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1 3 5 S r- ' ¥f s r±i m--- " " " • THE STUDENT BODY PRESENTS . . . A T T E R and STETSON UNIVERSITY ITH PREVIEWS DF THE FUTURE NEW HORIZONS FOR ESTABLISHED TRADITIONS... THE COLLEGE OF LAW AT ST. PETERSBURG... fl EXPANDING TIME HONORED F AC I L IT I E S . . . N E W I MEN ' S DORMITORIES ... A NEW LIBRARY WING... M " Nflk ' - ■ 4 s| w sai:3 i;i ;i; S ai 1 ilU. !ja " l 1 " " ■ --y , «.— pm - ■ai iC ai [WiPi w r ' H Lfi--Af ' - ' iT ' ' iBy : ' w »i»)«,r.,BwiT;rgrr H M 9 H D L L E R i; ■ ' , " ■ Ji ,« , ' 4 , »« ' , II, , • fJti Ktoftwl ' ' % i d - s V ■ M n 1 U N T A I N A FOCAL POINT HIGHLIGHTING OUR Holler Fountain, port of State of Florido Exhibit at New York World ' s Fair . . . Given to Stetson by Bill Holler, Jr., in honor of his father, William E. Holler. This photo, courtesy of Gulf Fertilizer Company, of Tampa, Florida. AS WE LIVE THE CHANGING WORLD THE NEED FOR RESEARCH RECREATION . . . THOSEl OF PREPARATION . . . IN MAY MEET THE DEMANDS I T . CREATES ...STUDY... LONG HOURS ORDER THAT WE P LAC ED UPON US THE HALLS D F L E A R N I K f WHERE COME THE LAWYERS MINISTERS DOCTORS TEACHERS SCIENTISTS . . . MUSICIANS ... OF TOMORROW ... TO SHARE THE JOYOUS EXPERIENCE OF THE SEARCH FOR KNOWLEDGE AND THE HOURS OF ENTERTAINMENT fr, m w m ■ ?i i 5 y y . f) " %:k mi • ' I ' ' .- ■ % ' : , ' -. ' -- i h m J, ' 181 JBEf It 7 IBW si sli Hr ■ .-smsa Hi A IH jjfel ifi r ' ■ l i m m niiu,..r f OUR THADITIOIVS REVERED IN THE HEARTS OF ALL . . . MOULDING OUR COLLEGE LIFE ... ENRICHING OUR LIVES FOR THE TOMORROW OUR HONORED AND CHERISHED INSTITUTIONS THE 1954 ADMINISTRATION THE SCHOOLS THE ACTIVITIES " A THE FEATURES THE ORGAN IZATIONS THE GREEKS THE SPORTS THE Ml LITARY THE CLASSES THE ADVERTISING 14 24 36 54 70 96 124 144 152 214 C D IV T E N T S EDICATED TO M R BLANFORD TAYLOR Probably the one man who has done more to publicize Stetson University is the Director of the News Bureau. His sincerity and warm regard for his fellow man has been an inspiration to everyone. For his outstanding interest in the student publications and the time he has devoted to them, we are deeply grateful. With pride and gratitude we dedicate this 1954 HATTER to J. Blanford Taylor. The personnel that guides the University in its overall policy and the everyday functions necessary toward giving the students the best possible in every sense. The people who have the University and the students at heart in all of their decisions. ANNE RUSSELL, Editor THE NISTRATION Photo by Fabian Bachrach THE PRESIDENT « J. OLLIE EDMUNDS PRESI D ENT ' S MESSAGE Through out Stetson ' s history, many important building projects hove been started. In 1883, when Henry A. DeLand envisioned a great Christian insti- tution where young men and women could receive training for their roles of leadership in the state and nation, the first building was erected on the campus. In 1890, John B. Stetson, on " Presentation Day, " announced his plan to erect Elizabeth and Stetson Halls. In 1901, Henry Flagler made an anonymous gift of funds to construct Science Hall. In 1906, Andrew Carnegie made a generous grant for a library. There have been other memorable dates for building projects, the most recent being Allen Hall, the cam- pus religious center, built by Florida Baptists in 1950. In 1954, three additional building projects are being undertaken. Five new dormitories, housing 250 men, are scheduled to be ready for occupancy in September. On the some date, the College of Law will move into its million-dollar campus at St. Peters- burg, a project made possible by the contributions of public-spirited citizens of that city, and by out-of- state friends. Before the end of the year, ground will be broken for the first wing of a completely modern library building — including a memorial wing, made possible by local citizens, honoring DeLand heroes of World War II. Yes, 1954 marks the commencement of a new phase of campus development. However, long after the completion of these plans, the influence of you men and women who studied here this year will re- main. We will never forget that the University really exists for you, and those who shall come after you. We shall miss you, but our prayers and our good wishes will go with you. J. OIlie Edmunds, President February 9, 1954 16 C. HOWARD HOPKINS Dean of the University CHARLES H. FRANKLIN Business Manager ADMINISTRATIVE LEADERS ETTER McTEER TURNER Dean of Women GEORGE W. HOOD Dean of Men Director of Guidance ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Looking towards a growing Stetson, the Adminis- tration is ever seeking to promote the spirit of help- fulness towards the student body. The effectiveness of its attitude towards the students is evident by the creation of two new assistant deans. The student organizations have increasingly worked for the de- mands of their constituents. The Administration and Student Officers have worked together to form a background for a better University. DR. H. W. HURT Director of Admissions GENEVIEVE BUCKNELL Director of University Food Service BARBARA ROWE Registrar J. BLANFORD TAYLOR Director of News Bureau 1% JOHN E. JOHNS Assistant Dean of Men ITii K- . ' :; ■• ' IfJ ' jT.r- ' r " " - " - ' ' ■. ' . ' .- " ' •! ANN HURST FRANCES MILLS ALICE McLEAN CHARLOTTE SMITH Library Staff E. B. CRIM Director of Co-op Plan EVERETTE JOHNSTON Purchasing Agent CARL H. JOHNSON Assistant Dean of Men EXECUTIVE COUNCIL B. J. HENDERSON BETTY FARLOW BILL COWART JIM CARLIN LYNN PIER JOHNNY LAUER DONALD JOHNSON JOE DAVIS CHARLES TURNER STUDENT 20 THE PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE Dear Fellow Students: Looking back now at this school year we have a feeling of mixed emotions. There have been laughs, yet there were tears. There have been cheers and times of ploy, yet there were times of hard work. We have grown to know one another as true friends in work and play. Some of us will never meet again except upon the pages of this book, so may our mem- ories be fond ones and may we always cherish our days here together. It has indeed been a pleasure to serve you, and may we always say that it was good that God led us this way. Sincerely, Jim Carl in President, Student Government Association RULES AND PROCEDURE COMMITTEE Front row, left to right: Janet WilEiamson, Carolyn Daniel, Marlene Scornschek, Ridgely Doane. Bock row, left to right: Dick Friedman, Bill Self, Chairman, Bill Wren, Duncan Pardue, Dave Dickson, Bill Holley. HOMECOMING COMMITTEE Front row, left to right: Betty Farlow, Jack Korl, Chairman, BiEl Cowort, Barbara Brock, Kathryn Rand. Back row, left to right: Al Palmer, John Howell, Dick Friedman, George Singeltary, Jim Young. LIBRARY COMMITTEE Front row, left to right: Joanne Jessee, Carolyn Dan- iel, Chairman, Bill Self, Helen Lee Redloff. Back row, left to right: George Singeltary, Dick Greaves, Charles Appel, Peter Christophersen. GOVERNMENT 21 EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Front row, left to right: Etto Moire Den- nington, Mary Carol West, Jean Gail- breath, Lynn Pier. Back row, left to right: Normo Brown, Wilmo Wilson, Mary Glenn Lowery, WOMEN ' S STUDENT GOVERNMENT BRITTAIN HOUSE COUNCIL Left to right: Dodi Costine, Elizabeth Osburn, Etta Moire Dennington, June Woodord, Joan Williams. STETSON HOUSE COUNCIL Seated: Janet Williamson, Norma Brown, B. J. Henderson, Charlotte Hon, Shirley Lowe. Standing: Ann Kraft, Donna Roe, Rosalind Fordham, Betty Nordman, Essie Gullickson, Kate Ellis. CHAUDOIN HOUSE COUNCIL Front row, left to right: Ninette Gautier, Harriett Stones, Iris Deese, Christia Bosler. Bock row, left to right: Mary Smith, Helen Harper, Bitsy Frink, Carol Hummelgard, Sadie Arnette, Sarah Greenwood. Seated, left to right: John Imgrund, Herb Willcox, Bill Holley. Stonding, left to right: Jack Smith, Joe McClain, John Howell. MEN ' S CDUNCIL The Men ' s Council is a group of elected students that act as an intermediary group between the men students and the Administration. It presents any complaint or grievance to the Dean of Men OFFICERS HERB WILLCOX President JACK SMITH Vice-President JOHN HOWELL Secretary on behalf of the men students and acts as an ad- visory group to the Dean of Men. This group also holds hearings for infractions of rules for University men. 23 ■ r. " :: " -. - ' lAJCI :W The schools are not merely the physical aspect of the educational institution: they in- clude the staff of people who help the in- dividual student in his life with the books. Here are the professors and school adminis- trators, the people who are responsible for your scholastic wellbeing. SUE REYNOLDS, Editor V . .- C H O 3 L S WILLIAM H. McENIRY Dean OFFICERS CHARLES TURNER President GEORGE SINGELTARY Vice President DORIS LYONS Secretary JIM BRYANT Treasurer The College of Liberal Arts includes the divisions of Humanities, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Education, and Graduate Study. These departments seek to prepare students to better our world in their various professions. LIBERAL ARTS FLAGLER SCIENCE HALL: Physical Sciences — Labs and Lecture Rooms. HOLMES HALL: Home of the Art Department. ELIZABETH HALL: Class Rooms, Chapel, Administration Offices. SARA E. HARVEY Professor of Art Art Diploma, Shorter College; B.S., Peabody College; M.A., Columbia University. LOUIS and ELSIE FREUND Artists in Residence Kansas City Art Institute; Missouri University; Fine Arts Center, Colorado Springs; Colerossi Academy, Paris. GEORGE H. GAINES Assistant Professor of Art B.F.A., University ot Georgia. ALBERT M. WINCHESTER Biology Professor A.B., Baylor; M.A., Ph.D., University of Texas. DOROTHY L. FULLER Associate Professor of Biology A.B., M.A., Stetson. (Not Pictured) ELMER C. PRICHARD Associate Professor of Biology A.B., Mississippi College; M.A., University of Richmond. BARBARA CALHOUN Biology Instructor A.B., Mount Holyoke College; M.A., University of Wisconsin. JOHN F. CONN Chemistry Professor B.S., Georgetown College; M.S., University of Chicago; Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh. JOHN V. VAUGHEN Chemistry Professor A.B., Oberlin College; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University. GEORGE L JENKINS Physics Professor A.B., Berea College; M.S., University of North Caro- lina. (Not Pictured) THEODORE W. BEILER Cheivistry Professor B.S., Allegheny College; M.A., Ph.D., Harvard Uni- versity. IRVING C. STOVER Speech Professor B.A., M.A., Susquehanna University; Litt.D., Stetson University. CLARENCE L. MENSER Speech Professor A.B., Litt.D., Heidelberg College; M.A., Stetson Uni- versity. LENYTH S. BROCKETT Assistant Speech Professor A.B., Son Jose State College; M.A., Stanford University. OSCAR G. BROCKETT Assistant Speech Professor A.B., Peabody College; M.A., Stanford University. VIRGINIA E. GIFFIN Speech Professor A.B., Denison University; M.A., Stetson University. (Not Pictured) DORIS K. ARJONA Spanish Professor A.B., Michigan University; M.A., Chicago University; Litt.D., Northern Michigan College. FRANCES C. THORNTON French Professor A.B., M.A., Stetson University; Docteur es Lettres de rUniversite de Toulouse. CHARLOTTE VAUGHEN German Professor Business School at Verden, Germany; Oberlin College; University ot Breslan; Americanization School in Wash- ington. RANDOLPH L. CARTER Education Professor A.B., Mercer; M.A., Columbia; Ph.D., Peabody College. HUBER W. HURT Education Professor B.S., M.A., Iowa Wesleyan; Ph.D., Columbia University. RUBERT J. LONGSTREET Education Professor B.S., LL.B., Stetson University; M.A., Duke University. RAY V. SOWERS Education Professor A.B., LL.D., Florida Southern; M.A., University of North Carolina. GEORGE W. HOOD Assistant Education Professor A.B., Baker University; MB. A., Ph.D., Chicago Uni- versity. HARLAND C. MERRIAM Assistant Education Professor B.S., Boston University; Ed.M., Harvard University. BOYCE F. EZELL Psychology Professor A.B., Furman; M.A., Stetson; Ph.D., University ot South Carolina. EUGENE R. STEICH Assistant Professor of Psychology Ph.B., University of Wisconsin; M.Litt., University of Pittsburgh. BRYON H. GIBSON English Professor A.B., Birmingham-Southern; M.A., Ph.D., University of Illinois. JOHN HICKS English Professor A.B., M.A., University of Louisville; Ph.D., University of Iowa. FRANK R. TUBBS 4ssociofe English Professor A.B., Maryville College; M.S., University of Tennessee. MARY T. PRICHARD English Professor B.A., Westhampton College; University of Richmond. MARY CATHRYNE PARK English Professor A.B., M.A., Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania. BARBARA BENNETT Assistant Professor of English Ph.D., University of North Carolina; M.A., George Peabody College; B.A., Dickinson College. VERA B. HALL Visiting Associate Professor B.A., M.A., Colorado State College of Education; Ph.D., University of Iowa. MELVIN J. WILLIAMS Soc(o ogy Professor A.B., B.D., Ph.D., Duke University. SIDNEY B. DENHAM Assistant Professor of Sociology A.B., Mississippi College; M.A., Tulane University. ANDREW L. WADE Assistant Professor of Sociology A,B., Linficid College; M.A., University of Or egon. HARRY C GARWOOD Religion Professor A.B., Stetson; Th.M., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Ph.D., Yale University. 0. LAFAYETTE WALKER Religion Professor A.B., Oberlin; Th.M., Th.D., Southern Baptist Theo- logical Seminary. J. WILLIAM ANGELL Assistant Religion Professor A.B., Wake Forest College; Th.M., Th.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; S.T.M., Andover Newton Theological School. W. L. HIGHFILL Assistant Religion Professor B.A., Wake Forest College; B.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Th.D., Duke University. HUGH McKINLEY Assistant Religion Professor A.B., Stetson University; B.D., Southern Baptist Theo- logical Seminary. MALCOLM M. WYNN History Professor A.B., M.A., Ohio State University. ARTHUR F. GAMBER History and Political Science Professor A.B., Oberlin; M.A., Columbia University. JOHN E. JOHNS History Professor University; M.A., University of North A.B., Fur Carolina. C. HOWARD HOPKINS History Professor A.B., University of Redlands; B.D., Ph.D., Yale Uni- versity. (Not Pictured) GILBERT L. LYCAN History and Political Science Professor A.B., Berea; M.A., Ph.D., Yale University. ROYAL G. HALL History Professor A.B., Park College; B.D., Auburn Seminary; M.A., University of Kansas; Ph.D., University of Chicago. CARL H. JOHNSON Assistant Professor of Geography B.S., M.A., Stetson University. FRANK M. PHILLIPS Professor of Mathematics and Statistics A.B., M.A., Iowa State Teachers College; B.D., Newton College; M.A., State University of Iowa; M.D., Iowa Normal School; Ph.D., George Washington University. EMMETT S. ASHCRAFT Professor of Mathematics B.S., Wake Forest College; M.A., University of North Carolina. CURTIS M, LOWRY Professor of Mathematics and Engineering B.S. in M.E., Bucknell University. (Not Pictured) ROBERT S. CHAUVIN Assistant Professor of Geography B.S., State University Teachers College; M.Ed., Uni- versity of Houston; M.A., Columbia University. (Not Pictured) CHARLES WATERMAN Professor of Journalism A.B., Pittsburgh, Kansas State Teachers College. MORGAN WELCH Professor of Journalism B.S., M.S., Northwestern University. (Not Pictured) EVANS C. JOHNSON Assistant Professor of History and Social Science B.A., M.A., University of Alabama; Ph.D., University of North Carolina. (Not Pictured) EDWARD C. FURLONG OFFICERS Dean BUZZ JOHNSON President BARBARA BROCK Vice-President SUE FERRELL Secretary JIM YOUNG Treasurer The Business School endeavors to prepare its stu- business courses are given so as to encourage a clear dents for the professions of business. Academic and and full understanding of the world today. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION .l:-- ' Sa " ' ' .•; •r bi Future accountants in lob MAXINE PATTERSON Associate Professor of Secretariat Science Busy business majors B.A., William and Mary; M.A , University of Colorado. HILDA WASSON Assistant Professor of Secretarial Science B.S., Bowling Green Business University; Retailing at Northwestern University. LEO SPURRIER Professor of Accounting A.B., M.A., University of Kansas; Ph.D., University of Chicago. ARTHUR H. LEAVITT Assistant Professor of Business M.E., Cornell University. G. WILLARD FREEMAN Visiting Associate Professor of Business D.B.S., Webber College. (Not Pictured) DAVID M. BEIGHTS Professor of Accounting and Business Administration M.S., Ph.D., University of Illinois. (Not Pictured) CHRIS A. CARRATT Assistant Professor of Business Administration B.A., Stetson University; M.A., Tulane University; Ph.D., University of Florida. (Not Pictured) JOHN W. SKINNER Assistant Professor of Economics B.A., Wesleyan University; M.A., George Washington University. (Not Pictured) ROGER G. GILES Professor of Business LL.B., Stetson University; Cumberland University; A.B., Florida Southern. (Not Pictured) Law School Library and study hall CHARLES J. HILKEY Dean This is the last year t hat the Stetson College of Law, Florida ' s oldest law school, will be located on campus. Heading the law school this year for the first time is Charles J. Hilkey, who has been a professor of law at Stetson since 1951. The college is a member of the Association of American Law Schools, and is approved by the Council of Legal Education of the American Bar Association. THE fiit««ii f t« fUUHHIl 1 r ERNEST J. HEWETT B.A., The Citadel; LL.B., University of Florida. LOUIS C. JAMES B.S., LL.B., University of Virginia; M.A., Columbia University. NEILL JACKSON LL.B., Stetson Univers;ty. (Not Pictured) JOHN T. PEARSON B.S., M.S., Kansas State; LL.B., University of Kansas; LL.M., George Washington University. ROY F HOWES A.B., Clark College; M.A., Stanford University; LL.B., Cornell University; S.J.D., New York University. LEONARD J. CURTIS B.S., M.S., LL.D., Franklin College; J.D., University of Chicago. CLIFFORD W. CRANDALL B.S., LL.D., Adrian College; LL.B., University of Michigan. HARVEY J. JERNIGAN B.S., University of Florida; LL.B., Stetson University. JAMES R. WILSON A.B., J.S., State University of Iowa; Jur.Sc.D., Columbia Univer- sity. (Not Pictured) COLLEGE DF LA MISS RAY JORDAN Law Librarian CLAUDE M. ALMAND Dean OFFICERS JOHN LAUER President SHIRLEY LOWE Vice-President ROBERTA PEMBLE Secretary ERNIE MURPHY Treasurer The School of Music is fortunate this year to have Claude AA. Almond as its new Dean. Dean Almond received his B.M. at Louisiana College, his M.M. at Louisiana State University, and his doctor ' s degree at Eastman School of Music. The Music School is a member of the National Association of Schools of Music and is aimed at preparing students for the music professions of performing, teaching, and di- recting. SCHDDL DF MUSIC DELAND HALL: Music Students ' habitat. DONALD CHARLES YAXLEY Instructor of Wind Instruments B.M., M.A., Stetson University. RICHARD McDowell feasel Associate Professor of Wind and Percussion Instruments B.M., M.S., Stetson University. RUTH R. CARR Professor of Voice B.S., Houghton College; M.M., Eastman School of Music. ELEANOR LEEK Associate Professor of Violoncello and Theory I.M., M.M., Eastman School of Music. FRANCES BUXTON Professor of Violin and Theory B.M., Cleveland Institute of Music; Juilliord School of Music; MM., Eastman School of Music; Violin and Composition, Mills College. VERONICA DAVIS GOVE Associate Professor of Public School Music B.M., University of Illinois; M.A., Columbia University. HAROLD M. GIFFIN Professor of Voice A.B., Denison University; M.A., M.M., Eastman School of Music. FRANK H. LUKER Visiting Professor in the School of Music A.B., Boston University. ROGER L. CUSHMAN Professor of Piano and Theory B.M., M.M., Yale University; Piano with Harold Bauer, Nicholas Meditner, and Tobias Matthay. KATHLEEN A. JOHNSON Professor of Piano B.M., Stetson University; B.A., Eastman School of Music; M.A., Stetson University. MARY BALDWIN Assistant Professor of Voice B.M., Wesleyon College; School of Fine Arts; M.M., Louisiana State University. ■ ' ■ s mf The activities are wide and varied. Home- coming was the big one of the year and Hat- ter Holiday was one of the best ever. All of the others were high notes along the year. Publications are here also, representing those people of lost sleep, broken dates and long hours. They are the results, too, of devotion hard work, and a boundless satisfac- tion in reporting news and recording memo- ries at Stetson, 1954. BARBARA MARTIN, Editor i» " S si O • IS THE jflr CT I V r H D M E Ml Kl6 First place float — Pi Beta Phi ' t m- The successful 1953 Homecoming had as its theme " Jubilee in ' 53 " Many returning alumni saw Pi Beta Phi take first place in floats, Zeta Tau Alpha, second place, and Alpha Xi Delta and Sigma Nu tie for third place. First place in skits went to Pi Kappa Phi and Pi Kappa Alpha received t M itftlfj M - . ' Second place floot — Zeta Tau Alpha Sponsors receiving gifts (MaSk -y r Tie third place float — Alpha Xi Delta Tie third place floot — Sigma Nu Receiving trophies for Pi Kappa Phi, Delta Delta Delta, and Sigma Nu Receiving trophies for Pi Kappa Alpha, Pi Beta Phi, Zeta Tau Alpha and Alpha Xi Delta COMING first place in house decorations. Other highlights of the festivities include the annual barbecue in the Forest of Arden, many group dinners with no- table speakers, and a serenade held in the Airport Arena with Johnny Long furnishing the music. Pi Kappa Phi first place skit ;te 4 CO. ' SPOSAl UHIT ■ I Pi Kappa Alpha — first place, house decorations Barbecue in Forest of Arden Johnny Long serenades 39 HATTER " Hatter Holiday, " which is sponsored by the Student Gov- ernment Association of Stetson University, is an annual event with activities centered around campus in the Forest of Arden. Various organizations on campus competed in different contests — pie eating, tug of war, cross country race, wheel- barrow race, etc. — while later in the afternoon after students had enjoyed a wonderful barbecue, Sonny Parrish and Carolyn Befor; and After — This Is Afte HOLIDAY Collins were crowned Mr. and Miss Stetson and Hugh Young ran off with the prize for the " Ugliest Man on Campus " com- petition. Alpha Xi Delta took first place in the women ' s com- petition and Sigma Nu took first place in the men ' s. The purpose of " Hatter Holiday " is to provide a student ' s counterpart for the activities which the alumni enjoy during Homecoming. RELIGIOUS FDCUS WEEK " Truth or Consequences " for Focus Week team mem- bers at " Get Acquainted Social " Monday night. Dr. Mary Cothryne Park served as M.C. Religious Focus Week took place February 22-26. The theme for the week was " The Way, the World, and You, " A team of eleven members spoke on the meaning of Christianity in their various vo- cations and walks of life. The week was well-received and con- tributed much to campus outlook. TEAM MEMBERS RUSSELL W. BROTHERS Businessman ROBERT S. DENNY Student Worker DANIEL R. GRANT Professor MRS. JOHN HALL JONES Homemaker JAMES C. LANIER, JR Doctor MARION F. MOORHEAD Missionary JACK R. NOFFSINGER Pastor ROBERT C. NORMAN Lawyer RALPH OVERMAN Nuclear Physicist J. R. WHITE Pastor Committee Chairmen: JOHN HOWELL, General Chairman; MARY CAROL WEST, and BOB BREYFOGLE, Program Committee; BETTY MILLER and BUDDY SIMPSON, Publicity; BILL BUDGET, Class Visitation; PATTY WISE, Seminars; HELEN LEE RADLOFF, Hospitality; STAFFORD WING, Music; CHARLES GRANGER, Arrangements; BOBBIE BRONSON, Social Activities; DONNA ROE, Informal Discussions. R.O.T.C. Review in honor of Focus Week. Dr. J. R. White spoke on " Christian Patriotism. " Morning Chapel service. Dr. Ralph Overman speaking. Morning Chapel service, Jim Carlin presiding. W. J. B. S. Stetson University owns and operates Radio Station WJBS in DeLand. Operating on 1490 Kilocycles, the NBC affiliated station gives students in the radio courses an op- portunity to observe a typical radio operation manned by professional broadcasting personnel. C. L. Menser checks copy for radio broadcast with Georgiona Bushnell. WJBS building. UNIVERSITY INFIRMARY The University infirmary is located in the end of the north wing of Chaudoin Hall. The infirmary service of the University, under the University physician and graduate nurses, provides for the care of all minor illnesses. STAFF MYRA MADDEN MAXINE LEE SARAH YOUNG JACQUELINE LIECKLY DR. LOREN A. DUNTON Jacqueline Lieckly taking the temperature of Frances Harper Left to right; Myra Madden, Sarah Young, Maxine Lee (not pictured). Entire cast of " Androcles and the Lion ' Group scene from " Squaring the Circle. ' STOVER THEATRE The actual construction of Stover Theatre in 1930 was the realization of a dream for Dr. Irving Stover, Stetson ' s senior professor. And because of his untiring work in the fields of speech and drama, t he theatre was named in his honor. The Stover Theatre affords a wide variety of theatre activi- ties. Students learn production, directing, acting, lighting, scene construction, and management through practice. Experimental plays, workshop plays, classic and modern plays are a part of each year ' s program. Stover Little Theatre Charlie Sykes, John Howell, Troos Williams, and Kelly Weeks. Norman Gold, Buddy Simpson, Sue Wilson, Charlie Sykes and Barbara Bronson in " Squaring the Circle. " THIS YEAR ' S PRODUCTIONS LILIOM Mo(nof ANDROCLES AND THE LION Shaw SQUARING THE CIRCLE Kofoyev RICHARD II Shakespeare THE IMAGINARY INVALID Moliere Ted Cassidy (Liliom), Charlie Sykes (Fiscur), and Sue Wilson in " Squaring the Circle. " Lien (Mark Hollis), Megaera (Mickey Stout), and Androcles (Kelley Weeks). Scene from " Squaring the Circle " DIVERSIFIED ACTIVITIES THE MAJORETTE CORPS MEMBERS OF STATE B.S.U. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL BILL SELF State President JOE FOLMER State Extension Director KE. B DORSETT State Chorister WINNERS OF THE WALTER HAYS AWARD Presented by Dean Hopkins to: BILL ROBERTS ANN ROBERSON T ( II V, 7 ' 7 7 .V . y t T GLEE CLUB OFFICERS MILTON JONES General Manager EVELYN GORDON, JAMES RODGERS Business Managers ELIZABETH OSBURN, BILL HOLLEY Student Directors BETTY NORDMAN, HERB DORSETT Publicity Managers Tin ' . « » I ' ' I : : ' : W l v n i Dllililllll s " S- SOP R A N JHL ' .«»J V_ Aman, Imogene Archer, Ruth Edwards, Fay Emerson, Frances Kite, Betty Lacock, Audrey Plant, Edna Rodgers, Nell Dm. ' ■HMii V ■P f Easier, Christia Epperson, Peggy Lowe, Shirley Sentell, Sally Bottom, Martha Futch, Betty Dale Mims, June Smith, Sylvia r ' Brown, Johnnie Grady, Betty Sue Motes, Joanne S tillwell, Sally W I Chaney, Barbara Griffith, Glee Nordman, Betty Thigpen, Ann 1 y Gumming, Bruce Holt, Alene Norton, Margaret Thomas, Dorothy 1 jf Crawford, Barbara Deese, Iris Huggins, Dorothy Kearsey, Ann Pence, Barbara Pendorvis, Marilyn Thomas, Gloria J £ Walker, Patricia Eckleman, Shirley A L T PROF, HAROLD M. GIFFIN Director Adams, Jeanne Brademeyer, Patricia Edenfield, Joyce Jenkins, Marlene Pickle, Patricia Adams, Judy Carnett, Marian Frink, Sylvia Jones, Frances Schauberger, Bettie Anderson, Carolyn Costine, Dodi Gibbs, Jean Layton, Marilyn Sish, Twila Anderson, Caryl Dean, Janell Gordon, Evelyn Osburn, Elizabeth Teter, Dorothy Averitt, Lawano Duck, Betsy Haines, Helen Pemble, Roberta Thomas, Phyllis Bowles, Irma Dunn, Vonnie Hughson, Marilyn Peters, Lynn Turner, Helen Burkart, Arlene T E N R BASS Almand, Oron Langston, Randall Amber, Michael Kruhm, Gerald Rogers, Kirby Ayers, Jacob Locke, Donald Brown, Tom Marshall, Ben Stephens, Martin Brown, Jerry Murphy, Ernest Cunningham McNabb, Robert Sullins, Walter Christcpherson, Peter Norden, Walter Dorsett, Herbert Meredith, Richard Whidden, Carl Habegger, Fred Rockwell, Daniel Forehond, Robert Roberts, Ridley Willis, Lamar Hall, Robert Rogers, Judson Jones, Milton Rodgers, James Woodward, Charles Hancock, Donald Winn, Charles Holley, William Indicates Travel Sq jad and Alternates 46 THE ORCHESTRA OFFICERS MAURICE FLEURY President ROY BENNETT Vice-President WALTER HAWKINS Operations JANET SAULS Secretary -Treasurer IHHIiJIfi f ' ff:fiirit - VIOLIN Frances Buxton, Concertmaster Maurice Fleury Marjorie Angell Ruth Surls Grace Zimmerman Pat Clifton Horace Hawn John Philip Marian Roy Doris Lyons Melissa Lees Elise Ewart Helene Miller Jean Keiper BASS Dean Blair Charles Brown FLUTE Marillee Post Marilyn Stuart Don Bridges OBOE Sheila Nugent John Fulton VIOLA CLARINET Roy Bennett Judith Gault Virgil Stephens CELLO Eleanor Leek Max Fain Frank Surls Veronica Gove Judy Briley Suzy Gardner BASSOON Jean Moeller James Hughston ALTO SAXOPHONE John Lauer TRUMPET Howard Schmock Terry Owen Charles Richardson HORN Lois White Dot Godfrey Earl Williams Thomas Smith Betsy Duck TROMBONE Frank Creech Ransel Evans BASS TROMBONE Donald Yaxley PERCUSSION Walter Hawkins Janet Sauls PIANO Frank Luker RICHARD M. FEASEL Director of Orchestra, Band Director, and Composer FRAN OWEN, DELORES GOUGH, NANCY HAXTON Drum Majorettes THE BAND OFFICERS JOHN LAUER Captain DON BOHREN Publicity Director WALTER SNYDER Operations Olficer JANE SUMMERS Secretary-Treasurer WALTER HAWKINS Socio Chairman GETTISE ELLIOT Operations Sgt. RANSEL EVANS Operations Sgt. TOM SMITH Operations Cpl. TERRY OWEN Operations Cpl. K I wgr i Jjjjjjjjjp 1 " PPWp FLUTE ALTO CLARINET HORN STRING BASS Morillee Post Marie Jenson Lois White Roy Bennett Don Bridges Earl Williams Maurice Fleury Marilyn Stuart Dottie Godfrey Joan Hodges ALTO SAXOPHONE Betsy Duck Tom Smith PERCUSSION OBOE John Lauer Thomas Dixon Walter Snyder Walt Hawkins Shelia Nugent Max Hendrix Steve Berry John Fulton TROMBONE Gettise Elliot BASSOON TENOR SAXOPHONE Frank Creech Janet Sauls James Hughston Raymond Hogle Bud Brock Ransel Evans DRUM MAJOR CLARINET John Philip Jim Young Gerald Kruhm Bob Salter Don Bohren Walter Sullins Judith Briley Mickey Sout TRUMPET MAJORETTES Jane Summers Howard Schmock BARITONE Paula Commander Charles Groth Nancy Haxton Dolores Gough Fran Owen Suzy Gardner Terry Owen Charles Turner Prudence Foster Marjorie Atwood Gary Lawrence Jean Price Fred Habbeger Joan Hodges Kris Perry Doris Lyons Gerald Florence Katherine Snyder Grady Snowden, Jr. TUBA Sara Mason Frances Polk Joan Rousseau Robert Salter Peggy Stanton Barbara Cornest Sylvia McDonald Gary Sellers 48 THE STUDENT HANDBDDK For the first time the Student Handbook became a full- fledged student publication. Previously the Handbook was published by the Administration. Last Spring brought the addition of the office of Handbook Editor to the Publications ballot. Herb Zeroff, Editor, and Dodi Costine, Artist, worked long and hard over the summer months, and the product was a brand-new edition of the Student Handbook, ready and waiting for the incoming freshman class. Con- gratulations ore due Herb and Dodi for the outstanding job done on this first student edition. ARTIST DODI COSTINE PUBLICATION SCENES Those " darned " files. Hatter pigpen! It ' s 1 a.m. again! Where did I file that? Watch those adjectives! It ' ll be daylight soon. 49 ROY MILLS Editor — Fall Semester FRANKLIN SMITH Editor — Spr ' ng Semester THE STETSON RE FALL EDITORIAL STAFF Front row: Jim Coleman, Carolyn Daniel, Roy Mills, Frank Smith, Duncan Pardue. Bock row: Laurence Willard, Burt Holmes, Kathryn Rand. STAFF— SPRING SEMESTER FRANKLIN SMITH Editor-irt-Chief RANDY RITTER Business Manager BRUNO DIGIULIAN Managing Editor CANDY HUNTER News Editor CAROLYN DANIEL Copy Editor Feature Editor: John Dixon. Sports Editor: Duncan Pardue. Associate Editor: Kathryn Rand. Photography: Burt Holmes. Art: Don Bohren. Sfo f Reporters: Bob Breyfogle, Jim Coleman, Leah Conklin, Rod Dugliss, Prudy Foster, Sterling Forrester, Al Huckleberry, Carole Hummelgoard, Dorlee Knisley, Peggy Livingston, Jeanne Marcell, Bill Masterson, John Mottingiy, Marvine Mizell, Al Palmer, Lynn Pier, Joan Rousseau, Bill Shaw, Laurence Willard, Jim Young. Circulation: Wayne Chastain, Harry Blanton and John Schular. Assistant Business Manager: Roger Ericson. Business Staff: Beverly Fields, Sue Reynolds, Neva Stahley, Juliet Thomas. SPRING EDITORIAL STAFF Front row: Candy Hunter, Carolyn Daniel, Frank Smith, Bruno DiGiulian. Bock row: Duncan Pardue, John Dixon, Sterling Forrester, Burt Holmes, Kathryn Rand. 0 RANDY RITTER Business Manager P DRIER EDITORIAL Two staffs worked long and hard this year in attempting to produce o newspaper which would be a credit to the University. Journal- ism perfection was the primary goal, with strenuous efforts directed towards the pro- duction of a paper of which the student body could justly be proud. Although no big cru- sades were undertaken, legitimate gripes of the students were presented to the best of our abilities. Despite the inevitable trials and tribula- tions, the Reporter hit the campus with re- markable consistency almost every Friday morning. Deadlines proved the biggest prob- lem, but even this did not falter the spirit which only a college newspaper staff can boast. To the students who contributed their time and efforts to the Reporter, we would like to say: " Thanks for a job well done. " Roy Mills Franklin Smith STAFF— FALL SEMESTER ROY MILLS Editor-in-Chief RANDY RITTER Business Manager JIM COLEMAN News Editor FRANK SMITH Feature Editor CAROLYN DANIEL Copy Editor Sports Editor: Duncan Pardue. Associate Editors: Kathryn Rand and Laurence Willard. Photography: Burt Holmes. Art: Don Bohrcn. Staff Reporters: Steve Berry, Bobbie Bronson, John Dixon, Prudy Foster, Sterling Forrester, Al Huckleberry, Carole Hummelgaard, Candy Hunter, Darlee Knisley, Peggy Livingston, Jeanne Marcell, John Mattingly, Al Palmer, Lynn Pier, Joan Rousseau, Bill Shaw, Jim Young. Circulation: Wayne Chastain, Harry Blanton and John Schular. Assistant Business Manager: Roger Ericson. Business Staff: Beverly Fields, Rod Dugliss, Sue Reynolds, Neva Stahley, Juliet Thomas, Front row, left to right: Neva Stahley, Randy Ritter. Back row, left to right: Rod Dugliss, Juliet Thomas, Roger Ericson. Front row, left to right: Peggy Livingston, Bobbie Bronson, Carole Hum- melgaard, Darlee Kniseley, Jeanne Marcell, Leah Conklin and Rod Dugliss. Bock row, left to right: Jim Young, Bob Breyfogle, Steve Berry and Al Huckleberry. GEORGE SINGELTARY Editor-in-Chief P it CLASS EDITORS Wilma Wilson, B. J. Lonnom, June Martin ond Janet Williamson. SECTION EDITORS Laurence Willard, Gene Dubberly, Kathryn Rand and Del Reinke. 19 5 4 EDITORIAL STAFF GEORGE SINGELTARY Editor-in-Chief KATHRYN RAND Assistant Editor JUNE WOODARD Secretary fo the Editor MARY ANN COSLOW Staff Secretary SECTION EDITORS FRANK MARTIN, CAROLINE MclNNIS Greeks ANNE RUSSELL Adm n strat on BARBARA MARTIN Activities DEL REINKE Sports SUE REYNOLDS Schools KATHRYN RAND, ANNE RUSSELL, BARBARA MARTIN . . . Features GENE DUBBERLY Orgoriizat ons LAURENCE WILLARD Military CLASS EDITORS B. J. LANNOM Semor WILMA WILSON Junior JANET WILLIAMSON Sophomore JUNE MARTIN Freshman PHOTOGRAPHERS CHARLIE WATERMAN BURT HOLMES JIM COLEMAN COMMITTEE ON CONTESTS Barbara Martin, Kathryn Rand and Anne Russell. BUSINESS STAFF STERLING FORRESTER Business Manager MORRIS FOSTER Assistant Business Manager JOYCE ROBERTSON Secretory Jo the Business Manager BARBARA CRAWFORD Sto Secretary BARBARA DURGY, CONNIE ELLIS Staff Assistants EDITORIAL Every effort has been made to make the 1954 HATTER a book for the students and a credit to the University. It was the desire of all to represent every phase of student life and include as many pictures as possible, omitting copy where a picture could tell the story. The task of compiling an accurate record of this school year was accomplished through the cooper- ation of many campus organizations and with the aid of many and capable students, who deserve great credit. The staff sincerely hopes that this book will always be a reminder to each student of the glorious year spent at Stetson, 1954. The Hatter Staff BUSINESS STAFF Connie Ellis, Morris Foster, Joyce Robertson, Barbara Crawford. STERLING FORRESTER Business Manager EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS Martha Thames, Mary Ann Coslow, Suzie Webster, Dot Montgomery, Barbara Durgy, Connie Ellis, Winifred Preston, Nancy Geiger, Beverly Mc- Clure, Nancy Greibling, Lowanna Averett, Dianne Ratterree, Beverly Boulware. HATTER SUE REYNOLDS Section Editor EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS Front row: Dianne Ratterree, Dot Montgomery, Ginger Rich, Nancy Geiger. Bock row: Joyce Robertson, Mary Ann Coslow, Barbara Crawford, June Woodord, Martha Thames, Caryl Anderson, Win- nie Preston, Connie Ellis. The features section is arranged in two parts. The Beauties were picked at two dif- ferent contests sponsored together by the Reporter and Hatter. The Fall contest selected Football Bowl candidates and the Spring contest picked Stetson queens for that reason alone. The outstanding students and Who ' s Who were picked by the students and the faculty. ANNE RUSSELL, Editor BARBARA MARTIN, Editor KATHRYN RAND, Editor H S FIRST PLACE 56 SECOND PLACE 57 C D U R T MISS SUE REYNOLDS SPONSOR THE HATTER ig •:■„•. MISS SUE FERRELL SPONSOR SIGMA NU MISS ANN DELANEY SPONSOR SIGMA PHI EPSILON 58 OF BEAUTY MISS DORIS LYON SPONSOR DELTA SIGMA PHI MISS LAWANNA AVERITT SPONSOR ALPHA DEXIOMA MISS LOUISE POWELL SPONSOR THE STETSON REPORTER 59 FALL BEAUTIES FIRST PLACE MISS MERRIE ANN NIXON SPONSOR DELTA DELTA DELTA The 1953 Fall Edition of Beauties, sponsored jointly by The Reporter and The Hatter, were picked by Mrs. John E, Johns, Mrs. J. Blanford Taylor and Mr. Irving Blcnchard. SECOND PLACE MISS JOYCE McDonald THIRD PLACE MISS MARILYN LAYTON SPONSOR PI KAPPA PHI SPONSOR PI BETA PHI 60 MR. AND MISS STETSON fy u5 C arolun ( olClnc J onnu l- arfiik 61 HOMECOMING MAYOR AND HOSTESS rvlliS C uelun K ordon ana IllHr. (15 ill J olleu 62 OUTSTANDING SENIORS Aoe oLJi ' auis (jini ( cirlir NOT PICTURED: C vetun Stewart ' I r ' W W 111 i! " 311 C-a mith 63 OUTSTANDING SENIORS vSaroara llHartL L arolun Mantel jim Hjato ijSruno ij ' i L iulU 64 Scithviin Kand ervij J4opkini S terliita orreiter OUTSTANDING SENIORS 65 OUTSTANDING SENIORS Aeanne LjCiltbreatli 66 MU Wd. OUTSTANDING SENIORS 67 %1 - m M BARBARA BROCK JIM DATOR JEANNE GAILBREATH JIM CARLIN BETTY FARLOW JIM YONGE CAROLYN DANIEL BRUNO Dl GIULIAN ANNE GATLIN 68 WHO ' S WHO Jj n - vi merican Co eaeA an 9 d VlnlverAltleS " Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges " is published yearly to recognize the most outstanding leaders in campus activities and is one of the highest honors given to any student at Stetson University. A committee composed of students and faculty members submitted a list of nominees to the Academic Council which made the final selection on the basis of merit shown in student activity, scholarship and leadership ability. EVELYN GORDON HOKE SHIRLEY BARBARA MARTIN BILL HOLLEY MARY CAROL WEST WILLIAM WREN 69 The number and types of organizations found on the University Campus are wide and varied, but all play an integral part in the undergraduate ' s life at college. Here are those who found time to study and grow, to develop their character and leadership ability and in doing so did their bit to contribute to a greater Stetson. GENE DUBBERLY, Editor RCANIZATJONS i Front row, left to right: HoKe Shirley, Jim Tongs, bill riolley. Dr. Mctniry. becond row; itan Marks, Jim Dator, Bruno DiGiuiian, John Howell. Third row: John Louer, Don Eokln, Jim Gray, Joe Davis, Norman Gold. Not pictured: Herb Willcox, Sterling Forrester. DMICRDN DELTA KAPPA OFFICERS JIM YONGE President HOKE SHIRLEY Vice-President DR. HUGH McENIRY Secretary BILL HOLLEY Treasurer The Stetson Circle of Omicron Delta Kappa came ODK gives recognition to those mole students who on the campus the Spring Semester of 1953. As an have distinguished themselves through leadership, honorary leadership, scholarship society for men, Jim Hoke Dr. McEniry Bill 72 Front row Coroiyn Daniel, Mary Carol West, Jeanne Gailbreath. Second row: Helen Lee Radloff, B. J. Henderson, Joanne Motes, Liz Osburn, Pat Taylor. Third row; Lynn Pier, Evelyn Gordon, Jone Summers, Betty Farlow, Roberta Pemble, Barbara Martin. MEMBERS Barbara Brock, Carolyn Daniel, Jeanne Gailbreath, Betty Farlow, Ann Gatlin, Evelyn Gordon, Borboro Martin, Pot Taylor, Mary Carol West, B. J. Henderson, Lynn Pier, Joanne Motes, Jane Summers, Roberta Pemble, Elizabeth Osburn, Joan Williams, Miss Barbara Rowe. THE HONOR The Honor is an organization to aid in the de velopment of all-around young women, to encour- age scholarship, to recognize individual abilities, and to promote leadership. Mary Carol Carolyn OFFICERS MARY CAROL WEST President ANN GATLIN Vice-President CAROLYN DANIEL . . Secretary-Treasurer 73 PHI BETA MUSIC FRATERNITY OFFICERS ROBERTA PEMBLE President ELIZABETH OSBURN . Vice-President EVELYN GORDON Secretory SHIRLEY LOWE Treasurer VERONICA GOVE Advisor Phi Beta Music Fraternity is for young women who are out- standing in Music. It is a na- tional fraternity striving for professional achievement in music or dramatics, high ideals in womanhood, and scholarship. Front row, left to right: Helen Turner, Elizabeth Osburn, Christie Basler, Shirley Lowe ond Evelyn Gordon. Back row: Betty Nordman, Edna Plant, Janet Sauls, Jeanne Burrell and Dolores Gough. GAMMA SIGMA EPSILDN OFFICERS VICTOR VAUGHEN President DR. CONN Advisor MICKEY STOUT Vice-Pres denf DR. BEILER Advisor ROE HULL Treasurer DR. VAUGHEN Advisor Front row, left to right: Victor Yaughen, Mickey Stout, Roe Hull. Bock row: Jim Gray, Oren Smith, Dr. Conn, and Dr. Beiler. Gamma Sigma Epsilon is a national honorary chemistry fraternity, the object of which is to increase interest and scholarship in chemistry. OFFICERS RANDY RITTER President AL YARN Vice President JANE SUMMERS Secretary EDITH LATHROP Treasurer MR. LOUIS FREUND Advisor Front row: Barbara Puck, Al Varn, Randy Ritfer, Jane Summers, Kothryn Rand. Second row: Miss Edith Harvey, Edith Lathrop, Mary Beth Willoughby, Doris Lyon, Mrs. Louis Freund. Third row: Priscilla Steele, Dodi Costine, Valero Cotes. Fourth row Mr. George Gaines, Yi Han Chang, Donald Bohren, John Philip. KAPPA PI The Hatter Art Club was formed on the Stet- son campus in 1935 and in May, 1946, was in- stalled as the chapter of Kappa Pi, the oldest art fraternity among colleges today. The purpose of Kappa Pi is to promote on interest in art and to create a sincere love of beauty and appreciation of art. Kappa Delta Pi is a national honorary edu- cational fraternity, endeavoring to foster high standards of preparation for teaching and to invite into bonds of fellowship those who have attained excellence of scholarship and distinc- tion of achievement as students and servants of Education. KAPPA DELTA PI Front row: B. J. Henderson, Pot Taylor, Clare Brown, Virginia James, Ann Lee, June Wood- ward, Marilyn Thames, Miss Maxine Patterson, Mr. Merrion. Back row: Betty Forlow, Jane Summers, Savilio Young, Dr. Sowers, Lynn Pier, Barbara Brock, Dr. Carter, William Tuttle. OFFICERS MARILYN THAMES .... President PAT TAYLOR .... Vice-President SAVILLA YOUNG .... Secretary BETTY FARLOW Treasurer DR. CARTER Advisor Front row: Bill Shaw, Jim Dotor, Leon Larcns. Second row: Victor Voughen, row: Helen Radloff, Dr. Thorton, Beverly McClure, Gerda Sandburg, Ann Lee, Graves Edmondson. Back row: Nancy McGregor, Bruno DiGiulian, Eleanor Stone, Charles Williams, Bill Wren, Arnold Sherman. LA FRANCIADE OFFICERS CAROLYN DANIEL President HUGH YOUNG Vice-President NANCY HAXTON Secretary LEAH CONKLIN Treasurer CHARLES WILLIAMS Publicity Chairman DR. THORTON Advisor SIGMA DELTA PI OFFICERS BOB BREYFOGLE President CAROLYN DANIEL V ce-Pres dent JEANNE GAILBREATH Secretory JAMES CARI Treasurer DR. ARJONA Advisor Front row; Hugh Young, Carolyn Daniel, Nancy Haxton, Charles Williams. Bock row: Joe Folmar, Bob Breyfogle, Sterling Forrester. Not pictured: Jim Bryant. Front row: Bill Show, Jim Dator, Leon Lorens. Second row: Victor Vaughen, Bob Breyfogle, Mickey Stout, Rudy Smith. Bock row: Jim Gray, Doyle Linderman. DER DEUTSCHE VEREIN OFFICERS JIM DATOR President DICK BLOODWORTH Vice-President BILL BUDGETT Secretary BILL SHAW Treasurer DR. T HORTON Advisor Front row, left to right: Norman Gold, Lynn Pier, John Howell, Helen Lee Radioff, Bobbie Bronson, Dr. 0. G. Brockett. Back row: Hoke Shirley, Cloro Robertson, Dodi Costine, June Woodord, Mickey Stout, Hugh Young, Mark Mollis, Mrs. Virginia Giffin, Dr. I. C. Stover. THETA ALPHA PHI The purposes of Theta Alpha Phi are to increase interest, stimulate creativeness, and foster artistic achievement in all of the allied arts and crafts of the theatre. OFFICERS JOHN HOWELL President HELEN LEE RADLOFF Secretary LYNN PIER Vice-President NORMAN GOLD Treasurer 77 Front row, left to right; Kathryn Rand, Bruno DiGiulian and Barbara Martin. Second row: Carolyn Daniel, Ginger Booth, B. J. Henderson and Anne Russell. Bock row: Roger Ericson, Jim Young, Joe Folmar and Lynn Pier. SIGM A PI KAPPA Sigma Pi Kappa is the honorary journalistic fraternity consisting of outstanding members of student publications. Its purposes are to promote the best interest of the college publications and to establish and encourage a higher type of journalism. Don Bohren Carolyn Daniel Roger Ericson Rosalind Fordhom OFFICERS BRUNO DIGIULIAN President KATHRYN RAND V ce-Presidenf BARBARA MARTIN Secretary HERB WILLCOX Treasurer MEMBERS Jim Gerretson Lynn Pier Duncan Pordue Joe Folmar Ginger Booth Jim Young Roy Mills Carolyn Cole Anne Russell B, J. Henderson 78 smmm. OFFICERS BOB WILBER President MARILYN THAMES . Vice-President NANCY VAN NUS Secretary DR. WINCHESTER . Treasurer Advisor Vi yP? ' T T-: Front row: Morilyn Thames, Vernon, Slough, Nancy Von Nus. Back row; Dr. Winchester, Charles Richordson, Rochel Perry, Bob Greene, Dr. Allen. BETA BETA BETA Beta Xi, the Stetson Chapter of Beta Beta Beta, which was accepted into the national organization in 1946, is one of seventy-seven chapters established in universities in the United States, in the Caribbean region, and in Asia. Their purpose is to form hon- orary societies for students of the biological sciences and to stimulate sound scholarship, and to encourage investigation in the life sciences. SIGMA ALPHA OMEGA MEMBERS Don Bicksler Charles Groth Bill Moser Bruce Warden John Westervelt Virginia Greene Julie Mikell Mary Seeley Jock Gibson Front row: Mary Seeley, Bill Moser, Ginny Greene. Back row: Jack Gibson, Johnny Westervelt, Julie Mikell, Mr. Ashcraft. OFFICERS BILL MOSER President CHARLES GROTH .... Vice-President VIRGINIA GREENE Secretary E. S. ASHCRAFT Advisor OFFICERS BILL WARDEN President WILLIAM WREN .... Vice-President HOKE SHIRLEY Secrctsr DICK LASSITEX Treasurer DR. GILBERT LYCAN Advisor I.R.C. MEMBERS Mert Reddick John Howell Chuck Franson Walter Norden Front row: Mert Reddick, Bill Warden, John Morgan. Second row: Bruno DiGiulian, Yi Han Chang, Bill Wren, Prof. Winn. Third row: Dr. Gilbert Lycan, John Howell, Chuck Franson, Walter Norden, Dr. Johnson, Hoke Shirley. PHI ALPHA THETA «, J I.R.C Phi Alpha Theta is an honorary fraternity to en- courage the study of history. It offers a prize to the outstanding history student graduating at the June Commencement. The International Relations Club was organized in 1938, under the sponsorship of the Carnegie Endow- ment for International Peace. The purpose is to stimulate a greater interest in and a better under- standing of international affairs. PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE Front row; Frank Smith, Duncan Pardue. Waterman, George Singeltory. Back row: Charlie The Publications Committee was formed the spring semester of last year. The board works as a coordi- nator of all student publications. Membership is com- posed of a representative of the Student Government Association, Duncan Pardue; a member of the fac- ulty, Dr. Park; a representative of the Journalism De- partment, Charlie Waterman; Blan Taylor, the Pub- lications Sponsor; and the Editors of the Reporter and Hatter, Frank Smith and George Singeltory, re- spectively. MR. J. BLANFORD TAYLOR OFFICERS JIM GRAY President VICTO:? VAUGHEN . Vic3 President RANDY RITTER Secretary JOHN HOWELL Treasurer DR. BEILER Advisor Front row: Victor Vaughen, Jim Groy, Joe Folmor, Hoke Shirley. Second row: Jim Dotor, Bruno DiGiulian, Bill Warden, John Howell, Bob Breyfogle. Third row: Morris Foster, Yi Hon Cheng, C. C. Sellars, Charles Sanks, Dr. Beiler. PHI SOCIETY The Phi Society is an honor society sponsored by College of Liberal Arts outstanding in scholarship. Phi Beta Kappa in a number of colleges and universi- To be eligible for membership, a student must main- ties. It recognizes and honors those students in the tain a B-plus average in the first year of college work. SCROLL AND KEY The order of the Scroll and Key was formed in 1942 for the purpose of recognizing and encouraging high scholarship. Members are chosen from the highest five per cent of the Junior and Senior classes. Left to right: Hoke Shirley, Joe Folmar, Jim Gray, Bob Breyfogle, Victor Vaughen, Bill Warden, Jim Dator, Bill Wren. SCROLL KE.Y OFFICERS HOKE SHIRLEY President JIM GRAY Vice-President JOE FOLMAR Secretary VICTOR VAUGHEN . . . Treasurer OFFICERS CAROLE VAN ALLSBURG President JANE SUMMERS Vice-President SHEILA NUGENT Secretary JANET SAULS Treasurer RICHARD FEASEL Advisor Front row: Prudie Foster, Lois White, Jonet Souls, Jane Summers, Sheila Nugent, Jeanne Belle Price. Back row; Sue Gardner, Judy Briley, Doris Lyon, Mickey Stout, Nancy Haxton, Marilyn Stewart, Paula Commander, Marie Jenson. TAU BETA SIGMA The purpose of Tou Beta Sigma, the National Honorary Sorority for Bondswomen, is to effect a more perfect organization of members who find a common inspiration in the appreciation and the re-creation of fine music. FUTURE TEACHERS To develop among young people who ore preparing to be teachers an organization which shall be an integral part of state and national education associations. Front row; Helen Harper, B. J. Henderson, Pat Taylor, Mary Frances Goff, Marilyn Stewart. Second row Mari- lyn Hughson, Annearle Ison. Third row; Mary Carol West, Carolyn Anderson, Ginger Booth, Shirley Parker, Jo Ann Jesse, Marilyn Thames, Rosalind Heathcoe, Mary Cole, Doris Lyon. Fourth row Jenny Lu Steinkamp, Ann Lee, Carolyn Burnette, Zelda Hill, Priscilla Steele, Mory Connell, Savilla Young, Valera Cates, Marilyn Bar- ber. Fifth row; Jeanne Gailbreath, Florence Coe, Sylvia Sopp. OFFICERS PAT TAYLOR President B. J. HENDERSON . . . Vice-President HELEN HARPER Secretary MARY FRANCES GOFF . . . Treasurer AMERICAN GUILD ORGANISTS The Guild Student Group of the American Guild of Organists, spon- sored by the Daytona Beach Chap- ter, was organized at Stetson Uni- versity in May, 1952. The purpose of the Guild is to advance the cause of worthy church music; to elevate the status of church organists; and to increase their appreciation of their respon- sibilities as conductors of worship. OFFICERS TOM BROWN Dean DEAN BLAIR Sub Dean HELEN TURNER Secretory JOYCE EDENFIELD Treasurer JIM RODGERS Publicity DELORES GOUGH Social Chairman Front row: Helen Turner, Ann Keorsey, Betty Nordman, Tom Brown, Dclores Gough, Phyllis Thomas, Joyce Edenfield, Sylvia Smith, Imogene Amen, Christia Basler, Miss Corr. Back row. Charles Woodward, Jim Houghston, Don Locke, Peter Christopherson, Jim Rodgers, Stafford Wing, Tom Smith, Jerry Brown, Dean Almond, Dean Blair. MEMBERS Anne Kearsey Rosalind Tobias Tom Brown Delores Gough Imogene Amen Helen Turner Peter Christopherson Tom Smith Phyllis Thomas Sylvia Smith Don Locke Jimmy Rodgers Jerry Brown Christia Basler Dean Blair Betty Nordman Stafford Wing Joyce Edenfield Miss Carr HDNDR GUARD The purpose of the Honor Guard is to promote highest military ability among the basic R.O.T.C. cadets. BUTCH WILLARD Cadet Captain 83 STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OFFICERS JOHN HOWELL President HELEN HARPER Secretory Front row; Helen Lee Radloff, Helen Harper, John Howell, Anneorle Isom. Back row: Dr. McCammon, Jim Young, Dick Greaves, Herb Willcox, Ginger Booth. The Student Christian Association is composed of representatives of the Baptist Student Union, the Westminster Fellowship, the Canterbury Club, the Newman Club, and the Wesley Foundation. It serves as a clearing house for the varied interests of these groups and provides a vehicle for cooperative action. It sponsors such projects as Religious Emphasis Week. John Howell Helen Harper Helen Lee Rcdlotf MEMBERS Anneorle Isom Dick Greaves Bob Wilber Ginger Booth Jim Young Herb Willcox WESLEY FOUNDATION The Wesley Foundation is the Methodist student organization on the campus. Regular meetings are held, at which the students ore urged to cooperate with the Methodist churches and provide a tie be- tween their religious life and their scholastic life. Front row: Arlene McGuire, Shirley Ecklemon, Mickey Stout, Helen Har- per, Carolyn McMullen, Beverly Boul- ware, Mary Carpenter. Second row; Joan Kartzmark, Glee Griffith, Sylvia Smith, Jane Parrish. Third row: Tom Brown, Frank Perkins, Peter Chris- topherson, Roger Ericson, Jim Young, Priscilia Hampton, Nancy Geiger. OFFICERS HELEN HARPER President MICKEY STOUT .... Vice-President CAROLYN McMULLEN .... Secretary BEVERLY BOULWARE .... Treasurer DR, M. WILLIAMS Advisor Front row: Marilyn Hughson, Margaret Ann Norton, Iris Deese, Pat Brodemeyer, Ninette Gouthier. Second row: Marilyn Gunter, Shirley Parker, Edno Plant, Val- ero Cotes, June Mortin, Beverly McClure. Back row: Mary Fronces Goff, Morilyn Barber, Shirley Eckleman, Nancy Owens, Jackie Leickety, Jo Ann Jesse, Charlotte Covington, Morie Chapman, Y. W. A. OFFICERS IRIS DEESE President FLETA THORPE Chaudoin Circle Chairman SHIRLEY PARKER Sfefson Circle Chairman YVONNE WALDRON Brittain Circle Chairman PAT BRADEMEYER Secretary-Treasurer MARGARET ANN NORTON, EDNA PLANT .... Program Chairmen VALERA GATES Publicity Chairman MARILYN REED Mission Study NINETTE GAUTHIER, ZELDA HILL Social Chairmen SADIE ARNETTE Pianist JEANIE ADAMS Chorister SHEILA NUGENT fieporfer ANNE POWELL Literature Chairman CAROLYN BURNETTE Stewardship THE JUDGES FOR THE 1953 HOMECOMING PARADE. 85 f 8 • r Front row: Mr. AshcrafI-, Bite Frink, Anne Powell, Patsy Pickle, Herb Willcox, Horriett Stones, Gene Dubberly, Dr. McCam- mon. Second row: Mary Frances Goff, Carolyn Daniel, John Howell, Wolter Salter, Joe Folmar, Bill Self, Iris Deese, Sarah Greenwood. Third row: Jim Powell, Walter Sullins, Lamar Willis. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION EXECUTIVE COUNCIL The Baptist Student Union is composed of all Bap- tist students who ore members of the different church- affiliated organizations on campus and in the churches, such as the Training Union, Sunday School, Y.W.A., Ministerial Association, etc. The Executive Council is annually elected by the students to super- vise and coordinate the work of the various organi- zations. OFF HERB WILLCOX President GENE DUBBERLY, HARRIET STONES, ANN POWELL Enlistment Vice-Presidents JOHN TEMOSHCHUCK Devotional Vice-President PATSY PICKLE Socio Vice-President MARY FRANCES GOFF Secretary JOHN RODGERS Treosurer HERB DORSETT Chorister CLINT KIMBROUGH Pianist SARAH GREENWOOD PublicitY Director WALTER SALTER Promotion Director C E RS CAROLYN DANIEL Reporter JIM RODGERS Sunday School Representative JOE FOLMAR Training Union Representative JOHN HOWELL S.C.A. Representative WALTER SULLINS Extension Director JIM POWELL Youth Revival Chairman LAMAR WILLIS, BITC FRINK Fellowship Chairmsr BUZ SAWYER Ministerial Association President IRIS DEESE Y.W.A. President PROF. ASHCRAFT Faculty Advisor DR. BILL McCAMMON Director Religious Activities 86 Front row: Dick Greaves, Kate Ellis, Sallie Doswell, Annearle Isom, Herb Carlen, Carole Hummelgaard, Mary Ann Coslow, Miss Smith, Dr. Hood. Back row: Ridgely Doane, Melissa Lees, Jim Dator, Victor Voughen, Neva Stahley, Candy Hunter, Rod Dugliss, Juliet Thomas, Don Engel. THE CANTEBBURY CLUB The Canterbury Club is an organization of the Episcopal students on Stetson campus. They join together for fellowship, instruction, and coop- eration with the local church. Ridgely Doane Jeanne Marcel! Mary Gardiner Nonnie Miller Kate Ellis Merrie Ann Nixon MEMBERS Mary Ann Coslow Jim Whittle Juliet Thomas Ad Gilbert Melissa Lees Horace Taylor Carole Hummelgaard John Dixon Victor Voughen Herb Carlen Lewis Jacobs Rod Dugliss Don Tullis George Singeltory Bill Rogers Annearle Isom OFFICERS ANNEARLE ISOM President HERB CARLIN Vice-President CAROLE HUMMELGAARD Secretary LEWIS JACOBS Treosurer DR. THORTON Advisor 87 Front row; Randy Ritter, Darlee Knisely, Sue Reynolds, Caroline Mclnnis, Nancy Haxton, Arlene Burkhort, Betty Miller, B. J. Flood, Beatrice Thomas, Nancy McGregor. Back row; Fred Habegger, H. Malcohn, C. J. Jordan, Stafford Wing, Roy Ben- nett, Janet Sauls, Ruth Harding, Judy Adams, Bill Wren, Sara Martin, Rev. Dick Sauerbruan. WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP Westminster Fellowship is the organization for all Presbyterian students on Stetson campus. They hold regular meetings in which they work toward a better understanding of the principles of the Presbyterian church and promote better cooperation with the local churches. Nancy, Caroline, Dick, Dick, Sue OFFICERS CAROLINE MclNNIS President ROY BENNETT VicsPresident NANCY HAXTON Secretary RICHARD HOGLE Treasurer SUE REYNOLDS Program Chairman BETTY MILLER Christian Growth Chairman BUDDY McLIN Enlistment Chairman B. J. FLOOD Fellowship Chairman OFFICERS JOAN WILLIAMS President JUNE WOODARD Vice-President SHIRLEY PARKER Corresponding Secretary JO ANN JESSE Recording Secretary YVONNE WALDRON Treasurer MARY FRANCES GOFF Pledge Trainer Front row: Lawanna Averitt, Jo Ann Jesse, Sarah Greenwood, Beverly McClure, June Woodord, Bar- bara Puch, Frances Harper, Gerda Sandburg, Carolyn Anderson. Bock row: Shirley Parker, Sylvia Sapp, Frances Emerson, Bite Frink, Marinell Carr, Anthula Karantinos, Mary Frances Goff, Charlotte Cov- ington, Yvonne Waldron, Marityn Reed and Barbara Pence. ALPHA DEXIQMA The Alpha Chapter of Dexiomc was founded May, 1940, on the cam- pus of Stetson University. The purpose of this organization is to promote the social, cultural, political, and religious life of the members. Mary Frances WASHINGTON SEMESTER STUDENTS J s„. 1 V 1 ,L This was the first year that students from Stetson hove gone to the American University in Washington, D. C. The four boys were selected by a faculty group under the supervision of Dr. Lycan. For the one semester, fall, the boys spent their time on their particular courses and observing the nation ' s government at first hand. Charles Franson, Bruno DiGiulian, Bill Warden, Jim Dator. . jd MINISTERIAL ASSDCIATIDN First row: R. Sawyer, J. Powell, B. Martin, Ted Moorheod, C. Harris, H. Zerof, E. Simmons. Second row: W. Sullins, R. Rit- ter, G. Wenzell, B. Forehand, E. Harvey, B. Thurman, W. SaUer. OFF BOB SAWYER President JIM POWELL Vice-President BRUCE MARTIN Secretary TED MOORHEAD Treasurer C. J. HARRIS Program Chairman HERB ZEROF Social Chairman EARL SIMMONS Loan Fund Chairman WALTER SULLINS Activities Chairman C E R S HALLE HUNTSINGER Intramurals Chairman RANDY RITTER Publicity Chairman GEORGE WENZELL Parliamentarian ROBERT FOREHAND Custodian ERNIE HARVEY Pulpit Supply Chairman BOB THURMAN Chorister WALTER SALTER Pianist DR. WILLIAM ANGELL Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Douglas Adams B. C. Akers Tom Allerton Dick Armbruster Arthur Beck Robert Black Horry Blonton Joe Boatwright David Brown Frank Bryan William Budgett Jim Butts Jim Corlin Wayne Chastain Roy Chewning Jim Cooper Bob Crowe Lloyd Cornell Joe Courson Walter Daniel Larry DeLozier Hal Dickson Eugene Dubberly Aubrey Durham Jack Fernandez Jerry Florence Charles Flourney Joe Folmar Robert Forehand Sterling Forrester Herb Frith Donald Gay R. I. Goyton Hal Green Don Hancock C. J. Harris Ernie Harvey George Hay T. K. Hedrick C. L. Hepler Robbie Lee Hobbs John Howell Halle Huntsinger Mack Hutson W. P. Jarrard Paul Kercher Preston Kidd Clint Kimbrough Sidney Knight Barry Lamp Bertram Lewis Doyle Lindeman Robert Lingle Wolter Logue Dick Lovell Oscar McCoy Bill Mcllvaine Bruce Martin Ken Miller Ted Moorhead W. Carlton Owens George Painter Roy Parker William Pate George Peach Dean Peterson Chester Plank John Plunkett Jim Powell Willard Pratt Dallas Pulliam Ben Read Richard Rigsbey Randy Ritter Wallace Rivers Ed Roebuck John Rogers Clarence Rose Walter Salter Charles Sanks Robert Sawyer Bill Self Bill Shaw John Sible Earl Simmons Buddy Simpson J. Bryant Smith Sam Stewart Steve Stevens Walter Sullins T. A. Swink Bob Thurman Harry Usher Kelly Weeks George Wenzell Ron Wenzell Carl Whiddon Page Williams Josh Wilson Ray Wilson Henry Wooley Hugh Young Donald Zahm Mike Zaiampas Herb Zerof 90 . •1 o f . - First row: D. Adams, B. Akers, T. Allerton, D. Armbruster, A. Beck, R. Black, H. Blanton, D. Brown. Second row: F. Bryan, W. Budgett, J. Butts, J. Carlin, W. Chastain, R. Chewning, J.Cooper, L. Cornell. Third row: J. Courson, C. Flourney, J. Dubberly, A. Durham, J. Fernandez, J. Florence, C. Flourney, J. Folmar. Fourth row: S. Forrester, H. Frith, D. Gay, H. Green, D. Hancock, G. Hoy, T. Hedrick, C. Hepler. Fifth row: R. Hobbs, J. Howell, M. Hutson, P. Jorrord, P. Kercher, P. Kidd, C. Kim- brough, S. Knight. Sixth row; B. Lewis, D. Lindeman, R. Lingle, W. Logue, D. Lovell, O. McCoy, W. Mcllvaine, K. Miller. Seventh row: C. Owens, W. Pate, R. Parker, G. Peach, C. Plank, G. Plunkett, W. Pratt, D. Pulliam. Eighth row: R. Rigsbey, W. Rivers, E. Roebuck, J. Rogers, C. Rose, C. Sonks, B. Self, B. Shaw. Ninth row; J. Sible, B. Simpson, B. Smith, S. Stewart, S. Stevens, H. Usher, K. Weeks, R. Wenzell. Tenth row: C. Whiddon, P. Willioms, J. Wilson, R. Wilson, H. Wooley, H. Young, D. Zahm, M. Zaiampas. 91 jjl i M f WHO ' S TEACHING THIS CLASS? MY, HOW YOU ' VE CHANGED! , . TRY USING GASOLINE, HOPPY. " ! i m THE COMMON ' S SCULLERY MAIDS. 1 ■ 1 i fe K aiU! ( DIG THAT CRAZY EDITOR. ( f I r ' ' 9m m The five sororities and six fraternities have developed into an integral part of the social and cultural life of the campus. Today these organizations play a prominent and vivid part in the student life of the campus. These groups, with their deep bonds of comradeship, have made many contributions towards the well rounded University that is Stetson. CAROLINE MclNNIS, Sorority Editor FRANK MARTIN, Fraternity Editor E K S Betty Farlow Roi Fordham Ellen Rivers Barbara Martin Mary Seeley OFFICERS BETTY FARLOW President ROZ FORDHAM Vice-President ELLEN RIVERS Secretary BARBARA MARTIN Treasurer MARY SEELEY Publicity Chairman PAN-HELLENIC CDUNCIL DELEGATES B. J. Henderson Jeanne Gailbreath Carolyn Daniel Betty Farlow Roz Fordham Darlee Knisely Mary Gardiner Julie Mikell Anne Russell Evelyn Gordon Barbara Martin Ellen Rivers Mary Seeley Janet Williamson Ann Myers 6. J. Henderson Julie Mikell Darlee Knisely Anne Russell Jeanne Gailbreath Janet Williamson Mary Gardiner Evelyn Gordon JOE McCLAIN JACK KARL Past President Immediate Past President George Singeltary Dr ' ck Friedman Frank Slaughter Al Huckleberry ' i " - " ' , . _ OFFICERS GEORGE SINGELTARY President DICK FRIEDMAN Vice-President J FRANK SLAUGHTER Secretory .J - - ,j nS . . - AL HUCKLEBERRY Treasurer INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL DELEGATES DELTA SIGMA PHI LAMBDA CHI ALPHA PI KAPPA ALPHA PI KAPPA PHI SIGMA NU SIGMA PHI EPSILON Dave Dickson Al Huckleberry Dick Friedman Jim Hohn Jack Browner Charles Groth Roger Dobson Joe McCloin Ed Houston Bob Wilber Del Reinke Frank Hathaway Dick Greaves Al Palmer Frank Slaughter Charles Turner Martin Stevens Butch Willard Dave Dickson Roger Dobson Dick Greaves Al Palmer Ed Houston Jim Hohn Charles Turner Bob Wilber Jock Browner Del Reinke Martin Stevens Charles Groth Frank Hathaway Butch Willard DELTA SIGMA PHI cilphci chl ckapL er Ml I 4 1 i i •1 Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity was founded at City College of New York in 1889. The Alpha Chi Chapter was established on the Stetson campus in 1925. The fraternity colors are nile green and white. The fraternity flov er is the white carnation. OFFICERS ROGER DOBSON President AL FRITZ Vice-President LEWIS JACOBS Secretary DAVID DICKSON Treasurer HERB CARLEN Corresponding Secretary DR. A. M. WINCHESTER Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Henry Boyer William Kaleel William Cowart Jesse Little Herb Carlen David McDowell Robert Daine David Morgan David Dickson Edward Quirk Roger Dobson Howard Schmock Don Engell Joe Siekaniec Al Fritz Jack Schoep Richard Greaves Franklin Smith John Haines Gene Stephenson Lewis Jacobs Pierre Stewart John Henry Jones Walter Snyder Walt Golde Jack Antonnen Thomas Carlton Roger Cramer Roger Cood James Catania Jerry Deyloff Edward Doane Richard Ellzey John Frey Joe Gerencir Leonard Jones Thomas Keith Ken Kirchman PLEDGES Harold Knowles Stanley Kupiszewski Thomas McPherson Robert Munn Murray North Art Park Louis Porto Charles Prather Ted Revack John Starp Ralph Wolfe Rosco York Rog presents Queen Kate. Hank Boyer ! Herb Carlen Bill Cowart Bob Daine K iMii Dave Dickson 1 Roger Dobson Don Engell A! Friti Dick Greaves Lou Jacobs Bill Kaleel Jess Little Dove McDowell Dove Morgan Howie Schmock Jack Schoep Joe Siekeniec Frank Smith Walt Snyder Pierre Steward Jack Antonnen Mabry Carlton James Catania Roger Coad Jerry Deyloff Edward Doane Richard Ellzey Joe Gerencir Leonard Jones Thomas Keith Ken Kirchmon Ston Kupiszewski Robert Munn Murray North Art Park Charles Prother Earl Tyer John Starp Ralph Wolfe Rosco York PI KAPPA ALPHA delta up d it on ckapter ip ip Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity was founded in 1868 at the University of Virginia. Delta Upsilon Chap- ter was chartered in 1951. The fraternity colors ore garnet and gold. The fraternity flower is the lily of the valley. OFFICERS JAMES YONGE President CHARLES APPEL Vice-President ROBERT FRENCH Secretary JAMES COGBURN Treasurer Robert Andres Charles Appel James Cogburn Carl Bloesing Harry Evertz Chuck Franson Robert French Jim Bender Lomor Calhoun James Curtis Tom French William Garnett William Hatton Lee Hamlin Fred Habegger William Makinson MEMBERS PLEDGES Richard Friedman Lou Haines John Houston Charles Loughton Frank Slaughter James Yongt Jack Meadows Dick Meredith Frank Murphy Ray Reynolds Blan Taylor, Jr. Dick Thalleen Jack Varasse George Wenzell Ron Wenzell First prize. Homecoming. Home, sweet, home! Charles Appel Harry Evertz Charles Franson Dick Friedman Bob French Ed Houston Charles Laughton Frank Slaughter Jim Yonge James Bender Lamar Calhoun Troy Curtis Tom French William Garrett Lee Hamlin Fred Habegger Bill Makinson Jack Meadows Dick Meredith Ray Reynolds Blan Taylor Dick Thalleen Jack Varasse George Wenzell Ron Wenzell ' ' . i . ;r;;:sW5-fs JBki PI KAPPA PHI :ki chapter Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity was founded at the Col- lege of Charleston in 1904. The Chi Chapter was established at Stetson in 1921. The fraternity colors are gold and white. The fraternity flower is the red rose. OFFICERS ROBERT WILBER President CHARLES RICHARDSON Secretary JAMES YOUNG Treasurer HAROLD M. GIFFIN Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Stephen Berry John Howell Donald Bohren Robert Huffstetler James Bryant John Imgrund Carter Cain Donald Johnson James Carlin Randall Langston Frank Creech John Lauer James Dator Sam Lupfcr Herb Dorsett Ernie Murphy Fred Ellinor Walter Norden Roger Ericson John Philip James Gerretson Charles Richardson Jack Gibson James Rodgers Addison Gilbert William Rogers James Hahn Charles Turner Robert Hanson Al Varn Walter Hawkins Robert Wilber Richard Hogle William Wren William Holley James Young Mark Hollis William Ziebarth Roy Hostetter PLEDGES Michael Amber Richard Hopkins Tom Brown Jerry Kruhm Jerry Brown Gerry Lawrence Harry Brown Edward Lessenburg Bob Bush Dennis Marquis Wayne Chastain George Painter Dave Cockroft Frank Perkins Mac Cunningham Robert Salter John Dixon Forrest Showalter Thomas Dixon Buddy Simpson Jerry Florence Paul Smith Jimmy Gaines David Talley Charles Granger Rudy Weber Jack Goddard Earl Williams Robert Hall Pi Kappa " Space Party " ' Muscle Men " Steve Berry ' ' jjl ► Don Bohren ■ r Jim Bryont Corter Coin , . Jim Corlin Herb Dorsett Jim Gerretson ' i t E Jack Gibson Fred Ellinor Roger Ericson Jim Hohn Bob Hanson Dick Hogle Bill Holley Mark Hollis Roy Hostetter John Howell Bob Huffstetler John Imgrund Buzz Johnson Randy Langston John Lauer Ernie Murphy Wolter Norden John Philip Charles Richardson Jim Rodgers William Fiske Rogers Charles Turni Al Yarn Bob Wilber Bill Wren Jim Young Bill Ziebarth Harry Brown 4% Jerry Brown Tom Brown Bob Bush Wayne Chastain Davis Cockroff Mac Cunningham John Dixon TlUKllL. | » f ' Tom Dixon Jerry Florence Jack Goddard Charlie Granger Richard Hopkins Jerry Kruhm Gerry Lawrence Dennis Marquis Frank Perkins Bob Salter Forrest Showalter Buddy Simpson Paul Smith Dave Tally Rudy Weber Earl Williams k J SIGMA N U ■ 4 jL m ? n V Sigma Nu Fraternity was founded in 1869 at the Virginia Military Institute. The fraternity colors are black, white and gold. The flower is the white rose. The Delta Mu chapter was the first notional social fraternity on the Stetson campus, being chartered in 1913. OFFICERS DELBERT REINKE President JACK BRAWNER Vice-President DONALD HOLTON Secretary JERRY HOPKINS Treasurer " DOC " JOHNSON Faculty Advisor delta mu chapter MEMBERS Jack Browner John Blue Sterling Forrester Charles Fox William Garrett James Gensel Edward Gilliland William Harris Donald Helton Jerry Hopkins George Jochem John Karl Charles Mainwood Dave Best Tesch Brundick John Casey John Edgington John Edstrom Morris Foster Herb Frith Richard Griffin Dick Harmeling Jim Henley Dave Howard Harry Hurst Tom Jenkins Robert Jernigan Vernon Jobson Bill Laird Richard Lackey PLEDGES Fronk Martin Harold McNeil Allan Meyer Delbert Reinke Arnold Sherman George Singeltary Martin Stephens Harry Usher John Westervelt James Whittle Herb Willcox Bob Cascadden John Legge Joe Marrs Fred Marshall Lewis McBryde Bud McLin Jim Pettus Shelton Poole William Reynolds Fred Semanie Keith Shamrock Walter Shirey George Smart John Smith Gordon Wells Josh Wilson Ernest Wiggins Pledge Meeting Between Classes! Jack Browner John Blue Bob Coscadden Sterling Forrester Chorles Fox Bill Garrett Jerry Gensel Ed Gilliland Bill Harris Don Holton Jerry Hopkins George Jochem Jock Karl Harold McNeil Frank Martin Al Meyer Del Reinke Arnold Shermon George Singeltary Martin Stephens Harry Usher John Westervelt Jim Whittle Herb Willcox Dave Best John Casey John Edstrom Herb Frith Richard Griffin Dick Harmeling Jim Henley Dave Howard Harry Hurst Tom Jenkins Bob Jernigan Vernon Jobson Richard Lockey Bill Laird John Legge Lewis McBryde Buddy McLin Joe Marrs Fred Marshall Bill Reynolds Walter Shirey John Smith Gordon Wells Ernie Wiggins Josh Wilson SIGMA PHI EPSILDN Florida beta chapter Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded at Richmond College, Richmond, Virginia, on November 1 , 1 901 . The local chapter, Florida Beta, was established on February 12, 1949. The colors are dark red and purple and the flowers ore red roses and violets. OFFICERS CHARLES GROTH President LAURENCE WILLARD Vice-President FRANK HATHAV AY Secretary GARY SELLERS Treasurer CAPT W. E. IRISH Faculty Advisor ipl MEMBERS Peter Christopherson Frank Schuler Bruno DiGiulian Gary Sellers Charles Groth Laurence Willard Frank Hathaway PLEDGES Bill Benzing George Lux Larry DeLozier John Plasman Rodger Gayton Rodger Ribbe Travis Hedrick Charles Richards John Killebrew Fred Rowe Barry Lampp Dick White Ray Lee The Old Stomping Grounds. S.P.E. ' s " Jubilee in ' 53. " Peter Christopherson Bruno DiGiulion Charles Groth Fronk Hathaway John Schulcr Gary Sellers Laurence Willord Larry DeLozier Travis Hedrick John Klllebrew Sorry Lampp Roy Lee George Lux John Plasman Roger Ribbe Fred Rowe Dick White LAMBDA CHI ALPHA zetci tau c net pier Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity was founded at Boston University in 1909. The Zeta Tau Chapter was chartered at Stetson in 1949. The fraternity colors are purple, green and gold. The fraternity flower is the white rose. OFFICERS JOE McCUAIN President JOE ELLIOT Vice-President WALLACE ALLBRITTON Secretory JAMES MURPHY Treasurer ALTON PALMER Social Chairman ALAN HUCKLEBERRY Rush Cl airman ROGER G. GILES Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Wallace Allbritton Joe McClain Robert Beazley Roy Mills Donald Duchesneau James Murphy Joe Elliot- Alton Palmer Burt Holmes Duncan Pardue Ira Holmes Merton Reddick Alan Huckleberry Charles Sieg Richard Lassiter Don Tullls PLEDGES Leonard Deyo Norman Erickson Wallace Goff Joe Hough John Huckleberry Frank Ledbetter Ray Raulerson William Penn Bud Young The President Speaks. At the Blood Bonk. Wallace AllbrlHon Bob Beazley Don Duchesneou Ira Holmes Joe McClain Roy Mills James Murphy Al Palmer Duncan Pardue Charles Sleg Don Tullis Leonard Deyo Joe Hough Joe Huckleberry Bud Young Ray Raulerson Bill Penn Kf ALPHA XI DELTA omeaa cnapter Omega Chapter of Alpha Xi Delta was founded at Stetson University in May, 1917. The flower is the Killarney rose and the colors are double blue and gold. Alpha Xi Delta was founded at Lom- bard College, Galesburg, Illinois, in 1893. OFFICERS BARBARA MARTIN President SUE LIGHTFOOT Vice-President B. J. HENDERSON " . . Membership Chairman EDITH LATHROP Treasurer LYNNPIER Corresponding Secretary SUE REYNOLDS Recording Secretary SUE FERRELL Pledge Trainer DORIS LYON Socio Chairman JO DILLARD Chaplain MEMBERS Janet Brogger Frances Owen Shirley Corlon Lynn Pier Jo Dlllard Sue Reynolds Sue Ferrell Marlene Skornschek Sue Gardner Joyce Stone B. J. Henderson Marilyn Stuart Dorlee Knisely Sally Sentell Edith Lathrop Mickey Stout Dale Lauder Nancy Van Nus Sue Lightfoot Barbara Veotch Shirley Lowe June Watts Doris Lyon Peggy Whiddon Barbara Martin Barbara Woolley Carolyn McMullen PLEDGES Barbara Bass Ruth Hurting Irmo Bowles Patti Ingram Jenelle Braddy Jane Messer Betty Jane Conrad Sylvia McDonald Theresa Feezor Nell Rodgers Beverly Gilman Liz Shanklin Jane Girvin Jane Summers Pat Godfrey Suzanne Webster Zoanne Hagy Alpha Xi Stage Show. Alpha Xi Cheerleaders. Janet Bragger Shirley Carlon Jo Dillard Sue Ferrell Betty Jean Henderson Darlee Kniseiy Edith Lathrop Dole Lauder Sue Lightfoot Shirley Lowe Doris Lyon Carolyn McMullen Barbara Martin Frances Owen Lynn Pier Sue Reynolds Sally Sentell Marlene Skornschek Joyce Stone Mickey Stout Marilyn Stuart Nancy Von Nus Barbara Veotch June Watts Peggy Whiddon Barbara Woolley Barbara Bass Irtna Bowles Jenelle Braddy Betty Jane Conrad Theresa Feezor Beverly Gilmon Jane Girvin Dot Godfrey Zoonne Hogy Ruth Harting Potti Ingram Sylvia McDonald Jane Messer Nell Rodgers Elizabeth Shanklin Jane Summers Susi Webster DELTA DELTA DELTA cilph a delti a Ci haptei ' Delta Delta Delta was founded in 1889 at Bos- ton University. Alpha Delta Chapter was estab- lished at Stetson University in May, 1913. The fraternity flower is the pansy and the colors are silver, gold, and blue. OFFICERS JEANNE GAILBREATH President ANNEARLE ISOM Vice-President CAROLYN MORGAN Secretary JEANNE MARCELL Treasurer ELLEN RIVERS Socio Chairman MARY GARDINER Rush Chairman Ridgely Doone Kate Ellis Mary Ellison Jeanne Goilbreath Mary Gardiner Annearle Isom Jean Marcell Caroline Mclnnis NonI Miller Carolyn Morgan Ann GaHin Ann Anderson Elaine Buss Mary Ann Coslow Jeanne Davis Betsy Duck Jane Gchan Glee Griffith Candy Hunter MEMBERS PLEDGES Jeanne Price Helen Radloff Carolyn Patrick Ellen Rivers Barbara Rohn Donna Roe Sandra Shearouse Barbara Steffens Jenny Steinkomp Helen Thayer Martha Wise Mary Glenn Lowery Verona Martin Faye Morgan Merrie Ann Nixon Jane Parrish Frances Polk Shirley Rogers Mary Carol West Hard at work! Tri-Delts go Western! Fvidgely Doane L at ' c Ellis Aaty Ellison Jeanne Gailbreath Mary Gardiner Ann Gotiin Annearle Isom Caroline Mclnnis Jeanne Marcell Winona Miller Carolyn Morgan Carolyn Patrick Helen Lee Radloff Ellen Rivers Donna Roe Barbara Rohn Sandra Shearouse Babs Steffens Jennie Lou Steinkamp PoHy Wise Ann Anderson Eloine Buss Mary Ann Coslow Jeanne Davis Betsy Duck Jane Gahan Glee Griffith Candy hlunter Mary Glenn Lowery Verona Martin Foye Morgan Merrie Ann Nixon Jane Parrish Frances Polk Shirley Rogers Mary Carol West PHI M U cilphci xl ckupter Phi Mu was founded at Wesleyan College, Ma- con, Georgia, in March, 1852. The Alpha Xi Chapter was established in March, 1949. The colors are rose and white, and the fraternity flower is the Enchantress carnation. OFFICERS JULIE MIKELL President HELEN HARPER Vice-President CAROLYN DANIEL Secretary BARBARA SAPP Treasurer MEMBERS Ginger Booth Julie Mikell Carolyn Daniel Roberta Pemble Marguerite Dillman Morillee Post Mary Jo Farr Barbara Sapp Prudie Foster Mary Seeley Helen Harper Mary Smith Marie Jenson Barbara Young PLEDGES Louise Atwater Johnsie Nabors Mary Cisco Peggy Pearce Margaret Hatcher Penny Pearson Joan Hodges Winnie Preston Ann Greer Jan Riggin Nancy Griebling Linda Rogers Josey Kolliker Nancy Roper Lucy Langston Joan Rousseau June Lee Dottie Thomas Sarah Martin On display. Taking a break! Virginia Booth Carolyn Daniel Marguerite Dillr Mary Jo Forr Prudie Foster Morie Jenson Julie Mikell Roberta Pemble Morilee Post Borboro Sopp Mory Seeley Mary Smith Barbara Young Louise Atwoter Mary Cisco Ann Greer Nancy Griebling Margaret Hatcher Joan Hodges Josie Kolliker Lucy Longston June Lee Johnsie Nabors Peggy Pearce Penny Pearson Winnie Preston Linda Rogers Nancy Roper Joan Rousseau IUI||||H ' J Jfk m Bt " r 1 PI BETA PHI i an - " " f FT ■ F ■ jrlorlciu ulpku en pi ictpter Florida Alpha Chapter of Pi Beta Phi was estab- lished on the University campus in 1913. The sorority was founded at Monmouth College in 1867. The fraternity flower is the wine carnation, and the colors are wine and silver blue. OFFICERS ANNE RUSSELL President BARBARA JO LANNOM Vice-President JOANNE MOTES Secretary MARY BETH WILLOUGHBY Treasurer BETTY FARLOW Pledge Supervisor BETTY NORDMAN Historian RUBY JO DARR Rush Captain MARY COLE Scholarship Chair BARBARA BROCK Recording Secretary GINGER RICH Program Chairman MEMBERS Beverly Boulware Jean Moeller Barbara Brock Joanne Motes Betsy Byrne Laura Nail Mary Carpenter Betty Nordman Shirley Champion Kothryn Rand Carolyn Cole Ginger Rich Mary Cole Anne Russell Shirley Cole Jo Sloan Ruby Jo Dorr Nancy Steck Ann DeLaney Helen Stokes Betty Farlow Janet Williamson Pat Hudson Mary Beth Willoughby Barbara Jo Lannom Ann Whitaker June Martin Bobbi Harris PLEDGES Audrey Allen Carolyn Gladney June Barry Essie Gullickson Sandra Crawford Anne Hull Mayanne Davis Sally King Bobbi Durgy Marilyn Layton Connie Ellis Betty Miller Betty Flood Louise Powell Betty Ray Fuller Dianne Ratterree Pi Phi Wedding. Pi Phi Christmas Formal. Beverly Boulware Barbara Brock Betsy Byrne Mary Carpenter Shirley Champion Carolyn Cole Mary Cole Shirley Cole Ruby Jo Dorr Ann DeLaney Betty Forlow Bobbi Harris Pot Hudson B. J. Lannom June Martin Jean Moeller Joanne Motes Laura Nail Betty Nordmon Kathryn Rand Ginger Rich Anne Russell Jo Sloan Nancy Stech Helen Stokes Ann Whitoker Janet Williamson Mary Beth Willoughby Audrey Allen June Barry Sandy Crawford Moyonne Davis Bobbie Durgy Connie Ellis Betty Flood Betty Roe Fuller Carolyn Gladney Essie Gullickson Ann Hull Solly King Marilyn Layton Betty Miller Louise Powe[| Dianne Ratterree iH ii i ZETA TAU ALPHA beta p SI c. kapter Zeta Tau Alpha, international fraternity for women, was founded at Longwood College, Farm- ville, Virginia, October 15, 1898. Beta Psi Chap- ter was established in 1934. The fraternity colors are steel gray and turquoise blue. OFFICERS EVELYN GORDON President CHRISSY GRAY Vice-President BETTY REEDY Secretory ANN MYERS Treasurer ETTER TURNER Faculty Advisor Barbara Blakely Martha Bottom Eileen Brenner Norma Brown Rosalind Fordham Evelyn Gordon Chrissy Gray Louise Jefferies Anne Kraft Marvine Mizell Caryl Anderson Barbara Jones Jocnie Kartzmark Melissa Lees Gail Lundy MEMBERS PLEDGES Ann Myers Chris Perry Betty Reedy Diane Smith Sue Stibbs Gloria Thomas Phyllis Thomas Bonnie Williams Suzanne Woodman Arlene McGuire Marilynn Pendarvis Joyce Robertson Juliet Thomas Mary Streander Second place. Homecoming. Bobs Blakely Martha Bottom Eileen Bronner Norma Brown Rossie Fordham Evelyn Gordon Chrissy Gray Louise Jefferies Ann Kraft Marvine Mizell Ann Myers Chris Perry Betty Reedy Diane Smith Sue Stibbs Gloria Thomas Phyllis Thomas Bonnie Williams Susan Woodman Caryl Anderson Joan Kartzmark Melissa Lees Gail Lundy Arlene McGuire Marilynn Pendarvis Joyce Robertson Mary Streander Juliet Thomas ' 0Q One of the main interests of the University is Sports. If one doesn ' t participate in the university sponsored sports or the intramural program, he becomes an active spectator. Here then is a glimpse of the year ' s sports highlights and those who made them. DEL REINKE, Editor ' - % Ikf BRADY COWELL Athletic Director FDDTBALL STETSON . . STETSON . . 18 STETSON . . STETSON . . 14 STETSON . . SCORES AUBURN 47 STETSON . . 41 WESTERN KENTUCKY . . 7 STETSON . , 6 FLORIDA 45 STETSON . . 6 TAMPA 7 STETSON . . 26 WOFFORD 26 MOREHEAD STATE . . . EAST CAROLINA .... 40 F.S.U 13 EASTERN KENTUCKY . . 30 THE 1953 HATTER FOOTBALL SQUAD Front row, left to right: Tom Weightman, Joe Hough, Keith Shamrock, Bill Proctor, Bill Livingston, Nathan Davis, Harold McNeil, Ralph Wolfe, Fred Marshall, Jeff Blitch. Second row: Bob Koster, Art Pork, Mork Hoffard, Jerry Hopkins, Jim Brady, Gene Stephen - son, Charles Appel, Stan Marks, Harold Knowles, George Jochem, Walt Golde. Third row: Buddy McLin, Fred Driver, Shelton Poole, John Casey, Joe Siekoniec, Ted Revak, Jim Sedan, Doyle West, Jim Henley, John Edgington. Fourth row: Jim Schmidt, Joe Gerencir, Herb Frith, Fred Semanie, Dove Best, Pete Vas, Hank Beyer, Duane Copelond, Leonard Booth. WALT GOLDE Voted Best Blocking Lineman HANK BOYER Most Valuable Player Award Lineman of the Week in the State NICK COLONTUONO 60 Minute Man Award AUBURN Opening the season with one of the lead- ing contenders in the S.E.C., the Hatters found the Auburn Plainsmen keyed up for the small Stetson squad. The field was muddy and an anticipated Hatter aerial attack was grounded by an injury to Quar- terback John Imgrund in the first few min- utes of play. The ground attack was led by Harold Knowles and Gene Stephenson, both turning in long runs. Knowles proved cool under pressure when he recovered a bad pass from center on his own three and galloped 48 yards before being pulled down from behind. The line stalwarts were led by game captain Walt Golde. Left to right: Murray North, Supply Manager; Herb Wilcox, Team Manager; John Edwards, Trainer. Left to right: John Howell, Ginger Rich, Sue Reynolds, B. J. Henderson, Harry Usher, Barbara Brock, Mayanne Warren, Darlee Knisely, " Buiz " Johnson, Captain. In front: Carol Giffin. HAROLD KNOWLES Back of the Week in State JOHN IMGRUND CHARLIE APPEL PETE VAS FLORIDA Outweighed and outmanned in every position, the Hatter gridmen dropped what Head Coach Jay Pattee termed " our toughest game. " The green and white held the Gators on an even keel for the first half, yielding only three touchdowns, but felt the strain of injuries and lack of reserves in the second half. The Stetsonites held the Gators on three drives in the last two periods, but it wasn ' t enough as the opponent succeeded in scoring five more times. Nick Colantuono was outstanding in the Hatter backfield, along with Harold Knowles, while " Tiny Joe " Siekaniec was a mainstay in the forward wall. Golde leads Park around end. Rel-urning Lettermen. WESTERN KENTUCKY The gome with the Hilltoppers proved more en- joyable for Hatter fans, as it was the first home gome and resulted in an 18-7 victory. A pass from Marks to Colantuono set up the first score. Marks scored on a quarterback sneak that completed a 48-yard drive. The Hatters came from behind in the third quarter on a 36-yard run by Knowles, making the score 12-7. The teams waged a de- fensive battle until the final minute of play, when Hatter guard Charlie Appel recovered a fumble by the Hilltopper quarterback on the Western Ken- tucky nine. After a backfield in motion penalty, Gene Stephenson scored from the 15 for the final score of the night. JERRY HOPKINS GENE STEPHENSON KEITH SHAMROCK JOHN EDGINGTON TAMPA After trailing 7-0 in the first quarter, Stetson rallied for one touchdown in the second quarter and another in the final period, to defeat Tampa U. 14-7. Halfbacks Gene Stephenson and Nick Colantuono paced the Hatter offense that outdid the Spartans most of the way, and finally clicked for the winning touchdown early in the fourth quarter. Stetson ' s first TD was the result of a 32-yard pass from quarterback Stan Marks to Colan- tuono, which brought the boll down to the Tamoo 10. After a penalty, Marks completed a pass to Stephenson for the score. Stephenson ' s conversion was good, tying the game up. A 32-yard drive brought the other score, with Colantuono getting the points on a 15-yard jaunt. U» GEORGE JOCHEM DOYLE WEST FRED DRIVER MARK HOFFARD WO F FO R D " Drive " Nick The Terriers, who were rated high in the nation defensively, showed their defensive ability by holding the Hats scoreless. The Green and White showed equal defensive stamina in the first half, but lack of reserves and injuries weakened the team during the last two stanzas. An outstanding run was made by John Edgington in a kick-off return. He would hove scored except for one man between him and the goal. The Hatters penetrated deep into Terrier land twice, but both attempts failed to give scores. Previous to this game, Stetson had four of the most rugged games in the history of the school, which showed up in lack of reserves resulting from injured players. STAN MARKS DUANE COPELAND LOUIS McBRYDE DAVE BEST LENNY BOOTH Nick takes a t-umble. MOREHEAD STATE The Hatters found themselves on the long end of the score as they outplayed the Eagles to the tune of 41-0. The Hatters led 13-0 at halftime, but not before they staved off a Morehead drive which reached the Stetson 13 after the opening kickoff. Halfback Nick Colantuono carried the ball six times in succession to score the Hatters ' initial TD. Sizeable gains by Harold Knowles moved the ball to the Morehead 26 to set the stage for Colantuono ' s score. A 54-yard punt return, by Gene Stephenson, set up the Hatters ' second period TD. Two line stabs and a pass from Quarterback Fred Semanie to Keith Shamrock, to the one, set the oval in place for Semanie ' s sneak over. The Hatters scored twice in the third period, one of which resulted from a blocked kick by End Jim Henley, who picked up the ball on the five and 1 carried it over. The Stetsonites scored twice in the fourth period. One score ended a 76 yard drive, with Brady getting the final tally. Driver woits to throw. WALTER McLIN HARRY McNEIL JOE GERENCIR FRED SEMANIE Smile, Boys! TOM WEIGHTMAN SHELTON POOLE So long. Girls! EAST CAROLINA A wet field, four intercepted passes and three costly fumbles cost the Hatters a 40-6 defeat before a rain- drenched Homecoming crowd. Fred Semanie and Keith Shamrock earned starting berths along with Ted Re- vack — all were freshmen. The Pirates hit pay dirt in the first quarter on a pass. The Hats had two long drives in the second quarter halted by pass interceptions, and the score remained 7-0 at halftime. The Carolin- ians scored three times in the third quarter, one being the result of an interception, another a recovered fumble on the Stetson 30, and the third terminating a 60-yard drive. Hatter halfback Art Park shoved over the lone Stetson tally in the fourth stanza after it was made possible by a sustained drive by Knowles and Colon- tuono to the one yard line. The Hatters played a better brand of ball than the score indicated. RALPH V OLFE Just play it cool, gang! FRED MARSHALL FLORIDA STATE The Hatter gridmen gave the F.S.U. Seminoles a run for their money, and accomplished a near upset. The Stetsonites ' spirit was high with the return of Quarter- back John Imgrund from the injured list. The Seminoles scored first with a series of running plays and a pass to the 10. Dodosz scored, and the conversion was good, making the score 7-0 early in the first quarter. The Green and White had a chance to score in the second quarter when Marks ' punt was recovered on the F.S.U. 2-yard line by End John Edgington. Three running plays and a pass proved fruitless and the Seminoles took over on the 6-yard line. Another scoring chance was nulli- fied when Imgrund completed a long pass to Colantuono. The referee ruled that Imgrund was tackled before he threw the ball. In the second half, the Hatter linemen, led by Walt Golde, continually set the Seminoles back. They managed to score once more, and then the Hatter machine began to roll. Being pressed for time the team marched to their own 49 where Imgrund connected with Halfback Art Park on the Seminoles ' 12. Dave Knowles set up the score on the 1-yard line and Park crossed for the tD. BOBBY KOSTER EASTERN KENTUCKY A fine display of football was exhibited as the Hatters concluded the current gridiron season. The Hatters were on the short end of a 24-12 score at halftime, only to move ahead in the third period 26-24. The Maroons scored in the last stanza on a 58-yard paydirt scamper by their Quarter- back, Roy Kidd, to clinch the game. John Imgrund was the big gun in the Hatter backfield. He engineered the first TD in the first quarter, which sow the Hatters march 51 yards with Harold Knowles scoring. To pick out any outstanding player for the Hatters would be a hard task. The whole team played superbly throughout the fray. The third quarter come- back will go down in Stetson gridiron history as a highlight of the 1 953 season. DICK MORLAND Coach The Hatters didn ' t hit their stride until almost the mid mark of the season, as they dropped six of their first eight games. Of the six games, four of the final scores had less than a five-point margin. These were the close ones: Florida Southern 81, Stetson 77 for the opening game; last minute luck gave Rollins 64, Stetson 61; up in Seminole country, Florida State got 74, the Hatters, 71; Mississippi Southern tallied 86 in the Senior Bowl, Stetson made 84. The High Hats then proceeded to roll up the scores and give every team in the state a thorough going over. They trounced Florida State 82-60; drubbed Miami 85-63; and cleaned house in their second encounter, with Stetson get- ting 108 points, Miami 56. The Hi-Hatters defeated Florida Southern 75-64, and ended the season with sweet revenge by rolling up 82 points to the Rollins Tars ' 64. Thus ended another season of basketball at Stetson — a season which could have been more outstanding with a couple of good breaks at the beginning. The overall team record was 10-10. In the state the Hatters ended with seven wins, four losses. The team scored 1480 points to their opponents ' 1320. This gave them an average of 74.0 points per game to the opposition ' s 66.0. John Imgrund led the scoring for the second year in suc- cession with 315 points, averaging 16.6 per game. Ed Diddle, coach of Western Kentucky, number four team in the nation, said Imgrund was the best visiting player on their court to that date. " Big " Jim Yonge followed with 259, and Jim Carlin hit for 228. All the members on the team deserve favorable recog- nition for their spirit as a team and contributions to the season. BASKETBALL STETSON HI-HATTERS CAGE SQUAD Back row, left to right: Coach Morland, Morris Foster, Manager; Bobby Crumpton, Dick Silvers, Sill Garrett, Dove Howard, Jack Smith, Roy Chewning. Front row, left to right: Jim Carlin, John Imgrund, Jim Yonge, Ted Cossidy, Ed " Shonks " Hansel. Shoot, Bobby! ED " SHANKS " HANSEL Forward — Captain ' A ' -« »i f» " ■ ' BOBBY CRUMPTON Guard SCHEDULE Stetson 0pp. FLORIDA SOUTHERN 77 81 UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA 74 55 GEORGIA TEACHERS 73 63 MERCER 54 67 ROLLINS 61 64 F.S.U 71 74 MISSISSIPPI SOUTHERN 84 86 SPRING HILL 56 75 UNIVERSITY OF HAVANA, CUBA. .111 52 F.S.U 82 60 MIAMI 85 63 GEORGIA TEACHERS 82 60 TAMPA 68 51 WESTERN KENTUCKY STATE 63 81 UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE 61 79 MIAMI 108 56 MERCER 54 56 FLORIDA SOUTHERN 75 64 TAMPA 59 69 ROLLINS 82 64 TOTALS 1480 1320 GAME AVERAGE 74.0 66.0 WON 10— LOST 10 JOHN IMGRUND Guard JACK SMITH Guard Hatters on Parade. ..■A DICK SILVERS Guard TED CASSIDY Center 4% , 3ILL GARRETT Forward Imgrund gets two. BUZZ REYNOLDS DAVE HOWARD Forward Looks so easy! Get ' em, Jim! STETSON TV ' S The Junior Varsity got off to a bad start this season, losing two of their first four games. Then, with the addition of " Buzz " Reynolds to the team, they started to click and ended with a 10-5 record. Reynolds led the team in scoring with an average of 31 points a game. The Baby Hatters had some rough opposition, but their record shows that there will be some good prospects for the varsity next year. They were coached by Jack Oksnee, former varsity letterman. Upon Oksnee ' s graduation. Bill Layer finished the remainder of the season as coach. Left to right, front row: Jim Bender, Dick Hopkins, John Blue, Rudy Weber. Second row: Troy Curtis, Blan Tay ' or, C ' ' ' -K Ok«;nfp, R " v Chewning, Buzz Reynolds, George Pointer. 4 ' SCHEDULE Opp, Hatters 48 Florida Southern " B " 69 70 University of Florida 49 50 St. Petersburg Jr. College 58 79 Chipola Jr. College 31 47 Orlando Jr. College 85 54 St. Petersburg Jr. College 76 56 Sanford Navy 66 66 Jacksonville Jr. College 58 59 Orlando Jr. College 81 81 Jacksonville Marines 69 72 Jacksonville Jr. College 70 46 Daytona Beach All Stars 61 66 VC-5, Sanford N.A.S. 79 42 Florida Southern " B " 62 51 Tampa " B " 62 887 Game Totals 976 9.1 Gome Average 65.0 Won 1 0— Lost 5 t " DOC " JOHNSON Cooc i BASEBALL SCHEDULE March 12 Sanford Naval Air Station . DeLand April 20 March 13 Sanford Naval Air Station . Sanford April 23-24 March 19-20 Ohio State University . . .DeLand April 30 March 22-23 Georgia Tech DeLand May 1 March 24 Amherst College DeLand May 4-5 April 7 Florida Southern College . Lakeland May 8 April 9 Florida Southern College . DeLand May 11-12 April 12-13 Florida State Tallahassee May 15 April 16-17 University of Miami . Coral Gables Presbyterian DeLand Florida State DeLand University of Miami . . . DeLand University of Miami . . . DeLand Rollins Winter Park University of Tampa . , . DeLand Rollins DeLand University of Tampa . . . Tampa • «L.- BOB ROBERTS JERRY HOPKINS JACK CROUCH STAN MARKS Back row, left to right: Charlie Rose, Bill Lemmon, Lee Buck, Jim Bedan, Jerry Boxer, Sidney Knight, Bill Reynolds, Eddie Gilli- lond, Curry Lindsay, Bill Brasman, Assistant- Manager, " Doc " Johnson, Coach. Front row, left to rinht: Herb Willcox, Manager, John Edwards, Dick Hcrmeling, Wayne Chastoin, Stan Marks, Dave McDowell, Vince Taliani, Jerry Hopkins, Jack Crouch, Bob Roberts, Joe Huckleberry. GDLF TEAMS Both the Men ' s Golf Team and the Women ' s Golf Team promise to show much class on the Florida fairways as the season progresses. As the book goes to press, no official results are known. WES BERNER Coach Left to right: Sandy Shearouse, Barbara Blakely, Pat Reese, Barbara Steffens. Left to right: Lamar Singletary, Jim Bryan, John Nichols, George Herndon, Bill Kaleel, Rudy Weber, Dave Howard. TENNIS TEAM Left to right: Mr. Tuttle, Aubrey Lewis, Bill Holley, George Smart, John Morgan, Roger Ericson, Walter Norden, Coach Morland, Don Locke. 138 WDMEN ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION SARA STAFF JERNIGAN HI K ■ ».- k Head o Women ' s Physical Ed. Dept. B ft W Left to right: Miss Ether M. Hick, Miss Elizobeth Autry, Mrs. Barbora Zeigle r, Mrs. Sara Jernigan. WDMEN ' S PRDFESSIDNAL CLUB OFFICERS JOAN WILLIAMS President BARBARA ROHN Vice-President BARBARA STEFFENS Secretary SANDRA SHEAROUSE rreosurer Front row, left to right; Barbara Steffens, Connie Morris, Sylvelin Tolleson, Sandra Shearouse, Norma Brown, Jollne Kids- lighter, Mary Streander, Ann Moore. Back row, left to right: Joan Williams, Betty Jane Flood, Essie Gullickson, Barbara Rohn. f. O o o ( ' Everybody plays and everybody has a big time! There ' s always a busy schedule on the women ' s intramural and physical education program. A variety of events and a host of top flight talent cause the " gals " to come up with their share of excellent con- tests and exciting " photo-finishes. " MANAGERS Kneeling: Marjorie Ricker, Mary Seeley, and Norma Brown. Standing, left tojl right: Jo Sloan, Sandy Shearouse, Carole Hummelgaard, and Darlee Knisely. WOMEN ' S INTRAMURALS Hold that pose! Make that basket Anyone for tennis? Up and over. MENS INTRAMURALS Front row: bill Loyer, Director, Gary Sellers, Charlie Granger, (.hariie Rose, back Engel, Joe Huckleberry, Frank Slaughter, A! Meyers. This year, under the direction of Bill Layer, intramurols director, Stet- son attained a high standard of intra- mural competition. Strong teams pre- sented the well-rounded program with excitement throughout the entire year. This year saw more diversity of teams than has been the occasion in the post. The winner of the most points from the wide field of competition is awarded the much coveted " Presi- dent ' s Cup " for their efforts. POINT STANDINGS FOOTBALL HORSESHOES PING PONG GOLF BASKETBALL At Press Time 1. Independents 1. Sigma Nu 1. Delta Sigs 1 . Sigma Nu 1, " S " Club 2. Delta Sigs 2. Delta Sigs 2. Preachers 2. Delta Sigs 2. Sigma Nu (2) 3. Preachers 3. Preachers 3. Pi Kaps 3. Pi Kaps 3. Sigma Nu (1) Stevens hiking for Sigma N ' j. Volleyball. Ou} o} Bouisds Good for 2 points. Front row, left to right: Charlie Rose, Del Reinke, John Edington, Charlie Granger, Ted Cassidy, Eddie Gillilond. Second row; Jerry Hopkins, John Imgrund, Honk Boyer, Jim Yonge, Wes Berner, Ston Marks, Walt Golde, Jim Bryon, Fred Eilinor. Back row: A! Daub, Nick Colontuono, Charlie Appel, George Jochem, Mark Hoffard, Art Pork, Dove McDowell, Bob Roberts, THE " S " CLU CARL H. JOHNSON Faculty Advisor Front row: Charlie, Walt, Jim, Hank, Stan. Second row: John, Wes. Front row: Charlie, Al, Fred, Jerry. Second row: Del, Jim, George. OFFICERS JIM YONGE President WALT GOLDE Vice-President HANK BOYER Treasurer STAN MARKS Social Vice-President CHARLES APPEL House Manager ED QUIRK Secretary WES BERNER Faculty Advisor CARL H. JOHNSON Faculty Advisor s The " S " Club is comprised of letter winners in any of Stetson ' s varsity sports. The club moved into its new home this year. The space for the new clubroom was granted by the University, although the lettermen had to con- struct and furnish the room to make it look and feel comfortable. The majority of this work was graciously rendered by Coach Wes Berner, hon- orary member and faculty advisor of the club. " Doc " Johnson is also a faculty advisor. In the support of University activities, the club has many visible contributions. The scoreboard clock in the basketball arena, the athletic sched- ule signboard on the new sound truck, and cheer- leader uniforms are but a few. These projects were made possible through the sale of programs at football and basketball games. The club also sponsors the annual " Varsity Awards Banquet. " The " S " Club strives to promote scholarship among its members, sportsmanship in varsity and intramural athletics, and desirable public relations. Left to right: Jerry, Harold, Herb, Al, Honk, Walt, Wes, John, George, Nick, George. OTff ' S " Clubbers collect (or the March of Dimes. Al Daub, Mrs. Stan Marks, Joyce Salerno, and Don Hordoge. 143 .if M?iV jmy ; I ' iMi • ' r , " ' ' ' " " ' ' • ' ' ' • ' •ft , ,.. ' ,,.••.. 1 The military, known by most of the Uni- versity as the R.O.T.C., prepares the men of the University to defend the Nation while they are preparing to receive their diplomas. BUTCH WILLARD, idWor iim:::iti:Mm I I A R Y i R. D. T. C. LT. COLONEL WESLEY E. FARMER P.M.S. T. CAPTAIN WILFRED E. IRISH, JR. A.P.M.S. T. LT. CHARLES C. WINN A.P.M.S. T. M SGT. FRANK WALTERS S.F.C. WILLIAM K. COBB MRS. MERTON REDDICK MISS EMMA FORD SGT. THOMAS L. STONE M SGT. JACOB F. HAMLIN BATTALION COMMANDER CADET LT. COLONEL JOE A. McCLAIN BATTALION EXECUTIVE CADET MAJOR JACK B. OKSNEE BATTALION ADJUTANT CADET CAPTAIN WILLIAM F. COWART STAFF ASSISTANTS CADET CAPTAIN JOHN R. SMITH S-3 MASTER SERGEANT PIERRE L. STEWARD Battalion Sergeant Major MASTER SERGEANT HAROLD C. EPPERSON Battalion Supply Sergeant BATTALION STAFF R G T C BAND BAND ROSTER CADET CAPTAIN JOHN E. LAUER Band Commander CADET 2ND LT. C. E RICHARDSON MASTER SERGEANT HERBERT F. DORSETT Fir5t Sergeant SERGEANT FIRST CLASS JAMES L. GERRETSON Platoon Guide MEMBERS D. E. Bohren T. Owens D. Locke R. A. Meredith M. E, On W. S. Norden C. Woodward W. Mcllvaine R. E. Jernigan R. R. Hogle G. M. Elliott G. Sellers E. Williams T. L. Anttonen R. Evans M. 0. Jones I. Lawrence F. C. Habegger F. T. Murphy R. L. Jones C. C. Sellers 11 Q T C C D L G 11 GUARD WILLIAM C. KALEEL Acting Color Sergeant JOHN BOHANAN, ROBERT E. HANSON, LLOYD W. COVER, JR Color Bearers FIRST PLATOON CAPTAIN K. W. MclNTOSH Company Commander 1ST LT. B. E. CLARY Executive Officer M SGT. L M. WILLARD First Sergeant CPL. L. L. McBRYDE Guidon Bearer FIRST PLATOON LT. D. L. JOHNSON CO D. M. DICKSON Platoon Sgt. J. M. WHITTLE Platoon Guide SECOND PLATOON LT. L. A. WILLIS CO. V. C. VAUGHN Platoon Sgt. A. A. FRITZ Platoon Guide COMPANY OFFICERS U. I. W. Hawkins, Lt. T. N. Gold, Lt. A. S. Palmer. A COMPANY SECOND PLATOON H L U M P A i Y SECOND PLATOON FIRST PLATOON CAPTAIN G. F. JOCHEM Company Commander 1ST LT. R. W. DOBSON Executive Officer M SGT. W. I. HARRIS First Sergeant SGT. M. C. HOLLIS Guidon Bearer FIRST PLATOON LT. R. W. LASSITER CO. J. L. BUCKINGHAM Platoon Sgt. W. L. SNYDER Platoon Guide SECOND PLATOON LT. C. W. TURNER CO. F. R. RITTER Platoon Sgt. R. L. STEVENS Platoon Guide COMPANY OFFICERS Lt. D. G. Blair, Lt. A. V. Daub, Lt. S. C. Berry. FIRST PLATOON CAPTAIN R. T. LONSINGER Company Commander 1ST LT, S. MARKS Executive Officer M SGT, W. L PROCTOR First Sergeant C. E. RICHARDS Guidon Bearer FIRST PLATOON LT W. H. GOLDE CO A. E. MEYER Platoon Sgt. R H. DAINE Platoon Guide SECOND PLATOON LT C W. HOLLEY, JR CO H. BOYER, JR Platoon Sgf- W. E. FOSTER, JR Platoon Guide COMPANY OFFICERS Lt. J, S. Philip, Lt. S. L. Wing, Lt, A. Samarkos. COMPANY SECOND PLATOON SUMMER CAMP Ft. Bending, Go. Camp Gordon, Ga. Ft. Sill, Okla. Ft. Sill, Okla. 1 • ' ■ " ■ I w 1 m i j4 _ TIF ri " " am m— H - ' ■Pl k armi -A -aw . MILITARY BALL -mmim- ' immm- h KKkitmmmMKKKIttk ■ issbbu ' ■■ I ' " 1 f- ► 1 WF w 1 HNV JBi ft-J -♦ wS IHHk J m B Classes form the basic part of the Uni- versity life. The best of success to the Seniors, they will be missed on the campus; to the Juniors, who will fill the vacancies of the Seniors, the best of luck. The Sophomores have reached the midpoint in their college studies, while the Freshman have just begun. B. J. LANNOM, Sen or Editor WILMA WILSON, Junior Editor JANET WILLIAMSON, Sophomore Editor JUNE MARTIN, Freshman Editor WILLIAM H. McENIRY Chairman, The Graduate Council THE GRADUATE STUDENTS WILLIAM COCHENOUR SUZANNE BLOW ALBERT PADGETT JAMES PARDUE CHESTER ROBERSON HOKE SHIRLEY HENRY THOMASSON LAWRENCE STORM ARTHUR TUTTLER SUSAN WILSON SPECIAL STUDENTS Graduates: Suzanne Blow, William Cochenour, Lorraine Corbett, Ralph Hunt, Wilfred Irish, William Layer, Albert Padgett, James Perdue, Chester Roberson, Willia m Runnebaum, Kay Storm, Horace Taylor, Henry Thomosson, Mary Thompson, Virginia Thompson, Arthur Tuttle. Post Graduates: Canfield Brown, Daphne Brownell, Harold Bullock, Mary Burgess, Ernest Carlton, John Lynch, Edith Anne Moore, Hoke Shirley, Sally Stillwell, Charles Stubbs, Ethel Waite, Eleanor Westervelt, Winifred Wigle, Sue Wilson. Special: Henry Ellison. 154 THE SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS STERLING FORRESTER President EVELYN GORDON Vice-President JO DILLARD Secretory NORMAN GOLD Treasurer H WENDELL ALFORD, LA DeLand RUTH ARCHER, Music Asheville, N. C. MARILYN BARBER, L.A Cottondale Baptist Student Union; Young Women ' s Association; Future Teachers of America; Alpho Dexioma. ROBERT BEAZLEY, Business Palmetto Lambda Chi Alpha, Vice-President. STEPHEN BERRY, Bu Delray Beach Pi Kappa Phi; Secretary, Kappa Kappa Psi; Commerce Club; Reporter Staff; Freshman Advisor. DEAN G. BLAIR, Music Warren, Pa. President, Orchestra; Band; Vice-President, Student Organ Guild. THOMAS BLAYLOCK, LA Jacksonville JANET BRAGGER, L.A Greenwood, R. 1. Alpha Xi Delta; Glee Club; F.T.A.; Westminster Fellowship. Ft. Myers JACK BRAWNER, Business Pledge Master, Lt Commander, Sigma Nu ROBERT H. BREYFOGLE, L.A. DeLand Scroll and Key, Vice-President, Phi Society, President, Sigma Delta Pi, President, La Franciode BARBARA BROCK, Business Jacksonville The Honor; Recording Secretory, Pi Beta Phi; Vice-President, University Party; Vice-President, Sophomore Class; Hatter Staff; Cheerleader; Commerce Club; Dean ' s List; Honor Roll; Who ' s Who; Vice-President, Business School; Kappa Delto Pi. NORMA FAYE BROWN, L.A Inverness Vice-President, Zeto Tau Alpha; President, Stetson Hall Council; Women ' s Executive Council; Rules and Procedure Committee; F.T.A.; University Food Committee; Vice-President, PEM-EM Club; Treasurer, Professional Club; Omicron Delta Kappa Sponsor; Fresh- man Advisor; Library Committee. HELEN BROCKENSHIRE, L.A Orange City JIM C. BRYANT, L.A Jacksonville Pi Kappa Phi; Ministerial Association; Library Staff; Honor RoL; International Relations Club. LOIS BUNTON, LA Jacksonv JAMES BUTTS, L.A Yukon Ministerial Association; Little Theotre. JAMES CARI, LA DeLand JAMES CARLIN, L.A Doytona Beach Basketball; " S " Club; Ministerial Association; Pi Kappa Phi; President, junior Class; President, Student Government Associ- ation; Who ' s Who. ERNEST CARROLL, Business Naples ROBERT CASCADDAN, LA DeLand Sigmc Nu. VELERA CATES, L.A Citra Historian, Kappa Pi; B.S.U.; Y.W.A.; Alpha Dexiomo. GWEN CHITTY, L.A DeLand CAROLYN ANN COLE, L.A Ocala Sigma Pi Kappa; Secretary, Pi Beta Phi; Reporter Staff; Hatter Staff; Chaudoin House Council. MARY COLE, L.A Chicago, III. Pi Beta Phi; Glee Club; A.G.O. MARY MARGARET CONNELL, L.A Winter Garden Y.W.A.; F.T.A. JAMES B. COOPER, L.A DeLand Ministerial Association. LLOYD CORNELL, LA Orlando Ministerial Association. CAROLYN BEVILLE DANIEL, L.A Orlando Outstanding Pledge, Vice-President, Secretary, Phi Mu; B.S.U,; Reporter Staff; Associate Greek Editor, Editor-in-Chief, The Hatter; President, Sigma Pi Kappa; Orientation Committee; Outstanding Freshman Girl; Freshman Advisor; President, Panhellenic Council- Secretory, Rules and Procedure Committee; Historian, Vice-Presi- dent, Sigma Delta Pi; Editorial Board, News Editor, Associate Edi- tor, Copy Editor, Reporter Staff; Homecoming Publicity Choirmon; Florida Intercollegiate Press Association Convention Delegate; Chaudoin House Council; Chairmen, Library Committee; Secre- tary, President, La Franciade; Student Food Committee; Home- coming Barbecue Co-Choirmon; Secretary, Treasurer, Brittain House Council; Who ' s Who; Secretary-Treasurer, The Honor; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. JAMES DATOR, LA DeLand Secretary, Pi Kappa Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Scroll and Key; Phi Society; Football; President, Vice-President, Der Deutsche Verein; Washington Semester Student; Opera; Horry L. Taylor Essay Contest Winner; Vice-President, Canterbury Club; Student Christian Association; Choirmon, Religious Emphasis Week; Who ' s Who. ALFRED DAUB, L.A Sigma Phi Epsilon; " S " Club; Football. Rutherford, N J. IRIS VIRGINIA DEESE Delray Beach Glee Club; President, Program Chai Council; B.S.U. Y.W.A.; Chaudoin House JOHN WESLEY DELAY, L.A Honor Roll; Ministerial Association. LOUISE FARRIS DELAY, L.A Miami Kappa Delta Pi; Dean ' s List; Honor Roll. BRUNO DIGIULIAN, L.A West Palm Beach Phi Society; Sigma Delta Pi; President, Sigma Pi Kappa; Omicron Delta Kappa; Washington Semester Student; President, Sigma Phi Epsilon; Library Committee; Rules and Procedure Committee; Treasurer, Interfraternity Council; Men ' s Council; Reporter Staff; Editor-in-Chief, The Hatter; Vice-President, Junior Class; Who ' s Who. JO ANN DILLARD, LA. Pickens, S. C. Alpha Xi Delta; Future Teachers of America; Y.W.A.; B.S.U.; Secretary, Senior Class. ROGER DOBSON, Business Cocoa Treasurer, President, Delta Sigma Phi; President, Commerce Club; B.S.U.; Homecoming Committee; Honor Roll. DORIS DRAWDY, L.A Kissimmee Baptist Student Union; Young Women ' s Association; Secretary, Alpha Dexioma. EUGENE DUBBERLY, L.A Daytona Beach President, Freshman Class; President, Sophomore Class; Custodian, Ministerial Association; Baptist Student Union, Enlistment Vice- President; Organization Section, Hatter Staff. JAMES A. DUCKETT, LA Miami Ministerial Associotion. AUBREY M. DURHAM, L.A Lake Alfred Ministerial Association, FRED BYRON ELLINOR, Business Ormond Beach " S " Club; Historian, Chaplain, Pi Kappa Phi. MARY CARTER ELLISON, L.A DeLand Delta Delta Delta. HAROLD C. EPPERSON, L.A Eustis Baptist Student Union. HARRY H. EVERTZ, Business Ft. Lauderdale President, Treasurer, Pledge Trainer, Pi Kappa Alpha; Member of I.F.C. BETTY R. FARLOW, L.A Jacksonville Vice-President, Student Government Association; President, Pan- hellenic; The Honor; Treasurer, Kappa Delta Pi; Pledge Trainer, Pi Beta Phi; Choudoin House Council; Homecoming Committee; Who ' s Who. DOROTHY FLANAGAN, Business Lakeland Commerce Club; Honor Roll, MAURICE FLEURY, Music New Auburn, Maine JOSEPH NEIL FOLMAR, L.A Opa-Locka Extension Director, State Baptist Student Union; Troining Union Director, Extension Director, Baptist Student Union; Sigma Pi Kappa; Scroll and Key; Phi Society; La Fronciade. .JoMmi-M J. STERLING FORRESTER, L.A Bradenton Sigma Nu; President, Senior Class; President, University Party; Business Manoger, Hatter; Omicron Delta Kappa; Sigma Pi Kappa; La Franciade; Reporter Staff. JEANNE GAILBREATH, L.A Waycross, Go. President, Delta Delta Delta; The Honor; Vice-President, Executive Council; Panhellenic Council; Chaudoin House Council; Kappa Delta Pi; Sigma Delta Pi; Future Teachers of America; Hatter Staff; Who ' s Who. MARY GARDINER, L.A St. Petersburg Delta Delta Delta; Hatter Staff. WILLIAM GARRETT, L.A DeLand Sigma Nu; Varsity Basketball. REBECCA ANNE GATLIN, L.A Ocala Outstanding Pledge, Rush Choirman, Delta Delta Delta; Vice- President, The Honor; Theta Alpha Phi; Tri Beta; Kappa Delta Pi; Secretary, Junior Class; Future Teachers of America; Y.W.A.; Executive Council, Boptist Student Union; Secretary, Treasurer, Women ' s Executive Council; Who ' s Who. WALTER GIRVIN, Business DeLand NORMAN GOLD, LA Shelby, N. C. Stover Theatre; Treasurer, Theta Alpha Phi; Homecoming Com- mittee; Treasurer, Senior Class; O.D.K,; F.T.A. EVELYN GORDON, Music Winter Haven Glee Club; Women ' s Manager, Travel Squad; Phi Beta; President, Zeta Tau Alpha; The Honor; Wesley Foundation; Secretary, Treas- urer, Opera Workshop; Panhellenic Council; Who ' s Who; Home- coming Hostess. CHRISSY GRAY, L.A Winter Haven Vice-President, Secretary, Zeta Tau Alpha; Baptist Student Union; Future Teachers of America; N.E.A. JAMES A. GRAY, L.A Ft. Lauderdale Treasurer, Phi Society; Vice-President, Scroll and Key; Treasurer, Baptist Student Union; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Der Deutsche Verein; Omicron Delta Kappa. RICHARD GREAVES, Business Chevy Chase, Md. Delta Sigma Phi; President, Canterbury Club; Vice-President, Student Christian Association; Treasurer, La Franciade. VIRGINIA F. GREENE New Smyrna Beach Secretary, Treasurer, Sigma Alpha Omega; Honor Roll. sM OLIVE GREENLUND, LA Pierson Pi Beta Phi; Future Teachers of America. CHARLES GROTH, L.A Stoug ifon, V is. President, Secretary, Sigma Phi Epsilon; Vice-President, Sigma Alpha Omega; Kappa Kappa Psi; Band; Representative of I.F.C. EDWIN R. HANSEL, L.A Covington, Ky. Basketball; " S " Club. CLYDE JAMES HARRIS, L.A Plant City Program Choirman, Ministerial Association; Speakers ' Bureau. ROSAMOND HEATHCOE, L.A Plant City Future Teachers of America; Baptist Student Union. ROBBIE LEE HOBBS, L.A Chattahoochee WILLIAM HOLLEY, Music Plant City Treasurer, Omicron Delta Koppo; Travel Squad, Men ' s Manager, Student Leader, Glee Club; Pi Koppa Phi; President, Music School; Rules and Procedure Committee; Local Executive Council; State Music Director, Baptist Student Union; Outstanding Senior Award; Who ' s Who; Homecoming Mayor. CHARLOTTE HON, Business Charlotte, N. C. Secretary, Treasurer, Stetson House Council; Baptist Student Union; Stray Greeks. JERRY HOPKINS, Business Lake Worth Sigma Nu; Football; " S " Club. MARILYN HUGHSON, L.A Chipley Glee Club; Travel Squad; Baptist Student Union; Alpha Dexioma; Young Women ' s Association; Future Teachers of America. LEWIS T. JACOBS, L.A ' . . Ft. Pierce Delta Sigma Phi. WAYNE PATRICK JARRARD, L.A Deland Ministerial Association. GEORGE F. JOCHEM, Business Miami Treasurer, Marshal, Sigma Nu; Football; Social Vice-President, " S " Club; Men ' s Council; Little Theatre; President, Sophomore Class; President, Newman Club; Distinguished Military Student, R.O.T.C.; Student Advisor; Reporter Staff; Pledge Master, Scab- bard and Blade. DONALD JOHNSON, Business Green Cove Springs Pi Kappa Phi, President, Treasurer; Cheerleader, Captain; Busi- ness School President; Wesley Foundation; Scabbard and Blade. l l DALE N. JONES, LA. Pi Kappa Phi. CLINT KIMBROUGH, LA Brooksville Devotionol Vice-President, Baptist Student Union; Ministerial As- sociation. DOLORES KIMBROUGH, Music West Palm Beach Glee Club; Travel Squad; Alpha Dexioma; Young Women ' s As- sociation; Miissions Leader, Baptist Student Union. ANN KRAFT, LA Hollywood Zeta Tau Alpha; Stetson House Council; Future Teachers of America, BARBARA JO LANNOM, Business Bartow Treasurer, Vice-President, Pi Beta Phi; Business Staff, Senior Edi- tor, The Hatter; Freshman Advisor; Future Teachers of America; Wesley Foundation; University Party Representative. LARRY M. LAFFERTY, LA DeLand JOHN E. LAUER, Music Daytona Beach Captain, Band; Orchestra; Treasurer, Music School; Vice-President, Secretary, Kappa Kappa Psi; Pi Kappa Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa. SUE LIGHTFOOT, L.A Oak Park, III. Glee Club; Vice-President, Alpha Xi Delta; University Party Rep- resentative; Homecoming Serenade, Chairman. JULIA McCALLA, LA Ft. Lauderdale EARLE C. McCORMICK, L.A Maitland BARBARA JEAN MARTIN, Business DeLand President, Treasurer, Alpha Xi Delta; The Honor; Rules and Pro- cedure Committee; Secretary, Sigma Pi Kappa; Commerce Club; Secretary, Business School; Treasurer, Ponheilenic Council; West- minster Fellowship; Freshman Advisor; Honor Roll; Feotures and Activities Editor, The Hatter; Who ' s Who. JULIA MIKELL, LA. President, Phi Mu. Charleston, S. C. ROY C. MILLS, L.A DeLand Lambda Chi Alpha; Sigma Pi Kappa; Editor of The Reporter. JEAN C. MOELLER, Music Daytona Beach Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Pi Beta Phi; Phi Beta; Accompanist, Glee Club; Orchestra; Band; Canterbury Club; American Guild of Organists. THEODORE MOORHEAD, L.A. Ministerial Association. WILLIAM A. MOSER, L.A. President, Sigma Alpha Omega; Greeks; Phi Delta Theta. Daytona Beach ist Student Union; Stray EARNEST MURPHY, Music Pi Kappa Phi. Savannah, Ga JAMES THERON MURPHY, Business Ft. Wayne, Ind. Treasurer, Pledge Master, Lambda Chi Alpha; Treasurer, Uni- versity Party; Captain, Second Lieutenant, Scabbard and Blade, R.O.T.C. ANN C. MYERS, Business Homosassa Springs Treasurer, Zeta Tou Alpha; Secretary, University Party; Home- coming Committee; Hatter Holiday Committee; Ponheilenic Coun- cil; Stetson Hall Council. BETTY NORDMAN, Music Oak Park, III. Glee Club; Women ' s Student Leader, Publicity Manager, Travel Squad; Historian, Pi Beta Phi; Radio Guild; Opera Workshop; Stetson Hall Council. FRANCES L OWEN, L.A Inverness Majorette; Future Teachers of America; Alpha Xi Delta. BYRNS LEZELLE OWENS, LA Pensacoia Ministerial Association; Baseball; " S " Club; Little Theatre, ROBERT EDWARD OWENS, LA Brodenton Secretary, Ministerial Association. WILLIAM CARLTON OWENS, LA Willborn ALTON PALMER, L .A Malverne, N. Y. Lambda Chi Alpha; Homecoming Committee. DUNCAN PARDUE, LA Boaz, Ala. Lambda Chi Alpha; Rules and Procedure Committee; Reporter Staff; Vice-President, Florida Intercollegiate Press Association; Sigma Pi Kappa. MARY EDNA PARKER, L.A Plant City Secretary to Dean of Women. ROBERTA PEMBLE, Music St. Petersburg Phi Mu; President, Phi Beta; Travel Squad; The Honor. BARBARA PENCE, L.A Delray Beach Glee Club; Alpha Dexioma; Baptist Student Union; Young Women ' s Association; Freshman Advisor. JOHN S. PHILIP, L.A Daytona Beach Pi Kappa Phi; Kappa Kappa Psi; Koppa Pi; Band; Orchestra; Vice-President, Program Chairman, Westminster Fellowship; Little Theatre. PATSY JANE PICKLE, L.A Miami Young Women ' s Organization; Glee Club; Freshman Advisor; As- sistant Hostess, Chaudoin Hall; Future Teachers of America; Stray Greeks. THOMAS PINNER, L.A Jacksonyille JIM POWELL, L.A Frostproof Youth Revival Director, Baptist Student Union; Vice-President, Ministerial Association. THOMAS D. PRUTSMAN, L.A Ft. Lauderdale Psychology Seminar Club. DALLAS PULLIAM, L.A Hilliard Ministerial Association. KATHRYN ANNE RAND, L.A DeLand Historian, Pi Beta Phi; Kappa Pi; Secretary, Sigma Pi Kappa; Westminster Fellowship; Society Editor, Associate Editor, The Re- porter Staff; Registration Chairman, Homecoming Committee; Freshman Advisor; Senior Class Editor, Managing Editor, Assistant Editor, The Hatter; Religious Focus Weel Committee; Publicity Chairman, Religious Emphasis Week Committee; Stetson Column, " Hi-Hatter, " in DeLand Sun News. MARIAN TOLLES ROY, Music DeLand PATRICIA JUNE REED, L.A St. Petersburg DEL REINKE, Business Lorain, Ohio Treasurer, Lt. Commander, Commander, Sigma Nu; Sports Editor, The Hatter; Stetson Party Delegate; I.F.C.; Football; " S " Club. CHARLES RICHARDSON, L.A DeLand Bond; Orchestra; Little Theatre; Pi Kappa Phi; Sophomore Class Editor, The Hotter; Westminster Fellowship. MARJORIE RICKER, L.A . Orlando Vice-President, Intramural Manager, Alpha Dexioma. WALLACE P. RIVERS, L.A DeLand JOHN ROGERS, L.A Jacksonv CHARLES W. ROSE, L.A White Plains, N. Y. Student Intramural Director; Assistant Baseball Coach. BARBARA ANNE RUSSELL, L.A DeLand Corresponding Secretary, President, Pi Beta Phi; Sigma Pi Kappa; Westminster Fellowship; Hatter Staff; Reporter Staff; Freshman Advisor; Honor Roll; Ponhellenic Council. WALTER H. SALTER, L.A Jacksonville Promotional Director, Baptist Student Union; Ministerial Associ- ation; Lo Franciade. TONY SAMARKOS, Business Tarpon Springs ROBERT EUGENE SAWYER, L.A Miami President, Intramurals Manager, Ministerial Association; Runner- up, Sam R. Marl s Prize in Religion. HOWARD SCHMOCK, Music Ludington, Mich. Band; Orchestra; Delta Sigma Phi; President, Kappa Kappa Psi. WILLIAM L. SELF, L.A Delray Beach President, State B.S.U.; Baptist Student Union Council; President, S.C.A.; Chairman, Rules and Procedure Committee; Program Chairman, Ministerial Association. WILLIAM S. SHAW, LA Jacksonville Ministerial Association; Baptist Student Union; Religious Focus Week Committee; Der Deutsche Verein; Reporter Staff; Psy- chology Club; House Manager, Stover Little Theatre; Library Committee. JOHN H. SIBLE, L.A Sarasota CHARLES H. SIEG, L.A Palatka Lambda Chi Alpha; Beta Beta Beta. JOAN SLOAN, Business St. Petersburg Pi Beta Phi. BRYANT SMITH, L.A Bradenton JOHN R. SMITH, LA Hallandale " S " Club; Basketball. CHARLES ALBERT SPROUL, L.A Upper Darby, Pa. PIERRE LEE STEWARD, L.A Winter Pork Delta Sigma Phi. I EVELYN STEWART, LA Ft. Lauderdale HARRIETT HELENE STONES, LA Daytona Beach Enlistment Vice-President, Baptist Student man Class; Treasurer, Sophomore Class; Publicity Chairman, Y.W.A. Union; Secretary, Fresh- Chaudoin Hall Council; ■j RALPH STOREY, L.A DeLand MICKEY STOUT, LA Alpho Xi Delta; Band; Tau Beta Sigma, DeLand Gamma Sigma Epsilon. PATRICIA TAYLOR, LA Sarasota The Honor; Vice-President, Koppa Delta Pi; Little Theotre; Presi- dent, Future Teachers of America; Brittain Hall House Council; Baptist Student Union. JOHN TEMOSHCHUK, LA Ottsville, Pa. Enlistment Vice-President, Devotionol Vice-President, Baptist Stu- dent Union; Pulpit Supply Chairman, Ministerial Association. MARILYNN THAMES, LA Sarasota President, Kappa Delta Pi; Vice-President, Tri Beta; Future Teachers of America; Baptist Student Union. ROBERT THURMAN, L.A Clearwater Chorister, Ministerial Association; Little Theatre; Honor Roll. EDWIN TOWNSEND, LA DeLand CHARLES W. TURNER, L.A Delray Beach Pledge Master, Warden, President, Pi Kappa Phi; Secretary, Treasurer, Kappa Kappa Psi; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Band; Presi- dent, Liberal Arts; Scabbard and Blade. HARRY J. USHER, LA Miami Chaplain, Intramural Manager, Sigma Nu; Cheerleader; Minis- terial Association; I.F.C.; Freshman Advisor. AL YARN, L.A Pi Kappa Phi; Kappa Pi. WILLIAM WARDEN, L.A DeLand Washington Semester Student; Scroll and Key; Treasurer, Junior Class; Phi Society; Future Teachers of America; Phi Alpha Theta; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. HERBERT WERNER, L.A Football; " S " Club; Honor Roll. Pittsburgh, Pa. MARY CAROL WEST, L.A St. Augustine Kappa Delta Pi; President, The Honor; State Secretary, Enlistment Vice-President, Baptist Student Union; Treasurer, Alpha Dexioma; President, Chaudoin House Council; President, Women ' s Executive Council; Honor Roll; Freshman Advisor; Who ' s Who; Delta Delta Delta. ROBERT H. WILBER, L.A DeLand President, Pi Kappa Phi; President, Beta Beta Beta. HERBERT S. WILLCOX, L.A Jacksonville President, B.S.U.; President, Men ' s Council; Treasurer, Sigma Pi Kappa; Cheerleader; Sigma Nu; Football Manager; Assistant Editor, The Hatter; Treasurer, Sophomore Class; Omicron Delta Kappa. LAMAR A. WILLIS, Music Manchester, Ga. n r STAFFORD L WING, Music West Palm Beach Student Director, Opera Workshop; Glee Club; Travel Squad; American Guild of Organists. HENRY N. WOOLEY, LA. Ministerial Association. JIM YONGE, Business Miami President, Treasurer, Pledge Master, Pi Kappa Alpha; Most Im- proved Player, Football; Basketball; President, " S " Club; Presi- dent, Omicron Delta Kappa; Commerce Club; Who ' s Who. JAMES LEE YOUNG, Business Lake Worth Treasurer, Pi Kappa Phi; President, Wesley Foundation; Sigma Pi Kappa; Reporter Staff; Band; Treasurer, Business School; Student Christian Associotion; Homecoming Committee. SAVILLA VIRGINIA YOUNG, Business Band; Secretary, Kappa Delta Pi; Future Teachers of America; Young Women ' s Association; Baptist Student Union; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. MEHALE ZALAMPAS, L.A Tarpon Springs Ministerial Association; Baptist Student Union; Library Staff; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. ELIZABETH ZORN, LA Palatka ALL TOGETHER NOW I HLJ i-ir mw mT!Uu4l I ui GRADUATE SEMINAR ' f ' ' wili " iSI ppp Bp vS r l ! Bb MM 9K i " Br ' IX ■a - t)i ' ' Hi ' TIME OUT FOR ■H B THE JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS JOHN HOWELL President B. J. HENDERSON Vice-President RUBY JO DARR Secretary WALTER NORDEN Treasurer 170 VIRGINIA BOOTH, l.A Lake Worth MARTHA BOTTOM, Music Daytona Beach HANK BOYER, L.A Neptune Beach BARBARA BRONSON, L.A Milltown, N. J, MARY LEE BROWN, L.A Daytona Beach THOMAS BROWN, Music Tampa DAVID ALBRO, LA Dayton, Ohio ORAN ALMOND, Music Tompo CHARLES APPEL, LA Miami Beach GLORIA BARKER, L.A Beckley, W. Va. RICHARD BLOODWORTH, L.A Panama City DONALD BOHREN, LA DeLand CHARLES APPEL, LA Miami Beach GLORIA BARKER, L.A Beckley, W. Va. JOHN BUCKINGHAM, L.A Vero Beach WILLIAM BUDGETT, L.A Jacksonville ROBERT BUSH, L.A Morristown, N. J. ELAINE BUSS, L.A Vero Beach JOHN CAMPBELL, Business DeLand HERBERT CARLEN, L.A Ft. Lauderdale MARY BRUCE GUMMING, LA St. Petersburg ROBERT DAINE, Business San Juan, Puerto Rico RUBY JO DARR, L.A Clinton, S. C. MAYANNE DAVIS, L.A Orlando ETTA MARIE DENINGTON, L.A Arcadia DAVID DICKSON, Business Winter Park MARION CARNETT, Music Jacksonville PATRICIA CHAMBLEE, LA Belle Glade PETER CHRISTOPHERSON, Business Delray Beach NICHOLAS COLANTUONO, LA Cliffside, N. J. PAULA COMMANDER, LA Leesburg ROBERT COVER, L.A DeLand RIDGELY DOANE, Business Poland, Ohio HERBERT DORSETT, Music Branford FAYE EDWARDS, LA Maxton, N. C. KATE ELLIS, Business Ft. Lauderdale D. K. EMERY, LA DeLand THERESA FEEZOR, L.A Lexington, N. C. JACK FERNANDEZ, LA Tampa ROSALIND FORDHAM, L.A Greensboro, N. C. CHARLES FOUCHE, L.A Miami RICHARD FRIEDMAN, LA Oak Park, III. SYLVIA FRINK, L.A Ft. Pierce ALLAN FRITZ, Business DeLand ROBERT GREENE, LA Live Oak SARAH GREENWOOD, LA Miami ESTHER GULLICKSON, L.A Miami JAMES HAHN, L.A Lakeland STEPHEN HALL, L.A Jacksonville DONALD HANCOCK, L.A Jacksonville NINETTE GAUTHIER, L.A Elfers CHARLES GRANGER, L.A Jacksonville ELLIOTT GETTISE, Business Ocala MARY FRANCES GOFF, LA Apopka DOLORES GOUGH, Music Ona JAMES GERRETSON, Business DeLand BILL HARRIS, LA Tampa BOBBI HARRIS, L.A Charleroi, Pa. ERNIE HARVEY, L.A Jacksonville JANICE HARVEY, LA Ft. Myers GEORGE HAY, L.A Miami BETTY JEAN HENDERSON, L.A Tallahassee JOHN IMGRUND, L.A West Orange, N. J. ANNEARLE ISOM, L.A San Antonio, Texas LOUISE JEFFERIES, L.A Bradenton MILTON JONES, Music Largo JACK KARL, Business Daytona Beach BARRY LAMPP, L.A CItra ZELDA HILL, Business . Panama City DON HOLTON, Business Daytona ROY HOSTETTER, L.A DeLand SHIRLEY HOSE, LA Springfield, III. NANCY HOVARTER, L.A DeLand JOHN HOV ELL, L.A Jacksonville JEANNE MARCELL, L.A DeLand JOE McCLAIN, Business Etowah, Tenn. ALAN MEYER, Business Elinhurst, III. EDWARD MIDGETT, L.A New Smyrna WINONA MILLER, L.A St. Petersburg CAROLYN MORGAN, L.A Florence, Ala. EDITH LATHROP, L.A West Palm Beach ANN LEE, LA Daytona ROBERT LINGLE, L.4 Orlando TOM LORENZ, Business Davenport, Iowa SHIRLEY LOWE, Music Spartanburg, S. C. MYRA MADDEN, L.A Sanford DAVE MORGAN, Business DeLand JOANNE MOTES, L.A Palatka WALTER NORDEN, Business Winter Haven MURRAY NORTH, L.A Ft. Pierce MARGARET NORTON, L.A Dunedin SHEILA NUGENT, L.A Ludington, Mich. JOHN PLUNKETT, LA DeLand HELEN LEE RADLOFF, L.A Miami JEANETTE REDICK, L.A Waycross, Ga. BETTY REEDY, L.A Clintwood, Va. GINGER RICH, LA Moultrie, Ga. RANDY RITTER, LA Jacksonville ELIZABETH OSBURN, Music Orlando RAY PARKER, L.A Daytona SHIRLEY PARKER, LA Foley CAROLYN PATRICK, LA Sonford TOM PHILLIPS, LA South Bend, Ind. LYNN PIER, L.A Hollywood JIM RODGERS, Musk Valdosta, Ga. BILL ROGERS, Business Jacksonville BARBARA ROHN, L.A Ludington, Mich. RAYMOND RUTLEDGE, Business Florence Villa C. A. SAPSFORD, L.A Daytona JANET SAULS, Music Shelby, N. C. gtf|H MARY SEELEY, LA Charlotte, N. C. ELIZABETH SHANKLIN, LA Springfield, Ala. MARY E, SHELLEY, L.A Lake Helen ARNOLD SHERMAN, Business Rye, N. Y CARL SIMMONS, LA DeLand cST GEORGE SINGELTARY, L.A Thomasville, Ga, __ VERNON SLOUGH, L.A DeLand .J FRANK SMITH, L. A New Hampton, N. H. OREN SMITH, LA Sanford WALTER SNYDER, Music Lake Worth PRISCILLA STEELE, L.A Wichita, Kan. ROBERT STEVENS, Business. . New Smyrna STEVE STEVENS, L.A Jacksonville MARY STREANDER, L.A Philadelphia, Pa. MARILYN STUART, Music Ft. Lauderdale WALTER SULLINS, L.A Vero Beach JANE SUMMERS, L.A Jerseyville, III. DAVID TALLY, L.A Knoxville, Tenn. GLORIA THOMAS, L.A DeLand FLETA THORPE, L.A. . ROBERT TODD, L.A. . HELEN TURNER, Music HENRY TURNER, Business Edison, Go. DON TULLIS, L.A Jacksonville EARL TYER, Business West Palm Beach VICTOR VAN NUS, L.A Ft. Lauderdale PETE VAS, LA Toledo, Ohio VICTOR VAUGHEN, L.A DeLand BARBARA VEATCH, LA DeLand CHARLES WILLIAMS, LA DeLand JOAN WILLIAMS, LA Jacksonville WILMA WILSON, L.A Dania JUNE WOODARD, L.A Seville PATSY WALKER, Music Winter Haven BRUCE WARDEN, LA DeLand EARL WASHBURN, Business DeLand JUNE WATTS, L.A Miami GEORGE WENZELL, LA Doytona Beach PEGGY WHIDDON, LA Ft. Lauderdale JIM WHITTLE, L.A Quincy LAWRENCE WILLARD, L.A DeLand HUGH YOUNG, L.A Orlando HERB ZEROF, L.A Miami BOB ZINN, L.A Sarasota OFFICERS FRANK MARTIN President BOB SALTER Vice-President HELEN STOKES Secretary MARK MOLLIS Treasurer THE SDPHDMDRE CLASS DOUGLASS ADAMS, Liberal Arts Daytona Beach JEANNIE ADAMS, Music St. Augustine JOHN ALLEN, Liberal Arts Clearwater TOM ALLERTON, Liberal Arts Miami ROBERT BEARINGER, Business Orlando DAVE BEST, Libera Arts Ft. Meade DONN BICKSLER, Liberal Arts Ft. Pierce BABS BLAKELY, Liberal Arts Anniston, Ala. HARRY BLANTON, Liberal Arts Jacksonville JOHN BLUE, Business Corfez LENNY BOOTH, Liberal Arts Miami BEVERLY BOULWARE, Liberal Arts Tavares PAT BRADEMEYER, Liberal Arts Vero Beach EILLEEN BRONNER, Liberal Arts DeLand HARRY BROWN, Liberal Arts . . . Cleveland Heights, Ohio FRANK BRYAN, Liberal Arts Miami ALBERT AMORT, Business DeLand ANN ANDERSON, Liberal Arts Miami JAMES ANNIS, Liberal Arts Miami SADIE ARNETTE, Liberal Arts Port St. Joe WILSON AVARY, Business Sarasota JOHN BOHANNON, Business Lakeland LOUIE BALL, Business DeLand CHRISTIA BASLER, Music Sarasota JEAN BUCK, Liberal Arts Jacksonville CAROLYN BURNETTE, Liberal Arts Frostproof BETSY BYRNE, Liberal Arts Knoxville, Tenn. CARTER CAIN, Business Indianapolis, Ind. BARBARA CHRISTOFFERS, Liberal Arts . . Keystone Heights DAVID COCKCRAFT, Liberal Arts Jacksonville FAUSTINE COLE, Liberal Arts Greenville, S. C. SHIRLEY COLE, Liberal Arts Chicago, III. BARBARA COLLAMER, Liberal Arts Waycross, Ga. JACK CONN, Liberal Arts DeLand JEANNETTE COPELLO, Liberal Arts .... Daytona Beach DODI COSTINE, Liberal Arts Mt. Dora V ■ JOE COURSON, Liberal Arts Callahan ROBERT COVER, Liberal Arts DeLand BARBARA COVINGTON, Business Daytona Beach CHARLOTTE COVINGTON, Liberal Arts . . . Panama City SHIRLEY CARLAN, Ubero Arts Winter Park MARY CARPENTER, Liberal Arts Winter Garden MARINELLE CARR, Liberal Arts Panama City SHIRLEY CHAMPION, Liberal Arts Orlando BARBARA CHANEY, Music Tampa Yl HAN CHANG, Liberal Arts Peiping, China WAYNE CHASTAIN, L bera 4rts Jacksonville CAROL CHISELBROOK, Liberal Arts Lakeland ELWINA CRUSE, Business DeLand DON CUNNINGHAM, Music Pensacola WALTER DANIEL, Liberal Arts DeLand JANNELL DEAN, Liberal Arts Largo ANN DELANEY, Liberal Arts Madisonville, La. LEONARD DEYO, Business Miami MARGUERITE DILLMAN, Liberal Arts Ocala THOMAS DIXON, Business Daytona Beach FRED DRIVER, Liberal Arts Niagara Falls, N. Y DON DUCHESNEAU, Business Miami JOYCE EDENFIELD, Music Stuart JOHN EDWARDS, Liberal Arts Cullman, Ala DON ENGELL, Business West Palm Beach ROGER ERICSON, Liberal Arts Moline, III. RANSEL EVANS, Music Park Ridge, III. MARY JO FARR, Liberal Arts New Smyrna Beach SUE FERRELL, Business Palatka BETTY ROSE FORD, Business Avon Park BOB FOREHAND, Liberal Arts St. Augustine PRUDIE FOSTER, Business Ft. Myers CHARLIE FOX, Business DeLand CHUCK FRANSON, Liberal Arts Orlando BOB FRENCH, Liberal Arts Longwood IRVIN GAINES, Business Miami GEORGE GALLOWAY, Liberal Arts . , West Palm Beach WILLIAM GARRETT, Liberal Arts Melbourne JUDY GALT, Business Lakewood, Ohio JERRY GENSEL, Business Hollywood JEANNE GIBBS, Music Winter Haven JACK GIBSON, Liberal Arts DeLand EDDIE GILLILAND, Business DeLand JANE GIRVIN, Business Pcnsucola JACK GODDARD, Business Lakeland HAL GREEN, Liberal Arts Jacksonville BILL GRIFFIN, Business Atlanta, Ga. BARBARA GRIMMETT, Business Miami Beach HELEN HAINES, Liberal Arts Starke BOB HANSON, Business Orlando DERWIN HARMELING, Liberal Arts . . . Cedar Grove, Wis. FRANCES HARPER, Liberal Arts Jacksonville RUTH HARTING, Liberal Arts Orlando FRANK HATHAWAY, Business Racine, Wis. RICHARD HEANEY, Liberal Arts DeLand BOB HEDGEPETH, Liberal Arts .Sarasota ELIZABETH HIERS, Business Macclenny EDNA HIGGINBOTHAM, Business Callahan SHIRLEY HILBISH, Liberal Arts Akron, Ohio MARK HOFFARD, Liberal Arts Johnston City, III. DICK HOGLE, Business DeLand MARK MOLLIS, Business Lakeland IRA HOLMES, Liberal Arts DeLand ED HOUSTON, Business Dania PAT HUDSON, Business Atlanta, Ga. BOB HUFFSTETLER, Liberal Arts Eustis CAROL HUMMELGAARD, Liberal Arts . . Sturgeon Bay, Wis. HARRY HURST, Liberal Arts Winter Beach FRANCES JONES, Liberal Arts Miami CLIFFORD JORDAN, Liberal Arts Palatka BILL KALEEL, JR., Business St. Petersburg JACK KAPLAN, Liberal Arts Orlando ANN KEARSEY, Music Jacksonville MARY JO KEIPER, Liberal Arts DeLand BETTY LEE KITE, Music Jacksonville PAUL KIRCHER, Liberal Arts Ft. Lauderdale DARLEE KNISELY, Business New Philadelphia, Ohio JERRY KRUHM, Music Silver Spring, Md. STANLEY KUPISZEWSKI, Liberal Arts Castleberry BILL LAIRD, Business Ft. Myers MARLENE JENKINS, Liberal Arts Vero Beach MARIE JENSON, Liberal Arts Ft. Lauderdale JOANN JESSE, Liberal Arts Perrine ORVILLE JOHNSON, Liberal Arts Orlando GEORGE LUX, Liberal Arts Front Royal, Va. DORIS LYON, Liberal Arts Ludington, Mich. D. V. McAllister, Liberal Arts Orlando DAVE McDowell, Busirtess Springfield, III. RANDY LANGSTON, Liberal Arts DeLond TOM LARKIN, Business Lansing, Mich. DALE LAUDER, Liberal Arts Ocala CHUCK LAUGHTON, Liberal Arts Oakland Park SEDRIC LEWIS, Busirtess St. Petersburg DOYLE LINDERMAN, Liberal Arts Summerfield JESSE LITTLE, Business West Palm Beach DON LOCKE, Music Winter Haven WALTER LOGUE, Liberal Arts Ft. Pierce PATSY LOOP, Liberal Arts Jacksonville RICHARD LOVELL, Liberal Arts Tampa MARY GLENN LOWERY, Liheco; Arts Auburn, Ala. CAROLINE MclNNIS, Liberal Arts Sanford RUSSELL M. McLEOD, Liberal Arts Apopka CAROLYN McMULLEN, Liberal Arts Largo HAROLD McNEIL, Business Sanford, N. C. H. W. MALCOLM, Liberal Arts Tampa DENNIS MARQUIS, Liberal Arts Eau Gallie BRUCE MARTIN, Liberal Arts Auburndale FRANK MARTIN, Liberal Arts Jacksonville JUNE MARTIN, Liberal Arts Jacksonville SARAH MARTIN, Liberal Arts Daytona Beach KENNETH MILLER, Liberal Arts Miami JUNE MIMS, Liberal Arts Winter Garden MARVINE MIZELL, Liberal Arts Nahunta, Ga. GEORGE MOLZAHN, Liberal Arts Marietta, Ga DON MONN, Liberal Arts Eustis MARY MOORE, Liberal Arts Ovieda MARJORIE MORRIS, Liberal Arts Miami Beach LAURA NALL, Liberal Arts Clearwater MELVIN OTT, Business Ocala GARNETT OWENS, Liberal Arts Prater, Va. NANCY OWENS, Liberal Arts Umatilla TERRY OWENS, Music Orlando BOB PALMER, Liberal Arts Daytona Beach ART PARK, Liberal Arts Atlanta, Ga. CHRIS PERRY, Liberal Arts Miami BOB PIERSON, Business DeLand CHESTER PLANK, Liberal Arts St. Petersburg EDNA PLANT, Music Panama City MARILLEE POST, Music Hornell, N. Y. ANN POWELL, Liberal Arts Frostproof WILLARD PRATT, Liberal Arts Apopka BARBARA PUCH, Liberal Arts Apopka PAT RATIGAN, Liberal Arts Sanford MARILYN REED, Liberal Arts Jacksonville SUE REYNOLDS, Liberal Arts Daytona ROGER RIBBE, Liberal Arts Lakeland CHARLES RICHARDSON, Liberal Arts DcLand ELLEN RIVERS, Liberal Arts Orlando VAN ROBERTS, Music Jacksonville DONNA ROE, Liberal Arts Plant City CLARENCE ROSE, JR., Liberal Arts Orlando WALT ROUTH, Liberal Arts Sanford TERREL RYDGREN, Business Teaneck, N. J. BOB SALTER, Business Jacksonville BARBARA SAPP, Business New Smyrna SYLVIA SAPP, Liberal Arts Miami JACK SCHOEP, Liberal Arts ' . . Milwaukee, Wis. JACK SCHULER, Business Lakeland CHARLES C. SELLERS, JR., Liberal Arts Rockledge GARY SELLERS, Liberal Arts Augusta, Ga. SALLY SENTELL, Music Greenville, S. C. SANDY SHEAROUSE, Libera Arts Columbus, Ga. JOE SIEKANlEC, Liberal Arts Pittsburgh, Pa. RICHARD SINGLETON, Liberal Arts ... Daytonn Beach TWILA SISK, Music St. Cloud MARLENE SKO. NSCHEK, Business Tampa FRANK SLAUGHTER, Business Bristol, Tenn. DIANE SMITH, Liberal Arts Ft. Lauderdale MARY SMITH, Business Veto Beach PAUL SMITH, Business Pittsburgh, Pa. TOM SMITH, Music Jackson, S. C. MARTHA SNEAD, Libera Arts Richmond, Va. WILLIAM STARK, Business Michigan City, Ind. DAN STEBBINS, Business Eustis NANCY STECH, Liberal Arts Montgomery, Ala. BASS STEFFENS, Business Las Vegas, Nevada JENNY LOU STEINKAMP, Liberal Arts . . Flemingburg, Ky. MARTIN STEPHENS, Business Umatilla NORMA JEAN STEVENS, Liberal Arts .... St. Augustine SAMUEL STEWART, Liberal Arts Lake City SUE STIBBS, Liberal Arts DeLand JOHN STILIANOR, Business New Smyrna HELEN STOKES, Business Atlanta, Ga. JOYCE STONE, Business Hastings NANCY STRICKLAND, Liberal Arts Orlando TERRIE TAFT, Liberal Arts Winter Park RONALD TAYLOR, Business Sanford BEATRICE THOMAS, Business Jacksonville DOTTIE THOMAS, Music Johnson City, Tenn. PHYLLIS THOMAS, Music DeLand RICHARD WHITE, Business Park Ridge, III. BONNIE WILLIAMS, Business Belle Glade JANET WILLIAMSON, Libera Arts Winter Park MARY BETH WILLOUGHBY, Liberal Arts , . . Louisville, Ky. ROSELYN TOBIAS, Music Waycross, Go. SYLVELIN TOLLESON, Liberal Arts . Ponce de Leon Springs BETTY WAGNER, Business Greenwood, S. C. YVONNE WALDRON, Liberal Arts Orlondo HENRY WALKER, Liberal Arts Miami KELLY WEEKS, Liberal Arts Miami RON WENZELL, Liberal Arts Holly Hill DOYLE WEST, Business Lakeland JOHN WESTERVELT, Liberal Arts Umatilla CARL WHIDDON, Liberal Arts Perry ANN WHITAKER, Liberal Arts Sanford LOIS WHITE, Music Ft. Myers JOSH WILSON, Liberal Arts Ft. Lauderdale MARILYN WILSON, Business Tampa RAY WILSON, Liberal Arts St. Petersburg PATTY WISE, Liberal Arts Orlando SUZANNE WOODMAN, Business Centerville, Ohio BARBARA WOOLEY, Liberal Arts DeLond ROBERT YATES, Liberal Arts Jacksonville BARBARA YOUNG, Business Moravia, N. Y. SARA YOUNG, Liberal Arts Ocala BILL ZIEBARTH, Liberal Arts Pierson THE FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS BUDDY SIMPSON President JIM HENLEY Vice-President DIANNE RATTERREE Secretary MARILYN LAYTON Treasurer 190 JUDITH ADAMS, Mu%k Panama City B. C. AKERS, Liberal Arts Jacksonville AUDREY ALLEN, Liberal Art% Coral Gables IMOGENE AMAN, Music Jacksonville, N. C. CAROLYN ANDERSON, Liberal Arts St Augustine CARYL ANDERSON, Liberal Arts Chicago, III. JACK ANTTONEN, Liberal Arts Round Lake, HI. RICHARD ARMBRUSTER, Liberal Arts Miami LOUISE ATWATER, Liberal Arts Burlington, N. C. MARJORIE ATWOOD, Buiwess DeLand LAWANA AVERITT, Liberal Arts Jacksonville ROBERT BAKER, Liberal Arts Sonford JUNE BARRY, 8os ness Ft. Pierce BARBARA BASS, Liberal Arts Tampa KAY BEARDEN, Liberal Arts Kissimmee ARTHUR BECK, Liberal Arts Miami JAMES BEDAN, Liberal Arts Jeffersonville, Ind. ROBERT BLACK, Liberal Arts ' . . Knoxville, Tenn. JEFF BLITCH, Liberal Arts Dade City EMORY BOWERS, Liberal Arts Estill, S. C. IRMA BOWLES, hAusic Tampa JENELLE BRADY, Liberal Arts Ft. Lauderdale JAMES BRADY, Liberal Arts Winter Park HELEN BROCK, Liberal Arts Hendersonville, N. C. DAVID BROWN, Liberal Arts Ocala JERRY BROWN, Music Ft, Myers JOHNNIE BROWN, Music Alexander, N. C. LEE BUCK, Business Jacksonville Beach ARLENE BURKART, Music Miami LAMAR CALHOUN, Business Umatilla MABRY CARLTON, Liberal Arts Wauchula JOHN CASEY, Business West Palm Beach BILLIE ANNE GATE, Liberal Arts Jacksonville TOMMY CAUTHEN, Liberal Arts Jacksonville MARIE CHAPMAN, Liberal Arts Jacksonville ROY CHEWNING, Liberal Arts Jacksonville MARY CHLOE CISCO, Liberal Arts Hazard, Ky. SHIRLEY COACHMAN, Liberal Arts Tampa ROGER COAD, Liberal Arts Winter Park MARIE COCHRAN, Busmess Dunnellon ggs . 5 ssa BBBKBBMBMWBBBBBHiMBW[CTBBi BBBHBWBBiMBMBWBMHMBBMi FLORENCE COE, Liberal Arts Tampa BETTY JANE CONRAD, Business Tampa DUANE COPELAND, Liberal Arts Prescott, Mich. MARY LOU COPELAND, Business Sanford BARBARA CORNETT, Liberal Arts Branford MARY ANNE COSLOW, Liberal Arts Miami MARIANNA COWLEY, Liberal Arts Mt. Dora BARBARA CRAWFORD, Music Greenville, S. C. SANDRA CRAWFORD, Liberal Arts .... River Forest, III. MAC CUNNINGHAM, Liberal Arts Lakeland TROY CURTIS, Business Ft. Lauderdale ARLENE DAHM, Liberal Arts Palatine, III. MAXINE DANIEL, Liberal Arts DeLand JEANNE DAVIS, Business Vidalia, Ga. NATHAN DAVIS, Liberal Arts Jacksonville LAWRENCE DELOZIER Tampa JERRY DEYLOFF, Liberal Arts Aurelia, Iowa ERMIE JEAN DICKSON, Liberal Arts .... Chattahoochee JOHN DIXON, Liberal Arts Minneapolis, Minn. EDWARD DOANE, Business Poland, Ohio MARY LOUISE DOKE, Liberal Arts Alachua JOSEPH DOUGLASS, Business Sanford BETSY DUCK, Music Suffolk, Va. RODERICK DUGLISS, Liberal Arts DeLand V , VONNIE DUNN, Liberal Arts Miami JOHN DURANT, Liberal Arts Daytona Beacli BARBARA DURGY, Liberal Arts Ft. Lauderdale SHIRLEY ECKELMAN, Liberal Arts Alton, ill. OSCAR ECKSTEIN, Liberal Arts Eustis JOHN EDSTROM, Liberal Arts Cocoa CONNIE ELLIS, Liberal Arts Hollywood NANCY ELLIS, Business Plant City RICHARD ELLZEY, Business Daytona Beach FRANCES EMERSON, Music Ft. Pierce PEGGY EPPERSON, Music Eustis EDWARD ESSICK, Business Tampa BEVERLY FIELDS, Liberal Arts Lake City BETTY JANE FLOOD, Liberal Arts Ft. Lauderdale GERALD FLORENCE, Liberal Arts Savannah, Ga. CHARLES FLOURNEY, Liberal Arts Largo THOMAS FRENCH, Liberal Arts Longwood HERB FRITH, Liberal Arts Miami BETTY RAY FULLER, Business Bristol, Va. BETTY DALE FUTCH, Music Leesburg JANE GAHAN, Liberal Arts Perryville, Mo. DONALD GAY, Liberal Arts Sarasota JOSEPH GEIGER, Liberal Arts Dade City NANCY GEIGER, Liberal Arts Toledo, Ohio CLYDE GEREN, Liberal Arts Apopka LOUIS GERENCIR, Liberal Arts Charleston, W. Va. BEVERLY GILMAN, Liberal Arts .... Los Angeles, Calif. CAROLYN GLADNEY, Business Orlando DOROTHY GODFREY, Music Spartanburg, S. C. DAVID GOLD, Business Shelby, N. C. MARJORIE GOLDSBY, Liberal Arts .... Westfield, N. J. BETTY SUE GRADY, Music Quincy CONNIE GRAHAM, Business Seville ELEANOR GRAHAM, Business St Augustine WAYNE GRAHAM, Business Bartow ANN GREER, Business Carolina Beach, N. C. CAROL GRIBBLE, Liberal Arts Franklin, N. C. NANCY GRIEBLING, Liberal Arts Galion, Ohio RICHARD GRIFFIN, Liberal Arts Bartow GLEE GRIFFITH, Music Bainbridge, Ga. ALBERT GUENTHER, Liberal Arts DeLand MARILYN GUNTER, Liberal Arts Live Oak BETTY HAAS, Liberal Arts Mt. Dora DOROTHY HAAS, Libera Arts Mt. Dora FRED HABEGGER, Music Rockledge JOANNE HAGAN, Liberal Arts Washington, D. C. ZOANNE HAGY, Business Atlanta, Ga. KATHY HALL, Liberal Arts Miami RUTH HALL, Liberal Arts Daytona Beach BARBARA HAMILTON, Liberal Arts Sarasota DONALD HAMILTON, Liberal Arts ... New Smyrna Beach LEE HAMLIN, Liberal Arts Dania HESTER HARRELL, Liberal Arts St. Cloud JEANNIE HARRIS, Liberal Arts Orlando MARGARET HATCHER, Liberal Arts Ft. Valley, Ga. TRAVIS HEDRICK, Liberal Arts Tampa MARILYN HEMMINGER, Business Palmetto ROBERT HEMPHILL, Liberal Arts Jacksonville JAMES HENLEY , Business Miami CEDRIC L. HEPLER, Liberal Arts Miami ALICE HICKS, Liberal Arts Orlando JOAN HODGES, Liberal Arts Pompano Beach BABS HOEL, Liberal Arts Birmingham, Ala. DARWIN HOLLAND, Business Jacksonville HARVEY HOLLAND, Liberal Arts New Smyrna Beach ALENE HOLT, Music Winter Garden DAVID HOLT, Liberal Arts West Palm Beach RICHARD HOPKINS, Liberal Arts Pierson JOE HOUGH, Liberal Arts Pensacola PAULA HOVEY, Business Dunedin DAVE HOWARD, Busirtess Cape Girardeau, Mo. PAT HOWARD, Business Jacksonville JOHN HUCKLEBERRY, Liberal Arts Boston, Ind. DOROTHEA HUGGINS, Music Rohway, N. J. JIMMY HUGHSTON, Music Fairforest, S. C. ANNE HULL, Business Plant City CANDACE HUNTER, Liberal Arts Leesburg SIDNEY HUNTER, Liberal Arts Jocksonville MACK HUTSON, Liberal Arts Ft. Pierce PATTI INGRAM, Business Belle Glade CHRIST ISSARIS, Business Salem, N J. CECIL JACKSON, Business DeLand PATRICIA JACKSON, Liberal Arts Sebring LUCINDA JANIS, Liberal Arts Paducah, Ky. ROLAND JEFFERSON, Liberal Arts Seaford, Del. THOMAS JENKINS, Business Avon Park BOB JERNIGAN, Business Miami MARGARET JESSE, Liberal Arts Ft. Pierce VERNON JOBSON, Business Atlanta, Go. GINGER JONES, Liberal Arts Sanford LEONARD JONES, Business St. Johnsburg, Vt. RONALD JONES, Liberal Arts Belle Glade SHIRLEY ANN JONES, Liberal Arts Callahan ANTHOULA KARANTINOS, Liberal Arts Titusville JOAN KARTZMARK, Business DeLand THOMAS KEITH, Business West Palm Beach ll gll kiiai ROBERT KENT, Liberal Arts Belle Glade PRESTON KIDD, Liberal Arts Jacksonville JOHN KILLEBREW, Business Anthony JUDITH KIMBALL, Liberal Arts Umatilla SALLY KING, Liberal Arts Newnon, Ga. KENNETH KIRCHMAN, Liberal Arts Belle Glade SIDNEY KNIGHT, Liberal Arts Jacksonville BETSY KOLLIKER, Liberal Arts St. Augustine DORIS KOLLIKER, Liberal Arts New York, N. Y. JUNE KROEGER, Liberal Arts Louis ville, Ky. RICHARD LACKEY, Business West Palm Beach MARTHA JO LAMB, Liberal Arts Beckley, W. Va. LUCY LANGSTON, Liberal Arts Arlington IRVING GERALD LAWRENCE, Liberal Arts Perry JAMES LAWRENCE, Business Sarasota MARILYN LAYTON, Music Jacksonville JUNE LEE, Business Plant City RAY LEE, Business Noranja MELISSA LEES, Music Oley, Pa. JOHN LEGGE, Libera Arts Neptune Beach BILL LENNON, Liberal Arts Jacksonville Beach BERTRAM LEWIS, Liberal Arts Lakeland PEGGY LIVINGSTON, Liberal Arts Daytona Beach ED LOCKETT, Liberal Arts Sanford RICHARD LUNDBERG, Liberal Arts Syracuse, N. Y. GAIL LUNDY, fiusmess Eusfis NANCY MacGREGOR, Liberal Arts Lima, Peru LEWIS McBRYDE, Business Sanford, N. C. BEVERLY McCLURE, Liberal Arts Jacksonville OSCAR McCOY, Liberal Arts Tampa RAENOLA McCULLAR, Liberal Arts Orlando JOYCE McDonald, Liberal Arts Sarasota :a q ic SYLVIA McDonald, Liberal Arts Wauchula WAYNE McEACHIN, Liberal Arts Miami SAMUEL McELHENRY, Liberal Arts Jacksonville JAMES McGLAMORY, Liberal Arts Jacksonville WILLIAM MclLVAINE, Liberal Arts Jacksonville DORIS MclNTYRE, Liberal Arts Jacksonville WALTER McLIN, Busir ess Tallahassee BILL McKINSON, Business Kissimmee ARLENE MAGUIRE, Liberal Arts DeLand JOE MARRS, Liberal Arts Miami FRED MARSHALL, Business Greensboro, N. C. JAYN MARSHALL, Liberal Arts Highpoint, N. C. VERONA MARTIN, Business Inverness SARA MASON, Business Greer, S. C. ALBERT MASSEY, Liberal Arts Cocoa MAX MASSEY, Liberal Arts New Smyrna Beach ALLISON MASTERSON, Liberal Arts Ocala ROBERT MATHER, Liberal Arts Norwalk, Conn. JACK MEADOWS, Liberal Arts Dunedin RICHARD MEREDITH, Music Kinsman, Ohio JANE MESSER, Liberal Arts Athens, Ga. BETTY MILLER, Liberal Arts DeLand DOT MONTGOMERY, Liberal Arts St. Petersburg PATRICIA MOORE, Liberal Arts Hollywood PHYLLIS MOORE, Business Bradenton FAYE ANN MORGAN, Business St. Petersburg JAMES MORGAN, Business Tampa JOHN MORGAN, Liberal Arts Colonial Beach, Va. CONSTANCE MORRIS, Liberal Arts Orlando EDNA MORRIS, Liberal Arts Homestead ALICE FAYE MOULTON, Liberal Arts Emporia ROBERT MUNN, Business West Palm Beach VIRGINIA MYETT, Liberal Arts DeLand JOHNSIE NABORS. Libera Arts Statesville, N. C. HAROLD NARAMORE, Business DeLand JOSEPH NEWTON, Liberal Arts Live Oak MERRIE ANN NIXON, Business Houston, Texas DUDLEY NUNLIST, Liberal Arts Orlando JANE PARRISH, Business Bristol, Va. WILLIAM PATE, Liberal Arts Plant City ALINE PAUL, Liberal Arts Mt. Dora GEORGE PEACH, Liberal Arts Lynn Haven PEGGY PEARCE, Liberal Arts Bowen, III. PHYLLINE PEARSON, Liberal Arts Sarasota MARILYNN PENDARVIS, Liberal Arts Coral Gables WILLIAM PENN, Business Miami FRANK PERKINS, Liberal Arts Bradenton JAY PETERSON, Liberal Arts St. Augustine RENALD PETRIE, Liberal Arts DeLand BARBARA PLANK, Liberal Arts DeLand JOHN PLASMAN, Liberal Arts Miami ELEANOR POHLEVEN, Liberal Arts Ormond Beach FRANCES POLK, Liberal Arts Eustis LOUISE POWELL, Business Miami CHARLES PRATHER, Liberal Arts Orlando WINIFRED PRESTON, Liberal Arts Monroe, Ga. DWIGHT PRINGLE, Liberal Arts Lake Wales THOMAS QUINN, Liberal Arts DeLand DIANNE RATTERREE, Liberal Arts Jacksonville CHARLES RAULERSON, Liberal Arts Inverness DON REDMON, Liberal Arts Panama City BENNIE READ, Liberal Arts Keyser, W. Va. PATRICIA REESE, Liberal Arts Findley, Ohio LOREN REYNOLDS, Business Madison, Tenn. WILLIAM REYNOLDS, Business Miami RUTH RHINEHART, Liberal Arts . . . Chattanooga, Tenn OPHELIA RHODES, Business Miami RICHARD RIGSBY, Liberal Arts Miami LOUISE RISENIR, Liberal Arts Tampa CAROL ANN ROBERTS, Business Watseka, III. JOYCE ROBERTSON, Business Ft. Lauderdale BENJAMIN ROBUCK, Liberal Arts College Park, Go. NELL RODGERS, Liberal Arts Winter Haven ANNA ROGERS, Liberal Arts Ridgeville, S. C, KIRBY ROGERS, Music Jacksonville LINDA ROGERS, Liberal Arts St. Petersburg SHIRLEY ROGERS, Liberal Arts Bristol, Va. NANCY ROPER, Business Bradenton JOAN ROUSSEAU, Liberal Arts Bradenton DALE ROTH, Business Forbes, N. D. FRED ROWE, Liberal Arts DeLond HENRY ROZIER, Liberal Arts DeLond GERARDA SANDBERG, Liberal Arts Aruba, Netherlands West Indies CHARLES SANKS, Liberal Arts Miami BETTIE SCHAUBERGER, Music Lakelond RICHARD SCOTT, Business Daytona Beach CRAIG SEAMAN, Liberal Arts Cocoa WALTER SHIREY, Business Miami FORREST SHOWALTER, Business West Palm Beach FRANCES SIMMONS, Liberal Arts Archer OLIVE SIMS, Libera Arts Tavares ELMER SIMPSON, Libera Arts Pensacola JOHN SMITH, Liberal Arts Daytona Beach SYLVIA SMITH, Music Waycrjss, Ga. RONALD SMITHWICX, Liberal Arts DeLand GRADY SNOWDEN, Liberal Arts Arlington r 1 .ft KATHERINE SNYDER, Business Lake Worth NEVA STANLEY, Liberal Arts Eustis MARGARET STANTON, Liberal Arts Hastings JOHN STARP, Business Cleveland, Ohio STUART STETSON, Liberal Arts Plainsfield, N. J. SALLY TAPP, Business Winter Haven BLANFORD TAYLOR, Liberal Arts DeLand GRANITA TAYLOR, Business Orlando DOTTY TETER, Music Kingsport, Tenn. DICK THALLEEN, Business Jacksonville MARTHA THAMES, Liberal Arts Osprey ANNE THIGPEN, Music St. Petersburg DELANO THOMAS, Liberal Arts Starke JULIET THOMAS, Liberal Arts Coral Gables SARAH TURNER, Business Cedar Key JOHN VARASSE, Business Clearwater WILLIAM WALKER, Business Jacksonville RUDY WEBER, Business Speed, Ind. SUZANNE WEBSTER, Liberal Arts . . . Bellefontaine, Ohio TOM WEIGHTMAN, Liberal Arts Dade City GORDON WELLS, Liberal Arts College Park, Md. EDWARD WHITE, Business New Castle, Ind. EARL WILLIAMS, Music Ormond Beach HAROLD WILLIAMS, Liberal Arts Ft. Pierce MARTHA JO WILSON, Liberal Arts Dania CHARLES WINN, Music Jacksonville RALPH WOLFE, Liberal Arts Prescott, Mich. CHARLES WOODWARD, Music Griffin, Ga. JENNINGS YORK, Business Ghent, Ky. CHARLES YOUNG, Liberal Arts Inverness ANNA ZABRISKIE, Liberal Arts Cocoa DONALD ZAHM, Liberal Arts Jacksonville i picsmuw w CiJ f (itC0 THE COOPERATIVE EDUCATION PLAN E. B. CRIM Director of Adult and Cooperative Edu Seated, left to right: Thomas Keith, Robert Munn, Mildred Garri- son, Ophelia Rhodes. Standing; Bill Penn, Irvin Gaines, Leonard Deyo, James Hamil- ton, Jim Pettus, Ed- ward Essick, James Morgan, John Schu- ler, John Bohonnon, E. B. Crim, Paul Smith, Ely Crim, Wil- liom Walker, Wayne Graham, Donald Du- chesneau. Front row, left to right: Roger Porter, Carl Smith, Alvin Heikkilo, Sylvia Bo- wen, Bill Brosmar, Alfred Link, Terrell Hollingsworth. Second row: Bill Owens, Bill Young, Charles MinV., Ray Lewis, Lamar Garrett, Richard l-i ' - kenton, Alex Nelson. John Huey. Third row: Porter Peoden, Wayne Hartnup, Rich- ard Sowosh, David Sellords. The purpose of Stetson ' s Co-op Plan is threefold — to furnish on the job experience in a student ' s major field of study; to make possible a greater understanding of human relations in business; and to make pos- sible financial aid to students. Both men and women may become Co-op students. Many business executives today feel that classroom experience re- ceived in college will not take the place of actual work in a related field in industry, therefore, many Co-op students are creating a permanent career for themselves while attending college. Co-op students generally pay most of the costs of their education from on-the-job income. OFFICERS — FALL DIVISION JOHN BOHANNON President EDWARD ESSICK Vice-President OPHELIA RHODES Secretary-Treasurer - ' f : n " i :f ... OFFICERS — SUMMER DIVISION PORTER PEADEN President DAVID SELLARDS Vice-President SYLVIA BOWEN Secretary WAYNE HARTNUP Treasurer NORMAN ABERTS Bel-Air, Md. Vice-President, Freshman Class; President, Junior Class; Clerk of Rolls, Delta Theta Phi; President, Interfraternity Council; Thomas Law Club. WALLACE E. ALLBRITTON . . Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. JOHN T. BARON Ashland, Pa. PHILIP S. BENNETT Hornell, N. Y. Phi Delta Phi Historian; President, Interfraternity Council; Low Day Com- mittee; Chairman Improvements Committee. THOMAS E. BISSONNETTE Tampa Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity. BRUCE E. CLARY Sf. Augustine President, Senior Class; President, Delta Theta Phi; Vice-President, Student Bar Association; President, Chopmon Law Club; Scabbard and Blade. JAMES B. CLAYTON Lexington, N. C. Vice-Justice and Marshal, Phi Alpha Delta; Chapman Law Club; Chairman, Elections Committee. FRED M. CONWAY DeLand Pi Kappa Phi. SYLVAN JOSEPH DAVIS Sanford President, Treasurer, Student Bar Association; Phi Alpha Delta; Thomas Law Club; President, PEM Club; Outstanding Cadet Camp Gordon, Dis- tinguished Military Graduate, Company Commander, Scabbard and Blade, R.O.T.C; Pi Kappa Alpha. FRANCIS L. FOWLER Daytona Beach Chief Justice, Honor Court; Magister, Cardoza Inn; Phi Delta Phi; Vice- President of LF.C; Law School Men ' s Council. ROBERT A. FREEZE Clearwater Football; " S " Club; Pledge Class, President, Vice-President, Historian, Pi Kappa Alpha; Intramural Board; Rules and Procedure Committee; Vice- President, Men ' s Council; I.F.C.; Tribune, Delto Theta Phi; Adolphus So- ciety; Chairman, Improvements Committee; Chairman, Publicity Committee; Reporter Staff; Delegate to Delta Theta Phi Notional Convention. ELNORA FULLER Foxboro, Mass. Student Bar Association; Secretary, Thomas Low Club; Phi Beta. ALBERT MclNTOSH, JR St. Petersburg Delta Theta Phi; President, Chapman Law Club. LESLIE McLEOD, JR Wauchula Secretary, Low Student Association; President, Freshman Class; President, Phi Delta Phi. MmA JOE T. MARTIN Lake Wales JOE B. MOMYER Scottdale, Pa. KENNETH MONTGOMERY St. Petersburg Treasurer, Phi Alpha Delta; Vice-President, Senior Class; Chapman Low CHARLES PRATT Bradenton Historian, Pi Kappa Phi; Football; Baseball; " S " Club; Delta Theta Phi; Freshman Advisor. DUANE QUICK • ■ Doytona Beach President, Delta Sigma Phi; Homecoming Committee; Interfraternity Coun- cil; Pi Kappo Delta; Student Bar Association. FRANK CLYDE REESE, JR Jacksonville Phi Alpha Delta; Stray Greeks; Chapman Law Club. RALPH RESNICK Miami Beach JAMES T. RUSSELL St. Petersburg Phi Alpha Delta; Scabbard and Blade; Chapman Law Club, EDWARD C. SMITH Pottstown, Pa. Master of Ritual, Vice-Dean, Delta Theta Phi; Chapman Low Club; Law Student Association; Theta Xi Fraternity. RUSSELL THACKER Kissimmee WILLIAM B. WHITAKER Titusville President of Scabbard and Blade; Secretary, Student Bar Association; Home- coming Chairmen; Advisory Board, R.O.T.C; Chaplain, Sigma Nu; Chap- man Law Club. CHARLES HAROLD WILLIAMS St. Augustine Charter Member, Vice-President, Secretary, Pledge Master, Pi Kappa Alpha Phi Alpha Delta; Charter Member, Scabbard and Blade; Men ' s Council Rules and Procedure Committee; Executive Committee; Stetson Party Adelphos Society; Thomas Law Club; Interfraternity Council. ROBERT LEE WILSON _ Daytona Beach CLARA BRITTON Ft. Worth, Texas DAVID CLARKE Bad Axe, Mich WILLIAM COWART Haines City DONALD EAKIN Jacksonville LEWIS HAINES Starke WILLIAM SAYRE : Holly Hill iT " " ftt L A W J u ■ N I D J R S WILLIAM WREN DeLand L A W F R E S H M E N Seated, left to right; Clary, Davis, Fowler. Standing, left to right: Sikes, Britton, Fountain. THE STETSON LAW STUDENTS ASSOCIATION OFFICERS SYLVAN J. DAVIS President BRUCE E, CLARY Vice-President FRANCIS FOWLER . Chief Justice of the Honor Court JAMES C. FOUNTAIN Secretary CLARA A. BRITTON Treasurer HERBERT D. SIKES Student Activities Counselor The Stetson Law Students Association consists of the entire membership of the College of Law, with a view toward maintaining a closer relation- ship among the students of the various classes and between the individual student and the adminis- tration. The Association endeavors to promote the interest of the student individually and collectively, and to provide a measure of self-government for the members of the College of Law. The Honor Court, which is a part of the As- sociation, serves as a court for the trial of infrac- tions and the recommendation of punishment in coses of guilt. The court consists of a judge elected by the Association, who presides over all trials, and a jury drown from the membership for each individual trial, students acting as prosecuting and defense attorneys. Florida rules of procedure ore used for all trials. DELTA THETA PHI FULLER WARREN SENATE NATIONAL LEGAL FRATERNITY OFFICERS BRUCE E CLARY Dean EDWARD C. SMITH Vice-Dean ROBERT A FREEZE Tribune The National Senate of Delta Theta Phi Legal Fraternity founded in 1913, has as its objects: to unite fraternally congenial students of law; to lead them and their fellow students to high scholarship and legal learning; to promote justice; to inspire respect for the noblest qualities of mankind; and to advance the interest of every college of law which the fraternity is associated. NORMAN DEWEY ABERTS, JR. WALLACE E ALLBRITTON MEMBERS BRUCE E. CLARY FRED J. MANCINIK ROBERT A. FREEZE ALBERT P MclNTOSH CHARLES J. PRATT EDWARD C. SMITH Seated, left to right Robert A. Freeze, Bruce E. Glory, Edward C. Smith. Standing, left to right: Charles J. Partt, Dewey Aberts, Wallace E. Allbritton, Albert P. Mcintosh, Fred J. Moncinik. PHI DELTA PHI CARDOZA INN INTERNATIONAL LEGAL FRATERNITY OFFICERS WILLIAM SAYRE Magister WILLIAM S. WREN Clerk JOHN T. BARON Exchequer DAVID C. CLARK Historian Phi Delta Phi was founded on December 13, 1869, at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan. It thus became the first legal, as well as the first professional fraternity to be founded in the United States. The fraternity has striven constantly to promote a higher standard of pro- fessional ethics in law schools and the profession at large. Standing; John Baron, Charles Barr, David Clork, James Mansfield, William Birmingham, William Sayre, William Wren. Seated: Dr. C. W. Crandall, Prof. J. T. Pearson. John Boron Charles Barr David Clark James Mansfield MEMBERS William Birmingham William Sayre William Wren Faculty Dr. C. W. Crandall Prof. J. T. Pearson PHI ALPHA HELTA BREWER CHAPTER NATIONAL LAW FRATERNITY OFFICERS FRANK CLYDE REESE, JR Justice JAMES B. CLAYTON Vice -Justice RICHARD W. LASSITER Secretary KENNETH MONTGOMERY Treasurer Phi Alpha Delta is a national law fraternity founded in 1898 at Chicago, Illinois. It has chap- ters in fifty-eight of the leading American low schools and thirty-one alumni chapters in the larger American cities. The David J. Brewer Chap- ter was installed at the John B. Stetson University College of Law in 1915. The purpose of Phi Alpha Delta is to encourage scholarship, to promote the discussion of legal sub- jects, to effectuate and to foster the high ideals of the legal profession. Seated, left to right: Dr. R. F. Howes, Joe T. Martin, Frank Clyde Reese, Jr., Kenneth Montgomery, Dr. L. J. Curtis. Second row, standing: Prof. L. C. James, Jomes Fountain, Charles H. Williams, James T. Russell, Joe Davis, Thomas Bissonnette, James B. Clayton, Fred M. Conway, Kenneth W. Mcintosh, Russell Thacker, Prof. Harvey J. Jernigan. Third row, standing: Walter N. Burn- side, Richard W. Lassiter, William B. Whitaker, William F. Cowart, Fred Barksdole, John L. Burns, Herbert Sikes. Herbert Sikes Kenneth Montgomery Kenneth W. Mcintosh Thomas Bissonnette James T. Russell William F. Cowart Fred Borksdale Joe T. Martin MEMBERS Russell Thacker Joe Davis Frank Clyde Reese, Jr. Richard W. Lassiter James Fountain Charles H. Williams James B. Clayton Fred M. Conway Walter Burnside William B. Whitaker John L. Burns Dr. R. F. Howes Dr. L. J. Curtis Prof. L. C. James Prof. Harvey J. Jernigan CHAPMAN LAW CLUB Seated, left to right; James C. Fountain, Clara A. Britton, Albert T. Mcintosh, Rachel B. Perry, Prof. Harvey J. Jernigan. Standing, left to right: Ralph Resnich, Robert L. Wilson, Frank Clyde Reese, Jr., Kenneth Montgomery, Bruce C. Clary, Wallace Allbritton, William F. Cowart, James Green, Carroll Burke, James Catania, THOMAS LAW CLUB Seated, left to right: William Soyre, Norma Jean Wagner, Priscilla Hampton, John Baron. Standing, left to right; Ralph Resnick, Duane Quick, David Clork, Leo Ross, Eric Wagner, Don Eakin, William Gillespie, William Cowart, William Whitaker, Joe Elliott, Thomas Bissonnette, Walter Burnside. MEMBERS CLARA A. BRITTON ELNORA S. FULLER RACHEL B. PERRY PICTURED Left to right: Rochel B. Perry, EInoro S. Fuller, Clara A. Britton. Affiliated with the Beta Chapter of Phi Delta Legal Fraternity at the Uni- versity of Florida School of Law. PHI DELTA DELTA m.«, ; J!., J a., .™ These following pages represent the people and organizations in DeLand, the State, and the Nation who are constantly helping the University both financially and spiritually. Without the contributions of their ads, the Hatter would not be the kind of book we are accustomed to. To these people the Hatter Staff gives their sincerest thanks. STERLING FORRESTER, Business Manager 4 i ' - DVERTISINC The City of DeLand and the DeLaiid Chamber of Commerce are proud of Stetson University ' s estabhshed record for training men and women for the business of hving. Proud, too, they are of the recognition brought to DeLand by the many individual students, student groups and ahimni who are constantly presenting some phase of Stetson University — and consequently DeLand — to the Nation. T)eLand and Stetson University together have more to offer winter visitors and new residents than ' most any other section of the State. If you are interested in DeLand as a vacation spot or a place of permanent residence, write CHAMBER OF COMMERCE DeLand, Florida P.S. — Bring your camera and discover Ponce de Leon Springs! 216 THE BARNETT NATIONAL BANK " A Florida Laiidniark " DELAND— JACKSONVILLE— AVON PARK COCOA— ST. AUGUSTINE Member Federal Reserve System and Federal Deposit Insvirance Corporation FOUNTAIN ' S For Fifty Years Central Florida ' s Finest Store For Men DeLAND FLORIDA CompHn ents of M cCRORY ' S 5 and 10 STORE Your Favorite Shopping Center " Best For Less " 217 IS PART OF THE WEST the best judge is experience . . experience says the Stetson Open Road The Slelson Open Road -from $12,95 to $100. There ' s unmistakable breeding in every line of the Stetson Open Road. It has a fine pedigree as old as the West. The first Western was designed by John B. Stetson. The Stetson Open Road— with its neat narrow band and binding— quietly says quality. Try one on... you ' ll feel the comfort— see its good looks. OPEN ROAD Price Range Royal DeLuxe . . $12.95 Stetson 25 $25.00 3X Beaver 15.00 5X Beaver 35.00 Sovereign 20.00 7X Beaver 50.00 Stetson 100 $100.00 OTHER STETSON WESTERN STYLES FROM $12.50 • See your local Stetson dealer JOHN B. STETSON COMPANY • PHILADELPHIA 218 Mr. Sun Welcomes The STETSON UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF LAW To ST. PETERSBURG the Sunshine City Congratulations Hatters! TANDY JONES CO. Clothing and Furnishings DeLAND FLORIDA Best Wishes From Your Nearest Neighbor " Let us Supply You With Your Daily Needs " DELAND SUNDRIES Compliments of FLORIDA HOME GAS CO. Serving City Gas To DeLand — Sanford — Orange City Beyond the Mains it ' s Sav — A — Gas L. P. Gas Service THE DELAND SUN-NEWS is Read Daily and Sunday For News Of STETSON ACTIVITIES 219 To the Faculty, Staff, and Students of the STETSON UNIVERSITY LAW SCHOOL We Extend A Hearty WELCOME TO ST. PETERSBURG All Departments of the Largest and Oldest Bank in St. Peters- burg stand ready to supply all your Financial needs. As the Financial partner to a growing St. Petersburg we are particularly proud of our new Law School. IJ iiie i Trvst (ompa y CENTRAL AT NINTH MEMBEP EDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP St Ty-ehdkih ' (oH.icUv IE B NK OF FRIENiDL-V SERVICE -I Compliments of BILL HOLLER Motor Sales your CHEVROLET — OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC DEALER Phone 694 550 So. Blvd. Mm APPLIAIE and T.V. SALES and SERVICE CROSLEY 1 ADMIRAL DUMONT CAPEHART 118 W. RICH DeLAND FLORIDA ' S FINEST FOOD STORES Two Fine Stores WEST NEW YORK AVENUE EAST RICH AVENUE DeLAND FLORIDA 220 CONGRATULATIONS .... Graduates of the Class of ' 54 No matter where the path may lead, please accept our best wishes for a future full of happiness, prosperity and continued good fortune. FLORIDA BANK AT DELAND Member: Florida National Group Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments of c . E. BOHREN Barber Shop 134 North Boulevard G 1 B B S Lad ies ' and Children ' s Ready-to-Wear Ladies ' and Children ' s Shoes Phone 240 DeLand Florida Touchton Drug Co., Inc. Soda — Cosmetics — Prescriptions " Where Friends Meet " Phone 71 (10 S. Boulevard DeLand Comp liments of TH E VOGU E Feminine Apparel 110 N. Blvd. DeLand IN DAYTON A For Tennis Equipment Fishing Tackle Golf Clubs Latest in Books It ' s the DAYTONA BOOK STORE " Buy Where Your J arsity Teams Buy " 232 S. Beach Street Daytona Beach 221 The Five SOUTHERN BAPTIST CONVENTION SEMINARIES Invite you to higher training for SUPERIOR CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP SOUTHERN BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY Louisville, Ky., Duke K. McCall, Pres. SOUTHWESTERN BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY Ft. Worth, Tex., J. Howard Williams, Pres NEW ORLEANS BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY New Orleans, La., Roland Q. Leavell, Pres. GOLDEN GATE BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY Berkeley, Calif., Harold K. Graves, Pres. SOUTHEASTERN BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY Wake Forest, N. C, Sydnor L. Stealey, Pres. " A call to preach is a call to prepare " Compliments of BETTY DREKA SHOP Where Stetson Students Are Always Welcome 105 S. Blvd. DeLand, Florida THE WEST FAMILY of Stetson Flower Shop W s i yoo the Best of Luck and THANKS for being able to serve you PHONE 59 218 N. BOULEVARD VOLUSIA PHARMACY A WALGREEN AGENCY Prescription . pe c i a 1 i s t s Modern Soda Fountain S. R. LANGSTON, JR., Manager 121 N. Blvd. DeLand Co7npliments of FRIERSON ' S ON THE BOULEVARD You Can Be Sure if It ' s Westinghouse Gerald E. Frierson, Owner 222 CoinpUments of F. N. DE HUY SON Jewelers and Silversmiths A Complete Repair Service 139 N. Boulevard Telephone 270 Compliments of ATHENS LAUNDRY 143 East Voorhis DeLand Compliments of ALLEN-SUMMERHILL FUNERAL HOME J. ]L. SUiMMKRHlLL, I ' uumdl Director Phone 62 2-1-Hour Amljulancc Service ESTABLISHED 1877 I2(i East New York A e. DeLand, Florida Bob ' s Radio Service 206 A . Rich A cmic Home — Auto Radio Sound Equipment- -Television Ph 3ne 1347 DeLand More Power To You May the light of knowledge guide you along the pathway of life to success in your chosen field. JOHN G. GRAVLEE, Manager FLORIDA POWER COMPANY Partners in Florida ' s Progress for More Than 50 Years 223 CongratuI a t i n s to SENIORS OF 1954 CONRAD LUMBER THE CONRAD COMPANY COMPANY Lumber and Building Bonds Materials Insurance North Deleware Ave. 118 West New York Ave. DeLand, Florida DeLand, Florida Phone 31 Phone 17 Good Wishes WALTER MANN Orange Belt Pharmacy " Prescription Specialists " Three Licensed Druggists To Serve You Complete Drug and Fountain Service Next to Dreka Theatre Phone 555 OXYNER ' S, INC. The House of Complete Home Furnishings G. E. APPLIANCES Phone 750 110 W. New York SAM JONES JIM OXYNER Proprietors 224 iA Qrcat J amc in Clot king imi P» O T M E " SUITS THE SOUTH Compliments of WEE WASH IT LAUNDRY ONE-STOP SERVICE Washing — Ironing — Dry Cleaning 245 N. Blvd. DeLand Compliments of DELAND FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 118 N. Boulevard Telephone 133 PETE AND TOM MORRIS RESTAURANT We Appreciate The Success You Have Brought Us 203 N. BOULEVARD DeLAND, FLORIDA ARTCRAFT STUDIO FOR THE FINEST IN PHOTOGRAPHY Daytona Beach Florida Compliments of JESS MATHAS Clerk Circuit Court 225 ATLANTIC ICE COMPANY BETTER REFRIGERATION AT LOWER COST PHONE 875 DeLAND Compliments of MITCHELL CLEANERS E. Rich Avenue Phone 865 PenneyS ' M % f ' ' $ ' n. DeLAND FLORIDA GREEN ' S FUEL OF DeLAND .S39 N. Boulevard Phone 1152 CONGRATULATIONS to THE CLASS OF ' 54 Athens Theatre and Staff The I) est ill motion picture entertainment _ _ " " " " ■ in L H 226 Best Wishes SUPER MARKETS and FOOD STORES of Florida Compliments of G. G. SMITH DRUGS Headquarters for Helena Rubenstein — Lentheric — Dorsay Ciros — Tabus — Peggy Sage Roger and Gallet — Guerlain — Old Spice Seaforth — Max Factor ' s — Coty Faberge — Angelique Houbigant — Chantilly — Richard Hudnut Schiaparelli Compliments of STOUDENMIRES GROCETERIA 138 N. BLVD. PHONE 389 MATHER OF DeLAND The Best Home Furnishings At The Lowest Prices 142 S. BOULEVARD DeLAND BELL MOTOR COMPANY PONTIAC GMC TRUCKS 211 V EST RICH DeLAND, FLORIDA 22 ' ; lie ( oionet S aiiJ : Congratulations and Best Wishes For Success To the Class of Fifty-Four LOIISVILLK BASEBALL CLUB " Your Springtime Neighbors from Kentucky " Best Wishes From FIRST kfmW MTIOML BA K of Daytona Beach DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA 542 Seab reeze Blvd. Telephone 5591 MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. Compliments of eca DeLAND COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY SOUTH ' S LARGEST JEWELERS DeLAND 116 N. Boulevard Phone 722 Congratulations To the 1954 Graduates HERE TO SERVE YOU CURREY THE FLORIST 1 16 East Indiana Congratulations to Graduates of 1954 from . . . (OSTOrS LAllDRY DRY (ILEAME DeLAND ' S FIRST CLEANERS Odorless Cleaning Phone 951 221 S. Florida Avenue Congratulations Seniors . ... On Your Achievements to Date And Best Wishes Through the Coming Years — Paul GEORCIE BOY ' S " STETSON ' S MEETING PLACE OFF CAMPUS " 228 s ngravings by MABAMA ENGRAVING CO. Birmingham a ii: ii a 1 s o I Original layouts, distinctive typography and sparkling reproduction that give your annuel the luxurious appearance impossible to obtain by standard layout, mass-production methods. ■■■: ■ yTlW(skM W CVl 14 VI . c?. 1 1 TRINITY PLACE U R . R G I THE HATTER GEORGE SINGELTARY, Editor STERLING FORRESTER, Business Manager Yearbook of Stetson University The Students Stetson University DeLand, Florida It is with full realization of the inadequacy of words that this open letter is written, but nevertheless, I would like to thank those persons who have helped so much in the compilation and production of this, the 1954 HATTER. We hope that you are as proud of your 1954 HATTER as we are. Much time and labor have gone into the book and we beg forgiveness for any mistakes and hope that they are at a minimum. I would like to give my utmost gratitude to " Kitten " Rand; without her laborious help and wonderful spirit, this book would not be anything like we honestly feel our labors have accomplished. To the staff of editors and assistants of the editorial department, espe- cially Anne Russell, Barbara Martin, and Mary Ann Coslow, a sincere thanks for a job well done. My appreciation to the photographers, Burt Holmes, Jim Coleman and Charlie Waterman, who spent endless hours working to achieve new views of familiar scenes. To Sterling Forrester and his assist- ants, who made this book possible through their advertisements and man- agement of the book ' s funds, many thanks. It would be impossible to close this letter without making special acknowledgement to those outside the two staffs who assisted in producing this book: Mr. J. Blanford Taylor, advisor; Mr. Roy D. Hickman of the Alabama Engraving Co.; Mr. Johnny Long of Bowen, Long and Young, printers; Artcraft Studios, portraits; and Mr. Charles H. Franklin, University Business Manager. 1 am grateful beyond my ability of expression to the staff, who with willingness, cooperation, suggestions, and patient work, saw this 1954 HATTER completed by our combined efforts. Theirs was a hard job, without compensation, and to those of the Staff, I shall ever be indebted. Sincerely, y _3 - ' Editor 231 INDEX ADMINISTRATION 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 ADVERTISEMENTS 214-228 ALPHA DEXIOMA 91 ALPHA XI DELTA 112, 113 AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF GUILD ORGANISTS 83 AMERICAN UNIVERSITY STUDENTS 92 B BAND 46 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION 86 BASEBALL, FRESHMAN 135 BASKETBALL, FRESHMAN 134 BASKETBALL, VARSITY 131-133 BEAUTY 54-58 BETA BETA BETA 78 BUSINESS SCHOOL FACULTY 28, 29 CANTERBURY CLUB 87 CHAPMAN LAW CLUB 210 CHEERLEADERS 125 CONTENTS 10 CO-OP PLAN 200 uici;i .AllON 11 DELTA DELTA DELTA 114, 115 DELTA SIGMA PHI 98, 99 DELTA THETA PHI 207 DER DEUTSCHE VEREIN 74 FRESHMAN CLASS 193-198 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS 192 FRESHMAN SNAPS 199 FOOTBALL 124-130 FUTURE TEACHERS 82 GAMMA SIGMA EPSILON 72 GLEE CLUB 44 GOLF 136 GRADUATE COUNCIL 152 H HANDBOOK 47 HATTER HOLIDAY 138, 139 HATTER, 1954 50, 51 HOMECOMING 36, 37 HOMECOMING HOSTESS 60 HOMECOMING MAYOR 60 HONOR 71 I INFIRMARY 41 INTERFRATERNITY CONFERENCE 97 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB 79 INTRAMURALS, WOMEN 138 INTRAMURALS, MEN 139 JUNIOR CLASS 169-176 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS 168 KAPPA DELTA PI 73 KAPPA KAPPA PS! 81 KAPPA PI 73 LA FRANCIADE 74 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA 108-109 LAW SCHOOL FACULTY 30, 31 LAW SCHOOL FRESHMEN 205 LAW SCHOOL JUNIORS 204 LAW SCHOOL SENIORS 202, 203 LAW STUDENTS ASSOCIATION 206 LAW SNAPS 211 LIBERAL ARTS FACULTY 24-27 M MEN ' S COUNCIL 21 MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION 83, 89 MISS STETSON 59 MR. STETSON 59 MUSIC SCHOOL FACULTY 32, 33 o OMICRON DELTA KAPPA 70 ORCHESTRA 45 OUTSTANDING SENIORS 61-65 P PANHELLENIC COUNCIL 96 PHI ALPHA DELTA 209 PHI ALPHA THETA 79 PHI BETA MUSIC FRATERNITY 72 PHI DELTA PHI 208 PHI MU 116, 117 PHI SOCIETY 80 PI BETA PHI 118, 119 PI KAPPA PHI 102, 103 PI KAPPA ALPHA 100, 101 PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE 14 R RELIGIOUS EMPHASIS WEEK 140 REPORTER STAFF 48-49 R.O.T.C 142-149 5 " S " CLUB 140, 141 SCABBARD AND BLADE 75 SCROLL AND KEY 80 SENIOR CLASS 154-166 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS 153 SIGMA ALPHA OMEGA 78 SIGMA DELTA PI 74 SIGMA NU 104, 105 SIGMA PHI EPSILON 106, 107 SIGMA PI KAPPA 77 SNAP SHOTS, GENERAL 83, 93 SOPHOMORE CLASS 178-187 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS 177 STOVER THEATRE 42 STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION 85 STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION 18, 19 T TAU BETA SIGMA 81 TENNIS 136 THETA ALPHA PHI 76 THOMAS LAW CLUB 210 w WESLEY FOUNDATION 85 WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP 90 WHO ' S WHO 66, 67 W.J.B.S 41 WOMEN ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION 137 WOMEN ' S PROFESSIONAL CLUB 137 WOMEN ' S STUDENT GOVERNMENT 20 Y Y.W.A 84 z ZETA TAU ALPHA 120, 121 232 K- ' f ' MpfiS.i ' v ,u sm I jA

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