for women in the fields of speech and music. Its members act as hostesses for all music activities on campus. KAPPA KAPPA PSI TAU BETA SIGMA Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma are national honoraries for band students, promoting the students ' interest and encouraging good band music. Kappa Kappa Psi sponsors the Pep Band, which is one of Stet- son ' s best boosters of school spirit. Seated, left to right: Karen Steanson, Gail Johnson, Donna Evans, Sylvia Cofleld, Eleanor Dickey. Standing: Don Waldrop, Karl Stein, Gus Lee, Richard Matlack John Earnhardt, Richard Feasel, John Upchurch, Joe Smith, Felix Henderson, Jim Moody. " llli¥li " i asmmmi i 1 1| im if Officers are Kappa Psi president Don Waldrop, Tau Beta veep Gail Johnson, Tau Beta president Donna Rvans. and Kanna Psi veen Giis I ee. n c MMdsM X t Seated, left to right: Marv Ann Fain, kav Kll|)|)(), Marilyn Carroll. Myrna Pittnian. Linda Skeen. Standing: Louis Freund; president. Earl Hunt. Richard Montross. Tucker Cooke. Richard CoUinfj, Fred Messersmith. KAPPA PI Kappa Pi is a national art fraternity, which seeks to stimulate interest in art and creative activity on campus. The group recently started a poster service for in- dividuals and organizations at Stetson. WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP Presbyterian students on campus are organized in the Westminster Fellowship for the purpose of obtain- ing a better understanding of the principles of the Presbyterian Church. They are concerned with the promotion of cooperation with the local churches. Some of their activities are supper meetings, retreats, and having guest speakers. Seated at the organ in chapel is the president Judy McKenzie. Row o ne, left to right: Fred Pauli, Sara Booth, Gail Hendry, Carole Whitten- burg. Row two: Bonnie O ' Dell, Vickie Carlyle, Priscilla Campbell, Sandee Townsend, Dona Simmons. Row three: Marsha Leonardson, Jack Hampton, Judy Scudder. First row, left to right: Joyce I ' etty, Elaine Eddinger, C;ilh Il;ni. , Nantj Cassedy, Nellie Dougherty. Second row: I ' at McGinnis, Mary Inez iVIcCoIIough, Dot Hart, Lynda Flynn, Betty Manici. Third row: Charlotte Keyes, Helen Gaylord, Olive Allen, Emma Cowan, Mary Cox. Fourth row: JoAnna Conte, Dell Marie Mikell, Diane Strickland, Jackie Fellows. YOUNG WOMEN ' S AUXILIARY YWA aims to unite Stetson women in an enduring nissionary enterprise. It holds as its ideals thoughtful Bible study, devoted community missions for the needy, and regular proportionate giving to world-wide missions. MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION The Ministerial Association is open to student min- isters of varied denominational affiliations. Speakers for radio stations, vespers, assemblies, supply preach- ers — all are part of the activities. Each week programs are planned to help the minis- terial students prepare for the complex work to which they have been called. First row: Denny Williams, Bill Perry, Roy Godwin, president Doug Bennett, Jim Fink, Clarence Fouse, Glenn Geiger. Second row: Sven Lovegren, Bill Dunifon, Howard Sweet, Bill Curless, George Thrower, Charles Campbell, Gary Hardin. Third row: Wayne Dixon, Larry Wright, Max Hall, Randy Pruett, Gene Mallard, Wayne Thomas, Bob Steele. Officers are, left to right, treasurer Sally Mathewes, vice-president Jim Coulter, president JoAnne Adams, representa- tive Marcella Hintz, SCA representative Bill Sims, secretary Peggy Barnes, advisor James A. Sartain. WESLEY FOUNDATION Wesley Foundation coordinates the interests of the Methodist students on campus. Its purposes are to foster Christian fellowship and to provide a tie between religious and scholastic activities. Each Sunday night programs are planned and carried out by the students, with the aid of director Sartain; frequently guest speakers address the group. Throughout the year, also, are retreats, supper meetings, and parties. First row, left to right: Margie McCree, Sally Joiner, Judy Smith, Gloria Hoffman, Shirley Hollenbeck, Nancy Barber, Jean Outler. Second row: Pat Jones, Sari Staggs, Jackie Pitts, Jane Hall, Betsv Smith, Connie Poulton, Linda Messick, Mary Dinwiddle. Third row: Holly Burch, Cvnthia Crumb, Lin da Town, Barbara Hulbert. Bob Glendon, Barbara Sampson, Katey Sue Sistrunk, Ann Simpson. Fourth row: Richard B ' endle. Marilvn Carroll, Dale Armstrong. Sue Ann Shaw, Linda Waldrop, Marolyn White, Don Huneycutt, Vivian Morgan, Diane Disney. m Presiding i ijrcsidtnl Jim Whitniirc. ( hairimii ari, lift t(i ri} ht: First row: Claudette Finley, publicity; Cathy Davis, YWA president; Marilyn Gooding, social; Ann Cagle, student center; Liz Frix, enlistment; Brenda Sue Franks, devotional. Second row: Carroll D. Caldwell, director; Mike Reynolds, music; George Borders, vice-president; Roy Godwin, missions; Max Hall, youth revival; Gary Maris, training union. Third row: Larry Wright, Stetson Baptist representative; Kay Ward, fellowship; Suzanne DeLettre, Christian citizenship; Linda Dooley Whitmire, music; and Earnestine Collins, secretary. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Left to right: Anne Greene, Bill Perry, Charlotte High, Howard Sweet, Charlotte Keyes, Bill Gardner, Carroll Caldwell, Jane Rose. DIRECTOR CARROLL CALDWELL Director Carroll Caldwell comes up with a biR one at the BSU ' s annual Halloween party. The Baptist Student Union is composed of all Baptist students who are members of the different church affiliated organizations on campus and in the churches, such as training union, Sunday school, Y.W.A., and Ministerial Association. The Executive Council is annually elected by the students to supervise and coordinate the work of the various groups. It seeks to encourage enlist- ment in the local Baptist churches and to promote a spiritual atmosphere on campus through the different committees. The Freshman Council was formed to help with the freshman activities and enlistment. Music director Ralph Smith wholeheartedly sings a hymn at the state BSU convention. Students hear a speaker at the state BSU planning con- ference in Leesburg. Meetings and fellowship are held in Allen Hall. " ■ 1 1 ft f ' y • - »■ 1 II f I ' ' ii-.t ioi , k ' l ' t lo light: (ifiinio Ward, ( ' ar )l%n Mt ' i enheinu■l•, Karen SU ' aiisiin, l inda liarrett, Sandy Newton, Julie Steanson. Second row: Kathy Warlovv, secretarj Maude Bullock, treasurer Peggy Runkle, vice-president Jane Bray, president John Thomson, program chairman Vickie Fleischel, Sandra Barrett, I ' am Slingerland, Miss Smith, advisor Mrs. Hood, Mary Ann Lynn. Third row: Ronnie Drobnie, Dottle Coleman, food chairman Delina Janes, Paula Milton, Burgess Lynch, Julie Lay, Ellen May Lennox, CANTERBU FATHER LAWSON CliapUiiii and Advisor Canterbury is composed of the students and faculty of the Episcopal Church. The colle je center, Caterbury House, is the scene of many social and educational activities, of which weekly Sunday supper meetings and programs, parties and dances on special feast days, informal recreation, study nights, informal discussion groups, and Sunday evening prayer led by Canterburians, play a big part. Early each Wednesday morning throughout the year, members join together in the celebration of the Holy Communion, followed by coffee and doughnuts, before classes begin. Daily during the seasons of Advent and Lent, members lead the service of The Episcopal church — St. Barnaba: the oldest public building in DeLand. Betty Hargrave. Connie I ' avey. Yvonne Wilby, Odell Stimetes, Dijon France, Mrs. and Mr. Bohon, Mrs. Giffin, Dean Hood, Mike Mohn. Fourth row: John Dennis, Lewis Martini, Andrew Traks, Charles Day, David Barrow, Mickey Keisling, Paul Storm, ,Tay Buchner, George Jessop, Don Donegan, Bill Gress, John Sutherland, John Comer, Phil Tyler, Sharon Sanders, lay reader chairman Mike Day, Linda Thomas, Dean Furlong, Father Lawson. R Y HOUSE evening pi ' ayer. Members also enjoy working and serving in many areas of parish life: the church school, Altar Guild, choir, nursery, and as ushers and coffee hour sponsors. For helping us realize our aims and goals — socially, intellectually, and spiritually — we owe much to our faithful advisors. Miss Charlotte Smith, Dr. George Hood, and Dr. Frances Thornton, whom we regret has not been with us this year due to an accident which kept her hospitalized for a long period of time. We especially want to thank our beloved chaplaiii and rector of Sr. Barnabas Church, Father Lawson. JOHN THOMSON President Several Canterburians work on K.P. duty. Scene of the group ' s many activities is Canterbury House. Seated, left to ri; ht: .Iiidy (Ireon, Hope Huska, Dr. Stover, Dr. Gehring, Sharon Sanders. Staiuling: Lamar Matthews, Bill Sims, Don Aiesi, Dick Jenkins, Grant Cole. Officers are, from left to right: Claudette Finle , Karen Steanson, president Charles Royal, George Patton, Barbara Hulbert. PI KAPPA DE LTA Pi Kappa Delta is the nation ' s largest forensic fra- ternity; it recognizes participation and achievement in intercollegiate debate, discussion, and related speech activities. Florida Beta Chapter was installed at Stetson in the fall of 1958 to recognize those showing possession of " the art of persuasion beautiful and just. " SIGMA DELTA PI Sigma Delta Pi, the national honorary for advanced students of Spanish, was founded in 1919. The fra- ternity ' s purpose is to foster a love for all that ' s noble and beautiful which has proceeded from Spain. Each year the group awards medals to outstanding Span- ish students in the four Volusia County high schools. Left to light: Pamela Bass, Sharon Jane Smith, secretary Ann Cagle, Elsie Pixley, president Julia Britt Steanson, Lisa Durgin, vice- president Carolyn Meisenheimer. Left to right: Gail Garnsey, Cynthia Crumb, president Ron Hennessy, social chairman Ingrid Fromen, Don Aiesi. LA FRANCIADE La Franciade is composed of students from advanced French courses and superior students in the interme- diate courses. The honorary fosters an extracurricular interest in the language, customs, and literature of France. GAMMA THETA UPSILON Gamma Theta Upsilon is the national geography honorary on campus. It aims to promote activity and scholarship, as well as develop a professional interest in the field of geography. Left to right: Don Searles, president Ted Sucher, Mike Mohn, Therrell Smith, treasurer Jerry Dunworth, secretary Connie Pavey, vice- president Ronnie Knapp, Linda Fulford, advisor Dr. Chauvin. I I H ' llJ : ! I S Left to right: Mike Mohn, Gene Mallard, Jean Donnelly, Jack Sweetman, Bill Sims, Don Aiesi, Dr. Gilbert Lycan, Ed L ' Heureux, Liz Frix. PHI ALPHA THETA Phi Alpha Theta is a national honorary history fra- ternity. It encourages scholarship and research in his- torical fields. Each June the honorary offers a prize to the outstanding graduating history student. BETA ALPHA SIGMA Beta Alpha Sigma is a local fraternity for students majoring in business. Its purpose is to familiarize the members with actual problems and conditions that exist in business life, through talks by successful busi- nessmen and field trips through nearby firms. Seated, left to right: Jim Gosnell, David Barrows, advisor Don Page, president Charles Royal, Ed Hanimel, Richard Bendle, Ed Cardiff, Paul Martz, Don Adams. Standing: Clay Shaw. Max McWhorter, Grady Cason, Bill Winderweedle, Ralph Gates, Al Morsillo, Dan O ' Keefe, Jack Cunningham, Bill Cross, Jim Schweikert, Frank Chaplin, Jim Scott. If Wfff , t 1 M left to right: president ( Sdri Si ia Cavil ' Hasan, Lorinda Brand, K aron Smith, Zelnia illianl . Stamiing: Lisa Durgin, vice-president ggs, advisor Miss Maxine Patterson, Mrs. Virginia Easter, secretary Jane Ross. S I GMA BETA CHI Sigma Beta Chi is a newly-formed honorary for women in the fields of secretarial science and business education. It recognizes outstanding work in these area s. BETA BETA BETA Beta Beta Beta is a national honorary biology organ- ization. It is designed to increase interest in biology, to stimulate sound scholarship, and to encourage biological research. First row, left to right: Pat Kelly, Jane Bray, Diane Drummond, Pam Slinger- land, Marv Ruth McMahan. Second row: Van Pittman, Pete Mazzeo, Wilbur Curless, Cliff Corlett. Bruce Walton, Tribble Dicks, Ron Smithwick. Third row: John Renick, Paul Hendrix, Dr. A. M. Winchester, Keith Hanson, Dr. Dorothy Fuller. Officers are, left to right: president Tom Bush, Diane Kunze, Joyce Ryan, Anna Huber. First row, left to right: Dr. Theodore Beiler, Doris Sanders, i)r. ,i,l,.nl .Idin Adams, Diane Drummond, Bob Tilden. Second row: Dr. Elton Darling, Bill Dolbier, Dr. John Vaughen, Bob Laible, Dr. John Conn. GAMMA SIGMA EPSILON Gamma Sigma Epsilon is an honorary for exceptional students in the field of chemistry. The group presents seminars and papers and otherwise promotes the inter- ests of chemistry. KAPPA MU EPSILON Kappa Mu Epsilon is a national mathematics honor- ary for students outstanding in math. Florida Alpha Chapter was formed at Stetson in May of 1960 from the local group, Sigma Alpha Omega. Left to right: Mary Lou Goslin, Dr. Ashcraft, Jackie Pitts, Diane Drummond, Judy MacKenzie, Judy Scudder, Oscar Jones, Mary Adams. Officers are, from left: Colonel Parr, Nancy Walker, president David Hayes, Donna Stevens, Dr. Gene Medlin. Seated, left to light: Dr. Stafford, Sally Jean Miles, Wendy Hogarth, Lane Jackson, Priscilla Campbell, Cecilia Maynard, Ann Simpson, Dr. Jones. Standing: Bob Davis, Dan Peffer, Howard Sweet, Dr. Sutton, Walter Wolf skill, Denny Williams. PS I CHI Psi Chi is Stetson ' s honorary psychology fraternity. It is designed to increase study and research in psy- chology, and to foster a better spirit among psychology majors. WOMEN PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS The Women ' s Physical Education Club is organized to stimulate professional interest in health, physical education, and recreation ; to promote good social and professional relationships between the group and the faculty; and to further the aims and objectives of the American Association for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation. Left to right: Gail Hilverink, Mary DeLaGal, Barbara Harper, Dell-Marie Mikell, Ann Felici, Carolyn Griffiths, Charlotte Keyes, Anna Bryan Perry, Becky Burnett, Pat Gregory, Gerrie Wegener. Seated, left to right: Lee Gartside, Tom Merritt, Bob Morris, Nick Mueller, John Keiper, Carlos Nunez, Bob MacArthur. Standing: Bill Cross, Dalton Epting, Pete Taylor, Paul Hendrix, Bruce McKinley, Jose Auffant. Seated, left to right: Jetf Goddard, Tom Davis, Bill George, Bernie Sloan, Pat O ' Neal, Byrd Booth. Standing: Pete Brooks, John Dompe, Rip Rodgers. Joel Hancock. THE n r f CLUB The " S " Club is composed of all varsity lettermen and is designed to promote interest and participation in inter-collegiate athletics. Major projects of the " S " Club this past year were organizing and directing Rat Week, aiding grade school children in the annual Christmas parade, and collecting money for the March of Dimes. Golf, track, and soccer coach Wes Berner serves as faculty advisor to the group. They honored all new letter-winners at a banquet this spring at the DeLand Countrv Club. Left to right: Coach Berner, Gary Maris, Ted Sucher, Jerry Dun- worth, Red Alderman, Bruce Walton. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Jerry Dunworth VICE-PRESIDENT Gary Maris SECRETARY Ted Sucher TREASURER Red Alderman SOCIAL VICE-PRESIDENT Bruce Walton i ■ _ -■ _ ■ liKiiK Inrkhind, I.inda ( ' (irln-tt, Sandra IJlaiu-. SUiua.Ui;. Millu- SclubaiKjir. Uoxaniia lluke. ( ail Hendry, Frank Fischbach, Ron Crabtree. Frances Lyle. Judith Ann Simmons, Pam Baer. Officers are, from nl:: Hiane Molnar. Siinn Miiinn Dn, Mille Hicks, Dale Armstrong, Don Adams, president I ' at iJowling, Sue Chastain, Sandra Van Allen. AQUA HATS The Aqua Hats, recently reorganized water-ski club, works toward three objectives : to promote greater interest in water skiing, to improve skiing techniques, and to train interested non-skiers. The group has per- formed on television and for Parents ' Weekend. PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS Chuck Litvaney holds up a skeleton to explain some anatomy to PE majors Wayne Cone, Jack McDonald, Ed Ruby, Gail Hilverink, Harry Kinnan, and Marv Beth Everroad. Left to right: Pat Knipe, Bert Humphries, John Davis, Jim Lanier, Red Alderman, Fred Sakon. GREEN CIRCLE Green Circle is the leadership fraternity for sopho- more men at Stetson. It was organized in the spring semester of 1959 under the sponsorship of Omicron Delta Kappa. RIFLE TEAM stetson ' s ROTC rifle team, under the direction of Captain Henry Martin and Sergeant Frederick Hox- worth, has brought much prestige to the local military group. As individuals, and as a group, the cadets have won or placed highly in every local and national riflery match they have entered this year. Officers are, seateii. from left: Tom Shields. Dan Yaugiien, president Joiin Avery, Fat Knipe, Bert Humpliries. Standing, Raymond Babb, Fred Connell, advisor Captain Herbert J. Hedrick, Ralph Langham, John Davis. PERSHING RIFLES Pershing Rifles is a national society of ROTC stu- dents whose aims are the promotion and development of proficiency and interest in the Basic Course of ROTC. The Stetson company entered the Regimental Drill Meet in New Orleans for the first time in the spring of 1960 and returned with high ratings. The 1961 Pershing Rifies sponsor is freshman Susie Barnes. Sophomore members are, from left: Carl Adams, Dick Shell, Neil Savage, Chris Wise, Jim Coulter, Tom Fay, Jay Starling, Paul (iarone. Bub Moore. Frosh pledges are. seated from left: Dewey Varner, Charles Moore, Bob Matthews, Steve Enis, Al Boris, John Fransisco. Standing-: Jim Daniels, Vern Cope, Jeff Dease, Richard Morris, Ray Babb, Jack Hampton, Jim Penney, Bob Smith, Daryl Cowden. iff . mm ■■ ' i 3 m Left to light: Tom Shields, Ted Sucher, Paul Hendrix, Don Seaborn, Mike Mohn, advisor Captain Henry F. Martin, Mel Guenther, Shelby Farr, Raymond Babb, Mark Cornelius, John Avery John Laible, Gene Lopreste, Keith Morgan, George Perino, Pete Matteodo, Dan Vaughen, Pat Knipe, Ed Cone. SCABBARD AND BLADE Scabbard and Blade is a national military honor- ary society. Membership is limited to cadets enrolled in the Advanced Course of ROTC and further re- stricted to those cadets who have high scholas- tic averages and who have displayed essential officer qualities. i Left to right: John Adams, Enith Vardaaman, Shelley Critteiulon, Alico Maris, Liz Frix, I ' riscilia Campbell, Jim Lanier, Joan Donnelly. PHI SOCIETY Phi Society is a scholastic honorary sponsored by faculty members of Phi Beta Kappa. It recognizes high academic achievement; members are chosen from stu- dents maintaining a 2.4 average their freshman year. SCROLL AND KEY The Order of the Scroll and Key recognizes and en- courages high scholarship and leadership. Members are picked from the top five per cent of the junior and senior classes. Left to right: Donna Stevens, Gloria Santera. Lane Jackson, and Elizabeth Frix. MO RTA R BOARD Leadership, scholarship, service — these are the goals of Mortar Board. Mortar Board is a national honorary organization devoted to these stand- ards and composed of women who have achieved them during their first three years in college. Stetson ' s chapter each year presents awards to the outstanding woman in the freshman and senior classes in the field of service. Mortar Board is the final expression of the ideals it seeks to install in others and the highest honor Stetson University can bestow upon its outstanding women. Elizabeth Frix Mary Ellen Anderson l ' ' va l.vnn Nekton OFFICERS PRESIDENT Elizabeth Frix VICE-PRESIDENT Anna Bryan Perry SECRETARY Eva Lynn Newton TREASURER Judy Hohman HISTORIAN Joan Holzman Mrs. Curti.s Lowrv Sylvia Blake Wofford ' OMICRON DELTA KAPPA Omicron Delta Kappa heads the list of men ' s honoraries at Stetson. A national leadership society, it encourages general campus citizenship and recognizes men who have attained a high standard of efficiency in collegiate activities. ODK strives to bring together the most representative men in all phases of college life : faculty members, administrative officials, and students. This group sponsors Green Circle, a leadership honorary for sophomore men. OFFICERS PRESIDENT Duane Doddington VICE-PRESIDENT Lex Lexow SECRETARY Jack Coldiron TREASURER Jim Lanier FACULTY ADVISER Dr. Gene Medlin Duane Doddington Dr. George Hood James Morgan Dan Vaughen John Adams Brad Hutchings Charles Royal Dr. Albert Winchester Byrd Booth Wes Johnston Dr. Luther Smith i u THE ADS JH H J ■■ 1 1 If H H 1 Business staff members Van Pittman, Jay Haskel, Anne Green, Judy Wood, Pete Peterson, Cathy Boyd, and George Patten rest on the Hat Rack patio after canvassing Volusia County for advertising. The 1961 Hatter would like to express appreciation to the many businesses and individuals who so graciously bought space in the book, as their action helped make publication possible. Congtatufations, Class of ' 61 Best Wishes to All b r y n - a I a n studio creative photographers since 1936 JACKSONVILLE TAMPA ST. PETERSBURG General Offices and Laboratories — 208 S. Boulevard, Tampa Congratulations . . . Graduates of the Class of ' 61 FLORIDA BANK AT DELAND • • MEMBER FLORIDA NATIONAL GROUP FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION MORRIS ' RESTAURANT The Favorite with Stetson University 207 N. Boulevard Deland THE SUBURBAN DRESS SHOP Apparel for Appeal Styles for the Sophisticate, the Collegiate, the Debutante 927 N. Clara Avenue Deland STETSON STUDENTS ALWAYS WELCOME REEVE HOWARD The Store of a Thousand Gifts 105 West Indiana Avenue Deland, Florida THE DELAND SUN-NEWS IS READ DAILY AND SUNDAY FOR NEWS OF STETSON ACTIVITIES BETTY DREKA SHOP Where Stetson Students Are Always Welcome 105 SOUTH BOULEVARD DELAND, FLORIDA STETSON VISITORS ALWAYS WELCOME DIXIE MOTOR LODGE 38 Units AAA Pool 647 South Boulevard — U.S. 17-92 South DELAND, FLORIDA BAMBOO CLUB RESTAURANT 1220 South Boulevard DELAND FLORIDA WASH ' N DRY LAUNDROMAT 1411 South Boulevard Highway 17-92 South Deland, Florida TEMPROMATIC CORPORATION P. O. Drawer 2406 Highway 17-92 Deland Florida DUVAL JEWELERS 116 North Boulevard — RE 4-2575 DELAND ORANGE BELT PHARMACY 112 East New York — RE 4-1685 DELAND Best Wishes from Evelyn and Jimmy West STETSON FLOWER SHOP " on the boulevard " DELAND FLORIDA Best Wishes from HOWDY ' S MUSIC SHOP 214 North Boulevard Deland Everything Musical LYSTER TRAVEL SERVICE 239 North Boulevard Delond Serving Deland Since 1949 cm DELAND COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY STETSON AND DELAND Have Marched Hand in Hand for Many Years We are proud of the cooperative spirit that exists between the people of our community and the officials and students of Stetson University. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE DELAND FLORIDA Congratulations to Seniors from CONRAD LUMBER COMPANY LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIALS NORTH DELAWARE AVENUE DELAND, FLORIDA RE 4-4454 THE CONRAD COMPANY BONDS INSURANCE 118 WEST NEW YORK AVENUE DELAND, FLORIDA RE 4-2272 HOMES UNIVERSITY MANOR East Minnesota Avenue V2 Mile East of Stetson $12,500 up QUALITY — TRU-VALUE — HOMES FRANK L. BASSO — JOSEPH LEIBOLD Office — 233 South Florida Ave. RE 4-5206 RE 4-2618 FOUNTAINS For Fifty Years Central Florida ' s Finest Store for Men DELAND, FLORIDA Congratulations! Class of 1961 ATHENS THEATRE DELAN D, FLORIDA SCOVELL OIL COMPANY DELAND, FLORIDA DYKES MEN SHOP 115 North Boulevard DELAND FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION The Home of Insured Savings 136 Florida Avenue Deland, Florida DAVIE-CRAFT OFFICE SUPPLIES 130 North Florida Avenue Deland, Florida BELUE ' S SHOES 136 North Boulevard Deland, Florida JEAN ' S SPAGHETTI HOUSE SPECIALIZING IN HOME-COOKED FOODS Spaghetti Chicken Cacciatore Ravioli Steaks Chops Lasagne Sea Foods Veal Parmigiona Pizza Complete Carry-Out Service Parties Accommodated — Call for Reservations 413 S. Volusia Avenue SP 4-5253 ORANGE CITY, FLORIDA KEMP ' S , DONUT SHOP YOU ' RE ALWAYS WELCOME EVEN IF YOU ONLY SAY ' HI ' EVANS JEWELER 203 N. Boulevard Deland, Florida COME BACK TO SEE US EDWARD CAFFIN ' S LAUNDERETTE 108 West Rich Avenue LUCILLE ' S BEAUTY SALON ROUTE 92 — JUST EAST OF GARFIELD AVENUE RE 4-6875 DELAND, FLORIDA BOULEVARD MOTEL 1351 North Boulevard Deland, Florida Compliments of ALLEN-SUMMERHILL CO, w r TvllAY the business world the arts and sciences, and the pro- fessions are seeking young people with " imagineering ability " . . . the ability to combine their imagination with scientific exactness in their work. Only through educati0n and training can young minds be prepared to meet the challenges of d rapidly-changing world. More power to you, the " imagineers " of the future! 5 SS5 F. N. DeHUY SON JEWELERS SILVERSMITHS Since 1873 139 N. Boulevard, Deland, Florida See our complete selection of time gifts including Hamilton Watches BESCO CONCRETE PRODUCTS (Boundary and Railroad) DELAND FLORIDA DELAND FRIERSON ' S ON THE BOULEVARD ' You can be sure if it ' s Westinghouse ' Gerald E. Frierson, Owner Since 1929 FLORIDA GIL ' S SHOE REPAIR EXPERT SHOE REPAIRING 103 East Rich Ave. Deland, Fla. BURNETT FINANCE COMPANY 101 North Boulevard Deland COMPLIMENTS OF H. P. SHAPIRO CORP. C. E. BOHREN BARBER SHOP 134 N. Boulevard DELAND FLORIDA FEASEL PAINT AND GLASS 247 NORTH BOULEVARD DELAND, FLORIDA WEE WASH LAUNDRY ONE-STOP SERVICE WASHING IRONING DRY CLEANING DYEING SERVICE 24 NORTH BOULEVARD DELAND Stoudenmire ' s THRIFTWAY 642 WEST NEW YORK AVENUE DELAND CAMERA SHOP 142 NORTH BOULEVARD RE 4-3595 DELAND, FLORIDA COSTON ' S LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING with " STA-NU " FINISHING 224 South Florida RE 4-3052 DELAND, FLORIDA Pemey ' s Am:m,mmmmmmmmmim DELAND, FLORIDA Stetson ' s Shopping Center ACREE OIL COMPANY, INC. YOUR PHILLIPS 66 DISTRIBUTOR RE 4-5051 1025 NORTH BOULEVARD DELAND, FLORIDA MOYE CONSTRUCTION CO. (P. O. Box )61) 205 CONRAD BUILDING DELAND, FLORIDA Compliments of PONCE DE LEON SPRINGS Central Florida ' s Historic Wonderland BRANDON ELECTRIC COMPANY (Boundary and Railroad) MECHANICAL AND ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS AIR CONDITIONING— HEATING P. O. Box 130 — RE 4-2732 DELAND Compliments of WM. PATRICK BREWSTER 125 West Michigan Avenue DELAND, FLORIDA DELAND MUSIC CENTER, INC. 211 North Boulevard Deland, Florida LOU SKILLMAN STANDARD OIL AGENT Distributor ATLAS TIRES AND BATTERIES RE 4-1499 354 Michigan Ave., Deland, Fla. 796 HATTER ' W ' iillH CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, INC. RESIDENTIAL — COMMERCIAL — INDUSTRIAL " Builders of Distinctive Homes ' General Contractors FREE ESTIMATES RE 4-6694 210 CONRAD BUILDING RE 4-6666 Or Dial RE 4-4066 G. G. SMITH DRUGS Headquarters for Reylon - Lanvin - Christian Dior Helena Rubenstein - Lentheric - Dorsay Tabu - Guerlain - Old Spice Seaforth - Max Factor - Coty - Faberge Hubigant - Richard Hudnut Chantilly MITCHELL CLEANERS FINEST IN DRY CLEANING POLARIZED CARE FOR YOUR FURS BOX STORAGE FOR WINTER GARMENTS Congratulations TO THE GRADUATES OF 1961 FROM THE BOOKSTORE 203A North Boulevord DELAND, FLORIDA DELANO ' S TRAVEL SERVICE 116 WEST RICH DELAND RE 4-4531 • Steamships • Airlines • Trains • Camels • Rickshaws • Elephants Anyway, anywhere in the world Personalized service at no extra charge a n. ' J ' u a 1 §} o f Original layouts, distinctive typography and sparkling reproduction that give your annual the luxurious appearance impossible to obtain by standard layout, mass-production methods. 14 VI .?■ TRINITY U R, PLACE R G I A Engravings Furnished by ALABAMAN EMGRAWING CO. BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA

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