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« y. ) frl f i £ ' v GIFT OP JOHN B. STETSON UNIVERSITY 3 4369 00415041 4 H-7 book must not be taken from ibrary building. ERNON JOBSON Editor-in-Chief JOHN DIXON Business Manager - 4P . ' 1 TO THE RECORDS OF A YEAR AT DELAXD . FLORIDA IT STARTED WITH moMm : m§ n Y M THE JUHKHty Mm- HAVE THEIR PLACE A.XD IT ALL LED TO -■ " . mm Kwifc- . . OPENING SECTION DEDICATION ADMIN ISTRATION GRADUATES • SPECIAL STUDENTS LAW SCHOOL CLASSES ACTIVITIES SPORTS ORGANIZATIONS GREEKS FEATU RES Ml LITARY DR. H . W . HURT For outstanding contributions to Stetson University as Director of Admissions, and for his never failing interest in all students, we are proud to have the privilege of dedicating the 1956 HATTER to Dr. H. W. Hurt, a man whose warm smile and kindly actions have enshrined hi memory in the hearts of hundreds of Stetson alums . . . i 12 ; . V THE A I) l I Once again, u have demonstrated lliat Stetson spirit has faith in the future! Mter the Christmas lire of L954 had destroyed our onl) dining facility. I asked you whether ..u wished the dining room immediatel) rebuilt with the fire insurance receipts or whether you would he willing to wait for funds to lie raised for a dining room large enough for our increased -Indent body. With one voice, you said you preferred to wait for a larger Commons. Within a few months, sufficient funds were in hand to build this new Commons. Hut. something else had happened |. then. P this time, you were making light of the inconvenience of standing in lines outdoors while waiting to get into the basement of the Men ' s Gymnasium to a hastily-improvised, temporary cafeteria. and mi were dreaming of something more than a Commons, i ou talked about a Student I nion Build- in which would be the center-piece of the campus— a building in which all the students could center their social and recreational activities, with dining facilities occupying onl) one portion. Without a dis- senting voice, you urged that the money we had accumulated not be used now to build a separate dining hall, hut that additional funds he sought to finance the larger project - tomorrow. Two ears ma not he ver long in the seventy-three year life-span of an institution. But. it is a long time for students of one generation to suffer inconveniences in order that students of another generation may have a richer college life, and so, in the name of future Stetson men and women who will enjoy all the pleasant experiences to come with the new Student Union Building. 1 salute the -tudents of 1955 and L956 and say: " Thank you. Once again, you have proved that Stetson spirit has faith in the future— faith that the best days of Stetson are ahead of us. " President J. OLLIE EDMUNDS 1ST RATION CHARLES H. FRANKLIN Business Manager C. HOWARD HOPKINS Dean of the University ;eor ;f. w. hood Dean of Men. Director of Guidance ETTER McTEER TURNER Dean of omen MARY ED A PARKER Assistant Dean of Women ttf j s ff - A. F. TUTTLE Director of Admissions J. BLANFORD TAYLOR Director of News Bureau f CARL H. JOHNSON Assistant Dean of Men ♦ I I ■ __. BARBARA ROW E Registrar WILLIAM II. McCAMMON Director of Rcligiou Activities G. E. GILL1LAND Director of Alumni Affairs EVERETTE JOHNSON Purchasing Agenl LIBERAL ARTS The College of Liberal Arts is the oldest and largest of the four universit) colleges. Elizabeth Hall. Flagler Science Hall and Holmes Hall comprise the classroom area. While attending Stetson, ever) student comes in contact with the Liberal Arts School. It is the core of the education of every student, from the business student to the music or law major. The Liberal Arts prepares student-- to enter the world to earn gainful em- ployment and instills them with a permanent love and appreci- ation of the arts, letters and sciences which surround us. This in itself gives an added enjoyment and enrichment to our lives. WILLIAM H. McENIRY Dean of Liberal Arts School LIBERAL ARTS SCHOOL OFFICERS: DONNA ROE, Vice-President; MALCOLM GLASS, Treasurer; MARY ALICE SMITH, Secretary; WAYNE CHASTA1N, President. RAY V. SOWERS. Professor of Education, 1 HR, A.B.. LL.D.. Florida South- ern College; M.A.. University of North Carolina. RANDOLPH LAURIE CARTER. Professor of Education. 1444. A.B., Mercer Universitj ; M.A., Columbia Universitj : Ph.D.. Peabody College. FRANK R. TUBBS. Assistant Director of Interns. 1947, A. B.. Maryville Col- lege; M.S.. University of Tennessee. RUBERT JAMES LONGSTREET. Professor of Education, 1949, B.S.. LL.B., Stetson University; M.A., Duke University. RUTH 1. SMITH. Assistant Professor of Education, 1954, B.S.. Pennsylvania Slate Teachers College, Slippery Rock; M.A., Ed.D., University of Pittsburgh. JOHN L. HODGES. Assistant Professor of German, 1954, A.B., M.A.. Ph.D.. University of North Carolina. FRANCES CLABAUGH THORNTON. Professor of French. 1934. A.B.. M.A., Stetson University; Docteur es Lettres de [ ' Universite de Toulouse. JAMES . sTF.W RT. Professor of Philosophy and Dean of the (.hapei. 1955. Diploma in Theology. Baptist Theological College of Ireland: M.R.E.. New Orleans Theological Seminary; Ph.D.. Eastern I niversity; D.D.. Stet- son University. BENSON WILMS DAVIS. Professor of Philosophy and Classical Languages, 1938. .P... M.A., Ph.D.. Urv ' versity of North Carolina. DORIS MM. R.IONA. Professor of Spanish. 1938. A.B.. University of Mich- igan; M.A., Ph.D.. Universitj of Chicago: Litt.D.. Northern Michigan College. ESTHER l. HICK. Assistant Professor of Physical Education, 1941. B.S.. l. .. Stetson 1 niversity. JOE BERRY. Instructor in Physical Education. 1953. B.S., Bowling Green State I niversity. SAR STAFF JERNIGAN. Professor of Physical Education, 1937. U.S.. M.A.. Stetson I niversity. VRREN CASSIUS COWELL, ' Professoi of Physical Education. 1935. B.S.. Kansas State Agricultural College: M.A., I niversity of Florida. ELIZABETH AUTREY, issociate Professor of Physical Education. 1946, B.S., Florida State College for Women: M.S.. I niversitj of Wisconsin. WESLEY 1. BERNER, issistant Professoi of Physical Education. 1947. B.S., Pacific 1 niversity: M.A.. Stetson I niversity. .1. DAVID BARBER, Issistant Professoi of Political Science, 1955. A.B., M.A., Universitj " I Chicago. E UNS COMBS JOHNSON, Assistant Professor ol History and Political Science, 1953. .l ' ,.. M.A., I nil :rsity of Alabama; Ph.D.. University of North ( iaroliua. JAMES MELVIN I ' KK.l. Issistant Professor of History, 1953. B.A., State Uni- versitj of Iowa; M.A., Columbia University. ROYAL GLENN HALL. Visiting Professoi of History, 1953, V.B., Park Col- lege; B.D., Auburn Theological Seminary; M.A., Universitj of Kansas; Ph.D.. University of Chicago. WESLEY E. FARMER. Colonel, USA. Professor ol Military Science and Tat tics, 1952. A.B.. University of Washington. ALBERT M. AVERY. JR.. Captain, USA. Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics. 1954. B.S.C.. University of Mississippi. REX T. HENRY. Major. USA. Assistant Professor of Militan Science and Tactics. 1954. B.S.C.. Drake University. VERNON R. KIELY. Assistant Professor of Economics, 1955. B.S.. M.S., Iowa State College. JAMES A. SARTAIN, Assistant Professor of Sociology, 1955. B.S.. Alabama State Teachers College, Troy; M.A.. Peabody College. RICHARD F. ERICSON. Professor of Economics. 1952. A.B.. M.B.A.. Uni- versity (if Chicago; Ph.D., Indiana University. SIDNEY B. DENMAN, Assistant Professor ol Social Psychology. 1950. A.B.. Mississippi College: M.A., Tulane University. MELVIN J. WILLIAMS. Professor of Sociology. 1952. A.B.. B.D.. Ph.D.. Duke University. JOHN E. BARTHEL. Assistant Professor of Economics. 1955. Diplom-Volks- wirt. Doktor rer. pol.. University of Berlin. WILLIAM H. McCAMMON. JR.. Assistant Professor ol Religion. 1952. A.B., University of Tennessee. M.R.E.. D.R.E.. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. E. EARL JOINER, Assistant Professor of Religion. 1955. A.B.. Stetson Uni- versity; B.D., Th.M., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. THOMAS E. McCOLLOUGH. Assistant Professor of Religion. 1955. B.B.A.. LIniversity of Texas; B.D.. Th.D.. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. W. LAWRENCE H1GHFILL. Assistant Professor of Religion. 1953. A.B.. Wake Forest College; B.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Ph.D.. Duke University. OLIVER LaFAYETTE WALKER. Professor of Religion, 1945. A.B.. Howard College; Th.M.. Th.D.. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. CARL HERBERT JOHNSON. Assistant Professor of Geography. 1935. B.S., M.A., Stetson University. CURTIS MILTON LOWRY, Professor of Mathematics and Engineering. 1926. B.S. in M.E., M.A.. M.E.. BuckneU University. EMMETT S. ASHCRAFT, Associate Professor of Mathematics. 1949. B.S.. Wake Forest College; M.A.. University of North Carolina. ROBERT S. CHAUV1N, Assistant Professor of Geography. 1950. B.S., State University Teachers College. Plattsburg. New York; M.Ed.. University of Houston: M.A.. Ed. I).. Columbia University. MORGAN WELCH. Assistant Professor of Journalism. 1949. B.S.. M.S.. North- western University. BOYCE FOWLER EZELL, Professor of Psychology, 1922, A.B.. Furman Uni- versity; M.A.. Stetson University; Ph.D., University of South Carolina. WARREN F. JONES. JR.. Assistant Professor of Psychology, 1955. B.S.. Union University; M.A., Peabody College: Ph.D.. Vanderbilt University. El GENE R. STREICH, Assistant Professor of Psychology, 1952, Ph.B.. Uni- versity of Wisconsin; M.Litt., University of Pittsburgh. DOROTHY LANGFORD FULLER. Associate Professor of Biology, 1941, A.B.. M.A., Stetson University. KEITH L. HANSEN. Assistant Professor of Biology. 1955. M.S.. M.S.. Stetson University: Ph.D., University of Florida. ALBERT M. WINCHESTER. Professor of Biology, 1947. A.B.. Baylor Uni- versity; M.A., Ph. I .. 1 niversitj of Texas. 1. DALE SUMMERS, Assistant Professor of Art. 1955, B.F.A.. University of Illinois. JOHN V. VAUGHEN. Professor of Chemistry, 1946, A.B.. Oberlin College: Ph.D.. Johns Hopkins University. LOUIS FREUND, Artist in Residence, 1949, University of Missouri: St. Louis School of Fine Arts: Colerossi Academy. Paris; Princeton University; Fine rts Center. Colorado Springs. THEODORE W. BE1LER. Issociate Professor of Chemistry, 1953. B.S.. Alle- gheny College; M.A., Ph.D., Harvard University. VERA BUCK HALL. I isiting Associate Professor of Modern Languages. 1953. .B.. Colorado State College of Education: M.A.. Colorado College; Ph.D.. of Iowa. I RY TRIBBLE LOW RY Associate Professor of English and Secretary of the Fa nits, 1 j2.t. Ph. I!., M.A., ici on University. I ' .DW RD . McDOWELL. 111. Assistant Professor of English. 1954. LB., Furman University; B.D.. Yale University: M.A.. Yanderhill I imersity. WILLIAM HUGH McENIRY, JR.. Professor of English. 1910. A.B.. Birming- ham-Southern College: M.A.. Ph.D.. Vanderbilt Llniver.-ity. AUDREY BRUNE. Assistant Professor of English. 1955. A.B.. New York Uni- versit) : M.A., State Uriiversit) oi Iowa. JOHN HICKS. Professor of English. 1949, V.B., M.A., Universits of Louis- ville; Ph.D.. University of Iowa. GUI OWEN, JR.. Assistant Professor of English. 1955. A.B.. M.S.. Ph.D.. Universits of North Carolina. in RON H. GIBSON, 1 ' roiessor of English. 1946, V.B., Birmingham-Southern College; M.A.. Ph.D.. I niversitj of Illinois. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION The School of Business was established in 1940. It is housed in its own building on the main campus. The college graduate entering business without special preparation suffers a handi- cap; similarly one who confines his study to business is hand- icapped. The program of the School of Business, therefore, is a combination of academic and business subjects. The Faculty endeavors to cultivate in students those qualities of mind and character that will make useful citizens with high ideals of business morality and social responsibility. Students are en- couraged to acquire a clear understanding of modern industrial soi ict and of their responsibilities and opportunities in it. I! I EDWARD C. FURLONG Detnt of Business School £ BUSINESS SCHOOL OFFICERS: FRED SEMAIN1E. Treas- urer; LOUISE SMART, Secretary; JAMES MARSEE, Vice- President; BOBBY CRUMPTON, President. CLINTON A. BERGSTRESSER, Visiting Assistant Professor ol Business Administration, 194H. A.H., M.A.. Lafayette College: M.S., University of Pennsylvania. CAROL J. N1CKLAS, Assistant Professor ol Secretarial Science, 1954; B.S., M.B.A., Indiana University. riiWk l. PHILLIPS. I isiting Professor of Mathematics ami Statistics; Bachelor of Didactics. Newton College; Master of Didactics, Iowa State Normal School; A. 15.. Iowa State Teach- ers College; M.A., State University of Iowa; Ph.D.. University of Chicago. G. WILLARD FREEMAN. Visiting Professor of Business idmin- is ration: D.B.S., Webber College. DAVID . MILLER. Assistant Professor of Business Adminis- tration, 1955; U.S.. B.A., University of Florida; C.P.A. NI)HM SMITH. Secretary to the Dean of Business Adminis- tration. VERNON R. KIELY, Assistant Professor ol Economics, 1955; U.S.. M.S.. lima State College. ROGER 0. GILES, I isiting Instructor in Business Administra- tion; A.I!.. Florida Southern College; LL.B., Cumberland Uni- versity; 1. 1. .11.. Stetson University. ARTHUR H. LEAVITT, Assistant Professor of Business Admin- istration: M.E.. Cornell University. MAXINE L. PATTERSON, Associate Professor of Secretarial Science. 1948: U.S.. Man Washington College of the University of Virginia: M.B.E.. I ' nis er-it of Colorado. DAVID M. BEIGHTS, Professor of Accounting, L953; V.B., Uni- versitj ol Colorado; M.S.. Ph.D.. University of Illinois, C.P.A. GAIL Ml RPHY, isiting Assistant Professor of Business Admin- istration. 1955; M.F.T.. American Institute for Foreign Trade. 25 IIOOI Ol MUSIC The Stetson School of Music is a member of the National Association of Schools of Music. The school prepares stu- dents for the music professions, including the teaching of music in the public schools and the directing of church music. There is a preparatory department for children and for students whose previous training has been insufficient. The School is housed in DeLand Hall and Annex with sepa- rate facilities for the bands and the orchestra in the Band Hall. A specialized music library supplements the music- literature collections of the University Library. CLAl. ' DE M. ALMAND Opoii of Mnsi - School Ml SIC SCHOOL OFFICERS: EARL WILLIAMS. Vice-President; JEANE SCULLER, President; PHYLLIS HANCOCK. Secretary; PAT FIGl ERO. TreaMirer. MAIO BA1 DWIN I ' OW ELL. Assistant Professor of Voire. 1953. B.M., W ' -]eyan College; M.M.. Louisiana State I Diversity. DONALD l HARLES ' l VXLEY, issistant Professor ol Wind and Per- cussion Instruments. 1949. B.M.. M.A., Stetson I Diversity. ELEANOR LEEK. Associate Professor ol I ioloncello and Theory. 1946. B.M., M.M.. Eastman School of Music. RICHARD McDOWELL FEASEL, Associate Professor ol Kind Instru- ments. 1946, B.M., M.A., Stetson University. EDGAR CI DDEBACK STRIKER. Instructor in Music Literature. Theory, ami Piano. 1954. B.M., Stetson University; M. L. Florida State I Diversity. KATHLEEN ALLEN JOHNSON. Assistant Professor of Piano. 1951. B.M., Stetson University; A.I!.. Eastman School of Music; M.A., Stetson I Diversity. VERONICA DAM- GOVE, Professor of Music Education. 1931. B.M.. I niversitj ol Illinois: M.A.. Columbia University. ROGER I.. CI SHM . Associate Professor of Piano and Theory. 1950. B.M., M.M., ' tale University; Piano with Harold Bauer. Nicholas Medtner, and Tobian Matthay. RUTH RICHARDSON CARR. ssisiant Professor of Church Music, 1946, B.S., Houghton Co liege; M.M.. Eastman School of Music. HAROLD MILNE GIFFIN, Professor of Voice, 1935, VI!.. Denison University; B.M., M.A., Eastman School of Music. I VCK HADDOIN COLDIRON. Instructor in loi,e. 1955. B.M., Metson I niversity. JACK CALVIN HOWE. Instructor in Church Musi ' . 1951. .B.. Oua- chita College: M.S.M., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. CLAI DE M. I. 1 M). Professor ol Music, 1953. VI!.. B.M., Louisi- ana College: M.M., Louisiana tatc University; Ph.D., University " t Rochester. FRANK H. LUKER, Visiting Professor „i Piano, 1952, VI!.. Boston I niversity. GRADUATES AND SPECIAL STUDENTS DR. WILLIAM H. McENIRY Chairman of Graduate Council GRADUATE STUDENTS W. Bruce Abernethy Edward John Akers Amir II. Atlikhani Norma Monaghan Avery George Paul Burhans Vina Mangligot Daludado Donald K. Emery David M. Garrison Paul T. Hanloii Ami! Fred Hennings Agnes L. Hurd Fay J. Kriceic John Kenneth Lynch Jahan Ara Malik Richard Warren Pearce Mary Tyler Prichard Elizabeth Theresa Rigby Jean Kathryn Suppell Betty Jean Temple Richard Louis Towle Douglas F. Wessell Alma Morris Wright SPECIAL STUDENTS ABERNETHY DALUDADO TEMPLE Viola Hage George Joseph Rau Doris Ann Slaughter 28 COLLEGE OF LAW -.;. -•m ■ " twrnP H. L. SEBRING Dean of Late School ADMINISTRATION The College of Law was founded in 1900 and it has the distinction of being the oldest law school in the state of Florida. It was located in DeLand until the summer of 1954. At this time the College was moved to a new ten-acre campus in the Gulfport section of St. Petersburg, Florida. The new location provides ready access to the courts, agencies, and all institutional facilities of the entire Tampa Bay metropolitan area, the largest concentration of population in Florida. The buildings themselves are representations of Spanish architecture, complete with a replica oi the famous Golden Tower of Seville. The stud) " I law is a twentv-four hour a dav process and the air of fine living on this campus provides a good atmosphere for the stud) that is required for prospective attorneys. I PROPOSED H. F. ARCHIBALD Business Manager GEORGIANA SHELDON Registrar GLADYS S. HENDERSON Librarian MARY BETH TOLLESON Food Serviee Direetor V WA r?y B p r . ! - ' X-:;. ,„r LAW LIBRARY i i Jr i N i FACULTY GRANVILLE MASON ALLEY. JR.. Lecturer in Law; A.B.. Stetson I rmersity: LL.B.. I niversity of Alabama: I.L.M.. Columbia University. JAMES (). DAVIS. JR.. Lecturer in Law: LL.B.. Univers ity of Alabama. BAY M. HARRISON. JR.. Lecturer in Law: LL.B., Uni- versity of Floriila. ROY FRANCIS HOWES, Professor of Law: M.A.. Man- ford I Diversity; LL.B.. Cornell University; S.J.D., New 1 oik I niversity. WILLIAM O. MORRIS. Assistant Professor of Law: V.B., College of William and Mary: LL.B.. I ni er-it of Illinois. FRANCIS BATES NICHOLSON, Assistant Professor of Law: A.B.. Wofford College: LL.B.. University of South Carolina: LL.M.. The George Washington I niversity. WILLIAM REECE SMITH. JR.. Lecturer in Law: B.S., I niversity of South Carolina: LL.B.. University of Flor- iila. Ill RTOIS STEVENSON, tssistant Professor of Law: U.S.. LL.B.. Ohio State University; LL.M., Yale I niversity. JOHN .1. TRENAM, Lecture! in Law; B.S., LL.B., George- town I niversity. VICTOR o. WEHLE, Lecturer in Law: LL.B.. Cornell 1 Inivei sity. 31 OFFICERS C. JOHN COMGLIO President ROBERT E. FLIER Vice President C. RAY GREENE. JR. . . Secretury-Treasurer GEORGE W. PHILLIPS, JOSEPH W. FLEECE, JR Honor Court Justices LAW s i: ions Burke Bushiu ' ll Castor Catania Coniglio Foil . Fuer Gillespie 32 CARROLL A. BURKE Sanlord Phi Delta Phi; Clerk. Honor Court. ROSWELL BUSHNELL, III DeLand Thomas Law Club; Vice President, Stetson Student Bar Associa- tion; Justice. Phi Aloha Delta. DONALD F. CASTOR St. Petersburg JAMES A. CATANIA, JR. Hasbrouck Heights, V. J. Clerk, Honor Court: Executive Committee: Chairman of Annual Party: Public Relations Committee. C. JOHN CONIGLIO Tampa Honor Court: President. Senior Class. JOHN R. FOLTZ St. Petersburg Sigma Phi Epsilon; Delta Theta Phi: Legal Aid Program; Treas- urer. President. Stetson Student Bar Association. ROBERT E. FLER St. Petersburg Chief Justice. Honor Court. WILLIAM 1. OILLESP1E Veto Smyrna Beach Clerk. Honor Court: Phi Alpha Delta. RAYMOND HODGES St. Petersburg I ' M I. H. LEE Orlando Phi Delta Phi; Social Chairman. Rush Chairman. Lambda Chi Alpha: President, Scabbard Blade: Outstanding Cadet I R. O. T. C.I 1953. JAMES P. MANSFIELD St. Petersburg Historian, Clerk. Phi Delta Phi: Chief Justice. Honor Court. GI EN OSBORNE. JR. Orlando President. Junior Cla--: Chief Justice. Honor Court: Phi Delta Phi. ROBERT C. SALISBURY Palm Beach Honor Court; Associate Editor. Stetson Survey of Law: Chairman. Legal Aid Program Committee; Historian. Phi Delta Phi. ALLEN R. SAM! ELS St. Petersburg S. WILLIAM SOHNCEN. JR. St. Petersburg WILLIAM S. WREN DeLand Pi Kappa Phi: ODK: Scroll ke : Who ' s Who: Sigma Delta Pi; Men ' s Council: Magister. Phi Delta Phi. Hodges Lee Mansfield Osborne Salisbury Samuels Sohngen Wren -n 33 LAW J I I O It S OFFICERS RICHARD T. DILLON President RORERT E. JAGGER Vice President JAMES L. DeMOULLY Secretory-Treasurer JOHN J. DiVITO Honor Court Justice JAMES P. HAHN Honor Court Justice P i ■ ' % Mi Life o 4ii ii - : Samuel R. Rrahm .Sf. Petersburg Carolyn R. Daniel Orlando Richard T. Dillon Tampa John J. DiVito Philadelphia. Pa. Curlis A. Golden St. Petersburg James P. Hahn Lakeland Ervin Haygood Lakeland II. Eugene Johnson Tampa George W. Jones ..Sf. Petersburg Lester S. Kafer IT infer Park Arthur Leonhardt. Jr. Orlando Ann Longshore St. Petersburg Jack S. Newsome Tampa David E. O ' Neil Bar City. Mich. Louis Ossinsky, Jr. Dartona Beach Max Ossinsky Dartona Beach Raymond Tavare; Tampa Jo Ann Taylor Tallahassee William H. Linger St. Petersburg James W. Winters Palm Beach LAW i it i: s ii ji i: OFFICERS JAMES W. WINTERS • ■ ■ President RUSSELL TROUTMAN Vice President HOWARD RORDEN Secretary JOHN R. FREERORN Treasurer H. EUGENE JOHNSON Honor Court Justice WILLIAM C. STRODE Honor Court Justice Robert Rearinger Orlando Gardner W. Reekett St. Petersburg Grover C. Criswell, Jr. St. Petersburg Clinton A. Curtis Bartow Roger Erieson Rorfc Island. III. Alan E. Fearns St. Petersburg Harvey S. Firestone III Akron. Ohio Charles J. Franson Orlando Thomas H. Greene Jacksonville John A. Guvton, Jr. Tampa William E. Hogan, Jr. C eoricofer Lemuel S. Hunnirutt St. Petersburg Orville C. Johnson Orlando Elmer D. Langford Cookville. Tenn. William H. Lott Eureka. III. Joe A. MrClain Zephyrhills Harvey D. MrCollum, Jr. Plant Citr M. Terry MeNab Tampa Gerald R. McNulty St. Petersburg Ralph Maier Venice William J. Roberts DeLand William R. Stark Michigan City. Ind. Robert A. Stebbins Euslis John C. Stetson Rochester. V. Y. ' W illiam C. Strode Sarasota John I. Todd. Jr. Jacksonville William J. Touchton, Jr. FT inter Haven II. Russell I i ..hi mill Huntington. W, Va. V. Yale Whidden Tampa Fred J. Wilder Clearwater O o d « »JW , «v.v :V STUDENTS LEARIV VIEWS OF STETSON LAW SCHOOL AT THE BEAUTIFUL CAMPUS I --! , 4 M .- • - « i m mm k : m. A NEW IDEAS AMONGST ' s T v |H| P E T E It S B U G OLD SURROUNDINGS f- ii Urn i i «»».,, - - ? i»- . lirt ■•■•i ' [ ■M i ' " - ' - ' ■ ' ■■•r. v - " - - ■•. ■• ,. -♦ •. i X XM , I % • ■ ■ ■ " ■■ . ' ' • " ' . ' » " ' - ' » " : ' ■ ■J.:T - - iH-iimt n ' ii.iifaiT, friftftfiyrf From the men and women who follow in the Class Section will come leaders in a variety of professions; leaders who will carry with them into their fields the Stetson ideals. ■ OFFICERS MARTIN STEPHENS President CAROLINE MelNNIS Vice President SUE REYNOLDS Secretary CAROLYN McMULLEN Treasurer Standing: Martin Stephens and Caroline Mclnnis Sealed: Sue Reynolds and Carolyn MeMullen. THE SENIOR CLASS During our four years here at Stetson, the Class of .% has seen many changes. Probably the most drastic was the fire of " undetermined origin " that destroyed the Commons building in our Junior year when we were vacationing at home during Christmas. We have seen the erection of five new dormitories for the men and North Hall for the women. One of our last and biggest sur- prises was the announcement that plans for the $1,000,000 Student Union Building were complete and that we mav hope to see it standing not too many homecomings hence when we return as " old alums. " s the years pass on we shall forget much that has happened during our tenure here, but some memories will lasi throughout. With the last notes of the Recessional sounding in our ears, we put away our caps and gowns, realizing thai this is it. and we are Seniors no longer. PAUL KERCHER Senior Editor 42 li.iiiilii nl i Ball CAPS, GOWNS, TASSLES, DIPLOMAS ADAMS, DOROTHY JEAIN St. Augustine MUSIC: Alpha Dexioma; Y. W. A., Music Director; A. G. O.: Soi ial Leader; Sub-Dean: Glee Club, " Key Member. " Publicity Man- ager; Travel Squad: Phi Beta: Madrigal Group: B. S. U. Executive Council. Music Director. ALLEN, ENGENE .. .. Ministerial Association, Treasurer. Mian ALLEN. JOHN NELSON .. A. Lakeland ALMAND. ORAN D Ml Sll Glee Club. Student Leader: Travel Squad. Tampa ALTMAN, MERYYN Columbus. Ca. MUSIC; Transfer Student; (dee Club. Men ' s Business Manager: Travel Squad; Pi Kappa Phi: It. S. U.; .. G. O.; Rules and Pro- cedure Committee. AMORT, ALBERT R. BUSI.XESS. DeLaml ANDERSON, ANN Hiami L. A.: Delta Delta Delta: Theta Alpha Phi. President: Sigma Delta Pi. Historian; Freshman Advisor. ARNETTE. SADIE Port St. Joe L. A.: Women ' s Executive Council, Secretar : Chaudoin House Coun- cil; V W. .: P.. S. I . BAINBRIDGE. NORMA JEAN Palatka .. A.: Delta Delta Delta. Rush Chairman; Pan-Hellenii Council; l ' . S. (J., Executive Council: North Hall House Council: F. T. A.. Chaplain: Freshman Advisor. BALL, GENEVA LOl ISE L. A. DeLand 43 Beasley Bohanun Bowers Best Booker Bowers SENIORS BEASLEY, JULIA ELAINE Sarasota L. A. BEST, DAVID Fi. Meade BUSINESS; " S " Club; Varsitj Football; Sigma Nu. BOIIANAN, JOHN HUDSON Lakeland BUSINESS; Pi Kappa Phi, Treasurer; Stetson University Political Forum, Vice President; Honor Roll; Green Feather Committee. BOOKEB, PALL M DeLand BUSINESS; Straj Greek. BOWEBS, EMORY DeLtmil I.. I. Brasher Brown Bronner Brvan CONVOCATION, BOWEBS, FRANCES MARIAN DeLand L. A. BRASHER. GENE DeLaml ll SIC. BRONNER, EILEEN MARY D L„ml L. A. BROWN, HARRY M Fi. Lauderdale BUSINESS; I ' i Kappa Phi, Treasurer; Newman Club, President; Accountancy Club; S. C. A. BRYAN, FRANK ROBERT Miami L. A.; Ministerial Association: li. S. U. 44 Burnetii- Carpentei Carson Chandler Chanev Chang l ' - ' X : J! Chastain Clark Colantuono Conn REGISTRATION, EDUCATION, EXAMINATION, GRADUATIOI Bl RNETTE. CAROLYN Frostproof L. A.: Delta Helta Delta. (Chaplain. Librarian: K eeuti e Council. North Hall. Chaudoin; B. S. I .. Secretary : F. T. A.. Treasurer: Sec- retary, Junior Cla s. CARPENTER, MARY REDMAN Winter Garden L. A.: Wesley Foundation. Social Chairman; F. T. A. Student Adivsor. CARSON, EDWIN PRIDMORE Beresford L. A. CHANDLER. RALPH CLARK Pensacola L. 1.: S. G. .. President: Who ' s Who; Pi Kappa Phi; O. D. K. CHANEY, BARBARA ANN Tampa Ml SIC; Phi Beta. Nice President, Corresponding Secretary: Y. W. V. i hnii-tri: (.lee Club: Travel Squad, " Kej Member. " CHANG. YI HAN Peiping. China L. A.: Gamma Sigma Epsilon, President: Foreign Student Club. Pres- ident: Phi Society, Vice President: Archaeology Club: Kappa Pi. Social and Publicity Chairman: Beta Beta Beta: REPORTER Staff: Der Deutsche Verein; International Relations Club: Honor Roll. CHASTAIN, WAYNE Jacksonville L. A.; Pi Kappa Phi. Warden. President: President. L. A.: Sigma Pi Kappa: REPORTER Stall: Vice President, Junior Class; 15. S. I .. Executive Council; I. F. ( ' .: Ministerial Association; Stover Theater House Manager: Homecoming Committee; Student Advisor. CLARK. WILLIAM V DeLand L. A. COLANTUONO, NICHOLAS GEORGE . . . Cliff fide Park. Y. j . L. A.. " S " Club, Social Chairman: Varsitv Football; Newman Club. CONN. JOHN MORTON DeLand L. I.. Theta Upha Phi: Phi Society, Treasurer: Scroll and Kev. ice President. 45 Conrad Cook Copello Criiinpton Dawson Decker Decker Delaney Doswell Duchesneau s i: ions CONRAD, RICHARD ELLINGTON L. A.; Gamma Theta Epsilon; Kappa Delta Pi. Orlando DECKER, MARJORY ANN L. A. Kansas City, Mo. COOK, CHARLES ALLEN L. A.; Pi Kappa Phi; Der Deutsche Verein. Chicago, III. DECKER, PETER BUSINESS. DeLand COPELLO, JEANNETTE .. A. DeLand DELANEY, ANN . L. A.: Pi Beta Phi. Madisonville. La. CRUMPTON, RORERT DeLand DOSWELL, SALL1E RAE Ft. Lauderdale BUSINESS; " S " Club, President; Varsity Basketball. Captain; (). D. K.; Wind ' s Who; Sigma Nu, Pledge Trainer; Commerce Club, Treasurer; Baseball Team; Business School. President; Honor Roll. BUSINESS- Delta Delta Delta. Secretary; Theta Alpha Phi. Vice President; Canterbury Club. DAW SON, TACY MOORE .. A. Ormond Heath DUCHESNEAU, DONALD A. Miami BUSINESS; Lambda Chi Alpha. Chairman; I. F. C; Com- merce Club, President; Newman Club; Student Advisor; Honor Roll. 46 " T ' -s T f r I ' I ' o li. I.I Edwards Evans Ferrell Ferrell Forehand s i: i o it s EDENFIELD. JOYCE Stuart msn EDWARDS, JOHN II Cullman, Ala. L. A.: Men ' s Physical Education Majors Club, President; Athletic Trainer; Baseball Team: Circle " K " : F. T. . ELLIS, DAPHINE FAYE Orlando L. A.: Alpha Dexioma; F. T. A.; Clee Club. ENGELL. DON Y West Palm Beach BUSINESS; Delta Nana Phi. Pledge Trainer: I. F. C; Canterbury Club; Intramural Board. EVANS, RANSEL K Hark Ridge. 111. Ml Sl( ; 1. E. N. C, President; F. 1. E. A.. Treasurer; Kappa Delta Pi: Kappa Kappa I ' -i. ice President; Orchestra. Secretary; Kami. Operations Officer; Weslej Foundation; Honor Roll; Outstand- ing Freshman Bandsman Award: I niversity Brass Ensemble. FERRELL, BERTA SUE Palatka BUSINESS; S. (.. A.. Vice President; Business School, Secretary. ice President; The Honor. Vice President: Alpha i Delta. Vice President: Professional Business Club, President: Kappa Delta Pi: Military Ball Queen: R. 0. T. C. Sponsor: Who ' s Who: B. S. I .; F. T. A.; Pan-Hellenic Council. Secretary; University Academic Scholarship. FERRELL, CAREY E., JR Palatka HI SINESS; Sigma Nu FOREHAND, ROBERT VERNON St. Augustine L. A.: Ministerial Association, Chorister, Program Chairman: B. S. I.. Extension Chairman. Youth Revival Chairman; (dee (dub. Travel Squad; Circle " K. " Treasurer; Summer Student Missionary to Ja- maica. FOSTER, DAVID MORRIS Jacksonville L. I.: I!. S. I .. President; Sigma Nu, Commander; Homecoming Mayoi : 0. D. K.. Treasurer; Scroll and Key: Phi Society; Distin- guished Militan Student; Scabbard and Blade; Basketball Manager: " S " Club; Wine ' - Who; Outstanding R. 0. I. I adet; Men ' s Coun- cil; I niversity Scholarship; Outstanding Senior. FOX, CHARLES EDWARD, JR DeLand BUSINESS; Sigma Nu, Outstanding Pledge. Reporter, Rush Chair- man, Treasurer. 47 Gibson Gilliland Goddard Green Hanson Harper Harting Hathaway Hedgepeth Herndon s i: i (mi s GIBSON, JOHN S DeLand L. A.: Pi Kappa Phi: " S " Club; Tennis Team: Sigma Alpha Omega. GILLILAND, GEORGE EDWARD DeLaml III SINESS; Sigma Nu, Rush Chairman. Social Chairman: " S " Club: Varsity Baseball. GODDARD, JOHN D Lakeland BUSINESS: Pi Kappa Phi. Treasurer. GREEN, HAL Jacksonville I.. I.: lini-terial Association, Activities Chairman, Pulpit Supplj Chairman. HANSON. ROBERT EDWARD Orlando L. I.: Pi Kappa Phi. Social Chairman. Warden: Scabbard and Blade: Psi Society, Vice President. HARPER, FRANCES Jacksonville I.. I.: Alpha Dexioma, Pledge Trainer, Vice President, Treasurer: Y. W. V., Vice President; B. S. I ' .. Enlistment Vice President: Women ' - Student Government Association: ' ' haudoin House Council: F. T. A.: Who ' s Who: Freshman Advisor: Freshman Counselor; Library Committee. HARTING. RUTH ANNE Orlando L. A.: Upha i Delta. Rush Chairman; REPORTER Staff. Feature Editor: HATTER STAFF, Secretary to the Editor. Feature Editor: Pan-Hellenic Vice President: Kappa Delta Pi: Phi Alpha Theta: Sigma Tau Delta. President; The Honor, Secretary. Treasurer; Com- mons Committee: Homecoming Committee: Hatter Holiday Commit- tee; Westminster Fellowship; F. T. A.: Y. W. A.: Student Advisor: Honor Roll; University Party. Executive Council. HATHAWAY. FRANK ALLAN Racine. Wis. BUSINESS: HATTER Staff. Assistant Business Manager; I. F. C. Treasurer; Scabbard and Blade; Honor Guard; Homecoming Com- mittee; Traffic Committee Chairman; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Secretary, President. HEDGEPETH, ROBERT EDWARD Sarasota I.. A.: Circle " K " : Scabbard and Blade: Distinguished Militarj Stu- dent. HERNDON, GEORGE B Sanford BUSINESS. 48 Hiers Hilbish [logic Hollis Holmes Holmes Houston Howard Huffstetler Humphries s i: i ii ii HIERS, ELIZABETH ANN Macclenny Bl SIN ESS. HILBISH, SHIRLEY LOU DeLand L. A. HOGLE, RICHARD RAYMOND DeLand HI SINESS. MOLLIS. MARK C Lakeland BUSINESS; Pi Kappa Phi, Historian, Treasurer; Theta Alpha Phi, treasurer; R. 0. T. C, Captain: Honor Guard; Scabbard and Blade: Iccountanu Club President; Treasurer, Sophomore Class; Student Jvisor. HOLMES. Bl RTON Jacksonville I.. .. Lambda Chi Alpha, President, Rush Chairman, Pledge Trainer: S. G. .. Treasurer; HATTER Staff, Editor-in-Chief, Photographer; ). 1). K.: Sigma l ' i Kappa, Vice President; Sigma Tau Delta; Who ' s Wlm: I. I ' . ( .: I ' „I,I„:,iim„- l ' ,„ard: Honor Roll; REPORTER Staff: Rules and Procedure Committee: Florida Inter-Collegiate Pre— - sociation: I ' imer-il Part : Library Committee. HOLMES. IRA DeLand L. A.: Lambda Chi Alpha. Secretary Pledge Trainer: I. F. C; Stu- dent Advisor: Traffic Court. HOUSTON, JOHN EDWARD Dania BUSINESS; Pi Kappa Upha, President. Treasurer: I. F. (..: Circle " K " : Accountancy Club; Honor Guard; Rules and Procedure Com- mute, Chairman. HOWARD. THOMAS Statesboro, (ia. I.. I. HUFFSTETLER, LESLIE R Eustis BUSINESS; Pi Kappa Phi. President, Pledge Train.-,. Warden: Circle " K " ; I. F. C. HUMPHRIES, JACOl EI.INE LEONA Winter Garden L. A.: F. T. A.. Historian: Kappa Delta Pi. 49 Lansing I -I 1 1 I • • 1 1 s i: i o it s HI RST, HARRY RAY Winter Beach L. A.: Sigma Tau Delta: La Franciade; Honor Guard; Ministerial Association, Pianist: Circle " K. " IMGRUND, JOH . JR West Orange. V. J. L. A.: Pi Kappa Phi: Mr. Stetson; Varsity Basketball, Football, Base- ball: All-State Basketball. Football. JKNklNS. MARLENE Orlando I.. I.: 11. S. I.: Y. W. .: Glee (Hub: Women ' s Council, Brittain Hall. KALEEL, WILLIAM CHARLES. JR St. Petersburg 1:1 SINESS; Delta Sigma Phi; I. F. C: Golf Team. KERCHER, PAUL Ft. Lauderdale I - (.; Psi Sociel President: Student Handbook. Editor: Ministerial Association, Vice President. (Chairman of Radio Commission, Publicity Chairman; Transfei •-indent: REPORTER Staff. Religion Editor. Columnist; H TTER Staff. Junior Class Editor. Senior Class Editor: Student I nion Building Committee: Commons Committee: Circle " K, " Chairman of Education Committee: Chairman of Public Rela- tion.-; La Franciade: B. S. I .: Student Advisor: Sigma Pi Kappa: Honor Roll; Delta Sigma Phi. MUSE, EDWINA PELLETIER DeLanil BUSINESS; .Newman (dub: Accounting Club; Commerce Club. RUHR, JOSEPH THOMAS Daytona Beach BUSINESS. LAIRD. WILLIAM EVERETTE Ft. Myers BUSINESS. LAINSING, CHARLES WILLIAM Sanford BUSINESS. LANTON, TERRELL DeLand L.A. 50 Lauder Little Locke -ofgrcn Lovell Lux Lyon McBryde McDowell Mclnnis s i: ions LAUDER. BARBARA DALE Ocala L. A.; Who ' s Who; Alpha i Delia. Pledge Trainer: La Franciade, President. Secretary; Sigma Tau Delia. Secretary; Theta Alpha Phi. Publicity Chairman; I ' -i Society; Student Advisor; Lambda Chi Alpha Sweetheart: Publications Board; HATTEK Staff. Secretary to the Editor. Administration Editor; REPORTER Staff, Circulation Manager; Canterbury Club; F. T. A.: University Party. LITTLE, JESSE RAYMOND West Palm Bench 111 SINESS Delta Sigma Phi. President: Men ' s Council, Vice Presi- dent; Junior (Mas.. Treasurer: Student Handbook. Editor: Brittain Hall House Council: Disciple Student Fellowship. President: Circle " K " : Sigma Pi Kappa: 1. F. (. ' .: Rules and Procedure Committee: Traffic Court; Traffic Committee. II . GEORGE Front Royal, Va. L. A.: Sigma Phi Epsih.n. Historian. Secretary. Vice President: Gam- ma Theta I psilon, Secretary. LYON, DORIS MAE Ludington, Mich. L. A.; Tau Beta Sigma: Kappa Pi; Alpha Xi Delta. Social Chairman. Historian: F. T. A.: Y. . A.. Program Chairman. Publicity Chair man: HATTER Beauty Contest, Chairman; B. S. 1 .; Freshman Ad- visor; Guidance Committee; Religinus Focus Vi eek Committee; Mis:, HATTER Beauty. 1952: Liberal Vrts, Secretary. McBRYDE. LEWIS L Sanford, V. C. HI SINESS; Sigma Nu: Physical Education Major ' s Club: arsit) Football: " S " Club. I.OGKE, DONALD RALPH Winter Haven II SH Glee i lub, Travel Squad, " Kes Member " : B. S. I .. Music Director; Hand: Religious Focus Week, Mu-ic Co-Chairman: I ' i Kap- pa Phi. Mcdowell, day id, g Springfield, m. Bl SINESS; Delta Sigma Phi. Pledge Master, Treasurer; Varsirs Baseball, Captain; " S " Club; Homecoming Committee, Parade Chair- man; Hatter Holiday Dance Chairman: Dormitory Manager. LOFGREN, NANC1 Bradenton I.. I.: Beta Beta Beta. Secretary. LOVELL, RICHARD NF.AL Tampa I.. (.: Circle " K, " President; Ministerial Association; B. S. I . Exec utive Council. McINNIS. CAROLINE DOUGLAS Sanford L. A.: Delta Delta Delta. Pledge Trainer. Chaplain, ice President. President; Westminster Fellowship, Stetson President. Mate Presi- dent: Senior ( lass, Vice President: K. 0. T. C. Sponsor; F. T. .: Pan-Hellenic Council; Who ' s Who; Homecoming Committee; S. ' L; II ITER Beauty Contest; Religious Focus Week Committee; Stetson 1 1 ill House Council. 51 Massey M, .lull $ i : i o it s McKEE. BETTY LAWRENCE Laurel. Miss. L. A.: Phi Mu. Corresponding Secretary: Beta Beta Beta; Honor Roll: Golf Team. McMULLEN, CAROLYN Larpn L. A.: Weslej Foundation, Secretary. Treasurer. Vice President; Wom- en ' s Council: Secretary. Stetson Hall; Vice President. North Hall: Alpha i Delta. Journal Correspondent. Treasurer. Social Chairman: Kappa Pi. Secretary: Rules and Procedure Committee; Student Union Building Committee; Who ' s Who; Freshman Advisor; HATTER Staff. McNEILL, HAROLD LACY Sanford. N. c. BUSINESS; Sigma Nu; Mi. Stetson; Var-it Football; " S " Club. MALCOLM, HENRY WEBR Tampa L. A.: Westminster Fellowship, President: S. I ' .. .. President: Sig- ma Nu. Chaplain: REPORTER. Religion Editor: Religious Funis Week, 1956, General Chairman. MARQUIS, DENNIS CHARLES .. I. Hyattsville, Md. MARTIN, BRUCE EDWARD 4uburndale L. A.: Phi Society. Secretary : .Ministerial Association. Secretary; B. S. U.. Executive Council. Enlistment Vice President. Devotional Vice President; Honor Roll; Religious Focus Week Committee. MARTIN, FRANK ALFORD Jacksonville L. A.: President. Sophomore Class; REPORTER Staff; HATTER Staff: Scabbard and Blade: Sigma Tau Delta; Sigma Nu; Minis- terial Association: Student Advisor. MARTIN, JUNE Jacksonville L. A.: Pi Beta Phi, Recording Secretary; HATTER Staff; Y. W. .. Executive Council; Women ' s Executive Council, Representative-at- Large; Sigma Tau Delta. MASSEY, MARIE JENSON Ft. Lauderdale L. A.: Band; Tau Beta Sigma. Treasurer; Phi Mu. Pledge Master: F. T. . MERHILL. HARRIETTE DICK Holly Hill L. A. 52 Meyer Midgetl Mini M..1111 Montgomery Moon Moore Morgan Motes Murphy s i: mmi s MEYER, ALLAN EDWARD Elmhursl. III. BUSINESS; Sigma Nu, Chaplain, Sports Manager: Distinguished Military Student; Scabbard ami Blade: Honor Guard; Theta Alpha Phi; Lutheran Student Association; Who ' s Who; Secretary. Stetson Program. MIDGETT. EDWARD Veir Smyrna Beach L. A. Ml MS, JUNE Winter Garden L.A. MONN, DON Eustis BUSINESS: Delta Sigma Phi. MOON, MARY VELORA Oviedo L. A.; Beta Beta Beta. MOORE, WAYNELLE SARA West Palm Beach L. A.: B. S. V., Secretary; Y. W. .: Rules and Procedures Commit- tee; Homecoming Committee: Hatter Holiday Committee; Homecom- ing Court: REPORTER StatT: Women ' s Council: Social Chairman, North Hall. MORGAN, DAVID Boston, Hast. Ill SINESS MOTES, JOANNE Palatka L. A.: Homecoming Hostess; The Honor, Secretary-Treasurer, Presi- dent; Pi Beta I ' lci. Secretary, Vice President, President; I ' lii Beta, Corresponding Secretary; Gamma Theta I psilon, Vice President; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Upha Theta; Pan Hellenic I ouncil; Glee Club; Travel Squad; F. T. .: 11. S. I .: Y. W. V: Freshman Vd visor; Honor Roll; Who ' s Who. MONTGOMERY, DOROTHY Si. Petersburg .. I.: F. 7. I.. II VTTER Staff; Kappa Delta Pi. MURPHY, JAMES E Pensacola I.. I.; Ministerial Association; Dec Deutsche Verein. 53 s I I o it s OTT, MELVIN Ocala BUSINESS; Sigma Nu. OWEN, TERRY Orlando n sit - OWENS, NANCY LEE Umatilla L. A.. Alpha Xi Delia. Corresponding Secretary. Executive Cou ncil: Gamma Theta Upsilon, Treasurer: Stetson Hall Council, President: Women ' s Executive Council; 1!. S. U.; Y. W. A.; REPORTER Staff: Religious Focus Week Committee; Chaudoin House Council. PALMER, ROBERT D Daytona Beach L. A.: Gamma Sigma Epsilon. PATTON, ROBERT ARTHUR, JR DeLand BUSI VESS PEEK, GOLVERNEIR FRANKLYN DeLand BUSINESS. PIERSON, ROBERT ANDREW DeLand BUSINESS. PINKERTON. DOUGLAS CHARLES Paintsville, Ky. BUSINESS; Political Forum; House Council. Men ' s Dorm-. PLANK, CHESTER WILLIAM Sanford L. A. PLATO, ROBERT St. Petersburg I.. L; Pi Kappa Mi-lia: Psi Society; REPORTER Stall. 54 I ' limk. II Kevnolds Ribbe II Rivers Roberts Roe Rogers Rose Rose S I I O It s PLLNKETT, JOHN L. L. A. Robinson. 111. ROBERTS, VANN RIDLEY Jack acHsonvt lie MUSIC; German Club. President: Glee Club. Travel Squad: Madri- gal Group. REYNOLDS, SUE LORRAINE Daytona Beach L.A.; Alpha Xi Delta. President. Secretary, Pledge Trainer; The Honor; S. •. A.. Secretary: Secretary. Freshman Class; Secretary. Senior Class; Secretary. School of Libera] Arts: Westminster Fellow- ship, Vice President. Program Chairman. Social Chairman: HATTEK Stall. Section Editor: REPORTER Staff: Sigma Pi Kappa. RIRRE. ROGER JOEL Lakeland I . I. Kappa Delta Pi: Honor Roll; Circle " K. " RISHELL. JAMES. A.. JR Daytona Beach L. A. RIVERS, ELIZABETH ELLEN Savannah. Ga. I . I.: Delta Delta Delta. Recording Secretary. Pan Hellenic Repre- sentative; Pan-Hellenic Council, Secretary; Freshman Vdvisor; F.T.A. ROE, DONNA LEE Plant City L. A.; Glee Club; Freshman Danforth Leadership Award: Freshman Chemistry Award: Delta Delta Delta. Chaplain. Pledge Trainer; Li- brary Committee: V . V: I!. S. I.. Executive Council; HATTER ■Mat!: Pan-Hellenic Council. Vice President. President; Stetson House Council; Women ' s Student Government Executive Council. President: Vice President. Liberal Arts; Honor Roll: Beta Beta Beta: Kappa Delta Pi: The Honor: Who ' - Who: Homecoming Court. ROGERS, WILLIAM Jacksonville I . Pi Kappa Phi. ROSE, CLARENCE Orlando -.. A.; Circle " K " ; Ministerial Association; Library Committee; B S. U. ROSE, NORMA JEAN STEPHENS St. Augustine L. A.. . W. .: Ministerial Wives; B. S. I . 55 Sank Sapp Srhciferstein Sehuler Sellers Shearouse Silver-. Slater Slaughter s i: i on s SANKS, CHARLES RANDOLPH Miami L. A.: Ministerial Association, President, Vice President. Secretary: Phi Society, President; 0. D. K., President; Scroll and Key, Presi- dent; Circle " K. " Vice President; Sam R. Marks Prize; B. S. U., Executive Council; Who ' s Who; Honor Roll; Freshman Advisor. SAPP, BARRARA JANE New Smyrna Bench L. A.; Phi Mu. Treasurer. Vice President, President; Pan-Hellenic Council; Gamma Theta Upsilon. SCHEIFERSTEIIN, JEAN Vermilion. Ohio BUSINESS; Transfer Student: Stray Greeks, Treasurer. SCHULER, JEANE G1RRS Winter Haren MUSIC. SELLERS, CHARLES C, JR Rockledge L. A.: I niversit Scholarship; Scroll and Key. Treasurer; Phi Society. Vice President; Honor Roll; Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Treasurer; Lab Instructor; Iter Deutsche erein: Band; Archaeology Society; West- minster Fellowship, SHEAROUSE, SANDRA LOUISE Tampa L. A.: Women ' s Professional Club. Treasurer. Vice President, Presi- dent: Delta Delta Delta. Activities Chairman: University Party; F. T. A.; Golf Team. SILVERS, RICHARD, JR Jacksonville L. A.: Varsity Football; " S " Club: Pi Kappa Alpha: Physical Educa- tion Majors Club. Vice President. SIMMONS, EARL DeLand L. A.: Ministerial Association, Scholarship Fund Chairman; Circle " K. " SLATER, GAY LE DeLand L.A. SLAUGHTER, FRANKLIN LEE Bristol, Tenn. BUSINESS: Pi Kappa Alpha. Secretary. Treasurer, Vice-President. President; 1. F. C. President, Secretary: Men ' s Intramural Hoard: Homecoming Committee, Chairman. 1954; University Party. 56 r t Spears Steinkamp Stephens Stephenson Stibbs Stilianou seniors SMITH, MARTHA DIANE Ft. Lauderdale L. A.: Zeta Tau Alpha. Secretary; Women ' s House Council, Secre- tary: Pan-Hellenic Council: Sigma Tau Delta: La Franciade; Rules and Procedure Committee, Secretary. SMITH, JOHN PARKER New Hampton, V. H. Ill SINESS; Delia Siema Phi. SMITH, PAIL STANLEY Pittsburgh. Pa. HI SINESS; Pi Kappa Phi. SNYDER, WALTER LONG Lake Worth I.. I.; Band; Kappa Kappa l ' -i. Vice President; Delta Sigma Phi, House Manager; Intramural Chairman, Treasurer . SPEARS, DOYLE CARLTON Wauchula in SINESS. STEINKAMP, JENNY LV Flemingsburg. A,. L. A.: Cheerleader: F. T. A.. Vice President, President; President. North Hall Council: Women ' - Executive Council; Delta Delta Delta, Rush Chairman. Pledge Trainer; Pan-Hellenic Council: Freshman Advisor; Who ' - Who. STEPHENS, GEORGE MARTIN Umatilla BUSINESS; 0. D. K.: Men ' - Council, President; Scabbard and Blade; President, Junior and Senior Clas-e-: Sigma u. Treasurer; Glee lub; Accountancy Club; Homecoming Committee; Who ' - W ho STEPHENSON. GENE REID Winter Park I.. A.: " S " Club, President; Delta Sigma Phi. Sergeant-al Arms, Nice President: Scahhard and Blade: ar-it Fooiliall. Captain: Men ' s Council; Dormitors Manager: Who- Who. STIRRS. SUE ALICE DeLaad I. [.; Zeta Tau Alpha, Ma-ler of Ritual; Psi Society; S. C. A.; Disciples Student Fellowship, ice President: F. T. .: Homecoming Committee; HATTER Staff, Junior Editor. STILIANOI . JOHN THEODORE ete Smyrna Beach HI SINESS 57 Stone Stl »- k I. 111. I " T l Tolleson West Westervell Whiddon White Whin s i: i o ik s STONE, JOYCE ELAINE Hastings BUSINESS; Alpha Xi Delta; B. S. U.; Professional Business Club, President. Secretary, Treasurer; F. T. A. STRICKLAND, MARY JO Cleanvater L. A.; Transfer Student; I!. S. U., Executive Council; Delta Delta Delta. Women ' s Council; V . A.: Guidance Committee; F. T. A.; Student Advisor. THOMAS, BEATRICE LILLIAN Jacksonville Bl SINESS Upha Xi Delta. House Manager; Theta Alpha Phi; Women ' s Council; Westminster Fellowship; Commerce Club, Secre- tary; Accountancy Club, Secretary. THORN. THOMAS HAMILTON Winter Park m si . SS TOLLESON, SYLVELIN St. Petersburg I I WEST. DOYLE Lakeland BUSINESS: Delta Sigma Phi; Varsitj Football; Conrad Hall House Council; " S " Club. WESTERVELT, JOHN PARSONS Umatilla L. A.: Sigma Nu. Pledge Trainer, Recorder; Scabbard and Blade. WH1DDON. CARL SCOTT Perry L. A.: Pi Kappa Phi, Chaplain: Theta Alpha Phi; O. I). K.; Minis- terial Association; Glee Club; Homecoming Publicity Chairman; Bas- ketball Manager; " S " Club: B. S. U., Executive Council. WHITE, RICHARD EDWARD Park Ridge. 111. BUSINESS. WHITr, LOUISE Sarasota L. A. 58 W hitaker Wilder Williams Willoughb} OUIlg oiing ' Mini: Lewis Pollak s i; i o it § WIIITAKER, ANN San ford L. A.: Pi Beta Phi. Pledge Master. President; Pan-Hellenic Council. Publicity Chairman: Freshman Advisor; F. T. A.; La Franciade: American Association for Health. Physical Education and Recreation: Kappa Delta Pi. Vice President; The Honor. WILDER, CARNEY Pahokee L.A. WILLIAMS, PATRICIA ANN St. Petersburg I.. A.: B. S. I.: F. T. A.: Y. W. A.. President. WTLLOl ' GHBY, MARY BETH Louisville, Ky. I.. A.: Kappa Pi. Treasurer. President: La Franciade: Student Ad- visor; Pi Beta Phi. Treasurer. Scholarship Chairman. Executive Coun- cil. 1 lomecoming Vimmittee. M .. BARBARA JANE Moravia, V. . Ill SINESS; Phi Mu, Secretary; Professional Business Club. YOUNG, CHARLES S Inverness BUSINESS: Lambda Chi Alpha: Sigma Tau Delta: Sigma Pi Kappa. Treasurer: REPORTER. Business Manager. Photographer: HATTER Staff. Photographer; Rules and Procedure Committee; Library Com- mittee. YOUNG, JAMES DONALD Orlando L. A.: Ministerial Association. LEW IS, H. BERTRAM Lakeland L. A.; Ministerial Association. POLLAK, CAROLYN ANN Orlando I.. !.. Alpha i Delta: Kappa Pi: Weslej Foundation. 59 I ' FICERS JERRY BROWN President BARBARA HAMILTON . Vice President CARYL ANDERSON Secretary TOMMY CAITHEN Treasurer Jerry Brown. BarEiaru Hamilton, Caryl Anderson, aiul Tommy Cauthen. THE IIMOIt CLASS In three years we have watched our class diminish in size hut grow in knowledge. From the first days as freshmen when we started our course in " Campusolog) 101 ' " to the day we viewed the charred remains of the Commons and realized what w-e would miss and what college davs meant to us and until the day we watched the Seniors march in to their own Processional and realized that next year it would he US, we experienced the man) joys of campus and college life. As we look forward to the coming years it is with a certain amount of sadness at the thought that only one year remains. SUE DAVIS Junior Editor 60 . V toiki i FIRST ROW B. C. AKERS, L. A Jacksonville TOM ALLERTON, L. A Mian, CARYL ANDERSON, L. A Chicago. Ill CAROLYN ANDERSON, L. A. St. Augustine JACK ANTTONEN, L. A Round Lake. Ill JACOB AYERS, Music Lexington. N. C DAVE BARD, L. A Ft. Lauderdale SECOND R O W BARBARA BASS, L. A Tampa JAMES BEANE, Music Lowell. N. C. BOB BEEKMAN, Business St. Petersburg TED BIGGS, JR.. Business Jacksonville DON BIVINGS, L. A Palatka BARBARA BLIZZARD. L. A Jacksonville HARRIET BOGG, L. A Jacksonville THIRD K O HELEN BROCK, L. A DeLand BILL BROWN, L. A Apopka JERRY BROWN, Music Ft. Myers MARY BURDICK, Music Neu Auburn. Wis. BILL BURT, L. A Palatka MABRY CARLTON, JR., L. A Wauchula TOMMY CAITHEN, L. A Jacksonville I I I O It s 61 FIRST ROW JERLENE CLARK. L. A Dinsmore SHIRLEY COLE, L. A Chicago. III. TOM COOLEY, Music DeLand SECOND R W MARY LOU COPELAIND, Business .... Sanford JOE COURSON, L. A Callahan SANDRA CRAWFORD, L. A. . Rivers Forest. III. THIRD R W BILL CRISP, Business Atlanta JEAN DICKSON, L. A Chattahoochee ELLEN DRIGGERS, L. A Sanford FOURTH ROW FRED DRIVER. L. A DeLand SUZANNE DRIVER. L. A DeLand BETSY DUCK, Music Suffolk. In. FIFTH ROW JOHN DURANT, L. A Geneva, Ala JOHN EDSTROM, L. A Cocoa BETTY JANE FLOOD, L. A Ft. Lauderdale SIXTH ROW BETTY GALLOWAY, L. A Jacksonville ELEANOR GRAHAM, Business . . . . St. Augustine GLEE GRIFFITH, L. A Bainbridge, Ga. C) fy FIRST K () W AL GUENTHER, L. A DeLand BARBARA HAMILTON, L. A Sarasota WAYNE HARTNUP, Business Sarasota T. K. HEDRICK, Business Tampa RAY HELPLING. L. A Wabasso ZEKE HEPLER, L. A Miami EDNA HIGGINBOTHAM, Business Orlando SECOND ROW JIM HILYER. L. A Sycamore, Ala. JOAN HODGES. L. A Poi» «»« Beach DARWIN HOLLAND. Business DeLand ALENE HOLT, Musie Winter Garden RICHARD HOPKINS. Business Pierson PAULA HOVEY, Business Dunedin DAVE HOWARD. Business Cape Girardeau. Mo. THIRL) R W WILLIAM HOWELL. L. A Winter Park JOHN HUCKLEBERRY. Business Boston. Ind. MARY M. JEFFERS, L. A Jacksonville SALLY JOBSON. L. A Atlanta, (. •. VERNON JOBSON, Business Atlanta. Go. SALLY JOHNSON. I.. A Madison. II is. JOE KAPLAN. L. A Orlando J I I O It s 63 tifcfctfc FIRST ROW ANTHOULA KARANTINOS, L. A Titusville BOB KENT. L. A Belle (Hade JOLINE KICKLITER, L. A Stuart SECOND ROW GERALD KRUHM, Music . . . Silver Springs. Md. RICHARD LACKEY, Business . . West Palm Beach JERRY LAWRENCE, L. A Perry T II I R I) R W RICHARD LAYER, L. A LaGrange, Ky. MARILYN LAYTON, Music Jacksonville FOY LENNON, L. A Evergreen. N. C. F U R T H R W BEVERLY McCLURE, L. A Jacksonville JIM McCLAMORY, L. A Jacksonville RUSSELL MrLEOD, L. A Apopka FIFTH ROW WALTER McLIN, Business Tallahassee NANCY MacGREGOR, L. A Talara. Pa. ARLINE MAGUIRE, L. A DeLand SIXTH ROW JOE MARRS, Business Daytona VERONA MARTIN, Business Inverness DORIS MAY, Music Greensboro, JV. C. I d A iki FIRST ROW DICK MEREDITH, L. A Kinsman, Ohio JANE MESSER, Business Athens, Ga. BETTY MILLER, L. A DeLand BUD MIZELL, Business Gainesville JOHN MORGAN, L. A Colonial Beach, la. MARY J. MURPHY, L. A Pensacola DONNA JEAN NELMS, L. A Orlando S E C O N D ROW JOE NEWTON, L. A Newark. A. J. MILDRED NEWTON, L. A Orlando DUDLEY NUNLIST, L. A Orlando BILL PATE, L. A Plant City DEAN PETERSON, L. A St. Augustine RENIE PETRIE, L. A DeLand CANDY PLATO, L. A Leesburg THIRD ROW ROGER PORTER, L. A Jacksonville CHARLES PRATHER, L. A Orlando JIM PRICE, Business West Palm Beach JULIANNE PRICHARD. L. A DeLand WAYNE PRINGLE, L. A Ocala RAY REYNOLDS, Business DeLand BILL REYNOLDS, Business Miami .1 I I O II s 65 FIRST ROW RICHARD RIGSBY, L. A Miami JOHN RISER, L. A Memphis. Tenn. MARGE ROBERSON, L. A. . . New Smyrna Beach SECOND ROW ED ROBICK, L. A College Park. Ga. LINDA ROGERS, L. A St. Petersburg GERARDA SANBERG, L. A West Indies THIRD ROW JIM SCHEIFERSTEIN, Business . Vermilion. Ohio FRED SEMANIE, Business . . . Springfield, Mass. JERRY SHALEN, Business . . . Bridgeport. Conn. FOURTH ROW KEITH SHAMROCK, Business . . Uniontotvn. Pa. JAMES SHEPARD, Business DeLand WALTER SHIREY, Business Miami FIFTH ROW FORREST SHOWALTER, Business — West Palm Beach FBANCES SIMMONS, L. A Archer BUD SIMPSON, L. A Pensacola SIXTH R W OLIVE SIMS, L. A Tavares MARTHA JANE SINGELTARY, L. A. . Bradenton FRANK SINGLETARY, L. A Valdosta, Ga. F I I. S T R ) JOHN SMITH, I.. A Dartona SYLVIA SMITH, L. A Jacksonville GRADY SNOWDEN. L. A Jacksonville KATHERINE SNYDER. Business Lake Worth MAC STONES, L. A Dartona DOTTY TETER, Music Kingsport, Ten,,. JOHN THURBER, L. A Lake Worth S ECO N 1) R W HILL TISDALE, L. A Lansdowne, Pa. RUTH TOCGWEILER. L. A Miami LUTHER TOOLE, L. A Jacksonville SALLY TURNER, Bu Cedar Keys YVONNE WALDRON, L. A Orlando RILL WALKER, Business Jacksonville GORDON WELLS, Business College Park. Md. THIRD R ( W EMMAGENE WEST, L. A Lafayette. Tenn. BARBARA WEYEND, L. A Gotcanda. N. Y. EDWARD WHITE, Business New Castle. Ind. ROBERT WHITE. Business IT infer Park ANN WILKINS, L. A Jacksonville EARL WILLIAMS, Music Ormond Beach CHARLES WOODWARD, Music Griffin. Ga. -I I I OH S 67 Ralph Turner, Merrill Maguire, Joe Folds, and Willabeth Peck. OFFICERS JOE FOLDS President RALPH TURNER Vice President MERRILL MAGUIRE Secretary WILLABETH PECK Treasurer THE SOPHOMORE CLASS No more the green freshmen, we settled down to the routine of Stet- son-life and waited for the " Sophomore Slump. " Somehow we forgot about it when we started meeting the new freshmen -- feeling so much older by doing so — and greeting our old friends. For the last year we ate in the Commons, now a temporary arrangement in the basement of the Men ' s Gym. but for several more years we will enjoy the sound of serenades ringing out through the night, and the sight of the fountain on our trips to the library and through the Forest of Arden. SHARLEINE STOCKARD Sophomore Editor 68 ' F 4 7 V O . r- V " j ' " tvl F I li S T K () W WILLIAM ABEL, L. A DeLand CARROLL ABERNATHY, L. A Tampa SAM ACREE. L. A I e,c I ' orl Richie MARY ADDISON, L. A Panama City NANCY ALLEN, L. A Logansport, Ind. BLANCHE ALLIGOOD, L. A Key West VICE I ANDERSON. L. A Manassas, Va. SECOND HOW MARY BAIER, L. A DeLand JACQUELINE BAILEY, Business Ocala JERRY BAILEY, Music Vero Beach VIRGINIA BARLOW, L. A Miami SANDRA BABROWS, Business Miami WARNER BAUGHMAN, L. A Palatka MARY JO BEAVEN, Business DeLand T II I I! II R CAROL BELCHER, L. A Jacksonville Beach SANDRA BELDEN, L. A West Palm Beach W VYNE BELL, L. A Chicago. III. JOHN BERRY, L. A AW Castle, Ky. JOANNE BOLTON. L. A St. Petersburg JAMES BOONE, Business Charlotte. . C. PATRICIA BOSS, . L. A Itlanta, (.a. FOUR T H R W JO BOSWELL, L. A Cynthiana, ky. CAIL BOWERHON, L. A Copake. N. V. MARY BOWYEB, L. A St. Petersburg ANNE BOYTER, L. A Woodruff. S. C. CATHY BROOKS, Business Hamilton. Calif. STANLEY BKl ' MLEY, Business San ford JAMES BRYANT. L. A Jacksonville F I F T H R W ROBY Bl CKALEW, Business Vero Beach ARLENE BURKHART, Business Miami CENE BURRELL, L. A. Hastings HARRIETTS BUTLER, Business 4tlanta, Ga. TOM BYRD, L. A Tampa BOB CARNES, I.. A Chattanooga, Ten,,. CLOE CARROLL, L. A St. Petersburg 69 f f SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW ROSS CARTER, L. A Jacksonville JAMES CHANDLER. Business Rome. Ga. PAT CHAPMAN, L. A St. Petersburg MEL CHRISTMAN, L. A Coral Gables PATSY CHRISTIE, L. A Jacksonville ANN CLARK, L. A Newberry. S. C. JOANNA COBl RN, L. A Flourtoum, Pa. SECOND ROW MARILLA COLLINS, L. A Ft. Pierce PATSY COLLINS. Business Sanford BILL CONNELL, L. A Bradenton HARRY CONNER, L. A Jacksonville THOMAS COOKE, Business Winter Park JANET COOPER. Business Homestead JERRY CORLEY. Business Ft. Pierce THIRD ROW M RIANNA COWLEY. L. A DeLand NORMAN CRANE. L. A Hollywood BILLY CRAYTON, L. A Independence, Mo. JOAN CROMER, L. A Dania MARGARET CROSBY, L. A DeLand MARY CRUMPTON, L. A DeLand JIM DAVIS, Business Atlanta. Ga. FOURTH R » i SUE DAVIS, L. A Orlando BILL DELK, Music Miami LARRY DELOZIER. L. A Tampa JERRY DEYLOFF. L. A 4urelia, Iowa JOHN DICKEY, Business Bristol. Va. PAULA DUKE, L. A Dublin. Ga. PATRICIA EDINGTON, Music St. Petersburg FIFTH ROW JULIA EMERSON. L. A Jacksonville ALLAN FAGAN. Business Miami LEMUEL FAGAN, L. A Clewiston PAUL FERGUSON, L. A DeLand DORIS FERTIC, L. A Orlando JIMMY FINLAYSON, Business DeLand JOE FOLDS. L. A Miami 70 M ' U V l r -5 4 ▲AA ' r O f o " i n , - n ■ r i FIRST ROW BARBARA FREEMAN. L. A Washington, D. C. FLANOLA FRINK, Music Melbourne DONALD GAY, L. A Apopka JIM BILL GEIR, L. A Belle Glade CHARLES GERDING, Business Schenectady, V. I . CHICK GERTNER, L. A Jacksonville HOOT GIBSON. L. A Roanoke, fa. DIAN GILL, L. A Ft. Walton SECOND R CARL GIPSON, L. A Pinion, Ala. MALCOLM GLASS. L. A Winter Park ALEX GONZALES. Business Son Juan, P. R. JOHN GOODNOW, L. A St. Petersburg WAYNE GRAHAM, Business Fl. Myers JANET GREENE, L. A Miami MEL GREGORY, L. A LaGrange. Ky. CONRAD GRIMES. Music Charlotte. V. C. THIRD R W FRED HABEGGAR, L. A Rockledge JOANN HAGAN, L. A Washington, D. C. BILL HAMILTON, L. A Cocoa PHYLLIS HANCOCK. Music Tampa HENRY HARDIN. L. A Dunedin JOYCE HARRELL. L. A s„,ari JUNE HARRINGTON. Business Jacksonville Beach M RTHA HARRINGTON, L. A Miami K IRTH R Y MARY HAYES, L. A Orlando EISA HECKENDORF. L. A Sarasota JIM HENDRICKSON. I.. A Pineville, Ky. BENM BENNINGTON, Business Princeton RAY HENRY, Business DeLand DAVE HEWETT. L. A Panama City BETTY HICKS, L. A Lincolnton, V. t . PAT HIERS, Business Macclenny V I K T H ROW JIM HIGGINBOTHAM. L. A LaGrange. Ga. VERNON HIGGS, Business Louisville. Ky. Jl DY HILL. Music Suffolk, la. M HO. L. A Hong Kong. China JIM HODGE. L. A Jacksonville JACKIE HOGUE, L. A Chattanooga. Tenn. TERRY HOLLINCSWORTH. Business Ft. Lauderdale S M HOLLOW AY. L. A Jacksonville 71 1 I- ■►£ 0 i 7 ■ " ' t m H I , N m ' M r ' C ) t SOPHOMORES F 1 R S T H ART HOLMES, Business Gainesville JAMES HOPE, L. A DeLand MARY LEE HOUSTON, Business Orlando CAROLE HOWARD, L. A Memphis. Tenn. ANNE HOWELL, L. A Jacksonville RUTH HUDSON, L. A Umatilla ANNE HUNTINGTON, Music Vineyard Harm. Mass. SECOND R W BARBARA JEWEL, I.. A DeLand TOMMY JOHNSON, L. A Suffolk. In. JOYCE JOHNSON, Business Clearwater CHARLES JOLLEY, Business Troy. Pa. JIRAYR KAYAIAN, Business Baghdad, Iraq BARBARA KEII ' ER, L. A DeLand WARREN KENDALL. Business St. Petersburg THIRD ROW PIERRE KENNEDY, L. A Tampa RAY KENNEDY, I.. A Apopka 72 JERRY KERN. Business Delray Beach JOHN KILLEBREW. Business Oeala AUDR1E KING, L. A Alexandria. Mass. GEORGE KIRKLAND, L. A Largo JIM KITCHENS, L. A Jacksonville FOURTH ROW RICHARD KRAUSE. L. A Ft. Pierce JANICE KRUEGER, L. A Leesburg MARLENE LACKMAN, L. A Jacksonville BILL LANCER, L. A Sarasota EVELYN LOGAS, L. A DeLand GAIL LUNDY, Business Eustis PAT McBRIDE, Music Bayside. L. I.. IS. Y. FIFTH ROW BILL MeCALL, Business Ml. Kisco, IS. Y. BETTY MeCLENDON, L. A Eau Gallic WAYNE McEACHIN, L. A Miami MABVIN McMASTEB, L. A Orlando TOM MePHERSON, Business Hollywood DAWSON McQUAIG, L. A Jacksonville MERRILL MAGUIBE. L. A Jacksonville « " - . , i m FIRST ROW DAVE MARCELL, L. A Del and JAMES MARSEE, Business Williamsburg. Ky. JAYIS MARSHALL, L. A High Point, IS. C. BOB MARTIN, Business Keivanee, III. BETTY JO MASON, L. A Tampa AL MEADOR, L. A Ft. Pierce DIANE MILFORD, L. A 4ilel. Ga. ED MILLER, L. A Pleasantville, V. 1 " . SECOND ROW JOHN MILLER, L. A DeLand ALICE MILLER, L. A Miami PIERCE MOORE, L. A Graceville CONNIE MORRIS, L. A Orlando ERNIE MOULTON, L. A Vera Beach BOB MINN. Business West Palm Beach VIC MUZII, Business Coral Gables GEORGE NEIKOM. Business Zephyrhills THIRD ROW KAY PAFFORD, L. A Jacksonville DOROTHY PAGE. L. A Lake City SONNY PARKER, L. A Stevensburg. Va. VINCENT PARKER, L. A Oakland. » « . JIM PARKHLRST, L. A Oneco. Conn. MOLLIE PARRISH. Music Atlanta. Ga. PAT PATTISON. Business Fenicc JANICE PEACOCK, L. A Dublin. Ga. FOURTH ROW WILLABETH PECK, Business Itlanta. Ga. CAROLYN PETERS, L. A Clearwater LARRY POINTER, L. A Tampa SHELTON POOLE, Business Belle Glade JON POWER, L. A ITVvf Palm Beach LUCY RAND. L. A DeLand BEN READ, L. A Keyser. W. Va. CAROLYN REID, L. A Jasper FIFTH R GENE RICHARDSON, Business DeLand ED RIPLEY, L. A Venice FRED ROBERTS. L. A Daytona Beach HERBERT ROBERTSON, Music Clearwater HELEN RODE, L. A Ft. Lauderdale JIM RODGERS. L. A Tamp,, DAVE ROLLINS, Business Charleston. W " . Va. JOAN ROUSSEAU, L. A Bradenton 73 £% i i m - m A KM A 1 | f SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW JUDY ROYAL, L. A Brooksville CLAUDE RUMER, L. A Doylestoivn. Pa. JEAN RUSSELL, L. A Montgomery, Ala. JANET RYAN, Music Apopka DICK SALTRICK, Business Vniontoicn. Pa. SUSIE SARGENT, L. A Guanlanamo, Cuba CLINTON SCHULTZ, L. A Brooksville SECOND ROW JIM SIIARPTON, L. A Norfolk. Va. CARL SHAWVER. L. A Tampa REBECCA SHEETS, L. A Reidsville, JV. C. JACK SHIPMAN, Business Robinson. III. RUTH SIMS, Music - Pinetta LOUIS SKILLMAN, Business DeLand NANCY SLATER, L. A Hollywood THIRD ROW FRED SLAUGHTER, Business Bristol. Tenn. JOEL SLOAN, L. A Ft. Meade LOUISE SMART, Business Draper. N. C. MARY ALICE SMITH, L. A Ft. Myers JUNIE SNIDER, Business Miami Beach NAN SPAULDING, L. A St. Petersburg J. B. STEELMAN, L. A Winter Park FOURTH ROW AVA STEWART, Music Savannah, Ga. SHARLENE STOCKARD, Business Seminole, Okla. LARRY STOCKHAUSEN, Business Ormond Beach CHARLOTTE TARRATUS, Music Jacksonville CYNTHIA TAYLOR, L. A Lake Helen MARGARET TAYLOR, Music Orlando ANNE THIGPEN, Music St. Petersburg 74 I CI i fhd Jk r F 1 j » , ■ ' i % V ) FIRST ROW DAINIEL THOMPSON, L. A Pinellas Park GLEN THOMPSON. L. A Tampa LEON TOUCHTON, L. A Winter Haven LARRY TUCKER, L. A Vero Beach BOB TURNER, Music Umatilla BARBARA VAN AKIN. L. A DeLand JACK VARASSE, Business Clearwater PATRICIA VOGEL, Music St. Petersburg S E C N D R W PAT WAGNER, L. A Coral Cables DAVE WAHLSTAD, L. A Ormond Beach DON WALTON. L. A Flemingsburg, Ky. PEGGY WARD, L. A isheville. IV. C. AL WASHBl RN, Music Shelby, IV. C. MARY LANE WEAVER, L. A Covington, Ga. PEGGY WENGER, L. A Montgomery, Ala. KAY WHITE, Business Park Ridge. III. THIRD ROW ROGER WILLIAMS, L. A Huntsville. Ala. CHARLES WINN, Music Jacksonville CHARLIE WOLFE, Business Jacksonville DON WOOD, Music Spartanburg. S. C. JOAN WOOD, L. A Eustis JACK WOODALL, Business Bradenton JACK WUENSCHEL. L. A 4valon, Pa. PHIL YONGE, Business Coral Gables FOURTH ROW WILLIAM YOUNG, Music Richmond, la. ANNA ZABRISKIE. L. A Cocoa 75 OFFICERS JIM GEIGER President BEVERLY JONES I ice President MARILYN LAZARUS Secretary RUTH WATERS Treasurer Seated: Jim Geiger. Standing: Beverly Jones, Marilyn Lazarus. Ruth Waters. THE FRESH MAX CLASS From high school senior privileges to rat caps in one big leap. we. the freshmen, have come to Stetson from all points of the compass to become a vital part of the college way of life. With a new life of Rush. D-li-ts. probation, studying, dorm life, fraternity and sorority weekends. with wearing Bermudas and knee socks on Saturdays and making sunny trips to DeLeon Springs and to Daytona as highlights of weekends and afternoons after classes, we have nevertheless looked forward to next year when we could feel that we really belonged In laughing at " those green freshmen. JOANNE ANDERSON Freshman Editor 76 ft f Brenda Abel Business 1) i Land Rieki Acker L. A. Coral Gable Bob Adanio Business Hampstead. N. ). Ed Adrian L. A. DeLimil Sandra Alford .... Business Lake City Chad Allen Music DeLand Joanne Anderson .... L. A. Alexandria, Va. Don Andrews .... Business II i si fiilm Beach Raymond Andrews . • . Music I ' ensncola Sue Appleton L. A. Jacksonville Philip Arms L. A. Havana, Cuba Judy Baggett L. A. Orlando Ed Bagley Business ( ilrn Robert Baker L. A. Clarkesville, Tenn. Roxanna Banks L. A. Winter Park Gay Barry L. A. Miami James Bartlett L. A. Orlando Harold Basham L. A. Orlando Nancy Batten .... Business Miami Louise Batts • • L. A. Ocala Cecil Bellwood L. A. Jacksonville Terry Bender Music Orlando Nelson Bennett I.. A. Ft. Myers Dorene Bishop L. A. Tampa Janet Bishop L. A. Jacksonville Carietta Blades Music Elizabeth City. V. C. Jody Blank L. A. West Palm lieach Mike Blocker .... Business Ocala Tom Bogard 1. A. Miami Rodney Bohn L. A. Lyons. Colo. Martin Boos Business Delrav Heath Melinda Booth I . . Bloom field Hills. Mich. Lewis Bornmann . . ■ Business ibsucon, . J. Tom Bouchlas .... Business West Palm Beach Jim Bowen Businc-- Dearborn. Mich. Mary Boyette .... Business Adele. (,a. Ray Boynton L. A, Albany. Ca. Eleanor Bradley Music Woodruff. S. C. Bill Bradley I . . Jasper Pete Brainard L. A. Tampa Ed Branch Business Atlanta. Ga. Judy Branch Business Plant CitJ Joann Breese L. A. Thomasville. Co. Barbara Brenneke ■ • ■ ■ L. A. Chicago, III. David Brock L. A. Miami Springs Bichard Brockmiller . . L. A. Lake Worth Carol Brown L. A. Tf est Palm Beach Harold Brown L. A. Madison. Tenn. George Brunkhorst Business Jacksonville Betsev Brvant Music High Point. . C. Nancy Burgett L. A. Pine Castle Bose Nell Burnett . . • L. A. DeLand Pat Bvrd L. A. A Ocala i Charles Capps .... Business f£ Jacksonville Bob Carlen Business Ft. Lauderdale Carole Carnetl L. A. Winter Haven Bill Carpenter .... Business Winter Garden Warren Carr Business Pitman. N. J. John Cartee L. A. Tampa David Carter L. A. Albany. Ca. Howard Carter L. A. JE ' •« Tampa Bae Jean Casciola .... L. A. Miami ¥ ■ Hal Cauthen L. A. Alachua Mary Alice Chauncy . . . L. A. Chiefland aron Cheatham I. . Kl i . Eustis T ' Helen Cheshire L. A. M Palatka M Connie Clark L. A. Atlanta. Ca. Diane Cleland L. A. Orlando Bonnie Cockrill .... Music Washington. D. C. Arnold Colbv .... Business New York. IS. V. Frances Cole L. A. Chicago . III. Karen Coleman Music Orlando Barbara Collins Music Titusville j Jay Combs Business Bv Culpeper, I a, mKr ' L Dabney Connor L. A. H Bartow mF Connie Constans .... L. A. jB Delrav Beach K l, ( ook I . . f Miami Cynthia Cooper L. A. Cincinnati, Ohio Samelia Cooper ■ • • Business Ocala Shelly Crankshaw . . . - L. A. Jacksonville Dan Crum L. A. Maples Bob Crowley L. A. Venice Pat Crymes L. A. Athens. Ca. Peggy Curry L. A. Ocala f my I " Ed Dameron Music DeLand Marilvn Daniels L. A. O ' Brien Arlene Daniels .... Business Umatilla Dotty Davidson L. A. Ocala Hill Decker Business Leesburg Bill Deckner L. A. Atlanta. Ga. Bob Deflaun L. A. Towanda. Pa. Raymond Delgado .... L. A. Winter Haven Connie Doolev Music Cocoa William Doolev .... L. A. Pensacola Kinsley Draper L. A. Santurce. Puerto Rico Bettv Dries L. A. Holly Hill Ed Edmonds L. A. Enterprise. Ala. Marv Edwards Music Plant City Bill Estes L. A. M-atni Peggy Etheridge L. A. Fernandina Bnffy Ezell L. A. Coral Gables Lynn Ezell L. A. Coral Gables Marcia Faragher .... L. A. Shaker Heights. Ohio Virginia Faris .... Business Ocala Pat Figueroa Music Belle Glade Dorothy Fisher .... Business Winter Haven Linda Fisher L. A. Pleasant. N. C. Berkley Folds L. A. Vera Beach Sue Forsberg L. A. Rockford. 111. Charles Fouraker .... L. A. Jacksonville Mary Rae Freeman ... L. A. Cleartvater Koni French L. A. Winter Park Betty Furches Music Miami Nell Futch L. A. Dade City Mildred Futch .... Business Plant Citr Pat Garbett L. A. Douglas. Ga. Peggy Garner L. A. .4rcnrfirt Roger Garner .... Business Sanford Pat Garrison L. A. Miami Harry Gaylord L. A. Aria Vista Jim Geiger L. A. Ft. Lauderdale Joan Geitgey L. A. Vein Smyrna Beach Mel Gentry L. A. Pensacola Don Gilchrist L. A. Pensacola Chuck Glore Music Lakeland Mary Lou Godwin .... L. A. Kissim mee ■ " F , Avriett Grace Music Ft. Pierce Mary Ann Grant L. A. Elizabeth Gregg I . . j L Arlis Grice L. A. T B % 1 JPaucAufa f Midge Greir L. A. ii 1DHR k Joyce Hampton ■ • . Business H - ■- ' ■ ifri (r ? 1 • Tk Priseilla Hansc I W ' P Bradenton T| . ■ ' | Jim Hargis Music Pensacoln Jane Harris L. A. Washington. Ga. ■ ' Shirlene Hart L. A. Wauchula Ted Hastings Business B Orlando it..,, | j?B I 1 Montverde ■ J ■ " Margarel Hays I . . • _- «- | j -, ■ " „ Arcadia ™ ' I Alvin Heikkila ... Business - Laketcorth • Jt r Kutli Henrickson .... L. A. . Bradenton H . Vlarguerite Herndon Music Hf sH M Apopka rt 1ft Larry Herzig L. A. C7 Ml im mi g Norm Hevne ... Business ' IW P " v » Wi Chicago, III. m lA A» -• Frances Hogan L. A. I M _ , Jf I, Haperille. I W H ' Richard 1 1, ,11, rock Business flt » ™ Charlotte. N. C. . Carole Holland L. A. V Kannapolis. IS. C. A Bob Hopkins L. A. - Ulanla. (. ,. H l HjP ' ' Davenport £ ' ' ■ ' . j£ | Jewell Horton Music | W . B . . " % ' " ■ - iv f 1 David H chens . . . L. A. | |J - f W " Hi Patricia Howard L. A. ( . . Leesburg | Sue Howatl I.. A. k St. Augustine , , ■ I ». ii % Hughes Business k hfe. Morgan field. Ky. ' . Bob Hutches L. A. ™ ■ ■M H Myakka City ll k. H " Don Iverson Bus iness tr S k jflbg , - «t«_ jW ' ,. K ; .ilo Jensen I .A. " JB IFinfer Pnrt TW - ™ ■ " V - % Dotty Jenson L. A. Ft. Lauderdale Barbara Johnson . ■ • ■ L. A. K DeLand Mt ' ■ , t t H I ' iill ' Johnson I . V. g I fl Mount Dora ■CSI M Ronald Johnson L. A. Orlando ■R f ' lfife Virginia Johnson I- V. |P -, Tampa fl Beverly Jones L. A. j Orlando n f , , p ,«- " • Cecile Jovner L. A. , Lnfce Cifv I fc «. Mary Claire Jovner . ■ • L. A. . i .i- City V si ■ ri i f . r k dim MM ne oo T[c j Bob Kaisner Business Rochester, IS. 1 . Gwen Kelly L. A. Hialeah Bill Kelly L. A. Jacksonville Kay Kempler L. A. Gainesville Ann Kennedy L. A. Ocala Linwood Kennedy ■ • • Music Lake Wales William Kernain .... L. A. Daytona Beach Keith King L. A. Orlando Mary Jo Kintner Music Winter Haven Jean Kirkham Music Wilmington, V. C. Karen Klages .... Business Ft. Lauderdale George Koch Business Miami Charles Lancaster ■ ■ • Music Virginia Beach. Va. Carole Lange .... Business .S ' f. Petersburg Janice Lanier .... Business Bradenton John Lauerman L. A. Springfield. Mass. Marilyn Lazarus .... L. A. Jacksonville Vivian Leach L. A. Stuart Chang Lee L. A. Chunchon. Korea Jackie Leonardi .... L. A. Walterboro. S. C. Bay Lewis L. A. Jasper Dorothy Linley . . . Business Ormond Beach Diane Locke Music Miami Clara Nell Long ... L. A. Ocala Bo Luckman .... Business Jackson. Term. Kay McCIendon L. A. Eau Gallic Fay McClendon L. A. Eau Gallic Lamar McCormick ... L. A. Mount Dora Bonnie McCorquodale . ■ L. A. Miami Thomas McCullough . . . L. A. Columbia. Ala. Molly McEIroy L. A. Orlando John McEwen .... 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A. Delray Beach Alary Ann W olverton ■ . L. A. Avon Park Mary Ann W oodruff Business Ft. Myers Gail Word L. A. Athens. Ga. June W ornal L. A. Princeton. W . In. Abe Yeargin L. A. Spartanburg. S. C. Shirley Young L. A. Miami Joanne Kay Zimmerman ■ L. A. Jf ilmington. . C. 85 k£i ■ Z 3 -y r I y V . «V i Ji r r • HfeH " •■ «• ' The Activities Section displays the University at play and work, with scenes to stimulate memories of joy and sadness, laughter and tears in the vitality and growth of the Stetson community. JOAN CROMER Activities Editor ' mm tw 1111 Wf ■■■■■■■ ■• j " j " % ; OFFICERS JERRY KRUHM JEANNE SCHULER, ORAN ALMAND ANNE THIGPEN, MERVYN ALTMAN JEANNE ADAMS. JERRY BROWN General Manager ■ Student Directors Business Managers Publicity Directors 4. L i: K i L I II DIRECTOR HAROLD M. GIFFIN GLEE CLUB ROSTER SOPRANO — Mary Leslie Addison, Mary Ross Anderson, Sadie Arnelte, Joanne Bollon, Barbara Rrenneeke, Barbara Ghaney, Pat Chapman, Patsy Christie, Mary Edwards, Pat Figueroa, Dor- othy Fiseher, Mildred Futch, Betty Lee Galloway, Sue Godwin, Phyllis Haneoek, Alene Holt, Jewell Horton, Margaret Hughes, Betty Johnson, Jackie Leonardi, Pat MeBride, Doris May, Caro- lyn Peters, Janet Reisinger, Janet Ryan, Mollie Sandiford, Ruth Sims, Ava Stewart, Shirley Sutton, Jo Ann Tatum, Ann Thig- pen, Pat Vogel, Pat Wagner, Grace Waterson, Carolyn Weiss, Audrey Whent. ALTO — Jean Adams, Gay Barry, Eleanor Brad- ley, Arlene Burkhart, Carol Carnett, Cloe Carroll, Karen Cole- man, Barbara Collins, Pat Edington, Daphne Ellis, Nola Frink. Betty Furches, Marguerite Herndon, Ruth Hudson. Mary Jo Kintner, Marilyn Layton, Merrill Maguire, Kay Pafford, Mollie Parrish, Sanimie Richards. Doris Rocker. Jeanne Schuler, Belly Sharpe. Charlotte Tarratus. Margaret Taylor, Julee Urquhart, Mary Pat Waeseo, Mary Ann Wolverton. TENOR — Chad Allen, Oran Alinand. Mervyn Altman. Ray Andrews. Jacob Avers. Jerry Brown, Ronald Cockrill, Chuck Glore, Wayne Graham, Peter Hargis, Bill Kicklighter, Don Locke, Clement McFarland, Mar- vin McMaster, Sidney Melton, Frank Painter, Warren Parker, Walt Pinder, Jim Raw Is, Robert Rich, Judson Rogers, Albert Stephens. Desmond Tease. Robert Turner, Jim Wingale. BASS — Jim Beane, Terry Bender, Jim Boone. Eugene Brasher, Ralph Chandler, Bill Delk. Robert Forehand. Harry Gaylord, Jim Grace, Conrad Grimes. Pierre Kennedy, Gerald Kriihiu, George Martin, Philip Newcomm, Jon Osborne. Jon Power, Marion Rector. Kir- by Rogers, Ralph Smith, Richard Smith, Martin Stephens. Larry Tucker, Alfred Washburn, Charles Winn. B A X D DIRECTOR KIC1IARD M. FEASEL ASSISTANT DIRECTOR JAMES PERDUE OFFICERS TERRY OWEN Captain GRADY SNOWDEN Publicity Director EARL WILLIAMS Operations Officer DOROTHY GODFREY Secretary-Treasurer JUDY BR1LEY Social Chairman JERRY BAILEY, WAYNE GOGGANS . Operations Sergeants MALCOLM GLASS, GENE BRIGGS . . . Operations Corporals BAND R S T F I! FLUTE — Carol Howard, Betsy Brvanl. Grace Averitl. OBOE — John Fulton, Kay Philbrook. BASSOON — Bill Lee. Sandra Berg- hull, Judy Hill. CLARINET— Judy Briley, Jerry Bailey, Jim Barllett, Robert Taylor, Connie Jo Dooley, kathy Snyder, Kent Tavlor, Donald Wood, Pallv Johnson. Julia Mae Roval. BASS CLARINET — Jo Coburn. Marie Jenson. ALTO SAXOPHONE — Bill Calhoun. TENOR SAXOPHONE — Richard Hegle. TRUM- PET — Terry Owen, Jim Mathas, Grady Snowden. Gene Briggs, Don Owen, Bill Viehman, Lucy Rand, Bill Young, Kay Thomp- son. Don Evans, Carielta Blades. HORN — Earl Williams, Doltie Godfrey, Lois White, Norman Crane, Diana Milford. Richard Dickson. Gail Word. TROMBONE — Ransel Evans. Ed Brock, Bob Hemphill, John Lancaster, Dennis Lee. BARITONE — Jerry Lawrence, Wawie Goggans, Dean Kells. TUBA — Arthur Kibbe. Herbert Robertson, Jon Power. PERCUSSION — Malcolm Glass, William Reed, David Brown, Janice Mann. Hope Martin. MAJ- ORETTES — June Barry, Head Majorette: Joan Hodges. Pat Par- rish. Joan Rousseau. Connie Constans. Carole Moore, Rae Jean Casciola, Beth Butcher. ORCHESTRA DIRECTOR RICHARD M. FEASEL GRADUATE ASSISTANT WILLIAM LEE OF F I C F R S JUDY BRILEY President DOROTHY GODFREY Vice-President LOIS WHITE Secretary-Treasurer EARL WILLIAMS Operations Officer ORCH EST R A ROSTER VIOLIN — Frances Buxton. Ruth Surls. Ilelene Miller, Elise Ewarl, Jean Keiper. Harry Carlson, Doris Lyon. Julianne Prich- ard. Anne Huntington. Elizabeth Butcher, Janice Mann. Marjorie Lawson. Sedric Lewis, Jr. VIOLA — Roger Casini, John Matthews. CELLO — Eleanor Leek, Frank SurK. Freda Allen. STRING BASS — Paul Caskey. Arthur Kibbe. FLUTE — Diana Gill. Carole How- ard. OBOE— John Fulton, Kav Philbrook. BASSOON— William Lee, Judv Hill. CLARINET — Judith Brilev, Jerry Bailey. TRUM- PET — Terry Owen, James Matbas. HORN — Lois While. Dorothy Godfrey, Earl Williams, Richard Dickson. TROMBONE— Ransel Evans, Robert Hemphill. Wayne Coggans. DRUMS — Malcolm Glass. 89 SUE DAVIS EARL WILLIAMS fit I, W UNELLE MOORE JOE RHODES CARYL ANDERSON Bl ' D YOUNG 1955 HOMECOMING COURT DORIS FERTIC JACK ANTTONEN DONNA ROE ED ROBl ' CK NANCY SLATER BENNY HENNINGTON The Forest of Arden overflowed with people and food as hundreds turned out for the traditional barheeue. Si-ima Nil ' s interpretation of the FORWARD LOOK eopped a first plaee trophy in the lawn deeoration eonte-t. THE FORWARD LOOK Homecoming, 1955, will be a memorable event for thousands of Stetson students, alums, professors, and friends. From the opening of the curtain of " Sabrina Fair " to the last strains of " Goodnight Sweetheart " " played at the Serenade by Brad Bradway ' s Orchestra, we all have pleasant memories. Saturday dawned on various reunion breakfasts, including the traditional President ' s Breakfast, a satisfying football game which resulted in a 2-i-0 victor) for the Hatters, sorority and fraternity open houses, alumni meetings, and the formal Sere- nade at the Armors • The Homecoming Parade was omitted this ear but a new feature, the Homecoming Court, was added. Representatives of the Greek organizations and the Independents were chosen b the student bodv and they reigned with the Mayor and Hostess over the Serenade. Between halves at the game, trophies were presented to Sigma Nu for first place skit and first place lawn decoration: Delta Delta Delta, second, skits: Alpha i Delta, third, skits: Lambda Chi Alpha, second, lawn decorations, and Pi Kappa Phi. third, lawn decorations. Homecoming royalty. Joanne Motes and Morris Foster, receive gifts from Ralph Chandler. S. G. A. President, and present tro- phies to contest winners. Looking forward to " You Are There. 1969 " were the Sigma Nu ' - whose skit captured a first place troph . -- ' ' ., ■■ t ill mlm m»% ■■■■■■■■■■ k ror j M A ' i -T • ' u .4; • • jrrom the (l euutleS IT ' S HATTER RUTH TOGGWEILER and HAROLD McINEILL were chosen Miss and Mr. SlPtson . to the 95 east HOLIDAY! ARNIE COLBY received the coveted title of Mr. Ugly YO, YO, HEAVE HO!! The Alpha Xi ' s literally pulled in their first plaee trophy when they won the girls tug-of-war. . . . AND FOUR TO GO!! With flexed muscles and determined faces the starters for the eross-eountry race hlast off. DOl BLE OR NOTHING . . . you hreak the tape together or you need not waste your strength in the hoys three-legged race. % sw A I j A m COMING — Sonny Parker clinches the Sigma Nu Irophy as he wins the cross-country. GOING — These girls seem to he hringing up the rear in the three-legged race. TIRED STETSONITES WATCH the sun set over DeLeon as they plan for the coining events of the evening • 4%u i. %. iw% I. ■■ m ft r • V W-fWf: tr-fc rt THIS GROUP, WHICH GOVERNS and insures the superior qual- ity of Stetson publications; is composed of, left to right, Vernon Jobson, HATTER editor; J. Blanford Taylor, Director of News Bureau ; Edward McDowell, Assistant Professor of English ; Dale Lauder, S. G. A. Representative; Joe Crankshaw. REPORTER editor, and Alaxine Patterson, Associate Professor of Secretarial Silence. PUBLICATIONS BOARD STUDENT HANDBOOK THIS LITTLE BOOK which guides freshmen and upperclassmen alike is an important Stetson publication. Serving as editor of the l°55-l°.ir Handbook was Paul Kercher. The long battle is done now . . . deadlines, headlines, out- lines, proofreading problems, last minute changes and late hours are all memories and the only thought that remains is: " This has been a good year. " We of the REPORTER especially feel that this has been a good year, for we have watched and reported the growth of Stetson. We have covered the big and the small stories to the best of our ability and we have enjoyed every minute of it. Se hope ou have. too. I wish to take this opportunih to thank m editorial staff for the hard work that they have put in for me all through the ear. One other group of people remain to be remembered, with- out them the paper would never have come out. I mean our backshop crew to whom all of vou owe a vote of thanks for a job well done. Joe Crankshaw Editor-in-Chief s i i: i s o it i : i o it i i: it Standing, left to right: Ruth Harling, Feature Editor; Chong Su Lee, Circulation ; Jerry Florence, Reporter; Ralph Turner, News Editor; Donna Carroll, Waynelle Moore, Nancy Owens, Allan Parsons, Reporters; " IV Malcolm, Religious Editor; Doris Ferlic. Circulation; Sarah Martin, Circulation Manager; Dale Lauder. Society Reporter; George Lux. Production Manager. Seated: Joe Crankshaw, Editor. V, « . I K V « - I H The Sports Section surveys both school achievements and indi- vidual accomplishments in ath- letics; recognizing the athletic program bringing honor to the University and physical condi- tioning to students. - Hatters Shake Off Early Defeats In Stirring Finish to " 55 Football Season Feeling their wa through the first half of the year, the Hatters could manage only one win in five meetings. Incon- sistency of both defensive line and backfield earmarked Stet- son play and accounted for the disheartening losses. Aerial attacks by WofFord and Davidson took advantage of an im- perfect pass defense, while swift Tampa backs slipped past the linemen. At the same time, the Hats showed flashes of offensive strength of their own. Although an underdog in their last three games, the Hatters gave fans something to buzz about in drawing with both Pres- byterian and Newberry and in blanking Mississippi College 25-0 at Homecoming. Spirited effort of both men and coaches put the team in top physical condition for these contests, en- abling it to perform as one unit. ith the valiant action demonstrated in the last three en- counters, the Stetson Hatters concluded the season with a 2-4-2 record. The problem of inexperience as evidenced on this year ' s squad with only five seniors playing must surely strike Head Coach Herb McQuillan next fall, for he has merely eight juniors in the whole lineup. He and his staff of assistant coaches. Joe Berry and Buddy Asher. will be hard pressed to manufacture eleven battle-scarred veterans before the 1936 opening whistle. Five voung warriors who completed their tour of dutv in collegiate football arenas last fall are graduating seniors Earl Looman. Gene Stephenson. Nick Colantuono, Fred Driver. Doyle West, and Harold McNeill. Looman. who plaved previously for Stetson before he en- tered militan service, was named to the Little All-American team in 1955. During the season, his teammate. Dick Saltrick, a sophomore, was voted Back of the Week b Florida sports- writers. (Opp.) Safetyinan Dick Saltrick (22) defends against Wofford pass receiver. STETSON S C R E S — 1 9 5 5 NORTHWESTERN LOUISIANA 7 6 WOFFORD COLLEGE 22 7 TROY STATE 13 UNIVERSITY OF TAMPA 40 13 DAVIDSON COLLEGE 25 6 I ' RESRYTERIAN COLLEGE 6 12 NEWBERRY COLLEGE 12 25 MISSISSIPPI COLLEGE MOODY FACES OF THIS GROl ' I " around Head Coach Mc- Quillan don ' l reflect the Halter homecoming triumph over Mis- iissippi College, 25-0. taking place on the field. They are Judge Tom Sebring. of the Law School: Assistant Coach Joe Berry, McQuillan and center Jimim Hawk. Onlj member of the coach- ing staff not pictured i» Buddy Ashcr. 101 On the road for their first two games, the Hatters were unable to find the right offensive combination and were edged bv a good Northwestern Louisi- ana team 7-0. The game served as a means to find gaps in the defense and to close them before a better team took advantage of such faults. Unfortunately, the Wofford Terriers, who engaged the Hats next, bit much harder and from several directions, both air and ground. They amassed 88 yards through the air. led 14-0 at the half and then added another score on a pass in the third quarter. Stetson ' s onl points were picked up in the last period bv halfback Sonny Parker, making the final score 6-22. STETSOA BOWS TO WOFFORD, AORTHWESTERY L0L1SIAYA STETSON HALFBACK NICK COLANTUONO (with ball) smashes through the Tampa line after a hole is opened by taekle Doyle West (86) and guards Vie Mu ii (73) and Dominirk Anile (76). Also in this play is end Buddy McLin (95). HATTERS OUTPLAY TROY; LOSE TO STRONG TAMPANS After one quick goal the first time they re- ceived the football, the Hatters were held by Troy, who displayed alert goal line defenses the rest of the game. Freshman halfback Wal- ter Mosley end the the 62-yard first quarter drive with a 3-yard plunge. Quarterback Dick Saltlick passed to Halfback Bobby Carter for the extra point. Troy ' s touchdown attempts were foiled, but gaps in Stetson ' s defense al- lowed the Red Wave to pick up 159 yards on the ground and 70 by passes. The Tampa Spartans mastered the Green and White easily on two TD passes and four scoring runs by the swift backs for a 13-40 win. Stetson found it impossible to drive in- side the opponent ' s 20-vard line until the fourth quarter when dashes by Saltrick and halfback Nick Colantuono advanced the ball to the Tampa 23. Colantuono then scored in one play, fullback Boyd Hildebrand kicking the point after. Colantuono again tallied after a pass interception and return of 37 yards b halfback Ray Henry moved the ball into Spar- tan territory. LINEBACKER LARRY HERZIG (41) and end Tom Allerton (93) elose in on a Wofford hall- carrier as end Keith Shamrock (94) rushes up to the play. QUARTERBACK JACK WUENSCHEL ekes out an extra inch against Tampa, who won 40-1 3. J. L. Tyra ( 80) moves into the play. Still shakx from the Tampa loss, the Hatters were unable to contain the W ild- cat attack, succumbing 13-25. In their Eourth defeat of the year, the Stetsonites nevertheless let it be known that they. too, were a scoring threat b adding two mine touchdowns to their season ' s total. The Hats held the home crowd in sus- pense for over three quarters in the Presbyterian game before the) knotted the score at 6-6 in the final period. After allowing a touchdown run on the open- ing kickoff, Stetson stiffened and out- played the Blue Stockings the rest of the way. Nick Colantuono topped off the 89-yard march in the fourth quarter with a 2-yard touchdown -mash ofi right tackle. HATTERS MITCH P0IATS WITH NEWBERRY IXDIWS STETSOX FALLS TO DAVIDSOA TIES WITH PRESBVTEIUAA l! their seventh game, the Hatters had de- veloped a poise and wariness which made them a dangerous foe. They caught a favored Newberrj team off balance and struck for a 12-12 tie. Except for a lapse in the second quarter. Stetson stopped the Newberry backs on offense for three periods. The Hats went into the lead in the opening quarter after Nick Colantuono ran back an intercepted pass 3 1 yards to the 6-vard marker. The Stetson line pushed the Indians to the the one-foot point from which quarterback Dick Saltlick slipped into the end zone on a sneak. Trailing 12-6 at the half, the Hatters took the second half kickoff and ground out 70 yards in nine plays for their last touchdown. The ki pla in the series was a 37-yard spurt b freshman halfback Bobbv Ross. Huns b Colantuono and Ross placed the football sev- eral yards from the goal line. Saltrick carry- ing it over on an end sweep for the 12-12 tie. The defensive line and backs of the Hatters must be given credit for this moral victory. I hex repeatedly stalled Newberry ' s ground game and harassed the passing offense. DICK SALTRICK TOSSES a Presbyterian man to the turf with tin aiil of Jimmy Hawk (57) as Boyd Hildebrand (K2) hurries up. ii — .. i A ' . • r BOB ADAMO, FR., E, 6-2, 195 TOM ALLERTON, JB., E, 6, 175 DOMINICK A1N1LE, FB., G, 5-10, 190 TOM ROUCHLAS, SOPH., C, 6, 205 BOBBY CARTER, JR., HB, 5-11, 170 MEL CHRISTMAN, SOPH., C, 5-11, 175 NICK COLANTUONO, SR., HB, 5-10, 170 WENDELL CRYSEL, FR., T, 6-3, 220 JAMES DREGGORS, FR., G. 5-10, 190 FRED DRIVER, SB., C, 6. 190 LARRY STOWE, FR., QB, 6-1, 165 CHUCK GEBDINC. SOPH, T, 6, 205 JIMMY HEABN, FR., FB, 5-11, 180 BAY HENRY, SOPH., HB, 5-9%, 155 LABBY HEBZ1C, FB., FB, 5-6, 180 BOYD HILDEBBAND, FB., FB. 6-2, 215 JIMMY HILYEB, JR., G, 5-lOVa, 205 TERRY HOLLINGSWORTH, JR., G, 5-9y 2 , 185 EARL LOOMAN, SR., T, 6-2, 225 WALTER " BUDDY " MoLIN, JR., E, 6, 180 HAROLD M.INE1LL, SR., E, 6, 185 WALT MOSLEY, FR., HB, 6, 170 VIC MUZ1I, SOPH., G, 5-10. 205 JIM NILAND, FR., E, 5-11, 205 SONNY PARKER. SOPH., E, 5-11, 172 SHELTON POOLE, SOPH., G, 5-10, 215 RON RICHTER, SOPH., G, 5-11, 195 BOBBY BOSS, FB., HB, 5-10, 150 CLAUD BUMEB, JB., T, 5-10i 2 , 200 DICK SALTR1CK, SOPH., QR, 6, 155 KEITH SHAMROCK, JR., E, 5-11, 190 FRED SEMANIE, JR., QB, 5-10, 190 FRANK SINGLETARY, JR., QB, 6, 200 TED SMITH, FR., C, 6-2, 195 GENE STEPHENSON, SR., HB, 5-10, 170 BON SKELTON, SOPH., C, 5-9, 195 J. L. TYBA, FB., T, 6, 200 DOYLE WEST, SR., T, 6, 195 JACK WUENSCHEL, SOPH., HH, 6, 165 PHIL YONGE, SOPH., T, 6-6, 220. jpffittiaaBLrs ,. , l» f« SALTRICk SALTRICK (WITH BALL) falls into ihe end zone from one yard out as Nick Colantuono (30), Ray Henry (50) and Little All-American Earl Looman (81) carry out their assignments. ROSS IIOMI OMING: HITS TIIN ' LK I ' HIKTUIS l 25-0 UPSET! The Hatters reached their peak at Homecoming, overpowering the favored Mississippi College Choc- taws 25-0 in sunlit Municipal Stadium. Coach Herb McQuillan directed his men to a sparkling season finale, while graduating seniors Looman. Gene Ste- phenson. Fred Driver. Doyle West and Nick Colan- tuono contributed their best to the win. PASS RECEIVER GENE STEPHENSON speeds to the 3-yard line after a key block bv Buddv McLin (95). Moving 73 yards with the kickoff, Stetson took an early 7-0 lead. Gains by Frank Singeltary and Colantuono set the stage for a crowd-pleasing 57- yard pass play in which Stephenson, shaken free by a tigerish Hatter line, bolted to the 3-yard line. The touchdown slash by Saltrick. who also ran for the point after, came anti-climaticallv. He again scored in the second period. Stephenson flashing 31 ards to set the ball up. With the score 13-0 at halftime. Ray Henrv streaked 71 yards to score in the third and Jack Wuenschel sailed over on a 34-yard option play for the final points. SALTRICK DIVES OVER for a score again, aided by Terry Hollingsworth (74), Looman (81) and Jimmy Hawk (57). hifo L | l II A S K i: I II A I. L STETSON RESULTS STETSON . . 89 Florida Sou thern 75 STETSON . . 99 Georgia Teachers 93 STETSON . . 90 Wofford . . 83 Florida Stale . 91 STETSON • - 78 Florida ■ ■ 92 STETSON • • 74 STETSON . . 101 Western Carolina 78 STETSON . . 90 . . 76 STETSON . . 96 Miss. College 76 STETSON . . 89 Presbyterian 81 Mi, mil .... 85 STETSON . • 79 STETSON . . 90 Rollins . • ■ 77 STETSON . . 97 Tampa 78 STETSON . . 93 Mercer • • 80 STETSON . . 93 Erskine . ■ 85 STETSON . . 87 Wofford . . 85 Mercer . ■ 90 STETSON . . 83 STETSON . . 91 Miami . . . 81 STETSON . . 76 Erskine . . 72 STETSON . . 105 Rollins . . ■ 63 Florida Slate 89 STETSON . . 84 STETSON . . 90 Florida Sou hern 71 IIVTTERS NI) TERRIERS poise to scoop up the rebound. JOHN IMCRFND Assistant Conch Frank Siskovic (34) and Mac Stones (25) expectantly watch the trip as Jim Kitchens (23) goes high in action against Wofford at the National Guard Armory. gMHHBfN 3 . % JEKRY CALLAHAN JIM KITCHENS MEL GREGORY BEEMER HOOLIHAN BUZ REYNOLDS RICH LAYER BOBBY CRUMPTON VERN HIGGS Captain HEAD COACH RICHARD MORLAND Manager MAC STONES DAWSON McQUAH DAVE HOWARD DON IVERSON RANK SISKOVIC CURT MOFFETT (Top) BUZ REYNOLDS TAPS IN the hall for two with Jim Kitchens (23) ready and alert on the outside. (Left) RICH LAYER BATTLES taller oppon- ent for possession of the hall in a jump hall situation. (Bottom) CAPTAIN BOBBY CRUMP- TON SCORES on a flying lay-up against Presbyterian as the defender looks on helplessly. CENTER FRANK SISKOVIC beckons his foe downrourl. STETSON SPIRIT IS KEPT ALIVE — and loud — during basketball and football games by the Cheerleaders who are (left lit right, back rote) Larry Tucker, Janet Creene, Barbara Vi odischek, Jennie Lou Steinkamp and Wes Martin. (Front row) Captain Joyce Herrell, Caryl Criffin, and Marion Sternberg. 109 CAPTAIN DAVE McDOWELL COACH CARL " DOC " JOHNSON S I II A I I THE HATTERS INTENTLY VIEW the diamond from the dug- out. They are, left to right. Rob Vostry, Bill MeCall, Manager; Ray Henry, Claude Rumer, Coaeh " Doe " Johnson. Dave Mc- Dowell, Captain; Diek Meredith. Jerry Kern. Kred Roberts, Diek Saltriek and Frank Singletary. RAY HENRY March 15 March 17 March 19 April 3 April 5 April 7 April 10 April 13 April 17 April 20 April 25 April 28 Ma) 1 May 5 Maj 8 May 11 May 12 FRED ROBERTS BASEBALL SCHEDULE GEORGIA TECH Home OHIO STATE Home GEORGIA TECH . . . i Home PRESBYTERIAN Home AMER. INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE . . . Home TAMPA Home ROLLINS i- ■ • ■ Home MIAMI Away UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI ...... Home FLORIDA STATE Away MIAMI i Home FLORIDA SOUTHERN Home ROLLINS Away FLORIDA SOUTHERN Away JACKSONVILLE NAVY Away JACKSONVILLE NAVY Home TAMPA i. . Away ■ J 1r- MEN ' S TEAM: Dave Howard demonstrates his fairway technique for (left to right) Coach Wes Berner, Monly Trainer, Joe Siek- aniec, Bill Kaleel, Curl Moffet, and George Herndon. The team scheduled fourteen matcher, this spring: Rollins (2). Florida Southern (2), Jacksonville Navy (2), Sanford Navy (2), FSU (2), Florida, and the Florida Intercollegiate Tournament. GOLF WOMEN ' S TEAM: (Left to right) Sandy Shearouse, Bahs Blakely, Nancy Allen, and Betty McKee. WOMEN ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION The Women ' s Physical Education Department gives students an opportunity to create sound bodies and develop the physical well-being vital in meeting the hurried pace of college. Capable instructors enable the majors in this field to grasp teaching methods necessary to their professions. A year- ' round program of in- tramural sports such as basketball, badminton, archer) and volleyball afford all women a chance to engage in team competition. -■•.. . i I i n i - -- i Bjt- -fljv nv n nry THESE INSTRUCTORS plan athletic activities for Stetson women throughout the year. They are, left to right. Miss Betty Autrey, Mrs. Sara Jerni- gan, Director, and Miss Esther Mick. BADMINTON is one of the man} intramural »l ort» sponsored by the Women ' s Physical Edu- cation Department. P. E. MAJORS ARE (Left to right) Barbara Weyand, Betty Hicks, Secretary Joyce Harrell, Treasurer Jolinc Kickliter. President Sandy Shearousc, Vice-President Connie Morris, Janice Peacock, Tolly Tollison, Vicki Anderson, and Mary Hayes. Second ron : Barbara Keiper, Shelly Crankshaw, Clara Nell Long, Pat Sullivan, Pat Howard. Mildred Lucas, Marilyn Tingel, Babs Bennett. Mary Ellen Baier, Carl Webber. Rae Jean Casciola, Gwen Kelly, and Paula Duke. 113 INTRAMORAL§ HARRY CONNER OF SIGMA NU pauses and surveys his re- ceivers behind protection before hurling an end zone pass to Morris Foster in overtime against Delta Sigma Phi. Foster ' s catch added the extra point in the 7-0 game that won touch football for the Snakes for the second year. TOUCH FOOTBALL FINAL STANDINGS Place Points SIGMA NU . 110 INDEPENDENTS 90 PI KAPPA PHI 70 DELTA SIGMA PHI 50 PI KAPPA ALPHA 50 PREACHERS 50 SIGMA PHI EPSILON i 50 LAMRDA CHI ALPHA i 50 PIKES AND PREACHERS struggle for a rebound in the opening game of the intramural basketball season, won by the Pikes. 76-35. Stronger and more evenly matched team? makr intramurals a more interesting aspect of college life this year. Larger crowds turned out at the fields and gymnasium to cheer for the social fraternities. Independents and preachers. The Intramural Board, composed of Carl Whiddon, Chairman: Carroll Shepard, Secre- tary (Lambda Chi Alpha); Al Meyer (Sigma Nu); Sid knight (Pi Kappa Phi); Tom McPherson (Delta Sigma Phil; Benny Hen- nington I Pi Kappa Alpha I : Way ne Hartnup (Sigma Phi Epsilon) ; Dean Petersen] ( Preachers l . and Roger Williams I Indepen- dents I have the complex duty of supervising and judging the sports activities of approxi- mately 550 men. This year, the board intro- duced a scoring system allowing points for teams other than finishers in first, second and third place. JOHN SMITH (SIGMA NU) OUTLEAPS Paul Ferguson (Lambda Chi Alpha) for the lap of the basketball thrown by Referee Nick Colanluono. HORSESHOES FINAL S T A N D I N G S Place Points SIGMA PHI EPSILON 60 DELTA SIGMA PHI 50 PI KAPPA PHI 25 PREACHERS 30 PI KAPPA ALPHA 15 SIGMA NU 15 INDEPENDENTS 30 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA 45 JOHN KILLEBREW AND WAiNE HARTNUP, Sigma Phi Epsi- lon, how form that won thr horseshoe trophy for llieir fraternity two years straight. 115 DAVE MARCELL OF SIGMA NT ' vainly strives for a pass as defending safctyman Jerry Johnson of Delia Sigma Phi quickly slaps a tag on him in touch football. TABLE TENNIS FINAL STANDINGS PI KAPPA PHI . . . .1 45 SIGMA PHI EPSILON 50 SIGMA NU 10 PREACHERS . . .i 30 DELTA SIGMA PHI 15 PI KAPPA ALPHA INDEPENDENTS i 15 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA it mr u , 11 . . . . , v • i it m WARREN C. " BRADY " COWELL, a familiar figure at Stetson for twenty-one years as roach. teacher, and now Director of Athletics, grins despite the pressing duties of his office. llfi WOMEN HAVE FOUND working on the trampoline one of the moat entertaining sports in the gym. Embodying the spirit of health, sports- manship, and fellowship, recreation pro- vides for the physical and social develop- ment of young women and men. Its pur- pose is to develop the one thing upon which nearly all other aspects of life are depen- dent — a strong and efficient body. This aim is carried out not only through sports, but an excellent intramural program for all students of the I niversitv. 117 l« . . slJpts- ' a - - r . j J g kj ill • ' . V " ; -r y ii II .-%«■ 7 : I V ? s - Seated: B. J. Flood, Secretary; Ralph Chandler, President; Sue Ferrell, Vice President. Standing: Hurt Holmes, Treasurer, and Joe Khodes, Social Vice President. STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION The Student Government Association is comprised of all students. Its object is to represent and further the best inter- ests of the student bod) and of Stetson I niversity, to coordi- nate the various student organizations, and to cooperate with the University authorities for the common good of the insti- tution. 1 nder the Student Government Association each College and School of the University ha its separate organization. The S. G. A. is the core of the school-sponsored activities. It is responsible for Homecoming, Hatter Holiday, and cam- pus elections. The Stetson social calendar was enlarged this vear to feature the FSL Flying Circus, through the efforts of Social ice President Joe Rhodes. All in all it was a progressive year for the S. G. A. 120 S . G . . OFFICERS RALPH CHANDLER President SUE FERRELI » ice President JOE RHODES Social Vice President B. J. FLOOD ..... Secretary BLRT HOLMES Treasurer RALPH CHANDLER EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Seated: Jeanne Schiller, I?. J. Flood. Ralph Chandler. Sue Ferre.ll. Standing: Bobl Crumpton, Burt Holmes, Joe Rhode-. Wayne Chaslain. 1 iH» w W P Seated: Mary Alice Smith. Beverly McClure, Doima Roe, Caroline Mcliinis, and Carolyn Anderson. Standing: Anthoula Karantinos, Jenny Lu Steinkamp, June Martin and Naney Owens. WOMEN ' S COUNCIL The Women ' s Council is composed of all resident women of government. To assist the Women ' s Council in their work, each the University. The purpose of the council is to handle disci- women ' s dorm has a house council. These house councils han- plinarv action, act as an advisorj group, and work for self- die dormiton mallei-. 122 Sealed: Jesse Little, Viee President; Martin Stephens, President, and Bobby Byrd. Secretary. Standing: Morris Foster, Jim Sharpton. Vernon Jobson, John Morgan and Buddy McLin. MEN ' S COUNCIL I he purpose ol tin- Men ' s Council is to acl as a mediator disciplinary board and advisurx «r»u|). Vemhers ,,f this between the administration and the male students. The council council are elected 1 the male students. Each yeai two Fresh- assists in the administration ol men s affairs, functioning as a men. one sophomore, and one junior are elected to the council. Pi. " . Seated; Bob Crumpton, Dr. Melvin Williams, Chuck Sanks, John Morgan, and Dean William II. McEniry. Standing: Dr. Byron H. Gibson. John Dixon. Burt Holmes. Martin Stephens, and Morris Foster. Not pictured are Jerry Brown and Buddy Simpson. O MICRON DELTA KAPPA The Stetson Circle of Omicron Delta Kappa came into exis- tence in Ma) of 1953, having previously been known as " e M stii Crewe. Its purpose is to recognize outstanding leadership abilih in the male students of the junior and senior classes. These students are -elected l a point valuation system based on the number of semesters a man has attended school, in comparison to the qualities mentioned above. ODrv places itself above the realm of a mere leadership fraternity by nominating two women for ODK sponsors at Homecoming and by their leadership banquet held in the spring of each year. Left lt right: Dean Win. H. McEniry, Faeully Advisor; Chuek Sanks, President; Dr. Melvin Williams, Secretary, anil Morris Foster. Treasurer. Lvjt to right: Sue Reynolds, Donna Hoc, Joanne Motes, Kmh Halting, Martha Jane Singeltary, Caryl Anderson. Not Pictured: Ann Whilaker. Sue Ferrell. Dotlie Teter. I II i: HONOR THE HONcOK is an organization to aid in the development of all-around young women, to encourage scholarship, to rec- ognize individual abilities, and to promote leadership. Women are tapped lor THE HONOR on the kisis of outstanding lead- ership and merit. Members are first tapped during the first semester of their junior ear. on the basis of scholarship and activities which have contributed to the school. A prerequisite for consideration is a 1! average. OFFICERS OF THE HONOR are Joanne Motes. President: Sue Ferrell, Vice President, and Ruth Harting, Secretary-Treasurer. 125 Sealed: Pat Williams, Wayne Pringle, Waynelle Moore, Morris Foster, Frances Harper. Bob Kent and Jerry Brown. Standing: Jake Avers, Tommy Cauthen, Norma Jean Bainbridge, Mary Aliee Smith, Zeke Hepler. Carolyn Anderson, Jody Strickland, Sid Knight. Chuck Sanks and Dr. Win. McCammon. B.S.C. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Seated: Mary Alice Smith, B. C. Akers, Frances Harper. Carl Whiddon, Beverly McClure and Dr. Wm. McCammon. Standing: Crace Waterson, Bob Kent, Richard Lovell, Wayne Pringle, Ralph Chandler. Chuck Sanks. Tommy Cauthen, Morris F ' oster and Margaret Taylor. The Baptist Student I nion is ((im- posed of all Baptist students who are members of the different church- affiliated organizations on cam- pus and in the churches, such as the Training Union. Sunday School. . W. A., Ministerial Association, etc. The Executive Council is an- nually elected by the students to sup- ervise and coordinate the work of the arious organizations. FOREIGN STUDENTS CLUB The Foreign Students Club is com- posed of students from all parts of the globe. They strive for better un- derstanding of the customs, tradi- tions, and beliefs of their respective countries. Sealed, left to right: Aleth George . France; Chong Lee, Korea; Vina Ming- ligot Daludado, Philippines; Jahan Ara Malik. Pakistan; Sue Sargent, Cuba. Standing: Samuel Ho, China; Sot) Bock Choi. Korea ; Gerarda San- berg. S est Indies. ( AM I Kill ' I1Y 4 Mil The Canterbury Club is an organi- zation of the Episcopal students on Stetsiui ' s campus. They join togethei |ni fellowship, instruction and coop- eration with the local church. Seated: illabeth Peck, Donna Jean Nelms, Martha Jane Singeltary, Nancj Lofgren, Roger Porter, Buds} Simms and Blanche Alligood. Standing: Joe Crankghaw, Sandy Burkhanlt, Dan Thompson. Betty McKec. Mrs. I horn- Ion. June Mims, Bob Plato. Candy Plato. Jim Scheiferstein. Ann llunl- ington, Malcolm Glass and Audri? King. First row, left to right: T. K. Hedrick, George Kirkland, Jim Ceir, B. C. Akers. Dean Peterson, Paul Kercher. Chuck Sankg, Gene Allen. Hal trecne and Harry Duke. Second row. left to right: Jim Wade. Bob Kent, Richard Lovell, Wayne Pi-ingle. Boh Byrd. Nelson Bennett, Larry Kennedy. John Moore, Bob Smith, and Charles Horton. Third row, left to right: Ralph Hum. Don King. Bill Ellis. Buddy Krause, Ted Mills. Dawson McQuaig, Earl Rogers. Bill Tisdale, Fred Habegger, Clay Rose and Dave Holt. Fourth row, left to right: Jim Roue, Bob White, Leon Touchton, Bill Curry, Ed Baxter, Fred Smith, Sui Masannai, Grady Snow- den. Dave Brown. Frank Martin. Tom Rhyne. Joe Elliott. MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION The Ministerial Association is composed of men studying for the Christian ministry. An effort is made to enlist each mem- ber in a place of service -- preaching, teaching in Sunday School, or conducting study courses. In conjunction with the Florida Baptist Convention, the Association holds an annual orientation for ministerial students. Coffee was served at all hours of the day and night during exam week by the association. 128 l IMS I i: IK I A I. O I 114 i: II s Senleil : B. C. Akers, Dean Peterson, Chuek Sanks. President; Bill Geir, and Harvey Duke. Standing: Hal Greene, Paul Kereher, Gene Allen, Bob Byrd, George Kirkland. and Ernie Moulton. Seated, left to right: Carol Belcher, Louise Smart. Mary Lane Weaver, Aliee Thompson, Jane Grant, Jaek Woodall, Glee (Grif- fith. Carolyn MeMullen, Art Holmes, Sylvia Smith, Jaekie Hogue, Ruth Henrickson. Standing, left to right: Ned Grimes, Dotty Davidson, Nancy Allen, Betty McKinley. Peggy Curry, Norman Crane. Janice Lanier, Bill While. Barbara Jewel. Kerry Bold . Joan Cromer. Martha Long, I ' hil Newcomm, Connie Constans. Jim Bowen, Tuppy Hanscom, Boh Crowley, Elsa Heckendorf, Sue Davis, Arline Maguire, Patsy Milner, and Dr. Melvin Wil- liams. WESLEY FOUNDATION The Wesley Foundation is the Methodist student organza- tion on campus providing a tie between religious and schol- astic life. Programs are held Sunday night with a supper meet- ing the fust of each month. The foundation cooperates through representation on the SCA Council in interdenominational activities such as Reliaious Focus Week. Christmas events and Lenten Morning Watch. It also participates in other college activities such as Green Derby Carnival. Homecoming and the College Quiz Bowl. The program is planned and carried out by student officers and members. A director and an associate director serve as supervisors and counsellors for the Foundation. Seated: Jaek Woodall. V iee President; Glee Griffith. President, and Art Holmes, Treasurer. Standing: Jaekie Hogue, SCA Representative; Arline Maguire, Board Representative, and Carolyn MeMullen, Secretary. gstminster Fellowship is the or- ganization for all Presbyterian stu- dents on Stetson s campus. This group meets regularly in order to work toward a better understanding of the principles of the Presbyterian Church and promote better cooperation with the local churches. They now have a part-time adult advisor who helps with all of the activities partcipated Seated, left to right: Kay Pafford. Karen Klagcs. Ruth Hailing, Sue Rey- nolds, H. Malcolm, Betty Jane Flood. Caroline Mclnnis, Betty Miller and Nancy Slater. Standing, left to right: Margaret Hayes, Lynn Peters, Mary Pat Bowyer, Balph Turner, C. C. Sel- lers, Roger Williams. Bud Mi .ell. Bud- dy MeLin, Pat Vogal and Nancy Mc- Gregor. v i: s i n i s 1 1: bc ■ i: l l o w s n 1 1» ALPHA DEXIOMA The Alpha Chapter of Dexioma was founded May. 1940. on the cam- pus of Stetson University. The pur- pose of this organization is to pro- mote the social, cultural, political and religious life of the members. Seated, left to right: Barbara Jewell, Pat Williams, Dephne Ellis, Gwenn Kelly, Frances Harper, Janice Krugcr, ni lion l.i Karantinos, Yvonne Wal- dron, Joline Kieklightcr. Glara Nell Long and Beverly McClure. Second roir. left to right: Gerarda Sandlierg, Sherrie Gantt, Orliie Ann McNeil, Joyce Herrell, Mary Lou Copeland. Mary Leslie Addison, Jean Dickson. Kersey Smith, Libby Hiers. Anna Za- hriskie, Lois White, Jcrlenc Clark and Jane Harris. Third row. left to right: Maureen Milicia. Janet Cooper, Alice Massey, Joan Hodges, Mildred Futch, Pal Howard and Connie Morris. Phi Beta Music Fraternity is for young women who are outstanding in music. It is a national fraternity striving for professional achievement in music or dramatics, high ideals in womanhood and scholarship. Sealed: Phyllis Hancock. Betsy Duck, Barbara Chaney, Belly Galloway, and Ruth Sims. Stand- ing: Pat 1 din- 1. .11. Marilyn Layton, Anne Hunt- ington and Peggy Hughes. PHI BETA STUDENT Mill 1ST! ASSOCIATION The .Student Christian Association is com- posed id representatives of the Baptist Student Union, the Westminster Fellowship, the Can- terbury Club, the Newman Club and the Wes- lev Foundation. It serves as a clearing house fur the varied interests of these groups and provides a vehicle for cooperative action. It sponsors such projects as Beligious Emphasis Week. Seated: Jackie Hogue, H. Malcolm and Mar- tha Jane Singeltary. Standing: Roger Porter. Carol Belcher, Dr. Wm. McCammon, Margaret Croshv and Morris Foster. :t3Bfe c mi Y. W. A The Young Woman ' s Auxiliary is an organization of young women on Stetson ' s campus who are interested in a Christian education. Women in an) class of the Lniversity are eligi- ble for membership in the Auxiliary. Cooperation in all phases of the Collegiate Christian woman ' s life is the aim of the YWA. Seated, left to right: Frances Harper. Mildred Kulch. Joan Hodges, Gwenn Kelly, Anna Zabriska, Pat Williams, Charlotte Tarratus. Janet Cooper, Sadie Arnette and Wavnelle Moore. Stnmlitig. left to right: Jean Diekson, Orbie Ann McNeil, Peggv Smith, Sher- rie Gantt, Jo Ann Tatum, Diana Mil- ford, Jodi Strickland, Martha Thames, Jane Harris, Ava Stewart and Clara Nell Long. (0 l M IIMI 4 LI II The Stetson Commerce Club, or- ganized in 1937, is composed of students in the School of Business. The purpose of the organization i- l ilc rlii|i a better understanding of the principles and problems of the busi- ness world. Seated: George Herndon, Bea Thom- as, Don Duchesneau, 15ohli Crump- Ion. Standing: David Miller. Pal Lowe, Louise Smart. Mar Lou Copclniu ' . John killchrcw. The Guild Student Group of the American Guild of Organists, spon- sored b) the Daytona Beach Chapter, was organized at Stetson I niversit) in May, L952. The purpose of the Guild is to advance the cause of worthy church music: to elevate the status of church organists, and to increase their ap- preciation of their responsibilities as conductors oi worship. Seated: Crace Waterson, Mary Ross Anderson, Charles Woodward, Al Washburn and Pat Edington. Stand- ing: Avrtett Grace, Ruth Sims, Jark Rowe, Margaret Taylor and Sidney Mellon. AMERICAN GUILD OF ORGANISTS it i; i a ii i: i a ii i: i a Beta Xi. the Stetson chapter of Beta Beta Beta, which was accepted into the national organization in L946, is one of seventy-seven chap- ters established in universities in the United States, in the Caribbean reg- ion and in Asia. Their purpose is to form honorary societies for students of the biological sciences and to stim- ulate sound scholarship, and to en- courage investigation in the life sciences. Seated: Mary Lane Weaver, A. M. Win- chester, Advisor; Jim McGlamory, President; Al Guenther, Vice Presi- dent, and Mary Moon. Standing: Doris Mclntyre, Yi Han Chang, Barbara W ooley and Sarah Martin. ±sM Circle K is a service organization on the campus. The members have contributed much to the school in the wax of beautifying the grounds. This organization is composed of young men who have an active interest in campus affairs. Sealed: Dawson McQuai " , Paul Krr- eher, Clay Rose, Joe Wood. Jim Mar- see and Richard Lovell. Standing: Tommy Cauthen, Dean Peterson. Wayne Pringle, Chuck Sanks, Joe Folds, Boh Kent. T. K. Hedriek and Jim Geir. CIRCLE K PSI SOCIETY The Psi Smith is a group of stu- dents with the common interest of psychology; the) study psychological problems with the aid of new meth- ods and invite lecturers to throw more light on this subject. Seated: John Daagherty, Boh Han- son. Paul Kercher, Donna Carroll and Tommy Cauthen. Standing, second row: Sherrie Canlt. Dale Lauder, Jo- ann llagen. Cand Plato, Alethc Gor- ges and Ralph Turner. Hack: Dr. Jones. Joel Kaplan. Ray ilson. Boh Plato and John Goodnow. W1 Seated, left to right : Jo Ann Lawson, Phil Arms, Sue Sargent, Mancy McGregor, Diane Smith. Dale Lauder, Mauriee Home, John Riser, Shirley Cole, Gerarda Sanburg, V. R. Roberts, Bill Pate and Randy Langston. Standing left to right: Beverly Mc- Clure, Dr. D. K. Arjona, Martha Jane Singletary, Julianne Prieh- ard, Paul Kereher, Mary Beth Willoughby. Dr. Frances Thorn- ton, Betty Galloway, Luther Toole, Grady Snowden, Yi Han Chang, Dr. J. I.. Hodges, Ray Helpling. C. C. Sellers, Ghuck Saiiks, Jim McGlamory and C. D. Jordan. LA I It I AIM La Franciade is an honorary organization of students from advanced French courses and superior stu- dents in the intermediate courses to foster an extra-curricular interest in the language, the customs, and the literature of France. SIGMA DELTA PI Sigma Delta Pi is a national honoran scholarship fraternity for advanced students of Spanish. DER DEUTSCHE VEREL Der Deutsche Verein is an honorary organization, the members of which are selected from students in ad- vanced German classes and superior freshmen and sophomores. Its purpose is to foster an interest in the lan- guage, the customs, and the literature of Germain. 136 Gamma Sigma Epsilon is a nati- onal honorary chemistr) fraternity. the object of which is to increase in- terest and scholarship in chemistry. Scaled: Robert Palmer, Alvin Mead. Churk Cook, Yi Han Chang, C. C. Sel- lers. John Todd. Standing: Dr. Men- der. Kill Right. Dr. Conn. Dr. Beiler. Dr. Vaughen, Bill Pate. . A l M A S I 4. l A I- l»SIL O S 14. l A I A I l !• I I A Sigma Tau Delta promotes campus interest in the literal " ) field. It is i omposed oi students who have done outstanding work in the English studies and who intend to enter a branch of such studies in their pro- Ir-Mons. Seated: Harry Hurst. John Dixon. Frank Martin, Ruth Hailing. Roger Porter. Dale Lander and Burt Holmes. Standing: Dr. Byron Gibson, Shirley Cole. Joy Frith, Diane Smith. Joe Crankshaw. June Martin. Marilla Col- lins, Rirhard Rig»b and Jean Seh«artz. Phi Alpha Theta is an honorarj fraternity to encourage the stud) oi history. It offers a prize to the out- standing history student graduating at the June Commencement. Seated: Professor Barber, Ruth Hail- ing, Jack Gold. Miss Mills and John Morgan. Standing : Wm. II. McEniry. Tommy Cauthen, Ralph Chandler. Mr. Chauvin, John Hague, Whiter Showalter and Evan Johnson. PHI ALPHA THETA KAPPA DELTA PI Kappa Delta Pi is a national hon- orary educational fraternity, endeav- oring to foster high standards of preparation for teaching and to in- yite into bonds of fellowship those who have attained excellence of schol- arship and distinction of achievement as students and servants of education. Sealed: le l to right: Dot Montgom- ery, Ruth Harting. Maxine Patterson, Ransel Evans, Barbara Wooley, Ann Whitaker and Joanne Motes. Standing, left to right: Dr. Ruth I. Smith. Bev- erly McClure, Donna Roe, Diek Con- rad, Jackie Humphries, Ruth Togg- weiler, Dr. Randolph Carter and Alyce Pearce. C3 f 5k - ■t L ' L B k ._. jgi VM| " l_ J! 1 ,: • , Kappa Kappa Psi and Tail Beta Sigma are composed of students who have done outstanding work in the hand. Each year students Im.k forward to the concert performances 1 mem- bers " I llu se groups. Seated: Lucy Rand, Dottie Godfrey, Terry Owen, Jo Coburn and June Barry. Standing: Grady Snowden, Ransel Evans. Judy Briley, Diane Mil- ford, Earl Williams. Ruth Clark. Wayne Coggans and Jerry Lawrence, KAPPA KAPPA PSI I A I BETA SIGMA A. l K A I ' P A l» I The Hatter Art Club was formed on the Stetson campus in l ' J. ' io and in May, 1946. was installed as the Chapter of Kappa Pi, the oldest art fraternity among colleges today. The purpose of Kappa Pi i to pro- mote an interest in art and to create a sincere love of beaut) and appreci- ation of art. Seatetl : Vonnie Dunn. Yi Han Chang. Renie I ' elrie. Mary Relh Willoughby. Standing: Doris I. yon. Louis Freund, Carolvn Pollark. JACK WOOD ALL Managing Editor MARTHA JANE S1NGELTARY Assistant Editor JIM SCHEIFERSTEIN Schools Section Editor THE HATTER STAFF 1956 ENJOYING THE SEMESTER HOLIDAYS are Vernon. Martha Jane and Jack. KITTEN RAND and ANNE HILL Neics Bureau Assistants First row, left to right: Jim Scheiferstein, Schools: Joan Wood, Snapshots: John Dixon. Business Man- ager: Vernon Jobson, Editor; Martha Jane Singel- tary, Assistant Editor; Ruth Harting, Secretary; Sue Davi . Junior Class; Pat Pattison, Schools. Second roic, left to right: Ralph Turner. Sports; Jaek Woodall. Managing Editor; Paul Kereher. Senior Class. Third row. left to right: Man Lane Weaver, Greeks; Dale Lauder. Administration ; Joan Cromer, Activ- ities; Sandy Crawford. Features; Sharlene Stockard. Sophomore Class. The order of the Scroll and Ke was formed in 1 ' )I2 for the purpose of recognizing and encouraging: high scholarship. Members are chosen from the highest five per cent of the junior and senior classes. Li ' ft to right: Jack Conn. Dr. Richard Ericson, Chuck Sanks, C. C. Sellers, and Brace Martin. SCROLL axd KEY PHI SOCIETY The Phi Society is an honor society sponsored 1 Phi Beta kappa in a number of colleges and universities. It recognizes and honors those stu- dents in the college of Liberal Arts outstanding in scholarship. To be eli- gible for membership, a student must maintain a B-phis average in the first ear of college work. Seated; Mary Lane Weaver, Joan Cromer, Nancy McGregor, C. C. Sel- lers, Buddy Simpson. Vi Han Chang and John Morgan. Standing: Betty Galloway, Carl Gipson, Grad; Snow- den, Sam Ho. Ted Beiler, Chuck Sanks and Jim McClamory. Seated, left to right: Gene Stephenson, Mark Mollis. Bob Hedgepeth, Miirtin Stephens, Fred Driver, Paul Smith, Bob Hanson, Al Meyer and Frank Hathaway. Standing, left to right: Boger Porter, Morris Foster, Diek Hopkins, Buddy MeLin, Frank Mar- tin, Harold McNeill, Earl Williams, Bay Helpling and Jerry Brown. S 4 A II II A II II ■» II L A II I] OFFICERS FBED DBIVEB , Captain MABTIN STEPHENS First Lieutenant PAUL SMITH Second Lieutenant BOB HEDGEPETH First Sergeant Scabbard and Blade is a national military honor soicety whose members are chosen on merit from outstanding cadet officers of ROTC by election of the Company. 142 v- _s . t Seated, left to right: Vernon Jobson, Mary Lane Weaver, Dale Lauder, Bud Young, Hurl Holmes, John Dixon. Martha Jane Singeltarv and Ralph Turner. Standing, left to right: Joe Crankshaw, Ruth Darting, Paul Kercher, Vickie Anderson, Jaek Woodall. Paul Ferguson, Jesse Little, Sarah Martin, Ernie Moulton and Nancy Owens. SIGMA PI KAPPA Sigma Pi kappa is the honorary journalistic fraternity consisting of outstanding members of student publications. Its purposes are to promote the best interest of the college publications and to establish and encourage a higher type of journalism. JOHN DIXON President Seated, left to right: Sue Stibbs, Joan Hodges, Jackie Humphries, Ann Boyter, Carolyn Burnette, Jenny Lu Sleinkamp, Nancy Slater. Linda Langston, Barbara Hamilton, Caryl Anderson and Doris Fertie. Standing, left to right: Joanne Owens, l al Garbett, Buth Marl- ing, Winnie Buth Waters, Frances Sininis, Cynthia Taylor, Betty Jo Dries, Mary Fat Boyer, Sandy Crawford, Martha Jane Sinjjeltary, Joan Cromer, Betty Jane Flood, Joan Wood, Sandy Shearouse, Mary Carpenter, Lynn Peters, Yvonne Walters, Helen Brock, Claudia Waites, Orbie Ann McNeil. Donna Jean Nelms. Daphne Ellis, Kathy Snyder, Marie Jensen, Frances Harper and Beverly McClure. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA member of the National Education Association and the Florida Education Association, the local chapter of the Future Teachers of America states its purpose as: To develop annum young people who arc preparing In lie teachers an organiza- tion which shall he an integral pari of state and national edu- cation associations: to aim toward growing professionally and participation in activities of interest to future teachers, and to give teachers in training practical experience in working to- gether in a democratic way on the problems of the profession and the community. 144 THETA ALPHA PHI The purposes of Theta Alpha Phi are to increase interest, stimulate cre- ativeness, and foster artistic achieve- ment in all of the allied arts and crafts of the theatre. Seated: Dale Lauder, Troas Williams, Sally Doswell, Ann Anderson, Kelly Weeks and Bea Thomas. Standing: Al Meyer, Carl Whiddon, Jaek Cold- iron, Naney Lofgren, Bob Plato, Dr. O. G. Brockell and Richard Rigsby. STRAY GREEKS The Sha Greek Club is composed ill main different Greek organizations from all parts ol the I . S. Six nati- onal fraternities arc represented in the organization which was listed as a campus organization this year. Seated: Richard Layer, Jean Scheifer- siein. Roger Williams, Rud Mizell, Edna Higginbotham and Hill Burleigh. Standing: Barbara Blizzard, Sally Johnson. I ' alll Hooker. Captain Allien Avery, Louise Strapt, Jean Morgan. ▼. vz i J ■■■ V ? ' ? - f ' ? n ? " l -» c S St 4 fc a s s « J " j j I Firs roir. e » o right: Harry Conner, Chuck Cording, Warren Kendall. Doyle West. Fred Senianie. Pat Pattison, Bob Cruiiiplon. John Morgan, Frank Singletary and Keith Shamrock. Second row. left to right: Carl Whiddon, Buz Reynolds, Mac Stones, Mel Gregory, Terrj Hollingsworth, Earle Looman, John Iiiigriind. Sid Knight. Joe Siekaniec, Lew MrBiydo. Harold McNeill, Jack Gibson. Morris Foster and Dick Saltlick. Third rou: left to right: Ray Henry, Jerry Kern, Jim Kitchens, Dick Meredith and Jack Wuenschel. OFFICERS Left to right: JOHN MORGAN Treasurer BOB CIU MI ' TON President HAROLD McNEILL ... » ice President PAT PATTISON Secretary The S Club is an organization of varsity lettermen. Its pur- pose is to encourage sportsmanship, to develop scholarship, and to promote a spirit of cooperation among athletes, other students, and facultj . The S Club has contributed much to the campus. They fur- nish the students with programs at the football and basketball games. Thev installed a scoreboard in the new armory and have put an intramural board in front of the soda shop. Thev furnished the cheerleaders with new uniforms and have put on several outstanding social event-. During the Green Feather Drive the S Club raised more monej than any other organization on the campus. They col- lected money from all cars that passed through DeLand. Over five hundred dollars was collected. The freshmen are welcomed to the campus by the S Club. Rat W eek is something that we all remember and is handled very well by the S Club. £ s 9 9 CLUB " S " CLUB MEMBERS shown collecting monej for the Green Feather Drive are Joe Siekaniec, Earl Looman, Gene St -- phenson, and Lewis McBrvde. Members of the " S " Chili arc often seen with their hip green blanket at the football ami basketball games collecting money for some worthv cause. km " »■ H MP %r i vLLS Social fraternities and sororities form the backbone of Stetson ;, social activities. They further deepen and enrich a student ' s outlook on life. M m LANE WEAVER ami JACK WOODALL Grerk Editor |QDB; DELTA SIGMA PHI OFFICERS JESS LITTLE President MABRY CARLTON Secretary WALT SNYDER Treasurer BOB BEEKMAN Sgt.-at-4rms JACK ANTTONEN Vice President I v Delta Sigma Phi was founded in 1899 at the College of the City of New York. It expanded during the early part of the twentieth century and has continued growing until now there are 30.000 brothers throughout the l_ nited States and Canada. Alpha Chi Chapter was installed at Stetson University in 1925 with Dr. J. Ollie Edmunds, present University president, as charter president of the chapter. Delta Sig has added much to all phases of campus life. The annual " Sailors ' Ball " is a well-known social event and the yearly Christmas party for underprivileged children of Volusia Countv is a noteworthy philanthropic project. Delta Sig brothers hold numerous honors: Gene Stephenson was chosen for Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Dave McDowell was captain of 1955-1956 Stetson Baseball Team, and Tom McPherson was chosen Outstanding Intramural Athlete during 1954-1955. Faculty members in Delta Sigma Phi include Dr. J. Ollie Edmunds. Dr. A. M. Winchester. Dr. Harry C. Garwood, Coach Wes Berner, James D. Perdue, and Don C. Yaxley. ' Not Pictured : Don Bioksler L. T. Fagen Walt Foster James Hawk Derris Fov Jerry Johnston Bob Petrovits Curt Moffett Gordon Shearer Tom Norwood Joe Sekaniee Joel Sloan Don Anile Garv Smith Pete Conner Ted Smith Joe Cowilirh Bob Vostry Jack Anttonen Bob Beekman Don Biyings Roby Burkalew Mabry Carlton Tommv Cauthen ' ! Jerry Di-yloff Kinsley Draper ii 1 Don Engell Wayne Graham Bill Hamilton Jim Hilyer Bill Kaleel » - Paul Kereher Jess Little Jim Marsee Bill MeCall - Tiphci ( kl (chapter Dave McDowell Tom MePherson Dave Morgan Bob Munn Dudley Nunlisl Charlie Prather Dave Rollins Jack Smith V, alt Snyder J. 1$. Steelman Gene Stevenson Hill Walker Doyle West Bob Adamo Bob Baker Terry Bender Emory Bowers Pete Branard George Brunkhorst Gene Burrell Bob Carlen James Crysel Eddie Dameron Bill Deckner Ed Edmunds Harry Gay lord Larry Iler .ig Norman Heyne Vernon Higgs Tommy Johnson Ray McClendon John Miller Don Mono Wall Mosley Phil Newcomm Jon Osborn Pete Scot! Frank Strowbridge Dan Thompson J. L. Tyra Bred N andercook Frank Waardenbura Audie Ward Jerry W aters Doug Williams Fred W illiams Bland W illiaiuson Abe Yeargin ■ }■ . I ■» r r nut o n n l ' fct till n " i P © T. • vJiftiiiit LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Lambda Chi Alpha added another tropin to it mantle by placing second in Homecoming House Decorations. It repre- sented a novel steamboat with turning sidewheel and rocking buo) hailing the slogan " Let ' s Ship Those Cottonpickers Back to Mississippi. " Several brothers continued bringing honors to Lambda Chi with Burton Holmes serving as S.G.A. Treasurer. Bud ' l oung working as Business Manager of the REPORTER, and Joe Huckli ' lici i acting at Inter-Fraternity Council Treasurer. Bur- Ion Holmes also is listed in Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Social and philanthropic phases included blood donations. an Easter party for underprivileged children. Annual Corona- tion Ball. Founders ' Day Banquet. Annual Lambda Chi apple polishing party, and numerous open houses. Originating at Boston University on November 2, 1909. Lambda Chi Alpha has rapidly grown to become the largest college social fraternitj in the world with 150 chapters through- out ibis countrj and Canada. I he local chapter became allili- ated with International on April 23, 1949. National figures who hold the white rose as their fraternity flower are Harr S. Tru- man. General Jimim Doolittle, Chester Gould I creator of Dick Tracy), r ' rankie Laine. and liill Hayes. OFFICERS BURTON HOLMES President JOHN TODD Secretary CHARLES JOLLEY Treasurer CARROLL SHEI ' ERD tire President I r r T A 152 Bill Abel Doii Duchesneau Ira Holme Joe Huekleberry Carrol] Shepherd Bud Young Roger Garner Al Heikkila David Houchens George Koeh John MrEwen Dale Milev John Oldham —.via _Jt CLU ta (chapter l 5i Q iA Atk N - - • ' fa dM ISot Pictured: Bill Chandler Charles Jolley Jerry Girvin Jim 1 1. million John Todd Ken Shepard Dor Holland Boh Cotney Hugh Shiver Burton Holme Arthur Dasher Dick Smith George Hvde Marshall Stiver i l.-.:; PI KAPPA ALPHA On March 31. 1951. Pi Kappa Alpha, founded in 1868 at the University of Virginia, welcomed the Delta Upsilon Chapter into the national organization. The founders who chose the Lily of the Valley as their flower also established the goal of the fraternity, that of trying to promote high ideals of American manhood in its members. The Pikes " go native " in the spring with their " Bahama Weekend. " Clad in tropical clothing, they assume all the fes- tivities of a real vacation in the Caribbean. The Dream Girl of PiKA, who now is June Barry, is selected during the big Saturday night dance. Another group tradition is the annual Founders ' Day Ban- quet, held each year on March 2. Local members holding campus fame are Frank Slaughter. President of the Inter-Fraternity Council, and Ed Houston, Chairman of the Rules and Procedures Committee. OFFICERS Sifting: DICK MEREDITH Vice President DICK SCOTT ' • Assistant Treasurer FRANK SLAUGHTER President Stan fling: FRED SLAUGHTER Historian JOHN GOODNOW Sergeant-at-.4rms JERRY KERN i . . . . Secretary 154 . . oDelta Ulpdllon L hapter Jim Finlayson John Goodnow Benny Hennington Ed Houston Jerry Kern Dick Meredith John Morgan Vie Muzii Joe Newton Frank Slaughter Fred Slaughter Jaek arasse Phil Yonge Tom Bouehlas Harold Brown Charles Capps Melvin Christman John Dickey lliil.. 1 1 Gibson Ted Hastings Bill kei ii. hi Boh Plato Bicter Larue Sellers Dick Silvers John Thurher Montv Trainer Arnold Bcschcrncr Don Reynolds Ray Reynolds Dick Scott -T3J - L 4 I r I Not Pictured: Bohhv Carter Mai Merrill Jim Morris Jim Niland Boh Boss Poke Runyon Jack Shipman Don Soprano I I..- cl Tavlor 155 PI KAPPA PHI I OFFICERS L. R. HUFFSTETLER Spring President JIM HODGE i Secretary JOHN BOHANAN Treasurer WAYNE CHASTAIN . Fall President Having been a master chapter for a number of years. Chi has been rated first among Pi Kappa Phi fraternities through- out the nation in recent years, anol now proudly displays the National Champion Chapter Banner. The local chapter was or- ganized February 13, 1921; seventeen years after the founding of Pi Kappa Phi at the University of Charleston. The Pi Kaps present a program of many and varied whole- some activities. Their social calendar culminates in the annual ' " Parade of Orchids. " and their athletic abilities enable them to finish among the intramural leaders year in and year out; noteworthy also, is their winning the Inter-Fraternity Sing. Members of Pi Kappa Phi are found as leaders in every phase of campus life: S.G.A. President. Ralph Chandler: ODK members. Buddy Simpson. Jerry Brown. John Dixon. Ralph Chandler, and Carl Whiddon; Liberal Arts School President, Wayne Chastain, and Treasurer. Malcolm Glass: Junior Class President. Jerry Brown; Sophomore Class President. Joe Folds: Freshman Class President. Pledge Jim Geiger. and " Who ' s Who, " Wayne Chastain and Ralph Chandler. l ot Pictured: John Daughcrty, John Imgriuid, Sid Knight, Tom Wehlon, Troas Williams, Boh Byrd. Gene Caruthers, Boh Krinini, Wesley Martin, Gary Paulson, Jim Powell, Jim Rawls, Jud Rogers, John Seago, Fred Singleton, Lloyd Williams. Boh Carnes, Clement M.Farlin. fcfcfc aMMM Atm C. J. Abernathj Mervin Altman Jerry Bailey Dave Bard John Bohanan Harry Brown Jerry Brown Ralph Chandler Wayne Chastain Joe Folds Chuck Gerlner Jack Gibson Malcolm Glass Jack Coddard Boh Hanson Jim Higginhothem Jim Hodge Dick Hoglc 15fi Ln napter Bui) Huffstetler I t. l Kent Jerry Kruhm Randy Langgton Gerry Lawrence Don I.oeke Wayne MeEaeliin Dawson MeQuaig Pierce Moore Wayne Pringle Rill Rogers Whiter Showaller Ruddy Simpson Carl Whiddon Earl Wi lliams Don Andrews Phil Arms Jim Boone Ross Carter Holt DeFIaun Jim Ceiger l Inn k (.lore Gary Meadows Frank Painter Phil Parr Larry Pointer John Riser Fred Roberts Billy Russell John Saba Ralph Smith Gradj Snowden Ken Stephens Lamar Veal Bill) Wainwrighl 9 9t « : All i k f) F r C , SIGMA Nil Sigma u Fraternit) was founded in 1869 at Virginia Mili- tar Institute. Delta Mu Chapter joined the ranks in 1913 and is well-known in all phases of campus life, having won many honors in all fields. National notables following the White Star include Kay Kaiser. Glenn Miller. Fulton Lewis, Jr.. Herman Talmadge, and Senator George Smathers. Sigma Nu took first place in the Homecoming Lawn Decora- tion and Skit. All-Intramural Trop in. Hatter Holiday for the fourth consecutive ear, and winner of the All-Star football game. The Snakes are well represented in athletics, having members on all varsity teams. The annual White Star Formal and numerous parties and dances contributed to the social life. Harold McNeill was chosen Mr. Stetson; Vernon Jobson. 1956 HATTER Editor, and Morris Foster. Homecoming Mayor. Other prominent officers include Presidents of B. S. J. and S. C. A. -- Foster and Malcolm: President of Men ' s Council and Senior Class - - Martin Stephens. Sigma Nu ' s Meyer, Crumpton. Stephens, and Foster are listed in " Who ' s Who. " OFFICERS MORRIS FOSTER President HAROLD McINEILL Vice President CHARLES FOX . i Treasurer JACK WOODALL Recorder Not Pictured: William Cross. Curry Lindsey, Pal Pattison, Ralph Turner, Fred Fiore, James Ilearn, Boyd Hildebrand, John Holm. Beemer Hoolihan, Earle Hunt, Tom Reaves, Kerry Robb, H. J. Rohi nson, Cordon Roepke, Bryce Waller. i Tom Allerton Harry Conner Bobby Crumpton Jim Davis Fred Driver John Edstrom Mike Ferrell Morris Foster Charles Fox Charles Gerding Eddie Gilliland Mel Gregory Albert Guenther Arthur Holmes Dave Howard Vernon Jobson Warren Kendall Jim Kitchens Richard Lackey 158 . . csDelta II I (u L hapter William Laird William Langer Walter McLin Harold McNeill Henry Malcolm Joe Marrs Frank Martin Allan Meyer Melvin Ott John Parker Roger Porter William Reynolds Gene Richardson Ed Ripley Ed Kobuck Richard Saltrick Jim Seheiferstein Fred Semanie Keith Shamrock James Sharpton Walter Shirey John Smith VI. ii mm Stephens Fred Stones Gordon Wells John Weslervell Jack Woodall William Howell Terry Hollingsworth Chad Allen Mike Blocker Bill Bradley Ed Branch Stan ley Brumley William Carpenter Jay Conihs Tom Cooke William Crisp Robert Crowley Ray Henry Bobby Hopkins Richard Hopkins Joe Hornsby Don Iverson John Lauerman Ray Lewis Bo I in km. in David Marcell Robert Martin Don Peterson Gwynn Prather James Price Claude Riimei William Schuler Albert Stephens Charles Van Meter Vi illi.ini Viehman nli. mi Watson William White Douglas Willis Charles Wolfe Jack Wuenschcl Bob lledgepeth pi A lit v iJuAfcfc 4 tfc f% rs. 1 1 F " S jyfc i 3 m HHRkMcE i ■p . r r i ) o c f » A» cs fi c ' ■r 43 k SIGMA PHI EPSILON On February 12. 1949. Florida Beta united with 131 other Sig Ep Chapters to become a part of the national organization which was founded by twelve students at Richmond College. Richmond. Virginia, on November 1. 1901. Dean E. C. Furlong. Dr. John V. Vaughan. Representative Bill Matthews, the late Governor Dan McCarty, and Ben Hibbs, editor of the Saturday Evening Post are several of the famous men who acknowledge the violets and American Beauty rose as their fraternity flower. A highlight of the Sig Ep " s social season is their annual Queen of Heart ' s Ball, held in February. The Founders ' Day Banquet and the fraternity parties supplement the social cal- endar. Florida Beta played host for the Florida Chapters ' meet- ing with their District Governor. Joe Crankshaw was spotlighted in the National Sig Ep magazine as one of the outstanding speakers at the 25th Grand Chapter Conclave in Cincinnati, Ohio. I ii the intramural line, the Sig Eps won the 1955 horseshoe trophy for the second consecutive year; also they were awarded the Foster-Whitaker Athletic Achievement Trophy. Sig Eps holding campus positions include: T. K. Hedrick. I. F. C. Sec- retary; Joe Crankshaw. REPORTER Editor; Frank Hathaway, Chairman of Traffic Committee, and Pledge Tom Kuhn, RE- POBTER Sports Editor. OFFICERS GEORGE LUX Vice President DICK WHITE Comptrolh-r JOE CRANKSHAW President RILL RENZING Historian 160 . . jriorlda (I3etu Chapter Carl Cipson Wayne Hartnup Frank Hathaway T. K. Hedrick Jim I li mil ii k-..ii Charles I loir Mini ' John Killebreu George Lux Richard kite Ed Adrian Ed Basle) Martin Boos pi Louis liornniann Hill Deeker Pictured: Marvin Anthony Wayne Galloway Kill Benzing Wayne Goggins Joe Crankshaw Tom Kuhn Jim Kirkland Alven Smith Charles Folds Larry Webb 1 1G1 First row, left to right: Bill Abel, Charles Holcomb, Warren Kendall, Jack Anttonen. Frank Hathaway, Frank Slaugh- ter, Jess Little, John Todd, T. K. Hedriek. Second rmv: F. P. Show alter, Joe Crankshaw, Burton Holmes, Vernon Jobson, Morris Foster, Jack Varasse, Benny Henniiiginglon, Fred Slaughter, T. C. Weldon, L. B. Huffstetler. INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL DELTA SIGMA PHI Jess Little Jack Anttonen Bill Kaleel SIGMA NU Morris Foster Warren Kendall Jaek Woodall DELEGATES LAMBDA CHI ALPHA PI KAPPA ALPHA Burton Holmes Fred Slaughter John Todd Jack Varasse William Abel Benny Hennington SIGMA PHI EPSILON PI KAPPA PHI Joe Crankshaw L. B. Huffstetler Frank Hathaway F. P. Showalter Charles Holcomb T. C. Weldon k OFFICERS f 1 BANK SLAUCHTEB Presitlett t ' ( I VEBNON JOBSON Vice President Am T. K. HEDBICK B Secretary JOE HUCKLEBEBBY Trensiirer 162 First rote, left to right: Betty Jane Flood, Diane Smith, Norma Jean Bainbridge, Caroline Melnnis. Donna Boe. Buth Halting, Joan Cromer. Second rote: Sue Beynolds, Benie I ' etrie, Sylvia Holladay. Barbara Sapp, Babs Blakely, Joan Hodges, Joanne Motes, Buth Toggweiler. v - ii i: l l i: m r o i i l DELEGATES ALPHA I DELTA Sue Beynolds Buth Toggweiler Buth Harting ZETA TAU ALPHA Babs Blakely Benie I ' etrie Diane Smith DELTA DELTA DELTA Caroline Melnnis Norma Jean Bainbridge Donna Boe PHI Ml Barbara Sapp Joan Hodges Svlvia lb ill. nl. is PI BETA PHI Joanne Motes Betty Jane Flood Joan Cromer OFFICERS DONNA BOE President BITH HARTING I i ce President JOAN HODGES Secretary JOAN CBOMEB Treasurer 163 ALPHA XI DELTA Alpha Xi Delta was founded at Lombard College, Gales- burg. Illinois, on April 17. 1893. The founders chose the golden quill to wear over their hearts and the pink Killarney rose for the fraternity flower and the colors, double blue and gold. Outstanding alums include: Katherine Chase Goodrich, author of " Uncle Walt and Skeezix " and " The Romance of Helen Trent " ; Martha MacDowell. assistant merchandising edi- tor of Mademoiselle; Nancy Sasser, author of the syndicated column. Buy-Lines; and Emnn Lou Cairns, assistant to the eminent Diego Rivera. Here at Stetson. Omega Chapter has its share of beauty, brains and leadership. Ruth Toggweiler was Miss Stetson 1955; Military Ball Queen Sue Ferrell is also SGA Vice President. The Honor claims Ruth Halting, Sue Reynolds, and Sue Fer- rell; Cheerleader. Barbara Wodischek; Majorette. Pat Parrish. Dale Lauder keeps the news up to date with her column in the REPORTER called " Hatter Chatter " and serves as president of La Franciade. Alpha Xi ' s took the Hatter Holiday trophy along with the Inter-Frat Sing and second place in scholarship. Four members. Carolyn McMullen. Sue Reynolds. Dale Lauder, and Sue Ferrell, were elected to Who ' s Who. Seated : DARLEE HUFFSTETLER PAT CHAPMAN SUE REYNOLDS .... NANCY OWENS OFFICERS Standing: Recording Secretary RUTH HARTING Membership Chairman Chaplain MARY ALICE SMITH Treasurer President DALE LAUDER Pledge Trainer Corresponding Secretary 164 Barbara Bass Pat Chapman Margaret Crosby Pat Edington Barbara Hamilton Ruth Harting Darlee Huffsietler Dale Lauder Pat MeBride Carolyn McMullen Nancy Owens Carolyn Pollack lull. iijii. Prichard Sue Reynolds Nancy Slater Nan Spaulding Bea Thomas Ruth Toggweiler Jackie Bailey Joanne Bolton Pat Byrd Cloe Carroll Peggy Curry Pat Garrison Helen Hannah Mary Hayes liuth Hendiickson Anne Howell Beverly Jones Patsv Milner Jerry Moretz Kay Pafford Pat Parrish Claudia Waits Emmogene West Itarhara Vt odisehck . . . a meaa T ha p i er V . • t, 4 I r 9 o f% r i o Not Piclurt ' tl: Judy Briley Sue Ferrell Joy Frith Dot Godfrey Doris Lyon Nancy McCallum Sylvia McDonald Susie McRoberts Joyce Stone Barbara Wooley Barbara McQueen 165 DELTA DELTA DELTA Delta Delta Delta, founded on Thanksgiving Eve in 1888 at Boston University, is organized to establish a perpetual bond of friendship among its members and to help develop a more womanly character in its members. The same founding group also chose the stars and crescent as the emblem, and motto since made sacred to Tri Delts all over the world: " Let us steadfastly love one another. " " Alpha Delta Chapter, the first Tri Delt chapter established in this state, is one of 99 collegiate chapters today. Among the many honors achieved by Stetson Tri Delts are Donna Roe wielding the gavel over the Women ' s Executive Council and Pan-Hellenic Council; Caroline Mclnnis, Veep of the Women ' s Executive Council and R. 0. T. C. Sponsor; Jennv Lu Steinkamp. Prexy of North Hall. Future Teachers and a vivacious cheerleader. These three were also honored by being named to " Who s Who. " Alpha Delta Chapter members are not only noted for their leadership qualities but also for their scholastic achievements. They ranked first in scholarship for 1954-1955. Peggy Livingston, well known in many of Stetson ' s activities, won the award for having the highest scholastic average of any Sophomore last year, and in the fall of 1955 she represented Stetson at American University in Washington. D. C. Each year the chapter awards a scholarship to a deserving girl in the L niversih . OFFICERS CAROLINE McINNIS President JOANNA JOHNSON Treasurer VERONA MARTIN Secretary CAROLYN RURNETTE Chaplain NORMA JEAN RAINRR1DGE Rush Captain 166 Ann Anderson Norma Jean Bainbridgt Carolyn Burnelle Patsy Collins Betsy Duek Glee Griffith Elsa Heckendorf Jackie Hogue Caroline Mclnnis Verona Martin Donna Roe Sandy Shearouse Jenny Lu Steinkamp Jody Strickland Cynthia Taylor Peggy Wenger Joanne Anderson Connie Constans Cynthia Cooper Samelia Cooper Marcia Faragher Mary Ray Freeman Tuppy Ilanseoni Margaret Ila s Dottie Hughes Janice Lanier Jo Ann La« son Molly McElroy Ann Nelson Doris Rocker Janet Ryan Betty Sharp Jane Shadron Mimi Shaw Pat Taylor Sara Wilkerson Tipha oDeltci Chapter $i o o Sallie Doswell Maurice Horn Joanna Johnson .Vof Pictured: Peggy Livingston Ellen Rivers Bahs Bennett Eunice Fried Ann Travers Charlotte ail- 167 PHI Ml) In March. L949, llie Alpha Xi Chapter joined the ranks of Phi Iu. which have grown to include 70 chapters. The Phi Mu Fraternity was founded in March. 1852, in Macon, Georgia. Organized to follow a purpose which is social, spiritual, and fraternal, the Phi Mil ' s chose the enchantress carnation as their flower, and state their motto as " Les Soeurs Fideles. " Our charitable project is an Easter part) for needy children. Joan Hodges, Rae Jean Casciola. and Joan Rousseau are sparkling additions to the half-time shows in football season. Donna Carroll you will find in Stover Theater taking part in several of the plays. Marlene Lackman works on the RE PORTER Staff. OFFICERS Seated: JOAN HODGES Chaplain LINDA ROGERS Vice President BARBARA SAPP President m Standing: SHIRLEY HILBISH BETTY HICKS Treasu rer Historian 1G8 Catherine Brooks Donna Carroll Joanna Cobnrn Betty Ilieks Joan Hodges Sylvia Holloday Marlene Lackman Betty MeKee Helen Rode Linda Rogers Joan Rousseau Barbara Sapp Sj Ivia Smith Barbara Young Brenda Abel Blanche Alligood Sandra Beldon Rae Jean Caseiola Barbara Collins Shelley Crankshaw Doris Fertic Mary Lee Houston Dorothy Jenson Karen klages Carolyn Reid Cynthia Schachl Frances Simmons Irene Tuton Carolyn Walker Mary Williams Tinka I ( kapt nna l nap apier 1 Q $ 4 ir ' - , iAf f)P $ O i r b Not Pictured: Shirley Hilbish, Marie Jenson, Gail Bowerhan, Barbara Weyand. 169 f d n o n p)t PI BETA PHI Pi Beta Phi was first established as a national sorority in 1867. founded 1: a group of women at Monmouth College in Monmouth, Illinois. The Florida Alpha Chapter was the first Greek social group to make its appearance on Stetson ' s campus organizing in May of 1913. Pi Phi is the oldest and largest national sororitv, having over 54,000 living members and 102 active chapters. The sorority established and maintains as a national philanthropic project the Settlement School for Under- privileged in Gatlinburg. Tenn. On Stetson ' s campus the wearers of the Pi Phi arrow are proud of their achievements and their representation in all phases of campus life. Betty Jane Flood holds the office of Secretary of the Student Government Association; Willabeth Peck. Treasurer of the Sophomore Class, was named Outstand- ing Freshman Woman last year: June Barry, who heads the Majorette Corps, was chosen Dream Girl of Pi Kappa Alpha in 1955; Martha Jane Singeltary, an Honor Member, is assis- tant Editor of the HATTER; Ann Whitaker is a member of the Honor; Janet Greene. Marion Sternberg, and Lynn Ezell lead Stetson cheers; Pat Figuero is Treasurer of the Music School; Merrill Maguire was elected Secretary of the Sopho- more Class; and Pi Phi President Joanne Motes holds also the presideiu of the Honor, election to Who ' s Who in Amer- ican Colleges and Universities, and the title of Homecoming Hostess. The most recent additions to the Phi Society from Pi Beta Phi Fraternity were Joan Cromer, and Mary Lane Weaver. OFFICERS Seated : MERRILL MAGUIRE Chaplain JOYCE JOHNSON Treasurer MARILYN LAYTON Vice President JOANNE MOTES President JUNE MARTIN Recording Secretary Standing: SALLY JOBSON Corresponding Secretary MARTHA JANE SINGELTARY Rush Captain BETTY MILLER Pledge Trainer 170 Jo Boswell Mary Carpenter Ann Clark Sandra Crawford Joan Cromer Ann Delanev Connie Ellis Belty Jane Flood Janel Greene Judy Hill Sally Johson Joyce Johnson Barbara Keip er Marilyn I, avion Merrell Maguire June Martin Belly Miller Joanne Moles Willabeih Peck Lucy Hand Martha Jane Singellai-y Mary Fane Weaver Ann Whitaker Mary Belh Willoughby Joan Wood Naney Batten Carol Belcher Jody Blank Melinda Booth Frances Cole Marilla Collins I ' at Crynies Sue Davis Buffy Ezell Lynn I . II I ' ll I Figuero Bobi Freeman Midge Greer Martha Harrington Carolyn Miller Kay I ' lullr I, Mary Snyder . . . rlorlda ArlphcL (chapter f i ipi % f 1 t $s rs s n 2, n C% A 2 P- n no Marion Sternberg Jnlee Urquharl ot Pictured: June Barrj I ZETA TAU ALPHA Zeta Tau Alpha was founded at Longwood College. Farm- ville. irginia. in 1898. Beta Psi Chapter was organized on the Stetson campus in 1934 and today there are 105 chapters in the I nited States and Canada. In addition to having a beautifully redecorated apartment, the Zeta ' s are proud of the achievement plaque which was awarded to Beta Psi for being the most outstanding chapter in the province. An outstanding event of the year was the visit of Mrs. Elliot Chapman, national president of Zeta Tau Alpha. Beta Psi initiated Mrs. R. B. Hall of the Stetson faculty earlier in the year. The Christmas spirit was truly enriched this year at the part) which was given for underprivileged children. The spirit of fun was present at the party which Zeta gave for all soror- ities and fraternities at DeLeon Springs. Barbara Jones and Vickie Anderson have been busy throughout the year with the Stover Theatre plavs. Louise Smart and Mary Ross Anderson received scholarships for having the highest averages in the Freshman and Junior classes respectively. Caryl Anderson, who became a member of the Honor, was elected Secretary of the Business School. The outstanding social event of the year for the Zetas was the annual Madri Gras weekend. Dean Etter Turner of Stetson and Faith Baldwin are just two of the prominent women who are proud possessors of the Zeta Tau Alpha badge. NANCY MacGREGOR BABS BLAKELY . . CARYL ANDERSON OFFICERS . . Secretary DIANE SMITH Ritual Chairman Vice President EILEEN BRONINER Historian Vice President ARLINE MAGUIRE Treasurer 172 eta l si y hapter Caryl Anderson irginia Barlow Babs Blakely Pat Boss Miirv Pal Bower Eileen Bronner Paula Duke Ruth Hudson (.ail Lundy Nancy MacGregor Arline Maguire Jayn Marshall Renie Petrie Ruth Sims Louise Smart Carolyn Smith Diane Smith ickie Anderson Mary Ellen Baier Anne Boyter Julie Emerson Linda Fisher Joan Geitgey Carole Holland Jackie Leonard] Beverly May Bonnie MeCorquodale Betty MeKinley Barbara Morgan Donna Jean Nelms Mildred Newton Jody Norman Betty Jean Robinson Kathy Snyder Janelle illcox Nee Wilson V f (aJ Oll IVol Pictured: Mary Boss Anderson Joan BIythe Vonnie Dunn Marie Broetzmun Bohhie Jones Winifred McKinlej Sue Stihhs Donna Stokes 173 ■ H m ' ••::? : : •»I :»»« ii a 5fej ! F m % »«f ■■■■m JOANNE MOTES MORRIS FOSTER J4, omecovnin 9 Wic uuor an y a J rosteAd 176 SUE FERRELL KJutsiandina 5i H . MALCOLM ' eniorA These, the Outstanding Seniors, have been selected on a recommendation of the student body to represent our campus as contributing the most towards the high standards and ideals of our I niversity. RALPH C H A NDLER t I mm JOANNE MOTES Y I HAN CHANG MORRIS FOSTER BURT HOLMES i V. BOBBY CRUMPTON CHUCK SANKS HAROLD McNEILL CAROLINE MoINNIS V SUE REYNOLDS J O HN IMGR U N D WAYNE CHASTAIN A L MEYER WHO ' S WHO GENE STEPHENSON in A merican ( oiie eaeS % an a ly nluerdltled " Who ' s Wliu Among Students in American Colleges and Universities ' " is published yearly to recognize the most outstanding leaders in campus activities and is one of the highest honors given to any student at Stetson L niversity. committee composed of students and faculty suli- mitted a li t of nominees to the Academic Council which made the final selection on the hasis of merit shown in student activity, scholarship and leadership abilit . RALPH CHANDLER JENNY LU STEINKAMP BOBBY CRUMPTON BURT HOLMES CAROLINE McINNIS WHO ' S SUE FERRELL CHUCK SANKS DALE LAUDER WAYNE CHASTAIN CAROLYN M c MULLEN FRANCES HARPER MORRIS FOSTER JOANNE MOTES W II o DONNA ROE MARTIN STEPHENS RUTH TOGGWEJLER HAROLD McNEILL if Hip. and rv idd Stetson 184 MafiGA M ARY L A E W EANER ■P- V MISS HATTER - I c , s DARLEE rlUFFSTETLER ruaru SUE REYNOLDS If larch JUNE BARRY This section is presented with the idea that there is enough heauty on Stetson ' s :ampus for the entire year. These girls, selected by the sororities and fraternities, show that the Greeks have an eye for beauty as well as their studies. a u k ' j SHARLENE STOCK A RD -Aruqu t f ' DONNA STOKES September KAY WHITE ' 1 t« r sQpril BETTY HICKS ,au DORIS ROCKER d l une DeLANEY L alendcir of d5eau t y _Jctober I lovember M A R I L Y N LAYTON WAYNELLE MOORE December BARBARA BLIZZARD STOVER T H E A T E IS Man) hours of toil b the members of Stover Theater brought forth fine performance? this year. Under the direc- tion of Dr. 0. G. Brockett. the work on costumes, make-up. scene painting, and rehearsals resulted in the final product - a wonderful performance. Enjoyed In main this year were the outstanding presenta- tions " Sabrina Fair " : " Media " ' : " The Red Mill. " staged by the Music School: and " " Much Ado Vboul Nothing. " Hours of rehearsal and individual stud) resulted in bringing each performance to perfection as " the show goes on. " I ' , in Id and Jerry make eyes . . . k m UMC 2 Tama . . . JERRY RROWN PROVES that practice make perfect. SHEAKESPEAREAN PLAY com» to life in Stover Theater. PAINTERS AND SCILPTORS li plav their talent in Holme Hall. Lecturers and artists, representing many fields, were re- ceived at Stetson with great interest this year, under the spon- sorship of the Fine Arts Committee, headed by Roger Cushman. Noted architect Francis Walton. Daytona Beach, was the first lecturer. Next, Gordon Hendricks, critic, commented on famed motion pictures, giving examples of films. The Florida Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Frank Miller, presented an outstanding performance, followed by a concert of the Julliard String Quartet, New York. Dr. A. Didier Graffe of the Universit) of Florida, revealed the beauties of Japanese art to students in lectures. The final programs were led by James L. Dickey, poet, author and lec- turer. J-lne Afrfo ROGER CUSHMAN Chairman of Fine Arts THE JULLIARD STRING QUARTET, one of the features of the fine arts program. " i ii lil Not ic. Temptatioi It ' s W onderful ' ' There ' s Nothing I. ike a Dame " •Life Gets Tedious I irl ' Sundav Di-hing " ' It ' s a Woman ' 1 World Kebel Without a Cause " JkJS0 Participating in our nation ' s defense program, the ROTC imparts discipline, physical improvement and tactical military knowledge in Stetson ' s student-soldiers. RESERVE OFFICERS The military, known to must of the University as the R. 0. T. C... prepares the men of the University to defend our country while they work for their diplomas. Realizing that the defense of the nation is everyones ' respon- sibility, the men of the corps work to become well acquainted with all phases of warfare. The R. 0. T. C. program teaches the men the skills of leadership and instills in them the quali- ties of courage, fidelity, and knowledge. With an excellent opportunity for practical experience on the BATTALION COMMANDERS ALLAN MEYER Fall Semester MORRIS FOSTER Spring Semester COLOR GUARD TRAINING COUPS drill field and at summer camp, the Reserve Officers " Training Corps has become the nation ' s chief source of obtaining young officers. The men in R. 0. T. C. learn to work together as a team and to accept their fellow cadet ' - and officers for what they are. The R. 0. T. C. furnishes the Stetson men with a well rounded program of physical, scholastic, and mental training that will prepare them to face the future with securih and faith. COLONEL WESLEY E. FARMER, PMS T MAJOR REX T. HENRY Assistant PMS T CAPTAIN ALBERT M. AVERY Assistant PMS T M SCT. RALPH A. BECKER, Sgt. Major SFC. HARRY G. THORN, Ass ' t. Instructor SFC. WILLIAM K. COBB, Ass ' t. Instructor SFC. JESSIE E. COFER, Ass ' t. Instructor THE RIFLES and dress of students are carefully in- spected. REGULAR CLOSE ORDER DRILL leads to perfection. CADETS PREPARE EOR DRILL IS ONE OF THE ESSENTIAL factors in making a sharp corps. Under the leadership of student officers, the cadets appear in parades, perforin for special guests, and participate in national holidays. ?vi CADETS LEARN through practical training. TRAINEES gfl the feci of a parachute jump. SUMMER CAMP FORT B E N N I N G , GEORGIA CADETS EXPERIENCE a rigorous i M•.■ks of Armv life. f flH ' " l-r UNIQUE IDEAS come to life. MILITARY FINAL PREPARATIONS are being made. V " ■ Jsm v i: i k i: i» (Left) RETIRINC QUEEN SUE FERRELL, escorted by Major Fred Driver, crowns Queen Marilla Col- lins, escorted by I.t. Colonel Morris Foster. (Right) COLONEL WESLEY FARMER de- livers a brief speech at the Scabbard and Blade banquet during the Military Weekend. (Left) QUEEN MARILLA COLLINS and her Royal Court: Bobbi Jones. Carol Roberts, Doris Rocker, Linda Rogers, and Sharlene Storkard. nm a •sFTviSR 9fe fi I » yhe City of DeLaiul and the DeLand Chamber of Coinmeree are proud of Stetson University ' s established reeord for training men and women for the business of living. Proud, too. they are of the recognition brought to DeLand by the many individual students, student groups and alumni who are constantly presenting some phase of Stetson University — and consequently DeLand — to the Nation. P|eLand and Stetson University together have more to offer winter visitors and new residents than ' most any other section of the State. If you are interested in DeLand as a vacation spot or a place of permanent residence, write CHAMBER OF COMMERCE DeLAND, FLORIDA 209 FOR A BRIGHTER FUTURE! PARTNERS IN FLORI DA ' S PROGRESS FOR 58 YEARS MOOT KIlOWAn III JOHN G. GRAVLEE, District Manager Florida Power Corporation BILL HOLLER Motor Sales your CHEVROLET — OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC DEALER Phone 694 550 So. Blvd. FOUNTAIN ' S For Fifty Years Central Florida ' s Finest Store For Men DeLAND FLORIDA 210 The mark of the world ' s most famous hat THE HALLMARK by STETSON . . . smart A bound edge and medium height crown $12.95 THE SUSSEX by STETSON... a natural silhouette with the exclusive Stetson hand-felted Mode Edge $15 JOHN B. STETSON CO Philadelphia 211 CONGRATULATIONS to THE CLASS OF ' 56 Athens Theatre and Staff SJJ5 _t " H ti -1 M WINCHESTER ! : INCHE5TBp " H STEWAHT WINTERS DURYEA i«C STPMI H 7_ ] tZ3B JESS! ■■ The best in motion picture entertainment Compliments of DELAND FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Ifc -vSa. ' 4% " iG-i " : SOUTH ' S LARGEST JEWELERS DeLAND 116 N. Boulevard Phone 722 COMPLIMENTS OF c . E . B H R E N Barber Shop 134 N. Boulevard 212 Bob s Radio Service 206 W. Rich Avenue HOME — AUTO RADIO SOUND EQUIPMENT — TELEVISION Phone 1347 DeLand THE WEST FAMILY of Stetson Flower Shop Wish you the best of Luck and THANKS for being able to serve you for the past 24 years Phone 59 218 N. Boulevard G 1 B B s Lad ies ' and Children ' s Ready-to-Wear Ladies ' and Child ■en ' : Shoes Ph. me 240 Dc LAND FLORIDA Congratul a t i o n s to SENIORS OF 1956 CONRAD LUMBER THE CONRAD COMPANY COMPANY Lumber and Building Bonds Materials Insurance North Delaware Ave. 118 West New York Ave. DeLand, Florida DeLand, Florida Phone 31 Phone 17 L ' l:: BLUE RIBBON TIP TOP QUALITY FRESH MEATS! LOW PRICES NATIONALLY ADVERTISED GROCERIES! QUALITY FRUITS AND VEGETABLES DELIVERED FRESH DAILY! PICTSWEET Grade " A " Fancy FROZEN FOODS! Jhe Colonel aui : Congratulations and Best Wishes For Success TO THE CLASS OF FIFTY-SIX Louisville Baseball Club ' Your Springtime Neighbors from Kentucky ' -At Ljreat I lame in i iotnin 9 ' SUITS THE SOUTH " IN DAYTON A For Tennis Equipment- Fishing Tackle Golf Clubs ' Latest in Books It ' s the DAYTONA BOOK STORE " Buy Where Your Varsity Teams Buy " 232 S. Beach Street Daytona Beach 214 Penney ' s IWAYS FIRST QUALITY! DeLAND FLORIDA THE DELAND SUN-NEWS IS READ DAILY AND SUNDAY FOR NEWS OF STETSON ACTIVITIES THE BARNETT NATIONAL BANK " A Florida Landmark " DELAND - - JACKSONVILLE — COCOA ST. AUGUSTINE Member Federal Reserve System and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Congratulations to Graduates of 1956 from Cosron ' s Laundry Dry Cleaning DeLAND ' S LATEST METHODS IN DRY CLEANING Odorless Cleaning Sra-Nu Finishing Phone 951 221 S. Florida Avenue Compliments of DeLAND COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY 215 The Five SOUTHERN BAPTIST CONVENTION SEMINARIES invite you to higher training for Superior Christian Leadership SOUTHERN BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY Louisville, Ky., Duke K. McCall, Pres. SOUTHWESTERN BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY Fort Worth, Texas, J. Howard Williams, Pres. NEW ORLEANS BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY New Orleans, La., Roland Q. Leavell, Pres. GOLDEN GATE BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY Berkeley, Calif., Harold K. Graves, Pres. SOUTHEASTERN BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY Wake Forest, N. C, Sydnor L. Stealey, Pres. " A coll to preach is o call to prepare " VOLUSIA PHARMACY A WALGREEN AGENCY PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS Modern Soda Fountain Cosmetics and Gifts S. R. LANGSTON, JR., Manager 121 N. Boulevard DoLand JAMES F. CLARDY INSURANCE AGENCY ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE 138 West Indiana Avenue Telephone 1466 JOHN TAYLOR RAYMA TAYLOR DELAND CAMERA SHOP Cameras — Supplies — Photo Finishing 142 N. Boulevard Phone 277-R DeLond, Florida COMPLIMENTS OF FRIERSON ' S ON THE BOULEVARD ' You Can Be Sure If It ' s Westinghouse ' Gerald E. Frierson, Owner Good Wishes WALTER MANN 216 Orange Belt Pharmacy " Prescription Specialists " Three Licensed Druggists to Serve You Complete Drug and Fountain Service Next to Dreka Theatre Phone 555 FLORIDA ' S FINEST FOOD STORES Xrtett ' j Two Fine Stores WEST NEW YORK AVENUE EAST RICH AVENUE DeLAND FLORIDA BEST WISHES FROM First Atlantic National Bank of Daytona Beach DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA 542 Seabr eeze Blvd. Telephone CL 2-5591 Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. COMPLIMENTS OF F. N DE HUY SON JEWELERS and SILVERSMITHS A Complete Repair Service 139 N. Be ulevard Telephone 270 Champion Knitwear Co., Inc. ATHLETIC KNIT GOODS " J " SHIRTS AND SWEAT SHIRTS Sold at the STETSON UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE CASKEY ' S MUSIC SHOP Records Phone 61 6- J Sheet Music 214 NORTH BOULEVARD Musical Instruments and Supplies Pianos FLORIDA LAW AND PRACTICES A Complete Encyclopedia of Living Florida Law FOR FLORIDA LAWYERS BY FLORIDA LAWYERS Authors who know the peculiarities of the Florida Law Write for details, including free examination of volumes published THE HARRISON COMPANY LAW BOOK PUBLISHERS Post Office Box 4214 Atlanta 2, Georgia Serving the Lawyers of the South for more than 47 years 217 MORE PEOPLE (69,500,000) HAVE MORE SAVINGS DOLLARS $73,250,000,000) IN BANKS These wise and thrifty folk like the convenience of " one-stop banking " . . . the reassurance of having cash in the bank when they need it . . . the special advantage of getting inter- est on their savings — without making an invest- ment. Why not start BANKING your savings — with us? Estimated figures, Dec. 31, 1954 (J f IOAI TRVST (pMPAJIY CENTRAL AT NINTH MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. - THE BANK OF FRIENDLY SgFtN lCE I BOULEVARD MOTEL AIR CONDITIONED TV IN ROOMS CENTRAL HEATING " A Safe Place to Stay " 1349 N. BOULEVARD PHONE 203 COMPLIMENTS OF ATHENS LAUNDRY 143 East Voorhis DeLAND Congratulations Seniors . . . On Your Achievements to Date And Best Wishes Through the Coming Years — Bit! Wc iJe GEORGIE BOY ' S " STETSON ' S MEETING PLACE OFF CAMPUS " 218 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 1956 GRADUATES HERE TO SERVE YOU CURREY THE FLORIST 116 East Indiana CONGRATULATIONS To the Class of 1956 American Stencil Mfg. Co. 2714 Walnut Street Denver 5, Colorado The FAMOUS TONY and JAY ' S Spaghetti House Where the Stars of Stage, Screen and Radio Meet and Eat SPECIALIZING IN ITALIAN FOOD 15 N. Coates St. Daytona Beach, Florida Phone Clinton 22021 Pryde Men ' s Apparel Phone CL 2-3561 JANTZEN CATALINA BEACH SPORTSWEAR DRESSES Teena Paige Jerry Gilden Kay Windsor SKIRTS Jane Irivill SWEATERS Jantzen Pryde Ladies 7 Apparel Phone CL 4277 MANHATTAN SHIRTS AND BLOUSES CABANA SETS SPORT COATS SLACKS LINGERIE BLOUSES Ship and Shore Gordon Peters 1916 S. Atlantic Avenue SETZER SHOPPING CENTER 2136 S. Atlantic Avenue WALKER SHOPPING CENTER COMPLIMENTS OF WEE WASH IT LAUNDRY ONE-STOP SERVICE Washing — Ironing — Dry Cleaning Dyeing Service 245 N. Boulevard DeLand Touchton Drug Co., Inc. SODA — COSMETICS — PRESCRIPTIONS " Where Friends Meet " Phone 71 100 S. Boulevard DeLand 219 Come See . . . Come Save! Markets and Food Stores of Florida IN DAYTONA BEACH It ' s the PRINCESS ISSEM HOTEL— INN — COTTAGES air conditioned rooms and cottages • new swimming pool • dining room A. R. COGSWELL " Since 1921 " BLUE PRINTS — PHOTOSTAT COPIES Engineering Architectural Supplies 433 West Bay Street P. O. Box 25 Jacksonville 1, Florida ATLANTIC ICE COMPANY BETTER REFRIGERATION AT LOWER COST Phone 875 DeLand Pete and Tom MORRIS RESTAURANT We Appreciate The Success You Have Brought Us! 203 N. Boulevard DeLand, Florida 220 COMPLIMENTS OF MITCHELL CLEANERS SANITONE 309 N. Boulevard Phone 865 YOUNG ' S FLOWERS " Flowers For Every Occasion " Stetson Students Always Welcome CORSAGES BOUQUETS WEDDINGS 146 N. Boulevard Phone 222 CONGRATULATIONS . . . Graduates of the Class of ' 56 No matter where the path may lead, please accept our best wishes for a future full of happiness, prosperity and continued good fortune. FLORIDA BANK AT DELAND Member: Florida National Group Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation EDUCATION IS A NEVER-ENDING PROCESS . . . served best by the daily newspaper as indispensable text-book, staunch ally, indubitable conveyor of knowledge from every area of the earth, and reporter covering every conceivable subject. A Newspaper That Demonstrates Its Beliefs In Education By Serving It Diligently And Practically Is The NEWS-JOURNAL CORPORATION DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA Publisher of DAYTONA BEACH MORNING JOURNAL DAYTONA BEACH EVENING NEWS and THE SUNDAY NEWS-JOURNAL Owner-Operator of The News-Journal Radio Stations — WNDB WNDB-fm — together constituting the chief news sources of the peo- ple of the great middle East Coast section of Florida. COMPLIMENTS OF G. G. SMITH DRUGS Headquarters for Revlon — Lanvin — Christian Dior Helena Rubinstein — Lentheric — Dorsay Tabu — Guerlain — Old Spice — Seaforth Max Factor ' s — Coty — Faberge — Angel ique Houbigant — Chant illy — Richard Hudnut COMPLIMENTS OF STOUDENMIRES GROCETERIA 138 N. Boulevard Phone 389 221 FREDDY-LOU FURNITURE REPAIR UPHOLSTERY DRAPERIES INTERIOR DECORATING BED SPREADS RUGS " Let Us Help You With Your Room " SKY HARBOR — DeLAND MAGNUS BECK CO., INC. Established 7855 BUFFALO, N. Y. MAGUIRE ' S GROCERY MEATS, PRODUCE, SUNDRIES Your Favorite Ice-Cold Beverages 1204 N. Boulevard DeLand, Fla. OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK From 8 A. M. to 8 P. M. FREDDY-LOU SILK SCREENED " T " SHIRTS PRINTED TO ORDER FOR SCHOOLS, CLUBS, CAMPS, AND ORGANIZATIONS DeLAND MUNICIPAL AIRPORT PHONE 1052-W COMPLIMENTS OF Chimney Corner Restaurant 3 MILES SOUTH OF DeLAND ON RT. 17-92 PHONE 1880 CONGRATULATIONS! 1956 GRADUATING CLASS REDWING CARRIERS, INC. Tampa — Jacksonville — Fort Lauderdale COMPLIMENTS OF THE WHITEHAIR COMPANY 222 INSURED SAVINGS HOME LOANS FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS and Loan Association of Daytona Beach Compliments of J ESS MATH AS Clerk Circuit Court KEMP ' S DONUT SHOP ' Come In and Meet Your Friends ' 224 N. BOULEVARD Compliments of ALLEN-SUMMERHILL FUNERAL HOME J. E. SUMMERHILL, Funeral Director Phone 62 24-Hour Ambulance Service Established 1877 26 East New York Ave. DeLand, Florida Compliments of BETTY DREKA SHOP WHERE STETSON STUDENTS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME 105 S. Boulevard DeLand, Florida Florida Citrus Containers, Inc. DeLand, Florida • State Distributors ST. JOE PAPER COMPANY ADVANCED CONTAINERS • CONGRATULATES The Trustees, Faculty and Student Body on the growth and advancement so evident in all Departments and Branches of JOHN B. STETSON UNIVERSITY 223 Kent ' s Photo Shop Studio Your KODAK Dealer Authorized Bell Howell, Graflex, Polaroid, Carl Zeiss, Etc. 216 N. Boulevard P. 0. Box 748 DeLand, Florida Telephone 1777 Without Our Advertisers THIS space WOULD NOT BE SEPARATED FROM THE FRONT COVER BY MANY PAGES! REMEMBER THEM! . . . THEY REMEMBERED YOU! The Business Staff of THE 1956 HATTER FOR FINE PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY Phone 444 WESCLARK STUDIO 331 East Rich Avenue MEMBER See Pages 186 187 Miss Hatter Portraits by Wesclark 224 a it pi 11 al§ o — : w " V: TV - i - ' ;

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