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m m3 %Q «3w ? .X %» ' J r e % e wi e m o? 1 ie w) e n° ' iil " i m us Pa . J8 ■ • ■ • j Top: Chaudoin, the freshman dormitory, brings back memories of dates, teas, and the Presi- dent ' s reception. Center: Our favorite building— the commons— where we eat three meals a day. Bottom: Conrad Hall changes hands so often that we ' re never quite sure whether it ' s a boys ' or girls ' dormitory. PLACES THAT WE KNE Right: This is our library, where many long hours are spent in serious study. Below: Elizabeth Hall, the building which sym- bolizes classes, concerts, chapel and conferences I v. — ■- Juti 1 I 1, 2 " ¥ J ™ L 1 1 p ft 1 £ K BiaviH ;r- ■ s ar=-« M MRS ■■ OF INTELLECTS THAT GREW Old friends meet . . . and eat. OF HAPPY HOURS [HAT FLEW @gG The Pause that Refreshes m " Ever girlS Outstanding , people ioran» L ing honor- FRIENDS OLD AND NE Us lb iw [ m Roommates compare notes. ,. 3 U ,or WmM Homecoming with all the trimmings. A " ? 9 (4 kA our 1948 { ■■ ' Nan Carolyn Poppell A great artist with a great orchestra. Ernestine Hurlbert . . . Business Manager Hb2 wm WEST W nwerdi eJjecJLand, jriorida ■ ADMINISTRATION CLASSES - FEATURES • ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS • ADVERTISEMENTS m., -Mjlf " ' _ 1 a ZS ■ A ■_ g B M " LLj i!fjl L DOCTOR WILLIAM SIMS ALLEN We Dedicate the 1948 Hatter to . . . The one man that understands the students better than they under- stand themselves. He has never been too busy to listen to discouraged students and to give advice when it was asked. His friendly smile and pleasant greeting have gained for themselves a place in the hearts of all who know him, and his slogan. " Thus Stetson continues to go for- ward " , has become as well known as the Alma Mater. His memory will long live in the hearts of the Stetson family . . . the memory of our beloved . . . DR. ALLEN AN INSTITUTION IS THE LENGTHENED SHADOW OF A MAN. Emerson. Hi asm was Administration ■ Hi J -yjk- Pv THE Dr. Harry C. Garwood Acting President of the University DB. W. III. (.11 I ENIR1 Acting Dean of thi ' University ADMINISTRATION After the resignation of our president, Dr. Allen, Dean Garwood was appointed Acting President, and Dr. McEniry, Acting Dean. Under their able leadership the University progressed as rapidly as before and with the new year of 48 came a new President, Dr. J. Ollie Edmonds of Jacksonville, a Stetson graduate. Under the guidance of Dr. Duckwitz, Prof. Furlong, Deans Turner and Davis, the various schools worked together as one university, making " Stetson ' s Banner Year a reality. Dn. William Edward Duckwitz Dean of Ow Music School Edward C. Furlong, Jr. Dean " I the School of Business I i 1 1 i: M. Turner Dean of Women Dr. B. W. Davis Dean of Mi n 1 " Barbara Rowe Registrar Theodore H. Farr, Jr. Assistant to the President THE A great deal of praise is due our adminis- trative officers, for with the increasing number of students their competent services have in- creased also. Miss Rowe should certainly be commended for the way she and her staff have so ably taken care of the great number of regis- trations and other duties of this office. Andrew C. Preston Counselor for Veterans 20 ADMINISTRATION Students look with pride and thanks to Mr. Fair, Mr. Preston, Doc Johnson, and Mr. Rosa for their tireless services to the students. Stetson news has become state- and coun- try-wide as a result of die fine publicity work of Miss Florence Cain and her staff. Cliffi ird B. Ros.a Bursar Caul 11. Johnson Directm o) Men ' s Darmitorit 1 ' I . IBJ M I E. ( ' . MS ; ) , i i,ii o) Publicity R, L. CARTER, Ph.D., George Peabody College. • R. E. CLARK, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania. • HAROLD M. GIFFIN, Mus.B., Eastman School of Music. • EDITH HARVEY, A.M.. Columbia University. • ALBERT M. WINCHESTER, Ph.D., Texas Uni- versity. • EZRA ALLEX. Sc.D., University of Georgia. • R. I. ALLEN, Ph.D., Duke Uni- versity. • ROBERT ALLEX. B.S., Stetson University. HARVEY WINI HESTER ALLEN ' ALLEN ALLEN Voice Art Biology Physics Science u l l; l ' Education BARNETTE HELEN ALLINGER, Mus.B., Cincinnati College. • MRS. E. C. ARNOLD, M.A., Peabody College. • ELIZABETH AUTREY, A.M., Wisconsin University. • HENLEE H. BAR- NETTE. Th.M.. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. • W. K. BEAN, Th.M., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. • ALLENE BEAN, A.B., Mississippi College. • RICHARD C. BRAXD, A.M., West Virginia University. • FRANCES BUXTON, Mus.B., Cleveland Institute of Music. 22 BEULAH C. CARTER, A.M.. George Peabodj College. • ROSEMARY CLARK. Mus.B., John B. Stetson University. • ROSLYX COLLINS. A.M.. Emory University. • NATALIE DIX, B.S., Northwestern University. • MBS. PAUL DEEMING, A.B., Randolph-Macon. • POPE A. DUNCAN, I ' h.M.. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. • MARGARET DUNCAN, A.B.. University of Georgia. • RICHARD FEASEL. Mus.B., John B. Stetson University. DUNCAN Religion mMW rs HAUGHTON ETHEL M. FISHER. Metropolitan School of Music. • GERTRUDE H. FOSTER, A.M.. Moddlebury College of Modern Language. • VIOLET L. ERASER. Mus.B.. Eastman School of Music. • BYRON H. GIBSON. Ph.D.. University of Illinois. • VICTOR J. GRABEL. Susquehanna College of Music. • JEWELL B. HAMILTON. B.A.. Baylor University. • HELEN HAUGHTON, A.B.. University of Chicago. • ESTHER HICK. A.M.. John B. Stetson University. 23 CARL II. JOHNSON, A.M., Stetson University. • ELEANOR LEEK, Mus.B., Eastman School of Music. • MILTON D. MAGENHEIM, A.B., Stetson University. • W. V. MICKLE, B.S., Stetson University. • ELOISE NEWELL, M.A., University of North Carolina. • NOR- MAN PALMER. Ph.D., Northwestern University. • E. C. PRICHARD, M.A., University of Richmond. • RICHARDSON. IKK II Utl i ] ! II R1IS1| I 1 h IRN |i j ' . JENNY LOU SMITH, B.S., Stetson Univ. • JESSE LEE SNOWDEN, A.B., Blue Mountain College. • R. GRADY SNOWDER, Th.M., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. • FRAN- CES THORNTON, Docteur es lettres, de l ' Universite de Toulouse. • CHARLOTTE VAUGHEN, German Schools. • JOHN V. VAUGHEN, Ph.D.. Johns Hopkins Univ. • HARRY S. WINTERS, A.M., Pf ibody. • MINNIE ELLEN WILLIAMS, Ph.D., DePauw Univ. • IIORNE. 24 VIRGINIA ALBOUGH, R.N. • J. M. ALBRITTON, B.S. • MRS. ROBERT AUMAN, R.N. • RACHEL HARLESS, MA. • NELDA HELTON. R.N. • EVELYN DODD CLARK. • JULIA GIFFIN, A.B., Stetson. • GERTRUDE HARE. R.N. • RACHEL HARLESS, M.A. • NELDA HELTON. R.N. STEVENS VAXLEY EDGELLE HENRY. R.N. • ELIZABETH HERNDON. • VIRGINIA McKENZIE, B.S., Stetson. • OLIVE SEYMOUR. • CHARLOTTE SMITH, M.A., Emory Univ. • DOROTHY STEVEN ' S. • ELLEN YAXLEY, B.S., Stetson. 25 WOMAN ' S COUNCIL The Woman ' s Council is the executive body- on Stetson ' s campus through which the dormitory women are able to govern themselves and help keep the regulations by which they are to live while in college. The president of the Executive Council is Margaret Bate man. Other members are Celia Goff, Lutie Keathley, Jean Windram, Mary Haskins, Dorothy Ballentine, Carol Hale, Martini Kurtz, and Sara Elizabeth McMillan, The president of each dormitory also serves on the council. 26 HOUSE COUNCILS The six women ' s dormitories are each governed by girls chosen from the dormitory. Mavis Pitts is president of the Brittain Hall House Council. Other members of the Council are Sara Martha Adams, vice-president; Frances Horton. secretary; Patsy Van Sickler, social chairman. The Conrad Hall House Council is made up of Dorothy Patton, president; Orpha Merritt. vice-president; Louise Dearston, secretary; and Jean Madden, social chairman. The Palms Council is represented by Marie Wood, presi- dent; Johanne Finney, vice-president; Betty Jo Beville, sec- retary; Eudora Ward, social chairman. Chris Magaha is president of Stetson Hall House Council. Other representatives are Nora Lee Mellor, vice-president; Eleanor Dooley, secretary; Imogene Clark, social chairman. and Sue Fowler, representative-at-large. The president of the House Council of Stevens Hall is Ernestine Hurlbert. She is assisted by Ruth Webster, vice- president; Margaret Oldford, secretary; and Christine Wal- dron, social chairman. The Palms A k . BniTTAIN 27 Stetson Student Government Association Every student matriculating in the University automatically becomes a member of the Student Government Association and is subject to its rules and regulations. The object of the association is to represent and further the best interests of the student body and of Stetson in general; to coordinate the various student organizations; and to cooperate with the University authorities for the common good of the institution. Under the Student Government Association each college and school of the University has its separate organization. The officers of the Association are: Bud Dickenson, president; Connie Bradley, first vice-president; Tom Perrin, social vice-president; Maureen Peterson, secretary; and Allyn Thompson, treasurer. 28 GRADUATE AND SPECIAL STUDENTS 29 SSWBjIiaBgBMBI LAW w •3 J THE ADMINISTRATION l)i n Lemuel II 32 ' v Earl C. Arnold Charles T. Henderson The College of Law of John B. Stetson University is the oldest law school in Florida. For many years the College of Law occupied a por- tion of Science Hall. Owing to the increased number of students in the college and the increased number of faculty m embers the College has been moved into the athletic office building at the former Naval Air Station. The Stetson University College of Law is a member of the Association of American Law Schools. It is also approved by the Coun- cil of Legal Education of the American Bar Association. Roy F. Howes ( S A. W. Mitchell m sr Jr _ » ■ Ik V Janet White Ray Jordan 11 I [AM F. SCHULTZ 33 LAW SENIORS Greene ISHAM W. ADAMS, Hartwell, Ga., Transfer Univ. of Ga., College (it Law, Phi Delta Phi, Legal Fraternity, Justice, Honor Court 1947. • ADRIAN S. BACON, Americus, Ga., Transfer Univ. of Ga.. College of Law. Phi Delta Phi, Legal Fraternity. • FRED O. DICKINSON, JR.. West Palm Beach, Ma., Transfer Univ. of Fla., College ot Law; Phi Alpha Delta, Legal Frat, Justice Honor Court 1946-47, Pres. Stetson Univ. Student Body, 1947-48, Vice-Pres. Student Bar Assn. 1946-47. • JOSEPH A. DOHERTY, DeLand, Fla., B.S., Univ. of Mass.; Transfer Boston Univ., College of Law; Phi Delta Phi, Legal Frat. • ROGER D. FLYNN, Tampa, Fla., Transfer Loyola Univ. of New Orleans. Phi Alpha Delta, Legal Frat., Justice, Honor Court 1947-48, Sec, Student Bar Assn.. 1947, Thomas Law Club. • NORMAN GREENE, Miami Beach, Fla., A.B., Syracuse Univ., Transfer Syracuse Univ., College of Law. 34 J I S I 11 1 l VLLEE Stenstrom H. PHILIP HADDOCK, Jacksonville, Fla., A.B., College ..I William and Mary, Transfer, College of William and Mary School of Law. Phi Alpha Delta, Legal Fraternity. • THURMAN JUSTICE, St. Petersburg, Fla., A.B.. Univ. of Louisville; Transfer. Univ. of Louisville, College of Law; Chapman Law Club, The Barristers League. • PHILLIP R. KELLEY, Unionville. Mo.. A.B.. Kirksville St. Teachers College, Mo., Graduate Student, Stetson Univ.. 1945-46, Justice. Honor Court 1947-48, Thomas Law Club. • DAVID C. LEE, Wilmette, 111., Transfer DePauw Univ., College of Law. Thomas Law Club. • HARRY M. LYNN, JR., Emlenton, Ja„ A.B., Franklin and Marshall Univ., Phi Delta Phi, Legal Frat.. Yice-Pres. Student Bar Assn. 1947-48, Thomas Law Club. • HUE E. NUNNALLEE, Holland, Texas, A.B., Stetson Univ., Justice, Honor Court 1947-48, Thomas Law Club. • J. CARTER PERKINS, DeLand, Fla., A.B. Vanderbilt Univ.. Phi Delta Phi. Legal Frat, Chief Justice, Honor Court 1947-48, Magis- trate. Phi Delta Phi, Legal Frat., 1946-47; Chapman Law Club. • C. DOUGLAS STEN- STROM. Sanford, Fla., A.B., Univ. of Fla., Transfer Univ. of Va. Law School; Pres. Student Bar Assn. 1947-48: Chief Justice. Honor Court, 1946-47; Sigma ' u Phi, Legal Fraternity; The Barristers League. 35 0 1 ■ O p a e (- " ) Hi A I Joseph C. Adderley Pensacola, Fla. Ralph G. Baum St. Petersburg, Fla. Gobdon G. Bentley .... Winter Haven, Fla. Glover E. Bryant, Jr LaGrange, Ga. Seaborn J. Buckalew, Jr Dallas, Texas Donald W. Butler Orlando. Fla. Marion A. Carson ........ Lyons, Ga. Howard J. Clifton DeLand, Fla. William O. Clifton . . . Daytona Beach, Fla. Richard H. Cooper Orlando, Fla. G. Glen Darty Lake Wales, Fla. Bert A. Davenport Pensacola. Fla. William A. Dicus Clearwater, Fla. Vernon W. Evans, Jr DeLand, Fla. R. Lee Freeman DeLand, Fla. John R. Gould Chicago, 111. I. Tucker [bvin DeLand. Fla. Harvey J. DeLand. Fla. Mayo C. Johnston Ft. Myers, Fla. Robert L. Lanaiian. Jr. . . Newport News. Va. Robert E. Lee DeLand, Fla. Thomas E. Lee Miami, Fla. Raymond J. Lloyd Winter Haven, Fla. William 11. Maness Jacksonville, Fla. 36 LAW JUNIORS Robebt K. Martin Philadelphia, Pa. I. Maurice Miller DeLand, Fla. Charles G. Mitchell .... Miami Beach, Fla. William O. Murrell .... Jacksonville, Fla. John J. Nedza Wauchula. Fla. Lehoy A. O ' Lauchlin Smethport, Pa. Melvin Orfingeh .... Daytona Beach, Fla. James B. Owens Tarpon Springs, Fla. Melvin Rehhek Pine Grove, Pa. Frances L. Rutledce .... Belle Glade, Fla. Francis W. Sams DeLand, Fla. Murray Sams, Jr DeLand, Fla. Arthur M. Spalding, Jr DeLand. Fla. Warren E. Thomas Jacksonville, Fla. Charles D. Towers Jacksonville, Fla. Maurice Wagner Sioux Falls, S. D. Earl D. Waldin, Jr Miami. Fla. Rogers A. Whitmore Orlando, Fla. John P. Wilkerson Eustis, Fla. Donald E. Wilkes Ocala. Fla. Yolie A. Williams, Jr Sanford, Fla. Andre Woods Ocala, Fla. Lewis W. Zoller Tampa, Fla » LAW rUSTIN J. ALBAUGH, St. Petersburg. • WILLI l E. ALLISON, St. Petersburg. • BAR- RIEN E. BECKS, Daytona Beach. • GEORGE J. BETTLE, Myers, Montana. • RAWDON E. BRADLEY. Lake Wales. • WILLIAM BREWSTER, |R.. DeLand. • FRANK P BUR- TON. Stewart, Va. • ALBERT BUTLER, Chariest,,,,. S. C. • JOSEPH G. CAMP Daytona Beach. • WALTER N. CARPENTER, Orlando. • DAVE CATON, Pensacola. • JOHN C CHEW, Daytona Beach. • JEFFERSON W. CLARK, DeLand. • RALPH R. CLAYTON Orlando. • CHARLES CLEMENTS, Lafayette, Ga. • WILLOUGHBY T. COX, Orlando • HAROLD D. CROSS, DeLand. • EDWARD C. DANIELS, Sanford. • GREGORY J. DARBY, Pittsburgh, Pa. • JOSEPH J. DAVIES, St. Petersburg. • LOUIS C. DEAL, St. Petersburg. • SAMUEL G. DEY ' EY, East McKeesport, Pa. • THEODORE R. DONAHUE. Dearborn, Michigan. • JAMES R. DURDEN, Daytona Beach. HUGH F. DuVAL, Miami. • NEAL R. EDMUND. Syracuse, . Y. • FRANK J. FLYNN, New Smyrna. • FRED A. GEROMANOS, DeLand. • JOHN R. GODBEE, DeLand. • RICHARD C. GORDIE DeLand. • MARVENE A. GORDON, DeLand. • HARRISON D. GRIFFIN, DeLand. • LEO WALTER HALEY, DeLand. • GEORGE F. HALL. West Palm Beach. • WILLIAM C. HARRIS, St. Petersburg. • JOHN M. HATHAWAY. Punta Gorda. V J £ c o a C § © ' OIS Albrough Allison Becks Bettle Bradley Brewster Burton Butler Camp I i : l ' l i i i ; Caton ( . ' lIEM Clark Clayton Clements Cox Cross Daniels Darby Davis Deal Devey Donahue Durden DuVal Edmund Flynn Geromanos GoDBEE GORDIE Gordon Griffin I Ialey Hall Harris Hathaway 38 ■ f«r»i p V-? O r D d •% r Hendrix Jacobs Jacobson Krumenacker MUSLEII Newman Peel Redeoui Roberts Roebuck Thompson, H. C. Thompson John 1 S WORTH [ I RWOOD FRESHMEN AMES . HEATH, Mt. Union, Pa. • FRANK II. HENDRIX, Winter Haven. HUBERT II. HEVEY, Daytona Beach. • FRANK HITCHCOCK, West Palm tli. • WARREN H. HORTON, Lake Wales. • fOHN L. HUGHES, Wash- on, Iowa. • [ACK C. IW1 W DeLand. • JOSEPH C. JACOBS. Lis.- Oak. • DONALD C. fACOBSON, Waukegan, III. • FREDERICK B. KARL, Daytona Beach. • EDWIN KIRCHER, DeLand. • PHILLIP L. KNOWLES, Bonifay. • ANDREW S. KNOX, DeLand. • NORMAN A. KRUMENACKER, Revloc, Pa. • FREDERICK H. LENCZYK, Newington, Conn. • EDWARD A. LINNEY, St. Petersburg. • ROBERT H. MATTHEWS, Columbia, S. C. • DANIEL II. MLR- 1 ' IIEV. Philadelphia, Pa. • EMILE GUS MUSLEH, Ocala. • ALFRED C. NEWMAN. Jacksonville. JOSEPH A. PEEL, West Palm Beach. • CLARENCE I ' . RIDEOUT, Daytona Beach. • CHARLES M. ROB- ERTS. DeLand. • ARTHUR R. ROEBUCK. West Palm Beach. • THOMAS C. SIMPSON. Daytona Beach. • WILLIAM SINGLETON, Las Vegas, Nevada. • 1IKNRY LEIGHTON THOMAS. St. Petersburg. • HAR- RISON C. THOMPSON, Daytona Beach. • JOHN TAYLOR THOMPSON, Farmville, Va. • HERMAN L. TURNAGE, Live Oak. • WILLIAM L. WADSWORTH, Daytona Beach. • THEODORE S. WHEAT. Kansas City, Mo. • THOMAS L. WHITE, DeLand. BEN K. WILMOT. Richmond, Ky. • ST. JULIEN ' i TF.S. DeLand. • [AMES R. YFARWOOD. Wintn Haven. 39 THE STUDENT BAR The Student Bar Association consists of the entire membership of the Law School. Its purpose is to provide a unified association of students enrolled in the College of Law, with a view toward maintaining a closer relationship among the students of the various classes and between the individual student and adminis- tration. The Association endeavors to promote the interests of the students indi- vidually and collectively, and to provide a measure of self-government for the members of the law school. It seeks to further develop an atmosphere of coopera- tion and understa nding between students and faculty. The officers of the Student Bar are Douglas Stenstrom, president; Harry Lynn, vice-president; Ralph Baum. secretary; and Dan Murphy, treasurer. 40 HONOR COURT The Honor Court has the responsibility of promoting an effective educational campaign against those things which are beneath the dig- nity of the law and the position which it occu- pies in our American form of government. The honor Court serves as a court for the trial of infractions and the recommendation of punish- ment in cases of guilt. The court consists of seven Justices, two of which are from the fresh- man and junior classes, and three from the senior law classes. The chief justice is elected from the senior justices. The Honor Court this year is led by Chief Justice Jardine Carter Perkins. Other justices are Hugh F. DuVal, Roger D. Flynn. Phillip R. Kelley, [sham William Adams, D. W. Butler, and Richard C. Gordie. 41 INTERNATIONAL LEGAL FRATERNITY OF PHI DELTA PHI f ANCIS W. Sams William A. Diets Donald W. Butler R. Lee Freeman William F. Schultz M agister Clerk Exchequer Historian Faculty The International Legal Fraternity of Phi Delta Phi was formally organized on December 13, 1869. at the Gregory House at the University of Michigan. Ann Arbor. Michigan. It was not only the first legal fraternity founded in the United States, but also the first professional fraternity. It has since always remained first forever endeavoring to promote a higher standard of professional ethics and culture in law schools and in the profession at large. In the fall of 1946, a group of students at John B. Stetson University under the leadership of J. Carter Perkins banded together for the purpose of securing the installation of an Inn of Phi Delta Phi at Stetson. After almost a year of hard work and endeavor, Stetson ' s petition was accepted by the National Convention in September of 1947, and on December 5, 1947. the Cordozo Inn of Phi Delta Phi was formally installed at John B. Stetson University. 42 Isham W. Adams Adman S. Bacon Glover E. Bin an i Howard J. Clifton Hugh F. DuVal l " ii L. Hughes I. Tuckeh Ihvin Harry M. Lynn John J. Nedz «, Alfred C. New i in J. Carter Perkins Murray Sams Arthur M. Spauijdinc James R. Yearwood Lewis W. Zoller Ya .a 43 THOMAS AND CHAPMAN LAW CLUBS WILLIAM H. MANESS Coordinator Sponsor ELWYN THOMAS Chief Justice of Supreme Court of the State of Florida Sponsor ROY H. CHAPMAN Justice of Supreme Court of the State of Florida M ' iik $, Volie A. Williams President Herman L. Turnage Secretary Maurice 1. Miller Vice-President Richard C. Gordie Treasurer Joseph C. i i lhl President Leo Walter Haley Secretary Arthur M. Spauldinc Vice-President Joseph L. Daytes Treasurer The Chapman and Thomas Law Clubs, active on this campus before the war. have been reorganized. Under the sponsorship of two distinguished graduates of the College of Law, for whom the clubs have been named, these clubs develop in the members the faculty for oral express ion and the skill of legal argumentation. This is List, icd by a system of practice and criticism. The Fall quarter work concentrates on individual arguments, while each Winter and Spring quarter competitions between the two clubs are conducted under the direction of the Coordinator to determine the outstanding student lawyers. Winners from the first and second year classes are awarded prizes and suitable certificates of their accomplishment. Winners of the third year class in each i I nl, compete on annual " Law Day " by presenting an appelate argument before selected members of the Florida Judiciary sitting as justices of the Supreme Court of John B. Stetson University. Membership is open to all students in the College of Law. THOMAS CLUB HEORGANIZERS Justin J. Albaugh Ralph G. Baum Rawdon E. Bradley Seaborn J. Buckalew Frank P. Burton- Walter N. Carpenter Jefferson W. Clark Ralph R. Clayton Howard J. Clifton- Henry M. Burch Joseph G. Camp John C. Chew Charles Clements William O. Clifton Harold D. Cross Frank H. Hendkix Frank Hitchcock John L. Hughes Mayo C. Johnston Phillip R. Kelley David C. Lee Harry M. Lynn Robert K. Martin Daniel H. Murphey Hue E. Nunnallee Joseph A. Peel Stanley C. Perkinson Clarence P. Rideout Arthur R. Roebuck William Singleton H. Leighton Thomas Earl D. Waldin Francis Sams CHAPMAN CLUB HEORGANIZERS Gilbert C. Bentley William Brewster Glover E. Bryant Richard H. Cooper Spencer C. Cross Gregory J. Darby Bert A. Davenport Louis C. Deal James R. Durden Roger D. Flynn Fred A. Geromanos Norman Greene William C. Harris Edward C. Daniels Glen G. Darty Theodore R. Donahue Neal Edmond Vernon W. Evans R. Lee Freeman John R. Godbee Marvene A. Gordon John M. Hathaway Hubert H. Hevey Warren H. Horton Harvey J. Jernigan Thuhman Justice Frederick B. Karl Phillip L. Knowles Thomas E. Lee Robert H. Matthews Charles G. Mitchell John J. Nedza Melvin Orfincer J. Carter Perkins Mervin Rehrer Charles M. Roberts Edward K. Salter Murray Sams Warren E. Thomas Maurice Wagner Thomas L. White Lewis W. Zoller 44 - Earl D. W ' aldin, Ju. Roger D. Flynn Habvev J. Jernigan James Byrd Owens John 1!. Gould Charles Tom Henderson Justice Vice-Justict Clerk Treasurer Marshall Faculty Sponsor PHI ALPHA DELTA NATIONAL LEGAL FRATERNITY CHAPTER MEMBERS William E. Allison, Ralph G. Bauin. William Brewster, Jr., Seaborn J, Buckalew, Jr.. Walter X. Carpenter, John C. Chew, William O. Clifton, Richard II. Cooper, George G. Darty, Fred Dickenson. Jr., Vernon W. Evans, Jr.. Richard C. Gordie, R. Philip Haddock, Warren H. Horton, Robert L. Lanahan, Jr.. William H. Manness, Robert H. Matthews, Maurice I. Miller. Mervin Rehrer, W. L. Wadsworth, Donald E. Wilkes, Volie Williams, Jr. €s 15 S CI O P IBB m WM my The major part of college seems to consist of hours spent in a classroom full of the world ' s most uncomfortable seats. Remember that fellow who used to sleep next to you in Eh 101? He really got something out of the course. Or the girl in your sociology class who spent the whole hour every morning combing her hair? There were days you cut one class to cram for a test in another or to go home on Friday afternoon. But regardless of your interests or ambitions, life at college centered around the classroom. ■ ' .? $ Classes •■(W mm m H -. I ■ fe a W5 t ; 00 f w i ci Because of the efforts of Joe. Jake. Lucy and Jean, the Class of ' 48 will carry with th jries of wonderful times togethi SENIOR OFFICERS Joe Sutton President Jake Alexander Vice-President Lucy Effinger Secretary I i:an Windram Treasurer 48 Santa Clans is coming to town. The Hangout. The suave sophisticated seniors, by their own admission the most important people in school. Proud of their accomplishments, and, perhaps, a little sorry they didn ' t try harder as they prepared for that ail-important day — Graduation. Going mir way, bo A loyal backer. 9 Mom IMA C. Acosta Elizabeth Wood Addkhly George Akin- Jake Alexander {Catherine Allen James V. Arnold, Jr. MORAIMA C. ACOSTA, Tampa, Florida, Alpha Dexioma, 2, 3; YAV.A. 2; W.A.A. 1, 2; Sigma Delta Pi 2. 3; Beta Beta Beta 2, 3; Non-Fraternity Association 2, 3; Honor Roll. • ELIZABETH WOOD ADDERLEY, Largo, Florida. Sigma Delta Pi 2. 3, 4. V.-Pres. 3; La Franciade 3, 4; F.T.A. 3, 4. • GEORGE MARSHALL AKIN, Daytona Beach, Florida, Pi Kappa Phi, Chaplain 3, historian 3, secretary 4; Beta Beta Beta, Treas. • ' . Pres. 4; Treas. Freshman Class; Canterbury Club, V.-Pres. 1, 2, Pres. 3; Der Deutsche Verein 3, 4; Gamma Sigma Epsilon 4; Freshman Adviser 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Glee Club, Travel Squad 1; Ye Mystic Krewe 3. 4, First Mate 4. • JAKE ALEXANDER, Rutherfordton, X. C, V.-Pres. Senior Class; Pres. Sophomore Class; Pres. Stray Greeks; Interfraternity Council, Intramural Manager BOQ 3; Golf Team, " S " Club, Intramural Softball. • CATHERINE ALLEX. DeLand, Florida, Transfer Pfeiffer Junior College Phi Beta 3, 4; Glee Club 3, 4; MSO; Band 3, 4. Volunteers 3, 4; Symphony Orhcestra 3, 4; Tau Beta Sigma 3, 4, Chaplain 4. S JAMES Y. ARXOLD, JR., Palm Beach. Florida. Commerce Club; Pres. Business School 4; Stray Greeks 3, 4; Honor Roll 3, 4; Dean ' s List 3, 4. Frank S. Bambehg, III Margarei Bateman Walter Eri Hi iism Joyce Blackwell 1 l I II A Bow EN D.w in Biiai E ( i ins i ance Bradley Bum. B. Burgess, Jr, FRANK S. BAMBERG. III. Jasper. Florida. Delta Sigma Phi 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 4; Band 1; Honor Roll. • MAR- GARET BATEMAN. Apopka, Florida, Woman ' s Student Govt. 2. 3, I. Pres. 4; Who ' s Who in Am. Colleges .md Univ. -4; The Honor 3, 4; Glee Club 1; B.S.U. Council 4, Music Climn. 4; Alpha Dexioma 1. 3, Chaplain 3; Y.W.A. 1. 2, 3; W.A.A. 3; Volunteers 1, 2. 3. 4; Honor Roll. • WALTER ERIC BEHNKE, Tampa, Florida. Honor Roll; Dean ' s List: Orchestra 1. 2. 3, 4; Der Deutsche Verein 4; Gamma Sigma Epsilon 4. • JOYCE BLACKWELL, Ft. Lauderdale. Florida, Zeta Tau Alpha 1. 2, 3. 4, Rush Chmn. 4; W.A.A. 1. 2. 3; Y.W.A. 1. 2. 3, 4; I.R.C. 3, 4; La Franciade 2. Treas. 2; Camera Club 2, 3. 4; Little Theatre 4; Trans. Univ. of Miami. • 1 BTHA BOWEN, Statesboro, Ga., Trans. Georgia State Woman ' s College; Delta Delta Delta 3. 4. Corr. Sec. 4; Hatter Staff 3. 4; W.A.A. 3, 4; I.R.C. 4; Honor Boll. • DAVID V. BRACEY, DeLand. Florida. • CONSTANCE BRADLEY. DeLand. Florida. Y.-Pres. Student Body 4; Pi Beta Phi, Pres. 4: Westminster Fellowship 3. 4; Town Girls 3. 4; Commerce Club 4; Panhellenic Council 4; [nter-Frat. Council 4; F.T.A. 4; Glee (Jul. 3: Trans. Syracuse Univ. and F.S.U. • BURL R. BURGESS. .IB. Pensacola, Florida. 51 Evone Capell Paul Caskey Clifton Earl Cochran Billie Cook Barbara Cox EVONE CAl ' ELL, DeLand, Florida, Sec. Freshman Class; Tri-Delta Award; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Scroll and Key, V.-Pres.; Phi Society, S.-c; Y.W.A.; Volunteers; B.S.U. I, 2. 3, 4. Sec. 3. • PAUL CASKEY, DeLand, Florida. • WILLIAM O. CLIFTON, Daytona Beach, Florida, Trans. Austin Poly. State College; Phi Alpha Delta; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. • EARL COCHRAN, Arcadia. Florida. Pi Kappa Phi, 1. 2, 3, 4; Treas. Fresh- man Class; Treas. Sophomore Class; Intramural Manager Stetson Hall; Intramural Mgr. Pi Kappa Phi 3. • BIL- LIE COOK. Augusta, Ca., Delta Delta Delta. 1, 2. 3, 4, See. 3, Treas. 4; Canterbury Club 3; W.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; F.T.A. 4; Y.W.A. 1. • BARBARA COX. Jacksonville, Florida, Trans. Jacksonville Junior College; Hatter Staff 3, 4; I.R.C. 3, 4; W.A.A. 3; F.T.A. 4; Freshman Adviser. Harry B. Cox, III Ellen M. Davis Rosemary Day Louise Dearston Thomas Deen, Jr. Jean Delburn Winifred Demoresi Robert V. Di MHAM HARRY B. COX, III, St. Petersburg, Florida. • ELLEX M. DAVIS. St. Petersburg, Florida. La Franciade 4. • ROSEMARY DAY, Lenoir City, Tennessee, Beta Beta Beta 2. 3, -1; Y.W.A. 1. 2. 3, 4: Freshman Advisor 3, I; B.S.I ' . 1. 2. 3, 4: F.T.A. 3, 4. • LOUISE DEARSTOX. Umatilla, Florida, Glee Club 1. 2. 3, 4; Y.W.A. 1; Phi Beta 2. 3, 4, Treas. 2. Sec. 3, Pres. 4; V.-Pres. Music School; West- minstei Fellowship 1. 2. 3, 4; Honor Roll: Dean ' s List. • THOMAS J. DEEN, JR.. Bn.nksN illc. Florida. Pi Kappa Phi 1. 2. 3, 4: Veteran ' s Club 1, 2, 3, 4; B.S.U. 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Football 4; Freshman Advisor 2, 3, 4; " S " Club 4. 9 JFAX DELBURX. West Palm Beach. Florida. Trans. Palm Beach Junior College, Newman Club 3, 4, Treas.; W.A.A. 3, 4; Camera Club 4; Stray Creeks 4; Freshman Advisoi 4. • WINIFRED DEMOREST, Avon Park, Florida, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. key Member 2, 3, 4, Radio Chorus. Travel Squad; Alpha Dexioma 1. 2, 3, 4. See. 2, Pres. 3; B.S.U. Council; Y.W.A. 1. 2. 3, 4: Volunteers 2, 3, 4; Commerce Club 3, 4. Sec. 3, Pres. 4: The Honor 3, 4. Pres. 4; Freshman Advisor 3, 4; Sophomore Class Sec; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. • ROBERT V. DENHAM, Bartow. Florida. Freshman Advisor 3; Pi Kappa Phi: Commerce Club. 53 Everett Dix Eleanor Dooeev Robert Douglas James R. Dri i i i i 1.1 I. M R. E MINI S I Robert P. Easland, In. EVERETT S. DIX. Washington, D. C. • ELEANOR DOOLEY, Winter Garden, Florida. Trans. F.S.C.W., Pi Reta Phi 2, 3, 4, Treas. 3, 4; The Honor 3, 4. Treas. 4; Hatter Stall 2. 3, Assoc. Ed. 3; Reporter Staff 2, Cir. Mgr. 2; Treas. Husiness School; Commerce Club 3, 4. V.-Pres. 4; FT. A. 3, 4; Inter.-Frat. Council 3. 4; Fresh- man Adviser 3, 4; W ' .A.A. 3; Sigma Delta Pi 2, 3, 4, Corres. Sec. 3; Stetson Hall House Council Sec. 4; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; I.R.C. 2. • ROBERT ARNOLD DOUGLAS, DeLand, Florida, Beta Key 2; Beta Beta Beta 3, 4; Westminster Fellowship 1. 2, 3, 4; Lab. Assistant 2, 4. • JAMES R. DUFFETT, Daytona Beach, Florida, Pi Kappa Phi 1. 2. 3, 4. Sec. 2; Ye Mystic Krewe 3, 4. Capt. 4; Gamma Sigma Epsilon 2. }, I, Grand Alchemist 3; Scroll and Key 3, 4. Pres. 4; Phi Society, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2; Baseball 3; Teaching Fellow 3, 4; Freshman Advisor; F.T.A. • [.ELAND R. EARNEST. DeLand, Flor- ida. • ROBERT P. EASLAND, JR., Rocky Hill, Conn., Sigma Nu 1. 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll. Lucy En inci b C. Felicia Emmtngeb Mae Hong Eng Philip F. Enu (mis I FlSHI i; Lamas H. Flemin III Mil L. I ' I IK IIKH LlNWOOD I. Fl NDERBUBK LUCY JANE EFFINGER, West Palm Beach, Florida, Trans. Sullins College; Pres. Pan-Hellenic 4; Alpha Xi Delta 2. 3, 4; The Honor 3, 4, Set ' . 4; Hatteb Staff 2. 3, 4. Assoc. Ed. 3; Reporter Staff 2, 3, Soc. Ed. 2; The Press Club 2. 3, 4. Sec. I; Sec. .Senior Class; Glee Club 2: I.R.C. 2; Y.W.A. 3; Freshman Advisor 3; Dean ' s List: Honor Roll. • C. FELICIA EMMINGER, Pittsburgh, Penn., Trans. Miss. State College lor Women; Univ. of Pittsburgh. • MAE HONG ENG, Jacksonville, Florida. Y.W.A. • PHILIP F. ENLOW, Belle Glade, Florida, Trans. Georgetown College, Stras Creek 4; Basketball 4; Glee Club 4; F.T.A. 4: Hatteh Staff 4; B.S.U. 4; Honor Roll. • JAMES FREDERICK FISHER. DeLand. Florida. La Franciade 1. 2; Little Theatre 1. 2. 3, 4: Westminstei Fellowship 1. 2. 3, 4 Pies. 3; Phi Alpha Theta 2. 3, 4; Theta Alpha Phi 3, 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities; Phi Society; I I; ( 1; Freshman Advisor 4: Teaching Fellow 4. • LAMAR H. FLEMING Orange City, Florida. Volunteers; F.T.A. ; B.S.I • HEN- RY I.. FLETCHER, Haines City, Florida. V.-Pres. Freshman Class: Glee Club, Traveling Sqd., Radio Chorus. Bus. Mgr.. Key Club: Phi Society; Mayor of Dogpatch 3; F.T.A. 4; I.R.C. 4. • LI X WOOD JOHN FUNDERBURK, Brooksville, Florida. Football Team: " S " Club; Basketball Team ; Pi Kappa Phi, Veteran ' s Association. 55 Cyril Gabrett Ellen E. Geiger Jessie Gibson- Sally Graybill Shibley Graham Thomas C. Graves CYRIL GARRETT, Sulphur Springs, Florida. • ELLEN E. GEIGER, Tampa, Florida, Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Travel Squad, Radio Chor us; See. Music School; I.R.C.; F.T.A.; Y.W.A.; B.S.U.; Glee Club Key Member. • JESSIE GIBSON. Key West. Florida, Freshman Advisor 2. 3; Pi Kappa Delta 3, 4, Pres.; Kappa Pi 3, 4; Westminster Fellowship 1, 2. I ' res.; The Honor 3, 4, V.-Pres.; Debate Squad 2. 3, 4; Woman ' s Council 2; I.R.C. 2, 3, 4; Hatter Staff 2, 3. • SALLY GRAYBILL. Tampa, Florida, Pi Beta Phi 1, 2, 3, 4; Y.W.A.; W.A.A.; I.R.C. • SHIRLEY GRAHAM, Lake Butler, Florida, Alpha Xi Delta; I.R.C; Y.W.A.; W.A.A. Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. • THOMAS C. GRAVES. Daytona Beach, Florida, Trans. North Georgia College; Washington University. Florence M. Gross William E. Hamilton Acnes Harwell Mary Harkis Hers( hel F. II VIC her, Jn Dohothk Hill Fb VNt is Horton Robert Howes FLORENCE CROSS, DeLand, Florida, Trans. F.S.U.; Alpha Xi Delta, Y.-Pres. 3, 4, Corres. Sec. 3; Hatter Staff 3, 4; Blazer Club 2, 3, 4. Pres. 3; Honor Roll; W.A.A. 2; Basketball Team 2. 3, 4: The Honor 4. • WILLIAM E. HAMILTON. DeLand. Florida, Veterans Organization; B.S.U.; I.R.C.; Der Deutsche Verein; Commerce Club. • ACNES C. HARWELL. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Trans. Madison College. • MARY IIASklNS. Clarksville, Virginia, W.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Board 3, 4; Blazer Club Pres. 4; Woman ' s Council 4; Pan-Hellenic Council Treas. 3; Phy. Ed. Professional Club 2. 3, 4; F.T.A. 3; I. B.C. 2, 3; V.W ' .A. 1. 2, 3; Delta Delta Delta 2. 3, 4: B.S.U. 2. • HER- SCHEL F. HATCHER, Moultrie, Georgia, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Radio Chorus, Traveling Squad; Jr. Varsity Quartette 2, 3; Freshman Advisor 3; Gamma Sigma Epsilon 3, 4. • DOROTHY HILL, Tampa. Florida. Y.W.A. 1. 2. 3, 4; Volunteers 1. 2. 3, 4. Y.-Pres. 3; I.R.C. 2; W.A.A. 3; B.S.U. Council 4, V.-Pres.; Alpha Dexioma 1, 2. Y.-Pres. 2. • FBANCES HORTON, Pensacola, Florida. Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Phi Societv 3, 4; The Honor " 5. 4; Freshman Adviser 4; Brittain Hall House Council 4; B.S.U. Council; Volunteers 1. 2. 3, 4; Y.W ' .A. 1, 2. 3, 4; Collegiate Christian Stalf 1; Hatter Staff 3; Theta Alpha Phi 3, 4. Treas. 4; Hatter Art Club 2, Kappa Pi 3, 4. Pres. 3, Rec. Sec. 4; Alpha Dexioma 1. 2. 3, 4, Rec. Sec. 4: Non-Frat. Assoc 3, 4; ROBERT HOWES. DeLand. Florida. 57 Ernestine Hurlbert Doris Hussell Betty Jane Ivey Helen Joni s Robert Jones Margaret Kincaid ERNESTINE HURLBERT, Jacksonville, Florida, Zeta Tau Alpha, Hatter Staff 3, 4, Business Mgr. 4; Reporter Staff 3, 4; Press Club. 3, 4; F.T.A. 3; Canterbury Club 4; President Stevens Hall House Council 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities I. • DORIS HUSSELL, Southern Pines, N. C, Kappa Pi 2, 3, 4, V.-Pres. 3, Pres. I; Freshman Adviser 4; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Canterbury Club 1, 2, 3, 4; BETTY JANE IVEY, New Smyrna Beach, Florida, Trans. Furman Univ., Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Travel Squad, Radio Chorus; I.R.C. 3; F.T.A. 3, 4; Y.W.A. 2; M.S.O. 2, 3, 4; Pi Beta Phi 2, 3, 4, Rec. Sec. 4; W.A.A. 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. • HELEN JONES, Belle Glade, Florida, Zeta Tau Alpha 1, 2. 3, 4; W.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; I.R.C. 2, 3, 4; Reporter staff 2, 3. • ROBERT JONES, DeLand, Florida. • MARGARET ELLEN KINCAID, Tampa, Florida, Vol- unteers 3, 4: Glee Club 3, 4; Y.W.A. 1, 3. Mamv S. Kollner Martitia Lane Betty Jo Langston Thelma Langston Barbara Lanninc: Elouise Lee W ' u.i.A Dean Lowers Christine M m. h MARY S. KOLLNEH, Lakeland, Florida. • MARTITIA LANE, DeLand, Florida. Trans. Wheaton College, Canterbury Club 2. 3. 4. V.-Pres. 4; Glee Club 2, 3; Town Girl ' s Club 2, 3, 4, Treas. 3; Theta Alpha Phi 3, 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. • BETTY JO LANGSTON, DeLand, Florida, Glee Club 2. 3, 4. Travel Squad; W.A.A. 2; Y.W.A. 2, 3; B.S.U. 2. 3, 4; F.T.A. 4; Delta Delta Delta 2. 3, 4. Treas. 3; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Freshman Advisor 3, 4; Town Council 2, 3, 4. • THELMA LANGSTON, Tallahassee, Florida, Alpha Dexioma 1. 2; Volunteers 1. 2. 3, 4; B.S.U. 4. O BARBARA HILL LANNING, Frostproof. Florida, Trans. Wesleyan College, Zeta Tau Alpha 2. 3, 4; W.A.A. 2. 3, 4; F.T.A. 2, 3; Glee Club 2; Inter-Frat. Council 4; Hatter Star! 4. • ELOUISE LEE, Ferry, Florida, Y.W.A. 1, 3; W.A.A. 1; Commerce Club Sec. 4; I.R.C. 4; Hatter Staff 4; F.T.A. 4. • WILLA DEAN LOWERY, Fort St. Joe, Florida. Y.W.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Gen. Treas. 2; B.S.U. 1. 2. 3, 4; Beta Beta Beta 3, 4. Historian 4; Gamma Sigma Epsilon 5. 4. Grand Alchemist 4. • CHRISTINE MAGAHA, Fort Myers. Florida. Alpha Xi Delta 1. 2. 3, 4. Pres. 4; Interfratemity Council 4; Panhellenic Council 2, 3, 4; Reporter Staff 2, 3, Soc. Ed. 2, Editor-in-Chief 2; Hatter Staff 2. 3, 4, Assoc. Fd. 2. Editor-in- Chief 3; Press Club 3. 4. Sec. 3; Stetson Hall House Council 3, 4, Pres. 4; Y.W.A. 2. 3; ' Pile Honor 3, 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities 3, 4; Junior Class Sec; Sec. Liberal Arts College; Freshman Advisor 3, 4; Commerce Club 3, 4; Homecoming Hostess ( 59 Gertrude Mahoney Waiter F. Malmborg Joan Marshall Helen Masters Eston II. Matthews [ugh T. McKinley GERTRUDE M. MAHONEY, Leesburg, Florida, Theta Alpha Phi 4; Sigma Delta Pi 3, 4; La Franciade 4; Glee Club 3, 4. • WALTER F. MALMBORG, DeLand, Florida, Pi Kappa Phi; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. • JOAN MARSHALL, DeLand, Florida, Alpha i Delta 2, 3, 4; Westminster Fellowship 1, 2, 8, 4; I.R.C.; Town Girl ' s Club. • HELEN MASTERS, Miami, Florida, Trans. Blue Mt. College, B.S.U.; Volunteers. • ES- TON II. MATHEWS, Leesburg. Florida, Trans. The Citadel, Catholic Univ. of America, Ministerial Assoc. 3, 4; Veteran ' s Assoc. 3, 4; Camera Club 3. 4; I.R.C. 3, 4; German Club 3, 4. • HUGH THOMAS McKINLEY, Miami. Florida, Freshman Class Pres.; Band 1. 2, 3, Key member 3; Kappa Kappa Psi, 2, 3, 4; B.S.U.; Camera Club 3. 4; Non-Frat. Assoc. 1, 2, 3, 4; Hatter Staff 2, 3; Pep Club 4; Debate Squad 4; Ministerial Assoc. 1, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Advisor 2, 3, 4; Cheerleader 4; Der Deutsche Verein 3, 4; I.R.C. 1, 2, 3, 4, V.-Pres. 4; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; B.S.U. 1, 2, 3. 4. Sarah Elizabeth McMillan Joan Merdink I Wll !S F. Miedema Bradford Iii i er Helen Miller Jiinmi Mires Bettie Jane Moore Vernon Morgan SARAH ELIZABETH McMILLAN, Winter Garden, Morula. Trans. Sullins College, W.A.A. 2; Reporter Stall 2; Canterbury Club 3, 4; Freshman Advisor 3, 4; Executive Council 4; Trias. Liberal Arts School 4; Delta Delta Delta 2, 3, 4. • JOAN MERDINK, West Palm Beach, Florida. • JAMES F. ME1DEMA, DeLand, Florida. • BRADFORD MILLER, Venice, Florida, Sigma Nu; Gamma Sigma Ep- silon; Beta Chi Omega; Beta Key. • HELEN R. MILLER. DeLaand, Florida. • JONNIE MIRES, DeLand. Florida. Trans. F.S.U., Stray Greeks 3, 4; Town Girls Club 3: Little Theatre .3, 4; Canterbury Club 4; Glee Club 2. 3, 4, Traveling Squad 3, 4, Radio Chorus 3, I: Theta Alpha Phi 4. • BETTY JANE MOORE, Tampa. Florida. Y.YV.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Band 1. 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 1, See. 2. 3, Treas. 4; Tau Beta Sigma 2, 3. 4, Treas. 3, 4; Phi Alpha Theta 2, 3, 1. Sec.-Treas. 3; F.T.A., 3, 4. Pres. 4. • VERNON MORGAN, Perry, Florida. B.S.U.; Ministerial ASSOC; La Franeiade. Russell Nahm Inez O ' Di i i. Nathaniel Ohh Coupon Pahkeh MARY KATHRYN MOTT, Tampa, Florida, Camera Club 1; I.R.C. 3; Freshman Advisor 2, 3; W.A.A. 1; F.T.A. 3; The Hatter Staff 3. • RUSSELL NAHM, DeLand, Florida, Rand 1; Delta Sigma Phi 3, 4; Flight Instructor 3, 4; Freshman Advisor 4; Veteran ' s Club 3, 4. • NANCY NEW, Orlando, Florida, Transfer. • INEZ O ' DELL, Winter Park, Florida. F.T.A. : Trans. West Virginia. • NATHANIEL ORR, Albemarle, N. C. • GORDON M. PARKER, Daytona Beach. Florida, Football 1, 2, 3; Pi Kappa Phi; Glee Club, Traveling Squad; Veterans Club; F.T.A. DOBOTHY PaTTON Fhank M. Pearl, Jh. Osc All B. Pea! ROSS, 111. Mabty Pehkiss fOEL E. PlERt I. s POPPELL DOROTHY PATTON, Miami, Florida, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Travel Squad 2, 3, 4, Key Member 4; Y.W.A. 2, 3, 4; I. B.C. 4; President Conrad House Council 4; Non-Frat. Assoc. 3, 4; F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Reporter Staff 2; Honor Roll. • FBAXK M. PEABL. JR., DeLand. Florida. • OSCAR B. PEATBOSS, JB„ Danville, Virginia. • MABTY PERKINS, Sanford. Florida, Trans. F.S.C.W., Pi Beta Phi: Commerce Club; Canterbury Club; F.T.A.; W.A.A. • ANN PICKENS, DeLand. Florida, Trans. Wesleyan College, Hatter Staff 4: Pi B.ta Phi 4; Town Girls Club, Sec. 4; Westminster Fellowship 4; F.T.A. 4. • JOEL E. PIERCE. Wauchula, Florida. Pi Kappa Phi 1. 2. 3, 4. Treas. 3; Theta Alpha Phi 3, 4; B.S.U. 1, 2. 3, 4; Freshman Advisor 2. 3; Glee Club 4; Little Theatre 2. 3, 4. • MAVIS PITTS, DeLand, Florida, B.S.U. Council; Alpha Dexioma 1, 2, 3, 4. Treas. 2; Freshman Advisor 2. . 4; Glee Club 2, 3; Women ' s Coun- cil 2, 3, 4; The Honor 3, 4; Y.W.A. 1. 2, 3, 4; Volunteers 1, 2, 3, 4, Program Chmn. 3. • NAN CAROLYN POPPELL, Lakeland. Florida, Trans. F.S.C.W., Hatter Staff 2, 3, 4. Editor-in-Chief 4; Press Club 3, 4; Beta Beta Beta 3, 1. Repor ter 4; Honor Boll 2, 3; The Honor 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, Reporter Staff, 2: Gamma Sigma Epsilon 3, Secretary 3. 6 s. Mildred Pimm Carolyn Price Walter L. Puutz Evelyn M. Rangeley Thomas B. Reese Agnes Reeser MILDRED PIMM, Tampa, Florida, Commerce Club, Treas.; F.T.A.; Y.W.A.; B.S.U.; Camera Club. • CARO- LYN PRICE, Bowling Green, Florida, Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. • WALTER LEE PURTZ, Sarasota, Florida, Veterans Club; Newton Club; Frosh Football; Basketball; Tennis. • EVELYN M. RANGELEY, Daytona Beach, Florida, Trans. State Teacher ' s College, Troy, Alabama, Honor Roll; F.T.A. 4. • THOMAS BRUCE REESE. St. Petersburg, Florida. • AGNES REESER, Bradenton, Florida, Trans. F.S.U. and Edison Junior College, Basketball 3; Volunteers; Y.W.A. Thomas Reh 11 ird Patrick W. Rice, Jh. Virginia Rich J tMES RlDDELL Claude J. Hnn.i;i Myhtle Roebuck Saba Roi i iss Verdeixe Sebring THOMAS REICHARD, DeLand, Florida. • PATRICK W. RICE, JR., Augusta, Georgia, Trans. Univ. of Georgia. • VIRGINIA RICH. Holly Hill, Florida, Y.W.A. 1. 2; Honor Roll; Non-Frat. Assoc. 3, 4; F.T.A. 4; JAMES W. RIDDELL. Verdon, Virginia. • CLAUDE J. RIDLEY, Lakeland, Florida. F.T.A. 4; Trans. Florida Southern College. • MYRTLE ROERUCK. West Palm Beach, Florida, Trans. Palm Beach Junior College. Alpha Xi Delta 3, 4; W.A.A. 3, 4; L.R.C. 4: Y.W.A. 3, 4; Hatter Staff 4. • SARA ROLLINS. Stuart. Florida. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Radio Chorus 3; Band 1; Phi Beta: Honor Roll. • VERDELLE SEBRING, Sebring, Florida. W.A.A. 1. 2. 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Travel Squad 1, 2, 3, 4; Radio Course 3; Camera Club 1. 2. 3, Treas.; Freshman Advisor 2. 3; Collegiate Christian Staff 1; M.S.O. 1, 2. Y.-Pres. 3, Pres.; Y.W.A. 1; Zeta Tau Alpha 1. 2, 3, Y.-Pres. 4; Phy. Ed. Majors ' Club 1. 2. 3, 4: Blazer Club 3, 4. V.-Pres. 65 Ruby Seni em i i r Joan Sheppard Jean Skinneh Betty Smith Muriel Smith Virginia Smith RUBY SENTERFITT. DeLand, Florida. • JOAN SHEPPARD, Lakeland, Florida, Glee Chili, Travel Squad; Y.W.A.; B.S.U. • JEAN SKINNER, Cocoa, Florida, Trans. Brenau College, Stray Greeks 3, 4; F.T.A. 3, 4; I.R.C. 3, 4; Westminster Fellowship; Sigma Delta Pi 3, 4; Freshman Advisor 4. • BETTY SMITH, Enterprise, Florida. Town W en 3; M.S.O.; I.R.C. 4. • MURIEL SMITH, DeLand. Florida. • VIRGINIA SMITH, Fort Myers. Florida, Trans. F.S.C.W., Alpha Xi Delta 3, 4; I.R.C; W.A.A. 1HN K. Ssi l l IMS Jarbara Speas Rhodes Spell Shirley Si m mi Steckel Glenn Stephens Jetty Streetman Leboy F. Stuart JOHN k SNELLINGS, DeLand, Florida, Commerce Club 2, 3, 4; l ' i Kappa Phi 1, 2, 3, 4; V.-Pres. Sop] on- Class. Freshman Advisor 3; V.-Pres. Freshman Class. • BARBARA SPEAS, East Bend, X. C, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Y.W.A. 1. 2, 3, 4; Freshman Advisor 3, 4; Upha Dexioma 1; F.T.A. 3, 4; M.S.O. 1. 2. 3, 4. • RHODES SPELL, DeLand, Florida. Sigma Nu. • SHIRLEY STAXFILL. Bartow. Florida, l ' lii Beta 1. 2, 3, 4, See. 2; Glee Club 1. 2, 3, 4 ; Y.W.A. 1, 2; Chappel Organist 2. 5. 4; B.S.I . Council 3, 4; Alpha Dexioma 1; Freshman Advisor 4; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. • DONNALEE STECKEL, Miami, Florida, Tan Beta Sigma 2. 3, 4: Phi Beta 3, 4: Band 1, 2, ' 3, 4; Orchestra 1. 2, 3, 4; F.T.A. 2; YY ' .A.A. 8, 4. • GLENN STEPHENS, Tampa, Florida. Ministerial Assoc. • BETTY STREET- MAN, Jacksonville, Florida, W.A.A. 1. 2. Y.W.A. 1, 2; Westminster Fellowship; I.R.C. 3; Basketball Team 1. • LEROY I ' . STUART, Gorham, New Hampshire. Sigma Nu. 67 Jake M. Sri i in EUDELL SUTLEY Charles A. Sutton. Jr. Joseph Sutton Philip E. Taylor Allyn Thompson JAKE M. SUITER. Winter Haven, Florida. Trans. Univ. of Florida. • E. EUDELL SUTLEY, Mt. Dora. Flor- ida, Sigma Delta Pi 2. 3, 4. V.-Pres. 3, Pres. 4; F.T.A. 3, 4; La Franciade 4. Treas.; B.S.U. • CHARLES A. SUTTON, JR., Knights, Florida Veterans Assoc.; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. • JOSEPH SUTTOX, Pensacola Florida. • PHILIP E. TAYLOR. Jacksonville. Florida. Ministerial Assoc. 1, 2. 3. 4; I.R.C. 2. 3. 4; Xon-Frat. Assoc. 2, 3; Honor Roll. O ALLYN THOMPSON ' , DeLand. Florida. Delta Sigma Phi 1. 2, 3. 4. Chaplain 3. Rec. Sec. 4; Theta Alpha Phi 1. 2. 3, 4, Pres. 4; Press Club 2. 3. 4: Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Reporter Staff 3, 4. Freshman Advisor 4; Little Theatre 1, 2, 3, 4; Treasurer of Student Body 4; Pres. Liberal Arts College 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities 4. Mamy Tillman Jetty Thompson Ruthm vri Thompson GRA 1 ISC I SI Christine Waldron Marjorie Wallace Barbara Anne Walters EaRLINE W ATKINS MARY TILLMAN, Ocala, Florida. VAN. A. 1; Band 1; Hatter Art Club 1, 2; Reporter Staff 2; Hatter Staff 3; Kappa Pi 3, 4, Treas. 3; Non-Frat. Assoc. 3. 4. • BETTY THOMPSON, Avon Park, Florida. Delta Delta Delta 1, 2, 3, 4, Corres. Sec. 2, Rec. Sec. 3; W ' .A.A. 1, 2; Y.W.A. 1; I.R.C. 2: F.T.A. 3. • RUTHMARY THOMPSON, Warrington, Florida, Trans. Univ. of California, Y.W.A. 3, 4. Pres. 4; B.S.U.Council 4; F.T.A. 3, 4; Freshman Advisor 4- Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Non-Frat. Assoc. -3, 4. • CHRISTINE WALDRON, Jack- sonville, Florida, Trans. Jacksonville Junior College, Beta Beta Beta 3, 4; Canterbury Club 3, 4; House Council 4: Gamma Sigma Epsilon 4; Press Club 4; Hatter Staff 4. • MARJORIE WALLACE, Clearwater. Florida, Trans. F.S.U., Sigma Delta Pi. • BARBARA ANNE WALTERS, Jacksonville, Florida. W ' .A.A. 1, 2. 3; Y.W.A. 1. 2; Hatter Staff 1; Canterbury Club 3, 4; French Club 1; Freshman Advisor 3, 4; I.R.C. 3, 4; Inter-Frat. Council 2. 3, 4; Panhellenic Council 4; House Council 2; Town Council 2. 3; Delta Delta Delta 1, 2, 3, 4, V.-Pres. 3, Pres. 4. • EARLDINE WATKINS, West Palm Beach, Florida. Trans. Palm Beach Junior College, Commerce Club 4: Steven ' s Hall I Inns, Council 3: Dean ' s List; Honor Roll. 69 1 1 IKS J W1E S Wl NZEI William S. Westeb Robert P. Wheatlev Louie Wilkinson Jevebly Willis K WEEKS, Lakeland, Florida, Alpha Xi Delta 2, 3, 4; I.R.C. 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2; Travel Squad 2; Y.W.A.; W.A.A. • JAMES WEXZEL, Wheaton, Illinois. • WILLIAM S, WESTER, Tampa, Florida, Trans. Univ. of Tampa, B.S.U.; Volunteers. • ROBERT P. WHEATLY, Jacksonville, Florida, Glee Club 1. 2. 4; Male Quartet 1. 2: Radio Chorus 1, 2. 4. • LOUIE WILKINSON, Jacksonville, Florida, Little Theatre 1. 2. 3, 4; B.S.U. C( cil 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4; State Baptist Student Union Pres. 2; Phi Society; Theta Alpha Phi 2. 3, 4; Volunteers 2; Sophomore Class V.-Pres.; La Franciade 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3; Ye Mystic Krewe 3, 4, hirst Mate 3; V.-Pres. Liberal Arts School 3; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities 3, 4; Player of Eloise Chimes, Hulley Tower 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. • BEVERLY WILLIS, Jacksonville, Florida, Trans. Baylor Univ.. YW.A. 1. 2. 3, 4; B.S.U. 1. 2, 3, 4: Phi Beta Mu 3. Ruth Williams Wilson Pauline Wixderweedle Jean Windham Faye Louise YOUNC Kay Hooper Celia Goff VIRGINIA BlSPHAN " RUTH WILLIAMS, Orlando, Florida. • ROBERT S. WILSON, Sanford, Florida, Trans. George Washington Univ., Scroll and Key 3, 4 La Franciade, Pres. 4; Stetson Quarterly Editor 4. • PAULINE WINDERWEEDLE. Day, Florida, Alpha Xi Delta 1, 2. 3, 4. Treas. 2 F.T.A. 1. 2. 3, 4; W.A.A. 1. 2; I.R.C. 2. 4; Y.W.A. 1, 2; Hatter Staff 2. 4; Reporter Staff 2; Canterbury Club 4; Freshman Advisor 2, 3; Stetson Hall Council 2. • JEAN WINDRAM, Leesburg, Florida. Trans. Mary Washington College, Pi Beta Phi 3, 4; W.A.A. 3, 4; Blazer Club 4; Treas. Senior Class; Woman ' s Council 4; Pan-Hellenic Council 4. • FAYE LOUISE YOUNG, Gainesville, Florida, Camera Club I; Y.W.A. 1. 2, 3; Alpha Dexioma 1, 2; B.S.U. 1, 2, 3, 4; Volunteers 1, 2, Sec. 3; Glee Club 1. 2, 3, 4. • KAY HOOPER, Daytona Beach, Florida, Alpha Xi Delta I. 2. 5, 4. Secretary 4, Intramural Mgr., 1, Phi Beta, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities 4. Feature Section of the Annual ' 3, 4, The Honor 4; Glee Club 1, 3, 4, Asst. Director 4. Student Leader 4. Traveling Squad and Radio Chorus 1, 3, 4. Little Theatre 1, 3, 4, Baptist Student Union Senior Council 4, Honor Roll 3, I. Messiah Soloist. • CELIA GOFF, Live Oak. • VIR- GINIA BlSPHAN. 71 Murk, jane, Lulie and Ed continually were busy managing the affairs of the Junior Class. JUNIOR OFFICERS Edward Talton President Mack Cleveland, Jr Vice-President Jane Wycoff Secretary Lutie Keathley Treasurer 72 The jaunty juniors, Jean and Joe College, personified. For them no worries over approaching graduation, no fears of rat- ting. Theirs is the world and all that ' s in it — or so thev think. The hard way to get a man. Let ' s go Dutch, girk. 73 JUNIORS... Sarah Martha Adams Miami Elizaheth Woods Adderley .... Largo Anne Andrews Lexington, Ky. Dorothy Mae Abell . . . Winter Haven Buelah Atkinson Summerfield Robert Auman Reading, Pa. Audrey Bach Sanford Frank Bamburc Jasper Madeline Barrow .... Waycross, Ga. Irene Beauchamp .... White Springs Henry Beckman Stuart Jean Besphinghoss Orlando Robert L. Burgust Apopka George Borysewich . Winter Garden Libby Braddock Jacksonville Jackson B. Bragg DeLand William Brinkley Quincy Faye Brooker Tampa Edgar E. Brown Vero Beach William Eucene Brown .... Orlando DeVerne Bryan Hialeah Thomas L. Burgess Ft. Myers Allyne Burns Jacksonville Donald Burroughs Stuart Dorothy Sue Campbell . N. Wilkesboro, N. C. Johnny Cannon DeLand Russell Carter Jacksonville John Cater West Palm Beach Louise Carver Miami Roland Cazer DeLand Mrs. Alba Chance Pensacola Frederick Brown Chance . . . Pensacola Ambrose Claninger, Jr DeLand Jean Adair Clark Eustis Julian Clark DeLand T. J. Cleghorn Lakeland Bonnell P. Coachman .... Clearwater Joseph Couson Stuart Benji Cooper Tampa Von u.en Clark Sanford 7i Mack Cleveland, Jr DeLand Donald V. Corn Lake Worth Calveht Courtney DeLand Harmon Chossley Orlando Keller M. Davis Jacksonville Ralph Davis Lake Wales VIRGINIA Lee Day Lakeland John Denmark Starke Marguerite Dibble DeLand J. 11. Dickert Springville, Ala. Helen Douglas St. Augustine Elizabeth Duhner DeLand Betty Duty Winchester, Ky. Martha Earnhardt .... New Smyrna Norma Eels . . . . West Palm Beach Robert Ellery Ft. Lauderdale Joseph Esmail New York. N. V. Juiiwi Fair Dilplios, Ohio Frank Steele Flack, Jr Daytona William Royal Foster . . Columbia, S. C. Jack Fountain DeLand Nil Fowler Perry Royal French Valdosta, Ga. Robert James Fugua . . Washington, D. C. Joy Gaudet Natchez, Miss. Noreen Ceyer Miami Daniel Gillespie DeLand Martha Gillon Lakeland Wayne Gilman Bradenton Bessie Goff Live Oak Curtis Goff Live Oak James Grant Ft. Meade Anne Gheene Daytona Beach Harrison Griffin DeLand Thelma Hagberg Hialeah Martha Haigler Miami Lewis A. Halbeht Lake Wales William Hall Plant City Millard Hancock ...... Del. and Louise Hargess Leesburg 4»4l1 ...JUNIORS 75 JUNIORS... " ®£L? Jeanne Harrell Waverly, Ga. Charlotte Harris .... St. Petersburg Roheht Harris .... West Palm Beach Nancy Helms Largo Jean Hixsev Clearwater Paul Daniel Hickson Sanford Donald Hendricks Orlando Roberi Hinsley Crestview Sarah Hess Winter Haven Dot Hillman Orlando William King Jacksonville Dee Holly Orlando William E. Brant Hoover . Vandergrift, Pa. Sue Hopper Miami Thomas Hobton Vero Beach Martha Catherine Hudson . . Lakeland Everett Huskey Eustis Nan Ivey Atlanta, Ga. Wilbur Jarrett Altoona Mark Jacoby Moline, 111. Ernesi Jernigan Tampa Stanton Jensen Chicago, 111. Augustus W. Jones Yulee Grace Jones Eagle Lake Leria Jones Orlando Jacob Joseph Baghdad, Iraz J, B. Joye, Jr Willington, N. C. iii ii Kastesich . Long Island City, N. Y. Lutie Keathley Tampa William King Sanford James Knight Bartow Robert Stuart Edward Koster Jacksonville Mary Koixneh Lakeland Willie B. Lamb Pensacola Mel Landers Annapolis, Md. James G. Lee Sanford B. J. McCallum Jacksonville Betty Jo McCully Quincy Francis McKennay ... St. Atkins, N. Y. 76 Georce B. McLean Live Oak m - | «t 1 ' _f Eston McPheters Franklin, Pa. William McTeer Sanford Georce N. McMoixen DeLand V " V y y W Aw Walter F. Malmborc DeLand i A JkT k Bf M mtm dmmM SmtrnM Marjorie Marks DeLand jm m Karl Marsh Winter Park ■ " ■ ' -» W. H. Martin Cocoa j§| " m - N Jordon Maynard Eustis P » k. Doris Merrill Umatilla ■ M W JL T?« i3T I Daytona Beach m " " " P 8 » M B 9 Ek Bonnie Ji an Moore . . Bennettsville, S. C. " ■L N Jt f L — - H - t m (£ . V Edward P. Moore . . . Bronxville. X. Y. , •J fl d . V " " T Roberta Moore Dunnedin r -j A Ifh - II 1 £ Evelyn Jackson Orlando ■» ■ It - h it Arthur II. Morris . . New Rochelle, N. Y. V - W f 4- -J ±A lb I Sylvia A. Morse Starke t . ' 1 . Jj SB - K J fe A Mary Mott Tampa Wl •» M C " L A. Mee Moy China Ml ■ I • , A C. L. Jacksonville J Darryl Murray Jacksonville }sm •«■ ' r --• - m. Joe Nelson Daytona Beach .«, . ' P- ' Swxnna Nelson .... Daytona Beach B Rorert Jacksonville Ft JBff fc M . Marguerite Oldfohd . West Palm Beach W _ w Jimmy Olson Daytona Beach Christian Orben Bradenton % JHj Ernest Owens, Jr Pensacola Fred Owens, Jr. . Manchester, Maine fc Asa Oxner Ocala x» W Robert Petruschell Mt. Dora m Charles Pofford .... Daytona Beach Mrs. Arnold Panchatz . . Mascotle, Ala. ( . A K fe - W. m 539E9 f . . % . fc A O ( Judy Patrick Daytona Beach f 3§ " ' f " " ' Mary Ann Perkins .... Gallatin. Tenn. . Xt M „j__ J L , Roy Rex Patrick St. Pete i V W . AS Tom Perrin Miami " AfAi .. 4 V fe A ...JUNIORS 77 JUNIORS.. Earl Euwahd Peters .... Jacksonville Will Henry Peters DeLand Maureen Peterson Pierson Prissy Peterson Jacksonville Margaret Phillips Branford Jay Harris Poppell Lakeland Robert Powers .... Beckley, W. Va. Sam Prather Kissimmee Freida Prescott Wauchula George Prom Jacksonville E ii.YN M. Rangeley . Daytona Beach William E. Ray .... Daytona Beach Sarah Register Arcadia Wallace Register Plant City Mrs. Wallace Register . . . Plant City Marion Ann Rhea Tavares W. A. Robinson Key West Sybil Ramas Tampa Frank Richardson Tampa Charles Ridings DeLand Tom Risk Lakeland Joyce Rogers Kansas City, Mo. Robert C. Rogers . . . West Palm Beach Claude E. Rucker, Jr DeLand Richard G. Pumphrey Daytona Beach Pat Sachs Coral Gables Matthew T. Sahina .... Vero Beach Henry F. Schwalle . . . Savannah. Ga. Mary Selman Bradenton Joseph Senkarik DeLand Roy Shupp Palatka Thomas Carlton Simms . . . Vidalia, Ga. Clarence Simpson .... Daytona Beach Miriam Skeene Pompano A. Ritchie Smith Lakeland Betty M. Smith Enterprise Eugene Smith DeLand Phillip Smith Miami Sara Jane Smith .... Tarpon Springs H. M. Solana Port Orange £ 9. 3 " 1 Dorothy Stafford .... St. Petersburg S I Cecil Stalvey Indiantown « , , fl Steve Stephens Jacksonville " k JPj k Thomas P. Stewart .... Atlanta, Ga. ' ' ■L K T M C. C. Street DeLand £ A £ 4H M rs noY r. o vuuh.n jaouuu.iu. Clifford Swain DeLand .1 Edward Talton DeLand TJj , fe HUHERT TlNSON DeLand A gjp. jVx »v JW»fe fe Herring Timothy DeLand . 4 I J J I Jackie Tohson .... Fayetteville, N. C. ,? •• - ' V f George Tomkins Wildwood . fc V rfc r -. Forest Troutt Plant City x 4J k „ (W W, % " Mary Trirhle Vidalia, Ga. AF . T B A i Terry True Sanford Helen Trundle Ft. Lauderdale Faye Tuten DeLand Grace Tyler Brunswick, Ga. Conhad Ussery Jacksonville Lenora Virgin DeLand Margaret Vriesenga Balm Katherine Vitaras Graceville Ai.da Wadsworth Wildwood Herbert Walton Danville, Va. Bill Warfleld Tampa G.S.Watson Hickory, N. C. Wallace Webb Lakeland Sam Weathehford Stuart Mark Weatherly Crestview Huni Mae Webster .... Winter Haven Stephan Weldon, Jr Starke Charles A. Williams .... Gainesville v -— ,» Edward Williamson . . . Syracuse, N. V. Sadie Wood DeLand Milton Collier Wyche . . . Jacksonville I m Wi Kin i Vero Beach Don Yaxley DeLand Faye Young Gainesville Morris ZlPPREH Lake Wales ...JUNIORS 79 SOPHOMORE OFFICERS Bill Cablin President C. L. Mullis Vice-President Lenora Williams Secretary Martha Kubtz Treasurer C. L., Lenora, Martha and Bill capably led the sophomores through a busy and successful year. 80 Hou to make the " D List " in one easy lesson. The sophomores, who have been around long enough to think they know it all. Registration and exams hold no terror for them, and theirs is the helpful advice which many a freshman has learned to distrust. SOPHOMORES... Getting ready for Milligan. si SOPHOMORES... si © £$ Betty Jane Adams Oxford, Ga. Chahmelee Adams .... New York City Gene Ariel Dade City Mahy Nell Ainswohth . . . Watseka, 111. Cabmen Allbritton .... Lake Place Wynette Alderman .... Haines City Carolyn Almes Jacksonville James Anderson . . . Wilkesboro, N. C. Jim Anderson .... Wilkesboro, N. C. Max Anderson Pensacola Idmond Anderson Bartow Morgan Anderson . . . Lndington, Mich. Leola Baker West Palm Beach Nancy Baker DeLand Dot Ballentine Lake Worth John Banner Bedford, Pa. Helen Barksdale Adele, Ga. Douglas Barr Tampa Jerry C. Barrington .... Pensacola Roland Barrington .... Valrico Hill Beverly Bartlett Jacksonville Alfred Baslow Brooklyn, N. Y. Esther Ruth Bass Kissimmee Marjohie Beaty Gainesville Juanita Beauchamp Trenton Betty Jo Beyille Bushnell Ralph Bennet Panama City Barbara Bing Jacksonville Lucy Bishop Panama City Uriel Blount DeLand Jo Ann Bolle Daytona Beach Walter Bonham DeLand Thomas E. Booth Jacksonville Betty Borhego Tampa Harry Borysewich .... Winter Garden Frances Bosanquet Leesburg Theodore Bouneman .... Lake Wales Harold Brady .... West Palm Beach Sue Brannon Statesboro, Ga. John Bray Jacksonville 82 Fred Breed Jacksonville Robert Bruin DeLand Gloria Brinkley Jacksonville Gordon Brooks Wildwood Hehman E. Brooks Jacksonville Don Brown Lindew Harold Brown DeLand Martha Brown Ft. Lauderdale Richard Brown Jacksonville W .W.Brown Orlando William Browner Punta Gorda William Bruce Monroe Gerald Burnett DeLand Rosalynd Burns Macon, Ga. I uicaret Bvars Gorinth, Miss. Barbara Cokeh Arcadia Jerri Cahlile Titusville Bill Carlin Daytona Beach Hugh Carlton Sanford Nettie Lee Carholi Ocala Ben Carson .... Hendersonville, N. C. Elizabeth Carver Sanford Frances Chappell Jacksonville Claire Chaney .... West Palm Beach Ethel Cheshire Pompano John Cheshire Limoma Douglas Chewali .... Richmond, K . Carl Chopeninc, Jr Sanford Dot Christie Miami Beach Bl i n Clamp West Palm Beach William Clants Oviedo I ' .iiw m Clark DeLancl Lloyd Clifton DeLand Joyce Collier Pompano Vernon Collins Bartow C W. Colson Starke Earl Coney Arlington Elizabeth Conner .... St. Petersburg Varian Cooper Opis Betty Council . Pompano ...SOPHOMORES 83 SOPHOMORES... ( „ ■ George Cowan Jacksonville James Cox Moon- Haven Jf Gerald Crawford .... Winter Garden F Bun Cromartie Haines Cits I Betty Jo Crosby Citra . _j» -- 1l Jerome K. Crowe .... Daytona Beach ft , ' • ■■ s . K J Dick Crum St. Cloud | • " -- r Is l I ' ll CrutCHFIELD Alaeliua Edwina Conningham .... Plant Cits AJI ' fr« Leona Ci nmsc.ham Pleasantville, N. J. mt, -m, m ' ■ I _, «W Va » li » George Curtice, Jr Lakeland ' . . Mdl ' ffa (I c- - ■■ Paul Curtis Jacksonville Beach • ' ygT J v 9l W ' Lv V. W C,HUI: Dalton •■■■■• Jacksonville ' w Jjfc I fc V ' Mary Davey Jacksonville ■X H Betts Davidson hicrland J " T »« ' 4 ,! " » - I ' M ion Oasis Orlando 1 - £ Luther Davis Davis - 1 M £■ 4 ' Stella Davis Frostproof nbr " Sisvnne Davis Jacksonville gk t 7 | n Day West Palm Beach Mlmmf mm « W M «_ Harw 1)av Tampa a £ BL Linton Day DeLand m T y H 1- k Marjorie Dili Waycross, Ga. T mW W " aM« D " N DlLIAN Bradenton M 4 mM J L A9 Robert Dinwiddie Dastona J « t Eugene Doran Corinth, Miss. " - Charles A. Dorsey . West Palm Beach •r - - •, ' »- - |f _ George Douglas Eau Gallie r Aw k . l mii kline Douglas .... Lake Wales tf H -J . ■■P 1 Billy Driver Clc.n s at i i ■ 41 S ' M s k ■i i ' _ I J k (f Herbert Dudley Clearwatei I- — 1 A m ' " Vfl,; Duf ' f;AN Mt Dora J A - Bk H - " . JP .T ' J ' Elizabeth Dunn .... Atlantic Beach ■1 fl ♦ P W _ «W ' " " N DvKES Jacksonville ft •■ " " Y IssilsEason Waycross. Charlotte Enlow Belle Glade ftv?; ' " ' w A " • ■ • Jims Enicson Beaver, l ' a. 9 B r - v Bw fe-- Helen Emery Alachua T ' , m t i " W Julia Ann Ellis Vidalia, Ga. ffL Alfred Edwards Meigs, Ga. F % ™ 5 1 84 art r f " UON Everson .... Jacksonville beacn _ 3 . John Evans Fort Myers ' - " -r Rudolf Fagan Arcadia " . Donna Fair Daytona Wt A B U i «4I ft Phoebe Faulker Lakeland J. , iK Jz; %. B 9 v r Mary Jo Fahrior Tampa 9 3S 1 . . Wu.iiH Fagins Clearwater V ' " ' B _ L. " Bf ' Du k Finn Newton, Mass. S» B 5 W |(i s i I ' lNMV Wanclmla X BBl ' J tk W O A ' " , rt William Fisher M.a.m 1 - » liL T » - f kJ Bill Fischer Brooklyn, N. Y. V «- «• T, Thomas Flake Quincy . .Z w 1 ' Thomas Flanagan Miami vL W . »■ ▲ Davtona % „ l ' Afc X Hi V . C - % 4 ' Br B " fit a Br 9i ' K A, i " .Ai « jt B( fi Bt BJ k jAk £L jBw ' ' Bfe ' ' wt fc " v alvin ruTCH lacKsuiivine l!% -A Ke Jta B l ThUBMAN CbaSON Orlando Margaret Gaby Homestead Harry Gaventa Tampa - , Byron D. Gay Winter Garden Jfc David ti.vicHEi Sanlonl Ml Frank George, Jr DeLand 1 ». ■ ' Thad George Damascus, Ga. Hon Gideon Stuart Vniiisi is ( in BERT Del. ami luii Ethel Gelbebt Del, ami i Mary Elaine Gill Pensacola Roberi Gillespie .... Appleton, Wis. Jerri Giboib Jacksonville Miriam Glover ...... Tallahassee Howard Gordii .... West Palm Beach HI t «•; v J ...SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES... Hugh Granger Jackson Richard Grunwald Brooklyn Tom Griffin Charlotte, N. C William J. Guess Sarasota Burleigh Hale .... West Palm Beach Carol Hale Daytona Roger Hagamon .... West Palm Beach Pat Haldeman Jacksonville William Hall Jacksonville Edmund Hamilton .... Geneva, Ohio Sam Hammer, Jr Orlando Gerald Hamor Winter Haven Keith Hansen Jacksonville Juanita Hansen Jacksonville Walter Hardin Dunedin Bob Hawkins Winter Haven James Harwood Miami Ed Hay Zanesville, Ohio Frances Hays Winter Haven H. R. Heckenbach Sanford Frankie Hendrich Jacksonville H. B. Hendry DeLand Robert Herndon Miami William Hickson Jacksonville Charles Hillman Jacksonville Harry Hinckley Miami Paul Hines DeLand Joseph Hinton Slater, S. C. J. M. Hodges, Jh Miami James Holbert Neptune Beach Grove C. Holland, Jr Nocatee Harvey Howard Jacksonville Buth Holtz Daytona Beach Marion Hon New Hampshire Brett Hope Lithia Pa. Frederick Hope .... West Palm Beach G. B. Hopkins DeLand Russell Hornsby ....... Davenport Delphia Howland DeLand George Hope Lithia SO Richard Hughes Monticello James Hulbaly Dade City Jack Hull Daytona In Humphrey West Palm Beach Harry Hurst Hazard Juanita Hurst Tampa Raymond Hutchinson Arcadia Leo Imperial . . . Port Washington, N. Y. Betty Ivey Atlanta Jerry Ivey Kissimmee J. C. Johnson DeLand Joe Johnston Haines City Maxine Johnson Hopewell, Va. James A. Jones Baldwin Lawrence Jones DeLand Malcolm Jones Tampa W. F. Karns DeLand John Kearns .... Spring Valley, N. Y. Chahlene Keich Stuart Don Kibbey Ludenglan Betty Lou Kimmel Bradenton Eugene Kippenham . . . Appleton, Wis. Vernon Kirchoff DeLand Thomas Koehleh DeLand Martha Kurtz Ft. Myers MARGIE Lackey .... West Palm Beach Collier Laird Jacksonville Tom Laird Jacksonville Mary Ann LANCASTER .... Clearwater I imes Langford Madison Bill Lankan Wauchula Bill Lawler Great Neck, N. Y. Ann Lawton Wyckoff, N. J. Joy Lee Dade City Robert Lee Sanford Robert Lee Orlando I whs Lecgett Orlando Jasper Lineman Buffalo, N. Y. Hoc. in Leslie Traer, Iowa Foe Le Pla Palatka o k l ft Q . c% ,.:• ...SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES... n £ - ' - $ «A«ii ij O e o f Wallace Lewis Jasper William Lewis Jasper Elden Luffman Ocala Robert McCabe Jacksonville Dot McCollum Tavares Blanche McCollum .... Jacksonville Harry McCohkle .... Daytona Beach Clyde McCully . . . Culver City, Calif. William McGough St. Cloud Marshall McGregor DeLand Robert McKenzie Jacksonville Goff Mace Erie. Pa. Libby Macy West Palm Beach J i anne Madden Eagle Lake Shirley Marks St. Augustine Mary Bell Martin DeLand Kemp Maser Ft. Pierce Max Massfeller .... Daytona Beach Madeline Mather .... Daytona Beach Goulding Matthews DeLand Ronald Matthews Leesburg Stewart Maxcy Jacksonville Doren Maxwell Coral Gables Laird Meffert Ocala Harry Meisel Stanford, Conn. Richard Melear Miami Noralee Mellor Ft. Myeis Gloria Mebtz Eustis |u { i: Mielke Sanford William Miller Del. and 1 wine Miles Bradenton Walter Miller Clearwater Mary Low Minniz DeLand Helen Mitchell Miami Robert Lee Mitchell . . . Miami Beach Charles Mitciivm Atlanta M uii.vHET Montieth Starke Clyde Moon Oviedo Martha Moon Oviedo Bernard Moonei .... Palmerton, Pa. 88 o r Betty Wood Moore .... Marion S. C. " " «» " Jimmy Moiihe Eau Gallie Mitchell Moohe .... Defiance. Ohio Wiiiis I Dallas. " k k | Jewell Morris Wakulla ( ' i IT H Kl H ii». ima Mokris Daytona Beacli fc " Molly Morrison ...... Gainesville L «- - B Hr I fr i Lake J V | " " JF fc ' fc fc jjk ]i B 1 Donald Nelson .... jfl Ajh 1 jfl I A jfl I ' A Am ■» ■■ IM ! m Lois Neweli Orlando J L " " W. T. Newsome, Jf DeLand Vt " V ' " ' Earl Nicholson Lakeland » V Betty Jane Jupiter B . T .J k . Bl fovci mE E t ' A £ A Paul O Sullivan Daytona 1 3t B£ - " ' - k Bui N Wke fl Z v K ff Spring L B h ■ |Kf Charles MeRae. Ga. Mi R 4k 4 1 David Parker Sarasota « ti» Sv K - t ' i Benton Patterson .... New Orleans ( ii iu is Pun RSON Miami (■i i Patterson Daytona L _ " mMt I m Pearce Eustis — — li «; ' Martin Pearson Wauchula I nn.s Pelham Gonzales . K John Pit ham Chipley - . TiK Cathleen Pendercasi Greenwich, Conn. Bruce Perkins DeLand Stanley Perkinson St. Petersburg Jack Persons Ft. Myers Francis Peterman Enterprise William . . ▼ ' jfl fc l P ; .- i Lot is Piiu.Lii ' s Orlando Mary Ellen Phillips . . Ellicotville, N. Y. HawionnG Purs Lakeland m-- - L?m « ' H nsO Jean Pieri » .. J Jt k m: ...SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES... Boh Pinder Miami Suzanne Potts .... Wheeling, W. Va. Earl Pounds Holly Hill Clinton Powell DeLand Doius Pratt Covington, Ga. Wyndham Priddle DeLand Mary Prince Naples Evelyn Purtz Basic, Miss. David Quinn Syracuse, N. Y. Arlington Raosdale Atlanta James Rainero Lake Alfred William Rose Rainey . . . Mt. Plymouth Charles Ralinson DeLand Robert Rangeley DeLand Cecil Rathei Tampa Betty Rawlinson Zephyr Hills Edwin Reaves Clearwater Patricia Reed DeLand Lois Reesman Lakeland Robert Reilly Delray Beach John Rellas Nashua, N. H. C. O. Renner Tampa Doris Revels Palatka Ferdinand Ribet Jacksonville Doris Rich Holly Hill Mary Lee Rich Ft. Myers Harrell K. Riles Ocala Beverly Roberts DeLand Kenneth Roberts Lake Wales Lawrence Roberts Wauchula E. D. Gregory, Jr Dinsmore Mildred Robson Sanford A. C. Rosa New York City Margaret Rosenbehger .... Micanopy Ralph Rosenberger Micanopy Bod Rowe Jacksonville Joe Russell, Jr Dade City Austin Rutledge Leesburg Nancy Ryan Amherst, Me. 11. M. Salano Port Orange 90 Myron Samson Jacksonville Earl Sapp DeLand Louis Schlegel .... Winchester, K . Cyril Schleteh Jacksonville VV. A. Schmid Daytona Al Schneider Sundyville, Ohio Betty Schneider Jacksonville Ann Schuessleh Miami Paul Schandel DeLand Herman Schwalbe .... Savannah. Ga. Irene Scott Moore Haven Ralph Scott Jacksonville Charles Senior Pay ton Beach Jean Sentarit DeLand Beverly Sewell Tampa l( mi in Seymour Barberville Stephen Shabala .... Newcastle, Pa. Catherine Shackleeokd . . . Homestead Walter Shefhard Cocoa John Sheppard Lakeland Tiialiaii Shever Hastings Patsy Van Sickler Lakeland Samuel Silver Clearwater Bland Simmons Jacksonville ( ii;i Simmons Wauchula M m SlZEMORE palacliicola II m n Skelton Jacksonville Betty Slater Waycross, Ga. ( ii iu es Smith Sanford Jane Smith Jacksonville Marian Smith DeLand Lawton Smith Jacksonville Williams James Snow . Delray Beach Woodford Snowden Winchester, Ky. William Snyder Kissi ee Gloria SoLBRIC . . . ., 111. kiwi- i ii Solomon . Winter Garden M vin Summer . . . . .... DeLand . facksonville Bead, Carl Stephens Sarasota pk p ? ...SOPHOMORES yi SOPHOMORES... A i e» a q o o e f ft r , . £ .. ft n p. Paul Stewart Live Oak Mary St. John Penllyn, Pa. Earl Stokes Ft. Meade Edgar Strykeh Flushing, . Y. Gail Tatum Miami James Taylor Pierson Clarence Tidd . . . Niagara Falls, X. Y. Frank Thompson Jacksonville Peggy Thompson Avon Park Gordon Titus Orlando Edward Tjarks . . Port Washington. X. Y. James Tombeblin Miami Reba Trew Holly Hill Thomas Trout Jacksonville l.i I loi Tuckeb Ocala Robert Tucker Sarasota I 1 1 : ■ . iiii Turner Boca Baton Ji ) : I I HMU Boca Baton Shelby Turner Arlington Dalton Tyner Lakeland Murhai L ' i.m Live Oak Bom in Vincent Mt. Dora Betty Lou Voglesong . . Middleton, Ohio liomio VoGT Daytona I m Vollum Long Horn. Pa. Russell Voorhees Daytona fEFF Voss rcadia Earl Wade . Lake Cats Jesse B. Watkins Jacksonville ln io Walters Vero Beach Eldes Waldon Pompano Betty Ward Orlando James Ward Quinc) Di k Warren St. Petersburg W iYDi Hi i keh Sanford Patricia Weathers Sarasota Kobeht Webb Umatilla William Wood Ozana Carlton Welch Madison Ai i.i.don Daytona Beach Ki i 92 mtmmt pi ft Betty Jo Wells von Park Jim Wenzel DeLand Harold Wescott, Jr. . Glen Falls, N. V. Carrol West Jacksonville I In. ii West Crescent City I wii s West DeLand avne West Daytona Beach 1 a k Whitakeh Miami ii i u(i) Whttelock . . Vero Beach Robert Wieler . . . St. Albany, N. V. ICathryn Wiggins Sanford Winifred Wigle DeLand Howard Wilbuhn . . West Palm Beach Ruth Wilder Kissimmee Earline Wilkes Milton ii .i.iam Wilkinson Holly Hill Edwin Williams Ocala Lenora Willi wis Homestead Mable Jean Williams Baldwin Muriel Wilson Ft. Pierce Pat W m son Sanford Robert Wilson Ft. Meade Robert Wilson Clearwater [chin Winger Haines City Anna Wodtke Tampa Joahn B. Wood Eau Gallic John Wood DeLand Betty Woodyabd Bryant Helen Wooten Coral Cables Benjamin Yelvincton .... Yelvington Wanda Yoder Jacksonville Raymond Yumber West, N Sum. eon Hinds Orange City Elwyn Brown DeLand Jay Poppell Lakeland ...SOPHOMORES 93 Home was never like this. You Frosh, poor bewildered beginners, who were pushed unknowingly into anything and everything by the upperclassmen. But remember the thrill you felt the first time you walked across the campus and realized that you were a part t it all? Yours is the future of Stetson to make of it what you will. Ratting . . . a freshman ' s- nightmare. 94 The freshman leader . . . Truman, Frank. Shirla. and Eleanor acre responsible for the fine start the Class of ' 51 made as they began their college career. FRESHMAN OFFICERS Truman Grason President Frank Van Develder Vice-President Shirla Shaw Secretary Eleanor Graves Treasurer 95 FRESHMEN.. . First linn: Carl Adams. Arcadia; lima Lee dkins. Fort Lauderdale; Joan Albertz, Orlando; Waltei D. Amnions. Sarasota; Joan Argal, Atlanta, Georgia; Mavis Baggett, Metter, Georgia; Betty Jane Bailey, Vero Beach. Second Row: Vernon Balin. Barberville; Hiram Ballard. Ft. Myers; Joyce Bandy, Miami; II. I ' . Barrington, Orange City; Edwin Barton, Miami; Opal Batchelor, Quincy; Geraldine Bates. Plant City. Third Ran: Richard Hates, Cincinnati, Ohio; Jill Battle. Leesburg; Mary Lee Bauer, DeLand; Eugene Baxley, Summerfleld; Imogene Bayette, Webster; William Beaton. Jacksonville; Beverly Beecham, West Palm Beach. Fourth Row: Jane) W. Bennett. Titusville; Margaret Benson, Enstis; Kenneth Berry, Pattstown, Pa.; Victor Beska, Albany, New York; Clarice Bentley, St. Cloud; William Birnhaum. Bayside, New York; John Bishop, Vero Beach. Fiflli Row: Etson Blackwell, Fort Lauderdale; Eustace Blair. Monticello; Herbert Blanton, Miami; Kelly Blanton. Miami: Mary Sue Blount, DeLand; Allied Bodely, Chalfurt, Pa.; John Bowman. Miami. 96 lo a First Row: Francis Boyette, Tampa; Jimmy Branch, Palm Beach; Frederika Bredow, Jackson- ville; Dorothy Bridges, Orlando; Evelyn Brizzi, Georgia; Carrol] Broeramte, Detroit. Michigan; Bill Bronson, Windermere. Second Row: George Brooks. Del. and; Herbert Brooks, Wildwood; Betli Brewin. DeLand; Quitman Brown, Arcadia; Sue Brown. Kingsport, Tenn.; Barbara Brundage, Deland; Mareella Buckalen, DeLand. Third Row: Patricia Burgoon, Indian River (. ' its; Jeanne Burnett. Willow Grove. Pa.; MacDon- ald Burnett, Palmetto; I ' . inline Bushess, Ocala; Russell Butler. DeLand; Robert Byal, Akron, Ohio; Ruth Byrum, Homestead. Fourth Row: Austin Cadwell, Winter Garden; Polly Campbell, Lake Wales; Barbara Ann Canady, Wilmington, North Carolina; Cordon Carlise, Avon Park; James Carter. Jacksonville; William Cartel. Litliia; Mars Louise Cars er, Jacksonville. I ' iftli Ran: Diana Castellani, Dastona; Dorothy Cliastain. Lakeland; Ed Choquette, Jackson- ville Beach; Jane Choquette, Jacksonville Beach; Mars Nell Christian, Clearwater; Joan Clark. DeLand; John Clark. Onset. Mass. . . . FRESHMEN 97 FRESHMEN... First Row: Elmer Collins, Miami; Peggy Constantine, Clearwater; William Collopy, DeLand; William Colsen. Callahan; Earl Coompton, Orlando; Joan Conway, Apopka; Joan Cook, Miami. Second Row: Eloise Cornwell, DeLand; June Cossin, Orlando; Sue Cost, Fort Lauderdale; Earnest Cowley. Tampa; Virginia Cos, Palmetto; Kenneth Cross. Tampa; Irvin Crawford, Winter Garden. Third Row: David Creekman, Philadelphia, Pa.; Evelyn Robinson, DeLand; Harland Cutler, DeLand; Hiihard Cutler, Sarasota; Mima Dalbo, DeLand; John Dame, Eemandina; Ralph Dandridge, DeLand. Fourth Row: Harold Dann, Winter Garden; Louise Davidson, Panama City; Virginia Davis, Maryville, Tenn.; Ililladeon Davis, Alabama; Norman Davis, Chicago, III.; Fred Dean, Orange City; Marilyn Deeming, DeLand. Fifth Row: Thelma Dennis, North Miami Beach; Mary Grace Denton, Belle Glade; William Dethlefs, West Palm B each; Roger DiGinlian, West Palm Beach; Ruth Dickson, Ocala; Charles Doll, Jacksonville; Iris Doty, DeLand. D p .O flil Firxt Row: Francis Douglas, Brooker; Joyce Lee Dorden, Titusville; Bobbie Drake. DeLand; Walter Duncan, Portsmouth, Ohio; Louise Dunham, Winter Park; Charles Edington, Jr.. West Palm Beach; Graves Edmondson, Chattanooga, Tenn. Second Row: Thomas Edmondson, Sarasota; Betty Elliot, Lake Wales; John Epps, Sanford; Nancy Eschholz, Palm Beach; George Everette, Jr., Daytona; William R. Faust. Ocala; Frank Fernandez, Orlando. Third Row: John Fetner, Hamlet, North Carolina; Martha Finney, Wauchula; Elizabeth Fister, Fort Lauderdale; Jimmie X . ■ 1 1 Fleming, Orlando; Peggy Flood. DeLand; Dorothy Flory, Lan- caster, Pennsylvania; Elizabeth Flory, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Fourth Row: Annabelle Foster. Arcadia; Barbara Fowler. Daytona Beach; Carolyn Freedman, Belle Glade; Betty Jean Freeman, Ocala; Cliff Friday, Tampa; Ronald Fruda, DeLand; Douglas Futch, Titusville. Fifth Row: James II. Goff, DeLand; James Gallagher, DeLand; Lois Garland, West Palm Beach; June Robertson, Augusta. Ga.; Dean Catch, Leesburg; James Gibson, Jr., Dearborn. Mich.; II. R. Gilbert, Needham, Mass. . . . FRESHMEN 99 FRESHMEN... First Row: Betty Frances Glass, Jacksonville; Vivian Goodyear. Ocala; Robert Gorden, DeLand; Gerald Gordie. Sneads; Martha Gawthrop, Mt. Dora; Sol Graber, Bronx, New York City, New York; Robert Gray, jr.. Tampa. Second Row: Elinor Graves, Miami; Pauline Graham. DeLand; David Greenberg, Forest Hills, New York; Bctt Gregory, Quincy; Marion Greenholzer, Ft. Meade; Maryann Madloek, Mt. Dora; Ida Hancock, Miami. Third Ron: Kenneth Hansen. Jacksonville; Leonard Haray, Atlanta. Ga.; Marion Hare, Jack- sonville; Mary Louise llarkins, Kennet Square, Pa.; William Harper, DeLand; George Harrell, Cocoa; Donald Harris. Vero Beach. Fourth Row: Merle Harton, Holly Hill; Betty Hawthorne, Ocala; Gordon Hays, Arcadia; Earl Haynes. Bradenton; Clara H endry, Arcadia; Odis Henderson. Jasper; Jonathan Hill, Tallahassee. Fifth Row: Lucille Hill, Panama City; Sue Ann Hill, DeLand; Carolyn Hirsch, Tampa; Carolyn Hodges, West Palm Beach; John Hodges. Jacksonville; Reinald Hoering, Appleton, Wis.; Erman Holladav, DeLand. 100 } r r o o : c o a First Row: Kitty Holly, Marshville, North Carolina; Jeanne Hooker, Belle Glade; John Howell Del, ami; Raymond Hoyle, Cumberland, Maryland; Gertrude Jackson. Daytona; Mary Jaudon, Daytona Beach; Delores Jeker, Ft. Lauderdale. Second Row: Robert Jenks, DeLand; Eula Gene Jernigan, Jacksonville; Marilyn Johnson. Pierce; Billy Jones. Wildwood; Howard Jones. Areadia; Warren Jones. Mulberry; Nick Karabims. DeLand. Third Row: James Wesley Keen. Branson; Marjorie Ann keen. Frostproof; Margaret Keith, Cambridge, Ohio; Doris Kelsey, Orlando; Edwin ECendrick, Akron, Ohio; Ray Kent, Belle Glade; Lewis Kennison, Jr., Jacksonville. Fourth Hon. Gwen Kersey, Clearwater; Jack Caniel, Karzner, Boston. Mass.; Rudolph Kinkel, Jr., DeLand; Clarence Kirk, Brooksville; Ann King, Orlando; Myra Klunk, Wordes, 111.: Robert Krapp, St. Augustine. Fifth How: Robert Lancy, Daytona; Betty Land, Orlando; James Lane, Cumberland, Mary- land; Margaret Lanier. Miami; Thomas Latts. Jr., St. Petersburg; Dot Layfield, Lake Harbor: Andrew C. Leopard. DeLand. . . . FRESHMEN 101 FRESHMEN... First Row: Eloise Lewis, Hialeah; Patricia Liggett. DeLand; Evelyn Locklair, DeLand; Charles Logan, Marriana; K. E. Logsdon, West Palm Beach; Gale Long, Lakeland; Julia Long, Daytona. Second Row: Manuel Lopez, Jr., Palmerton, Pennsylvania; Barbara Ann Lord, Daytona; Delories Lover. Lake Wales; Carolyn Luffinan, Ocala; Sammy Lupfer, Kissimmee; Paul MacAlester, Miami; Bill McClatcher, Belle Glade. Third Row: Charles McClelland, Waycross, Ga.; Aubrey McClelland, Mulberry; Frances McCoy, Winter Haven; Wilton McCulley, Ocala; Mary Catherine McCullough, Auburndale; Clifford McGee, Oak Hill; William McLaren, West Palm Beach. Fourth Roiv: Joe McLendon, DeLand; Ralph M. McCall, Wellborn; Monte Maddox, Archer; Mrs. Mae Maher, Enterprize; Peggy Ann Makery, Pahokee; C. W. Mann, Jacksonville; Dorothy Mann. Jacksonville. Fifth Row: Bob Marks. Ocala; Edward Maiming, Ocala; Anthony Martello, Long Island City, New York; Mable Martin, Holly Hill; Reba Martin, DeLand; Rocco Martello, Long Island City, New York; Margaret Mantel, Miami. 102 O f.i mmi am First Roil: Ann Mase, Marion, South Carolina; Robert Mathews, Belle Glade; Robert Maxwell, DeLand; Glynn Mayo, DeLand; John Meek. DeLand; Helen Mercader, DeLand; Joe Mere- weather, Miami. Second Row: Irving Messer, Arveme, New York; J. C. Michael, Sanford; Virginia Michail, Sarasota; Hansel K. Mills, Wauchula; Jolyne Mock, Homestead; Connie II. Moody, Clearwater; lames Moon-. Montgomery, Ala. Third Roto: Raj Morce, Ocalaj Witten Moore. Ft. Worth. Texas; David Murray, Orlando; Dot Murray, Brant Rock, Mass.; Edwin NeSmith, Perry; Katie Lee Nettles. Okahumpka; Gwen Newman, Seville. Fourth Row: George Nevares, Jr., Toa Baja, Puerto Rico; Betty Ann Norfleet, Newberry; Catherine Odham. Sanford; Wayne Oelter, Miami: Carl ()insden. Jr.. DeLand; Marvin Ogden, Pompano; Allen Elwin Kelly, Milligan. Fifth Roil: Virginia Parker, Miami: Vernon Peacock, Jacksonville; Mary Ann Reddy, Lakeland, Pollj Penn, Lakeland; John Pent, Orea Vista; James Perdue. w n Park; Betty Pfieffer, Orlando. . . . FRESHMEN 103 FRESHMEN... First Row: Walter Pinder, Miami: Maily Pitts, Miami; Eugene Piatt, Bradenton; Coretta Powell, Panama City: T. J. Powers. Lake Park; Winifred Powers, DeLand; Clifford Price. Jr., Jack- sonville. Second Row: Lillian Price, Jacksonville; Bill Priest, Defray Beach; Emily Pruct, Winter Garden; Morris Pumphrey, Daytona; Josephine Putzer, Miami; Ann Quinn, Daytona Beach; Meriam Randall, Conner. Third Row: Evelyn Ratleff, Sanford; Nettie Raulerson, Miami; Robert Ream, Orlando; Mildred Bespers, DeLand; Sally Rhodes, Jacksonville; Valdez Rich, DeLand; Margaret Richter, Safety Harbor. Fourth Row: Bobbie Ann Robertson, Augusta, Ga.; Olive Ann Robertson. Daytona; Pat Roberts, Ft. Myers; Betty Robinson, Daytona; Betty Rogers. West Palm Beach: Myra Nell Bogers, Brooksville; Cliffa Ann Rohde, Beresford. Fifth Row: Carroll Rollins, DeLand; Katherine Routh, Greensboro, North Carolina; Charles Ross, Ft. Myers; Dick Mortimer Roseburg. Daytona; George Royal. Belle Glade; Perley Safford. Sorrento; Betty Lou Salishur. Ocala. 104 • ' in Rom;: Fred Salomon, Daytona Beach; Sandra Sayre, Miami; Cornell Scheible, Eau Gallie; Edna Schmidt, Daytona; Arlene Segal, Miami Beach; Ann Sever, Clearwater; Elsie Shannon, Daj tona Beach. Second Ron: Shirk Shaw, Jessup, Ga.; Virginia Skeene, Pompano; Jane Sloat, Orlando; Charles II. Smith, Hanesdale, Pa.; Jack Smith. West Palm Beach; Claud.- Smith, Oklawaha; Mai. dim Smith, Bradenton. Third Row: Molly Smith, Miami; Nancj Smith. Miami; Robert Smith, St. Augustine; Myra Southword, Sanford; Nelson Spangler, Washington. D. C.j Ronald Spencer, Pensacola; James Stancil, Wauchula. Fourth Rim: J. H. Stanier, Holly Hill; Dot Stephens, Lakeland; Raymond Stiles, Daytona Beach; Marjorie Schede, Mt. Vernon, New York; Margaret Schubiger, New Smyrna; Kerry Seott. Ft. Lauderdale; Barbara Jean Smith. Homestead. Fifth Row: Barbara Stanland, Waverly; George Strakosck, Del. and; Uldine Stanley, Hastings; Edward Straner, Clearwater; Walton Street. Pitman, New Jersey; Robert Tatoul, Palm Beach; Thomas Newbold Taylor, Baltimore. Maryland. . . . FRESHMEN 105 FRESHMEN... First Row: Ernelie Tedford, DeLand; Marjorie Teller, Winter Haven; Puddj Thames, Daytona; Elizabeth Thorpe, DeLand; Alice Marie Thomas, Gainesville; David Thomas, Palatka; George rhompson, Jr.. Port Orange. Second Row: Jacqueline Townsend, Miami; Dewey Thorn, Seville; Lamar Townsend, Jackson- ville; Sara Thurman, Jacksonville; Nancy Travis. Wilmington, Del.; Lavonne Trawick, Tampa; Viven Tucker, Ocala. Third Row: Douglas Turner. Parrish; Robert Turner, DeLand; W. R. Turner, Marianna; Richard I im lull. Jr., New Bedford, Mass.; Cordon Tyre, Frostproof; Thomas Underwood, Wauchula; Richard Valdoz, Tampa. Fourth Row: Frank VanDevelder, Jacksonville; Jeanne vanDorn, Red Bank, New Jersey; David van Nest, Cocoa; Patricia Vaughn, DeLand; Jostein Wager, Jr.; Palm Beach; Marilyn Wahrman, Miami; Betty Walker, Miami. Fifth Row: Chester Wall, Pierson; Millard Wall, Pierson; Eudora Ward, Pensacola; Jean Ward, Orlando; Miladeen Ward, DeFuniak Springs; Earl Waters, DeLand; Jeanne Watson, Daytona. ik k §i 106 j Oi fi 4p First fioit ' : John Watts, Ft. Lauderdale; William Webb, DeLand; Marva Weekly, LaBelle; Janet Welch. Miami; Billy Whiddon, Sanford; Betty Ann White. Bradenton; Denise Whiteman, Ft. Lauderdale. Second Row: Shirley Weise, West Palm Beach; Kenneth Wiggs, West Palm Beach; Bruce Wegle, DeLand; Florence Wilczorels, Evanston, 111.; Annette Willcox, Jacksonville; John Williams. Paintsville, Ky.; Melvin H. Williams. Ocala. Third Row: Nancy Aline Williams, Sanford; Anna Lee Willis, Sanford; Beverly Willis, Jackson- ville; James Don Wilson, Moore Haven; R. C. Wilson, Daytona; Robert Wilson, Ft. Meade; Jack W. Winfree, Daytona. Fourth Row: Earle Wollam, Orlando; Elsie Marie Wood. Tampa; Jacqueline P. Wood, New York City, New York; George Bell, Fort Meade; George Banael, West Palm Beach; Delores Lee. Sanford; Betty Lou Love, Miami. . . . FRESHMEN 1117 Here are the leaders of Stetson, the girls and boys you speak to on the campus, the superlative few who have that little extra some- thing it takes to make the mark. These are the people the freshmen point out to each other in classes during the first week of school. Their achievements, interests, talents, and the fact that they ' re all- round good fellows have given them a special place in our book. H Features Who ' A Who 9 Awncati ONE OF THE HIGHEST HONORS THAT CAN BE OBTAINED WHILE ATTENDING COLLEGE. Stetson students receiving that honor are Margaret Bateman, Constance Bradley. Lou Deal, Winifred Demorest, Fred Dicken- son. |anies Durfet, James Fisher, Kay Hooper, Frances Horton, Ernestine Hurlhurt, Martitia Lane. Christine Magaha, Maureen Peterson, Wallace Register, Joe Sutton, Allyn Thompson, Louie Wilkinson, Nan Poppell, and Jane Wykoff. l Hl. Mil I Bud CoNNlt |i i n Lou Jimmy IWII Kay CcltefeA M tfhtteWtfeJ Jani Ernestine Mahhtia Joe ( :nms Allvn Maureen Louie i i Nan LUCY EFFINGER was this year ' s president of the Pan-Hellenic Council. She was also secretary of the Senior Class and of the Honor, and active in sorority work. FRED DICKINSON, who is prominent in Law School activities, is one of the best known men on the campus. Bud, as he is known to all, made an ad- mirable Student Body president this year, the largest year in Stetson ' s history. 112 CHRIS MAGAHA is one of our most outstanding co-eds. Besides being in the Feature Section and Who ' s Who for two years, Chris was our charming Homecoming Hostess and president of her sorority. FRED OWEN did a grand job as commander of the National Veterans Association. His efforts along this line as well as in fraternity and Little Theatre fields have made Fred well known to everyone on the cam- pus. 113 Did you.ever try to put out a college paper? C. L. MULLIS has been editor of the Reporter this year and has done a fine job. In addition to his journalistic duties. ( ' .. L. is vice-president of the sophomore class and active in fraternity work. NAN POPPELL is best known on the campus for her tireless efforts in editing this year ' s Hatter. Nan ' s taking a ore-med course and is a member of Beta Beta Beta and Gamma Sigma Epsilon, science honoraries. 114 ■ 1 fv - t • MM T ■III ' :. L •Z k B % •-■- " - ■ 1 111 f MAUREEN PETERSON, although a junior, has already distinguished herself in Glee Club work and by being chosen for the Honor and Who ' s Who. She is president of her sororitv and a member ot the Blazer Club. TOM PERRIN has made quite a name for himself during the two years he has been at Stetson. lie was ,in outstanding center on the football team and made an excellent social vice-president of the Student Body. 115 Anyone who hasn ' t heard KAY HOOPER sing has a real treat in store . . . just ask any Stetsonite. Kay has been Glee Club soloist, student leader, and assistant director as well as having been in the Feature Section tor two years. JOE SUTTON, a straight A student, still finds time for main extra-curricular activities. He was senior class president and very active in the non-fraternity organization. 116 MARGARET BATEMAN can always be found be- hind the desk in the Chaudoin Hall Council Room every Monday afternoon. She ' s president of the Wom- en ' s Council and very active in the BSU. Outstanding in the Law School is VOLIE WIL- LIAMS. He ' s one of our many married veterans who show that home-making and formal education can go together. 117 : II Played by a few, but eagerly followed by everyone, sports form an important part of campus life. In the fall, it ' s football, which brings broken bones and glory to the gallant lads who play, cold noses and hoarse voices to the spectators, and pride and worry to the coaches. During the second quarter everyone eats and sleeps basketball, the hardwood classic which invigorates body and mind. Spring brings baseball with more excitement, new worries, other ■ Athletics Physical CducathH and tfecreation department fa Women Embodying the spirit of health, sportsmanship and fellowship, the Women ' s Physical Education and Recreation Department provides for the physical and social development of young women. Its purpose is to develop the one thing upon which nearly all other aspects of life are dependent — a strong and efficient body. This aim is carried out by participation of students in the following activities: tennis, badminton, archery, fencing, golf, swimming, basketball, volley ball, Softball, speedball, tumbling, modern dances, folk dances, square dances, cor- rective gymnastics and all recreational sports. Besides participation in activity classes there is also an extensive intramural program for all students in the University. Pictured at the left is Mrs. Sara Staff Jernigan, who is director of the Women ' s Physical Education and Recrea- ional Departments. Below, pictured from left to right, are the other members of the staff: Miss Eloise Newell. Miss Esther Hick, Miss Mary Dawson Lippett, and Miss Eliza- beth Autury. Student assistants, not pictured, are: Miss Sarah Lett and Miss Suzanne Potts. 120 Jthtramrdl tflanaaerA The Women ' s Intramural managers at the left are: Imogene Clark, Alpha Xi Delta; Martha Perkins, Pi Beta Phi; Mary llaskins. Intraimi ral Manager; Stella Davis. Zeta Tan Alpha; Beaulah Atkinson, Non-Frat.; Nan Frank- lin, Delta Delta Delta. PkifAical C ucaticn ftlajwA With not only an inerease in number but also with an increase in desire to enlarge the field of Physical Education, these young women cooperate in making Stetson one of the finest Physical Education Departments in the State. Pictured below are, left to right, front row: Pat Middleton, Nancy Smith Eula Jernigan, Juanita Beauchamp, Suzanne Potts, Delores Jeker, Nan Franklin, Mary Ann Perkins. Second row: Polly Penn, Marilyn Pitts, Mary Jaudon, Nan [vey, Man- Louise Harkins, Verdelle Seining. Jane Choquet. Third row: Clara Hendry, Suzanne Davis, Grace Lenczyk, Dorothy Layfield, Frances Bosenquet, Margaret Richter, Bobbie Ann Robertson, Stella Davis, Mary llaskins, and Mrs. Sara Staff Jernigan, advisor. Not pictured is Sara Lett, Elizabeth Harper, Mary Ethel Gilbert, and Betty Ward. ACTIVE SPORTS . . . this word frightens many a lass away from a gymnasium to the quiet undisturbed life, but not here at Stetson. There are chosen sports for all types of students. To master poise there is a correctives class; for gracefulness SPORTS one may indulge in the various styles of dancing; for beauty of coordination of the body and mind, swimming will play a great role. Action, poise, gracefulness, coordination, and last but never least, is sportsmanship. Left to riglit: Coaches Wes Burner, Phil Clancy, Brady Cowell, and Ben Clemons Jack Whitaker w Captain George Douclas FOOTBALL I Iahmson S.ii n Tom Perrin George Everett Hi n Smith ■ t " Bu ss " Mc( OLLUM 1 T aft " Jfl 1 • .J|: . f Bill Carlin " Spider " Wilbanks Carl Simmons | . " % f 9 j .... i % 1 • A George Ossorio Tomw ■i EWING Harry Hinkley Hugh Carlton The Stetson This year we found the Hatters entering their second year of football since the team was dis- continued in 1940. Nearly fifty men were on hand for the mid-September practice. Coach Brady Cowell had plenty of good material from which to pick teams. The team had to be reduced to 40 men because of the lack of necessary equipment. V 5 ■ ' f (« ; k ' - H 1 ' ' 1 1 f .,- ' ' r i! I I U.I. Tommy Dean Russell Hornsbv Bryan Bhasington Hatters The men worked very hard getting in shape For the big opening game with Jax. Navy. Nearly all of last year ' s letter men returned this season. The spirit of the team was high all through the season, even though they had some rough games to play. With Captain George Douglas at the helm, the Big Hatters made a creditable record. r --, • • 7 Billy TUTEN II K Till N I Mil. I. Ill ( ' 11 m is Shular El.MEU (hi LINS S3 35 91 95 99 3 Mr, 3 ' ? ?7 i ' FOOTBALL SCORES F. S. U. ().... Stetson 14 Southwestern . . . . Stetson 27 Milligan 20 . . . . Stetson 13 Millsaps 14 . . . . Stetson 6 Fred Conway Dick Pumphhey Jack McCollough ..) MHH Rollins 27 Stetson 6 Erskine 27 . . Stetson Mississippi 6 . . Stetson Presbyterian 7 . . . . Stetson 7 Chuck Pratt Joe Petuski Harry Meisel ». 1 r I f Wmi Coach Ben Clemons BASKET JOBDAN MAYNABD l(K TllIANTAEELLU GEOBGE EvEIiETT Edwin NeSmith 132 o BALL Wis Bl ' HNER John Kearns Vl[ 1 I M 1.1 [NGS I I ' N Grant Wm banks h mis S iMPSON 133 Earl M kmi Charles Behrens !«■ ■M m Chahles Rowland Joe O ' Lone J u i_ m Ai. Weldon SCORES Stetson 28 Charleston 32 Stetson 37 Orlando Air Base 31 Stetson 33 Southern 36 Jack Brooks fe Ronald I ■. ra MS- KN CHEERLEADERS Nan m Bill Jo and Harvey These are the cheerleaders who stand before us at every game. They are Nan Franklin, Billy Cowan. Jo Humphrey, Harvey How- ard, Janice O ' Steen, Clinton Lake, Patsy Ross, Hugh McKinley. Marine Miles, and Jack Kirkpatrick. Janice and ( J in i Patsi m Hugh College life would not be complete without extra-curricular activ- ities. Some spring from a desire for service. Others develop from interests in professions or hobbies, and serve to keep ambitions and talents alive. For the lucky few there are the honorary societies. For others the social organizations. Some work hard on publica- tions. Many participate in religious and athletic activities. Fun is had by all at Homecoming and on Sadie Hawkins Day, and every- one enjoys an occasional round table discussion in the grill when classes are out. Activities have a place all their own at Stetson, and every student has a place in the activity of his choice. Activities am ■ - 1 v | H 1 c c Effingeb Pitts Dooley Bateman The Honor The purpose of The Honor is to give each girl the opportunity of making her life better and finer and thus of making herself more valuable to the people around her and to her university. The distinction of becoming a member of The Honor is bestowed as a reward for accomplish- ments in scholarship, activities, and leadership on Stetson ' s campus. The president of the organization is Winifred Demorest. Other officers are Jessie Gibson, vice- president; Lucy Effinger, sec; and Eleanor Dooley, treasurer. The members are Chris Magaha, Frances Horton, Mavis Pitts, Margaret Bateman, Jane Wykoff, Nan Carolyn Poppell, Flo Gross, Kay Hooper, Dot Hillman, Maureen Peterson, Sarah Martha Adams, Connie Bradley, Shirley Hunter, and Lutie Keathley. Mystic Krewe Ye Mystic Krewe is an organization of Junior and Senior men, chosen without regard to fra- ternity or other affiliation. Selection is governed entirely by the abilities and accomplishments oi tin ' individuals. James Duffet is Captain, and George Akin is First Mate. Other members are Bud Dickinson, John Gould, Charles Clem ents, Archie McMillan, Carl Hurlbert. Members in the fac- ulty include Douglas Teal, Dick Feasel, and Ed Furlong. Duffett Akin I) II KINSON Clements Gould 1?8 A DUFFETT ( I ru.i. Scroll and Key The Order of the Scroll and Key, founded at Stetson University in March, 1940. was formed for the purpose of recognizing and encouraging high scholarship. Members are chosen from the highest ten percent of the Junior and Senior Classes. No one may he elected who does not possess qualities of leadership. Members in the Scroll and Key are James Duffett, Frank Hendrix, Yvonne Capell, and Boh Wilson. Phi Society The Phi Society is an honor society sponsored by members of Phi Beta Kappa in a number ol colleges and universities. It gives recognition for scholarly work from the beginning of the college course. It is limited to the courses in Liberal Arts, and to be eligible for membership students must maintain a grade of B plus in their first year of college work. ?S CS Adams 1 llNTER 111 M HICKS ( Iapell Duffett 1 [ansen TIOHTON ( Cheshire K El 1S() FlSHEB 1 1 ANSI S [LKINSON k 1 IS (hv 1 s POPPEIX Register 139 Wni Dean Lowby e Gamma Sigma Epsilon Gamma Sigma Epsilon, national honorary chemistry fraternity, was Founded in 1919 at Davidson College, Davidson, North Caro- lina. The object of the fraternity is to increase interest and schol- arship in chemistry, and to promote friendship and the general welfare of chemists. Juniors and seniors majoring in chemistry, whose grades meet the high standard, are eligible for election to membership. Beta Beta Chapter was established at Stetson in 1923. The officers of the organization are: Willa Dean Lowry Grand Alchemist Jimmy Duffett Visor Nan Poppell Recorder Herschell Hatcher Electron of the Black Arts The advisors are: Dr. Vaughen and Dr. Conn Jimmy Duffett s I ' oPPELL Walter Behnke Bradford Milieu Cuius Waldrox Herschell Hatcher George Akin Leland Ernest Sigma Pi Sigma Sigma Pi Sigma is the national honor society in the field of Physics. The Alpha Iota Chapter was installed at Stetson in 1937. Membership in the society is open to juniors and seniors who have completed a minimum of five majors in Physics. The officers of the organization are: Leland Ernest President Tom Beichard Vice-President Eugene Smith Secretary The Advisors are: Dr. John V. Vaughen and Dr. R. I. Allen Tom Reichard Dr. AUGHEN Walter Malmbohg Sigma Delta Pi Sigma Delta Pi is a national honorary scholarship fraternity for students majoring or minoring in Spanish. The Alpha Kappa Chapter was installed at Stetson in 1937. Several faculty members are former members. These include Dr. Arjona. Dr. Bateson, Miss Foster, Dr. Thornton, Professor Win- ters, and Mrs. Dix. Alumna members are Charlotte Nordman, Lillian Preston, and Janet Whits. The officers are Eudell Sutley, president; Beth Adderley, vice-president; Thelma Hagberg, treasurer; Wright Booth, secretary; and Jean Skinner. reporter. The other members are Eleanor Dooley, Moriama Acosta, Abraham Flores. Trudy Mahoney, and Marjorie Wallace. La Franciade The members of this honorary French organization are selected from students in advanced French courses and superior students in the inter- mediate courses. The purpose of the society is to foster an extra-curricular interest in the language, the customs, and the literature of France. The officers are Robert S. Wilson, president; Richard Finn, vice-presi- dent; Wayne Gilman. secretary; Eudell Sutley, treasurer; Ellen Davis, pub- licity manager. The other members are Louie Wilkinson, Virginia Bispham, Jimmie Fisher, Audrey Smith, Ellen Davis. Beth ' Duty. Gertrude Mahoney, Vernon Morgan, Mildred Robson, Marilyn Wahrman, John Warren. Beth Adderley. and Mary Nell Martin. HI Der Deutsche Verein Der Deutsche Verein is an honorary German organization. The members are selected from students in advanced German classes and superior students in freshman and sophomore courses. The purpose of the organization is to foster an interest in the language, the customs, and the liter- ature of Germany. The officers are: Walter Behnke, president; John Cheshire, vice-president; Willa Dean Lowry, secretary-treasurer; Matthewe Easton, editor. The Club for Town Women The purpose ol this organization is to promote a friendly atmosphere among the town girls, and to foster the interests of this group in campus activities. The officers of the chili are Elizabeth Durner, president; Joan Clark, vice-president; Ann Pick- ens, secretary; Bobbie Drake, treasurer. 142 The Quarterly The Quarterly is a campus magazine in which selected literary exercises of the students and faculty are published. The members of the stall are Margaret Byars, Bob Wilson. Faye Tuten, Dee Holly, Jean Adair (Mark, Audrey Bach, and Dot Flory. Beta Beta Beta Beta Beta Beta is a national honorary biology organization which was founded in 1922. Mem- bers are selected from students in advance biology classes. The officers are George Akin, president; Bosemary Day. secretary; Robert Douglas, vice-presi- dent; Willa Dean Low en. treasurer; Nan Poppell, reporter. Other members are Morima Acosta, Rhodes Spell, Chris Waldron. Mary Kolner. Herschel Hatcher, Bradford Miller, Robert Tudor. Dale Scott, Richard Coan, and Jay Poppell. The advisors are Dr. Ezra Allen, Dr. Winchester, and Mr. Prichard. Methodist Student Movement The purpose of the movement here at Stetson is to foster a Christian attitude about college life, home life, and world affairs. The officers are: Betty Rawlinson, president; Betty Jane Smith, vice-president; Winifred Wei- gle, secretary; Faye Tuten, treasurer. Westminster Fellowship The Westminster Fellowship is an organization for Presbyterian students which sponsors religious activities. The officers are: Gordan Hays, president; Barbara Brundage, vice-president; Pat Reed, secre- tary; William King, treasurer. 144 Young Woman ' s Auxiliary The Young Woman ' s Auxiliary is an organization of young women on Stetson ' s campus that are interested in a Christian education. Women in any elass of the University are eligible for membership in the Anxiliai . Members of the Auxiliary are Charlotte Evans, Sara Martha Adams, Sylvia Moorse, Jackie Thompson, Doris Revels, Thelma Hagberg, Ruth Mary Thompson, Libby Braddock, Beverly Sewell, Martha Moon, Mary Jackson, Olive Ann Robertson, Marian Glover, Jimmie Nell Fleming, Betty Class, Shirla Shaw, Barbara Horn, Yarian Cooper, Juanita Hurst, Beulah Atkinson, Orpha Merrit, fiances Horton, Doris Kelsey, Lois Newell. Shirley Hunter, Dolly Jeker, Erma Lee Atkins, Carolyn Hurst. Marilyn Pitts. Reba Nicolls, Coreta Powell, Connie Moody, Faye Young, Bonnie Moore, Aileen Hancock, Marian Gruzholtzer, Barbara Jean Smith. Marilyn Johnson, Anita Willcox, Thelma Langston, Mary Jo Farrior. Barbara Spears. Rosemary Day, Sara Thurman, Lavonne Trawick. 145 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Social Vice-Pres Devotional Viee-Pre olttnleers President The Baptist Student Union serves as the link between the church and the college. It seeks to enlist all Baptist students in the organizations and activities of the church so that each may achieve maximum development as a Christian personality. Any Baptist student becoming a member of a local church or any of its unit organizations such as the Y. W. A., the Volunteers for Christian Service, the Ministerial Association, the Sunday School or the Training Union thus becomes a member of the Baptist Student Union. Members of the Senior and Junior Councils have been selected to serve as the executive group of the Baptist Student Union. £ ©iiiLP © Enlistment Vice-Pres. 146 Ohi ' iia Merritt Sue Fowler Cecil Rathel es Reeser Siiim iv Hunter Faye Young VOLUNTEERS FOR CHRISTIAN SERVICE Bob Tucker Mary Catherine McCullouch The aim of this organization is to bring together those students who have decided to do definite Christian service. The officers are Shirley Hunter, President; Bea Atkinson, vice-president; Orpha Merritt, secretary; Sue Fowler, treasurer; Cecil Rathel, program chairman; Barbara Home, devotional chairman, Agnes Reeser, social chairman; Helen Masters and Bob Tucker, publicity chairmen; Faye Young, chorister; Mary Catherine McCul- lough. p ianist; John Cheshire, mission chairman. THE MINIST Wallace Register President Ernest Owens Vice President The Ministerial Association is made up of young men who are studying for the Christian ministry. To be eligible for member- ship, a student must be either a licensed or an ordained minister or to be recommended by a Christian church as a candidate for the ministry. The organization is led by Wallace Register, President, and Ernest S. Owens, Vice-President. Other officers of the Association are Joe Hinton, Secretary; William Guess, Treasurer; John L. Bray, Program Chairman; Millard Hancock, Activities Chairman, Bob Pinder, [ntramurals Manager; John Wade, Social Chairman; Fred Breed, Publicity Chairman; Cyril Garrett, Publicity Supply Chairman; William Eugene Grubbs, Statistitian; Wayne Jarrard, Chorister; W. B. McGough, Austin Cadwell, Assistant Pianists; Lee A. Cooper, Parliamentarian; Thomas Risk, Custodian. Sponsors of the Association are O. Lafayette Walker, Harry C. Garwood, and William K. Bean. © ? £! , (O 148 ERIAL ASSOCIATION William Guess Treasurer Other members of the organization are Harold Brown. Gene Baxley, Herbert Blanton, Bryan Brasington, James C. Carter, Russel Garter, Gordon Carlisle, Fred Chance, Harold Dann, Don Dillard, K. C. Gray, Timothy Herring, Hugh High, Lewis Halbert, Earl Haynes, Spurgeon Hines, Roland Jarrard. J. W. Keen, James Knight, James Edward Lee. Eston Mathews, Ronald Mathews. Hal Marchman, Hugh Mckinley, Robert D. Mckenzie, Elton McPheters, Carol Milton. Wayne Oeffler, John W. Rage. Vernon Peacock, John Pelham, William II. Peters, Louis Phillips, Pearl G. Safford, S. B. Seegers, lames K. Solomon, Lewis Stancil, Glynn Stephens. Philip Taylor, David Thomas, James Tomberlin, Forest Trout, Leroy Tucker, Frank Vandewelder, Warren Wall, Jesse Watkins, Wallace Webb, Wendel Witte, Benjamin Velvington. Mahtitia Lane Vice-President Mahjohii I irks Secretary Edward Koesteh Treasurer " Doc " Johnson Faculty Advisor THE CANTERBURY CLUB The aim of the Canterbury Club is to serve the mission of Christianity in higher education by fostering among its members a better understanding of the faith and practice of the Episcopal Church and loyalty to its corporate life. The faculty members are Carl Johnson, Dr. Frances Thornton. Miss Charlotte Smith and Mr. Andrew Preston. Perkins Aiken- Landers Winder weedle Simpson Geyer Rhodes Lane Sapp Fr wklin 1 1 ARRIS Travis Foster Edmudson HULBERT S( HNEDOER Owen Patrick Wootex Perrin Weathers Cunningh 1 Gibson Travis THE PRESS CLUB The outstanding staff members of the campus publications. The Reporter, The Hatter, and The Stetson Quarterly, are united to form the Press Club. The bimonthly meetings are primarily social, although journalistic discussions inevitably arise after the first cup of coffee. President is Richard Gordie. and other officers include: Beverly Sewell. vice-president; Lucy Effinger. secretary; and C. L. Mullis, treasurer. Tunis MaGAHA Ernestine Hurlbubt Dee Holli Nan Poppell l ' lni-iir Know i i s i i -, Thompson Helen Wooten Betty Scum n h b Bui. Fisher Joe Sutton Tom Perrin Steward Maxcy Hiss HORNSBV Cuius W u.imo I ' m Sa( ns Bob Rickey CL 3 c THE " I resign, " screams Lucy Effinger from a far corner of the Hatter office amidst the other frantic, hysterical cries of her col- leagues and the constant beating of the typewriters. " You can ' t, " Editor Nan Poppell yells back, " You did that last week. " The last few days of the quarter, with pic- tures missing, copy still to be written, and pages to be drawn up, are enough to make any staff member feel like quitting. But, as the show must go on, so the annual must go to press. Associate Editor Helen Trundle dashes in looking for one of the Panhellenic editors, Butch Wadsworth, Sunny Lanning, or Bed Martin. Flo Gross and her col leagues, Pat Winderweedle, Ann Ward, and Jean Hinsey, are eating layout sheets and extra pictures trying to think of new ideas for the organization section. The class editors, Chris Magaha. Eloise Lee, Marjorie Beaty, and Fay Tuten, scamper madly around looking up classifications and home towns. Always ready to assist them are Ann Pickens, Sue Fowler, Priscilla Peterson, J. McCollum, Charlotte Harris, Joyce Duggan, Marjorie Keen, and Polly Doc Heavey answers the madly ringing telephone and announces that it ' s Doug Stenstrom trying to get in touch with Dot Hillman or Dolly Butledge to talk over plans for the law school section. v plans. 152 HATTER The work of the staff is interrupted by frequent visits from distinguished personages who invariably find that they have wandered into the wrong office. " You can ' t do that, " Business Manager Ernestine Hurlburt says to Sports Editor H. M. Salona. " The budget won ' t stand it. " A lively discussion follows among Stella Davis, Suzanne Davis, and James Staf- ford, who are drawing up sports pages, and the assist- ant business manager. Bob Rickey. Organizations Editor Chris Waldron makes a sug- gestion which the freshman assistants, Mary Ann Lan- caster, Joyce Orr, Pat Roberts, and Martha Brown, hasten to carry out. Flo, Ch. (I Helen lost hours of sleep getting the bonk out. Efficient ad-hunters Martha Moon, Lois Newall, Ray Hutchinson, Helen Blount, Agnes Reeser, and Barbara Cox report the total receipts for the day. Whereupon, Pat Sachs breathes a sigh of relief, knowing that those two extra pages she told Mary Mott and Martha Bowen to use for the administration section will be paid for after all. At last every picture is in place, every word of copy neatly typed, and the group of tired boys and girls go home for a well-earned rest, knowing that The Hatter has gone to press. [53 $? ■ if ( I .. Mil LIS Editor THE STETSON REPORTER The Stetson ikporUi AlttariTW Hals Urai ROLLINS. STETSON ELEVENS TO MEET SATURDAY f«4tob pepper TRADITIONAL HATTER TAR BATTU JB Klin ' TO BE PLAYED IN ORLANDO BOWL It- TO SPEAK HERE Baptist Association Pays Tribute To D William S. Allen fe l£ PAI WLMINMMFJl DOtfATCH MAVOR FOP. SAPIE HAWfclto STETSON TO ENTER nm ton STETSON SYHPHONV ELECTS OFFICERS FCK SCHOOL YEAR Robert Rickey Business Managei ZZS —T= S=i : STETSON OIAJITERLY :__ £ " - " ISSUES QUI FOR — £;- rr6 .- CONTRIBUTIONS i ' 2 J v Hatter Express ' Running For Football Fans To •■» " • • " Stetson-Rollins Clash Sat. Helen Wooten t s Bill Fishei 154 Beverly Sewe) i STAFF Left to right, back row: Allyn Thomp- son, John Howell, Bob Rickey, Bettj Schneider. Second row: Dee Holly, Phoebe Faulkner, Beverly Beacham, Phil DeBeard. Front row: Tom Per- rin, Russell Hornsby, Beverl) Sewell C. L. Mullis, Helen Wooten, Joe Sut- ton, and Bill Fisher. Page 4 :•; The 5 tiison importer t-l.bll»h«l 19 T «Htfc Year ml Mli.n I ' titin fur if John i: .- DeLuid, Florida. ■ - ity during ttav school cents jwr . L. Mullil .... R E P R T E R STAFF ■j ' i .ft Stenatrom - Associate Editor M Sutton ob Rickey . . Managing Editor Business Manager ill Fisher New Editor h.lhp Oe Berjrd Sports Editor telrn Wooten Society Editor eyerl, Sev-ell . Feature Editor ..It Hornsby Circulation Manager ddiaon Gilbert StsfT Photographer StPORTERS: Dee Holly. Allyn Thompton. Betty Schneider. Russ Hornsby, I it». Rots, Phil Knowles, Betty Ivey. Nan Ivey. Stewart ( " let H. Hlllman, Ernestine Hurlbert, Graves Edmondson. Kerry . ' ind Bill Will REPORTERS: Tom Perrln, Roland Jarrard, Harry Meisel. Nan klin and Chjrles McClelJand. Faulkner. • ■ Press SHAY. I ' l ' KMIIKU .1 l»»; I » Managing Editor Joe Sutton dictates an article to Helen Wooten Stuff watches the paper go to pn ss. Circulation Manager Hornsby distributing the paper. 155 . A. . Membership in the Women ' s Athletic Association is open to all young women. The VV.A.A. sponsors a high school play day and intramural competition, encouraging the participation of the many rather than the few. It has for its use a club room in Cummings Gymnasium. The officers of the organization are Sarah Lett, president; Beulas Atkinson, acting vice president; Nan Frank- lin, secretary; Juanita Beauchamp, treasurer; Mary Haskins, Intramural chairman; Nan hey, social chairman; Mary Lippett, advisor. The members are Betty Jane Adams, Irma Lee Adkins, Dot Ballentine, Joyce Bandy, Opal Batchelor, Gerry Bates, Jill Battle, Margie Beatty, Lucy Bishop, Susie Blount, Frances Bosanquette, Martha Bowen, Gloria Brink- ley, Faye Brooker, Martha Brown, Pat Burgeon, Allyne Burns, Jane Burton, Jane Choquette, Mary Nell Christian, Jean A. Clark, Joyce Collier. Billie Cook, Joan Cook, Sue Cost, Virginia Cox, Betty Jo Crosby, Joyce Darden, Stella Davis, Suzanne Davis. Virginia Davis, Bobbie Drake, Elizabeth Dunn, Joan Enigson, Charlotte Enlow, Mary Jo Farrior, Babs Foster, Bose Marie Foust, Barbara Fowler, Sue Fowler, Margaret Gaby, Jeanne Garretson, Elinor Graves, Mary Lou Harkins. Mary Howell, Betty Ivey, B. J. Ivey, Mary Jaudon, Dolly Jekel, Dolores Jeker, Eula Jernigan, Helen Jones. Margie Keen, Gwen Kersey, Betty Lou Kimmel, Martha Kurtz, Betty Land, Mel Landers, Sunny Lanning, Dot Lay field, Lolo Lee, Grace Lenczyk, Elaine Lewis, Ann Mace, Montie Maddox, Margaret Mantle. Nora Lee Mellor, Joyce Mielke, Maxine Miles, Betty Moore, Sylvia Morse, Betty Norfleet, Janice Osteen, Polly Penn, Marty Perkins, Mary Ann Perkins, Maureen Peterson, Marilyn Pitts, Susie Potts, Doris Pratt, Ann Quinn, Sally Bhodes. Margaret Bichter, Patricia Boberts, Bobbie Bobertson, Mary Robertson, Myrtle Roebuck, Nancy Ryan. Ann Schuessler, Verdelle Sebring, Ann Sever, Nancy Smith, Virginia Smith, Myra Southward, Betty Lou Spangler, Jeanne Van Dorn, Patsy Van Sickler, Puddy Thames, Alice Thomas, Jackie Thompson, Peggy Thomp- son, Nancy Travis, Terry True, Helen Trundle, Margret Vriesenga, Alda Wadsworth, Denese Whiteman, Lenora Williams. Nancy Williams, Wanda Yoder. 156 Pep Club Sam Prather President PURPOSE Janice O ' Steen To build a bigger and better school spirit on Vice-President Stetson ' s campus. Jordan Maynard Treasurer Mary Ethel Gilbert Secretin! The Blazer Club Nan Mary Hasktns Verdeix Sebring Maureen Peterson President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Membership in this organization is based on good sportsmanship, leadership, athletic ability, and scholar- ship. Students may earn their letter " S " after two years of college work and upon initiation are presented with the green and white blazers. A bid to the Blazer Club is the highest athletic honor a Stetson girl may receive. Members not pictured are: Flo Gross and Imogene CI ark. The sponsor of the Blazer Club is Miss Ester Hick. ii Jean Windram Stella Davis Helen Trundle Nan Franklin Jcamta Beauchamf THE Gordon Pahkeb CLUB o o C Q c n ( ) O O f film SI , mwmmli miM mi 158 " S " CLUB Since it was founded in 1936, the " S " Club has had as its purpose the development of sportsmanship and the promotion of athletic achievement in the University. Membership is restricted to men winning varsity letters, and all of these men are devoted to the high scholas- tic and athletic ideals of their organization. The members of the " S " Club are Jake Uexander, Charlie Behrens, Gabby Boyd, Byron Brasington, Bill Carlin, Hugh Carlton, Buss Carter. Dave Caton, Sonny Chapman, Harmon Crossley, Ralph Davis, George Doug- las, Tom Ewing, Pete low. Dutch Funderburk, Guy Garrett. Jim Hansford. Jim Harwell. Jim Harwood, Al Haves. Jim Holbert, Buss Homsby, John Kearns. Marshall Lane, Bobert Lee, Karl Lorenz, Earl Marsh. Kemp Miser. Jordon Maynard, Ed Miller. Bill On. George Patterson, Gene Pennington, Tom Perrin, Bill Perry, " Doc " Ray, Gene Robertson, Charlie Bow land. Bud Schleter, Benny Smith. P. G. Stratford. Mitch Thurman, Nick Trian- tafeller, Bill Tuten, Al Weldon, J. L. White. John Winger, and " Pinky " Zippree. 159 I ALPHA TAU OF KAPPA PI Doris Hussell President Ed Koester Vice-President Frances Horton Recording Secretary Katherine Vitsaras Corresponding Secretary Keller Davis Treasurer Jessie Gibson Social Chairman Miss Edith Harvey Faculty Advisor Miss Helen Haughton Faculty Advisor MEMBERS: DeVerne Bryan Luther Davis Elizabeth Durner Charlotte Enlow Mabk Jacoby Don Kibbey Nor alee Mellor Gloria Mertz Mary Tillman Eldes Walton O p ufH fa THETA ALPHA PHI National Honorary Dramatic Fraternity Florida Alpha Chapter c Ai.i.yn Thompson OFFICERS President Vice-President Fane Wykoff ' !,„„„„„ r „ Secretary Treasurer Historian . . . . Directors NOREEN Ge Frances Hon ids Sarah Martha Adams Dr. [rvinc C. Stoveh, VmciNiA Giffin hSff 1 MEMBERS Helm Blount, Marguerite Dibble, David Gracey, Dorothy HiUman, James Fisher. Mart ' t.a Lane, Robert Knowles, Gertrude Mahoney, Maurice Miller. Jonme Mires, Joel Pierce, Doris Roberts, Frances Sutton. Louie Wilkinson. FACULTY I. M. Albntton, Jr.. Howard Bateson. Harold M. Giffin. Ray Jordon, Charles T. Hen- derson. Nanc Norman, Lillian Preston. Aliee Weisner. U Ct t s« of tcia n cVrV s ' Colors: Violet and Gold PHI BETA FRATERNITY Motto: Einai mallon e Finesthi " To Be. Rather Than Seem To Be. " Flower: The Rose Phi Beta is a national professional fraternity of music and drama. It has existed on the Stetson campus since 1921 as an organization for young women who prove themselves outstanding in the field of music. Not pictured: Carol White, Doorkeeper, and Veronica Gove, Faculty Advisor. On Faculty: Rosemary Clark. Veronica Gove, Eleanor Leek, Ruth Richardson, Laura Johnson, and Kay Hooper. 162 T VLI BETA SIGMA Tlie purpose of Tau Beta Sigma is to unite the women of the band so as to promote higher standards of musicianship, scholarship, and cooperative spirit in the band. The officers of the organization are Delva Register, president; Madeline Barrows, vice-president; Ruth Web- ster, secretary; Betty Jane Moore, treasurer: Katherine Allen, chaplain: Sara Jane Smith, publicity. The other members are Lenore Virgin, Mary Mills, and Donnalee Steckel. Bill Martin Vice-President Cj 5ILL BRANTHOOVER Treasurer KAPPA KAPPA PSI Honorary Fraternity for College Bandsmen. The purpose ol Kappa Kappa Psi is to promote the existence and welfare of the college band and to cultivate respect for its activities and achieve- ments. The members not pictured are Edward Brantley, Wylie Harrell. I.eo Imperial, Elwin Brown. Earl Hackett. Bill Shawles, and Sonny Slaegle. El GEN) I )ob w Douglas Bajeb Bon Kl ami. I I i;i;i [VEI lli (.11 l(Ki m Earl k holson . Snowden Douglas Baer Vice-President Betty Jane Moore Treasurer ORCHESTRA PERSONNEL VIOLIN: Donna Fair, Concertmaster Adams, Sara Martha Behnke, Walter Clifton, Patricia DiCuilian, Boger Earnest, Leland Flory, Dorothy Hawn, Horace Hope, Brett Stark, William Turnbull, William Yaxley, Ellen Lee VIOLA: Casale, Salvatore Bogers, Joyce CELLO: Leek, Eleanor Davis, Willodean Vaughen, [ustine BASS: Caskey, Paul Mills, Marv FLUTE: Smith, Sara Jane Solbrig, Gloria OBOE: Moore, Betty Jane Vaughn, Marvel CLARINET: Branthoover, Willia Hackett, Earl Hill, 1. H. BASSOON: Albertz, loan FRENCH HORN: Brantley, Edward Allen, {Catherine Perdue, James TRUMPET: Imperial, Leo Brown, Elwvn TROMBONE: Baer, Douglas Steckel, Donnalee Yaxley, Donald PERCUSSION: Register, Delva Walden Cowley, Ernest Phillips, Mary Ellen Ik Stetson Symphon) Orchestra had four concerts on campus this year, out-of-town engagements and also appeared in collabora- tion with other campus musical organizations in presenting the Messiah, an opera and the Commencement concert. Oscar Shumsky, internationally known violinist, came from New York to be guest soloist in two concertos at the December 2nd concert. Professor Harold M. Giffin was tenor soloist in the February concert. In March the Concerto Concert featured a complete program of student performers appearing as soloists with the orchestra. This was a year of " firsts " for the symphony — including its first " Pop " concert, given in May. 164 !-:!lil!ili, « mmu STETSON UNIVERSITY BAND OFFICERS OF THE BAND Woodford Snowden President Eugene Doran Vice-President Marjorte Dili Secretary Madeline Barrow Treasurer MEMBERS 1 ■ 1 I lis Clarinet: Cornets: Baritone: Joe Courson Sara Jane Smith Eugene Doran Barbara Stanland Annalielle Fostei Gloria Soiling Karl Hackett Frederick Dean Barbara Begg Clarence [vej Reinald Hoerning Dmis Kelsey Louis Schlegel Earl Nicholson Tubas: Miriam Glover Edna Schmidt Elwyn Brown Dolores Easier ( llilll s Harland Cutler 1 lnll s Bob Gillespie Marvel Vaughn Tom Edmundsorj lames Perdue Kenneth Finchei Bells Jane Moore Eugene Kippenhan |olm Lew (Catherine Allen Gale Long li sssi 11 ins: S ixophone: B sss: TROMB i is Mar) Mills Betty Elliott Richard Cutler I l l 111 1! 1 ( l II 1 III III | ( ks l Marj [audon Ruth Webstei Donalee Steckel Woodford Snowden Peri ■ ssions: Douglas Baer Madeline Barrow William Charles Marjorie Dill Delva Registra 165 w ILL . U Stetson University Glee Clubs We here present the Glee Clubs, one department of Stetson which is really " going forward, " under the excellent direction of " Prof. " Harold M. Griffin. This outstanding organization is divided into two sections, the Women ' s Club, and the Men ' s Club, singing as separate units and as a mixed chorus. The combined Clubs total 145 members, 85 women and 60 men. Our 52 appearances last vear helped us start rolling, and 1947-48 will see us back to pre-war standards. Performances on home territory include Homecoming, " The Messiah, " an operetta, our spring concert and Commencement. The Travel Squad, numbering 40, is the group which travels, singing conceits for churches, high schools, civic and tourist clubs, hospital wards, etc.. throughout the State, from Miami to Pensacola. The Radio Chorus, composed of 25 select voices, has in past years, made various appearances on the air, and will continue its radio work, when facilities enable them to do so. Assistant directors are Ruth M. Richardson, Kay Hooper, and Archie McMillan. Officers of the Glee Clubs for 1947-4S are: Harold Parson General Manager Kay Hooper. Bob Aiman Student Leader:, Winifred Demorest, Bill Fletcher . . . Business Managers Verdelle Sebring, John Everett .... Publicity Managers Carol White, Rabel Parson ccompanists J a A c a »- A a,aJ no h ft A 9 9 • 9 9 9 ' A A n A ft A r- d ' Xfi.firfaPrt A A JL. K J-, n W I i ( ( M Travel £quad Regular members and alternates ol the Travel Squad are as follows: (Those names with asteriks are also Radio Chorus and alternates Soprano Bates, Geraldine Broesamle, Carroll Day, Virginia " Geiger, Jean Hagberg, Thelma ' Haigler, Martha " Harris. Jeane " Hooper, Kay ' Mires, Jonnie " Moody, Connie Parson, Rabel Patton, Dorothy " Shaw, Shirla Sheppard, foan " Slater, Betty " White, Carol " Whitmore, Anita Young, Fave Alto Barrow . Madeline Braddoek. Libby ' Demorest, Winifred low ler. Perry Sue " hey. Betty Jane King, Virginia " Kurtz. Martha ' Mitchell, Jean " Moore, Roberta Peterson, Maureen Rhea, Marion Ann " Rollins, Sara Sebring, Verdelle Skeene Miriam r nor " Aunian, Robert " Everett, John Futch, Colvin Hodge, Harold Mabry, John = McMillan, Archie " N ' elson, Neil Rogers, Robert Smith, Preston •Warfield, Bill " Wheatlej , Robert Bass " Anderson, Max Doty, Bob Earnest, Leland ' Fletcher. Bill ' Hatcher, Herschel Hodges. J. M. " Jones, Bill " Maser, Kemp Mitchell, Harold Parson, Harold Rucker, Henrj Wayde Smith, Jack " Thomas, Dave Members ol the " B " Squad are as follows: Soprano Albritton, Carmen Almes, Carolyn Canady, Barbara ' Ink [mogene Dearston, Louise Dickson, Ruth Mary Emery. Helen Ferguson, Frances Foster, Barbara I [enderson, Anne Hess, Sarah Hirsch, Carolyn Love, Betty Lou " £ " £quact Mahoney, Gertrude McClellan, Blanche Moy, Mee Murray, Dorothy Oklford, Margaret Phillips. Margaret Powers, Winifred Respess, Mildred Robertson. June Robertson. Olive Sever, Ann Smith, Barbara Jean Thorpe, Elizabeth Tribble, Mary Elizabeth Vaughn, Marvel .,lk,i. Betty Alto Allen. (Catherine Bennett, Martha Burns. Rosamond Byars. Margaret Cooper, Benji Cov Virginia Fleming, Jimmie Nel Fowler, Barbara Frink, Arlia Gillon, Martha Grunholzer, Marion Ilaircll. Jeanne Kincaid, Margaret Powell, Coreta Randall, Meriana Rosenberger, Margaret Skeene, Virginia Speas, Barbara Stanfill, Shirley Theriot, Nancy Ward, Eudora W eeklej . Man a Wilson. Muriel Wykoff, Jane Tenor Brown, Donald Bush, Shirley Carter. James Gordie. Howard Hamilton, Edmund Hansen. Keith Hendricks, Pete I [orne, Thomas Luffman, Elden McGough, Bill Hidings. Charles Howe. Bob Thompson. Frank Walters, Milton Bass shton, Creighton Bronson, William Collins, " ernon Compton. Earl Dorsey, Charles Edmondson. Tom F " agan, Rudolph Harris, Bob Kennison, Lewis Pierce, Joel Pinder, Bob Rosenberger, Ralph Webb. Wallace Wiele, Bruce A n a a n a n, o r a krtl John Hathaway Hugh McKinley President Vice-President c. Robert Jones Program Chairman Beverly Sewell Publicity Chairman International Relations Club The International Relations Club was organized in 1938 under the sponsorship of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. The purpose of the Club is to stimulate a greater interest in and a better understanding of international affairs. Makv Ptvry Mi. I I ■ i i ) 168 Sue Hopper Raymond Hun HINSON Maxine Johnson Helen Jones Mary Lancaster Mel Landers Ann Law ion Eloise Lee MaRJORIE M Hks Joan Marsh u i Doiiis Merrill Martha Moon J wici: O ' STEEN Mary Lee Rich Myrtle Roebuck Jean Skinner Betty Smith Virginia Smii n Rhodes Spell Betty Streetman Tom P. Stewart Edward Talton Doris Tyler Murray I ' i.m Margaret Urlesinc i [erber i w vlton Anne Weeks Pat Winderweedlj William Wood Wanda Voder ' - 1 :| 169 Dm. BOYCE FoWLEH EZEXX FLTLRI AMI Betty Jane Moore President Addekly Cazer Davidson DuRNER Goff Holland Johnson l s VORTH Clamp Day Farrior Haigler Holly Jones Ballentine Cox Dooley Fletcher Harris Ho t.a nt Keathley Bradley ( 1 NMSI.II l DUKFETT Fowler lllNSI 1 IVIY Marks EACHERS OF MCA BOYCE FOWLEB EZELL CHAPTER Chartered November 16, 1942 Sponsor: Dr. R. L. Carter Doris Merrill Secretary Sarah Martha Adams Treasure) Mehritt MlELKE Moon Pani ratz Patton Pelham Perrin Pickens Pimm Prescott Ranc.ei.y Reesi b { Rhea Rich KlllI.EY ROSENHERGER Sewell Shackleford SOMMEBS Spe s £ a e SUTLEY Tat. ton Thompson Wade WlGLE Williams Vkiesenca Winderweedli f ■ -_. I % Demorest President E. DOOLEY Vice-President E. Lee Secretary M. Pmm Treasurer COMMERCE CLUB C. Magaha J. Arnold M. Barrow I. Beauchamp L. Bishop C. BnAllI.1V C. Carrott V. Clark R. Denham R. Feasel J. Grant S. Hess M. Hudson W. Jarratt H. Kurtz W. McTeer R. Matthews T. Mini i N. Orr M. Petterson The Commerce Club was founded in 1937 to develop a better understanding of the principles and problems of business. The object of this society is to promote scholarship; to facilitate a contact with the commercial world; and to stimulate discussion and constructive thinking in the field of commerce and business. Membership in the society is limited to Juniors and Seniors in the School of Business who maintain a B aver- age. Faculty advisors are Miss Curtis Horn and Mr. Edward Furlong. O C5 O « J WMmm Ml ., M K Jm E. Peters M. Perkins M. Phillips P. Smith E. W ' aI kl s i 1 PI KAPPA DELTA The Florida Beta Chapter of Pi Kappa Delta, national honorary forensic fraternity, was estab- lished at Stetson in 1939. The purpose of Pi Kappa Delta is to promote a greater interest in the art of public speaking and active participation in forensic activities. Members pictured above, reading from left to right are: Dee Holly. Johnny Cannon, Jessie Gibson, James Tucker and Helen Wooten. DEBATE SQUAD Pictured above are the members of the Stetson Debate Squad for this year. The members include John Sutton. Jim Tucker. Jessie Gibson, Mr. Branch. Hugh Mckinley. and Helen Wooten. 173 Ad Gilbert Vice-President Eugene Kippenhan President THE CAMERA CLUB Founded: October, 1944 Jean Hinsey Secretary-Treasurer Colors Sjionsors Motto (LACK and WHITE Dr. John Vaughn Frances Buxton " We Cover the Campus " Ed Harms Lancaster Mather Robinson J s Mrs. Vaughn D. Hargis Watts Lane Flood Dr. Vaughn Frances Buxton ( IlliSON Mathews Morse Potts ALPHA DEXIOMA FOUNDED AT STETSON UNIVERSITY May, 1940 PURPOSE The purpose of Alpha Dexioma is to promote democratic friendship and under- standing among its members; to broaden the social, cultural, political, athletic, and religious life of the members and to assist them in every way possible. All women in Stetson University who are not affiliated with a national social organization may become members. Colors: Hunter Green and Gold Flower: Talisman Rose OFFICERS Sarah Martha Adams . . . President Dorothy Stafford . . . Vice-President Frances Horton . . Recording Secretary Moe Acosta . . Corresponding Secretary Sylvia Morse Treasurer Thelma Hagberg Historian DeVerne Bryan . . . Sergeant-at-Arms Winifred Demorest . Program Chairman Mrs. Nancy Normand .... Sponsor GRADUATE STUDENTS Barbara Lupfer wii: I , Johnson S. M. Adams F. Horton D. Stafford M. Acosta S. Morse D. Bryan ■ » I . II VCBERG W • Dkxiohest S. Hunter E. Li wis O. V Robertson P. Heed C. Tyler INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL Inter-Fraternity Council is an organization made up of three members from each fraternity represented on Stetson ' s campus. The officers are Bill Harris, president; C. L. Mullis, treasurer; and Elizabeth Dunn, secretary. Alpha Xi Delta is represented by Betty Clamp, Dot Ballentine, and Chris Magaha. Pi Beta Phi representatives are Betty Ivey, Eleanor Dooley, and Connie Bradley. Delta Sigma Phi is represented by Fred Geronomas, Lou Deal and C. L. Mullis. Wilbur Jarrett, Johnny Cannon, and Bill Harris represent Sigma Nu. Pi Kappa Phi representatives are Howard Kurtz, Bud Dickinson, and Dick Gordie. Delta Delta Delta is represented by B. A. Walters, Joyce Collier, and Elizabeth Dunn. Maureen Peterson, Martha Kurtz, and Sunny Lanning represent Zeta Tau Alpha. Stray Greek representatives are Marshall Lane, Mac Cleveland, and Jake Alexander. Sigma Omega is represented by John Warren, David Gatchell, and N. B. Hendry. +1M TM 176 PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL Four national sororities have chapters on Stetson ' s campus. Three representatives from each sorority comprise the Pan-Hellenic Council. The officers of the Council are Lucy Effinger, president; Lenora Williams, vice-president; Nancy Helms. secretary; and Mary Haskins, treasurer. Alpha Xi Delta representatives are Chris Magaha, Dot Ballentine, and Lucy Effinger. Connie Bradley, Jean Windram, and Lenora Williams represent Pi Beta Phi. Zeta Tau Alpha is represented by Maureen Peterson, Lutie Keathley, and Nancy Helms. Representatives of Delta Delta Delta are Barbara Ann Walters, Joyce Col- lier, and Mary Haskins. V 111 THE STRAY Jake Alexander President Jack Cleghorn Vice-President Anne Andrews Secretary Marshall Lane Treasurer Jean Skinner Socio Chairman Henry Beckman Publicity Chairman Jake Alexander r £SSi €5T Anne Andrews Jack Cleghorn Marshall Lane Jean Skinner 17,« GREEKS r ? C: G. Everett |. ( )l si N i( . ,i w w H. Lanahan J. Cater ft ft C. P AFFORD J. HlNSEY J. Delburn Wm. Hall J.Arnold W. Snowdj L. JONI s 1. ( I 1 KI.AM) Tlit- Stray Greeks is an organization composed of national sororities and fraternities which do not have chap- ters at Stetson. The members are: J. Y. Arnold, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Georgia Tech; Mack Cleveland, Alpha Tan Omega, Florida; Benji Cooper, Alpha Delta Phi. Brenau; Jack Fountain. Alpha Tan Omega. Florida; Jonnie Mires. Alpha Chi Omega, Florida; Ed Moore, Phi Gamma Delta, Brown; P. C. Stratford, Phi Gamma Delta. U. of N. G.; Phillip Enlow, Kappa Alpha, Georgetown; Betty Sue West. Sigma Kappa. U. of Tennessee; Leola Baker. Phi Mu. Queens College; Charles Pafford, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Florida; Owen Banish. Kappa Sigma. Mercer; Allan Mc- Gowan, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Mercer; Willoughley Cox and Jack Imand. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. University of Miami; Marvin Tinsley, Harry Hinckley, and Samuel Greenley. Pi Kappa Alpha. University of Miami; Lawrence [ones, Theta Chi, Wake Forest; Fee Draper, Chi Phi. Florida; Charles Williams. Pi Kappa Alpha. Miami; Wood- ford Snowden, Kappa Alpha. Kentucky; Dick Simon. Phi Delta Theta. Kentucky; William Whitaker. Phi Delta Theta, U. of Georgia; Scott Register, Phi Delta Theta. Emory; James Hodnett, Pi Kappa Alpha. Florida; Edward Hay, Kappa Sigma, Dennison; Robert Lanahan. Pi Kappa Tan. U. of Maryland; Jack Preer. Pi Delta Theta, Duke; fohn Cater. Sigma Chi. Florida; Merwin Rehrer, Phi kappa Rho, Gettysburg; Walter Carpenter, Pi Kappa Upha, Florida; " Bitsy " Bisplinghoff, Dick Patience, Hal Beardau, Alpha Tau Omega. Florida; Virginia Bispham, Delta Kappa. Tampa; Sam Hoover. Kappa Upha, Presbyterian; Jack Woodruff, Pi Kappa Alpha. Emory; Tom Burgess, Alpha Phi Omega. Florida; Lois Beesman. Beta Sigma Omega. Florida Southern: Boh Baldwin. Sigma Chi, Florida; Jean Kinsley, Alpha Omega. St. Pete Jr. College: Jean Delburn, Palm Beach Jr. College; George Everett, Pi Kappa Alpha, Florida; Jim Olsen, Phi Delta Theta. Georgia Tech; William Hall. Sigma Chi, Emory. 179 ALPHA XI DELTA Founded at Lombard College, Galesburg, Illinois, in 1893 Omega Chapter Established in May, 1917 Colors: Double Blue and Gold FloiCCr: KlLLARNEY ROSE OFFICERS Christine Magaha President Flo Gross Vice-President Kay Hooper Secretary Mary Elizabeth Tribble Treasurer Julia Ann Ellis Corresponding Secretary Pat Winderweedle Chaplain CHAPTER MEMBERS IN FACULTATE Mary Tribble Virginia Gin i Ellen Yaxley Mavis Baggett Claihe Cheney Bradyle Blackwelx Sue Brown Mabcaret Byars Betty Clamp Sue Cost Virginia Lee Day Norma Eells Lucy Eefingeh Donna Fair Jeanne Garretson Charlotte Harris Dorothy Hillman Jo Humphrey Margie Lackey B. J. McCallom Libhy Mai i Joan M vrshall Gloria Mertz Mildred Respess Mary Lee Rich Margaret Richter Doris Roberts Pat Roberts i Sever Virginia Smith nm Weeks Denese Whtteman Iiu m. Scott l iu. iu i Mantle h hi le Roebuck Dot Ballentine 181 DELTA DELTA DELTA B. A. Walters President Jane Wykoff Vice-President Betty Tiiomi Secretary Martha Bowen Corresponding Secretary Curtis Horn Betty Jane Bailey Nam " i Baker Geraldine Bates Susie Blount Jane Burton Beverly Bartlett Marjorie Beaty Lucy Bishop Joyce Collier I u; Davey Elizabeth Dins Barbara Foster Nan Franklin CHAPTER MEMBERS In Facilitate Ester Hick Alice Weisner In Universitate Mary Haskins Betty ' Jo Langston Madeline Mather Sara Elizabeth McMillan Virginia Morris Beverly Roberts Ann Schuessler Peggy Thompson Sara Staff Jernican I ' ll ' (lues Virginia Lee Culbreth Joyce Lee Darden Bobbie Drake Barbara Fowler Elinor Graves Jean Harris Maxine Miles Betty Norfleet Mary Ann Perkins Sally Rhodes Puddy Thanes Founded in 1888 Boston University ALPHA DELTA CHAPTER Established May, 1913 Silver Colors Gold Blue Flower Pansy i m 183 PI BETA PHI Founded April 28, 1867, at Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois Florida Alpha Chapter established January 30, 1913 Colors: Wine and Silver Blue Flower: Wine Carnation OFFICERS Connie Bradley President Marjorie Marks Vice-President Eleanor Dooley Treasurer Betty Jane Ivey Recording Secretary Lenora Williams Corresponding Secretary Noreen Geyer Pledge Cliainnan CHAPTER MEMBERS In Facilitate Annie Nadine Holden In Universitate Audrey Bach Joyce Bandy Opal Batcheloh Jill Battle Connie Bradley Jean Adair Clark Joan Cook Virginia Cox Betty Jo Crosby Eleanor Dooley Joyce Dugcan Mahtha Earnhardt Joan Enigson Carolyn Freedlund Noheen Geyer Mary Ethel Gilbert Sally Graybill Jeanne Harrell Sue Ann Hill Betty Ivey Betty Jane Ivey Nan Ivey Mel Landers Delobes Jane Lee Ann Mace Marjorie Marks Reba Martin Monte Mattox Laird Meffeht Betty Jo McCully Betty Wood Moore Suzanne Nelson Martha Perkins Mary Ann Posner Ann Pickins Audrey Smith Myra Southward Nancy Travis Jane Pat Weathers Katherine Wiggins Nancy Williams Jean Windham 184 Audrey Bach Joyce Bandy Opal Batchelor Jill Battle Jean Adair Clark Joan Cook Virginia Cox Betty Jo Crosby Joyce Martha Earnhardt Joan Enigson Carolyn Freedlund Mary Ethel Gilbert Sally Graybill Jeanne Harrell Sue Ann Hill Betty Ivey Nan Ivey Mel Landers Delores Jane Lee Betty Jo McCully Ann Mace Reba Martin Monte Mattox Laird Meffert Betty Wood Moore Suzanne Nelson Martha Perkins Ann Pickins Myra Southward Nancy Travis Jane Vollum Pat Weathers Katherine Wiggins Nancy Williams Jean Windham 185 km. ZETA TAl ALPHA OFFICERS Maureen Peterson President Verdelle Sebrinc Vice-President Barbara Lanning Secretary Lutie Keathley Treasurer Helen Trundle Ritual Chairman Martha Kurtz Historian Chapter Members in Facilitate Etter Turner Frances Thornton Marjorie Jones Mary Lippett Founded October 15, 1898, at Virginia State Normal School. Farmville, Virginia Beta Psi Chapter established in October, 1934 Colors: Turquoise Blue and Steel Grey Floiver: White Violet Betty Jane Adams Ihma Lee Adkins Betty Jo Beville Joyce Blackweix Anna Sula Bhannen ( .1 oria Bhinkley I ' vi; Brooker Martha Brown Joan Clark Stella Marie Davis Suzanne Davis Chahlotte Enlow Sue Fowler w v Helms Davis Ernestine Hurldeut Gertrude Jackson Delores Jeker Helen Jones Marjorie Keen Betty Lou Kimmel M un Ann Lancaster Evelyn Locklair Barbara Ann Lord NORALEE MeI.I.OR Martha Ann Moon I, (lis I WELL Joyce Orr Janice O ' Steen l ' ,li S( IIMIIil im VDSWORTH Betty Walker Wand Yodeb is: Dick James SIGMA OMEGA I WHS y OFFICERS Dick Warren Commander Alton Murray Promoter C. W. Colson Treasurer James Harwood Intramural Manager Stan Jensen Scribe James Lancford Serjeant-at-Arms Francis Smith Assistant Intramural Manager Grover Holland Chaplain Earl Sapp Parliamentarian ( )rganized November 4, 1947, at Stetson University, DeLand, Florida. ( ' olors: Crimson and White Flower: Red Camellia Grover 1 ,88 [dmond Anderson Tommv Both Herman Brooks Eiavyn Brown Walter Feagins, Jr. Balph Flippo David Gatchell Bobert Hawkins H. B. Hendry Martin Pearson Bobert Peterson Harrel Biles Earl Sapp Charles Senior Dai i " Tyner 189 Al.Li ] HCMFSON ( ' orrt tponding St en tary Frank Banbi rg Treasurer Jeff Clark Vice-President Fred Geromanos Sergeant-at-Arms Phil Knowles Editor-Historian DELTA SIGMA PHI Founded at City College of New York, 1899 Alpha Chi Chapter established 1925 Colors: Nile Green and White Flower: White Carnation CHAPTER MEMBERS Dr. R. I. Allen Dr. Harry Garwood Frank Bamburo J. C. Bradley Edgar C. Brow n Donald Burroughs Benjamin Clark Jefferson Clark Julian Clark Louie Deal Charles Doll John Dykes Johnny Fair Frank Flack Roi m French In Faculty Andrew C. Preston In University Fred Geromanos Wylie Harhell Frank Hendrix Benjamin IIo::ni Harry Hurst Phillip Know i es ni iii w Knox Tom Laird Royce Lewis Wai lace Lewis William Lewis George MacMullen Stewart Maxcy W. V. Mickle Dean Lemuel Haslup George McLean Claude Mullis Robert Olcott Roy Patrick Joseph Peel Austin Rutledge John Russell Mathew Sahina Darrell Smith Angus Sua i ns Richard Towle Carlton Welch Carroll West 190 - O o c ■»— . I £ f% ft Edgar Brown Donald Burroughs Charles Doll John Dykes Johnny Fair Frank Flack Royal French Frank Hendrix Harry Hurst Andrew Knox r W r ■ Tom Laird Wallace Lewis William Lewis Stewart Maxcy George McLean Claude Mums Robert Olcott Roy Patrick Joseph Peel Austin Rutledge V T H O 1 Mk kJII BT |(iii Russj 1 1 Mathew Sahina Angus Ste ns Carlton Welch Cabroi 1 W ESI 191 DELTA SIG |l PLEDGE! S » 41 1 vita i ■Hi. J. 4 f 1 l ' I Creekman, David B. Dandridce, Ralph D. Day, Linton J. Edmonson, Thomas Gideon, Robert Harbsis, Donald Harris, Robert C. Hope, Frederick H. Marsh, Earl W. Rainero, James Reilly, Robert C. Street, Walton D. Tatoul, Robebt Wager, Jostin Wiggs, Kenneth Wdlkinson, William Wilson, Robt. L. Wilson. Robt. W. 192 William l n i in George Akin (illlMis Maynabd William Cablin Eabi Cochban PI KAPPA PHI Founded December 10. 1904. at the College of Charleston. Charleston. South Carolina Chi Chapter established May 16. 1921 Colors: Gold and White Flower: Red Rose J. M. l Hill ] ION I l( Mil) B II SON I l)l I I.W I I l FACULTATE CHAPTER ADVISORS Caul II. Johnson Howard M. Giffen J. T. Rhett Charles Henderson A. D. Teal 193 MM 1. Julian Bennet Cms Carratt Ben Carson Joe Courson » -s- r •» --: Tom Dees- Bob Denham Fred Dickinson Bob Dinwiddie Jerry Giboib Mow ARD GORDIE Jim Duffet Richard Gohdie I)k k Grunswal Hubert Hevey Geobce Hope Jack Inman Jebby Iyey Mark Tacoby Vernon Kirchoff Will Koon Emmett Low Clyde McCulley Walt Malmborc: George Patterson 194 „ J% JU ' ,!« •) Ki Trotteb Mm, ton Walters Jim Anderson Bui. Cowan Bii-i. Jones Marshal] McGregor Kemp Masser Bob Mitchell Fred Miller Myron Sampson Ralph Scon E 1 Cfe : %•■ ' • ' :■■ Al Schneider Lamar Townsend Dick Twk heli Not Pictured ACTIVES PLEDGES Earl Forbi s Al Beasley Bertram liinn Truman Gh YSON Fred Conw " . Charles Schi i er Sam IIiidehsrack Jay Cox Don Waldon l( k TRIAN 1 AKELLU Bon l) p 1 1 Bailed Wi i don George Tucker Bon GaRD ESI n ( 1 i:k Jim Tucker NlEL Nl I son Dirk Van Gilder Dick Pumphrey 195 SIGMA Nil 1- red Karl Treasurer Felton Davis Chaplain WlLBUR JaRRETT Commander Ralph Davis Lieut. Commander Bob Knowles Recorder Founded at Virginia Military Institute, 1S69 Delta Mu Chapter founded, 1913 Colors Black, White and Gold si Jack Bragg John Cannon Hugh Carlton Glenn Darty John Gould J J Joe Davies Charles Dorsey Petei: Easland Edward Koesteh John Hathaway Bill Wood 196 Burleigh Hale Charles Roberts Bill Harris Hah B] CI D ' eyton Wilson Russell Hornsby Everette Huskey Bill Lanigan Clabke McCullough Morris Zipprer Robert Vincent 1 1 Ainu, i) Wescott James West John WlNGl ii i Newman Not Pictured In Universitate William Kennedi Von Allen Clark Harmon Crossley Claude Jones Bradford Miller Porter Ingram Pledges ( lis iiin Lake Brad Smith Gus Jones Dick Meyers ex Frederick Owen Jack Persons Eari Peters Karl Poinds a. H. Roebuck William Sams Cyril Schleter fe fi Cari Simmons Philip Smith Rrodes Spell Cyrus Street Ii mi k Stuart Edward Talton Volie Williams 1 ' C " Chat after a 10:30 Sigma Nu Homecoming Prize. PLEDGE CLASS Pledge Captain 14 g Mb. John Godbee Gij Day Dick Cri Jim Anderson Dick Bates George Bensel John Bishop Etson Blackwell Lloyd Clifton 13 Gl P " Ralph Fryer Gordon Hayes Jerry Crowe Bob Locsden Max Masafeller Harry Meisell ' J ' jr . M O (3 1 1 Mm »mzm , A in i lc ( i atchy WiTTEN Moore Bob Mathews Bob Rocehs George Royal Bob Turner John Watts Jack Evans 198 Dear Alma Mater, smile upon thy children! Gladly we greet thee, altogether lovely; Peace be within thy classic halls and temples. Hail, Alma Mater, dear. Hail to the heroes who hare gone before us. Young men and maidens, filled with true devotion! Bright is their glory, f adeless and undying. Hail to our heroes none! Hail to our classmates, bound by ties ne ' er broken; Here once again we pledge our vows of friendship; Brave hearts and true hearts sound aloud the chorus; Long live our comrades dear! Dear Alma Mater, tenderly thy children Gather, and bring to thee gracious salutations; Comrades, your voices lift once again in chorus Hail Alma Mater dear! 199 Another year at Stetson has drawn to a close. Play is over, competing is fin- ished, clubs change hands. One by one the seniors walk across the stage and solemnly receive their diplomas. Then they go forth to become citizens in the world of tomorrow, knowing that they have been well prepared and are quite ready to face the challenge of the future. And the rest of us stay happily on, till our day comes, in our college world. . . . As our year ends we pause, remem- bering its accomplishments and imper- fections, knowing that in its afterglow will come tomorrow and other Stetson students to be inspired by our day- dreams. I I I -■ ■ m W : STCT50N _ " chuck wacon " by Melbourne Brindle :: Naturally they ' re STETSON HATS Stetson Western Styles are available from 15 to ' 90. Foreground: The San Fran, the l.aloo Rear: The Open Road, the Texan, the Cansbad. 204 THE CITY OF DeLAND and DeLAND CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OFFER Congratulations to the Graduating Class of JOHN B. STETSON UNIVERSITY DeLAND is located in the ridge section of east central Florida, 110 miles south of Jacksonville, four miles east to the picturesque St. Johns River, famous for its black bass fishing, and twenty-two miles to the renowned beaches of the Atlantic seaboard. Being centrally located practically every point of interest in the state may be visited within one day s drive. DeLand enjoys a delightful year-round climate. There is scarcely a day that the sun does not shine, sending forth its ultra-violet rays. Children grow strong and sun-tanned, the older people add years to their life ' s span. DeLand is a beautiful city, appealing to those of educational and cultural background. It is a friendly city — a city you will like. For Information About DeLand Please Write CHAMBER OF COMMERCE DeLAND FLORIDA 2(15 1 • F. N. DeHUY SON J ewe ers and Silversmiths S ince 187} ♦ • DeLand -• — • — — • — •— Florida McCrory ' s 5 and 10 Cent Store ♦ Headquarters for Students ' Supplies ♦ Visit Our Store Daily HON AGENCY Insurance — Real Estate 220 North Boulevard Phone 155 DeLAND, FLA. Phone 72! ! It ' s a fact, you can do better at THE JOHN H. DENMARK FURNITURE CO. Home Outfitters ♦ 1 1 I SOITH BOULEVARD T li e Southern B a p t i s t Theological Seminary ELLIS ADAMS FULLER, D.D., President ' An Internationally Famous Institution • A Faculty of World-Famous Teachers, Preachers, Authors • Eleven Great Departments of Instruction • A Modem $3,000,000 Educational Plant • An Atmosphere of Scholarship and Evangelism Write to the President for catalog and further information. " The Beeches " Louisville Kentucky Sexton «• » After You Finish College . . . W H A T ? WHAT are you going to do? WHAT are you going to be? . . . Have You Considered . . . FOOD RETAILING? Food retailing offers you employment in one ol the largest, most stable industries of our country. Work in pleasant surroundings with alert, progressive people. Food retailing is not monotonous: new scenes and situations develop daily. All jobs in retailing are not behind the counter. There are department heads, supervisors, assistant managers, buyers and other jobs which offer unusual opportunity to those fitted and trained to fill them. If you are interested in making your Success in Food Retailing, write or Apply to Personnel Manager. WINN LOVETT GROCERY CO. Operators of Lovett s - Table Supply - PlGGLY WlGGLY Food Stores Beaver Barnett Sts. Jacksonville, Fla. ( OREflflOfY ; MILK ICE CREA v. a I ♦ • ♦ — ♦ • ♦ — ♦ ♦ • » ♦ — ♦ — ♦ » ♦ ♦ — ♦ ♦ » -f II II T 1, 1 1 T 1 ( ' ( . 1 1 ICE ' i PHONE 875 Better Refrigeration At Lower Cost SEE THE NEW lie 1 n ii (1 i i i o n e (I ICE REFRIGERATOR j — • — • — • — • — • — • — • — • — ♦ — • — • — • — ♦ — « — • — • — • — • — • — m 207 i Compliments of JIMMY and EDWARD at BUS HAVEN LUNCH " Meet Me at the Bus Haven " THE VOGUE Mrs. Sarah Ceely ♦ Gateway to Fashions ♦ 110 North Boulevard DeLAND, FLORIDA A Guide Post in the Buying of FINE FOODS Over Sea Brand Foods Famous in Florida CHITTY CO. Compliments of Allen-Summerhill Funeral Home J. E. SuMMERHILL, Funeral Director Phone 62 Phone 190 Real Ambulance Service ♦ Established 1877 126 East New York Ave. DeLand, Fla. LAU N DERETTE THE AUTOMATIC SELF-SERVICE LAUNDRY 30 Minute Washing and Drying One and Two Day Dry Cleaning Two Day Shirt Finishing Service 10S West Rich Ave. Phone 277-W -■ — • • ♦ • • ♦ — -• • • • • • • • • •— " ' REST WISHES ...TO... •THE HATTER " CLARK LEWIS CO. 208 Compliments of . . . Hotel China Glassware Co. ♦ 426 West Forsyth Street JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA KINGAN COMPANY Meat Packers ♦ UNLIABLE FOR MORE THAN 100 YEARS -—It Compliments of A. C. CLARK REFRIGERATION SERVICE Your South Florida Friend Wishes Stetson University Complete Success in Its Undertakings. CHENEY BROTHERS Wholesale Grocers West Palm Beach Florida ORANGE BELT PHARMACY 108 East New York Avenue Complete Drug and Fountain Service We Deliver I ' ihi e 555 Compliments ...of... DIXON ' S OFFICE SUPPLY ♦ I l. ' i N. Boulevard DeLAND FLORIDA — —L 209 Compliments of STOU DENMI RE ' S GROCETERIA GOHN DYKES Men ' s Shop Compliments of FEASEL PAINT GLASS SHOP Dealer in Pittsburg Paints and Glass Phone 626 111 Westrich SANTILLI BROTHERS DeLAND produce market Fresh Fruits and Vegetables — Also — Shippers of Fancy Citrus Boxes Oranges - Grapefruit - Tangerines Fresh From the Groves We Send Orders C.O.D. Compliments of MATHER of DeLAND COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS Good and Bad 14: I S. Boulevard Phone 603 I South Boulevard DeLand 210 Compliments of . . . TED DAVIS FURNITURE CO. OUR SLOGAN: Growing With DeLand ♦ FURNITI RE and HOME FURNISHINGS Phone 750 lid West New York Avenue -f T- FOUNTAINS CENTRAL FLORIDA ' S OLDEST AND FINEST STORE DeLand Florid; BOB ' S MILKY WAY " Where Good Friends Meet For Their Sweet Treats Your host . . . RORERT FRY 229 N. Roulevard Compliments of STETSON FLOWER SHOP Flowers For All Occasions 218 N. Roulevard Phone 59 -4 J- -f V Congratulations to CLASS OF ' 48 DeLAND SUNDRIES " The Store With a Future Luncheonette Leading Cosmetics School Supplies First Aid Supplies Magazines Complete Smokers Department 211 MOSESBERMAN STYLE CENTER DRESSES - COATS - SUITS - LINGERIE 136 N. Boulevard DeLand Florida Compliments of . ■ . V.W.GOULD AGENCY REALTORS INSURORS -Since 1907 201 N. Boulevard Phone 147 Munch a Lunch With the Bunch AT THE HOB NOB » » L J-- 212 1 » ' » ' THE CONRAD • — • — • — • — • — • — • — • — ♦— - COMPANY ♦ ' INSURANCE— REAL ESTATE ♦ 1 118 West New York Ave. 1 — ♦ • " •— Phone 17 II GIBBS YOUR STORE ♦ Ladies ' and Children ' s Ready-to-Wear and Shoes ♦ Phone 240 — L • • Compliments of . . . TEN N ANT PRINTI NG COMPANY i • • • ♦ 1— - h . The Students ' Favorite Shopping Center DeLAND FLORIDA Meet Your Friends at TOUCHTON DRUG CO The Rexall Store Cosmetics and Fountain Service 100 S. BOULEVARD DeLAND FRIERSOrS Electrical and lias Appliances Home of Westinchouse Products GERALD E. FRIARSON, Ouncr " Phone 23, That ' s Me " 213 The Home of SUNSHINE CLEANERS FOR BETTER CLEANING 140 E. Indiana Phone 258 DeLAND Ji T ze best hat of all is a STETSON Mortar Board J.G.Gvavlee District Manager k FLORIDA POWER CORPORATION JSjk ( ' © 214 JACOB ' S MOTOR COMPANY 339 NORTH WOODLAND BOULEVARD Compliments of . . . VOLUSIA PHARMACY " Drugs Witli a Reputation ' MODERN SODA FOUNTAIN We Feature: Tussy Primrose House and Dorothy Perkins Cosmetics S. R. LANGSTON, JR., Manager 121 North Boulevard DeLand, Fla. - — — k j- THE BABNETT NATIONAL BANK " A Florida Landmark ' DeLand - Jacksonville - Avon Park Cocoa - St. Augustine Member Federal Reserve System and F.D.I.C. In grateful appreciation, we the staff of the 1948 HATTER wish to thank the faculty, students, and advertisers who made it possible in any way for us to publish tJiis annual. Many Thanks to THE Hatter Staff and to the Stetson Students FOR Their Swell Cooperation DYER-CONNERY STUDIOS Compliments of FLORIDA STATE THEATRES in DeLand ATHENS THEATRE DREKA THEATRE 216 Compliments of . . ALLEN POWERS HARDWARE " DeLand ' s Newest Hardware ' 112 SOUTH BOULEVARD KOLLINGER World ' s Smallest Used Car Dealer Will Purchase Your Car for HIGHEST CASH PRICE Will Sell It for You Amoco Station 124 S. Blvd. Phone 9132 DeLand THE COLLEGE COTTON SHOP II8J2 N. Boulevard 1 THE Gl FT SHOP Volusia County ' i Most Modern and Complete Gift Shop G F7 ' S FOE EVERYBODY Featuring Official Stetson Seal Jewelry 110 S. Boulevard Phone 685-J DeLand SOUTHLAND BAKERY We Specialize in BIRTHDAY and PARTY CAKES 106 N. Boulevard Phone 522-J Florida Compliments of SMITH THOMAS DRUGS Headquarters for Helena Rubinstein - Lentheric - Corday - Ciros - Tabu - Charbert - Chen Yu - Peggy Sage - Roger Gallet - Guerlain - Old Spice - Seaforth - Max Factor ' s - Coty - Harriet Hub- bard Avers - Evening in Paris - Houbigant Chantilly - Richard Hudnut - Schiaparelli Georgie Boy ' s 210 NORTH BOULEVARD " Where the Gang Meets ' 218 ANNUALS DISTINCTION

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Stetson University - Hatter Yearbook (DeLand, FL) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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