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Slipped Through .h. Door ' HandcFs " Mcssiah " G Presentation Tonight, STETSON EDirma CLASS DeLand Dear Class: CONGRATULATIONS on doing a fine job yesterday as editors-for-lhe-day of the Sun News. ST. JOHNS SAM. Hatters Blast FSU 1 70-61 In Overtime In keeping with the Christmas ilee Clubs and Orchestra will pr« viessiah, " tonight at 8:00 and Sundi eth Hall auditorium under the dl ' if fin. Homecoming To Start Maynard, Byars Eke Out Narrow Victories In Homecoming Elections I Weekend Progran Hatters Tramp Announced Today Eakin,Wimer£ By DOT BALLENTINE Jordan Maynard eked out a narrow victory over Charlie Doll loff for Homecoming Mayor last Friday while " Skippy " IjQf Welcome Back Alumni n. Beat Presbyte OS. fo Pete Peterson, Fred a P.ait " _Iuesday night as t Honori-apg JVe " " |NeW " sweek Carries Seasofl | ' ' lOpen WemfcewAtrho..; Science Photo By Green r tm ' Hatter I : ' i?i ' C ' ' apei " Fior J, " " Tf. " " ' el ' Z y I Dr. Winchester orer le January 6 issue of i Greer: ' °f th carries a pliotogiaph 50-3g ' ■ executing a perfect leap aiici rain has bep.n.. ' " Srapi ' eJ- s- er 8, 9, and 10 by the Stove ' ' » lusic Fesi Stetson Symphony To Present Initial Concert January 2 |20OiitSSiidiii Students Selected Monday, Tuesday TK Qtatann Svmohony Orche Soda Shop Mural Near Completion The Stetson Art Department has inaugurated a program call " art Rat Week Is Great f tetson Will Q. Success According D ' ' e Conf erei, John B str iO UpperClaSSmen Friday, November 18, 194 Fighting Hatter Homecoming Th Visitors from Mars could,} dropped out of space onto our ! son campus and never been not ithis week. The wierd creat Thp ten ni,ti..„ J. Jbich did appear were not str; .eJomSnSi ' omen " ' " ' " ' ' ' ' ' - --« " " " versify will » Tamr TrST An enthusiastic home Hatter eleven fail to " Shi: " " resbyterian College gave • ' rial StPi ' Night; Dvae Conje f - RoUins Battle Ends Season F ReUgious Emphasis Week Scheduled University Buys JANNUAL RI February 13-16; Seminars to be Held Si! " S,S F_ J TONIGHT IN The campus vill observe a special program during the week of.Woip! sSctTZroL t ' ' . r tonight winds up 1- 1- t. _- iporfc,! " ■ ' ' - " ' ° approval by the! rRcltorc qc th» v imirnf ! Club inday he Stetson University ndel ' s oratorio, " The lOon at 3 :30 in Eliza- of Prof. Harold M. Ye Mystic Krewe Taps Nine Men; New Members Outstanding in Campus Activities; Members Now Total 17 Marks RH Fay Mancino -.... FS Bryson BEAT ROLUNS By TED GRISSETT i6f — -■=iiii:£__ta| eri nine s truest In Theft, " Today " ■: " - ---- gj ' e l d nine new men last Monday and -- captain of the Krewe, Fred j " T - •- " ' nibert were tors 57-53; Seventeen Each and Don Eakin spelled ' Hatte m Hatters trounced the Florid Lipton Concert jPan.Jf n Opens Annual JJfarfo On ' Artist Series ' p- " Pe ' Unp n Elizabeth Hall was the seen many new formats and tuxec, ' said some o£ the words ■ ' ' 00 gi , liday ' Festivities Uegm Today By BARBARA BKUNDAGE ' Ox ' That is not said right, " said the caterpillar. g " Not quite right, I ' m afraid, ' ' h affo-j ' Alice timldlv « ' ' ended ,he • • • • • il to beJPresented in Daytonajonight Pi Kappa Phi Wins Intramural Dean Hudson And Orchestra Football Crown Without a Blemish Present ' Moonlight Serenade By JACK GRIFFITH ATI Af ' nrh The final game is over in the touch football series a At Air BaSe lOniOrrOW lllgn en lWs 14-12 Christmas Presentation of Little Theatre rowd saw a fighting Stetson To Include Two Plajs Bj ChaHes Dicken ih . ' ?. P° ' " ' " c ' f " ,! ' ■ ' ' ' • Christmas hoi- 1 many at this time of the year when i generosity ors the decision last saturaay j season " nproaches. there are the spirit if_,?iving and brother- neglected ite 3 Men To Each Girl On Campi |j , _ " " ' ' ' ■ - " ase you have, wondered where all the people " F ■ _ [t lCn, T rk l I ' " ' " 0 " lines, in the downtown restaurai W-M g-fc I ' T Zk ' B d • - ' " CCtt (places, you may be interested to know the nailer Wg,w , ; RY RENEWED Stetson l95o ,LANDO . fy FRED nscHER Ml« Mary Ethel Gilbert ,nw „ ' ' FISCHER 9 football season for the Stctsc " ,- we ch ,3 U JJ.The chucKles and guffaws Orlando wav to tangle with t dav „i„..., " ' " the Haffo. ir... — . v.oe .., i.zz... .. - t Commons laces, you .. fnts this year ; 1-..... ' . (C— ■- igieciea ana aouseu. . I " The Cricket On The Campus le people are coming restaurants, and var- know there aren ' t as lines, in the downtown restaurants, and var- may be interested to know there aren ' t as r as last year. Official figures from Registrar Kvvp ' c ffw- . inHirate enrollment stands at 1828 for the Something New Is Coming; I Ring Theatre Opens Monday By FRED FISCHER London Mayfai.- set is madly r.The chiir ki c o j „..,-, .. passionatelv in invo f,,.. „„ I London Mayl„.. o.. ,» ,„auij excit-| ' ' °° , ' ® ' - ' ' " ' ° ' « fo " " an SfeteoB QjnWeftsitij stetson University 3 4369 00465304 1 JQH DO NOT REMOVE FROM LIBRARY TET O P R E J E N T 5 Barbara Brundage- Editor • Bruce Perkins- Business Manager A YEAR IN STETSON ' S CLASSIC HALLS AND TEMPLES " aljear . tma iv later, imite uaoi cnilat ' en ,« Ljiaatu we areet thee, altoaetker tovetu J- eace r e within thu classic halti and temples, J4ail, Jilma I v later dear! cJjear inia ft later, enderlu thu cliildren! Leather, and brina to tltee cjrciciouS Salutations; { omradeS, m uour voices lift once aaain in chorus, . J ail, Ima iv later dear. FOOD! (IT SEZ HERE) I WATCH IT. BOYS OR GIRLS? A LONG WALK ON A RAINY DAY (Hm m a THE CUTE ONES LIVE HERE MEET YOU AT EIGHT mmw ' iJSSSkiMt BSSS : .Jtii ' ■ 1 CAN ' T YOU WHISPER? FURLONGS FANCY WHERE THE GREEKS GATHER IT ' S CURTAIN TIME l em a ifi ' J. OLLIE EDMUNDS, M.A., LL.B., LL.D., A graduate of this university who, in his two years as president, has been building a greater Stetson to prepare students for mtelhgent participation in a com- plex world. Dr. Edmunds is more than a college executive — he has the interest in this university ' s young people and activities and the proud enthusiasm possible only to an alumnus. We gratefully dedicate our 1950 Hatter to our presi- dent and our friend. . . . _Xfn institution is the lenatnened naaoiv of- ' one man Jau ei The lengthened shadow ... of its own graduate. The NEW Law School, on a campus of its own, in a world of its own, with a national reputation for pro- ducing lawyers that are among the top. Birmnr ' Tv sB aan i maKLXf i olleae of rJLaw 4 Aohn (13, tets on L lniuerdit LEMUEL A. HASLUP, DEAN 1950 marks the fiftieth anniversary of Stetson ' s College of Law, established in 1900 and now regarded as one of the finest law colleges in the south. For many years the College of Law occupied a part of Science Hall. Several years ago, however, because of the larger enrollment of students, it was moved to the former athletic office building of ihe Naval Air Station. The College of Law is a member of the Association of American Law Schools and is approved by the Council of Legal Education of the American Bar Association. Its purpose is to give to young men and women the training and instruction that will qualify them for active duties m the office and courtroom. A high conception of the ethics of the legal profession and the citizenship responsibilities of the profession is stressed. CUHTIS HOWES A w r LONG A JORDAN RI CHARDSC N JERNIGAN WILSON — A W RAY JORDAN Law Librarian A BRU A CE W ssociat LONG e Profes or of Lo ' w Y DR. CLIFFORD CRANDALL Visiting Professor cf Law JAMES R. RICHARDSON Associate Professor of Law HARVEY I. JERNIGAN Instructor in Law DR. JAMES R. WILSON Visiting Professor of Law DR. LEONARD I. CURTIS Visiting Professor of Law DR. ROY F. HOWES Pr-iessor of Lav GRADUATION EXERCISES Wi V ' MK ' ' I E PHH W ' 3m m . t - ■ V t4 fe « W=! m ■st» ' |u l»:- ' J X » ft? %■ tSJ- »! L A E FIRST ROW JUSTIN JAMES ALBAUGH: St. Petersburg; president Methodist Student Movement, secretary Tnomcis Law Club, clerk Phi Alpha Delta — GERALD A. ARNOWITT: Tampa; Thomas Law Club, Phi Delta Phi — HAROLD M. BEARDALL: Orlando; Phi Alpha Delta, social vice-president Phi Alpha Delta — BERREIN H. BECKS — HARRY DOUGLAS BOSWELL: Columbus. Ga North Carolina; Phi Delta Phi — LOUIS C. DEAL; St. Petersburg; Delta Sigma Phi, president Delta Sigma Phi, inter-traternity coun- cil, president inter-fraternity council. Rules and Procedure Com- mittee, Phi Society, Scroll and Key, Phi Alpha Theta, Ye Mystic Krewe, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Honor Court, president junior law class, Thomas Law Club. FOURTH ROW SECOND ROW RAWDON E. BRADLEY: Lake Wales; Sigma Nu, Phi Delta Phi — JOSEPH GUERRY CAMP: Ormond Beach; Phi Delta Phi — JAMES D. CAPPA: Plant City; Phi Alpha Delta, Thomas Law Club — W. H. CARMINE, JR.: Fort Myers; treasurer Student Bar Asso- ciation, magister of Phi Delta Phi — MARION A. CARSON: Lyond, Ga. ORVILLE DEGERNESS: DeLand; master of ritual Delta Theta Phi BILLY DRIVER: Clearwater; Phi Alpha Delta — JAMES R. DURDON: Daytona Beach; president Young Democrats: vice- president Young Democrats, president senior class Icrw school, treasurer Phi Alpha Delta, justice Phi Alpha Delta, Thomas Law Club, Phi Alpha Theta — LLOYD B. FORTNER: Pickens, South Carolina; Phi Alpha Delta — ROBERT McKERNESS FOSTER, JR.: West Palm Beach; Phi Delta Phi, president International Rela- tions Club. THIRD ROW FIFTH ROW MICHAEL J. CASALE: Williamsport, Pennsylvania — WILLOUGH- BY T. COX: Orlando; Stray Greeks, X Club, president X CluLi, Social vice-president Phi Alpha Delta — JOSEPH J. DAVIES: St. Petersburg; Sigma Nu, intramural manager and sentinel Sigma Nu, Phi Alpha Delta, Chapman Law Club, treasurer Chapman Law Club, Florida State Bar Association, student advisor. Young Democrats, Stetson Veterans ' Association, busi- ness manager Stetson Quarterly — BRUCE H. DAVIS: Lexington, IRVIN FRANK, JR.: Fort Pierce; Phi Delta Phi — FRED A. GERAMONOS: DeLand; Inter-Fraternity Council, vice-president Inter-Fraternily Council, Delta Sigma Phi, president, vice-presi- dent, sergeant at arms in Delta Sigma Phi, International Relations Club, Intra-murals manager, Thomas Law Club, Phi Delta Phi — HARRISON D. GRIFFIN: DeLand; Sigma Nu, Phi Delta Phi, Dela Phi, Adelphos Society, Little Theater — MARVENE ALLEN- BY GORDON — LEO W. HALEY: DeLand; Phi Alpha Delta. PEPPER AND COMPANY OBJECTION OVERRULED ALBAUGH ARNOWITT BEARDALL BECKS BOSWELL BRADLEY CAMP CAPPS CARMINE CARSON CASALE COX DAVIES DAVIS DEAL DEGERNESS DRIVER DURDON FORTNER FOSTER FRANK GEROMANOS GRIFFIN GORDON HALEY HENDRIX HERCE HEVEK HORNSBY INGRAM INMAN JACOBS JACOBSON KARL KNOWLES KOEHLER LEE LENCZYK LePLA McKEHNA McKEOWN MULLIS NICHOLSON PARKS PATRICK PEARCE PEEL PENLAND PEHKINSON RIBAUDO LAW S E FIRST ROW FRANK H. HENDRIX: Winter Taven: Delta Sigma Phi, secretary and pledge master Delta Sigma Phi, Scroll and Key, secretary and president Scroll and Key, Phi Society, president Phi Society, Phi Alpha Delta, Phi Alpha Theta, Thomas Law Club — MARIO N. HERCE: Key West; Thomas Law Club: secretary Thomas Law Club HUBERT H. HEVEY, JR. — JAMES RUSSEU HORNSBY: Davenport: Press Club, " S " Club, varsity football, Sigma Nu, De- bate Club, Thomas Law Club, Delta Theta Phi PORTER W. INGRAM: New Smyrna Beach: Sigma Nu. SECOND ROW JACK C. INMAN: DeLand; Pi Kappa Phi, secretary and president Pi Kappa Phi, Phi Alpha Theta, International Relations Club, president International Relations Club, Ye Mystic Krewe, Band, social vice-president Student Bar Association — JOSEPH C. JACOBS: DeLand; Phi Alpha Delta DONALD C. JACOBSON: DeLand: Dela Theta Phi — FREDERICK B. KARL: Daytona Beach; Sigma Nu, Ye Mystic Krewe, Phi Alpha Delta, Inter-Fraternity Council, Veterans ' Organization, honor court justice, Newman Club — PHILLIP LAMARR KNOWLES: Bonifay; editor Stetson Re- porter, commander Stetson Veterans ' Association, Phi Alpha Delta, Delta Sigma Phi, Ye Mystic Krewe, Chapman Law Club, secre- tary Delta Sigma Phi, secretary-treasurer Stetson Press Associa- tion, corresponding secretary Phi Alpha Delta, secretary Stetson Bar Association. THIRD ROW THOMAS A. KOEHLER: DeLand; Honor Court, Phi Delta Phi, ROBERT WILSON LEE: Orlando — FREDERICK HENRY LENZYK: DeLand: Phi Alpha Delta, treasurer Phi Alpha Delta, vice-president senior class — JOSEPH H. LePLA: Palatka; Phi Delta Phi — FRANCIS X. McKEHNA: St. Albans, N. Y.; president senior class, president junior class. FOURTH ROW HONORE S. McKEOWN: West Palm Beach; Delta Theta Phi, Inter-fraternity Council - CLAUDE L. MULLIS: JacksonviUe; Delta Sigma Phi, historian Delta Sigma Phi, Phi Delta Phi, historian Phi Delta Phi, Ye Mystic Krewe, boastwain Ye Mystic Krewe, editor Stetson Reporter, Inter-fraternity Council, president and treasurer Inter-fraternity Council, vice-president sophomore class, social vice-president student body. Press Club, treasurer Press Club, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, Student Library Committee — EARL G. NICHOLSON: DeLand; Kappa Kappa Psi, Delta Sigma Phi, corresponding secre- tary Delta Sigma Phi, Phi Alpha Delta, clerk Phi Alpha Delta — BEN PARKS: Lakeland; Pi Kappa Delta, Phi Alpha Delta, Pi Kappa Alpha - ROY REX PATRICK: St. Petersburg; Delta Sigma Phi, sergeant-at-arms and house manager Delta Sigma Phi, Phi Alpha Delta, Phi Alpha Theta. FIFTH ROW RICHARD WARREN PEARCE — JOSEPH A. PEEL, JR.: West Palm Beach; Delta Sigma Phi, president Delta Sigma Phi, Interfrater- nity Council, freshman advisor. Student Bar Association, Thomas Law Club, Legal Interfraternity Council, Phi Alpha Delta, Inter- national Relations Club, business staff Stetsonian, publicity com- mit ' ee Studet Government Association, Rules and Procedure Com- mittee, Veterans ' Association, president Veterans ' Association — PERRY PENLAND: Tampa; Chapman Law Club, Associate Justice Honor Court, Chief Justice Honor Court, Vice Dean Delta Theta Phi, Dean Delta Theta Phi, Grievance Committee, Student Bar Association, Ye Mystic Krewe — STANLEY C. PERKINSON: St. Petersburg; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Delta Theta Phi — PETER T. RIBAUDO, JR.: DeLand. HASHING IT OVEH STUDY HOUR L A E FIRST ROW ROBERT A. RICKEY: Owego, New York; business manager of Stetso n Reporter, business manager of Hatter, Delta Theta Phi legal Iraternitv, press club — R. K. ROBERSON: DeLand — CHARLES A. ROBINSON, JR.: St. Petersburg; Phi Alpha Delta — HERMAN SALTZMAN: DeLand; Secretary Treasurer of Thomas Law Club, President of Thomas Law Club. SECOND ROW SMITH SANBORN: DeLand — WILLIAM SINGLETON, JR.; De- Land: debate team. Pi Kappa Delta, degree of special distinction in debating, Phi Delta Phi, president student bar association, president Thomas Law Club -- GLENN BRYAN SMITH, JR. — STEVE STEPHENS: Jacksonville; Delta Sigma Phi, Phi Delta Phi — PAUL T. DOUGLAS: Lake Worth. THIRD ROW HARRISON C. THOMPSON: Daytona Beach; swimming inslruc tor, Phi Delta Phi MAURICE WAGNER: DeLand — WILBUR R. WARD: Bradenton; Pi Kappa Alpha, Delta Theta Phi --- CHARLES H. WARWICK: West Palm Beach — WAYNE W. WEST: DeLand. MOCK TRIAL " GENTLEMEN OF THE BAR " RICKEY ROBERSON ROBERTS ROBINSON SALTZMAN SANBORN SINGLETON SMITH STEPHENS DOUGLAS THOMPSON WAGNER WARD WARWICK WEST THE GRIND, HASLUP VERSION S IE C Y EAR LAW James Nelson Baynard Uriel Blount, Jr. Marion Adair Carson Michael Casale Jefferson W. Clark William Fletcher Cox Bruce H. Davis John H. Evans Irving M. Felder Gordon Victor Frederick Curtis B. Goff W. B. Gochenour William H. Green Royce R. Lewis Glen W. Martin Johnie Allen McLeod Wm. McGiliray Morrison, Jr. Marvin S. Nemark Robert Edwin Powers Paul Jones Stewart John Aaron Sutton Edward J. Trotter Robert W. Wilson Victor Hugo Wright BAYNARD BLOUNT CARSON CASALE CLARK r 1 c a cox DAVIS EVANS FELDEH FREDERICK GOFF GOCHENOUR GREEN LEWIS MARTIN c? ,D ,r f? i B I ' - ' Oi I I •.- i(l_ - = McLEOD MORRISON NEWMARK POWERS STEWART SUTTON TROTTER WILSON WRIGHT r . ■, i-.r »!. F T YEAR LAW Russell Benton Margaret Berg Gerald Stanley Berkell John Ingram Berry John Wesley Booth Ernest Mark Breed Ouitmon Brown Douglas Mayo Carlton Julian Griffin Clark Mack N. Cleveland, Jr. Jennings Bryan Cromartie Kenneth C. Cross, Jr. Wayne Willard Cutler Harold Anthony Drees George B. Everett W. Richard Every Frank Fernandez Alex D. Finch Ronald Joseph Fruda Sam Goodfriend Cliff Byrd Gosney, Jr. John Lewis Graves Walker S. Green Gale Kensington Greene Lillian Elizabeth Grubbs • N BENTON BERG BERKELL BERRY BOOTH -O BREED BROWN CARLTON CLARK CLEVELAND CROMARTIE CROSS OUTLER DREES EVERETT -.i O iR o c» f) EVERY FERNANDEZ FINCH FRUDA 300DFRIEND V iMA ' lllm l, GOSNEY GRAVES 3REEN 3REENE GRUBBS IF II K S T EAR LAW Leon John Heintz Juney Roy Hill Charles Richard Hillman Frederick Harold Hope, Jr. LeRoy Erreth Kennedy John B. Kirkpatrick Fred R. Langford John Henry Leafhen William Shelton Metcalf Vincent Nuccio George Pallotto Harry C. Panos Salvatore Vincent Passafiume Robert L. Rowe, Jr. Frank P. Savoldi Charles Van Sikes Lloyd Anderson Smith Steve Stratford Don Ray Warren Bailey M. Welden John Lile Williams, Jr. Jack Woodson Winfree HEINTZ HILL HILLMAN HOPE KENNEDY KIRKPATHICK LANGFORD LEATHEN METCALF NUCCIO PALLOTTO PANOS PASSAFIUME ROWE SAVOLDI SIKES SMITH STRATFORD 4v o ■ , o p ( L ' Zl J ' --. ■ « ! »►• • ' W wJR r W i 1 CHAIPMIAN AND THOMAS LAW CLUBS The Chapman and Thomas Law Clubs were organized under the sponsorship of two distinguished graduates of the College of Lav These clubs develop in the members the faculty for oral expression and the skill of legal argu- mentation. This is fostered by a system of practice and criticism. Membership is open to all students in the College of Law. CHAPMAN LAW CLUB: President, Glen W. Martin; Vice-President, Margaret Berg; Secretary-Treasurer, Lillian E. Grubbs. Other members include Earnest M. Breed, W. A. Brown, Ben Carson, Julian Clark, James M. Cole, Harold A. Drees, Billy Driver, Charles Hillman, Curtis Goff, Louis Kurz, Jr., Fred Longford, Johnnie McLeod, Bill Metcalf, George Pallotto, Leo Pollack, J. C. Reed, Ben Sidwell, Charles V. Sikes, Paul J. Stewart, John R. Wood, Robert Rowe. THOMAS LAW CLUB: President, Herman Saltzman; Vi:e-President, James N. Baynard; Secretary, Frank Regano; Treasurer, Sam Goodfriend; Personal Relations, George Reed. Other members include Justin Albaugh, Gerald Arno- witt, J. C. Bodiford, Earl C. Branning, E. A. Brown, Douglas M. Carlton, Michael Casale, Francis J. Christie, Jennings B. Cromartie, Alex Finch, Ronald Fruda, Truman E. Garson, Mario N. Herce, Edward J. Kwiathowski, Al Lennie, Marvin Newmark, Ben Parks, Bob Powers, Frank Regano, David M. Rouse, Frank Savoldi, Bill Singleton, jack W. Winfree. ALBAUGH ARNOWITT BAYNARD CASALE WINFREE HEHCE NEWMARK PARKS CROMARTIE FINCH FRUDA GOODFRIEND POWERS SAVOLDI SINGLETON PRESIDENT ARNOWITT TIHIIE STUIDENT BAR The purpose of the Student Bar Association is to provide a unified organization of students enrolled in the College of Law, with a view toward maintaining a closer relationship among students of the various classes and between the individual and the administration. The Association attempts to promote the interests of the students individually and collectively, and to provide a measure of self-government for the members of the law school. It consists of the entire membership of the law school and seeks to develop an atmosphere of cooperation and better understanding among students and faculty. The ofiicers of the Student Bar are as follows: Gerald Arnowitt, President; Arthur Grant, Vice-President; Glen Martin. Social Vice-President; Viiginialee Culbreth, Secretary; and Uriel Blount, Treasurer, HI K COUIRT The purpose of the Honor Court is to promote on effective educational campaign against forces which are beneath the dignity of the law and the position which the law occupies in the American form of government. The Honor Court serves as a court for the trial of infractions and the recommendation of punishment in cases of guilt. The court consists of seven justices, two of which are from the freshman class, two from the junior class, and three from the senior class. The chief justice, head of the Honor Court, is elected from the seven justices. CHIEF JUSTICE PENLAND The Honor Court this year is led by Chief Justice Perry Penland. Other justices, representatives from each of the classes, are Earl Nicholson. Rondo Sullivan, Glen Martin, Irving Felder. Andrew Kay. and Lloyd Mosely. E L T A T HI IE T A IP HI ATIONAL LEGAL FRATERNIT FULLER WARREN SENATE The National Senate of Delta Theta Phi Law Fraternity founded in 1913 has as its objects: to unite fraternally congenial students of law; to lead them and their fellow students to high scholarship and legal learning; to pro- mote justice; to inspire respect for the noblest qualities of manhood; and to advance the interests of every college of law with which the fraternity is associated. The officers of the Stetson chapter are as follows: Dean, Perry Penland; Vice Dean, Francis McKenna; Clerk of Rolls, Walter Folkes; Clerk of Exchequer, Victor Wright; Bailiff, John R. Sutton; Master of Ritual, Ben Willmott; and Tribune, Glen Martin. The faculty advisor is J. R. Richardson. I. R. RICHARDSON VICTOH WRIGHT FRANCIS McKENNA PERRY PENLAND JOHN R. SUTTON GLEN MARTIN BEN WILLMO TT 26 CASALE DEGERNESS FELDER FREDERICK FRUDA GOFF GREEN HORNSBY JACOBSON McKENNA McKEOWN PENLAND RICKEY SUTTON SUTTON FINCH WILLIAMS WILLMOTT WRIGHT MARTIN ' • r- M: 1 1% i A INN TIERNATIONAL LEGAL FRATERNITY IPIHIII DELTA PHI Phi Delta Phi was founded on December 13, 1869, at the Uni- versity of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan. It thus became the first legal, as well as the first professional, fraternity to be founded in the United States. The fraternity has strived con- stantly to promote a higher standard of professional ethics in law schools and the profession at large. The Stetson chapter was formally installed on December 5, 1947, after its petition was accepted by the National Convention in September, 1947. ' Ihe officers are William Carmine, Magister; Wayne West, Exchequer; Thomas Koehler, Clerk; and Charles Warwick, Historian. WEST KOEHLEB 28 IP HI IE IL T A IP HI m . a a iik i t . ■ I 1 t V % lf, V " -N o ■ ' ' 4 my 1 N {!N -« 55, f. £ri ls ARNOWITT SINGLETON CAMP GEROMANOS KRICHER NUCCIO WARWICK CARMIB GOCHENOUR KOEHLER PEARCE WEST EVERETT GODBEE LePLA ROBERTS 29 ' .- i NICHOLSON IPIHIII ALPHA DELTA ATIONAL LEGAL FRATERNIT The purpose of Phi Alpha Delta is to encourage scholarship, to promote the discussion of legal subjects, to effec- tuate fellowship and to foster the high ideals of the legal profession. Past officers were James Durden, justice; Charles Robinson, vice-justice; Willoughby Cox, second vice-justice; Earl Nicholson, clerk; Frederick Lenezyk, treasurer; John Burton, marshal; Leo W. Haley, corresponding secretary. Officers recently elected are Robert W. Wilson, justice; John Burton, vice-justice; William Green, second vice- justice; H. Knox Bettinghouse, clerk; Uriel Blount, Jr., treasurer; Rex Patrick, marshal; and Claude Stonemetz, corre- sponding secretary. Harvey J. Jernigan is the faculty advisor. ALBAUGH BLOUNT BOSWELL BAYNARD CAPPS CLAYTON DAVIES DEAL DOSS DHIVEH EVANS rORTNER GORDON GREEN HENDRIX INMAN JACOBS KARL KENNEDY KIRKPATRICK KNOWLES MILLER PATRICK PEEL PIERCE SANBORN Q ,? A ( O O O. L fe CT P A ? , ' V O yj TAl k The lengthened shadow ... of a i great leader. Administration and stu- ' I dent officers working together to form a background for a better university! J SV 4V V V-h. v5. v-C ' - ? U - 1 ■ c ' - - THE GRAND OLD MAN OF STETSON . . . eie portals leit u oti HL M. m in is tret lion DR. HARRY C. GARWOOD Dean of the School of Liberal Arts BENSON W. DAVIS Dean of Men ETTER M. TURNER Dean of Women EDWARD C. FURLONG Director of the School oi Business DR. W. HUGH McENIHY. JR. Chairman oi the Graduate Council M wm- ««i«.-. ■ ' - ,i | H HP V: ' vHHH| H H M M DH. WILLIAM E. DUCKWITZ Dean of the Music School BARBARA ROW£ Registrar CARL H. JOHNSON Director of Men ' s Dormitories w ■ 1 ' HHI H FLORENCE CAIN News Bureau Assistant CLIFFORD B. ROSA Bursar JOHN BS LIBRARIANS THE FREUNDS AND FRIEND TETSON ' S FACULTY (0«h- ij««- EZRA ALLEN Visiting Professor of Biology ELIZABETH AUTREY Assistant Professor of Physical KENNETH L. BALLENGER Associate Professor of Voice HOWARD L. BATESON Professor of Modern Languages C. A. BERGSTRESSER Assistant Professor of Mathematic WILLIAM BREWSTER SUSIE BELLOWS Instructor in Business Administration Associate Professor of Elemenlaryj Education J. RAY CABLE Professor of Economics RANDOLPH L. CARTER Professor of Education JOHN F. CONN Professor of Chemistry HELEN ALLINGER Professor of Organ FLORENCE BAKER Bnltain Hall Hostess B. F. EZELL Professor of Psychiology RICHARD C. BRAND Professor of Speech FRANCES BUXTON Professor of Violii HARRY E. CALDWELL Assistant Professor of Psychologyi R. E. CLARK Professor of Sociology POPE A. DUNCAN Professor of Religion RICHARD M. FEASEL Director of Ihe Band GERTRUDE H. FOSTER Associate Professor of Spanish DOROTHY L. FULLER Associate Professor of Bioloqy BYRON H. GIBSON Professor of Enalisfi VIRGINIA E. GRIFFIN Assistant Professor of Speech JANIE GOOLSBY Assistant Professor of Art VERONICA D. GOVE Associate Professor of Public School AROLD M. GRIFFIN Music Glee Clubs Director J. HARRISON GRIFFIN Christian Education Department ANN RICHARDSON HAYS Assistant Professor of Physical Education lOHN HICKS Professor of English ETHEL M. FISHER Instructor in Piano VIOLET L. ERASER Assistant Professor of Piano PAUL H. FULLER Associate Professor of Se. and B.A. W. S. CORDIS Professor Emeritus of Greek WILLIAM H. GREEN Purchasing Agent EDITH HARVEY Professor of Art ESTHER M. HICK Assistant Professor of Physical Education WITH THE COMMON MAN THE LIFE OF A PHYS ED TEACHER STARTING YOUNG THE FACULTY AT LEISUR E TETSON ' S FACULTY H. W. HUHT Professor of Education GEORGE L. JENKINS Associate Professor of Pliysics GILBEIT L. LYCAN Professor of Mathematics MARY NELLE MARTIN Circulalion Librarian ELOISE NEWELL Assistant Professor of Physical Education MAXINE L. PATTERSON Assistant Professor of Secretarial Science CHARLES E. IRONSIDE Visitina Professor of Economics SARA S. JERNIGAN Professor of Physical Education ELEANOR LEEK Associate Professor of Cello | MARY TRIBBLE LOWRY Assistant Professor of English JOHN McALISTER Associate Professor in Piano WILLIAM YOUNG MICKLE Professor of Accounting QUINCY T. NELSON Postmistress LILLIAN PRESTON Instructor in Speech MARY T. PRICHARD Instructor in English ff—- ' iLf i V$k ' - • y ' %-««• f " V f ELMER C. PRICHARD FRANCES C. THORNTON A Associate Professor of Biology Professor of French Vlsi OHN T. RHETT LEONARD G. TOMPKINS W% . Visiting Professor of History Professor of Chemistry JUTH M. RICHARDSON Instructor in Voice FRANK R. TUBBS Associate Professor of EngUsh THOMAS A. WHITENER Director of Admissions SAY V. SOWERS Professor of Education LAWRENCE O. VICKERS Instructor in Sociology SAMUEL WILCOX Associate Professor of Economics LEO SPURRIER Professor of Accounting CHARLOTTE L. VAUGHEN Instructor in German MINNIE ELLA WILLIAMS Instructor in English [RVING C. STOVER Professor of Speech JOHN V. VAUGHEN Professor of Chemistry A. M. WINCHESTER Professor of Biology f. BLANFORD TAYLOR Director of News Bureau O. LAFAYETTE WALKER Professor of Religion HARRY S. WINTERS Professor of History and Pohtical Science OUR OWN ITURBIS K TIHIE STUDENT BOD IFF ICE RONALD SPENCER BETTY CLAMP Social Vice-PresidenI Vice-President HARRY HINCKLEY GEORGE EVERETT Treasurer President BETTY FLOHY Secretary CLAMP EVERETT 1 V •1 -« ifii 1 : 1% m ' H 17, ' Mh . ■ V. . . 1 it f i « i i yy ficerA of ne y otteae oj- oLioerat .-Arfti BILL WHITMIRE President JEAN MAXCY Vice-President LOIS BERLIN Secret ary DICK ROSE Treasurer Kyj-f-iceri of K olleae at- dSuiineiA BILL WEST President BETTY WOOD MOORE . . . Vice-President SUE BRANNON Secretary WOODY MABRY Treasurer KyfficerS of ne i olieae of ivlusic JAMES PERDUE President NANCY WILLIAMS Vice-President ELWYN BROWN Secretary JOE COURSON Treasurer JACK COLDIRON . Freshman Representative LOIS NEWELL, President TIHIE WOMEN ' S COUNCIL THE OFFICERS: Lois Newell, President; Margaret Reichter, Vice-President; Marilyn Purvis. Secretary; Barbara Baker, June CoEsin, Virginialee Culbrsth, Gloria Kline, Judy Finne, Carol lean Hale, Jimmie Nell Fleming, Betty Land, Betty Ivey, and Lucy Bishop. d rittain J ali (council Members of the house council ore: Tommy Braddock, Presi- dent; Annette Wilcox, Secretory; Polly Craig, Social Chairman; lo Ann Ederington, and Bettina Bryan . own L irid i ouncci Members of the council are: Laura Jean Selec- man. President; Tommie Tomlinson, Vice-Pres- ident; Delores Grey, Secretary-Treasurer; Clifta Ann Rohde, Room Chairman; Winifred Wigle, Publicity Chairman; and Bette Brewin, BarBara Brundage, Justine Vaughen, Vivien Dreggors. Juanita Hansen, and Margee Willis. LAURA JEAN SELECMAN stetson J aii ..J ouSe Officers of the house council include: Lucy Bishop, President Betty Clamp, Vice-President Ruth Mary Dixon, Secretary Lenora Williams, Treasurer; and Jewell Johnston, Social Chair- man. Other members of the council are: Nancy Theriot, Bar- bara Jean Smith, Barbara Phil- lips, Jane Jackson, Betty Flippo, and Miladine Ward. ti The lengthened shadow . . . where it begins. Four hundred freshmen enter- ing college. There ' ll be some changes made! .. ; ' c Tr THE FRESHMAN FIRST ROW Norman Aberts, Jr., Joyce Abrahamson, George Ackroyd III, John Adamo, Frank Anderson, John Ard, Marion Ayers, Alice E. Aylward. SECOND ROW Vaughn Aylward, Anita Baars, Helen J. Bagwell, J. Edwin Bailey, Floyd B. Baker, William L. Baker, Carolyn M. Baltzer, Barbara Y. Barnes. THIRD ROW H. Lorraine Barrington, Verna Barrington, Betty Jo Batton, L. Lamar Batts, Helen Baxter, Otis H. Beeler, Jr., Gerald H. Benjamin, Charles E. Bennett. FOURTH ROW Jack P. Benson, William F. Bethea, Robert Bissell, Suzanne Blow, Sarah Jane Bodge, Stanley Joy Bodner, Dorothy F. Bohren, D. Aaron Bonnell, Jr. FIFTH ROW Frances M. Boston, Nita C. Botts, Paul F. Bowers, Arthur H. Boyd, William Boyd, Kennon Boyette, Wil- liam Brocewell, Tommie Braddock. ABERTS ABRAHAMSON ACKROYD ADAMO ANDERSON ARD AYERS AYLWARD AYLWARD BAARS BAGWELL BAILEY BAKER BAKER BALTZER BARNES BARRINGTON BARRINGTON BATTON BATTS BAXTER BEELER BENJAMIN BENNETT BENSON BETHEA BISSELL BLOW BODGE BODNER BOHREN BONNELL BOSTON BOTTS BOWERS BOYD BOYD BOYETTE BRACEWELL BRADDOCK 48 A FIRST ROW Mary ]o Braddy, Madelyne Brady, R. J. Brady, Wil- liam Braunworth, Nancy Brenner, Lois Brewer, Robert Brisson, James Brooks. SECOND ROW Margie Brooks, Jeannette Brown, Samuel Brown, Mary Bryan, Mary Sue Buchanan, Peter Paul Bukur, Barry Bunch, Mike Bundrick. THIRD ROW Geraldine Burgess, Geraldine Burnett, Edward Burney, Robert Burns, Marcia Burris, Maxine Joyce Buzzell, Kenneth Campbell, Edwin P. Carson. FOURTH ROW Franklin Carter, James Cates, Johanna Mae Cath- cart, Duward Chaffie, Patricia Clark, Bruce Clary, Edwin Clayton, Anne Clements. FIFTH ROW Bernard Cochran, James Colagreco, Jack Coldiron, Lillie Collins, Donald Colwell, Shirley Alice Connell, Lambert G. Constantino, Talmadge Townsend Coogler. BRADDY BRADY BRADY BRAUNWORTH BRENNER BREWER BRISSON BROOKS BROOKS BROWN BROWN BRYAN BUCHANAN BUKUR BUNCH BUNDRICK BURGESS BURNETT BURNEY BURNS BURRIS BUZZELL CAMPBELL CARSON CARTER CATES CATHCART CHAFFIE CLARK CLARY CLAYTON CLEMENTS COCHRAN COLAGRECO COLDIRON COLLINS COLWELL CONNELL CONSTANTINE COOGLER 49 THE FRESHMAN FIRST ROW Nancy Cooke, A. Homer Cooksey, Bette Jane Cope- land, Marilyn Frances Craig, Gary Crawford, Su- sanne Kay Crawford, Robert Credle, Anna May Creese. SECOND HOW William Cuddy, Johanna Dalbo, Watkin Dando, Thelma Jean Dare, Jewell Davis, Mary Davis, Frank Clyde Deen, Turner DeHart. THIRD ROW Mary Elizabeth Delaney, Jeanette DePalma, Russell David Depew, John Milton Dickson, Fay Dietzen, June Ellen Dillard, Madeline Helen Dinkins, Dolores Doty. FOURTH ROW Laureen Douglass, Betty Dury, George Stetson Eddy, John Edwards, Joe C. Elliott, Jean Anne Eriksen, An- thony Fakess, Robert Davis Faulkner. nFTH ROW James Favero, Margaret Feinsod, Hillis Fetter, Van R. Field, Jerome Fine, Ruby Jo Fletcher, William Flow- ers, Charles Flouraker. COOKE COOKSEY COPELAND CRAIG CRAWFORD CRAWFORD CREDLE CREESE CUDDY DALBO DANDO DARE DAVIS DAVIS DEEN DetlART DELANEY DePALMA DEPEW DICKSON DIETZEN DILLARD DINKINS DOTY DOUGLASS DURY EDDY EDWARDS ELLIOTT ERIKSEN FAKESS FAULKNER FAVERO FEINSOD FETTER FIELD FINE FLETCHER FLOWERS FOURAKER 50 CLA FIRST ROW Charles F. Foster, Daris Foy, William Fuller, Robert Garwood, Nicholas George, Alice Giles, Howard Davis Gold, Jimmy Gordon. SECOND ROW Walter Grady, Francis Green, W. D. Griffith, Helen Grimley, Nancy Grissett, James Thomas Hackworth, Teresa Ann Haddock, Betty Gayle Hagood. THIRD ROW John Haile, Nancy Lee Hale, Don William Hall, Vedual Wesley Hamilin, Roy Bendix Hansen, Vernon Burns Hardin, Marjorie Carroll Hart, Eva Dolores Hartshorn. FOURTH ROW Kaye Haynes, Theodore Heisig, Dana Hendricks, Crover Henley, Dorothy Anne Herndon, Edna May Hill, George Thomas Hodges, Howard Hodkins. FIFTH ROW C. W. Holley, Joyce Hollingsworth, Powell Odell Holt, Harry Howard Honsberger, Gere Ilene Howard, Mary Lucille Huff, Dorothy Evelyn Humphries, Jane Pauline Hutton. FOSTER GRADY HAILE HAYNES HOLLEY FOY FULLER GREEN GRIFFITH HALE HALL HEISIG HENDRICKS HOLLINGSWORTH HOLT ii ls ' J h GARWOOD GRIMIEY HAMUN HENLEY HONSBERGER ' ' k O f Oi X ' GEORGE GRISSETT HANSEN HERNDON HOWARD GILES HACKWORTH HARDIN HILL HUFF GOLD HADDOCK HART HODGES HUMPHRIES GORDON HAGOOD HARTSHORN HODKINS HUTTON «:r • ' 4 51 THE PRE A FIRST ROW Martha Elizabeth Ingram, Sol Israel, Carl I. Jackson, Dorothy James, Sandra Jamieson, Otis L. Jarvis, John B. Joerg, Jane Johnson. SECOND ROW Jeane Jones, Ralph M. Julianelle, John Frank Karl, Donal Ray Keen, Eugene L. Kelly, Roy Arnold Ken- nington. Jack Davidson Kern, Era Reed Kerr. THIRD ROW Sara J. Kinard, Ruth Klein, Patty Ann Koch, Demories Ann Krause, Lee W. Kunkel, Laura Lodine Langwish, Mary Ann Lanier, Gordon G. Larkin. FOURTH ROW Dorothy Lastinger, Raymond Lawrence, James Ed- ward Lee, Paul Henry Lee, Wilfred LeVeille, Joseph Peter Lewicke, Carroll E. Lewis, Joyce Laverne Lewis. FIFTH ROW William Eugene Locker, Doris Evelyn Locklair, Phillip H. Logan, Billie Lee Lohman, Edna H. Lowry, Betty Jean Lund, Howard G. Lyster, Rollan H. McCall. INGRAM JONES KINARD LASTINGER LOCKEH ISRAEL JACKSON JULIANELLE KARL KLEIN KOCH LAWRENCE LEE LOCKLAIR LOGAN JAMES KEEN KRAUSE LEE LOHMAN JAMIESON KELLY KUNKEL LeVEILLE LOWRY i i ft lit JARVIS JOERG KENNINGTON KERN LANGWISH LANIER lEWICKE LEWIS LUND LYSTER D c . L i o fb, n JOHNSON KERR LARKIN LEWIS McCALL — i i 52 CILA FIRST ROW Henry Bun McCall III, Jean McCormick, John Milton McCorkle, Bruce McCuUough, Isaac B. McDonald, Bryan McGee, Joan Wilson McLean, Shirley Ann McLin. SECOND ROW Dixie McMillan, Donald W. McMillen, Joan Mace, John Maginder, Tom W. Mahaffey, John Manning, Lillian Marchington, Francis Mark. THIRD ROW Henry Martin, Ronald Martin, Walter Scott Mask, Fred S. Mauk, Mabel Moupin, James P. Medlin, Jerry Frederick Meeks, Betty Merry. FOURTH ROW Edward Michael Meza, George John Michaelos, Emma V. Middleton, Merrilee Ruth Middleton, Doro- thy Virginia Milligan, Carole H. Miller, Frances Miller, Gabriela Luisa Molina. FIFTH ROW Judson Morgan, Edna Marie Morris, Mary Louise Morris, Jackie Murray, Nancy Charlotte Naylor, Charles Coleman Nelson, Joy Nichols, Walter Nichols. McCORMlCK McMILLEN MARTIN MICHAELOS MORRIS McCORKLE MACE MASK MIDDLETON MORRIS McCULLOUGH MAGIHDER MAUK MIDDLETON MURRAY McDonald mahaffey MAUPIN MILLER NAYLOR McGEE MANNING MEDLIN MILLER NELSON McLEAN McLIN MARCHINGTON MARK MEEKS MERRY MILLIGAN MOLINA NICHOLS NICHOLS 53 HE FRESHMAN FIRST ROW Ann Northern, Robert J. O ' Connell, Nancy Osborne, Mary Owens, Dorothy Mae Palmer, Mary Helen Paul, Barbara Jean Peebles, Lorene Perry. SECOND ROW Rachel Perry, Pete Petruska, Joyce Pixley, Charles H. Powers, Willard Pratt, Audrey Marie Price, Guy Priester, Barbara Primm. THIRD ROW Thomas Harold Pulliam, Donald Lyle Pumphrey, Verna Witt Pumphrey, Edward Thomas Quirk, Jean Reed, Cheryl Ann Reese, Margaret Renfroe, Ray- mond Rice. FOURTH ROW William Rice, Mary Jacquelyn Rich, Donald Richard- son, John Rickling, Barbara Robbins, William Rob- erts, George Robinson, Howard Robinson. FIFTH ROW Betty Jean Roe, James Rogers, Loretta Rogers, Shirley Rogers, James Rollins, Faye Root, Nelson Root, Ann Ross. NORTHEBN O ' CONNELL OSBORNE OWENS PALMER PAUL PEEBLES PERRY PERRY PETRUSKA PIXLEY POWERS PRATT PRICE PRIESTER PRIMM PULLIAM PUMPHREY PUMPHBEY QUIRK REED REESE RENFROE RICE HICE RICH RICHARDSON RICKLING ROBBINS ROBERTS ROBINSON ROBINSON ROE ROGERS ROGERS ROGERS ROLLINS ROOT ROOT ROSS 54 CILA FIRST ROW Martin Rossi, William Rowland, Regina Rutishauser, Harry Rutledge, Nancy Rutledge, Lois Ryerson, James Samples, Alfred Sappia. SECOND ROW Daniel Scherr, George Schrieffer, William Scranton, Eileen Selmi, James Semple, James Saymour, Sidney Shatford, Jack Shaw. THIRD ROW Lowell Shaw, Hoke Shirley, George Shriver, John Sible, Helen Sikking, L. G. Simpson, Emory Sims, Cloe Slade. FOURTH ROW Archibald Smith, Horace Smith, Jack Carlton Smith, Melvin Smith, Nancy Elizabeth Smith, Robin Smith, Sidney E. Smith, Wallace Smith. FIFTH ROW Walter Smith, Patricia Snowden, Lottie Ann Sparrow, Mary Hollis Sperry, Vincent Stardick, Rebecca Stalle, Edward Stephany, C. S. Stephens. ROSSI SCHERR SHAW SMITH SMITH ROWLAND SCHRIEFFER SHIRLEY SMITH SNOWDEN RUTISHAUSER SCRANTON SHRIVER SMITH SPARROW RUTLEDGE SELMI SIBLE SMITH SPERRY RUTLEDGE SEMPLE SIKKING SMITH STABDICK RYERSON SEYMOUR SIMPSON SMITH STALLS Jtt i ,f I . s f rr). ■w Q S 55 THiE FRESHMAN CILA FIRST ROW Gordon Stephens, M. F. Stiling, Nancy Stillwell, Frank Stockton, David Stokes, Mickey Stout, Mary Strebel, Thomas Stringer. SECOND ROW Francis SuUivan, Charles Suttles, Kenneth Talbott, Marilyn Talton, James Taveniere, Marilyn Taylor, Tom Tenney, Anne Thompson. THIRD ROW Francis Tobin, Richard Toole, Donald Traeger, Ann Trent, Feggy Tudor, Charles Van Zyverden, Harold Ward, Patricio Ward, Carol Wardwell, Betty Lou Watson, Audrey Webster. FOURTH ROW Jimmy Weller, Rosemary Wetherington, Mary Wharton, Perry Wheeler, Dorothy Wilde, Betty Jane Wilke, Know Henry Wilkinson, Luella Willard, Charles H. Williams. FIFTH ROW Harry G. Williams, William Williams, Thelma Willis, Robert Lee Wilson, Keneth Wing, Stafford Wing, Otha Winningham, George Wolfe, Edgar Leland Wood, Patrick A. Woodward. STEPHENS STILING STILLWELL STOCKTON STOKES SUTTLES TALBOTT TALTON TAVENIERE TAYLOR TRAEGER TRENT TUDOR VanZYVERDEN WARD WEILEH WETHERINGTON WHARTON WHEELER WILDE WILLIAMS WILLIAMS WILLIS WILSON WING WING STOUT STREBEL TENNEY THOMPSON WARD WARDWELL WILKE WILKINSON WINNINGHAM WOLFE STRINGER TOBIN WATSON WILLARD WOOD SULLIVAN TOOLE WEBSTER WILLIAMS WOODWAHI 9- i «- " | » ml ipe s SOME CAR mi ff l SOUP ' S ON 1 - ' ' ' . ' f : :iiiD jBL,j rv r w H ' ' B " " JB L Ell .Pl ■ If I K. Kkt ' LOWLY RATS 1 The lengthened shadow ... of the new athletic program. Football takes the sportlight first — then basketball — then baseball. Everybody loves it. ]N MEMORIAM: TOMMY EWING % • i » ' j;;: THE coachie; BOB TROCOLOR Head Ccach GUS HEMPLEY Line Ccach INSTRUCTORS IN WOMEN ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION WES BERNER Goli » (i BRADY COWELL Director of Athletics PHIL GLANCY Tennis J ' V .,1 1 BWAY GOES ' ' - - GUY GARRETT BILL LANIGAN OLLIE WELCOMES BOB GENE MANCINO BOBBY MARKS RATS IN ATTENDANCE CHARLIE BROADWAY GEORGE EVERETT GET ' IM, GANG! BUDDY LOWE DAVE DEAN Jf If PAUL ODOM WALTER NICHOLS ' T " FOR TROY M: : JIM COLGRECO NEIL NELSON FULMER ARMSTRONG SOL ISRAEL CLARENCE HUGHES THE GLEE CLUBS " ARMY " THROUGH THE MIDDLE lASINSKI ALL THE WAY j,,,,, ! PRESBYTERIAN ON THE WAY BROADWAY GAINS FIVE AS WE GO MARCHING lOE GARROTT WALT JASINSKY CARL SIMMONS RON DE LILLA AL SAPPIA BOBBY WILLIAMS 9 f. ,ii. XM ' mi ' ::. ,;i( _ gl0t mm amtr- ' §m JOE RAFFAELE BILL DUNNE FRED HOGAN AD GILBERT HOW DID SHE GET IN HERE? BOBBY HEADS FOR HOME JACK WOOD NICHOLS GRABS ONE 0« « 2• DICK HENDRY CHUCK PRATT " GO, HATTERS " THE " B " TEAM Stettson ' s B Squad, coached by Nick Triantafellu, Jr., was pret- ty fair in its own right. The baby Hatters played a three- gome schedule, beating Rai- lord State Prison 25-0 in their first game and lieing the pris- on team in their next outing, 26-26. In their only other game the Bees dropped at 27-0 decision to the Rollins Tar- lets. Several of the boys on the squad were promoted to the Varsity after showing up well in these contests. BASKETBALL ROGER HALLE SCORES AL SAPPIA JORDAN MAYNARD STETSON 50 GREEN COVE . 38 STETSON 70 ROLLINS . . . 46 STETSON 58 MIAMI . . . 65 STETSON 61 MIAMI . . . 88 STETSON 51 FLORIDA . . 64 STETSON 63 MIAMI . . . 82 STETSON 85 JAX NAVY . . 88 STETSON 51 F. S. C. , . . 53 STETSON 58 GREEN COVE . 59 STETSON 57 FLORIDA . . 53 STETSON 57 MERCER . . . 64 STETSON 63 TAX NAVY . . 59 STETSON 45 TAMPA . . . 73 STETSON 57 MERCER , . . 62 STETSON 63 ROLLINS . . . 48 STETSON 61 GA. TEACHERS 84 STETSON 59 F. S. C. . . . 50 STETSON 57 ERSKINE . . . 67 STETSON 70 F. S. U. . . . 61 STETSON 68 F. S. U. . . . 74 STETSON 73 TAMPA . . . 65 STETSON 60 WOFFORD . . 76 STETSON 59 GA. TEACHERS 78 BILL BYROM WALT NICHOLS DON EAKIN i WHITEY " ANDERSON JIM TAVENIERE FRED WIMER " PETE " PETERSON MARTY ROSSI THE " BEES " Stetson ' s " B " Squad, Coached by Nick Triantafellu, posted the best record of all Hatter teams to date. The junior hoopsters won 13 and lost 5 during season play . They were the champions of the Daytona Beach Municipal League, defeating Florida Transfer twice to win the title. f m r- ! i MILFORD TALTON HUGH McINNIS Ulility CHARLIE BROADWAY COACH " DOC " JOHNSON BOB OCONNELL Catcher I. B. STAFFORD Pitcher B A S IE B A L L ANDY CALDWELL Catcher LEW TREEN Outfield BUDDY LOWE Infield FRED WIMER Infield WALT lASINSKI Pitcher WALTER MILLER Pitcher The lengthened shadow ... to pledge or not to pledge. New fraternities for I more students. The pins that make an ■ « " %«i_ •r , -»». « " «■ ; , :..- JOHN EVANS P. I. STEWART JOHN HODGES BOB HALL President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary JTE FKATEKN TY COUN CIL GERONIMOS KIRKPATRICK HURST BEARD FINCH WILLARD MERIWETHER WILSON ROBERTS TUCKER GRIFFIS THE OFFICERS AN " 1HIIEILILENIIC COUNCIL WANDA YODER BETTY CLAMP BETTY IVEY JOYCE COLLIER POLLY CRAIG MARTHA KURTZ ISABELLE MOSS ANN MACE BETTY lANE BAILEY JO WEBB LUCILLE ADAMS BETTY MOORE LUCY BISHOP RUTH MARY DICKSON DOT PHYLLIS MARJORIE SKIPPY BETTY JUDY VIRGINIA BARBARA ROBIN MARILOU JANE PAT GLORIA ISABELLE MARGARET MARY ELLEN PAT SANDRA JEANNE MARCIA TERRY DENISE MICKEY JACKIE m ALPHA X II ID IE L T A ALPHA XI DELTA WAS FOUNDED AT LOMBARD COLLEGE, GALESBURG, ILLINOIS, IN 1893. OMEGA CHAPTER WAS FOUNDED AT STETSON IN MAY, 1917. THE COLORS ARE DOUBLE BLUE AND GOLD, AND THE FLOWER IS THE KILARNEY ROSE. H IN FACULTATE • 1 J: Jyy IVIary Tribble Lowry . 1 8 ' fp F ■ ' jL ' TL. - vL ' Virginia Giffin L ' i k ' ' ' iAii c3« jR-i • Dorothy Fuller T- ' l I J OFFICERS _ BETTY CLAMP President f ' " I BARBARA HILL Chaplain ' H ' " ' ! ' MARGARET RICHTER .... Recording Secretary ' fl n Hv ' f JACKSON Corresponding Secretary J 2 ' ' ' M ' ' fi MARCIA TARBERT Treasurer V -- rrU .• 7 i .4T| I PAT ROBERTS Vice-President ' .. S " " ! .. L,tji MARY ELLEN PHILLIPS Historian THE ALPHA XIS USE PERIOD FURNITURE ACTIVES Dot Ballantine Phyllis Ballantine Marjorie Bingham Margaret Byars Betty Clomp ]uUa Ann Ellis Judy Finne Virginia Garretson Barbara Hill Robin Hooper Marilou Horton Jane Jackson Pat Merritt Gloria Mertz Isabelle Moss Mary Ellen Phillips Margaret Oldiord Margaret Richter Pal Roberts Sandra Skeene Virginia Skeene Jeanne Smith Sally Stillwell Marcia Tarbert Terry True Denise Whiteman Mickey Wolstenholme Jackie Wood PLEDGES Anita Baars Carolyn Baltzer Nita Bolls Nell Bowers Nancy Brenner Belly Jane Copland Merle Dalrymple Faye Deitzen Edna Mae Hill Gere Howard Jeanne Jones JoAnn May Margaret McMillan Elaine O ' Berry Barbara Primm Odette Shashy Justine Vaughen Virginia Whitmire ANITA GERE CAROLYN JEANNE NITA NELL NANCY PEGGY JOANN ELAINE BETTY JANE MERLE EDNA MAE BARBARA JUSTINE VIRGINIA f h. m . A F " B " V W 1 - 9 g W m L r - m w m - " n 79 T . m BETTY JEAN NANCY SHADIE LUCY SUSIE JOYCE BETTY JO BARBARA NAN DOaiS JOANNE MADELINE MARY ANN NANCY KATHLEEN ELMIRA MARTHA RUTH ?v J0 DELTA DELTA DELTA DELTA DELTA DELTA WAS FOUNDED AT BOSTON UNIVERSITY, BOSTON, MASS., li ALPHA DELTA CHAPTER WAS FOUNDED IN MAY, 1913. THE COLORS ARE SILVER, GOLD AND BLUE, AND THE FLOWER IS THE PANSY. IN FACULTATE Esther Hick Sara Jernigan OFFICERS ' LUCY BISHOP President MARY ANN PERKINS Vice-President ) ' , JEANNE HARRIS Secretary . i V • " NAN FRANKLIN Treasurer ' ' . LORRAINE ROBINSON Marshal ll l,, 7 - BARBARA FOSTER Chaplain THE TRI DELTS IN THEIF ULTRA ULTRA LIVING ROOM ACTIVES Betty Jean Bailey Nancy Baker Lucy Bishop Shadie Beardall Susie Blount Joyce Collier Betty Jo Cromartie Virginialee Culbreth Joyce Darden Barbara Foster Nan Franklin Elinor Graves Ann Green Doris Hart Jeanne Harris Joanne Kinsloe Eleanor McAllister Madeline Mather Mary Ann Perkins Lorraine Robinson Nancy Solomon Kathleen TilUs Elmira Vogtmann Martha Ruth Williams PLEDGES Joyce Abrahamson Barbara Barnes Gerry Burnette Betty Cook Jean Dare Evelyn Hall Betty Lee Hussey Jane Hutton Sandra Jamison Patty Koch Mary Ann Lanier Shirley McLin Edna Morris Mary Lou Morris Charlotte Naylor Joy Nichols Dot Palmer Loretta Rogers Nancy Rutledge Margaret Thompson Dot Wilde JOYCE BARBARA GERRY BETTY JEAN BETTY LEE JANE SANDRA PATTY MARY ANN SHIRLEY EDNA MARY LOU CHARLOTTE lOY DOT LORETTA NANCY MARGARET DOT 81 MARY NELL ROBIN JEANETTE LEOLA MARY LOUISE CAROLYN HI PHI MU WAS FOUNDED AT WESLEYAN COLLEGE, MACON, GEORGIA, on MARCH 4, 1852. ALPHA XI CHAPTER WAS FOUNDED MARCH 9, 1949. THE COLORS ARE ROSE AND WHITE AND THE FLOWER IS THE ENCHANTRESS CARNA- TION. IN FACULTATE Susie P. Brown OFFICERS POLLY CRAIG President JEANETTE NORTHRUP Vice-President GLORIA KLINE Secretary PHOEBE FAULKNER Treasurer THE PHI MUS LIKE MODERN SIMPLICITY ACTIVE MEMBERS Mary Nell Ainsworth Leola Baker Margaret Brice Polly Craig Ruth Mary Dickson Phoebe Faulkner Robin Floyd Mary Louise Harkins Janet Jones Gloria Kline Carolyn McGinley Jane Michael Jeanette Northrup Carolyn Patterson Marilyn Purvis Shirley Turner Jo Elaine Webb Helen Williamson Helen Jean Bagwell Sarah Jane Bodge Margie Brooks Marcie Douglas Alice Caches Helen Grimsley Sarah Hammack PLEDGES Lucille HiU Joyce HoUingsworth Helen Lowe Bryan McGee Katherine Slaton UUUa Treon Audrey Webster Shirley Williams HELEN JEAN LUCILLE SAHAH JANE JOYCE MARGIE HELEN MARCIE BRYAN HELEN ULILLA 83 LOIS MARY ETHEL BETTY WOOD MARGARET IE T A IP HI PI BETA PHI WAS FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE, MONMOUTH, ILL, APRIL 28, 1867. FLORIDA ALPHA CHAPTER WAS FOUNDED JANUARY 30, 1913. THE COLORS ARE WINE AND SILVER BLUE, AND THE FLOWER IS THE WINE CARNA- TION. IN FACULTATE Annie N. Holden Ray Jordan OFFICERS BETTY IVEY President ANN MACE Vice-President NANCY WILLIAMS .... Recording Secretary LENORA WILLIAMS . . Corresponding Secretary BETTY WOOD MOORE Treasurer LOIS BERLIN Pledge Trainer MARILYN lERN JOAN MERRILEE Ik At- • ' ■«■ ■ PI PHIS AT HOME IN THEIR WINE AND BLUE APARTMENT ACTIVES Opal Balchelor Joyce Duggan Marion Hon Anna Stewart Lois Berlin Lois Engelking Betty Ivey Fritzie Schlens BarBara Brundage Lois Eskey Ann Mace Careylu Thrasher Joan Cook Carolyn Freedlund Lynn Monroe layne Weitzel June Cossin Mary Ethel Gilbert Betty Wood Moore Lenora Williams Mary Deloney Ann Hayes Eloise Newell Nancy Williams Margaret Partin Sue Wilson PLEDGES Peggy Blanchard Ann Hemdon Dolly Loughran Helen Paul Marilyn Craig Nancy Howard Joan Mace Barbara Jean Bobbins lean Erickson Laura Languish Merrilee Middleton Helen Sikkir.g Pat Helgeson Billie Lee Loiiman Ann Northern Marilyn Talton Judy Walker PAT ANN NANCY ANN HELEN BARBARA JEAN HELEN 85 J J J LUCILLE LaVONNE SARA NANCY SUE BARBARA BETTY lO B BECKY JOAN MARTHA EVELYN BETTY ANN EVELYN NANCY SUE GLORIA STELLA BETTY lEAN MARILYN LOIS BETTY SUE ODEAN JOANNE JEAN MARY JANE WANDA _ r Z IE T A T A Ul A L IP HI A ZETA TAU ALPHA WAS FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA STATE NORMAL SCHOOL, FARMVILLE, VIRGINIA, OCTOBER 15, 1898. BETA PSI CHAPTER WAS ESTABLISHED AT STETSON IN OCTOBER, 1934. THE COLORS ARE TURQUOISE BLUE AND STEEL GRAY, AND THE FLOWER IS THE WHITE VIOLET. IN FACULTATE Etter Turner Frances Thornton OFFICERS MARTHA KURTZ President LAURA JEAN MAXCY Vice-President BETTY WALKER Secretary SUE BRANNEN Treasurer BETTY JO BEVILLE Historian LUCILLE ADAMS Rush Chairman STELLA DAVIS Chaplain THE ZETAS SHOW OFF THEIR ORIENTAL THEME ACTIVES Lucile Adams Sue Barbara Baker Betty lo Beville Barbara Bing Annie Sula Bronnen Gloria Brinkley Joanne Carswell Lavonne Caudle Becky Cavanos Jean Clark Mary Elizabeth Davis Stella Marie Davis Suzannne Davis Charlotte Enlow Betty Ann Flippo lean Garwood Sara Kinard Martha Kurtz Evelyn Locklair Betty Lynn Laura lean Maxcy Marilyn Nelson Lois Newell Mary Jane Norwood Nancy Painter Ann Pemble Evelyn Robinson Betty Walker Sue Warren Wanda Yoder PLEDGES Shirley Connell Molly Coplan Fredda Coupland Candy Cresse Alice Gordon Betty Grover Pansy Gibson Nancy Grissett Danna Hendricks Ann Reniroe MOLLY FREDDA PANSY NANCY DANA FRED GERONOMOS President STEVE STRATFORD Vice-President CHARLES DOLL Recording Secretary EARL NICHOLSON . . . Corresponding Secrettary JOHNNY DYKES Treasurer DAVE CREEKMAN Sergeant-at-Arms CHARLES DOLL President BILL BIRNBAUM Vice-Presidenl BOB HALL Recording Secretar y WOODY MABRY Corresponding Secretary WALLY STREIT Treasurer JACK KIRKPATRICK Sergeant-at-Arms FOUNDED AT CITY COLLEGE OF NEW YORK, 1899 ALPHA CHI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1925 COLORS: NILE GREEN AND WHITE FLOWER: WHITE CARNATION L_J L 1 DELTA SIGMA P ALL THIS AND A PATIO, TOO A SAILORS HOMECOMING y lplta ( hl (chapter T ipi - Mai - ALEXANDER BEATON BIRNBAUM BRANCH CLARK, JEFF CLARK, JULIAN COMPTON CREEKMAN CUTLER DEAL DIERS DOLL DYKES EAKEN FOREMAN FOY GAFF GEORGE HENDRICKS HOPE HURST KIRKPATRICK KNOWLES KOVAKS LEWIS, R. LEWIS, W. MABRY MAXCY MILLER MOOERS MULLIS NICHOLSON OWENS PATRICK PEEL PERDUE SIMMONS STRATFORD STHEIT WIGGS WILKINSON HALL DELTA SIGMA PHI Joseph Alexander Charles Barr Dink Bealor William Beaton William Birnbaum James Branch Jeff Clark Julian Clark Alfred Compton David Creekman Wayne Cutler Jim Davis Louis Deal George Achroyd Marion Ayers Charles Brehens Robert Bissell Robert Brisson Robert Burns Ernest Carlton Franklin Cory Rich Corson Jewell Davis Frank Diers Charles Doll John Dykes Donald Eaken John Foreman Doris Foye Carl Gaffe James Gaff Gabriel George Fred Geromanos Robert Hall Frank Hendricks Fred Hope ACTIVE MEMBERS Harry Hurst George Johnson John Kirkpatrick Phillip Knowles Anthon Kovacs Royce Lewis William Lewis Woodford Mabry Stewart Maxcy Jesse Miller Gene Mooers C. L. MullU Earl Nicholson PLEDGES Ken Dewey Jim Dodd Lauren Douglas James Eason John Edwards Nicholas George Ervin Haygood Richard Higgins George Hodges Jack Holt Newton Jones Jack Kern Gordon Larkin Ray Lang Joseph Lewicki Edward McClaran John McCorkle William Mooers Charles Nelson Robert O ' Connell Will Owens Roy Rex Patrick Joseph Peel James Perdue Bland Simmons Mathew Sahina Angus Stephens Steve Stratford Walton Streit Ken Wiggs William Wilkinson Robert Wilson Duane Quick Edward Quick Will Roberts Sidney Shatford Rodney Shaggo Gordon Stephens Charles Suttles Richard Toole Jimmy Wells George Wolfe S H AMBDA CHI ALPHA h STEWART MOORE DILL PATTERSON OFFICERS PAUL J. STEWART President JAMES MOORE Vice-President BENTON PATTERSON .... Secretary MILTON DILL Treasurer ELMER PRICHARD . . . Faculty Advisor FOUNDED AT BOSTON UNIVERSITY, 1909 ZETA TAU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED APRIL 23, 1949 COLORS: PURPLE, GREEN AND GOLD FLOWER: WHITE ROSE WE THINK THEY ' RE THE OFFICERS THE CORONATION BALL ' ALTEMUS ANDERSON, B. ANDERSON. M. ASHABRANER BEARD BEASLEY BOWMAN BRANTLEY BROOKS BUKUR COLLINS COOPER DOWNING FEAGINS GOLIGHTLY HALL HASTY HODGES HONSBERGER HUCKABOY JACKSON JONES LANGFORD LEE Mclaughlin MINIE MOONEY OBYRNE PANOS PEARSON PETERSON PIRIE PITTS REAVES BILES ROOT BUFFALO SCULLY SEITZ SHUPP SMITH, F. SMITH, G. SULIK TAYLOB WADDELL WARD WILLIAMS o . , - { ' f ' ' fck R K Bnt M f-J k- LAMBDA CHI ALPHA ACTIVE MEMBERS Robert D. Altemus Bjorne B. Anderson Morgan Anderson Phil Ashabraner Laurier Beard Robert Beasley John Bowman Robert Brantley Herman Brooks Peter Bukur Vernon Collins Gordan Cooper James Downing Walter Feagins Jack Golightly Donald Hall Carl Hasty John Hodges Harry Honsberger James Huckaboy Carl Jackson Robert Jones James Langford Paul Lee Joseph McLaughlin Durmond Minie Barney Mooney Warren O ' Byrne Harry Panes Martin Pearson Robert Peterson Alexander Pirie Raymond Pitts Edwin Reaves Harrell Riles Arlington Ragsdale John Root William Buffalo James Scully Gaylen Seitz Walter Shepard Roy Shupp Francis Smith Geoffrey Smith John Sulik William Taylor James Waddell James Ward John Williams r . ] w ( " fll f . 1 C) d e m ' i ,r? f d» BOYD BROOKS DAME GOLD PLEDGES Arthur Boyd George Hearth Charles Lovell Jim Brooks Howard Hodgekins Bruce McCullough John Dame James Holly Bill Weise Howard Gold Jim Lee HER MAJESTY, QUEEN PAT HODGEKINS McCULLOUGH PI KAPPA P OFFICERS JORDAN MAYNARD Archon ROBERT RAINES Treasurei RAYMOND MOELLER .... Secretary ROBERT PETRUSCHELL . . . historian JACK V HITAKER Warden CHARLES PATTERSON Social Chairman RONALD SPENCER, RICHARD ROSE .... Pledge Masters AARON SWAIN .... House Manager MAYNARD PETRUSCHELL MOELLER SWAIN FOUNDED AT THE COLLEGE OF CHARLESTON, CHARLESTON, S. C, DECEMBER 10, 1904 CHI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED MAY 6, 1921 COLORS: GOLD AND WHITE FLOWER: RED ROSE THERE ' S ONE IN EVERY CROWD WELCOME TO THE PI KAP HOUSE ( ki (chapter ipi m fm m O Q Oi . ! ITJ, ANDREWS BLOUNT BYROM COLLINS COUHSON CROMARTIE O O ' ■ ' - . GREENWALD HOPE, B. HOPE, G. MAYNABD McClelland McQUAIG PETRUSCHELL STAFFORD SWAIN THOMAS TOWNSEND PI KAPPA PHI ACTIVE MEMBERS Glenn Andrews Addison Gilbert Raymond Moeller Carl Shafer Uriel Blount Jack Graves Arthur Morris Ronad Spencer Richard Brown Clarence Grifiis Neil Nelson J. B. Stafford Bill Byrom Richard Greenwald George Ossorio Aaron Swain Ben Carson Fred Hester J. T. Owens L. M. Thomas Vernon Collins Hubert Hevy Charles Patterson Lamar Townsend Joseph Courson Brett Hope Arvid Peterson Louis Treen Byron Cromartie George Hope Robert Petruschell Edward Trotter Frank Deen C. L. Ivey Charles Pratt Richard Twilchell Turner Dehart Bill Jones Robert Raines James Tucker Bob Dinwiddle J. F. Larson Richard Rose Don Walden Eugene Doran Jordan Maynard Alvin Schneider Bailey Welden Robert Doty Charles McClelland Charles Schuler Jack Whitaker Paul Douglas Jack McQuang Ralph Scott Leonard Widener PLEDGES Toe Bair Robert Garwood Richard Pumphrey Dick Spencer Bernard Cochran William Grifiith Howard Roberts James Taveniere T. C. Davis Thomas Mahafiey Martin Rossi Alfred Yarn James Douglas Hugh Mclnnis Robert Schmidt Marcus Wallers Raymond Dunne Curtis Norman John Schooley GARWOOD i!!) D GMA PHI EIPSILON OFFICERS ALEX FINCH President WILLIAM WHITMIRE . . Vice-President JOSEPH PATTERSON . . . Comptroller WILLIAM KING Secretary GRAVES EDMONDSON . . . Historian L. O. VICKERS Adviser PATTERSON EDMONDSON FOUNDED AT RICHMOND COLLEGE, RICHMOND, VA., 1901 FLORIDA BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED FEBRUARY 12, 1949 COLORS: DARK RED AND PURPLE FLOWERS: RED ROSES AND VIOLETS THIRTY TWO ROOMS AND A MORTGAGE ALL DRESSED UP AND NO PLACE TO GO p " Wl f. p»rT-f W COUEY COX CROFT DAVIS DI GUILLIAN ' i l l s DUNGAN FERNANDEZ HARTON HILL HUGHES lENKS LANE LARSON LEE McCROAN MERIWETHER MICHAEL MURRAY OWEN PERKINS PERKINSON SCOTT TUTEN TOWNE WARNER WILLARD WILLIS WILSON WINFREE YODER SIGMA PHI EPSILON ACTIVE MEMBERS Theodore Bonneman John Boyd Earl Couey WUliam Cox Allan Croft Robert Curl Earl Davis Roger Di Guilian Richard Dungan Graves Edmondson James Allison Gerald Benjamin Kenneth Berry Richard Bianco Henry Blasick Hugh Carter Duward Chaffee George Coifrin William Flowers Frank Fernandez John Fromberger Merle Harlon Ray Hill Clarence Hughes Robert Jenks William King James Lane Roger Larson James Lee Robert Gunter Douglas Harrell Charles Hilty Harold Hodge James Jordan Louis Kurz Wayne Lamb Bruce Lane Jan Long Paul MacAlester Kyle McCroan Roger Meriwether James Michael David Murray T. J. Owen Joseph Patterson Bruce Perkins Stanll Perkinson Fred Scott PLEDGES Eugene Lutke Howard McKamey Leonard Poodry Raymond Rice Harold Richardson Clyde Roberts Vernon Robinson Charles Ross Alfred Schilling Gustave Suprenant William Tuten William Towne L. O. Vickers Richard Warner William Whilmire Robert Willard James Willis Richard Wilson lack Winlree Robert Yoder Fred Schilling Jack Scott Horace Smith Melvin Smith Frank Stockton Thomas Taunton Matthew Tossell Roy Unkeier Thad Wills Kenneth Wing ALLISON BENJAMIN BERRY BLASICK CHAFFEE COFFRIN FLOWERS HARRELL HODGE JORDAN KURZ LAMB LANE LONG LUTKE McKAMEY POODRY RICE RICHARDSON ROBINSON ROSS SCHILLING SCHILLING SCOTT SMITH SMITH STOCKTON TAUNTON TOSSELL UNKEFER WING -) f— i P ' ' n : f% niQ O (Ti r fZl. tCZl IP .fij f j i- s. 1 f. L f f . 1 ' f 9 l X--. ( , } (m J 5 « ■ !4y. (V €• GMA NU ff « f Ja=» s HALE BISHOP OFFICERS JACK EVANS Commander BURLEIGH HALE . . Lieut. Commander MILLET ANDERSON Recordai JOHN BISHOP Treasurer FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE, 1869 DELTA MU CHAPTER FOUNDED 19 13 COLORS: BLACK, WHITE AND GOLD FLOWER: WHITE ROSE PLAYBOYS AT HOME JOLLY GOOD FELLOWS c . ■•■fc ' ?, p , ' U f •-••- ' |i «m! f « ANDERSON ARMSTRONG BATES BISHOP BLACKWELL BROADWAY CARLTON COUCH CRUM DAVIES DAVIS EVANS CR ' SSETT GRIFFIN GRIFFITH HALE HARDY HENDRY HORNS3Y INGRAHAM LARSON LEAK McCLATCHEY MEYERS MILLER MITCHAM PEEK PERSONS RIBET ROYAL SHAULL SIMMONS STENSTROM STUBBS WATTS WEST WHITAKEH WHITE WINGER SIGMA NU ACTIVES lames Anderson Norman Davis Porter Ingroham Larry Royal Fulmer Armstrong lack Evans Lawerence Larson Stanley ShauU Richard Bates Ralphy Fryer Clarence Leak Carl Simmons John Bishop Ted Grissett William McClatchey Herbert Stenstrom Etson Blacrkwell Harrison Griffin Richard Meyers Charles Stubbs Charles Broadway lack Griffith Brad Miller John Watts George Carlton Burleigh Hale Charles A. Mitcham William West Harold Couch Leonard Hardy Franklin Peek William Whitaker Richard Crum John Hathaway lack Persons George White Joseph Davies Dick Hendry Ferdinand Ribet John Winger James Hornsby Arthur Roebuck PLEDGES William Wood William Scranlon Keneth McFnlosh William Brawner Verdual Hamlin Monk Noel Mike Ferrell Tommy McDonald William Baker Jack Karl William Rowland Robert Smith Jim Watson : X f " — " ■ ROWLAND ECRANTON (1 ' I PI (KAPPA) ALPHA OFFICERS HARRY HINCKLEY President GEORGE EVERETT . . . Vice-President JOHN BERRY . . . Secretary-Treasurer JOHN TOGGWEILER . Social Chairman and Intramural Manager MASON WHARTON . Sergeant-at-Arms % itk John Berry Carl Bloessing John Booth George Everett Harry Hinckley Frank Hobson Bun McCall Bill Morton Walter Nichols Ben Parks Fred Posey John Togweiler Jack Wood tke The lengthened shadow . . . and how- it grows. The sophs become conscious of the active world around them . . . extracurricular education. mmm. v ;v :Xj . k k ' ABERNATHY ARMSTHONG BOWERS BRUNNEY CARSWELL AGNER BALLENTINE BOYLES BUSCEMI CAUDLE ANDERSON BARFIELD BRADDOCK BUSH CAVARNOS ANDERSON BARWICK BRICE BYRON CHANCEV ASENJO BERRYMAN BROWN CARLTON COFFIN T H E D FIRST ROW Bruce Abernathy, Virginia Agner, Bjarne Anderson, Lloyd Anderson, Walker Anderson, Adrian G. An- drews, Barbara Asenjo, Philip Ashabraner. SECOND ROW Fulmer Armstrong, Phyllis Ballentine, Ono Barfield, James Barwick, Lawier A. Beard, Kenneth Berry, Robert C. Berryman, Henry J. Blasick. THIRD ROW Barbara Bowers, Barbara Boyles, Jennie Fay Brad- dock, Margaret S. Brice, Martha H. Brotherson, James I. Brown, Ned H. Brown, John S. Brumley. FOURTH ROW Dorothy E. Brunney, Michael J. Buscemi, Robert T. Bush, William R. Byron, Anderson Caldwell, Ernest E. Carlton, Joe Carlton, William B. Carson. FIFTH ROW Joanne Carswell, LaVonne Caudle, Becky Cavarnos, Kenneth A. Chancey, Bob L. Christie, Ann Clifton, George D. Coffin, Leslie E. Collins. 106 i - COSGROVE COUPIAND COURTNEY CRAIG CRISP CROSS DAVIS DANCE DANCZ DEWEY EDENFIELD EDWARDS ETHERIDGE FAUST FINNEY FITZPATRICK FLEMING FLIPPO FRYE GANDY GIBBS GORDON E C L A FIRST ROW Betty Cook, Lester Cornett, Thomas Cosgrove, Fredda Mae Coupland, DeWitt Courney, Polly Craig, Wil- liam D. Crisp, Barbara Cross. SECOND ROW James L. Crowley, Patricia Crowley, Richard S. Da- vies, Mary Elizabeth Davis, Norman Davis, Kenneth R. Dance, Roger Lee Dancz, J. Kenyon Dewey. THIRD ROW John DeYoung, Lenvil Dicks, James T. Diffin, Donald Eakin, Anita J. Edenfield, Elwyn Edwards, Daphine Etheridge, William R. Faust. FOURTH ROW John M. Fein, Thomas Fernald, Carey Ferrel, Julia Ann Finne, Martha Finey, Noreen Fitzpotrick, James Fleming, Betty Flippo. FIFTH ROW Richard Flood, Herbert Flynn, Annabelle Foster, George Prison, Roy Frye, Cora Lee Gandy, Donald Gibbs, James Gordon. 107 HASRELL KART HUGHES JACOBS KARANAliGH KATIBA KLINE KNIGHT LEWIS LONG HARTH JACKSON KAUFFMAN LAMB LOWE T H E FIRST ROW Dolores Grey, Jack S. Griffith, Betty Louise Grover, Leonard G. Hardy, Douglas F. Harrell, Doris Lavon Hart, George P. Harth, Ervin Haygood. SECOND ROW Arthur Hays, Odis M. Henderson, Barbara Ann Hill, Robin Hooper, Clarence Hughes, Roger T. Jacobs, Jane Jackson, Ann Johnson. THIRD ROW James Johnston, Jewell Johnston, Janet Jones, Char- lette Judge, Mariame Karanaugh, Mariam Katiba, R. V. Kauffman, Dolores Kelly. FOURTH ROW William Kerr, Jack Kerzner, Jeanne Kinsloe, Lynn Kirkland, Gloria Kline, Dorothy Knight, Wayne Lamb, Betty Land. FIFTH ROW Bruce Lane, Lawrence Larson, L. H. Lawhorne, J. F. Lawson, William E. Lewis, Jan Long, Charles Lowe, Helen Lowe. 108 LYNN MALCOLM MILTON MURRAY PARTIN (D ' ' ■€ 4 .. t McCLARAW MAXCY MITCHELL MYERS PEEK McCOLISTER McCULLY MAY MELOON MONROE MOODY NEWMAN NICHOLS PEMBLE PERKINS L, C. McGINLEY MERRILL MOOKRS NOLAN PERRY McLSOD MERRiTT MOSS NORMAN PETERSON McMiLLEN MYERS MURPHY OWENS PHILLIPS E L A FIRST ROW Betty Lynn, Edward B. McClaran, Kelby McColis- ter, Wilton E. McCully, Carolyn McGinley, Russell McLeod, Margaret McMillen, Woodford Mabry. SECOND ROW Elsa Malcolm, Laura Jean Maxcy, Joan May, Donald H. Meloon, Howard Merrill, Patricia Merritt, Richard Myers, Harold Mills. THIRD ROW Leonard Milton, Virginia Mitchell, Marilyn Monroe, Henry Moody, Eugene Mooers, Isabelle Moss, Joseph Murphy, Julian Murphy. FOURTH ROW David Murray, Ralph Myers, Harris Newman, Vivian Nichols, Walter Nolan, Curtis Norman, James T. Owens, Nancy Painter. FIFTH ROW Margaret Partin, Franklin Peek, Ann Pemble, Robert Perkins, Edson Perry, Arrid Peterson, Barbara Phillips, Walter Pinder. 109 n rv r .!©, PITTMAN PLANK RICHARDSON ROOT SCOTT SCULLY SMITH SMITH TARBEflT TAYLOR POODRY PURVIS QUICK RAFFIELD ROUTH ROYAL SALATINO SARGENT SHASHY SIMS SLOAN SMITH SOUTHERI.AND SPENCER STENSTROM STRAWN THOMSON THURMOND TILLI3 TURNER REED SCHILLING 1 SMITH SWETT TWITCHELLJ T H E FIRST ROW Gordon Pittman, Patricia Plank, Eugene Piatt, Leonard Poodry, Marilyn Purvis, Duane Quick, Betty Zane Raffield, John Reed. SECOND ROW Edwin Richardson, John Root, Charles Ross, Hazel Routh, Larry Royal, Alphonse Salatino, Pearl Sargent, Alfred Schilling. THIRD ROW Jack Scott, James Scully, Samuel Seegers, Odette Shashy, John Sims, lolita Sloan, Geoffrey Smith, John Smith. FOURTH ROW Merrel Smith, Robert Smith, Virgil Smith, Ethelind Southerlond, Richard Spencer, Herbert Stenstrom, Eldon Strawn, Leonard Sweet. FIFTH ROW Marcia Tarbert, Horace Taylor, Margaret Thompson, Robert Thomson, Adrienne Thurmond, Kathleen Tillis, Shirley Turner, Richard Twichell. 110 VITSARAS VOGTMAN VOSS WALKER WARREN WATTERS WATTS WEAVER WHEELER WHIPPLE WHITE WHITESIDE WIDENER WIGLE WILCOX WILLIAMS WILLIS WILLIS WINSHIP WITTE WOLSTENHOLME FIRST ROW Peggy Vitsaras, Elmira Vogtman, Jefferson Voss, Judith Walker, Sue Warren, Marcus Walters, John Watts. SECOND ROW W . E. Weaver, Johnny Wheeler, Richard Whipple, George White, Charles Whiteside, Leonard Widener, Bruce Wigle. THIRD ROW Annette Wilcox, Alma Williams, James Willis, Jimmie Willis, Frances Winship, Wendell Witte, Miriam Wolstenholme. L A The lengthened shadow ... of a well- rounded person. More organizations — something for everyone; the biggest year ever. Jj 44 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CU OFFICERS President Roger Larson Vice-President Thomas Pulliam Secretary-Treasurer William Beaton Program Chairman Bert Mcintosh PURPOSE The International Relations Club was organized in 1938, under the sponsorship cf the Carnegie En- dowment for International Peace. The purpose of the club is to stimulate a greater interest in and a better understanding of international affairs. MEMBERS Robert Altemus John D. Dvoark lane Jackson Richard Roichard Phyllis Ballentine Bill Geer Pal Merritt W. H. Rivenbark John Banner Charles Hillman Harold Mills Matthew M. Toscell John T. I. Collier C. V. Holder, Jr. Wm. Ross Rainey Altemus Ballentine Banner Collier Dvoark Geer Holder Jackson Merritt Mills Rainey Tossell .. r%c a a c Vfc, ' " W } -lift ' it r , " m .i i j- ' ' FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA ELIZABETH FLORY President ANNETTE WILLCOX Vice-President KEITH HANSEN Treasurer LUCY BISHOP Secretary NITA HANSEN Publicity Chairman F T A F T A A L IP HI A ID IE X II O Ml A OFFICERS JEAN ABERNATHY President SHIRLEY RODGERS Vice-President SHIRLA SHAW Recording Secretary MARILYN JOHNSON .... Corresponding Secretary LOUISE TABOR Treasurer ANNETTE WILLCOX Historian CORA LEE GANDY Chaplain ADRIENNE THURMOND Social Chairman Founded at Stetson University May, 1940 PURPOSE The purpose of Alpha Dexioma is to promote democratic friendship and understanding among its members; to broaden the social, cultural, political, athlet ' c, and religious life of the members and to assist them in every way pocsiblr. Colors; Green and Gold Flower; Talisman Rose Inactive Members; Beltina Bryan, Anita Edenfield lean Abernathy Shirla Shaw Marilyn Johnson Annette Willcox Cora Lee Gandy Adrienr e Thurmond Shirley Rodgers Betty Robinsan Dorothy Lastinger Coreta Powell D ' lores Hartshorn Joyce Pixley Patricia Snowden ' A AUXILIARY CAROL JEANNE HALE . . . President CORA LEE GANDY . . Vice-President MARILYN JOHNSON .... Secretary BARBARA CROSS Treasurer Nancy V illiams. Odean Willis. Gabriela Molina, Polly Cambell, Miladeen Ward, Betty Grover. Mari- lyn Pitts. Suzanne Blow. Ruby lo Fletcher, Eva Maye Gates. Nancv Hale, Betty Zone Raifield, Virginia Davis. Gloria Kline, Betty Robinson, Bryan McGee. Mary Jo Braddy. Jimmie Nell Fleming. Orpha Merrit, Anita Edinfield, Betty Land Lillie Mae Collins, and Annobelle Foster. NEWMAN ILUB JIM SCULLY President BJARNE ANDERSON . . Vice-President NANCY BAKER Secretary ODETTE SHASHY Treasurer Johnny Alexander, Barbara Boyles. Grace Bryan. Dot Christie, Ana Daloa, Don Coifrin, Harold Drees, Chris Echorane. Noreen Fitzpatrick, George Frison, Bill Frondi. Ray Hill, Tony Kovacs, Mary Longford. Bill LeVeille, Joe Lewicki. Frank McKenna, Sal Mantre. Dermond Minie. Virginia Mitchell, Bob OConnell, Jim O ' Donnell, Joe O ' Lone, George Osso- rio, George Pollotto, Nelson Root, Matthew Sahina, Phil Songster, Mory Strebel, Walton Streit. and Tony Visconi. i S ) ) M TIER II AIL ROBERT PINDER President ROBERT GRAY Vice-President LEWIS HALBERT Secretary LESTER CORNET Treasurer JOHN BRAY Program Chairman BOB PERKINS Activity Chairman GENE HITCHCOCK Intramurals RONALD MATTHEWS . . Social Chairman WAYNE OEFFLER Publicity DAVE THOMAS Pulpit Supply JOHN SIBLE Chorister ROBERT GRAY Pianist DAVID ELMORE Parliamentarian HERBE BLANTON Custodian LEONARD MELTON, DICK WHIPPLE Mission Council Pinder Bray Oefiler Blanton Melton Whipple Anderson H. Barrington R. Barrington Berryman K. Blanton Bonnell Breed H. Brown J. Brown Gates Christie Dovies fTl 1 ' ' N ;v O P Q. p) 1 . T Pr i iiikl ASSOCIATION DeSha Dilliaid Edwards Everson Fain Flood Frye Fuller Guess Hall Hare Henley Hansen Hinton Holland Kcuffman KcTnington Kennison McColister Meloon Morgan Moody Patterson Pelham Phillips Pittman Pratt Safford Samples Seegers Shaw, I. Shaw, L. Shirley Shriver Smith Stancil Wheeler Winningham Wyche Yelvinglon ,J. S 1 o r 1 •«%.(« ' - p o .l! - ' ' AV E L IP HI Edmunds. J. Ollie Arthur, W. R. Haslup. L. A. Taylor, H. L. Johnson, C. H. Lycan. G. L. Brand, R. C. Rhett. I. T. Clark, R. A. The purpose of the Adelphos is to continue Masonic fellowship in keeping with the tenets of Free Masonry futher- ance in Masonic education, greater Masonic services, charitable endeavors that are worthy, and perfection of degree teams in all Masonic work. The most important service of the Adelphos Society is to receive and aid all DeMolays enrolled at John B. Stetson University until they are eligible for membership in a blue lodge. HONORARY MEMBERS p. HUNTER !. FRANEY H. L. WYNN W. K. WRIGHTMAN H. A. WINDHORST S. E. SIMPSON 120 IE T Y Qotty - A. D. FINCH L. POODRY H. BECKMAN B. SEEGARS R. W. WILSON S. GOODFRIEND First Row: R. R. Brewin, J. G. Clark. I. W. Clark. E. J. Couey, F. A. Geromonous. W. S. Green. H. D. Griifen. O. M. Henderson. R. Jacobs. Second Row M. Klein, I. E. Lee. G. W. Marlin, E. Meza. B. Parks, R. W. Renwirk. J. E. Waddell. G. E. Smith. F. B. Stockton. r ' M f . c ' df, fT . h a 1S p. et r- n f cy a. f I MMIE NELL CAROL lEAN BAPTIST STUIIDENT Ul DON EVERSON President JOHN BERRY Enlistment Vice-President LOUIS PHILLIPS Devotional Vice-President JEAN ABERNATHY Social Vice-President ORPHA MERRITT Secretary ED NEWTON Treasurer JUANITA HURST . . . Stetson Church Representative HARRY HOLLAND . . Second Church Representative DICK WHIPPLE Mission Council Chairman BOB PINDER . . . President, Ministerial Association OFFICERS ANNETTE WILCOX Promotion Director GRAVES EDMONDSON Reporter LOIS NEWELL House Manager BETTY WALKER Pianist LEWIS STANCIL . . . Sunday School Representative CARLTON CARTER . . Training Union Representative JIMMIE NELL FLEMING .... President, Volunteers CAROL JEAN HALE President, Y. W. A. BILL LEWIS Base Representativt. EARLCOMPTON Choister itfe OLUINTEERS IFOR HIRISTIAN SERVIIC OFFICERS JIMMIE NELL FLEMING President CECIL RATHEL Vice-President CONNIE MOODY Secretary CORETA POWELL . . . Devotional Chairman ZENIA DAVIS Social Chairman ED STRANER Missions Chairman Ard Blow Brown Gates Clark Cross Dickman Edenfield Flood Fletcher Gandy Grover Halbert Hale Hall Keen Kelley Lewis McGee Meriwether Price Pulliam Raifield Robinson Rutishauser Shaw Tyler Ward Warren Bob Mauk Secretary Dot Ballentine President lack Scott Treasurer n in •»5- f-i . Bill King Vice-Presideril Bob Yoder Exchanger WESTMINSTER FELILOWSHIIP Phil Ballentine Program Marcia Tarberl Mono Dalbo Louise Davidson Fellowship Meriam Randall Mickey Wolstenholme Barbara Brundage Enlistment Christian Growth Enlistment 124 CANTIERBUR ILUIB rf,L. ' f l4 OFFICERS BRUCE H. PERKINS .... President KENNETH WING . . . Vice-President BARBARA PHILLIPS .... Secretary JOANNE KINSLOE .... Treasurer FACULTY ADVISORS Dr. Frances Thornion Carl Johnson Maxine Patterson Charlotte Smith Violet Fraser Abrahomson Brinkly Bush Clayton Dance Davis Dozier Engelkin Caches lamieson Lane Legats McCuIlough Meriwether Miller Mitnik Powers Sibert Simon Twitchell Towne Vogtman Williard. L. Williord. R. T HI E HI A T T E R BARBARA BRUNDAGE Editor-in-Chiei BOB MAUK Associate Editor BARBARA PHILLIPS Managing Editor LOUISE DAVIDSON, GLORIA KLINE, LAURA JEAN SELECMAN Assistant Editors MERIAM RANDALL Senior Class Editor KERRY KENT SCOTT Law School Editor JIMMY JORDAN Sports Editor MARCIA TARBERT Organizations Editor BRUCE PERKINS Business Manager AUSTIN CADWELL Editorial Assistant FRANK GREEN Assistant Sports Editor li T BARBARA JUNE COSSIN Assistant Organizations Editor BARBARA TROTT Copy Editor OPAL BATCHELOR, MARILLYN CRAIG . . Snapshot Editors BOB PINDER, JANIE HUTTON, LUCILLE HILL, BETTE BREWIN, CLIFTA ROHDE, JIM LANE, KEN SOLOMON, BARBARA JEAN SMITH . . Copy Assistants JOANNE KINSLOE Photograph Editor PAT WARD, DICK KALE Studio Assistants! JANE JACKSON Business Assistant | THE EDITOR AND FORMER FRIENDS 126 EMO ♦ ♦ ♦ FROM THE EDITOR Here it is, the 1950 HATTER — full of fun, memories, and mistakes! To get it out it took hours of work on Saturdays and in vacations — tears spilled over mis- placed pictures — grind, grind, grind! The purpose of the 1950 HATTER — for every book must have a purpose — has been to show that every senior is actually a product of the university; that all activities have in some way or other left an imprint on him. Besides this, the HATTER has tried to recapture a marvelous year at Stetson — only the Hatter staff can realize how marvelous it really was! So much for the past! For the future? The members of the 1950 HATTER staff all announce their retirement. Gloria Marcia Austin INDUSTRIOUS LOOKING:- HA! 127 THE STETSON REPORTER Florida ' s Oldest College Newspaper TED GRISSETT Editor-in-Chief A. HOMER COOKSEY Business Manager Editorial Board VIRGINIALEE CULBRETH, JOHN BERRY, JACK KIRKPATRICK JIMMY JORDAN Managing Editor News Editor: Jeanne Van Dorn; Sports Editor: Joe Carlton; Feature Editor: Pat Merritt; Religion: Bob Finder: Drama: Fred Fischer, Dick Kale: Law: Fred Hope; Intramural: Bob Hall; Music: Roger Dancz; Society: Pat Roberts; Make-up; Bland Simmons: Circulation Manager: Ret Turner. Sports Writers: Jack Griffith, Bill Scranton, Bill Baker. Reporters: June Cossin, Frank Green, Dorohy Brunney, Nita Botts, John Seawell. Editorial Assistant: Fran Winship Published every Friday during the school year (except holidays and examination weeks) by and for the students of John B. Stetson University at the University Print Shop. TED GRISSETT Ediior-in-Chief The Stetson Reporter, " Florida ' s Oldest College Newspaper, " continued its history under the editorship of W. E. (Ted) Grissett, Jr., and the business management of James C. Michael and Homer Cooksey, who took over in March. Without the services of James J. Jordan, Jr., Managing editor; June Cossin, Pat Merritt, Dorothy Brunney, Jack Griffith, reporters, and Joe Carlton, sports editor, the weekly publication of the Reporter would have been an insurmount- able job. To the staff, thanks for a job well done. JAMES C. MICHAEL Business Manager JIMMY JORDAN Managing Editor MUST BE INTERESTING THE EDITOR TALKS IT OVER IN THE PHINT SHOP LUCKY JUNE TIHIE QUI AIR. TIE T A IF IF FRED FISCHER . . ROY FRYE .... PAUL MacALESTER OFFICERS Editor KYLE B. McCROAN Staff Pliotograpfier Associate Editor JACK KERZNER Excliange Editor . . . Art Editor DR. BYRON GIBSON Faculty Advisor The " Stetson Quarterly " is the quarterly magazine published by Stetson students. FISCHER AND HIS ' TRIENDS ' ■ 7 , " ? :-• iiuiiiiiiil mmm ? T 9 T T ? ? f ? tf.?_f t 9 f T IE T S L IE IE L SOPRANO Albriton, Bailey, Blanchard, Clark, Collins, Dalao, Davis, Feasel, Feinsod, Foster, Garretson, Harris, Hart, Hartshorn, Hollingsworth, James, Kelly, Lynn, Mitchell, Molina, Moody, Morris, McMillan, Owens. Palmer, Raifield, Reed. Shaw, Smith. Stillwell, Tabor, Thorpe, Tillis, Tudor, Warren, Williams. ALTO Barnes, Bennett, Bolle, Braddoclt, Cates, Davis, Ederington, Fitz Patrick, Fleming, Fliopo, GriHis, Grover, Hammack, Hendricks, Hern- don, Hogle, Hooper, Howard, Jones, Jones, Johnson, Judge, Kurtz, Mace, Murphy, McCall, McGinley, Oldford, Powell, Randall, Slater, Stewart, Thurmond, Turner, Willis. Andrews, Brown, Carter, Cooksey, Everett, Fleming, Holly, Mabry, Mauk. Nelson, Page, Pinder, Rice, Riley, Roberts, Scott, Sims, Wing. BASS Batts, Bottom, Cadwell, Carlson, Carter, Cochran, Coldiron, Collins, Compton, Cosgrove, Doty, Dungan. Gordon. Harris, Jones, Kennison, Lassiter, Newton, Oefller, Richardson, Rushing, Seegers, Sonenfield, Stancil, Thomas, Whatley, Woodward, Wilkinson. ACCOMPANISTS Brice, Burrell MARTHA KURTZ General Manager DIRECTOR Gifiin ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Richardson T E T CERT BAN DIRECTED BY RICHARD FEASEL THE MAiOnEFTSS AND JIMMY GLEASON, DRUM MAJOR 132 STETSON ' PHONY ORCHESTRA . . . DIRECTED BY FRANCES BUXTON : . ERNEST COWLEY 3iudenl Assistant 133 The lengthened shadow . . . the uni- versity itself. In the classroom and out; big weekends and Monday head- aches; work and play; this is Stetson. ? ' ;.v.£, " ' ( Om HdMi U ' -p THE FIRST ROUNDUP J DIGNIFIED I i COLLEGE GIRLS 4 m €. THEY RE FILLED WITH OODLES OF ADVICE HI WEEK What ' s your favorite color? Which ribbons would you rather wear? During the two hectic rush weeks at the first ol every year the Greek Girls are on their best manners just for the benefit of the rushees. After the big panhellenic tea. each sorority takes its turn with an informal and then a formal party. Finally the bids go out followed by the pledge pins. IIHiil IP IF RAT FELL They ' re all in the best fraternity — just ask any one of them! . . . The Pi Kaps " cue " each- other on pool . . . Lambda Chis gather around Ye Ole Pianoe for some melodye . . . Sigma Nu playboys — there ' s about to be a Canastrophe! . . . Happy little Sig Eps. in their new dining room . . . Delta Sigs raise their flag to half mast — for the United States of Dixie. LOOKS SO EASY f N4 . . . ONE Of MANY— BANQUETS THAT IS M THE BIG DAY - IT TOOK 12 QUARTERS OF HARD WORK DONT LET THEM KID YOU ' Cfiii iidt ' ' L .i i t ■Ssfci..iikluu3BV,;i-.ik am( i4 . The lengthened shadow . . . nearly completed. Honors come for work well done. The joy of being an upper-class- man! - J , ' , r! rj J Cj -;;;] ANDERSON BATES BLOUNT BROWN CARLSON ANDERSON BEASLEY BOWMAN BROWN CARTER ANDERSON BEATON BRADSHAW BRUNDAGE CARTER BAILEY BISHOP BRANCH BUSH CLARK BAILIE BLACKWELL BRAY BUSHNELL COMPTON BARRINGTON BLANTON BREWIN CADWELL COOLIDGE BATCHELOR BLANTON BROADWAY CAMPBELL COOK 1 THE JUNIOR. CLA FIRST ROW Jacqueline Fisher Anderson, James Richard Ander- son, Robert Gene Anderson, Robert Dean Altemus, Betty Jane Bailey, Donald Haines Bailie, Herschel Perry Barrington, Opal E. Batchelor. SECOND ROW Richard W. Bates, Robert M. Beasley, William R. Beaton, Bill Birnbaum, John I. Bishop, Etson James Blackwell, Jr., Herbert Theodore Blanton, Kelly Eu- gene Blanton, Jr. THIRD ROW Susie Blount, John L. Bowman, Betsy Pettus Bradshaw, Robert E. Braillier, James R. Branch, Jr., John L. Bray, Mary Elizabeth Brewin, Charles L. Broadway. FOURTH ROW Bruce Johnston Brown, Carlton Edwin Brown, BarBara Brundage, Price Randolph Bush, William Shirley Bush, Jr., Roswell Bushnell III, Austin Maryin Cad- well, Polly Campbell. FIFTH ROW Gordon Earl Carlson, James Carlton Carter, James Edward Carter, Eva Mae Gates, Joan Marie Clark, Alfred Fillmore Compton, Jr., Judy Coolidge, Joan Cook. 152 AT STETSON FIRST ROW June Cossin, Shadie Livingston Creech, David Beal- mear Creekman, Betty Wells Cromarie, Nine Merle Dalrymple, John Herschel Dame, Beatrice David, Helen Louise Davidson. SECOND ROW Virginia Lee Davis, Walter Harold Davis, Krama Fay DeSha, Ruth Mary Dickson, Roger DiGuillian, Robert Doty, James Horace Downing, Betty DuBose, Edward Lawrence Erickson. THIRD ROW Lois Eskey, Jack Theodore Evans, Helen JeJanne Fautche, Jimmie Nell Fleming, Dorothy Wilde Flory, Elizabeth Bowman Flory, John Victor Foreman, Car- olyn Freedlund. FOURTH ROW Doris Inez Frier, William John Frondi, Joseph Frank Fruscella, Gabriel George, Virginia Gerretson, Ber- nice T. Gibbs, Pansy Gibson. FIFTH ROW David Greenberg, Kenneth Lowell Hansen, Marion Herbert Hare, Mary Louise Harkins, Merle Carter Harton, Patricia Ann Helgeson, Richard Byrd Hendry, John Clayton Hensley. COSSIN CREECH DAVIS DAVIS ERICKSON ESKEY FREEDLUND FRIER GREENBERG HANSEN CREEKMAN DeSHA EVANS FRONDI HARE CROMARIE D ' CKSON FAUTCHE FRUSCELLA HARKINS DALRYMPLE DiGUILLIAN FLEMING GEORGE HARTON DAME DOTY FLORY GERRETSON HELGESON DAVID DOWNING FLORY GIBBS HENDRY DAVIDSON DuBOSE FOREMAN GIBSON HENSLEY 153 HIGGINBOTHAM HIGGINS HILL HINDS HOBSON HODGE HODGES HOGAN HOLDER HOWARD HOWELL HURST HUSSEY lENKS JOHNSON JORDAN JOYNER KALE KELLEY KENNISON KERR KIRK KOVACS KURLAND LANE LANGFORD LAUGHRAN LOMETTI LURIE LUTKE McClelland McINTOSI MALCOM MARKARIAN MAUK MERIWETHER MEINKEN MERTZ MICHAEL MILLER THE JUNIOR. CLA FIRST ROW James McDonald Higginbotham, Richard Price Hig- gins, Bernice Lucille Hill, Spurgeon Nathaniel Hinds, T. Frank Hobson, Jr., Harold Leroy Hodge, John Martin Calvin Hodges, Fred W. Hogan. SECOND ROW Carolous Vernon Holder, Jr., Nancy Louise Howard, Mary Louise Howell, Harry King Hurst, Betty Lee Hussey, Robert Charles Jenks, Marilyn Johnson, James John Jordan, Jr. THIRD ROW J. Edgar Joyner, Richard Kale, Allen Edwin Kelley, Lewis H. Kennison, Jr., Dick Hansel Kerr, Clarence Kirk, Jr., Anthony Kovacs, Bert Kurland. FOURTH ROW James Lane, Mrs. Mary Longford, Dolly Laughran, Edward Joseph Lometti, Jr., Edward Joy Lurie, Eugene Howard Lutke, Charles Howard McClelland, Albert Parsons Mcintosh. FIFTH ROW Robert T. Malcom, Sonia Markarian, Robert Mauk, Joe Meriwether, Joan Meinken, Clarence Eugene Mertz, Jane Michael, Jesse Wendell Miller. 154 AT STETSON FIRST ROW Connie H. Moody, Robert Mosher, Arthur Overton Morris, Marilyn Nelson, Edward Jasper Newton, Mary June Norwood, Warren E. O ' Byrne, Wayne Oeffler. SECOND ROW Earl Parrish, Carolyn Patterson, Mary Ann Peddy, Marilyn Pitts, Beatrice Plummer, Fred Posey, Coreta Powell, William Ross Rainey. THIRD ROW Meriam M. Ramey, Earl Benjamin Rape, Evelyn Vir- ginia Ratliff, Laurens Mason Reeves, Margaret Rich- ter, Patricia Roberts, Evelyn June Robinson, Shirley Rogers. FOURTH ROW Clifta Ann Rohde, James R. Rose, Gaylen Paul Seitz, Laura Jean Selecman, Ruth Shannon, Shirla Shaw, Dorothy Simon, John Sims. FlfTH ROW Sandra Jane Skeen, Annette Smith, Barbara Jean Smith, Henry Harrison Smith, Nancy Endora Smith, Gloria Katherine Solbrig, Nancy Solo mon, Ronald Smith Spencer, Jr. MOODY PARRISH RAMEY ROHDE SKEEN MOSHER PATTERSON RAPE ROSE SMITH MORRIS PEDDY RATLIFF SEITZ SMITH P o % » V 155 YELVINGTON YELVINGTON YODER THE JUINIOH CLA FIRST ROW William C. Young, James Lewis Stoncil, Walton Doug- lass Streit, Charles Jeffrey Stubbs, Leonard Swett, Thomas Earl Taunton, William Rollin Thorp, Nancy Joy Theriot, Lemuel M. Thomas. SECOND ROW Molly Copelen, Libbie Thorpe, Adrienne Thurmond, William Bradford Towne, Betty Lou Townsend, Ulillo Ann Treon, Robert Lee Tucker, Ira Douglas Turner, Shirley Turner. THIRD ROW Sue Northern, William Winfred Uthlaut, Roy Richard Unkefer, Jeanne Van Dorn, Marvel Vaughn, Roy Briant Vorhees, James Eugene Waddell, Sara Eliza- beth Walker, Miladeen I. Ward. FOURTH ROW Shirley Rodgers, Jo Elaine Webb, Robert S. Webb, William. Whitaker, Denise Whiteman, Dorothy Wil- liams, Nancy Aline Williams, Anna Lee Willis, Odean Willis. FIFTH ROW Kenneth Wiggs, Richard Wilson, Harold Winter, Jacqueline Phillis Wood, Benjamin Jesse Yelvington, Harriette Yelvington, Robert Morgan Yoder, Elizabeth Young. 156 ' " s, e .. ' 0;f, T-es ml tl ' .u t INTERESTING Tron a e » The lengthened shadow . . . with a feather in its cap. From sports to drama, rewards where they are due! ETA lET A E T A Beta Beta Beta is a national, honorary society of students of biology who have achieved superior academic recognition and who indicate special aptitude in this field of study. It emphasizes a three-fold program: Stimulation of scholarship, dissemination of scientific in- formation, and the promotion of biological research. JEANNE SMITH President DAVID GREENBERG Vice-President MARY ELLEN PHILLIPS Secretary ED LURIE Historian A. M. WINCHESTER Faculty Counselor DOROTHY FULLER, ELMER PRICHARD, EZRA ALLEN Faculty Members Student Members: Joyce Collier, Jean Dickman. Ed Lometti, Joseph O ' Lone. Nila Hansen, Keith Hansen. Peggy Sibert, J. B. Stafford, Donald Lundgreen, George Hope, John Kolas. Mildred Feasel, Edward Gilliland, William Frondi. Justine Vaughen. Sara Thurman. James Sims. Shihadeh Jajeh, A. E. Kelly, Arnold Pancratz, Barbara Pancratz, Rosemary Jacobs. T. W. Munson. David Godbold, Jackson Bragg, and Brad Miller. 160 E MYSTIC KREWE . - -M r ij? L- ' . i;;. MULLIS CLEVELAND HOPE PINDER DEAL Founded: 1934 OFFICERS Colors: Red and Black FRED HOPE Captain MACK CLEVELAND First Mate BOB PINDER Second Mate C. L. MULLIS Boatswain LOU DEAL Cabin HONORARY MEMBERS Dr. I. OUie Edmunds Dr. W. Hugh McEniry. Jr. Ye Mystic Krewe is an honorary leadership fraternity for Junior and Senior men. The purpose of the organization is to foster a better understanding between the administration and the students and to give recognition to those male students who have distinguished themselves through student leadership. Se- lection is based on the individual ' s ability and accomplishments without regard to fraternity or other affiliations. Georqe Everett 7 W ' VT, " ' ' aMil h Fred Geromanos Jack Inman ' Fred Karl | ; 1. If .. B( W Phillip Knowles lordan Maynard Bill Singleton 1 AtM T HI IE IP R E S S OFFICERS GRAVES EDMUNDSON President FRED FISCHER Vice-President KERRY KENT SCOTT Secretary-Treasurei JIM JORDAN Program Chairman BARBARA PHILLIPS Social Chairman ROY FRYE Publicity Chairman Beville Brundage Cadwell Carlton Clamp Cossin Davidsen Edmondson Fischer Frye Grissett Hill Jordan Kale Kerzner Kinsloe Kline Logon MacAlester Mauk Maxcy Merritt Michael Perkins PhilUps Pinder Randall Roberts Scott Selecman Skeene Sloan Tarbert Turner VanDorn Ward O . 1 TIHIETA ALPHA PHI lames Tucker President Justine Vaughen Vice-Fresideiil Gloria Meriz Honorary Dramatic Fraternity Flo rida Alpha Chapter THE PLEDGES Dick Kale James Lane Joan May Bland Simmons Sue Wilson Mickey Wolstenholme D W. Ret Turner Treasurer THE ACTIVES Joseph Alexander BarBara Brundage Roland E. Cazar David Creekman Richard Crum Fred Fischer Burleigh Hale Fred Hope Marilou Morton John Scalf Jacqueline Wood NOT PICTURED Weslev Clark Helen Clark Robert Newby Kermit Ross ALPHA TAU CHAPTER KAPPA PI In the year 1935 the Hatter Art Club was formed on the Stetson campus under the direction of Miss Edith Harvey. In May, 1946, this club was installed as a chapter of Kappa Pi, the oldest honorary art fraternity among the colleges today. Kappa Pi is composed of majors and minors in the field of art, its purpose being to promote an interest in art on and off the campus and to create a sincera love of beauty and appreciation of art. The year 1949-1950 has seen the greatest progress in the Stetson art department since the installa- tion of Kappa Pi, for the department now has its own Fine Arts Building, Holmes Hall, and the members of Kappa Pi are extremely proud of their new home. Harvey Goolsby Stubbs True Taylor K. Vitsaris P. Vitsaris VanDorn Waldon Wigle C L OFFICERS JACK WHITAKER President JACK GRIGSBY Vice-President CHARLEY BEHRENS Secretary-Treasurer HONORARY MEMBERS I. Ollie Edmunds. Tom Ewing, Sr..and Brady Cowell MEMBERS Bruce Perkins, Neil Nelson, Ful- mer Armstrong. Dick Hendry, Fred Hogan. Dick Melear. Homer Smith, Hall Godsby, George Ever- ett. Charlie Broadway, I. B. Stal- lord, Carl Simmons, Cooper K ' .rk, Ad Gilbert, Lou Treen. Guy Gar- rett. Brad Smith. Clarence Hughes. Arvid Peterson. Bob Doty. George Osscrio. Bill Lanigan. lack Grigs- by. Jack Whitaker. Charlie Beh- rens. Jim Olsen. and Joe O ' Lane. 165 PHI FRESHMAN HONOR SOCIETY STEVE STRATFORD President NITA HANSEN Vice-President BARBARA JEAN SMITH . . . Secretary ROY FRYE ■ . . Treasurer Waller Cane, Beatrice David, Lewis Deal. John Eck- erson, Don Everson, Francis Fitzpatrick. Betty Flory, Mary E. Gilbert, Wilbur Gochenour, R. C. Gray. Jchn Grigsby, Frank Hendris, Joseph Lometti, William Newsome, Kerry Scott. Glenn Andrews, Larry Bottom. James Fleming. Frances Hall. Bobby Roberts, and Annette Wilcox. ILL KE HONORARY SCHOLASTIC SOCIETY DON EVERSON President STEVE STRATFORD . . . Vice-President NANCY BAKER Secretary KEITH HANSEN Treasurer Joe Alexander. Dorothy Ballentine. George Boryse- wich. Allan Croil. Francis Fitzpatrick, Harry Gaventa, Mary Etthel Gilbert, Paul Hickson, Charles Hillman. Bill Newsome, Dorothy Stafford, and Robert Vogt. E ID E U T S C HI E E R E HONORARY GERMAN WALTER FEAGINS President BOB PERKINS Vice-President SHIRLEY BUSH Secretary MARTIN PEARSON Treasurer MRS. CHARLOTTE VAUGHEN . Sponsor Robert Beasley. Robert Berryman. R. R. Brewin, Austin Cadwell. H. J. Dcminey, David Elmore. Robert Gray. Ken Hansen. Wayne Oefiier. William Rainey, Henry Smith, John Townsend, William Uthlaul. Vaughen. James Waddell. Otha Winning- ham, Carolyn Bcltzer. William Faust. C. V. Holder, and Lewis Kennison. A ELTA HONORARY SPANISH JOE ALEXANDER President CAROLYN PATTERSON . Vice-President lO ANN BOLLE Treasurer HAROLD HOLLAND . . Record. Secretary JO ANNE BOLLE Treasurer DR. DORIS ARJONA Sponsor Virginia Davis, Graves Edmondson, Frank Diers, Guy Johannes, Frank Fernandez, and Betty Robinson. HENSLEY STRATFORD HIUMAN PHI ALPHA THETA National Honorary History Fraternity OFFICERS ROBERT HENSLEY President STEVE STRATFORD Vice-President NITA HANSEN Secretary-Treasurer CHARLES HiLLMAN Program Chairman MEMBERS Banner. John M. Hillman. Cnarles R. Rhetl, John T. (Professor) Deal. Louis C. Lycan, Gilbert (Professor) Sloan, Tacoma Gilbert Filzpatrick. Francis P. Ossmer. William Thomas Stratford, Steve Hansen. Nita Turner Owens. Ernest S., Jr. Winters, Harry, (Professor) Hendrix, Frank Patrick, Roy Rex Wood, John Richard Hensley, Robert Edward Johns, John Edwin (Professorl S T IE T HOLOGY CILUIB The Stetson Psychology Club, founded November 4, 1949, was organized by students interested in further- ing psychological understanding. Membership is limited to those students above the freshman level, who have studied and are genuinely interested in psychology. Qualified members may become affiliates of the Florida Psychological Association. OFFICERS JOHN D. DVORAK President JANE JACKSON Secretary-Treasurer ARNOLD PANCRATZ Program Chairman THOMAS GRIFFIN Publicity Chairman MEMBERS John D. Dvorak Owen North Lois Engelking William Neborak Irena Wieckowska Margaret Thompson lane Jackson Earl I. Couey Shadie Beardall Thomas Griffin Roy B. Voorhees Judy Cooledge Zenia Davis Bettina Bryan Pansy Gibson Anna Stewart Leslie E. Collins LesUe E. Thompson Sonva Neborak Thomas Fernald Dolly Longhran Mary Howell Pal Helgeson DVORAK JACKSON PANCRATZ GRIFFIN |r i H - M A IP G Ml A National Honorary Physics Fraternity OFFICERS ROBERT R. BREWIN . STANLEY D. SHAULL . . President Vice-President WILBUR R. SNYDER . . . PROF. GEORGE L. JENKINS . . . Secretary Chapter Advisor MEMBERS Eugene S. Smith Frederick W. Chase Earl W. Parrish Thomas J. Grifiin Herold R. Heckenbach James T. Stevenson James L. Tomberlin GAMMA SIGMA EIPSIIL JOSEPH P. O ' LANE National Honorary Chemistry Fraternity DR. JOHN F. CONN Advisor DR. JOHN V. VAUGHEN .... Honorary Member DR. LEONARD G. THOMPKINS . . . Faculty Member OFFICERS . . . Grand Alchemist JOYCE G. COLLIER . . . JUSTINE L. VAUGHEN Visor Recorder k MEMBERS Euqene S. Smith. Archibald C Mclnnis. Julian S. Mclnnis, Jack son B. Bragg, Brcdiord Miller Emily L. Baker, John C. Ambuhl Edward I. Lomelli, Barbara G Pancralz, David Greenberq. Mar garel C. Siberl, Ribert M. Eeasley James E. Waddell. William R FausI, William W. UlhlautI, Roy Unkefer. SIGMA A IL IP HI A C HI I HONORARY ACCOUNTING LAWRENCE TEICHERT .... President ROBERT RAINES .... Vice-President BILL ANDERSON . . Secretary-Treasurer BAILEY WELDON Chaplain Bill Whitelock, Aaron Mulling. Charles Bragg. Her man Brooks. Clyde Brown. Quitman Brown. H. E Chapman, Vernon Collins, Millon Dill, Jack Evans Gabriel George. Thadues George. T. Husleld. Robert lenks. Roger Larson. Francis Waterhouse. E. Maxwell. I. W. Miller, Bill McClotchey. H. A. Mc- ICamey. W. E. Redmond. AI Schilling, Fred Schilling, Emory Sims. Jim Statham, Bill West, Perry Wheeler, Murray Wright. Bob Jones. Edward Hay. John Bishop, and Joe Frascella. COMMERCE C L Ul B HONORARY BUSINESS JOHN DYKES President ROBERT RAINES .... Vice-President GRAVES EDMONDSON . . . Secretary AARON MULLING Treasurer Lois Reesman, Harrell Riles. Vladimir Szarek. Wil- liam Anderson. Theodora Banner. Kenneth Barnes, Toe Ccrllon. Basilia Cavarnor. Fredda Coupland, Roger Doner, Raymond Hoyle, Jewell Johnston. Wayne Lamb, Allen McCowan, Eugene McKelligan, James Statham, Marcia Tarberl, Bailey Weldon, and Roger Larson. KAPPA ID IE L T A HONORARY DEBATE BETTY FLORY President ODIS HENDERSON . . . Vice-President ROBERT LEE Treasurer JOHN HODGES Secretary William Singleton, Robert Yoder, Benjamin Parks, and James Tucker. ID E IB A T IE SQUAD Malcolm Kneale, Kenneth Wing, Betty Flory, Jejan Dickman. Donald Marang, Robert Yoder, Odis Hen- derson, Robert Lee, Warren Wood. Jack Leinielder, Roger Meriwether, and Ben Parks. T HI IE HONORARY SCHOLASTIC LEADERSHIP MEMBERS Betty Clamp Dorothy Stafford Nita Hansen Margaret Byars Lucy Bishop Margaret Richter Martha Kurtz Joyce Collier Jimmie Nell Fleming Lois Newell Mary Ethel Gilbert Patricia Roberts Elizabeth Flory Justine Vaughen BarBara Brundage HI IE T A Libby Richardson Connie Moody Mary Elizabeth Davis Noreen Fitzpatrick Margaret Byars President NATIONAL WOMEN ' S MUSIC FRATERNITY MEMBERS Betty Grover Jeane Harris Charlotte Judge Margaret Oldford Sally Stillwell Shirley Turne Betty Walker Sue Warren Nancy Theriot Secretary Shirla Trea Shaw Dorothy Flory Publicity Chairman Jfr» N. «rjv TAUI B E T A SIGMA NATIONAL HONORARY BANDSWOMEN MARVEL VAUGHN President DORIS HART Vice-President MARJORIE DILL Secretary VIVIAN NICHOLS Treasurer LaVonne Caudle, Mary Everett, Joyce Abrahamson, Carolyn Baltzer, Ann Cliiton. Suzanne Crawford, Barbara Cross, Betty Lund, Charlotte Cross, and Ann Price. KAPPA APPA NATIONAL HONORARY BANDSMEN ELWYN BROWN President FREDERICK DEAN . . . Vice-President JAMES PERDUE Secretary ERNEST COWLEY Treasurer JOHN DeYOUNG Chaplain Douglas Baer, William Branthoover, Joe Courson. Rcger Dancz, Eugene Dorcn, Richard Higgins, Jona- than Hill, Jack Kirkpatrick, Raymond Moeller, James Owens, Don Yaxley, J. L. Schlegel, Charles Bennett, Peter Bukur, Gary Crawford, Lenvil Dicks, James Eason, Howard Gold. Jack Holt, Howard Lyster, John McCorkle, and Walter Pounds. Td6» f! » ' The lengthened shadow . . . these are our best. The ten outstanding men and ten outstanding women — their school- mates chose them. r F A V y nurtie (l5roadi iwau ' You gotta be a football hero. " csLois llSeriu Let your speech be always with grace, Seasoned with salt. " ' The little minister. ' OL F A V (l-)ar(l3ara ll5runcla r " Ask how to live? Write, write, write, anything. " RITES Aordan Vvlaunard " Popularity is power. " y ; ' ' klppij dSi arS • " Kitten on the keys. " (I3ettu ( la Her very frowns are fairer far The smiles of other maidens are. " f onnie t jpenSer ' All the world loves a lover. " J ottu (_, " She ' s all my fancy painted her, She ' s lovely, she ' s divine. " KJeorqe C vereit " Not every man can be president " F A V ' And then he will talk. Gad how he will talk! " red J o, ' Politics makes the world go round. " Persuasive speech, and more persuasive sighs, Silence that spoke, and eloquence of eyes. " F A V K race csLenczuh " She ' s teeing off to succss. J erb oLJudlL ' Never let your studies interfere with your college education! " lillack y leuetand ' The man that loves and laughs must sure do well Austine xJauahen ' Vivacity is the gift of woman. " Af r. and fp lid J tebt ilHaru C tnel LjlCbert and Ljene Villa e tU( i4 . . The lengthened shadow . . . where it ends, the seniors. All these things have been theirs to choose or leave alone. They are the product of their Alma Mater. fii ' fi ' ■ ' ■i ' -,-r4 ' - ABERNATHY ADAMS AINSWORTH ALBRITTON ALEXANDER AMBUHL ANDERSON, H. ANDERSON, M. ANDERSON, W ARNOLD BAILES BAKER, L. BAKER, N. Bj.KER, S. BALLENTINE BANNER, J. BANNER, T. E BARNES BARRINGTON BEAUCHAMP BECKMAN BENNETT, M. BENNETT. W. BERG BERLIN BERRY BEVILLE BING BINGHAM BISHOP THE K CLA FIRST ROW FLOY JEAN ABERNATHY: Tampa; Liberal Arts: B. S. U., Social Vice- Presideni; Alpha Dexioma, President; Freshman Advisor; Independ- ent Party; Vice-President Y. W. A.s. CARMEN ELAINE ALBRITTON: Lake Placid: Liceral Arts; Glee Club; Y. W. A.; B. S. U.; Inde- pendent Party. LUCILLE JEANETTE ADAMS: Rockville, Md.; Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha; Rush Chairman: Pan-Hellenic Representative. MARY NELL AINSWORTH: Watseka, 111.: Liberal Arts; Phi Mu, Rush Chairman; F. T. A.; W. R. A.; Y. W. A.; Freshman Advisor. JOSEPH ALEXANDER. JR.: Cristobal. Canal Zone: Liberal Arts; Delta Sigma Phi; Scroll Key; Canterbury Club; Vice-President Liberal Arts School; Assistant Editor Stetson Quarterly; Theta Alpha Phi; Sigma Delta Phi. FOURTH ROW JOHN M. BANNER: DeLand; Liberal Arts; Phi Alpha Theta; Interna- licnai Rc-iations; Future Teachers; Honor Roll; Dean s Lis ' . THEODORA I. BANNER: DeLand; Business. WALTER KENNETH BARNES, JR.: Dade City: Business; Marion MiUtary Institute. ROLAND BARRING- TON: Tampa: Liberal Arts; B. S. U.; Ministerial Association; Volun- teers, Vice-President. JUANITA BEAUCHAMP: Trenton: Liberal Arts; W. R. A., Corresponding Secretary, Secretary-Treasurer; Blazer Club; Women ' s Professional Club. SECOND ROW JOHN C. AMBUHL: IndianapoUs, Ind.; Liberal Arts; Alpha Phi Omega; Adelphos, Gamma Sigma Epsilon; American Chemical So- ciety. H. H. J. ANDERSON: Tampa; Business; Sigma Nu; Treasurer, Commander; Inter Fraternity Council; Freshman Advisor; Honor Roll; Deans List. MORGAN W. ANDERSON: Ludington. Mich.; Business; Lambda Chi Alpha. WILLIAM H. ANDERSON: Holly Hill: Business; Commerce Club; Sigma Alpha Chi, Secretary-Treasurer. F. GARTH ARNOLD: DeLand; Liberal Arts; transfer from De Paul University. THIRD ROW ALAN E. BAILES: Eustis; Liberal Arts; transfer from Georgia Tech. EMILY LEOLA BAKER: West Palm Beach; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu, Pres- ident; German Club; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Junior Class Treasurer. NANCY GENE BAKER: DeLand; Liberal Arts; Cheerleader; Delta Delta Delta; Fan-Hellenic; Tcwn Girls; Tumbling Team; Future Teachers; Scroll 6- Key, Secretary. SUE BARBARA BAKER: Birming- ham. Ala.: Liberal Arts; Zeta Tau Alpha; Women ' s Council; Future Teachers; Y. W. A.; Freshman Advisor. DOT BALLENTINE: DeLand: Liberal Arts; W. R. A.; Future Teachers, Secretary; The Honor, Secretary; Scroll Key, Press Club; Reporter Staff; Hatter Staff; Womans Council; Westminster Fellowship; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Town Girls; Alpha Xi Delta. FIFTH ROW MARTHA LOU BENNETT: Okalumpka; Musi - GV-e Club. H. C. BECKMAN: Stuart: Business. WALLACE F. BENNETT: Live Oak; Liberal Arts; Volunteer; Band. MARGARET HELEN BERG: St. Peters- burg; Law. LOIS VINCENT BERLIN: Windsor, Conn.; Liberal Arts; Pi Beta Phi; Little Theater; Secretary of Liberal Arts School; transfer from Skidmore College. SIXTH ROW HENRY L. BERRY: St. Marys, Georgia; Business; transfer from Mercer University. BETTY JO BREVILLE: Bushnell; Liberal Arts; House Council, Secretary; Press Club; Reporter Staff, Feature Editor; Zeta Tau Alpha, Historian; Hatter Staff, Feature Editor, Pan-Hellenic Editor; Methodist Student Organization; The Honor. BARBARA JEAN BING: Jacksonville: Liberal Arts; B. S. U.; Future Teachers; Internaienal Zeta Tau Alpha. MAHJORIE ANN BINGHAM: St. Petersburg; Liberal Arts; Alpha Xi Delta; Future Teachers; Canter- bury Club. LUCY BISHOP: Lancaster, S. C: Liberal Arts; Cheer- leader; V ' . R. A.; Delta Delta Delta, Secretary, Marshal, President; Pan-Hellenic; Inter-Fraternity Council; Football Sponsor; Future Teach- ers, Secretary; House Council, Secretary, President; The Honor; Secre- tory Liberal Arts School; Hatter Staff, Feature Editor; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. SORRY, IT ' S CLOSED HATTER WHEELS START ROLLING THE FIRST HOW KELLY E. BLANTON, JR.: Miami: Liberal Arts; Ministerial Associa- tion, Social Chairman, B. S. U. CLARA SUE BLASER: St. Petersburg; Liberal Arts: transfer from St. Petersburg Junior College. lO ANN BOLLE: Daytona Beach: Music; Sigma Delta Pi, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary; Glee Club. HAROLD P. BRADY: West Palm Beach: Business; Sigma Nu. CHARLES BRAGG: Dover, Georgia: Busi- ness. FOURTH ROW MARGARET ANNE BYARS: Corinth. Miss.: Music; Freshman Advisor; The Honor; Glee Club; Phi Beta, President; Stetson Reporter; Hotter Staff; Music School, Secretary, President; Stetson Quarterly, Busi- ness Manager, W. A. A.; I. F. C; Alpha Xi Delta; Senior Class Vice-President; Future Teachers; Delta Sigma Phi Sweetheart. BEN E. CARSON: Rutherford . N. C: Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Phi; I. R. C; Junior Class President; Campaign Manager Stetson Party; I. R. C; Hatter Staff; Chapman Club; Stetson Reporter Staff. E. WILBUR CARTER: Jacksonville: Liberal Arts; transfer from University of Florida. WILLIAM L. CARTER: Lithia: Liberal Arts. ROLAND £ GAZER: DeLand; Liberal Arts; Future Teachers; Theta Alpha Phi, Historian; Reporter Staff; Student Library Advisor; Little Theatre. SECOND ROW ANNIE SULA BRANNER: Statesboro. Georgia: Business; Zeta Tau Alpha; Treasurer, Pan-Hellenic Council; Secretary, School of Busi- ness; Freshman Advisor; Hatter Staff; W. R. A. WILLIAM BRAWNER: Punta Gorda: Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu. J. FRED BREED: Jacksonville: Liberal Arts; Ministerial Association; German Club. ROBERT RAL- STON BREWIN: DeLand; Liberal Arts; Adelphos Society; Sigma Pi Sigma: President, Der Deutsche Verien. GLORIA BRINKLEY: Jack- sonville; Business; Secretary of Business School; Pan-Hellenic Rep- resentative; W. R. A. FIFTH ROW FREDERICK W. CHASE: DeLand: Liberal Arts. ROBERT E. CHIS- NELL: New York; t: iiist.-r liom St. Petersburg Junior College; Liberal Arts. DOROTHY VALERIE CHRISTIE: Miami Beach; Liberal Arts Transfer from Florida State University: 1. H. C; Stetson Miami Club Newman Club. BETTY CLAMP: West Palm Beach; Liberal Arts Alpha Xi Delta, President; Hatter Staff; Reporter Staff; Press Club Stetson House Council; The Honor; Freshman Advisor; Future Teachers; Pan-Hellenic; I. R. C; I. F. C; Vice-President Student Bodv; Camera Club; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Outstanding Student. JOHN COLLIER; DeLand: Liberal Arts; I. R. C. THIRD ROW ELIZABETH OAKES BROWN: Sanford: Liberal Arts; transfer from University of Buffalo. ELWYN DUANE BROWN: St. Petersburg: Music; Lambda Chi Alpha, Secretary; Kappa Kappa Psi, President, Secretary; Secretary of the Music School; Treasurer of the Music School; Vice-President of the Stetson Band. HAROLD L. BROWN: Miami; Liberal Arts. CLEVELAND J. BRYAN: St. Petersburg; tiaius fer from St. Petersburg Junior College. MICHAEL JOHN BUSCEMI: Brooklyn, New York: transfer from University of Tampa; Law. SIXTH ROW JOYCE COLLIER: Pompano: Liberal Arts; Delta Delia Delta, President, Vice-President: W. A. A.; I. F. C; Pan-Hellenic Council, Secretary, Vice-President; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; German Club; Cheerleader; Reporter Staff; Wesleyan Foundation. President; Freshman Advisor; Who ' s Who; The Honor. THOMAS VERNON COLLINS: Cobbtov n. Ga.; Business; Pi Kappa Phi; transfer from Mercer University. VERNON W. COLLINS: Avon Park: Business; Lambda Chi Alpha: Glee Club. HAROLD T. COUCH: Macon. Ga.; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu; transfer from University of North Carolina; Liberal Arts; Adel- phos Society; B. S. U.; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Senior Marshal; Pledge Trainer. JUST TEAS-ING LOVE THOSE LAMBDA CHIS BLANTON BLASER BOLLE BRADY BRAGG BRANNER BRAWNEH BREED BREWIN BRINKLEY BROWN, ELIZ. BROWN. ELWYN BROWN. H. BYAN BUSCEMI BYARS CARSON CARTER. E. W. CARTER. W. L. CAZEH CHASE CHISNELL CHRISTIE CLAMP COLLIER. lOHN COLLIER. JOYCE COLLINS. T. COLLINS. V. COUCH COUEY COURSON CBEEKMAN CROFT CROMARTIE CROSBY CROWE CHUM CUNNINGHAM CURTICE DAVIS. E. DAVIS, H. DAVIS, S. DAVIS, V. DAVIS, Z. DEAN DePALMA DICKMAN DIERS WLL DILLARD DOLL DORAN DOUGLAS, M. DOUGLAS, P. DOZIER DUDLEY DUGGAN DUNN DVORAK DYKES THE R, CLA FIRST ROW JOSEPH W. COURSON. Sluart. Music School; Pi Kappa Phi; Kappa Kappa Psi, Secretary; Stetson Band. DAVID B. CREEKMAN: Phila- delphia, Penn.; Liberal Arts; Delta Sigma Phi; Little Theater; Theta Alpha Phi; Freshman advisor; Radio Workshop; FTA; Honor Roll. ALLAN R. CROFT: Tampa; Liberal Arts; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Beta Beta Beta. President; P. T. A.; Scroll and Key. JENNINGS B. CROMATIE. Haines City; Business School; S. Club. ROY CROSBY: DeLand; Liberal Arts; Golf Team; Ministerial Association. FOURTH ROW MICHAEL DE PALMA: New York; Liberal Arts. JEAN F. DICKMAN: Daytona Beach; Liberal Arts; B. S. U.; Beta Beta Beta; Volunteers; Y. W. A. FRANK DIERS: DeLand: Liberal Arts; Orchestra; Sigma Delta Pi; Delta Sigma Phi. JAMES M. DILL: Waycross, Go.: Business; Band; Lambda Chi Alpha, Treasurer. DONALD H. DILLARD: Bfa- denton; Liberal Arts; Ministerial Association; B. S. U.; Stetson Tumbling Team. SECOND ROW JEROME K. CROWE: Daytona Beach; Business School; Sigma Nu. LEONA F. CUNNINGHAM: Pleasantville, N. J.; Liberal Arts; Can- terbury Club; Woman ' s Recreational Association; F. T. A.; Stetson- N. J. Club; Intermurals. GEORGE W. CURTICE. JR.: Lakeland; Liberal Arts. EARL D. DAVIS, Savannah. Ga.; Business School; Sigma Phi Epsilon. HFTH ROW CHARLES S. DOLL: Jacksonville; Liberal Arts; Delta Sigma Phi, Secretary and President. EUGENE DORAN: Corinth. Miss.; Music; Band; Orchestra; Kappa Kapua Psi, Secretary; Pi Kappa Phi. MARCELINE DOUGLAS: Lake Wales; Liberal Arts; W. R. A.; Profes- sional Club; Phi Mu. CATHERINE A. DOZIER: Lafayette, La.; Liberal Arts; Little Theater; Canterbury Club. THIRD ROW HARVEY DAVIS: Winter Garden; Liberal Arts. STELLA M. DAVIS: Frostproof; Liberal Arts; W. R. A., President; Hatter Staff; Blazer Club; Physical Education Professional Club, Secretary; Methodist Fellowfship; Honor Roll; Intramural Manager. VERNICE DAVIS: Lakeland: Liberal Arts. ZENIA DAVIS: lacksonville: Liberal Arts; Little Theater; Psychology Club; B. S. U.; State Social Vice-President, Volunteers Social Chairman. FREDERICK H. DEAN: Crescent City: Music; Band, Captain; Kappa Kappa Psi, Treasurer and Vice-Presi- dent; Music Education National Conference. SIXTH HOW HERBERT L. DUDLEY: Clearwater: Liberal Arts; Baseball; Outstand- ing Stu dent. JOYCE L. DUGGAN: Mt. Dora; Liberal Arts; Newman Club; W. A. A.; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Hatter Staff; I. F. C; Pi Beta Phi, Historian, Corresponding Secretary. GROVER C. DUNN: Graham. Ga.: Business. JOHN D. DVORAK: JacksonviUe; Liberal Arts; F. T. A.; Photo Club; L R. C. JOHN W. DYKES: Jacksonville; Business; Commerce Club, Vice-President and President; Delta Sigma Phi, Treasurer; Freshman Advisor. DELTA DAYS LUCKY PHI MUS THE R CILA FIRST ROW JAMES M. EASON, Waycross, Ga.; Liberal Arts: transfer from the University of Florida; Kappa Kappa Psi; Delta Sigma Phi; Band. JOHN WINFIELD ECKERSON: Daytona Beach: Liberal Arts; Phi Society; Little Theatre. JO ANN EDERINGTON: Cartagena. Colombia; Liberal Arts: transfer from Linfield College, McMinnville, Oregon; President of Stevens Hall; Vice-President of Brittain Hall; Band; Glee Club. GRAVES EDMONDSON: Chattanooga. Tenn.; Business; Transfer from University of Chattanooga; Si gma Phi Epsilon, Histo- rian, Chaplain; Press Club, President; Sigma Delta Pi; Commerce Club, Secretary, President: B. S. U. Council, Reporter; Freshman Advisor; Reporter Staff, News Editor. JULIA ANN ELLIS: DeLand: Liberal Arts; Alpha Xi Delta; Little Theater; Town Girls, FOURTH ROW BILL FISHER. JR.: Brooklyn, N. Y.; Liberal Arts; Press Club; Hebrew Club; Stetson Reporter; President, Florida Intercollegiate Press As- sociation; Literary Magazine. ROBIN ELAINE FLOYD: Palmettto; Liberal Arts; transfer from Bessie Tift College: Phi Mu: Little Theater; F. T. A.; Pan-Hellenic Representative. EMELIA H. FOWLER: DeLand; Liberal Arts; transfer from Ohio Wesleyan U. and Boston U. NAN FRANKLIN: Washington. D. C; Liberal Arts; W. A. A.; Cheerleader; Delta Delta Delta, Chaplain, Treasurer; Junior Class Secretary; Reporter Staff; Little Theater; Blazer Club; Senior Class Secretary. SECOND ROW J. DAVID ELMORE: Bradenton; Liberal Arts: transfer from Uni- versity of Florida; Ministerial Association; Parliamentarian. LOIS ENGELKING: Dayton. Ohio; Liberal Arts; Pi Beta Phi. GEORGE B. EVERETT: Doytono Beoch; Liberal Arts; transfer from Universiy of Florida; Football; Basketball; " S " Club, Secretary, President: wlystic Krewe: Stray Greeks; Student Body President: Student Bar Association: Freshman Advisor; Pi Kappa Alpha. DON M. EVERSON: lacksonville Beach; Liberal Arts; International Relations Club; Vol- unteers; Ministerial Association: Phi Society, President; Scroll and Key, President; B. S. U.. Treasurer, President; Little Theater Activi- ties. WILLIAM CARROLL FAIN: Jacksonville; Business; transfer from Jacksonville Junior College. FIFTH ROW CHARLOTTE FRINK: Apopka; Libera! Arts; Student Hostess: Y. W. A.. Literature Chairman; B. S. U. ROBERT ROYCE FRY: DeLand; Libera! Arts; transfer from Kent State U. BOBBY FUNDERBURK: Pageland; Liberal Arts: transfer from Vi ' ingate Junior College. THOMAS W. GAMBLE: Charlotte. N. C; transfer from Vl ingate Junior College. GUY GARRETT: Winter Haven; Liberal Arts; Baseball Team- Foot- ball Team, Co-Cuptain; Physical Education Club, Vice-President; " S " Club. THIRD ROW PHOEBE LEE FAULKNER: Lakeland; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu: Stetson Reporter. MILDRED RESPESS FEASEL: DeLand; Liberal Arts; Alpha Xi Delta, Chaplain; Gamma Sigma Epsilon: Beta Beta Beta; Glee Club: Town Girls ' Club; Freshman Advisor. JOHN S. FETNER: Hamlet. N .C; Liberal Arts: transfer from Appalachian State College. WILLIAM FRED FISCHER: Hialeah; Liberal Arts; transfer from George Washington U: Little Theater; Theta Alpha Phi; German Club; Reporter Staff; Stetson Quarterly, Editor, Associate Editor; Press Club, Vice-President. SIXTH ROW MARGARET JEAN GARWOOD: Cordele. Ga.; Liberal Arts: Zeta Tau Alpha: " S " Club; Freshman Advisor; Camera Club. MARY ETHEL GILBERT: DeLand; Liberal Arts; Professional Club, Treasurer; Pi Beta Phi, Rush Captain; Pep Club, Secretary; Tumbling Team W. R. A.; Little Theater; Phi Society: The Honor; Scroll and Key, Miss Stetson 1950. THEY MADE THE PLANS . FOR THE BIGGEST HOMECOMING EVER EASON ECKERSON EDERINGTON EDMONDSON ELLIS ELMORE ENGELKING EVERETT EVERSON FAIN FAULKNEH FEAGINS FEASEL FETNEH FISCHER FISHER FLOYD FOSTER FOWLER FRANKLIN FRINK FRY FUNDERBURK GAMBLE GARROTT GARWOOD GEORGE. F. GEORGE, T. GILBERT, A. S. GILBERT, M. E. GILLESPIE GORDIE GRAY GRIFFIN. H. GRIFFIN, r. GRIFFIS GRIGSBY GRISSETT GRUNWAID GUESS HALBERT, L. HALBERT. W. HALE. C. HALE, G. 6. HALL HANSEN HARDIS HARRELL HASTY HAY HECKENBACK HERNDON HERSHEY HIGH HILL. G. HILL, I. HINTON HITCHCOCK HOLLAND HON MMA THE CLA FIRST ROW ROBERT L. GILLESPIE: Appbton. Wise; Liberal Arts: Band. HOW- ARD GORDIE: DeLand; Liberal Arts. ROBERT GRAY: Tampa; Lib- eral Arts; B. S. U., Executive Council; Ministerial Association, Vice- President; Phi Society; F. T. A.; Der Deutsche Verein; Honor Roll; Deans List. HARRISON D. GRIFFIN: DeLand; Law. THOMAS J. GRIFFIN: Charlotte. N. C: Liberal Arts. FOURTH ROW NITA T. HANSEN: Jacksonville: Liberal Arts; Y. W. A.; W. A. A.; Town Girls ' Club; Town Girls ' Council; F. T. A., Publicity Chair- man; Phi Society, Secretary, Vice-President; The Honor; Scroll and Key; Phi Alpha Thela, Secretary-Treasurer; Beta Beta Beta; B. S. U. JAMES A. HARDIN: West Palm Beach; Business. JEANNE HARRELL: Waverly, Ga.; Music; Phi Beta, Vice-President; Glee Club; Pi Beta Phi, Historian. CARL HASTY: Jacksonville; Business; Lambda Chi Alpha. EDWARD A. HAY: Zanesville, Ohio: Business; Stray Greeks; Kappa Sigma. SECOND ROW SYLVIA L. GRIFFIS: Screven, Ga.; Music; Glee Club; Orchestra; Lillle Theater; F, T. A. JACK GRIGSBY: Franklin, Tenn .: Liberal Arts; Phi Society; Scroll and Key Society; Tennis Team; Tumbling Team: " S " Club; Reporter Staff; Physical Education Club. WALLACE E. GRISSETT: Jacksonville; Liberal Arts; Press Club; Sigma Nu; Re- porter Staff, Editor; Rules and Procedure Committee, Chairman; Con- vention Chairman of Florida Intercollegiate Press Association. RICH- AR M. GRUNWALD: Brooklyn, N. Y.; Business; Pi Kappa Phi. WILLIAM GUESS: Sarasota; Liberal Arts; B. S. U.; German Club; Ministerial Association, Treasurer. FIFTH ROW HEROLD R. HECKENBACK: Sanlord; Liberal Arts; Orchestra; F. T. A.; Lambda Chi Alpha. WILLIAM F. HERNDON: Sanford; Liberal Arts; Golf Team; ' S Club. EDWARD HERSHEY: DeLand; Liberal Arts. H. W. HIGH: Orlando: Liberal Arts: Ministerial Association. GUY B. HILL: Bradenton: Business. THIRD ROW LEWIS HALBERT: Lake Wales; Liberal Arts; Veterans Organization; Secretary of Senior Class: Ministerial Association. WILLIE B. LAMB HALBERT: Pensacola; Liberal Aits; Christian Volunteers; Ministerial Wives Club. CAROL JEANNE HALE: Daytona Beach; Liberal Arts; Y. W. A., President: Volunteers; 1. R. C: B. S. U., Vice-President; The Honor, President; Alpha Dexioma; Women ' s Council, Vice-Pres- ident. GREGORY BURLEIGH HALE: West Palm Beach; Business: Theta Alpha Phi; Football; Freshman Advisor: Intramural Fraternity League, President; Homecoming Committee; Sigma Nu. BOB HALL: Apopka: Liberal Arts: 1. R. C; F. T. A.; Delta Sigma Phi: Reporter Staff; " S " Club: Freshman Advisor: I. F. C. SIXTH ROW JONATHAN H. HILL: Tallahassee; Music: Orchestra; Band; Kappa Kappa Psi. JOE HINTON: Edgewater: Liberal Arts; Ministerial As- sociation. GENE HITCHCOCK: Winter Haven; Liberal Arts: Minis- terial Association. HARRY W. HOLLAND: Canal Zone; Liberal Arts; Phi Theta Kappa; Sigma Delta Pi; Ministerial Association. MARIAN B. HON: Rye Beach, N. H.; Liberal Arts; Pi Beta Phi, Pledge Captain; W. A. A. HATTER GLORY . AT HOMECOMING TIME i ' Ml I I - ai E " S THE H CLA FIRST ROW FREDERICK HOPE: West Palm Beach: Liberal Arts; Theta Alpha Phi; Little Theater; Homecoming Committees; Ye Mystic Krewe, Captain; Honor Roll; Ten Outstanding Students; Reporter Staff; Student Bar Association; Intramural Debater; Delta Sigma Phi. GEORGE HOPE: Lithia; Liberal Arts: Pi Kappa Phi; Beta Beta Beta. NEWELL BRETT HOPE: Lithia; Music; Orchestra; Glee Club; Pi Kapr- 1 Pin; F. T. A.: Methodist Student Organization. MARILOU D. HORTON: DeLand; Liberal Arts; Theta Alpha Phi; Town Girls ' Club; F. T. A.; Alpha Xi Delta. RHODA HORTON: Ml. Dora; Liberal Arts; F. T. A. FOURTH ROW JERRY IVEY: Kissimmee; Music; Kappa Kappa Psi, Vice-President; Stetson Band; Pi Kappa Phi SHIHADER F. JAJEH: Jacksonville: Liberal Arts. CLARENCE R. JONES: Sanford; Business; O. J. C; Glee Club; Sigmc: Alpha Chi, Secro ' iry I !•-■ :surer; Lambda Chi Alpha. LAWRENCE W. JONES: Dade City: Business; Sigma Chi. SECOND ROW DOROTHY HOWARD: St. Petersburg: Libera! Arts. EDNA HOWARD: St. Petersburg; Business DELPHA L. HOWLAND, DeLand; Liberal Arts; F. T. A. RAYMOND F. HOYLE: Cumberland Md.; Business; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Commerce Club; Intramural Manager. JAMES HUCKABAY: Dade City; Lambda Chi Alpha. FIFTH ROW DON KIBBEY: Ludington. Mich.: Liberal Arts; Kappa Pi, President; Art Forum, WILLIAM KING: Jacksonville; Business; Westminster Fellowship, Treasurer, Vice-President; Veterans Organization; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Secretary. JOHN KIRKPATRICK: Eustis; Liberal Arts; Band; Reporter Staff; Phi Alpha Delta; Kappa Kappa Psi; Delta Sigma Phi; 1. F. C. MURRAY KLEIN: DeLand: Liberal Arts. MARTHA KURTZ: Fort Meyers: Music; Glee Club. Student Leader; The Honor; Treasurer of the Sophomore Class; Zeta Tau Alpha, President. THIRD ROW RICHARD HUGHES: Monticello; Liberal Arts. JUANITA HURST: Tampa; Liberal Arts THORWALD J. HUSFELD: DeLand: Business. RAYMOND W. HUTCHINSON: Arcadia: Liberal Arts; Hatter Staff; I. R. C. BETTY IVEY: Atlanta. Ga.: Liberal Arts; Secretary of Fresh- man Class; Pan-Hellenic; Womens Executive Council; 1. F. C; Pi Beta Phi, Rush Chairman, President. SIXTH ROW B:LL LANIGAN ' Wauchula: Liberal Arts; Football, Captain ' 49; Stetson Alhletic Club, President; " S ' Club; Sigma Nu. C. A. LEAK: West Palm Beach: Business; Sigma Nu. JOHN H. LEATHEN: Pitts- burgh, Pa.; Liberal Arts. JIM LEE: Flagler Beach: Liberal Arts; Sigma Phi Epsilon. VIRKLER LEGATE: Carthage, N. Y.; Business; Stray Greeks; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ROYALTY AT THE BIG GAME THEY ' RE BEING SERENADED 4 J ' • . »i ». HOPE, .F HOPE, G. HOPE, N. HORTON, M. HORTON. H. HOWARD, D. HOWARD, E. HOWLAND HOYLE HUCKABAY HUGHES HURST HUTCHINSON IVEY, C. JAJEH JONES, C. JONES, S. JOSEPH KIBBEY KING KIRKPATRICK KLEIN KURTZ LANIGAN LEAK LEATHEN LEE LEGATE LEOPARD LETT LEWIS McCROAN McDonald McDowell McGinn McQUAIG MABRY MACE MALLORY MARCELL MATHER MATHEWS. M. MATHEWS, R. MAYNARD MAXCY MAXWELL MEISEL MELEAR MERIWETHER MERRITT MERTZ MICHAEL MILLER MITCHAM MITNIK MOONEY MOORE, B. MOORE, I. THE FIRST ROW ANDREW C. LEOPARD: DeLand; Business; Rifleiy Instruator. SARAH ANN LETT: Fort Meade; Liberal Arts: W. A. A., Vice-Presi- dent, President; Y. W. A.; Non-fraternity Association; Professional Club; Blazer Club. WILLIAM H. LEWIS. Jasper; Liberal Arts; Delta Sigma Phi. KYLE McCROAN: Palmetto; Liberal Arts; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Reporter Staff; Quarterly Staff; transfer from University of Florida. THOMAS SMEDLEY McDONALD: DeLand; Business; Honor Roll; Hatter Staff; Sigma Nu. FOURTH ROW JORDAN L. MAYNARD: Eustis; Business; " S " Club; Basketball; Tennis; Pep Club, President; Pi Kappa Phi, Historian, Pledge Captain, President; Honor Roll; Mystic Krewe, Captain; Who ' s Who in Uni- versities and Colleges of America; Outstanding Student; I. F. C; Freshman Advisor; Homecoming Chairman. STEWART C. MAXCY: Orlando; Liberal Arts; Delta Sigma Phi, Historian, Alumni Secretary; Stetson Reporter Staff; Press Club. EDWARD W. MAXWELL: Cresl- view; Business. HARRY J. MEISEL: DeLand; Liberal Arts: transfer from University of Alabama; Football. RICHARD C. MELEAR: Miami; Liberal Arts; Football; " S " Club. SECOND ROW ROBERT B. McDOWELL: Daylona Beach; Liberal Arts. FRANCIS L. McGINN: DeLand; Business; transfer from Wilson Junior College, Chicago, 111. RANDALL JACKSON McQUAIG, JR.: Manor, Ga.; Liberal Arts; transfer from Norman Junior College; Pi Kappa Phi. JOHN W. MABRY: Spartanburg. S. C; Music. ANN WELLONS MACE: Marion, S. C; Liberal Arts; transfer from Agnes Scott and Cokar College; Pi Beta Phi, Vice-President; Canterbury Club; Pan-Hellenic Council. HFTH ROW ROGER L. MERIWETHER. JR.: Orlando; Liberal Arts; Debate; Canter- bury Club; Sigma Phi Epsilon, President. ORPHA MARRITT: Baker;. Liberal Arts; Y. W. A.; B. S. U., Council Secretary; Volunteers, Sec- retary; Student Hostess; Future Teachers; Vice President of Conrad Hall. GLORIA MERTZ: Eustis; Liberal Arts; Alpha Xi Delta, Historian- Kappa Pi, Secretary, Vice-President; Thet aAlpha Phii, Secretary; Honor Roll. JAMES C. MICHAEL: Saniord: Liberal Arts; transfer from University of Miami; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Stetson Reporter, Business Manager. WALTER EDWARD MILLER: Calhoun. Go.; Liberal Arts; transfer from Emory University; " S " Club. THIRD ROW JAMES H. MALLORY: Daytona Beach; Business; transfer from Uni- versity of Denver. LOUIS H. MARCELL: DeLand; Liberal Arts. MADELINE MATHER: Daylona Beach; Liberal Arts; Delta Delta Delta; Little Theater; Transfer from the Universiity of Nev Mexico. MAJ ORIE MATHEWS: Leesburg; Liberal Arts; transfer from Mars Hill College and Bessie Tift College; Ministerial Wives; Non-frater- nity Association. RONALD PHILIP MATHEWS: Leesburg; Liberal Arts; Ministerial Association; Non-fraternity Association. SIXTH ROW AL MITCHHAM: Ponte Vedra Beach; Business; transfer from Georgia Tech; Sigma Nu. ADOLPH MITNIK: New York: Liberal Arts. BER- NARD C. MOONEY: Palmerton, Penn.: Liberal Arts; Lambla Chi Alpha; transfer from Bethlehem Area College. BETTY WOOD MOORE: Marion. S. C; Business; transfer from Winthrop College; Pi Beta Phi, Treasurer; Pan-Hellenic Council; Faculty-Student Committee. JJAMES D. MOORE: Eau Gallie: Business; Lambda Chi Alpha, Vice- President. GET YOUR TICKETS READY ART FOB ART ' S SAKE? I THE R CILA FIRST ROW AARON C. MULLINS: Frostproof; Business: Sigma Alpha Chi; Com- merce Club. Treasurer. EDWARD W. MUNSON: DeLand: Liberal Arts; Beta Beta Beta. LOIS A. NEWELL: Orlando; Liberal Arts; B. S. U.; Y. W. A.; Women ' s Council, President; Hatter Staff; F. T. A., Vice-President; L R. C; The Honor; Zeta Tau Alpha. NELDA H. NEW- SOME: DeLand: Liberal Arts. W. T. NEWSOME: DeLand; Liberal Arts; Phi Society; Scroll and Key; Ministerial Association. FOURTH ROW LAWRENCE E. PAGE: Whitman, Mass.; Business. HARRY C. PANOS: West Palm Beach; Liberal Arts; Veterans Association; junior Bar Association; Chapman Law Club; Intramurals, Manager; Young Democrats; Lambda Chi Alpha, DAVID A. PARKER: Business. LANE A. PATRICK: DeLand; Liberal Arts; Ministerial Association; Deans List. ALBERT PATTERSON: La Grange, Ga.; Liberal Arts; Football. SECOND ROW OWEN NORTH: Clearwater; Liberal Arts. A. JEANNETTE NORTH- RUP: Orlando; Literal Arts; Psychology Club; Phi Mu, Treasurer, Vice President. BETTY OGLESBY: Jupiter; Liberal Arts. MARGARET E. OLDFORD: West Palm Beach; Music; Glee Club, Travel Squad; Alpha Xi Delta. JAMES OLSON: Daytona Beach: Business. FIFTH ROW BENTON R. PATTERSON: New Orleans. La.; Liberal Arts; Reporter Staff; Press Club; Lambda Chi Alpha, Secretary, CHARLES PATTER- SON: Miami: Business; Pi Alpha Phi. GILBERT PATTERSON: JOSEPH PATTERSON: Daytona Beach; Liberal Arts. MORGAN PATTERSON: New Orleans: Liberal Arts; Ministerial Association. THIRD ROW JOE O ' LONE: Daytona Beach; Liberal Arts; Baskelball; Beta Beta Beta; GuinmM Siqina Epsilon, Treasurer, President. GEORGE OSSO- RIO: Baton Rouge, La.; Business; Football; Pi Kappa Phi, MARJORIE W. OWEN: DeLand; Liberal Arts; Press Club; Town Vi ' omens Coun- cil, Vice-President; Intramurals; Orchestra; Freshman Advisor; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; F. T. A.; Alpha Dexioma. JOHN PAGE: Fernan- dena; Liberal Arts; Glee Club; Ministerial Association, SIXTH ROW RALPH S. PATTERSON: Jacksonville; Liberal Arts; Veterans Club. MARTIN LUTHER PEARSON: Wauchula; Liberal Arts; Der Deutsche Verein, Treasurer, President; F. T. A.; Lambda Chi Alpha. JAMES PELHAM: Pensacola; Liberal Arts; B. S. U.; F. T. A.; University Bookstore, Manager. JOHN PELHAM: Pensacola; Liberal Arts; Min- isterial Association. JIM PERDUE: Avon Park; Music; Kappa Kappa Psi, Secretary, President; Band; Orchestra; Delta Sigma Phi. PHACTICAL EXPERIENCE IN THE THEATRE . AND ON THE AIR— WJBS MULIINS MUNSON NEWELL NEWSOME, N. NEWSOME. W. T. NORTH NORTHRUP OGLESBY OLDFORD OLSON OLONE OSSORIO OWEN PAGE, I. PAGE, L. E. PARKER PANOS PATTERSON, A. PATRICK PATTERSON. G PATTERSON, B. R. PATTERSON. C. PATTERSON. G. PATTERSON, J. PATTERSON. M. PATTERSON, R. S. PEARSON PELHAM PELHAM PERDUE PEBKINS, B. PERKINS. M. A. PEBRAULT PERSONS PETERSON PETRUCHELL PHILLIPS. M. E. m m ' Mm i POSEY POTTS PRINCE. E. PRINCE, J. PUMPHREY RAGSDALE RAINES HAMEY RANDALL RATH EL REAVES REESEMAN REGISTER RENWICK REVELS RIBET RILES RILEY ROBINSON. A. ROBINSON, B. THE R CLASS FIRST ROW BRUCE PERKINS: Danbury, Conn.; Business; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Treasurer; Canterbury Club, President; Varsity Tennis Team; " S " Club; Press Club; Hatter Staff, Business Manager; Outstanding Stu- dent; Ye Mystic Krewe; Vice-President Business School. MARY ANN PERKINS: Gallatin, Tenn.; Liberal Arts; W. R. A.; Vi ' omen ' s Profes- sional Club, Secretary; Delta Delta Delta, Vice-President; Inter- Fraternity Council. PETER B. PERRAULT: West Palm Beach; Busi- ness. JACK S. PERSONS: Ft. Myers; Liberal Arts; Sigma Nu; Fresh- man Advisor. FOURTH ROW; ARLINGTON P. RAGSDALE: Atlanta. Ga.; Liberal Arts; Lambda Chi Alpha. ROBERT H. RAINES: Clearwater; Business; Pi Kappa Phi, Secretary, Treasurer; Sigma Alpha Chi, Vice-President; Commerce Club. WILLIAM ROSS RAINEY: Ml. Plymouth; Liberal Arts; Camera Club; German Club; Ministerial Association; International Rela- tions Club. MERIAM M. RANDALL: Silver Springs; Liberal Arts; Glee Club; Little Theater; Press Club; Hatter Staff; Westminster Fel- lowship; Intramurals. CECIL D. RATHEL: Tampa; Liberal Arts; B. S. U.; Volunteers; House Manager BOO; Freshman Advisor. SECOND ROW ROBERT L. PETRUSCHELL: Santa Monica, Cal.; Business; Commerce Club; Pi Kappa Phi, Historian; Dean ' s List; Honor Roll. LOUIS VAN DORN PHILLIPS: Orlando: Liberal Arts; Ministerial Association; B. S. U. Executive Council. MARY ELLEN PHILLIPS: ElUcottville, N. Y.; Liberal Arts; VJ. A. A.; W. R. A.; Alpha Xi Delta; Orchestra; Band; Beta Beta Beta, Historian, Secretary; F. T. A.; Intra-Mural Board. BOB PINDER: Miami: Liberal Arts; Ministerial Association, Director of Intramurals, Secretary, President: B. S. U. Council; State Promotional Director; Ye Mystic Krew e, Second Mate; Glee Club; International Relations Club; Independent Organization, Secretary, President; Stetson-Miami Club, President; Little Theater; Freshman Advisor; Reporter Staff; Hatter Staff; Press Club; Honor Roll; Out- standing Student. FIFTH ROW EDWIN REAVES: Clearwater; Business; Lambda Chi Alpha; Tum- bling Team; Veterans ' Organization. LOIS ARLINE REESMAN: Lake- land; Business; transfer from Florida Southern ' ' ., ■;.■ . ' ■; ly Greeks; B. S. U.; Intramuralist; Commerce Club. L. W. REGISTER. JR.; Jack- sonville; Liberal Arts; French Club; Publicity Director. ROBERT W. RENWICK: Dunkirk. N. Y.; Business; transfer from Champlain Col- lege. DORIS REVELS: Palatka; Liberal Arts. THIRD ROW RAYMOND C. PITTS, Lakeland; Business; Lambda Chi Alpha; FRED POSEY, DeLand; Business. SUSANNE POTTS: Wheeling, W. Va.; Lib- eral Arts; Proiessicnal Club. President; W. R. A., Vice-President; Camera Club; Dean ' s List; Honor Roll. EDWARD E. PRINCE: Kittery, Me.; Liberal Arts. JOHN LELAND PRINCE: Kittery. Me.: Liberal Arts. RICHARD G. PUMPHREY: Daytona Beach; Liberal Ai ' s; Glee Club; Pi Kappa Phi pledge; Football; German Club; F. T. A. SIXTH ROW FERDINAND A. RIBET, JR.: Valdese. N. C; Business; transfer from University of Norlh Carolina; Sigma Nu . HARRELL K. RILES: Ocala; Business; Lambda Chi Alpha, Treasurer; Commerce Club; Veterans ' Association; International Relations Club. CARL RILEY: Birming- ham, Ala.; Music; transfer from Birmingham Conservatory of Music. ALICE V. ROBINSON: Pompano Beach; Liberal Arts; Sigma Delta Pi, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer; Zeta Tau Alpha, Activities Chairman. BETTY ROBINSON: Daytona Beach; Liberal Arts; trans- fer from Casements Junior College; Camera Club; Sigma Delta Pi; Volunteers; Y. Vl ' . A., Alpha Dexioma. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT FOR MUSICIANS . AND FOR NEWSPAPER WRITERS. TOO THE R. CILA FIRST ROW JAY ROTAN: Cramerton. N. C; Business; Golf Team; Basketball Tecim. PHILIP SANGSTER: Cape Elizabeth, Me.: Liberal Arts. JOHN SCALF: DeLand; Liberal Ar!s: Little Theater; Thela Alpha Phi; Min- isterial Association. FRED SCHILLING: DeLand: Business. A. R. SCHNEIDER: Sandyville, Ohio: Business; Pi Kappa Phi. FOURTH ROW: MARGARET SIBERT: Glen Ridge, N. J.: Liberal Arts; Beta Beta Beta. BLAND SIMMONS: Jacksonville: Liberal Arts; Little Theater; Stetson Quarterly; Stetson Reporter; Delta Sigma Phi. CARL SIMMONS: Bartov?; Liberal Arts; Football; Stetson Veterans ' Club; " S " Club; Physical Education Club; Sigma Nu, Pledge Captain. BETTY JANE SLATER: Waycross, Ga.: Music; Glee Club. TACOMA SLOAN: Ft. Meade; Liberal Arts; Intramurals; President of Independent League; Phi Alpha Theta; Press Club; Stetson Reporter, Sports Editor; B. S. U.; Der Deutsche Verein; Baseball Team, Manager. SECOND ROW BARBARA M. SCHRIEFFER: EusUs; Business; W. R. A. FRED SCOTT: Moultrie, Go.; Literal A.rts; Band; Glee Club; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. KERRY KENT SCOTT: Fort Lauderdale; Liberal Arts; Press Club, Secretary-Treasurer; La Franciade, Secretary-Treasurer; Hatter Staff; Reporter Staff; Phi Society Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Scroll and Key; Independent Party. RALPH W. SCOTT: Jacksonville; Business; Vet- erans ' Organization; Pi Kappa Phi. JOSEPH SENKARIK: S anford; Business. FIFTH ROW HARRELL W. SMITH: Louisville, Ky.: Business. JEANNE MARIE SMITH: Indian Rocks Beach: Libera! Arts; Beta Beta Beta, President; Little Theater: Pep Club; F. T. A.; Canterbury Club; Alpha Xi Delta. W. RAY SNYDER: Tampa; Liberal Arts. JAMES KENNETH SOLO- MON: Winter Garden; Liberal Arts; Ministerial Association. DORO- THY STAFFORD: St. Petersburg; Liberal Arts; Alpha Dexioma, Vice- President, Fresideni; Green Derby Association, Secretary; The Honor; Little Theater; Newman Club, Secretary; Phi Alpha Theta; Radio Workshop Group, Secretary; Scroll and Key; Theta Alpha Phi, Secretary; Women ' s Council, Social Vice-President, President; Wom- en ' s Executive Council. THIRD ROW WILLIAM R. SEYMOUR: Barberville; Business. STEPHEN SHABALA: New Castle. Pa.; Liberal Arts; Physcial Education Club; Student Intramural Director. STANLEY D. SHAULL: Charlotte, Mich.; Liberal Arts: Sigma Pi Sigma, Secretary, President; Sigma Nu. ROY SHUPP: Palatka; Business: Freshman Advisor; Lambda Chi Alpha. SAMUEL SILER: Slalery. N. C; Business. SIXTH ROW JAMES B. STAFFORD: Jacksonville Beach; Liberal Arts; Beta Beta Beta; Kappa Delta Pi, Vice-President; " S " Club; Hatter; Honor Roll; Veteran ' s Organization; Pi Kappa Phi. WILLIAM J. STARK: Miami, Okla.; Music; Orchestra; Band, Concert-Master; Kappa Kappa Psi; Honor Roll; Deans List. JAMES R. STATHAM: Linden; Business. ANNA MARION STEWART: St. Petersburg; Liberal Arts; Pi Beta Phi; Psychology Club: Glee Club; Westminster Fellowship; Intramurals. EDWARD STRANER: Clearwater; Liberal Arts; B. S. U.; Volunteer for Christian Service. STAR LIGHT, STAR BRIGHT . . . A PI PHI MERRY CHRISTMAS C. ' i iki J iii SCHNEIDER SCHBUFFER SCOTT, F. SCOTT, K. SCOTT, H. SENKARIK SEYMOUR SHABALA SHAITLL SHUPP SIBER SIBERT SIMMONS, B. SIMMONS, C. SLATER SLOAN fTlWlff lB m itt hik SMITH, H. SMITH, I. 3NYDEH SOLOMON STAFFORD, D. STAFFORD, J. STARK STATHAM STEWART STRANER STRATFORD THOMAS THOMPSON. E. THOMPSON. F. THORP TINSLEY TODD TOGGWEILER TOMBERLIN TOSSELL TOWNSEND TROTT THUE TRUELOCK TNCKER, J. TUCKER. R. TURNBALL TURNER, D. TURNER, R. TUTEN TYLER VAUGHEN VITSARAS VOGLESONG WALDEN WALKER THE FIRST ROW STEVE STRATFORD: Jacksonville: Liberal Arts; Delta Sigma Phi, Vice-President; Phi Society, President; Scroll and Key, Vice-Presi- dent; Phi Alpha Theta, Vice-President; Little Theater; I. R. C; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Ye Mystic Krewe. BENJI SULLIVAN: Tampa; Liberal Arts; Glee Club. AARON SWAIN: Haines City; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Phi, Historian, President; Stetson Tumbling Team; P. E. N. Club. VARDELL G. SWETT: Rowland, N. C; Liberal Arts. LAW- RENCE B. TEICHERT. St. Petersburg; Adelphos Society; Sigma Alpha Chi, President. FOURTH ROW: BARBARA J. TROTT: Orlando: Liberal Arts; Kappa Sigma; Hatter Statf; Sigma Delia Pi. CHARLOTTE TRUE: Lake Mary; Liberal Arts; Art Club; W. A. A.; Kappa Pi; Pan-Hellenic; Alpha Xi Delta. JAMES TUCKER: Orlando; Liberal Arts; Debate Team; Theta Alpha Pi, President; Little Theater; Interfraternity Council; Pi Kappa Delta, Secretary, Treasurer, President; Pi Kappa Phi, Chaplain. ROBERT TUCKER: Sarasota: Liberal Arts; B. S. U. SECOND ROW DAVE THOMAS: Palatka; Liberal Arts; Glee Club; Freshman Class Treasurer; Mmisterial Association. ELIZABETH THOMPSON: Or- lando; Liberal Arts. FRANK B. THOMPSON: Jacksonville: Liberal Arts; Glee Club. WILLIAM THORP: Sarasota: Liberal Arts. MARVIN TINSLEY: Miami: Liberal Arts; Stray Greeks; Football; Pi Kappa Alpha. FIFTH ROW WILLIAM J. TURNBALL: DeLand: Music; Orchestra. DOUGLAS TURNER: Parrish: Business. W. RET TURNER: Marianna: Liberal Arts; Who ' s Vl ' ho in Colleges and Universities; Theta Alpha Phi; Little Theater. WILLIAM TUTEN: DeLand: Liberal Arts; Sigma Phi Epsilon. GRACE TYLER: Brunswick, Ga.: Liberal Arts. THIRD ROW GEORGE TODD: Largo; Business. JOHNNY TOGGWEILER: Miami; Business; Stray Greeks; X Club; Pi Kappa Alpha. JAMES TOMBER- LIN: Miami; Liberal Arts; Sigma Pi Sigma. MATTHEW M. TOSSELL: Barberton. Ohio; Liberal Arts; Camera Club; I. R. C; F. T. A.; Sigma Phi Epsilon. JOHN L. TOWNSEND: Jacksonville; Liberal Arts; Pi Kappa Phi. SIXTH ROW JUSTINE L. VAUGHEN: DeLand; Liberal Arts; Classical Orchestra; Town Girls ' Club; Theta Gamma, President; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Beta Beta Beta; Theta Alpha Phi, Vice-President; Little Theater; German Club; Camera Club; The Honor, Outstanding Student; Alpha Xi Delta. KATHERINE N. VITSARAS: DeLand: Liberal Arts; Kappa Pi, Corresponding Secretary, Vice-President; Town Girls ' Club. BETTYLOU N. VOGLESONG: Mtddletown, Ohio; Liberal Arts. DON WALDEN: Plant City; Business; Freshman Advisor; Pi Kappa Phi. JOHN WALKER: Daytona Beach; Business; Sigma Chi. EXAM TIME MUST BF NF. R DRO ' WNING THEIR SORBO ' WS THE R. CILA FIRST ROW NORMA ELDES WALTON: Pompano Beach; Liberal Arts; Kappa Pi; Wesley Foundation; Der Deutches Verein; Future Teachers; Intra- mural Sports; Honor Holl. lAMES M. WARD: Quincy; Business. RICHARD W. WARNER: Asheville, N. C; Liberal Arts; Sigma Phi Epsilon; L R. C; Student Veteran ' s Association; Intramural Sports. JOHN RICHARD WARREN: St. Petersburg: Liberal Arts; Lambda Chi Alpha, President; I. F. C; Glee Club; La Franciade; Music Educa- tors National Conference; Future Teachers; Honor Roll; Minister of Music; Young Democrats. FOURTH ROW: WILLIAM E. WILKINSON: Daytona Beach; Liberal Arts; Delta Sigma Phi: Future Teachers; Reporter Stall. MACKIE WILKES. Daytona Beach; Liberal Arts: Y. W. A.; Kappa Pi, President; Future Teachers. ROBERT B. WILLARD: DeLcmd; Liberal Arts; Reporter Staff, Associa- tion Circulation Manager.; Canterbury Club; 1. F. C: Future Teach- ers; Sigma Phi Epsilon, House Manager. LENORA CATHERINE WILLIAMS: Homestead; Liberal Arts; Pi Beta Phi, Recording Sec- retary; The Honor; Stetson House Council, Vice-President; Vi esley Foundation; Secretary Sophomore Class; Pan-Hellenic, President, Vice-President; W. R. A. SECOND ROW WILLIAM E. WEBB: Green Cove Springs; Liberal Arts; Ministerial Association; Future Teachers. JAYNE W. WEITZEL. Lockport, N. Y.; Liberal Arts; transfer from Heidelberg College, Tiffin, Ohio; Pi Beta Phi; Deans List; Honor Roll. BAILEY MARTIN WELDEN: Jackson- ville; Business; Sigma Alpha Chi, Accounting Fralernily; Pi Kappa Phi; Chapman Club. WILLIAM S. WEST: Valdosta. Ga.; Business; Sigma Nu; Sigma Alpha Chi. FIFTH ROW MARTHA RUTH WILLIAMS: Bartow; Liberal Arts; W. R. A.; Delta Delta Delta: transfer trcm ludson College, Marion, Ala. HELEN BARKSDALE WILLIAMSON: Adele. Go.; Liberal Arts; Phi Mu, Secretary. P. TURNER WILSON: Sanford; Business; Sigma Nu; 1. F. C. JOHN F. WINGER : Haines City; Business. JACK WOOD: Miami; Liberal Arts; transfer from University of Miami; Varsity Football; " S " Club; Stray Greeks; Reporter Staff; Pi Kappa Alpha. THIRD ROW JOHN CAMPBELL WHITAKER: North Miami: Liberal Arts; Football; Baseball; " S " Club, President: Pi Kcip(: a Phi; Freshman Advisor; Future Teachers. VIRGINIA O ' KEEFE WHITMIRE: DeLand; Liberal Arts; Alpha Xi Delta. JAN WIECKOWSKI: Warsaw, Poland: Busi- ness; Principal of Commerce School, Warsaw. WINIFRED B. WIGLE: DeLand: Liberal Arts; Future Teachers; Town Girl ' s Club; Wesley Foundation, Vice-President; Kappa Pi. SIXTH ROW JOHN B. WOOD: Eau Gallie; Business WILLIAM WARREN WOOD: Jacksonville; Liberal Arts. MURRAY J. WRIGHT: Orlando; Business; transfer from Orlando Junior College; Siqma Alpha Chi. BENJAMIN J. YELVINGTON: Yelvington; Liberal Arts: Ministerial Association; B. S. U., Devotional Chairman. WANDA FAYE YODER: Moore Haven; Liberal Arts; W. A. A.; Camera Club: !. R. C: Zeta Tau Alpha; Pan-Hellenic, President, Vice-President; Freshman Advisor; Hatter Staff, Assistant Editor. THIS COULD HAPPEN TO YOU THIS COULD, TOO WALTON WAHD WARNER WARREN WEBB WEITZEL WELDEN WEST WHITAKER WHITMIRE WIECKOWSKI WIGLE WILKINSON WILKES WILLIAMS. L. C. WILLIAMS. M. R. WILLIAMSON WILSON WINGER WOOD, J. WOOD. I. B. WOOD, W. W, WRIGHT YELVINGTON f- % 1 f S BRAGG BRANTHOVEH DUNK FITZPATRICK GEER GODBOLD HANSEN HEAVY MARSH MILLER MITCHELL PATTERSON STALNAKER STARLING WILKINSON GRADUATES AND SPECIAL STUIDENIR LERVIL AND THE CHIMES THOSE PURDY PI PHIS - At f me The lengthened shadow . . . extends over DeLand. Those who supported this annual because they like the uni- versity. - v. THE CITY OF DeLAND and DeLAND CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Offer Congratulations to the Graduating Class of John B. Stetson University DeLand is located in the ridge section of east central Florida, 110 miles south of Jacksonville, four miles east to the picturesque St. Johns River, famous for its black bass fishing, and twenty-two miles to the renowned beaches of the Atlantic seaboard. Being centrally located practically every point of interest in the state may be visited within one day ' s drive. DeLand enjoys a delightful year-round climate. There is scarcely a day that the sun does not shine, sending forth its ultra-violet rays. Children grow strong and sun-tanned, the older people add years to their life ' s span. DeLand is a beautiful city, appealing to those of educational and cultural background. It is a friendly city — a city you will like. for Information About DeLand Please Write CHAMBER OF COMMERCE DELAND, FLORIDA 218 FOUNTAINS Central Florida ' s Oldest and Finest Store DELAND FLORIDA OUR SPECIALTY Reservations and Trips for Stetson Students No Charge — Prompt Service LANIER TRAVEL SERVICE 222 N. BLVD. PHONE 815 Orange Belt Pharmacy " Prescription Specialists " COMPLETE DRUG AND FOUNTAIN SERVICE Next to the Dreka Theatre Phone 555 Compliments of V. W. GOULD AGENCY Realtors I n s u r r s — Since 1907 — I ilRMl 201 N. Boulevard Get Those Phone 147 j FINE SANDV ICHES AND MILK SHAKES I I SHAWHAN ' S PHONE 1027 116 E. RICH STETSON ' S GLEE CLUB Travels Only via . . . GREYHOUND 219 lyiov MMai Compliments of FLORIDA STATE THEATRES in DeLand ATHENS THEATRE DREKA THEATRE j ! j I j I NEW ORLEANS Baptist Theological Seminary OFFERS STANDARD DEGREES B.D., Th.M., and Th.D. in Theology B.R.E. and M.R.E. in Religious Edn. ROLAND Q. LEAVELL, Th.D., D.D., Pres. 1220 Washington Ave. New Orleans 13, La. COEDS— PHONE FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT AT Mademoiselle Beauty Shoppe iris E. Locklair 119 E. Indiana Ave. Phone 244 Compliments of YOUNG ' S FLOWERS BONDED FLORIST T.D.S. FLOWERS BY WIRE i ! I I 146 No. Blvd. Phone 222- 194W 220 i i Compliments of JESS MATH AS CLERK CIRCUIT COURT Compliments of STOUDENMIRE ' S GROCETERIA [ !i .... i i i i I i ! i i i I i I I I IN DAYTON A for • Tennis Equipment • Fishing Tackle • Golf Clubs • and the Latest in Books It ' s the Daytona Book Store " Buy Where Your Varsity Teams Buy " I I Congratulations . . . Graduates of the Class of ' 50 No matter where the path may lead, please accept our best wishes for a future full of happiness, prosperity and continued good fortune. i I I I i i i j i I i ! j I i 1 Compliments of DIXON ' S OFFICE SUPPLY 113 NORTH BOULEVARD DeLand, Florida FLORIDA BANK AT DE LAND Member: Florida National Group Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation I I j i i i i I i I j ! LAUNDERETTE The Automatic LAUNDRY j Self-Service I j 30 MINUTE WASHING AND DRYING ONE AND TWO DAY DRY CLEANING ! ! 108 West Rich Ave. Phone 277- W I I I I I _ _ _i 221 i 1950 HATTER oDeiianed CJJ ' C naraued bu College Annual Division AlABAXMA ENGRAVING CO, Birmingham THE BARNETT NATIONAL BANK " A Florida Landmark " DELAND - JACKSONVILLE - AVON PARK COCOA - ST. AUGUSTINE Member Federal Reserve System and F.D.I.C. Compliments Peaslee-Gaulbert Paint and Varnish Company Tampa Branch Representative: C. A. GRIFFIS Compliments of BETTY DREKA SHOP Where Stetson Styles Are Molded S. Blvd. I j De Land, Florida I ! I GIBBS YOUR STORE Ladies ' and Children ' s Ready-to-Wear i J i I i I i I and Shoes PHONE 240 223 The College Cotton Shop 220 N. BOULEVARD J I Compliments of ART SCHILLER 114 EAST INDIANA AVENUE .. J ' I ' i Flowers For All Occasions Stetson Flower Shop 218 N. Boulevard Phone 59 you - - are always welcome at IVEY ' S in Daytona Beach A COMPLETELY MODERN DEPARTMENT STORE WHERE YOU ' LL FIND I AMERICA ' S BEST KNOWN BRANDS OtparlKent Store YOWELL-DREW 1 Compliments of T. H. MOTORS 116 WEST RICH PHONE 833 Compliments BELL MOTOR CO. PONTIAC and GMC Truck Sales I I I I I i I j j j i Florida Rich Aves I I i I 224 Phone 420 Compliments of Jacobs Motor Service 339 North Woodland Boulevard New and Used Cars Hudson Lincoln L. Jacobs Owner Phone 67 De Land, Florida ! I i I i I i I 1 1 1 1 i i Compliments of Volusia Pharmacy A Walgreen Agency Modern Soda Fountain Compliments of CLIFTON BROTHERS — BU ICK DEALERS 117 E. New York Phone 635 ii M i ! j ! i ! Compliments of Smith Thomas Drugs Headquarters for Helena Rubinstein - Lentheric - Corday Ciros - Tabu - Charbert - Chen Yu - Peggy Sage Roger Gollet - Guerlain - Old Spice Seaforth - Max Factor ' s - Coty - Harriet Hubbard Ayers - Evening in Paris Houbigant - Chantilly - Richard Hudnut Schiaparelli A Complete Repair Service Experienced Watchmakers and a Manufacturing Jeweler DeHuy ' s 139 North Boulevard Telephone 270 We Feature: Tussy Yardley Dorothy Perkins Cosmetics S. R. LANGSTON, JR., Manager 121 North Boulevard DeLand, Fla. I J I ( I i I i I i i i I i I The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary ELLIS ADAMS FULLER, D. D., President " An Internationally Famous Institution " • A Faculty of World-Famous Teachers, Preachers, Authors • Eleven Great Departments of Instruction • A Modern $3,000,000 Educational Plant • An Atmosphere of Scholarship and Evongelism WRITE TO THE PRESIDENT FOR CATALOG AND FURTHER INFORMATION " The Beeches " LOUISVILLE KENTUCKY 225 GEORGIE ' BOY ' S " Where the Gang Meets " Atlantic Ice | Company i Phone 875 j BETTER REFRIGERATION j 1 AT LOWER COST | i j See the New ... ? AIR CONDITIONED j ICE REFRIGERATOR j P Cfl ic Chests - Beverage Chests - Cold Boxes j Ice Cream Freezers - Water Coolers | DeLand Sundries " YOUR NEAREST SUNDRY STORE " Especially for the Co-Eds: Cosmetics, Toilet Articles and Other Personal Needs for the Eds: Shaving Supplies and Hair Preps, Everything for the Smoker for All: Parker Pens, Cameras, School Supplies COR. BLVD. RICH PHONE 904 226 OUR HATS ARE OFF! TO THE CLASS OF ' 50 tAay Success and Happiness be Th eirs FLORIDA POWER CORPORATION J. G. GRAVLEE, District Manager Compliments of Mitchell Cleaners E. Rich Ave. Phone 865 Compliments of Allen-Summerhill Funeral Home J. E. SUMMERHILL, Funeral Director Phone 62 Real Ambulance Service Established 1877 126 East New York Ave. DeLand, Fla. 227 WHEN Wt started operations in 1947, " writes Mr. Paul V. Gandy, President of Gondy Block Supply Company of Melbourne, Florida, " our equipment consisted of mixer, belt conveyer, and a hand-operated block machine. To meet the demand of the area, we purchased additional equipment which upped daily production to 1700 blocks with a 5-man crew. THcN ViAJVlE the turning-point - the day we inves- tigated Appley-Yellen machinery. We were amazed to learn from Mishco what a high output we could achieve with a LOW investment cost. Our subsequent purchase of an automatic Hi-Speed block machine and proper accessory equipment produced a daily output of 4000 b ocks with a 6-man crew (four on the block machine, mixer and skiphoist, and two in the yard for stacking and supplying pallets, etc.). " THIS IS THE UNIT that did the jobl Appley Yellen Hi-Speed block machine, mixer and skiphoist. Will use any kind of aggregate; no special mixes necessary. With outomatic or semi-automatic operation, individual timings of the 4 steps are completely changeable at will! All blocks of uniform density and true-sided. No exposed parts to wear from grit and dirt. In short, a super-adaptable, integrated unit designed and built to do just ONE THING WELL make concrete blocks (and brick) that you can sel at competitive prices, with satisfaction guaranteed! MISHCO lflll nW CORPORATION 615 S. W. 2nd AVENUE • MIAMI, FLORIDA J. W. APPLEY SON, INC. • ST. PETERSBURG 2, FLORIDA LET US HELP YOU ! if you are interested in modernizing YOUR plant and duplicating the success story of the Gandy Company, just write or wire us - our consultant will gladly advise you without obligation. 228 p EMEY ' S No.i job is to save you money. We ' ve f I I had years of experience! j Compliments of ! REEVE AND HOWARD 1 GIFTS BOOKS STATIONERY j 1 105 W. Indiana Avenue ) 1 Phone 247 j j j REMEMBER THE ' HATTER HOLIDAY ' AT DeLEON SPRINGS MORRIS ' RESTAURANT GOOD FOOD IS GOOD HEALTH 203 N. BLVD. DE LAND, FLA. 229 IBSTFI S mv ' f isiacC ... a man ' s hat — a hat that really goes to a man ' s head MORE PEOPLE WEAR STETSON HATS THAN ANY OTHER BRAND. 230 Compliments of i I i i Allen Powers Hardware " De Land ' s Newest Hardware " 112 South Boulevard DELAND, FLORIDA i AFTER ! I J i I I SUPPLYING STETSON STUDENTS FOR OVER 25 YEARS ALLEN WHITE CO. YOU FINISH COLLEGE WHAT? • WHAT • WHAT Are you going to do? Are you going to be? j Have You Considered Food Retailing? Food retailing offers you employment in one of the largest, most stable industries in our country. Work in pleasant surroundings, with alert, ag- gressive people. Food retailing is not monotonous; new scenes and situations develop daily. All jobs in retoiling ore not behind the counter. There are department heads, superv sors, assistant managers, managers, buyers, and other jobs which offer unusual opportunities to those fitted and trained to fill them. If you are interested in making your success in Food Retailing, write or apply to Personnel Manager Winn Lovett Grocery Co. Beaver Barnetf Sts. JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA BILL HOLLER MOTOR SALES CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC " Quality Service Headquarters " Phone 694 - 695 550 South Boulevard De Land, Florida 231 ilOtALS Ot DISTIHTIO Slipped Through .h. Do., ' Handcl ' s " Messiah " C! Presentation Tonight STETSON EDITINa CLASS DeLand Dear Class: CONGRATULATIONS on doing a fine Job yesterday as editors-for-the-day ol the Sun News. ST. JOHNS SAM. Hatters Blast FSU 170-61 In Overtime In keeping with the Christmas ilee Clubs and Orchestra will pi ilessiah, " tonight at 8 :00 and Sum eth Hall auditorium under the ' if fin. Homecoming To Start Maynard, Byars Eke Out Narrow Victories In Homecoming Elections I Weekend Progran Hatters Tram Announced Today gakin, Wimer 1 Jordan Maynard eked out a narrow victory over Charlie Doll lOft for Homecoming Mayor last Friday while " Skippy " y £JQf f mWatChapei By DOT BALLENTINE " Welcome Back Alumni " Beat Presbyte ' Pete Peterson, Fred a r.ait " _Iuesday night as Newsweek Carries easo lPpen ■■ 3 W©r I Cagf, Science Photo By Gree , Cov • • • Dr. Winchester T|ie January 6 issue of I Grgejf v?e of th ' carries a photogiajih 0-3g ' executing a perfect leap aue. rain has bef;u.. ' ' SPJC ' i ' t. ' ' - fe-TOer 8, 9, and 10 by 0 38 iusic Fesi Stetson Symphony To Present Initial Concert January 2i20OUtitei;diiii the Siove TKn ctotqnn Svmohony Orche Soda Shop Mural Near Completion The Stetson Art Department has inaugurated a program call " art Rat Week Is Great t . ' .«« " ] " Q Success According D eConferei » John R «.».- " V " .«- lO UpperClaSSmenpriday, November 18, 194S Tangle Students Selected Monday, Tuesday .en ' t fSn-diS o ' mfnTr Visitors from Mars could,! dropped out ot space onto our I son campus and never been not |this week. The wierd creat Jbich did appear were not stn space but reallv v, Fighting Hattei Homecoming Tl An enthusiastic home Hatter eleven fail to " Sh " •resbyterian College gave " S Conference Uad « -- ' FiffUreS Ind Night; Dt. »« " •f_„ .„ .«..i»r.r J-vU? RoUins Battle Ends Season F Religious Emphasis Week Scheduled Y rsity Buys {ANNUAL Rl February 1. -16: Seminars to he Held sl ' ?, ! ' ' ' TONIGHT D February 13-16; Seminars to be Held The campus will observe a special program durin ' ' ed ' fhf " ]{° ' « " " y I ' as purchas- the week of.WDip suWeat ' p " o " ' ?t! ' ' ' ' A ' ' ' ' " ' ' ' ' ' " ' " aro .., " • ' " ' ° approval by thelfR:.ftPrc ac »h ..r Jonm Marks RH Pay Mancino FB Bryson e Club Ye Mystic Krewe Taps Nine Men; , New Members Outstanding in Campus Rt.AT pat ir txtg Sunday Activities; Members Now Total 17 KULLIW L- c -.. TT_: r — Bv TED GRISSFTT I, the Stetson University Handel ' s oratorio, " The emoon at 3:30 in Eliza- n of Prof. Harold M. By TED GRISSETT -ues ' Guest In tapped nine new men last Monday and TL t-r " " captain of the Krewe, Fred ne House ' " Js Ch ' o ' ' uibert were ' ' " " ' coming pQ ' nosen Today " ■ ' --- -- r i j Lipton Concert J iTtrTr Opens Annual Marks (t " a Artist Series ' «= ' - ■ " Pen,no-. ators 57-53; e Seventeen Each r and Don Eakin spelled ' Hatte tson Hatters trounced the Florid mngot By BARBARA BKUNDAGE Elizabeth Hall was the sceiK many new formals and tuxe ,V ' ' • ' " u That is not said right, " said the caterpillar. " Not quite right, I ' m afraid, " said Alice timidlv. " some of the words 00 girls attenae liclay ' Festivities Heim Today • • • • • • • aLto_be i seiited [Pi Kappa Phi Wins Intrmmi l Dean Hudson And Orchestra Football Crown With Present ' Moonlight Serenade h ' i SS t Air Base To morrow Nigh To Pret C imfmas Presentation of Little Theatre crowd saw a fighting Stetson To Include Two Plavs Bv ChaHcs Dicken 49 as a two point margin hy J J itors the decision last Saturday ' ' ' " " ' Christmas hoi- 1 many at this time of the year when i generosity all those whom iday seasor o ' )proaches. there are | the spirit olLi iving and brother- 1 neglected and abused. " The Cricket On The •US 4y as a two ponit margin by » » itors the decision last Saturday ' ' ' " " ' Christmas hoi- [many at this time of the year when i generosity iday seasor o ' )proaches. there are the spirit alLi?iving and brother- neglected ite 3 Men To Each Girl On Canipi - -_. r I y " ' " " ' " ' " ise you have, wondered where all the people ■ ■ ■ ■ _ - f lCn. I .fkj l Commons lines, in the downtown restaiirai • Hattersfe ' •ase you have, wondered where all the people are coming j Commons lines, in the downtown restaurants, and var- |places, you may be interested to know there aren ' t as - " I AS miss .RY RENEWED jStetsoii I95Q LANDO „ ?. ™- ,-c».. 149 football season for the SMsi ' ' l ' f were chosen ' ' Lf " ' ' = " I. Orlando wav to tangle with tdfv 1 ' ° " " Q i " the H. .ln.°! ' ' ' ' . Commons lines, in the downtown restaurants, and )laces, you may be interested to know there aren Its this year as last year. Official figures from Regi: w ' c- -ff;- JnHirate enrollment stands at 1828 for istrar places, you may be interested to know there fnts this year as last year. Official figures from ...j, hw ' c- -ff;- JnHirate enrollment stands at ISZSJorjhe Something New h ConTing; " billing new Is Coming; King Theatre Opens Monday y FREOnsCHER .London M.vr.,v ... .. ..... By FRED FISCHER ' 1 1 oL " ! ' !. ' .,?! ' guffaw exci .London Mayfair set is madlv it.|P jona ' ely in love (for an ' Mm

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