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. . ■ ' i ' ■ 11 ! i ' .:- . x -tl ' £ ALMA MATER Dear Alma Mater, smile upon thy children I Gladly we K ' ' eet thee, altogether lovely; Peace be within thy classic halls and temples, Hail, Alma Mater, dear. Ai:-- XL : . ' . ' . ■N.. Hail to the heroes who have jrone before us, Younp men and maidens, tilled with true devotion! Brijrht in their Rlory, fadeless and undyinjr, •: Hail to our heroes jrone! - Hail to our classmates, bound by ties ne ' er broken; ... ... Here once ajr iin we pledpe our vows of friendshi]); " " •f Brave hearts anl true hearts sound aloud the chorus, f Lonjr live our comrades dear! Dear Alma Mater, tenderly thy children • ' •i Gather, and brinjr to thee jri ' cious salutations; • Comrades, your voices lift once ajrain in chorus. Hail, Alma Mater dear! . • ••.• ■ :: :•: t ;v;..:::::: ' ::-,:v, • ' : •• :- ' 2 • ' " »: ea i A£m4 JffaPi SMILE UPON THY CHILDREN! GLADLY WE GREET THEE, ALTOGETHER LOVELY; Pi.. • ' UK ' rjL.Miiii ac ne TT t( e4 who have gone before us, YOUNG MEN AND MAIDENS, FILLED WITH TRUE DEVOTION! ' I7W ' I -J1 rT ' l Si BRIGHT IN THEIR GLORY, FADELESS AND UNDYING, HAIL TO OUR HEROES GONE! i " 1 i mm. o r l i H A£A iB I 4 r ' 1 Wa T C u St m . ■r i - .-•• : - ; : ; : : H I rpa Msa? i ' y " " " ■•• ' " •• ' : " " •li ' i. ' ili ' ' • ' y " ' .v " .V i. .-sn f WH t l d i at BOUND BY TIES NE ' ER BROKEN . . . HERE ONCE AGAIN WE PLEDGE OUR VOWS OF FRIENDSHIP; ' v BRAVE HEARTS AND TRUE HEARTS SOIXD ALOUD THE CHORUS... 10 . . . LONG LIVE OUR COMRADES DEAR! e l A ta yPli] TENDER I ;ly thy children gather, and bring to thee gracious salutations; :.•••• • X STOVER Bj • • • • • • « • •• -• V. ' COMRADES, YOUR VOICES LIFT ONCE AGAIN IN CHORUS. HAIL, ALMA MATER DEAR! ••.. i i Warren Brady " C o w e I I THIS BOOK IS Warrvu ( ' . " P)i-ady " Cowell — teacher, leader, adiniiiisti-atoi ' , and friends — who has served Stetson, its students, faculty, and alumni unselfishly and tirelessly for twenty-five years as an athletic coach and Director of Athletics. He is one of the most respected and best loved sports figures in Florida; his relations with those con- cerned with Stetson have won foi- him the admiration and respect of everyone with whom he has come in contact. His efforts and influence have made high achievements in life possible foi many. He possesses a great heart, loves youth and believes in the joy and worth of a good life. To express the gratitude, love, and respect for one who has given so much and asked so little in return, we humbly dedicate the 1960 Hatter to W. C. Cowell. 14 otaeHZ4 OF THE 1 960 H ATTER Introduction . . . Page 4 Dedication .... Page 14 The University . . . Page 16 The Seniors .... Page 32 The Law School . . Page 56 The Classes .... Page 76 The Greeks .... Page 106 Athletics Page 156 The Military . . . Page 180 Features Page 188 The Activities . . . Page 204 Organizations . . . Page 222 Advertisements . . Page 260 A V itc ■ T UNIVERSITY Dear Alma Mater, smile upon Thy Children! (Iladly we greet thee, Altogether lovely. OFFirERR ««v The President J. OIJJE EDMUNDS THE PRESIDENTS MESSAGE To the Members of the Stetson Family, Everywhere: Stetson ' s Diamond Jubilee Celebration was more than an historical observance ; it was a time for all of us to re-examine the aims and purposes of this oldest University in Florida. Stetson was not alone in this soul-searchinp. As the world entered the space age. many other liberal arts colleges in America were takinjr fresh looks at their aims also. The suggestion that America copy the Ru.s- sian educational pattern became .so .serious that the Association of American Colleges for its 1960 theme: " Can the liberal arts college in America sur- vive? " The year 1960 found the helmsman at Stet.son (her faculty) in a dead-earnest job of .self-examination. It was no task, as these Christian scholars attempt ed to restate the aims and purposes of this small, sou- thern, church-related University, dedicated to academic excellence but grounded in a deep religious faith. But even as they sought answers to hard questions, these supremely dedicated teachers set a fine example for all other friends of Stetson. They gave generously (and, in .some in.stances, sacrificially) to our Seventy- Fifth Anniversary Fund. And all over Florida, alumni and other friends of Christian Education are following the example of these concerned Christian scholars. In their name, and on behalf of the Trustees and all the students, I .send cordial greetings to Stetson alumni, parents, and benefactors everywhere. I remind all of you. in the words of Christopher Fry : " The in exploration unto God, where no nation ' s foot has ever trodden yet. " Faithfully yours, ■I. 01 lie Edmunds, President 18 OF THE ADMINISTRATION Dear Alma Mater, Smile upon thy children! Gladly we greet thee, Altogether lovely; JAMES A. STEWART Dean of the Chapel GEORGE W. HOOD Dean of Men WILLIAM H. McEMRY Dean of the Universitv ETTER McTEER TURNER Dean of Women MARY EDNA PARKER Assistant Dean of Women y m-. JOHN D. ULUFSUN Assistant Dean of Men MARY COOK Administrative Assistant to the President J. i A. F. TITTLE. JR. Director of Admissions H. G. EDMONDSON Comptroller 20 BARBARA ROWE ReKif trar WALTER J. BAGGS Director of Alumni Affairs .1. BLANFORI) TAYLOR Director of News Bureau CARL H. JOHNSON Director of Men ' s Housing BOB LEE MOWERY Librarian 21 SCIIOOI. or I.IHKRAL AKTS The C ' ollfKe uf Liberal Arts is Uie okiesl ami largest of the four iiniversitiy colleges. Elizabeth Hall, Flagler Science Hall, ami Holmes Hall comprise the classroom area. While atteiulinjr Stet.son, every student comes in contact with the Liberal Arts School. It is the core of the education of every student, from the business student to the music or law major. The Liberal Arts prepare students to enter the world, to earn gainful employment, and instills them with a permanent love and appreciation of the arts, letters and .sciences which surround us. This in itself gives an added enjoyment and enrichment to our lives. WILLIA.M H. .McEMKY Dean of the School of Liberal Arts ■Xm OFFICERS LARRY RICHARDSON President SALLY LIED Vice-President ANNA BRYAN PERRY Secretary STEELE GREGORY Treasurer 22 FACULTY IK(.IM i;i»S. l.l. (;ir|-|N. Assistant Professor of Speech, 1942; A.B., Denison University; M.A., Stetson University. lAVK I.. KKLLY, Assistant Professor of English, H.A.i:.. MA., University of Florida. EKNKST K. WKKKS, Assistant Professor of Enslish, A.B., Bow.ioiii ColleKe; A.M., Tufts University. UOIJKKT CKADY Ul.AKE, Assistant Professor of En ;lisli; H..-V., Harvard University; M.A., Duke University. C,V OWKN, JR.. Assistant Professor of English; A.H.. M.A.. Ph.D., University of North Carolina. CAIMEK C. COLWELL, Assistant Professor of Eiifclish; B.A., University of Chicago; M.A., Cam- bridge University; Ph.D., Emory University. RICHARD LANGFORD. Instructor in English; A.B., University of Florida; M.A., Stetson University. ETHEL B. COLBRUNN, Assistant Professor of English; A.B., College of Wooster; M.A., Ohio State University; Ph.D., University of Florida. BYRON H. GIBSON, Professor of English, 194(i; A.B., Birmingham-Southern College; M.A., Ph.D., University of Illinois. MARY TRIBBLE LOWRY, Associate Professor of English and Secretary of the Faculty, 1923; Ph.B., M.A., Stetson University. KATHLEEN ALLEN JOHNSON, Assistant Pro- fessor of English; A.B., University of Rochester; B.M., M.A., Stetson University. MARY LOUISE GEHRING, Associate Professor of Speech, 1956; B.A. Baylor University; M.A., Ph.D., Louisiana State University. IRVING C. STOVER. Professor of Speech, 1908; Graduate King ' s School of Oratory; B.O., M.O., Susquehanna University; Litt.D., Stetson Univei ' sity. B. BRUCE GRIFFITHS, Assistant Professor of Speech and Drama; B.A., Baylor University; M.F.A., Yale University Graduate School of Drama. CHARLES C. RITTER. Assistant Professor of Speech, 1956; B.A., Mary Washington College of the University of Virginia; M.A., University of Florida; Ph.D., State Universitv of Iowa. STANDING SEK(;E a. ZENKOVSKY, Associate Professor of History ami Political Science, 1958; Ph.D., Charles University, Prajjue, Czechoslovakia. CLAUDE H. BRITT JK.. Instructor in Modern Un- Kuages, 1959; A.B., Wake Forest; M.A., University of North Carolina. HIGH NELSON SEAY. JK., A. sistant Professor of .Modern Lant uatres; B.A., Randolph-Macon College; A.M., Ph.D.. University of North Carolina. SEATED JOHN L. HODGES, Professor of Modern LanKuaRes, 1954; A.B., M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina. BETTY ZENKOV.SKY, Instructor in Russian Stud- ies; . .B., Univer.sity of Michigan; M.A., Indiana Univer. ' iity. CLAIRE HILL, Instructor in Modern Lanfniaiires FRANCES THORNTON. Professor of French, A.b., M..A.., Stetson University; Docteur es Lettres, Uni- versite de Toulouse. FRED MESSERSMITH, Associate Professor of Art; Head of Art Department; B.F.. ., M.A., Ohio Wes- leyan University. EUGENE BUNKER. Assistant Professor of Art; B.S., Montana State College; M.A., Mills College, Oakland, California. STANDING DONALD HARBIN. Graduate Assistant in Physical Education, B.A., Stetson University. RAY HUSSY, Tennis Coach. GARLAND H. WILLIAMS, Instructor in Physical Education, 195r ; B.S.. University of Georgia; M.A. George Peabody College. GLENN N. WILKES. Ba. ketball Coach and Assi.s- tant Professor of Physical Education; A.B.. Mercer University; M.A., Peabody College. WESLEY M. BERNER, Assistant Professor of Physical Education; B.S., Pacific University; M.A.. Stetson University. SEATED RICHARD B. .MORLAND, Associate Professor of Physical Education. 1952; A.B., Birmingham-Sou- thern College; M.Ed., Springfield College; Ph.D., New Y ' ork University. WARREN CASSIUS COWELL. Professor of Physi- cal Education, 1935; B.S., Kansas State Agricultural College: M..A., University of Florida. ESTHER M. HICK. .Assistant Professor of Physical Education. 1941; B.S.. M.A.. Stetson University. SARA STAFF JERNIGAN. Professor of Physical Education, 1937; B.S.. M.A.. Stetson University. CLAIDE H. CHOKI ' KMNi;, Instiucloi m Malhf- matics; B.S., West Point, New York. WAYL.VNI) HENRY PARR, Instructor in Muthe- iiuitics; B.S., West Point; M.S., Purdue University. KI.IZAHKTH MCKLY BOYD, Assistant Professor of Matluniatiis; B.S.. Juniata College; M.A., Ph.D., fdlunibia University. (iKNK WOODAKD .MKDI.I.N. Associate Professor of Mathen atics; A.B., Wake Forest Collepe; M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina. K.MMKTT S. ASHCRAFT. Associate Professor of .Mathematics, 194!i; B.S., Wake Forest College; M.A., I ' niversity of North Carolina. S. M W. MclNNIS, Visiting Associate Professor of .Mathematics, 1957; A.B., M.A., University of Florida. OSCAR T. JONES, Instructor in Mathematics; B.S., Wake Forest College; M.S., University of Michifran. THEODORE W. BEILER, Associate Professor of Chemistry, 1953; B.S., Alleghany College; M.A., Ph.D., Harvard University. (;E0R(;E LOVELL JENKINS, Professor of Physics, 1948; A.B., Berea College; M.S., University of North Carolina; Ph.D., University of Kentucky. JOHN FERGUSON CONN, Professor of Chemistry, 1929; B.S., Georgetown College; M.S., University of Chicago; Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh. JOHN V. VAUGHEN, Professor of Chemistry, 1946; A.B., Oberlin College; Ph.D.. Johns Hopkins Uni- versity. JAMES E. WILLS, JR., Associate Professor of Physics, 1956; A.B., Mississippi College; M.A., Uni- versity of Virginia; Ph.D., University of Texas. JAMES A. SARTAIN, Assistant Professor of Sociol- ogy, 1955; B.S., Alabama State Teachers College, Troy; M.A., Peabody College. .MELVIN J. WILLIAMS, Professor of Sociology. 1952; A.B., B.D., Ph.D., Duke University. SIDNEY B. DENMAN. Professor of Social Psychol- ogy, 1950; A.B.. Mississippi College; M.A., Tulane University; Ph.D., Duke University. .VLBERT .M. WINCHESTER, Professor of Biology, 1947; A.B., Baylor University; M.A., University of Texas; Ph.D., University of Texas. DOROTHY LANGFORD FULLER, Associate Pro- fessor of Biology, 1941; A.B., M..A.., Stetson Uni- versity. KEITH L. HANSEN, Assistant Professor of Biology, 1955; B.S., M.S., Stetson University; Ph.D., Univer- sity of Florida. ELMER C. PRICHARD, Professor of Biology, 1947; A.B., Mississippi College; M.A., University of Rich- mond; Ph.D., University of North Carolina. • " ■ MALCOLM M. WYNN. Associate Professor of His- tory iinti Political Science, 1952; A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Ohio State L ' niver.sity. ( AKL HKKBKKT JOHNSO.N. Assistant Professor of (Juotrraphy, liKi. " ); U.S., M.A., Stet.son University. HAKOLI) J. St ' HlLTZ, Assistant Professor of His- tory and Political Science; B.A. Goshen Collefre; M.A., University of Michijran; Ph.D., Duke Univer- .sity. CEKALD K. ( KlKtl ' ll. Assistant Professor of American Studies; A.B., Syracuse University A.M., University of Pennsylvania; Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania. EVANS C. JOHNSON, Associate Professor of His- tory and Political Science, 1953; A.B., M.A., Uni- versity of .■Mabania; Ph.D., University of North Carolina. JOHN E. JOHNS. Professor of History and Political Science, 1948; A.M., Furman University; M.A., University of Xorth Carolina. GILBERT L. LYCAN. Professor of History and Political Science, 1946; A.B., Bera College; M.A., Ph.D., Yale University. LUTHER W. S.MITH. JR.. Assistant Professor of History and Political Science. 1957; B.A.. Denison University; M.A., Ph.D., Yale Graduate School. JOHN A. HAGUE, Associate Professor of American Studies, 1955; A.B., Princeton University; Ph.D., Yale University. JO.SKIMI sr ITON, .Associate Professor of Psychol- ogy; B.S., Stetson University; M.A., Ph.D., Vander- bilt University. RICARD L. STAFFORD. Assistant Professor of Psychology; B.S., M.S., Auburn; B.D., .Southern Baptist Seminary. WARREN F. JONES, JR.. Associate Professor of Psychology. 1955; B.S., Union University; M.A.. Peabody; Ph.D., Vanderbilt University. STANDING lUIJKKT L()N(;STKEKT, Visiting Professor of Ed- luatioii. l!Mi»; U.S., l.L.B., Stetson University; M.A., HiitkO I ' niversity. W.VTIK IMC ' KENS, AssisUint Piofessor of Educa- tion, B.S., 01 lahonia A. M,; M.A.7., Ed.l)., Univer- sity of Florida. (;E()R(;E W. hood. Associate Professor of Educa- tion; A.B., Baker University; M.B.A.. Ph.D., Uni- versity of Cliiia ' ci. IIARLANI) .MEKKIA.M. Associate Professor of Edu- cation; B.S., Boston University; Ed.M., Ed.D.. Har- vard University. SEATED KK ' HAKI) UOPELAND. Associate Professor of Edu- cation; D.Ed.. Univeisity of Florida. IHUKMAN E. S.MOTHERMAN. Associate Profes- sor of Education, 195G; A.B., State Teachers College, Missouri; M.Ed., Ed.D., University of Missouri. RUTH I. SMITH, Associate Professor of Education, 1954; B.S., Pennsylvania State Teachers College; M.A., Ed.D., University of Pittsburgh. RAY V. SOWERS, Professor of Education, 1948; A.B., LL.D.. Florida Southern College; M.A., Uni- versity of Xorth Carolina. RANDOLPH CARTER. Professor of Education, 1944; M.A., Columbia University; Ph.D., Peabody College. E. EARL JOINER, Assistant Professor of Religion, 1955; A.B., Stetson University; B.D., Th.M., Sou- thern Baptist Theological Seminary. SAM HILL, Assistant Professor in Religion, B.A., Georgetov Ti College; B.D., Southern Seminary; M.A., ' anderbilt University. JAMES A. STEWART, Professor of Philosophy; Diploma in Theology, Baptist Theological College of Ireland; M.R.E., New Orleans Theological Semi- nary; Ph.D., Eastern University; D.D., Stetson Uni- versity. OLIVER LaFAYETTE WALKER, Professor of Re- ligion, 1943; A.B., Howard College, Th.M.. Th.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. EDWARD A. HOLMES, JR., Assistant Professor of lieligion, 1956; A.B., Mercer University; B.D., Emory I ' niversity. ELEANOR ANNE HURST, Circulation Librarian, 1952; B.S., Georgia State College for Women; M.Ln., Emory Universit.v. FRANCES MILLS, Catalogue Librarian, 1949; A.B., Mount Holyoke College; B.S. in L.E., New York State University Teachers College; M.A., Columbia Uni- versity. CHARLOTTE SMITH, Documents Librarian, 1939; A.B., Agnes Scott College; M.A., A.B., in L.S., Emory University. ANN ELIZABETH .MITCHELL, Reference Librar- ian; M.A., Vanderbilt University and Peabody College. EDWARD COLSON Fl ' RLONG, JR. Dean of the School of Business The School of Business was established in 19-10. It is housetl in its own building on main campus. The colletre rraduate enter- ing business without special preparation suf- fers a handicap; similarly one who confines his study to business is handicapped. The projfram of the School of Business, therefore, is a combination of academic and business subjects. The Faculty endeavors to cultivate in students those qualities of mind and character that will make useful citizens with hijrh ideals of business morality and social responsibility. Students are encouraged to acquire a clear understanding of modern in- dustrial .society and of their responsibilities and opportunities in it. SCHOOL OF BUSINESS OFFICERS ROSS WA(iER President PAT O ' NEAL Vice-President SARAH FOSTER Secretary MARK CORNEILIIS Treasurer 2 I{()(;ER G. GILES. Assistant Professor of Hiisiiu ' ss Administration, IS ' SS; LL.B., Cum- bi ' rlanil University; I.1..B., Stetson Univei- sity. EDWAKI) C. Kl ' |{l,()N(;, JR., Professor ..I Business Administration, 19;!8; B.S., M.A.. Stetson University; } ' ' ' ' « li ' nfi ' study, Casr Institute of Technology. JOHN E. BARTHEL. Assistant Professor of Economies, 1955; Diplom-Volliswirt. Dotc- tor rer. pol.. University of Berlin. FRANK .M. PHILLII ' S, Visiting: Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, 1947; Ph.D.. GeorKc Washington University. LOUISE tJUARLES. Secretary. m . FACULTY STANDING DAVID M. BEIGHTS, Professor of Account- ing, 1953; A.B., University of Colorado; M.S., Ph.D., University of Illinois. DAVID MILLER, Assistant Professor of Business Administration, 1955; B.S., A.B., University of Florida, C.P.A. SEATED HENRY F. (JODFREY, Visiting Assistant Professor of Business Administration, 1956; A.B., Harvard University. CAROL J. NICKLAS. Assistant Professor of Business Education, 1954; B.S., M.B.A., Indiana University. MAXINE L. PATTERSON, Professor of Business Administration, 1948; B.S., Mary Washington College of the University of Virginia; M.B.E., University of Colorado. CHAUNCEY S. ELKINS, Assistant Profes- sor of Business Administration, 1956; A.B., Marshall College; M.B.A., University of Michigan. 29 ♦ % K 4L The Stetson University School of Music was founded in 1934 and is now a member of the Na- tional Association of Schools of Music. The well rounded curriculum prepares students for teach- injr in the public schools and the directing of church music. The school includes a prepara- tory department for children and for students whose previous training has been insufficient. Music activities are centered around DeLand Hall, Annex and the Band Hall. All recitals and special music activities take place in the chapel in Eliza- beth Hall. The recently revised music library, in- cluding- scores, books and recordinjrs. greatly supplements the music literature collection of the University Library. s 1 DONALD CHARLES YAXLEY Executive Secretary of the Faculty of the Music School SCHOOL OF MUSIC OFFICERS ROBERT (JLENDON ' ice-Presi(lcnt DELL .Ml RRY President BARBARA SAMSON Secretary KARL STEIN Treasurer W 30 JACK CALVIN ROWE, Assistant Professor of Church Music, 1954; A.B., Ouachita CoileRe; M.S.M., Southern Haptist Theological Scniinai ' y. RICHAKI) McDowell FEASKL, Associate Pro- fessor of Wind Instruments. I ' .tKi; B.M., M.A., Stet- son University. PAl ' L R. JENKINS. JR., Assistant Professor of OrKan, li»5 ' .; K.A., Davidson College; M.M., Uni- versity of Michigan. MRS. CLAUDE ALMANI), Assistant Professor of Piano, B.M., Furman University; Diploma, Juillianl School of Music. ELEANOR LEEK, Associate Professor of Violon- cello and Theory, 194(!; B.M., M.M., Eastman School of Music. FRANCES Mon.lllKOl ' (iOUDON. Instructor in Piano, li , " )7; H.M., Wcsleyan Collose. RUTH RICHARDSON CARR. Associate Professor of Church Music, 1946; B.S., Houphton College; M.M., Eastman School of Music. : (L- . . FACULTY VERONICA DAVIS GOVE, Professor of Music Edu- cation, 1931; B.M., University of Illinois; M.A.. Columbia University. MILDRED REID HEAD, Instructor in Voice, 1957; B.S., Queens College. FRANCES BUXTON, Professor of Theory and Violin, 1943; M.M., Eastman School of Music; B.M., Cleveland Institute of Music. DONALD CHARLES YAXLEY, Assistant Professor of Wind and Percussion Instruments, 1949; B.M., M.A., Stetson University. JAMES D. PERDUE, Instructor in Music Literature and Music Librarian, 1954; B.M., M.A., Stetson Uni- versity. ROGER L. CUSHMAN, Associate Professor of Piano and Theoiy, 1950; B.M., M.M., Yale University. HAROLD MILNE GRIFFIN, Professor of Voice, 1935; A.B., Denison University; B.M., M.A., East- man School of Music. 31 THE SENIORS I ' cato bo within thoy sacred halls and temples . . . Now that we seniors have reached jri ' iulii- ation, our first thou rhts may be of the friends we will have to leave behind, but each of us knows that he takes with him something of Stetson University ' s tradition. The satisfy- ing experiences and the pleasant memories will alwavs be hallowed as will the campus ' halls and temples. f ft ■r ' ' -- ?■ • fc f- r- Dot Hallard. Ann Anck-rson. Dannv Allen. Joanne Sellers The Senior Class OFFICERS DANNY ALLEN President ANN ANDERSON .... Vice-President DOT BALLARD Secretary JOANNE SELLERS Treasurer 34 Al)il. S. Aikin. M. A. Aldirnmn. l( aiulir. .1. Alli-n, I). ABEL, SUZANNE, (oral (iahks. I ' la. . . . L.A.— Alpha Xi Delta, Pledge Tieas., Uec. Sec, Pies.; Canterbury Club; Hse. Coun.; Univ. Party Rep.; Sociology Club; Inter. Rel. Club; Stover Theatre; S.F.E.A.; Pan. Coun. AIKEN. MARY ANN, Atlanta, Ga. . . . L.A.— Alpha Chi OmeKa. Pledge Treas., Standards Board, 2nd V.P.; Sch. Chr., Jr. Pan. Rep.; Phi Society, Treas; Beta Beta Beta, Sec; Sigma Alpha Omega; Mortar Board, Treas.; Dean ' s List; Pres. Emily Hall; Ex. Coun.; Freshman Adv.; Assis. Dorm. Dir.; Y.W.A., V.P.; Emily Hall; B.S.U.; Quiz Bowl. L.A. — Ministerial L.A.— Phi Mu; ALDERMAN, EUGENE, Tampa. Fla. Association. ALEXANDER, JANE. Oviido, Fla. S.F.E.A., Treas.; Canterbury Club. ALLEN, DANNY H., Forest City. N.C. . . . L.A.— Pi Kappa Phi, Hist., Dec; B.S.U. Ex. Coun.; Stu. Adv.; Homecoming Com.; Band, Operations Officer, Pub. Chr.; Kappa Kappa Psi, V.P.; Psi Chi, Sec, Treas.; Players ' Guild; Theta Alpha Phi; Rel. Focus Wk. Com.; Soc Chr. SUB; S.G.A.; Sr. Class Pres. ALLEN. REYNOLD.S. Wauchula, Fla. . . . L.A.— Pi Kappa Phi; Men ' s Coun.; Omicron Delta Kappa; Scabbard and Blade; Honor Roll; Outstanding Freshman; Outstanding Jr. Cadet, ROTC, Cadet Capt.; Co-Chr. Homecoming; B.S.U. ; Pres. of Soph. Class; Glee Club, Travel Squad; Seminar Chr., Rel. Focus Wk.; Who ' s Who. ANDERSON, CARRIE ANNIS, West Palm Beach, Fla. . . . L.A.— Alpha Chi Omega, V.P., Rec. Sec, Pan. Rep., Pan Treas.; Women ' s Ex. Coun., Rep. at Lg.; Soph. Class Sec; Sr. Class V.P.; Chaudoin Hall, Pres., Y.W.A., W.P.; B.S.U., Enlistment V.P.; Majorette; Sigma Pi Kappa, Soc. Chr. ANDERSON. GARY LEO, Reidsville. Ga Bus.— Account- ancy Club; Scabbard and Blade, Treas.; Intramurals; B.S.U. ARMSTRONG, PEGGY ANN. Helena. Ala L.A.— Trans- fer from Stephens College; Zeta Tau Alpha, Standards Chr.; Phi Psi; Honor Roll, Intramurals. BAGBY, VIRGINIA, Charlotte. N. C. . . . Mus.— Alpha Chi Omega, Pres., Rush Chr., Song Dir.; Phi Beta, Sec, Ritual Chr.; Am. Guild of Organists, V.P.; Yearbook Editor, His., Soc. Chr.; V.P. of Mus. Sch.; Pan. Coun., Greek Wk. Comm; Student Affairs-Student Leaders Comm.; Glee Club, Travel Squad; B.S.U.; Student Adv.; Assis. Dorm. Dir.; Freshman Adv.; Who ' s Who. Allen, R. Ander.son. A. Anderson. G. Armstrong. P. Bagby, V.«in. M. Kali uh man. . HAI.DWIN. MAKCIA MARIE, W. Palm Beach, Fla L.A. Alpha Xi Delta, Rush Sec, .Jour, Cor., Chr. Cal. Com.; Honor Roll; S.F.E.A., Pub. Cr.; Student Christian Assoc; Lutheran Stu. Assoc, V.P.; Kappa Delta Pi. BALLAKD. DOROTHY. H., Coral Gables, Fla L.A.— Phi Mu, Hse. Chr., Standards Chr., Chap.; Canterbury, Soc Chr., Hse. Chr., V.P.; Modern Dance; Women ' s Coun.; Soc. Dir.; ROTC Sponsor; Sec. Sr. Class; Stu. Adv. ISAKKKR. LEON H.. Daytona Beach, Fla. . . . L.A. BARNES, LYRA. Orlando, Fla. . . . L.A.— Alpha Xi Delta, Act. Chr., Asst. Rush Chr., Cor. Sec; Rules and Procedure; La Franciade, Pres.; SFEA; Kappa Delta Pi; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Stu. Adv. BARR, JOAN, Boughdon, (ia. . . . L.A.— Zela Tau Alpha; Stand. Chr., Cor. Sec; Women ' s Coun.; V.P. Emily Hall: SFEA; Canterbury; Hatter Staff. BEALL, SUSAN W., Miami. Fla. . . . L.A.— Pi Beta Phi, Pledpe Class Treas., Rush Chr., Projr. Chr., Pan. Del., Conven. Del., Pres., Ex. Coun., Pub. Chr., Adv. Jr. Pan Coun.; SGA, V.P.; Sirt. at Arms, Emily Hall; Pub. Board, Sec; SUB; Reporter Staff; Stetson Corres. to Miami Herald. BAUGHMAN, WARNER. I ' alalka. Flu Association; SFEA. . L.. . — Ministerial BEAKOl T. KOBKRr W AKREN. Mailland. Fla. . . . L.A.— Lambda Chi Alpha, Pledjre Tr., Sec, Disc. Coun.; West- minster Fel. Coun.; IFC; Stu. Adv. BOEKEE. (JEESKE EI.IZ 1U: III. l! I la. . . . L.A. — Transifer from Sullins CoUckc; Pi Beta Phi. Use Mjir., Pledge Sec; Frosh. Adv. Boren. S. Brarkin. E. Brooks. 7.. Broughton. J. © f IIOOS. MAKIIN, |{»jnt..n Ht-iuh. Flu . . . Hus. — Si ' ma Phi Eijsilon, Pii ' s., V.P., Pivs. of Pk ' dffe CI., Hse. Mf.; Dis. Coun., Pres., Sec-.; IKC, V.P.; Mr. Stetson Con.; Intra. Athlete ..f Yr.-1958-59; Chr. Gk. Wk. Comm.; Intra. .Ml Star, Football, Basketball, Softball; Top 5 biiwler; 1st place foul shot cont.; Var. Basket- ball. BOREN, N.VNCY SUE, Atlanta, C.a L.A.— Frosh. B.S.U. Coun.; Sijcnia Alpha Omesra, Sec.; Women ' s Intra. Board; Hse. Coun.; Stu. Adv. liOUREAU, SALLY, (oral (iables, Fla. . . . L.A.— Delta Delta Delta, Pledge Sec, Cor. Sec, Pledge Tr., V.P.; Sigma Tau Delta, V.P., Pres.; Sigma Pi Kappa, His., V.P.; Hatter Staff, Soph. CI. Ed., Intro. Ed.; Reporter Staff, Copy Ed., Feat. Ed.; Women ' s Coun., Em. Hall; Westminster Fel., Sec. Pres.; SCA, Sec; Rel. Life Coun., Sec; Green Feather Com., Act. Chr.; SFEA. 1!U. CK1N, EDWAKl), Tampa. Kla. L.A. BROOKS, ZELDA, Bunnell, Fla. . . . L.A.— Alpha Dexioma; B.S.U. ; Phi Mu; Soc Ser. Chr., Reg., Hist.; Varsowein Club, SFEA, Pub. Chr.; Tau Beta Sigma, V.P.; Band. BROUGHTON, JOHN N., Chicago, 111 L.A. — Transfer from Kendall College; Sci-oll and Key, V.P.; Minst. Ass ' n., Treas.; Frosh. Adv.; Dean ' s List; Honors Piog. ; Intra.; Quiz Bowl; Stover Theati-e; Stetson Review. BROWN, NANCY JEAN. East Point, C.a. . . . .Mus.— Glee Club, Pub. Man., Solo.; Phi Beta, Pres.; AGO, Cor. Sec; Madrigal Soc; Dean ' s List. BURNETTE. CAROL LINDA, Coral Gables, Fla. . . . L.A.— Pi Beta Phi, Act. Chr., Intra. Kep.; Hatter Staff; Cheerleader; Mod. Dance Club; Opera Wkshop; Women ' s Intra. Board, Pub. Co -Chr.; Cal. Girl; Stover Theatre; Wesley Foundation. BURNSEI), ANNE ' HE E., Jacksonville, Fla. . . . L.A. — Transfer from Jacksonville U.; YWA; BSU; SFEA; Kappa Delta Pi, Treas. CADMAN, WILLIAM, Orlando. Fla L.A.— Pi Kappa Phi, Secretary. CALDWELL, JAMES T., Ocala, Fla. . . . L.A. — Minis. Ass ' n.; BSU; Intramurals. CALLAN. JAMES T.. Pompano Beach, Fla L.A. — Pi Kappa Alpha; Stu. . ' dv.; Intra.; Pre- Law Ass ' n.; Tolstoy Club. CALTRIDER, NANCY CHEEK, Atlanta, Ga. . . . .Mus.— Alpha Xi Delta, Mus. Chr., Philan- thropy Chr., Mus. Dir.; Phi Beta, Act. Chr.; Glee Club, Travel Squad; Soloist; BSU. CAMPBELL, .MILDRED. Plant City, Fla. L.A.— Alpha Xi Delta, Hse. Chr.; SFEA, Pub. Chr.; Wesley Foundation. Co- Burnsed. A. Cadman. W. Caldwell, J. Callan. J. Caltrider. N. Campbell, M. ( :ir(iinr. i:. Ihristonsen, K ( arlir, H. CliviT, 1). Coohran. K. » hil.l-. II. ( ..(T.N. It. (■ AlUmr. i:i) AUn. Rronx. N. Y. I.. A. CAUUOI.L, KICHARI) lilJW AKI), Orlando, Tla. . . . Bus.— Transfer from The Citadel; Pi Kappa Alpha; Inter. Club. CARTER, ROSS, Jacksonville, Fla. . . . L.A.— Pi Kappa Phi, Pledge Tr.; S Club; Varsity Baseball; Phys. Ed. Major Club; Intra. Board. TASSEL. KENNETH, T.. JR., Gainesville. Ila. . . . L.A.— Pi Kappa Phi; Men ' s Dorm Advisor. CHILDS, BARBARA, Gainesville, Ga . . . L.A.— Transfer from Brenau Collejre; Zeta Tau Alpha, Use. Man.; Women ' s Coun.; Reporter Staff; Beta Beta Beta; SFKA; Canterbury. CHRISTENSEN, KAREN, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. . . . L.A.— Alpha De.xioma, Treas.; SFEA, Pres.; IWO, Pres.; Lutheran Stu. Ass ' n., Sec.-Treas.; SCA; Green Feather Dr., Pub. Chr.; Women ' s Intra.; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Mortar Board; Kappa Delta Pi, His.; Stu. Adv.; Who ' s Who. CLEARY. THOMAS A.. Cocoa, Fla. . . . L.A.— Ministerial Ass ' n., Act. Chr.. Intra. Chr.; Student Advisor. ( l.n 1;K, ItON.M.I) I!., ll(dly« H.d. ila. . . . Bus.— Lambda. Chi Ali)ha, Treas., His.; Beta .Alpha Sijrma. (•()(I1U N. Ul III, Del. and, lla. . . I. .A. (■()lli:V l! l{l!AUA ANN, Hl .«in« licck, N. V. . . . I. .A. COMI ' ION, C ll., Orlaiidi). I ' la. . . . I,.A.— MoiLar Board, COKLI.. TALL K., Canlield, Ohio . . . L.A.— Rules and Pro. Conini.; Iiidep.; Gamma Theta Upsilon, Pres.; Kappa Kappa Psi, His.; Band; We.sley Found.; Stu. Adv.; Reporter Staff; Hatter Photo.; FTA; Band Oper. Comm.; Pep Band; ROTC; SFEA; Intra.; Inter. Rel. Club; Fencing Club; Varsovienne Club. CREEL. MANYA, Charlotte, N. C. . . . Mus.— Glee Club; Travel Squad; Key Memb.; Univ. Mad. Singers; Stu Adv.; BSU, Ex. Coun.. Mus. Chr. CROUCH, BARBARA, Dania, Fla. . . . L.A.— Alpha Chi Omega, Act. Chr., Lyre Ed.; Sigma Delta Pi; Women ' s Coun.; Em. Hall, Sec; SFEA; BSU; YWA; Honor Roll; Stu. Adv. CUSTER, SALLY JO. Hagerstown, Md. . . . L.A.— Delta Delta Delta, His., Soc. Chr.; Cal. Girl; Theatre Guild; Coun., St. Hall. DAVIDSON, ZONA. Crestview, Fla. SFEA. L.A.— Phi Mu; DAVIS, EARL, Madison. Fla. . . . L.A. DES CAMPS, JULIUS ROBERT, Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. . . L.A. — Sigma Alpha Omega. Creel, M. Crouch. B. Custer, S. J. Davidson. Z. Davis, E. » KdKeman, L. Eubanks, E DE WITT, MEREDITH, Wini.r Pi.rk. Ila L.A.— Phi Mu, Pres.; Women ' s Council. DODI), SUZANNE, Daytona Beach, Fla. . . . Mus.. L.A.— IWO; Glee Club; Band; West. Choir Dir.; Oich.; Brass Choir; Phi Beta; MENC, Pres.; Kappa Delta Pi; Tau Beta Sigma; Cheerleader. DORMAN, CAMILLE. Ormond Beach, Fla. . . . I,.A.— Alpha Dexioma, Sec; IWO; La Franciade; Women ' s Phy. Kd. Prof. Club, Sec, Pres.; Women ' s Intra. DOSSETT. JACQUELINE, Tampa, Fla. . . . L.A.— Alpha Xi Delta, Phil. Chr., Marshal, Treas., Cor. Sec; Debate Club, Sec; Pi Kappa Delta, Sec, Pres.; Phi Soc; Siprma Tau Delta, Sec, V.P.; W omen ' s Coun.; V.P. Stet.son Hall; Stu. Adv. DUI ' ERLY, MAR(;ARET DORIS, Kingston, Jamaica . . . L.A. — Scroll and Key, Treas.; Kappa Pi, Sec-Tieas.; Art Club; Inter. Club; Chr. of Comm. of Fine Arts, SUB; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. EDGEMAN, LEWIS J., DcLand, Fla. . . . L.A.— Transfer from East Texas Baptist ColleRe; BSU; Gamma Si) :ma Epsi- lon, Rec; Siftma Alpha Oniena; Beta Beta Beta; Dean ' s List. EUBANKS, R. EDWARD, Pelham, Ga. . . . L.A.— Sigma Nu; S. Club; Phys. Ed. Club; Varsity Basketball; Track. Fletcher. A. Flint. H. EVANS, KKNNETH K., I ' ompanu »each, Fla. . . . L.A.— Pi Kappa I ' hi, Ills., Pari.; SUB. Pies.. I ' uh. Chr., Comm. Chr.: Wesley Found., Soc. Chr.; SCA; S(;A, Pari.; Stover Thea. Protl.; SFEA; Pol. Forum; FCCH. FREDIEURES. SONYA, Orlando. Fla. . . . L.A.— SFEA FIZEITE. NOKM.VN H.. Del.and, Fla. . . . L.A.— Gamma Sigma Epsilon; We.sley Found.; IMO; Honor Roll; ROTC. FLETCHER, ALBERT. Orange City. Fla. . . . L.A. FLINT, HOLLIS M.. Daytona Beach. Fla. . . . L.A.— Beta Beta Beta, V.P., Pres.; Canterbury. FULTON. CHARLES BRITTON. W. Palm Beach, Fla. . . . Bus.— Sigma Nu; DDK, Treas.; SGA, Soc. V.P.; Pershing Rifle Ex. Officer, Com. Officer; Scabbard and Blade, V.P.; ROTC Major; Treas. Jr. Class; Resident Adv.; Stu. Adv.; West Fel., V.P., Pres.; SCA, Pres.; Distinguished Military Stu.; Outstanding ROTC Cadet; Outstanding Jr. Cadet Award; Pre-Law Ass ' n., Sec; Student Affairs Comm.; Fresh. Adv.; Outstanding Academic ROTC Wreath; ROTC Color Guard; Who ' s Who. GAINES, JOHN M., St. Augustine, Fla. . . . Bus.— Pi Kappa Phi, Treas.; BSU, Ex. Coun.; Glee Club; Travel Squad; Accountancy Club; Men ' s Res. Adv.; ROTC. GERRITY, THOMAS R.. DeLand, Fla. . . . L.A.— Pi Kappa Alpha, Treas., Sec, Alum. Sec, Outstanding Pledge, Wk.- End Chr.; Alpha Sigma. GIBSON, MARY R., DeLand. Fla . . . L.A.— Delta Delta Delta, Pub. Chr., Trident Cor.; Sigma Tau Delta, Treas.; BSU; Hatter Staff. GORMLEY, MARTHA ANN, W. Palm Beach, Fla L.A.— Alpha Xi Delta, Cor. Sec, Act. Chr., Secret Officer; SFEA; BSU. GRAHAM, WILLIAM F., Daytona Beach, Fla. . . . L.A. Fulton. C. Gaines. J. Gerrity. T. Gibson. M. Gormlv. M. Graham. W. £ £iCl (JRASS, MARY MARTHA, DeLand. Fla. . . . L.A.— Trans. Fla. State; Canterbuiy House, Ex. Coun.; Kappa Pi. GRIDZINA, JOSEPH S., Beacon, N. Y. . . . IJus.— Stetson Rifle and Pistol Club; Intramuials. GUNDERSON, JA.MK. , Kniimcla«. Wash. . . . L.A. HADSOCK, LOUIS DONALD, DouRlas, Ga. . . . L.A.— Sicnia Alph.i OmcL ' a: Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. HAMMOND. MA1{(;ARET, Eusti.s, Fla. . . . L.A.— SFEA; I WO; . lphu Dcxioma. Ilaniinciiul. M. Ilerrin, ( ' . HAMPTON, ALICE A., V. Palm Beach, Fla. . . . Bus.— Hatter Staff; Modern Dance Club; Rifle Club. Sec; IWO; Accountancy Club, Sec. HEAD, JOHN, Atlanta, (Ja. . . . LA. HELVESTON, RICHARD R., Tampa. Fla. . . . L.A. HENEY, MARY HIL.MA, DeLand, Fla. . . . L.A.— Zela Tau Alpha, Pledge V.P., Outstandinj; Pledge, See. Chr., Ex. Coun.. Treas.; Sigma Delta Pi, His., Treas., Pres.; La Franciade; Sigma Pi Kappa; Reporter Staff, Makeup Ed.; Ed. of Stu. Handbook; Tolstoy Club, Soc. Chr.; Hatter Holiday Comm.; Homecoming Comm. Greek Wk. Comm.; Green Feather Comm.; Stu. Adv.; Westminister Pel.; Honor Roll. HEKKIN, CAROL SUSAN, Tampa, I ' la. . . . L.A.— Phi Mu, Mi ' ml . Dii-.; Kappa I ' hi; SFKA; Wesley Foumi.; Pan. Coun., S(H-. (111-., Treas., Pub. Chr. HOI.l.V, KOHEKT L., Miami, Tla. . . . «us.— Sigma Nu, Rec, Lt. Com., Com.; IFC, Treas., V.l .; Chr., IFC Dis. Coun.; Chr., Hatter Basketball Contest. HOPPER, JO ANNE, Cedartown, Ca. . . . L.A.— Alpha Chi Ometia, Rush Chr.. Soc. Chr., Pres.; Pan. Coun.; Women ' s Coun.; Chaudoin Hall V.P.; Green Feather Act. Co-Chr.; Jr. Sec; Enlist. Co-Chr, BSU; BSU Rep. in SCA; YWA, Pub. Chr.; Honor Holl; Dean ' s List; Kappa Delta Pi; Scroll and Key; Mortar Board; Who ' s Who. HOWELL, N. CAROL, Jack.sonville, Fla. . . . L.A.— Pi Beta Phi, Pledge Sch. Award, Pledge Chap., Chp., Cor. Sec. Stand. Chr., Univ. Party Rep.; SUB; Indep. Rep., Sec; Stu. Adv.; Rel. Life Coun.; Woman .Stu. Rep.; Phi Society; Sigma Tau Delta; Scroll and Key, Pres.; Mortar Board, Sec; Honors Prog.; Borden Frosh. Prize; Phi Beta Kappa Alum Prize; Acad. ' Coun. Class Award; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who. HOWELL, EDWARD V., DeLand, Fla L.A.— Min. Ass ' n.; S Club; Track Team; Intra. Board. HUMMELGARD, JOYCE LENA, Kingston, Jamaica . . . L.A. — Zeta Tau Alpha, Act. Chr.; Sigma Delta Pi; Canterbury; Inter. Club. HUNT, RONALD W., DeLand, Fla. . . . L.A. HUNTER, MYR.4 JEAN, Bradenton, Fla. . . . L.A.— Phi Mu, Soc. Ser., Chap., Reporter; Sigma Delta Pi, Sec, V.P.; Player ' s Guild, Cor. Sec; Rel. Emph. Wk. Comm.; Greek Wk. Rep.; Dis. Stu. Fel., V.P.; SCA, Rep.; Impetus, Con. Ed.; Paradigm, Con.; Annual Staff; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. HUTCHESON, JERE T., Marietta, Ga Mus.— Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Glee Club; Travel Squad; Golf Team; BSU. Howell, C. Howell, E. Hummelgard. J. Hunt, R. Hunter. M. Hutcheson. J. Jon, . W. Keaton. R. JEFFERSON. FREDERICK, Clermont, Fla L.A.— Sipma N ' u: Fresh. Basketball Coach; Honor Roll; Omicron Delta Kappa; SGA, Pres.; S Club, Pres.; Men ' s Phys. Ed. Majors ' Club, Pres.; SFEA; Beta Beta Beta; Who ' s Who. JOHNSON. HOWARD, W. Palm H.ach. Fla. Kappa Alpha: IFC Rep. Bus.— Pi JONES, CAROL ANN, Decrfield Beach, Fla. . . . Bus.— Zeta Tau Alpha; SFEA; BUS; Transfer from .Mars Hill Junior College. JONES. DONNA JEAN, Owen.sboro, K.v. . . . L.A.— Zela Tau Alpha, Mag. Chr., Ass ' s. Rush Chr., V.P., Pledge Trainer. JONES. WILMA MARIE. Claxton. Ga Bus.— Delta DelU Delta. Pledge Treas., . sst. Sch. Chr., Phil. Chr.; Hatter Staff; Sigma Pi Kappa; Reporter Staff, Soc. Ed.; BSU; Stover Thea. Prod. JORDAN, JUDITH. Miami. Fla Mus.— Band; Glee Club; Travel Squad; Phi Beta. Pledge V.P.. Soc. Chr., Treas.; Or- chestra, Pres.; Mus. Sch. Sec.; Am. Guild of Organists; Madrigals; BSU; Alpha Chi Omega Social Pledge. JORDAN. LOYS AUGUSTUS. Greenville. S. C. . . . L.A. JURA.S. JUDITH ANN. Ormond Beach. Fla. . . . L.A.— Zeta Tau Alpha, Act. Chr., His., Pres.; Women ' s Coun., Soc. Chr. Stetson Hall; Stu. Adv.; LSA; Art Club; SFEA; Honor Roll; Intra. -il i KEATOX. I ' ATRICIA. Dcl.and. Fla. . . . L.A.— SFEA. KKATON. KOItKlM " . Del.aiul. Fla. . . . L.A.— Ministerial Ass ' n. KEITH, I.A V|{|:N( K II.. Morri-. 111. . . . .Mu.s— Gamma Sif-rma Epsilon, Pres.; Kappa Kappa, Treas.; Band; Orchestra; Pep Pand; Oper. Com.: ROTC; Stu. Adv ; Wesley Found., SCA Ren.; Quiz Bowl; SCA ; Reporter Statf, Hatter Photographer. KENNEDY, FRANK T., Florence, Ala. . . . Bus.— Pi Kapra Alpha, Sec, Chr., V.P.; Hse. COun.; Rifle Team; Intra ; Canterbury; Militaiy Ball Conim. KENNEDY, ROBERT B.. North Bay Ontario . . . L.A.— Beta Beta Beta; Inter. Club, Pres ; SUB, Co-Chr. Film and Fine Arts Club; YounR Rep. Club; Water Ski Club; Canterbury; Gym Squad. KINSER, DONNA K.. Lakeland. Fla. . . . .Mus— Transfer from Converse College; Zeta Tau Alpha, Mus. Dir.; Glee Club; Travel Squad; MENC; Opera Workshop; Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Court. LANCASTER, DLANE M., Winter Park, Fla. . . . L.A.— Transfer from Wake Forest Colleg-e; Delta Delta Delta, Ree. Sec; Kappa Delta Pi; SFEA; Hatter Bus. Staff; Stu. Adv; Honor Roll. LESSLEY, RAYMOND E., Wauchula, Fla. . . . L.A.— Phi Society; Sigma Alpha Omega; Kappa Delta Pi. LEIBTAG, JUDY M., Orlando, Fla. . . . Bus.— Delta Delta Delta, Ass ' t. Treas.; Treas., Marshal; Westminster Fel., Pub. Chr.; Stetson Player ' s Guild; Costumer, Stover Theatre. LIGHT, ROY H., Orlando, Fla. . . . L. A.— Accountancy Club; Beta Alpha Sigma. Kennedy. R. Kinser, 1). Lancaster, D. Lessley. R. Leibtas. .1. Light. R. i tt I-. Lufchaurr, ( ' . 1 --.k. .1. M.Arlhiir. i. M.( aiil. . M Mclnnis. H. McKihlun, J. Mf Larry. (;. -Mahonc, 1 ' . Marlinda .■. 1 LOWE, I ' ATRICIA ANN, Sarasota. Fla. . . . L.A.— Pi Beta Phi, Prop. Chr.. Prcs.; Military Bali Court; SFEA, Mcmb. Chr.; Calendar Girl; S Club Sweetheart; F ' reshnian Adviser. Ll ' ECHAUER, CAROL. Hollywood, Fla. . . . L.A.— Pi Beta Phi, Secretary and Trcasurci-. LYSEK, JOSEI ' HINE. Tampa. Fla. . . . I,.A.— Alpha Chi Omega, Trcas.; Hse. Coun., Rep.. V.P.. Pres.; Ex. Coun., Pres. Phi Society, Pres.; Sipma .-Mpha Omefra, Trea. ;.: Kappa DelU Pi, Sec; Scroll and Key; Mortarboard; BSU; YWA; SCA; Orientation Com.; Rel. Wk. Co-chr.; Homecoming Co- ehr.; Aca. Coun. CI. Award; Phi Beta Kappa Award; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who. McARTHUR, ROBERT M., Clearwater. Fla. . . . Bus.— Siirma Nu; S Club Lounjre Chr.; Varsity Tennis; Intrani. All-Stars; DSF; Mr. Stetson; Campus Police; Dorm. Judiciary Board. McCAlLEY, MARIETTA. Savannah, (Ja. . . . L.A.— Alpha Chi Onicpa. Chap.; Glee Club; Trav. Sij.; Key Member; Am. Guild of OrRanists; BSU; YWA, State Mus. Chr. MclNMS. UAKUAKA, lU-I.i-oii SprinRs, Kla. L.A. McKlimivN. JON, DeLand. Fla. . . . I..A.— Si ma Nu; Scab- bard and Blade, Pres.; KOTC, Kiflc Team; SCA; DSF, Pies.; Men ' s Council. McLAKKY, f;E()K(;E, Winter Park, F ' la. . . . L.A.— Rifle Team; StJA, Rules and Pro., Jr. CI. Rep., Chr.; Phil. Soc, Chr.; Fresh. Adv.; Reporter, Sports Ed.; Hatter Staff, Sports Ed.; Intram.; Asso. Press; DeLand Sun News, Reporter; Sif;ma Pi Kappa; Canterbury Club. MAHONK. PATRICIA A., Coral Gables, Fla. . . . L.A.— BSU; YWA, PraoK. co-thr.; SFEA, Chap.; Rel. Focus Wk. Hos. Com. MARTINDALE, PATRICIA. HirminKham, Ala. . . . L.A. MARX, JAN, Des Plaines, 111. . . . L.A. MATTHEWS, JOHN, WilmerditiK. Pa. . . . L.A.— Orchestra; Kappa Pi, V.P., Pres.; Art Club; Intram. MAYNARD, ROHERT L., Mars Hill, N. C. . . . L.A.— Trans. Mars Hill College; Glee Club; MENC; SFEA; Lambda Chi Alpha, Hse. Man.; BSU; Water Ski; Honor Roll. MILLER, ROY DONHEL, Odum, Ga. . . . Bus.— Sifima Nu; S Club; Varsity Baseball; Varsity Basketball. MOORE, CAROLE CHRISTIE, W. Palm Beach, Fla. . . . L.A.— Alpha Xi Delta, Sch. Chr., Pledge Tr., Pledge CI. Pres.; Tau Beta Sigma, Sec, and Treas.; Kappa Delta Pi; Sigma Alpha Omega; Sigma Tau Delta; SFEA; Modern Dance Club; Canterbury Club. MULLINS, BARBARA JEAN, Miami Springs, Fla. . . . L.A. YWA, Pres.; SFEA, Chap.; BSU, Ex. Coun.; Fresh. Adv.; Alpha Dexioma; Rel. Focus Wk. Prog Com. MURRAY MARY IDELE, Waycross, Ga Mus.— Phi Beta, Rec. Sec, V.P.; AGO, Cor. Sec. Rec. Sec, Dean; Glee Club; Travel Squad; St. Leader; BSU; Mus. Sch. Pres.; Univ. Madrigal Singers; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. O ' NEAL, LYNDALL RAY, Inverness, Fla. . . . Bus.— Delta Delta Delta, Hse. Pres.; Song Leader, Cor. Sec; BSU, Ex. Coun., F ' ship., Chr.; Glee Club; Travel Squad; Modern Dance Club; Water Ski Club. Mavnard. R. Miller, D. Moore, C. Mullins, B. Murray, M. O ' Neal, L. kfe i IV ' nnin);ton, .1. IVral. I . ricrson, A. OUTEN, SUE BETTS. Pageland, S. C. . . . L.A.— Alpha Xi Delta, Sch. Chr., Rush. Chr., V.P., CORT Delegate; Pan. Coun.; Fresh. Adv.; BSU; La Fianiiadt-; Kappa Delta Pi; Honor Roll; SFEA. OWEN. GEORGE, Lakeland, Kla. . . . Bus.— Reporter Staff, Ed. in Chief, Man. Ed., New.s Kd., Intram. and Sports Ed.; Wesley Foundation, Pres., V.P., Pub. Chr.; ROTC, Staff, PIO; Hatter Staff, Military Ed.; Min. Assoc.; YounR Rep. Club; Lambda Chi Alpha; Sipma Pi Kappa; Rel. Emph. Wk.; Fresh. Adv.; SCA. PARKER, LOIS JEAN. Pensacola, Fla. . . . L.A. PEARCE, PATRICL . DeLand, Fla. . . . L.A.— Tian. . Wake Forest; Alpha Xi Delta, Sch. Chr., Ex. Coun.; BSU, Pres., Ex. Coun., BTU Rep., St. Devi V.P.; Rel Life Conn.; YWA; Mortar Board; Fresh. Adv.; La Franclade; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who. PENNIN(;T0N. .I MI:S. Kd.and. Fla. L.A. I ' ANICO. MARIE J.. IWthan. ( onn. L.A. PERAL, DONNA. Orlando. Fla. . . . L.A.— Alpha Xi Delta, Pledge Chap.; Ass ' t Treas. Schl. Chr.; Stover Theatre Prod.; Rel. Emph. Wk.; Sifrnia Tau Delta; Westminster Fellowship, Prog. See., Choir. PIERSON, ANN M.. Orlando, Fla. . . L.A.— Trans. Orlando Jr. CoUeKe; BSU; YWA; Inde|). Women ' s Org.; Alpha IJoxioma. ; 1,ATT. DOI ' OTIIV A., St. I ' ltfrshurt;. I la. . . . L.A.— Pi Beta Phi, Kx. Council; FTA. PONCE. JACK H., Hialeah. Fla. . . . I..A.— Ministerial Association. POWELL, JAMES, Del.and, Fla. Kus PRINCE. JOSEPHINE, Loris, S. C. . . . Bus.— Trans. Wake Forest College; Zeta Tau Alpha, Pledge Class Hist., Social Chr.; Hatter Staff; BSU; NEA; FEA. PROCTOR, GAIL JAMES. DcI.and. Fla. . . . L.A.— Alpha Xi Delta. PYLE. ANN LOUISE. Orlando, Fla. . . . L.A.— Pi Beta Phi, Pledge Treas., Soc. Chr., V.P.; Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl; Stetson Player ' s Guild; Westminster Fellowship. RAWLS. GLENDA, Apopka, Fla. . . . L.A.— YWA, Com. Miss., Dorm. Pres.; BSU, Vespers Com., Dorm. Dev.; Women ' s Phys. Ed. Club, Chap, Pres. RAWLS. GWENDOLYN L.. Miami. Fla. . . . Bus.— SFEA; Tau Beta Sigma; Band; Indep. Women. RHINEHART. W ILLIA.M E.. Ormond Beach, Fla. . . . L.A. — Aea. Coun. CI. Award; Univ. Sch.; Honors Prog; Dean ' s List; Honor Roll; Scroll and Key; Phi Soc, Treas.; Psi Chi. Pres., Sec, Treas.; Omicron Delta Kappa, V.P., Green Cir., Adv.; SGA Pub. Chr., Homecoming Com.; Orientation Com.; Fresh. Adv.; BSU, Dev. V.P., Morn. Watch Chr.; Min. Assoc, Soc. Chr., Radio Prog. Chr.; Rel. Focus Wk, Chr, Hos. Com.; Hatter Staff; Sigma Pi Kappa; Experimental Theatre; Res. Hall Adv.; Who ' s W ' ho. RICHARDSON, GORDON H.. DeLand, Fla L.A.— Varsity Baseball; S Club; Phys. Ed. Majors Club; Intramurals. Proctor. G. Pyle, A. Rawls, G. Rawls, G. L. Rhinehart. W. Richardson, G. £5 Sl£li Kichard nn. I Schneider. W RICHARDSON. ROY L.AUREXCE. Aurora. Ohio . . . L.A.— Pi Kappa Phi. Pledge Class Treas.. Sec.. IFC Rep.. Pres.; IFC Sec, Dis. Coun. Permanent Sec; Phi .Alpha Theta, Pres.; Honor Roll: Pres. of L..A. College; S Club; Varsity Track; Gk. Wk. Fin. Chr.; Res. .Adv.; Debate Team; Stu. .Adv.; Intra.; P:es. Cabinet. ROBERTS. NANCY HARRIS, Arlington. Va. . . . L.A.— Phi Mu; Women ' s Phys. Ed. Majors ' Club. ROBSON. BARBARA ANN. Miami. Fla. Delta Delta, Frat. Ed.; SFEA; BSU. L.A.— Delta ROWE. SALLY KNIGHT. DeLand. Fla. . . . L.A. SAFFORD, CHARLEA. Lake Hamilton. Fla L.A.— Band; Xat ' l. Intercol. Band; Orchestra: MENC; Tau Beta Sigma. SCHNEIDER. WILLIAM E., Lindenhurst. N. Y. . . . L.A.— Sigma Nu; Varsity Basketball. Capt.; S Club. Pres.; Sigma Alpha Omega; Intra. SCOTT. SYLVIA ANN. Orlando. Fla. . . . L.A.— BSU SCOTT. WILLIA.M R.. Sewickle.v. I ' a. . . . L.A.— TheU .Alpha Phi; Kappa Pi; Stover Theatre Prod.; Library .Asst.; TAP, V.P.; KP. Treas. Semanie. F. C Severance. A. Shettle. I Shelton. W. Smith. R. P , SKAIiOUN, DONALD JKSS, Sihrinj;, I ' la. . . . L.A.— Univ. I ' aily, ' .P.; Mon ' s ( " oun.; Scabbard and Blade, Sec; Delta Sitrma I ' hi, Chap.; Pi Kapj)a Delta; Honor Roll; Stetson Player ' s Guild; Ed. Comm. of SUB; Tolstoy Club; Wa.shinK- lon Semester System. SELLAKD. . DWID KANDOI.IMI, Apopka. Ma. L.A. SEM.EKS. .lOA.NNK .M.. Tampa, I ' la. . . . L.A.— Alpha Xi Delta, Chap.; BSU; Kappa Delta Pi, V.P.; Women ' s Coun.; (Jlee Club; SFEA; Intra.; Senior Class Treasurer. SELLERS, JANE, Brevard, N. C. . . . Mus.— Glee Club; Travel Squad; Am. Guild of Org:.; Madritral, Chr.; Asst. Stage Man., Oklahoma. SEMANIE, FREDERK K M., DeLand, Kla. . . . Bus.— Sigma Nu, Treas.; Var.sity Football; S Club, Pres., Soe., V.P.; Treas. of Bus. Sch. SEVERANCE, ANN CARROLL, Stanford, Kv. . . . L.A.— Delta Delta Delta, Pres., Rush Chr., Rec. Cor.; Women ' s Ex. Coun., Soph. Rep.. Sec, V.P. ; Sigma Pi Kappa, Pres., Treas.; Reporter, Copy Ed.; Hatter, Editor; Pub. Bd., Chr.; Sigma Tau Delta, His.; Phi Society, V.P.; Sigma Alpha Omega, Pres., Sec; Theta Alpha Phi, Treas.; SCA, Sec, V.P.; Pan. Coun.; SIASG, Mem. Chr., V.P.; Debate Squad; Pi Kappa Delta; Scroll and Key; Rules and Proc Comm.; Outstanding Fresh. Woman; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who, Mortar Board. SEXTON, GEORGE, DeLand, Fla. . . . L.A. SHETTLE. PHILLIP LKROY, Tampa, Fla. . . . L.A. SHELTON, WILTON JR., Boyton Beach, Fla iVus.— Glee Club, Gen. Man.; BSU, Ex. Coun.; Madrigals; AGO. SMITH, RALPH LLOYD, Vero Beach. Fla. . . . Mus.— Glee Club; Travel Squad; Phi Beta. VaSSL V- S nu 1 h i i ( k. K. SiinuT-.. J. Sc.« ll. A. Spc.k, W . Stone. A. Storm. I ' . .Slro« bridne, F. .SumntT. J Sliinli . .1. Taylor. A. SMI rilW l( K. UON All), Di ' Land. Tla. . . . I, .A. SOMKUS. JOHN. .laiksonvilU-, Fla. . . . 1..A. SOWKLL. ADEN KENNETH, Gainesville, Fla. . . . Bus.— Sigma Nu, Pledge Trainer; BSU; Ski Club; Ex. Coun. SPECK, WILLIAM C. LeBelle. Fla., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. . . . L.A.— .Sjjrma Nu, His.; We.sley Found., V.P.; Stu. Adv.; Rel. Emph. Wk. Comni. STANLEY, JANET MARILYN, Coral Gables, Fla. . . . L.A. — Zeta Tau Alpha, Sec; Gamma Theta Up.silon, V.P.; Wesley Found., Treas.; Hatter Staff; FSEA. STONE, ARTHUR, Sarasota, Fla L.A.— Sigma Phi Epsi- lon, Sec; Young Rej). Club; Dehati-; Wash. Seni.; Pi Kappa Delta; Young Dcm. Club. STORM. PAIL ALBERT. DeLand. Fla. Chi .Alpha; Homecoming Mayor. Mus. — l.ambila STR0WBRI1)(;E. JOHN frank. Miami, Fla. . . . Bu.s.— Delta Sigma Phi, Chap.. Hse. Man.; .Accountancy Club; Ex. Coun. SUMNER. JOANN, Dade City, Fla. . . . Bus.— BSC: YWA; Alpha Dexioma; IW ' O; SFEA. TAYLOR, ANN COOPER, DeLand, Fla. . . . L.A.— Pi Beta Phi; V.P. P osh. Class; Stetson Band; Sitima Pi Kappa; Pres. La Fianciade; Hatter Staff; Tolstoy Club; Inter. Rel. Club, Stetson-Rotary Kxc- hanue Stu., U. of Dijon, France ' 57-58; Stetson Exchange Stu. Inter-.American U., San German, Puerto Rico ' 59. la. . . . Bus. — Pi Kappa TAYLOR, JAMES B. JR., IKLand, 1 Alpha; Basketball; ROTC; USMC. TIPPENS, RUTH, Uaytona Beach, Fla. . . . Mus.— Glee Club; Kappa Delta Pi; Scroll and Key; Madrigals, His.; SFEA. TROW. EARLE F., DeLand. Fla. . . . L.A.— Sigma Alpha OmeKa; Eand; Orchestra; Brass Choir; Macostet Club; Honor Roll. TYNER, ANNETTE, Dade City. Fla. . . . L.A.— Delta Delta Delta, Chap.. Ser. Proj. Chr.; BSU; Stu. Adv. VAN AKIN, BARBARA. DeLand. Fla L.A.— Theta Alpha Phi, Sec; Players ' Guild; Beta Beta Beta; BSU. VOSTRY, ROBERT. Berwyn, 111. . . . L.A.— Varsity Football; Baseball, All State, Most Improved, Most Valuable; Varsity Basketball, Mgr.: J.V. Basketball; Intra. All-Star Basket- ball; S Club, V.P.; Phys. Ed. Majors Ciub, V.P.; AAHPER; Sigma Nu; Green Feather Comm.; Traffic Comm; Dean ' s List; Reporter Staff; Homecoming Comm; SFEA. WAGER. ROSS G., Jacksonville. Fla. . . . Bus.— Sigma Nu; Bus. School, Pres.; SGA Cab.; Accountancy Club, Pres.; IFC Coun.; Intra., Head Referee; Beta Alpha Sigma. WALKER, JULIA ANN, Sarasota, Fla. . . . Bus.— IWO; SFEA, Dec. Chr.; Honor Roll; Flag Corps; Wesley Found. Trow. E. Tyner, A. ' an Akin. B. Vostry. R. Wager. R. mmMH WATKINS, MARY ROSE. Orlando, Fla. . . . L.A.— Delta Delta Delta. Soc. Chr., Pledge Class; Outstanding Pledge. Song Leader, Cor. Sec, Sch. Chr.; Westminster Fel.; Glee Club; Quiz Bowl; Stetson Player ' s Guild, Pres.; Theta Alpha Phi, Cor. Sec, Pres., Stu. Adv.; Hatter, Copy Ed.; SFEA; Sigma Tau Delta, Sec; La Franciade; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Sigma Pi Kappa; Mortar Board, V.P.; Theatre Prod.; Who ' s Who. WEBB, TERAN(E HAROLD EUGENE, Jacksonville, Fla. . . . L.A. — Canterbury; Brother of St. Andrew; Concert Band; Pep Band; Kappa Kappa Psi, Sec; Sigma Alpha Omega; Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Visor. WHITAKER, DANIEL ( ' .. Sarasota. Fla. . . . L.A.— Min. Ass ' n., Pub. Dir., Ex. Dir.; BSU, Rep., Prog. Chr., Pub. Dir.; Intra. WHIPPLE. RON G., Nyae. N. Y. . . . L.A. WHITE. FRKI) W.. Alhinla. (i.i. . . . Hu-. Pi Kappa Alpha; ROTC WILLIA.M.S, rKEUKRKK, Atlantic Citv, N. J. . . . I!us.— Delta Sigma Phi, Treas., Cor. Sec WILLIAMS, SHIRLEY ANN. Land O ' Lak.s. Fla. . . . L.A.— Transfer Judson College. HEADQUARTERS RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS. Stetson University ' I ' i WILLIAMSON. JOANNR, Hriinswick, Ga. . . . Muh.— Glee Club; HSl " ; Stii. Adv.; Am. (niild of Oitr., Trcas.; Phi Beta, Soc. Chr., Sonu Dir.; Alpha (hi Omejca, Pledge V.P., Sch. Chr.; Dean ' s List. WILSON, KRNEST V... Winti-r Haven. I ' la. WILSON. (;I-:0H(;K K. .IK.. .Miami, hla. . Orc-h.; Art Guild. Pies.; Kappa WINGATE. JAMES W.. HastlnK.s. I ' la. .. . WINSLOW, JUDITH, Tampa, Fla. . . . L.A. Ed. Dir., Trea.s., Del. to Nafl. Con., V.P., Sch. Chr.; SFEA; Wesle.v Found.; Stu. Adv.; Honor Roll; .Stet.son Player ' s Guild. . . L.A. . . L.A.— Band; L.A. -Phi Mu, Frat. WILLIS. FRANK I). JR., Melairie, La. . . . L..V.— Transfer from Tulane; Honor Koll. W YMAN, LINDLEY ANN, Baltimore, Md L.A.— Trans- fer from Bard College; Harry L. Taylor Award; Honors ProR-.; Stetson Review, Ed.; Sigma Tau Delta; Sigma Pi Kappa; Canterbury; Stover Theatre; Honor Roll; Reporter Col.; Player ' s Guild; Paradigm, Poetry Ed.; IWO, Pub. Ed. YOO, KI HONG, Seoul, Kor ea . . . L.A. YOUNG, HARRY L., DeLand, Fla. . . . Bus.— Macostets, Founder, Pres., V.P.; Accountancy Club, Treas.; Orientation Comm.; Stu. Adv.; Hatter Staff; Photographer; Honor Roll. ZEIGLER. FELIX, Perry, Fla L.A.— Dorm House Coun.; Dorm Judiciary Coun.; Min. Ass ' n., Act. Chr., Radio Chr., Prog. Chr.; BSU, Coun., Ministerial Rep.; Youth Revival, Chr.; Honor Roll; Hospitality Comm.; Religious Focus Week. Willis. F. Wyman, L. Yog. K. Y ' oung, H. Zeigler. F. THE LAW SCHOOL Hail to the hcrucs who have jonc be- fore us Vounjj men and maidens filled with true devotion I Brijjht in their ;jlory. fadeless and un- dyinjj Hail to our heores j one ,1 ' ir- M. ■V li fy: ' ' •. ' A V - ' - ilH ' ■f aiSfeaSl| ' « V ' , ){? X n 111 II I 1 1 ! ' ■ ' II t tr . The (iiilden ' i ' ower is a replica of the eenluries old " Torre del Oro " in Seville. Massive covered arcades and I ' ountains done in old tiles hijrhlifjhl the eail Si)anish archi- tecture. Equally striking is " The (Jranary, " also copied after a famous huildinji; in Spain. 58 stetson Law School students have various activities after a hard day in the classroom. The nearby prolf course offers a diversion to our athletic-minded scholars, as does the swimming pool located on the campus. Others find relaxation by merely talkinpr or lounjrinK in the student lounge, the hall, or the dorms. 61 Moot Court Invocation at the (Jold Tower One of Stetson ' s able faculty is shown lecturing his class. A honorarv luncheon is served in Stetson ' s Cafeteria. DEAN HAROLD L. SEHRING Dean of Stetson Collciro of Law HAROLD F. ARCHIHALD Business Mana n ' r LAW ADMINISTRATION MRS. KAY EDDY Rejristrar WALLACE L. STOREY I-ihrai-ian kl 64 v RICHARD DILLON Asst. Dean, Assoc. Prof of Law EDWARD I ' LATT ' isiting- Prof, of Law .JA.MES TEN.NEV BRAND Professor of Law ( ALVIN Kl ENZEL Asst. Prof, of Law PAUL BARNARD Asst. Prof, of Law THE FACULTY JOHN TRENAM Lecturer in Law BAYA HARRISON JR. WILLIAM CAREY Lecturer in Law Lecturer in Law 65 Co) ANDKIJSON. lAMKS Del. and. Ila. |{i;. ( II AM. IIOKACK NNtst I ' alm Heach. Fla. I ' lii l».lta I ' hi. Clork; Mijot Cniirt, HKOWN, K.MOKY C ' learwattT, Kla. -. M . . CAREY. JOE I.aruo. Ila. COHERLV, KENNETH ll.moluhi. T.H. CONE. WILLIAM St. I ' ltiishuru. I la. .M i;i{s()N CAUKV 1U-: ( II AM ()I!EKLV UHOWN CONE LAW SCHOOL DAMKI. KVICKT , DANIEL BEN .IR. . . St. IVlershurg. Fla. EPSTEIN. .lACOIJ.I. .lelTtMsonville. N. V. EVERTZ. HARRY SI. I ' etersburK. Ila. FISH, THOMAS H lacksonville. Fla. Phi Delta Phi; As.sociate Honor Court Justice: Pre.s. of Junior; Vice Pre. . Student Bar A.s.soc, Summer Se.ssion ; Chief Justice of Honor Court. KI ' .STKIN IISH 66 rKANKMN. KKSME I). Stamford. Conn. I ' lii .-Mpha Di ' lta; Soc.- ' rri ' as. Frt ' shniaii Class; Stiulfiit Har Honor Court Atty; .Moot Court Finalist. (JOKDO.N. SEYMOl H St. I ' flt ' rshurji. I ' la. (iKA i:S. IHOMAS St. IVteishurg, I la. Phi Delta Phi: Asi.oc. Justice of Honor Court ; Freshman Advisory Programs. (JREEN. .JOHN L. . . St. Petersburg, Fla. HASKHX. B. KEMP . St. Petersburg. Fla. HOLLAND. Wn.LIAM St. Petersburg, Fla. FKANKLIN GORDON (iREEN H. SKILL SENIORS . . . 1960 HOWELL HUTCHINSON JOHNSON KAVOL ' KLIS HOWELL, CLIFTON .... Bartow, Fla. HUTCHINSON, JONNIE . Lakeland, Fla. Phi Alpha Delta, Vice-Justice. JOHNSON, MALLORY . . Ft. Pierce, Fla. KAVOUKLIS, MERCURY Tarpon Springs. Fla. 67 Maim n ,C CI kknnki.ia McNeill K KOI (.11 MAXWELL M.hlNNKV MILLKK kk. m:i.i.v I k am is .l;nk (tn illf. I ' hi. KKOl (ill. l.AKKV . . St. IMerslturK. Kla. Dcltji ' I ' hfta I ' hi ; Lejral Aid Society : Assoc, .histice Honor ( ' (jiirt; Chief Justice Honor Court; p-reshman Orientation Comm. McKINNKV. |{M.I ' n i ' hi Delta Phi. SI. I ' etershuru. I ' la. McNeill, harold .MAWVKI.I.. JOHN H. (ailfport. Fla. St. I ' elershuru. Ila. .MILLER. .JOHN A. . Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. Moot Court; Editor. " The Hrief; Phi Delta Phi, Social Chairman. LAW SCHOOL orONNELL OTONNELL. PHILIP St. Petersburg. Fla. Delta Theta Phi; Inter-Fraternity Coun- cil ; Sec. Freshman Class ; Vice-Pres. Senior Class. RHODES, JOHN H. . . Winter Park. Fla. ROBERTS. CHARLES St. Petersburg. Fla. Phi Delta Phi; Assoc. Justice Honor Court. SEEMAN, NORMAN . St. Petersburg, Fla. RHODES SEEMAN m Mk 68 shi:kii)an. kohkrt St. ri ' U ' rsl)ui«. I ' l;i. ST AAI5. UK HARD St. I ' t ", I ' la. STK I:NS. .IOHN . . St. Petershuin, Fla. I ' lii Delta I ' hi; liiter-Frateniitv Rep; Lejjal Aid. STEWARD. HARRISON Winter Park. Fla. STOCKTON. FRANK . . Jacksonville. Fla. Pre.s. Freshman Class; Student Bar Assoc, Sect.; Pres., Jr. Class; Phi Delta Phi, Pres. ; Who ' s Who. WAGNER, ROY St. Petersburg Heach. Fla. f a o M0ml t SHERIDAN STEWARD STAAB STOCKTON STEVENS WAGNER SENIORS . . . 1960 WAYGOOD WALSH, EDWARD St. Petersburg Beach, Fla. WAYGOOD, CHARLES St. Petersburg, Fla. Vice-Pres. Freshman Class; Moot Court; Phi Alpha Delta, Marshall; Student Bar Assoc, Treas., Pres.; Who ' s Who. WHITE, SID Clearwater, Fla. 69 WHO ' S WHO I N JAMES I). DRK K FRANCES B. KENNELLY STETSON ' S LAW SCHOOL 70 ROBERT E. SHERIDAN ROBERT R STOCKTON CHARLES M. WAYGOOD I 71 fV n ki " M % i J Aloia. I " Ft. Myers. Fla. Amnoltf. K Sarasota, Fla. |{( t ' m;in. I{ St. PetersbiiiT. Fla. Kri-llis. J St. Petersbiir r. Fla. " yr O O O D lUirns. K Treasure Island, Fla. • « ' ' ' rr z: i ' Hiitler. U Lakeland, Fla. Carney,.! Bradenton, Fla. ( arrt ' re. C Dulilin, Ga. df M t mk Chapman, .1 Jack.sonviile, Fla. Culler. T Sarasota, Fla. Cullers. .F. D ' .VIemherte. It. . . . Chattahoochee, Fla. LAW SCHOOL UNDERCLASSMEN... DanRler. G Pinellas Park, Fla. Dosal. F Miami, Fla. Doyle, C Bath, Maine, L St. Peter.sburp, Fla. Fellows. G Delray Beach, Fla. -? V v ' ' r f Field.s, R Tampa, Fla. | - f ' -• " Ford, R St. Petersburg, Fla. ' Gaines, M Lexington, Ky. 72 (ioclsev. A St. Peterslmi-K. Fla. (JfiuiT. .1 Ft. Laiulerdale, Fla. Hafianian, R Roche.ster, Minn. Harnett. .) Tampa, Fla. Holbrook. .1 St. Peter.sbiirp, Fla. Humphries. F St. Petersburg, Fla. Ippolito, F Tampa, Fla. Johnson. J St. Petersbui ' p, Fla. Knight. P Blount-stown, Fla. Korp. ' Orlando, Fla. Kovachevich, E. . . . St. Peter.sburg. Fla. Lawrence. I Perry, Fla. NINETEEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY Lenox, C Orlando, Fla. Lewis, H Lake Worth, Fla. W Lvnch, L Jacksonville, Fla. .— .-sv. McClelland, G Leesburg, Fla. i McKenna, W Orlando, Fla. McLann, R. Malouf, W Spencer, Mass. Martin, K Tampa, Fla. 73 n o ( 4 Un-li. K. St. Petersburg, Fla. MilkT. ,1. . Port Bryan, N. Y. Millir. I{. . Tampa, Fla. Mitihiim. |{. Atlanta, Ga. MiKtney. 1 " . . . . . . . Winter Park, Fla. Moon-. T . . . . Pittsburgh, Pa. Munt inu. V. . . . . . Moorefieid. V. Va. Musseluhile. T. . Orlando. Fla. . e N fonim. 1 ' . Coon, Ga. Ol tinker. W. . . . . . . Red Bank, N. J. I ' atarine. V. . . . .... Hollywood, Fla. Pena. W . . . . Homestead, Fla. LAW SCHOOL UNDERCLASSMEN... PenturlT. J Athens, W. Va. Powers. A Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. (Juinn. I) Ovid, N. Y. Iliifter. J Palm Beach, Fla. Ray, C Princeton, W. Va. Reeves. .F St. Petersburg, Fla. Rice, 1) Crestview, Fla. Ross, S Tampa, Fla. Routt. G St. Petersburg, Fla. Salcines, E Tampa, Fla. Sillierman. W. Paterson, N. J. ! • fe .A W « 74 Sinnli ' ton. C " Jacksonville, Fla. Sniilev. V Bradeiitoii, Fla. Smith. .1 Topmost, Ky. Stapk ' tdii, ( " Pikesville, Ky. Stedeford, W Jacksonville. Fla. Surfus, G Chicago, 111. Thomas, A St. Petersburg. Fla. Thomas, S St. PetershurK. Fla. Thompson, 1) St. Petersburjr. Fla. Thompson, R Hollywood. Fla. Thompson. R St. Petersburg, Fla. Tindall, Charles .... Jacksonville, Fla ' Z (1 t o f r C) NINETEEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY rOiy M Tucker, S West Palm Beach, Fla. Turner, W Lakeland, Fla. Tye, W Ft. Pierce, Fla. Upton, R Joliet, 111. Violyn, R Amsterdam, N. Y. Webb, V Lake Worth, Fla. Weidemeyer, C Clearwater, Fla. Whitfield. W. Tallahassee, Fla. Wilkes, E Tampa, Fla. 1, i ▼ " Winter, E Palmetto, Fla. Wolfe, F St. Petersburg, Fla. Woodworlh. G I Iount Dora, Fla. yu 75 THE CLASSES Ts. " Hail to our classmates. Hound by ties ne ' er broken " ; The unity that the classes of 1959-tiO have maintained is one that can be achieved only on a campus such as Stetson. Our classes have shared many memorable moments — thrilling soccer victories, the Green Feather Carnival, Homecoming Celebration. They have been a part of Stetson ' s never-ending expansion program, facilitated by the Six- Million-Dollar Fund Drive. They eagerly an- ticipate the building of a new library, science building, fine arts center, and music hall that these funds will provide. Plans are being formulated for the return of football to Stetson ' s campus. Encouraged by rich tra- dition and present prosperity, the students strive to fulfill the future ' s expectations. The Junior Class HXid OFFICERS BYRI) BOOTH President DUANK DODDLNT.TON . . Vuc-I»rosident SYLVIA BLAKE Secretary BRENDA SUE FRANKS . . . Treasurer 78 Adums, John L.A. Savannah, Ga. Allin. Itolty I..A. CUMrwator. Fla. ll.n, llarrv L.A. .huksonville, Fla. Anderson, Sarah Miis. Panama City. Fla. AlKins. Jt-anif I. .A. .Mt. Dora, Fla. Austin, Ruth L.A. Kannapolis. N. C. Avery, John L..A. DeLand, Fla. Karefoot, Russell Bus. Ft. Meade. Fla. .•-•pi-S ' Barker, Jack L.. . Waycross, Ga. Barnes, Jerry L.. . Aurora, 111. Barnes, Margaret L.A. Orlando, Fla. Barrow, Dave Bus. San Francisco, Calif. Baughman, Ronald L.A. Palatka, Fla. Bennett, Douglas L..A. Fort Thomas, Ky. Blake, Sylvia L.A. Palatka, Fla. Booth, Byrd L.A. Clearwater, Fla. Boyd, Lou . nn Mus. Orlando, Fla. Boynton. Claude Bus. Orlando, Fla. Bray, Jane L.A. Towson, Md. Burnett, Rebecca L.A. Paris, Ky. 79 Iliirty. Beth L.A. Greenville, S. C. Kush, Thomas L.A. Dade City. Fla. ( iiKle, Ann L.A. Lakelaiiil, Fla. Carpenter, Herl) Hu . Wooiisocket. K. 1. Cason. firady Bus. Ml. McCoy, Fla. Carter. Phyllis L.A. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. Clark, Carolyn L.A. ', N. C. Clayton. Donald L.. . Jack.sonville, Fla. Cole, -Mice Jamaica L.A. Cook. Mari L.A. St. Petersburg, Fla. Cornelius, Mark Bus. Columbus, (ia. Cox, Judith L.A. Crews, Cathy L.A. Alamonte .Springs, Fla. Davis, Sady L.A. Eagle Lake, Fla. Davis, Tom L..V. .Miami, Fla. DeLetlre, Suzanne L.A. Miami, Fla. Doddington. Duane Bus. Hallandale, Fla. Dompe, John Bus. Crescent City, Fla. Drummond, Diane L.. . Jacksonville, Fla. Dunlap. Barbara L.. . Lakeland, Fla. 80 l)iin« iirth, Jrrrv I. .A. llollywiKxI. Fla. lOddinKtT, Klaine L.A. N. Miami, Fla. Kppt ' rt, Diane I. .A. Kockloiif- ' e. Fla. Fain. Mar Ann L.A. Fiebrich, Dot I. .A. Lexington, S. C. Finley, ( " laudette L.A. Valdosta, Ga. I ' leishman, Charles Bus. Foufi ' keepsit ' , X. Y. Franks, Hrenda Sue L.. . Veio Beach, Fla. iiiiift Frix, Elizabeth L.A. Miami, Fla. Geering, Judy L.A. LaPoite, Ind. Gill, Mary L.A. Rockford, 111. (;ivens, Mary L.A. Vero Beach, Fla. Glendon, Robert Mus. Bridgeton, X. J. Goldman, Norman Bus. St. Petersburg, Fla. Gooding, Marilyn L.. . Jacksonville, Fla. Gould, Judy L.. . .Atlanta, Ga. Gray, Bertie L.. . Tampa, Fla. Gretner, Judy L.. . Coral Gables, Fla. Groover, Charles Bus. Tampa, Fla. Guenther, Melvin L.A. DeLand. Fla. 81 Ila.l(l.. . Itriici- St. (I. .-.1.1. Fla. Iliihn. Carol Muh. Ho llywood, Kla. Ilaiidtf. Churk BuH. Miami, Fla. llariUT, liarbara Buh. Di-I.and, Fla. Ilalrh.r. Marilyn I,.. . S. ])aytona, P ' la. Henderson, Beverly L.A. Ft. Lauderdalp, Fla. Ilendrix, Joyce L.. . Walterboro, S. C. Miller, Bill Bus. Ft. Lauderdale lliniz, Marcella L.. . DcLand, Fla. ilogarth. Dick Bus. Winter Haven, Fla. Holzman, Joan L..V. Boynton Beach, Fla. iliiher. . nna L.A. Winche.stcr, Tenn. Huska, Hope L.. . St. Petersbin-K. Fla Jackson, Lane L.. . Tifton, Ga. Jacobs. Judy L.A. Lake Worth, Fla. Jarman, Fiill Bus. Miami Shore.s, Fla. Jenkins, nick L.. . Scarsdale, X. Y. Jernigan, Barbara ... . Donaldsonvillc, (la. lohnson, Jan L.A. Havertown, Penn. lohnston. Sue L.. . Jacksonville, Fla. Johnsloii, Wfs 1.. Dallas. Tox. Judge. Judy 1.. Daytona Hoacli. Kla. Keen, Frances I.. Vero Beach , Fla. Kelly. Talsy L. V. Palm Keacli, Fla. Klafehn, Barbara L. Davtona Beach. Fla. Kohlcr. Nancy Bus. Houston, Tex. Krueger, (Jail L.. . Cleveland Hts., Ohio Kunze. Diana L.A. S. Miami, Fla. Laible, Robert L.A. e v Smyrna Beach, Fla. Lee, Betty L.A. Green Cove Sprg-s, Fla. Luing, Gary Bus. Collins, Iowa Mahan, Darryl Bus. Clearwater, Fla. .Malcom, Terry L.A. Orange. Conn. Mallard, Charles L.A. Bradenton. Fla. Mann, Carolyn L.A. Abbeville, S. C. Marshall, Richard L.A. DeLand, Fla. McCampbell, Carol L.A. W. Palm Beach, Fla. McCollum, James L.A. King-sland, Ga. McCullough, Inez L.A. St. Augustine, Fla. McGregor, Margie L.A. Boynton Beach, Fla. McLaughlin, Bernard L.A. Pittsgurgh, Pa. McWherter. Max Bus. Bremen, Ga. Milstead, Sandra L.A. Lake Worth, Fla. Mitchell. Joan L.A. Bound Brook, X. J. Mohn, Mike L.A. Lake Worth, Fla. 83 Qf tg) Murean. ivian I. .A. Savannah, Ga. Moorlry. (iail L.A. I)ecatui, Ga. Mueller. (;urdan L.A. Louisville, Ky. Newton, Eva Lynn L.. . Orlando, Fla. No« ell. Judy L.A. Nashville, Tenn. (»l .ll. IJonnie L.A. .la.ksonville. Fla. Oglelree. Bunny Bu.s. Beaufort. S. C. Ogletree, Tonny Bus. Beaufort. S. C. r. eal, Pat Bun. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. I ' avey, Connie l.. . Canton, Ohio l ' err . Anna L.. dainesville, Ga. I ' idKeon. Ronald L..V Stuart. Fla. I ' orter. Ernie L.A Jacksonville Bch., Fla. Kaean. Thomas L.. .Miami, Fla. Kay. Don L.. Chapel Hill. N. C. Kidenour. Hauley L.. Marianna, Fla. Koyal, Charle.s Bus. Belle Glade. Fla. Kunkle. I ' eRKy L.. Rockville. .Md. St. John. Tony L.A Daytona Beach, Fla. Sanders, Doris L..- Homestead, Fla. Sanlora. Gloria L.. Jacksonville, Fla. Schweikert. Jim Bus Hollywood, Fla. Scurlock. Bob L.. Coral Gables, Fla. Seckinuer, Kay L.. Glennville, Ga. Sin.-. Bill L.A York, Ga. I fc -%. O iifiifi il 84 Sims. Hill I. .A. St. I ' elfisbuiK, Kill. Smith, Caroline I....V. Dol.aiul, Fill. Smith. Ihorrt ' ll I, .A. Oiala. I- ' la. Sol.imiin. David L.A. Orange City, Kla. .Spil .er. Davo L.A. llallaiuialf, Fla. Stcanson, Julia I... . thitlin, Ha. Slevons, Donna I...V. Winter Park, Fla. Stevenson, ve I.. A. Miami, Fla. Streeter, Barbara L.A. Zephyr Hill.-;. Fla. Siicher, Ted L.. . Hamdcii, Conn. Sweetman, Jack L.A. Orlando, Fla. Tedder, Monica L.A. West Palm Bch., Fla. Thigpen, Nancy L.. . St. Petersburg, Fla. Thomas, Beryl L.A. Ormond Beach, Fla. Thurmond, Joy L.. . Minneola, Fla. Towns, Tom Bus. Hillsdale, Mich. Ulmer, Gene L.. . Clearwater, Fla. Ulmer, Mary Ann L.. . Miami, Fla. Walton. Bruce L.A. Miami Springs, Fla. Watts, Bertha L.A. Summerfield, Fla. Whitmire, Jim — Mus. Forest Park, Ga. Williams, Glynn— L.A Jacksonville, Fla. Williams, Gwen. — Mus DeLand, Fla. Wilson. Ora M.— Mus. Riviera Beach, Fla. W (xildridge, Zoe— L.A. Ursa, 111. W orthington, A. — L.A Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 85 » r r " will n (ilenna Rankin. Judith Mackenzie. Hill Lvons. .lim .Sloan The Sophomore Class . . . 1960 OFFICERS BILL LYONS President .JUDITH MACKENZIE . . Vice-President GLENNA RANKIN Secretary JIM SLOAN Treasurer 86 - w i£ (lains, J., Miami, Kla., L.A. Adams. M., Blountstown, Fla., L.A. .Mdcrman, .A., Melbourne, Fla., L.A. ll.n, J.,, Ohio, L.A. Arncll, |{., (Jlenmill.s, Pa., L.A. ArnhfiUer, . ., .Jack.sonville, Fla., L.A. Ashley, .L, Stuart, Fla., Mus. .Vuffant, J., Maracaibe, Venezuela, Bus. .Vuger, J., Orlando, Fla., L.A. . jers, . ., Lafola, Tenn., L.A. F5abb, R., Kissimmee, Fla., L.A. Baltha.scr, E., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.. L.A. Barber, J., Winter Haven, Fla., L.A. Barnett, T., Miami, Fla., L.A. Beard, F., St. Petersburg, Fla., L.A. Bergin, B., .Avondale Estates, Ga., L.A. Blackford, P., Altamonte Springs, Fla., L.A. Bowles, E., DeLand, Fla., L.A. Bradford, J., Orlando, Fla., L.A. Brand, L., Miami, Fla., Bus. Browdor, E., New Hyde Park, N. Y., L.A. Brown. .M., Zephyrhills, Fla.. L.A. Brown, R., Miami, Fla., L.. . Butcher, W., Miami, Fla., L .A. Call. R.. Holly Hill. Fla.. Bus. Campbell, B., Yulee, Fla., L.A. Carling, . ., St. Augustine, Fla., L.A. Carter, B., DeLand, Fla . L A. Carter, L., Jacksonville, Fla., L.A. rs ■♦,v la 87 (lark. J., l.akf Placid, Flu., LA. Cotiild, S.. Mayo, P ' ln., I. A. CullinKs, E.. Ft. PiiTce, Fla.. L.A. ComiT. J., Orlanilo, Fla., 1..A. Compliin. M.. Orlando, Fla.. 1..A. Cone, ., Okeechobee. Fla., L.A. Connell, F., Lake Wales, Fla., L.A. Connolly, . l, Kissimmee. Fla.. L.A. Cook, K., .Miami, Fla., L.A. Corbett, C, Miami, Fla., L.A. Craw ford. P., Miami, Fla., L.A. Cross, B.. Maitland, Fla., Bus. Damewood, K., St. Petersburg, Fla., L.A. Dane. I).. Miami, Fla., L..A. DaNhiell. K.. St. Petersburg. Fla., L.A. Davis. D., Miami, Fla., Bus. Dean. ( ' .. Knoxville, Tenn., L.A. Deels, L., Miami Springs, Fla., Bus. Denman, D., Clearwater, Fla., Bus. Dennison. .M.. Lake Worth, Fla., L.A. a r n Dillon. 15.. Louisville, Ky.. Bus. Dodd. v.. . tlantic City, N. J., L.A. Dod on. H., Havana, Fla., L.A. Donipe. M.. Daytona Beach, Fla., LA. Doud. .. Orlando. Fla.. V.A. Diihose. H., DeLand. Fla., L.A. I " ..k.rt. J.. Bellville, 111., Mus. Kllis. ! ' .. Kio de Janeiro. Brazil, Mus KplinK. D., Hilliard, Fla., L.A. Krickson. P.. Pittsburgh. Pa.. L.A. 88 Krikssi.n, K., Bayshoio, N " . Y.. I, .A. ICvans, I)., Orlando, Fla., Mus. Ivvans, M., Boynton Beach, Fla., L.A. Kay, L.. Wcstfield, N. J., Bus. I ' loyd. .M., Elkinton, Fla., Bus. Kolsom, S., Loxakatchee, Fla., L.A. Korsee, .M., Belle Glade, Fla., Mus. Fo,ster, A., DeLand, Fla., L.A. Francisco, P., Little Falls, Fla., Bus. Fryc. T., Asheboro, N. C, L.A. Fulford. L., Oeala, Fla., L.A. (Jauweiler, R., Miami , Fla., L.A. (;iddens, L., Miami, Fla., L.A. (Jildersleeve, R., Stovington, Conn., Bus. ;illum, .M., Lakeland, Fla., L.A. Godard, J., Rome, Ga., Bus. Godwin, R., Jacksonville, Fla., L.A. Goetaski, J.. Pittman, N. J., L.A. Goode, J., Hawkinsville, Ga., L.A. Goslin, M., Atlanta, Ga., L.A. Gray. D., Plymouth, .Mass., L..- . Green, J., Daytona Beach, Fla., L.A. Greenlaw, J.. Folcroft, Pa., L.A. Gregory, S., Danville. Ky., L..A. Hair, C, DeLand. Fla.. L.A. Hall. D.. Columbus, Ohio. L..A.. Halliburton. J.. Coral Gables, Fla., L.A. Hancock, J., Miami, Fla., Bus. Harrell, R., Jacksonville Beach, Fla., L.A. Harrison. W., Decatur, Ga., L.A. 4£ ' Ci ri i 89 Harl. I .. Holly Hill, Fla.. 1..A. Hart, I)., I ' ompano Beach, Fla., L.A. Haskins, K., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., L.A. Hilms. M., .Miami SpriiiRs, Fla., L.A. Hrmlidl. I ' .. .Ajrnwiin., Bus. Hill. v.. Suffolk, Va., L.A. HornsliN. J., Davenport, Fla., L.A. Houstim. B., West Point, Va., Bus. Huir. 1)., Buckhcad, Ga., L.A. Hughes, (;., Ft. Lauderdal?, Fla., L..A. Hulhert. B., Venice, Fla., L.A. Humphries. B.. Arlington. Va.. Bus. Hutchings, W.. Someis, Conn., L.A. Hutzler, R., Delray Beach, Fla., Bus. Huyck, M., Palm Beach, Fla., Bus. Hyde. C. Decatur, Ga., Mus. Imcs, B., .Atlanta, Ga., L.A. Isbell, S.. Miami, Fla., L.A. Jackson, P., Jacksonville, Fla., Bus. . ' ohnson. ( ' •„ Daytona Beach, Fla., Mu? ££££ 1 PJjF Johnson, K., Hickory, N. C, L.A. Jones, I)., Jacksonville, Fla., L.A. Jones. P., Tampa, Fla., L.A. Juarez. ().. Tampa. Fla.. L.A. JuHKcr. J.. Coral Gables. Fla., Bus. Justice. ! .. Winter Park. Fla.. L.A. Kearne . J.. Baltimore, Md., L.A. Kriper, J., DeLand, Fla., Mus. Keiter, D.. Orlando, Fla.. L.A. Kennedy. T.. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., L.A. 90 Kick. I{., Daytona Beach, Fla., Bus. KilUhri ' w, I ' ., Tampa, Fla., L.A. Kind. K.. Middletown, Ky., Bus. KitiKon. K.. Kvansville, Ind., Mus. Kinnan. II.. Bradenton, Fla., L.A. hnapp, K., Hialeah, Fla., L.A. Knipe, I ' ., Orlando, F ' la., Bus. Kramir. L., West Palm Beach, Fla., Bus. Krause. K., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., L.A. Krebs, M., Miami, Fla., Bus. Kunsman, B., Palatka, Fla., L.A. Lanier, J., Winter Haven, Fla., L.A. Lederhaus, .M., DeBarry, Fla., L.A. Lee, R., Atlanta, Ga., Mus. Lindley, K., Jacksonville, Fla., L.A. Lowe, J., Boston, Ga., Bus. Luckenbach. P.. Hillsboro Bch, Fla., Bus. Lushene, M., Eau Gallie, Fla., L.A. Lynn, M.. Columbia, S. C, Mus. Lyon. W.. Westfield, Mass., L.A. MacDonald, N., DeLand, Fla., L.A. AlacKenzie, J., Euclid, Ohio, L.A. Maris. G.. Eau Gallie, Fla., L.A. Martini. L., Orlando, Fla., L.A. Martz. I ' ., Pompano Beach, Fla., Bus. MattheHes, S., Jacksonville, Fla., L.A. .Megee, H., Miami. Fla.. L.A. Merrifield, J., Fairfield, Conn., L.A. -Merritt. T., Syracuse, Ind., Bus. Miles. S., Miami. Fla.. L.A. 2Jl£f " £k ltil 91 I ' .. Miami. Fla.. LA. Milton. K.. Fredanice, Ky., L.A. Moody. J.. Waycross, Ga., Mus. Moore, ( ' .. Atlanta, CJa., L.A. Moriran. K., Lakeland, Fla., Bus. Mosfl . (;.. Jacksonville, Fla., Bus. Mullins. 1)., .Miami Sprinfrs, Fla., Bus. Mullins, M., Ashland, Ky., Bus. .Murphy, J.. Lonpwood, Fla., L.A. .McDonald, G.. Atlanta, Ga., L.A. McDonald, J Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., L.A. Mclntyre, J„ Sattville, Va.. Mus. .McMahan. M St. Petersburg, Fla., L.A. North. G Laurel, Del., LA. Norton, H., Lakeland, Fla., L.A. Nunez. C, Tampico, Tampo, Mexico, L.A. Nutt. D.. Dade City, Fla., L.A. OlinKer, B., Woodstock, Va., L.A. Owens. -M., DeLeon Springs, Fla., L.A. I ' auli. F.. Miami. Fla.. L.. . I ' ceples. B.. Zephyrhills, Fla.. LA. I ' etty, J.. Tifton. Ga.. L.A. I ' hilbrick. K.. Coral Gables. Fla.. L.A. I ' itis. J., Clinton. S.C.,L.A. I ' lenEc L., Clearwater, Fla., L.A. I ' orcp. S., Miami, Fla., L.. . Powers. G.. Lake City. Fla. L.A. (Juarles. . „ DeLand. Fla.. L.A. Kankin. V... Orlando, Fla., L.A. K.iui;ht. B.. Lima. Peru. L.. . 92 lUvd, M., BainbridRe, Ga., L.A. lU ' i ' d, K., Miami SprinRs, Fla., L.A. Kfid. IJ.. Daytona Beach, Fla., L.A. Kciiitk, J., ChattanooKa, Tenn., L.A. Ki-ynolds, M., Tamjja, Fla., Mus. Richards. F., York, Pa., L.A. KiKdon. K.. .lacksonville, Fla., L.A. Kiley, C, St. Petersburg, Fla., Bus. Rinker, D., Palm Beach, Fla., Bus. Rogers. J., Orlando, Fla., L.A. Ross, J., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., L.A. Rozier, E., West Palm Beach, Fla., L.A. Rutan, J., Marietta, Ga., L.A. Rutan. .S., .A.tlanta, Ga., L.A. Ryan, J., Savannah, Ga., Mu.s. Samson, B., Tampa, Fla., Mus. Sasser, F., Pahokee, Fla., Bus. Schibanoff, M., Freehold, N. J., L.A. Schindel, P., Verona, N. J., Bus. Schleueter, B.. Lakeland. Fla., L.A. Schuessler, I)., Madison, N. J., Bus. Scudder, J.. Campbell, N. J., L.A. Seaborn, D., Sebring, Fla., L.A. Sherman, C, Tonaunde, N. Y., L.A. Shields. T., Naples, Fla., L.A. 93 Sicgal. B.. Hempstead, N. Y., Bus. Simpsun. A., Washington. D. C, L.A. SingiT, J., Tampa, Fla., L.A. .• ki ' i-n. 1... Bradenton, Fla., L.A. Slfduf. J., Chattanoojja, Tenn., L.A. . ' linKl■rla d. I ., Howe Cave. N. Y., L.A. .Sloan. J.. Tampa. Fla., L.A. .Smith, J.. Holly Hill. Fla., Bus. Smith. S.. Lake City, Fla., Bus. Spencer. B., LaBelle. Fla., L.A. Starn, F., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., L.A. Stokes, M.. Jacksonville, Fla., L.A. Story, K . .Arabi, Ga., L.A. .Stuart. J., Jacksonville, Fla., L.. . Sullins, F., Vero Beach, Fla., L.A. O f ( Summers, S.. Lake City. Fla.. Bus. late, J., DeLand, Fla., L.A. late. J.. Miami, Fla., Bus. Tedro " . A.. -N ' aranja. Fla., L.. . Templer. J.. Perriiie, Fla.. L.A. Templer. J.. F ' errine, Fla., L.A. rhi ma . E., Warner Robins. Ga., L.A. Ihiimas, J.. Lake City. Fla., Bus. Thomson. J., Jacksonville, Fla., L.A. lilden. 15.. Winter Garden. Fla.. L.A. 94 I.Kld. C. Orlando, Fla., L.A. Tow n.send, C, Ocala, Fla., I, .A. Trinowski, C, Jamesport, N. Y., L.A. TiiriuN. I ' ., Palm Beach, Fla., L.A. I |)ihiirch, J., Atlanta, Ga., Mu.s. Van DcuM-n. U., Washington, D. C, L.A. Van ll.vnint;. S., Winter Park, Fla., L.A. ' an Zant. J., .Jacksonville, Fla., L.A. N ' ardaman. K., Miami, Fla., L.A. auKhon, I)., DeLand, Fla., L.A. Waldrop. D., Shelby, N. C, Mus. Walker, X., New Smyrna Bch, Fla., L.A. Wall, L , Lexington, N. C, L.A. Ward. J., Spencer, Ind., Bus. Ward. K.. Ft. Mver-s. Fla., L.A. Weaver. H.. Orlando. Fla., L.A. White, .M.. Atlanta, Ga.. L.. . Wickstrom. B.. Miami, Fla., L.A. Wiley, B., Baltimore, Md., Bus. Williams. S., Williston, Fla., L.A. Wimer, W., Pompano Beach, Fla., Bus. Winslow, J., Tampa, Fla., L.A. Woods, L.. Tulsa, Okla., L.A. Woods, X., Atlanta, Ga., L.A. W ylie, M., Cocoa, Fla., Bus. 95 The Kathy Cofman, .lane Hall. Jay Starling. Tom I ' ay Freshmen Class . OFFICERS JAY STARLINT, President JANE HALL Vice-President KATHY (OFMAN Secretary TOM FAY Treasurer 96 . 1960 Adams, A., Miaiiii, L.A. Adams. I)., Stegcr, III., Bus. .Vlves, E., B. Vista, Brazil, L.A. Amlln. B.. Deliay Bch., Bus. Anderson, T.. I ' alin Beach, L.A. . ndrew, (i., .leffeison, Iowa, Bus. .Vrmstronp, I)., Jaeksonville, L.A. Arnold. B., . von Park, Bus. . sato. L., Hawaii, L.A. . usley, J., Hastings, L.A. .Vvent, J., Orlando, Mus. Baeuchler, L., Niles, Bus. Barnett, I).. Topeka, Kan., Bus. Bean, J., Winchester, Tenn., L.A. Bearden, O., Atlanta, Ga., L.A. Bell, L., Arlington, Va., L.A. Bendle, R.. Miami, Bus. Bennett, R., Casselbeny, L.A. Bennett, J., Venezula, L.A. Bergerson, J., Indianapolis, Bus. Bird, T., Adrian, Mich., Bus. Boles, J.. Indianapolis, Bus. Bottomley, A., Melbourne, L.A. Bradfield, M., Riviera Bch., Bus. Bragg. J., Hollywood, L.A. Breeden, R., Punta Gorda, L.A. Breyer, A., Ormond Bch., L.A. Briggs. F.. Albany, N. Y., L.A. Britten, M., DeLand, L.A. Brooks. P.. Prospect, Ky., L.A. Brown, A., Winter Park, Bus. Brown, M., Largo, L.A. Burnette, J., Frostproof, Bus. Butler, D., Vero Bch., L.A. Caldwell, W., Cocoa Bch., L.A. Callaway, B., Panama City, L.A. 97 :i CamiTon. K.. Ft. l.uudcrdale, L.A. (ampbfll. I ' .. Panoland, S. C, L.A. Carroll. .M., Ft. Myers. L.A. (as.sedy, N., Jacksonville, L.A. ( ' asllcherry. J., . tlanta, Ga., L.A. (avail, W., Winter Park, Bus. Cesarano, T., S. .Miami, L.A. Chaplin. F., Miami, Bus. Chapman, B.. Atlanta, Ga. Chapman, L., Gainesville, L.A. Clark, F.. Hollywood, L.A. Clark, .M., . lachua, L.A. Clements. B., Naples, L.A. CofTman, K., Ft. Lauderdale, L.A. Coleman, C, Clearwater, L.A. Coleman, L., Tampa, L.A. CollinK. R.. Leesburg. L.A. Collins. J., Bainbridpe, Ga., Bus. Combs, B., Griffin, Ga., L.A. Compton, L.. Princeton, W. Va., Bus. Conover. . .. Chevy, Md., L.A. Cook, .M., Charlotte, N. C, L.A. Cooke, S., Newberry, L.A. Cooler, S.. Savannah, Ga. Corbett, L., Sarasota, L.A. Coulter, J.. F ' t. Lauderdale, Bus. Co. , J., ,Iacksonville, Mus. Crews, N., Avon Park, L.A. Critlendon, S., Clearwater, L.A. Crumb. C., DcLand, L.A. CunninKham, J., Armonk, N. Y., L.A. Dahlquist, B., Hobe Sound, L.A. Daly, J.. Ft. Lauderdale, L.. . Danson, R.. Jacksonville. L.-A. Day. .M.. Tampa, L.. . Dean, J., Lorida, Bus. k iTi its Doi-kor, E., Miami, L.A. l)t(;rHlT, I)., Sarasota, L.A. Dflli IJovi, R.. Eau Gallic, LA. Dickoy, K., Bristol, Va., Mus. Disney, I)., Wtiiom, hid , L.A. Doni-Ran, H.. Hartford, Conn., L.A. Dooloy. L., Rockleiljic, Mus. DoiiKherty, N., Coral Gables, Bus., Duncan, F., Metamora, Ohio, L.A. Dimif ' on, F ' " ' ., Ft. Lauderdale, L.A. Dupre, J., Antioch, 111., Bus. Durgin, L., Gross Point Sh., Mich., Bus Easton, G., Orlando, Bus. Edendeld, J., Stuart, Mus. Ed« ards. R., DeLand, L.A. Elkins, J., Waycross, Ga., Mus. sli2 t l r " f £ Eller, D., Deerfield Bch., L.A. Espy, R., Apollo, Pa., Bus. Everroad, M., Columbus, Ind., L.A. Ezelle, J.. Clewiston, Ga., L.A. Pant, A., Bradenton, L.A. Feldman, S., Orlando, L.A. Feliei, A., Apapka, L.A. Ferguson, S., Kingsport, Tenii., L.A. Finch, D., Clearwater, L.A. Fink, J., Jacksonville, L.A. Flippo, K.. Eustis, L.A. Forest. A., Daytona Bch., L.A. Fortenberry, M., Neptune, L.A. Fouse, C, Miami, L.A. Fo. , R., DeLand, L.A. Frank, C, Tampa, L.A. Frederikson, S., Charlottesville, Va., L.A. Fromen, L, Miami, L.A. Frye, D., Orlando, L.A. Futch, D., Bainbridge, Ga.. L.A. 99 P €1 p n (;add . H., Allunta, (Ja., L.A. (iase. S.. Si. Petcrsburjf, L.A. (Gardner, S ., Americus, Ga., L.A. (JarniT, . ., (Jrccnville, S. C, Bus. (Jarnsey, (i.. Port Orange, L.A. (iaront-, I ., Syo.sset, N. Y., L.A. Gartsidr. L.. Winter Park, L.A. (iay, K.. Fitzjfc-rald. Ga., L.A. Gavlcir. H.. Hialeah, L.A. (;eiKer, (;., Plant City, L.A. (nfford, J., Sebrinp, L.A. (Jladd.n. F.. .Speed, Ind., L.A. (inann, .M., Gainesville, L.A. Goldstein, C, Miami, Mus. Golenkow, B.. Islamorada, Bus. Gormly, M.. Miami, L.A. Gosnell. J.. Clinton, Ind., Bus. Graham, B., Orlando, L.A. Gray, P., Eau Gallic, L.A. (Jreene, A., Jacksonville, L.A. (Jriflinc, K.. Riverhead, N. Y., L.A. (iriflith. C, .Melbourne, L.A., B., DeLand, Bus. Gumm, P.. Orlando, L.A. HaKen, N.. DeLand, Bus. Hall. J.. Atlanta, (Ja., L.A. Hampton, J., Live Oak, L.A. Hankins, J., Miami, L.A. Hanley, B.. Ft. .Myers, L.A. Harris. C, Dunedin, Bus. HartuHK, J., Clearwater, L.A. Haw kin.son, L., Venezuela, L.A. Hfck. I)., Newman, Ga., h.A. Hedrick, P., Tampa, L..A. Hennessy, R., Orange Park, L.A. Henry. R., Margate, N. J., L.. . . i %£ll n luu Hiiks, J.. Xepluno Bch., L.A. Hioks. M.. DeLand, L.A. IIiKKins, I)., Sebrintr, L.A. lliK:Kii s, S., SiJiuta, (ia., Hu.s. Ilinh. ( ' .. Sylvania, (Ja., Bus. Hilvtrink. (;., He. , Ga., L.A. Hobby. II.. Ft. Lauderdale, L.A. Il(ic(|uisl, .1., Orlaiuio, Mus. Honeycutt, I ' ., DeLand, Mus. Hovey, 1)., Ft. Lauderdale, L.A. Howard, M., Zellwood, L.A. Hutson, R., Lutz, L.A. Idol, K., High Point, N. C, Bus. Ivey, S., Forsyth, Ga., L.A. Jacobs, A., Westchester, Pa., Bus. Janes, D., Leonia, N. J., L.A. ,0 ( John.son, R., Quantico, Va., L.A. Jones B., St. Petersburg, Bus. Jones, J., Barowin, Mus. Jones, J., Nashville, Tenn., L.A. Jones, T., Ft. Lauderdale, Bus. Jones, W., Clearwater, L.A. Judson. J., Ft. Lauderdale, L.A. Keislinff, C, Jacksonville, L.A. Kelly, I ., Fernandina Bch., L.A. Kennedy, M., Cincinnati, Ohio, L.A. Kennedy, T., Ft. Lauderdale, L.A. Ketron, B., Apcpka, L.A. Keyes, C, Hialeah, L.A. Koch, S., Ft. Lauderdale, L.A. Krom, M., Winter Park, L.A. Lapp, M., Miami, Mus. Lathrop, J., Jupiter, Bus. Lawhon, B., Pensacola, L.A. Lea. J., Shelbyville, Ky., L.A. L ' Ecluse, P., Daytona Bch., L.A. 101 l.i»is. II.. Miumi. L.A. Lirulscy, J., .liK-ksuiivillL , I. .A. l-illlf, M.. Winter Park, I..A. Litvant-y. C, Pittsburgh, Pa., 1, A. Lc.hof, It.. Hilliiik ' .s Mont.. I,.A. London, P., Ft. Lauderdale, Mus. LonK. L., Lake Helen, L.A. Lopresle, (;.. Weslfield, N. Y., Bus. Lycan, G., DeLand, L.A. Lynch, B., Winter Park, L.A. McArthur, B., Clearwater, L.A. McBaln, B., Ft. Lauderdale, Mus. McDermond, I ., Cotter, Ark., L.A. McDowell, A., Sarasota, L.A. McGee, S., Greenville, S. C, L.A. McKatten, P., Mt. Lakes, N. J., L.A. McKi-ilhen, (i., Hialeah, Bus. McKenna, I)., Miami Shores, L.A. McKeown, V. McMillan, R., Atlantic Bch., L.A. Mathews, C, Leesburtr, L.A. Mallack. K., Haddonfield, . .1., Mus. Meisenheimer, C, Elpin A. F. Base, L.A. Meunier, N., Hialeah, L.A. MiddlekaufT, .M., DeLand, L.A. Miller, (. ' ., Leesburf:, L.A. Mills, W.. Jupiter, L.A. Miner, K.. Clark, Colo., L.A. Minter, A., Bradenton, Bus. Moore, C, Funston, Ga., Mus. Moore. G.. Miami, L.A. Moore, R., Opa-Locka, Bus. Moore, R., Walnut Cr., Cal., L.A. Morris, D., DeLand, L.A. Morris, R., Apopka, L.A. Myers. A., Deliav Bch., L.A. a 102 Ni ' lson, (i.. HoUywuod, L.A. Nelson, I ' ., Hollywood, Bus. Nt ' nu-hik, (;., Naples, L.A. Noshit. J.. Koswell. V,i .. I..A. Ni ' «harl. I!.. Sarasota. Bus. Nioholls. K.. Miami, L.A. Niles, S., Daytona Beach, L.A. Nivt ' iis. 1)., F " t. Lauderdale. L.A. Nowlin. M., Melbourne, L.A. OHJuinn, 1 ' ., Callahan, Bus. Palm, K., Sarasota, L.A. Parker, A., Washington, D. C, Bus. Parker, P. , Eaton, Ohio, Bus. Parks, J., Albemarle, N. C, Mus. Parrish, M., Miami, Bus. Patten, G., Starke, L.A. M 5 1? 2h uW 4ii £ Ah V ' K o Ah 1 £ Pearce, V., Orlando, L.A. Peaslee, G., Orlando, L.A. Perry. B., Live Oak, L.A. Peterson, H., Louisville, Ky., L.A. Picras. T., Jacksonville, L.A. Pittman. M., Savannah, Ga., L.A. Plotkin, B.. Fairfield, Conn., Bus. Polk. G.. Lake Placid, L.A. Ponda, O., Clearwater, L.A. Poole, D., Raleigh, N. C, L.A. Powell, B., Miami, L.A. Ramaker. L.. Holly vood, Bus. Redmond, P.. Miami, Bus. Reed. S., Winter Haven, L.A. Reiff, R., St. Petersburg, L.A. Reynolds, J., New Haven, Conn., L.A. Richardson, K., Salem, N. J., Mus. Riedel. M., Ft. Lauderdale, L.A. Rikard, C, Winter Haven, Bus. Riley. L., Miami, L.A. 103 O 9 P 0 f 6 p l ol l ins, I- ' ., Oviedo, L.A. Koberts, K., Vienna, Gu., I, .A. KubtTtH, K., Miami, L.A. Kiirhc, J.. Southport, Conn., Bus. KoKers. { ' ,.. DeLand, L.A. Rose, J., Punta Gorda, Bus. Koth, J.. Bari ' iniftun, III., Bus. Kiiuse. ( ' ., Hradenlon, L.A. Ilu.ssell, C, Miami, Mus. Ryan, J., Hollywood, Bus. Sarmiento, J., Puerto Rico, L.A. Sassard, .M., DeLand, L.A. Sauls, R.. Sebiinjj, L.A. Savage, N., St. Petersburg, Bus. Scott, J., Winter Haven, Bus. Scott, R., Miami, L.A. Seckel, E., DeLeon Sprgs., Bus. Sheffield. S., Femandina, L.A. Shore. R.. Palmetto, Bus. Simmons. D., Pascagoula, Miss., L.A. Smart. J.. Ft. Pierce, Bus. . ' mlth. K.. Orlando, Bus. Smith. .M.. Jacksonville, L.A. Sowell, A., Lima, Peru, Bus. Spooner, Z., Immokalee, L.A., V., DeLand, L.A. Sprengling, M., Jacksonville, L.A. .Staggs, .S.. Orlando, Bus. Standi, .M., Marietta, Ga., Mus. Starm, L.. Ft. Lauderdale, L.A. Steanson. K., Griffin, Ga.. L.A. Stein, K.. Yulee, Mus. Stencel. .M., Asheville, . . C, L.A. Stevenson, J., Sebring, L.A. Stewart. . ., DeLand, L.A. Stewart, B., Coshocton, Ohio, L.A. Stewart. J.. Zolfo Spgs., Bus. Straus, S., Tampa, L..-V. Sumner, S., Delray Bih.. ... . Suter, W., Miami, L..A. Sweet, H., Tampa, L.. . kZ SI Ni r ( f o 1 P r rv Syfan. C, Dciatur, (Ja.. L.A. ' I ' liil, J., Boone, N. C, Mils. IVrri ' ll. J.. Edjfon. L.A. Tfrrx. K.. Miami, Bus. Tho(l» ' , A.. K. Uriinswick, N..I., L.A. Thomas, .. Winter Ciartien, L.A. Tom nsond. .S., Coral Gables, L.A. ' rraniMicll. M., Miami, ... . Tyler, P.. Miami, L.A. Underhill, E., Barberville, Bus. Unser, K., New Smyrna, L.A. Usher, J., Loxahatchee, L.A. Verier, C, Clearwater, L.A. Villa, G., Scotch Plains, N. J., Bus. Vockins, P., Palm Beach, L.A. Walker, H., Plant City, L.A. £ ? O r p Walser, I ' ., Daytona Bch., L.A. Wanniger, B., Gainesville, Mus. Ward. H., DeLr.r.d, L.A. Waters, B., Spartanburg, S. C, Mus. Wegener, G., St. Petersburg, L.A. Wehr, J., New Smyrna, L.A. Weiss, L., Eau Gallie, Mus. Wentzel, W., Bradenton, Bus. W heeler. A., Oak Hill, L.A. Wilcox, K., Atlanta, Ga., Mus. Williams, H., Ft. Pierce, L.A. Williams. J., Winter Park, Bus. Williams, R., Decatur, Ga., LA. Williams, Z., DeLand, L.A. Winderweedle, W., Winter Pk., Bus. Wise, C, DeLand, L.A. Wisner, J., Evergreen Pk., 111. L.A. Wolfe, B., Jacksonville, L.A. Wood. A.. Pensacola, L.A. Wood, R., Orlando, L.A. Wood, R., Lake City, L.A. Wrenn, T., Winter Park, Bus. Wright, L., Holly Hill, L.A. Wright, N., Springfield, 111., L.A. " essin, J., Miami, Bus. THE GREEKS Hero onco a«:ain we pledjje our vows ot friendship: Greek orKaiiizations are an intejrral, yet out- standinjr I art of life in Stetson ' s campus. ' lie twelve social sororities and fratei-iiities brinjj about closer relationshii s and life-loiiK friendships among students, encourage academic and extra-curricular activities, and loyally sup- port all campus functions. p .c ' P M ih-U -».% ' ( ) !• ' I- ITERS Vice rnsident JIM WILLIAMS Secrelary lOK DOIKJE Treasurer KREI) WII-LIAMS Sgt. at Arms El) ERICKSON President JOHN DICKSON Delta Sigma Phi Delta Sigma Phi was founded in 1899 at the Col- lege of the City of New York. Since that time it has grown to be one of the largest national fraternities, with over 100 chapters and 82,000 brothers in the bond of Spinx. The local chapter. Alpha Chi, was installed at Stetson in 1925. The chapter had been local since 1881. Dr. J. Ollie Edmunds, president of the University, was charter president of the chapter. The chapter conducts such annual affairs as: the Christmas i)arty for fifty underprivileged children; Honki Tonk party; and " The Sailor ' s Ball. " " The Sailor ' s Ball " originated at Stet.son during the de- pression and has since been adopted as the official weekend for all chapters of the fraternity. The Delta Sigs. while a social fraternity — all for one, one for all, and all fur fun — add much to campus life and the brothers hold many honors. Brother Strowbridge served on the Staff of the R.O.T.C. Battle Group while L ' Heureux .served as president of I.F.C. Joe Dodge .served as president of Stetson Union Board and John Adams was president of Phi Society and Vice-President of Men ' s Council. Many of the brothers also ijarticijiated in varsity sports on campus. The brothers of the Green and White take pride in their honors. They strive constantly to improve our scholastic averages. Faculty members of Delta Sigma Phi include Dr. A. M. Winchester, James D. Perdue, and Donald C. Yaxley. 108 On the beach 109 DELTA SICMA PHI Mrs. Stafford Adams. J. Auffant. J. Holes, J. Hrand. I?. Cameron, H. Cross. W. Dodge, J. Eriksson, E. (Jartside, L. (u ' orj e. |{. (;ilderslee e, li. (iironda, K. Hall, J. Harrell. R. Hubert.. I. lac-o elli. T. .lenkins. I). .Johnson. K. l. ' Heureux, E. Lvon. W. McCoKskey, .1. McKatten. P. .Mthinnley. i. .Marshall. R. Mar in, L. Palmer. R. Parker, A. Riffle, A. Roche, J. Sanders, R. Schuessler, D. Sims, B. Spikes, J. St row bridge. F. Thompson, B. Trinowski. C. Winderweedle. W, Williams. V. Williams. J. Wood, A. Wood, R. ' « =i=» «er-4 i t itC F F I C K R S Vice-President HI I.I. JAR MAN Secretary II.M (JINDEKSON HiKh Tau (JEORtJE PERI NO Hi Phi MIKE I I ( HENE President DL ANE DODDINdTON Lambda Chi Alpha Lambda Chi Alpha, founded at Boston University on November 2, 1909. is the larpest of national and international fraternities. The local chapter, Zeta Tau, was founded on the Stetson campus in April of 1949. Purple, preen and pold are the Fraternity ' s colors, and our flower is a white rose. The chapter has a housemother. Mrs. Dorothy Sturgeum, and two faculty advisors. Professor Elkins and Professor Giles, of whom the fraternity recopnizes and appre- ciates their gren time and devotion to the men of Lambda Chi Alpha. Amonp the outstanding men of Lambda Chi on campus are our President, Duane Doddinpton. Duane. past Vice-President of the Chapter, is also Treasurer of the Student Government As.sociation. Editor of the Hatter. Senior Resident Advisor, Vice-President of the .Junior and the Spon.sorinp Chairman of Stet.«oii ' s first Greek Week this past Sprinp. Other outstandinp men include Bob Hickev. Vice- President of the I.F.C. and a member of Men ' s Council, Chuck Handte. Secretary of the I.F.C. and John Davis is Chairman of the .Junior ODK. Green Circle. Fall elections saw .Jav Starlinp. a Lambda Chi pledpe. capture the Freshman Class Presidency. Thi. ' s marks the 3rd .straipht year a Lambda Chi has held this honor; Tom Fay, Freshman, and Jim Sloan, Sophomore, are the new Treasurers of their classes. Wayne Hapan and Fred Conell repre.sent the chapter on the Stet.son Ba.seball Team, while brothers Charles Harri.son and John Upchurch are members of the Stetson Track team. Bert Humphries is the Uni- versity Intramural Manaper. We are well represented in Canterbury Club, the B.S.U., Wesley Foundation, and other campus aflFil- iated relipious orpanizations. Leadership here in- cludes John Thomp.son, President of the Student Christian As.sociation and President of Canterbury Club. Pledpe Frank Chaplin is President of the Christian Church. Lambda Chi also takes a lead in Student Publica- tions with pledpe John Tate. Business Manaper of the Stet.son Reporter. Music leaders include Leys Jordan, Vice-President of the Music Educators of America A.s.sociation. For .scholarship. Lambda Chi has adopted a very fine study hall system in order to maintain a hiph standard on our campus. .Annual afl ' airs of the chapter are a Christmas and an Easter narty for under-privileped children of DeLand. and the Founder ' s Coronation Ball at which they crown their " Crescent Girl. " Many .social functions are held at the Lambda Chi located at 220 West Minne- sota. DeLand. 112 The big wheels meet. Lambda Chi Alpha sings I HO HO! A Merry Christmas from Lambda Chi Alpha to the underprivileged children. Come with us to " The Village ' 113 KAMHDA (III ALPHA Allen, J. Avery. J. Mealx.ul. |{. (la ton. 1). Cliver. 1). Connell. F. Davis. . I. !)il|(.n. H. I)odding:ton, D. Earnhardt. J. Fay. T. Feuerbacher. R. (iunderson. J. Hajran. . Handle, C " . Harris(»n, C. Hennessy. R. Hoprarth. R. HumDhries. B. Jacol). A. .larman. H. Jordan. L. .luarez, O. Killehrew. P. Kinnan. H. Lushene, M. Mavnard, B. McDonald. G. Moseley. (i. Nunez. C " . Nelson. C. Nesbit. .1. Perino. G. Pricier. N. Ralston. I). Rozier. E. T7 i W - Se J Seckel. E. Sherman. C. Sloan. .1. Starlinp. J. Storm. P. Tate. .1. Thompson. .1. I ' pchurch. .1. c w k President PAIL CHEEK O F F I ( • V. It S Vice-President I KA.NK KENNEDY Secretary JOHN HENEY Treasurer , . TERKV McNAMAKA Sut. at Arms . KKI IH M(H{(,AN Pi Kappa Alpha March 1, 19U9, is the founding date ul ' I ' i Kappa Alpha Fraternity at the University of Virginia. Since then it has prown to 128 chapters located throughout the United States with the Delta Upsilon chapter here at Stetson being founded on March 1, 1951. The Hower of the fraternity is the Lily-of-the- Valley and the colors are Garnet and Old Gold. The main events of the year are our Founder ' s Day Bantpiet on the first of March, Faculty Tea, Hontoon Island Party, Roman Holiday Party, and a fabulous Spring week-end. The Pikes were pre.sented a fire truck this year which has led parades, pep rallies, and many good times. Some of our leaders on campus this year includes Fred White, Battle Group ( " ommander and Presi- dent cf the Scabbard and Blade, Jim Dawson and Frank Kennedy, as Company Commanders in the ROTC Battle Group. Dan O ' Connell is president of the Newman Club, Si)ike Sis.ser.son and Jim Daw.son are on Men ' s Council. Jay Haskell was a leader in the Green Feather Drive and the Greek Week Committee. The Pike Dream Ciirl for this year is Miss Ann Pyle. Our rejiresentative for the Miss Hatter Contest was Miss Terry Collins and Su.san Green was our Calendar Girl. Our repre.sentative in the Miss Stetson Basketball contest was Miss Nancy Kohler. HG ANN LOriSE I ' LVE I ' i Kappa Alpha Dream (Jirl Need a ride " . It ' s Partv r 4 M ! J IM KAl ' l ' A Al.l ' HA Mrowdt ' r, K. I ' alliin. J. Camp.T. Campbell, S. Clu ' t ' k, ] ' . Connell. 1). Dawson. .1. Haskell. J. Heney, J. Johnson. H. Kennedy. F. McMillan, J. McNamara, T. Morgan. K. Schindel. V. Spears. L. Uimer. G. Villa, G. White. F. Zuekls. r. JjL . vx ItBS m " N i ) Archon LARRY RICHARDSON F F I ( ' I-: II s Secretary DANNY AI.l.EN Treasurer DARRYL MAHAN Social Chairman . AN IMTT.MAN Pi Kappa Phi Chi Chapter of Pi KaiJjia Phi was founded on the Stetson campus in 1921, seventeen years after the national fraternity was organized. Many traditions comprising this year ' s calendar of events were first adopted in those early years. The Freshman Beauty Contest, the Parade of Orchids, a Founder ' s Day Banquet, the Freshman Girls ' Serenade, and " uncle gy-rack " have become annual activities. Pi Kappa Phi also has a tradition of supplying the campus with outstanding leaders. This year Rey- nolds Allen serves as president of both Men ' s Coun- cil and Omicron Delta Kappa. Larry Richardson as president of the Liberal Arts school, and Dannv Allen holds the senior class jiresidency. Pi Kajjps are well-represented in student government committees, religious organizations, and honorary fraternities. Brothers Rutan,, Alderman, and Lanier are charter members of the Green Circle. The Pi Kapps have done equally well on the ath- letic fields. Brothers Mueller, Borders, and Alder- man earned starting positions on the soccer team. Last spring George Borders was selected All-State shortstop for the second consecutive year. In intra- mural football, the Blue and Gold finished .second, while placing Burnette and Carter on the All-Star team. 120 W T Hawlex Kidenour phiys i( cool on a hot day. Judge Blunt, Pi Kapp alumn and National Jaycee Vice-president, speaks at the Founder ' s Day Banquet. Beauty on parade. It ' s a bird, it ' s a plane, it ' s Bill Hiller. 121 I ' l KAI ' I ' A I ' HI •Aunt i{.- Alderman. A. Allen. I). Allen. K. Aven(..I. |{eauch;imp. K. Heikham. T. Breyer. B. Bird.T. Morders. d. Hurnett. 1). C ' adman. i. Cassel. k. Figley. I . (;illum. M. Hiller. B. Hunt. K. Keown. l. Kerh. I ' . Krause. K. Lanier, .1. Lohof, B. I.urkenhach. P. McCi lium..l. Mallard, (i. Mart .. V. Mueller. N. Pittman. V. IMotkin. B. ReilT. K. Re nolds. J. Kichards. F. Richardson. L Rikard. C. Rinker. I). Rutan. S. Scolt. J. Sloan, B. Sweet, H. Terry, E. Usher, J. Walton, B. Wentzel. W. N hitmire. J. Wrenn.T. I X " r O P ' • )i ' cr W • ifc«- ' OFFICERS Lt.( (.mmandiT . SHELBY FARR Secretarv TOM DAVIS Treasurer . MAKh ( (tKNKI.US Chaplain WKS .JOHNSON Commander BOB HOLLY Sigma N u Sigma Nu began its activities on the Stetson campus in 1913, as the first chartered national social fraternity at the University. The familiar chapter house on Minnesota Avenue was raised in 1923 and is an outstanding landmark to students and visitors alike. The Knights of the Legion of Honor pride them- selves on the leadership that the fraternity produces. Brothers Sucher and Ray are Co-Captains of the soccer team. Bill Schneider is Basketball Captain and President of the " S " Club. The Snakes boast basketball team members — Brothers Dompe, Miller, Eubanks, Hancock, Epting, Ward, and assistant coach Harbin. Fred .Jefferson is SGA President, J.V. Basketball coach, and is listed in Who ' s Who. The President of the Junior Class is Brother Byrd Booth. The Business School holds as its officers Ross Wager as President, and Mark Cornelius as secretarv, with Pat O ' Neal as Vice-President. Brother Gregory oc- cupies the office of Treasurer in the Liberal Arts School. Brother Fulton is an outstanding leader in military, being a Fir. t Lieutenant in Scabbard and Blade and Commander of the Pershing Rifles. Chuck is Social Vice-President of the SGA, Treasurer of ODK, and is listed in Who ' s Who. Many other brothers hold various officies in all pha. ' es of campus activities. As a group, the Snakes claim the honor and di.s- tinction of holding the President ' s Cup for the past six years and look forward to another championship this year. Sigma Nu — the Honor Fraternity — continually strives to maintain the ideals that the fraternity was founded upon, and regards its responsibilities and duties as a .service in bringing a high quality of men and leadership to Stet.son. 124 W h didn ' t I start studying sooner? The Snakes relax and enjoy themselves at a Christmas Dance. I don ' t care if the world is K ing to end leave us alone. 125 SI (..MA NU Arnett. H. IJjiri ' lool. It. liooth. l . ( ' astlfl)i ' ri . .1. Cont ' . K. Coni ' . . C ' orni ' lius. M. Crisp. 15. Davis. T. I)«k1(I. I " . Donipi ' . .1. Dunwoi ' t h. .1. Eubanks. K. rarr. S. I-iilton. ( " . (JieKory, S. P (Jrose. W. (Juenlher, M. Hancock. J. Harbin. !). Hendrix. Imes. H. .lefferson, F. Johnston, W. .luneur, J. Kinp. R. Mc Arthur, U. Mf Arthur. H. IVlerrifield, .1. Merritt.T. Miller. I). Morfiiin. .1. O ' Neal. l Patten, (i. Pools. I). Porter. E. Royal, C. SavaKP. N, Seaborn, I). Shaw. ( ' . Shaw, .1. Smith,.!. Sowell, A. Speck. K. Sucher. T. Vostery, B. Ward. J. Woods, T, I C) ; " r Ai T itSSSk D » « vi r t. OFFICERS Vice-President TOM R A(;AN Comptroller HRAV HOI STON Historian DAVE SIMTZER Secretary ART STONE President TIM CATLIN Sigma Phi Epsilon The Florida Beta Chapter of Sipma Phi Epsilon, the second largest fraternity in the world, es- tablished itself at Stetson in February of 1949. Sigma Phi Epsilon National was founded Novem- ber 1, 1901, at Richmond College in Virginia. Constantly .striving to promote scholastic ideals, Florida Beta is justly proud of its rank of first during the Spring Semester and .second for its yearly average. Socially, the year is highlighted by the weekend and its " Queen of Hearts Ball " held in April., prominent is the Valentine Dance held in February close to the anniversary date of the installation of Florida Beta Chapter into Sigma Phi Epsilon. Sigma Phi Epsilon is justly proud of their SPE camp fund for the benefit of underprivileged children. E.stablished in 1950, it was the first such prnject successfully administered by a National ■ itcrnity. i ' loniinent alumni on campus are Richard Pearce, Dr. John Vaughen, Dean E. C. Furlong and Graves Edmundson. Brother .Malcom winning the (ireek N eek Chariot Race for the second straight ear. J Barnett, D. IJean. J. Fay, L. Hall, M. Jessop, G. Malcom. T Norton, H. Ragan, T. Spitzer, D. Stone, A. Boos. M. Hampton. J. Moore, R. Renick. J. Stuart, J. i ! N ' Cannon, W. Hembdt, P. Mullins, D. Ryan, J. Catlin. T. Houston. B. Nance. M. Sakon. F. Not Pictured: Ron Sauls. Dave Higgins, Gene Polk, John Dean, Chips Shore, Dave Barnett, and Bob Moore. " Those letters had to get up there somewav 1 1 Our New House I Seated, left to ripht : John Dixon, Hob Hutzler, Ed I Heiiii " ii . Chuck Handte. Hyrd Hoolh. Duane Doddinpton. Standinjr. left to liKht : Tim ( " atlin, Dick Marshall. IJoh Holly. .Jim Lanier. Ko er Harrell. Larry Richardson. .Mm Callan. Ted Camp. Steele (Jrejjory. Not Pictured: .Martin IJoos, Paul Kiilel)re v. Interfraternity Council President Kd I.Hc ' iircu ' ice-Presideiit Martin Hoos Secretary ( huck Handte Trea.surer |{ rd Hoolh . Panhellenic Council Seated, left to ripht: .lo Hopper, Dot Fiebrich, Jackie Pitts. Tonny Otfletree. Ann Ander- son, Susan Meall. Staiidiiijr, left to rijrlit : Diane Kun .e. Carol Herrin. Anna Perry. Sall Lied. Ann Severance, I ' attv Lowe. Judv Juras. Su anne Del.ettre. President Tonny Ogletree Vice-President Jackie Pitts Secretary Dot Fiebrich Treasurer Ann Anderson H ial Chairman Susan Beall Put ' lirity Chairman l.inda Fulford — :U ! i n- f V iT THE SORORITIES 131 President JOANNE HOPPER GAMMA CHI ( H AI»TKR OFFICERS First Vice-President . (i.ML MOSI.EY Second Vice-President IMARII.VN WHITE Secretary Treasurer . BETTY I,EE THERELI. SMITH ALPHA CHI OMEGA Alpha Chi Omej a sorority was founded in 1885 by seven members of the school of music at DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana. The pin, a pearl- studded polden lyre, was chosen for its significance as the original instrument of the early Greeks, and serves as a tribute to Alpha Chi ' s musical heritage. The Stetson Chapter of Alpha Chi Omega was founded in the spring of 1957, and has subsequently made .some important contributions to the Univer- sity. Scholarship is emphasized, and Alpha Chi placed second in .scholarship during the .spring .semester of last year. Alpha Chi ' s also play a big part in cami)us activi- ties: this year ' s president of Women ' s Executive Council is Jo Lysek, and Gail John.son is its sopho- more repre.sentative. Ann Anderson is vice-president of the .senior class and is also president of Chaudoin Hall. Other house council members include Suzanne DeLettre, vice-president of Chaudoin and Mary Ann Aiken, president of Emily Hall. Mortar Board members are Ginny Bagby, presi- dent, Mary Ann Aiken, treasurer, Jo Anne Hopper and Jo Lysek. In addition to these activities, Jo Ly.sek also received a Phi Beta Kappa award. Alpha Chi ' s captured first place and the winner ' s trophy in the annual inter-.sorority sing last si)ring and were the winners of Greek Week skit ni,i;ht with their rendition of THERE IS NOTHING LIKE A GREEK. In the field of beauty. Alpha Chi ' s have accom- plishments, too. Marilyn White, a Stetson cheer- leader, holds the titles of Military Ball Queen and Miss Stetson Ba.sketball. Sally Jean Miles, Stet.son ' s candidate to the Citrus Queen Contest, was also Miss 1959 in the Orange Bowl Parade. Dianna Drummond was a finalist in the state-wide contest for Orange Bowl Queen, and Carolyn Clark represented Sigma Nu Fraternity at David.son University as a candidate for Homecoming Queen. 132 Swing your partner and promenade home. 150 TRUE-FALSE! NO!! Beauty and the Beast. Well, Dior liked her hat I 133 Aiken. M. A. Anderson. A. Andrew. (J. HaKby. V. Harrett. S. Chapman, !M. llark. C. Cook. IVl. Corhctt. L. Crouch. H. DeLeltre. S. Druniniond, I). Manic. |{. Hilverink. (J. Hopper. .1. HulT. I). Hyde. C. .Iacol)s. .1. Johnson, (i. Krom. .M. |{. Lysek. J. .McCauley, M. McDowell, A. Miles. S. J. Moore. C. Moseley, G. Ried. 15. Sanders. I). Smith, T. Syfan. C. Tanner. .1. Templer. .1. S. Templer. .1. S. Thomas. .1. Trammell. M. Turney. V. White. M. Williamson. J. 134 ()mi:(;a (MA v ' WAi President SUZZANNE ABEL P F I C E R S Vice-President . . Sl ' E METTS OITEN Secretary JACKIE DOSSETT Treasurer . BKENDA SUE FRANKS Historian SYBIL POLSOM Alpha XI Delta Alpha Xi Delta was founded at Lombard Collepe in Galesburp, Illinois, on April 17, 1893. Alpha Xi was one of the first ten sororities founded in the National Panhellenic Council. It ' s symbols are the golden quill studded with pearls and the pink Kill- arney rose. Everywhere you go on campus, you ' ll find a friendly Alpha Xi — Miss Greek Week Queen, Miss Scabbard and Blade, Sweetheart of Pi Kappa Phi fraternity. Mortar Board, Phi Beta, Council, Hatter Staff, Reporter Staff, Play Productions, Honor Roll, Travel Squad, Band, Cheerleading, and Busi- ness Manajrer of Yearbook. Other honorable mentions are: President of B.S.U., Pat Pearce; Sec. of Phi Society, Jackie Dos.sett; Pres. of Kappa Delta Pi. Carole C. Moore; Vice-Pres. of Kappa Delta Pi, Jo Ann Sellers ; Sec. of Si ;ma Tau Delta, and Pi Kappa Delta, Jackie Do.s.sett ; Vice- Pres. of La Franciade, Gloria Santora ; Sec. of Gamma Theta Upsilon, Linda P ilford ; and Pres. of For.senic Honorary, Jackie Dos.sett. Alpha Xi Delta won first place in scholarship, second place in the Inter-fratornity Sinp. and .second in the Greek Week skit. 136 Our distinguished family portrait. Although now . . . We ' re living it up tonight I Ahel. S. Maldwin. M. IJarnes. 1.. CaUrider, N. ( amphell. M. (art IT, I ' . Collins. K. Corner, J. ( uhillas. T. Dossett. J. Edwards, A. linley. ( ' . Fleishel. V. I ' olsom, S. K trsee. M. Foster. A. Franks, H. i Fuiford, L. (Jormly. M. (iormlv. .M. (ireene. A. Henderson. H. Huska. H. Huyck. M. MacRenzie. J. Mann. C. MeKenna, D. Moore. C. Olinger. H. Outen. S. H. Pearce. P. Feral, I). Proctor, G. Rankin, G. Reed, S. Ryan. J. Santera, G. Schlueter. i. Sellers. .1. Sullins. F. Summers, S. Tedder, M. Ward, K. Willis. .1. Woolridjte. .1. Worthington, ALPHA DKLTA ( H AI ' TKR Vice-President . . SAI.I.V UOl ' REAl ' Secretary .... DIANE I.A. ( ASTER Trea. ' urer SYLVIA MLAKE Chaplain ANNETTE TYNER Marshal II I)Y MEBTAG I President ANN SEVERANCE DELTA DELTA DELTA Delta Delta Delta was established on Thanksgiv- ing Eve, 1888 at Boston University. Alpha Delta Chapter at Stetson was founded in 1913 and is the oldest Florida Chapter. Tri Deltas honor their badge of three pearl-studded .stars within a golden cre.scent and hold fast to their colors of silver, gold and blue. Tri Delta girls are seen everywhere on campus. The Publication Staffs include Ann Severance, Chair- man of the Publications Board; Sally Boureau, Mari- lyn Gooding. Wilma Jones, Hatter and Reporter staff members; and Bonnie O ' Dell, Hatter .- taff. Sigma Pi Kappa, the journalism honorary fraternity includes Ann Severance, Sally Boureau. Anna Perry and Mary Watkins. Anna Perry is Secretary of the Liberal Arts School and Sylvia Blake is Secretary of the Junior Class. Women ' s Executive Council includes Anna Perry and Ann Severance. Council Tri Deltas are: Nancy Woods, Jackie Pitts, Judy Eckert, Joy Goode and Sally Jo Custer. Stover Theatre productions are enjoyed by Mari- lyn Gooding, Bonnie O ' Dell, Ann Severance and Mary Watkins, who are all members of the Theta Alpha Phi. the dramatics honorary fraternity. Tri Deltas have plenty of talent, and this is evi- dent in its representation in the Glee Club by Judy Eckert. Jov Goode. Karen Gav, Wilma Jones and Lyndall O ' Neal. From the beauty angle, Tri Delta ha. 5 Jane Carter, who was the first runner-up in the Miss Hatter Con- and Linda Kelly Woods. Miss Hatter of 1959. was a finalist in the Iiss Stetson contest. AI. o, three of Stetson ' s peppy cheerleaders are Tri Deltas Mari- lyn Gooding. Sandra hy and Shannon Straus. Named to Who ' s Who this year are Mary Watkins and Ann Severance, who also repre.sent Tri Delta on Mortar Board where Mary serves as Vice-President. Traditional activities of .Alpha Delta Chapter in- clude the annual Apple Polishing Party, Founder ' s Day Banquet, pre-exam retreat and Pansy Breakfast. 140 Oh. neat:: Three D ' s prepare for the skit. Tri-Delta bopsters enact their skit for Greek Week talent show. Ah so. I. too. was educated in your country. 141 HIake. S. lioureau. S. nurnelt. R. Carter. J. C ' onover, A. Custer. S. .1. Davis, 1). Eckert. J. Gay, K. (Jihson. M. (Joode, J. (ioodin;;, M. (Jreen. S. Hancotk. I " . Henderson, L. Ivy. S. .lones. W. K(Kh. S. Kruener. (i. Lancaster. I). Liebtajj. I- North. (;. O ' Dell. H. O ' Neal. L. Perry. A. Pitts. J. Robson, H. Sasser. F. Severance, A. Straus, S. Tyner, A. Ulmer, M. A. VVatkins, M. Woods, N. ALPHA XI CHAPTER OFFICERS Vice-President . .IIDV WINSLOW Secretary ... P:1JZAI{ETH HLAKE Treasurer ANN CAGLE Pledpe-trainer HETH lURTY President .MEREDITH I)E WITT PHI M U Phi Mu Fraternity, the second oldest secret Soro- rity for women in the United States, was benun in 1852 in Macon, Ga. There are presently 81 collepiate chapters and 160 alumnae proups in the United States. The local chapter was chartered at Stetson in 1949 and has assumed an active part in the campus and community life. We claim Miss Stetson of 1959- 1960, Miss DeLand Jaycee, Miss Military Ball Queen, and the runner-up in this year ' s F ' reshman beauty contest. We also are active in scholastic honoraries. Two Phi Mu ' s were amonp the charter memt)ers of the local iNIortar Board chapter. Members currently hold positions in Kappa Delta Pi, Sipma Pi Kappa, Sigma Delta Pi, Kappa Pi, and Tau Beta Sigma. In the journalistic line. Phi Mu ' s hold the offices of Religion editor and News editor of the " Reporter, " and Co-editor of " Impetus =2. " In professional organizations. Phi Mu ' s are the vice-president of the local chapter of the Student F.E.A.. and two major officers of the P.E. Major ' s Club for Women. We participate in student government through offices, dorm council, and religious organizations. Chapter traditions include a Retreat. Mother- Daui;hter Christmas Party, Houseparty. Spring Weekend, Senior Breakfast, and social hours. Through our .-social .service work, we extend a help- ing hand, especially, to needy families and under- privileged children. 144 We ' re Phi Mu ' s All! Pledge me up 1 1 Its been a GREAT day Proud? YES! n- .; 145 Alexander. .1. Alkins. J, Hallard. I), niake. E. |{r(M ks. Z. |{urty. H. CaKle. A. Connolly. (). Davidson, Z. DeWitl. M. Diirsin. I-- Keihrith. I). (;iddens. I.. (;raham, U. (;reenla " . J. Harper. B. Hart. S. Herrin. C. Huhhard. ( " . S. Hunter. M. Idol. K. Kramer, L. L ' Ecluse, r. Mac-Donald. N. Megee, H. Milstead, S. Miner, K. Myer, A. SchibanofT, M. Slinjierland. P. Thurmond. .1. Wanninger, I{. Walker, J. Wegener, G. Winslow, J. President PATTY LOWE FLORIDA ALPHA ( ' II ATTKK Vice-President . . ANN l.Ol ISE i ' YLE Recording Secret;irv .HDV (;rentner Treasurer IIDY HOHMAN Pledge Supervisor EVA LYNN NEWTON PI BETA PHI Pi Beta Phi, the oldest and largest national frater- nity for women was founded in 1867 at Monmouth College, Illinois. Florida Alpha, one of its 104 chap- ters, was established in 19115, making Pi Beta Phi the first national Panhellenic organization on the campus of John B. Stetson University. Pi Phi ' s national philanthropic work is the Pi Beta Settlement School in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, founded in 1912 for educational and medical .services. Among outstanding alumnae of Pi Beta Phi are: Margaret Truman Daniels, Mrs. Calvin Coolidge, Jane Wyman, Elizabeth Scott and Miss America of 1958, Marilyn Van Derbur. Stetson ' s wearers of the golden arrow are active in every phase of campus life. Susan Beall is Vice- President of the Student Government and Diana Kunze is Secretary. Fre.shman class officers include Jane Hall, Vice-President and Kathy Coffman, Sec- retary. Carol Howell is President of Scroll and Key and Secretary of Mortar Board. ; Iembers of the Women ' s Executive Council include Liz Frix, Ser- geant at Ai ' ms and Diana Kunzc, Representative at Large. Pi Phi cheerleaders are Susan Lsbell, Jane Hall and Bev Chapman. At the present time the Pi Phi ' s hold the Panhellenic Scholarship trophy. Other honors awarded Stetson Pi Phis are: Emilie Costar, " Miss Hatter 1959 " and runnerup to Basket- ball Princess 1959; Diana Kunze. Athena. Queen of Creek Week. 1959; Ann Pyle. Dream Girl of Pi Kaiipa Alpha. 1959; Nancy Vandercook, Sweet- heart of Delta Sigma Phi. 1959; Carolinda Burnette. Delta Siuma Phi Sweetheart Court. 1959; Jo Marie Ashley, Lambda Chi Alpha Sweetheart Court, 1959; Nancy Kohler, runnerup-in the Miss DeLand Con- test, 1959. 148 Some Line-Up I Retreat? Just advancing in another direction. Ring-Ching-Ching Pi Beta Piii 149 Allen. I.. Amiin. H. Ashley. J. .M. Aufier, J. Austin. R. Heall. S. Hoekee. (J. Hurnette. C " . ( ' ;inii)l)ell. C (hapniiin, 15. Clark. .1. Coffman, K. ( star. E. Cox, .1. Crawford. P. Crittendon. S. Dickey. E. Fain. M. A. Frix, E. Givens. M. (Jray. V. (Jrentner. .1. Hall. .1. Hartung. J. Higgins. S. Hill, V. Hohman, J. Howell. C. Isbell. S. .Johnston. S. Kohler. N. Kunze, D. Lowe. P. Luechauer. C. Morris. D. Newton, E. L. Nowell. .1. Pyle. A. I.. Piatt. D. Simmoms. D. Thomas, E. J President IIDY JURAS BP]TA rSl CHAl ' TKK Vice-President .... DONNA JONES Secretary JANET STANLEY Treasurer MARY HENEY Historian JOAN MITCHELL ZETA TAU ALPHA Zeta Tail Alpha was founded at Longwood College in Farmville, Virginia, on Oct. 15, 1898. Beta Psi Chapter was installed at Stet.son in 1934. Zeta ' s colors are turquoise blue and steel gray; their badge is a crown and shield ; their pledge pin is a carpenter ' s square. Two national philanthropic projects each year are the Cerebral Palsy fund and Beta Tau Alpha Scholar- ship Fund. The biggest social event of the year is the Zeta Mardi Gras Weekend, which is held at the Carousel Motel in Daytona. This year ' s King is John Heney, Pi Kappa Alpha. Zeta won first place at Greek Week Olympics two consecutive years and the Hatter Holiday trophy. They also won the intramural and participation t rophies. 152 Outstanding members are: Mary Heney, president of Sigma Delta Pi ; Tonny Ogletree, ])resident of Pan- hclienic Council, and Bunny Ogletree, Pi Kappa Alpha Sweetheart. Four were elected to various coun- cils. Sally Lied, V ' ice-President ; Joan Mitchell, Sec- retary ; Connie Pavey, Sergeant at Arms of Stetson HhH. Joan Barr is Vice-President of Emily Hall. Also representing us in campus offices are Sarah Foster, Secretary of the School and Sally lied, Vice-President of the Liberal Arts School. Some of Zeta ' s outstanding alumnae are Dean Etter Turner and Dr. Francis Thornton of Stetson, Faith Baldwin, famous novelist, Dorothy Shaver, president of Lord and Taylor. I move we have a slumber party. We ' re gonna build us a castle painted blue and gray. .lust adding a pinch of spice! Let ' s go in . . . . The water ' s FINE!! 153 A(l:ims. A. A(l;ims. M. Armstron);, I . |{;irni ' s. T. Harr, J. IJell. I.. lUnKin. 15. IJolu ' . K. Chilcls. |{. Clark. J. Cook. R. Crumb. C. Dashield. K. I ' lippo. K. Foster. S. Irt ' derikson, I ronien. 1. Heney, M. Huninu ' ltiard. .1. Hunter. H. Johnson. K. .lones, C. Jones. I). Judson, J. Juras. J. Kinser. I). Kohloss, B. Lied. S. Mc(;ee. S. ]VIc(JreKor. M. Mitchell. .]. Niles. S. ORJetree. i. Ogletree. T. Palm. K. Parker. P. Pavey, C. Prince, .1. Quarles. A. Shepard. C. Stanley, J. Tyler, P. Wilcox. E. Zessin, .1. SPORTS IJrave hearts sound aloud the chorus, Stetson has much to be proud of, academi- cally and athletically. Aloiijr with the rowinK reputation for academic excellence, she en- joys the added praise jriven her broad ath- letic program. A stronp intramural program coupled with the healthy atmosphere of iii- tercollepiate sports makes Stetson attractive to people of many and varied athletic back- jrrounds. Stetson fields spirited teams for intercollegiate competition in soccer, basket- ball, baseball, track, tennis, cross country, and polf. In addition. Stetson has one of the finest Intramural projrrams in the country. M - ««NWWI i 3.W1 if ' l r. 1 K L Coach Wes IJerner Co-Capt. Sucher Co-Capt. Ray Ktuiliiivr: Summers, Martini. Sanders. IJortlers. ( ' (t-t ' apl. Kay. Co-Capt. Sucher. Nunez. Sakon, Alderman. Slaiuliiijr: Coach Craijj. IJooth. Auflant. .Jefferson. Stariinjr. Hutzler. Mueller. Hutchins. .Maris, (irose. Justice. McKinel . Congdon. (Jeorjie. Coach Herner. .Viit Pictuied: Kichard Itecd. I oiR-h: Save it Bill. Schedule October 24 . . Jacksonville University 31 . . Rollins November 6 . . Florida Southern 14 . . Jacksonville University 21 . . Rollins December 3 . . Florida Southern 12 . . Emory University Away First row, left to li ht : Mgr. Taylor. Dodson, Schneider. Ward. Miller. Warren. Hancock. Mjjr. (Jodard. Second row. left to right: Coach Wilkes. Eptin . Eubanks. Litvaney. Dompe. Milton. McLaughlin. Asst. Coach. Harhin. A Hi-Hatter lays one up for twol (apt. I ' lill Schneider 160 Dec. 1 . . . Jacksonville University 4 . . . Mississippi Southern College 5 . . . Tiilane University 7 . . . Miilsaps College 10 . . . Rollins College 12 . . . Murray State College 15 . . . University of Florida 17-18 . . . Hatter Invitational Tournament 28-29 . . . SAV. Louisiana Tournament Jan. () . . . Transylvania College 7 . . . University of Tampa 9 . . . Georgia Teachers College 11... Mercer University 15 . . . Florida Southern College 1(5 . . . Mercer University 21 . . . Florida Southern College 22 . . . St. Peter ' s College Feb. 5 . . . University of Miami 9 . . . University of Tampa 11 . . . University of Miami 13 . . . (Oglethorpe University 15 . . . Georgia Teachers College l(j . . . Rollins College 19 . . . Jacksonville University Away Gene Wells, high point man for the Stetson basketball team, receives congratulations from Coach Cowell. Do you use a man ' s deodorant? Dalton Epting Charlie Warren Head coach Wilkes figures out some Winning Basketball Strategy. Under the most able leadershij) of head coach (Ilenn Wilkes and his as- sistant, Hon Harbin, this year ' s Hat- ter basketball team has been making school history. Sparked by Joel Han- cock, Dalton Epting, and Captain Bill Scheinder, together with newcomers Charlie Warren and Barnie Mc- Laughin, the Hi-Hatters are better than ever before. With the defeat of the University of Florida Gators. Stetson chalked up its first win against that team since 1954. This win resulted in tremendously boosting school morale, and a half-day holiday. .l(»hn l)(impe Iliphlipht of this year ' s schedule include the Hatter Invitational Tour- nament and a trip to New Orleans. One of the most pratifyinfr things, however, has been the school spirit shown at the games and pep i-allies. The team has not only provided the school with a winning season, but has given the University ' s spirit a strong shot in the arm. Dohnel Miller Barney McLaughin Joel Hancock Look out below I • im 4 i V Deceml)t ' i- 1 . 9 . 12 . 15 . .Iaiui:ir. S . 11 . 15 . 16 . 21 . 22 . Fi ' lii ' ii;ir ' () . 9 . 10 . 13 . 15 . 16 . 20 . SCHElH ' l.K LeesburK Lakers Central Fla. J.C St. Petersburg J.C. Fla. Fre:-hman Manatee Jr. College Leesburp Lakers Fla. Southern Kroshmen Central Fla. J.C. Fla. Southern Freshmen Stetson Intramural All-Stars St. Petersburg J.C Orlando Jr. College St. Lee College Manatee J.C. Fla. Freshman St. Lee College Orlando Jr. College Seated, left to right: Clark. Scott,, Gladden, Morris. Standing, left to right: Coach Jefferson, Brooks. McCatten. Sauls, McKeown. l . f SCHKDl ' LK March 14 — Fla. Southern IG— F.S.U. 17— F.S.U. 19— Fla. Southern 21 — Georjria Tech 25— Fla. Southern 28— (tiouble header) Ai)ril 2 — Furman 4 — Mercer 5 — Mercer 8— Fla. Southern 11 — Univ. of Miami 12— Univ. of Miami 19 — Jack.sonville 20_Rollins 26— Tampa 27— Tampa 29— Rollins 30— Rollins May 3— Rollins 6 — Univ. of Miami 7 — Univ. of Miami 13 — .Jacksonville Coach .Idhnson C " o-( " aptains (ieor e Horders and Don Smith ROOKIES A N I) I. K T T K II M K N S P A R K H A S K H A L L S E A S N Kneelinp. left to ripht : Bud Harrison, F?ill White, (ieorgc Horders, .lack Schewan. Ron Hunt. . 1 HifTlo. Hill Lyons. Stand- inp. left toripht: Coach Carl " Doc " .Johnson. Hill Cross. Don Hurnette. .lerry Dunsworth, I ' aul Hcndrix, Don .Miller. Wayne Hagan. Larry Stowe. Harry Kinnan. Ralph Miller. Don Smith, and Hill Carr. iiii»| 4 . ' rrs, Soon after the secoiui semester IjeKan. the Stetson- ites were assured some vifroroiis activity taking place on the field in back of North Hall. The cause of all this activity was merely that the baseball team was petting in shape for the cominp season. The crack of the baseballs against the bats and the encouraging shouts of the teammates was assurance that the team was preparing for a long winning streak. Under the skillful guidance of Coach ' " Doc " Ji)hn- son, the team completed a very successful season. The team traveled all over Florida and south Geor- gia, but did not fail to thrill the fans here on campus. It only takes one! The long throw, and he is out I 167 ' ,4i= ; The C !(» I ountrv team kneeling: Miller. Story. Walser. Ikilles. SlandiiiK: Harrison. Ta lor. C ' nach Marhin. Ipchurih. Davis. Coach Don Harl)in SCHEDULE (Cross Country) November 7 Miami 14 Miami TRACK SCHEDULE March 26 Georpia Tech April 2 Fiirman 9 Miami U Citadel 23 Emory 30 Miami May 7 Florida AAM at Miami A vav iVliller breaks Stetson Cross country record. AHHHhhhhhhhhhhl Kneeling: Sanders, Kingsbury, Howell, St. John, Richardson. Row 2: Davis, Seaborn, Ford, Malcom. Chrisman, Godard. Row 3: Coach Wilkes, Harrison, Epting, Surface, Eubanks. 169 Kneeling: Sloan. Schweiker. Hiitchins. .McArthur. Standing: ( atlin. Kuper, ( daih Hussey, RoRers. I ' arker. STETSON ' S NKT MEN MATCH P W E li WITH MANY TEAMS Coach Hussev looks confident I v into the future. SCHEDl LE March 12 University of Florida Hi Florida Southern 19 Emory University 26 Georgia State College of Atlanta 29 Duke University A]) 2 Jack.sonville University 12 Florida Southern 26 University of Florida .30 Jack.sonville University May 7 Rollins College A vav 170 Coach es Herner GOLFERS COMPETE IN LOCAL AM) STATE MEETS SCHEDULE March 3 Florida Intercollegiate 4 Golf Tournament 5 19 University of Georjiria April 13 Miami University 14, 15, K; . . Invitational Golf Tournament Kneeiine: Weber. Bartholon. C oach Berner, George. Standing: .Justice, Mason, Wolfe. Haskell. Figley. Schweiker, Haiildree, (iladden, Keown. m.: - ' f I N T R A M U R A I S •4 Mi Gene Polk crosses finish line. Larry Richardson proudly accept the Intra- mural Cross Country Cup. THE INTRAMURAL BOARD Sitting: Sakon. Fleischman (Student Intramural Director), Callan. Standing: Humphries, Mueller, Goldman, Imes, lacovellie. 17; No sweat I Larry, you carr the pipe for awhile! ihis IS touch loot hair. Director Garland H. Williams and Student Di- rector, Charles Fleishman have successfully puid- ed the 1959-60 intramural program into a pros- perous year. The competitive spirit and co-opera- tion among the teams has been excellent, which proves the Stetson men are proud of their large intramural program. Stet.son offers the largest and best intramural program in the South, among schools in the college division. The most coveted reward is in the form of the President ' s Cup which is presented annually to the organization that com- piles the point total in over-all intramural play. The Men ' s Intramural Athletic As.sociation has as its purpose to organize and direct a competitive sports program for all male members of the stu- dent body and to encourage their participation in wholesome recreation. The various sports are divided into two general classifications: Group A (team .sports) includes Touch Football Volleyball. Basketball, Bowling. Softball and Track. Group B (individual sports) includes horseshoes, table tennis, badminton, country, paddleball, tennis and riflery. Quoting Dr. Richard B. Morland: " The great athlete is made, not born. " So is it with good intra- mural programs and the position that Stet.son has achieved, unique among colleges of its size, did not result through chance. It was brought about through the combined efforts of an industrious intramural board, effective leadership, and most of all. through the enthusiastic cooperation of the student body. 174 I» Catch me if vou can I ' ' i The " Ole College Try, " but in vain. Hup. two, three, and Stetson ' s Intramural teams show their form and spirit. ».-jf.ii:- - ' :i - ' ' - ' . iio Get " er out on first I Basket, anvone? TEAM SPORTS DEVELOP COMPETITIVE SPIRIT An important part of athletics at Stetson is the Women ' s Intramural Program. An annual affair, the propram is participated in by various organizations on campus. Every pirl has a chance to join in the pames through her membership in a sorority or in Independent Women ' s Organization. The girls com- pete for the Women ' s Intramural Board trophy which goes to the group participating in and win- ning the games, thereby compiling the number of points. A participation trophy is also given to the organization with the most members taking part. WOMEN ' S LNTRAMIRAL BOARD Seated: .ludy Ros.s, .Joyce Bradford, .Anna Bryan Perry. Barbara Harper. Beck Burnett. Standing: Kay Ward. Bunny Bergin. Ka (Jilmour. I ' arolinda Burnette. Maril n Chapman. Sue I{oren. Love-0 STRIKE! INDIVIDUAL SPORTS, IMPORTANT IN INTRAMURAL PROGRAM Action ! Whammol Ifc ' ii ' iMaiii i 11 i ' rf . f Seated: Marilyn (Jooding, Anne Edwards, Marie ( " omplon. i?ev Chaoman. Susan Isbell. Standing: Shannon Straus. ' erle Dowd. Sandra Ivey. C ' ooi ie Kile . Jane Mail, Marilvn White. GO TEAM The cheerleaders have had much to do with the ri. inp school spirit at Stet- .son. Their enthusiasm at the sports events and pep rallies have stimulated both the student i)ody and the team. The most memorable and exciting event for this year was the midnight pep rally after Stet.son beat the University of Florida in basketball. This has l)een a good year for the cheerleaders, as they have led Stetsonites in a continuing surge of Hatter spirit. 178 Carol C. Moore — Solo Twirler Joan Daly, Jan Barber. Sylvia C ()lielcl MAJORETTES Ann Carlins. Ruth Austin. Barbara Jernigan. Jo Parks. Mary Ann Hodges, Eleanor Dickey Gail HiJ- verink, Cynthia Hair 17 y MILITARY Lon« live our Comrades dear! The Military proprram at Stetson looks to the future of our preat nation by stressing general military subjects applicable to the Army as a whole with the aim of producing America ' s fu- ture military leaders. Outstanding participants in the military pro- gram are selected for membership in Pershing Rifles, an honorary organization for freshmen and sophomores, or Scabbard and Blade, an honor- ary organization for upper-classmen. One of the highlights of the year is the annual Military Ball. On military field day both individ- uals and units compete for awards. l d Ml V rnaMtf lari w— -1 MA.JOH HAKRV K. AI ' CJAR I ' rofessor of Military Science and Tactics ( Al ' TAIN HKNHV V. MAUI IN Associate I ' MSM CAPTAIN HERBERT .1. HEDRICK Associate P.MS T I.T. COLONEI, FRED S. WHITE Battle (iroup Commander 182 SERGEANT ixsTRrcn Rs Morion A. .M;irsh Paul r. McCorov Millie W. Doiijjlas M Syt. lv )l)inson BATTLE GROIT STAFF l.t. Col. White C ' apt. Seaborn Capt. Owen Major Fulton Capt. Strowhricijje Major Norwood HEADQUARTERS COMPANY N.C.O. SCHOOL STAFF OFFICERS Capt. Allen Lt. A very I 1 i A " COMPANY (nnipaii.v ( ' ommander Ciipl. Jumes W. Dawson I ' l.itdon Leaders T. Callin .1. !) mpe •B " COMPANY ( ' omiiaiiy Commander (apt. (iar.N I,. Anderxin I ' latoon Leaders R. Bearfoot T. Sucher •(••• COMPANY C()m| aMv Commander (apt. Frank T. Kennedy Platoon Leaders t{. Lai hie M. Mohn •i) " COMPANY Compaiiv { ' onimaiulcr ( " apt. .I«.hn M. (JaiiH ' s Platoon Leadi ' i ' s V. Parr M. (iiinther HEADQUARTERS DRILL PLATOON Platoon Leader (J. Perino Platoon Sergeant K. Morgan BAND PLATOON Platoon Leader J. Schweikerl Platoon Sergeant J. VanZant sr.M.Mi:i{ (AMI Following their .Jmiior year, the men in ROTC sijend a summer at Ft. Henninjr, fJa., in further military training and specialization. This field training further prepares them t(j accept responsibility and to serve as future military leaders. PERSHING RIFLES Pershinp Rifles is made up of outstandinfj freshmen and sophomores. THE RIFLE TEAM Stet.son is very proud of the ROTC Rifle Team which has WOP manv national conte.sts. Military (in, n .ml Sponsors: Linda Fulford, Francis Hancock, Marilyn White, Elizabeth Trix. Dot Hallard. Queen of the Ball ! Miss Marilvn White MILITARY BALL One of the biggest events of the spring semester is the Military Ball sponsored by the ROTC. The Queen is selected from many of Stetson ' s loveliest girls, and represents the ROTC in school functions during the following year. 1 S pT— r H » ,c I BTiJ J 1 1 A 1 1 i . i Jm . A A L FEATURES WHO ' S WHO • BEAUTIES OUTSTANDING SENIORS Dear Alma Mater, tenderly thy Children gather, and bring to thee Gracious salutations; Younp men and women recopnized, as seniors, for excellence and achievement during their four years at Stetson . . . Attractive young ladies, outstanding for their beauty, poise, and charm . . . These are Stetson ' s " children " of whom she is most proud! ■ m- • ■ , V- ? ' AW. WHO ' S WHO AiiHuiii Slinlciils ill Aiiiericaii Uiiivt ' rsilics and (ollcjrt ' s REYNOLDS ALLEN MRCINLV IJACJHY KAKKN ( HKISTENSEN ( HARLES FULTON JOANNE HOPPER CAROL HOWELL FRED JEFFERSON JO LVSEK PATRK lA PEARCE HH.L RHINEHART ANN SEVERANCE MARY VATKINS outstandim; seniors On TIh ' Slelson (Campus MARY ANN AIKEN ANN ANDERSON DANNY ALLEN REYNOLDS ALLEN VIRGINL BAC.BY SUSAN BE ALL MARTIN BOOS KAREN CHRISTENSEN V.ML COMPTON MARY WATKLNS CHARLES FULTON JOANNE HOI»PER CAROL HOWELL FRED JEFFERSON JO LYSEK PATRK lA PEARCE BH.L RHINEHART ANN SEVERANCE FRED WHITE 190 MARY ANN AIKEN ANN ANDERSON DANNY ALLEN REYNOLDS ALLEN 191 VIR(iIMA HA(iBY SUSAN HEALL MARTIN BOOS KAREN ( MKISTENSEN 192 »v GAIL COMPTON CHARLES FULTON JO ANNE HOPPER CAROL HOWELL lor FRED JEFFERSON JO l.VSKK r ' ATRUIA PEARCE WIITIAM R UNEHART 194 ANN SEVERANCE ROSS WAGER FRED WHITE MARY WATKINS 195 • • These are the girls to whom we point with pi-ide — the Stetson Beauties — each possessinii ' a lovliness and charm of hei- own — Miss Halter of l(l. " )!t. Kmilie Costar, receiM ' s the crown from l.inda ' oo(l 196 thi 1 I f EMILIE COSTAR 197 LYRA liARNES DIANE DIU MMOM) ilonZ BEAUTIES ■IHiiiiMi iilMiMill iibMn JANE CARTER First Runner-Up JEAN COX Second Runner-Up 199 i tr I HETTY LEE ' 0 TANNA TERRELL JAN CRISP Jfezi€i up AT STETSON CALETA SYFAN GAIL HILVERINK CAROLYN COLEMAN caa Jl ' TEKRE ( OLLINS KATHY MIXER SUSANNE FREDRIKSON ACTIVITIES Comrados, oiir (»iiis lilt Once ugain in thorns. Activities — a quick jriance at a few of the many events that brinj? fun and enter- tainment to brighten oiir more serious houis on campus. - ■ • .X Ih ' L. ' .M ■nc 111 Inn h (i.A. picnic. " Hurry we ' ve jrot another meetinjr! " was heard echoing all over campus during Fresh- man Orientation Week. Freshmen were being introduced to life at Stetson. They had time to relax and have fun during the S.G.A. picnic. Freshmen Banquet, President ' s Re- ception, and the Freshman Talent Show. These were busy days, and ones our fresh- men will never forget I FRESHMAN Freshman Talcnl Show — fun for all 206 Meg (iormly and " friends " doing Honey Bun from South Pacific during the Freshman Talent Show. ORIENTATION WEEK Dean and Mrs. McEniry, President Edmunds, and Dean Turner greeting freshmen at the President ' s Reception. 1 I 1 ) Homecoming Royalty A N N AND E R S N PAUL STORM 208 HOMECOMING COMMITTEE Reynolds Allen. li rd Booth. Ted Sucher, Ann Anderson. Jo Lysek, Virginia Bagby. I960 Homecoming GUEST SPEAKER: GOVERNOR COLLINS SPECIAL SOCCER GAME: HATTERS VS. ROLLINS m m - y % M;irl l{(K)s intfddiuo the kf note speaker at the ••kick-otT " Dessert. Kin and ()ueen of the Athenian Flinji, (Jeorge and Diana. Greeks in Orbit The original (ireek Week Committee that started the tradition of (Jreek Week on Stetson ' s campus. Front row: Dot Fiehrith. irginia Haghy, Judy Hohman. Anna Perry. .loan (Jeitgey. Hack row: Daune Doddington. Chairman. Ed I Heureu . Tom Ragan. Larry Richardson. I ► The Greek Week Steering COmmittee that guided the Greek Activities. i£ Greek Week " 60 The chariot race — Climax of the Olympics All Greeks enjoyed the Kick-off Dessert. Mr. and Miss. Stetson CAliULYN .McC U LLi: KS and BOB M c A R T H U R 212 Mr. rj;l ( ' ( ntestant DeLeon — scene of Hatter fun. Stetson Beauties all seek Miss Stetson title. .. 4 ' 4 ' ' fi, 1 k .JS Competilion is keen as Stetson ' s six sororities compete in the Sinj . Last ear ' s winners — Alpha (hi (»nu«a. Second place — Alpha i Delta. Third — Delta i)elta Delta. I n t e r s o r o r i t y Sing Winners Once asain the members of Pi Kappa Phi sanjj their way to first place in the Annual Sinjj. Second — Siuma Nu. and third — Deita Si ma I ' hi. Pi Kappa Phi Freshman Beauty Queen 215 w F ' or music — a calliopell Want to Ket married? ( ' AKM-(;RAS is the place. Dr. Edmunds enjoys the carnixal! The ( ' (imniilteo whose wori 21G CARNI-GRAS Scene for fun. Green Feather Drive nade the drive a success Talent Shownight — f un for all!! 217 The Theatre Comedy And Drama Highlight Season At A dramatic moment during EASTER STOVER. Rehearsals, rehearsals — this scene is a wet one for Linda!! THE MATCHMAKER — a romantic mix-up. A DIFFERENT DRUMMER ... A " different " play — outstanding production. 219 I-inal louchesl Sh;ikespe;ire " s Tenants of abandoned theatre in CAVE DWELLERS 220 MID SUMMER NIGHT ' S DREAM Sound and lighting — both vital. Make-up call! ORGAN IZATI O N S Hail, Alma Malor dear. If you ' re part of The l.onelv Crowd, and want to join a doseknit proup. Stetson University is the place for you. Not only is it a small, friendly campus, but it ofTers to its students membership in dozens of proups, larpe and small, for interests ranpinp from scholarship to entertainment. For students with widely varied in- terests, membership in several proups is not infrequent. To acknowledge those w ho rise above the crowd, and are worthy of recopnition for their work and abilities, Stetson has honoraries includinp such fields as drama, history, the sciences, and music. There are on Stetson ' s campus eipht relipious orpani- zations; and for who desire information and experience in their professional fields, such proups as the Florida Education Association exist to fill their needs. The musically inclined are able to find .satisfaction and pive pleasure as well throuph membership in the Stetson Glee Club, band, and orchestra. Drama en- thusiasts find excellent opportunities for developinp their talents and for creative expression at Stover Theatre. So it is seen that on this campus there is no indi- vidual who should feel lonely because his interest are not represented. SlelM ns Spirit Trophy V 4 BE« I RKI) JEFFERSON President Student Goverment Association The Student CJoveriiment Association is your voice in campus affairs. As a Stetson student you are an integral part of this association. We thank you for taking an active part in your government, and we hope that you will always feel free to express your criticisms and ideas. VV ith your cooperation and sup- port we have successful student government at Stetson. We. the officers, have been at your service. We have done our best to fulfill your needs and answer your questions. Thank you for making this a successful year and a greater Stet.son. President ' s Cabinet Seated: l)u;ine Doddinulon. Dell Murray. Diana Kun .e. Fred Fefferson. Susan Ik-all. Charles Fulton. Standing: IKrd Moolh. lax Stailinu. larrv Richardson. William Lyon, Ross Wager. I)ann Alkn. J ' JS Duane Doddinglon, Diana Kunze. Fred Jefferson, Susan Beall. Charles Fulton. Executive Committee Rules and Procedure Committee Paul Corll. Ann Anderson, Ann Severance, Paul Martz, Mark Cornelius, Brad Hutchings, Ken Evans. i 4. 1 m 1 1 ■ig H M M e The purpose of the Men ' s t ' ouncil is to act as a mediator between the administration of men ' s affairs, fnnctioninjr as a disciplinary board and advisory proup. Each year two freshmen, one sophomore, and one jun- ior are elected to the council. Rdw Ont; ' : John Adams. ' ice-l ' resident ; Jon Mc- Kihhen. Jerr Seaborn. Jim Nhitmire. Row Two: Reynolds Allen. Presi- dent ; Ken (assel. Dcm Seaborn. Secretary; Ed l Heureii . Ted Sucher. Men ' s Residence Halls Staff Head Residents and Residents Advisors are selected each year to sup- ervise the i)ersonnel pro- gram in the men ' s halls. As part of this work they do academic and personal counselinvr. as well as orpanize study clinics for new students. Row One: Dean John I). Olofson. Jerr Diins- worlh. Mr. Douirlas Hen- nelt. Dr. Harold Schullz. Arthur .Mderman. (Jary Maris. Hal Sims. Row T Mi: T« m R;ipan. Ken (assel. Duane Doddinp- ( ' )n. Jim Stuart, IJrad Mutchinps. Chuck I ullon. Don Harbin. Hawley Ridenour. Women ' s Executive Council The Women ' s Council is composed of ail resident women of the Uni- versity. The purpose of the council is to handle disciplinary action, act as an advisory jri oup and work for self-ROvernment. To assist the Women ' s Council in their work, each women ' s dorm has a house council. house councils handle dormitory matters. Row One: Joan Holzman. Elizabeth Frix. Ann Severance, Anna Bryan Perry, Jo Lysek. Gail .Johnson. Row Two: Diana Kiinzc. !Mary . nn .Aiken, Ann Anderson. Gail Kreugar. Iviw Oin- Joy (ioode. Judy Jacobs, Su anne DeLettre. Ann Anderxm. Jackie Pitts. Carole C hri tie .M K»re. Kow Two: Linda Allen. Eloise Thomas. Joan Templer. Jean Templer. Lynn N all. Hunnie Hergin. .Maril n White, Shepard. Chaudoin House Council Conrad House Council Chaudoin Hall is the oldest resident hall for Conrad Hall functions this year for the second time women on Stetson ' s campus. It houses the majority as a women ' s dormitory. This dorm is composed of the freshmen each year. mostlv of freshmen. OFFICERS AN. ANF)F:KS0N President SrZANNK DELETTRE Vice-President JA( K!E PITTS Secretary JOY (iOODE Serjeant-at-Arms LLNDA ALLEN Social Chairman OFFICERS GAIL KRUEGER Fre. ' ident LA.RV GILL Vice-President SALLY LATHE VES Secretary PENNY BLACKFORD Social Chairman JOANNE ADAMS Sergeant-at-Arms Row One: Mary Gill. Sally .Mathewes. Penny Blackford, (iail Kreuger. J( . nne . dams. .Millie Schibanoff. Row Twn: Marie Stokes. Maxine Evans. Marv . nn L nn Carolyn To n end. I)f)nna E ;tn . I ornlh lone-. Row One: Harhara Childs. Joanne Sellers. .Susan Beall. Harbara Crouch. Mary Ann Aiken. Alice Worthinjjton, Joan Harr. Heverly Henderson. Row Two: Brenda Sue Franks, Sue Horen. (Jail .Moselev. Emily House Council Stetson House Council OFFICERS MARY ANN AIKEN President .JOAN BARR Vice-President BARBARA C ROITCH Secretary SUSAN BEALL Sergeant-at-Arms ALICE WORTHINGTON Social Chairman OFFICERS JOAN HOLZMAN President SALLY LIED Vice-President JOAN .MITCHELL Secretary CONNIE PAVEY Sergeanl-at-Arms CLAUDETTE FINLEY Social Chairman Emily Hall Council functions as the governing and advisory body of the newest of the women ' s resident halls for upperclas.smen. Stetson Hall is primarily a freshman and sopho- more dormitory for women students. The house council serves as an advisory and governing group of the occupants of this house. Row One: Joan Mitchell. Connie Pavey, Joan Holzman. Sally Leid. Claudette Finley, Pat Crawford. Row Two: Sally Jo Custer. Jud Echert. Betsy Schuleter. Dawn Davis, Dot Fiebrick, Dot Ballard, Judy Cox. II ltu. The Stetson University Chorus Anderson, Sarah •Calt rider, Nancy Coffey, Barbara Cox, Jean Dooley, Linda ♦Eckert, Judy Forsee, Mary Rae Gay, Karen Givens. Mary Hyde, Carole ♦Johnson. Janice Jones. Theo Jones. Wiima ' Kearney. Joan Keen. Frances Lapp. Marilee McBain. Beverly •O ' Neal. Lvndall •Parks. Jo •Ryan. Joyce Samson, Barbara •Sellers, Martime Stancil, Maxine •Templer. Jean •Templer, Joan Trammell. Montelle Waters. Beverly •Weiss, Lorraine White. Marilyn Wilson, Mercel. Ti Ashley. Jo Marie •Brown. Martha •Brown. Nancv •Carter. Phyllis Cesarano. Toni •Creel. Manya •Edenfield. Joan •Elkins. Jean Fant. Annette Flippo. Kay Giddens, Louise Goldstein, Carole •Goode. Jov •Hahn. Carol Hoequist. Diane Jones, Janet •Jordan, Judy London, Patricia Lynn, Mary Ann •Mullins, Martha •Murray. Idele •Richard. ' on. Karen Stewart. Barbara •Worthington. Alice •Yarbrough. Cornelia •Avent, Joseph Curlctl, Clifloa •Henry. Lawrence •Jones. John •Keiper. John •Kelly, Kerry •Kissinger. Dennis Moore. Charles Perry, William •Reynolds. Michael •Ru " s.sell. Charles •Shelton. Wilton Tait. James Cooke. Tucker • William •Ferguson. Shelburne Heck. David Holzmeyer. Larrj ' Huneycutt. Don •Lanier. James •McCloskey. Robert •Morgan. James •Reed. Marvin •Robin. on. Henry •Smith. Ralph •Whitmire. James Wolfe. Billy •Wrenn. Thomas •Travel Squad H AROI.T) M. (.RH FIN ' % We of the Music Department give to Professor Harold M. Griffin a tribute on this, his 25th year as Glee Club director. His famous comments — " If you can ' t dimenunde, conk out I " " You can be replaced! " — his traditional green cap — and his subtle remarks are a few of the things that make him the wonderful and beloved " Prof. " Congratulations on twenty-five years of dedicated and meritorious senice to Stetson University. stetson University Orchestra Stetson University Concert Band VIOLIN Frances Buxton Elizabeth Butcher Ruth Surls Helene IMiller David Barnett Edward Jacob Cornelia Shaw Claire Somers Jean Keiper Anne Seay Rachel Kirby Marie Stokes VIOLA Roger Casini John Matthews Darrell Joachim Beverly McBain Eleanor Leek Gwendolyn Williams Frank Surls Anne Carlingr BASS Clyde Mix Robert Glendon FLUTE Nancy Thigpen Karen Steanson OBOE Donna Evans Robert Wood CLARINET Charlea Safford Joseph Smith TRUMPET James Moody Kenneth Kingon BASSOON Bonnie Reid Richard Matlaek HORN William Siegel John IMcIntyre TROMBONE Donald Yaxley Donald Waldrop Jack Robinson TIMPANI Eleanor Dickey ORGAN John Jones Conductor: Richard Feasel ' S3J " The ' S " Club F VIC K II S l ' n i(knl HII.I. S( n.NKIDKK iie-l ' iesidt-nl TKI) SI ( IIKK Soiial Vitf-I ' ii ' sideni DON KAV St ' cri ' t:ir. IJKll K WAI.DON Tre;isurir (JKOKC.K HOKDERS Schni ' ider. Morders. Waldon. K;i , Coaih Wes Hurner. Sucher The " S " Club is an organization of varsity letter- men founded in 1936. Its members are devoted to high scholastic and athletic ideas, encouraging par- ticipation and sportsmenship in both varsity and in- tramural athletics. Rat week, a ritual remembered by all freshmen, is under the supervision of the " S " Club. This club furnishes students with basketball programs, assists with the Junior Olympics, helps at varsity and in- tramural events, and entertains the crippled children in Umatilla each Christmas. Row One: Larry Richards. Hernie Soan, Nick Mueller. .Ierr. Dunworth. Mill (ioorjie. Don Ra . IJruce Walton, Fred Sakon. .lefT (Joddard. Row Two: Fred .letTerson. .loel Hancock. Roh Mc.Xrthur. lioh ()slr. . (Jeorge Rorders. Gary Maris. .lose . u(Tant. Ted Sucher. Rill Cross. Coach Wes Rurner. Thiid Row: liill Sn dfr. Ired Semanie. Dalton Epting. Ed Euhanks. Tom Davis. Don Miller. Don Harbin. .lim Smith. Row One: Janet Goet; Susie Hart, reny Anderson, Judy Ross, Glenda Raw iski. Bunny Bergin, Nancy Roberts, Barbara Peoples, Is, Wilnia IJ Marv Lvnn ur; e» . ( " hapm Row Two: Barbara Harper, an. Women Physical Education Majors The purpose of the Women ' s Professional Physical Education Club is to stimulate professional interest in health, physical education and recreation; to pro- mote good social and professional relationships be- tween members of the group and faculty; to co- operate with other groups interested in recreational activities; and to further the aims and objectives of the American Association for Health, Physical Edu- cation and Recreation. President GLENDA RAWLS Vice-President NANCY ROBERTS Secretary BARBARA PEOPLES Treasurer BARBARA HARPER Men Physical Education Majors Front Row: Eli .aheth Fii . Sally Malthews. Hetty l,i ' e. Kva Lynn Newton. Second Row: Ken Kvans, Danny Allen, .Margaret liup- eri . ' es Johnston, Jim Lanier. The Stetson Union Building Front Row: Elizabeth Frix, (Jail ( " omplon, Mrs. Sprague, Susan Heall, Diana Kunze. Second Row: Mr. Godfrey, Dean H(mkI, Dean .Stewart, (ieorge borders, Joe Dodge. II FiMii Ivciw : (;inil_ n C laik. Uohin I);i hifll. Tomnix Oylftift. ' . I.iiula I ' ulford, Joy Thurmond. H()os. ,lini Lanier, John Davis, .lav Hasheli. .Marlv Greek Week Committee Green Feather Committee Sue .Johnson, Susan Beall, Sallv Boureau, Paul Martz, Van Pittman. Joe Dodge. Harvev Harrison Haskell. H. PUBLICATIONS STAFF. Seated: Hev Henderson. Sally IJoureau. Sec. to the Editor; Wilma .lones. (Jioria Santora. Duanc Doddint; Ion. |{. rd IJooth. Ted Sui her. Diane l)isni-. . In rid 1 romen Annie A ers. ( arolv n ( oleman. Staiuliii r : Don Hall, Diane Dick son. Diane Drummond. .lean (Jreenlaw. .Iud (Jreen. F va Lynn Newton. Monica Tedder. Linda Carter. Marilyn (ioddinK. Joiin Harr. Hunn Oyletree. Sally Lied. Marilyn Hatcher. Doris Sand ers, .ludv (iould. Enith ardaman. Reese Urackins. The Hatter Staff 1959 1960 Pictured schedules, copy preparation, lay-outs. the feelinp of accomplishment assures the staff that and dead-lines — these dog the heels of each year ' s time and effort were well spent. Hatter .staff. But when the final copy is sent to press, Alice Worlhington Business Manaper BUSINESS STAFF: Don Hall. Kay Ward. Ernistine Ccdiins. Alice Worthington. Maril n (iooding. Diane Drummond. Wilma Jones. Julia Britt Sleanson Editor Diane Disney Business Manager The Reporter Staff The Stetson Reporter is Florida ' s oldest College newspaper. It is published weekly and is student edited. Stories include campus activities and fea- tures of interest to the students and faculty. THE Bery ing: Judy Jone REPORTER STAFF, Seated: Vivian Morgan, Karen Ga.v, Diane Drummond, Gail Johnson. Barbara Childs, I Thomas. Julia Sleanson, Helen Megee. Diane Disney. Anne Ayers. Ingrid Fromen. Barbara Raught. Stand- I ' aul Corll. Charles Keisling, Ronald Knapp. Lawrence H. Keith. Barbara Dunlap. Ann Foster. Pam T yler. Mac Kenzie. Ann Carling. Sharon Fieldman, Pat O ' Neal, John Tate. Marilyn Gooding, Dot Fiebrich. Wilma i, Mont die Trammell. Barbara Combs, (Jeorge Owen, Chuck Handle. Don Hall. Left to lifrht : l, nn m;tn, .luli;i IJritt Steanson, Susan Heall. Ann Severance. Dean Turner, Mr. Ulan Tavlor, Sam S. Hill Jr. The Publication Board The Publications Board is the body which governs all student publications. The Stetson Review Left to right: Sharon Sanders. Husiness Manager; Myra Hunter. Dr. (iuy Owen, .luiia IJritt Steanson. Diane Dickson. Row One: Ann Severance, IJyid H(i tth. I ' res.; Sally Houreau, Vice-Pres.; Dot Kiehrich. Sec; Helen MeKee. Treas.; Duane Doddinj ton. Mary Walkins. Julia Hritt Steanson. Row Two: (Jeorge Owen. Hev Henderson. Beryl Thomas, Monica Tedder. Alice Worlhington. Hrenda Sue Franks, Lynn Wyman, Diane Drummond, ' ivian Morgan. Sigma Pi Kappa Siyma Pi Kappa is a local honoi ' ary journalistic fraternity consisting of outstanding members of student publications. Its purposes are to establish and encourage a higher type of journalism and to promote the best interest of college publications; to foster and recommend suggestions and whatever other help it can to better .school publications. Sigma Tau Delta Sigma Tau Delta, represented on the Stetson campus by Gamma Zeta Chapter, is the national professional English honorary fraternity. Member- ship, limited to twenty-five members per chapter, is the reward for exceptional scholarship in the field of English. Row One: .Mary (iibson. Ann Severance, B. H. Gibson, Advisor; Sally Boureau, Mary Watkins, Jackie Dossett. Row Two: Lynn Wyman, Donna Peral, Carol Howell, Carole Christie Moore. «! Kow One; Nancy Wright, Karliara HultH-rt. icf-l ' n-s.; I-inda ( arltT, Srr.: Jud Mac- ktn ic. I ' ri-N.: I»r. Killi-r. |;iru- Slokf . K. ' W Tun: Marx Walking. Konnii- O ' Dell. Iliatu- I ' litrh, Norma MaclKin- ald. Alice St»-«art, Diane DIck- ' Dn. Kmw Thrt-c: Kmily HoliiTts. Marjorie McComb. Mili-. a l irk«. Duris Nivins, Lillian Slarn. Kuw Four: ( ar il n .Mi-i t-nheimiT, Caro- l n l)i-an. Karliara I ' eeples, ( tnthia Crumb. Mow Five: llol) Jindlc , Dan Vauehen. Fi-liv Hc-ndi-r» in, l.i-« is Long, Dannx Allt-n, .Max Worthy. Stetson Players Guild Anyone who has participated in one major pro- duction, onstape or backstape, is eligible for mem- bership in Players ' Guild. Projects for the year in- clude trips to other college theatres, plays in our own experimental theatre, and social activities, all of which serve to unite those with a common interest in theatre. The Guild also serves as a stepping-stone to Theta Alpha Phi. Young Women ' s Auxilary The aim of Y. V.. . i.-; to unite the young women of the campus in an enduring missionary enterprise. It holds as its ideals: thoughtful Bible study, devoted community missions for the needy, and regular pro- portionate giving to world-wide missions. on r A 4 T%- ' Row (1ne: Krnie Collins. 1 harlot te K »•. »• . I ' at Mahonr, Itarhara Mullin . I ' r« .: lar ln« Met ollough. Klaine Ed- dincrr, Calh. Davis, Kay W ard, Jo. cr rcll . Kow Two: • ■ail Most ' l.v. I ' at I ' earce, Nflda Mounirr. I.ois Jean I ' arkcr. Jane Kose. Nancy Cas.sedy, Patricia () ' ((uinn. Row Three: Helen (iaylord. Marie Stokes. Marv Nowlin. Hoherta liucker. (ilenda Ka» Is. Ka W lie. Jo Hopper. Lillian . tarn. S lvia iKifield. How Four: Therrell . " smith. Kay Seckinger. Sharon (iace. Carol Hahn. Martha Denison. Helen (iadd). Annette Hurn- sed. Itett.% Allen. Louise did- dens, Nellie Dauchert.v. Karen Jiulv Janice Diane Dean Parker Independent Women ' s Organization OFFICERS President KAREN CHRISTENSEN Vice-President JUDY COX Secretary JANICE BARBER Treasurer DIANE EPPERT Sponsor MARY EDNA PARKER The Independent Women ' s Organization was es- tablished on campus with the purpose of promoting the social, cultural, political, and religious life of its members. Any woman who is not affiliated with a national sorority is eligible to become a member. Each year a trophy is awarded to the most outstand- ing independent woman in the freshman class, which last vear went to Sallv Matthews. Other IWO activi- ties included ; participation in homecoming. Green Feather Drive, and Hatter Holiday; .spon.soring dances after the basketball games ; fall fashion show ; Christmas party for crippled children in Umatilla; Cancer Drive; and intramurals. Last year IWO claimed the highest .scholarship average of any campus organization. Row One: Barbara Streeter, Linda Skeen, Marie Stokes, Martha IMiddlekauff, Nancy Wright, Suzy Hankins, and Alice Bottomley. Row Two: Enith Vardaman. Mary Ruth McMahon, Judith Singer. Mari Cook, Judy Cox, Karen Christ ensen. Sally Mathewes, Mary Inez McCullough, Jan Barber. Diane Eppert, Lynn Wall, Elaine Eddinger, Gloria Hughes and Anne Carling. First Row: Carol Hahn. Rulh KiihardsDn Can. iruinia IJa hv. Judy Williams, Sarah Aiukr-on. Dill Murrav. Barbara Ann Coflfv. Stconti Row: Wilton Shelton. .lack Jones. Charles .M M»re. Hill DuHose. Mike Reynolds American Guild of Organists The American Guild of Organists: To advance the cause of worthy religious music; to elevate the status of the church musician, and to provide members with opportunities for meeting for the discussion of professional topics. OFFICERS Dean DKI.I. MIRRAV Sub-Dean VIRCIMA RACJHY Secretarv HARHARA ( OKFEY Treasurer SARAH ANDERSON Sponsor .... MRS. RUTH RR HARDSON C ARR Music Educators National Conference Music Educator ' s National Conference is the na- tional organization for .students of music education. The of Chapter 1. ' j2 are to fuilher the aims of music education in the .schools, and to compare and improve music education standards. It sponsors jnany of the music events of campus. First Row: Robert (Ilcndon. Donna Evans, Heronica D. (Jove, Sponsor, Sue Dodd. ( Ornelia arbrough, Don Waldrop. Second Row: (Jwen Williams, Charlea Safford, Janet .lones. Donna Kinser, .Mercelx n Jilson, Eleanor Dickey. Jo Marie Ashley. I. iu Hoyd. Third Row: John L ' pchurch, David Harnett. Ken Kinmm. .lames Mood , Jackie Robinson, Paul Stein, Richard Mat lack. Row One: Marilyn (ioodinji. Annette Tyner, Pat Mahone, Joan Hoi man, Mary Inez McC ' ulloufrh. Jan Barber. Kloise Thomas. Virjjinia Hill. Louise (iiddens. Meredith DeWitt. Ku v Iwo: Barbara Crouch. Marsha Cook, Florence Starn. Judy Searson. Marie Stokes. Annette Burnsed, Peggy Barnes. Norman MacDonald. Dot Fiebrich, Jo Parks. Terry Anderson. Row Three: Elain Eddinger. Barbara Harper. Barbara Mullins, Cathy Davis. Suz- anne Abel. Nancy Wright. Linda Fulford, Ernie Collins. Alice Worthington. Sue Betts Outen. Row Four: Joan Barr. Gail Mosele . Mary Lynn Chapman, Barbara Jernigan, Dianne Lancaster, Lois Jean Parker, Betty Allen, Pat Martindaie. Jean (Jreenlaw, Suzanne Niles, Connie Pavey, Carol Herrin. Row Five: Beryl Thomas. Kay Seckinger. Barbara Childs. Sylvia Cofield. Doris Sanders. Joanne Sellers. Marcella Hlntz. Karen Christensen, Enith ardaman. Millie Shibanoff. Vivian Morgan. Joan Mitchell. Row Six: John Avery. Carol Vevier. Jean Templer. Joan Tcmpler. Martha Gormly. Dianne Drummond. Mildred Campbell. Dona Simmons, Sylvia Blake, Joy Thurmond. Student Florida Education Association T he local chapter of the Student Education Association i a member of the National Education Association and the Florida Education Association. The purposes are: to develop among young people, who are preparing to be teachers, an organization which shall be an integral part of state and national education association ; and to aim toward growing professionally ; and to give the teacher-in-training practical experience in working together in a democratic way on the problems of the professions. OFFICERS President JOAN HOLZMAN Vice-President JOY THUR.MOND Secretary SYBIL FOLSOM Treasurer BERTHA WATTS Row One: ,l;in Johnson. I ' iit I ' earce, Sally I?(niic ' ;iu. Mi-rt ' dil h Di-witt. .!(» Ann Hopper. Row Iwo: (ieoijit- () t ' n. .John ' I ' homson, Larry Keith. Student Christian Association The Student Christian Association i.s composed of the representatives of the various religious groups on campus, and serves as a means of co-operative action between the groups. The SCA directs several interdenominational projects during the year among which are Religious Emphasis Week, The Christmas Yule Log Sei ' vice, and the Easter Sunrise Service. OFFICERS President JOHN THOMSON Vice-President ANN SEVERANCE Secretary SALLY UOIREAIT Advisor DEAN STEWART Westminister Fellowship Presbyterian students on campus are organized for the purpose of a better understanding of the principles of the Presbyterian church, and are con- cerned with the promotion of co-operation with the local churches. Activities include Council supper meetings, skating parties, retreats, speakers. Row Ono: Hett Hanle. cnd IJutcher. Sally Houreau. Ann Severence, .hid MacKenzie. Melissa Hicks. Row Two: Elinor Wikox, Paul Mart .. .Andy . dams, Pricilla ( ampl)ell. Row Thici ' ; Ik ' verly (Jraham, .ludi .hidson. Byrd ISooth. Dona Simmons. Donna Peral. Honnie helron. l{ow ! ' " ()ur: .Iud ' Scudder. ( ' I;irt ' nce I " ause, Sue Dodd. IVi ' d Pauli. Mill Dunifon, Tom Kennedx. M rna Pittman. I PresiiliMit (;eorjie Owen N ' ici ' -rri ' sidt ' Ul Bill Sims Secretary Peggy Barnes Treasurer Sallv Mathewes S.C.A. Kep. Larry Keith Wesley Foundation The Wesley Foundation Co-ordinates the interests of the Methodist students on campus. Its purpose is to foster Christian fellowship and to provide a tie between religious and scholastic life. Regular Sunday night programs are planned and carried out by the students, with the aid of the director. In addition, supper meetings and socials and re- treats occur throughout the year. Director James A. Sartain Row One: Bill Sims, Sally Mathewes. .To Anne Adams, George Owen, Larry Keith, Helen Megee. Susan Isbell. Row Two: Nancy Walker, Mary Gill, Jo Marie Achley, Barbara Samson, Virginia Hill. Diane Disney. Vivian Morgan. Row Three: Sari Staggs, Norma MacDonald, Marcella Hintz, Ann Simpson, Barbara Combs, Marilyn Carroll, Jane Comer. Row Four: Shirley Van Hyning. Jane Hall, Doris Nivins, Carolyn Griffith. Pat Jones. Row Five: James A. Sartain, Cynthia Crumb. Joan Tanner, Kay L nser, Ingrid Froman, Norman Fizette. Ernie Seckel. Row Six: Paul Corll. Duane Doddington, Ralph Powers. Richard Bendle, James Coulter. U.I. ' . ()m : Mariflla Mil auley. I.yndall O ' Neal. IJarhara Mullins, Ann Andt-rson. ( arroll (aid " ell. I ' al Pearce. Judy .lac-obs. ( laudette linley. Manya Creel. Alice WorthinKton. Row ' I " w(i: Ralph Smith. I)ann Allen, (ieorge Thrower. Elaine Kddinger. .fo Hopper. Tom C ' leary. Hrenda Franks. .Jim Whilmire. leliv Zeinler. ilton .Sheilon. The Baptist Student Union ( RROLL C ' ALDWKl.l Director lluniiiv h( l o Ki ' ther for uienei Day. -1 .,:; ! .mnual Hoi)o 246 Freshman Council Row One: Lynn Wall, Ernie Collins. Red Alderman, Carroll Caldwell, Kay Ward, Joyce Petty. Row Two: Tom Shields, Jim Lanier, Garv Maris, Mike Reynolds. Not Pictured: Dick Krause, Scott Rutan and Paul Killebrew. Row Olio; Diiin Hood. Miss Smith, .loan Mair. Suzanne Ahel. Connie Pavey, John Thompson. Dol Hallaid. Marx Sara Carter. I ' atsv Kellev. .lane . le ander. Frances C. Thornton. Row Two: .loyre HiimmelKard. .lane |{ra . Nancv Wrifihl. Pauline Willis. Hur ess i.yneh. Kllen .Mves. Harhara Childs. Meredith DeWitt. In«;rid Tromen. Row Three: .Alice Cole. Cynthia Todd. (Jeorjie Mcl.arrs. .John Keiper. Shelly Critlendon. Carole C. Mctore. .lean (Jreeniaw. Karen Steanson. Row Four: Mike Mohn. IJrinly Carter, .lohn Avery. .Jr.. Terence Wehh. Canterbury Club Canterbury is compcsed of the .students and fac- ulty of the Epi.scopal Church. The Canterbury House is the .scene of supper meetings, dances, parties, in- formal recreation, study nights, and a chaplain ' s hour once a week. Each Wedne.sday morning the members celebrate Holy Communion. Each evening members participate in the .service of Evening Prayer. They are fortunate to have as their chaplain, the rector of St. Barnabas Church. Father Lavvson. OFFICERS President lOHN THO.MSON Vice-Pre.sident DOT BALLARD Secretary CONNIE PAVEY 248 P ' Bi 1 ■ K? Kow OiH-: Dan hitaker. Earl Davis. Dick Helveston. Douji: Hennett. Felix Zeigler. (itdi;; ' I lirowtT Row Two: Charles Campbell. Sonny Howell. .Mm Caldwell. Dale Koush. Tom Cleary, Dick Krause, Howard Sweet. Max Hall. Otis Ponds. (Jene Mallard. .lames Fink. .lack Harker. Bill (Jardner. Row Three: Hill I ' erry. Clarence Fause, Hoy (iodN in. Ministerial Association The Ministerial Association is open to student OFFICERS ministers of varied denominational affiliations. Wor- ship service at the county prison, speakers for the President EARL D.WIS radio stations and supply preachers, are part of Vice-President DICK HEL -ESTON the activities. Ji,ach week, programs are planned to help the ministerial student prepare for the com- Secretary DOl d IJENN ' ETT plex work to which he has been called. Treasurer JOHN IJROUGHTON Infirmary Staff Mrs. Phifer, Carolyn Mann. .lane Wills, Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. Haun. Mrs. Reese. ' m 249 v- Row One: Aden Sowell. U ) Mavnard. Dale Armstrong. lim (;()snell. Hoi) (.olenkow. Hill Mills. Don Adams. Chris Wise. Row Two: Marl Cook. Jud Scudder. Carl Mathews. Alan Jacob. Sharron leldman. l.inda Corhelt. Rjilph Powers. Anne C;reene. Diane Hutler. Injrrid Kromen. Kelly Olinner. How I ' hree: Kleanor Halthaser. Lynn Kramer. (Jenie Wegener. Harbara Harper. Marilee Lapp. Lorinda Hrand. Mary Ruth McMahan. .loan IJennett. (iloria McKeithen. Nanc Wright, L nne Hanchler. Aqua Hats The Aquahats, newly reorganized water ski club works to carry three main purposes: to promote greater interest in water skiing, to improve on skiing techniques, and tc ti-ain interested non-skiers. Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Delta Pi would like to give special recogni- tion to one who prepared the original application for our Zeta Tau chapter in 1950, and served as Counselor for ten years, Dr. Randolph Laurie Carter. He was first initiated into Kappa Delta Pi in March, 1934, at George Peabody College. Although Dr. Carter is no longer our Counselor, we appreciate his continued support of our chapter. Carole M(K)re. President; Dr. Pickens, Sponsor; Joanne Sellers, Vice-Presi- dent; Karen Christensen. Jo Lysek. Dianne Lancaster. Jo Hopper. Meredith DeWitt. Annette Hurnsed. Dr. Randolph Carter Row Oiw. Paula Milton, Honnie O ' Dell, Ann Severance, Marilyn (Joodinjf, Mary Watkins, (iail C ' ompton, Harhara Van Akin. Row Two: Danny Allen, Irving Stover, Bruce (irilTiths, Charles C. Ritter, Fred Me.ssersmith, Jim Whit mire. Theta Alpha Phi Theta Alpha Phi is the national dramatics and IV a P P a ■ I speech fraternity on Stetson ' s campus. The pur- poses of this group are to increase interest, stimu- Kappa Pi is a national honorary art fraternity, late creativeness, and foster achievement in all of which seeks to stimulate interest in art, and creative the allied arts and crafts of the theater. activity on the Stet.son campus. OFFICERS President .lOHN MATTHEWS President MARY WATKINS Secretarv-Treasurer . . . MARGARET DUPERLY Vice-President GAIL COMPTON Secretarv MARILYN GOODING Treasurer ANN SEVERANCE Row One: Fred Messersmith, Margaret Duperly, John Matthews, Eugene F. Bunkar, Jr. Row Two: Jim Murphy, Shirley Williams, Myrna Pittman, Marilyn Carroll, Marti Grass, Mary Ann Fain, Judy Gould, Maxine Smith, Carol Herrin, Max McWhorter. 251 « r =« K(i Oiu ' : Dell .Murra , ( ' ornelia ' ai " l)r(niuh, N ' irjiinia I5aj;li . .ludy .Jordan. Nan iJrown. Ivou ' l " ( |{aii)aia Samson. ' I ' ra is I ' lummcr. Nanc C ' altrider, .loanni- Williamson. Cvnlhia Hare. .Iud Kikerl. Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma Kappa Kappa and Tau Beta Sigma are com- posed of .students who have done outstanding work in the band. OFFICERS KAPPA KAPPA PSI President JOHN HEAP Vice-President DANNY ALLKN Secretary TERENCE WE MB Treasurer LARRY KEITH TAU BETA SIGMA President CHARLES SAI FORD Vice-President NANCY THKJI ' EN Secretary CAROLE MOORE Row One: Charlea SafTord, Marie Stokes. Sue Dodd. (Jail .Johnson. lionnie Reid. Donna Evans. Carole C. M M re. Row Two: I ' aul Corll. Danny Allen, .Jimm M(!ody, Don Waldrop, Terence Wehl). Larry Keith. .John Ilead. (ius Lee. .John Earnhardt. Phi Beta Phi Beta is a national professional fraternity for women in the fields of music and speech. High professional, .scholastic, and personal standards are maintained within the membership. OFFICERS President NAN BROWN Vice-President DELL MURRAY Secretary VIRGINIA BAGBY Treasurer JUDY JORDAN p n ns Row ()ne: Ann Severance, Irving C. Stover, .Mary I ouise dehring, Sam S. Hill. .Jr., Hope Huska. Jackie Dossett. Row Two: Charles Roval. Wes Johnston. Hill Sims. Dick Jenkins. Pi Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Delta is a national honorary foren.sic society whose purpose is to stimulate progress in and to further the interests of intercollegiate speech activities. Florida Beta chapter was installed at Stetson in November, 1958, to recognize those whose participation in debate and related speech activities showed them to possess " the art of persuasion beau- tiful and just. " Beta Beta Beta The object of Beta Beta Beta is to promote biologi- cal scholarship and research. Beta Beta Beta is affil- iated with the American Society for Advancement of Science. OFFICERS President HOLLIS FLINT Vice-President RON SMITHWICK Secretary MARY ANN AIKEN Treasurer DIANA KUNZE OFFICERS President JACKIE DOSSETT Vice-President WES JOHNSTON Secretary-Treasurer HOPE HUSKA Reporter CHARLES ROYAL Pledge Trainer DICK JENKINS Row One: Melvin Guenther. Diana Kunze. Dr. Hansen. Dr. Pritchard. Dr. Winchester. Patsy Kelly; Barbara Childs, Elinor Balthaser. Susan Reall. Row Two: Ronnie Hunt. Jane Brav. Mar.v Ann Aiken. Miss Fuller. Anna Huher. Barbara Jernigan. Phili Shettle. Row Three: William Graham. Leon- ard Glossbere. Fred Jefferson. Tribble Dicks. Thomas Bush. Row Four: Hollis Flint. Bob Kennedy. Tom Davis. James Edgemon. Row Five: Ronald Palmer. Van Pittman. Ronald Smithwick. John Averv. Ki) v One: K(il)ert .l»»hn l.aihie, Jim Kdjiemon, Diane Drummctnd. !)oris Sanders. Terence el)l). Larry Keith. Row Two: .lohn Vau rhen. John Adams, liill l)()ll)ier. Dr. Theodore Heiler. .Ndrnian I ' izetle. John { Onn. Gamma Sigma Epsilon This orKanization promotes interest in the field of chemistry. In the past we have presented .seminars and papers which were accepted extremely well by the facnitv and student bodv. OFFICERS (.rand Alchemist LARKY KEITH Recorder JIM KDCJEMON Visor TERE.N ' CE WEBB Sigma Alpha Omega Sigma Alpha Omega, the local mathematics honor- ary, is composed of students outstanding in mathe- matics and a good general average. The organiza- tion promotes the interest in mathematics among its members. OFFICERS I ' resident ANN SEVERANCE Vice-President BILL DOLBIER Secretary SI E BORKN Treasurer JO LYSEK Row One: .Mary Stone .Adams. Diane Drummond. Marx . nn . iken, Jo Lysek. .Ann Severance. Bill D(ill)ier. Sue Boren. Kath- leen Damewood, Donna Stevens. Carole Moore. Calisla Hamilton. Row Two: James Edgemon. Earle Troxx . Terence N ' el)l . .lohn Adams. David Haves. Row One: Red Alderman, Dick Krause, John Davis, Dili Lyon, Fred Sakon. Row Two: Don Seaborn. Ed 1 Heureux. Row Three: Scott Rutan. Jim Stewart, Daiton Epting, Ja Daniel Vaughn. darv Maris arr Deets, Green Circle Sigma Delta Pi The Green Circle is an honorary leadership fra- ternity for sophomore men sponsored by Omicron Delta Kappa. Its purpose is to serve as a common organization for men selected on a basis of their freshman record as well as their leadership potential. The group is primarily designed to give its members a more thorough training in occupying positions of leadership. Sigma Delta Pi, the national Spanish honor fra- ternity, was founded in 1919. The purpose of the fraternity is to foster a love for all that noble and beautiful which has proceeded from Spain. Our motto: We go forth under inspiration of Spain. Row One: .Joyce Hummelgard, (iloria Santera, Sandy I ' orep. Row Two: Barbara Raught, Dr. Thornton, Wes .Johnston, Barbara Crouch, Julia Britt Steanson. 255 Carol H() tll. Kuth I ippins. Ann Severance. .loAnne Hopper, John IJi( u;;hlon, .Id l. t ' k. Scroll and Key Scroll and Key is Stetson ' s parallel to Phi Beta Kappa. Its members are tapped from the upper five per cent of the Junior and Senior Cla.sses of the Liberal Arts School. The standard is excellence . excellence in scholarship and leadership. OFFICERS President CAROL HOWELL Vice-President JOHN HR01(;HT0N Secretary Rl ' TH TIPPINS Treasurer MARGARET DUPERLY Phi Society Phi Society is an honor society sponsored by Phi Beta Kappa. It recopnizes and honors tho. e stu- dents in college of Liberal Arts outstanding in . ' schol- arship. A student must maintain a 2.4 average dur- ing the first year of college. OFFICERS President JOHN ADAMS Vice-President ELIZABETH PRIX Secretary PE(;(;V BARNES Treasurer SYLVIA BLAKE Row One: Ann Severance. Peggy Barnes. John Adams. Elizabeth Fri , Sylvia IJIake. Row Two: (Jloria Santora, Jane Carter. Mary Ann Aiken, Jo Lysek, Carol Howell, Jackie Dossett. I ' KKI) S. WHITE Caiitaiii CHARLES I ri roN First LirutiMiaiit .ip:rrv seaborn First StTKcant GARY ANDERSON Treasurer Scabbard and Blade Scabbard and Blade is a national military honor society wliose members are chosen on merit from outstanding K.O.T.C. cadet officers by the election of the company. The Stetson Chapter sponsors a Turkey Shoot, Scabbard and r lade liaiKinet, ainuial R.O.T.C. Field Day and serves with the complete cadet corps on the Military Week, climaxed by the Military Ball. This group, with its outstanding achievements in military sciences, is an inspiration to a freshman cadet. FRED S. WHITE Captain Row One: Charles Fulton, Major H. E. Apgar, Fred White, Jerry Seaborn. Row Two: Gary Anderson, Mark Cornelius, Shelby Farr, (Jeorge I ' erino .Jr.. Melvin F. (Junther, Michael Mohn, Reynolds Allen. mm : m Richard M. Feasel ' ice-Presicient I{i n(il(l Allen l resiiient ired Jefferson Treasurer Omicron Delta Kappa heads the list of men ' s honoraries at Stetson. A national leadership society, it encourages general campus citizenship and recognizes men who have attained a high standard of efficiency in collegiate activities. ODK strives to bring together the most representative men in all phases of collegiate life: faculty members, administrative officials, and students. These men meet on a basis of mutual interest and understanding to aid in moulding the sentiment of the University in questions of local and intercollegiate interest. Dr. -Vlhert M. Winchester Dr. (Jeorge Hood Dr. .lames A. Stewart Dr. (iene Medlin JC- irjiinia IJajjhx President Mary Watkins Vice-President Carol Howell Secretary Mary Ann Aiken Treasurer Mortarboard Leadership, scholarship, service . . . these are the jjoals of Mortar Board. Mortar Board is a national honorary orpranization devoted to these standards and made up of women who have achieved them in their first three years of collepe. Stetson ' s chanter sponsors each year a scholarship school and a leadership school and this year will award trophies to senior women who have been outstanding in the field of service. Mortar Board is the final e.xoression of the ideals it seeks to instill in others and the honor Stetson University can bestow on its outstanding women. Gail ( " ompton Karen C ' hristensen Jo Hopper Jo Lvsek Patricia Pearce 259 } SNAP SHOTS and ADVERTISEMENTS BUSINESS MANAGER Alice Worthington ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER Wilma Jones 216 H. SdulevQirci Oe Land Florida Do :30 :r=3oc so o = oc o = oc3ocrz oc oc oc: oc 30C DO oc oc ' " =i REMEMBER THESE FILM STARS? Just a few of the many famous stars photographed by Chidnoff CHIDNOFF STUDIOS LONG ESTABLISHED AS THE FINEST IN PHOTOGRAPHY P.O. BOX 737, MIAMI BEACH 39, FLORIDA i I CONGRATULATIONS . . . GRADUATES OF THE CLASS OF ' 60 FLORIDA BANK AT DELAND • • Member Florida National Group Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ROEHR PRODUCTS CO., INC. Waterbury, Conn. — De ' and, F!a. FOUNTAINS For Fifty Years Central Florida ' s World ' s Largest Manufacturer Finest Store for Men 8 of Hypodermic Needles n P. O. Box 960 Delond, Florida Delond Florida [] -T o — - Q n — r o o — 7 o 5o =rr o = oc STETSON and DELAND Ha e marched hand in hand for many years We are proud of the cooperorive spirit that exists between the people of our community and the officials and students of Stetson University. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE DELAND FLORIDA MclRA DRUG CENTER, INC. (Formerly Touchton Drug Co.) 100 SOUTH BOULEVARD DELAND, FLORIDA Compliments of G. G. SMITH DRUGS Headquarters for Revlon — Lanvin — Christian Dior Heleno Rubinstein — Lenfheric — Dorsay Tabu — Guerloin — Old Spice — Scaforth Max Factor ' s — Coty — Fabergo — Houbigant Richard Hudnut — Chanhlly Compliments of " Fortified " DANDEE BREAD " KEEP DANDEE HANDY " BELL BAKERIES, INC Doytona Beach Florida 0C=I 0C=30 =?0C SO OC I OC DO OC DO Compliments of DELAND MUSIC CENTER, INC. 211 N. BOULEVARD DELAND, FLORIDA r t .- « f». n. n %nt n« ft n iae iOC ■ o = o = oC 9 OC O C O =30 c 30 r3 O C O C=3 oc CONGRATULATIONS TO SEN lORS OF CONRAD LUMBER n THE CONRAD COMPANY U o COMPANY LUMBER AND BUILDING n BONDS MATERIALS n INSURANCE North Delaware Avenue u 118 West- New York Avenue DELAND, FLORIDA DELAND, FLORIDA Phone RE. 4-4454 Phone RE. 4-2272 ocrz o Trz o CONGRATULATIONS! CLASS OF 1960 tken THEATER DELAND, FLORIDA Ci30 o =3 oc o :3 oc oc: oc We Hope Wc Have Helped to Brighten Your College Year KEMP ' S DONUT SHOP You ' re Always Welcome — Even if Only to Say Hi BRANDON ELECTRIC COMPANY MECHANICAL AND ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS AIR CONDITIONING — HEATING Boundary ond Railroad) BESCO CONCRETE PRODUCTS (Boundary ond RotlroodJ p. O. Box 130 RE. 4-2732 DELAND FLORIDA Compliments of THE WHITEHAIR COMPANY JEAN ' S SPAGHETTI HOUSE Specializing in Home Cooked Foods SPAGHETTI Chicken Cocciatore Ravioli Lasagne Veal Parmigiona Steaks Chops Seafoods PIZZA Complete Carry Out Service Parties accommodated Call for 413 S. Volusia Avenue Reservations Orange City, Fla. SP. 4-5253 TOWNE COUNTRY BEAUTY SALON 136 W. Indiana Avenue RE. 4-5649 DELAND, FLORIDA (i o Hair Stylist [ DAVID KAPRAL HATS ON! to the ' 60 HATTERS from Morrison Food Service Inc. " No Finer Food . . . Anywhere! " MORRISON FOOD SERVICE a division of Morrison Cafeterias, Inc. BEST WISHES FROM EVELYN JIMMY WEST STETSON FLOWER SHOP ' on the boulevard ' DELAND FLORIDA F. N. De HUY SON Jewelers Silversm ths Since 1873 139 N. Blvd. RE. 4-1337 DELAND FLORIDA Deland Federal Savings and Loan Association THE HOME OF INSURED SAVINGS 136 Florida Avenue Deland, Florida Compliments of FEASEL PAINT AND GLASS 247 N. BOULEVARD DELAND, FLORIDA oc mm m IwUAT the business world the arts and sciences, and the pro- fessions ore seeking young people with " imagineering ability " . . . the ability to combine their imagination with scientific exactness in their work. I J Only through education and training can young minds be prepared to meet the challenges of a rapidly-changing world. More po A er to you, the " imagineers " of the future! ;SS j ?S 1: f " nl .ft. Stoudenmires Food Mart Where Shopping Is a Pleasure 641 W. New York Avenue Deland, Florida BETTY DREKA SHOP Where Stetson Students Are Always Welcome 105 South Boulevard Deland, Florida THE BARNETT NATIONAL BANK ' A Florida Landmark DELAND — JACKSONVILLE — COCOA — ST. AUGUSTINE Member Federal Reserve System and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation o o c oc ' " ■y) Dl NARDO ' S LOG CABIN RESTAURANT famous for ■SIZZLING " T BONE STEAKS S ET Z E R S FOOD FAIR 1330 N. Boulevard Dclond, Florida [J CARTER PRINTING CO. Effective Advertising Letter Press - Offset PRINTING PUBLISHING 333 N. Addle Avenue Deland, Florida RE. 4-3208 IMPORTANT FLORIDA PUBLICATIONS Encyclopedic Digest of Florida Reports, 17 Volumes Florida Statutes Annotated, 33 Volumes Florida Low and Practice, about 20 Volumes Sapp ' s Florido Forms, 6 Volumes All of the above ore kept to dote with Annual Pocket Port Supplements Write for prices and terms on these, as well as for our Florida Practice Books THE HARRISON COMPANY Law Bcok Publishers I. W. Granodc ond Ira A. Barnes Florida oies Representatives P. O. Box 4214 Atlanta 2, Georgia Joining Together to Bring You Fabulous Sovings in Your Food Buys! Shop and Save at Your Local Setzers or Food Fair Construction Co., Inc. " Builders of Distinctive Homes " 690 Boundary Dclond, Florida Free Estimotcs RE. 4-6694 Compliments of DELAND COCA COLA BOTTLING COMPANY BEAUTY BAZAAR COIFFURES — HAIR STYLING — FACIALS HAIR CUTTING — MAKE UP ANALYSIS " Complete Line of Revlon Products " RE. 4-0758 140 S. Boulevard Deland, Florida ' •r ' r„ ,n4 r. r r- PHONE RE. 4-1499 LOU SKILLMAN STANDARD OIL AGENT Distributor ATLAS TIRES and BATTERIES Compliments of Coston ' s Laundry Dry Cleaning with " STAY-NU FINISHING " 354 Michigan Avenue Deland, Florida 224 S. Florida Deland, Florida RE. 4-3052 i ' • 111(1 1 h (J I if uvild ' s HI est aniens Iial THE HALLMARK by STETSON... $12.95 THE SUSSEX by STETSON. $15 JOHN B. STETSON CO Philadelphia 3 o o = o : o =3 oc= o : o ec o c o HOLIDAY STEAK HOUSE across from Stetson University From a Snack to a Banquet ' LUNCH AND DINNER Delond, Florida RE. 4 6319 Airlines, Steamships, Tours, Car Rental Leah W. Conklin, Stetson ' 55 and Dixie J. Miller Compliments of the Following Professional Men of Deland Wm. Amory Underhill T. F. Hohn, M.D. W. Landon Smith, M.D. John E. McWilliams, D.D.S. Joseph A. Scarlett Charles E. Tribble, M.D. Glen W. Martin, Attorney John L. Graham, Attorney L. C. Starke, M.D. W. R. Hutchison, M.D John E. Socash COMPLETE DINNERS SEAFOODS Buffet Dinners Monday Thursdoy BANQUETS RYMAL ' S RESTAURANT " Where Everything Is Good " Route 17 North — Dclond, Florida Phone YU. 5 4241 STEAKS SALADS MOSCA ' S ITALIAN RESTAURANT Finest Italian Food DOMINICK and LORETTA, Owners Specializing in Pizza 127 Ridgewood Ave. — U. S. Route 1 HOLLY HILL, FLORIDA CL. 3-9212 Congratulations to the Graduates of 1960 from THE BOOKSTORE 203A N. BOULEVARD DELAND, FLORIDA Penney ' s ■mmmmmwwmmwmmmm DELAND, FLORIDA STETSON ' S SHOPPING CENTER GIBBS Ladies ' and Chilren ' s Wearing Apparel Boy ' s Wear Phone RE. 4-5221 Deland Florida THE DELAND SUN-NEWS Is read daily and Sunday for news of STETSON ACiiVITIES Compliments of PAUL CASKEY ' S MUSIC STORE 140 S. Boulevard Dclond Compliments of DELAND CAMERA SHOP 142 N. Boulcvord DELAND RE. 4-3595 FLORIDA Compliments of EDYTHE F. HONEYCUTT, Realtor Dclond Florida RHJIUfr Compliments of Paul Hunter ' s Restaurant 151 N. BOULEVARD DELAND 30C 30C=30C Compliments of BOB ' S RADIO AND T.V. SHOP Deland Florida Compliments of WEE WASH IT LAUNDRY ONE STOP SERVICE Woshing — Ironing — Dry Cleaning Dyeing Service 245 N. Boulcvord Deland o =so =z: o y « " ' q n « iae ioremosl THh GREAT NAMt IN DAIRY PRODUCTS MILK ICE CREAM -ify ft " trt - FRIERSON ' S ON THE BOULEVARD " You con be sure if it ' i Westinghouse " Gerald E. Frierson (owner) DELAND FLORIDA LJo lings c lo wers WE WIRE FLOWERS 113 E. Rich Avenue RE. 4-0920 DELAND, FLORIDA Compliments of DELAND OFFICE SUPPLY Compliments of C. E. Bohren Barber Shop 134 N. BOULEVARD DELAND FLORIDA Compliments of HONEYCUTT ELECTRIC CO. Deland Florida Originol layouts, distinctive typography and sporkling reproduction that give your annuel the luxurious appearance impossible to obtain by standord layout, mass-production methods. i4V| -, S c. R I N I T Y PLACE TUR, GEORGIA c

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