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GIFT OF EDITORIAL STAFF Stetson University 3 4369 00465322 X 47 1 his book must not be taken from the Library building. DO NOT FROML ICJf M R p iv sen 1945 B rh t tup-kt) Editor jg— MM — —— ■■■MMS— — i ii i ' wi ' i ■ ' «— M— ■ ,. la— in I t 9 : o t « U sP say- ts t h S " hmUm i £i ; o -S)«c30eat§©(ni % Cast Tiro Wtm% rii i — mi Ml II IT " 3 -r, Q Q £ ® m. Q 1 i_ DEDICATION Since all the world ' s a stage and all the men and women merely players, someone must make-up, prompt, and direct them as they make their entrances and their exits . . . To Dr. Stover goes the tribute of having directed many to the doors, opening onto the stage of life, marked in bold letters — Happiness, Success, Fame, and Fortune. To this Director Superb the 1945 Hatter is dedicated. is A in s ! k o c r i ■Pi j I f 1 1 e Facultu ' ; I v • s I B ■Si THE PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE The session 1944-1945 has been one of high achievement despite war conditions. The enrollment has increased 47 per cent over the preceding year. Students and faculty have given their best to make Stetson finer in scholarship, finer in culture, finer in the develop- ment of Christian character. New teachers have been employed. The Million Dollar Improvement and Development Campaign has been initiated and a total of more than s 5 40,01)11 in cash and pledges has been received. The personalized program and the quarter system are proving successful. Plans have been completed to furnish the best opportunities possible in education and in counsel to returning Veterans. Thus Stetson continues to go forward. I count it a privilege to extend greetings and best wishes to the Stetson Family every- where. Sincerely, Wh.i.iam Sims Aiiin, President. 3 Harry C. Garwood Charles A. Fisher William. E. Duckwitz Roy F Howes Dean of the University Director of the School of Business Director of the Si hool of Mnuc Don, of the College of I ait in HP I i 1 1 r M. Turner Barbara Rowe Dean of Women Rcgisfra, and Associate De, Elizabeth Hall t Women Carl H. Johnson Director in Men ' s Activities Audrey K. Davis Dietitian Clifford B. Rosa Bursar Mrs. Florence Foster Directoi of Stevens Hall Charlotte A. Smith Librarian Mari E. Anderson Directoi of Conrad Hall a ' " ' ' ' } f l " J Edcelle Henry University Nurse Betty J. Amidon .... Secretary to the Dean of University Susie P Brown « s tal UW «i Evelyn Dodd V,„7., n to the Dean of Women Ida R. Cunningham Secretary to th, Bursa, Evonne Wood S,, ,, ,,, to the Registra, 9 Jimmii: Sue Akers Business Secretarial Science Rohiri I. Allen Liberal Arts Physii i Helen Allincer Music Voice Uoris Artona Liberal Arts Spanish Mrs. Louise Brantley Liberal Arts English Maurice Brantley Liberal Arts Frances Buxton Music Orchestration k. L. Carter Liberal Arts Education Richard E. Clark Liberal Arts Sociolog v RosEMARi Clark Music Organ John F. Conn Liberal Arts Chemistry W ' arri n C. Cowell Liberal Arts physical Education [OLA K. 1 xsiburn Liberal Arts German Boyci F. Ezell Lib " - ' 1 Arl - Edncation and Psychology Gertrudi Foster Liberal Arts Spanish Dorothy Fuller Liberal Arts Biolog ) Veronica D. Gove Mmu Then v W ' arri n S. GORDIS Liberal Arts Greek Victor J. Grabel Music Baiul 1 " " " Harvey Arts 7 Arts „ £ ] Annie Holden Liberal Ar English Curtis Horn Business f " ¥ Secretarial Scieni e Sara S. .[ernigan Liberal Arts J. V Physical Education W v I Curtis M. Lowrv Liberal Arts HBt JH; _ k Mari T. Losvry Libcr .,| Arts f A 1 Jtp ... F Mrs. Robert L. Morris Liberal Arts P ' ' i Saxl Liberal Arts jtfd B . Ire " «f ' " I. C. Stover LibcrJ | Arts Frances Thornton Liberal Arts tf C H I M IHklBM ami jri Tirrv Wagner Music _ ft H. S. Winters Libcl . a | Aru ▼ , 4K ■ ' • " " " IV " h " ■ 4_ ' A " " N « ' OR " Music HistOTi Not pit hired: Amy W. Bueeock D „ rr or , ( w ,,„„.„., Dormilories Katherine DuBose ,, . . , Minn- Schonl Ethel Fisher ,. . , , Music School Annie Bell Goi-f , , . ,, Assistant Nurse Edith W. Merrill I h ■ I Nina D. Rape . , , „ ., . secretary In President Leo Spurrier ... _ , , Business School Mildred Wells , ,. Jinn iitilisin GRADUATES Hev« ard Adams Liberal Arts Savannah, Ga. Robert C. Alle Liberal Arts DeLand Betty Jane Amiuo Liberal Arts Lakeland ITLEY Liberal Arts DeLand Maurice Bran Liberal Art DeLand Terry Wagner Liberal Arts North Bergen, N. J. SPECIAL STUDENTS Rl I II I is Maxwj I I 11,1 .Ml, I Frances N Weirsdale I i 1 1 1 ia Reynolds Liberal Arts DeLand Ruth Durrancf. Director Betsy Kramfr $$ociate " Director THE SETTING I I I VNOR EDLIh Producer 13 Yree.Pres. j£$niCnL) ec Treas. Ccnders Ti Hayward Adams, Bachelor of Art Savannah, Ga. Transfer, Brewton-Parker Junior College; B. S. U. Council, 1, 2, J, 4; Ministerial Association, 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club, 3, 4; Mystic Krewe, 3, 4; Stetson Hall Monitor; Honor Roll. Mary Ellen Anderson, Bachelor of Arts • • • Plant City Transfer, Southern Seminary; Student Dean Conrad Hall, 4; B. S. U. President, 4, Vice-President, 2; President College of Liberal Arts; Volunteer, 2, 3, 4; Treasurer Senior Class; Stetson Reporter; Little Theatre; Pi Delta Psi; International Relations Club; Y. W. A., 4; Freshman Adviser; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. Harry D. Atkinson, Bachelor of Art ■ DcLaml Ministerial Association, 1, 2, 3, 4; Volunteer Band, 2, 3, 4, President, 3; Glee Club, 2, 3; Little Theatre, 3, 4; Mystic Krewe, 3, 4; Debate Squad, 3; Stetson Reporter, 3; B. S. U. Council, 3. Bi in Ann Cannon, Bachelor of Science .... Frostproof W. A. A., Treasurer. 2, Vice-President, 3, President, 4; Zeta Tau Alpha; Freshman Adviser, 2, 3, 4; Beta Chi Omega, 2, 3, Secretary-Treasurer, 4; Instructor in Women ' s Physical Educa- tion Department, 4; Bla er Club, 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer, 4; Y. W. A.; Hatter Staff, 4; M. S. O., 3, Membership Chair- man, 4; I. T. A., }, 4; Band, I, 4; Honor Roll; Swimming Pool Marietta Chilli, Bachelor of Science ■ ■ Dcr Deutsche Vcrein; Beta Chi Omega; Jacksonville A.; Alpha £ " --= as Anm in Bolton Clark, Bachelor of Arts .... DeLand Alpha Xi Delta; Scholarship Award as Pledge; Marshal. I, 3; Vice-President Glee Club 2; Little Theatre; B. S. U. Council; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Theta Alpha Phi; Chairman Rules and Procedure Committee; Sadie Hawkin ' s Day Committee; Freshman Adviser, 3, 4; The Honor, President, 4; Treasurer Scroll and Key; Junior Class Treasurer; Who ' s Who in Ameri- can Universities and Colleges. Helen Clemons, Bachelor of Arts Tampa Beta Chi Omega, 2, 3, 4, President, 4. Dorothy Cooke, Bachelor of Arts ■ New York City Alpha Xi Delta; Sigma Delta Pi; Art Club. MILDRED Cosson, Bachelor of Arts .... Morristown, Tenn. Phi Society, President, 3; Pi Delta Psi, Reporter, 3; Pi Kappa Delta, 2, Secretary, 3; The Honor, 3; Freshman Adviser, 3; B. S. U. Council; Vesper Chairman, 3; Glee Club, 2; Interna- tional Relations Club, 3; Y. W. A., 2, 3; Debate Squad, 2; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. Charles R. Davis, Bachelor of Arts DeLand Member of Ministerial Association; G-N Club; Norman Players; Glee Club at Norman Junior College, Transfer, 3; Ministerial Association; Little Theatre; B. S. U. Council; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. 7 Hi 1 1 s Roberts deGruchy, Bacbclm o Arts Arlington, Va. Transfer. Sullins lunior College; Alpha X. Delta, Treasurer, 4; I lass Vice-President; W. A. A., Recording Secretary, 4; Glee ( lub, , 4; Little Theatre, 3, 4; M. S. O., 5, 4; Honor Roll. Hoki Dowdy, Bachelor of Arti Sigma Delta Pi, 2, 5, 4, President 2, 3; Co-Literar) I dii P. Delta Psi, I. of Report) r, 2; Student Librar] Honor Roll; Dean ' s 1 ist. Rui Deli Orh den W. Wh Th Ore Cc it Durrance, Bachelor of Music ■ ■ • Scbring a Delta Delta, President. 4; Band, 1, 2, 5, 4. ■cr, 3; Phi Beta, 1, 2, Secretary, 3, Vice l " o, . 4; Delta Gamma Phi. 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club. 2; A. A. Treasurer, 3; President Student Body, 4; o ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges, 4; Honor, 3, Secretary. 4; The Blazer Club, 3, 4; hestra, 1, 2; Vice-President M. S. C; Interfrat ncil, J, 4; Pan-Hellenic Council, 4; Social Com- mittee, 2; Freshman Adviser, 4. IssBiin 1 in. iss, Bachelot ot Mms ' i Bushncll Transfer from University of Alabama! (.he ( lub, 2. S, 4. Iiinor Edlin, Bachelor ol Musii Miami Treasurer ol Music School, 2; Secretary Women ' s Council, 3; Treasurer Student Body, -; President Musk School, 3; Freshman Adviser, S; B. S. U., 1, 2; V. V. A., I, 2; I. T, A., 2; Glee c lub, l. 2, 1; Radio c horus, I. 2. Maurici F ain, Bachelor of Arts Bainbridge, Ga. State B. S. U., President, ), 4; Local B. S. U. Council, 3, 4; Ye Mystic Krcwe, S, 4; Ministerial Association, I, J, S, 4; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges, 3, 4; Glee Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Manager, i, 4; Little Theatre, 3, 4; Debate Squad. 3. Ann Gilbert, Bacbeloi oj Arts Jacksonville Delta Delta Delta, Rush Chairman, 2, 3; V. W. A„ 1, 3; W. A. A., 1, 2, 3; Hatter, 2, 3; Radio Guild, I, 2; Little Theatre. 1, 2, 3; Dream Girl ot Delta Sigma Phi; Reporter, 1, 2; Rat Court, 2; Sadie Havvkin ' s Day Committee, 3. Iarguerite Grissett, Bachelor of Arts ■ ■ DeLand Transfer from Marvvillc College, Maryville. Tenn. Benjamin I. Haddox, Bacbeloi oj Arts Orlando Ministerial Association, 1, 2, 3, 4, Statistician. 2; Devotional C hairman, 2; Pin Society President, 2; Advertising Manager, Stetson Reporter, 2; Kappa Sigma N ' u, 3; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. Bacbeloi of Arts Jani Hall, Bachelor of Arts Fort Myers Transfer from Bob Jones College and Edison College; Band. 3; Pledge. Delta Gamma Phi; Alpha Deksioma, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4; Pi Delta Psi; Sigma Delta Pi; Chapel Organist, 3, 4; Orchestra, •-; Y. V. A., 5, 4; President Challenger ' s Union of Baptist Training Union, 4. Edith Johnsen, Bachelor of Arts Oakland Park Stetson Reporter, 2, 3j Associate Editor Collegiate Christian, 4; Stetson Press Club, 3, 4; Honor, Roll, 3, 4; Alpha Deksioma, 1, 4; Methodist Student Council, 3, 4; Publicity Chairman, 4. Margaret Jones, Bachelor of Arts ■ ■ ■ DeLand Sll ha [ONES, Ba.h.lor of Arts W. A. A., 1, 2, 1. 4; lb, Ro President, i, Vice-President, 4; Secretary Pan-Hellenic Council, Honor. Vice-President, 3, Trca F. T. A., Treasurer, 3, President, 4; Treasurer Sophomore Class; Y. VP. A„ 2, 3; Hatter Art Club, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Delta Pi, Vice- President, 4; Chairman Memorial Committee. Belle Glade Dean ' s List; Zeta Tau Alpha, Inter-Fraternity Council, 3; 3; Freshman Adviser; The 4; Hatter Staff, 3; Marjorie Kirsis, Bachelor of Science Largo Zeta Tau Alpha, I, 2, 3, 4; Treasurer, Historian; Treasurer of Business School; W. A. A., 1, 2, 3, 4; Y. W. A., 1, 2, 3, 4; Stetson Reporter; Hatter, Organizations Editor, 3; F. T. A., s, 4; Art Club, 3, 4; Commerce Club, 4; Camera Club, 4; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. Jeane Shaw Slender, Bachelor of Music .... Sebastian Alpha Dcksioma, 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President, 3, President, 4; Band, 1, 2, 3, 4; Symphony Orchestra, 1; Glee Club 2; Delta Gamma Phi, Secretary, 2, President, 3, Vice-President, 4; Camera Club, 4, President, 4; W. A. A., 2, 4; M. S. O., 3, 4; Social Chairman, 4; Little Theatre, 3, 4; Reporter, 2; Hatter, 4; Intramurals, I, 2; Chimes Player, 2, 3, 4; Frechman Adviser, 4; Honor Roll; Who ' s Who. Bernice Lee, Bachelor of Arts . . . Future Teachers of America; Librarian Theatre; Camera Club; Alpha Deksi, ' . W. A.; Little Secretary, 4. Harriet Lindner, Bachelor of Arts Washington, D. C. Alpha Xi Delta, 2, 3, 4, President, 4; Art Club, 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll; W. A. A., 2, 3, 4; Pan-Hellenic, 4, Treasurer, 4; Canterbury Club, 4; Freshman Adviser, 4; Transfer from Stephens Junior College. Kathleen McGemee, Bachelor of Arts . . Phi Delta Psi; Alpha Deksioma, Sergeant Jacksonville Leta Mitchell, Bachelor of Science Fort Meade Who ' s Who, 3, 4; W. A. A., I, 2, 3, 4, Corresponding Secre- tary, 3; Y. W. A., 1, 2, 3, 4; Blazer Club, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presi- dent, 3; La Franciade, 2, 3, 4; Zeta Tau Alpha, 1, 2, 3, 4, Historian, 3, President, 4; Women ' s Student Government, Ser- geant-at-Arms, 2, Secretary, 3, President, 4; Hatter Staff, 3, 4; B. S. U. Council, 3, 4; Junior Class Vice-President; Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Traveling Squad, 2, 3, 4; Social Chairman of Stetson, 4; Beta Chi Omega, 3, Vice-President, 4; Freshman Adviser, 2, 3, 4; F. T. A., 3, 4; Pan-Hellenic Council, 4, Vice- President; Honor Roll. Rebecca R. Murphy, Bacheloi oj Arts ■ ■ ■ Buchj.un.Ga. Glee Club; Dramatic ( lub; Y. W . A.; Biology Club; -t-H Club; : .a University of Georgia; Transfer to Stetson; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. [eanni Neely, Bacheloi oj Arts Alpha Xi Delta, 1, 2. 3, 4; Intramural Manage Queen, 4; VC. A. A., I, 2, S, 4; Dear Elathier NicKtRSON, Bachelor of Arts . . Sanford Transfer from Orlando Junior College; Sigma Delta P., J. Secretary, 4; Pi Delta Psi, 4; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. |eanni Ostrander, Bacheloi o) Arts .... Winter Haven rransfer, Southern ollege; Delta Gamma Ph., 1, 2, 5, 4, Treas- President, 4; M. S. O., 5, 4; Y. W. A., 2. 4; W. A. A., I I A , 4;, I, : , 5, 4; Orchestra, :. !, 4; Glee ( lub, 4; ( amera c lub, 5, 4; Honor Roll. Mary Pittman, Bachelor of Arts Mad. so. Future Teachers of America; Y. W. A.; Intramural ' s Manage for Non-frats; V. A. A.; Presbyterian Council, I. 22 Barbara Ley Prici , Bachelor of Science Mi.hh, Transfer, University of Miami, 2; Delta Delta Delta, 2, J, 4, Vice-President, 4; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; The Honor, 4; Scroll and Key, 3, 4, Vice-President, 4; Women ' s Council, 4; President of Stevens Hall, 4; Sigma Delta Pi, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4 ; Commerce Club, 2, 3, 4, President, 4; Pan-Hellenic Council, 4, Secretary; Secretary of Senior Class. 4; Secretary of School ' of Business, 3; Y. W. A., 2; W. A. A., 2, 3, 4; Little Theatre, 3, 4; Memorial Committee Member, 4; Chairman of Junior-Senior Mil TON H. Smith, Bacheloi oj iris Lura Tyner, Bachelor of Arts Lakeland Who ' s Who; Y. W. A., President, 3; W. A. A 1, 2, 3, 4; President Senior Clats; Zeta Tau Alpha! 2, 3; Guard, 4; F. T. A., 2, 3, 4, President. 3; Nice- President School of Liberal Arts, 3 ; B. S. U. Council, 3, 4; Associate Editor Hatter, 4; Sadie Hawkin ' s Committee, 3, 4; Rat Court, 3, 4; Red Cross Com- mittee, 3, Vice-President Camera Club, 4; Freshman Adviser, 3, 4. Anina Walter, Bachelor of Arts [acksi Transfer from River State Teacher ' s College and Univers is. West, Bacheloi of A h ■ 1. 2, ' -. 4; W. A. A.. I, 2. I, Mi; Hatter Art Club, 2, 3, 4, President, 4; Religious locus Week Committee, 3; anterburv Club, 4. Secretary; little Theatre. 4; Pi Delta Psi, 4: Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. Martha White, Bacbelgr of Music Radio Chorus, 2, J, 4; Glee Club, 1, I 4; W. A. A., :, ); Y. W. A., 1, : Music School, Perry 4; Publicity Manager, 4; Vice-Presid: Miivin Wilkins, Bachelor of Arts . ■ ■ Waterbury, Co Defense Council; Pi Kappa Phi; Phi Alpha Theta. of Ensign Matousfk .... Graduated in Absenti; March, 1 44 Otto Ralph Matousek, Bachelor of Arts ■ ■ • Chicago, 111. Radio Guild, I. R. C, Vice-President, 3; Stetson Reporter Sports Editor; Associate Editor Hatter; Associate Editor The Stet- loniatt; (dee ( lubj Rules and Procedure Committee; Ercshman Adviser; Inicr-lratcrnity Council; Sigma Nu, Marshal, I, Treas- urer, 2, Vice-Commander, 3; Phi Alpha Theta, President, 5; Men ' s Council; Pi Gamma Mu, Vice-President, ; Honor Roll; Dean ' s I 1st; U. S. N. R„ Harvard Graduate School of Business. 24 25 ; ' 7 ras - Gardner 17 t lAJinitrtd- Yrcs.Pros. j £ -.. Jommit dee Ires. Fowcttr Rachel Allison DeFuniak Springs Business School Fran Sue Baxter Sebring Liberal Arts Isabel L. Borum Tampa Liberal Arts ( harline Carson Williston Liberal Arts Sara Carvlr Gainesville Liberal Arts Eugenia Chazel DeLand Liberal Arts James Casey DeLand Liberal Arts Frances Collier Ocala Liberal Arts Edith Cronkhite St. Petersburg Liberal Arts Rum Curnick Holly Hill Liberal Arts Evelyn Dodd Lake Wales Liberal Art. Carol Emerson Sebring Business School Georgi Fletcher Qui™ Liberal Arts Tommi In Fowler Pc " y Mush School Edith Marii Gardner Dallas, Texas Liberal Arts 28 Mary Ellen Gentry Umatilla Music School Mariorii Gordon Lakeland Liberal Arts Marion Green Ridgeway, III. Liberal Arts Iuiia Griiiin Quincy Liberal Arts Lucilll Halstlad Lake City Music School Rachel Harless DeLand Liberal Arts Athalia Hough Pittsburgh, Pa. Liberal Arts Ralph House Tampa Liberal Arts Mildred Jaudon Tampa Business School BtTsv Krami r Mt. Dora Liberal Arts Mary Lasatlr St. Augustine Liberal Art Winiirld Lovili Sanford Liberal Arts NellJonis 1 ovu Corinth, Miss. Liberal Arts Barbara Ann Lupitr Kissimmee Liberal Arts Muriel MlCabe DeLand Liberal Arts Ruin McDanii i Fart Myers Mmic School Ellen Marcum DcLand Business School Bobby Mason Lockhart Liberal Arts Martha Miller Jacksonville Business School Harold Mitchell DeLand Liberal Art, Muriel Mitchell Crosse, Wis. Liberal Arts Viknhi Nichols Panama City Business School Ami Parkhurst Boydton, Va. Mmsi ' i School Mary Catherini Ramsey Coral Gables Biisiiirss School Dorothy Richardson Pompano Liberal Arts I am R, h.irs Ridgeville, S. C. Liberal Arts Susan RouNTREl lake ity Liberal Arts Iohanna Shew Fori Pierce Liberal Art Cortez Tedder Del .md Liberal Arts Mn i, Kin Thomas Eastman, Ga. Liberal Art ' s Wai ii rs TowNLEY, [r. Pcnsacola Business S hool WlLMA TOWNLE1 Pemacola Liberal Arts R i ,,; Mm ii Walker Orlando B»«ra«J S. hool |oY( E Watts Panama City ., .,-,„ ,W, Rim Win iirs DcLand Liberal Arts OMl B Woodall Orange Citv L;6 t i Ar i ' - W s- 1. Corner chat. 2. That man ' s here. 3. Long Glamour. 4. Don ' t get around much any more. 5. Beachcombers. 6. Mailman, where art thou? •• - yfawTiT Pre . .Gc tift Qa£dtu fC Scc - e n f h© Marzee Aiton Gainesville Business Elizabeth Ambrose Winter Haven Liberal Arts Mary Gene Baii i.v Williston Liberal Arts Helen Baker Clearwater Liberal Art Virginia Bates West Palm Beach Music Barbara Beasley Paiatka Liberal Arts Joyce Blackwell Ft. Lauderdale Liberal Arts Nancy Brown lacksonvillc Liberal Arts Anita Caldwell Ocala Liberal Arts Joyce Caldwm.l Orlando Liberal Arts Robert Clark DeLand Liberal Arts Charles Clements, Ir. LaFayette, Ga. Liberal Arts Hilda Collier Ocala Liberal Arts Mary Pink Coli ins Hopkinsville, Ky. Business Bitty Crosswv Lakeland Liberal Art I his Davis Leesburj; ibcral Arts Geokci Hams Daytona Beach Business Marguerite Davis Del and Liberal Arts 34 William Davis Ithaca, N. Y. Business Sammii Dawson Auburndalc Business Bl i si Dibbli DeLand Liberal Arts |anici Douglas High Springs Liberal Arts Mar iokil Elliot Winter Haven Liberal Arts [uni Fearnside Palatka Liberal Arts Doris Feczko Daytona Beach Liberal Arts June Fenn Mt. Dora Liberal Arts Forbes Fuller DeLand Liberal Arts Bert Cans Brooklyn, N. Y. Liberal Arts Jewel Garrett Pensacola Liberal Arts Shirley George DeLand Music |oyci William New Smyrna Beach Liberal Arts Jimmif Godwin Frostproof Liberal Arts Alma Grantham Sanford Music BET-n (,kaw Miami Liberal Arts Geraldine Haddox DeLand Liberal Arts |l w WooDALL Del and Liberal Arts 35 |oiin Hall Blountstown Liberal Arts Marian Hughes Gainesville Liberal Arts Flournoy Jernigan Pensacola Liberal Ails Joe John Bennetcsville, S. C. Liberal Arts Joseph Johnson Arcadia Liberal Arts Avonne Jones Atlantic Beach Business Ada Kimball Sanford Liberal Arts Geraldine Knight Ocala Liberal Arts Gloria McClendon Frostproof Liberal Ails Nancy L. McCollum Auburndalc Liberal A, Is |iin Mi ( in iv Ocala Music Virginia Mc Ki mzii St. Augustine Business Patricia Maxcy Frostproof Business (eanni Maxwell Del, and BusintSS Marjorii Merrili DeLand Liberal Arts [oan Mn i i r Orlando Liberal Arts R.01 W. Mn iir Port Orange Liberal , . |ian Mm mn DeLand Masii ; , Irene Morei.and DeLand Business lil I II MuLHOLLAND EuStlS Liberal Alls [ris Muiuiv Gainesville Business |i an Noble New Britain, Conn. Liberal Arts Doris Newborn Sarasota Music Charlotte Nordman DeLand Business Joan Nydegger Orlando Liberal Arts August Ott DeLand Liberal Arts Edna Parrish Enterprise Liberal Arts Bl i si Patch Berkshire, N. Y. Business Betty Ann Pierce Key West Liberal Arts VlcKEY Young Gainesville Liberal Arts Miriam Ragsdale Tampa Liberal Arts WlI.UlK RIVENBAUK Eustil Liberal Arts Barbara Schleck. Key West Liberal Arts Roselyn SECKINGER Aubunulale Liberal Arts John Shaw Simsbury, Conn. Business Jenny Lou Smith Lake City 37 Glenn Stephens Tampa Liberal Arts Vivian Sult • • • • Lakeland Mush Margari i Ssvaki Gainesville Liberal Art Marguerite Thomas High Springs Mush Elizabeth Trainham Richmond, Va. Mush Evelyn Trundle Ft. Lauderdale Busmen Elizabeth Tucker Orlando Liberal Arts Juanita Voweli DtLand Liberal Arts Anna Sue Waldon Plant City Liberal Arts Evelyn Walker Hopkinsville, Ky. Liberal Arts Frances Walker Perrine Liberal Arts [anei White DeLand Business Simeon Lei Whatley DeLeon Springs Liberal Arts Anna Makgari i White Mt. Dora Liberal Arts 18 1. The hurricane did it. 2. Grab hold. 3. Atlas had nothing on 4. Three Musketeers. 5. Donkey ears. 6. Where ' s the lily pool? 7. Over the top—. 8. Service Swallow-tails. 9. Saturday scene. 10. We three. I I. Tell me, too. 1 2. Off for 39 - Pres. TTlitton Viee-Pre . Jf SfttrS £ Jed. t irt f frl e ■ ft ■ " MCBS JTSXS Nahda Adkins Moore Haven Business Louisi Adler Fo " Meade Business C vroi n Algek Eustis Business Frances Ait good Tampa Liberal Arts Mm. lini Allen Milton Liberal Arts Flora Jo Alston Perry Liberal Arts Carolyn Baggett Port St. Joe Liberal Arts Vanita Baldwin Oak H.ll Liberal Arts |ian Ballinger DeLand Business ii liam Barni ii DeLand Music Bi i iv Bartlett Miami Liberal Arts Margaret Bait max Apopka Liberal Arts Makii Him Homestead Liberal Arts Makii i i Bellows DeLand Liberal Arts UcQUELYN Hicham Coleman Business Virginia B ' spham Tampa Liberal Arts WnMin Blackburn Clearwatei Liberal Arts Lola Blecha Starke Liberal Arts Mortii H Lakeland Liberal Arts Mmo Lou Bohn Jacksonville Mush Nadini Boni 1 ' l - " u " v Business Margari . Brantley Arcadia liberal Arts l „ | Brooki k Tampa Business R.oxi Brown Eu!tis Bunnell 42 Barbara BROWNELL Andovcr, N. Y. Business Joy i Bryan Wauchula Business Mildred Bryson Waynesville Liberal Arts Barrara Burki Catlcttsburg, Ky. Liberal Arts BETT1 Burki; Catlcttsburg, Ky. Liberal Arts Dorothy Burnette New Smyrna Beach Business Roswell Bushnell DcLand Liberal Arts Frank Caldwell St. Petersburg Law Dorothy Carlton Wauchula Liberal Arts Paul D. Carmichael, Jr Neptune Beach Liberal Arts Doris Cass Orlando I vi i Norman Catledgi; DcLand Liberal Arts I meri Catts Gainesville Liberal Arts |i anne Frances Chambers Jacksonville Liberal Arts HlLMA ClIAVERS Milton Liberal Arts Dorothy Cheek Miami Liberal Arts Raola Chrisman Miami Liberal Art, EAR] Cochran Arcadia Liberal Arts David Coffield Pier ' on Liberal Arts Lida Cofield Newberry Business Richard Cooper Port Orange Business VlOLA Cook Augusta, Ga. Liberal Arts Joe Coston Ft. Pierce Liberal Arts June Crawford Miami Liberal Arts Virginia Crooks Eustis Liberal Arts Pat Cudahy Ft. Lauderdale Business Siiiriiy Cunningham Bradenton Liberal Arts Mary ]o Currie Gainesville Liberal Arts Iames Danford Chipley Mnsii Francis Davis Orlando Business Rosfmarv Day Lenoir City, Tetin. Liberal Arts Louise Dearston Umatilla Mini, Anne DeBerard Wilmette, 111. Liberal Arts Winifred Demorest Avon Park Business Mary Elizabeth Dent Orlando Liberal Arts Muriel Dewey Tampa Business Frances DeWoli Miami Liberal Arts Madeleine Dickinson Jupiter Liberal Arts Iamis Dun i it Daytona Beach Liberal Arts Shirlei Echols Sanford Business Mai Sim mg En. Jacksonville Liberal Arts Prisciixa Emerson Orlando Liberal Arts Ma, HONGEN. Jacksonville Liberal Ails lii i n I.vans Coleman Liberal Arts R.H HARD OKI! n Iauki ii Sanford Music Ann FAUL Daytona Reach Liberal Arts Kaiiiiiun. 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STETSON UNIVERSITY WHO SEftV£D TN THE SECOND WORLD WAR A .c x r r r r j r y j r r r r r r r r » r r r r r r j - S BARBARA LEY PRICE Magna Cum Laucle V BENJAMIN HADDOX Cum Lamlc ANNETTE BOLTON CLARK Cum Laude ' (), here has been much throwing about of brains — " Shakespeare RUTH DURRANCE " All the Things You Are " Ruth has " made history. " She is the first girl to hold the office of student body presi- dent. We haven ' t for one minute regretted our choice. Seeing that she had an over- powering dose of leadership the Tri Deltas elected her president of Alpha Delta. She has specialized on the cornet for many years and can hold her own in competition with the best. She is particularly fond of sergeants. In fact intends to make one her " career. " This fondness did not keep her from being in practically everything on campus. Ruth is undeniably lovely in everything she does . . . plays an admirable game of tennis . . . and is a natural when it comes to being a genuine all-round person. " (Ruth 56 EDITH MARIE GARDNER " Got a Taut l of Texas in My Walk " Edie Ree has taken a lot of teasing about the way she walks but she is just the one who can take it. Besides its being a very original walk — it ' s " Kute. " There ' s no amount of money that could buy a sense of humor such as " Gardner ' s Special. " She has developed unique faculties for entertainment and is the life of the party on any occasion. Yet all of this is dropped on the entrance of a serious moment. She ' s found the real values of life and never fails to take a stand for them. I ' ve heard rumors that she can sing her way into any man ' s heart . . . even a " Major ' s " ! Not only does she sing, but can act equally as well. We were thoroughly convinced of this after seeing her take the lead in " The Willow and I. " She has continually received high hon- ors — from outstanding freshman to " Who ' s Who. " Also was elected vice-president of her sorority, Alpha Xi Delta. She ' s attractive, witty, sincere, congenial . . . need I go on? " JU 57 LURA TYNER " Don ' t Fence Me In " As president of the senior class, president of Y. W. A., student — or just as a friend — she definitely has a mind of her own. She has been a freshman adviser for the past three years. Her word is " law " to them, but she loves ' em with a heart of gold. She dropped anchor in the field of soci- ology, holds an A.B. degree, and is well on the way to " making good. " She ' s contributed a lot to holding down traditions such as, " A Picture of Life ' s Other Side " — wearing jeans — putting Stetson in the highlights on conventions. She can be serious or gay, which ever the occasion demands. There are no frills at- tached . . . just plain Tyner . . . what will we do without her? " i ijnei BARBARA LUPFER " Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea " Bobby is always tearing her hair. If it isn ' t the desk girl schedule it ' s a calculus problem to work. I don ' t know how she did it but nevertheless she did. She has a magnetic personality and knows how to use it. Her gay disposition adds a lot to her ability to win friends. We not only admire her for these traits, but more serious ones also. She ' s ever will- ing to have a heart to heart talk and deals out sympathy or frankness as the occasion demands. She hasn ' t missed a thing and as Editor- in-Chief we know she ' s worked hard on the Hatter for this year. Besides being in dozens of other things — vice-president of the Women ' s Council . . . tapped for the Honor . . . picked for " Who ' s Who " . . . etc. There ' s no end in naming her activities and in addition she has maintained a superior scholastic average. Her ever-ready grin is an invitation to friendship and you are automatically taken in. " (BoUy 59 LETA MITCHELL " Lei McOff UpTown " Leta has carted girls and boys to town for the past four years. However, this isn ' t all we remember her for. She wears a habitual smile and takes it from one meeting to the other. In spite of the many meetings she has to attend, she usually finds time-out for a chorus of " Have You Seen My New Shoes? " There is also a serious side to this ever pleasant character. She can easily shift from a gay mood into serious tenseness. In fact Leta can meet any circumstance and be com- pletely master of the situation. She has a double major in biology and physical education. Due to her excellent work in this field we are expecting her to rank among the best in the future. We see her as a favorite among the favor- ites. She is reliable and will be remembered as doing any job she undertakes . . . well. Now you can see why . . . she was made president of the Women ' s Council . . . presi- dent of Zeta Tau Alpha . . . tapped for the Blazer club . . . and made " Who ' s Who " two years. She has set an example for us all. JL-ela r,(i MAURICE FAIN " Accentuate the Positive " Our favorite " preacher-boy " and big brother of the campus is Fain. He ' s looked after us young ' uns on convention trips for the past three years. When the trucks broke down he ' d keep the cheer up with a performance of " Hoy-man. " Religion is not only a profession with him but it ' s the center of his life. He ' s already well on his way towards being a successful minister. Immediately recognized by his " kangeroo- lope " . . . but it ' s his way of " get ' n there. " Always on time and willing to work. He was given the tough job of being man- ager of the Glee Club. Not mentioning all of his other activities such as ... Ye Mystic Krew . . . president of State Baptist Student Union . . . and picked for " Who ' s Who. " THUS . . . We ' re expecting Stetson to go forward with Fain. CJOttl 61 " II ill the world ' s .1 stage — We ' d like to wear the royal gowns And have the spotlights follow us But Fate has cast us to be clowns. ' ' — The Freshmen. ' ._ Mary I ' i i i n Amu rson Jeane Kl I M)IR KniTii Marii: Gardni r Ruth Durran i Lura TyNUR Tommy Li i low i i k Maurice Fain IlOBHY LUPl I R Anni ti i Clark Lita Mill HI I I WHO ' S WHO AMOK STUDENTS I Hi AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AID COLLEGES Who ' s Who is a national organization of juniors and seniors chosen in over 300 colleges and universities throughout the nation. Selection is based on outstanding qualities of leadership, scholarship, and character. It is the highest honor which can be conferred upon a college student. 63 1 bcJ o — o DEAR AL-MA MA -TER SMILE UP- ON TH It ) «t ,- V a HILD-REN CL XX GLAD - LY WE G EET THE £ H -Z- AL - TO- GETH-ER. LOVE- LY s PEACE BE WITH + N o THY CLAS-SIC HALLS AND TEM - PLES ft .0 r HAIL, AL - MA - C MA - TER. n DEAR.. CURTAIN CALL Let ' s ring up the curtain for just one last glimpse of 1944-45. If we can catch sight of only a few of the events that came to pass it will be worth the effort. But so much has happened. It makes us weary thinking of how Stetson was constantly growing with its million dollar campaign. It really went over big. There was a war going on then which was the reason the men were mere freckles on the face of our thriving population of women. The big shot upperclassmen were overwhelmed at the vast number of freshmen. It seems to me those rats were a little backward there for one week. I saw some of them skipping to class with their clothes on upside down, while others insisted upon dangling their beaux pictures around their necks. Yes, those freshmen were great nature lovers too, especially with sandspur pickings and the like. But that soon did out with Sweet William. The B. S. U. Convention: that broken down truck, Lake City, " Frog " Watts napping on the stage. We thought we ' d never make it — but we did. What rollicking fun we had at the Halloween Carnival at the Stetson Stall! Jack o ' lanterns, witches, black cats, and goblins succeeded in making the colorful booths great attractions for everyone. Queen Neely and maids were the highlight of the evening in their beautiful gowns, not forgetting the costume parade. The dentist had a booming business after the freshmen cleared fifteen dollars on their candy (?) apples. That was the year of delayed rushing in fraternities. It wasn ' t long before things were in full swing though. Ribbons, then pledge pins were over the hearts of the latest recruits. The men ' s fraternities were building up again, too, with " frat " houses re- opening. Thou Winter Wind certainly blew us in 1944. Yeah, right into the middle of a hurricane! Whiz, bang, crash, zowie, and a couple of chatter, chatters (that was my teeth). The lights even went out, but that didn ' t keep us down. We had a great party in the parlors by candlelight, while the trees did the " lindy " outside. It was definitely " out of this world. " A lot of destruction, just to get out of classes for a day. What won ' t we try next? The L. T. was exceedingly popular with Dr. Stover directing some of its greatest performances. The house was crowded for every attraction. The season included " Seven Sisters, " " The Willow and I, " " Alice Sit-by-the-Fire, " " Ring around Elizabeth, " and " Twelfth Night. " Continued on Page 77 69 . i 4ii TR % 7(1 1944-45 John B. Stetson University School of Music Presents Senior Recitals — Jeane Shaw Klender .... Nov. 2 1 Martha White, Ruth Durrancc Nov. 28 Elinor Edlin May 8 Isabelle Eddins May 15 Vacuity Recitals — Rosemary Clark J Jn . 9 Stetson Trio Jan. 29 Frances Buxton Mar. 29 Candlelight Service Dec. 1 5 The Messiah Dec. 10 Commencement Concert . . . May 27 ' Amuse n mvtfflfriftv» 72 presents Workshop Plays . Seven Sisters . The Willow and 1 Alice Sit-by-the-Fire Ring Around Elizabeth . Apr. 13 Twelfth Night . . . May 11 Oct. 23 Nov. 24 Feb. 9 Mar. 2 . 73 THE HATTER LOOKS " What Fools These Mortals Be " 1. Going my way? 2. Thus Stetson goes forward 3. Wait ' til next year. 4. Just p 5. Makeup artist. 6. Caught on the sly. 7. Hoola • Hoola. 8. To the rear — March mmm IT CAMPUS LIFE AND PERSONALITIES 1. Dormitory refugees. 2. Hold that pose. 3. Upside-down cake. 4. Back-seat driver. 5. Throw in the towel. 6. The age of innocence. 7. Remember the six-inch rule 8. Readjustments. 9. Costume party? 1. All Greek to me. 2. Freshmen team. 3. Class of 196 . 4. B. S. U. Contention 5. Off to study? 6. Upperclass team. 7. I see you pledged. 8. Friendly chat. 9. Bull session. 10. For friendship. CURTAIN CALL Continued from Page 69 And those basketball games — how could we ever forget them! The crowds were great; of course, it couldn ' t have been those gobs that Stetson played, or the WAVES, or . . . could it? Hmmm — The B. S. U. did great work that year too. And we do mean work — remodeling the house, the pretty flowers we tried to talk into blooming over-night. Double talk, that ' s what it took. Also the news that blossomed along with our posies was great — those Christian Collegiate columns kept up with all the " who-does-what-and-why " gossip plus the " don ' t-get-nosey-bub " editions of campus activities. Then Happy Day! Thanksgiving rolled around and the thrill of going home to turkey dinner, football games, and family pow-wows. Oh Joy, a vacation from exams and homework (well, we did study once in awhile). We had only a few days to gather together again before Christmas. The two parties were huge successes. C. Davis made a good Santa Claus with the beautiful decorations in the commons as a background. The exchanging of luxurious presents, mainly: baby rattles, pop-guns, horns, and whistles. Chaudoin Parlors was another scene of gala red and green festivities. The entertainment flourished, orchestra and refreshments were enjoyed — even though they were thrown at us; the fruit, I mean. Poem (in case you didn ' t recognize it): The weeks passed in Christmas vacation, Glorious days of relaxation. (You can ' t say I didn ' t try!) But back to school we did go — how dull, only kidding naturally. It was a great reunion, old friends collapsing into each other ' s arms with cries of delight — seeing each other after so long a time, you know. It ' s really very touching after the second- hundredth time. Some of the things that came back with us weren ' t quite so welcome. Mumps and measles, for instance, followed by two weeks of rcsf in the " infer-mary " — bwang! Hark! What else did we hear — the clatter of wedding bells bringing forth our lovey doves: Bolton versus Clark. The result was a tie in holy matrimony. Speaking of recollections, that well-beaten path led by Leta and her gang of C. M. ' s to third floor, south wing, in search of coconut juice to refresh the exhausted Woman ' s Council. Another party, hearts aglow — this time it was the St. Valentine ' s party in the com- mons enlivened by slinky hairdo ' s, dreamy formals, and food, fond, FOOD! (Oh, how I love that stuff.) Before we knew it, we had something other than food to cram into those poor, defenseless bodies of ours. Exams, term papers, parallel, and anything else we didn ' t know enough about, stared us in the face. The survival of the fittest came about along with graduation. Thus we sailed away in a stream of tears with " bye-now ' s " into our own individual lives with memories of a most wonderful collegiate year. Bump! Well, that ' s definitely the last curtain call, but Stetson in ' 44- ' 45 was really a magnificent performance. 77 1. Fulfilled dreams. 2. The Engs. 3. The gang ' s all here. 4. Betty and Kunes. 5. Baclc to nature. 6. The long and short of it. 7. Happy threesome. 8. Tom and Tyner. When do we eat? We greet the ladies. How many lumps? The Ancient Mariner. Don ' t cross your bridges. Ladies ' tea crashers. Must I wait ' til Xmas? Delta of Sigma Phi. 9. Angle shot. 10. The weekly wash. I I. Thro ' these portals. 12. True love. XII SI I " S -. mm divines WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Louise Adler Carolyn Alger Rai HI 1. All ISON Elizabeth Ambrose l k v |i an Bailey Virginia Ba n s Fransui Baxter Virginia Bispham Waynette Blackburt JOYCl Id M KVV II I Mary Louise Bohn Nadini Boni Faye Bh Barbara Browni i i Mildred Bryson Dorothy Burn! n I.iiia Cot II i D i iii da colliei Mary C«ji i ins Bii mi Cooi I l.l III ( RONKHl II Pat Cudaiiy I Davis Muriel I J Shirley Echols Carol Emerson June Fenn Ann Gilbert Jimmy Godwin I lizabi i ii Gm in n Shirley Graham Sally Gka v mm i Julia Grii i in I n I s [UNI I 1 Ml I Dean Nil 1 Iarwood Juanita Ha SKINS |iM Hood Marian Him, hi s Edith Johnson AvoNNI |l NI s Helen I " ni s Mary Jo Joni s S i x I v JoNJ s Mar iokii Ki RSI 1 |i ANNE Kirk Jerry Knu.ii i 111 ISY Krami r Mildred Langston Jeani Km M ' kH ( MINN III Harriet Lindner Sarah Ann Lett Winifred Lovi i l Magaha I ' ii i 1 1 1 Martin Betty Mashburn Pa i rh ia Maxcy ( ,1 ORIA Ml Cl.l-NDON NAN( Y Ml ( OI LUM Joan Milli r Id i i v Sui Min in i i I i i A Mi I i in I Iri ni Mori land Betty Mui hoi land I I ANSI Nll-LY BOOTS OV] l M R I I I Aid i ParKHURS i hi i si Pa i ' ii Mary Pittman Bobby Prk i Miriam vi i Mary Kamsi y Juni Kl MSBURG I OR0 l ll v Rl HARDSON PA IKK IA Rll KMAN Fayi Rogers Susan Rountree Bobby Royal Phyllis Schock Rosllyn Seckinger Vi mil i i i Si hring Marjorie Smith RUIH SlMRI s Susan Sturrolk Mary Taylor 1 vi i yn Trundle I [ 1 Mil I II Trainham L.URA TYNER Jl AN VaRNUM Anna Sue Wai hi n I vi i vn W " VI Kl K IKANKII W ' AIKIR Barbara Ann Walters Anna Margari i Wiiiii PAULINI WlNDl RWEEDLE ARO] I N W ' lNl.l K I Jamie Whitaki r Jane Wooten Standing, left to right: Jaudon, Miss Hick, A. Caldwell. de ' Gruchy. Kneeling, left to right: Watts, Cannon, OFFICERS Betty Cannon President Joyce Watts Vice-President Helen deGruchy Secretary Mildred Jaudon Corresponding Secretary Joyce Caldwell Treasurer Anita Caldwell Publicity Esther Hick Faculh Adviser Joyce Watts Jetty Can nun To Betty Cannon and Joyce Watts goes the dubious honor of having kept the Intramural schedule rolling during 1944-45. It is a dubious honor because surely no other job in school carries as much responsibility and plain hard work for the slight recognition gained. But there has been nothing dubious in the way these girls carried on the job. From every girl who participated in Intramurals . . . Thanks to you both. 85 Sara Staff Jernigan Director Women ' s Athletics Esther Hick Women ' s In tin mil nils GIRLS ' INTRAMURAL MANAGERS Left to right: ROSELYN SECKINGER Zeta Tan Alpha Mary Pittman Non-Fraternity Anna Margaret White Pi Beta Phi Jeanne Neely Alpha Xi Delta Bobbie Price Delta Delta Delta Kneeling: Joyce Watts Chairman Girls ' Varsih Basketball Tear, Coach Brady Cowe Diree tor of Athletic " Doc " Johnson Director Men ' s liitrtiimtrah BOYS ' INTRAMURAL MANAGERS Left to right: " Doc " Johnson Minister Charles Davis Minister Douglas Teal Pi Kappa Phi Earl Cochran Stetson Hall John Shaw Delta Sigma Phi Boys ' Intramural Squad 87 TENNIS ALPHA XI DELTA Jeanne Neely Helen deGruchy SIUFFLEBOARD PI BETA PHI Winifred Lovell Anita Caldwell HOWLING ALPHA XI DELTA Jeanne Neely Barbara Schleck 88 ARCHERY ZETA TAU ALPHA Patricia Maxcy Mary Ramsey TABLE TEMIS ALPHA XI DELTA Edith Cronkhite Nancy Brovcn BOX HOCKEY ZETA TAU ALPHA Isabel Borum Carol Emerson YE MYSTIC KREWE Founded in 1934 Colors: Red and Black Harry Atkinson Captain Maurice Fain First Mate Ralph House Second Mate Charles Davis Boatswain Heyward Adams Master at Arms Ben Haddox Cabin Boy Ye Mystic Krewe is an organization of junior and senior men, which recognizes and encourages scholarship and leadership by inviting each year into its membership such men as it deems worthy of the honor. The purpose of the organization is to develop and coordinate a proper spirit among all elements of campus life and activities. THE II II IMS Colors: Green and Gold Founded in 193 The purpose of The Honor is to give each girl the opportunity of making her life better and finer and thus of making herself more valuable to the people around her and to her university. Distinction of becoming a member of The Honor is bestowed as a reward for accomplishments in scholarship, activities and leadership on Stetson ' s campus. Annette Clark President Sylvia Jones Vice-President Ruth Durrance Secretary-Treasurer Tirry Wagner In Facilitate Hi i i ■ Jam Amiikin Mil DR.] i) COSSON Carol Emerson MEMBERS Bariiaka Price Tommy Lee Fowler I-.di n i Marie Gardner Barisaka Lupfi r ANNE 1 " 111 M,. ' |M N N« W- « 10W OON lOE 3° " N „, ,, Ml nun ' TIIETA ALPHA 1 11 1 NATIONAL HONORARY DRAMATIC FRATERNITY FLORIDA ALPHA CHAPTER Joe John President Marjorie Merrill Vice-President Edith Cronkhite Secretary Nancy Brown Treasurer Dr. Irving C. Stover Adviser PHI BETA FRATERNITY Colors: Violet and Gold Flower: The Rose Motto: Einai mallon e Finesthi " To be rather than seem to be. " Phi Beta is a national professional fraternity of music, drama, and the dance. Eta Chapter was established in 1921 and has progressed to the point of national recognition in receiv- ing the gavel as the most outstanding chapter in the organization in the year 1940. ACTIVES Ramsey Pranhnl D ' JRRANCE Vice-President Lasater Secretary FoVTLER Treasurer Marcum Historian PLEDGES McDaniel Gardni r Grantham N ' f wburn MEMBERS ON THE FACULTY Ti rrv Wagni r Vl RONII A Govi RfiSl MAR1 C.I ARK ' U HATTER ART CLIC President Vtee.Pres Seet-Tres. Feperter Vrvgrarn E.L.West J. Shew R. Ctirniek M. Merrill H.Lindner S Harvey M. Hughes E.Jarrett M.Tillman PI DELTA PSI An Honorary Club for the purpose of promoting an interest in litera Miss Annie N. Hoi DEN Sponsor MEMBERS Hoke Dowdy Mary Ellin Anderson (amis Casey Julia Grti i in Mm dred Cosson Bl ISY DllilSI I Emily How i s Terry Wagner W. B. Towni.ey Wii ma Townley Kathleen McGehee Rai imi House Jam Hall Elatiiier Nickerson Emu x Louise West 94 Amidon Vice-President THE COMMERCE I ' M It The Commerce Club is an honorary society for the School of Business Administration. AlTON 6 a wson E Ml RSOI Jaudon Marc lm Kersey McKenzie Mm i k Murray Nl HOI S Nor dm an Ramsey Shaw Walker White 95 OFFICERS Carol Emerson President Bitty Cannon Secretary -Treasurer MEMBERS Ruth Durrance Esther Hick Sara Staff Jernigan Betsy Kramer Leta Mitchell Mary Ramsey PLEDGES Joyce Caldwell Roselyn Seckinger Joyce Watts THE STETSON BLAZER CLUB Membership in this organization is based on good sportsmanship, leadership, athletic ability, and scholarship. Students may earn their letter " S " after two years of college work and upon initiation are presented with green and white blazers. A bid to the club is the highest athletic honor a Stetson girl can achieve. PI KAPPA DELTA NATIONAL HONORARY FORENSIC FRATERNITY FLORIDA BETA CHAPTER Established in 193 8 Bobba I.ui ' i ik President Charles Clements . Vice-President Mil i in i i) Cosson Secretary NaNCV Brown Treasure} Dr. Irving C. Stover .... Adviser I. R. C. Joe Johnson President Emily Howes Vice-President Charles Clements Secretary Julia Griffin M. Ellen Anderson Mildred Cosson Muriel Mitchell Bobby Mason Mary C. Ramsey Isabel Borum Elois Hagan Dr. R. F. Howes Sponsor INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Purpose: To stimulate an interest in and an understanding of international affairs. 97 Hoke Dowdy President %j i | El ATHIER NlKERSOr. Secretary Barbara Price Treasurer Colors: Red and Gold FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Ar.jona Gertrude Foster Dr. Thornton Professor Winters Dorothy Fuller MEMBERS Dorothy Cooke Edith M. Gardner Jane Hall Skiiu i v Montgomery- Ruth Moore Betty Mulholland Charlotte Nordman Ella Pintado Johanna Shew Jo An Tatum George Arnold SIGM t DELTA PI HONORARY SPANISH FRATERNITY la us tuiiiit: Voir, Savoir, — Victoire! •»■ ■ E OFFICERS Elizabeth Ambrose President Eleanor Jarrett Vice-President Joyce Gilliam Secretary Joyce Blackwell Treasurer Dr. Frances C. Thornton Adviser MEMBERS Elizabeth Ambrose Joyce Blackwell Isabel Borum Shirley George Joyce Gilliam Eleanor Jarrett Virginia Alger Rachel Allison Virginia Bispham Helen Clemens Anne DeBerard Muriel Dewey Ruth Durrance Joan Hatiteld Mary Lasater Winu red Lovell Nancy McCollu Leta Mitchell Mary K. Ramsey Susan Rountree ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Betty Ann Hill Emily Howes Marian Hughes Muriel McCabe Betty Mulholland Elathier Nickerson Jean Noble Frances Nold Patricia Rickman Marjorie Scarborough Frances Walker Barbara A. Walters Bert Gans Roy Miller Dillard Sebastian John Shaw The purpose of " La Franciadc " is to encourage an interest in the language, the customs, and the literature of France outside of the classroom. 99 m ffffffffffff iiii « HE HI II GLEE CLUB Helen Allinger, Director OFFICERS Maurice Fa,n G«ww M " " " ' ' ' °f Glee Cltlbs j OE John Manager of Men ' s Club Edith Marie Gardner M ' " " r " f Somen ' s Cluh Mary Ellen Gentry Rector of Publicity r ... Director of Publicity Earl Cochran ' r t c .... Student Leader Tommy Lee Fowler . -. ..... Accompanist Alma Grantham ' Anne Anuki m s Flora Jo Alston Carolyn Baggett Virginia Bates Louise Dearston Helen Dl GRUCHY [sab1 i ii i ' ddins Priscilla Emerson Tommy Lee Fowler Edith Marie Gardner Mary Ellen Gentry 1 1 an c.figer Marion Hughes Mary Lasater Flo Masculine Hi i i n Mn i i.r Leta Mitchell Betty Mulholland Ruth McDaniel Dorothy Patton Alice Parkhurst Ruth Pendleton Mary Catherine Ramsey |i an Sever Joan Sheppard Katherine Shirley Vivian Sult Margaret Svpar tz Mary Alma Taylor Marguerite Thomas Elizabeth Trainham Hi i i I |ani: Amidon Hiiin Baker Margaret Bati man Lola Bi.i ika I hi mi Iiii [AM ' RONKIIITE Vircjnia Crooks Lois Davis WlNII Kl I Dl MOREST Eleanor Edlin Carol Emerson Alma Grantham Marion Cki i m LeNNIVII VI I ll NDI RSUN Mary Jo Joni s Fai i ii Kurt Marjorii Mi krii i Jean Mihiiiii |i vi i 1 am M Cully Rutei Moore Irene Mori i and Frances Nold Jeanne Ostrander Marjorii Scarborough Vl Rill EI T Si BRING Barbara Sim as ShIRLI V Stanfill Jo Anne Tatum Jean Varnum Ann Weeks Janet White Pi i v i i is Williams Vickie Young Hilma Chavers Marjorie Smith Charles ' u n Bile Grmner (NAS) Fare Cochran Maurice Fain Orien Iarki i i Forbes Fuller loilN llAl I. Joe John Flournoy Jernigan Hakoi d Mitchell Comer Woodaei. Jimmy Danford [00 THE STETSON CAMERA CLUB Colors: Black and White Motto: " Seeing is believing " Miss Frances Buxton Sponsor Founded October, 1944 J. Klender " President R. Allison J. Caldwell B. A. Hubble B. Martin M. A. Taylor L. Tyni r Vice-President M G. Bailei D. Carlton M. Jaudon P. Maxcy E. Tucker V. Nichols Secretary J. bl.ACKWELL R. CURNICK A. Jones G. McClendon A. S. W ' alden M. MlLLI R Treasurer D. BURNFTTE I. J. Hart B. Lee S. SrANI ILL FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA EZELL CHAPTER OFFICERS Sylvia Jones President Fransue Baxter Vice-President Miriam Ragsdale Secretary Ruth Curnick Treasurer Ada Kimball .... Historian Hi t i v Ann Cannon . Parliamentarian Bernice Lee Librarian Dr. B. F. Ezell Adviser Dr. R. L Carter Co-Adviser MEMBERS Mary Gene Bailey Marjorh Kersei Vanita Baldwin Carli-.en I i i Maurici Branti iv Patricia Maxc v Hilda Collier Iris Murry Franc is Col i n i Gloria McClendon Dorothy Carlton Li i a Mitchell Charline Carson Jlan OSTRANDER Virginia Rae Crooks Mary Pit than Sammie Dawson Elizabeth Tucker Betty Evans Lura Tyner Rachel I Iaiu i ss Anna Sue Waldi n . ,. , ..,. , Margaret Jones I ' aulini Windiiuvi iihi Dr. B. r. 1 vi i i L)r. R. L. lak i i k j 102 THE PHI SOCIETY The Honorary Freshman Society Mildred Cosson President MEMBERS Marzee Aiton Betty Jane Amidon Sammie Lee Dawson Jimmie Godwin Alma Grantham Virginia McKenzie Marjorie Merrill Iris Murray Charlotte A. Nordman CORTEZ AULENE TEDDER HELTA GAMMA PHI Honorary Band Fraternity OFFICERS Jeanne Ostrander President Jeane Klender Vice-President Fransue Baxter Secretary Cortez Tedder Treasurer MEMBERS Jeanne Ostrander Cortez Tedder Jeane Klender Janet White Fransui Baxter Ruth Durranci Vicky Young 103 Betsy Dibble Helen Cj i mons Ruth L. Maxwell Leta Mitchell Cortez Tedder Betty Cannon Jean Woodall Marietta Chili BETA CHI OMEGA Honorary Biology Organization OFFICERS Helen Clemons President Leta Mitchell Vice-President Betty Cannon Secretary Dorothy Fuller Vacuity Adviser FRESHMAN ADVISERS 1944-1945 I li ward Adams Betty Jane Amidon Mary Ei .li n Anderson Nancy Brown Betty Ann Cannon Anni tte Clark KniSI HI Cl AKK Mil Did li loSSOM Hi ISY I lll ' .l ' .l I R i I 1 1 1 URRANCI Elinor Edlin Carol Emerson Maurice. Fain Tommy Lee Fowler I ' m 1 1 1 Marie Gardner Mary Ei i i n Gentry Rai.pi i I [( ii si Mary Lasater Bobbie Lup] i r |i a n Kl END] K Harriet Lindner Leta Mitchell Vernice Nichols Mary Katherine Ramsey Cortez Tedder Kathryn Shirley Lura Tyni R |oii i Watts Janet White Leta Mitchell Bobby Lupfer Eleanor Edlin Carol Emerson President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Joyce Watts Barbara Price Nancy Brown Betty Jane Amidon Sergeant-at-Arms Stei ens Hull Representative SohJ; omore Representative Representathe-at-Larg THE WOMEN ' S STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION " To help maintain honorable living among the women of Stetson University by recog- nition of the worth of honesty, loyalty, and responsibility. " 105 r lr Bobby Lupfer Editor-m-Chiej Lura Tyner Assistant Editor Bob Clark Edith Cronkhiti " isiness Manager Assistant Business Manage THE 1945 HATTER In view of the theme of the 1945 Hatter, just consider us the " back-stage crew. " We have worked hard but had a lot of fun putting this " production " together. Now it is our sincere hope that you will enjoy it from beginning to end. The Editor. Bert B. Cans Art Editor Marjorie Merrill Organizations Editor Jean Klender Photography Fransue Baxter fraternities Betty Ann Cannon itbletii i Winifred Lovell Senior Editot Ilia Mitchell Junior Editor Miriam Ragsdali Sophomore Editor Elizabeth Goldi n freshman Editor |i « Nobii June Crawford fresh Joan Miller Assistant Organize Mary Jane McGuire Assi Jewel Garrett Janet White Barbara Ann Walters [oy i Watts Nahda Adkins Ann Shackelford Typist Editor Editor Editor erasing ertising pt Girl pt Girl Typhi Typist I cm l l Mi k in l l Km. sli i i Gol in N Mil 11 R Mi GuiKI ( . A k K I I I Willi Wai reus WAI is 106 Adkins Siiai ki i i ord Nom i THE COLLEGIATE CHRISTIAN OFFICERS Comer Woodali President Ruth Durrance Vice-President Edith Cronkhite Secretary-Treasurer Marjorie Merrill Corresponding Secretary Mrs. Edith Merrill Sponsor METHODIST STUDENT ORGANIZATION MEMBERS Nahda Adkins Betty Cannon Dorothy Carlton Ruth Curnick James Danford Helen deGruchy Del Dickinson Lee Forsythe Bret Hope Edith Johnson Marjorie Kersey Virginia McKenzie Flora Masculine Mitzi Mitchell Sara Rollins Verdelle Sebring Jean Sever Mary Alma Taylor Cortez Tedder Evelyn Trundle Terry Wagner Robert Woodall CANTERBURY CLUB Founded January 14, 1945 The aim of the Canterbury Club is to serve the mission of Christianity in higher educa- tion by fostering among its members a better understanding of the faith and practice of the Episcopal Church and loyalty to its corporate life. SPONSOR Rev. Gladstone Rogers FACULTY MEMBERS Curtis Horn Miss Charlotte Smith Carl H. Johnson Dr. Frances Thornton OFFICERS Or.en Farreli President Harriet Lindner Vice-President Emmy Lou West Secretary J, an Nobli Treasurer MEMBERS Beth Bartxett Ji an Murphy Ka,,m Borum Jeanne Neeley Rox. Brown Gerry Knight Anita Caldwell Judith Patrick Virginia Crooks Patricia Him Elizabeth Royal William Koon Marion Sturrock Bi isv Kkami r Barbara J. Wooten Anna Livingston Robert Jones Winifred Lovi 1 1 Faye Rogers Doris Cass Fransue Baxter 108 B. S. U. COUNCIL Mary Ellen Anderson President Tommie Lee Fowler .... Vice-President Leta Mitchell Vice-President Edith Marie Gardner .... Vice-President Julia Griffin Secretary Flournoy Jernigan Treasurer Mildred Cosson Vespers Chairman Elizabeth Trainham . . . Vespers Chairman Lura Tyner .... Manager Student House Lucile Halstead Music Chairman Kathryn Shirley Music Chairman Maurice Fain Music Chairman Helen Baker . . Representative Baptist Student Alice Young .... Editor Religious News Mildred Jaudon .... Publicity Chairman Dorothy Richardson . . . Publicity Chairman Representatives of Unit Organizations: Joyce Watts Y. W. A. Annette B. Clark Training Union Joe John Sunday Sc wol Charles Davis .... Ministerial Association Evelyn Dodd . . Volunteers for Christian Service 109 MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION The Ministerial Association of John B. Stetson University is composed of students en- rolled for the ministry in Stetson. The purpose of the organization is to promote the spiritual fellowship and general welfare of the members both on the campus and throughout the state. The members receive practical experience in religious work through participation in B. S. U. and other activities. A number of the members have pastorates near the campus and others do supply work over the state. OFFICERS Chas. Davis President Harold Mitchell Vice-President August Ott Secretary Flournoy Jernigan Treasurer Dr. H. C. Garwood Sponsor C. WoODALL R. WoODALL Haddox C. Hall J. Hall Johnson JrRNIC-AN no r. mr MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION in Joyce Watts Vickey Young Vice-President Joyce Caldwell Secretary Anita Caldwell Treasurer ■It is better to light a candle than to c,u e the darkness. " OFFICERS Evelyn Dodd Adviser Joyce Watts President Vickey Young Vice-President Joyce Caldwell Secretary Anita Caldwell Treasurer Evonne Wood Devotional Chairman Helen Baker M " ' " V Cha.rman Kathryn Sh.rley M " " - Chairman Vern.ce N 1C hols Program Chairman Mary Pink Collins Personal Chairman T r- ... Personal Chairman Jewel Garrett TJ r- „ . . . Social Chairman Hilda Collier 112 Louise Adler Nahda Adkins Rachel Allison Mary Ellen And] kmp Carolyn Baggeti Mary Gene Bailey Vanita Baldwin Margaret Bateman M uur Bell Jackie Bigham |oY E BlACKWELL Mary Louise Bohn Natalie Bone Faye Broom k Barbara Bukki Betty Burke Dorothy Burnett Dorothy Carlton Hilma Chavers Raola Chrisman LlDA COFIELD Billie Cook Mildred Cosson Francis Davis Lois Davis Sammie Dawson Rosemary Day Louise Dearston Winifred Demurest I banc is DeWoli Shirley Echols Carol Emerson Mai: Hong Eng Mae Sheng Eng Betty Evans (Catherine Fisher Joyce Fletcher Tommy Lee Fowler Ann Gilbert Jimmie Godwin Celia Goff I i 1 mii 111 Golden Shirley Graham Alma Gran i ham Sai iy Graybili Julia Grii i in Jane Hall June Hargis Iris June Hart Lennie Henderson Dorothy Hill Frances Horton Marian Ho. hi s Mildred Jaudon Avonne Joni s Helen Jones Ada Kimball Gerry Knight Thelma Langston Mary Lasater Carleen Li i Sarah Ann Lett De OWI RY Bobby Lupfer Gloria McClendon Jewel Faye McCully Virginia McKenzie Virginia Manning Betty Mashburn Patricia Maxcy Helen Miller Joan Miller Martha Miller Frances Mills Leta Mitchell Verdie Mixon Ruth Moore Carmen Murray Iris Murray- Hi nrii i 1 in Noreleet Joan Nydegger Jeanne Ostrander Jiani tte Overstreet Bi i si i Patch Ruth Pendleton Mavis Pitts Miriam Ragsdale Virginia Rich Dorothy Richardson Faye Rogers Susan Rountree Minnie Sauls RoSALYN SECKINGER Peggy Scott Verdelle Sebring Ann Shackleford Phyllis Schock Ruth Spires Shirley Stanfill Alma Stiles Margaret Swartz Jo An Tatum Marguerite Thomas Mary Tillman Elizabeth Trainham Elizabeth Tucker Lura Tyner Jean Varnum Anna Sue Walden Evelyn Walker Frances Walker Barbara A. Walters Emmy Lou West Jamie Whittaker Phyllis Williams Katie Wilson Pali [Nl WlNDERWEl dli Jane Wooten Fayi Young 113 VOLUNTEERS FOR CHRISTIAN SERVICE Aim: The aim of this organization is to bring together those students who have been called, and who have surrendered to do definite Christian service as the Lord leads, for the purpose of maintaining a real Christian spirit on Stetson ' s campus. OFFICERS Evelyn Dodd .... Margaret Swartz . Tommy Lee Fowler . Mary Ellen Anderson . Helen Baker . . President . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer Program Chairman Ml MB] KS Mavis Pins Fr a nces Colli e i Vi km Young ( i 1 1 |l AN I ' l.l Sammii Dawson |ewei (.arm [i 1 1 a k k Atkinson |0 A N ' I A II M K i I H I ' l Mil ETO1 ( AKMI N MURRAY K AIM A ( HR1SMI N NX ' i i i a l)i as I owl hi I ah Louisi Young Mary Ellen Andi rs. . | Wl I I Al I Ml Margari i s» - k i Ihmmi Im Fowler 11 hi Dorothy Hili i iii i ma i.ancston Kami WlLSON I-OUIE Wll.KlNSON Helen Miller Margari i Bati man Li nnu Henderson MarGUI hi ii Thomas Annii Mi i i l.«n i Virginia Mannini; Army Paratroops an VETERANS 4 eW WORLD WAR II v Shaw Army Jnfantn HPH4 DEXIOMA ALPHA DEXIOMA Founded at Stetson University May, 1940 Colors: Hunter Green and Gold Flower: Talisman Rose Molto: " For friendship and understanding ' r 1 £ Kl.l Mil K Henderson f McDaniel Lee Johnsen Hall OFFICERS Jeanni Slender President Ruth McDanii l Vice-President Bernici l.i l Recording, Secretary Lihth JbHNS N Corresponding Secretary Jane Hali Treasurer Trudi Savi. Historian Lennii Henderson Chaplain Kathleen McGeehee Sergeanl-at-Arms PURPOSE The purpose of Alpha Dcxioma is to promote demo- cratic friendship and understanding among its mem- bers; to broaden the social, cultural, political, athletic, and religious life of the members and to assist them in every way possible. All women in Stetson Univer- sity who are not affiliated with a national social organization may become members. Saxl McGeehee F. Alston D. Cass S. Cunningham F. Davis L. Dearston W. Demori si F. DeWolf E. Dodd M. Greene R. Harless B. Harrel D. Hill F. Horton A. Hough B. A. Hubble T. Langston C. Lee S. A. Lett V. Manning F. Masculine F. Mills S. Montgomery B. J. Moore J, Murphy C. Murray H. Norfleet M. Pitts A. Shacki i t » kii B. Speas S. Rollins M. Sauls M. Staniteli S. Stanfili J. A. Tatu R. Walker P. Williams F. Young Amidon Cronkhite Mitchell durranch Price; Fowler Lindner White PAN HKLLEIIC COUNCIL OFFICERS ( i i iv Jane Amidon President I.eta Mitchell Vice-President Barbara Price Secretary Harriett Lindner Treasurer Barbara Rowe Adviser MEMBERS Alpha Xi Delia Harriett Lindner iii! i ii c-konkiii n Delta Delta Delia Ruth Durranc i Barbara Pric i I ' i Beta Phi lii i i v Jam Amidon Anna Maroari t White Zeta Tan Alpha Leta Mitchell Tommy Lee Fowler 1. Help! Helpl 2. St. Frances and her gang. 3. Cherubs. 4. Whatcha see? 5. Ah . . . Ruth. 6. Teddy bear squadron. 7. No, not WACS. 8. Inspection. 9. A truck trip. 10. Luscious. II. Peter. 12. For men only. Harriet Lindner President Edith Gardni k Vice-President Mary Lasatlr Si i retar I ll I I N DI GRUCHY Treasurer Mar jorie Merrill Corresponding Secretai v ALPHA XI HELTA Founded at Lombard College, Galesburg, Illinois, in 1893 Colors: Double Blue and Gold Flower: Killarney Rose Dorothy Fuller chapter members in i acultate Mary Tribble Low ry Terry Wagner Aileen Worth Nancy Brown Anne in Clark Dorothy Cook 1.1)1 I II Crqnkhi i i in universitate Ruth Curnk k. Helen deGruchy Edi i 1 1 M. Gardner Mary Lasai i R I [aRR.I1 I I.1NDNI R Ellen Marcum Marjorie Merrill Jeanne Neely BARBARA ScHLECH Carolyn Ai i.i r WaYNJ I I I Bl A KBURN Nadini Bone Ji in] Hood Mm inn ii Langs i on I ' l EDGES (, I IRIS I IN I Magaha Mit .i Mucin i i |l ANNI II I OVI KS I Rl I 1 JUNl Kl MSBURG Barbara Km ai |i an Sever Marjorie Smith Marion J. Si urrock PAUl INI WlNUERWl 1 1)1.1 C. Alger VC. Blackburn N. Bone N. Brown A. Clark D. Cooke F. Cronkhite R. Curnick J. Hood M. Langston C Magaha E. Marcum M. Mm HEi i J. Neely J. OVERSTREET J. Remsburc B. Royal B. SCHLECK J. Sever M. Smith M. Sturrock 1 ' . Winderweedle 121 DELTA DELTA DELTA Founded in 1888, at Boston University, Boston, Mass. Alpha Delta Chapter Established in May, 1913 Colors: Silver, Gold and Blue Flower: Pansy OFFICERS Ruth Durrance President Barbara Price Vice-President Sara Carver Recording Secretary Fransue Baxter Treasurer Betty Graw Corresponding Secretary Virginia McKenzie Chaplain Ann Gilbert Marshal Curtis Horn chapter members in eacultate Esther Hick Sara Staff Jernigan Elizabeth Ambrose Fransue Baxter Sara Carver Mary Pink Collins Billy Cook Ruth Durrance in universitate Ann Gilbert Elizabeth Golden Betty Graw Marcia Hammer Jeanne Kirke Virginia McKenzie Betty Ann Pierce Barbara Price Lavania Ricketts Betty Thompson Barbara Ann Walters Joyce Watts Emory Catts Pricula Emerson PLEDGES Betty Mashburn Pat Rickman Evelyn Walker WlLLA WlLEMAN Lynn Winter PI BETA PHI Founded April 2 8, at Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois Florida Alpha Chapter Established January 3 0, 1913 Colors: Wine and Silver Blue Flower: Wine Carnation firs Half-year Betty Jane Amidon Janet White . I i c ii 1 1 Clark Anita Caldwell . WlNIIRI 1) Lovi I I . OFFICERS Second Half -year President Anita Caldwell Vice-President Lucille Clark . Recording Secretary Betsy Kramer Corresponding Secretary Janet White . Treasurer Betty Jane Amidon An nii Nadini Holden MAIM I K MEMBERS IN 1 AC U IT ATE Nelle Campbell Morris 124 CHAPTI K Ml MBI KS IN UN1VI RS1TATE Betty Jane Amidon Anita Caldwell Lucille Clark June Fenn Betsy Kramer Winifred Lovell Faye Rogers Vivian Sult Lucille Sumerford Anna Margaret White Janet White PLEDGES Mary Louise Bohn Dorothy Burnettl Anne DeBerard Elizabeth Dent Sally Graybill Eleanor Jarrett Geraldine Knight Faith Kurt Nancy McCollum Jeanne Maxwell Joan Miller Irene Moreland Joan Nydegger Alice Parkhurst Susan Rountree Mary Alma Taylor Carolyn Wingert Barbara Jane Wooten Maxwell Miller Moreland Nydegger N.HURST Rogers Rountree Sult SL Ml HI OKU Tai i or A. M. White Jani i White Wingert Wooten 125 L ■ Carol Emerson Treasurer Tommy Lee Fowler Vice-President Leta Mitchell President Maki Ramsey Secretary ZETA TM! ALPHA Founded October 15, 1898, at Virginia State Normal School, Farmville, Virginia. Beta Psi Chapter established in October, 1934. Colors: Turquoise Blue and Steel Gray Flower: White Violet CHAPTER members in facultate Tin r Turner Frances Thornton ACTIVES V. Bates J. Blackwell I. BoRUM J. Caldwell B. Cannon C Carson M. Elliott C. Emerson T. L. Fowler J. L. Godwin A. Jones S. Jones M. Kersey P. Maxcy L. Mitchell G. McCLENDOts D. Newburn M. Ragsdale M. Ramsey R. Seckinger E. Trainham E. Tucker L. Tyner PLEDGES L. Adler M. G. Bailly J. BlGHAM F. Brook tR B. Brownell L. Davis M. Dewey B. Evans M. Gordon I. J. Hart R. Pendleton V. Sebring I . I II I Mil I P. Williams 127 The Flower: White Carnation Ralph W. House President The Colors: Nile Green and White Bert B. Cans Vice-President John C. Shaw Treasurer Virginia An Gilbert The Port of Delta Sigma Phi. Main Lounge of Our Port. Edward Hargis DELTA PLEDGES Robert P. Jones SIGMA Founded December 10, 1899, at the City College of New York James B. Danford Not Quantity But Quality ' .!! Alpha Chi Chapter was established in 192 5 Gerald E. McClean ' Bunny " Bushnell 129 PI KAPPA PHI Founded at College of Charleston, 1904 Chi Chapter established 1921 Colors: Gold and White Flower: Red Rose Motto: Nothing Shall Tear Us Asunder CHAPTER MEMBERS IN EACUETATE Carl Johnson V. E. Duckwitz Miss Ji anni Nei ley Pi Kappa Phi Sweetheart Emerging from the closest of war-enforced retirement, the Pi Kaps once again have assumed their active role in the social and fraternal world of Stetson. The restitution was proclaimed by eleven men students receiving their pledge pins. Our first official act after welcoming the pledges was to demonstrate to the world that we can still pick ' em. It is with self-bestowed tribute that we present our choice, our ideal, our gal . . . Miss Jeanne Nccley, Sweetheart of Pi Kappa Phi. Richard Farrell A. Douglas Teal Richard D. Coopi i Edward J. Trotter Joel E. Pierce Edward H. McCollum James R. Duffitt G. Gerald Kunes Lacy N. Cai li lk.i 131 ii ii i H. Koon foi fOHN ' » PREVIEW OF COMING ATTRACTIONS " The 1945 Hatter would not be complete without a few words concerning Stetson ' s " coming attractions. " Of course there have been a good many words spoken concerning this subject during the past year. The students, however, as skeptical a group as are most college students, waited with tongue in cheek till something more than just talk was produced. When cash and checks started coming in, we were convinced that there really was a Million Dollar Campaign in progress. Most of the students even went so far as to take the generous attitude that it really would be nice for the students that would be here in days hence when all of these improvements and additions would come to pass. But the announcement that Stetson Lodge had been purchased for a girls ' dorm for next year really started the ball rolling. The same day came the announcement that Stetson Hall would be remodeled and made into a girls ' dorm during the summer. Now there was an announcement that would really jar any Stetsonite — past or present! We needed nothing more to convince us that things were really happening — and fast. A view into the Stetson scene 1945-46 shows a number of changes. Two new girls ' dormitories for one thing; and Conrad Hall devoid of frills but full of boys once more — (returning veterans will play a large part in helping to bring this to pass). Gazing just a bit farther into the future, we can see a new fine arts building in place of the present music school. As soon as conditions will permit a new school of religion and law school will also become a part of the campus scene. These are no longer mere fanciful dreams but dreams with blue-prints and a fair amount of money to make them come true. All of us realize that the buildings and facilities alone cannot make a school. The quality of the people that make up the administration, faculty, and student body is largely responsible for this. We arc convinced that Stetson has lon g had the quality and is now facing mi opportunity to have the quantity as well. Realizing this, it is with a renewed feeling of pride that we, the present student body, sing " Hail, Alma Mater, dear! " U2 ' .... FRIERSON ' S GASOLINE BATTERIES REFRIGERATORS RADIOS ACCESSORIES TIRES OIL HEATERS RANGES Owner GERALD E. FRIERSO N " Phone 23 that ' s me " COMPLIMENTS OF FLORIDA STATE THEATRES IN D e L A N D + ATHENS THEATRE DREKA THEATRE ORANGE BELT PHARMACY 200 North Boulevard COMPLETE DRUG AND FOUNTAIN SERVICE We Deliver • Phone 555 COMPLIMENTS OF MATHER OF DeLAND COMPLETE HOME FURNISHING Fur Coats Cloth Coats 142 S. Boulevard : Phone 600 McCRORY ' S 5 10c STORE Headquarters For Student Supplies VISIT OUR STORE DAILY OUR BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES OF . . . STETSON UNIVERSITY for 1945 W. A. ALLEN COMPANY " The Busy Druggists ' " Compliments ...of... BUS HAVEN LUNCH " Meet Me at the Bus Haven ' Compliments ...of... ' The Stuc lents " Shopping Center " J • c . PENNEY c o . COMPLIMENTS F THE K . W. FRUIT COMPANY — Wholesale- FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Sanford Florida 135 Courtesy of . . ST 1 T H- GRIFFITH FUNERAL HOME DeLand Florida DELUXE LAUN DRY . . . AND . . . DRY CLEANERS We Appreciate the Patronage of the Students During the Year PHONE 347 North Delaware Avenue Downtown Office — Rich Avenue »nd Blvd. THIRST ASKS NOTHING MORE D RINK--- I N B T T u E S DeLAND COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. ATHENS LAUNDRY AND . . . DRY CLEANERS YOU TRIED THE REST NOW TRY THE BEST Phone 443-J on Can Always . . . Shop at SEARS and Save SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. South Boulevard DeLAND Compliments of BILL HOLLER MOTOR SALES Your Chevrolet : Oldsmobile : Cadillac Dealer Boosting FOR Stetson University HOTEL PUTNAM Del and ' s Fireproof Hotel We i Vu York venue V. M. FOUNTAIN CO. Central Florida ' s Oldest and Finest Store DeLand [36 Compliments of . . . V. W. GOULD AGENCY REALTORS • INSURORS Since 1907 201 N. Boulevard DeLa TOUCHTON DRUG CO. THE REXALL STORE DeLand Florida Where Friends Meel COMPLIMENTS OF FE ASEL PAINT AND GLASS SHOP Phone 626 111 W. Rich Day Phone 9148 Night Phone 721-J GEORGE LANDON SERVICE STATION Standard Oil Prod ucts 345 Boulevard DeLand STUDENT SUPPLIES Note Books Stationery Fountain Pens ALLEN -WHITE COMPANY " You Are Always Welcome " DAY PHONE J. E. SUMMERHILL 62 Phone 490 ALLEN -SUMMERHILL FUNERAL HOME REAL AMBULANCE SERVICE 109 E. New York Ave. Established 1877 DeLand, Florida F. N. DeHUY SON JEWELERS and SILVERSMITHS Since 1873 DeLand Florida Compliments ...of... ATHENS BATTERY ELECTRIC Packard Motor Cars P. Rasmussen, Prop. Suppose there were no famous brands ? THE STRATOLINER Tops in light-weight. comfort, nnd smart style. . .soft but no " softy " ... it ran take rough treatment ...thanks to the exclu- ivo Stetson Vita-Felt Process. $7.50 ¥F you are like most Americans, you ' d find buying a difficult and confusing proposition if there were no well-established brands . , . like the name Stetson in a hat , , , giving you silent assurance of value and satisfaction. For when you say " Stetson ' you know you are getting a known quality . . backed by the integrity of a company that has been respected for nearly 80 years. You can be sure of topnotch workmanship plus expert styling based on years of knowledge and thorough understanding 01 fashion trends. In short, you can always be sure of maximum value at a fair price. JOHN B. STETSON COMPANY PHILADELPHIA THE CITY OF DeLAND . . . AND . . . DeLAND CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OFFER Congratulations to the Graduating Class o F JOHN B. STETSON UNIVERSITY + DeLAND is located in the ridge section of east central Florida, 110 miles south of Jacksonville, four miles to the picturesque St. Johns river, famous for its black bass fishing, and twenty-two miles to the renowned beaches of the Atlantic seaboard. Being centrally located practically every point of interest in the state may be visited within one day ' s drive. DeLAND enjoys a delightful year ' round climate. There is scarcely a day that the sun does not shine, sending forth its ultra-violet rays. Children grow strong and sun-tanned, and older people add years to their life ' s span. DeLand is a beautiful city, ap- pealing to those of educational and cultural background. It is a friendly city — a city you will like. + For Information About DeLand Please Write CHAMBER OF COMMERCE DeLAND FLORIDA I N S U R A N C E HON AGENCY 220 North Boulevard PHONE 455 Compliments ...of ... RED ' S QUICK LUNCH 144 N. Boulevard SALES SERVICE A C R E E MOTOR CO., FORD DEALER INC. DeLAND FLORIDA It hen it ' s PRINTING . . . TAYLOR PRESS Hubert R. Taylor, Proprietor 2708 Phoenix Avenue Jacksonville, Florida Compliments ...of... HULL, LANDIS, GRAHAM and FRENCH M c C O R M C K LUMBER CO. Phone 130 DeLand, Fla. THE CONRAD COMPANY ♦ INSURANCE • REAL ESTATE ♦ 1 L8 Wesl New York Ave. Phone 17 Compliments ...of... STOUDENMIRE GROCETERIA BUSHNELL BUSHNELL MUSIC 5HOP ♦ " EVERYTHING IN MUSIC " Compliments of . . . VOLUSIA PHARMACY " Drugs with a Reputation " MODERN SODA FOUNTAIN 121 N. Boulevard DeLand S. R. LANGSTON, JR., Mgr. Compliments of ANGELO ' S SHOE SHOP Compliments of . . . TUTEN PAWLEY, INC. REAL ESTATE . . . AND . . . INSURANCE 109 W. Indiana Ave. DeLand, Fla. Phone 72N — It ' s a Fact Yoi Can Do Better at THE JOHN H. DENMARK FURNITURE CO. Home Outfitters 114 S. Boulevard Compliments of DOMINICK ' S RESTAURANT DeLand Florida THE VOGUE Mrs. Sarah Ceely GATEWAY TO FASHION 110 N ortli Boulevard Di ;Land Florida Compliments ...of ... GEORGIE BOYS 210 North Boulevard ♦ SOUTHLAND BAKERY We Specialize in Birthday and Party Cakes North Boulevard DeLand Florida Compliments ...of... SUNSHINE CLEANERS 140 W. New York SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF 1945 DYER C O N N E R Y STUDIOS 222 North Boulevan 1 Compliments ...of ... DeLAND HOTEL Compliments ...of... REEVE HOWARD GIFTS and BOOKS Compliments of THE ABSTRACT CORPORATION Mokton McDonald, Manager Compliments ...of ... BETTY DREKA, INC. 105 S. Boulevard ♦ Compliments ...of ... THOMAS ' TAX PHONE M ♦ Compliments ...of ... STETSON FLOWER SHOP 218 North Boulevard Compliments ...of ... DeLAND MEN ' S BOYS ' SHOP Compliments of CITY CABS PHONE 160 Compliments of . . . FAMILY SHOE STORE " From the Little Tots to the Grown Ups " 132 N. Boulevard DeLand, Fla. Compliments ...of ... M . B E R M A N ' Style Center of DeLand, Florida ' THE BARNETT NATIONAL BANK " A FLORIDA LANDMARK " Jacksonville : DeLand : Avon Park : Cocoa St. Augustine Member Federal Reserve System and F. D. I. C. WE SALUTE THE FACULTY AND STUDENTS . . . of . . . Stetson University + FLORIDA POWER CORPORATION in the Service of Customers, Community and Country vyffij HI; Tiif ' HI ■ 1 jfcr. 1 - VI I ll 9H1 1 1 1 ■ w yltf K: .; KJ ftinB lr B in ' 1 l n» THE MfiRK THAT IDENTIFIES THE SOUTHS FINEST YEARBOOKS 115-119 LUCKIE STREET ATLANTA 3, GEORGIA SUCCESSFUL ANNUALS Require the services of experienced and expert craftsmen, trained in every detail of the processes of creating •planning layout and design ' typesetting •printing lithographing and binding . . . Through- out half a century this company has pioneered in the production of the highest type of printing . . . Our services include a special college annual sales and service organization... Abundant equipment-modern and complete... Prices representing maximum in value FOOTE DAVIES PRINTINf? - LITHOGRAPHING • ENliRAVING ATLANTA • w ) - M

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Stetson University - Hatter Yearbook (DeLand, FL) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Stetson University - Hatter Yearbook (DeLand, FL) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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