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ETSON 9 4 duCpont- BaCC tbftOAy Stetson Qimi e isitij 3 4369 00479773 6 DO NOT REMOVE FROM LIBRARY in mm r2|| I ' 1 fftf HH b iP wo 19 4 3 ANNUAL PUBLICATION OF STETSON UNIVERSITY . . . DeLAND, FLORIDA Delphene Coverston . F. A. LeRoy Barkstrom . Editor-in-Chief Business Manager DEDICATION With a feeling of pride and humility this year ' s Hatter is dedicated to you men of Stetson who have an- swered our country ' s call to arms. We are proud of your deeds wher- ever you may be, whatever you may be doing, and humble because we cannot show our appreciation in a greater sense. It is our fervent hope that the powers above will see fit to return you to us, safe and victorious, to live in the land you are now de- fending. ■ " 1 w % FOREWORD To students of all ages college has meant a prolongation of youth, a period in which ideals are stabilized, and a time to be remembered as the best in life. Despite the world at war Stetson students have gone forward much as before — the atrocities of an outside uncertain reality tending only to bring us closer together. In the Hatter of 1943 you see reflected the Iighthearted- ness of youth that can never be suppressed in a free country. We hope you like it. THE PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE Despite war conditions, the session 1942- ' 43 has been one of the best in Stetson ' s his- tory. Morale has been high. The scholarship record has been upheld. Students and faculty members have given their utmost to assist the Government in its war effort. At the same time, they have maintained the highest educational standards. Stetson thus continues to go forward. I take this opportunity to extend greetings and good wishes to the students and to the Stetson Family everywhere. Sincerely, William Sims Allen, President. HARRY C. GARWOOD Dean of the University ROY FRANCIS HOWES Dean of College of Law JAMES RUFUS McVICKER Director of the School of Busin EZRA ALLEN FRANCES BUXTON W. C. COWELL ROBERT I. ALLEN G. PRENTICE CARSON CECIL L. CRISSEY (Manager of Univ. Pr. DORIS K. ARJONA RICHARD E. CLARK LEONARD J. CURTIS SUSIE P. BROWN ROSEMARY CLARK IOLA KAY EASTBURN SUE McE. BURNS JOHN F. CONN BOYCE F. EZELL STETSON FACULTY CHARLES A FISHER WARREN S. GORDIS ANNIE N. HOLDEN ETHEL M. FISHER VERONICA DAVIS GOVE CURTIS C. HORN DOROTHY L. FULLER COL. FRANK W. HALLIDAY NEILL S. JACKSON HAROLD M. GIFFIN EDITH HARVEY SARA STAFF JERNIGAN % - S I " . ' ' VIRGINIA GIFFIN ESTHER M. HICK CARL H. JOHNSON ETTER M. TURNER EDGELLE HENRY CHARLOTTE A. SMITH G. LEIGHTON I.AFUZE WILLIAM H. McENIRY, JR. IRVING C. STOVER MARION B. LEONARD FRANCES C. THORNTON CURTIS M. LOWRY BARBARA ROWE HARRY S. WINTERS MARY T. LOWRY ERICH SAXL AILEEN WORTH MARY S. McCURDIE R. GRADY SNOWDEN M. JEAN FINNEY IDA R. CUNNINGHAM CLIFFORD B. ROSA 1 L STUDENT BODY OFFICERS John Lewis President Bud Ware Vice-President Elizabeth Stacey Secretary Claire Brandies Treasurer rnes, F. Smith, Fanell, Rogy, Hillman, Snellings, Coversto,, Stacey, Reaves, B., Jennings, Jones, Elliott, Powers, Purti. CLASS OFFICERS BARBARA PEDEN AIBRITTOX. B.M lakeland. Florida Phi Beta, I, 2. ), 4, 3, Historian, -4; B. S. t Council, Muiit Chairman, l; Secretary of Musi Scl I. ; Guild, i; Delta Sigma Ph Sweetheart, 4; Y. W. A., l. 2; Glee Club, 1 - ' . s. 4, (; Student Leader, J; Kc) l lub, I -. ' . 4. ' ; K ,.l iorui i.j. I, 4, S; Sadi Hawkins Committee, 1; Opera, I. J, 4, s. RAYMOND WILLIAM ALDEN, JR., B.A. I1j h,na Brack, ll„,„L I ' . Kappa Phii Beta Key. RolURT C. ALLEN, B.A. Ii,l„„,l, Florida Club, 1, 2, 4; Sigma Pi Sigma, 3, 4, urcr, 3, Secretary, 4; US ,1 ■ « " ■ I ' -. ■ ' ding Room Tcch- 1, 2, 4. SIGNA 111 I EN ANDERSON, B.A. S,,., ,,,, . Florida . i. Proo let, 2, ;. Bookkeeper I [unio Class Edil u , o FRANCES lRKLEY, B.M Miami, i li v r ( ouncil, Muiii ( hairman, . ' . I man Adviser, 4; G I, 2, 1, 4. !. Busi- ness Manager ol Girl Glci I lub, I, 4; Radio I ' . 4, I; Traveling Squad , I. ' . 4, 5; Phi Beta, I, 2. ' , 4, i. Corresponding . 4; Rulci and Procedure Committee, 4; Y. W. A., I, 2, 3, 4, I. Music Chairman, , I. GEORGI I i.i B.A, I Fr r fIJ i i ' i Gamma My, I ' lub, I; I ' i Dell . I ' -.. 4, I ' , s i : 2, 3, 4. STETSON I I eROY barks I ROM, I 1 li. lamrilown, N. 1 . DcLand, Florida Pi Kappa Delta, l, :, !; Varsitj Debate Squad li Phi Alpha Delta, I. 2, 1, fustice ■ Delta Sigma Phi, . ' . I| Studcnl Bai i ' id i ' i. idem, ■. i ' i, idem ..i s , l i ■ Class, i; Student Disi iplin u | I ommil lee, 1.2; Winner of I reshman Law Club Com- l» nil,.., I ; Redfern IV. e. 2: Am. , [uril prudence Prize, 2; Business Managet ..i Hatter, i. i hairman ,. Rules ,,„l r, , „,,, M, .,■ Krewe, i; Interfraternilj I oun cil, 3: Honor Roll, 2, 3| Dean ' s List, 2, 3. SENIORS BYRON F. BOND, B.A. in tut Grot .-. Georgia Pincland Junior College, I, 2; Scholarship » ... 2; Honor Roll, l, :, 4; Dean ' s In, -I . Report Staff, 3; Hattlr Staff. J. GARLAND M, BRANCH. ]R., B.A. Flaat City, Florida Delta Sigma Phil Mystic Krcwc, Second Ma- I, t aptain, 4; Scroll and Key, 3. Preside! I. Who ' s Who .n American Universities a Colleges. 4: Sigma Pi Sigma, J, 4, Prcsidci 4; Gamma Sigma Epsilon. ;, 1. 4; Viior, 4; Ne ton Club, ), 4. Associate. 2. Fellow, President, 4; Der Deutsche Verein, 2. I, 4. Pre dent, 4; Stetson Astronomical Society. 2; B. U. Executive Council, Publicity Manager. Sunday School Superintendent, 4; Phi Sociel President, 2; Symphony Orchestra. 1, 2, . Gamma Sigma Epsilon Award as Outstandii Freshman Chemist, and Sophomore Chemist. ROBERT W. BARNES, B.S. Jacksonville, Honda Pi Kappa Phi. Archon, 4. Past Treasurer, Secre- tary. Pledge Captain; President of Senior Class. 4; Interfraternity Council, t, 4, President, 4; Business School President. J; Sophomore Class Prcsidenr. 2; I. R. C, 3, 4; S Club; Social ' ittec, 4; Sadie Hawkins Committee. 4; Mystic kresve. 4; Men ' s Discipline Committee, 4; Vars,,, Basketball, :. J, 4; Freshman Basket- ball, State Championship, 1. CONSTANCE H. BENNETT, B.A. Babson P.,,1,. Florida W. A. A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 3, Vice-Presi- dent, 4; Pi Beta Thi; Beta Key; Blazer Club, Vice-President, 3; Motor Corps; F. T. A., 4. PAU1 INE EENNI IT, B.A. Daylona Beach, Florida Blizer Club, 2. t, 4, Treasurer, 4; C. A. A., 1. 2, J, 4. Secretary. 2. 4. Recorder of Points, 3; Table Tennis club. President. 2; Little Theatre, 2, I; Ma.or Club, Vice-President, t; Hatteh, Freshman Editor. 2; Reporter, Isso ciate Editor, 4; Steliomaii. Associate Editor, t; Radio Guild, 4; Student Government, Freshman Orientation Committee; Honor Roll, ); I he Honor. 4; Alpha V Delta. I, 2, 3, 4, Journal Correspondent, l, 2, , Corresponding Secretary, Mil VIN W. Bl RG1 R. B.S. Tampa, Florida Sadie Hawkins Committee. 1; Intramurals. 1. 2; Freshman Football Manager. 2; Freshman Rules Committee. 2; Constitution Committee, Bus.ocm School. 3; Freshman Adn.a. i. 4; Reporter, Vssociate Sports Editor. 4; President of Council, 4; Radio Guild, 4; I. R. C, 4. DON II Bl AC K, B.A. Knox. Pi Kappa Thi; Tennis Team Manager. 2. 3; In- tramurals, I. 2. J, 4; Baseball I cam Manager, 1; Independent Basketball Team, 4. STETSON [ MKI. BRANDIES, B.A. Callahan, Florida V A. A., 1, 2, , 4, Corresponding Secre- tary. 2, Vice-Preaidcnt, 3; Y. W A., I, 2, J, 4, !, President. 2. S; B. S. U. Coons, I. 2. 1. 4. Secretary, 4; Blazer Club, 2, J, 4, i. I ' residcnt, I, President, 4; Ires t, 4; Women ' s Student Govci Secretary, I. Vice-President, 4, President. of Student llody. i; Who ' . Who s and Colleges, - . ' A, , Alpha. MARY ANN BROWN, B.A. Naranja, Florida Art Club, 1; I. R. C, - ' . , l. I Delta I ' i. i. 4, " ■ H «,;„„ , r s, ,11. i. 4; Honoi Roll, J III I I N KAY BRYAN, B.A. Hon I,,,- ' I I ' ' " ' " ' ' Pineland Junior College, 1.2; Scholarship Award, Hi H, I Roll, I, 2, 1, 4; Dean ' s 1 ,st, ); F. T. A., 4. Treasurer. 4; Hatter Art Club, 4; Alpha Dck.ioma, 4. J. T. BURDINE, |l . B Si p | , •„ • , oriit Kappa Kappa Ps, . I, 2, ), 4. In,-,,,.,. , V,,, President, 4 Band, I. 2. I, 4 nanl 4, Brass Ttii I i i ■ Miniateri: cretary, , 4; B. S i I ,un, il. , 4, Mj| - i ' ' pr, i ton and State, ). Secretary. 4; I. R. C. 1, 2, 4, Treaiurcr, ), Vice-President I Vice-President, J; Pi Kappa Phi. I, 2, 1, • Chaplain. 3, Warden, 4; Pi Gamma M„. 4; The, Alpha Phi, -t . ' hi Thca, Hasvkins (on 2; Sadi. MARY KATHERINI R1 TON, B.A. Sparr, Florida • h irlci S i " ,,ss Memorial Award in la languages. 2; Y. W. A., ); W. A. Newton Clfb, !, 4; Alpha Dckaioma, I, 4, Vicc- I Prcaident, 1,1 T. A., 4. mtodian, 4. VIRGINIA ( HAMB1 Rl IN. B.A. ,,,... „i City, I loriia t Alpha Xi Delta. 4; La Irancade, , 4; 1 I. Roll, 2, I. I. A., 4. I 1 WIS I ADIN, B.A. Sara o a, Florida Pi Kappa Phi Pledge, i Intraraurala, 1, 2, 3, 4. S I 1 4 » 1 5 S 1RMA ]. FRENCH, B.A Ucksonvillc, I Honor Roll. 1, 2. «. 4; The Honor Delta, 2, J, 4, Secretary-Treasurer, I, 4. The. Alpha Phi, 4; Pi Gamma Mu, 4; V. W. A ., 1 :. !, 4, Vice-President, 4. Sigma Delta 5, 4- Hatteb Staff, 4; Debate Squad, 1 I ' i Delta I ' m. 4; Theta Gamma Epsilon I. R. C, 2, ' , 4. I ittlc Hies Radio Guild, 3 111 I Rl M II. IS A. mi, Florida ol Nesv Hampshire , 1, 2; Honor Roll, A. A., Archery Manager, 4. K illll M. CI ARKE. B.A Milton, V, » 1 ark Alph 11, iade, 1. :, , 4; Pi Art Club, J, 4. SHIRLEY COEN, B.S. Mr. Dow, Florida Transfer II la State I ollcge foi Women; Zeta In, Vlpha, Guard: Treasurer „f Business School, DOROTHY GIBBONS COOKE, B.A. UonlcMr, Vf» Icrsn Alpha Xi Delta. 1, 2, i, : Hattci Irl I lub, |, 2 I, 4; Sigma Delta Phi, ), 4; Honor Roll, , 4 1 in, k r i OOP1 R, B.A. Fori P Florida s 1 . ouncil, Treasure,. I Mil i Treasurer. I, President, 4; Minis- cntative to B. S I Council, 4. DOROTHY 1 si IBROOK, B.A. I 1 , msfei Mai Mun i) I ollegi . Bl on I I President, I, Via Pn idem I; , - ' • i 4 Tre.isui. i !, I orresponi Grei n Dcrbj irnis ,1 I 1 n in . Honor Roll, I lub, 2, J| Killers t luh. 2, President. .- M,.|,, Deksioma, Intramural Manager, ); HsrtlK Si iff. STETSON HARVEY A. GARDNER, |R., B.S. Miami, Florida Transfer Duke University; Si K ,m Nu, Com. mandcr, 4. Vice Pn idem I ' ,, lidc I It,,., r.cst School, 4; Interfraternity Council, ), 4: Ircihmjn Adviier, ' . 4, Radio Guild ' i IRW i r G K1 I It, 11 A. ' Pi Delta Pii, 4, Ret WALKER S. GREEN, B.A. DrFnniak Springs, Florida fei lion I ollcgt , Phi Delta Theta; In- tramuralt; Quip mi I rant Dafidionian; Radio Guild lieu Key; Section Defeme Council; Ktporlci Si, It is III RNDON, B.A. Sin ford, Florida Bind, I, 2. . 4, Captain, 4; Kappa Kappa Pii. ), 4. Prciident, 4. Sccrctart , I; Newton Club, ), 4, Secretary 4; Sigma Pi Sigma 3, 4. Vice-Preiidenr . I, 1.1,, t |„|,, t, 4; Opera, 1; Ml ' ' I PATRU K II llll I . B.A. Bait City, Florida Tran.fer Al ,!.,,„, Polyt. hnii ItUtitUtl . • University; lambda Chi Alpha; Ministerial l in, 4; II S. U. Count, I. 4, Vesper Chairman, 4; Glet I lub, rl r, Advertising Man- , n , ,,. Photographer, 4; Little Symphony Orchestra, i. MARIE HISEY, B.A. Miami, Florida Tau Alpha, President, Vice-President, Ri Social Chairman; Pan . I lei Icnn (in I; rhi 1 1,, n,,r, 4; Freshman Adviser, 2, ); IIaimh Staff, I; Repor, Pi Dclt; I. R. , I 1 Sll A I It HIM It, II V Flmhing, New 1 orh M , Roll, I, 2, J, 4; Dean ' s 1 ,tt, t, 4; Key, 2, I, 4, Secretary, I, Vice-President, 4 ..,., Dei Deutsche Vcrein, 4; Stell Staff, 2, I; Hi, Honor, 4; I .. I ranciade, . ' , i. !, President, 4. SENIORS DoKolllY TRAWICK HOWARD B.S. Cedar 6,1, Viorida W. A., 1, 2. 3, 4; Beta Key. 3, 4; Bind. i he Verein, I, 4; Newton Club, 4: B. S. U. Council. 2. ?. 4, Treasurer. Tnm.nj Union Representative. J, Vesper Chairman. 4; Lift Service Band, 3. I w i n 1 N HOWES, B.A. DeLand, Florida insfer Alfred Universit) I pension; Alpha Xi 4; Phi Alpha Thei Vice-President 4; F. T. A., |i 111 l K I l II HMAN, B.A Palm Bca.h. Honda ha Sigma Phi. i, 4, Secretary, 4: Who ' s Who American Universities and Colleges, 4: Fresh- in Football, l! Little Theatre. I. 2, 3, 4; Stor) lub, :. 1, Secretary - Treasurer. 3; eshman adviser, I, 4; Cha icntation Committee, I; Chairman of Frcsh- n Rules Committee, I; Intramurals, I, 2, !, Stetson Representative on DeLand Safety, Com- Sadii II isvl in ' ommittee, i; Sigma lira Pi, 2. I, 4, Treasurer. 3, 4: 1. R, C, , Delegate to Southeastern Convention, 3; Irishman tourt. !| Pi Gamma Mu. 3, 4; s IM », Sports Editor, 4; Intramural Manager Delia Sigma Phi, 4; Business Manager of Lit- ■ Theatre. 4; Thcta Alpha Phi, I, 4, Trcas- er, 4; Honor Roll. :, 3; Dean ' s list. 3; Alpha Theta, President. 4. DOROI IIV II NNINGS, B.A. Ii. , (or ' s Inlet, II:,,,, la Alpha Xi Delta, Vice-President, 3. Rush Chair- man. 3, Social Chairman. 4; W. A. A., I, 2. 3, 4; Little Theatre, 1. 2, 3. 4; Hatter Staff, l,,i,, i, iti i Council, !. 4; Blajcr Club, 3, 4; Freshman Adviser, I, 4; The Honor. 3, 4; Beauty Section of Hath., 1; LaFranciadc, 3, 4; Hatter Art Club. 3, 4; Glee Club, I, 2; Secretary of Freshman Class; Secretary of Senior Class; Sadie Hawkins Committee. 2. SHIRLEY KAGFY, B.A. Mfffftii, Florida Y W A . I, 2. 3, 4. Personal Service Chair- man, 4, Mpha Deksioma, 1. 3, Treasurer. 3; HsrriB Staff. 4; F. T. A., 4. I ,N1 KNIGHT. B.A. w,j,,„. ll.i,,, I; Glee Club. 2; Life Service Band. 2; Volunteer Band, 4; II S. U. Council, Publicity Chair- man 4; RaJio Guild, 2; Little Theatre, 2. 4. 1 .. 2. 4. EDITH s. KNOX. B.A n,la„J. I PI Beta Phi, Scholarship Chairman; Theta Alpha Senior Class. The tarv. 4; I. R. C. Honor Roll, 2, onor; Pi Delta Psi, Sccrc- , 3, 4; Dean ' s List, 3, 4; 4; Episcopal Fellowship. STETSON [OHN M 1 I wis. ]i Miami, Florida Outstanding Freshman Plaque; I. R. C, I. 2; Ministerial Association, !. 2, J, 4, Parliamen- tarian, I, 4; Theta Alpha Phi, 2, I, 4; Pi Gamma Mn, i. Phi Uph i I heta, 4. Phi S Mystic I . Vice-President, I; II. S I ( ouncil, :. I, 4, President, , 4, State II s I President !, 4; Scroll .md Key, 2, I, 4. Treasurer, 4; II lit) Debate, I, 2, I, I Pi Kappa Delta. 1. :. I, 4. President, I, 4; In, i .- i ii . n ii . iii i stem Second Place in Oratory. I; A National ' .V i I irnmcnt Extem- poraneous Speech I ontest, I; President of Stu Ii m Bod ■ . I I. ' ol i i " I. ' mutee, 2; Honot Roll, Chairman of Ke.l Cross I W « 1 i A, urn, an I niVCI and Colleges, 3, 4. r , ' .l l ! i LIPSO 1MB, U.S. Ii, Land, Florida iecrcta Pi I ... I id, i ■ I Press I lub, I, ■, » Sn. ietj 1 iliti " . 4. A v i, Roll, 2, I, 4. Dean ' s I ist, 4. II ssn ill III I ONGINl i. Ii . Bradt nton, Ftoi ida Y. «•. A., I, J, 4; VI A , I. 2. 4. s - 2, .. 4 Delta Delta Delta, I, 2, ), l Soci il I hairman, 4. ] I A., 4; Little Theatre, I. 2. OLIV1 I I, I! M. I -on a Band, 2, Orchestra i I I ittlc I hcatre l hi B ■ 4, Treasurer, 4, Delta I Phi, 2, I. Treasurer. 1. s. Sigma Delta Pi, 4. UISI IcCLURE, B A. I Transfer Vanderbil V. W. A., Ii W, V A.. I, 2; I f rater nil Cour I Roll, Ii The II., nor, i. 4. President, 4.1.1 I; 1 ittl, Theatre. I. I. , 4; v. ' I, m I 4, Secretary, 4, Delta D D ' ., ). 4. I HELEN IIS Mel muni K. II ,■;.„„, , Florida Delta Delta. 1. 2. I, 4, Recording i. i Alpha Phi, I, 4. President, 4. n... i. ' . Pan 11.11, in. il, I, 4. Presi- 4; The Honor, 4; Treasurer of A. B. .1. 4: Little The.,. re. I, 2. I, 4, Who ' s in iiii i Universities ind Coll , Roll, Ii V A. A., I; Radio Guild, I, WINSTON i McQUIDDY, IS. A. i, ( onvilU, i: ,. appa Phi, Historian, 4. Secretary, 4; Had... I. ), 4; I.!., I lub, I. 2, I, I. I id,,, ... . I. 2, I, 4; rravcling Squad, I. 2, I, ii ' lub ■ mpanist, I, I Key I lub i. Hawkins t ommittec, 2. I, 4; Radio I 1 , i Symphonj Orch. ti i Soloist, 2; simp Plays, i. Accompanist fot Prol Giffin, .1, 4. SENIORS MAK.1 R MOCK, B.A. Pbilliplburg, Ntti Jtrsiy Tau Alpha, President, Vice-Presidei mm; Freshman Adviser, 2, I, 4; Pan- tic Council, 3, J. President, Treasurer: La iade, :, I, 4; Halter An Club, 3; Sigma Pi, -. Secretary of A. B. School, arer o£ Funior class; [nterfraternit] I , a ; rhe Honor, ), 4, treasurer! « Council. Treasurer, Glei I, :, 4; 1 ittle Theatre; I ' , Delta I ' m, I. 4; Memoi i ' l l ommittee 1 ' ■ ' nsi I ouncil, 3 : Who in American Imsei.iiic, anj Col- 1 Ul l l MORRISON, B Miami, Florida Club. ), 4; F. T. A., President, 4, Y. 1, :. I, 4; W. . A., I, 4; B. S. icil, 4. l MOSLER, B.S. r,r, ' »r Beach. Florida Sti i Defensi I ouncil WILLIAM S. MATHIS, B.M. Tampa, Florida Pi Kappa Phi. 2, 3, 4. Historian, 4; Intcrlr.i- 1,-inu, Council, 4, Glee Club, I, 4; Kev Club, I, 4. H i,l... i ho us, , 4; 1 raveling Squad, I, 4; Orchestra. 1. 2, I, 4. President, ; Radio Guild, 5, 4, Pi Delta I ' si. 4: I R I , 4, Chapel Organist, -. 4; Who ' s wTio in Ameri- can Universities and Colleges, 4; Symphony Solo- ist. I. 2; Student Accompanist. J, 4; Sadie Hawkins Committee, 4; little Theatre, 4; One of Six MOSI Outstanding Senior Men. Krcwc, 3, 4. l Mil. ' D Ml KKII I . B.A. DeLand, Florida Reporter Staff, I; Editor, ' 42 llim«. Editor, 2. law Lditor. 4; Alpha Deksioma, 1, 2, i. 4, Vice-President, 3, President, 4: Women ' s Town Colin.. I, President. ), 4. s I Chairman 2; Irishman Adsiser. 2. 3; I. R. C, 2. i, 4; Radio Guild, I. 4; Who ' s Who in American L „, s e, sit .es and 1 ollegCS, 4; State Se, reiar) ol « esle] in Fellon ihip, a. rhe Honor, 4. Stetson Student Bar Association, 4; Dcr Deutsche Verein. 4. ELSIE Ml KKII 1 . B. . for Pierce, Florida Hatter Staff, 4; P. T. A., 4; I. R. C, 2, ), 4, Recording Secretarj . I. I ' . Deli i Psi, 3, 4. DORIS I Mil 1 1GAN, B.M. I slpha . Delta, 1. 2. I, 4, Officer, 2. J, 4; Honor Roll, 1, 2. ; Dean ' s List 3; r 1.2,, . 4; I he Honor, , 4; Glee t lub, I, 4; pan, st for Girls ' Glee Club, ), 4; Radio (, 4, A. companist, I, t Little Ss mpl | . I Symphony Orchestra. I. 2, Secretary, 2. Symphonic Band. 1: Pan-Hellenic Council, }, 4. Vice-President. 4; I R C, . 4 ; Muter Art Club. 1; llsi.m Staff, 2; Freshman Adsi.ei, ., 4; Radio Guild. 3, 4; Sigma Delta Pi, 4. STETSON i ' i in M ODUM, B lakeland, Florida Transfer I lorida Si m I ollege for Women; I tic Theatre, I, 2 Pri lent oi I n i I mi; , B s I!., I; Trc urcr of J Cla II A., 4. OMAN w OSBURN, B.A. I ' ll. City, Florida Glee aub, I, 2, 1.4; rrjvi ■ Squad, Radio i horu«, 4 I Ml I N, B.S. SI. Pi I i ibttrg, I lorida Tranifer Si P lunior I ollege, Evi ville Colli Band Pi C : uVI K. B.A. Miami Belch, Florida n M. PATRK IA Pill IK, IS A. DeLand Tranifcr William ■ I ' II. i I incoln l„ (...IIckc; r 4; W. . A . I A . Parliaments 4. Honor Roll, 4. MAR I 1 1 A PRICE, B A Tramfer Br, ■■..! ' el I • A., Prelidcnt, 2; B. 1 AKI 1 1 " P 1 |R., 11 A So aiola, 11, ,,,;., Phi, In ; Man jer, 4 My. ,. i, i jpt; n, 4; N t 1 b. 2, J, 4 ,,. Prejidcnt, lit Dcuti 111 i. ,,, Pn lideni 4; I. R. C, 1. 2. , 4; All St Amat 1, . ' ; All A, Amu . ' , « 1, . Who n A Uni« ,| I 4; M„ ntramural t A si. LI., i ' ; ' 1 ill M ]] r, 1 ; M ior Sport Ml lagc ). SENIORS GRAFTON H. I ' YNI, B M. New Turk, Neil York Co-Ordinator of Stetson Defend Council. MILDRED RATLIFF, B.A. Sanford, Florida A. A., 1 : Y Y A . I, 3, 4; Alphj IEAN L. ROGY, B.M. West Palm Beach, Florida Glee Club. 1, 2, 3, 4; Little Theatre Orches- tra, ); Phi Bet... :. J, 4. Treasurer, !, Vice- President 4; President of Music School. 4; RaJ.o Guild, 3; Alpha X, Delta, I, 2, I, 4. Secre- tary, 4; Mum Staff. 4; Air Raid Warden, 4. WNII I K I S ROSSITER, B.M. DeLand, Florida Music School Librarian. I. :, 3, 4; Symphony Orchestra, I, :, 3, 4; Little Symphon) Orches- P VI RNON S win RSON, H DeLaxd, Florida Ministerial Association, I, 4; RaJio Guild. Reporter Start, :. i, 4. BESSIE LOU IYIY RUMBLE, B.A. Forsyth, Gi irgia Transfer Beisie Tift College; I. R. C. 1. 2. 3; I! s I , I ,2, I; l ,,l, s. ience Club. 1; C«I» IU Ouill Statf. :. . Sigma Omega, I, 2, 3; Delta Sigml Mpha. 1. 2. 3; Hatter n t lub, 4. Glee l lub, I, :. 3, 4: I rend, Club. I. 2. 3; Studio Havers. J. STETSON [ lih II SAXL, 1 I .11 D, Land, florid on Studenl Bai A,.... , ., Ill II V SMI1 I i I. I s Petersburg, Florida 11,,, II,,, Vice President, I; V. A. , I; Stevens Hall; Women ' ! neil, i , . ,,. iv ,,!,,,,. 2, Presi dcm, li I . ,i I.J.ior, J. SMITH, B.A. tiurt, Florida Phi, i. 2, ), 4. President, 4: Ncw- rhe ) l , S, roll and Key, I, 4, Secrei I n hi I aw ' lub, 4 Pan Hellenii ( ..,,,,,,1. I, 4, Secretary, 4; In- terfraternit) Counci I; Pi Delta P ■ ' " -I College!, l-rcthman Adviier, 1, 4; Honoi Roll, I, 2, I, i 4; Little Theatre, 5. MARY I K ■■. ' ■. ' 1 S SMI III B .1 I Florida Alpha Xi Delta; W. A. A , 1, 2, 4i Y. «•. A.. I- Rid,,, Guild, i. 4. G ,5, 4; , I Squad, 2, I, 4 l ' idio ' horu . • I R. I Inti il Del ,1, Al- Chief M Mu i, RAYMOND i SI ' l I DIM,, JR., II. A. Del (, Florida Sifima Nu, 4; Ncwtun Club, 4; Beta k« , 1, I , , Sigma Epsilon, President, 4. PAU1 A I II SPI i HI , 11. M. Miami, Florida Orchestra, . i. Phi Beta, 4, ANN SIMNKS. II A. Liesburg, Florida Glee Club, 1, 2, .1, 4; Frcihman Adviser, 2, 1, 4; | « . ■ | i l ,,,1, II,,,,,,. I, 4 A I, |, 4| Beti Key, I, i. Secretary, i. Delta Delta Delta I ,4, rreaiurer 4; Pi Delta Pii, 4. SENIORS ELMER WARE, 11 A. V Andrew!, Florida I VsSOCiltion, I. . ' . ' . 4: Manager, ' •, J; Vice-President . ' I Studenl Body, 4; Honor Roll, !, 4. DORIS WARREN, II . I i a ,p, Illinois Transfer MacMurra) Women ' s College: W. V . 2, •■. 4, Vic Pn idem President, 4: Blazer Club, i, 4. Secretary, 1, President 4; Pi Beta Phi Pledge President, !, Executive Council, 4; II Roll, 4; Major Hub, 1, i; Riflery Club, Secretary, 2; 1. T. A., 4: Alpha Deksiotna, :. LI IZAI1I III M I III STU1 Y, II M. .„ ,..:,,, ,,. Florida Alpha Xi Delta, President, ), 4. Treasurer. 2. J, Music 2, ), 4. Glee Club. 1. 2. I, 4; Phi Beta, , 4; R.idio GuilJ. I, 4; Fresh- man Adviser, , 4; [nterfraternity Council, ), i « . i, ' Secrel ir) ..t Student Body, 4; The Hon,.., ,1, II Roll, I; Dean I I .... . Treasurer of Music School, 4: Radio ' I. ..... I HARRIET MARLETTE STEFFENS, B.A. florid G-imma Sigma Epsilon, i, 4. Secretary, 4 : Beta kes. i, 4, Treasurer, .. President, 4; PI,, Alpha KATHLR1M SMI Hi Tl ' RNER. B.M. VeLni, i: .. Phi Beta, 2, I, 4, Secretary, 4; Delta Gamma Phi, 2, 3, 4, President, 4, Vice-President ; Radio Guild Assistant Band Din , Dcr Deutsche Verein, 1, Symphon] Orchi .... I, 2, Secretary, 2| 1 Ittle v. hon) Orel Secretary, J; Band, 1, 2, 1, t orporal, - ' , Ser- geant, 3; Little Theatre Orchestra, I, :. . 4 DURA K VALDEZ, B.M Transfer Universit) oi 1 impa Quill I Gamma. I, Delta Pi, 2, 3, 4, i Glee Club Orchi tra J, 4; Hand, 4. C. AUBREY VIM I NT, IR . I 1 .11. 1 « s.tmi No. Commander; Press Club, President; Phi Alpha Dell.,; I... .... ,, I .oncil. Presi- dent; Radio Guild. SttttonUn 1 ' ... accr; Freshman Adviser; Student Bar Associa- STETSON SENIORS FRANK B. WATSON, |R., B.A. Miami, Florida Sigma Nu, 4; Mystic Krewe, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4; Scroll and Kev, 3, 4, Vice-President, 4; Phi Society; Sigma Delta Pi. 3, 4, President, 3; Then Alpha Phi, 3, 4, Secretary, 4; Phi Alpha Theta, 3, 4; Pi Gamma Mu, 3, 4, President, 4; I. R. C, 3, 4; Phi Alpha Delta Pledge, 3, 4; Student Bar Association, Treasurer, 4; Extra- curricular Committee, 3; Social Committee, Chairman, 4; Sadie Hawkins Committee. Chair- man, 4; Library Assistant, 1, 2. 3; Intraniurals, 3, 4; Interfraternity Council, 4. JOYCE M. WEBBER, B.A. DcLand, Florida Beta Key, 3, 4. EVERETT PARKER WHITMAN. B.S. Sarasota, Florida Pi Kappa Phi Pledge, 4; Sigma Pi Sigma; C. P. T. P.; lntramurals, 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, State Championship Team, 1; Air Raid Warden 4. BETTY LEE ZORNES, B.M. DeLaml. Florida Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; B. S. U. Council, 3; Phi Beta, 4; Secretary of School of Music, 1, 2, 3. 4. Seniors not pictured ] ummM. Betty Jane Amidon, Lakeland, Florida .... Business Flonnil M. Anders, Jacksonville, Florida Liberal Arts Martha Arnold, Winter Garden, Florida Liberal Arts Helen M. Bennett, Miami, Florida Music Gilbert G. Bentley, Winter Haven, Florida L " w Barbara A. Black, Jacksonville, Florida ... Liberal Arts Frances E. Brown, Jacksonville, Florida Business Robert H. Brown, Jr., DeLand, Florida Business Claire Bumgarner, DeLand, Florida . ... Liberal Arts Wilber T. Clonts, Oakland, Florida .... Liberal Arts Delpheni E. CoVERSTON, Bushnell, Florida . . L " w Ann Davis, Daytona Beach, Florida Liberal Arts Mariin Don, Chicago, Illinois Mustt Jean Douglas, DeLand, Florida Liberal Arts Martha Durrance, Sebring, Florida Music Nina M. Dyal, Homestead, Florida Liberal Arts Wilbur H. Eichholz, Daytona Beach, Florida ... Business Jean L. Elliott, St. Petersburg, Florida Business David M. Gardner, St. Petersburg, Florida .... Liberal Arts Walker S. Green, DeFuniak Springs, Florida Liberal Arts Doris M. Hartman, Daytona Beach, Florida ... Law A. Jackson Hayward, Dade City, Florida Law Eugene C. Head, Ft. Meade, Florida Business Robert Henry, DeLand, Florida Liberal Arts Ruth Hillman, Orlando, Florida Business Eleanor Holderman, DeLand, Florida Liberal Arts 1 " 0BSL mAMmylkm 29 p r i - -c w 4i«A N. LeJeune Hughes, Orange Heights, Florida Music Sara Lou Johnson, Maryville, Tennessee Liberal Arts Dale W. Jones, DeLand, Florida Liberal Arts Kaki F. Ki smodel, Jr., Birmingham, Alabama . . Liberal Arts Kathleen McGehee, Jacksonville, Florida Liberal Arts Mary Cree McLaughlin, DeLand, Florida ... Liberal Arts Dorothy McLean, Dowling Park, Florida ... Liberal Arts Ralph Matousi k, Chicago, Illinois Liberal Arts Ruth Lois Maxwell, DeLand, Florida Liberal Arts Dm i MELCHING, Miami, Florida .... Business Iuvi n Maurici Miller, DeLand, Florida Line T. R. Minis, Tampa, Florida Liberal Arts Anita Moo re, Temuco, Chile • Liberal tr in Robert Bruce Muirhead, Sanford, Florida Liberal Arts Annette Wolcott Murphy, Daytona Beach, Florida Liberal Arts Rebecca Murphy, Buchanan, Georgia Liberal Arts Chris Napoli, Tampa, Florida Liberal Arts Mary Pardee, Avon Park, Florida Liberal Arts Betty Parfitt, Jacksonville, Florida Business Rosamond Pope, Lacoochee, Florida Liberal Arts Betty Powers, Tawson, Maryland Liberal Arts Walter Purtz, Sarasota, Florida Liberal Arts Margaret P. Reaves, Miami, Florida Music Jane P. Reese, Jacksonville, Florida Liberal Arts Bettie Sue Reid, Atlantic Beach, Florida Liberal Arts Arthur Roy Roebuck, West Palm Beach, Florida Liberal Arts _ r . , j r-i -j„ . . Liberal Ar s i rnon Sanderson, DeLand, Honda foHN Richard Smith, DeLand, Florida Liberal Arts Harry Snyder, Cottekill, New York B fTT Mwwiii Stamper, Middletown, Ohio f E1 • i .... Liberal Arts Evelyn Stowe, I.imp.i, Honda Tames Bennett Stone, Bloutustown, Florida _ _.,,., Music IIiiin Iinmiii, I .unp.i, Honda _ Ki i-.i Wagner, North Bergen, N. J ... ' , ' ,,, ,„, _. , -,. tm -j .... Liberal Arts Rum WHITE, Dade City, Honda hi- • ci • i .... Liberal Arts Dorothy Widdersheim, Miami, Honda ,w l " .... Liberal Arts 1ii i Wiimns, Watcrbury, Conn [van Vim kiii, Daytona Beach, Florida . . • ' ' (). Cordon WILLIAMSON, Baltimore, Maryland CAMERA SHY s Herr Coffey James Byrd Owens Erna V. Freeberg Helen Rogers lii i rv Jane Sciiellig 32 ffftir STETSON BETTE ADKINS, Liberal Arts Pony, Montana VIRGINIA AGETT, Liberal Arts Kingsport, Term. CLIVE FREDERICK ALLAND, Liberal Arts ■ ■ Jacksonville, Fl.i. MARY ELLEN ANDERSON, Liberal Arts . . ■ Plant City, Fla. HARRY DOUTHIT ATKINSON, Liberal Arts . Hollywood, Fla. FLORAMAYE BASS, Business Kissimmee, Fla. WALTER ERIC BEHNKE, Music Tampa, Fla. EDITH ANNETTE BOLTON, Liberal Arts . . Jacksonville, Fla. CARLYN VIRGINIA BUCK, Liberal Arts .... DeLand, Fla. BARBARA BURGMAN, Business Daytona Beach, Fla. BETTY CANNON, Liberal Arts Frostproof, Fla. SARA CARVER, Liberal Arts Gainesville, Fla. MARIETTA LOUISE CHILLI, Liberal Arts ■ . Jacksonville, Fla. HELEN ELIZBETH CLFMONS, Liberal Arts . . ■ Tampa, Fla. EDWARD C. DANIELS, JR., Liberal Arts .... Sanford, Fla. EVERETT STEWART DIX, Liberal Arts .... Alexandria, V.i. JUDITH ELEANOR DOBBINS, Liberal Arts . . Jacksonville, Fla. RUTH DURRANCE, Music Scbring, Fla. LELAND REDFORD FARM SI, |l(., Liberal Arts ■ Tampa, Fla. ISABI I I I EDDINS, limit Bushncll, Fla. MARGIE LENORE ESTHUS, Business Sarasota, Fla. SOPHOMORES W. MAURICE FAIN, Liberal Arts Thoraasville, Ga. SARA ANNE FOREHAND, Liberal Arts Floral.,, Ala. FRANCES ELAINE FRETWELL, Business. ■ .Jacksonville, Fla. ALVIN ELMO FULLER, JR., Liberal Art Miami, Fla. GEORGE WALTER GOODMAN, Liberal Arts . . Roscllc, N. J. FLORENCE MABEL GROSS, Liberal Arts .... DeLand, Fla. BENJAMIN EDWARD HADDOX, Liberal Arts ■ ■ Orlando, Fla. HELEN CYNTHIA HARPER, Liberal Arts .... DcLand, Fla. OLIVIA BROOKS HUDGINS, Business .... Bradenton, Fla. EDITH JEANETTE JOHNSON, Liberal Arts ■ Oakland Park, Fla. CAROLYN C. JONES, Business Palatka, Fla. SYLVIA ELIZABETH JONES, Liberal Arts ■ ■ Belle Glade, Fla. ADELA KAZMIERCZAK, Liberal Arts DeLand, Fla. MARJORIE KERSEY, Business Largo, Fla. ANDREW SMITH KNOX, Liberal Arts ■ . . Bryn Mawr, Penn. NANCY ANN LANE, Liberal Art DeLand, Fla. BERNICE MARTHA 111, Liberal Arts Live Oak, Fla. TERRELLA PAYNE II XI I IAN. Liberal Arts Washington, D. C HARRIET E. LINDNER, Liberal Arts . . . Washington, D. C. JEANETTE EUNICE McARTHUR, Liberal A, s ■ . Tampa, Fla. LILLIAN FRANCES McCLEMENT, Liberal Arts ■ DeLand, Fla. STETSON RICHARD W. MANSUR, Liberal Arts ■ ■ -St. Petersburg, Fla. ELLEN LEE MARCUM, Business DeLand, Fla. HELEN DAVIS MARTIN, Liberal Arts ■ ■ ■ Birmingham, Ala. MARTHA NIMMONS MILLER, Business- ■ -Jacksonville, Fla. LETA MIRIAM MITCHELL, Liberal Arts ■ ■ ■ Fort Meade, Fla. PHYLLIS ANN! MITCHELL, Liberal Arts ■ Daytona Beach, Fla. 1 DWARD LAVFRNE MIXON, Liberal Arts ■ ■ ■ Live Oak, Fla. SHIRLEY ANNA MOORE, Liberal Arts • • Bedminister, N. J. ALTON RAY MYERS, Business Eustis, Fla. JAMES NELSON, Liberal Arts Miami, Fla. RUSSELL HOLMES NAHM, Liberal Ails DeLand, Fla. ELIZABETH JEANNE NEELY, Business Sarasota, Fla. HELEN MAINE OLIVER, Business Baldwin, Fla. HOKIS O ' NEAL, Liberal Arts Tampa, Fla. |l ANNE L. OSTRANDER, Liberal Arts ■ ■ ■ Winter Haven, Fla. HAROLD KENNETH PARSON, Liberal Arts. • -Miami, Fla. ELIZABETH VIRGINIA PIPPIN, Mnuc Sanford, Fla. MARY PIT I MAN, Business Madison, Fla. BARBARA MY PRICE, Business Miami, I la. KENNETH LOUIS PURTZ, Liberal Arts Sarasoia, Fla. MARY (Mill KIM R.AMS1 Y, Busini -si ■ ■ ■ rol (,ablcs, Fla. SOPHOMORES JAMIE LOUISE RICHARDS, liberal Arts .... DeLand, I la. BARBARA LEE ROTUREAU, Liberal Arts- . ■ -Tampa, Fla. ORVA JEANNE SHAW, Music Sebastian, Fla. JUNE DOLORES SHONE, Liberal Arti ■ Green Cove- Springs, Fla. I Wll S THOMAS SMITH, JR., Liberal Arts • St. Petersburg, Ela. JOHN KING SNELLINGS, Business Orlando, Fla. CHARLES A. SUTTON. JR., Liberal Arts .... Knights, Fla. JEAN LOUISE TRIGG, Liberal Arts Tampa, Fla. NATALIE. LUCILLE TRUE, Liberal Arts ■ ■ ■ Lake Mary, Fla. LUKA MILDRED TYNER, Liberal Arts .... Lakeland, Fla. I MMY KENT VAN HEUSEN, Liberal Arts • St. Petersburg, Fla. EVELYN LOUISE VAN SCOY, Liberal Arts .... Tulsa, Okla. MARTHA W. WHITE, Mnsic Perry, Fla. ( II MINT PAUL WILCOX, Liberal Arts ■ Atlantic Beach, Fla. CHARLES AQUILLA WILLIAMS, Liberal Arts- .Alachua, Fla. COMFR W. WOODALL, Liberal Arts Newton, Ala. JOSEPH ELLIOTT ADNFY. JR. ELDA APEL GORDON EARL CARLSON SHIRLEY CLARK EVELYN DALE GLORIA FREEMAN DANIEL GILLESPIE Camera Shy WILLIAM CATHEL1 M NNEDY ETTIF KOON DAVIS LONG [( I MARTIN R.OB] RT PARKS VGNES PAULK fOY( I R.O! WD Mil TON 111 KV SMI III RUTH CHEWING SMITH I.WI1 S RHODES SPELL Ml KM I . I URNAG1 I ll s BROOKS W ALKER MARY HOW R1) WARM R GRADUATE STUDENTS ELSIE A. HOOKER Flushing, N. Y. JOSEPH PADULA New York, N. Y. ELAINE PHILLIPS Richmond Hill, N. Y. WILLIAM STRICKLAND Bowling Green, Fla. SPECIAL STUDENTS GEORGE L. BROWN DeLeon Springs, Fla. EVELYN R. DODD Lake Wales, Fla. NINA DOGGART Lake Helen, Fla. CLEO JOHNSON Brunswick, Ga. NANCY NASH STELLA RUTLEDGE . ■ LETITIA REYNOLDS . ■ YOLANDE HARGREAVES HOWARD THOMPSON • • Ft. Myers, Fla. . . DeLand, Fla. . • DeLand, Fla. • - DeLand, Fla. . Palmetto, Fla. RACHEL E. ALLISON. Business ■ BARBARA D. ARMON, Business ■ FRANK S. BAMBERG, III. Music BARBARA E. BASSET, Music ■ ■ ■ I I Ml C. BEATTY, Business ■ ■ ■ BETTY 1. BELL, Liberal Arts ■ ■ MARGARET G. BLAYOES, Busine NED A. BODDY, Liberal Arts. ■ l .1 I i). BOGUE, Liberal Arts ■ J. CLEAVER BRADLEY, Liberal Arts DeLand, Fl CAROL M. BREYFOGLE, B».iwn DeLand. Fl RUTH M. BROOKS, Liberal Arts Orlando, Fl DeFuniak Springs, Fl.i. . . Philadelphia, Penn. Jasper, Fla. . • St. Petersburg, Fla. . . • Jacksonville, Fla. .... DeLand, Fla .... Orlando, Fla. .... DeLand, Fla. .... DeLand, Fla. CHARLOTTE C. BROW X, Business ■ ■ ■ Washington, D. C. FRANK W. BROWN, JR., Liberal Arts ■ ■ Orange Park, Fla. GRACE K. BROWN, Liberal Arts ■ ■ ■ Winter Garden. Fla. BARBARA B. BURGESS, Business Fernandina, Fla. AUDREY C. CAINE, Business DeLand. Fla. SAM R. CALDWELL, Uberal Arts ... St. Petersburg, Fla. CHARLINE E. CARSON, Uberal Arts .... W ' illiston, Fla. JAMES R. CASEY, Liberal Arts DeLand, Fla. CAROLYN CHAPPELL. Liberal Arts .... Arlington, Va. JEFFERSON W ' . CLARK, Liberal Arts DeLand, Fla. JULIAN G. CLARK, Liberal Ar s DeLand, Fla. M. LUCILLE CLARK, Liberal Ar s DeLand. Fla. NINA C. CLARKE, Mush Miami, Fla. E. MAURICE COKF.R, Liberal Arts City, Fla. ALYCE W. COWART, Business Cowan, V.i. DAVID L. CRANEORD, Liberal Arts ■ ■ Winter Garden, Fla. RUTH D, CURNICK, Liberal Arts Holly Hill, Fla GEORGE H. DAVIS, Liberal Arts .... New anaan, onn. ROBERT R. DICKERT, Liberal Arts- . Daytona Beach, Fla. HOKE S. DOWDY, Liberal Arts DeLand, Fla. R. PETER EASLAND, JR., Business. ■ ■ ■ Pittsfield, Mass. ELINOR I. I IH IX. Music Miami, II... MARJORIE R. ELLIOTT, Mxsic • • • -Winter Haven, Fla. CAROL V. EMERSON, Business Sebring, Fla. ORIEN D. FARRELL, Music Sanford, Fla. JUNE C. FENN, Business Mount Dora, Fla. NANCY C. FESSENDEN, Liberal Arts Tampa, Fla. TOMMY L. FOWLER, Music Perry, Fla. E. LOUISE FUGATE, Business Williston, Fla. PATRICIA G. FUGLE, Liberal Arts ■ ■ ■ Miami Beach, Fla. EDITH M. GARDNER, Liberal Arts- -St. Petersburg, Fla. V. ANN GILBERT. Liberal Arts Jacksonville, Fla. HARRISON D. GRIFFIN. Liberal Arts .... DeLand, Fla. JULIA C. GRIFFIN, Liberal Arts Quincy, Fla. MRS. RUBY G. HADDOX Orlando, Fla. lit III I. HALSTEAD, Music Lake City, Fla. MARCIA HAMMER, Bushiest Ft. Pierce, Fla. YOLANDE H. HARGREAVES, Business .... DeLand, Fla. RACHEL F. HARLESS, Business DeLand. Fla M. LOUISE HAVENS, Business Miami Beach, Fla, GARLAND HAYES, JR., Business Ft. Pierce, Fla AMY J. HEARN, Business DeLand, Fla ADEL D. HEIDEN, Liberal Arts Coral Gables, Fla BETTY J. HINMAN, Business South Miami, Fla ANN HIRTH, Liberal Arts Miami Beach, Fla DOROTHY J. HOWELL, Business Palm Beach, Fla ROBERT C. HOWES, Liberal Arts DeLa nd, Fla G. VIVIAN HUMPHREY, Music .... Daytona Beach, Fla JACK C. INMAN, Business DeLand, Fla. L. JOY JACKSON, Liberal Arts Orange City, Fla. J. GERALDINE JARVIS, Music Palm Beach, Fla. MILDRED L JAUDON, Business Tampa, Fla. MARGARET E. JOHNSTON, Business .... Dalton, Ala. MARGARET A. JUSTICE, Business ■ • -Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. MARY |. KIRCHOF, Liberal Arts DeLand, Fla. JEWEL E. KIRKPATRICK, Liberal Arts . . Palm Beach, Fla. EDWARD A. KOESTER, Business Jacksonville, Fla. BETSY B. KRAMER, Business Mt. Dora, Fla. HOWARD E. KURTZ, Liberal Arts Ft. Myers, Fla. MARY W. LASATER, Music St. Augustine, Fla. 42 BERNICF. LEE, Liberal Art Live Oak, Fla. DOTSY M. l.IPSCOMBE, Business DeLand, Fla. ROBERT B. LIPSCOMBE, JR., Liberal Arts ■ . DeLand, I la. ISOBEL W. LOWMAN, Liberal Arts Tampa, Fla. BARBARA A. LUPFER, Liberal Arts .... K issimmee, Fla. SHIRLEY LYTLE, Business Weirsdale, 1 [a. RUTH E. McDANIEL, Music Ft. Myers, Fla. JAMES D. McEACHERN. Liberal Arts ■ ■ ■ Brundidge, Ala. BARBARA A. McGlNNIS, Business Miami, Fla. MARGARET R. McLEAN, Business Palmetto, Fla. FRAN SUE MACDONAED. Liberal Arts ... Sebring, Fla. HENRY G. MILES, Liberal Arts Jacksonville, Fla. WILLIAM G. MILES, Liberal A: Is .... Jacksonville, Fla. CHARLES H. MILEY, Liberal Arts Ft. Pierce, Fla. BRADFORD MILLER, Liberal Arts DeLand, Fla. EDITH L. MILLER, Liberal Arts ■ ... St. Petersburg, Fla. ROY W. MILLER, Liberal Arts DeLand, Fla. HAROLD F. MITCHELL, Liberal Arts Miami, Fla. KELLY MOORE, Business Palmetto, Fla. L. RABEL MOREMAN, Music DeLand, Fla. VERNICE E. NICHOLS, Business .... Panama City, Fla. JEAN NOBLE, Business New Britain, Conn. J. WALTER NORDMAN, Liberal Arts .... DeLand, Fla. BARBARA OTTO, Liberal Arts Arlington, Va. THELMA PEARCE, Liberal Arts T. JEAN PINKL1 Y. Liberal Arts GLADYS I. PIPPIN. Business ■ ■ ■ ■ Ft. Myers, Fla New Smyrna, Fla • ■ - Sanford, Fla BETTYE A. POPE, Business Brunswick, Ga. MARGARET H. REES, Business Tavares, Fla. ALFRED S. REID, Liberal Art Lake Worth, Fla. GERRY R. REIFSCHNEIDER, Music ■ ■ ■ Jacksonville, Fla. DOROTHY L. RICHARDSON, Liberal Arts ■ Pompano, Fla. TRUDE SAXL, Business DeLand, Fla. GLADYS M. SCHULTE, Business .... Daytona Beach, Fla. DOROTHY R. SEABLOM, Business .... Jacksonville, Fla. V. GENE SHEROVI R. Liberal Arts .... New York, N. Y. JOHANNA M. SHEW " , Liberal Arts .... Jacksonville, K.ATHRYN H. SHIRLEY, Music Ocala, DONNA C. SHULTZ, Business .... V. Palm Beach, BARBARA SHUMAN, Business DeLand, DOROTHY O. SMITH, Business DeLand, MARY L. SMITH, Business DeLand, P. JAMESINE SMITH, Liberal Arts ■ . . High Springs, VIOLET L. SMITH. Business Jacksonville, WILLIAM C. SMITH, Liberal Arts . . . Clarksburg, W. H. JANETTE SPAINHOUR, Libenil Arts . ■ Fernandina, CARL H. STAFFORD, Liberal Arts ■ ■ ■ Orange City, DONALD B. STEWAKT, Liberal Arts ■ Daytona Beach, VIVIAN SULT, Music D. LUCILLE SUMERFORD, Bus SHIRLEY M. SUTTON, Business ■ ■ Palmetto, Fla ■ • DeLand, Fla. Auburndale, Fla. KAREEN F. TAYLOR, Liberal Arts ■ ■ ■ Jacksonville, Fla. F. All.VN THOMPSON, Liberal Arts .... DcLand, Fla. RICHARD L. TOWLE, Liberal Arts .... Walpole, Mass. JOHN P. GRAVES, Liberal Arts GENEVA L. TRAYI.OR, Business Ft. Myers, Fla. EVELYN M. TURRENTINF, Business .... Mt. Dora, Fla. EMILY L. WEST, Liberal Arts Miami Beach, Fla. ROSTON M. WILLIAMSON. Liberal Aits ■ ■ ■ DeLand, Fla. HAZELLE L. WILSON, Liberal A, Is . . . Port Orange, Fia. ALBERT ZOCCOLA, Liberal Arts Havana, Cuba .... DeLand, Fla. Camera Shy EZELLA ARNOLD MARY E. GENTRY ONA E. WARNER ROBERT G. MAY JAMES G. PETERMANN MIKE SOUS, JR. HARRY E. WHITSETT WE ARE THINKING OF YOU The Hatter this year is dedicated to you, the men and women of Stetson who are serving in the armed forces of the United States of America. Proudly we salute you, Stetsonians — graduate and undergraduate, who have gone from us in order to take up arms in defense of our country. We want you to know this: We are thinking of you. If you think you are forgotten, you are wrong. We have no opportunity to forget. You are with us each time we see a uniform. You are just above us all day long, as Navy trainers circle overhead from dawn to dusk. You are close by as long Army convoys roar up and down the Boulevard. We cannot escape our thoughts of you — we do not want to escape them. What are we doing in your absence, then? Wc are doing as usual. We go to classes; we attend the fraternity and sorority dances; we read Wednesday ' s Reporter; we celebrate Sadie Hawkins ' Day; we sing in Chapel the songs you used to sing with us — we sing a few new ones, though, for you: Anchors Aweigh, The Caissons Go Rolling Along, the Marine Hymn. Wo do all these things because they are the things to do, because they are the things you want us to do. We do all these things because we are thinking of you. Some of us shall join you soon. We are waiting for that as much as we are waiting for anything. There will be fewer of us to remember more of you. But the few will remember. Be sure of that. Our debt to you grows greater each day. If you do not think of your services as a debt, we do. For you are fighting, not to kill and destroy, but to preserve the very thing for which Stetson stands. This is not the first time men and women (Con in ned on Page 110) Especially this when strict emphasis is placed on health and physical fitness . . . we the students of Stetson express our ap- preciation for your tireless efforts. WALTER PURTZ Manager BASKETBALL The " War Hatters " Ken Purtz Walt Purtz Carl Purtz Don Stewart Dale Melching Red Whitman Al Ried Slugger Black Bill Smith Dale Jones Dale Melching Ken Purtz Walt Purtz Bob Brown Carl Purtz TENNIS MEN ' S .Managers Paddle Ball Football IXTRAMURALS Basketball - ' ' ■..uM I Table Tennis v B L 1 %B ?B Ft. 9 % - W J vl £v» A 4 s - : ' ! SIIIHI Horse Shoes WOMEN ' S Intramural Managers Ping-Pong Pi Beta Phi Badminton Pi Beta Phi Box Hockey Zeta Tan Alpha INTRAMURALS Tennis Zeta Tau Alpha Field Hockey Alpha Xi Delta A h II II ' jj •-- « »•%• " 1 ' ! ■ vWL WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Doris Warren . . Connie Bennett . Pauline Bennett . . Dot Estabrook Bitty Ann Cannon Jean Douglas . . Dot Jfnnings . . Ruth White . Di i phene Covirsion . . . . President . Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Recorder of Points Publicity Manager Social Chairmen Barbara Armon Barbara Bassett Barbara Hi a k m. i ' .i i ii ' ii n ( LAIR] BRANDIl s C. Brown ( aroi in Bu K Burgess Charlini (arson Sara Carver HAPP] i I I I Ml II (III Shirley Ci «j Siiiki ii G | , I I ( OWART Duri K i, i ii DURRAN l Nina Ii, 11 DOR] ' I Ml RSON I ESS1 Nlil N I. I I Jackie Fishi b Tommi I I I I OVI I I K Ruth Fri ni ii i i aim i ' ki i vi 1 i Ruth Mai Danii i, Yvonni MALOK Sis Maui in Mar i ii Mil II r I ' m Miller I i i a Mitchei I Mary Mock I i i i Mai Morrison I an Nun I Mill. )l IVI R Barbara Otto ( ,i adys Pippin Dor Pope Bobbii Price Louisi l i ' ■ 1 1 1 Norma Gariini r Ann (ill »i hi Julia Grim in Flo Gross Marii i i I Iakim It Mary Louisi Havens Ann Hirth Marii Hisey I )oi I II I lo I I T 111 SSI1 I ou [VI V |ov Jackson |i rrv Jarvis I II " fOHNSON Maui. AM i fOHNSTON ( AROl 1 N JONl S Sylvia |oni s I ' l C(.Y |l ' SI H I Mar iorii Ki rsi v Id isv Kim ii i Tl RRV Lenehan I lARRII I LlNIIM I! Is All! I I Utt MAN I ' ,. mm I upi i ii SlIIRI I v Lytle Helen Rees I i N m Shaw Kathryn Shirley June Shone Brownie Shulte Donna Sin i i Bi TTY Smii i v Mary Frances Smith Vim it Smith Anne Stinks I [ARRIl I SIMM NS Evi lyn Sum KaRI I N ' I A VI OK Natalie True Evi i yn Ti ' iuu nttne Lura Tvni k Mary Lasati r I vi i in Van Scoy Emmie Lou West Martha Whim 56 Vrr i T, v SFfl i ri ' III uuu i •UULLIJ L , LL r L L c ' -• CLAIRE BRANDIES CARL PURTZ FLONNIE ANDERS MAX STAMPER ar « L k w 1 A - ■ 1 1 ■ warn HELEN DORIS McCORMICK BOB BARNES MARY MOCK BILLY MATHIS H a M ,-• 5 j» i « i ' • » A " . Km MARGARET REAVES BUD DICKINSON A). ELIZABETH STACEY JOHN LEWIS CAROLYN HOWES FRANK WATSON 141 ' , 141 in AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES and COLLEGES Flonnie Anders Claire Brandii s Garland Branch David Lehman John Li is Billy Mathis Helen McCormick Marian Merrill Mary Mock Carl Purtz Margaret Reaves Jane Reese Betty Smith Maxwell Stamper William Strickland Aubrey Vincent L JH ! p f +J 4iM- m 65 s A P D O G P A T C II M O It E S T IT F F J JOHN LEWIS CARL PURTZ WILLIAM MATHIS FRANK WATSON MAURICE MILLER WINSTON McQUIDDY , ▲ GARLAND BRANCH DAVID LEHMAN ROBERT BARNES WILLIAM STRICKLAND JACKSON HAYWARD LeROY BARKSTROM MYSTIC KREWE Founded in 1934 Colors: Rctl and Black FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Cari. Purtz Captain Garland Branch Captain John Lewis First Mate William Mathis First Mate Garland Bran i i Second Male Carl Purtz Second Mute Frank Watson Boat sua u Frank Watson Boat swain William Maimis ( abin B03 William Strickland Cabin Boy 74 SMITH MOCK MILLIGAN JENNINGS STACEY REAVES McCLURE HOOKER Mccormick BENNETT REESE HILLMAN HISEY BENNETT KNOX AMIDON BURGMAN FRENCH MERRILL COVERSTON POWERS THE HONOR Honorary Leadership Organization For Women OFFICERS Louise McClure President Margaret Reaves . . Vice-President Betty Smith Secretary Mary Mock Treasurer Betty Smith Mary Mock Doris Mii.ligan Dorothy Jennings Elizabeth Stacey Margaret Reaves Louise McCluri- ACTIVE MEMBERS Helen Doris McCokmu k Helen Bennett Pauline Bennett Jane Reese Ruth Hillman Marie Hisey Elsie Hooki r Edith Knox Betty Jane Amidon Barbara Burgman Irma French Marian Merrii l Delphi m Covi rston Betty Powers 75 THE ORDER OF THE SCROLL AND KEY Honorary Scholarship and Leadership Society Founded in March, 1940 Colors: Purple and Gold Flower: Purple Iris OFFICERS Garland Branch .... President Frank Watson . . . Vice-President Bitty Smith Secretary John Lewis Treasurer The purpose of the Order of the Scroll and Key is to recognize and further scholar- ship and leadership on the campus of J. B. Stetson University. Its members are chosen from the upper tenth division of the junior and senior classes. BRANCH LEWIS OFFICERS Doris Warren President Dorothy Estabrook . . Vice-President Ki mi White Secretary Pauline: Bennett .... Treasurer MEMBERS Claire Branimi s Delpheni o I KSI ON Ruth Winn Pal; i ini Iii nni i i Dorothy Estabrook Constance Bennett Jl AN I )()! ' (, I AS Doroteiy Jennings Doris Wakiu n THE STETSON BLAZER CLUB The Stetson Blazer Club was founded on May 24, 1939, in the Cummings Gymnasium by seven girls who had won their letter " S " for leadership in the athletic field. Mem- bership to the Stetson Blazer Club is based oil leadership, scholarship, and athletic ability. Students may earn their blazer only after they have completed at least two years of college work. I WOMEN ' S STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION McCLURE HILLMAN COVERSTON OFFICERS Claire Brandies President Jane Reese Vice-President Louise McClure Secretary Ruth Hillman Treasurer Delphene Coverston Representative-at-large Helen Oliver Sophomore Representative Bi i iv Smiley Stevens Hall Representative Dorothy Widdersheim Sergeant-at-Arms OLIVER SMILEY WIDDERSHEIM THE HATTER If you see pictures you ' ve seen before, or you ' re looking like you ' ve never looked before I respectfully refer you to one Adolph Hitler or his assistant culprits Benito Mussolini and Emperor Hirohito Hopefully yours, Thf Editor. Delphi m Cc Editor- LeRoy Barkstrom Business Manager HELEN ANDERSON RALPH MATOUSEK COMER WOODALL IRMA FRENCH HARRIET STEFFENS fran s. Mcdonald HARRY SNYDER BETTY LOU BELL DORIS O ' NEAL ELSIE MERRITT MARY ANN BROWN SHIRLEY KAGEY DAVID LEHMAN PAULINE BENNETT ALYCE COWART ELIZABETH PIPPIN JANE REESE CLAIRE BUMGARNER EDNA OYER MARION MERRILL 78 Tfo Stetson Reporter Eighth Year— No. 8 AmfTU-»n« who ' lief in Wofld War 1; still and, bcrause of their ktCWKi Lillian M Clement T II ETA ALPHA PHI rAV- ajav- 6 7 - sr . PI KAPPA DELTA National Honorary Forensic Fraternity Florida Beta Chapter Established in 193 S OFFICERS John Lewis President Doris Hartman Vice-President Irma French .... Secretary ami Treasurer I.i Roy Barkstrom Historian FACULTY Irving C. Stover ACTIVITIES On February 13, Pi Kappa Delta sponsored the Sixth Annual State Practice Forensic Tournament, at which the University of Florida, Florida Southern, St. Petersburg Junior College, Rollins, the University of Miami, and Florida State College for Women were present. The season was clos. ' d with the traditional intramural debate tournament. FORENSIC SEASON The State practice Meet was held here for the sixth time. Six of Florida ' s outstand- ing schools participated in the tournament. Burdine represented Stetson in extem- poraneous taking first place. Griffin took part in the non-competitive after dinner speaking. Lewis, Barkstrom, Mansur, Overton, H artman, Lupfer, Smith, and Reese were representatives in debate. The Speaker ' s Bureau which was estab- lished last year was discontinued because of the war and traveling dirficulties. RADIO GUILD Flonnif Anders Presidi nt Jack Hayward Vice-President Irma French Secretary Max Stamper Treasurer Gordon Williamson Publicity Manager Jack Causier Program Manager Ruth Hiiiman Historian Elizabeth s i i y Hi i i y Powers M K1 I RAN is S n I I I Natald. Tki i ' l rnon Sandi rson I ORIS Mil I IGAN Sam Caldwt i i Garland Br i i |l W I ' lNKI I V Billy Mitch eli I [ar i v Gardni k Bob 15k i Betty Lou Bi i l Pauline: Bennj i i I ' l I I r Easi and Nina Dyal Barisara Burcman | i n Trigg Y i ii I [ARGR] AVI s Virginia Ei mendorf Mary I ' ardee 1 )n I I II I [OWELL Donna Si hi i Barbara Armon Kareen Ta-i I OK Orien Farrell Sis Martin I ' a i i I ' UGLE Bn i. Kennedy Barbara Black Ann Spinks Doris Hartman Ha kiiar a Otto Joy Jac ksun Ann Ilium Ta mi Fisi ii k Carole Chappel Jerry Jarvis Shirley Lytle Si iiki ly Moore Ann Davis Kai i-ii Ma rOUSJ K Melvin Burger Auuri y Vincent Marion Merrill Sara Carver A I Yl I COW ' AR t Ann (hi in r i ;;i OFFICERS k Aubrey Vincent Preside 11 Ivan Yenetchi Secretary Ivan Yantchi Secretary Frank Watson Treasurer MEMBERS ft Jackson Hayward Bi tty Smith Frank Watson Marion Merrill Roy Summerlin Doris Hartman Bennett Stone Delphene Coverston Gordon Ben i i i 1 Maurice Miller 85 BETTY JANE AMIDON PAMELA LIPSCOMB FRANCES BROWN BARBARA BURGMAN WILBUR CLONTS BARBARA PRICE JAMES OVERTON RUTH HILLMAN CAROLYN JONES JOHN SNELLINGS STETSON COMMERCE CLUB Founded in May, 1937 Colors: Black and Red The purpose of the Commerce Club is to promote scholarship, to facilitate contact with the commercial world, and to stimulate discussion and constructive thinking in the field of commerce and business. Erna FrEEBURG President Beth |am Amidon Vice-President I ' wn i a Lipscomb Secretary Ri in Him man Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS Mi i n | i Amidon Wilbur Clonts Caroiyn Jonis James Overton Frances Brown Erna Freeberg Pamela Lipscomb John Snellings Barbara Burgman Ruth Him man Barbara Prici alumni members 1 1 A N I IN NI.Y FACULTY MEMBERS Miss 1. s. MtCuRDii Mrs. M. B. Fisher Dr. C. A. Leonard Dr. J. R. McVicker MORRISON JOHNSON RATLIFF BRYAN PEIFER AMIDON BROWN CHAMBERUN DYAL HOWES HISEY JONES KAGEY McCLURE MERR1TT OYER POPE BUMGARNER CARLTON FRENCH GARDNER KNOX LONGINO TYNER WARREN FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA B. F. Ezell Chapter of Future Teachers of America OFFICERS Lula Mae Morrison President Sara Lou Johnson Vice-President Mildred Ratliff Secretary Helen Ray Bryan Treasurer Patricia Peifer Parliamentarian Claire Bumgarner Librarian Mary Carlton Custodian MEMBERS Betty Jane Amidon Carolyn Howes Louise McClure Mary Ann Brown Marie Hisey Elsie Merritt Virginia Chamberlain Sylvia Jones Edna Oyer Lina Dyal Shirley Kagey Rosamond Popj Irma French Edith Knox Lura Tyner Norma Gardner Jesse Beth Longino Doris Warren THE HATTER ' S ART CLUR OFFICERS Carolyn Buck . Natalie True . Dot Widdersheim . . Nina Dyal . Jean Pinkley . . President Vice-President Secy. -Treasurer Social Chairman Reporter MEMBERS Alyce Cowart N a iai ii True Emily Lou West Katherine Turner Johanna Shew June Fenn Cakoi yn Buck Am i I Iltden Sally Johnson El I2ABETH STACEY Dorothy Jennings Cree McLaughlin Dot Widdershij m Ruth Brooks Jean Pinkley Helen Bryan Nina Dyal IsAIII I I I I OWMAN Dorothy Gibbins Ruth Curnick The purpose of the Hatter ' s Art Club is to promote the interest of art on the campus and to create a sincere love of beauty, an appreciation of art, and a spirit of friendship a n d cooperation among its members. Q!i Q2 a Gladys Pippin; Anita Moore Sally Johnson Dot Richardson Jane Knight Catherine Shirt i v Margaret Johnston Betty Ann Cannon Jean Pinkley Claire Brandeis Jeane Ostrander Vernice Nichols Barbara Lupfek Jane Reese Nancy Fessenden Margaret Reaves Ruth McDaniel Elinor Edlin Mildred Jaudon L.ula Mae Morrison Norma Gardner Barbara Albritton Martha Arnold Mar i ha White Nina Dyal Barbara Bassett YOUNG WOMEN ' S ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Helen Bennett President Irma French Vice-President Judith Dobbins . . . Secretary ami Treasurer Leta Mitchell Program Chairman Dot Widdersheim .... Social Chan man Elizabeth Pippin Music Chairman Jessie Beth Longino Stewardship Shirley Kagly Personal Service Dorothy Howard Doris O ' Neal Julia Grii fin Tommy Lee Fowler Caroi yn Jones Vivian Sult Hi rsY Kramer Lura TYNER June Shone Mar.iorii Kl RSI 1 Barbara McGinnis Mary Ellen Anderson [ li i i Martin Barbara I ' m. i Donna Shui rz [uni Fesn I i izabeth Pippin |i smi Beth Longino Dot Widdershi im Slum i v K VGI i Knew mi Sin i I I I I . ' i i l l Wll SON H im i ii Dobbins 1 li i i Ben neti I km French Letji Mitchell LEWIS ANDERSON PURTZ DOBBINS REESE BURDINE PARSON REAVES MORRISON WARE AVENT KNIGHT COOPER BRANCH HOWARD BENNETT B. S. U. COUNCIL John Lewis President Jane Reese First Vice-President Lula Mai, Morrison Second Vice-President Ed Cooper ) Mary Ellen Anderson ' .. ' .] Tl " ul Vice-President J. T. Burijink Secretary Bi d W ' aki Treasurer Garland Branch . . Sunday School Representative ( aki Purtz Associate Harold Parson li.T.U. Representative ' .1 ORG] Avi NT . ,. „ , . .. ... magazine Representatives I ' i», Mi iBBINS ( s ' Pai I In i ) , , , u Vesbcr (.. uin men MoKOT I I Y I l ) ARI) .... .( MLargarei Reaves . Music Chairman |am Knight Publicity Chairman Helen Benneti Y. W. A. ' Let us go forward under iBie influence of Spain " MEMBERS Dora Valdez Ruth White Anita Moore David Lehman Irma French Max Stamper Dorothy Gibbons Frank Watson Chris Napoli Jean Trigg Olive Lord Natalie True Doris Milligan Mary Mock Carolyn Buck OFFICERS Dora Valdez . Anita Moorl David Lehman Ruth Whiii . Dr. Arjona . President Vi( e-President Treasurer Secretary Vacuity Adviser FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Thornton Dr. Arjona Professor Winters Jean Finney SIGMA DELTA PI National Spanish Fraternity Founded in 1937 Colors: Red and Gold I lower: Red Carnation REAVES LORD DURRANCE HUDGINS ROGY HILLMAN TURNER TENNILLE MARCUM ALBRITTON ARKLEY MILLIGAN DURRANCE BENNETT RAMSEY SPECHT ZORNES WAGNER STACEY PHI BETA National Professional Fraternity of Music Founded at Northwestern University, 1912 Eta Chapter Established in December, 1921 Colors: Violet and Gold Flower: Rose OFFICERS Margar] i Reaves President |ian Rogy Vice-President Ri in lln i man Corresponding Secretary Katherini Turner Recording Secretary oiivi Lord Treasure! Helen Tennille Doorkeeper Ellen Marcum Historian 92 PI DELTA PSI One of the newly organized honorary clubs on campus for the pur- pose of promoting interest in contemporary literature. Sponsor: Dr. William Hugh McEniry, Jr. MEMBERS George Avent Marie Hisey Mary Ann Brown Carolyn Howes Rachel Clark Edith Knox Delphene Coverston John Lewis Irma French Louise McClure Ruth French Ernest Machen Norma Gardner Bill Mathis Elsie Merritt T. R. Mims Mary Mock Mii dred Ratliff Jani Reese Betty Smii ii Ann Spinks Bill Strickland OFFICERS LeRoy Barkstrom .... Jus ice Aubrey Vincent . . . Vice Justice Maurice Miller . Clerk and Treasurer Ivan Yenetchi Marshal PLEDGES Jack Hayward Roy Summerlin Joe Ben Stone Frank Watson PHI ALPHA DELTA PI GAMMA M U Nationa 1 Social Science Honor Society Florida Gamma Chapter Established in OFFICERS February, 1929 Via -President Ruth French MEMBERS Secretary and Treasurer Georgi Avi.nt FRANK Watson Run i Fri ni i i |. T. BURDIN) I ' ami 1 A LlPSI OM I ' . James Overton Ikma Fri N ii I ' KNI s 1 Mai i n N |i an Finney lu aim Phillips John Lewis Erna Freeburg David I,i i [MAN Ri x W ' i isi Mill) anatati i i toxu DAVID M. LEHMAN CAROLYN HOWES HARRIET STEFFENS RALPH MATOUSEK RUTH FRENCH JOHN LEWIS FRANK WATSON ERNEST MACHEN REX WIESENFELD ■r TS PHI ALPHA THETA OFFICERS David M. Lehman President Carolyn Howes Vice-President Harriet Steffens Secretary and Treasurer Ralph Matousek Historian Alpha Zeta Chapter Established May, 1942 Colors: Madonna Blue and Red Flower: Red Rose Motto: Vox Populi, Vox Dei Purposi : To encourage the study of history. GARTNER MIMS WARE THOMPSON COOPER MIXON STRICKLAND MITCHELL AVENT FAIN WOODALL NAPOLI SANDERSON BROWN RUTLEDGE REID HADDOX MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION 1942-43 J. T. Bukdine, Jr. Ed Cooper Mauru i Fain David M. Gardner Pat I In i John Lewis T. R. Mims I.AW ' RI N( I MlXON Chris Napoli Aaron R i i i i ik.i l ' )ii I Si kii m AND Bud Ware Danu-.i. Mi vi 101 i i r Cecil Crissey George Avent Vernon Sanderson A 1 1 K I I) Reid Howard Thompson I [aroi i) Mitchell OM1 R Woodai I. George L. Brown Hi N I [aDDOX THE STETSON UNIVERSITY DEFENSE COUNCIL Established May, 1941 President W. S. Allen Commander Professor Harold M. Giffin Vice-Commander Crafton H. Pyne Co-Ordinator EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Dr. Harry Carwood Chairman, Committee on Curricula and Assembly Professor Curtis M. Lowery Chairman, Committee on Emergency Safety Precaution Mr. Warren C. Cowell Chairman, Committee on Physical Fitness John Lewis Chairman, Committee on Extra-Curricula Activity STAFF Mr. Carl H. Johnson Chief Air-Raid Warden Mr. Elmer Barnett Chief Protection Officer Garland Hayes Chief of Fire-Control Squad Miss Edgelle Henry Chief at Emergency Casualty Post Donald Black Chief of Men ' s Stret cher Squads Anne Spinks Chief of Women ' s Stretcher Squads Margaret Reaves Chief of Communications Mary Frances Smith Chief of Messenger Squad Mr. Robert I. Allen Mr. Robert Barnett Dr. John F. Conn Miss Evelyn Dodd Dr. William E. Duckwitz FACULTY MEMBERS Miss Esther Hick Miss Curtis Horn Dr. R. F. Howls Mrs. Sara S. Jernican Dr. W. Hugh McEniry Miss Etter Turner Mrs. Mary McLaughlin Dr. James MacVicker Miss Barbara Rowe Miss Charlotte Smith Dr. Irving Stover STUDENT MEMBERS William Alden Robert Allen Betty Jane Amidon Frances Arkley Robert Barnes Constance Bennett Pauline Bennett Melvin Burger Barbara Black Annette Bolton Frank Brown Gordon Carlson Lewis Cladin Wilbur Clonts (red Dickinson Jean Douglas Wilbur Eichholz June Fenn Ruth French Helen Harper Jack Hayward Emily Van Houson Eleanor Holueman Dorothy Howell Dorothy Jennings Andri w Knox Betsy Kramer William Kennedy Terry Kenehan Jessie Beth Longino Jeanette McArthur Lillian McClement Louise McClure Sis Martin Doris Milligan T. R. MlMS Laverne Nixon Shirley Moore Max Mosler Chris Napoli James Nl i son Him n Oliver Joseph Padula Harold Parson Mary PlTTMAN Martha Price Carl Purtz Ki N m i ii Purtz Wai ti r Purtz Jane Ri i si Jean Rogy Betty Schollig Donna Schultz Jean Shaw Betty Smith William Smith John Snellings Elizabeth Stacey Max Stamper W ' iiii m Strickland Lucille Summerford Roy Summerlin Natalie True Jean Trigg Katherine Tl ' KM r Brooks Wai ki k I vi ki it Whitman Charles Wii.i iams Mi even Wilkjns INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUR OFFICERS Max Stamper President J. T. Burdine Vice-President Elsie Merritt Recording Secretary Irma French Publicity Chairman Betty Powers Treasurer Nina Dyai Corresponding Secretary Purpose: To acquaint the students of Stetson University with con- ditions of the world, and to promote interests in these conditions. John Lewis Daniel Meyhoefer Edith Knox David Lehman Frank Wa i son Ernest Mac i ii n Robert Barni s Hi [i I )l( K.INSON FLONNI1 A Mil us Doris Mn i igan Mary Ann Brown A.MIA Mould Jimmy Smith Doris Hartman Marie Hisey Dick Smith Delphene Coverston Mary Frances Smith George Goodman Carl Pur rz Ruth French William Matins Kai pi i MATOUSEK VOLUNTEERS FOR CHRISTIAN SERVICE MEMBERS Hazelle Wilson Dorothy Richardson Violet Smith Dorothy Widdershiem Virginia Agett Mary Ellen Anderson Judith Dobbins Evelyn Dodd James Overton Jane Knight Harry Atkinson Martha Price Eleanor Holderman Anita Moore Helen Martin Helen Bennett Dorothy Howard Aim: The aim of this organization is to bring together those students who have been called and have surrendered to do any Christian service as the Lord leads and for the purpose of creating a real Christian spirit on Stetson ' s campus. DYAL TRIGG BURGMAN SMITH AMIDON DOUGLAS MATHIS GARDNER BARNES HISEY POPE MOCK HENRY SMITH 8ARKSTR0M STACEY POWERS JENNINGS GARDNER VINCENT FULLER INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL OFFICERS Robert Barnes President Richard Smith Vice-President Nina Dyal Secretary Jean Douglas Treasurer MEMBERS Alpha Xi Delta Pi Kappa Phi Mi eabeth Stacey William Mathis Betty Powers David Gardner Dot Jennings Robert Barnes Pi Beta Phi Delta Sigma Phi Hi n v Smith Robert Henry Betty Jani Amidon Richard Smith Jean Douglas LeRoy Barkstrom Delta Delta Delta Sigma Nit Nina Dyal Harvey Gardner Jean Trigg Aubrey Vin int Barbara Burgman Al Fuller ' .eta ' Ian Alpha M.ARII 1 llSEY Dot Pope Mary Mock Mccormick milligan BURGMAN HISEY MOCK DOUGLAS PAX-HELLENIC COUNCIL OFFICERS Helen Doris McCormick President Doris Milligan Vice-President Bitty Smith Secretary Mary Mock Treasurer Barbara Rowe Adviser MEMBERS Alpha Xi Delta Pi Be a Phi Doris Milligan Jean Douglas Betty Powers Betty Smith Delta Delta Delta Ze a Taw Alpha Helen Doris McCormick Mary Mock Barbara Burgman Marie Hisi y Oft GAMMA SIGMA EPSILON Honorary Chemistry Fraternity Ray Spaulding Grand Alchemist Garland Branch Visor Harriet Steffens Recorder Dr. John F. Conn Faculty Adviser Joseph Adney Karl Kesmodel Anita Moore BETA KEY Biology Fraternity Harriet Steffens President William Alden Vice-President Anne Spinks Secretary Jean Douglas Treasurer Dorothy Fuller Faculty Adviser Connie Bennett Walker Green Elsie Hooker Karl Kesmodel Joe Padula Elaine Phillips Ray Spaulding Joyce Webber Ruth White Dorothy Howard MORRISON • mm m % i k i; Jl J M MUIRHEAD PADULA PHILLIPS C. PURTZ W THE NEWTON CLUB Honorary Mathematics Society FELLOWS Garland Branch President Carl Purtz Vice-President Robert Herndon Secretary Walter Purtz . . ... Treasurer Betty Smith Sergeant-at-Arms ASSOCIATES Mary Carlton Lula Mae Morrison Ray Spaulding Dorothy Howard Dr. C. M. Lowry, Adviser spaulding Dr. D. F. Faulkner, Founder Dr. R. I. Allen Dr. John F. Conn SIGMA PI SIGMA Honorary Physics Society Garland Branch President Robert Herndon Vice-President Robert C. Allen Secretary Leland Ernest spinks Bruce Muirhead Everett Whitman Dr. R. I. Allen Adviser AT E ASE ! ! ! Stetson goes forward through war and taxes! We ' ve had changes but have accepted them as a matter of course and gone on about our business . . . still typically collegiate. September 15, and maybe there weren ' t quite as many Freshmen as usual but the ones who were here were just as lost, just as homesick, just as green as are the usual Freshmen! Upperclassmen falling into each other ' s arms with shouts of delight. . . . Won- der if I ' ll ever get to know all these people . . . finally a friend — a freshman adviser . . . life looks brighter. Orientation Week advances . . . everybody talking to you, giving you advice, showing you the ropes, cheer- ing you up. Even registration was a laughing matter— after it was over. Freshman Talent Night wound up the week and went over big with Bud Dickinson as master of ceremonies . . . followed by the upper- classmen performing in Chaudoin parlors, and everyone really felt swell. But alas, sad reality crept in— classes started. . . . Freshmen discovered there were such things as rat caps, buttoning, rat courts, paddles — Must I go on? The girls dressed for " tea " at the upper classmen ' s request. Air raid — sandspurs — life really isn ' t one rose-colored haz e. Then, rushing . . . pledging . . . ribbons . . . it ' s all Greek to me. If your best boyfriend collapses in your arms, or if the campus hero stumbles around muttering about the cursed fate (2 50-yard obstacle course) that makes their bones ache and cry out in agony, be not worried merely a part of the new physical fitness program that has recently been inaugurated. Calisthenics do theii part to make the girls actually creak when traveling up or down stairs. Not much actual collapsing but plenty of muttering. Rumors that Sadie Hawkins Day is undecided set the whole campus to buzzing. The buzz grew to a roar and finally a decisive shout, " more Li ' l Abner!! " In the midst of all the Sadie Hawkins Day stew, the Little Theatre gave us " The Curtain Rises " — its first presentation and good as usual. Fourteen students were picked for Who ' s Who and congratulations were flying around. . . . Then all the boys followed Porky ' s lead and settled down to the serious business of growing a beard. By the time the day arrived there were really some beauties on campus — as far as beautiful beards go — which is a matter of opinion. . . . Feminine football practices, committee meetings, rehearsals . . . finally, " Arsenic and Old Lace " opened the hilarious week-end. CHARGE!— Sadie Hawkins Day was the usual bedlam— upperclass- men won the field-meet-sooooo rat caps till Christmas— A vent as Marrying Sam — President Lewis— treat the women rough and make ' em like it. Banquet in the slop house— then to the opry house— pork chops and Daisy Maes. Maybe no annual this year . . . priorities and expenses reared their ugly heads. Stetsonites assessed them- selves an extra buck and the Hattkr ' s future was assured. Plenty of work ahead for Daf fy and Barky. No turkey-time holidays this year but thankfulness prevailed with a banquet feast in the Commons. Talk begun about Stetson Memorial for men in service . . . work started on the Opera, " Hansel and Gretel " — a real success. The " Messiah " was given for the eighth time in Elizabeth Hall Auditorium . . . Christmas parties and dances— holidays at last. Vacation . . . and then back to school to recover. Navy men swarm- ing everywhere — set your sails, girls, its anchors aweigh. . . . Blackout in the middle of Peden ' s recital . . . exams ( ' nuff said) and a graduating class of twenty-one. ... A few days of rest and relaxation— then second semester registration . . . senior recitals . . . basketball games with the Naval Base . . .clipped hair and per- oxide are definitely " in " . . .the Glee Club and the All Girl Orchestra plus Mansur made their Red Cross contribution. The boys kept leaving in response to Uncle Sam ' s request . . .miss ya. Spring, and the love- bug observed no union hours— dazzling rocks on three out of every four girls ' fingers: Odum, French, Harper, Powers, Howell, Arnold— just to mention a few . . . practically reached the stages of an epidemic . . . pins also on the loose . . . constant Pi Kap serenades. No law school next year — all the male law students are busy winning a very important case of their Uncle Sammy. " The Barretts " was presented and came through with flying colors . . . then, William Saroyan ' s " " Afton Water. " Politics here . . . campaigning hot and heavy . . . majority ruled. Priorities curbed the usual wiener roasts and boat rides, but hikes, bikes, and buses took their places. Spring vacation was gratefully, gleefully greeted by all . . . Shakespeare ' s annual appearance. Visits of former Stetson men now in uniform became everyday occurrences. Finally, cramming, exams, term papers, parallel— then gradua- tion, packing, good-byes, and summer vacation for some, summer school for others, armed services, married life. . . . Next year is just around the corner with its memories to be! STETSON UNIVERSITY GLEE CLUB Harold M. Giffin Director Frances Arkley Barbara Bassett Betty Lou Bell Annette Bolton Rosemary Clark Georgette Clark Nina Clarke Eleanor Eddins Tommie Lei: Fowler Elaine Fretwell Betty Jane Amidon Helen Bennett Frances Brown Martha Durrance Ruth Durrance Elinor Edlin LeJeune Hughes Vivian Humphrey Robert Allen Maurice Fain Orien Farrell SOPRANOS Mary Gentry Lucile Halstead Ruth Hillman Elizabeth Howell Brooks Hudgins Bessie Lou Ivey Nancy Ann Lane Ruth McDaniel Leta Mitchell Rabel Moreman ALTOS Mary Lasater Lillian McClement Edith Miller Doris Milligan Mary Mock Anita Moori: Gladys Pippin Margaret Reaves Jamie Richards TENORS William Mathis Winston McQuiddy T. R. Mims Chris Napoli BASSES Robert Herndon Harold Mitchell Orian Osburn Harold Parson Elizabeth Pippin Mary Ramsey Helen Rees Gerry Reifschneider Gladys Schulte Kathryn Shirley Mary Frances Smith Ann Spinks Vivian Sult Jean Rogy Jean Shaw Elizabeth Stacey Lucille Sumerford Helen Tennille Terry Wagner Martha White Betty Lee Zornes Grafton Pym James Smith Comer Woodall 10.1 I ■! STETSON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRi STETSON SYMPHONIC BAND 107 ALPHA DEKSIOMA Founded at John B. Stetson University May, 1940 Colors: Hunter Green and Gold Flower: Talisman Rose OFFICERS Marion Merrill President Mary Carlton .... Vice-President Claire Bumgarner .... Secretary Hflen Martin ..... Treasurer Mary Louise Havens .... Chaplain Jeane Shaw .... Serjeant-at-Arms BUMGARNER HAVENS The purpose of Alpha Deksioma is to promote democratic friendship and understand- ing among its members; to broaden the social, cultural, political, athletic, and religious life of the members and to assist them in every way possible. All women in Stetson University who are not affiliated with a national social organization may become members. MEMBERS Marion Merrill Mary Carlton ( i amu Bumgarner Helen Martin Mary Louise Havens Ji am Shaw 1 1 1 i i n Ray Bryan I )l I I ' l II M COVERSTON Julia Grim in Barhara Lupi i r Ruth M( Oanii-i. Barbara McGinnis Ruth Lois Maxwell Martha Miller Yi k i i Nichols Mary Pittman Joyce Roland Mary Smith Vioi i i Smith Geneva Trayi or Mariiia X ' ill ■ i PLEDGES .1 buy Reieschni idi k Thhiiv Saxi. (ami sim Smith 108 BRYAN COVERSTON GRIFFIN LUPFER McDANIEL McGINNIS MAXWELL MILLER NICHOLS PITTMAN ROLAND M. SMITH V. SMITH TRAYLOR WHITE REIFSCHNEIDER SAXL J. SMITH 4s£— -4$ (Continued from Page 4b) im have taken up arms to defend their institutions, but this is the first time our institu- tions have been seriously threatened by an enemy that is haunted already by the ghosts of a thousand fallen institutions which c ould not protect themselves, or which were overwhelmed by the implacable hatred of men who cannot build as well. Be- tween the enemy and the Stetsons you stand. We shall not forget that. We had rather have you here with us. You belong with us. But you have given us up in order to serve us. We have let you go by accepting your services. You are our personal guarantee that we believe in what we have. We are your personal guarantee that you will come back to what you left. Soldier, sailor, marine. Coast Guardsman, worker, housewife, merchant, student, all of us are bound together in a fight for preservation. None of us will let you down; all of us maintain the same idea — the idea of the Stetsons of America. You are willing to die for us; we are willing to live for you. That is what we hope we are doing: livi ng for you. For what is the purpose of your fighting if it is not to come back to the things you left behind? And how can your mission be accomplished unless we live for you? Do you think we shall forget a willing creditor who lends us his life asking nothing in return but our preservation? All these llnngs w " € know — and we hope that you know. And when you have a moment, think of us. For we shall always be thinking of you. pt am ,I £m ® 1 nil ALPHA XI DELTA Founded at Lombard College in 1893 Omega Chapter Established in May, 1917 Colors: Double Blue and Gold Flower: Killarney Rose OFFICERS Elizabeth Welden Stacy President Terry Wagner Vice-President Ruth Hillman Treasurer Jean Rogy Recording Secretary Pauline Bennett Corresponding Secretary CHAPTER MEMBERS IN FACULTATE Mary Triisbi.e Lowry Virginia E. Giffin Dorothy Fuller Aileen Worth Flonnie Anders Pauline Bennett Annette Bolton Virginia Cham hi rlin Marjorie Esthi s Edith Marii Gardni r Dorothy Gibbons Flo Gross IN UNIVERSITATE Ruth Hillman Carolyn Howes Dorothy Jennings Cree McLaughlin Ellen Marcum Edith Miller Doris Milligan hni i is Mitchell Jeanne Neely Betty Powers Margaret Reaves Jean Rogy Mary Frances Smith Elizabeth Welden Stacy Terry Wagner i ( HAPPl I I. R.1 III CURNK K Am I III iui N PLEDGES Jerry Jarvis Cleo Jofinson Mary Lasater Harriett Linder Yvonne Maloy Agnes Paui.k Evelyn Van Scoy STACY WAGNER HILLMAN ROGY BENNETT ANDERS BOLTON CHAMBERLAIN CHAPPELL CURNICK ESTHUS GARDNER GIBBONS GROSS HOWES HEIDEN JARVIS JENNINGS JOHNSON LASATER LINDNER Mclaughlin MARCUM MILLER MILLIGAN MITCHELL NEELY POWERS REAVES SMITH VAN SCOY DELTA DELTA DELTA Founded in 1888, at Boston University, Boston, Mass. Alpha Delta Chapter Established in May, 1913 Colors: Silver, Gold and Blue Flower: Pansy OFFICERS Barbara Burgman President Nina Dyal Vice-President Helen Doris McCormick Secretary Ann Spinks Treasurer CHAPTER MEMBERS IN FACULTATE Sara Staff Jernigan Curtis Horn Barbara Burgman Barbara Black Sara Carver Alyce Cowart M k i ha Durrance Ruth Durham i Nina Dyal Nancy Fi-.ssi.nih n Elaine I hi rwELL Patty Fugle IN UNIVERSITATE Helen Harper Dottie Howell Margaret Johnston Dotsy Lipscombe Jessie Beth Longino |l ANETTE McARTHUR Louise McClure Helen Doris McCormick Shirley Moore Elizabeth Pippin Gladys Pippin Barbara Price June Shone Donna Shultz Anne Spinks Kareen Taylor Jean Trigg Natalie Trite Emily Van Heusen Carole Bi.atty Miriam Blackburn Grant Ann Gii.iji rt PLEDGES Marcia Ham mi r Ann Hir i h Shirley Lytle Fran Sue. Mai DONALD Barbara Otto BURGMAN DYAL Mccormick SPINKS BEATTY BLACK CARVER COWART M. DURRANCE R. DURRANCE FESSENDEN FRETWELL FUGLE GILBERT HAMMER HARPER HIRTH HOWELL JOHNSON LIPSCOMBE LONGINO LYTLE McARTHUR McCLURE MACDONALD MOORE OTTO E. PIPPIN G. PIPPIN PRICE SHONE SHULTZ TAYLOR TRIGG TRUE VanHEUSEN PI BETA PHI Founded April 28, at Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois Florida Alpha Chapter Established January 3 0, 1913 Colors: Wine and Silver Blue Flower: Wine Carnation First Semester Betty Smith President Betty Smiley Vice-President Norma Gardner Treasurer Betty Jane Amidon . . . Recording Secretary Helen Oliver . . . Corresponding Secretary Second Semester Jean Douglas President Betsy Kramer Vice-President Carolyn Jones Treasurer Carolyn Buck .... Recording Secretary Helen Oliver . . . Corresponding Secretary CHAPTER MEMBERS IN FACULTATE Annie Nadine Holden Hi i i y Jam Amidon Constance Bi nnj n Carolyn Buck Jean Douglas Louis) Fugate Norma Gardni k IN UNIVERSITATE ACTIVE Carolyn Jones Margaret Justice Edith Knox Bi isy Kramer Helen Oliver Patrk IA Pi II I R Helen Ki i s Betty Schellig Betty Smiley Betty Smith Evelyn Stowe Vivian Sult Doris Warren l ' . in Brooks Lucille Clark Virginia Elmi MDOR] PLEDGES Juni F ' enn Ja kii Iisi ii R 111 I I • I llNMAN Sara Lou Johnson Jean Pinkley SMITH SMILY AMIDON OLIVER GARDNER BENNETT BROOKS BUCK CLARK DOUGLAS FENN FISHER FUGATE HINMAN JONES JOHNSON JUSTICE KNOX KRAMER PEIFER PINKLEY REES STOWE SULT WARREN ZETA TAU ALPHA Founded October 15, 1898, at Virginia State Normal School, Farmville, Virginia Beta Psi Chapter Established in October, 1934 Colors: Turquoise Blue and Gray Flower: White Violet OFFICERS Marie Hisey President Sylvia Jones Vice-President Betty Pari itt Secretary Rachel Clarke Treasurer Etter Turner CHAPTER MEMBERS IN FACULTATE Sue McEachirn Burns Frances Thornton Virginia Agj i i Barbara Bassi i i Cl i k i Brandies Betty Cannon Charline Carson Rachel Clarke Shirley Coi n (.AUDI I; Ml RSON IN UNIVERSITATE Marilee Harper Marie Hisey Sylvia Jones Marjorie Kersey Isabelle Lowman Mary Mock Leta Mitchell Bettv Pari ti r Rosamond Pope Mary Catherine Ramsey Brownie Schulte Evelyn Turrentine Lura Tyner Annette Walcott Ruth White Dorothy Widdershiem Nina Clark M ah. i ok i i I i i in i PLEDGES Tow m v Lee Fowler Brooks I [UDGINS Joy Jackson Avice Rhea Martin Janette Spainhour HISEY JONES PARFITT CLARKE AGETT BASSETT BRANDIES CANNON CARSON CLARKE COEN ELLIOT EMERSON FOWLER HUDGINS JACKSON KERSEY LOWMAN MITCHELL MOCK POPE RAMSEY SCHULTE SPAINHOUR TURRENTINE TYNER WALCOTT WIDDERSHEIM WHITE MARTIN DAVID LEHMAN Secretary ROBERT HENRY Sergeant-at-Arms DELTA SIGMA PHI Founded at the City College of New York, December 10, 1899 Alpha Chi Chapter Was Established in 192 5 Colors: Nile Green ami White Flower: While Carnation The primary duty of our Fraternity is the support of the University in its effort to give the members the education and training they desire; and to instill a love of country, reverence for religion, and regard for the truth. Dr. R. I. Ami MEMBERS IN FACULTATE Dean Harry C. Garwood I I Koy Barkstrom J. C. Brad: i v Gari n Branc i i Robert Henry Karl Kesmodi i Andrew Knox David Leeiman James Owens Richard Smith Harry Snyder Richard Towle Harry Whitsett PLEDGES Frank Bamberg Ned Boddy 1 1 I I ( I A K K Julian Clark 1 . ' i ii I ( OKI R David ( Irani nun | k Graves ■ W v. PLEDGES Gerald May James McEachern " Billy " Miles Gaines Miles Walter Nordman Allyn Thompson " Bill " Williamson BAMBERG BARKSTROM BODDY BRADLEY lea %. T fl 7 c ■ J ■ ■ BRANCH CLARK CLARK COKER CRANFORD KNOX McEACHERN MILES C I NORDMAN THOMPSON TOWLE WILLIAMSON PI KAPPA PHI Founded at the College of Charleston, 1904 Chi Chapter Established, 1921 Colors: Gold and White Flower: Red Rose Motto: " Nothing, shall tear us asunder. Carl Johnson William Alden Richard Baguley Robert Barnes J. T. Burdine II BUR ElCHHOLZ Orien Farrill CHAPTER MEMBERS IN FACULTATE W. E. Duckwitz IN UNIVERSITATE David Gardner Truman Grayson Garland Hayes Eugene Head Jack Inman Dale Jones Harold Giffin Howard Kurtz Ernest Machen Richard Mansur William Mathis Winston MqQuiddy Alton Myers James Nelson James Smith John Snellings Carl Stafford William Thompson Melvin Wilkins First Semester st Machen Arc nut Roberi Barnes Treasurer | amis Nelson Secretary Winston McQuiddy Historian David Gardner Chaplain J. T. Burdine Warden Second Semester Robert Barnes Archon David Gardner Treasurer Winston McQuiddy Secretary William Mathis Historian J. T. Burdine Chaplain Alton Myers Warden PLEDGES Gil 111 K I Bi I I I " I I I ' i . | ' ,l , K I i i ,h Brown ii BI n (minis Fred I i kinson I [arrison Grii |osi I ' l I J OBS ' r i l ' i I ' 1 N PLEDGES Walter Purtz Alfred Reid William Smith Don Stewart Roy Sum merlin Everett Whitman Charles Williams 1 Iarold Parson MACHEN BARNES NELSON McQUIDDY ALDEN BENTLEY BLACK BROWN BURDINE CLONTS DICKINSON EICHHOLZ FARRELL GARDNER GRIFFIN HAYES HEAD INMAN JACOBS JONES KURTZ MANSUR MATHIS MYERS PARSON PURTZ PURTZ REID SMITH SMITH SNELLINGS STAFFORD STEWART THOMPSON WHITMAN WILKINS WILLIAMS tFI - Am dm SIGMA NIJ THE LEGION OF HONOR Founded at Virginia Military Institute, 1869 Delta Mu Chapter Established, 1913 Colors: Black, " White and Gold Flower: White Rose ' To believe in a life of love, To walk in the way of honor, and to serve in the light of truth. " This is the life, the way, and the light, this is the creed of our fraternity. OFFICERS Aubrey Vincent Commander Harvey Gardner Lieutenant Commander William Kennedy Recorder Dale Melching Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS Robert Brown Jack Causilr Gordon Carlson George Davis I i ii R Easland Alvin Fuller I Iak i y Gardner George Goodman William Ki nnidv Edward Koi si i r Robert Lipscombl Rai I ' M Matousi.k Dale Melching Brad Miller William Mitchell Joseph Padula Ray Spaulding Edward Stratton Aubrey Vincent Frank Watson Paul Wilcox Gordon Williamson William Wood George Hanna Ray Roebuck BROWN CAUSIER DAVIS EASLAND tp ro FULLER GOODMAN HANNA KOESTER LIPSCOMBE MATOUSEK MILLER PADULA ROEBUCK SPAULDING STRATTON WATSON WILCOX WILLIAMSON f (NO stV PH " 6 E Vvt y » n ftroou iing the He Athi» r tvtu ken ,a ' vts, de ° va ot tVio. ) U ' 108 ,l th ' fierce c YAess M a v " ,uervcWe " Vl - i e i vvA " , B the lUs . -wr e ,jhith er to t o l ° ¥ ion the evc {orsa Vu - ncv log deny c VAdteh c W dvef A sC . fri eavc Amen THE CITY OF DeLAND AND DeLAND CHAMBER OF COMMERCE EXTEND Congratulations To The Graduating Class — of — JOHN B. STETSON UNIVERSITY DeLAND is situated in the fertile ridge section, midway in the Florida peninsula, four miles from the scenic St. Johns River, famous for its black bass fishing, and twenty-two miles from the world renowned beaches of the Atlantic seaboard. Being so cen- trally located, practically every point of interest in the state may be visited within one day ' s drive. Summer and winter DeLand is a place of blue skies, balmy air and sunshine. Children grow strong and sun-tanned, and older people add years to their span of life. Here are accommodations to suit every purse: hospitable hotels, charming apartments and homes — all in a setting of tropical beauty. DeLand is a beautiful city, appealing to those of educational and cultural background. It is a friendly city — a city you will like. For Further Information About DeLand Please Write CHAMBER OF COMMERCE DeLAND FLORIDA F R I E R s o N ' S Gasoline Batteries Refrigerators Radios Accessories Tires Oil Heaters Ranges Owner GERALD E. FRIERSON " Phone 23 that ' s me " WE ARE GRATEFUL . . . FOR THE GREAT CONTRIBUTION STETSON UNIVERSITY has always made to the highest ideals of our democracy — We proudly salute the faculty and students on this occasion FLORIDA PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY Service to Customer, Community and Country ORANGE BELT PHARMACY 200 NORTH BOULEVARD COMPLETE DRUG AND FOUNTAIN SERVICE We Deliver — Phone 555 Loose Talk can cost Lives ! ' told him all about my brother m the Merchant Marine " Keep it under your STETSON JOHN B. STETSON COMPANY, PHILADELPHIA V. M. FOUNTAIN CO. c entral Florida ' s Ok and Finest Store est DeLand Florida F. N. DeHUY SON Jewelers and Silversmiths Since 1873 DeLand Florida COMPLIMENTS OF FLORIDA S T I T E THEATRES IN D e L A N D ATHENS THEATRE • DREKA THEATRE Our Best Wishes to the Graduates of STETSON UNIVERSITY for 1943 W. A. ALLEN COMPANY " THE BUSY DRUGGISTS " INSURANCE REAL ESTATE RENTALS LANE AGENCY TELEPHONE 515 COMPLIMENTS OF FUGLE ' S DAIRY DeLAND, FLORIDA PHONE 32 Congratulations and Best Wishes . . . TO THE CLASS OF 1943 DUVAL JEWELRY COMPANY ALL OVER FLORIDA THE BARNETT NATIONAL BANK " A Florida Landmark " [acksonvilli DiI.and Avon Park Cocoa S 1 . AUGUS I INI 1 1 . 1 ,AUD] R.DA1 1 Member Federal Reserve System and F. ). . c. ATHENS LAUNDRY . . . and . . . DRY CLEANERS You Tried the Rest Now Try the Best PHONE 443 -J Compliments of SOUTHERN DAIRIES, INC. COMPLIMENTS OF THE min iiitmn corporation DeLand, Florida Keep ' cm Flying in Defense of American Institutions Boosting for Stetson University HOTEL PUTNAM DeLand ' s Fireproof Hotel West New York Avenue You Can Always . . . Shop at SEARS and Save SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. South Boulevard D e L A N D Compliments of " The Students ' Shopping Center ' J. C. PENNEY CO Compliments of DeLAND SUN NEWS DELUXE LAUNDRY . . . and . . . DRY CLEANERS We Appreciate the Patronage of the Students During the Year Phone 347 North Delaware Avenue Downtown Office — Across fro m Bus Station McCRORY ' S 5 10c STORE Headquarters For Student Supplies VISIT OUR STORE DAILY Day Phone 6 2 COMPLIMENTS OF J. E. SUMMERHILL Phone 490 ALLEN - SUMMERHILL FUNERAL HOME REAL AMBULANCE SERVICE 109 E. New York Ave. Established 1877 DeLand, Florida FIRST STATE BANK OF DeLAND An Account With This Friendly Bank Enti ties You to the Best in Service, Security and Personal Attention Member of the Federa Deposit Insurance Corporation STUDENT SUPPLIES Note Books Stationery FOUNTAIN PENS ALLEN-WHITE COMPANY " You Are Always Welcome " BUSHNELL BUSHNELL MUSIC SHOP •EVERYTHING IN MUSIC The Court House Pharmacy The Store of Personal Service Headquarters for Stetson Students C. M. Geiger, Proprietor Phone 5 Compliments of HULL, LANDIS, GRAHAM, and FRENCH COMPLIMENTS OF DOMINICK ' S RESTAURANT DeLAND, FLORIDA Trade with ORLANDO LINEN TOWEL SUPPLY CO. Because it was the first to service Linens to Central Florida Because it is a Florida Corporation Because it is the only Linen Supply servicing Central Florida that is owned and operated by Floridians Because with its affiliates it maintains one of the largest payrolls in the State Every dollar received is spent in Florida Anyway it is the neighborly thing to do and we guarantee to please you ORLANDO LINEN TOWEL SUPPLY CO. PHONE 5 861 STITH-GRIFFITH FUNERAL HOME DeLand Florida Compliments of ATHENS BATTERY ELECTRIC P. Rasmussen, Prop. I N s U R A N C E HON AGENCY • 220 N orth Boulevard P HONE 45 5 Compliments of VOLUSIA PHARMACY " Drugs with a reputation " Modern Soda Fountain 121 N. Boulevard DeLand S. R. Langston, Jr., Mgr. McCORMICK LUMBER CO. Phone 13 DeLand, Florida COMPLIMENTS OF HINDERY STUDIO GEO. L. HINDERY, Proprietor 222 North Boulevard DeLand, Florida THIRST ASKS NOTHING MORE KINK IN II C) T Ills D e L A N D COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. MCTWROCBS ENtfAVIM (0. 115 -119 LUCKIE STREET X ATLANTA GEORGIA SUCCESSFUL ANNUALS Require the services of experienced and expert craftsmen, trained in every detail of the processes of creating •planning layout and design ' typesetting •printing lithographing and hinding . . . Through- out half a century this company has pioneered in the production of the highest type of printing . . . Our services include a special college annual sales and service organization... Abundant equipment modern and complete... Prices representing maximum in value FOOTE DAVIES PRINTINfi • LITHdRRAPHINIJ • ENHRAVING ATLANTA

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