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HHhI faga!a3 gBffMni Bs a»iv3 B iaEuK Mmmmmk We f redent UL 1946 HATTER Published by the Students of STETSON UNIVERSITY DeLand, Florida 1946 M ARJORIE MERRILL Editor-in-Chief ROBERT CLARK Business Manager csLJeplctlna .... gniciina ■ ■itajirc ' 3 flHBffl ' K) £ij e THE STETSON CAMPUS which id dedicated to — , Miss Etter Turner In every big machine there is a mechanism which is very obscure to the observer, but in the operation of that machine this small part is continually working to ensure its smoothness. In the Stetson machine there is a person who fulfills just such duties as this wherever and whenever she is needed. She is the person that every individual runs to for help in every phase of campus life. For her patience, sincerity, and understanding we dedicate the 1946 Hatter to Etter Turner, Dean of Women. ' -« DEAN RV1S DtM» JftB ooo de n t ubne« THE ADMINISTRATION THE PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE The session 1945-46 is one of outstanding achievement. The enrollment has increased to more than 800, as compared with a total of 477 one year ago. We are especially delighted that so many veterans are returning, including a number of our faculty members and former students. Students and faculty have given their best to make Stetson finer in scholarship, finer in culture and finer in the development of Christian character. The Million Dollar Improve- ment and Development Campaign is progressing. More than a quarter million dollars in cash has been received. The $100,000 addition to Stetson Hall will be completed before the opening of the 1946-47 session. The individualized program and the quarter system have proved successful. The Law School will reopen in September, 1946. Thus Stetson continues to go forward! I extend greetings and best wishes to the Stetson Family everywhere. Sincerely, WILLIAM SIMS ALLEN, President ETTER M. TURNER Dean ol Women HARRY C. GARWOOD Dean of Ihe University BARBARA ROWE Registrar and Associate Dean ol Women THE ADMINISTRATION ROY F. HOWES CHARLES A. FISHER Director of the School of Business WILLIAM E. DUCKWITZ Director of the School of Music U School of Liberal s rrlA EZRA ALLEN Biology JOHN F. CONN Chemistry R. I. ALLEN Physics WARREN C. COWELL Physical Education R. L. CARTER Religion BOYCE F. EZELL Education and Philosophy NOBLE Y. BEALL Education 5ERTRUDE FOSTER Spanish RICHARD E. CLARK Sociology PAULINE FOSTER Physical Education (Not Pictured) DORIS K. ARJONA Spanish ROSEMARY CLARK Organ, Piano, Theory VICTOR J. GRABEL Wind and Percussion Instruments ANNIE N. HOLDEN English CURTIS M. LOWRY Mathematics and Engineering FRANCES C. THORNTON French AILEEN WORTH Violin, Piano AMY W. BULLOCK Hostess of Chaudion Hall DELLA ROWE Hostess of Stetson Hall CHARLES A. FISHER Business Administration LEO SPURRIER Business Administration, Economics BENSON W. DAVIS History, Philosophy, Dean of Men HAROLD M. GRIFFIN Voice WILLIAM E. DUCKWITZ Piano, Director of School of Music 12 School of Liberal srrts DOROTHY FULLER Biology SARA S. JERNIGAN Physical Education IRVING C. STOVER Speech WARREN S. CORDIS Greek CARL H. JOHNSON Geography J. ALBERT TRACY Speech EDITH HARVEY Art MARY T. LOWRY English O. LAFAYETTE WALKER Director ol Religious Activities ESTHER HICK Physical Education WILLIAM H. McENlRY Head of English Depi. MINNIE WILLIAMS English ROY F. HOWES History EDITH W. MERRILL English HARRY S. WINTERS History 13 School of rl ludic VERONICA GOVE Theory TERRY WAGNER Orchestra BARBARA ALLBRITON Voice HELEN ALLINGER Voice S chool of S5u ine 6 JIMMIE SUE AKERS EDWARD FURLONG CURTIS HORN MARY ANN JACKSON MARJOR1E KERSEY Secretarial Science Business Administration Secretarial Science Journalism Typing L y fleers of . rdministruti ]. M. ALBRITTON Alumni Secretary FLORENCE FOSTER Hostess of Brittain Hall BETTY J. AMIDON Secretary to the Dean ANNIE B. GOFF Assistant Nurse SUSIE P. BROWN Assistant Librarian EDGELLE HENRY University N urse FLORENCE CAIN Publicity MRS. MALCOLM Dietitian CECIL L. CRISSEY Manager of University Press MRS. NEAL Hostess of Stevens Hall MRS. J. B. DE HUY Hostess of The Palms ANN SHACKLEFORD Secretary to the Dean of Women KJraduate and Special Students BETTY J. AMIDON Lakeland, Fla. VERNON CLYATT Williston, Fla. ANITA GRAHAM Jacksonville, Fla. MARY A. JACKSON Rockmart, Ga. ALFRED PISTOLE (NAS) Deland, Fla. ANDREW C. PRESTON Deland, Fla. GEORGE SHRIVER Deland, Fla. 13 ROBERT SPRINGER Auburndale, Fla. TERRY WAGNER N. Bergen. N. J. STETSON ' S LIFE AT WORK . AND PLAY If - cw K«5 rss ivVX® " •yowW " rsio SENIORS 19 RACHEL ALLISON De Funiak Springs Business School Y. W. A.. 1, 2. 3 4; W. A. A. 2, 3. 4; Camera Club. 3; French Club, 3; Student Body Social Com- mittee, 3. MARY ELIZABETH AYERS North Miami Bachelor of Arts International Relations Club ISABELLE BORUM Tampa Bachelor of Arts BETSEY DIBBLE DeLand Bachelor of Arts President Liberal Arts College, President of Town Woman ' s Club; Who ' s Who, 3; Beta Chi Omega, vice-president, 3; Gamma Sigma Epsilon, treasurer: Freshman Adviser, 2, 3; President Westminister Fellowship; Biology Lab. Assistant, 2, 3; The Honor, 3; Phi Delta Psi; International Relations Club. MILDRED BOWER Eastman, Ga. Bachelor of Arts Transfer, Georgia State Woman ' s College; Y. W. A., literature chairman, Brittain Hall, 4; F. T. A., 4; Sigma Delta Pi, 4. CAMILLIA CALLAHAN Gainesville Bachelor of Arts 2] m 1 HAZEL CAMP Orange City Bachelor of Arts Transfer, Norman Junior College; Gold " N " Club: Junior Dramatic Club; Y. W. A.. President- B. S. U. Council, Vice-President; W. A. A.; Glee Club; " Normanlite " Reporter; Stetson Activities, Alpha Xi Delta; Little Theater; International Relations Club. CHARLINE CARSON Williston Bachelor of Arts Zeta Tau Alpha, 1, 2. Scholarship Chairman, 3, Secretary, 4; F. T. A., 2, 3, 4; W. A. A., 1, 2- Honor Roll; M. S. O., 3; Freshman Advisor, 4; Hatter Staff, ' 3. ' ROBERT WESLEY CLARK DeLand Bachelor of Arts Assistant Editor of Hatter, 1; Freshman Editor of Hatter, 1; Red Cross Committee, 1: Ministerial Association, 1, 2, 3„- Freshman Advisor 2, 3; President of the Student Body, 3; Chairman of the Student Government Convention, 3; Vice-President of the Student Government Convention, 3; Press Association Representative, 3; Business Manager of the Hatter, 2, 3; Pi Kappa Phi 3- ' Ye Mystic Krewe, 3; Theta Alpha Phi, 2, 3; Freshman Talent Night Committee, 3; Member ' of the Committee of Seventy, 2, 3; General Chairman of the Religious Focus Week, 3; International Relations Club, 3; Honor Roll; Feature Section of the Hatter, 3; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, 3. FARRIS CLIFTON Bachelor of Arts Leesburg RUTH D. CURNICK Holly Hill Bachelor of Arts Alpha Xi Delta, 2, 3, Chaplain, 4, Secretary; Hatter Art Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer, 3. 4; Camera Club, 3, 4, Secretary, 4; Future Teachers of America, 3, 4, Treasurer, 3, 4; The Collegiate Christian, 3; Methodist Student Organization, 3, 4; International Relations Club, 4; Little Theatre, 3. 23 -A ■ ¥ ■ MJl Hhuo V LOIS DAVIS Leesburg Bachelor ct Arts JEAN DOUGLAS DeLand Bachelor of Arts Fi Beta Phi, 1, Pledge Supervisor, 3, Fresident; W .A. A.; Blazer Club, 3, 4, President; Town Council 2, Vice-President; Little Theatre, 2; Inter-Fraternity Council, 3; Beta Chi Omega, 3, 4; The Honor, 4; Vice-President ot Student Body, 3. JOSEPH FEARNLEY DeLand Bachelor of Arts MARY JANE FITZPATRICK DeLand Bachelor of Arts F. T. A.; M. S. O.; Alpha Xi Delta. GEORGE FLETCHER Quincy Bachelor of Arts Transfer Norman Junior College; Ministerial Association, 3, Chairman of Activities Committee, 4, Secretary; Glee Club; Debating Club. TOMMY LEE FOWLER Perry Bachelor of Music Glee Club, 1, 2; Student Director, 3, 4; Zeta Tau Alpha. 1, 2, Vice-President. 3. President, 4; B. S. U. Council, 2, 3, 4, Music Chairman. 1st Vice-President, 2nd Vice-President; State B. S. U. Music Director, 3, 4, 5; The Honor, 3, 4; Feature Section of the Hatter, 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, 3, 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, 3, 4; Phi Beta, 3, 4, Treasurer, 3; Freshman Advisor, 3, 4; Women ' s Student Government, Vice-President, 4; Y. W. A., 2, 3, 4; Volunteers for Christian Service, 3, 4, Secretary, 3; Pan Hellenic Council, 3, 4. President, 4; Inter-Fraternity Council, Vice-President, 4; Stetson Symphony Orchestra, Vice- President, 4. FORBES FULLER DeLand Bachelor of Arts MARY ELLEN GENTRY Umatilla Bachelor of Music B. S. U. Council Publicity Officer, 4; Womens ' Council Representative, 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, 4; Phi Eeta, 4, President; Feature Section of the Hatter, 4; Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Director of Publicity, 3, 4, Key Member; Freshman Advisor, 3, 4. MARJORIE GORDON Lakeland Bachelor of Arts Transfer, FSCW; Zeta Aau Alpha, 3, 4; Women ' s Council, 4; President of Stetson Hall, 4; W.A.A.. 3, 4; Y.W.A.. 3. 4; Freshman Advisor, 4. MARIAN GREEN Ridgeway, Illinois Bachelor of Arts Transfer, Gulf Park College; Sigma Si Sorority, 1, 2; Glee Club; Speech Club; Little Theatre, 4; Alpha Dexioma, 3, 4; Glee Club, 4; Westminster Fellowship, 4. » " A : ¥ U r t, Vv ' ■» § r 1 JULIA GRIFFIN Quincy Bachelor of Arts Honor Roll, 2 3; Dean ' s List, 3; W. A. A., 1, 2, 3. 4; Y. W. A.. 1, 2, 3, 4. Executive Secretary; 1. H. C, 3, 4; Pi Delta Psi, 2, 3, 4; F. T, A., 4; Camera Club, 3, 4; Freshman Adviser, 4; Student Adviser, 3; The Honor, 3, 4, Treasurer; Little Theater Work, 2, 3, 4. RACHEL HARLESS DeLand Bachelor of Arts r. 1. A., 4, Histonan; 1, R. C; Alpha Dexioma, Historian; Town Girls ' Club; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Stetson Reporter, Social Staff. RALPH HOUSE Tampa Bachelor of Science Transfer, University of Tampa; Glee Club, 2; Delta Sigma Phi, President, 3; Pi Delta Psi; Sigma Pi Sigma; Ye Mystic Krewe, 2nd Mate, 3, 1st Mate 4; Freshman Adviser, 3, 4; Gamma Sigma tpsilon, Election of the Black Arts Camera Club; Inter-Fraternity Council, 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges EDITH MARIE KING Dallas, Texas Bachelor of Arts tu. ' u £■ » 2 ' 3 ' 4 ' Vice - Preside nt. 3, 4; Outstanding Freshman Girl; The Honor, 3, 4; Iheta A pha Phi 3, 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, 3, 4; Sigma Delta Pi, 1 ' J ' 4; , ,!f e S ' ' 2 ' 3 ' 4 ' Manai 3 er °f ' he Woman ' s Club, 3; Freshman Advisor, 2, 3, 4- B S U Council, Vice-President 3, President, 4; Honor Roll, Dean ' s List; Women ' s Student Government, 4; Feature Section of the Hatter, 3; Y.W.A., 2, 3, 4; Little Theatre, 2, 3, 4; Key Member of Glee Club. MILDRED JAUDON Tampa Bachelor of Science Y. W. A., 1; B. S. U Counsil, 2, 3, 4, Secretary and Co-Chairman; Volunteers for Christian Service; Freshman Adviser; W. A., 3, Corresponding Secretary, 4, Publicity Chairman; Blazer Club 3 4- Student Adviser; Hatter Staff, Typist, 4. :;j mmmm wmmmm tmmmm mmmm mmmmm — — m — mmi — 1 ■■■ MM ■■ MB W Mi g ) ■ ■■■■ i . ••- BETSY KRAMER Mount Dora Bachelor of Arts Pi Beta Phi, 1, Historian, 2, Vice-President, 3, President, 4, Recording Secretary; W. A. A., 2. 3, 4; Y. W. A., 2; Pan Hellenic Council, 2; Woman ' s Council, 2; Blazer Club, 2, Secretary, 4, President; Vice President of Business School, 2; Vice-President of Student Body, 3; Varsity Basketball Team, 2, 3. MARY LASATER St. Augustine Bachelor of Arts Alpha Xi Delta, 1, 2, 3, Secretary, 4, President; Phi Beta, 2, 3, Secretary, 4, President; La Franciade 1, 2, 3, 4; Y. W. A., 3; W. A. A., 1; Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; The Honor, 3, 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, 4; House Council in Stetson Hall, 4; Freshman Adviser, 3, 4; Pan Hellenic Council, 4, Secretary, 3; Inter-Fraternity Council, 4; F. T. A., 4. LUCCA WINIFRED LOVELL Sanford Bachelor of Science Pi Beta Phi, Treasurer, 1, Pledge Supervisor, 2; Phi Society; Sigma Pi Sigma, Secretary, 2; Hatter Staff, 2; Little Theater, 2; W. A. A.. 2; La Franciade, 2; Canterbury Club, 2, 3; Honor Roll, Dean ' s List. NELL JONES LOWE Corinth, Miss. Bachelor of Arts Transfer, Freed-Hardeman Junior College, 3; Delta Delta Delta, 3, President of Pledges, 4, Secretary; Y. W. F., 4; W. A. A., 3, 4; Dean ' s List Honor Roll; F. T. A., 4; Hatter Staff, 4; Reporter. MURIEL McCABE DeLand Bachelor of Arts .31 ft - ROBERT McEMBER Ludington, Michigan Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Music Ye Mystic Krewe, Captain Kappa Kappa Psi, President, Secretary; School of Music President; University Band, Assistant Conductor; President of Little Symphony Orchestra; President of Uni- versity Band; Member of Student Government Council; Instructor of School of Music (Summer Ses- sion); Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. EDITH MILLER St. Petersburg Bachelor of Arts Alpha Xi Delta, 1, 2, 3, 4; Theta Alpha Phi, 1, 2, 3, 4; Little Theater, 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club. 1, 2, 3, 4; Pan Helenic Council, 1, 2, 3; Methodist Student Organization, 2, 3, 4; Assistant Business Manager of Hatter, 3, 4; The Honor, 3, 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, 4; Radio Guild, 1; W. A. A., 1, 2, 3, 4; F. T. A., 4; Vice-Presiden tof Libera lArt College, 3; Treasurer of Senior Class; Freshman Adviser, 2, 4; House Council of Stevens Hall; Chairman of Sadie Haw- kins Day, 2. MARTHA MILLER Jacksonville Bachelor of Science Alpha Dexioma, 1, 2, Treasurer; Reporter, 1; W. A. A.. 1, 4; Y. W. A., 2, 3, 4; Camera Club, 3. Treasurer, 4; Commerce Club, 3, 4, Treasurer; Freshman Adviser, 4; I. R. C, 4; Student Adviser, 3; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. HAROLD MITCHELL DeLand Bachelor of Arts MURIEL MITCHELL LaCrosse, Wis. Bachelor of Arts Transfer, 3; I. R. C, 3, 4; Honor, 3, 4, President, 4; Alpha Xi Delta, 3, 4, Pledge Trainer, 4; Little Theater, 3, 4; Alpha Psi Omega Honor Roll, 3, 4; Dean ' s List, 3, 4; M. S. O., 3; Y. W. A., 4. rvViliN •OS VERNICE NICHOLS Panama City Bachelor of Science W. A. A., 1, 2, 3, 4; Y. W. A., 1, 2, 3, 4; F. T. A., 4; Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, 4; Dean ' s List, 3; Freshman Adviser, 3, 4; The Honor, 3, 4, Vice-President I. R. C, 4; Student Adviser, 3; House Council Stetson Hall, Secretary, 4; Alpha Dexioma, 1, 2, Secretary; Commerce Club, 3, 4; Little Theater Work, 4; Camera Club, 3, Secretary, 4: Executive Council, 4; Program Chairman, 3; President of Stetson Hall, 4. RUTH McDANIEL OBACH Parkhurst Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Key Member, Travel Squad, 1; Radio Chorus, 1; B. S. U., 1, 2, 3, 4; Alpha Deksioma, 1, 2, 3, 4; Phi Beta Pledge; Y. W. A., 1, 2, 3, 4; F. T. A., 4; ALICE PARKHURST Daytona Beach Bachelor of Arts MARY C. RAMSEY Coral Gables Bachelor of Science Phi Beta, 2, 3, 4, 5, President and Historian; Blazer Club, 3, 4, 5; Zeta Tau Alpha, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 5; W. A. A., 2, 3 4, 5; Y. W. A., 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; La Franciade, 2, 3, 4, 5; Honor Roll; I, R, C, 4, 5; Freshman Adviser, 4, 5; Commerce Club, 4, 5, President; Secretary Student Body, 4, Student Rep- resentative, Library Committee, 4; Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Traveling Squad, 1, 2; Radio Chorus, 1, 2; Vice-President of Business School, 4; President of Business School, 5. BARBARA REEVES Kissimmee Bachelor of Arts Honor, 3, 4, President; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, 3, 4; Freshman Adviser, 2, 3, 4; W. A. A., 1, 2, Social Chairman, Freshman Service Award, 1, Senior Service Award, 3; Blazer Club, 3, 4; Editor of Hatter, 3, Assistant Business Manager, 2; B. S. U. Council, 2, 3, State Vice-President; Y. W. A., 1, 2 Debate Squad, 1, 2; Pi Kappa Delta, 1, 2, 3; President of Sophomore Class; Vice-President of Woman ' s Council, 3; Rules and Procedure Com- mittee, 3. LAURA RICHARDS Tampa Bachelor of Arts Transfer, Tampa University; Alpha Gamma, Pledge President, 1, Vice-President, 2; B. S. U. Secre- tary-Treasurer, 2, 3; Sophomore Class President; Junior Representative at Student Senate; Tampa Morning Tribune Campus Correspondent; Minaret Reporter, 2; Chairman of Organization Com- mittee of Monoca Staff. 35 ••v s DOROTHY RICHARDSON Pompano Bachelor of Arts Debate Squad, 4; Ways and Means Committee, 4: W. A. A., 3, 4; Y. W. A., 1, 2, 3; F. T. A., 4; I. R. C, 4; B. S. U. Council, Publicity, 2, 3; Volunteer Band, 1, Publicity Chairman, 2, Treasurer; Reporter Staff, 1, 4; Dean ' s List; Honor Roll. FA YE ROGERS Ridgeville, S. C. Bachelor of Arts Pi Beta Phi, 2, 3, 4; Historian; Y .W. A., 2, 3; W. A. A., 2, 3; Y. W. F. A., 4; Blazer Club, 4; Canterbury Club, 3, 4; Varsity Basketball Team, 3. HARRY SELICK Fruitland Park Bachelor of Music KATHRYN SHIRLEY Ft. Lauderdale Bachelor of Music Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Band, 3; W. A. A., 1; Alpha Dexioma, 1; B. S. U. Council, Music Chairman. 3, 4; Y. W. A., 1, 2, 3, Music Chairman, 4; Freshman Adviser, 3, 4. JOHANNA SHEW Fort Pierce Bachelor of Arts 37 , QB , I JENNY LOU SMITH St. Pierce Bachelor of Science Transfer. F. S. C. W. and St. Petersburg Junior College; I. R. C, 4; F. T. A.. 4; Y. W. A.. 3, 4; Treasurer of Stetson Hall; W. A. A., 3, 4; Camera Club, 4; Honor Roll. ALLEN SPANIER DeLand Bachelor of Science CORTEZ TEDDER DeLand Bachelor cf Arts Secretary of Freshman Class; Phi Society, 1, 2, 3, 4; Delta Gamma Phi, 1, 2, Treasurer 3; Band, 1,2, 1st Lieutenant, 3, Vice-President; Orchestra, 1; Beta Chi Omega, 2, 3; Gamma Sigma Epsilon, 3, Recorder; Freshman Adviser, 2, 3; The Honor, 2, 3, Secretary; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, 3; Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3; Dean ' s List, 2, 3; M. S. O., 1, 2, 3, President. WALTERS TOWNLEY, JR Pensacola Bachelor of Arts Little Theater; B. S. U.; Pi Delta Psi, 3; I. R. O, 4, Secretary-Treasurer; Vice-President of Liberal Arts School, 4. WILMA TOWNLEY Pensacola Bachelor of Arts I. R. C., 4; Pi Delta Psi, 3. .., --• fS d LOUBELLE TYRE Putnam Bachelor oi Arts Student Volunteer Band, 1, Propram Chairman, 2, Vice-President, 3, President; Alpha Dexiomc, 1, 2, 3, 4, Chaplain; Volunteers for Christian Service, 4; Y. W. A., 1, 2, 3, 4; F. T. A., 4; Honor Roll, 3, 4. RUBY MARIE WALKER Orlando Bachelor of Arts Transfer, Orlando Junior College; Secretary of Freshman Class; President of Sophomore Class; Commerce Club, 3, 4; Alpha Dexioma, 3, 4; Y. W. A., 4; M. S. O., 4; I. R. C, 4. JOYCE LEE WATTS Panama City Bachelor of Arts W. A. A. 2, 3, Vice-President, 4; Y. W. A., 2, Vice-President, 3, President, 4; Delta Delta Delta, 2, 3, Chaplain, 4, President; Pan Hellenic Council, 4, Vice-President; Inter-Fraternity Council, 4, Treasurer; Blazer Club; Florida Student Government Asscciation, 4, Secretary-Treasurer; Woman ' s Council, 3, 4, President; Student Government Association, 4, Vice-President; " Most Valuable Intra- Mural Player " Award, 3; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, 4; B. S. U., 3, 4, Devotional Vice-President; State B. S. U. Vice-President; Freshman Adviser, 4. ffuc CK JUNIORS MARZEE AITON Gainesville Business ELIZABETH AMBROSE .... Winter Haven Liberal Arts MARY GENE BAILEY Williston Liberal Arts HELEN BAKER Clearwater Liberal Arts BETTY SUE BARKER . . . Chattanooga, Tenn. Liberal Arts BETTY BARTLETT Miami Liberal Arts NANCY B. BROWN Jacksonville Liberal Arts ANITA CALDWELL Ocala Liberal Arts JOYCE CALDWELL Orlando Liberal Arts JOSEPH CAMP Orange City Business CHARLES CLEMENTS .... LaFayetle, Ga. Liberal Arts HILDA COLLIER Ocala Liberal Arts ANN CORY Orlando Liberal Arts JANE COUFFER West Palm Beach Liberal Arts VALERIE CROWLEY .... Ft. Lauderdale Liberal Arts JOYCE CULBERSON .... Washington, D. C. Liberal Arts SAMMIE DAWSON Auburndale Business BETSEY DIBBLE DeLand Libera! Arts MARGARET DICKEY Bristol. Va. Liberal Arts FRED DICKINSON Jupiter Liberal Arts EVELYN DODD Lake Wales Liberal Arts 45 JANICE EOUGLAS High Springs Liberal Aits DORIS FECZKO Daytona Beach Liberal Arts JUNE FENN Mount Dora Liberal Arts FORBES FULLER DeLand Liberal Arts BERT B. GANS Brooklyn, N. Y. Liberal Arts JEWELL GARRETT Pensacola Liberal Arts SHIRLEY GEORGE DeLand Music JOYCE GILLIAM .... New Smyrna Beach Liberal Arts JIMMIE GODWIN Frostproof Liberal Arts ALMA GRANTHAM Sanford Music VIRIGINIA HARRIS Apopka Liberal Arts FRANCES HOBSON St. Petersburg Liberal Arts FLOURNOY JERNIGAN Pensacola Liberal Arts JOSEPH JOHNSON Arcadia Liberal Arts MELVINE JONES Callahan Business GERALDINE KNIGHT Ocala Liberal Arts MARY E. LAND Tallahassee Liberal Arts RICHARD WINTHROP MANSUR . St. Petersburg Liberal Arts PATRICIA MAXCY Frostproof Business LUCILLE MAYO Lake City Music NANCY McCOLLUM Auburndale Liberal Arts JEWEL FAYE McCULLY Ocala Music 17 VIRGINIA McKENZIE St. Augustine Business MARJORIE MERRILL DeLand Liberal Arts JOAN MILLER Orlando Liberal Arts JEWELL MITCHELL Atlanta, Ga. Liberal Arts IRENE MORELAND DeLand Liberal Arts BETTY MULHOLLAND Eustis Liberal Arts IRIS MURRAY Gainesville Business ANDREW L. MYERS Sanford Liberal Arts JEAN NOBLE New Britain, Conn. Liberal Arts CHARLOTTE NORDMANN DeLand Business JOAN NYDEGGER Orlando Liberal Arts 48 CARL PARSONS Zephyrhills Business MIRIAM RAGSDALE Tampa Liberal Arts MARGARET K. RIGGS . . . West Pnlm Beach Business FAYE ROGERS Rid eville. S. C. Liberal Arts ROSELYN SECKINGER Auburndale Liberal Arts JOHN SHAW Simsbury, Conn. Business MARGARET SWARTZ Gainesville Liberal Arts WILMA TOWNLEY Ocala Liberal Arts ELIZABETH TRAINHAM . . . Richmond, Va. Liberal Arts EVELYN TRUNDLE Ellers Business hi ELIZABETH TUCKER Orlando Liberal Arts ANNA SUE WALDEN Plant City Liberal Arts ANNA MARGARET WHITE . . . Mount Dora Liberal Arts JANET WHITE DeLand Business COMER WOOD ALL DeLand Liberal Arts VICTORIA YOUNG .... Liberal Arts JEAN ELIZABETH HARPER . Liberal Arts Gainesville Sanford VIRGINIA ELIZABETH HENDRY West Palm Beach Liberal Arts CHARLES L. HOWARD, JR DeLand Business VIVIAN SULT HUGHES Lakeland Music 50 WILMER FREDERICK HUGHES Business ARCHIE YOUNG McMILLAN Music RUSSELL H. NAHM DeLand Liberal Arts RALPH EVERETT STULTS DeLand Liberal Arts 51 J SOPHOMORES 53 NAHDA ADKINS Moore Haven Business ELEANOR K. ALLEN DeLand Liberal Arts CAROLYN BAGGETT Port Si. Joe Liberal Arts MARY GENE BAILEY . . .... Williston Liberal Arts BETTY BARTLETT Miami Liberal Arts MARGARET BATEMAN Miami Liberal Arts CAROLYN SULT BETHANY Lakeland Liberal Arts VIRGINIA BISHPAM Tampa Business WAYNETTE BLACKBURN Clearwater Liberal Arts MARY LOUISE BOHN Jacksonville Music NADINE BONE Plant City Business BARBARA JEAN BURKE Cattettsburg, Ky. Liberal Arts BETTY JO BURKE Cattettsburg, Ky. Liberal Arts -AUL CARMICHAEL Neptune Beach Liberal Arts 54 LACY CATLEDGE DeLand Liberal Arts RUTH COBB Pensacola Liberal Arts EARL COCHRAN Arcadia Liberal Arts VIOLA ANN COOK Augusta. Ga. Liberal Arts JUNE CRAWFORD Miami Liberal Arts VIRGINIA CROOKS Eustis Liberal Arts VALERIE CROWLEY Pompano Liberal Arts ROBERT CRUMLEY Sanford Business SHIRLEY CUNNINGHAM Bradenton Liberal Arts GEORGE DAVIS Daytona Beach Business WILLIAM J. DAVIS DeLand Business LOUISE DEARSTON Umatilla Business 55 WINIFRED DEMOREST Avon Park Business FRANCES DeWOLF Miami Liberal Arts RUSSELL L. DIXON DeLand Business LORA ELEANOR DOOLEY .... Winter Garden Liberal Arts JAMES DUFFETT Daytona Beach Liberal Arts LUCY EFFINGER West Palm Beach Liberal Arts MAE HONG ENG Jacksonville Liberal Arts MAE SHENG ENG Jacksonville Liberal Arts BETTY JEAN EVANS . . .... Coleman Liberal Arts ANN FAUL Daytona Beach Liberal Arts DORIS LEE FORSYTHE Jacksonville Business EDNA RUTH GARRETT Pensacola Liberal Arts JEAN GEIGER Tampa Music JESSIE GIBSON Key West Business 56 CELIA GOFF Live Oak Liberal Arts ANNIE BELLE GOFF Live Oak Liberal Arts ELIZA EEIH GOLDEN Leesburg Liberal Arts SHIRLEY GRAHAM Lake Butler Liberal Arts ELIZABETH GRAVES DeLand Liberal Arts FLORENCE MABEL GROSS DeLand Liberal Ails GORDON HALBERT Bowling Green Liberal Arts CLYDE HALL Barbeville Liberal Arts VIRGINIA HENDRY West Palm Beach Business IRIS JUNE HART . . Sebring Liberal Arts FRANK HENDR1X Winter Haven Liberal Arts JUNE HARGIS DeLand Liberal Arts DOROTHY HILL Tampa Liberal Arts PHYLLIS ANN HOLTON Tampa Liberal Arts 57 JUNE HOOD Ft. Lauderdale Liberal Arts BARBARA HORNE Crest View Liberal Arts FRANCES HORTON Pensacola Liberal Arts JOE JOHN Bennettsville, S. C. Liberal Arts ANNIE LEE JOHNSON Ft. 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It is the hope of the stall that you will derive as much pleasure from the perusal as they d,d h,),n tht Production. _ The Eamm Due to the uncertainties of registration under the quarter system, there are many students who were un- able to have their pictures taken. Therefore, in order to make this representation of the Life ol Stetson as complete as possible, we present the names of those students whose pictures do not appear in the class divisions. SENIORS Fran Sue Baxter Betty Lou Bell Muriel Anderson Jack M. Arnold Margaret Ballentine (■ ' rank Bamberg Harry Brownlee Elizabeth Campbell Jack ( ' uisier lell Clark Julian Clark- William Clifton Muriel Colluni Betty Arnold aiu y Baker William Harnett I ' aw Brooker Louise Carver Robud Cazer Dorothy Cheek Vernon Clyatt James Danford Edward Daniels Margaret Dawson Ann deBerard Rosemary Day Calvert Dixon Madeline Dickinson James Duffett Robert Feasal John Funderburk Jean Albury Charles Alcorn Mary Alcorn Alvin Allen Jake Alexander Charles Anderson Cceigliton Ashton Clcve Atkin Henry Atkinson Fred B. Ballard, Jr. Robert Bermond Seaward F. Banthov Ralph Q, Baum Robert Bauman Benin H. Becke Willard Beman Henry Bettingham Walter Bishop 1.ii jorie Blackany Andy Blakenship Helen Blount Peggy Boehning Aha Bowden Mary Lee Boyles Mildred Bracebridge Jack Bragg Isabel Bonner Fr i ' h is Clifton William dishing Mitzi Best Detty Carol Emerson Ai lene V. Feasal Richard Feasal Rubee Freeman John Could Anita Graham Kenneth llawkin Robert Henry Emily Howes Carolyn Gates I ' at Clover Sally Grabill Leonard Gurry Demarius Hague Deannie Harwood Dorothy Hayes t ' at Hill Joseph lloartv Delorcs Holly Betty Ann Hubble Betty J ane i vev Helen Jones Phillip Kelly Rebecca Knight ndrew Knox William Koon George Kreska Rawdon E. Bradley William Branthoover Charles F. Bridges Wendell Broudhurst Jack Brock Rhea Jean Bruhaker Myrle Bryant Robert B. Buck Burl Burgess Betty Jo Butler Joseph G. Camp George Carboueau Adrian Carlton Joseph Carper William Can- Paul Caskey Frederick Chance Howard Chapman Onnen Christian H. A. Clark Robert Clifton David Coffield Lillian Cogburn John Couder James Conklin Francis Cooncy Doiis Holman Lucille Mayo JUNIORS Carl Hulbert Vivian S. Hughes Harry McCartnej Joe McCaslin Gloria McClyndon Nancy McCollum Dale Melching Charles Mikell Dottson Mills James Nelson James Owens SOPHOMORES Marshall Lane Sara Lett Donald McEmber Sar,i Elizabeth MacMillan Helen Miller Verdie Mixon Raymond Moeller Betty Jane Moore Andrew Myers Robert Parks Judy Patrick Margaret Philpot Jean Poe Betty Rawlin William Reese Nancy Richardson Francis Rowell George Shriver FRESHMEN Harold Couch Joseph Cowon Calvert Courtney P at v Craig Daniel Cropp Harmon Crossley LeRoy Crowell Phil Culpepper Frances Cumniings loseah Davies Luther O. Davis Robert W. Davis Philip deBerard Elsie Douglas Carlos W. Drennen Olen Driggon Joseph Elliott E. C. Erickson Joseph Esmail Johnny Fain Rosemary Flanagan Lamar Fleming Joyce Fletcher Mildred Foster Carolyn Garrett Margurita Geli Jrujillo Hugh Nunnallee Ruth Winter Edna Parrish Patricia Rickman Wilbur Rivenbark ( leorge Shick Billy K. Smith nd Smith ( larl Stafford Russell Stillwell Fred Stuart Jea.i Trigg Evelyn Vaughn John Snellings Parke Stratford Marion Stenock Herbert Taylor All) n Thompson Frances Walker Martin Weisner Alice Weisner Roger Whitmore Donald Wilks Loren Williams Katie Wilson Sue Wise James Wither Carolyn Wingert Bethany Anna Wodtke John Woodruff Fa;, e Young Haydee Jrujillo John Godbee Hewlethe Gordon James Gordon Charles Griffin Maigaret Grooms William Guess C ' h irks Gunn Fred Hage Le:i Huley Robert Hamrick Wy ' .ie Harrell leorge L. Harrell Sara E. Hart Juines Harwell Beth Lou Hayes Clifford Hayes Nancy Helms Ernie Hentlcy Lorenzo Herbs Eugene Herring Mildred Hessel Edwin W. Holland Benjamin 1 lorne James B. 1 lornby ( ( Continued on P. me 171 ) 79 i T00T j, t 0«B» FEATURES M • MARJORIE MERRILL BOB CLARK 84 JOYCE WATTS TOMMY LEE FOWLER 85 MITZI MITCHELL LOUIE WILKERSON , --V-- - iW MARY LASATER ALMA GRANTHAM 87 MARY ELLEN GENTRY JOE JOHN CORTEZ TEDDER NELL LOWE rronor VJraduateA MITZI MITCHELL RALPH HOUSE VERNICE NICHOLS Not Pictured WINIFRED LOVELL FORBES FULLER MARY ELIZABETH AYERS DOROTHY RICHARDSON ANITA CALDWELL ROBERT CLARK BETSEY DIBBLE TOMMY LEE FOWLER Armona tuaentd in AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES life MARY ELLEN GSNTRY RALPH HOUSE EDITH MARIE KING MARY LASATER MARJORIE MERRILL No picture: FLOURNOY JERNIGAN JOE JOHN EDITH MILLER BARBARA REAVES CORTEZ TEDDER 90 JOYCE WATTS LIFE, ad we See i it Life on Stetson campus 1945-46 was right on the beam as usual — we lived a fast and furious pace, but we love it. So many things happened that if a person went to sleep (as most of the boys usually did in class), he was just left out. Like the breaking of the ground for the addi- tion of Stetson Hall. Yep, the million dollar cam- paign was still going strong. I can hear the band now, playing as we had our picture taken. Gosh, Stetson ' s a wonderful place. The benevolent upperclassmen were almost ready to go home after they ' d been to Fresh- man talent night. The only way they could get their poise back was to command the lowly rats to recite their " creed. " Honestly though, that talent was simply super and after they took rat week on the chin and we got tired of seeing little green hats we decided they could stay. You ' ll have to admit they do liven up the place. Never again will the girls ' Gym look like it did the night of the Halloween Carnival. The evening was just perfect and the crowning blow was to see some of the men members of the faculty in the pie eating contest. I think Dr. Allen knew when he asked Bud Dickinson to take his place by " proxy " that he would win but the other men put up a tough fight — as their shirts will plainly show. The sororities had an awful hard time choos- ing who to pin their ribbons on but one Satur- day morning in November they bloomed forth. Ribbons, ribbons everywhere and none without in sight. And one of the biggest and best achieve- ments of this year was to see THE STETSON REPORTER revived again. Everyone had to be real careful not to be written up in " Campus Collections " cause those snoopy reporters do get around. For the first time in the history of Stetson we were asked to submit a candidate for the Orange Bowl Q ueen in Miami. Remember how excited everyone was in chapel that day when the winner, which was to represent Statson was announced — June Hood. Stetson could not have been better represented. Then came the best time of the year — Christ- mas vacations. Three whole weeks at home — no classes, no studying, no nothing. But every- one missed Stetson so, they were back on the 2nd of January, and what a glorious sight " gals, " over a hundred veterans. Oh! Happy day! The student body passed the 800 mark for the first peace time year. A hundred boys and no place to live, so what do we do but put them in Eastwood Terrace. The girls moaned it was a little off campus but it didn ' t take those boys long to catch on. What ' s the matter of a few blocks! Stetso ncontinued to go forward in the winter quarter as new additions were made to the faculty. Dr. Hugh McEniry, as head of the Eng- lish department, Professor Edward Furlong, in the School of Business, and Mr. James Albritton, Alumni Secretary. Oh, those basketball games. Remember that Stetson-Southern game? It makes my throat sore to think about it. We were so proud of our green and white Hatters. The Little Theater drew record crowds at every performance and we ' re not surprised with plays like " The Yellow-Jacket, " " Claudia, " " The Cradle Song, " " The Torch Bearers, " and " Mid-Summer Night ' s Dream. " The stunt night during Religious Focus Week was enough to go to Stetson a whole year for. Everyone has talked about that week for a long time after. It was the one week out of the year that lessons, or dates weren ' t the chief topic of every buss session, so we know it went over in a big way. A school year would not be perfect without old shoes and rice for someone and this year it was Jerry Kunes and Ginny Nelson. They sure gave us the slip by going to Georgia for the ceremony. And Bob and Annette Clark came back to school bringing a third party — just another one of the Clark boys. Yes, life is a wonderful thing at Stetson, but we have to take the bad with the good. And by the bad we mean EXAMS. With exams and seeing our favorite seniors graduating — we cried buckets — it will take us the whole sum- mer to rest up to tackle another Stetson year — but that is life as we see it. 91 1945-1946 STOVER LITTLE THEATRE r — «5?SI Oct. 18-19— Workshop Plays— Four One- act Plays. Nov. 22-23— " The Yellow Jacket, " by Hazelton and Benrimo Ian. 24-25 — " Claudia, " by Rose Franken Feb. 28-Mar. 1— " The Cradle Song, " by Martinez Sierra Feb. 23 — " Las Convulsiones, " Mount Dora Woman ' s Club; Feb. 26 — De- Land Woman ' s Club; Mar. 7 — Penin- sula Club, Daytona Beach; Mar. 11 — Leesburg Woman ' s Club. Mar. 8-9— State High School Dramatic Festival April 4-5 — " The Torch Bearers, " by George Kelly May 2-3 — " Mid-Summer Night ' s Dream, " by William Shakespeare May 16-17 — Workshop Plays — Four One- act Plays ij. - 1945-1946 JOHN B. STETSON UNIVERSITY School of llHu ic treienti STETSON GLEE CLUB— Candlelight Service Dec. 4 The Messiah Dec. 9 Commencement Program . . Dec. 11, June 2 Pan American Program Ma r. 7 Program at Palmetto Club, Daytona Beach Jan. 28 Program at New Smyrna Nov. 17 BAND CONCERTS— Nov. 13, Feb. iy, April 2, May 14 ORCHESTRA CONCERT Apr. 23 COMMENCEMENT CONCERT— For School of Music June 3 FACULTY RECITALS— Rosemary Clark Mar. 12 Frances Buxton Mar. 26 Terry Wagner Apr. 16 SENIOR RECITALS— Dec. 10, Feb. 27, May 9, May 21 A. Who ' s Ihe girl? B. Studious Type! C. Triangle— nicely slacked. D. Wanla ride? E. Some (sun?) bath. F. Nice view. G. Well-1-1 ! ! ! H. Lonesome? A. Is it a secret, Bonnie? B. " Wine, " Women — and lood. C. The renowned " back steps " in action. D. Purr!! E. Fearless Fox. F. Tired? G. Who inspired this? H. What have we here? I. Alpha Xi dream man, no doubt. J. Ugh! Work! K. Kramer dreams — happily. L. Beauties in black. A. Yours. Jo B. Orange Bio C. It ' s in the bag. D. Going to eat? E. I LIKE this Foreign Policy. F. Co-ed ' s delight. G. Ni H. Waitin ' for a street I. I DON ' T understand. i 1 ► 1 A. This ain ' t puppy love. B. So what ! ! ! C. Number, please? D. Mud bath! E. No shortage here — of gas. F. Six-inch rule. G. Beach camoflage. H. Wall flower. I. Saturday scene. J. What ' s up. Doc? K. Such rich, creamy suds — L. You name it— Ml take it! M. Athletes all. N. That bag again! O. Playing in the bushes, huh? P. Studying? A. Time out for gossip. B. Chumps — oops, champs C. Hold that man. D. Not studious, is she? E. Leg art. F. Oh yes he has!! G. We three. H. Some Sunday I. A rare species I. Back to back. K. One low whistle— pie h 4 A, - DOVJ Gl S ATHLETICS 107 WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION MORAIMA ACOSTA NADAH ADKINS AILEEN ADNEY FLORENCE ALBURY BETTY ARNOLD BEULAH ATKINSON MARY GENE BAILEY HELEN BEALL MYRA BELL LOUISE BEYERS VIRGINIA BISPHAM WAYNETTE BLACKBURN JEANNE BLANCHARD NADINE BONE FA YE BROOKER BETSY BUCK TINKER BUCHHOLZ BETTY JO BUTLER JOYCE CALDWELL DOT CARLTON BILLIE COOK ANN CORY VAL CROWLEY CHRISTINE DAVIS LOIS DAVIS MARGARET DICKEY JACKIE DRISCOLL VIGGO DALBO LUCY EFFINGER BETTY EVANS JUNE FENN SUE FOWLER JEANNE GALLOWAY JEWEL GARRETT EDNA GARRETT CAROLYN GATES NOREEN GEYER JEAN GIEGER JOYCE GILLIAM JIMMIE GODWIN MARGIE GORDON JULIA GRIFFIN SALLY GRAYBILL DEE HAGUE GINNY HARRIS WYNELLE HARRISON IRIS JUNE HART MARY HASKINS BETTY LOU HAYES DOROTHY HAYES MARY ALICE HAMRICK JEAN HARVEY SARAH HESS BEVERLY HOOD JUNE HOOD FRANCES HOBSON BARBARA HORNE MILDRE D JAUDON ANNIE LEE JOHNSON REBECCA JOHNSON BILLIE JONES HELEN JONES LUTIE KEATHLEY PAT KELL BETTY KING BERNICE KNABLE JOAN KOFFMAN SALLY JO LaCREE ELIZABETH LAND MEL LANDERS SUNNY LANNING BOBBY LARKEN EUNICE LeCLERC ELOUISE LEE JOY LEE NELL LOWE NANCY MATTHICOS BETTY MILLER EDITH MILLER MARTHA MILLER JO MILLER CAROL MOORE LOIS MOONEY MARY MOTT BETTY McCALLUM GLORIE McCLENDON NANCY McCOLLUM FA YE McCULLY VERNICE NICHOLS GWEN PARRAMORE MAUREEN PETERSON MARGARET PHILLIPS MIRIAM RAGSDALE MARY RAMSEY JUNE REMSBURG DOT RICHARDSON BETTY ROBERTS LESLIE ROBERTSON PAT SACHS VERDELLE SEBRING MARY SELMAN BEVERLY SEWELL BETTY SHERIDAN PHYLLIS SHOCK AUDREY SMITH JENNY LOU SMITH SHIRLEY STANFIELD JOY STOGNER CATHERINE TORRENT EVELYN TRUNDLE HELEN TRUNDLE ELIZABETH TUCKER SUE WALDEN MADELYN WALKER B. A. WALTERS JOYCE WATTS CAROL WHITE MARGARET WHITE CELESTE WHITSETT BETTY WILLIAMS IRIS WILLIAMS POLLY WILLIAMS 108 I. . . . MIDDLE ROW: Maxcy. FRONT: Seckinger. OFFICERS ROSELYN SECKINGER President PATRICIA MAXCY Vice-President JUNE HOOD Secretary VIRGINIA McKENZIE Corresponding Secretary PATRICIA RICKMAN Treasurer SARAH ANN LETT Recorder of Points MILDRED JAUDON Publicity LOUISE ADLER Social Chairman ESTHER HICK Faculty Adviser HOSELYN SECKINGER JUNE HOOD PATRICIA MAXCY PAT RICKMAN Our hats are off to Roselyn Seckinger and Patricia Maxcy who have carried the great responsibility of keeping the Intramural schedule going during 1945 and 1946, and to Esther Hick whose guidance has made the year a success. l.i ' i BADMINTON NON-FRATERNITY Jean Varnum Hilda Collier DECK TENNIS ZETA TAU ALPHA Elizabeth Trainham Patricia Maxcy BOX HOCKEY PI BETA PHI Betsy Kramer Margaret White SHUFFLEBOARD PI BETA PHI Anita Caldwell June Fenn HORSESHOES ZETA TAU ALPHA Verdelle Sebring Elizabeth Trainham ARCHERY NON-FRATERNITY Libby McMillan Ruth Hunter BOWLING DELTA DELTA DELTA Pat Rickman Betty Graves AERIAL DARTS ZETA TAU ALPHA ROB-O-LING ZETA TAU ALPHA Louise Adler Roselyn Seckinger DUCK PINS ALPHA XI DELTA June Hood June Remsburg 111 15 SABA STAFF JERNIGAN ESfhEH HICK PAULINE FOSTER GIRL ' S INTRAMURAL MANAGERS JUNE FENN Pi Beta Phi JOYCE CALDWELL Zeta Tau Alpha SARA ANN LETT Non-Fraternity NADINE BONE Alpha Xi Delta BARBARA ANN WALTERS Delta Delta Delta PATRICIA MAXCY Chairman PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS AND MINORS LOUISE BEYERS President MEN ' S ATHLETICS CARL " DOC " JOHNSON Director of Intramurals COACH BRADY COWELL Director of Men ' s Athletics INTRAMURALS PI KAPPA PHI TEAM Earl Cochran, Manager INDEPENDENT TEAM " Pok Chop " Stratford, Manager INTRAMURALS i MINISTERS ' TEAM Harry Liechty, Manager DELTA SIGMA PHI TEAM John Shaw, Manager ArtnleticA in -AtcL ion rtnleticd In tcL ion ' ■ ■ ra I IT jggS » 2S?1 ORGANIZATIONS o a BUD DICKINSON MYSTIC KREWE Founded 1934 Colors: RED and BLACK Ye Mystic Krewe is an organization of Junior and Senior men, which recognizes and encourages scholarship and leadership by inviting each year into its membership such men as it deems worthy of the honor. Selection is governed entirely by abilities and accomplishments of the individuals. The purpose of the organization is to develop and coordinate a proper spirit among all ele- ments of campus life and activities. OFFICERS ROBERT R. McEMBER Captain RALPH HOUSE First Mate JOE JOHN Boatswain CHARLES CLEMENTS, JR Coxswain BUD DICKINSON Cabin Boy In Faculate: ED FURLONG 120 THE HONOR M. LASATER T. WAGNER E. DODD B. J. AMIDON T. I. FOWLER v. Mckenzie , r. -w J M. MERRILL A. GRANTHAM J. DOUGLAS ll V. NICHOLS Colors: GREEN and GOLD Founded 1930 The purpose of The Honor is to give each girl the opportunity of making her lite better and finer and thus of making herself more valuable to the people around her and to her university. Distinction of becoming a member of The Honor is bestowed as a reward for accomplishments in scholarship, activities, and leadership on Stetson ' s campus. PHI BETA FRATERNITY Colors: VIOLET and GOLD Flower: THE ROSE Motto: Einai mallon e Finest 1 i " To be raiher than seem to be " Phi Beta is a national professional fraternity of music, drama, and ths dance. Eta chapter was established in 1921 and has progressed to the point of national recognition in receiving the gavel as the most outstanding chapter in the or- ganization in the year 1940. PLEDGES ALMA GRANTHAM SHIRLEY GEORGE PAT HILL ACTIVES MARY ELLEN GENTRY President MARY WALL LASATER Vice-President SHIRLEY STANFILL Secretary LOUISE DEARSTON Treasurer MARY CATHERINE RAMSEY Historian TOMMY LEE FOWLER MARGARET DICKEY MEMBERS ON THE FACULTY TERRY WAGNER ROSEMARY CLARK MRS. VERONICA GOVE Faculty Adviser ( ( i U xif l fimmk hupuh NANCY BROWN ROBERT CLARK Not Pictured EDITH MARIE KING DICK MANSUR 123 The Matter. cArt Club PI KAPPA DELTA NATIONAL HONORARY FORENSIC FRATERNITY o rj W l DR. I. C. STOVER 3 CHARLES CLEMENTS President DEBATE ACTIVITIES liM I. AIBERT TRACY CHARLES CLEMENTS. IRIS JUNE HART Debate Managers DEBATE SQUAD 125 LA FRANCIADE Honorary French Society LOUIE WILKINSON President BETTY MULHOLI AND Vice-President JOYCE GILLIAM Secretary JEAN NOBLE Treasurer VIRGINIA BISPHAM Publicity DR. FRANCES THORNTON Sponsor Members NANCY McCOLLUM MARGARET DICKEY JAMES FISHER EMILY HOWES SHIRLEY GEORGE AUDREY SMITH Ji THE COMMERCE CLUB The Commerce Club is an honorary society for the School of Business Administration. MARY C. RAMSEY President MARZEE AITON Vice-President IRIS MURRAY Secretary MARTHA MILLER Treasurer VIRGINIA McKENZIE Program Chairman MISS CURTIS HORN JANET WHITE SAMMIE DAWSON RUBY WALKER CHARLOTTE NORDMAN JOHN SHAW VERNICE NICHOLS MILDRED JAUDON 126 Colors: RED and GOLD CHARLOTTE NORDMAN President RUTH MOORE Vice-President JOHANNA SHEW Corresponding Secretary JO TATUM Recording Secretary BETTY MULHOLLAND Treasurer V FACULTY MEMBERS DR. ARJONA PROFESSOR WINTERS DR. THORNTON DOROTHY FULLER GERTRUDE FOSTER " ! r » g. MEMBERS XT § MORA1MA ACOSTA EDITH M. KING CAROLYN BAGGETT MARY E. MacMILLAN HADEE GELI SHIRLEY MONTGOMERY MILDRED BOWER EDNA PARRISH ELEANOR DOOLEY GISELA POSADA MARGARITA GELI JOAQUIN de QUINTANA THELMA HAGBERG DANIEL RODRIQUEZ REBECCA JOHNSON EDGAR SUTLEY SIGMA DELTA PI Honorary Spanish Fraternity % Wr-IL, _. i VL- DOUGLAS DIBBLE TEDDER GOFF BETA CHI OMEGA Honorary Biology Fraternity Founded Colors: 1937 HEMOGLOBIN RED and CHLOROPHYLL GREEN JEAN DOUGLAS President BETSEY DIBBLE Vice-President CORTEZ TEDDER Secretary ANNIE BELL GOFF Treasurer DOROTHY FULLER ... Faculty Adviser -mm DAY GODWIN JOHN MILLER MITCHELL McCOLLUM SCOTT GAMMA SIGMA EPSILON National Honorary Chemical Fraternity OFFICERS JIMMIE GODWIN .... Grand Alchemist CORTEZ TEDDER Recorder BETSEY DIBBLE Viser RALPH HOUSE .... Electron of Black Arts JOAN MILLER Alumni Secretary DR. J. F. CONN Adviser MEMBERS RALPR HOUSE JOAN MILLER BETSEY DIBBLE CORTEZ TEDDER JIMMIE GODWIN FRED WILSON OFFICERS BETSY KRAMER President JOYCE CALDWELL Secretary -Treasurer MEMBERS CAROL EMERSON JUNE FENN MILDRED JAUDON GERRY KNIGHT PATRICIA MAXCY MARY RAMSEY BARBARA REAVES FA YE ROGERS ROSELYN SECKINGER JOYCE WATTS THE BLAZER CLUB Membership in this organization is based on good sports- manship, leadership, athletic ability, and scholarship. Stu- dents may earn their letter " S " alter two years of college work and upon initiation are presented with green and white blazers. A bid to the club is the highest athletic honor a Stetson girl can achieve. DEAN R. F. HAWES INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Purpose: To stimulate an interest in and an understanding of international affairs. EMILY HOWES President DOTTSON MILLS Vice-President W. B. TOWNLEY Secretary JOE JOHNSON Program Chairman VICKEY YOUNG Program Chairman DEAN R. F. HOWES Sponsor AKERS AYERS BAILEY BRYAN CLARK COBB CURNICK FEARHLEY FITZPATRICK E. GARRET J. GARRET GATES GEIGER GODWIN GRIFFIN HARLESS B. HAYES D. HAYES JOHNSON LAND McCABE McLENDON MAGAHA MARSHALL MAXCY MAXWELL MILLER MITCHELL MOORE NEAL NICHOLS RAGSDALE RAMSEY SCOTT SMITH SWARTZ TOWNLEY VARNUM WALKER WALTERS A. WHITE I. WHITE WINDER-WEEDLE ZIMMERMAN 131 STETSON UNIVERSITY SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA CONDUCTOR FRANCES BUXTON, Head of Violin and Theory Departments STECKEL FOWLER y l MOORE MILLS FRANCES BUXTON DONNALEE STECKLE President TOMMY LEE FOWLER Vice-President BETTY JANE MOORE Secretary MARY MILLS Treasurer Violins: Bass Viol: Trumpet: SALVATORE CASALE MARY MILLS SARA JERNIGAN DONNA FAIR IRIS JUNE HART ' PATRICIA CLIFTON " lute: LEONARD WIDENER ISADORE MELTEZER (USN, PATRICIA HILL TOMMY LEE FOWLER GRAHAM SELICK Trombone: SARA MARTHA ADAMS DONNALEE STECKEL MARTHA HAIGLER oboe: ALICE PROCTOR RAYMOND MOELLER Percussion: SARAH LETT ' BETTY JANE MOORE DON McEMBER „ , DELVA WALDEN Viola: Clarinet: SHIRLEY GEORGE CAROL WHITE Librarians: r „ RUTH HUNTER SHIRLEY GEORGE TERRY WAGNER Bassoon: PATRICIA HILL VERONICA GOVE CORTEZ TEDDER " Not in picture JEAN MITCHELL BETTY BLY MARBLE during a rehearsal 132 THE EXTRA SPECIAL PUBLISHED ONCE IN A LIFETIME MONDAY, APRIL 26, 1948 ELECT DAVIS EDITOR BETWEEN US FRIENDS By FELTON P. DAVIS, Jr. Two capable men are opposing me for the office of editor-in-chief of the Stetson Reporter. One, John Howell, is to my understanding a clean-cut, good, Christian boy. I admire and respect such a person. The other. Bill Fisher, is also my friend. Bill is a top-notch news- paperman, and to my knowledge is a well-meaning individual. Both my opponents are well qua- lified men with good journalistic backgrounds. BUI is at present managing editor of the Reporter, and John is news editor. Before voting for your 1948-49 Reporter -editor-in-chief, consider their abili- ties and past experience. After you have carefully judged these men I would appreciate a moment of analyzation. Glance over this campaign literature — put into newspaper form for your reading pleasure — and after you have read it, sum up my qualifications and past experience. If you believe my record qualifies me for the position of your editor, then I would appreciate your vote. Joe Sutton is to be commended for the fine work he has done for the Independant parties. During the past year Joe has worked end- lessly. Today he has an organiza- tion the entire school is proud of. Johnny Cannon is to be recog- nized for the spelndid job he has done as manager of the All-Stetson party. Johnny is a little fellow, but when it comes to work he usu- ally gets more done than most big fellows. Only through keen competition will Stetson get the best leaders. This year the competition is top- notch. May the political fight stay as clean as it has been so far. Good luck to all. PERRIN-SUTTON HAVE COMMENDED DAVIS FOR HIS WORK Joe Sutton and Tom Perrin said, " Orchids to Felton Davis, through whose efforts the plans for the spe- cial football train to Orlando is taking shape. Fred Owen and Fel- ton are to be commended for their interest in this project that prom- ises to be one of the biggest events on the Stetson extra-curricular calender. " This was the opinion expressed by Joe Sutton and Tom Perrin of Davis ' work on the Rollins-Stetson Excursion train. The above quota- tion is from their column, " Hatter Chatter, " printed in the Stetson reporter, October 15, 1947. DICKINSON APPOINTS DAVIS CHAIRMAN CANDIDATE OFFERS NEWS FOR ALL October 15 — Student Body Presi- dent Fred " Bud " Dickinson has appointed Felton P. Davis, Jr., stu- dent chairman of extra-curricular activities committee for the school year of 1947-48. (Special)— " The Stetson Reporter should be left a free organization to express the unbiased opinions ci the entire Student Body, " said Felton P. Davis, Jr., candidate for election to the office of editor-in- chief of the Stetson Reporter. With no reflections on the pres- ent staff of the Reporter, Davis de- clared he is in " favor of a free Stetson Reporter for all College organizations. A college newspaper should be — and will be if I am elected your editor — the voice of the entire Student Body and not an instrument for publicizing o - party opinions. " Davis stated he will fight any group — elected or not — that at- tempts to single-handedly run or control the Stetson Reporter. College Record Active in many campus move- ments, he was responsible for the Excursion Train to the Rollins- Stetson football game last Fall, and is at present student chair- man of extra-curricular activities. He is past associate editor of the Stetsonian and at present does sports publicity for the Stetson News Bureau. TOP-NOTCH RECORD IN HIGH SCHOOL Felton Davis attended Orlando Senior High School and was editor of the school ' s newspaper, sports editor of the annual, received hon- orable mention in the Annual Irv- ing Bachelor Short Story Contest sponsored by Rollins College in 1942. He was state chairman of the 1942 Hi-Y Convention and was president of various hi gh school or- ganizations. Davis was a member of the OHS track team and a let- terman on the tennis team. Y ' v m iiiiiiiiiiil iii::;niifi I GLEE CLUB HELEN ALLINGER, Director OFFICERS JOE JOHN General Manager of Glee Clubs JOHN HALL Manager of Men ' s Club HELEN BAKER Manager of Women ' s Club MARY ELLEN GENTRY Director of Publicity FORBES FULLER Director of Publicity TOMMY LEE FOWLER Student Leader ALMA GRANTHAM Accompanist ANITA GRAHAM Accompanist CAROLYN BAGGETT BETTY BARKER HELEN BEALL CHRISTINE DAVIS VIRGINIA DAY LOUISE DEARSTON TOMMY LEE FOWLER EDNA GARRETT JEAN GEIGER SOPR MARY ELLEN GENTRY SHIRLEY GEORGE MARTHA HAIGLER MARIAN HART NANCY HELMS . SARAH HESS NORMA HOWELL BETTY IVEY JUANITA JONES ANOS MARY LOSATER BETTY JO LANGSTON CLAIRE LUPFER LUCILLE MAYO BETTY MULHOLLAND RUTH OBACK ROBERT DINWIDDIE ALICE PARKHURST ALICE PROCTOR BETTY ROBERTS JOAN SHEPPARD CATHERINE SHIRLEY BARBARA SPEAS MARGARET SWARTZ MARY E. TRIBBLE LUCY WARD FAYE YOUNG HELEN BAKER LIBBY BRADDOCK VIRGINIA CROOKS LOIS DAVIS WINIFRED DEMOREST LUCY EFFINGER SUE FOWLER ALMA GRANTHAM CHARLES CLEMENTS DOROTHY PATTON GEORGE AKIN ROBERT DAVIS RUSSELL DIXON JAMES DANFORD MARIAN GREEN LINORA GRINER ANITA GRAHAM BETTY HARPER BARBARA LANNING RUTH MOORE JEWEL McCULLY IRENE MORELAND MAURINE PETERSON MAVIS PITTS PEGGY RIGGS MARION RHEA SARA ROLLINS VERDELLE SEBRING BETTY SHERIDAN MIRIAM SKEENE TENORS harry liechty w. k. sisk archie McMillan james shubigger BASSES ALFRED ENGLEMAN FLOURNOY JERNIGAN GEORGE FLETCHER JOE JOHN FORBES FULLER GEORGE KRESHKA IOHN HALL DOTTSON MILLS CATHERINE SUMMERLIN SHIRLEY STANFILL JO TATUM JEAN VARNUM ANNE WEEKS JANET WHITE JANE WYKOFF VICKIE YOUNG HERMAN TURNAGE LOREN WILLIAMS DANIEL RODRIGUEZ RALPH STULTS DILLARD SEBASTIAN ELLIS TURNER 133 STETSON BAND VICTOR J. GRABEL, Conductor OFFICERS ROBERT R. McEMBER President CORTEZ TEDDER Vice-President JEANNE MAXWELL Secretary RAYMOND MOELLER Treasurer Clarinets: CAROL WHITE ROBERT McEMBER MARILYN JOHNSTON MARY LEE BOYLES RUTH HUNTER Flutes: PATRICIA J. HILL JEANNE MAXWELL SARA JANE SMITH Oboes: RAYMOND MOELLER BETTY JANE MOORE Bassoon: CORTEZ TEDDER Alto Clarinet: CLAIRE McTEER Saxophones: WILLIAM MARTIN JEANNE GALLOWAY MARGARET VRIESINGER Trumpets: IRIS JUNE HART LEONARD WIDENER LENORA VIRGIN CHARLES JACOBSON French Horn: WILLIAM CUSHING KATHRYN ALLEN Sousaphone: JESSE MAI SISK Trombones: FLORA D. STECKEL LAVERN H. OUTLAW ROBERTA MOORE LEROY CROWELL Percussion: HUGH McKINLEY DONALD McEMBER MADELINE BARROW Marimba: DELVA WALDEN String Bass: MARY MILLS Cello: VERONICA GOVE DAVIS 134 DELTA GAMMA PHI Honorary Band Fraternity OFFICERS IRIS JUNE HART . . President CORTEZ TEDDER Vice-President JEANNE MAXWELL Secretary BETTY JANE MOORE Treasurer MEMBERS BETTY JANE AMIDON BETTY JANE MOORE IRIS JUNE HART DONNALEE STECKEL PAT HILL CORTEZ TEDDER JEANNE MAXWELL JANET WHITE VICKY YOUNG THE PHI SOCIETY OFFICERS JIMMIE GODWIN President RUTH COBB Vice-President CHARLOTTE NORDMAN Secretary MARZEE AITON Treasurer MEMBERS BETTY JANE AMIDON VIRGINIA McKENZIE SAMMIE DAWSON MARJORIE MERRILL ALMA GRANTHAM IRIS MURRAY CORTEZ TEDDER 135 FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA (Lzell Chapte CURN1CK HARLESS GILLIAM NORDMAN OFFICERS GLORIA McCLENDON President HILDA COLLIER Vice-President MIRIAM RAGSDALE Secretary RUTH CURNICK Treasurer RACHEL HARLESS Historian JOYCE GILLIAM Parliamentarian CHARLOTTE NORDMAN Librarian DR. R. L. CARTER Adviser DR. R. L. CARTER 136 ADLER ALLEN BAILEY BALDWIN BARTLET BOWER BETHANY CARSON CALDWELL R. COBB A. COBB CHEEK CRAWFORD CROOKS CARLTON DAWSON DOUGLAS EVANS FECZKO FITZPATRICK GODWIN GOFF GRIFFIN HARRIS WINDERWEEDLE HARRISON JONES LANNING LAND LASATER LOWE MAXCY MILLER MURRAY MULHOLLAND McDANIEL McKENZIE McCULLEY NICHOLS WHITE PATTON RICHARDS RICHARDSON SMITH STECKELL TUCKER TYRE WALDEN WILLIAMS WALKER WHITE k it£fc a | mm 0 ® JOYCE WATTS TOMMY LEE FOWLER WOMEN ' S STUDENT GOVERNMENT NANCY BOWN Executive L ouncil JOYCE WATTS . . President TOMMY LEE FOWLER Vice-President NANCY BROWN . . Secretary REPRESENTATIVES LIDA COF1ELD DEANNIE HARWOOD JOAN NYDEGGER MARY ELLEN GENTRY 138 EDITH MARIE KING ■ rrouie i i ouncili Thp Stetson Reporter RY 21, 1 M6 PRICE TEN CENTS Mm 56 PAGE BOOKLET " STEWARDSHIP r S0N " 1W UNDER PUBLICATION + MARJORIE MERRILL BOB CLARK JEWEL GARRET JOAN MILLER THE 1946 HATTER MARJORIE MERRILL Editor-in-Chief BOB CLARK Business Manager JEWEL GARRET Assistant Business Manager CHRIS MAGAHA Associate Editor JOAN MILLER Associate Editor WALLACE WEBB Photography EMILY HOWES Feature Editor VIRGINIA HARRIS Features PAT WINDERWEEDLE Features BERT B. GANS Art Editor IRIS JUNE HART Fraternities NELL LOWE Fraternities JOYCE CALDWELL Women ' s Athletics Editor CHARLES CLEMENTS Men ' s Athletics Editor DORIS FECZKO Senior Editor PEGGY RIGGS Iunior Editor BEVERLY HOOD j unior Editor JUNE CRAWFORD Sophomore Editor NAN POPPELL Sophomore Editor JEAN NOBLE Freshman Editor MARILYN JOHNSON Freshman Editor JIMMIE GODWIN Organizations DOROTHY HILLMAN Organizations CORTEZ TEDDER Organizations ANNE WEEKS Organizations ELEANOR DOOLEY p roo f Reader CISSY McMILLAN Proo f Reader NADINE BONE Business TOMMY DUNK Business EDNA GARRET Business JESSIE GIBSON Business BETTY GRAVES Business LENORE GRINER Business PAT MAXCY Business HUGH McKINLEY Business EDITH MILLER Business MIRIAM RAGSDALE Business JEAN VARNUM Business PHOTOGRAPHER WALLACE WEBB STETSON ' S G. Is CHARLES C. ANDERSON JACK M. ARNOLD CREIGHTON M. ASHTON ROBERT G. BAMOND WILLIAM W. BAILEY GEORGE M. BATCHELOR WRIGHT BOOTH J. C. BRADLEY HARRY G. BROWNLEE EARL E. BUNCH JOSEPH M. CAMP JOSEPH B. CARPER SALVATORE CASALE FLETCHER CLARK ROBERT E. CLIFTON LEE A. COOPER, JR. FOREST J. CROSBY HARMON CROSSLEY LeROY CROWELL, JR. ROBERT J. CRUMLEY EDWARD C. DANIELS GEORGE C. DANIELS, JR. LOUIS C. DEAL, JR. NORRIS S. DEAVER, JR. THOMAS J. DEEN, JR. VERNON R. DENHAM FRED O. DICKINSON CALVERT R. DIXON RUSSELL L. DIXON JEAN E. D OUGLAS THOMAS R. DUNK, JR. JOSEPH R. ELLIOTT JOHNNY E. FAIR JOSEPH FEARNLEY LAMAR H. FLEMING R. LEE FREEMAN ROBERT J. FUQUA LINWOOD J. FUNDERBURK ELDRIDGE B. FLETCHER CYRUS D. GARRETT FRED A. GEROMANOS IRA J. GIROIR JOHN R. GODBEE, JR. CURTIS B. GOFF RICHARD C. GORDIE JOHN W. GROOVER FLORENCE M. GROSS CHARLES W. GUNN, JR. LEONARD GURRY LYNN F. HALL WILLIAM H. HAMILTON, JR. MILLARD HANCOCK FRANK H. HARRELL JOHN M. HATHAWAY KENNETH E. HAWKINS DOROTHY F. HAYES SAMUEL C. HEIDERSBACH FRANK H. HENDRIX ROBERT D. HENRY HUBERT H. HEVEY, JR. CHARLES L. HOWARD, JR. WILMER F. HUGHES MARK P. JACOBY WILBUR F. JARRETT BERT M. JOHNSON, JR. DONALD C. JOHNSTON MILLER V. JOINER, JR. ROBERT E. JONES ROBERT P. JONES PHILLIP R. KELLEY FREDERICK C. KEISLING MRS. MARY J. KOLLNER GEORGE KRESHKA HOWARD E. KURTZ EDWARD J. KIATKOWSKI PHILIP L. KNOWLES JOSEPH M. LANE MARGARET C. LEADER harry j. McCartney BOLYN N. McCLUNG lee c. Mcdonald DONALD F. McEMBER ROBERT R. McEMBER GEORGE B. McLEAN, JR. archie y. McMillan WILLIAM E. McTEER WILSON G. MARTIN, JR. WALTER F. MALBARG RICHARD W. MANSUR PERCY A. MERO, JR. JAMES F. MIEDEMA FRANK M. MILES JAMES W. MOSES EDWARD W. MUNSON ANDREW L. MYERS JAMES MYERS RUSSELL H. NAHM FRANK A. NELSON JAMES S. NELSON HUE E. NUNNALLEE WILLIAM B. ORTON GORDON M. PARKER STANTON A. PARKER CARL S. PARSONS MORDON L. PATTERCON GOBAL R. PERRY ANDREW C. PRESTON JASPER PRICKETT GEORGE W. PROM PERRY H. RAINEY RALPH R. RAY WALLACE REGISTER RICHARD M. REICHARD THOMAS W. REICHARD J. RUSSELL RENTZ EERTRAM RIPLEY THOMAS D. RISK RICHARD H. ROBINSON WILLIAM A. ROBINSON ANDREW F. ROMANO RUDOLPH C. ROSA HARRY K. SANDUSKY MICHAEL SAUS, JR. WALTER O. SHEPPARD H. GRAHAM SELICK JOSEPH V. SENKARIK JOHN SHAW GEORGE E. SCHICK EDWARD P. SHELFER GEORGE E. SHRIVER THOMAS C. SIMPSON FARRIS M. SMITH PHILIP H. SMITH ALLEN B. SPANNIER ROBERT C. SPRINGER CARL H. STAFFORD DOROTHY O. STAFFORD CLAUDE C. STREET, JR. RALPH E. STULTS CLARENCE J. SUGGS JAKE M. SUITER, JR. CLIFFORD E. SWAIN DONALD E. TATUM PHILIP TAYLOR ALTO D. TEAL, R. WILLIAM H. THOMAS FOREST C. TROUTT HOWARD F. TUCKER HERMAN L. TURNAGE ELLIS B. TURNER ROGER S. TURNER LAWRENCE B. TYNDALL THEODORE B. TYNDALL WILLIAM M. TURRENTINE RICHARD A. UNDERWOOD WARREN B. WALL FREDERICK P. WEGANT, JR. THOMAS F. WELLS GLENDON E. WETZEL THOMAS L. WHITE RODGERS A. WHITMOhE FREDERICK S. WILSON ROBERT WILSON ROSTON WILLIAMSON ROBERT A. ZELLERS ERNIE W. ZIMMERMAN 14S CANTERBURY CLUB Founded Jaunary 14, 1945 The aim of the Canterbury Club is to serve the mission of Christianity in higher education by fostering among its members a better understanding of the faith and practice of the Episcopal Church and loyalty to its corporate life. FACULTY MEMBERS MISS CURTIS HORN CARL H. JOHNSON- MISS CHARLOTTE SMITH DR. FRANCES THORNTON OFFICERS JEAN NOBLE President GEORGE AKIN Vice-President BETTY LOU HAYES Secretary CELESTE WHITSETT Treasurer REV. GLADSTONE ROGERS Sponsor MEMBERS MURIEL ANDERSON ANITA CALDWELL VIRGINIA CROOKS JUNE FENN NOREEN GEYER DOROTHY HAYES REBECCA JOHNSON BETSY KRAMER MARY LANDERS LIBBY MacMILLAN CAROL MOORE LESLIE ROBERTSON VIRGINIA MORRIS HAZEL JOLLY JUDY PATRICK ALICE PROCTOR PENNY SCHAEFER BETTY JANE SUMMERFORD BARBARA JANE WOOTEN BETTY BARTLETT AUDREY SMITH FAYE ROGERS TINKER BUCHOLTZ GERRY KNIGHT DEMARIS HAGUE MARY MILLS MARSHALL LANE aoao aae ) VOLUNTEERS FOR CHRISTIAN SERVICE MEMBERS FA YE LOUISE YOUNG JOYCE WATTS TOMMY LEE FOWLER JEWEL GARRETT MARGARET SHARP CAROL WHITE ANNIE LEE JOHNSON THELMA LANGSTON BETTY BROWN ANNIE BELL GOFF MAVIS PITTS FRANCES HORTON HELEN BAKER KATIE WILSON CELIA GOFF DOROTHY HILL CAROLYN GATES LOUISE ADLER BARBARA HORNE BETTY ROBERTS CLARA JEAN WIGGINS RUTH COBB ALICEBELLE NEAL PAT LIVINGSTON MYRA BELL BEULAH ATKINSON AIM The aim of this organization is to bring together those students who have been called, and who have sur- rendered to do definite Christian service as the Lord leads, for the purpose of maintaining a real Christian spirit on Stetson ' s campus. OFFICERS MARGARET SWARTZ President VICKEY YOUNG Vice-President MARY ANDERSON Secretary WILLA DEAN LOWRY Treasurer SAMMIE DAWSON Program Chairman MARGARET BATEMAN Co-Program Chairman ERNESTINE GRIFFIN Devotional Chairman JEWEL FAYE McCULLY Music Chairman JO AN TATUM Publicity Chairman LOUIE WILKINSON Social Chairman EVELYN DODD Sponsor MEMBERS EVELYN JACKSON SHIRLEY HUNTER VIRGINIA LEE DAY BETTY McINTYRE EVONE WOOD JOYCE CARMICHAEL LENORA GRINER JEAN POE De VERNE BRYAN MARIAN HART PERRY SUE FOWLER ANNA WODTKE MARATHA HAEGLER MARIAN ANN RHEA ALBA COBB BETTY MILLER FRANCES COLLINS KATHERINE ALLEN LOUBELLE TYRE WINNIE DEMOREST JESSIE MAI SISK JOYCE CULBERSON JEAN RUTH FOSTER THELMA HAGBERG CARMEN MURRAY BARBARA LANDRUM 115 OFFICERS Counsellors MRS. G. W. THOMAS MRS. A. J. BURNS EVELYN DODD Presidents HILDA COLLIER ELIZABETH LAND BARBARA HORN HELEN BAKER SAMMIE DAWSON VERNICE NICHOLS Vice-Presidents LOUISE ADLER JESSIE MAI SISK BEULAH ATKINSON LIBBY BRADDOCK VIRGINIA HARRIS JIMMIE GODWIN Secretaries JULIA GRIFFIN MARGARET PHILLIPS MELVENE JONES MINNIE SAULS WAYNETTE BLACKBURN JOYCE CALDWELL Community Missions Chairmen MARGARET SWARTZ FRANCES COLLINS RUTH FOSTER RUTH COBB ALICEBELLE NEAL BETTY JO LANGSTON YOUNG WOMAN ' S AUXILIARY Treasurers WILLA DEAN LOWRY BARBARA BRANCH ROBERTA MOORE WINIFRED DEMOREST JUNE CRAWFORD JENNY LOU SMITH Music Chairmen MARGARET BATEMAN THELMA HAGBERG MARTHA HAIGLER PAULINE McLELLAN JOAN SHEPHERD NANCY RICHARDSON HELEN BEALL Literature Chairmen MARZEE AITON EVELYN JACKSON JOAN KOFFMAN BETTY JANE MOORE MILDRED BOWER ROSELYN SECKINGER OFFICERS Mission Study Chairmen EVONE WOOD CELIA GOFF ELINOR PLATT THELMA LANGSTON ANNA SUE WALDEN SARA REGISTER Devotional Chairmen MAVIS PITTS LAURA RICHARDS SHIRLEY HUNTER BETTY BROWN VIRGINIA DAY LAURA GAY DOROTHY HILL ALBA COBB V ANITA BALDWIN CAROLYN GATES Social Charmen LIDA COFIELD BARBARA LANDRUM BETTY MILLER ANN SHACKLEFORD BETTY WILLIAMS JOYCE GILLIAM Publicity Chairmen KATIE WILSON MARGARET SHARP DELVA WALDEN ANNA WODTKE BETTY ANN WALTERS MIRIAM RAGSDALE 146 " L lM v rMkm w ■ £ ; Ms MTV MEMBERS FRANCES HORTON GLORIA McCLENDON PATRICIA LIVINGSTON PEGGY RIGGS CAROLYN WINGERT RACHEL ALLISON BETTY JANE AMIDON PEGGY BOEHNING HELEN DOUGLAS NORMA HOWELL MARGARET DICKEY MARIJO KENNEDY TOMMY LEE FOWLER JOYCE WATTS VIRGINIA MORRIS JENNIE NELSON ELEANOR BROWN AILEEN ADNEY VIRGINIA HENDRY BETTY IVEY BETTY JO BUTLER FRANCES SPURLOCK WILINE SMITH MARTHA HUDSON PATRICIA ROBINSON IRENE BEACHAMP MARGARET MYERS NAN POPPELL MARY ALICE ALLEN BETTY STOGNER MARY SADLER NANCY HELMS RHEA JEAN BRUBAKER MARY JEAN HARVEY INEZ FERRELL LOIS MOONEY CATHERINE TORRENT DOROTHY CHEEK ANNIE LEE JOHNSON MARGARET DAWSON MARY SELMAN MYRA BELL MINNIE RUTH ODHAM SUSIE EDWARDS MADELINE BARROW SARAH ADAMS FLORENCE ALBURY MARY ANEERSDN WINIFRED BASKIN LOUISE BEYERS JEAN BLANCHARD DeVERNE BRYAN MARGARET BYRD JOYCE CULBERSON ALMA DAWSON ROSEMARY DAY JACKIE DOUGLAS JANICE DOUGLS ERNESTINE DURDEN MARGARET FINNEY SUE FOWLER JEWEL GARRETT BESSIE GOFF ERNESTINE GRIFFIN LENORA GRINER MARY ALICE HAMRICK WYNELLE HARRISON MARY HASKINS SARAH HESS WILMA DEAN JENKINS JUANITA JONES LUTIE KEATHLEY PAT KELL EDITH MARIE KING JOYCE FLETCHER ELOISE LEE juanita Mcdonald claire lupfer jeanette matthews alice jo millen edith mims sylvia morse betty jean mccallum BETTY McINTYRE alene ogden gwendolyn parramore betty roberts peggy sawyer beverly sewell betty sheriden sara smith barbara speas margaret vrieseng celeste whitsztt clara jean wiggins jane wykoff vickey young elizabeth trainham margie gordon ruth spires shirley graham martha miller carol emerson betty sue mitchell m. catherine ramsey elizabeth tucker helen jones jean geiger kathleen hensley faye brooker evelyn vaughn shirley cunningham christine magaha juanita Mcdonald PATRICIA MAXCY MARY GENE BAILEY PHYLLIS HOLTON JOYCE CARMICHAEL DOROTHY CARLTON NANCY BROWN BETTY EVANS MARY E. TILLMAN DOROTHY PATTON MORAIMA ACOSTA BETTY STREETMAN IRIS MURRAY KATHRYN SHIRLEY VERDIE MIXON VIRGINIA RICH CARMEN MURRAY JO AN TATUM JAMIE LEE WHITAKER NANCY MATTHIAS NADINE BONE JOYCE BRYAN PEGGY SCOTT MILDRED JAUDON SARA LETT LOUBELLE TYRE JEWEL FAYE McCULLEY RUBY WALKER MARIAN HART CAROLYN BAGGETT FRANCES MILLS MAE FON ENG MAE HONG ENG MAE SHENG ENG RUTH McDANIEL LUCILE MAYO JEANNIE PHILLIPS JEAN POE L47 MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION The Ministerial Association of John B. Stetson University is composed of stu- dents enrolled for the ministry. The purpose of the organization is to promote the spiritual fellowship and the general welfare of the members both on the campus and throughout the state. The members receive practical experince in religious work through participating in B.S.U. and other activities. A number of the members have pastorates near the campus and others do supply work over the state. SPONSORS DR. GARWOOD REV. WALKER OFFICERS F. JERNIGAN C. WOODALL G. FLETCHER FLOURNOY JERNIGAN President COMER WOODALL Vice-President GEORGE FLETCHER Secretary DOTTSON MILLS Treasurer GORDEN HALBERT Devotional Chairman GLENN STEPHENS Activities Chairman ROBERT CLARK Athletic Director JOSEPH JOHNSON Parliamentarian PAUL CARMICHAEL Statistician 148 MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION HALBERTS STEPHENS CLARK JOHNSON CARMICHAEL CLYATT COSTON DAVIS ENGELMANN FLETCHER C. HALL I. HALL JERNIGAN LIECHTY LINER McKINLEY MIEDEMA MILLS MITCHELL McCOLLUM REGISTER SEBASTIAN SISK PEARL TAYLOR WALL WEBB WOODALL ZIMMERMAN BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The Baptist Student Union is the connecting link between the campus and the local church, which sponsors the Sunday School, the Baptist Training Union, the Young Women ' s Association, the Ministerial Association, and the Volun- teers for Christian Service. EDITH M. KING President TOMMY L. FOWLER .... Social Vice-President JOYCE WATTS .... Devotional Vice-President LOUIE WILKINSON . . . Enlistment Vice-President HELEN BAKER Secretary MILDRED JAUDON Treasurer KATHRYN SHIRLEY Music Chairman JOHN HALL Music Chairman CAROLYN BAGGETT Pianist ELIZABETH LAND . . Sunday School Representative LOUISE ADLER . . . Baptist Student Representative DOTTSON MILLS . . . Baptist St udent Representative MARY ELLEN GENTRY .... Publicity Chairman KATIE WILSON . . . Volunteers for Christian Service MARGARET SWARTZ . Volunteers lor Christian Service MAVIS PITTS Vespers Chairman CHARLES CLEMENTS Vespers Chairman HARRY LIECHTY .... Manager Student House JEWEL GARRETT .... Manager Student House VICKIE YOUNG . . . " Collegiate Christian " Editor JUNE HARGIS Town Representative EVONNE WOOD . . . Training Union Representative FLOURNOY JERNIGAN . . . Ministerial Association HILDA COLLIER . . . Young Womens ' Association THE WESTMINISTER FELLOWSHIP MARIAN GREEN BETSY BUCK JESSIE GIBSON JAMES FISHER BETSEY DIBBLE MARGUERITE DIBBLE OFFICERS JESSIE GIBSON President L. M. THOMAS Vice-President BETSY BUCK Secretary JAMES FISHER Treasurer BETSEY DIBBLE Devotionals MARGUERITE DIBBLE Programs FRESHMEN ADVISERS 1945-1946 ELIZABETH AMBROSE NANCY BROWN ANITA CALDWELL JOYCE CALDWELL CHARLINE CARSON LIDA COEFIELD HILDA COLLIER RUTH COBB SAMMIE DAWSON BETSEY DIBBLE TOMMY LEE FOWLER EDITH MARIE GARDNER MARY ELLEN GENTRY JESSIE GIBSON JIMMIE GODWIN ELIZABETH GOLDEN MARGIE GORDON ALMA GRANTHAM JULIA GRIFFIN DEANNIE HARWOOD EMILY HOWES GERRY KNIGHT MARY LASATER EDITH MILLER JOAN MILLER MARTHA MILLER IRENE MORELAND MARJORIE MERRILL NANCY McCOLLUM VIRGINIA McKENZIE VERNICE NICHOLS JOAN NYDEGGER MAVIS PITTS CATHIE RAMSEY VERDELLE SEBRING ROSALYN SECKINGER ANN SHACKLEFORD KATHRYN SHIRLEY CORTEZ TEDDER JOYCE WATTS JANET WHITE PAULINE WINDERWEEDLE VICKIE YOUNG THE STETSON CAMERA CLUB Founded October, 1944 Colors: BLACK and WHITE Motto: Seeing is Believing I. CALDWELL R. CURNICK L. ADLEB R. COBB M. G. BAILEY H. COLLIER J. BRYAN M. DAVIS D. CABLTON J. DOUGLAS A. COBB C. GATES MISS FRANCES BUXTON, Sponsor IV. ALPHA DEXIOMA Founded at Stetson University May, 1940 Colors: HUNTER GREEN and GOLD Flower: TALISMAN ROSE Motto: For friendship and understanding SAULS LANGSTON OFFICERS MINNIE SAULS President DOROTHY HILL Vice-President WINIFRED DEMOREST . . Recording Secretary RUBY WALKER . . . Corresponding Secretary MAVIS PITTS Treasurer RACHEL HARLESS Historian THELMA LANGSTON Chaplain FA YE YOUNG Sergeant-at-Arms M. ACOSTA M. ANDERSON PURPOSE The purpose of Alpha Dexioma is to promote democratic friendship and understanding among its members; to broaden the social, cultural, political, athletic, and religious life of the members and to assist them in every way possi- ble. All women in Stetson University who are not affiliated with a national social organization may become members. ATKINSON V. JALDWIN J. BEACHAMP M. BELL S. ADAMS L. BRADDOCK D. BRYAN L. BURNS A. BYRD J. CHAPMAN F. COLLINS I. CULBERSON J. DRISCOLL E. DURDEN B. FITZ B. GOFF M. GREENE M.HART C. HENSLEY B. HORNE F. HORTON W. JENKINS A. JOHNSON S. LETT J. KOFFMAN C. WHITE R. McDANIEL J. MATTHEWS S. MONTGOMERY S. MORSE C. MURRAY M. MYERS B. NASH M. PHILPOT E. PLATT L. RICHARDS P. SAWYER M. SELMAN M. SHARPE L. VIRGIN 15.5 PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL TOMMY LEE FOWLER JOYCE WATTS MARY LASATER ANITA CALDWELL OFFICERS TOMMY LEE FOWLER President JOYCE WATTS Vice-President MARY LASATER Secretary ANITA CALDWELL Treasurer BARBARA ROWE Adviser REPRESENTATIVES CHRIS MAGAH VIRGINIA McKENZIE BETTY JANE AMIDON 156 il 1 " " Am Delta Sigma Phi Pi Beta Phi R. HENRY B. B. GANS G. KNIGHT B. J. AMIDON A. CALDWELL Alpha Xi Delta Pi Kappa Phi m _ Ai M. LASATER M. MERRILL J. REMSBURG D. TEAL R. GORDIE J. KUNES INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL OFFICERS DOUGLAS TEAL President TOMMY LEE FOWLER Vice-President GERRY KNIGHT Secretary JOYCE WATTS Treasurer Delta Delta Delta Zeta Tau Alpha J. WATTS B. A. WALTERS A. S. WALDEN T. L. FOWLER p. MAXCY M. K. RAMSEY Stray Greeks - B. DAVIS G. DAVIS Delia Tau Delta Sigma Nu 1.37 EILL DAVIS MARY E. MacMILLAN BETTY MULHOLLAND STRAY GREEKS Color: CRIMSON and WHITE Flower: GARDENIA OFFICERS BILL DAVIS President MARY E. MacMILLAN .... Secretary-Treasurer BETTY MULHOLLAND Reporter MEMBERS BILL DAVIS, Delta Tau Delta, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; PARKE STRATFORD, Phi Gamma Delta, University of North Carolina; MARY E. MacMILLAN, Alpha Chi Omega, Brenau Col- lege; BETTY MULHOLLAND, Alpha Chi Omega, Ohio Wesleycti; BETTY SUE BARKER, Chi Omega, Oglethorpe University; ANN CORY, Phi Mu, Rollins College; VALERIE CROWLEY, Chi Omega, Ohio University; BOB CRUMLEY, Lambda Chi Alpha, University of Miami; GEORGE DAVIS, Sigma Nu, Stetson; MARY ANN JACKSON, Phi Mu, Mercer University; MARSHALL LANE, Sigma Aloha Epsilon, Georgia Tech; JEAN NALCOM, Phi Mu, University of Tennessee; JEWELL MITCHELL, Delta Zeta, Oglethorpe Uni- versity; ANDY MYERS, Phi Kappa Tau, University of Florida; DAVID NEWSON, Kappa Alpha, University of Georgia; PHYLLIS SMITH, Chi Omega, Oglethorpe University. OFFICERS RFTSEY R. DIBBLE President CORTEZ A. TEDDER Vice-President MARJORIE MERRILL . . . Secretary-Treasurer CLUB FOR TOWN WOMEN (Temporary name) PURPOSE This organization for non-resident women was founded on campus in October of 1945 to promote a deeper loyalty and a sense of unity with the activities and purposes of Stetson. ALLEN, K. BAKER, N. BOYLES, M. L. BUCK, B. CAMP, M, R. DIBBLE, M. D. FITZPATRICK, M. J. GRAVES, B. GROOMS, M. HARLESS, R. HOWES, E. LANGSTON, B. J. MARSHALL, J. IERS MAXWELL, J. MITCHELL, E. McCABE, M. NORDMAN, C. PARRISH, E. REYNOLDS, E. SMITH, B. SUMMERFORD, B. THOMPSON, P. VIRGIN, L. WARD, A. WHITE, J. WHITTINGTON, B. J 1 MARY LASATER EDITH KING RUTH CURNICK PAULINE WINDERWEEDLE CHRISTINE MAGAHA ALPHA XI DELTA Founded at Lombard College, Galesburg, Illinois, in 1893. Colors: DOUBLE BLUE and GOLD Flower: KILLARNEY ROSE OFFICERS MARY LASATER President EDITH KING Vice-President RUTH CURNICK Secretary PAULINE WINDERWEEDLE Treasurer CHRISTINE MAGAHA Corresponding Secretary DOROTHY FULLER VIRGINIA GRIFFiN CHAPTER MEMBERS In Facultate MARY TRIBBLE LOWRY TERRY WAGNER AILEEN WORTH BETTY LOU EELL WAYNETTE BLACKBURN NADINE BONE NANCY BROWN RUTH CURNICK In Universilale MARY J. FITZPATRICK FLO GROSS JUNE HOOD EDITH KING MARY LASATER CHRISTINE MAGAHA MARJORIE MERRILL EDITH MILLER MITIZI MITCHELL JUNE REMSBURG MARION STURROCK MARY A. ALLEN JOYCE BRYAN HAZEL CAMP VIGGO DALBO VIRGINIA L. DAY LUCY EFFINGER LAURA GAY SHIRLEY GEORGE Pledges SHIRLEY GRAHAM ALMA GRANTHAM CHARLOTTE HARRIS VIRGINIA HENDRY DOROTHY HILLMAN BEVERLY HOOD PAT KELL JOAN MARSHALL BETTY McCUTCHEON PATSY NORRIS PEGGY RIGGS MARY E. TRIBBLE LUCY WARD IRIS WILLIAMS ANNE WEEKS DELTA DELTA DELTA Founded in 1888, at Boston University, Boston, Mass. Alpha Delta Chapter established in May, 1913 Colors: SILVER, GOLD and BLUE Flower: PANSY OFFICERS JOYCE WATTS President VIRGINIA McKENZIE Vice-President PAT RICKMAN Treasurer NELL LOWE Corresponding Secretary BARBARA ANNE WALTERS Chaplain ANNA SUE WALDEN Marshall ELIZABETH GOLDEN Recording Secretary CHAPTER MEMBERS In Facilitate CURTIS HORN ESTER HICK SARA STAFF IERNIGAN In Universitate BILLiE COOK VIRGINIA McKENZIE ANNA SUE WALDEN NELL LOWE ELIZABETH GOLDEN BARBARA ANNE WALTERS PAT RICKMAN Pledges MADELINE DICKINSON ELIZABETH KING NANCY RICHARDSON ELIZABETH GRAVES BETTY JO LANGSTON MADELYN WALKER VIRGINIA HARRIS EUNICE LeCLERE LOIS JANE WYCOFF VIRGINIA MORRIS 162 PI BETA PHI Founded April 28, 1867, at Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois Florida Alpha Chapter established January 30, 1913 Colors: WINE and SILVER BLUE Flower: WINE CARNATION ANITA CALDWELL GERRY KNIGHT BETTY JANE AMIDON ANNA MARGRET WHITE IANET WHITE ALICE PARKHURST OFFICERS ANITA CALDWELL President GERRY KNIGHT Vice-President BETTY JANE AMIDON Treasurer ANNA MARGARET WHITE Recording Secretary JANET WHITE Corresponding Secretary ALICE PARKHURST Pledge Supervisor ANNIE NADINE HOLDEN BETTY JANE AMIDON MARY LOUISE BOHN ANITA CALDWELL JEAN DOUGLAS JUNE FENN SALLY GRAYBILL GERRY KNIGHT BETSY KRAMER WINIFRED LOVELL NANCY McCOLLUM JEANNE MAXWELL TINKER BUCHHOLTZ BETSY BUCK BETTY JO BUTLER JANE COUFFER MARGARET DICKEY ELEANOR DOOLEY INEZ FERRELL NOREEN GEYER DAMARIS HAGUE JEAN HARVEY CHAPTER MEMBERS In Facilitate In Universitate Pledges NELLE CAMPBELL MORRIS JOAN MILLER IRENE MORELAND JEAN NOBLE JOAN NYDEGGER ALICE PARKHURST FA YE ROGERS ANNA MARGARET WHITE JANET WHITE CAROLYN WINGERT JANE WOOTEN AUDREY SMITH CELESTE WHITSET FRANCES HOBSON BETTY JANE IVEY BOBBIE LARKIN JOY LEE GINNY NELSON LESLIE ROBERTSON PAT ROBINSON CHARLOTTE ROGERS 164 BOHN BUCHHOLTZ BUCK BUTLER COUFFER DICKEY DOOLEY DOUGLAS FENN FERRELL GEYER GRAYBILL HARVEY HOBSON IVEY KRAMER LARKIN LEE McCOLLUM MAXWELL MILLER MORELAND NELSON NOBLE NYDEGGER ROBERTSON ROBINSON ROGERS, C. ROGERS. F. SMITH WHITSETT WINGERT WOOTEN ZETA TAU ALPHA Founded October 15, 1898, at Virginia State Normal School, Farmville, Va. Beta Psi Chapter established in October, 1934. Colors: TURQUOISE BLUE and STEEL GRAY Flower: WHITE VIOLET Chapter Members in Facilitate ETTER TURNER FRANCES THORNTON MARJORIE KERSEY OFFICERS TOMMY LEE FOWLER President PATRICIA MAXCY Vice-President CHARLENE CARSON Secretary ELIZABETH TUCKER Treasurer CAROL EMERSON Guard 160 T. FOWLER P. MAXCY E. TUCKER C. CARSON L. ADLER M. BAILEY D. CARLTON J. CALDWELL L. DAVIS B. EVANS J. GODWIN M. GORDON B. MITCHELL M. RAGSDALE M. RAMSEY V. SEBRING R. SECKINGER E. TRAINHAM E. TRUNDLE P. WILLIAMS A. ADNEY F. BROOKER H. BEALL E. BROWN S. FOWLER B. IONES I. GILLIAM L. KEATHLY B. LANNING M. PETERSON H. TRUNDLE B. BROWN [jbli 167 Founded Dec. 10, 1899, at the City College of New York Alpha Chi Chapter was founded in 1925 OFFICERS ROBERT D. HENRY President WILLIAM R. HILL Vice-President JOSEPH M. CAMP Secretary ROSTON M. WILLIAMSON, JR Treasurer DONALD E. TATUM Sergeant-at-Arms BERT B. GANS Editor-Historian WILLIAM K. SISK, JR Chaplain Chapter Members in Facultate DEAN HARRY C. GARWOOD DR. R. I. ALLEN CURTIS LOWERY, Chapter Adviser In Universitate JOHN C. SHAW J. C. BRADLEY CALVERT R. DIXON RALPH W. HOUSE JAMES B. DANFORD RICHARD A. UNDERWOOD Pledges RICHARD ROBENSON FRANK H. HENDRIX GEORGE B. McLEAN, JR. OLIN J. DRIGGERS GEORGE C. DANNALS, JR. CURTIS B. GOFF HARRY BROWNLEE LOUIS C. DEAL, JR. JOHNNY E. FAIR WRIGHT BOOTH RUSSELL H. NAHM PHILLIP L. KNOWLES WILLIAM J. OWENS ROGER S. TURNER FREDERICK A. GEROMANOS DONALD McEMBER Not pictured pledges CLIFFORD HAYES CHARLES F. BRIDGES ROBERT BOWMAN Colors: NILE GREEN and CARNATION WHITE Flower: WHITE CARNATION Ag klE 4± ll m S f I G. GERALD KUNES Archon JAMES R. DUFFETT JOEL E. PIERCE A. DOUGLAS TEAL Secretary Treasurer Historian PI KAPPA PHI LACY N. CATTLEDGE Chaplain Colors: GOLD and WHITE Flower: RED ROSE Chapter Members in Facultate CARL JOHNSON W. E. DUCKWITZ TA M EDWARD I. TROTTER Founded at College of Charleston, 1904 Chi Chapter established 1921 VIRGINIA McKENZIE Pi Kappa Phi Sweethea m%Lk CARL STAFFORD WILLIAM R. MARTIN TOMMY DUNK FORREST CROSBY HUBERT H. HEVEY ARTHUR N. MORRIS ; (l % LEONARD N. WIDENER THOMAS J. DEAN RICHARD GORDIE FRANK MILES WILLIAM P. PURTZ HOWARD KURTZ DICK MANSER JAMES NELSON BUD SMITH ANDY ROMANO CLIFFORD SWAIN ROBERT CLARK Nol pictured: WILL H. KOON FORREST CROSBY L. M. THOMAS RAYMOND MOELLER STANTON W. PARKER WILLIAM H. THOMAS MARK P. JACOBY SAMUEL HEIERSBOCH ROBERT P. JONES MORDEN L. PATTERSON MIDLER JOINER, JR. THOMAS B. SCHUBEGER WALTER F. MALMBORG HOWARD F. TUCKER CHARLES W. GUNN. JR. LINWOOD F. FUNDERBURKE JERRY GEROIS PI KAP HOUSE % ,-.. • -f • " ADVERTISEMENTS 173 AUTOGRAPHS ( Continued from Page 79 ) Byran Howeworth Robert Howell Ce-il Hull William Hunter James Holmes Richard Holmes Robert T. Inalinet Joseph Jacobs Donald Jacobson Tames Jackson George Jarrett Gloria Lee Johnson Donald Johnston Miller Joiner Robert E. Jones Juanita Jones Thelma Jones John Kaley John Kearns Edwin Kelley Albert Kenyon Patricia Kepler Conrad Kicklighter Harry Kicklighter Margaret Kincaid Roy Kinney Vernon Kerchoff James Knight Philip Knowles Betty Konick William J. Kostile Christine Knusen David W. Kuhn Robert M. Kurtz William H. Kuyper Willie Lamb Elizabeth Land Rene Lanier Margaret Leader Joseph Lepla Wallace Lewis William Lewis Idclette Liverett Jaaquine Lopez de Quintana Emmet Low Sally Jo LuCree Edward Lyons Bettv Jean McCalluin Edward McFall Lyle McQuine Lawrence McKelligan Robert McKay George McLean Claire McTeer Joseph McVay Jesse Magruder Helen Mangelsdorf Jovce Martin Wilson Martin Eston Matthews Jordan Mavnard Walter Medlin Percv Mero Verla Miller Walter Miller William Moll Roberta Moore Vernon Morgan Arthur H. Morris Betty Morris James Moses Cope Moss Edward Munson Fredrick Murphy Henry Mewson Rebinald Mepvenx Alfred Newman Sidney Nichol William Norton Frances Hold Daniel O ' Connell Doris Olson Ernest Owens Edward Pacher Manuel Pardy Hugh Parker Stanton Parker Gordon Parker George Patterson Tom Pattillo Dorothy Patton Joseph Peel Cabal Perryy Eari E. Peter Roy Pierce William A. Porter Alice Proctor Ada Ping Perry H. Rainey Ralph Rannev Cecil Rathel Ralph Ray William Rav Walter Reed San Register Richard Reichard Thomas Reichard Lottie Reichert Franklin Reinstine Russell Rentz Evelyn Reynalds Craig Ridings Thomas Risk Jeff Rooks Reginald Ross Margaret Rothwell Ruth Russell Madeline Rucks Jack Sandlin Harold A. Schubiger Charles H. Schwartz Dale Scott Margaret Scott Joseph Senkarik Malcus Shallen Manthal Sheldon W. G. Sherman Colby Sinclair Shirley Slator Grace Small Albert Smith Autumn Smith Darrell Smith Frank Smith Mary Smith Robert Snalinit Harrison Solana Barbara Speas Cecil Stavely John Dick Stanier Marilyn Steele Claude Street Fred Stuart Jake Suiter Edward Talton Donald Tatum William Thomas L. M. Thomas Harrison Thompson R. P. Thompson H. A. Thornton Edward Tjarks Mathew Tossell D. D. Townsend Nick Triantafeller Robert Tudor Dolores Turasli Robert Turner Roger Turner Phyllis Turrentine Lawrence Tyndall Vernon Ussery Benjamin Van Meter Parker Van Hess Tydi Vaujin Roger Warfield Lenora Warren J. Weaver Hardin Webb Carol Weshinger James Wells Harold Westberry Glendoe Whetzel Norman White Carl Wiggins Ann Wilby Clement Wilcox James Williams Marjorie E. Williams Valio A. Williams Fredrick Wilson Robert Wilson Andre Woods Milton Wyche Donald Yaxley Robert Zellers FR I ERSON S ELECTRICAL AND CAS APPLIANCES Your Westinghouse Dealer GERALD E. FRIERSON " Phone 2o that ' s me " + + deluxe laundry dry cleaners " DeLAND ' S FINEST " R. T. Impson Owner We Deliver Phone 347 Downton Office — Boulevard and Rich Avenue J 1 | " " I I Compliments of . . . ! ORANGE BELT PHARMACY j ! I nnnxi . _ . 1 E. K. JONES. C ONTRACTOR 200 Nortli Boulevard ! | ! i ! ! i ! j C ample te Crtig and Fountain Service i Phone 121 We Delivei Phone 555 f „ . _ I DeLand Fi.ohida | ! + .. ._. .. _„„_.._. .. .._, + COMPLIMENTS OF. FLORIDA STATE THEATRES In DeLand ATHENS THEATRE DREKA THEATRE + — — Compliments ...of... BUS HAVEN LUNCH " Meet Me at the Bus Haven " Compliments ...of... " The Student ' s Shopping Center " J. C. PENNY CO. COMPLIMENTS OF MATHER OF DeLAND COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS Fur Coats Cloth Coats 142 South Boulevard : Phone 600 176 WOODRUFF FUNERAL HOME Successors to STITH-GRIFFITH DeLand Florida I i I + MCCRORY ' S 5 IOC STORE Headquarters Student Supplies VISIT OUR STORE DAILY THIRST ASKS NOTHING MORE DRINK. DELAND COCA-COLA IN ROTTLES BOTTLINGCO. ATHENS LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS YOU TRIED THE REST NOW TRY THE REST Phone 443-J i ! j You Can Always . . . Shop at SEARS and Save J SEARS. ROEBUCK CO. j South Boulevard D e L A N D Compliments of BILL HOLLER MOTOR SALES Your Chevrolet: Oldsmobile: Cadillac Dealer Boosting for Stetson University HOTEL PUTNAM DeLand ' s Fireproof Hotel West New York Avenue V. M. FOUNTAIN CO. Central Florida ' s Oldest and Finest Store I DeL Florida 177 Compliments of . . . V. W. GOULD AGENCY REALTORS • 1NSURORS Since 1907 201 N. Boulevard DeLand TOUCHTON DRUG CO. I THE REXALL STORE I I DeLand Florida Where Friends Meet COMPLIMENTS OF FEASEL PAINT AND GLASS SHOP Phone 626 1 1 1 West Rich Day Phone 9148 Night Phone 721-J GEORGE LANDON SERVICE STATION STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS 345 Boulevard DeLand I I STUDENT SUPPLIES Note Books Stationery Fountain Pens ALLEN-WHITE COMPANY " You Are Always Welcome " DAY PHONE 62 COMPLIMENTS OF J. E. SUMMERHILL Phone 490 ALLEN-SUMMERHILL FUNERAL HOME REAL AMBULANCE SERVICE 126 East New York Avenue Established 1877 DeLand, Florida F, N. DEHUY SON JEWELERS and SILVERSMITHS Since 1873 DeLand Floruja Compliments ...of... ATHENS BATTERY AND ELECTRIC PACKARD MOTOR CARS P. Rasmussen, Prop. 178 — + The calf with a price on her head You don ' t have to be a cattle man to know that the name of a good strain can mean a lot in a calf. Take the name " Guernsey, " for ex- ample. A calf that carries that name can command respect. For over the years, cattle men have come to know pretty well what a Gurnsey ' s worth— and what to expect of one. Good trademarks and trade names command respect for merchandise, too. For they ttell you exactly who stands behind the product — and what you can expect from it. That ' s why, over the years, folks have put a lot of stock in familiar names. Trustted names. Trade names. Names they know they can depend on. You see it every day in stores. How much less " selling " it takes to sell you on a product that carries a well-known brand name. So put your trust in trade names— they speak honestly for the product. A trademark you can trust STETSON HATS PHILADELPHIA 179 THE CITY OF DeLAND . . . AND . . . DeLAND CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OFFER Congratulations to the Graduating Class OF JOHN B. STETSON UNIVERSITY DeLAND is located in the ridge section of east central Florida. 110 miles south of Jacksonville, four miles east to the picturesque St. Johns river, famous for its hlack bass fishing, and twenty-two miles to the renowned beaches of the Atlantic seaboard. Being centrally located practically every point of interest in the sttate may be visited within one day ' s drive. DeLAND enjoys a delightful year ' round climate. There is scarcely a day that the sun does not shine, sending forth its ultra-violet rays. Children grow strong and sun-tanned, the older people add years to their life ' s span. DeLand is a beautiful city, appealing to those of educational and cultural background. It is a friendly citty— a city you will like. For Information About DeLand Please Write CHAMBER OF COMMERCE DeLAND FLORIDA ISO I When you arc dressed " and ready to .£, ' — INSURANCE HON AGENCY ! 220 North Boulevard PHONE 455 I I n n M n M M n „„ „„ + J, u on— •« n Phone L60 CITY CABS SALES S£fiV C£ ACREE MOTOR CO., INC. FORD DEALER DeLAND FLORIDA Compliments of . . . GRESS ' MEAT MARKET FOR BETTER CLEANING . . . TRY . . . SUNSHINE CLEANERS 138 North Boulevard DeLand 140 West New York Florida I j Phone 20 i ! DeLand Mccormick lumber company of DeLand, Inc. Phone 130 DeLand, Florida " ' " T •!• ' " " " u " ' " " " " M THE CONRAD COMPANY Compliments ...of... SOUDENMIRE GROCETERIA US West New York Ave. Phone V, n „„ , „ „„ „ „„ ,. M „ -f. j,. LSI BUSHNELL BUSHNELL MUSIC SHOP Compliments ...of... THE BOWLDROME " EVERYTHING IN MUSIC + i Compliments of ANGELO ' S SHOE SHOP i I i I I + — + — i Compliments of . . . TUTEN PAWLEY. INC. REAL ESTATE . . . AND . . . INSURANCE 109 W. Indiana Ave. DeLand, Fla. Phone 728- It ' s a Fact You Can Do Bette at THE JOHN H. DENMARK FURNITURE CO. Home Outfitters 114 S. Boulevard THE BARNETT NATIONAL BANK " A FLORIDA LANDMARK " Jacksonville : DeLand : Avon Park : Cocoa St. Augustine Member Federal Reserve System and F. D. 1. C. 182 SOUTHLAND BAKERY We Specialize in Birthday and Party Cakes North Boulevard Did, and Florida Compliments ...of... BETTY DREKA, INC. 105 s. Boulevard .„,j, a.,.— .mi n n n n ■■ ■■ u n .» u PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS i | I I I 11 " " ' fr •$• " " B THE VOGUE Mrs. Sarah Ceely GATEWAY TO FASHION 1R) North Boulevard DeLand Florida HAVE YOUR SHOES REPAIRED . . . at . . . COOPERS SHOE SHOP | [ DeLand Florida ,„ „ „ N ,„ ,,„ , .j. i„ Ull „„ „„ „„ gl Compliments of THE ABSTRACT CORPORATION Morton McDonald, Manager ■•$• •§• Compliments ...of... GEORGIE BOYS Compliments ...of... HULL. LANDIS. GRAHAM AND FRENCH 210 North Boulevard „. „„ ,. n „„ }, j,. n u „„ M „„ „ „ n , n .„ „ .„ n . .. 183 Compliments ...of... DELAND MENS BOYS ' SHOP Compliments ...of... STETSON FLOWER SHOP • 218 North Boulevard SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF 1946 DYER CONNERY STUDIOS 222 North Boulevard Compliments of . . . FAMILY SHOE STORE " From the Little Tots to the Grown Ups " + i .,„.+ - + 132 N. Boulevard | DeLand, Fla. 1 Compliments ...of... M. BERMAN " Style Center of DeLand, Florida " Compliments of . . . VOLUSIA PHARMACY " Drugs with a Reputation " MODEBN SODA FOUNTAIN 121 NORTH BOULEVARD DeLAND, FLORIDA S. R. Lancston, Jr., Mgr. Compliments of REESE ' S 203 North Boulevard DeLand, Florida 184 Statute the racultu and students ...OF ... SlrlMin University FLORIDA POWER CORPORATION in the Service of Customers, Community and Country + ,. + PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS + + 185 ANNUALS -i r DISTINCTION

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