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rtTsU 1 ' ' iffiiBl 1 ;?i k, ! ■ 4 !Pi.iJ .-» ' %f 1 iV ' % « wn i mm ' E Ho DO YOU (JmA, Ca ii ' om. caAtOioiA : ' {jvcft .d fl SoyjCg ' mV ' ' ' u4tJitt£ Ji j Cft ei yttin. fitxifcu l EMEMBER ' x M )(uf)lfom. ' T)MXAkc(j Iff f o i Qdt m. SSyR.SMric ' 5:a Hif ?uaMt Qlij M M X ' OM£COMm Cmc£vC9 0 2ii O CiAdUL . ' fed SifDaf- 7imJiiMttk: m. 7MCmiJitat ' -4-SAH DO YOU 4l 4 X 3zed ? ?2«n iiiW K dkCklf l O Mn i u WtA. v: Managed by Robert Rickey BW _- - „l . w » ' ' i? " " " " ter f c Zfed by He en Trundle fiiaiS : " " ' ' V? ' ' • ■ ' ' Si ' - " i V , ' MogsMtM apK»«sii »«w»!T jjfcv.j " - ' — ■ — : ■ i.- ii «X ' -5 £s - 5 ¥ S ■■;■ . • • " J. ' " " y. h " ' " To Dr. Warren Stone Gordis who has given to Stetson the devotion of a life- time-the enthusiasm of youth, the energies of middle life, and the wisdom of age-we dedicate this book with deep respect, gratitude and affection. This has been an important year. A year of achievennent. A year of decision. It has been a year of new experiences for me, just as it has for many of you. Your friendli- ness, your patience and your understanding, toward me and my family, can never be for- gotten. Some of you will leave us in a few weeks. As you leave, understand that a part of the school will go with you, and that you will leave a part of yourself with the school. You cannot forget us. Neither can we help remembering you. As the years come and go, and you return to the campus-to visit places, around which you associate pleasant memories-to talk to teachers whose personalities became a part of you, you will find Stetson still serving young men and women. I hope you will want to have a part in build- ing the school you have dreamed and talked about. Remember, Stetson belongs to those who serve her. I send official greetings to Stetson men and women everywhere. I Cordially yours, i— J. OIlie Edmunds President f J. OLLIE EDMUNDS DR. HARRY C. GARWOOD Dean of the Universiiy Deon of the School of Liberal Arts ETTER M. TURNER Dean of Women BENSON W. DAVIS Dean of Men 17; DR. W. HUGH McENIRY, JR. Chairman of fhe Graduate Council EDWARD C. FURLONG Director of fhe Schoo of Business 18: CARL H. JOHNSON Director of Men ' s Dormifories WILLIAM H. McCAMMON Director Religious Activities THEODORE H. FARR, JR. Purchasing Agent (19: ' .i ' EZRA ALLEN, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Sc.D., Visiting Professor of Biology and Curator Museum ELIZABETH AUTREY, B.S., M.S., Assistant of Physical Education HENLEE H. BARNETTE, B.A. Th.M., Th.D., Professor of Religion and Head of Dept. of Religion CLINTON A. BERGSTRESSER, B.A., M.A., M.S., Professor of Mathiematics WESLEY M. BERNER, B.S., Instructor of Physical Education RICHARD C BRAND, B.A., M.A., Professor of Speech WILLIAM J. BREWSTER, A.B., Instructor of Business Administration FRANCES BUXTON, B.M., M.M., Professor of Violin and Theory RANDOLPH L CARTER, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Professor of Education and Head of Dept. of Education RICHARD E. CLARK, B.A., B.D., M.A., Ph.D., Professor of Sociology and Head of Dept. of Sociology MARCUS W. COLLINS, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Professor of Sociology ROSLYN COLLINS, B.A., M.A., Assistant Professor of Journalism (21) JOHN F. CONN, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Professor of Ctiemistry and Head of Departmenf of Chemistry W. C. COWELL, B.S., Professor of Pf ysical Education, Coach and f-fead of Dept. SARAH-LOUISE DEEMING, B.A., M.S., Assistant Professor of English NATALIE T. DIX, B.S. Instructor of English B. F. EZELL, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Professor of Psychology and Head of Dept. of Psychology RICHARD M. FEASEL, B.M., M.A., Assistant Professor of Music and Bandmaster ETHEL M. FISHER, Instructor of Piano GERTRUDE H. FOSTER, Ph.B., M.A., Associate Professor of Spanish VIOLET L ERASER, B.M., M.M., Instructor of Piano and Theory R. LEE FREEMAN, B.A., LLB., Instructor of Busines Administration DOROTHY L FULLER, B.A., M.A., Associate Professor of Biology BYRON H. GIBSON, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Professor of English 22 HAROLD M. GIFFIN, B.A., B.M., M.A., Professor of Voice VIRGINIAE. GIFFIN, B.A.,M.A., Assistant Professor of Speecfi VIRGINIAS. GILMAN,B.B.A., Instructor of Secretarial Science PHILIP B. GLANCY, B.A., Associate Professor of Pfr sical Education VERONICA D. GOVE, B.M., M.A., Assistant Professor of Music V ILUAM H. GREEN Veterans ' Adviser SARA E. HARVEY, B.S., M.A., Professor of Art and Head of Dept. of Art ESTHER M. HICK, B.S., MA., Assistant Professor Pfiysical Education H. W. HURT, B.S., M.A., Ph.D., Professor of Education CARL H. JOHNSON, B.A., M.A., Professor of Geographiy and Director of Men ' s Dormitories ELEANOR LEEK, B.M., M.M., Associate Professor of Music CURTIS M. LOWRY, B.S., M.A., M.E., Professor of Mattiematics and Engineering and Head of Dept. 23 MARY T. LOWRY, B.A., M.A., Assistant Professor of English W. Y. MICKLE, B.S., M.A., Professor of Business Administration ELOISE NEWELL, B.S., M.A., Professor of Ptiysical Education MAXINE PATTERSON, B.S., Assistant Professor of Secretarial Science ELMER C. PRICHARD, B.A., M.A, Associate Professor of Biology MARY LOUISE PRICHARD, B.A., Instructor of English JOHN T. RHETT, B.A., Visiting Professor of History ANN RICHARDSON, B.S., Assistant Professor of Physical Education RUTH M. RICHARDSON, B.M., Instructor of Voice STEWART D. RIDDLES, B.A., M.A., Assistant Professor of History JESSIE L. SNOWDEN, B.A., Assistant Professor of English LEO SPURRIER, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Professor of Business Administration (24) ■pHp IRVING C. STOVER, B.E., B.O., M.O., Litt.D., Professor of Speech and Head of Dept. of Speech HARRY L TAYLOR, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy FRANCES C THORNTON, B.A., M.A., Docteur es Leftres, Professor of French FRANK R. TUBBS, B.A., M.S., Assistant Professor of English CHARLOTTE L. VAUGHEN, Instructor of German JOHN V. VAUGHEN, B.A., Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry LAV RENCE O. VICKERS, B.A., M.A., Instructor of Sociology EARL D. WALDIN, B.S., LL.B., Instructor of Business Administration SAMUEL WILCOX, B.A., M.A., Associate Professor of Business Administration MINNIE E.WILLIAMS, Ph.B., Instructor of English ALBERT M. WINCHESTER, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Professor of Biology and hiead of Dept. of Biology HARRY S. WINTERS, B.A., M.A., Professor of History :25) ' ■ }S ' fi k ' i f i ' i , v. ) n ■J ■J « - V U P ?v SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: Helen Trundle, secretary; Bob Knowles, president; Doris Roberts, vice-president; and Ellis Brown, treasurer. SARAH MARTHA ADAMS High offices of Honor and Alpha Dexioma EDGAR BROWN Treos ' irer of the Senior Class CARTER, J. J. COURTNEY, C. N. TOMMY DEEN President Pi Koppa Phi — Football Star FELTON P. DAVIS, JR. (AND HIS WIFE NANCY) Editor of Stetson Reporter OILMAN, WAYNE C MARGUERITE DIBBLE Outstanding Dramatic Student, Lead in " Ttie Cradle Song, " " Midsummer Night ' s Dream, " " The Tempest, " " Death Takes A Holiday " MACK CLEVELAND Host of Homecoming NORTON, T. R. DOT HILLMAN Presidenf of Alpha Xi Delta KING B H KNIGHT, J. D. LUTIE KEATHLEY President of Woman ' s Executive Council and President of Zela Tau Alpha KNIGHT, J. I. MciNNis DORIE ROBERTS, Hostess of Homecoming BOB KNOWLES, Pres. of Ihefa Alpha Ptii and Pres. Senior Class SHIRLEY HUNTER President of Honor MORSE, S. A. PATIENCE, K. D. Fred Owen, Jr. Student Body President TOM PERRIN (AND WIFE, bo) Pres. of State Physical Education Professional Club WALLACE WEBB Pres. of Baptist Student Union 47- DEE FLACK President of Press Club and Edifor of Quarterly SURPRENANT STREET, C. C. MAUREEN PETERSON (and Flash) Vice President of Student Body Glee Club HELEN TRUNDLE Editor of Hatter - President Stetson Hall BETTY MILLER Pres. of Womans Recreation Assoc. - Madam " X ' S ,i N . ■ „ JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: Nan Franklin, secretary; Ben Carson, president; Leola Baker, treasurer; and David Gatchel, vice-president. viniors JEAN ABERNATHY ROBERT ASHBURY NANCY APPLE ALANBAILES LEOIA BAKER BARBARA BAKER NANCY BAKER DOT BALLENTINE ANN BANNER JOHN BANNER HELEN BARKSDALE KENNETH BARNS BETTY BORREGO CHARLES BARRETT ROLAND BARRINGTON SHADIE BEARDALl JUANITA BEAUCHAMP WALLACE BENNETT LOIS BERLIN BETTY JO BEVILLE BARBARA BING MARJORIE BINGHAM LUCY BISHOP CLARA SUE BLASER J.C. BODIFORD unior6 CARL BOLICK JO ANNE BOLLE FRANCES BOSANOUET JOHN W. BOYD HAROLD BRADr MARV LEE BRANCH ANNIE SULA BRANNEN WIlllAM BRAWNER JOHN BRAY JAMES FRED BREED GLORIA BRINKLEY HERMAN BROOKS ELWYN BROWN DONALD BROWN HAROLD BROWN RICHARD BROWN CLEVELAND BRYAN ROBERT BURGUST MARGARET BYARS EARL COUEY BETTY CARLILE WILLIAM CARTER JAMES GARRISON BEN CARSON HOWARD CHAPMAN DOUGLAS CHENAULT ROBERT CHESNELL DOT CHRISTIE BETTY CLAMP JOSEPH CLARK WESLEY CLARK JOYCE COLLIER lAmoirs THOMAS COLLINS VERNON COLLINS VERIAN COOPER HAROLD COUCH JOE COURSON JIMMY COX ALLAN CROFT BOBCROMARTIE SUZANNE DAVIS VIRGINIA DAVIS ZENIA DAVIS FRANK DIERS MARJORIEDILL DONDILLARD ROBERT DINWIDDIE HENRY DOMINCY EUGENE DORAN G. C. DORN CHARLES DORSEY MARCELINE DOUGLAS CATHERINE DOZIER HERBERT DUDLEY JOYCE DUGGAN JOHN DYKES JAMES EASON J. V . ECKERSON umord f, ' - JO ANN EDERINGTON JULIA ANN ELLIS LOIS ENGELKING CHARLOTTE ENLOW JOHN EPPS JONAS ERVIN JOHN EVERETT DON EVERSON THOMAS EWING WILLIAM FAIN WALTER FEAGINS RICHARD FINN FRED FISCHER BILL FISHER ANNE FLINT ABE FLORES P " h ROBIN FLOYD BARBARA FOSTER NAN FRANKLIN OLIVER FREEMAN ARLIA FRINK RALPH FRYER EARL FUNDERBOCK THOMAS GAMBLE GUY GARRETT JEAN GARWOOD DAVID GATCHEL ADDISON GILBERT MARY ETHEL Gl LBERT ROBERT Gl LLESPIE JACK GOLIGHTLEY HUGH GRAINGER iAviiors •SH « t " ' ti i .- r7 mv.i..L THOMAS GRIFFIN TED GRISSETT RICHARD GRUNWALD BILL GUESS LEWIS HALBERT CAROL HALE BURLEIGH HALE BOB HALL NITA HANSEN JAMES HARDIN CARL HASTING Wl LLI AM HASTINGS HAROLD HECKENBACK EDWARD HERSHEY HUGH W. HIGH HARRY HINCKLEY JOSEPH HINTON GENE HITCHCOCK GROVER HOLLAND MARION HON FRED HOPE GEORGE HOPE NEWELL HOPE MARILOU HORTON r A i I RHODA HORTON DOROTHY HOWARD EDNA HOWARD DELPHA HOWLAND ANN HUGHES WILLIABEE HULBERT JUANITA HURST T. J. HUSFELDT unLord BETTY IVEY JERRY IVEY JOSEPH JACOB EDV ARD JOINER ClARENCE JONES MAICOIM JONES JOYCE JENNINGS DON KIBBEY CASEY KING WILLIAM KING BERNICE KNABB ANDREW KNOX LOUIS KURZ MARTHA KURTZ BIllLANIGAN RICHARD LARKEN ft Js BARBARA LAWHON VEEKLER LEGATE WALLACE LEWIS W. A. LEWIS ERNESTINE LITTLE KYLE McCROAN ALLEN McCOWAN JOHN MocEACHERN WILLIAM McLEAN WILLIE McGOUGH JOHNNY McLEVD ELTON McPHETERS RANDALL McQUAIG JOHN MABRY ANN MACE HAL MARCHMAN UnLOt6 ALFRED MARKS KENNETH MARTIN WALTER MASK MARJORIE MATHEWS RONALD MATHEWS STEWART MAXEY JORDAN MAYNARD ARTHUR MEDCALF NORALEE MELLOR ORPHA MERRITT GLORIA MERTZ JAMES MICHAEL MAXINE MILES WALTER MILLER ADOLPHMITNIK CHARLES MITCHAM RAYMOND MOELLER BETTY WOOD MOORE JAMES MOORE JEWELL MORRIS AARON MULLING GEORGE NAYLOR GEORGIANA NEEL DONALD NELSON LOIS NEWELL TARQUIN NICHOLS ANN NORTHRUP WARREN OBYRINE BETTY OGLESBY JOSEPH O ' lANE MARGARET OLDFORD HARRY MEISEL umot 6 c D c. q e M Ji li ' fe U Ll 2 WILLIAM OSSMER GEORGE OSSORIO HUBERT OVERALL WILLIAM PAGE LAWRENCE PACE DAVID PARKER BEN PATTERSON RALPH PATTERSON MARTIN PEARSON JOSEPH PECK JAMES PELHAM JOHN PELHAM BRUCE PERKINS JACK PERSONS ROBERT PETERSON ROBERT PETROSCHEll LOUIS PHILLIPS MARY ELLEN PHILLIPS PRESSLEY PHI LLIPS BOBPINDER WALTER PINDER ALEXANDER PIRIE RAYMOND PITTS SUZANNE POTTS r 1 i ROBERT POWELL CALVIN PRICE NEWELL PRICE JOHN PRINCE WILLIAM RAINEY CECIL RATHEL EDWIN REAVES PATRICIA REED lAVllOirS LOIS REESMAN LAWRENCE REGGS lYNWOOD REGISTER JOHN RELLAS ROBERT RENWICK Ml LDRED RESPESS DORIS REVELS SALLY RHODES DORIS RICH HARREIL RILES JULIAN ROBERTS KENNETH ROBERTS ALICE ROBINSON TED ROSA JAY C. ROTAN JOHN SCALF AL SCHNEIDER BUD SCHLETER HERMAN SCHWALK HENRY SCOTT JEAN SENKARIKA WILLI AM SEYMOUR STEPHEN SHABOLA STANLEY SHOULt JOHN SHEPPARD JACQUELINE SHIPLEY ROY SHUPP SAMUEL SILVER BLAND SIMMONS CARL SIMMONS BETTY SLATER TEX SLOAN umoi 6 HENRY SMITH JACK SMITH VARDEU SMETT JAMES SOLOMON DOT STAFFORD DOUGLAS STAlllNGS WILLIAM STARKE ANNA SIEV ART ' f, ' k y- n-. ' jbN| ' i JAMES STRAFFORD STEVE STRATFORD AARON SWAIN V. J. S2AREK DAVID THOMAS FRANK THOMPSON EDWARD TJARKS MARTIN TOSSELL ' l T THOMAS TROUT HELEN TRULOCK JAMES TUCKER LEROY TUCKER ROBERT TUCKER RET TURNER BETTY VOGLESONG ROBERT VOGT DON WALDEN REEVES WALKER ELDES WALTON RICHARD WARNER JOHN WARREN WILLIAM WEBB BAILEY WELDEN uncord WILLIAM WEST TED WHEAT CONNIE WHEELER VIVIAN WHEELER JACK WHITAKER WILLARD WHITLOCK WINIFRED WIGLE MACKIE WILKES WILLIAM WILKENSON MARTHA WILLI AMS LENORA Wl LLIAMS MARJORIE WILLIS PAT WILSON JOHN WIMER WENDALL WITHE BETTY JO WELLS LEWIS WOODSON MURRAY WRIGHT ROBERT YODER WANDA YODER p. ' TR 5H0 LOOKS GOOD ' ' " ' t.l (e, ' ' °« ' " H«n STOP ICJl i Ness ' PLUS o " Mi I 4 I fi ' k ' : ' w . ' r1 m SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Pictured left to right: Rusty Russell, vice-president; Gordon Hays, treasurer; Opal Batchelor, secretary; and Neil Nelson, president. Sophomores FIRST ROW: Ben Adams, Robert P. Adams, Mary Lou Alger, Hugh B. Anderson, James Anderson, Robert G. Anderson, William W. Anderson, Charles L. Armstrong and Mavis Baggett. SECOND ROW: Betty Bailey, Hiram Ballard, Joyce Bandy, Roland G. Barrington, Opal Batchelor, Geraldine Bates, Richard Bates, Charles Baxter, and Robert Beasley. THIRD ROW: William R. Beaton, Barbara Begg, George Bell, Bill Bennett, William Birnbaum, John Bishop, Etson Black- well, Lee Blackwell and Herbert Blanton. FOURTH ROW: Kelly Blanton, Mary Blount, Thomas Booth, John Bowman, John L. Bowman, Frances Boyette, Imo- gene Boyette, James Branch, and Earl Branning. FIFTH ROW: Robert Brantly, Bette Brewin, Charley Broadway, William Bronson, Allen Brooks, George Brooks, Bar- bara Brundage, Bruce Brown, and Edward Brown. SIXTH ROW: Edward O. Brownett, Quinton Brown, Bettina Bryan, Raymond Bryant, Jean Burnette, Jane Burton, William S. Bush, Leon Butler, and Anderson J. Caldwell. SEVENTH ROW: Polly Campbell, Gordon Carlson, Carlton J. Carter, Diana Castellani, Eva Cates, Dorothy Chastain, Jane Choquette, Helen Hagberg Clark, and Joan Clark. :)r !?l f££i f i FIRST R OW: Jack W. Collins, Joan Cook, Eloise Cornwall, June Cossin, Molly Copelan, Ernest Cowley, Virginia Cox, Owen M. Crawford, David Creekman. SECOND ROW: Charles L. Creskell, Kenneth C. Cross, Virginia Lee Culbreth, John H. Dame, Harry W. Dandridge, Ralph D. Dandridge, Joyce Lee Darden, Beatrice M. David, Louise Davidson. THIRD ROW: Norman Davis, Virginia Davis, Fred Dean, Mary Deddy, Louis Deis, Rodger Digiulian, Krama DeSha, Paul K. DesLandes, and James Dill. FOURTH ROW: Ruth Mary Dixon, Bob Doty, Louise Durham, Graves Edmondson, Elwyn G. Edwards, David J. Elmore, Nancy Eschholz, Jack Evans, and Charlotte Evans. FIFTH ROW: Morris J. Fain, William R. Foust, Francis Ferguson, Frank Fernandez, John E. Fetner, Alex D. Finch, Jimmie Nell Flemming, Dorothy Flory, Elizabeth Flory. SIXTH ROW: James Flynn, John V. Foreman, Barbara Fowler, William Frame, Clifford Friday, Roy Frye, Richard Fuquay, Margaret Gaby, and James Gaff. SEVENTH ROW: James W. Gallagher, Jeanne Garretson, Joe Garrott, Terre Joan Gayton, Betiy Gloss, Vivian Good- year, Cliff B. Gosney, Jr., Eleanor Graves, and Robert Gray. Sophomores Sophomores FIRST ROW: David Greenberg, Betty Gregory, Clarence Griffis, William Gufford, Ida Hancock, Bob Hauser, Kenneth Hansen, David Hardy, and Marion H. Hare. SECOND ROW: Mary Louise Harkins, Jeane Harris, Merle Harton, Bill Hoyle, Gordon Hays, Odis Henderson, Clara Hendry, John B. Hensley, and Fred Hester. THIRD ROW: Rosewell Hicks, Lucille Hill, Frank Hobson, Jr., John Hodges, Carious Holder, Harry Holland, Pauline Hopkins, Thomas Home, and Mary Louise Howell. FOURTH ROW: James Huckabay, Jack Imand, Wesley Jackson, Mary Jaudon, James Jenkins, Robert Jenks, Rose John- son, James Johnston, and James Jordan. FIFTH ROW: Niclos A. Karabinis, Allen Kelley, Edith Kendrick, Lewis Kennison, Ray Kent, Dick H. Kerr, William A. Kerr, Gwen Kersey and Jack Kesgner. SIXTH ROW: Cooper Kirk, Ann Klug, Anthony Kovacs, Bert Kurland, Frank Kuntz, Clinton Lake, James Lane, Fred Longford, and Mary Longford. f ' ' ' SEVENTH ROW: Roger Larson, Floyd Little, May Locke, Robert Logsdon, Edward J. Lurie, Bob Mauk, Dottie Mann, Margaret Mantle, A. C Masters, Jr. ? 9S1 ROW: Robert Mathews, Robert MacDonough, Paul McCully, Marshall McGregor, Odas McCroan, and Jos. M SECOND ROW: Joe P. Meriwether, Clarence Mertz, Lee M Miller, Dermond Minie, and Bertha Mitchell. THIRD ROW: Arthur Mobley, Connie Moody, William H. M Mosher, Lloyd Mosley, and Joseph Murphy. FOURTH ROW: Theodore A. Murray, William Neborak, M man, Edward Newton, Betty Ann Norfleet, and Susan Nor FIFTH ROW: Mary June Norwood, Morris Notrica, Way Lane Patrick, Franklyn Peek, James Perdue, and Richard Pe SIXTH ROW: Peter Perrault, Elaine Perrett, John Perry, Mar Powell, and Charles Praudy. SEVENTH ROW: Josey Putzer, Robert Raines, Meriam Ran J ohn Reed, Margaret Richter, and Robert Ferdinand, Jr. McAlester, Charles McClelland, William McClathey, Wilton cLendon. I esser, Richard Meyers, Brodus Mills, Harold Mills, J. W. ooers, Arty Morris, George Morrison, Bill Morton, Robert arilynn Nelson, Neil Nelson, George Nevares, Harry New- thern. ne W. Oeffler, Salvadore Passafinme, Carolyn Patterson, rkins. ilyn Pitts, Betty Pfeiffer, Eugene Piatt, Clifford Priest, Coretra dal, Barbara Ratcliff, Nellie Jo Raulerson, Ellison Ridfearn, Sophomores Sophomores FIRST ROW: Dot Rinehart, Betty Robinson, Evelyn Robinson, Sturley Rodgers, Cliftc Rohda, Earl Rape, Kermit Ross, Larry Royal, and David Russell. SECOND ROW: Philip Songster, Sandra Sayre, Alfred Schilling, Fred Schilling, Fritzie Schlens, Ralph Scott, Kerry Scott, Margaret C. Sebert, and Sam Seepers. THIRD ROW: Gayler Seetz, Laura Jean Selecman, Ruth Shannon, Stephen Sharpe, Albert Sharpless, Shiria Shaw, James Shioli, Sandra Skeen and Virginia Skeene. FOURTH ROW: Mary Skinner, Lewis Strancil, Anna Sloat, Allen Smith, Barbara Jean Smith, Jeanne Smith, Francis J. Smith, Nancy Smith, and William L. Smith. FIFTH ROW: Nancy Solomon, Betty Lou Spongier Townsend, Ronald Spencer, Christopher Stafford, Pud Standley, James Stephens, Malcolm Stephens, Edward Straner, and Walton Street. SIXTH ROW: Charles Stubbs, Louise Tabor, Robert Tatoul, Lewis Taylor, Puddy Thames, Nancy Joy Theriot, L M. Thomas, Jackie Thompson, and George Thompson. SEVENTH ROW: Libbie Thorpe, Sara Thurman, Marvin Tinsley, John Toggweiler, William Towne, Lamar Townsend, , Lewis Treen, Vivian Tucker, and Ira Turner. O Cj iC " dT , iKm f j Jf i Top row, left to right: BOB TURNER, DICK TWITCHELL, PATRICIA TYLER, A. P. TYRE, ROY UNKEFER, BILL UTHLAUT, JEAN VAN DORN, MARVEL VAUGHN, and ROY VOORHEES. Second row, left to right: JIMMY WADELL, BETTY WALKER, CARL V OLLUM, BOB V ALLER, JR., JOHN WALTERS, EARL WATERS, S. M. WATSON, JOHN WATTS, JO ELAINE WEBB. Third row, left to right: R. S. WEBB, T. L. WHATLEY, JOHN WHEELER, DENISE WHITEMAN, BILL WHITTAKER, JACK WILLIAMS, KENNETH WIGGS, GRANT WILBANKS, and BOB WILLARD. Fourth row, left to right: DOROTHY WILLIAMS, MARJORIE WILLIAMS, NANCY WILLIAMS, LEE WIL- LIS, ODEAN WILLIS, JOHN WIMER, JACK WINFREc, JACKIE WOOD, and REBA NICHOLS. .-:. !• ' .: ' I •;;i ?! 3«i FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: Jimmy Johnston, vice-president; Betty Lynn, secretary; Herbie Stenstrom, president; and Joanne May, treasurer. F r e s h m e n FIRST ROW: Bjarne Anderson, Lloyd Anderson, Don Arthur, Barbara Asenjo, Philip Ashabraner, William Bailey, Phyllis Ballentine, Elas Barclift and Ona Barfield. SECOND ROW: Robert Barwick, Ann Beam, Laurier Beard, John Deord, Uonna bieiioit, berward Bergar, Robcrr S. Bissell, Carl Bloesing, and Earl Boatwright. THIRD ROW: Jeanne Bohlayer, Delores Bortle, Barbara Bowers, Barbara Boyle s, Jennie Braddock, Tommie Braddock, John Branch, Lois Ann Brock, and Sally Brouder. FOURTH ROW: Ned Brown, George Brownlee, Mary Brune, Dorothy Brunney, Jack- son Bryant, Willie L. Buck, Edna Burnell, James Bunn, Joan Caldwell. FIFTH ROW: Betty Lou Campbell, Kenneth Campbell, Robert Campbell, Earnest Carlton, George W. Carlton, Barbara Carter, James Carter, Hulbert Carter and Joan Carswell. SIXTH ROW: LaVonne Caudle, Beckey Cavarnos, Kenneth Chancey, Pinson Childers, Bill Clay- ton, Ann Clifton, Betty Jean Cobb, Odis Coleman, and Regina Coleman. SEVENTH ROW: Betty Jo Collins, James Copley, Robert Cormly, Lester Cornett, Richard Corson, Thomas Cosgroove, Fredda Coupland, Polly Craig, and William Crisp. e a Freshmen FIRST ROW: Harry R. Croft, James Crosby, Jeannie Crosby, Lewis Czzowitz, Barboro Dohlgren, Kenneth R. Dance, Rodger Dancz, Edward Dailey, and James Davis. SECOND ROW: Mary Davis, Sylvia Davis, Mary Deloney, John Dewey, John DeYoung, Charles Dils, Dominie Dinolfo, Alice Dorsett and James Downing. THIRD ROW: Joseph H. Drawdy, Louise Dukehart, Richard Dungan, Donald Eakin, Anita Edenfield, Hubert Edwards, Mary Sue Ellis, Daphine Ethridge, and Eleanor Evehard. FOURTH ROW: Caroline Feidler, Edward Fielding, Charlane Finch, Julia Ann Finne, Janet Firstbrook, Nolean Fitzpatrick, Nancy Flack, Betty Ann Flippo, Marshall Flournoy. FIFTH ROW: Richard Flood, William Flowers, Helen Flynn, Herbert Flynn, Lewis Foster, Davis Foy, Gabriel George, Suigle Gailey, and Bob Caller. SIXTH ROW: Cora Gandy, Jo Ann Gardiner, Wade Garner, Katherine Godwin, Dorothy Goode, Jimmy Gordon, John Graves, Frances Gray, and Thelma Greene. SEVENTH ROW: Lydonito Grendahl, Carole Grenzbach, A. J. Grezik, Jack Griffith, Arthur Grose, Barbara Groven, Jean Hahn, Frances Hall, and Mary Hughton. FIRST ROW: William J. Hartley, Doris Hart, Mary Harmon, M. S. Hanson, Albert Hancock, J. W. Hamilton, Clifford Hayes, Bill Hendricks, Richard Hendry. SECOND ROW: Herbert Harris, Jean Herrington, Erwin Heygood, Benton Hicks, Barbara Hill, Nancy Hogle, Richard Holloday, Doris Hooper and Evan Horton. THIRD ROW: Hilma Howard, Mary Huff, Donald Humphreys, David Hurgeton, Robert Hursen, Florence Jack- son, Jane Jackson, David James, Ann Johnson. FOURTH ROW: Patricia Johnson, Jewel Johnson, Janet Jones, J. Edgar Joyner, Charlotte Judge, Sarah Justice, Richard Kale, Russell Kauffman, and Dolores Kelley. FIFTH ROW: John Kersey, Ann Kibler, Sara Kinard, Joanne Kensloe, Lynn Kirkland, Mildred Kirkland, Gloria Kline, Lee Kunkal, Wayne Lamb. SIXTH ROW: Betty Land, Curtis Land, L. W. Larson, Hoyt Lawhorne, James Lawson, Maxine Lee, John Lein- felder, William Lewis, and Edward Lometti. SEVENTH ROW: Margaret Looper, Charles Lovell, Betty Lynn, Roy F. Marden, Francis Mark, Laura Jean Maxcy, Joan May, Edward McClaran, and Aubrey McCleeland. Freshmen € f £©iiie FIRST ROW: Kelby McColister, Carolyn McGinley, Jane McCreary, William McGraw, Jackie McLaughlin, Rus- sell McLoad, Peggye McMillen, Anne Meek and Howard Merrell. SECOND ROW: Nancy Merrell, Patricia Merritt, Victor Miles, Sara Jo Miller, Donald Meloon, Leonard Melton, Ann Mink, Milton Mooers, and Merilyn Monroe. THIRD ROW: Lynn Morrison, Isabelle Moss, Clarise Murphy, Julian Murphey, William New, Vivian Nichols, Walter Nolan, Edna Owens, and James Owens. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Pafford, William Pantcn, Nancy Painter, Lilla Partin, Morgan Patterson, Embree Pearson, Yvonne Pellerin, Robert Perkins, and Arrid Peterson. FIFTH ROW: Nancy Petty, Ann Pemble, Ralph Pezold, Barbara Phillips, Peggy Pippin, Ralph Pittman, B. J. Belaez, Patricia Plank, and Anne Pratt. SIXTH ROW: Marilyn Purvis, Betty Raffield, Frances Raulerson, William Redmond, Nina Jean Riggs, Tyre Ritchie, Patricia Roberts, Jacquelyn Robertson and Edward Root. SEVENTH ROW: Hal Rosenberg, Charles Ross, Hazel Routh, Jeanette Rue, Evelyn Ruis, Samuel Salatino, Carl Sandusky, Pearl Sargent, Jack Scott. Freshmen Freshmen . . . FIRST ROW: J. C Seelmer, Brandon Seely, Odette Shasky, Barbara Sharpless, Helen Shaw, Herbert Sigiey and John Sims. SECOND ROW: Joe Sinnett, lolito Sloan, Geoffry Smith, LeRoy Smith, Margaret Smith, Virgie Smith, Wen- dell Smith, Patricia Speer, Richard Spencer. THIRD ROW: Beatrice Steilinquest, Doria Stephens, William Stephens, Betty Stratton, Sue Stratton, Herbie Strenstrom, Thomas Stringer, Joan Stoops, and Helen Stubbs. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Summer, B. A. Summerlin, Bonnie Swartz, William Symington, Marcia Tarbert, Horace Taylor, Lawrence Teichert, Owen TenBroek, and Margaret Thompson. FIFTH ROW: Adrienne Thurmond, Ralph Tiller, Viva Kathleen Tillis, Eleanor Tomlinson, Thaddius Toomer, Dolores Trovillion, Dorthea Trovillion, Shirley Turner, and James Vaughan. SIXTH ROW: Peggy Vitsaras, Elmira Vogtmann, Judy Walker, Harold Ward, William Ward, Sue Warren, Betty Lou Watson, William Weaver, Nancy Webb. SEVENTH ROW: George Wehrmon, William Weise, George White, Charles Whiteside, Jay Whittle, Annette Wilcox, Jacqueline Wilkinson, Alma Williams, Glenn Williamson. EIGHTH ROW: Jimmie Willis, Martha Jean Wilson, Susan Wilson, Bonnie Wingate, Jane Wise, Miriam Wolstenholme, Ralph Womeldurf, Minnie Woodson, and J. H. Wright. Graduate and Special Students FIRST ROW: Floyd S. Baker, Joseph Benson, Lelond Earnest, Joseph Esmail, Domaris Hague, Dorotha Harper, Bradford Miller. SECOND ROW: Eerie Moore, Paul Myers, Sonja Neborak, Earnest Owens, Jr., Judy Patrick, Andy Romano, and Shirley Stanfill. SPECIAL FOREIGN STUDENTS INCLUDE: front row (left to right) Nana Nishimura (Japan), Mrs. Lilli Huang Condron (China), Sun Hee Kim (Korea). Back row, Mrs. Irena Wiechowska (Poland), Ponagiotis Lycopantis (Greece). Director is Mrs. Beaulah Carter. " H :: ' - r4.v- ? Dean Lemuel Allen Haslup FIRST ROW: Charles T. Henderson, Professor of Law; Norman Faulkner, Instructor of Law; Leonard J. Curtis, Visiting Professor of Law. SECOND ROW: Neill S. Jackson, Law Lecturer; Rae Jordan, Law Librarian; Roy F. Howes, Professor of Law. THIRD ROW: James R. Wilson, Visiting Professor of Law; James W. Norman, Assistant Pro- fessor of Law; Bruce W. Long, Assistant Professor of Law. n L -v? JOSEPH C. ADDERLEY, JR., Chapman Law Club, ' 48, pres.. Honor Roll, ' 47 WILLIAM E. ALLISON, Phi Alpha Delta, Legal Fraternity - WILLIAM W. BAI- LEY, JR. KENNETH BECHTOLD, Phi Delta Phi, Le- gal Fraternity i WILLIAM BREWSTER, Phi Alpha Delta, Legal Fraternity, Co-ordinatcr of Law Clubs, Honor Court ROBERT A. BROWN t( GLOVE R E. Court ROBERT A. BROWN i GLOVER E. BRYANT, JR., Phi Delta Phi, Legal Fraternity, Thomas Law Club -M- SEABORN J. BUCKALEW, Phi Alpha Delta, Legal Fraternity iV HENRY M. BURCH, Phi Delta Phi, Legal Fraternity, Thomas Law Club " m ' DONALD W. BUTLER, Phi Delta Phi, Legal Fraternity WALTER N. CARPENTER, Phi Alpha Delta, Legal Fraternity tV DAVE CATON HOWARD CLIF- TON, Phi Delta Phi, Legal Fraternity i GORDON DENTLEY. LESTER E. CLOWAR, Delta Theta Phi, Legal Fra- ternity i - KENNETH COOKSEY, Phi Alpha Delta, Legal Fraternity -A ' RICHARD D. COOPER, Phi Alpha Delta, Legal Fraternity ■ ' - BRUCE N. CRA- CRAFT -H- GEORGE GLEN DARTY, Phi Alpha Delta, Legal Fraternity, Sigma Nu - BERT A. DAVENPORT, Phi Alpha Delta, Legal Fraternity ' WILLIAM A. DICUS, Phi Delta Phi, Legal Fraternity ik WILLIAM O. CLIFTON, Phi Alpha Delta, Lega Fraternity t( HUGH F. DUVAL, Phi Delta Phi, Legal Fraternity, Honor Court iV VERNON W. EVANS, JR., Phi Alpha Delta, Legal Fraternity ix R. LEE FREEMAN, Phi Delta Phi, Legal Fraternity, Business School Professor iV CHARLES GOGGIN, JR. RICHARD C. GORDIE, Phi Alpha Delta, Legal Fra- ternity, Thomas Law Club, Honor Court, Pi Kappa Phi -w- JOHN R. GOULD, Phi Alpha Delta, Lega Fraternity, Sigma Nu. , ' MORRIS A. HALt, Phi Delta Phi, Legal Fraternity, Delta Sigma Phi • , FINLEY M. HAMILTON, Delta Theta Phi, Legal Fraternity - WILLIAM C HAR- RIS, Phi Alpha Delta, Legal Fraternity, Sigma Nu i ROBERT K. HIGH, Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity it W. H. " LARRY " HORTON, Phi Alpha Delta, Legal Fraternity, Student Bar Association Vice-president, Honor Court it HOHN HUGHES, Phi Delta Phi, Legal Fraternity i EVAN P. INNINGER it HARVEY J. JERNIGAN, Phi Alpha Delta, Legal Fraternity, Chapman Law Club it EDV ARD B. JOHNSON, Phi Delta Phi, Legal Fraternity it MAYO C JOHN- STON A ROBERT E. LEE, Phi AlfDha Delta, Legal Fraternity, Delta Tau Delta Fraternity it THOMAS E. LEE, Thomas Law Club i ROBERT H. MATTHEWS, Phi Alpha Delta, Legal Fraternity CHARLES G. MITCHELL ; ' DANIEL H. MURPHY, Phi Delta Phi, Legal Fraternity, Honor Court -ir WIL- LIAM O. MURRELL, JR., Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fro- ternity fr EMILE MUSLEH, Delta Theta Phi Legal Fra- ternity, Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity ■; ' .• JOHN J. NEDZA, Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity : ' : ELSIE M. OlAUGHLIN ■;■;• LEROY OLAUGHLIN, Delta Theta Phi Legal Fraternity t; MELVIN ORFINGER, Honor Court v: STANLEY C. PERKINSON - ' r JOSEPH E. PRICE, JR. i: MERVIN REHRER, Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity, Chapman Law Club, Stray Greeks 7 .- FRANCIS W. SAMS, Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity, Sigma Nu Fraternity i: MURRAY SAMS, JR., Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity, Student Bar Pres- ident, Thomas Law Club. THOMAS C. SIMPSON, Phi Delta Phi Legal Prater nity ARTHUR M. SPALDING, Phi Delta Phi Lego Fraternity WARREN THOMAS, Chapman Club, Stray Greeks, Delta Theta Phi Legal Fraternity -m " WILLIAM L. WADSWORTH, Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity EARL D. WALDIN, JR., Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity, Business School Professor i ROD- GERS A. WHITMORE i JOHN C CHEW, Phi Al- pha Delta Legal Fraternity -w " VILIE A. WILLIAMS, Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity, Thomas Law Club, Sigma Nu Fraternity JOHN P. WILKERSON, Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity ANDRE WOODS ROBERT A. ZELLERS 1 LEWIS W. ZOLLER, Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity, Chapman Law Club, Sig- ma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity lir FRANCES L. RUT- LEDGE. RUTLEDGE %inLOr6 . . . CAMP, JOSEPH G. CARPS, CARMINE JAMES D. W. H. JR. CLARK, JEFeERS.-.N v.- WILLOUGHBY T., JR. GREGORY J. DAVIES, JOSEPH J. DAVIS, BRUCE H. DEAL, LOUIS C, JR. DEGERNESS, ORVILIE GRIFFIN, HARRISON D unior6 . . . % INGRAM, INMAN, JACOBS, JACOBSON, KARL, KIRCHER, PORTER L. JACK C. JOSEPH C. DONALD C. FREDERICK B. EDWIN MULLIS, NICHOLSON, PATRICK, PEEL, RIDEOUT, ROBERTS, CLAUDE L. EARL G. R. REX JOSEPH A., JR. CLARENCE P. CHARLES M. ROBINSON, CHARLES A., JR. ROEBUCK, SINGLETON, SMITH, STANIER, ARTHUR R., JR. WILLIAM GLENN B., JR. JOHN R. STEPHENS, STEVE SULIK, SULLIVAN, THOMPSON, WHITE, WILMOT, WINIECKE, WRIGHT, JOHN L. RONDO C. HARRISON C, JR. THOMAS L. BEN K. ALICE E. ROBERT CLAIR mm ivvievi . • fPU y p ftRNOWITT. C. A, BAICCI!, R. J - m. f l " ; f-»«. BRALIIER, R. E. BRIDE, D. W. 6USCEMI, M. J. BUSH, E. I. CHRISTENSEN CLEVEIAND, «. N. COeDABY. R. E. CORIN. T. S COSPER, H. E. COX, W. F. CROSSIEY, H. E. CURTIS, P. L. CUTLER, W. W. DAVIS, V . H. DOLL, C. S. DOUGLAS. P. T. CARTER, E. W. DRAKE, D. P. DRIVER, B. J. » J EVANS, J. H. FAULKNER, P. L FELDER, I. M. FRANK, I. FREDERICK. G. V. GOCHENEUR, VY. B. GOFF, C. • . fr«»«.( f Sfct ?; . l ' S!% l W ' GRANT, A. J. HALL, H. F. HARSHBARGER HENSLEY, R. E. HERCE, M. N. HILL, J. R. HODNETT, J. V. HORNSBY, J. R. HUFFMAN, F. C. HURST, H. K. JACOBS, R. T. JENNINGS, R. W. KIRKLAND, E. R. KIRKPATRICK , , re6nmen . . . ffM«, " «i KOEHLER, T. A tf LEE, R. L. LEWIS, R R LUCIUS, F C. MAGYAR, S. R. MALCOM, R. MARTIN, G. W. MILLER, R. A. NEWMARK, M. S. KORMAN, H. D. OWEN, T. ;. PEARCE, R. W. PENLAND, S. P. POWERS, R. E. REED, G. R. WEST, W. W LEEDS, R. I. PANOS, H. C. CHAPMAN AND THOMAS LAW CLUBS The Chapman and Thomas Low Clubs were organized under the sponsorship of two distinguished graduates of the College of Law. These clubs develop in the members the faculty for oral expression and the skill of legal argumentation. This is fostered by a system of practice and criticism. Membership is open to all students in the College of Law. CHAPMAN LAW CLUB: President, J. Durden; Vice President, Charles Roberts; Sec- retary, G. Bryant; Treasurer, Joe Camp. Other members include: Bob Matthews, Mur- ray Sams, Philip Knowles, William Clifton, Ted Donahue, Chris Ponos, William Brewster, Samuel Penland, Rodgers Whitmore, Fred Karl, Paul Stewart, Leo Haley, Clarence Ride- out, Gilbert Bentley, Lewis Zoller, Harrison Thompson, Richard Stainer, Glen Martin, Margaret Berg, Joe Camp, Charles Roberts, James Durden and Glover Bryant. THOMAS LAW CLUB: President, William Singleton; Treasurer, Daniel Murphey; Secretary, Justin Albaugh. Others include: Theodore Bonneman, John Hughes, Stan- ley Perkinson, Robert Hensley, Ralph Clayton, Joe Peel, James Darby, Robert W. Wil- son, Jefferson Clark, Robert Powers, Mario Herce, Frank Hendrix, Russel Hornsby, Ber- rien Becks, Herman Satyman, Louis Deal, Fred Geromanos, Walter Carpenter, Gerald Arnowitt, Daniel Murphy, William Singleton, and Justin Albaugh. WILLIAM BREWSTER Coord nator MURRAY SAMS l e J tudent (ISay The Student Bar Association consists of the entire membership of the Low School. Its purpose is to provide a unified association of students enrolled in the College of Law, v. ' ith a view toward maintain- ing a closer relationship among the students of the various classes and between the individual student and the administration. The As- sociation endeavors to promote the interests of the students individual- ly and collectively, and to provide a measure of self government for the members of the law school. It seeks to further develop an at- mosphere of cooperation and better understanding between students and faculty. The officers of the student bar are-. Murray Sams, president; War- ren H. Horton, vice president; Jack In man, social vice president; John Evans, secretary; and Joe Price, treasurer. J onor L ourt The Honor Court has the responsibility of promoting on effective educational campaign against those things which are beneath the dignity of the law and the position which it occupies in our American form of government. The Honor Court serves as a court for the trial of infractions and the recommendation of punishment in cases of guilt. The court consists of seven justices, two of which are from the fresh- man and junior classes, and three from the senior law classes. The chief justice is elected from the seven justices. The Honor Court this year is led by Chief Justice Mel Orfinger. Other justices are senior representatives Hugh DuVol and William Brewster, junior representatives Smith Sanborn and Don Murphy, and freshmen representatives Mock Cleveland and Robert T. Wilson. MEL ORFINGER L ardozo nn NTERNATIONAL LEGAL FRATERNITY OF PHI DELTA PHI RETIRING OFFICERS Lewis Zoller Magister Gregory Darby Clerk Edwin Kircher Exchequer Murray Sams Historian NEW OFFICERS Daniel Murphy Magister William Singleton Clerk Edwin Kircher Exchequer Robert Wright Historian Phi Delta Phi was founded on December 13, 1869, at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan. It thus became the first legal, as well as the first professional, fraternity to be founded in the United States. Throughout the years, the fraternity, among whose members are to be found many of the truly great legal and political leaders of the past two generations, has constantly strived to promote a higher standard of professional ethics and culture in law schools and in the profession at large. The Stetson chapter of Phi Delta Phi, Cordoza Inn, was formally installed on December 5, 1947, after its peti- tion was accepted by the National Convention in September, 1947. Now in its second year the Inn has greatly expanded, as has Stetson College of Law, and in the years to come Cordozo Inn will endeavor to continually per- petuate the high ideals of Phi Delta Phi. RETIRING OFFICERS KENNETH BECHTOLD CLOVER BRYAtJT (jONALD BUTLER JOE CAWF- V ILIIAM CARMINE JOHN CHRISTIANSEN iff dli • - HOWARD CLIFTON GREGORY DARBY WILLIAM DICUS THEODORE COtJ -HiJE HUGH D.vaL ROBERT FREEMAN JOHN GODBEE MORRIS HALE JAMES HEATH JOHN HUGHES EDWIN KIRCHER JOHN NEDZA DANIEL MURPHEY ROBERT TIMSON CHARLES WARWICK WAYNE WEST ROBERT WRIGHT LEWIS ZOLLER PHI ALPHA DELTA FOUNDED Founded in 1883; David J. Brewer Chapter Founded in 1915 NATIONAL LEGAL FRATERNITY COLORS Purple and Gold CHAPTER OFFICERS Justice.- Richard H. Cooper Vice Justice , G. Glen Darty Recording Secretary William O. Clifton Corresponding Secretary Philip L. Knowles Treasurer..... ...James R. Durden Marshall Charles A. Robinson Faculty Sponsor Charles Tom Henderson IN FACULTATE Leonard J. Curtis Charles T. Henderson BENTLEr BOSWELL BREWSIER BUCKAIEW CARPENTER CHEW CLARK 1 ff5 DAVENPORT DOSS SULLIVAN V ADSV ORTH V IIKINSON UJeita keta j m LEGAL FRATERNITY MEMBERS INCLUDE: Lester Clowar, Rodgers Whitmore, Mayo Johnston, Warren Thomas, Honore McKeown, Owille Deguness, Julien Yates, Perry Penland, Frank McKenna, Leroy O ' Laughlin, G us Musleh, Finlay Hamilton, and Ben Wilmot. OFFICERS: Les Clower, Dean; Honore McKeown, Tribune; Perry Penland, Vice-Dean; Martin, Bailiff; Owille Deguness, Mcster-of-the-Rituol; and Gus Musleh, Master-of-the-Roll. : I ' • i I t y i- ' i$ DR. WILLIAM E. DUCKWITZ Dean of The Music School Mght M f c an $ VK S H Pi m Pf ' ' " " ■ " ■• ■■ 1 ? aW " - " - — ' - i H iLir - — Ttf j - ' ' " J3F V AH iv j l fs V it f. L MUSIC SCHOOL OFFICERS Left to right: Earl Compton, treasurer, Elwyn Brown, vice-president; Margaret Byars, president; and Barbara Foster, secretary. viSica ENTERTAINING DISTINGUISHED GUEST MiSS ALLINGER, ORGANIST MRS. GOVE, MUSIC APPRECIATION CLASS nm iimip PHI BETA FRATERNITY National Honorary Music Fraternify Left to riqht- Back row: Shirley Stonfill, Margaret Byars, Elizabeth Richardson, Dorothy Flory Shiria Show ConnlfMoody, and Nancy Joy Theriot. Seated are: left to right: Delva Register, Mary Elizabeth Tribble, and Miriam Skeene. SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Frances Buxton, Director Officers include, back row, left to right, William Stork, president; Miss Buxton, director; Leo imperial vice-president. Front row, left to right, Dorothy Flory, secretary, and Joyce Rogers, treasurer. The GLEE CLUB N. DIRECTOR CfejL CecJ cm. General Manager - - --- Bill Fletcher Student Leaders - Roberta Moore, Bob Aumon Business Managers..... Martha Kurtz, LeLand Earnest Publicity Managers Marion Ann Rhea, Colvin Futch OTHER MEMBERS Soprano: Albritton, Foster, Harris, Herrington, Kelly, Lewis, Lynn, Mires, Moody, Neel, Sharpless Shaw, Summers, Thorpe, Tillis, Warren, Williams, M., Williams, N. Alto: Barrow, Bennett, Davis, Fleming, Frmk, Hess, Durtz Moore, Munroe, Oldford, Peterson, Rhea, Skeene, Slater, Willis. Tenor: Auman, Carter, Everett, Futch, Mabry, Nelson, Page, Pinder, Rogers, Seagraves. Boss: Compton, Doty, Ernest, Fletcher, Harris, Jones, Lassiter, Pinder, Simms, Thomas, and Turnoge. ., • .. ' - •». ' » 1 " t-, ' . :_ " , .. ' .■ tinf ' T -v =:5»t yfc,-.». « ' Richard Feasel, Director tetdon ' d f arcklnq i5and f The Stetson Hatter Marching Band was organized in the fall of 1948 and the organization played at football games after being outfitted in new uniforms. James Eason was drum major. After the football sea- son, the band became known as the Stetson Symphonic Band and played several concerts. The band made great progress the first year under Director Feasel. I ki ( Deta rat ernti i MOTTO: E ' lnai mallon e Finesthi To Be, Ralher Than Seem To Be ' COLORS: Violet and Gold FLOWER: The Rose Miriam Skeene, President Phi Beta is a national professional fraternity of music and drama. It has existed on the Stetson campus since 1921 as an organization for young women who prove themselves outstanding in the field of music. OFFICERS: Miriam Skeene, president; Delva Register, vice-president; Mary Elizabeth Tribble, secretary-treas- urer; and Elizabeth Richardson, pledge trainer. FACULTY MEMBERS: Rosemary Clark, Veronico Gove, Eleanor Leek, and Ruth Richardson. DOROTHY FLORY JEANNE HARRELL CONNIE MOODY DELVA REGISTER ELIZABETH RICHARDSON JOYCE ROGERS SARA JANE SMITH NANCY JOY THERIOT MARY ELIZABETH TRIBBLE iSeanti 1949 Orange Bowl Attendant jouce i .o WOMAN ' S COUNCIL Members of the Woman ' s Council include: Standing, left to right: Dot Stafford, Betty Ivey, Maxine Miles, Dot Bcllentine, Helen Trundle, and Rheba Nichols. Seated are: Jo Ederington, Jimmie Nell Fleming, Carol Hale, Lutie Keathley, Margaret Richter, Shirley Hunter, and Lois Newell. The Woman ' s Council is the executive body on Stetson ' s campus through which the dormitory women are able to govern them- selves and help keep the regulations by which they are to live while in college. Lutie Keathley, President BRITTAIN HALL HOUSE COMMITTEE Pictured, left to right, are: Florence Baker, House Hostess; Thelma Hog- berg, Eva Mae Cates, Rheba Nichols, Dot Campbell, and Sylvia Morse. The president of Brittain Hall is Rheba Nichols. HOUSE COUNCILS STEVENS HALL HOUSE COUNCIL Members of the house council in- clude: Grace Jones, Jean Harris, Eliz- abeth Herndon (House Hostess), Jo Ed- erington, Barbara Baker and Jackie Tohson. President of the house council is Jo Ederington. STETSON HALL HOUSE COUNCIL Officers Helen Trundle President Lenora Willioms Vice-President Lucy Bishop Secretary Betty Clamp Treasurer Martha Katl.eryn Hudson — Social Chairman Imogene Clark Member-at-Large Orpha Merritt Student Hostess Mrs, Delia Rowe House Hostess CONRAD HALL HOUSE COUNCIL Left to right, the members are: Beulah Atkinson, Coreta Powell, Dor- othy Stafford, Elizabeth Flory, Libby Thorpe, and Barbara Lupfer, house hostess. The president of the house council is Dorothy Stafford. -,»« ' J •■ . g9b ' l Mm u HTixii m , i W Hf ■ T „ 8 1 ■i tlij m . , ■a m y A - ' ' JHHl ■a LIBERAL ARTS SCHOOL OFFICERS Officers left fo right include: Charles Pafford, Treasurer; Joe Alexander, Vice-president; Lucy Bishop, secretary, and Johnny Cannon, President. m ■: " b tk, ' :.. WVi -KVi » ' %.-v v ' ; : , " ' - ' ' ?»i . w- ' ii ' i ' ' BUSINESS SCHOOL OFFICERS Officers left to right are: Bill Carlin, president; Gloria Brinkley, secretary; Ed Moore, Vice- president; and Bruce Perkins, treasurer. STETSON STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Officers left to right include: Imogene Clark, Secretary; Mack Cleveland, Treasurer; Fred Owen, President; C. L Mullis, Social vice-president; and Maureen Peterson, first vice-president. Every student matriculating in the University automatically becomes a member of the Stu- dent Government Association and is subject to its rules and regulations. The object of the asso- ciation is to represent and further the best interests of the student body and of Stetson in general; to coordinate the various student organizations; and to cooperate with the University authorities for the common good of the institute. Under the Student Government Association each college and school of the University has its separate organization. l " - ' J ' iV; ltvfi . ■ K J ;«■ m rrfr p., t „ The Hatter Staff pauses-places in the limelight-outstanding members of the Student Body. They represent the students honored by election to Who ' s Who Among American Students In American Universities and Colleges, which is a publication devoted to re- cognizing students throughout the United States. To these students go our appreciation, loyalty, and devotion for their services to-Stetson. W ' - A . £ ' J rfr JiSiSi rr LXo- " )ip ,.» ;:9ii » S»c :« ■»-ir,.-£ : s§SjB ig , -Tft UflS oM " ' ykJ N i ..M: ( J 1 ■fgs M m{ 1 ' " f . il : ■■P j w ■ V ' P J IlilllL - ,i, , m- .,„,f«» !ijj-|,, » f S :. M. ' ' S - - JlP ■ rr ' I " 1 0 ' 3 f - ? w- t,«w3 if 1 T% IW ' j-y« ' :. " ' » (si • - ■VK ' 5? lC ««W(«H«-!«« ' --«-- ■ " ■ " ■ • " -N.S., ;: " , ' ■ ' ,,4.,.., «»J ,,. ...... r . ' " ,, ' - l ' is ?f ' % ' : ' ' " ' I .dJ ke _ £ onor The Honor is an organization for outstanding girls of the junior and senior classes. The purpose of the organizaiion is to give each girl the opportunity of mak- ing her life better and finer and thus making herself more valu- able to the people around her and to her university. The dis- tinction of becoming a member of the Honor is bestowed as a reward for accomplishments in scholarship, activities, and lead- ership on Stetson ' s campus. The officers are: Shirley Hun- ter, president; Dorothy Hillman, vice president; Sarah Martha Ad- ams, secretary; Lutie Keathley, treasurer; and Maureen Peterson, sergeant at arms. The other members are: Dor- othy Ballentine, Margaret Byars, Alba Chance, Elizabeth Clamp, Elizabeth Durner, Thelma Hag- berg, Lois Newell, Martha Kurtz, Dorothy Stafford, and Mary Eliz- abeth Tribble. ilc r reiA e i:-r - ' K 1 si ki : :M 0 i Ye Mystic Krewe is an organi- zation of junior and senior men, chosen without regard to frater- nity or other affiliation. Selection is governed entirely by the abili- ties and accomplishments of the individuals. The officers are: Jordan Moy- nard, captain; Bryan Brasington, first mate; Fred Chance, second mote; C. L. Mullis, boatswain; and Lewis Deal, cabin boy. The other members ore: Richard Gordie, Wallace Register, Wal- lace Webb, Fred Karl, Fred Ow- en, Tom Perrin, Robert Knowles, and Herschel Hatcher. s i J croll and a The Scroll and Key was founded at Stetson in 1940 for the purpose of recognizing and encouraging high scholarship. Members are chosen from the highest 5 per cent of third quarter juniors and seniors. No one is eligible for membership who does net possess qualities of leadership. The officers ox%: Frank Hendrix, president; Shirley Hunter, vice president; and Robert Knowles, secretory-treasurer. Other members are: Louis Deal, Wallace Register, Wayne Gilman, Ernest Owens, and Mar- jorie Chase. The Phi Society is an honor so- ciety sponsored by members of Phi Beta Kappa in a number of colleges and universities. It gives recognition for scholarly work from the beginning of the college course. It is limited to those in the School of Liberal Arts, and to be eligible for membership, stu- dents must maintain an average grade of between A and B in their first year of college work. The officers are: Don Ever- son, president; William Eugene Grubbs, vice president; Nita T. Hansen; and Shirley Hunter, Treasurer. The other members are: John Cheshire, Louis Deal, Francis Fitz- patrick, Frank Hendrix, Robert Knowles, Ernest Owens, Joseph Peck, Jay Poppell, Wallace Reg- ister, Steve Stratford, and Richard Theus. f- ki . Aripka keta Phi Alpha Theta is a national honorary history fraternity. The officers of the Alpha Zeta chapter are: Charles Hillman, president; Francis Fitzpatrick, vice president; Alba Chance, secretary- treasurer; Robert Hensley, pro- grarr chairman; ond Prof. Harry Winters, sponsor. The other members are: Hazel Asbell, Fred Chance, Harry Ga- venta, John Wood, Steve Strat- ford, Dr. Marcus Collins, Prof. Gamber, Prof. Johns, Dr. Gilbert Lycan, Col. John Rhett, Prof. Rid- dles, Lewis D eal, James Durden, Frank Hendrix, Dayton Andrev s, William Ossmer, Dorothy Staf- ford, Tacoma Sloan, Ernest Jerni- gan, John Howell, and Juanita Hansen. iqma f- i J u ima Sigma Pi Sigma is the national honor society in the field of phys- ics. The Alpha Iota Chapter was installed at Stetson in 1937. Mem- bership in the society is open to juniors and seniors who have completed a minimum of five ma- jors in physics. The officers are: Eugene Smith, president; Richard Theus, vice president; Robert Bayne, secre- tary; and Mr. Geprge T. Jenkins, faculty advisor and treasurer. The members are: Dr. R. I. Al- len, Dr. J. V. Vaughen, Elbert Lay- ton, Wilbur Snyder, Claude Lee Rucker, Frank S. Flack, David Shoull, and Robert Brewin. .rUJer -J-Jeuucke i e erein Der Deutsche Verein is an hon- orary German organization. The members are selected from stu- dents in advanced German class- es and superior students in fresh- man and sophomore courses. The purpose of the organization is to foster on interest in the language, the customs, and the literature of Germany. Fred Fisher is president of this organization. t iqma =J-)eua f ' i Sigma Delta Pi is a national honorary scholarship fraternity for students majoring or minoring in Spanish. The officers are: Wright Booth, president; Robert Knowles, vice president; Jo Ann Bolle, record- ing secretary; Louise Hargis, cor- responding secretary; Alice Rob- inson, treasurer; and Maureen Pe- terson, reporter. The members are: Richard Finn, Abraham Flores, Thelma Hag- berg, Tobie Suprenant, William Wood, and Jo Ann Shanor. The faculty members include: Dr. Arjona, Dr. Bateson, Dr. Thornton, Professor Winters, Mrs. Dix, Miss Preston, Miss White, and Miss Foster. dSiazey L luh Membership in this organiza- tion is based on good sportsman- ship, leadership, athletic ability, and scholarship. Students may earn their letter " S " after two years of college work and upon initiation are presented with the green and white blazers. A bid to the Blazer Club is the highest athletic honor a Stetson girl may receive. Seated left to right are: Nan Franklin, Imogine Clark, Helen Trundle, Stella Davis, and Juanita Beauchamp. Members not pictured are: Mau- reen Peterson and Nan Ivey Wil- son. ke io uartenu S taPf The Quarterly is a campus mag- azine in which selected literary exercises of the students, faculty, and alumni are published. The staff, headed by Editor Dee H. Flack, includes Fred Fisher, Bet- ty Schneider, Paul MacAlester, Ret Turner, John Wimer, Leira Jones, and faculty advisor Dr. Byron H. Gibson. kela Lji amma This is the club for women of the university who do not live on campus. Its main purpose is to foster closer associations among the town women. The officers are: Justine Vaugh- en, president; Joan Clark, vice president; Win Wigle, secretary; and Julia Ann Elis, treasurer. The faculty advisor is Mrs. Delia M. Rowe. tkodiit S tudent ouemeni The purpose of the Methodist Student Movement here at Stetson is to foster a Christian attitude about college life, home life, and world affairs. The council officers pictured left to right are: Winifred Wigle, Hel- en Trundle, Joyce Collier, Sara Hess, Precilla Peterson and Nancy Smith. X ' liK. 1 { [ estmmster eiww6kip Barbara Brundoge President- Shirley Mink - - -- Vice President Louise Davidson Secretary William King Treasurer Gordon Hays Exchanger Lola Miller Director THE CANTERBURY CLUB Bruce H. Perkins President Carolyn C. McGinley Vice President Helen Wooten Treasurer Barbara M. Phillips Secretary The aim of the Canterbury Club is to serve the mission cf Christianity in higher education by fostering among its members a better understanding of the faith and practice of the Episcopal Church and loyalty to its corporate life. Not pictured are Dr. Frances Thornton, Miss Charlotte Smith, Miss Violet Fraser, Miss Maxine Patterson, faculty members; Carolyn McGinley, Edwin Creech, Nick Metnik, and George Pitzke. Appel, Nancy ji , Batchelor, Opal M L — - « ' WL V Beardall, Shadie K ' ■ - f . W M Blount, Helen " A W " ; v - - Bosanquet, Tia Burns, Allyne Bush, Wm. Shirley Sllk i K. " " " " N . f ' 1 . ft Cox, William t I f 1 ttbh c fc L 1 L B Dahlgren, Barbara BL " ' " I ll- ■ i W ' W Dance, Kenneth air - " y " Bl JF m rr- r Foster, Babs W ' ' m ' ' WBl tf W • r Gaby, Margaret Wl . V 4 f ik P Hargis, Louise T Jll f - Ml Horkins, Mary Louise «C 1l J|k f m ' c ' H f Legate, Vickler « C ' m ' ' M fc jL WL Leinfelder, Jack 09 W ' . .Jt McEachern, John ▼ g ■Cf B Patrick, Judy r.- Rue, Jeannette Wf ' i Smith, Jeanne 9 K ' W " 1 H l IB ' ll ' ' ' 7 1f HP f Towne, Bill ■- . Mfe----Ji B ' ' • I JhI Twirhell, Dick ' ' " WL ' " " ' , K mt Willard, Bob " ■ " v Btf " Ifc -- vi - V- ... i L i _.t u.ii ' ii Ak . SHt AmHh YOUNG WOMAN ' S AUXILIARY OFFICERS President Varian Cooper Vice President Jean Abernathy Secretary ....Juanita Hurst Treasurer Gerry Carlile Program Chairman Reba Nichols Community Mission Chairman Sara Thurman Mission Study Chairman Orpha Merritt Literature Chairman Lois Newell Music Chairman Connie Moody Social Chairman Martha Kathryn Hudson Publicity .....Betty Francis Glass Sponsor Mrs. J. Harrison Griffin Varian Cooper The Young Woman ' s Auxiliary is an organization of young women on Stetson ' s campus that are interested in a Christian education. Women in any class of the University are eligible for membership in the Auxiliary. Members of the Auxiliary are Polly Campbell, Evelyn Page, Leira Jones, Mary Huff, Gloria Kline, Beulah At- kinson, Eva Maye Cates, Shirley Turner, Helen Trulock, Jeannette Northrup, Ann Johnson, Marilyn Purvis, Sally Brow- der, Jean Abernathy, Frances Boyett, Pat Merritt, Isabelle Moss, Frances Hall, Sarah Martha Adams, Anita Joyce Ed- infield, Daphine Etheredge, Annette Wilcox, Shiria Shaw, Marilyn Pitts, Barbara Jean Smith, Betty Ann White, Jean Garwood, Betty Zone Raffield, Coreto Powell, Betty Jo Collins, Mackie Wilkes, Carol Jean Hale, Jimmie Nell Flem- ing, Billie Woodson, Doris Revels, Shirley Hunter, Bonnie Wingate, Charlotte Evans, Cora Lee Gandy, Bettina Bryan, Evelyn Ruis, Louella Merrell, Bertha Mitchell, Lutie Keathley, Marilyn Johnson, Odean Willis, Bonnie Moore, Mabel Martin, Louis Taber, Betty Robinson, Shirley Rogers, Arlie Frink, Martha Gillon, Aileen Hancock, Jo Ann Ederington, Vivian Nichols, Alice Dorsett, Maxine Lee, Varian Cooper, Juanita Hurst, Gerry Carlile, Reba Nichols, Sara Thurman, Orpha Merritt, Lois Newell, Connie Moody, Martha Kathryn Hudson, Betty Frances Glass and Willie B. Halbert. Sponsor, Mrs. J. Harrison Griffin. Sara Thurman Bonnie Moore John Cheshire Clarice Murphy Connie Moooy VOLUNTEERS FOR CHRISTIAN SERVICE The aim of the Volunteers for Christian Service is to enlist each person who has felt a definite call into full time Christian work into some phase of Christian service while he is preparing for his life ' s work here at the universify. Officers: John Cheshire, president; Bonnie Moore, vice-president; Clarice Murphy, secretary; Connie Moody, choris- ter; Sara Thurman, devotional chairman; Doris Revels and Alba Chance, program chairmen; Ed Straner, publicity chairman; Corita Powell, social chairman; Robert Tucker, mission chairman; and Shiria Shaw, pianist. B. Atkinson F. Bennett D. Campbel J. Carlyle E. Cates A. Chance V. Cooper T. Cosgrove C. Evans J. Fleming M. Gillon T. Hagberg V . Halbert C. Hale F. Hall S. Hunter A. Johnson O. Merritt D. Murray W. New R. Nichols E. Paige C. Powell C. Rathel D. Revels S. Shaw E. Straner L. Tabor R. Tucker MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION President, Fred Chance Vice President, John Wade Secretary, Robert Finder Treasurer, Harold Brown Program Chairman, Fred Breed Activities Chairman, Hugh High Intramurals Mgr., William Guess Social Chm., Herbert Blanton Publicity Chm., John Howell Pulpit Supply Chm., John Howell Chorister, R. C. Gray Pianist, W. B. McGough Parliamentarian, Charles Dickman Custodian, Lewis Stancil The Ministerial Association is made up of young men who are studying for the Christian ministry, and its fundamen- tal purpose is to encourage the fellowship of these young men while they are on the campu s. To be eligible for member- ship, a student must be either a licensed or an ordained minister or be recommended by a Christian church as a candi- date for the ministry. Not pictured are Harry C Garwood, William H. McCammon, Henlee H. Barnett, faculty advisors of the organiza- tion; James Brown, Bobby Christie, Lester Cornett, Colvin Futch, Spurgeon Hinds, Robert McKenzie, Donald H. Maloon, Malcolm E. Smith, Robert Finder, and William Guess. Lloyd Harold Anderson James R. Berwick Kelley E. Blanton Bryan Brosington John Bray J. Carlton Carter Lee A. Cooper, Jr. Krama Fay DeSha Elwyn G. Edwards Jesse D. Elmore Don M. Everson J. Maurice Fain Richard B. Flood Houston M. Flournoy H. F. Flynn Jimmie W. Gordon ■r Ai William Eugene Grubbs Benton B. Hicks Joe Hinton Gene Richard Hitchcock Lewis Alvin Halbert Millard Hancock James D. Johnston Russell V. Kouffman Lewis Kennison, Jr. James L, Knight, Jr. William E. Lev is, Jr. Kelby E. McColister J. Porker McLendon Tvussell McLeod Elton McPheters Ronald P. Mathews Leonard T. Melton Victor H. Miles Walter E. Nolan Wayne W. Oeffler Lane A. Patrick, Jr. W. Morgan Patterson John Pelham Louis VanDorn Ph Gordon I. Pittman Clinton Powell R. Wallace Register Rom Risk Samuel B. Seegers Henry H. Smith, Jr. W. Lawton Smith James Kenneth Solomon Leroy Tucker August Dale Umbreit John Claude Walters Wallace Webb William E. Webb George N. Wehrman Vivian R. Wheeler Jay Frank Whittle Milton C. Wyche Benjamin J. Yelvington ' appa J elta The Florida Beta Chapter of Pi Kappa Delta, national honorary forensic fraternity, was established at Stetson in 1939. The purpose of Pi Kappa Delta is to promote a greater inter- est in the art of public speaking and active participation in forensic activities. Members include, first row, left to right, William Singleton, James Tucker; second row, Odis Henderson, Helen Wooten, and Prof. Brand. Ujebate auad Members of the 1948-49 Stetson Debate Squad are: left to right, James H. Tucker, Odis Henderson, Robert M. Yoder, Elizabeth Flory, William Kerr, William Singleton, Thomas Watson, and Prof. Richard C. Brand. r-„C f A V (Beta Eata Beta Beta Beta Beta is a national society for students of biology who achieve su- perior academic records and who indi- cate special aptitude in this field of study. It emphasizes a three-fold pro- gram: Stimulation of scholarship, dis- semination of scientific knowledge, and the promotion of biological research. OFFICERS President Allan Crofts Vice President Dale Scott Secretary - Paul Hickson Historian ....Mary Ellen Phillips Faculty Advisor....Dr. A. M. Winchester William E. McTeer _ President Royal L. French Vice President Wilbur F. Jorrett Secreary-Treasurer Earl E. Peters Chaplain Robert C. Fecscl Program Chairmen Donald W. Conn Contact Ofucer Dr. Leo Spurrier Counselor Sigma Alpha Ciii, honorary accounting fraternity, was founded at Stetson University on July 20, 1948. The dis- tinction of becoming a member of Sigma Alpha Chi is be- stowed on those who have excelled in the study of account- ing. The purpose of the fraternity is to promote scholarship in accounting, to foster a spirit of friendship, and to further the interests of each member in the accounting profession. Members not pictured are Alfred Edwards, Truman Gra- son, Donald Heverman, Robert Olcott, and William Schmid. Madeline Barrow Walter Bishop George Boryscwich Clifton Brinkley Ellis Brown Von Allen Clark Thornwell Davenport Johnny Fair James Grant Samuel Heidersbach Clarence Jones James Lee William Martin Goulding Mattheus Jewell Morris Clarence Simpson Robert Vogt Lowell Weaver Hugh West Lamar Williams K amwia — h n f ma r -pit Ion Gamma Sigma Epsilon, national honorary chemisfry fraternity, was founded in 1919 at Davidson College, Davidson, North Carolina. The object of the fraternity is to increase interest and scholarship in chemistry, and to promote friendship and the general v elfare of chemists. Juniors and seniors ma- joring in chemistry, whose grades meet the high standard, are eligible for election to membership. Beta Beta Chapter was established at Stetson in 1923. OFFICERS Grand Alchemist Joseph Peck Grand Visor Jack Bragg Grand Recorder Paul Hickson Electron of the Black Arts Bradford Miller Adv sors Dr. John F. Conn Dr. John V. Vaughen MEMBERS Herschel Hatcher Dorothy Asbell Julian Mclnnis E. J. Lometi Leola Baker Claude Rucker Eugene Smith Joyce Collier Claude Jones A. C. Mclnnis Ann Hughes Joseph Clone Dole Scott Jay Poppell Dick Theus Thomas Nevin Claude Smith Felicia E. West Sec.-Treas. President Program Chairmar) Shirley Hunter Charles Hillman Ernest Jernigan nternauonai delations iuib The International Relations Club was organized in 1938 under the sponsorship of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Tl:e purpose of the Club is to stimulate a great- er interest in and a better understanding of in emotional affairs. Not pictured are Dr. Gilbert L Lycan, sponsor; Horry Goventa, vice president; John Col- lier, Robert Jenks, and Billy McGough. HELEN BARKSDALE JOHN BERRY EARL BRANNING ALLVN BURNS ALBA CHANCE FREDERICK CHANCE ELIZABETH CLAMP IMOGENE CLARK DOROTHY CHRISTIE JIMMIE COX JULIA ANN ELLIS JIMMIE GAFF VIVIAN GOODYEAR CLIFF GOSNEY SARA HESS CAROL HALE RICHARD FINN JANE JACKSON CLYDE McCULLY GLORIA MERTZ ROBERT MITCHELL LOIS NEWELL TRUB O ' SlEEN PRISCILLA PETERSON SYLVIA MORSE ROY SWADER MARY ELIZABETH TRIBBLE MARTY TOSSELL SUE HOPPER DeVERNE BRYAN GRAVES EDMONDSON DR. CLARK DR. COLLINS DR. RIDDLE Program Chairman Margaret Phillips Vice President Maureen Peterson President William L. King Secretary Sarah Hess Treasurer Madeline Barrow Cc ommeyce K lab The Stetson Commerce Club, organized in 1937, is composed of juniors and seniors in the School of Business who have maintained a minimum aver- age of B. The purpose of the organization is to develop a better understand- ing of the principles and problems of the business world. Members not pictured are Fred M. Cooke, and Stanten Jenson. VON ALLEN DONALD ROBERT C. JAMES M. ROBERT SAM CLARK CONN FEASEL GRANT HARRIS HEIDERSBUCK MARTHA WILLEM WILLIAM GOULDING ROBERT EARL E. HUDSON JARRETT MARTIN MATTHEUS MATHEWS PETERS ier6 A° ■ Boyce Fowler Ezell Chapter President Thomas Horton Vice President Lois Newell Secretary Treasurer Sponsor Dorothy Ballentine Elizabeth Durner Dr. R. L. Carter SARAH MARTHA AUDREY FLOYD PHYLLIS JOHN LUCY ADAMS BACH BAKER BALLENTINE BANNER BISHOP ALBA MARJORIE KELLEY ALLAN MARGUERITE JEANNIE CHANCE CHASE COLLINS CROFT DIBBLE CROSBY ELIZABETH BARBARA IRENE THELMA JUANITA KEITH FLORY FOWLER BEAUCHAMP HAGBERG HANSEN HANSEN HENDRY HILLHOUSE BRETT MARILOU D. MARTHA C. ERNEST H. B. MILTON HOPE HORTON HUDSON JERNIGAN FTA FTA GRACE JONES LUTIE KEATHIY ERNESTINE LITTLE LAURA JEAN MAXCY MADEL MARTIN BETTY JO McCULLY DORIS MERRILL ORPHA MERRITT VIRGINIA MORRIS CHARLES PAFFORD ARNOLD MARTIN JOHN MARILYN SIBYL MIRIAM PANCRATZ PEARSON PELHAM PITTS RAMOS SKEENE CECIL STALVEY BARBARA JEAN SMITH DORLA STEPHENS T. B. O ' STEEN EDWARD TALTON ELEANOR TOMLINSON MARJORIE WILLIS JACOUIE WILKINSON NANCY WILLIAMS WALTER FEAGINS BOB HALL LEE WILLIS y ipka au T appa l i NATIONAL HONORARY ART FRATERNITY OFFICERS Don Kibbey President Keller Davis Social Vice President Katherine Vitscras Vice President DeVerne Bryan Recording Secretary Gloria Mertz Corresponding Secretary Mel Landers — Treasurer Winifred V igle Historian Sponsors Other Members Miss Edith Harvey Charlotte Enlow Miss Jane Goolsby Noralee Mellor Mark Jacoby Elizabeth Durner Eldes V alton SK THETA ALPHA PHI Florida Alpha Chapter Naiional Honorary Dramatic Fraternity President Robert Knowles Secretary Dorothy Stafford ice President Doris Roberts Treasurer Marguerite Dibble Historian Roland E. Cazer In Universitate Sarah M. Adams Dorothy Hillman In Facultate H. L. Bateson C.T.Henderson Joe Alexander Helen Blount Wesley Clark Fred Fischer Fred Hope Jonnie Mires James Tucker W. Ret Turner Richard C. Brand J. Ollie Edmunds Harold M. Giffin Virginia E. Giffin Ray Jordan Lillian Preston Irving C. Stover Alice Weisner Vice-President William E. Hall President Robert W. Wilson Social Vice-President Alex D. Finch Secretary-Treasurer James C. Cox ■ Chaplain Dr. H. L. Taylor Advisors from St. John ' s Lodge No. 37: J. E. Franey, H. A. Windhorst. The Adelphos Society, Stetson ' s latest contribution to the spirit of brotherhood and fellowship, made its formal debut as the second organization of its kind on the night of December 6, 1948. This select group, composed of students and faculty members who hold degrees in the Masonic Order, is fast becoming an in- tegral unit in the fraternal system of Stetson University, and is welcomed as a useful link in furthering the friendly and understanding relations between leaders of city and campus activities. PETERS RENWICK RICHARDSON SEEGERS 1 11 WEST WIIKERSON WILLIAMS Members not pictured are: J. Ollie Ed- munds, Gilbert L. Lycan, L. A. Haslup, Robert R. Brewin, George A. Singleton, Adrian L. Purser, Ernie E. McLeod, J. C. Bradley, A. Leon App, Henry C. Beckman, Jr. USaptiil J tudent Ulnion Executive Council 1948-1949 6(7 McCammon, B.S.U. Secretary Dr. V m. H. McEniry, Faculty Advisor The Baptist Student Union serves the link between the church and the college. It seeks to enlist all Baptist stu- dents in the organizations and activities of the church so that each may achieve maximum development as a Chris- tian personality. Any Baptist student becoming a member of a local church or any of its unit organizations such as the Y. W. A., the Volunteers for Christian Service, the Ministerial Association, the Sunday School or the Training Union thus be- comes a member of the Baptist Student Union. Members of the Senior and Junior Councils have been selected to serve as the executive group of the Baptist Student Union. OFFICERS President Wallace Webb Enlisted Vice-President.. Martha Cathryn Hudson Social Vice-President Delvo Register Devotional Vice-President Carol Hale Secretary Dot Campbell Treasurer Don Everson Chorister Bill Warfield Pianist Miriam Skeene Publicity Parker McLendon Reporter John Howell Promotion Bob Pinder House Manager Lutie Keothley Sunday School Representative Shirley Hunter Training Union Representative Jimmie Nell Fleming Y. W. A. President Vorion Cooper Volunteers President .....John Cheshire Ministerial Association President Fred Chance Base Representative R. C. Gray Faculty Advisor Dr. Wm. H. McEniry Pastor Advisor Rev. R. Grady Snowden B. S. U. Secretary .Mr. Bill McCommon MARTHA CATHRi ' N JIMMIE NELL ke L amera L icib The Camera Club was founded on Stetson Campus October, 1944. The motto is " We Cover the Cam- pus " and colors are Black and White. Dr. John Vaughen is sponsor of the Camera Club. President of the club is Robert Leslie. Top pictures: Group picture taken of club members. Center picture: Robert Leslie, president of the Camera Club. The two bottom pictures were taken at a party held at Dr. Vaughen ' s home. l reS5 L iub Dr. Marcus Collins Advhor OFFICERS Dee H. Flack President Helen Trundle - Vice President Betty Forester ...Secretary-Treasurer Graves Edmundson Publicity Chairman Betty Miller Social Chairman Fred Fischer .. Program Chairman Miss Roslyn Collins Advisor The Stetson University Press Club is an honorary local journalistic fraternity consisting of out- standing members cf student publications. Its purposes are to promote the best interests of college publications and to establish and encourage a higher type of journalism. The inactive members include Dot Hillman, Ed Bush, Phil DeBerard, Jr., Bill Fisher, Dick For- die, C. L. Mullis, Phil Knowles, Tom Perrin, Stewa rt Maxcy, and Bob Rickey. FELTON DAVIS GRAVES EDMUNDSON BETTY MILLER FRED FISCHER BILL TOWNE HELEN BLOUNT RET TURNER MARY SELMAN BILL FISHER KERRY KENT SCOTT HELEN V OOTEN son " DL 1949Stets REPORTER The Editor: " The name is Davis. " The STETSON REPORTER, " Florida ' s Oldest College Newspaper, " began its 62nd Year under the editorship of Felton P. Davis, Jr., and the business management of Phil DeBerard, Jr., whose elections marked a change from faculty s election to these top posts of the weekly newspaper to a choice by the students. Davis brought to the campus a new trend in Stetson journalistic history that endeavored to foster a more active and better Student Government; to provide an outlet through the REPORTER for all stu- dent opinion; and in the words of the editor, " to let the chips fall where they may. We print news and when it comes to publishing a newspaper we have no special friends. " The REPORTER dove fearlessly into all controversial issues, always presenting both sides, and never allowing student politics to enter into its viewpoint. To give the University a prompt, up-to-date and colorful coverage of campus news a change was made to the popular tabloid size paper; the staff was streamlined for efficient reporting; and the RE- PORTER moved into completely new editorial offices. Special editorial editors, under the leadership of Managing Editor Bill Towne, made publication of the REPORTER a well-oiled and smooth-running organization. Special editors are: Mary Selman, Day- ton Andrews, Tex Sloan, Pat Roberts, Betty Schneider, Ted Grissett and Circulation Manager Ret Turner. The Staff: " Ironing out a few kinks. " BILL TOWNE MARY 5ELMAN DAYTON ANDREWS TEX SLOAN PAT ROBERTS tETir JOE BEVILIE THE STAFF Felton P. Davis, Jr Editor-in-Chief Bill Towne Managing Editor Mary Selman Copy Editor Dayton Andrews News Editor Tex Sloan Sports Editor Pat Roberts Society Editor Betty Jo Seville Feature Editor John Howell Religion Editor Ret Turner Circulation Manager Phil DeBerard, Jr Business Manager Ted Grisset Proof Editor Staff Artist, Mark Jacoby; Ptiotograpfier, Ad Gilbert; Drama Writers, Barbara Brundage, Fred Fischer; Feature Writers, Kerry Scott and Charlie Dickman. Columnists, John How ell, Dayton Andrews, Roy Swader, Ed Bush, and Roy Frye. Reporters, Betty Jo Beville, Graves Edmundson, Jimmy Jordan, Sam Goodfriend, John Hensley, Skippy Byars. Sports Reporters, Charles Dils, Wilton McCully, Robert Ream, Gwen Kersey, Jane McGreary, Betty Clamp and Dot Ballentine. The Staff: " We can do better ttian ttiis. " © o TED GRISSET JOHN HOWELL ke J atter Helen Trundle, Editor-in-Chief THE STAFF Editor-in-Chief Helen Trundle Associate Editors ...Wanda Yoder, Betty Miller, and Fred Hester Staff Secretary Helen Blount Law School Editors Joe Adderly and Paul Stewart Faculty and Administration Editor.. " Doc " Ray Senior Class Editor. Betty Miller; Assistants Sybil Ramos, Anna Sula Brannen Junior Class Editor Dot Ballentine Sophomore Class Editor June Norwood Freshman Class Editor ...Mary Harmon and Elmira Vogtman Organization Editors Barbara Brundage and Justine Vaughen Feature Editors Lucy Bishop and Jean Maxcy Sports Editors Suzanne Davis, Bonnie Pellerin, and Allen Brooks Pan Hellenic Editors .....Dot Chastain and Betty Jo Beville Fraternity Editors " Red " Martin and Bill Carlin Art Editors. Noralee Mellor and Charlotte Enlow Other helpers were: Betty Clamp, Betty Jo McCully, Clyde McCully, Leira Jones, Dee Castallani, Prissy Peterson, Sara Hess, Margaret Byars, Lenora Williams, Betty Borrego, and Ted Grissett. " Our Staff " Staff BUSINESS STAFF Robert Rickey Business Manager Ben Carson Associate Business Manager Phoebe Faulkner Secretary Business Staff of Haf ' er Ann Pemble Elsa Barcliff Sue Wilson OTHER MEMBERS Phyllis Ballentine Barbara Asenjo Carolyn Finch Proof Editor and Helpers " Which Hatter? " Officers include, left to right: Dorothy Stafford, president; Sylvia Morse, recording secretary; Thelma Hagberg, chaplain; Shirley Hunter, corresponding secretary; Bettina Bryan, sergeant-at-arms; Elizabeth Durner, historian; and Sarah Martha Adams, vice-president. y ipfia Jji tp ' exLoma FOUNDED AT JOHN B. STETSON UNIVERSITY May, 1940 PURPOSE The purpose of Alpha Dexiomc is to promote demo- cratic friendship and understanding among its members, to broaden the social, cultural, political, athletic, and religious life of the members and to assist them in every way possible. All women in Stetson University who are not affiliated with a national social organization may become members. COLORS: Hunter Green and Gold FLOWER: Talisman Rose INACTIVE MEMBERS Barbara Bing, Rheba Nichols, Jimmie Nell Fleming, and Janie Whitaker MEMBERS ACTIVES Sarah M. Adams Elizabeth Durner Shirley Hunter Bettina Bryan Charlotte Evans Sylvia Morse DeVerne Bryan Helen Hagberg Dorothy Stafford Gerry Carlile Thelma Hagberg Louis Tabor PLEDGES Jean Abernathy Carol Jean Hale Jeanette Rue Betty Campbell Mary Huff Evelyn Ruis Anita Edenfield Marilyn Johnson Shiria Shaw Cora Lee Gandy Betty Robinson Dolores Travillion Jean Garwood Shirley Rodgers Dorothea Travillion fe ;« Hd- ' ' J ' Oftnai Jec J- ledqe of C a J oi-onlh Jrnformal IKiiik OFFICERS Dorothy Hillman President %, Dot Ballentine Vice-President Pat Roberts Recording Secretary Doris Roberts-Corresponding Secretary Margaret Mantle Treasurer Chapter Members in Facultate Mary Tribble Virginia Giffin Dorothy Fuller Seated, left to right: Pat, Doris, Dot Hillman, Dot Ballentine, and Margaret. Founded at Lombard College, Calesburg, Illinois, in 1893 Omega Chapter Established in May, 1947 Colors: Double Blue and Gold Flower: Killarney Rose l vlevnbev ' S mm rt Phyllis Ballc-ntine Marjorie Bingliom Mory Lee Branch Morgorel Byors Betly Clamp Imogene Clo ' k Julia Ann Ellis Charlone Finch Judy Finne Jeonne Garrelson Lydorilo Crandall Jeon Herrington Borbara Hill Dot Hillman Robin Hooper Jane Jackson Gwen Kersey Margaret Mantle Pot Merritt Gloria Merfz Lynn Morrison Isabelle Moss Georgianna Neel Barbara Pofford Mary Ellen Phillips Bonnie Pe Midred Respes Margaret Richter Doris Roberts Pat Roberts Sandra Skeen Virginia Skeen Jeanne Smith Betty Lou Spangle Jeanne Stache Bonnie Swortz Morcio Torberl Mary Elizabeth Tribble Terry True Denese Whiteman Jacqueline Wood .=ljeita .=J-)eita .U-Jeita Left to right: Virginia, Nan, Mary Ann, Joyce, Maxine and Lucy OFFICERS Joyce Collier President Mary Ann Perkins Vice-President Maxine Miles- Recording Secretary Nan Franklin Treasurer Lucy Bishop Marshal Virginia Morris Chaplain Chapter Members in Facultate Ester Hick Sara Staff Jernigan Alice Weisner Natalie Dix Founded at Boston University in 1888 Alpha Delta Chapter established in May, 1913 Colors: S 7ver, Cold and Blue Flower: Pansy JEANE HARRIS DORIS HART JANE McGEARY MAXINE MILES VIRGINIA MORRIS BETTY ANN NORFLEET MARY ANN PERKINS PEGGY PIPPIN JOSEY PUTZER SALLY RHODES JACKIE SHIPLEY ULDINE STANLEY PRICILLA THAMES BETTY JO WELLS MARTHA WILLIAMS Pi ta PL OFFICERS Marjorie Marks President- Audrey Bach ...Vice-President Joyce Duggan — Corresponding Secretary Nan Ivey Wilson... Recording Secret ary Betty Wood Moore. Treasurer Lenora Williams Pledge Advisor Chapter Members in Facultate Annie Nadine Holden i Standing: Nan, Lenora, Joyce and Betty Seated: Marjorie and Audrey Founded April 28, 1867, ai Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois Florida Alpha Chapter established January 30, 1913 Colors: Wine and Silver Blue Flower: Wine Carnation Pi fifSf PL Audr.;y Bach Opal Balchelor lois Berlin Frances Bosanquet Allyne Bur Joan Cook June Cos Virgino Cox Jeannie Crosby Barbara Dohigr Betty Ivey Pal Johnson Mel Landers Betty Jo McCully Ann Mac Marjorie Marks Lynn Monroe elty Wood Moore Susan Northen Margaret Partin Mary Ann Posner Nellie Jo Raulerson Joyce Rogers Fritzi Schle ■( ' ! ' ? ' IH|Aft J ' iS : Pot Speer Anno Stewart Betty Stratton Marjorie Williams Nancy Williams Nan Wilson Sue Wils. Lata an - Ipka OFFICERS Lutie Keathley President Suzanne Davis Vice-President Helen Trundle ...Secretary Anna Sula Brannen .Treasurer Noralee Mellor Ritual Chairman Stella Davis ....Ritual Chairman Lois Newell Historian Chapter l Aembers in Facultate Etter Turner Frances Thornton Standing: Noralee, Stella, Helen and Lois Seated: Suzanne, Lutie and Sue Founded October 15, 1898, at Virginia State Normal School, Farmville, Virginia Beta Psi Chapter established in October, 1934 Colors: Turquoise Blue and Steel Grey Flov er: White Violet LUCILLE ADAMS BARBARA BAKER ELSA BARCLIF ANN BEAM BETTY JO BEVILLE ANNA SULA BRANNEN GLORIA BRINKlEr EDNA BURNELL JOAN CARSWELL DOT CHASTAIN JEAN CLARK BETTY JO COLLINS MOLLY COPELAND STELLA D AVIS SUZANNE DAVIS CHARLOTTE ENLOW NANCY FLACK BETTY ANN FLIPPO MARY HARMON MARTHA KURTZ LUTIE KEATHLEY . : fef ANN JOHNSON MARILYN NELSON LOIS NEV ELL DOTTIE MANN JEANIE MAXCY NORALEE MELLOR NANCY PAINTER BETTY JOYCE PELEZ ANN PEMBLE MAUREEN PETERSON SYBIL RAMOS ALICE ROBINSON EVELYN ROBINSON NANCY JOY THERIOT ' 4Z " C " ' HELEN TRUNDLE BETTY WALKER SUE WARREN JACKIE WILKINSON HELEN WOOTEN WANDA YODER PL W. II OFFICERS Leola Baker President Dottie Asbell . __ Vice-Presiclenf Helen Barksdale Secretary Jeanette Ncrthrup Treasurer Founded at Weston College March 4, 1852 Alpha Xi Chapter established March 7, 1949 Colors: Rose and White Flower: Enchantress Carnation Left to right: Leola, Helen, Jeanette and Dottie MEMBERS INCLUDE: Top row, left to right: Sue Hopper, Jane Sloat, Polly Craig, Phoebe Faulkner, Carolyn Mc- Ginley, Sally Browder, Janet Jones, Nancy Petty, Carolyn Patterson, Clairese Stoops, and Sarah Hess. Middle row, left to right: Jeanette Northrup, Helen Barksdale, Leola Baker, and Dottie Asbell. Bottom row, left to right: Mary Louise Harkins, Gloria Kline, Marilyn Purvis, Priscilla Peterson, and Clara Hendry, Not pictured: Jo Webb, Shirley Turner, Margaret Brice and Robin Floyd. PAN-HELLENIC COUI-ICIL Officers of the Pan-Hellenic Council include: Lenora Williams, president- Wanda Yoder, vice-president; Joyce Collier, secretary; and Betly Clomp, treas- urer. Ihe Pan-Hellenic Council is composed of three representatives from each of the four national sorori- ties on Stetson ' s campus. DOT HILLMAN Alpha Xi Delta BETTY CLAMP Alpha Xi Delta TERRY TRUE Alpha Xi Delta BETTY JANE BAILEY Delta Delta Delta JOYCE COLLIER Delta Delta Delta BETTY JO V ELLS Delta Delta Delta BETTY IVEY Pi Beta Phi MARJORIE MARKS Pi Beta Phi LENORA WILLIAMS Pi Beta Phi GLORIA BRINKLEY Zeta Tau Alpha LUTIE KEATHLEY Zeta Tau Alpha V ANDA YODER Zela Tau Alpha NICK TRIANTAFELLU TOMMY BOB AARON DEEN FEASEL SWAIN ®% i»ffik JIM TUCKER Pi Kappa Phi Founded December 10, 1904 at the College of Charleston Charleston, South Carolina Chi Chapter: May 16,1921 l- i U appa ykl Colors: Go d and htxte Flower: Red Rose Benson Davis IN FACULTATE W. E. Duckwitz Howard Bateson CHAPTER ADVISORS Harold Giffin Charles Henderson Carl Johnson J. T. Rhett Archon Treasurer — Secretary Historian Chaplain Warden Social Chairman Pledge Captains., j- i appa l ki BOB GARD Thomas J. Deen, Jr. Robert C. Feasel Brett Hope, Jr. Aaron Swain Jannes Tucker Nick Triantafellu Jordan Maynard iam Martin, J. Richord Rose, III ilt " ' . r ' Rose, Martin, Triantafellu, Tucker, Feasel, Deen, Hope, Swain f S . , i m JERRY DICK JACK DICK GIRIOR GORDIE GRAVES GRUNWALD v ' 3 MARK JACOBY PLEDGE CAPTAIN f- , k , i K RED MARTIN Pi Kappa Phi Pledges WALTER BISHOP EUGENE DORAN PLEDGE CAPTAIN DICK ROSE LEWIS TREEN L. M. THOMAS iL jm F;Vsf prize of 1948 Homecoming Annual Parade of Orcfiids RAY MOELLER BOB MITCHELL ARTY MORRIS NEIL NELSON Va» ' %i GEORGE OSSORIO DOC RAY SAMMY SAMPSON DICK TWICHELL A mi DON WELDON BUCKY WALTERS BAILY WELDON OFFICERS, LEFT TO RIGHT: Austin Rutledge, corresponding secretary; Phillip Knowles, chaplain; Joe Peel, presi- dent; Fred Geromonos, vice-president; Royal French, treasurer; and Rex Patrick, sergeant-at-arms. UJeita J iqma j L Miss Joyce Collier Swee hear for 1948 Founded at City College of New York, 1899 Alpha Chi Chapter established 1925 W. Y. Mickle Chapter Advisor COLORS: Nile Green and White FLOWER: White Carnation CHAPTER MEMBERS Dr. J. OIlie Edmunds In Faculty Dr. Harry Garwood W. Y. Mickle Dean Lennuel Haslup In University c. Alexander, Joseph Jr. Beaton, William Randolph Birnbaum, William Booth, Wright Borysewich, George Branch, James Brinkley, Willii Brown, Edgar Clark, Benjamin Clark, Jefferson Conn, D. W. Jr. Compton, Alfred F. Jr. Cox, James Creekman, David Cutler, Wayne Dondridge, Horry Dandridge, Ralph Deal, Louis Dewey, Ken Doll, Charles Dykes, John W. Jr. Diers, Frank fair, Johnny Flock, Frank Foreman, John French, Royal Gaff, James Gaffe, Carl D. Jr. Geromonos, Fred A. Jr. Hall, Dole Robert Harris, Robert Hope, Fred Hurst, Harry Kirkpatrick, John Jr. Knowles, Phillip Kovoks, Tony Lewis, Royce Lewis, Wallace Lewis, William H. McLonch, Kenneth Mabry, Woodford Marsh, Earl Maxcy, Stuart Mullis, Claude L. Nickelson, Earl Olcott, Robert Patrick, Roy Rex Peel, Joseph A. Jr. Russell, John David Rutledge, Austin Sohino, Matthew T. Senate, Joseph Sheppord, John Stephens, Angus M. Jr. Simmons, Bland Stratford, Steve Streit, Walton D. Totoul, Robert Towie, Richard L. Trout, Thomas W. Watson, George Welch, Carlton Wiggs, Kenneth Wilkinson, William Wilson, Robert Wimer, John William Birnbaum Wright Booth George Borsewich James Branch William Brinkley Edgar Brown Jeff Clark David Creekman Wayne Cutler Ralph Dandridge Louis Deal Frank Diers Charles Doll John Dykes John Fair Frank Flack Royal French Bob Harris Harry Hurst Phillip Knowles Royce Lewis Wallace A. Lewis William K. Lewis Earl Marsh Stewart Maxcy JDelta J layvia m Robert Olcott Frank Hendrix Austin Rutledge Matthew Sahina Steve Stephens Steve Stratford Walton Street Robert Tatoul George Watson Robert Wilson JJeita J lama ■ iedc e6 William Beaton Harry Dandridge Kenneth Dev ey James Gaff Jack Kirkpatrick Woodford Mabry Bland Simmons Frank Thompson Tom Trout John Wimer iama V Ivi Founded at Virginia Milifary Institute, 1869 Delta Mu Chapter founded, 1913 Colors: Black, White and Gold Flower: White Rose OFFICERS Commander _ James Anderson Lieutenant Commander James P. West Recorder Jack Persons Chaplain Gordon Hays Treasurer John Bishop Left to right: Jim Anderson, Jack Persons, Gordon Hays, John Bishop, and James West- JAMES HAROLD R. RICHARD W. WILLIAM JOHN ETSON HAROLD ANDERSON ANDERSON BATES BENNETT BISHOP BLACKWZLL BRADY NORMAN DAVIS n •V-- CHARLIE BROADWAY A GORDON CARLSON . iS - V f k ' VON ALLEN WILLIAM HAROLD HARMON RICHARD JOE FELTON CLARK CLAYTON COUCH CROSSLEY CRUM DAVIES DAVIS CHARLES DORSEY JACK EVANS RALPH FRYER JOE GARROTT JOHN GODBEE HARRISON GRIFFIN JACK TED BURLEIGH LEONARD JOHN RUSSELL EVERETT GRIFFITH GRISSET HALE HARDY HATHAWAY HORNSBY HUSKEY JOHN WATTS cJLayvibda L kl ipka r Founded at Boston University, 1909 Zeta Tau Chapter established April 23, 1949 COLORS: Purple, Green and Gold FLOWER: White Rose OFFICERS President C. W. Colson Vice-President Paul Stewart Secretary Roy Shupp Treasurer Harrell Riles Social Chairman..... R. C. Pitts Ritual Chairman Martin Pearson Faculty Advisor. E. C. Prichard Standing, left to right: Martin Pearson, Roy Shupp, Paul Stewart, C W. Colson, Harrell Riles, and R. C. Pitts. Morgan Anderson Laurier Beard Robert Beosley Thomas Booth John Bowman Robert Brantley Herman Brooks Elwyn Brown Merde Carroll Vernon Collins C W. Colson Ted Corin John Denmark David Gatchel Jack Golightly Carl Hasty Harold Heckenback Bill Hendricks Hybert Hendry Robert High John Hodges Leo Imperial Gus Musleh Horry Panos Ben Patterson Martin Pearson Ed Reaves Harrell Riles John Root George Seitz Roy Shupp Francis J. Smith Geoffrey Smith Paul Stewart John Sulik Edward Tjarks Dalton Tyner James Waddell John Warren Edward Williamson Charles Pafford President ii ' 1 Roswell Hicks Vice-President Bruce Perkins Corvptroller George Morrison Historian Bunnell Coachman Secretary J iama J- ki ( p6iion Founded at Richmond College, Richmond, Virginia, 1901 Florida Beta Chapter established February 12, 1949 COLORS: Dark Red and Purple FLOWERS: Red Roses and Violets w Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity House Robert Adams Earl Couey William Cox Robert Croft Paul Curtis Frank Fernandez Merle Harton Tom Norton Roger Jacobs William Kerr William King James Lane James Lee Paul McAlester Kyle McCroan Odas McCroan Roger Meriwether Jerry Naugle Stanley Perkinson Albert Sharpless Robert Willard Jack Winfree Robert Yoder J ti aiA KJreekc OFFICERS Mack Cleveland .— President Dick Patience Vice-President Leolo Baker Secretary William Hall Treasurer Marcus Collins Faculty Advisor Left to right: William Hall, Mack Cleveland, Leola Baker, and Dick Patience. Marcus Collins Mack Cleveland Dick Patience Jack Fountain Bob Waller Leola Baker Jeanette Northrup Faculty Advisor Alpha Tau Omicron Alpha Tau Omicron Alpha Tau Omicron Alpha Tau Omicron Phi Mu Phi Mu Jo Webb PKi Mu Willoughby Cox Robert Anderson Jack Imand Allan McCowan Jerry Turner John Carter Sigina Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon Kappa Sigma S £ ' t Ed Moore Glenn Smith Marvin Tinsley Horry Hinckley John Toggweiler Frank Hobson Phi Gamma Delta Phi Delta Theta Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Alphc nter- i atemitiA L ouncli Jack Inman President Fred Geromanos Vice-Presidenf Dot Ballentine Secretary David Gatchel Treasurer The Inter-Fraternity Council is an organization made up of three mem- bers from each fraternity represented on Stetson s campus. Imogene Clark Dot Hillman Paul Curtis Merle Horlon Roger Meriwether Joyce Collier Virginialee Culbreth Joe Peel Alpha Xi Delta Alpha Xi Delta Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Phi Epsilon Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Sigma Phi C. L. Mullis Dick Warren C. W. Colson Marjorie Marks Betty Ivey Mary Ann Posner Tommy Deen Richard Gordie Delta Sigma Phi Lambda Chi Alpha Lambda Chi Alpha Pi Beta Phi Pi Beta Phi Pi Beta Phi Pi Kappa Phi Pi Kappa Phi Jim Anderson Wilbur Jorrett Pat Wilson Mack Cleveland John Cator Jo Webb Stella Davis Lutie Keathley Suzanne Davis Sigma Nu Sigma No Sigma Nu Stray Greeks Stray Greeks Stray Greeks Zeta Tau Alpha Zeta Tou Alpha Zeta Tou Alpha 1 I ! !» y dtnlmdtraL con an J .rJjoi fnUom -5uUctina6 ' u u viiiaivia Above: Elizabeth Hall, the administration building. Left: The Commons, where three meals are served daily. Chaudoin Hall: freshmen dorm- itory, also used for receptions and teas. Stevens Hall, left, an d Brittain Hall, right — girls ' dormitories. Conrad Hall — used this year as girls ' dormitory, originally boys ' dormitory. JUST we THREE TRl-DELT FON P„v W. R. A. Women ' s Recreation Association President Betty Miller Sponsor Miss Eloise Newell Betty Miller, President Previously this organization was known as the Women ' s Athletic Association. Through its member- ship the intra-mural program for women is carried on. Because of the increased enrollment, a change was needed to reach a majority of the students. A separate intra-mural board v as set up and Women ' s Athletic association was changed to Women ' s Recreation association. This organization is sponsoring different Sports ' Clubs such as Tennis, Archery, Bowling and Riflery, which are co-recreational. One of these larger clubs is set up to help train men and women who are interestd in Camp Counselors ' Training. W.R.A. ' s aim is to make a co-recreational association. The members include: Nancy Smith, Sara Kinard, Laura Maxcy, Sue Potts, Pat Roberts, Gwen Ker- sey, Mary Ellen Phillips, Nancy Escholtz, Margaret Richter, Jane Jackson, Mary Ethel Gilbert, Joan Carswell, Mary Louise Harkins, Nancy Webb, Barbara Boyles, Lois Newell, Ann Pembic, Virginia Skeene, Billy Woodson, Betty Jo Collins, Lynn Monroe, Marceline Douglas, Judy Walker, June Cossin, Mary Jau- don, Helen Trundle, and Helen Blount. S President : George Douglass Secretary-Treasurer George Everett Faculty Sponsors Coaches demons and Cowell George Douglass, President Since ii was founded in 1936, the " S " Club has had as its purpose the development of sportsman- ship and the promotion of athletic achievement in the university. Membership is restricted to men win- ning varsity letters, and all of these men are devoted to the high scholastic and athletic ideals of their organization. Back row, left to right: Grant Wilbanks, Charlie Behrens, Al Weldon, George Ossorio, Bill Orr, Cotton MacDonough, Hugh Carlton, Paul Meyers, Carl Simmons, and Al Hays. Third row: Bill Carlin, Elbert Layton, Tom Ewing, Doc Ray, Sammy Samson, Tommy Deen, Jack Whitaker, Tom Perrin, Bryan Brasington, Bob Cromartie, and Bud Schleter. Second row: Brad Smith, Andy Caldwell, Lewis Treen, Jordon Maynard, Dick Melear, Bill Lanigan, Guy Garrett, and Ted Wheat. First row: Homer Smith, Cooper Kirk, Jack Brooks, Bruce Perkins, George Everett, George Doug- las, J. B. Stafford, Sonny Chapman, and " Doc " Johnson. fs III NAN FRANKLIN MEAD CHEERLEADER JOVCe COLLIER BILL 8IRN3AUM JACOBY DOTY LANG DOUGLASS DEEN EWING NELSON O SORIO PERRIN SIMMONS EINMETZ JENKINS HENDRY CLAYTON LANIGAN V ILBANKS WHEAT MELEAR TINSLEY r GARRETT EVERETT SCHULAR HUGHES HAYS SEELY 4 I LAYTON WINTZ ARMSTRONG HOGAN Physical Education and Recreation Department for Women Pictured at the left is Mrs. Sara Staff Jerni- gan, seated, who is director of the Women ' s Physical Education and Recreation Depart- ment. Standing, pictured from left to right, are the other members of the staff: Miss Ann Rich- ardson, Miss Betty Autry, Miss Eloise Newell, Miss Esther Hick. Embodying the spirit of health, sportsmanship end fellowship, the Women ' s and Men ' s Physical Education and Recreation Departments provide for the physical and social develop- ment of young women and men. Its purpose is to develop the one thing upon which nearly ng and efficient body. This aim is carried out.all other aspects of life are dependent — a stro PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS Physical Education Department for Men Pictured ot the right is Brady Cowell, seat- ed, who is director of the Men ' s Physical Edu- cation and Recreation Department. Standing, pictured from left to right, are Ben demons, Wes Berner and Phil Clancy. by participation of students in the following activities: tennis, badminton, archery, fencing, golf, swimming, basketball, volley ball, baseball, football, softball, speedboll, tumbling, Modern Rhythm, corrective gymnastics and all recreational sports. Besides participation in activity classes there is also an extensive intramural program for all students in the University. PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS yictive Sports - provide foi development foi They help tc and efficient portd physical and social oung women and men develop a strong 3ody. ANDERSON, J. M. — Appalacincan Slate Teachers College — 1-2, Pi Kap- pa Phi — 3-4 ANDREWS, DAYTON T. — Phi Alpha Theta — 3-4, Reporter — 3-4 ASBEU, DOROTHY M. — Gamma Sig- ma Epsilon — 4, Beta Beta Beta — 4. ADAMS, SARAH MARTHA — Alpha Dexioma — 1-2, Sgt.-at-arms — 3, Pres. — 4, V. Pres., Y.W.A. — 1-2-3-4, F.T.A. — 1-2-3, Trea. — 4, Symphony — 1-2-3, B.S.U. — 1-2-3-4, Little Theatre — 1-2-34, Theta Alpha Phi — 2-3 Historian — 4, Britain House Council — 2-3, V. Pres., The Honor — 3-4, Sec. — 4, Stetson-Miami Club — 3-4, V. Pres. 4, Rules and Procedure Comm. — 4, Adviser — 4, Who ' s Who — 4, Honor Roll ASBELL, HAZEL W. — Phi Alpha Theta — 4. ATKINSON, BEULAH H. — Y.W.A. — 1- 2-3-4, W.R.A. — 1-2, V. Pres. — 3 4, Volunteers — 1-2-3-4, Alpha Dexioma — 1-2, Non-F. Intramural Mgr. — 3, Phy. Ed. Prof. Club — 2-3, F.T.A. — 2, Honor Roll. AUMAN, ROBERT L. — Glee Club — 1- 2-3-4, Travel Squad — 1-2-3-4, Radio Chorus — 1-2-3-4, Quartet — 1-2-3-4, Mus. Sch. Pres. 3. BACH, AUDREY M. — Stole College for Women — 1-2, Pi Beta Phi — 3, V. Pres. — 4, Quarterly-Asso. Editor — 3 4, W.A.A. — 3, Canterbury Club — 4, F.T.A. — 4. BAER, DOUGLAS M. — Band — 3-4, Or- chestra — 3-4, Kappa Kappa Pi — 3-4. BARROW, MADELINE — Band — 1-2-3, Trea., Key Member — 1-2-3-4, Delta Gamma Phi — 2, Tau Beta Sigma — 3, V. Pres. — 4, Glee Club — 2-3-4, Travel Squad — 3-4, Y.W.A. — 1-2, B.S.U. — 1-2-3-4, Commerce Club — 3-4, Trea., Sigma Alpha Chi — 4, Honor Roll. BEAUCHAMP, IRENE L. — Y.W.A. — 1- 2, W.R.A. — 4, F.T.A. 4, Commerce Club — 3-4, Honor Roll. BENSON, MARGARET V. — Anderson College, Anderson, Ind. — 1-2, F.T.A. 4. BISHOP, WALTER C. — Commerce Club — 3-4, Prof. Accounting Frot. 4, Pi Kappa Phi 4. BLOUNT, HELEN P. — Converse Col- lege, Spartanburg, S.C. — 1-2, Little Theatre — 3-4, Theta Alpha Phi — 3-4, Radio Workshop 3, Annual Staff — 3- 4, Sec, 4, Rot Council — 3-4, W.A.A. 3, W.R.A. 4, Canterbury Club — 3-4. BARNETTE, WILLIAM WYATT BOOTH, WRIGHT — Delta Sigma Phi — 1-2-3-4, Sigma Delta Pi — 2-3, Record- ing Sec. 4, Pres. International Rela- tions Club 4, Benedetti Scholarship Award 2, Honor Roll. BORYSEWICH, GEORGE — Delta Sigma Phi — 3-4, Sigma Alpha Chi — 3-4, Commerce Club — 3-4, International Relations Club 3, Hatter 1, Honor Roll, Dean ' s List. BRAGG, JACKSON B. — Sigma Nu — 1- 2-3-4, Gamma Sigma Epsilon — 3-4. BRANTHOOVER, WILLIAM E., JR. — Bond — 2-4, Orchestra 3, Kappa Kap- pa Pi 2, Trea. 3 4. BRAStNGTON, JAMES B. — Pres. Fresh- man Class, Outstanding ■ Freshman Boy, Varsity Football — 2-3, " S " Club — 2-3-4, Ye Mystic Crewe — 3-4, Chief Mate, B.S.N. Council, Ministerial Assn — 2-3-4, Advisor — 3-4, Choir, of Religious Focus Week 4. BRINKLEY, WM. CLIFTON — Sigma Alpha 4, Commerce Club — 3-4, Delta Sigma Phi — 3-4, Band — 1-4, Veterans Ass. — 2-3-4. SENIOR CLASS OF 1949 BROWN, EDGAR ELLIS — Delta Sigma Phi — 1-2-3-4, Sergeont-at-arms- Pledg Master — 3-4, Sigma Alpha Chi Chartermember — Vice-Pres. 4, Senior Class Trea. 4. BRYAN, DE VERNE — Alpha Dexioma — 1-3, Historian 3, Trea. 4, Volunteers — 1-2-3, Y.W.A. 1, Kappa Pi — 1-2- 3-4, Sec, Stetson-Miami Club — 3-4, Honor Roll. BRYAN, LELAND R. — BURNS, ALLYNE — W.R.A. 2, Y.W.A. 1, International Relations Club 4, Canterbury Club 4, Honor Roll, Pi Beta Phi 4. BUNCH, EARL E. — BUSH, EDWARD L. — Columnist Report- er 4, Young Democrats ' Club — 3-4. CAMPBELL, DOROTHY S. — Mars Hill Jr. College — 1-2, Volunteers — 3-4, B.S.U. 4 Sec, V. Pres. Britain House Council 4. CANNON, JOHN THOMAS — Advisor 3, Sigma Nu — 2-3-4, Debate Team 2, Pi Kappa Delta — 2-3-4, Cheerleader 2, Inter-Frat. — 3-4, Pres. liberal Arts College 4, Campaign mgr. of Stetson Party 3, Intramural Board 3, Pub. Chair, of Student body 4. CARLTON " G " HUGH — Sigma Nu — 2-3-4, F.T.A. — 3-4, Varsity Football — 2-3-4, Varsity Baseball — 2-3-4, Phy. Ed. Professional Club — 1-2-3-4, " S " Club — 2-3-4. CARVER, LOUISE O.— CATER, JOHN J. — Palm Beach Jr. Col- lege 1, Auburn 2, Stray Greek — 3-4j Inter-Frat. Council 4. CHANCE, ALBA C. — F.T.A. — 1-2-3-4, International Relations Club — 2-3-4, Camera Club 1, Phi Alpha Theta 3, Sec. Trea. 4, B.S.U. — 1-2-3-4, Y.W.A. — 1-2-3-4, Volunteers — 1 -2-3- 4, Honor Roll, Dean ' s List. CHANCE, FRED B. — Ministerial Assn. — 1-2-3-4, Pres., B.S.U. Council — 2- 3, V. Pres., Phi Alpha Theta — 3-4, Ye Mystic Crewe — 3-4, I.R.C. 4, Der Deutsche Verein 4, Honor Roll. CHASE, MARJORIE A. — Scroll and Key — 3-4, Honor Roll, Dean ' s List, Commerce Club. CHESHIRE — JOHN B. — Phi Society — 2-3-4, Der Deutsche Verein — 3-4, Volunteers — 3-4, B.S.U. — 1-2-3-4, B.S.U. Council — 3-4. CHRISTIAN, ORREN D. — Alabama Polytechnic Instit. — 1-2, I.R.C. — 3-4, Inlermurol Mgr. — 3-4, Veterans Org. — 3-4. CLANTS, WILLIAM R. — CLARK, SARA IMOGENE — Blazer — 2- 3-4, I.R.C. — 2-3-4, Alpha Xi Delta — 1-2-3-4, Glee Club 2, Advisor — 2-3- 4, Hatter 2, House Council — 2-3-4, Student Body Sec. 3, Miss Stetson 2, Inter-Frat Council — 2-3, Little Theatre 1, W.A.A. — 1-2. CLARK, VON ALLEN — Sigma Nu — 1- 2-3-4, Sigma Alpha Chi — 1-2-3-4, Commerce Club — 3-4. CLEVELAND, MACK, JR. — Univ. of Florida 1, Stray Greeks — 2-3-4, Inter- Frat. — 3-4, Advisor 3, Trea. of Stu- dent Body 4, Young Democrats ' Club — 3-4, Mayor of Home-Coming 4, V. Pres. of Jr. Class 3, Honor Court in Law School 4. COACHMAN, BONNELL — Mars Hill College 1, Chi Mu — 3-4 Sec. COLLINS, KELLY — Michigon State Univ. — 1-2. COLSON, CLARENCE W. Alpha — 2-3, Trea. 4, 3-4, Inter-Frat. 3, Tre nbda Chi F.T.A. — Young -Delta Sigma Democrats ' Club — 3-4, Honor Roll CONN, DONALD W. — Delta Sigma Phi — 3-4, Sigma Alpha Chi 4, Com- merce Club 4. COOPER, LEE A., JR. — Ministerial Assn. — 1-2-3-4. CORDISCA, INES W. — COURTNEY, CALVERT N. — Mercer Univ. 1, Univ. of N. C, 2, Stray Greeks — 3-4. DAVENPORT, THORNWELL E. — DAVIS, NANCY H. — W.A.A. — 1-2, Zeto Tau Alpha — 1-2-3-4, Advisor — 2-3, Honor Roll. DAVIS, FELTON P., JR. — Sigma Nu — 1-2-3-4, Stetson Reporter — 1 -3 4, Editor 4, Stetsonian 2, Asst. Ed., Press Club 4, Adviior — 3-4, Student Gov ' t Constitution Committee 4, Excursion Train Committee 3, Outstanding Stu- dent 4. DAVIS, KELLER M. — DAY, VIRGINIA L. — Y.W.A. — 1-2-3- 4, Alpha Delta — 1-2-3-4, Chaplain, Volunteers — 1-2-3-4, Glee Club — 1- 2-3-4, Advisor — 2-3-4. DENMARK, JOHN E. — Emory Univ. — 1-2, Beta Beta Beta 4, Lambda Chi Alpha 4, Honor Roll, Dean ' s List. DIBBLE, MARGUERITE D. — I.R.C. — 2- 3-4, F.T.A. 4, Radio Club — 3-4, Town Girls — 1-2 3 Pres. 4, Intra-murol mgr. 4, Westminster Fellowship — 1-2- 3-4, Theta Alpha Phi — 3-4, Trea., lit- tle Theater — 1-2-3-4. DICKERT, JOSEPH H. — DICKMAN, CHARLES T. — Glee Club 1, Univ. of Miami 2, Ministerial Assn. — 3-4, Stray Greek — 3-4, Vet. Assn. — 3-4. DOBSON, JACQUELYNE B. — Southern Seminary and Jr. College, Bueno Vista, Va. 1, Duke Univ. 2, Wake Forest 3, Stetson — 3-4, Honor Roll, Dean ' s List. DOUGLASS, GEORGE F. — " S " Club — 2-3 4 Pres., Football Team — 1-2- 3-4. DUNCAN, CLAUDE — Univ. of Fla. 1, Bob Jones College 2. DUNCAN, CLYDE — DUNK, THOMAS R., JR. — Pi Kappa Phi — 1-2-3-4, Newman Club — 1-2-3- 4, Student Gov ' t delegate 1. ELLERY, ROBERT E. — DURNER, ELIZABETH — Danbury State Teacher ' s College — 1-2, W.A.A. 2, Y.W.A. — 3-4, Town Girls — 2-3-4, Pres. F.T.A. — 3-4, Trea. Alpha Dexioma — 3-4, Historian, B.S.U. — 2- 3-4, Greater Council, Advisor 4, Kap- pa Pi — 2-3-4. FEASEL, ROBERT C. — Pi Kappa Phi — 2-3, Sec. 4, Trea., Band — 1-2-3, Or- chestra — 1-2-3, Kappa Kappa Psi — 1-2, Sec. 3, Advisor — 2-3-4, Com- merce Club, Sigma Alpha Chi 4, Stu- dent Library Committee — 3-4. FRENCH, ROYAL L. — Delta Sigma Phi — 1-2-3, Social Choir. 4, Trea., Sig- ma Alpha Chi 4, Asst. Intermural Di- rector 3. FINNEY, JO ANNA — Biology Club 4. FITZPATRICK, FRANCIS P. — Newman Club — 1-2-3, Pres., 4, Phi Society — 2- 3-4, Phi Alpha Theta — 3-4, V. Pres. FLACK, DOLORIS HOLLY — F.S.U. 1, Debate Squad 2, Pi Kappa Delta — 2-3-4, Press Club — 3-4, Pres. F.T.A. 3, International Relations Club 3, Quarterly Staff — Ass ' t Ed. — 2-3, Asso. Ed. 3, Ed. in Chief 4, Reporter Staff 4. FLACK, FRANK S., Phi — 1-2-3-4. FLAKE, ASA O. — FORBES, EARL E., JR. — Pi Kappa Phi — 1-2-3-4, Phy. Ed. Club — 1-2-3-4. FULLER, DOZIER, JR. — Georgia South- western — 1-2, Orchestra 3, Der Deutsche Verein — 3-4. FOUNTAIN, JOHN M. — Univ. of Flor- ida 1, Stray Greeks — 2-3-4, Intra- Mural Board 3. FUTCH, F. CALVIN — Glee Club — 3-4, Ministerial Assn. — 3-4, Veteran Org. — 3-4. GAVENTA, HARRY R. — Univ. of Flor- ida 1, Phi Alpha Theta — 3-4, B.S.U. — 1-2-3-4, F.T.A. 4, International Re- lations Club — 3-4, Dean ' s List, Honor Roll. GAUDET, ROSELAND JOY — Mary Washington College — 1-2. GILLON, MARTHA F. — Mars Hill Junior College — 1-2, Volunteers— 3- 4, Glee Club 3, Y.W.A. — 3-4. GEER, WILLIAM D. — GILMAN, WAYNE C. — Southern Col lege — 1-2, Sigma Delta Pi 4, La Franciode — 3-4, Pres. Scroll and Key — 3-4, Honor Roll, Dean ' s List. GORDIE, RICHARD C. — Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 treasurer 1; Inter-Fraternity 2, 3, 4; Fraternity in- tramurols 1, 2, 3; Stetson Reporter 1, 2, Advertising Manager 1, 2; Press Club 2, 3 president 2; Mystic Krewe 3, 4, 5; Honor Court Law School Judge 3; Chapmon Club 3, 4, 5; Vice president 3; Phi Alpha Delta 3, 4, 5 State Convention Chairman 4, Speak- ers Bureau 3, 4; Debate Club, 2. GRA50N, TRUMAN E. — Pi Kappa Phi Fraternitly I, 2, 3, 4; Freshman class President 1; Sigma Alpha Chi (Hon- orary Accounting Fraternity) 3, 4; Kappa Kappa Psi (National Honorary Band Fraternity), 1. GRIFFIN, HARRISON D. — Sigma Nu Fraternity 3, 4, Chaplain 3, 4; Phi Delta Phi low Fraternity 4; Adelphos Society, 3, 4. HANSEN, KEITH LEYTON — Beta Beta Beta, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club, 1, 2, 3; Scroll and Key, 4, treasurer, 4; F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, treasurer 4; B.S.U. 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramurols, 1, 2, 3, 4. HARGIS, LOUISE MARIE — Sigma Del- ta Pi, 3, 4, Corresponding secretary 4; Canterbury Club 1 , 2, 3, 4; I.R.C. 3, 4. HARRIS, WILLIAM C. — Sigma Nu Fra- ternity 1, 2, 3, 4 Phi Alpha Delta Le- gal Fraternity 3, 4; Inter fraternity Council 3, 4, President 4; Honor Court Law School 4. HENDRY, HYBERT B. — Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity 3, 4, High Delta 3; Inter fraternity Council 3, 4; Future Teachers of America 4. HENSLEY, ROBERT E. — B.S.U. 1, 2, 3, 4; Phi Alpha Theta 2, 3, 4 Program chairman 3, president 4; Phi Delta Phi, 4; Freshman Adviser 4, Thomas Low Club, 4. HESS, SARAH MARIE — Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Travel Squad 4; W.R.A. 1, 2; Commerce Club 3, 4 secretary 4; Hatter Staff, 3, 4; Phi Mu Sorority, 4; Methodist Student Organization 1, 2, 3, 4 president 2; Freshman Adviser 3; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Interna- tional Relations Club, 3, 4. HICK50N, PAUL DANICL — Beta Bola Beta Fralornity 3, A, secrolory 4; Gamma Sigma Epsilon (Honorary Chemistry) fraternity 3, 4, secretary 4, Graduated: Cum Laudo. HICK50N, WILLIAM H. — HILLHOUSE, MILTON — F.T.A. 2, 3, 4,- V ostminslor Fcllowsliip 4. HILLMAN, DORO ' IIY IRENE — Alpho Xi Delta Soro.ity 1, 2, 3, 4 president 4; Theta Alpha Phi 3, 4; Reporter Staff I, 2; Halter Staff I, 2, 3; Press Club, 4; Sophomore Cljss Treasurer 2; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 4; The Honor, 3, 4, Vice-president 4; Pan Hellenic Council 4; Inter-fraterni.y Council, 4; F.T.A. 2, 3; Freshman Ad- viser, 2, 3, 4. NORTON, WARREN H. — Phi Alpha Delta Honorary law Fraternity I, 2, 3 Vice-justice 3; Honor Court 2; Stu- dent Bor Association 1, 2, 3, Vice- president 3; Dean ' s List 1, 2, 3. HUNTER, SHIRLEY — Delta Delta Delta Av ard for Highest Freshman Scholas- tic Average I; Volunteers for Chris- lion Service 1, 2, 3, 4 Pres. 3; Phi Society 2, 3, 4 President 3, Treasurer 4; Freshman Advisor; B.S.U. I, 2, 3 4. Executive Council I, 2, 3, 4, Sec retory 2, Volunteers Representative 3 Sunday School Representative 4; Scrol and Key, 3, 4, vice president 4; Al pho Dexiomo 3, 4 Chaplain 3, Cor responding Secretary 4; Woman ' Athletic Association I, 2; Y.W.A. 1 2, 3, 4, Circle Program 1, Circle Vice President 2, Circle Devotional Chair man 3; International Relations Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer, 4; Woman ' s Executive Council 4; The Honor 3, 4 President 4; Graduated Magna Cum Loude. JACOBY, MARK P. — Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity 1, 2, 3, 4; Veteran ' s Or- ganization 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Foot- ball 2, 3; Camera Club I; Reporter Staff Art Editor 4; Kappa Pi 1, 2, 3, 4; Press Club 4; Stetson Quar:erly Art Editor 3; Honor Roll; and Dean ' s List. JONES, CLAUDE C. JR. — Sigma Nu Fraternity 1, 2, 3, 4; Transfer from University of Richmond; Gamma Sig- ma Epsilon Chemical Fraternity 4. JONES, JOHNNIE GRACE — Fulure Teachers of America 2, 3, 4; Interno- tionol Relations Club 3, 4; House Council 3, 4. JONES, LEIRA LUCILLE — Transfer from Orlando Junior College, Orlando, Florida; Camera Club 2; Reporter staff 2, 3; Hatter staff, 2, 3; Green Derby (Non-Fraternal) Club 2; Y.W. A. I; Volunteers 1; Pep Club 1, 2, 3. KEARNS, JOHN M. — Varsity Baskel- boll 1, 2, 3; Varsity Baseball 1, 2, 3; The " S " Club 1, 2, 3. KEATHLEY, LUTIE JANET — Zeto Tau Alpha Fraternity 1, 2, 3, 4 Treasurer 3, president 4; Baptist Student Union Council 2, 3, 4, Reporter 3, House Manager 4; Who ' s Who 4; Women ' s Executive Council 3, 4, secretory 3, president 4; Pan Hellenic Council 3, 4; Future Teachers of America 3, 4; Women ' s Athletic Association 1, 2; The Honor 3, 4, treasurer 4; Junior Class Treasurer 3; Freshman Advisor; Honor Roll, Dean ' s List. KNOWLE5, ROBERT LEVIS — Sigma Nu Fraternity 1, 2, 3, 4, Recorder 3; Theto Alpha Phi 2, 3, 4, president 4; Sigma Delta Pi 3, 4, vice-president 4; Phi Society 2, 3, 4; Scroll and Key 3, 4, secretory-treasurer 4; Mys- tic Krev e 3, 4; Quarterly Staff 3; I Study Body 4; Pres- inior Closs 4, Honor Executive Cou idc-nl of the Roll. LEE, JAMES GRIER — Sigma Alpha Chi Fraternity 3, 4; Commerce Club 4; Stetson Veterans Association I, 2, 3, 4 vice-commander 3; Honor Holl; De List. LEE, ROBERT E. JR. — Transfer from the University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida; Press Club 2; Stetson Re- porter 2, associate ediror 2; Phi Al- pho Delta Lov Fraternity 4; Delta Tou Dilla Fraternity. LEWIS, WALLACE A. — Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity I, 2, 3, 4. McCULLY, BETTY JO BUTLER — Pi Beta Phi Sorority 1, 2, 3, 4; Little Theatre, Freshman Advisor; Future Teachers of America 4; Hotter Stoff 4; Y.W.A. I; W.R.A. I, 2. McCULLY, CLYDE C. — Pi Kappo Phi Fraternity 1, 2, 3, 4; Hatter Stoff 4; Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4; Dean ' s List 3, 4; Little Theatre; Freshmon Advisor 2; International Relations Club 3, 4. MARTIN, KENNETH — Honor Roll ond Dean ' s List. MARTIN, WILLIAM R. — Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity I, 2, 3, 4, steworl 2, house manager 3, treosurer 3, pledge cop- toin 4; Koppo Kappo PsI I, 2, 3, 4, vice-president 2; Stetson Bond I, 2; Hotter Stoff 2, 3, 4; Reporter Staff 1 ; Freshman Advisor; Sigma Alpha Chi 4; entertainment chairman 4; Commerce Club 3, 4; Stetsonoirs (Or- chestra) 1. MATTHEWS, ROBERT H. — Sigma PHi Epsilon Fraternity (Charter Member); vice president 4; Chapman Low Club 3, 4; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Frater- nity 2, 3, 4; Interfraternity Council 4; Graduoted Summer 1949. MILLER, ELIZABETH (BETTY) — Pi Kap- pa Delta 4; Debate Squad I, 2; Press Club 4; Hotter Staff 2, Senior Editor 4; Associate Editor 4; Pep Club 3, 4; W.R.A., 4, pres. 4; Women ' s Physical Education Club 1, 2, 3, 4, vice-presi- dent 3, 4; W.A.A. I, 2, 3, vice-presi- dent 3; Sport ' s Manager 1, 2, 3; Can- terbury Club 4; B.S.U. I, 2, 3; Volun- teer for Christian Service, I, 2, treas- urer 2; Girl ' s Varsity Basketball I, 2; Camp Counselor ' s Club 4; Internation- al Relations Club 1, 2; Future Teachers of America 1, 2, 3; Representative to the State Physical Education Conven- tion 2; Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4. Rat Court 2, 4, Madame " X " 4. MOON, CLYDE REESE — MOORE, BONNIE JEAN — Transfer from Mors Hill Junior College; Y.W. A. 3, 4; B.S.U. 3, 4; Volunteers for Christian Service 3, 4, vice-president 4. MOORE, EDWARD LAWRENCE — Phi Comma Delta Fraternity; Brown. Uni- versity ' 44; Stray Greeks 2, 3; " X " Club 4, treasurer 4; Newman Club 2, 3, 4; President of the School of Bus- iness 4. MOORE, ROBERTA N. — Band 1; Y.W. A. I, 2, treasurer 2; Delta Gamma Phi 1; Phi Beta Fraternity 2, 3, 4, sec- retary 3, president 4; Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Student Director 4; Travel Squad 2, 3, 4; Radio Chorus 2, 3, 4; B.S.U. 1, 2, 3, 4. MORRIS, JEWELL — Sigma Alpha Chi, 3, 4; Commerce Club 4; Honor Roll 1, 2; Dean ' s List 3; Town Girl ' s Club I. MORSE, SYLVIA ANN — Alpha Dexi- omo I, 2, 3, 4, secretory 2, treasurer 3, secretary 4; Y.W.A. I, 2, 3, 4 sec- retory 2, vice president 3; Comero Club 2, 3j W.A.A. I, 2; Student Hos- tess 3, 4; Internotionol Relations Club 1, 2, 3, 4. MURPHEY, DANIEL H. JR. — Student Bar Association treasurer I; Honor Court Justice 2; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3; Phi Delta Phi Legal Froternity I, 2, 3; Mogister 3; Mystic Krewe 3. OWEN, FREDERICK HOWARD JR. — Sigma Nu Froternity 1, 2, 3, 4, House Monoger 2, Chaploin 3; Vice Presi- dent Liberal Arts School 2; Command- er of Veterons Orgoniiotion 2; Pub- licity CHoirmon of Student Body 2; Conterbury Club I, 2, 3, 4; Mystic Krewe 3, 4; Freshmon Advisor 2, 3; Chairmon of Committee for Religious Emphosis Week, 3; Who s Who in Americon Colleges ond Universities 4; Secretary of Intromurols 3; Member of University Planning Boord 4; One of Ten Outslonding Students 3, 4; President of the Student Body 4. PAFFORD, CHARLES H. JR — Chi Mu Fraternity, president 3; Sigmo Phi Ep- silon Fraternity president 4: Inler-fro- ternity council 3; footboll Manager 4; Transfer from the University of Florido, Gainesville. Florida. PANCRATZ, BARBARA GANO — Gam- ma Sigma Epsilon, 4; Belo Beta Beta (Honorory Biology) 4; hJewmon Club 3. PARHAM, WILLIAM HAROLD — Trans- fer from the University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. PATRICK, JUDITH ANNE — Canterbury Club I, 2, 3, 4, sociol chairman 2, 3. PECK, JOSEPH C05GROVE — Gamma Sigma Epsilon Fraternity 3, 4, presi- dent 4; Beto Beta Beta Fraternity (honorary biology) 3, 4; Scroll ond Key 4; Phi Society 3, 4; Graduated August 1949, Summo Cum Loude. PETERSON, MAUREEN — Zeto Tou Al- pha Fraternity I, 2, 2, 4, Intramural Monoger 2, pres. 3; ' Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4, Travel Squod 1 , 2, 3, 4, Radio Chorus 2, 3, 4, (Key Member); The Honor 3, 4, Sgt. at Arms 4; Sigma Delta Pi 3, 4, Reporter 4; Interfra- ternity Council 3; Panhellenic Coun- cil 3; Blazer Club 2, 3, 4, secretory- treasurer 3, president 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Univer- sities and Colleges, 3; Secretory of Sophomore Class 2; Secretary of Stu- dent Body 3; Vice-president of S:u- dent Body 4; Secretary of Business School 3; Chosen one of ten outstand- ing students 3; Varsity Basketball I, 2; Commerce Club 3, 4; vice-presi- dent 4; Freshmon Advisor 2, 3, 4; Woman ' s Athletic Association I, 2, 3; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. PHILLIPS, MARGARET L. — Commerce Club 3, 4, program chairman 4; Glee Club 2, 3; Freshman Advisor, 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll; Deon ' s List. PICKENS, ANN — Transfer Wesleyon College; Pi Beta PHi 4; Town Girl ' s Club 4, sec. 4; Hatter Staff 4; West- minster Fellowship 4; Future Teachers of America, 4. PRIEST, VIRGINIA JUSTINE — PURTZ, WALTER LEE — RAY, WILLIAM E. — Pi Kappo PHi Fro- ternity 1, 2, 3, 4; " S " Club (Honor- ary Athletic Club) I, 2, 3, 4; Intra- ' mural Sports Monoger 3, 4. REESE, RICHARD MANKLE — REGISTER, DELVA WALDEN — Tau Beta Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, president 3, 4; Phi Beta 1, 2, 3, 4; historion 2, Homecoming Chairman 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4 First Lt. 4; Symphony Or- chestra I, 2, 3, 4, vice-president 3; Honor Roll; Dton i Liti; B.S.U. Coun- cil 4; Minister s Wivei AtMciofion I, 2, 3, 4; Town Girl ' i CIvb 3, 4; Independent Parly. REGISTER, R. WALLACE — Inlcrnotion ol Relotions Club I, 2; Veterons Or- ganizotion; Freshmon Advisor 1. 2; Phi Society 2, 3, 4; Intromurol Foot- ball I. 2, 3, 4; Intromurol boskelboll, soflbo. ' l ond volleyball I, 2, 3. 4; B.S.U. Council 3; Council Represento- live 3; Independent Porty I, 2. 3, 4. treosurer 2; Ministerial Associotion I, 2, 3, 4. vice-president 2, presi- dent 3; Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 4; Deon ' s List; Who s Who Among Students in Americon Universities ond Colleges 3, 4; Scroll and Key 3, 4; Ye Mystic Krewe 3, 4. RELLAS, JOHN PERICLES — ROBERTS, DORIS ELIZABETH — Trons- fer from Florido Stole College for Women; Alpha Xi Delto 2, 3, 4, cor- responding secretory 4; Theto Alpho Phi 3, 4; vice-president 4; Glee Club 2; Little THeoIre 2, 3. 4; Vice-presi- dent Senior Closs; Homecoming Hos- tess 4; One of ten outstanding stu- dents 4. • ROSA, RUDOLPH C. — Sigmo Phi Ep- silo n Froternity 4; Scroll ond Key; Stetson Athletic Club. RUTLEDGE, AUSTIN M. JR. — Delto Sigma Phi I, 2, 3, 4, corresponding secretary 3, Homecoming chairmon 3, Choirmon of Rushing ond Pledging 2, 3, Building committee, 2; Veterons Associotion Club I, 2, 3, 4. RUTLEDGE, FRANCES LUCILLE — Re- porter Staff 2, 3. SAMSON, MYRON FRANKLIN — Pi Koppo PHi Froternity 2, 3, 4, treos- urer 4; " S " Club 2, 3, 4; Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Ad- visor 2, 3. 5EGRAVE5, CHARLES JORDAN — Ger- man Club 3, Stetson Glee Club 4. SELMAN, MARY ELIZABETH — Report- er Staff 3, 4; Press Club 4; W.A.A. I; Y.W.A. I. SIMMS, THOMAS CARLTON JR. — Non Fraternity Club; Dromotic Club 1; Veterans Club 1, 2, 3, 4. SKEENE, GLADYS MIRIAM — Phi Beta Fraternity 1, 2, 3, 4, secretary 2, 3, president 4; B.S.U. Council member 4; Stetson Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Trovel Squad of Glee Club 3, 4. STEWART, PAUL J. — Lambda Chi Al- pha Fraternity 2, 3, 4, house mon- oger 2, vice-president 4; Little The- atre 3; International Relations Club 1, 2, 3; Young Democrats 2, 3; Chap- man Low Club 3; Honor Roll. STUART, JEAN HINSEY — Comero Club 3, 4, secretory-treasurer 3, 4; Future Teachers of America 3, 4; Hatter Staff 3; Reporter Staff 3. SUPRENANT, TOBIE O. — Magna Cum Loude; Sigma Phi Epsilon Froternity 4; Sigma Delta Pi (Honorary Spanish Fraternity), 3, 4; Der Deutsche Ver- ein (German Club); La Fronciade (French Club) 3; Internotionol Rela- tions Club. TALTON, EDWARD — Sigma Nu Fra- ternity 1, 2, 3, 4; President Junior Class 3; Physical Education Major Club 1, 2, 3 ,4; Honor Roll. TRIANTAFELLU, NICK JR. — Pi Kappo Phi 1, 2, 3; Warden 2; " S " Club 1, 2, 3; Health and Physical Education Club 1, 2, 3; Varsity Football 1, 2, 3; Varsity Basketball I, 2, 3. TRIBBLE, MARY ELIZABETH — Alpha Xi Delta Sorority 1, 2, 3, 4; treasurer 2, 3; Phi Beta Fraternity 2, 3, 4, treasurer 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Tlie Honor 4; Camera Club 4; Inter- national Relations Club 4; Honor Roll 1, 2; Senior Piano Recital 4; Future Teachers of America. TRUNDLE, HELEN VIRGINIA — Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity 1, 2, 3, 4, GuarcJ 3, secretary 4; Camera Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Woman ' s Athletic Associa- tion I, 2, 3; Woman ' s Recreational Association 4; Blazer Club (Honorary Athletic) 2, 3, 4; Press Club (Hon- orary Journalistic) 3, 4, vice presi- dent 4; Methodist Student Organiza- tion 1, 2, 3, 4 secretary 3; Woman ' s Executive Council 3, 4; Stetson Hall House Council 3, 4, secretary 3, pres. 4; Senior Class Secretory 4; Fresh- man Advisor 3, 4; Hatter Staff 3, 4 Associate editor 3, editor 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 4; chosen one of Ten Outstanding Students 4. TURNAGE, HERMAN L. — Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1; Intramural Manager 1, 2; Camera Club 2, 3; Radio Guild I; Treasurer Lav School 3; Social Chairman Law School 4; Thomas Law Club Secretary 4; Radio Announcer Glee Club Travel Squad 4; Conrad Hall Disciplinary Commit- tee 1, 2; Freshman Advisor 2, 3; Con- didate President Student Body 3; Homecoming Committee 3, 4; Inter- national Relations Club 2; Pi Kappa Phi Froternity Pledge 1; Baseball Manager 2, 3; Debate Club ! ; Little Theatre 1, 2; Intramural Badminton Champion 2; Assistant Swimming In- structor 2. TURNBULL, WILLIAM S. — Transfer from University of Florida, Gaines- ville, Florida; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity; Phi Delta Phi Legal Fra- ternity. USSERY, VERNON CONRAD — VIRGIN, LENORE LOUISE — Honor Roll 1; Future Teachers of America 1, 2, 3, 4; Alpha Dexioma I, 2; Stetson Hatter Band 1, 2; Delta Sigma Phi 2, 3, 4; The Key 2, 3, 4; Tau Beta Sigma 3, 4; Beta Sigma Phi 3, 4. VOGT, ROBERT GEORGE — Scroll and Key 4; Sigma Alpha Chi (Honorary Accounting) Fraternity 3, 4 Contact Officer 4; Commerce Club 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Dean ' s List 3, 4; Graduated August 1949 Magna Cum Laude. WADE, JOHN EARL — Ministerial As- sociation 1, 2, 3, 4, Social Chairman 1, Secretary 2, Vice president 3, 4; German Club 3, 4; B.S.U. 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. WALTERS, MILTON L. JR. — Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity 1, 2, 3, 4; Stetson Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Vice president Freshman Class of ' 45; Stetson Band. WARFIELD, R. WILLARD — Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Radio Chorus 2; Travel Squad 2, 3; Volunteer Bond 1, 2; B.S.U. Council (Chorister) 4. WEATHERLY, MARK GIVENS — Non Fraternity Association 2, 3, 4; Stetson Athletic Club 3, 4 Pres. 3, Sec. 4; Sports Editor Stetson Reporter 3, 4; Senior Student Instructor Physical Ed- ucation 3, 4; B.S.U. Summer Council 3; Editor B.S.U. News 3; Veterans Association 2, 3, 4; Future Teachers of America 4; Press Club 3; Fresh- man Advisor 3; Intramural Coach 4. WEBB, WALLACE E. — Stetson Glee Club 3; Baptist Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4, President Junior Council 2, Sun- day School Representative 3; State and Local President 4; Ye Mystic Krewe 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 4. WEBSTER, RUTH MAE — Transfer from Wesleyon Conservatory 1; Band 2, 3, 4, secretary 4; Orchestra 2; Vice president Stevens House Council 3; Tau Beta Sigma Sorority 2, 3, 4; sec- retary 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2; Senior Recital 4. WEST, HUGH GORDON — Sigma Al- pha Chi 3, 4. WEST, JAMES P. — Sigma Nu Frater- nity 1, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 1, Lt. Com- mander 4; Adelphos Society 4. Vi ILKiNSON, JOHN P. — Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity 3, corresponding secretary 3; Adelphos Society 3. WILSON, NAN IVEY — Transfer from Universily of Georgia 2; Pi Beta Phi 2, 3, 4, Program Chairman 3, Secre- tary 4; Woman ' s Physical Education Professional Club 2, 3, 4 President 3; Woman ' s Athletic Association 2, 3, Executive Board 3; Blazer Club 3, 4; Reporter Staff 2. YAXLEY, DONALD CHARLES — Delia Sigma Phi Fraternity 1, 2; Kappa Kappa Psi Fraternity 1 , 2, 3, 4, pres- ident 2; Stetson University Band 1, 2, 3, 4, captain 4; Stetson Symphony Orchestra 1, 2, 3, president 3. ZIPPRER, MORRIS E. — Sigma Nu Fra- ternity 1, 2, 3; Tennis Team 1, 2, 3, captain 3; " S " Club 1, 2, 3. STUDENT ROSTER-STETSON UNIVERSITY ABERCROMBIE, Billy G...112 South St., Daytona Beach, Fla. ABERNATHY, Jean 201 W. Floribraska, Tampa, Fla. ADAMO, Michael J 754 Smith SI., Rochester, N. Y. ADAMS, Ben R Rt. 1, DeLand, Fla. ADAMS, Lucille J 17 S. Washington St., Rockville, Md. ADAMS, Robert Allandale, Fla. ADAMS, Sarah Martha 1343 N.W. 41 St., Miami, Fla. ADAMS, William C Box 1432, Lakeland, Fla. AGNER, Virginio N Rt. B, Madison, Fla. AINSWORTH, Mary N 410 E. Locust, Watseka, III. AINSWORTH, Ralph M 335 S. Blvd., DeLand, Flo. ALBAUGH, Justin J 2040 Walton St., St. Petersburg, Flo. ALBRITTON, Carmen E..- Box 1303, Lake Placid, flo. ALEXANDER, Arthur W. 216 N. Abington Rd., Clerks Summit, Po. ALEXANDER, Johnny 704 W. 9th St., Sanford, Flo. ALEXANDER, Joseph Jr 734 N. Clara Ave., DeLand, Fla. AIGER, Mary L 218 Mary St., Euslis, Fla. ALLEN, Norman S 4104 Obispo St., Tampa, Flo. ALLESON, William E 119 E. Kensington Rd., DeLand, Fla. ALLEY, Granville Jr. .2625 S. Atlantic, Doylono Beach, Fla. ALLISON, William J Vero Beach, Flo. AIMES, Carolyn M...4101 Gadsden Rd., S. Jacksonville, Flo. AISON, James W...1604 Ocean Dunes, Daytona Beach, Flo. ALTEMUS, Robert D 366 Walnut St., Indiana, Pa. ALTMAN, Dory I Box 110, Sanford, Flo. ANDERSEN, Bjorne B. 2135 S. Atlantic Ave., Daytona Beach, Fla. ANDERSON, Harold R 2521 Sunset Dr., Tampa, Fla. ANDERSON, Hugh B 2521 Sunset Dr., Tampa, Fla. ANDERSON, James M 812 " D " St., N. Wilkesboro, N. C. ANDERSON, James R 126 S. Foinner, DeLand, Fla. ANDERSON, Lloyd H Box 302, Oak Hill, Fla. ANDERSON, Morgan W...803 E. Filer St., Ludington, Mich. ANDERSON, William H Rt. 1, Box 50, Holly Hill, Fla. ANDREWS, Adrian G Rt. 1, Box 275-BB, Pensacola, Flo. ANDREWS, Dayton T..-..138 Deer Hill Ave., Donbury, Conn. ANDENEN, Robert G Box 07, Cocoa, Fla. APPEL, Nancy E 181 Vine Ave., Highland Park, III. ARMISTEAD, Earnest S 526 Durham Dr., Birmingham, Ala. ARMSTRONG, Alfred J. 174 Lawnside Ave., Collingsword, N. J. ARMSTRONG, Charles L...206 W. Amelia Ave., Orlando, Fla. ARMSTRONG, Edward F 436 Marydel, DeLand, Fla. ARNOWITT, Gerald A... 3508 DeLevil Ave., Tampa, Flo. ARTHUR, Don M 2913 Chopin Ave., Tampa, Flo. ASBELL, Dorothy M P. O. Box 1413, Winter Haven, Fla. ASBELL, Hazel W 237 W. Penn., Chieflond, Flo. ASBURY, Robert P Box 880, Rt. S., Charlotte, N. C. ASENJO, Barbara. .„ 505 27th St., West Palm Beach, Flo. ASHABRANER, Philip I. ..2137 W. Jackson St., Orlando, Fla. ASHTON, Creighton M 215 N. Clara Ave., DeLand, Fla. ATKINSON, Beuloh Summerfield, Flo. AUFFANBERG, Walter Forest Tavern, Astor Park, Fla. AUMAN, Robert L 1117 Douglass, Reoding, Pa. BACH, Audrey M Sanford, Flo. BACH, David B Box 1399, Sanford, Flo. BAER, Douglas M Rt. 7, Box 328A, Tompo, Flo. BAGGETT, Mavis E Metter, Go. BAILES, Alan E Box 64, Eustis, Fla. BAILEY, Betty J Flora Apt. 2, Vero Beach, Flo. BAILEY, Ralph R 734 Rowling CI., Daytona Beach, Fla. BAILEY, Wallace E Gretna, Flo. BAILEY, William T Gretna, Flo. BAILEY, William W Lake City, Flo. BAIIIE, Donald Haines 2026 McDowell St., Augusta, Go. BAKER, Emily L 730 Biscoyne Dr., W. Palm Beach, Flo. BAKER, Floyd S 2039 Belvedere, Jacksonville, Fla. BAKER, Nancy G... Box 8, DeLand, Flo. BAKER, Sue B 1818 6th Ave., S. Irondole, Ala. BAKER, Robert J Box 2484, W. Palm Beach, Flo. BALLARD, Hiram L 3202 McGregor Blvd., Ft. Myers, Flo. BALIENTINE, Dorothy 1 615 Palmetto Ct., DeLand, Fla. BALLENTINE, Phyllis A 615 Palmetto Ct., DeLand, Fla. BANDY, Evelyn J 3120 S.W. 24 Ter., Miami, Flo. BANNER, John M 611 W. Pitt St., Bedford, Pa. BANNER, Theodora J Green Cove Springs, Fla. BARCLIFT, Elso M...800 Madison Ave., Daytona Beach, Flo. BARFIELD, Ona M 705 E. Michigan, Orlando, Flo. BARKER, ton R .....Mt. Dora, Fla. BARKSDALE, Helen E .Adel, Go. BARNES, Walter K... Box 243, Dade City, Flo. BARRETT, Charles R. ...124 E. Mich. Ave., DeLand, Flo. BARNETTE, Clyde V. Box 47, Enterprise, Flo. BARNETT, Hilmo C 623 N. Amelia, DeLand, Fla. BARNETT, Wiliiom W .623 N. Amelia, DeLand, Fla. BARRINGTON, Herschel P Rt. 2, Box 99, Hawthorne, Fla. BARRINGTON, Roland G 512 E. Osborne, Tampa, Flo. BARROW, Madeline 901 Lee Ave., Woycross, Go. BARWICK, James R Box 11, Alochuo, Flo. BATCHELOR, George M. 2225 Drummond St., Vicksburg, Miss. BATCHELOR, Opal E Box 663, Quincy, Flo. BATES, Geroldine W 921 Roux, Plant City, Flo. BATES, Richard W 2373 Indian Md., Cincinnati, Ohio BAUM, Ralph G .....Box 1173, DeLand, Fla. BAXTON, Charles C 129 Daytona Beach, Flo. BAYNARD, James N...200 12th Ave. N., St. Petersburg, Flo. BAYKE, Robert T 402 Cleveland Ave., Manitowoc, Wis. BEACH, Vera E Box 104, Hastings, Flo. BEAUCHAMP, Lillian 1 Box 350, White Springs, Flo. BEAUCHAMP, Lois J - Trenton, Fla. BEARD, John B.... 215 Avocodo Ave., Sanford, Flo. BEARD, Laurier A. 215 Avocado Ave., Sanford, Fla. BEARDALL, Harold M ...214 Lucerne Cir., Orlando, Flo. BEARDALL, Shadie 1 214 Lucerne Cir., Orlando, Flo. BEASLEY, Robert M 430 W. Church, DeLand, Flo. BEATON, William R 903 Tolbot, Jacksonville, Flo. BECHE, Berrien H 219 Son Souci, DeLand, Flo. BECHTOLD, Kenneth 1 335 W. Minnesoto, DeLand, Flo. BECKMAN, Augustus D Forest Ave., Jamestown, N. Y. BECKMAN, H enry C 315 S. Atlanta Ave., Martin, Flo. BEGG, Barbara Seven Apts., Lake Wales, Flo. BEHRENS, Charles A 227 W. 12th St., Jacksonville, Flo. BELL, George ...Box 174, Ft. Meade, Flo. BELLOIT, Donno 2910 Forbes St., Jacksonville, Flo. BENGEN, Bernard H... 268 St. George St., St. Augustine, Flo. BENJAMIN, Edward W...43C7 Segovia St., Coral Gobies, Fla. BENNETT, Joseph A 709 5th Ave., Daytona Beoch, Flo. BENNETT, Martha L. Okahumpka, Flo. BENNETT, Ralph J 1406 Beach Dr., Panama City, Flo. BENNETT, Wallace F Rt. 4, Box 253, Live Oak, Fla. BENSON, Margaret V Box 104, Webster, Flo. BERG, Margaret H 1020 13th St. N., St. Petersburg, Flo. BERKELHAMMER, Gerald S. 603 S. Grandview Ave., Daytona Beach, Flo. BERLIN, Lois V 98 Preston St., Windsor, Conn. BERNBAUM, William 218-07 43 S. Ave., Boyside, N. Y. BERRY, Henry L Box 323, Fernondino, Flo. BERRY, John I Son Carlos Hotel, Pensacola, Fla. BESKO, Victor J 206 Green St., Albany, N. Y. BETTINGHANS, H. Knox 415 W. Howry, DeLand, Flo. BEVILLE, Betty J Bushnell, Fla. BIANCO, Richard A.. .3347 57th Ave. No., St. Petersburg, Flo. BING, Barbara J 1125 Greenridge Rd., Jacksonville, Flo. BINGHAM, Mariorie A 116 E. Howry, DeLand, Fla. BISHOP, John L Vero Beach, Fla. BISHOP, Lucy E Chesterfield Ave., Lancaster, S. C. BISHOP, Walter C Rt. 1, Palmetto, Flo. BISSELL, Robert S. .149 Pinecrest Ave., Decatur, Ga. BLACKWELL, Etson J... Ft. Louderdole, Flo. BLANTON, Herbert T 4816 N.W. 21 Ave., Miami, Flo. BLANTON, Kelly E 774 N.W. 36 St., Miami, Flo. BLASER, Cloro S 4227, S. Blvd., DeLand, Flo. BLASER, Roy E 422Vi S. Blvd., DeLand, Fla. BLOESING, Carl A 130 Ohio Ave., Ft. Thomos, Ky. BLOUNT, Helen P.. Pompono Beach, Flo. BLOUNT, Mary S Box 421, DeLand, Flo. BLOUNT, Uriel Box 421, DeLand, Flo. BOATWRIGHT, Earl D...838 Ave. E. N.E., Winter Haven, Flo. BODIFORD, J. C Box 26, Panama City, Flo. BOHLAYER, Barbara J 2408 Palmetto Ave., Sanford, Flo. BOLLE, Jo Ann 152 Arlington Ave., Daytona Beach, Flo. BONNEMAN, Theodore F. 314 Lakeshore Blvd., Lake Wales, Flo. BOOTH, Wright 400 N. Halifax, Daytona Beach, Flo. BORREGO, Betty D Tampa, Flo. BORTLE, Dolores A 1924 S.W. 17th Ave., Miami, Flo. BORYSEWICH, George Rt. 1, Winter Garden, Fla. BOSANQUET, Frances T Leesburg, Fla. BOSTICK, Elizabeth F 522 N. Blvd., DeLand, Flo. BOSWELL, Horry D 821 Cooper, Columbus, Go. BOTTOM, Lorry G 230 N. Halifax, Daytona Beach, Flo. BOWERS, Barbara N .Lake Placid, Flo. BOWMAN, John L 5840 S.W. 5th Ter., Miami, Flo. BOYD, John Wesley Box 35, Webster, Fla. BOYETT, Frances N 318 W. N. Boy St., Tampa Flo. BOYETT, Imogene Webster, Flo. BOYLES. Barbara J 926 N. Palm Way, Loke Worth, Fla. BRADDOCK, Jennie F Rt. 3, Box 590, Jacksonville, Fla. BRADDOCK, Tommie C Rt. 3, Box 590, Jacksonville, Fla. BRADLEY, Rowdon Lake Wales, Fla. BRADY, Harold P 823 Franklin Rd., W. Palm Beach, Flo. BRAGG, Chorles E Dover, Go. BRAGG, Jackson B 125 N. Boston Ave., DeLand, Flo. BRAKE, Thomas G Box 708, Ft. Myers, Fla. BRALLIER, Robert E 1800 Killomey Dr., Winter Park, Flo. BRANCH, James R 343 N. Amelia, DeLand, Flo. BRANCH, John N Winter Garden, Flo. BRANCH, Mary L 343 N. Amelia, DeLand, Flo. BRANNEN, Annie S 332 Sovonnoh Ave., Stotesboro, Go. BRANNING, Earl C 130 N. Clara Ave., DeLand, Flo. BRANTHOOVER, William E. 500 Emerson St., Vandergrift, Po. BRANTLY, Robert E 1922 Murray St., Philo., Pa. BRASINGTON. James B Stetson Arms Apt., DeLand, Flo. BRAWNER, William Box 364, Punta Gordo, Fla. BRAY, John L 1044 La Rue St., S. Jocksonville, Fla. BREED, James F 325Vi E. Rich Ave., DeLand, Flo. BRENNAN, Gerald F 79 Alexander St., Rochester, N. Y. BREWIN, Mary E 240 W. Michigan Ave., DeLand, Flo. BREWIN, Robert R 240 W. Michigan Ave., DeLand, Flo. BREWSTER, William 830 N. Garfield Ave., DeLand, Flo. BRICE, Margaret S. BRIDE, Dave W 230 S. Chandler, DeLand, Flo. BRINKLEY, Gloria J 225 Tolluloh Ave., Jacksonville, Flo. BRINKLEY, William C. . 203 Luelia Ct., DeLand, Flo. BRINSON, Thomas S. 526 14th Ave. N.E., St. Petersburg, Fla. BROADWAY, Charles L Rt. 1, Box 293, Leesburg, Flo. BROCK, Lois A 903 S.E. Miami Rd., Miami, Flo. BRONSON, William E 604 Brock St., Kissimmee, Flo. BROOKS, George W 419 W. Wisconsin, DeLand, Flo. BROOKS, Herbert A Wildwood, Fla. BROOKS, Herman E 3674 Oak St., Jacksonville, Fla. BROOKS, Jock R...336 S. Palmetto Ave., Daytona Beach, Fla. BROWDER, Sally A 618 W. Hickory, Aftodio, Flo. BROWN, Bruce J. 3541 Klinborly Ave., Ashevlllo, N. C. BROWN, Donolrj R. Lincien, Flo. BROWN, Edoar E, 302 Wobslor St., Voldoito, Go. BROWN, Edward A Stor Rl. 2, Box 147B, DoLond, Flo. BROWN, Elizabeth 422 Scott, Sonford, Fla. BROWN, Elwyn D 6835 Slli Ave. N., St. Petersburg, Flo. BROWN, Horold 1 1755 N.W. 93rd Ter,, Mlomi, Flo. BROWN, James Isaac, 4826 Lownvlew Si., Jockionyille, Fla. BROWN, John T. .135-55 Frances Louis Blvd., Rosedole, N.Y. BROWN, Mary 1 239 North Stone, DeLond, Flo. BROWN, Albert L 2161 2 N. Atlonlk, Doytono Booch, Flo. BROWN, Ouilmon Box 118, Nocoteo, Flo. BROWN, Richard S, 4 14 W. Center St., Woodbury, N, J. BROV N, Roborl C, A. ,165 N.E. 78th St., Miami, Flo. BROWN, William A. 120 W. 20th St., Sonford, Flo. BROWNIEE, Georoe Seville, Flo. BROTHEBON, Mortha H Box 1166, Sonford, Flo. BRUNDAGE, Barbara 125 S. Orange Ave., DeLond, Flo. BRUME, Mary K Box 181, Lake Helen, Flo. BRUNNEY, Dorothy E 45 Boyview Dr., St. Auoustine, Flo. BRYAN, Beltino 33 S.E. 4th Ave., Hialeoh, Flo. BRYAN, Cleveland J 2020 11 St. S., St. Petersburg, Flo. BRYAN, Lelond R 650 Wosbash St., Bartow, Fla. BRYAN, Lonone B. Jr 1836 Louro St., Jacksonville, Flo. BRYAN, M. D 325 E. 33 St., Hialeoh, Flo. BRYANT, Glover E 401 Pork Ave., LoGronge, Go. BRYANT, Jackson T. Sr. 110 Jean St., Doytono Beach, Flo. BRYANT. Raymond P. 1409 Moyfoir Rd,, Jacksonville, Flo. BUCK, Willie L Box 4, Borberville, Flo. BUCKALEW, Seaborn J. 2903 Wilborn St., Dollos, Texas BREGGER, John K. 3180 S.W. 13 St., Miomi, Flo. EUKUR, Peter P. 2006 Cedor St., Sonford, Flo. BUNN, Rodney J. 920 Eucalyptus St., Sebring, Flo. BURCH, Henry M, 1509 E. Jefferson St., Orlando, Flo. BURNELL, Edna G 3427 W. 36 St., Miami, Flo. eURRNETT, Jeanne E. Welsh Rood, Willow Grove, Po. BURNETT, Folliver MacD Route 1, Polmelto, Flo BURNS, Allyne 4625 Astral St., Jacksonville, Flo. BURNS, Robert W. Wolerbury Manor, Peekskill, New York BURTON, Jane Rt. 2, Box 124, DeLond, Flo. BURTON, John W Box 426, Wauchulo, Flo. BUSCEMI, Michoel J 33 Emden St., Brooklyn, N. Y. BUSH, Edward L Box 52, Interlachen, Flo. BUSH, Robert T 84 Washington St., Morristown, N. J. BUSH, Wm. S N. Gordon St., PlonI City, Flo. BUSHNEIL, Roswell, HI, 1525 E. N. Y. Ave., DeLond, Fla, BUTLER, Leon J. Jr 143 Borksdale Dr., Atlonto, Go. BYARS, Morgorel A 1016 Toylor, Counth, Miss. BYROM, William R Wisteria 425, Doytono Beach, Flo. CADWELL, Austin M Rt. 1, Box 153, Winter Garden, Flo. CALDWELL, Anderson J Box 93, Umotillo, Flo. CALDWELL, Chester M Dundee, Flo. CALDWELL, Henry E Box 147, A Spring Garden, Flo. CALDWELL, Joan H... 11 Homillon Ave., Wheeling, W. Vo. CALDWELL, Kirk B...46 Oak Grove Ave,, Springfield, Moss. CAMP, Joseph G Box 3597, Doytono, Flo. CAMPBELL, Betty L...1214 Trogdon St., N. Wilkesboro, N.C. CAMPBELL, Dorothy 5. 1214 Trogdon St., N. Wilkesboro, N.C. CAMPBELL, Kenneth E 1010 W. N.Y. Ave., DeLond, Flo. CAMPBELL, Ruby P Box 663, Lake Woles, Flo. CAMPBELL, William R...3605 Hampton Ave., Nashville, Tenn, CANE, Walter 1360 Ogden Ave., Bronx, N. Y. CANNON, John T 931 W. N.Y. Ave., DeLond, Fla. CANOVA, Earl M 171 N.W. 91 St., Miami, Flo. COPELAN, Molly F. Elliott St., Orangeburg, S. C. COPPl, James D 300 Womell St., Plant City, Flo. CARLILE, Betty G. CARLIN, William H...1 600 Ocean Drives Ter., Doytono, Flo. CARLSON, Gordon E 1124 11 St. N., St. Petersburg, Flo. CARLTON, Ement E... Trenton, Flo. CARLTON, G. Hugh 615 Pork Ave., Sonford, Flo. CARLTON, George W Valparaiso, Flo. CARLTON, James 301 N. Moss, leesburg, Flo. CARMINE, Wm. H.. 436 N. Ky. Ave., DeLond, Ave. CARNES, Wolter L. 540 N. Orange Ave., DeLond, Fla. CARPENTER, Wolter N 955 W. Wis. Ave., DeLond, Flo. CARROLL, Merle P 737 28 Ave. N., St. Petersburg, Flo. CARSO, Ben E..... .603 Washington St., Rutherford, Wis. CARSWELL. M. Joonne..1023 London Ave., Jacksonville, Flo. CARTER, Barbara A 228 N. 16 St., Ft. Pierce, Flo. CARTER, E. Wilbur Rt. 10, Box 121, Jacksonville, Flo. CARTER, James C Gen. Delivery, Arlington, Flo CARTER, James E 909 26 Ave., Bradenton, Fla. CARTER, William L Box 108, Lithia, F ' CARVER, Louise 1132 N.W. 3 St., Miomi, Flo. CASALE, Michael J 131 William St., Williomsport, Po. CASPER, H. Ernest 225 E. Rich, DeLond, Flo. CASTELLANl, Diona..-.70 Gen. Delivery, Ormond Beoch, Flo. CATER, John J 245 Volencia Rd., W. Palm Beach, Fl CATES, Eva M Rt. 1, Box 145, Chra, Flo. CATON, Dove Trailer 23, DeLond, Fla. CAUDLE, C. LoVonne 344 12 Ave., Palmetto, Fla. CAVARNOS, Basilia....417 E. Woshington, High Point, N. C. CAWETNEY, Colverf N 1105 N. Blvd., DeLond, Flo. CAZER, Roland E 219 E. Rich Aye., DeLond, Flo. CAZLE, William A 1903 Mople Ave., Sonford, Flo. CHANCE, Alba C 221 W. University Ave., DeLond, Flo. CHANCE, Frederick B 221 W. Univ. Ave., DeLond, Flo. CHANCEY, Kenneth A 1130 Ridgewood, Holly Hill, Flo. CHAPMAN, Howard E 242 E. Ohio, DeLond, Flo. CHARETTE, George F. 34 Prospect St., Bloomfield, N.J. CHASE, Frederick W. .511 W. Minn. Ave., DeLond, Flo. CHASE, Morjorie 131 W. Howry Ave., DeLand, Flo. CHASTAIN, Dorothy C Box 354, Pohokee, Flo. CHENAULT, Douglas W. 341 High St., Richmond, Ky. CHESHIRE, John B Rt. 1, Limono, Flo. CHEW, John C 308 S. Atlantic, Doytono, Fla. CHILDERS, Pinson M 297 Center, Citronelle, Ala. CHOQUETTE, Edward W. 1717 N. 1 St., Jocksonville Beoch, Flo. CHOQUETTE, Jane. 1717 N. 1 St., Jacksonville Beoch, Flo. CHRISTENSEN, John A Sky Harbor, DeLond, Flo. CHRISTIAN, Orren D 1014 12 St., Brodenton, Flo. CHRISTIANSEN, John CHRISTIE, Bobby L 1061 Wolfe St., Jacksonville, Fla. CHRISTIE, Dorothy V 227 First St., Miomi Beoch, Flo. CLAMP, Betty Box 44, Laxohatchee, Flo CLARK, Edward W. 331 E. Rich Ave., DeLond Flo CLARK, Helen 331 E. Rich Ave., DeLond Flo CLARK, Jefferson V . 4 1 8 W. Minn., Delond Flo. CLARK, Joon M. 331 E. Rich Ave., Delond, Flo. CLARK, Joseph S. 1 6C7 15 St. N., St. Petersburg Flo. CLARK, Soro 1. R,. 3, loke Cily Flo. CLARK, Von A 606 Ook Ave., Sonford, Flo. CLAYTON, Rolph R. Box 432, Lexington N C CLAYTON, Wllliom M,. 1819 38 Ave. N., St. Peloribu ' rs Flo CLEMENTS, John E 4331 Colorodo Ave., Woihington, DC. CLEVELAND, Mock N 2433 Polmetio Ave., Sonford Flo CLIFTON, Annie A Ri. Box 130, Delond Flo. CLIFTON, Williom 31 P , Coloniol Ct., Delond, Flo. CLORT2, Otto J 208 Bryon St., Foyetleville, N C. CLORITA, William Oviedo Flo CLOWAR, Lester E 119 Menores Ave.. Corol Gobies ' Flo CLUSIEILE, Robert E Box 269 New York N Y COACHMAN, Bonnell P Box 900 Cleorwoter Flo COBB, Betty J 2105 Southview, Tompo, ' Flo. COBB, Charles W 127 W. Howry Ave., Delond Flo CHOCHRAN, Bernord H Box 1432, lokelond Flo COGGIN, Jimmie A Box 362. Potm Beoch, Flo. COLMAN, Odii T 560 Piedmont St., Orlondo, Fl COLEMAN, Reglno M Box 125, Borberville I COLLIER, John T. 1 245 Corllon Rd., Delond, Fo COLLIER, Joyce 121 N.E. 14 Ave., Pompono Beoch F COLLINS, Betty Jo,., ,419 N. Seminole Ave Ft Meode ' f, COLLINS, Jock W. 1139 Virginia Ave., Atlonto ' Gr COLLINS, Kelly 1620 Montgomery Ashland Kv COLLINS, Thomas V Cobbtown, ' Go: COLLINS, Vern :n W. Ri. Box 7A. Avon Pork Flo COLSON, Clarence W Box 104, Storke! Flo! COMPTON, Alfred F., 4070 Ook Knoll N.E., Warren Ohio COMPTON, Eorl W 1222 Mt. Vernon, Orlondo Flo CONLEY, Stonley M 531 W. Minn. Ave. Delond ' Flo ' CONWAY, Fred M 3534 Elm St., Weirlon W Vo ' COOK, M. Joon 402 N.E. 25 St. Miami Flo COOKSEY, Ambrose H. 748 Corrol Ave., Winter Hoven ' Flo ' COOKSEY, Kenneth E 819 S. Flo., Delond ' Flo ' COOPER, Gordon H Peeks lone, locust Volley N y ' COOPER, Lee A Box 135, Oius ' fIo COOPER, Vorion, E Box 135. Oius Flo COPLEY, James C 675 5 St., Ookmoni ' Po ' CORDARY, Robert E...2165 Bruckner Blvd. New York N Y CORDISCO, Ines Wm Box 714 Foyet ' te Po ' CRONETT, Lester C Rl. 1, Box 95 Cliorwoter ' Flo ' CORNWELL, Eloise E Gen. Delivery Venice ' Flo ' CORSON, Richord David 408 Polk Dr ' sorosolo ' Flo COSGROVE, Thomos J 8520 N. Orleons, Tompo ' Fla ' COSSIN, June C .535 Rugby Ave., Orlondo ' Flo COSTON, Joe B Rl. 2, Box 76A, DeLond ' Flo COUCH. Harold T 252 Jockson Sprs Rd Mocon ' Flo COUHDER, Joseph W. Box 703 Stuort ' Flo ' COUPIAND, Freddo M Box 247 wildwood ' Flo ' COUCY, Eorl J Bo, 148, Arlington, ' Flo! COWLEY, Ernest H., 1910 E Osborne Tampa Flo COX, Jomes C Moor; Hoven, ' Flo. ' COX, Virginia C Palmetto Flo COX, Williom F 809-18 Ave. N., St. Petersburg ' , Flo. COX, Willoughby Box 1021, Orlondo Flo CRACRAFT, Bruce N Sky Horbor, DeLond, Flo CRAIG, Polly Roe 6900 Hardee Dr Miomi Flo CRANE, John P 215 Ridgewood Ave. Doytono ' Flo CRAWFORD, Gerald L...3 E. Newell St., Winter Gorden Flo CRAWFORD, Horry R 201 Third St., Winter Garden ' Flo CRAWFORD, Milton 201 3 St., Winter Garden ' Flo CREEKMAN, David 6296 Souder St., Philo. ' Po CRISP, William D 2604 S.W. 9 Si., Mlomi Flo CROFT, Allen R R|. 4, Box 846A, Tompo Flo CROMARTIE, Jennings B 328 13th St., Hoines City, Fla CROSBY, Jomes Roy Altoono Flo CROSBY, Mero Jean Box 5, Cilro ' Flo CROSS, Kenneth C 4301 MocDill Ave., Tompo ' Flo CROSSIEY, Harmon E 318 Evans Ave., Orlando Flo CROWE, Jerome Kendrick....550 N. Ridgewod, Doytono Fla CROWLEY, Jomes L Rt. Box 1286, Sorasoto Flo CRUM, Richord 8 Shady Acres, St. Cloud ' Flo CULBRUTH, Virginia Lee Okeechobee Fla CUNNINGHAM, Leono F. 400 S. Main St., Pleosontville, N. J. CURL, Robert V 411 W. Gordon St., Voldosto Go. CURTICE, George W 1307 Pawnee Trail, Lokelond, Flo. CURTIS, Pool L Neptune Beach Flo CUTLER, Richard O Rt. 1, Box 44, Sorosoto Flo CULTER, Wayne W 118 W. Stole, Scotlville, Mich. DAHLGRUN, Barbara A 226 Riverdale Dr., Mocon Go. DALAO, Avo F 120 S. Julio, DeLond, ' Flo. DALAO, Estatom 120 S. Julio, Delond, Flo. DAME, John H. 224 S. 8th St., Fernondina, Flo. DANCE, Kenneth R. 1017 Ponce de Leon Dr., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. DANC2, Roger L. 406 N. Ferry St., Ludington, Mich. DANDRIDGE, Horry 801 E. M., Leesburg, Flo. DANDRIDGE, Rolph D 127 S. 9th St., Leesburg, Flo. DANIELS, Barney B 1013 Jackson St., Ft. Myers, Flo. DANIELS, Wolter J Doniels St., Middletown, Conn. DARBY, Gregory J Rt. 1, DeLond, Flo. DARDEN, Joyce L 130 First St., Titusville, Flo. DAVENPORT, Thornwell Box 106, Moyo, S. C. DAVIES, Joseph J 3514 2nd Ave. S., St. Petersburg, Flo. DAVID, Beatrice M 1605 Avondale, Jacksonville, Flo. DAVIDSON, Helen L 546 Jenks Ave., Ponamo City, Flo. DAVIDSON, Wondo V...,4616 Astrol St., Jacksonville, Flo. DAVIS, Bruce H 28 E. 2nd Ave., Lexington, N. C. DAVIS, Eorl D Box 215, Bloomingdole, Go. DAVIS, Felton P 806 Meridale, Orlondo, Flo. DAVIS, French C 929 S. Penn., Doytono Beoch, Flo. DAVIS, Harvey L 91 N. Main St., Winter Garden, Flo. DAVIS, Jomes P 3429 Hoines Rd., St. Petersburg, Flo. DAVIS, Keller M 721 Huron St., Jacksonville, Flo. DAVIS, Mary E S. Sixth St., Chipley, Flo. DAVIS, Nancy H Largo, Flo. DAVIS, Normon 2648 Eastwood, Chicago, HI. DAVIS, Rochel V 901 S. Po. Ave., Lokelond, Flo. DAVIS, Ralph E 725 Cohassett, Lake Woles, Flo. DAVIS, Stella M C Street, Frostproof, Flo. DAVIS, Suzanne 4033 Atlantic Blvd., Jacksonville, Flo. DAVIS, Sylvia N 418 S. Hernondo, Lake City, Flo. DAVIS, Virginia L Moryville, Tenn. lie E. Howry, Delond, flo. DAVIS, Wolter H, DAVIS, Soroh Z, " • • ' ' ' ' " ' «3 E. N. Y. A,... Oetorsd Flo DAY. Virgin.o I. 826 S. Johnwrn A«.. l ,k.lond. Ho. DtAl. louii C .4130 Tongarine Ave., Si. Pel.r,b„ro Flo DEAN, Frederick H Crete ..! City ' Flo DeeENARD, Philip E 620 Ti,.»do. Delond; flo DECKER. Dello S Ookf Hotel, Doytono Beoch Flo ' DEEMlhG, Pout I 125 S. iullo A..., Delond ' Flo DEES. Lewi. C go. 33. Doy flo DEEN, Thomos ; 427 Hewell Ave., Jock.on.ille flo DEGERNESS, Orvill. OeUnd, ' flo: DEIONEY, Mor, E. 1602 Finegrove Ave., Jockwnville Flo DENflElD, George H 918 Allegon, Lon.log, ' Mick ' DEPAIKA. Michoel W. 311. A Momoroneck Ave., Momoroneck M r DESHA. Kromo F 126 W. V is. Ave., Delorsd flo ' DeslAKOES, Pout K 3776 Lilly Rd., S. Jockionville flo OETHIEFS. Cunther W. ' 4241 Hunter St., W, Polm Beoch, flo DEWEY, John K. 267 Allonlic Ave.. W. fal » Beod. flo D.YOUNG. John R Mich DICUS. Williom A 330 N. Son Souci. Delond Flo ' DILL. Jome. M. 556 Stole. Woycross Co DILL, Morjorie E. 556 Stole. Woycross Go DILLARO, Donold H Cily Troller Pork. Delond flo DILLARD. Gorord M. Woshington Ave Euslis flo OILS. Chorles W. 1701 Reoding Rd.. Reoding ' Ohio DIRIGIE. Dennis R. 1744 Moin St.. Jock.on.ille. flo DINWIDDIE. Robert G. Sopenton Go DldblE. Morguerile D. 131 W. Univeriify DeLond ' flo DIERS. Fronk A .705 W. Minn. Ave., Delond ' Ave DtCKERI. Joseph H RFD 1. Springville Alo Doytono Beoch, flo DICKMAN. Chorles T. 17 S. Penii DICKMAN. Jeon f. 17 S. Peniniulo Dr., Doytono Beoch, Flo. DICKSON. Ruth M Adel Co DiGlUllAN. Roger 437 Jettomine St.. W. Polm Beoch ' flo DICKS, lenvil H Ri. 3. Box 204. loke Cily, flo. OINOIFO. Dominic 88 Mosieth St.. Rochester, N. Y. DOBSON. Jocquelyne 704 Pilot Ave.. Foyetleville, N. C. DOU, Chorles S 4355 Melrose Ave.. Jocksonville Flo DOMINEY. Henry J 623 Roleigh St.. Orlondo. flo. DONAHUE. Theodore R. 106 Rose Hill. Delond Flo DORAN, Moss E Rl. 6. Corinth, ' mI.s. DORSEIT. Alice M Box 56. Bronford, Flo. DORSEY. Chorles R. 303 Morlborough Rd., W. Polm Beoch, flo. DOSS. Noble C S. Spencer Inc., New Hoven. Coon. DOTY. Robert A, Rl. I, Box 247, Pensocolo. Flo. DOUGLASS. George f 212 E. N. Y., Delond, Flo. DOUGLAS. Morceline J. 452 Seminole Ave., lake Woles, Flo. DOUGLAS, Poul T. 135 E. N. Y., Delond, Flo. DOW, Thompson 534 N. Boundory St.. Delond. Flo. DOWNING. Jomes H... Hohiro. Go. DOZIER. Colherine A 203 Ookley St.. Combridge. Md. DRAWDY. Errol D _ _ Rl. 1. Umotillo. flo. DROWDY. Joseph H 1625 Mt. Vernon. Orlondo. Flo. DREGARS. Vivion M _ Deleon Springs, Flo. DRISKELL, Chorles 1 812 Jone St., Woycross, Go. DRIVER, Billy J Rt. I, Box 33. Cleorwoter, Flo. DUDLEY, Herbert L...1583 Greenwood Ave., Cleorwoter, Flo. DUFFETT, Henry P. 108 ' ; N. Grondview Ave., Doytono Beoch, Flo. DUGAAN, Joyce L Sylvon Shores. Ml. Dora Flo. DUNCAN. Claude Box 231. Longwood. Flo. DUNGAN, Richard C Box 130. Polmelto, Flo. DUNHAM, Louis 473 Shoreview Ave., Winter Pork, Flo. DUKEHART, Louise 432 Nelson Ferry Rd., Decotur, Go. DUNK, Thomas R 2136 Riverside Ave., Jacksonville, Flo. DURDEN, Jomes R 233 W. Howry, Delond, Flo. DURNER, Elizabeth 939 N. Cloro Ave., DeLond, Flo. DUVAL, Hugh F I48V2 S. Beoch St., Doytono Beoch. Flo. DVORAK, John D 2978 Riverside Ave., Jocksonville, Fla. DYKES, John W 114 Jones Ave., Jacksonville, Flo. EAKIN, Donald W 2644 Ernest St., Jacksonville, Flo. EARNEST. Lelond R 7410 N. Rome Ave.. Tompo, Flo. EASON, Corl Inman Roundtree, Metier, Go. EASON, Jomes M 1316 Jane St.. Woycross, Go. ECKERSON, John N...203 S. Grondview. Doytono Beach, Flo. EDELMAN, Philip 6338 Abbott Ave., Miomi Beoch Flo. EDENFIELD, Anlto J 2785 N.W. 59 St., Miomi, Flo. EDERINGTON, Jo Ann Aportodo 130, Cartagena, Colombia, S. A. EDMONDSON, Henry G. 116 Dauphin Way, Chottonoogo, Tenn. EDWARDS, Alfred B Rt. 1, Meigs, Go. EDWARDS. Elwyn G „...3302 Chipco. Tompo, Flo. EDWARDS, Hubert B .136 E. Scott St., Knoxville, Tenn. ELARBEE, William H 3915 Baltic St., Jocksonville, Fla. ELLERY. Robert E 908 S.E. 8th St.. Ft. Lauderdale, Flo. ELLIOTT, Joseph R 603 N. Blvd., DeLond, Flo. ELLIS. Julio Ann 614 Palmetto, DeLond, Flo. ELLIS, Mory S Box 491, Wouchulo, Flo. ELMORE, Jesse D... Rt. 1, Brodenton, Flo. ENGELKING, Lois M 26 E. Thurston Blvd., Doyton, Ohio ENLOW, Chorlotte R ...Box 893, Belle Glade, Flo EPPS, John W _ _ Box 1538, Sonford, Flo. ERVIN, Jonas H Rt. 3, Charlotte, N. C. ESCHHOLZ, Nancy- 734 Sunset Ave., Polm Beoch Fla ESKEY, Lois J .1520 Allington Ave., Pa. ESMAIL, Joseph 51 E. 28 St.. New York, N. Y. ETHEREDGE, Rudy D Chieflond Flo EVANS, Charlotte D 424 E. Mechonic, Gainesville Flo EVANS, Jock T 534 N. Florido Ave., DeLond Flo EVANS, John H .....127 Providence St., Ft. Myers, Flo. EVERITT, George B.. Box 5, Doytono Beach, Flo. EVERETT, John G 4816 Baldwin, Flint, Mich. EVERETT, Mary M 110 S. Palmetto, Doytono Beoch, Flo. EVERHARD, Eleonore A. ..246 W. High Ave., New Phila., O. EVERSON, D. M Box 325, Jacksonville, Flo. EVERY, Wolter R 512 Revilo Blvd., Doytono Beoch, Flo. FACHKO, John A Box 1482, Jacksonville, Flo. FADER, George G 741 N.W. 33 Ave., Miomi, Flo. FAIR. John M Rt. 2, Pelhom, Go. FAIR, Wm. C Star Rt. Box 9, Delond Flo FAIR, Johnny E Delphos, Ohio FAIRKLATH, Jomes A 267 Gregory PL, Jacksonville, Flo. FAULKER, Phoebe L Box 86, Lokelond, Flo. FAUST, Wm. R 804 S. Orange Ave., Ocolo, Flo. FEAGINS, Wolter B 301 Cleveland, Clearwater, Fla. FELDER, Irving M 444 Shepherd Ave., Winler Park, Flo. FERNANDEZ, Fronk 498 N. Orange Troll, Orlando, Flo. FETNER, John E 613 McDonald, Hamlet, N. C FIEDLER, Carol Ann Dade City, Flo. FIELD, Von R Box 698, Center Moricho, N. Y. FIELDING, Edward N 800 Summertin Ave-, Sonford, Flo. FINCH, Alexander D 145 E. Michigan, DeLond, Fla. FINCH, Charlane E.. 609 S. 6lh Ave., Lake Worth, Fla. FINK, Corl T 920 Menio Dr., Ft. Myers, Fla. FINN, Richord 19 Bothfeld Rd., Newton, Mass. FINNE, Julio A 2340 Keystone Dr., Orlando, Flo. FINNEY, Joonne 85 W. Main St., Wauchula, Flo. FINNEY, Martha B 85 W. Moin St., Wouchula, Fla. FISCHER, Williom F 781 S.E. 6 PI., Hioleoh, Flo. FISHER, Bill J 551 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. FISK, Norman S 12 Martins Terry Rd., Manchester, N.H. FITZPATRICK, Frances P 233 W. Howry, DeLond, Flo. FITZPATRICK, Margaret.-260 Jefferson St., Ellecottville, N.Y. FLACK, Dee H 202 Luello Ct., DeLond, Flo. FLACK, Frank S 202 Luello Ct., DeLond, Flo. FLACK, Noncy 480 Cedar St., Ormond Beach, Flo. FLAKE, Asa 429 S. Blvd., DeLond, Flo. FLAKE, Thomas A 429 S. Blvd., DeLond, Flo. FLEMING, Jomes L B. O. Q. I., DeLond, Fla. FLEMING, Jimmie N Rt. 2, Box 47C, Orlando, Flo. FLECHER, Henry B Box 371, Hoines City, Flo. FLINT, Anne B 614 Western Ave., Joliet, III. FLIPPO, Betty Ann 137 Bolefukr Ave., Doytono, Flo. FLOOD, Richard B 2901 Trilby St., Tompo, Flo. FLORES, Abe 868 Union Ave., Bronx, N. Y. C. FLORY, Dorothy W Peqoeo, Po. FLORY, Elizobeth B Pequea, Pa. FLOWRNOY, Houston M...520 Clevelond Ave., Pinellas, Fla. FLOWERS, William B..- Beresford, Flo. FLOYD, Robin Elaine 912 Riverside Dr., Palmetto, Fla. FLYNN, Helen N Box 156, Oronge City, Fla. FLYNN, Herbert E Box 156, Orange City, Flo. FLYNN, James P 23 Morning Dr., Eustis, Flo. FOERSTER, Betty S 4602 Tunis St., Jacksonville, Flo. FOLKES, Walter F 343 Cove Blvd., Ponomo City, Flo. FORBES, Earl E Stetson Arms, Apt. 30, DeLond, Fla. FORD, Jean A 509 W. N. Y. Ave., DeLond, Flo. FOREMAN, John V 4021 Myra St., Jocksonville, Flo. FOSTER, Barboro E 2918 Wallcroft Ave., Tompo, Flo. FOUCART, Joonn M 640 Baker St., Mt. Dora, Flo. FOUNTAIN, John M 420 N. Clara, DeLond, Flo. FOWLER, Barboro 2655 S. Atlantic, Doytono, Flo. FOWLER, Francis L New Smyrna Beach, Flo. FOY, Doris H 3560 Pork St., Jacksonville, Flo. FRAME, William T Box 88, Rt. 1, Hialeoh, Flo. FRANK, Irvin 3201 2 W. Minn. Ave., DeLond, Flo. FRANKLIN, Nan H...3436 Brown St. N.W., Woshington, D.C. FREDERICK, Gordon V Rt. 1 , . Box 117, Sonford, Flo. FREEMAN, Oliver F 1108 Hillsdale Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. FRENCH, Royal L .1805 Jeanrutle St., Voldosto, Go. FRIDAY, Clifford V .....Ill S. Montaugor, Tompo, Flo. FRIER, Doris I Star Rt. 2, DeLand, Flo. FRINK, Arlia 125 S. lllh St., Ft. Pierce, Flo. FRINK, Charlotte V Apopka, Flo. FROMBERGER, John D 219 N. Ridgewood, Daytona, Flo. FRONDI, Williom J 1341 N. Blvd., DeLand, Fla. FRUDA, Ronald J 425 E. Minn., DeLond, Fla. FRUSCEILA, Joseph F 114 N. Clara Ave., DeLand, Flo. FRY, Robert R 231 N. Blvd., DeLond, Flo. FRYE, Roy M. 514 Taylor St. N.W., Woshington, D. C. FRYER, Ralph A. ..2710 N. Greenway Dr., Corol Gables, Flo. FULLER, Dozier- 1241 Eberhort Ave., Columbus, Ga. FUNDERBURK, Bobby W Rt. 2, Pogeland, S. C. FUQUAY, Richard W 220 6lh, Holly Hill, Flo. FUTCH, Freeman C Rt. 6, Box 260F, Jacksonville, Flo. GABY, Margaret Rl. 1, Box 359, Homestead, Flo. GAFF, James H 191 Fountoin St., Pawtucket, R. I. GAILEY, Virgle H 130 W. New York, DeLond, Flo. GAMBLE, Thomos W .5121 Elder Ave., Charlotte, N. C. GARDINER, Jo Ann 419 Ocean Dunes Rd., Doytono Beach, Flo. GARNER, Wode H .700 Mellonville Ave., Sonford, Fla. GARRETT, Richard A. .2011 S. Deloney St., Orlando, Flo. GARRETT, R. Guy... 303 N. Blvd., DeLand, Flo. GARRETSON, Jeanne A 6359 Woodbine Ave., Philo., Po. GARRISON, James L Santo Lonta Apts., Sonford, Flo. GARROTT, Joseph F . .1810 28th St., Brodenton, Flo. GARSTIN, Charles B 213 E. Voorhis Ave., DeLond, Fla. GARWOOD, Margaret J 917 14th Ave. E., Cordele, Go. GATCHEL, David M 2320 Laurel Ave., Sonford, Flo. GAUDET, Roselond J 314 Linton Ave., Notchez, Miss. GAVENTA, Harry R 326 W. Minn. Ave., DeLond, Flo. GAYTON, Terre J. .700 Oakridge Blvd., Doytono Beach, Flo. GEER, William D 260 Reynolds St., Augusta, Ga. GELLEY, James E E. Stone Gop, East Stone Gop, Vo. GEORGE, Frank M 604 Fairmont, Clearwater, Fla. GEORGE, Gabriel ,..216 S. Atlantic, Doytono Beoch, Flo. GEORGE, Nicholas 216 S. Atlantic, Doytono Beach, Flo. GEORGE, Thadeus T Domoscus, Go. GEROMANOS, Fred A 319 Osceola St., DeLond, Flo. GHISALBERT, Aldo J Box 135P, Orlando, Flo. GIBBS, Bernice T Emmitsburg, Md. GIBBS, Donald 195 N.W. 70 St., Miami, Flo. GILBERT, Addison S N. Sheridan Rd., DeLand, Flo. GILBERT, Mory E N. Sheridan Rd., DeLand, Flo. GILLESPIE, Robert L. 1122 W. Winnebago St., Appleton, Wis. GILLON, Martho F Box 552, Lakeland, Flo. OILMAN, Wayne C 128 W. Howry, DeLond, Flo. GIROIR, Ira J 316 W. 40th St., Jacksonville, Fla. GLASS, Betty F. 50 E. 18th St., Jacksonville, Fla. GLOS, Gardiner W 3310 Lykes Ave., Tompo, Flo. GOCHENOUR, Wilbur B 326 W. Wis. Ave., DeLond, Flo. GODBIE, John R ..,6 Lake Charles Rd., DeLond, Flo. GODWIN, Kotehrine A Alturas, Flo. GOFF, Curtis B 612 W. Indiana, DeLond, Flo. GOGGIN, Charles F Rt. 3, Box 502, Ft. Louderdole, Flo. GALIGHTLY, Jack Melbourne, Flo. GOODFRIEND, Sam 114 Penn. Ave., Norfolk, Va. GOODE, Dorothy A 2866 Sydney St., Jacksonville, Flo. GOODYEAR, Vivian A Rt. 3, Box 71, Ocolo, Flo. GORDIE, Howord P 203 E. Voorhis Ave., DeLand, Flo. GORDIE, Richard C 215 W. Minn. Ave., DeLond, Flo. GORDON, Jimmie W Box 192, Brooksville, Flo. GORDON, Morvene A Box 1469, DeLand, Flo. GORDY, Cora L. GORMLY, Charles E 1901 Mognolio Ave,, Sonford, Flo. GOSNEY, Cliff B. 30 N. Show Ln., Ft. Thomas, Ky. GRAINGER, Hugh J Box 5164, Jocksonville, Flo. GRANT, Arthur J 638 N. Orange Ave., DeLond, Flo. GRANT, Jomes M Rt. 1, Box 126, Ft. Meode, Flo. GRASON, Trumon E 339 N. Cloro, DeLond, Flo. GRASSO, Leonord V....-706 Dovis St., Doytono Beach, Flo. GRAVES, John Lewis Box 974, Vero Beoch, Flo. GRAY, Frances D 449 W. Rich, DeLond, Fla. GRAY, Milton M 339 N. Blvd., DeLond, Flo. GRAY, Robert Calhoun 3705 Darwin St., Tompa, Flo. GREGORY, Betty V 1107 W. King St., Quincy, Flo. GREEN, Ann W 409 Revilo Blvd., Doytono Beach, Flo. GREEN, W. H 533 N. Adele, DeLand, Fla. GRENBERG, David 102-23 68th Ave., Forest Hills, N. Y. GREENE, Thelmo H 131 S. Sheridan, DeLond, Flo. GRENDAHL, Lydo R 1101 S. Emerald Ave., Chicogo, III. GRENZBACH, Carole J 1221 North H., Loke Worth, Fla. GREZIK, Anthony J 1204 Pitcoirn Ave., Torcentown, Po. GRIFFIN, Horrison D 205 W. Mich., DeLond, Flo. GRIFFIN, Thomas J 1316 E. 7th St., Charlotte, N. C. GRIFFIS, Clarence A 134 Leon Ave., DeLand, Flo. GRIFFITH, Jock S 1301 N.E. 5th St., Ft. Louderdole, Flo. GRIGSBY, John B Craig Ct., Fronklin, Tenn. GRISSETT, Wollace E 1113 Tobot, Jacksonville, Fla. GRION, Donald W 123 N. Ft. Harrison, Cleorwoter, Fla. GROSE, Arthur T 3376 N.W. 49th St., Miami, Flo. GRONER, Betty Louise 805 S. Ohio Ave., Like Oak, Flo. GRUBBS, William E 3199 Imogene, Mobile, Ala. GRUNWALD, Dick M 145 98 St., Brooklyn, N. Y. GUESS, William J Rt. 4, Sorosoto, Flo. GUEST, Allen 218 E. Mich., DeLond, Flo. GUFFE, Corl D .426 E. Pine, Orlando, Flo. GUFFORD, William S 422 N. 2nd St., Jocksonville, Flo. GULIER, Robert J Box 1412, Clearwater, Flo. GUNTER, Charles N Box 5, Hill Sto., Augusta, Go. HAGBERG, Thelmo H Rt. 1, Box 414, Hioleoh, Flo. HAGUE, Domoris Alachua, Flo. HAHN, Jean V 216 N. 12, Ft. Pierce, Flo. HALBERT, Lewis A Rt. 1, Lake Wales, Flo. HALE, Carol J Rt. 1, Box 221, Doytono Beach, Flo. HALE, Morris A 107 W. Beresford, DeLond, Flo. HALEY, Leo W 901 N. Cloro Ave., DeLond, Fla. HALL, Dole R Box 235, Apopko, Flo. HALL, Dorothy K 130 S. Boston, DeLand, Flo. HALL, Frances E Rt. 1, Lake Woles, Flo. HALL, Horry F 288 W. Morse, Winler Park, Flo. HALL, Richord M 1112 18th St., Brodenton, Flo. HALL, William E 347 E. New York, DeLond, Flo. HALL, William McL 601 Thomos, Plont City, Flo. HAMILTON, John Box 1424, Cocoo, Flo. HAMILTON, Tinley M .202ya N. Blvd., DeLand, Flo. HAMILTON, Virginia H... 202 ' ! N. Blvd., DeLand, Flo. HANSEN, Kenneth L 527 W. 27 St., Jacksonville, Flo. HANSEN, Keith L 527 W. 27 St., Jacksonville, Fla. HANSEN, Mary J -Stetson Arms Apts., DeLand, Flo. HANSER, Otto E 1034 Springfield Ave., Summit, N. J. HANSFORD, James Rhado....l01 E. Rich Ave., DeLond, Flo. HANSON, Mork S Rosolond, Fla. HARDIN, James A 428 N. Amelio, DeLond, Flo. HARDWICK, Richard E. 749 S. Ridgewood Ave., Doytono Beoch, Flo. HARDY, Leonard G 2885 N. Hills Dr. N.E., Atlanta, Go. HARE, Gertrude E 2131 Dellwood Ave., Jacksonville, Flo. HARE, Morion H 2131 Dellwood Ave., Jocksonville, Flo. HARGIS, Louise M 204 Lee, Leesburg, Fla. HARKINS, Mory L. Sycomore Ridge Farm, Kennetl Square, Pa. HARMON, Mory L 2824 Morrison, Tompo, Flo. HARPER, Williom 1 912 Washington Ave., Eustis, Flo. HARRELL, Barbara J Woverly, Go. HARRIS, Irma J 410 S. Orange Ave., Bartow, Flo. HARRIS, Robert C 615 Flo. Ave., W. Palm Beoch, Fla. HARRIS, William C 301 S. Blvd., DeLond, Flo. HARSHBARGER, Sam R Milton, W. Vo. HART, Doris L Box 45, Sebring, Flo. HARTH, George P 1800 Hampton Ave., Augusta, Go. HARTLEY, William J Box 126, Longwood, Flo. HASTY, Corl L 1638 Roosevelt Ave., Jacksonville, Flo. HATHAWAY, John M Box 268, Punto Gorda, Flo. HAUGHTON, Mory N 545 Magnolia, Daytona Beach, Flo. HAUSS, Robert S 962 Pelhon Heights, Anniston, Ala. HAY, Edword Avers. ...727 Boy Esplonode, Clearwater, Flo. HAYES, Shelley L 140 E. Howry, DeLond, Fla. HAYES, William Clifford....914 E. Georgia St., DeLond, Flo. HAYGOOD, Ervin E. Box 1432 Loke Hunter Dr., Lakeland, Flo. HAYNES, Cecil E Monotee Sto., Brodenton, Flo. HAYS, Alfred V 439 N. Cloro, DeLond, Fla. HAYS, Gordon 161 S. Polk Ave., Arcodio, Flo. HAYWARD, Charles L Box 111, Merritt Islond, Flo. HEBBERD, Charles H 438Vi W. Church St., DeLond, Flo. HEBERT, Harris J Rt. 3, Box 126, Beoumont, Texos HECKENBACH, Herold R 201 ' A W. 18 St., Sonford, Flo. HEFFERNAN, Paul J 94 Daboll St., Providence, R. I. HEIDERSBACH, Somuel C. HELTON, Neldo Y 3118 Gilmore St., Jacksonville, Fla. HEMPHILL, George A 435 W. Main St., Forest City, N. C. HENDERSON, Odis M Jasper, Flo. HENDIX, Frank W. 155 One B.S.W., Winter Haven, Flo. HENDRICKS, William W....119 E. Euclid Ave., DeLond, Fla. HENDRIX, Donald C. .- 627 N. Hyer St., Orlando, Flo. HENDRY, Cloro. .Children ' s Home, Box 1432, Lakeland, Flo. HENDRY, H. B. HENDRY, Richord B 808 Edison Ave., Ft. Myers, Flo. HENSLYE, John Cloyton Sky Harbor, DeLond, Flo. HENSLEY, Robert E Texos Ave., Creyview, Flo. HENSON, Robert S Box 502, Crescent City, Flo. HERCE, Mario N 1007 Trumon Ave., Key West, Flo. HERNDON, William F 1800 Sonford Ave., Sonford, Flo. HERNEMANN, Joy E...42 S. Halifox Ave., Jacksonville, Flo. HERRING, Timothy H 145 W. Minn. Ave., DeLond, Flo. HERRINGTON, Jeon Corlton ond Reynolds, Palotka, Flo. HERSHY, Edward E 303 N. Blvd., DeLond, Flo. HESS, Soroh M 130 Ave. A N.E., Winter Haven, Flo. HESTER, Frederick C Box 95, Wildwood, Flo. HETH, James R 44 Overlook Rd., Coldwell, N. J. HEVERMAN, Donold H 211 E. Main St., Wouchula, Flo. HEVEY, Hubert U Doytono Beoch, Fla. HEUTH, James A 730 W. Florence, DeLond, Flo. HICKS, Benton B 516 E. Plymouth Ave., DeLand, Flo. HICKS, Roswell A 512 E. Turner St., Cleorwoter, Flo. HICKSON, Paul D 2908 Palmetto Ave., Sonford, Flo. HICKSON, Williom H...3202 Remington St., Jacksonville, Flo. HIGGINBOTHAM, Jomes McD. 232 E. Evons Ave., Orlando, Fla. HIGGINS, Richard P 512 Horwood Ave., Orlondo, Flo. HIGH, Hugh Wesley 422 Florida Ave., DeLond, Fla. HIGH, Robert K. 3110 E. 31, Chottonoogo, Tenn. HILL, Barboro A 815 Flomingo Dr., W. Palm Beoch, Flo. HILL, Jonathan H 1324 Jockson St., Tollohossee, Flo. HILL, Lucille 816 Cove Blvd., Ponomo City, Flo. HILLHOUSE, Milton C McCalpin Fla HILLMAN, Charles R. 1292 Hollywood Ave., Jocksonville, Flo. HILLMAN, Dorothy I Lucerne Hotel, Orlando, Fla HINCKLEY, Horry G 922 S.W. 23rd Rd., Miami Fla. HINDS, Spurgeon N Box 1, Oronge City Fla HINTON, Joseph W City Trailer Pork, DeLand, Fla. HITCHCOCK, Gene R 755 Corrol Ave., Winter Haven, Flo. HOBSON, T. Frank 7015 Greville Ave. S., St. Petersburg, Flo. HODGES, Christy A 134 Congress, Doytono Beoch Flo HODGES, John M. C...2016 Atlantic Blvd., Jocksonville Flo HODNETT, Jomes V 1200 12th St., Winter Hoven ' Flo HOGAN, Fred W Box 2188, Doytono Beach Flo HOGLE, Noncy M 445 W. Pa. Ave., DeLand Fla HOLBERT, Willie B. L Box 121, Cotologe Hill, Flo HOLDER, Carious V 119 W. Minn. Ave., DeLond, Fla HOLLADAY, Richord E 719 W. Plymouth DeLond Fla HOLLAND, Grover C Box 250, Nocotee ' Fla HOLLAND, Horry W 4277 S.W. 2nd Ter., Miami Fla HOLT, Powell O Rt. 6, Box 539, Charlotte, N. C. HOLLY, Joves F 327 Columbia, Orlando, Fla HON, Morion B RFD, Portsmouth, N. H. HOOPER, Doris R 303 Teniko Ter., Doytono Beoch Fla HOPE, Frederick H. HOPE, George G Lithio, Fla. HOPE, Newell B Rt. ,, Lithio, Fla. HOPPER, Suzonne D 775 N.E. 76 St., Miami, Fla. HORNE, Thomas B 188 Geo. Ave., Creslview, Flo. HORNSBY, Jomes R Box 692, Dovenport Flo HORTON, Evan C 303 Lake St., Kissimmee Flo HORTON, George H 300 W. 49th St., New York N Y HORTON, Morilou D 218 E. Mich. Ave., DeLond Flo HORTON, Rhodo Todd 635 9th Ave., Mt. Dora Fla HORTON, Storr W 2541 Tiger Tail, Miami, Flo. HORTON, Thomas R 218 E. Mich. Ave., DeLond, Flo. HORTON, Warren H DeLond Fla HOWARD, Dorothy J. ..410 5th Ave. N., St. Petersburg ' Fla ' HOWARD, Edno M 2021 10 St. S., St. Petersburg Flo HOWARD, Hilmo C Box 256 DeLond Fla HOWARD, Morvin W W. Ander St., DeLond ' Flo ' HOWARD, Thomas David....! 1 1 6 E. Putnom, Lake Cily, Fla. HOWELL, John C 1519 N.W. 28 St., Miami Flo HOWELL, Mary L. 825 W. Los Olas Blvd., Ft. Louderdole, Fla. HOWLAND, Delpho 526 N. Sons Souci DeLand Fla HOYLE, Raymond F 217 Grand Ave., Cumberland Md. HUCHABOY, Jomes I Dade City Fla HUDSON, Martha C 627 S. Ingrom, Lokelond ' , Fla HUFF, Mory L.. 612 S. Federol Hwy., Stuart, Flo HUFFMAN, Elmidge C Box 155, New Castle, Vo HUGHES, Ann S 612 E. Plymouth Ave., DeLond Flo HUGHES, Clarence B. 162 S. Peninsula Dr., Doytono Beach, Fla. HUGHES, John L 612 E. Plymouth, DeLond, Flo. HUGHES, Richard P Box 115, Monticello, Flo. HUMPHREYS, Donald B...407 Emory Ct., Daytona Beoch, Flo ' HUNTER, Shirley G Box 143, Conoon Conn HURGETON, David B Paolo, Flo, HURST, Juonito M County Home Hospital, Tompo ' Flo! HURST, Horry K Box 87, Hozord, Ky. HUSFELD, Thorwold J. .139 Highview Ave., Springdole Conn HUTCHISON, Aubrey L.. .856 Jenks Ave., Panama City, Flo. HUTCHINSON, Raymond W. 8 Lake Charles Rd., DeLand, Fla. IMAND, Frank T 847 S.W. 14th St., Miami, Fla. IMAND, John W 1361 S.W. 14th St., Miami, Fla. IMPERIAL, Leopold J. 107 Haven Ave., Port Washington, N. Y. INGRAM, Porter W. 208 Cedar Ave., New Smyrna Beach, Flo. ININGER, Evan P 637 S. Western Pky., Louisville, Ky. INMAN, Jack C Box 242, DeLond, Fla. IRVIN, Tucker 810 W. Highland Blvd., DeLond, Fla. IVEY, Clarence Lester Kissimmee, Fla. IVEY, Betty 1153 Blue Ridge Ave., Atlanta, Go. JACKSON, Florence A. Box 66, Pierce, Flo, JACKSON, Jane B 182 Serpentine Rd., Tenofly, N. J. JACOBS, Joseph C live Oak, Fla. JACOBS, Mark P 5505 Thomas lone, lake Worth, Fla. JACOBS, Roger 141 Monhogen Ave., Middletown, N. Y. JACOBSON, Donald C 210 luello Ct., DeLond, Flo. JAJIL, Shihodel 917 Forest St., Jocksonville, Flo. JAMES, Dovid Henry....300 W. Edwords St., Enterprise, Ala. JARRARD, Roland L Box 1063, DeLond, Flo. JARRETT, Wilbur F Altoono, Flo. JAUDON, Mory E 139 Wolker, Holly Hill, Flo. JANERY, Mory L. 8 Garden St., Torrington, Conn. JENKINS, Jomes M 133 Chapel St., Conondoiguo, N. Y. JENKS, Robert C 1406 E. N. Y. Ave., DeLand, Flo. JENNINGS, Robert W Kissimmee, Flo. JENSEN, Hubert E 708 7th St., Polmelto, Flo. JENSEN, Stanton R 6712 N. Moplewood, Chicago, III. JERNIGAN, Ernest H 6316 Harold Ave., Tompo, Flo. JOHANNES, Guy 2411 13th Ave. W., Brodenton, Flo. JOHNS, Pouline V S. Carpenter Ave., Orange City, Flo. JOHNSON, Ann O Box 112, Hawthorne, Fla. JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, OHNSTON, JOHNSTON, JOHNSTON, JOHNSTON, JOINER, Edv JOINER, Mil JOINER, My JONES, Clar JONES, Clai JONES, Jane JONES, Johr JONES, Law JONES, Lein JONES, Mai JONES, Rogc JONES, Wil JORDAN, Jo JOSEPH, Joe JOYE, Jennii JOYNER, J. JUDGE, Cho JUSTICE, So Edword B, 250 N.W. 25lh Ave., Mloml, Flo George B, Rl. I, Mernily, S. C. Harold I 101 W. Flnl St., Sonlord, Flo. Joe i 424 Anderson Cf., Orlando, Flo Molvin W 8 Vino Si., Klislmmee, Flo Potricio A, 220 Wlldermere Rd., W. Palm Beach, Flo Rose M Box 14, Pierce, Flo Albert S. 533 ' i N. Adelle, DoLond, Flo. James D. Box 376, Dodo City, Jewell 820 flo. Ave., St, Cloud, Flo. Mayo C Municipol Airport, DeLand, Fir word E. Moyo, Flo R. , 309 W. 5th St., Sonlord, Flo . 544 N. Amelio St., Delond, Flo 109 Poplor St., Youngsville, Po ; Box 33, Eogle Loke, Flo W. 38 Davis Blvd., Torrpo, FIc Box 305, Oronge County, F!o K Doirs Islond, Tampa, F ir Vincent 111 W. Howry, Delond, Flo. iom Dudley 1130 Lightsoy Ave., Barlow, Flo. mes J 4913 Chonberloyne, Richmond, Vo. Ob H 135 V , Minn., DeLond, Flo. igs B 416 S. 19th St., Wilmington, N. C. Edgor School St., Lenox Dole, Moss. riotte Rt. I, Orlondo, Flo. ' Oh A Box 633, Live Ook, Flo. KAtAS, John P. 70 S. Moin KALE, Richord H 115 S. She KARABINIS, Nickolos A. 2151 7 E. V. KARL, Frederick B...3600 S. Penn. KAUFFMAN, Russell V. St., Doytono Beoch, Flo 125 17 Ave. S.E., St. Petersburg. Flo KEARLEY, William S 253 8lh. W. Palm Beach, Flo KEARNS, John M, 55 est St., Spring Volley, N. Y KEATHLEY, Lulie J. ' . O. Box 2735, Orlondo, Flo KEILEY, Allen S. P. 0. Box 132, Milligon, Flo KELIEY, Mrs. Elle R, ... 303 N. Blvd., DeLond, Flo KELLY, Emily D., 805 E. Church, Bartow, Flo KENDRICK, Edwin K 903 Reed Ave., Akron, Ohio KENNISON, Lewis H. Jr. 1720 Fairfield Rd., Jacksonville, Flo KENT, Roy S. Jr ... Box 704, Belle Glode, Flo KERR, Dick H 806 El iolt Ave., Alobomo City, Ala City, KERR, James A Box 806, Kissi KERR, Williom A 3804 Olo Ave., KERSEY, Owen M Rt. 1, Belcher Rd., Cleo KERSEY, John C Box 1432, Lol KERSEY, Ruth O Dad KERZNER, Jock D 23 Hovelock St.. Dorch KIBBEY, Kenneth P Rt. 1, Ludington, Mic KIBLER, Mory A Tosso, Ten KIM, Sun H 20-25 Heiwho Dong, Seoul, Kor KINARD, Soro J 104 East St., Lake City, Fl KING, Belcher W. Jr 306 S. Monroe St., Albany, G. KING, William A 1139 Louro St., Jacksonville, Fl. KING, Williom L. Greenville St. Ext., Newnon, G. KINGSTON, Ralph A. Jr 70 First St., Ft. Myers, Fl KINSLOE, Joanne S 409 N.E. 3 St., Miami, Fl KINTZ, Altheo E 807 Atlontic Ave., Doytono Beach, Fl KIRCHER, Edwin 400 S. Alabama, DeLond, Fl KIRCHER, Wm. E. 1104 Myrtle Ave., Sonford, Fl KIRCHOF, Vernon L. Country Club Estates, Delond, Fl KIRK, Clarence C. Jr 201 E. Liberty St., Brooksville, Fl KIRKIAND, Edward R. 33 E. Par Ave., Orlando, Fl KIRKIAND, Lynn W 2038 Areon Blvd., Auburndole, Fl KIRKIAND, Alton... 318 South Flo. Ave., DeLond, Fl KIRKPATRICK, John B. Jr 1915 Orange Ave., Eustis, Fl KITCHEN, Clark W. KITCHENS, Ernest W. Mi.Lody ' s Beouly Shop, Winter Hoven, Fl KLINE, Glorio C 508 E. Ocklowoho, Ocolo, Fl KLUG, Morgoret A 1403 N. Ferncrest, Orlondo, Fl KNABB, Bernice P. O. Box 176, Mocclenny, Fl KNIGHT, Jock D 130 S. Boston St., DeLond, Fl KNIGHT, Jomes I. Jr Son Mateo, Fl KNOWLES, Phillip I Bonlfoy, Fl KNOWLES, Robert 1 238 N. Flo., DeLond, KNOX, Andrew S 304 Mermont Plozo, Bryn Mowr, KOEHIER, Thomos A Rl. 2, Delond, KOON, Eltie E 114 E. Voorhis, DeLond, KOSINER, Morsholl S Box 987, Ft. Myers, KOVACS, Anthony F.... 836 E. 5th St., Bethlehem, KUCHENBAUER, Wolter P 737 E. Ind. Ave., Delond, KUNKEl, Lee W 440 N.E. 94th St., Miami, KURIAND, Bert..4819 III. Ave. N.W., Washington 11, I KURTZ, Frank M Radio Sta. WSUN, St. Petersburg, KURTZ, Martha E 2510 McGregor Blvd., Ft. Myers, KURZ, Louis Jr 608 Consolidoted BIdg., Jacksonville, LANDAS, George 2021 7 Cypress, Doytono Beach, lAINHART, George D 534 28th St., W. Polm Beoch, LAKE, Clinton R 2109 Herschel St., Jocksonville, LAMB, Bronson E. Jr 1981 River Rd., Jacksonville, LAMB, Woyne McC P.O. Box 1061, Loke Alfred, LAND, Harriet E 828 Vossor Ave., Orlando, LAND, Curtis C 1418 Riverside Dr., Doytono, LANDERS, Mory E Round Boy, Severno Pork, LANE, James T. Jr 421 Lorng Ave., Cumberlond, LANG, Juliet C. 174 Boy Ave., Glen Ridge, LANGFORD, Fred R 128 N. Adelle, DeLond, LANGFORD, Mrs. M. S P. O. Box 941, DeLond, lANlGAN, Williom E 747 N. Blvd., DeLond, LARKIN, Richard L Dode City, LARSON, Lawrence W Rt. 2, Vero Beach LARSON, Roger 134 W. Wis., DeLond, LARUS, Leon D Noyloi LASSITER, Richard W ClermonI LAW, Robert M 819 Clork St., Moryville, LAWHON, Borboro J Box 476, Avon Pork LAWHORNE, Leon H 701 N. Vo. Ave., Lokelond lAWSON, Jomes F 415 Brock St., Kissimmee LAYTON, Elbert A 102 11th St. S.E., Winter Hoven LEAK, Clorence A. Jr 618 30th St., W. Polm Beoch Pa. Flo. Fla. Flo. , Flo. , Flo. , Go. , Flo. Tenn. Flo. Flo. OaLond, Fli Orlondo. Fl Delond. Fli ibure. lEE. Adrian M. Box 157. Bronford, Flo lEE. James E floglo ' Beoch. Flo LEE, Jomes G. 141 ' N. Stone St.. Sonford. Flo lEE, Robert E. Jr 431 E. N. Y. Ave., LEE, Robert W ISU Ml. Vorn LEE, Thomas E Rl, 2, Blue loke Ter., LEEDS, Robert L E. Moin St.. Ric lECARE, A. B. Virkler 725 25th Ave.. N. St. Pete lEINFElOER, John S. 342 N. Voluiio Ave., Oronge Cily. Flo. lENCZYK, Frederick H 192 ' j Bonner St., Horlford, Conn. lENCZYK, Grace I92i j Bonner Si., Horllord, Conn LEOPARD, Andrew C 21 6 School St., Okolono. Miss. lEOPARD, Henry E 216 School St.. Okolono. Win. lEPLA, Joseph H P. O. Box 174. Pololko. Flo. LESLIE, Roger I. Troer. lowo LEWIS. Mory J 3227 Foir Ooks Ave., Tompo, Flo. LEWIS, Royce R. Jr. 4251 Woodmere St., Jacksonville. Flo. LEWIS, Wolloce A Joioor, Flo. LEWIS, Williom E. Jr 705 E. Hyde Pork, Sorosoto, Flo. LEWIS, Williom H P. O. Box 20, Josper, Flo. IIMBAUGH, Chorlolte G. Box 101, High Springs. Flo. LINDSAY, Homer G. Jr. 2568 Dellwood Ave.. Jackionville. Flo. IINNEY. Edword A. 4330 1 Ave. S., St. P«lor»burg, Flo. IITTIE, Ernestine G. (Mrs,) 221 W. University Ave.. DeLond. Flo. LITTIE, Floyd N. 221 W. Univ. Ave., Delond, Flo. LIVINGSTON, Williom H Box 215. Crescent City. Flo. LOCKE, Moe P P. O. Box 422, Avon Pork, Flo. LOGSDON. Robert E W. Polm Beoch. Flo. LOGUE, Morvin H 406 S. Alo. Ave., Delond, Flo. LOMETTI, Edword J. Jr Box 1308, St. Augustine, Flo. LONG, Jon V. Jr Ill Polm Place, Doytono Beoch, Flo. LOOPER, Morgoret A. 809 Thornton PI., Dolton, Go. LOPEZ, Monuol Jr. 409 Fourth. Polmerlon. Po. LORD, Williom A. 339 S. Blvd., Delond. Flo. lOVELL, Charles E. 525 E. Ky. Ave., Delond, Flo. LUCIUS, Chorles C 419 lOlh St., W. Polm Beoch, Flo. LUPFER, Borboro A 209 Verono St.. Kissimmee. Flo. LUPFER, Sommy I Box 292, Kissimmee, Flo. LURIE, Edword J. .876 Coney Islond Ave., Brooklyn 18. N.Y. lYCOPANTIS. Panogiolis M...2lt E. Voorhis, Delond. Flo. LYNN. Belly 332 W. 27th St.. Jacksonville. Flo. MocALESTER, Poul Posodeno, Colli. McCABE. Bernord J Mount Ooro, Flo. McCAREY, Jomes A 104 Irvin St., Orlondo, Flo. McCLARAN, Edword B. 220 S. Wildolive Dr., Doytono Beoch. Flo. McCLATCHEY, Williom Box 915, Belle Glode, Flo. McClelland, Aubrey R Box 2511, Mulberry, Flo. McCLEELAND, Chorles B. .135 Alony Ave., Woycross, Go. McClOCHEY, Morguerite B. 431 Stone St., Delond, Flo. McClURE, Williom 815 N. 1st St., Jocksonville Beoch, Flo. McCOLlSTER, Kelby E Rt. 1, Box 12, Tompo, Flo. McCOWAN, Allen 631 2nd Ave., Albony, Go. McCREARY, Jone Box 1804, Fort Wollon, Flo. McCROAN, Kyle 627 11th Ave., Polmello, Flo. McCROAN, Odos 627 11th Ave., Polmetto, Flo. McCULLY, (Mrs.l Betty J 114 W. King St., Oulncy, Flo. McCULLY, Clyde P. O. Box 463, Culver City, Colif. McCULLV, Wilton Rt. 3, Box 123, Ocolo, Flo. McDonald, Robert 8 E. 4th, Montgomery, Alo. McDonald, Thomos 426 N. Stone St., DeLond, Flo. MocDONOUGH, Robert Rt. 5, Hendersonville, N. C. McEACHERN, John W Brundage, Alo. McGINlEY, Corolyn...-903 N. Oleander, Doylono Beach, Flo. McGinn, Fronds L 860 S. Alabama, Delond, Fla. McGAUGH, Willie Jr 1216 S. Flo. Ave., St. Cloud, Flo. McGRAW, Williom D Box 48, Pentwoler, Mich. McGregor, Morsholl S. Blvd., Delond, Flo. MclNNlS, Archibald C. Jr Box 15, Deleon Springs, Flo. MclNNIS, Julian S Box 15, Deleon Springs, Fla. MclNTOSH, Kenneth W 11660 Griffing Blvd., Miami, Flo. McKAMEY, Howord A 5 Rose Ct. Apts., Sonford, Flo. McKELLIGAN, Eugene F P. O. Box 505, DeLond, Flo. McKENNA, Froncis 115-16 198th St., St. Albons, N. Y. McKENZlE, Robert 1810 E. Swift. Jacksonville, Flo. McKEOWN, Horoce S...1520 Fla. Ave., W. Polm Beoch, Flo. McLAUGHlN, Jockie 414 Haverlord Ave., Wonberth, Po. McLaughlin, Joseph Box 45, Terro Ceio, Flo. McLean, Wllliom R -Rt. 5, live Ook, Flo. McLENDON, Joseph P 608 N. Stone, DeLond, Flo. MclEOD, Ernie Eugene... .1 61 2 Swift St.. Jacksonville. Flo. McLEOD, Johnie A Box 76. lockhort. Flo. MclEOD, Russell M P. O. Box 76. Lockhort, Fla. McMILlEN, Margaret L. 219 N. Lakeside Crt., W. Polm Beach, Flo. McNEEL, Morgan I. III. ...1224 Whitlock Ave., Marietta, Go. McPHETERS, Elton N Cooperstown, Pa. McQUAIG, Randall J. Jr Monor, Ga. McTEER, Williom E 518 Mellonville Ave., Sonford, Flo. MABRY, John W 625 N. Church St.. Sportanbu MABRY, Woodford J. ..110 Polm Ploce, Neptune Be. MACE, Ann W 925 Evons Rd., Mori. MocEACHERN, John 200 N. Main, Brundi MACK, Charles E. Jr 431 15th St., Cromerlo MAGYAR, Stephen R 122 S. Delo. Ave., Dele MALCOM, Robert T Box K-57, Holly 1 MANN, Dorothy L 832 Sorento Rd., Jocksonv MANTLE, Morgoret R 729 N.W. 46 St., Mic MARCELL, Louise H 950 N. Clorc MARCHMAN, H Delo 118 Pair Doylo MARCHMAN, Mory M. 118 N. Palmetto Ave., Doytono Beo MARDEN, Roy F San Mote MARK, Francis G 3 Arenta St., St. Aug ustii MARKS, Alfred M 730 S. 5th, Eun MARKS, Moriorie S 602 N. Blvd., Delor MARCH, Earl W 2005 W. Fairbanks, Winter Po MARSHBURN, Joe D 2468 S.W. 16th Ct., Miai MARTENS, Frank R. Eastwood Ter., E. N. Y. Ave., Delo MARTIN, Glen W - RFD 1, DeLor MARTIN, Kenneth W Rl. 1, lowt. MARTIN, Mobel M Holly Hi . S. C h Ho s. c e, Alo , M. C d Flo 11 Flo le Flo Tli Flo d Flo ch Flo ch Flo o Flo ne Flo . La id Flo rk Flo MARTIN, Normon P Cily Borrocl,, DeLond, flo MARTIN, W.lliom R 2607 " Rivev Dr.. Cococ. Ho. MASK. Woiler Scotl Morion. Morion. N. C MASSFEUER, Mo« F. 1313 Doylono St.. Holly Hill, flo. MASTERS, Ambrose ■ C " Jr. 46 OiorloHe Si.. Sf. Awgwttirte. flo. MATHEWS, Fred H 237 W. MOKXiic. Oainntillt, fie. MATHEWS. Mrs. E. Morjorie _ Lsoburg. flo. MATHEV S. Robert E. It. 606 I. Main Si., B«lle Clode. Fie. MATHEWS. Ronold P. Rl. I, teeibvrg. Flo MATTHEUS, Goulding F. 512 W. Univ. Ave.. DeLond. Flo. MATHEWS, Robert MATTHIAS. Noncy E MARK. Robert E. MAXCY, logro J MAXCY, Stewart C MAXWELL, Edword W MAY. Joon MAYNARO. Jordon I. MEADE, Chorles MEEK, Anne 801 N.E. MEEK, John W 602 S. MEERDIKK, Joon 1. 1067 Congress Ave.. West Polm Beoch, Flo. MEISEl. Horry I. 206 E. N. Y. Ave.. DeLond. Flo MELEAR, Richord C 422 N.W. 54 St.. Miami, Flo MELLOR, Norolee F. 2011 Cosporillo Dr.. Ft. Myers. Flo. MEIOON, Donold H _ Pitse Coslle, flo. MELTON Leonord T _ Woldo, Flo. MERIWETHER. Joseph P 1328 N.W. 35 St.. Mioiei, Fla. MERIWETHER, Roger 1 37 E. Ceetrol. Orlando, flo. 618 Wisconsin, OeLofsd, Flo 115 24th St. W., Brodenlon. flo. Rt. 4. Box 90-D. Ocolo. flo Box 25. frostproof, F. 103 Kennison Dr.. Orlondo. flo. 135 W. Ohio Ave., DeLond, flo. Box 177, Chiploy. flo. Box 657, Euslis, flo. 602 fronk St., Points. ille, Ky. 6 St., ft. Loudardole, flo. Jocfcsonville Beoch, flo. MERREL MERRIl, Doris MERRIL. Howor MERRITT, Hogo MERRITf, Orph, MERRITT, Petri. MERTZ, Cloren. .Greenville, flo. Umotillo, flo. 128 N, Adelle A«e., DeLond, flo. Gen. Delivery, Linden, flo. Boker, flo. 29 N.E. 5 Ave., Delroy Beoch. flo. 934 Horlford Ave.. Holly Hill. flo. MERTZ, Glorio M. 420 N. Center St.. Eoslis. flo. MESSER, Irving L 171 Beoch 60 St., Arverne, N. Y. METCAIF. Arthur J. Box 286. Oviedo. Flo. MEYERS. Richord A 2521 7 Ave.. Brodenlon ' . Flo. MICHAEL, Jomes C Box 97, Sonford. Flo. MICHAEL. Rolph E. Rl. 2. Box 48. DeLond. Flo. MILES, Moxine 1. 1710 8 Ave., Brodenlon, flo. MILES, Victor H Rl. 2. Wewohilchko. flo. MILLER. Brodford 616 W. Gronodo, Venice, flo. .MILLER, Elizobelh Box 567, loke Cily. flo. MILLER, Froncis H. Ouorteri " l. " Novol Air Station. Almedo, Colif. MIllER, Jesse W 725 Rev MILLER, John A.. 1324 lake Connor MILLER, Richord A 1835 8th St. MILLER, Roy W. Box ' MILLER, Soroio R. . P. MIUER, Wolter E c o Mi MILLS. Broodus B. Jr 1152 E. N. Y. MILLS, Horold E Rt. 4, Box 146 HH, Orlondo, Flo. MINIE, Dermond C 25 Meller Si., Chicopee. Mass. MINK, Shirley A _ Box 155. Ooklond, Flo. MIRES, Jonnie M. 528 W. Minn. Ave., Delond. Flo. MITCHAM, Chorles A. Jr. P. O. Box 51, Ponle Vedro Beoch, Flo. MITCHELL, Berlho L. 3704 Leono St., Tompo 9, Flo. MITCHELL, Chorles G 847 N. Blvd., Delond, Flo. MITCHELL, Robert I. .2550 Flomingo Dr., Miami Beoch, Flo. MITNIK, Adolph 690 Acodemy St., New York 34. N. Y. MOBIEY, Arthur V 55 Edisto St., Johnston. S. C. MOEllER, Raymond T P. O. Box 644, Sebring. Flo. MOllER. Herbert B. Jr. 1841 Beoch Ave.. Atlontic Beach. Flo. MONROE, Merilyn B RFD 1. Northporo, N. Y. MONTGOMERY, Robert M Rl. 1. Alburlis. Po. MONTEITH. Charles E Box 75. Bryson City, N. C. Doytono Beach, ., Winter Hoven, , St- Petersburg. , South Doytono, Box 400, Ocolo, Bros.. Golhoon, Delond. H.. .1522 Carmel. Cleorwoler, Flo. MOOERS, Willi 112 S. Belmont Ave.. Alio H. : City. N. J. : City, N. J. 112 5. Belmont Ave.. Alia. MOON, Clyde R _ MOONEY, Bernard C 204 Del. Ave., Polmerlon, Po. MOORE, Betty W Rt. 3, Morion, S. C. MOORE, Bonnie J 207 S. Moore St.. Bennettsville. S. C. MOORE, Earle J 219 E. Rich, Delond. Flo. MOORE, Edward L...45 Pondfield Rd. W., Bronxville 8, N. Y. MOORE, Harold W 1412V7 Park Ave., Sonford, Flo. MOORE, James D Eou Gollie, Flo. MOORE, Roberta N .....601 Wilkie St., Dunedin, St. MOORE, Roy P 2225 S.W. 25th Ter., Miomi, Flo. MORGAN, Bruce M 722 W. Warren St., Shelby, N. C. MORRIS, Arthur N. Jr. 2231 S. Atlantic Ave., Daytona Beach. Fla. MORRIS, Arthur 28 Halifax Pork, Doytono Beach, Fla. MORRIS, Jewell Box 94, Welako, Flo. MORRIS, Virginia I. 2231 S. Atlantic Ave., Doytono Beoch, Flo. MORRISON, Earllyn M.....1025 Seville Place, Delond, Fla. MORRISON, George S. Ill-P. O. Box B-1, Port Oronge. Flo- MORSE, Sylvia A ...P. O. Box 725, Starke, Fla. MORTON, Hermon J 518 Anita St., Houston, Texas MOSHER, Robert E. Jr Box 838. DeLond. Flo. MOSLEY, Loyd C. Rt. 7. Box 268. Lennox Ave., Jacksonville, Fla. MOSS, Isobelle E Beachcomber Apts., Delroy Beoch, Flo. MOZINGO, Gilbert R 4708 10th Ave., Tampa, Flo. MULLING, Aaron C. Jr... P. O. Box 524, Frostproof, Flo. MULLIS, Claude L 431 Dellwood Ave.. Jacksonville, Flo. MUNDY, Tom G. Jr -106 W. 4th St., Tifton, Go. MUNRO, Sammie C 321 W. Reynolds St., PlonI City, Fla. MUNSON, Edword W...444 S. Woodland Blvd., Delond, Flo. MURPHEY, Doniel H. Jr 832 E. N. Y. Ave., Delond, Fla. MURPHY, Clorise 1903 Hubbard St., Jacksonville, Flo. MURPHY, Joseph L. Jr --1709 12th Ave., Hickory, N. C- MURPHY, Julian H Box 96, Green Cove Springs, Flo. MURRAY, Alva Dorrel 4206 Neb. Ave.. Tompo. Flo. MURRAY, Theodore A. Jr...ll6 E. Howry Ave., DeLond, Flo. MURRELL, Williom O. Jr Box 2231, Orlando, Flo. MUSLEH, Emile G 14 Monroe, Ocolo, Flo. MUSLEH, lourelle J 7805 louro St., Jocksonville 8, Flo. MYERS, Paul L Rt. 2, Grove City. Ohio Park, Tr Nc 8, DeLand, Fla NAUGLE, Jerry P. 1447 N. Atlantic Ave., Daytona Beacti, Flo. NAYLOR, George T. Jr. NEBORAK, William Jr - -RFD 2, DeLond, Fla. NEDZA, John J 1 261 2 W. Voorhis, DeLond, Flo. NEEL, Georgiano L.. .6120 5tli Ave. S., St. Petersburg, Flo. NELSON, Gifford R. 3225 S. Atlantic Ave., Daytona Beacli, Fla. NELSON, Donald W. 1301 V2 N. Woodlond Blvd., DeLond, Flo. NELSON, Harold Z 815 8lli Ave., Vero Beach, Flo. NELSON, Joseph P. O. Box 1107, Doytono Beoch, Flo. NELSON, Morilyn A DeLuxe Diner, Titusvillle, Flo. NELSON, Neil A 1010 E. DeSoto, Pensacola, Flo. NELSON, William Sporkman St., Orange City, Flo. NEPVEUX, Reginald J. 1324 Edgewood Or., Jocksonville, Flo. NEVARES, George R. Jr Too Bajo, Porto Rico NEVIN, Thos. A 228 S. RIdgewood, Daytona Beach, Flo. NEW, William L. Jr -306 Aill St., Thomoston, Go. NEWBY, Robert M ..8722 Tampa St., Tompo 4, Flo. NEWELL, Lois A E. Princeton Ave., Orlondo, Flo. NEWMAN, Alfred C. Jr 301 S. Blvd., DeLond, Flo. NEWMAN, Horry G. Jr - 315 5th Ave., N. Y., N. Y. NEWMARK, Marvin S 2806 Cloflin Ave., New York, N. Y. NEWSOME, Seber Jr 271 Tolluloh Ave. Jacksonville, Flo. NEWSOME, Williom T. Jr P. O. Box 72, Wellborn, Flo. NEWTON, Edward J Astotulo, Flo. NICHOLS, Harry E 332 E. 9th St., Jacksonville, Flo. NICHOS, Rhebo Ulmo Box 2, Chattohoochee, Flo. NICHOLS, Torquin A. 2829 Burlington Ave., St. Petersburg, Fla. NICHOS, Vivian M..... 315 N. Gilmore, Lakeland, Fla. NICHOLSON, Earl G 962 E. Vistobulo St., Lokeland, Flo. NIELSEN, Arthur C .- 611 Cheokee, DeLand, Flo. NOELL, Don B 1000 N. Atlantic, Doytono Beoch, Fla. NOLAN, Walter E Rt. 7, Box 451 -A, Jocksonville, Flo. NOLLKAMPER, Leslie M Rt. 1, Shiner, Texas NORFLEET, Betty A - Newberry, flo. NORRMAN, Harry Curis .Box 923, DeLond, Flo. NORMAN, Huber t D 211 Phippens Ave., DeLand, Flo. NORTH, Owen U 713 N. Modison Ave., Clearwater, Fla. NORTHEN, Susan 457 Golf Blvd., Doytono Beach, Fla. NORTHRUP, Ann J Rt. 7, Box 139 C, Orlando, Fla. NORWOOD, Mary J 1612 Sloter, Valdosto, Go. NOTRICA, Morris 117 E. Waldburg, Sovonnoh, Go. O ' BYONE, Woden E...1190 26th Ava, N., St. Petersburg, Flo. OEFFLER, Wayne W P. O. Box 36, N. Miomi Beoch, Flo. OGLESBY, Betty J ...Jupiter, Fla. OLDFORD, Margoret E...316 Pilgrim Rd., W. Palm Beach, Fla. OLSON, James W. 1604 Ocean Deresten, Doytono Beach, Flo. OVERALL, Herbert R. Jr Rt, 2, Box 1-D, Moitland, Flo. OWEN, Frederick H. Jr.... Manchester, Maine OWEN, Sonya W 1901 Prospect Ave., Ft. Myers, Flo. OWENS, Chos. D 106 Powell, Putherioro, N. C. OWENS, Edno L Rt. 4, Box 30 Et. H., Ponsocola, Flo. OWENS, James T Chipley, Flo. OWENS, William J Hompfon, Go. PACE, Jack W 510 Second Ave. E., Bradenton, Flo. PACKER, Jane C 45 Lake Minn., DeLond, Flo. PADGETT, Jack R 1328 N. Atlantic, Daytona Beach, Flo. PAFFORD, Borbora A 2368 S.W. 13 St., Miami, Fla. PAGE, Lawrence E 821 Washington St., Whitman, Mass. PAINTER, Dorothy N .591 Stockton St., Jockonville, Flo. PALMER, George J Box 838, DeLond, Flo. PANAS, Harry C. Jr.. 615 Tris St., W. Palm Beach, Fla. PANTON, William E 134 Carlton Rd., DeLand, Fla. PAPIA, Ferdinondo 2142 Cypress St., Tampo, Flo. PARHAM, Wm. H 1614 Donold St., Jacksonville, Flo. PARKS, Robert M Box 196, Ormond Beoch, Flo. PARRISH, Earl Wm. Jr Orlando, Flo. PARSLEY, Walter T. 1416 N. Shore Dr., St. Petersburg, Fla. PARSON, Roymond E DeLand, Fla. PARTIN, Lillo M ...P. O. Box 652, Sonford, Flo. PATRICK, Judith A 16 Goodoll Ave., Daytona Beach, Fla. PATTERSON, Albert L 1004 Vernon St., LoGronge, Go. PATTERSON, Ben R 2654 Nevbeno, New Orleons, La. PATTERSON, Carolyn H ...207 N. Boundary, DeLand, Fla. PATTERSON, Charles D 1737 S.W. 12th St., Miami, Flo. PATTERSON, John E .207 S. Alo., DeLand, Fla. PATTERSON, Joseph G. 635 Tonglewood St., Doytono Beoch, Fla. PATTON, Robert A. Jr 138 E. Mich., DeLond, Fla. PATY, Byrd F. Jr 100 Willermen Rd., W. Palm Beoch, Flo. PANBY, Robert J. ..5227 27th Ave. S.E., St. Petersburg, Flo. PEARL, Ruby F 224 W. N. Y. Ave., DeLand, Flo. PEARSON, Embree J 811 Laurel St., Orlando, Flo. PEARSON, Mortin L Box 133, Wauchula, Flo. PEDDY, Mary A 729 Sr. Johnson, Lakeland, Flo. PELNEZ, Betty J 301 S. Albany, Tampa, Flo. PELHAM, James E 2523 N. St., Pensocolo, Flo. PELHAM, John L - 2523 N. St., Pensocolo, Flo. PEILERIN, Yvonne E 3930 Ala. Ave., St. Petersburg, Flo. PEMBLE, Dorothy A Leesburg, Flo. PENLAND, Somuel P 2107 Southview Ave., Tompa, Flo. PERKINS, Bruce H 60 Main St., Danbury, Conn. PERKINS, Mary A E. Main St., Gollotin, Tenn. PERKINS, Richard M P. O. Box 453 York Village, Maine PERKINS, Robert L 134 W. 30th St., Jocksonville, Flo. PERRAULT, Peter B...735 Ardmore Rd., W. Palm Beach, Flo. PERRETT, Elaine A 689 Pingree, Detroit, Mich. PERRY, Edson C Uncosville, Conn. PERRY, James L 204 Patrick, Kissimmee, Flo. PERSONS, Jack S 1716 Monte Vista Ave., Ft. Myers, Fla. PETERS, Bernice J 274 E. Rich, DeLand, Fla. PETERSON, Arvid J Plerson, Flo. PETERSON, F. R Corrine Dr., Rt. 6, Orlando, Flo. PETERSON, Robert E Box 124, Jasper, Flo. PETRVSCHELL, Robert L 619 First Ave., Mt. Doro, Flo. PETTY, Nancy L 6503 Sapphire Dr., Jacksonville, Flo. PFEIFFER, Betty A 500 E. Livingston, Orlondo, Flo. PHILLIPS, Borbora M...610 Victory Blvd., Stolen Island, N.Y. PHILLIPS, Louis V Rt. 1, Box 39.B, Orlando, Fla. PHIlllPS, Mary E RFD 1, Ellicottville, N. Y. PHILLIPS, Pressly C...S26 35th Ave. S., St. Petersburg, Flo. PINDER, Robert H 1853 N.W. 47th, Miomi, Flo. PINDER, Walter F 1853 N.W. 47th St., Miomi, Fla. PEPPIN, Peggy A W. 1st St., Sonford, Fla. PITTMAN, Gordon 1 208 Milton Ave., Morionno, Fla. PITTS, Marilyn J Rt. 4, Box 62-A, Miomi, Fla. PITTS, Raymond C Rt. 4, Box 108, Lakeland, Fla. PITZKE, Fronces P 4566 Perry St., Jocksonville, Flo. PITZKE, Geo. F. Ill 4566 Perry St., Jacksonville, Fla. PLANK, Patricia E 3021 Ocean Blvd., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. PLATT, Eugene K 1914 Monotee Ave., Monotee, Flo. PLUMMER, Beotrice A. 536 Hompton Rd., W. Palm Beoch, Flo. POLLARD, Ernest L Glenwood, Flo. POODRY, Leonord Box 325, Umotilla, Flo. POPPELL, Jay H Highlands, Lokelond, Fla. POSEY, Fred G 128 Remington Ave., Thomasville, Go. POSSAFUEME, Soluatore V. 1025 Flemington St., Pittsburgh, Pa. POWELL, Coreto A 116 Hamilton Ave., Ponomo City, Flo. POWELL, Fitzhugh K 4016 Aleozo, Jocksonville, Flo. POWELL, Orville P 1038 Old Post Rd., Fairfield, Conn. POWERS, Robert E 105 N. Hillcrest St., Beckley, W. Vo. PRATT, Martha A 1320 Floyd St., Covington, Go. PIRIE, Alexander C ..307 N. Broadwoy, Gerevo, Ohio POLLACK, Leo 4812 Pinetree Dr., Miami Beoch, Flo. PRICE, Anno B.. Rt. 9, Box 440, Jacksonville, Flo. PRICE, Calvin M Box 12, East Gostonio, N. C. PRICE, Newell S Box 12, East Gostonio, N. C. PRIEST, Cliford G -Box 416, Anthony, Flo. PRINCE, Eugene J 5436 Harison, Allegheny, Po. PRIET Emily T Box 435, Winter Garden, Flo. PULEO, Som 2533 Cherry St., Tampa, Flo. PUMPHREY, Morris J 116 Marion St., Daytona Beach, Flo. PIERVIS, Marilyn L... 415 W. Imogene, Arcadia, Flo. PUTZER, Josephine H 7141 N.W. 2nd Ave., Miomi, Flo. QUIRK, Edword T 61 Spofford Ave., Lokewod, R. I. QUIRK, Joseph E. Jr. 3245 S. Atlantic Ave., Doytono Beach, flo. ROFFIELD, Betty J 315 1st Cove Crt., Ponomo City, Flo. RAGAND, Frank - 2510 Lourol, Tompo, Fla. RAINEY, William R Mt. Plymouth, Sorrento Flo. RANDALL, Meriom M .Conner, Flo. RAND, Harold S 546 N. Florida Ave., DeLond, Flo. RANSOM, Henry D 2741 Post St., Jocksonville, Flo. RAPE, Eorl B 115 E. Rich Ave,, DeLand, Fla. RATHEL, Cecil D 2716 47th St., Tompo, Flo. RATLIFF, Evelyn V Orlando Rd., Sonford, Flo. RAULERSON, Mortha F 557 N.W. 44 St., Miami, Flo. RAULERSON, Nellie J 559 N.W. 43 St., Miami, Fla. RAY, Ralph R 200 Maple, Sonford, Flo. RAYMOND, Fronck M. 433 Isle of Palms, Ft. Lauderdale, Flo. REOM, Robert G 700 S. Summerlin, Orlando, Flo. REAVES, Edwin M 901 Drew C, Clearwater, Flo. REBEL, Benn P Eustis, Fla. REDFEHRIV, Ellison H. Jr 215 N. E. St., Lake Worth, Fla. REED, E. R 215 S. Keech St., Doytono Beoch, Flo. REED, John A 422 Seamon Ave., Daytona Beach, Fla. REED, John C P. O. Box 26, Glenwood, Flo. REED, Patricio J -..412 W. Howry, DeLond, Flo. REESEMAN, Lois A 417 S. Tenn. Ave., Lokeland, Fla. REEVES, Lucius J 327 W. Wis. Ave., DeLond, Flo. REGISTER, Scott Box 191, Winter Hoven, Flo. REICHARD, Richard M 206 E. N. Y. Ave., DeLond, Fla. REILLY, Robert C 460 S. Ocean Blvd., Delroy, Fla. REINBOLD, Moynard D...207 Live Ook St., New Smyrna, Flo. RELLAS, John P 55 Chestnut St., Woshno, N. H. RENWICK, Robert W 131 W. 4th St., Dunkirk, N. Y. REVELS, Doris M Sheriffs Office, Polotka, Fla. RHINEHART, Dorothy E. Oceon Shore Blvd., Ormond Beach, Flo. RHODES, Solly E 607 W. Minn., DeLond, Flo. RIBET, Ferdinond Ribet Blvd., Voldese, N. C. RICHARDSON, Edwin C 523 N.E. Isl., Pompono, Flo. RICHARDSON, Frank C 145 W. Wise, DeLond, Flo. RICHARDSON, Libby B 145 W. Wis., DeLond, Flo. RICHARDSON, John D 606 E. Rich Ave., DeLond, Flo. RICHTER, Morgaret C Box 295, Safety Harbor, Flo. RICKEY, Robert DeLond, Fla. RIDEOUT, Clorence P. 4017 Sottortic Ave., Doytono Beach, Flo. RIGGS, Lowrence B. 2901 Washington Rd., W. Polm Beach, Flo. RIGGS, Nino J. ..2901 Washington Rd., W. Polm Beach, Flo. RILES, Horrell K Gen. Del., Ocola, Flo. RILEY, James W Star Rt., Eustis, Flo. RITCHIE. Tyre A Ook Hill, Flo. ROBERTS, Beverly E 237 W. Rich Ave., DeLond, Flo. ROBERTS, Franklin R Rt. 1, Box 221, Holly Hill, Flo. ROBERTS, Garland L 211 Thompson St., Ft. Myers, Flo. ROBERTS, John K 107 S. Campbell, Daytona, Flo. ROBERTS, Julion M 107 Lake St., Apopka, Fla. ROBERTS, Kenneth A. 532 Ave. M. N.W., Winter Haven, Flo. ROBERTS, Patricio J. ..1917 Larenmont Ave., Ft. Myers, Fla. ROBERSON, Ralph Kendall, Pikeville, Tenn. ROBINSON, Alice V. 400 N.E. 5th Ave., Pompono Beoch, Flo. ROBINSON, Lorraine 1300 N. Halifax Dr., Doytono Beoch, Fla. ROBINSON, Williom A 318 Margoret, Key West, Fla. RODGERS, Shirley E 5811 S.W. 5 Ter., Miami, Flo. RODGERS, William F. Jr. 1133 Edgewood Blvd., Ocola, Flo. ROEBUCK, Arthur R. Jr. No Militory Troll, W. Palm Beoch, Flo. ROGERS, Joyce H 3129 Benton, Konsos City, Mo. ROHDE, Clifto A Beresford, Flo. ROOP, Robert E 632 Sheridon Blvd., Orlando, Flo. ROOT, John B 811 Palmetto, Sonford, Flo. ROOT, Nelson M 531 W. Ookdole, DeLond, Flo. ROSA, Rudolph C 3317 S4th St., Jockson Heights, N. Y. ROSE, Jomes R 5080 S. Atlonlic, Doytono Beoch, Flo. ROSENKERG, Harold J 452 W. 11th St., Sorosoto, Flo. ROSS, Charles R 2040 Alcazar, Ft. Myers, F ROSSI, William II 1419 Denniston Ave., Pittsburgh, I ROTAN, Joy G Box 995-71 8th Ave., Cromerton, N. ROUTH, Hozel J 1616 W. 2nd, Sonford, F RAYAL, George L. Jr Belle Glode, F RUDOLPH, Edward P Poloski 389, Brooklyn, N. RUE, Jeonette E Box 877 E. 4th St., Stuart, f RUFF, James Oscar 615 Drayton St., Newberry, S. RUFFALO, Williom T 6C8 Butler, Daytona Beach, F RUIS, Evelyn ..Rt. 2, Box 17A, Plant City, F RUSSELL, John D 1706 Hills Ave., Tampa, F RUTLEDGE, Fronces L Box 572, Belle Glade, f SALATINO, Alphone P 341 Whitney St., Monroe, N. Y. SALATINO, Somuel J 341 Whitney St., Monroe, N. Y. SALEM, Boder A 3520 Herschel St., Jocksonville, Fla. SALEM, Kormel A 3520 Herschel St., Jocksonville, Flo. SOLOMON, Ferninond L. 831 W. Oleonder, Doytono Beach, Flo. SANDUSKY, Carl P 606 E. Oak St., DeSoto, Fla. SIMMONS, Bland B ...248 W. 68th, Jacksonville, Flo. SANGSTER, Philip C. Jr. 25 Stonybrook Rd., Cope Elizobeth, Maine SARGENT, Pearl A 189 Forest St., Essex, Moss. SAUERBRUN, Richord W...93 Hillside Rd., Elizabeth, N. J. SAVOLDI, Frank P Shoron Mercer Rd., Shoron, Pa. SAYRE, Sandro L 560 N.E. 102 St., Miami, Flo. SCALE, John H. Jr Rt. 2, Hight Point, N. C. SCARLETT, Joseph A N. Oronge Ave., DeLond, Fla. SCHAUB, Fronk X DeLand, Fla. SCHERR, Doniel-Plantotion Estates, Box 1020, Sonford, Fla. SCHICK, David 1033 N, Blvd., DeLand, Flo. SCHIMMELPFENNIG, David D. Airport Trailer Court, DeLond, Fla. SCHLENS, Frederico S. 66 Riverbeach Dr., Ormond Beoch, Flo. SCHLETER, Cyril D 326 E. 18th St., Jacksonville, Fla. SCHLEYEL, J. Louis Winchester, Ky. SCHNEIDER, Richard P. O. Box 28, Sondyville, Ohio SCHNEIDER, Betty Jocksonville, Fla. SCHREIBER, Jerry S 500 Deering St., Morionno, Flo. SCHRIEFFER, Barbara Moe DeLond Rd., Eustis, Flo. SCHRENK, Earl 142 E. Howrey Ave., DeLond, Flo. SCHUIER, Charles G 1604 Dousford, Jacksonville, Flo. SCHULTZ, Donold A 374 Newport, Detroit, Mich. SCHULTZ, Edward A 220 S. Holly, Oronge City, Flo. SCHWARTZ, C. Harold 351 McKinley Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. SCOTT, Jock J 309 N. Boston Ave., DeLand, Flo. SCOTT, Rolph W 3741 Hunter St., Jacksonville, Fla. SEEGERS, Samuel B. Ill 837 S. Dokoto, Tompo, Fla. SEELY, Archer B 909 The Circle, Albony, Go. SEGRAVES, Charles J 906 Pearl St., Ft. Myers, Flo. SELCMAN, Louro J Box 6, Cossadogo, Flo. SEYMOUR, Williom R Borberville, Flo. SHABALA, Stephen 1813 Po. Ave., New Castle, Pa. SHAFER, Carl A Rt. 1, New Smyrna Beoch, Flo. SHAKON, Joon V 509 Fohnstock, Eustis, Fla. SHARPE, Stephen E Box 195, St. Cloud, Flo. SHARPLESS, Albert 6804 Exfoir Rt., Montgomery, Md. SHARPLESS, Barbara 6804 Exfoir Rt., Montgomery, Md. SHASHY, Odette 1025 E. Ft. King Ave., Marion, Flo. SHAW, Helen M 108 Mulberry St., Loke Wales, Fla. SHAW, Robert L 128 W. 46th Ave., Gary, Ind. SHAW, Shirlo 314 E. Orange St., Jesup Go. SHEFFIELD, Eugene 212 Osiela, Eustis, Fla. SHELDON, Mrs. Mortho K. 515 Faulkner St., New Smyrna, Fla. SHEPARD, Wolter C ...P. O. Box 512, Cocoo Flo SHEPPARD, John F .945 S. Po. Ave., lakeland, Flo. SHERIDAN, Thomos DeLond Airport, DeLond, Fla. SHIOLI, James R 215 W. Coots, Doytono, Fla. SHINE, James .4906 Atlontic Blvd., Jacksonville, Fla. SHUFORD, George H 131 E. Ind. Ave., DeLond, Flo. SHUPP, Roy D Rt. 1, E. Polotka, Flo. SIBERT, Morgaret 6 Ridley Ct., Glen Ridge, N. J. SIBLE, John H 511 Norfolk St., Tompo, Flo. SIGLEY, Herbert J. Jr 531 Puloski St., Bethlehem, Pa. SIKES, Thelmo D Rt. 1, Box 94, Sonford, Fla. SILER, Samuel B. Jr 1 S. Lake Dr., Clearwater, Flo. SIMMA, Thomos C 4031 ; e. Rich, DeLond, Fla. SIMON, H. J 403 Knox St., Borbourville, Ky. SIMS, John N Rt. 1, Hogonsville, Go. SINGLETON, George Rt. 5, Thomasville, Ga. SINGLETON, Leono S 304 N. 7th St., Los Vegos, Nevada SINNETT, Joseph V 208 W. Wis., DeLond, Flo. SKAGGS, Rodney 1087 Wolfe, Jacksonville, Flo. SKEEN, Sandra 815 Main St., Williomsburg, Ky. SKEENE, Virginio A 323 Ocean Dr., Pompono, Fla. SKINNER, Mory Louise 1251 Chichester, Orlando, Fla. SLATER, Betty 404 Porsvell Ave., Woycross, Go. SLOAN, Dell 371 E. Broadwoy, Ft. Meade, Fla. SLOAN, Tocoma G 371 E. Broadwoy, Ft. Meade, Flo. SLOAT, Annoh J P. O. Box 19, Orlando, Fla. SMITH, Allen B 237 W. Stetson, DeLand, Flo. SMITH, Annette St. George, Go. SMITH, Borbora... .-- 821 W. 1st St., Homesteod, Flo. SMITH, Ernest Umatilla, Flo. SMITH, Eugene I .508 W. University, DeLond, Flo. SMITH, Francis.- 6601 Parker Ave., W. Polm Beach, Flo. SMITH, Glenn B. Jr 1801 Mich. Ave., Miomi, Fla. SMITH, Glenn E.. 200 Laurel Ave., Sonford, Fla. SMITH, Geoffrey E 3909 Drexel Ave., Tompo, Fla. SMITH, Horrell 2142 Sherwood Ave., Louisville, Ky. SMITH, Hugh A...- - - Corlton, Ga. SMITH, Jock W 308 S. Atlantic, Doytono Beach, Flo. SMITH, Jack 114 N. Clara Ave., DeLand, Fla. SMITH, Jeanne M Indian Rocks, Fla. SMITH, LeRoy 1284 N. 12th Ave., Pensocolo, Fla. SMITH, Morgoret L 237 W. Stetson Ave., DeLond, Flo. SMITH, Merrill 550 Mognolia Ave., Doytono Beoch, Flo. SMITH, Noncy 2401 1st Ave., St. Petersburg, Fla. SMITH, Robert J 209 E. Raymond, Donsville, III. SMITH, Sidney E 504 Commerce, Genevo, Alo. SMITH, Virgil .425 W. 18th St., Sonford, Flo. SMITH, Wendell B. Box 97, Merritt Island, Fla. SMITH, Wilboin L. Rt. 10, Box 138, Jacksonville, Fla. SNYDER, Dolloff B - Ft. Myers, Flo. SNYDER, W. Roy 1349 N. Blvd., DeLand, Flo. SOLBRIG, Gloria K 8147 S, Polne, Chicooo, III. SOLOMON, Jamos 421 S. Main, Winter Gordon, Flo. SOLOMON, Noncy J 902 Windion, Briilol, Tonn, SOWERS, William R 1 208 Ardiloy Rd., Jackionvlllo, Flo, SPANGLER, Belly L. ,220 Ascol PI. N.E., Woihlnglon 2, D.C. SPEAR Don 216 Hlohlond Ave., Ml. Dora, Flo. SPEER, Ceoroo A. , 518 Pork Ave., Sonlord, Flo. SPEER, Polrkio A. 905 1 si Ave., Albany, Go. SPBCER, Alberl 211 Andrevrs SI., Nevr Smyrno, Flo. SPENCER, Cloience Jr. 382B 70lh Ave. S., BIrminohom, Ala. SPENCER, Richard A 3607 Son Juan, Tompo, Flo. SPENCER, Ronald S. 1721 N. I9lh Ave., Peniocolo, Flo. STAFFORD, Chrislopher A. .1203 Collage Si., Fl. Myeri, Flo. STAFFORD, Dorothy 4301 50th Ave. N., St. Petersburg, Flo. STAFFORD, Jomos 833 S. 2nd St., Jacksonville, Flo. STAGER, Georgia M. Umollllo, Flo. STALLINGS, Douglas .. 800 W. Morion St., Shelby, N. .C STANCIL, James 503 Ind. Ave., Wouchulo, Flo. STANFILL, Shirley 440 Control Ave., Bartow, Flo. STEINMETZ, Christian P. O. Box 7, Wheeling, W. Vo. STEILINGWEIF, Beatrice M. 430 N. Adelle Ave., DeLond, Flo. STENSTROM, Herbert E 300 W. 5lh St., Sonford, Flo. STENSTROM, Julian L 1600 Pork Ave., Sonford, Flo. STEPHENSON, Helen 309 W. 15th St., Sonford, Flo. STEPHENS, Columbus Umatilla, Flo. STEPHENS, Dorlo ,. 131 Westchester Dr., High Point, N. C. STEPHENS, James R Rl- 1. Webster, Flo. STEPHENS, Malcolm I. Jr. 20 Soraoosso St., SI. Augustine, Flo. STEPHENS, William C 352 Alexonder St., Ml. Dora, Flo. STEPHENS, William Jr, 169 Arlington Ave., Doytono Beach, Fla. STEWART, Anna M. 2865 B oco Ciego Dr. N., St. Petersburg, Flo. STEWART, Rebekoh 328 W. Rich Ave., DeLond, Flo. STILLMAN, Philip 314 S. Grandview, Doytono, Flo. STILLWELL, Sarah C 406 E. Vine St., Ml. Vernon, Ohio STOKLEY, Elouise D 1506 Riverside Dr., Holly Hill, Flo. STONES, Frederick E...2123 Toledo St., Doytono. Beoch, Flo. STOOPS, Joon C Box 116, Umotillo, Flo. STRATFORD, Sieve 546 E. 58th St., Jacksonville, Flo. STRATTON, Betty 109 N. 1 2lh St., Leesburg, Flo. STRATTON, Sup 109 N. 12th St., Leesburg, Flo. STRAWN, John 127 S. Orange, DeLand, Flo. STREIT, Walton 150 S. Broodwoy, Pitman, N. J. STRINGER, Thomas 703 W. 1st St., Sonford, Flo. STROUD, Ernest P. O. Box 267, LoGronge, Go. STUBBS, Helen 1730 Silver St., Jocksonville, Flo. SULLIVAN, Beni L Air Base, Box 838, DeLond, Flo. SUMMERLIN, Belly A 2142 Pork St., Jacksonville, Flo. SUMMERS, Jeanne Rt. 5, Box 402, Orlondo, Flo. SUSPRENANT, Guslone R.-432 W. N. Y. Ave., DeLond, Flo. SURPRENANT, Oliver. ...23 Tolcoll Ave., Jerretl City, Conn. SUTTON, John Windermere, Flo. SWAIDMARK, Glodys 143 E. Muriel, Orlondo, Fla. SWAIN, Aoron 15th St., Haines City, Flo. SWAIN, Clifford 747 N. Blvd., DeLond, Flo. SWART, Richord A 3209 Noshviile St., Orlando, Flo. SWARTZ, Bonnie L 423 Jockson St., Aurora, III. SWETT, Vardell Rl. 1, Rovrlond, N. C. SYMINGTON, Williom H 6405 155 St., Flushing, N. Y. TALTON, Edword Violet Wood Rd., Delond, Flo. TAREERT, Morcio 3187 S.W. 23rd St., Miami, Flo. TARTARI, Cormeto 815 W. Euclid Ave., Delond, Flo. TATOUL, Robert I. ..303 Royal Palm Way, Palm Beoch, Flo. TAUNTON, Thomas E 2700 N.W. 14th Ave., Miami, Flo. TAVERO, James E 1105 N. Blvd., DeLond, Flo. TAYLOR, ' Bertie M. M 610 Oak Ave., Sonford, Flo. TAYLOR, Horace P 528 Rowton Ave., Jacksonville, Flo. TAYLOR, John B. .2904 N. Chamberlain, Chattanooga, Tenn. TAYLOR, Lewis 4215 Bull St., Savannah, Go. TENEDEE, Morgorel.Coloniol Apt. Hotel, Doytono Beoch, Flo. TEMPLE, George 1336 Elliott, Sonford, Flo. TENBROECK, Owen G 3 Dowling CI., Doytono Beoch, Flo. TeSTRAKE, Edno Ml. Dora, Flo. THAMES, Priscillo A. 455 Noutilos Ave., Doytono Beach, Flo. THARP, William R Rt. 2, Box 623, Sorosoto, Flo. THERIOT, Nancy J 1514 4lh St., Polmetto, Flo. THEUS, Richord 726 E. 3rd St., Ocolo, Flo. THIGPIN, Preston H. 1153 S. Ridgewood, Doytono Beoch, Flo. THOMAS, Beatrice.. ..2183 29th Ave., Apt. 195, Tompo, Flo. THOMAS, Lemuel M 120 Emmett St., Doytono Beach, Flo. THOMAS, Ruth 3023 Timor St., Orlando, Flo. THOMPSON, Jocqueline. .1020 S.W. 23rd Ave., Miami, Fla. THOMPSON, John T. Jr 409 Buffalo, Formville, Vo. THOMPSON, Morgoret A. ..3250 S. Rio Gronde, Orlando, Flo. THOMSON, Robert C 240 E. Rose Ave., Oronge City, Flo. THORN, Dewey E Box 27, Seville, Flo. THORPE, Libbie 802 N. Flo. Ave., Wouchulo, Flo. THURMOND,, Lois 1316 Flo. Ave., Fl. Pierce, Flo. THURSBY, William Jr...S. Corpenler Ave., Oronge City, Flo. TILLER, Rolph .310 Grand Central, Tompo, Flo. TILLIS, Horold P 218 N. Ky. Ave., DeLond, Flo. THRASHER, Carolyn 3920 Club Dr., Atlanta, Go. TILLIS, Vivo K 115 W. Mognolio, Lokelond, Flo. TINSLEY, Marvin H .138 N.W. 16th Ave., Miami, Flo. TITTSWORTH, Clayton 4614 Sunset Blvd., Tompo, Flo. TOGGWEILER, John Herman. .151 N.W. 47th St., Miomi, Flo. TOOMER, Thoddoui Box 187, N«w Smyrno Beoch, Flo. TOBIER, Rolond A 11806 Biicoyno Blvd.. Miomi, Flo. TOMLINSON, Eleonor A 527 W. Moy St., Delond, Flo. THOMPKINS, Chloe Wild»ood, Flo. TOSSELL, Motlhow 274 E. Coiiell Ave., Borberlon, O. TOWNS, Williom B. 3671 Richmond St., Jockionvillo, Flo. lOWNE, Williom B E. Kingilon, Rockinghoni, N.H. TOWNSEND, John L. 5 Aropohoo Ave., Jockionville, Flo. TRAEGER, Donold M Box 866, Delond, Flo. TRAVILLIAN, Dolores I. 1120 Pk. loke Ave., Orlondo, Flo. IRAVIlllAN, Dorolheo CI 120 Pk. Loke Ave., Orlondo, Flo. TRAWICK, Virginio Webiler, Flo. TREEN, Lewis Box 6, Euslii, Flo. TRIANTEFEllER, Nick 114 Oronge, Doylono Beoch, Flo. IROUTT, Forest C P. O. Box 139, Orange City, Flo. TROUT, Thomos W P. O, Box 5144, Jockionvillo, Flo. TRUE, Charlotte loke Mory, Flo. TRUE, Robert Loke Mory, Flo. TRULOCK, Helen E 520 Conroy St., Orlondo, Flo. TRUNDLE, Helen V. 821 E. Broward Blvd.. Fl. Louderdole, Flo. TUCKER, Jomei 63 E, living. Ion St.. Orlondo. Flo. TUCKER, leRoy 1010 Hill St., Ocolo. Flo. TUCKER, Robert Rl. 2, Box 1697, Sorosoto, Flo. TUCKER, Vivion .1203 fl. Kln9 Ave.. Ocolo, Flo. TURNACE, Herman live Ook, Flo. TURNER, Allene Wlldwood, Flo. TURNER, Herbert 326 S. Flo., Delond, Flo. TURNER. W. Ret 325 Wynn St.. Morionno. Flo. TURNER. Iro D Porriih. Flo. TURNER. Robert E 925 E. 5lh Ave.. Ml. Dora. Flo. TURNER. Shirley Edison. Flo. TWICHELL, Richord 91 Wiilord St., Now Bedord, Moii. TYLER, Patricio E. Enterprise, Flo. TYRE, Apostle P Pulnom Moll, Flo. TYRE, Ronold 123 N. Oloonder, Doylono Beoch. Flo. TYNER, Williom S. Jr. 4249 lokeihore Blvd.. Jocksonville. Flo. TYNER, Kemp lokelond. Flo. TYSON, Alice J 114 Balllraore Ave.. Woycroii. Go. UMBREIT, August D Box 221, Pomono Pork, Flo. NINE— DIRECTORY UNDERHILL, Bill 800 Moln St., Big Sprnig, Texoi UNKEFER, Roy R Box 536, Delond. Flo. USSERY, Vernon Rl. 8, Box 865A, Jocksonville, Flo. UTHLAUT, Williom W 639 Woodword, Orlondo, Flo. VAN DORN, Jeanne 204 Bronch Ave., Red Bonk, N. J. VAUGHAN, James M. Jr. 1935 S.W. 18lh St., Miomi 35, Flo. VAUGHN, Charles Umotillo, Flo. VAUGHN, Marvel 401 Ave. A. N.E.. Winter Haven, Flo. VISCONTI, Anthony J. Jr 613 N. Ind VITSARAS, Kotherine VITSARAS, Peggy VOGLESONG, Bettylc VOGTMANN, Elmira VONDERSCMITT, The . DeLo Delo Delot 501 N. Boundo 211 E. Voorh 3313 Son Miguel, Tompo, Flo. . Sto Rt. 1. Delond, Fl WADE, Alfred H Tovores, Flo. WADE, John E P. O. Box 623, lake City, Flo. WADE, Seoborn H 352 N.E. 105 St., Miomi, Flo. WALDEN, Ray Y. Jr P. O. Box 114, loke Butler, Flo. WALKER, John 416 N. Wild Olive, Doytono, Flo. WALKER, Judith S 229 N. " K ' St., Lake Worth, Flo. WALKER, Beeves L 464 lllh St., Cromerlon, N. C. WALKER, Soro E 1932 N.W. 41 St., Miomi, Flo. WALL, Millard Woshinglon Ave., Pierson, Flo. WALLER, Robert D. Jr. P. O. Box 3712, Doytono Beoch, Flo. WALTERS, John C. Jr 7812 Mulberry St., Tompo, Flo. WALTON, Eldes - Pompono, Flo. WARD, Horold Rt. 1. Box 15. Woldo. Flo. WARD, Miladeen I Box 68, DeFuniok Springs, Flo. WARD, Wilbur Brodenton, Flo. WARD, Williom D 221 W. Wis. Ave., DeLond, Flo. WARDEN, John D 1830 48th St. S., St. Petersburg, Flo. WARREN, Jock 1021 Stevens Ave., DeLand, Flo. WARNER, Richord 143 Peorson Dr., Asheville, N. C. WARREN, Sue 237 Third Ave., Doytono Beoch, Flo. WARRICK, Lawrence.. .274 Sylvan Blvd., Winter Pork, Flo. WASHINGTON, James E. 2874 Rosselle St., Jocksonville, Flo. WATERHOUSE, Frances Jr. 395 Pelican Ave., Doytono Beach, Flo. WATERS, Julion... 2000 Vo. Ave., Hoines, Flo. WATERS, Reuben E 237 S. Alobomo, DeLond, Fla. WATSON, Betty Lou Rt. 1, Ft. Meode, Flo. WATSON, Stuart Ocoee, Flo. WATSON, Tom 317 Feoning St., Elizobeth City, N. C. WATTERS, Marcus L Apopko, Flo. WATTS, John Box 584, Bryson City, N. C. WEAVER, William E. Jr.. Box 234, Flomolon, Alo. WEBB, Jo E 1729 Thomas Ave., Charlotte, N. C. WEBB, Noncy J 4670 Blount Ave., Jacksonville, Flo. WEBB, Robert Box 134, Umotillo, FIc. WEINACKER, Roger ...20 Delbosler Dr., Short Hills, N. J. WEINGARTNER, Charles 425 E. Oakdale, DeLond, Flo. WEISE, William M .18 S. 5th St., Lebanon, Po. WEITZEl, Joyne W 306 Washburn St., Lockport, N. Y. WELDON, Stephen 425 N. Walnut, Starke, Flo. WELDON, Tom 530 Live Oak, Doylono Beoch, Flo. weilS. Belly J 128 £ Pin. Si . MigHoodi. Flo WESCOTT. Horold 449 Moin, Boli.or, N. Y. WEST. Jomes P 541 V Rich. Delond, Rq. V MATTEY, Thurmon Pi 1. B« 89, Auburndole, Ho. WHEAT, Theodore 109 W.oin, l.b«rty. Me. V HEEIER. Connie I. .439 W 3lii, B«o . Flo. V HEEIER. Johnny 730 N. Beach St . Doylono Beoch, flo. WHEEIER, Perry Jr. Camp Koosevell, Ocolo, Flo. WHEEIER, Vi.ion _ tan 51, Eoloe Park, flo. WHIPPLE, Mory A Tovorei, Flo. WHIPPLE, Richord 3400 N.W. 135 St., Opa-Lecka, Flo. WMITAKER. V illiom H. o« 611. Tiluiville. Flo. WHITE Belly A. 1515 lOth Ave. W., Bradeolee, Fla. WHITE. George Ml. Ooro. Flo. V HITE. John 4200 Hotel. Oiicoso. III. WHITE, Roberto 304 N. 7th Si., toi Ve80(, Nev. WHITE. Thomos 131 W. Hoory, Delond, Flo. WHITEMAN, Oenese 420 N.W. I7lh Way, Ft. louderdole, Flo. WHITESIDE. Chorloi 1317 S. Moword. Tompo. Flo. WHITIS. John 2221 Jock.on 51 , Hollywood, Flo. WHITLEY. Jomes 13337 CuK Blvd.. St Peleriburg. Flo. WHITMIRE. Williom 220 ' i E. Mich.. Delond, Flo. WHITIIE, Joy Millon. Flo. WICKER. Ceroid W. Chorlet Si.. Avon Pork. Flo. WIECKOWSKA. Irene 12 Smulikowiki, Worsow, Polond WIECKOWSKA. Jon 12 Smulikowski. Worsow. Polond WIGGS. V oller 212 Poller Rd., W. Polm Beoch. Flo. WIGIE. Winifred 514 N Flo . Delond, Flo. WIIBANKS, V orren C. 316 Feigerson, Allonto. Co. WILDER. Morion 141 S Stone. Delond. Flo. WIIDESON. Richord 515 Oceonview. Doylono, Flo. WILKES, Mockie 346 Coll Blvd . Doylono. Flo. WILKINSON. Jocouie 309 E. 4lh St.. Ocolo. Flo. WIllCOX. Annette 3348 Son Jose Blvd.. Jockionville. Flo. WIllARD. Robert 432 S. Allontic. Delond. Flo. WILLIAMS, Almo 1862 N.W. 15lh Ter., Miami, Flo. WILLIAMS, Dorothy Woihlnglon Ave., Titusvllle, Flo. WILLIAMS. Jock Rl. 1. Kiiiimmee. Flo. WILLIAMS, lomor Delond. flo. WILLIAMS. Lenoro Rl. 1. Box 200. Homestead. Flo. WILLIAMS, Morjorie 328 S. MocArlhur, Ponomo City. Flo. WILLIAMS, Morlho 1070 E. Church St.. Bonow. flo. WIlllAMS, Mory . Box 1205. Orlondo. Flo. WIlllAMS, Noncy A. 541 Volencio Dr.. Sonford. flo. WILLIAMSON. Glenn 232S Silver Si . Jockionville. Flo. WILLIAMSON. John 119 ' , Noble St.. Doylono Beoch. Flo. WILLIS. Anno 1 220 W. 1 9lh St.. Sonford, flo. WIILIS, Helen O. 244 E, florence Ave., Delond. flo. Willis. Jomei 444 W. Rich. Delond. Flo. Willis, Jimmie C. 246 N. Florence Ave.. Delond. Flo. Willis. Moriorie 444 W. Rich, Delond. Flo. Willis. Robert I. 444 W. Rich. Delond, Flo. WILMOT, Ben 117 Church St., Richmond. Ky. WILSON, Chorlei W. 325 W. lokeiide Cl., W. Polm Beoch, flo. WILSON, Lewis 1203 N. Dovii, Albony, Go. WILSON, Morlho J. 1145 Miromor Ave., Jockionville, flo. WllSON, Pol Sonford, Flo. WILSON, Suson 433 W. Minn. Ave , DeLond. Flo. WIMER. John 123 N. Ridgewood. Doylono Beoch. Flo. WINFREE. Jock. .1610 S. Ridgewood. Doylono Beoch. Flo. WINGATE, Bonnie 216 First Cl., Ponomo City, Flo. WINGER, John Hoines City, Flo. WINIECKE, Alice 1218 W. 96th St.. Chicogo. III. WINNINGHAM, Otho-..601 E. 5Bth St., Jocksonville, Flo. WINTZ, Robert 424 W. Ridgewood. Doytono Beoch, Flo. WISE, Jean Fronces Box 2191, Hollywood. Flo. WITTS. Wendell .Bowling Green, Po. WOLF, Ralph 237 W. Stetson, Delond, Flo. WOLIAM, Alvoh E 526 W. Stetson. Orlando. Flo. WOMELDURF. Rolph _ Box 86. Woldo. Flo. WOOD. Charles Eustis, fla. WOOD, Jocoueline 220 E. 73rd St., New York, N. Y. WOOD, John 510 W. University, DeLond, Flo. WOOD, Richord 1023 N.W. 28th St., Miom!. Flo. WOODALL. Preston ...140 W. Lake St.. Libertyville, III. WOODBURN, Robert..l662 21st Ave. S.. St. Petersburg. Flo. WOODSON, Minnic-Rt. 1, Box 882 S. Po., Homesleod, Flo. WOODSON, L. Wiilord -- 1100 Victoria, Ft. Myers, Flo- WORSHAM, Bonks Forsyth, Go. WOODWORTH. Dorothy ...Richview Rd.. Ml. Vernon. III. WOOTEN, Helen L.. P. O. Box 218, Corol Gobies, Flo. WOOTTENN, Elmiro Bunnell, Flo. WRIGHT, Esther ...Box 3485, Doytono Beoch, Flo. WRIGHT, Jomes.- - Miomi. Flo. WRIGHT. Joe 2656 Sonford Ave., Sonford, Flo. WRIGHT, Murroy J .1017 18th St.. Orlondo, Flo. WRIGHT. Victor 116 W. 26th Ave.. Tompo. Flo. WYKOFF. Louis 2165 Seville Axe.. Vero. Flo. WYNNE, Parry H 3036 Vo. Pork, Detroit, Mich. YANCE. Normon A .-- Box 105. Ashford, Ala. YARBOROUGH, Benton 1215 E. 48th St.. Sovonnoh, Go. YELVINGTON, Beniomin J Yelmington, Fla. YELVINGTON, Horriett - Yelmington. Flo. YODER. Wondo Box 487, Moore Hoven, Flo. YOUNG, Mrs. Elizabeth _ Jocksonville, Flo. YOUNG, William Jacksonville, Flo. AUTOGRAPH: AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPH: i€ ' I .■Vlli Trustees of John 6. Siefson University are, (ront row, from left. Former Governor Doyle Carlton, J. Ollie Edmunds, President of thie University and Treasurer of the Board; Co . F. N. K. Bailey, President of the Board; Dr. W. A. Hobson. Second row, Earl Gaston, Dr. Thomas Hansen, Dr. C. H. Bolton, Vice-President of the Board; Elkanah B. Hulley, L. A. Perkins, Jr., Secretary of the Board. Third Row, Theodore C. Brooks, 8. 6. Baggett, O. K. Reaves, J. E. Robinson, Bryan Jennings, Walter Mann, Dr. Hugh West. Absent, Dr. C. Roy Angell, Dr. David M. Gardner, S. V. Hough, G. Henry Stetson and John B. Stetson, Jr. THE CITY OF DeLAND and DeLAND CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Offer Congratulations to tfie Graduating Class of JOHN B. STETSON UNIVERSITY DeLand is located in the ridge section of east central Florida, 110 miles south of Jacksonville, four miles east to the picturesque St. Johns River, famous for its black bass fishing, and twenty-two miles to the renowned beaches of the Atlantic seaboard. Being centrally located practically every point of interest in the state may be visited within one day ' s drive. DeLand enjoys a delightful year-round climate. There is scarcely a day that the sun does not shine, sending forth its ultra-violet rays. Children grow strong and sun-tanned, the older people add years to their life ' s span. DeLand is a beautiful city, appealing to those of educational and cultural background. It is a friendly city — a city you will like. For Information About DeLand Please Write CHAMBER OF COMMERCE DELAND, FLORIDA ' M STETSON (9 ■? s acC ... a man ' s hat — a hat that really goes to a man ' s head MORE PEOPLE WEAR STETSON HATS THAN ANY OTHER BRAND. t =: S Co ti onueviuon r miS COMMERCIAL AND PUBLICATION P RINTING 218 W. Church Street Jacksonville 2, Florida : ,Ki Co Co- rs: 1105 MAIN STREET cJacfzsonville, rlorida ' «-■. . LAUNDERETTE The Automatic Self-Service LAUNDRY 30 Minute Washing and Drying One and Two Day Dry Cleaning 108 West Rich Ave. Phone 277-W Complimenfz of SMITH THOMAS DRUGS Headquarters for Helena Rubinstein - Lentheric - Corday CIros - Tabu - Charbert - Chen Yu - Peggy Sage Roger Gallef - Guerlain - Old Spice Seaforth - fiAax. Factor ' s - Coty - Harriet Hubbard Ayers - Evening in Paris Houbigant - Chantilly - Richard Hudnut Schiaparelli Compliments of STOUDENMIRE ' S GROCETERIA Compliments of . . . Gifts Books Stationery 105 W. Indiana Ave. Phone 247 L olteQe K otton ' r J kof. op 220 N. Boulevard Compliments of . . . JACOBS MOTOR SERVICE 339 North Woodland Boulevard New and Used Cars HUDSON Lincoln L. Jacobs Owner Phone 67 De Land, Florida Compliments of MATHER of DE LAND Complete Home Furnishings Good and Bad 142 S. Boulevard Phone 600 Orange Belt Pharmacy 108 East New York Avenue Complete Drug and Fountain Service We Deliver Phone 555 MOSES BERMAN Style Center Dresses Coats Suits Lingerie 136 N. BOULEVARD PHONE 678 DE LAND FLORIDA Compliments of . . . VDLUSIA PHARMACY " Drugs Wiih A Reputation " MODERN SODA FOUNTAIN We Feature: Tussy Yard ley Dorothy Perkins Cosmetics S. R. LANGSTON, JR., Manager 121 North Boulevard DeLand, Fla. Compliments of : :.0 ' . .:ja t in De Land ATHENS THEATRE DREKA THEATRE IQUHTAIIVS CENTRAL FLORIDA ' S OLDEST AND FINEST STORE DE LAND FLORIDA " The home of Good Cooking wishes to congratulate all the graduating Seniors for their fine accomplishment, and wish you all the success you deserve in your new adventure. MORRIS ' RESTAURANT N. Blvd. De Land, Florida SANTILLI BROTHERS DE LAND PRODUCE MARKET FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES — Also — SHIPPERS OF FANCY CITRUS BOXES ORANGES - GRAPEFRUIT - TANGERINES Fresh From the Groves We Send Orders C.O.D. F. N. DeHUY SON Jewelers and Silversmiths Since 1873 DE LAND FLORIDA GIBBS YOUR STORE Ladies ' and Children ' s Ready-fo-Wear and Shoes PHONE 240 Pi ENNEYS iVo.i, o6 to save you money. We ve had years of experience ! Meet Your Friends at TDUCHTDIV DRUG CD. The Rexall Store Cosmetics and Fountain Service 100 S. BOULEVARD DE LAND ATHENS LAUNDRY DRY CLEANERS " Service with a Smile " DeLand, Florida Compliments of . . . ALLEN POWERS HARDWARE " De Land ' s Newest Hardware " 1 12 South Boulevard Compliments of 3L owef J ko, T Flowers For All Occasions 218 N. Boulevard Phone 59 Congratulations . . . Wurlitzer Pianos Conn Instruments Stromberg-Carlson Radios BRADLEY ' S MUSIC SHOP Teleptione 61 6-J Radios - Phonographs - Records - Supplies 214 N. Boulevard De Land, Florida Compliments from your ' Second Home Away from Home ' HOB NOB S. BOULEVARD WISHING ALL GRADUATES OF ' 49 the best of LUCK REESE S ke Deit ood in Joi Indiana next to Court House ■ ATLANTIC CO. ICE PHONE 875 BETTER REFRIGERATION AT LOWER COST See fhe New . . . Air Conditioned IQ REFRIGERATOR Picnic Chests - Beverage Chests - Cold Boxes Ice Cream Freezers - Water Coolers Compliments of itckeil L u eanev ' S E. Rich Ave. De Land, Florida Comp menfs BELL MOTOR CO. Rich and Florida De Land, Florida PONT AC one GNiQ Truck Sales Shell Gas Oil Wash Jobs GM Repair Work Compliments of ijettu Ujmka J kop Where Stetson Styles 3re Molded S. Blvd. De Land, Florida Compliments of Feasel Paint Glass Shop Dealer In PITTSBURGH PAINTS AND GLASS Phone 626 111 W. Rich Supplying Stetson Students for 25 Years ALLEN WHITE DE LAND, FLORIDA Congratulations from Qualitif CUaMtA Corner W. Voorhls and S. Florida Compliments of Those fine Sandwiches and Milkshakes 116 E.Rich Phone 9130 Compliments of T E N N A N T PRINTING COMPANY A Congratulations to all Stetson Students SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY FAMILY SHOE STORE 123 N. Blvd. De Land, Florida Compliments of Y. W. GOULD AGENCY REALTORS INSURORS —Since 1907— 201 N. Boulevard Phone 147 Congratulations . . . Graduates of the Class of ' 49 No matter where the path may lead, please accept our best wishes for a future full of happiness, prosperity and continued good fortune. FLORrOA BANK at DE LAND Member: Florida National Group Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation The SoiitliHrn BupfisI Thealutjiciil Siiiiiiiiury ELLIS ADAMS FULLER, D. D., President " An Internationally Famous Institution " • A Faculty of World-Fomous Teachers, Preachers, Authors • Eleven Great Departments of Instruction • A Modern $3,000,000 Educational Plant • An Atmosphere of Scholarship and Evangelism WRITE TO THE PRESIDENT FOR CATALOG AND FURTHER INFORMATION " The Beeches " LOUISVILLE KENTUCKY BILL HOLLER MOTOR SALES Chevrolet Oldsmobile Cadillac " Quality Service Headquarters " Phone 694 - 695 550 South Boulevard De Land, Florida CONRAD LUMBER CO. Lumber - Building Material Builders Hardware PHONE 31 Corner Delaware and Michigan Ave. Compliments ROBBIE ' S SERVICE De Land ' s Most Complete Service Stations " We Never Close " Phone 9123 330 N. Blvd. Compliments of Allen-Summerhill Funeral Home J. E. SUMMERHILL, Funeral Director Phone 62 Real Ambulance Service 126 East Established 1877 New York Ave. DeLand, Fla. SOUTHLAND BAKERY We Specialize in BIRTHDAY and PARTY CAKES 106 N. BOULEVARD PHONE 1045 DE LAND FLORIDA THE BARNETT NATIONAL BANK " A Florida Landmark " DE LAND - JACKSONVILLE - AVON PARK COCOA - ST. AUGUSTINE Member Federal Reserve System and F.D.I.C. Y GEORGIE ' BOY ' S 210 NORTH BOULEVARD ' Whete the Gang Meets ' Fine Food Fountain Service Our Friends DE LAND SUNDRIES THE FINEST IN FOOD AND SERVICE ' CORNER OF BOULEVARD AND RICH ' K V OUR HATS ARE OFF! TO THE CLASS OF ' 49 May Success and Happiness be Tlieirs FLORIDA POWER CORPORATION J. G. GRAVLEE, District Manager Our Friends DE LAND SUNDRIES THE FINEST IN FOOD AND SERVICE ' CORNER OF BOULEVARD AND RICH »X OUR HATS ARE OFF! TO THE CLASS OF ' 49 May Success and Happiness be Theirs FLORIDA POWER CORPORATION J. G. GRAVLEE, District Manager 0$f mm m r lf (if!

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