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? ' ' ; ' WMM i ykt i Ci iLxi iji.»ar ' i -.. THE 5TUDENTB0DY JOHNB m M. ' DELAND, FLORIDA i t!:. ■;» . ' Si Editor, Gloria Kline Business Manager, Ken Berry w.r ACTIVITIES Allen-Hall — Religious Center ;H(: m Jn ' f ■ » ( jm Af- ' UvZ MMjimA- o a rd (Aloyi ' . . + (MfJj mj M t ' - m. ' T ' ir rm f ' S- ■■V ' ' -rn »f! J I i)NIVER ITY r 3ron. ike HATTER to YDU No, you ' re not seeing things. There ' s a very real third person in that picture of the editor and business manager. He ' s the Hatter himself, the honest-to-good- ness Spirit of Stetson! Where did he come from? We ' re not absolutely sure, but one afternoon when we were up to our ears in general confusion, someone saw him sitting on our list of misspelled names. From then on he was with us. All we had to do to make him appear wos drink three cokes spiked with Hadacol. Seriously though, the little fellow ' s had quite a year. He yelled himself hoarse at all the games, promenaded to the Pazzunt ' s parodies (on music) in his new ROTC uniform, and, as always, budgeted his pennies and counted his quality points trying to make both stretch a little bit farther. He greeted you on the cover and he ' s here now to be your guide through the ' 51 HATTER. We hope you enjoy what he has to show you as much as we enjoyed putting it together. ' THE HATTER, GLORIA, AND KEN He agreed to become visible for Doty ' s camera. SL TABLE OF CONTENTS administration colleges athletics greeks organizations and activities ads ' n autographs All we know is that they worked on organizations. Jo l- rofeSdor and llflrA. J4, . lAJinterS LONG A PART OF THE SPIRIT OF STETSON 1 1 WE DEDICATE THE 19 5 1 HATTER Harry S. Winters, professor of history and political science, completed his 24th consecutive year on the faculty of Stetson University on May 31, 1951. The son of the Dean of Women at Stetson from 1888 to 1892, he attended DeLand Academy and was the first man graduate of the University, receiving his degree in 1896. After doing graduate work at the University of Chicago, Peabody College, and Vanderbilt University, he joined the faculty at Stetson in 1927. Mrs. Winters is the former Mabel Allen, one of the first thirteen students enrolled in the academy which later became Stetson University. Professor and Mrs. Winters spend their summers at the Baptist Assembly at Ridgecrest, North Carolina. They have a keen interest in the religious activities of the campus, having given their former home to the University for use as a student religious center. Professor and Mrs. Winters ore part of Stetson Their influence has been felt through the years in making our University the school of which we are so proud today. To them we dedicate the 1951 HATTER. I I r o m THE PRESIDEIVT fen Through the pages of the 1951 Hatter, I send greetings to all Stetson men and women everywhere. To those of you in the student body who have been working and playing together in 1951, these pages will mean much. For all who love Stetson, the record of your achievements as here pictured will revive pleasant memories and stir deep emotions. As another college year comes to a close, men in uniform are seen marching on our campus again in training for military service. Once again, each of us senses the importance of discovering the part we must play in a new phase of an old struggle. Stetson University has served the nation well in the three prior wars during its history. Stetson men and women are doing their duty in 1951. Sincerely, M( C .u-4 February 9, 1951 President 12 ADMINISTRATION The newly appointed Dean of the University is from California. He was chairman of the division of social sciences at Stockton College. Since 1937, Dr. Hopkins has taught in two outstanding prepara- tory schools, three theological seminaries, and sev- eral colleges The Dean ' s chief hobby is his family, but he also enjoys color photography, hiking, and music. DR. C. HOWARD HO PKINS Dean of the University MISS ETTER McTEER TURNER Dean of Women DR. BENSON W. DAVIS Dean of Men V hi h MISS BARBARA ROWE Registrar THOMAS A. WHITENER Director ot Admissions DR. GEORGE W. HOOD Director of Guidance WILLIAM H. McCAMMON, JR. Director of Religious Activities A. LEON APP Auditor CHARLES H. FRANKLIN Business Manager J. BLANFORD TAYLOR Director of News Bureau CARL H. JOHNSON Director of Men ' s Dormitories FOUNDERS ' WEEK The whole campus joined in activities to recognize our founders and express our grati- tude to them. The Women ' s Council honored the special guests and wives of trustees at a tea (1). The Invocation Service on Sunday afternoon (2), honorary degrees were con- ferred on Miss Helen DeLand, G. Henry Stetson (3). RELIGIOUS FOCUS WEEK Maximum Christianity Applied A week that was dedicated to " Maximum Christianity — Applied, " when such outstanding men as Bob Denny, Dr. George Schweitzer, Bob Norman, Jackie Robinson, and Fred Smith along with nine other outstanding leaders and pastors made Christianity something practical and workable for a college student. Bull sessions, chapel programs, class room visits, and evening services filled the busy week. .pi ' I STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Fellow Students: This past year we, your Student Body officers, have tried to serve you to the best of our ability. We sincerely hope that we have given you the active type of Student Government that you desired. On be half of the other officers and myself, I would like to say that it has not only been an honor to serve you, but it has been an extreme pleasure. FRED H. HOPE President Student Body FRED HOPE President RUTH MARY DICKSON Vice-President JACK GRIFFITH Social Vice-Pres 1 V VIRGINIA LEE CULBRETH Secretary JOHN HODGES Treasurer EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Fred Hope, Chairman, Ruth Mary Dickson, Jack Griffith, Johnny Hodges, Virginio Lee Culbreth, Horry Hurst, Neil Nelson, J. T. Owens, Julian Clark. STUDENT GOVERNMENT COMMITTEES . . . vital to the functioning of the Student Goyernment Organization - J. U - 1 Zj if- V -4 KT Lourier Beord Ken Berry Ernie Carlton Mary June Norwood Wayne Oeffler HARRY HURST Publicity Chairman JIM SCULLY Chairman, Student Book Exchange LAURIER BEARD Chairman, Constitutional Revision Committee JACK GRIFFITH Chairman, Student Body KEN BERRY Chairman, Student Library Committee NOT PICTURED: Jack Karl, Margaret Portin HOMECOMING COMMITTEE: Chairman, Ronnie Spencer; Bill Birnboum, Wayne Oeffler, Pat Roberts, Mary June Norwood, Ken Berry, Bjarne Anderson. HATTER HOLIDAY COMMITTEE: Jack Griffith, Chairman; Ken Berry, Jock Kern, Bill Scranton CLASS OFFICERS SENIOR CLASS President BILL BIRNBAUM Vice-President JUNE COSSIN Secretary MARY JUNE NORWOOD Treasurer JOHNNY BISHOP JUNIOR CLASS President BILL BYROM Vice-President BETTY FLIPPO Secretary GLORIA KLINE Treasurer JIM SCULLY SOPHOMORE CLASS President LEE AYERS Vice-President JOAN MACE Secretary CAROLYN BALTZER Treasurer HARRY HONSBERGER FRESHMAN CLASS President MICKEY WALKER Vice-President ADRIAN ROGERS Secretary PHYLLIS JONES Treasurer JOHN THOMPSON EXECUTIVE COUNCIL JUNE COSSIN President VIRGINIA L. CULBRETH Vice-President RUTH M. DICKSON Stetson Hall President BETTY LAND Chaudoin Holl President SANDRA SKEEN . . BETTY J. BAILEY LAURA JEAN MAXCY BARBARA CROSS . . Secretary-Treasurer . . . Sergeant-at-Arms Represen to tive-ot- Large Represen tot ive-at Large WOMEN ' S STUDENT GOVERNMENT CHAUDOIN HALL COUNCIL BETTY LAND President MARILYN PURVIS Vice-President JOAN MAY Secretary GLORIA KLINE Sergeant-at-Arms MERRILEE MIDDLETON Social Chairman DEE KRAUSE Reprcsentative-at-Lorge JUDY WALKER Representative-at-Large PANSY GIBSON Representative-at-Large BETTY GROVER Representative-at-Large MARILYN JOHNSON Representotive-ot-Large BETTY ZANE RAFFIELD Representative-at-Large STETSON HALL COUNCIL RUTH MARY DICKSON President BETTY JEAN SMITH Vice-President BETTY FLIPPO Secretary JANE JACKSON Sergeant-at-Arms MARY DELONEY Social Chairman BRYAN McGEE Representative-at-Lorge PAT MERRITT Representative-at-Large MARILYN NELSON Representative-at-Large ,Jr ! ' " --- ' • ' L_ ' ia .- w. MEN ' S COUNCIL FRED HOPE Chairman Harry Hurst Wayne Oeffler Ken Hansen Neil Nelson Julian Clark Roger Dancz STUDENT BODY BAND Their Specialty, " Dixie ' k «r , LIFE CYCLE of the ERESHMAN Faculty advising may Be quite an ordeal, But this bunch of problems Has " Freshman ' ' appeal. The purpose of registering I ' ve concluded of late, Is to teach you your name And to write the right date. Advisors are marvelous; They help you galore. You can ' t get into mischief They weren ' t in before. A word from the dean, (No men are allowed) Is holding attention Of this lovely crowd. All meet the president And chat for a while. It ' s a grand chance to flash Your " Pepsodent " smile. The tables are turned, No women are seen. It ' s confidential With men and their dean The grand talent show Had to end at last. Who had more fun. The audience or cast? Who ' s the expert? I don ' t know who won. It ' s all part of rushing And oodles of fun! Nope, they ' re not angels (No wings or halo) They ' re the feature attraction Of the Rat-Week Show. Here ' s o fellowship party And leader so able. (I wonder who ' s hiding Under that table?) So was the life of o freshman! They came bouncing through. And will be Stetson ' s sopho- mores In ' 52. Jeanne Goilbreath Dr. McEniry received his A.B. degree from Birmingham Southern College and his M.A. and Ph.D. from Vonderbilt University. He has been Pro- fessor of English at Stetson since 1940. CHAIRMAN OF THE GRADUATE COUNCIL William Hugh McEniry, Jr. GRADUATE STUDENTS Williain Anderson Dorothy Boland Gordon Carlson Fronklin Carter • " • J»f ' Alice McLean Robert Mitchell Raymond Moeller Lloyd Olsen Peter Perrault Wilburn Rivenbork Walter Stallings POST-GRADUATES Joseph R. Elliot James T. Stevenson SPECIAL STUDENTS Betty Jean Giles Ricordo Fernandez EDWARD C. FURLONG Director of the School of Business Administration Mr. Furlong has been director of the busi- ness school since 1946. While at Stetson as a student, he was a member of the debate team end Ye Mystic Krewe and received let- ters in football, basketball, track, and wres- tling. THE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION President Vice-President LAURA JEAN MAXCY Treasurer OFFICERS NEIL NELSON Secretary BRYAN McGEE JOHN BISHOP rewster Mickle Cable Patterson THE FACULTY WILLIAM BREWSTER Instructor in Business Administration, 1947; A.B. Harvard U.; LL.B. John B. Stetson U. PAUL FULLER Associate Professor of Secretariol Science and Business Administra- tion, 1949; B.S. Hartwick College; M.Ed. U. of Buffalo. CHARLES E. IRONSIDE Professor of Economics, 1949; MA Aberdeen U., Scotland; Ph.D Columbia U. WILLIAM MICKLE Professor of Accountancy, 1906; B.S,, MA,, John B. Stetson U. FRANK M. PHILLIPS Visiting Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, 1947; B.D. Newton College; M.D. Iowa State Normal School; A.B. Iowa State Teacher ' s College; MA. State University of Iowa; Ph.D. George Washington U. THOMAS WHITENER Assistant Professor of Business, 1948; B.S. University of Georgia; M.S. University of North Corolino. DR. RAY CABLE Professor of Economics; A.B., B. S. U. of Missouri; M.A. U. of Chicago; Ph.D. Columbia; Student N. Y. School for Social Research. LOUISE HOLLENBECK Instructor in Secretarial Science, 1949; B.S. Memphis State College; MS, University of Tennessee ARTHUR LEAVITT Assistant Professor of Business Administration, 1948; M.E. Cornell U. MAXINE PATTERSON Assistant Professor of Secretorial Science, 1948; B.S. Mary Washing- ton College of U. of Virginia. DR. LEO SPURRIER Professor of Accounting, 1944; A.B,, M,A. U. of Kansas; PhD, U, of Chicago. SAMUEL WILCOX Associate Professor of Economics, 1948; A.B. U, of Richmond; MA. U. of Virginia. 27 ROBERT DEAN ALTEMUS Indiano, Penn. Lambda Chi Alpho- JOHN FRANCIS APPLEBY Orlondo JOHN T. BISHOP Vero Beach Sigmo Nu, Treasurer; Sigma Alpho Chi, Vice-President; IF C Representotive. GEORGE F. BLACK DeLand Sigma Alpha Chi; Commerce Club. JAMES R. BRANCH Palm Beach Delta Sigma Phi; Business Club; Press Club; Hatter Staff; Commerce Club. QUITMAN BROWN Nocotee Sigma Nu. WILLIAM B CARSON, JR Beresford Lambda Chi Alpha; B.S.U. JIMMIE A. COGGIN Doytona Beach JAMES H. DOWNING Hahira, Ga. Lambda Chi Alpha, Vice-President. JOHN FOREMAN Jacksonville Delta Sigma Phi; Office Editor; Historian; Freshman Advisor. JOSEPH F. FRUSCELLA DeLand Sigma Alpha Chi. GABRIEL GEORGE Daytona Beach Delta Sigma Phi. VIRGINIA GERRETSON DeLand Transfer from Florida State University; Alpha Xi Delta; Glee Club. WILLIAM HARTLEY DeLand LEONARD GEORGE HARDY AHanta, Ga. Sigma Nu. CLIFFORD HAYES DeLand LUCILLE HILL Panama City Phi Mu; Future Teachers of America; Press Club; 1950 Hatter Staff. ROBERT C. JENKS DeLand Sigma Phi Epsilon; I.R.C.; Sigma Alpha Chi; Commerce Club; Camera Club. MARILYN JOHNSON Fort Pierce Alpha Dexioma, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer; Y.W.A ; B.S.U. JAMES T. LANE, JR Cumberland, Md. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Theta Alpha Phi; Little Theatre; 1950 Hatter Staff. ROGER LARSON Fort Pierce Sigma Phi Epsilon, Comptroller; Business Club, President; Sigma Alpha Chi, President; Commerce Club; International Relations Club, President; Freshmon Advisor. WILLIAM I. McCLATCHEY Belle Glade Sigma Nu, Treasurer; Sigma Alpha Chi, Vice-President CHARLES B. McCLELLAND Waycross, Ga. Pi Kappa Phi, Archon, Secretary. ROBERT T. MALCOLM Ormond Beach Pi Kappa Phi; Sigma Alpha Chi ROBERT E. MAUK DeLand Little Theotre; Hatter Staff, Associate Editor; Quarterly Staff. JESSE W. MILLER Daytona Beach Delta Sigma Phi; Sigma Alpha Chi. ARTHUR N. MORRIS, JR Monderin Phi Kappa Phi. NEIL NELSON Pensacola Pi Kappa Phi; Glee Club; Business Club; S Club; Football Team. EDWARD NEWTON Astatula Lambda Chi Alpha; Sigma Alpha Chi; B.S.U.; Glee Club; Fresh- man Advisor. MAX I. OSSINSKY Daytona Beach CHARLES PATTERSON Miami Pi Kappa Phi. ALFRED SCHILLIN San Antonio, Tex. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Sigma Alpha Chi FRED L. SEELY Daytono Beach EMERY S. SIMS, JR Winter Park Sigma Alpha Chi. C. G. SPENCER Birminghom, Alo. Conterbury Club, President. WALTER STREET Pitman, N. J. Delta Sigma Phi; Stetson-N. J. Club; Little Theatre; Delta Sigma Pi; Newman Club; Fencing Club. THOMAS TAUNTON Miami Sigma Phi Epsilon, Vice-President LEONARD WIDENER Bainbridge, Go. Pi Kappa Phi; Kappa Kappa Psi WALTER KENNETH WIGGS West Polm Beach Delta Sigma Phi; Business Club, Bishop Branch Brown Carlson Carson Davis BUSINESS Downing Foreman Fruscella Grant Hardy Jenks Johnson Lane McClatchey McClelland Miller Morris Nelson Patterson Rape Redmond Roberts Sims Streit Widener I f p ' nl yn - f Aberts Altemus Anderson, B. Anderson, J. Applebee Ashabroner Beard Black Bowers Broddock Brunney Carlton, E. Carlton, G. Carman Cavarnos Coggin Dance Deans Ferrell Foy George Gerretson Gray Griffith Hart Hartley Hayes Haygood Hughes Jackson NORMAN D. ALBERTS, JR. DeLand; ROBERT ALTEMUS . Indiana, Pa. . . . BJARNE B. ANDERSON, JR. . - . Daytona Beach; JAMES A. ANDERSON Miami; JOHN FRANCIS AP- PLEBEE . . Orlando; PHILIP ASHABRANER Orlando, LAU- RIER BEARD . Sanford; GEORGE BLACK . . DeLand; NELL BOWERS . Lake Placid; JENNIE FAY BRADDOCK . Jackson- ville; DOROTHY BRUNNEY . . St Augustine; GEORGE CARLTON . . .Valparaiso; JOYCE CARMEN. . .Ashland, Ky.; BASILIA CAVANOS . . . High Point, N. C; JIMMIE ALAN COGGIN Daytona Beach; KENNETH ROGER DANCE ... Ft. Lauderdale; CARRE E. FERRELL . . . Palatka; DARIS H. FOY . . Jackson- ville; NICHOLAS GEORGE Daytona Beach; VIRGINIA GAR- RETSON DeLand; FRANCES D. GRAY . DeLand; JACK GRIFFITH Ft Lauderdale; DORIS HART . Sebring; WIL- LIAM J. HARTLEY, JR. WILLIAM CLIFFORD HAYES . . . Deland; ERVIN EUGENE HAYGOOD Lakeland; CLARENCE HUGHES Daytona Beach; JANE JACKSON. 30 Neisler Stiling Wiggs Phillips Torbert Wilson ANTHONY F. KOVACS Bethlehem, Po ; WAYNE LAMB Macon, Go ; SAMMY LUPFER . . . Kissimmee; EDWARD B. Mc- CLAREN . . Daytona Beach; VAUGHN McCLELLAND . Mor- gan, Go ; ROBERT MAUK Ocola; DANIEL NEISLER . . Ocala; BARBARA PHILLIPS Mf Tabor, N J ; GEORGE LOUIS SCHIERHORN DeLond; CLARENCE SPENCER, Birminghom, Ala.; SCHALAH STEPHENS Umafilla; MATTHEW F. STILING . . . Williamsville, N, Y.; MARCIA TARBERT . . . Coral Gables; KATHY TILLIS . Tampo; JOE W. WEBER . . . Palotka; GEORGE WHITE Mt Dora. 31 ' f I e r o Allen Bissell Botts Brannen Brumley Buzzell Calvin Choncey Clements Constantine Dunn Elliott Falen Favero Flowers George Gibson Gordon Green Grimsley Haile Hall Hansen Harper Hatfield JANE BARTON ALLEN . . Richmond, Va ; ROBERT S. BISSELL . . Decatur, Go ; NITA BOTTS . DeLand; CAROLINE MARY BRANNEN Statesboro, Go , MAXINE BUZZELL Stock holm, Me.; DONALD CALVIN . . - Caldwell, N. J.; KENNETH CHANCEY . . . Holly Hill, ANNE CLEMENTS . . . Atlanta, Go ; LAMBERT CONSTANTINE . . . Jefferson, Ala ; CHARLES F. DUNN , . . Doytono Beach; JOE ELLIOTT . . . Doytono Beach; WILLIAM E. FALEN . . DeLand; JIM EDWARD FAVERO DeLand; WILLIAM BENJAMIN FLOWERS Beresford; GABRIEL GEORGE, Doytono Beoch; THOMAS H. GIBSON . . . Coral Gables; ROBERT GORDON . Asheville, N C ; FRANCIS GREEN . . Atlantic Beach; HELEN GRIMSLEY ... St. Petersburg; JOHN HAILE . . . Holly Hill; DAN W. HALL . . . Lake Placid; ROY HANSEN National Gardens; WILLIAM LEE HARPER . . Eustis; EDWARD HATFIELD . . . Orlando 32 Monroe Seymour Weinacker THEODORE C. HEISIG . . White Plains, N Y ; ERA REED KERR - , DeLand; BETTY JO LESTER . . . Neptune Beach; CARROLL E. LEWIS Citro; ROBERT M. MARKS Ft Lauderdale; LAURA JEAN MAXCY Frostproof; MERRILEE MIDDLETON . . . Miami Beach; ANTHONY C. MONKIEWICZ . . . Lynnfield, Moss.; MERILYN BERGEN MONROE . , . Roslyn Heights, N. Y.; ELSIE PRIEST . Anthony; JOSEPH RAFFAELE West New York, N J ; HARRY C. RUTLEDGE Trenton; ALFRED SAPPIA . . . Cliffside Park, N. J.; JAMES D. SEYMOUR ... St. Peters- burg; DONALD SMITH . . . Fort Lauderdale; ELDON EARL STRAWN ... St Petersburg; WILLIAM SUDYK . . . Daytono Beach; CLEA- TUS TURNER . . . Bonifay ROGER WEINACKER . . , Short Hills, N. J. 38 Andrews Ayers Brewer Credle Davis Dobson Edwards, G. Edwards, W. Ellinor Ford Foster Frity Hill Hughes Jones KATHERINE ANDREWS . . Green ville, S. C; LEE AYERS Shelbyville, Ind.; LOIS BREWER Jacksc nvilk BARBARA BROCK . . . Jacksonville; GLADYS BURNS Lum jerton. N. C ,■ CARL WILSON COLE , DeLand: ROBERT 8. CREDLE . Mer- Brock Burns Doliner Doty Evans Evertz Gallar her Garriso Johnson Kimbro ritt Island; JUDY DAVIS . . . Winter Haven; ROGER DOBSON . . . Cocoa; JEROME DOLINER . Daytono Beach, DOLORES DOTY . . . New Smyrno Beach; SHEILA DYSON . . . Bradenton; M. GENE EDWARDS Atlanta, Go ; WILDA EDWARDS . . Erwin, Tenn.; FRED B. ELLINOR . . . Ormond Beach; RICHARD Cole Dyson Feinsod Hartmon Kingston EVANS . . . Holly Hill, HARRY A. EVERTZ ,. . Ft, Lauderdale; ARTHUR FEINSOD Brooklyn, N Y ; LAURA REESE FORD . . . Gallatin, Tenn,, MARY KATHERINE FOSTER , Ft Myers; ARTHUR ALLAN FRITY DeLand; JERRY GALLAGHER . Lake Worth; JOAN GARRISON . . Sarasota; ANNE HARTMAN . . . Logan, W, Va,; EDNA MAY HILL . . . West Palm Beach; RAE HUGHES . . Jacksonville; DONALD LEE JOHNSON Green Cove Springs; HARRY KIMBRO ... Ft, Lauderdale; MINA ROSE KINGSTON ... Ft. Myers. 84 Klinepeter McGec Magruder Meyer Reimer Reinke Moure Nelson Nowlin Owens Sarmarkas Schrieffer Paterson Phelps Porter Rawson Whittle Young RuHedge Rutter St. John Sarles Shoddix Smith Snelbaker Theobald LAURA KLINEPETER . . Melrose, LOIS BRYAN McGEE Palm Beach, JOHN MAGRUDER . . . Washington, D. C; JUDITH JEAN MEYER . . Highland Park, 111 ; LUISA MINERVA MOURE Habana, Cuba; CHARLES NELSON . Sanford; JAMES WINFRED NOWLIN . . DeLand; MARY ELIZABETH OWENS DeLand, BARBARA PATERSON . . . Clearwater Beach; CHARLES PHELPS . . . Bloomfield, N. J.; DAVID PORTER . . . DeLand; BARBARA RAWSON . Brunswick, Me ; PAUL CHARLES REIMER . DeLand; DELBERT REINKE NANCY ANN RUTLEDGE Orlando; BARBARA RUTTER DeLond; JOANNE ST. JOHN . . Doytona Beach; RUTH SARLES . . . Daytono Beach; TONY SAMARKAS . . . Tarpon Springs; GEORGE SCHRIEFFER . . Park Ridge, III,; WILLIAM SHADDIX . , , Doytona Beach; LAURENCE SMITH . DeLand, RUTH SNELBAKER . . Pitman, N J ; NANCY JOAN THEOBALD Dayton, O; BETTY WHITTLE . . Jacksonville; JAMES L. YOUNG . . . Lake V orth. 35 Dean L. A. Hq ,Iud OFFICERS President JULIAN G. CLARK Vice-President JOHN W. BOOTH Sociol Vice-President JAMES R. HANSFORD Secretary MALCOLM STEPHENS Treasurer DOMINIC A. TROIANO COLLEGE OF LAW A % A Curtis Howes Jackson Jernigan Jordan Patterson Richardson Wilson THE FA C U L T Y CLIFFORD CRANDALL LEONARD CURTIS Visiting Professor of Low, 1949, B.S., LLD. Adrian College; LL.B. Visiting Professor of Law, 1939; B.S., M.S., LL.D. Franklin College; U. of Michigan. J.D. U. of Chicago. RAY HOWES NEILL JACKSON Professor of Low, 1941; A.B. Clork College; MA. Stanford U.; Lecturer in Low, 1940; LL.B. John B, Stetson U. LL.B. Cornell U.; S.J.D., New York U. HARVEY JERNIGAN LOUIS JAMES Assistant Professor of Law, 1946; B.S, U. of Florida; LL.B. John B Assistant Professor of Law; B.S. and LL.B. U. of Virginia; M.A. Stetson U. Columbia. LODER PATTERSON RAY JORDAN Assistant Professor of Law, 1950, B.S. Purdue U.; J.D. Northwestern B.A. Stetson U.; B.S. in Library Science, U. of North Carolina. U. Low School. JAMES RICHARDSON JAMES WILSON Associate Professor of Low, 1949; A.B. Eastern State Teacher ' s Visiting Professor of Low, 1937; A.B., J.D. State U. of Iowa; Jur. College; LL.B U. of Kentucky. Sc.D. Columbio U. NORMAN S. ALLEN DeLand ROBERT J. BAKER DeLand JAMES N. BAYNARD DeLond Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Thomas Law Club. RALPH J. BENNETT Ponama City Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Alpha Delto Legal Fraternity, Vice-Justice. H. KNOX BETTINGHAUS DeLand RICHARD BIANCO Spring Valley, N. Y. Delta Theta Phi Legal Fraternity. DAVE BRIDE Utico, N. Y. Delta Theta Phi Legal Fraternity. WILLIAM A. BROWN DeLand MICHAEL J. BUSCEMI Brooklyn, N. Y. EDWARD L. BUSH DeLand MICHAEL J. CASALE JOHN A. CHRISTENSEN DeLond JULIAN G. CLARK DeLand Charter member and first Treasurer Stetson Veterans ' Association, 2; Member Delta Sigma Phi I ,2, 3, 4, Chaplain 2, Vice-President 4; Justice, Phi Alpha Delta Low Fraternity 4; Member Adelphos Society 3, 4, Secretary 4; President College of Law 4; Representa- tive Law Interfraternity Council 3, 4; Member Executive Committee, Student G overnment Association 4. MACK N. CLEVELAND WILLIAM F. COX St. Petersburg Sigma Phi Epsilon, Student Bar. HARMON E. CROSSLEY WILLIAM F. DAVENPORT, JR St. Petersburg Phi Delta Phi, Legal Froternity. JAMES A. DODD DeLand JOHN H. EVANS DeLand GEORGE B. EVERETT DeLond W. RICHARD EVERY DeLand IRVING M. FELDER DeLond GORDON V. FREDERICK Sonford Delta Theta Phi Law Fraternity, Clerk of Exchequer. WILBUR B. GOCHENEUR DeLond CURTIS B. GOFF DeLond WALKER S. GREEN DeLond Allen Baker Baynard Bennett Bettinghaus Bride Brown Buscemi Bush Casale Christensen Clark Cleveland Cox Crossley Davenport Dodd Evans Everett Every 1 Felder Frederick Gocheneur Goff Green ,, |»gA|_aaaM- g|MMHpa«» ,,„j|ggj2 2gap " " jg ggf " " " Green Hansford Hensley Hillman Lee Leeds Lewis McLeod Marfin Morrison Newmark Nuccio Pouley Pierce Powers Ragano Sovoldi Shepord Speer Sutton Tortori Tittsworth Trotter Wilson Wood Woods O ' Donnell WILLIAM H. GREEN DeLond JAMES R. HANSFORD DeLond ROBERT E. HENSLEY DeLond CHARLES R. HILLMAN Jacksonville Phi Alpha Theta 2, 3, 4, 5, Program Chairman 4, President 3, 5; Phi Delta Phi 4, 5; International Relations Club 2, 3, President 2, 3; German Club 2, 3; Adelphos Society 2, 3, 4, 5, President 5; Member Student Library Com. 3, 4, 5; Chapman Law Club 4, 5, Vice-Pres. 5; Scroll and Key 4, 5, Vice-Pres. 5; Student Grader 4, 5; Student Bar Association 4, 5; Law School Interfraternity Council 4, 5. ROBERT W. LEE Orlondo ROBERT L. LEEDS DeLond ROYCE R. LEWIS Jocksonville Delta Sigma Phi, Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity. JOHNIE A. McLEOD St. Petersburg GLEN W. MARTIN DeLond WILLIAM M. MORRISON DeLond MARVIN S. NEWMARK DeLond VINCENT NUCCIO Tompo ROBERT J. PAULEY DeLond ROBERT E. PIERCE DeLond ROBERT E. POWERS Beckley, W. Vo. FRANK RAGANO DeLond FRANK P. SAVOLDI DeLond WALTER C. SHEPARD DeLond GEORGE A, SPEER Sonford JOHN A. SUTTON DeLond JOHN R. SUTTON DeLond CARMELITA TARTARI DeLond CLAYTON M. TITTSWORTH Tompo Student Bar Association; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity. EDWARD J. TROTTER Jacksonville Phi Koppo Phi 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Phi Alpha Delta 5; Stetson Reporter, Circulotion Manager 1, 2. ROBERT W. WILSON Clearwater Adelphos Society Organizer and First President 2, Treasurer 3, and then Member of Board of Directors 4; Delta Sigma Phi I ; Phi Alpha Delta Legol Fraternity 3; President Member of Inter- fraternity Council 4; Thomas Low Club 3. JOHN R. WOOD DeLond WILLIAM D. WOODS DeLond JAMES L. O ' DONNELL North Foils, N. Y. - LAW X n Q I O I Berg Berkell Berry Bobrotf Bodiford Bolinger Booth Branning Brown Cole Cowart Culbreth Dixon Fernandez Finch Fruda Goodfriend Greene Hathaway Hope Jones Kay Kerr Kirkpatrick Kwiotkowski Linn McNultv Massfeller Metcalf Passafuime Reed Roberts Rowe Sidwell Stephens Stratford Szarek Tomm Thornton Warren MARGARET SERG . Miami; GERLAND BERKELL Miami; JOHN BERRY NATHAN BOBROFF J. C. BODIFORD Panama City; NORMAN BOLINGER . DeLand; JOHN BOOTH . . .Gainesville; EARL BRANNING. . . N. Hornell, N. Y. ED- WARD BROWN . DeLand; JAMES COLE Miomi; EDWARD COWART . Daytona Beach; VIRGINIA CULBRETH Okee chobee; JAMES DIXON . DeLand, FRANK FERNANDEZ . Orlando; ALEX FINCH . . . DeLand; RONALD FRUDA . . . DeLand; SAM GOODFRIEND DeLand; GALE GREENE JOHN HATH- AWAY FREDERICK HOPE W Palm Beach;ALBERT JONES ANDREW KAY NEDRA KERR JOHN KIRKPATRICK . Eustis; EDWARD KWIATKOWSKI . . Sanford; CARL LINN ... St. Petersburg; ROBERT McNULTY ... St. Petersburg; MAX MASSFELLER . . . Holly Hill; WILLIAM METCALF . . . Dunnellon; SALVATORE PASSAFUIME . . . Pittsburgh, Pa ; JOHN REED Daytona; CLYDE ROBERTS . Lakeland; ROBERT ROWE Jacksonville BENJAMIN SIDWELL DeLand; MALCOLM STE- VENS ... St Augustine, STEVE STRATFORD . . . Jacksonville; VLADIMIR SZAREK . Deland; JOHN TAMM Daytona Beach; VINCENT THORNTON . . . Tompa; DAN WARREN DeLand. 42 WALTER ANDERSON . . DeLand; RICHARD BATES . . . Cin- cinnati, Ohio, ERNEST BREED . . . DeLand; NICHOLAS CAPUTO . . . Braddock, Pa ; JAMES COPLEY . KENNETH CROSS . . . Tampa; JOHN DAME . . . DeLond; JEROME FINE . . . Detroit, Mich.; CLIFF GOSNEY Delond; ANTHONY GREZIK . . . Tar- entum. Pa ; HARRY HINCKLEY TOLBERT HOBSON . . St. Petersburg; JOHN HODGES . . . Jacksonville; THORWALD HUS- FELD . . . Springdale, Ct.; RICHARD JOHNSON . . . Smethport, Pa.; DAN LEFEVRE . . . Winter Park; JOHN McCORMICK . . . DeLand; JOSEPH McNULTY . . St. Petersburg; ROBERT MATH- EWS DeLand; JOSEPH MERIWETHER Miami; SHERWOOD MYERS . . . Chicago, Ilk; GEORGE PALLOTTO . Erie, Pa.; AN- DREW PATTILO . . . Orlando JOSEPH QUIRK . . Doytona Beach; ALLEN SMITH DeLand; GEORGE STEDRONSKY . Mt Doro; RICHARD SWART . Orlando; MARVIN TINSLEY . WILLIAM WALKER Orlando;WILLIAM WEAVER . . DeLand; DONALD WILSON - . . DeLand; JACK WINFREE . , . Daytona Beach. Anderson Bates Breed Caputo Copley Cross Dome Fine Gosney Grezik Hinckley Hobson Hodges Husfeld Johnson Lctevre McCormick McNulty Mathews Meriwether Myers Pollotto Potillo Quirk Smith Stedronsky Swart Tinsley Walker Weaver Wilson Winfree Ik HiftiH M The purpose of the Student Bar Association is to provide a unified organization of students enrolled in the College of Law, with a view toward maintaining a closer relationship among students of the various classes and between the individual and the adminis- tration. The Association attempts to promote the interests of the students individually and collectively, and to provide a measure of self-government for the members of the low school. It consists of the entire membership of the law school and seeks to develop an atmosphere of cooperation and better understand- ing among students and faculty. The officers of the Student Bar are as follows: Julian G. Clark, President; John Booth, Vice-President; James Hansford, Social Vice-President; Dominic A. Troiano, Secretary; and Malcolm Stevens, Treasurer. PRESIDENT CLARK THE STUDENT BAR The purpose of the Honor Court is to promote on effective educational campaign against forces which are beneath the dignity of law and the position which the law occupies in the American form of government. The Honor Court serves as a court for the trial of infractions and the recommendation of punishment in case of guilt. The court consists of seven justices, two of which are from the freshman class, two from the junior class, and three from the senior class. The chief justice, head of the Honor Court, is elected from the seven justices. CHIEF JUSTICE CASALE The Honor Court this year is led by Chief Justice Michael Cosole. Other justices, representotives from each of the classes, are Dove Bride, Paul J .Stewart, Vince Thornton, Frank Wilkinson, Jim Tucker, and Gerald Staab THE HDNDR COURT STEWART THORNTON DELTA THETA PHI ffauonal oLeqal raternitv FULLER WARREN SENATE Mosley The National Senate of Delta Theta Phi Low Fraternity, founded in 1913, has as its objects: to unite fraternally congenial students of law; to lead them and their fellow students to high scholarship and legal learning; to promote justice; to inspire respect for the noblest qualities of manhood; and to advance the interests of every college of law with which the frater- nity is associated. The officers of the Stetson chapter are as follows; Dean, Robert L. Leeds; Vice-Dean, Michael J. Casale, Clerk of Exchequer, Gordon V. Frederick; Bailiff, Vladimir J. Szarek; Master of Ritual, Lloyd C, Mosley; and Tribune, Gale K. Greene. 46 ; y .1 n p C . " 1 o %l FIRST ROW: Bianco, Buscemi, Bush, Cosale, Christensen, Frederick. SECOND ROW: Frudo, Greene, Goff, Leeds, Martin, Martin. THIRD ROW: McLeod, Morrison, Rowe, Shepard, Sutton, Szorek. 47 PHI ALPHA DELTA (f3 reiver ( n cip ler Phi Alpha Delta is a national low fraternity founded in 1898 at Chicago, Illinois. It has chapters in fifty-eight of the leading American Low Schools and thirty-one Alumni Chapters in the larger American cities. The David J. Brewer Chapter was installed at the Stetson University Law School in 1915. The purpose of Phi Alpha Delta is to encourage scholar- ship, to promote the discussion of legal subjects, to effectuate fellowship, and to foster the high ideals of the legal profes- sion. RETIRED OFFICERS PRESENT OFFICERS JULIAN CLARK Justice PAUL J. STEWART JULIAN BENNETT Vice-Justice EDWARD BROWN PAUL J. STEWART Clerk GERALD BERKELL ROBERT PIERCE Treosurer MALCOLM STEPHENS WILLIAM TAYLOR Corresponding Secretary ROBERT BAYMOND MACK CLEVELAND Marshal JOSEPH SCARLETT N FACULTATE LEONARD J. CURTIS HARVEY JERNIGAN LODER L. PATTERSON MEM B E R S Bamond, Robert Crossley, Homon Kurz, Louis Staab, Gerald Baynard, James Dame, John Lin, Carl Stephens, Molcolm Bennett, Julian Davis, French McCormick, J. W. Stewart, P. J. Berkell, Gerald Evans, John McNulty, Robert Stratford, Steve Bettinghous, Knox Gosney, Cliff Metcalf, V illiam Swart, Richard Bodiford, J. C. Graves, John O ' Connor, William Taylor, William Blount, Uriel Green, William Olinto, Peter Trotter, Edward Brown, Edward Hope, Fred Pierce, Robert Warren, Dan Clark, Julian Jones, Albert Roberts, Clyde Weaver, Edward Cleveland, Mack Jones, Newton Scarlet, Joe Weldon, Bailey Cole, James Kennedy, Roy Smith, Brad White, Grady Cross, Kenneth Kirkpatrick, Joh n Speer, George Wilson, Robert ■B--» .JHH : r C i .? m n O C .vv»s FIRST Cole, Pierce ROW Baynard, Bennett, Berkell, Bettinghaus, Bodiford, Blount, Clark, Cleveland. SECOND ROW: Cross, Crossley, Dame, Gosney, Green, Hope, Jones. THIRD ROW: Kirkpatrick, Linn, McCormick, McNulty, Metcolf, O ' Connor, , Roberts. FOURTH ROW: Speer, Stephens, Stuart, Swart, Trotter, Warren, Weaver, Wilson. NATIONAL LEGAL FRATERNITY 49 CARDDZA INN international oLeqal raterniti PHI DELTA PHI Phi Delta Phi was founded on December 13, 1869, at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan. It thus became the first legal, as well as the first professional, fraternity to be founded in the United States. The fraternity has striven constantly to promote a higher standard of profes- sional ethics in law schools and profession at large. The Stetson Chapter was formally installed on December 5, 1947, after its petition was accepted by the National Convention in September, 1947. The officers are Richard Every, Magister; Victor Passafiume, Clerk; Vincent Thornton, Exchequer; and Earl Branning, Historian. 1 T v«- Every Branning 50 _a r: f -o ' - V 1? O ' c! , f ;y wf Every Passofiume Thornton Branning Bobroff Bolinger Booth Brown Coble Cowort Creed Davenport Everett Grant Green Cochenour Hensley Hillman Leathen Lewis Morton Nuccio O ' Donnel Pollotto Rogano Savoldi Tomm Tittsworth Wood Wood 51 S A - ' , tiJmt C ( . i:i » flrina ryn FIRST ROW: Jernigan, Anderson, Berg, E. A. Brown, W. A. Brown, C a.-k, GoH, Harth, Hillman. SECOND ROW: Hodges, Longford, Pallotto, Reed, Root, Rowe, Sidwell, Stewart, Wilson. CHAPMAN and THOMAS LAW CLUBS The Chapman and Thomas Law Clubs were organized under the sponsorship of Justices Chapman and Thomas, two distinguished graduates of Stetson College of Law. These clubs develop in the members an ability in oral expression and skill of legal argumentation. This is fostered by a system of appellate argumentation and criticism. Membership is open to all students in the College of Law. CHAPMAN LAW CLUB: President, Paul Stewart; President-Elect, John C. Reed; Vice-President, Robert Rowe; Vice- President-Elect, Charles R Hillman; Secretory-Treasurer, Fred Longford; Faculty Advisor, Hoivey Jernigan Other mem- bers include: Ben Anderson, Fred BorksJole, Margaret Berg, Edward A Brown, Jr., William A. Brown, Julian G Clark, Curtis Gotf, George Hart, Johnny Hodges, Glenn Martin, George Pnllotto, John Root, Ben Sidwell, ond Don Wilson. THOMAS LAW CLUB: President, Ronald Frudo; Vice-President, Frank Ragano; Secretary, Jerome Fine; Treasurer, James Fleming; Foclty Advisor, James R. Richordson Other members include: Isham L Anderson, Walker A. Anderson, James Boynord, John I Berry, Earl C. Stonning, Michael Buscemi, Nicholas A Coputo, Michael J Cosale, Archie Clement, James A. Dodd, Alex D. Finch, Sam Goodtriend, Odis M. Henderson, Lynn W. Kirkland, John W. McCormick, Sherwood Myers, Marvin S. Newmork, George R. Reed, Clyde L. Roberts, Frank P. Savoldi, Joseph Scarlett, A. Brodford Smith, George R. Stedronsky, Vladimir J. Szorek, Vincent Thornton, William Walker, Pat Whitaker, and Frank A. Wilkinson. GLENN W. MARTIN Coordinator Fruda Ragano Fine Anderson Boynard Berry Bronning Buscemi Caputo Casale Dodd Finch Goodfriend Myers Newmark Roberts Savoldi Smith Stedronsky Szarek Thornton Walker v " 4-.! T r: C o r) o 75 o or Myi ■iiiiiii ' ' ' Sfab SaiMM H.. I .-r ' . DEAN HARRY C GARWOOD Dr. Garwood, professor of Bible and once acting dean of the university, has been a member of the Stetson faculty since 1921. COLLEGE DP LIBERAL OFFICERS President HARRY HURST Vice-President (not pictured) BETTY JANE BAILEY Secretary JOAN MAY Treasurer JACK KERZNER ARTS SCIENCE HALL LIBERAL ARTS FACULTY ADAMS, JOHN: Assistont Prof, of Sociology, 1949; A.B , M.A., Ph.D., Univ. of Chicago. ALLEN, EZRA: Visiting Prof, of Biology; Curotor of Museum, 1951; A.B., M.A., ScD., Bushnell; Ph.D., Univ. of Pennsylvania. ARJONA, DORIS: Professor of Spanish, 1938; A.B., Univ. of Michigan; M.A., Ph.D., Univ. of Chicago. ASHCRAFT, EMMETT: Assistant Prof, of Mathematics, 1949; B.S. Wake Forest; M.A. Univ. of N. Carolina. AUTREY, ELIZABETH: Assistant Prof, of Physical Education, 1946; B.S. Florida State College for Women; M.S. Univ. of Wisconsin. BARNETTE, HENLEE: Professor of Religion and Sociology, 1947; A.B. Woke Forest; Th.M., Th.D. Southern Baptist Theol. Seminary. BATESON, HOWARD: Professor of Modern Languages, 1937; A.B., J.B.S.U., MA. Univ. of Texas; Certificat d ' Aptitude a I ' Enseignement du Froncaise Usuel, Alliance Francaise, Paris, France; Ph.D. Univ. of Mlinois. BELLOWS, SUSIE: Associa te Prof, of Elementary Education, 1949; A.B. College of Charleston; M.A. Peobody College for Teachers. BERNER, WESLEY: Assistant Prof, of Physical Education, 1947; B.S. Pacific Univ., 1941. BONIFAY, LT. COL. ISAAC BRAND, RICHARD: Professor of Speech, 1946; A.B., MA. West Virginia Univ. CALDWELL, HARRY: Assistant Prof, of Psychology, 1949; A.B., M.D. Ohio State; M.A. J.B.S.U. CARTER, RANDOLF: Professor of Education, 1944; A.B. Mercer Univ.; M.A. Columbia; Ph.D. George Peobody College. CHAUVIN, ROBERT L.: B.A. New York State Teacher ' s College; M.Ed. Univ. of Houston, 1947; M.A. Teacher ' s College, Columbia Univ. CHITWOOD, OLIVER: Visiting Prof, of History, 1949; A.B., LLD. William and Mary College; Ph.D. Johns Hopkins Univ. CLARK, RICHARD: Professor of Sociology, 1930; A.B. Woke Forest; B.D. Cuzer Theol. Seminary; M.A., Ph.D. Univ. of Pennsylvania. CONN, JOHN: Professor of Chemistry, 1929; B.S. Georgetown College; M.S. Univ. of Chicago; Ph.D. Univ. of Pittsburgh. COWELL, COACH WARREN: Prof, of Physical Education, 1935; B.S. Kansas State Agricultural College. DENMAN, SIDNEY: Assistant Prof, of Sociology, 1950; B.A. Mississippi College; M.A. Tulone; Ph.D. Duke. DUNCAN, POPE: Professor of Religion, 1946; B.S., M.S. Univ. of Georgia; Th.M., Th.D. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. ELLIS, LOREN: Head Basketball Coach, 1950; B.S. in Physical Educa- tion from Indiana State. EZELL, BOYCE: Prof, of Psychology, 1922; A.B. Furmon Univ.; M.A. J.B.S.U-; Ph.D. Univ. of South Carolina. FREUND, ELSIE FREUND, LOUIS FULLER, DOROTHY: Associate Prof, of Biology, 1941; A.B., M.A. J.B.S.U. GAINES, GEORGE GAMBER, ARTHUR: Assistont Prof, of History and Political Science. 1948; A.B. Oberlin College; M.A. Columbia Univ. GIBSON, BRYON: Prof. of English, 1946; A.B. Birmingham Southern College; M.A,, Ph.D. Univ. of Illinois. GIFFIN, VIRGINIA: Assistant Prof, of Speech, 1942; A.B. Denisin Univ.; M.A. J.B.S.U. GLANCY, MIRNA: Instructor in Biology, 1949; B.S. Univ. of Minnesota. HAMILTON, CARROLEE: B.S. Louisiana State Univ.; M.S. Hansen Keith; Instructor in Biology, 1950; B.S., M.S. J.B.S.U. HARVEY, EDITH: Prof, of Art, 1935; Art Diploma, Shorter Col- lege; B.S. George Peobody College; M.A. Columbia Univ.; Pupil of Charles Martin, Provincetown, Mass. HICK, ESTHER: Assistant Prof, of Physical Education, 1941; B.S,, M.A. J.B.S.U. HICKS, JOHN: Professor of English, 1908; Ph.D., Univ. of Chicago; M.A. J.B.S.U. HOOD, GEORGE: Assistant Prof, of Education, 1950; A.B. Baker Univ., Kansas; M.A. Univ. of Chicago, PhD HART, H. W.: Prof, of Ed., 1948; B.S., M.S. Iowa Wesleyon College; Ph.D. Columbia Univ. JERKINS, GEORGE: Assistant Prof, of Physics, 1948; A.B. Berea College; M.S. Univ. of North Carolina. JERNAGAN, SARA: Prof, of Physical Education, 1937; A.B. St. Petersburgh College; B.S., M.A. J.B.S.U. JOHNSON, CARL: Assistant Prof, of Geography, 1935; Valparaiso Univ , Beloit College; B.S., M.A. J.B.S.U. LEAVITT, EDITH: Assistont Prof, of English, 1938; A.B. Boston Univ.; MA, J B,S,U, LONGSTREET, RUPERT: Prof, of Education, 1949; B.S., LL.B., M.A. J.BSU,; MA, Duke LOWRY, CURTIS: Prof, of Moth, and Engineering, 1926; B,S,, M,E. Bucknell Univ. LOWRY, MARY: Assistant Prof, of English, 1923; Ph.B,, M,A. J.B.S.U. LYCAN, GILBERT: Prof, of History and Political Science, 1946; A,B, Beren College; MA,, PhD. Vole Univ. McENIRY, WILLIAM; Prof of English, 1940; A.B. Birmingham Southern College; M.A., Ph D. Vonderbilt, Illinois. McMULLEN, JOSEPH MARTIN, MARY NELL MENSER, CLARENCE: Professor of Speech and Director of Radio, 1950, A.B, ond LittD, from Heidelberg College, Tiffin, Ohio; A.M. Univ. of Michigan. MILLS, FRANCIS: Cotologer of the S. U. Librory, 1949; Graduate Mt. Holyoke College; M.A. Columbia. MORROW, WINSTON: Instructor m Journalism, 1949; A B. Kenyen College. O ' CONNOR, GERTRUDE PALMER, LT. COL. JOHN PALMER, MARY: Prof, of Psychology, 1947; A.B. Southern College; MA,, PhD, Northwestern Univ. PATTEE, JOHN PRESTON, LILLIAN: Instructor in Speech, 1946; A.B., M.A., J.B.S.U. PRICHARD, MARY: Instructor in English, 1948; A.B. Univ. of Richmond. RHETT, COL. JOHN: Visiting Prof, of History, 1946; A.B., Univ. of South Carolina, graduate Infantry School, Command and General Staff School, Army War College. RUMBLE, DOUGLAS: Visiting Prof, of Moth., 1949; A.B. Emory Univ.; MA Horvord Univ, RUTTER, GEORGE: Visiting Prof, of English, 1948; A.B, Hobort College; M, A, Columbia University; Ph.D. Harvard Univ. SANDERS, ALBERT: Prof, of History, 1950; A.B. Furmon Univ.; A.B., Ph D, Univ, of North Carolina. SIMMONS, CARL: Prof, of Physical Education, 1950; B.A. J.BSU, SOWERS, RAY: Prof, of Education, 1948; Des Moines Univ.; A.B., LLD, Florida Southern College; M.A. Univ. of Southern College. STOVER, IRVING: Professor of Speech, 1908; Groduate King ' s School of Oratory; Advanced study in Expression and Drama, Emerson College of Oratory, School of Expression; Columbia School of Expres- sin; B.Or., M Or. Susquehanna Univ.; Litt.D. J.B.S.U. TAYLOR, HARRY: Professor of Philosophy, 1930; A.B. Cornell Univ.; B.D, Union Theological Seminary; M.A. Univ. of Chicago; Ph.D. Cornell Univ. THOMSON, EDGAR ALLEN: Instructor in English, 1949; A.B. JB.S.U.; MA. Cornell Univ. THORNTON, FRANCES: Professor of French, 1934; A.B., M.A. J.BSU , Docteur es lettres de I ' Universite deToulouse, TOMPKINS, LEONARD: Professor of Chemistry, 1949; B,S, J.B.S.U.; PhD, Purdue Univ. TUBBS, FRANK: Associate Prof, of English, 1947; A.B. Moryville Col- lege; MS. Univ. of Tennessee. VAUGHEN, CHARLOTTE: Instructor in German, 1947; Oberlin Col- lege! Univ. of Breslou, VAUGHEN, JOHN: Professor of Chemistry, 1946; A,B. Oberlin College; PhD, Johns Hopkins Univ. WALKER, O. L.: Prof, of Religion, 1945; A.B. Howard College; Th.M, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. WELCH, MORGAN: Assistant Prof, of Journalism, 1949; B.S., M.S. Northwestern Univ. WILLIAMS, MINNIE: Instructor in English, 1945; Ph.D. DePouw Univ. WINCHESTER, A.M.: Prof, of Biology, 194 7; A.B. Baylor Univ.; MA,, PhD Univ. of Texas. WINTERS, HARRY: Prof, of History and Political Science, 1927; A.B. J.B.S.U.; M.A. George Peobody College for Teachers. 54 FIRST ROW Allen, Arjono, Ashcraft, Autrey, Barnette, Boteson, Berner, Brand, Brown. SECOND ROW; Caldwell, Carter, Chauvin, Chitwood, Clark, Conn, Cowell, Denmon, Duncan. THIRD ROW Eiell, Fuller, Gaines, Gibson, Harvey, Hick, Hicks, Holden, Hurt. FOURTH ROW Jenkins, Jernigan, Johnson, C. Lowry, M. Lowry, Lycon, McEniry, Martin, Morrow. FIFTH ROW O ' Connor, Palmer, Prichord, Rhett, Sanders, Simmons, Stover, Taylor, Thompson. SIXTH ROW: Tubbs, C. Vaughen, J. Vaughen, Wolker, Williams, Winchester, Winters. 55 BAILEY, BETTY JANE 17th Ave., Vero Beoch Delta Delta Delta (Chaplain, Rush Chairman), Glee Club, Travel Squad, Womens Executive Council, Vice-President of Junior Class, Vice-President of Liberol Arts School, Pan-Hellenic Representative, Future Teachers of America. BEASLEY, ROBERT M P. O. Box 4703, Jacksonville Lambda Chi Alpha, President; Gamma Sigma Epsilon, President; German Club. BERRY, KENNETH L 536 Bingamon St., Reading, Pa. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Steward, Junior Marshal; Business Manager Hatter; Homecoming Committee; Student Government, Rules and Procedure; Freshman Advisor; Chairman Student Body Library Club; Business Club; Ye Mystic Krewe; Sigma Pi Kappa; R.O.T.C. BETHEA, WILLIAM F 118 ' 2 West Howry, Apt. 4 BIRNBAUM, WILLIAM 218-07 43rd Ave., Bayside, New York, N. Y. Delta Sigma Phi, Vice-President; Captain of Ye Mystic Krewe; Cheerleader; Pep Club; Chairman of Round Clock Music Day, Hatter Holiday. BLACKWELL, ETSON J. . 363 Idlewyld Dv., Ft. Lauderdale Sigma Nu. BLASICIC, HENRY J. 2241 Hunting Pk. Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. Sigma Phi Epsilon. BOWMAN, JOHN L 5840 S.W. 5th Terr., Miami Lambda Chi Alpha, BREWIN, BETTE 240 W. Michigan Phi Mu, Beta Beta Beta, Theta Alpha Phi, Canterbury Club, Town Girls Council, Hatter Staff, Freshman Advisor, Little Theatre Group. BROADWAY, CHARLEY Leesburg Sigma Nu, Most Outstanding Athlete, All-State Baseball, Foot- ball, Baseball, S Club. BRUNDAGE, BARBARA 125 S. Orange Ave., DeLand Pi Beta Phi; Hatter Staff, Editor-in-Chief; Reporter Staff, Manag- ing Editor; The Honor, Vice-President; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges; Outstanding Student; Theta Alpha Phi; Sigma Pi Kappa; La Francaide; Westminster Fellowship, President. BURNS, AWBREY B., JR 804 North Blvd. Sigma Nu. BUSH, PRICE Cromerton, N. C. Golf Team. BUSH, WILLIAM SHIRLEY, JR. N. Gordon St., Plant City Canterbury Club; Der Deutsche Verein, Secretary; Glee Club. CAOWELL, AUSTIN M. . Rt. 1, Box 153, Winter Garden Glee Club; Travel Squad; German Club; Sigma Pi Koppo; Iota Chi, Program Chairman; Hatter Staff; Quarterly Staff. CALDWELL, ANDERSON J Umatilla Baseball; S Club CANE, WALTER 1360 Ogden Ave., Bronx 52, N. Y. Phi Society; Scroll and Key CARTER, J. CARLTON P. 0. Box 242, Arlington B S. U.; Executive Council; Volunteers; Glee Club; Travel Squad; Radio Chorus; Hatter Staff; Sigma Pi Kappa. CARTER, JAMES Glee Club; Future Teachers. GATES, EVA MAYE Citro House Council; Y. W. A.; Volunteers; B. S. U. Council, Glee Club; Student Advisor. COFFRIN, DON 2151 Kingswood Rd., Jacksonville Sigma Phi Epsilon; Newman Club. Hatters ot " work " on the beach. 1— 2— 3— Un-n-gh. Beasley Berry Bethea Birnbaum Blockwell Blaser Blassick Bowman Brewin Broadway Brundoge Bryan Bryant Burns Bush, P. Bush, W. Cadwell Caldwell Cane Carter, J. C. ga j jl Carter, J. E. Cates Chassey Cleveland Coffrin COLLINS, LESLIE Avon Pork B.S.U. COOK, BETTY 1205 Highlond Ave., Augusto, Go. Delta Delta Delta; F. T. A,; Intramurols. COOK, JOAN 401 N.E. 95th St., Miomi Pi Beta Phi; Glee Club; W. A. A.; Hatter Staff; Westminster Fellowship; Homecoming Sponsor. COPELAN, MOLLY CORNETT, LESTER Ministerial Association, President. CONRAD, WILFRED H DeBory COSSIN, JUNE 535 Rugby Ave., Orlando Pi Beta Phi; Women ' s Executive Council, President; Southern In- tercollegiate Student Government Association, Vice-President; Pan- Hellenic Council, Treasurer; Hatter Staff; Sigma Pi Kappa; Re- porter Staff. CRISP, WILLIAM Miami B.SU. DALRYMPLE, MERLE Alpha Xi Delta; Future Teachers. DAVID, BEATRICE ... 1605 Avondale Ave., Jacksonville The Honor; Phi Society; Scroll and Key; Westminster Fellowship; Der Deutsche Verein. DAVIS, JAMES P 3479 Haines Rd., St. Petersburg Delta Sigma Phi; Little Theatre; F. T. A.; Debating; Theta Alpha Phi; International Relations Club. DAVIS, NORMAN O. 2648 Eastwood Ave., Chicago 25, III. Sigma Nu; Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Camera Club; Little Theatre DAVIS, SUZANNE Jacksonville Zeta Tau Alpha, Pledge Trainer; Women ' s Athletic Association; Professional Club; Hatter Staff, Sports Editor; Interfraternity Council Representative, Vice-President. DAVIS, VIRGINIA LEE Willord St., Moryville, Tenn. F. T. A.; Kappa Delta Pi, Recorder-Historian; Sigma Delta Pi, Presi- dent; La Franciode, President; Camera Club; Y. W. A.; Canter- bury Club; Committee Member Focus Week. DECKER, DELLA SUE Oaks Hotel, Doytono Beoch Zeta Tau Alpha; Scroll and Key; Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Alpha Theta. DeSHA, KRAMA F . Waldo Ministerial Association. DICKSON, RUTH MARY Adei, Go. Phi Mu, Pledge Director; Student Body, Vice-President; Student House Council, President; Pan Hellenic Council, Secretary; Junior Class Secretary; Executive Council. DOMINEY, H. J 623 Raleigh St., Orlando Ministerial Association; B. S U, DOTY, ROBERT A Rt. 1, Box 274 C, Pensacolo Pi Kappa Phi; Glee Club; Football Team; S Club, Treasurer; F. T. A. DuBOSE, ELIZABETH MAE . . . 1917 14th Ave., Vero Beach Transfer from Bessie Tift College; F. T. A. ERICSON, EDWARD LAWRENCE Box 312, Dunedin United World Federalists, President; State Student Director of United World Federalists. FAUST, WILLIAM R 1570 Seminole Blvd., Ocolo Glee Club; Gamma Sigmo Epsilon, President; Beta Bete Beta; 8. S. U.; Der Deutch Verein. FLEMING, JIMMIE NELL . 1422 West Stetson Ave., Orlando Y. W. A,; Volunteers, President; B. S. U. Executive Council- Glee Club, Travel Squad; Radio Chorus; The Honor, President; Executive Council; Intramural Manager. FLORES, ABE Coguos, Puerto Rico FLORY, ELIZABETH B. . Pequea, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania The Honor; Phi Society; Scroll and Key, Secretary; F. T. A,, Pres- ident; Pi Kappa Delta, President; Little Theatre: Kappa Delta Pi, President; La Franciode, Vice-President; Secretary of Student Body; Debate Society, Manager; Delta Delta Delta Scholarship Award; One of Ten Outstanding Women, FLYNN, H. E 223 Liberty St., Orlando Ministerial Association. FOUTCHE, JEANNE . 1342 McCorkle Ave., Charleston, W. Vo. Golf Team; Professional Club. FRIER, DORIS Star Route 2, DeLond B. S. U.; Beta Beta Beta; Y. W A. GATLIFF, MARY K. . 201 East Stetson, DeLond Transfer from Union College; Town Girls; Y. W. A.; F. T. A.; B. S. U. GIBBS, BERNICE Emmitsburg, Md. Checking out ot 1 a.m. To cheer the teom. GIBSON, PANSY Ill East Loke St., Tarpon Springs Zeta Tau Alpha, Psych. Club, Transfer from Shorter College. GOSNEY, CLIFF B 426 North Cloro, DeLond Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity; X Club GRIFFIS, CLARENCE A 134 Leon Ave., DeLond Pi Kappa Phi; B. S. U,; I, F. C; R. O. T. C; Freshman Advisor. HANSEN, KENNETH L. 1109 East Broward, Fort Lauderdale Ministerial Association, Program Chairman; B. S. U. Council, En- listment Vice-President; Little Theatre; Freshman Advisor; Men ' s Advisory Committee; Intramural Manager; Der Deutsche Verein. HARE, MARION 2131 Dellwood Ave., Jacksonville Ministerial Association, Vice-President; B. S. U. HARTON, MERLE C Box 204, Holly Hill Sigma Phi Epsilon HAYNIE, ROBERT EARLE Asheville, N. C. HEBB, REGINALD 714 Harwood Ave., Orlando HELGESON, PATRICIA HENDRY, RICHARD B 420 Riverside Dr., Fort Myers Sigma Nu, President; S Club; Football Team; Health and Physical Education Club, Alumni Contact Officer; I. F. C. HENSKY, JOHN Asheville, N. C. HIGGINBOTHAM, JAMES 232 East Evons Ave., Orlando HIGGINS, RICHARD P 512 Harwood Ave., Orlondo Delta Sigma Phi; Stetson Band and Orchestra. HILL, J. RAY P. 0. Box 1323, Doytono Beach Sigma Phi Epsilon. HINDS, SPURGEON N. . . 208 N. Seventh Ave., Wouchula Ministerial Association. HORTON, RHODA T 635 Ninth Ave., Mount Dora F. T. A. HOWELL, MARY LOUISE . 1132 S.E. Third Ave., Ft. Lauderdale Psychology Club; Women ' s Athletic Association; Methodist Stu- dent Union; Iota Chi. HURST, HARRY K Box 87, Hozord, Ky. Delta Sigma Phi, Social Chairman, Secretary; Homecoming Dance Chairman for 1948; I. F. C, Secretary; Member of Student Men ' s Council; Homecoming Chairman for 1949; One of the Ten Out- standing students for )950; Director of Freshman Talent Night for 1950; Student Body Publicity Chairman for 1950; President of Junior Class; President of the Liberal Arts School; Ye Mystic Krewe. JENNINGS, ROBERT W Kissimmee JOHNS, PAULINE Orange City JORDAN, JAMES J. 4931 Chanberloyn Ave., Richmond, Va. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Stetson Reporter, Editor-in-Chief; Hatter Sports Editor; Sigma Pi Kappa, President; Outstanding Student; R. O. T. C; Quarterly Staff. KALE, DICK 115 S. Sheridan Ave., DeLond Sigma Nu; Reporter; Press Club; Annual; Quarterly, Editor; Theta Alpha Phi, Treasurer. KENNISON, LEWIS, JR 1720 Fairfield PI. Ministerial Association; Glee Club Traveling Squad; German Club. KERZNER, JACK 23 Havelocr St., Dorchester 24, Moss. Sigma Pi Epsilon; Sigma Pi Kappo; Little Theatre; Quarterly. KEYTON, JOHN A., JR. 601 Cherokee Ave., Dothon, Ala. Kappa Sigma; B. S. U.; German Club. KIRK, C. C 201 E. Liberty St., Brooksville S Club; Tennis Team. LOWE, HELEN 2139 S. Atlantic, Doytona Beach Transfer from Bessie Tift College; Phi Mu, Treasurer; Stetson Party Campaign Committee. LURIE, EDWARD J. . 876 Coney Island Ave., Brooklyn 18, N. Y. Beta Beta Beta. LUTKE, EUGENE H 3646 Cleveland, St. Louis 10, Mo. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Guard; Football; V eight Lifting Club; Physical Ed. Club. CHAUDOIN AND STETSON HALLS Housing Four Hundred Stetson Belles. Griffis SENIORS Helgeson Higginbotham Hinds Hogan Horton Howell Hurst Jacobs Johns Jordan Joyner Kale Kelley Keyton J Kurland Lenczyk Lowe Lurie Lutke MacAlester McDonough McGough McLoughlin Meeks Mitchell Moody Mosher Murphy Nelson Norwood Oeftler Peddy Perkins Pinder Pitts Plummer Powell Pulliam Richter Roberts Robinson Rodgers Rohde Root 21E Rose Royal Seawell Seegors Shannon MocALESTER, PAUL T DeLand Sigma Phi Epsilon, President; Journalism Fraternity, Vice-Presi- dent; Kappa Pi Art Fraternity; Freshman Football; Treasurer I. F, C; Quarterly Staff; Reporter Staff. McGOUGH, WILLIAM, JR St. Cloud Ministerial Association; Glee Club. McLaughlin, Joseph Terra ceio Lambda Chi Alpha. MINIE, D. C 25 Mellen St., Chicopee, Mass. Lambda Chi Alpha. MITCHELL, BERTHA 3704 Leono St., Tampa B. S. U.; Y. W. A. MOODY, HENRY E Jacksonville Ministerial Association. MOSHER, ROBERT E., JR Rt. 1, Box 176, DeLand Health and Physical Ed. Club MURPHY, JULIAN HUGH .... 18 Park St., Pipperall, Mass. United World Federalists; State Student Secretary; Historian Local Chapter; loto Chi; Little Theatre; La Franciade, Secretary, Vice- President; Hatter Staff, Law School Editor. NELSON, MARILYN Titusvllle Zeta Tau Alpha, Assistant Rush Chairman of ZTA; Pan-Hellenic Representative; Freshman Advisor 1950; Sponsor of Ye Mystic Krewe 1950; F. T. A.; W. R. A. NORWOOD, MARY JUNE . . 1612 Slater St., Valdosta, Go. Zeta Tau Alpha, President; F. T. A.; Hatter Staff; Homecoming Committee; Rules and Procedure Committee; Secretary of Senior Class. OEFFLER, WAYNE W 24 N.E. 163rd St., Miami Beoch Pi Kappa Phi; B. S. U.; Ministerial Association; Miami Club; Student Government; Independent Student Organization; Year- book Staff, Religious Editor; Homecoming Committee; German Club. PALMER, GEORGE J. 1000 Seventh Ave., S., St. Petersburg PEDDY, MARY ANN 729 S. Johnson, Lakeland F. T. A. PERKINS, ROBERT L. . . . . 134 W. 30th St., Jocksonville Der Deutche Verein; Ministerial Association. PINDER, WALTER FOLK .... 1853 N.W. 47th St., Miami Glee Club; Travel Squad; 8. S. U. Executive Council, Treasurer; Volunteers for Christian Service. PITTS, MARILYN Miami B. S, U.; Y. W. A.; Professional Club; Freshman Advisor; Women ' s Recreational Association; Independent Officer; International Relo- tios; Hatter Staff. POWELL, CORETA ANNE . 1 16 Hamilton Ave., Panama City B. S. U.; Y. W. A.; Volunteers; Glee Club; Alpha Dexioma, Vice- President; F. T. A.; Freshman Advisor; Women ' s Council, Secretary. PLUMMER, BEATRICE ALICE 536 Hompton Rd. Beta Beta Beta. PULLIAM, THOMAS Hilllard Ministerial Association; Volunteer Bond; Notional Guard; Iota Chi. RAMEY, ROY Box 212, Sanford RICHTER, MARGARET Box 295, Safety Harbor Alpha Xi Delta; Honor; President Professional Club. ROBERTS, PAT 1917 Larchmont Ave., Fort Myers Alpha Xi Delta; The Honor; W. R A,; Reporter Staff; Press Club; Lambda Chi Alpha Queen. ROBINSON, EVELYN J 310 U. Ky. Ave. Zeta Tau Alpha; Town Girls Club. ROHDE, CLIFTA AMA Bercsford Town Girls Club; Intramural Manager; German Club; Professional Club; P. E. M. M. Club; Stetson Arch Soc; Future Teachers of America; Hatter Staff, ROOT, JOHN 811 Palmetto Ave., Sanford Lambda Chi Alpha. SEAWELL, JOHN H. 1914 Academy St., Winston-Salem, N. C. Le Cercle Francois. SEIGERS, S. P 245 ' 2 Plant Ave., Tampa SHANNON, RUTH Daytono Beach ' Business Manager, Little Tneatre; F, T. A. Friendly relations with Taima U Sizing up the opposition. .1 - .| - SKEEN, SANDRA Williamsburg, Ky. Alpha Xi Delta, Corresponding Secretary; Women ' s Council, Sec- retary-Treasurer; Sigma Pi Kappa. SKEENE, VIRGINIA 323 Oceon Dr., Pompano Beach Alpha Xi Delta. SMITH, ANNETTE St. George, Ga. Transfer from Wesleyon College; F. T. A. SMITH, BARBARA JEAN 821 N.W. First Ave., Homestead Kappa Delta, Secretary; The Honor, Secretary and Treasurer; Phi Society, Secretary; F. T. A.; Camera Club; Hatter Staff; Glee Club- Stetson House Council, Vice-President; Freshman Ad- visor; Miami Club; B. S. U. SMITH, HENRY H., JR 124 N.E. Fifth St., Miami Ministerial Association; Der Deutsche Verein. SMITH, MALCOLM E 717 Twelfth St., E., Bradenton SMITH, NANCY EUDORA 2401 First Ave., N., St. Petersburg The Honor; W. R. A.; Football Band; F. T. A.; Physical Ed. Pro- fessional Club; Intramural Secretary and Captain; Homecoming Stadium Decoration Chairman; Wesley Foundation, President; Pep Club; Tumbling Team; Honor Roll; S C. A., Secretary. SOLBRIG, GLORIA K. 8147 S. Prairie Ave., Chicago 19, III. Bond. SPENCER, RONALD SMITH, JR. 1921 N. 19th Ave., Pensacolo Pi Kappa Phi, Secretary, Social Chairman; Social Vice-President Student Body; Freshman Advisor; Ye Mystic Krewe, Pledge Mas- ter; Ten Outstanding Men; Homecoming Chairman; Radio Work- shop; Executive Council Florida Intercollegiate Student Government Association; Focus Week Committee. STANCIL, JAMES L Wauchula Glee Club Travel Squad; Ministeriol Associotion; Little Theatre. TABOR, LOUISE 1611 G St., S.E., Washington, D. C. Glee Club Travel Squad; B. S. U.; Alpha Dexioma; Volunteer for Christian Service; Y. W. A.; Secretary to Dean of Women; Secre- tory in News Bureou. THOMAS, L. M 120 Emmett St., Daytona Beach Pi Kappa Phi; F. T. A.; R. O. T. C; Westminster Fellowship; Beta Beta Beta. THURMAN, SARA Jacksonville Beta Beta Beto; Psy Club. TOWNE, WILLIAM E. Kingston, N. H. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Secretary; Canterbury Club; F. T. A.; Sigma Pi Kappa; Hatter Stoff. TOWNSEND, BETTY LOU 220 Ascot PI., N. E., Washington 2, D. C. Alpha Xi Delta; Professional Club, TREEN, LEWIS H Box 6, Eustis Pi Kappa Phi; Manager Football Team; S Club; Baseball Team. TREON, ULILLA 2027 McLendon Ave., N.E., Atlanta, Ga. Phi Mu, Rush Chairman; Kappa Delta Pi, Treasurer; Phi Alpha Theto, Secretary; Freshman Advisor; Hotter Staff; Tronsfer from Shorter College. TUCKER, LeROY 1010 Hill St., Ocala B. S. U.; Ministerial Association. UNKEFER, ROY R 612 N. Solisbury St., DeLand Sigmo Phi Epsilon, Little Theatre. Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Der Deutsche Verein. VAN DORN, JEANNE . 204 Branch Ave., Red Bank, N. J. Camera Club; Hatter Staff; Reporter; Quarterly; Kappa Pi, Pres- ident; Sigma Pi Kappa; Veterans Association; Little Theotre; New Jersey Club, Secretary; W. R. A. VOORHEES, ROY B Brown ' s Court, Lodi, N. J. Stetson Psychology Club. Here comes the bride. The cats meow. P H-l-M-U— Phi Mu. Skeen Skeene Smith Smith, B. Smith, H. Smith, N. Smith, R. Solbrig Spencer Stancil Stevens Stevenson Tabor Tenney Thorp Thomas Thorpe Thurman Towne Townsend Trcen Treon Tucker Unkerfer Van Dorn Voorhees SENIORS yHjjl JkjkM Wayland Webb Wharton Wheeler Whitaker Whiteman Whitmire Wood Woolley WADDELL, JAMES E N.W. Ave. B, Belle Glade Lambda Chi Alpha; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Adolphus Society, Germon Club- WALTERS, J. C, JR 7909 13th St., Tampa WARD, MILADEEN Rt. 4, Box 778, Tollohassee Y. W. A., Vice-President; Women ' s Council; B. S. U Executive Council. WATTS, JOHN C Drower J, Bryson City, N. C. Sigma Nu; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Camera Club. WAYLAND, JAMES J Box 253, Sperryville, Vo. WEBB, ROBERT S Box 134, Umatilla B. S. U WHEELER, JOHNNY 310 Volusia Ave., Daytono Beach WHITAKER, JACK Titusville Pi Koppa Phi; S Club; F. T. A.; Ye Mystic Krewe; Homecominn Host. WHITAKER, WILLIAM Titusville Sigma Nu, Chaplain. WHITMIRE, WILLIAM L 229 W. Rich Ave., DeLand Sigma Phi Epsilon; F. T. A,; Volleyball Team. WILLIAM, JOHN Box 1538, Sanford Pi Kappa Phi. WINFREE, JACK W Box 268, Rt. 1, Doytona Beach Sigma Phi Epsilon. WOOD, JACQUELINE P 16 S. Second St., Lake Worth Alpha Xi Delta, Vice-President; Theta Alpha Phi; Kappa Pi, Sec- retary and Treasurer; Canterbury Club; Active in Little Theatre. WOOLLEY, THOMAS WM. 540 Fourth St., No., St. Petersburg Sigma Nu, Intramural Football, Basketball, Softball, Tennis, Vol- leyball. YARBOROUGH, B. D. 1215 E. 48th St., Savannah, Go. YOUNG, ELIZABETH 235 E. Eighth St., Jacksonville B. S. U. 66 ALMA MATER Dear Alma Meter, smile upon thy children! Gladly we greet thee, altogether lovely; Peace be within thy classic halls and temples, Hail, Alma Mater dear. Hail to the heroes who have gone before us. Young men and maidens, filled with true devotions! Bright is their glory, fadeless and undying, Hail to our heroes gone! Hail to our classmates, bound by ties ne ' er broken; Here once again we pledge our vows of friendship; Brave hearts and true hearts sound aloud the chorus; Long live our comrades dear! Dear Alma Mater, tenderly thy children Gather, and bring to thee gracious salutations; Comrades, your voices lift once again in chorus, Hail, Alma Mater dear! ROTC ' s first military week-end. t O- FIRST ROW: Agner, Allen, Anderson, Andrews, Armstrong, Barfield, Bottom, Bowen. SECOND ROW: Bowron, Boyles, Brown, Byrom, Chapman, Christie, Cochran, Cook. THIRD ROW: Cooper, Coupland, Craig, Cross, Cuddy, Deen, Doty, Eokin. FOURTH ROW Edenfield, Edwords, Finney, Flippo, Flood, Flournoy, Foster, Fuller. FIFTH ROW; Fulton, Gondy, D. Hall, E. Hall, F. Hall, Harper, Horth, Higgins. VIRGINIA AGNER . Madison, NINA BEADIE ALLEN . . . Miami; LLOYD H. ANDERSON . Oak Hill; GLENN ANDREWS . . . Pensacola; FULMER ARMSTRONG . . DeLond; ONA BAR- FIELD . . . Orlando; LARRY BOTTOM . . . Daytona Beach; JOHN BOWEN . . DeLand; PHYLLIS BOWRON . . . Eustis; BARBARA BOYLES . . Lake Worth; JANE BROWN . . . Holly Hill, BILL BYROM . . Daytona; JANE CHAPMAN . Sonford; BOB CHRIS- TIE . . Jacksonville; BERNARD COCHRAN . . . Lakeland; BETTY COOK . . Augusta; GORDON COOPER . . . Long Island, N. Y.; FREDDA COUPLAND . Wildwood; POLLY CRAIG Miami; BARBARA CROSS Tampa; WILLIAM CUDDY . . Tampa; FRANK DEEN , . . Brooksville; BOB DOTY , . . Pensacola; DON- ALD EAKIN . . . Jacksonville; ANITA EDENFIELD . . . Miami; ELWYN G. EDWARDS . DeLand; MARTHA FINNEY Wau chula; BETTY ANN FLIPPO Daytona Beach R. B. FLOOD Tampa; MARSHALL FLOURNOY . DeLand; ANNABELLE FOSTER . . . Arcadia; WILLIAM A. FULLER . . . Miami; CAROL TAYLOR FULTON . . . Cochran, Go.; CORA LEE GANDY . . . Haines City; DONALD HALL . . . Troy, N Y ; EVELYN HALL . . , Decatur, Ga.; FRANCES HALL . . . Lake Wales. 68 FIRST ROW: Hooper, Isroel, Johnson, Kolos, Kouffmon, Kimbrough. SECOND ROW: Kinsloe, Kline, Land, Longwish, Losstter, Lee. THIRD ROW: Lewis, Loughron, Lowe, MacAlester, McColl, McColister, Moupin, Moy. FOURTH ROW: Melloon, Merrill, Merritt, Minie, Netzorg, Okojimo, Polmer, Porish. FIFTH ROW Partin, Pemble, Peterson, Pittmon, Plonk, Price, Purvis, Quirk. ROBIN HOOPER . . Daytono Beach; SOL ISRAEL . . . Spring Val- ley, N Y ; ANN JOHNSON . . . Hawthorne; JOHN KALAS . . . Doytona Beach; R. V. KAUFFMAN ... St. Petersburg; ROBERT KIMBROUGH . . . DeLand; JOANNE KINSLOE Miami GLORIA KLINE . Ocala; BETTY LAND . . Orlando; LAURA LANGUISH St. Petersburg; RICHARD LASSITER Clement; PAUL H. LEE . . . Charleston, S. C ; WILLIAM E. LEWIS . . . Sarasota; DOLLY LOUGHRAN . . . Asheville, N C ; CHARLES LOWE ... St. Cloud PAUL MocALESTER . . , DeLand; HENRY McCALL . . . DeLond KELBY McCOLISTER . . . Tampa; MABEL MAUPIN DeLond JOAN MAY . . . Chipley; DONALD MELLON . . . Orange City; HOWARD MERRILL . DeLond; PAT MERRITT . . . Delroy Beach; DERMOND MINIE . . Chicopee, Mass.; LEONTINE NET- ZORG . . Alma, Mich.; EIICHI OKAJIMA . . . Saitama, Japan; GEORGE PALMER . . St. Petersburg; STERLYN PARISH ... Su- matra; MARGARET PA RTIN . Sanford; ANN PEMBLE Leesburg; ARVID PETERSON . . Pierson; GORDON PITTMAN . . . Marionno; PATRICIA PLANK ... Ft. Louderdale; MYRNA PRICE ... St. Petersburg; MARILYN PURVIS . . . Arcadia; EDWARD QUIRK . . . Lakewood, R. I. 69 FIRST ROW: Raffield, Rossi, Sargenf, Scully, Selecman, Spencer; Stenstrom, Sl-ones. SECOND ROW: Tavenlere, Toylor, TenBroeck, Tucker, Turner, Vltsoras, Walker, Watson. THIRD ROW Wotters, Weise, Wigle, Willcox, Willis, Wilson, Wolstenholme, Wood. BETTY RAFFIELD . . . Panama City; MARTIN ROSSI . . . North- vole, N. J.; PEARL SARGENT . . . Haverhill, Mass.; JAMES SCULLY . . . Biddeford, Me ; LAURA JEAN SELECMAN . . . Cas- sadaga; RONALD SPENCER . . . Tampa; HERBERT STENSTROM . . . Sanford; FREDERICK STONES . . Daytona; JAMES TAVE- NIERE . . . Closter, N. J.; HORACE TAYLOR. . .Jacksonville; OWEN TENBROECK . Daytona Beach; HARRIET TUCKER . . . Orlando; SHIRLEY TURNER . Edison, Ga.; PEGGY VITSARAS . . . DeLand; JUDITH WALKER . . Lake Worth; JANET WAT- SON . . . Holly Hill, MARCUS WATTERS Apopka; WILLIAM WEISE . . . Lebanon, Pa ; BRUCE WIGLE ANNETTE WILLCOX . . . Jacksonville; JIMMIE WILLIS . . . Kingsport, Tenn ; SUSAN JEANNE WILSON . . . DeLand; MIRIAM WOLSTENHOLME Sarasota; SADIE WOOD . . . DeLand. 70 SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW: Abernothy, Abrhomson, Allbritton, Ard, Averman, Boltier. SECOND ROW; Borrington, Berry, Biegger, Blow, Boyette, Broddock. THIRD ROW; Braddy, Brady, Brenner, Brokenshire, Brooks, Bush, Bu«s, Campbell. FOURTH ROW: Carter, Coruthers, Cossidy, Cotes, Chostain, Christenberry, Collins, Cooksey. FIFTH ROW: Copelond, Croig, Cresse, Davis, DeLillo, Deloney, Dietzen, Dillard. BRUCE ABERNATHY . . West Polm Beach; JOYCE ABRHAMSON . . . Ludington, Mich.; WALLACE EARL ALBRITTON , . . Sanford; JOHN THOMAS ARD . Clermont MARTIN AVERMAN . . . Pittsburgh, Pa.; CAROLYN MARIE BALTZER . . . Ludington, Mich,; LORRAINE BARRINGTON Montgomery, Ala ; MORGAN BERRY . . . Cynthiona, Ky.; JOHN BIEGGER Miami; SUZANNE BLOW . . . Jocksonville KENNON BOYETTE . DeLand; TOM- MIE BRADDOCK . . . Jacksonville; MARY JO BRADDY Ft Lauderdale; MADELYNE BRADY . . . Miami; NANCY BRENNER . . . Riviera Beach; HELEN BROKENSHIRE . Orange City; MARGIE BROOKS . . . Miami; ROBERT BUSH . . . Morristown, N J.; BOERNER BUTTS DeLand; OLIVER CAMPBELL, JR. . DeLand; GENE CARTER Dade City; RAYMOND CAR- UTHERS . Pohokee; THEODORE CASSIDY . . Ormond Beach; JAMES ARTHUR GATES Ctro ROBERT ARTHUR CHASTAIN DeLand; JOHN CHRISTENBERRY . . Daytono Beach; LILLIE MAE COLLINS Avon Park; HOMER COOKSEY . . . Winter Ha ven COOK WILSON COPELAND Port Oronge; MARILYN CRAIG . . Lakeland; ANNA MAY CRESSE . . . Miami; JEWELL DAVIS . . . Jacksonville; RONALD DELILLA , . , Rutherford, N. J.; MARY DELONEY . Jacksonville; FAYE DIETZEN Ft Laud- erdale; JUNE DILIARD . . . DeLand 71 FIRST ROW Dinkins, D. Dunton, J. Dunton, Dury, Edwards, Grady, Hockworth, Haddock. SECOND ROW Hogood, Harrell, Hendricks, Heney, Honsberger, Huff, Huffman, Hussey. THIRD ROW: Hyde, Ingram, Jernigan, Johnson, Johnston, Kennington, Ketchem, Kinsey. FOURTH ROW; Krause, Lane, Laneir, Lawrence, Lewis, Lindsey, Logan. FIFTH ROW; McColl, McCorkle, McCormick, Mace, Mahoffey, Marfin, Mazur, Melton, Milligan. MADELINE DINKINS . . . DeLand, DORIS DUNTON De- Land; JO ANNE DUNTON . . . DeLand BETTY JEANNE DURY . . . Johnson City, N. Y.; ELWYN EDWARDS . , , Tampa; JAMES HACKWORTH . . O rlando; TERESA HADDOCK . . Live Oak BETTY HAGOOD . . . Crestview; JAMES HARRELL . . Stuart DANA HENDRICKS . . . Mefter, Go ; JESSIE HENEY . . . DeLand HARRY HONSBERGER . . . Largo; PATSY HUFF . . West Palm Beach; ROBERT HUFFMAN . . Cleorsprlng, Md ; BETTIE LEE HUSSEY . . . DeLond; W. RAY HYDE . . . Detroit, Mich.; MAR- THA INGRAM . . Ft. Pierce; DOUGLAS JERNIGAN . DeLand; JANE JOHNSON . . Bowling Green, Ky ; JAMES D. JOHNSTON . . . Dade City; ROY A. KENNINGTON . . . Panama City; WIL- LIAM KETCHAM . Stuart; ANN KINSEY . . . Cincinnati, O.; DEMARIES KRAUSE Ft Pierce; FRED LANE . . . DeLand; MARY ANN LANIER . . Clearwater; RAYMOND JOSEPH LAW- RENCE . . . Holly Hill; JOYCE LEWIS . . . Sarasota; JO ANN LINDSEY . . . Jacksonville; CHARLES LOGAN . . DeLond; CARL DEAN McCALL . . . Geneva, Ala ; JOHN MILTON McCORKLE . . . Doytono Beach; FLORA JEAN McCORMICK . . . DeLand; JOAN M. MACE . . Marion, S C ; TOM MAHAFFEL ... De- Land; PETER MAZUR . . . Poland; LEONARD MELTON . . . Graham; VIRGINIA MILLIGAN. 72 ' a ti. SOPHOMORES ll FIRST ROW: Milligon, Morgon, E. Morris, M. Morris, Moss, Musgrove, Nance. SECOND ROW Noylor, J. Nichols, V. Nichols, Northern, O ' Connell, Painter. THIRD ROW; Porrish, Perry, Pixley, A. Price, W. R. Price, W. J. Price, Priest, Quick. FOURTH ROW Renfroe, Rich, Roberts, Robinson, Roe, L. Rogers, S. Rogers, Rolston. FIFTH ROW: Rossi, Ryerson, Samples, Scronton, Semple, Shotford, Shaw, Shirley. JUDSON MORGAN . . Zephyr Hills; EDNA MORRIS . . . Man- darin; MARY LOU MORRIS . . . Severna Park, Md ; ISABELLE MOSS . Delroy Beach; JOHNOLA KELLEY MUSGROVE Blountstown; JAMES NANCE . . . Colllnsvllle, Ala; CHARLOTTE NAYLOR . . . Sebring; JOY NICHOLS . . . Daytona Beach; VIV- IAN NICHOLS . . Lakeland; ANN NORTHERN . DeLand; ROBERT O ' CONNELL. . . Paterson, N J JEANINE PAINTER . . . Groveland; ULMER H. PARRISH . . . Miami; LORENA PERRY . . . Uncasville, Ct , JOYCE PIXLEY . . . Webster; AUDREY PRICE . . Live Oak; WILLIS PRICE . . . Mandarin; CLIFFORD PRIEST . . . Anthony; DUANE QUICK . . DeLond; ANN RENFROE . . . Otter Creek; JACKIE RICH . , . Holly Hill; ANN ROBERTS . . . Lake Butler; GEORGE ROBINSON . DeLand; BETTY JEAN ROE . . . Warner Robins, Go.; LORETTA ROGERS . . Bristol, Vo. SHIR- LEY ANN ROGERS . . . Miami; ROBERT ROLSTON . St. Peters- burg; WILLIAM ROSSI . . . Pittsburgh, Pa.; LOIS RYERSON . . . Homestead; JAMES SAMPLES . . . DeLond; WILLIAM SCRANTOM, JR. . Jocksonville; JAMES SEMPLE . . . Miami; SIDNEY SHAT- FORD . . Lake Helen; JACK SHAW . . . Miami; HOKE SHIRLEY . . . Pohokee. 73 FIRST ROW: Shriver, Sikes, Slode, Snowden, Stadnick, Stephany, M. Stevenson, N. Stevenson. SECOND ROW: Stillwell, Stoner, Tolton, Taylor, Toole, Word, Whipple, Wilde. THIRD ROW: Wlilord, A. Williams, C. Williams, S. Williams, H. Wing, K. Wing, Winningham, Wren. GEORGE SHRIVER, JR. . Jacksonville; ERNEST SIKES Mi ami; CLOE ELLEN SLADE Winter Park; PATRICIA SNOWDEN . . . DeLond; VINCE STADNICK . Maitland; EDWARD STE- PHANY . . . Bethel, Conn.; MIMMS STEVENSON Winchester, Ky.; NANCY STEVENSON . . Babson Park; NANCY STILLWELL . . . Mt. Vernon, O.; WILLIAM STONER . . . Titusville; MARILYN TALTON . . . DeLand; MARILYN TAYLOR ... Bee Ridge, JAMES TAVENIERE . . . Closter, N J ; RICHARD TOOLE . DeLand; PATRICIA WARD Oklawaha; RICHARD WHIPPLE . Opa- locka; DOT WILDE . . . Asheville, N C ; LOUELLA WILLARD . . . Daytono Beach; ALMA WILLIAMS . . . Miami; CHARLES WIL- LIAMS ... St. Augustine; SHIRLEY WILLIAMS . . . Ormond; JOHN H. WING . . . West Palm Beach; KENNETH WING . . . Pittsburgh, Pa.; OTHA WINNINGHAM, JR. . . . Jacksonville; BILL WREN . . . Indian Lake. 74 FIRST ROW Ashmore, Avermon, B, Bailey, S. Boiley, Baker. SECOND ROW: Boss, Beighley, A. BenneM, P. Bennett, Benson, Betheo. THIRD ROW: Blokeney, Bloylock, Boone, Borling, Bowen, Bragger, Breyfogle, Brisson. FOURTH ROW: Brooks, Brown, Bryant, Bunton, Cain, Gates, Cheek, Clausen. FIFTH ROW: Cochran, C. Cole, A. Cole, M. Connell, S. Connell, Crowe, Daniel, Davis. BETTY ASHMORE . Miami, MARTIN AVERMAN . . Pitts- burgh, Po ; BARBARA BAILEY . . . Ocala; SUE BAILEY . . . Clearwater; ROBERT BAKER . . . Umatilla; JANE BASS . . . Albany, Ga.; HAYWARD BATEMAN . . Augusta, Ga,; FRED BEIGHLEY . Jacksonville; ANNIE LAURIE BENNETT Or- lando; PHILIP BENNETT . . . DeLand; ROBERT BENSON . . . Hiawatha, Kan,; EVA LOUISE BETHEA , . . Okeechobee; JAMES BLAKENEY DeLand; THOMAS E. BLAYLOCK, JR. . . . Jack- sonville; MARY FRANCES BOONE . . . Savannah, Ga.; BETTY BORLING , . . Orlando; JAMES D. BOWEN . . . Brooksville; JANET BRAGGER . . . Greenwich, R I ; ROBERT BREYFOGLE . . . . . . Cassadaga; ROBERT BRISSON . . . Sonford; EDWARD BROOKS . . . Sanford, N C ; NORMA FAYE BROWN . Inver- ness; JAMES C. BRYANT . . . Jacksonville LOIS FAYE BUNTON . . . Jacksonville; JOHN N. CAIN . . . New Smyrna Beach; VELERA CATES . Citra; JIMMY CHEEK . . Orlando; JOHN CLAUSEN, JR. . . Norfolk, Va.; JOSEPH COCHRAN . . . Day- tona Beach; ALICE COLE . . . Burlington, N. C; CAROLYN ANN COLE . . . Ocalo; LAURA ALICE COLE . . . Burlington, N. C; MARY CONNELL . . Winter Garden; SHIRLEY CONNELL . . . Bell Glade; CAROLYN DANIEL . . Orlando; VIRGINIA DAVIS . . . Orlondo. 75 FIRST ROW: Deons, Deese, DeLay, Diauillion, Donnelley, Drowdy, Eddlngs, Elliott. SECOND ROW: Elworthy, Farthing Flanagan, P. Fletcher, R. Fletcher, Folmor, Foster, Fountain. THIRD ROW: Frederick, Frink, Fugote, Gailbreath, Gatlin, Gentry, Gibson, C. Gray. FOURTH ROW: J. Gray, Green, Griffin, Grindey, Haire, Hall, Honey, Hargrove. FIFTH ROW: C. M. Harris, C. J. Horris, Heorin, Heothcoe, Heneley, Hodkins, Howord. WILLIAM DEANS . . . Holly Hill; IRIS DEESE . . . Delray Beach; JOHN DeLAY . . DeLond; BRUNO DiGUILLIAN . . . West Palm Beach; RICHARD DONNELLY Berwyn, III ; DORIS DRAWDY . . . Kissimmee; NANCY EDDINGS . . . Jacksonville; WILLIAM ELLIOTT . . Palatka; RICHARD ELWORTHY . . . Elmhurst; HAROLD EPPERSON Eustis; BETTY FARTHING . Miami; DOROTHY FLANAGAN . . . Lakeland; PAUL FLETCHER . . Qumcy; R. FLETCHER O ' Brien; JOSEPH N. FOLMAR Miami; LAWRENCE J. FOSTER Miami JAMES FOUNTAIN . . . Pensacola; GERALDINE FREDERICK . Winter Haven; YVONNE FRINK . . . Inverness; DOROTHY FUGATE . Williston; MARY JEANNE GAILBREATH . Waycross, Ga ; ANNE GATLIN . . . Ocala; JOYCE GENTRY . . . West Palm Beach; JOYCE GIBSON . . . DeLand; CHRISSY GRAY . . . Winter Haven; JAMES GRAY ... Ft. Lauderdale; JEAN GREEN . . . DeLand; BILLY GRIFFIN . . Miami; BETTY GRINDEY . Chicago, III ; MARY LOU HAIRE . . . Marion, N. C; ENOCH HALL . . . Viper, Ky.; ESTHER LEE HANEY . . . Bonifay; BARBARA HARGRAVE . . . Pensacola; CHARLES MANNING HARRIS, JR. . . Maitland; CLYDE J. HARRIS Plant City; GLEN AUSTIN HEARIN . . . St. Louis, Mo ; ROSAMOND HEATHCOE . . Plant City; JACK HENELEY. . . Asheville, N C; HOWARD HODKINS. . West Palm Beach; MARTHA HOWARD . . . Ocoee. 76 a •1- a. i! FRESHMEN f r " ' STT ' ES r »i FIRST ROW: Hunf, Ivey, Johnson, Jones, Kepler. SECOND ROW Kimbrough, Lannon, Lenczyk, Lloyd, Lonsinger, McGough. THIRD ROW McLeod, Montre, Monn, Mortin, Middleton, Mikell, Millicon, Murray. FOURTH ROW: Nichols, Nor- ton, Oksnee, Owen, Owens, Painter, Parker, Parks. FIFTH ROW: Pence, Perry, Peters, Phimister, Pogioli, Poole, Poston, Pratt. EUGENE HUNT . . DeLond, BETTY LOUISE IVEY Winter Haven; DOROTHY JOHNSON Ft Myers; DORIS JEANNE JONES . . Anna Maria; SARAH KEPLER ... Ft .Lauderdole; CLINT KIMBROUGH . Brooksville; BARBARA LANNON . . . Jacksonville; LORRAINE NANCY LENCZYK . . Hartford, Conn,; BRUCE W. LLOYD . . Mexia, Ala ; RODNEY LONSINGER Des Ploines, III ; EASTER ANN McGOUGH St Cloud JOSEPH McCLEOD ... St. Petersburg; SALVATORE MANFRE Pali- sades Pork, N. J.; DAN MANN . Lakeland BARBARA MARTIN . . . DeLond; EMMA VIRGINIA MIDDLETON DeLand; JULIE MIKELL . . . Merritt Island; ANN MILLICAN . . . Clermont; EDWARD MURRAY . Orlando; FRED LENTON MURRAY . . . DeLand; WALTER J. NICHOLS Peterson, N. J.; NANCY NORTON ... Ft. Lauderdale; JACK OKSNEE . . . Pork Ridge, III.; FRANCES OWEN . . . Inverness; ROBERT OWENS . Somoset; GEORGE D. PAINTER . . Groveland MARY EDNA PARKER . . . Plant City; GLORIA JANE PARKS . Jocksonville; BARBARA PENCE . . . Delroy Beach, WILLIS PERRY . . . Decotur, Go.; NANCY LELIA PETERS Atlonto, Go.; JEAN PHIMISTER Crystal Lake, III.; RICHARD POGGIOLi . . . Queens, N. Y.; JANE POOLE . . . Decatur, Go ; MARY HELEN POSTON . Kingsport, Tenn.; WILLARD PRATT . . . Miami. 77 FIRST ROW: Price, Prieur, Pulliam, Rand, Raulerson, Reaves, Richardson, Robbins. SECOND ( OW Roberts, Robinson, Rosenstone, Ross, Russell, Sabatino, Salter, Sayre. THIRD ROW: Schultz, Sharp, Sibley, Sims, J. Slack, P. Slack, Sloan, Slough. FOURTH ROW Smiley, M. Smith, N. Smith, 0. Smith, W. Smith, Stalls, Steele, Stevens. FIFTH ROW: Stewart, S. Stokes, W. Stokes, Sullivan, Swartz, Tombur, Taveniere. CHARLES M. PRICE Abingdon, Vo ; RICHARD PRIEUR Onalaska, Wis ; D. EUGENE PULLIAM Hilliard; KATHRYN RAND . . DeLand; WALTER RAULERSON DcLand; TED M. REAVES Kissimmee; CHARLES E. RICHARDSON DeLand; BARBARA ROBBINS . Daytona Beach ELIZABETH ANN ROBERTS . . . Lake Butler; PATRICIA ROBINSON Chevy Chose, Md.; JEAN ROSENSTONE . . . Combndge, III,; DOROTHY ROSS . . . Woshington, D. C; ANNE RUSSELL , . , DeLand; SUSAN SABATINO Crescent City; WALTER H. SALTER, JR. . . . Jocksonville; WILLIAM LOUIS SAYRE . . . Holly Hill FARRAR SCHULTZ . . Atlanta, Go ; RALPH SHARP . Polotko CLARENCE SIBLEY ... Ft. Myers; DAN SIMS . . . Daytona Beach JOAN SLACK . . Clearwater; PATRICIA SLACK Cleorwater; WILLIAM SLOAN . Fort Meade VERNON SLOUGH . De Land; EDNA M. SMILEY Crescent City; MELVIN SMITH . . Ridgefield Park, N, J ; NANCY SMITH . , . Merritt Island; OLIVE SMITH . DeLand; WILLIAM SMITH . Valparaiso; REBECCA STALLS , . Polmdole; MARCUS STEELE . , Daytona Beach, MARTHA STEVENS . Atlanta, Go; EVELYN ELIZABETH STEWART . , , Ft. Lauderdale; SAMUEL H. STEWART . . . Lake City; SHIRLEY STOKES Kmgsport, Tenn WAYNE STOKES . . . Kmgsport, Tenn., PAULA SWARTZ . . . Atlanta, Go.; GUIDO TAMBUR . Toledo, O; STANLEY TAVENIERE . . . Closter, N J 78 FIRST ROW: Toylor, Temoshehuk, Templeton, Thames, Thompson, Toole. SECOND ROW Turner, Usher, Verdery, Worden, Wossenoot, Weissleder. THIRD ROW West, White, Whitemen, Wilcox, Willcox, Williams, Wills, Wissler. FOURTH ROW: Woodward, Wooley, Wooten, Young. PATRICIA TAYLOR Bee Ridge JOHN TEMOSHEHUK . . Ottsville, Pq ; BILLIE TEMPLETON Miami; MARILYNN THAMES Osprey; JOHN THOMPSON Haines City; LILLIAN TOOLE . . . DeLand; CHARLIE TURNER Delray Beach; HARRY J. USHER Miami; KATHERINE VERDERY . . Atlanta, Go ; WILLIAM F. WARDEN . . DeLand; JOY WASSE- NAAT . Orlondo; ALBERT WEISSLEDER . . . Yonkers, N. Y.; MARY CAROL WEST St Augustine; ROBERT WHITE . . . Winter Park; DAVID WHITEMAN . . . Grand Ropids, Mich.; CURTIS WILCOX Atlantic Beach; HERBERT S. WILLCOX . . . Jacksonville; ANNA MARGARET WILLIAMS . - . Lake Wales; ANDREW MANN WILLS Daytona Beach; ARTHUR WISSLER, JR. . . . Jacksonville; CONNIE WOODWARD DeLand; HENRY WOOLEY Live Oak; SPENCER PAUL WOOTEN, JR. ... Jacksonville; VIRGINIA YOUNG . . . Palatka. 79 WILLIAM EDWARD DUCKWITZ, Mus.D. Dean of the School of Music Dr. Duckwitz holds his degree from Bucknell University. He has studied piano at the Chicago Musi- cal College and in Leipzig and Munich, Germany. He has been with Stetson ' s School of Music since 1922. SCHOOL OF MUSIC OFFICERS President JAMES THOMAS OWENS Vice-President JOHN SIMS Secretory JEANE HARRIS Treasurer HOWARD GOLD Freshman Representative RAY HELTON ALLINGER, HELEN — Professor of Organ, 1940; B.M. Cincinnati Col- lege of Music; Public School Music, New York U.; Studied opera, oratorio, end liturgical music, Germony, Fiance, and England; M.S.M. Union Theological Seminary. BUXTON, FRANCES — Professor of Violin and Theory and Conductor of Symphony Orchestra, 1943; B,M. Cleveland Institute of Music; Studied Violin and Composition, Mills College, California. FEASEL, RICHARD — Associate Professor of Wind and Percussion In- struments and Director of the Band, 1946; B.M., MA. John B. Stetson U.; Studied arranging in New YotW; Studied composition and improvisation, Paris. FRASER, VIOLET — Assistant Professor of Piano and Theory, 1945; B M , MM. in Theory, Eastman School of Music, GOVE, MRS. VERONICA — Associote Professor of Public School Music, 1931; B.M. U. of Illinois; M.A. Columbia U. ¥ K Owens, Sims, Harris, Gold, Helton. Frances Buxton, Roger Cushman, Eleanor Leek. F Allinger Giffin Fraser Yoxley THE FACULTY NEWBY, HAZEL — Instructor in Piano, 1947; A.B. U. of Tampa; Piano, Western Carolina Teacher ' s College. YAXLEY, DONALD — Instructor in Wind Instruments, 1949; B.M., M A. John B, Stetson U. BALLENGER, KENNETH — Associate Professor of Voice, 1948; A.B., B.M. Hardin Simmons U.; M.M. Eastman School of Music; Opera Coaching under Guisseppe, Bambuschek ond Leonard Treash. CUSHMAN, ROGER — Assistant Professor of Piano, 1950; B.M., M.A. Yale U. School of Music; Piano under Nicholas Medtner and Stobccis Mollhay in England under Ditson Europeon Fellowship. FISHER, ETHEL — Assistant Professor of Piano, 1923; Piano and theory. Metropolitan School of Music, Indianapolis, Indiana; private study under Mrs. Crosby Adams; Melody Way Class piano method with Effie Perfield, John Williams, and William O ' Toole; piano under Dr. W. E. Duckwitz, DeLand, Florida. GIFFIN, HAROLD — Professor of Voice and Director of Glee Clubs, 1935; A.B. Denison U.; M.A. in voice and Musicology; B.M., Voice Perform- er, Eastman School of Music; Pupil of Adelin Fermin and Allan F. Schirmer; Song Literature under Emanuel Balaban; Opera Coaching under Nicholas Konraty; Voice under Arthur Kraft; additional gradu- ate study, Eastman School of Music. LEEK, ELEANOR — Associate Professor of Cello and Theory, 1946; B.M., MM Eastman School of Music; Cellist, Copenhagen String Quartet; studied with Kurt Reher; Cello pupil of Gerard Hekking and Luigo Silva. RICHARDSON, RUTH — Assistant Professor of Voice, 1946; B.S. Hough- ton College; MM. Eastman School of Music; Vocal study with Arthur Kraft; Vocal coaching with Dr. Gerhardt. Princioals of THE DESERT SONG Stetson ' s Pride at Homecoming. Vf afx L le Tl! Complon Cowley Everett Flory Harris Judge Moody Owens Show Williams NOT PICTURED: Brown, Carlton E. ;Brown, Donald R , Dicks, Lenvil H.; Diguilian, Roger; Harris, Irma Jeanne; Jones, William Dudley; Schlegel, J Louis; Stillwell, Sarah Catherine; Walker, Sara Elizabeth. EARL COMPTON 1222 Mt. Vernon, Orlando Glee Club; Student Leader; Radio Chorus; Travel Squad; Key Member; B. S. U, President; Executive Council; State B, 5. U- Music Director; Secretary of Music School; Who ' s Who. ERNEST COWLEY 1910 E. Osborne, Tompo Band, Librarian, Second Lieutenant-Treasurer, Captain-President; Orchestra, President; Pep Band; Kappa Kappa Psi, Treasurer, President; MENC, President; Pit Orchestra, Conductor (Little Theatre); Theta Alpha Phi; Lambda Chi Alpha; Camera Club; Recording Technician; W. J. B. S.; R. O. T. C, Instructor. JOHN EVERETT Glee Club, Radio Chorus, Travel Squad, Student Leader, Publicity Director, Quartet, Sextet, Opera; Canterbury Club, Vice-President; Soloist, Stetson Symphony Orchestra; Messiah Soloist; MENC. DOROTHY FLORY Pequeo, Po. Orchestra, Treasurer, Concert Master; Little Theatre Pit Orchestra; Phi Beta, President; Outstanding Student; The Honor; Who ' s Who; United World Federalists; Student Teacher; Honor Roll. JEANE HARRIS Bortow Glee Club; Girls ' Manager, Radio; General Manager, Tiovel; Phi Beta; Delta Delta Delta, Secretary, President; Secretary Music School; Vice-President House Council; Freshman Advisor; Presi- dnt Pan-Hellenic Council; Who ' s Who. CHARLOTTE JUDGE Rt. 1, Orlando Glee Club; Phi Beta, Historian; Y. W. A.; B. S. U , The Honor. CONNIE MOODY Glee Club, Travel Squad, Radio Chorus, Key Member, Student Conductor; Phi Beta; B. S .U.; Y. W. A. JAMES T. OWENS Stor Rt., Chipley Pi Kappa Phi; Band, Staff Sergeant; Orchestra, Vice-President; Student Body Executive Committee; Men ' s Council; B. S. U.; Little Theatre Pit Orchestra; Pep Band; Trombone Quartet. SHIRLA SHAW 342 E. Orange St., Jesup, Go. Secretary Freshman Class; Glee Club, Travel Squad, Radio Chorus, Key Member, Women ' s Pub. Manager; B. S. U. Quartet; Phi Beta; Alpha Dexioma; Y. W. A.; Volunteers for Christian Service; The Honor; Who ' s Who; House Council; Freshman Advisor; B. S. U. NANCY WILLIAMS 541 Valencia Dr., Sonford Glee Club, Travel Squad; Beta Phi Sorority. 82 Clifton Dancz Drvis DeYoung Fitzpotrick Kelly Lynn Perry Sims Thurmond MUsfc ' mio L ANN CLIFTON . . . DeLand; ROGER DANCZ . . . Ludington, Mich MARY ELIZABETH DAVIS Chpley JOHN DeYOUNG . . . PentivQter, Mich.; NOREEN FITZPATRICK . . Ellicott- ville, N Y , DELORES KELLY . . Bartow; BETTY LYNN . . . Jacksonville, EDSON PERRY . . . Uncasville, Ct.; JOHN SIMS . . . DeLand; ADRIENNE THURMOND . . Fort Pierce. It ' s a man ' s size job. A lighter moment — posed? Lightfoot DOROTHY BOHREN . . . Warren, Po.; PETER BUKOR . Sanford; JEAN COCHRAN . . . Daytona Beach; JACK COLDIRON . . . Kingsport, Tenn.; CECIL HOLLEY . . . Blountstown; JACK HOLT . . . Ludington, Mich ; NANCY LIGHTFOOT . . . Blountstown, BETTY JEAN LUND . . Ludington, Mich; CARLE DEAN McCALL . . . Genua; DIXIE McMILLAN . . . Port Au Prince, Haiti, FRED S. MAUK . , . Pine Castle; GABRIELA MOLINA . Jacksonville; DONALD RICHARDSON Bellview; KATHERINE SLATON . Eustis; CARL VOLLRATH . Delroy Beach; KNOX H. WILKINSON . . . Charlotte, N. C , STAFFORD WING . . . West Palm Beach; CAROLE VAN ALLSBURG . . . Grand Rapids, Mich. road smiles — it must bfi good All three at once? Beck Bennett Blair Brumley |SI . Cory Cherry Chaney Dann Feinsod MUSIC © F? i ' DIANE BECK . . . Bradenton, ROY EDWARD BENNETT . West Palm Beach; DEAN BLAIR . . . Warren, Pa.; ANN GARY ... St. Petersburg; ROBERT CHERRY . . . Lexington, Va.; KENNETH CHANEY . . . Daytona Beach; LOIS DANN . . . Winter Garden; MARGARET FEINSOD Venice; ARTHUR FRANK Daytona Beach; EVELYN GORDON Winter Haven; DOLORES HANCOCK . . . Delray Beach; WALTER HAWKINS . . . DeLand; JOHN HENDRIX . . . DeLand; BARBARA HURST . , . Kingsport, Tenn.; DOROTHY JAMES Miami; JANET LEAKE . . Washington, D C; 0. LEE NELSON Miami; BETTY NORDMAN . . .Oak Pork, III ; MARY ANN PARRISH Ocala MARTHA PAXTON . . . New Smyrna Beach; ROBERTA PEMBLE . . St. Petersburg; EDWARD RANDALL Palotko MERTON REDDICK . Amster- dam, N. Y.; JEAN ANN REED ... St. Petersburg; RICHARD THORNTON . . . Miami; MARIAN TOLLES . . . Ludington, Mich.; MICKEY WALKER Marion, N C ; DOROTHY WAMBLE Bonifay; JEAN WRIGHT . . . Schellsburg, Pa. Music for every child. itUStc JOHN B. STETSON UNIVERSITY GLEE CLUB TRAVEL SOUAD The Glee Clubs consist of one hundred and ten voices selected by audition from the student body. Forty voices are selected as a travel squad which makes on average of fifty-five appear- ances each school year. Concerts ore given in Florida and nearby states. The past year was high- lighted by a coast to coast broadcast over the Mutual Broadcasting System on the College Choir Series program, an appearance before the International Kiwanis Convention, and a production of Sigmund Romberg ' s " Desert Song. " Other highlights included the annual presentation of " The Messiah, " and an appearance before the District Convention of Kiwonis. The clubs sang for the Annual Florida Baptist Convention, the state convention of the Women ' s Missionary Union and, it is interesting to note, presented " The Messiah " at the Edison Pageant of Light. The band and glee clubs appeared together for the second time as a marching unit during Homecoming. The organizations also provided the customary music for commencement. A great amount of time is devoted by the " glee clubber " to the clubs, but there is compensa- tion from singing under the direction of a conductor like Prof. Harold M. Giffin in the form of fine experience and just the plain joy of it all. Many experiences; Appearing with Visiting artists. Just relaxing. More formal Entertainment. « W W IF HF V V V V V vv ' irrirrrrrir f o fV f? ?» o ? 9 a a n f ' r r T _» T r JOHN B. STETSON UNIVERSITY GLEE CLUB SOPRANO " Barley, Betty Jane; Beck, Diane; Bragger, Janet; Cary, Ann; Chapman, Joan; Clark, Patty; Collins, Lillie Mae; Deese, Iris; Dunton, Doris, Edwards, Wildo; Farthing, Betty; Feinsod, Margaret; Hanrock, Dolores; ' Harris, Jeane; Hart, Carroll; Hartshorn, Dolores; Hodge, Douglas; Howard, Martha Ann; Hutt, Patsy; Jomes, Dot; ' Kelly, Delores; Lacock, Audrey; Leake, Janet; Lynn, Betty; McGough, Easter Ann; McMillan, Dixie; Molina, Gabnela; ' Moody, Connie; ' Nordman, Betty; Parrish, Mary Ann; Poxton, Martha; Raftield, Betty Zone; ' Reed, Jean Ann; Series, Ruth; ' Shaw, Shirlo; ' Smith, Barbara Jeon; ' Stillweli, Sally; Stokes, Shirley; ' Tabor, Louise; Taylor, Potricia; ' Tillis, Kathy; ' Warren, Sue; ' Williams, Nancy; Wirick, Beverly. ALTO Allen, Nino; ' Braddock, Tommie; Cotes, Eva Maye; Carmichael, Helen; ' Davis, Mary Elizabeth; Dunton, Jo Ann; Eddings, Nancy; Fitzpatrick, Noreen; ' Fleming, Jimmie Nell; " Flippo, Betty; ' Gordon, Evelyn; ' Grittis, Sylvia; Hagood, Betty; ' Hendricks, Dana; " Hooper, Robin; ' Hurst, Barbara; ' Jones, Jeonne; " Lightfoot, Nancy; McCall, Carle Dean; Mace, Joan; Pemble, Roberta; Powell, Morgaret; " Slaton, Kathy; Snowden, Patricia; Turner, Shirley; Wamble, Dorothy; Willis, Jimmie; ' Wright, Jean. ACCOMPANISTS ' Burrell, Joyce; ' Cochran, Jean; ' Grover, Betty; Newcomer, Donna. TENOR ' Andrews, Glen, Blakeney, James; ' Brown, Carlton; Brown, Donald; ' Carter, Carlton; Choney, Kenneth; Crowe, Bob; ' Everett, John; ' Holley, Bill; Ketchom, William; McGough, Bill; ' Mauk, Fred; ' Nelson, Neil; ' Pinder, Walt; ' Sims, John; Wing, John; ' Wing, Stafford. BASS Batts, Lamar; Blair, Dean; ' Brasher, Gene; ' Brumley, Stanley; ' Carter, Jim, Cherry, Bob; Christie, Bob; ' Cold- iron, Jock; Colli.TS, Les; ' Compton, Earl; ' Doty, Bob; " Helton, Ray; ' Jones, Bill; ' Kennison, Lewis; ' Lassiter, Dick; Nelson, Lee; Polmer, Al; Redick, Merfon; ' Richardson, Don; Seegors, Ben; Schneider, Robert; ' Stancil, Lewis; Thornton, Richord; Walker, Mickey; White, Robert; Wi ' kinson, Knox; Woodward, Pat OFFICERS General Monoger, Jeanne Horris; Student Conductors, Delores Kelly and Earl Compton; Publicity, Robin Hooper; Men ' s Manager, John Sims; Girl ' s Manager, Shiria Shaw. Denotes Travel Squad f Officers. The Operetta Cast. f f i 1 i JOHN iL -— -A - Tmi.i -1. ' -— — -: B. STETSUN UNIVERSITY SYMPHONY DREHESTRA CONDUCTOR MISS FRANCES BUXTON OFFICERS ROGER Dl GIULIAN President SUZANNE CRAWFORD Vice-President DOROTHY FLORY Secretary FAYE DIETZEN Treasurer MEMBERS Joyce Abrahamson Clint Kimbrough Dean Blair Fred Lane Carolyn Baltzer John Lauer Dorothy Bohren Betty Lund Ann Clitton James Thomas Owens Suzanne Crawford Edson Perry Gary Crawford John Philip Roger Dancz Howard Schmock John De Young Marian Tolles Frank Diers Carole Van Allsburg Faye Dietzen Carl Vollrath Roger Di Giulian Harold Young Dorothy Flory Groce Zimmerman Arthur Frank Roy Bennett Richard Higgins Murial Brown (not U. student) Jack Holt Jessie Heney STETSON UNIVERSITY SYMPHONIC BAND OFFICERS Captam (President) . . ERNEST COWLEY First Lieutenant (V-Pres. -Publicity) ROGER DANCZ First Lieutenant (Social Chairman) RICHARD HIGGINS 9 5 0-1951 Second Lieutenant (Secretary) . ANN PRICE Second Lieutenant (Treosurer) LENVIL DICKS Staff Sergeant (Operations) . JOHN DE YOUNG Staff Sergeant (Operations) . J. T. OWENS Corporal (Librarian) JOAN McLEAN MEMBERS Lauer, John; Lund, Betty Jean; Lyster, Howard; McCorkle, John; McLean, Joan; Mills, John; Moeller, Ray; Naylor, Char lotte; Nelson, Roger, Owens, James T.; Philip, John; Pounds, Walter; Price, Ann; Randall, Edward Pete, drum major Richordson, Charles; Salter, Walter; Schmock, Howard; Schneider, Robert; Self, William; Solbrig, Gloria; Tolles, Marian Toole, Lillian; Turner, Charles; Van Allsburg, Carole; Veatch, Barbara; Visconti, John; Vollrath, Carl; Walker, Mickey Wamble, Dorothy, Williams, Shirley, Young, James; Young, Savilla; Foster, Annabelle; Kepler, Joy. kiAinDCTTCC. D« »: Dl L D,,»»., I„ I » », DU„I|: A»« l»»»r fruiiiuic, L uiuiiiy, ttiiiiuiiis, j c]r, i uuii , vuiiica, i uuii , MAJORETTES: Patti Plank, Betty Jo Lester, Phyllis Ann Jon Director Richard M. Feasel iiliiil ' lj OFFICERS ERNEST COWLEY President ROGER DANCZ Vice-President JOHN DE YOUNG Secretary RICHARD HIGGINS Treasurer PETER BUKER Parliamentarian GARY CRAWFORD Chaplain I N FAC U LTATE Richard M. Feosei Donald C. Yaxley KAPPA KAPPA PSI Lenvil Dicks Howard Gold Jack Holt MEMBERS James T. Owens John McCorkle Boswell Kenna Howard Schmock Walter Pounds John Lauer Carl Vollroth GRADUATE STUDENTS Elwyn Brown Raymond Moeller TAU BETA SIGMA President . . Vice-President Secretary . . OFFICERS DORIS HART Treasurer CAROLYN BALTZER ANN CLIFTON Chaplain BARBARA CROSS . ANN PRICE Historian SUZANNE CRAWFORD MEMBERS Joyce Abrahomson Faye D etzen Betty LunJ Joan McLea.T Charlotte Naylor Vivian Nichols SPONSOR Mrs. Richard M. Feas: 1.-,M ROGER M. CUSHMAN Professor of Piano, School of Music Prof. Cushman entered Yale Uni- versity School of Music where he received his Bachelor of Music and Master of Music degrees in piano. During graduate study he taught piano at Yale and won there the Ditson European Fellowship which enabled him to study piano in Lon- don, England, with Nicholas Medt- ner and Tobias Matthay for severai years. Upon returning to the U. S., Prof. Cushman became o member of the piano faculty at Oberlin Conservatory of Music in Oberlin, Ohio. He then went to the North Texas State Teachers College at Denton, Texas, as associate profes- sor of music. After his honorable discharge from the Army, he returned for re- fresher courses in piano and in philosophy of music in the Classic and Romantic periods. After serv- ing as chairman of the piano de- partment and artist teacher at the Arthur Jordan Conservatory of Mu- sic, he came to Stetson. — Carlton Carter PHI BETA MUSIC FRATERNITY OFFICERS MEMBERS President DOROTHY FLORY Dorothy Bohren Vice-President CONNIE MOODY Suzanne Crawford Recording Secietary SHIRLEY TURNER Mary E, Davis Corresponding Secretary SUE WARREN Betty Grover Treasurer SHIRLA SHAW Jeone Harris Historian CHARLOTTE JUDGE Betty Lund Doorkeeper NOREEN FITZPATRICK Betty Lynn Gabriella Molina Ann Price Sally Stillwell Betty Walker GIRLS ' ATHLETICS GDLF TEAM Price Bush, George Prison, Gene Hunt, Sol Israel, Marge McNeely, Chuck Rae, Jean Rosenstone, Guido Tambur r H ' 1 t t j If ■ r i Lmt Sr yt- ' jj r L V ' • w Wm k ATH LETICf , •Ji J SRADY COWELL Athletic Director JOE McMULLEN Head Coach JAY PATTEE Backfield Coach CARL SIMMONS Line Coach FOOTBALL 1 950 SCORES s Stetson . . 9 Miami . . (Practice Game) 35 Stetson . . 34 Troy . . . 7 ' i__ Stetson . . 23 Wofford 20 r Stetson . . 55 Jox Navy Mk Stetson . . 42 Milligon wmk Stetson . . 20 Tampa . . 27 fl Stetson . . 28 Livingston 26 H Stetson . . 43 Erskine . . 7 pn Stetson . , 7 Newberry Stetson . . 41 West Kentuc ky . 14 - ' ■- ' ■ ' ' ■ — Stories by Joe C arlton Co-Captoins PAUL ODOM FRED HOGAN 1950 STETSON FOOTBALL TEAM ' ; • k Hogan catches a long one MIAMI 35 STETSDN 9 Gallagher, Bowden and Broadway tackle a Miami player The Miami University Hurricanes defeated a stub- born Stetson football squad in the Orange Bowl in a practice game at the begin- ning of the season. The Hurricanes snapped off an early first quarter lead of 14 points. Their overall scoring came on a T.D. by Mike Vacchio off left guard; and again after grabbing a pass on the four. Ralph Fieler and Bob Schneiden- bach counted the other markers for the Hurricanes. Stetson scoring was by Dave Dean with a conversion by Martin and a safety in the Miami end zone. STETSDIV 34 TRDY 7 Stetson opened its regular 1950 football season at Conrad field with an impressive up- set of Troy State Teachers College 34-7. The touchdown glory went to Fred Hogan in the first half of the ball game when he scored twice against the stubborn teacher squad. Jerry Gallagher carried over the third Hatter T.D. in the first half. Don Martin counted two extra point markers. The pass combination of Johnson to Loude was unveiled and accounted for the two second half scores. Both of Martin ' s conversion attempts were good. ARMSTRONG Perhaps Stetson ' s biggest upset vic- tory of the highly successful 1950 football season was the shading of the Wofford ' s Tigers in Spartanburg 23-20 to break their 24-game win- ning streak. Don Martin recovered a fumble in the end zone for the first Hatter score. Stetson trailed at half- time 7-6. A seventeen-point third quarter counted touchdowns by Gal- lagher and Hogan, with Martin adding a field goal and two extra points. The Terriers scored twice in the fourth quarter, but the drive was too late. Billy Jo Leathers, rugged lineman, was outstanding in four periods on defen- sive play. Martin kicki while Mccks holdi STETSDIV 23 WDFFOHD ZU LEATHERS Little All American i 1 l Ji . Top left: Johnson prepares to poss Top right: Armstrong Bulls over Bottom Broadway scores with Loude ' s block The rampaging Hatters chalked up Jacksonville Navy ' s eleven to the vic- tory list by humiliating them in the local stadium 55-0. After a scoreless first period, Halfback Fulmer Arm- strong lead scoring with three touch- downs. Charlie Broadway skipped off the best run of the se ason with a 55- yard dash in the second period. The long touchdown list showed Arm- strong (3), Broadway, Hogan, Han, Johnson, Parrish and Don Martin counted six extra points. STETSON 55 JAX NAVY D 98 " • f K Hughes blocks o punt as Nichols looks STETSDN 42 MILLIGAN The Hatter team chalked up the fourth consecu- tive victory of the season by dropping the Milligan College Buffaloes 42-0. A Johnson to Laude pass with a Martin conversion was the only score until the third period, when the Hats began to roll. The third period scoring saw Johnson pass again to Singletary and Broadway intercept a Milligan pass and go for the next 6. Singletary intercepted again and a Delilla to Yonge pass counted the fourth and fifth scores. Walt Jasinski took a Delilla pass for the final score. Don Martin kicked six successful conversions and Billy Jo Leathers and Paul Odom sparked Hatter defense. LAUDS vt JOHNSON Honorable mention All American TAMPA 27 STETSDIV ?D The Stetson Hatters dropped their first game of the season when they bowed to the Tampa Spartans 27-20 in Tampa. Even though the Hatters outplayed the Spartans in the second half, they failed to overcome Coach Sinkwich ' s squad. The Hatter scoring honors went to Lonsinger with a 70- yard touchdown sprint; Joe Raffaele, who snagged a pass from Bill Johnson for the T.D.; and Jerry Gallagher, who snached a Johnson pass and went 18 yards for the score. Martin cashed in on two of the three conversion attempts. Stetson ' s defensive linemen — Nichols, Soppio, Leathers, Odom, Hughes, Tombur STETSON 28 LIVIIVGSTDN 2B The Stetson eleven chalked up the fifth victory of the season by shading the Livingston Tigers 28-26 in York, Alabama. After the Green team worked the ball into Livingston territory early in the first period, Johnson passed to Laude for the first score. Martin ' s point was good. Living- ston snapped back with a Reddish to Hicks pitchout for the score. The Hatters still led after the placement failed. After a third quarter Livingston punt, the Hatters carried 79 yards for the second score. Jerry Gallagher carried for the score. Fred Hogan carried for 60 yards after a Bowden interception in Hatter territory. The Livingston squad tried vainly for victory with three markers but Fulmer Armstrong carried on a pitchout for the insurance and the ball gome. FLDRIDA STATE 27 STETSON 7 The Hatters suffered defeat to a Florida State Seminole team before a huge crowd in Munici- pal stadium after the Seminole team cashed in on several breaks for the stunning 27-7 score. The Seminoles scored first when Italiano passed to Driver for the T.D. The next State score came when Ted Hewitt intercepted a Johnson pass and skipped to the T.D. and the 13-point lead. Stet- son ' s only score came when Jerry Gallagher bulled over from the 10. Don Martin converted. An Italiano to Brigger pass and an interception by Tommy Brown counted the final State scores to defeat the Hopeful Hatter team. Gollagher scores as Martin charges on »ni c: Bob Marks rips over for a score HDMECDMING STETSON 43 ERSKIIVE 7 The Erskine Flying Fleet fell before a Homecoming spirited Hatter eleven 43-7 before a capac- ity alumni crowd. The Hats scored first after an Armstrong punt set the Fleet on their own one- yard line. Jimmy King caught Charles Stuart in the end zone for two points. The scoring rose when Bob Marks punched over and Martin rolled up the extra point. The last scores were counted by Laude on a pass from Johnson, Hogan from the six-yard line, Laude again on a Johnson pass, with Marks and Armstrong with one each for the final 43 points. Fred Hogon scores the third touchdown GALLAGHER HENDRY MARKS STETSDM 7 IVEWBERRY The Hatters traveled to the Newberry Indian reservation in South Carolina to drop the Warrior team 7-0. After defensive play sparked the first two periods, a Johnson to Laude pass counted the only score Martin converted and the Hats were again victorious. STETSDIV 41 W. KENTUCKY 14 The Hatters chalked up a more impressive margin in the Western Kentucky gome in Orlando when they dropped the Hilltoppers 41-14. The Hats took the initiative in the second period with a Hogan sprint and a Johnson to Laude pass. A Johnson to Martin pass counted the third score to count a lead of 21 points over the Hilltoppers. Mac Stevens counted the first Hilltop score. Willie Han carried next for the 28th Hatter point. Warren Mahon carried for the final Kentucky T D. Armstrong carried and Hon received a pass for the final scores. COBLE NELSON KING BASKETBALL ' A COACH LOREN E. ELLIS STETSON . 75 STETSON 85 STETSON 71 STETSON 105 STETSON 51 STETSON 88 STETSON 61 STETSON . , 74 STETSON . . 67 STETSON . . 62 STETSON 49 STETSON . 55 STETSON . . 71 STETSON . . 73 STETSON . . 62 STETSON 67 STETSON . . 88 STETSON 68 STETSON . . 66 STETSON . . 61 STETSON . . 62 STETSON . 91 STETSON . 65 TEAM RECORD FLORIDA SOUTHERN 58 PATRICK AFB 39 JACKSONVILLE NAS 39 CHARLESTON 44 PARRIS ISLAND 83 GREEN COVE NAVY 53 U. OF FLORIDA 63 ROLLINS 58 FLORIDA STATE 66 U. OF FLORIDA 70 ROLLINS 54 U. OF MIAMI 82 FLORIDA STATE 53 ROLLINS 54 JACKSONVILLE NAS 66 U. OF TAMPA 61 ERSKINE 71 ROLLINS 52 U. OF MIAMI 78 THE CITADEL 63 FLORIDA SOUTHERN 57 GREEN COVE NAVY 61 TAMPA 82 INDIVIDUAL RECORDS Name Gomes FG FS fSM PF TP Jim Yonge 25 168 70 64 66 406 Dick Reinking 25 140 32 39 61 312 Jim Toveniere 25 118 43 29 69 282 Mike Torbo 22 103 62 60 81 268 Pete Peterson 25 53 40 39 65 146 Don Eakin . 24 :9 13 9 36 71 Jock Oksnee 25 27 8 4 9 62 Honk Levine 15 22 2 1 7 46 Ted Cossidy 17 18 5 6 8 41 Jock Smith . 20 13 5 8 13 31 Shanks Hansel 12 9 2 5 9 20 George Everett 5 6 3 3 4 15 Lorry Bottom 4 3 1 2 3 7 Gene Bowden 1 2 1 6 Duval Woodfo d 2 2 4 Kelser Nixon 4 1 1 6 3 Marty Rossi 2 1 1 2 Walt Nichols 3 1 3 2 Max Stones . 2 1 1 2 1 FG Field Goals, FS Foul Shots, FSM Foul Shots Missed, PF Personal Fouls, TP Total Points. JIM TAVENIERE MIKE TORBA PETE PETERSON Peterson blocks a shot. Taveniere goes up for a tip-ln against Southern. Torbo lays one up against Florida State. Reinking scores against Florida Top: DICK REINKING Bottom: TED CASSIDY HANK LEVINE JACK OKSNEE DON EAKIN Tovcnierc on a push shot ogoinst Porris Island Marines SHANKS HANSEL JACK SMITH Big Jim Yonge battles for control against four Miamians BASEBALL-igSl March 10— Raiford State Prison Morch 19-20 — Georgia Tech at DeLand April 7 — University of Flor- ida at DeLand. April 10 — Florida Southern at DeLand April 13-14 — University ot Miami at Coral Gables April 20-21— F.S.U. at De- Land 1951 SCHEDULE April 26 — Florida Southern at Lakelond Moy 2 3 — University of Miami at DeLand May 5 — Rollins at Winter Park May 11-12- Rollins at De- Land May 15— Rollins at Winter Park May 18-19— F.S.U. Tally it The Stetson Tumbling I earn came into its own this year by doing some very nice work at football and basketball games. They even raised enough money for uniforms. Those participating throughout the year were: Sonny Gaffe, Frank Fernandez, Barbara Rutter, Fran V inship, Dot Johnson, Joanne Lindsay, Bunny Stevens, Dick Spencer, Mel Smith, Dick Toole, Jim Watson and Ken " Muscles " Mcintosh. SONNY GAFFE AND FRANK FERNANDEZ SONNY, FRANK, AND BUNNY STEVENS TUMBLING TUMBLING TEAM i r B OFFICERS - -. iB p. J. STEWART President JOE CARLTON Vice-President HARRY HURST Secretary PAUL MocALESTER Treasurer PI KAPPA PHI Charles B. McClelland Uriel Blount Clarence Griffis INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL DELTA SIGMA PHI LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Steve Stratford Harry Hurst Jock Kerns Robert M. Beasley Laurier Beard James Scully SIGMANU SIGMAPHIEPSILON Buck Hendry Jack Evans Joe Carlton Paul MacAlcster Hank Wilson Bill Whitmire ' ' .ill ' ' , ' y ' JEANE HARRIS President CAROLYN BALTZER Vice-President RUTH MARY DICKSON Secretary JUNE COSSIN Treasurer MARY JUNE NORWOOD Social Chairman PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Gloria Kline, Phi Mu; Fredda Coupland, Zeto Tou Alpha: Joon Mace, Pi Beta Phi; Charlotte Naylor, Tri-Delta; Mary Lou Morris, Tri-Delta; Isabel Moss, Alpha Xi Delta; Polly Everett, Phi Mu. SECOND ROW: Laura Jeanne Maxcy, Zeta Tau Alpha; Mary June Norwood, Zeta Tau Alpha; Carolyn Baltzer, Alpha Xi Delta; Jeane Harris, Tri-Delta; Ruth Mary Dickson, Phi Mu; June Cossin, Pi Beta Phi; Nancy Willioms, Pi Beta Phi; Marcia Tarbert, Alpha Xi Delto. OFFICERS MARCIA TARBERT President JACKIE WOOD Vice-President NANCY BRENNER Recording Secretary SANDRA SKEENE Corresponding Secretary PAT MERRITT Treasurer ISABELLE MOSS Rush Choirmon ALPHA XI DELTA FOUNDED Lombard College, Galesburgh. Illinois, 1893 OMEGA, May, 1917 COLORS Double Blue and Gold FLOWER: Kilarney Rose Boerner Alice Virginia Margaret Mary K. Betty Dorothy Ann Jean Mina Rose Nancy Barbara Jean Johnolo Frances Nancy Jane Mary Helen Ann Farrar Shirley ACTIVES PLEDGES Carolyn Baltzer Nita Botts Nell Bowers Mary Jo Braddy Merle Dalrymple Faye Deitzen Robin Hooper Gere Howard Jane Jackson Joan May Pat Merritt Isabelle Moss Barbara Primm Margaret Richter Pat Roberts Virginia Skeene Nancy Stillwell Sally Stillwell Marcia Tarbert Denise Whiteman Mickey Wolstenholme Jackie Wood Boerner Butts Alice Cole Virginia Davis Margaret Feinsod Mary K. Foster Betty Joan Grindey Jean Jones Dorothy A. Johnson Mina Rose Kingston Nancy Lightfoot Barbara J. Martin Johnolo Musgrove Frances Owen Nancy Peters Jane Poole Mary H. Poston Margaret Powell Ann Roberts Farrar Schultz Shirley Stokes Barbara Veotch Active Chapter Pledge Class OFFICERS JEANE HARRIS President VIRGINIALEE CULBRETH Vice-President DORIS HART Recording Secretary JOY NICHOLS Corresponding Secretary MARY LOU MORRIS Treasurer BETTY JANE BAILEY Chaplain NANCY STEVENSON Marshol DELTA DELTA DELTA FOUNDED: Boston University, Boston, Mass., 188S ALPHA DELTA: May, 1913 COLORS: Silver, Gold, Blue FLOWER: Pansy Joyce Betty Virginialee Jeane Doris Betty Lee Joanne Edna Mary Lou Charlotte Joy Loretto Nancy Nancy Kathleen Dorothy Edith Diane Shiela Laura Jean Ann Jessie Jean Ann Jean Dot Joan Pat Nancy ACTIVE CHAPTER PLEDGE CLASS Joyce Abrahamson Betty Jane Bailey Susie Blount Betty Cook Virginialee Culbreth Evelyn Hall Jeane Harris Doris Hart Betty Lee Hussey Joanne Kinsloe Eleanor MocAllister Edna Morris Mary Lou Morris Charlotte Noylor Joy Nichols Loretta Rogers Nancy Rutledge Nancy Stevenson Kathleen Tillis Dorothy Wilde Edith Baker Dianne Beck Shiela Dyson Nancy Eddings Laura Ford Jean Gailbreath Ann Gotlin Jessie Heney Douglas Hodge Jean Phimister Ann Roberson Pot Robinson Jean Rosenstone Dot Ross Joan Slack Patricio Slack Nancy Theobold Joy Wassenoor Big Sisters and Little Sisters. OFFICERS POLLY CRAIG President BRYAN McGEE Vice-President SHIRLEY TURNER Secretary HELEN LOWE Treasurer RUTH MARY DICKSON Pledge Trainer ULILLA TREON Rush Chairman MARGIE BROOKS Social Chairman PHI MU FOUNDED: Wesleyon College, Macon, Go.. March 4, 1852 ALPHA XI CHAPTER: March 9, 1949 COLORS: Rose and White FLOWER: Enchantress Carnati on FIRST ROW: Bette, Margie, Polly, Ruth Mory, Helen. SECOND ROW Glorio, Helen Morilyn, Bryon, Lois. THIRD ROW; Kothy, Shirley, Ulillo, Shirley. Carolyn Judy ACTIVES Bette Brewin Margie Brooks Polly Craig Ruth Mary Dickson Helen Grimsley Mary Louise Horkins Gloria Kline Helen Lowe Marilyn Purvis Byran McGee Lois Ryerson Katherine Slaton Shirley Turner Ulilla Treon Shirley Williams PLEDGES Barbara Boyles Gloria Bowman Joyce Carmen Helen Carmichael Carolyn Daniel Judy Davis Joan Garrison Delores Gray Betty Grover Carol Fulton Barbara Hurst Pattye Plank Betty Zone Raffield IN FACULTATE Susie P. Brown At the Southern Plantation Porty. We ' re the Phi Mus. OFFICERS NANCY WILLIAMS President JOAN COOK Vice-President BARBARA BRUNDAGE Recording Secretary ANN NORTHEN Corresponding Secretory MERRILEE MIDDLETON Treasurer MARGARET PARTIN Pledge Trainer PI BETA PHI FOUNDED Monmouth College, Monmouth, III., April 28, 1867 FLORIDA ALPHA: January 30, 1913 COLORS: Wine and Silver Blue FLOWER: Wine Carnation Barbara Joan June Marillyn Pat Laura Joan Merrilee Lynn Ann Marilyn Judy Nancy Sue Jane Barbara Jane Mary Barbara Jane Jean Carolyn Betty Barbara Ann Katherine Barbara Barbara Olive ACTIVE CHAPTER PLEDGE CLASS Barbara Brundoge Joan Cook June Cossin Marillyn Craig Mary Deloney Lois Eskey Pat Helgeson Laura Langwish Billie Lee Lehman It ' s Traditionol. Joan Mace Merrilee Middleton Lynn Monroe Ann Northen Margaret Partin Marilyn Talton Judy Walker Nancy Williams Sue Wilson Jane Allen Barbara Bailey Jane Bass Mary Boone Barbara Brock Marcia Burris Jane Chapman Jean Cochran Carolyn Cole Betty Farthing Jean Green Flo Kibler Ann Millican Gloria Parks Katherine Rand Barbara Robbins Barbara Rutter Olive Smith Joanne St. John Paddy Verdery Virginia Yount IN FACULTATE Anne Holden Ray Jordan In a Formal Mood. OFFICERS MARY JUNE NORWOOD President BETTY FLIPPO Vice-President BETTY WALKER Secretary FREDDA COUPLAND Treasurer DANA HENDRICKS Historian BECKY CAVARNOS Ri» " al Chairman JEANNE MAXCY Rush Chairman ZETA TAU ALPHA FOUNDED Virginia State Normal School, October 15, 1889 BITA PSI: 1934 COLORS: Steel Grey and Turquoise Blue FLOWER: White Violet Becky Fredda Anna Mae Mary Elizabeth Betty Dorothy Dell Pansy Dana Betty Jeanne Marilyn Mary June Ann Evelyn Betty Janet Mary Norma Mickey Ann Betty Jo Mary Ann Bunnie Lillian Betty ACTIVE CHAPTER Tf ' PLEDGE CLASS Becky Cavarnos Dana Hendricks Ona Barfield Phyllis Ann Jones Fredda Coupland Betty Lynn Janet Braggar Marilyn Kagan Anna Mae Cresse Jeanne Moxcy Mary Brannon Ann Kinsey Mary E. Davis Marilyn Nelson Norma Brown Betty Jo Lester Suzanne Davis Mary June Norwood Mickey Chapman Mary Ann Parrish Betty Flippo Ann Pemble Margaret Collins Bunnie Stevens Dorothy D. Fugate Evelyn Robinson Charlotte Currier Paula Swartz Pansy Gibson Betty Walker Chrissy Grey Lillian Toole Sue Warren Evelyn Gordo n Betty Whittle Music at the Mordi Gros Ball DELTA SIGMA PHI George Wiggs OFFICERS STRATFORD President BIRNBAUM Vice-President HURST Recording Secretary FOY Corresponding Secretary GEORGE Treasurer WIGGS Sergeant-at-Arms FOUNDED: City College of New York, New York, N Y , 1899 ALPHA CHI: 1925 COLORS: Nile Green and White FLOWER: White Carnation MISS NAN FRANKLIN SWEETHEART )950 «A W. Y. MICKLE CHAPTER ADVISOR ' ' " I n n o i kl ' i FIRST ROW Ayers, Bissell, Brisson, Bronch, Carlton, Cheek, Clork. SECOND ROW: Jomes Davis, Jewell Davis, Diers, Dodd, Eqkin, Edwards, Forman, THIRD ROW Gaff, G. George, Hall, Hoygood, Higgins, Holt, Hope. FOURTH ROW Kerns, Kirkpotrick, Kovacks, Lewis, McClaren, McCorkle, Mobry. FIFTH ROW Manfree, Miller, O ' Connell, Quick, Quirk, Roberts, Shatford. SIXTH ROW Stephony, Robinson, Streit, Toole, Weinacher, Wilson. alpha chi chapter DELTA SIGMA PHI mm ' ' - ' ' . ' B lk X I Averman Beighley Bott om Dobson 4 Fritz Harris Lonsinger Murray f i - Nelson Oksnee Randall Rutledge Smith Stedronsky HONORARY MEMBERS Pres lident J. OIlie Edmunds . Dr. Harry Garwood . W. Allyn Thompson Y. Ml ckle Dean Lemuel H olsup IN UNIVERSITY George Ackroyd Roger Dobson George Hodges Sal Monfree Horry Rutledge Marty Averman James Dodd Jock Holt Jesse Miller Sidne y Shatford Lee f iexs Donald Eakin Fred Hope John Mills Rodney Skaggs Charles Borr John Edwards Gene Hunt Andy Morrison Jack Smith Fred Beighly John Formon Harry Hurst Ed Murray George Stedronsky Robert Bissell Doris Foy David Jackson Chorles Nelson Edward Stephony Lorry Bottom Al Fritz Jock Kerns Lee Nelson Steve Stratford Robert Biisson James Gaff Jerry Kibbe Robert O ' Connell Walton Streit Jomes Branch Corl Gaffe Jack Kirkpotrick Jock Oksnee Guido Tambur Yancy Byrd Gabriel George Jack Kittinger Duone Quick Richard Toole Ernest Carlton Nick George Anthony Kovocks Edward Quirk Mike Torba James Cheek Robert Hall Joe Lewicki Joseph Raffaele Charles Tyser Julian Clark Chuck Harris Royce Lewis Pete Randall Roger Weinacker Frank Cory Gus Hartmon Rod Lonsinger Chuck Reo Kenneth Wiggs James Davis Ervin Hoygood Edward McClaron Dick Reinkinq James Wilson Jewell Davis Ray Helton John McCorkle Bill Roberts Robert Wilson Frank Diers Richard Higgins Woodford Mabry George Robinson Duvol Woodford 126 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA OFFICERS BOB BEASLEY President JIM DOWNING Vice-President JIM SCULLY Secretary PHIL ASHABRANER Treasurer LAURIER BEARD Social Chairman BJARNE ANDERSON Rush Chairman GORDON COOPER Rituol Chairman ELMER PRICHARD Faculty Advisor IN FACULTATE Dr. Leo Spurrier Dr. Leonard Thompkins Robert Chauvin FOUNDED: Boston University, Boston, Mass, 1909 COLORS Purple, Green and Gold ZETA TAU: April 23, 1949 FLOWER White Rose FIRST ROW Altermus, Anderson, Ashabraner, Beard, Beasley. SECOND ROW Carson, Cooper, Dome, Downing, Harper. THIRD ROW Horth, Hodges, Honsberger, Hyde, Jackson. FOURTH ROW Lee, Lovell, McLaughlin, Mines, Newton. FIFTH ROW: Scully, Shepard, Smith, Stewart, Swett. zeta tau chapter 128 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA ACTIVES PLEDGES Robert Altermus Harry Honsberger Wallace Albritton Charles Seig Bjorne Anderson Ray Hyde Lloyd Anderson James Seymour Phil Ashobraner Carl Jackson Edward Brooks Dan Sims Lourier Beord Paul Lee Ernest Cowley Jerry White Robert Beasley Bud Level 1 Roger Dance John Bowman Joe McLaughlin Richard Elsworthy WINTER QUARTER Elwyn Brown Desmond Minie Arthur Feinsod Bill Carson Ed Newton Richard Lassiter Joseph Bailey Gordon Cooper John Root Carl Long Bob Beasley John Danne James Scully Kelley McCollister Lee Drury James Downing Walter Shepherd Tony Monkiewicz John Effleby Howard Gold Frank Smith Kelsey Nixon Donald Gibbs Don Hall Paul Stewart Mert Reddick Ross Kenna Bill Harper Leonard Swett George Harth William Taylor John Hodges James Woddell Albritton Anderson Brooks Cowley Dance Elsworthy Feinsod Lossiter Long McCollister Monkiewicz Reddick Seymour Sims White 129 PI KAPPA ALPHA Epps Bleosing Berry OFFICERS GEORGE EVERETT President BILL EPPS Vice-President CARL BLEOSING Secretary JOHN BERRY Treasurer FRANK HOBSON Sergeant-at-Arms SUNN McCALL Historian COLORS Garnet and Gold FLOWER: Lily of the Valley Founded 1868 at University of Virqinio. Delta Upsilon Chapter Chartered March 30, 19S1. O r I ' f % f iii r i iiLyiiUt V V ok. FIRST ROW Berry, Booth, Davis, Epps, Everett, Averti. SECOND ROW: Gallagher, Gibson, Hinckley, Hobson, Kales, Marks. THIRD ROW: McColl, McLeod, Nance, Soppia, Wharton, Williams. PI KAPPA PHI Mohaffey OFFICERS CHARLES S. McClelland Archon JULIAN BENNETT Secretary GEORGE OSSORIO Treasurer TOM MAHAFFEY Historian WAYNE GEFFLER Chaplain RAY DUNNE Warden FOUNDED: College of Charleston, Charleston, S. C , December 10, 1904 CHI: May 6, 1921 COLORS: Gold and White FLOWER: Red Rose ■pjt fr 1 v.- ) 1 FIRST ROW Andrews, Blount, Byrom, Campbell, Cochran, Conway, Deen. SECOND ROW: Doty, Prison, Greene, Griffis, Heisig, Jasinski, Jones. THIRD ROW: Lupfer, Mahoffey, Malcolm, McClellond, Morris, Neilser, Nelson. FOURTH ROW: Oeffler, Owens, Patterson, Peterson, Rose, Rossi, Spencer. FIFTH ROW: Taveniere, Thomas, Treen, Trotter, Widener, Whit- oker. Wren. chi chapter 133 PI KAPPA PHI Brown Coruthers Coldiron Elllnor Hawkins Jenson Reimer Richardson Spencer Taveniere Wigle ACTIVES PLEDGES Glen Andrews Artie Morris Joe Bair Paul Reimer Julian Bennett Don Neisler Stephen Berry Charles Richardson Urie Blount Neil Nelson Eugene Brasher Dick Spencer Bill 3rycom Way ne Oeffler Ned Brown Stan Toveniere OIlie Campbell Jomes Thomas Owens Ray Caruthers Chorles Turner Bern e Cochran Char lie Patterson Jock Coldiron Mickey Walker Fran . Deen Arvid Peterson Fred Ellinor Bill Wardin Ray Dunne Dick Rose Walter Hawkins Bruce Wigle Bob Doty Marty Rossi Bob Jenson George Prison Carl Shafer Donald Johnson WINTER QUARTE Francis Greene Ronr ie Spencer John Louer Lorry Davis Clarence Griffis Jim Taveniere Bill Meeks Elwyn Edwards Ted Heisig L. M. Thomas Norman Nelson Bill Shaddix Wai Jasinski Lew Treen Roger Nelson Bill Sloon Bill Jones Edwc rd J. Trotter John Phillips Jim Young Sam Lupfer Jack Whitaker Tom Mahaffey Charles McClelland Lena Bill rd Widener Wren 1 N FACULTATE Dea n Benson Davis Col. John T. Rhett Dr. William E. Duckw tz Haro Id M. Giffin Dr. Howard L. Batesc n Carl H. Johnson 134 SIGMA PHI EPSILDN DR. J. V. VAUGHN Foculty Advisor OFFICERS PAUL MocALESTER President THOMAS TAUNTON Vice-President WILLIAM TOWNE Secretary WAYNE LAMB Comptroller ROY UNKEFER Chaplain FOUNDED: Richmond College, kichmond. Virginia, Nov. 1, 1901 BETA: Feb. 12, 1949 COLORS: Dark Red and Purple •SLOWER: Red Roses and Violets Cj c FIRST ROW Baynord, Berry, Blasik, Corter, Coffrin, Cox. SECOND ROW: Cuddy, DiGiulion, Fernondez, Finch, Flowers, Fromberger. THIRD ROW: Hughes, Jenks, Jordon, Kerzner Lomb, Lone. FOURTH ROW; Lutke, MacAlester, H. E. Smith, M. F. Smith, Towne. FIFTH ROW: Unkefer, Whitmire, Wintree, Wing, Wilson. florida beta chapter 136 SIGMA PHI EPSILDN ACTIVES PLEDGES James N. Baynard John O. Benkert Kenneth L. Berry Henry J. Blasick John L. Blumberg Hubert B. Carter Duward C. Chaffee G. Donald Coffrin William Fletcher Cox William G. Cuddy Rodger J. DiGiulian Frank Fernandez Alex D. Finch William D. Flowers John D. Fromberger, Jr Merle C. Harton J. Ray Hill, Jr. Charles R. Hilty, Jr. Clarence B. Hughes Robert C. Jenks James J. Jordan, Jr. Jack D. Kerzner Louis F. Kurz, Jr. Wayne M. Lamb Janes T. Lane, Jr. Clorence W. Littleton Eugene H. Lutke Paul T. MacAlester Alfred Schilling Horoce E. Smith, Jr. Melvin K. Smith Frank Stockton Thomas E. Taunton William B. Towne Roy R. Unkefer William L. Whitmire Jack W. Winfree Kenneth M. Wing Richard C. Wilson Edward A. Brown Bruno DiGiulian Ronald Fezekas Robert Gunter Gene H. Hill Fred Hogan Lorimer Jones Don Jorrell Douglas Jernigan Vincent Passafiume Harold Richardson John B. Scott William E. Smith Robert Steffens Frederick Stones William Tomlinson Albert Weissleder Dovid Whiteman John Wilson Roy Hanson Andrew Wills Brown DiGiulian Hogan Janes Jernigan Passafiume Scott Smith Stones Weissleder Whiteman SIGMA NU Hendry McClatchy OFFICERS RICHARD HENDRY Commander HERB STENSTROM Lieutenant Commander NORMAN DAVIS Recorder WILLIAM McCLATCHY Treasurer BILL WHITAKER Chaplain FOUNDED Virginia Military Institute, 1869 DELTA MU: 1913 COLORS: Black, White, and Gold FLOWER White Rose Room for big doings And o patio in back |i ' ' .x ' y.ti ' L ' ' V •Jf rim w . ■ « ' J - H f - o ft r Q f ( f ' FIRST ROW; Anderson, Armstrong, Botes, Bishop, Blockwell, Corlton. SECOND ROW Dovis, Evons, Fcrrcll, Griffith, Grisset, Hordy. THIRD ROW: Hendry, Husfield, Kole, Mogruder, Mathews, McClotchy. FOURTH ROW Royol, Scronton, Smith, Stenstrom, Stevens, Tenney. FIFTH ROW; Voss, Wotts, Whitoker, White, Woolley. d e 1 t mil chapter 139 SIGMA NU Sharp Wilcox W V. ACTIVES PLEDGES James R. Anderson Fulmer Armstrong Richard W. Bates John Ira Bishop Etson J. Blackwell, Jr. Joe Carlton Norman Owen Davis Carey Ferrell John H. Evans Jack S. Griffith Wallace E. Grissett, Jr. Leonard G. Hardy, Jr. Richard B. Hendry Ted Husfield John F. Karl Richard Kale Robert Mathews Thomas S. McDonald Kenneth Mcintosh William I. McClatchey John B. Magruder Gilbert W. Noell William Rowland Larry Royal William G. Scranton Robert Smith Herbert E. Stenstrom Schalah Stephens Tom 0. Teneny John I. Todd Jefferson Voss James Watson John C. Watts William B. Whitaker George J, White, Jr. Thomas W. Woolley William D. Wood, III Aubrey B. Burns, Jr. Robert R. Baker Quitman Brown Perry W. DuMez M. Gene Edwards Robert L. Hart Jerry D. Hopkins James E. King Ulmer H. Parrish Delbert C. Reinke Ralph H. Sharp Leonard D. Wallace Curtis-Nosh Wilcox Donald E. Wilson WINTER QUARTER Jack Collins George Jochem Phil Jochem 140 ' wm «CnVlTIE( ORGANI B. S. U. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL OFFICERS EARL COMPTON President BARBARA CROSS Enlistment Vice President KENNETH HANSON Enlistment Vice-President ONA BARFIELD Social Vice-President CORETTA POWELL Devotional Vice-President JACKIE RICH Devotional Vice-President WAYNE OEFFLER Devotional Vice-President EVA MAYE CATES Secretary WALT PINDER Treasurer JACK COLDIRON Chorister BETTY FLIPPO Publicity Director GLORIA KLINE Reporter CARLTON CARTER Promotion Director JOE MERIWEATHER House Manager REV. R. G. SNOWDEN Pastor DR A. M. WINCHESTER Faculty Advisor ROY KENNINGTON Extension Director BOB CHRISTIE Sunday School Representative MILADEEN WARD Training Union Representative LESTER CORNETT Ministerial Association President LOUISE TABOR Volunteers BETTY Z RAFFIELD Y. W A President NOT PICTURED BETTY GROVER Pianist CANTERBURY CLUB C. A. SPENCER President JOHN EVERETT Vice-President BARBARA PHILLIPS Secretary JOANNE KINSLOE Treasurer CHAPTER ROLL Bette Brewin Wm. Shirley Bush Jane Chapman Bob Cherry Kenneth Dance Virginia Davis Virginia M. Davis Richmond Johnson William Ketcham Henry Martin Jeanine Painter Robert Powers Myrna Price Luella Willard Kenneth Wing Olive Smith F AC U LTY ADVISORS Dr. Francis Thornton Miss Charlotte Smith BREED President J. JACKSON Secretary WILKINSON Treasurer BRUNDAGE Program Chairman PIXLEY Enlistment Chrmn. CAMPBELL Fellowship Chrmn. LOLA MILLER Director of Student Activities WREN Service Chairman WESTMINISTER FELLOWSHIP MEMBERS Jane Allen Carolyn Baltzer Dean Blair Phyllis Bowman Ernie Breed Barbara Brundage Calhoun Byrd III OIlie Campbell Alice Cole Carolyn Cole Sea David Dick Donnelly Betty Farthing Elizabeth Flory Dorothy Flory Peck Hart Walter Hawkins Vincent Huccio Jane Jackson Laura Longwish Tom Mahaffey Barbara Martin Bob Mauk Charles Richardson Jeanne Maxcy Anne Russell Julie Mickell George Schierhon Dorothy Peck Jock Scott Nancy Peters Vincent Thornton John Phillips Curtis Wilcox Joyce Pixley Knox Wilkinson Jane Poole Jimmie Willis Barbara Primm Mickey Wolstenholme Chuck Rea Bill Wren Kathryn Rand Jeon Wright Paul Reimer Larry Wright Ijfl 9 To promote Christian Fel- lowship for the Methodist Stu- dents on campus. Officers: President, Nancy Smith; En- listment Vice-President, Evelyn Gordon; Secretary - Treasurer, Madeline Dinkins; Devotional Chairman, Annabelle Foster; Social Chairman, Joyce Gibson; Pianist, Roberta Pemble; Pub- licity Chairman, Betty Jo Les- ter. Faculty Advisor: Dorothy Fuller. WESLEY FOUNDATION YOUNG WOMEN ' S AUXILARY Y. W. A. OFFICERS FOR 1950-1951 President, Betty Zone Roffield; Vice-President, Lillie Mae Collins; Secretary, Betty Jean Dury; Treas- urer, Nancy Hale; Program Chairmen, Cora Lee Gandy and Frances Hall; Publicity, Lois Ryerson; Community Missions, Audrey Price; Social Chairman, Alma Williams; Pianist, Pearl Sargent; Chorister, Nancy Williams; Mission Study Chairman, Lorraine Barrington; Literature Chairman, Jackie Rich; Dormi- tory Chairmen: Chaudoin Hall, Lillie Mae Collins and Joy Lewis; Stetson Hall, Bryan McGee. Y. W. A. MEMBERS Virginia Agner, Betty Ashmore, Ona Barfield, Lor- raine Barrington, Eva Louise Bethea, Alice Bailey, Suzanne Blow, Modelyne Brady, Lois Brewer, Lois Faye Bunton, Eva May Cates, Velera Cotes, Potty Clark, Alice Cole, Lillie Collins, Mary Connell, Bar- bara Cross, Lois A. Dann, Virginia Davis, Iris Deese, Doris Drawdy, Betty Jeanne Dury, Anita Edenfield, Dorothy Flanagan, Jimmie Nell Fleming, Ruby Jo Fletcher, Annabelle Foster, Jerry Frederick, Doris Frier, Cora Lee Gandy, Joyce Gentry, Teresa A. Had- dock, Nancy Hale, Frances Hall, Dolores Hancock, Esther Honey, Barbara Hargrove, Rosamond Heath- coe, Gere Howard, Martha Ann Howard, Martha Ingram, Dorothy James, Ann Johnson, Marilyn John- son, Charlotte Judge, Patricio Kahl, Gloria Kline, Demaris Krouse, Audrey A. Lacock, Gobrielo Molina, Connie Moody, Joy Nichols, Vivian Nichols, Mary Edna Parker, Mary Ann Parrish, Mary Ann Peddy, Barbara Pence, Loreno C. Perry, Joyce Pixley, Coreta Powell, Audrey Price, Betty Zone Roffield, Jean Ann Reed, Jackie Rich, Shirley Ann Rogers, Lois Ryerson, Pearl Sargent, Shirlo Shaw, Patricio L. Snowden, Eve- lyn Stewart, Louise Tabor, Billie Templeton, Harriet Tucker, Shirley Turner, Dorothy Wamble, Miladeen Word, Sue Warren, Joy Wossenoor, Mary Carol West, Annette Willcox, Betty Whittle, Alma Williams, Nancy Williams, Savillo Young. ■A r. o MINISTERIAL OFFICERS LESTER CORNETT President MARION HARE Vice-President BOB CHRISTIE Secretar, GORDON PITTMAN Treasurer MARSHALL FLOURNAY Pu ' p;t Supply Chairman KENNETH HANSEN Program Chairman ROLLAN McCALL Social Chairman HOKE SHERLEY Intermurals Chairman LOUIS STANCIL Activities Chairmen BILL McGOUGH Pianist HENRY SMITH Custodian KELBY McCOLLISTER Mission Representative BUD HENLEY Mission Representative WAYNE OEFFLER Parliamentarian JUD50N MORGAN Publicity Chairman ER POPE DUNCAN Faculty Advisor NOT PICTURED LOWELL SHAW Chorister The purpose of this organization is to strengthen the fellowship and to unite the efforts of all the ministerial students enrolled at the university for the advancement of the Lord ' s work, both on the campus and elsewhere. Vespers — the end of o perfect day Ministerial Homecoming — 1950 ASSDCIATIDN MEMBERS Lloyd Anderson Joe Folmar Clint Kimbrough Dennis Ruulerson Morgan Berry Larry Foster Bill Lewis Walter Salter Thomas Blayiock Donald Hall Donald Meloon George Shriver Ned Brown Clyde Harris Leonard Melton Ernest Sikes James Bryant Spurgeon Hinds Ted Murray James Simple Bob Crowe Jim Johnston Edward Owens Sam Stewart H, J. Dominey Russell Kauffman Jack Palmer John B. Thompson Dick Flood Roy Kennington Willard Pratt Le Roy Tucker Eugene Flynn Lewis Kennison Dallas Pulliam Arthur Wissler Henry Wooley NOT P 1 C T U R E D Dutton Bonnell Jim Cose J. C. Hinds John Rogers Jim Brown Owen Domings John Temoshehuk Bill Self Gene Carter Ernest Harvey Adrian Rogers J. B. Smith Malcolm Smith o o c Tobor Hall Gandy Blow Pulliom Rogers Wing Edenfield Price Ard Gates Cross Fletcher Fleming Krause McGee Meriwether Mitchell Moody Parker Pinder Powell Raffield Shaw Ward Williams VOLUNTEERS FDR CHRISTIAN SERVICE OFFICERS LOUISE TABOR President FRANCES HALL Vice-President CORA LEE GANDY Secretary SUZANNE BLOW Devotional Chairman TOMMIE PULLIAM Missions Chairman SHIRLEY A ROGERS Social Chairman STAFFORD WING Music Chairman ANITA EDENFIELD Program Chairman AUDREY PRICE Publicity Chairman OTHER MEMBERS Tommie Ard Bertha Mitchell Eva Maye Gates Connie Moody Barbara Cross Mary Edna Parker Ruby Jo Fletcher Walt Pinder Jimmie Nell Fleming Coretta Powell Demarius Krause Betty Z. Raffield Bryan McGee Shiria Shaw Joe Meriwether Milodeen Ward Alma Will ams NOT PICTURED Potty Clark Audrey Locock Betty G rover Sue Warren ALLEN HALL " Thus Stetson Continues to Go Forward. " When the ground w as broken on March 25 of lost year and construction was begun, the realization of the dream of many people be- gan to take form. In June our president laid the cornerstone; in November we dedicated the building; and on February 9, 1951, the William Sims Allen Religious Center Build- ing was formally opened. That night the dream of Dr. Allen and countless other people be- came a reality. The building houses the Winters Library and the Hobson Memorial Prayer Rooms. On the first floor are the music room, the lounge, kitchen, and auditorium with its stage and broadcast booth. Upstairs are the offices of the reMgious organizations, the work room and conference room. Designed and built with the sole purpose of giving the student body a place to relax and worship in a whole- some. Christian atmosphere, the R. C. is accomplishing its goal. To the ones who had the foresight and the vision for such a building, and to those who gave it, the Florida Baptist Convention, to all who were actively engaged in the planning, construction, and furnishing, we, the students of old John B., say " Thank you " and in the words of Dr. Allen repeat, " Thus Stetson con- tinues to go forward. " Wayne Oeffler ?sr t ' m k THE HDNDR HONORARY SCHOLARSHIP-LEADERSHIP FRATERNITY FOR WOMEN OFFICERS JIMMIE NELL FLEMING President BARBARA BRUNDAGE Vice-President BARBARA J. SMITH Secretary-Treasurer PATRICIA ROBERTS Sergeant-at-Arms MEMBERS Dorothy Flory Elizabeth Flory Margaret Richter Nancy Smith Shiria Shaw Beatrice David, Honorary Mary E. Davis Charlotte Judge Gloria Kline Joan May Marilyn Purvis Shirley Turner Annette Wilcox S CABBARD and BLADE Scabbard and Blade is a national honorary military society for cadets enrolled in advanced R. 0. T. C. The principle aim of the organization is to promote a feeling of unity among the cadet military leaders and to main- tain o higher standard in the military activities of the corps. STANDING: Philip Ashabroner, George Harfh, Lemuel Thomas, Richard Spencer, Clarence Grif- fis, John Sims, George Ossorio, Laurier Beard, James Carter. KNEELING; Gabriel George, John Scolf, Aubrey Burns, James Jordan, Kenneth Berry, William Whitaker. YE MYSTIC KREWE COLORS: Red and Black FOUNDED: 1934 OFFICERS WILLIAM BIRNBAUM Captoin GEORGE EVERETT First Mate STEVE STRATFORD Second Mate JACK EVANS Boatswain MACK CLEVELAND Cabin WINTER QUARTER, 1951 Laurier Beard Ted Grissett Wayne Oeffler Harry Hurst Ken Berry Jack Griffis Ronnie Spencer Jock Whitaker Ernie Cowley Larry Bottom Julian Clark P. J. Stewart HONORARY MEMBERS Dr. J. OIlie Edmunds Dr, W. Hugh McEniry, Jr. Ye Mystic Krewe is an honorary leadership fraternity for Junior and Senior men. The purposes of the organization are to foster a better understanding between the administration and the students and to give recognition to those male students who have distinguished themselves through student leadership. Slection is based on the individuol ' s ability end accomplishments without regard to fraternity or other affiliations. James Tucker Fred Hope Herbert Stenstrom Elwyn Brown PHI SOCIETY Barbara Jean Smith, President; Larry Bottom. Vice-President; Frances Holl, Secretary; Annette Wilcox, Treasurer. MEMBERS: Glen Andrews, Suzanne Blow, Nancy Brenner, James Fleming, Betty Flory, Roy Frye, Victor Mas- sey, Betty Jean Roe, George Shriv- er, Steve Strotford. The Phi Society is an honor society sponsored by Phi Beta Kappa in a number of colleges and universities. It is limited to those in the College of Liberal Arts. To be eligible for mem- bership, a student must maintain a B-plus average in the first year of college work. The order of the Scroll and Key was formed in 1942 for the purpose of recognizing and encour- aging high scholarship. Members ore chosen from the highest ten per cent of the Junior and Senior classes. No one may be elected who does not pos- sess qualities of Leader- ship. STEVE STRATFORD PRESIDENT CHARLES HILLMAN VICE-PRESIDENT ELIZABETH FLORY SECRETARY POPE DUNCAN FACULTY ADVISOR 5CRDLL AND KEY LEFT TO RIGHT: William Anderson, Beotrice David, Jomes Fleming. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED: Peter Per- rault, Treas.; Walter Cane, Delia S. Decker, and Lenvil Dicks. LA FRANCIADE OFFICERS VIRGINIA L. DAVIS President JESSIE HENEY Secretary OTHA WINNINGHAM Treasurer JOAN SLACK Social Chairman MEMBERS Fred Beighley, Elizabeth Flory, Lloyd Houser, Gordon Pittmon, Julian Murphy Dr. Frances Thornton, Sponsor HONORARY MEMBERS Dr H. L. Boteson, Miss Frances Buxton, Miss Susie P. Brown, Miss Mary N. Martin, Miss Charlotte Smith DER DEUTSCHE VEREIN Katherine Slaton, Mrs. Vaughen, Betty Lynn, John Keyton, Isabella Moss, Sue Warren, Lois Ryerson, John Kalas, John Wheeler, J. Hack- worth, Ned Brown, John Wing, Howard Mer- rill, Herb Stenstrom NOT PICTURED Charlie Powers, John Clausen, E. J. Laurie, R. E. Kimbrough SIGMA IJELTA PI OFFICERS VIRGINIA L. DAVIS President GABRIELA MOLINA Vice-President BETTY JEAN ROE Corresponding Secretary MARIAM KATIBA Recording Secretary ANN NORTHERN Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS Frank Diers, Frank Fernandez, Wm. Shirley Bush, Shirley A. Williams, Evelyn Ratcliff, Charles D. Humphries, Myrna Price ASSOCIATE MEMBERS E. B Daloo, Abraham Flores, Walter Stallings FACULTY Dr. Doris K. Arjona, Chapter Advisor; Miss Ger- trude Foster, Dr. Frances Thornton, Dr. Howard Bateson, Miss Lillian Preston HONORARY MEMBERS Mrs. Lucy Shepard, Mrs. Anna M. Kean, Mrs. Angela Campbell ALUMNI IN RESIDENCE Charlotte Szarek, Joan Shanon, Graves Edmundson, Endell Sutley GRADUATE MEMBERS J Ambuhl A. C. Mclnnls FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. L. Thompkins Dr. J. V. Vaughin FACULTY SPONSOR Dr. John Conn HDNDRARY CHEMISTRY FRATERNITY gamma sigma epsilon MEMBERS Bob Beasley, President Bill Faust J. Waddell, Secretary John Kalas J. Watts, Treasurer Howard Merrill Eleanor Boland Rachel Perry N. Davis " Pete " Peterson Roy Unkefer debate squad MEMBERS John D. Dame Sheila Dyson Joseph C. Elliott William L. Harper Odis Henderson Paul Lee Clyde Roberts John B. Root, Jr. Joseph Scarlett P. J. Stewart Joy Wassnaar Kenneth Wing PROF. RICHARD BRAND Debate Coach i3k Charles R. Hillman President Bob Christie Vice-President M r PHI ALPHA THETA OFFICERS CHARLES HILLMAN President BOB CH:?ISTIE Vice-President ULILLA TREON Secretory-Treasurer ROY FRYE Program Chairmon HARRY WINTERS Faculty Advisor O. P. Chitwood, Robert Hensley, Gilbert Lycan, Steve Stratford, Paul Stewart, Delia Decker, A. F. Gamber, John T. Rhett, A. N. Sanders, John Woods, Sadie Woods INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS ELUfl OFFICERS JANE JACKSON President PAT MERRITT Vice-President OLIVER CAMPBELL Secretary-Treasurer AUSTIN CADWELL Program Chairman FARRAR SCHULTZ Publicity Chairman ISABELLE MOSS Social Choirma.i BETTY J ROE Exhibit Chairman DR A. N SANDERS Faculty Advisor DR GILBERT LYCAN Honorary Advisor MEMBERS Lloyd Anderson Audrey Lacock Joe Boir Henry Martin Austin Cadwell Kelby McColister OIlie Campbell Pat Merritt Judy Davis Isabelle Moss Frances Green Barbara Phillips Ervin Haygood Betty J. Rowe Dean Humphries Jane Jackson Harry Rutledge Ann Johnson Forrar Schultz Frank Stockton CHAPTER ' IHn " ' i| afi lk ROLL m 0 ' m Elizabeth Flory V . Bk P T 1 W- Odis Henderson J ta. " • — «» i» 1- ' - " John Hodges ■KjS ' ' ' tSl mi ■u- ' zsiHnt Robert Lee Duane Quick James Tucker ' ' ■ " Flory Lee Hodges PI KAPPA DELTA OFFICERS BETA CHAPTER ELIZABETH FLORY President HONORARY SPEECH FRATERNITY ROBERT LEE Secretary JOHN HODGES Treosurer Prof. Richord C. Brand, Advisor MOTTO: " Anythin g worth doing is worth doing we ' Flory OFFICERS ELIZABETH FLORY President BARBARA J SMITH Secretary ULILLA TREON Treasurer VIRGINIA DAVIS Historian KAPPA DELTA PI MEMBERS Larry Bottom Jennie Braddock Joan May MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Delia Decker Lenvil Dicks Marilyn Purvis Margaret Richter Dr. R. L. Carter, Adv. HONORARY MEMBERS Ed Henderson Mrs. R. L. Carter ZETA TAU CHAPTER National Honor Society in Education May F. T. A OFFICERS JOAN MAY President MARILYN PURVIS Vice-President GLORIA KLINE Secretary JIM CARTER Treasurer BARBARA PHILLIPS Librarian MARIAM KATIBA Social Chairman ANN JOHNSON Publicity Chairman LLOYD ANDERSON Chaplain GLEN ANDREWS Sergeant-ot-Arms ROLL Bruce Abernathy, Lloyd Anderson, Glenn Andrews, Tom Ard, Nell Bowers, Paul Bowers, Barbara Boyles, Jennie Braddock, Mary Jo Braddy, Janet Bragger, John Brown, Norma Brown, Marcia Bur- ris, Bill Byrom, James Carter, Franklin Carter, Becky Cavanos, George Chassey, Mary Connell, Shirley Connell, Betty Cook, Merle Dalrymple, Jane P. Davis, Mary E. Davis, Sue Davis, Virginia Davis, Mary Deloney, June Dillard, Madeline Dinkins, Helen Douglas, Betty DuBose, Nancy Ed- dings, Daphne Etheridge, Betty Flippo, Elizabeth Flory, Carol Fulton, Ann Gatlin, Cathy Gatliff, Helen Grimsley, John Hathaway, Pat Helgeson, Rhoda Horton, Gere Howard, Ann Johnson, Mariam Katiba, John Keyton, Joanne Kinslow, Gloria Kline, Laura Langwish, Joanne Lindsay, Mrs. Paul Moc- Alester, H. B. McCall, Easter McGough, Joan May, Pat Merritt, Merrilee Middleton, Dermond Minie, Robert Mitchell, Marilyn Nelson, Mary June Norwood, Frances Owens, Gloria Parks, Margaret Partin, Mary Ann Peddy, Lorena Perry, Barbara Phillips, Joyce Pixley, Pattye Plank, Wayne Pice, Marilyn Pur- vis, Margaret Richter, B. J. Robbins, Ann Roberts, Dorothy Ross, Pearl Sargeant, Virginia Skeene, Pat Slack, Annette Smith, Barbara Smith, Nancy Smith, Olive Smith, Walter Stallings, Bunnie Stevens, Mimms Stevenson, Nancy Stillwell, Mrs. E. J. Sundberg, Denise Whiteman, Bill Whitmire, Mickev Wolstenholme. jr k ■1 ' ' P Vf 191 H H L • • n H B • • i B HHHk ' i l H May Wolstenholme THETA ALPHA PHI Howard L. Bateson Richard C. Brand J, OIlie Edmunds NOT PICTU RED Robert Newby IN FACULTATE Harold M. Giffin Clarence L. Menser Virginia E. Giffin Lillian E. Preston Ray Jordan Allyn Thompson the purpose of playing, whose end both at the first and now, was and is, to hold, as ' twere, the mirror up to nature. ' . . . Hamlet Barfield Brewin Brundage Cozer Cowley Dovis Davis Flory Hansen Hope Huffman Land Mauk Ross Soppia Scolf Tucker Van Dorn ordan MacAlester Von Dorn Kinslow SIGMA PI KAPPA OFFICERS JAMES JORDAN President PAUL MocALESTER Vice-President JEANNE VAN DCRN Secretory-Treasurer JOANNE KINSLOE Sociol Choirmon JACK GRIFFITH Progrom Choirmon DICK KALE Publicity Choirmon Barfield Berry Brundoge Codwell Campbell Carter Cazcr Cole Cooksey Cossin Daniel Dancz Garrison Green Hocper Jackson Kline Mohoffey Mauk Merritt Murphy Netzorg Phillips Scronton Skeen Torberf Treon Word Thorp Bryan OFFICERS JOHN KALAS President BILL THARP Vice-President BETTINA BRYAN Secretary EDWARD LURIE Historian BETA BETA BETA Beta Beta Beta is a national honorary society of students of biology who have achieved superior academic recognition and who indicate special aptitude in this field of study. It emphasizes a three-fold program: Stimulation of scholarship, dissemination of scientific information, and the promotion of Eleanor Boland Bette Brewin Carolyn Cleveland Fredda Coupland John Epps Bill Faust Bernlce Gibbs Donald Gibbs Allen Kelly Betty Land Arvid Peterson Beatrice Plumber Tom Tenney Sara Tharman Marcus Wotters Dr. Winchester Faculty Advisor and Treasurer Edith Harvey Toylor W I ■■■ ■■1 KAPPA PI In the year 1935 the Hatter Art Club was formed on the Stetson campus under the direction of Miss Edith Harvey. In May, 1946, this club was installed as a chapter of Kappa Pi, the oldest honorary art fraternity among the colleges today. Kappa Pi is composed of majors and minors in the OFFICERS President JEANNE VAN DORN Social Vice-President PEGGY VITSARIS Secretary NANCY STEVENSON Treasurer HORACE TAYLOR Sponsor MISS EDITH HARVEY field of art, its purpose being to promote an interest in art on and off the campus and to create a sincere love of beauty and appreciation of art. This year the members of Kappa Pi completed their major project of decorating their new chapter room in Holmes Hall. MEMBERS Barbara Bailey Leontine Netzorg Virginia Milligan Joe Elliott Ann Pemble Ann Northen Jackie Wood Sappia SPONSOR Miss Edith Harvey Bailey Elliott Milligan Netsorg MEMBERS ■ Phil Ashabraner George Black ■r Jennie Braddock Joe Carlton Becky Cavarnos Freddo Coupland I Kenneth Dance Bob Jenks Eugene McKellig ,i_ Jan Wieckowski COMMERCE CLUB OFFICERS PETER PERRAULT President WAYNE LAMB Vice-President MARCIA TARBERT Secretary NELL BOWERS Treasurer MR. FULLER Faculty Advisor The purpose of the Commerce Club is to foster the study of business; to encourage scholarship and the association of students for their mutual advance- ment by research and practice; to promote closer affiliation between the commerce world and students of commerce; and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture and the commercial welfare of the community. WOMEN ' S PROFESSIONAL CLUB OFFICERS MEM B E R S JUDY WALKER Nancy Smith Nancy Stillwell President Lorraine Lenczyk Jeanne Foutche MARGE McNEELY Grace Lenczyk Trudy Stevens Vice-President Betty Ann Flippo Norma Brown MARILLYN CRAIG Merle Dalrymple Janet Brogger Secretary Joyce Abrahamson Jean Rosenstone CLIFTA ANN RHODE Faye Dietzen Jeanne Jones Treasurer Mary Jo Braddy Gere Howard SM V ? ALPHA DEXIDMA Founded: Stetson University, May, 1940. Colors: Green and Gold Flower: Talisman Rose Purpose: The purpose of Alpha Dexioma is to pro- mote democratic friendship and understanding among its members; to broaden the social, cul- tural, political, athletic, and religious life of its members and to assist them in every way pos- sible. ACTIVE OFFICERS AND MEMBERS SHIRLA SHAW President ADRIENNE THURMOND Vice-President ANNETTE WILCOX Corresponding Secretary MARILYN JOHNSON Treasurer CORA LEE GANDY Historian PATRICIA SNOWDEN Chaplain JOYCE PIXLEY Sergeant-at-Arms SHIRLEY ROGERS Social Chairman Connie Moody and Coreta Powell NOT PICTURED DELORES HARTSHORN Recording Secretary PLEDGES Lois Brewer, Velera Gates, Mary Connell, Lois Dann, Doris Drawdy, Geraldine Frederick, Delores Hancock, Barbara Margraves, Rosamond Heathcoe, Martha Ann Howard, Gabriela Molina, Mary Edna Parker, Barbara Pence, Dot Wamble, Mary Carol West, Savilla Young. NOT PICTURED Suzanne Blow, Donna Jean Newcomer 4 Clark Clark OFFICERS CHARLES R. HILLMAN President GLENN W. MARTIN Vice-President JULIAN G. CLARK Secretary EDWARD A. BROWN, J? Treasurer ALEX D. FINCH Tyler RICHARD E. CLARK Chaplain ADELPHD S The purpose of the Adelphos Society is to continue Masonic fellowship in keeping with the tenents of Free Ma- sonry, furtherance in Masonic education, greater Masonic services, charitable endeavors that ore worthy, and perfec- tion of degree teams in all Masonic work. The most important service of the Adelphos Society is to receive and aid oil DeMolays enrolled at John B. Stetson University until they are eligible for membership in a Blue Lodge. J. OIlie Edmunds William R. Arthur Leonard J. Curtis Lemuel A. Haslup HONORARY MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Robert L. Allen Gus J. Dekle Frank L. Rogers S. E. Simpson Francis P. Williams H. A. Windhorst W. N. Wrightman Harvey L. Wynn FIRST ROW: A. Leon App, Isaac F. Bonlfay, Samuel W. Bosfick, Richard C. Brand, J. Ray Cable, Ralph Harper. SECOND ROW: Carl H. Jahnson, Gilbert L. Lycan, Loder L. Potterson, John T. Rhett, Horry L. Taylor, 0. L. Walker. SOCIETY FIRST ROW: Nathan C. Bobroff, J. C. Bodiford, Mack N. Cleveland, Jr., James H. Dixon, Jr., Ronald J. Fruda, Sam Goodfriend, Arthur J. Gront. SECOND ROW: Walker S. Green, Odis M. Henderson, Roger Jacobs, A. E. Jones, Jr., William H. O ' Connor, Robert E. Pierce, John C. Reed. THIRD ROW Ben Seegers, Ben Sidwell, Allen B. Smith, M. F. Stiling, J. E. Waddell, Robert W. Wilson, John R. Woods, Condie I. Lewis. ' O n cf n i o f f S " CLUB OFFICERS JACK WHITAKER President LARRY BOTTOM Secretary BOB DOTY Treosurer MEMBERS FIRST ROW: Clarence Hughes, George Ossorio, Marty Rossi, Al Soppia, Bobby Marks, Bert Kurland. SECOND ROW; George Everett, Walt Joslnski, Neil Nelson, Charlie Broadway, Poul Odom, Ronald DeLillo. THIRD ROW Dove Laude, Don Martin, Guido Tambur, Spike Isroel, Wayne Lamb, Joe Roffoele. FOURTH ROW Willie Han, Jim King, Chuck Rhea, Andy Caldwell, Jock Whito ker, Tom Gibson. FIFTH ROW: Sonny Parrish, Frank Singletary, Buck Hendry, Fulmer Armstrong, Bill Johnson, Bob Doty. NOT PICTURED Larry Bottom, Gene Bowden, Bill Byrom, Kermit Coble, Donald Eokin, Ron Fazekas, Jerry Gallagher, Bob Holl, Harry Hons- burger. Jack Hurley, Jim Jenkins, George Jochem, B. J. Leathers, Rod Lonsinger, Bill Meeks, Walt Nichols, Clarence Palmer, Pete Peterson, Del Reinke, Bob Schmidt, Corl Simmons, Merrill Smith, Lew Treen, Jim Yonge. ' So CHEERLEADERS Kenny Hanson Buzz Johnson Marcia Burris Ernie Carlton Skip Eddings Gere Howard Barbara Rutter HATTER PEP BAND Howard Gold Pete Randall Ross Kenna Elwyn Brown J. T. Owens Jack Holt Carl Vollrath Richard Higgins Ernest Cowley Roger Dancz John Loner Don Yrxley Peter Bukur John DeYoung Howard Schmock Howard Lyster Gary Crawford John McCorkle Ray Moeller Dick and Jeanne THE LIT THE LIT STAFF Associate Editors DICK KALE, JEANNE VAN DORN Assistant Editor SANDRA SKEENE Art Editor PAUL T. MocALESTER Assistant Art Editor LEE NETZORG Editorial Staff AUSTIN CADWELL, ROLAND CAZER, ROBERT MAUK, PAT WARD Stoff Photographer J. C. SQUIRES Exchange Editor JACK KERZNER Faculty Advisor DR JOHN HICKS The LIT, formerly the STETSON QUARTERLY, is the student literary magazine of the University, Like Harvey, the well-known invisible rabbit, the magazine was not to be seen for a while, but with renewed student interest it made its comeback during the winter quarter, bearing its new title. The LIT presents original prose, poetry, and illustrations by those students whose work is considered worthy by Dr. Hicks and the editors. Dr. John Hicks Ray Sandy Bob Paul Austin Lee Pat Roland Jock . ■f . •Wi THE MANAGING EDITORS They had to smile — the editor was looking on. THE 19 51 STAFF Editor GLORIA KLINE Managing Editors: Colleges BARBARA PHILLIPS Business MARCIA TARBERT Law JULIAN MURPHY Liberal Arts ULILLA TREON Music CARLTON CARTER Greeks JUNE COSSIN CAROLYN DANIEL ED NEWTON Athletics JOE CARLTON JACK GRIFFITH BILL SCRANTON Organizations CAROLYN COLE BOB MAUK JEAN GAILBREATH JOAN GARRISON Activities JANE JACKSON FARRAR SCHULTZ Photography JOANNE KINSLOE Staff Photographers . . . BARBARA JEAN SMITH BOB DOTY Carlton HATTER STAFF ASSISTANTS Bette Brewin Austin Codwell OIlie Campbell Joyce Carmen Candy Cresse Mary Katherine Foster Delores Gray Charles Hillman Dorothy Ann Johnson Mine Kingston Wayne Oeffler Nancy Peters Jane Poole Judy Porter Paula Schwartz Curtis Wilcox THE BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager KEN BERRY Assistant ELBERT SMITH Secretaries BARBARA BROCK, NANCY BRENNER, BARBARA JO LANNOM PHOTOGRAPHERS-EYE VIEW OF THE STAFF They ' ve gone in circles so long that stroight lines mal e them dizzy. HOMER COOKSEY Business Manager JIMMY JORDAN Editor BARBARA BRUNDAGE Managing Editor THE STET5DN REPORTER FLORIDA ' S OLDEST COLLEGE NEWSPAPER Jimmy Jordan, Editor-in-Chief Barbara Brundage, Managing Editor A. Homer Cooksey, Business Manager F. A. Green, Associate Editor Published every Friday during the school year (except holidays and examination weeks) by and for the students of John B. Stetson University at the University Print Shop. News Editors: June Cossin and Pat Merritt; Sports Editors: Joe Carlton; Society Editor, Robin Hooper; Drama Editor, Dick Kale; Religion Editor, Ona Barfield; Music Editor, Roger Dancz; Assistant Sports Editors: Jack Griffith, Bill Scranton; Staff Artist, Paul MacAlester; Circulation Managers, Mine Rose Kingston and Andy Wills; Reporters, Tom Mahaffey, Boerner Butts, Joanne St. John, Barbara Bailey, Joan Mace, Paula Swartz, Carolyn Cole, Ken Wing, Dorothy Johnson, Mary Foster, Becky Cavarnos, Forrar Schultz, and Jeanne Maxcy. Advertising Staff: Sue Bailey, Alice Cole, Laura Ford, Jane Poole, Pat Robinson, Joan Slack. QUARTER NOTES By Roger Dancz HATTER CHATTER By Robin Hooper Back in the print shop with Johnny mi iMf., x . H (H 1 4.. Lt. Col. Isaac F. Bonifay P. M. S. T. Lt. Col. John R. Palmer Assistant P. M. 5. T. CADET OFFICERS AND SPONSORS Rosemary Wetherlngton, Cadet .t. Col. Philip Ashobrauer; Joanne St. John, Cadet Capt. Lemuel Thomas; Sue Wilson, Cadet Copt. Clarence Griffis; Margie Brooks, Cadet Major George Horth; Shirley Stokes, Cadet Copt. Richard Spencer. SFC. Samuel W. Bostick Sgt. Eirvin M. DeWitt, Jr. Sgt. J. C. Meochun M Sgt. Condie I. Lewis BATTALION STAFF INSPECTION f,h C :. ,n ... Codut Capf. CI GnUr Cadet 2nd Lt. Aubrey Burns First Platoon Leader Cadet 2nd Lt. Gabriel George Second Platoon Leader Cadet 1st Lt. Laurier Beard Executive Officer Cadet 2nd Lt. James Jordan Third Platoon Leader Cadet Copt Richard Spencer Cadet 2nd Lt. John Scolt Second Platoon Leoder Codet 2nd Lt. Kenneth Berry First Platoon Leader Cadet 1st Lt. James Carter Executive Officer Cadet 2nd Lt. Wm. Whitaker Third Platoon Leader COMPANY A ' First Sergeant: M Sgt. Joe T. Martin Company Supply Sergeant: SFC. Julius G, Petruska Guidon Bearer: Cpl. Bob Scott COMPANY ' ' B ' First Sergeant: M, Sgt. Carl Gaffe Company Supply Sergeant: SFC. Cecil Boyd Guidon Bearer: Cpl. D. C. Gatch First Platoon: M, Sgt. Noell Gilbert Platoon Guide: SFC: Donald Martin FIRST SQUAD. SFC. Malcolm Stephens, Lambert Constantine, Ronald DeLilla, Charles Anderson, Harry Evertz, Richard Lassiter, Tom LeClere, Sgt. Don Noell. SECOND SQUAD: SFC. Albert Ainsworth, Eugene Bivings, Jack Griffith, William Han, Richard Herble, Jerry Hopkins, Jack Kern, Sgt. James Russell. THIRD SQUAD: SFC. Jack Collins, Richard Hurley, James Nance, Rod Lonsinaer, Kenneth Mcintosh, Al Sappio, Solvotore Manfre, Sgt. Cecil Davis. Second Platoon: M Sgt. Jack Carl Platoon Guide: SFC. Adrian Andrews FIRST SQUAD: SFC. Carl Jackson, Jack Oksnee, Tony Samarkos, John Smith, William Scranton, Ben Singletary, James Taveniere, Sgt. Charles Williams. SECOND SQUAD: SFC. Gene Hill, Robert Steffins, James Wat- son, Larry Bottom, Calhoun Byrd, John Hunt, Sgt. Eugene Sheffield. THIRD SQUAD: SFC. Carroll Lewis, Billy Joe Leathers, Roger Dolson, Ronald Fabeka s, Thomas Gold, James King, Stanley Brumley, Sgt. Roy Kennington. First Platoon: M Sgt. Charles Hilty Platoon Guide: SFC. Robert Huffman FIRST SQUAD: SFC. John Clausen, William Wilcox, Stafford Wing, Spencer Wonton l°rry Gallagher, Charles Nelson, Richard Reinking, Sgt. Ed Hatfield. SECOND SQUAD: SFC. John Hodges, Bruce Clary, Richard Evans, Alfred Daub, Theodore Heisig, Richard Ellsworthy, Donald Johnson, Sgt. John Imand. THIRD SQUAD: Clarence Hughes, John Magruder, George Painter, Charles Gobrieison, Billy Griffith, Kenneth Blakeslee, Sgt. Melvin Smith. Second Platoon: M Sgt. Fronk Fernandez Platoon Guide: SFC. Robert Doty FIRST SQUAD: SFC. Wallace Grissett, Gene Hunt, Walter Jasinski, Robert Jenson, Kenneth Wing, Kenneth Mortin, Sgt. Joseph Bailey. SECOND SQUAD: SFC. Odis Henderson, Kenton Harrison, Gar- rett Quick, Charles Rea, William Byrom, Charles Harris, Sgt. James Diffin. THIRD SQUAD: SFC. Sylvan Davis, BIymn Reider, Merfon Reddick, Delbert Reinke, George Jochem, Robert Mathews, Sgt. Edward Drury. Third Platoon: M Sgt. Don Jorrell Platoon Guide: SFC. Edward McCloran FIRST SQUAD: SFC. James Seymour, Cecil Holley, William Johnson, Charles Lowatt, Tom Mahoffey, Fred Mouk, Dan Mann, Sgt. William Tomlinson. SECOND SQUAD: SFC Isham Anderson, David Jackson, Arvid Peterson, Charles Powers, Donald Richardson, Horry Rutledge, John Schooley, Sgt. Eugene Plott. THIRD SQUAD: SFC. Sol Israel, Edward Stephany, Richard Toole, George Schrieffer, Guido Tambur, Robert Levine, Sgt. Vincent Stodnick. Third Platoon: M Sgt. Harry Honsberger Platoon Guide: SFC. Fred Beighley FIRST SQUAD: SFC. William Hyde, Micheal Torbo, Biarne Anderson, Edward A ' -mstrong, Oliver Campbell, Bill Rice, Richard Pellicer, Sgt. John Dame. SECOND SQUAD: SFC. Robert Chastain, Thomas Gibson, Robert Marks, Joseph McLeod, Ulmer Parrish, Dave Laude, Theodore Helton, Sgt. Houston Best. THIRD SQUAD: SFC. Francis Green, John Wilson, Paul Lee, Paul DeMez, William Jackson, Louis Farr, Philip Jochem, Sgt. Martin Averman. 177 JOAN COOK BEAUTY 178 . VIRGINIA DAVIS QUEENS 179 The Hatter presents those selected by the student body for recognition as having reached the highest achievement in their respective fields. Unless otherwise designated, these pictures were made in Alumnus Dick Pope ' s Cypress Gardens by Bob Eastman. ROGER DANCZ kaU i Bti V. MARGARET PARTI N campus life HARRY HURST athletics GRACE LENZYCK Photo by Horace Heley CHARLIE BROADWAY Photo by Horace Heley PAUL MacALESTER yj . , BETTY LAND little theatre JAMES DAVIS r e 1 i q i D u s activities WAYNE OEFFLER student QDvernment student putilicatinns PAT ROBERTS Photo by Horace Heley JAMES JORDAN Photo by Trammel Pickett glee club law s c h D D 1 VIRGINIA LEE CULBRETH GEORGE EVERETT liiy| WHO ' S r BILL BIRNBAUM EARL COMPTON JUNE COSSIN VIRGINiALEE CULBRETH JIMMIE NELL FLEMING 190 W H D V ' ' STEVE STRATFORD -? ii SHIRLA SHAW The highest honor given to any student at Stetson University is that of being chosen as a nominee for Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universi- ties and Colleges. A student-faculty committee made the list of prospective nominees and submitted those names to the Academic Committee for the final selection. The Hatter extends his con- gratulations to Stetson ' s Who ' s Who. DOROTHY FLORY 1 ' - t ELIZABETH FLORY v JEANE HARRIS 191 " Stetson Sparks at the Half-Century Mark " 1950 HOMECOMING Homecoming was wonderful I But then Stetson Homecoming olways is. The alumni turned out in droves (1) and the barbecue was a delicious suc- cess (2) in spite of a few spatters of rain and a sudden falling of the thermometer. This is part of the parade of deco- rated floats (6). And oh! the work that went into those floats and other decorations (2). The judges sot in style on the reviewing stand while the rest of us ordinary folk stood on our aching feet and clapped for the float of our choice. Pi Phi (11), Sig Ep (12), and Sigma Nu (13) were the lucky winners. The game was great, too. Espe- cially OS we won. Our sponsors looked lovely and handsome, respectively, and of course Maggie and Jack were tops as mayor and hostess. The great day ended in a fitting manner. Who could ask for more than Q handsome escort and the mu- sic of Charlie Spivak. The Women ' s Council hit a new high with special 1 A.M. permissions, and by that time the most anyone could do was smile and murmur, " Good-night. It was wonderful " — that is about the best word for it, too. Stetson really sparked at Home- coming. Carolyn Cole ' 1 ZIN THE PI KAP TRADE MARK I: rs OUR FRIENDS THE FREUNDS ■ YO k r© ®| 1 3ed ' ' ri 1 1 Z ' ' . ' 1 ' z -, - THE CITY OF DeLAND and DeLAND CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Offer Congratulations to the Graduating Class of STETSON UNIVERSITY DeLand is located in the ridge section of east Central Florida, 1 10 miles south of Jacksonville, four miles east to the picturesque St. Johns River, famous for its black bass fishing, and twenty-two miles to the renowned beaches of the Atlantic seaboard. Being centrally located practically every point of interest in the state may be visited within one day ' s drive. DeLand enjoys a delightful year-round climate. There is scarcely a day that the sun does not shine, sending forth its ultra-violet rays. Children grow strong and sun-tanned, the older people add years to their life ' s span. DeLand is a beautiful city, appealing to those of educational and cultural background. It is a friendly city — a city you will like. For Information About DeLand Please Write CHAMBER OF COMMERCE DELAND, FLORIDA 198 FOUNTAINS Central Florida ' s Oldest and Finest Store Get Those FINE SANDWICHES AND MILK SHAKES SHAWHAN ' S PHONE 1027 116 E. RICH LAUNDERETTE DELAND FLORIDA I I The Automatic I LAUNDRY Self-Service I I 30 MINUTE WASHING AND DRYING ONE AND TWO DAY DRY CLEANING 108 West Rich Ave. I Phone 277-W I GIBBS YOUR STORE Ladies ' and Children ' s Ready -to-Y ear and Shoes PHONE 240 I I I I I I 1 I 1 ! I ! " I -.+ 1 Compliments of BETTY DREKA SHOP Where Stetson Styles Are Molded S. BLVD. DE LAND, FLORIDA Congratulations . . . Graduates of the Class of ' 51 No matter where the path may lead, please accept our best wishes for a future full of happiness, prosperity and continued good fortune. FLORIDA BANK AT DE LAND Member: Florida National Group Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 199 t- 1951 HATTER L naraved b ALABAMA ENGRAVING CO, Birmingham 200 +..._. . . — ._.. . . .. . + for Quality and Thrift . . . SUPER MARKETS and FOOD STORES of Florida Compliments of CLIFTON BROTHERS — BUICK DEALERS — New and Used Cars i I I I I I I I 117 E. New York Phone 635 TOUCHTON DRUG CO. " Where Good Friends Meet " 100 S. Boulevard DeLcnd „„ ,„ „„ „„ ,„ „i|. «|«.— flu DIXON ' S Your Store for — • Art Supplies • Greeting Cards • Stationery • School Supplies 113 N. Blvd I 1 I I I I i I I I I I ! I I I Compliments of JESS MATH AS CLERK CIRCUIT COURT DeLand I -■+ 201 " m STETSON 6 f mcC ... a man ' s hat — a hat that really goes to a man ' s head MORE PEOPLE WEAR STETSON HATS THAN ANY OTHER BRAND. 202 Best Wishes to the CLASS of 1951 WALTER MANN PENNErS No. 1 job is •+ +-- 1 1 1 I I I I I 1 I i I to save you money. We ' ve 1 I had years of experience! 1 1 I I I I + +■- SUPPLYING STETSON STUDENTS FOR OVER 27 YEARS ALLEN WHITE CO. DELAND, FLORIDA Congratulations Seniors - - - - on your achievements to date Especially to those who hove visited us we want to extend our best wishes through the coming years — Ruby Paul GEORGIE BOY ' S STETSON ' S MEETING PLACE OFF THE CAMPUS 203 I I SERVING STETSON SINCE 1932 STETSON i I 1 I I I I I I I The College Cotton Shop Flower SHOP PHONE 59 218 N. Boulevard I I I I I I i I I + " ■ I + I I I I I I I I I 1 I I I 1 I I 1 1 220 N. BOULEVARD OUR SPECIALTY Reservations and Trips for Stetson Students No Charge — Prompt Service LANIER TRAVEL SERVICE 222 N BLVD. PHONE 815 4.. — I Compliments of Compliments of Mitchell Cleaners 1 I I I I I I I 1 I E. Rich Ave. Phone 865 Volusia Pharmacy A Walgreen Agency .+ 1 Modern Soda Fountain Compliments of Allen-Summerhill Funeral Home J. E. SUMMERHILL, Funeral Director Phone 62 24-Hour Ambulance Service Established 1877 126 East New York Ave. DeLand, Fla. I j We Feature: I I Tussy I ! Yordley I I Dorothy Perkins Cosmetics 1 I j j S. R. LANGSTON, JR., Manager I I 121 North Boulevard DeLand, Fla. I I I I I I + +■- 204 Atlantic Ice Company PHONE 875 BETTER REFRIGERATION AT LOWER COST See the New . . . AIR CONDITIONED ICE REFRIGERATOR Picnic Chests - Beverage Chests - Cold Boxes Ice Cream Freezers - Water Coolers ■ I I I I I I 1 I 1 I I I i I i I Compliments of STOUDENMIRE ' S GROCETERIA I I I I 138 N. BLVD. PHONE 389 i I I I I I I I I I I I i I I I ■ + Compliments of FRIERSON ' S On the Boulevard You Can Be Sure If It ' s — WESTINGHOUSE BILL HOLLER MOTOR SALES CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC " Quality Service Headquarters " Phone 694 - 695 550 South Boulevard DeLand, Florida 205 " — " — T Compliments of: R. 0. HEARD, Agent Florida Greyhound Lines 218 E. Ohio Ave. Telephone 746 Compliments of F. N. DeHuy Son JEWELERS and SILVERSMITHS A Complete Repair Service 139 N. Boulevard Telephone 270 Compliments of T. H. MOTORS KAISER-FRAZER and HENRY J. DEALER 116 West Rich + + Phone 833 THE BARNETT NATIONAL BANK " A Florida Landmark " DE LAND -JACKSONVILLE -AVON PARK COCOA -ST. AUGUSTINE Member Federal Reserve System and F.D.I.C. 206 AFTER You Finish School WHAT? What are you going to do? What are you going to be? Have You Considered Food Retailing? Food Retailing Offers You: Employment in one of the largest, most stable industries of our country. Work in pleasant surroundings, with alert, aggressive, progressive people. Food retailing is not monotonous; new scenes and situations develop daily. All jobs in retailing is not behind the counter. There ore department heads, supervisors, ossistant man- agers, buyers and other jobs which offer unusual oppor- tunity to those fitted and trained to fill them. Success in food retailing is o good success. Most of those at the top began at the bottom. Under war conditions, with a general shortage of workers, there is exceptional opportunity now in food retailing even tor high school girls and boys on a part-time basis. The experience ond training gained now will fit you to advance rapidly when you finish school and enter full time employment. If you are interested in making your success in Food Retailing, or even in spare time employment, write or apply to PERSONNEL MANAGER Winn Lovett Grocery Co. BEAVER BARNETT STS. JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA I I 1 I 1 I I I I I 1 i I 1 I 1 I I 1 1 1 I i I WE ' RE THE Proudest Men IN TOWN! Orange Belt Pharmacy " Prescription Specialists " COMPLETE DRUG AND FOUNTAIN SERVICE Next to the Dreka Theatre Phone 555 1 m wS B H H Hk:NCHCSTEF! WiHCHESTER I HHi .- TBI T 3rt; H Ml Compliments of V. W. GOULD AGENCY REALTORS INSURORS — Since 1907 — 201 N. Boulevard Phone 147 WE ' RE proud . . . that in our own simple way, we hove the privilege of serving the people of this community. We ' re proud . . . when we see whole families come in together . . . and when parents tell us, " I never have to worry when my child is in your theatre. " We ' re proud . . . when we see our patrons with the smile of a grand time on every face, refreshed by o full measure of entertainment. We ' re proud ... of the contribution we make to the well-being of our town. We ' re proud . . . that our theatre is o com- munity center in every sense, at the call of every worthy cause. And we ' re proud of Hollywood and its serious men and women, devoting their ingenuity and energy to improving your entertainment. We ' re the proudest men in DeLand. We ' re the staff of your Athens Theatre. OUR HATS ARE OFF! TO THE CLASS OF ' 51 May Success and Happiness be Theirs FLORIDA POWER CORPORATION J. G. GRAVLEE, District Manager Compliments of Eastland Apartment, Dedicated December 21, 1950. The Seminary now has 186 student apartments. STANDARD DEGREES OFFERED B.D., Th. M., and Th.D. B.R.E. and M.R.E. in in Theolog - Religious Education and Mu Roland Q. Leavell, Th.D., D.D., President 1220 Washington Avenue New Orleans 13, Louisian I I I I Smith Thomas Drugs Headquarters for Helena Rubenstein - Lentheric - Corday j Circs - Tabus - Charbert - Chen Yu - Peggy Sage 1 Roger Gallet - Guerlain - Old Spice ] Seaforth - Max Factor ' s - Coty 1 Harriet Hubbard Ayers - Evening in Paris I Houbigont - Chantilly - Richard Hudnut j Schiaparelli } 1 Patronize Your Advertisers I I 1 1 1 i 1 I 208 Compliments of: DREKA THEATRE HOME OWNED FLORIDA OPERATED — :— A TALGAR THEATRE — :— The Best Possible Entertainment at All Times OPEN 1:45 DAILY Support " Hatter " Advertisers I I I I i I I I I I I I Compliments of ART SCHILLER 114 EAST INDIANA AVENUE I DELAND SUNDRIES I " Your Nearest Sundry Store " I I Especially = for the Co-Eds: 1 1 Cosmetics, Toilet Articles and | Other Personal Needs I I for the Eds: i Shaving Supplies and Hair Preps, Everything for the Smoker for All: $5.50 Meal Tickets $5.00 Breakfast is Our Specialty Cor. Blvd. and Rich Phone 904 I I I I I i i REMEMBER THE ' HATTER HOLIDAY ' AT I I i I De LEON SPRINGS 209 We Appreciate the Success You Have Brought Us — Pete and Tom MORRIS RESTAURANT 203 N. BOULEVARD DELAND, FLA. Our Thanks To Those Who Have Helped Make This 1 1 Yearbook Possible. i 1 I I I i I I I I —The Hatter Staff I j i I I I I I I I IN DAYTON A for • Tennis Equipment • Fishing Tackle • Golf Clubs • and the Latest in Books It ' s the Daytona Book Store " Buy Where Your Varsity Teams Buy " ■■ ■ 210 OflllLS Of DISTIMTIOI ip.c w cy-sy yt O ' V i»W4vi« C -»c» Decatur, Georoia ' ■ ■.■•■: ■, -- ' • ' ;? J., a ' Wi; - ' •■■

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