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duq ont- aCCSPibftofty Stetson Qinwe tsity Stetson Universit 3 4369 00465286 X DO NOT RFMOVE FROM LIBRARY T H AND THIS IS DELANO, FLORIDA jJ ' to r I 2 ATTE C atcAe me, tetloft C zi tot ' m- ,-« ■i IN MOMENTS OR WHEN WE ARE -._ «.i . ■.• -.■; WE ARE ALL TOGETHER ' y i WORKING TOWARD A COMMON GOAL 10 (MtC tt . OPENING 1-12 DEDICATION 12 ADMINISTRATION 14 ACTIVITIES 32 FEATURES 46 ORGANIZATIONS GREEKS 102 MILITARY 146 SPORTS 158 CLASSES 174 ADVERTISEMENTS 224 11 DEDICATION MRS, OLLIE EDMUNDS Who can he a rirtttoiis ivonian? For her price is far above rubies. Strength and honor are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come. Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her. — Proverbs 31 The warmth of your smile anH the sincerity of your welcome coupled with the reassuring hand you have given our Presi- dent, has meant much to those who have known Stetson and you. We feel that you have played an integral part in helping our institution achieve the high ideals for which it now stands. We will think of you through the years as one constant in your devotion, wise in your understanding, unselfish in our service, courageous in your difficulties, winsome in xour per- sonality, and dedicated to the Stetson family. That inner feeling you have, we all wish to possess so that we can face life better prepared as we move into it. We thank God for you. and the inspiration of your life. I» Dear Alma Mater, We love your spirit " . . . those who guide, encourage and scold . . . devote endless hours to student problems . . . responsibility of supervising many operations . . unifies the colleges . . . aims toward a common goal . . . forms a background for a better university. ADMIXISTKATIOX PRESIDENT Once again it is in privilege Ui salute our students, our faeult . our trustees, nur alumni, and all our friends every- where ! During the vear which has just closed, the Lniversitv has faced several acute problems; but these only seemed to bring the students, faculty, alumni, and trustees closer together, and to remind us that the Stetson community is much larger than we realized. Even while we were discovering new friends, we were pleased to see how interested all nur old friends were in our problems, and how anxious thev were to help. To all of these friends, old and new. we send a cordial greet- ing. We hope that as you turn the pages of this book and find a picture story of student life at Stetson, you will be pleased to consider yourself a member of the Stetson faniih . It is our sincere hojie that all of xou will be faithful to the ideals and purposes of iiur " Ahna Mater. " where er you ma be. and that i u will return home as often as vou can. OLLIE EDMUNDS DEANS C. HO SARD HOPKINS Dean of ihr I iiirrrsity JAMES A. STEWART Dean of the Chiifwl ETTER Tl RNER Dean of W omen im GEORGE W. HOOD Dean of Men Q • I v CHARLES H. FRANKLIIN Business Manager CARL H. JOHNSON Dirrilor of Men ' s Housin 0 A. F. TUTTLE Director of Admissions J. BLANFORD TAYLOR Director of ISetvs Bureau WH.LIA1V1 H. McCAMMON Director of Religi ms Activities The Liberal Arts School . . . oldest and largest of the four schools . . . Elizabeth Hall . . . Flagler Science Hall . . . Holmes Hall . . . core of education for every student . . . home of general education courses . . . instills appreciation for the arts, letters and sciences . . . prepares students to enter the world. WILLIAM II. MtE.MKV Dean of Liberal Arts School LIBERAL ARTS SCHOOL Hansconi, Kent, Geiger (slanding). Bolton. OFFICERS I?OI5 KENT Prrsident JOANNE BOLTON t ' ice-Presideiit PRISCILLA HANSCOM Secretary JIM GEIGER tV Hlf ' . 20 OLIVER LAFAYETTK W Al.KKK. Professor of Religion. iUlo: A.H.. liuw (liillfge: Th.M.. Th.l).. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. K. F.ARL jOINKR. Assistant Professor of Religion. 19.5.5: A.R.. Stetson I i cr-il ; 1).!).. ' IliAI.. Sdiilhcrn P a|ili.-t 1 lir(ilogir;il Seniin;ii . W 11,1.1 l 11. M.CWIMON. IK.. As i la]it Professnr of Religion. 19.52: A.H. I iii ersil nf Teiniessee: M.R.K.. D.R.K.. Southwestern Maptisl Theologiea SeiiiituUN . THOMAS K. McCOLLOl (;il. Assistant Professor of Religion. 1955: B.B.A.. I in ersit of Texas: B.l).. Th.l).. Southern Baptist Theological Seminar . i;i)WARI) A. HUL.VIKS. JR.. Assistant Professor ,.f Religion. 19.56: A.B.. Mercer I ni ersit : FID.. P.niory University. Seati ' tl: Walker. Join. r. SkuiiHiiu: Mr Caniniun, MrCullough. ilulnii- . RANDOLPH LALRIK CARTER. Professor of Education. 1911: A.B.. Merce; University: iVl.A.. Columbia University: Ph.D.. Peahody College. RUTH L SMITH. Associate Professor of Education. 1954; B.S.. Pennsyivani; State Teachers College. Slippery Rock: M.A., Ed.D.. University of Pittshurgli RAY V. SOWERS. Professor of Education. 1948; A.B.. LL.D.. Florida South ern College; M.A.. University of North Carolina. HUBERT JAMES LONGSTREET, Professor of Education. 1949: B.S.. LL.B. Stetson University; M.A.. Duke University. HARLAND C. MERRIAM, Assistant Professor of Eduialion. 19.52: B.S.. B..- ton University; Ed.M., Harvard University. THURMAN EDWLN SMOTHERMAN. Associate Professor of Education. 19.56 A.B.. State Teachers College. Springfield. Missouri: M.Ed.. Ed.D.. Universiti of Missouri. FRANK R. TUBES. Assistant Director of Interns. 1917: A.B.. Marvville Col lege; M.S.. L ' niversit of Tennessee. GEORGE WILSON HOOD. Associate Professor of Education. 19.50; A.B. Baker University: Al.B.A.. Ph.D.. 1 niversitv of Chicago. Svdlid: 1. 11 111. -•Miilli, So»i ' l . Slainliilf l.( ii lri ' ' l, Mcrriain, Sinollicrniun. Tubbs, Iloofl. Seated: «t Karbi Sliinilini:: I ' .rl, NORMA M. AVERY. Visiting Instructor in History and Political Science. 1956; B..A.E.. University of Mississippi: M.A. Stetson I niversity. MALCOLM M. WYNN. Assistant Professor of History. 19.52: A.B.. M.A.. Ohio State Uiiiversitv: Graduate Studv. Universitv of Paris. MFS MELVIN PEET. Assistant Professor of Hislor niversitv of Iowa; M.A.. Cohnnhia L ' niversitv. J. 1)A II) BARBER. As I ' niversity of Chicago. slant Profe .f Political Scien. 195.5; B. .. Stale 19.55: A.B.. M.A.. VIARV LOUISE GEHRING, Associate Professor of Speech, 1956; B.A.. Baylor j ' niversity; M.A.. Ph.D.. Louisiana State University. 5USAN W. PERDUE. Visiting Instructor in Speech. 1956; A.B.. Stetson Uni- ersity. :HARLES C. RITTER. Assistant Professor of Speech. 1956: B.A.. Mary Wash- ngton College of the University of Virginia: M.A., University of Florida: Ph.D., State University of Iowa. 3ENJAMIN BRUCE GRIFFITHS. Assistant Professor of Speech, 1956; B.A.. Baylor University; M.F.A., Yale University. [RVING C. STOVER, Professor of Speech, 1908; Graduate King ' s School o! 3ratory; B.O., M.O., Susquehanna University; Litt.D., Stetson University. m i Gtliring, I ' tiduc-, Ritter, Griffilhs, Stover. - ' -t- - l| B ft MORGAN WELCH. Assistant Professor of Journalism. 1949: B.S., M.S., North- western LTniversity. M. DALE SUMMERS, Assistant Professor of Art. 1955; B.F.A., University of Illinois; M.A., University of Wisconsin. SARA EDITH HARVEY. Professor of Art. 1935: Art Diploma, Shorter College; B.S., Peabody College; M.A. Columbia University. Welch, Summers, Harvey. Jenkins, Ilufford, Vaii hen, Cunn, Beiler. GEORGE LOVELL JENKINS, Professor of Physics, 1948; A.B., Berea College; M.S., University of North Carolina; Ph.D., University of Kentucky. MASON E. HUFFORD, Visiting Professor of Physics, 1955; A.B.. M.A., Ph.D., Indiana University. JOHN V. VAUGHEN, Professor of Chemistry. 1946; A.B.. Oherliii College; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University. JOHN FERGUSON CONN, Professor of Chemistry, 1929; B.S., Georgetown College; M.S., University of Chicago; Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh. THEODORE W. BEILER, Associate Professor of Chemistry, 19.53; B.S., Alle- gheny College; M.A., Ph.D.. Harvard University. H KaJiS GILBERT L. LYCAN, Professor of History and Political Science, ] 16; A.B., Berea College; M.A., Ph.D., Yale University. JOHN KDWIN JOHNS, Assistant Profes.sor of llist ,r . I ' JIli: A. 15.. Furnuui I iiiversily; M.A., University of North Carolina. JOHN A. HAGUE, Assistant Professor of American Studies and Director of the Charles E. Merrill Program of American Studies, 19.5.1; A.B.. Princeton Universit : Ph.D., Yale University. EVANS C. JOHNSON, Assistant Professor of History and Political Science. 1%. ' 3; A.B., M.A.. University of Alabama; Ph.D., University of North Carolina. SoatPtl : l.yran, Johns. Sttmilin : ll:igu« Johnson. VIRGINIA E. GIFFIN. Assistant Professor of Speech. 1942: A.B.. Denison University; M.A., Stetson University. MARY TRIBBLE LOWRY, Associate Professor of English an l S.-crclar of the Faculty, 1923; Ph.B., M.A., Stetson University. AUDREY BRUNE. Assistant Professor of English, 19.5.t; A.B.. New York University; M.A., State University of Iowa. GUY OWEN, JR., Assistant Professor of English, 19.5.5: A. I ' ... M. .. Pli.D., University of North Carolina. JOHN HICKS. Professor of English. 1919: A.R.. M.A.. University of Louis- ville; Ph.D., University of Iowa. BYRON H. GIBSON. Professor of English. 1916: A.B.. Binningham-Soulhern College; M.A.. Ph.D.. University of Illinois. SfoK ' d: (winin, l.i »r , liriine. Slaiiiling: Owen, Hk ' ks, Gibson. French. .Arjonii, Diivis. Koioe. Ilodpfs. WARREN FRENCH, Assistant Professor of English, 19.56; B.A.. University of Pennsylvania; M.A., Ph.D., University of Texas. DORIS KING ARJONA, Professor of Spanish, 1938; A.B., University of Michigan; M.A.. Ph.D.. Universitv of Chicago; Litt.D.. Northern Michigan College. BENSON WILLIS DAVIS, Professor of I ' hilosopin and Languages. I9:«i; A.B.. M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina. HERBERT ROYCE, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages. 1956: Dokloi rer.pol.. University of Konigsberg. JOHN L. HODGES, Assistant Professor of German. 1951: A.R.. M.A.. Ph.D.. Universitv of North Carolina. i ■ ■ XARREN F. JONES, JR., Assistant Professor of Psychology, 1955; B.S.. Jnion University; M.A., Peabody College; Ph.D., Vanderbilt University. i-IELVIN J. WILLIAMS. Professor of Sociology. 1952: A.B., B.D.. Ph.D.. )uke L ' niversity. ALBERT A. PRINCE, Assistant Professor of Psychology, 1956; A.B., Wesle)an niversity; M.A.. University of New Hampshire; Ph.D., University of Con- lecticut. AMES A. SARTAIN, Assistant Professor of Sociology. 1955; B.S.. Alabama jtate Teachers College, Troy; M.A.. Peabody. ilDNEY B. DENMAN, Assistant Professor of Social Psychology. 1950: A.B.. lississippi College; M.A.. Tulane University: Ph.D.. Duke University. Sealed: Jones. illiiiiii-., I ' rince. Standing: Sartain, Dennian. L EMMETT S. ASHCRAFT, Associate Professor of Mathematics. 1949; B.S.. Wake Forest College; M.A., University of North Carolina. CURTIS MILTON LOWRY. Professor of Mathematics and Engineering. 1926; B.S. in M.E.. M.A.. M.E.. Bucknell Universitv. Ashcrafl. Lowr: Geei% Harthel. Copps iJ V VILLIAM DUDLEY GEER. Assistant Professor of Economics. 19.56; B.S.. ' I. A., Stetson University. OHN E. BARTHEL, Assistant Professor of Economics. 1955: l)iplom- olk- wirt, Doktor rer. pol.. University of Berlin. OHN A. COPPS, Associate Professor of Economics. 1956; B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D.. Jniversity of Wisconsin. a ' 1 Cli FRANCES CLABAUGH THORNTON, Professor of French, ly.U: A. 11.. M.A.. Stetson University; Docteur es Lettres de I ' Universite de Toulouse. ELMER C. PRICHARD, Professor of Biology, 1947; A.B., Mississippi College: M.A., University of Richmond; Ph.D., University of North Carolina. DOROTHY LANGFORD FULLER, Associate Professor of liiology. 1911: A.l!.. M.A., Stetson University. KEITH L. HANSEN, Assistant Professor of Hiology. 19. ' ). ' ): B.S.. M.S., Stetson University; Ph.D., University of Florida. ALBERT M. WINCHESTER, Professor of BiologN. 1917: A.B.. Baylor I nl- versity; M.A., Ph.D., University of Texas. I ' hiM ' iitciii. I ' rif-hard, I-uIIit. Ilaii .rn. W in«•he lt■r. ESTER M. HICK. Assistant Professor of Physical Education. 1911: B.S.. M.A Stetson University. HETTY LEE TAYLOR, Assistant Professor of Phxsical Education, 19.S6: B.S M.S., University of Tennessee. « (;ARLAND H. WILLIAMS, Instructor in Physical Education. 19.56; B.S.. Uni versity of Georgia; M.A., George Peabody College. SARA STAFF JERMGAN, Professor of Physical Education. 1937: B.S.. M.A Stetson University. ELIZABETH AUTREY, Professor of Physical Education. 1916: B.S.. Florid State College for Women; M.S., L niversity of Wisconsin. Ilii ' k. Taylor, ( ' illiaiii! . Jcrnigan. Aulrev. CoHrll. B.rn i-. Morlancl. All.-ii. WARREN C. COWELL. Professor of Physical Education. PJ.V ' i: R.S.. Kansas State Agricultural College; M.A., I niversity of Florida. WESLEY MELVIN BERNER, Assistant Professor of Education. 1917: R.S.. Pacific L ' niversity; M.A., Stetson University. KlCHAHl) B. MORLAND. Assistant Professor of l ' h sicai Education. |9.-)2: A.B.. Birniitigham-Southern College; M.Ed.. Springfield (lollege. EZRA ALLEN. Visiting Professor of Biologv and Curator of the Museum. 1911 : .B.. M.A.. Sc.D.. Bucknell; Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania. lll ' .HIiEKT K. McQuillan, Assistant Professor of Phvsical Education. 192S: H.S.. ,,rlli Dakota State Collese. The School of Business . . . established 1940 . . . combination of academic and business sub- jects . . . two or four year courses . . . high ideals of business morality and social responsibility. EDW AKU C. IIKIOX, Dean of Srhool of Biishipss SCHOOL of BUSINESS llllllll III iiiiiim ii«w. 26 CAROI. J. MCKLAS. Assistant Professor of Secretarial Science, 1951; B.S.. M.B.A., Indiana University. G. WILLAKl) {• " KEEMAN, Visiting Professor of Bu iness Aiiinin- istration; O.B.S., Webber College. ROGER G. GILES, Visiting Instructor of Business Administration; A.B., Florida Southern College; LL.B., Cumberland University; LL.B., Stetson University. HENRY F. GODFREY, Visiting Professor of Business Administra- tion, 1956; A.B., Harvard University. MAXINE L. PATTERSON. Associate Professor of Secretarial Science. 19 Ui: B.S.. Mar) Washington College of the University of Virginia; M.B.E.. University of Colorado. INic-klas, Fr€ ' « " iiiaii. Giles, (iodfrry, Palh-ixiii. OFFICERS KEITH SHAMROCK Presiilriit GENE RICHARDSON Vice-Presiden I JUNE BARRY Secretary MEL GREGORY Treasurer Biirr», Rii ' harclsoii. Shaiiiioik, Grofjoii Btighls. Phillip-. Elkin . Gr.soi . Miller DAVID M. BEIGHTS, Professor of Accounting, 1953; A.B.. Uni- versity of Colorado; M.S., Ph.D., University of Illinois; C.P.A. FRANK M. PHILl.IPS. Visiting Professor of Mathematics and Statistics; Baclu-lor of Didactics. Newton College; Master of Didac- tics, Iowa State Normal . ' cliool: A.B.. Iowa State Teachers College; M.A., State University of Iowa: Pli.l).. George Washington Uni- versity. CHAUNCEY S. ELKINS. Assistant Professor of Business Adminis- tration, 1956; A.R.. Marshall College; M.B.A.. I ' niversity of Michi- gan. JOYCE GREGORY, Secretary to the Dean of the School of Business. DAVID W. MILLER. Assistant Professor of Business Administration, 1955; B.S.. B.A.. University of Florida; C.P.A. CLAUDE M. ALMAND Dean of the School of Music The School of Music . . . member of the National Association of Schools of Music . . . prepares for profession or pleasure . . . preparatory department . . . housed in oldest school building in Florida . . . specialized music library. SCHOOL of MUSIC Hudson, Richards, Hancock. Avers OFFICERS JAKE AYERS Presitleiil PHYLLIS HANCOCK yice-Presidi ' nt SAMIVHE RICHARDS Secretary HELEN HUDSON Treasu rer 28 Itiii ' liiiKliiini. OiiKliniaii. John n. I.iikrr GifTin. ToH.-ll. KLTH DIAM: BLIlLL C;il M. InMnidoi in I ' iaiu. and Tluon. 1956; B.M., M.M., Eastman ScIki.iI of Music. IU)GER L. CISHMAN. Associate I ' i.f Pian.. and Theory. lU.iO: B.M., M.M.. Yale University. KATHLEEN ALLEN JOHNSON, Assi.stant Professor of Piano. V)r ] : H.M., Stetson lni ersity: A.B.. Eastman School of Music: M.A., Stetson University. of Piano. ' ):y2: A.B.. Bos- LRANK H. LUKER, Visiting I ' rofc. Ion University. HAROLD MILNE GIFFIN. Professor of Voice. 1935; A.R.. Dcnison I niversity; B.M., M.A.. Eastman School of Music. MARY BALDWIN POWELL. Assistant Professor of Voice. 1953; B.M.. Weslevan College: M.M., Louisiana State University. JACK HADDOX COLDIRON. Instructor in oice. 1955: B.M.. Stet- son University. ELEANOR LEEK. Associate Professor of VIoIomccII,, and Theorv. 1916: B.M.. M.M.. Eastman School of Music. KI)(;AR CUDDEBACK STRYKER. instructor in Music Literature. Theory, and Piano. 1915: B.M.. Stetson Universitx : M.M.. Florida State University. VERONICA DAVIS GOVE. Professor of Music Education. 1931: H.M.. I niversity of Illinois; M.A.. Columbia University. I ' UANCES HIXTON. Professor of Violin and ilicorv. I ' ) 13: B.M.. Cleveland Institute of Music; M.M.. Eastman Sciiool of Music. I!ICH RD McDowell FEASEL. Associate Professor of Wind In- sliuinciil . l ' M6; B.M.. M.A.. Stetson University. lit Til RICHARDSON CARR. Assistant Professor of Churcli Music. l ' )K): R.S., Houghton College; M.M.. Eastman School of Music. JACK CALVIN ROWE. Instructor in Church Music. 1951: A.B.. Ouachita College; M.S.M.. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. DONALD CHARLES YAXLEY. Assistant Professor of Wind and Percussion Instruments. 1919: B.M.. M.A.. Stetson University. PAUL R. JENKINS. JR.. Instructor in Organ. 1950: B.S.. Davidson College; M.M., University of Michigan. ( . I ek. Strvkcr. «, % •. idiMon Sralr,!: Vv.i-,]. Cnir. Sinnilin ' :: l{o«.-. axl. . Jenkins. JISTICE H. L. SEEKING Dean of the College of hate The College of Law . . . founded 19O0 . . . senior law school in Florida . . . located in sunny St. Petersburg . . . the Inn system of legal education . . . eat. drink, and sleep law . . . ten-acre campus . . . own swimming pool. COLLEGE of LAW KAY EDDY Hv istriiT H. F. ARCHIBALD Business Manager JACK RAPPEPORT Librarian MARY TOLLESON BEEM Food Service Director M JOHN J. TKENAM. Lecturer in Law. 1951: 1?.S.. I.IJI. Georgetown University. ROY FRANCIS HOWRS. Professor of Law. I ' Jil : A. 15.. Clark College; M.A. .Stanford L iiiversit) : LL.B.. Corn ll I niversity: S.J.D.. New York Iniversity. WILLIAM (). MORRIS. Assistant I ' rnfesscr (,f Lau. IT,:,: A.B., College of illiani and Mary: LL.B.. Lniver.sit of Illi- nois. JACK J. RAPPEPORT. As.sistant Profes,«or of Law and Libra- rian. 1956: B..S.. Cornell University: LL.B.. St ' ts()n I nivers- ity; LL.M.. Harvard Lniversity. SealPil : Tronam, Howes, Morris Slaniliiif;: Rappeporl 1 lie canijjus for the College of Law is located in St. Petersburg. The College Inn S steni is so designed to enable the fac- ulty and students to live, study, and work together in the same place and environ- ment. ft m ' ,0 Sriiliil: IMall, Harrison, MoClain Sliiniliiig: Stevenson EDWARD L. PLATT. Visiting Professor of Law. 1956: A.B.. University of Montana; LL.B.. Harvard Iniversity. BAYA M. HARRISON. JR.. Le turer in La«. 1 ). !: LL.B.. University of Florida. JOSEPH A. McCLAIN. Visiting Professor of Law. 1956; B.A.. LL.B., LL.D.. Mercer Iniversity; J.S.D.. Vale I ni- versity; LL.D.. Tulane Iniversity. BURTON STEVENSON. Assistant Professor of Law. lOS. ' i; B.S.. LL.B.. Ohio State Universit . 31 ' iJ i -! ■m " Voiir colors Mavin« in .11 i i • ,. " ■ in A the glories " . . . Ho„,eeo„nng .i,,, ProveH.s of Progress " ' ' ' ' ' ■ " ' ' ' " ' • " ' " -- eek...h the Chain of Missions... Fine Arts Festival Mith the F ' oHda 8,„,.hony Orchestra . . . .or. .„., p,., •olhcl into one J»V package (- j ' athdge . . . appealing aspect of college life. ACTIVITIES ■ " san ,J|1 SmSOyu Student Government Association . . . comprised of all students . . . represent and further the best interests of the student body: coordinate various student organizations: cooperate with Lniversity authorities for common good of the insti- tution . . . President ' s Cabinet . . . Traffic Court . . . Com- mons Committee . . . Rules and Procedure Committee . . . Library Committee . . . Sadie Hawkins Day . . . Green Feather Drive . . . Hatter Holiday . . . Homecoming . . . campus elections. Jt)E RHODES President STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION PRr:siDENrs cabinet Seated: Roger Williams, Mary Alice Smith, Joe Rhodes, Carolyn AnderMin. Tom Caulhen. Slamliiig: Phil I ' arr, Rob Kent. Keith Shar rock, Joel Sloan, Wayne Pringle, David Creech. 34 HXKCUTIN K COMMITTKE Si ' dlrd: Mary Alice Smith, Secretary; Joe Khodes, President; Oarolvii AnderMin, Vice-President. Slatidini:: Roger illianis. Social Viee-I ' residenI ; Tom ( " authen. Treasurer. TRAM IC COl l{T Keith Shamrock. Jiid ' e: Mel Christman. Hill Hamilton. Dick Saltrick. Jim llearn. Hud McLin. lU l.KS l) ritOCIDl l!l ( OMMITTEE roic: Hill Hen .iiig, Jo (;obiiiii. Jody Norman. Julee I ' rquharl. Pal Garrison, Nancy Loe Crisp, Zekr Hepler. !! i ' Cond rotr: Joel Sloan, Gene Kichardson. Jon llendrickson. Richard Rigshy, Dale Miley, Malcolm Glass. 35 ? JjltEtl l FEATHER )00 Beardless citizens of Do patrh are thrown into the slocks and guarded bv the Mayor. June Barry. FirsI 1 nn nl I )o ' patch. and Ed Pacha. Honorary Mayor of Dogi)atch. hilp ihc S.G.A. reach its goal in the Green Feather Dri ' . . Cy. wXr. cfLeuaA an ctlve bjeur Intermission at the Homecoming football game brings bands from various sections of the stale lo present a mass concert. 36 Turk«- for all, evrn thr Monirn »on a lurkfv in the «hoo lop Sh(il« l;ii.ii M;il liii Hiaiiiifii an. I Major K x Henrv open ihc Turkey Shoot at Sadie Hawkins Day by purchasing tickets from Karker Jerry Brown. Ilonieconiing barbecue in the Forest of Arden is always a place to meet old classmates and friends. lorl W alch it f; ' ' " ' s. don " l fj ' " ' • ' " ■ thumbs too near. These women of Dogpalch si-ein to knf w what they arc doing. 37 Seated: Olive Sims, Vice-President; Carolyn Anderson, President; Merrill Maguire, Secretary-Treasurer; Ruth Hudson, Sergeant-at-Arnis. Standing: Beverlv McCIIure, Chaudoin President; Jody Norman Sophomore Representative; Sandy Sanberg, Britlain President: Mary Alice Smith, Stetson President: Jackie Hogue, North Hall President; and Mary Leslie Addison, Representalive-at-Large. WOMEN ' S EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Governing body of the women . . . formed and controlled by students ... all classes represented ... all dorms represented . . . yearly election of officers . . . handles disciplinary action . . . acts as an advisory group . . . works for self-government . . . aims to produce the best possible college life for all . . . seeks welfare of the group and individuals . . . assisted by house councils . . . for all resident women of the University . . . majors and minors . . . sign in and sign out ... an under- standing group . . . they ' ve been through it, too. MJ OFFICERS CAROLYN ANDERSON President OLIVE SIMS I ' ice-Presiden I MERRILL MAGUIRE Secrelnrr-Treasu rer 38 Seated: Jim Sharplon, John Morgan, Bud IVIcKin, Knink I ' ainUT, and Jim llilvrr. Slnnding: Fred Slaughter, Wall Moslem, Vernon Johson, and Jim Hodge. MEN ' S COUNCIL Goveinint; Ixxly of the men . . . run li the men . . . eleited iciiicseiit:ili es . . . reviews violations . . . reeomincnds a li( ns to the Dean of Men . . . fosters high standards of eoii(hirl . . . deveh |js a sense of responsibility in Stetson men . . . M ' rves as a mediator between I niversitv men and the dniinistratio:i . . . men of experienee on the eouneil . . . tliex can understand our projilem. OFFICERS BUD MeLIN Presidcnl JOHN MOKCAIN Viee-Presidoiit FRANK PAINTER Secretary o C Jl M 39 o v " -i 1 1- ' ! t Sriilfil : MaI ' l. r ll( ll loM. l, iiii t ' Smart. Alal■ l.aiic Vi faver, Joan Hodges, Rulh Toggweiler, Prisoilla Hanscom, Patsy Christie. Standing: Jackie llogue. Joanne Anderson, Marj Snyder. Betty Jo Mason, Jo Coburn. Nancy Slater, Carol Belcher, Betty McKinley, Pat Boss. PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL Seated: Mary Lane Weaver, Joan Hodges, Louise Smart. Standing: Ruth Toggweiler, Priscilla Hanscom. Representatives from all sororities . . . Alplia ( lii Omega . . . Alpha i Delta . . . Delta Delta Delta . . . Phi Mil . . . I ' i Beta Phi . . . Zeta Tau Alpha . . . (i erc()iiies dissention . . . maintains University sorority standards, scholarship supervision and social affairs . . . pro- ides a medium through which sorority women may work together . . . cooperates to unif the interests of women students . . . vital organ of Greek women . . . rotates oflicership . . . keeps an open mind in all business . . . promotes school spirit . . . an all-aniund. neces- sary organization. () F f ' I C K R S JOAN HODGES President RITH TOGGWEH.ER Hce-President MARY LANE WEAVER .Secretory LOUISE SMART Treasurer PRISCILLA HANSCOM Social-Publicity Chairman .SpnlJ rf: Don Tullis, Bill Benzing. Jo.- Hurkl.lMi i . W :m . ii K.iidall. I. K. Il.(l...k. I,.,,, -I li.n. ;,ll, , . ).A,- Milcy, HuRh Shiver. Slnn,ling: Joe Crankshax. Boh Beekman. Jim Morris. Holi llolK. Jack Anlloiien. !• rid SliuiKhii ' r. roiiiiii Johnson. I ' hil Parr. Dirk Sroll. INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL Disciplinary Council members include, sealed, Beek- man. Benzing. Morris: standing: Tullis. ShoHaller, Kendall. Serves as mediator between fraternities . . . rush and pledging rules . . . stri es for closer relations among fraternitx men . . . Delta Sigma Phi . . . l.aml«la Chi Alpha . . . I ' i Kappa I ' lii ... Pi Ka|)pa Mpha . . . Sigma !Nii . . . Sigma Phi Kpsiion . . . representati e from each of these fraternities . . . Disciplinary t!ouM(il. OFFICERS T. K. HEDRICK President FORREST P. SnOWALTER fire-President JOE HUCKLEBERRY SecreKirv WARREN KENDALI Treasurer tllllllllll llllllii li til GLEE CLUB HAROLD M. GIFFIN. Director OFFICERS JERRY KRl ' HM General Manager MOLLIE PARRISH, JIM BEANE Stiuleni Directors ANNE BEANE, Jl ' DSON ROGERS Business Managers BETTY GALLOWAY. JAKE AYERS .... Puhlicity Directors GLEE CLUB ROSTER First rote: Betlv Gallowav, Joanne Bolton, Doris Mav. Pat Mc- Bridf. Prof. Harold Giffin, Annt- Beane, Doris Rocker. Phyllis Haneoek, F ' at Edington. Second rote: Peggy Hughes, Pal Games. Lillian Gothard, Anita Anderson, Beverly Tennant, Alene Holt, Judy Hill. Pat Figueroa, Gharlotte Tarratus, Betty Furches, Pat Taylor, Pat Vogel, Barbara Turner. Ruth Hudson, Helen Hudson, Saniniie Richards. Mollie Parrish. Third rote: Ava Stewart. Kay Williams, Pat Wagner, Lynn Peters, Carolyn Weiss, Sandra Gunter, Barbara Smith, Steve Calhoun, Bob Rich, Wayne Gra- ham, Judson Rogers. Patsy Christie. Kirby Rogers, Charles Wynn. Ronald Tudor. Mary Jo Kintner, Manya Creel. INoIa Frink, Nancy Chapman. Pat Smith, Margaret Taylor, Mary Wol- verton, Mary Lee Baldwin. Fourth rote: Mary Watkins, Ann Kline, Irelle Dunning, Barbara Giffin, Grace Waterson, Shirley Sutton. Marguerite Herndon. Janet Jones. Dorothy Fischer, Marvin McMaster, Warren Parker. Clem McF " arland. Jerrv Brown. Jake Ayers. Al Washburn, Dick Milham. Jim Beane. Bill Delk. Jerry Kruhin, Mark Gaines, Lynn Holt. Judy Taylor. Peggy Knight. Martha Jo Wilson. Caryl .4nderson. Mollie Sandiford. Julee Urquhart, Carol Carnett, Carolyn Crouch. Fifth rote: Sylvia Smith, Carol Padgett, Nancy Cheek, Ruth Toggweiler, Martine Sellers, Nancy Brown, Mary Elizabeth Edwards. Janet Reisinger, Sidney Melton, Ronnie Cockrill, Pete llargis, Ray Andrews, Jim Wingate, Reynolds Allen, Chad Allen, Walt Pinder. Wilton Shelton, Bob Turner, Ralph Smith, Jim Mathis. Larry Tucker, Ken Cassel. Dan Snyder, Charles Day. Dick Smith. Avriett Grace, Dell Murry, Betty Sharpe, Mildred Fuleh, Virginia Bagby, Bar- bara Collins, Mary Joyner, Lilia Smith. ORCHESTRA ItlCIIARD M. FEASEL, Director OFFICERS JOHN FULTON ' resident BETH BUTCHER yire-l ' resident DOTTIE GODFREY Secretary Treusurer RICHARD DICKSON Operations Officer ORCHESTRA ROSTER First row: Maurice Fl« " ury, Beth Huloher, (Jtirnclia Shaw, Sylvia Jennings, Roger Casini, Jark Matthews, Freda AMen. Miss Eleanor Leek. Second row: Miss Frances Buxton, Pat (Clifton, Marjorie Lawson, S.driek Lewis, Charles Saffor.l, Bill Calhoun, Bol. Kieser, John Fulton, Diana (iill, Mary Virginia Bielling, (ieorgi ' Wilson, Mary Dohhs, Ralph Russell, Frank Surles. Third row: Ruth Surls. Helene Miller, Mary Tom Donnell, Ann Huntington, Mr. Richard Feasel. Dwight HoneyeutI, Ted Beach. Richard Dick- son, Dotti (FO lfre ' , Earl Vk ' illianis, Bill Xiehnian, Don Owen, John Lancaster. Boh Hemphill. Dennie Ue. Art Kihhe. Paul Caske . Fourth row: Jean keiper, Elise Ewarl, Daniel Fainin, Joyce Shupe, Larry Keith. Josephine Brees. Diiiiijiii i ' ffl mmam n i-s CONCERT BAND RICHARD M. FEASEL, Director OFFICERS EARL WILLIAMS Captain BOB HEMPHILL Puhlicity Director GENE BRIGGS Operations Officer LUCY RAND Secretary-Treasurer DOTTIE (;ODFREY .Socio Chairman DON OOD, RU:HARD DICKSON . . . Operations Serpennts BILL VIEHMAN. BOB TAYLOR Operations Corporals CONCERT RAND ROSTER First roiv: Jerry Bailey, fConnie Dooly, Pal Johnson, Kent Tay- lor, tjo Cohurn, Gwen Rawls, George Vi ilson. Carole Moore, Kay Pafford, Mary Virginia Bielling. Second row: tJane Turner, Don Wood, Ann Taylor, (irace Stineripher, Nancy Orgera. ar- ren Ellwood, Dwight Honeycult, [Diana Milford, Ted Beach, Norman Crane, Richard Dickson, fDottie (imifrey, Earl Wil- liams, Jerry Frohniader, (Jary Patience, Zelda Brooks, Boh Kieser, John Fulton. Third roic : Boh Taylor, Charles SalTord. ' Kappa Kapi a Psi jTau Beta Sigma Judy Royal, Suzanne Lucas. Jack Myers, John Head, tl.ucy Rand. Bill Viehman. Mr. Richard Feasel. (iene Briggs. ' (irady Snow- den, Don t)wen. ' Jim Malhas. Boh Hemphill. Dennis Lee. Cartv line Nielson. John Lancaster. Joyce Milam. " Charlie Turner. Dean Kells, Jerry Lawrence, Carolyn Ashworlh. LaVaughn Johns. Felix H« lderson. Joyce Shupe, Nanc Lee Crisp, Bill Calhoun. Finirth row: Art Kihhe, l.owell Hopkins. Janie» Druor, Paul Corll. Larry Keith. Ann Thomas. Jos.phine Brees. 43 — ' - ' ■ " Of honors won through time " . . . memhers who have left an indelihle mark of their ahilities . . . noted for superlative contrihutions to campus life . . . special talents . . . character . . personality . . . scholastic achievement . . . worthy of honor and respect . . . these are our hest. =f fJt4 ' . ' ! J ' oi), -y £fli oh v.% ' d FEATURES Carolyn Aiulerson M. omecontin w, ,«, atpop an 48 Jerry Brown d J4odedd HOMECOMING I ' i Ku|i|ia Alpha li |il:i s the t inning laMn clt ' coralioii Hilh ihc | r iv»Tli " VS hal» ' V«T iof I p Musi Conir DoHn. " I rouerbd for f roareSS Ht-acl foolliall coarh. Hcrl) McOuillan. thanks «- rryone for the nt-w car presenlcci him (liirin» the halflinu- c-cri-monics. The llonirroniing Mayor and Hoslrss and their Court watch the presentation. 49 . Stt lSOIi LUMNI Wd Pr repctrauonS ?n til Students prepare to make the alumni feel at home once again. iidtration . . . ni register from all sections of the r «hen lliev return to Stetson to Id friends an l classmates and to the Uomecoming festivities. During halftinie ceremonies. Coach Mc- ()uillan accepts the new car presented him bv Mr. Brown, president of the United Stetson Alumni Associati beautiful f toats Z ' l:i Tuii Alpha prcsenlfd tlio winning floul I.y displaying ihe River of Knowl- ' «lg»-. i-D jjpl - ' •i . . 5 ' ' uyv 1 4 y . %|. 1 ' w ' ' ' 1- r BUD McLIN CAROLYN ANDERSON BEVERLY McCLlJRE WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES JERRY BROWN sii miuk;k JOE RHODES Wlici ' s Wlici . . . among studcnis in Anit ' iican colleges and uniM ' rsil Ics . . . early publicalion . . . carli college allotted ccilaiii iiunilici ' a(iiii(lin ; lo si c and anicmnl ol academic and lcadcishi|i |Hilciiliai . . . Stetson gi en highest |)ercentage of any college in Florida . . . nominations made to Academic Council . . . scholarship, leadership, and student activities . . . one of the highest honors accorded an college student. MAC STONES MAKTHA JANE SINGELTARY m iP BIDDV SIMPSON RICHARD RIGSBV CARYL ANDERSON ROD DUGLISS L ' T-im " ' 54 if JOHN MORGAN PEGGY LIVINGSTON MARY ANN COSLOW WAYNE PRINGLE 65 ' W WHO ' S WHO JAMES TKIBBI.E LESTER KAFER CAROLYN DANIEL 56 at STETSON ' S LAW SCHOOL JOHN J. DiVITO (,AKD F.K HECkKTI JAMES UAH ' S 57 Barbara Blizzard 58 Sid Knight IT ' S HATTER HOLIDAY The Monster from llie Deep Lu oon? . i sinipiv the winner of iMr. Lglv Contest. from the ridiculous Hatter Holiday . . . annual event . . . Stetson ' s remedy for spring fever . . . " iNo classes today! " . . . DeLeon Springs . . . sjjonsored by the Student Governiiieiit Association . . . from the beauties to the beast . . . Mr. and Miss Stetscm . . . Mr. Ugly . . . athletic contests . . . three-legged race . . . tug-of- var . . . pie-eating contest . . . box lunches . . . " And a good time was had by all! " . , , to the Subll ime Some of the Stetson beauties anxiouslv u tail to see which one of iheiii will lie ehosen Miss Stetson. . but she never told nie about davs like this! New type of drag race! p|U ' it i il liiol ' t ' i: ' ll ' l ' :il I ' lMlill lliul ihri ' f iiri- lirllrr in lh - lon run. Till ' I ' ik.s pull thoir way to violorv and the trophy. OUTSTANDING SENIORS JOHN DIXON HI 1) MlZtLL MAKII. N l. l(» BARD ( )iil taiiilini; scTiiois . . . choscTi as the lu-st-kiiown and must iiilhiciilial scnidis . . . (iiil 17 luuKUcd . . . the incisl well- I ' Diituled sliidciit |icis(irialiti( ' s . . . Imtli miMi and XMimeii ilidscii . . . sclcrird on llir iri iiiiiiUMiilatii)ii of the (Mitire -.liidrril liiid . . . llic lii;il)c l liiinor Slftsiin students can lii stii s (in llirii ' (iwn . . . rnntiiliiilcs to the liifili ideals and standards of Sletsim ... a star fur which ever freshman liopes . . . feu attain. Hon KENT OUTSTANDING BUDDY SIMPSON JUNE BARin VERNON JOBSON SENIORS CAKOIAIN ANDERSON -. iriSL H MM (i l nil ic 9 OUTSTANDING PEGGY UVINGSTOiV JERRY BROWN :AKYL ANDERSON SENIORS KEITH SHAMROCK t ' MARTHA JAMi SINGEI.TARV MAC STONES J m Miss Hatter .- L» I . ' . ffik Runner- t Mis 1 [ v h;M-k t:if; ' rrew rroeive; Hnal in ;trin ' lion tor the lighting ill ono of its piodtirtions. STOVER THEATER PRESENTS . . . ne rf ldtredd of- the nn Stover Thculcr . . . airiateiir tiistrioriics . . . ni-u |)ri)fs . . . " Time Out f(ir Ginger " . . . f(pit riiiilli season . . . jirease paint and pnudei . . . " Juli " . . . religious drama . . . dim. dim the lights . . . ■ " Mistress of the Inn " . . . " Cymbeliiie " . . . traditional Shake- speare . . . cast [)arties . . . strike llie sel . . . inlm- diiition of Stetson Pla ers . . . curtain! ime Out Qi yy inaer ' 9 ' " Our school we cherish, with all its glory " . . . for every purpose and every person . . . from education to entertainment . . . develops character and leadership ahility . . . opportunities for talent and practical experience . . . presents and preserves life at Stetson for present members and posterity. ORGAXIZATIO: S The 1957 HATTER STAFF (IIAKI.KS WOI.IK tiusiness Mnnnger Seated: Juanita Greshaiii, schools editor; Ann Ander- son, reshmaii class editor; Bobi Freeman, snapshot editor; Susan SargenI, junior class editor. Standing: Vieki Marsee, Greek co-editor. KATHRYN RAND iMens Bureau Secretary BUSINESS STAFF: barren f ' arr. Jo Ann Owens, secretary to hii iiie manager; ilnia Jones. Mire Shaillblell. Hill W alson. 74 STAFF ASSISIAMS — ,« ■. : Carolyn Miller. Barbara Kindirnay, Myra Hunl.r. I ' al ;c)ril in. Alice IIani|ilon, Bolilii Sh.llon. Ril), a DiilTi.lcl. Slatuling: Ro ali.- (.r.-gory . Dori- D.rriik. Cli.rry D.ll. Bpll Jo Mason. Kr.H.ri.ka Muncla . iola Dohson. B. J. Riiliinsun. Barbara Moselev. JACK D. WOODAIJ Editor-iii-C.hiff Sealed: Ann Taylor, copy ami siiorls eililor: Mary Lane eaver. senior class eililor: Mary Leslie Addison, ailniinislration edilor. Slninlhif;: ( ' ynlhia Taylor, orcniiiznlions eililor; Harry Conner, (ireek ro-editor. - ,f v ' Sr Florida ' s oldest college newspaper . . . published weekly . . . student edited . . . deadlines . . . press time . . . proofreading . . . big and small stories . . . late hours . . . JBT . . . .News Bureau . . . Print Shop . . . Pop . . . Claude . . . Edward . . . mistakes . . . correc- tions . . . galleys . . . circulation . . . national advertising. GEORi.E 0 Ei Spring SenipsliT Editor THE STETSON REPORTER DICK SCOTT Spring Semester Business Manager SPRING SEMESTER STAFF GEORGE OWEN Editor-in-Chief DICK SCOTT Business Manager GEORGE McLARRY Sports Editor ANN SEVERANCE Copy Editor JANICE KRUEGER Circulation Manager ROBI FREEMAN Society Editor RICHARD RIGSBY Religion Editor JERRY JOHNSTON Iniramural Editor 7G KKKD habe(;(;er F(i Seiitester Busiiirss Mmingvr JOSKI ' H C. CKANKSIIAW Fall Semester Eililor FALL SEMESTER STAFF — First rou : FiocI llaluggtr. Business Maiitiger; IJolii Frttiiiaii. Society Editor; IJicliar.l mK-l) . Religion Editor; F ' al Boss. Art Editor; I ' al (;arrison, Feature Editor; Second row: Connie Clark, Pat Johnson. Reporters; Nanov Norse, Business Stuff; Ann Severance. Barbara Brunnt-v, Carol Mulehler, Reporters. Third roic: (ieorge Mrl.arr . Zeke Hejiler, Reporters: Don Bieh. Sports Editor: 1. k. Iledriek. Reporter. 77 RODERICK DUGLISS Editor STUDENT HANDBOOK The Student Handbook . . . guide to all freshmen and upperclassmen . . . Stetson rules, traditions, organiza- tions . . . published during the suinnier months . . . compact, condensed booklet. PUBLICATIONS BOARD The Publications Board is a student-faculty group to help insure better quality University publications. Jot- Oankshaw, Miss. Maxine Patterson, J. Blanford Taylor, rhiiirnimi. John Dixon, Jark Woodall. Firm rou-: Miirthn Jiinr Singcllarv. I.oiiix- Siiiarl, Mary Ann (loslow. Bi ' vrrli MiCliin-. ami (;ar l Anderson. Srriiiiil rtiir : Marv I, ant- i-avi-r. Pal Boss, .Mcrri!! Mafiiiiif, Bi-lsv I.ooinan, Cynthia Taylor and Jackie Hogiii ' . Third roir: .Marilyn Bard. Vicki MarM ' f, Carol Bclrhir. Nanr MaofFregor an l Vv y Uvin ston. THE HONOR The Hoiiiir . . . for women ntiK . . . juniors and seniors eligible . . . U a eraf;e . . . encimrages scholarship . . . recognizes individual abilities . . . promotes leadership . . . founded in 193-1 . . . co-sponsors llie Homecoming: Banquet . . . Spring leadership ban(]uet . . . flistinction bestowed as a reward for outstanding accom|)lislnnents . . . aids in the dc elopnient of outstanding voung women ... a superb goal to set and accomplish. O !• !• 1 C. !•: RS CARYL ANDERSON President MARTHA JANE SINGELTARY . Mce-Presidenl MAR ANN COSLOW Secrelnry BEVERLY MrCLLRK Treasurer V nnumx ut-tKUS. IRE- wB«inwt-r- First row: Richard Rigsby, Buddy Simpson, Wayne I ' ringlr. Jerry Brown, Rod Dugliss. Second roiv : Dr. Ted Beiler, John Dixon, John Riser, Mac Stones, Rirhard Pierce and Sid Knight. OMICRON DELTA KAPPA Seated: Dean Hopkins, iVIac Stones. Standing: Dr. Beiler, John Dixon. ODK . . . national leadership fraternit . . . men only . . . juniors and seniors . . . character . . . service in campus life . . . scholarship . . . fellowship . . . consecration to democratic ideals . . . the Stetson Circle . . . horn May, 1953 . . . pre iousU known as " Ye Mystic Krewe " . . . point valuation system . . . nominates two women for sponsors at Homecoming . . . leadership lianquet in the spring . . . strives for better understanding between administration and students . . . develops and coordinates a proper spirit among all elements of campus life and activities . . . (he " wheels " that keep t!ie campus rolling. OFFICERS MAC STONES ' resident JOHN RISER Vice-President DR. C. HOWARD HOI ' KINS Secretary JOHN DIXON Treasurer Ursl row: M:ii Alio.- Smith. Cliai I..II.- Tarralu-.. Marilvn Uai.l. (.».n K.llv. M.rrill Maguiic. I ' hvlli Hancock, Marv l.c-ilio Addison. St ' contI row: Jerrv ISronn. Jake Avers. avnc I ' rinsic, Bob Kent, Wayne ( rahani. Bill Cravlon, Dr. Bill McCanimon. Third row: Tom Caulhen, Chuck Gertner, Dave Bard, Larry Tucker, B. C. Akers, John Riser, Jim Hod e. B. S. U. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Elected to coordinate B.S.U. . . . all Baptist students on campus . . . Traininji Union . . . Sunday School. V.W.A., Ministerial Asso- ciation . . . Morninj; Vi atch at llcn llaii . . . Fellowship on Sun- day night . . . summer retreat . . . summer mission fund . . . state C(in eiilions . . . sandwiches in the (lorni . . . campus leaders . . . !)r. Bill . . . ijrajer-mates . . . dorm (lev otioiials . . . bond between church and college . . . develop- ment of Christian personalitv . . . " The tie that binds. " ' STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION 111 ' - Composed of representatives of the various student religious groups . . . organized 19.50 . . . means of cooperative action between the stu- dent groups . . . fosters closer ties between the church and student . . . Religious Kriiphasis Week . . . yule-log service . . . Easter Sunrise service. Sealed: (iail Wehlie, Rod Dugliss. John Riser. Margaret Crosln . Sliind- iiig; ( ' onrad (nimes. Bud Kerry Robb, Dr. Bill McCanimon. T m w H- tr ' First roiv: Hill Biviiig. Su an Sargenl. Clarion M.inl..if:. Kin illiam . I ' at lioiildin. Uaihara J.MU■ . Sarah W ilk.i x.ii. Donna Carroll, l.arrv Keith. Second rote: Jim Bowcn, Carol Anne Levy, Carol Herrin, Virginia Harlow, Janet Stanley, FreWericka Munday, Janice Lanier. Third row: Ro e Mary SligtT. Mary Lane Weaver, Rosalie Gregory, Peggy oung. Heverly Knode, Barbara Padgett, Jackie Hogue, Carol Belcher. Fourth rotr: Louise Smart, Dianna Schooley, Sandy Kraenier, Pat Johnson, Peggy Curry, Pat Cordon, Ann Desautels. Fifth roir: Mr. James Sartain, George Owen, Conrad PVeund, Larry Creech, IN ' ornian Crane, Kerry Robb. WESLEY FOUNDATION Methodist . . . organized at Stetson in 1950 . . . old Methodist Student Movement . . . First and Trinity . . . represented on the SCA Coinuii . . . small cog in a liig wheel . . . cooperates in inter-denominational activities . . . promotes Christian fellowship for the Methodist students on campus . . . programs planned and carried out by students . . . advisors who help in many ways . . . provides a tie between religious and scholastic life . . . realization and appreciation of a university in achieving Christian experience . . . regular and supper meetings . . . Blackburn and Rees ... a vital part of college life. OFFICERS KERRY ROBB Prfstdcnt ART HOLMES Vice-Presidrnt JANET STANLEY Secretary CAROL BELCHER S. C. A. Representative JIM BOWEN Board Representative MR. JAMES SARTAIN Director First roic: Sallv Biiiiroau, Arleiu- Biirkhart, Marv Watkins, Ann Severano» " , Pal Wagner, Carole Moore. SpcoiiiI rmv : ka I ' afforcl. Ilarrielti Keclding, Judy Liebtag, Carolyn Vlall. Joan Uresher. Third row: Rev. Hcrndon, Carolyn Crouch. Lynn I ' elers, . ane.» MacOegor. Uorolhy Fisher, Nancy Lee Crisp. Fourth rote: Roger ' illianl , Bill oung, Bud McLin, Gerry Lawrence, Marvin McMasler. Joe Dolil». WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP Presb terians . . . new Stiifleiit Center . . . fun and fellow shi|) with the Herndons at Lake Wiiineniissett . . . itetter un derstanding of Presbyter- ian principles . . . coffee and donuts . . . Student Sunday . . . Celtic Cross . . . S tiod Retreat . . . calendar of events with those e er needful phone numbers . . . participation in vespers . . . terrific Sundax nij:ht profirains . . . Sinpspiralion . . . Council meetings . . . our niche in Allen Hall . . . representative people from all phases of campus life . . . discussion of sunmier ex|)eriences . . . important as[)ect of a Christian cidle};e . . . " A Might) Fortress Is Our God. " () F I " I C K R S BID McLIN I ' r,:si,l,nt GERRY LAWRENCE yirrl ' rvsid.nt SALLY BOIREAII Secretary ROGKK W ILLIAMS Tremurer McLin Boureau International Club . . . inings foreign students together . . . better understanding of home countries . . . different cultures and cus- toms . . . composed of students from all parts of the globe. Seatfd: Er-Hsieng Su, Vice-Presi- dent. Formosa, China ; Susan Sar- gent, secretary - treasurer. Cuba: Sandy Sanberg, president, Aruba, N. W. I.; Pat E. Gordon, Anchorage. Alaska, Jepye Lu Taylor. Standing: Don Thurnian, Havana, Cuba: Joyce Huninielgard, Jamaica ; B. Vi . I.: Yvonne Khouri, Gaza, Egypt; Rita l.ayne. Republica Dominicana: Soo Bock Choi, Korea. INTERNATIONAL CLUB CANTERBURY CLUB Episcopals ... St. Barnabas . . . Sunday suppers . . . the future holds the new Student Center . . . draws Kpiscopalian students close together through religious study, service and fellowship . . . fosters a better under- standing of the faith and practice of the Church . . . unforgettable Father Lawson . . . serves the mission of ChristianitN in higher education. First roir: Miss Charlotte Smith, Joyce Huninielgard, Cynthia Taylor, Joan Anderson. Mary Sara Carter, Gail W ' ebbe. Roxanna Banks. Lois Under- wood, .Suzanne Abel. Second roir: Can- dy Plato, Dot Ballard, Meredith De- W iti. Sue Hays, Mary Ann Coslow, Sue Burke, Jo Coburn. Third row: Marga- ret Duperly. Martha Jane Singeltary. Sandy Bergboll, Audrey King. Georgi- anne Davis. Ellen Driggers. Fourth row: Jim Edgy. Garrett Spitzer, Bob Walker. Chuck (Jlore, Rod Dugliss, Phil Parr, Luther Toole. LA FRAINCIADE The French Line . . . honorary organization . . . students from acKanced courses . . . superior students in intermediate courses . . . must have a B average . . . motivates extracurricular interest in the language, customs and litera- ture . . . just wait until we go abroad . . . localK inaugurated club . . . Thornton and Royce . . . hard study but proves rewarding . . . never say die. Sealed: Su an Sarpciil. Marilwi Laz- arus. Martha Jam Sins llar, ' i . San- dy SanlxT . Sldiiilinf;: Ellen Drig- fters, LulhcT Toole. Madame Franr«-s Thornton. SIGMA DELTA PI National honorary scholarship fra- ternity . . . Alpha Iota Chapter . . . installed in 19. ' )7 . . . members are majors and minors in Spanish . . . disseminates a wider kimwledm ' of llispanir i-(intriliuli(ins In inndcni cul- ture . . . assists in friendly relations and ( ii |)crative s])irit between na- tions (if Hispanic and Knglish speech . . . ccintrilintcs lo the increasemenl (d Pan-. American amenity. Susan Sar enl. Jo Ann l.aMson, Ifev- erlv MeClure. Phil Arms. Martha Jan.- SInfrellary. Madame ' I ' liornlon. Carolwi Miller. Sandv SanI.erg. Nanev Mae- ;regoi-. Guild Student Group . . . sponsored by Daytona Beach Chapter . . . organized May, 1952 . . . advances the cause of worthy church music . . . elevates the status of church organists . . . increases students ' awareness of responsibilities as conductors of worship. Seated: Marietta McCauley, Shirle? Colby, Grace Waterson, CoiiraJ Grimes, Mary Ross Anderson, Mar- garet Taylor, Al Washburn, Charles Woodward, Virginia Bagby Nan Brown. Standing: Joanne William- son, Donna Judkins, Lillian Goth- ard, Pat Vogel, Averitt Grace, Mrs. Ruth R. Carr, Mr. Paul Jenkins, Miss Dianne Burlingham, Sidney Melton. Ruth Sims, Dell Murray, IVola Frink. Pal Edington. AMERICAN GUILD OF ORGANISTS PHI BETA FRATERNITY For young women outstanding in music . . . strives for professional achievement in music or dramatics . . . high ideals in womanhood and scholarship . . . " To be. rather than to seem to be " . . . B average . . . audition . . . national fraternity ... at Stetson since 1921 . . . violet and gold . . . the rose . . . member of the National Profes- sional Pan-Hellenic Society. First roir: Peggy Hughes, Pat Ed- ingt(m, Marilyn Bard, Phyllis Han- cock, Betty Furches, Grace Water- son, Anne Huntington. Srcttnd row: Elizabeth Butcher, Sammie Rich- ards, Mollie Parrish, Ruth Sims, Dianna Gill, Molly Sandiford. National honorary educational fra- ternity . . . juniors and seniors in u|)per percentile . . . endeavors to foster high standards of preparation for teaching . . . invites into bonds of fellowship those who have attained excellence of scholarship and dis- tinction of achievement as students and servants of education . . . spring iiiitialirin hanquet. Mac Stones, Dr. R. L. Cart.r, Miss Maxinc Pallerson, Caryl Anderson. Mr. Dirk K.a-.l. Riilli T..KK»,il,r. Kill K.ili.rl-. SuzaiiiK I)ii%,r. Miiilha Bot- loiii. Marv Ann Co-lov,. IVgc? I.i ing- -l«n. rvnihia Taylor. Miss EtUr Tur- ner. Shirliy Draki-. Iarin.lle Carr, llfU ' n Brork. Sarah iung, Mrs. Ve- ronica Gove. KAPPA DELTA PI MUSIC EDUCATORS ' NATIONAL CONFERENCE MENC . . . nnisic education majors . . . freshmen through sfuiors . . . iiKiiithK meetings . . . interesting speakers . . . further aims of music education in elementarv anil secon- darv school le el . . . Conference in Miami . . . Mrs. Gove . . . national maga inc . . . compare and ini|)rove nuisir fdiication standards . . . spa- ghetti dinners . . . sponsor music events. Sriitvil: Susan l.ucas. Belly I ' urches. Ireasurer: Miss ei-oniea (; »e. Don Vioo.l, pieslcleni; Donal.l Yaxley. Teg- gy Hughes, seerelary; Mollii I ' arrlsh. Sl„,i,li,ig: Itichard Dickson. Jerry Ki ' iiliin. I ' eie llai ' gis. program chair- man; Alene lloll. Jim Merixflher. John l.ancasler, Itill Viehman. First row: tiarolyn Andersion. Ava Stewart, Barbara Jean Perrv, Marv Lou Copeland, Mary Leslie Addison, Clara Nell Long, Gail Rae Anderson, Rita Layne, Eleanor Dodge, Peggy Etheridge, Patli Gaynor, Carol Curran, Dorothy Ann Page. Second row: Nan- cy Hamilton, Beverly MeClure, Ruah Parker, Carol Cline, Janice Kriieger, Karen Christensen, Marinelle Carr, Ann Draa, Mary Edna Parker, Patty Sue Gordon, Linda Sue Galloway, Roni Lou French, Ellen Marie Grote, Jepye Lu Taylor. Third row: Walhena Hillhouse, Judy Martin, Alice Hampton, Patty Johnson, Jula Mae Royal, Grace M. Stinecipher, Clarlea StatTord, Thelnia Vickers, Anthoula Karanlinos, Jerlene Clark, Carol Sue Pride, Yvonne Caldron, Jane Caroline Grant Taylor, Pat Howard, Cam- ille Dornian. Fourth row: Janet Cooper, Gladys Kilpatrick, Pal Colli), Martha Jane Cook, Jo Lysek, Joan Hodges, Mary Ann Aiken, Mary Tom Donnell, Barbara Mullins, Sonja Slagley, Gwen Kelly, Nola Frink, Jane Harris, Marlene Workman, Anna Zabris- kie, Sandy Sanberg, Freddie Munday. ALPHA DEXIOMA Sanberg Harris Zabriskie Clark Alpha Chapter . . . founded at Stetson. May. 194U . . . Hunter green and gold . . . Talisman Rose . . . the star and triangle . . . promotes democratic friendship and understanding . . . broadens social, political, athletic and religious life . . . assists members in every possible way . . . only organization of its kind . . . open to all women who are not associated with a national social organiza- tion . . . gives a hand when needed. OFFICERS SANDY SANBERG President ANNA ZABRISKIE Vice-President JANE HARRIS Treasurer JERLENE CLARK Secretnrr ) n or o 00 00 ( 8 33 rv h ' nnil roH : S;m(l Itari ' cit, M:ii-v Jo kilncr. Stimuli Sargent, Mary Jo llopprr, IVggy Oos! »hil -, Virginia Itaghf. Itarliara Ilyder. (lonnic Jo Dooley. Second roiv: Ko-cniari Sligir, Betty (iregg. Ketly Jo MaM.n. Janet Hei inger. Tliinl nm : Moll Sanilifor.l. Freddie Munda . Annette Che ire. Norma llashl arg -r. Dianne (.raiiigei. Ann Ander-on. Uetty Jo MeI.endon. Itarliara Smith. i ane Allen, Ann L)e anlel, Sandra ornal. Margaret I ' ndor. ALPHA CHI OMEGA Alpha Chi Omega . . . Gamma Chi Chapter, estah- lishcd. May. 1957 . . . yellow rose . . . yellow and tur(|u )ise . . . develop leadership quality and talents . . . further intellectual ad aiiceinent fur Hell-rouii(lfil eultural development . . . foster de- el(ipnient of ( ' hristiaii ideals . . . sponsor recrea- tion for Methodist Children ' s Hume in F.nterprise . . . active members on campus. Susan Sargent, secretary, Sigma Delta Fi; vice-president La I ' raniiade; treasurer, FOA; secretary. IntiMrialional Clul) . . . Nancv Allen. Washington Semester . . . Mollie Sandifoni. Phi Beta . . . Connie Jo Dooley, Tau Beta Sigma . . . nn Anderson, majorette. F F I C F R S HKITY JO MASON I ' rrsidmt uosl•:MAH sLi(;iu yic,--i ' r,si,ivni HETT ;KKGG CorrespoiuUiifi Sfcrflory ANN ANDKKSON Rerording Srcrrlary JANET REISINGER j-er » " ? - f O " O First row: Ava Stewart, Barbara Zfig- ler, Helen Hannah, Pally Mahone. Clara Mell Long, Ruah I ' arker, Yvonne Khouri, Jepy ' Lu Taylor. Donna Jones, Janis Rei«l, Belly Furehes. .Seeoiif roir; Marv Ton Donnell, Nan Brown, Pal (iarrison, Peggy Smith, Arleno Daniels, Carolyn Miller. Jer- lene Clark, Barbara Mullins, Juily Juras. Joan (Jeilgey. Saniniie Riehards. Third roir; Mary Ann Aiken, Joan Hodges, Jo Lysek, Martha Jean Cook, Sonja Slagley, Pal Cobb, Gladys Kil- palrirk, Janet Cooper, Margaret Tu- dor, Gwen Kelly, Carolyn Anderson. Fourth roir: Marlene Workman, Anna Zabriskie, Jane Shadron, Caniille Dor- man, Nola Frink, Marinelle Carr, Mau- reen Donahue, Jewell Horlon. Y . W . A . All Uiiivei ' sitv vvoineii invited . . . sciousness of world-wide missionary cooperates in all phases of collegiate enterprises . . . educates on methods Christian life . . . promotes a con- to participate in missions . . . always interesting programs . . . regular meetings provide inspiration . . . Christmas party . . . annual banquet. PHI SOCIETY Freshman organization of Phi Beta Kappa . . . those in the College of Liberal Arts . . . recognizes high scholarship in the freshman class . . . up|)er five percent . . . minimum 2.4 average . . . tapped in assembly . . . a worthy goal to achieve . . . ranks high on campus . . . annual Phi So- cietv Banquet. Seated: Vieki Marsee, Grady Snowden Nancy MaoGregor, Dr. Ted Beiler Marilyn Lazarus. Stniuling: Jody Nor man, Frances Horlon, Carolyn Miller Buddy Simpson, Phil Parr, Mary Lam Weaver. Formed in Spring. 1957 . . . stimulate interest in water skiing . . . further aims and objectives of the National Water Ski Association . . . weekly ski outings ... St. Jcihns and surrounding lakes and rivers . . . expand the recreational opportunities for the students on campus . . . future plans for strong (■()ni|)( ' tilioii in national meets. K,„,ting: Kill D.ckn.r. Dav,- Fiil- 1( r, D«in l « ' r in. Tuny Monlfurt. John Salni. Slaniling: Sue Hays, Coli-niun Viail - . MU B -lly Lcc Tay lor. Krankic (larll4 n. pr ' ulrnl ; Mary Carlton, .irrrlary : Hill W hit.-, Mik.- ( .al. V, i,i,tiir,;l: Hay Conuav i i--pr -i l nt. WATER SKI CLUB THETA ALPHA PHI National honorary dramatic fraternity . . . artistic achievement in allied arts and crafts of the theatre . . . stimulates creativeness . . . sevent -six chapters . . . founded in Cincinnati, in 1920 . . . initiated by Dr. Stover at Stetson same year . . . second semester sophs eligible . . . over-all C. average . . . participants in arious phases of at least six plays . . . Florida Alpha Chapter . . . " ' The purpose of playing, whose end both at the first and now. was and is. to hold, as " twere. the mirror up to nature. " ' Hamlet. First row: Rod Dujiliss, Priscilla Hans- coni, liiohartl Rigsl)y, serrclary ; Cynthia Taylor. K.lly Vitoks, president: Carol flilx ' , Lutlicr Toole, treasurer; Audrey Kin;:. I ' at |{ ) s, vioe-president. Second r,;, : San l Her-holt. H..I. V . alker. .lark Cnldir in. Hob I ' lalo. Ramon Delgado. Dr. Ritler. Third roir : Dr. St i er. ' Mr. ,ritrilh«. nn HoMer. I »nn (.,.1.1. First roil : Jiiino l{:i v. |{i|| Sl ' | hi ' ii . Jury Sh;i«. Joe Slad.-. Hirhurd Park. Ilouard (larlci-, Jim f:alli iin. liicliard Ilclve ilon. Gradv Snu»deii, iNoUon Bennet. Craig M Alli l -r. Lt-oii Touch- Ion, Wayne Pringle. Seconil row: Buddv Bennet. Earl Davis. Felix Zeigler, Rodney Bohn. Joe Taylor. John Moore. Will Man- l. . I ' oiii I ir.niaii. (.ar M.m, !..«-. |{ K. lU. , , rnir: Harvey Unke, B. C. Aker . liean l •ter )n. Paul Ihoina-. Phil Parr. Harry Allen. Fred Habegger. Steve Johnson, Don Johns. Fourth row: Tom Rhyne, Charles Horton. I ' ierce Moore. Marion Rector, Dan Snvder. MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION Men studying for the Christian ministr . . . enlists each member in a place of service . . . preaching . . . teaching Sunday School . . . conducting study courses . . . attempts to enrich spiritual lives . . . fosters cooperation among fellow ministers . . . prepares for a richer ministry through fellowship and mutual niem- licrship . . . unites the efforts of all ministerial stu- dents . . . advances the Lord s work both on campus and elsewhere . . . readily gives support to worth- while causes . . . time well spent . . . friendships in- aluable for a lifetime . . . co-joins with the Florida Baptist Convention to orient ministerial students an- riuallx . EXECUTIVE COUNCIL First row: Phil I ' arr, B. C. Akers, Grady Snowden, Leon Touchton. Will Manley. Second row: Paul Thomas, (iary Meadows. Charles Horton, Wayne Pringle, Bob Kent, Harvey Duke. .• .( . Ji. nii Uu.ii . il,iii- l»aiii,l. iiti ii(l.i-.Mi. .Si,,;,n :ir- gcnt. Ju l Hill. H.xl I)iigli». Jark oothill. Bohi Frc.niaii. Marv Ann Co low, Ann Tavlor, INanov .Norse, .Maiv Leslie Addison, S ,,„, ;is.- Marilwi l.a aiii-. Janic- kiii.-.r. (and I ' iato. I ' aul Thomas, Fred Ilahefrger, Malrolni Class. Jon Osliiirn, Charles olfe, Juanila Greshani. Sharlene Slorkard. Ann St eranie. SIGMA PI KAPPA Liital li()tiorar jduriialism fralcrriitv . . . recognizes outstaiRliiig udik iin Sti ' tsdii sUiflcnt piiMications . . . members recoinmeiided l) licaii 111 a |iiilili(atiiin . . . sponsors all school publications . . . Tlic Handbook . . . The Reporter . . . The Hatter . . . Paradigm . . . establishes and encourages a higher t pe of j iurrialisin . . . [iromotes the iicst inl.Ti-sl nf college publie alions . . . iiieel thai deadline . . . douri at llie (!a e . . . pulling llie pai)er to bed . . . til tin- wee liiiLUs of the morn . . . tlial aii-eondilioned darkroom. OFFl CF, RS JACK OODAM rrosiilvni ROD DliGlJS.S licp. ' re.sidpiii MARTHA JANE SINGELTARY .SVcrernrv rK(; ;V I.IVING.STON Treasurer 93 S,.,, ., : l., liiiin.r. H.. ll. Carl.i-. Il;iir, Colin.r. ir Mll ii J i ' k .„„-.l,.l. I, Wall MosUv. Jim llixlpe. (lurt Mofftll. Mil. Sloiu», Mel Gugoiv, Frank Si kovi.-, J.i son, Bud MoLiii. Raiuly ' Wall ' ord. r» ll,,llni - voilli. X. iu ing: Keilli Mi.him .■. k. r k»rii, I-iiil Kolicil. Pat Paltijon. Don Ivrr- ' ' S " CLUB r ' OFFICERS TERRY HOLLINGSWORTH President MAC STONES Vice-President MEL GREGORY Social f ice-President PAT PATTISON Secretary DON IVERSON Treasurer JACK WUENSCHEL Sergeant-at-Arms ' l i s£ s Top; " S " Club pri iil l)i . (.4 is« ' I " i-on, foothall doolor, and his son. (ieorge, Jr., letter sweaters as a token of their appreriation. liotloin: Some of the members diseuss their experienees on the ath- letic field. WES UEKNtK Adrisor New initiates include, jrsf roir. Buddv Bennett. Jim llil er. Jim Haw- kins. Terry (tswald. Svroiul roic : Mel Christman. tlal Daijile. Jim Dresc ' Ts. Harold Itashum. Third roic: Tim Thomasson. Tom Boueli- las. i ' hil onge. J. I.. Tvra. ■ ' S ' " dull . . . fiiiiiKlecl ill I ' Xib . . . ((imposed of varsit lelternien ... its members devoted to the maintenance of high scholastic and athletic ideals . . . promotes public relations . . . s))ortsmanship in both arsit and intra- mural sjuirts . . . olliciators durini; Rat Week . . . Coach Berner. hoiiorar member . . . varsitv awards banquet . . . program concession at varsity games . . . judges for Hatter Holiday contests . . . help colled for March of Dimes . . . Christmas part at Harr -Anna . . . coiiperatioM among athletes, other students, and facult . , . rf- rsr n. , n..- r »- r Sealed: Harold Bashain, Joel Sloan. Gerry Lawrence, Rirhard Hopkins. Buddy McLin, Earl Williams, Vernon Jobson. Standing: Charles Prather, Carroll Shejiard. Jack Woodall, Keith Shamrock. Captain Albert Avery, Bill Walker. Gene Briggs. SCABBARD AND BLADE 4 yf V i National military honor society . . . local chapters called com- panies . . . outstanding cadet officers of Advanced Course ROTC . . . B average in militar) subjects . . . members elected . . . achievements in Military Sciences . . . standards of military education . . . how the girls love those uniforms . . . drill and inspection, drill and more inspection . . . potential officers . . . officer of the da . . . merits and demerits . . . inspiration to freshmen. OFFICERS RICHARD HOPKIIVS Captain GERRY LAWRENCE First Lieutenant KEITH SHAMROCK Second Lieutenant VERNON JOBSON First Sergeant CART. ALBERT AVERY Sponsor ma First roir: Cvnlhiu Taylor, Joan Ander- son, Ann Sfveraniu-. SuT an Sargrat, ( lc - (irilTilh. uil Pittnian. Dianna (.ill. SfromI ritxt: Jam- Shadron. Dori;- Mclntyro. Sally Ji»l» on. I i " gp% (»arner, »ayli ' MorrU. Jo Ann l.a « oii. Marpa- rel Hay . Marram MorrUon. Third roll-; Uelly Jane Flood, Clara Suler, B. J. Kol in on, I ' hyllis Parr. Mimi Shaw. Kftty Mri. -ndon. I ' at Burke, Mary Ann DrtiUT. f ' tturth rote: Don Thiirnian. Marsha Baldwin. Karen ()hri-lin«en. I ' aul (!«rll. Dianna Schooii ' i, Donna .Nelni . Tom By ril, (,eri Br.en, Mary Ann Vi elih. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Member of National Education Association . . . nieniher of Florida Education Association . . . develops young people who are preparing to he teachers . . . aims toward growing pro- fessionalh . . . participates in activities of interest to future teachers . . . trains and gives practical experience . . . Boyce Fowler Ezell Chapter . . . chartered November 16. 1942 . . . tries to interest the best men and women in teaching as a career . . . emphasizes character and scholarship . . . helps regulate teachers supply and demand . . . " Who Dares To Teach Must Never Cease To Learn " . . . annual bantjuet . . . period of in- terning ... all inclusive . . . helps improve curriculum of schools . . . elementarv or secondarv . . . profession that re(]uires a deep interest, but gives much satisfaction . . . spon- sored bv the Division of Education. First riiw: ( Liil kilpalrick. l,oi I nder- wood. Marion SlernI.erg, Beverly Mi- (!liire, Anihoiila Karantinos, Ruah Jean I ' arker. Pat Byrd, Sue Burke. Second row: Mildred Couley, Belly Jo Drees, Rnthie Jones. Meredith DeVt iti, Pepgy Klheridge. Pal (iaynor. Carole loore. Si liie Lane. Third roic: Ann Vi ' ilson. Joan (ieitgey, Nanry Downian, Yvonne Caldron. Jerlene Clark, Jo Coburn. Fourth roiv: Mary Kdwards, Joan Lysek, Sandra Wornal, Janelle VI illeox, Diane ( " leland. Louise Smart. h. mil II ■III I iiaalx ■■■ «) t a ■ r ' PP? ' ' . Scalftl : Hai ' bara Jean Auxier, Jackie ilogue, JancI .rt ' ' nc, Mary Lane Weaver, Jim McGlaiiiorv, Dr. A. M. Winchester, Helen Hode, An- thoula Karantinos. Slamliiig: Barbara Stewart, John Todd, Miss Dorothy Fuller, Dr. Keith Hansen, John Thurber, Joel Sloan, Roger Wil- liams, Jim Hendrirkson. BETA BETA BETA Sealed: Mclntvre. McGlaniory, Weaver. Standing: Guenther, Hendriekson, Darling. National honorary biology organization . . . B average . . . Beta Xi chapter . . . accepted nationally in 1946 . . . one of seventy-seven chapters throughout the world ... an affiliation of the American Society for the Advancement of Science . . . increases interest in biology . . . stimulates sound scholarship . . . encourages biological research. V F I C E R S JIM HENDKICKSON A m I ' nsidrni JIM Mc ;LAMORY K.firi ig I ' nsidrni MARY LANE WEAVER Secretary AL GUENTHER Vice-President BILL DARLING I ew Historian DORIS MelNTYRE Retiring Historian National honorary chemistry fra- tcrnily . . . founded December, 1919, at Davidson College . . . Beta Beta Cha])ter . . . organized at Stetson in Mav. 19.52 . . . juniors and seniors majoring in chemistry t ligil)lc . . . ()l)jeclive to increase interest in and scholarship . . . proiniites fricndshi|) and general welfare of chemists . . . twenty-two fha])ters across the nation . . . test lul)i-s is the by-word. Srali-d: Bill Oavlon. Randy Lang- loii. Kirharcl Krink, Kill Pair. Can- lv rialo. Slamliiic: Sam li«. Dr. John uu hrn. Dr. John Ounn, Dr. Trd Hcilcr, Norman Crane-. - ..n?-- GAMMA SIGMA EPSILON SCROLL KEY Purely scholastic lioiiorary . . . organized March 191(1 . . . Liberal Arts College . . . to|) five per cent of the class . . . juniors and seniors onl . . . recofiiiizes and encourages high seholaisliip . . . leadership rewarded. Sfiilril: Nanrv Mariircgor. John Mor- gan. John Uixr. Mar Ann (.o low. Slanilinf:: Hill CraMon. Dr. John Hagiii-, ltn l(l Sim|l on. Cheerleaders ineliule. ront rim. (aiol (.itVin: si-rimil row. Susan Ha. . l.Miii t ill. ( inger Woods; ( iii ..» garet MeGuffy, Jim Hill Geir. Jovee Harrell, Larry Tueker, Marion Sternberg, Buddy Simpson, Janet Greene, nates not pictured are Carolinda Burnett and Helen Hudson. Altei CHEERLEADERS MAJORETTES AIninrrll.v arc Sliarlenc Slorkard, Joan R..ii--(nn. Rae Jean Casciola, Head Majorette June Barr%. nii n(l.i-on aiul Carole Moor. V m r r r ifr Seated: Millit ' INewloii. I ' al Howard, Jovro Harrrll, Joline Kirkliter, Clara Nell Long, Yvonne Thoni| on. .Alarv Carlton. Standing: Ii- Betty Autrev, Paula Duke. Frankie Carlton. Olive Sims, ISanoy Harris, Connie Morris, Gwen Kellv, Linda Galloway, Mrs. Sara Jerni an. PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS I ' liNsical Kducatiou Professional Cluh . . . physical education majors . . . meet and discuss problems of teaching career . . . ;i e extra aid to sports activities on campus . . . further train- ing and experience . . . assist Physical Education Department . . . Finnish Gsmnists . . . Mary Hardwick and tennis . . . Play- da) s for the High Schools . . . Hatter Holida . Seated: Fred Kolierls. Chuck I ' oriz, Jack Vt uensrhel. Jerry Callahan, Bill Abel. Fred Jefferson. Standing: Henry Hardin. A! Da is. Jii Sharplon. Harold Bashani. Bob Vostry. Coaeh Vies Berner. " There ' s not another one compares " ... to each his own . . . breathless anticipation of bids . . . bonds of friendship and loyahy . . . integral part of campus social life . . . competition and cooperation . . . unforgettable weekends . . . fun and friends never forgotten. GREEKS ALPHA XI DELTA The officers of Omega Chapter ( Al|ili.i i Deha are Phyllis Parr, s€ orelary, and Joanne Bolton, chaplain (front); Mary Alice Smith, treasurer; .S»l i.i McDonald, vice-president, and Nancy Slater, president (rear). More Fun! Sleepy Time Gals DeLeon Loafers ( iilden Earrings 104 _Jmeaa ( liantc Alpliii i l)cll;i . . . Imindcd at l.cinliard College, (ialcsliiiri:. Illinois . . . April 17. ' ): . . . golden ([uill . . . [link Killainey rose . . . douhle blue and gold . . . oiitslaiiding kirnnae . . . Kalherine (; Goodrieli. author of " Liiule Walt and Skeezix " and the Ronuince of Helen Trent " . . . Martha Mc- Donald, assi-taril iiiricliaiidisirig rdilor foi- Madem- oiselle . . . Nancy Sasser, author of syndicated column. Buy-Lines . . . Emmy Lou Cairns, assistant to the eminent Diego l i era . . . Stetson ' s Omega ( " hapter . . . Pat (;ha|iman Carnes directed " Frisco I ' rolics. " annual pliilanthrop show . . . Ruth Togg- weiler. Taiigerine Bowl ( ourt and " Who ' s Who " . . . Nancy Otwell. Citrus Queen contestant . . . Mary Alice .Smith. Student Government Associa- tion Secretary . . . Nancv Slater, president of .Stetson Mall . . . Brenda Porter and Peggy Stephenson, aelixe in Stover Theatre . . . Carole Moore and Harriet Redding. Majorettes . . . Barbara Wodis- chek. Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl . . . Sylvia Mc- Donald and Barbara McQueen, captains of Powder I ' uff Kootliall (Janie . . . third place in floats for Homecoming . . . Square Dance. Alpha Xi Delia ' s annual |iliihoilhi iipy shoM al ihi ' Athen ' s Thcalrc i one uf Till- iiriMJiK linns of the vear. NANCY SLATER Mhs 19r 7 105 A L P H A X I D E L T A r c r) n 1 f r Firs roir; Pal MoBiidc, Lois liulnwood, Marv Jovinr, Ihl.n Ilunnah. Srrniitl row: Jcriie Moiclz, Kav I ' affoid, Barbara Wod« ' s«h«k, Carole Moore. Third rote: Janire Sharpton, Joanne Bolton, i ' al Carnes, I ' al Bvrd. Fourth row: Rulh Toggweiler, (lurol Bo . .i, Jan Bernhardt, Lyra Barnes. Fifth row: Donna Peral, Jackie Dossett, Sue Outen, Judy McCurry, Sydney Lane. 106 1 s? f, r i j p ( " 0 rt fi fi ' fir. r .ir: Miiillui Nrll l{:irn. . ( Ci.iw. I ' .f:f:.v Curi- , l ' :il Miln.i. Miiil.n. -hiiw. s, ,,)», r,.,. .;;:M,i i,. l. . I ' h.» His I ' aiT, Marv Alio,- Smith. Itiviiila, l)..i(itli ;o(lfr. . Third rinv: AlarKan 1 Sl pin iimhi. ICiiiinaf; ii« W . 1. I ' al Kiliiicloii. Nanrv Slalir. B.lly I,«m- ;allowa. . Fourth rnn : Sylvia l [)onal l. an y Chii-k, llurricltf Redding. Mariha Gornily. Mari Hall. Fifth roir; Mary Itoubos, I ' at urki . Jane S|iir« ' s, Nunry Olwell, Rose- IVIarif I ' icroe. 107 DELTA DELTA DELTA The officei of Alpha Delta Chapter of Deha Delia Delia are Jaokie Hogue, vioe-presidenl. and Joanna Johnson, niarsliil (sealed); IMareia Faragher. treasurer, and (ilee (;ri(Tilh. ehaplain (standing). Peggy Livingston, president (not pictured.). SING! Beaeheonibers What Is It? 108 _Atinha aLJella i kaple Delta Delta Delta . . . fii t women ' s eollege frateinitv fi)Uiuled a a iiatiuiial oiganizatioii . . . pslaMislied Thanksgiving Eve. 1888 . . . Boston University . . . stars and crescent . . . siKer. gold and Mne . . . Alpha Delta Chaptei. first in Florida . . . fir t place in llaller Holiday events, spring lO-ifi . . . largest iiarticijiation percentage in Women s lutra- miirals . . . first place for 1936 Homecoming skit. ' it I ' a s to AfKertise " . . . active in man phases of cam|)us life . . . Peggy Livingston and Mary Ann ( oslow the Honor and Tio " s Tio . . . Pegg also Outstanding Freshman woman, highest scholastic average as Sophomore. Outstanding Senior . . . Jackie Hogue, Betsv Duck Loonian. Cvnthia Taylor also in the Honor . . . Gail Pittman. treasurer of Sophomore class . . . JoAnn Lawson. treasurer of Senior class . . . Priscilla Hanscom. secretary of Liheral Arts School . . . Mimi Shau. Phi Societs . . . Jackie Hogue president of North Hall. Hetty Sharpe. Mimi Shaw, Priscilla Hanscom. Mareia Faragher. Joanne Anderson, Sara WilkersoTi. Gail I ' ittman. Doris Rocker are Women s Council inem- hers . . . Chapter awards scholarship to deserving girl on cam|)us . . . annual work retreat held at Da tona r ea( h in Januarv. Prisriila Hanscom and Janire l.anier arlniirr Tri-I) lt fir«l jilare Irophi for HatttT Holiday and iheir Homeroniing . " kil. MARJORIE BROOKS Wiss Wav 109 D E L T A D E L T A D E L T A First row: Beverly knode, Marv Lou Minlun. I l ' i ' illa II:iii rom, (iail I ' illniaii. Second roir: Janet Shaw, Minii Shaw, Joanne Anderson, Sarah Wilkerson. Third row: Marir rie IJrooks, Mary Tueker, Peggy Livingston, dee GrilTith. Fourth row: Jo Ann Lawson. Irelle Dunning. Hosanne Colvard, Sally Boureau. Fifth row: Mary Gihson, Lyndall O ' lVeal, Judy Liehtag, Mary atkin». 110 f n ' { ' Firm roir; H:irl :ii-;i I ' agf. AiinelU- T n»T. Anita Andrr- son, IJrtly (Gallop. Jane Shadron. Second rote: Bflly Sharpo, Maroia Faragher, Janice Lanier, Joanna John- Min. I)oi-i Koeker. Third roic: Cynthia Taylor, Janet Kyan, Jaekie Ilogue, Ellen Drigger-i. Mary Ann Cos- low. Fourth row: Trilby Barber, Barbara RobM n, Sallve Hill, Barbara Jones. Pat Boulden. Fifth roir: Nanclli- I ' eaeh. Ann Severance, Kay Williams. Ill i l PHI MC The officers of Alpha Xi Chapter of Phi IVIu are Marlene Larknian. pledge tlireotor, and Linda Rogers, president (seated) ; Jo Coburn, treasurer; Sylvia Smith, viee-presideni, and Helen Rode, secretary. After the Pinning Pledge Points Oh, Happy Day Sun Worshippers inna i L hatjter I ' hi Mil . . . fouiicled. Wcslfnaii College, Macon. (Jciirfiia . . . 1!!32 . . . second oldest social fraternity for udiiicii . . . Alpiia i Chapter . . . established. ' )19 . . . the Heart and Hand . . . Hose and White . . . Hose Enchantress Carnation . . . honorar) riiendiers, Robert E. Lee. Jefferson Davis. " Stone- wall " Jackson . . . Miss Susie Brown. Stetson lilirarian. alumna . . . many philanthropic fields . . . Ilealthmobile. mobile tuberculosis clinic in Georgia . . . Aiuiual study grant to foreign stud for post- graduate work at American Uni ersity . . . Annual Piaster Party for underprivileged children of De- Land area . . . Spring Week-end . . . Big Sister — Little Sister Christmas party . . . Senior Breakfast . . . Winter Wonderland pledge party . . . third place skil at Hatter HowJer . . . Linda Rogers and Doris Ferlic, treasurer and secretary of FTA . . . Hae Jean Casciola, Joan Hodges and Joan Rousseau, majorettes . . . Mary Lee Houston and Jo Coliurn on House Councils . . . President of Panhellenic Council. Joan Hodges . . . Hatter Beauty Contestant. Marlene Lackman . . . Miss December. Elane Housseau . . . Marv Lee Houston and Linda Rogers. KOTC Sponsors. Phi Mil prrix ' iil!. its niajoreltps for the Stetson Marrhinp Huiul: Jo:in llodgpii Joan Rousseau, and Rae Jean Cast-iola. ELANE ROUSSEAU Miss Decern brr The Prexy Speaks 113 p H 1 O y ' ' v M U m O fbf fy - ifc .Ik. . 1 . ] first rote: Elanr Rousspau, Jcanrlte Breish, Carol llerrbi, Franco Smilli. S - »n roir: Aclclint- Hunt. Judith Winslow, Gail Bowcr- han, Barbara Collinsi. Third roir: Ceorgeann Davis, Sylvia Sinitli, Kraiic«- Siiiiiiions, Linda Rog«-rs. Fourth row: Doris Fertic, Donna Carroll, Karen Klages, Dorolhv Ballard. Fifth rote: Mvra HunWr, Joyc-«- Shupe, Barbara Zeigler, Barbara Kindernav, Merpdilh DcWill. 114 L A A - " IT A r ' a V rst rim-. Doiuiu Judkins, Sue Harmon. Curol Le y, Fayr ll ' rriiis. Joanne . rvins. Second roir: Rebooca DulTiil.l. li.i. J. in Ca»- i-iohi, M;m illiun1 . Cynlhia Srhak. Kli aliclh Sunnni-row. Third rnir: Jo Coliurn, Marpart-I Taylor, Helen UimIi-. Miir l. i- Hous- ton, Joiin l{ n M-au. Fourth rinr : i 1arlene l.acknKin. Mar.i Taluin. Holihie SleMarl. IVgge inner, Doris Derrick. Fifth row: .Nancy Harris, Helen Hughes, I ' enny Uossani, I ' al Hurke, larilyn Wood. 115 PI BETA P I The officers of Florida Alpha Cluiplt ' i- of Pi Beta Phi are Mary Lane Weaver, corresponding secretary; Martha Jane Singel- tary, president; Julee Urquhart. treasurer, and Carol Belcher, recording secretary. Marilyn Bnrd. vice-president (not pictured). 1 116 Florida .Aftpha hante Pi 15H;i I ' lii . . . founilcd as I. C. Sorosis . . . 1867 first luUidiial cullcjif fratciiiil fur u imcn . . . (iiic cif three largest women s fraternities . . . Florida s oldest chapter. Florida Alpha . . . established May. 1913 . . . national pliilantlud|)ic project, settlement School in Gatlinhurg. Tenne.ssee . . . historian of The Honor. Carol Belcher . . . other members MariKn La lon Hani and Marv Lane eaver . . . Marilla Collins, Senior Class Secretarx . . . Ann ra lor. Freshman Class Vice-President . . . June i)arr . Secrctar of the Business School . . . on various councils of the W omens Student Govern- ment. Carol Belcher. Merrill Maguire. Janet Greene. Lynn Ezell. CaroKn Miller. Carolvn Kiiigsle and .Nancy Lee Crisp . . . Martha Jane Singeltarv. " Out- standing Senior. " member of " W ho s Who " . . . Matter-Reporter licaulx Contest, first and third place winners, June Barry and Marilvn Bard . . . Killa Collins. Military Ball Queen . . . Martha Jane Singeltary. Sweetheart of Delta Sigma Phi . . . cheerleaders: Janet Greene, Lynn Ezell, Marion Sternberg. Ginger Woods, and Margret McGuffv . . . I ' i Phi " s hold offices in B.S.U.. Canterburx Club. eslev I- onndation. V estminster Fellowship, and tiic S.G.A. . . . retired Interfraternity Sing Trophv . . . led all campus organizations in contributions to Green Feather l)ri c . . . highest scholastic average for " 55-56. I ' i I ' hi W ..Ming I ' I.-.Ik.s ai I ' rcsiclcnl Murthu Jam- Singeltary w -l ' uiiir H. J. Floud and f«corl In Pi Beta Phi W eekend. MARION STERNBERG Miss July 117 p I B E T A P H i it 1 First row: Barbura Freeman, Mary Snvder, l.ynn Ezell, Ginger Wood. Seconil rote: Buffy Ezell, Jo Hoswell, Julee I ' rquhart. Judy Hill. Third row: Janet Greene, B. J. Flood, Martha Jane Singeltary, Mary Lane Weaver. Fourth row: Margaret MeGuffy, Naney Lee Crisp, Susan Kobison, Ann Taylor. Fifth roiv: Beverly Brett, Carolyn Coueh, Mary Sara Carter, Joan Heid. 118 tirsl r„ii: (aii.l I. luuur. Sii.- H.mII, I ' m Kijrii.r.Ki. (:; ii Mill.i. Marion U-rnbcTg. Secanil r„„ : M.lin.l:, U,„,|l,. Haii.lK- HuiKi-. Kraiio.s (.„U-. Sharl.n.- Storkar.1. Mirrill Masiiir.-. Thinl r„u : Marilla Collins, l.u.v Hand. Carol H.l.h.r bup Davis. Jun,- l{arr. . f.«.r i r»ir: Sally Tail. I ' hvllis Kailifl " . I ' al Tliompson! Carolyn KingsUy, alalie Kriindage. Fifth row: Merriuni IrDonald. I ' al KoKtrs Jlianila (irc.thani. 119 ZETA TAU ALPHA 1 The offirers in Beta Psi Chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha are Renie Petrie, president (standing), and Louise Smart, historian: Caryl Anderson, secretary; Pat Boss, Pledge Trainer, and Nancy MacGregor. vice-president. Unrni, Spaghetti! Powder Puffers Parisian Pussvcats E 120 1 (J eta j- si ( liapte Zeta Tail Alpha . . . loundcil at l.onfjudud Collefie. Karnivillc. Va. . . . CcIoIkt 13. 1 !! ' )!! . . • crown and shield . . . liircuKiisf IjIui- and steel ' ic) . . . Beta Psi Chapter chart. Ted in 19:U ... 102 inter- national (hapters . . . famous alumnae include Faith Baldwin and Stetson ' s Dean Ktter Turner and Frances Thornton . . . two national philanthro|) projects, cerehral palsx fund and scholarships for deservini;: students . . . Spring (Jreek part at DeLeon Springs . . . Powder Puff football game . . first place for Homecoming float. " The River of Knowledge " . . . Car)l Anderson, president of The Honor and l- ' TA: Outstanding Senior and W ho " s Who . . . .Nanc MacGregor. president of Phi Society and Sigma Delta Pi . . . Voni Dunn, presi- dent of Kappa Pi . . . Mary Ross Anderson, presi- dent of American Guild of Organists . . . Jodi Norman. 19.56 Outstanding Freshman Woman and faculty scholarship for highest ayerage in the fresh- man class . . . Phi So iet meinbers Vicki Marsee. secretar , Jodi Norman . . . The Honor members Nancy MacGregor. Pat Boss. Louise Smart. Vickie Marsee . . . Cheerleader. Helen Hudson . . . Calendar girls; Louise Smart. Caryl Anderson. Paula Duke . . . ROTC S[)onsor. Linda Fisher . . . l.ainlida Chi lpha (,)iii ' en. Louise Smart . . . llA ' rrER Staff. Vicki Marsee . . . REPORTFR Staff. Connie Clark and Pat Bos.«. Mr. Jazz Zila ; n Ji« Zeta Tau Alpha -:ii Hirf fir l plan- «ilh ihrir lliiiiictoiiiin-; iloal ha-i-rl on the proverb. " A Thousand Years Heiiee the Uiver .Shall Ho« A, l( Di.l . . . " LOUISE SMART Miss Vnr.h 121 z E T A T A L A L P H A First roiv: Carole Hollund, Joan Geilfn-y, Ruth Sim-., Anne Boyler. Sproinl row. Vickie Marsee, Lvnn Peters, Julia Emerson, Virsinia Harlow. Third ran-. Carvl Anderson, Millie Newton, Louise Smart, Ar- lene McCuire. Fourth row: Donna Jean iNelnis. Jurlv Juras, Sue Kurke. I ' essy Hranilon. Fifth row: Ann Holder, Jovee llummelgard, Hoblii Shelton, Donna Jones. 122 i First row: Diane Clelainl. Ell.n l.:iiii r. Connie Clark, l.inila Fisher. Janelle W illcox. SpcoikI roic: VS avnelle MrKinlev. J. d.v Nor- man. Mary Ann VieUh. Margaret Taylor. I ' ut Boss. Tliiril roir: Hrlly MeKiiile.%. Kalh. Sn.Mler. Paula Duke. Reni relrie. Nancy MaoiJregor. Fourth roic : Vonie Dunn. Carolyn Ashworth. Jaekie I.eonardi. Helen IhuKon. H. J. Johnson. Fi lli roir: Rli .alM-lh Itohe. Kleanor Lovell. Ilealher Orr. Carmen Fowler. Cherry Dell. 123 DELTA SIGMA PHI Officers are (seated) Jark Aniloniien. i residenl ; Charles I ' ralher. s oretar : (slanding) Don Bivings. treasurer; Jim Hilver, sergeant-at-Arnis ; Reed Vandercook, social chairman. The Christmas I ' art Three Musketeers Oh! Prankie!! Ik : tpha y hl ( kapter 1m,uii(Ii-iI |;;W ;i1 iIm- Collc.iic (if Ihc Cilv ,.1 ' cu York . . . Alpha Chi Chapter. 1925 . . . Dr. J. Oilic Edmunds. Charter President . . . more than .iO.OOO brothers ihroufihout the U. S. and Canada . . . Men active in eani|nis affciirs. Tom Cauthen. Ireasnrer of S.G.A. . . . Bill Hamilton. President of S.(;. . Annual Christmas part for underpri ileued chil- dren of Vdhisia Cdurilx . . . " Sailor ' s Hall " is a well- known sorial e ent that cliniaxes Delta Sisf Vi eekend. The Delia Sip House Intriiiiiiiral Sitftbal ACTIVES A. Alexander D. Bicksler J. Anttonnen J. Billingsley R. Beckinan D. Bivings Jack Anttonnen Ken Kirchman Bon Beekman Jim Marsee Don Birksler Bill MrCall Don Bivings Tom MePherson Pete Brainard Bob Munn George Brunkhorst Dudley Nunlist Roby Buckalew Jon Oshorn Mabry Carlton Charles Pralher Tom Caulhen Joel Sloan Harry Dews J. B. Steelman Jerry Deyloff Frank Sirowbridge Wayne Graham J. L. Tyra Bill Hamilton Reed Vandereook Norm Heyne Bill Walker Jim Hilyer Fred Williams Tom Johnson Abe Veargin DELTA SIGMA PHI p. Brainard A. Davies J. Brandies H. Dews G. Brunkhorst J. Deyloff R. Buokalew E. Edmunds M. Carlton G. Evans T. Cauthen G. Frohmader L. Clement D. Fuller C. Fulton W. Graham N. Heyne J. Hobbs W. Howes T. Johnson W. Kelly r n r r- o p ' - r p r? c n r 126 JP? ' r f r- C n : r- ' r? : C . ( r o r r r; ii W. McCall T. Mol ' h.ix.ii J. Maixr R. Mailin I.. Maixin D. Miller R. Munn ' . iNcwroniiii T. Norwood D. . ' llnli l C I ' oriz J. () li irii C Pralher J. S«-aborn W. Seller J. Sloan J. Spikes J. B. Steelinan K. Sirowbridgc R. Thirlwell R. Vanderrook ipka LA ( napter PLEDGES D- Wahlslad :. Wailes D. W illiains F. Williams Al Alexander Larry Marvin J " ■« " " = ' ■ " - »• ■« Hliamson J. -tt-righ. A. ' k eargin Jaek Killingslev Rod Martin Jaek Brandies Curt MoflTat Steve Cruniiak Jim Morris Larry Clement Phil INewconini Dirk Dixiin Tom NorMoiid K(l Kilinunds Ronnie Palmer Jerry Evans Chuck Portz Jerry Frohniader Bill Seller Charles Fulton Jerry Seaborn Dave Puller Joe Spikes Joe liobbs Diek Thirl»ell Warren llovtes Coleman Vi ailes Jerry Juras Doug Vi illianis Rill Kell Jim Williams Itob Mill, r Bland Williamson Jim W right 127 4 ' X-Pi . LAMBDA CHI ALPHA I Officers are President, Charles Jolly; Secretary, John MiF win; Vice-President, John Todd ; Treasurer, John Oldham. ■Whal a Paddle! ' C.hrislnias Parlv etcL au eta ( napter Founded 1909 at Boston Univeisit . . . locally. April. 1919 . . . Klower— White Rose . . . Largest National Fiaternitv with 152 ha()ters . . . Prominent alumni — Hari) Truman. General Doo- little. Chester Gould. Frankie Laine. and Bill Haves . . . Priiriiineiit iiieiiilier on campus — J je Huckle- berry, chairman of the Green Feather Drive . . . The chapter donates blood every year, and lhc planted lllllllilcr at the stadium . . . " ■Help Week " instead of " " Hell Week " . . . Largest social event — Lambda Chi weekend, climaxed by the Coronation The " Lambs ' " H l-iimlida Chi llonii ' coiiiing Float ACTIVES Bill Abel Jack Allen Don Oliver David Houcliens Joe Huckleberry George Hyde ( ' harles Jolley John Joiner George Koch Hal March John McEwen Dale Miley Bob Millotl John Oldham AI Phillii Bill Phillips Bill Robinson Jim Sawyer Jim Sheparfl Hush .Shiver Kent Taylor Dun Thuriiian John Todd Jon Tullis Brad ount Repairmen LAMBDA CHI ALPHA W. Abel J. Huckleberry E. Adrian G. Hvde J. Allen C. Jolley J. Beabout J. Joiner D. ;iivcr (.. kocb p n o r? o « 4ik il 130 L c- ▼ w " etcL Jau ela ( nupter ipi The Beginnings of a Float PLEDGES Ed Adrian Ed Pacha Bob Beabout Ronald Shelley Don Farmer Ken Shepard Jerrv Cirvin Roger Slilh Jon l.orliark Marshall Stivers George Owen Charles Tindall 131 PI KAPPA ALPHA Officers are (sealed) Carroll Kunvun, Ilislorian; Fred Slaughter, Treasurer; Dick Scott, President; Chuck Waygood, Vice-President; (standing) Jon Henrickson, Secretary; Don Soprano, Sergeant-at-Arnis. The Gladiator- ' Who ' s (.ol the Ding-Dong? " " hen in Rome eJ ella l lpdUon i ltapter Fdiiiided at the InivcrsitN of Virginia. 1868 . . . Delta Upsilon activated March, 1951 . . . Flower — Lily-of-the-Valle) . . . (Colors — Garnet and Gold . . . Founders ' l)a Ranciuet. Marcli 1 . . . First plaec trophy for Hatter Hoiida . . . First place in Home- coming Lawn Decorations . . . Fabulous Konian Party . . . Dream Girl- Barbara W odischek . . . Men ' s Council Members John Morgan and Fred Slaughter . . . Rich Scott, Business Manager of Rcpoi Ici . The " Pike " House Looks Like Piirlv Tir ACTIVES Arnold Becherner Tom Bouchlai t hailie Capps Mel Chri tinan Jim Finlav on Hoot Gib! on Ted Hastings Jon Henrickson Jerry Kern Hill Kornan John Morgan Jim Morris Vie Muzii Joe INewton Don Reynolds Ray Reynolds Carroll Runyon Diok Seott Fred Slaughter Don Soprano John Thurber Chuek Waygood Phil Yonge A. Beeherner T. Bouchlas C. Capps M. Chri slman R. Conwav C. Daigle PI KAPPA ALPHA J. Dawson J. Finlayson C. Freund T. Gerrity H. Gibson T. Hastings J. Henriekson E. Holmes S. Holloway K. Kennedy _ ■ MSM k mkm t L,:% ri . ' t J.Il. k.ri. Jiiu K.rii J. Moifiaii J. MorrU . Mu .ii J. .wlon L. IJ.wiolcU T. Runkle R. S.oli F. Slaughter U eitu Ulpsilon ( napL M. SiivHer D. Soprano J. riuiib. P I. K I) G F. S C. Wavgood F. M hit.- P. on ltol :art. ' i Frank K.nnrdv Dick Carroll Jim k.rn Kay Conway Mori McKonna ( al Daigle Tom Mundy Jim I)a» on Terry Runkle Conrad Freund Mike Snyder Tom (ierrily Ted Watson Sam llolloway Fre.l liiie " j I 135 m PI KAPPA PHI Oflficers are (seated) Jerry Lawrence, Treasurer; Buddv Simpson, President; Phil Parr. Secretary; Chuck Gertner, Social Chairman; (standing) Grady Snowden, Chaplain. After the Serenade " Going on a Ride? ' The - ' Oilv Pit " LA ( napter Foiiii.lid at I nivei! it of Cliarleston. 1904 . . . Chi Chapter. Fpl)ruai . 1921 . . . Retir ed National Champion (Chapter Banner . . . Five members in ■ " ho " s ho " . . . Fri ' inicntK retains highest schola tir axcrage ainonj; fraternities . . . John Dixon. ,|err Brown. Bu(i(l Siinp. on. Jack Cold- iron. Bod Dujiliss. Sid Knifiht. and Vi a ne I ' ringle nuMnbcrs of O.D.K.; W a ne I ' ringle. President of Senior Class; Phil Parr. President of Sophomore Class: Boll Kent. President of Liberal Arts School: Jerr Broun. Homecoming Mayor: Buddy Simpson. State B..S.I . President . . . Retain tro])hics in Interfratcrnitx and l.F.C. . inji. The ••Hll kie • •• Haiigoiil I ' he " Plantalion Ball " al l i Kap ' orkend ( a- ACTIVES if ' ' f - C. J. Abernalhy Bob Kriiiiin Phil Anns Jerry Kruhm . ;?.., Jerry Bailey Randy Langslon ■ V Dave I$ard Jerry Lawrence Jim B.ane Clem McFarland J H _j4||l Jerry l$r„«„ Pierce Moore Mwf 1 m Bob Carne» Frank Painler H 1 K Boss Phil Parr Hal Cauthen Wayne Pringle John Daiiglierty Fred Roberts Charlie Day John Saba |C " W ' Rod Dngliss Whitey Showalter " !T (5Sr S j ' sr ▼ — ' " ■ Chuck Gerlner Buddy Simpson Malcolm Glass Grady Snowden D. Abboll C. J. Abernalhy R. Allen P. Arms D. Brock W. Cadman Jim Hodge Tom Weldon Bob Kent Earl Williams PI KAPPA PHI R. Carnes K. Cassel H. Cauthen C. Day R. DeFlaun M. Gaines C. Gerlner J. Geiger M. Glass C. Glore H. Hardin J. Higginbotham .fT- C ' f % T1 - ■ . J f -•-- I 1 n n A a O J. Il.-.l;;. K. Ki ' inini W. Iliiiil J. Liiwicnc- [). Jfiikin» C. 1rKiirlaii(l A. JolK ' - I ' . Moore li. Kent V. I ' ainliT S. Kiiishi J. l ' :.lkhM i ni (chapter p. Pair N. Riipix-rl J. Ra«ls K. Simpson r. Hol . ' r( (i. SiKlwdcll PLEDGES Dan Aliliolt K.ynoliK All.n Kill Cadiiian K.I1 CasscI Don (lurricr l(ol DoFlaun I 1ark (raine»4 ( hiK ' k (ilore Il ' nr Hardin Waller llunl Dav. ' Jrnkins An Jiuu-s Jor Mnirli.a.l Chip I ' oiiilci ' Jim Kod .r INool Hnpprri Jim Tweodalf Don W H d - . 139 SIGMA NV OfTi.,1. ai, N.iiion J..ll on, I ' lesidenl ; Charles Wolf.-. R.-.oi l ' i ; Jim Davis. Treasurer; Jaek Wooflall, Vioe-F ' resicleiil. W orking Hard? The Pit csLjelta I Hill i Ui apler ip Finnulfd l!l(i ' ) al .M.I. Delta Mu became a chapter iii l )i:; . . . White rose . . . Black and -rold . . . White .Star weekend . . . Sweetheart. I. nii Kzell . . . Help proic(l. lieaulif) iiig f;rouiids of Hospital . . . All-Intrainura! trophy, second consecutive year . . . Men active on campus — Bud McLin. President of Men ' s Council: Jack W hdl. Hatler F.ditor: Charles Wolfe. Hatter Business Manager: Mac Stones. President of Omicron Delta Kappa: Dick Hopkins. ROT( " Battalion Commander: Keith Sham- rock. President of School of Business . . . Listed in " " Who ' s V( ' ho. " " McLin. Stones. Shamrock . . . iamous alumni include Ka Kaiser, the late (ilenn -Miller. Herman Talmadge. Fulton Lewis. Jr.. Francis P. Vi hitehair. Jim Lowe. - ■li ll " a The " Snak r Pit ' lloinrroiiiiii l.awn Deroralioii kd AM C. All.ii T. Allerton W. Butler H. Ha»hani W. Carr M. Blocker J. Cassels Chad Allen Tom Allerlon Harold Bashani Mike Blocker Bill Bradley Bill Butler W arreii (-arr Ja (loiiib? Harry Conner Wendell Crysel Bill Crisp Art Dasher Jim Davis John Edstroni Jerry Florence Chuck Fulton Chuck Gerding Mel Gregory Al Guenther Dick Hall Jim Hearn Terry HoUingsworth ACTIVES Bob Holly Art Holmes Beemer Hoolihar Bobby Hopkins Dick Hopkins Dave Howard Red Howell Vern Jobson ' arrcn Kendall Jim Kitchens Rich Lackey Bill Langer Joe Lesley Ray Lewis Dave Marcell Joe Marrs Bob McArthur Buddy McLin Sonnv Parker I ' at Pattison i»vnn Prather Jim Price Buz Reynolds Gene Richardson Kerry Robb ISulch Rumer Dick Saltrick Jim Sharplon Jim Schciferstein Bill Schuler Keith Shamrock alter Shirey Mac Stones Bob Sullins Ralph Turner Bill Viehman Ross Wager Bill Watson Gorden Wells Bill White Charles Wolfe Jack Woodall Jack Wuenschel SIGMA N U H. Conner M. Cooper W. Crisp J. Edstrom C. Fulton H. Galloney C. Hastings T. HoUingsworth R. Holly R. Crowley V. Green A. Holmes W . Crysel M. Gregory R. Hopkins A. Dasher A. Guenther D. Howard r ; f?. r f r: o ( m r ry r) k Jk A i kiik • I •:) , , ' r f r O C. • " ! T ' ) , r o ' o cl r. Il ». ' ll .J. l».( n W. Kendall J. kit ' lu ' ii W . Laii;:. ' ! J. L.• l«•. McAitliiir J. M.Kil.h.n W. IMcLin W. Marlin T. Montfoit D. Paltison K. Itolili «:. Hiiin.r W. Sihiuiclcr W. Srliiilcr K. Sliaiiiio k J. Sharpton |{. l,twi, J. I.o ario . I ' rather J. RirhartUon . Shir.v M. Simi.s oDelta I v lu (chapter pi R. .Sullins E. Tinn.iiiiim C. an W. W alx.n W . Wliitr W. M. ' linian J. Woo.lall I ' L E 1) G F. S Ja.k Alforil Jim Casscis Milt Cooper Dave Creech i?..l. Crowley Herb (.allonev Ronnie GalloMa; Virgil (ireen 4:huck lla tin - Jim Hawkins Jon l ovarro Jon Mckihben Tuny IVIontforl Billy Martin Hill Srhneider Va] Tinnerinon Chuck an Ict p r) p 143 SIGMA PHI EPSILOBf 4 Officers are (front row) President, Charles Holeonib; Vire- Presidenl, Bill Benzing: (back row) Chaplain, John Kille- brew; Comptroller, Wayne Hartnup. Absent, Secretary, Bill Decker. The Sig Ep House Founded 1901 . . . College of Richmond . . . Florida Beta. 1949 . . . Flowers — Violet and American Beauty Rose . . . Prominent Alumni — Ben Hibbs (Editor of Saturday Evening Post); Ted Mack: Harry Butcher I Naval Aide to Eisenhower I James V. Forrestal: Tom Ewel; Thomas Millsop: John Chapman i Drama Critic for N. Y. Daily News) . . . Members active in campus affairs — Joe Crankshaw I Editor of Reporter) ; T. K. Hedrick (President of I.F.C. ): Bill Benzing (Rules and Proce- dure Committee) . . . Sig Ep Weekend is their largest social event of the year and is climaxed by The Queen of Hearts Ball A C T V E S Mark Anthony Wayne Hartnup Ted Beach T. K. Hedrick Bill Benzing Jim Hendrickson Dave Brown Charles Holcomb Dave Carter Bray Houston !9H Joe Crankshaw John Killebrew iKBr Dan Cruni James Kirkland Bill Decker Fred Habcgger Richard Rigsby Arthur Stone PLEDGES Gary Campbell Paul Corll Larrv Creech X ' arren Ellwood Larry Keith Bill Young U lorlda d ela i napter T. Beach W. Brnzing D. BioHii D. Crum W. Decker CS fy f-. ' » C t C f . Ellwood W. Hailnui, i t- t V- .- " Mih kiJ J. Hen.lii.kxi C. noI. ' J. Kill. ' lir. ' B. Big liy A. Sloiu- " We love its victories ' " . . . esprit de corps . . . column right . . . reviewing the cadets . . . summer camp . . . officer potential . . . prepares men to defend the Nation while preparing to receive diplomas . . . this is ROTC. MILITARY , " « ' !» r " ?f ' A i. U- u otikkj RESERVE OFFICERS ■MAJOK HEX T. HENRY and CAPTAIN ALBERT M. AVERY Assistant Professors of Military Science Tactics R.O.T.C. established summer uf 1950 . . . trains for all branches of the Army . . . learning today, leading tomorrow . . . instills qualities of courage, fidelitx. knowledge, teamwork . . . physical, scholastic, and mental training . . . acquaints with all phases of warfare . . . cadets train for defense . . . summer camp . . . battalion . . . company . . . platoon . . . military ball . . . honor compan . . . drill parades . . . the band . . . color guard . . . military field da . . . annual Federal inspection, outstanding rating. 71 o ERVF OFF " 01 % MAJOR MALCOLM l . 1!I! WNEN Professor of Military Science Tactics M Sgt. Ralph A. Becker. Sgl. Major; SFC Jesse E. Cofer, SFC Paul T. MoCrory, SFC Harrv G. Thorn, Assistant Instructors. 148 TRAINING CORPS BATTALION STAFF CADET LT. COL. R. HOPKINS fiattation iltttnnminh ' r CADET iMAJOK K. SHAIVIKOCK Exfciitivp Officer CADET Isi IT. K. WILLIAMS. S-1 CADET CAPTAIN W . KEYINOLDS, S-2 CADET MAJOH . JOBSON. S-S CADET CAPTAIN S. KANZAKI, S-4 CADET C 1. R G L A R D Cadets W. Watson, E. Adrian, W. Bradley, and R. Vandercook. BAND CO M P A N Y 1st rote: P. Corll, D. Currier, C. Fulton, Viehnian, J. Meyers. E. Wilson. T. Beach, G. Briggs, 1st Lt. J. I wrence. Band Commander. 2iiil row: R. Kaiser. L. K.ith. F. Johns. C. J. Ahernathv. S. Beaulxml. I{. Dixon, R. Hopkins. 3rd row: B. Cliver, T. Lung. J. Morse, F. Henderson. Vi . Elwood. (i. W ilstm. J. Frohniader. 149 COMPANY A MTifjr ' FIR I ' I, I ()() G. Brunkhorst, Platoon Guide; 1st Squad: R. Smith. Squad Leader; R. Kick. E. Holms. A. Jones, H. Grusnick, 1st Lt. J. Edstrom, Platoon Leader. 2nd Squad: M. Blocker, Squad Leader; J. Lovarco. W. Seiler. W. Howes, M. Anthony, Platoon Sgt. Cadet Captain Vi . lcLin. Company Commander J. Sloan, First Sgt. T. Montfort. Guidon SECOND PLATOON J. L. Tyra. Platoon Guide; 1st Squad: W. Mos- ley. Squad Leader; J. Hutchinson, H. Flint, F. Pollman. 2nd Lt. W. Hartnup, Platoon Leader. 2nd Platoon: T. Thompson, Squad Leader; R. Shelley, R. Deseanips, P. Yonge, R. Paulson. THIRD PLATOON C. Webb, Squad Leader; H. Cauthen, R. Temp- lin, D. Jenkins, J. Hobbs, F. Zeigler, R. Lewis, F. Strowbridge, 2nd Lt. G. Wells, Platoon Leader. 2nd Squad: T. Norwood, Squad leader; J. Presley, A. Galloway, J. Joyner, J. Whilakcr, J. Smith, C. Gerding, Platoon Sgt. Lii. i L li ' ' -W H . r- 150 COMPANY B Cadet ( ' :i| t:iiii C Shrpard, Cniii]Mii« iirnriMiiiilr Cadet l! t l.t. k. Kirrhinan. Kxi ' iiitix ' OlTirer A. Kagan. 1st Sgt. D. Dixun, ( iiidnn I- I li I r I. TOO K. Tinnerinon, Platoon (iuide; l t !Si|uad: Vi . Shelloii, Squad l -ader; D. Dixon, K. Watson. J. Vi ' . Dawson, J. I,. M -(;uigan. Sgt. J. Kirkland. Platoon Leader. 2nd Squad: W . S.liul. Squad leader: C. MeKarland, T. Oswald. K. Conv T. liouchlas, C. Waites. SECOND PLATOON 1st Squad: F. White. Squad Leader; J. Eubank. J. Summers. K. Cassel. B. Bennett. 2nd Lt. Vi . Walker, Platoon Leader. 2nd Squad: R. Andrews, Squad Leader; W. Young, T. West, R. Buckalew, Platoon Sgt. t. , Til i n 1) PLATOON 1st Squad: . Ile ne. Squad Leader: K. Allen. ;. Mathas. W. Martin. K. Calhoun. 2nd Lt. D. IIowar l. Platoon Leader. 2nd Squad: D. Hourhens, Squad Leader: J. Hawkins T. Thonia$son. G. Prather. (i. Bur- rell. Platoon Sgt. 151 COMPANY C F I l{ S r PLATOON 1st Squad: R. Thirwell, Squad Leader; J. Spikes, R. Caulhen, E. Campbell. W. Jones, 2nd Lt. D. Bivings, Platoon Leader. 2nd Squad: E. Edmunds, Squad Leader; F. Kennedy. R. Gary, L. Clements. Cadet Captain I " . Iloliiiigsworlli, Company Commander M. Gregory, 1st Sgt. W. Hunt, (iuidon SECOND PLATOON R. Wagner, Platoon Guide; 1st Squad: B. Sul- lins. Squad Leader; J. Wright, C. MacAllis- ter, E. Davis, H. Basham. 2nd Lt. T. Caulhen, Platoon Leader. 2nd Squad: G. VanHorn, Squad Leader; M. Gaines, D. Thurman, C. Nasworlhy, W. Gra- ham, Platoon Sgt. E? .. ... THIRD PLATOON T. Mundy, Platoon Guide; 1st Squad : H. Cau- tlien. S(|uad Leader; J. Seaborn. J. Lesley, T. Dater, 2nd Lt. J. Anttonnen, Platoon Leader. 2nd Squad: B. Gallen, Squad Leader; B. Lanier, H. Allen, J. Anderson. 152 COMPANY D I I I! ST I ' L TOO A. Diivics, I ' laloiin ( iiidc; 1 l Si|iiacl: J. OMhuiii, Squad Leader; A. Sloiie, K. Slilh. D. Kiish. 2nd Ll. J. Iluckleberrv, Plaloon Leader. 2nd Squad: K. Slu-pard. Squad Leader; (.. Owen. IJ. Hour-lon. J. llt-nilrickMin, Platuun Sgl. Cadet Cuplain J. ISrown, (Company Commander J. Woodall, Isl Ssl. B. Stephens, (.tiidon SF. CO I) I ' LATOO-N J. Bo»en, I ' laluon (iuide; Isl Squad: D. Snider, v. Figlev, J. Alfi.rd. J. MeKibben, 2nd Lt. C. Prather, Platoon Leader. 2nd Squad: B. White. Squad Leader; D. Ilad- soek. V. Green, H. IleUeston. D. Wahlstad, Plaloon S t. T V3St - " » - 1; TIIIHD PLATOON . Phillips. Plaloon Cuide; Isl Squad: D. (rum. S(|uad Leader: L. Cr h. H. Russell. 1). Ray. 2n l Lt. D. unlist. Plaloon Leader. 2nd Squad: T. Runkle, Squad l eader: T. Webb, ! . Fi ell, II. Stephenson. Platoon S(!t. 153 MILITARY Annual Military Week . . . one of biggest events on campus . . . parade . . . sum- mer camp movie . . . arms display . . . banquet . . . ball . . . tapping for Scabbard and Blade . . . queen contest. I ' at Hiers and Mrs. Florence Baker listen to Cadet 1st Lt. John Edstroni desoribe the funetions of the heavy water-eooled niarhine sun. General Lyal C. Metheny, ooniniandin;; general of the Florida Military District, is guest speaker at the Srabbard and Blade Banquet honoring all graduating cadets. Stetson ' s battalion was awarded a superior rating at the annual formal inspection by Colonel Leiand Shaw and Lt. Colonel Her- bert Kneeee. Reviewing the troops are Colonel Shaw, Dr. J. Ollie Edmunds, Major Malcolm Brannen; (second row) Lt. Colonel Kneeee, Captain Albert Avery and Major Rex Henry. WEEK Itamroch i v (iiitaru EJl Military Quern Lvnn E ell is rscortrd by Cadet I,t. Colonel Richard Hopkins, battalion commander. tllouin the crowning ceremonies, hun- ilreds of cohired balloons were released on the | artving guests. 1956 Queen Maiillii ( ollins t onipanv B Keccivcs the lloniir Streamer ,l» Slelson " » Corp « 1 ' Ca lel on Lii Major Kraiinen and Major IUnr appear lo he our two best lurkev shooters! (;a let Offieers Johson, Shepard, Helplin;;, MeLin, and Hopkins 156 shammer ( amp or S un i I un at L dSennlna Cya. yy TUESDAY M () NBA V W K I) KSD A Y Men al urk. ' McLin and Maggie ' s Dra» T SAT I R DA V ll All :;mi.- Out in lln- Sa li! I ' arlv! f ' arly! Parlv!! I |{ I D , ' ' TH I KS D A ( | ' mI, (iontlfiiK ' n: I 157 " And Halters all will light " . . . played by few but eagerly followed by everyone . . . not only sporting ability, for scholarship is the primary consideration . . . betters those participating . . . it ' s not whether we won or lost, but how we played the game that reallv counts. SPORTS I i iS ???:v?» m The Matters didn ' t let this Carson-Newman man get far with the ball. Stetson went on to win the Honieeoniing game by a score of 20-0. FOOTBALL TOM ALLERTON End HAROLD BASHAM ... Halfback lU DDV BE.NNETT . . Halfback TOM BOUCHLAS End BOBBY CARTER Halfback MEL CHRISTMAN End .W-isUuil C.Mch CarlaiKl II. •Itiilldos " W illi:llll , As i l:lllt Coach Earl Looiiian, Head Coaih Iltrb Mri hiilhm. an. I Aissislant Coach Biuhlv Ashrr survey the siliialion at one of the sorimniage sessions. WENDELL CRYSEL — Tackle CALVIN DAIGLE — Center JIM HAWKINS— Hn 6«cfc JIM HEARTS— Fullback JIM DREGGORS — Guard RAY HENRY— H« 6ncfc FRED DRIVER — Center JIM HILYER — Tackle -;- -«W- i 19 5 7 FOOTBALL RESULTS 6 V M I 47 7 EAST CAROLINA 7 6 THE CITADEL 40 7 NORTHWESTERN LOUISIANA 13 7 DAVIDSON 43 20 WOFFORD 47 20 CARSON NEWMAN 12 NEWBERRY 13 23 PRESBYTERIAN 33 64 UNIVERSITY OF HAVANA TERRY HOLLIN(;SWORTH— (winrrf BUDDY McLIN— Eiirf VICTOR Ml ZI I— GH«r SONNY PARKER— o 6ncfe CLAUDE RIMER — Tackle DICK SALTRICK — Qiinrlerbacl Mil II IIA IK«)(:K uiiiI CLAIDE Rl MEH 1956 Football Co-Captains WALT MOSLEY — Fullback RON RICHTER— ;H(irr SHELTON POOLE— Gitanl 0 ' Th.- 1956 Haller Foolliall Squad: From row. from Irfi. H. (iirl.i. J. Di.gsors. T. Yi ' illianis. T. All.iK.ii, J. Miirr-. II. I!a-haiii. J. IlaMkin , M. Cooper. J. Alfor.l. E. Tinniiiiioii. Miihllr ron : H. Kichlor. H. M.l.iii. J. Vi ucnschel. J. rarkt-r. VS . Mo le.v, T. Hollinp uorth. T. Thoiiia!.!.on, F. hile, 1. Chi ' i liiian, D. Crioch, S. I ' oolc. B« A rou: J. Ilih.r. K. Slianirock. J. Tvra, J. Daw-on. J. Altlornian. K. Driv.r. I.. Slo»i-. ( ' . Yonge, B. Walirs, J. Kiidpr. W. Crvsrl. T. KourhIa», W. Foster. D. Saltriok, C. Ruimr. KEITH SHAMROCK End LARRY STOIR E ... (Junrlerback TIM THOMASSON Guard J. I.. nK Ofitrr I ' ll II. Y (,i: Tackle JACK Wl ENSCHEL . . Hal back p - - MEL GREGORY — Guard BASKETBALL DICK MORLAND — Hrad Coach SEASON SCORES - Ga. Teachers s, STETSON Florida 84 88 84 STETSON Rollins 59 87 STETSON Florida .Soulliern 69 82 75 STETSON y STETSON V , ' STETSON y STETSON (T v g™ Erskine ' mm STETSON t H Miami » STETSON Ik Florida State STETSON STETSON STETSON STETSON STETSON STETSON ...„---- STETSON Rollins 85 93 110 76 75 99 89 97 104 59 99 95 100 91 65 116 112 80 v Appalachian .... 61 70 STETSON Tampa STETSON 73 68 81 70 a: -V STETSON 86 37 K, Mercer Miami Trov 91 93 76 V 84 A 49 Mercer 72 S Jfo] STETSON STETSON Piedmont 100 74 L STETSON 72 t STETSON 100 |k STETSON 100 Hk Paoifio-Luther an 105 JIM KITCHENS— F ,ri flr BEEMER IIOOLII )AVE HOWARD Guar )B HEARIN— Forirnrrf Georgia Teachers Nebraska Teachers . STETSON IAN— Foritnrrf 79 84 83 DON IVERSON- —Center FKANK SISKOVIC— CVulpr CURTIS MOFFETT— f«rn«r y KICIIAHU LAYER — (.iinrrf BIZ REYNOLDS— Fonrnrrf i. Coaoh Morland lllile promll a li. :ilihi« I ' ll -id.iil IMiiiiiikU air. pi lln- N IA tropli from co-captains Mac Stones and Richard Laver. The Stetson Hi-Hatters. Front roir. from left: Managers Don Ray, Boh Vostry, Waher Hunt. Middle row: Curtis Moffett, Frank Siskovic, Mac Stones. Don Iverson. Buz Reynolds. BocA ton : Coach Morland, Mel Gregory, Bill Schneider. Jim Kitchens, Bob Hearin, Dave Howard, Beenier Hoolihan. Richard Laver, Coach Fred Jefferson. Th. Ja J IN I OH A HS ITY R RSULTS l ' niv«-rsit.v of Kluri la 65 STETSON 71 STETSON 77 Si. IVu- Jr. Colli-s.- . . 9.) STETSON 85 STETSON 75 Si. I ' .i - Jr. Collogf . . 78 Orlando A. F. B (i8 STETSON 82 STETSON 80 Jacksonville I ' 88 Jaeksonvill.- I 84 STETSON 51 Florida Soulhern . . . 57 Orlando Jr. College . . 52 STETSON 76 Florida Soulhern ... 7f Orlando Jr. C.dleg.- . . 52 STETSON 68 STETSON 62 Orlando A. F. B. . . . 77 Sanford N. A. S 18 STETSON 82 STETSON 79 The llaller are picliired xilh ihe giani Iroplit sMiihoiixinu Dislriel 25 N. l. Chanipions. Il was received ufler ihey defealed ( eorgia Teachers 100 to 83 in Slatesboro, ( eurgia. 167 CARL " DOC " JOHNSON Coach SCHEDULE 1957 March 13 — MIAMI Home March 14_MIAMI Home March 16— OHIO Home March 18— GEORGIA TECH Home March 19— GEORGIA TECH Home March 22— FLORIDA STATE Home March 23— FLORIDA STATE Home March 26— ROLLINS Home March 29— AMHERST Home March 30— AMHERST Home April 4 — ITHACA Home April 9— ROLLINS Home April 12 — TAMPA Home April 15— GEORGIA TEACHERS Away April 16— GEORGIA TEACHERS Away April 23— FLORIDA SOUTHERN Away April 26 — ROLLINS Away April 27— ROLLINS Away April 30— TAMPA Away May 3— GEORGIA TEACHERS Home Mav A — GEORGIA TEACHERS Home Mav 8— FLORIDA SOUTHERN Home May 10— MIAMI Away May 11— MIAMI Away BASEBALL " ■ : HEEMER HOOLIHAN Assistant Coach RICHARD LAYER Captain ( ELMER PRICHARD Assistant Coach SCORES 1956 7 GEORGIA TEACHERS 6 8 GEORGIA TECH 16 GEORGIA TECH 1 1 OHIO STATE 5 10 OHIO STATE 8 4 PRESBYTERIAN 9 11 AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL CO. 8 16 TAMPA 7 ROLLINS 11 7 MIAMI 8 3 MIAMI 4 3 CINCINNATI 8 1 FLORIDA STATE 8 2 FLORIDA STATE 23 14 FLORIDA SOUTHERN 13 3 ROLLINS 4 3 ROLLINS 3 4 FLORIDA SOUTHERN 3 I TAMPA 2 10 PINECASTLE 2 5 PINECASTLE The Halter Baseball Team. Front roii. from left: T. West, J. Alford, J. Shew an, H. Conner. D. Ray, B. hite. Middle row: Mascot P. Hop- kins, Assistant Coach B. Hoolilian, R. Walford, B. Vostry, J. Hodge. II. Mclnnis, J. Tyra, J. Kern. Back rote: Coach C. Johnson, L. Stowe, G. Gould, T. HoUingsworth, M. Gregory, J. Hawkins. D. Saltrick, W. Mosley, J. Parker, Assistant Coach E. Prichard. t il!!j| ' - ' f . ' WS out roil ' , from i Kfiidull Till, IIAlTKi; TKN.NIS T K A M (; Knniiic Tudor, Fornuiitlo Havelo, Jose Ravelo. Buck ruiv: X arren , (Carroll Clevenger. Bill Langcr, Jerry Froniadcr, Curt (Jarv. KA IILSSEY Coach 1 9 5 6 S E A S N A L K E C R D Vio 1 2 l.ost 5 TENNIS S C H E D I 1. E 19 5 7 March 25 FLORIDA Awav April 3 HO AI«D Home April 6 JAX NA A Awav April 9 FI.A. SOI IIIKKN Away April 27 Fl. . S((l TIIFKN Home April 29 FLORIDA Home Mav 7 ROLLINS Away Mav 10 JAX NAVY Home Mav 15 ROLLINS Home THE STETSON GOLF TEAM From left: Nancy Allen, Joe Eubank». Balis Rlakely. 1 9 n 7 G L F C M P E T I T I N March U-16. Florida InUnolI.siat.- (.oil Tourney in Ocala. 19 56 SEASONAL RECORD MEN ' S TEAM WOMEN ' S TEAM Won 2 lost f. Won 2 Lost 2 WES BERNER Coach H p 1 H •M ilii ii TENNIS SINGLES STANDINGS CYNTHIA SCHACHT— P ii Mu YVONNE WALDRON— 4 , i(i Dexiomn JANICE LANIER and TUPl ' Y HANSCOM. They may not be Winibleton Champ-- but they ' re Stetson ' s own. BADMINTON SINGLES STANDING ELEANOR DODGE — Alpha Dexioma MARCIA FARAGER— pf«n IMio Delta TABLE TENNIS SINGLES STANDINGS ELEANOR DODGE— ,4tpfc« Dexioma BARBARA WODISCHEK— J p in i Delia Watoh the birdie! Itadniinton alway, ' . proves to be an exeiting ronlest. Florida ' s most popular tourist sport finds its place on the college campus as we go " just a-shufTling along. " 4 mm " f jm 8 — — : ' ■ S H U F F L E B A R n STANDINGS JOAN GEITGEY— Ze«« Tau Alpha LINDA GALOWAY Alpha Dexioma 170 ms Kohiii llno.l- in . »■■ ri hl li lli - look- of iht- lur « ' t. ] i xl ihiiif; iti know lli« 4 irls Hill he w;iiif- ing lo shool an iippli- ofT u | rof - sor ! h u l. VOL 1. 1. I! 1,1. ST A DINGS AIJ ' IIA DKXIOMA ZETA TAL ALPHA PHI Ml J PI BETA Pill WOMEN ' S INTRAMURALS (Ainimings G in . . . liaskftl all . . . table tenuis . . . sluiffle- Itoard . . . volle ball . . . horseshoes . . . tennis . . . badminton . . . always a busy schedule . . . directed by Miss Hick . . . develops poise and grace . . . aims to afford opportunities for participation in recreational activities . . . Particiuation Trophx . . . highest two teams receive cups . . . Kollins-Stetson Sports Dav . . . demiuistrates that girls can be active in sports and ladies at the same time. BASK i: T B A I. L STANDINGS ALPHA DEXIOMA PI BETA PHI PHI Ml DELTA DELTA DELTA Tliiir lie (» n-s! Pi Phi ' s and DcxioiiiaV »:il h lo pc if ihe score is going to be altered. 171 FOOTBALL STANDINGS INDEPENDENTS Won 7 Lost SIGMA NU Won 5 Lost 2 PI KAPPA PHI Won 5 Lost 2 PREACHERS Won 4 Lost 3 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Won 3 Lost J PI KAPPA ALPHA Won 2 Lost 5 DELTA SIGMA PHI Won 2 Lost 5 SIGMA PHI EPSILON Won Lost 7 At an afternoon of Intraninral Football, spedalors socialize as the teams take a break. HORSESHOE STANDINGS DELTA SIGMA PHI Won 7 Lost SIGMA PHI EPSILON Won 6 Lost 1 INDEPENDENTS Won 5 Lost 2 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Won 3 Lost 4 PI KAPPA ALPHA Won 3 Lost 4 SIGMA NU W on 3 Lost 4 PI KAPPA PHI Won I Lost 6 PREACHERS Won Lost 7 Leaping high to get the ball, this man strikes an unusual pose during a game Table Tennis, belter known as ping-pong, is a major indoor «port at Stetson. TABLE TENNIS STANDINGS SIGMA NU Won 7 Lost DELTA SIGMA PHI Won 6 Lost 1 PI KAPPA PHI Won 4 Lost 3 INDEPENDENTS Won 3 Lost 4 PREACHERS Won 3 Lost 4 SIGMA PHI EPSILON Won 3 Lost 4 PI KAPPA ALPHA Won 1 Lost 6 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Won I Lost 6 172 BASK I-: T B A L L S T A MJ I N G S SIGMA Nil Won 7 l.osi INDEPENDENTS Won .t I,o i 2 JM KAPPA PHI Won t I.o l .{ DELTA SIGMA PHI Won 3 l. . l I PI KAPPA ALPHA » On 3 Lost 1 PREACHERS Won 3 Lost 4 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Won 3 Lost 4 SIGMA PHI EPSILON on Lost 7 W ho i gol what anyhow . The Sna kes and the Indio tangh ' in a game with the Sigma Nu finallv roniing out in top. MEN ' S INTRAMURALS Popular program . . . frats vie for trophies; . . . touch foothall . . . laMe Icnni? . . . horseshoes . . . golf . . . hasketball . . . V(ille liall . . . ui-lI-rduiHlcd jiroerain . . . directed by Iiitraniural Board . . . develops spirit of cooperatiini . . . omen spectators attracted . . . interesting diversion from classes . - . Huliey Field. now Li G STANDI NGS INDEPENDENTS Pin 20(.(. SIGMA PHI EPSILON Pins 201.1 PI KAPPA ALPHA Pins 1973 PI KAPPA PHI Pins 1946 SI(;MA NL Pin- 1928 PKEAGHEKS Pins 1874 I.AMIIUA GUI ALPHA Pins 1657 Ka Howilon i - ' ( ' i es the 1 9. ' . ' -. ( Oiilslanding Intramural Player I ' laiiiic from (.oach Morlaiid. luad of Intramural Sports. 173 " For dear old Stetson U. " . . . major part of university life . . . centered around the classroom . . . upholding Stetson ideals and traditions . . . years full of memories . . . realization of hecoming an alum . . . all too soon gone hv. CLASSES ' -1» THE SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS WAYNE PRINGLE President CARYL ANDERSON Vice-President JO ANNE LAWSON Secretary MARILLA COLLINS Treasurer Seniors . . . admit to be the most important people in school . . . proud of our accomplishments . . . now dreams almost realities . . . sixteen years of school finished . . . we ' ve got the world in our hands . . . product of our Alma Mater . . .Forest of Arden . . . end of an era. The Senior Class officers include Marilla Collins. X ' ayne Prinple. and Jo Anne I.awson. Akers Allerlon Anderson, C. Anderson, I. C. nder.on. M. M Antlonen Auxier Ayers Baker Bard, D. i. C. AKERS, JR. Jnrksoin ille M.4RV ROS S ANDERSON Snntn tA I-.A.; Ministerial Association. Secretary, Pulpit Supply Chairman; Bap- tist Student Union; Youth Revival Chairman. THOMAS DUANE ALLERTON Miami L..A.: Varsity Foot hall; Intramural Simrts; Sigma Nu; Liheral . rts School. Treasurer; Baptist Student I nion; " S " Cluh. MUSIC; Glee Club; Zeta Tau . lpha. Music Chairman; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; .American Guild of Organists. Treasurer, President; Fresh- man .Advisor. THOMAS JACKSON ANTTONEN Round Lake. III. LA.; Delta Sigma Phi. President. Vice President. House .Manager; Library Committee; Interfraternity Council; Politics Club; University Party; Intramurals. CARYL LOUISE ANDERSON Chicago, III. L.A.: The Honor. President; KaiMia Delta Pi. ' ice- President ; Sigma Tau Delta; Honor Roll: Future Teachers of .America. President. Secretary: Homecoming Court; Who ' s ho; Vice-President Senior Class; -Secretary Junior Class; Zeta Tau .Alpha. Vice-President. Secretary. Social Chair- man; llniversily Parly: Library Committee: Co-Chairman of Orientation Program; Freshman Advisor: REPORTER Stall: H.ATTER. Activities Editor: (;iee Club Travel Squad; Stover Theater. Business Manager; Outstanding Senior: Miss Stetson Contest. BARBARA JEAN AUXIER L..A.; Beta Beta Beta. JACOB SOWERS AYERS Boise. Idaho Lexington. .V. C MUSIC: President. Music School; Baptist Student Union Executive Council; Stale Baptist Student Union Executive Council. Music Direc- tor; Men ' s Glee Club. Publicity Manager; Student Government .Asswia- tion. President ' s Cabinet; Travel Sciuad: Opera Workshop. MARY CAROLYN ANDERSON St. .4iiguittine L.A.: S ' omen ' s Student Government .Association. President; President of Chaudoin Hall; Soiihornore Representative; Student Government .Asso- ciation. Vice-President: Bai tist Student Union. Devotional Vice-Presi- dent: Young Women ' s Auxiliary: Aliiha Dexioma, Vice-President; Out- standing . " enior: Homecoming Hostess: ho ' s V ho; Glee Club; Future Teachers of .America. Historian. ROBERT M. BAKER DAVID SAYRE BARD Sanford fort Lauderdale L.A. ; Committee Chairman. Religious Focus Week; Baptist Sludenl Union, Social Vice President: Pi Kappa Phi; Honor Roil; Varsity Ten- nis; Intramurals; Gamma Sigma Epsilon. 177 THE SENIORS MARILYN LAVTON BARD Jacksonville MLISIC; Pi Beta Phi. Vice President. Rush Captain; The Honor; Phi Beta. Vice President; Freshman Advisor; Bap tist .Student Union. Executive Council; Pan-Hellenic Coun cil; University Party, .Secretary; Outstanding Senior Orientation Week Committee; Glee Club; Miss Stetson Treasurer Freshman Class; Religious Focus Week Com mitlee. JUNE DELTON BARRY Fi. Pierce BUSINESS; Head Majorette; Pi Beta Phi. Treasurer: Tau Beta . ' igma. Historian; Student Advisor; .Secretary. Busi- ness School: Miss Hatter of 1957: Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl: Outstanding Senior; Stetson Reiiresentative to Gator Bowl. ANNE THIGPEN BEANE St. Petersburg MUSIC: Travel Squad: Glee Cluh. Business Manager: " Red JAMES ROSS BEANE Lonell. N. C. MUSIC: Pi Kappa Phi; Glee Cluh. Student Director. Travel S(Uiad: " Red Mill " Cast; Baptist Student Union. Slate Re- vival Team. WAYNE EDW ARD BELL Lukelaud L.A.; Ministerial Association; Political Forum; Dormitory Manager; Dormitory House Council; Student Government Association. Emoloyment Committee. THEODORE RAYMOND BIGGS, JR. Jarksoniitle BUSINESS; Circle K. Treasurer; Accountancy Cluh. Elt y f Brvant Clifton DONALD EDWIN BIVINGS I ' alaika L.A.; Baptist Student Union; ROTC Honor Guard; Sigma Alpha Omega; Political Forum; Delta Sigma Phi, Editor, Intramural Manager, Treas- urer. HARRIET CHAREOTTE BOGGS Jack» L.A.; Political Fnrnm; Westminster Fellowship: lloiioi Koll: Deaii " List. MARTHA BRUCE BOTTOM Daytonn Beach L.A.; Zela Tau Alpha; Phi Beta; Kappa Delta I ' i; Clee Cluh Key. HELEN FRIEDA BROCK Ihiuhrsoiivill,-. IS. C. L.A.; Kappa Delta Pi, .Secretary; .Scroll and Key; Future Teachers of America, Vice President, State Recording Secretary of Florida. DAVID TURNER BROWN L.A.: Ministerial Association. Program Band; Baptist .Student Union; Sigma Young Dcmiicrats (!hili. Minnii Springs Chairman; REPORTER .Stall; Phi Epsilon; Music Director; JERRY ALEX BROWN Fori Myers MUSIC; Bapli-t Student Union. I ' resiclciit. Music Director; Stale Bap- tist Student Union, Music Director; President, Junior Class; Treasurer, Sophomore Class; VAee Cluh. Travel .Squad. Puhlicity .Manager; Omicron Delta Kappa; Distinguished Military Student; Srahhard and Blade; Outstanding .junior ROTC Cadet; Pi Kappa Phi. Chaplain. JAMES M. BRYANT. JR. L.A.; C amma .Sigma Epsilon. Jtirlisoinillf 179 THOMAS MABRY CARLTON. JR. L.A.: Delta Sigma Phi. Outstanding Pledge, Pledge Clas standing .Service Award, Secretary, Editor. M aiirhiiln . " Secretary, Out- Pnnaina Clt MARINELLE CARR L. .: Young Women ' s Auxiliary. Secretary. . ' stewardshii Chairman; . lpha Dexioma. New Meiuhers (Chairman; Future Teachers of . mer- ica; Commons Food Conunittee; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi . Ipha Theta; Baiitist Student I nion. Dormitorv Praver Meeting (Chairman fi)r .Stetson Hall. ROBERT B. CARTER 1..A.: " S " Cluh; Pi Kappa lpha. Dormitory .Manager. TOMMY CAUTHEN Jncksontrille L. .; Circle K; Psi Society. Treasurer: Baptist Student L nitin. Enlist- ment Vice President. Promotional Director; Delta . igma Phi. Chaplain; Student Government Association, Treasurer; Homecoming Court; Student .Advisor; Honor Roll: Phi .Mpha Theta; Lihrary Committee; Leadership- . ' cholarsllip . ward ROTC; (!onrail House Council; Outslandind Senior. SCO BOCK CHOI L.A.; Foreign Student Cluh; Political Science F( Chun- nni. K JERLENE CLARK Jacksonville L.A., ; lpha Dexioma, Secretary; Future Teachers of America; oung Women ' s .Vuxiliary; liritlain Hall House Council. Vice President; Bap- tist Student Union; DorTniti ry Prayer Meeting Chairman. Britlain Hall. RUTH T. CLIFTON L.A. Courson Driver, F. SHIRLEY COLE L.A.; Pi Beta Phi; Chicago, III, Sigma Tau Delta: ouiig Republicans ' Club. iMARILLA COLLINS Ft. Pierce L.A.: Pi Beta Phi. Executive Council. Program Chairman; Sigma Tau Delta; Homecoming Committee; Military Ball Q)ueen; Future Teachers of America; REPORTER .Staff; Treasurer, Senior Class. MARY LOU COPELAND Sanforil BUSINESS; Professional Business Club, Secretary, Treasurer; Alpha Dexioma. Social Chairman: Commerce Club; Young Republicans " Club. JOHN DAVENPORT DIXON Minneapolis. Minn. L.A.; REPORTER. Editor, Feature Editor. Interim Sports Editor, Busi- ness Manager: HATTER, Business Manager; Newspaper Chairman, Florida Intercollegiate Press Association; Annual Press Convention Del- egate: Stetson Publications Board; John H. Perry .Scholarship in Journ- alism: ROTC REVIEW. Editor: S. A. R. Leadership Award in ROTC; Sigma Pi Kappa. President. Publicity Chairman: Omicron Delta Kappa, Treasurer: Scabbard and Blade, .Secretary; Sigma Tau Delta; Pi Kappa Phi; Stetson Column in Florida Times Union. Miami Herald. Ft. Laud- erdale eit ' s: Stetson Political Forum: Library Committee; Canterbury Club; Homecoming Publicity Committee; Military Ball Committee; National Anthology of College Poetry, Acceptance; Honor Roll; Out- standing Senior. MARY ANN COSLOW Mio L.A.: Delta Delta Delta, Pledge Trainer: Canterbury Club, .Social Chair- man: Religious Focus Week Chairman: HATTER Staff. Secretary to the Editor: REPORTER Staff. Inquiring Reporter; .Stover Theatre; .Student Advisor; Guidance Committee, Secretary: The Honor. Secretary-Treas- urer; Scroll and Key. Secretary; Sigma Tau Delta, Historian; Kappa Delta Pi; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Himors Program; Who ' s Who. JOE H. COURSON L.A. JERRY M. DEYLOFF L..A.. : Delta Sigma Phi. Callahan Aurelia. loiva VERONA MARTIN DOANE Inverness BUSINESS; Delta Delta Delta, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Sec- retary: Secretarial Club; Majorette Corps. MAUREEN CLYDE DONAHUE Sebring L.A.; Baptist Student Union; oung Woman ' s . uxiliary. Secretary. MARY ELLEN DRIGGERS Sanford L.A.; Delta Delta Delta. Social Chairman: Outstanditig Freshman Wom- an 1953; La Franciade; Little Theatre; Canterbury Club. ERMIE JEAN DICKSON Chattahoochee L.A.; Alpha Dexioma: Young Woman ' s Auxiliary; Baptist .Student Union. FREDERICK LEIGHTON DRIVER Magara Falls. ! . Y. L.A.; Sigma Nu; Scabbard and Blade, Captain; Varsity Football: Var- sity Tennis; " .S " Club; Men ' s Physical Education Club. 180 THE SENIORS SUZANNE WEBSTER DRIVER Bellefonlaine. Ohio I ' .rSINKSS; WonienV C. I ' an-Hellenir Coiiiuil: .liiliii l)a iilM n Scholarship Award: Alpha Xi Delta: Kap- pa Delta I ' i; Dean ' s List. RODERICK BRLCE Dl ' GLISS DeLand I..A.: ()nii TMn Delta Kappa; Honors Program: Pi Kappa Phi. Archon. Historian; Canterbury Clul). President: Stu- dent Handlmok Editor; REPORTER. Interim Editor. Fea- ture Editor; Student Government .Association Representa- tive to Publirations Board; .Sigma Pi Kappa. Vice Presi- dent; Stover Theatre; Theta Alpha Phi; Student Christian sociation. Vice President: I niversity Party. President; Political Forum: Honor Roll: Dean ' s List; Washington " semester Program; Elks .Academic Scholarship; HATTER • lalT. Fine Arts Editor: Who ' s Who. ONNIE DLNN Miami ... .; Zela Tau .Alpha. Social Chairman: Kappa I ' i. Secre- tary, President; Glee Clul). JOHN LEONIDAS DuRANT Geneva. Ala. I.. . .; Ministerial .Vssociali.m: Future Teachers of .Amer- ica. JOHN J. EDSTROM Cocoa I..A.: Sigma Nu. Reporter. Historian: Newman Clul). Pres- ident, Treasurer; Student Christian Association. ice Pres- iilent: Dorniitor Council. BETTY JANE FLOOD Ft. Lauderdale I.. .A.: .Student Government .Association, Secretary; Pi I5eta Phi, Rush Chairman; Intramurals; Pan-Hellenic Council; estiuinster Fellowship, Social Chairman, Treasurer : Future Teachers of America: .Student .Advisor: Homecoming (!om- iiiittee: Religious Focus Week Coniniiltce; Chai el Coiu- ruitlee; Vi imien ' s Physical E hn ' ation Cluli; oung Re|)ul)- lican ' s (!lul). ;ERALD M. FLORENCE Raleigh, iV. C. 1..A.; Sigma Nu: Hand; Kappa Kapi.a Psi: REPORTER Staff. JOHN MILLER Fl LTON Stuart MUSIC; Stetson Symphony Orchestra. President; Stetson HATTER Hand, Drum Major; Music Educators ' National Conference, THE SENIORS Graham, C. Graham, E. llaiiulton, B. Hamilton, D. Galloway. L. Gold DONALD ALLEN FUTRELL ■ BUSINESS. Sanford Htttlkr l H BETTY LEE KITE GALLOWAY Jacksonville L.A.; Glee Club and Travel Squad. Key Member. Publicity Manager: Alpha Xi Delta; Phi Society: Sigma Tau Delta; Phi Beta. Corresponding and Recording Secretary: Kappa Delta Pi. Treasurer: La Franciade: Baptist Student Union; Young Vi ' onian ' s Auxiliary: Honor Roll. LORETTA ROGERS GALI OWAY Daylona L.A. DONALD L. GAY Sarasota L.A. DOROTHY ANN GODFREY Spartanburg. S. C. MUSIC; Alpha Xi Delta. Journal Correspondent, Music Chairman; Tau Beta Sigma, President. Vice President; Orchestra. Vice-President. Secretary: Band. Secretary and Social Chairman: Brass Ensend)le. Librarian: Outstanding Freshman Girl in Band: Woodwind Ensemble; Music Edu- cators ' National Conference. Secretary, Vice President. DAVID JACK GOLD DeLand L.A.: Phi Alpha Thela. President; Gamma Theta Upsilon; Stetson Political Forum: Young Democrat ' s Club. CONNIE GRAHAM Seville BUSINESS: Young Woman ' s Auxiliary. ELEANOR ELOUISE GRAHAM St. Augustine BUSINESS: Professional Business Club; Student Advisor; Baptist Student I ' nicm. Green Hamilton, W. ll.lpliMK lia un ileniphill HAL GREE Jttcksoni ' illr L.A.; Ministerial Association: Stetson oiith Revival I ' eani Preacher: Student Missionary to Jamaica. 15. W . I. DONALD E. HAMH.TON L.A. GLEE HAKDWICK (.HIKHTH Ihiinhrld r. Ga, L.A.: (;iee Chili: lusii- Educators ' National Conference: Future Teach- ers of .America; Freshman Advisor: Wesley Foundation, President; Del- ta Delia Delta. Chaplain: Student Christian Association. WILLIAM HAMILTON Cocoa L. .: Delta Sigma Phi. Pledge .Master: Homecoming Parade Chairman: Traffic Court; .Student Government .Association. President: Circle K. Vice-President. ALKERT Gl ENTIIKK L.- .: Sigma Nu: Beta Beta Beta. Vice President. WAYNE HARTNUP Sara»ola Bl ' SlNE.SS; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Intramural Representative, Comptroller; Accountancy Club; Co.Qperative Club, President, Treasurer. FREDERICK CARL 1IAREG(;ER Kovlilpilge L.A.; Band, Glee Club; REPORTER, Business .Manager; Sigma I ' hi Ep- silon; Ministerial Association; Baptist Student Union; Young Republi- can ' s Club. JOANNE E. HAGAN L.. . ; Psi Society, Secretarv Staff. BARRARA ANN HAMILTON Sarasota I... .: AlphaXi Delia. Vice Pre idenl; SicIm.ii Hall House Council. Vice President: WHman ' s Executive Council. Vice President: Future Teachers of .America. .Secretary. Vice President; Florida .Association o{ Future Teachers of .America. Vice President: Vice President. Junior Class; ■Houng VicirnanV Auxiliarv : Bapti l Studeiil I nion. TRAVIS K. HEDRICK Tampa L.A.; .Stetson Political Forum; Phi .Alpha Theta; oung Democratic Club, President; Rules and Procedure Committee; Inter-Fralernity Coun- cil, President, Secretary; REPORTER Staff; Student Advisor: Circle " K " : .Ministerial .Association; .Sigma Phi Epsilon, Rush Chairman, His- torian, Chaplain. RAY DONALD HELPLING WabafO I...A.: .S-abbard and Blade: Captain. Rifle Team: Second Prize, Sam R. .Marks Prize in Religion: Ministerial .Association: Outstanding Military ( ' adet; Distinguished .Miliary Student. ROBERT F. HEMPHILL Jark.i„nvUle Ml ' SlC: Band. First Lieutenant: Orchestra; Brass Ensemble. 183 CEDRIC LAMBETH HEPLER Mi EMMA ALENE HOLT W inter Garden L.A.: Ministerial Association. Intramural and Social Chairman, Radio Commission: HATTER Howler Chairman; Rules and Procedures Chair- man; REPORTER Staff: Stover Theatre: House Manager: Baptist Stu- dent Union, Executive Council; Young Democrat ' s Cluh: First Prize, Sam R. Marks Prize in Religion. EDNA M. HIGGINBOTHAM BUSINESS JIMMY CARSON HILYER Sycamore. Ala. L.A.; Delta Sigma Phi, Sergeantat-. rms; Men ' s Council; Physical Edu- cation Majors Club; Varsity Football; " S " Club. JOAN ELIZABETH HODGES Ponipano Beach L.A.; Concert Band; Majorette; Tau Beta Sigma: Pan-Hellenic Council, Secretary. President; Homecoming Court; Future Teachers of America; REPORTER Staff; Freshman Advisor: Phi Mu, Social Chairman, His- torian, .Social . ' Service Chairman. MUSIC: Music Educators ' National Conference; Glee Club, Travel Squad. RICHARD KEITH HOPKINS L.A.; Scabbard and Blade. President: Sigma Nu. PAULA PALMER HOVEY BUSINESS; Freshman Advisor. DAVE EDG.4R HOWARD Cape Girardeau. Mo. BUSINESS; Wesley Foundation: Sigma Nu: Varsity Basketball; Golf. WILLIAM K. HOWELL L.A.; Sigma Nu. DeLand HARVEY KENNETH HOLLAND L.A. TERRY HOLLINGSWORTH Osprer Ft. Lauderdale BUSINESS; Varsity Football; " S " Club. President: Sigma Nu, Social Chairman; Intramural Basketball. DAVID EUGENE HOLT ffest Palm lieach L.A.; Ministerial Loan Fund Chairman; Ministerial Association. JOHN DIXON HUCKLEBERRY Gatlinburg. Tenn. L.A.; Inter-Fraternity Council, Secretary, Treasurer; Lambda Chi Ali ha, House Manager, Pledge Trainer, Social Chairman. Rush Chairman; Traffic Committee: Green Feather Drive Chairman. SALLY KING JOBSON Atlanta, Ga. L.A.: Pi Beta Phi. Corresponding Secretary; Future Teachers of .Amer- ica; HATTER Beauty Court; Honor Roll; ROTC Sponsor: Military Ball Court; Intramurals. 184 THE SENIORS Holling worth Holt, D. Huckleberry Jobson, S. Jobson, V. Jollev Kan7aki VERNON C. JOBSON, JR. Alldiiln. Ga. Kaplan Karantinos k nl BUSINESS; SiBma Nu, President: Outstanding Senior; Men ' s Council; Outstanding Military Student; Inter-Fra- terity Council, V ' ire President ; Homecoming Court ; Vice President. Sophomore Class; Student Advisor; Guiilance Committee: Inlramurals; 1956 HATTER Editor; Home- corninn Coninilltee; Sraldiard and Blade, Secretary, CHARLES C. JOLLEV Trov, Pa. HI SINESS; Lamlida Chi Alidia, President, Treasurer: Del- egate, Lamhda Chi International General .Vssemhly; Ac- countancy Club: Commerce Cluh; Professional Business (!lul): Honor Roll; Veterans in College, Secretary; Fresh- man Advisor. STANLEY KANZAKI ISeu, York. !S. Y. L.A.; Sigma Nu Alliliale: Pc litical Forum Cluh: Scahhard and Blade: Distinguished Military Student. JOEL GEORGE KAPLAN 1..A.: Psi .Society, President. ANTHOILA KARANTINOS Titustillr I. A.: .• li)ha Dexioma President: liand; Executive Council. Sergeant-at-.Xrms; Women ' s House Council; Future Teach- ers of America. ROBERT ALLEN KENT llelte Clad) I. ..v.; President, Liberal Arts School; .Ministerial .Associa- tion, Treasurer: Bai tist Student Union, Executive Council: State BaiHist Student Union, Executive Cimncil: Religious hocus Week (!onimillee: Homeciiining Conunitlee; Pi Kap- pa Phi, Chaplain; Circle K, Secretary; Outstanding Senior, THE SENIORS Kirklitrr Knishi JOLINE ANN KH.KMTER Sluart L.A.: Women ' s Professional Club. Treasurer, President; Alpha Dexioma; Future Teachers of America. JOHN HENRY KILLEBREW BUSINE.S.S: . igma Phi Eusilon. SUN KIL KIM L.A. Anthony Seoul. Korea ALFRED SIDNEY KNIGHT, JR. Jacksonville L.A.; Pi KapiJa Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Mr. Stetson; Varsity Baseball; " S " Club; La Franciade; Ministerial Association; Honors Program. GERALD DUANE KRIHM Silver Spring, Mil. MUSIC: Glee Club, Key Member, Business Manager. Gen- eral Manager; Circle K; Pi Kappa Phi. Pledge Trainer, .Secretary; Band; Music Educators ' National Conference. RICHARD LEON LACKEY R " psf I ' alm Bench BUSINESS; International Relations Club. Vice President; Jeanette Thurber O ' Connor Award; Wesley Foundation; HATTER Staff; Student Government .Association, Employ- ment Committee; Professional Business Club, Sigma Nu. RANDALL AUTREY LANGSTON DeLamI ' EGGY LILA LIVINGSTON DiiMonii H.iirh L.A.; Glee Club. Travel Squad, Key Meinher; Ganiina Sigma EpsIIdii. Treasurer; German Club; Pi Kappa Pbi. ROBERT LARGE BI ' SINESS. IRVING GERALD LAWRENCE ' . L.A.; Pi Kappa Phi. Pledge Master. Social Chairman. Historian. Treas- urer: Kappa Kaiipa Psi. Social (Chairman: I ' ep Hand. Operations .Ser- geant; Scabbard and Blade, 1st Lieutenant; Military Ball. Chairman: Distinguished Military Student; Dormitory Council; Homecoming Dance Committee; Commons Food (. ' ommitlee: Westminster Fellowship, Citi- zenship (.dmmission Chairman, Vice President. JO ANN LAWSON H« ii «. Ca. L.A.; Delta Delta Delia. House President; Secretary, Senior (;iass; Sig- ma Delta Pi. Historian. L.A.; REPORTER . ' taff; HATTER Staff. Organization Editor; Sigma Pi Kappa. Treasurer; Newman Club. Secretary; Chaudoin House Coun- cil; Outstanding Freshman onian: Freshman . ' Scholarship; . ' croll and Key. Sophomore .Award; Freshman Advisor; Kappa Delta Pi: Sigma Tau Delta; .Secretary. .Sophomore Class: ashington .Semester Student; Del- ta Delta Delta. Vice President. President: Vt omens Intrainurals Partici- pation . ward: Honor Roll; Homecoming Court; The Honor; Archaeol- ogy Club; W ho " Who; Outstanding . ' enior: Student C.overnment .Asso- ciation C.idundbreaking Committee; Phi Society; Intercollegiate Oui . EVELYN P. LOGAS L..A.: Canterbury (!lnli: ' ton BETSY Dl CK LOO MAN Mount Dora Keiiublican ' s Club. Sujfolk. fa. -MISK : Delta Delta Delta. .Secretary: Phi Beta. Secretary. Treasurer: The Honor: Teacher. l ' rei)atory Department of School of Music; Band: Glee Club; Honor Kidl: Dean ' s List; Student .Advisor; Orientation Week Committee. RICHARD E. LAYER LaCrange. Ky. L.A.; Physical Education Men ' s Organization. President: Phi Gamma Delta; Stray Greeks; Varsity Baseball. Most Valuable Player, Cai tain: Varsity Basketball: " S " Club. NANCY ANN MaoGREGOR Lima. Peru. S. A. L..A.; Zeta Tau .Alpha. Secretary. Vice President; . igma Delta Pi, Pres- ident; Phi .Society, President, .Secretary; The Honor; . " Scroll and Key, Treasurer; Westminster Fellowship; North Hall Council; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. ROY ARTHUR LAYTON BLISINE.SS HAROLD JOSEPH LE MIEUX BISLNESS: I ' i Kapiia Alpha. LINDA FOY LENNON Evergreen, V. C. L. A.; Baptist .Student Union; Young Woman ' s .Auxiliary. Vice Presi- dent: Freshman Advisor; Dormitory Devotion Chairman. ILLIAM E. MoCALL Mt. khco. V. ) . BU.SINES.S; Delta .Sigma Phi. Vice President; Accountancy Club; Base- ball Manager; .Men ' s Residence Hall Manager. BEVERLY DEAN McCLURE L.A.; .Sigma Delta Pi; Future Teachers of America: Jarlesonrille Young Woman ' s Auxiliary: .Alpha Dexioma, Secretary; Kupi a Delia Pi: The Honor, Publicity Chairman; Baptist Student Inion, . late Secretar : Chaudoin Hall House CounciL Representative. President: Executive Council: woman ' s .Student Government. Secretary: Who ' s Who, 187 JIM CLAY McCLAMORY Jacksonville L.A.: Beta Beta Beta. President: Phi Society. Vice President; Der Deutsche Verein. Vice President; Honor Roll; Dean " s List; University .Scholarship; Student Advisor; Baptist Student Union. VICKI ANDERSON MARSEE Manassas. In, DORIS McINTYRE Jacksonville L.A.; Beta Beta Beta. Historian; Young Republican ' s Club; Future Teachers of America. RUSSELL MACON McLEOD L.A. Lockhart Tallahassee WALTER SMITH McLIN, III L.A.; Varsity Football; " S " Club; Sigma Nu. Pledge Trainer; Assistant Traffic Judge; Westminster Fellowship. President. Enlistment, Worship Commission Chairman; Scabbard and Blade; Distinguished Military Student; Who ' s Who; Men ' s Council. President; Student Christian As- sociation; Green Feather Drive Chairman; Chapel Committee; Religious Focus Week Chairman. ARLINE MAGUIRE DeLand L. A.: Zela Tau Alpha. Treasurer, Scholarship Chairman; Political Forum. Social Chairman; University Party. Vice President; Wesley Foundation. Board Representative. Treasurer; Future Teachers of Amer- ica; Student Union Committee; Religious Focus Week Committee; Soci- ology Club; Young Democrat ' s Club. Secretary. L.A.; REPORTER Staff. Feature Editor. Photographer; Stover Theatre; Phi Society. .Secretary; Zeta Tau . lpha; Women ' s Council. Sergeanlat- Arms; Green Derby Carnival Chairman; Green Feather Co-Chairman: Women ' s Physical Education Majors ' Club; HATTER Staff. Greek Edi- tor; The Honor; Sigma Pi Kappa; Psi Chi. BASCOM FERNANDO MIZELL, JR. Gainesville BUSINESS; Student Government .Association. Publicity Chairman; Stray Greeks, President; REPORTER Staff: Homecoming Committee. Card Section; Rules and Procedures Committee; Outstanding Senior; Home- coming Sponsor. JOHN A. MORGAN, JR. Weedonville, Va. L.A.; Pi Kappa Alpha. Historian. Pledge Class President: Omicron Del- ta Kappa: Scroll and Key. Vice President: Phi Society: Phi .Alpha Theta: University Political Party. President. Treasurer; Men ' s Council, Vice President, Secretary; " .S " Club, Treasurer; Political Forum; RE- PORTER Staff; Walter L. Hayes Essay Contest, First Prize, Second Prize, Academic Council .Scholarship; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Honors Program ; Who ' s Who. CONSTANCE C. MORRIS Orlando 1... .: Women ' s Professional Club, Vice President, Secretary; Newman Club. JOE ROBERT MARRS BUSINESS: Varsity Football: Professional Business Club Miami Sigma Nu. JAMES ARTHUR MARSEE Williamsburg. Ky. BUSINESS; Delta Sigma Phi. Scholarship Chairman, Pledge Class Treas- urer; Circle K, .Secretary, Activities Chairman; Vice President. Business School. MARGARET JACKSON MORRISON L.A. MARY JEANETTE MURPHY L.A. San ford Pensacola 188 i Llk L Marrs Marsec, J, V Murphy Nelins DONNA JEAN NEL.MS Orlando L.A. ; Future Teachers of Anieriia: Canterhury Cluli; Zeta Tau Alpha. JOSEPH ALLEN NEWTON ! eiiark. . J. L.A.; Religious Emphasis Week Committee; University Party Executive Council; Chapel Committee Chairman; Homecoming Dance Chairman; Political Forum. Chaplain; Ministerial Association; (lanuna Theta Upsilon. President; International Relations (Muh; Freshman Advisor; Master of Ceremonies. Inter-Fraternity Sing: Pi Kappa Alpha. Cor- responding and Alunii Secretary. MILDRED ELAINE NEWTON Orlando L.A.; Zeta Tau Alpha: Women ' s Physical Education (!hili: Future Teachers of America. DUDLEY VICTOR NUNLLST L.A.: Delta Sigma Phi. E. WARREN PARKER I ' ndrnvood. Minn. Bl ' SINKSS: l!apli-l Sluderil Inion: Accountancy Clul); Glee Chill. WILLIAM E. PATE Plant Cily L.. .; Gamma .Sigma Kp iloii. Proident: Kcia licta licla. JAY DEAN PETERSON .St. .(M ii,s(iiii ' L.A.; .Ministerial .Association. Intramurals Chairman; Stu- dent Mission Organization, I ' resident: Circle K, Vice Pres- ident. li St Sludciil I iiion iMiilding — nearly ronipleted THE SENIORS Newton, J. Parker Newton, M. Pate Oh to be Freshmen again! THE SENIORS Reynolds, Rogers, L. CANDACE HINTER PLATO DeLmul L.A.: Canterlniry Club. Vice-President; Delta Delta Delta. Publicity Chairman. Corresponding Secretary: Gamma Sig- ma Epsilon. Program Committee: Psi Chi. Treasurer: Psi .Society. Public Relations Director; REPORTER Staff. News Editor. Managing Editor: HATTER Staff. Managing Edi- tor: Sigma Pi Kappa. Program Chairman: Honor Roll; Dean ' s List: Library Conuiiillee: Little Theatre. R0 ;ER cliff porter JacksomiUe Beach L.A.; Canterbury Club. Vice President; Sigma Nu. Chap- lain; Sigma Tau Delta. President; HATTER Staff. Sports Editor; Student Christian Association: Scabbard and Blade; .Student Adyisor; Dormitory Council. CHARLES NYE PRATHER Orlando L. K. Scabbard and Blade; Delta Sigma Phi. .Secretary; Wesley Foundation. JAMES CHARLES PRICE BUSINESS; .Sigma Nu. est I ' alin Beach DWIGUT WAYNE PRINGLE Lake Wales L.A.; President. Senior Class; Ministerial , ssociation. Pres- ident: ( ' ircle K. President. Treasurer: Freshman Talent Show Chairman: .Student Adyisor; .Men ' s Dormitory Coun- cil; Hcmor Roll; Dean ' s List; Baptist Student Union Exec- utiye Council; Omiiron Delta Kappa: Who ' s Who; Pi Kap- pa Phi. Historian: Student Government Association, Presi- denl ' Cabinet. THOIVIA.S lL ROLD PULLIAM Tiiusiille .. .: Inlernalional Relations Club; .Ministerial Association; riaiili l .Student Union; Psi Society. Schpiferslein, J. C. Kulierl Srhoifer tein, J. M. lOHE.N Wll.I.IAM REYNOLDS Mndison. T,nn. lU ' SI.NKSS; I ' i Kappa Alpha. Outstanding Pledge, President. .Serretary, Pledge Master. House Manager; Varsity Baseball: " S " Club; Rules and Priicedures (!(iniriiitlec: Inter-Kraternity Council. WILLIAM II. KK ' iAOLD.S Miami IJUSlNE.sS; . ignia Nu. Social Chairman: " S " Club: Varsitv Baseball: Varsity Basketball; Outstanding ROTC Cadet. WILLIAM JOSEPH RHODES DeLand BU.SINESS: Student (iovernnient Association. President. Social Vice President: Homecoming Publicity Chairman. Dance Chairman; Hatter Holiday Chairman; Stray Greeks; Intramural Football All-Star; Out- standing .Senior: Whos Who. GENE GRAY RICHARDSON Dunhar. W. » n. BU.SINES.S; Vice-President. Business School: Rules and Procedures Committee; REPORTER .Staff; Professional Business Club. Warden; Sigma Nu. .Sentinel: Honor Roll: HATTER Holiday Committee. RICHARD OTIS RIGSBV .Wi«riii- L.A.: Omicron Delta Kappa; Theta Alpha Phi. Historian. Secretary: Sigma Tau Delta: Sigma Phi Epsilon: REPORTER Staff. Religion Edi- tor: Honor Roll: Honors Program: Sam R. Marks First Prize: Stover Theatre; Ministerial Association: oung Democrats Club. Vice President ; BaiJlist Student Union. Publicity Director; Madrigal Groui ; Hatter Parl . Parliamentarian: Rules and Procedures (!ommitlee: Psi Societv; Student dvisor; Who ' s S ho. CAROL ANNE ROBERTS BUSINESS; Alpha .Xi Delta. Pledge Clas Secretary ; Canterbury Club. JAMES E. RODGERS L.A. tfalsika. III. .Secretary. Corresponding T(itii }(i LINDA LOUISE ROGERS .Si. I ' eienburfi L..- .; Phi Mu. President. Vice President: Pan-Hellenic Council: Future Teachers of America. Librarian. Treasurer; ROTC Sponsor; Baptist .Student Union: Freshman Advisor. WILLIAM JUDSON ROGERS MUSIC: Glee Club. JULIA MAE ROYAL Jarksoiiville L.A.: Hand: .Vlpha Dexioma: Baptist Student Inion: oung Woman ' s Auxiliary: F ' uture Teachers of .America. GERARDA ADRIANA SANBERG Aruha. etherlnnd L.. .: . " igma Delta Pi. Treasurer. Vic " President: La Franciaile. Secre- tary; Der Deutsche Verein. Secretary-Treasurer: Foreign .Students Club. Secretary-Treasurer. President: .Alpha Dexioma. Pledge Vice President. President : Woman ' s House Council, .Social Chairman, President : Fresh- man Advisor: Foreign Student Scholarship: Honor Roll. JOHN SHERWOOD RISER Memphis. Ten,,. I... .: Rules and Pmicilures Commillcc: Green Feather Drive (Chairman: Religious Emiihasis Week Committee Chairman: Honor Roll: Dean ' s List; Academic (Council .Award: Scroll and Key, Presiilent: Student Christian .Associaliim. President; Bai tist Student Union Executive Coun- cil; Who ' s Who: Honors Program: Omicron Delta KaiMia. Vice Presi- dent ; Der Deutsche Verein. President. JAMES G. SCHEIFERSTEIN DeLand BUSINESS; Sigma Nu: Canterbury Club: Professiimal Business Club. President: Student Advisor: HATTFR Staff. JANE ME.SSER SCHEIFERSTEIN BUSINESS DeLand 191 Siekaniec Snowden JEANE GIBBS SCHULER Winter Haven MUSIC: President. Vice President. Music ScHodI: (Jlee Clul). Travel Sauad. Publicity Manager. Student Leader: Outstanding Senior Girl in Music .School: Kapiia Delta Pi: Music Educators ' National Conference. President. Chaplain. Secretary; Intramural All-Star ; Omicron Delta Kap- pa; Little Theatre: Homecoming Chairman: Commons Committee Chair- man: Der Deutsche Verein: Ministerial .Association; Cheerleader; Who ' s Who: Baptist Student Union. Social and Devotional Vice President; State Social Vice President. President, Preacher, Seminar Leader. KEITH JAMES SHAMROCK Unionioun. Pa. BUSINESS: President. Business School; Who ' s Who; Outstanding Sen- ior; Sigma Nu. . ssistant Treasurer; " S " Club. Social Chairman: Scab- bard and Blade. Treasurer; Varsity Football. Co-Captain; Hatter Holiday Committee; President ' s Cabinet; Accountancy Club: Distin- guished Military .Student. JAMES CAROLL SHEPARD L.A.; Scabbard and Blade. Vera Beach West Palm Beach FORREST P. SHOWALTER, JR. BUSINESS; Pi Kappa Phi. Warden. Social Chairman. Pledge Master; Inter-Fraternity Council. Vice President, Disciplinary Council; Stetson Political Forum. President; Young Republican ' s Club. Vice President: Wesley Foundation; .Student Christian Association; Traffic Judge; Phi .Mpha Theta. JOSEPH SIEKANIEC L.A.; Delta Sigma Phi: " S " Club: Hous Golf Team. Pittsburgh. Pa. Manager: Varsity Football: ALICE FRANCIS SIMMONS Archer L.A.; Phi Mu; Future Teachers of . merica: Baptist Student Union. ELMER ARNOLD SIMPSON, JR. Pensacola L.A.: Honors Program; Outstanding .S-jnior: President. Freshman Class; President .Sophomore Class; Outstanding Freshman Man: Phi Society. President; Scroll and Key; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Pi Kai)iia Phi. OLIVE HELEN SIMS Tavares L.A. ; Women ' s House Council. Secretary; Executive Council. Vice Presi- dent; Lutheran Student Association. Vice President; Future Teachers of America; Woman ' s Professional Club. MARTHA JANE SINGELTARY Bradenton L.A.; Pi Beta Phi. President. Rush Captain. Pledge Class Vice Presi- dent; The Honor. Vice President; HATTER Staff. Assistant Editor, Feature Editor; REPORTER Staff; Who ' s Who; Outstanding Senior; Pan-Hellenic Council: Homecoming Court; Freshman Advisor; Honor Roll; -Sigma Delta Pi; La Franciade; Sigma Pi Kappa. Secretary; Stu- dent Christian Association: Canterbury Club. Membership Chairman; Kappa Delta Pi. Historian: Religious Focus Week Committee: Future Teachers of America. FRANK SISKOVIC, JR. BUSINESS; Professional Business Club. Basketball: . igma Nu .Social Member. I reasurer: Cleveland. Ohio -S " Club; Varsity SYLVIA DIANE SMITH Wilmington. IS. C. h. .: American Guild of Organists. Treasurer; Wesley Foundation. Sec- retary; Glee Club: Phi Mu. Assistant Treasurer, Vice President. R. GRADY SNOWDEN Jacksonville L.A.; Band, Coriroral, First Lieutenant: Kappa Kappa Psi, President, Treasurer; Phi Society, Treasurer; Ministerial Association. Vice-Presi- dent; La Franciade. Vice President; Summer Missionary to Hawaii: Pi Kai ' pa Phi: Slmient Advisor. 192 Cliivalr goni ' ? THE SENIORS Simpson Stewart KATHERINE CARRIE SNYDER L„ke Worth BUSINESS; Ban,!; Wdnien ' s Council: Future Teachers of America: Tau Beta Sigma: Professional Business Clul): Lutheran Student Association: Zeta Tau Alpha. BOBBIE JEANETTE STE ART DeLoiul L.A.: Beta Beta Betta: ' loung oman ' s Auxiliary, Program Chairman: Phi Mu: Freshman Advisor; Canterbury Club. FREDERICK EDWARD STONES Daytona Beach L.A.; Omicron Delta Kappa. President; Kappa Delia Pi. President; " S " Club. Vice President; Physical Education Majors ' Club; Sigma Tau Delta: Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Varsity Basketball: All-State F. 1. B. C. and District N. A. L A. Teams; All-Star Softball Team: Sigma Nu: Student Advisor; bo ' s Vibo; Outstanding . ' senior. CYNTHIA TAYLOR Lake Helm L.A.: The Honor; Dean ' s List; Kappa Pi. Secretary; Theta ■Mpba Phi: Delta Delta Delta. Historian; Stover Theatre, ( ' anterbury ( lub: Future Teachers ' .Association; Commons Cominiltep; Honor Ridl: Wilusia . rt Exhibit. Second Prize. Honorable Mention: HATTER . ' tafl. Organizations EdiK.r: REPORTER Staff An Staff. JUNE F. TAYLOR BUSINESS: Phi Chi Delta: sional Business Club, MARTHA JANE THAMES L.A.: Baptist Student I ' nion: JOHN CAMERON THIRBER L.A.: Beta Beta Beta: Pi Kapi Pledge; Homecoming . ' iioiisor. Albright. W. fa. linster (]lub: Profes- Osprey Woman ' s Auxiliary. lioynton liearh Alpha. Outstanding JOHN M. TODD. JR. Sanfonl L.A.; Lamda Chi Alpha. Vice President. Secretary: Beta Beta Beta: (Janima . ' igma Epsilon; Homecoming Sponsor; Student Aihisor: Homecoming ( " ommittee. THE SENIORS RUTH CAROL TOGGWEILER Miami L.A.: Alpha Xi Delta. Assistant Rush Captain, Rush Cap- tain Pledge Class Vice President; KapiJa Delta Pi. Mem- bership Chairman : Future Teachers of America. Member- ship Chairman: Glee Club: House Council: Pan-Hellenic Council. Vice President: Miss Stetson of 1957: Tangerine Bowl Princess; Homecoming Court. LUTHER CHANDLER TOOLE Jncksomille Beach L.A.: Canterbury Club. Treasurer; La Franciade. Treas- urer: Theta .Alpha Phi. Treasurer: Student .Advisor; Honor Roll. SALLY TURNER Cedar Key BUSINESS; Professional Business Club, Vice President: Women ' s Council: Young Woman ' s .Auxiliary: Baptist Stu- dent I ' nion; Future Teachers of America; Honor Roll. Mobile. Ala. ANDREW J. WAITE, JR. BUSINE.SS ROSE YVONNE WALDRON Orlando L.A.; Alpha Dexioma. Treasurer, Chaplain; Young Wom- an ' s .Auxiliary; Future Teachers of America; Baptist Stu- dent Union. WILLIAM JAMES WALKER, JR. Jacksonville BUSINESS: Delta Sigma Phi. Corresponding Secretary; Scabbard and Blade; Military Ball Financial Chairman; University Party, Treasurer: Accountancy Club. MARY LANE WEAVER Covington. Ga. L.,A.: Pi Beta Phi. Corresponding Secretary. Executive Council: Pan-Hellenic Council. .Secretary: HATTER .Staff, Greek Editor, Senior Class Editor; Beta Beta Beta, Secre- tary: Phi Society; Sigma Pi Kappa; Religious Focus Week Committee: Wesley Foundation; Inter-Regional .Scholar- ship: Student Advisor: The Honor; Honor Roll. Dean ' s List. GORDON TAYLOR WELLS, II L.A.; .Sigma Nu, Sentinel, .Marshal. College Park. Md. i Wf cst Weyand Tiile Vates Young Zabriskie IMAGE E WEST LaFnyetle. To Wilkins Zahn CHARLES FREDERICK WINN ' Williani IlatU-r Jnrksnnrille L.A.; Alpha Xi Delta, Social Chairman; C!hapel (oniiiiitlee: W Omen? Council; Stover Theatre Workshop Play. MUSIC: Travel Squad; Glee Cluli; Opera Wurkshoi); American Guild of Organists. BARBARA ELLEN WEYAND Oouanda. . . I. L.A.; Women ' s Professional ( lub; Future Teachers of America; Luth- eran Student Association; . lpha Uexioma. CHARLES RICHARD WOODWARD Oriffin. Oa. MUSIC; American Guild of Organists. Dean: Canterhury Club. ROBERT REID YATES l),l.„n,l L.A. LOIS E. W IHTE Ft. Myers MUSIC: Phi Beta: Tau lieta Sigma: Alpha Dexioma: Music Educators ' National Tionference: Rand; Orchestra: iMin; Woman ' s Auxiliary. S.4RAH YOl NG I. .A.: Kai ' Pa Delta Pi: Psi Chi: Campus Nurse. ANNA ZAURISKIE Cocoa ANN K. W II.KLNS 1..A.: Kuturc Teach. Advisor. EARL RUDD WILLIAMS, JR. Jtu-ksimvillr ciunt; Wniiuin ' s w iliar : Student Ormonil Itrarh MUSIC: Kappa Kapi a Psi: Pi Kappa Phi; .Scahhard and Blade: Band. Captain: Vice President. Music School: Music Educators ' National Con- ference, President. 1. .: oung Woman ' s .Auxiliary, Vice President. Dormitory Chairman; .Mpha Dexioma, Nice President; Psi Chi, DONALD FREDERICK ZAHN L.. .; Psi Society; .Ministerial . ssociation. STETSON HATTER Jacl Si}nrille Found in all i hases of the University — Studies. SiKirts, -Xclivities. recreation. 195 THE JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS JOEL SLOAN Preside,,! ARTHUR HOLMES Vice President SUE DAVIS Secretary WAYNE GRAHAM Treasurer Juniors . . . almost there . . . feeling our wings . . . know our way around . . . taking a last fling . . . men and women of the cam|nis . . . ODK and the Honor . . . seeing less of the Commons . . . first seniors in the Student L nion Building. The Junior class officers include Wayne Graham, Arthur Holmes, Joel Sloan, and Sue Davi O ( ( . First Row DAN ABBOTT, Business St. Petersburg WILLIAM ABEL, L.A DeLand CARROLL ABERNATHY, L.A Tampa MARY LESLIE ADDISON, L.A Panama City RAY ANDREWS, Music ' pris«. . ri Second Row MARK ANTHONY, Business Highlan,! Park. III. NANCY AI.LEN. L.A Logansport. Ind. VIR ;INIA BARLOW, L.A Miami CAROL BELCHER, L.A Jmks.nnill livach JOANNE BOLTON, L.A St. Peiprshurg Third Row I ' AT BOSS, L.A 4llaiita. Ga. TOM BOLICHLAS, L.A West Palm Beach ANNE BOYTEN. L.A Woodruff. S. C. ROBY BICKALEW, Business tero Beach ARLENE BL ' RKART. Business Miami Fourth Row GENE BLRRELL, L.A Hasting, BILL Bl TI.ER. Business Orlando HARRIETTE Bl TLER, Business Jacknonrille TOM inRD. L.A Tampa BILL CADMAN, L.A Orlando 197 t ik kh First Row MARTHA CAF ' PS, L.A ,Wi« ii; PATSY CHRISTIE, L.A Jncksoniille MEL CHRISTMAN, L.A Coral Gables HARRY CONNER, L.A Jacksonville JANET COOPER, L.A Homesleail Second Row NORMAN CRANE, L.A Hollynoml JOE CRANKSHAW, L.A Mantle lieach BILL CRAYTON, L.A Independence. Mo. MARGARET CROSBY, L.A DeLand JIM DAVIS, Business Atlanta, Ca. Third Row SUE DAVIS, L.A Orlando CHARLES DAY, Business Miami DIANNE DIXON, L.A DeLand JILIA EMERSON, L.A Jacksonville ALLAN FACAN. Business Miami Fo ' .irth Row JOHN FARMER, L.A DeLand DORIS FERTIC, L.A Orlando JIM FINLAYSON, Business DeLand BARBARA FREEMAN, L.A Washington. D. C. NOLA FRINK, Music Melbourne 198 THE JUNIOR CLASS Fii ,i Kow RICIIAHD KRIINK, I..A y. « ,,, i CHUCK (iEKTNEK, L.A Jn.A-M.nn ,. HOOT (;iB.SON, L.A Rwmoke. n. DIANA CHX, I„A Ft. Walton WAYNE (,KAn M. Riisinrss Ft. Myers Secoiul How JANET GREENE. L.A Miami CONRAD (;R1MES, Music Charlollr. IS. C. HOPPY HAACK. L.A Orlando PHYLLLS HANCOCK, Music- Tampa HENRY HARDIN, L.A Duiiedin Tliircl How JOYCE HARKELL, L.A Stuart JIM HENDRICKSON, L.A PineviUe. Ky. JON HENRIKSON, Business Delray Beach RAY HENRY, L.A DeLand HOMER MERRICK, L.A KVr We»t ■• " ..iirlli Row DAVE HEWETT, L.A Panama City I ' ATRICIA HIERS, Business Wnrr pn iv Jl DY HILL, Music Suffolk. In. JIM II0D(;E, L.A Jacksonville JACKIE IIOCIE, L.A Chattanooga. Tenn. ' " THE JUNIOR CLASS First Row CHARLES HOLCOMB, L.A Live Oak SAM HOLLOWAY, L.A Jacksonville ART HOLMES, Business Gainesville MARY LEE HOUSTON, Business Orlando ANNE HOWELL. L.A Jacksonville Second Row PEGGY HUGHES, Music Asheville, IS. C. JOANNA JOHNSON, L.A Bradenton TOMMY JOHNSON, L.A Suffolk. Va. GWEN KELLY, L.A Miami WARREN KENDALL, Business St. Petersburg n n o u ' k . hiih dm Third Row GEORGE KIRKLAND, L.A Largo MARLENE LACKMAN, L.A Jacksonville BILL LANGER, L.A Sarasota SYLVIA McDonald, L.A Wauchula BETTY JO MoCLENDON, L.A Eau Gallie Fnurlh Row JOY MoGEE, L.A Winston Salen,. IS. C. MARVIN McMASTER, L.A Orlando MERRILL MAGUIRE, L.A Jacksonville RODERICK MARTIN, L.A Hialeah BETTY JO MASON, L.A Tampa C " (7 V r O hirst H,.w JIM MERIVi ETIIEK. Music ! a):hville, Teiui. DIANA MII.FORD. I..A Ailel, Ga. PIERCE MOORE, L.A CmceviUe BOB MUNN, Business West I ' alm Konch VICTOR Ml ' Zll. Business Coral l.alAvs CE0R ;E NEl KOM. Business ZrphyrhiHs BETrV 0 « I.IIN. I,.A Coral Cahhs DOROTHY PACE. 1..A Lnki- Ciiy PAT PATTISON, Business IVriire ROY PAULSON, L.A DrLauil Third R..W LYNN PETERS, L.A Cleanraler LUCY RAND, L.A DeLand JIM RAWLS. L.A Tampa KERRY ROBB. L.A Tampa FRED ROBERTS. L.A Ilolh Hill F..-,„||, R„w HELEN RODE. L.A t ' l. Lauil,r,latr I E(; ;Y ROGERS. L.A Columbia. S. C. JANET RYAN. L.A Apopka SLSAN SARGENT, L.A Ctono. Cuba DICK SCOTT. Business Daylona Beach 201 First Row BOB SELLERS. L.A Debarr JIMMY SHARE OIV, L.A Norfolk, fa. CARL SHAWVER. L.A Tam xi PEGGY SIMPSON, L.A Ashtn ille, N. C. RUTH SIMS, Music Phwtla Second Row NANCY SLATER, L.A Hollywood FRED SLAUGHTER, Business Bristol. Ten. LOUISE SMART, Business Draper. iV. C. MARY ALICE SMITH, L.A Ft. Myers DON SOPRANO, Business DeLand Third R(.w BARBARA STANTON, L.A Jacksonville GRACE MARIE STINECIPHER, L.A Sanford MARSHALL STIVERS. Business DeLand SHARLENE STOCKARD, Business Seminole. Okla. ERNESTINE SU, L.A Formosa 202 THE JUNIOR CLASS First Row CHARLOTTE TARRATUS. Mum.- Jmksonrlll,- IV1AR(;AKET TA lor. Musi.- Orluml; ROBERT TAYLOR, Musi.- Orlanilo RICHARD THIRLWELL, L.A Jnrksoiirillr LEON TOLCHTON. L.A Wini,r Haven Second Row LOIS liNDERWOOD, L.A West I ' ulm liimh BARBARA VAN AKIN, L.A DvLuml DON WALTON, L.A rifrntngshurg. Kv. AL WASHBURN, Music Shelby. . C. CHUCK WAYCOOn, Business Philmlrlphiii. Pn. Third Row CAROLYN WEISS, Music Miami ROGER WILLIAMS, L.A HunUrille. Ala. MARTHA JO WILSON, L.A D„nia JACK SOODALL, Business Iira,l,nt,m I ' lIIL YONGE, Business Coral Cables THE SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS PHIL PARR President JODY NORMAN Vice Presuleul PAT BYRD Secretary GAIL PITTMAN Treasurer Sophomores . . . greeting old friends . . . two vears down and two to go . . . ofT with rat caps, eves toward mortar hoards . . . dreading those Sophomore tests . . . swamped with G-courses . . . registration and exams hold no more terror . . . think we know it all . . . now we really belong! The Sophomore class officers include Phil Parr. Gail Pitliiian. Pal Byrd, and Jody Norman. I - , „ , — ' .- Ka T if .l : i Ricky .4cker, L.A Miami Don Adams, L.A Meigs, Ga. Ed Adrian. L.A Hushing. N. J. Anita . nderson, L.A St. .Augustine Ro.xanna Banks, Business .... Orlando f nih Thurman Barrow, Business . . New Smyrna Louise Balls, L.A Ocala Nelson Bennett. L.A Fl. Myers Doreen Bishop. L.A Tampa Mirha.l HI.H-k.r. Ilusinrss Ocala i4 1 Ro.liu Bohn. L.A Del.and Melinda Booth, L.A.. Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Jim Bowen, L.A Dearborn. Mich. Bill Bradley. Business Jasper IVtc Brainar.l, L.A Tampa 1 P 9 iH Geni Bren, L.A ( oopersville, Mich. David Brock, L.A Miami Pat Byrd, L.A Ocala Charley Capps. L.A Jacksonville Carol Carnetl. L.A Yi inter Haven r r t Warren Carr, Business . . . Avalon. N. J. Howard Carter, L.A Tampa Connie Clark, L.A Atlanta, Ga. Diane Cleland, L.A Orlando Ronnie Cockrill. Music . ashington. D. C. t f 4% Frances Cole, L.A Chicago. III. Barbara Collins. L.A. Fairmont, W. Va. Jay Combs, Business .... Culpeper, Va. Millon Cooper, L.A Jacksonville Bob Crowley. L.A Venice r 4tk 1 f Peggy Curry, L.A Ocala Arleni " Daniels, Business .... I ' matilla Al Davies, L.A .Augusta, (ia. Bill Deckner. L.A Atlanta, ( a. Bob DcFlaun, L.A Towanda. Pa. Uanuin Dclgado, L.4. Winter Hatcn .4. A - - dl i Harry Dews, Business .... Forsyth, Ga. Bill Dooley, L.A Del.and Dick Dixon, Music Atlanta, (ia. Betty Jo Drees, L.A Holly Hill n n THE SOPHOMORE CLASS First Row Ed Edmonds. L..4 Enterprise. Ala. Marv Elizabeth Edwards, L..4 Plant City Peggv Etheridge, L. A Fernandina Buffv Ezell, L..4 Coral Gables Lynii Ezell, L.A Miami Pat Figueroa, Music Belle Glade Dorothy Fischer, Business Winter Haven Second Row Linda Fisher, L..4 Mt. Pleasant, N. C. Reid Folsom, L.4 Jacksonville Fritz Fountain, L..4 Lake City Betty Furches, Music Miami Peggv Garner, L.A Arcadia Paltv Gavnor, L.A Miami Jim Bill Geer, t..4 Belle Glade Third Row Jim Geiger, L.A Ft. Lauderdale Joan Geitgey, L.A New Smyrna Melvin Gentrv. L.A Pensacola Don Gilchrist. L.A Pensacola Mary Lou (Godwin. L.A Kissimmee Lillian Gotthard. Music Smithville. Tenn. Avrielt Grace, Music Ft. Pierce Fourth Row Mary Ann Grant, Busiiipss Graceville Betty Gregg, L.A Pensacola Arthur Hale, L.A Orlando Priscilla Hanscom, L.A Bradenton Helen Hannah, L.A Miami Mary Inez Hare, L.A Micanopy Pete Hargis, Music Pensacola Fifth Row Jane Harris, L.A Washington, Ga. Charles Hastings, Business Jacksonville Margaret Hays, L.A Arcadia Marguerite Herndon. Music Apopka June Highsmith. L.A Jacksonville Frances Hogan, L.A Atlanta, Ga. Carole Holland. L.A Kannapolis. N. C. ' ?m r n BeenuT Iloolihan. L..4, . . Daytnna Beaoh f " ■ 99 IP Bob Hopkins. L..4 Atlanta, (;a. j " W jB V Charles Horlon, L.4 Perry I ' x r B Jewell ' k Km H m H EWward IIow.ll, h.A D.-I.aiic! - • t Patlv Juhiison. ISusiness Ml. Dora " " " T 9 • Qt ' " H Ruth Jon.-., L.i ' ' X i W ' ' Wilnia Jones, Business . . . Claxton, (ia. rf (( . Marv Jovner, 1 .4 Lake City | H Di nna Juclkins, Music . . . St. l ' «-tcrshiir T V v IB Bill Kelly, L.A Ja.ksonvill. m -3, B " Jody Kelly, L.A DeLand V jl MM m Ann Kennedy, l. l Ocala V L ™ ■ Mary Jo Kinlner, Music Winter Haven J T ' W Karen Klages, Busiufss . . Ft. Lauderdale Boh Krinini. L.4 Sarasota John Lancaster. Music . Virginia Beach. a. ( ' arol Lanjie. L.A St. Petersburg Janice Lanier, Business .... Bradenton Gwen Lee, L.A Barbourville, Va. Ray Lewis, Business Jasper Clara Nelle Long, L.A Ocala Earl Lovejoy, L.A Dedhani, Mass. Judy Mc( " urry, L.A Patrick Margaret McDuffy, L.4 Orlando John MrEwen, Business DeLand Clem McFarlan, Music Avon F ' ark Belly McKinley, Business. Janiesburg. N. J. Waynelle McKinley. Business Jacksonvilb- Ucbn MoMullen. Music Sanford Will Manl.v. L.A Miami Ilaridd Marsh, Business Sanford Cary Meadows, L.A. Jacksonville Sidney Melton, Minir GrifTin. Ga. Dale Miby, L.A Plant City Patsy Milner, Business Ocala Carolyn Miller, L.A Miami Robert Millot, L.A St. Petersburg Jerrie Mor.t , L.A Bristol, a. f •PI ' l li . a 4 V ft fi f C5. ifc. in ?»r r Barbara Morgan, h.A Jacksonville Gail Morris. L.A DeLand Martha Moseley, h.A Tampa W alter Moslev, Business .... Belle Glade Carol Mutchler, L..4 Ft. Lauderdale Nancy Norse, L.A Ft. Lauderdale Tom Norwood, Business Cocoa John Oldham, Business DeLand John Osborn, L.A, . . Northampton, Mass. Jo . nn Owens, L.A Fernandina Frank Painter, L.A Jacksonville Loretta Parker, L.A. . . . Port Canaveral Phil Parr, L.A Jacksonville Phyllis Parr, L.A Jacksonville Ed Pacha, L.A Jacksonville Dumont Penland, L.A Daytona Gail Piltnian, L.A Dade City Brenda Porter, L.A. . . . Tecuniseh, Mich. .Anita Powell, L.A Ocala Martha Powell. L.A Pensacola W alter I ' ralher, L.A Jasper Ronald Raniaker. Business . . . Hollywood Phyllis Ratliff. L.A Clintwood, Va. Janet Reisinger. L.A Orlando Bob Rich, Music Pensacola Sammie Richards, L.A Tampa Susan Robinson, L.A Ocala Betty Jean Robinson, L.A Daytona Earl Rogers, L.A Orlando Mary Roubos, L.A Winter Haven Ken Sanders, L.A Delray Molly Sandiford. Music Pensacola Jim Sawyer, L.A Cocoa Cynthia Schact, Business . . . Vero Beach Deanne Schooly, L.A. . . Pompano Beach Catherine Scroggin, L.A Ocala Alice Shamblen, Business .... Sarasota Betty Sharp, L.A .Atlanta, Ga. jerry Shaw, L.A Winter Haven Mimi Shaw, L.A Venice THE SOPHOMORE CLASS Kir-I How Robert Shaw, L..i JacksonvilK ' Hugh Shiver, lUixiiicss Haiitings Rosemary Sliger. L.i Miami Barbara Smith. I...t Creslview PesK.v Smith, L. i Zephvrhills Ralph Smitli, Music Vero Beaoh Mary Snyder. L.i West I ' abii I?, a.h SecDixl Row Barton Sleph -ns, L.A Daytona Marion Sternberg, L.A Miami Franklin StrottbriHge. Biisinrsx Miami Bob Sullins. L. I. Vero Beach Shirh Sulloii, Musi, Lake Wales Paul Thomas, L. I Miami Tommy Thompson, Husiiiess Sarasota Thinl Kmw Marv Franees I ' licker. Ilusiiirss Arlington, Va. Ronnie Tu.lor, ,. ( Miami Julee I rcpibart, l...i Birmingham. Ala. Reid Vandereook, Businexn Chieago. III. (jeorge Van Morn, liitsinesa Jarksonville Bill Vi hman. Musir Orlando Bob Voslry, L..4 Borwyn, III. Fourth R..W Jim V;ade. .. ( W liil. r Ihixn Bob Walker. .. ( M„|,i|... Ala. «,r;. e Walerson. Musir Onn.din Bill :it« n. Husini ' ss Jaekson ille Mar nn Welch. L.A Green Castle, I ' a. Bill W hile. I.. I Jacksonville Janelle W illeox, L.A Jacksonville Fifth K..W Sarah W ilk.rM.n. L.A. Douglas W illiams. Busiiirss Mar Kllen W illiams. L.A. Barbara W odesehek. L.A. . Marv Ann Woherlon. L.A. Greenville, S. C. Crawfordville, Ga. . ■ Ft. Lauderdale Delrav Avon i ' ark Marilyn Wood, Busiiifss Kissinimee Sandra Wornal, L.A Princeton. W. Va. r A f d 4 r-.r - 1 l r f B THE FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS DAVID CREECH President ANIV TAYLOR Vice-President ROSE MARIE PIERCE Secretary DIRK DIXON Treasurer Freshmen . . . low man on the totem pole . . . Freshman talent night . . . scape- goat of everyone . . . Rat Court . . . green caps and white faces . . . full of school spirit . . . looking ahead to being upperclassmen . . . vowing revenge on next years ' freshmen ... so this is college life! The Freshman class officers include Rose Marie Pierce. David Creech, Ann Taylor (silting), and Dirk Dixon (standing). ci i.- t: n ill 1 ■ ■A OOf) r ( ii i 1 3 ( Suzann«- Abel — L.A. Miami Mar Ann Aikfn — I..A. Allanla. (in. (,.n.- Alil.rnian — l,.A. IhLanil Jane Alexander — L.A. West I ' lilni lieach llarrv Allen — L.A. Jackstntrillp Kevnolcl!. Allen — L.A. If auchula Ann Anderson — L.A. Mianti ,ail An.ler-on— L.A. H ,thuoo l Caridxn A huorlh — L.A. Irondnlf Extalex Nirginia Kagbv — Mu ir Charlttllf. v. C. Maroia Baldwin L.A. Tnnipa Mai. Lee |{al,l«in— L.A. it -sl I ' nim lUarh Dorolh. Hallard — L.A. (oral (,ahlp.i Irilby Harher — L.A. Forest City. . C. Lvra ltarne — L.A. Orlando Mariha J. I{arne — L.A. Cookevill,-. Tenn. Manila . Barne l,.A. Lakriand Sandra Barrel!— L.A. hiLand Janie Bas — L.A. Jii " A ' .so ir(7 e Albert Baler— L.A. WiVimi ' Itoberl Beaboul — Bii ii Or o,i, .. Susan Beall — L.A. Miami Rieharil Beniiell — L. Jestif). (.a. Marv Biellin;;— L. . Lakf lliilirr , Eli al.elb Bob. L.A. ' raoamn Cily t I ' alrieia Boulden — L.A. . i (hala SaIN Bi.nreau- L.A. ' , Coral Cahh ' S Leiii B .«en — L.A. J«.A.s.,iiri e Margarel Brandon — L.A. Madeira lirarh Josephine Bieis — L.A. Lake Wales Ada Lee Bremer — L.A. J »A.s,.riri7 e Jeanelle Bl. jsli L.A. Orelaud. I ' u. Loys Brouder — L.A. - ■ .j - _ , , . Lout- Island. y. . P _ A 1 Mn » » " W t ' ' Nanev Brown — Mnsie KasI I ' oinl. Ca. alalie Brundan:. L.A. Miami Barbara Briinn.y — Busine- Si. tuiiiisliae Jae |iieline i$r anl — L.A. I ' anifxi I ' alrieia Burk. L.A. I.orusi (;ro,e. Ca. (laroliiida Burnelti L.A. Coral Cables Susan Burl — L.A. .S7i«Aer Heights. Ohio James Caldw.ll — L.A. Oeala James Callan — L.A. Fairfield. Cimn. It V •a Gary Campbell — Business St. Paul. Minn. Mai-v Carter — L.A. DeLand Kenneth Cassel — Business Elmira. IS. V. James Cassels — L.A. DeLand Jo Anne Cates — L.A. Forest Park, Oa. INaney Chapman — Music Ludowici. Ga. Nancy Cheek — Music Atlanta. Ga. Karen Christensen — L.A. Ft. Lauderdale Loyce Clifford — L.A. Louisville. Ky. Carol Cline L.A. Louisville. Ky. Don Cliver — Business Hollywood Patricia Cobb — L.A. Jacksoni ille Shirley Colby — Music DeLand Rosanne CoKard — L.A. Pierson Gail Compton — L.A. Orlando Raymond Conway — Busincs Jarlisonrille I ' hilip Copeland — Music ff arner Rohins. Ga. Betty Cowan — L.A. ! orlh Miami Beach W- ' ■ C ' i f 4 ' if Z " fii I ■ f 1 n n Nancy Crisp — Music Lenoir. I . C. Peggy Crosswhite — Business Miami Barbara Crouch — L.A. Dania Carolyn Crouch — Business Ft. Lauderdale Gretchen Crow — L.A. Jacksonville Mary Culpepper — L.A. Port St. Joe Earl Davis L.A. Madison Georgeann Davis — L.A. Coral Gables James Dawson — L.A. Pompano Beach Cherry Dell L.A. Orlando Teresa Dempsey — L.A. Palm Harbor Doris Derrick — L.A. Lockhart Anne Desautels — L.A. DeLand Robert Descamps — L.A. Ft. Lauderdale Meredith DeWitt — L.A. W inter Park Dirk Dixon — L.A. Washington. I . C. Mary Dobbs — L.A. Ff. Smith Kan. Viola Dobson — L.A. Detroit. Mich. Mary Tom Donnell — Music Lebanon. Tenn. George Doran — L.A. Hills. Mass. Jacqueline Dossetl — L.A, Tampa Nancy Downman — L.A. Decatur. Ga. Ann Draa — L.A. Titusville Rebecca Duffield — L.A. Bristol. Tenn. liJI ii • ■ - f ■h ? ■ f Irelle Dunning — Music Shi-ffipld. Ala. H;trgur.l liuprrlv — L.A. i,i,n„„ i. II. W. I. J ).- Kubank — L.A. Diiytona Beach Di)n KarnicT L.A. I ' riiirt ' ton. IT. Tn. Susan FarmtT — L.A. Dehanil Vornian Ki .cllc L.A. Ihl.and II. .Hi- Hint— L.A. Daytuna " Ti 17. r r ■ i , Mango Conrad Fn-unH — Business fffsl I ' nlin lirarh Saniira Krisloi- Business fl. I.nuilfrdatf Charles Kull. n — Bu-iness U isi I ' al,,, lieiich Jani.e Fulrell — L.A. II, Kit I ' oinl. . C. Mark (.aine: Business Si. luguslinf Judilh (.ardner — L. . Miami Tlionias (.erriit — Business Urangi- Cily Mar? ,il.s.,n— L.A. I fl.and llarrietl (Wllnian — L.A. Atlanta. Oa. Cynthia (blander — L.A. Lenox, Mass. Patricia Gordon — L.A. Spinard. Alaska Patricia Sue Gordon — L. ' Marrville. Tenn. Martha GorniN — I. .A. Miami Dian4 ' (iraing:cr — Busines Miami Rosalie (ireporv — Busines Jarksoniille Juanita (iresham — L.A. Atlanta. Oa, Kllen (irote Business I enezitela. S. A. Harold rusnick — Busine? Mel hour III ' Mari Hall— I..A. Hradenton Lisa llaiiiition l — L.A. JT inter Haien Daniel Hansen — L.A. I ' ierson Edith Harrington — Music Taft ancv Harris — L.A. Arlington, fa. Susan Havs — L.A. Miami John Head — Music Ulanta. Ca. Ka Ilea Id — L.A. Sitvis. III. Kichar l Helveslon — L.A. Tampa Felix Henderson — L.A. Kissimmee Iarv Hen.v — L.A. PrLand -Shirley Herlirand — L.A. Daytona Heach Carol Herrin — L.A. Tampa Fa«e Herring — Business Itelle Olade Sallw Hill — L.A. I ' rcstoiihiirg. Kr. Joseph llol.hs— Itusiness n illiamsharg. Mass. - f rv Ann Holder — Business Minis Jo Anne Hopper — Businf Cedarloivii. Oa. Bray Houston — Businc West Point, la. Carol Howell — L.A. Jncksonville Helen Hughes — L.A. Delray Beach Ronald Hunt — L.A. DeLaiid Walter Hunt— L.A. Macon. Oa. Myra Hunter — L.A. Bradenton Dorothy Hutchins — L.A Fernandina Barbara Hyder — L.A. Hendersonville. V. C. Susan Jacobs — L.A. Ft. Lauderdale Fred Jefferson — L.A. DeLand David Jenkins — L.A. Ft. Pierce Arthur Jones — L.A. Mount y ' ernon. V. 1 ' . Barbara Jones — L.A. Coral Gahles Donna Jones — L.A. Otvensboro. Ky. Judy Jordan — Music Miami Judy Juras — L.A. Racine. W is. c F I t k r% ' Ik - it ySiv Frank Kennedy — L.A. Florence. Ala. Jim Kern — L.A. Delray Beach Bussell kick — L.A. Brooklyn. ! . J . Barbara Kindernay — L.A. Hollywood Carolyn Kingsley — L.A. Ft. Lauderdale Beverly Knode — Business Wooilstock. Va. Sandra Kraenier — L.A. Crete. III. Sydney Lane — L.A. Lakeland Ellen Lanier — L.A. Spartunhurg, S. C. Rita Layne — Business Dominican Republic Joe Lesley— L.A. ff ' ildwood Raymond Lessley — L.A. tf ' auchula ( " arol Levy — L.A. Greensboro. IS. C. Judy Liebtag — -L.A. Orlando Abe Lilly— L.A. Day ton a Donald Liner — L.A. Chattanooga. Tenn. John LoVarco — L.A. Ft. Lauderdale Eleanor Lovell — L.A. Louisrille. Ky. Patricia Lowe L.A. Sarasota Susanne Lucas — Music Tf ' intrr Garden Carol Luechauer — L.A. Hollywood Terrv Lung — I .A, DeLand J »sephine Lysek — L.A. Tarpon Springs Marietta McCauIei — Music Savannah t y - «ii Ja.k Mv,i — I,.A. Di ' Liind Ann .Nolson — L.A. I ' malilla Juunnt ' Nevin — L.A. Ft. Lfiiidprdale Barbara O ' Barr — Music Miami Lvnclall 0 " .al — Busints,. Inverness Muhat ' l ) «al— L.A. Fl. Laiidenlfile Nancv Orgora — Businos bakdale. V. i. Heather Orr — L.A. DtiYtimn Heath Nanrv Olwell — Mii ic Atluntii. (ill. Sui- (hilen — L.A. I ' lipelimd. S. C. George Owen — L.A. Lakeland Barbara Page — L.A. Jarksoniille Carol I ' ailgetl — Music Orlando Iris I ' arker — Business ,Sr, e „ Ruah I ' arker — Business Miami Nanette Peaeh — Business Miami James I ' enninglon — Busine; DeLiind Donna I ' eral — L.A. Orlando Aliee l ' err — Business Charlotte, ! . C. Barbara I ' erry — L.A. Jacksonville William Phillips — L.A. Lakeland Rose Marie IMeree L.A. Miami Beverly i ' ittnian — L.A. Pierson Klovcl Pollnian — L.A. Miami X I f Penny MeCoblj — L.A. Collin gsicood Merriam MrDonald — L.A. Fitzgerald. (,a. John Mel.uigan — L.A. DeLand Patricia Malione — L.A. Coral (riihles Dolores Manila — L.A. St. Island. (,a. Jud Martin — L.A. Ulandale William Martin — L.A. Atlanta. Ca. Janet Marx — L.A. Verena. V. J. Leslie Mast — L.A. Has. V. C. Jaine« Malheson — L.A. Dunedin Joyce Millan— L.A. Sanford Robert Miller L.A. : eir Mil ford. Conn. Marie Minis — Business Ft. Pierce Carole Moon L.A. W est I ' alni Reach Barbara Moseley— Busines I ' henix City. Ala. Barbara Mullins L.A. 1 ill mi Springs Kre.l.lie Mun.lay— L.A. Highpoint, . (. ' . Mary Murray — Music Wavcrois. Go, % ' " ( c% - James Presley L.A. J nek son ville Carol Price — Business Madison Glenda Rawls — L.A. Apopka Gwendolyn Rawls — Business Miami Harriett Redding — Business Sfiii ord Janis Reid — L.A. Melbourne William Rhinehart — L.A. Darlonn Beach Donald Rich — L.A. Orlando Jim Richardson — Business Dnylona Bench Larry Richardson — Business Aurora. Ohio Barbara Ridenour — L.A. Marianna Barbara Robson — L.A. Miami Pal Rogers — L.A. Jacksonville Virginia Rogers — L.A. Daytona Beach Penny Rosam — Business Key West Elane Rousseau — L.A. Bradenton Barbara Ruebel — L.A. St. Petersburg Richard Runkle — L.A. Chattahoochee - ' n ' 1 fs r r- ».« f tii y: ( 1 n fir ' i r i L4 a f " 1 1 ' fS V Donald Rush — L.A. Ft. Lauderdale Ralph Russell — L.A. Bratlenton Charlea Safford — Music Haines City William Schneider — L.A. Lindenhurst. IS. Y. Joanne Sellers — L.A. Pensacola Tina Sellers — Music Brevard. 1 . C. Carl Selph — Business Palatka Ann Severance — L.A. Stanford. Ky. Dean Shaw — L.A. Orange City Dennis Shaw L.A. Orange City Ronald Shelley -L.A. Jacksonville Bench Bobbie Shelton — L.A. Concord. ! . C. Joyce Shupe — Music Austell. Ca. Sonja Slagley — L.A. Tantpa Sharon Smallwood — Business Everglndes Frances Smith — Business Lnkelnnd Mary Smith — Business Miami William Speck — L.A. Ft. Lauderdale Joe Spikes — L.A. Douglas. Ga. Jane Spires — L.A. Stuart Doris Splangler — Business Titusville Janet Stanley — L.A. Coral Gables IVLirgaret Stephenson — -L.A. Jacksonville Scotlie Stewart — L.A. JncA-,s ,iii7 . i r i % ir ,. " ht. nr n f. r: C3 r iT, Arthur Slon L.A. Sarastftfi Jitunn Siinincr — Bu in ' Dailo City Kli iih( lh SuiiimcroH Business Hazelicood. A. C Sally Tail — L.A. Tampa Marv Taluni — L.A. Winter Haren Ann Taylor — L.A. DoLatuI (Carolina Taylor — L.A. Merrill Islanil Jepye Taylor — L.A. CreslvieK I ' alririu Taylor — Mu i ■ Fl. Pierre |{|■ .•rly Ttnnant — L.A. Tainiia Ann Thomas liu! in€- ! Lake Cily ickv Thonia: L.A. Jaeksmirille I ' alriria ThonipMin — L.A. Orlaiuh, Donald Thnrnian — L.A. Ilarana. Cuba Kcl Tinni-rnion — L.A. tllaiita. (ia. .Margaret Tuilur — Uu in ■ : DeLaiid Annette Tyner — L.A. I afle Cily Rl! .alii ' th arnuni — L.A. Saiijtinl Thelnia Viekers — Business DeLantI Coleman Vi aites — L.A. J«,A,s,» iii7 f. Julia Walker— Business Sarastftfi Marv W atkins — Iusio Orlando James Weaver — L.A. Ocala Terenee W ebb — L.A. Jacksonville Ted W est— L.A. Crescent Cilr Daniel Whitaker ..A. Sarasota Edwin Vt hit! Business ( rh,n,lo Freil W liiti Business tllanta. Ca. Kav Willianii L.A. DeLanil Joanne ilIiani on — Music liriiiisii i k. Ga. Erni-t Wilxin — L.A. lliiKer Haven (ii ' orse WIKon — iMusie Miami I ' eSKe W inner— L.A. Hradenton Judith W in lo»— L.A. If est flood stork. Vt. Virginia Vi ... ,l — L.A. Orlando Marlene Workman — L.A. Ft. Lauderdale Janie W rifiht — Business Itrookjield. Mass. W illiani oung — L.A. « A.s.. .ii7 e I ' l ' SS. ouns — Business Lake ft orlh I ' atriria urko — L.A. Coral Cables Barbara Zeigler — Business Clennvater K.Iix Zeigler— L.A. I ' erry LAW SENIORS STUDENT BAR OFFICERS WILSON SHERIDAN President DAVE O ' NEIL Vice-President JAMES MIARTON Secretary CLINTON CURTIS Treasurer JIM TRIBBLE Chief Justice Bar Exams . . . es, voiir honor . . . Mock court . . . Point of order . . . Jury Defendant . . . Mist?r District Attorney . . . Courtroom . . . Trail . . . Objections Sustained . . . Cverruled . . . Witness . . . Cross-examination . . . Verdict , Habeas Corpus. The Student Bar Officers iiicIiiHe Dave 0 " NeiI. Clinton Curtis. Wilson Sheridan. Jim Tril.ble. and James W harton. GARDNER W. BECKETT. JR. St. Petersburg Phi Delta Phi; Moot Court Committee. Chairman ; Wlio ' s Who. EDWARD H. BERGSTROM. JR. DeUaThelaPhi. 5 . Petersburg ARTHUR B. BLEECHER Miami Phi Delta Phi; Honor Court; Puhlieit) Conunittee, Chairman. SAMUEL B. BRAHM St. Petersburg Delta Theta Phi. Cleriv Rolls; Studeiil Bar Association, Social Chairman: Phi Delta Theta. CAROLYiN BEVILUE DANIEL Orlando Phi Delta Delta; Secretary Freshman Class; Agency and Partnership Book; A.L.S.A. Conference Committee; Student Bar Association. Secretary; Hatter Staff. Law Editor; Con- stitutional Revision Committee; Reporter Staff; Executive Com- mittee. Fifth (Circuit. A.L.S.A.; Library Committee, Chairman: Secretarv-Treasurer Junior Class; Moot Court Conunittee. Secretary; Law Day Committee; Handbook Conunittee. Chair- man; Christmas Charity Party Committee; A.L.S.A. Service AuanI: Who ' s W h,.. JAMES LEO DeMOULLY St. Petersburg Delta Theta Phi; A.L.S.A. Convention; Law Day Committee. RICHARD T. DILLON Tampa Chief Justice Honor Court: Phi li)lia Delta. Justice; President Junior Class. ROLFE D. DUGGAR Delta Theta Phi JOHN B. FREEBORN St. Petersburg Dunedin Delta Theta Phi. President: President Junior Class; Treasurer Senior Class. CI irns . GOLDEN Delta Theta Phi. 1 C 219 Yes, Your Honor! LAW SENIORS Gonzalez HaninionH Goodson Haygood Hahn Jones r ■ 1 , M i h Leonhardi Rosnian HENRY GONZALEZ Tampa Student Bar Association, Treasurer; Phi Alpha Deha. WILLIAM B. GOODSON Phi Alpha Delta. Tampa JAMES P. HAHN S-t. Petersburg Honor Court. Justice; Moot Court Team; Moot Court Club. Chairman; Phi Delta Phi; President. ice- President Senior Class; Who ' s Who; Honor Roll. GILMAN M. HAMMOND Marblehead, Mass. Student Bar Association. President; Delta Theta Phi. Dean. Vice Dean. ERVIN E. HAYGOOD Lakeland GEORGE W. JONES St. Petersburg Vice-President Senior Class; Stick and Glove Fraternity; Delta Theta Phi. LESTER S. KAFER St. Petersburg Student Bar Association. President; Delta Theta Phi: Legal Aid. Chairman; Vice-President Fresh- man Class; President Junior Class; Honor Court, Associate Justice; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who ' s Who. fS f f . Miller Mulholland INewsonie O ' Neil Ossinsky, L. Tribble Tucker Turbiville Wilder ' inters ARTHUR G. LEONHARDT. JR. Orlando THOMAS S. MILLER 5 . Pelerslmr{i Phi Delta Phi; Moot Court Committee; Les;al Aid. JAMES R. MULHOLLAND JACK S. NEWSOME St. Petersburg Tampa Phi .Alpha Delta. Vice Justice: Honor Court. Justice: Vice- President Junior Class. DAVID E. 0-NElL S Petersburg Phi Delta Phi: Eifth Circuit American Law .Student .Association. Vice-President; Student Bar Associati Honor ( ' ourt. Justice. Vice-President: LOUIS O.SSINSKV. JR. Daylona Beach lool ( ' ourt Committee: Musical Director for Graduation: Alpha Epsiloii Pi; Elorida Composer ' s League: Phi Mu Alpha. Sinfonia Professional Music Fraternity; Pi Kappa Lamhda. MARVLN A. ROS.MAN Miami Beach Phi Alpha Delta; Legal Aid; Virginia Par. JAMES E. TRIBBLE Gulfporl Kappa Sigma: Phi Alpha Delta: President Senior Class: Honor Court. Chief Justice: Dean ' s List. THOMAS M. TUCKER Phi Delta Phi; Moot Court. St. Petersburg JOHN F. TURBIVILLE Tampa Honor Court. Associate Justice: Delta Theta Phi. Vice Deaii. FRED J. W ILDER Dean ' s List. Clearwater MAX I. OSSINSKY Daytona Beach Student Bookstore, Chairman: Student Handbook Committee: Law Day Committee, Chairman; Student Bar Association, Parliamentarian. JAMES W. WINTERS Palm Beach Alpha Tau Omega; Delta Theta Phi: President Freshman Class: Student Bar Association. Executive Council. 221 LAW JUNIORS Firsl row: Paul Barnard, St. Petersburg; Wynng Casteel, St. Petersburg; Charles Corces, Tampa; Clinton Curtis, Bartow; Roger Ericson, Moline, 111.; Charles Franson, St. Pc-lersburg; Olive Green, Atlanta, Ga. Second row: Thomas Greene, Jacksonville; William Hogan, Clearwater; Lemuel HunnioutI, St. Petersburg; Everett Jones, Tampa; John Lafferty. St. Petersburg; Elmer Langford, Cooke- ville, Tenn.; John McCormick, White Springs. Third row: Obediah Miller, Erwin, Tenn.: Merrill Nelson, Holly Hill; David Porter, DeLand; Paul Potter, West Palm Beach; William Reiscbmann. St. Petersburg; Bill Roberts, DeLand; Steven Santa Cruz. Tampa. Fourth row: Wilson Sheridan, Ottawa, Canada; William Strode, Sarasota; Harold Taylor, Treasure Island; John Todd, Jackson- ville; Irwin Sheeler. St. Petersburg: Britlain Whitaker, Tampa; Henrv Williford. Sarasota. C ' ? ' . f fs f .oi n n tkU i ii tiki MA r? o ' . 1 fTs •5 -- r r . r c n f r Oi )»nlhia Ra kiii, Clearwali-r WalliT Bobbin. Si. Pclt-rrburg Allirrl Cazin. Tampa u (Chapman. Sara cita Juni - ( ofiburn. .Si. IVlersburg Jani -« Connolly. Si. IVler burg I ' hillip Fcnion. Hulliniorc. Md. Jox-pli FcrnanHcz. Tampa Kcnnrlh Gallin, Tallaha (■ i hola Gcorsc Daviona Beach (.biiuood GilM n, .Si. IVu-rsburg Franklin Green, Sarasota Joseph Gross, Oukdale, N. . Ed llouslon. Si. I ' elersburg BriH-e Jacob. Sl. IVlersburg Harold Johnson, .Sanford LAW FRESHMEN John Joiner, Sl. Petersburg Ilerberl L. Ivurras, Sl. I ' elersburg Miles McDonnell, St. Petersburg Donald McGregor, Sl. F ' etersburg Charles Mixon, Tampa Clvnch IVewsome, Tampa John Poller. ' csl Palm Beach Tim Bcil. . Sl. P.lersliur.; Raymond Rhodes. Sl. Petersburg Frank Roberson, iNe« Smyrna Beacli Charles Sams, New Smyrna Bt-ach Ralph Shilling. MassilloM. Ohio William Snyder, St. Pelershiirg Roy Speer, Key Vt ' est Ralph Sleinb.rg, Freehold. . J. Wallace Storey, Sl. Petersburg Robert Swelman, Winter Park Dan Thompson, Sl. Petei-sburg Edward Walton. Miami James Wharlon. Lakeland Robert Williams. (Milfport William Williams. Delray Beach John Sood.ilIe, Madiera B.ach Edward Ziegler, Marianna Supporters of student publications . . . townspeople and those in various parts of the country . . . tradesmen with whom the students deal. ADVERTISEMEATS I I 1 he (lity of DeLand and the DeLaiid Chamber of Conuiieree are proud of Stetson University ' s established record for training men and women for the business of living. Proud, too. they are of the recognition br«)ught to DeLand by the many individual students, student groups and alumni who are constantly presenting some phase of Stetson University — and consequently DeLand — to the Nation. J eLand and Stetson University together have more to offer winter visitors and new residents than ' most any other section of the State. If yon are intereste l in DeLand as a vacation spot or a place of permanent residence, Mrite CHAMBER OF COMMERCE DeLAND, FL ORIDA 225 Compliments of Suwannee Transfer, Inc. Best Wishes A. R. COGSWELL " Since 1921 " CO. BLUE PRINTS— PHOTOSTAT COPIES Engineering Architectural Supplies 433 West Bay Street P. 0. Bo i 25 Jacksonville 1, Florida INSURED SAVINGS HOME LOANS First Federal Savings and Loan Association of DAYTONA BEACH We Hope We Hove Helped to Brighten Your College Year Kemp ' s Do-Nut Shop You ' re Always Welcome Even If Only to Say Hi Come See . . . You ' ll Save! SUPER MARKETS OF FLORIDA 226 Get FULL HOUSEPOWER w LIVE BETTER... x 5SISS S85SS4. pf; ' ' c,„t 227 • COMPLIMENTS OF F. N . DE HUY SON JEWELERS and SILVERSMITHS A Complete Repair Service 139 N. Bou levard DeLand, Florida • BILL HOLLER Motor Sales your CHEVROLET - OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC DEALER Phone RE. 4-2261 550 So. Blvd. PORTRAIT COMMERCIAL DIRECT COLOR Kent ' s Photo Shop Studio 216 Nor th Bouleva rd Delan d, Florida Authorized Dealer P. 0. Box EASTMAN KODAK 748 BELL HOWELL GRAFLEX Telephone POLAROID RE. 4-5490 Penney ' s DeLAND FLORIDA Compliments of BETTY DREKA SHOP WHERE STETSON STUDENTS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME 105 S. Boulevard DeLand, Florida A FRIEND 228 Till iiKirk vj till uii) Ill ' s most fanioits hril THE HALLMARK by STETSON... smart ' n7 bound edge and medium height crown $12.95 THE SUSSEX by STETSON... a natural silhouette with the exclusive Stetson hand-felted Mode Edge $15 JOHN B. STETSON CO Philadelphia 229 Compliments of Petroleum Carrier Corporation Jacksonville, Florida EASTERN SEABOARD PETROLEUM CO., Inc. FUEL OIL Safe and Dependable 6531 Evergreen Ave. Jacksonville 6, Florida HART, SCHAFFNER MARX CLOTHES ARROW SHIRTS DOBBS HATS quii ' MEN ' S WEAR 120 North Beach Street (Four Doors South of Morrison ' s Cafeteria) THE BARNETT NATIONAL BANK " A Florida Landmark " DELAND— JACKSONVILLE— COCOA— ST. AUGUSTINE Member Federal Reserve System and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 230 Congratulations to the Class of 1957 WOODALL ' S MOBILE HOME PARK DIRECTORY TRAILER TRAVEL MAGAZINE Woodall Publishing Company 121 WestWacker Drive Chicago 1, Illinois 231 CONGRATULATIONS . . . Graduates of the Class of ' 57 FLORIDA BANK AT DELAND No matter where the path may lead, please accept our best wishes for a future full of happiness, prosperity and continued good fortune. MEMBER: Florida National Group Federal Deposit ' Insurance Corporation The Deland Sun -News is read daily and Sunday 1 for news of STETSON ACT 1 VITI ES Compliments of MITCHELL CLEANERS WW) 309 N. Boulevard Phone RE. 4-3497 Atlantic Ice Compa ny BbllER REFRIGERATION AT LOWER COST Phone RE. 4-2515 DeLond C o m p li m e n t s of ATHENS LAUNDRY 143 East Voorhis D( ;Land Mclra Drug Center, Inc. (Formerly Toucton Drug Co.) The REXALL Store 100 South Boulevard Deland, Florida FRIERSON ' S ON THE BOULEVARD " You Can Be Sure If It ' s Westinghouse " GERALD E. FRIERSON, Owner 232 tdlii XI] LiU 1 SAVE DOUBLE WHEN YOU SHOP AT WINN-DIXIE FOOD STORES LOWEST PRICES ANYWHERE PLUS TOP VALUE STAMPS Compliments of ALLEN-SUMMERHILL FUNERAL HOME J. E. SUMMERHILL, Funeral Director Phone 4-4663 24-Hour Ambulance Service ESTABLISHED 1877 126 East New York Ave. DeLond, Florida FREDDY-LOU Silk Screened " T " Shirts Printed To Order for Schools, Clubs, Camps, and Organizations WE DURA CLEAN RUGS, FURNITURE and AUTOMOTIVE UPHOLSTERY DeLand Municipal Airport Phone RE. 4-2072 Compliments of C. E. BOHREN BARBER SHOP 134 N. Boulevard COMPLIMENTS OF G. G. SMITH DRUGS Headquorters for Revlon — Lanvin — Christian Dior Helena Rubinstein — Lentheric — Dorsoy Tabu — Guerlain — Old Spice — Seaforth Max Factor ' s — Coty — Faberge — Angelique Houbigant — Chant illy — Richord Hud nut EDUCATION IS A NEVER-ENDING PROCESS . served best by the daily newspaper as indispensoble text-book, staunch ally, indutiable conveyor of knowledge from every area of the earth, and reporter covering every conceivable subject. A Newspaper That Demonstrates Its Beliefs in Education By Serving It Diligently and Practically Is The News-Journal Corporat-ion Daytona Beach, Florida Publisher of DAYTONA BEACH MORNING JOURNAL DAYTONA BEACH EVENING NEWS and THE SUNDAY NEWS-JOURNAL Owner-Operator of The News-Journal Radio Stotions — WNDB WNDB-fm — together constituting the chief news sources of the peo- ple of the greot middle East Coost section of Florida. 283 Anything as valuable as a CUSTOMER belongs in this Bank! IJ IIO I TrVST ( MPAJiY CENTRAL AT NINTH MEWDER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM MEMBER rcc ERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. A4 a O S BROTHERS DEPARTMENT STORES Fine MAAS STORES in Tampa — St. Petersburg — Lakeland — Sarasota Compliments of FEASEL PAINT AND GLASS COMPANY DELAND FLORIDA R U 1 MEN ' LAN S STORE D FOR THE WELL DRESSED MAN OF CENTRAL FLORIDA Stores in ST. PETERSBURG CLEARWATER 234 FOUNTAINS For Fifty Years Central Florida ' s Finest Store For Men Deland Florida BEST WISHES WALTER MANN 2ai; ,ARK CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1957 MASSACRE DAW CLAM Morris ' DeLand ' s Finest Restaurant A Favorite With Students 207 North Boulevard 236 A Florida Tradition for 88 Years FURCHGOTT S DEPARTMENT STORE JACKSONVILLE DAYTON A BEACH DeLa rid Federal Savings and Loan Association THE HOME OF INSURED SAVINGS 146N. Floi ida Ave. DeLand, Florida Congratulations to Graduates of 1957 from . . . Coston ' s Laundry Dry Cleaning DeLAND ' S LATEST METHODS IN DRY CLEANING Odorless Cleaning — Sta-Nu Finishing Phone RE 3-3052 221 S. Florida Ave. CONGRATULATIONS TO SENIORS OF 1957 THE CONRAD COMPANY BONDS INSURANCE 118 West New York Avenue DeLond, Florida Phone RE 4-2272 a 11: 11 a 1 s V ' -.1 Original layouts, distinctive typography and sparkling reproduction that give your annuol the luxurious appearance impossible to obtain by standard layout, mass-production methods. W C t t4V| 1 1 TRINITY EGA U R , PLACE I R G I r I

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Stetson University - Hatter Yearbook (DeLand, FL) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Stetson University - Hatter Yearbook (DeLand, FL) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Stetson University - Hatter Yearbook (DeLand, FL) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Stetson University - Hatter Yearbook (DeLand, FL) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Stetson University - Hatter Yearbook (DeLand, FL) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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