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-r ,-? -- JI, ATTER STETSOM Ul lB?«fcr : mi- M ' ■Tr -v ' |W ' ATTER A Classical Presentation . ' mil ' ! published by the students of U TETSON NIV EDITOR ANN SEVERANCE BUSINESS MANAGER . . . MIMI SHAW HIS is the Hatter of 19 59— the Classical Hatter, de- signed to give a panoramic view of life at Stetson. The entire program of the University aids in physical, mental, moral, and spiritual development of the individual. Its friendly atmosphere is conducive to the forming of many vi arm and pleasatn relationships which last even after col- lege years are through. Indeed, Stetson students " are all to- gether . . . working toward a common goal; " and with each hour of study and of creativity, each hour of fun, each hour of worship, we move a step closer to the goal of spiritual and intellectual enrichment and enthusiasm for life. PROLOGUE SINCE the founding of Stetson University in 18 83, many students have come and gone — the enrollment has in- creased from 13 to approximately 1400; many changes have been made in the physical plan of the campus; many new courses have been added to the curriculum. But the ideal of the University — to develop in each individual a scho- larly attitude, culture, and Christian character — has re- mained the same through the years. The purpose of Stetson University is as ever, to send out educated Christian men and women to make the world a better place in which to live. " Well dressed ' Rats ' gratefully acknowledge signatures of upper- classmen. More points in that ever-present " little black book ' ! " The music of a serenade lends a more romantic atmosphere to any night e classroom " kids " become " situdents " . It is here that a seed of in- terest is sown and nour- ished, but real intellec- tual growth depends on the challenge felt by the individual student. In the classroom Stetson ' s young people receive the incentive which makes many of them outstand- ing in specialized fields, and prepares all for suc- cessful living in a com- plex world. FROM THE CHALLENGE OF THE CLASSROOM TO THE STIRRING ATMOSPHERE OF THE CHAPEL ORGANIZATIONS . . . A multitude of interests present themselves to Stetson students, and there is a campus organization to fulfill each one. , ci?:v?« « SPORTS a nd Loyalty to school is represented in the spirit of the teams, the cheerleaders, and the student body. Loyalty to country is made manifest in the military excellence of Stetson ' s ROTC. MILITARY All Part Of The Drama Of University Life . . . SINCE an ideal of the Uni- versity is to instill culture in its students, emphasis is placed on the fine arts, and aesthetic values are stressed in every field. FINE ARTS.. ENCOURAGES THE PURSUIT OF CULTURE W UlLDING IDENTIFICATION LONG RANGE CAMPUS PLAN - STETSON UNIVERSITY DELANO FLORIDA VV e are always looking to the future; the present does not satisfy us. — Our ideal whatever it may be, lies fur- ther on. GILLETT ; ; , i. ' %,. A c ■ " ' " t. «i-, ■ ' -; " . ' -. rill H ■ ■ ■ ... , ' ' IN THE WORLD OF TOMORROW THE future always beckons us to wish for better things; it speaks of dreams to be reaKzed, plans to be com- pleted. Stetson too turns her face toward the future and sees before her a beautiful new campus — an educational plant to enhance the pursuit of knowledge. Foremost in the coming campus will be the new science center and library — modern, well equipped buildings for the students of tomorrow. -%. 1 ■ ■ - V ? ' 4 4 Ns. ' J - fff £., ' ! THE COLLEGE ADVENTURE ENDS WITH GRADUATION GRADUATION marks the climax of the drama of col- lege life. It is hoped that much joy, and only a little sadness, filled the college days of each graduate. As a play- g oer leaves the theatre with happy thoughts of the night ' s performance, so the Stetson graduate leaves the University with a feeling of appreciation for the satisfying experience he found there. THIS BOOK IS DEDICATED TO ETTER McTEER TURNER Deciii of Women ' You give but little when you give of your possessions; it is when yon give of yourself that yon truly give " — Gibran A PERSON with a great heart, a person who has an abiding faith in the good- ness of God, a person who be- heves in the joy and worth of hfe, a person who loves youth, a person who is a loyal phil- osopher-friend of college stu- dents — this is Etter McTeer Turner, Stetson ' s Dean of Women. Her many -faceted personality and her quiet charm have endeared Miss Turner to everyone with whom she has come in con- tact during her twenty-four years of devoted service to Stetson. It is in gratitude for this service, and in appreciation for her love and understand- ing, that we dedicate the 19 59 Hatter to Etter McTeer Turner. Table of Contents PROLOGUE Page 4 DEDICATION Page 16 CHAPTER 1 Page 18 THE UNIVERSITY CHAPTER 2 Page 40 THE SENIORS CHAPTER 3 Page 76 ' STETSON " MISSES- CHAPTER 4 Page 82 ACTIVITIES i CHAPTER 5 Page 98 ORGANIZATIONS CHAPTER 6 Page 130 THE GREEKS CHAPTER 7 Page 182 THE MILITARY CHAPTER 8 Page 190 SPORTS CHAPTER 9 Page 214 THE CLASSES CHAPTER 10 Page 248 THE LAW SCHOOL CHAPTER 11 Page 262 ADVERTISEMENTS Chapter One UNIVERSITY ' T HE rewards to be gained by students of Stetson University are now, as always, " spiritual and intellectual enrichment and an enthusiastic ap- proach to life. " As the years pass. Stetson continues to grow in the esteem of the people of the South. Buildings on the campus erected by friends and alumnae testify to their devotion to the cause of education and their confidence in Stetson ' s future. With the school ' s friendly atmosphere, its brillant and understanding faculty, and its wonderful stu- dents, how can Stetson ' s future be anything but a bright one? It ' s graduates will always leave this campus carefully educated for successful living in a Brave Neic World. To the Members of the Stetson Family in 1959 During our Diamond Jubilee Convocation, I was reminded of the story of an American girl who went to India as an exchange student. While there, she hoped she would have an opportunity to meet some of their distinguished women — writers, artists, and educators. One, whom she was especially anxious to meet, had been a leader in bringing about social progress in India. Remembering the pictures she had seen of Gandhi, the American visitor expected this famous lady to be rather old and withered. But when she saw her, she was astonished by her lovely fea- tures, her grace, and dignity, and poise. " Why, " exclaimed the girl, " you are beautiful! " The lady gave her an amused smile and answered gently, " Well, I ought to be, I ' m seventy-five. " There are certain qualities which only age can bring to an institution, as well as to a person. Stetson THE PRESIDENT J. OLLIE EDMUNDS is now seventy-five. She, too, has achieved a becom- ing grace and dignity and poise — which took seventy-five years to develop. I congratulate you who have been fortunate enough to be on the campus during your Alma Mater ' s seventy-fifth birthday year. It is a year you will recall with special satisfaction. I predict you will be talking about it twenty-five years from now when some of you will be returning for your col- lege ' s one hundredth birthday celebration. And what extraordinary changes you may expect to see by then! You ' ll be writing to your friends afterward, " Back in 1959, when I was there, I used to think the university was attractive, but you ought to see Stetson uoiv. She ' s beautiful! " We are counting on each of you to help her get that way! T. OLLIE EDMUNDS President ADMINISTRATION WILLIAM H. McENIRY Acting Dean of the University JAMES A. STEWART Dean of the Chapel GEORGE W. HOOD Dean of Alen MARY EDNA PARKER Assistant Deati of Women CARL H. JOHNSON Director of Men ' s Housing WILLIAM H. McCAMMON Director of Religious Activities H. G. EDMONDSON Comptroller A. F. TUTTLE Director of Admissions BOB LEE MOWERY hihrarian WALTER J. BAGGS Director of Alumni Affairs JACK OLOFSON Assistant Dean of Men BARBARA ROWE Registrar J. BLANDFORD TAYLOR Director of News Bureau GARY MEADOWS President npHE Student Government Association is - - your voice in campus affairs. As a Stetson student you are an integral part of this as- sociation. We thank you for taking an ac- tive part in your government, and we hope that you will always feel free to express your criticisms and ideas. With your co- operation and support we have successful student government at Stetson. We, the officers, have been your servants. We have done our best to fulfill your needs and answer your questions. Thank you for making this a successful year and a greater Stetson. Gary Meadows T resident STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Walter Prather, Social Vice-President; Walt Moseley, Treasurer; Jerrie Moretz, Secertary; Gary Meadows; Nola Frink, Vice-President. Seated: George Borders, John Davis, Bob Hickey. Mary Jo Kintner, Gary Meadows, Jerrie Moretz, Nola Frink, Bob SuUins, Walter Prather. Sluiid- ing: Duane Doddington, Bill Bradley, Walter Moseley. PRESIDENTS CABINET RULES AND PROCEDURE COMMITTEE Seated: Bob Hickey, George McLarry, Sally Ezell, Karen Klages. Standing: Church Handte, Loys Jordan. MEN ' S EXECUTIVE COUNCIL The purpose of the Men ' s Council is to act as a medi- ator between the adminis- tration of men ' s affairs, functioning as a discipH- nary board and advisory group. Each year two freshmen, one sophomore, and one junior are elected to the council. Roir One: Frank Painter, Vice- President; Phil Newcomb, Presi- dent; John Adams, Secretary. Row Two: Jim Whitmire, Walt Mosely, Jim Geiger, Ted Sucher, Reynolds Allen, Bob Hickey. MEN ' S RESIDENCE HALLS STAFF Head Residents and Resi- dent Advisers are selected each year to supervise the personnel program in the men ' s halls. As part of this work they do academic and personal counseling, as well as organize study clinics for new students. Roti ' One: Bill Jackson, Phil Parr, Robert Rizner, Dean Olofson, Jim Geiger, Tom Ragan, Bob Hickey. Row Tuo: Jim McLaughlin, Lee Rowell, Duane Doddington, Jim Wade, Jack Carson, Ed Laughary, Mark Gaines. 26 Jo Lysek, Ann Anderson, Bettj M(.Kinle , Sanimie Richards, President; Ann Seserance, Secretarj; JoAnne Anderson, Vice-President; Cherry Dell, Jane Harris, Anna Perry. WOMEN ' S EXECUTIVE COUNCIL The Women ' s Council is composed of all resident women of the University. The purpose of the council is to handle disciplinary action, act as an advisory group, and work for self-government. To assist the Women ' s Council in their work, each women ' s dorm has a house council. These house councils handle dormitory matters. Kachleeii Mui . Call Jcihnsuii, M.ivHK- I an , HfU Allen, Jane Harris. Gail kriicger, Sally Mathews, Mary Gill, Georgcanne Stfvens, Carolyn Townsend, Penny Blackford, Pal Howard. CONRAD HOUSE COUNCIL Conrad Hall functions this year, for the first time, as a women ' s dormitory. This dorm is composed mostly of freshmen. OFFICERS JANE HARRIS Prcsideiif GAIL KRUEGER Vk-c-Prcudcit SALLY MATHEWS Secretary BETTY ALLEN Sergeant-at-Arms GAIL JOHNSON Social Chairman STETSON HOUSE COUNCIL Stetson Hall is a freshman and sophomore dormitory for women. This house council governs its occupants. OFFICERS CHERRY DELL President JACKIE DOSSETT Vice-President NANCY NORSE Secretary JANE JACKSON Sergeant-at-Arms DOT BALLARD Social Chairman Row One: Jane Jackson, Jackie Dossett, Cherry Dell, Nancy Norse, Dot Ballard. Row Two: Claudette Finley, Sally Jo Custer, Bill Ruth, Judy Cox, Diana Kunze, Joen Mitchell, Joan Holzman, Toni Ogletree, Connie Pavey, Suzanne Abel. ■ j sptefeh Agfe: i Elizabeth Frix, Lynn Wall, Hilda Hubbard, Jerrie Moretz, Bett Gregg, Mary Jo Kintner, JoAnne Hopper, Jo Lysek, Suzanne DeLettre, Sylvia Blake, Gail Woodard. Mar Lou Goslin, Judy Pacobs, Patsy Morgan. CHAUDOIN HOUSE COUNCIL NORTH HOUSE COUNCIL Chaudoin Hall is the oldest resident hall for women on Stetson ' s campus. It houses the majority of the freshmen each year. OFFICERS JO LYSEK President loANNE HOPPER Vice-President JUNE HIGHSMITH Secretary SUZANNE DeLETTRE Sergeant -at -Arms MARY JO KINTNER Social Chairman The North Hall Council functions as the governing and advisory body of the newest of the women ' s resident halls. OFFICERS BETTY McKINLEY President MEREDITH DeWITT Vice-President BARBARA COLLINS Secretary DEANNA SCHOOLEY Scrgeant-at-Arms BETTY SHARPE Social Chairman Sally Boureau, Mary Lou Minton, Nancy Bordley, Betty Sharpe, Betty McKinley, Meredith DeWitt, Deanna Schooley, Mary Ann Aiken, Joan Barr, Patti Gaynor. WILLIAM HUGH McENIRY, JR. Dean of the School of Liberal Arts npHE College of Liberal Arts is the oldest and largest of the four university colleges. Eliza- beth Hall, Flagler Science Hall and Holmes Hall comprise the classroom area. While attending Stetson, every student comes in contact with the Liberal Arts School. It is the core of the educa- tion of every student, from the business student to the music or law major. The Liberal Arts pre- pare students to enter the world, to earn gainful employment, and instills them with a permanent love and appreciation of the arts, letters and sci- ences which surround us. This in itself gives an added enjoyment and enrichment to our lives. SCHOOL OF LIBERAL ARTS OFFICERS BOB SULLINS President KEN SHEPARD Vice-President MARTHA HAMILTON Secretary JIM WHITMIRE Treasurer FACULTY BYRON H. GIBSON, Professor of English, 1946; A.B., Birmingham-Southern College; M.A., Ph.D., University of Illinois. GUY OWEN, JR., Assistant Professor of English, 1955; A.B., M.A., Ph.D., University of North Caro- lina. MARY TRIBBLE LOWRY, Associate Professor of English and Secretary of the Faculty, 1923; Ph.D., M.A., Stetson University. MARTHA BROWN HICKS, Visiting Assistant Pro- fessor of English; A.B., Miami University, Oxford, Ohio; M.A., Stetson University. JOHN HICKS, Professor of English, 1949; A.B., M.A., University of Louisville; Ph.D., University of Iowa. WILLIAM E. TAYLOR, Assistant Professor of Eng- lish, 1957; A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Vanderbilt University. KATHLEEN ALLEN JOHNSON, Assistant Profes- sor of English; A.B., University of Rochester; B.M., M.A., Stetson University. VIRGINIA EDSALL GIFFIN, Assistant Professor of Speech, 1942; A.B., Denison University; M.A., Stet- son University. WATIE RILEY PICKENS, Assistant Professor of English; B.S., Oklahoma A. M. College; M.A., Uni- versity of Florida. CARTER C. COLWELL, Assistant Professor of Eng- lish; B.A., University of Chicago; M.A., Cambridge University. 1- ' ' ' HERBERT ROYCE, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages, 1956; Doktor rer.poL, University of Konigsberg. SERGE A. ZENKOVSKY, Assistant Professor of History and Political Science, 1958; Ph.D., Charles University, Prague, Czechoslovakia. HUGH NELSON SEAY, JR., Assistant Professor of Modern Languages; B.A., Randolph-Macon Col- lege; A.M., University of North Carolina. FRANCES THORNTON, Professor of French, 1934; A.B., M.A., Stetson University. DORIS KING ARJONA, Professor of Spanish, 1938; Ph.D., University of Chicago; Litt.D., Northern Michigan College. BETTY JEAN ZENKOVSKY; M.A., Indiana Uni- versity. JOHN L. HODGES, Associate Professor of German, 1954; Ph.D., University of North Carolina. FACULTY SIDNEY B. DENMAN, Assistant Professor of Social Psychology, 1950; A.B., Mississippi College; M.A., Tulane University; Ph.D., Duke University. MELVIN J. WILLIAMS, Professor of Sociology, 1952; A.B., B.D., Ph.D., Duke University. JAMES A. SARTAIN, Assistant Professor of So- ciology, 195 5; B.S., Alabama State Teachers College, Troy; M.A., Peabody College. CHARLES C. RITTER, Assistant Professor of Speech, 1956; B.A., Mary Washington College of the University of Virginia; M.A., University of Florida; Ph.D., State University of Iowa. MARY LOUISE GEHRING, Associate Professor of Speech, 1956; B.A., Baylor University; M.A., Ph.D., Louisiana State University. BYRNE BLACKWOOD, Assistant Professor of Speech; B.B., Emporia State Teachers College, Em- poria, Kansas; M.A., University of Arkansas, Fay- etteville, Arkansas. IRVING C. STOVER, Professor of Speech, 1908; Graduate King ' s School of Oratory; B.O., M.O., Susquehanna University; Litt.D., Stetson University. GILBERT L. LYCAN, Professor of History and Pro- litical Science, 1946; A.B., Berea College; M.A., Ph.D., Yale University. MALCOLM M. WYNN, Associate Professor of History, 1952; Ph.D., Ohio State University. LUTHER W. SMITH, JR., Assistant Professor of Political Science, 1957; B.A., Denison University; M.A., Ph.D., Yale Graduate School. JOHN EDITH JOHNS, Assistant Professor of His- tory, 1948; A.M., Furman University; M.A., Uni- versity of North Carolina. RICHARD W. PEARCE, M.A., Stetson University. EVANS C. JOHNSON, Assistant Professor of His- tory and Pohtical Science, 1953; A.B., M.A., Uni- versity of Alabama; Ph.D., University of North Carolina. SERGE A. ZENKOVSKY, Assistant Professor of History and Political Science, 1958; Ph.D., Charles University, Prague, Czechoslovakia. FACULTY ELMER C. PRICHARD, Professor of Biology, 1947 A.B., Mississippi College; M.A., University of Rich- mond; Ph.D., University of North Carolina. ALBERT M. WINCHESTER, Professor of Biology, 1947; A. B. Baylor University; M.A., University of Texas. DOROTHY LANGFORD FULLER, Associate Pro- fessor of Biology, 1941; A.B., M.A., Stetson Uni- versity. KEITH L. HANSEN, Assistant Professor of Biology, 1955; B.S., M.S., Stetson University; Ph.D., Uni- versity of Florida. JAMES E. WILLS, JR., Associate Professor of Phys- ics, 1956; A.B., Mississippi College; M.A. University of Virginia; Ph.D., University of Texas. THEODORE W. BEILER, Associate Professor of Chemistry, 1953; B.S., Alleghany College; M.A., Ph.D., Harvard University. GEORGE LOVELL JENKINS, Professor of Physics, 1948; A.B., Berea College; M.S., University of North Carolina; Ph.D., University of Kentucky. JOHN FERGUSON CONN, Professor of Chemis- try, 1929; B.S., Georgetown College; M.S., University of Chicago; Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh. JOHN V. VAUGHEN, Professor of Chemistry, 1946; A.B., Oberlin College; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University. RICHARD B. MORLAND, Associate Professor of Physical Education, 1952; A.B., Birmingham-South- ern College; M.Ed., Springfield College. GARLAND H. WILLIAMS, Instructor in Physical Education, 1956; B.S., University of Georgia; M.A., George Peabody College. ELIZABETH AUTREY, Professor of Physical Edu- cation, 1946; B.S., Florida State College for Women; M.S., University of Wisconsin. ESTHER M. HICK, Assistant Professor of Physical Education, 1941; B.S., M.A., Stetson University. SARA STAFF JERNIGAN, Professor of Physical Education, 1937; B.S., M.A., Stetson University. WARREN CASSIUS COWELL, Professor of Physi- cal Education, 1935; B.S., Kansas State Agricultural College; M.A., University of Florida. GLENN N. WILKES, Basketball Coach and Assist- ant Professor of Physical Education; M.A., Peabody College; A.B., Mercer University. OLIVER Lafayette walker, Professor of Re- ligion, 1943; A.B., Howard College, Th.M., Th.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. EDWARD A. HOLMES, JR., Assistant Professor of Religion, 1956; A.B., Mercer University; B.D., Emory University. E. EARL JOINER, Assistant Professor of Religion, 1955; A.B., Stetson University; B.D., Th.M., South- ern Baptist Theological Seminary. RAY V. SOWERS, Professor of Education, 1948; A.B., LL.D., Florida Southern College; M.A., Univer- sity of North Carolina. THURMAN E. SMOTHERMAN, Associate Profes- sor of Education, 1956; A.B., State Teachers College, Springfield, Missouri; M.Ed., Ed.D., University of Missouri. RUTH I. SMITH, Associate Professor of Education, 1954; B.S., Pennsylvania State Teachers College; M.A., Ed.D., University of Pittsburgh. RUBERT LONGSTREET, Visitmg Professor of Ed- ucation, 1949; B.S., LL.B., Stetson University; M.A., Duke University. RANDOLPH CARTER, Professor of Education, 1944; M.A., Columbia University; Ph.D., Peabody College. RICHARD COPELAND, Associate Professor of Education; D.Ed., University of Florida. CURTIS MILTON LOWRY, Professor of Mathe- matics and Engineering, 1926; B.S. in M.E., M.A., M.E., Bucknell University. SAM W. McINNIS, Visiting Associate Professor of Mathematics, 1957; A.B., M.A., University of Florida. GENE WOODARD MEDLIN, Associate Professor of Mathematics; M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina. CLAUDE H. CHORPENING, Instructor of Mathe- matics; B.S., United States Military Academy, West Point, New York Graduate, Civil Engineering Course, The Engineer School, Fort Belvoir, Virginia. |y ' - »-g CARL HERBERT JOHNSON, Assistant Professor of Geography, 1935; B.S., M.A., Stetson University. JOHN A. HAGUE, Assistant Professor of American Studies, 195 ' ; A.B., Princeton University; Ph.D., Yale University. WARREN F. JONES, JR., Assistant Professor of Psychology, 1955; B.S., Union University; M.A., Peabody College; Ph.D., Vanderbilt University. M. DALE SUMMERS, Assistant Professor of Art, 1955; B.F.A., University of Illinois; M.S., University of Wisconsin. BOB LEE MOWERY, Librarian, M.A., University of Chicago. CHARLOTTE SMITH, Librarian, 1939; A.B., Agnes Scott College; M.A., A.B. in L.S., Emory University. ELEANOR ANNE HURST, Circulation Librarian, 1952; B.S., Georgia State College for Women; M.Ln., Emory University. FRANCES MILLS, Catalogue Librarian, 1949; A.B., Mount Holyoke College; B.S. in L.E., New York State University Teachers College, Geneseo, N. Y.; M.A., Columbia University. ANN ELIZABETH MITCHELL, Reference Libra- rian; M.A., Vanderbilt University and Peabody College. EDWARD COLSON FURLONG, JR. Dean of the School of Business HE School of Business was established in 1940. It is housed in its own building on the main campus. The college graduate entering business without special preparation suffers a handicap; similarly one who confines his study to business is handicapped. The program of the School of Business, therefore, is a combination of academic and business subjects. The Faculty endeavors to cultivate in students those qualities of mind and character that will make useful citizens with high ideals of business morality and social responsi- bility. Students are encouraged to acquire a clear understanding of modern industrial society and of their responsibilities and opportunities in it. SCHOOL OF BUSINESS OFFICERS BILL BRADLEY President JON LORBACH Y ice-President JUDY HOHMAN Secretary DUANE DODDINGTON Treasurer DAVID M. BEIGHTS, Professor of Accounting, 1953; A.B., University of Colorado; M.S., Ph.D., University of Illinois. LOUISIi QUARLES, Secretary. G. WILLARD FREEMAN, Visiting Associate Professor of Business Admin- istration, 1952; D.B.S., Webber Col- lege. DAVID W. MILLER, Assistant Pro- fessor of Business Administration, 1955; B.S., A.B., University of Florida. EDWARD C. FURLONG, JR., Pro- fessor of Business Administration, 1938; B.S., M.A., Stetson University; graduate study. Case Institute of Tech- nology. HENRY F. GODFREY, Visiting As- sistant Professor of Business Adminis- tration, 1956; A.B., Harvard Univcr- •ity. T. VASSAR MORTON, Visiting Pro- fessor of Business Administration; Litt.B., Rutgers; A.M., New York University. MAXINE L. PATTERSON, Associate Professor of Business Administration, 1948; B.S., Mary Washington College of the University of Virginia; M.B.E., Uni- versity of Colorado. CHAUNCEY S. ELKINS, Assistant Pro- fessor of Business Administration, 1956; A.B., Marshall College; M.B.A., Univer- sity of Michigan. FRANK M. PHILLIPS, Visiting Profes- sor of Mathematics and Statistics, 1947; Ph.D., George Washington University. ROGER G. GILES, Assistant Professor of Business Administration, 1953; LL.B., Cumberland University; LL.B., Stetson University. CAROL J. NICKLAS, Assistant Profes- sor of Business Education, 1954; B.S., M.B.A., Indiana University. 37 DONALD CHARLES YAXLEY Dean oj School of Music THE Stetson School of Music is a member of the National Association of Schools of Music. The school prepares students for the music professions, including the teaching of music in the public schools and the directing of church music. There is a preparatory de- partment for children and for students whose previous training has been insufficient. The School is housed in DeLand Hall and Annex with separate facilities for the bands and the orchestra in the Band Hall. A specialized music library supplements the music literature col- lections of the University Library. SCHOOL OF MUSIC... OFFICERS MARY JO KINTNER President VIRGINIA BAGBY Vice-President JOYCE McBRIDE Secretary GAIL JOHNSON Treasurer 38 DONALD CHARLES YAXLEY, As- sistant Professor of Wind nnd Percus- sion Instruments, 1949; B.M., M.A., Stetson University. FRANCES BUXTON, Professor of Violin and Theory, 1943; B.M., Cleveland Institute of Music; M.M., Eastman School of Music. ELEANOR LEEK, Associate Professor of Violoncello and Theory, 1946; B.M., M.M., Eastman School of Music. RUTH R. CARR, Associate Professor of Church Music, 1946; B.S., Hought- on College; M.M., Eastman School of Music. VERONICA DAVIS GOVE, Profes- sor of Music Education, 1951; B.M., University of Illinois; M.A., Columbia University. FACULTY FRANCES M. GORDON, Instructor in Piano, 1957; B.M., Wesleyan Col- lege. ROGER L. CUSHMAN, Associate Professor of Piano and Theory, 1950; B.M., M.M., Yale University. LENOIR P. ALMAND, Assistant Professor of Piano; B.A., Furman University. MILDRED REID HEAD, Instructor in Voice, 1957; B.S., Queens College. RUTH DIANE BURLINGHAM, In- structor in Piano and Theory, 1956; B.M., M.M., Eastman School of Music. : ■ ■ . v a . ja8fe afl« ..sai A ..., f SENIORS want, by uinierstiiiidiiig myself, to uiidcrstaiid others. I want to be all that I am capable of becoming . . . MANSFIELD. STETSON ' S seniors have almost reached the end of their college careers, and will soon be Gone With the Wind. Yet, like memories of the Old South, thoughts of these students will remain with us here. They have helped to establish new traditions and to maintain old ones, and each personality has made its distinctive contribution to Stetson. Perhaps the great- est achievement any graduate can claim is the attain- ment of self-knowledge which, above all, can help each one to be all that he is capable of becoming. This is the gift Stetson wishes to confer on its students. THE SENIOR CLASS 1959 BILL WHITE President JERRIE MORETZ Vice-President BETTY SHARPE Secretary PHIL YONGE Treasurer 42 t Adams, D. Adams, E. Anderson, J. Andrews, J. Adams, Don, Pelham, Ga L.A. B.S.U., Ex. Council; Stetson Players; Hon. Roll; Deans List; Sigma Tau Delta. Adams, Earle F., Palm Beach, Fla L.A. Lambda Chi Alpha; Macostets Club; Intramurals. Allen, Jack Edison, DeLand, Fla L.A. Lambda Chi Alpha; Accountancy Club; Intramurals. Anderson, Anita, St. Augustine, Fla L.A. Delta Delta Delta, Pledge Pres.; B.S.U., Greater Council, Sov. Vice Pres.; Glee Club; Cheerleader, Co Capt.; Hatter Staff; Sigma Pi Kappa. Anderson, Joanne, Alexandria. Va L.A. Vice Pres., Women ' s Council; Pres., Chaudoin Hall; Pres., Rush Chr., Outstanding Pledge, Delta Delta Delta; Panhellenic Council; Fresh. Ed., Hatter; Sigma Pi Kappa; Who ' s Who; Sec, Hatter Hohday Comm.; Pub. Chr., Pres., SFEA; B.S.U. Andrews, Jack Edward, Frostproof, Fla. . . . L.A. Ministerial Assoc. Barrow, T. Batts, A. L. Allen, J. Anderson, A. Andrews, R. Arms, P. Andrews, Raymond Gilbert, Pensacola, Fla. . Music Glee Club, Travel Squad, Key Member, Men ' s Bus. Man., Solo- ist; B.S.U., Mus. Chr., State B.S.U. Music Dir. of Fla.; ROTC; Scabbard and Blade; Madigal Group. Arms, Philip Baxter, Jr., Havana, Cuba . . . L.A. Pi Kappa Phi, Pledge Class Sec, Historian, Treas.; Sigma Delta Pi, Treas., Vice Pres.; Players Guild, Vice Pres.;. Canterbury Club, Social Chr.; LF.C; Washington Semester; Hon. Program. Barrow, Thurmond E., Neif5«?iT««Beac ;, F «. . Bus. Circle K; B.S.U. Batts, Anna Louise, Ocala, Fla L.A. Student Advisor; S.F.E.A. Bellwood, Cecil Charles, Jacksonville, Fla. . . L.A. Ministerial Association. Blocker, William M., Ocala, Fla Bus. Sigma Nu, Rush Chr.; Scabbard and Blade; Sigma Pi Kappa, Vice Pres.; ROTC Staff; ReUgious Focus Week Comm.; Intra- murals; Hatter Bus. Staff; Co-Ed., Mihtary Section, Hatter Staff; Ski Club; Wesley Foundation. Bellwood, C. Blocker, W. imd: Jkiyk Bottom, W. Bouchlas, T. Bowen, J. Boynton, A. Bradley, W. Breen, G. Brett, B. Brunkhorst, G. Bottom, William Anderson, Daytona Beach, Fla. L.A. Brett, Beverly, Jacksonville, Fla L.A. Kappa Delta Pi. Pi Beta Phi, Censor, Panhellenic Rep., Ass. Pledge Trainer; , „ , , - . Canterbury Club; Student Affairs Comm.; Pres. Cabinet; B0VCHLAS,TH0MAS, Vest Palm Beach, Fla. . . L.A. Homecoming Comm.; Vice Pres., Pres., Panhellenic; Student Beta Beta Beta; Scabbard and Blade; " S " Club; Pi Kappa Alpha, jg . A omen ' s Council; Glee Club; Intramurals. Vice Pres.; Var. Football; Intramurals. BowEN, James N., Ormand Beach, Fla L.A. Brunkhorst, George Wilhelm, Jacksonville, Fla. Bus. Honors Program; Pres., Sec, Treas., Psi Chi; Prog. Chr., FSEA; Delta Sigma Phi, Treas.; Student Adv.; ROTC, Rifle Team; Brd. Rep., Wesley Foundation; Pub. Chr., SGA; Chr., Fr. Scabbard and Blade; Intramurals. Orientation Comm, Fresh. Adv.; Chrm. Educ. Comm; S.U.B.; Chr., Rel. Foe. Wk.; Hosp. Com., Rel.Emph.Wk. Pro. Comm., , , , Residence Hall Adv.; ROTC Outstdng. Cadet; Pub. Chr., BvTLER, WltLlAM LAWRENCE, Orlando, Fla. . .Bus. Homecoming Comm.; Hon. Roll; Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who. Co-op Club; Intramurals; Canterbury Club; Sigma Nu, Treas., House Man., Marshal. Boynton, Ray Johnson, Albany, Ga Bus. Outstanding Intramural Athlete. Brown, RiCHARD Ellis, Sr., 0W5«««; ' , F «. . . . L.A. Bradley, William A., Jr., ?5per, F a Bus. Ministerial Assoc; Phi Theta Kappa. Sigma Nu; Pres., Bus. School; Vice Pres., Bus. School; Scabbard and Blade; Treas., IFC; Dorm. Coun.; Stu. Adv.; BSU; Calhoon, William Henry, Decatur, Ga. . . Music Intramurals. ' S 3.nd; Gen. Man. Operations Officer; Kappa Kappa Phi Frat. Breen, Gerarda Ruth, Lake Worth, Fla. . . . L.A. SFEA, Pub. Chr.; Lutheran Stu. Assoc, Sec, State Sec; Water Caruet:t,Lo JIS, Caroi., Winter Haven, Fla. . . L.A. Ski Club; YSA; Trans. Hope College, Holland, Michigan. BSU; Glee Club, Travel Squad; YWA; SFEA. Butler, W. Brown, R. Calhoun, W. Carnett, L. Carr, W. Carter, D. Carr, Warren H., Avalon, New Jersey .... Bus. Sigma Nu, Lt. Commander, Corres. Sec; Pres. Stetson ' s Debate Organ.; Hatter Bus. Staff; Pres. Greek Political Party; Pres. Stetson Pre-Law Assoc; Wesley Foundation; Student Advisor; Pi Kappa Delta, Pres. Carson, John Edward, Haventown, Penn. . . . L.A. Carter, David Cedric, Orlando, Fla L.A. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Soc Chr.; Intramural. Cauthen, Halle Rivers, Alachun, Fla L.A. Pi Kappa Phi; Historian, Warden, Pledge Class Pres.; B.S.U.; Stover Theater; Honor Roll; S.G.A. Committee; Student Ad- viser; Stetson Rep. to F.C.C.H.; Circle K; Intramural All Star. Was It Four Years A»o. ' THE SENIORS Cheshire, Helen Annette, East Palatka, Fla. . . L.A. House Council; Sigma Alpha Sigma; BSU; Alpha Chi Omega, Act. Chr., Pub. Chr., Panhellenic Rep.; Soc. Chr. of Panhel- lenic; Student FEA. Christman, Melvin, Miami, Fla L.A. Football Team; Soccer Team; " S " Club; Pi Kappa Alpha, Intramural Director. Clark, Connie R., Atlanta, Ga L.A. Theta Alpha Phi, Pres.; Zeta Tau Alpha, Corr. Sec; Sigma Pi Kappa; Reporter Staff; Stetson Player ' s Guild; Canterbury Club; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Stover Theatre Production Student Advisor; Intramurals; " Miss Deland " Contest; Hatter Fall Beauty Contest; University Scholarship. CocKRiLL, Stewart Ronald, Washington, D.C. . Music Glee Club, Travel Squad, Organist, Key Member; American Guild of Organists, Corr. Sec, Treas., Dean; University Mad- rigal Singers, Chr.; BSU; Honor Roll; Religious Focus Week, Music Comm. Cheshire, H. Christman, M. Clark, C. ik km € Collins, B. Combs, J. Crawford, R. Croyle, D. Collins, Barbara J., Tampa, Fla L.A. Glee Club; Canterbury Club; Student FEA; North Hall House Council, Sec; Phi Mu, Pledge Dir., Frat Education, Pledge Prcs. Combs, James Javan, Floyd, Va L.A. CONSTANS, Connie , Delray Beach, Fla L.A. Delta Delta Delta, Recording Sec, Lib.; Wesley Foundation; Hatter Staff; Reporter Staff. CooLEY, Walter Lee, Jacksonville. Fla L.A. Ministerial Assoc Crawford, Ray Harold, Miami, Fla L.A. Ministerial Assoc. Croyle, Donald J., Maitland, Fla Bus. Crum, Dan Wood, Bartow, Fla Bus. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Treas., Pledge Trainer; Circle K Club, Pres.; Intramurals; Baptist Stu. Union; Men ' s House Council; Inter Frat. Council; All-Star Softball. Curry, P. Dasher, A. Constans, C. Cooley, W. Crum, D. Crysel, J. Crysel, James Wendell, Sylacauga, Ala. . . . Bus. ' arsity Football; " S " Club; Sigma Nu, Treas.; ROTC; Scab- bard and Blade; Water Ski Club. CuRRY, Peggy Maria, Ocala, Fla L.A. Alpha Xi Delta Sorority, Asst. Rush Chr., Rush Sec, Marshal Act. Chr.; Wesley Foundation. Dasher, Arthur Lee, St. Petersburg, Fla. . . . L.A. Host Comm. Chr., Student Union Board; Host Comm. Chr., Canterbury Club; Frat. and Sorority Ed., Hatter Staff; Sigma Nu; La Franciade; Homecoming Comm. Chr.; Parliamentarian of Student Govt. Assoc; Co Chr. of Joni James and Home- coming Comm.; Players Guild. Davis, Daniel Oscar, Orlando, Fla L.A. Daniels, Ruth Arlene, Umatilla, Fla Bus. Kappa Delta Pi, Vice Pres.; Sigma Pi Kappa; Hatter Bus. Staff; YWCA, Sec; Student FEA, State Corres. Sec, Treas., Chaplain, Historian; Student Adv.; Alpha Dexioma; Honor Roll. Davis, D. Daniels, R. t K kTl ikM iA Davies, Earnest Alfred, Augusta, Ga L.A. Davis, Elizabeth Ann, Marion, S. C Music DeBarr, Richard Arthur, Daytona Beach, F a. . L.A. Decker, William H., Vera Beach, Fla Bus. Some Play, Sonic PdUucI THE SENIORS Deckner, Charles William, Atlanta, Ga. . . . L.A. Sigma Nu; Water Ski Club; Psi Chi. Delgado, Ramon Louis, Winter Haven, Fla. . . L.A. Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Phi Society; Scroll and Key; Theta Alpha Phi, Treas.; Players Guild, Operations Chr.; Technical Asst. for Stover Theatre. DeVores, Gordon Edward, Fairmont, West Va. . L.A. M.A. Dickson, Richard Alan, Atlanta, Ga Music Outstand. Fresh, in Band; Operations Sgt., Band Librarian; Pub. Officer of Band; Vice Pres. of Orchestra; Brass Ensemble Librarian; Music Dir. and Rep. for Wesley Foundation; NEA; Vice Pres., Pres., Menc; Historian, Sec, Kappa Kappa Psi; Song Leader, Pi Kappa Phi. Delgado, R. l lkM Ji Dixon, D. Dooley, C. Drawdy, J. Dress, B. Dreggors, J. Edmonds, E. Faragher, M. Flanders, E. Dixon, Dianne Ratterree, Jacksonville, Fla. . . L.A. Faragher, Marcia, Cleveland, Ohio L.A. Mortar Board, Historian; The Order of Scroll and Key, Sec; Delta Delta Delta, Outstanding Pledge, Marshal, Vice Pres.; Pi Beta Phi, Pledge Class. Pres., Ex. Council; Kappa Delta Pi, House Coun.; Hatter, Act. Ed.; Sigma Pi Kappa; SUB Comm; Sec; Reporter Staff, Asst. Ed., Society Ed., Copy Ed.; Hatter Stetson Players Gld; Orientation Comm., Co-Chr; Intramurals. Staff, Asst. Bus. Man.; College Corres. for Fla. Times Union, FLANDERS, ERNEST WiLLIAM, W est Palm Beach, Fla. L.A. Miami Herald, Tampa Morning Tribune; Fresh. Class. Sec; p; Kappa Phi; Glee Club, Travel Sqd; Ministerial Assoc; BSU. Sigma Pi Kappa; Sigma Tau Delta; Student Adv.; College Quiz Flanola Carolyn, Melbourne, Fla. . . Music Bowl Contestant; Homecommg Comm.; MSU; FTA; FEA. g yj p . g j y g j. p g j. lee Club, Dooley, Connie Jo, Cocoa, Fla L.A. Sec, Travel Squad, Key Member, Pub. Man.; Principal Role in Alpha Chi Omega; Tau Beta Sigma; Band; BSU. Oklahoma; BSU Music Chr., Dev. Comm.; YWA; Pi Beta P hi, Asst. Music Chr.; Phi Beta, Projects Comm.; American Drawdy, Joseph Guydon, Orlando, Fla. . . . L.A. Guild of Organists; Opera Workshop; Fresh. Adv.; Rel. Foe. Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. Wk. Comm.; Homecoming Comm.; Honor Roll, Who ' s Who. Drees, Betty Jo, Holly Hill, Fla L.A. Fountain, Fritz M., Lake City, Fla L.A. Student FEA; Sigma Delta Pi, Sec; Ind. Women ' s Organ., Ministerial Assoc; BSU. Sec; Phi Alpha Theta, Pres.; Kappa Delta Pi; Student Adv.; FuRCHES, Betty Bryant, Miami, Fla Music Honor Roll. Mortar Board, Proj. Chr.; Phi Beta, Hist., Vice Pres., Pres.; T Tx T X . ,.. X. Kappa Delta Pi; Travel Squad; Key Member; BSU, Soc. Chr., Dreggors, James Hutchins, DeLand, Fla. Bus. yi - hr.; YWA, Music Chr.; School of Music, Vice Pres.; Sigma Nu; Accountancy Club; S " Club; Football Team. Women ' s Council; MENC, Treas., Sec; Who ' s Who. Edmonds, E. Moon, Enterprise, Ala L.A. Galloway, Betty Kite, Jacksonville, Fla. . . Music Psi Chi; Honor Roll. Alpha Xi Delta Sorority; Glee Club; Travel Squad. Frink, F. Fountain, F. Furches, B. Galloway, B. iIAk.1 Gaynor, P. Geiger, J. Geiger, M. Geitgey, J. Gaynor, Patricia Ellen, Miami, Fla L.A. I.W.O., Pres.; Women ' s Council; Sigma Alpha Omega; Honor Roll; Stud. Affairs Comm.; Newman Club; SFEA. Geiger, Mary Joyner, Lake City, Fla L.A. Glee Club, Reporter; Sigma Tau Delta; Sigma Pi Kappa; Alpha Xi Delta, Pledge Pres., Asst. Rush Chr., Marshal; BSU; House Council, Soc. Chr., Vice Pres., Pres.; Women ' s Ex. Council; SFEA. Geiger, Jim Wayne, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. . . . L.A. Fresh. Class Pres.; Pi Kappa Phi, Soc. Chr.; Debate Team, Capt.; Pi Kappa Delta; Intramurals; SGA Honor Sys. Comm.; Men ' s Council; Resident Adv.; Head Resident for Fresh. Men; Washington Semester; Hon. Roll; Dean ' s List; Honor ' s Pro ' .; ODK; Who ' s Who. ■C " ff Anyone For Music .... Yes! THE SENIORS Geitgey, Joan Carol, New Smyrna Beach, Fla. . L.A. BSU; YWA; SFEA; Honor Roll; Intramurals; Young Dem. Club; Stud. Adv.; Zeta Tau Alpha, Treas., Standards Chr., Chaplain. Gentry, Melvin Gene, Pensacola, Fla L.A. Ministerial Association; Student Library Comm. Gentry, Mary Lou, Kissimmee, Fla LA BSU; YWA, Vice President. Gertner, Charles A., Jr., Jacksonville, Fla. . . L.A. Phi Kappa Phi; BSU; Executive Council; Stetson Union Bd., Social Comm. Chr.; Cheerleader; Homecoming Skits MC. Gibson, Hubert Copps, Roanoke, Va L.A. Gentry, M. Gentry, M. L. Gertner, C. -- A i i A.w I AA Hale, A. Gill, D. Hamilton, M. Gregg, B. Harbin, T. J. Griner, D. Hargis, P. Gilchrist, Donald Jesse, Pensacola, Fla. . . . L.A. BSU; Intramural Bd.; Religious Focus Week, Comm. Chr.; M.A., Pulpit Supply Chr., Intramural Rep. Gill, Diana A., Ft. Walton Beach, Fla L.A. Phi Beta, Corres. Sec, Historian; Tau Beta Sigma; Orchestra, Sec. Gregg, BEtri ' , Pensacola, Fla L.A. Alpha Chi Omega, Charter Mem., Corres. Sec, Skit Chrm.; Player ' s Guild, Pres.; Theta Alpha Phi, Historian; Stover Theatre Prod.; Women ' s Council; La Franciade; BSU, Fellow- ship Comm., Dorm Devotions Comm.; Homecoming Comm.; Intramurals. Griner, David H., Sr., Miami, Fla L.A. Ministerial Association. Hale, Arthur M., Orlando, Fla L.A. Trans., King College; La Franciade; Sigma Pi Kappa; Sigma Tau Delta, Pres.; Reporter; Paradigm, Ed.; Canterbury Club; Honors Program. Hamilton, Martha Elizabeth, Sarasota, Fla. . . L.A. Trans., Emory Univ.; Mortar Board, Sec; Student Union Bd.; Harshbarger, N. J. Harris, J. L.A. Sch. Sec; Pi Beta Phi, Chaplain; BSU, Devotional V. Pres.; Religious Focus Wk. Comm; " Miss Stetson " ; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; State BSU Rev. Team; Sou. Sociological Society. Harbin, Donald Thomas, McRae, Ga L.A. Sigma Nu; Asst. Basketball Chr.; Jr. Varsity Basketball Chr.; PE Majors Club; " S " Club. Hargis, Peter Jim, Pensacola, Fla Music Univ. Madrigal Singers, Historian; Glee Club, Travel Squad, Publicity Mgr. Harshbarger, Norma Deane, Jacksonville, Fla. . L.A. Alpha Chi Omega, House Mgr., Historian. Harris, Jane Louise, Washington, Ga L.A. IWO, Treas., Pres.; House Coun.; Women ' s Ex. Coun.; Intra- murals; Homecoming Comm. Chr.; Fencing Club; YWA; BSU; SUB Pub. Comm.; Reporter Staff; SUB Fine Arts Comm. Hastings, Charles F L.A. Trans., George Washington Univ.; Sigma Nu, Asst. Treas.; Student Adv.; Accountancy Club. Hastings, Theodore Kern, III, Orlando, Fla. . . Bus. Pi Kappa Alpha. Hastings, C. Hastings, T. kl k lA Haynie, P. Hearin, R. Hanscom, Priscilla Frances, Bradenton, Fla. . L.A. Delta Delta Delta, Trident, Corres., Pub. Chr.; Stover The- atre; Theta Alpha Phi, Pres.; Players Guild, Sec; Panhellenic Council, Soc. Chr., Treas.; Freshman Adv.; House Council; Wesley Found.; L.A. School, Sec. Haynie, Patricia Carolyn, Jacksonville, Fla. BSU; SFEA. L.A. Hays, Margaret Holmes, Arcadia, Fla L.A. Delta Delta Delta; Westminster Fellowship; SFEA; Home- coming Comm. Who, Me Worry . THE SENIORS Hearn, James A., DeLand, Fla Bus. Sigma Nu; " S " Club; Accountancy Club. Henrikson, Jon H., Delray Beach, Fla Bus. Pi Kappa Alpha, Sec; Intramural Rep.; SGA Rules and Pro.; Intramural Bd.; Reporter, Ed.; Publications Bd. Heyne, Norman, Evanston, III Bus. Delta Sigma Phi, Ed., Sec, Social Chr.; Student Union Bd., Pub. Chr.; Rules and Procedure Comm. HiGHSMiTH, Lois June, Jacksonville, Fla. . . . L.A. House Council, Sec; Jr. Panhellenic University Party Rep.; Orientation Comm.; Alpha Xi Delta, House Chr. Hearin, Robert Marshall, Fern Creek, Ky. L.A. Hearn, J. Henrikson, J. Heyne, N. Highsmith, J. fes ' ' ' - A AiTil Hiller, B. Horton, O. Houchens, D. Howard, P. Hyde, G. Iverson, D. Jackson, W. Johnson, P. Hiller, Bob, Ft. Latiderdale, Fla L.A. Jackson, William H., Tampa, Pla L.A. Trans., Univ. of Fla.; Phi Kappa Tau, Rush Chr.; Men ' s House Treas., Minist. Assoc; Resident Adv.; BSU; Honor Roll; Rel. Council; Dormitory Judiciary Council; Honor Roll; Dean ' s Focus Wk. Comm.; Homecoming Comm., Chairman. List; Sigma Alpha Omega; Wesley Foundation. JoHNSON, Patriacia Lounette, Mount Dora, Fla. Bus. Horton, Olin Charles, Perry, Fla L.A. Band; Wesley Foundation; Stover Theater; Alpha Dexioma; Ministerial Assoc; Intramurals. Stetson Reporter Staff; Professional Bus. Club; Social Chair- man, Wesley Foundation; FTA. Houchens, David P., Louisville, Ky L.A. , . »t ,, Lambda Chi Alpha, Alumni Corres., Ritual Chairman; Beta J° " ' ™ ' «NEST ELLISON, Comm , N Y . Bus. Beta Beta; BSU; ROTC, Weapons Scramble Winner; Student ' ' - 9° ; Student Dir., Men s Intramurals; Sec Account- Adv.; Hatter Hohday Com.; Student Work Ex. in Switzerland. f bb; Sigma Pi Kappa; Dean s List; Honor Roll; Reporter Staff; Ed., Men s Intramural Handbook; Student Union Board; Howard, Patricia Ann, Leesburg, Fla L.A. Homecoming Comm.; Hatter Holiday Comm.; Fresh. Adv. Hyde, George F. Johnston, Robert Shattuck, Atlanta, Ga. . . L.A. Es. Dev. Program; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. Iverson, Donald D., Elburn, 111 Bus. , „„ ,, , „ Honor Roll; Student Affairs Comm.; Green Feather Drive, J NES, WiLMA Marie, Claxton, Ga Bus. Chr.; Hatter Party Chr.; Diamond Jubilee Comm.; Rat Week elta Delta Delta. Chr.; Fresh. Fellowship; Sigma Nu Pledge; " S " Club, Pres., JORDON, LOYS AUGUSTUS, Jr., Greenville, S. C. . Music Treas.; Varsity Basketball; All Star Intramural Softball; Coach, Trans., Mars Hill College; Lambda Chi Alpha, House Man., Intramural Basketball Champ; Water Ski Club; Campus Police- Music Dir.; Rules and Proceedure Comm.; BSU; Glee Club; men; Asst. Dorm. Mgr.; Sports Pub. Writer for Stetson Univ. Travel Squad; Cast of Oklahoma, Johnston, E. Johnson, R. Jones, W. Jordan, L. t J Ct k)k Ji Kelly, J. Kentner, M. Kennedy, A. Klages, K. Kelley, Josephine, Hyattsville. Maryland . . . L.A. Student Christian Assoc, Vice Pres.; Canterbury Club, His- torian; Stetson Union Board, Vice President; Films and Fine Arts Comm. Chr. ; Janet Howard Taylor Shakespeare Prize; Sigma Pi Kappa; The Reporter Staff, Asst. Ed.; Fencing Club, Pres.; Players Guild. Kennedy, Ann, Ocala, Fla L.A. FTA; YWA; BSU; State Teachers Scholarship. KiNTER, Mary Josephine, Winter Haven, Fla. . Music BSU; YWA; Librar) ' Asst.; Travel Squad; Alpha Chi Omega; Women ' s Council; Social Chr. of Chaudoin Hall; Pres. of Music School; Student Adv.; MENC; Who ' s Who. Anyone For Football. ' THE SENIORS Klages, Karen Ann, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. . . . Bus. Modern Dance Club; Republican Club; Rifle Club; Business Women ' s Club; Westminister Fellowship; Canterbury Club; Phi Mu Soror., Treas., Pres.; Panhellenic Council; Rules and Procedure Com., Rel. Focus Wk. Krause, Luanna, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla L.A. Women ' s Council, Sgt-at-Arms; BSU; Fresh. Orientation Comm.; Alpha Xi Delta Sorority; YWA, Soc. Chr.; Intra- murals; Young Repubhcans Club; Rel. Emphasis Wk. Comm. Koch, Harry George, Jr., Netv Orleans, La. . . Bus. Lambda Chi Alpha Frat., Vice Pres., Pledge Trainer; IFC Delegate; Lambda Chi Music Dir.; Student Advisor. Lack, Paul D., Holly Hill. Fla L.A. FEA; Ministerial Association. Lancaster, John Charles, Princess Anne Co., Va. Music Band; Orchestra; Brass Choir; Music Educatr. Nat. Confer- ence, Treas.; Fla. Ed. Assoc. National Educators ' Assoc; Newman Club, Pres. Lack, P. Lancaster, J. Lange, C. Laughary, E. Lazarus, M. Lee, D. Lee, G. Lewis, R. Long, C. N. McAtee, W. Lange, Carol E., 5 ' . Petersburg, Fla L.A. Long, Clara Nell, Ocala, Fla L.A. Women ' s Pro. P.E. Majors, Vice Pres.; IWO, Treas., See. Chr., Laughary, Edward D., Evansville, Ind L.A. intramural Chr., Intram. Partic. Award, Mgr ' s. Award; Fresh. Trans., Georgetown College; Lambda Chi Alpha; Ministerial Adv.; YWS, Dorm Pres.; Varsouvienne Club; FTA; BSU. Assoc, Sec; BSU; Rel. Focus Wk., Comm.; Resident Advisor. McAteer, William Fred, Ocala, Ala L.A. l.AZKRVS,MA.mi.YTSi, Jacksonville, Fla L.A. Psi Chi, Vice-Pres.; BSU, Training Union Group Captain. Univ. Scholarship, Academic Award; Alpha Chi Omega, Pledee ,, -. ,„,,, „ Scholsp. Chr., Asst. Treas.; Wesley Found., Worship Chr.; McEwEN JOHN HENRY, Jr., DeL«« F «. . Bus. SCA Rep., State MSFF Chr.; Phi See, Sec; La Franciade, Pres.; Lambda Chi Alpha, Sec, Rush Chr.; Student Adv.; Methodist Scroll and Key, Pres.; Mortar Board, Treas.; Fresh. Class Sec; S ' " ' " Movement. Sigma Pi Kappa; Honors Pro.; Sigma Tau Delta; Rel. Focus McKlNLEY, MiLBREY ELIZABETH, Janiesburg, N. J. L.A. Wk. Comm.; Dean ' s List; Hon. Roll; Hatter, Copy Ed.; Re- Zeta Tau Alpha, Pres., Rush Chr., Pub. Chr.; House Council, porter; Who ' s Who. Pres., Sgt.-at-Arms; Women ' s Executive Council; Mortar Board; Psi Chi; La Franciade; BSU, Wesley Foundation; Stover Lee Dennis Clark, Daytona Beach, Fla. . . . Music Theatre; Student Union Bd., Soc. Comm. Chr.; Who ' s Who. Band; Orchestra; Brass Ensemble; MENC. McKinley, Winifred Nell, Jacksonville, Fla. . L.A. Lee, Gwendolen, B 7r o )-i ' i e, Kj L.A. Zeta Tau Alpha, Ex. Council, V. Pres., Standards Chr.; Wesley Beta Beta Beta; University Nurse. Foundation. Lewis, Ray, Jr., Jasper, Fla Bus. McMullan, Helen Joyce, Sanford, Fla. . . . L.A. Sigma Nu; ROTC. SFEA; YWA; IWO; BSU; Transfer. McEwen, J. McKinley, B. McKinley, W. McMullan, H. ki Manley, W. Marz, G. Manley, Wilford Clinton, Ft. Meade, Fla. . . L.A. Ministerial Assoc, Radio Chr., Ex. Council, Pro. Chr., Vice Pres.; BSU, Youth Rev. Dir., Ex. Council; Rel. Focus Wk. Comm. Martin, Julee Urquhart, Birmingham, Ala. . . L.A. Glee Club, Travel Sqd.; Pi Beta Phi, Treas.; ETA; Phi Beta; Rules and Pro. Comm. Marz, Gretchen Grav, Da) tona Beach, Fla. . . L.A. Kappa Delta Pi. Mattox, Daniel, Blacksbuig, Va L.A. Ministerial Assoc, Pres.; Honor Roll; BSU, Ex. Council. Meadows, Gary Alonzo, Jacksonville, Fla. . . L.A. Pi Kappa Phi, Chaplain; Ministerial Assoc, Ex. Council; BSU, Executive Council; V.P. of L.A. School; Psi Chi, V.P., Pres.; Resident Adv.; SGA, Pres.; Intramural Eootball Allstars; Stud. Adv.; Who ' s Who. BARNETT BANH Things Are Looking Up For Business Majors THE SENIORS Melton, Sidney Franklin, Griffin, Ga L.A. Glee Club; Music Scholarship; UDC Scholarship; Am. Guild -of Organists, Sub-Dean; ROTC; Honor Roll. Miller, Carolyn Annette, Miami, Fla. . . . L.A. Pi Beta Phi, V.P., Rush Capt., Scholr. Chr., Ex. Council, Pledge Scholr. Award; Mortar Board, Pres.; Scroll and Key, Treas.; Phi Society, V.P.; Honors Pro.; Women ' s Council; Jr. Class Scholr. Winner; Sigma Delta Pi, Corres. Sec; Dean ' s List; Hon. Roll; BSU, Dorm Dev. Chr.; Panhellenic Council; Stud. Affairs Comm; Hatter, Copy Ed., Reporter; Stover Theatre; Players Guild; Univ. Party Deleg.; Rel. Focus Wk. Comm.; Home- coming Comm.; YWA, Missions Chr.; Sigma Tau Delta; Who ' s Who. Miller, Edward Bartell, DeLafid, Fla L.A. Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. Meadows, G. Miller, C. Miller. E. kJM4i Aiki Miley, D. Morris, G. MiLNER, Patricia Anne, Ocala, Fla L.A. Alpha Xi Delta, Membshp. Chr., Pledge Trainer, Marshal, Panhellenic Rep., Conven. Delegate; Panhellenic Coun., Publ. Chr.; Bus. School, Sec; Stud. Union Comm.; Wesley Found.; Fresh. Adv.; SFEA; Intrmrls. MiLEY, Dale B., Ozark, Ala L.A. Lambda Chi Alpha, V.P., Soc. Chr., Rush Chr., Intramural Chr.; Theta Alpha Phi; Sigma Pi Kappa; Reporter, Bus. Staff, Circul. Mgr.; Hatter; Rules and Pro. Comm.; Technical Dir., Stover Theatre; Intramurals; Intramural Bd. MoFFETT, Curtis H., Louisville, Ky L.A. Delta Sigma Phi; Basketball; " S " Club; Golf Team; Soccer Tr. MoRETZ, Jerrie Louise, Bristol, Va L.A. Senior Class, V.P.; SKA, Sec, Pres. Cabinet; House Council; BSU, Greater Council, Ex. Council; FTA; ROTC Comp. Sponsor, Hatter Beauty Sect.; Miss Hatter Contestant; Miss Stetson Contestant; Alpha Xi Delta, Pledge Class, Pres., Soc. Chr., Ex. Council, V.P., Chr. of Pledge Bd.; Greek Week Goddess. Molifett, C Morris, J. Morgan, J. Philip, Daytona Beach, Fla L.A. Morris, Gail, Coral Gables, Fla L.A. FTA. Morris, James H., Miami, Fla Bus. Pi Kappa Alpha. MosLEY, Walter Winfield, Belle Glade, Fla. . . Bus. Men ' s Council; " S " Club; Varsity Football; Varsity Baseball; SGA, Treas.; Sigma Nu; Accountancy Club. Mitchell, Harold Franklin, Miami, Fla. . . . L.A. Ministerial Assoc; Glee Club, Travel Squad; Key Club; BSU; Theatre; Intramurals. Munn, Robert Leslie, West Palm Beach, Fla. . . Bus. Delta Sigma Phi, Treas. Nixon, Jessie Reedy, DeLand, Fla L.A. Neukom, George A., Jr., Zephyrhills, Fla. . . . Bus. Law Club, Democrat Club. Mitchell, H. Munn, R. Nixon, J. Neukom, G. kk! iM Newcomm, P. Oldham, J. Norse, N. Osborn, J. Newcomm, Phillip G., Coon Rapids, Iowa . . . L.A. Sigma Delta Phi, VP.; Men ' s Council, Pres.; Varsity Basket- ball; Stud. Affairs Comm.; Glee Club; Intramurals; All Star Basketball Team. Norse, Nancy Anne, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. . . . L.A. Sigma Pi Kappa, Sec; Sigma Delta Pi, Political Forum, Young Repub. Club, Sec; House Council, Sec; Phi Mu, Outstanding Pledge, Rush Chr., Reporter, Asst. Bus. Mgr.; SFEA. Oldham, John S. DeLand, Fla Bus. Lambda Chi Alpha, Treas.; Intramurals; IPC Rep.; ROTC. Osborn, Jonathan Webster, Northampton, Mass. L.A. Delta Sigma Phi, Sec, Soc. Chr., Pledge Trainer; Sigma Pi Kappa; Soccer Team; " S " Club, Paradigm. Florida Scenes THE SENIORS Owens, Jo Ann, Femandina Beach, Fla L.A. FTA; SFEA; HATTER, Bus. Staff; Sigma Pi Kappa, Sec. Owen, William Donald, Gastonia, N. C. . . Music Band; Orchestra; Brass Ensemble; Kappa Kappa Psi, Treas. Painter, Frank Kirksey, Jr., Jacksonville, Fla. . L.A. Pi Kappa Phi; Glee Club; Men ' s Council, Sec, V.P.; Mr. Stet- son; BSU; Intramurals; All Star Football Team. Painter, Patricia Figueroa, Belle Glade, Fla. , Music Pi Beta Phi, Pres. of Pledge Class, Outstanding Pledge, Pledge Trainer, Musk Chr.; Glee Club, Women ' s Pub. Mgr.; Travel Squad; Key Member; Music Sch. Treas.; Fresh. Adv. Owens, J. Owen, W. Painter, P. i h il ftr, £fM Palmer, B. Paulson, R. Palmer, G. Parker, J. Persons, J. Parr, P. Phillips. L. H. Palmer, Betty Louise, Van Wert, Ohio .... L.A. SFEA. Palmer, George W., Grundy, Va Bus. Accountancy Club. Parker, John L., Ill, Andersonville, Va. . . . L.A. Football; Basketball; Baseball; Sigma Nu; " S " Club. Parr, Phillip L., Jacksonville, Fla L.A. Outstanding Fresh. Man; Soph. Class Pres.; Junior Class Pros.; BSU, Pres.; Phi Society, Pres.; ODK, V.P.; Scroll and Key, V.P.; Honors Pro.; Academic Council Class Awd.; Religious Focus Wk., Chr.; Hatter Holiday, Co-Chr.; Homecoming Comm.; Resident Adv.; Stetson Rev. Team; Honor Roll; Pi Kappa Phi, Sec; Intra. Chr.; Intra. Bd.; Football and Softball All Stars; SCA, V.P.; Pres. Cab.; State BSU Pres.; House Coun. Paulson, Roy Edwin, Chicago, III L.A. Kappa Pi; SCA; Luth. Stud. Assoc, V.P., Pres.; Fresh. Orien.; Religious Emphasis and Focus Wks.; Rifle Team; FEA; Fla. Art Teachers Assoc; Military Ball; Intramurals. Phillips, L. A. Powell, A. Peck, Carol Ann, Kenilworth, III L.A. Trans., William Woods College; Alpha Chi Omega; Glee Club. Persons, James P., Perry, Fla. ....... L.A. Ministerial Association. Phillips, LeLand H., Washington, D.C Bus. Phillips, Lyman A., Sanjord, Fla L.A. Lambda Chi Alpha; IFC; Beta Beta Beta. Powell, Anita Mae, Dunnellon, Fla L.A. SFEA, V.P.; BSU; YWA; I WO. Prather, Walter G., Jasper, Fla Bus. Sigma Nu, Soc. Chr., Ex. Council; Scabbard and Blade; BSU; Intramurals; Stud. Affairs Comm.; SGA, Soc Vice Pres. Ratliffe, Phyllis Jean, Bristol, Tenn L.A. FT A; Sigma Tau Delta, Historian; Pi Beta Phi, V.P., Corres. Sec; Fresh. Adv.; Intramurals. Prather, W. Ratlifife, P. iTk ii kJ4 M Richards. S. Rich, R. Rogers, E. Reid, Carolyn, Jasper, Fla L.A. Beta Beta Beta, Sec; SFEA; Hatter Beauty Contestant; Phi Mu, Soc. Chr. Rich, Robert Clifton, Jr., Pensacola, Fla. . . Music Glee Club, Travel Squad; Key Member; Glee Club Men ' s Busi- ness Mgr., Stud. Leader, Soloist; BSU, Executive Coun.; State BSU, Music Dir. of Fla.; Madrigal Group. Richards, Sammie Raye, Tampa, Fla L.A. House Council, Rep., V.P.; Women ' s Ex. Council, Sgt.-at- Arms, Pres.; BSU, Devotional V.P., Enlistment V.P.; Mortar Board; Phi Beta; Kappa Delta Pi; Glee Club; Travel Squad; Sec. of Music School; YWA; Who ' s Who. Rogers, Earle E., Ill, Orlando, Fla L.A. BSU; Ministerial Assoc; Intramurals; Honor Roll. Here Comes Mrs. Rowe! THE SENIORS Ruppert, Noel Laurenston, Sarasota, Fla. . . . L.A. Pi Kappa Phi, Pledge Pres., Act. Hist., Archon; Sigma Delta Pi; IPC, Disciplinary Coun.; Canterbury Club. Sanders, Kenneth Greer, Apopka, Fla. . . . L.A. Fresh. Academic Scholarship; Phi Society; Scroll and Key; Honor Roll; Ministerial Assoc; Intramurals. Sandiford, Mollie Ann, Pensacola, Fla. . . . Music Glee Club, Women ' s Stud. Leader; Travel Squad; Key Member; Phi Beta, Corres. Sec; Alpha Chi Omega, Charter Mem.; Women ' s Council; Cheerleader, Co-Capt.; BSU, Ex. Council, Soc. V.P. Sawyer, James Albert, Jr., Cocoa, Fla. . . . . L.A. Lambda Chi Alpha; Player ' s Guild, Treas.; Debate Team; BSU; Sigma Alpha Omega, V.P.; Honor Roll. Ruppert, N. Sanders, K. Sandiford, M. Sawyer, J. A. i ' ifcitl Schoep, J. Schooley, D. Sharpe, B. Shaw, J. Schoep, Jack Fay, Milwaukee, Wis Bus. Delta Sigma Phi. Schooley, Deanna Ruth, Pompano Beach, Fla. . L.A. SFEA; Women ' s Council; Wesley Found., Pres.; Stud. Adv.; Rel. Focus Wk.; IWO. ScHULER, William Denault, Miami, Fla. . . . L.A. Sigma Nu, Pledge Trainer, Ex. Council; Scabbard and Blade, Prog. Chr.; Pre-Law Club; Newman Club; Russian Club. SCROGGINS, Kathryn Sara, Ocala, Fla L.A. Nat ' l. Ed. Assoc; Kappa Delta Pi; BSU; Alpha Dexioma. Sharpe, Betty Jean. Atlanta, Ga L.A. Delta Delta Delta, Pledge V.P., Song Lead., Soc. Chr., Chap.; BSU, Ex. Counc, Train. Union Rep., Ad. Bd.; Hatter, Grk. Ed.; Stud, Union Bd., Soc. Chr.; Women ' s Coun., Soc. Chr.; Glee Club; Organ Gld.; Chapel Comm.; Sigma Pi Kappa; Mod. Dance Club; Int.; L.A. Sch., Tr.; Sen. Class, Sec.;. Who ' s Who. Shaw, Jerry Joseph, Winter Haven, Fla. . . . L.A. Ministerial Assoc, Soc. Chr., Missions Chr., Youth Rev. Chr.; Intramurals; Missionary to Alaska; BSU. Shaw, Millicent H., Venice, Fla L.A. Mortar Bd.; Delta Delta Delta, Scholsp. Chr., Soc. Chr.; Shepard, K. Shepherd, P. Schuler, W. Scroggin, K. Shaw, M. Shaw, R. Hatter, Ed., Bus. Mgr.; Women ' s Council, Sec; Kappa Delta Pi, Con. Delegate; Pi Kappa Delta; SFEA, Pres., Sec; Psi Chi; Phi Soc; Sigma Pi Kappa; Jr. Class V.P.; Stetson Players; Quiz Bowl; Intramurals; Who ' s Who. Shaw, Robert Myers, Jacksonville, Fla L.A. Ministerial Assoc; BSU; Intramurals. Shepard, Kenneth LeRoy, Vera Beach, Fla. . . L.A. Hon. Roll; Dean ' s List; Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Pres.; ROTC, Soph. Cadet Awd., Disting. Military Stud., Cadet Battle Grp., Commander, ROTC Review, Bus. Mgr., Assoc, of U.S. Army Awd.; Scabbard and Blade, Pres.; ODK; Intramurals, All Star Teams; Outstanding Intra. Ath.; LA School, V.P.; Who ' s Who. Shepherd, Jenny, Hendersonville, N. C. ... L.A. Fire Wd.; Intramurals; Canterbury Club; Rel. Focus Week Committee. Shiver, Hugh Edward, Hastings, Fla Bvis. Lambda Chi Alpha, Pres., House Mgr., Ritual Chr.; Rules and Pro. Comm.; IFC, Rep.; Stud. Adv.; Green Feather Comm.; Trans., U. of F. SiZEMORE, Aytch GORDON, Daytona Beach, Fla. . Bus. Shiver, H. Sizemore, G. kJ r Cha Cha Cha ' THE SENIORS 1 ' ' SuLLiNS, William Robert, Fero Be : : , F «. . . L.A. 1 1 j K Sigma Nu, Rush Chr., Chaplain; Sigma Alpha Omega, V.P., H HI A H Pres.; Scabbard and Blade, Second Lieut.; Stud. Adv.; Publica- Smith. P. Smothers. A. " - ' " " ' • ' Chr.; ROTC, Ed. of ROTC Review, Disting. Mili- Stephenson. H. Strowbridge. F. " ' ' ' . St " - P es. of L.A. Sch.; Homecoming Comm. SGA Pres. Cabinet, Dance Comm. Chr.; Hatter; SFEA; Stud. Affairs Comm.; ODK; Who ' s Who. Smith, Peggy Lou, Zephyrhilh, Fla L.A. Taylor, Kent, Jr., West Palm Beach, Fla. . . Music YWA; BSU, Secretary. Lambda Chi Alpha; Band; Kappa Kappa Psi; BSU. Smothers, Ann Meriwether, Roanoke, Va. . . L.A. Taylor, Lois Greenlund, Pehson, Fla L.A. Glee Club, Travel Squad; Phi Mu, Chaplain, Standards, Frat. Ed.; Modern Dance Club. Stephenson, Henry C, III, Winter Park, Fla. . L.A. Varsity Football; Intramurals; Water Ski Club. Strowbridge, John Franklin, Miami, Fla. . . L.A. Delta Sigma Phi. Sturm, Richard Vernon, Daytona Beach, Fla. . Bus. Trans., U. of 111.; Accountancy Club, Pres.; Honor Roll. Taylor, K. Taylor, L. iiMtf A iyl Thirlwell, W. Tyra, J. Thomas, P. Vandercook, R. VanHorn, G. Vanhart, J. Varasse, J. Viehman, W. Thirwell, William Richard, Jacksonville, Fla. . L.A. Delta Sigma Phi, Pres.; Young Republicans, Pres.; IFC, Vice Pres., Act. Pres.; ROTC Honor Guard; Military Ball Commit- tee; Intramurals; Political Forum; IFC Disciplinary Council; Greek Week Comm., Co-Chairman; ROTC Rifle Club, Pres. Thomas, Paul T., Miami, Fla L.A. Sigma Pi Kappa, Vice Pres., Treas.; Hatter Staff, Soph, and Sen. Ed.; Ed. Handbk.; Orient. Comm.; Fresh. Adv.; Chr. Gr. Feather Dr.; BSU, Dev. Vi P.; Vice Pres.; Minis. Assn., Sec; Cir. K; Hon. Roll; Rel. Focus Wk. Comm.; Who ' s Who. Tyra, John Lucian, Sylacauga, Ala Bus. Delta Sigma Phi; " S " Club, Sec, Treas.; Scabbard and Blade, Military Frat., Sec; Varsity Football and Baseball; Intramurals. Vandercook, R. Reed, Winnetka, III Bus. Delta Sigma Phi Frat.; House Man., Pledge Trainer; Scabbard and Blade; ROTC, Color Guard, ROTC Rifle Team; Com- mander of Firing Squad. VanHorn, George Byron, Jacksonville, Via. . . Bus. Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Rifle Team; Pre-Law Assoc; West- minster Fellowship. VanHart, Jack Harrison, Westfield, N. J. . . . L.A. Sigma Nu Frat.; Varsity Soccer; " S " Club; Outstanding Intra- mural Athlete; All Star Intramurals. Varasee, John Manuel, Clearwater, Fla. . . . Bus. Pi Kappa Alpha, Vice Pres., Treas., Social Chr., House Man.; IFC Council; Disciplinary Council; Student Adv.; Circle K; Pre-Law Club; Accountancy Club; Bus. Man. of Stetson Re- porter; Univ. Party Delegate; Rules and Pro. Comm.; Student Govt. Parliamentarian; Univ. Traffic Comm. Viehman, William A., Orlando, Fla Music Sigma Nu Frat.; ROTC, Band Company Commander; Scab- bard and Blade; Westminster Fellowship, Enhstment Sec; MENC, Treas., Pres.; Hatter; Band, Operations Chief; Stetson Orch., Opers. Chief; Kappa Kappa Psi, Treas.; Student Adv. Rel. Focus Week Comm.; Student Union House Comm., Sec VosTRY, Robert Allen, Berwyn, 111 L.A. " S " Club; Varsity Football; Baseball, Basketball; Most Imp and Most Val. All State in Baseball; Sigma Nu Frat.; Sec. of Pledge Class, Hist.; Phys. Ed. Majors Club, Vice Pres.; ROTC FTA; Fla. Ed. Assoc; Student Union Plann. Comm.; Conrad Annex House Coun.; Traffic Comm.; Newman Club; Water- Ski Club; Dean ' s List; Reporter Staff; Pardigm Staff. Vostry, R. Wade, J. Walford, R. Wahlstad, D. Walker, R. Waterson, G Wade, James Otis, Mobile, Ala L.A. Ministerial Assoc, V.P., Pres.; BSU, Promotional Dir.; Resident Adv. Walford, William Randall, New Castle. Pa. . . Bus. Sisma Nu. Wahlstad, David Mark, Onnond Beach, Fla. L.A. Walker, Robert C, Mobile, Ala L.A. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pub. Chr.; Theta Alpha Phi, Pub. Chr., Treas.; Sigma Delta Pi, Treas.; Players Guild; Stover Theatre Prods.; Canterbury Club; SFEA; Sigma Tau Delta. Waller, Mary, DeLand, Fla L.A. Waterson, Grace Elizabeth, Dunedin, Fla. . . Music Hon. Roll; Phi Beta, Hist., V.P.; Glee Club, Travel Squad, Key Member; Operettas; Am. Guild of Organists, Soc. Chr.; Opera Wkshp.; Madrigal Singers; BSU; Sigma Tau Delta, Marshal; Sigm.a Pi Kappa; Reporter; Hatter; Stud. Adv.; Majorette; Flag Corps, Co-Capt. Come On In, The Water ' s Fine THE SENIORS Watson, William A., Jr., Jacksonville, Fla. . . Bus. Sigma Nu, Corres. Sec, Scholar. Chr.; ROTC, Rifle Squad; Hatter, Bus. Staff; Stud. Adv.; Univ. Party Rep. Webbe, Gale Carroll, Daytona Beach, Fla. . . . L.A. Theta Alpha Phi; Players Guild; Canterbury Club, Sec, Treas.; SCA; Hatter, Jr. Class Ed. Weed, Theodore Linus, Jr., Boynton Beach, Fla. . Bus. Weiss, Carolyn Edna, Miami, Fla Music BSU, Ex. Council; Glee Club; Travel Squad, Soloist; Operettas; Messiah; Opera Workshop; Alpha Xi Delta. Wentz, Mildred Pauline, DeLeon Springs, Fla. . L.A. Wells, Archie Eugene, Ludowick, Ga L.A. All Fla. Intercollegiate Con. Basketball; All NAIA; Fla. Times Union All State; Basketball, Co-Capt.; P.E. Majors Club; " S " Club. Webbe, C. Ji White, W. Willis, S. Williams, D. Winslow, S. Williamson, W. White, William Lacount, Jr., Jacksonville, Pla. L.A. Sigma Nu, Pledge Pres.,Pres., Intra. Chr.; IFC; Wesley Founda- tion; Scabbard and Blade; Sigma Pi Kappa; ODK, Treas.; Beta Beta Beta, Pres.; Sr. Class, Pres.; Water Ski Club, Treas., Temp. Pres.; Stud. Adv.; ROTC; Baseball Team; Intra.; Chr., Military Ball; Chr. Hatter Hoi.; Hatter, Bus. Mgr.; Pres. Cabinet; Bio. Lab. Asst.; Who ' s Who. Williams, Douglas E., Daytona Beach, Fla. . . L.A. Delta Sigma Phi. Williams, Mary Ellen, Ff. Lauderdale, Fla. . . L.A. Westminster Fellowship; Canterbury Club; Rifle Club; Phi Mu, Hist., V.P., Sec.; SFEA; FTA; Stud. Adv. Williamson, Walter Bland, Atlanta, Ga. . . . Bus. Delta Sigma Phi, Pledgemaster, Intra. Chrs.; Jr. Class Treas.; Stud. Union Pub. Comm.; Student Library Comm. Wilcox, Janelle Elizabeth, Jacksonville, Fla. . L.A. Zeta Tau Alpha, Ex. Council, Soc. Chr., Sec, Pledge Class Sec; Pan. Coun., V.P.; SFEA; FTA; BSU; Stud. Adv.; Rushee ' s Handbook, Ed. Willis, Stanley Ray, DeLand, Fla L.A Scroll and Key; Phi Society; Hon. Roll; Dean ' s List; Stud. Adv.; Macostet Club, Pub. Chr. Winslow, Shirley Joy, Winter Park, Fla. . . . L.A. Trans., Fla. Southern; SFEA. Wood, Donald Lawton, Spartanburg, S. C. . . L.A. Kappa Kappa Psi, Pres.; MENC, Pres.; Band, Pub. Dir., Opera- tions Officer; Orchestra, Operations Officer. Wood, Marilyn L., Kissimmee, Fla Bus. SFEA. Wornal, Sandra June, Princeton. W. Va. . . . L.A. Alpha Chi Omega; Univ. Party Rep.; Dorm Dev. Chr.; FTA; BSU; Sociology Club. Yeargin, Jimmie C, Spartanburg, S. C L.A. Delta Sigma Phi, Pledge Pres., Soc. Chr.; Gamma Sigma Ep- silon; Fresh. Adv.; Dean ' s List; Canterbury Club; Intramurals. Yonge, Phillip Delany, Coral Gables, Fla. . . . L.A. Football; " S " Club; Pi Kappa Alpha; Treas. of Sr. Class; Scab- bard and Blade. Wood, M. Wornal, S. Yeargin, J. Yonge, P. i ll THE SENIOR YEAR.. begins with Orientation. its Sleep-times, its Initiation-times; it has its Party-times, its Beach-times, and it ends in studying for final examinations and Graduation. i Who ' s Who and Outstanding Seniors THE Students chosen for " Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges " and for " Outstanding Sen- iors on Stetson ' s Campus " are those who, through four years of school, have made distinctive contributions of their time and abilities to make Stetson a better place. It has been said that the more you put into something, whether it ' s an organization or an education, the more you get out of it. This is true of these seniors, for not only has Stetson gained from their having been here, but they have gained in knowledge, and in developing qualities of leadership which will never fail them in life. It is sincerely to be hoped that these young men and women will go out mto the world to evolve a better society, a better way of living. If they do. Stetson will have helped foster The Origin of the Species whose standard will be a standard of excellence, and whose actions will always be worthy of commendation. WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES JOANNE ANDERSON JAMES BOWEN FLANOLA ERINK BETTY FURCHES JIM GEIGER MARTHA HAMILTON ERNEST JOHNSTON MARY JO KINTNER MARILYN LAZARUS BETTY McKINLEY GARY MEADOWS CAROLYN ANNETTE MILLER PHILLIP PARR SAMMIE RICHARDS BETTY SHARPE MILLICENT SHAW KENNETH SHEPARD WILLIAM R. SULLINS PAUL THOMAS WILLIAM WHITE OUTSTANDING SENIORS ON THE STETSON CAMPUS JOANNE ANDERSON WILLIAM M. BLOCKER FLANOLA ERINK BETTY FURCHES JIM GEIGER MARTHA HAMILTON DONALD IVERSON ERNEST JOHNSTON GARY MEADOWS JERRIE LOUISE MORETZ PHILLIP LAWRENCE PARR WALTER W. MOSLEY SAMMIE RICHARDS BETTY SHARPE MILLICENT SHAW KENNETH SHEPARD WILLIAM R. SULLINS PAUL THOMAS CAROLYN WEISS WILLIAM WHITE JOANNE ANDERSON WILLIAM MICHAEL BLOCKER JAMES NICHOLS BOWEN FLANOLA CAROLYN FRINK BETTY BRYAN FURCHES JIMMIE WAYNE GEIGER CHARLES ADAMS GERTNER, JR. MARTHA ELIZABETH HAMILTON DONALD D. IVERSON ERNEST ELL ISON JOHNSTON fc-,3 . « a MARY JO KINTNER MILBREY ELIZABETH McKINLEY MARILYN LAZARUS GARY ALONZA MEADOWS --- CAROLYN MILLER JERRIE MORETZ WALTER W. MOSLEY PHILLIP PARR CAATAT.C DAVE D. UAIDT C BETTY JEAN SHARPE SAMMIE RAYE RICHARDS ■ ' MILLICENT HARPER SHAW KENNETH LEROY SHEPARD 74 WILLIAM ROBERT SULLINS PAUL TRUMAN THOMAS CAROLYN EDNA WEISS WILLIAM LACOUNT WHITE, JR. 75 Chapter Three MISS HOTTER LumrCe MARILYN WHITE 1st Runner-up .!_ GINNY SHOLLAR 2nd Runner-up ELIZABETH FRIX The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express . . . Bacon BUNNEY OGLETREE CONNIE CLARK HONEY TURLEY i " " SANDRA LOEB ANNA HUBER COOKIE RILEY JUDY STRICKLAND MELINDA FREEMAN MOLLIE SANDIFORD JERRIK xVlORET CAROLE MOORE AMY REID •V « ,K L --X ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES at Stetson provide for its students and for DeLand residents culture, intellectual and spiritual stimulations, fun, and good entertain- ment. The new Stetson Union Building is the center for many activities, both cultural and recreational. Elizabeth Hall auditorium is often in use for lec- tures, concerts, forums, religious programs, and convocation. Stover Theatre offers dramatic and literary pro- ductions to please any audience, and the Music School provides musical enjoyment through recitals, and band, orchestra, and Glee Club concerts. Of these, the annual presentation of " The Messiah " is especially to be noted. Three of the most important events of each year are Homecoming with its impressive convocation and parade, the Green Feather Drive with its worth- while purpose, and Hatter Holiday with its fun and recreation for all Stetson students. Also sparking the school year are visits to the campus from out- standing entertainers and out-of-state athletic teams. The activities we know and enjoy at Stetson will someday be Sketches from Memory, but in these, our college years, they are an integral part of campus life. Mr. and Miss t tSCM. Martha HanriMton Lee Rowell HATTER HOLIDAY— No Classes, Just Fun SLAVE AUCTION— Dean McEniry on the block 85 Welcoming Committee Martha Hamilton and Lee Rowell — Mr. Miss Stet- son, Mr. Mrs. J. Y. Ar- nold, Jr. — Chairman of Homecoming Committee, Dr. Mrs. Edmunds and Dr. Mrs. C. H. Bolton — Chairman of the Board. DIAMOND City of DeLands salute to Stetson Float of Royalty President Edmunds bestows degrees on honor guests Harold Stassen and Billy Graham. JUBILEE I " S KW ■ ■ 1 ' MM n :P r V , • t ; K ' % j •:.J .1 iin, . Brook Hays Receiving Honorary Degree Educational Panel Inter-Sorority sing winners — Alpha Xi Delta Pi Kappa Phi presents " An Evening of Religious and Spiritual Song " . Pi Kappa Phi Freshman Beauty Queen Ginny Shollar itfM TEAHOUSE OF THE AUGUST MOON STOVER presents OKLAHOMA! ! i i t " ' ■■ " .. ' " i ' lii ,- • , •CHRISTMAS IN THE MARKET PLACE ' k . ' - Lights! STOVER BACKSTAGE Last minute " touch-ups Sign Me Up for Three, Doctor. i iA ' I THE MENAECHMI THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST " " i ' V " - MISS DOGPATCH GREEN FEATHER Faculty Act in the Talent Show I Which would be your Miss Dogpatch? i 1 ■ 1 ' ■ •■,iJ J FIELD DAY DRIVE- - 1958 Green Feather Talent Show Climax at the Green Feather Drive was Lee Castle and the Jimmy Dorsey Band! ft Freshmen welcomed by co- chairmen of Orientation Commitee, Marcia Fara- gher and Jim Bowen. Frosh girls head for Rat Court President Edmunds and family give reception for freshmen 1 ■ a HHp P ' IP Hft i Hn l l «ffi ■ H . 1 Bf ft H| v ' ' - 1 ' HL, ' .M f jy sj ). ' t 1 lAu Candlelighting at North Hall CHRISTMAS AT STETSON Among all of the traditions at Stetson, the Christmas Candlelighting is one of the most impressive. During the holiday season this custom and the Lighting of the Yule Log bring the Christmas spirit to Stetson students. As in the days of old England, students burn the symbolic holly, banishing the troubles of the old year. The night before Christmas vacation students simultaneously light candles in all the windows on the darkened campus and then rush to the foot of the big outdoor Christmas tree to sing carols. It is with these pleasant memories that Stetson students leave for home. Candles are lit all over campus. f ORGANIZATIONS T F YOU ' RE part of The Lonely Crotvd, and want to join - - a closeknit group, Stetson University is the place for you. Not only is it a small, friendly campus, but it offers to its students membership in dozens of groups, large and small, for interests ranging from scholarship to entertain- ment. For students with widely varied interests, member- ship in several groups is not infrequent. To acknowledge those who rise above the crowd, and are worthy of recognition for their work and abilities. Stetson has honoraries including such fields as drama, his- tory, the sciences, and music. There are on Stetson ' s campus eight religious organiza- tions; and for those who desire information and experience in their professional fields, such groups as the Florida Edu- cation Association exist to fill their needs. The musically inclined are able to find satisfaction and give pleasure as well through membership in the Stetson Glee Club, band, and orchestra. Drama enthusiasts find excellent opportunities for developing their talents and for creative expression at Stover Theatre. So it is seen that on this campus there is no individual who should feel lonely because his interests are not repre- sented. -i§. |lllll«ESi! IMPUVWIL » f % THE STETSON UNIVERSITY CHORUS ■ ' Travel Squad Anderson, Sarah Caltrider, Nancy Coffey, Barbara Dykes, Vivian Eckert, Judy •■■•Furches, Betty Galloway, Betty Hair, Cynthia Hammerick, Georgianne Head, Margaret Hyde, Carole Johnson, Gail Johnson, Janice Kearney, Joan Keen, Frances •■•Kinser, Donna Lawhon, Anna McBride, Joyce McMahan, Mary O ' Neal, Lyndall Painter, Patricia Pinachia, Florence Price, Janet Reaves, Virginia Rettberg, Edith Ryan, Joyce Sandiford, Mollie Sellers, Martine Sheerer, Adela ' ■ ' Smothers, Ann Templer, Jean Templer, Joan Waterson, Grace Watkins, Marianne •■■Weiss, Carolyn Weiss, Lorraine Williams, Judy Wright, Nancy Ashley, Jo Marie ' ■ ' Baldwin, Mary Lee Boyd, Lou Ann Brown, Martha ' ■ ' Brown, Nancy ' ■ ' Carnett, Carol Carter, Phyllis ' • ' Creel, Manya Clark, Carolyn Dowman, Nancy ' ■ ' Frink, Flanola Goode, Joy Jones, Brenda ' ■ ' Hahn, Carol ' ' ' Kintner, Mary Jo Lawson, Mary Yarborough, Cornelia Keith, Carolyn ' ■ ' Jordan, Judy Lynn, Mary Ann ' ■ ' McCauley, Marietta Miles, Sally Jo Molzahn, Jane ' ■ ' Morgan, Miriam ' • ' Murray, Idele Plummer, Travis ' ■ ' Richards, Sammie Scuddor, Judith Wilson, Mercelyn ' ■ ' Worthington, Alice Albritton, Jesse ' ■ ' Allen, Reynolds ' ■ ' Andrews, Raymond ' ■ ' Christmas, John ' • ' Corlett, Clifton ' ■ ' Flanders, William ' ■ ' Hargis, Peter Jones, John ' ■ ' Jordan, Loys Keiper, John ' ■ ' Kissinger, Dennis Reynolds, Michael Rinker, David ■Rich, Robert ' ■ ' Shelton, Wilton ' • ' Turner, Robert ' ■ ' Barker, Jack Baughman, Ronald ' • ' Cockrill, Ronald Denman, Daniel ' ■ ' DuBose, William ' ■ ' Gaines, Mark ' ■ ' Hutcheson, Jere Lanier, James ' " Mitchell, Harold ' ■ ' Morgan, James ' ■ ' Robinson, Henry ' ■ ' Rogers, James ' : ' Smith, Ralph Storm, Paul ' ■ ' Whitmire, James DIRECTOR— HAROLD M. GIFFIN Miriam Morgan Accompanists — Ronald Cochrill Male Quartet — Rich, Morgan, Andrews, Smith Girls ' Trio — Weiss, Frink, Furches PICCOLO Judy Jordan FLUTE Nancy Thigpen Paula Meyer Maxine Evans OBOE Donna Evans Nelda Brooks BASSOON Bonnie Reid Carole Moore CLARINET Donald Wood Connie Jo Dooley William Calhoon Gail Johnson Kent Taylor Charlea Safford Patty Johnson John Dozier Sylvia Cofield John Earnhardt Marie Stokes Dorothy Huff SOPRANO CLARINET Gayle Hardin ALTO CLARINET Judy Scudder BASS CLARINET Gwendolyn Rawis SAXOPHONE Bunny Bergin Barry Dillon Danny Allen Donald Owen Terence Webb TRUMPET John Head William Viehnian Kenneth Kin gen James Moody Emmett Rezier .Su .innc I). Rid John VanZant Roy Lee HORN Richard Dickson William Siegel John Mclntyre Marjorie Johnston Shirley Bridges TROMBONE Dennis Lee Sharon Middleton Earle Trow John Lancaster BARITONE Scott Rutan Fred Cutchins TUBA Lowell Hopkins Donald Waldrop John Upchurch STRING BASS Robert Glendon PERCUSSION Lawrence Keith Paul Corll Fred Flanders Conductor: Richard Feasel STETSON UNIVERSITY CONCERT BAND STETSON UNIVERSITY ORCHESTRA VIOLIN Frances Buxton Beth Butcher Ruth Surls Mrs. Helen Miller Pat Clifton Mrs. Elise Ewart Mary Kidwell Daniel Gainin Mrs. Jean Keiper David Barnett Mrs. Cornelia Shaw Diane Burlingham Marjorie Lawson Harry E. Carlson Mrs. Anne Seay Maxine Evans Marie Stokes VIOLA Roger Casini John Matthews Darrell Joachim Stephen Thomas ' CELLO Eleanor Leek Veronica Gove ' -Ts Gwen Bristow Anne Carling Frank Surls BASS Clyde Mix Robert Glendon Donald Waldrop FLUTE Diana Gill Judy Jordan CLARINET William Calhoon f Donald Wood Charlea Safford OBOE Charles Nutick Donna Evans BASSOON Carole Moore Bonnie Reid TRUMPET Donald Owen John Head William Viehman --■ 1 ' 1 . TROMBONE Dennis Lee Sharon Middleton John Lancaster HORN Richard Dickson William Siegel John Mclntyre PERCUSSION Larry Keith Fred Flanders Conductor: Rif-hard Fensel mut i|jfi£;Ui£ 2.iM Seated: George Borders, Jon Lorbach, Reynolds Allen (Co-Chairman), Scott Rutan, Jimmy Lanier. Not Pictured: Danny Allen, Ted Sucher, Jane Harris (Co-Chairman), " Red " Alderman, Jo Lysek, Zona Davidson, Lyra Barnes, Juanita Gresham, Nola Frink, Carol Howell, Carolyn Miller. HOMECOMING COMMITTEE GREEN FEATHER COMMITTEE Green Feather Week is an annual Fall event. The talent show, the Sadie Hawkin ' s Dance, the shave and the make-up permits, and the dance with the fabulous Tommy Dorsey Band were some of the ac- tivities which rendered a generous amount of money to the united Charity fund. The total contributions were distributed among the following: Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Tuberculosis Fund, Heart Fund, Cancer Fund, and Red Cross. Seated: Karen Christensen, Alice Worthington, Claudette Finley, Judy Myers, Judy Jacobs, Jo Ann Hopper, Carol Hahn. Standing: Paul Thomas (Chairman), Bill Sims, Jim Whitmire. Not Pictured: Mr. James Sartain, faculty advisor. X MRS. SPRAGUE The Student Union Building houses the following: bookstore, bowling alley, post office, soda shop, cafe- teria, private dining rooms, student and faculty lounges, meeting rooms, and hotel accommodations. THE STUDENT UNION BUILDING BOARD The Student Union Board co-ordinates the activities University is very proud of the Student Union buiJd- and governs the use of the building under the direc- ing, and this board ' s main purpose is to keep its many tion of Mrs. Althea Sprague, the official hostess. The facilities useful and beautiful. Sandy Arrant, Bett - Sharpe, Althea Sprague. Norm He ne. Arthur Dasher. Joe Dodge, Martha Hamilton, Jo Lysek, Nola Frink. T Ron One: Fred Jefferson, Bill Russell, Nick Mueller, Bruce Waldon, Coach Wes Burner, George Borders, Walt Mosely, bonn Parker, Gene Wells. Row Two: Bob MacArthur, Jeff Reed, Bob Postry, Mel Christman, Randy Walford, Ron Thompson, John Dompe. Row Three: Bill George, Ted Sucher, Bob Congdon, Wendel Crysel, Ron Sleigh, Bob Herrin. Row Four: Don Ray, Larry Stowe, Phil Yonge, Don Iverson. " S " CLUB The " S " Club is an organization of varsity lettermen. Its purposes are to encourage sportsmanship, to de- velop scholarship, and to promote a spirit of co- operation among athletes, other students, and the faculty. The " S " Club contributes much to the campus by furnishing the students with press brochures and programs at the basketball games, by keeping up-to- date the intramural boards, and by helping at all varsity sports contests. The " S " Club contributes to the community by helping out with the Junior Olympics, by pulling the floats for the Christmas parade in conjunction with the Junior Chamber of Coinmerce, by helping to promote the Green Feather Drive, and by enter- taining the crippled children in Umatilla. The freshmen are welcomed to the campus by the " S " Club. Rat Week is something that we all re- member and is handled very well by the " S " Club. W i 1 1 1 r il I erson, Mosely, Sucher OFFICERS President DON IVERSON Vice President RANDY WALFORD Secretary TED SUCHER Treasurer J. L. TYRE OFFICERS President PATTI GAYNOR Vice Prcshlent JOAN HOLZMAN Secretary BETTY JO DREES Treasurer CLARA NELL LONG Sponsor MARY EDNA PARKER HOLZMAN LONG INDEPENDENT WOMEN ' S ORGANIZATION The Independent Women ' s Organization was estab- lished on campus with the purpose of promoting the social, cultural, political, and religious life of its members. It is composed of all independent women who wish to participate in the many activities pro- vided for the group. All independent women have access to the progressive facilities of the organization. Each year a trophy is awarded to the most outstand- ing independent woman in the freshmen class, which last year went to Joan Holzman. Last year this group claimed the women ' s intramural trophy, along with other significant achievements. Pictured: Jimmie Anderson, Jennie Atkins, Weeza Benn, Karen Christensen, Zona Davidson, Betty Jo Drees, Diane Eppert, Patti Gaynor, Sandra Gar- cia, Suzanne Gould, Judy Green, Pegg - Hammond, Marcella Hintz, Gloria Hughes, Dot Jones. Frances Keen, Elsie Kelly, Mary Inez McCullough, Suhanne Moore. Ann Pierson, Anita PowelL Gwen RawU. lud Ross. Judy .Searson. .|ud ,Sint;er. K-annc- Waldo, Bertha Jane Watts. ■M4m m Ann St erantf. M. Boutner, Bob Sullins, I urncr, Mr. Taylor, John Hendrickson, Nola Frink. THE PUBLICATION BOARD The Publication Board is the body which governs all the student publications. THE PARADIGM STAFF The Paradigm is a composition of original prose, this will offer a beginning for some aspiring writers poetry, and drama of the students. It is hoped that of literature. Lynn Wyman, Art Hale (Editor), John Dennis Vfi fY 0 yi- fet ANN SEVERANCE Edit o r-in-ch ief PUBLICATION STAFF Ro . One: Sally Boureau, Pat Morgan, Juanita Gresham, Conn.e Clark, Mary Lynn, Mary Kramer, Ann Severance, Carol, Beverly Henderson Marilyn Gooding, Judy Moffett, Nancy Vrooman, Liz Frix. Rou Tuo: Susie Moore, Suzanne McLettre Robm Dash.ell Sally Ezell, Carohnda Burnett, Brenda Sue Franks, Jean Greenlaw, Marion Krekle, Judy Scudder, Monica Tedder, Judy Mac Kenzie, Alice Worthington. Row Three: Bob SuUins, John Thomson, Mike Blocker, Paul Thomas, Dan Denman THE HATTER STAFF OF 1958-59 Picture schedules, copy preparation, lay-outs, and deadlines — all these are a part of the everyday life of the Hatter staff. But when the last picture is in, and the last proof is read, it ' s a feeling of accomplishment that takes the place of worry. This is far from a " Human Bondage " . Seated: Dan Scoggins, Mel Wills, Dianne Lancaster, Grace Waterson, Mimi Shaw, Buddy Imes, Jo Prince, Nancy Vrooman, Mike Blocker. Standing: Byrd Booth, Bob SuUins, Lee Sanders, Tom Davis. MIMI SHAW Business Manager JON HENDRICKSON Editor-in-chief DUANE DODDINGTON Business Manager THE REPORTER STAFF The Stetson Reporter is Florida ' s oldest college news- paper. It is published weekly and is student edited. Stories include campus activities and features of in- terest to the students and the faculty. Seated: Beryl Thomas, Nanc ' rooman, Julia Steenson, Marilyn Gooding, Juanita Grcham, Grace Waterson, Dot Fiebrich, Mimi Kochel. Helen Megee. Standing: John Thomson, Lex Lexow, George Owen, Peggy Runkle, Mary Smith, Lynn Wyman, Vivian Morgan, Judy MacKenzie, Judy Moffett, Fred- die Sandler, Pete Matteodo. Not Pictured: Barbara Childs. The Stetson Players ' Guild is open to all stu- dents who participate in Stover Theatre produc- tions, either onstage or backstage. This group sponsors experimental plays, and it forms the nucleus of the drama en- thusiasts on Stetson ' s campus. Ron- One: Lynn Wall. Carroll Webbe, Jean Donnelly, Judy Liebtag, Patsy Foster, Marie Compton, Mary Watkins (President), Norma Mac- Donald, Anne Edwards, Linda Carter, Ann Trevers, Marilyn Gooding. Row Two: Carolyn Dean, Margaret Royer, Marie Stokes, Carol Boise, Byrne Blackwood, Dr. Charles Ritter, Marjorie McCombs, Jeanne Waldo, Martha Maguire, Carole Moore, Alice Worthington, Bonnie O ' Dell. Row Three: Lynn Wyman, Mimi Kochel, Judy MacKenzie, Judy Ross, Eleanor Balthazer, Connie Clark, Myra Hunter, Betty Gregg, Barbara Hulbert, Lisa Hammond. Row Four: John Dennis. Grant Cole, Rod Armstrong, Bob Walker, Dan Vaughen, Dan Denman. STETSON PLAYERS ' GUILD YOUNG WOMEN ' S AUXILIARY Row 0)ie: Cathy Crews. Gail Moseley, Barbara MuUins (President), JoAnn Sumner, Clare Nell Long, Gloria Hughes, Judy Myers, Glenda Rawls, JoAnn Hopper, Shirley Williams. Sybil Folsom, Ernie Collins. Dorothy Jones, Alice Worthington. Row Two: Judy Green, Jimmie Anderson, Mary Ann Aiken, Kathy Davis, Dot Roach, Erances Keen, Joyce Bradford, Elsie Kelly, Judy Searson, Brenda Sue Eranks. Row Three: Joyce Petty, Mary Jo Kintner, Carol Hahn, Anita Wheeler, Kay Ward, Pat Pearce, Claudette Finley, Mildred Campbell, Barbara Hun- ter, Barbara Crouch, Betty Allen, Lois Barker, Joan Geitgey, Carol Garnett. The aim of the Y.W.A. is to unite the young wo- men of the campus in an enduring missionary en- terprise. It holds as its ideals: thoughtful Bible study, devoted commu- nity ' missions for the needy, and regular and proportionate giving to world-wide missions. , Row One: Barbara Harper, Nancy Harris, Glenda Rawls, Becky Burnett, Clara Nell Long, I,inl Ross. Rotr Ttvo: Weeza Benn, Anna Perry, Frances Thompson, Camille Dorman (President), Janie Markham, Pat Howard. WOMEN PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS The Physical Education Professional Club is com- posed of physical education majors. The purposes of this club are to promote interest in physical educa- tion, to foster and encourage professional growth, to perform the services of the profession on campus and in the community, and to provide a medium for strengthening friendships among the men and the women in this field. MEN PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS Row One: Harry Kinnan, Fred Sandlin, Bruce Waldon, Wayne Cone. Row Two: Fred Jefferson, Gene Wells, Don Harbin, Ralph Miller, John John- son, Ed Eubanks. STUDENT FLORIDA EDUCATION ASSOCIATION The local chapter of the Student Florida Education Association is a member of the National Education Association and the Florida Education Association. The purposes are: to develop among young people, who are preparing to be teachers, an organization which shall be an integral part of state and national education associa- tions; and to aim toward growing professionally; and to give the teacher-in-training practical experience in working together in a democratic way on the problems of the professions. OFFICERS President KAREN CHRISTENSEN r,ce Preside,, f ANITA POWELL Secretary MEREDITH DeWITT Treasurer JANE ALEXANDER CHRISTENSEN DE WITT POWELL ALEXANDER i ' , v jisauMiiaiuiiKMfiii At the Organ: Ronny Cocktill (Dean). RoirOiu. Nan Broun, DlII Murr.n, Sidntx Melton, Ruth Richardson Carr (Sponsor), Jack Jones, Virginia Bagby, Joanne Williamson, Grace Waterson. Rou Two: Barbara Coffey, Mary McMahan, Sarah Anderson, Carol Hahn, Travis Plummer, Judy Jordan, lina Sellers, Alice Worthington. The Guild Student Group of the American Guild of Organists was organized in May of 1952. Its main purpose is the advancement of worthy church music. Subsidiary aims are to elevate the stature of church organists, and to increase their own awareness of the responsibilities they have as conductors of worship. AMERICAN GUILD OF ORGANISTS MUSIC EDUCATORS ' NATIONAL CONFERENCE Music Educators ' National Conference is the national organization for students of mvisic education. The purpose of Chapter 132 are to further the aims of music education in elementary and secondary school levels, and to compare and improve music education standards. It sponsors many of the music events on campus. Row One: Betty Furches, Sharon Middleton, Cornelia Yarbrough, Joan Kearney, Marie Stokes, Jo Ashley, Mrs. Gove (Sponsor), Donna Kinser, Bonnie Reid, Donna Evans, Charla Safford, Sue Dodd, Mary Jo Kintner. Row Two: Don Wood, Pete Hargis, Dennis Lee, John Lancaster, Bob Glendon, Dave Burnett, Jesse Albritton, Bill Viehman ( President ) . Row One: M.inKii Dondc, IVarl lillis. Barbara Kaught, Christene Seavey, Elene Sinclair, Jutta Nazli, Suzy Sheafer, Marjorie McComb, Isabel Montal- ven, Alice Cole. Kow I ' uo: leruo Tanoka, lommy Metazakis, Peter Menondakos, Bill Gil, Henry Gil, Bob Slagle, Chong Lee. Row Three: Carlos Nunez, Jon Thompson, Bob Kennedy (President), John Miller, Hyo Sup Park. INTERNATIONAL CLUB MACOSTETS The club is made up of students whose homes are abroad, or who were born abroad. At the dinner meetings, every first and third Monday, a student speaker, guest speaker, or shdes provide interesting programs. Visitors are welcome to the meetings. Macostet (Married Couples of Stetson) was organ- ized in the Spring of 1958. Its purpose is to promote a closer relationship between the married couples and the university. Seated: Earle Trow, Phyllis Trow, James Sartain, Mamie Willis, Stan Willis. Joy Boynton, Charles Boynton. Standing: Earl Adams, Winifred Adams, Winston Wood, Judy Wood, Millie Young. Harry Young (President). Pat Wiley, Barbara Sexton, George Sexton. ' Row One: Jan Johnson, Deanna Schooley, Marilyn Lazarus. Ann Severance, Jo Lysek, Karen Christensen. Roir Tiro: John Thomson, Chuck Fulton, Bill Viehman, Jim Wade. The Student Christian Association is composed of the representatives of the various student rehgious groups on the campus. It was organized in 195 0, and it serves as the means of cooperative action between the student groups. The S.C.A. directs several inter- denominational projects during the year such as Re- ligious Focus Week, the Yule-Log Service, and the Easter Sunrise Service. STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Presbyterian students on campus organize themselves under the leadership of Chuck Fulton, President. They work toward a better understanding of the principles of the Presbyterian church and are con- cerned with the promotion of co-operation with the WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP local churches. Scheduled activities include Council supper meetings, skating parties, hayrides, work- days. Synod and local retreats, outstanding speakers, and singspirations. Row One: Judy Geering, Linda Allen, Ann Severance, Linda Fulford, Wendy Butcher, Chris Anderson, Nancy Vrooman, Susan Green, Ginny ShoUar, Judy Liebtag, Jean Donnelly. Row Tivo: Marcy Miller, Judy Scuder, Judy MacKenzie, Carol Hubbard, Sally Boureau, Sue Dodd, Brenda Jones, Aria Hardt, Marian White, Alice Cole, Paula Myers. Row Three: Tom Barnett, Larry Deets, Paul Martz, Carlos Nunez, Fred Pauli, Bill Viehman, Chuck Fulton, Charles Harrison. Row Four: Dr. Taylor (Advisor), Chuck Handle, John Miller, Wes Johnston, Douglas Charles (Pastor), Bob Slagle, Hyo Sup Park. Koii One: Suzanne Ahel, Pam Slingerland, Karen Klages, Pegg Runkle, Brenda Pittman, Elena Sinclair, Sue Madden, Carmen Jones. Sandra Garcia, Dot Ballard. Meredith DeWitt. Connie Pavey. Julia Steanson. Row Tiio: Mrs. Plato, Weeza Benn. Isabel Montalvan, Nancy Wright, Dean Hood. Dr. Thornton, Cynthia Todd, Marti Grass, Ann Palmer, Barbara Collins, Anna Perry, Barbara Peterson. Rote Three: Bob Bass, John Thompson, Gallia Rutan, Mary Williams, Nancy Bordley, Jody Kelly, Ernie Porter, Bill Cook. Roif Four: Bob Hickey (President), Mike Moan, Arthur Hale, Bill DuBois, Bob Rizner. CANTERBURY CLUB The Canterbury Club is composed of the Episcopal students, their friends, and interested faculty members, who meet together each week to worship, to learn, and to have fun. OFFICERS BOB HICKEY President MEREDITH DeWITT Vice-President NANCY BORDLEY Secretary CAROL WEBBE Treasurer In the Canterbury House, which is the site for %veekly gatherings, dances, and Sunday night dinner meetings. St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, which is the location for Wednes- day morning service of the Holy Communion and for daily evening prayer. Row One: Jo Ann Hopper, Barbara Mullins, MoUie Sandiford, Peggy Smith, Carolyn Weiss, Anita Anderson. Row Two: Jerry Shaw, Paul Thomas, Jo Lysek, Pat Pearce, Betty Furches, Martha Hamilton, Phil Parr, Carroll Caldwell, Bill Rhinehart. Row Three: Don Adams, Mark Gaines, Wilton Shelton, Reynolds Allen, Earl Davis, Felix Zeigler, Dan Whitaker. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL THE BAPTIST The Baptist Student Union, under the leadership of Phil Parr, President, and Carroll Caldwell, Director, is composed of all Baptist students who are members of the Baptist churches or the different church af- filiated organizations on campus, such as the Y.W.A. and the Ministerial Association. It serves as the link between the college student and the local churches. The Executive and Freshmen Council are annually elected by the students to supervise and co-ordinate the work of the various organizations. The B.S.U. plans In the fall, before school began, some of us met in Leesburg for the fall retreat. Here, George Wilson, Jo Ann Hopper, Carole Moore, Claudette Finley, Sammie Richards, Reynolds Allen, and Phil Parr are planning some of the activities for the first semester. ■■ ' The B.S.U. meets and greets the newcomers Our first big production was the Baptist Big Top. Jim Whitmire, the terrific ringmaster; the clowns; Roberta, the " graceful " bareback rider; and many other acts, all under the same roof, turned out a howling successful show. llllpf -.-ll».lli Many of the students joined the Baptist churches on " Join the Church Day. " Here, Dr. J. Winston Pearce welcomes the new members. •■ ' The B.S.U. encourages church membership ' In case you don ' t recognize these four " gentlemen " of the Faculty Minstrel, they are Mr. Sartain, Dr. " Spike " Jones, Carolyn Weiss, and Dr. Holmes. The B.S.U. fellowships- STUDENT UNION The Freshmen Council works with the freshmen in enhsting them and maintaining their interest in the church and the B.S.U. program. FRESHMAN COUNCIL Rou One: Carolyn Keith, Claudette Finley. Judy Jacobs, Sue Boren. Roif Two: Jack Barker, Max Hall, Carroll Caldwell, George Borders. Not pic- pictured: Jim Whitemire, President iif the Freshmen Council. Kuii Oin: Janet t.uili. .;ar .t liariics. irj iiiia lliU, Eloise Thomas, Norma MacDonald, Butt) Watson. SalK Mathews, Marih n Lazarus, Susan Isbell, Jo Marie Ashley, Barbara Samson, Gene Coey, Barbara Hulbert. Roiv Ttio: Sally Russell, Suzie Moore, Joanne Adams, Deanna Schooley, Pat Jones, Judy Moffett, Linda Messinger, Mae Taylor, Jeanie Atkins, Julia Walker, Marcella Hintz, Gail Johnson. Row Three: James Sartain, Paul Corll, Ralph Flowers, Larry Keith, George Owen, Bob Hiller, Richard Dickson, Norman Frizette, Charles Royal, Robert Glendon. WESLEY FOUNDATION The Wesley Foundation co-ordinates the interests of the Metho- dist students. The purpose of the group is to promote Christian fellowship and provide a tie between religious and scholastic life. Programs are held Sunday night with a supper meeting each month. Activities of the group are planned and carried out by the student officers and the members with the help of the director. OFFICERS President DEANNA SCHOOLEY Vice President BILL SPECK Secretary SUZANNE MOORE Treasurer JANET STANLEY Worship Chairman MARILYN LAZARUS MR. JAMES SARTAIN Director SPECK Roif One: Dan Mattox (President), Paul Thomas, Joe Slade, Bill Jackson, Tom Cleary, Jack Barker, George Thrower, Wil Manley, Gene Mallard, Dan Whitaker. Ron- Two: Earl Davis, Max Hall, Don Gilchrist, Jack Ponce, Felix Zeigler, Jerry Barnes, Melvin Gentry, Sonny Howell. Roiv Three: Ralph Stone, Bob Scurlock, Bob Keaton, Fritz Fountain, David Griner, Bob Shaw. Row Four: Ronny Baughman, Jim Caldwell, Gordon Devores, Douglas Bennett. jRok ' Five: Nelson Jenkins, " Bud " Campbell, Bill Rhinehart. The Ministerial Association is open to student min- isters of varied denominational aifiliations. Worship service at the county prison, speakers for the two DeLand radio stations, and supply preachers, are MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION part of the activities. Each week, programs are pre- sented to help the ministerial student prepare for the complex work to which he has been called. KAPPA DELTA PI Kappa Delta Pi, the honorary for education majors, was founded June 8, 1911, at the University of Illi- nois. Its members are chosen from the upper per- centile of the Junior Class, who have had six hours in education courses. Row One: Karen Chirstensen, Betty Furches, Mimi Shaw, Jo Lysek, Gretchen Marz. Row Two: Sammie Richards, Kathy Scroggins (President), Ray- mon Lessley. Not Pictured: Arlene Daniels, Bill Bottom. L Roil Oin: Ciih, in. Ann Sl cr.uHc. M.iry Lowry, Marilyn Lazarus, Jackie Dossett. ! o:t I no: Phyllis Ratlifte, Carol Howell, Carolyn Miller. Roiv Three: Arthur Hale, Bob Walker, Don Adams. I, iin Wyman, Grace Waterson. Sally Boureau, SIGMA TAU DELTA SIGMA PI KAPPA Sigma Tau Delta, represented on the Stetson campus by Gamma Zeta Chapter, is the national professional English honorary fra- ternity. Membership, limited to twenty-five members per chapter, is the reward for exceptional scholarship in the field of English. Gamma Zeta is among the newest of the ninety chapters. Students whose interest and work in Journalism have earned them a recommendation by the head of their publication may be tapped for Sigma Pi Kappa. Sponsoring all school publications, Sigma Pi Kappa has as its purpose the encouragement of a higher type of journalism in the promotion of the best interest of college publications. President ART HALE Vice President SALLY BROUREAU Secretary JACKIE DOSSETT Treasurer MARY GIBSON President ANN SEVERANCE Vice President . MIKE BLOCKER Secretary NANCY NORSE Treasurer PAUL THOMAS Advisor MR. BEUTNER Row One: Mimi Shaw, Juanita Gresham, Pat Morgan, Marilyn Lazarus, Ann Severance, Joanne Anderson, Jo Ann Owens, Ann Anderson. Rotv Two: Paul Thomas, George Owen, Julia Britt Steaneon, Grace Waterson, Connie Clark, Vivian Morgan, Nancy Norse, Bob Sullins. Row One: Carolyn Miller, Marilyn Lazarus, Dianne Dixon. Roir Two: Phil Parr, Kenneth Sanders, Stanley Willis. SCROLL AND KEY Scroll and Key is Stetson ' s equivalent of Phi Beta Kappa. It ' s members are t.ipped from the upper five percent of the Junior and Senior Classes of the Liberal Arts School. The colors of Scroll and Key are pvirple and gold. The symbol is a golden key on a golden scroll. The goal is excellence — excellence in scholar- ship, for which Stetson was founded, and excellence in leadership, which falls on those who have the wisdom and the willingness to serve. OFFICERS President MARILYN LAZARUS Vice President PHIL PARR Secretary DIANNE DIXON Treasurer CAROLYN MILLER PHI SOCIETY Phi Society is an honor society sponsored by Phi Beta Kappa in a number of colleges and universities. It recognizes and honors those students in the college of Liberal Arts outstanding in scholarship. To be eligible for membership, a student must maintain a 2.4 average during the first year of college work and be in the upper five percent of his class. OFFICERS President JO LYSEK Vice President ANN SEVERANCE Secretary JACKIE DOSSETT Treasurer BILL RHINEHART Roie One: Mimi Shaw, Jean Donnelly, Jane Jackson, Ann Severance, Marilyn Lazarus, Gloria Parker, Elizabeth Frix, Jo Lysek. Row Two: Peggy Barnes, Carole Holwell, Gloria Santora, Mary Ann Aikin, Carolyn Miller. Row Three: Stanley Willis, Rayraon Lessley, Charles Raisser, Sylvia Blake, Suzanne Moore, Jackie Dossett, Bill Rinehart, Gretchen Crow, Phil Parr, John Adams. JERRY JOHNSTON PHIL PARR PROF. LUTHER W. SMITH DR. JAMES A. STEWART KEN SHEPARD OMICRON DELTA KAPPA vJmicron Delta Kappa heads the hst of men ' s honoraries at Stetson. A national leadership society, it encourages general campus citizenship and recognizes men who have attained a high standard of efficiency in collegiate activities. Personal character and mentorious all-around leadership are the prime requisites for membership, but ODK imposes a strong secondary requirement of scholarship as Vk ell. ODK strives to bring together the most representative men in all phases of collegiate life: faculty members, ad- ministrative officials, and students. These men meet on a basis of mutual interest and tmderstanding to aid in mould- ing the sentiment of the Universit)- in questions of local and intercollegiate interest. " ' OlfFldERS PrcsiJct . . . . JERRY JOHNSTON Vice Prcmlcnt ! PHIL PARR Secretary K . pRQF. LUTHER W. SMITH Treasurer WILLIAM WHITE WILLIAM WHITE DR. GEORGE W. HOOD IRVING C. STOVER BOB SULLINS CAROLYN MILLER Prc ' siileiit MARTHA HAMILTON Secretary MARILYN LAZARUS ireasiirer BETTY FURCHES Program Chairman DIANE DIXON MIMI SHAW MORTAR BOARD JLtADERSHiP, SCHOLARSHIP, SERVICE — these are the goals of Mortar Board. Mortar Board is a national honorary or- ganization devoted to these standards and made up of women who have achieved them in their first three years of college. Stetson ' s chapter sponsors each year a scholarship school and a leadership school and this year will award trophies to senior women who have been outstanding in the field of service. Each spring, Mortar Board sponsors a " Faculty Slave Auction " . The proceeds from this auction are used to tinance the service projects. Mortar Board was founded on Stetson ' s campus during the Homecoming ceremonies of 1957. It is devoted to the task of msrilling in the students of this university, the ideals of Scholarship, Leadership, and Service. But it is more than a service organization. It is the final expression of the ideals it seeks to instill in others and the highest honor Stetson University can bestow on its outstanding women. BETTY McKINLEY SAMMIE RICHARDS MRS. LOWRY BARBARA ROWE DEAN ETTER TURNER Row One: Sue Boren, Gloria Parker, Patty Gaynor, Sandy Bethea, Donna Stevens, Carole Moore. Ron Two: Ramon Lessley, Bob DesCamps, Jim Sawyer, Jim Edge- mond, John Adams, Terrence Webb. SIGMA ALPHA OMEGA GAMMA SIGMA EPSILON Sigma Alpha Omega is the local mathematics honor- ary. It ' s purpose is to secure for its members a broader knowledge and a deeper appreciation of mathematics and to provide a society for the recognition of students of superior abihty in that field. Members are chosen through faculty recommendation and must have com- pleted Cartesian geometry. This organization promotes interest in the field of chemistry. In the past we have presented seminars and papers which were accepted extremely well by the faculty and student body. OFFICERS President BOB SULLINS Vice President BOB SAWYER Secretary ANN SEVERANCE Advisors MR. ASHCRAFT DR. MEDLIN OFFICERS Grand Alchemist KENNETH SHEPARD Recorder JIM URGAN Row One: Jimmy Edgemon, Tony Migliore, Terence Webb, Kenneth Shepard, Mrs. Candy Plato, Lawrence Keith, Wayne Hogan. Roiv Two: John Conn, Theodore Beiler, John Vaughen. Shepard I H ' rwrnHf Row One: Keith Hansen, Mary Ann Aiken, Carolyn Reid, Gwen Lee, A. M. Winchester. Row Tiio: Tom Bouchlas, Bill Carr, Dorothy F uller. Row Three: Bill White, Ronald Hunt, David Houchess, Bob Kennedy, Al Phillips. PI KAPPA DELTA BETA BETA BETA Pi Kappu Delta is a national honorary forensic society whose purpose is to stimulate progress in and to further the interests of intercollegiate speech activities. Florida Beta chapter was in- stalled at Stetson in November, 195 8, to recognize those whose participation in debate and related speech activities showed them to possess " the art of persuasion beautiful and just. " Stetson ' s first biology fraternity was organized under Dr. Cor- nelia Smith in 1937 as the Beta Key. In 1947, Dr. P. A. Yancey installed the Beta Xi chapter of the Beta Beta Beta at Stetson. Beta Beta Beta is affiliated with the American Society for Ad- vancement of Science. There are 76 chapters located in the United States, Asia and Caribbean region with the purposes of promoting interest, scholarship and research in Biology. During the Spring semester each year, the Beta Xi chapter sponsors a science fair where high school students in this region exhibit projects in the physical and biological fields. The Southeastern Beta Beta Beta Convention has been held at Stetson twice. This year several members will give reports at the Florida Academy of Science convention which met here last year. OFFICERS President WARREN CARR Vice President GRANT COLE Secretary JACKIE DOSSETT Reporter LISA HAMMOND OFFICERS President BILL WHITE Vice President HOLLIS FLINT Secretary AMY REID Historian GWEN LEE Roif One: Jackie Dossett, Ann Severance, Mimi Shaw, Lisa Hammond. Row Two: Dr. Stover, Miss Gershing, Wes Johnston, Jim Geiger. Row One.- Carol Webb, Mary Watkins, Ann Severence, Connie Clark. Row Two: Dr. Stover, Beny (.r.i . 1l ( .chring. Dr. Ritter, Bob Walker. THETA ALPHA PHI Theta Alpha Phi is the national honorary dramatics and speech fraternity on Stetson ' s campus. The pur- poses of this group are to increase interest, stimulate creativeness, and foster achievement in all of the allied arts and crafts of the theatre. OFFICERS President CONNIE CLARK Vice President BILL SCOTT Secretary CARROLL TUEBBE Treasurer BOB WALKER Historian BETTY GREGG Advisor DR. RITTER Opening Night t. 1 . OFFICERS Caphuii KEN SHEPARD First Lieutenant BILL WHITE Second Lieutenant BOB SULLINS First Sergeant J. L. TYRA Sponsor MAJOR BRANNEN SCABBARD AND BLADE Scabbard and Blade is a national military honor society whose members are chosen on merit from outstanding R.O.T.C. cadet officers by the election of the company. At the right, we see President Ken Shcpard tapping eight new members: Bill Viehman, Phil Yonge, Mike Blocker, Fred White, Joe Spider, John McKib- ben, Chuck Fulton and Reynolds Allen. The honorary is spon- sored by Major Malcolm D. Brannen. The Stetson Chapter sponsors a Turkey Shoot, Scabbard and Blade Banquet, annual R.O.T.C. Field Day and serves with the complete cadet corps on the Military Week, climaxed by the Military Ball. This year the organization established a Scabbard and Blade Award to be pre- sented to an outstanding member of the junior class at the Florida Military School. This group, with its outstanding achievements in military sciences, is an inspiration to a freshman cadet. mSSS S STfrT I, . Roie One: Ken Shepard, Bill White, Major Brannen, Bob Sullins, J. L. Tyra. Row Two: Wendell Crysel, John McKihben, Ray Andrews, Walt Pra- ther, Bill Viehman, Chuck Fulton. Row Tloree: Bill Schuler, Reed Vandercook, Fred White. Row Four: George Brunhorst, Phil Yonge, Mike Blocker, Bill Bradley. 127 i Row One: JoAnne Williamson, Diana Gill. Nancy Caltrider, Molly Saniford, lktt (nlli Ann Davidson, Sammie Richards, Betty Furchess, Grace Waterson, Judy Jordan, Dell Mur , Suzanne Dodd, Virginia y. Row Two: Ann Brown, KAPPA KAPPA PSI AND TAU BETA SIGMA Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma are composed of students who have done outstanding work in the band. Each year stu- dents look forward to the concert performances by members of these groups. OFFICERS KAPPA KAPPA PSI President DON WOOD Vice President JOHN HEAD Secretary RICHARD DICKSON Treasurer DON OWEN Historian BILL VIEHMAN TAU BETA SIGMA President CONNIE JO DOOLEY Vice President ZELDA BROOKS Secretary-Treasurer CHARLEA SAFFORD Row One: Nancy Thigpen, Connie Jo Dooley, Diana Gill, Gwen Rawls, Zelda Brooks, Charles Sattord, Carole Christie Moore. Roir Two: Paul Corll, Bill Viehman, Bill Calhoon, Danny Allen, Richard Dickson, Larry Keith, Kent Taylor, Terence Webb, Don Wood, Don Owen, John Head. Not Pic- tured: George Wilson, Richard Feasel (Sponsor). PHI BETA Phi Beta Music Fraternity is for young women striving for professional achievement in music or dramatics and high ideals in womanhood and scholarship. It is a national fraternity and a member of the National Professional Pan-Hellenic Society. OFFICERS President BETTY FURCHESS Vice President GRACE WATERSON Secretary DELL MURRAY Treasurer NANCY BROWN Corresponding Sec DIANA GILL i?o« ' Oh ; Julia Britt Steanson. Mar IkiiLn . Gloria Santora. Susannc Gould I r r iii iik lyn Miller. Wes Johnston, Phil Arms. Bob Walker. Carlot Miney. Jim Whitmire. M ra Hunter. -Norse. Ann Gaylc, liarb ch. Ron Two: Caro- SIGMA DELTA PI Sigma Delta Pi is a national Spanish honor fraternity, founded at the University of California in 1919. Alpha Kappa chapter was established at Stetson in 1937. The purposes of the fra- ternity are: to promote a wider knowledge of and a greater love for the Hispanic contributions to modern culture; to stim- ulate a greater interest therein on the part of our students in colleges and universities of the United States; to foster friendly relations and the cooperative spirit between the nations of His- panic speech and of English speech; and to reward those who show special attainments and interest. OFFICERS President MARY HENEY Vice President WES JOHNSTON Secretary MYRA HUNTER Treasurer BOB WALKER LA FRANCIADE Locally inaugurated to create an interest in the French language, literature and culture, La Franciade is composed of students who have a " B " aver age in French and at least a " C " average in other courses, and who have shown a definite interest in the French language. OFFICERS President ANN TAYLOR Vice President GLORIA SANTORA Secretary JEAN DONNELLY Treasurer DON AIESI Row One: Mary Heney, Sue Betts Outen, Mary Watkins, Gloria Santera. Jean Donnelly, Ann Taylor. Row Two: Don Aiesi, Pat Pearce, Dr. Thornton, Barbara Collins, Honey Turley. Not Pictured: Lyra Barnes. FRATERNITIES IT HAS been said that a fraternity is your " college family " , and this is an apt description of fraternity life at Stetson. Membership in a fraternity, while not necessary to a happy college career, does provide a close circle of loyal friends, and a sense of " belonging " which gives satisfaction. Fraternity activities and experiences also serve to broaden the horizons of the college student, and often develop in- dividual leadership ability. After graduation, fraternity membership provides an enlarged circle of friends through bonds with all Greek men and women. If ever we reached a Utopia, it would be the home of a people linked by bonds very similar to those found m fraternity fellowship. " i lHSMl I GREEKS AT PLAY Seated, left to right: Lex Lexow , Bill Bradley, Duane Doddington, Dick Thirwell, Al Phillips. Staiidiiis. Ujl to right: Bill White, Dean J. O. Olofson, Mart) ' Boos, Tom Ragan, Ed L ' Heureux, Lamar Matthews. THE INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL Delta Sigma Phi Lambda Chi Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Phi Dick Thirwell Duane Dodding Phil Yonge Joe Folds Ed L ' Heureux Charlie Tindall Jack Varassee Larry Richardson Joe Spikes Al Phillips Jim Dawson Lamar Matthews Sigma Nil Sigma Phi Epsilon Bill White Marty Boos OFFICERS Bill Bradley Lex Lexow Tim Catlin Tom Ragan President .... DUANE DODI Vice President DICK THIRL WELL Treasnrer BILL BRADLEY Secretary LARRY RICHARDSON DODDINGTON THIRWELL RICHARDSON DELTA SIGMA PHI President DICK THIRWELL ALPHA CHI CHAPTER Delta Sigma Phi was founded in 1899 at the College of the City of New York. Since that time it has grown to be one of the largest national fraternities, with over 100 chapters and 32,000 brothers in the bond of Spinx. The local chapter, Alpha Chi, was installed at Stetson in 1925. The chapter had been local since 1881. Dr. J. Ollie Edmunds, president of the Uni- versity, was charter president of the chapter. The chapter conducts such annual affairs as: the Christmas party for fifty underprivileged children; the Coronation Ball; and " The Sailor ' s Ball " . " The Sailor ' s Ball " originated at Stetson during the depression and has since been adopted as the official weekend for all chapters of the fraternity. The Delta Sigs, while a social fraternity — all for one, one for all, and all for fun — add much to campus life and the brothers hold many honors. Brothers Brunkorst and Wahlstad served on the staff of the R.O.T.C. Battle Group while Thirwell and Vandercook were company commanders. Phil Newcomb served as president of the men ' s council and Bill George was captain of the soccor team. The brothers of the Green and White take pride in their hours. We strive constantly to improve our scholastic averages. Faculty members of Delta Sigma Phi include Dr. A. M. Win- chester, James D. Perdue and Donald C. Yaxley. OFFICERS Vice President JOE SPIKES Secretary ROBERT MILLER Corres. Secretary FRED WILLIAMS Treasurer ROCKEY MUNN ■ n Wiggle and a Waddle All Hands on Deck Our Teahouse J. Adams A. Anderson J. Auffant J. Brady L. Brown G. Brunkhorst B. Congdon B. Cross R. Dervaes J. Dickson DELTA SIGMA PHI J. Dodge E. Erickson A. Fletcher B. Fox N. B. Fox P. Francisco J. Frey B. George J. Hall F. Hammond R. Harrell J. Hubert T. lacovellie B. Jane D. Jenkins G. Kitchens B. L ' Heureux J. Lord D. Marshall E. Marvin R. Miller G. Moffett J. McCarraher J. McColskey R. Munn P. Newcomm J. Osborn J. Owen Wm. Owen R. Palmer B. Peyrobits C. Portz C. Ridinger R. Sanders J. Schoep B. Sims M. Smith J. Spikes F. Strowbridge D. Thirlwell B. Thompson R. Vandercook D. Whalstad J. Ward D. Williams F. Williams B. Williamson A. Yeargin LAMBDA CHI ALPHA President CHARLES TINDALL ZETA TAU CHAPTER Lambda Chi Alpha, founded at Boston University on No- vember 2, 1909, is the largest of national and international fraternities. The local chapter, Zeta Tau, was founded on the Stetson campus in April of 1 949. Purple, green, and gold arc the fraternity ' s colors and our flower is a white rose. Among the outstanding men of L.imbda Chi on campus are the President of the Junior Class and Canterbury Club, Bob Hickey; President of the I.F.C., business manager of the REPORTER ,ind Treasurer of the Business School, Duane Doddington; President of the Men ' s Disciplianary Council, Charles Tindall; Vice President of the Business School, Jon Lorbach; three freshman resident advisors, President of the Freshman Class, John Davis and the Greek and Sports Editor of the Hatter, John Thomson. We are well represented in Canterbury Club, the B.S.U. and other religious organizations. We also have representation m drama and musical productions as well as the school publi- cations. Lambda Chi continues to maintain high rank among the fraternities in scholarship. Among our annual affairs are a Christmas party during which presents are gathered for the underprivileged children of the city and our Founder ' s Day Coronation Ball, at which our " Crescent Girl " is crowned. Each year we enjoy many star-lit dances and barbecue parties on our out-door patio. OFFICERS Vice President DALE MILEY Secretary BOB BEABOUT Corres. Secretary JON THOMSON Treasurer GEORGE PERINO Who Me — A Party Doll? Lambda Chi Political Machine Our Crescent Girl Peggy Rogers McEwen E. Adams T. Clay J. Allen D. Clayton J. Avery D. Cliver B. Bass J. Davis R. Bruestle LAMBDA CHI ALPHA D. Doddington J. Dozier J. Dumas J. Earnhardt J. Gunderson W. Hagen C. Handte C. Harrison B. Hickey D. Hogarth D. Houchens B. Jarman L. Jordan J. Joyner G. Koch mr E. Laughary K. Lipsey J. Lor bach M. Lushene C. Mathews B. Maynard G. McDonald J. McEwen D. Miley J. Miller G. Mosely J. Murphy J. Oldham G. Hyde G. Owen P. Paradise G. Perino A. Phillips C. Raisner E. Rosier C. Sherman H. Shiver J. Sloan P. Storm K. Taylor J. Thomson C. Tindell J. Troup J. Upchurch J. VanZant PI KAPPA ALPHA 1 President PHIL YONGE DELTA UPSILON CHAPTER Pi Kappa Alpha was founded at the University of Virginia in 1868. The Delta Upsilon chapter at Stetson in one of 133 chapters and was founded on March 1, 1951. The Delta Upsilon Chapter has had a great year. Roaring twenties party — Playboy party — Weekend — Hawaiian party — San Lando Springs — Faculty Tea — First place in homecoming float — First place in the Quiz Bowl — First place in white league football — Second place in lawn decorations — Second place in Hatter Holiday — Founders ' Day Banqviet in Sanford — Great rush parties — Dayto na Beach parties. Local members of PiKA and campus fame include Phil Yonge, Jack Varasee, Jon Henrickson, Jim Morris and Charley Williams. Phil is treasurer of the Senior Class, Jack a discipli- nary council member, Jon is Editor of the Stetson REPORTER and Jim is Business Manager of the REPORTER. Charley is chairman of Greek Week Committee. The Pikes also had eight men make the All-Star football teams in the green and the white leagues. OFFICERS Vice President FRANK TEETS Secretary FRANK KENNEDY Treasurer PAUL CHEEK Sgt.atArws CHARLEY WILLIAMS Nothing But CcmsI Our Sweetheart 4 ■ - T. Camp M. Christman S. Campbell J. Dawson PI KAPPA ALPHA T. Hastings J. Haskell L. Harmon F. Kennedy J. Heney M. McKenna S T. McNamara T. Runkle K. Morgan P. Schindel J. Morris T. Sisserson G. Ragats D. Smith L. Stowe F. White B. Taylor C. Williams G. Turcotte J. Turley PI KAPPA PHI President NOEL RUPPERT CHI CHAPTER Pi Kappa Phi national fraternity was founded in 1904 at Charleston S. C. Chi Chapter of Stetson University was founded in 1921. Since those early years the Pi Kapp ' s have provided many leaders on this campus. This year the men of " Chi " have Gary Meadows as president of the Student Gov- ernment Association; George Borders serves as President of the Sophomore class; Jim Whitmire, Treasurer of the Liberal Arts School; Larry Richardson is Secretary of the Interfraternity Council; Ken Evans is the President of the Stetson Union Board, and others. Pi Kapp ' s are represented in Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Al- pha Theta and other honorary organizations. Two men are Honors Program students. This year Pi Kapp ' s have recorded their traditional serenade from the annual sing. OFFICERS Warden WALT HUNT Secretary LARRY RICHARDSON Treasurer PHIL ARMS Historian KEN EVANS Here Come the Roaring Twenties Little Bird in the Red Cage P. Kapp Pledges h i 1 cr A. Alderman D. Allen R. Allen P. Arms T. Beckham G. Borders J. Boyar G. Brown D. Burnett B. Cadman PI KAPPA PHI H. Cauthen B. DuBose J. Ferreil J. Folds R. Dickson J. Dunken B. Flanders M. Gaines D. Draper K. Evans F. Flanders J. Gant J. Geiger E. Hunt W. Hunt D. Kissinger D. Krause J. Lamont J. McCoUum N. Mueller J. Christmas D. Mahan G. Meadows P. Parr D. Rinker N. Ruppert B. Walton G. Mallard F. Painter V. Pittman J. Rogers S. Rutan K. Weis L. Matthews H. Parks L. Richardson L. Rowell R. Story J. Whitmire SIGMA NU President BILL WHITE DELTA MU CHAPTER Sigma Nu, the first chartered national social fraternity at Stetson, came to the campus in 1913. The present chapter house was raised in 1923 and is the center of the Snake ' s social activities. The Black and Gold boasts leaders in many campus organi- zations. Leading the soccer team to a winning season were co- captain Sucher, with Booth, Ray and Merrifield. The Snakes boast Schneider, Carson, O ' Neal, Dompe, and Sargeant on the basketball team. Bill Bradley is president of the Business School, while Bob Sullins is president of the Liberal Arts School. Broth- er White is President of the Senior Class as well as being a member of ODK. Brother Fulton is President of the SCA and Carr is President of the Campus Pre-Law organization. Prather and Mosely are officers of the SGA and Lex Lexou is Editor of the REPORTER. As a group, the Snakes claim the honor of holding the Presi- dent ' s Cup in intramurals for five years. OFFICERS Vice President WARREN CARR Secretary ROSS WAGER Chaplain BOB SULLINS Treasurer WENDEL CRYSEL Horse and Carriage Days Go Bob The House Looks Great B. Arnett R. Booth M. Blocker R. Barefoot E. Borton B. Bradley B. Butler W. Carr J. Combs W. Cone M. Cornelius B. Deckner SIGMA NU J. Dompe J. Dreggors T. Dubix S. Farr F. Ford T. Frye C. Fulton S. Gregory M. Guenther B. Hallowes B. Hammer D. Harbin C. Hastings J. Hearn P. Hendrix D. Iverson B. Imes W. Johnston f ,i 1 , -4rn R. Lewis P. Matteodo R. MacKendree J. Morgan " ffer- P. O ' Neal G. Page E. Proter W. Prather D.Ray C. Royal B. Schuler E. C. Shaw A. Sowell W. Speck T. Sucher W. SuUins R. Vostry R. Wager R. Walford B. Watson B. White T. Woods • " • ' " " SIGMA PHI EPSILON FLORIDA BETA CHAPTER The Florida Beta Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon, the second largest fraternity in the world, established itself at Stetson in February of 1949. Sigma Phi Epsilon National was founded November 1, 1901, at Richmond College in Virginia. Sigma Phi Epsilon puts forth every effort to promote high scholastic attainment. The past year Sig Ep ' s ranked first in fraternal scholastic averages. We constantly strive to promote scholastic ideals and brotherhood. On the social side, Sig Ep ' s climax their round of theme parties with the annual weekend and " Queen of Hearts Ball " held in April. Warm afternoons are spent in swimming and relaxation at the Sig Ep ' s beach. Sigma Phi Epsilon is justly proud of their SPE camp fund for the benefit of underprivileged children. Established in 1950, it was the first such project successfully administered by a National Fraternity. Prominent alumni on campus are Richard Pearcc, Dr. John Vaughen, Dr. William Bliss, Dean E. C. Furlong, and Graves Edmundson. President MARTIN BOOS OFFICERS Vice President TOM RAGAN Secretary JESSE ELLIS Historian JIM SCHWEIKERT Comptroller BRAY HOUSTON Out with the boys -•kt- = J. Albritton J. Ellis Oi y Sweetheart CONNIE CLARK G. Cole D. Gray L. Deets M. Hall SIGMA PHI EPSILON P. Hembdt B. Houston B. Harmon B. Hutzler O. Juarez R. Lindley B. Lynam B. Lyon T. Malcom R. Piatt T. Ragan G. Reynolds F. Sukon J. Schweiker D. Spitzer J. Stuart R. Walker GREEK FUN -TIME ' f)i C Seated, left to right: Patsy Milner, Janelle Wilcox, Beverly Brett, Carol Herrin, Annette Cheshire. Standing, left to right: Ann Severance, Karen Klages, Judy Hohman, Jo Hopper, Nancy Harris, Susan Beall, Betty McKinley, Virginia Bagby, Gretchen Crow, Sue Betts Outen, Cherry Dell. THE PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL Alpha Chi Omega Annette Cheshire Virginia Bagby Jo Hopper Alpha Xi Delta Patsy Milner Gretchen Crow Sue Betts Outen Delta Delta Delta Anna Bryan Perry Joanne Anderson Ann Severance Phi Mu Carol Herrin Karen Klages Nancy Harris Pi Beta Phi Beverly Brett Susan Beall Judy Hohman Zeta Tatt Alpha Janelle Wilcox Betty McKinley Cherry Dell OFFICERS President BEVERLY BRETT Vice President JANELLE WILCOX Secretary ANNA PERRY Treasurer CAROL HERRIN Social Chairman ANNETTE CHESHIRE WILCOX HERRIN ALPHA CHI OMEGA GAMMA CHI CHAPTER Alpha Chi Omega was founded in 1885 at DePauw Univer- sity in Greencastle, Indiana. It began as a music sorority. This background is seen in the golden lyre badge. Alpha Chi ' s colors are scarlet and olive green, and the flower is the red carnation. The Stetson chapter was founded in the spring of 1957. In just one year it has quite a list of achievements. It won first place in the Hatter Howler skits, second place in the Inter- fraternity Sing, and second place in scholarship. Some of Alpha Chi ' s activities are: Mortar Board, Marilyn Lazarus, Treasurer; Scroll and Key, Marilyn Larazus, Pres.; Phi Society, Jo Lysek, Pres.; La Franciade, Marilyn Lazarus, Pres.; Tau Beta Sigma, Connie Jo Dooley, Pres.; A. CO.; Women ' s Executive Council; Class Officers; Cheerleaders, Marilyn White and MoUie Sandiford; Band; Glee Club; and the Hatter and Reporter staffs. Alpha Chi ' s National Altruistic project is Cerebral Palsy to which it devotes its time and money. Alpha Chi ' s were proud of Carolyn Clark, Miss Morganton, N. C, when she appeared in the Miss N. C. pageant last sum- mer. At the Miss America pageant. Alpha Chi Mrs. Darrell Nordwall, who is the National Panhellenic President, served as a judge. OFFICERS President VIRGINIA BAGBY First Vice President ANN ANDERSON Second Vice President MARY JO KINTNER Treasurer SUZANNE DeLETTRE MEMBERS Mary Ann Aiken Ann Anderson Virginia Bagby Marge Baldwin Nancy Bordley Gwen Bristow Annette Cheshire Carolyn Clark Barbara Crouch Suzanne DeLettre Connie Jo Dooley Diane Drummond Betty Gregg Jo Ann Hopper Judy Jacobs Mary Jo Kintner Betty Lee Marilyn Lazarus Betty Jo McClendi Beulah Mills Gail Moseley Martha Myers Carol Peck Doris Sanders Mollie Sandiford Therrell Smith Pat Turney Joanne Wililams Sandra Wornal Carol Bozeman Robin Bush Linda Edcnfield Anne Hatch Anna Huber Dorothy Huff Gail Johnson Marietta McCau Janie Molzahn Carol Moore Prasil Kay Rike Kay Seckinger Susan Sheafer Jean Templer Joan Templer Joy Thomas Shirley Van Hyning Marilyn White And we can dance too Can you top this? The old standbys o n Bozeman Bordley Crouch ALPHA CHI OMEGA Dosly Drummond Edenfield Gregg Hatch Huber Huff Jacobs Johnson Kintner Lazarus Lee Lysek McCaiilL) Mcl.ciulon Meyers Mills Molzahn Moore Moseley Peck Prasil Rike Sanders Sandiford Seckinger Sheufer Smith Templer, J. Templer, J. Thomas Turney Van Hyning Williamson Wornal White ALPHA XI DELTA OFFICERS President GRETCHEN CROW Vice President JERRIE MORETZ Secretary SUZANNE ABEL Treasurer JACKIE DOSSET OMEGA CHAPTER Alpha Xi Delta was founded at Lombard College in Gales- burg, Illinois, on April 17, 1893. Its symbols are the golden quill and the pink Killarney rose. Its colors are the double blue and gold. Among the outstanding alumnae are: Katherine Chase Goodrich, author of " Uncle Walt and Skeezix " and the " Ro- mance of Helen Trent " ; Martha McDonald, assistant merchan- dizing editor for Madejnoiselle; Nancy Sasser, author of syndi- cated column, Buy Lines; and Emmy Lou Cairns, assistant to the eminent Diego Rivera. Among Omega Chapter ' s outstanding under graduates are: Carole Moore, majorette and winner of the " Miss DeLand " contest; June Highsmith, Citrus Queen contestant; Honey Turley, " Miss DeLand Jaycees " contestant; and Gloria San- tora, member of Phi Society. Among Omega Chapter ' s honors are: First place in the Interfraternity Sing for the second consecutive year; National award for Outstanding Chapter; and First place Scholarship Award in 1956. MEMBERS Suzanne Abel Marcia Baldwin Lyra Barnes Nancy Caltrider Gretchen Crow Peggy Curry Jackie Dosset Claudette Finley Brenda Sue Franks Mary Geiger Martha Gormly Bev Henderson June Highsmith Hilda Hubbard Hope Huska Gail James Luanna Krause Leslie Mast Joyce McBride Patsy Milner Carol Moore Jerrie Moretz Sue Betts Outen Sandra Raulerson Monica Tedder Honey Turley Alice Worthington PLEDGES Mildred Campbell Phyllis Carter Ernestine Collins Toni Cubillas Anne Edwards Sybil Folsom Ann Foster Linda Fulford Peggy Lundquist Judith MacKenzie Sandra Neister Pat Pearce Sandra Porcp Sue Rankii abeth Schlueter ine Sellers ron Slater icis Sullins Jra Sue Summers Frances Thompson Monique Underwood Kay Ward Carolyn Weiss 162 Lifesaving — 202 To the woods! New sisters all ALPHA XI DELTA Folsom Henderson Foster Highsmith Franks Hubbard Fulford Huska Geiger James Gormley Krause Lundquist MacKenzie Mast McBride Meister Milner Moore Moretz Outen Pearce Porep Rankin Raulerson Santora Schlueter Serrers Slater Sullins Summers Tedder Thompson Tiirley Underwood Kibard Weiss Worthington DELTA DELTA DELTA OFFICERS President JO ANNE ANDERSON Vice President MARCIA FARAGHER Marshall ANNE TRAVERS Chaplain BETTY SHARPE ALPHA DELTA CHAPTER Delta Delta Delta was established on Thanksgiving Eve, 1888, at Boston University. Alpha Delta Chapter at Stetson University was founded in 1918 and is the oldest Florida Chap- ter. Tri Deltas honor their badge of three pearl-studded stars and a golden crescent and hold fast to their colors, silver, gold, and blue. Tri Deltas are seen everywhere on campus. The Publica- tion ' s Staffs include Ann Severance, Hatter Editor, and Mimi Shaw, Hatter Business Manager. Sigma Pi Kappa, the journa- lism honorary fraternity includes Patsy Morgan, Joanne Ander- son, Marcia Faragher, Sally Boureau, Anita Anderson, Ann Severance, Betty Sharpe, and Mimi Shaw. Outstanding Fresh- an " Woman for 1958 was Patsy Morgan. Woman ' s Executive Council includes three Tri Deltas: Anna Perry, Ann Severance, and Joanne Anderson. House Council Tri Deltas are: Betty Sharpe, Mary Lou Minton, Sally Boureau, Patsy Morgan, Sylvia Blake, Gail Woodard, Jane Jackson, Bil Ruth, and Sally Jo Custer. Various activities at Stover Theatre are enjoyed by Bonnie O ' Dell, Mary Watkins, Ann Travers, Ann Severance, and Judy Liebtag. Winner of the annual Pi Kappa Phi Beauty Contest was Ginny Shollar. Ginny also leads cheers with Anita Anderson, co-captain. Last year Tri Deltas won first place in the Hatter Holiday activities, drawing to a close a successful year in which they placed first, second, or third in every campus event. MEMBERS Anita Anderson Jo Anne Anderson Sandy Aarant Sylvia Blake Sally Boureau Becky Burnett Connie Constans Sally Jo Custer Marcia Faragher Mary Gibson Marilyn Gooding Frances Hancock Margaret Hays Jane Jackson Wilma Jones Judy Liebtag Mary Lou Mintor Pat Morgan Bonnie O ' Dell Lindel O ' Neal Anna Perry Barbara Robson Bil Ruth Anne Severance Betty Sharpe Mimi Shaw Anne Travers Annette Tyner Mary Watkins Gail Woodard PLEDGES Pat Clemmer Dawn Davis Judy Eckert Joy Goode Susan Green Carmen Jones Donna Jones Linda Kelley Diane Lancaster Gwen North Jackie Richey Mary Ritter Faith Sasser Ginny Sholler Bobbie Taft Mary Anne Ulmer Nancy Woods Cha-cha-cha — boop-boop-a-tlool Has anyone seen Modine? Ir oes on and on and on Burnett Blake Anderson, A. Anderson, G. Aarant Boureau Clemmer Constans Cvister Dabis Eckert DELTA DELTA DELTA Faragher Gibson Goode Gooding Green Hancock Haye Jackson Jones, C. Jones, D. Jones, W. Kelley 168 Richey O ' Neal Sasser Woods PHI MU i . - ALPHA XI CHAPTER Phi Mu, the second oldest secret society for women in the U. S., WLis founded at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia. In January, 1852 it was organized as the Philomathean Society by its three founders, Mary Myrick Daniel, Martha Hardaway Redding, and Mary DuPont Lines. During the Civil War Period General Robert E. Lee, " Stonewall " Jackson and Confederate President Jefferson Davis accepted honorary membership in Phi Mu. In 1911, Phi Mu was admitted to membership in the National Panhellenic Conference. Presently there are 77 col- legiate chapters and 150 alumnae clubs, chapters and asso- ciations. Alpha Xi Chapter was chartered at Stetson in 1949. Phi Mu ' s colors are Rose and White, and her flower is the Rose Enchantress Carnation. Phi Mu ' s philanthropic activities include a Health-mobile, mobile tuberculosis clinic in Georgia, an annual stud) grant to foreign study for post-graduate work at American University. The local chapter presents Thanksgiving baskets to needy families and has an annual Easter party for the underprivileged children of the DeLand area. Traditions of the local chapter include a Spring Weekend and Houseparty, Mother-Daughter X ' mas Party, Pledge Car Wash, and Senior Breakfast. MEMBERS Dot Ballard Zelda Brooks Beth Burty Anne Cagle Barbara Collins Meredith DeWit Barbara Harper Nancy Harris Carol Herrin Helen Hughes Myra Hunter Barbara Jones Karen Klages Nancy Norse Gin iger Reaves Am n Smothers Ma ry Williams Judy Winslow PLEDGES Ian e Alexander lea, n Greenlaw Car ■ol Sue Hubbard No rma McDonald Hel len Megee Lv. m Kramer Bet ty Lynn Phillips Sar an Studstill Joy Thurmond OFFICERS President KAREN KLAGES Vice President MEREDITH DeWITT Secretary MARY WILLIAMS Treasurer JUDY WINSLOW A motley crew! But isn ' t it fun Time to socialize Anyone for Bridge? m V k. Collins Kraner Alexander Ballard Brooks Burty Cagle PHI MU DeWitt Greenlaw Harper Harris Herrin Hughes 172 Hunter Jones Klages MacDonals Megee Norse Phillips Reaves Smothers Studstill Thurmond Williams Winslow .mimX. PI BETA PHI FLORIDA ALPHA CHAPTER Pi Bcti Phi, the first n.itional Panhcllcnic organization, was also the first sorority at Stetson. Pi Phi was founded in 1867, at Monmouth College, Illinois, and has since grown to be one of the three largest women ' s fraternities. The manufacturer of Pierce Arrow cars names his cars in honor of his wife ' s sorority, and the arrow on Parker fountain pens is also in honor of Pi Phi. Outstanding alumnae of Pi Beta Phi include: Margaret Truman Daniels; Jane Wyman; Calvin Coolidge ' s wife, Grace; Elizabeth Scott; and Miss Amer- ica of 195 8, Marilyn Van Derbur. Pi Phis are prominent in all phases of campus life. Members of Mortar Board, highest women ' s scholarship and leadership honorary at Stetson are: Carolyn Miller, President; Martha Hamilton, Secretary; and Dianne Dixon. Miss Stetson of 1958 is Martha Hamilton, who also served as Homecoming Hostess. Marion Ezell, Carolinda Burnette, Jean Lent, and Susan Isbell are cheerleaders. Jean Donnelly was the Outstanding Freshman Woman for 195 8. Nola Frink is Vice President of the Student Government Association, and is joined in school leadership by: Liz Frix, Sophomore Class Secretary; Diana Kunze, Treasurer of the Sophomore Class; Judy Hohman, Secretary of the Busi- ness School; and Martha Hamilton, Secretary of the Liberal Arts School. Beauty honors are: Liz Frix, Pi Kapp Beauty Queen; Eva Lynn Newton, Lambda Chi Valentine Queen; Juanita Gresh- am. Miss DeLand finalist; Malinda Freeman, Sigma Nu Beauty; and Patti Lowe, " S " Club Sweetheart. OFFICERS President SUSAN BEALL Vice President CAROLYN MILLER Secretary CAROL LUECHAUER Treasurer GLORIA PARKER Sus Bcall Beverly Brett Carolinda Burn Judy Cooper Jean Donnelly Down- . Ezell Mary An Malii Nola Freeman ink lilton Nancy Gillespie Babs Girard Judy Gretner Juanita Gresham Martha Judy Hohr Carol Ho Diane Kunze Patty Lowe Carol Luechauer Carolyn Miller Eva Lynn Newton Judy Newell ell Kate Page Pat Painter Golria Parker Anne Louise Pyle Phyllis Ratliffe Leslie Sutherland Ann Taylor PLEDGES Linda Allen Jo Marie Ashley Bev Barber Geyske Boekee Debbie Buck Janet Clark Emilie Costar Pat Crawford Virginia Hill Merrill Ingram Susan Isbell Sue Johnston Joan ' Lent Carol McCampbell Nancy Murrah Eloise Thomas Do you take Pi Phi to be your own? ' Was that a risque joke or what? " We waited and waited and the day finally came 175 Allen Buck Ashley Burnette Barber Clark PI BETA PHI Frix Donnelly Gillespie Dowman Girard Ezell Beall Boekee Brett Cooper Costar Crawford Gresham Grentner Hill Fain Freeman Frink Hohman Howell Hamilton Ingram Isbell Johnston Kiinze Lent Lowe Luechauer McCampbell Miller Murrah Nowell Newton Page Painter Parker Pyle Ratliffe Sutherland Taylor Thomas ZETA TAU ALPHA BETA PSI CHAPTER Zeta Tau Alpha was founded at Longwood College, Farm- ville, Virginia, October 15, 1898. Beta Psi Chapter was in- stalled at Stetson University in 1934. Zeta ' s colors are turquoise blue and Steele gray; their badge a crown and a shield; their pledge pin is a carpenter ' s square. Zeta supports two national philanthropic projects each year, the national Celebral Palsy Fund and the Zeta Tau Alpha Scholarship Fund. Beta Psi also has annually a Christmas party for under- privileged Children. Her biggest social event of the year is the Zeta Mardi Gras Weekend, which is held in the spring. This year ' s King Doug Williams, Delta Sigma Phi. Beta Psi won third place trophy for Hatter Holiday, third place in Women ' s Intramurals, first place for car in the Home- coming Parade, and a National award for filling quota. Among outstanding members are Betty McKinley, President of North Hall and Mortar Board Member; Cherry Dell, Presi- dent of Stetson Hall; Connie Clark, Theta Alpha Phi President; and Mary Hency, La Franciade President. Some of Zeta ' s outstanding Alumnae include Dean Etter Turner, and Dr. Francis Thornton of Stetson; Faith Baldwin, famous novelist; Dorothy Shaver, President of Lord and Taylor; and Jane Pickens and Abbey Lewis of Radio, T.V., and Stage fame. OFFICERS President BETTY McKINLEY Vice President WYNELLE McKINLEY Secretary JANELLE WILCOX Treasurer ELLEN LANIER MEMBERS Joan Barr Elizabeth Bobe Carlotta Carlson Barbara Childs Connie Clark Cherry Dell Harrier Farmer Joan Gaitgey Mary Heney Joyce Hummergard Donna Jones Judy Juras Ellen Lanier Sally Lied Betty McKinley Wynelle McKinley Laura McNeely Joan Mitchell Bunny Ogletree Toni Ogletree Janet Stanley Sarah Waller Janelle Wilcox Maureen Weber Mary Lou Adam Peggy Armstrong Bunny Bergin Peggy Barnes Shirley Bridges Julie Craig Robin Cook Robin Dashiell Marge Dowling Shirley Duke PattI Durden Kay Johnson Carol Jones Donna Kinser Betsy Kohloss San Losb Marcy Miller Dotty Morris Connie Pavey Jo Prince Anne Quarles Dot Roach Wanda Tatum Mae Taylor Lou Watson Shirley Winslow Alone toircther tor the first time - 1 f--- «7 r ' ' ' 1 k_ hJ, wwm r " ' W % ■ " Sis! ., ■ M tm m. ' y- Betsy didn ' t need a costume — she ' s the Cheshire cat For our apartment on winter nights Adams Armstrong Babe Barnes Barr Bergin Bridges Carlson Childs Clark Cook Craig ZETA TAU ALPHA ishiell Dell Dowling Duke Durden Farmer •itgey Heney Hummergard Johnson Jones, C. Jones, D. Juras McKinley, W. Kinser McNeely Lanier Mitchell Lied Morris Loeb Ogletree, B. McKinly, E Ogletree, 1 Pavey Prince Quarles Roach Stanley Tatum Taylor Waller Watson Weber Willcox Winslow w ' y f : ' •;:.: A mm 1 jl ja Mg ' Chapter Seven MILITARY THE military program at Stetson looks to the future, with the aim of producing America ' s leaders. This pro- gram is represented by the ROTC, which trains the young men on the campus in military tactics, and Is an integral part of the curriculum. Each year Stetson ' s ROTC brings honor to the school through Its outstanding achievements in drill and riflery. This group adds to campus social life by s ponsoring the annual Military Ball. It also sponsors a military field day. In which both individuals and units compete for awards. Outstanding participants In the military program are se- lected for membership In Scabbard and Blade, an honorary organization. Through classes, drill, promotions, and competition, ROTC participants learn discipline and military science which will benefit them, and offer an opportunity to be of service to the nation. Through ROTC, also, many young men are able to leave the carefree life of Boyhood and Boys, accept responsibility, and truly become men. MAJOR MALCOM D. BRANNEN Professor of Military Science and Tactic CAPTAIN DORSET B. GREENE, JR. Assistant PMS T CAPTAIN HERBERT J. HENDRICK Assistant PMS T LI. COI-ONIL KHNNl IH SHEPARD Battle Group Commander ■iilp The Battle Group Staff lined up behitid Lt. Colonel Ken Shepard includes Major Tom Bouchlas, Captain Mike Blocker, Captain Phil Yonge, Captain George Brunkhorst, and Captain David Wahlstad. Master Sergeant Morton A. Marsh, Sergeant First Class Paul T. McCoroy, Sergeant First Class Billie W. Doug- las, and Master Sergeant Robinson assist in the instruction of physical and mental training of cadets. 4 s i r ' ik. - T° " 3 " A " COMPANY Com pan y Commander Capt. R. Thirlwell Company Execut ' iic Officer W. Bradley Platoon Leaders W. Crysel R. Paulson D. HOUCHENS m s wi s fip fm mifMmummi " B " COMPANY Company Commander Capt. R. Vandercook Company Executive Officer W. Schuler Platoon Leaders E. Edmonds W. Prather G. Smith i . ..i . .j . y w.- " A ' . ! . ' .» ' UVj ' f Vor V= ' vJ ' ' , ' ;i C COMPANY Company Commander Capt. W. White Company Executive Officer J. Tyra Platoon Leaders T. Thompson J. Oldham N. Heyne " D " COMPANY Com pain Coiuiiiaiidcr Capt. W. Sullins Compdiiy Excciifiic Officer W. Watson Platoon Leaders T. Norwood D. Crum R. Lewis ' m ' " BAND COMPANY Company Commander Company Executive Officer Captain W. Veihman R. Andrews il I - !!i| 187 THE RIFLE TEAM Stetson ' s ROTC gives its men a chance to improve their prowess and skill in riflery. Each year the best cadets are entered in state competition. I ' jm SUMMER CAMP Following their Junior year, the men in ROTC spend a sumiiner at Ft. Benning, Ga., in further military training and specialization. This is an extremely worthwhile experi- ence in that it toughens them to the rigors of military life and provides an opportunity for meeting ROTC men from other schools. It also prepares them to accept responsibility and to serve as future military leaders. MILITARY BALL Each year Stetson ' s ROTC spon- sors the Mihtary Ball, one of the biggest social events of the spring semester. It is highlighted by the e ' ection of the Military Ball Queen from a group of the loveliest girls Stetson has to offer, entered by various campus organizations. The girl elected represents the military in all parades and contests which follovi during the year. The com- bined efforts of all the men in ROTC help to make this dance a success year after year. Major Brannen crowns Carolyn McCuIlers Company Sponsors Susan, Jerrie, Carolyn, and Cherry Chapter Eight SPORTS Q TETSON is credited with " the beginning of intercol- legiate athletics in Florida. " The university has con- tinued the tradition begun many years ago, with keen intercollegiate competition in soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis, and golf; the competitors being teams from other institutions in the southeast. The new athletic field provides excellent facilities for both track and field sports and has been used this year for intercollegiate and intramural sports. Rivalry in intramural sports runs high, and sparks interest for frequent games between campus organizations. A great many Stetson stu- dents, both men and women, participate in intramurals, the site of women ' s competition being Cummings Gym. Stetson has good reason to be proud of its athletic record, for it boasts a well-rounded activity schedule, many vic- tories, and most important of all, teams composed of good sports, who, when the occasion demands, can find Victory ill Defeat. Kneeling, left to right: Je£f Goddard, Harry Stevens, Ernest Wilson, Jeff Reid, Ron Tompson, Joe Slade, Don Ray, Roger Sanders, Fred Sakon, Terry Runkles. Standing, left to right: Danny Vaughn, John Christmas, Ron Slay, Nick Mueller, Gary Maris, Ted Sucher, Bill George, Coach Holmes, Mell Wills, Bob Congdon, Byrd Booth, Harry Colson, Roger Herold, John Merryfield, Coach Craige. SOCCER Co-Capt. Jeff Reid Co-Capt. Ron Tompson Coach Ed Holmes SCHEDULE Oct. 24 Florida Southern Nov. 1 Jacksonville University Nov. 7 Rollins College Nov. 1 5 Florida Southern Nov. 22 Jacksonville University Dec. 5 Rollins College That ' s using your head, Bob! Ted Sucher gives an FSU ' er a run for his money. COACH GLENN WILKES CO-CAPTAINS RALPH MILLER AND GENE WELLS. BASKETBALL Kneeling, left to right: Ralph Miller, John Dompe, Dalton Eptnig, Edward Eubanks, Malon Smith, Gene Wells, William Schneider. Standing, left to right: Joe Milk, Fack Carson, Fred Jefferson, Steve Surface, Phil Sargent, Coach Wilkes, Donhnel Miller, Pat O ' Neal, Joel Hancock, Don Harbin. DALTON EPTNIG Forward-Center Joel Hancock drives for two against Tulane! M " Sft- The Stetson Hats ended another season of basketball in a blaze of glory. After a fairly slow start the Hatters found their balance and fin- ished the season with a string of wins. One of the main plums (or, if you wish, oranges) picked this year was the championship trophy from the Citrus Invitational Tournament. JOEL HANCOCK Guard ED EUBANKS Center SCHEDULE Dec. 8 University of Florida 1 1 University of Louisville 13 University of Dayton Jan. 1 Tulane University 3 University of Toronto 8 Mississippi Southern 10 Jacksonville University 12 Georgia Teachers 14 Florida Southern 15 University of Tampa 17 Rollins College 24 University of Tampa 28 Kentucky Wesleyan 31 Mercer College Feb. 2 Georgia Teachers 5 University of Miami 9 Rollins College 14 Mercer College 17 Jacksonville University 19 University of Miami 21 Florida State University 23 Florida Southern T BILL SCHNEIDER Forward JOHN DOMPE Center-Forward ' FRED JEFFERSON Guard John Dompe gets a goal on a " L-O-N-G layup " Kneeling, left to right: R. C. King, Jerry Lord, John Ward. Standing, left to right: Bill Cross, Jim MacLauchin, Coach Don Harbin, Pat O ' Neal, Walter Ray. Phil Sargent goes high for two points! THE JUNIOR VARSITY The Junior Varsity games which usu- ally precede the Hatter tilts provide ex- citement and thrills for the fans. We LIKE our HATTERS!! Doc Johnson, Paul Hendrix, Jerry Dunworth, Ed L ' Hereux, Harry Conners, Ken Lawson, Russell Sikes, Boh Vostry. Jim Krider, Walt Moseley, Larry Stowe, Ray Henry, George Borders, Randy Wafford, Don Smith, " Doc " Pritchard, Ralph Miller. BASEBALL COACH " DOC " JOHNSON CAPTAIN LARRY STOWE Right after the beginning of sec- ond semester the field back of North Hall begins to ring with the sounds of the baseball team " loosening up. " All spring the crack of the baseballs against the bats tell Stetsonites that their team is getting ready for a long winning streak. With the coming of March, things really begin to happen. The team not only travels all over Florida and south Georgia, but also has time to thrill the fans here on campus. The good throw and a grab by Larry Stowe spell death for one of FSU ' s Seminoles. Stetson ' s Bill Carr and FSU ' s Miller exchange batting orders preceding the big fracas. SCHEDULE March 12 Camp Lejune Marines 18 University of Miami 19 University of Miami 21 Florida Southern College 23 Florida State University 24 Florida State University 25 Georgia Teachers College 26 Georgia Teachers College 27 Mercer University 28 Mercer University April 1 Florida Southern College 6 Valdosta State College 7 " Valdosta State College 9 Florida Southern College 11 Jacksonville University 14 Rollins College 18 University of Tampa 21 Rollins College 25 Florida Southern College 28 Rollins College May 1 Jacksonville University 2 University of Tampa 5 Rolhns College 8 University of Miami 9 University of Miami 11 Georgia Teachers College 12 Georgia Teachers College SCHEDULE Vlarch 10 Rollins 14 Rollins 19 Florida Southern College 21 Georgia State College 31 Centre College April 1 Howard College 3 Murray State College 8 University of Florida 11 Jacksonville University 15 Florida Southern College 18 University of Tampa 25 Emory University May 1 University of Florida 7 Florida State University 9 Jacksonville University COACH RAY HUSSEY TENNIS Left to right: Tim Catlin, Forte Hammond, Bob MacArthur, Bernie Sloan, Coach Ray Hussey, Jeff Reid, Bill Russell, Lee Rowell. KiULliiii;, Ljt 111 n!J.hl: Jcrr HuClIusuii, 1 uai Mcrriit, 1 rcJ Jcllc-riou, Juc Lubauki, John Hubert. Mumling, Ujt to lij hl: Aiid Ancjerion, Bob Maion, Gene Page, Darryl Redemeyer, Bill George, Coach Wes Berner. GOLF It ' s form like this that wins the tourney. COACH WES BERNER 203 INTRAMURAL BOARD Seated, left to right: Mel thrl ,lm.ill, Jerry JohiiMon, Jack Slicu.iii, Don Burnett. S ai tliiig: Jim Gunderson, Don Gilchrist, Tim Catlin. Mike Blocker, Bland Williamson. The Intramural Board is the legislative and policy- making body of the Men ' s Intramural Athletic As- sociation. Each organization entered in intramural competition is represented on the Board. Meeting weekly, the Board determines the type of competition, rules on all protested contests, and de- cides other matters relative to the general conduct of the program. Each representative serves as a manager for at least one of the sports on the intramural calendar. Members who have represented their organization throughout the entire year are awarded intramural keys by the Association for their service. GARLAND H. WILLIAMS Intramural Director JERRY JOHNSTON Student Director Randy and Jocko battle for the ball Ready for the snap down on the new athletic field. The 195 8-59 school year 3marked another giant stride forward in the intramural pro- gram. Under the very capable guidance of Director Garland H. Williams, the program was expanded to offer more men an oppor- tunity to join in the intramural activities. Facilities for intramural play were bolstered with the addition of a huge, new athletic field, complete with three football gridirons, two Softball diamonds, and a nine-lane, quarter-mile track. Gator breaks loose, and, with some help from Randy goes for the TD. The men ' s intramural athletics program is designed to provide for maximum participation in challenging sports activities that encourage the de- velopment of such desirable traits as leadership, sportsmanship, and team- work as well as motor skills. The competitive spirit in men ' s in- tramurals is keen. Each year, eight organizations vie for intramural honors, with a majority of them entering teams on both an " A " and " B " level of com- petition. The symbol of intramural supremacy is the magnificent Presi- dent ' s Cup which is presented annually to the organization that compiles the highest point total in over-all intra- mural play. Stetson ' s intramural program takes a back seat to no one. In relation to other colleges and universities, Stetson ' s pro- gram is recognized as one of the largest and best in the country. At present Stetson has the largest intramural pro- gram in the South, among schools in the college division. It was a close finish in the 440 yard relay during the 1958 Men ' s Intramural Track and Field Championship. Don Ray makes a lay-up as Ron Palmer and Phil Newcomb look on. Mel Christman ' s feats such as this win him the high jump event. Who got the bull ' s eye? Sara Staff Jernigan, Nationally known educator, heads women ' s physical education. INDIVIDUAL Individual sports play an important part in Stetson ' s intrumural program. It is through participation in these activities that girls learn self-reliance, sports- manship, and the joy of playing the game. Also, in this way each gu l supports, in her own special way, the group that she represents. And the score is 9 — 9! This one worth 8 points is ours. SPORTS Each woman on the campus is reached through the sororities and the Independent Women. Competition is set up among the groups with a trophy awarded to the groups compihng the most points, which are gotten through participation and victories. A trophy is also given to the group with the most members participating. With shuffle-board, tennis, badminton, and archery offered, there is a sport for everyone. Rough or smooth. ' It was a great game. up and over for a point TEAM Let ' s play ball! In leam sports each girl has the oppor- tunity to play a part in winning the game as well as the opportunity to develop such qualities as co- operation, fair play, team spirit, and good sportsman- ship in volleyball, and Softball, the competitive spirit is found at its peak. Batter up! We ' ll take the field. SPORTS Perfecf posfitrd! Tumbling develops body co-ordina- tion, control and balance in the performers. The op- portunity for creativity is provided in the formation of pyramids, and stunt and tumbling formations. Thus, these activities play an important part in the program aimed toward physical fitness. This takes practice. And up on three. GO HATTERS! The cheerleaders do much for the sports at Stetson. They lead the student body in pep ralHes, and their enthusiasm at the games often helps the Hatters come from behind to victory. This year Co-C aptains MoUie Sandi- ford and Anita Anderson have worked hard to lead Stetsonites toward more spirit. CHEERLEADERS Knecli,ig. Icit lo ritihl: M.iric Coiiipton, Anita AiKlcrson, Mollic Sandiford, Susan IsbcU. SUiiidiug. hjt to ria j) : C.inny Shollar, Sue Uodd, Cookie Ri, Carolinda Burnette, Marilyn White, and Jean Lent. 1 ; ' " -igbt: Barbara Jernigan, Barbara Vance, Saran Studstill, and Carole C Moore. MAJORETTES FLAG CORPS Kneeling: Paula Myers and Grace Waterson. Standing, left to right: Anne Carling, Susie Shaefer, Marilyn Krekel, Cynthia Hair, Marie Stokes, Julia Walker, and Sandra Brady. pttt Niiie i CLASSES ' T HE classes of 1958-59 have shared many activities and memorable experiences, as well as lots of fun this year. They have shared also the closeness which can be found only on a small campus such as Stetson. They have been the first students to use the fully developed facilities of the Stetson Union Building, and they have participated in the Diamond Jubilee Convocation, a significant even in Stetson ' s history. Theirs is a heritage of progress, expansion, and improve- ment on the part of the university, a heritage rich in bene- fits for every Stetson student. They are students who, Night and Morning will strive to fulfill Stetson ' s forward- looking tradition. THE JUNIOR CLASS The members of the Junior class are about to become next year ' s graduating Seniors. With this reahzation, most of them have tackled the questions which must be answered before they reach the end of their col- lege careers. They have decided what to take next year, what the goals of that last year will be, and most important, what they ' ll do with that diploma! Equipped with high ideals and knowledge they ' ve acquired so far, they are sure to fulfill the Great Expcctalioiis held for them as the graduates of 1960. BOB HICKEY President EARL DAVIS Vice President JO HOPPER Secretary CHARLES FULTON Treasurer 19 5 9 Abel S., Coral Gables, Fla. L.A. Alderman, E., Tampa, Fla. L.A. Alexander, J., W. Palm Beach, Fla. L.A. Allen, D., Forest City, N. C. L.A. Allen. R., Wauchula, Fla. L.A. Aiken, M., Atlanta, Ga. L.A. Anderson, A., W. Palm Beach, Fla. L.A. Armstrong, P., Helena, Ala. L.A. Bagby, v., Charlotte, N. C. Mus. Baldwin, M., Tampa, Fla. L.A. Baldwin, M., W. Palm Beach, Fla. L.A. Ballard, D., Coral Gables, Fla. L.A. Barnes, L., Orlando, Fla. L.A. Barr, J., Bourbon, Ga. L.A. Baughman, C, DeLand, Fla. L.A. Beabout, B., Maitland, Fla. Bus. BOEKEE, G., Bradenton, Fla. L.A. Boos, M., Boynton Beach, Fla. Bus. Bordley, N., Winter Park, Fla. Bus. BOUREAU, S., Coral Gables, Fla. L.A. THE J U N B2ADY, J., Tabor City, N. C. Bus. Brooks, Z., Bunnell, Fla. L.A. BSOWN, N., East Point, Ga. Mus. BURNETTE, C, Coral Gables, Fla. L.A. BURNSED, A., Jacksonville, Fla. L.A. Caldvc ELL, J., Ocala, Fla. L.A. Callan, J., DeLand, Fla. L.A. Carroll, R., Orlando, Fla. Bus. Childs, B., Gainesville, Ga. L.A. Christensen, K., Fort Lauder- dale, Fla. L.A. Cliver, D., Miami Gardens, Fla. Bus. CORLL, F., Canfteld, Ohio L.A. Coryell, A., DeLand, Fla. LA. Creel, M., Charlotte, N. C. Mus. Crouch, D., Dania, Fla. L.A. Crow, G., Jacksonville, Fla. L.A. Davis, E., Madison, Fla. L.A. Dell, C, Orlando, Fla. L.A. Descamps, R., Fort Lauderdale, Fla. L.A. DeWitt, M., Winter Park, Fla. L.A. I O R CLASS DODI), S., Daytona Beach, Fla. Mus. DORMAN, C, Ormond, Fla. L.A. DOSSETT, J., Tampa, Fla. L.A. DowMAN, N., Decatur, Ga. L.A. DUPERLY, M., Kingston, Jamaica L.A. Edgemon, J., Plant City, Fla. L.A. Eubank, J., Daytona Beach, Fla. L.A. EUBANKS, E., Belham, Ga. L.A. FlZETTE, N., DeLand, Fla. L.A. Flanders, F., W. Palm Beach, Fla. L.A. Flint, H., Daytona, Fla. L.A. Ford, F., DeLand, Fla. L.A. Fulton, C, West Palm Beach, Fla. Bus. Gaines, M., St. Augustine, Fla. Bus. Gibson, M., DeLand, Fla. L.A. Gormly, M., Miami, Fla. L.A. Gould, S., St. Petersburg, Fla. L.A. Gkesham, J., Atlanta, Ga. L.A. Gunderson, Jim, Enumclan, Wash. L.A. Hadsock, D., Douglas, Ga. L.A. THE J U N Hallowes, W., Jacksonville, Fla. Bus. Hammond, L., Winter Haven, Fla. L.A. Hammond, M., Eustis, Fla. L.A. Hampton, A., W. Palm Beach, Fla. Bus. Harris, N., Arlington, Va. L.A. Head, J., Atlanta, Ga. Mus. Helveston, R., Tampa, Fla. L.A. Heney, M., DeLand, Fla. L.A. Herrin, C, Tampa, Fla. L.A. HiCKEY, B., Arlington Heights, 111. L.A. Hopper, J., Cedartown, Ga. L.A. Howell, C, Jacksonville, Fla. L.A. Howell, E., DeLand, Fla. L.A. Hughes, H., Delray Beach, Fla. Bus. Hummelgard, J., Jamaica, B.W.L L.A. Hunt, R., DeLand, Fla. L.A. Hunter, M., Bradenton, Fla. L.A. Hutcheson, J., Marietta, Ga. Mus. James, G., DeLand, Fla. L.A. Jefferson, F. DeLand, Fla. L.A. lOR CLASS Jones, C, Deerfield Beach, Fla. Bus. JOKDAN, J., Miami, Fla. Mus. JURAS, J., Ormond Beach, Fla. L.A. Keaton, p., DeLand, Fla. L.A. Keaton, R., DeLand, Fla. L.A. Keith, L., Morris, 111. L.A. Kennedy, F., Florence, Ala. Bus. Kennedy, R., Canada L.A. KiNSER, D., Lakeland, Fla. Mus. Kissinger, D., Si. Petersburg, Fla. L.A. Krider, J., Sandford, Fla. L.A. Lancaster, D., Winter Park, Fla. L.A. Lanier, E., Spartanburg, S. C. L.A. LeSSLY, R., Wauchula, Fla. L.A. LiEBTAG, J., Orlando, Fla. Bus. LORBACH, J. West Palm Beach, Fla. Bus. Lovejoy, E., Boston, Mass. L.A. Lowe, P., Sarasota, Fla. L.A. LUECHAUER, C, Hollywood, Fla. L.A. Lysek, J., Tampa, Fla. L.A. THE J U N Mahone, p.. Coral Gables, Flya. L.A. Martindale, p., Birmingham, Ala. L.A. Marx, J., Des Plaines, 111. Bus. Mast, L., Vilas, N. C. Bus. Maynard, B., Mars Hill, N. C. L.A. Menoudakes, p., Woodhaven, N.Y. L.A. Miller, D., Odum, Ga. Bus. MiNTON, M., Jacksonville Beach, Fla. L.A. Moore, C, West Palm Beach, Fla. L.A. MULLINS, B., Miami Springs, Fla. L.A. Murray, D., Waycross, Ga. Mus. McArthur, B., Clearwater, Fla. Bus. McCarraher, J., Phoenixville, Ga. Bus. McCauley, M., Savannah, Ga. L.A. MclNNlS, B., DeLeon Springs, Fla. L.A. McKennon, W., Orlando, Fla. Bus. McKlBBEN, J., DeLand, Fla. L.A. McLarry, G., Winter Park, Fla. L.A. O ' Neal, L., Inverness, Fla. Bus. OUTEN, S., Pageland, S. C. L.A. lOR CLASS Owen, G., Lakeland, Fla. PanicO, M., Bethany, Conn. Park, H., Chonju, Korea Parker, I., Salem. Fla. Parker, L., Pensacola, Fla. Pearce, p., DeLand, Fla. PlERSON, A., Oviedo, Fla. Ponce, J., Miami, Fla. Bus. Bus. L.A. Bus. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. Prince, J., Loris, S. C. Bus. Pyle, a., Orlando, Fla. L.A. Rawls, G., Apopka, Fla. L.A. Rawls, G., Miami, Fla. Bus. Ray, D., Chapel Hill, N. C. L.A. Rhinehart, B., Ormond Beach, Fla. L.A. Rich, V., Daytona Beach, Fla. L.A. Richardson, G., DeLand, Fla. L.A. Richardson, L., Aurora, Ohio L.A. Richardson, P., Lake Helen, Fla. L.A. RiTTER, M., Grand Rapids, Mich. L.A. Robson, B., Miami, Fla. L.A. THE JUNIOR ROWELL, L., Leland, Miss. L.A. RUNKLE, T., Chattahoochie, Fla. L.A. RUNYON, W., Muskegon, Mich. L.A. Safford, C, Lake Hamilton, Fla. Mus. Schneider, B., Lindenhurst, N. Y. L.A. Scott, B., Sewickley, Pa. L.A. Scott, S., Orlando, Fla. L.A. Sellers, J., Tampa, Fla. L.A. Sellers, T., Brevard, N. C. Bus. Severance, A., Stanford, Ky. L.A. Shelton, W., Boynton Beach, Fla. Mus. Slade, J., Orlando, Fla. L.A. Slater, S., Hollywood, Fla. L.A. Smith, Ralph, DeLand, Fla. Mus. Smithwick, D., DeLand, Fla. L.A. SowELL, A., Gainesville, Fla. L.A. Speck, W., Fort Lauderdale, Fla. L.A. Stanley, J., Coral Gables, Fla. L.A. Storm, P., DeLand, Fla. Mus. Sumner, J., Dade City, Fla. Bus. CLASS Taft, B., Sarasota, I ' la. L.A. Taylor, B., DeLand, Fla. Bus. Thomas, S., St. Petersburg, Fla. L.A. TiPPlNS, R., Daytona Beach, Fla. L.A. Trow , E., DeLand, Fla. Tyner, a., Dade Cir ' , Fla. Wager, R., Jacksonville, Fla. Walker, L., Sarasota, Fla. L.A. L.A. Bus. L.A. Walker, J., Sarasota, Fla. Watkins, M., Orlando, Fla. Webb, T., Jacksonville, Fla. Whitaker, D., Sarasota, Fla. Bus. L.A. L.A. L.A. White, F., Atlanta, Ga. Bus. Williams, F., Atlantic City, N. J. Bus. Williams, S., Land O ' Lakes, Fla. L.A. Williamson, J., Brunswick, Ga. Mus. Willis, F., DeLand, Fla. Bus. Wilson, E., Winter Haven, Fla. L.A. Wilson, G., Miami, Fla. L.A. WiNSLOW, J., Tampa, Fla. L.A. Young, H., DeLand, Fla Zeigler, F., Perry, Fla. THE SOPHOMORE CLASS The Sophomores, now wise to the ways of college, consider Stetson and DeLand Oiir Tou ' ti. Familiar with persons, places, and procedures, they find it easier to study, easier to budget time for work and play, and easier to get along with people and situa- tions. These students are well on the way to a college diploma, and are now able to meet the responsibilities which accompany the title of " upperclassmen. " 1 1 A iM ' k GEORGE BORDERS President ELIZABETH FRIX Vice President DIANA KUNZE Secretary TED SUCHER Treasurer 1959 Adams, J., Savannah, Ga. L.A. AlESI, D., Reading, Mass. L.A. Allen, B., Clearwater, Fla. L.A. Anderson, C, Jacksonville, Fla. L.A. Anderson, S., Panama City, Fla. Mus. Atkins, J., Mt. Dora, Fla. Austin, R., Kannapolis, N. C. Avery, John, DeLand, Fla. Barefoot, R., Fort Meade, Fla. Barker, J., Waycross, Ga. L.A. L.A. L.A. Bus. L.A. Barnes, J., High Point. N. C. Barnes, M., Orlando, Fla. Barnett, D., Coatesville, Pa. Barnett, J. T., Miami, Fla. Barrows, D., San Francisco, Calif. L.A. L.A. Mus. L.A. Bus. Bass, R., DeLand, Fla. Bauer, R., Glen Head, L. L, N. Baughman, R., Palatka, Fla. Benn, L., Jacksonville, Fla. Bethea, S., St. Augustine, Fla. Bus. Bus. L.A. L.A. L.A. Blake, Syliva, Palatka, Fla. B ooth, B., Clearwater, Fla. Boren, S., Decatur, Ga. Boyar, J., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Boyd, L., Orlando, Fla. L.A. L.A. L.A. Bus. Mus. Brackens, A., Chestview, Fla. Bus. Brackin, E., Tampa, Fla. Bus. Brand, R., St. Augustine, Fla. L.A. BsiSTON, G., Atlanta, Ga. Mus. Burger, H., Miami Beach, Fla. Bus. THE SOPHO Burnett, B., Paris, Ky. Burnett, U., So. Hadley Falls, Mass. BURTY, B., Greenville, S. C. Bush, T., Dade City, Fla. Bynton, C, Orlando, Fla. L.A. Bus. L.A. L.A. Bus. Cagle, a.. Lakeland, Fla. Campbell, M., Plant City, Fla. Camp, T., Saxtons River, Vt. Carlson, C, Savannah, Ga. Carpenter, H., Woonsocket, R. I. L.A. L.A. Bus. L.A. Bus. Carter, B., DeLand, Fla. Carter, P., Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Cason, G., Fort McCoy, Ga. Catlin, T., Nevah, Wise. Cooper, J., Coral Gables, Fla. L.A. L.A. Bus. L.A. L.A. Cheatham, A. Eustis, Fla. Cheek, P., Chapel Hill, N. C. Chiistmas, J., Miami, Fla. Clark, C, Valdesa, N. C. Clay, T., Coral Gables, Fla. L.A. L.A. Mus. Mus. L.A. Clayton, D., Jacksonville, Fla. Cleary, T., Eustis, Fla. Cobb, E., Sarasota, Fla. Coffey, B., Blowing Rock, N. C. Cole, A., Jamaica, B.W.L L.A. L.A. Bus. Mus. L.A. MORE CLASS Cole, M., Chattanooga, Tenn. CORLETT, C, Miami, Fla. Cornelius, M., Columbus, Ga. Cox, J., Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Crews, C, Altamont Springs, Fla. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. Custer, S., Hagersto wn, Md. Davidson, M., Winter Park, Fla. Davidson, Z., Crestview, Fla. Davis, C, Eagle Lake Dennis, J., Dade City, Fla. DODDINGTON, D., DeLand, Fla. DOLBIER, W., Haines City, Fla. DOMPE, J., Crescent City, Fla. Donnelly, J., Orlando, Fla. Draper, D., Nashville, Tenn. Drumond, D., Jacksonville, Fla. DuNLAP, B., Lakeland, Fla. DUNWORTH, J., Hollywood, Fla. Eddinger, E., North Miami, Fla. Edenfield, L., Lakeland, Fla. Elliott, E., Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Ellis, J., Bartow, Fla. Elmore, S., Jacksonville, Fla. Eppert, D., Rockledge, Fla. Erickson, p., Rockford, 111. L.A. Bus. L.A. L.A. L.A. Bus. L.A. Bus. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. Bus. L.A. Bus. L.A. Bus. L.A. L.A. L.A. THE SOPHO EZELL, M., Coral Gables, Fla. EZELL, S., Coral Gables, Fla. Fain, M., Jackson, Miss. Farmer, H., Columbia, Tenn. Farr, S., Sebring, Fla. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. Bus. Ferrell, J., DeLand, Fla. L.A. FlEBKICK, D., Lexington, S. C. L.A. FiNLEY, C, Valdosta, Ga. L.A. Fleischman, C, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Bus. Flook, K., DeLand, Fla. Bus. Foster, S., Roebuck, S. C. Franks, B., Vero Beach, Fla. Freeman, M., Lexington, Ky. Frix, E., Miami, Fla. Fry, T., Asheboro, N. C. Garcia, S., Fernandina, Fla. Gerring, J., Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Gerard, B., Winston-Salem, N. C. Gill, M., Rockford, 111. Gillespie, N., Atlantic Beach, Fla. GiLLETT, A., Miami, Fla. Glendon, B., Bridgetown, N. J. Gooding, M., Jacksonville, Fla. Gould, J., Atlanta, Ga. Grentner, J., Coral Gables, Fla. Bus. L.A. L.A. L.A. LA. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. MORE CLASS Groover, C, Tampa, Fla. GUENTHER. M., DeLand, Fla. Hagarth, D., Apopka, Fla. Hagen, W., Plant City, Fla. Hahn, C., Hollywood, Fla. Bus. L.A. Bus. L.A. Mus. Hall, G., DeLand, Fla. Hamerick, G., Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Hammond, J., Miami, Fla. Hancock, F., Palatka, Fla. Handte, C., Miami, Fla. L.A. Mus. Bus. L.A. L.A. Hardt, a., Daytona Beach, Fla. Hatcher, M., South Daytona, Fla. Henderson, B., Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Helms, M., Miami Springs, Fla. Heney, J., DeLand, Fla. Hiller, B., Fort Lauderdale, Fla. HiNTZ, M., DeLand, Fla. HOHMAN, J., Coral Gables, Fla. Holzman, J., Boynton Beach, Fla. Hubbard, H., Atlanta, Ga. HUBES, Anna, Winchester, Tenn. Hubert, J., Daytona Beach, Fla. Hunt, E., Macon, Ga. Hunter, B., Lake City, Fla. HusKA, H., St. Petersburg, Fla. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. LA. Bus. L.A. Bus. L.A. L.A. L.A. Bus. L.A. L.A. L.A. THE SOPHO HUTCHINS, B., Somers, Conn. Imes, B., Atlanta, Ga. Jacobs, J., Lake Worth, Fla. Jackson, J.. Cordell, Ga. Jackson, L., Tifton, Ga. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. Jane, R., Maitland, Fla. JARMAN, B., Miami, Fla. Jernigan, B., Donalsonville, Ga. Johnson, H., West Palm Beach, Fla. Johnson, J. Bus. Bus. L.A. L.A. L.A. Johnson, S., Jacksonville, Fla. Johnson, W., Dallas, Texas Joiner, H., Crescent City, Fla. Jones, B., New Smyrna, Fla. Jones, D., Owensboro, Ky. L.A. L.A. L.A. Bus. L.A. Judge, J., Holly Hill, Fla. Kearney, J., Baltimore, Md. Keen, F., Vero Beach, Fla. Keites, D., Orlando, Fla. Keith, C, Newman, Ga. L.A. Mus. L.A. Mus. Mus. Kick, R., Daytona Beach, Fla. Kingon, K., Evansville, Ind. Kitchens, G., Douglas, Ga. KocHEL, M., Rockford, 111. KOHLOSS, v., Winter Park, Fla. Bus. Mus. L.A. L.A. L.A. KOHB, p., Apopka, Fla. MORE CLASS Krueger, G., Cleveland Heights, Ohio KUNZE, D., Miami, Fla. LamONT, J., DeLand, Fla. Lawson, M., Enterprise, Fla. Lawson, M., Alexandria, La. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. Mus. Lebak, M., Miami, Fla. Lac, B., Green Cove Springs, Fla. Lexow, C, Hollywood, Fla. L ' Heureux. Winter Park, Fla. LoiA, J., Miami Shores, Fla. L.A. L.A. Bus. L.A. Bus. Light, R., Orlando, Fla. LUING, G., Des Moines, Iowa MacKendree, R., Miami, Fla. Maguire, M., Jacksonville, Fla. Maham, D., Clearwater, Fla. Bus. Bus. Bus. L.A. Bus. MalCOM, T., Orange, Conn. Mallard, E., Bradenton, Fla. Marshall, R., DeLand, Fla. Matteodo, p., Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Matthews, L., Bradenton, Fla. L.A. L.A. L.A. Bus. L.A. McBride, J., Bayside, N. Y. Mus. McCampbell, C, W. Palm Beach, Fla. L.A. McCOLLUM, J., St. Augustine, Fla. L.A. McCoLSKY, J. Lake City, Fla. L.A. McCullough, M., St. Augustine, Fla. L.A. • McGregor, M., Boynton, Fla. . ' THE SOPHO McLaughlin, J. Jasper, Fla. L.A. McNamara, T., Hampshire, 111. Bus. McWhorter, M., Bremen, Ga. Bus. Meyers, P., Clearwater, Fla. L.A. MiDDLETON, S., Orlando, Fla. Music Mitchell, J., Bound Brook, N. J. L.A. MOHN, M., Lake Worth, Fla. L.A. Montague, B., Fort Lauderdale, Fla. L.A. Moore, S., Winter Haven, Fla. L.A. Morgan, J., Jacksonville, Fla. Music Morgan, K., Lakeland, Fla. Morgan, P., Miami, Fla. Morgan, V., Savannah, Ga. MOSLEY, G., Decatur, Ga. Mueller, N., Louisville, Ky. Bus. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. MURRAH, N., Orlando, Fla. Newton, E., Ordando, Fla. Nowell, J., Nashville, Tenn. Nunez, C, Tampico, Mexico NUTT, D., Dade City, Fla. Bus. L.A. Bus. L.A. L.A. O ' CONNELL, D., Gulfport, Fla. O ' Dell, B., DeLand, Fla. Ogletree, T., Beaufort, S. C. Ogletree, B., Beaufort, S. C. O ' Neal, P., Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Bus. L.A. Bus. Bus. Bus. MORE CLASS Pavey, C, Canton, Ohio Page, K., Jacksonville, Fla. Paradise, R., Stuart, Fla. Park, H., Chomju, Korea Parker, G., Jacksonville, Fla L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. Perrino, G., DeLand, Fla. Perry, A.. Gainesville, Fla. PatersON, B., W. Lafayette, Ind. PiDGEON, R., Stuart, Fla. Bus. L.A. L.A. L.A. PiNACHiAN, F., W. New York, N. J. Mus. PiTTMAN, B., Pompano Beach, Fla. PiTTMAN, v., Dade Ciry, Fla. Platt, D., St. Petersburg, Fla. Poster, E., Jacksonville Beach, Fla. Prasil, G., Naple, Fla. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. Bus. Prescott, A., West Palm Beach, Fla. Preston, K., Flagler Beach, Fla. Ragan, T., Miami, Fla. Raisner, v., Merritt Island, Fla. Raulerson, S., Plant City, Fla. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. Rettberg, E., DeLand, Fla. RiDENOUR, H., Marianna, Fla. Ridinger, C, Charleston, W. Va. Roach, D., Manila, Ark. Ross, J.. Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Mus. L.A. L.A. Bus. L.A. THE SOPHO Royal, C, Belle Glade, Fla. Ruth, B., Salesburg, N. C. RUEBEL, B., St. Petersburg, Fla. Ryan, J., Savannah, Ga. Sanders, D., Homestead, Fla. Bus. L.A. Bus. Mus. L.A. Santora, G., Jacksonville, Fla. ScHWEiSTER, T. J., Hollywood, Fla. Seckinger, K., Glennville, Ga. Sellards, D., Apopka, Fla. Sledge, J., DeLand, Fla. Shaw, C, Miami, Fla. Shettle, p.. Land O ' Lakes, Fla. Sloan, B., Bambridge, Ga. Sims, B., York Park, Pa. Sims, H., St. Petersburg, Fla. Smiser, D., Cynthia, N. Y. Smith, C, DeLand, Fla. Smith, T., Ocala, Fla. Spitser, D., Hallandale, Fla. SteanSON, J., Griffin, Ga. Stevens, D., Winter Park, Fla. Stevenson. V., Miami, Fla. Stewart, W., Davtona Beach. Fla. Streeter, B., Zephyr Hills, Fla. SUCHER, T., Hamden, Conn. Sweetman, J., Orlando, Fla. Taylor, A., DeLand, Fla. Taylor, A. R., DeLand, Fla. Tedder, M., West Palm Beach, Fla. Thigpen, Nancy, St. Petersburg, Fla. L.A. Bus. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. Bus. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. MORE CLASS Thomas, B., Ormond Beach, Fla. Thompson, J., Jacksonville, Fla. Thompson, R., Jacksonville, Fla. Thrower. G., Jacksonville, Fla. Thurmond, J., Minneola, Fla. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. Todd, C, Orlando. Fla. Towns, T., Hillsdale, Mich. TurCOTTE, G., Gardner, Mass. Turley, H., Augusta, Ga. TURLEY, T.. Meredith, N. H. L.A. Bus. L.A. L.A. Bus. TURNEY ' , P., Palm Beach. Fla. Ulmer, M., South Miami, Fla. Watson, B., Cleveland, Tenn. Walton, B., Miami Springs, Fla. Watkins, M., West Palm Beach, Fla. L.A. L.A. Bus. L.A. L.A. Watts, B., Summerfieid, Fla. Weber, M., Miami, Fla. White, M., Nashville, Tenn. Whitmire, J., Atlanta, Ga. Williams, C, Chapel Hill, N. C. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. Williams, A., Jacksonville, Fla. Williams, T., High Point, N. C. Wilkins, G., Falls Church, Va. Wilson, M., Riviera Beach, Fla. WiNSLOW, J., Tampa, Fla. L.A. Mus. L.A. Mus. L.A. Woodard, G., Waynesvilie, N. C. Bus. WoRTHINGTON, a., Fort Lauderdale, Fla. L.A. THE FRESHMAN CLASS The members of the Freshman class entered school in the fall of ' 5 8 full of The Sound and the Fury of youth. The end of this year marks their coming of age as college students, and while they are still young and high-spirited, they find themselves more mature. Now well-acquainted with campus life, these stu- dents look forward to helping next year ' s Freshman class get started on the road of higher education and broadening college experiences. JOHN DAVIS President JIM STUART Vice President JUDY MYERS Secretary PAUL MARTZ Treasurer 238 195 9 Adams, J., Miami, Fla. Adams, M., Blountstown, Fla. Albritton, J., Gibsoniown, Ga. Alderman, A., Melbourne, Fla. Allen, J., Columbus, Ohio Allen, L., Miami, Fla. An derson, A., Mullins, S. C. Anderson, J., Daytona Beach, Fla. Afmstrong, R., Marietta, N. Y. Arnett, E., Glenmills, Pa. ARNHOLTER, a., Jacksonville, Fla. Ashley, J., Stuart, Fla. Auffant, J., Maracaibo, Venezuela Bus, AUSLEY, J., Hastings, Fla. L.A. Babb, R., Kissimmee, Fla. L.A. B-MLEY, M., Milledgeville, Ga. L.A. Ballard, S., DeLand, Fla. Balth.aser, E., Fort Lauderdale, Fla. L.A Bafber, B., Olney, N. Y. Bus, B- PBER. J., Winter Haven, Fla. L.A Bennett, d., DeLand, Fla. L.A Befgin, B., Avondale Estates, Ga. L.A Blackford, P., Ahamonte Springs, L.A BCHE, C. Miami, Fla. L.A BORTEN, E., Toledo, Ohio Bozeman, C, Montgomery, Ala. Br ADFORD, J., Orlando, Fla. Btady ' , S., Tarpon Springs, Fla. Brand, L., Miami, Fla. B-IDGES, S., Waynesville, N. C. Browder, E., New Hyde Park, N.Y. L.A B!!OWN, L., Palatka, Fla. L.A Brown, M., Zephyrhills, Fla. L.A Buck, D., Coral Gables, Fla. Bus Bush, R., Lakeland, Fla. L.A, BUTCHES, W., Miami, Fla. L.A, Campbell, C, Yulee, Fla. Caraballo, v., Tampa, Fla. Carling, a., St. Augustine, Fla. Carter, L., Jacksonville, Fla. Catlin, M., Neewah, Wise. Chamberlin, J., Lake City, Fla. THE FRESH Clark, J., Miami, Fla. L.A. Clark, R., Owensboro, Ky. Bus. Clark, R., Miami, Fla. L.A. Clemmer, p., Naples, Fla. Bus. COEY, G., Shelbyville, Tenn. L.A. COFIELD, S., Mayo, Fla. L.A. Cohen, J., Miami Beach, Fla. L.A. Collins, E., Ft. Pierce, Fla. L.A. Collins, T., Palatka, Fla. L.A. COLSON, H., Wildwood, N. J. L.A. COMPTON, M., Orlando, Fla. L.A. CONE, W., Okeechobee, Fla. L.A. Connell, F., Lake Wales, Fla. L.A. Cook, B., Jacksonville, Fla. L.A. Cook, R., Miami, Fla. L.A. Coryell, S., Seffner, Fla. L.A. COSTAR, E., Miami, Fla. Bus. Craig, J., Miami, Fla. L.A. Crawford, C, Miami, Fla. L.A. Crosby, J., Sarasota, Fla. L.A. Cross, W., Maitland, Fla. Bus CUBILLAS, T., Coral Gables, Fla. L.A CUTCHINS, F., Cairo, Ga. L.A. Damewood, K., St. Petersburg, Fla. L.A. Dashiell, R., St. Petersburg, Fla. L.A. Davis, D., Miami, Fla. L.A. Davis, J., Miami, Fla. L.A. Dean, C., Knoxville, Tenn. L.A. Deets, L., Miami Springs, Fla. Bus. Denman, D., Clearwater, Fla. L.A. Dent, M., Jacksonville, Fla. L.A. Dervaes, R., Havertown, Pa. L.A. DiEZ, R., Tampa, Fla. L.A. Dillon, B., Louisville, Ky. Bus. DODD, F., Atlantic City, N. J. L.A. Dowd, v., Orlando, Fla. L.A. DOWLING, M., Daytona Beach, Fla. L.A. DuBoSE, B., DeLand, Fla. L.A. Duke, S., Springfield, Tenn. L.A. Duncan, M., Longwood, Fla. L.A. Dunn, D., Fernandina Beach, Fla. L.A. Durden, p., Coral Gables, Fla. L.A. MAN CLASS Dykes, V., DeLand. Fla. ECKERT. J., BellviUe, 111. Edvcards, a.. Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Epting, D., HiUiard, Fla. Eriksson, E., Bay Shore, N. Y. Evans, D., Orlando, Fla. Evans, M., Boynton Beach, Fla. Farrington, J., Patrick A.F.B., Fla, Fay, L., Westfield, N. J. Fesler, W., Sanford, Fla. Floyd, M., Elkton, Fla. FOLSOM, S., Loxahatchee, Fla. Foster, A., DeLand, Fla. Foster, P., Orlando, Fla. Francisco, P., Little Falls, Fla. FULFORD, L., Ocala. Fla. Gant, J., Micanopy, Fla. Garten, C, Ft. Pierce, Fla. Gauweiler, R.. Miami, Fla. L.A. George, J., Melbourne, Fla. Bus. Gil, G., Havana, Cuba Bus. Gildersleeve, R., Stovington, Conn. Bus GiLLUM, M., Lakeland, Fla. L.A, Godard, J., Rome, Ga. L.A GOODE, J., Hawkinsville, Ga. Goslin, M., Atlanta. Ga. GowEN, A., Woodbine, Ga. Gray ' , D., Plymouth, Mass. Gregory, S., Danville, Ky. Green, J., Daytona Beach, Fla. Green, S., Sarasota, Fla. Greenlaw, M,. Folcroft, Pa. Hair, C, DeLand, Fla. Hall, D., Columbus, Ohio Hall, J., New Brighton, Pa. Hammond, F., Daytona Beach, Fla. L.A Hancock, J. Bus. Hatch, A., Urbana, 111. Bus. Hardin, G., Orlando, Fla. L.A. Harrell, R., Waverly, Ga. L.A Harrell, R., Jacksonville Bch., Fla. L.A. Harrison, B., Decatur, Ga. L.A, THE FRESH Harrison, C, Windermere, Fla. L.A. Henderson, J., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. L.A. Hicks, L., Anderson, S. C. L.A. Hill, V., Suffolk, Va. L.A. Hubbard, C, Spencer, Ind. L.A. Huff, D., Buckhead, Ga. L.A. Hughes, G., Fort Lauderdale, Fla. HuLBERT, B., Venice, Fla. HULING, A., Folkston, Ga. Humphries, B., Arlington, Va. Huntley, S., Jacksonville, Fla. HUTZLER, B., Delray Beach, Fla. Hyde, C., Decatur, Ga. Iacovelli, T., Philadelphia, P; Ingram, M., Sarasota, Fla. ISBELL, S., Miami, Fla. Jackson, P., Jacksonville, Fla. Jenkins, C, DeLand, Fla. Jenkins, G., Hilliard, Fla. JESSOP, G., Manchester, Conn. Johnson, G., Daytona Beach, Fla. Johnson, J., Arcadia, Fla. Johnson, K., Hickory, N. C. Johston, M., Tampa, Fla. Jones, B., Ringgold, Ga. Jones, C, Delray Beach, Fla. Jones, D., Kansas City, Kan. Jones, D., Jacksonville, Fla. Jones, J., Ormond Beach, Fla. Jones, P., Tampa, Fla. Juarez, O., Tampa, Fla. JUNGER, J., Coral Gables, Fla. Justice, D., Winter Park, Fla. Keiper, J., DeLand, Fla. Kelly, E., Dania, Fla. Kelly, L., Tulsa, Okla. Killebrew, P., Tampa, Fla. King, A., Ft. Pierce, Fla. King, P., Tampa, Fla. King, R., Middletown, Ky. Kinnan, H., Bradenton, Fla. Knapp, R., Hialeah, Fla. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. Mas. Bus. L.A. L.A. Bus. L.A. L.A. L.A. Mus. L.A. L.A. L.A. Mus. L.A. L.A. L.A. Mus. L.A. L.A. L.A. L.A. Mus. L.A. L.A. L.A. Bus. Mus. Bus. L.A. L.A. MAN CLASS Knipe, p., Orlando, Fla. Bus. KnOPKE, M., Tampa, Fla. Bus. Kramer, M., West Palm Beach, Fla. Bus. Kfause, R., Fort Lauderdale, Fla. L.A. Krebs, M., Miami, Fla. Bus. Krekel, M., Crystal Beach, Fla. L.A. KUNSMAN, B., Palatka, Fla. L.A. Lamb, J., Jacksonville, Fla. L.A. Langham, R., Mamaroneck, N. Y. L.A. Lanier, J., Winter Haven. Fla. L.A. Laurence, S., Maplewood, N. J. L.A. Lederhaus, M., De Barry, Fla. L.A. Lee, G., Atlanta, Ga. Mus. Lehotay, C, Columbus, Ga. L.A. Lent, J., Albion, N. Y. Bus. LeSuer, B., Miami Springs, Fla. L.A. Lindley, R., Jacksonville, Fla. Bus. LOEB, S., St. Petersburg, Fla. L.A. Lord, J., Live Oak, Fla. Bus. LOTT, P., Folkston, Ga. L.A. Lowe, J., Boston, Ga. Bus. LUCKENBACH, P., Hillsboro Beach, Fla. Bus. LUNDQUIST, p., Sanford, Fla. Bus. LUSHENE, M., Eau Gallie, Fla. Bus. Lynam, B., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. L.A. Lynn, M., Columbia, S. C. Mus. Lyon, W., Westfield, Mass. L.A. Mackenzie, J., Euclid, Ohio L.A. Macik, D., Hialeah, Fla. L.A. MacDonald, N., DeLand, Fla. L.A. Markham, J., Fernandina Bch., Fla. L.A. Marquit, M., Miami, Fla. L.A. Martz, p., Pompano Beach, Fla. L.A. Mathewes, S., Jacksonville, Fla. L.A. Mathews, C, Leesburg, Fla. L.A. Mathis, J., Orlando, Fla. Bus. Mazzeo, p.. Winter Haven, Fla. L.A. McCOMB, M., Huron, Ohio L.A. McCracken, M., New Smyrna Beach, Fla. L.A. McCrory, p., Florence, Ala. L.A. McDonald, G., Atlanta, Ga. L.A. Mcelroy, J., Orlando, Fla. L.A. THE FRESH McMahan, M., St. Petersburg, Fla. Mus. Mears, p., Kissimmee, Fla. L.A. Megee, L., Miami, Fla. L.A. Meister, S., St. Petersburg, Fla. L.A. Merrifield, J., Southyport, Conn. L.A. Merritt, T., Syracuse, Ind. L.A. Messinger, L., Tampa, Fla. L.A. Miles, S., Miami, Fla. L.A. Miller, J., Ill, Miami, Fla. L.A. Miller, M., St. Petersburg, Fla. L.A. Moffett, J., Clearwater, Fla. L.A. MOLZAHN, Marietta, Ga. L.A. Moody, J., Waycross, Ga. Mus. MONTALVAN, L, Havana, Cuba Bus. Moore, C, Atlanta, Ga. L.A. Morris, D., Washington, D. C. L.A. Mosley, G., Jacksonville, Fla. Bus. Mowen, L., Miami, Fla. L.A. MULHOLLAND, M., Dublin, Eire L.A. Mullins, D., Miami Springs, Fla. Bus. MULLINS, M., Ashland, Ky. Bus. MURPHY ' , J., Longwood, Fla. L.A. Myers, B., DeLand, Fla. L.A. Myers, J., Knoxville, Tenn. L.A. Norton, H., Lakeland, Fla. L.A. MacLaren, J., Lake City, Fla. L.A. Madden, S., Palm Beach, Fla. L.A. Maris, G., Eau Gallie, Fla. L.A. Nazli, J.. DeLand, Fla. L.A. Owens, M., DeLeon Springs, Fla. L.A. Palmer, A., Winter Park, Fla. L.A. Parks, H., Jacksonville, Fla. L.A. Pauli, F., Miami, Fla. L.A. Peefles, B., Zephyrhills, Fla. L.A. Petty, J., Tifton, Ga. L.A. Pfile, W., Charleroi, Pa. L.A. Philbrick, K., Coral Gables, Fla. L.A. Phillips, B., DeLand, Fla. Bus. POREP, S., Miami, Fla. L.A. Pitts, J., Clinton, S. C. L.A. Platt, R., North Adams, Mass. L.A. Plange, L., Clearwater, Fla. L.A. MAN CLASS Powers, F., Lake City, Fla. L.A. QUARLES, A., DeLand, Fla. L.A. Rambo, J., Lake Worth, Fla. L.A. Rankin, G., Orlando, Fla. L.A. Raught, B., Lima, Peru L.A. Ray, W., Atlanta, Ga. L.A Reed, M.. Bainbridge, Ga. L.A Reed, R., Miami Springs, Fla. L.A Reid, B., Daytona Beach, Fla. Mus Reynolds, G., Dunedin, Fla. L.A Richey, J., Chattanooga, Tenn. Bus Riffle, A., DeLand, Fla. L.A Rike, K., Delray Beach, Fla. L.A Riley, C, St. Petersburg, Fla. L.A Rinker, Palm Beach, Fla. Bus Roberts, S., DeLand, Fla. L.A Rogers, G., DeLand, Fla. L.A ROUTH, M., Sanford, Fla. L.A ROYER, M., Ft. Myers, Fla. L.A. ROZIER, E., West Palm Beach, Fla. LA. RUNKLE, P., Rockville, Md. L.A. Russell, S., Sarasota, Fla. Bus. Rutan, S., Atlanta, Ga. L.A. Sakon, F., Haines City, Fla. L.A. Samson, B., Tampa, Fla. Mus. Sanders, F., Atlanta, Ga. Bus. Sargent, P., ConnersviUe, Ind. Bus. Sassarth, M., DeLand, Fla. L.A. Sasser, p., Pahokee, Fla. Bus. Schibanoff, M., Freehold, N. J. L.A. Schindel, P., Verona, N. J. LA. Schlueter, E., Lakeland, Fla. L.A. Scoggins, D., Atlanta, Ga. Bus. Scudder, J., Campbell, N. Y. L.A. Seaborn, D., Sebring, Fla. L.A. Searson, J., St. Augustine, Fla. L.A. Seavy, T., Jacksonville, Fla. L.A. Sheafer, S., Burlington, Ontario L.A. Shay, K., Leesburg, Fla. L.A. Shepard, C, Chula Vista, Calif. L.A. Sherman, C, Tovarandie, N. Y. Bus. Shields, T., Naples, Fla. L.A. THE FRESH ShOLLAR, G., Gainesville, Fla. L.A. SlEGAL, W., Hempstead, N. Y. Bus. Simpson, A., Washington, D. C. L.A. Sinclair, E., Havana, Cuba Bus. Singer, J., Tampa, Fla. L.A. SlSSERSON, T., Ponte Verda Beach, Fla. L.A. Slagle, B., Andrews, N. C. L.A. Slingerland, p., Howe Cave, N. Y. L.A. Sloan, J., Tampa, Fla. L.A. Smith, M., Daytona Beach, Fla. L.A. Smith, S., Lake City, Fla. Bus. Snyder, G., De Leon Springs, Fla. Bus. Spencer, B., La Belle, Fla. L.A. Stevens, G., Ft. Myers, Fla. L.A. Stokes, M., Jacksonville, Fla. Mus. Story, R., Arabi, Ga. L.A. Straley, R., Ft. Myers, Fla. L.A. Strickland, J., Dade City, Fla. L.A. Stuart, J., Jacksonville, Fla. L.A. Studstill, S., Pompano Beach, Fla. L.A. Sugg, H., South Orange, N. J. L.A. Sullins, F., Vero Beach, Fla. L.A. Summers, S., Lake City, Fla. Bus. Surface, S., Leymaur, Ind. Bus. Sutherland, B., Middleton, Ky. L.A. Swinney, S., High Point, N. C. L.A. SZATYN, E., Caracas, Venezuela Bus. Tate, F., Edgewater, Fla. L.A. Tatum, W., Montezuma, Ga. L.A. Taylor, C, West Palm Beach, Fla. L.A. Taylor, M., Cleveland, Tenn. L.A. Tedrow, a., Naranja, Fla. L.A. Templer, J., Perrine, Fla. L.A. Templer, J., Perrine, Fla. L.A. Thomas, E., Warner Robins, Ga. L.A. 1 HOMAS, J., Lake City, Fla. L.A. Thompson, B., Bridgeton, N. J. L.A. Thompson, F., Palatka, Fla. L.A. Tilden, R., Winter Garden, Fla. L.A. TOWNSEND, C, Ocala, Fla. L.A. Trinowski, Jamesport, N. Y. L.A. Troup, J., New Smyrna Beach, Fla. L.A. MAN CLASS Underwood. M.. Wilmington, N. C. L.A. Upchurch, J., Atlanta, Ga. Mus. Vance, B., Knoxville, Tenn. L.A. V. NDEUSEN. B., Washington, D. C. L.A. Van Hyning, S., Winter Park, Fla. L.A. Van Zant, J., Jacksonville, Fla. Mus. Vardaman, E., Miami, Fla. L.A. VaSS, R.. Winter Park, Fla. Bus. Vaughen, D., DeLand, Fla. L.A. Vrooman. N., Oneonta, N. Y. L.A. Waldo, J.. Jacksonville. Fla. L.A. Waldrop, D.. Shelbv. N. C. Mus. Walker, N., New Smyrna Bch., Fla. L.A. Wall. L., Lexington, N. C. L.A. Ward, J., DeLand, Fla. L.A. Ward. J.. Spencer, Ind. L.A. Ward, K., Ft. Myers, Fla. L.A. Weaver, H.. Orlando, Fla. L.A. Weiss, L.. Eau Gallie. Fla. Mus. WeSTBURY, M., Ormond Beach, Fla. Bus. Wheeler. A.. Oak HilL Fla. L.A. White. M., Atlanta. Ga. L.A. WiCKSTROM. B., Miami, Fla. L.A. Widmark, W„ Brainerd, Minn. L.A. Wiley, W., Baltimore, Md. Bus. Williams. D., Sanford, Fla. Bus. Williams, L., Dunedin, Fla. Bus. Williams, S., Williston, Fla. L.A. Wills. M.. Orlando, Fla. L.A. Wilson, L., Orlando, Fla. L.A. Wiseman, P., Huntington. W. Va. L.A. Woods, N., Atlanta, Ga. Bus. Wood, W.. DeLand. Fla. L.A. Wright, N.. Springfield, 111. Mus. Yahbrough, C, Way cross, Ga. Mus. LAW SCHOOL STETSON ' S COLLEGE of Law, established in 1900, is Florida ' s oldest law school. In 19 54 it was moved from DeLand to St. Petersburg, Florida. This location provides ready access to the courts, agencies, and institutional facili- ties of the Tampa Bay metropolitan area. The curriculum of the law school, approved by the Florida Supreme Court in 1909, permits graduates to be admitted to the Bar of Florida without taking the regular Bar examination. For many years the school has been on the accredited list of the American Bar Association, and has been a member of the Association of American Law Schools. The law course is based primarily upon the study and discussion of reported cases, supplemented by lectures and assigned readings. The faculty endeavors to give such training as will fit young men and women for the active duties of the office and courtroom, and at the same time effort is made to impress upon the students the high ethical standards of the legal profession; and an awareness of the underlying philosophy of the principles of law. The graduates of Stetson ' s Law School are men who, when there comes A Time to Act, will act wisely and justly, upholding high standards of excellence which ac- company their degree. Jb . .■■■,-■■■;•, 1 ■ The Granary lower The Gold Tower LAW SCHOOL CAMPUS THE ADMINISTRATION DEAN HAROLD L. SEEKING Dean of Stetson College of Law HAROLD F. ARCHIBALD Business Manager % , ' . MRS. KAY EDDY Registrar MRS. MARY BETH BREEM Director of Food Service THE FACULTY RICHARD THOMAS DILLON Assistant Professor of Law EDWARD LAMONT PLATT Visiting Professor of Law JAMES TENNEY BRAND Professor of Law JOHN JAMES TRENAM Lecturer in Law BAYA M. HARRISON Lecturer in Law CAL ' lx ARNOLD QUENZEL Assistant Professor of Law THE LAW SENIORS 1959 ANDERSON Abel, Harvey J Sarasota, Fla. Anderson, David C. . . St. Petersburg, Fla. Appleby, Franklin M Sarasota, Fla. Cazin, Albert Tampa, Fla. Pres., Jr. Class; Phi Alpha Delta, Justice; Stud. Bar Assn., Treas.; Nat ' I Stud. Bar Assn. Rep.; Moot Court, Runner-up. CoGBURN, James C. . St. Petersburg Bch., Fla. CuSHMAN, Everett E Gulfport, Fla. Fenton, Philip S Lake City, Pa. Firestone, Harvey S Akron, Ohio FIRESTONE George, Nicholas A. . . Daytona Bch., Fla. GiLSON, Glen W. . . . St. Petersburg, Fla. Honor Court Justice; Moot Court Competition; Aca- demic Scholarship; Delt.i Thcta Phi. GUYTON, John A Tampa, Fla. Haines, John D. . . Altamonte Springs, Fla. Hereford, William M. . . . Sarasota, Fla. Houston, John E Dania, Fla. Inghs, Charles K Sioux Falls, S. D. Delta Theta Phi; Legal Aid Comm.; Stud. Dir., Bus. Mgr.; Moot Court Competition; Barristers; Toast- master ' s Internat ' l. Jackson, Billy R. . . . St. Petersburg, Fla. Jacob, Bruce R Sarasota, Fla. Who ' s Who; Highbaugh Scholarship; Phi Delta Phi, Historian, Soc. Chr.; Moot Court, Winner; Moot Court Team; ALSA Delegate; Barrister ' s; Legal Aid Comm., Chr.; Jr. Class Pres.; Student Bar Ex. Comm. Jellett, David .... St. Petersburg, Fla. Johnson, Harold F Sanford, Fla. kuRRAS, Herbert L. . . . St. Petersburg, Fla, Lafferty, John P Altoona, Pa. Lee, Ronald Tampa, Fla. HEREFORD JACKSON JACOB JELLETT JOHNSON THE LAW SENIORS 1959 McDONNELIL McGregor McDonnell, Miles C. . . St. Petersburg, Fla. McGregor, Donald B. . . St. Petersburg, Fla. Mankin, John M. . . . Rocky River, Ohio Martinez, Joseph R. . Santurce, Puerto Rico Miller, Obediah R Erwin, Tenn. Honor Court Justice; Moot Court Participant; Phi Delta Phi, Exchequer, V.P.; Pres. of Stud. Body; Who ' s Who; Honor Roll; Gulf Life Ins. Scholarship. MixoN, Charles F Tampa, Fla. Otis, Michael H Tampa, Fla. Porter, David M DeLand, Fla. Potter, John M W. Palm Bch., Fla. Delta Theta Phi; Jr. Class Sec.-Treas.; Moot Court; Legal Aid. Rhodes, Raymond E. Roberson, Frank . Rosin, Robert P. . Sams, Charles M. . . St. Petersburg, Fla. New Smyrna Bch., Fla. . St. Petersbvirg, Fla. New Smyrna Bch., Fla. Speer, Roy M Key West, Fla. Steinberg, Ralph Tampa, Fla. MARTINEZ ROBERSON SAMS STEINBERG Steward, Pierre Winter Park, Fla SwETMAN, Robert P. . . . Winter Park, Fla Taylor, Harold C. . St. Petersburg Bch., Fla, Treadwell, John H Arcadia, Fla Underberg, Alfred E. . . St. Petersburg, Fla Walton, Edward E Miami, Fla, Wharton, James E Lakeland, Fla. Fresh. Hon. Ct.; Jr. Hon. Ct.; Sr. Hon. Ct.; Stud. Bar, Soc. Chr.; Honor Ct. Comm., Chr.; Who ' s Who; Phi Alpha Delta, Sec; Vice Justice. Wheeler, Irwin W Lakeland, Fla. Williams, Robert L Gulfport, Fla. Williams, William C. . . Delray Bch., Fla. Beta Theta Pi; Phi Alpha Delta; Stud. Bar Assn., Treas.; IFC. TREADWELL UNDERBERG WHARTON WILLIAMS, R. WILLIAMS, W. 257 WHO ' S WHO HARVEY JOSEPH ABEL BRUCE ROBERT JACOB HARVEY SAMUEL FIRESTONE, III EVERETT EDWARD CUSHMAN IN STETSON ' S LAW SCHOOL DONALD B. McGregor OBEDIAH R. MILLER EDWARD E. WALTON JAMES E. WHARTON Wp " Adam, J., Orlando, Fla. Adler, K., Hallandale, Fla. Allen, J., St. Petersburg, Fla. Allison, J., Tampa, Fla. Anderson, J., DeLand, Fla. Bailey, J., Tampa, Fla. Baf.d, E., St. Petersburg, Fla. Beacham, H., West Palm Bea:h, Fla. BOLING, L., Pensacola, Fla. Bonner, V., Tampa, Fla. BlOWN, E., Clearwater, Fla. BUMGARNER, E., St. Petersburg, Fla. BUEMEI3TER, W., St. Petersburg, Fla. Carey, J., Larga, Fla. Carr, R., St. Petersburg, Fla. THE LAW SCHOOL Chapman, R., Sarasota, Fla. Chastain, J., Miami, Fla. Chastain, R., Miami, Fla. Craparo, J., Tampa, Fla. Daniel, B., St. Petersburg, Fla. Davis, K., St. Petersburg, Fla. DONAHEY, J., Clearwater, Fla. Epstein, J., Jeffersonville, N. Y. Gordon, S., St. Petersburg, Fla. Graves, T., St. Petersburg, Fla. Gross, J., Oakdale, N. Y. Hansen, R., Tampa, Fla. Haskell, B., Jacksonville, Fla. HOLBROOK, J., St. Petersburg, Fla. Johnson, M., St. Petersburg, Fla. Jones, D., Tampa, Fla. Jones, J., Maitland, Fla. Kaleel, W., St. Petersburg, Fla. Kendall, W., St. Petersburg, Fla. Kennelly, F., Jacksonville, Fla. Keough, L., Sharon, Pa. KovACHEVlCH, E., St. Petersburg, Fla. McKlNNEY, R., Gulfport, Fla. McNeill, H., St. Petersburg, Fla, McWhirter, H., Largo, Fla. Malinoski, J., New Smyrna Beach, Fla. Marky, R., St. Perersburg, Fla. May, R., St. Petersburg, Fla. Mensh, R., Tampa, Fla. Miller, J., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Nelson, W., St. Petersburg, Fla. O ' CONNELL, P., St. Petersburg, Fla. Paniello, a., Tampa, Fla. Pele, K., £ara:ota, Fla. Pesez, v., Tampa, Fla. PiFES, M., St. Petersburg, Fla. QUINTERO, R., Tampa, Fla. Reynolds, D., St. Petersburg, Fla. Ritchie, G., Kearny, N. J. UNDERCLASSMEN Roberts, C, St. Petersburg, Fla. Roberts, E., Plant City, Fla. Rogers, P., St. Petersburg, Fla. Sears, D., Normal, 111. Seemann, N., St. Petersburg, Fla. Sexton, E., Longwood, Fla. Sher, K., Miami, Fla. Sheridan, R., St. Petersburg, Fla. Smith, R., St. Petersburg, Fla. Stevens, J., St. Petersburg, Fla. Stockton, F., Jacksonville, Fla. Storey, W., Bartow, Fla. Tamargo, R., Tampa, Fla. Taylor, J., Tallahassee, Fla. Thompson, R., St. Petersburg, Fla. TrOINE, F., Pensacola, Fla. Tucker, T., Pensacola, Fla. Vail, H., St. Petersburg, Fla. Waddell, H., Tampa, Fla. Waygood, C, DeLand, Fla. Wolfe, F., Winter Park, Fla. WOODVILLE, J., Grand Rapids, Mich. orlrail t Secti Photos by JBtNT ' S . Boulevard DELAND,mORIDA iS Snap Shots and Advertisements REMEMBER THESE FILM STARS? JUST A FEW OF THE MANY FAMOUS STARS PHOTOGRAPHED BY CHIDNOFF CHIDNOFF STUDIOS LONG ESTABLISHED AS THE FINEST IN PHOTOGRAPHY P. O. BOX 737 . MIAMI BEACH 39, FLA. CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES OF THE CLASS OF ' 59 FLORIDA BANK AT DELAND • • Member Florida National Group Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation HART, SCHAFFNER and MARX CLOTHES ARROW SHIRTS DOBBS HATS FOUNTAINS THE NEW FOR FIFTY YEARS Squired CENTRAL FLORIDA ' S Men ' s Wear FINEST STORE FOR MEN 126 North Beach St. DAYTONA BEACH Deland Florida (One Door South of Morrison ' s Cafeteria) WATERBURY, CONN. -DELAND, FLA. World ' s Largest Manufacturer of Hypodermic Needles MclRA DRUG CENTER, INC. (Formerly Touchton Drug Co.) 100 SOUTH BOULEVARD DELAND, FLORIDA Complimenfs of G. G. SMITH DRUGS Headquarters for Revlon — Lanvin — Christian Dior Helena Rubinstein — Lentheric — Dorsay Tabu — Guerlain — Old Spice — Seoforth Max Factor ' s — Coty — Foberge — Angelique Houbigant — Cantilly — Richard Hudnut Complimenfs of BELL BAKERIES, INC BAKERS OF DANDEE BREAD " KEEP DANDEE HANDY " Daytona Beach Florida Compliments of DELAND MUSIC CENTER, INC. 211 N. BOULEVARD DELAND, FLORIDA CONGRATULATIONS TO SENIORS OF 1959 CONRAD LUMBER THE CONRAD COMPANY COMPANY LUMBER AND BUILDING BONDS MATERIALS INSURANCE North Delaware Ave. 1 1 8 West New York Ave. DeLand, Florida DeLand, Florida Phone RE 4-4454 Phone RE 4-2272 We Hope We Have Helped To Brighten Your College Year KEMP ' S DONUT SHOP You ' re Always Welcome — Even if Only to Say Hi BRANDON ELECTRIC COMPANY ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING - AIR CONDITIONING HEATING (Boundry and Railroad) P. O. Box 839 Ph. RE 4-2732 BESCO CONCRETE PRODUCTS (Boundry and Railroad) DELAND FLORIDA Complimenfs of THE WHITEHAIR COMPANY SPAGHETTI - LASAGNE - RAVIOLI - PIZZA PIE STEAKS - CHOPS - SEA FOODS Specialty Italian Cooking JEAN ' S SPAGHETTI HOUSE The House of Good Home Cooked Food U. S. Rt. 17-92 Phone SPring 4-5235 Jean Morsillo, Prop. Orange City, Florida BILL HOLLER Motor Sales Your CHEVROLET • OLDSMOBILE • CADILLAC Dealer Phone RE 4-2261 550 S. Boulevard TOWNE COUNTRY BEAUTY SALON 136 W. Indiana Ave. RE 4-5649 DELAND, FLA. Hair Stylist DAVID KAPRAL HATS ON! to the ' 59 HATTERS from Morrison Food Service Inc. " No Finer Food . . . Anywhere! " MORRISON FOOD SERVICE a division of Morrison Cafeterias, Inc. BEST WISHES FROM EVELYN JIMMY WEST STETSON FLOWER SHOP " on the boulevard " DELAND FLORIDA F. N. De HUY SON Jewelers Silversmiths Since 1873 139 N. Blvd. DeLAND RE 4-1337 FLA. DELAND FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION THE HOME OF INSURED SAVINGS 136 N. Florida Ave. DeLand, Florida Comp men s of FEASEL PAINT AND GLASS COMPANY 247 W. BOULEVARD DELAND, FLORIDA STOUDENMIRE ' S FOOD MART WHERE SHOPPING IS A PLEASURE 642 W. New York Avenue DeLand, Florida Compliments of BETTY DREKA SHOP WHERE STETSON STUDENTS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME 105 South Boulevard DeLand, Florida FRIERSON ' S ON THE BOULEVARD " You can be sure if if ' s WESTINGHOUSE " Gerald E. Frierson (Ov ' ner) DeLand Florida Compliments of C. E. BOHREN BARBER SHOP 134 N. BOULEVARD DELAND, FLORIDA THE BARNETT NATIONAL BAN " A Florida Landmark ' DELAND - JACKSONVILLE - COCOA - ST. AUGUSTINE Member Federal Reserve System and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation MORRIS ' DeLand ' s Finest Restaurant A Favorite with Students 207 North Boulevard CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES OF 1959 FROM THE BOOKSTORE 203A N. BOULEVARD DELAND, FLORIDA INNEY ' S DeLAND, FLORIDA STETSON ' S SHOPPING CENTER GIBBS LADIES ' AND CHILDREN ' S WEARING APPAREL BOYS ' WEAR Phone RE 4-5221 DeLand Florida THE DELAND SUN-NEWS is read daily and Sundays for news of STETSON ACTIVITIES COMPLETE DINNERS SEAFOODS BUFFET DINNERS MONDAY THURSDAY BANQUETS RYMAL ' S RESTAURANT " WHERE EVERYTHING IS GOOD " Route 17 North — DeLand, Florida Phone YU 5-4241 STEAKS SALADS FINE FURNITURE by Parker Available at Your Furniture Stores Daytona Beach Florida Finest Italian Food Open Daily 8 A.M. to 1 A.M. MOSCA ' S ITALIAN RESTAURANT 127 Ridgewood Ave. — U. S. Route 1 CL. 3-9212 -HOLLY HILL, FLA. DOMINICK LORET TA Owners Specializing in Pizza Complimenfs of CAFFIN ' S LAUNDERETTE Complimenfs of LEED ' S SHOES torn harland ' s GARLAND In DeLand Florida ' s Finest CARS . . . in ihe showroom under fhe stars 117 N. BLVD.- DeLAND PHONE RE 4-1499 LOU SKILLMAN STANDARD OIL AGENT Distributor ATLAS TIRES and BATTERIES 354 W. Michigan DeLAND, FLA. STETSON and DELAND Have marched hand in hand for 76 years — We are proud of the co-operative spirit that exists betv een the people of our community and the officials and students of Stetson University. Our Congratulations on Your 76th Anniversary CHAMBER OF COMMERCE DeLAND, FLORIDA DeLEON SPRINGS The Founfain of Youfh SWIM • PICNIC • PLAY JIM RUSING THUNDERBIRDS Mercury Powered Water Ski Boat Jumping Show SHOWS DAILY AT 11, 2, AND 4 CRACKER BOY OPEN ALL NIGHT FAST EFFICIENT SERVICE! ORDERS TO GO! COME AND JOIN YOUR FRIENDS COMPLIMENTS OF ATHENS LAUNDRY 143 EAST VOORHIS DELAND INSURED SAVI NGS JirH Jederal Saving. c4na J oan cA Aoclatloti OF DAYTONA BEACH " Wo o ffff TODAY t! e business world, liie arts and sciences, and the professions ore seek- ing young people with " imagineering abil- ity .. . the ability to combine their imagi- nation with scientific exactness in their work. Only through education and training can young minds be prepared to meet the challenges of a rapidly-changing world. More power to you, the " imagineers " of the future! gS««S55i5 % n»i 275 SAVE DOUBLE WHEN YOU SHOP AT WINN-DIXIE FOOD STORES Lowest Prices Anywhere Plus Top Value Stamps COSTON ' S LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING DELANO ' S LATEST METHODS IN DRY CLEANING FREDDY-LOU FURNITURE REPAIR AND UPHOLSTERY Draperies and Slip Covers Bedspreads made to order We Duroc eon Rugs and Furniiure SKY HARBOR DE LAND, FLA. Phone RE. 4-2072 Compliments of POWELL- HOOPER INC IMPORTANT FLORIDA PUBLICATIONS Encylopedic Digest of Florida Reports, 17 Volumes Florida Statutes Annotated, 33 Volumes Florida Law and Practice, about 20 Volumes Sapp ' s Florida Forms, 6 Volumes All the above are kept to date with Annual Pocket Part Supplements Write for prices and terms on these, as well as for our Florida Practice Books. THE HARRISON COMPANY Law Book Publishers I. W. Granode and Ira A. Barnes Florida Sales Representatives P. O. Box 4214 Atlanta 2, Georgia LOLA MANN Memorial Fund WALTER MANN Newly Located at 51 East 42nd Street New York 17, New York Telephone: YUkon 6-4137 A Qreat J ame in Clot king SUITS THE SOUTH Compliments of the Following Professional Men of DeLand Wm. Amory Underhill T. F. Hahn, M.D. W. London Smith, M.D. John E. McWilliams, D.D.S. Joseph A. Scarlett Charles E. Tribble, M.D. Glen W. Martin, Attorney John L. Graham, Attorney L. C. Starke, M.D. W. R. Hutchinson, M.D. John E. Socash Tlir niatJi of t}tc vorJd ' s most famous hat THE HALLMARK by STETSON... $12.95 THE SUSSEX by STETSON. $15 JOHN B. STETSON CO Philadelphia BLOCKER TURNIPSEED FURNITURE STORE In Ocala Central Florida ' s Most Beautiful Store Featuring Drexel Furniture Groupings U eJ ana i U ravel Service Airlines, Steamship, Tours, Car Rental Leah W. Conklin, Stetson ' 55 CARTER PRINTING CO. Effective Advertising Letterpress — Offset 333 N. Adelle Ave. Phone RE 4-3208 DeLand, Florida PRINTING PUBLISHING ..f. . SETZERS %.. s FOOD FAIR mittL. M ' ■■I Joining Together to ■b Ht t Bring You Fabulous v HI m Savings in Your Food Buys! mm Shop and Save at Your «V! KJQ Local Setzers or Food Fair H ] L _ „.™J -pOREMOST $gKfW " - 0; ' C■( Wivvx A ' ■ -OWV " THE GREAT NAME IN DAIRY PRODUCTS MILK ICE CREAM JACK JOHNNY ' S RESTAURANT 1111 South Blvd. A GOOD PLACE TO EAT ANY TIME -ANY MEAL Open ' Till 12:00 Every Night Saturday ' Till 3:00 A.M. COMPL MENTS OF DeLAND COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Spring, 1959 Dear Stetsonites, We would like to take this opportunity to thank you, the students of Stetson University, for your co-operation and efforts toward making this year ' s Hatter a success. We hope that this year ' s book will live up to your expectations and in the years to come it will be a classic be- tween the covers of which you will hnd pleasant memories. There are some students of the University who deserve special recognition for their donation of time and effort. We would like to thank especially the following section editors: Sally Boureau, Patsy Meadows, Paul Thomas, Ann Anderson, Marilyn Krekle, Bev Henderson, Alice Worth- ington, Brenda Franks, Juanita Gresham, Mike Blocker, Bob Sullins, John Thompson, Leigh Sanders, Mary Watkins, Monica Tedder, Anna Perry, and Connie Constans. We can ' t forget those people who pounded the pavements to get enough advertising to make the book solvent, so thanks to Dan Scoggins, Grace Waterson, and Modine Gunch. There were others without whose help this book would have never passed the planning stage. Mr. Beutner has worked tirelessly to get us the needed typewriters and supplies. Mr. Taylor has assisted us in innumerable ways through the News Bureau. The Publications Board, too, has helped us to get out of several tight spots. Our hats go off especially to Dean Turner who has untiringly supported us in this endeavor. On the side of actually putting out the book our thanks goes to Foote and Davies, the pub- lishers; Alabama Engraving Company, the engravers, and Chidnoff Studios, the photographer. In looking back over the year and its events, we have found much to enrich and enhance our Stetson memories. We have tried to present these memories in a retainable form through the medium of the Stetson Hatter. It is your book, and we sincerely hope you enjoy it. Sincerely, Ann Severance, Editor Byrd Booth, Acting Business Manager

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