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1953 ■A IE ALMA M, By Lincoln Hulley Dear Alma footer, smile upon thy children! Gladly we greet thee, altogether lovely; Peace be within thy classic halls and temples, Hail, Alma Mater dear. Hail to the heroes who have gone before us. Young men and maidens, filled with true devotions! Bright is their glory, fadeless and undying, Hail to our heroes gone! Hail to our classmates, bound by ties ne ' er broken Here once again we pledge our vows of friendship; Brave hearts and true hearts sound aloud the chorus Long live our comrades dear! Dear Alma Mater, tenderly thy children Gather, and bring to thee gracious salutations; Comrades, your voices lift once again in chorus, Hail, Alma Mater dear! 4=S ' A ' «- j . Stetson Qinii c tstty chil4feH! QaMif t e fteet thee, atU ethe ' , .■ V Peace Ife m s ' f ltV; ' , . ■■■■mr- u P P!tx ' m f-- 1 " i I " v-.. - . !Bi 1 V iy w eo the hetpe Ufhkitife fPHehpi (cS. ypuHf fiieh and tnai enJ fiiie4 M ' tk ttue 1, Hail tc cut Hail tc cut Mete chce . • hfif, a kleAA and uhdifin . cia Jinat % md If if tie J he ' et hckeh: afa fi i pmt ' e ut ieicA 0 riendAkifii I Qiiv; ' =-..:=l:_ f 9S5! T ' " 9 ziiiiii ' iM ' iLiimiJidi Ullatet, teH((ei-lif thif chit4fei m thee ftacicuJ alutaticH f THE CAMPUS SODA SHOP . . . mail for the boys and males for the girls. STOVER THEATRE . . . drama . . . the first nighter. w CONRAD HALL . . . studies . . . early hours. Cctntaife , if cut HciceA ii t ofiiH i Hail inta itlatet 4eat! " STUDENT BODY DF STETSON UNIVERSITY • 1953 BRUNO Dl GIULIAN, EDITOR • " BUD " LITTLETON, BUSINESS MANAGER CONTENTS Page 118 ORGANIZATIONS! Page 140 Page 160 Page 168 AAA A- A ACT ADVERTISING Page 194 Page 20 5o M R JOHN B . STETSON JR. Whose kindly interest manifested in Stetson University and its stu- dents is returned by their friendship and affection, this book is dedicated. This inscription is found in the first yeorboofc o Stetson University, published in 1908. The Hatter staff of 1953 closes a span of time by paraphrasing the first dedication to read: Do M R JOHN B STETSON J R Whose kindly interest manifested throughout his lifetime in Stetson University and its students is returned by their friendship and affection and the confidence that this interest will continue through- out the lifetime of Stetson University, this book is dedicated. 11 ADMINISTRATION iUe4 Mth ttue 4ei)cthH . ; v O UNIYE X: Oi lSTDEx J lls r3 . ' U R PRESIDENT " ShjI Photo by Fabian Bachrach OLLIE EDMUNDS PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE Once again it is my privilege to send greetings to Stetson men and women wherever the 1953 " Hatter " may be read. We have been proud this year of the record of our students. They have had a good year. They have worked hard; they hove played hard. But in work or play, they never forget that they are Stetson men and women. The University continues in its aim " to prepare students to take their places in American society as responsible citizens. " The events of the year have reminded us that we dare not relax our ef- forts to keep the Christian faith and the American idea burning brightly in the lives of all of them. As the year 1 952-53 draws to a close, I coll upon the entire Stetson family — those of you here on the campus, and the rest of you ' round the world — to accept the challenge of President Eisenhower and on every occasion to " give testimony, in the sight of the world, that the future belongs to the free. " J. OIlie Edmunds March 16, 1953 C. HOWARD HOPKINS Dean of the University A greater Stetson is his goal CHARLES H. FRANKLIN Business Manager " Is your account in order? " THOSE WHO LEAD US ETTER McTEER TURNER Dean of Women A friend in deed in a time of need jLgm GEORGE W. HOOD Dean of Men Director of Guidance The needs and wants of the students come first JOHN E. JOHNS Assistant Dean of Men He ' s one of us DR. H. W. HURT Director of Admissions " You are a select group . BARBARA ROWE Registrar " The line begins here . . . " J. BLANFORD TAYLOR Director of News Bureau Football programs. Stetson News — these are his responsibility New Faculty s v. i WILLIAM H. McCAMMON Director of Religious Activities To guide us in our various religious activities CARL H. JOHNSON Director of Men ' s Housing " And where would you like to live? " GENEVIEVE BUCKNELL Director of University Food Service " All that you can eat " E. B. CRIM Director of Co-op Plan and Adult Education Program Classes all night long ANN HURST SUSIE PERSONS BROWN ALICE McLEAN MRS. LLOYD W. MORGAN CHARLOTTE ANNETTE SMITH Library Staff The students ' friends $ Left to Right: George, J. Coldiron, Jackie, J. Smith. Seated; Carroll. OFFICERS CARROLL LEWIS President GEORGE SHRIVER Vice President JACK COLDIRON Social Vice President JACKIE RICH Secretary JACK SMITH Treasurer THE STUDENT LIBRARY COMMITTEE Left to Right, Front Row; Buzz Johnson, June Williamson, Billie Jean Seal, Annearle Isom, Carolyn Daniel, Bruno Di Giulian. Second Row; Tom Brown, George Singletary (Chairman), Bill Edwards, George Shriver, Tom McHaffey. Fellow Students: We, the officers of the student body, wish to express our appreciation to the students for their cooperation and help in making this past year at Stetson a highly successful one. We sincerely hope that we have fulfilled the trust that you hove placed in us. HOMECOMING COMMITTEE Left to Right, Front Row: Jim Young, Carolyn Balzer, Caro- lyn Daniel, Don Eakin (Chairmen), Mary Jo Braddy, Marrilee Middleton, Bob Smith. Second Row; Randy Ritter, Jock Karl, Ted Grissit, Roger Dobson, Bill Self, Harry Rutledge. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Left to Right: (Stonding) George Shriver, Ted Heisig, Jock Cold- iron, Jock Morgan, and Bill Holley. (Seated) Choirman Car- roll Lewis. GOVERN E N T On behalf of the other officers and myself, I would like to say that the great honor and privilege which you have vested in us is one which we shall always cherish. CARROLL LEWIS President, Student Government RULES AND PROCEDURE COMMITTEE Left to Right: Carolyn Doniel, Bill Self, Barbara Martin, F. A. Green, Merilee Middleton, Chairman George Stedronsky, Willa Watson, George Shreiffer, Norma Brown, Bruno Di Giulian, and Bill Holley. Stetsonites exercise their rights WOMEN ' S STUDENT GOVERNMENT Counter-clockwise: Mary Carol, Joy Anne, Merrilee, Jeanne, Dot, and Donna. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL MERRILEE MIDDLETON President JEANNE GAILBREATH Vice President DOT WAMBLE Secretary-Treasurer DONNA JEAN NEWCOMER Sergeant-at-Arms MARY CAROL WEST Choudoin House President JOAN MACE Stetson Hall President ANNE GATLIN Representative-at-Large JOY LEWIS Representative-ct-Large CHAUDOIN HOUSE COUNCIL STETSON HOUSE COUNCIL MARY CAROL WEST President JACKIE RICH Vice President HELEN RADLOFF Secretary HARRIET STONE Treasurer BETTY FARLOW Sergeant-ot-Arms LYNN PIER Social Chairman CAROLYN DANIEL Representative EVELYN STEWART Representative IRIS DEESE Representative BITSY FRINK Representative JOAN MACE President NORMA BROWN Vice President IRIS HARVEY Secretary BETTY JEAN HENDERSON Treasurer NANCY LIGHTFOOT Sergeant-ct-Arms CHARLOTTE LEWIS Social Chairman GLORIA NIX Representative ROSALIND FORDHAM Representative ANNE MYERS Representative EASTER ANN McGOUGH Representative ETTER MARIE DENNINGTON Representative Counter-clockwise: Bitsy, Harriet, June, Lynn, Betty, Mory Carol, Helen Lee, Evelyn, Iris, and Carolyn, SeatecJ, Left to Right: Ann, iris. Norma, Gloria, Betty Jeon. Stond- ing: Nancy, Charlotte, Etter Marie, Rosaline, Eoster Ann. I. . n EN ' S COUNCIL First Row, Left to Righi Robert Smith, Tom Mohaffey, Guido Tambur, Jim Young, Dick Greaves, Dean Hood, Bud Littleton, Corroll Lewis, Bill Wren. Second Row: Bill Self, Duone Quick, Ronald Fazekos, Jim Seymour, Bill Scrontom, Horry Rutledge, Booty Nonce, and George Shriver. The University Men ' s Council, consisting of the presidents of all men ' s organizations, is the advisory group which reviews cases of violation of the university regulations, and render a decision. This decision is in the form of a recommendation to the Academic Council of the University. The Men ' s Council serves also as a connection link between the men of the university and the administration. Bob Huffman (left) received the Paf- ford Memorial Award as the out- standing mole student of 1951-52. SCHOOLS 1 G sWJh|-|oljegj|f a ' ■ ' fi- f ffT jelosses of the university, Busuiess, undergraduate sjfresnnTCrr to Idw seniors cf ponent parts of Stetsoi) ' v1i1ch iralce if the truly ' {•hat It is — the student body ond the faculty which Ji " I cha It. ' Present day leaderif and supporters 0f|Stetson l(t k with pride upon thes r individuals as Uvtrig proof Editor . . Senior Cldss E ))for . . Junior (JI95S Editor Sophomore Cl ss E tor ' ' a4eleM ah uH ifi H • • • ... ' 4..; r ' ' " u %4 (a Pk LIBERAL WILLIAM H. McENIRY Dean Dr. McEniry, professor of English, has been a mem- ber of the Stetson faculty since 1940. He received his A.B. degree from Birmingham Southern College and his M.A. and Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University. The University is very fortunate in having Dr. McEniry as the new Dean of Liberal Arts. SIDNEY E. DENMAN Assistant Professor of Sociology A.B., M.A., Tulone MELVIN J. WILLIAMS Professor of Sociology A.B., Duke Divinity School; Ph.D., Duke EUGENE RALPH STREICH Assistartt Professor of Psychology A.B., Univ. of Wisconsin; M.L., Univ. of Pittsburgh BENSON WILLIS DAVIS Professor of Classical Languages and Philosophy A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Univ. of North Carolina (Not Pictured) Mary Jo, Jack, B.J., and Lynn. JACK MORGAN President MARY JO BRADDY Vice President B. J. HENDERSON Secretary LYNN PIER Treasurer BOYCE FOWLER EZELL Professor of Psychology A.B., Furman; M.A., Stetson; Ph.D., Univ. of South Carolina (Not Pictured) FRANK R. TUBBS Associate Professor of English M.S., University of Tennessee; A.B., Moryville College BYRON H. GIBSON Professor of English A.B., Birmingham Southern; M.A., Ph.D., Univ. of Illinois MARY TYLER PRICHARD Associate Professor of English B.A., Westhampton College; Univ. of Richmond MARY CATHRYNE PARK Associate Professor of English A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Univ. of Pennsylvania HE FACULTY Denman, Williams, and Streich. Tubbs, Gibson, Prichard, and Park. ARTS ELIZABETH HALL: Ad- ministration and all kinds of closses. HOLMES HALL: Fine Arts Building, FLAGLER SCIENCE HALL: Test tubes and lobs. SARA EDITH HARVEY Professor of Art Art Diploma, Shorter College; B.S., Peabody College; M.A., Columbia GEORGE GAINES Instructor in Arts B.F.A., Univ. of Georgia LOUIS FREUND Artist- in- Residence Missouri Univ.; St. Louis School of Fine Arts; Colerossi Academy, Paris; Princeton Univ.; Fine Arts Center, Colorado Springs MALCOLM M. WYNN Assistant Professor of History A.B., M.A., Ohio State University ARTHUR FORDYCE GAMBER 550c o(e Professor of History and Political Science A.B., Oberlin College; M.A., Columbia GILBERT LESTER LYCAN Professor of History and Political Science A.B., Bereo College; M.A., Ph.D., Yole JOHN EDWIN JOHNS Assistant Professor of History A.B., Furman; M.A., Univ. of North Caroline Harvey, Gaines, Freund. Wynn, Gamber, Lycon, Johns. Left to Right: Thornton, Bateson, and Arjona. Left to Right: Walker, Duncan, and Angell. LIBERAL ARTS FRANCES CLABAUGH THORNTON Professor of Frencl A.B., Stetson; Docteur ' s Lettres de I ' Universite de Tolouse HOWARD LAMOREAUX BATESON Professor of Modern Languages A.B., Stetson; M.A., Univ. of Texas; Certiticat d ' Aptitude a I ' Enseigement du Francis Usuel, Alliance Francaise, Paris, France; Ph.D., Univ. of North Carolina DORIS KING ARJONA Professor of Spanisfi A.B., Univ. of Michigan; M.A., Ph.D., Univ. of Chicago; Litt.D., Northern Michigan College OLIVER LAFAYETTE WALKER Professor of Religion A.B., Iowa College; Th.M., Th.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary POPE ALEXANDER DUNCAN Professor of Religion B.S., M.S., Univ. of Georgia; Th.M., Th.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Ph.D., Yale JOHN WILLIAM ANGELL Assistant Professor of Religion A.B., Wake Forest College; Th.M., Th.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary ALBERT M. WINCHESTER Professor of Biology A.B., Baylor; M.A., Ph.D., Texas Univ. ELMER C. PRICHARD 4ssoc(0fe Professor of Biology A.B., Mississippi College; M.A., Univ. of Richmond DOROTHY LANGFORD FULLER Associate Professor of Biology A.B., M.A., Stetson (Not Pictured) EZRA ALLEN Visiting Professor of Biology and Curator of Museum A.B., M.A., Sc.D., Bucknell; Ph.D., Univ. of Pennsylvanii (Not Pictured) ROBERT S. CHAUVIN Assistant Professor of Geography B.S., State Teachers College, N. Y.; M.Ed., Univ. of Houston; M.A., Columbia Univ. EMMETT S. ASHCRAFT Assistant Professor of Matfiematics B.S., Wake Forest College; M.A., Univ. of North Caroline CARL HERBERT JOHNSON Sssisfont Professor of Geography B.S., M.A., Stetson (Not Pictured) CURTIS MILTON LOWRY Professor of Mathematics and Engineering B.S. in M.E., Bucknell; M.W., Bucknell (Not Pictured) Left to Right: Winchester and Prichord. Left to Right: Chouvin and Ashcroft. air- ' i ■ ii!!iM=it li Left to Right: Stover, Giffin, Brockett-, Brockett, and Menser. Left to Right: Welch, Hildwein, and McEniry FACULTY IRVING C. STOVER Professor of Speech Graduate, Kings School of Oratory; B.Or., M.Or., Susquehanna Unr Litt.D., Stetson VIRGINIA EDSALL GIFFIN Assistant Professor of Speech A.B., Denison Univ.; M.A., Stetson OSCAR G. BROCKETT 4ssisfant Professor of Speech A.B., Peabody College; M.A., Ph.D., Stanford Univ. LENYTH S. BROCKETT 4ss)stont Professor of Speech A.B., San Jose State College; M.A., Ph.D., Stanford Univ. CLARENCE L MENSER Professor of Speech A.B., Litt.D., Heidelberg College; M.A., Univ. of Michigan JOHN V. VAUGHEN Professor of Cherrtistry A.B., Oberlin College; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins Univ. JOHN FERGUSON CONN Professor of Chemistry B.S., Georgetown College; M.S., Univ. of Chicago; Ph.D., Univ. of Pittsburgh LEONARD GEORGE TOMPKINS Professor of Chemistry B.S., Stetson; Ph.D., Purdue MORGAN WELCH Professor of Journalism B.S., M.S., Northwestern RICHARD L. HILDWEIN Assistant Professor of Journalism A.B., New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts; M.S., Northwestern Univ. WILLIAM HUGH McENIRY Professor of English A.B., Birmingham Southern; M.A., Ph.D., Vonderbilt JOHN HICKS Professor of English A.B., M.A., Univ. of Louisville; Ph.D., Univ. of Iowa CNof Pictured) MARY TRIBBLE LOWRY Assistant Professor of English Ph.B., M.A., Stetson Univ. (Not Pictured) HARLAND C. MERRIAM Assistant Professor of Education B.S., Boston Univ.; Ed.M., Harvard Univ. RANDOLPH LAURIE CARTER Professor of Education A.B., Mercer; M.A., Columbia; Ph.D., Peabody College HUBER WILLIAM HURT Professor of Education B.S., M.A., Iowa Wesleyan College; Ph.D., Columbia RUPERT JAMES LONGSTREET Professor of Education B.S., LL.B., M.A., Stetson; M.A., Duke RAY V. SOWERS Professor of Education A.B., LL.D., Florida Southern College; M.A., Univ. of North Carolina Left to Right: Voughen, Conn, end Tompkins. Left to Right: Merriom, Carter, Hurt, Longstreet, ond Sowers. BUSINESS EDWARD C FURLONG Dean Ted and Barbara. OFFICERS TED HEISIG President JIM YONGE Vice President BARBARA MARTIN Secretary ROGER DOBSON Treasurer FACULTY Mr. Furlong, a Stetson alumnus, has been director of the business school since 1946. While a member of the Stetson student body, he was a member of the debate team and Ye Mystic Krewe and received let- ters in football, basketball, track, and wrestling. RICHARD F. ERICSON Associate Professor of Economics A.B., M.B.A., Univ. of Chicago; Ph.D., Indiana Univ. WILLIAM BREWSTER, JR. Assistar)t Professor of Business Administration and Economics A.B., Harvard; LL.B., M.A., Stetson EUGENE W. GRINER Assistant Professor of Economics B.B.A., M.B.A., University of Georgia Sorry, Bn109 is closed . . Left to Right: Ericson, Brewster, Griner. ADMINISTRATION ? ' 11 mm ' T ' BUSINESS BUILDING newest classrooms on campus. FRANK McGINLEY PHILLIPS Visiting Professor of Mathematics and Statistics A.B., M.A., lowo State Teachers College; B.D., Newton College; M.A., State Univ. ot Iowa; M.D., Iowa State Normal School; Ph.D., George Washington Univ. ARTHUR H. LEAVITT Assistant Professor of Business Administration M.E., Cornell LEO SPURRIER Professor of Accounting A.B., M.A., Univ. of Kansas; Ph.D., Univ. ot Chicago Left to Right: Phillips, Leovitt, and Spurrier. MRS. NALEENE VARNADOE Instructor in Secretarial Science B.S., West Virginia Institute of Technology fNot Pictured) PAUL H. FULLER Assistant Professor ot Business Administration and Secretarial Science B.S., Hartwick College; M.Ed., Univ. of Buffalo fNot Pictured) Remember this! ! .■-«■. ■ ■■I:m H j fi 1 nflMl ' j;«fe- ' DEPARTMENT HEADS Horold M. Giffen, Voice; Fronces Buxton, Violin; Veronica D. Gove, Public School Music; Eleanor Leek, Violoncello; Richard Feosel, Bond. Not Pictured: Roger Cushman, Piano. THE SCHOOL Nancy, John, Bill, and Dave. OFFICERS BILL HOLLEY President DAVE EARLY Vice President NANCY LIGHTFOOT Secretary JOHN LAUER Treosurer FACULTY RICHARD McDowell feasel Associate Professor of Wind and Percussion Instruments B.M., M.A„ Stetson DONALD CHARLES YAXLEY Instructor of Wind Instruments B.M., M.A., Stetson KENNETH L BALLENGER Associote Professor of Voice A.B,, B.M., Hordin Simmons Univ.; M.M., Eastman School of Music; Opera Coaching under Guiseppi Bomboschek and Leonard Treash RUTH RICHARDSON CARR Assistant Professor of Voice B.S., Houghton College; MM., Eastman School of Music HAROLD MILNE GIFFIN Professor of Voice A.B., Denison University; M.A., M.M., Eastman School of Music Left to Right: Feosel and Yaxley. Left to Right: Ballenger, Corr, end Giffin. IF MUSIC DeLAND HALL Stetson began. KATHLEEN ALLEN DuBOSE Professor of Piano B.M., Stetson; B.A., Eastman School ot Music; M.A., Stetson ROGER L. CUSHMAN Professor of Piano and Theory I.M., M.M., Yale; Piano with Harold Bauer, Nicholas Meditner, and Tobias Matthay FRANK H. LUKER Visiting Professor in the School of Music A.B., Boston University Left to Right: DuBose, Cushmon, ond Luker. FRANCES BUXTON Professor of Violin and Theory I.M., Cleveland Institute of Music; Juilliord School of Music; M.M., Eastman School of Music; Violin and Composition, Mills College ELEANOR LEEK Associate Professor of Violoncello ond Theory B.M., M.M., Eastman School of Music VERONICA DAVIS GOVE Associate Professor of Public School Music B.M., Univ. of Illinois; M.A., Columbia Left to Right: Buxton, Smith, and Gove. Beighley Crawford GRADUATE COUNCIL William James Allison, Nancy Asher, Alan I. Bailes, Fred N. Beighley, Louis L. Bethea, Mrs. Oro N. Bowen, Mayme Foye Broadwater, Annie Elizabeth Bruce, Harold E. Bullock, Mrs. Virginia M. Burney, William Francis Burns, Paul Caskey, Morjorie Catt, William Harold Cochenour, Frances Chapman Cole, Charles Bernard Collins, John M. Comparato, Raymond L. Cook, Horland Crawford, Margaret Eliza- beth Creamer, Harvey Lee Davis, James D. Douthit, Jr., Miriam Lyies Dunn, Paul Bernard Duruz, Richard Francis Eagle, Bernice Endsley, Williom Frongus, Forrest Stewart Gatchel, Jock Sheldon Griffith, Thomas Alfred Hays, Herald R. Heckenback, Virginia C. Holsclaw, Wilfred Ernest Irish, Jr., John Arthur Keyton, Robert E. Kimbrough, James Edward Langley, Mary Augusta Lee, Jean Windram Lowe, Ber- nard Joseph McCabe, Mrs. Carolyn S. McEochern, Dale Smith Miller, Kathryn Frances Nichol, Curtis Norman, James Thomas Owens, Donald L. Patterson, Rachel Bryant Perry, William E. Perry, Wayne R. Price, Susie P. Rector, Earl R. Reigel, Margaret K. Reynolds, Helen Marie Ritchie, Martha Hudson Rowland, Wallace Bruce Smiley, Jr., Robert Alan Smith, Columbus S. Stephens, Jr., Matthew F. Stiling, Horace Piatt Taylor, Mrs. Mary Vestermark, Mrs. Virginia E Walker, Stella R. Waters, Elsie B. Williams, Sarah Grace Wilson, Vern W. Wilson. SPECIAL STUDENTS VIRGINIA PRICE BASS HERBERT H. CRONE HENRY BOSARD ELLISON JOSEPH ANVAR SAMMAN RUTH MARY HATHAWAY WILLIAM H. McENIRY Chairman THE SENIORS SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to Right: George Schrieffer, treasurer; Donna Jeon Newcomer, secretary; Corolyn Boltzer, vice-president; and Horry Ruf- ledge, president. tacmA aiutathH 33 JOYCE ABRAHAMSON, L.A Ludington, Mich. Vice-President Tau Beta Sigma; Social Chairmon, Delta Delta Delta; Professional Club BARBARA ANN BAILEY, L.A Ocala Phi Beta Phi; Kappa Pi CAROLYN BALTZER, LA Ludington, Mich. Treasurer, Tqu Beta Sigma; Outstanding pledge, Membership chairman. Vice-president, Alpha Xi Delta: Vice-president Pan- Hellenic Council; Outstonding Freshman Girl; President of the Honor: Kappa Delta Pi; Theta Alpha Phi; Little Theater; Ger- man Club; Band; Orchestra; Freshman Adviser; Outstanding Senior LORRAINE BARRINGTON, L.A Montgomery, Ala. ENEAS BEGLEY, BUSINESS Holly Hill FRED BEIGHLEY, LA Jacksonville Groduate Student ROBERT BERRYMAN, L.A West Palm Beach B.S.U.; Ministerial Association; United World Federalists; House Council; Conrad Hall; International Relations Club; Der Deut- sche Verein JAMES BLAKENEY, L.A Hattiesburg, Miss. SUZANNE BLOW, L.A Jacksonville Publicity chairman, Y.W.A.; Devotional vice-president. Volun- teers for Christian Service; Executive council, B.S.U.; Phi So- ciety; The Honor; Social chairman. Alpha Dexioma DOROTHY BOHREN, MUSIC Wcrren, Pa. Secretory, Phi Beta; Secretary, Tau Beta Sigma MADOLYNE BRADY, L.A Miami B.S.U.; President, Y.W.A. MARY JO BRADDY, L.A Ft. Louderdale Vice-president, president. Women ' s Professional Club; Secre- tary, Pem-M- Club; Future Teachers of America; Pan-Hellenic Council; Freshman Adviser; Homecoming Hostess; President, Alpha Xi Delta; Vice-president, School of Liberal Arts; Out- standing Senior T H E ROBERT BRISSON, L.A Santord Delta Sigma Phi CLARA BRITTON, L.A Elyria, Ohio Assistant Director of Cooperative and Adult Educotion PETER BUKER, MUSIC Sanford JOHN BURNS, L.A Birmingham, Ala. JOYCE BURRELL, MUSIC Leesburg Accompanist, Key Member, Glee Club BOERNER BUTTS, L.A DeLand Journol Correspondent, Alpha Xi Delta; Assistant Editor, Re- porter; Sigma Pi Kappa GENE CARTER, L.A Dade City Ministerial Association PATRICIA CLARK, L.A Miami JACK COLDIRON, MUSIC Kingsport, Tenn. Outstanding Freshman Boy; Ye Mystic Krewe; Executive Coun- cil, B.S.U.; Social vice-president. Student Government; Men ' s Council; Key member. Publicity director. Student leader. Glee Club; Pi Kappa Phi; Outstanding Senior JACK COLLINS, L.A Atlanta, Ga. Footboll LILLIE MAE COLLINS, L.A Avon Park HOMER COOKSEY, L.A Winter Haven President, Sigma Pi Koppa SENIOR CLASS CODY COPELAND, L.A Daytona Beach FRANK CORY, L.A Orlando Delta Sigma Phi MARILLYN CRAIG, L.A Lakelond Secretary, Pi Beta Phi; Future Teachers of America; Profes- sional Club; PEM-M Club; Hatter Staff; Honor Roll MABEL CRAWFORD, L.A Moreheod, Ky. Reporter staff HARLAND CRAWFORD, L.A Vanceburg, Ky. SUZANNE CRAWFORD, MUSIC Ludington, Mich. President, Tau Beta Sigma; Phi Beta; Kappa Delta Pi; the Honor; President, Orchestra; First Lieutenant, Band; Reporter staff HOWARD CROW, L.A Miomi FRANKIE CROWE, BUSINESS Splndale, N. C. Commerce Club; Transfer from Mars Hill College RON DELILLA, L.A Rutherford, N. J. Football JUNE DILLARD, L.A DeLand Secretory-Treasurer, Phi Alpho Theta, Pi Koppo Delto Educa- tional Fraternity; Alpho Dexioma; Secretary, Tri Beta; Inter- national Relations Club; Future Teachers of America MADELINE DINKINS, L.A DeLand Wesley Foundation; Alpha Dexiomo; Historian, Sigma Delta Pi; Koppo Delta Pi JEROME DOLINER, BUSINESS Daytona Beach Treasurer, Commerce Club T H RAY DUNNE, LA DeLand DAVID EARLY, MUSIC Winston-Salem, N. C. Pi Kappa Phi; Trovcl Squad, Glee Club; Music Director, B.S.U, LEROY EASTIN, L.A Loke Worth Band; Reporter RON FAZEKAS, L.A BuHalo, N. Y. Sigmo Phi Epsilon; Football; " S " Club MARGARET FEINSOD, L.A Venice Travel Squad, Glee Club; R.O.T.C. Sponsor; Recording Secre- tary, Music Choirmon, Pledge Social Chairman, Alpha Xi Delta VAN FIELD, LA DeLond WILLIAM FLOWERS, BUSINESS DeLand Sigma Phi Epsilon TOM GIBSON, BUSINESS Newark, N. J. Football; Pi Kappa Alpha, President; Scabbard and Blade; Cadet Lt. Col. R.O.T.C. HOWARD GOLD, MUSIC Shelby, N. C. Kappa Kappa Psi; Lambda Chi Alpha; Coptoin, Band; Treas- urer, Music School FRANCIS GREEN, BUSINESS Atlantic Beoch Pi Kappa Phi; Treasurer, Scabbard and Blade; President, In- ternational Relations Club; Sigma Pi Kappa; Secretary, I.F.C.; Rules and Procedure Committee; Associate Editor, Reporter; Wesley Foundation HELEN GRIMSLEY, BUSINESS St. Petersburg Phi Mu; Future Teachers of America; Secretary, Commerce Club; Vice-president, Pan-Hellenic Council; Honor Roll BETTY HAGOOD, L.A Crestview Phi Mu; Secretary, Future Teachers of America; Glee Club; Student Adviser SENIOR CLASS DAN HALL, BUSINESS Commerce Club WILLI HAN, L.A Football; " S " Club; Pi Koppa Alpha .... Lake Placid . Torrington, Conn, ROY HANSEN, BUSINESS ■ ■M Vice-president, Sigma Phi Epsilon JAMES HARRELL, L.A Executive Council, B.S.U.; Stray Greeks Stuart CARROLL HART, MUSIC Waycross, Ga. Phi Beto; Student Leader, Opera Workshop; Travel Squad, Glee Club IRIS HARVEY, L.A Nashville, Ga. Corresponding Secretary, Alpha Xi Delta; Future Teachers of America THEODORE HEISIG, BUSINESS White Plains, N. Y. Internotionol Relations Club; Pi Kappa Phi; B Squad Basket- ball ALICE HOCKER, L.A Ocala Koppa Pi; Pi Beta Phi LYDIA HOFFMAN, L.A Orlando WILLIAM HOLLEY, MUSIC Blountstown Men ' s Manager, Travel Squad, Radio Chorus, Glee Club; Execu- tive Council, B.S.U.; Pi Koppa Phi; Rules and Procedure Com- mittee; Outstanding Senior ROBERT HUFFMAN, LA Clearspring, Md. President, Theta Alpha Phi; Pafford Award; Scabbard and Blade; Ye Mystic Krewe. Graduate Student BETTIE LEE HUSSY, L.A. DeLond Delto Delta Delta THE MARTHA INGRAM, LA Ft. Pierce B.S.U., Y.W.A. WILLIAM JOHNSON, L.A Toledo, Ohio " S " Club; Football; Baseball JOHN JONES, L.A Hope Mills, S. C. Delta Sigma Phi MARGARET JORDAN, LA DeLond Glee Club; Stray Greeks ROY KENNINGTON, L.A Panama City Executive Council, B.S.U.; Ministerial Association; Scabbard and Blade JACK KERN, BUSINESS Delray Beach Delta Sigma Phi; President, Commerce Club JAMES LEACH, BUSINESS Panama City BILLY JOE LEATHERS, B USINESS Belle Glade Pi Kappa Alpha; Football; " S " Club; Outstanding Senior; Scab- bard and Blade JAMES LEE, L.A Merritt Island PAUL LEE, L.A Charleston, S. C. Lambda Chi Alpha JOSEPH LEWICKI, L.A Hamframck, Mich. CARROLL LEWIS, BUSINESS Cifra President, Sigma Phi Epsilon; President, Junior Class; Men ' s Council; President, Student Body; Scabbard and Blade; Mem- ber of I.F.C.; Who ' s Who; Outstanding Senior SENIOR CLASS CHARLOTTE LEWIS, LA Orlando Social Chairman, Methodist Student Movement; Vice-president, Protessional Club; Social Chairman, Stetson Council JOYCE LEWIS, LA Sarasota Chaudoin House Council; Woman ' s Executive Council; B.S.U.; Y W.A. NANCY LIGHTFOOT, MUSIC Blountstown Alpha Xi Delta; Travel Squad; Glee Club; Outstanding Senior THOMAS LIGHTSEY, LA Apopka CLARENCE LITTLETON, BUSINESS Denison, Kansas President, Sigma Phi Epsilon; Treasurer, Student Body; Secre- tary, Men ' s Council; Business Manager, Hatter; Intramural sports; l.F.C. representative BILLIE LEE LOHMAN, LA Morristown, N. J. Pi Beta Phi; Pan-Hellenic Council BETTY JEAN LUND, LA Ludington, Mich. Honor Roll; Bond; Orchestro; President, Secretary, Phi Beta; Secretary, Tau Beta Sigma; Secretary, Kappa Delta Pi FLORA JEAN McCORMICK, L.A DeLand Alpha Xi Delta; Little Theatre EASTER ANN McGOUGH ,L.A St. Cloud Glee Club; Future Teachers of America; Stetson Hall Council JOAN McLEAN, MUSIC Gainesville Librarian, Secretory-Treasurer, Band; Secretary-treasrrer, Tau Beta Sigma; Orchestra; Pit orchestra, Operetta PARKER McLENDON, L.A Crystal River Volunteers for Christian Service; Ministerial Associaion; First Prize, Sam R. Marks Prize in Religion; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List MARJORIE McNEELY, LA Evansville, Ind. T H E JOAN MACE, L.A Marion, S. C. President, Pi Beto Phi; Koppa Delta Pi; Secretary, The Honor; Secretary, President, Stetson Hall Council; Future Teachers o America; Glee Club; Reporter Staff; Vice-president, Sophomore class; txecutive Council, W.i.G.; Outstanding Senior TOM MAHAFFEY, L.A DeLand Secretary, Historian, Summer Archon, Pi Kappa Phi; Reporter, Business Manager, Editor, Reporter; Student Adviser; Home- coming Dance Chairman; Religious Focus Week, Emphasis; Little Theater; Sigma Pi Koppo; Outstanding Senior MAE MALONEY, L.A DeLand ROBERT MARKS, BUSINESS Ft. Lauderdale Pi Kappa Alpha, " S " Club; Football; Ye Mystic Krewe; Out- standing Senior mmmmmmmimmiaammim DONALD MARTIN, L.A Toledo, Ohio Scabbard and Blade; " S " Club; Football LEONARD MELTON, L.A Hampton B.S.U.; Ministerial Association; Little Theater MERRILEE MIDDLETON, BUSINESS Falls Church, Va. Outstanding pledge. Treasurer, Pledge Trainer, Vice-president, Pi Beta Phi; Social Chairman, President, Chaudoin Hall Coun- cil; President, Women ' s Executive Council; Future Teachers of America; Outstanding Senior JOHN MORGAN, L.A Clinton, N. C. Phi Society; President, Scroll and Key; President, Phi Alpha Theta; Vice-President, I.R.C.; Promotion Director, B.S.U.; Pub- licity Chairman, Kappa Delta Pi; Ministerial Association; Uni- versity Scholarship; Ye Mystic Krewe; Outstanding Senior ERNIE MURPHY, MUSIC Savannah, Ga. JOHNOLA MUSGROVE, L.A Blountstown Alpha Xi Delta CHARLOTTE NAYLOR, LA Sebring Vice-president, Sigma Delta Pi; Vice-president, The Honor; President, Vice-prsident, Rush Chairman, Outstanding member of ' 52; Delta Delta Delta; Pan-Hellenic Council; Tau Beta Sigma DONNA JEAN NEWCOMER, MUSIC Orlondo Pianist, Y.W.A.; Alpha Dexioma; B.S.U.; Woman ' s Executive Council; Chaudoin House Council; Accompanist, Glee Club; Outstanding Senior SENIOR CLASS ' .I 1 j4 sMdr JOY NICHOLS, LA Daytona Beach Corresponding Secretary, Vice-president, Delta Delta Delta; Pan-Hellenic Council; Stetson Porty Representative KELSA NIXON, L.A DeLand REED PARHAM, L.A Atlanta, Go. ULMER (SONNY) PARRISH, L.A Miami Lt. Commander, Rush Chairman, House Manoger, Sigma Nu; " S " Club; Football; Scabbard and Blade JOYCE PIXLEY, LA Webster Sergeont-at-Arms, Secretary, Alpha Dexioma; Secretary, Vice- President, Future Teachers of America; Y.W.A.; S.C.A.; Kappa Delta Pi; The Honor; State Vice-president, Westminister Fel- lowship; Chapel Committee AUDREY PRICE, L.A Live Oak HOWARD PRICE, L.A DeLand WAYNE PRICE, L.A Massillon, Ohio President, Kappa Delta Pi RICHARD PRIEUR, L.A DeLand Lambda Chi Alpha VIVIAN RASMUSSEN, BUSINESS DeLand Pledge Trainer, Pi Beta Phi; Vice-president, Pan-Hellenic JEAN ANN REED, MUSIC St. Petersburg Travel Squad, Radio Chorus, Glee Club; B.S.U.; Treasurer of the Field Student Group of the A.G.O PATRICIA JUNE REED, LA St. Petersburg T H E WILLIAM RICE, BUSINESS Sullivon, Ohio General Manager, Glee Club, Travel Squad JACQUELYNN RICH, L.A Holly Hill The Honor; Theta Alpho Phi; Vice-president, Chaudoin House Council; Student Adviser; Publicity Chairman, Social Vice-presi- dent, B.S.U.; Secretary, Student Body; Little Theater; Literary Chairman, Y.W.A. DONALD RICHARDSON, MUSIC Belleview Publicity Manager, Glee Club; Wesley Foundation SHIRLEY ROGERS, L.A Miami Reporter, Executive Council, B.S.U.; Y.W.A. ; President, Alpha Dexioma; Travel Squad, Glee Club; The Honor HARRY C. RUTLEDGE, BUSINESS Trenton Captain, Ye Mystic Krewe; President, Commerce Club; Busi- ness Manager, Hatter; Delta Sigma Phi; President, Senior Class BARBARA JEAN RUTTER, BUSINESS DeLand Pi Beta Phi; Head Cheerleader; Sigma Pi Kappa; Commerce Club; R.O.T.C. Sponsor; Hatter Staff; Honorary " S " Club mem- ber; Future Teachers of America; Internotional Relations Club AL SAPPIA, BUSINESS Ridgefield, N. J. Pi Kappa Alpha: Football; " S " Club JOHN SCHOOLEY, BUSINESS DeLand GEORGE SCHRIEFFER, BUSINESS Park Ridge, III. Rules and Procedures Committee; Intramurals Manager; Treas- urer, Senior Class WILLIAM SCRANTOM, JR., LA Jacksonville Commander, Sigma Nu; First Mate, Ye Mystic Krewe; Chair- man, Rules and Procedure Committee; Executive Council, Flor- ida Intercollegiate Press Association; Program Director, Phi Alpha Theta; Sigma Pi Kappa JAMES SEMPLE, L.A Miami JACK SHAW, L.A Miami SENIOR CLASS CAROLYN SHEALY, L.A Ocala Delta Delta Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; Future Teachers of America; B.S.U.; Summer Council HOKE SHIRLEY, L.A Eustis Pulpit Supply Chairman, Ministeriol Association; Scroll ond Key; Phi Society; Phi Alpha Theta GEORGE HITE SHRIVER. L.A Jacksonville Ministerial Associotion; Devotional Vice-President, President, i.S.U.; State President, B.S.U.; Boatswain, Ye Mystic Krewe; Phi Society; Scroll and Key; Vice-President, Student Body; " S " Club; Glee Club; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Manager, Baseball team CLOE SLADE, L.A City Point HORACE SMITH, BUSINESS Jacksonville Secretory, Treasurer, Sigma Phi Epsilon; Treasurer, I.F.C.; Stet- son Party; Hatter Staff HOWARD SMITH, L.A Tampa Stray Greeks; Ministeriol Association MELVIN SMITH, L.A Ridgefield Park, N. J. Secretary, President, Sigmo Phi Epsilon; Football MERRILL SMITH, BUSINESS Daytona Beach Boseboll; Pi Kappa Phi NANCY SMITH, L.A Cocoa Reporter; Y.W.A. ROBIN SMITH, L.A Dc ton, Ohio House President, Delta Delta Delta; Intromurols; Historian, Vice-President, Kappa Pi DONALD SMITH, BUSINESS Ft. Lauderdale Treasurer, Sigmo Phi Epsilon PATRICIA SNOWDEN, L.A DeLand Sigma Delta Pi; Glee Club; B.S.U. T H E ROBERT STEFFENS, L.A Rutherford, N. J. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Westminster Fellowship; International Re- lations Club MARTHA STEVENS, LA Atlonto, Go. Secretary, Zeta Tau Alpha; Secretary, Stetson Party; Secretary, Pan-Hellenic Council; Homecoming Committee; Chapel Com- mittee; Honor Roll; Hotter Holiday Committee; Ye Mystic Krewe Sponsor DELMAR STUART, L.A Lake Worth Sigma Nu; Sigma Pi Kappa GUIDO TAMBUR, L.A Toledo, Ohio President, Treasurer, " S " Club; President, Men ' s Council; Vice- President, Delta Sigma Phi; Football MARILYN TALTON, LA DeLand Censor II, Social Choirman, Pi Beta Phi; Miss Stetson; Miss DeLand; Little Theater HELEN THAYER, L.A., Asheville, N. C. Delta Delta Delta CHARLES THOMAS, L.A Miami Ministerial Association MADOLYN THOMAS, LA Burlington, Vt. Delta Delta Delta RICHARD TOOLE, L.A DeLand Beta Beta Beta; Sgt.-at-Arms, Delta Sigma Phi CAROLE VAN ALLSBURG, MUSIC Grand Rapids, Mich. DOROTHY WAMBLE, LA Bonifay Publicity Manager, Travel Squad, Glee Club; Vice-president, Tau Beta Sigma; Band; Pianist, B.S.U.; Alpha Dexioma; Y.W.A.; Secretary-Treasurer, Woman ' s Executive Council ROSEMARY WETHERINGTON, BUSINESS Williston Zeta Tau Alpha SENIOR CLASS ' A MARILYN WENTWORTH, L.A Tompa Alpha Xi Delta; Future Teachers of America DOROTHY WILDE, L.A Ashevllle, N. C. Delta Delta Delto KNOX WILKINSON, MUSIC Charlotte, N. C. SHIRLEY WILLIAMS, LA Ormond Beach Phi Mu STAFFORD WING, MUSIC West Palm Beoch Travel Squad, Glee Club WILLIAM WREN, L.A DeLand Pi Kappa Phi MARILYN WRIGHT, MUSIC Schellsburg, Pa. Glee Club CURTIS WILCOX, LA Jacksonville Sigma Nu; Beta Beta Beta; Sigma Pi Kappa; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; R.O.T.C; Hatter Staff 1, 2, 3 IRA YOUNGBLOOD, JR., BUSINESS Orlondo Commrce Club: " ■ " -insurer. Scabbard and Blade; R.O.T.C. STUDENTS FROM 30 STATES CLAIM STETSON AS THEIR ALMA MATER, THE JUNIORS JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to right; Bruno Di Giulian, vice-president; Ann Gatlin, secretary; Bill Warden, treasurer; and Jim Carlin, president. A f lii)e cut cmfa4e 4 at . . . 47 THE J U N I FIRST ROW : MARILYN BARBER, L.A CoHondale ROBERT BEAZLEY, BUSINESS Palmetto STEPHEN BERRY, BUSINESS Delray Beach SECOND ROW: DEAN BLAIR, MUSIC Warren, Pa. WILLIAM BOWDEN, L.A Atlanta, Ga. HANK BOYER, L.A Jacksonville THIRD ROW : JANET BRAGGER, L.A Greenwood, R. 1. ROBERT BREYFOGLE, LA Elizabeth, N. J. BARBARA BROCK, BUSINESS Jacksonville FOURTH ROW: NORMA FAYE BROWN, LA Inverness JAMES BRYANT, LA Jacksonville LOIS BUNTON, LA Jacksonville FIFTH ROW : CARROLL BURKE, L.A Sanford RICHARD CANTRELL, L.A Kissimmee JIM CARLIN, L.A Daytono Beach SIXTH ROW: VELERA CATES, L.A Citra DUEVARD CHAFFEE, LA DeLand ALICE COLE, LA Burlington, N. C. SEVENTH ROW: MARY COLE, LA Chicago, III. MARY CONNELL, LA Winter Garden CAROLYN DANIEL, L.A Orlando EIGHTH ROW: JIM DATOR, L.A DeLond IRIS DEESE, LA Delray Beach LOUISE DE LAY, LA DeLand ■• LASS FIRST ROW: WESLEY DE LAY, LA DeLand BRUNO Dl GIULIAN, LA West Palm Beach JO DILLARD LA Pickens, S. C. SECOND ROW: ROGER DOBSON, BUSINESS Cocoa DICK DONNELLY, LA Berwyn, III. DORIS DRAWDY, LA Kissimmce THIRD ROW: JIM DUKETT, LA Miami GENE EDWARDS, BUSINESS Atlanta, Ga, JOHN EDWARDS, L.A DeLond FOURTH ROW: PERRY EDWARDS, LA DeLand NORMAN ENGEL, LA West Palm Beach HAROLD EPPERSON, LA Eustis FIFTH RO W : BETTY FARLOW, LA Jacksonville DOT FLANAGAN, BUSINESS Lakeland JOE FOLMAR, L.A Miomi SIXTH ROW: JIM FORBES, LA Chicago, III. LARRY FOSTER, L.A Miami JAMES FOUNTAIN, LA DeLand SEVENTH ROW: JEANNE GAILBREATH, L.A Woycross MARY GARDINER, L.A St. Petersburg BILL GARRETT, L.A DeLand EIGHTH ROW : ANN GATLIN, LA Ocola JIMMIE GERRETSON, LA DeLond JOYCE GIBSON, LA DeLand V 1, %] Mtk Q THE J U N I F F I RST ROW: EVELYN GORDON, MUSIC Winter Haven CHRISSY GRAY, LA Winter Hoven JIM GRAY, LA Fort Lauderdole SECOND ROW: DICK GREAVES, LA Laurie, N. Y. VIRGINIA GREENE, L.A Jefferson City, Tenn. DOLORES HANCOCK, MUSIC Delray Beach THIRD ROW: CHARLES HARRIS, LA Moitlond CLYDE HARRIS, L.A Mango WALTER HAWKINS, MUSIC DeLond FOURTH ROW: ROSAMOND HEATHCOE, LA Plont City LYDIA HOFFERMAN, L.A Orlando GENE HOLBROOK, LA Dixon, III. FIFTH ROW: CHARLOTTE HON, BUSINESS Chorlotte, N. C. HARRY HONSBERGER, BUSINESS Clearwater JERRY HOPKINS, BUSINESS Lake Worth SIXTH ROW: MARILYN HUGHSON, LA Chipley LEWIS JACOBS, L.A DeLand BILL JACKSON, BUSINESS Ponosaffke SEVENTH ROW: DELIC JOHNSON, L.A Lake Worth DONALD JOHNSON, BUSINESS Green Cove Springs JERRY KIBBE, L.A Orlondo EIGHTH ROW: CLINT KIMBROUGH, L.A Brooksville ANN KRAFT, L.A DeLond B. J. LANNOM, BUSINESS Jocksonville LASS FIRST ROW: JOHN LAUER, MUSIC Daytona Beach SUE LIGHTFOOT, LA Oak Park, III. EARL LOOMAN, LA Fremont, Ohio SECOND ROW: BARBARA MARTIN, BUSINESS DeLand JULIE MIKELL, LA Charleston, S. C ANN MILLICAN, L.A Clermont THIRD ROW: JEAN MOELLER, LA Daytona Beach BETTY NORDMAN, LA Oak Park, III. MURRAY NORTH, LA Fort Pierce FOURTH ROW : JACK OKSNEE, LA Park Ridge, HI. ROBERT OLEEN, LA Great Barrington, Mass. FRANCES OWEN, LA Inverness FIFTH ROW : EDWARD OWEN, LA Somoset WILLIAM OWEN, LA Welborn MARY EDNA PARKER, L.A Plant City SIXTH ROW: ROBERTA PEMBLE, MUSIC St. Petersburg BARBARA PENCE, LA Delray Beach JOHN PHILLIPS, LA Daytono Beach SEVENTH ROW : PATSY PICKLE, LA Miami JOHN PLUNKETT, LA Robinson, III. ARTHUR POWELL, L.A Frostproof EIGHTH ROW: THOMAS PRUTSMAN, LA Troy, Pa. DALLAS PULLIAM, L.A Hilliord KATHRYN RAND, L.A DeLand THE JUNIOR F I RST ROW: RAE REED, L.A Lokelond DEL REINKE, BUSINESS Lorain, Ohio CHARLES RICHARDSON, L.A Doytono Beach SECOND ROW: MARJORIE RICKER, L.A Orlando FRANCIS RIDGILL, L.A Bradenton JOHN ROGERS, L.A Jacksonville THIRD ROW : WILLIAM ROGERS, L.A Jacksonville ANNE RUSSELL, LA DeLand JAMES RUSSELL, L.A St. Petersburg FOURTH ROW: WALTER SALTER, L.A Jacksonville BILL SELF, L.A Delray Beach CHARLES SIEG, L.A Palotko FIFTH ROW: JO SLOAN, BUSINESS St. Petersburg BRYANT SMITH, LA Bradenton JACK SMITH, L.A Hallandale SIXTH ROW: ELBERT SMITH, L.A Valparaiso ROBERT STEFFENS, L.A Rutherford, N. J. EVELYN STEWART, L.A Fort Lauderdale SEVENTH ROW: RALPH STOREY, L.A Fort Meade MICKEY STOUT, L.A DeLand PAT TAYLOR, L.A Sarasota EIGHTH ROW: JOHN TEMOSHCHUK, L.A West Palm Beoch CHARLES THOMAS, L.A DeLand REDDEN THAMES, LA DeLand LASS F I RST ROW: MARION TOLLES, MUSIC Ludington, Mich. ROBERT THURMAN, LA Safety Harbor CHARLES TURNER, L.A Delray Beach SECOND ROW: HARRY USHER, L.A Miami ALFRED VARN, L.A Brooksville BARBARA VEATCH, L.A DeLond THIRD ROW : BILL WARDEN, L.A DeLand WILLIE WATSON, L.A Olympia, Wash MARY CAROL WEST, L.A St. Augustine FOURTH ROW: BOB WILDER, L.A DeLond HERBERT WILLCOX, L.A Jacksonville ARTHUR WISSLER, L.A Jocksonville FIFTH ROW: HENRY WOOLEY, L.A Live Oak JIM YOUNG, L.A Lake Worth SAVILLA YOUNG, L.A Palatko SIXTH ROW : MARY ELLISON, L.A DeLand WILLIAM SHAW, L.A Jacksonville ED WELDON, L.A Bartow y W km 63 THE SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Left to right; Harriet Stones, treasurer; Gene Dubberly, president; Bobbie Johnson, secretary; and George Pointer, vice-president. ypuHf ttten and at ' ehJ 54 o FIRST ROW: ELIZABETH ANDERSON, BUSINESS Ludington, Mich. RONALD ANDREWS, MUSIC Burlington, N. C. BARBARA ANXIER, LA DeLand SECOND ROW: CHARLES APPEL, L.A Miami Beoch BILLIE SEAL, LA Rocklcdge EDWIN BENNETT, LA DeLand THIRD ROW: BARBARA BETTINGER, BUSINESS Cincinnati, Ohio JOSEPH BOATRIGHT, L.A Tampa DONALD BOHREN, L.A DeLond FOURTH ROW : VIRGINIA BOOTH, LA Lake Worth MARTHA BOTTOM, MUSIC Daytona Beach WENDELL BROGAN, L.A Dixon, Ky. FIFTH ROW: EILEEN BRONNER, LA DeLand BARBARA BRONSON, L.A Milltown, N. J. MARY BROWN, L.A Daytono Bea ch SIXTH ROW : THOMAS BROWN, L.A Tampa WILLIAM BUDGETT, LA Jacksonville NICK COLANTUANO, L.A Cliptside, N. J. SEVENTH ROW: HERB CARLEN, L.A Ft. Lauderdale PATRICIA CHAMBLEE, L.A Belle Glode PETER CHRISTOPHORSEN, L.A Delray Beach EIGHTH ROW: RONALD CLONTS, L.A Oakland CAROLYN COLLINS, L.A Geary, Okla. PAULA COMMANDER, LA Leesburg THE SOPHOMORE FIRST RO W : PEGGY CONNELL, MUSIC Lake Wales ANN CORNWALL, LA Jacksonville MARION CARNETT, MUSIC Jacksonville SECOND ROW : MARY GUMMING, LA St. Petersburg MAYANNE DAVIS, BUSINESS Orlando ETTA DENNINGTON, L.A Arcadia THIRD RO W : DAVID DICKSON, BUSINESS Charleston, S. C. RIDGELY DOANE, BUSINESS Poland, Ohio HERB DORSETT, MUSIC Branford FOURTH ROW: SALLIE DOSWELL, LA Ft. Lauderdale EUGENE DUBBERLY, LA Daytona Beach JANE DUKE, BUSINESS Alachua FIFTH ROW: SUSAN EBERT, BUSINESS Winter Park RICHARD ELLINOR, BUSINESS Pensacola GETTISE ELLIOT, JR., BUSINESS Ocola SIXTH ROW: KATHARINE ELLIS, BUSINESS Ft. Lauderdale NANCY FARLOW, BUSINESS Jacksonville JACK FERNANDEZ, L.A Tampo SEVENTH ROW: RAYMOND FERWERDA, L.A Miomi Shores ALBERT FLETCHER, L.A OrangeCity ROSALIND FORDHAM, L.A Greensboro, N. C. EIGHTH ROW: STERLING FORRESTER, L.A Bradenton RICHARD FRIEDMAN, LA Oak Park, III. SYLVIA FRINK, LA Inverness LASS 1 FIRST ROW: NINETTE GAUTHIER, L.A Elfers MARY GOFF, LA Apopka WALTER GOLDE, L.A Hickesville, N. Y. SECOND ROW : DOLORES GOUGH, MUSIC Ono CHARLES GRANGER, LA Jacksonville ROBERT GREENE, L.A Live Oak THIRD RO W : JAMES HAHN, LA Lakeland NORMA HAMIL, BUSINESS Oviedo DONALD HANCOCK, L.A Jacksonville FOURTH ROW : HELEN HARPER, LA Jacksonville CHARLES HARVEY, L.A Jacksonville JOHN HESOUN, LA Tampa FIFTH RO W ; BILL HESTER, BUSINESS Orlando ZELDA HILL, BUSINESS Panama City ROY HOSTETTER, L.A DeLand SIXTH ROW : JOHN HOWELL, LA Jacksonville ALAN HUCKLEBERRY, LA DeLand MARILYN HUEBNER, L.A Garnaville, Iowa SEVENTH ROW: MARGARET HUNT, LA Sanford ANNEARLE ISOM, L.A Ansted, W. Va. LOUISE JEFFRIES, LA Bradenton EIGHTH ROW: BARBARA JOHNSON, LA Tallahassee MARY JONES, LA Sontord, N. C. JUDITH KEESLING, LA Indianapolis, Ind. T THE SOPHOMORE FIRST ROW: RICHARD KRAUSE, JR., L.A Ft Pierce BARNET LAMPP, L.A Citra ANNE LANE, LA Orlando SECOND ROW : EDITH LATHROP, L.A West Polm Beoch ELIZABETH LAYFIELD, BUSINESS Lake Harbor THOMAS LORENZ, BUSINESS Davenport, Iowa THIRD ROW: SHIRLEY LOWE, MUSIC Spartanburg, S. C. EDNA LOWRY, BUSINESS DeLond MYRA MADDEN, L.A Sanford FOU RTH ROW: JEANNE MARCELL, LA DeLam4 EDWARD MIDGETT, LA New Smyrna Beacli ZELLA MILLER, L.A St. Petersburg FIFTH ROW: ROY MILLS, L.A DeLand JUNE MIMS, LA Winter Garden DAVID MORGAN, BUSINESS DeLond SIXTH ROW: CAROLYN MORGAN, LA Florence, Ala. WILLIAM MOSER, BUSINESS Johnstown, Pa. JOANNE MOTES, MUSIC Palatka SEVENTH ROW: ALLEN MEYERS, BUSINESS Elmhurst, III. ANN MYERS, BUSINESS Homosassa Springs EARLE McCORMICK, L.A Winter Park EIGHTH ROW: JOHN McDonald, L.A Jacksonville BETTY McKEE, L.A Laurel, Miss. LAURA NALL, LA Clearwater, Ala. LASS : FIRST ROW: DONA NEIL, LA Deerfield Beach SHIRLEY NELSON, LA Mims GLORIA NIX, LA Lakeland SECOND ROW : WALTER NORDEN, BUSINESS Winter Haven MARGARET NORTEN, L.A Dunedin SHEILA NUGENT, MUSIC Ludington, Mich. THIRD ROW: ELIZABETH OSBURN, MUSIC Orlando LEZELLE OWENS, L.A Pensacola RICHARD PADDOCK, BUSINESS Eustis FOURTH ROW : DUNCAN PARDUE, L.A Boaz, Ala. SHIRLEY PARKER, L.A Foley GEORGIA PAULK, L.A Willacoochee, Go. FIFTH ROW: KENNETH PECK, LA Berwyn, III. LYNN PIER, L.A Hollywood HELEN RADLOFF, L.A Miami SIXTH RO W : HENRY RECKSTINE, L.A Jacksonville BETTY REEDY, LA Clintwood, Va. GINGER RICH, LA Moultrie, Ga. SEVENTH ROW: FRANKLIN RITTER, L.A Jacksonville WALLACE RIVERS, L.A DeLand BETTYE ROBERTS, BUSINESS DeLand EIGHTH ROW : JIM RODGERS, MUSIC Winter Haven BARBARA ROHN, L.A Ludington, Mich. CHARLES ROSE, L.A White Plains, N. Y. THE SOPHOMORE FIRST ROW: RAYMOND RUTLEDGE, BUSINESS Florenceville JANET SAULS, LA Shelby, N. C. ROBERT SAWYER, LA Miami SECOND ROW : MARY SEELY, LA Charlotte, N. C. ARNOLD SHERMAN, BUSINESS Rye, N. Y. GEORGE SINGELTARY, L.A Bradenton THIRD ROW : FLORENCE SMITH, LA DeLeon Springs FRANKLIN SMITH, L.A New Hampton, N. H. JACK SMITH, L.A New Hampton, N. H. FOURTH ROW : OREN SMITH, JR., L.A Sanford WALTER SNYDER, MUSIC Lake Worth PRISCILLA STEELE, BUSINESS . Wichita, Kans. FIFTH ROW : HARRIETT STONES, L.A Daytona Beach CARL STOREY, L.A Brazil, Ind. MARILYN STUART, L.A Ft. Lauderdale SIXTH ROW ; WALTER SULLINS, LA Vero Beach MARGARET SUMMERS, L.A Orlando EARL SIMMONS, L.A DeLond SEVENTH ROW : SHIRLEY SWARTHOUT, L.A Drexel Hill, Penn. GLORIA THOMAS, L.A DeLond JANICE THOMPSON, L.A Ft. Myers EIGHTH ROW: RITA TREON, LA Atlanta, Go. MARIBEL TUCKER, BUSINESS Westfield, N. J. HELEN TURNER, MUSIC Edison, Go. LASS FIRST ROW: MARGARET TURNER Cedar Key SHERRILL UNDERWOOD, LA Johnson City, Tenn. NANCY VAN NUS, L.A Ft. Louderdale SECOND ROW : VICTOR VAUGHEN, L.A DcLand JOY VIAN, L.A Miami PATSY WALKER, MUSIC Winter Haven THIRD ROW: BRUCE WARDEN, L.A DeUond EARL WASHBURN, BUSINESS DeLand DOYLE WEST, JR., BUSINESS Lakeland FOU RTH ROW: ELEANOR WESTERVERLT, LA West Palm Beach PEGGY WHIDDON, LA Ft. Lauderdale JAMES WHITTLE, L.A Quincy FIFTH ROW : LAURENCE WILLARD, LA DeLand JOAN WILLIAMS, L.A Jacksonville JUNE WILLIAMSON, L.A Winter Park SI XTH ROW: LAMAR WILLIS, MUSIC Manchester, Ga. WILMA WILSON, LA Dania PAT WODISCHEK, BUSINESS Delray Beach SEVENTH ROW : JUNE WOODARD, LA Serville HERBERT ZEROF, L.A Miami MARY ZORN. L.A Palatka EIGHTH ROW: RICHARD BLOODWORTH, L.A Panama City THE FRESHMEN FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: Sue Reynolds, secretary, Ralp Chandler, president; Ray Coffee, treasurer; and Josh Wilson, vice-president. laMtf ( e Het thee . . . 62 FIRST ROW: DOUGLASS ADAMS, LIBERAL ARTS Daytona Beach JEAN ADAMS, LIBERAL ARTS St. Augustine JOHN ALLEN, LIBERAL ARTS Clearwater SECOND ROW : ORAN ALMAND, MUSIC Leesburg ANN ANDERSON, LIBERAL ARTS Miami SADIE ARNETTE, LIBERAL ARTS Port St. Joe THIRD RO W : IRIS ARTHUR, BUSINESS Orlando LOUIE BALL, BUSINESS DeLand NANCY BARBER, MUSIC Doytona Beach FOURTH ROW : JESSE BARRETT, MUSIC Jacksonville CHRISTIA BASLER, MUSIC Sarasota WAGNER BAUGHMAN, LIBERAL ARTS Palotka FIFTH RO W : BARBARA BECTON, BUSINESS Vero Beach ROGER BELL, BUSINESS DeLand JOHN BERTZEL, LIBERAL ARTS Miami SIXTH ROW : DAVE BEST, LIBERAL ARTS Fort Meade DON BICKSLER, LIBERAL ARTS Fort Pierce BARBARA BLAKELY, LIBERAL ARTS Anniston, Ala. SEVENTH ROW : LEONARD BOOTH, LIBERAL ARTS Miami BEVERLY BOULWARE, LIBERAL ARTS Tavares SYLVIA BOWEN, LIBERAL ARTS Haines City EIGHTH ROW : PATRICIA BRADEMEYER, LIBERAL ARTS Vero Beach BURYL BREED, BUSINESS Pawpaw, Mich. JUDITH BRILEY, LIBERAL ARTS Oakland THE F R E S H M A FIRST ROW: PATRICIA BROCKSMITH, LIBERAL ARTS Hollywood EILEEN BRONNER, LIBERAL ARTS DeLand RICHARD BROWN, LIBERAL ARTS Madison SECOND ROW : TESCH BRUNDICK, BUSINESS Jacksonville FRANK BRYAN, LIBERAL ARTS Miami JAMES BRYAN, LIBERAL ARTS Myrtle Beach, S. C. THIRD ROW: JACKLLN BRYANT, LIBERAL ARTS Daytona Beach CAROLYN BURNETTE, LIBERAL ARTS Frostproof KATHRYN BUTLER, LIBERAL ARTS Fort Lauderdale FOURTH ROW: BETSY BYRNE, LIBERAL ARTS Knoxville, Tenn. CARTER CAIN, BUSINESS Larchmont, Tenn. WILLIAM CAIN, LIBERAL ARTS Cocoa FIFTH ROW : CATHERINE CAMPBELL, BUSINESS DeLand WILLIAM CANTRELL, LIBERAL ARTS Fort Pierce SHIRLEY CARLAN, LIBERAL ARTS DeLand SIXTH ROW: MARY CARPENTER, LIBERAL ARTS Winter Garden MARINELLE CARR, LIBERAL ARTS Panama City JANE CARTER, LIBERAL ARTS Tampa SEVENTH ROW: CAROL CHAMBERLIN, BUSINESS Orlando SHIRLEY CHAMPION, LIBERAL ARTS Orlando RALPH CHANDLER, LIBERAL ARTS Pensocola EIGHTH ROW: BARBARA CHANEY, MUSIC Tampa Yl HAN CHANG, LIBERAL ARTS Peiping, China CAROL CHAPMAN, LIBERAL ARTS Elizabcthton, Tenn. LASS FIRST ROW: CAROL CHISELBROOK, LIBERAL ARTS Lakeland BARBARA CHRISTOFFERS, LIBERAL ARTS Keystone Heights PHYLLIS CLARK, BUSINESS Daytona Beoch SECOND ROW: VENELA CLEMENTS, LIBERAL ARTS Fort Pierce ROLAND CLOSE, BUSINESS Ocalo RAY COFFEE, LIBERAL ARTS Madison THIRD ROW : FAUSTINE, COLE, LIBERAL ARTS Greenville, S. C. SHIRLEY COLE, LIBERAL ARTS Chicago, III. BARBARA COLLOMER, LIBERAL ARTS Woycross, Ga. FOURTH ROW: CHARLES COOK, LIBERAL ARTS Chicago, III. JOSEPH COOPER, LIBERAL ARTS Umatillo LLOYD COVER, LIBERAL ARTS DeLand FIFTH ROW : BARBARA COVINGTON, BUSINESS Daytona Beach MYRA COX, LIBERAL ARTS Fort Meodc LOUISE CRAIG, LIBERAL ARTS Miomi SIXTH RO W : JOHNNY CREEL, MUSIC Sebring DONALD CUNNINGHAM, MUSIC Pensacola ROBERT DAINE, BUSINESS New York SEVENTH ROW: MARTHA DAVENPORT, BUSINESS West Palm Beach KAY DAVID, BUSINESS Orlondo PATRICIA DEAN, LIBERAL ARTS Mt. Doro EIGHTH ROW: DORIS DECKER, BUSINESS Daytona Beach WILLIAM DeFREEZE, LIBERAL ARTS Polatka ANN DeLANEY, LIBERAL ARTS Modisonville, La. THE FRESHMAN FIRST ROW: THOMAS DIXON, BUSINESS Doytona Beach ANNE POWELL, LIBERAL ARTS Frostproof LELA DRAWDY, LIBERAL ARTS Umatillo SECOND ROW; JOE DREW, MUSIC Femandino Beach ELLEN DRIGGERS, LIBERAL ARTS Sonford ARTHUR DUFOUR, LIBERAL ARTS Mount Dora THIRD ROW: NANCY DUKE, LIBERAL ARTS Alachua JOYCE EDENFIELD, LIBERAL ARTS Stuart ROGER ERICSON, LIBERAL ARTS Hollywood FOURTH ROW : JANE EDWARDS, LIBERAL ARTS White Plains, N. Y. RANSEL EVANS Park Ridge, III. BOBBY FENEGAN, LIBERAL ARTS DeLond FIFTH ROW: SUE FERRELL, BUSINESS San Matio ARNOLD FIRESHEETS, LIBERAL ARTS Jacksonville BETTY FORD, LIBERAL ARTS Avon Park S I XTH ROW: ROBERT FOREHAND, LIBERAL ARTS St. Augustine MORRIS FOSTER, LIBERAL ARTS Jacksonville PRUDENCE FOSTER, BUSINESS Fort Myers SEVENTH ROW : ROBERT FRENCH, LIBERAL ARTS Longwood GEORGE GALLOWAY, LIBERAL ARTS West Palm Beach CHARLOTTE GAMBILL, LIBERAL ARTS Atlanta, Ga. EIGHTH ROW: ROBERT GARCIA, LIBERAL ARTS Jacksonville SUZANNE GARDNER, MUSIC Forest City, N. C. WILLIAM GARRETT, LIBERAL ARTS Melbourne LASS FIRST ROW: MILDRED GARRISON, LIBERAL ARTS DeLand JAMES GENSEL, BUSINESS Hollywood JEAN GILLESPIE, BUSINESS Melbourne SECOND ROW : EDWARD GILLILAND, BUSINESS DeLond JOHN GODDARD, BUSINESS Lakeland GERALD GRAY, LIBERAL ARTS Cocoa THIRD ROW : HAROLD GREGG, BUSINESS Mount Dora WILLIAM GRIFFIN, BUSINESS AHanta, Ga. BARBARA GRIMMETT, BUSINESS Miami FOURTH ROW : ESTER GULLICKSON, BUSINESS Miami SHIRLEY GUSTINE, MUSIC Fort Lauderdale CLAUDETTE HAISTEN, LIBERAL ARTS Grittin, Ga. FIFTH ROW: DICK HARMELING, LIBERAL ARTS Crescent City FRANCES HARPER, LIBERAL ARTS Jacksonville ROBERT HARPER, BUSINESS Orlando SIXTH ROW: MARGARET HARRIS, LIBERAL ARTS St. Petersburg PATRICIA HARRIS, LIBERAL ARTS St. Petersburg WAYNE HARTNUP, BUSINESS Sarasota SEVENTH ROW: FRANK HATHAWAY, BUSINESS Rocine, Wis. NANCY HAXTON, LIBERAL ARTS Cleveland, Ohio GEORGE HAY, LIBERAL ARTS Miami EIGHTH ROW : ROBERT HEDGEPETH, LIBERAL ARTS Sarasota GEORGE HEMDON, LIBERAL ARTS Sanford ELIZABETH HIERR, LIBERAL ARTS Mucclenny THE F R E S H M A f F I RST ROW: JAMES HIGHTOWER, MUSIC Ocalo SHIRLEY HILLBISH, LIBERAL ARTS . Silver Lake, Cuyahoga Foil, Ohio JEAN HIMMELBERGER, BUSINESS DeBarry SECOND ROW : MARK HOFFARD, LIBERAL ARTS Johnston City, III, RICHARD HOGLE, MUSIC DeLond MARK HOLLIS, BUSINESS Lakeland THIRD ROW: DONALD HOLT, LIBERAL ARTS Miami SYLVIA HOOKER, LIBERAL ARTS Plant City MIRIAM HORTON, LIBERAL ARTS St. Petersburg FOURTH ROW: LOUISE HOYER, LIBERAL ARTS Fort Lauderdale RICHARD HUBERT, BUSINESS Marietta, Go. GUY HUEY, BUSINESS Ironton, Ohio FIFTH ROW: ROBERT HUFFSTETTLER, LIBERAL ARTS Eustis CAROL HUMMELGUARD, LIBERAL ARTS Sturgeon Bay, Wis. HARRY HURST, LIBERAL ARTS Winter Beach SIXTH ROW : FRANKIE HUTCHINSON, LIBERAL ARTS Lakeland HAROLD JACKSON, LIBERAL ARTS Longwood LELAND JACOBS, BUSINESS Winter Pork SEVENTH ROW: WILEY JARRELL, BUSINESS Sanford MARLENE JENKINS, LIBERAL ARTS Vero Beach MARIE JENSON, LIBERAL ARTS Fo.t Lauderdale EIGHTH ROW: JOANN JESSIE, LIBERAL ARTS Perrine BETTY JOHNSON, BUSINESS DeLond GEORGE JOHNSON, LIBERAL ARTS Edgewater LASS FIRST ROW: MARY JOHNSON, LIBERAL ARTS Wilmington, N. C. ORVILLE JOHNSON, LIBERAL ARTS Orlando JOHN JOHNSTON, BUSINESS St. Petersburg SECOND ROW : FRANCES JONES, LIBERAL ARTS Miami VERMELL JONES, BUSINESS Lokeland WILLIAM KALEEL, LIBERAL ARTS St. Petersburg THIRD ROW: ANN KEARSEY, MUSIC Jacksonville GEORGE KELL, LIBERAL ARTS Pensacola FRANK KELLER, LIBERAL ARTS Daytona Beach FOURTH ROW : JAMES KELLEY, LIBERAL ARTS Tulsa, Oklo. BARBARA KLEINHEINZ, BUSINESS Madison, Wis. DARLEE KNISELY, LIBERAL ARTS New Philadelphia, Ohio FIFTH ROW: GERALD KRUHM, LIBERAL ARTS Silver Spring, Md. ROBERT KUTNIEWSKI, LIBERAL ARTS Providence, R. I. WILLIAM LAIRD, BUSINESS Fort Myers SIXTH RO W : NOEL LANGER, BUSINESS Sarasota RANDALL LANGSTON, MUSIC DeLand RUTHYLEE LARSON, MUSIC Janesville, Wis. SEVENTH ROW: DAVID LASSITER, MUSIC Orlando DALE LAUDER, LIBERAL ARTS Ocolo CHARLES LAUGHTON, LIBERAL ARTS Hallandale EIGHTH ROW : SEDRIC LEWIS, BUSINESS St. Petersburg CHARLAINE LIBBY, LIBERAL ARTS Tampa GERTRUDE LINCK, LIBERAL ARTS Kingston, N. Y. W THE FRESHMAN FIRST ROW: DOYLE LINDERMAN, LIBERAL ARTS Summerfield JESSE LITTLE, LIBERAL ARTS West Palm Beach DONALD LOCKE, MUSIC Winter Haven SECOND ROW: WALTER LOGUE, LIBERAL ARTS Ft. Pierce JAMES LONG, BUSINESS Ocala JOSH LONG, LIBERAL ARTS Newberry THIRD ROW : RICHARD LOVELL, LIBERAL ARTS Tampa MARY LOWERY, LIBERAL ARTS Auburn, Ala. DALLAS LUTZ, BUSINESS Minerva, Ohio FOURTH ROW: GEORGE LUX, LIBERAL ARTS Front Royal, Va. DORIS LYON, LIBERAL ARTS Ludington, Mich. DENNIS MARQUIS, LIBERAL ARTS Eau Gallie FIFTH ROW: BRUCE MARTIN, LIBERAL ARTS Auburndale ANN MARTIN, LIBERAL ARTS West Polm Beach FRANK MARTIN, BUSINESS Jacksonville Beach S I X T H R O W : JUNE MARTIN, LIBERAL ARTS Jacksonville Beach IRA MASON, LIBERAL ARTS Okeechobee JOHN MAXWELL, LIBERAL ARTS DeLand SEVENTH ROW: WYLENE MAYFIELD, LIBERAL ARTS Seville JOSEPH McCLUNG, LIBERAL ARTS Sanford CHARLENE McCRARY, MUSIC Roberta, Ga. EIGHTH ROW: CAROLINE MclNNIS. LIBERAL ARTS Sanford DOUGLAS MocLENNAN, LIBERAL ARTS Toronto, Canoda CAROLYN McMULLEN, LIBERAL ARTS Largo CLASS F I RST ROW: DAVID McDowell, liberal arts Springfield, III. HAROLD McNeill, business Sonford, N. C. MILDRED MILLER, LIBERAL ARTS Sontord SECOND ROW : RAY MILLER, LIBERAL ARTS Miami IVOR MINK, LIBERAL ARTS Cocoa MARVINE MIZELL, LIBERAL ARTS Nahunto, Go. THIRD ROW: MARY MOON, LIBERAL ARTS Oviedo BARBARA MOBERG, MUSIC Miami EMILY MOORHEAD, LIBERAL ARTS Miami FOURTH ROW: MARJORIE MORRIS, LIBERAL ARTS Miami Beach WILLIAM ODOM, LIBERAL ARTS Mt. Doro CATHERINE ORJAVSKY, BUSINESS Youngstown, Ohio FIFTH ROW : CHARLOTTE OSBORN, LIBERAL ARTS Wainscott, N. Y. MELVIN OTT, BUSINESS Ocola TYRRELL OWEN, MUSIC Orlando S I XTH ROW: NANCY OWENS, LIBERAL ARTS Umatilla ROBERT PALMER, LIBERAL ARTS Daytona Beach RITA PERRY, LIBERAL ARTS Miami SEVENTH ROW : ROBERT PIERSON, BUSINESS Sonford BARBARA PLANK, LIBERAL ARTS Indianapolis, Ind. CHESTER PLANK, LIBERAL ARTS DeLand E IGHTH ROW: EDNA PLANT, MUSIC Panama City ROGER PORTER, BUSINESS Jacksonville Beach JEANNE PRICE, LIBERAL ARTS Sebring THE FRESHMAN FIRST ROW : JOSEPH PRINE, LIBERAL ARTS Cocoa MARY PUCKETT, MUSIC Daytono Beach PATRICIA RATIGAN, LIBERAL ARTS Sanford SECOND ROW: NANCY RAY, LIBERAL ARTS DeLand MARILYN REED, LIBERAL ARTS Jacksonville SUE REYNOLDS, LIBERAL ARTS Daytona Beach THIRD ROW: BARBARA RICHARDS, LIBERAL ARTS Live Oak CHARLES RICHARDS, LIBERAL ARTS Daytona Beach DIANNE RICHARDS, LIBERAL ARTS DeLond FOURTH ROW : WILLIAM RICHARDSON, LIBERAL ARTS Miami HARRY RICHBURG, LIBERAL ARTS Cedar Key ELLEN RIVERS, LIBERAL ARTS Orlando FIFTH ROW : BARBARA ROBERTS, LIBERAL ARTS Loke Butler DONNA ROE, LIBERAL ARTS Plant City JUNE ROGERS, LIBERAL ARTS Morton, Miss. SIXTH ROW: CLARENCE ROSE, LIBERAL ARTS Orlando WALTER ROUTH, LIBERAL ARTS Santord BEVERLY RUTTER, LIBERAL ARTS Ormond Beach SEVENTH ROW: TYRVELL RYDGREN, BUSINESS Teaneck, N. J. ROBERT SALTER, LIBERAL ARTS Jacksonville SYLVIA SAPP, BUSINESS Miami EIGHTH ROW : CLYDE SAULS, LIBERAL ARTS Monticello JACK SCHOEP, LIBERAL ARTS Milwaukee, Wis. IRENE SCHOMMER, LIBERAL ARTS Leesburg CLASS FIRST ROW: JOYCE SCHOWALTER, BUSINESS Homestead WILLIAM SELF, LIBERAL ARTS Jacksonville DAVID SELLARDS, LIBERAL ARTS Apopka SECOND ROW: CHARLES SELLERS, LIBERAL ARTS Cocoa GARY SELLERS, LIBERAL ARTS Ocala SALLY SENTELL, MUSIC Greenville, S. C. THIRD ROW : MARTHA SHARRON, LIBERAL ARTS Jacksonville SANDRA SHEAROUSE, LIBERAL ARTS Columbus, Go. TOMMY SHIELDS, BUSINESS Daytona Beach FOURTI-f ROW: JOSEPH SIEKANIEC, BUSINESS Pimburgh, Pa. EDNA SILCOCKS, LIBERAL ARTS Sylacaugo, Ala. NANCY SILVER, LIBERAL ARTS West Jefferson, Ohio FIFTH ROW : RICHARD SINGLETON, LIBERAL ARTS Daytona Beach TWILA SISK, MUSIC St. Cloud MARLENE SKORNSCHEK, BUSINESS Tampa SIXTH RO W : FRANK SLAUGHTER, BUSINESS Bristol, Tenn. ALVIN SMITH, LIBERAL ARTS Daytona Beach DIANE SMITH, LIBERAL ARTS Ft. Lauderdale SEVENTH ROW : MARY SMITH, BUSINESS Vero Beach PAUL SMITH BUSINESS Hallandale WALTER SMITH, MUSIC Jackson, S. C. EIGHTH ROW: EDWARD SOMMERVILLE, LIBERAL ARTS Toronto Canada DONALD SPARKS, LIBERAL ARTS Auburndale MARILYN SQUIER, LIBERAL ARTS St. Petersburg THE F R E S H M A Ni FIRST ROW: NANCY STECK, LIBERAL ARTS Montgomery, Ala. BARBARA STEFFENS, LIBERAL ARTS Mattoon, III. JENNY STEINKAMP, LIBERAL ARTS Flemingsburg, Ky. SECOND ROW : JOHN STEKANON, LIBERAL ARTS Cleveland, Ohio GEORGE STEPHANS, BUSINESS UmaHlla BARBARA STEPHENS, BUSINESS DeLand THIRD ROW: NORMA STEPHENS, LIBERAL ARTS St. Augustine ROBERT STEVENS, BUSINESS St. Augustine SUE STIBBS, LIBERAL ARTS DeLand FOURTH ROW : DAVID STOKER, LIBERAL ARTS Sarasota HELEN STOKES, BUSINESS Atlanta, Go. JOYCE STONE, BUSINESS Hastings FIFTH ROW : JACK STORY, BUSINESS Winter Haven NANCY STRICKLAND, LIBERAL ARTS Orlando FRANKLIN STURDIVANT, BUSINESS Sparta, N. C. SIXTH ROW: WILLIAM STURDIVANT, BUSINESS North Wilkesboro, N. C. JUNE SYLVESTER, LIBERAL ARTS Princeton, N. J. TERRELL TAFT, LIBERAL ARTS Winter Park SEVENTH ROW: ROBBYE TAYLOR, BUSINESS Atlanta, Go. RONALD TAYLOR, BUSINESS Sanford LAURA TEAGLE, LIBERAL ARTS Jacksonville EIGHTH ROW : VOLA THERRELL, LIBERAL ARTS Columbus, Go. BEATRICE THOMAS, BUSINESS Jacksonville CAROLINE THOMAS, LIBERAL ARTS Orlando LASS FIRST ROW: PHYLLIS THOMAS, MUSIC DeLand JOYCE THOMPSON, BUSINESS Ocala ROSELYN TOBIAS, MUSIC Waycross, Ga SECOND ROW : SYLVELIN TOLLESON, LIBERAL ARTS Lake City NICHOLAS UNGARD, BUSINESS Xenia, Ohio JOY VIAN, LIBERAL ARTS Miami THIRD ROW : THOMAS VIRDEN, BUSINESS Falls Church, Va BETTY WAGNER, BUSINESS Greenwood, S. C. ROBERT WATTERS, BUSINESS Birmingham, Ala FOURTH ROW : YVONNE WALDRON, LIBERAL ARTS Orlando HENRY WALKER, LIBERAL ARTS Miami HUGH WATSON, MUSIC Crestview FIFTH RO W : CHARLES WAYGOOD, BUSINESS Philadelphia, Pa RICHARD WEATHERLY, LIBERAL ARTS Punta Gordo PHILIP WEBER, LIBERAL ARTS DeLond SIXTH ROW: KELLY WEEKS, LIBERAL ARTS Miami EILEEN WERTS, LIBERAL ARTS St. Petersburg JOHN WESTERVELT, LIBERAL ARTS Umatilla SEVENTH ROW: CARL WHIDDON, LIBERAL ARTS Perry BRITTAIN WHITAKER, LIBERAL ARTS Tampa ANN WHITAKER, LIBERAL ARTS Sanford EIGHTH ROW : LOIS WHITE, MUSIC Ft. Myers ELIZABETH WHITE, LIBERAL ARTS Carolina Beach, N. C. RICHARD WHITE, LIBERAL ARTS Park Ridge, III. THE FRESHMAN FIRST ROW: ROBERT WHITE, BUSINESS Sanford CARNEY WILDER, BUSINESS Pohokee DONALD WILLIAMS, MUSIC Brozil, Ind. SECOND ROW : BONNIE WILLIAMS, BUSINESS Belle Glade LEON WILLIAMS, LIBERAL ARTS Okeechobee JACK WILLIAMSON, LIBERAL ARTS Hazard, Ky. THIRD ROW: JANET WILLIAMSON, LIBERAL ARTS Winter Park MARY WILLOUGHBY, LIBERAL ARTS Louisville, Ky. JOSH WILSON, LIBERAL ARTS Ft. Louderdole FOURTH ROW : MARILYN WILSON, BUSINESS Tampa GLENDA WINSTEAD, BUSINESS DeLand PATTY WISE, LIBERAL ARTS Orlando FIFTH RO W : SUZANNE WOODMAN, BUSINESS Atlanta, Ga. BARBARA YOUNG, BUSINESS Moravia JAMES YOUNG, LIBERAL ARTS Orlando SIXTH RO W : ROBERT YOUNG, MUSIC Lake Worth WILLIAM YOUNG, BUSINESS Lakeland EARL ZIEBARTH, LIBERAL ARTS Pierson Smiling . . . but not for long! Between classes . . . f te Ji4na auHtm ct THE COLLEGI LEMUEL A. HASLUP Dean The College of Law, located temporarily on the Naval Air Station campus, is the oldest law school in Florida, its first catalogue having been published in 1900. The second annual announcement stated: " . . . It is sought not merely to familiarize the student with certain rules of low, but also to develop a legal mind and train him in the art of legal reasoning. " The College of Law is a member of the Association of American Law Schools, and is ap- proved by the Council of Legal Education of the American Bar Association. Cctnta eJ ifouf iJoiceA li(t once a ain tf 78 F LAW THE FACULTY ROY FRANCIS HOWES Professor of Law A.B. 1910, Clark College; MA. 1912, Leiand Stanford Univ.; LL.B. 1918, Stetson Univ., LL.B. 1926, Come!! Univ.; S.J D. 1931, New York Univ. LEONARD J. CURTIS Visitirtg Professor of Law B.S., M.S., LL.D., Franklin College; J.D., Univ. ot Chicago. LOUIS CLAY JAMES Assistartt Professor of Law B.S. 1945, Univ. of Virginia; M.S. 1948, Columbia Univ.; LL.B. 1931, Univ. of Virginia. JOHN T. PEARSON Professor of Law B.S. 1922, M.S. 1927, Kansas State College; LL.B, 1916, Univ. of Kansas; LL.M. 1934, George Washington Univ. RAY JORDAN Law Librarian B.A,, Stetson Univ.; B.S. in Library Science, Univ. of North Carolina. CHARLES JOSEPH HILKEY Professor of Law A.B. 1905, College of Emooria; A.M. 1907, Univ. of Kansas; Ph.D. 1910, Columbia Univ.; J.D. 1915, Univ. of Michigon Law School; S.J.D. 1924, Harvard Univ. Law School. CLIFFORD WALDORF CRANDALL Visitir)g Professor of Law B.S. 1896, Adrian College; LL.B. 1899, Univ. of Michigan; LL.D. 1937, Adrian College. JAMES ROBERT WILSON Visiting Professor of Law A.B. 1928, J.D. 1930, Univ. of Iowa; J.S.D. 1934, Columbia Uni ' (Not Pictured) Resting between classes UM.:iU THE LAW BJARNE BECKER ANDERSEN, JR Daytona Beoch Lambda Chi Alpha, Rush Chairman, Social Vice-Pres.; Phi Alpha Delta, Social Vice-Justice; Student Gov ' t. Assn., Social Vice-Pres.; Law Students ' Assn., Student Affairs Counselor; I.F.C., Treas., Pres.; Scobbord and Blade, 1st Sgt., Sec; Chapman Club; Freshman Adviser, ' 49, ' 50; Freshman Talent Show, Master of Ceremonies, ' 48, Stage Mgr,, ' 49; Homecoming Committee ' 50; Outstanding Junior Cadet, R.O.T.C; Hatter Holiday Committee, Chairman; Stetson Reporter R.O.T.C. Editor WALKER ALLEN ANDERSON, JR Jacksonville Phi Alpha Delta, Vice-Justice; Thomas Cub, Pres, «| RICHARD W. BATES Cincinnati, Ohii Sigma Nu, Phi Delta Phi. RICHARD D. BERTONE Erie, Pa Phi Alpha Delta. (Not Pictured) LAWRENCE W. BORNS Daytona Beac " : NICHOLAS A. CAPUTO Broddock, Pa. Freshman Class Pres.; Thomas Club- Phi Delta Phi, Clerk; Junior Class Pres.; Honor Court, Chief Justice; Chapman and Thomos Clubs Co-ordinator; Law I.F.C; Law Students ' Assn., Pres. ROBERT A. CHASTAIN DeLand Delta Theto Phi; Chapman Club; Phi Alpha Theta. ARTHUR J. COUKART Aliquippa, Pa. Delta Theta Phi; Chopman Club; Law Students ' Assn.; Sec. and Treos., Senior Class; Sec. of Exchequer, Delta Theta Phi; Law I.F.C. JEROME FINE Detroit, Mich, Stover Theatre, Actor, Set Designer, ' 49, ' 50; Operetta, Actor, ' 51; Director Freshman Talent Show, ' 51, ' 52; Phi Alpha Theta, Social Vice-Pres., ' 51, ' 52; Justice Honor Court, ' 51: Junior Class Sec; Phi Delta Phi, Clerk, ' 52; Proaram Chairman, ' 5), Publicity Chair- man, ' 52. Law Day; Thomas Club, Sec, ' 51; Low I.F.C, ' 52; Con- tributor, Stetson Quarterly, ' 50; Stetson Reporter, Columnist, ' 51, ' 52; Director, Stetson Radio Talent Show, ' 51, ' 52; Pi Kappa Alpha, Rush Chairman. FRANK JOSEPH FLYNN New Smyrna Phi Delta Phi. (No Pictured) JOHN F. W. GREEN Shinglehouse, Pa. Junior Class Sec; Chapman Club; Phi Alpha Delta. (Not Pictured) ANTHONY J GREZIK Torcntum, Pa. Chapman Club, Sec-Treas.; Phi Delta Phi, Historian. WALLACE EDWARD GRISSETT, JR Jacksonville Stetson Reporter, ' 48, ' 49, ' 50, Editor, ' 49; Sigma Nu, ' 47, ' 48, ' 49, ' 50, Commander, ' 50; Intramural League Pres., ' 50; Ye Mystic Krewe, ' 50, ' 51, ' 52; Rules and Procedure Committee Chairman, ' 48: Men ' s Council, ' 50; Associate Homecomina Choirman, ' 52: Sigma Pi Knooa. ' 49 ' 50: Phi Alpha Dpito ' 51 ' 52 Scobbnrd and Blad°, ' 51, ' 57. LILLIAN ELIZABETH GRUBBS St. Augustine Delta Delta Delta. LEE ROY HORTON, JR Lake Wales Law Students ' Assn., Pres.; Freshman Class Pres.; Phi Alpha Delta, Justice, Sec; Freshman Law Scholastic Award; Chapman Club, Pres.: Men ' s Council. SENIORS DARIO JOHN ICARDI Pittsburgh, Pa. Low Students ' Assn., Treas.; Delta Theta Phi, Tribune; Chief Justice, Honor Court. PAGE S. JACKSON DeLand Phi Delta Phi, Treas. RICHMOND C. JOHNSON Smethport, Pa. (Not Pictured) ition; Thomas ROBERT E. MATHEWS Belle Glade Ye Mystic Krewe; Phi Alpha Delta, Justice; Chapman Club, Pres.; Law I.F.C., Pres.; I.F.C., Vice-Pres.; Stetson Reporter; Sigma Nu, Executive Council; Law Students ' Assn., Social Vice-Pres.; Men ' s Council, Vice-Pres.; Scobbord and Blade. JULIUS GEORGE PETRUSKA Trenton, N. J. Vice-Pres. Freshman Class; Vice-Pres. Junior Class; Law Students ' Assn., Treas., Vice-Pres.; Delta Theta Phi, Bailiff, Vice-Dean: Chap- man Club; Honor Roll, L.A.; Honor Roll, Law; R.O.T.C, Commis- sioned, ' 52; Law I.F.C. ROBERT E. KNOWLES . . . B rade nton National Moot Coi. rt Compet tion; Thomas CI jb. V ce Pres. DAN LeFEVRE . . . Win ter Park Men ' s Council, Phi Delta Phi. ■■■ JOHN B. ROOT Sanford Pi Kappa Delta; Debate Team; Lambda Chi Alpha, Chaplain; Phi Alpha Delta, Clerk. FREDERICK S. SCHMUNK Philadelphia, Pa. Senior Class, Pres.; Scholarship, Highest Scholostic Average; Out- standing Senior; Law I.F.C; Law Students ' Assn.; Phi Alpha Delta, Social Vice Justice. DONALD UPSON SESSIONS Daytona Beach Phi Delta Phi; Chopman Club; Publicity Committee; Improvements Committee. GEORGE W. STACY Port Orange Blue Key National Honorary Fraternity; Knights Templar and Master Mason; Delta Theta Phi. (Not Pictured) GEORGE RONALD STEDRONSKY Mount Dora Delta Sigma Phi, ' 51, ' 52, ' 53, Sec, ' 53; Phi Delta Phi, Magister, ' 52; Student Activities Counsellor; Law Students ' Assn., Sec, Treas.; Rules and Procedure Committee, Chairman, ' 52, ' 53. JANNA TUCKER Bradenton Delta Delto Delta. (Not Pictured) WILLIAM CLYDE WALKER, JR Orlando Phi Delta Phi; Thomas Club; National Moot Court Competition; Law I.F.C., Chairman. LAWRENCE R. WARRICK Winter Pork Delta Theta Phi, Tribune, ' 52; Junior Class, Vice-Pres.; Law Stu- dents ' Assn.: Senior Class, Vice-Pres.; Law I.F.C, ' 53. LAW JUNIORS NORMAN ABERTS Bel Air, Md. WALLACE ALLBRITTON Sanford ROBERT ARNOLD Houtzdale, Pa. FRED BARKSDALE Tampa PHILLIP BENNETT DeLond WILLIAM BIRMINGHAM Daytona THOMAS BISSONNETTE Tampa BRUCE CLARY St. Augustine JAMES CLAYTON DeLand WILFRED CONRAD Debary FRED CONWAY DeLand JOE DAVIS Santord FRANCIS FOWLER Daytona Beach ROBERT FREEZE Clearwater ELNORA FULLER DeLand PAUL LEE Charleston, S. C. ALBERT MclNTOSH St. Petersburg KENNETH MclNTOSH Miami LESLIE McLEOD DeLand FRED MANCINIK DeLand JOE T. MARTIN DeLand JOE B. MOMYER Scottdale, Pa KENNETH MONTGOMERY St. Petersburg SHERWOOD F. MYERS Chicago, III. CHARLES J PRATT Bradento.i FRANK REESE Jacksonville WILLIAM ROSSI Pittsburgh, Po WILLIAM M. ROWLAND Orlando JAMES RUSSELL DeLand EDWARD C. SMITH Pottstown, Pa. RUSSELL S. THACKER Kissimmee CHARLES H. WILLIAMS St. Augustine I LAW FRESHMEN JOHN BARON . Willimantic, Conn. Cowart CLARA BRITTON .... Ft. Worth, Tex. Eakin DAVID CLARK .... Bad Axe, Mich. WILLIAM COWART . . Haines City DONALD EAKIN JOE ELLIOTT .... Daytona Beach Ellion Engel NORMAN ENGEL Holly Hill LEWIS D. HAINES Starke NORMA JEAN HEWETT . . Ormond CARL JACKSON Gainesville Haines Lass iter RICHARD LASSITER . . JOSEPH P. LEWICKI Hamtranck, Mich. EDWARD C. MEADE . . Tampa DUANE QUICK Flint, Mich. Lewicki EDWARD T QUIRK . . . . . . . Lakewood, R. 1. Quick LEO ROSS .... Daytona Beach WILLIAM L. SAYRE . . Holly Hill WILLIAM SCRANTOM . . . Jacksonville Quirk HERBERT D SIKES . . . . . . . Jacksonville Sayre PIERRE L. STEWARD . . . . Winter Park NORAM THARP ERIC WAGNER .... St. Petersburg Scrantom FRANK WEBER .... Ormond Beach Steward ROBERT WILSON .... Daytona Beach WILLIAM WREN DeLand Wagner Wren S M Seated Caputo; Horton. Standing Warrick; Jackson, Petruska; Andersen, B. THE STETSON LAW STUDENTS ASSOCIATION OFFICERS NICHOLAS A. CAPUTO Chief Justice of the Honor Court LEE ROY HORTON President CARL R. JACKSON Vice President LAWRENCE R. WARRICK Secretary JULIUS G. PETRUSKA Treasurer BJARNE B ANDERSEN Student Activities Counsellor The Stetson Low Students Association consists of the entire membership of the College of Law. Its purpose is to provide a unified association of students enrolled in the College of Law, with a view toward maintaining a closer relationship among the students of the various classes and between the individual student and the administration. The Association endeavors to promote the interest of the student indi- vidually and collectively, and to provide a measure of self-government for the members of the College of Law. The Honor Court, which is a part of the Association, serves as a court for the trial of infractions and the recommendation of punishment in cases of guilt. The court consists of a judge elected by the Association, who presides over all trials, and a jury drown from the membership for each individual trial, students acting as prosecuting and defense attorneys. Florida rules of procedure are used for all trials. 84 DELTA T H E T A PHI FULLER WARREN SENATE NATIONAL LEGAL FRATERNITY OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER LAWRENCE R. WARRICK Dean DARIO J. ICARDI Tribune J. G. PETRUSKA Vice Dean N. D. ABERTS, JR Clerk ot Rolls ARTHUR J. COUKART Clerk of Exchequer FRED J. MANCINIK Master of Rifual SECOND SEMESTER JULIUS G. PETRUSKA Dean DEWEY ABERTS Tribune ARTHUR J. COUKART Vice Dean ROBERT A. FREEZE Clerk of Rolls ROBERT A. CHASTAIN Clerk of Exchequer EDWARD C. SMITH Master of Ritual The National Senate of Delta Theta Phi Legal Fraternity founded, in 1913, has as its objects: to unite fraternally congenial students of law; to lead them and their fellow students to high scholarship and legal learning; to promote justice; to inspire respect for the noblest qualities of manhood; and to advance the interest of every college of law which the fraternity is associated. N. D. Aberts, Jr. Robert A. Chastain Arthur J. Coukart Bruce E. Clary MEMBERS Norman Engle Robert A. Freeze Dario J. Icordi Fred J Mancinik J. G. Petruska Edward C. Smith Judge George Stacy Lawrence R. Warrick Seated: Mancinik; Chastain; Warrick; Icardi; Petruska; Coukart. Standing: Engel; Freeze; Smith; Clary; Aberts. PHI DELTA PHI CARDOZA INN Int-ernat-ional Legal Fraternity OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTEK GEORGE R. STEDRONSKY Magister NICHOLAS A. CAPUTO Clerk WILLIAM M. ROWLAND Exchequer WILLIAM S. BIRMINGHAM Historian SECOND SEMESTER LESLIE McLEOD Magister DONALD U. SESSIONS Clerk PAIGE S. JACKSON Exchequer LAWRENCE W. BORNS Historian Phi Delta Phi was founded on December 13, 1869, at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, it thus became the first legal, as well as the first professional fraternity to be founded in the United States. The fraternity has striven constantly to promote a higher standard of professional ethics in law schools and the profession at large. Richard W. Botes Philip S. Bennett Lawrence Boms William S. Birmingham Nicholas A. Caputo Wilfred H. Conrad MEMBERS Jerome Fine Frank J. Flynn Francis L. Fowler Anthony J. Grezik Paige S. Jackson Robert Knowles Daniel LeFevre Leslie McLeod William M. Rowland Donald U. Sessions George R. Stedronsky William Walker Seated; Caputo; Rowland; Deon Haslup; Dr. Pearson; Stedronsky. Standing: Knowles; Bates; Sessions; Conrad; McLeod; Flynn; Borns; Fine; Jackson; Fowler; Grezik. PHI ALPHA DELTA BREWER CHAPTER National Law Fraternity OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER ROBERT MATHEWS Justice WALKER A. ANDERSON Vice Justice BJARNE ANDERSEN Social Vice Justice JOHN B. ROOT Clerk TED GRISSETT Treasurer JAMES RUSSELL Marshal LEE R. HORTON Corresponding Secretary SECOND SEMESTER LEE R. HORTON Justice BILL GREENE Vice Justice FRED SCHMUNK Social Vice Justice RUSSELL THACKER Clerk WALKER ANDERSON Treasurer JAMES CLAYTON Marshal BJARNE ANDERSEN Corresponding Secretary Phi Alpha Delta is a national law fraternity founded in 1 898 at Chicago, Illinois. It has chapters in fifty-eight of the leading American law schools and thirty-one alumni chapters in the larger Ameri- can cities. The David J. Brewer Chapter was installed at the John B. Stetson University College of Law in 1915. The purpose of Phi Alpha Delta is to encourage scholarship, to promote the discussion of legal subjects, to effectuate and to foster the high ideals of the legal profession. MEMBERS Bjarne B. Andersen Walker A. Anderson Fred Barksdale James Clayton Bill Greene Ted Grissett Lee R. Horton Robert Mathews John B. Root James Russell Fred Schmunk Jerry Staab Russell Thacker Robert Arnold Richard Bertone Tom Bissonnette William Cowart S. J. Davis Richard Lassiter Joe Martin Ken Montgomery Frank C. Rees George Williams FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. L. J. Curtis Dr. R. F. Howes Prof. H. J. Jernigon Prof. L. C. James Seated Anderson, W.; Horton; Mathews; Green. First Row, Standing: Clayton; Grissett; Bertone; Russell; Andersen, B.; Mar- tin; Reese; Dovis; Williams. Second Row, Standing: Barksdale; Lassiter; Arnold; Schmunk; Root; Cowart; Bissonnette; Mont- gomery. Seated; Knowles; Anderson, W.; Fuller; Freeze; Davis. Standing: Borns; Bennett; Scrantom; Rowland; Lewickl; Walker; LeFevre; Sayre; Eakin; Jackson, C; Wil- liams; Quick. THOMAS LAW CLUB CHAPMAN LAW CLUB First Row. Petrusko; Mont- gomery; Anderson, B.; Rus- sell; Cowart; Mathews; Ross; Martin. Second Row: Clay- ton; McLeod; Chastoin; All- britton. Third Row: Wren; Mcintosh, B.; Root; Aberts. Fourth Row: Bennett; Jack- son, C; Quick; Borns; Lassi- ter. • l l a- o f OLD FRIENDS GET TOGETHER FEATURES l H ht U theit fUtif . . . n • , , ■■- ' vv ' i:- ■-; ! - iHf. tetMh CLARENCE " HUGO " HUGHES ¥, I MARILYN TALTON to tetMH 93 DONNA JEAN NEWCOMER GEORGE SHRIVER OUTSTANDING Eighteen seniors were chosen this year, two from the low school and sixteen from the un- dergraduate ranks, as outstanding leaders on Stetson ' s campus. A list of names compiled by a committee from the Hatter staff was submitted to the entire student body and the results of their votes are shown on these following pages. MARY JO BRADDY CARROLL LEWIS SENIORS . . . JOAN MACE OBBY MARKS CAROLYN BALTZER JACK COLDIRON UTSTANDIN SENIORS OUTSTANDING SENIORS MARILYN TALTON TOM MAHAFFEY LILLIAN GRUBBS FREDERICK SCHMUNK nnpiii HATTER CHOICES DORIS LYON, First Place Sigma Phi Epsilon In November of 1952 the Hatter once again sponsored its annual beau- ty contest with several special oppor- tunities going to the winners. The first place winner represented Stetson in the Orange Bowl Queen Contest, the second place contestant was the guest of the Gator Bowl Committee for their beauty queen contest, and the third place entry represented Stetson Uni- versity at the Tangerine Bowl football gome and festival. A hearty congrat- ulations to the winners and thanks from the Hatter staff to all those who made the contest the success that it Seated, Left to Right: Carol Chapman, Mary Lowry, Doris Lyon, Roasie Wetherington, Sue Ferrell, Morilyn Talton. Standing, Left to Right: Barbara Pence, Chorlotte Hon, Sue Reynolds, Phylis Thomos, and Nancy Silver. JOHNNY MIZE OF THE NEW YORK YANKEES elecU Something new in choosing beauties for the 1953 Hatter was tried this year as the staff approached Mr. Johnny Mize, famous baseball star, and asked him to pick Stetson ' s campus queens. In our book, his selections scored a definite " homerun " , with Ginger Rich first, Caroline McGinnis second, and Joan Mace, Mary Glenn Lowry, Bunnie Stephens, and Ann DeLaney as run- ners-up. The Hatter congratulates these girls, one and all. Opposite Page, Left to Right: Joan Mace, Bun- nie Stephens, Ginger Rich, " Big Jawn " Mize, Caroline McGinnis, Mary Glenn Lowry, Ann DeLaney. MISS GINGER RICH Sponsored by Sigma Nu MISS CAROLINE McGINNIS Sponsored by Delta Delta Delta WHO ' One of the highest honors given to any student at Stetson University is that of being chosen as a nominee for " Who ' s Who Among Students in Amer- ican Universities and Colleges. " A student-faculty committee submitted the list of prospective nominees to the Academic Council for the final selec- tion. Our congratulations to those who have proved themselves to be outstand- ing in many phases of campus life — the fourteen chosen for Who ' s Who at Stetson. GEORGE SHRIVER JACKIE RICH HARRY RUTLEDGE H N R A R I E " Education is p4V:?T University is to fos jr re zenship, and loyalty, Jhfegrou ore responsible torv co fying o choose their members their selections; an ' " ye arbook we give|iearty DONNA ROE yaii tc cut claMmate . . . n 1 LYNN PIER Outstanding Girl Freshman tor 1951-52 Seated, Left to Right: Charlotte Noylor, Carolyn Baltzer, Joyce Pixley, Joon Mace. Standing, Left to Right: Shirley Rogers, Shirley Williams, Sue Blow, Nancy Lightfoot, Jackie Rich, and Joy Nichols. THE HONOR The Honor is on organization to aid in the development of all-around young women, to encourage scholarship, to recognize individual abilities, and to promote leadership. The Honor taps 6 new members OFFICERS CAROLYN BALTZER President CHARLOTTE NAYLOR Vice President JOAN MACE Secretary-Treasurer SUZANNE CRAWFORD Sergeant-at-Arms Left to Right, First Row: Jack Morgan, Robert Mafhews, Bobby Marks, Tom Gibson, Bill Hotley, and George Stedronsky. Second Row: Don liakin. Herb Stenstrom, Ted Grisset, Bill Scrontom, Jack Griffith, Pres. Edmunds, Harry Rutledge, Professor Furlong, Dr. McEniry, Dr. Duncan, Jack Coldiron, Professor Feasel, and George Shriver. YE MYSTIC K R E W E OFFICERS HARRY RUTLEDGE Captain BILL SCRANTOM First Mate JACK COLDIRON Second Mate GEORGE SHRIVER Boatswain BOB HUFFMAN Cabin Boy As an honorary leadership fraternity for Junior and Senior men, Ye Mystic Krewe tries to foster o better understanding between the administration and the students and to give recognition to those male students who have distinguished themselves through leadership. Selection is based on the individual ' s ability and accomplishments without regard to fraternity or other affiliations. Founded in 1934. JOHN HOWELL Outstanding Male Freshman Straight A ' s no less Krewe sponsors OFFICERS BETTY LUND President DONNA JEAN NEWCOMER Vice President DOROTHY BOHREN Secretary ROBERTA PEMBLE Treasurer SUZANNE CRAWFORD Historian NANCY LIGHTFOOT Door Keeper iK ' : !SMi j i¥ssBfsxir:i mmsmm Left to Right: Noreen Fitzpatrick, Mrs. Ray Moeller, Liz Osburn, Shirley Lowe, Joanne Motes, Delores Gough, Suzanne Crawford, Dorothy Bohren, Roberta Pemble, Evelyn Gordon, Carol Hart, Nancy Lightfoot, and Donna Jean Newcomer. PHI BETA MUSIC FRATERNITY Phi Beta Music Fraternity is for young women who are outstanding in Music. It is a national fraternity striving for professional achievement in music or dramatics, high ideals in womanhood, and scholarship. GAMMA SIGMA EPSILON Gamma Sigma Epsilon is a national honorary chemistry fraternity, the object of which is to increase interest and scholarship in chemistry. Left to Right: Dr. Conn, Dr. Thompkins, Dr. Voughen, McCormick, Perry, Price, Wilcox, Vaughen. Not Picturc.l Roe Hull, Charles Collins, Bruce Lane, Bill McBrey, Curtis Norman. OFFICERS RACHEL PERRY President WAYNE PRICE Vice President JEAN McCORMICK Secretary ROE HULL Treasurer IN FACULTATE DR. JOHN CONN DR. JOHN VAUGHEN DR. L. THOMPKINS m SIGMA DELTA PI OFFICERS SHIRLEY WILLIAMS President CHARLOTTE NAYLOR Vice President DOT WILDE Recording Secretary JEANNE GAILBREATH Corresponding Secretary BOB BREYFOGLE Treasurer CAROLYN DANIEL Historian First Row, Left to Right: Jim Bryant, Charles Granger, Shir- ley Williams, Horace Taylor, and Joe Foimor. Second Row, Left to Right: George Shrlver, Jack Morgan, Larry Foster, Bob Breyfogle, Dick Greaves, and Walter Salter. DER DEUTSCHE VEREIN OFFICERS JIM DATOR President RICHARD BLOODWORTH Vice President BILL BUDGET Secretary BILL SHAW Treasurer DR. FRANCES THORNTON Faculty Adviser First Row, Left to Right: Charlotte Naylor, Joy Nichols, Dot Wilde, Shirley Williams, and Lynn Pier. Second Row, Left to Right: Rachel Perry, Jeanne Goilbreath, Micki Horton. Third Row, Left to Right: Bruno Di Giulian, Bill Wren, Frank RItter, and Mrs. Bettie Lee Hussey. Fourth Row, Left to Right: Ralph Ainsworth, Bob Breyfogle, Shirley Swarthout, Dr. Doris K. Arjona, and Miss Elsie Jamieson. • LA FRANCIADE OFFICERS ROBERT BREYFOGLE President JACK MORGAN Vice President CAROLYN DANIEL Secretary DICK GREAVES Treasurer DR. FRANCES THORNTON Faculty Adviser FRED BEIGHLEY Graduate Sponsor First Row, Left to Right: Thomas Lorenz, George Shriver, Bill Budgett, Bill Shaw, Jack Morgan. Second Row, Left to Right: Jim Gray, Larry Lafferty, Bob Breyfogle, and Jim Dator. Not Pictured: Rachel Perry. Left to Right, First Row Anne Gatiin, Morilyn Talton, Joy Nichols, Carolyn Bolt-zer. Second Row Mrs. Horold Griffin, Hoke Shirley, Johnny Musgrove, Helen Lee Radloff. Third Row: Chuck Harris, Robert Kimbrough, Dr. Brockett, Dr. Stover, John Howell. T H E T A ALPHA PHI The purposes of Theto Alpha Phi ore to in-creose interest, stimulate creativeness, and foster artistic achievement in all of the allied arts andcrafts of the theatre. (Not Pictured) JACKIE RICH SAL MANFREE JACK COLDIRON Chuck, Joy, and Carolyn. OFFICERS JOY NICHOLS President CAROLYN BALTZER Vice President JACKIE RICH Secretary CHUCK HARRiS Treasurer SAL MANFREE Historian OFFICERS WAYNE PRICE President JOYCE PIXLEY Vice President BETTY LUND Secretary JUNE DILLARD Treasurer Front Rov , Left to Right: June Dillard, Barbara Rutter, Iris Harvey, Joyce Pixley, Jeanne Goilbreath. Back Row, Left to Right: Ann Gottin, Shirley Williams, Dr. R. L. Carter, Chopter Sponsor, Edna Smiley, Wayne R. P rice, Chapter President, Mary J. Vestermork, Dr. Ray Sowers, Audry Price, Carolyn Baltzer. KAPPA DELTA PI Kappa Delta Pi is a notional honorary educotional fraternity, endeavor- ing to foster high standards of preparation for teaching and to invite into bonds of fellowship those who have attained excellence of scholarship and distinction of achievement as students and servants of Education. KAPPA PI The Hatter Art Club was formed on the Stetson campus in 1935, with Miss Harvey as the director. In May, 1946, this club was installed as the chapter of Kappa Pi, the oldest art fraternity among colleges today. The purpose of Kappa Pi is to promote an interest in art and to create a sincere love of beauty and appreciation of art. Left to Right, First Row: Al Vorn, Robin Smith, Alice Hocker, Ann Millican, John Wing. Second Row; Valero Cates, Marilyn Huebner, Edith Lothrop, Don Bohren, Randy Ritter, Katherine Rond. Third Row: Miss Edith Harvey, Mr. George Gaines, Mr. Louis Freund, John Phillips, Jane Summers. OFFICERS JOHN WING President ROBIN SMITH Vice Presi ent ALICE HOCKER Secretory ANN MILLICAN Treosurer AL VARN Publicity MR. LOUIS FREUND Sponsor MISS EDITH HARVEY MR GEORGE GAINES Faculty Advisers OFFICERS CAROLYN DANIEL President BRUNO Dl GIULIAN Vice President KATHRYN RAND Secretary CURTIS WILCOX Treasurer MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Don Bohren Carolyn Daniel Roger Ericson Rosalyn Fordham Charlotte Gambil Jim Gerretson F. A. Green Clint Kimbrough Duncon Pordue Harry Rutledge Barbara Rutter Sherrill Underwood Beth White Herb Willcox Pat Wodischek Top: Carolyn and SIGMA PI KAPPA Sigma Pi Kappa is the honorary journalistic fraternity consisting of outstanding mem- bers of student publications. Its purposes are to promote the best interests of the college publications and to establish and encourage a higher type of journalism. First Row, Left to Right: Joe Folmar, Curtis Wilcox, Tom Mahaffey, Jim Young, Bruno Di Giulian, and Roy Mills. Second Row, Left to Right: Kitten Rand, Carolyn Cole, Ann Russell, Barbara Martin, B. J. Henderson, and Boerner Butts. Third Row, Left to Right:Aliee Cole, Ginger Booth, Lynn Pier, Bobbie Johnson, Glorio Nix, and Moyonne Davis. -fi OFFICERS PAUL LEE President BILL SCRANTOM Vice President HARRY RUTLEDGE Secretory JIM MURPHY Treosurer FACULTY MEMBERS LT. COL. ISAAC F BONIFAY CAPT. PAUL B DURUZ COL. JOHN RHETT First Row, Left to Right: Bjornc Andersen, Iro Youngblood, Thomos Gibson, and Robert Morks. Second Row, Left to Right Paul Lee, Leroy Ritch, Al Vorn, Booty Nance, ond Jock Karl. Third Row, Left to Right: Bill Scrontom, Bob Motthews, Walt Girvin, Jock Smith, and Jock Oksnee. Fourth Row, Left to Right: Curtis Wilcox, Ken Macintosh, Jock Griffith, Jim Murphy, and Harry Rutledge. SCABBARD AND BLADE The National Society of Scabbard and Blade is an honorary military society for cadets enrolled in advanced R.O.T.C. The Stetson Student Officers Association was installed as a company in The Notional Society of Scabbard and Blade during R.O.T.C. week-end in January, 1952. The principal aim of the organization is to promote a feeling of unity among the cadet military leaders and to main- tain a higher standard in the militar - activities of the corps. PHI ALPHA THETA AND I. R. C. Phi Alpha Theta is an honorary fraternity to encourage the study of history. It offers a prize to the outstanding history student graduating at the June Commencement. The International Relations Club was organized in 1938, under the sponsorship of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. The purpose of the club is to stimulate a greater interest in and a better understanding of international affairs. First Row, Left to Right: Leroy Eostin, Jock Morgon, George Shriver, and Professor Gilbert Lycan. Second Row, Left to Roh- Bill Warden, Bill Wren, and Mrs. R. Kimbrough. OFFICERS PHI ALPHA THETA JACK MORGAN President GEORGE SHRIVER Vice President JUNE DILLARD Secretary -Treasurer DR GILBERT LYCAN Faculty Adviser IRC. FRANCIS GREEN President JACK MORGAN Vice President LEROY EASTIN Secretary GENE HOLBROOK Treasurer IN FACULTATE PROF JOHN E JOHNS DR GILBERT LYCAN COL. J T RHETT PROF. HARRY S WINTERS ' - ' fT ' ' First Row, Left to Right; Bob Wilber, Wayne Price, ond Guido Tambu Gatlin, Jean McCormick, June Oillard, Rachael Perry, and Charles Sieg. Toole, Bill Edwards, Ray Dunne. .-, , Lift t.: I iylit Don Potterson, Ann Lett to Right: Professor Prichard, Dick BETA BETA BETA Beta Beta Beta, an affiliated society of The American Society for the Advancement of Science, was founded in 1922 at Oklahoma City University. Beta Xi, the Stetson chapter, which was accepted into the national organization in 1946, is one of seventy-seven chapters established in universities in the United States, in the Caribbean region, and in Asia. Their purpose is to form honorary societies for students of the biological sciences and thereby to stimulate sound scholarship, to promote the dissemination of scientific truth, and to encour- age investigation in the life sciences. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED MEMBERS IN FACULTATE Miss Dorothy Fuller Dr. Winchester Bruce Lane Robert Ande Dr. Ezra Allen Miss Carolyn Miller Dr. Winchester Miss Dorothy Fuller Mr. E. C. Prichard Dr. Ezra Allen Left to Right: Bob Wilber, Rachael Perry, June Dillord, and Bill Edwards. OFFICERS BILL EDWARDS President BOB WILBER Vice President JUNE DILLARD Secretory DR. WINCHESTER Treosurer RACHAEL PERRY Pledge Trainer THE CO-OPERATIVE PLAN at STETSON UNIVERSITY A large life insurance company offers its employees fhe opportunity to earn and learn under the Co-op Plan. An on-the-job Co-op student, training for on executive po- sition, decorates a counter in a large chain store. Co-op student takes inventory as part of job training. The purpose of Stetson ' s Co-op Plan is threefold — to furnish on-the-job experience in a student ' s major field of study; to make pos- sible a greater understanding of human re- lations in business; and to make possible fi- nancial aid to students. Both men and women may become Co-op students. Many business executives today feel that classroom experience received in college will not take the place of actual work in a related field in industry, therefore, many Co-op stu- dents are creating a permanent career for themselves while attending college. Students working on their jobs come in daily contact with fellow employees and the public, thereby gaining a valuable insight into business ethics, economics, and psychology. Co-op students generally pay most of the costs of their edu- cation from on-the-job income. Mr. E. B. Crim is the present director of the Stetson Co-op Plan. Picture ot left shows Co-op student during first days of work in a bank. Picture on the right shows some student ot a later dote OS he assumes on advanced position as a teller. Left to Right: Jack Morgan, George Shriver, Hoke Shirley, William Sayer, Bill Wren. OFFICERS JACK MORGAN President BILL WREN Vice President GEORGE SHRIVER Secretary ROBERT KIMBROUGH Treasurer DR. POPE DUNCAN Faculty Adviser SCROLL AND KEY The order of the Scroll and Key was formed in 1942 for the purpose of recognizing and encouraging high scholarship. Members are chosen from the highest five per cent of the Junior and Senior classes. qp P H I SOCIETY The Phi Society is an honor society sponsored by Phi Beta Kappa in a number of col- leges and universities. It recognizes and honors those students in the College of Liberal Arts outstanding in scholarship. To be eligible for membership, a student must maintain a B-plus average in the first year of college work. First Row, Left to Right: Randy Ritter, Jack Morgan, Bruno Di Giulion, Ann Cornwall, George Shriver, Jim Dator. Second Row, Left to Right: Jim Grey, Victor Vaughen, John Howell, Hoke Shirley, William Sayer, Bob Breyfogle, and Bill Warden. OFFICERS BILL WARDEN President BOB BREYFOGLE Vice President JOYCE ROGERS Secretary JIM GREY Treosurer DR POPE DUNCAN Faculty Adviser OFFICERS HOWARD SCHMOCK President JOHN LAUER Vice President CHARLES TURNER Secretary-Treasurer PETE BUKER Parliamentarian RICHARD FEASEL DONALD YAXLEY Faculty Advisers fM First Row, Left to Right: Howard Gold, John Lauer, Charles Turner, Howard Schmock. Second Row, Left to Right: Walt Snyder, John Creel, Steve Berry, Walter Hawkins, John Phillip, Frank Creech. Third Row, Left to Right: Gettise Elliott, Charles Groth, Tom Smith, Robert Young, Ransel Evans. Fourth Row, Left to Right Don Williams, Terry Owens, Warren Smith. Not Present: Pete Buker and Carl Vollrath. KAPPA KAPPA P S I Kappa Kappa Psi is the only national honorary fraternity operating solely in the field of the col- lege band. Its membership is restricted to those who show outstanding musical achievement and a sincere interest in the promotion of the best in band music. The Alpha Xi Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi was installed at Stetson in 1936 and since that time has been one of the outstanding chapters in the fraternity. T A U BETA S I G M A U The purpose of Tau Beta Sigma, the National Honorary Sorority for Bondswomen, is to effect a more perfect organization of members who find a common inspiration in the appreciation and the re-creation of fine music. First Row, Left to Right: Janet Souls, Joyce Abrahomson, Carol Von Allsburg. Second Row, Left to Right: Sheila Ryan, Doro- thy Bohren, Suzanne Crawford, ond Dot Wamble. Third Row, Left to Right: Jane Summers, Barbara Veotch, and Joan McLean. OFFICERS SUZANNE CRAWFORD President DOROTHY WAMBLE Vice President DOROTHY BOHREN Secretary JOAN McLEOD Treosurer SPORTS , ' « i Haii tc the t etceJ . " mm ' f Oh the BRADY COWELL Left to Right: Head Coach Jay Pattee and Line Coach Don Hardage. Athletic Director -j SEASON ' S RESULTS Coach Jay Pattee inherited a football picture this fall with one of the roughest slates in the grid-history Stetson 6 Florida 33 of Stetson. Pattee made the jump from Assistant l f J° " ° N. E. Louisiana 20 Cooch to Head Coach after the ' 52 spring training Stetson 25 Furman 14 fas Stetson 6 Tampa 6 SeSSIOn. Stetson 13 Parris Islond Marines 54 Pattee wos assisted by Don Hordoge, a familiar Stetson 6 F.S.U. 6 face around Stetson ' s campus. Hardage had the task l[ [ ° " ' ' E- Cor° ' ino 19 of tutoring the Hatter line. Stetson Miami 35 k iL-j- j i-u- ■ l -j- ijj Stetson 32 Troy State 14 Much credit IS due this pair for doing a splendid Stetson Mississippi 49 job in the face of Overwhelming odds. 1952 STETSON HATTERS Front Row, Left to Right: Bud Breed, Bob Marks, Leonard Booth, Billy Odom, Jerry Hopkins, Charles Appel, Nick Colontuano, Rod Lon- singer. Sonny Porrish, Willi Han, Jack Collins, Guido Tambur. Second Row, Left to Right: Doug MocLennon, Stan Malisiski, Jerry Gollagher, Stan Marks, Walt Golde, George Jochem, Dave Laude, Tom Gibson, B. J. Leathers, Al Daub, Ron DeLilla, Phil George, Bobby Williams, Earl Keller, Roy Bossett, and Gene Stephenson. Third Row, Left to Right: Jim Dator, Bob Williams, Joe McLeod, Bill Jackson, Del Reinke, Al Soppio, Bill Proctor, Jim Yonge, Earl Looman, Honk Boyer, Ron Fazekas, Dave Albro, Murray North, Jack Browner, and Judson Rogers. Fourth Row, Left to Right: Ted Sommerville, Sonny Stephenson, Mark Stevens, Ed Houston, Bob Palmer, Dave Best, Dick Hubert, Ervin Snodgross, Roy Skinner, Walter Routh, John Edgington, Doyle West, Harold Gregg, and Horold Knowles. GRIDIRON Tri-Capfains . . . Tom Gibson, Al Soppio, and B. J. Leathers. FLOPfDA Stymied on the ground by a tough Hatter forward wall, the University of Florida took to the air for their first tally late in the first quarter. The ' Gators were held to 13 points ot the half, which ended after the Hats could not tally from fifteen yards out. It was just too much Casores and Long as Florida iced the game early in the third period. Defensively, Leathers, Loude, Tambur, and Hopkins led the Big Green, while DeLilla, Gallagher, Marks, and Yonge took the offensive limelight. Werner broke the season ' s scoring column for Stetson as he dashed 57 yards with an Intercepted ' Gator pass. Stetson 6, Florida 33. T Ksf GUIDO TAMBUR End " Papa " Hall is tackled os Loude mokes 121 WILLI HAN Bock BOBBY MARKS Back K £ LOU SMN h After a slow start which saw the Louisiana boys running up much yardage through the Hatter line, the Big Green really began to roll with Han, B. Marks, Werner, and Odom sparking the running attack. Lou- isiana mode it close with two quick scores before the half ended. The second half was all Werner as he scored his third and fourth TDs of the game on two sensational pass interceptions of 40 and 88 yards. The Hats had served notice that they would be tough . . . Werner was picked as Florida ' s outstanding back. Final score 40-20. rt RMAM The brother Baptists from the Palmetto State held the Big Hats to no score and took a 7 point lead at the half. But, after the half-time pow-wow, it was a different ball game. DeLilla generalled a 73 yard drive for the first Stetson tally. Parrish intercepted a pass, Golde recovered a fumble, and both were con- verted into scores, the first by a line plunge. The Hatter touchdown machine was cranked up in the final minutes to score on a bruising 81 yard drive. Han ' s play was rewarding, for he was picked as Flor- ida ' s outstanding back. Final score 25-14. NICK COLANTUANO Bock Sappia leads Marks agoinst Purple Hurricanes. mAfp A rain-soaked field, injuries to key Hatter personnel, and some rugged line play by-both elevens all chipped in to account for a tie ball game down in Tampa. The Big Hats drew first blood as Bobby Marks put the seal on a thirty-four yard drive with a four yard dash around end for the first — and what proved to be the last — TD. Tampa scored on a freak pass play late in the final quarter, but Herb Werner sPced into the Spartan backfield to block the extra-point attempt. Laude, Tambur, Han, B. Marks, and Looman led the Hatters. Tension on the bench. PAIHS SIANP AHAKINES Though the final score indicated a runaway ball game, the Hats never gave up an opportunity to show the Marines a good battle. The Hatters surprised everyone as they drew first blood when Bobby Marks went over from the four. A determined Stetson forward wall kept the Marine ground game in check, but Vacanti ' s passing figured in five Parris Island scores. Leathers and Tambur kept the Marine T-backs ' shoestrings untied a good part of the night in some stellar line ploy. The Hatters managed to score once more in the third period on a Galla- gher-to-Odom pass. DEL REINKE Tackle JIM YONGE End Voted most improved player of 1952 DAVE LAUDE End BILL PROCTOR Tackle EARL LOOMAN Tackle HANK BOYER Tackle AL DAUB Guard JOHN EDGINGTON End WALT GOLDE Guard (C: JERRY HOPKINS Back ROD LONSINGER Back SONNY PARRISH Back BILLY ODOM Back Leathers stops Seminoles ' Thompson, as Hatters assist. FLOR DA STATE It was one of those hard-fought games, led by a stout defensive play, but neither the Hats nor the Semi- noles could find the scoring punch near the goal line. After a first half dominated by F.S.U., the Hats changed the picture by keeping the Indians backed up inside their 30 most of the second half. The Big Green made several moves inside the F.S.U. 20, but penalties seemed to nullify crucial plays. Leathers, Tambur, and Looman led the Hatter defense, while Odum took the offen- sive honors with a 43 yard dash in the last quarter to give Stetson a 6-6 tie. ■I I F.S.U. takes to the air (middle picture). Gibson gets the nose treatment from Seminole . . . DOUG MacLENNAN Bock JOE McLEOD End GEORGE JOCHEM Tackle HOMECOMING E. C fPOUm Against a Pirate crew that refused to strike colors, the Hatters controlled ploy for three quarters only to be shocked by two quick Carolina scores in the final period. The first half was scoreless with both teams throwing up strong defensive patterns. The Hatters pleased the Homecoming crowd with three well-engi- neered TDs in the second half. Bobby Marks swept 12 yards around end for the first, Gallagher cracked over from the five, and Yonge took a toss from Stan Marks for the last Hatter tally. Stetson held a 19-6 lead with less than eight minutes to play, but the Tar Heels scored on a pass, a spectacular 88 yard punt return, and added one PAT to give them a 19-19 tie. Tombur, Looman, Leathers, Hopkins, and Reinke led the defensive ploy, with Odum, B. Marks, and Han leading the offense. LES APPEL juard I MARKS Back txi fT DAVE ALBRO Center ,v M AMI iHv- ■ After holding the Hurricanes to only two markers in the first half and to no score in the third quarter, the scrapping but out-manned Hots gave up twenty-seven points in the final period to go down in Miami ' s Orange Bowl, 35-0. Paced by Tambur, Leathers, Hopkins, Reinke, and Hofford, the Big Green threw two bruising goal line stands at Gustafson ' s bag of tricks. The Hatters started well but the ' Canes stopped the drive on their own 21. Stetson missed another opportunity to score just as the half ended after Reinke had intercepted a Miami aerial. BOB KUTNIEWSKI Tackle RON FAZEKAS Tockle Marks around Troy end MARK HOFFORD End TROY STATE JOE SIEKANIEC Guard With nine seniors playing their final home game, there was little doubt as to the fate of the Troy Red Wave as Coach Pattee had every weapon polished and " loaded for b ' or. " Bobby Marks went over from the two after three and one half minutes. Stan Marks sneaked over from the one after a 53 yard drive. Gallagher made the longest run of the season as he flashed 78 yards to poydirt. Bobby Marks tallied his second TD in the fourth quarter from 19 yards out, and Stan Marks hit Laude for a pass for the finale. MURRAY NORTH End A. FIRESHEETS Guard IRVIN SNODGRASS Back f ALLEN GEORGE Guard MlSffSSfPPf SOUWEPN In spite of the Hatters ' one-sided loss to the Mississippi Southern- ers, the Mississippi coach rated Stetson as his toughest opponent, excluding Alabama. The underdog Hats controlled the opening session with a drive which was halted by a pass interception. The Big Green did their usual good job in the first half and played the Southerners on fairly even terms before yielding a three-touchdown burst in the final quarter. GENE MARTIN Back ALTERNATES Left to Right: Ginger Rich, D. Knisely, Sue Reynolds, Hugh Young. LEONARD BOOTH Guard Left to Right: Herb Willcox, Pat Wodischek, B. J. Henderson, Harry Usher, (Stonding), Barbara Rutter, Coptoin; Borbara Brock, Mayanne Davis, and Buzz Johnson. ]S COACH DICK MORLAND Head Basketball and Physical Education Director BASKETBALL at Taking over the helm of the Department of Health and Physical Education, and the post of varsity basketball coach . . . Coach Richard B. Morland brought to Stetson a long record of achievement in the athletic world. A graduate of Birmingham-Southern College and holding a Master ' s Degree from Springfield College, he has much experience in various city-wide YMCA programs in Birmingham, Louisville, McBurney, N. Y., and New York City. Morland was no stranger to this area, as he led his team at Flor- ida Southern to the Dixie Conference Champion- ship in 1950. This edition of the Hats carried all the way to the second round of the NAIA tournament under his watchful eye ... a fitting warning to Gotorlond for things to come from the Hots on the hardwood. STETSON HI-HATTER CAGE SQUAD Front Row, Left to Right: Dave Foster, monager; Jack Smith, guard; Jack Oksnee, guord; Bob Crumpton, guard; Chuck Gran- ger, manager. Standing, Left to Right: Jim Carlin, guard; John Imgrund, forward; Jim Taveneire, forward; Ted Cassidy, center; Jim Yonge, center; Edwin Honsel, center; Bill Garrett, forward; and Coach Richard B. Morland. Foreground: Ted Hann, mascot. m = b |® % A . f ' iiii) , ■itSi : ( ' • ' " t! ' STETSON SCHEDULE STETSON PATRICK AFB 57 FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE 97 ROLLINS COLLEGE 82 UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA 74 LAKE FOREST COLLEGE 64 ILLINOIS WESLEYAN 72 BELOIT COLLEGE 65 UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE 81 UNIVERSITY OF TAMPA 86 UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI 70 ROLLINS COLLEGE 96 UNIVERSITY OF TAMPA 71 GEORGIA TEACHERS COLLEGE 83 MERCER UNIVERSITY 77 UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI 80 FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE 86 FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY 66 GEORGIA TEACHERS COLLEGE 84 MERCER UNIVERSITY 62 FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY 79 DISTRICT 25 NAIA PLAYOFF ROLLINS COLLEGE 83 FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY 94 TOTALS 1709 GAME AVERAGE 77.7 WON 13 — LOST 9 CAPT. JIM TAVENIERE Forword Second Team, All-State OPP. 53 51 68 77 56 82 74 83 75 71 74 65 82 68 77 82 76 89 66 83 75 81 1608 73 Smith scores against Tampa CO-CAPT. JOHN IMGRUND Forward First Team, All-State Basketball Squad EDWIN HANSEL Center JIM CARLIN Guard Hon. Men., All-State Tav blocks as Carlin looks on . JIM YONGE Center With a very strong finish by virtue of some excellent tournament basketball, the 1953 edition of the Hi-Hats rang down the cur- tain on one of Stetson ' s best cage seasons in several years after making its strong bid for the NAIA crown out in Kansas City. The season held its share of thrillers . . . Florida 77-74 over the Hats early in the campaign . . . Louisville 8.3, Stetson 81 down in Sarasota . . . Miami 71, Stetson 70 with a host of bad breaks down in Miami . . . Stetson 83, Georgia Teachers 82 with a shortoge of fingernails . . . Stetson 80, Miami 77 and sweet revenge out in the arena. After a hot and cold regular sched- ule, the Hats primed their big guns for the District 25 NAIA Playoff games here in DeLand. The results . . . one-sided vic- tories over the Rollins Tars and the Semi- noles from Florida State . . . and o crack at the national title in the Kansas City meet. The two-game stand in Kansas City, after the schedule page hod gone to press, left Stetson with a 1 5-won, 10-lost record for the season. The Hats defeated Iowa State Teachers in the opening round by a 75-57 margin . . . but dropped the second tilt to the hot-as-a-firecracker defending champs from Springfield College in Missouri ... in Coach Morland ' s words, " They were hot; we were not. " JACK OKSNEE Guard Hon. Men., All State imgrund raises storm warnings TED CASSIDY Center The Hi-Hatters poured a totol of 1855 points through the nets in their 25 games for a respectable average of 77 points per gome ... a modern era high for a Stetson cage team. This year ' s club was also the " travelingest " team in the school ' s history . . . they took a three-thousond mile jaunt into the mid-west during the Christmas holidays, and followed with another on the Kansas City invasion. In state competition the Hats finished up with seven wins and four losses ... all of ' em " real thrillers " . Forward John Imgrund, adding 37 points in the national tourney, built his position as leading scorer up to a 438 point total with on 18.3 average . . . Jim Carlin hit for 263 . . . Shanks Hansel for 226 ... Jim Taveniere sonk 201 before he left the team via graduation in February and thus left a big gap in the Hatter offense. Oksnee was the set-shot artist and proved to be a great clutch player . . . Yonge added a needed under-the-bosket punch after football ended . . . Cossidy provided his height at center . . . Smith was a valuable ball- handling artist . . . Silvers, Crumpton, and Garrett proved to be valuable reservists on more than one occasion. All we hove to add is that . . . basketball . . . and good basketball at that ... is here to stay at Stetson! ILL GARRETT Forward Hansel leads Interference (top) Carlin stops Miami ' s Shoyowitz Carlin jumps high to score a pair Best defense yet . FRESHMAN BASKETBALL With the " ole weather-eye " looking for a slot on the varsity line-up, the Baby Hats pro- vided the fans with a smooth exhibition of the cage game. As the season progressed the frosh hit their stride against some rather respectable opponents . . . Coach Eakin kept his club moving right along and pointed out some rising material for next year ' s edition of the Hi-Hatters. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL SQUAD Front Row, Left to Right; John Edwards, John Blue, Nick Ungard, Jerry Smii-h, and John Bertzell. Bock Row, Left to Right: Coach Donald Eakin, Roger Ericson, Dave Best, Ed Gilliland, Dick Hubert, and George Painter. SCHEDULE Stetson 51 . . . Sonford N.A.S. 47 Stetson 60 . . . Florida Frosh 87 Stetson 44 . St. Petersburg J C. 48 Stetson 64 . Jocksonvi.le J C. 73 Stetson 58 . . . Pi Kappa Phi 42 Stetson 73 . . . Sonford N.A.S. 75 Stetson 78 . . . Orlando J C. 46 Stetson 66 . Jacksonville J C. 71 Stetson 62 . . Chipolo J. C. 103 Stetson 52 . . . Orlando J C. 44 Stetson 77 St. Pete sbjrg J C. 61 Stetson 54 . . . Florida Frosh 67 739 TOTALS 764 61.6 AVERAGES 63.7 WON 5, LOST 7 BASEBALL . . . With a formidable twenty-three game schedule listing such " big names " as Georgia Tech, Cincinnati, and Amherst, Coach Johnson began whipping some promising rookies and returning lettermen into shape for the opener with Tech. Fred Eubler, centerfielder and RBI specialist . . . Dave Laude, outfielder and probable " hot corner " man . . . Stan Marks, third baseman last season and shortstop possi- bility this year . . . Lez Owens, reliable returning first sacker . . . John Imgrund, star moundsman with a blazing fast ball . . . Herb Werner, " blanket-like " outfielder . . . and Jerry Hopkins, dependable " chunk- er " and relief hurler . . . lead the prospects for the Hatter nine at press time. Graduation left " Doc " and his assistant, Jim Forbes, looking around for a new keystone combination to replace Johnson and McNulty, and a capable receiver to replace Lou Poor. Donnelly and O ' Flynn failed to return to school and left gaps in the hurling and hitting department. However, a bevy of prep pitching stars and infield hopefuls may give the Hats the needed punch to better last season ' s record of 1 6 and 8. (• " DOC " JOHNSON Head Coach SCHEDULE Morch 23 Georgia Tech Here March 24 Georgia Tech Here March 25 Amherst Here March 26 Amherst Here March 30 Miami There March 31 Miami There April 1 Marines Miami April 9 Presbyterian College Here April 10 FSU Here April 11 FSU Here April 14 Cincinnati Here April 22 Miami Here April 23 Miami Here April 28 Florida Southern Here May 1 FSU There May 2 FSU There May 4 Rollins Here May 5 Rollins Here May 8 Tampa Here May 11 Rollins There May 12 Rollins There May 14 Flo. Southern There May 16 Tampa There WES BERNER Golf Coach Left to Right: John Nichol, Lee Stopelburg, and George Herndon. Not pictured: Dick Johnson, cap tain; Jim Bryan. STETSON GOLFERS Led by top-ranking Florida amateur Dick Johnson and Canadian John Nichol . . . and with new- comers Lee Stopelburg, Jim Bryan, and George Herndon, Hatter linksters at press time appear on the way to one of their better seasons. The women ' s golf team, with several veterans and a bevy of high school stars, promise to show much class on Florida fairways as the season progresses. WOMEN ' S SCHEDULE FLORIDA STATE STETSON 7 ROLLINS 8 n noinA ii TCP ' r,i i crrATE npnpY FLORIDA INTERCOLLEGIATE MIAMI FLORIDA STATE STATE COLLEGE INTERCOLLEGIATE SPORTS DAY r Dl ' ' ASnn cR ROII IN ; ORLANDO AFB ' " ' ■ ' ■ " JACKSONVILLE NAS MEN ' S SCHEDULE western ' - ' illinois STETSON 41 2 MIAMI ISVi JACKSONVILLE NAS STETSON 14 ORLANDO AFB 4 SOUTHERN INTERCOLLEGIATE STETSON 101 2 ROLLINS 71 2 Left to Righit: Son- dy Sheorhouse, Bobs Steffens, Marge McNeely, Copt ; Bobs Blake- ly, Jiidi Keesling, and Betty McKee. WOMEN ' S PHYSICAL _ EDUCATION v: , i 1 I ,jm ... I - " S l ' ' ' " ' ' ' ' ' ' ' JERNIGAN 4 •: m ' S M aiL ! 1 Head of Women ' s Physicol Ed. Depf. : V v -J lP ( B OFFICERS l ' ' " " H MARGE McNEELY President CHARLOTTE LEWIS Vice President JOAN WILLIAMS Secretary JUDI KEESLING Treasurer Professors Ester Hick, Elizabeth Autrey, and Sara Jernigan. SYLVELIN TOLLESON . . . Socio Chairman WOMEN ' S PROFESSIONAL CLUB Bottom Row, Left to Right: Charlotte Lewis, Mary Lou Jones, Norma Brown, Sylvelin Tolleson, Gertrude Linck, Marilyn Craig. Second Row, Left to Right: Sandra Shearouse, Willa Lou Watson, Barbara Rohn, Judi Keesling, Mary Jo Braddy, Bobs Steffens. Bock Row, Left to Right: Carol Chopmon, Myrno Lee Thomas, Joan Williams, Mary Lu Brown, Marge McNeely, Essie Gullickson. 1 WOMEN ' S INTRAMURAL S INTRAMURAL MANAGERS Kneeling: Ginger Rich, Norma Foye Brown, and Evelyn Stewart. Standing, Left to Right: Judi Keesling, Bobbie Johnson, Midge Thomas, Joan Williams. As the pictures suggest, there ' s always a busy sched- ule on the women ' s intramural and physical education program. With a variety of events and a host of top flight talent, the " gals " have come up with their share of ex- cellent contests and exciting " photo-finishes " . Every- body ploys, everybody has a big time . . .! WOMEN ' S GYM Careful, Mary Jo Brownie goes up and over Libby and Charlotte battle EN ' S I N T R A M U R A L S Under the careful leadership of " Doc " Johnson, Intromurals Director, Stetson has developed a men ' s intromurals program which, if the strong competi- tion is any indication, is sec- ond-to-none in these parts . . . Charles Rose, Student Director, has kept things moving along in spite of a host of scheduling difficulties . . . the winner of the most points from the wide field of competition is awarded the much coveted " President ' s Cup " for their efforts. POINT STANDINGS At Press Time RESULTS First Row, Left to Right: " Doc " Johnson, Director; Horry Usher, Ted Heisig, and Buddy Freeze. Second Row, Left to Right; Roy Hansen, Bob Sawyer, Shep Fields, and Al Huckleberry. BASKETBALL 1. Pi Kaps 2. Preochers 3. Sig Eps HORSESHOES 1. Sig Eps 2. Sigma N us 3. Pi Kaps GOLF 1. Delta Sigs 2. Pikes 3. Pi Kaps PADDLEBALL 1. Sigma Nus 2. Delta Sigs HANDBALL PING PONG 1. Pi Kops 2. Delta Sigs 1. Pi Kaps 2. Preachers 3. Sig Eps Rogers catches pass os Browner rushes up SPE Mel Smith goes up on defense Horvey around end . . . " S " CLUB AND COACHES First Row, Left to Right: Willi Hon, B. J. Leathers, Stan Marks, Charlie Appel, Bill Odom, Harold Knowles, John Edgington. Second Row, Left to Right: Bobby Marks, Jack Oksnee, George Jochem, Guido Tambur, Jock Smith, Rod Lonsinger, and Walt Golde. Third Row, Left to Right: Coach Morlond and Coach Berner. Fourth Row, Left to Right: John Imgrund, Doug MacLennan, Jerry Hopkins, Tom Gibson, Ron DeLilla, Jim Yonge, Jim Toveniere, Al Sappia, Del Reinke, Dove Albro, Earl Loomon, Lez Owens, Coach Cowell, Ray Dunne, and Coach Hardage. FOOTBALL " S " CLUBBERS Kneeling: Coach Cowell, Jerry Hopkins, John Edgington, Ron DeLilla, Coach Hardage, Stan Marks, and Guido Tambur. Stand- ing, Left to Right: Ray Dunne, Doug MacLennon, Willi Han, Walt Golde, George Jochem, Charles Appel, Jim Yonge, Earl Loomon, B. J. Leathers, Al Sappia, Dave Albro, Del Reinke, and Rod Lonsinger. Left to Right: Jack Oksnee, Secretary; Guido Tambur, President; Rod Lonsinger, Vice President; and Jack Smith, Treasurer. OFFICERS GUIDO TAMBUR President ROD LONSINGER Vice President JACK OKSNEE Secretory JACK SMITH Treasurer " S " CLUB SENIORS Left to Right: Guido Tambur, Willi Hon, Ron DeLilla, Jim Tove niere, Al Sappia, B. J. Leathers, and Jock Oksnee. THE " S " CLUB Membership in the Stetson " S " Club is restricted to men winning varsity letters, and all of these men are devoted to the high scholastic and athletic ideals of their organization. Since it was founded in 1936, the " S " Club has had as its purpose the development of sportsmanship and the promotion of athletic achievement in the university. Coach Pattee congratulates Yonge and Leathers . That ' s the way to do it, fellas Looking over their accomplishments. ORGANIZATIONS iivls; m Organizatj rtF platan integral iartd useful part in the Jtfe of every Stg dnii nATn teach students how to work co-operatively M 0Fone Sino her and also prepare these same students for futu r rpon6t ilities which they will have to assume. Enough credit con- t be given in this paragraph to the religious groups which con- stantly strive to promote the Christiar otmosphere on our campus the professional groups which are devoted to helping the sUmBn learn more about his or her chosen field; and the t m g tions, whose sole endeavors are conoBmtfated on presentingaSBg preserving life at Stetson, both for its present members and for posterity. The Hatter proudly presents . JOE FOLMAR j B Organizations Editor ■ ' J- ' :. We ple4fe cut i)ou p Hen4 hip . . . » pf T " mJ H B v ' ' r ' " M HK-hHBJI S f Standing: Bob Smith, Jock Morgan, Bill Self, Jim Gray, Dave Early, Lorry Foster, Joe Folmor, Clint Kimbrough, Herb Willcox. Sitting: Evelyn Stewort, Mory Carol West, Sue Blow, Lois Bunton, Modelyn Brody, Met Burgess, Dorothy Wamble. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The Baptist Student Union is composed of all Baptist students who are members of the different church-affiliated organizations on campus and in the churches, such as the Training Union, Sunday School, Y.W.A., Ministerial Association, etc. The Executive Council is annually elected by the students to supervise and co-ordinate the work of the various organizations. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL GEORGE SHRIVER President MARY CAROL WEST HERB WILLCOX Enlistment Vice-Presidents MET BURGESS CLINT KIMBROUGH Devotionol Vice-Presidents JACKIE RICH Social Vice-President LOIS BUNTON Secretory JIM GRAY Treosurer DAVE EARLY Chorister DOROTHY WAMBLE Pianist SUE BLOW Publicity Director JACK MORGAN Promotion Director CAROLYN DANIEL Reporter JOHN TEMOSHCHUK House Manager EVELYN STEWART Sunday School Representative LARRY FOSTER Training Union Representative BILL SELF S. C. A. Representative JOE FOLMAR Extension Director BOB SMITH Youth Revival Chairman ANN GATLIN Fellowship Chairman CHARLES THOMAS Ministerial Association President MADELYNE BRADY Y. W. A. President REV. L. A. COLDING Pastor Adviser MR. JOHN JOHNS Faculty Adviser 142 f ' First Row: Corole Hummelgaard, Ridgely Doane, Jean Marcel, Anneorle Isom, Mary Gardiner, Kate Ellis, Mrs. Thornton. Sec- ond Row; George Singletary, Horace Taylor, Winona Miller, Lewis Jacobs, Jim Dotor. Third Row: Lynn Pier, Dick Greaves, Herb Corlen, Sally Doswell. THE CANTERBURY CLUB The Canterbury Club is an organization of the Episcopal students on Stet- son campus. They join together for fellowship, instruction, and co-operation with the local church. Seated: Anneorle and Ridgely. Standing: Dick and Jim. Carolyn Baltzer Christia Easier Beverly Anne Berg Richard Cantrell Mrs. Richard Cantr Herb Carlen Jim Dator Ridgely Doane Sallie Doswell Kate Ellis MEMBERS Don Engell Mary Gardiner Dick Greaves Carole Hummelgaard Anneorle Isom Carl " Doc " Johnson Margie McNeely Jeanne Morcell Winona Miller Dick Norton Betty Pearson Lynn Pier Beverly Rutter George Singletary Charlotte Smith Horace Taylor Dr. Frances Thornton Don Tullis Victor Vaughn Jim Whittle Lourence Willord OFFICERS RICHARD L. GREAVES President JAMES A. DATOR Vice-President ANNEARLE ISOM Secretary RIDGELY C. DOANE Treasurer LYNN PIER Publicity Chairman OFFICERS BILL SELF President DICK GREAVES Vice-President BARBARA VEATCH Secretary MEMBERS Jim Dator . . Conterbury Ron Fazekas . . Newman Jean Gailbreath . . . D.S.F Dick Greaves Canterbury Joyce Pixley . Westminster Helen Lee RadloH . D.S.F Bill Self B.S.U George Shriver . . , B.S.U. Barbara Veatch Wesley Bill Wren . . Westminster Jim Young . . . Wesley Left to Right: Dick Graves, Jir Not Pictured: Ron Fazekas. Young, Joyce Pixley, Bill Self, Pres.; Jim Dator, and Bill Wren. STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION The Student Christian Association is composed of representatives of the Baptist Student Union, the Westminster Fellowship, the Canterbury Club, the Newman Club, and the Wesley Foundation. It serves as a clearing house for the varied interests of these groups and provides a vehicle for cooperative action. It sponsors such projects as Religious Emphasis Week. WESLEY FOUNDATION OFFICERS JAMES LEE YOUNG President ROBERTA PEMBLE Enlistment Vice-President CHARLOTTE LEWIS Social Vice-President EVELYN GORDON Secretary-Treasurer DON RICHARDSON Publicity Chairman HELEN HARPER Worship Chairman The Wesley Foundation is the Methodist student or- ganization on the campus. Regular meetings are held at which the students are urged to co-operate with the Methodist churches and provide a tie between their religious life and their scholastic life. Standing, Left to Right; Sandy Shearhouse, Rosalind Fordhom, Pete Christopherson, Tom Brown, Bobs Biokely, Patty Wise, Mary Carpenter, Charlotte Lewes, Don Richardson, Janet Williamson, June Williamson, Sonny Parrish, Ginger Rich, and Jim Young, Pres Kneeling, Left to Right; Pat Hudson, Dianne Richards, Helen Harper, Noncy Duke, Jane Duke, Carolyn McMu ' len, June Woodard, Wylene Mayfield, Allen Silocks, June Dillord, and Jo Moorheod. H First Row; Patty Horris, Barbara Martin, Janet Bragger, Joyce Pixley, Sue Reynolds, Mrs. Martin, Peggy Harris. Second Row: Alice Cole, Caroline McGinnis, Charlotte Hon, Jane Edwards, Meribel Tucker, Liz Osborne, Bill Wren, Ginger Booth. Third Row: Ann Lone, Gene Holbrook, Tom Mahaffey, Bill Hester, Bob Huffstetler, Betsy Byrne. WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP The Westminster Fellowship is the organization for all Presbyterian stu- dents on Stetson campus. They hold regular meetings in which they work toward a better understanding of the principles of the Presbyterian church and promote better co-operation with the local churches. Seated on couch: Bill Wren, Liz Osborne, Joyce Pixley, Tom Ma- haffey. Seated on floor: Ginger Booth, Barbara Martin, Alice Cole. OFFICERS BILL WREN President TOM MAHAFFEY Vice-President ALICE COLE Secretary LIZ OSBURNE Treasurer JOHN PHILLIPS Program Chairman GINGER BOOTH Program Chairman JOYCE PIXLEY Service Chairman BILL HESTER Enlistment Chairman BARBARA MARTIN Fellowship Chairman ANNE LANE Christian Growth Chairman INISTERIAL ASSOCIATION First Row: Thomas, Horvey, E. Owens, Temeshchuk, Self, Fernandez, Sawyer. Second Row: Simmons, Folmcr, Kennington, L. Owens, Kimbrough, Dubberly. OFFICERS CHARLES THOMAS President ERNEST HARVEY Vice-President ED OWENS Secretary ADRIEAN ROGERS Treasurer JOHN TEMOSHCHUK Pulpit Supply Chairman BILL SELF Program Chairman JACK FERNANDEZ Activities Chairman BOB SAWYER Intramural Chairman EARL SIMMONS Sociol Chairman JOE FOLMAR Publicity Chairman ROY KENNINGTON Parliamentarian LEZ OWENS Chorister CLINT KIMBROUGH Pianist GENE DUBBERLY Custodian DR. 0. L. WALKER Faculty Adviser MEMBERS Douglass Adams Ernest Harvey Edward Midgett J. Bryont Smith John Allen Robbie Lee Hobbs Ted Morehead Robert Lee Smith Cecil Baughman Donald Holt Jack Morgan David Stokes Robert Berryman John Howell Carlton Owens Carl Storey Joe Boatwright Hallie Huntsinger Edward Owens Walter Sullens William Budgett John Jaudon Lezelle Owens John Temoshchuk James Butts Harold Johnson Chester Plonk Redden Thames Bill Contrell George Kell James Powell Robert Thurman Eugene Carter Roy Kennington Dallas Pulliom Ed Townsend Robert Crowe Clint Kimbrough Wallace Rivers Horry Usher Eugene Dubberly Richard Krause Clarence Rose Kelly Weeks James DuKett Larry Lafterty Walt Routh George Wenzell David Elmore Barry Lompp Bob Sawyer Carl Whiddon Henry Faucette Randall Longston Bill Self Robert Williams Jack Fernandez James Leverett Billy Self Josh Wilson Joe Folmor Doyle Lindermon Charles Shorron Art Wissler Robert Forehand Welter Logue Bill Shaw Henry Wooley Lorry Foster Richard Lovell George Shriver Robert Yates John Gaston Bruce Martin Earl Simmons Hugh Young C. J. Harris Leonard Melton Howard Smith Herbert Zerof 146 First Row: John Allen, Cecil Boughman, Bob Berrymon, Bill Budgett, James Cantrell, Gene Corter, Jim DuKett-. Second Row: Bob Forehand, Lorry Foster, C. J. Harris, Don Holt, John Howell, George Kell, Buddy Krouse. Third Row: Lorry Lafferty, Barry Lompp, Randall Longston, Doyle Linderman, Walter Logue, Dick Lovell, Bruce Martin. Fourth Row: Leonard Melton, Ed Mid- gett, Jock Morgan, Carlton Owens, Chester Plonk, Jim Powell, Dallas Pulliom. Fifth Row: Wallace Rivers, Woody Rogers, Cloy Rose, Billy Self, Chorles Shorron, George Shriver, Bryant Smith. Sixth Row: Bob Smith, David Stokes, Carl Storey, Walter Sullins, Redden Thomes, Bob Thurman, Horry Usher. Seventh Row: Kelly Weeks, George Wenzell, Carl Whidden, Josh Wilson, Art Wissler, Henry Wooley, Herb Zerof. 147 Front Row: Iris Deese, Zelda Hill, Carolyn Burnett, Jo Ann Jessee, Sarah Greenwood, Lois Bunton, Second Row: Barbara Richards, Sylvia Bowcn, Savillo Young, Anne Powell, Mary Carol West, Joyce Pixley, Modelyn Brady, Barbara Pence, Potty Clark, Shirley Ann Rogers. OFFICERS MADELYNE BRADY President SHIRLEY ROGERS Vice-President DORIS DRAWDY Secretory LORRAINE BARRINGTON . Stewardship Chmn. BARBARA PENCE . . Mission Study Chmn. DOLORES HANCOCK . . Com. Missions Chmn. PATTY CLARK Chorister MARION CARNETT Pianist PATSY PICKLE, WILMA WILSON Social Chairmen IRIS DEESE Program Chairman ANN CORNWALL . . . Literature Chairman NANCY SMITH Reporter HARRIETT STONES Publicity Chairman Y. W. A. The Young Women ' s Auxiliary is an organization for Stetson girls who are interested in the world- wide missionary program. Its purpose is to instill in the girls the need for missionary projects and to educate them as to the best methods of participating in these programs. COMMERCE CLUB The purpose of the Commerce Club is to foster the study of business; to encourage scholarship and the association of students for their mutual ad- vancement by research and practice; to promote closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce; and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture and the commercial welfare of the community. First Row: Mr. Fuller, Helen Grimsley, Barbara Mortin, Roger Dobson. Second Row: Barbar Rutter, Steve Berry, Don Hall, Ira Youngblood, Dot Flanagan. OFFICERS ROGER DOBSON President HELEN GRIMSLEY Secretary JEROME DOLINER Treasurer JACK SCOTT Publicity Chairman THE BAND MEMBERS Joyce Abrahamson Elizabeth Anderson Edwin R. Bennett Stephen Berry Dean Blair Donald Bohren Dorothy Bohren Judith Briley Peter Bukur Kathryn Campbell Paula Commander Suzanne Crawford Frank Creech Johnnie Creel Charles Cusamano Thomas Dixon Joe Drew Gettise Elliot Ransel Evans Maurice Fleury Prudence Foster Suzanne Gardner James Gerrettson Howard Gold Charles Groth Isaac W. Hawkins James Hightower Richard Hogle Louise Hoyer Leiand Jacobs Marie Jensen Betty Johnson David Lossister John Lauer Donald Locke Betty Lund Doris Lyon Virginia McCrory John McDonald Joan McLean Jean Moeller Shelia Nugent Melvin Ott Ernest Owen Richard Paddock John Phillip Jeanne Price Henry Reckstine Roe Reed Charles Richardson Janet Sauls Robert Salter Howard Schmock Irene Schommer Gory Sellers Douglas W. Smith W. Thomas Smith Walter Snyder Richard Sorenson Mickey Stout Marilyn Stuart Walter Sullins Margaret Summers Charles Turner Carole Van Allsburg Borbara Veatch Carl Vollrath Lois White Donald Williams Shirley Williams James Young Robert Young MAJORETTES Delores Gough Nancy Haxton Frances Owen Barbara Gerlach OFFICERS HOWARD GOLD Captain DEAN BLAIR Publicity Director HOWARD SCHMOCK Operations Officer CAROLE VAN ALLSBURG Secretary-Treasurer SUZANNE CRAWFORD Social Chairman FRANK CREECH Operations Sergeant WALTER HAWKINS Operations Sergeant WALTER SNYDER Operations Corporal GETTISE ELLIOTT Operations Corporal ROBERT SALTER Drum Major Delores, Nancy, Fran, and Bobbie. THE ORCHESTRA MEMBERS FIRST VIOLINS CELLOS CLARINETS Fronces Buxton Mourice Fleury Grace Zimmerman Eleanor Leek Frank Surls Veronica Gove Carl Vollroth Joan McLean Pat Clifton BASS CLARINET Ruth Surls Marjorie Angell BASSES John Lauer Dean Blair Elizabeth Anderson BASSOONS SECOND VIOLINS Don Bridges Victor Vaughen Marian Tolles Doris Lyons Julionne Pritchard FLUTES Dorothy Bohren Marilyn Stuart Betty Lund Jean Moeller Richard Sorenson HORNS VIOLAS OBOES Carole Van Allsburg Thomas Smith John Philip Roe Reed Suzanne Crawford Sheila Nugent Joyce Abrahamson Lois White RICHARD M FEASEL Director of Orchestra, Band Director, and Composer TRUMPETS Howard Schmock Donald Williams Charles Richardson Charles Groth TROMBONES Ransel Evans Warren Smith BASS TROMBONE Donald Yaxley TUBA Johnnie Creel TYMPANI Walter Hawkins OFFICERS DEAN BLAIR President JOHN PHILLIP Vice-President BETTY LUND Secretary VICTOR VAUGHEN Treosurer ■ ii . wmmw muim e 9 e ! GLEE CLUB OFFICERS WILLIAM RICE General Monoger BETTY NORDMAN JACK COLDIRON Student Leaders EVELYN GORDON BILL HOLLEY Business Managers DOROTHY WAMBLE DON RICHARDSON Publicity Managers Basler, Christia Bottom, Martha Chaney, Barbara Clark, Patricia Cole, Shirley Collins, Carolyn Cornwall, Anne ' Gumming, Mary Bruce ' Adams, Jean ' Barber, Nancy Brodemeyer, Patricia Bragger, Janet Bryant, Jackie ' Garnett, Marian Cole, Mary Almand, Oran ' Barrett, Jessie ' Glonts, Ronald Deese, Iris Gustine, Shirley ' Hancock, Dolores Hart, Carroll ' Hollenboch, Charlotte Jones, Frances Jordon, Margoret Kearsey, Ann ' Connell, Peggy ' Edentield, Joyce Prink, Sylvia ' Gordon, Evelyn Hagood, Betty Hatheway, Mary Himmelberger, Jeon ' Daugherty, James ' Hall, Robert Hancock, Donald SOPRANO Kite, Betty Lee ' Lacock, Audrey Larson, Ruthylee ' Lowe, Shirley Mims, June Moberg, Barbara ' Motes, Joanne Nordman, Betty ALTO Hooker, Sylvia Hortin, Marion ' Hughson, Marilyn Jenkins, Marlene Lane, Ann ' Lightfoot, Nancy Lightfoot, Sue TENOR ' Holley, William ' Kimbrough, Clint ' Langston, Randall BASS Andrews, Ronald Buckingham, John ' Chandler, Ralph ' Coldiron, Jack Creech, Frank ' Cunningham, Donald ' Dorsett, Herbert ' Early, David Forehand, Robert ' Jones, Milton Jordan, Clifford Kennedy, John Kruhm, Gerald Marshall, Benjamin ' Richardson, Donald ' Rodgers, James Shriver, George Stephens, Martin Stracener, Larry Sullins, Walter Taylor, Ronald ' Watson, Hugh Weber, Philip ' Willis, Lamar Wilson, Joshua ' Indicates Travel Squad and Alternates. Norton, Margaret Ott, Caryl Pence, Barbara Plant, Edna Pless, Betty Jeon Puckett, Mary Roy, Nancy ' Reed, Jean Ann Nelson, Shirley ' Osburn, Elizabeth ' Pembic, Roberta Pickle, Patricio Roe, Donna ' Rogers, Shirley Sisk, Twilo Locke, Donald ' Murphy, Ernest ' Norden, Wolter Reitz, Evelyn Sentell, Sally Stewart, Evelyn Swarthout, Shirley Thomas, Gloria ' Walker, Patsy Wilson, Wilma Thomas, Coroline Thomas, Phyllis Tobias, Roselyn Turner, Helen ' Womble, Dorothy Wilkison, Rhonda Wright, Jean ' Rice, William " Rogers, Judson Wing, Stafford Bill R., Don, Bill H., Jock, Evelyn, Betty, and Dot. Standing, Left to Right: Jo Ann Jessee, Mory Carol West, Nancy Owens, Anne Powell, Sylvia Hooker, Jackie Bryant, Wylene Mayfield, Sylvia Sapp, Mary Frances Goff, Doris Drowdy, Sue Blow, Marge Ricker, Madelyne Brady, Joan Williams, June Woodard. Kneeling, Left to Right: Barbara Pence, Margaret Hunt, Frances Harper, Carolyn Burnette, Joyce Pixley, Carol Chamberlin, Betty Rose Ford, Shirley Rogers, June Dillard, Marilyn Reed. ALPHA D E X I M A The Alpha chapter of Dexioma was founded May, 1940, on the campus of Stetson University. The purpose of this organization is to promote the social, cultural, political, and religious life of the members. OFFICERS SHIRLEY ROGERS President DOROTHY WAMBLE Vice-President JOYCE PIXLEY Corresponding Secretory DORIS DRAWDY Recording Secretary MARY CAROL WEST Treasurer JUNE DILLARD Historian MARY CONNELL Chaplain SUE BLOW Sergeont-at-Arms MARY FRANCES GOrF Social Chairman JOAN WILLIAMS Rush Chairman Shirley Dot Joyce Doris Mary Carol June Mory Sue Mary Frances Joan OFFICERS JOYCE PIXLEY President BETTY HAGOOD Secretary HELEN HARPER Treasurer MARY CONNELL Librarian GLORIA NIX Publicity Chairman Helen FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA To develop among young people who ore preparing to be teachers an organization which shall be on in- tegral part of state and national education associ- ations. To acquaint teachers in training with the history, ethics, and program of the organized teaching pro- fession. To give teachers in training practical experience in working together in a democratic way on the prob- lems of the profession and the community. To interest the best young men and women in edu- cation as a lifelong career. To encourage careful selection of persons admitted to schools which prepare teachers, with emphasis on both character and scholarship. To seek through the dissemination of information and through higher standards of preparation to bring teacher supply and demand into a reasonable balance. Kneeling: Helen Grimsley, Bill Roberts, Woyne Price, Margaret Hunt. Standing: Marilyn Croig, Sovilla Young, Mory Con- nell, Zelda Hill, Margaret Turner, Joyce Pixley, and Helen Harper. t - : ■:i.-! :-- ,- Standing, First Rcv»: Dolores Hancock, Gloria Nix, Margaret Ann Norton Marion Cornett, Joyce EdenHeU. MofT Caie. Twflk Sisk, Nancy Silvers. Stcndng Bel ind Orgo " Knox Wilkinson, Jean Ann Reed Dean Blair Da»e Eor )f, CSmt Kinktovsk. Peter Christopherson, Oran Almond StoHord Wing. Seated in Front -r Crgcn Tom Brown Anne Cornwoll, Dorort Wamble Helen Turner, Chris Bosler, Delores Gough. At tl e organ; RuHi Richardson Corr, Sponsor. AMERICAN GUILD ORGANISTS The Guild Student Group of the American Guild of Organists, sponsored by the Daytona Beach Chapter, was organized at Stetson University in May of 1952 with eleven charter members. Since then the mem- bership has grown to thirty-five students. Regular monthly meetings are held on the first Saturday of each month. In part, the puT. -. ecu?? t ' Nvr- -. :--. : of ;--.;- : ;-■ .- .- ■ of ' - -. -.- " S-w.-.r-c- cci " .... r . ' worship. Mi-s. Carr a »fce nex or O " MEMBERS Oran Almond Dolores Hancock RabertQ Peadhfe Ronald Andrews Iris Homey Heie Ritdkie Chrisfio Basler Ann Keorsey fi.t.49« Marion Comert Clint Kimbrough NMcy Siher Peter Chrisfophersen Audrey Lacock T ita Sisk Jack Coldiron Ruthylee Larson Phyllis Thomas Mary Cole Jeon Moeller Roselyn Tobias Do»e Early Gloria Nix Helen Turner Joyce Edeafieid Betty Nordman Monlyn Wilson Dolores Gaagk Margaret Norton OFFICERS SMHord Wi.9 KNOX WILKINSON President JEAN ANN REED Vice-Presideiit DOROTHY WAJMBtE Secretory ANN CORNWALL Treower DEAN 8LAIR Publicity Ckmman THOMAS K. BROWN Sociai (md P «§Nai OharaaB PROF RUTH RlCHAKt SON CARR ... . Facattii Sooasor r fourth season hardwood tus- game. Stetson :ond state de- al Hurricanes miraculous 71- iie ' Canes with ime field goal, ler intra-state Florida Gators n. Jtetson ' s high osted his sea- oints with 22 le Hurricanes ill Stetson ' s of- t nollins. ' - iers who are 1 this season Captain and ho has a cur- ! 16 points. Jim guard with 6 isnee, another ith 82 points, ' high ' column, " ow ned at the occasions this jitters dropped mt m STETSON UN " Floral Tw=:land, fi.orI Bull student : lion to tl TOM MAHAFFEY Editor EDITORIAL Despite many trials and tribulations, The porter somehow managed to go to press each Thursday night — or the wee hours of Friday mornings — for thirty " exciting " issues. A really terrific staff worked hard and long in producing a paper which would try to fill its vital niche in the University life. Staff meetings, deadlines, Thursday coke parties, reading hilarious galley proofs, com- plete bedlam, climaxed by utter exhaustion on Fridays, will probably remain in the mem- ories of the staff for years to come. To the students that contributed their time and efforts to The Reporter, I would like to soy, representing the student body — " Thanks a lot for a job well done. " Associate Editors, Left to Right: Carolyn Boerner, Dunk, Tom (Editor), Roy and Kitten. Staff: Front, Left to Right: Sue, Charlotte, ond Alice. Back, Left to Right: Sterling, Jim, Lynn. ' ' mm ally i-i-i; IS iisu- ; ■ with lie- :irinK w ' licli Liuii living, lius year. instead of alternating i ' lere will bo only one «r week will be climaxed i :; Vv ' o:k Shop r nt, " " . tlie students ;: i .subjects, and i!) iiny one wanting to help i laiigoments tor Emphasi ' luber of t.xpro !J be welconir on meporter lest College Newspaper " Friday, Janual• No. ] BOERNER BUTTS Associate Editor Rollins ( STAFF TOM MAHAFFEY Editor-in-Chief BOERNER BUTTS Executive Editor ROY MILLS News Editor JIM GERRETSON Business Manager CAROLYN DANIEL Associate Editor DUNCAN PARDUE Sports Editor KATHRYN RAND Society Editor LYNN PIER Drama Editor CHARLOTTE GAMBILL CAROLE HUMMELGARD ALICE COLE SUE REYNOLDS JIM DATOR STERLING FORRESTER Editorial Staff JIM YOUNG BILL HESTER Circulation Staff BUSINESS STAFF JIM GERRETSON Business Manager ROGER ERICSON CHARLES WAYGOOD Assistants ALICE COLE Secretory illJsl ' ZlZ Tars Will Seek Revenge For Ia stetson ' s Hi-Hatter basl tiaani i-vrtll (match shots •« quintet from Rollins College Airport Arena tomorrow nigt the Winter Park outfit on tt home from a three-game roa MEET SOME HIHATTERS sitions ly vn th ba) , but slima . Ohi Ohio 3 witi es pi leasoi alumn with 16-point8. Both and Jack Oksnee went out ersonal foul route. ns Quintet nueU from Page Four) three point decision to and lost by one point to i and -Miami. Stetson ' s to- n record is five wins and St time Stetson and Rol- —in the opening round of cnt season with. Stetson 82-68 — Freshman- Nick poured in 26 points for ancho has continued his pate and holds a season of 23-points — per game. jinitive-hawkeye will draw i watching from tile Hi- 111 the rivalry Sat- ,{ht. , has averaged 74. S points- t in whipping five of their 10 roes this far in the season. In ' this collection has been three top cage powers of the midwest, one of the nation ' s best in Louisville and four of Stetson ' s five state oppon- ents. Never try to reason the prejudice out of a man. — It was not reasoned into him, and cannot be reasoned out. — Sydney Smith. Take away from mankind their vanity and their ambition, and there would be but few claiming to be heroes or patriots. — Seneca. mth Pacific " Opens ditorium Next Week I ' l ' t-nch planter. Emile de Becgue. •■|- ' () ' Dolla ' " . is the story of a likeahle American Marine, Lt. Joseph Cable, to whom a shrewd and avaricious Tonkineso woman. Bloody Mary, present her 17 year daughter, Liat. The other characters are chief- ly marines. Seabees. nurses, sailors, ayd Islanders and include the un- forgettable Luther Billis. a know- ing and eathy Seabee. who plays a comic role in the amateur enter- t«inn.Pnt nrnvid d hv the temonr- n Pea- i next opens aylona .1 play 1 from : Prize South dnring in the when South 19 5 3 STAFF BRUNO Dl GIULIAN Editor-in-Chief CURTIS WILCOX Assistant Editor KITTEN RAND Managing Editor BETH WHITE Administration Editor Left to Right: Kitten, Curtis, and Beth. SECTION EDITORS JANICE THOMPSON Seniors ALICE COLE Juniors GEORGE SINGLETARY Sophomores BEVERLY BOULWARE CAROLYN McMULLEN Freshmen BARBARA MARTIN Features Editoi DONNA ROE Honoraries Edito JACK MORGAN Sports Editoi DICK WHITE Ass ' t Sports Edito JOE FOLMAR Organizations Editoi WILLIAM E. SMITH Military Editoi BRUNO Dl GIULIAN Editor The Hatter is the annual student publication and is presented by the Student Government Association of Stetson University. This year marks the 45th year the Hatter has been on the campus. The editor and business manager are elected by the student body in the annual fall elections and they in turn choose their staffs and produce the yearbook. But so much for the cold facts. To those who have labored long and hard on the 1953 edition of the Hatter, it is much more than just a publication. It represents a great deal of planning, effort, and satis- faction when the work was finally completed. J " i V CLARENCE " BUD " LITTLETON Business Manager I think that the Hatter will also be more than just a publication to you, the student body. It has been our untiring goal to present to you on accurate ac- count of the activities of this post school year; an account which you will be able to look back upon and cherish with fond memories in the years to come. Thanks for the privilege and honor which you gave me OS editor of this edition of the Hatter. I only hope that the staff and I hove fulfilled the trust which you put in us. BRUNO Dl GIULIAN Editor Left to Right: Alice, George, Janice, Beverly, and Carolyn. HATTER BUSINESS STAFF BUD LITTLETON Business Monager FRANK HATHAWAY Assistant Business Manoger CHARLOTTE GAMBIL SUE REYNOLDS Secretaries 1S.f Left to Right: Charlotte, Fronk, and Sue. SECTION EDITORS H. ELON SMITH Fraternities MARY GARDINER Sororities ANNE RUSSELL Activities Editor DODI COSTINE Art Editor BURT HOLMES Photography Editor GENE DUBBERLY Index Editor Left to Right: Joe, Dodi, Dick, and Donna. I L I T A R Y v l ;iv,]qttbwm9 each cade to r, rdiptotria and commission bfc. - " l ifiH entering the militarypS(Snn«a ti com to be an integraJ,Ba£j£ _,Si :jhe university and confrifcut w hto bur extracurrici si es, parodeSf g nd by sponsoring the aiift M j ' ( M e keaHJ and ttue heatU . . . ' . ' ' S. THE R. 0. T. C LT COLONEL WESLEY E. FARMER P. M. S. T. CAPTAIN WILFRED E. IRISH, JR. A. P. M. S. T. CAPTAIN PAUL B. DURUZ A. P. M. S. T. Lt. Colonel Wesley E, Farmer is to be congratu- lated on the fine job which he has done after taking over command of the Stetson ROTC unit last fall from Lt. Colonel Ike Bonifay. A graduate of the ROTC program himself, Colonel Farmer was on duty in Ger- many since 1948 before coming to Stetson in 1952. The University is both proud and honored to have Colonel Farmer on its faculty. The Stetson ROTC unit, which is composed of over 200 cadets, is not restricted to the military police but also trains individuals for other branches of the army. The unit has its own band which plays in pa- rades, and at social functions of the military. Left to Right: Jim, Roger, Ken, Poul, Bjarne, and Tom. BATTALION STAFF Cadet Lt. Colonel Thomas H. Gibson Battalion Commander Cadet Major Bjarne B. Andersen, Jr. Battalion Executive Cadet Captain Paul H. Lee Battalion Adjutant Cadet Master Sgt. Ken Mcintosh Botta ' ion Sergeant Major Cadet Sergeant 1st Class Roger Dobson Battalion Operations Sgt. Cadet Sgt. 1st Closs James T. Murphy Battalion Supply Sergeant M SGT. JESSE G. MULLINS Supply Sergeant M SGT. FRANK WALTERS Sergeant Major M SGT JACOB F HAMLIN Training Sergeant SGT THOMAS L STONE, SR AssiStont Training Sergeant Barid Members, in Columns rr m Right t L:tt Henry Reckstinc, Ransel Evans, Warren Smith, Fronk Creech, Charles Richardson, Charles Cusamino, Thomos Dixon, David Lassiter, James Hightower, Joe Drew, Dean Blair, John Creel, Don Bohren, Melvin Ott, Richard Hogle, John Philip, Charles Turner, Wolter Snyder, John MacDon- ald, Donald Locke, Gettise Elliott, Richardson Sorenson, Charles Sellers, Robert Young, Stephen Berry, Walter Nor- den, Herbert Dorsett, Walter Hawkins, Ed Bennett, Donald Williams, James Rodgers. JOHNNY LAUcR Director JAMES GERRETSON Drum Major Left to Right: Don Tullis, Wil- liam E. Smith (Color Sgt), Dave Morgan, John Buckingham. LOUISE Mcknight Color Guard Sponsor 1 ' PLATOON G fn. l a UHl ' A- 2 ° PLATOON • ' V Co p i f s , ' " 1 K:;all ' :k ' ■; 15T PLATOON 2 PLATOON iST PLATOON Qyfpm a u C 2N0 PLATOON CAMP. COMPANY A ULMER PARRISH Company Commonder 1ST LT. J. H. NANCE Executive Officer M SGT. WILLIAM G. SCRANTOM First Sergeant CPL. R. HUBERT Guidon Bearer 1ST PLATOON Lt. W. D. Girvin, Platoon Commander; M Sgt. Ted Heisig, Platoon Sgt , SFC Jack S. Griffith, Platoon Guide; Thomas N. Gold, Richard N. Hubert, Lloyd W. Cover, John P. Westervelt, Bobby Crumpton, James Bryan, Peter Christophersen, Gene Stephenson, James Shepard, Eugene Brockenbrough, John Bertzel, Issoc W. Hawkins, Bill Gorrett, Roger Ericson, George Allan, Paul Ruby, John Conn, Earl Ziebarth, Bruce Warden, Art DuFour, Charles Laughton, Bill Cowart, Charles Turner, Bill Proctor, George Herndon, Bob White, David Foster, Paul Cooper, Carl Storey, Frank Hathaway, Roland Close, John Goddard, and Al Daub. 2ND PLATOON Lt. G. C. Ellingsworth, Platoon Commander; M Sgt. Bob Mathews, Pla- toon Sergeant; SFC Jack Oksnee, Platoon Guide; Stephen Berry, Mark Hofford, Carney Wilder, Charles Fox, Joe Siekaniec, Bob Garcia, . lames Daly, John Hesoun, Dick White, James Long, Dallas Lutz, George Schrieffer, John Gallagher, Ronald Taylor, Harry Hurst, Lewis Haines, Bob Young, Dick Singleton, Bill Garrett, Al Huckleberry, Don Williams, Ira Mason, Walter Golde, Dove Best, Bob Kutniewski, Wayne Hartnup, James Gensel, Al Smith, Tom Lorenz, Arnold Firesheets, Bill Young, Mel Ott, Bill Whitoker, Ed Bennett, W. L. Cain. COMPANY B ROBERT MARKS Company Commander 1ST LT. JACK KARL Executive Officer M SGT. KENNETH PANTON 1st Sergeant CPL. RON CLONTS Guidon Bearer 1ST PLATOON Lt. Al Varn, Platoon Commander; M Sgt. George Jochem, Platoon Sgt.; SFC Harry Rutledge, Platoon Guide; Cecil Holley, John Imgrund, Jack Storey, John Houston, John Buckingham, Harold Gregg, Philip George, Bob Daine, Bill Tice, Frank Slaughter, Gerald Kibbe, John Smith, Bob Watters, Orville Johnson, Allen George, Irvin Snodgrass, Bob Harper, Atlee Stevens, Bob Hall, Ron Clonts, Randall Langston, Stafford Wing, Joe Courson, Hank Boyer, Cliff Jordan, Bob Zinn, David Dickson, Derwin Harmeling, Harold Epperson, Charles Cook, Tom Virden, and Oran Al- mond. 2ND PLATOON 1st Lt. C. Harris, Platoon Commander; M Sgt. Lamar Willis, Platoon Sgt.; SFC Dick Lassiter, Platoon Guide; Rod Lonsinger, Walter Norden, Herb Carlen, Bill Laird, Mark Hollis, Dick Ellinor, Bill Harper, Charles Corbin, Maurice Fleury, Jim Rogers, Bob French, Dick Toole, Leon Wil- liams, Herb Dorsett, Frank Martin, John Carter, Al Fletcher, Les Huff- stetler, Ira Holmes, Bill Gerichten, Nick Colantuano, Al Palmer, Dave Albro, Dick Friedman, George Mathieux, James Cogburn, Bob Greene, Harold Jackson, John Huey, Bob Hedgepeth, Gerald Gray, and Bill Rogers. COMPANY IRA T. YOUNGBLOOD Company Commander 1ST LT. D. J. BARRY Executive Officer M SGT. B. J. LEATHERS First Sergeant CPL. L. WILLARD Guidon Bearer 1ST PLATOON 1st Lt. L. W. Ritch, Platoon Commander; M Sgt. Stan Marks, Platoon Sergeant; SFC Joe McCloin, Platoon Guide; BIynn Reiger, LeRoy Hostet- ter, Harold McNeil, Franklin Smith, Wiley Jarrell, John Haines, John Johnston, Don Sparks, Harold Knowles, Joe Schroeder, James Bell, Charles Richordsen, John Gibson, Milton Jones, Bob Stevens, Kenneth Peck, Murphey Kidd, James Kelley, Henry Longer, Don Tullis, Arnold Sherman, Jack Schooley, Bill Roberts, Dave Morgan, Paul Smith, Victor Vaughen, Dan O ' Keefe, John Maxwell, Sedric Lewis, Leonard Booth, Hugh Watson, Al Meyer, Charles Richards. 2ND PLATOON 1st Lt. H. C. Werner, Platoon Commander; M Sgt. Ron Fazekas, Platoon Sergeant; SFC Bruce Clorey, Platoon Guide; Anthony Samarkos, Burt Holmes, Raymon Rutledge, Doyle West, Martin Stephens, Joe McClung, Randy Ritter, Dennis Marquis, Eugene Martin, Richard Weatherly, Henry Stephenson, C. Wilcox, Bill Koleel, Laurence Willord, John Blue, Nick Ungard, Ernest Owen, Pierre Steward, Gary Sellers, Ivor Mink, Bill Odom, Don Johnson, Charles Waygood, Buryl Breed, Philip Weber, John Creel, Joe Prine, Larry Stracener, Dick Sowosh, Clyde Sauls, Roger •Porter, and Jim Whittle. ROTC GREEKS In these next fe iKpages we present the fraterrwes fl ' d Sofori ity which- confrrrbute so mUcHitpHlfe extra the school Hatter HoN r . i : tie[jlT;(» ties of Stetson Dtw curriculCmac iwies comm§4Kirode and semester iormals Tk sa roups are an »CT |jcl thd r member hloRACE SKWH ARY GARDNER ' tions -. jSjMfflfjy oMwit-rp . . ' . spriii,g r Holiday t jaei»jlfon but?f!fw. tdI part of the umveirsitVi ever strMng, to | tKus to aid thetr .m - FraterivU),.fe f ji ' ' Scuh4 l if tie J neet hokeh . . . n P AN H E L L E N I C COUNCIL OFFICERS CAROLYN DANIEL President VIVIEN RASMUSSEN Vice-President BUNNIE STEVENS Secretary LIZ ANDERSON Treasurer B. J. HENDERSON Social Publicity Chairman DELEGATES ALPHA XIS TRI DELTS PHI MUS PI PHIS ZETAS Mary Jo Braddy Liz Anderson Carolyn Daniel Merrilee Middleton Billie Jean Beal B. J. Henderson Jeanne Goilbreoth Helen Grimsley Gloria Nix D. D. Fugate Johnola Musgrove Charlotte Noyior Shirley Williams Vivien Rasmussen Bunnie Stevens Carolyn Liz B.J. NTERFRATERNITY CONFERENCE OFFICERS H. ELON SMITH President F. A. GREEN Vice-President JOE McCLAIN Secretary JACK KARL Treasurer ASST. DEAN JOHN E. JOHNS Faculty Adviser H. ELON SMITH President F. A. GREEN Vice President DELTA SIGS Duane Quick Jerry Kibbe Roger Dobson LAMBDA CHIS Jim Seymour Horry Honsberger Alan Huckleberry PIKES Bud Evertz Bud Freeze Dick Friedman PI KAPS Tom Mohoffey F. A. Green Jim Honn SIGMA NUS Bill Scrontom Jock Karl George Singletary SIG EPS Bud Littleton Bruno Di Giulion Don Smith Littleton Di Giulion Smith Freeze Friedman Mohoffey Hohn Seymour Honsberger Huckleberry Quick Dobson Scrontom Singletory FirsI Row, Left to Right Jones, Roberts, Kibbe, Stephenson, F. Smith, Fletcher. Second Row; Snyder, Griffin, Jacobs, Coleman, Colantuono, Brisson. Third Row: Quick, Schmock, Siekoniec, Edwords, Dobson, Golde, Corlen, J. Smith. Fourth Row: Owens, Little, West, Doine, Schoep, Stewart, Cowort, Stedronsky. Fifth Row: Beyer, Toole, Lewicki, Kutnieuski, Greaves. Williams, Kern, Corey. alpha cki chaptet DELTA SIGMA PHI Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity was founded at City College of New York in 1 889. The Alpha Chi chap- ter was established on the Stetson campus in 1925. The fraternity colors are nile green and white. The fraternity flower is the white carnation. Welcome aboard . OFFICERS DUANE QUICK President GUIDO TAMBUR Vice-President GEORGE STEDRONSKY Secretary ROGER DOBSON Treasurer JERRY KIBBE Pledge Master MEMBERS ACTIVITIES Charles Barr Henry Boyer Robert Brisson Robert Daine Roger Dobson William Edwards Richard Ellinor Albert Fletcher Walter Golde Richard Greaves Lewis Jacobs John Henry Jones Thomas Lightsey James Bryan William Cain Herbert Carlen Nick Colantuano James Coleman William Cowart Charles Cusumano David Dickson John Edwards William Griffin William Kaleel Earl Keller Robert Kutnieuski Jack Kern Jerry Kibbe Joseph Lewicki Duane Quick Edward Quirk William Roberts Harry Rutledge John Parker Smith Walter Snyder George Stedronsky Pierre Steward Guido Tambur Richard Toole Jesse Little David McDowell Deane Mink Murray North Lezelle Owens Joseph Prine Howard Schmock Jack Schoep Joseph Siekaniec Franklin Smith Eugene Stevenson Kent Sturtivent Doyle West Leon Williams Roger, Duone, George, and Ceroid. Delta Sig Pirates 173 Seofed, Left to Right: Evertz, Williams, Nonce, and Yonge. Second Row, l ett to Right; Laude, Ritter, Freeze, A. George, McLeod, Leothers, Ferwerdo, Daughtery, ond Morks. Third Row, Left to Right; Gibson, l- ' ine, Hofford, P. George, Cogburn, Weber. Fourth Row, Left to Right: Andres, McClung, Slaughter, Richardson, McLennan, Laughton, Fronson, and French. 4elta upMlcH chapter PI KAPPA ALPHA Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity was founded in 1868 at the University of Virginia. Delta Upsilon chapter was chartered in 1951. The fraternity colors are garnet and gold. The fraternity flower is the lily of the valley. Pikes studv hour . . . OFFICERS JAMES NANCE President CHARLES WILLIAMS Vice President HARRY EVERTZ Treasurer ROBERT FREEZE Historian DICK FRIEDMAN Corresponding Secretary RAY FERWERDA Alumni Secretary ROBERT MARKS Sergeont-at-Arms JEROME FINE Rush Chairman JIM YONGE Pledge Trainer MEMBERS ACTIVES Harry Evertz Ray Ferwerda Jerome Fine Robert Freeze Richard Friedmon Jerry Gallagher Allan George Tom Gibson Robert Andres Charles Appel James Cogburn Joe Cooper Jim Daughtery Charles Franson Bob French Bill Garrett Alan George Phil George George Herndon Mark Hofford B. J. Leathers Robert Marks Joe McLeod James Nance Randy Ritter Charles Williams Jim Yonge Ed Houston Harold Jackson, Jr Charles Loughton Doug MocLennan Joe McClung Bill Richardson Tommy Shields Frank Slaughter Ronald Taylor Phil Weber Herb Werner Ted Sommerville First Row, Left to Right: Bud F., Bud W., Booty, Bud E., ond Eobby. Second Ro Left to Right: Jerry, Jim, and Alon. 175 ■MmmmmmSi liii •■■iiig ' lAW . .$rM III ■■■ Left to Right First Row Early, D.; Giffen, H.; Howell, J.; Morgan, J.; Heisig, T.; Mohoffey, T.; Wren, W.; Young, J. Second Row: Dator, J.; Bryont, J.; Hester, B.; Johnson, B.; Berry, S. Third Row: Turner, C; Holley, B.; Coidlro n, J.; Clonts, R.; Hahn, J.; Bohren, D.; Phillip, J. Fourth Row Lauer J.; Creech, F.; Gerretson, J.; Yarn, A.; Green, F.; Hostetter, R. Fifth Row: Warren, F.; Ellinor, F.; Carlin, J. Sixth Row: Young, B.; Hall, B.; Rodgers, B.; Dixon, T. Seventh Row: Holbrook, G.; Coin, C; Coffee, R.; Bell, H. Eighth Row: Hogle, D.; Erickson, R.; Chandler, R.; Imgrund, J. Ninth Row: Langston, R.; Ziebarth, B.; Hollls, M. Tenth Row: Whitoker, B.; Gibson, J.; Barrett, J. cki ckafitei ' PI KAPPA PHI Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity was founded at the Col- lege of Charleston in 1904. The Chi chapter was established at Stetson in 1921. The fraternity colors are gold and white. The fraternity flower is the red rose. Everybody gets into the act . . . OFFICERS TOM MAHAFFEY Archon TED HEISIG Secretary DONALD LEE JOHNSON Treosurer WILLIAM WREN Historian JACK MORGAN Chaplain JAMES CARLIN Warden MEMBERS ACTIVITIES Steven Berry David Lee Johnson Donald Bohren John Lauer James Carlin Tom Mohaffey Ronald Clonts Jock Morgan Jack Coldiron Ernie Murphy James Dator Charles Richardson Fred Ellinor William Rogers David Early John Philip James Gerretson Charles Turner Francis Green Al Vorn Ted Heisig Robert Wilber James Hohn William Wren Roy Hostetter James Young William Holley PLEDGES Jesse Barrett Dick Hogle Harry Bell Mark Hollis John Bertzel Bob Huftstettler Carter Cain John Imgrund Ralph Chandler Randy Langston Ray Coffee Jim Rogers Chuck Cook Jock Smith Tommy Dixon Frank Sturdivent Herb Dorsett Hugh Watson Roger Ericson Britt Whittaker Fred Eubler Don Williams Jack Gibson Bill Young Charlie Granger Bob Young Bob Hall Bill Zieborth Seated: Tom and Jim. Standing, Left to Right: Bill, Buzz, Ted, and Jack. The Nile overflows to the Boulevard 177 i ,1 ! ,.., Left lu Right; Usher, Parish, Scrontom, Reinke, Sherman. Second Row, Left to Right: Wotson, Wilcox, Hopkins, Mortin. Third Row, Left to Right: Stuart, Edwards, Odom, Grissett. Fourth Row, Left to Right: Corbin, Myer, Matthews, Jochem, Korl. Fifth Row, Left to Right; Firesheets, Brundick, Singletary, Longer, Brawner. Sixth Row, Left to Right: Whittle, Skinner, Blue, Smith. Seventh Row, Left to Right: Porter, Gensel, Collins, Westervelt. Eighth Row, Left to Right: Gilllland, GrifHth, Hubert, Edgington, Garrett, Martin. 4eita m ckafitei ' SIGMA N U Sigma Nu Fraternity was founded in 1869 at the Virginia Military Institute. The fraternity colors are black, white and gold. The flower is the white rose. The Delta Mu chapter was the first national social fraternity on the Stetson campus, being char- tered in 1913. OFFICERS WILLIAM SCRANTOM Commander SONNY PARRISH Lt. Commander ARNOLD SHERMAN Recorder DELBERT REINKE Treasurer HARRY USHER Chaplain The Snake Pit MEMBERS ACTIVES Arthur Cross Jack Collins Gene Edwards Ted Grissett Jerry Hopkins George Jochem Jack Karl Sonny Porrish Jack Browner John Blue Tesch Brundick Charles Corbin John Edington Arnold Firesheets Sterling Forrester Bill Garrett Jerry Gensel Ed Gilliland Harold Gregg Dick Hubert Delbert Reinke William Scrantom Arnold Sherman Delmar Stuart Harry Usher James Watson James Whittle Curtis Wilcox Noel Longer Frank Martin Gene Martin Allan Meyer Bill Odum Roger Porter Cliff Skinner Jerry Smith Martin Stephens Dick Weatherly John Westervelt Left to Right: Sonny, Arnold, Bill, Horry, ond Del. Sigma Nus go formal . . 179 First Row, Left to Right; Di Giulian, B.; Littleton, C; Close, R.; Hathaway, F. Second Row; Scott, J.; Sellers, G.; Groth, C; Smith, D.; Williard, L., Scott, R. Third Row: Daub, A.; Fozekas, R.; McBroyer, W.; Steffens, R.; Hansen, R.; Smith, M. priJia l eta chapter SIGMA PHI EPSILON Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded at Richmond Col- lege, Richmond, Virginia, on November 1, 1901. The local chapter, Florida Beta, was established on February 12, 1949 and now resides in its new home at 327 West Minnesota Avenue. The colors are dark red and purple and the flowers are red roses and violets. OFFICERS CLARENCE LITTLETON President RONALD FAZEKAS Vice President W. DONALD SMITH Comptroller HORACE SMITH Historian MELVIN SMITH Secretary MEMBERS ACTIVES Duward Chaftee Bruno Di Giulion Ronald Fazekas Roy Hansen Carroll Lewis Clarence Littleton Jack Scott Robert Scott Horace Smith Melvin Smith Roland Close Charles Groth Wayne Hartnup Frank Hathaway James Kelley PLEDGES Donald Smith W. Elbert Smith Robert Steffens Frank Stockton Albert Weisledder Laurence Willord Al Daub William Flowers William McBrayer Barry Lampp Jack Schooly Gary Sellers Thomas Virden Sig Eps at home 181 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA First Row, Left to Right: Harry Honsberger, Tony Monkiewicz, Dick Lassiter, Jim Seymour, Dick Prieur, Paul Lee, ond Joe McClain. Second Row, Left to Right: Al Palmer, Jim Murphy, Dr. Spurrier, Steve Poddock, Al Huckleberry, John Wing, Don Sparks. Third Row, Left to Right: Bill Jackson, Ira Holmes, Jay Huey, Jim Daly, Bob Cover, and Duncan Pardue. Fourth Row, Left to Right: Burt Holmes, Otto Shiver, and Cedric Lewis. Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity was founded at Boston University in 1909. The Zeto Tau chapter was chartered at Stetson in 1949. The fraternity colors are purple, green and gold. The fraternity flower is the white rose. Bjarne Anderson Robert Beazley Peter Buker Joseph Elliott William Gerichten John Hodges ACTIVES Harry Honsberger Alan Huckleberry Richard Lassiter Paul Lee Joe McCloin Anthony Monkiewicz James Murphy Alton Palmer Richard Prieur John Root James Seymour John Wing FACULTY Kenneth Ballenger Leo Spurrier Robert Chauvin Richard Hildwein Elmer Pritchard Leonard Tompkins PLEDGES Eugene Brockenbrough Robert Cover James Daly Burton Holmes Ira Holmes John Huey William Jackson Leiand Jacobs Clifford Jorden Sedric Lewis Duncan Pardue Richard Paddock LeRoy Ritch Otto Shiver Donald Sparks Lambda Chis on parade OFFICERS JAMES SEYMOUR President DICK LASSITER Vice President LEONARD TOMPKINS Faculty Adviser DICK PRIEUR Secretary TONY MONKIEWICZ Treasurer PAUL LEE Social Chairman HARRY HONSBERGER Ritual Chairman JOE McCLAIN Rush Chairmen First Row, Left to Right: McCormick, J.; Wentworth, M.; Feinsod, M.; Harvey, I.; Broddy, M. J., President; Musgrove, J.; Mortin, B.; Baltzer, C; Pier, L. Second Row, Left to Right: Butts, B.; Smith, F.; Lightfoot, S.; Bragger, J.; Lathrop, E.; Wodischek, P.; Cole, A.; White, Z. Third Row, Left to Right: Johnson, B.; Von Nus, N.; Stone, J.; Lauder, D.; Veatch, B.; Whiddon, P.; Lightfoot, N.; Owen, F.; Henderson, B. J. Fourth Row, Left to Right: HeiL D.; Skornschek, M.; Hubner, M.; Roberts, B.; Reynolds, S.; Knisely, D. Fifth Row, Left to Right: Dillord, J.; Schowolter, J.; Wooley, B.; Lyon, D.; Horton, M.; Ferrel, S. Sixth Row, Left to Right: Cole, F.; Sentell, S.; Carlan, S.; McMullen, C; Gardner, S. cm a ckajjitet ALPHA XI DELTA Omega chapter of Alpha Xi Delta was founded at Stetson University in May, 1917. The flower is the Killarney rose and the colors are double blue and gold. Alpha Xi Delta was founded at Lombard Col- lege, Galesburg, Illinois, in 1893. OFFICERS MARY JO BRADDY President CAROLYN BALTZER Vice President IRIS HARVEY Corresponding Secretary MARGARET FEINSOID Recording Secretary BARBARA MARTIN Treasurer JOHNOLA MUSGROVE Membership Chairman MEMBERS ACTIVES Carolyn Baltzer Mary Jo Broddy Janet Bragger Boerner Butts Alice Cole Margaret Feinsod Iris Harvey Betty Jean Henderson Barbara Johnson Edith Lathrop Nancy Lightfoot Sue Lightfoot Shirley Carlin Fostine Cole Jo Ann Oillard Sue Ferrel Sue Gardner Donna Heil Marian Horton Marilyn Hubner Darlee Knisely Dale Lauder Doris Lyon Barbara Martin Johnola Musgrove Jean McCormick Fran Owen Lynn Pier Florence Smith Nancy Van Nus Barbara Veatch Marilyn Wentworth Zareta White Pat Wodischek Carolyn McMullen Sue Reynolds Barbara Jean Roberts Joyce Schowalter Marline Skornschek Joyce Stones Sally Sentell Shirley Lowe Peggy Whiddon Barbara Wooley Alpha Xi pageantry Seated, Left to Right: Maggie, Mory Jo, Carolyn, Johnola. Standing; Iris and Barbara. Doin ' what conies notcherly 185 First Row, Left t , , ,i,i Gotlln, A.; Nichols, J.; Noylor, C, President; Doane, R.; Wilde, D. Second Row, Left to Right: Gardiner, M.; Anderson, E.; Abrohomson, J., Morcell, J.; Isom, A.; RodloH, H. L. Third Row, Left to Right: Miller, N.; Tucker, M.; Smith, R.; Thomos, M.; Goilbreath, J.; Morgon, C; Doswell, S. Fourth Row, Left to Right: Silver, N.; Price, J. B.; Rivers, E.; Roe, D.; Driggers, E.; Shearouse, S. Fifth Row, Left to Right: Gombill, C; Steffans, B.; Steinkomp, J. L.; MeColla, J.; MeGinnis, C; Hoyer, L.; Wise, M. R. alpha 4elta chaptet DELTA DELTA DELTA Delta Delta Delta was founded in 1889 at Boston University. Alpha Delta chapter was established at Stetson University in May, 1913. The fraternity flower is the pansy and the colors are silver, gold, and blue. Third prize, no less. OFFICERS CHARLOTTE NAYLOR President JOY NICHOLS Vice President DOT WILDE Recording Secretary ANNEARLE ISOM Corresponding Secretory RIDGELY DOANE Treasurer ANN GATLIN Chaplain M Joyce Abrahamson Elizabeth Anderson Ridgely Doane Sollie Doswell Jean Gailbreath Mary Gardiner Ann Gatlin Annearle Isom Jeonne Morcell Noni Miller Ellen Driggers Charlotte Gambill Louise Hoyer Julia McCollo Caroline Mclnnis Jeonne Belle Price Ellen Rivers EMBERS ACTIVES Carolyn Morgan Charlotte Naylor Joy Nichols Helen Lee Rodloff Carolyn Shealey Robin Smith Midge Thomas Moribel Tucker Dorothy Wilde Donna Roe Sandra Shearouse Nancy Silver Barbara Steffans Jenny Lu Steinkomp Martha Ruth Wise On Floor: Ridge and Maribel. Seated, Lett to Right: Joy, Chorlotte, ond Dottic. Hey, leekit what I got . 187 First Row, Left to Right: McKee, B.; Mikell, J.; Keesling, J.; Willioms, S., President; Grimsley, H.; Pemble, R. Second Row, Left to Right; See- ley, M.; Johnson, D.; Ebert, S.; Daniels, C; Harper, H.; Booth, G. Third Row, Left to Right; Bect-on, B.; Duke N.; Kleinheinz, B.; Duke, J.; Underwood, S.; Hillbish, S. Fourth Row, Left to Right: Smith, M.; Farr, M. J.; Chapman, C; Jensen, M.; Sopp, B. alpha xi ckafitef P H I M U Phi Mu was founded at Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia in March 1852. The Alpha Xi Chapter was established in March, 1949. The colors are rose and white, and the fraternity flower is the En- chantress carnation. y ' --«w 4iS(m Is your arm tired, Shirley? OFFICERS SHIRLEY WILLIAMS President HELEN GRIMSLEY Vice President ROBERTA PEMBLE Recording Secretary BETTY McKEE Corresponding Secretary JULIA MIKELL Pledge Trainer MEMBERS ACTIVES Ginger Booth Carolyn Daniel Sue Ebert Helen Grimsley Betty Haygood Helen Harper Delia JohnsDn Ba. ' bora Becton Carol Chapman Jane Duke Nancy Duke Mary Jo Farr Shirley Hillbish Judi Kcesling Betty McKee Julie Mikell Roberta Pemble Mary Seeley Shirley Williams Marie Jensen Barbara Kleinheinz Barbara Sapp Mary Smith Sherrill Underwood Seated, Left to Right: Shirley and Helen ar.d Roberta. Standing, Left to Right: Julie, Betty, Judi. Carolina pirates bite the dust 189 First Row, Left to Right: Lannom, B. J.; Rasmussen, V.; Mace, J., Pres dent; Bailey, B.; Middleton, M.; Lohmon, B. L. Second Row, Left to Right; Moeller, J.; Nix, G.; Cole, C; Collins, C; Brock, B.; Millican, A.; Croig, M.; Talton, M.; Rich, G. Third Row, Left to Right; Motes, J.; Nord- mon, B.; Williamson, J.; Farlow, B.; Ruter, B.; Hocker, A.; Rand, K. Fourth Row, Left to Right: Martin, A.; Pierson, B.; Cole, S.; Champion, S.; Stokes, H.; Whitaker, A.; DeLaney, A.; Willoughby, M. B.; Carpenter, M. Fifth Row, Left to Right: Steck, N.; Sloan, J.; Hudson, P.; Miller, M.; Byrne, B.; Martin, J. Sixth Row, Left to Right: Williamson, J.; Boulware, B.; Harris, P.; Harris, P.; Forlow, N. Im4a aipka ckaptet PI BETA PHI Florida Alpha chapter of Pi Beta Phi was estab- lished on the University campus in 1913. The so- rority was founded at Monmouth College in 1867. The fraternity flower is the wine carnation, and the colors are wine and silver blue. We wuz robbed! . ML. OFFICERS JOAN MACE President MERRILEE MIDDLETON Vice President BARBARA BAILEY Recording Secretary ANNE RUSSELL Corresponding Secretary B. J. L ANNCM Treasurer VIVIAN RASMUSSEN Pledge Trainer BILLIE LEE LOHMAN Rush Chairman MEMBERS ACTIVES Barbara Bailey Barbara Brock Carolyn Cole Carolyn Collins Marillyn Craig Betty Farlow B. J. Lannom Billie Lee Lohman Joan Mace Merrilee Middleton Ann Millican Beverly Boulware Betsy Byrne Mary Corpenter Shirley Champion Shirley Cole Ann De Loney Jane Edwards Nancy Farlow Patty Harris Peggy Harris Jean Moeller Joanne Motes Gloria Nix Betty Nordman Kathryn Rand Vivian Rasmussen Ginger Rich Anne Russell Barbara Rutter Marilyn Tolton June Williamson Pot Hudson Ann Martin June Martin Mildred Miller Jo Sloan Nancy Steck Helen Stokes Janet Williamson Mary Beth Willoughby Ann Whitaker Left to Right: Barbara B., Joan, Anne, Barbara L., Vivien, and Merrilee. Pi Phi Christmos porty 191 t. R, h ■■ Milrr r ♦. Wethermgton, R ; Gray, C; Brown, N.; Fugote. D., President, Stevens, B.; Loyfield, B.; Fordham, R. Second I .-v., Lei I Smth D W„oHh ' - " V ' ' ,; " ' ' ■•; Reedy 8.; Roberts, B.; Gordon, E.; Beol, B.; Myers, A. Th.rd Row. Left to Right: Moberg, B.; Taylor, R.; oTav kv ' K nfth r ' o ' l " ; p ' ' L ' : ' " ' ' t- Fourth Row, Left to R,ght: Williams, B.; Bronner, E.; Thomas, P.; Connell P.; Mizzell, M. Uriavsky, K. Fifth Row, Left to Right: Swarthout, S.; Stibbs, S.; Pless, B.; Blokely, B.; Werts, E. i eta p i chaptet Z ETA TAU ALPHA Zeta Tau Alpha, international fraternity for women, was founded at Longwood College, Farmville, Vir- ginia, October 15, 1898. Beta Psi chapter was established in 1934. The fraternity colors are steel gray and turquoise blue. OFFICERS D. D. FUGATE President NORMA BROWN Vice President ROSALIND FORDHAM Corresponding Secretary CHRISSY GRAY Recording Secretary ROSEMARY WETHERINGTON Treasurer BUNNIE STEVENS Rush Chairmon MEMBERS ACTIVES Billie Beal Norma Brown Rosalind Fordhom D. D. Fugote Evelyn Gordon Chrissy Gray Louise Jetferies Bobs Blakely Eileen Brenner Peggy Connell Marnine Mizzell Barbara Moberg Kitty OrJQvsky Chris Perry Mary Puckett Betty Pless PLEDGES Betty Layfleld Carolyn Miller Ann Myers Betty Reedy Betty Roberts Bunnie Stevens Rosemary Wetherington Shirley Swarthout Diane Smith Sue Stibbs Robbye Taylor Gloria Thomas Phyllis Thomas Eileen Werts Bonnie Williams Suzanne Woodham ZTA on parade . . . Seated: Chrissey, Bunnie, Dottie, Norma faye, Roasie. Standing: Betty and Rosaline. | i I ACTIVITIES VaiL llm tl latei ' , 4eatt T ata , » STOVER THEATRE " Merry wives of Windsor " " The Rock " i9SZ-S3 pteMHtathH GOOD HOUSEKEEPING November 6, 7, 8 THE ROCK December 11, 12, 13 THE TRILOGY January 15, 16, 17 SPREADING THE NEWS EPHRATA MASTER PIERRE PATELINE THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR March 5, 6, 7 SECOND THRESHOLD April 23, 24, 25 BELL, BOOK, AND CANDLE May 14, 15, 16 The actual construction of the Little Theatre in 1930 was the realization of a dreann for Dr. Irving Stover, Stetson ' s senior pro- fessor. And because of his untiring work in the fields of speech and drama, the theatre was named in his honor. The Stover Theatre affords a wide variety of theatre activities. Students learn production, directing, acting, lighting, scene con- struction, and management through practice. Experimental plays, workshop plays, classic and modern plays are a part of each year ' s program. REHEARSALS " Good Housekeeping " " Ephrota ' " Moster Pierre Poteline " OPERA WORKSHOP Opera Workshop was founded at Stetson in 1950 for the purpose of introducing opera to the student through active participation. Its aim is to produce " singing actors " rather than merely singers. A minimum of scenery and costumes is used, and all scenes are sung in English so that the audience, too, may become acquainted with the great operas of the ages. PROF. KENNETH L. BALLANGER Director Producer MEMBERS OF THE WORKSHOP SOPRANO Dolores Hancock Carroll Hart Charlotte Hollenbach Betty Nordman Mary Cathryne Park Betty Pless Mory Puckett MEZZO SOPRANO Sally Sentell Mary Hathaway Evelyn Gordon Jean Wright MRS. RUTH R. CARR Music Coach rm fflWff ' ffWRHIiW ' Ron Clonts Bill Holley Ernie Murphy Stafford Wing Oran Almond Jack Coldiron John Kennedy Peter Christopherson BASS - BARITONE Richard Lassiter W Pres. Edmunds addresses fhe assembly. RELIGIOUS EMPHASIS WEEK With " Choose Ye This Day " as the theme and Dr. J. S. Evans to lead the seminars and chapel programs, Stetson once again enjoyed an inspiring and revealing Religious Emphasis Week. Dr. Evans, of the Gordon Street Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia spoke to students on such topics as " What Are You " , " Seeing What You See " , and " The Times and My Faith " . The purpose of Religious Emphasis Week is to awaken in the individual college student the ur- gency and necessity of Christianity in every phase of life, for himself and in dealings with other per- sons. The final day of Religious Emphasis Week coin- cided with the 95th birthday of Dr. Warren S. Cordis. Dr. Evans at the podium. {? , j ' Dr. Evans congratulates Dr. Cordis as Pres. Edmunds looks on. Dr. Stover makes a floral presentation. Chapel during Religious Emphasis Week 1 Stetsor OniuepsLlij Dr. Clarence Menser, the University ' s Ra- dio Director and General Manoger of WJBS, looks on as students use a tape recorder in a Radio Speech Class. A number of student octivities are broad- cast by the University station, and several regularly scheduled programs give stu- dents on opportunity to appear on the air. Another of Dr. Menser ' s classes re- hearses a typical program, engaging in discussion and working out production before appearing on the air. FINE ARTS FESTIVAL WEEK Prof. Giffin, Prof. Feosel, and Dr. Wayne Barlow, composer conductor. HATTER HOLIDAY Hugo Hughes and Marilyn Talton MR. and MISS STETSON Stetson misses Stetson ' s Mr. Ugly contest . . . won by Dick Paddock, 4th from left. " Hatter Holiday " , which is sponsored by the Stu- dent Government Association of Stetson University, tool on different makeup in 1952 as activities re- mained centered around campus in the Forest of Ar- den instead of having the students migrate to some spot off campus for the festivities. Various organizations on campus competed in dif- ferent contests — pie eating, tug of war, cross country race, wheelbarrow race, etc. — while later in the after- noon after students had enjoyed a wonderful barbe- cue, Hugo Hughes and Marilyn Talton were crowned as Mr. and Miss Stetson respectively and Richard Pad- dock ran off with the prize for the " Ugliest Man on Campus " competition. Festivities were completed with a dance that night at the Airport Arena with Claude Thornhill providing the music. The purpose of " Hatter Holiday " is to provide a student ' s counterpart for the activities which the alumni enjoy during Homecoming. Everybody gets into the act ADVERTISEMENTS l m f. f DeL pd, of the state of Florida Rid of Ista L faking on efforfe ' tcj aiffiour i4|iv( rsity. Their contrib jis; for dj help to pay a sul an po ' o ' of the Hatter bijC h- ift- ' r. g ' ges represint th ; men and merchants -!i t|,v ' ' ' the nation, who are , |iir- .l ear and we of the staff wish to exMM Jtbp e Jbu sjnessmf jirnd " ' P s aP ferids of the university our d c6fi ««¥ y S !5Min|Far] =p5S jfltton. You o;s4t« ents ers. C5S Manager r " r ' iM4 « ' 206 Compliments of MITCHELL CLEANERS I E. Rich Avenue Phone 865 i I I i ! I I i I I I 1 I I i I I I I I I 1 For All The I Essential Building Materials JACOBS LUMBER AND SUPPLY CO., INC. 1 I 1 I I I I i I I I I I I I I 1 I i I s 4.. TANDY JONES COMPANY Cl()lJii)ig And Fiiriiishings 113 N. RLVD. Hart, Schaffner Marx Clothes NUNN BUSH SHOKS MANHATTyVN SHIRTS DO BBS HATS DeLAND FLORIDA j 1 Coinpliments of C. E. BOHREN Barber Shop 134 North Boulevard I I I I I I I I I I I 1 I I i I I I Supplying Stetson Students for Over 29 Years ALLEN WHITE CO. DeLAND, FLORIDA Penney ' s ALWAYS FIR ST QUA L if Y f DeLAND FLORIDA 1 1 I I I I 1 ! I i I I i I I I I I I 1 Coinpliments of F. N. DE HUY SON Jewelers and Silversmiths A Coniplctr Jirpair Service 139 N. Boulevard Telephone 270 4. 207 STETSON HATS ,. .naturally THE BOSS OF THE PLAINS The natural choice of outdoor men is a Stetson because it embodies authentic styling as well as rugged construction. It ' s comfortable, too, thanks to the famous Stetson " cushioned-to- fiV leather— the standard of hat comfort for over seventy years. JOHN B. STETSON COMPANY Philadelphia MORE PEOPLE WEAR STETSON HATS THAN ANY OTHER BRAND 208 1 I Touchton Drug Co., Inc. I I Soda — Cosmetics — Prescriptions 1 s " Where Friends Meet " ! J Phone 71 i I 100 S. Boulevard DeLand I J i Allen Powers Hardware THE TRUE VALUE STORE ] HARinVARE I PAINTS I PLUMBING SUPPLIKS i 1 I I I I . — + + — — + + — 12 S. Boulevard Phone LSI FOUNTAIN ' S Central Florida ' s Oldest and Finest Store BELL MOTOR COMPANY 211 West Rich Phone 1356 DeLAND FLORIDA I I I I I I I I 1 1 I i I I I I 1 [ I I m- Used Car Department 218 South Boulevard Phone 420 DeLAND FLORIDA ■ " " ■ ConipUment of OXYNER ' s INC. The House ot Complete Home Furnishings G E. AppI ances Phone 750 110 V. New York SAM JAMES i. .1 Proprietors IM OXYNER I i I I I I I I I I I I I 1 I I + ♦■■ 209 Congratulations to Graduates of 1953 from Coston ' s Laundry and Dry Cleaning Phone 951 224 S. Florida Avenue Coniplin}e)its of BETTY DREKA SHOP Where Stetson Students I I 1 I Are Alway Welcome I I 105 S. Blvd. DeLand, Florida i 1 I ! CompJiiuoits of ATHENS LAUNDRY 143 East Voorhis DcLand BILL HOLLER MOTOR SALES Chevrolet Oldsmobile Cadillac " Quality Service Headquarters " Phone 694-695 550 South Boulevard DeLAND, FLORIDA Compliments of FLORIDA HOME GAS CO. Sery ' ing City Gas To DeLand — Sanford — Orange City Beyond the Mains it ' s Sav — A — Gas L. P. Gas Service I ! I I 1 i I i I 1 Compliments of ALLEN-SUMMERHILL FUNERAL HOME j. E. SLIMMKRlllLL, finirral Director Phone 62 24-Hour Ainbulance Service ESTABLISHED 1877 I2() East New York Ave. DeLand, Florida 210 ■■+ + ' — ' GIBBS Ladies ' and Children ' s Ready-to-Wear Ladies ' and Children ' s Shoes Phone 240 DcLaiul Florida i i I I I I 1 I I I I i I I Congratulations To the 1953 Graduates HERE TO SERVE YOU CURREY THE FLORIST 1 16 East Indiana Get those Fine Sandwiches and Milk Shakes SH AWHAN ' S Phone 1027 I I ! ! i ! i I I I I i I 1 I I I I 116 E. Rich I I THEMOetRNmL GREEN ' S FUEL OF DeLAND I I 339 N. Boulevard I ! -4. Phone 1152 i 1 The West Family I 1 of I STETSON FLOWER SHOP ish you the Best of Luck in everything and THANKS for being able To Serve You Phone 59 218 N. Boulevard Serving Stetson for 20 Years •+ I I I ( 1 I I I 1 I i 1 I 1 I I I 1 I I I I Compliments of I I I I I 1 i I .4. . . 211 VOLUSIA PHARMACY A Walgreen Agency Prescription Specialists Modern Soda Fountain We Feature: TUSSY YARDLEY DOROTHY PERKINS COSMETICS S. R. Langston, Jr., Manager 121 North Boulevard DeLaiid, Florida Compliments of DIXIE CLEANERS 140 W. New York Avenue ALL WORK GUARANTEED " We Call for and Deliver " Phone 1334 W H. E. Whitson, Proprietor (Did Manager I i I I I I Compli?7ients of FRIERSON ' S ON THE BOULEVARD You Can Be Sure if It ' s Westinghouse Gerald E. Frierson, Owner Feasel Paint and Glass Established 1921 Pittsburgh Paints Glass— Mirrors— PictuT " Framing DeLand 111 W. Rich Avenue Phone 626 1 i I I I I I I I I I I SOUTHS LARGEST JtA ELERS DeLAND IKi N. Boulevard Phone 722 CONGRATULATIONS .... Graduates of the Class of ' 53 No matter where the path may lead, please accept our best wishes for a future full of happiness, prosperity and continue good forttine. FLORIDA BANK AT DELAND Member: Florida National Group Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation I i i I I I I I i I I I I I I I i I 1 I I I 1 I i I 1 i I i i 1 I I I I I i I I 1 I I I I I I I I I ». +.- 212 ATLANTIC ICE COMPANY Phone 875 Better Refrigeration at Lower Cost See the New . . . AIR CONDITIONED ICE REFRIGERATOR Picnic Chests— Beverage Chests— Cold Boxes Ice Cream P ' reezers- Water Coolers Best Wishes From Your Nearest Neighbor ' ' Let us Supply You With Your Daily Needs " DELAND SUNDRIES THE DELAND SUN-NEWS Is Read Daily and Sunday For News Of STETSON ACTIVITIES The Best Dressed Coeds Buy Their Hats at PERRY ' S Expeit Millinery Service Veiling, Flowers. Feathers Original Trimmings Velvet Ribbon, Velvet Cord and Other Trinnnings " Quality Hats at Reasonable Prices " 237 North Boulevard DeLand ..+ +. I I I I I I i I I I i I I I I i I I I i I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I i I 1 . — + — + Compliments of McCRORY ' S 5 and 10(2 STORE Your Favorite Shopping Center " Best For Less " Compliments oj Smith and Thomas Drugs Headquarters for: Helena Rubciistein— Leiulieric— D ' Orsay Ciros— Tabus— Peggy Sage Roger and Gallet— Guerlain— Old Spice Seafordi— Max Factor ' s— Coty Faberge— Angelique Houbigant— Chan tilly— Richard Hudniit Schiaparelli Bob ' s Radio Service 206 W. Rich Avenue Home — Auto Radio Sound Equipment — Television Phone 1347 DeLand 213 " It ' s a pleasure to bank at The Atlantic " THE ATLANTIC NATIONAL BANK OF JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation CONGRATULATIONS TO SENIORS OF 1 953 For: For: Lumber And Building Bonds Materials Insurance CONRAD LUMBER THE CONRAD COMPANY COMPANY North Delaware Ave. 1 1 8 West New York Ave. Del.and, Florida DeLAND, FLORIDA Phone 31 Phone 17 Compliments of DnDRVQIJIEEIil Just South of the Campus CONGRATULATIONS lO THE CLASS OF 1953 Thank you for your patronage Mr. and Mrs. Robert Manning 214 Deland Camera Shop Picniicr Film Service ■ ' } ' (; ()■ Siiiiji.shot Hr idtjiuirffrs " Cameras — Supplies Expert Film Finishing r N. Woocllaiul Blvd. Phone 277-R I i I I i I I Compliments of STOUDENMIRE ' S GROCETERIA 138 N. Blvd. I I + +■- Phone 389 1 I I DOMINICK ' S RESTAURANT 202 N. Blvd. 100 Per Cent Air Conditioned DeLand, Florida " We Appreciate Your Patronage " DOMINICK (Jimmie) VITSARAS Best Wishes From OF DAYTONA BEACH + +— — 215 Compliments of I FIRST ATLANTIC | NATIONAL BANK ! I Daytona Beach, Florida 1 I Member of F. D. I. C. I 1 THE BARNETT NATIONAL BANK " A Florida Landmark " DELAND— JACKSONVILLE— AVON PARK COCOA— ST. AUGUSTINE Member Federal Reserve System and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Best Wishes SUPER MARKETS and FOOD STORES of Florida 216 Howard Optical Company | Prescriptions Filled j Accurately Dial :M.152 — f (Mezzanine Floor) Metcalf Building 102 S. Orange Avenue ORLANDO. FLORIDA ! i I 1 1 i I I Orange Belt Pharmacy " Prescription Specialists " Three Licensed Druggists To Serve You Complete Drug and Fountain Service ! Next to Dreka Iheatre Phone 555 EVERYBODY KNOWS IT . . Experience is the best teacher! AntI the place to get real, honest- to-goodness pastoral and mission experience is on the most unique mission field in America— New Orleans! Scholarly Faculty, Effective Evangelism. Practical Missionary Activities For Information Write: ROLAND Q. LEAVELL. President 3939 Gentillv Blvd.. New Orleans New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary Offers Standard degrees, B.D., Th. M,, Th. D., B.R.E., M.R.E., B.S.M., and M.S.M. i I IN DAYTON A For Tennis Equipment Fishing Tackle Golf Clubs Latest in Books It ' s the DAYTONA BOOK STORE " Buy Where Your J ' arsity Teams Buy " 1 232 S. Beach Street Daytona Beach 1 FLORIDA ' S FINEST FOOD STORES Two Fine Stores West New York Avenue Eas t Rich Avenue in DeLAND FLORIDA i I i I -+ + — 217 .©RK Live Clectricallu In home and business I do a lot, I ' m little Reddy Kilowatt I work for you every day, The more I work the less you pay All household items except mine, Now cost more than in ' 39 So use me often the whole year thru, I ' ll make life easier for you. Now and forever yours, REDDY KILOWATT FLORIDA POWER CORPORATION Portraits For Every Occasion BRENGLE STUDIOS, INC. 1 221 Norlh Boulevard Phone 1621-T 1 I KEMPS j DIXIE DELIGHT ! DO-NUT SHOP j Sio]) in for coffee and fresh do-nuts I alter every University activity, j Also fountain service Open until 1:00 a. N. Blvd. DeLand I ! 1 1 I I 1 I I I I I I I I I I ! Good Wishes WALTER MANN i 218 I no Coniplinit ' iifs of THE VOGUE Feminine Apparel N. Blvd. DeLand i I I I I i I i I I I I I I I 1 I 1 1 i I I I I I 1 Compliments of JESS MATHAS Clerk Circuit Court ROBBIE ' S I AUTO SERVICE | " We Neiier Close " f Stetson ' s Snack Bar | I Phone 9123 I U.S. Highway 17 and 92 J DeLand Florida CONGRATULATIONS to THE CLASS OF ' 53 Athens Theatre and Staff 1 1 H HTnchcsh , WINCHESTER •- ■ T 1. ;7« ■a3B K ■ ■ TJie best ill motion j)ictitre entertainment 219 DAYTONA BEACH NEWS-JOURNAL —Publishers— THE MORNING JOURNAL THE EVENING NEWS THE SUNDAY NEWS JOURNAL and W N D B The Radio Station Listened to by All Volusia County A.M. 1150 On Your Dial P.M. 94.5 On Your Dial i I i I i I t I BRADLEY ' S MUSIC SHOP I Telephone 616-J Records, Supplies Radios, Phonographs 214 N. Blvd. DeLand, Florida I i Congratulations Seniors- On Your Achievements to Date And We Extend Our Best Wishes Through the Coming Years GEORGIE BOY ' S ' Stetson ' s Meeting Place off Campus ' BLANTON BAGWELL Owner-Manager Lyster Travel Service RESERVATIONS And Helping to Plan Trips for Stetson Students are Our Specialties Prompt Service No Charge Phone 815 222 N. Blvd. I I ! I " Best Wishes " from JAY ' S RADIO SHOP J. J. TILLIS, JR. Stetson 1910 It Pays to Have Your Radio Serviced at Jay ' s 111 W. Indiana Avenue Phone 990 Compliments of Proctor-Armstrong Lumber Company Phone 214 W. Minn, and Railroad Compliments of DeLand Coca-Cola Bottling Company 220 + 4 Colonial Funeral Home, Inc. OXYGEN EQUIPPED AMBL ' LANCE 220 E. New »vk A tiiuc DeLand, Florida W. CLYDE LANKFORD, Preaident PHONE 50 " ) Congratulations to the Class of 1953 from Standard Oil Company F. H. " Frank " HAMMER, Agent Compliments of DELAND FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 118 N. Boulevard Telephone 133 We Appreciate The Success You Have Brought Us PETE AND TOM j MORRIS RESTAURANT | 203 N. Boulevard DeLand, Florida } 221 s ng ravings by ALABAMA ENGRAVING CO. Birmingham a n «: u a Original layouts, distinctive typography and sparkling reproduction that give your annuel the luxurious appearance impossible to obtain by standard layout, mass-production methods. wfyM y € di4V| 1 10 TRINITY E C A U R , PLACE E O R G I N D X Pages Administration 12-17 Advertisements 204-224 Alpha Dexioma 152 Alpha Xi Delta 184-185 American Associotion of Guild Orgonists 154 Band 149 Baptist Student Union 142 Baseball 133 Basketball, Freshmen 132 Basketball, Varsity 128-131 Beauty 99-101 Beta Beto Beta 114 Business School Faculty 28-29 Canterbury Club 143 Chapman Low Club 88 Cheerleaders ond Alternates 127 Contents 10 Co-Op Plan 115 Dedication 11 Delta Delta Delto 186-187 Delta Sigma Phi 172-173 Delta Theta Phi 85 Der Deutsche Verein 10? Fine Arts Festival 202 Freshman Class 63-76 Freshman Class Officers 62 Football 120-127 Future Teachers of America 153 Gamma Si mo Epsi!on 103 Glee Club 151 Girl ' s Gym 136 Golf, Men 134 Golf, Women 134 Graduate Council 32 Hatter Holiday 202 Hatter Staff 158-159 Homecoming 196-197 Honor 106 Interfroternity Conference 171 International Relations Club 113 Intramurals, Men 137 Intramurals, Women 136 Introduction 1-9 Junior Class 48-53 Junior Class Officers 47 Kappa Delta Pi Ill Kappa Kappa Psi 117 Koppa Pi Ill La Fronciade 109 Lambda Chi Alpha 182 Law School Faculty 78-80 Law School Freshmen 83 Low School Juniors 82 Law School Seniors 81 Law Student ' s Association 84 Liberal Arts Faculty 24-27 Men ' s Council 21 Ministerial Association 146-147 Miss Stetson 93 Mr. Stetson 92 Music School Faculty 30-31 Opera Workshop 199 Orchestra 150 Outstanding Seniors 94-98 Panhellenic Council 170 Phi Alpha Delta 88 Phi Alpha Theta 113 Phi Beta Music Fraternity 108 Phi Delta Phi gg Phi Mu 188-189 Phi Society 116 Pi Beta Phi 190-191 Pi Kappa Alpha 174-175 Pi Kappa Phi 176-177 President ' s Message 14 Religious Emphasis Week 200 Reporter Staff 156-157 R.O.T.C 162-167 " S " Club 138-139 Scabbard ond Blade 113 Scroll ond Key 116 Senior Class 34-46 Senior Class Officers 33 Sigmo Delto Pi 109 Sigma Nu 178-179 Sigma Phi Epsilon 180-181 Sigma Pi Kappa 112 Snapshots 77, 89, 155, 183, 203 Sophomore Class 55-61 Sophomore Class Officers 54 Special Students 32 Stover Theatre 198 Student Christian Association 144 Student Government Association 18-19 Tou Beto Sigma 117 Theta Alpha Phi 110 Thomas Law Club 88 Wesley Foundation 144 Westminster Fellowship 145 Who ' s Who 102-103 WJBS 201 Women ' s Physical Educotion Instructors 135 Women ' s Professional Club 135 Women ' s Student Government 20 Ye Mystic Krewe 107 Y.W.A 148 Zeta Tau Alpha 192-193 224 THE ALMA MATER ' By Lincoln Hulley Jill ° ' Alma Mater, smile upon thy children! i Gladly we greet thee, altogether lovely; Peace be within thy classic halls and temples, Hail, Alma Mater dear. Hail to the heroes who have gone before us. Young men and maidens, filled with true devotions! Bright is their glory, fadeless and undying. Hail to our heroes gone! Hail to our classmates, bound by ties ne ' er broken, Here once again we pledge our vows of friendship; Brave hearts and true hearts sound aloud the chorus Long live our comrades dear! Dear Alma Mater, tenderly thy children Gather, and bring to thee gracious salutations; Comrades, your voices lift once again Hail, Alma Mater dear! t tMikr

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