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If ■ HI First established in 1883 as-DeLand Academy, Stetson Uni- versity celebrates its 75th anniversary — the Diamond Jubilee. Since its founding by Mr. Henry ' A. DeLand 75 years ago, many changes have come over the school. As years passed the campus gradually increased in size, and as it grew physically, it grew also in the esteem of the people of the South. Spiritual and intellectual enrichment and an enthusiastic approach to life, are the rewards gained by students of Stetson University. It is for these rewards that we are most grateful as we celebrate Stetson ' s Diamond Jubilee. - r r X i H m Iii 1884, DeLand Hall, the oldest building on campus was erected. Then in 1886 the attention of Mr. John B. Stetson, the hat manufacturer, was attracted to the thriving young college, and he gave freely of his time and his wealth toward its ad- vancement. In 1887 a charter was obtained from the State incorporating the school as DeLand University. In 1889, at the request of Mr. DeLand, the name of DeLand University was changed to John B. Stetson L ' niversity. It was not long before the University found additional friends. Buildings on the campus erected by them testify to their devotion to the cause of education in Florida and their confidence in the future of Stetson. Students of the past congregate on the steps of Elizabeth Hall. A Stetson professor gives enlightening lectures to his co-ed chemistry class. Chaudoin Parlor was the social center for these young co-eds. Assigned seats in chapel separated the men from the ladies in 1900. — Attired in skirts and stockings were the physical education students. These are the Stetson men of the gridiron in 1902. n 3 £fi 4 k Hi y m. 1 %- E?- %i 1 ww? i ' W , Laboratory procedure for the chemistry students is supervised by the instructor. Artistic ability were cultivated by many hours of work. iw yuU " Pro Deo et Varitate " For God and Truth. . . . The purpose of Stetson University is to send out educated Christian men and women to make the world a hetter place in which to live. The ideal of the University is to develop in each individual a schol- arly attitude, %$})ix , a The entire program of the University aid =Wrphysical, mental, social, emotional, aesthetic, moral and spir- itual development of the jfiufividual. Veal, sucf uch a A b ' gram, Stetson Univfiwjfcity is growing V ¥ Dr. and Mrs. Edmunds and their daughter, Jane, greet the freshmen at a formal reception held in Stetson Union. This is one of the highlights of their orientation program. Mr. Sartain pauses to greet two Stetson students on their way to class. Elizabeth Hall, the Admin- istration Building, is the gift of Mr. John B. Stetson and bears the name of his wife. A three-story structure, in the style of the Spanish renais- sance, it contains the adminis- trative offices, the art museum, the auditorium, and many of the class rooms. It is often referred to as the center of Stetson ' s intellectual life. This engineering student exemplifies one of the purposes of the University which is to help each student find and prepare for the particular vocation for which he or she is fitted by ability, aptitude and character. ■ , T B r ' 5 v • ll - r jj _ f ' t_J 1 ■ If " m lfr r ZJ M f M y ' MM k :, H This student depicts a phase of cam- pus life which develops appreciation of beauty — in music, art, literature, nature, thought and living. Stetson students practice teaching under University intern program. Brick and block soon to be another new residence hall for men. You ' ve heard our case, we love our school, but we know it would improve with a swimming pool! Opening — 1-17 Dedication — 18-19 Administration — 20-35 Classes — 36-S7 Hall of Fame — 88-95 Vanity Fair — 96-105 Activities —106-121 Organization —122-155 Greeks —156-205 Military —206-215 Sports —216-225 Law School —226-233 Snapshots and Ads —234-252 Editors Message —253- John B. Stetson Gave University His Name Henry DeLand Founder of City and University John Forbes First President Second President William Allen Third President e ctu aZlo L " We are all together . . . Working toward a common goal. " From the first day of classes in 1883 with an attendance of 13, until now with the 1958 enrollment of approximately 1400 students, the ideal of Stetson University has been " to develop in each individual a scholarly attitude, culture, and Christian character. " This ideal has been fulfilled, and along with the qualities mentioned there has developed in each graduate of Stetson a love for the school and for all that has made it great. Stetson was c onceived as an institution where young men and women could otbain a liberal education under Christian influences and ideals. What we think of as the Stetson Spirit is a result of students working and playing together, and sharing moments both serious and gay. It is to the Stetson Spirit — a spirit of togetherness, of love, and of high standards, that the 1958 Hatter is dedicated. ADMINISTRATION The standing of a college or a university depends on the faculty and the program of studies offered. The first statement to be made about the faculty in the College of Liberal Arts, Business and Music at John B. Stetson University is that they are all scholars. They have been trained in the best grad- uate schools in America and Europe. A majority of them hold the Ph.D. degree. They have been selected to teach in Stetson because of their ability to impart truth and knowledge. Each one is an out- standing example of the enriching and ennobling power of learning, and each one is an aggressive leader in the promotion of study and the creative activities of the mind among his students. Again, each member of the faculty has been selected to teach at Stetson because he is a person with a great heart, a person who has an abiding faith in the goodness of God, a person who believes in the joy and worth of life, a person who loves youth, a person who is a loyal philosopher-friend of college students. PAST PRESENT FUTURE ' Ah ' A message to the students from . . . STETSON ' S PRESIDENT To the Members of the Stetson Family Everywhere: As we approach the Diamond Jubilee of the commencement of higher education in the State of Florida, and consider the role of Stetson in the last quarter of its first century, our en- tire administrative staff is quite excited with fresh hope about the future. All of us — trus- tees, faculty, and students — believe that in this future, we face the dawn of a new day. Woodrow Wilson, whose 100th birthday anniversary we recently celebrated, very early in his work as President of Princeton Univer- sity, wrote: " We grow great by dreams — some of us let these dreams die, but others nourish and protect them, nurse them through bad days till they bring them to the sunshine and light which come always to those who sincerely hope that their dreams will come true. " On this, my tenth anniversary as President of Stetson University, my sincere prayer is that those who love Stetson will not let the dreams of our Founding Fathers die. The time has ar- rived when we must bring these dreams to sunshine and light. Faithfully yours, J. OLLIE EDMUNDS President DeLand, Florida January 19, 1958 J. OLLIE EDMUNDS President C. HOWARD HOPKINS Dean of the University JAMES A. STEWART Dean of the Chapel ETTER McTEER TURNER Dean of Women GEORGE W. HOOD Dean of Men MARY EDNA PARKER Assistant Dean of Women A. F. TUTTLE Director of Admissions J. BLANDFORD TAYLOR Director of News Bureau WALTER J. BAGGS Director of Alumni Affairs Cl JACK OLOFSON Assistant Dean of Men BARBARA ROWE Registrar WILLIAM H. McCAMMON Director of Religions Activities CARL H. JOHNSON Director of Men ' s Housing CHARLOTTE SMITH Librarian TT v Ep ) k Jah -r: - ALMA NELSON University Nurse BARBARA TURNER Director of Post Office LIBERAL ARTS SCHOOL The College of Liberal Arts is the oldest and largest of the four univer- sity colleges. Elizabeth Hall, Flagler Science Hall and Holmes Hall com- prise the classroom area. While at- tending Stetson, every student comes in contact with the Liberal Arts School. It is the core of the educa- tion of every student, from the busi- ness student to the music or law major. The Liberal Arts prepares students to enter the world, to earn gainful employment, and instills them with a permanent love and apprecia- tion of the arts, letters and sciences which surround us. This in itself gives an added enjoyment and enrich- ment to our lives. WILLIAM H. McENIRY Dean of Liberal Arts School OFFICERS Bon Carnes President Gary Meadows Vice-President Joanne Bolton Secretary Betty Sharp Treasurer ' FOREST W. HANSEN, Instructor in English, 1957 : A.B., Harvard: M.A.. University of Wis- consin. - JOHN HICKS. Professor of English, 1949; A.B., M.A., University of Louisville; Ph.D., University of Iowa. PAUL S. ADAMIAN, Instructor in English, 1957; H.S.. Wbrchester State Teachers College; M.A., Boston University. MARY TR1BBLE LOWRY, Associate Professor of English. 1923; Ph.B., .M.A.. Stetson University. WARREN FRENCH. Assistant Professor of Eng- lish, 195b; B.A., University of Pennsylvania; M.A., Ph.D., University of Texas. WILLIAM E. TAYLOR. Assistant Professor of English, 1957; B.A., M.A.. Ph.D., Vanderbilt University. GUV OWEN. |R.. Assistant Professor of English, 1955; A.B.. M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina. BYRON H. GIBSON, Professor of English, 1946; A.B., Birmingham-Southern College; M.A., Ph.D.. University of Illinois. HARVEY F. BEUTNER, Assistant Professor of English, 1957; B.A., Valparaiso University; M.S.J., M.A., Northwestern University. MARGARET J. GLENNIE, Visiting Instructor in English, 1957; A.B., West Virginia University; M.A . Teachers College of Columbia L lniversity. CHARLES C. RITTER, Assistant Professor of Speech, 1956; B.A., Mary Washington College of the University of Virginia; M.A., University of Florida; Ph.D., State Lniversity of Iowa. MARY LOUISE GEHRING, Associate Professor of Speech, 1956; B.A.. Baylor University; M.A.. Ph.D., Louisiana State Lniversity. IRVING C. STOVER, Professor of Speech, 1908; Graduate King ' s School of Oratory; B.O., M.O., Susquehanna University; Litt.D., Stetson Lni- versity. BENJAMIN BRUCE GRIFFITHS. Assistant Professor of Speech, 1956; B.A., Baylor University; M.F.A., Yale University. EDWARD A. HOLMES, JR., Assistant Professor of Religion, 1956; A.B., Mercer University; B.D., Emory University. OLIVER LAFAYETTE WALKER, Professor of Religion, 1955; A.B., Stetson University; B.D., Th.M., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. E. EARL JOINER, Assistant Professor of Re- ligion, 1955; A.M., Stetson University; B.D., Th.M., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. THOMAS E. McCOLLOUGH, Assistant Pro- fessor of Religion, 1955; B.B.A., University of Texas; B.D., Th.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. HERBERT ROYCE, Assistant Professor of Mod- ern Languages, 1956; Doktor rer. pol., University of Konigsberg. DORIS KING ARJONA, Professor of Spanish, 1938; A.B., University of Micihgan ; M.A., Ph.D., University of Chicago; Litt.D., Northern Michigan College. JOHN L. HODGES, Assitsant Professor of Ger- man, 1954; A.B., M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina. FRANCES CLABAUGH THORNTON, Pro- fessor of French, 1934; A.B., M.A., Stetson Uni- versity ; Docteur es Lettres de l ' Universite de Tou- louse. BENSON WILLIS DAVIS, Professor of Philoso- phy and Classical Languages, 1938; A.B., M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina. JOHN EDWIN JOHNS, Assistant Professor of History, 1948; A.M., Furman University; M.A., University of North Carolina. GILBERT L. LYCAN, Professor of History and Political Science, 1946; A.B., Berea College; M.A., Ph.D., Yale University. NORMA M. AVERY, " ' siting; Instructor in His- tory and Political Science, 1956; B.A.E., University of Mississippi; M.A., Stetson University. EVANS C. JOHNSON, Assistant Professor of History and Political Science, 1953; A.B., M.A., University of Alabama; Ph.D., University of North Carolina. EITHER W. SMITH, JR., Assistant Professor of Political Science, 1957; B.A., Denison Univer- sity; M.A., Ph.D., Yale Graduate School. fOHN A. HAGUE, Assistant Professor of Ameri- can Studies, 1955; A.B., Princeton University; Ph.D., Yale University. GEORGE LOVELL [ENKINS, Professor ot Physics, 1948; A.B., Berea College; M.A., Univer- sity of North Carolina; Ph.D., University of Ken- tucky. JOHN V. VAUGHAN, Professor of Chemistry, 1946; A. H., Oberlin College; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University. JOHN FERGUSON CONN, Professor of Chem- istry, 1929; B.S., Georgetown College; M.S., Uni- versity of Chicago; Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh. TAMES E. WILLS, TR-, Associate Professor of Physics, 1956; B.A., Mississippi College; M.A., University of Virginia ; Ph.D., University of Texas. THEODORE W. HEILER, Associate Professor of Chemistry, 1953; H.S., Allegheny College; M.A., Ph.D., Harvard University. ALBERT M. WINCHESTER, Professor of Bi- ology, 1947; A.B., Baylor University; M.A., Ph.D., L niversity of Texas. ELMER C. PRICHARD, Professor of Biology, 1947; A.B., Mississippi College; M.A., University of Richmond ; Ph.D., University of North Carolina. KEITH L. HANSEN, Assistant Professor of Bi- ology, 1955; B.S., M.S., Stetson University; Ph.D., University of Florida. DOROTHY LANGFORD FULLER, Associate Professor of Biology, 1941; A.B., M.A., Stetson University. RUBERT JAMES LONGSTREET, Professor of Education, 1949; B.S., LL.B., Stetson University; M.A., Duke University. RUTH I. SMITH, Associate Professor of Educa- tion, 1954; B.S., Pennsylvania State Teachers Col- lege, Slippery Rock; M.A., Ed.D., University of Pittsburgh. RAY V. SOWERS, Professor of Education, 1948; A.B., LL.D., Florida Southern College; M.A., Uni- versity of North Carolina. RANDOLPH LAURIE CARTER, Professor of Education, 1944; A.B., Mercer University; M.A., Columbia University; Ph.D., Peabody College. GEORGE WILSON HOOD, Associate Professor of Education, 1950; A.B., Baker L T niversity; M.A.A., Ph.D., University of Chicago. THURMAN EDWIN SMOTHERMAN, As- sociate Professor of Education, 1956; A.B., State Teachers College, Springfield, Missouri ; M.Ed., Ed.D., University of Missouri. A. M. ANDERSON, 1957; B.A., Mount Allison University; M.A., University of New Brunswick; Ph.D., New York University; Post Doctoral work at Columbia University. FRANK R. TUBBS, Assistant Director of Interns, 1947; A.B., Maryville College; M.S., University of Tennessee. i V ALBERT A. PRINCE, Assistant Professor of Psychology, 1956: A.B., Wesleyan University; M.A., University of New Hampshire; Ph.D., Uni- versity of Connecticut. WARREN F. JONES, JR., Assistant Professor of Psychology, 1955; B.S., Union University; M.A., Peabody College; Ph.D., Vanderbilt University. SIDNEY B. DENMAN, Assistant Professor of Social Psychology, 1950; A.B., Mississippi College; M.A., Tulane University; Ph.D., Duke University. MELVIN J. WILLIAMS, Professor of Sociology, 1952; A. B., B.D., Ph.D., Duke University. JAMES A. SARTAIN, Assistant Professor of So- ciology, 1955; B.S., Alabama State Teachers Col- lege, Troy ; M.A., Peabody. f SAM W. McINNIS, Visiting Associate Professor of Math, 1957; A.B., M.A., University of Florida. EMMETT S. ASHCRAFT, Associate Professor of Mathematics, 1949; B.S., Wake Forest College; M.A., University of North Carolina. CURTIS MILTON LOWRY, Professor of Mathematics and Engineering, 1926; B.S. in M.E., M.A., M.E., Bucknell University. WILLIAM DUDLEY GEER, Assistant Profes- sor of Economics. 1956; B., M.A.. Stetson Uni- versity. TOHN A. COPPS, Associate Professor of Econom- ics, 1956; B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D.. Universit) or Wis- consin. JOHN E. BARTHEL, Assistant Professor of Eco- nomics. 1955; Diplom-Volkswirt, Doktor rer. pol., University of Berlin. M. DALE SUMMERS, Assistant Professor of Art, 1955; B.E.A.. University of Illinois; M.A.. L niversity of Wisconsin. SARA EDITH HARVEY, Professor of Art. 1935; Art Diploma, Shorter College; B.S., Peabody Col- lege; M.A., Columbia University. LOUIS FREUND, Artist in Residence. 1949; Uni- versity of Missouri: St. Louis School of Fine Arts; Colerossi Academy, Paris : Princeton L niversity ; Fine Arts Center, Colorado Springs. ELIZABETH AUTREY. Professor of Physical Education. 194b : B.S.. Florida State College for Women; M.S.. University of Wisconsin. SARA STAFF JERNIGAN, Professor of Physical Education, 1937: ITS.. M.A., Stetson University. TOMMYE G. YATES, Instructor in Physical Education. 1957; B.S., University of Chattanooga; M.S., University of Tennessee. ESTER M. HICK. Assistant Professor of Physical Education. 1941 : B.S.. M.A.. Stetson University. WESLEY MELVIN BERNER. Assistant Profes- sor of Physical Education. 1947: B.S.. Pacific Uni- versit). M.A., Stetson University. GLENN N. WALKER. 1957, Basketball Coach and Assistant Professor of Physical Education ; A.B.. .Mercer University; M.A.. Peabody College. GARLAND H. WILLIAMS. Instructor in Physi- cal Education, 195b: B.S.. University of Georgia; M.A., George Peabody College. WARREN C. COWELL, Professor of Physical Education, 1935; B.S.. Kansas State Agricultural College: M.A.. University of Florida. SCHOOL OF BUSINESS The School of Business was estab- lished in 1940. It is housed in its own building on the main campus. The college graduate entering busi- ness without special preparation suf- fers a handicap; similarly one who confines his study to business is hand- icapped. The program of the School of Business, therefore, is a combina- tion of academic and business sub- jects. The Faculty endeavors to culti- vate in students those qualities of mind and character that will make useful citizens with high ideals of bus- iness morality and social responsibil- ity. Students are encouraged to ac- quire a clear understanding of modern industrial society and of their respon- sibilities and opportunities in it. EDWARD G. FURLONG Dean of School of Business OFFICERS Mel Gregory President Bill Bradley Vice President Patsy Milner Secretary Jack Selph Treasurer CAROL J. NICKLAS, Assistant Professor of Sec- retarial Science, 1954; U.S., M.B.A., Indiana Uni- versity. MAXINE L. PATTERSON, Associate Professor of Secretarial Science, 1 ( ' 4S; H.S., Mary Washing- ton College nt the University of Virginia; M.B.E., Universit yof Colorado. (I. WILLARD FREEMAN, Visiting Professor of Business Administration; I). M.S., Webber College. CHAUNCEY S. ELKINS, Assistant Professor of Business Administration, 1956 ; A. B., Marshall Col- lege; M.B.A., University of Michigan. FRANK M. PHILLIPS, Visiting Professor of Mathematics and Statistics; Bachelor of Didactics, Newton College ; Master of Didactics, Iowa State Normal School ; A.B., Iowa State Teachers College ; M.A., State University of Iowa; Ph.D., George Washington University. ROGER G. GILES, Visiting Instructor of Busi- ness Administration ; A.B., Florida Southern Col- lege ; LL.B., Cumberland University; LL.B., Stet- son University. DAVID M. BLIGHTS, Professor of Accounting, 1953; A.B., University of Colorado; M.S., Ph.D., University of Illinois; C.P.A. HENRY F. GODFREY. Visiting Professor of Business Administration, 1956; A. B., Harvard Uni- versity. SCHOOL OF MUSIC The Stetson School of Music is a member of the National Association of Schools of Music. The school prepares students for the music professions, in- cluding the teaching of music in the public schools and the directing of church music. There is a preparatory department for children and for students whose previous training has been insuffi- cient. The School is housed in DeLand Hall and Annex with separate facilities for the bands and the orchestra in the Band Hall. A specialized music library supplements the music literature collec- tions of the University Library. CLAUDE M. ALMAND 1915-1957 OFFICERS Kirby Rogers President Betty Furches Vice President Judy Jordan Secretary Joyce McBride Treasurer ELEANOR LEEK, Associate Professor oi Violon- cello and Theory, 1946; B.M., M.M.. Eastman Scln »il of Music. Rl TH DIANE HI RLINGHAM, Instructor in Piano and Theory, 1956; B.M., M.M.. Eastman School of Music Richard Mcdowell feasel, r of Wind Instruments, 1946; B.M., M.A.. Stetson L niversity. HAROLD MILNE GIFFIN, Professor of Voice. 1935; A.H.. Denison University; B.M., M.A., East- man School of Music MILDRED REID, Instructor in Voice. 1957; 15 S., Queens College. DONALD CHARLES YAXLEY, Assistant Pro- fessor of Wind and Percussion Instruments, 1949; B.M., M.A.. Stetson University. KATHLEEN ALLEN JOHNSON. Assistant Professor of Piano. 1951 ; B.M., Stetson University; A.B., Eastman School of Music: M.A.. Stetson L ni- versity. FRANK H. LUKER, Visiting Professor of Piano. 1952; A.B.. Boston University. ROGER L. CUSHMAN, Associate Professor of Piano and Theory. 1950: B.M., M.M.. Yale Uni- versity. LACK CAL VIN ROWE, Instructor in Church Music. 1954; A.B.. Ouachita College: M.S.M., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. FRANCES BUXTON, Professor of Violin and Theory. 1943; B.M.. Cleveland Institute of Music: M.M.. Eastman School of Music. FRANCES M. GORDON, Instructor in Piano. 1957; B.M.. Wesle an Conservatory. VERONICA DAVIS GOVE, Professor of Musk- Education. 1931; B.M., L niversity of Illinois: M.A., Columbia University. JAMES D. PERDUE. Mu ic Librarian, 1954; B.M., M.A.. Stetson L niversity. (}tcte4e The classes of the year 1957-58 have memories to share, seventy-five years of memories stored up since the founding of DeLand University. There are memories of changes in styles of clothing, in manners of speech, and in methods of teaching. There are memories, too, of Sampson Library, the center of Stetson ' s academic activities. Once called the DeLand University Library, it was organized in 1888 by Dr. Warren Stone Cordis, and located in DeLand Hall. In 1889 the library was named in honor of Mr. C. T. Sampson, because of his great interest and generosity. Two years later it was moved into Elizabeth Hall, where more spacious quarters were provided. The Carnegie Library was erected in 1909. The building was given by Andrew Carnegie, and an endowment of $40,000 was provided by Elizabeth, the Countess of Santa Eulalia. The book collection by this time had grown from 1,200 or 1,300 volumes to 15,000. By 1957, with about 71,000 books and bound periodicals and over 100,000 items in the U.S. Documents Division, the present building was filled to capacity. The future beckons too; and as the seniors look forward to a world where books come to life, the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors can look forward to sharing the plans that will be made in 1958 for the building of a newer, larger, and more convenient library. PAST PRESENT FUTURE vMMflm THE SENIOR CLASS Dreams have been built and have tumbled — to rise in altered form. Problems have been faced — and over- come. The bull session, the courses, the class elections —all are passing too rapidly. But the world is waiting just beyond June, and there are only a few moments for regrets. The Senior Glass is facing graduation, and already college is a series of memories. To the Juniors they leave the privileges and dignity of seniority. Soon, in black robes, they will file out of college life and into a big new world. OFFICERS Jack Woodali President Bill Able Vice President Doris Rocker Secretary Wayne Graham Treasurer William A bel I) el. and I. .A.; Lambda Chi Alpha pledge trainer; Inter Fraternity Council Representative; Phys. Ed. Club Sec; Rules and Procedure Comm. ; Student Advisor; Sr. Class V. Pres. Carroll J. Abernathy Tampa I. .A.: Pi Kappa Phi. Soc Chair.. Pledgemas- ter; I.F.C. ; Dorm. Coun. ; Stu. Adv.; Circle K ; Stetson Players Guild ; Sigma Alpha Sigma, Pres.; B.S.U.; Univ. Party Del. Marv Leslie Addison Panama City L.A. ; Stetson Hall Sec, Pres.; Exec. Coun., Rep. at Large; B.S.U., V. Pres.: Dexioma, Chaplain. Hist.. Membership Chair.; Glee Club; Sigma Pi Kappa, V. Pres.: Hatter, Adm. and Org. Editor. Nancy Allen Logansport, hid. L.A. ; Wash. Sem. ; Wesley Found.; Interna- tional Club: Alpha Chi Omega; Intramurals; Women ' s Vars. Golf Team; Fla. Intercoll. Golf Championship. Marvin L. Anthony H ' land Park, III. Bus.; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sec, Soc Chair., V. Pres. ; I.F.C. ; Stu. Adv. ; Canterbury Club. Virginia Barlow Miami L.A. : Zeta Tau Alpha: Beta Beta Beta; Stu. Fla. Ed. Ass ' n. ; Wesley Found. Mollie Parrish Barrow Atlanta, Ga. Music: B.S.U.; Glee Club, Stu. Dir. ; Phi Beta; MENC. Harold Ray Basham Orlando L.A. ; S Club ; Scabbard and Blade ; Sigma Nu. John B. Beard Bus.; Lambda Chi Alpha. San ford Carol Belcher Jacksonville Beach L.A. : Pi Beta Phi, Rec. Sec, Pres., PanHel- lenic : Kappa Pi, V. Pres.; Honor, Hist.; and Key. Sec: Wesley Found., Sec: S.C.A., Sec-Treas. ; Honor Roll: Stover Theater; Women ' s Coun. ; Who ' s Who. Patsy Christie Blanton Jacksonville L.A. : Glee Club; Travel Squad; Plavers Guild; B.S.U. Peter Bohaczyk, Jr. L.A. Daytona Beach Abel Abernathy Addison Allen Anthony Barlow Barrow Basham Beard Belcher Blanton Bohaczyk Bolton Bovter Boss Briggs Boswell Brown Bowerhan Brown Buclcalew Hurkart Burrell Bushnell Joanne Galarde Bolton St. Petersburg L.A. ; Sec, L.A. ; V. Pres., L.A. ; Panhellenic, Pres. ; Alpha Xi Delta, Chaplain ; Travel Squad: Stover Theater; S.G.A. ; Rel. Focus Wk.; S.F.E.A.; Stu. Adv.; Stu. In. Bd. ; Who ' s Who. Marv Patricia Boss A tlanta L.A.; B.S.U.; Zeta Tau Alpha. Sec; The Honor, Sec. ; Theta Alpha Phi, V. Pres., Hist.; Kappa Pi; Players Guild, Sec; Panhel- lenic, Sec ; Women ' s Coun. ; La Franciade ; Chair., Orientation Comm. ; Inter-reg. Schol.; Honor Roll. Josephine Boswell C ynthiana, Ky. L.A.; Pi Beta Phi, Schol. Chair., Corr. Sec; Panhellenic, V. Pres. : Honors Program ; The Honor; Reporter; Inter-reg. Schol.; Stu. Adv. ; Univ. Party. Mary Gail Bowerhan Copake, N.Y. L.A.; Phi Mu; Newman Club; F.T.A. Anne Boyter Woodruff, S. C. L.A. ; Zeta Tau Alpha, Corr. Sec. ; Theta Alpha Phi, Hist., V. Pres.; Players Guild; Women ' s Coun.; F.T.A. ; B. S. U.; Stu. Adv. Gaither E. Briggs Music. .-1 ugusta, S.C . Marv Lee Brown Daytona Beach L.A. ; F.T.A.: Majorette; D.S.F. ; Intra- murals. B. G. Brown L.A.; MA. Apopku M. R. Buckalew, III Vero Beach Bus.; Delta Sigma Phi, Sgt. at Arms; ROTC Review, Bus. Mgr. ; Stu. Adv. Arlene Burkart Miami Bus. ; Travel Squad : Glee Club ; W.F., Sec. ; S.C.A., Sec. ; Stu. Adv. ; Lib. Comm., Pres. : Music Ed. Nat. Conf. Gene Burrell Hastings L.A. : Phi Alpha Theta ; Scabbard and Blade : [ntramurals. Francis Bushnell L.A. ; Beta Beta Beta. DeLand ■■■■■■■I From black gowns i.V To white ones. THE SENIORS Harriette Butier Atlanta, Ga. Bus.; Professional Business Club; Glee Club; Student Ad- visor; Pi Beta Phi, House Chairman. Tom Allen Byrd L.A. ; Future Teachers of America. Taw pa Gerald R. Callahan Chicago, III. L.A. ; Honor Roll ; Kappa Delta Pi, Pres. ; Physical Educa- tion Majors Club, Pres.; Intramurals ; Green Derby Plan- ning Committee; AAHPER. Charles M. Capps Jacksonville Bus.; Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity; Professional Business Men ' s Club. Jose Cardosa L.A. Osteen Donna Carroll Jacksonville L.A. ; Phi Mu, Soc. Serv. Chairman, Rec.-Secy.; Reporter Staff; Debate Club; Psi Society, Secy.; Library Council, Secy.; Sigma Alpha Sigma, Secy.; The Honor; Scroll and Key; Wesley Foundation, V. Pres.; B.S.U.; Y.W.A. Patricia Chapman Carnes St. Petersburg L.A. ; Alpha Xi Delta, Chaplain; Freshman Class Secy.; Worn. Counc, Stetson Hall; B.S.U. Dev. Comm. Secy. Stet- son Hall; Panhellenic ; Travel Squad; Glee Club; Alpha Xi Pledge Trainer; Y.W.A. Robert Carnes Nashville, Tenn. L.A. ; Pi Kappa Phi, Pres., Pledge Trainer; Pres., Liberal Arts College; Omicron Delta Kappa; Honors Program; Circle " K " ; Sigma Delta Pi; Min. Assoc; B.S.U. ; S.C.A. ; Intramurals; Honor Roll. Butlei Bvrd Capps Cardosa Carroll Carnes, P. Carnes, R. Coburn Conner Cooper Corlev Cowan Crane Crankshav Cravton THE SENIORS Joanna E. Coburn Flourtown, Pa. L.A. ; Phi JIu, Treas., Rush Capt. ; The Honor; Kappa Delta Pi, Treas.; Tau Beta Sigma, V. Pres., Secy.; Band; Orch. ; W. Coun., V. Pres. ; SGA Coram. ; Stu. Un. Comm. ; Canterbury Club ; Panhellenic Council. Harry Conner _ Jacksonville L.A. ; Sigma Nu; Intramural All-Stars; Baseball, Co-Capt. ; Sigma Pi Kappa; Stu. Un. Bd. ; Co-Chmn. Hatter Holiday; Who ' s Who. Janet Elaine Cooper Homestead L.A. ; Alpha Dex., Secy. ; FTA ; YWA, Dorm Chmn. ; BSU. Jerome Watson Cor ley Fort Pierce Bus.; Fresh. Adv.; Accountancy Club; Prof. Bus. Club; House Coun. Norn. Comm. H. Garland Cowan Daytona Beach Bus. Norman Thomas Crane Hollywood L.A. ; Wesley Fdtn., Pres.; Band; Kappa Kappa Psi, Secy.; Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Treas. Joseph Clarence Crankshaw Neptune Beach L.A. ; Editor Stetson Reporter; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pres., Pledge Train.; Sigma Pi Kappa; Sigma Tau Delta; Canter- bury Club, Treas. ; Interfrat. Coun. ; Debate Club. Billy G. Crayton Independence, Mo. L.A. ; B.S.U., Pres., T.U. Rep.; Omicron Delta Kappa; Stetson Players Guild, Pres.; Men ' s Council, Secy.; Stud. Christian Assoc. ; Scroll and Key ; Theta Alpha Phi, Gamma Sigma Epsilon ; Rel. Foe. Wk. ; Dean ' s List ; Who ' s Who. Christmas . . . Peggy and Chuck play angels While Yvonne dreams of Yule time in Gaza. o : c, SA . i ■ X i ij . 1 " ' , ! Vn 1 i Margaret Ann Crosby DeLand L.A.; Alpha Xi Delta, V. Pres.; F.T.A. ; S.C.A. Rep.; Disc. Stu. Fellowship, Secy., Treas., V. Pres.; Stu. Un. Comm. ; Green Feather Comm.; Court (if Lambda Chi Alpha. Calvin L. Daigle Baton Rouge, La. L.A. ; Football; S Club; Newman Club; F.T.A. ; Pi Kappa Alpha. W. E. Darling Mimcie, III. L.A. ; Beta Beta Beta, Historian. Jim Davis Atlanta, Ga. .Bus.; Sigma Nu, Treas., Soc. Ch. ; Account- ancy Club. Charles V. Day Mia) Bus.; Pi Kappa Phi, Treas.; Glee Club Travel Squad ; Circle K ; Players Guild ; Bus. Men ' s Prf. Club; Madrigal Singers; B.S.U. ; Cooperative Ed. Club, Pres. Janet Rvan Dice Apopka L.A. ; Delta Delta Delta, Glee Club, MENC ; Stu. Lib. Comm. Mrs. C. P. DeArmas L.A. Florida Harvey Lee Duke Jacksonville L.A. ; Ministerial Assoc, Pres. James Edgy Nahunta, Ga. L.A. ; Glee Club; Organ Guild; Reporter; Canterbury Club, Treas. ; Honor Roll. Patricia Anne Edington St. Petersburg Music; Travel Squad; Glee Club; Opera Workshop ; Phi Beta, Secy., Soc. Ch. ; Alpha Xi Delta, Chapl., Mus. Ch. ; B.S.U., Mus. Ch. ; Amer. Guild Organist, Soc. Ch. ; V.W.A.; Madrigal Singers; S.G.A. Comm. Julia Greer Emerson Jacksonville L.A.; B.S.U. ; Y.W.A.; Zeta Tau Alpha, Chapl., Ritual Ch. ; Sociology Club, V. Pres. Allan Fagan Dumont, N. J. Bus.; Honor Roll; Scabbard and Blade So- ciety, Treasurer. Crosby Daigle Darling Davis Doris L. Fertic Orlando L J Grimes Hancock Hardin Harrell L.A.; Phi Mu. Secy.; Gamma Theta Upsilon, Secy. : F.T.A., Secy. ; Reporter Staff, Circ. Mgr. : Hatter Staff; Homecoming Court. James H. Finlayson, Jr. Bus.; Pi Kappa Alpha, Secy. DeLand Richard Crutcher Frink Jensen Bch. LA.; Dorm. Coun. : B.S.L ' ., The Tie; Gam- ma Sigma Epsilon. Recorder, Natl. Conv. ; Scroll and Key, Secw, Honor Roll ; Dean ' s List. Bruce F. Gallan Longineadow. Mass. L.A. Jim Geer Florida L.A.; B.S.U. Malcolm Sanford Glass Winter Park L.A. ; Honors Program ; Scroll and Key ; Omi- cron Delta Kappa, Pres. : Pi Kappa Phi, Schol. Cr. ; Canterbury Club. Soc. Ch.. . Pres.: Band; Orch. ; The Paradigm; Sigma Pi Kappa, Pres. ; Stover Theatre ; Theta Alpha Phi; Players Guild, Pres.; Treas., L.A. School; S.G.A. Comm.; Rel. Focus Wk. Cumin., Harry L. Taylor Award: Academic Coun. Award: Honor Roll: Who ' s Who. Thomas Wavne Graham Ft. Myers Bus.; Glee Club; Travel Squad; Delta Sigma Phi, Treas. ; Junior Class Treas. ; Senior Class Treas.: S.G.A. Treas.; Univ. Party Treas.; B.S.U. Council. Mel Hyatl Gregory Jr. La Grange, Ky. Bus.; Sigma Xu, S Club, Pres.; Business School Pres. ; Scabbard Blade. Y. Pres. ; Phys. Ed. Mai. Club. Sec: Basketball: Ten- nis: Baseball; Men ' s Coun.; S.G.A.. Pres. Cab. ; Prof. Bus. Club. James Conrad Grimes Charlotte. -V. C. Music: Madrigal Singers Ch. : Amer. Guild of Organists, Sub-Dean. Hist.: Lutheran Stud. Assoc., Pre . ; Univ. Carilloneur; Glee Club: Honor Roll. Phyllis Joan Hancock Tampa Music; Travel Squad. B.S.L " . Exec. Coun.: Music School Treas., V. Pres. : Phi Beta, V. Pres.. Pres. Henry Lee Hardin Dunedin I-.A. : Men ' s Phys. Ed. Majors Club; Pi Kappa Phi, Stud. Emp. Comm. Jovce Harrell Stuart L.A.; F.T.A.. Sec., V. Pres.: Worn. Prof. Club, Pres.: Cheerleader, Capt. : Ch. Green Derby Carnival : Delta Delta Delta. The Stetson Union in construction. Now, the luxurious lounge. THE SENIORS Harold D. Harris L.A. ; Future Teachers of America. Orlando James Paul Hendrickson Pineville, Ky. L.A. ; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pres., Pledge Trainer, Soc, Ch. ; Beta Beta Beta, Pres. ; Scabbard and Blade ; ROTC Rifle Team; Intramurals; Hatter Hoi. Cum.; Military Ball Com. ; B.S.U. Homer B. Herrick, Jr. Key West Patricia Carolyn Hiers Bus. Judith Elizabeth Hill L.A. ; Pi Beta Phi, Corr. Sec, House Ch., Mag. Ch., Censor ; Sigma Pi Kappa; The Honor; Reporter; Fr. Adv.; FT A ; Wesley Fdn.; Honor Roll; Stover Theater; Hatter Staff; Glee Club; Orchestra; Band; MENC; Worn. Covin. Secy.- Treas. Macclenny Suffolk, Va. L.A. ; Swim Team ; Westminster Fellowship ; Ed., Celtic Cross. Dave Hewett Panama City L.A. ; B.S.U. ; Ministerial Assoc.; Dorm Advisor; Pres., House Coun., Relig. Foe. Wk. Com. Ch. Samuel S. Ho Hongkong L.A. ; International Club; Phi Soc; Scroll and Key; Gamma Sigma Epsilon ; Honor Roll ; Dean ' s List ; Acad. Coun. Schol. ; Fresh. Chem. Award. ±M4Afj±M Hiers Hill Ho LfcfeJk Hodge Hodges Hogue Holcomb Holmes Houser Houston Howell THE SENIORS James Edward Hodge Jacksonville L.A. Pres., S.G.A. ; Omicron Delta Kappa; Men ' s Council; Pi Kappa Phi, Secy., Rush Ch. ; B.S.U. Exec. Coun. ; Base- ball; S Club; Rel. ' Foc. Wlc. Com.; Ch. Fr. Orient. Com.; Fr. Adv.; Who ' s Who. Joan Hodges Jacksonville L.A.; Reporter; Y.W.A. Prog. Ch. ; Alpha Dex., Publ., V. Pres.; Worn. Coun. Sgt. Arms; B.S.U., Secy.; Kappa Delta Pi, Historian. Jacquelyn Ann Hogue Chattanooga, Tenn. L.A. ; Worn. Coun., Pres. N. Hall, V. Pres. Exec. Coun.; Pan-Hel.; Delta Delta Delta, Soc. Ch., Rush Ch., V. Pres., Pres. ; Wesley Fdn. ; V. Pres., S.C.A. ; State Secy., Fla. MSM ; Beta Beta Beta ; V. Pres., S.G.A. ; The Honor, V. Pres.; Who ' s Who. Charles Manuel Holcomb Live Oak LA.; Sigma Chi Epsilon, Pres.; I.F.C. ; S.G.A. Com.; Orien. Wk. Committee. Arthur B. Holmes, Jr. Gainesville Bus.; Wesley Fdn., Treas., V. Pres., Rec. Ch., S.C.A. Rep.; Rel. Emph. Wk. Com.; Basketball; Intramurals; Hatter; Sigma Nu. Pres. Pledges, Chapl., Schl. Ch. ; V. Pres. Jr. Class; S.G.A. Soc. V. Pres.; Prof. Bus. Club, V. Pres., Pres. Betty Houser L.A. Daytona Beach Mary Lee Houston Orlando L.A. ; Worn. Coun.; Panhellenic ; Military Ball Court; Phi Mu, Rush Ch., Pres.; B.S.U. Martha Anne Howell Jacksonville L.A. ; B.S.U., La Franciade, Future Teachers of America. Louise and Harry made a cute couple at Mardi Gras. Joanna and Roger look good together anywhere. Nelda Ruth Hudson Umatilla L.A. : Chad. Hall Coun., Soc. Ch. ; Exec Coun.: Pres. North Hall; Glee Club, Travel Squad ; Homecoming Com. : Kappa Pi ; B.S.I " . : Zeta Tau Alpha. House Ch.. Music Chairman. Margaret " Peggv " Hughes AshvilleN.C. Music; Phi Beta, Treas.. Ritual Ch.; Worn. Coun.: Freshman Adv.; B.S.I . Exec. Coun.; Y.W.A.. Sec: Glee Club; Band; Travel Squad: Madrigal Singers. Charles J. Hunt Melbourne L.A. : Ministerial Assoc: La Franciade: Hon- orarv History Society. Earle R. Hunt, Jr. Del. and L A. : Future Teachers of America. Anne E. Huntington I ' ineyard Haven, Mass. Music: Canterbury Club; Phi Beta Natl. Honorary, Secy.; Orchestra. Joanna Johnson Bradenton L.A. : Green Feather: Rules 5c Proced. : Delta Delta Delta. Treas. ; Marshal, V. Pres. Gwendolyn Louise Kelly Mia, L.A.: B.S.U. Exec. Coun.; Y.W.A.. Pres.. Women ' s Prof. Club, V. Pres. : Alpha Dexi- jma : Women ' s Council ; S.G.A. Comm., Band. Warren Archie Kendall St Petersburg Bus.: Sigma Nu; Tennis: I.F.C. Treas.; Dorm. Coun., Stud. Adv., Homecoming Play. Roy Kennedy Apnpka L.A. Jerry Kinnear Kern Delray Beach Bus.: Pi Kappa Alpha. Secy., House Mgr., Outstanding Pledge : Varsity Baseball : S Club : Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Prof. Bus. Club; Pre-Legal Assoc. Yvonne George Khouri Gaza, via Egypt Bus.: Honor Roll: International Club. . Pres., Prog. Ch.. Intl. Stud. Scholarship: Young Women ' s Auxiliary. Arthur D. Kibbe Cortland. A " . Y. Bus.; Stetson Band, Capt. : Stetson Orchestra. J £ £. John H. Killebrew A nthony Bus.; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Historian, House Mgr. ; Intramural Board, Secy.; Accountancy Club ; Commerce Club ; Student Advisor. Kenneth Paul Kirchman Belle Glade L.A. ; Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity; Intramural Representative. George L. Kirkland Largo L.A. ; Ministerial Association. James Alton Kirkland DeLand Bus.; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Intramurals; Mili- tarv Ball Committee. Jim Kitchens Jacksonville L.A. ; Sigma Nu Fraternity ; Baptist Student Union; S Club; Varsity Basketball; Co-Capt. Varsity Basketball. Janice Raie Krueger Leesburg L.A. ; F.T.A., Publicity Ch. ; Alpa Dexioma, Secy. ; Hatter Staff, Circ. Mgr. ; Stetson House Coun., Secy. ; Gamma Theta Upsilon ; Sigma Pi Kappa. Marlene Lackman Jacksonville L.A.; Phi Mu, Pledge Dir., Soc. Ch. ; E.F. T.A. ; Reporter Bus. Staff; Hatter Staff; R.O.T.C. Sponsor; Hatter Fall Beauty Con- testant. William Jeffrey Langer Sarasota L.A. ; Sigma Nu Fraternity, Intramural Ch., Historian; Varsity Tennis Team, Lettered, Voted " Most Consistent Man. " John Ligas, Jr. Orlando Bus. ; Transfer Miami University, Oxford, Ohio; Acountancy Club. William A. Liles Garland, N. C. Bus.; House Council; Prof. Bus. Club; Ch. Blood Drive for DeLand ; Lambda Chi Alpha ; I.F.C. President; Student Adviser; Trans. from E. Carolina Coll. Elden Henry Luffman Ocala L.A. ; Glee Club; Ministerial Association. Patricia M. McBride Bay side, L. ., N. Y. Music ; Alpha Xi Delta, Corresponding Secy., Music Chairman; Glee Club, Travel Squad Soloist; Y.W.A., State Song Director; Chau- doin House Council; B.S.U.; Opera Work- shop; Operetta " Red Mill. " Pensive moods . . . Judy Hill Nancy Allen THE SENIORS John Mitchell McCausland, Jr. Winter Park L.A. ; Chess Club; Psi Society; Language Club. Betty Jo McClendon Eau Gallic L.A. ; Future Teachers of America; Alpha Chi Omega So- rority, Warden. Margaret Sylvia McDonald Wauchula L.A.; Concert Band; B.S.U.; Y.W.A., Dorm Chmn. ; F.T.A., Historian; Student Advisor; Alpha Xi Delta, Mar- shal, House Chairman, Nice Pres. ; oung Democrats; Intramurals. Joy Beaman McGee Winston-Salem, N. C. L.A. ; Baptist Student Union; Y.W.A.; Future Teachers of America. Willard L. McGhee Bus. Jackson, Ohio Richard Hugh Mclnnis Del. eon Springs L.A. ; Varsity Baseball; S Club; Intramurals; Student Ad- visor; Honor Roll. Marvin McMaster Orlando I. .A.; Glee Club; Travel Squad : Westminster Fellowship; Theta Alpha Phi ; Stetson Players Guild : Stover Theater Productions. Dawson A. McQuaig Jacksonville L.A. ; Pi Kappa Phi, V. P. Pledge Class; House Council: Ministerial Assoc; F.T.A. ; Cheerleader; Basketball Mgr. ; " S " Club; Theatre Guild; Rel. Foe. Wk. Comm.; Stu. Un. Bd. ; B.S.I ' .; Circle " K " ; Reporter Staff: Intramurals; Sto- ver Theatre; Green Feather. JMiM ll McCausland McClendon McDonald McCee i ft A A tli McQuaig Maguire Marcell Martin Mason Mathas Meriwether Milford Miller THE SENIORS Merrill Maguire Jacksonville L.A. ; Pi Beta Phi, V. Pres., Pledge Trainer, Sonven. Dele- gate; Women ' s Coun., Chad. V. Pres., Exec. Coun. Secv. ; B.S.U., Soc. V. Pres., Dev. V. Pres.; Glee Club Travel Squad; Secy. Soph. Class; Stud. Un. Bd., V. Pres.; The Honor, Pres., Honors Program ; Who ' s Who. David W. Marcell DeLand L.A. ; Sigma Nu; Canterbury Club, Pres.; S.C.A., Pres.; Scroll and Key, Pres.; Phi Alpha Theta, Pres.; Stud. Un. Bd., Pres.; ODK Treas. ; Washington Semester; Honors Program; Pres. Exec. Coun. Canterbury Slubs of Diocese of S. Fla. ; Ed., ' Canterbury Tells " ; Who ' s Who. Roderick Golvin Martin Hialeah L.A. ; Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity ; House Manager. Betty Jo Mason Tampa L.A. ; Alpha Chi Omega, Pres. ; Rules and Procedure ; Pan- hellenic; F.N.E.A. ; Women ' s Council, North Hall. James Leslie Mathas Ormond Beach Music; Kappa Kappa Psi, Vice Jresident; Band; Orchestra. James R. Meriwether, Jr. Nashville, Tenn. Music; Glee Club; Travel Squad; MENC; Student Ad- viser; Baptist Student Union. Diana Milford A del, Georgia L.A. ; Band; Orchestra; Brass Ensemble; Tau Beta Sigma, Secy., V. Pres.; Women ' s Council, V, Pres. North Hall: V.W.A.; B.S.U. Exec. Counc. ; Dorm. Dev. Ch. ; Relig. Focus Wk. Comm. ; Delta Delta Delta Scholarship. John R. Miller L.A. Austin. Minnesota Scholars? No, a party! Here ' s the real thing ... a Washington Semester gang. John Robert Moore Bartow L.A. : Debate Squad; Editor Stetson Reporter; Ministerial A mh ' . ; Stra Greeks; Circle K; Washington Semester; Honors Program. William Pierce Moore Graceville I. .A.: I ' i Kappa Phi; Ministerial Assoc.; Li- brary Committee, Chairman. Victor A. Muzii, Jr. Bus.; Football; Soccer; S Clu Alpha. Sgt. of Arms. Coral (rubles Pi Kappa Morris M. Nowell Daytona Reach L.A. ; Ke Club; Glee Club Travel Sqd. ; Ministerial Assoc, Radio Chmn. Betty " Beep " Nowlin Coral Gables L.A. : Delta Delta Delta, Pres. Pledge Class, Sponsor Ch. ; Worn. Coun., Soc. Ch. North Hall; Stud. I ' n. Bd., Soc. Coram.; F.T.A. ; B.S.I. Neil Thomas O ' Brien St. Louis, Mo. Bus.; Gamma Theta Upsilon. Ed Pacha DeLand L.A. : Lambda Chi Alpha; Stover Theatre Productions; Stetson Player ' s Guild. Marv Kav Pafford Jacksonville L A. : Westminster Fellowship, Pres., Fellow- ship Chmn.; Alpha Xi Delta, Treas. ; Band; S.C.A.. Secy., Treas.; F.T.A. : Stud. I ' n. Hostess Ch.; Glee Club; Stud. Adv.; Relig. Focus Wk. Comm. Dorothy Ann Page Lake City L.A. ; Alpha Dexioma; B.S.U. James Chappell Parkhurst Oneco, Conn. L.A.; Pi Kappa Phi; I.F.C. : SGA Stud. Em- ployment Comm.. Ch. ; Rules Proc. ; Home- coming Comm.; Pre-Legal Assoc., Prog Ch. ; Dorm Council ; Political Forum, Pres. ; FCCH Bd. of Directors. Donald A. Pattison Vent Bus.; Sigma Nu; " S " Club, Treas.; Mgr. Varsin Football; Hater Staff; Stover Theatre Production. Carolyn Martha " Lynn " Peters Clearwater L.A. ; Trans. Shorter College ; Zeta Tau Al- pha. Pledge Pres.. Music Ch.; Glee Club. Travel Squad; F.T.A.. Historian; Westmin- ster Fellowship. Julia Gail Pittman Dade City L.A. ; SGA Secy. ; B.S.U. Enlistment V. Pres. ; Delta Delta Delta, Chaplain, Pres. Pledge Class; Stud. F.E.A., V. Pres. ; Women ' s Coun- cil, North Hall, Executive Rep. at Large; Soph. Class Treas. ; Freshman Adv. ; Honor Roll ; The Honor. Willard H. Pratt Miami L.A. ; Ministerial Assoc. ; B.S.U. ; Freshma Adv. ; V. Pres. Freshman Class. James G. Radebaugh Orlando L.A. ; Lambda Chi Alpha; Canterbury Club. Ronald Calvin Ramaker Hollywood Bus. ; Soccer. Lucy Walton Rand DeLand L.A. ; Pi Beta Phi, Historian, Censor; Tau Beta Sigma, Pres., Treas. ; Westminster Fel- lowship, Council ; Hatter Staff, Freshman Class Ed. ; F.T.A. ; Band, Secy. -Treas., Soc. Ch. ; University Brass Ensemble. Jim Rawls Orlando L.A. ; Pi Kappa Phi, Pledge Pres., Pledge V. Pres. ; Dorm Council Member ; Glee Club ; Travel Squad ; Baptist Student Union. Henry Charles Richstine Jacksonville L.A. ; Band ; Psi Chi. Charles Ronald Richter Sarasota Bus.; Football; " S " Club; Pi Kappa Alpha Soccer. George Kerry Robb Tampa L.A. ; Sigma Nu ; Wesley Foundation. Frederick George Roberts Daytona Beach L.A.; Pi Kappa Phi; Phys. Ed. Profess. Club; Baseball; Basketball; Resident Advisor; " S " Club ; Green Feath. Coram. John G. Roberts Bus. ; Accountancy Club. Susan Robison Cocc Ocala Pi Beta Phi, Standards Chairman; Stetson Re- porter Staff; Intramurals; Future Teachers of America; Baptist Student Union; Intramurals. Some of us stayed up to study But most of us just stayed up. THE SENIORS Doris Rocker Statesboro, Ga. I. .A.; Sec. Senior Class; La Franciad; Tri Delta Soror. Pledge Trainer, Sponsor Chair.; ROTC Sponsor; Travel Squad; Reporter Staff; MENC; BSU; Women ' s Council, Social Chairman Helen Rode Ft. Lauderdale L.A. ; Phi Mu Sorority, Secretary, Pledge Trainer, Beta Beta Beta. Charles Roeesl L.A. ; Ministerial Association. Deland Orlando Peggy Rogers L.A. ; Transfer, .Montreat College. Thomas Rosseter St. Petersburg L.A. ; Sigma Nu Fraternity, House Committee; Pre-Law Club. Joan Rousseau Bradenton L.A. ; Phi Mu Sorority, Secretary, Chaplain; Majorette Corps; Stover Theatre. Joan Saltrick Dania L.A. ; Pi Beta Phi, Treas., Exec. Council, Pledge Sec; Gam- ma Theta Upsilon ; Phi Society; F ' FA ; Kappa Delta Pi, Vice Pres. ; University Party; Hatter; Pan-Hellenic Council, Treas.; North Hall Council Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Uni- versity Scholarship. Richard Saltrick Uniontown, Penn. L.A.; Football, ( () min. Award 1954-55, Back-of-Week 1055, Most Valuable Player Award 1956, Lettered 1954, 1955, 1956; Baseball, Lettered 1954-58, All-State 1957. Co- Captain : Sigma Nu Fraternity, Exec. Council Gamma Theta Upsilon. Sanders Sargent Scott Sellers Sharpton, A. Sharpton, J. Shavvver Shirey THE SENIORS Jane Sanders DeLand L.A. ; Phi Beta; Stover Theatre; Canterbury Club; La Fran- ciade; Alpha Gamma Delta Social Sorority; Exchange Stu- dent, Dijon, France. Susan Sargent Guantanamo, Cuba L.A. ; Alpha Chi Omega, Editor; Sigma Delta Pi, Sec, Pre-.; Hater Staff, Junior Class Editor; La Franciade, Vice Pres. ; Sigma Pi Kappa; International Club, Sec.-Treas., Pres. ; Wesley Found.; Student FEA, Treas. ; Honor Roll. Richard Scott Daytona Beach B.N.; Pi Kappa Alpha, Pres., Treas., Historian, Pledge Master; Prof. Business Club; IFC; Stetson Reporter, Bus. Manager; Student Union. Robert Sellers L.A. Waco, Texas Aubrey Sharpton, Jr. DeLand L.A. ; Sigma Nu Fraternitv, Pledge Trainer; Men ' s Council, Pres.; BSU ; Men ' s Physical Ed. Club; All-Star Softball Team ; Traffic Survey Comm. Janice Peacock Sharpton DeLand Alpha Xi Delta, Pledge Sec, Intramural Chair., Assist. Pledge Trainer; Ritual Chair.; Calendar Girl-sponsored by Sigma Nu; Homecoming Comm.; University Party, BSU; Women ' s Professional Club; Intramurals. Carl Shawver Tampa L.A. ; Ministerial Assoc; Men ' s House Council; Psi Society, Charter Member; German Club; Student Advisor; BSU. Walter Shirey B.N.; Sigma Nu Fraternity, BSU : Intramurals. Marshall, Miami House Manager ; We soaked up that Florida sun Whether on Daytona Beach or our own sun deck. Peggy Simpson Asheville, N ,C. I. .A.: University Nurse; Dorm Director, Brit- tain Hall; Beta Beta Hera; II. .nor Roll; HSU; Stetson U. Women ' s Club. Simpson Slater, B. Slater, N. Shin g liter Ben Slater B.N. Jacksonville Nancy Slater Hollywood L.A. ; Alpha Xi Delta, Member. Sec, Pledge Trainer, Pres. ; Homecoming Court ; Westmin- ster Fellowship, State Clerk of WF; Women ' s Council, Vice Pres. Stetson Hall : Pan-Hellen- ic Council; (Jniversit) Party; Religious Em- phasis Week Coram.; Intramural Participation Award; Art Ed., Student Handbook; Dorm Director, Holiday House. Fred Slaughter Bristol, Tenn, B.N.; Fresh. Basketball Team; Intramural Basketball; IFC, Pres.; Men ' s Council, Vice Pres.; Pi Kappa Alpha, Historian, Treas., Pres.; Prof. Bus. Club. Joel Sloan Ft. Meade L.A. ; Omicron Delta Kappa; Delta Sigma Phi ; Beta Beta Beta ; Scabbard ; nd Blade. Pres.; Distinguished Military Student; Pres. Junior Class; Rules and Procdure Comm., Chair.; Hatter Holiday, Co-Chair.; Honor Roll; Dorm Council, Pres.; Fresh. Advisor; Assist. Ed. of Hatter. Louise Smart Draper. N.C. B.N.; Zeta Tau Alpha, Pres.; Pledge Class Pres.; The Honor Pub. Chair.; Pan-Hellenic Council, Treas. ; Wesley Found. ; Academic Council Scholarship; Inter-Regional Scholar- ship; Honor Roll; FTA ; Prof. Bus. Club: Pus. School, Sec; Lambda Chi Aloha Crescent Girl; Zeta Tau Alpha Mardi Gras Queen; Commerce Club. Margaret Smith L.A. ; Kappa Delta Pi FTA. Daytona Beach Zeta Tau Alpha ; Mary Alice Smith Ft. Myers L.A.; Alpha Xi Delta, Treas., Sec; BSU, Sec, Soc, Vice Pres.; SGA, Sec; Women ' s Council, Stetson Hall Pres. ; Women ' s SGA, Pres. -Exec Council; Sec. L.A. School; Uni- versity Partv, Vice Pres. ; Religious Focus Week Comm.; SNEA; Who ' s Who. Donald Soprano DeLand B.N. ; Pi Kappa Alpha ; Pre-Law Association. Barbara Stanton Jacksonville L.A. ; BSU ; YWA ; FTA ; Hatter Staff. J. B. Steelman, Jr. Winter Park L.A. ; Delta Sigma Phi, Pres., Vice Pres.; IFC; Physical Ed. Majors Club; Intramurals; IFC Disciplinary Council. Grace Stinecipher Sanford L.A. ; Alpha Dexioma : Hand ; Student Ad- cisor; FTA; BSU. W u g g k k. Jfc J fc. Lfc Storey Su Swisher Tarratus Taylor Thames Thompson Touchton Tucker Tullis Underwood Van Akin Carl Storey L.A. ; Stover Theatre; Band. Ft. Meade Ernestine Su Formosa, China L.A. ; Women ' s House Council; BSU; Inter- national Club, Vice Pres., Sec, Treas. John Swisher DeLand L.A. ; Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity. Charlotte Tarratus Jacksonville Mus. ; Travel Squad, Key Member; BSU, Pub. Director; MENC; Madrigal Singers; Fresh. Advisor ; YWA, Circle Pres. Margaret Taylor Orlando Mus. ; Phi Mu Sororitv, Music Director; Travel Squad and Glee Club; BSU; AGO, Sec. and Treas. Redden Thames Miami L.A. ; Ministerial Association; Honor Roll. Glen Thompson Tampa L.A. ; Circle K; Ministerial Association; Re- ligious Emphasis Week Comm. ; BSU; Uni- versity Party ; Political Forum ; Glee Club ; Commons Food Comm. ; Men ' s House Coun- cil ; Young Democratic Club; Disciples of Christ, Advisor; FCCH ; Student Advisor. Leon Touchton Winter Haven L.A. ; Ministerial Association. Larry Tucker Sanford, N.C. L.A. ; Cheeleader; BSU Exec. Council; Dorm President; Travel Squad Key Member; Ten- nis Team; Ministerial Association. Don Tullis Jacksonville B.N. ; Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, Soc. Chair. IFC; IFC Disciplinary Council; Can- terbury Club ; Soccer. Lois Underwood West Palm Beach L.A. ; Canterbury Club ; Sigma Delta Pi, Sec. ; Kappa Delta Pi ; Alpha Xi Delta, Journal Correspondent ; Student FEA, Vice Pres., State Pres. Barbara Van Akin DeLand L.A. ; Theta Alpha Phi, Sec. ; Stetson Players Guild ; Stover Theatre ; BSU ; Honor Roll. Linda Ventry L.A. ; FEA. Sanford Patricia Vogel .S7. Petersham llus. ; .Madrigal Society; Glee Club and Travel Squad; Amer. Guild of Organists; Westminster Fellowship. Patricia Wagner Miami L.A. ; Glee Club; Operetta; Westminster Fel- lowship, Fellowship Chair.. Program Chair.. Treas. ; Freshman Advisor; Orientation Week Committee. Don Walton L.A. Aberdeen, Ohio Alfred Washburn Shelby, N. C. Ill ' s.; Glee Club and Travel Squad: Dean and Sec. of Student Guild of American Guild of Organists; Madrigal Group; BSL. Thomas Weldon LA.; Pi Kappa Phi List. Edwin White Bus.; Accountancy Club. Winchester, h ' y. Honor Roll: Dean ' s Or I a n dn Roger Williams Huntsville, Ala. L.A. ; Rules and Procedure Comm. ; Sigma Chi Fraternity; Intramurals, Manager of In- dependents; Religious Focus Week Comm. Chair.; Westminster Fellowship; Hatter Howler Chair. : SGA, Soc. Vice Pres. ; Home- coming Chair.; Beta Beta Beta; Hatter Holi- day Dance Comm.; Crescent King: Freshman Advisor; Orientation Week, Chair.; World Council of Churches Work Camp, Cairo, Egypt : Who ' s Who. Charles Wolfe Jacksonville Bis. ; Sigma Xu Fraternity ; Hatter Bus. Mgr. Jack Woodall Bradenton Bis.; Omicron Delta Kappa. Vice Pres.; Sig- ma u, Sec, Vice Pres., Pres.; Sigma Pi Kappa, Pres.; Scabbard and Blade. Sec.; Water Ski Club, Pres.; ROTC. Battalion Commander, ROTC Review Ed. ; Student Advisor; Senior Class Pres.; Wesley Founda- tion, Vice Pres. ; Publications Board : SGA, President ' s Cabinet; IFC ; Who ' s Who; Con- stitution Revision Comm.; Hatter Holiday. Pub. Co-Chairman. Charles Woodward Griffin. Ga. Ml ' S.; Canterbury Club; Organ Guild. Dean. Historian; Glee Club. Janet Greene Younge Miami Pi Beta Phi Sorority; Beta Beta Beta, Sec; Cheerleader ; Women ' s House Council : Dream Girl of Pi Kappa Alpha ; FTA. Yentrv Washburn Wolfe Vogel Weldon Woodall Wagner White W oodward Walton Williams Younge THE JUNIOR CLASS Positions of responsibility. Graduation comes some time after the Senior year — too far away to think about. For now, the Juniors are making plans, a whole year of plans. This year has been so full. So many honoraries tapped; the Student Union Building Opened. Next year will be even more exciting — and busier. Everyone is waiting for next year, the biggest year of all. OFFICERS Phii. Parr President Mi mi Shaw Vice President Pat Bvri) Secretary Bland Williamson Treasurer (not shown) DONALD ADAMS, L.A. Pelluim, Ga. EARL F. ADAMS, L.A. Palm Beach ANITA ANDERSON, L.A. ,S7. Augustine JOANNE ANDERSON, L.A., Alexandria, a. RAY ANDREWS, Musi Pensacola, Ha. LOUISE BATTS, L.A. Ocala, Ha. CECIL BELLWOOD, L.A. Jacksonville MICHAEL BLOCKER, Bus., Ocala, Fla. MARTIN BOOS, Bus. Boynlon Beach BILL BOTTOM, L.A. Daytona Beach JIM BOWEN, L.A. Ormond Beach LES BOWER, L.A. Seattle, H ' ash. BILL BRADY, Bus. Jasper, Fla. PETE BRAINARD, Bus. Tampa, Fla. GERI BREEN, L.A. Coopersville. Mich. BEVERLY BRETT, L.A. Jacksonville GEORGE BRUNKHORST, Bus., Jacksonville BILL BUTLER. Bus. Orlando, Fla. PATRICIA BYRD, L.A. Ocala, Fla. MARY CARLTON, L.A. Deland, Fla. THE Jl CAROL CARNETT. L.A. Winter Haven, Fla. WARREN CARR. Bus. Avalon Park, .V. J. JACK CARSON. L.A. Havertoan, Pas. DAVID CARTER. L.A. Tampa, Fla. HOWARD CARTER. L.A. Tampa, Fla. RAEJEAN CASCIOLI. L.A.. Miami, Fla. HAL CAUTHEN. L.A. Alachua, Fla. CONNIE CONSTANS. L.A.. Delray, Fla. ANNETTE CHESIRE. L.A.. East Palatka. Fla. MEL CHRISTMAS. L.A. South Miami, Fla. CONNIE CLARK. L.A. A tlanta, Ga. RONNV COCKRILL. Music. Washington, D. C.L WALTER COOLEY. L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. MARIANNA CROWLEY. L.A.. DeLand, Fla. ROBERT CROWLEY. L.A. Venice, Fla. DONALD CROYLE. Bus. Maitlund, Fla. DANIEL CRUM, Bus. Bartoxc, Fla. PEGGY CLRRY. L.A. Ocala, Fla. ARLENE DANIELS. Bus. L ' matilla, Fla. ARTHUR DASHER. Bus. Macon, Ga. NIORS DOTTIE DAVIDSON. Ku Dcala, Fla. ANN DAVIS. Music Marion, S. C. ERNEST DAVIS. L.A. Augusta. Ga. BILL DECKNER, L.A. Atlanta, Ga. RAMON DELGADO, L.A. Winter Haven GORDON DEVORES. L.A. Fairmont, ll Va. RICHARD DICKSON, Music. Atlanta, Ga. CONNIE JO DOOLEV, L.A., Cocoa, Fla. BETTY JO DREES, L.A. Hollyhill, Fla. JIM DREGGORS, Bus. Deland, Fla. BUFFY EZELL, L.A. Coral Gables MARCIA FARAGEHER. L.A.. Cleveland, Ohio BILL FLANDERS, L.A. West Palm Beach FRITZ FOUNTAIN, L.A. Lake City, Fla. NOLA FRINK. Music Melbourne, Fla. BETTY FURCHES. Music Miami, Fla. PATTI GAYNOR. L.A. Miami, Fla. JOAN GEITGEY, L.A. New Smyrna Beach MELVIN GENTRY, L.A. Pensacola, Fla. CHUCK GERTNER. L.A. Jacksonville THE JU JERRY GIRVIN. Bus. DeLand, Fla. DON GILCHRIST. L.A. Pensacola, Fla. DIANA GILL, Music Ft. Walton Beach CHUCK GLORE, L.A. Lakeland, Fla. MARY LOU GODWIN. L.A., Kissimmee, Fla. BETTY GREGG, L.A. Pensacola, Fla. DAVID GRENIR. L.A. DeLand, Fla. JIM GUNDERSON. L.A. Enumelaw, U ' ash. MARTHA HAMILTON, L.A,, Sarasota, Fla. PRISCILLA HANSCOM. L.A., Bradenton, Fla. DON HARBIN, L.A. McRae, Ga. PETE HARGIS. Music Pensacola, Fla. JANE HARRIS. L.A. Washington, Ga. PATRICIA HAYNIE, L.A. Jacksonville, Fla. MARGARET HAYS. L.A. -1 rcadia, Fla. JAMES HERN. Bus. DeLand, Fla. JUNE HIGHSMITH, L.A. Jacksonville, Ky. BOB HILLER. L.A. Ft. Lauderdale CAROLE HOLLAND. L.A. Kannapolis, N. C. CHARLES HORTON, L.A. Perry, Fla. NIORS DAVID HOUCHENS, LA. Louisville. A v. PAT HOWARD. L.A. Leesburg, Fla. JUDY HUMPHREY, Music Reynoldsville, Pa. G. F. HY DE. Bus. Miami, tin. NORM BYNE, Bus. Evaiiston, III. DON IYERSON. Bus. Elburn, III. BILL JACKSON. L.A. Tampa, Fla. JERRY JOHNSTON. Bus. Coning. N. Y. PATTY JOHNSON. Bus. Mount Dora, Fla. ROBERT JOHNSON " . L.A. Quantiro, Va. WILMA JONES. Bus. Claxton, Ga. LOYS JORDAN. Music Greenville, S. C. MARY JOYNER. L.A. Lake City, Fla. JODY KELLY. L.A. Hyattsville, Md. ANN KENNEDY. L.A. Ocala, Fla. DONNA KINSER. Musi, Lakeland, Fla. MARY JOKINTER. Music II inter Haven KAREN KLAGES. Bus. Ft. Lauderdale LL ANNA KRAUSE. L.A. Ft. Lauderdale JOHN LANCASTER. Music. I ' irginia Beach THE Jl CAROL LANGE, L.A. St. Petersburg EDWARD LAUGHARY, L.A., Evansville, hid. CHARLES LAUGHTON, L.A., Oakland Park, Fla. JANICE LANIER, L.A. Bradenton, Fla. MARILYN LAZARUS, L.A., Jacksonville, Fla. DENNIS LEE, Music Daytona Beach, Fla. GWEN LEE, L.A. Barbourville, Ky. RAY LEWIS, Bus. Jasper, Fla. ROBERT LIPSEY, L.A. Largo, Fla. CLARA NELL LONG, L.A., Ocala, Fla. EARL LOVEJOY, L.A. Boston, Mass. BILL McATEEN, L.A. Florida JOHN McEWEN, JR., Bus. Del, and, Fla. CLEMENT McFARLAND, L.A., A von Park, Fla. BETTY McKINLEY, Bus. Jamesbtirg, N. J. WYNELL McKINLEY, Bus., Jacksonville, Fla. HELEN McMULLAN, L.A. Decatur, Mississippi WILL MANLEY, L.A. Ft. Meade, Fla. GRETCHEN MARZ, L.A. Daytona Beach DAN MATTOX, L.A. Fort Pierce, Fla. NIORS ROBERT MAVNARI). Music. Mars Hill, N. C. GARY MEADOWS. L.A. Jacksonville SIDNEY MELTON, Music Griffin, Ga. CAROLYN MILLER. LA. Miami, I ' la. RALPH MILLER. L.A. Portal, Ga. PATSY MILNER, Bus. Ocala, Fla. MARY ANN MOORE, Bus Graceville, Fla. JERRIE MORETZ, L.A. Bristol, la. GAIL MORRIS, L.A. Coral Gables, Fla. JAMES MORRIS, Bus. Miami, Fla. WALTER MOSELY, Bus. Belle Glade, Fla. GEORGE NEUKOM. Bus. Zeplterliills, Fla. NANCY NORSE, L.A. Ft. Lauderdale JOHN HOLHAM. Bus. Dehand, Fla. JOAN ORENDAIN, L.A. Manilla, Philippines JON OSBORNE, L.A. Northampton, Mass. JOANN OWENS, L.A. Femandina Beach HYO SUP PARK, L.A. Chomjtt, Korea SONNY PARKER, L.A. A ndersonville PHILIP PARR. L.A. Jacksonville THE JU PAT PAINTER, Music Belle Glade, Fla. ROY PAULSON, L.A. Chicago, 111. CAROL PECK. L.A. Kenil worth. III. JIM PERSONS. L.A. Florida AL PHILLIPS, L.A. Sanford, Fla. TRAMS PLUMMER, L.A. Orlando, Fla. ANITA POWELL. L.A. Dunnellon, Fla. PHYLLIS RATLIFFE. L.A.. Clintwood, J a. ROBERT RICH. Music Pensacola, Fla. SAMMIE RICHARDS, L.A. Tampa, Fla. EARL ROGERS. L.A. Orlando, Fla. ARLIN ROWELL, L.A. Leeland, Miss. NOEL RUPPERT. L.A. Sarasota, Fla. MOLLIE SANDIFORD. Music. Pensacola, Fla. DEANNA SCHOOLEY, L.A., Pompuno Beach, Fla. BILL SCHULER, L.A. Miami, Fla. WILLIAM SCOTT, L.A. Pittsburg, Pa. JACK SELPH, Bus. Palatka, h la. JANE SHADRON, L.A. Bradenton, Fla. BETTY SHARPE, L.A. A tlanta, Ga. NIORS JANET SHAW, Bus. Venice, Fla. JERRY SHAW, L.A. Winter Haven MILLICENT SHAW, L.A. Venice, Fla. KENNETH SHEPPARD, L.A., f ' ero Beach PENNY SHEPHERD, L.A. Hendersonville, N. C. HUGH SHIVER, Bus. Hastings, Fla. PEGGY SMITH, L.A. Zephyrhills, Fla. RADFORD SMITH, L.A. St, Petersburg ANN SMOTHERS, L.A. Roanoke, fa. ANN STEPHENS, L.A. San ford, Fla. BARTON STEPHENS, L.A., Daytona Beach FRANK STROWBRIDGE, Bus., Miami, Fla. RICHARD STURM, Bus. Daytona Beach BOB SULLINS, L.A. Veto Beach, Fla. KENT TAYLOR, Music West Palm Beach WILLIAM THIRLWELL, L.A., Jacksonville, Fla. PAUL THOMAS, L.A. Miami, Fla. BOB THOMPSON, L. A. Sarasota, Fla. EDWARD THOMPSON, Bus., Florida JAMES TWEEDDALE, L.A., New York, N. Y. THE JU J. L. TYRA, Bus Orlando, Fla. JULEE URQUHART, L.A., Birmingham, Ala. REED VANDERCOOK, Bus. . . Wimetka, III. GEORGE VAN HORN, Bus. . . . Jacksonville WILLIAM VIEHMAN, Music . Orlando, Fla. ROBERT VOSTRY, L.A Berwyn, 111. JAMES WADE, L.A Mobile, Ala. JULIA WALKER, Bus Sarasota, Fla. ROBERT WALKER, L.A Mobile, Ala. GRACE WATERSON, Music . . Denedin, Fla. BILL WATSON, Bus Jacksonville JAMES WEAVER. L.A Williston, Fla. CARL WEBB, L.A Stuart, Fla. CARROLL WEBBE, L.A. . . . Daytona Beach ' CAROLYN WEISS, Music .... Miami. Fla. NIORS GENE WELLS. L.A Ludou-ici, Ga. WILLIAM WHITE. L.A Jacksonville SARA WILKERSON. L.A. . Greenwood, S. C. JANELLE WILLCOX. L.A. . . . Jacksonville BLAND WILLIAMSON. Bus Atlanta MARY WILLIAMS. L.A. . . . Ft. Lauderdale YEE WILSON. Bus St. Augustine DONALD WOOD. Music Spartanburg MARILYN L. WOOD. Bus Kissimmee SANDRA WORNAL. L.A. . Princeton. W. Va. MARILYN YATES. L.A Jacksonville ABE YEARGIN. L.A Spartanburg. S. C. THE SOPHOMORE CLASS It was a real thrill to be back Orientation Week — this time as Student Advisors, Ratters, and frater- nity and sorority members. Glasses began again . . . who could ever forget the hours we spent in Humanities listening labs, absorbing culture and sophistication. We were sure that we had learned how to study, but we became so swamped with ac- tivities that we sometimes forgot. For the first time we became council members, organization offiicers, and S.G.A. committee chair- men. Approaching the end of the year, our awe of upperclassmen began to fade, as we discovered our own ability to assume the places of leadership they were leaving behind. Now we look forward to next year, when the freshmen will look to us as the " campus wheels. " OFFICERS Reynolds Ai.i.en President Ann Severance Vice President Ann Anderson Secretary Meredith DkWitt Treasurer SUZANNE ABEL L.A.; Coral (tables MARY ANN AIKEN 1..A.: Atlanta, Go. JANE ALEXANDER L.A.; West Palm Reach DANNY ALLEN LA.; Forest City HARRY ALLEN L.A. : Jacksonville REYNOLDS ALLEN L.A.: tl ' auchula, Fla. ANN ANDERSON L.A.; Miami, Fla. GAIL ANDERSON L.A. ; Hollywood. Fla. GARY ANDERSON Bus.; DeLand VIRGINIA BAGBY Mus.; Charlotte THE SOPHOMORES MARCIA BALDWIN L.A. ; Tampa, Fla. MARY LEE BALDWIN L.A.: West Palm DOT BALLARD L.A.; Coral Gables TRILBY BARBER Bus.: Forest City LYRA BARNES L.A. ; Orlando MARTHA NELL BARNES L.A.: Lakeland, Fla. JOAN BARR L.A. ; Bozcdon, Ga. SANDRA BARRETT L.A.; DeLand, Fla. AL BATER L.A.; Miami, Fla. THEODORE BEACH Mus.; Athens, Ga. JAN BERNHARDT Bus.; Miami, Fla. NANCY BORDLEY Bus.; Winter Park SALLY BOUREAU L.A.: Coral Gables ADA LEE BREMER L.A. ; Jacksonville ZELDA BROOKS L.A. ; Bunnell NANCY BROWN Mus.: East Point. Ga. BARBARA BRUNNEY Bus. : St. A ttgustine JACKIE BRYANT L.A. ; Tampa, Fla. PAT BURKE L.A. ; Locust Grove CAROLINDA BURNETTE L.A. ; Coral Gables 71 JAMES T.CALDWELL L.A. : Ocala. Fla. MARY SARA CARTER L.A.: De Land, Fla. KEN CASSEL L.A.: Gainesville, Fla. NANCY CHEEK Mus.; Atlanta, Ga. KAREN CHRISTENSEN L.A.; Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. TOM CLEARY L.A.: Mt. Dora. Fla. CAROL CLINE L.A.: Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. DON CLIYER Bus.; Hollywood, Fla. GAILCOMPTON L.A. ; Orlando, Fla. SHIRLEY COLBY Mus.: DeLand, Fla. THE SOPHOMORES PAUL CORLL L.A.; Youngstown. Ohio JANE COX L.A.; Nashville, Tenn. LARRY CREECH L.A.; Sarasota, Fla. MANY A CREEL Mus.; Charlotte. tX. C. PEGGY GROSSWHITE Bus.; Miami, Fla. BARBARA CROUCH L.A. ; I ) rutin. Fla. GRETCHEN CROW L.A.; Jacksonville, Fla. MARY CULPEPPER Bus.; Port St. Joe, Fla. DONALD CURRIES Bus.; Beverly, Mass. EARL DAYIS L.A. ; Madison, Fla. ROBERT DAYIS L.A. ; Defuniak Springs, Fla. JAMES DAWSON L.A.; Pompano Bch., Fla. CHERRY DELL L.A. ; Orlando, Fla. TERRY DEMPSEY L.A.; Palm Harbor, Fla. ANNE DESAUTELS L.A.; DeLand, Fla. ROBERT DESCAMPS L.A.; Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. MEREDITH DEWITT L.A.; Winter Park, Flu. DIRK DIXON Bus.; Washington, N. C. SUZANNE DODD Mus.: Daytona Bch., Fla. DUANE DODDINGTON Bus.; Hollywood, Fla. ELEANOR DODGE Bus.; Montreal, Can. MARY TOM DONNELL Mus.; Lebanon, Venn. JACKIE DOSSETT L.A.; Tampa, Fla. WARREN ELXWOOD L.A.; Vera Bck., Ha. JOE EUBANK L.A.; Daytona Bel,.. Fla. KEN EVANS L.A.; Pompauo Belt., Fla. LEONARD FAULK Bus.; Orlando, Fla. DIANE FERGUSON L.A.; Winter Park, Fla. PAT FIGLEY L.A. ; Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. NORMAN FIZETTE L.A.; DeLand.Fla. THE SOPHOMORES HOLLIS FLINT L.A. ; Daytona, Fla. CONRAD FREUND Bus.; Lake Worth, Fla. CHUCK FULTON Bus.; W.Palm Belt., Fla. JAN FUTRELL L.A. ; Greensboro, N. C. MARK GAINES Bus.; St. Augustine SANDY GALBREATH L.A.; New Smyrna Bell., Fla. MARY GIBSON L.A.; DeLand.Fla. HARRIET GILLMAN Bus.; Atlanta, Ga. DIANE GRAINGER Bus.; Miami, Fla. MARTHA GORMLY L.A.; Miami. Fla. JUDY GOULD L.A.; Atlanta. Ga. JUANITA GRESHAM Mus.; Atlanta, (in. DONALD HADSOCK L.A.; Douglas, Ga. BILL HALLOWES Bus.; Jacksonville, Fla. LISA HAMMOND L.A. ; Winter Haven, Fla. ALICE HAMPTON Bus.; W. Palm Beh., Fla. MARGARET HAMMOND L.A. ; Enstis. Fla. NANCY HARRIS L.A.; Arlington, Va. JOHN H. HEAD Mus.; Atlanta. Ga. JOAN HEID L.A.; Rockford, III. RICHARD HELVESTON L.A.; Tampa, Fla. CORELIA HENDERSON Mus.; T. Myers, Fla. FELIX HENDERSON L.A.; Kissimmee, Fla. MARY HENEY L.A.; DeLand, Fla. SHIRLEY HERBRAND L.A. ; Daytona Belt.. Fla. CAROL HERRIN L.A. ; Turn pa. Fla. FAYE HERRING Bus.; Belle Glade. Fla. BOB HICKEY L.A.; Jacksonville, Fla. SALLYE HILL Mus. ; Prestonburg, Ky. JOHN HOLLOWAY Bus.; Highland Pk., III. THE SOPHOMORES JIM HONEY L.A. ; Perry, Fla. JO ANNE HOPPER L.A. ; Cedartown, Ga. CAROL HOWELL L.A. ; Jacksonville, Flu. HELEN HUGHES Bus.; Delray Bck., Fla. JOYCE HUMMELGARD Bus.; Kingston, Jamaica RONALD HUNT L.A.; DeLand, Fla. MYRA HUNTER L.A.; Bradenton, Fla. WALTER HUNT L.A.; Macon, Ga. JERE HUTCHESON Mus.; Marietta, Ga. SUSAN JACOBS L.A. ; Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. GAYLE JAMES L.A.; DeLand, Fla. FREDRIC JEFFERSON L.A.; Eaton, Ohio DONNA JONES L.A.; Oweusboro, Ky. JUDY JORDAN Mus.; Miami, Fla. DONNA JUDKINS Mus.; Largo, Fla. JUDYJURAS L.A.; Ormond Bch., Fla. MARCIA KASSELMAN L.A.; Miami, Fla. LAWRENCE KEITH L.A.; Morris Hill, III. FRANK KENNEDY Bus.; Florence, Ala. BOB KENNEDY L.A. ; Ontario. Canada BOB KIESER L.A.; Orlando, Flu. BARBARA KINDERNAY L.A.; Hollywood, Fla. CAROLYN KINGSLEY L.A.; Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. AURELIA KNIGHT Bus.; Atlanta. (,a. CHARLES LAUGHTON L.A.; Oakland Pk., Fla. SYDNEY ANNE LANE L.A. ; Lakeland. Fla. ELLEN LANIER L.A.; Spartanburg, S. C. RAYMOND LESSLEY L.A.; Wauchula.Fla. CAROL ANNE LEVY L.A.; Greensboro, N. C. JUDY LIEBTAG Bus.; Orlando, Fla. THE SOPHOMORES BEVERLY LINDQUIST L.A.; Edgerton, Ills. JON LORBACH L.A.; IV. Palm Rch., Flu. PATTY LOWE L.A. ; Sarasota, Fla. SUSANNE LUCAS Mus. ; Winter Garden, Fla. JO LYSEK L.A.; Tampa, Fla. MARIETTA McCAULEY Mus.; Savannah, Ga. JOHN McGUIGAN L.A.; DeLand.Fla. WILLIAM McKENNA Bus.; Orlando, Fla. JON McKIBBEN L.A.; DeLand.Fla. GEORGE McLARRY Bus.; Winter Park, Fla. PATRICIA MAHONE L.A. ; Coral Gables, Fla. JAN MARX Bus.; Verdna.N.J. LESLIE MAST Bus.; Vilas, N. C. MARY LOU MINTON L.A.; Jax.Beh.,Fla. CAROLE MOORE L.A.; W. Palm Belt., Fla. BARBARA MOSLEY Bus.; Phoenix City, Ala. BARBARA MULLINS L.A.; Miami Springs, Fla. FREDDIE MUNDAY L.A.; High Point, N. C. DELL MURRAY Mus.; W aycross, Ga. JACK MYERS L.A.; DeLand.Fla. C. NASWORTHY A. NELSON L. O ' NEAL N. ORGERA S. OUTEN G. OWEN B. PAGE Bus.; Sarasota, Fla. L.A. ; Oak H ., W. Va. Bus.; Inver., Flu. Bus.; Long Islund, N. Y. L.A. ; Puge, S. C. L.A.; Lukeland, Flu. L.A.; Jacksonville. Fl P.PARK I. PARKER L.A.; DeLund, Flu. Bus.; Salem, Flu. R. PARKER N. PEACH Bus.; Miami, Flu. Bus.; Miami, Flu. D. PERAL A. PERRY B. PERRY L.A.; Orlando, Fla. L.A.; Churlotte, TV. C. L.A.; Jux. Bch., Flu. || THE SOPHOMORES A. PIERCE B. PITTMAN F. POLIMAN H. J. PONCE C. PRICE L.A.; Ovedio, Flu. L.A.; Piersou, Fla. L.A.; Sunjord, Flu. L.A.; Miami, Flu. Bus.; Mad., W . Va. GWEN RAWLS D. RAY H. REDDING B. RHINEHART L. RICHARDSON Bus. ; Miami, Fla. LA.; Ch. Hill, N. C. L.A. ; Sanford, Flu. L.A.; Duytonu Bch., Flu. Bus.; Auroru, Ohio P. ROSAM B. RUEBEL T. RUNKLE W. RUNYON C. SAFFORD Bus.; Key West, Fla. L. A.; St. Petersburg Bus.; Chatahoo L. A.; Musk., Mich. Mus. ; Lk. Hum. A. PYLE G. RAWLS L.A.; Orlando, Flu. L.A.; Apopku, Fla. B. ROBSON L.A.; Miami, Flu. J. ROGARS L.A.; Orlando, Flui B. SCHNEIDER S. SCOTT L.A.; Under, N. Y. L.A.; Orlando, Flat J. SEABORN L.A. ; Sebring G. SELLERS Mus.; Brev.,N. C J. SELLERS A. SEVERANCE L.A.; Pensucolu, Fla. L.A.; Stanfield, Ky. S. SLATER L.A.; Hollywood R. STONE L.A.; Orlando M. SMITH Bus.; Lakeland E. SUMMERROW Bus. ; Hazel, N. C. A. SOWELL Bus.; Gainesville J. SUMNER Bus.; Dade City M. SNYDER Bus.; Jacksonville B. TENNANT Mus.; Tampa B. SPECK Bus.; Ft. Lauderdale A. THOMAS Bus.; Lake City J. STANLEY L.A.; Coral Cables T. THOMASSON L.A.; W.Palm Bch. P. STEVENSON L.A.; Jacksonville P. THOMPSON L.A.; Orlando THE SOPHOMORES 3. THURMAN L.A.; Croton.N. Y. Z. WAITES Bus.; Jacksonville D. WHITAKER L.A.; Sarasota A. WOOD Bus.; Alex., Va. E. TINNERMON Bus.; Atlanta, Ga. L. WALKER L.A.; Sarasota F. WHITE Bus.; Atlanta, Ga. M. WORKMAN L.A.; Boca Baton R. TIPPINS D. TITUS Mus.; Daytona Beach Bus.; DeLand C. WALL Bus. ; A lex., Va. K. WILLIAMS L.A.; DeLand B. YOUNG L.A.; Jacksonville S. WALLER L.A. ; Roanoke, Ala. J. WILLIAMSON Mus.; Brunswick, Ga. P. YURKO L.A.; Coral Gables M. TUDOR Bus.; DeLand M. WATKINS L.A.; Orlando S. WILLIS L.A.; DeLand B. ZEIGLER Bus.; Clearwater A. TYNER L.A. ; Dade City T. WATSON Bus.; Panama City G. WILSON Mus.; Miami F. ZEIGLER L.A.; Perry R. WAGER Bus. ; Jacksonville T. WEBB L.A.; Jacksonville J. WINSLOW L.A.; Tampa M. LE LOUS L.A.; Dijon, France THE FRESHMAN CLASS From Rat Week to Rush, we ran the gamut from serfts to kings. We loved the Student Union Build- ing, hut it seemed to us that it had always been here. Soccer and Basketball, fraternity serenades, Stover Theatre productions . . . we began to think we knew all about college life. Then grades hit us . . . what a shock, after all that fun ! At Homecoming we learned more of Stet- son ' s traditions . . . campus politics excited us in the annual Hostess-Mayor campaign. Exhausted, we sighed a moment, then plunged into the social whirl of fraternity week-ends and Hatter Holiday in the spring. As the seniors marched down the graduation aisle, we said goodbye to them and to a wonderful year . . . our first year at college. OFFICERS Todd Clay President CAROLYN McCuixers .... Vice President HONEY TURLEY Secretary Bui. Sims Treasurer M. ADAMS. LA. Decatur. Illinois J. ATKINS. L.A. .1 . Dora D. AIESI. L.A. Reading. Mass. M. AUSTIN. L.A. Douglas. C,a. J. ALBERT. L.V Orlando. Ha. R. AUSTIN. I A Kannapolis, S. C. B. ALIEN. L.A. Clearwater S. BACON, L.A. Miami Spr. K MIEN. L.A. Gainesville R. BALL. L.A. Laurel C. ANDERSON, L.A. Jacksonville R. BAREFOOT B.N. it. Meade P. RNOLD. L.A. Macon. I, a. J. BARKER. L.A. II aycross, Ga. THE FRESHMEN A. BARLEY. L.A. J. BARNES. L.A. M. BARNES. L.A. D. BARNETT. M. B. BARRON. L.A. M. BARTEAUX. L.A. R. BASS. B.N. Winter Garden Hieh Point. It. C. Orlando Coates, Penn. LaBelle 1 iam. fleianrf R. BAUGHMAN, L.A. M BAUMRIND, B.N. S. BEAZLEY. L.A. M. BELL, B.N. L. BENN, L.A. S. BETHEA. L.A. S. BEVERIDGE, L.A Palatka Oral a Lakeland Douelas. Ga. Jacksonville St. Augustine Dunedin S. BLAKE, L.A. M. BOLDIN. B.N. B. BOOTH, L.A. G. BORDERS. L.A. S. BOREN. L.A. J. BOYAR, L.A. E. BRACKIN, L.A. Palatka Miami Shores C eartt ' arpr Neptune Beach Decatur, Ga. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Tampa M. BRIDGES. M. G. BRISTOW, L.A. J. BROWN. LA. N. BROWN, L.A. E. BRUCE, M. S. BRYANT, L.A. H. BURGER. B.N. Athens, Ga. Atlanta. Ga. Clearwater Clearwater Bartow Spindale, V. C. Miami Beach W. BURGESS, L.A. Orlando M. CAMPBELL, L.A. Plant City D. BURNETT, B.N. S. Had. F.. Mass. C. CARLSON, L.A. Savannah. Ga. R. BURNETT, L.A. Paris. Ky. B. CARPENTER, B.N. H ' oonsocket, R. I. M. BURTY, L.A. Greenville, S. C. R. CARTER, L.A. Tampa T. BUSH, L.A. Dade City G. CASON. B.N. Ft. McCoy A. CAGLE, L.A. Lakeland B. CASTIE, L.A. Ft. Laud E. CAMP, B.N. Say. Riv., OT T. CATLIN, L.A. Neenah. Wise. THE P. CHEEK. L.A. Chapel Hill, N. C. J. CHRISTMAS, M. So. Miami C. CLARK, M. Yaldese, N. C. E. CLAY, L.A. Miami G. COFFMAN, L.A. Kimber., Peun. M. CO LE, L.A. Chattanooga, Tenn. E. CONE, B.N. Jacksonville J. COOPER, L.A. Miami C. CORLETT. L.A. Miami M. CORNELIUS, B.N. Columbus. Ga. J. COX, L.A. Ft. Lauderdale C. CRAVEN, L.A. Ft. Lauderdale C. CREWS, L.A. Alia. Springs S. CROFT, L.A. Orange Park T. CROSSLEY, B.N. Adrian, Mich. S. CUSTER, L.A. Hagerstown, Md. Z. DAVIDSON. L.A. Crestview C. DAVIS, L.A. Eagle Lake T. DAVIS, L.A. Miami S. DELETTRE, L.A. Miami J. DENNIS, L.N. Dade City L. DODGE, B.N. Millbum, N. J. V. DOLBIER, L.A. Hones City J. DONNELLY, L.A. Orlando I). DRAPER, L.A. Nashville, Tenn. D. DRUMMOND, L.A. Jacksonville B. DUNLAP, L.A. Lakeland J. DUNWORTH, Hollywood, Fla B.N B. EDD1NGER, L.A. P. ELLIS. B.N. Coll. Gr.. Or, I L. EDEN ' FIKI I). L.A. Lakeland E. ELMORE. L.A. Jacksonville J. EISELE. L.A. Eden. N. Y. D. EPPERT. L.A. Rockledge R. ELLINOR, B.N. Havana, Fla. P. ERICSSON. L.A. Rockford. HI. E. ELLIOTT. L.A. Ft. Lauderdale D. EUBANKS, B.N. Atlanta. Ga. J. ELLIS. B.N. Bartow M. EZELL. LA. Coral Gables JOHN ELLIS. B.N. I or., " nt.. Cam. S. EZELL, L.A. Coral Gables FRESHMEN H. FARMER. L.A. Colombia. Tenn. V. FARR. B.N. Sebring J. FERRELL. L.A. Sarasota D. FIBRICK. L.A. Lexington. S. C. C. FINLEV. L.A. Valdosta. Ga. C. FLEISHMAN. Poughkeepsie, ,V B.N. 1. L. FLEMING, L.A. Orlando C. FLOOD, L.A. Sanford S. FOSTER. B.N. Roebuck, S. C. B. FOX. L.A. Melbourne M. FRANKLIN. L.A. Orlando R. FRANKLIN. B.N. Sanford B. FRANKS, L.A. Vero Beach A. FREDERICH. LA Miami M. FREEMAN, L.A. Lexington. Ky. E. FRIX. L.A. Miami Shores B. GAINER. B.N. I«it Worth S. GARCIA. L.A. Fernandina Beach W. GEORGE. B.N. Haverh ' L, Mass. E. GILL, B.N. Habana. Cuba G. GIL. B.N. Habana. Cuba M. GILL Rockford. III. N. GILLESPIE. L.A. Atlantic Beach A. GILLETT. L.A. .1 iurai S CASS. L.A. .■Iron Park B. G1RARD. L.A. » ' i ls on-5 i fm, .V. C. R. GLENDON. M Bridgeton. S. J. N. GOLDMAN. B.N. St. Petersburg M. GOOD, N.N. Rock Hill. N. (. ' . C. HAHN, M. Hollywood, Fla. M. GOODING. LA. Jacksonville M. HALL, L.A. Hones City 3. GREGG, L.A. Pensacola V. HALL, L.A. Leesburg J. GRENTNER, L.A. Coral Gables G. HAMERICK. M. Ft. Lauderdale C. GRIFFEN, L.A. Jacksonville J. HAMMOND, B.N. Miami C. GROOVER, B.N. J. HAMRICK. L.A. Jacksonville W. HAGAN, L.A. Plant City F. HANCOCK, L. Palatka THE C. HANDTE. L.A. Miami A. HARDT. L.A. Daytona Beach R. HARMAN, L.A. .V. Smyrna Beach S. HARNED. L.A. Charleston. S. C. J.HARRELL, L.A. Starke M. HELMS, L.A. Miami Spr. B. HENDERSON, L.A Ft. Lauderdale J. HENEY, L.A. DeLand W. HILLER, L.A. Ft. Lauderdale M. HINTZ, L.A. DeLand N. HOAGLAND, L.A. Hollywood, Fla. R. HOGARTH, B.N. Apopka J. HOHMAN B.N. Coral Gables B. HOLMES, B.N. Gainesville J. HOLZMAN. L.A. Boynton Beach L. HONG, L.A. Korea H. HUBBARD, L.A. Atlanta. Ga. J. HUBERT, B.N. Daytona Beach B. HUGHES, L.A. Coral Gables E. HUNT, L.A. Macon, Ga. B. HUNTER. L.A. Lake City S. HUNTER, L.A. Coral Gables H. HUSKA, L.A. S ' ;. Petersburg B. IMES, B.N. Atlanta, Ga. W. IVEY, L.A. Greencove Sp. H. JACKSON, L.A. Covington. Ky. J. JACKSON, L.A. Cordele. Ga. L. JACKSON. L.A. Tiftox, Ga. J. JACOBS, I A W. Palm Beach W JOHNSTON, L.A. Delias, Tex. JUNE JACOBS. LA. H . •„;,„ Beach B. JONES. L.A. iV. Smyrna Beach W. J ARM AN. B.N. M. JONES, B.N. A . Smyrna Beach R. JENKINS B.N. Scarsdale. .V. V. J. .Ilk S. B.N. Ormoed Beach P. JENNINGS. B.N. Orlando J. KEARNEY. B.N. Catonsoille, Md. B. JERNIGAN, I .A. Donalsonville. Ga. J. KENNEDY. L.A. Nashville, Tenn. U. JOHNSON, I Oakridee. Tenn. N. KENT. L.A. Lakeland FRESHMEN C. KEITH. M. M. KIRK. B.N. M. KOCHEL. L.A. P. KORB. L.A. B. KRAUS. L.A. G. KRUEGER. L.A. D. KUNZE. L.A. Newnan. Ga. Orlando ?o - orrf Apopka Atlanta. Ga. Cleveland. Ohio S. Miami P. I AM ' AR. LA. J. LAMON ' T. L.A. M. LAWSON, M. B. LEE. L.A. W. LEE. L.A. B. LEEDY. L.A. J. LEIBY, B.N. Miami Deland Alexandria, La. C. Cor,- S r. Donalson, Ga. 7Vs i. 0 a. Ocala B. I Till. L.A. M. LEVAK, LA. C. LEXON, B.N, S. LITTLE. L.A. S. LUKVOLD, B.V L. LUTHER. L.A. J. McBRIDE. M. Ephrata, Pa. Miami Hollywood. Fla. Lakeland Melbourne Ft. Pierce Bayside, N. Y. M. McCLL ' RE. L.A. T. McCLL ' RE, L.A. M. McCOLLOUGH J. McCOLLL M J. McCOLSKY V. McCONNELL. B.N. P. McCRORY. L.A Braienlon Bardstown, A ' y. S . Augustine kings and. Ga. Lake City Northampton, Mass. Florence M. Mt-WHORTER. L.A. R. MacKENDREE, L.A. D. MAHAN, B.N. Bremen, Ga. Miami Clearwater T. MALCOLM, L.A. Orange, Conn. E. MALLARD, L.A. Bradenton, Fla, J. MANOR, L.A. F. MARSH, B.N. THE R. MARSHALL, L.A. DeLand B. MELMS, B.N. Hollywood S. MOORE, L.A. D. NUTT, L.A. Dade City J. MARTIN, L.A. Paris, Ky. P. MYERS. L.A. Clearwater K. MORGAN, B.N. Lakeland D. O ' CONNELL, B.N. Gardner, Mass. J. MARTINEAU Daytona Beach S. MIDDLETON Orlando P. MORGAN, L.A. B. O ' DELL, L.A. DeLand P. MATTEODO Ft. Lauderdale J. MITCHELL, L.A. Highland Park. N. J. G. MOSELEY, L.A. Decatur, Ga. P. O ' NEAL, B.N. Ft. Lauderdale L. MATTHEWS, L.A. Bradenton M. MOHN, L.A. W. Palm Beach G. MUELLER, L.A. Louisville, Ky. B. OGLETREE. B.N. Beauford. S. C. R. MATTHIESEN Tampa H. MONROE, L.A. Erwin, Teun. E. NEWTON, L.A. Orlando T. OGLETREE. B.N. Beauford, S. C. R. MEADOWS, L.A. Jacksonville N. MOORE, L.A. Miami J. NOWELL. B.N. Nashville, Tenn. P. OSTERMAN, L.A. Daytona Beach D. OWENS, L.A. hcl.aud K. PAGE, L.A. Jux. Beach K. PALMER, L.A. New York, ;V. 5 ' . G. PARKER, Jax. Beaeh L.A. C. PAVEY, L.A. Canton. Ohio A. PERRY, L.A. Gainesville B. PITTMAN. L.A Pompano V. PITTMAN, L.A. Dade City W. POE, B.N. E. PORTER, L.A. Jax. Heach R. POWERS Sebring L.A. K. PRESTON, L.A. Flagler Beaeh B. PRIST. L.A. Colquitt, Ga. T. RAGAN, B.N. Miami FRESHMEN C. RAISNER, L.A. Cocoa R. ROBERTSON, L.A. Lakeland J. SCHWE1KERT Hollywood C, SHULER, B.N. Elloree. S. C. S. RAULERSON, L.A. Cohasset, Mass. J. RODGERS, L.A. Windermere K. SECKINGER, L.A. Glenville. Ga. N. SHULER, L.A. Orlando J. READ, L.A. J. ROSS, L.A. Ft, Lauderdale J. SEE, B.N. Woodmere, N. Y. W. SIMS, B.N. York, Penn. G. REAVES, L.A. B. RUTH, L.A. Salisbury, N. C. C. SHAW, L.A. C. SMITH, L.A. DeLand D. REHENYER, L.A. Washington. I). C. D. SANDERS, L.A. Homestead S. SHAW, L.A. Jacksonville D. SMITH, B.N. Padueah, Ky. H. RIDENOUR, L.A. Mariana a R. SANDERS, B.N. Long lsl„ N. Y. P. SHETTLE. L.A. Lando-Lakes T. SMITH, L.A. Ocala C. RIDINGER, B.N. Charles, W. Va. G . SANTORA. L.A. Jacksonville E. SHOUCAIR, L.A. W. Palm Beach W. STANFORD, L.A. ,1. STE NSON, L A. C. STEPHENS, L.A. B. STEPHENSON R. STERLING, B.N. D. STEVENS, B.N. V. STEVENSON F. STONE, B.N Giffin, Ga. Sarasntu Melbourne Orlando Winter Park Miami Montpelier, V W. STONE, B.N. B. STREETER. L.A. J. STRICKLAND T. SUCHER, L.A. F. SU MNER, L.A. K. SWAIN, L.A. M. SWAN, M. Deland Zephyrhills liradenton Hamden, Conn. Dade City Winston-Salem. N. c. Atlanta. Ga. THE J. SWEETMAN, L.A. J. TATE, L.A. L. TAYLOR, B.N. M. TEAGUE, B.N Winter Park Miami Kinston, N.C. B. THOMAS, L.A. R. THOMPSON, L.A. .1. THOMSON, L.A. G. THROWER, L., Ormond Beach Jacksonville Jacksonville M. TURLEY, L.A. J. TURLEV, B.N. P. TURNEY, L.A. W. TURNEY, L.A .-I ugusta, Ga. Meredith. .V. Y. Palm Beach Paris, Ky. G. VAN HORN, L A. M. YANN, L.A. M. VOYLES, L.A. J. WATSON, B.N. Jacksonville Tampa Riverdale. Ga. Sebrins M. TEDDER, L.A. W. Palm Beach J. THURMOND M. ULMER, L.A. So. Miami B. WATTS, L.A. Summerfield F. TEETS, B.N. Doynton Bch T. TOWNS, B.N. Hillsdale. Mich. B. UNDERWOOD Coral Gables N. THIGPEN. L.A. G. TURCOTTE, L.A. Gardner, Mass. H. VAN DELIEN, B.N Ft. Lauderdale S. WESTBROOK, L.A. Columbus, Ga. I). WEXLER, L.A Isreal P. WILLIS, B.N. B rodent on J. WINSLOW, L.A. Turn pa II. WOOD. L.A. Fernand. Beach FRESHMEN SHINE PLEASE! FRESHMAN rat William F. Page, of Bradenton applies the elbow grease to the shoes of upper- classman Hal Gauthen, of Alachua, Fla. This is typical of the many scenes en- acted by freshmen this week at Stetson. PLEASE! PLEASE! During " RAT WEEK " rats are expected to accommo- date all upper classmen at all times. This photo was taken in the New Student Commons during the dinner hour. En- joying the production are severed hun- dred students, including the " RATS. " WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES CAROL BELCHER JOANNE BOLTON PATRICIA BYRD HARRY CONNER BILL CRAYTON MALCOLM GLASS JAMES HODGE JACKIE HOGUE MERRILL MAGUIRE DAVID MARCELL MARY ALICE SMITH ROGER WILLIAMS JACK WOODALL OUTSTANDING SENIORS ON THE STETSON CAMPUS HAROLD BASHAM CAROL BELCHER JOANNE BOLTON PATRICIA BOSS PATRICIA BYRD ROBERT CARNES MALCOLM GLASS MELVIN GREGORY JAMES HODGE JACKIE HOGUE ARTHUR HOLMES JAMES KITCHENS MERRILL MAGUIRE DAVID MARCELL GAIL PITTMAN JAMES SHARPTON MARY ALICE SMITH JACK WOODALL PAT BOSS PAT BYRD ROBERT CARNES Who ' s Who AMONG STUDENTSI IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES BILL CRAYTON HARRY CONNER MELVIN GREGORY JIM HODGE JACKIE HOGUE JAMES KITCHENS ARTHUR HOLMES MERRILL MAGUIRE DAVE MARCELI III OUTSTANDING STUDENTS ON I I THE STETSON ,i CAMPUS M GAIL PITTMAN JAMES SHARPTON RODGER WILLIAMS JACK WOODALL 1 aaitcf ain, " There is always room for beauty: Memory A myraid lovely blossoms may enclose But what e ' er hath been, There still must be room for another rose. " And so it is this year. Stetson ' s residence halls have housed many a beautiful girl since they were first built, and every coming year more girls will arrive, each one love- ly in her own way. Because of the almost intangible nature of beauty, it is a difficult task to choose girls who are representative of this quality; but we feel that on the following pages are pictured girls whose shining hair, bright eyes, and pleasant expression will suit the tastes of all. PAST PRESENT FUTURE Z) I MISS HATTER MILITARY BALL QUEEN m tA- SPONSORED BY PI KAPPA ALPHA HOLIDAY BOWL CITRUS QUEEN CONTEST ft SPONSORED BY INDEPENDENTS I SPONSORED BY .AMBDA CHI ALPHA 5PON50RID BY ALPHA CHI OMEGA SPONSORED BY ALPHA XI DELTA GuMm SPONSORED BY DELTA SIGMA PHI SPONSORED BV DELTA DELTA DELTA fi iM ■ HP . i ) t WU2fl SPONSORED BY SIGMA NU SPONSORED BY PHI M U 40} f - SPONSORED 8Y ZETA TAU ALPHA ■ ' :■ SPONSORED BY PI BETA PHI SPONSORED BY PI KAPPA PHt SPONSORED BY IGMA PtiJ EP51L0N Stetson students have organized themselves into all the varied groups customarily found on a small, friendly campus. There are eight religious or- ganizations, more than two dozen professional or departmental groups such as Future Teachers or Scabbard and Blade, the band, the orchestra, the glee clubs, the opera workshop, and six social fraternities and six sororities. In addition to athletics, there are dramatic and literary activities cen- tering around the Stover Theatre with its wide variety of interest. Student publications include THE HATTER (yearbook), THE REPORTER (cam- pus newspaper, the oldest in the state), and the literary magazine. There is a continuing sequence of concerts and recitals, lectures, forums, discussion groups, vesper services, special religious events, and social affairs. Many of these activities are centered in the new Stetson Union which has its own additional recreational facilities. PAST ;?; -0 £r- O PRESENT FUTURE " ■ ' ■ ' ■ RKJ§ fmgj SaM SBBiS Ks ■i ijitiii k i inn M ' Bnj i liilil l lil HI 1 ■■■■1 HOMECOMING mayor « hostess PAT BYRD WAYNE GRAHAM Theta Alpha Phi banquet honoring Dr. Stover ' s 50th year at Stetson. 1958 HOMECOMING Ceremony of Dedication for the new Student Union Building. ■ ' % I , I II II II llll lfUi 1 1 5 Hi Alpha Chi Omega ' s winning skit for Hatter Howler. H O M E C O M I N G 1 9 5 8 Joni James sings one of her hit songs during her appearance at the armors ' . The Delta Sigma Phi first place lawn decoration with the theme of " Diamond Jubilee. " Dr. Stover talks with Sue Perdue and Noel Rupert, leads in this years production of " Taming of the Shrew " FRANK PAINTER Mady Le Lous trys out new foreign language listening laboratory. Participates in Washington at Ameri- can University in Washington, D. C, are Jim Geiger and Phil Arms. B.S.U. Haloween Party Dick Milhan — M. C. for Freshman Talent Show. Mary Inez McCollough soloist at Freshman Talent Show. Pi Kappa Phi Freshman Beauty Court v Jux Winner of the Pi Kappa Phi Freshman Beauty Contest i m Beardless boys learn you have to pay if you shave. GREEN FEATHER DRIVE Alice Cole helps SGA reach tor goal The Four Freshmen VARIED PROGRAMS SPONSORED BY S. G. A. Lottie Gosler Pantomine Circus, sponsored by Women ' s Physical Education Department. STOVER THEATER DR. IRVING G. STOVER Dr. Irving C. Stover, now in his fiftieth consecutive year as a member of the faculty, has literally " grown up " with Stetson University. His record of service to the university, the community, the state of Florida and to the nation far overshadows even the unusual record of length of service he has established. Just as Dr. Stover pioneered in the founding of the speech and drama department, he was also a founder of Theta Alpha Phi, national dramatic honorary fraternity, of which he later served as national president. - :: «., JM H( ' b " i IpB m hi i Wmi i ■ VV r- : ' • ' •»■ . , 1923 " The Tempest " presented in the Forest of Arden 1958 " Gaine Mutiny Court Martial " 1925 J. Ollie Edmunds in " Othello ' „ -A i ■ mL bfe 1 €IF JIlI i n ifflfs l :kV. : r J VI Jl r THE TAMING OF THE SHREW " " THE CAINE MUTINY COURT MARTIAL " - % 1 - » f 4 5 s SSS " " r f v 9 1 1 1 J 4 fcis PLAYBOY OF THE WESTERN WORLD " 1957-58 " THE TROJAN WOMEN " Lovelier to look at — we hope Ow tvifttio (t Creating opportunities for students to use their talents and acquire prac- tical experience in their vocations; the organizations on campus benefit both University and student. Organizations for every purpose and every person are present on campus. The focus varies from scholarship to fun, from education to enter- tainment; and for that reason, students frequently find themselves in several groups at once. Honoraries have been formed to acknowledge those who are worthy, those who rise above the crowd for several reasons. Heading the list is Omicron Delta Kappa for men and the Honor of women, as their members are chosen for leadership and service as well as scholarship. Exceptional work and ability in fields such as chemistry, history, drama, are recognized through honoraries in individual departments and subjects. Religious groups on campus are representative of most major denominations and their work is coordinated through the Student Christian Association, an inter-denominational body in charge of college wide programs such as ves- pers, and Religious Emphasis Week. Professional information and skills are presented to those interested in obtaining them through the various professional clubs such as the Florida Student Educational Association and Physical Education Professional Club. There are also performing groups on our campus such as the Stetson Glee Club, Stetson Orchestra and Stetson Band. Each contributes much to the enjoyable life of the campus. The opposite page features a pose of the Stetson Majorettes: Harriett Redding, Diane Ferguson, and Barbara Jerigen and head majorette Ray Jean Cassiola. PAST PRESENT FUTURE o a JIM HODGE President STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION This has been a year of progress for the Student Govern- ment Association. Seeking to become the true voice of the stu- dent body, and to act in the best interests of the students and of Stetson University, the SGA revised its constitution this year so as to include adequate representation from all phases of campus life on the President ' s Cabinet. This cabinet can now more adequately serve as a coordinating body for various student organizations as well as an effective group for cooper- ating with University authorities for the common good of the institution. The SGA has served as the core for school sponsored activities. It is responsible for assisting in the activities of Freshman Orientation week, the conducting of the Green Feather drive, the supervising of campus elections, the plan- ning of Homecoming and Hatter Holiday as well as the promoting of an adequate student social program. The Stetson social calendar was enlarged this year to feature concerts by such nationally known personalities as " The Four Freshmen " and " Joni James. " This was the first visit to our campus for such personalities. A step was taken this year in the direction of true student self government. This was possible only through the coopera- tion of the entire student body. Thanks for a successful year. Sincerely, Jim Hodge, Pres. Row One: Arthur Holmes. Jr.; Jackie Hogue. Jim Hodge. Gail Mel Gregory, Phil Parr. Todd Clay. A ' of Pictured: Jack Woodall. Pittman, Wayne Graham. Row Two: Kirby Rogers. Reynolds Allen. Bob Carnes. . 1 1 1 — RULES AND PROCEDURES COMMITTEE — Row One: Julee Urquhart, Betty Jo Mason, Cherry Dell. Row Two: Norn Heyne, George McLarry, Fred Slaughter, Jim Parkhurst. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE — Seated: Art Holmes, Jim Hodge. Standing: Jackie Hogue, Wayne Graham, Gail Pittman. STUDENT UNION BOARD— Row One: Miss Autrey, Man Alice Smith, Merrill Maguire. Betty Sharpe, Jody Kelly, Kay Pafford, Dean Turner. Row Two: Harry Conner, Jim Bowen, Dave Marcell, Jerry Johnston, Norm Heyne. Dean Olofoson. First Row: Jo Coburn. Carol Abanathy, Dean Etter Turner, Merrill Pittman, Pat Byrd. Carolyn Miller, Jud Hill, Mimi Shaw, Louise Maguire. Jackie Hogue. Pat Boss, Jo Boswell. Second Row: Gail Smart. Jody Florence. MORTAR BOARD OMICRON DELTA KAPPA first Row: Jer- Johnston. Joel Sloan. Dean Howard Hopkins. Jim Bill Crayton, Dave Marcell, Phil Parr, Dean James Stewart. Hodge. Bob Ca les. Second Row: Harry Conner. Jack W ' oodall. WOMEN ' S EXECUTIVE COUNCIL The Women ' s Council is com- posed of all resident women of the University. The purpose of the council is to handle discip- linary action, act as an ad- visory group, and work for self-government. To assist the Women ' s Council in their work, each women ' s dorm has a house council. These house councils handle dormitory matters. Row One: Jackie Hogue, Mary Alice Smith. Ruth Hudson, Sammie Richards. Row Two: Mary Leslie Addison, Anne Severance, JoAnne Anderson, Pat Byrd, Gail Pittman. Row One: Walt Mosley, Jim Sharpton, Carlos Nasworthy. Row Two: Mel Gregory, Fred Slaughter, Phil Newcomh, Jim Hodge, Ted Watson. MEN ' S EXECUTIVE COUNCIL The purpose of the Men ' s Council is to act as a mediator between the administration of men ' s affairs, functioning as a disciplinary board and advis- ory group. Members of this council are elected by the male students. Each year two fresh- men, one sophomore, and one junior are elected to the council. MEN ' S HOUSE COUNCIL The Men ' s House Council is com- posed of representatives from each of the major dorms and serves as a dis- ciplinary board and an advisory group. Minor offences of house regulation are brought before this group. Row One: Pay Figley, Earnest Wilson, Ed Tinnerman, Frank Kennedy, Dan Crum. Row Two: Jerry Albert, Ed Brackin, Joel Sloan, Dwane Dodington, Larry Tucker, Jim Gun- derson. Rom One: Judy Hill. Betty Jo Mason, Ruth Hudson, Anne Davis. Row Two: Carole He land. Meredith Dewitt. Kettv McKinlev. Rozc Three: Betty Nowlin, Joan Barr. NORTH HALL HOUSE COUNCIL The North Hall House Council func- tions as the governing and advisory body of the newest of the women ' s resi- dents halls. This dormitory is mostly composed of junior and senior women. OFFICERS Ruth Hudson President Jo Coburn Vice Pres. Judy Hill Secretary Betty Nowlin Social Chmn. Betty McKinlry. . .Serjeant-at-Arms GHAUDOIN HALL HOUSE COUNCIL Chaudoin Hall is the oldest resi- dent hall for women on Stetson ' s campus. It houses the majority of the freshman each year, however, there are a few upper classmen allowed to remain here each year. OFFICERS JoAnne Anderson . . . President Merrill Magi ire. . . . Vice Pres. Mimi Shaw Secretary Betty Sharpe Social Chmn. Sarah Wii.kerson Sergeant-at-A rms Row One: Priscilla Hanscom. Carolyn Miller. Syney Lane. Nancie Kent. Mimi Shaw. Row Two: Mollie Sandiford. Ernestine Su. Joanne Anderson. Sara Wilkerson. Gail Compton. Pat McBride. Row Three: Betty Furches. Mary Tom Donnell. Betty Sharpe. Betty Gregg. Julia Britt Steanson. Merrill Maguire. Row One: Mary Joyner, Mary Leslie Addison. Nancy Norse. Cherry Dell. Row Two: Diane Fergerson. Joan Hodges. Nanette Peach. Donna Jones. Jackie Dossett. Row Three: Man Lee Houston. Eleanor I.ovell. Judv Juras. Harriet Gillman. STETSON HALL HOUSE COUNCIL Stetson Hall is a freshman and sopho- more dormitory for women students. The house council serves as an ad- visory and governing group of the occupants of this house. OFFICERS Mary L. Addison President Mary Joyner Vice Pres. Cherry Doll Secretary Judy Juras Social Chmn. Joan Hodges Sergeant-at-Arms Organized in 1950 as a means of co-operative ac- tion between student re- ligious groups, which in turn foster closer ties be- tween student and churches, the S.C.A. Religious Focus Week, Yule-log Service, Christ- mas time Allen Hall dec- orations, and the Easter Chapel Service are all sponsored by the S.C.A. Row One: Donna Carroll, Sha- ree Leikvold, Myra Hunter, Jody Kelly, Kay Pafford, Phil Parr. Row Two: Pat Figley, Bill Crayton, Roy Paulson, Chuck Fulton, Dave Marcell, Dr. Bill McCammon. STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION YOUNG WOMEN ' S AUXILIARY The Y.W.A. holds as its ideals thoughtful study of the missionary message of the Bible, devoted com- munity missions for the spiritually and physically needy, and regular and proportionate giving to world-wide missions. Row One: Clara Nell Long, Mary Lou Godwin, Shirley Ty- ner, Marcia Kasselman, Pat Yur- ko, Arlene Daniels, Owen Kelly, Marietta McCauley, Juanita Gresham. Row Two: Pat Ma- hone, Glenda Rawls, JoAnne Hopper, Claudette Finley, Frankie Sumner, Ruah Parker, Barbara Zeigler, Margaret Tu- dor, Joan Orendain. Row Three: Peggy Smith, Elaine Eddinger, Marlene Workman, Ann Pier- son, Janet Cooper, Joan Hodges, Jo Lysek, Mildred Helms, Bar- bara Mullins, Mary Ann Aiken. Row One: A. Reginald Taylor, Jr., B. Will Manley, Harvey L. Duke, Bill Rhinehart, Jerry J. Shaw, James O. Wade, Bill Jackson, Elden Luffman, Jack Barker. Row Two: Charles Roesel, Phil Parr, Earl Davis, James T. Caldwell. Jr., Felix Zeigler, Don Gilchrist, T. Richard Meadows, Jerry Barnes, Warren Ellwood, Paul Thomas, Tom Geary, Pat Figley. MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION Those who can conscientiously affirm that they have been called to enter the ministry may join the Ministerial Association, which attempts to enrich the spiritual lives of its members, to foster coopera- tion among fellow ministers, and to better prepare its members for a richer ministry through fellow- ship and mutual membership. OFFICERS Jim Wade President Howard Garter Vice Pres. Paul Thomas Secretary Wil Mani.ey Treasurer The Canterbury Club is an or- ganization of the Episcopal stu- dents on Stetson ' s campus. They join together for fellowship, in- struction, and cooperation with the local church. Row One: Dave Marcell, Jane Alexander. Merediith DeWitt, Jim Edgy. Malcolm Glass. Row Two: Charlotte Smith. Connie Pavey. Carol Webb. Sandra Arrant, Barbara Collins, Suzanne Abel, Karen Klages, Louis Underwood, Louisa Benn, Ann Huntington. Row Three: John Th ompson, Anna Perry, Beverly Wood, Sandra Garcia, Jane Sanders, Mary Lawson. Phil Tyler, Madame Thorn- ton, Art Dasher. Fourth Row: Man- Williams. Jody Kelly, Jo Coburn, Nancy Bordley, Julia Britt Steanson, Marty Grass, Edwina Shoucair, Phil Arms, Noel Ruppert. Row Five: Charlie Day, Mike Bohn. John Ellis, LeRoy Lawson, Mark Anthony, John Lorbach. CANTERBURY CLUB DISCIPLE STUDENT FELLOWSHIP Rote One: Lorna McKinney. Linda Luther. Pat Figley. Faye Arnold, Marilyn L. Wood, Jane Martin. Row Two: Don Waldon, Judy Hill, Myra Hunter, (Jail Krueger, Barbara Streeter, Carol Cravin, Jon McKibben. On organization of the First Christian Church, which includes college students and co-ordinates their religious and social activi- ties, the D.S.F. was organized lo- cally in 1954. Engaging in many religious ac- tivities on campus, the D.S.F. is part of a national ogranization by the same name which has chapters in all First Christian Churches in the country. Row One: Sammie Richards. Merrill Maguire, Phil Parr. Bill Cray- ton. Betty Furches, Betty Sharpe. Row Two: Paul Thomas. Jerry Shaw. Barbara Mullins. Diana Milford, Peggy Hughes. Joan Hodges. Howard Carter. W. McCammon. Row Three: Gary Meadows. Chuck Gertner. Jim Wade. Ray Andrews. Reynolds Allen, Dan Whi taker. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL B.S.U. FRESHMAN COUNCIL— Row One: Carolyn Keith. George Borders. Jim Whitmire. Claudette Finley. Row Two: Sue Boren. Dr. McCammon. Richard Meadows. Max Hall. Jerry Barnes. Suzanne DeLettre. The Baptist Student Union is composed of all Baptist students who are members of the different church affiliated organizations on campus and in the churches, such as Training Union, Sunday School, Y.W.A. Ministerial Asso- ciation, etc. The Executive Coun- cil is annually elected by the stu- dents to supervise and coordinate the work of the various organiza- tions. The Freshman Council was formed this year to help with the Freshman activities and enlist- ment. Row One: Nancy Dowman, Sally Boureau, Kay Pafford, Ann Severance, Jan Futrell. Row Two: Suzanne Dodd, J. Em- mett Herndon, Chuck Fulton, Harriet Redding, Bill Young Don Thurman, Judy Liebtag. WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP COUNCIL Westminster Fellowship is the organization for all Presbyterian students on Stetson ' s campus. They hold regular meetings in which they work toward a better understanding of the prin- ciples of the Presbyterian church and promote better coopera- tion with the local churches. OFFICERS Kay Pafford President Chuck Fulton 1st Vice Pres. Ann Severance 2nd Vice Pres. Sally Boureau Secretary Nancy Dowman Chairman of Study Commission Jan Futrei.i Historian J. Em.mett Herndon University Chaplain Harriet Redding Enlistment Secretary Bii.i. Young Enlistment Chairman Don Th URMAN Publications Judy Liebtag Publicity Suzanne Dodd Ushers ««»■ One: Margaret Barnes, Jackie Hogue, Virginia Barlow, Janet Stanley, Ueanna Schooley, Norman Crane, James H. Sartain, Susan Sargent, Marilyn Lazarus, Marilyn Levak, Patty Johnson. Row Two: Suzy Moore, Joyce McBride, Larry ' Keith, Warren Ellwood, George Owen, Paul Corll, Robert Glendon, Bob Crowley, Philip A. Korb, Bill Viehman, Ken Evans, Barbara Page, Beverly Hughes. WESLEY FOUNDATION Methodist students organized themselves into the Wesley Foundation in 1950. Their purpose in so or- ganizing was to provide a satisfying and growing experience in the Christian life and to realize and appreciate the place and significance of the university in achieving Christian experience. Programs are held Sunday night with a supper meeting the first of each month. The foundation co- operates through representation on the S.C.A. Coun- cil in interdenominational activities such as Religious Focus Week, Christmas events and Lenten Morning Watch. The program is planned and carried out by student officers and members. A director and an as- sociate director serve as supervisors and counselors for the Foundation. OFFICERS Norman Crane President Donna Carrou Vice Pres. Deanna Schooley Secretary James Sartain A dvisor The Phi Society is an honor society sponsored by Phi Beta Kappa in a number of colleges and universities. It recognizes and honors those students in the college of Liberal Arts out- standing in scholarship. To be eligible for membership, a stu- dent must maintain a B-plus average in the first year of col- lege work. PHI SOCIETY KAPPA KAPPA PSI AND TAU BETA SIGMA Row One: Joyce Shupe, Connie Jo Dooley, Lucy Rand, Jo Coburn. Deanna Milford. Row Two: Mrs. Feasel, Diana Gill, Charlie Safford. Susanne Lucas, Zelda Brooks. Richard Dickson. Row Three: Mr. Feasel, Bill Calhoon, John Head. Kent Taylor, Norman Crane, Bill Viehman, George Wilson. Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma are composed of stu- dents who have done outstand- ing work in the band. Each year students look for- ward to the concert perform- ances by members of these groups. Ron. ' One: Russell C. Brachman. Helen Rode. Jim Hendrickson. Roger Williams. Peggy Simpson. Peter C. F. Castellani. Jr. Row Two: Jackie Hogue. Amy Reid. Virginia Barlow. Dorothy Fuller. Row Three: Jerry Bailey. Joel Sloan. John Thurrer. A. M. Win- chester. Keith Hansen. BETA BETA BETA OFFICERS Jim Hendrickson President Bill Darling Historian Rodger Williams Vice President Bobby Stewart Secretary The first biology fraternity at Stetson was organized under the name of Beta Key in 1937 with Dr. Cornelia Smith as advisor. On April 9, 1947, Dr. P. A. Yancey installed the Beta Xi Chap- ter of Beta Beta Beta at Stetson. There are 76 other chapters in the United States, Asia, and the Caribbean region. Beta Beta Beta is affiliated with the American Society for the Advance- ment of Science and has the three-fold purpose of increasing interest in biology, stimulating sound scholarship and encour- aging biological research. Each spring the Beta Xi Chapter sponsors a science fair where high school students of this region exhibit projects and are shown demonstrations in the physical and biological labs. They have, in the past, played host twice to the Southeastern Beta Beta Beta Convention and this year to the Florida Academv of Science. Founded June 8, 1911 at die University of Illinois by the Illinois Education Society. Kappa Delta Pi attempts to promote a closer bond among students of Educa- tion and to enter into more intimate fellowship with those dedicated to teaching as a profession. Members, juniors in the upper percentile of the class with six hours of education act as hostess to state re- gional conferences, and have an annual spring initiation banquet. Row One: Mimi Shaw, Arlene Daniels, Gail Pittman. Jo Coburn, Carol Abernathy. Louise Smart, Jeanne Marcell, Dean Smith, Margaret Smith, Dean Hopkins, Joan Saltrick, Diane Dixon, Pat Byrd, Tom Wel- don, Joan Hodges, Lois Underwood, Gretchen Marz. Row Two: Rev. Marz, Jerry Callahan, Dr. Carter, Dr. Smotherman, Mr. Feasel. KAPPA DELTA PI GAMMA SIGMA EPSILON Row One: Richard Frink. Bill Crayton, Norman Crane, Samuel Ho. Row Two: Kenneth Shepard, Dr. John Conn. Dr. Ted Beiler, Sam D. Funprook. Gamma Sigma Epsilon is a national honorary chemistry fraternity, the object of which is to increase interest and scholarship in chemistry. Psi Chi is a newly organ- ized fraternity of national status on our campus. To promote an interest in psy- chology and to encourage research and study in this field. OFFICERS Gary Meadows . .President Jim Bowen Secretary William McAteer Vice President Row One: Dr. Warren Jones, Mimi Shav liam McAteer, Gary Meadows. Pat Bvrd, Dean Hood. Ii Bowen, Wil- PSI CHI SIGMA DELTA PI Row One: Susan Jacobs, Lois Underwood, Susan Sergant, Joyce Hummelgard. Row Two: Carolyn Mil- ler, Dr. Frances Thornton, Mary Heney, Myra Hunter, Barbara Crouch. Dr. Doris K. Arjone, Don Thurman. Initiated to disseminate a wider knowledge of and a greater love for the hispanic contributions to modern cul- ture; and to foster friendly re- lations and co-operative spirit between the nations of His- panic speech and English speech, Sigma Delta Pi con- tributes to the increasement of Pan-American amenity. The Order of the Scroll and Key, which was organized here on March 1, 1940, has as its purpose the honoring of that spirit of scholarship which counts as an integral part of it, the understanding of how to live and enjoy life, in its social, physical and spiritual aspects. A purely scholastic hon- orary, Scroll and Key mem- bers are chosen from those students in the College of Liberal Arts who have a B-plus average and are in she top five percent of their :Iass. Bill Crayton, Sammy Ho, Diane Dickson, Malcolm Glass, Carol Abernathy, Carl Gibson, Dave Marcell. SCROLL AND KEY SIGMA PI KAPPA Row One: Susan Sargent, Anne Severance, Marilyn Lazarus, Arlene Daniels, Nancy Norse, Joanne Anderson, Mary Leslie Addison. Row Two: Dianne Dixon, Judy Hill, Merrill Maguire. Ann Ander- son, Jody Kelly, Juanita Gresham, Joann Owens, Mimi Shaw. Row Three: John Robert Moore, Paul Thomas, Jerry Johnston, George McLarry, Malcolm Glass, Richard Scott, George Owens. Students whose interest and work in journalism have earned them a recommenda- tion by the head of their publi- cation may be tapped for Sigma Pi Kappa. Sponsoring all school publi- cations Sigma Pi Kappa has as its purpose the encouragement of a higher type of journalism and the promotion of the best interest of college publications. Phi Beta Music Fraternity is for young women who are outstanding in music. It is a national fraternity striving for professional achieve- ment in music or in dra- matics, high ideals in wo- manhood and scholarship. Row One: .Judy Jordan. Grace Wa- ters on, Nancy Cheek. Peggy Hughes, Moltie Sandiford, Deana Gill, Phyllis Hancock. Row Two: Pat Edington, Carol Padgett. Jo- anne Williamson, Virginia Bagly. Helen Hudson. Jane Sanders, Beth Butcher, Anne Huntington. Row Three: Nan Brown, Dell Murray. Betty Furches, Ruth Sims, Samm!e Kiciiards, Suzanne Dodd. PHI BETA THETA ALPHA PHI The purposes of Theta Alpha Phi are to increase interest, stimulate creativeness, and fos- ter artistic achievement in all of the allied arts and crafts of the theatre. Row One: Chas. C. Ritter. Edward Pacha, Priscilla Hanscom. Barbara Nan Akin. Ramon Delgado. Dr. Stover. Row Two: Marvin McMaster. Benjamin Bruce Griffith. Connie Clark. Pat Boss, Anne Bovter. Bill Cray ton. Row Three: Bill Scott, Malcolm Glass. Dale Miley. Betty Gregg. Lynn Wyman. Row One: Connie Pavey. Joann Sumner. Arlene Dani els, Joan Holzman. Marlene Workman. Mary Gail Austin, Jeanie Atkins. Charlie Safford. Row Two: Mary L. Addison, Bar- bara Mullins. Susanne Lucas. Margie McGregor, Clara Nell Long, Carol Cline. Gail Anderson, Jane Harris, Martha Jo Voyles, Ann Pierson. Row Three: Suzanne Dodd. Louise Orendain, Joan Hodges, Janet Cooper. Beth Bishop, Karen Christensen, Josephine Lysek, Joy Thurmond, Gail Coffman, Zelda Brooks. ALPHA DEXIOMA The Alpha chapter of Dexioma was founded May, 1940, on the campus of Stetson University. The purpose of the organization is to promote the social, cultural, political, and religious life of the members. It is composed of interested independent women who wish to participate in such an organization. They are sponsored by Assistant Dean of Women, Mary Edna Parker. They are quite active on the campus and claim the women ' s intramural trophy, and last years Home-coming hostess. OFFICERS Jane Harris President Janet Cooper Secretary Joan Hodges Vice President Karen Christensen Treasurer Soa 1 One: Patty Lowe. Joan Holzman, Lois LInderwood, Susan Sargent. Mimi Shaw. Pat Byrd, Arlene Daniels. Grace M. Stine- cipher. Rozc Tiro: Earle Hunt. Dr. Ruth Smith. Harold D. Harris, .lulee L rquhart. Beep Nowlin. Honey Lanier. Gretehen Crow. Pat- ti Gavnor. Jan Stanley, Geri Breen, Helen McMullen. Jerrie Mor- etz. Sallie Lvcan. Marian Cowley. Jerry Tate. Roa Three: Betty Sharpe. Joan Geitgey. Carol Carnett. Phyllis Ratliffe. Judy Hill. Marcia Baldwin. Lucy Rand. Mary Lee Brown. Anita Powell. Gwen Kelly, Deana Schooley, Mary Williams. Jim Bowen. STUDENT FLORIDA EDUCATION ASSOCIATION I Al 3 il A Member of the National Education Association and the Florida Education Association, the local chapter of the Student Florida Education Association, states its purpose as: To de- velop among young people who are preparing to be teachers, an organization which shall be an integral part of state and national education associations; to aim toward growing professionally and participation in activities of interest to future teachers, gi e teachers in training practical experience in working together in a democratic way on the problems of the profession. OFFICERS Mimi Shaw President Gam. Pittman Vice President Susan Sargent Secretary Pat Byrii Chaplain The Water Ski Club was formed in the spring of 1957 to stimulate interest in water skiing and to further the aims and objectives of the National Water Ski Asso- ciation. They have weekly ski-outings on the St. Johns ind surrounding lakes. They hope to expand the recrea- tional opportunities for the students on campus. They hope to compete in national meets in the near future. Row One: Tom Davis, Peter Quachenbarh. Jack Woodall. Aden Sowell. Ted Camp. Row Two: John See, Al Bater, Peggy Crosswhite, Barbara Jernigan, Gari Breen, Juanita Gresham, Gvvendalyn Rawls, Nick Mueller, Bob Kennedy. WATER SKI CLUB AMERICAN GUILD OF ORGANISTS Row One: Ruth Richardson Carr, Margaret Taylor. Conrad Grimes, Al Washburn, Ronny Cockrill, Dell Murray, Virginia Bagby. Row Two: Corella Henderson, Pat Edington, Jack Rowe, Jane Ellis, Grace Waterson, Ed. Bruckin. Row Three: Judy Williams, Susanne Lucas, Carolyn Keith, Rugh Sims, Pat Vogel, Alice Worthington, Joan Bolton. Row Four: Charles Woodward. Donna Judkins, Barbara Ann Coffey, Bill Ziegenfuss. Row Five: Joanne Williamson, Marietta McCauley, Mary Lawson, Miss Duelingham. Campus organists are usually members of the local chapter of the national group Guild Student group of American Guild of Organists. Organized in May, 1952, the Guild Student Group takes as its purpose the advancement of worthy church music. Subsidiary aims are the elevation of the status of church organists and to in- crease their own awareness of the responsibilities they have as conductors of worship. w ? « |n| M.E.N.G. is composed of music education majors from freshmen through seni- ors. They meet monthly to further the aims of music education in elementary and secondary school level. OFFICERS Rich kd Dickson. President Dun Wood Vice Pres. Betty Furches . . Secretary Bill Yiehman . . Treasurer Row One: Charlotte Tarratus. Doris Rocker. Betty Furches. Veronica Gove. Suzanne Dodd. Charlea Safford. Joan Kearney. Peggy Hughes. Row Two: Richard Dickson. Robert Maynard. Pete Hargis. Robert Glendon. John Lan- :aster. Bill Yiehman. Don Wood. Bill Ziegenfuss. Don Yaxley. MUSIC EDUCATION NATIONAL CONFERENCE INTERNATIONAL CLUB Row One: Ernestine Su. Yvonne Khouri. Joan L. Orendain. Mady LeLovs. Susan Sargent. Row Two: Bill Gil. Henry Gil. Chong Lee. Hyo Sup Park. John Ellis. Bob Kennedy. Tung-Yin Lee. Teruo Tan- oka. Sammv Ho. Ernestine Su Formosa vonne Khouri Egypt Joan Orendain ...Philippines Mady LeLous France Susan Sargetn Cuba Bill Gill Cuba Henry Gill Cuba Chong Lee Korea Hyo Sup Park Korea John Ellis Canada Bob Kennedy Canada Tung-yin Lee Korea Teruo Tanoka Japan Sammy Ho Hong-Kong n s e r Row One: Mary Watkins, Marvin McMaster. Dr. Charles C. Ritter, Malcolm Glas.s Bill Crayton, Ra- mon Delgado. Ann Severence. Row Two: Aurelia Knight, Elizabeth Frix. Carolyn Miller. Jeanie Gregg, Shirley Bacon. Myra Hunter, Sue Jacobs, Connie Clark, Cherry Dell. STETSON PLAYERS GUILD SIGMA ALPHA OMEGA Row One: Anne Severance. Joy McGee, Jo Coturn. Patty Gaynor, Virginia Barlow. Row Two: Terence Webb. Chuck Gertner, Robert DesCampes, Prof. Ernest S. Ashcraft. Carl Gipson, Jim Sawyer, Bob Sullins. Sigma Alpha Omega is a newly formed local math fraternity composed of out- standing students in the field of mathematics. OFFICERS Carl Gipson . . . .President Bob Sullins. . . . Vice Pres. Ellen Lanier . . .Secretary The Debate Squad is a newly formed local group to further debate at Stetson. Row One: Patti Lamar. Mimi Shaw, Ann Severance, Jackie Dos- sett, Cherry Dell, Lisa Hammond. Row Two: Arthur Stone, Grant Cole. Warren H. Carr. Wes John- ston, Joseph Crankshaw. DEBATE SQUAD RESIDENT ADVISERS Resident Advisers are se- lected by the Dean of Men every year to manage each of the Men ' s dorms. Row One: Jim Bowen, Phil Parr, Jim Wade, Gary Meadows. Row Two: Dave Hewett, Fred Roberts, John Olofson. Physical Education Profes- sional Club is composed of physical education majors. Regular meetings are held to discuss the problems of teaching as a career. It aids in the intramurals program and in other physical educa- tion activities. Row One: Sylvia Jean Golden, Glenda Rawls, Clara Nell Long, Rebecca Burnett. Row Two: Wilma Burgess, Nancy Harris, Anna Bryan Perry. Row Three: Tommy C. Yates, Gwen Kelly, Camille Dorman, Esther M. Hick. PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS Row One: Chuck Portz, Don Ray, Ross Carter, Buddy Weaver. Don Harbin, Gene Wells, Jim Harrell. Row Two: Gerald R. Callahan, Tim Thomasson, Larry Stowe, Fred Jefferson, Jim Kitchens, Gordan Richard- son, Ralph Miller, Bob Wostry, Wes Berner. ' -,.itTiV itr r-iAVfi i jTnUiiftU ±-Xtn I i r Physical Education Majors band together in order to carry on better activities of physical education for Stetson students. They plan and officiate at the intramural games and help develop the participation in school sports. Cherry Dell. Shirley Herbrand. Babs Girard, Joan Orendain. Carole Moore. MODERN DANCE The Modern Dance Club was founded at Stetson University in the fall of 1957. It is sponsored by Miss Tommye Yates of the Physical Education Department. This club did outstanding work in a dance recital given in the spring and also in helping in various plays at Stover Theater such as Trojan Women. Row One: Kate Page. Hope Husk; Karen Klages. Joan Orendain. Bab Girard. Cherry Dell. Shirley Herbranc Carole Moore. Dot Ballard. Margi McGregor. Jan Futrell. Second Row Liz Frix. Nancy Harris. Gail Wooc ward. Cary Craven. Mimi Kocket. Nai alie Brundage. Carolinda Burnetti Ginger Reaves. Jan Stanley. Barbar Page. Bonnie O ' Dell. Ben Lindgulis Judy Lowell. Joan Priestas. Rot Three: Mildred Helms. Ann Smother. Maudena Barteaux. Lyndall O ' Nea Jean Mitchell. Pearl Ellis. Myra Hun ter, Honev Turlev. Shirlev Bacon. Svl via Blake. Row One: Sarah Carter, Sally Boereau, Susan Delettre, Pat Mor- gen, Mary Leslie Addison, George McLarry. Row Two: Art Dasher, Mimi Shaw, Betty Sharpe, Carolyn Miller, Bill Rhinehart, Paul Thomas, Marcia Faragher, Carol Webb, Marilyn Lazarui Compton, Travis Plumber, Ann Anderson, George Owens. HATTER STAFF OF 1958 Mike Blocker, Bob Sullins, Art Holmes, Janet Stanley, JoAnn Owens, Bill White, Arlene Daniels, Jim Sharpton. THE REPORTER STAFF .IOHN ROBERT MOORE Editor in chief Fall Semester GEORGE OWENS Editor in chief Spring Semester The Stetson Reporter is Florida ' s oldest college newspaper. It is published weekly and is student edited. Stories include campus activities and features of interest to the students and interested persons. Rou ' One: Grace Waterson. Diane Drumond. Judy Hill. Dorothy Fiebrich. Jody Kelly. Rozv Two: Julia Britt Steanson, Dale Mile . George McLarry. Malcolm Glass. Carl Gipson. Billy Boureau, Jim Parkhurst. I ffT - r n ft r ,r - 9 n » v v a a A c A O n ri bl ' o l ? |euVl ' .90 « THE UNIVERSITY CHORUS Director, Mr. H. Griffin and accompanists, Ronald Cockrill and Carol Padgett. SOPRANO Anderson, Anita Anderson, Sarah Bolton, Joanne Bridges, Ann Carnes, Patricia Cheek, Nancy Clark, Carolyn Coffey, Barbara Colby, Shirley Dodd, Suzanne Dunlap, Barbara Furches, Betty Galloway, Betty Hamerick, Georgia Harned, Shirley Henderson, Corella Hill, Judith Hill, Sara Hughes, Margaret Huska, Hope Bagby, Virginia Baldwin, Marv Barrow, Mollie Brown, Nancy Bruce, Edna Carnett, Carol Craven, Carey Creel, Manya F.dington, Patricia Kintner, Mary Jo Frink, Flanola Gresham, Juanita Hahn, Carol Hancock, Phvllis Hudson, Ruth Jordan, Judy Joyner, Mary Judkins, Donna Keith, Carolyn Allen, Reynolds Corlett, Clifton Andrews, RaymondGraham, Wayne Christmas, John Hargis, Peter Kearney, Joan Kinser, Donna Kraus, Barbara McBride, Joyce McBride, Patricia O ' Neal, Lyndall Painter, Patricia Sellers, Martine Smothers, Ann Swan, Marv Ann Lawson, Marv Luther, Linda McCauley, Mariett Maguire, Merrill Murray, Idele Peck, Carol Richards, Sammie Sanders, Doris Sandiford Mollie Sellers, Joanne Jordan, Loys Pinder, Walter Read, Jetfry BASS Barker, Jack Gaines, Mark Rogers, Kirby Brackin, Edgar Hogarth, Richard Rowell, Lee Day, Charles Maynard, Robert Schussler, Harry Delk, William Meriwether, James Smith, Radford Dennis, John Morgan, James Smith, Richard Taylor, Patricia Tennant, Beverly Tvner, Shirley Wagner, Patricia Waterson, Grace Weiss, Carolyn Wilkins, Gary Ann Williams, Judith Tarratus, Charlotte Tavlor, Margaret Tippins, Ruth Urquhart, Julee Williamson, Joanne Willis, Pauline Worthington, Alice Rich, Robert Shelton, Wilton Turner, Robert Tucker, Larry Whitmire, James ■•■■31 FLUTE BASSOON Diana Gill George Wilson S ' ancv Thigpen Carole Moore ludy Jordan CLARINET 3 3ula Meyer Jerrv Bailev OBOE 3eth Engstler Jelda Brooks Connie Jo Dooley Donald Wood William Calhoon Kent Tavlor Charlie Satford Patty Johnson Grace Stinecipher Susanne Lucas . ancy Orgera Diana McKnight Glenn Stockton SOPRANO CLARINET Warren Elhvood LTCI CLARINET Felix Henderson Carolyn Griffin BASS CLARINET Gwendolyn Rawls SAXOPHONE Joyce Shupe Margaret Hughes Danny Allen Terence Webb TRUMPET Donald Owen John Head Eugene Briggs William Viehman Lucv Rand Suzanne Dodd HORN Richard Dickson Theodore Beach Diana Milford Judy Humphrey BARITONE Henrv Richstine TROMBONE Dennis Lee Lute Harmon John Lancaster TUBA Arthur Kihhe Lowell Hopkins THE STETSON CONCERT BAND THE UNIVERSITY ORCHESTRA STRING BASS VIOLIN rivde Mix Buxton, Frances PERCUSSION Concertmaster arry Ogle Butcher, Elizabeth awrence Keith Surls, Ruth 3 aul Corll Miller, Helene Robert Kieser Clifton, Pat ane Martin Keiper, Jean obert Cilendon Donnell, Mary Tom WMft H Shaw, Cornelia Burlingham, Diane Lawson, Marjorie VIOLA Casini, Roger Matthews, John Joachim, Darrell CELLO Leek, Eleanor Bristow, Gwen Surls, Frank BASS Mix, Clyde FLUTE Gill, Diana Meyer, Paula OBOE Nutick, Charles Engstler, Beth CLARINET Wood, Donald Safford, Charlea BASSOON Wilson, George Moore, Carole TRUMPET Head, John Viehman, William Owen, Donald HORN Dickson, Richard Beach, Theodore TROMBONE Lee, Dennis Lancaster, John Vaxlev, Donald TIMPANI Ogle, Harry ORGAN Cockrill, Ronald 7 i t i(titieA To have a circle of loyal friends, to have the assurance of a personal niche, of " belonging " — these desires are deep and undeniable. And they are the reason for enduring strength of fraternities. It is perfectly true that one can have a happy, valuable college career without being a fraternity member, but for most college men and women fraternity membership makes adjust- ment to college easier and quicker, and makes enjoyment of college days more complete. A fraternity is your " college family. " A fraternity is also a valuable training group, because it seeks to develop each individual, but not at the expense of the group. As individuals work and play together, the rough edges of selfishness and thoughtlessness are bound to be rubbed off. The value of a fraternity c annot be measured, because you receive in proportion to what you give. It will cost you not only in dollars and cents, but in time. Time to study, so that your scholarship will meet fraternity standards. Time to participate in activities that will broaden your interests and develop your talents. Time for service to your chapter, your campus, your community. Time and effort in developing character, standards, and leadership. Of course, in all this your fraternity gains — but YOU gain most. Even after college years, your fraternity will enlarge your circle of friends and your horizon. You will have a bond not only with members of your own fraternity, but with all Greek letter men and women. The fratern- ity system with its enviable philanthropies and enduring friendships has been thriving for over 100 years. From a pamphlet of the N.C.P. Committee of Woman ' s Panhellenic Association PAST PRESENT FUTURE ■■■■ 1 1 I . ' .-.•■■5 y 4 K-.- +i e er±v±- . ' " o ALPHA CHI mm z -, Betty Jo Mason President Mary Jo Kintner Vice President Margaret Ti tor Pledge Trainer Ann Anderson Recording Secretary Betty Gregg Corresponding Secretary Peggy Crossw hite Treasurer 158 OMEGA GAMMA CHI CHAPTER ALPHA CHI OMEGA was founded in 1885 at De Pauw University in Greencastle, Indiana. It is the sixth Ameri- can Greek-le tter fraternity for women. The badge of Alpha Chi is the golden lyre; the colors are scarlet and olive green. The Gamma Chi Chapter of Stetson University was installed in the Spring of 1957. Their first rush season was the Fall of 1957, after which the chapter pledged twenty-six outstanding girls. In the months that it has been on the Stetson campus, Alpha Chi has contributed much to campus activities. It has participated in and won second place in the Interfraternity Sing. It has sponsored parties for the Methodist Children ' s Home, and has con- tributed members and officers to many campus activities. Among Alpha Chi ' s activities are: Sigma Pi Kappa; Phi Beta, Mollie Sandiford, Secretary; La Francaide, Mari- lyn Lazarus, President, and Susan Sargent, Vice-presi- dent; Theta Alpha Phi; Tau Beta Sigma: Phi Society; Sigma Delta Pi, Susan Sargent, President; International Club; House Council; Cheerleading; Hatter Staff; Player ' s Guild; Reporter St aff; and Class Officers. Janet Reisinger was chosen last year as the Best Dressed Wo- man on Campus. Alpha Chi was represented at Wash- ington Semester by Nancy Allen. In addition to its efforts in the fields of education, the fine arts, and civic service, Alpha Chi has chosen an altruistic project, the Cerebral Palsy Project. National Alpha Chi activities for victims of Cerebral Palsy in- clude scholarships for medical students; the publication of pattern books for self-help toys; and financial aid to hospitals. The Gamma Chi Chapter plans to join their alumnae through the contribution of time and money to the cause. Girls of the Golden Lyre III ' «3MS Our first pledge class ! Shiny new pins ! Nancy Allen Ann Anderson Virginia Bagby Sandra Barrett Marge Boldin Nancy Bordley Sue Boren Gvven Bristow Annette Cheshire Sheila Croft Peggy Crosswhite Barbara Crouch Susan DeLettre Diane Drummond Connie Jo Dooley Nancy Ginn Diane Grainger Jeanie Gregg Norma Harshbarger JoAnne Hopper Judy Jacobs Mary Jo Kintner Marilyn Lazarus Bev Linquist Betty Jo McClendon Betty Jo Mason Martha Myers Freddie Munday Beulah Mills Carol Peck Virginia Rich Mollie Sandiford Susan Sargent Nancy Scofield Kaye Seckinger Carol Shuler Therrell Smith Margaret Tudor Pat Turney Marjorie Vann JoAnne Williamson Marion White Sandra Wornal Marry Ann Aiken Carolyn Clark Betty Gregg ALPHA XI A ■■■■■Hi Pat Byrd President Margaret Crosby J ' ice President M ky Aiici-: Smith Secretary Kay Pafford Treasurer PATSY Mh.NER Rush Chairman P i EDINGTON Chaplain DELTA OMEGA CHAPTER ALPHA XI DELTA was founded at Lombard College, Galesburg, Illinois, on April 17, 1893. The colors of Alpha Xi are double blue and gold; the flower, a pink Killarney rose; and the badge, a golden quill. Among Alpha Xi ' s outstanding alumnae are: Kather- ine Chase Goodrich, author of " Uncle Walt and Skeezix " and " Romance of Helen Trent; " Martha McDonald, assistant merchandising editor for " Mademoiselle; " Mrs. Harold Griffin, Assistant Professor of Speech at Stetson University; Mrs. Mary Lowry, Assistant Professor of English and Secretary of the Stetson faculty; and Miss Dorothey Fuller, Associate Professor of Biology at Stetson. The Stetson Omega Chapter has many outstanding undergraduate members among whom are: Nancy Otwell, Miss Stetson; Joanne Bolton, President of Panhellenic, Vice-President of the Liberal Arts School; Mary Alice Smith, President of the Women ' s Student Government; Patsy Milner, Secretary of the Business School; Pat Byrd, Secretary of the Junior Class; Kay Pafford, Presi- dent of Westminster Fellowship; Jane Lieby and Jean Stroud, Cheerleaders ; and Lois Underwood, State Presi- dent of the Student Florida Education Association. Alpha Xi has among its honors First Place Scholar- ship Award 1956-57; First Place National Philanthropy Award; First Place in the Interfraternity Sing; First Place in Participation in Women ' s Intramurals; and Second Place at Hatter Holiday. Three members, Pat Byrd, JoAnne Bolton, and Mary Alice Smith, received the honor of being named in " Who ' s who in American Universities and Colleges. " Oh how we sang our goat songs Sipping coffee at a rush party Off on a retreat to the beach Suzanne Abel Marcia Baldin Lyra Barnes Martha Nell Barnes Maxine Baumrind Jan Bernhardt JoAnne Bolton Edna Marie Bruce Pat Byrd Pat Carnes Bev Castle Nancy Cheek Margaret Crosby Gretchen Crow Peggy Currie Dottie Davidson Jackie Dossett Pat Edington Pat Erickson Claudette Finley Martha Gormley June Highsmith Hilda Hubbard Hope Huska Mary ' Joyner Nancy Kent Sydney Lane Jane Leiby Joyce McBride Pat McBride Leslie Mast Patsy Morgan Caroll Moore Jerrie Moretz Sue Betts Outen Kay Pafford Donna Peral Harriett Redding Janice Sharpton Shirlene Shirey Caryl James Sharon Slater Mary - Alice Smith Jean Stroud Mary Ann Swann Honey Turley Betty Underwood Lois Underwood Margaret Ann Wilkes Pat Yurko DELTA DELTA j J VCKIE HOGUE President J i TOY Liebtag Treasurer JOANNA Johnson Vice President JANE SHADRON Marshal Gail Pittman Chaplain Doris Rocker Pledge Trainer SARA WiLKERSON Secretary DELTA ALPHA DELTA CHAPTER DELTA DELTA DELTA was established on Thanks- giving Day, 1888, at Boston LIniversity. Alpha Delta chapter of Stetson University was founded in 1913 and is the oldest Florida chapter. Tri Deltas claim as their emblem the star and crescent; and for their colors, silver, gold, and blue. Tri Deltas are active in every phase of campus life. Among its many outstanding members are: Jackie Hogue, named to Who ' s Who, member of the Honor, vice-president of S.G.A. and of Women ' s Executive Council ; Mimi Shaw, editor of the Hatter, vice presi- dent of the Junior Glass, president of S.F.E.A. ; Ann Severance, Outstanding Freshman Woman, vice presi- dent of the Sophomore Class; Gail Pittman, secretary of S.G.A. , Women ' s Executive Council member; Betty Sharpe, treasurer of Liberal Arts School, B.S.U. Exec- utive Council; Joanne Anderson, president of Chau- doin Hall ; Tuppy Hanscom, president of Theto Alpha Phi, has played many leads at Stover Theater; Doris Rocker, vice president of the Senior Class; Sandy Jo Bryant, Stetson ' s representative to the Florida Citrus Queen Contest; Trilby Barber, Miss DeLeon Springs, cheerleaders Anita Anderson and Joyce Harrell, cap- tain, and Sally Boureau, feature editor of The Reporter. As a group, Tri Deltas earned first place in collec- tions for the Green Feather Drive, and enjoyed their annual Founders ' Day Banquet, " Apple-Polishing Party, " Ormond Beach retreat, and Spring Weekend. The night after going active Happy Tri Deltas Intellectuals at the Scholarship Dinner Betty Sharpe JoAnne Anderson Sandy Arrant Trilby Barber Sylvia Blake Sally Boureau Sandy Jo Bryant Connie Constans Sally Jo Custer Marcia Faragher Gail Woodard Mary Gibson Marilyn Gooding Frances Hancock T uppy Hanscom Joyce Harrell Margaret Hayes Jackie Hogue Jane Jackson JoAnna Johnson Jane Shadron Wilma Jones Aurelie Knight Janice Lanier Maryr Lou Minton Patsy Morgan Betty Nowlin Bonnie O ' Dell Lyndall O ' Neal Barbara Page Patty Park Nanette Peach Anna Perry Gail Pittman Barbara Robson Doris Rocker Bil Ruth Ann Severance Janet Shaw Mimi Shaw Judy Liebtag Annette Tyner Mary Ann Ulmer Brenda Walter Mary Watkins Sara Wilkerson Opt, Vdfa (? aftt i PHI M ki Lee Houston President I in WlLUAMS Vice President Doris Ff.rtic Secretary K m ki vges Treasurer Hi i EN Rode Pledge Director .In GOBURN Rush Chairman MU ALPHA XI CHAPTER Phi Mu, the second oldest secret society for women in the U.S., was founded at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia. In January, 1852, it was organized as the Phil- omathean Society by its three founders, Mary Myrick Daniel, Martha Hardaway Redding, and Mary Dupont Lines. During the Civil War Period General Robert E. Lee, " Stonewall " Jackson and Confederate President Jefferson Davis accepted honorary membership in Phi Mu. In 1911 Phi Mu was admitted to membership in the National Panhellenic Conference. Presently there are 77 collegiate chapters and 150 alumnae clubs, chapters and associations. Alpha Xi Chapter was chartered at Stetson in 1949. Phi Mu ' s colors are Rose and White, and her flower is the Rose Enchantress Carnation. Phi Mu ' s philanthropic activities include a Health- mobile, mobile tuberculosis clinic in Georgia, an annual study grant to foreign study for post-graduate work at American L ' niversity. The local chapter presents Thanks- giving baskets to needy families and has an annual Easter party for the underprivileged children of the DeLand area. Phi Mu ' s active in campus organizations include: Jo Coburn, V.P. North Hall, The Honor; Donna Carroll, The Honor; Dot Ballard and Meredith DeWitt, Canter- bury officers: Myra Hunter, Nancy Norse, Sigma Delta Pi; Joyce Shupe, Phi Beta; Jo Coburn, Tau Beta Sigma; Barbara Kindernay, Phi Society ; Nance Norse, Sigma Pi Kappa; Meredith DeWitt, Mary Lee Houston, Barbara Collins, Jo Coburn, House Councils; Helen Rode and Bobbi Stewart, Beta Beta Beta; Rae Jean Casciola, Head Majorette; Mary Lee Houston, R.O.T.C. Sponsor. Traditions of the local chapter include a Spring Weekend and Houseparty, Mother-Daughter Xmas Party, Pledge Car Wash, and Senior Breakfast. Phi Mu Pledge Class Gay 20 ' s party with Pi Kapp Our Slumber Party where no one sleptj Helen Rode Dorothy Ballard Wilma Burgess Gail Bowerhan Pat Burke Beth Bum Ann Cagle Donna Carroll Jo Coburn Barbara Collins Mary Williams Meredith DeWitt Judy Eisele Dot Feibnck Doris Fertic Bobbie Gainer Marie Good Barbara Harper Nancy Harris Carol Herrin Judy Ross Faye Herring Mary Lee Houston Helen Hughes Myra Hunter Pat Jennings Barbara Jones Margie Jones Barbara Kindernay Karen Klages Marlene Muzii Carol Levy Linda Luther Carolyn McCuller Helen Monroe Nancy Norse Ginger Reeves Amy Reid Penny Rosam Joyce Shupe Frances Smith Ann Smothers Bobbie Stewart Elizabeth Summerow Margaret Taylor Gary Ann Wilkins Judith Winslow PI BETA Carol Abernathy President Phyllis Ratliff Vice President Natalie BRUNDAGE Recording Secretary Judy Hill Corresponding Secretary Julee Urquhart Treasurer Susan Beall Rush Chairman 17+ PHI FLORIDA ALPHA CHAPTER Pi Betta Phi was founded as I. G. Sorosis in 1867, one of the first national fraternities for women. It is one of the three largest women ' s fraternities. The Florida Alpha Chapter was established on Stetson ' s campus in May, 1913, and thus became the first national Pan-Hellenic organization on the campus. The Pi Phis sponsored the first aid to underprivileged of any fraternity, when they started the Settlement School in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, our national philanthropic project. The manufacturer of Pierce Arrow cars named his cars in honor of his wife ' s fraternity, and the arrow on the Parker fountain pen is in honor of Pi Phi. Miss America of 1958 is Marilyn Van Derbur, a Pi Phi from Colorado. Pi Phis are outstanding in all phases of campus life. Members of The Honor, the highest Women ' s leadership honorary on campus, are Merrill Maguire, President; Car ol Belcher, Historian; Jo Boswell, Judy Hill, and Carolyn Miller. Pi Phi is represented in the Glee Club by Judy Hill and Juanita Gresham, and in Travel Squad by Pat Painter, Julee Urquhart, Merrill Maguire, and Nola Frink. Marion Ezell is a cheerleader, and Pi Phi ' s hold membership in Sigma Pi Kappa, Beta Beta Beta, Sigma Delta Pi, Tau Beta Sigma, and Phi Society. Carol Howell received the Freshman Scholarship Prize, with a 3.0 average. Pi Phis also participate in Women ' s Coun- cil, and work on the Reporter and Hatter staffs. This year two Pi Phis were named to Who ' s who in American Colleges and Universities — Carol Belcher and Merrill Maguire. Pi Phis are noted for winning honors in the beauty field. This year Janet Yonge was chosen Sweetheart of Pi Kappa Alpha, Buffy Ezell was Orange Bowl finalist and runner-up to the Azalea Queen, and Patti Lowe was chosen for the Hatter Court of Beauty, was an R.O.T.C. sponsor, and was a calendar girl, along with Melinda Freeman. Juanita Gresham was a finalist in the Miss DeLand Contest, and Martha Hamilton and Melinda Freeman were chosen " Indies " Girl-of-the-Month. H ! - - eren ' t we proud of our wine and Ginger and Susan cuttin ' capers Doesn ' t the active team look ferocious blue ribbons ! Susan Beall Carol Belcher Jo Boswell Beverly Brett Natalie Brundage Harriette Butler Jean Donnelly Nancy Dowman Buffv Ezell Marion Ezell Sally Ezell Melinda Freeman Nola Frink Elizabeth Frix Nancy Gillespie Babs Girard Juanita Gresham Judy Grentner Joan Heid Judy Hill Judy Hohman Carol Howell Beverly Hughes Sandra Hunter Carolyn Kingsley Diana Kunze Patty Lamar Madye LeLous a to ft Patti Lowe Carol Luechauer Merrill Maguire Carolyn Miller Eva Lynn Newton Judy Nowell Kate Page Pat Painter Gloria Parker Ann Louise Pvle Lucy Rand Phyllis RatlirT Sail] Robb Susan Robison Nina Shuler Leslie Sutherland Pat Thompson Julee Urquhart Ginger Woods Marilyn Yates ZETA TAU ■ 4 1 Lot im Smart President Cherry Deu Fief President Pat Boss Secretary Joan Geitgey Treasurer Julia Emerson Chaplain Judy Juras Historian ALPHA BETA PSI CHAPTER ZETA TAU ALPHA was founded at Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia, October 15, 1898. Beta Psi Chapter was installed at Stetson University in 1934. Zeta ' s colors are turquoise blue and steel gray; their badge, a crown and a shield; their pledge pin is a car- penter ' s square. Beta Psi Chapter won the first place trophy for Hatter Holiday, second place in women ' s intraniurals, and the Province III Zeta Tau Alpha Schol- arship Trophy. In addition to this, Zeta supports two national phil- anthropic projects each year, the National Cerebral Palsy Fund, and the Zeta Tau Alpha Scholarship Fund. Among their social events, the biggest is Zeta Mardi Gras Week- end, which is held every spring. This year ' s Mardi Gras King is Delta Sigma Phi Harry Dewes. Zetas are well represented in most campus organiza- tions. Among their outstanding members they have: Helen Hudson, chief cheerleader; Ruth Hudson, Presi- dent of North Hall ; Louise Smart, Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Girl and a member of the Honor; and Pat Boss, Honor member and Co-Chairman of Freshman Orienta- tion Committee. Some of Zeta ' s outstanding Alumnae include Dean Etter Turner and Dr. Frances Thornton of Stetson Uni- versity; Faith Baldwin, a famous novelist; Dorothy Shaver, President of Lord Taylor; and Jane Pickens and Abby Lewis of Radio, TV, Stage, and Screen fame. Mother ' s Little Angels Louise opening the senior gift Dear Folks . . . Have been so busy studying. . . . Metta Adams Faye Arnold Virginia Barlow Joan Barr Pat Boss Ann Boyter Carlotta Carlson Connie Clark Marion Crim Cherry Dell Julia Emerson Diane Ferguson Jody Florence Sarah Foster Laura Friche Joan Geitgey Jerrie Hamrick Shirley Harned Nancy Hoagland Carol Holland Helen Hudson Ruth Hudson Joyce Hummelgard Donna Jones Judy Juras Ellen Lanier Sally Leid Eleanor Lovell Betty McKinley Laura McNeely Joan Mitchell Bunnie Ogletree Tonni Ogletree S 1 ia Shaw Louise Smart Janelle Wilcox Maureen Weber Nancy West Left to Right, Seated: Jane Shadron, Pat Byrd, Jackie Hogue, Jo- Anne Bolton, Pat Boss, Bev Brett, Tuppy Hanscom. Standing: Patsy Milner, Louise Smart, Carol Herrin, Susan Beall, Nancy Allen, Carol Abernathy, Jo Coburn, Mary Lee Houston, B. J. Mason. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL ALPHA CHI OMEGA B. J. Mason Virginia Rich Virginia Bagby ALPHA XI DELTA Jo Anne Bolton Patsy Milner Pat Byrd DELTA DELTA DELTA Jo Anne Anderson Tuppy Hanscom Jackie Hogue PHI MU Jo Coburn Mary Lee Houston Carol Herrin PI BETA PHI Carol Abernathy Susan Beall Beverly Britt ZETA TAU ALPHA Pat Boss Louise Smart Buck Row. Left to right: Hugh Shiver, Jack Woodall, Brian Tolby, Mark Anthony, Jim Parkhurst, Jerry Juras. Front Row: Bob Beau- bout, John Lorbaeh, Bill Lilos, J. B. Steelman. Dick Thirhvell. INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL DELTA SIGMA PHI Jerry Juras J. B. Steelman Dick Thirhvell PI KAPPA PHI Jim Parkhurst Phil Arms LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Hugh Shiver Bob Beabout Bill Liles John Lorkach SIGMA PHI EPSILON Brian Tolby Mark Anthony PI KAPPA ALPHA Fred Slaughter Dick Scott SIGMA NU Jack Woodall Bob Holly DELTA SIGMA J. B. STEELMAN President Wayne Graham Treasurer JoN ( ™ " KN Secretary BOB BUCKALEW Vice President ALPHA CHI CHAPTER Delta Sigma Phi was founded in 1899 at the College of the City of New York. It expanded during the early part of the twentieth century and has continued growing until now there are over 30,000 brothers and 100 chapters throughout the United States and Canada. Alpha Chi Chapter was installed at Stetson University in 1925 with Dr. J. Ollie Edmunds, present University president, as charter president of the chapter. Annual affairs include the Christmas party for under- privileged children of Volusia County and the " Sailors Ball " , the national fraternity weekend. Delta Sig has added much to all phases of campus life and its brothers hold many honors. This year Delta Sig claimed the First Place Trophy for Homecoming Decora- tions and the Homecoming Mayor, Wayne Graham ; who is also S.G.A. treasurer; Bland Williamson, Junior Class Treasurer ; Bill Sims, Freshman Class Treasurer; Joel Sloan, Commander of Scabbard and Blade; Norn Heyne, Chairman of Student Union Publicity Committee, and Phil Newcomm who is on the Men ' s Council. Faculty member in Delta Sigma Phi include Dr. J. Ollie Edmunds, Dr. A. M. Winchester, James D. Perdue and Don C. Yaxley. Honky Tonk Party One of us in disguise Entertaining the gang John Adams M. R. Buckaleu Warren Carver Bob Congdon Al Davis John Dickson Lewis Dodge Bill George Wayne Graham John Hubert Dick Jenkins Dick Marshall Rod Martin Robert Munn Phil New comb a G Charles Norwood Chuck Portz Daryl Rejemyer Roger Sanders Bill Sims Joel Sloan J. B. Steelman Bob Sterling Frank Strawbridge Dick Thurwell Reed Vandercook Coleman Waites Jim Williams Jim Wright Abe Yerga LAMBDA CHI High Shiver President George Koch Vice President Jack Allen Secretary JOHN OLDHAM Treasurer ALPHA ZETA TAU CHAPTER Lambda Chi Alpha was first founded at Boston univer- sity on Nov. 2, 1909 and has since grown to be the largest International Fraternity with 153 chapters. The colors are purple, green and gold, and the flower is the white rose. The local chapter, Zeta Tau, was founded April 3, 1949. The latest improvements, a patio and barbecue pit, provide the atmosphere for many starlit dances and par- ties. Although the " Lambs " enjoy many such occasions, they don ' t sacrifice scholarship. They took first among fraternities in scholarship both semesters of 1956-57. Some of the outstanding men on campus include: Bill Liles, President of I. C.F. ; Jack Selph, treasurer of Busi- nes School, and Bill Able, Vice President Senior Class. Some of the prominent alumni of Lambda Chi Alpha include: Frankie Laine, Harry Truman, General Doo- little, Chester Gould, and Bill Hayes. 5[ 5 x TO Qk oAo ] lHft pr o i oA p y J xJTfo oy Nothing to do but take life easy. Lambda Chi ' s go formal. Some Lambda Chi initiates pose. Bill Abel Jerry Albert Jack Allen John Beard Donald Clayton Terry Crossley Duane Doddington Leonard Faulk Jerry Girven Jim Gunderson Wayne Hagen Bob Hickey David Hauchins George Hyde Bill Jarman Lays Jordon John Joyner George Koch Ed Laughtry Jon Larback Bill Lyles John McEwen Dale Milev 4 t £ N John Oldham George Perino Al Phillips Jim Radebough Jim Sawyer Jack Selph Hugh Shiver Kent Taylor John Thompson Don Thurman Charles Tindall Don Tullis Winn Turney Brad Yount 1 • ' M " • - !t PI KAPPA Dick Scott President Fred Slaughter Vice President JlM MORRIS Secretary Frrd STONE Treasurer y m ALPHA DELTA UPSILON CHAPTER Pi Kappa Alpha was founded at the University of Vir- ginia on March 1, 1868. Delta Upsilon Chapter here at Stetson was chartered March 31, 1951. The fraternity flower is Lily-of-the-Valley and the colors are Garnet and Old Gold. Main event of the year is the Founder ' s Day Banquet, held annually in Sanford, Fla. on the first of March. Pikes placed second in the Homecoming Lawn Decora- tion this year. Our Dream Girl is Mrs. Janet (Greene) Yonge. Outstanding men on campus: Fred Slaughter, Vice President of Men ' s Council and Acting President of IFC, Chairman of Rules and Procedure committee; Ted Wat- son, Men ' s Council ; Dick Scott, Editor of the 1957 Stu- dent Handbook ; and Don Soprano, Vice President of the Pre-Law Club. In Intramurals Pikes placed third in overall standings and took first place in Paddle Ball due to Mel Christman and Vic Muzii. Pikes were represented in intercollegiate sports by Jerry Kern, Larry Stowe, and Jim Krider. Ronnie Sley, Phil Yonge, Vic Muzii, Larry Stowe, Mel Christman and John Ruff with Stowe and Christmas making the All-Star Squad. Merle Teaque and Rudy Weber were on the golf team. Social events that won ' t be forgotten for many a moon are the " Roarin ' 20 ' s Party " , " Roman Toga Affair " , and a big week-end. Wffc °A K m M 13fcp °€l . ? ) V il Sww Y w°7 A (jy $® A face lifting for the " Magnolia Manor " . Look at all those knees! Such an ambitious group this is ! 193 Jim Beery Tommy Bouclas Robert Buckley Ted Camp Scott Campbell Charles Capps Robert Cauthen Paul Cheeck Mel Christman Jim Dawson Conrad Freund Tom Gerrity Lute Harmon Ted Hastings John Hiney Jerry Kearn Frank Kennedy Charles Laughton Bill McConnell Wolliam McKenna Keith Morgan Jim Morris Vic Muzzi Tommy Procter Gerry Ragatz John Ruff a Terry Runkle Dick Scott Fred Slaughter Ronald Slay Mile Synder Fred Stone Merle Teague Frank Teets Tim Thomasson John Thurber Guy Turcatte Jim Turley Jack Yarasse Ted Watson Rudy Weber Fred White PI KAPPA Robert Carnes Archon C. J. Abernathv Secretary CHARLES Day Treasurer Hal Gauthen Warden NOEL Ruppert Historian PHI CHI CHAPTER Pi Kappa Phi was founded at the University of Charles- ton, South Carolina, in 1904 and gave to Stetson Univer- sity the Chi Chapter in February of 1921. Of the 52 chap- ters and 40,000 Pi Kapps, Chi Chapter recently retired the National Champion Chapter rating again this year. The Chi Chapter has in the past been known for its scholastic and academic prowess and has again this year shown achievement in this field. The president of ODK is Malcolm Glass and serving under him in that organiza- tion we find Jim Hodge, Phil Parr, and Bob Carnes. Working presently on the Honors Program is Phil Arms, Malcolm Glass, Jim Geiger, Phil Parr, and Bob Carnes. Circling the campus we find Jim Hodge presiding over the S. G. A., Bob Carnes holding the reins in the L. A. School and Phil Parr guiding the BSU. Also we have Reynolds Allen serving as Pres. of the Sophomore Class, Phil Parr presiding over the Jr. Class and Gary Mea- dows taking the chores of Vice President in the L. A. De- partment. Several Pi Kapps can be found on stage in major roles at Stover Theater. The Glee Club claims an- other portion of our brothers. We are well represented in Cantebury Club, B. S. U. and other major religious organizations. In the past years Pi Kappa Phi has taken the I. F. C. trophy and last year we captured the Hatter Holiday trophy. Athletically speaking one can find several Pi Kapps on the baseball diamond and as top contenders in most intramural fields. Pi Kapps All! Let ' s keep the house looking nice A drink to our pledge class C. J. Abernathy George Borders Bill Cadman Ross Carter Hal Cauthen Charles Day Douglas Draper Rap Figley Chuck Gertner Chuck Geore Sam Hardee Bill Hiller Jim Hodge Art Jones Watson Lee Tom Lynn Dan McConnell Dawson McQuaig Eugene Mallard Lamar Matthews Gary Meadows Nick Mueller Kave Owens Frank Paunter Phil Parr Jim Rawls Jeff Read Fred Richards Fred Roberts Noel Rupert Mike Schlatter John See Rod Smith Jack Sweetman Kd Thompson Ted Watson V SIGMA Jack Woodall . . Harry Conner Bob Holly Bill Butler . . . . . . Commander Lt. Commander Secretary Treasurer NU DELTA MU CHAPTER Sigma Nu, the first chartered national social fraternity at Stetson, came to the campus in 1913. The present chap- ter house was raised in 1923 and is the center of the Snake ' s social activities. Sigma Nu promotes scholar- ship, strives to build sound character and personality in its members by the examples of upper classmen, and in general adjust the new students to college life. Sigma Nu, as always, has been outstanding in all phases of campus life. The black and Gold boasts leaders in almost every campus organization. Brother Conner and Saltrick are Go-captains of the baseball team. Schneider, Gregory, Kitchens, Parker, and Carson all Sigma Nu ' s, lead the basketball team to a winning season. Brothers Woodall and Conner have been elected to Who ' s Who. Sharpton, the President, along with Mosely and Gregory are on Mens Council. In the Business School, Mel Gregory is the President and Bil Bradley the Vice President. Broth- er Marcell, the President of the Student Union Board is also a member of the Honors Program. Brother Woodall is President of the Senior Class, Ski Club, and Battle Group Commander of ROTC, as well as Vice President of ODK of which Brothers Marcell and Connor are also members. Brother White is Business Manager of Hatter and Brother Holmes is the SGA social Vice-President. The Snakes also claim many honors as a group such as the Presidents Cup in Intramurals which they have held for four years straight. Nu inaugurated early in the year an intra fraternity party at the pit in hopes of bettering fraternity relations on Campus. Long a key organization on Stetson ' s campus, Sigma Nu is justly proud of its leadership in all phases of uni- versity community. The Snake Pit How long do you think we ' ll keep them? The Sweetheart of Simga Nu " MAMMY " Russell Barefoot Host Bashum Mike Blocker Byrd Booth Bill Bradley Bill Butler Warren Carr Ralph Cochran J. A. Comb Ed Cone Harry Conner Mark Cornelues Windall Crisell Bob Crowley Arthur Dasher Tom Daves Chuck Fulton Bill Hallowes Paul Hendrix Bob Holly Arthur Holmes Ward Hunter Buddy Ines Wes Johnston Warren Kendall Bill Langer John Ledbetter Ray Lewis Clausson Lexou Jim Loia Jon McKibben John Marcin Fred Marsh Bob Mason Dan Montague John Morgan Eugene Page Pat Pattison Walter Prather John Rodgers Tom Rosseter Mike Schuler Walter Shirley ( " lay Shau Jim Sharpton Dick Smith Bill Speck Aden Sowell Charles Stephens Ted Sucher F.d Tinnermon Bob Thompson Bill Watson Bill White Jack Woodall Bill Yichman w ,-T- | - C— r , SIGMA PHI President Bill Young Vice President Marty Boos Secretary Art Stone Comptroller John Killebrew Historian Mark Anthony Seated, Left to Right: Tesse Ellis, Tom Ragan, Terry Malcolm, Left to Right: Bob Harmon, Art Stone, Bill Young, Mark Anthony, Warren Daffin, Jim Schweikert, John Renick, Grant Cole. Standing, Marty Boos, John Killebrew, Max Hall. EPSILON CHI MU CHAPTER In 1949 the Chi Mtj local fraternity on Stetson ' s campus petitioned the second largest fraternity in the world, Sigma Phi Epsilon, and the same year became the Flor- ida Beta Chapter. The national Fraternity was founded at Richmond College in 1901. Dean E. C. Furlong, Dr. John V. Vaughan, Dr. Wil- liam Bliss and Mr. Graves Edmondson are prominent alumni on campus. National figures who wear the Sig Ep Heart are Ben Hibbs, Ted Mack, James V. Forrestal, Tom Ewel, Governor Dan McCarty, Woody Herman, John Barrow, All-American Tackle, and numerous others. A highlight of the Sig Ep ' s social is their annual week- end climaxed by the Queen of Heart ' s Ball, held in Feb- ruary. The Founder ' s Day Banquet and the fraternity parties supplement the social calendar, along with cool afternoons spent on the new Sig Ep Beach. Our abode on Ohio Avenue What better way to spend a Saturday evening? Our busy(?) Pres MAJOR MALCOM D. BRANNEN Professor of Military Science and Tactics CAPTAIN DORSEY B. GREENE, JR. Assistant PMS T Master Sargent Morton A. Marsh, Sargent First Glass Billie W. Douglas, Master Sargent Robinson, and Sargent First Glass Paul T. McCrory assist in the instruction of physical and mental training of cadets. CAPTAIN HERBERT J. HEDRICK Assistant PMS T LT. COLONEL JACK WOODALL Bottle Group Commander The Battle Group Staff lined up behind Lt. Colonel Jack Woodall includes Major Charles Gerding, Cap- tain Harold Basham, Captain Mel Gregory, 1st Lieut James Hendrickson, and 1st Lieut. Tom McPherson. a a n A " COMPANY Company Commander CAPTAIN J. SLOAN Company Executive Officer M. ANTHONY Platoon Leaders ... P. YONGE, G. BRUNKHORST, M. BLOCKER Company Commander . . . CAPTAIN R. BURRELL Company Executive Officer B. GALLAN Platoon Leaders T. BOUCHLAS, J. TYRA, W. CRYSEL B " COMPANY VT? 1 U M C " COMPANY GV ;w «w.V Commander .... CAPTAIN H. FAGAN Company Executive Officer D. WAHLSTAD Platoon Leaders . R. THIRLWELL, R. VANDERCOOK, W. PRATHER Company Commander . . . CAPTAIN M. BUCKALEW Company Executive Officer T. GRAHAM Platoon Leaders F. WHITE, K. SHEPARD, R. SULLINS urv» D " C O M P A N Y ( i;i SCABBARD BLADE Scabbard and Blade is a national military honor society whose members are chosen on merit from outstanding cadet officers of the R.O.T.C. by the election of the Company. At the left we see President Joal Sloan tapping seven new members: Bill White, Wayne Gra- ham, Ken Shepard, Reed Vandercook, Roby Buckalew, Wendell Crysel and J. L. Tyra. Other officers include Mel Gregory, Vice- President; Jack Woodall, Secretary, and Al- lan Fagan, Treasurer. Other members are Gaither Briggs, James Hendrickson, Harold Basham, Gene Burrell, Charles Gerding, and associate member, Captain Dorsey B. Greene, Jr. The honorary is sponsored by Major Mal- colm D. Brannen. This group with their out- standing achievements in military sciences is an inspiration to a freshman cadet. HONORARY MILITARY FRATERNITY SUMMER CAMP At summer camp in Fort Benning, Ga., the cadets experience a rigorous six weeks of Army life. Many hours of drill, learning to use a machine gun, practical training and polish-shoes. It was surely a delight to all when Dean Furlong, Dean of the Business School, came to visit. Dining with him are Tom Bouchlas, Mark Anthony and Phil Yonge. Pictured below are the eighteen ca- dets which composed the Stetson unit. With this excellent opportunity to gain experience the R.O.T.C. has become the nation ' s chief source of obtaining young officers. The R.O. T.C. furnished these Stetson men with a well rounded program of physical, scholastic and mental training that will prepare them to face the future with a feeling of security and faith. AT FORT BENNING RIFLE TEAM One of the many hours of practice which enabled our ROTC Rifle team to place first in Third Army competition among colleges and second in the nation. THE BAND MARCHES ON The ROTC band comprises a company within itself and is under the direction of 1st Lt. Gaither Briggs. The cadets appear in parades and participate in national holidays. MILITARY BALL Battalion sponsors are: Patricia Lowe, Lynn Ezell Hollingsworth, Linda Fisher, Mary Lee Hous- ton, Janice Honey) Lanier, and Pat Byrd. A QUEEN IS CROWNED Lyn kins, N Ezell Hollingsworth is crowned queen at the annual Military Ball. Behind her stands Ri last year ' s Battalion Commander. Lieutenant Colonel Royal Taylor crowns the queen. fe lt Athletics are an integral part of the student ' s program at Stetson. Inter- collegiate teams in soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis and golf regularly meet teams from leading institutions in the Southeast and intersectional teams from such Universities as Amherst, Ohio State, Yale, Louisville and Dayton. A new athletic field for men will provide facilities for track and field sports. Plans for a swimming pool are under way which will open the way for intercollegiate competition in still another sport. Soccer is played on Hulley Field; baseball at Conrad Park or Hulley Field and basketball at the National Guard Armory. Without facilities for golf, Stetson participated in the Florida Intercollegiate, but did not have an intercollegiate schedule. The basketball team went to District 5 NAIA tournament, but lost in the finals. The team placed second in the Florida Intercollegiate Basketball Con- ference. The soccer team was second in the state conference. Rivarly in intramural sports is almost as keen at Stetson as interest in intercollegiate contests. The great majority of Stetson men and women participate in intramural sports. Stetson is proud of her athletic record as a football team wearing the Green and White played a team from Florida Agricultural College in what has been described as " the beginning of intercollegiate athletics in Florida. " CHEERLEADERS Mollie Sandiford Larry Tucker Garolinda Burnett Joyce Harrell Captain Anita Anderson Chuck Gertner Helen Hudson WARREN C. COWELL Coach Cowell, one of the most respected and best loved sports figures in Florida, is in his twenty-third year at Stet- son and is director of ath- letics. He came to Stetson as head football coach, but in 1949 he relinquished his coaching duties to devote full time to administrative dutie and to teaching. He is chair- man of District 25, National Associat ion of Intercollegiate Athletics and is commissioner of the Florida Intercollegiate Basketball, Baseball and Soc- cer leagues. SARA STAFF JERNIGAN Mrs. Jernigan is director of the Depart- ment of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation at Stetson. In the South, she is president of the Southern Association for Physical Education of College Women. Nationally she is chairman of the Interna- tional Relations Section of the American Association for Health, Physical Educa- tion, and Recreation. She has had ex- tensive experience in teaching in social recreation workshops. 1 GARLAND H. WILLIAMS Coach Williams, who came to Stetson in 1956 as assistant football coach, is director of men ' s intramurals. In his first year in this capacity, he almost doubled the number of men participating in this pro- gram of the physical educa- tion department. In college, he played football at Georgia and later was a member of the Brooklyn Dodgers foot- ball team. He played in three bowls: Rose, Sugar and Orange, as an undergraduate. Members of the Men ' s Intramural Board are, standing, from left: Don Ray, Frank Ford, Jon Hendrickson, Bill Able and Joe Spikes. Front row: Jerry Johnson and Ross Carter. Stetson Hatters, back row, from left: Head Coach Glenn Wilkes, Jim Kitchens, Bob Hearin, Ken Lawson. Don Iverson, John Dompe, Fred Jefferson, Assistant Coach Dan Harbin, and Assistant Coach Forest Hansen. Front row: Bill Schneider, Gene Wells, Mel Gregory, Ralph Miller, Jack Parker, and Jack Carson. Seated in front: Don Ray. Coach Wilkes, in his first year at Stetson, produced a winning team during the season but lost in the finals of District 25, NAIA Bas- ketball Tournament. Many new records were set during the season. Already looking for- ward to next year, Wilkes has scheduled games with the University of Louisville and the University of Dayton, both basketball powers. Wilkes played intercollegiate basket- ball at Mercer and coached at Brewton- Parker College before coming to Stetson. Head Coach Glenn Wilkes In Your Stetson Bonnet, With the Green and White Upon It CO-CAPTAIN JIM KITCHENS Times-Union All-State Team FOREST HANSEN Assistant Coach DON HARBIN Assistant Coach accet Fourteen of the 16 players named to the Florida Intercollegiate Soccer League ' s all-star team at the loop ' s meeting are shown below. Seated, from left, are Roberto Mundi, Ed Flory, Larry Hoyt and Dennis Learned, all of Rollins. Standing, from left, are Carl Abendroth, Bill Duncan, Richard Pike and Ed Kolasko, all of Florida Southern; Bill George, Ronald Thompson, Me l Christman and Larry Stowe, all of Stetson, and Ernesto Del Rio and Paul Tierman, both of Jacksonville University. Not show are two other JU players named to the team, Alfred Martin and Bose Koldeway. y :Ml ■:.ymi m 1958 Baseball hopefuls, front row, from left: Co-Captain Dick Saltrick, Dawson McQuaig, Fred Roberts, Bob Jane, John Dick- son, Ed L ' Heureux, Jim Harrell, Charlie Fleishman, Bill Carr, Sonny Stephenson and Don Smith. Second row, Ed Laughary, Jim Krider, Russell Sikes, Bob Vostry, Head Coach Carl H. " Doc " Johnson, Bruce Walton, Jerry Kern, Jack Shewan, Don Ray, Paul Hendrix, J. L. Tyra, Bob Robertson, and Larry Stowe. March 12-13 — University of Miami March 17-18 — Georgia Tech March 24 — Florida Southern March 28 — Jacksonville University April 1-2 — Georgia Teachers April 3-4 — Valdosta State April 8 — Florida Southern April 9 — Jacksonville University April 15 — University of Tampa April 18-19— Rollins College April 22 — Florida Southern April 25-26— Rollins College April 28-29 — Georgia Teachers May 2-3 — Florida State May 6 — Florida Southern May 9-10 — University of Miami May 14 — University of Tampa Pitcher Dick Saltrick, left, receives instruction in batting from Ross Carter as Bill Carr looks on. At right is Head Coach " Doc " Johnson. 7e uti Drill was once part of Physical Education at Stetson. 1958 TENNIS SCHEDULE The schedule follows: March 7 Florida Southern March 14 University of Florida March 21 Jacksonville University March 25 Duke University March 29 Jacksonville — Navy . March 31 College of Charleston April 1 University of South Carolina April 2-3 Erskine College at Due West, S.C. April 4 Emory University April 5 Mercer University April 8 Murray (Ky.) State April 12 Jacksonville University April 19 Florida State University April 22 University of Florida April 26 Florida Southern College April 30 Rollins College May 15 Rollins College Tennis Match of Another Day at Stetson. Stetson Women in Sports — Today and Yesterday Stetson Men in Sports- Today and Yesterday oiicfe a£ £aui The College of Law of John B. Stetson University is Florida ' s oldest law school and was established in October of 1900. It was located in DeLand until the summer of 1954. At this time the College was moved to a new ten-acre campus in the Gulfport section of St. Petersburg, Florida. The new location provides ready access to the courts, agencies, and all institu- tional facilities of the entire Tampa Bay metropolitan area. Since 1909, as provided in a statute enacted in that year, this law school has maintained the course of study approved by the Supreme Court of Florida, so that graduates of the school have been admitted to the Bar of Florida without the necessity of taking the bar examination. For many years the school has been on the accredited list of the American Bar Association and has been a member of the Association of American Law Schools. These two associations have been the primary forces in the im- provement of legal education and are the two recognized accrediting agen- cies of law schools. The law course is based primarily upon the study and discussion of reported cases, supplemented by lectures and assigned readings in textbooks and legal periodicals. The faculty endeavors to give such training and in- struction as will fit young men and women for the active duties of the office and courtroom. At the same time effort is made to impress upon the students a high conception of the ethics of the legal profession, without which, knowledge of the law may be detrimental both to the individual and to the State. Effort is further made to search for and evaluate the philosophy which underlies the various principles of law. On March 8, 1958, Governor LeRoy Collins gave the address at the cere- monies dedicating the new Dana Law Library. Charles A. Dana, the New York philanthropist, was among the distinguished persons present for the occasion. RAY HOUSE LENUEL HUNNICUTT TED McLANE JOHN McCORMICK TERRY McNAB M. D. NELSON POTTER PAULSON WILLIAM ROBERTS STEVEN C RUZ SANTA WILLIAM UNGER HENRY WILLIFORD WILSON SHERIDAN LAW SENIORS Uf ft Ok w t s ' la 3 S s£ " r " Mjt — ■■ " ' -■ ' ' • ( " ■» ' ' .. ' ' «R ' fv ■ N I Charles A. Dana Law Library at St. Petersburg is Dedicated at Impressive Ceremonies in March. 230 The Procession L A D W E D L I I C B A R T A I R O Y N Presentation and Acceptance of Library Platform Notables PRESENTATION OF THE DANA PORTRAIT. DEAN HOPKINS, GOVERNOR LEROY COLLINS, PRESIDENT EDMUNDS. Governor Collins and Mr. Dana Greet Guests at Reception After Formal Dedication Exercises. Dedication Exercises. Mrs. Collins, Mrs. Edmunds, and Mrs. Dana were there. And also Mrs. Ambrose L. Cram, who gave the carillon bells, takes her place next to Mrs. H. L. Sebring. The students get into the act as they take Dana portrait to the new library building. I ti STETSON and DELAND Have marched hand in hand for 75 years — We are proud of the co-operative spirit that exists between the people of our community and the officials and students of Stetson University. Our Congratulations on Your 75th Anniversary CHAMBER OF COMMERCE DeLAND, FLORIDA HATS OH! ... to the ' 58 Hatters from Morrison Food Service, Inc. " No Finer Food . . . ANYWHERE! " MORRISON FOOD SERVICE a division of Morrison Cafeterias, Inc. Best Wishes Super Markets OF FLORIDA COMPLIMENTS OF WEE WASH IT LAUNDRY ONE STOP SERVICE Washing — Ironing — Dry Cleaning Dyeing Service 245 N. BOULEVARD Downtown 19 E. Pine St. Ph. 2-1467 ORLANDO Pine Hills 5121 W. Colonial flU STUDIO Of HAIR Dlsien Home of the " Brush Cut " Winter Park Longford Hotel Phone 3-3282 DE LAND Colonialtown 1830 E. Colonial Ph. 20789 DeLand 310 Whitehair Bldg. Phone RE. 4-3026 South Atlantic Crab Co. Producers of SOUTHERN BELLE Crab Sticks and Deviled Crabs 8031 Archer St. Jacksonville TODAY the business world, the arts and sciences, and the professions are seek- ing young people with " imagineering abil- ity .. . the ability to combine their imagi- nation with scientific exactness in their work. Only through education and training can young minds be prepared to meet the challenges of a rapidly-changing world. More power to you, the " imagineers " of the future! sssfssss m CONGRATULATIONS Graduates of the Class of ' 58 FLORIDA BANK AT DELAND Member Florida National Group Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation HART, SCHAFFNER MARX CLOTHES ARROW SHIRTS DOBBS HATS $r MEN ' S WEAR 120 North Beach Street Daytona Beach (Four Doors South of Morrison ' s Cafeteria) Penney ' s DE LAND FLORIDA CHIMNEY CORNER RESTAURANT and MOTEL 3 MILES SOUTH OF DeLAND ON RT. 17-92 PHONE RE. 4-5683 A. R. COGSWELL CO. " Since 1921 " BLUE PRINTS - PHOTOSTAT COPIES Engineering Architectural Supplies P. O. BOX 25 433 WEST BAY STREET JACKSONVILLE 1, FLORIDA FINE FURNITURE by P ARKER Available at Your Furniture Stores Daytona Beach Florida PORTRAIT COMMERCIAL DIRECT COLOR KENT ' S PHOTO SHOP STUDIO 216 N. BOULEVARD DELAND, FLORIDA Authorized Dealer EASTMAN KODAK BELL HOWELL GRAFLEX POLAROID P. O. Box 748 Telephone RE. 4-5490 COMPLIMENTS OF ATHENS LAUNDRY 143 EAST VOORHIS DE LAND MclRA DRUG CENTER, INC. (Formerly Touchton Drug Co.) 100 SOUTH BOULEVARD DeLAND, FLORIDA GIBBS Ladies ' and Children ' s Wearing Apparel Boys ' Wear Phone RE. 4-5221 DE LAND FLORIDA COSTON ' S LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING DE LAND ' LATEST METHODS IN DRY CLEANING Odor ess Cleaning — Sta-Nu Finishing Phone RE. 3-3052 221 S. Florida Ave. FOUNTAINS For Fifty Years Central Florida ' s Finest Store For Men Deland Florida THE BARNETT NATIONAL BANK " A Florida Landmark " DELAND - JACKSONVILLE - COCOA - ST. AUGUSTINE Member Federal Reserve System and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Congratulations to SENIORS OF 1958 CONRAD LUMBER COMPANY Lumber and Building Materials North Delaware Ave. DeLand, Florida Phone RE 4-4454 THE CONRAD COMPANY Bonds Insurance 1 1 8 West New York Ave DeLand, Florida Phone RE 4-2272 Compliments of LAND MUSIC CENTER, INC. Joulevard DeLand, Fla. S. Blvd. DeLand CONGRATULATIONS from the LOG CABIN RESTAURANT Tony and Dorothy DiNardo (Owners) We Hope We Have Helped to Brighten Your College Year KEMP ' S DO-NUT SHOP You ' re Always Welcome Even if Only to Say Hi Vj-, H 9 r ) , ' r .W. INSURED SAVINGS HOME LOANS FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF DAYTONA BEACH BRANDON ELECTRIC COMPANY ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING - AIR CONDITIONING HEATING (Boundary and Railroad) O. Box 839 Ph. RE 4-2! FINEST ITALIAN FOOD OPEN DAILY 8 A.M. to 1 A.M. MOSCA ' S ITALIAN RESTAURANT 127 Ridgewood Ave.-U. S. Route 1 CL. 3-9212 -HOLLY HILL, FLA. Dominick Loretta Owners Specializing in PIZZA MORRIS DeLand ' s Finest Restaurant A Favorite With Students 207 North Boulevard Behind the eight hall BLOCKER TURNIPSEED FURNITURE STORE IN OCALA Florida ' s Most Beautiful Store featuring DREXEL FURNITURE GROUPINGS DeLAND FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION THE HOME OF INSURED SAVINGS 1 36 N. Florida Ave. DeLand, Florida CONGRATULATIONS TOWNE COUNTRY BEAUTY SALON 136 W. Indiana Ave. RE 4-5649 DeLand, Fla. Hair Stylist David Kapral SPAGHETTI - LASAGNE - RAVIOLI - PIZZA PIE STEAKS - CHOPS - SEA FOODS Specialty Italian Cooking JEAN ' S SPAGHETTI HOUSE The House of Good Home Cooked Food rETSON CO. d e I p h i a U. S. Rt. 17-92 Phone Spring 4-5235 Jean Morsillo, Prop. Orange City, Florida SAVE DOUBLE WHEN YOU SHOP AT WINN-DIXIE FOOD STORES LOWEST PRICES ANYWHERE PLUS TOP VALUE STAMPS Anything as valuable as a CUSTOMER belongs in this Bank! UNION THUS iT 6 pyoaszv ■The Bunk - Frt, L AT NINTH ST PETERSBURG. FLA ■ F»d»iol O poti Inturonca Co ' poralt«P MO DeLand ' s Finest Restaurant 207 Nor )UCTS CO., INC. N. — DELAND, FLA. irer of Hypodermic Needles The mark of the world ' s most famous hat THE HALLMARK by STETSON... $12.95 THE SUSSEX by STETSON. $15 JOHN B. STETSON CO Philadelphia 1. Every rat must recite or sing upon request: a. The Alma Mater b. Fight Songs c. Cheers 7. All reasonable requests of upper classmen will be obeyed. S. These rules will be followed ' til October 5th — 6 p.m. 2. Handbooks will be carried at all times. 3. Rat caps are to be worn until 6 p.m. (on and off campus. ) Names must be printed on the brims of the caps. 4. Girls are to wear no makeup during Rat Week. 5. Boys must carry a raw egg with them at all times. 6. Freshmen will wear special clothing to be designated for each day. (eg. Girls — sacks over dresses, pigtails, tennis shoes. Boys — Raincoats over pajamas, signs on back stat- ing, " I am a lowly Rat. " ) VV e would like to take this opportunity to thank the student body of Stetson University for the honor of compil- ing the 1958 HATTER. We realize the impossibility of adequately representing every phase of all of the activities at Stetson University; however, we have made every effort to achieve perfection and we hope that this yearbook will help each person here to retain some of the pleasant memories of Stetson University and 1957-58. We realize that a " Togetherness " and " Oneness of Ideal " is needed for a good publications of any kind. Con- sequently, the yearbook would not be a reality without the invaluable help of the staff which includes Sara Wilker- son, Introduction ; Classes Editor, Patsy Morgan; Freshman Class Editor, Suzanne DeLettre, Sophomore Class Editor, Sally Bureau, Junior Class Editor, Carol Webb, Senior Class Editor, Bill Rhinehart ; Hall of Fame, Mary Sara Carter; Vanity Fair, Anita Anderson; Administration, Ann Anderson; Activities Editor, Marcia Fa- ragher; Greek Editors, Betty Sharpe and Art Dasher; Organ izations Editor, Mary Leslie Addison; Snapshop Edi- tor, Gail Compton; Sports Editor, George McLarry; Military Editor, George Owens; Layouts, Judy Ross; Copy- ists Marilyn Lazarus and Carolyn Miller, Secretary to Business Manager, Joanne Owens, and assistant Business Manager, Bob Sullins. We would also like to thank Mr Blan Taylor who is in charge of publications at Stetson University for his many hours of guidance. It has taken a lot of work to put out this annual but our only hope is that you, the student body, will enjoy and treasure it as much as we treasure the honor of being chosen to put it out. ■■ ' ■ .. I

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