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Q u 19 4 2 Stetson Universitv 3 4369 00479789 2 Ht- DO NC Fh This book must not be taken from the Library building. Copyright 1942 Marion Merrill, Editor-in-chief Vernon Turner, Business Manager Published by the students of John B. Stetson University DeLand, Florida liiugil $m At a time in which the pattern of our lives is being subjected to con- stant change we seek signs of basic stability. With this in mind the staff presents the 1942 Hatter as evidence that the deep convictions of Ameri- can life remain constant. We have ch -;en as our theme the tower of Elizabeth Hall which, being a repro- duction of Independence Hall, is an appropriate symbol of the liberty and freedom which continue to be Stet- son ' s ideals. To DR. G. LEIGHTON LAFUZE In appreciation of his penetratins insight and profound understanding of the present- day affairs which enable all those who come in contact with him to develop a sane interpretation of the world in which we live, we, the staff, dedicate the Hatter of 1942. John B. Stetson University includes four colleges. There is an excellent reason for the fact that the College of Liberal Arts is the largest in Stetson ' s quartet, because it offers the student the ultimate goal of every well educated individual, a thinking knowledge in countless fields. Although not aiming to teach all about a subject it opens up the door of our curiosity, and widens our interests so that we will always be eager to find out a little more, it is said that we are as young as our minds, and by training the mind to keep alert the Liberal Arts education becomes a " fountain of youth. " Stetson, however, encourages specialization. In fact this spirit is evidenced in a new program which even permits a student to study courses in only one particular field. Basically, however, the three other colleges of the University plan to unite specialized with liberal education. The Music School is so excellent that it has attained an enviable reputation throughout the southeast, and the School of Business Administration, though young is filled to capacity. Our graduate Law School is one of the best in the South. m i Elizabeth Hall Edwardv, Bolton, Britain, West- Allen, Bailey, Hobson, Edmunds, Baggett, Jennings, Canton Stetson. TRUSTEES In these critical months, the fate of colleges and universities throughout America depends on the good judgment and wisdom of those who regulate the schools ' activi- ties. Trustees can formulate policies which will let a school die, or help it rebuild itself to fill the common needs. We, the students of Stetson, have been watching our trus- tees with fearful eyes — and are proud to see that they have remodeled Stetson ' s regulations so that we will continue not only to function but to progre ss during these war years. OFFICERS F. N. K. BAILEY, Sebnng, Fla President E. L. HON, DeLand, Fia. . . . V L. A. PERKINS, Jr., DeLand, Fla Secretary WILLIAM SIMS ALLEN, Ph.D., LL.D., DeLand, Fla Treasurer C. ROY ANGELL, D.D. O. K. REAVES Miami, Fla. Tampa, Fla. B. B. BAGGETT G. HENRY STETSON Daytona Beach, Fla. San Fernando, Calif. C. H. BOLTON, D.D. MRS. ALFRED I. DuPONT Jacksonv.lle, Fla. Jacksonv.lle. Fla. C. M. BRITTAIN, D.D. J. OLLIE EDMUNDS DeLand, Fla. Jacksonville, Fla. THEODORE C. BROOKS JOHN L EDWARDS DeLand, Fla. Ocala, Fla. DOYLE C. CARLTON, LL.D. W. A. HOBSON, D.D. Tampa, Fla. St. Petersburg, Fla. S. V. HOUGH JOHN B. STETSON, JR., D.C.L. Tallahassee. Fla. Philadelphia, Pa. ELKANAH B. HULLEY, D.Eng. JOHN B. STETSON, III Pittsburgh, Pa. St. Davids, Pa. S. BRYAN JENNINGS HUGH WEST, M.D. Jacksonville, Fla. DeLand, Fla. EDWARD L. MICKLE J. L. WHITE, D.D. Orlando, Fla. Miami, Fla. PRESIDENT Dear Students: The session 1941-1942 has been an- banner year for Stetson. Thi rollment has been smaller but the spirit and morale have I finest in the University ' s history. Students are taking a genuine interest in the ideals of the Institution. The student government idea is growing. Enthusiasm for scholarship is increasing stead- ily. More and more Stetson is being recognized as one of the leading universities of the South. She continues to represent scholarship, culture. Christian chara ti I take this opportunity to extend greetings and best wishes to the students and to the Stetson family everywhere. Sine [i PRESIDENT WILLIAM SIMS ALLEN 4ifc ADMINISTRATION HARRY C. GARWOOD Dean of the University and Professor of Religion CURTIS C. HORN Assistant to the President of the University ROY FRANCIS HOWES Dean of the College of Law: Professor of Law WILLIAM E. DUCKWITZ Director of the School of Music; Professor of Piano THOMAS F. LAMBERT Acting Dean of the College of Law First Semester; Assistant Professor of Lav (Not pictured.) OLGA BOWEN Registrar G. PRENTICE CARSON Dean Emeritus and Professor of History CECIL L. CRISSEY Manager of University Press RUSSELL C. LARCOM Director of the School of Business Administration and Professor of Business Ad- ministration and Economics ETTER M. TURNER Dean of Women and Instructor in Religion CARL H. JOHNSON Director of Men ' s Activities and Instructor in Education and Intramurals CHARLOTTE A. SMITH Librarian CLIFFORD B. ROSA Bursar © v S , - " v A COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS F A C U L T y EZRA ALLEN Visiting Professor of Biology ROBERT I. ALLEN Professor of Physics DORIS K. ARJONA Professor of Spanish MARY AXTELL BAILEY Instructor in Journalism SUE McE. BURNS Assistant Professor of Education and Psychology G. PRENTICE CARSON Professor of History; Dean Emeritus RICHARD E. CLARK Professor of Sociology JOHN F. CONN Professor of Chemistry W. C. COWELL Professor of Health and Physical Education and Director of Physical Education for Men IOLA KAY EASTBURN Professor of German GEORGE B. EHLHARDT Assistant Instructor in History BOYCE F. EZELL Professor of Education and Psychology DONALD FAULKNER - " rofessor of Mathematics (Not pictured) DOROTHY L. FULLER Instructor in Biology WARREN S. GORDIS Professor of Greek EDITH HARVEY Professor of Art ESTHER M. HICK tructor in Health and Ph, cal Education for Women ANNIE N. HOLDEN sistant Professor of English G. LEIGHTON LAFUZE Professor of History and Political Science CURTIS M. LOWRy Professor of Engineering MARY T. LOWRy Instructor in English ILLIAM H. McENIRy, JR. istant Professor of English; ad of Department of English EE WILLIAN McENTIRE istant Professor of English :LLE CAMPBELL MORRIS sistant Professor of Health and Physical Education BARBARA ROWE ructor in History and As- sistant Dean of Women AARON L. RUTLEDGE Instructor in Religion R. GRADY SNOWDEN Instructor in Religion SARA STAFF istant Professor of Hi alth Physical Education and ctor of Physical Education for Women HARRY L. TAYLOR Associate Professor of Philosophy LYDIA A. THEURER Instructor in Speech FRANCES C. THORNTON Professor of French OTHER OFFICERS ETTER M. TURNER Instructor in Religion; Dean of Women CHARLES B. VANCE Professor of Geology and Geography EUNICE L. WEBBER Instructor in English; Secretary to Dean of University HARRY S. WINTERS Associate Professor of History and Polit- ical Science BERNICE YOUNG Assistant Instructor in English and As- sistant to Dean of Women M. ROBERT BARNETT Director of Publicity IDA R. CUNNINGHAM Secretary to Bursar THELMA PRESTON FISKE Assistant to Director of Publicity LOUISE B. GRIFFITH Secretary to the Registrar EDGELLE HENRY Nurse FOY LINEBERRY Assistant Librarian OVEDA CHEATHAM TAYLC Law Librarian GRAFTON PYNE Director of Civilian Defense RUSSELL C. LARCOM Professor of Business Administration and Economics: Director of the School of Business SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION o MARION B. LEONARD Instructor in Secretarial Sciences (Not pictured) EDWARD C. FURLONG Instructor in Business Administration MARy S. McCURDIE Assistant Professor of Secretarial S CHARLES A. FISHER Professor of Busir ,,, on WILLIS N. BAER Professor of Economics COLLEGE OF LAW LEONARD J. CURTIS Visitin 3 Professor of Law COL. FRANK W. HALLIDAY Visiting Professor of Law NEILL S. JACKSON Lecturer in Law (Not pictured] WILLIAN GRAY LOEHR Instructor of Law VERNON W. TURNER Instructor in Law , ROY FRANCIS HOWES Professor of Law; Dean of College of Law THOMAS F. LAMBERT Assistant Professor of Law; Acting Dean of College of Law First S f HELEN ALLINGER Instructor in Voice i WILLIAM H. BAILEY Professor of Violin and Theory ■ r i • VERONICA DAVIS Instructor in Public School Music %m KATHLEEN A. DUBOSE Instructor in Piano (Not pictured) ETHEL M. FISHER Instructor in Piano ARTHUR J. GRAHAM Professor of Piano and Organ HAROLD M. GIFFIN Professor of Voice m I Director JOHN J. HENEY of the Band; Instructor of Wind and Percussion Instruments AILEEN WORTH Assistant Instructor in Violin and Piano Professor of WILLIAM E. DUCKWITZ Piano and Director of School of Music SCHOOL OF MUSIC GRADUATE STUDENTS JOSEPHINE VAN DORSTEN HOLCH DcLand, Fla. RALPH S. STAFFORD . Orange City. Fla. J. BERNICE YOUNG Lake City, Fla. JEANNE BATEMAN ... DeLand, Fla. J. CLEAVER BRADLEY . . .... DeLand, Fla. ANDREW KNOX Bryn Mawr, Pa. DOROTHY JANE McWHORTER . . Decatur, Ga. MARTHA MEDLIN DeLand, Fla. LETITIA REYNOLDS DeLand, Fla. MARY LOU ROWE ... Hillsdale, Mich. BETTY STAFFORD DeLand, Fla. RAY O. VOSS LeSueut, Minn. ROBERT H. WILLIAMSON Lakewood, Ohio SPECIAL STUDENTS L8 A s : Carnegie Library Ci 2ii£i Since it is not the school, but the class that distinsuishes between one student and another here at Stetson, the 1942 Hatter staff have treated the whole University as a unit divided only by classes. STUDENT BODY OFFICERS JAMES GOLDEN President WILLIAM STRICKLAND .... Vice-President MARGARET FOY Secretary NANCY ROSSETTER Treasurer %r i it. i rn m STRICKLAND, FOY, ROSSETTER, GOLDEN Each spring after listening to shady political propaganda and emphatic election addresses the student body picks the best of its seniors to be its leaders for the coming year. Not only do these officers help to form policy and opinion, but they also direct some of the most enjoyable of our school traditions, such as Sadie Hawkin ' s Day and Founders ' Day. To them we owe a vote of thanks for the fine job they have done in seeing us through the past year. OFFICERS HAROLD CLARK President A. C. MARTINO Vice-President FRED KIEHLE Secretary DEKLE DeLOACH Treasurer e j, m ti No STETSON STUDENT BAR ASSOCIATION Oac h 20 Seniors THOMAS ANDERSON, Bachelor of Science .... Port Huron, Mich. S,gma Nu, Lieutenant Commander, 4, Sentinel, 2; Stetson Reporter, 3. T. PATRICK ARNOLD, Bachelor of Arts ..... Winter Garden Fla. Ministerial Association, I, 2, 3, 4. President 4; Theta Gamma Epsilon, 3 4 Pre - ident, 4- Freshman Advisor, 4; International Relations Club 2 3 4; Honor RoM 2 3- Volunteer Band, 3, 4; B. S. U. Council, 3, 4; Radio Guild, 4, Vice-President, 4; Mystic Krewc, 4. MARJORIEAULT, Bachelor of Science . Hialeah, Fla. P, Beta Phi Vice-President, 3; W. A. A., I, 2, 3, 4; Hatrers Art Club, 2, 4; Honor Roll, 3, 4; Freshman Advisor, 4. LOIS H. BACON, Bachelor of Arts • . Clearwater Fla. Pi Beta Phi Officer, I, 2, Historian, 3, 4; W. A. A 12; Little Theater, 3, 4; Sigma Delta Pi, 4; La Franciadc, 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 3, Treasurer, 4; Honor RoM, 3, 4. IDA FEE BAILEY, Bachelor of Arts Jacksonville, Fla La Franciade, 3, 4; Hatters Art Club, I, 2, 3, 4; Sadie Hawkins Day Committee, 3, 4. DONALD E. BARGER, Bachelor of Music Edgewood, Iowa Transfer St Petersburg lunior College, 2; Stetson Symphony Orchestra, 2, 3, 4; Stetson Symphonic Band, 2, 4; Little Theater Orchestra, 3, 4; Kappa Kappa Psi, 4. MARY ELIZABETH BOSTICK, Bachelor of M usic .... Tampa, Fla. Zeta Tau Alpha- Glee Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Radio Chorus, 4, Traveling Squad, i. . Ke- porter Staff, 4- Press Club, 3, 4; Radio Guild, 4; Y. W. A.; Little Theater Work, 2, 3; Freshman Advisor, 4. JEAN BOTTS, Bachelor of Science DeLand, Fla. Newton Club, 3, J, Treasurer. 4; Sigma Pi Sigma Secretary, 4; Phi Beta, 3, 4; Dcr Deutsche Vercin, I, 2; The Honor. 4; Symphony Orchestra, I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President, 4- Little Symphony, 2, 3; Town Women ' s Council, I, 2: Methodist Youth Fellowship State and Local Vice-President, 2; Freshman Advisor, 2, 3; Jackpot, TKT, 4. MARY LOUISE BRANDON, Bachelor of Arts . Hatters Art Club, 2; W. A. A., I, 2; O ' angc City, Fla. PHYLLIS BROWN, Bachelor of Science DeLand, Fla. Alpha Xi Delta, Secretary, 4; y. W. A., I; Hatters Art Club, 3, 4; W. A International Relations Club, 4; Glee Club, 2. MARIAN BURGER, Bachelor of Arts Daytcn, Ohio Pi Beta Phi, President, 4; Interfraternity Council, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 2, 3, Secretary, 4- Newman Club, Treasurer, 2, 3; Panhellenic Council, Treasurer, 4; Freshman Ad- visor, 4; International Relations Club, 3, 4. DOROTHY LOU BURGMAN, Bachelor of Science . Daytona Beach, Fla. Delta Delta Delta, Officer, 2, 3, Treasurer, 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities 4- The Honor, 3, 4; Outstanding Freshman; Outstanding Sophomore; Stetson Blazer Club, 3, 4; W. A. A., I, 2, 3, Treasurer, 2; Stetson Reporter Staff, I 3, 4, Associate Editor, 3, Editor, 4; Phi Society, I; International Relations CI 3- Press Club, 3, 4, Vice-President, 4; Gamma Sigma Epsilon, 3, 4, Recorder, 4 Freshman Advisor, 4; Beta Key, 2, 3, Vice-President, 3; Dcr Deutsche Vcrein, 2, 3 Vice-President, 3; HATTER Staff, 2; STETSONIAN Staff, 3; Associate M, ton Club, 3; Honor Roll, I, 2; Glee Club, I. ANN BURRELL, Bachelor of Arts Jacksonville, Fla. Delta Delta Delta Officer, 3, 4; Interfraternity Council, 3, 4; W. A. A., I, 2, 3; V. W. A., I; Freshman Advisor, 2, 3, 4; Hatters Art Club, I, 2, 3; International Relations Club, 3; Sigma Delta Pi, 4; La Francaide, 2, 3; Blazer Club Service Award, 2; The Honor, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4; Glee Club, 2, 3, 4; Travelin 3 Squad, 3, 4; HATTER Staff, 3; Reporter Staff, 4. FRANCIS CARMODY, JR., Bachelor of Laws DeLand, Fla. HAROLD R. CLARK, Bachelor of Laws Jacksonville, Fla. Secretary Freshman Class, I; Debate Squad, Grand Eastern Debate Tournament, I; Pi Kappa Delta, Vice-President, L-3; Glee Club, I, 2, 3, L-2, L-3, Traveling Squad; Peace Club, Vice-President, 2; International Relations Club, 2, 3, Treasurer, 3; Swim- ming Team, 2, 3, L-2, Captain, 3: Permanent Swimming Pool Committee, 3, L-2, L-3- Extra-Curricula Committee, L-2; Instructor, Physical Education Department, 3, L-2, L-3- President, Freshman Law Class; Secretary, Stetson Bar Association, L-2, President, L-3- Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity; Delta Sigma Phi; Mystic Krewe, L-3- Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, L-3. E. DOROTHEA CLARSON, Bachelor of Laws .... Jacksonville, Fl Pi Beta Phi Officer, Treasurer, A-2, L-l, L-2; Phi Delta Delta, Woman ' s Leg ternity; Pi Kappa Delta, Secretary-Treasurer, A-2, L-2; Varsity Debate Tea A I A-2, L-l, L-2; Phi Society A-l, President, A-2; Workshop Plays, A-l; Sophomore HATTER Editor, A-l, Editor, L-l; Interfraternity Council, A-2, L-l, L-2, Women ' s Student Government Association Treasurer, L-l, Vice-President, L-2- Scroll and Key, L-l, L-2, L-3, Treasurer, L-2; The Honor, L-l, L-2, L-3, Presi- dent L-2- Freshman Advisor, A-2, L-l, L-2, L-3; Vice-President, Freshman Law Class; Vice-President, Junior Law Class; Vice-President, Senior Law Class; Honor Roll, A-l, A-2, L-l, L-2, L-3; Dean ' s List, L-l, L-2, L-3; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. ROSA MAUDE COLE, Bachelor of Arts Philadelphia, Miss. W. A. A., I; Hatters Art Club, 2, 3, 4; Women ' s Council; President, Stevens Hall. RENA CRAWFORD, Bachelor of Science DeLand, Fla. May Day, I; Beta Key, President, 4; Newton Club, 4; STETSON Reporter, 4. G. EDWARD DAIL, Bachelor of Science Philadelphia. Pa. Sigma Nu Officer, 4; Vice President, Senior Class, 4; Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities, 4; Thcta Alpha Phi, 3, 4, Secretary, 4- Pi Gamma Mu 3 4- Commerce Club, 3, 4, President, 4; REPORTER Staff, 2, 3, 4, Sports Editor 3, 4, Associate Editor, 4; Little Theater, 2, 3, 4; Press Club, 3, 4; Honor Roll 2, 4- Fresh- man Advisor, 4; Sadie Hawkins Day Committee, 3, 4; Intramural Debate ' , 3, 4. ELIZABETH N. DAVIS, Bachelor of Arts Rockledge, Fla. Zeta Tau Alpha Officer, 3; W. A. A., I, 2, 3. 4; Hatters Art Club, I; Freshman Advisor, 3, 4; Episcopal Fellowship, I, 2, 3, 4. MARY LOU DAVIS, Bachelor of Arts Chicago, III. Stephens College; Alpha X, Delta; The Honor, President, 4- Pan-Hellenic Council, 3, 4, Secretary, 4; Der Deutsche Verein, 2, 3, 4, President, 3 ' President, Stevens Hall, 2; Glee Club, 2, 3, 4, Traveling Squad, 3, 4, Radio Chorus, 4- International Relations Club, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Adviser, 3, 4; Honor Roll, 2. 3. C. DEKLE DcLOACH, Bachelor of Arts Claxton, Ga. Pi Kappa Phi; International Relations Club, President, 4; Varsity Football, 3- Pi Kappa Delta, 4; Phi Alpha Delta, Legal Fraternity, 4; Varsity Debate Team, 3, 4; Treasurer, Law School, 4; Vice President, Freshman Law Class; Chairman, Sadie Hawkins Day Committee, 4; Chairman, Extra-Curricula Activities Committee. KATHERINE DcMOTSIS, Bachelor of Arts Osl MILDRED ETHEL DICKERT, Bachelor of Music .... Holly Hill, Fla. Glee Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Traveling Squad, 2, 3, 4, Radio Chorus, 2, 3, 4; Treasurer, Music School, 4; Phi Beta, 2, 3, 4; Y. W. A., I, 2, 3, 4; B. S. U. Council, 3,4- Der Dcui e Veri HELEN G. DRIGGERS, Bachelor of Science DeLand, Fla. Hatters Art Club, I, 2, Vice-President, 2; W. A. A. DOROTHY E. DUNN, Bachelor of Arts Daytona Beach, Fla. HATTER Staff, 4. IVA B. DYAL, Bachelor of Arts Homestead, Fla. Delta Delta Delta; International Relations Club, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 4; Freshman Ad- visor, 4; W. A. A., I; Hatters Art Club, I. S. OLEDA DYSON, Bachelor of Arts Sanford, Fla. Transfer Furman University; Reporter Staff, 4; Press Club, 4; Delta Delta Delta, Offi- cer, 4; Little Theater, 3, 4; Debate Team, 4; Sadie Hawkins Day Committee, 3; Red Cross War Relief Committee. VIRGINIA M. EVANS, Bachelor of Science Beckley, W. Va. Delta Delta Delta; International Relations Club, 4; W. A. A., I. RICHARD M. FEASEL, I, Bachelor of Music . . Lake Wmnem.ssett, Fla. Mystic Krcwe Award; Outstandins Freshman; Phi Society, 2; Scroll and Key, 3, 4; Mystic Krcwe, 2; Master at Arms, 3, Boatswain, 3, First Mate, 4; Most Creative Boy, 3; Honor Roll, I, 2, 3, 4; Dean ' s List, 3, 4; Freshman Advisor, 2, 3; Social Committee, 2; Extra Curricula Activities Committee, 3; Student Library Committee, 2- Stetson Radio Guild, 4, President, 4; Kappa Kappa Psi, I, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 2, 3, President, 4; Freshman Representative School of Music, Vice-President, 2, President, 3; Student Government, 2, 3; Band, I, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra, I, 2, 3, 4; Leader Collese Clubmen, I, 2, 3, 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, 4. M. JEAN FINNEY, Bachelor of Science DeLand, Fla. Commerce Club, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4; Sigma Delta Pi, 3, 4; Pi Gamma Mo, 4; Honor Roll, 3, 4; Dean ' s List, 4. M. ELIZABETH FISHER. Bachelor of Arts DeLand, Fla. Editor of STETSONIAN, 4, Illustrator, 3, Staff Member, 2; STETSON Reporter, I 2. 3, 4, Cartoonist, 3, 4; Art Editor for HATTER, 4, Assistant Art Editor, 3, Associate Editor, 2; The Honor, 3, 4; Most Creative Girl, 3; International Relations Club, 2, 3- Press Club, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Debate Team, 2; Freshman Team- Stetson Representative of Varsity Magazine, 2; Little Theatre, 2; Honor Roll, 3, 4. MARGARET FOY, Bachelor of Science Tampa, Fla. Delta Delta Delta, Treasurer, 3, Vice-President, 4, President, 4; W. A. A., I; y. W. A., l;Pi Gamma Mu; Commerce Club, 3, 4; Sadie Hawkins Day Committee, 4; Fresh- man Advisor, 2, 3, 4; Business School Treasurer, 3, Secretary, 4; Interfratcrnity Coun- cil 4; Pan-Hellenic Council, 4; Honor Roll, 3, 4; Dean ' s List, 4; Secretary Student Body, 4; Honor Roll, 4- Glee Club, 4- Traveling Squad, 4. JAMES GOLDEN, Bachelor of Science Leesburg, Fla. Pi Kappa Phi: Gicc Club, I, 2, 4, Radio Chorus, I; Football, I, 2, 3- Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Most Athletic Boy, 3; President, Student Body, 4 : President, Junior Class- Freshman Advisor, 2, 3, 4; Mystic Krcwe, 3, 4, Captain, 4; Beta Key, 4- " S " Club, 2, 3, 4; Little Theatre, I, 2, 3, 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, 4. CAROLYN E. GOLSNER, Bachelor of Arts Gestwood, N. y. Zeta Tau Alpha, Vice-President, 3, Secretary, 4: Episcopal Fellowship, I, 2, 3, 4, President, 3, 4; Stetson Religious Council, 3, 4; Interfratcrnity Council, 3, 4; W. A. A., 3, 4; y. W. A., 2, 3, 4; Freshman Advisor, 3, 4; International Relations Club, 4; Hatter Art Club, 3; Hatter Staff, 4. MARY GORDON, Bachelor of Arts Orlando, Fla. JESSE L. GREENE, Bachelor of Arts Avon Park, Fla. HORACE C. HAWN, Bachelor of Musi New Smyrna Beach, Fla. President, Musk School, 4; Steison Symphony Orchestra, I, 2, 3, 4, Librarian, 3, 4; Stetson Symphonic Band, I, 2, 3, 4, Librarian, 3, 4; Kappa Kappa Psi, 2, 3, 4, Vice- President, 4; Radio Guild, 4; String Quartet, 2, 3, 4; Central Florida Symphony, 4; Saxophone Sextet, 4. MARY HELEN HILL, Bachelor of Science Miami Beach, Fla. Pi Beta Phi; President, W. A. A, 3; President, Freshm an Women, I; Blazer Club; Recording Secretary, W. A, A., 2; Secretary, Sophomore Class; Treasurer, Junior Class; Treasurer, Senior Class; Freshman Advisor, 2, 3, 4; Woman ' s Council, 4; ELEANOR A. HILLMAN, Bachelor of Science Orlando, Fla. Alpha Xi Delta, President, 4, Treasurer, 3, Corresponding Secretary, 2; The Honor, 3, 4; P. Gamma Mu, 3, 4; Honor Roll, I, 2, 3; Commerce Club, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 3, Vice-President, 4; Woman ' s Council, 3, 4, Treasurer, 3; Pan-Hellenic Council, 2, 3, Treasurer, 3; Interfraternity Treasurer, 4; Pi Kappa Sigma, I; Freshman Advisor, 3, 4; HATTER Staff, 3; Newman Club, 2, 3; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. LESTER D. HITTINGER, Bachelor of Arts Cincinnati, Ohio Transfer, Miami University Intramural Manager, Conrad Hall, I, 2; Minor Sports Manager, 2; Major Sports Manager, 3; Commerce Club. SARAH L. HJORT, Bachelor of Music Thomasville, Ga. •4 I EDNA M. HOUGHTON, Bachelor of Science W. A. A., I, 4; Co Club, 3. 4; Mulberry, Fla. Recording Secretary, BARBARA HUNTER, Bachelor of Music Live Oak, Fla. Delta Delta Delt Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Radio Chorus, 3, 4, Traveling Squad, 2, V. A., I; V A. A., I; Phi Beta, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President, 2, President, 3, 4- Reporter Staff, 4; Radio Guild, 4; Wesley Fellowship, I, 2, 3, 4, FRANCES INMAN, Bachelor of Science DcLand, Fla. Pi Beta Phi; Band, I, 2, 3, 4, Corporal, 3, Second Lieutenant, 4- Delta Gamma Phi, 3, 4, Vice-President, 3, President, 4; Freshman Advisor, 4; Work Shop Plays, 4. LOIS JOHNSON, Bachelor of Science Jacksonville, Fla. Alpha Xi Delta; W. A. A., I; REPORTER Staff, I, 2, 3; HATTER Staff, 2- La Fran- ciadc, I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 4; Hatter Art Club, 4; Honor Roll, 3, 4; Dean ' s List, 4- Standards Committee, 3. CECIL P. JONES, Bachelor of Science Lakeland, Fla. History Club, 3; Pi Ga Club, 2, 3; STETSON REPORTER, Dean ' s List, 3, 4. WILBUR IRVING KAYE, Bachelor of Science DeLand, Fla. Symphony Orchestra, List, 4; Presbyte _, Phi Society, 3; n Student Council, Stetson Symphony Orchestra I, 2; Littl Scroll and Key, 4; Honor Roll, 2, 3, 4; bean 3, 4; German Club, 3, 4; Treasurer, 3; Newton Club. 3, 4, Associate, 4, Fellow, 4 Rho Delta Rho, 3, 4, Treasurer, 3; Gamma Sigma Epsilon, 4, Scrgcant-at-Arms, 4 Sigma Pi Sig-« ■• mk JOHN H. KURTZ, Bachelor of Science Ft. Myers, Fla. Pi Kappa Phi President, 4; Interfratemity Council, 3, 4 ; Chairman Rules and Pro- cedure Committee, 4; Thcta Alpha Phi, 3, 4, President, 4- Mystic Krewe, 3, 4- Sec- ond Mate, 4; Commerce Club, 3, 4; Treasurer Freshman Law Class, 4- International Relations Club, 3, 4; Phi Alpha Delta, 4. WILLIAM LAKE, Bachelor of Science Loughman, Fla. Delta Sisma Phi; Gamma Sigma Epsilon, 3, 4; Newton Club, 4; La Franciade, 2; Der Deutsche Verein, 4; Intramurals, I, 2, 4. MARY LEE, Bachelor of Arts Miami, Fla y. W. A., I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 3; Life Service Band, I, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 2, Vice- President, 4; Deksioma. 2, 3, 4, Corresponding Secretary, 4: Hatters Art Club, 3, 4 Secretary, 4; B. S U. Council; Honor Roll, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Delta Pi, 4. MARGARET LINZEL, Bachelor of Arts Washington, D C Transfer Dickinson College; Pi Beta Phi, Officer, 2, 3, 4; International Relations Club, 2, 3, 4, Corresponding Secretary, 4; Freshman Advisor, 3, 4; President Stevens Hall, 3; HATTER Staff, 3; W. A. A., 2, 3; President Stetson Religious Council 3 4- Y. W. A., 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 4; Woman ' s Council, 3; Wesley Fellowship, 3, 4, Pres- ident, 4; Hatters Art Club, 4: Florida Conference of Inter-at-onal Relations Clubs Recording Secretary, 3, 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. ' DOROTHY LOVELESS, Bachelor of Science Mt Dora Fla " cty, 2; Commerce Club, 2, 3, Treasurer, 3; Sigma Delta Pi, 3; Scroll and Ki . 3, 4, Se 4; Fr, Adv E. JANE McCLENAGAN, Bachelor of Arts . Delta Delta Delta, Corresponding Secretary, Lenoir City, Tenn. ■■•A? yj M. FRANCES McGARRAh, Bachelor of Science .... DeLand, Fla. Delta Delta Delta; Band, I, 2, 3, Drum Major, I, 2, 3; Phi Society I- Commerce Club, 3, 4, Secretary, 4; The Honor, 3, 4, Secretary, 4- Panhellcnic Council 3 4 Vice-President, 4; Pi Gamma Mu, 3, 4; Outstanding Sophomore Girl- Honor Roll, I, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Sports and Debates, 3, 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. ANGELO C. MARTINO, Bachelor of Laws Tampa, Fla. A. B. Degree, ' 40; Sigma Delta Phi, A-l, Vice-President, A-3, A-4; P, Gamma Mu; Phi Alpha Delta, Clerk, L-2, Justice, L-3; Stetson Bar Association, Vice-President- Treasurer, Law Class, L-l, Secretary, L-2, Secretary L-3; HATTER Staff, L-3- Supreme Exalted Ruler of Legal Eagle, L-3; Exalted Ruler and Last of Tootie Fruites, L-3. DANIEL MEYHOEFER, Bachelor of Arts DeLand, Fla. Transfer, Miami University; Ministerial Association, 3, 4; International Relations Club, 3, 4; Der Deutsche Vercin, 3, 4. MAURICE MILLER, Bachelor of Arts DeLand, Fla. Little Theatre, I, 3, 4; Glee Club, I; Band, I, 2, 3; Orchestra, I, 2, 3- Stetson Religious Council, 3; Wesley Fellowship, 3, 4; Phi Alpha Delta, Legal Fraternity, L-l; International Relations Club, 4; Secretary, Freshman Law Class. NELL MIRES, Bachelor of Science DeLand, Fla. Delta Delta Delta; Freshman Advisor, 2, 3, 4; Commerce Club, 3, 4- Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4, Secretary, 4; Glee Club, I, 2, 3, 4; Traveling Squad, 4; Town Council, Presi- dent, 3; Radio Guild, 4; Honor Roll, I, 2, 3, 4; Dean ' s List, 3; Best-Looking, 4. CECELIA MRUZ, Bachelor of Science DeLand, Fla. W. A. A., I; Newman Club, 2, 3, Secretary, 2. f ; ; , „: Jl ' " " ' " jw ' PtjQ. HUGH R. MURPHY, Bachelor of Science . - . .St. Petersburg, Fla. Transfer, St. Petersburs Junior College; Sisma Nu, House Manager, 4; Newman Club. EDWARD NEW, Bachelor of Arts Indianapolis, Ind. Transfer, Butler University; Sigma Nu; Phi Alpha Delta, Legal Fraternity; Band; Student Bar Association. LEROy NEW, Bachelor of Arts Indianapolis, Ind. Transfer, Butler University; Debate Squad, A-l; Pi Kappa Delta; Tournament; Sign. a Nu; Phi Alpha Delta, Legal Fraternity; Vice-President, Junior Class; President, Freshman Law Class LUELLA NICHOLS, Bachelor of Science .... Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Pi Beta Phi; Cheerleader, I, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Advisor, 4; Sadie Hawkins Day Committee, 4; Badminton Club, Secretary, 3; W. A. A., I, 2, 3, 4; Hatter Art Club, 2, 4; Little Theatre, I, 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll, 4. MARY ELLEN NICHOLSON, Bachelor of Science . . . DeLand, Fla. Commerce Club, 3, 4; La Franciadc, 2; Band, I, 2, 3, 4; Stetson Symphony Or- chestra, 2- Delta Gamma Phi, 3, 4, President, 3, Corresponding Secretary, 4; Honor Roll. SYDNEY NIX, Bachelor of Science Sanford, Fla. Delta Sigma Phi; Intramurals, I, 2, 3, 4; Gamma Sigma Epsilon, 2, 3, 4, Visor 3, President, 4; Outstanding Sophomore Chemist; Assistant Business Manager, HATTER, 4; Sadie Hawkins Day Committee, 4; Mystic Krewe, 4; President, Senior Class; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. rV- JOSEPH PADULA, Bachelor of Science New York, N. Y. Newman Club, 2, 3: Intramurals, I, 2, 3, 4; Beta Key, 4; Delta Sigma Phi, 4. POLLY PASTEUR, Bachelor of Science Ocala, Fla. Pi Beta Phi, President, 2, Treasurer, 3, 4; W. A. A., I, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 3, President, • ; Little Theatre, I; HATTER Staff, 2; Intcrfraternity Council, 2: Blazer Club, 3, 4; Commerce Club, 3, 4; Frei !, 4; The Honor, 3, 4, Vice-President, 4; Secretary School Business, 3, Treasurer, 4; Student, Social Committee, 4; Dean ' s List, 3; Honor Roll, 3; Beauty Section of Hatter, 2; Who ' s Who ir Colleges and Universities. GLENN PAYNE, Bachelor of Science Longwood, Fla. Football, I; Baseball, I, 2, 3, 4; Intramurals, I, 2, 3, 4. MARGARET PAYNE, Bachelor of Science . . . Darlington Hts., Va. Alpha Xi Delta, Corresponding Secretary, 3, 4; Scroll and Key, 3, 4, Vice-President, 4; Commerce Club, 2, 3, 4; Phi Society, I, 2, 3, 4; W. A. A., 2, 3, 4 : Honor Roll, I, 2, 3; Dean ' s List, 3; Freshman Advisor, 4; The Honor, 4; Pi Gamma Mu, 3, 4, President, 4. VAONA PETERSON, Bachelor of Arts Morriston, Fla. y. W. A., I, 2, 3, 4, Program Chairman, 2, 3, 4; W. A. A., 3- Phi Society, 2, 3, 4- Hatter Art Club, 2, 3, 4; Alpha Dcksioma, I, 2, 3, 4; Program Chairman, 2, 3, President, 4; Thcta Gamma Epsilon, 3, 4, Sccrc ' ary and Treasurer, 4; Sigma Delta Pi, 3, 4, Vice-President, 4; Hatter Staff, 4; History Club, 4; Pi Gamma Mu, 4; International Relations Club, 4; Scroll and Key, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4; Honor Roll, I, 2, 3, 4; Dean ' s List, 3, 4. ELAINE PHILLIPS, Bachelor of Arts Long Island, N. V, Zcta Tau Alpha; W. A. A., I, 2; Hatter Art Club, I, 2, 3. 4, President, 3, 4- La Franciade, I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President, 4; Assistant HATTER Art Editor, 2, Art Editor, 3, 4; Beta Key, 2; Pi Gamma Mu, 4; Presbyterian Young Peoples Group, I, 2, 3, 4; Little Theatre Work, I, 2, 3, 4; The Honor, 4. VONCILE POWELL, Bachelor of Acts DeLand, Fla. Pi Beta Phi Reccidmg Secretary, 3, Vice-President, 4; La Franciade, 2, 3, 4; Theta Alpha Phi, 4. D KATHRyN REARDON, Bachelor of Arts Ocala, Fla. y.W. A., 4; Dcksioma, 4; Honor Roll, 4; Dean ' s List, 4; Pi Gamma Mu, 4. MARY LOUISE REHBAUM, Bachelor of Arts Mt. Dora, Fla. Zeta Tau Alpha, President, 4; Transfer Judson College; W. A. A., 3, 4; Blazer Club, 4 Treasurer 4 ' Hatters Art Club, 2, 3, 4; Intcrtraternity Council, 4; Panhellenic Council, 4; Mast Valuable Intramural Player, 3. ROBBINS RICE, Bachelor of Science Hollywood, Fla. Sigma Pi Sigma, Vice-President, 3, President, 4; Newton Club, 2, 3, 4; Dcr Deutsche Verein, 4; Glee Club, I, 2, 3, 4; Little Theater. NANCY ROSSETTER, Bachelor of Arts Sanford, Fla. Vice-President Freshman Girls- Outstanding Sophomore Girl; Symphony Orchestra, 2; La Franciade, 2- International Relations Club, 3; The Honor, 3, 4; Woman ' s Council, Sergeant-at-Arms. 3, President, 4; B. S. U. Council, 3, 4, Vice-President, 4; Stetson Religious Council, 3- Treasurer o( Student Body, 4; Theta Alpha Phi, 3, 4, Vice- President, 4- Honorary Education Fraternity, 4; Honor Roll, I, 2, 3, 4; Dean ' s List, I. 2, 3, 4; Dcksioma, 3, 4; Secretary, 3; W. A. A., I, 2. ARTHUR SCHULER, Bachelor of Laws Tallahassee, Fla. p n til Kfl WALLACE SMILEY, JR., Bachelor of Science .... Cresent City, Fla. Delta Sigma Phi WILSON SPAHN, Bachelor of Arts Hamilton, Ohio Theta Gamma Epsilon, 3, 4; History Club, 3, 4; Volunteer Band. 3, 4; ■. Association, I, 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll, 2, 3, 4. PAUL STEWART, Bachelor of Music Owasso, Mich. Glee Club, I, 2, 3, 4; Radio Chorus, 4; La Franciade, 4. RONALD STILLMAN, Bachelor of Laws Ormond, Fla. WILLIAM STRICKLAND, Bachelor of Arts .... Bowling Green, Fla. Ministerial Association, I, 2, 3, 4, President, 4; Phi Society, I, 2, 3, 4; Intramurals, 12 3 4- Honor Roll, I, 2, 3, 4; Dean ' s List, 3; Freshman Advisor, 2, 3, 4: Little Theater Work, 2, 3, 4; Scroll and Key, 3, 4, President, 4 : History Club, 3, 4 : De. Deutsche Verein, 3, 4- International Relations Club, 3, 4, Vice-President, 4; Social Committee 3- Student Discipline Conmittee, 3; Mystic Krewc, 4; Vice-President Student Body, ' 4; Beta Key, 4; Sadie Hawkins Day Committee, 4; Most Intellectual Boy 4- Stetson Speakers Bureau, 4; Assistant m Biology Department, I, 2, 3, 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. FRANK THOMPSON. JR., Bachelor of Laws Sullivan, III. A. B. James Millikin Sigma Nu; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity. VERNON TURNER, Bachelor of Laws Homestead, Fla. Delta Siqma Phi President, L, 3, Vice-President, L 2; Phi Alpha Delta, Vice-President, L 2 Clerk, L. I; Beta Key, I, 2, 3, L. I, L. 2, L. 3, President, A. 4, L. I; " 5 " Club, L 2 L 3 ' Business Manager HATTER, L. 3; Intramurals, I, 2, 3, L.I, L. 2, L. 3; Winner First and Second Years Law Club Competition; Stetson Student Bar As- sociation LI L 2 L. 3- Freshman Advisor, L.I, L.2, L. 3; Law Honor Roll; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; President Junior Law Class; Freshman Rules Committee, L.I; Student Body Social Committee; A. B. Degree Stetson Uni- versity Appointed Instructor at Law; Chairman, Legal Argumentation Committee, L I- Mystic Krewe, L.2, L. 3, Boatswain, L. 3; Royal Order of Legal Eagles, Grand Exalted Ruler, L. 3; Varsity Tennis, L.I, L.2; Interfraternity Council, L.2, L. 3, Vice-President, L.2, L. 3. NORMA TYSON, Bachelor of Science Hawthorne, Fla. MIRIAM K. WALDEN, Bachelor of Science Plant City, Fla. Delta Delta Delta Officer, 2, 3; HATTER Staff, 3; Secretary Senior Class in Business School. KATHRYN WARD, Bachelor of Science .... West Palm Beach, Fla. Transfer F. S. C. W„ 2; Delta Delta Delta, Vice-President, 4; Glee Club, 3, 4, Traveling Squad 3, 4- Y.W. A., 3, 4, Treasurer, 4; Freshman Advisor, 4; Inter- national Relations Club, 4. FRANCES E. WETHERBY, Bachelor of Arts • . . Daytona Beach, Fla. Transfer De Pauw University; Honor Roll, 3; Stray Greeks, 3; Interfraternity Council, FRANK WHEELER, JR., Bachelor of Arts Ovieda, Fla. Pi Gamma Mu, 4- International Relations Club; Honor Roll, I, 3; Intramurals, 3, 4; Transfer Bob Jones College, 2. DORIS E. WILLIAMS, Bachelor of Arts Ft. Pierce, Fla. Alpha Xi Delta; Phi Beta, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Traveling Squad, I, 2, 3, 4, Radio Chorus, 3, 4; W. A. A., 3, 4; Y. W. A.- Operetta, 4; ' . Septette, 4. Seniors not pictured: BRENTS DURRANCE PAULINE GAUDET Daytona Beach, Fla. WILLIAM McCLENEN .... . . Springfield, Ohio AUTOGRAPHS ixeaciij L jeitetdai 7 . . . Our first three years a tangled mass of delightful memories, the fourth is bidding briefly to become the same. . . . September, torrid and tawny, stepping out of the ACL club car into the waiting arms of gracious oak trees. . . . Unrecognizable human- ity, the freshmen, lurking in every familiar nook. . . . The first get-together at Chaudoin, with Jimmy Nelson singing, " Jim " and the Sigma Nus handing out corn with " There ' s Goin ' to be a Weddin. ' " ... Stars uncovered in Freshmen Talent Night, always fun for the old-timers. . . . Slight pangs of regret that football is no more. . . . Pangs also that the ratio of women to men has exceeded the bounds of reason. . . . The mad rush of fraternities to snare the youngsters ending suddenly as the bewildered neo- phytes gaze fondly at their pledge pins. . . . Playgoers crowding the Stover Theatre for the first one-acts of the season. . . . The much publicized Sadie Hawkins Day proving a great success under the directoral wand of DeLoach. . . . the final split of fraternities in elections. . . . The non-frats becoming almost political nonentities. . . . Gray-and- blue suits of RAF trainees appearing on the scene, allowing the beauteous co-eds brief respite from the local lads. . . . Dean Lambert keeping all the lads and lassies busy and happy. . . . Chaudoin echoing " There ' ll Always Be An England, " and eagerness to find out all about our British cousins overcoming the awkwardness of first meeting. . . . Hub Griffin taking top honors as the perfect " Man Who Came to Dinner " — with the cast adding a few of the cut speeches for the benefit of the men from the little island. . . . Benny Smith, Vine Stacey, Ed Hughes, Bob Heebner, and Sputter Smith returning periodically with sharp navy blues. . . . Girls reveling in new dormitory rules. . . . Chaudoin quadrangle after the curfew looking like Times Square at 6 o ' clock. . . . Tom Anderson, Sam Holch and Harvey Gardner forming the Protective Association to hamper Slaton ' s Dormitory Sandwich Service. . . . Golden and Pasteur as parties of the first and second part to the romance of the year. . . . Interfraternity dance opening the social season with a banner attendance. . . . Ominous clouds of war falling suddenly on fateful December 7th. . . . Seriousness of purpose marking the faces of previously carefree college youth. . . . Voices humming " Remember Pearl Harbor " .... " Bundles for America " added to " Bundles for Britain " A quiet sort of patriotic fervor sweeping the school as well as the nation. ... A note of gayness creeping in with the Pi Phi formal at the Elks Club. . . . Dancers adjourning to the Palm Inn for extended intermissions. . . . Dail portraying Scrooge in " The Christmas Carol, " particularly suited for the Nativity celebration of ' 4 I . . . . Vacation at last, with hasty departures to foreign fields to spend the Yuletide. . . . Soon the eager return to DeLand after the holidays to tackle with renewed vigor those items that (Continued on Page 48) 38 J u n i o r s ANDERSON S. HELEN, Sanford, Fla. L.beral Arts ARKLEY, FRANCES A.. Miami, Fla Music AVENT, GEORGE J., Jacksonville, Fla Liberal Arts BARKSTROM, F. A. LcROY. Jamestown, N. Y. Law BARNES, ROBERT, Jacksonville, Fla. Business BARNETT, SARA ELLEN, D.rLand, Fla. Liberal Arts BENNETT, PAULINE, Daytona Beach, Fla. Liberal Arts BOND, BYRON, Locust Grove, Ga. Liberal Arts BRANON, ELIZABETH ANNE, DeLand, Fla. Liberal Arts BROWN, MARY ANN, Naranja, Fla. Liberal Arts BROWN, SALLY LOGAN, Fort Myers, Fla Liberal Arts BRYAN, HELEN RAY, Bowling Green, Fla. L.beral Arts BURDINE, J. T„ St. Petersburg, Fla Liberal Arts CARLTON, MARY K., Sparr, Fla Liberal Arts III JUNIOR CLASS CHAMBERLIN, VIRGINIA. Crescent City, Fla. Liberal Arts CLARKE, RACHEL, Milton, N. Y Liberal Arts COEN. SHIRLEY, Mt. Dora, Fla. Business CROSS, JOHN D., DeLand, Fla Liberal Arts ESTES, ARTHUR, Jacksonville, Fla. Liberal Arts FISHER, PAUL H., DeLand, Fla Liberal Arts FRENCH, IRMA J., Jacksonville, Fla Liberal Arts FUTCH. ELIZABETH A., Leesburg, Fla Music II GARDNER, NORMA P., Tavares, Fla. Liberal Arts GIBBONS. DOROTHY H., Montclair, N.J..- ■ Liberal Arts GILLESPIE. J. LYLE, South Charleston. W. Va. ■ • Business GOULD, JOHN R„ Stuart, Fla. Business GOWER. HUGH T., Mt. Vernon, Ohio . . ... Business HERNDON, ROBERT S„ Sanford, Fla. Liberal Aits HISEY, GRACE MARIE, Miami, Fla. ... • Liberal Arts HOLMAN, DORIS H., St. Ausustine, Fla. Liberal Arts HOOKER. ELSIE A., Flushing, N. Y. Liberal Arts HUNTER, WILLIAM HAL, Live Oalc, Fla. Liberal Arts JENNINGS, DOROTHY B., Doctor ' s Inlet, Fla. Liberal Arts KAGEY, SHIRLEY E., Miami, Fla. Liberal Arts KIEHLE, FRED E.. JR., West Palm Beach, Fla. Law KELLEY, ALMA LEE, St. Petersburg, Fla. Music JUNIOR CLASS KNOX, EDITH S., DcLand, Fla. . . . LEHMAN, DAVID M„ Palm Beach, Fla. . LEWIS, JOHN M„ Miami, Fla. . . . LEWIS, RALPH H„ Mt. Pocono, Pa. . LIPSCOMB, PAMELA J., DcLand, Fla. LONGINO, JESSIE BETH, Bradenton, Fla. LORD, OLIVE, Sarasota, Fla. . . . . MACHEN, ERNEST W„ JR., DeLai Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Business Liberal Arts . . Music Liberal Arts KNOX LIPSCOMB LEHMAN LONGINO LEWIS, JOHN LEWIS, RALPH MATHIS MERRITT McCLURE MILUGAN Mccormick MOBLEY mcmillan MOCK MERRILL MOSLER MATHIS. WILLIAM S„ Tampa, Fla. Mus,c McCLURE. LOUISE A., Vero Beach, Fla. Liberal Arts McCORMICK, HELEN DORIS, DeLand, Fla. Liberal Arts McMILLAN, ARCHIE y., Madison, Fla. Music MERRILL, MARION D.. DeLand, Fla. Liberal Arts MERRITT. ELSIE. Fort Pierce, Fla Liberal Arts MILLIGAN, DORIS JO., Ormond, Fla. Music MOBLEY, MARY, Jacksonville. Fla Liberal Arts MOCK. MARY R.. Phillipsburg, N. J. Liberal Arts MOSLER. MAX, Palm Beach, Fla. Business OSBURN, ORIAN W, Dade City, Fla. L.beral Arts OYER, EDNA W., Miami Beach, Fla. Liberal Arts PEDEN, BARBARA A., Weatherford, Texas Music PURTZ, CARL F., JR.. Sarasota, Fla. Liberal Arts OSBURN PEDEN OYER PURTZ JUNIOR CLASS RATLIFF. MILDRED G., Sanford, Fla. Liberal Arts REAVES, MARGARET P., Miami, Fla. Music ROGY, JEAN L., West Palm Beach, Fla Music SAXL, ERICH, DcLand, Fla. Law SMITH, BETTY LOUISE, Stuart, Fla. L.beral Arts SMITH, KATHERINE L., DcLand, Fla. Music SMITH, MARY FRANCES, Daytona Beach, Fla. Music SPANIER, ALLEN B., Miami, Fla. Liberal Arts RATLIFF SMITH, B. L. REAVES SMITH, K. L. SMITH, M. F. 45 SPERRING TURRENTINE SPINKS VINCENT STEFFENS WALLACE STILWELL WARE TURNER WARREN SPERRING, DAVID H.. Live Oalc, Fla Liberal Arts SPINKS, ANNE M., Leesburg, Fla. Liberal Arts STEFFENS, HARRIET M., DeLand, Fla. Liberal Arts STILWELL, RUSSELL D., King Ferry. N. y. Business TURNER, WILLIAM R., DeLand, Fla. Liberal Arts TURRENTINE, WILLIAM M., Mt. Dora, Fla. Business VINCENT, C. AUBREY, Lynchburg, S. C Law WALLACE, GERALDINE D., Coronado Beach, Fla. . . Liberal Arts WARE, ELMER w , St. Andrews, Fla Liberal Arts WARREN, DORIS, OIney, III. Liberal Arts WATSON, DONALD J., St. Petersburg, Fla. Liberal Arts WATSON, FRANK B., JR., Miami, Fla Liberal Arts WEBBER, JOYCE M., DeLand, Fla. Liberal Arts WELDEN, ELIZABETH ANNE, Jacksonville, Fla Music WATSON, DONALD WEBBER WATSON, FRANK WELDEN JUNIOR CLASS WHITEHURST. GEORGE W., JR., Fort Myers, Fla Law WyNNS. WILLIAM CLIFFORD, Bushnell, Fla Music yENETCHI, IVAN H., Daytona Beach, Fla Law ZORNES, BETTy LEE, DeLand, Fla. Music WHITEHURST JUNIORS NOT PICTURED BERGER. MELVIN W., Tampa, Fla. SMITH, WALLACE R„ DcLand. Fla. ROSSITER, ANNIE F„ DcLand, Fla. SULLIVAN. PAULINE, Orlando, Fla. 17 (Continued from Page 38) college would be better off without — studies. . . . The nightmare of first-semester exams complete with No-Doze pills, midnight oil, recopied termpapers, sessions at the Library fondly referred to as the Phi Bete House finally consummated with sighs of relief heard ' round the world. . . . Second semester opening with loss of familiar faces to the armed forces and elsewhere. . . . The ordeal of registration for the final time. . . . Founder ' s Day replacing the traditional Homecoming. . . . Returning alumni less than in former years. . . . Two Barrie plays at the theatre, and the usual Theta Alpha Phi banquets, chapels, speeches, and parties. . . . Effects of war becoming more obvious. . . . Party-mongers being cut to the nub by more stringent enforcement of the Coun- cil rules. . . . Coca-Cola becoming the Stetson favorite drink just when sugar shortage forces it to be rationed. . . . Boys getting campused as well as girls. . . . Tri-Deltas starting off new festivities with a grand dinner-dance at the College Arms. . . . The theatre again, this time with Russ Stilwell, uproarious as the alluring " Charley ' s Aunt " . . . . Alpha Xi ' s hitting the spot with their dance at the Putnam announcing the en- gagement of Welden to Stacey, Lois Johnson to Merchant, El Hillman to Voss, and B. A. Branon to ex-Dean Lambert. . . . Drama scoring a triumph after a round of comedies, with the Stetson players outdoing themselves in " The Little Foxes " . . . . Voncile Powell upholding the honor of the seniors against Anders and Freedlund. . . . The Sigma Nu ' s carrying out the war theme with their Dance for Victory, sporting a huge " V " in red, white and blue. . . . The Delta Sig ' s winning the Intramural Sing. . . . The untimely loss of Ed Furlong, professor extraordinary, to the Army. . . . The announcement of a full twelve-month college year, plus streamlined courses — to do in two years what took us four. . . . Parties at the beaches and the ' Nique wonderful but infrequent with tire rationing and all that. . . . Recalling of the " Pirates of Pen- zance " for a major achievement by the Music School. ... Pi Kap ' s rounding out the dance season by covering their dates with orchids, followed by the Delta Sigs, afford- ing a delightfully informal Sailors ' Ball. . . . days flying swiftly by as Spring Vacation is left behind. . . . Suddenly, the renewed threat from the East — Exams — with us again. . . . The Big House, alias Chaudoin, agleam with night lights — blackouts called off for the duration of the study emergency. . . . The strains of Alma Mater growing stronger as The Day approaches. — Proud parents and relatives gathering — Commence- ment line forming (under the palms) from the Library to the Chapel — finally, the climax of undergraduate desire, with Dr. Allen passing the sheepskin and extending his hand to each of the black robes passing by — everyone wishing Godspeed to us, the stu- dents, as we enter into the dark world. . . . Can it be that this is already yesterday? Sophomores RAYMOND W. ALDEN, JR. . . . Daytona Beach, Fla. LIBERAL ARTS BETTY JANE AMIDON Lakeland, Fla. BUSINESS FLONNIE M. ANDERS Jacksonville, Fla. LIBERAL ARTS RUSSELL E. ANDERSON Franklin, Ind. BUSINESS MARTHA ARNOLD Winter Garden, Fla. LIBERAL ARTS VERNA L. BEAR DeLand, Fla. MUSIC BETTY JOE BARNES Jacksonville, Fla. LIBERAL ARTS ELEANOR BASS Bradenton, Fla. LIBERAL ARTS ANN S. BAUER Oak Park, III. LIBERAL ARTS CONSTANCE BENNETT Babson Park, Fla. LIBERAL ARTS HELEN BENNETT Miami, Fla MUSIC BARBARA BLACK LIBERAL ARTS DON H. BLACK LIBERAL ARTS Jacksonville, Fla. . Knoxville, Tcnn. THEODORE BOUTWELL Jacksonville, Fla. LIBERAL ARTS ANN BOYD Lake Worth, Fla. LIBERAL ARTS GARLAND BRANCH Plant City, Fla. LIBERAL ARTS CLAIRE BRANDIES Callahan, Fla. LIBERAL ARTS FRANCES E. BROWN Jacksonville, Fla. BUSINESS ROBERT H. BROWN DeLand, Fla. BUSINESS HARRY BROWNLEE Sanford, Fla. LIBERAL ARTS CLAIRE BUMGARNER DeLand, Fla. LIBERAL ARTS BARBARA JEAN BURGMAN . . . Daytona Beach, Fla. BUSINESS GEORGINE CASTAGNET Havana, Cuba LIBERAL ARTS JOHN F. CAUSIER West Palm Beach, Fla. LIBERAL ARTS LEWIS CLADIN Sarasota, Fla. LIBERAL ARTS WILBER T. CLONTS Oakland, Fla. LIBERAL ARTS EDGAR R. COOPER Fort Pierce, Fla. LIBERAL ARTS DELPHENE COVERSTON Bushnell, Fla. LIBERAL ARTS C. DEKLE DcLOACH Claxton, Ga. LAW MARLIN DON Chicago, III. MUSIC JEAN DOUGLAS LIBERAL ARTS ROBERT DOUGLAS DeLand, Fla. LIBERAL ARTS MARTHA DURRANCE Sebring, Fla. MUSIC NINA DYAL Homestead, Fla. LIBERAL ARTS RUTH EATON Jacksonville. Fla. LIBERAL ARTS DOROTHY V. ESTABROOK Chicago, III. LIBERAL ARTS WILBUR H. EICHHOLZ .... Daytona Beach, Fla. BUSINESS JEAN L.ELLIOTT St. Petersburg, Fla. BUSINESS FLORENCE A. EUGA DeLand, Fla. MUSIC FRANK FOLTZ Jacksonville, Fla. LIBERAL ARTS ERNA FREEBERG North Haven, Conn. BUSINESS PHYLLIS FREEBERG Memphis, Tenn. BUSINESS ELAINE FREEDLUND Belle Glade, Fla. LIBERAL ARTS RUTH E. FRENCH Jacksonville, Fla. LIBERAL ARTS HELENE E. FULLER DeLand, Fla. BUSINESS DAVID M. GARDNER, JR St. Petersburg, Fla. LIBERAL ARTS HARVEY A. GARDNER, JR Miami Fla BUSINESS JEANNE S. 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Liberal Arts MARY K. JAMESON Belle Glade, Fla. Liberal Arts S. BRYAN JENNINGS, JR. Doctor ' s Inlet, Fla. Liberal Arts EDITH J. JOHNSEN Oakland Park, Fla. Liberal Arts fclltllfciJ tt p $ FRESHMAN S. ALICE JOHNSON Frostproof, Fla. Business CAROLYN C. JONES Palatka, Fla. Business ROBERT E. JONES Miami, Fla. Liberal Arts SYLVIA E. JONES Belle Glade. Fla. Liberal Arts ADELA KAZMIERCZAK DeLand, Fla. Liberal Arts CHESTER J. KAZMIERCZAK DeLand, Fla. L.beral Arts CORDELIA O. KENDRICK Daytona Beach, Fla. Business MARJORIE KERSEY Largo, Fla. Business ADELAIDE C. KEY Tangerine l Business GLADYS F. KEYS ■ rsburg, Fla. Business JAMES W. KICKER Birmingham, Ala. Business VIOLETTE C. KOLEFF Enterpnv I Liberal Arts ETTIE E. KOON DeLand, Fla. Business ELIZABETH B. KRAMER Mount Dora, Fla. Liberal Arts NANCY ANNE LANE DeLand, Fla. Music MARJORIE E. LAY Jaclcsonv I Liberal Arts EUNICE H. LIPSEY Waycross, Ga. Business DOROTHY E. LOCKETT Cocoa. Fla. ral Arts DAVIS L LONG Palatka, Fla. Music CLIFTON W. 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Liberal Arts DOROTHY JANE MORRIS Indianapolis, Ind. Liberal Arts RUSSELL H. NAHM DeLand, Fla. Business JEANNE NEELY Sarasota, Fla. Business EUGENE R. NICKLAS St. Petersburg, Fla. Liberal Arts BETTIE J. NIEMANN Quincy, III. Liberal Arts HELEN E. OLIVER Baldwin, Fla. Business DORIS O. O ' NEAL Tampa, Fla. Liberal Arts DOROTHEA E. OSTERMAN DeLand, Fla. Liberal Arts RALPH W. PALMER Lake Como, Fla. Liberal Arts DOROTHY ANN PARKINS Sarasota, Fla. Business ROBERT PARKS Daytona Beach, Fla. Music FRESHMAN L f: t $, HAROLD K. PARSON North Miami, Fla. Business BARBARA JEAN PATRICK Daytona Beach, Fla. Liberal Arts M. AGNES PAULK Daytona Beach, Fla. Music E. TERRELLA PAYNE Washington, D. C. Liberal Arts JANICE M. PHILLIPS Fort Lauderdale, Fla. ELIZABETH V. PIPPIN Sanford, Fla. Music MARY EUNICE PITTMAN Madison, Fla. Business KENNETH L. PURTZ Sarasota, Fla. i 1 .Vts MARY CATHERINE RAMSEy Coral Gables, Fla. Music WILLIAM E. RAy South Charleston, W. Va. Buri-.ess FREDERICK A. ROETHKE, JR. Norfolk, Va. Business JOYCE ROLAND DcLand, Fla. Liberal Arts RICHARD W. SAURBRUN Elizabeth, N. J. Business MICHAEL SAUS Sanford, Fla. al Art, JOHN H. SELDEN Daytona Beach, Fla. Liberal Arts JEANE O. SHAW Sebastian, Fla. Music JUNE D. SHONE Green Cove Springs, Fla. Liberal Arts GERALDINE SMITH ry, Fla. Business JAMES T. SMITH, JR. St. Petersburg, Fla. Liberal Arts MILDRED L. SMITH Sanford, Fla. Business MILTON H. SMITH DcLand, Fla. Libera! Arts WILLIAM P. SMITH Sanford, Fla. 3usmess JOHN K. SNELLINGS Leesburg, Fla. HENRY E. SORENSON St. Petersburg, Fla. Business RICHARD STANIER Daytona Beach, Fla. Business MARY LORAINE STOCKWELL Eustis Fla. Liberal Arts CLASS JOYCE M. STOERK Jacksonville, Fla. Business JEAN C. STUMPP Daytona Beach, Fla. Business JESSE V. STONE Port St. Joe, Fla. Music CHARLES A. SUTTON, JR. Lakeland, Fla. Liberal Arts FLORENCE B. SUTTON Fernandina, Fla. Business HARLAN S. SUTTON Auburndale, Fla. Business CAROLINE M. TALLANT Bradenton, Fla. Business KENNETH C. THOMAS Honaker, Va. Business JAMES L. TOMBERLIN Miami, Fla. Liberal Arts MARGARET TREADWAY Tavares, Fla. Liberal Arts EDITH TRESHER Jacksonville, Fla. Business WILLIAM H. TRIBBLE DeLand, Fla. Business JEAN L. TRIGG Tampa, Fla. Liberal Arts NATALIE TRUE Lake Mary, Fla. Liberal Arts HERMAN L. TURNAGE Jaxonville, N. C. Liberal Arts MARYSE J. TYRE Eustis, Fla. Business M. ALLENE TWINING Lakewood, Ohio Liberal Arts LURA M. TYNER Lakeland, Fla. Liberal Arts DIXIE LEE VANCE DeLand, Fla. Music EMILY K. VAN HEUSEN St. Petersburg, Fla. Liberal Arts E. JANICE VICKERY Griffin, Ga. Liberal Arts J. BROOKS WALKER Eustis, Fla. Business ELIZABETH LEE WALTS DeLand, Fla. Business MARTHA W. WHITE Perry, Fla. Music BARBARA WHITEHURST Fort Myers, Fla. Liberal Arts MA " ?Y A. WINKENWERDER Waycross, Ga. Liberal Arts FRESHMAN RICHARD WINKENWERDER Waycross, Ga. Liberal Arts JAMES G. WITHERS Miami, Fla. Business JACK R. ZIEGLER Lakcwood, Ohio Liberal A ' ts FRESHMEN NOT PICTURED LILYAN ACOSTA Jacksonville, Fla. Business MARGARET M. MADDEN Eagle Lake, Fla. Lberal Aits JOSEPH E. ADNEY, JR. DcLand, Fla. Liberal Arts EDWARD H. MAXWELL DcLand, Fla. Liberal Arls JO EVELYN ANDERSON Aubumdale, Fia. L ' bcral Ar ROBERT G. MAY Sanford. Fla. Liberal Arts WARREN ANDERSON Enterprise. Fla. Lib al Arts ELIZABETH M. MESSNER St. Petersburg, Fla. Music HARRY D. ATKINSON Hollywood, Fla. Libi ral Arts MAMIE ANN MOORE DcLand, Fla. ROBERT BEZANT Silver Springs, Fla. Liberal Arts ALTON R. MYERS Eustis, Fla. AGNES G. COLEE New Smyrna Beach, Fla. Liberal Arts ALLAN W. ROBINSON r ■ , Wi ,t, Fla. Liberal Arts CONSTANCE COLEMAN Chiplcy, Fla. Business JOE D. SMITH, JR. Daytona Beach, Fla. Liberal Arts JEAN CONE St. Augustine, Fla. Liberal Arts KATIE LEE TALLEY Douglas, Ga. Liberal Arts JACK D. EMERSON Eustis, Fla. Liberal Arts M. JEAN TRESHER Daytona Beach, Fla. HELEN C. HARPER DcLand, Fla. Liberal Arts MAX A. WEISSENBURGER DcLand, Fla. Liberal Arts CALVIN Bayard, Fla. O. WILLIAMS CLASS SATURDAY CLASSES DR. R. E. CLARK MISS GERTRUDE FOSTER MRS. JOSEPHINE HOLCH CARL JOHNSON R. J. LONGSTREET MRS. EDITH MERRILL M. j. PERRET MISS WINIFRED PYLE MISS SARA STAFF DR. HARRy L. TAYLOR STUDENT BODY Agnew, Myra Orlando, Fla. Baker, Mrs. Ola B. Bunell, Fla . Benson, Louise M. Daytona Beach, Fla. Booth, Ruby Lake Monroe, Fla. Bowles, Mrs. O. Flonda DcLand, Fla. Bozeman, Mrs. Ella E. Leesburg, Fla. Bradley, E. Charlotte DcLand, Fla. Brandon, Mary Louise Orange City, Fla. Brooks, Mrs. Eva S. Oak Hill, Fla. Cade, Mrs. Elizabeth J. Picrson, Fla. Cargile, Mrs. Loyce F. Clermont, Fla Cartier, Mrs. Alma C. Oak Hill, Fla. DeMotsis, Mrs. Esther M. Ostien, Fla. Foster, Gertrude H. DeLand, Fla. Gaudet, Mrs. Pauline M. Daytona Beach, Fla. Glossar, Mrs. Esther L. Daytona Beach, Fla. Hanna, Helen C. New Smyrna Beach, Fla. Harper, Elizabeth J. DeLand, Fla. Henderson, Mrs. Ruth W. Barberville, Fla. Higgins, Mrs. Elizabeth L. Orlando, Fla. Holley, Mrs. C. C. Leesburg, Fla. Hoskins, Mrs. Erna Orlando, Fla. Hutson, Willie M. Daytona Beach, Fla. Humphrey, Mrs. Mary S. Daytona Beach, Fla. K.lgore, Mildred L. Orlando, Fla. Ligie, Plena B. Daytona Beach, Fla. Liverett, Mrs. Edlette S. Daytona Beach, Fla. Lowe, Amy D. Orange City, Fla. McCelem, Mattie B. Daytona Beach, Fla. McCullough, Mrs. Essie M. Oak Hill, Fla. Mires, Mrs. Frankie M. DeLand, Fla. Morrey, Pattie M. Orlando, Fla. Mountain, Lois M. Pierson, Fla. Peterson, Mrs. Clara U. Daytona Beach, Fla. Proctor, Florence S. Orlando, Fla. Rirhens, Mrs. Winifred K. Daytona Beach, Fla. Rowcll, Ruth F. DeLand, Fla, Settle, Florence W. Nc Fla Seymour, Olive H. DeLand, Fla. Seig, Mrs. Mayme Geneva, Fla. Seig, William L. Geneva, Fla. Stigler, Ferol C. Holly Hill, Fla. Stoops, Leora Umitilla, Fla. Stormant, Mrs. Verbia B. Umitilla Fla Swaverly, Mrs. Codia A. Leesburg, Fla. Tanner, Annie L. Edgewater, Fla. Tedder, Ada C. Lakeland, Fla. Tucker, Hazel C. Daytona Beach, Fla. Vanlandingham, Mavis A. DcLand, Fla. Warren, Leana Daytona Beach, Fla. Waters, Mrs. Janet H. Seville, Fla. Wheeless, Mrs. Mildred D. Orlando, Fla. Williams, Mrs. Elsie B. Orlando, Fla. Woodward, Jean L. DcLand, Fla. Telvington, Mrs. Alberta B DeLeon Springs, Fla. STETSON UNIVERSITY GLEE CLUB HAROI Director SOPRANOS Gail Agard Elaine Fretwell Alma Kcllcy Elizabeth Pippin Frances Arkley Elizabeth Futch Nancy Ann Lane Mary Ramsey Annette Bolton Rosemary Garrison Eunice Lipsey Bruce Reid Elizabeth Branon Sarah Jo Goodin Helen Mathis Mary Frances Smith Ann Burrcll Andre Hauerbach Elizabeth Messi Ann.- Soinks Georgine Castagnet Rosemary Hefty Lcta Mitchell Margaret Treadway Marjorie Colcer Ruth Hillman Helen Oliver Frances Twitty Mary Lou Davis Elizabeth Howell Agnes Paulk Kathryn Ward Florence Euga Brooks Hudgins Barbara Peden Barbara White Grace Fearing ALTOS Betty Jane Amidon Martha Durrance Olive Lord Joyce Roland Bernice Baker Margaret Foy Lillian McClement Elaine Barron Mar.lec Harper Nell Mires Elizabeth Weldcn Helen Bennett Barbara Hunter Mary Mock Martha White- Mary Bostick Berta Mae King Anita Moore Doris Williams Frances Brown Jane Knight Margaret Reaves Betty Lee Zornes Mildred Dickert TENORS Theodore Boutwcll T. R. Mims Chris Napoli Herman Turnage Harold Clark Archie McMillan James Nelson Robert Whcatly James Golden BASSES Maurice Fain William Mathis Harold Parsons Allen Spanier Hal Hunt,-, Ralph Matousek Robbin,. Gordon Williamson Davis Long William McClencn Paul Stewart Clifford Wynns Adclbert Match, tt Orian Osburn iiiiiiiitiii m STETSON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Season 1941-1942 Verna Baer, principal Walter Behnkc Robert Parks Jean Botts Ruby Wagner VIOLINS Bessie Rhodes Sarah Hjort Garland Branch Lcland Earnest Mary Lou Turner Ellen Marcum Paula Lee Specht VIOLAS Donald Barger William Mathis Veronica Davis ' CELLOS Virginia Hughes BASS VIOLS Horace Hawn Horace Sutcliffe Patrick Hill FLUTES Annette Wolcott Dick Fcasel CLARINETS Katherine Smith OBOE Dorris Holman BASSOON Cortez Tedder Dixie Vance Ruth Durrancc TRUMPETS Jean Shaw Everett Dix Anita Schroeder TROMBONES Sarah Ann Forehand FRENCH HORNS Lee Crowe Marlin Don Katherine Allen PERCUSSION Donna Smith LcJcunc Hughes Tippin Davidson Dora Valdez PERSONNEL FLUTES Olive Lord Jean Maxwell OBOES Dons Holman Ruth Lois Maxwell BASSOONS Cortez Tedder Edwards Clarke CLARINETS Dick Feasel Katherine Smith Frances Inman Martha Durrance Dixie Vance Donald Baicjet Etlie Koon Clifton Loveland Geneve- Janet White Pauline Jensen Clifford Mclnnis ALTO CLARINET FRENCH HORNS Horace Hawn Robert Hollenbeck Marlin Don BASS CLARINET Katherine Allen Mary Ellen Nicholson Lois Adams ALTO SAXOPHONE TROMBONES J. C. Bradley Sara Anne Forehand Harriet Simpson TENOR SAXOPHONE Connie Bradley Julian Mclnnis BARITONES f owell BARITONE SAXOPHONE . Jane Amidon Hubert Talton Jesse Stone BASS SAXOPHONE BASSES Horace Hawn Jack Inman Dick Coan CORNETS Hubert Norman Ruth Durrance DRUMS John Cross Charlotte Knox Jean Shaw Ruth Hunter J. T. Burdme Jack Smith Betty Cannon TYMPANI Robert Herndon Donna Smith (, ' ) The dust of memory falls upon the cheerily crowds of other years. The parade of gridiron heroes fades into the past. Sandspurs and weeds choke the empty gridiron and yet, odd at it may seem, instead of decreasing athletic interest the intramural program has developed activity in a number of previously disinterested groups. Stetson believes everyone has a place in athletics and is trying to fit each student into her new program which develops the health of the entire student body instead of that of a few. It develops the inner courage, de- termination, and sportsmanship as well as per- fect teamwork. Here are Stetson ' s athletics, a symbol of the spirit of freedom which led her to ignore public criticism and shape her athletic pro- gram to suit her needs. Hulley Gymnasiur BASKETBALL The " INDEPENDENTS " 1. Carl Purtz 2. Russell Anderson 3. Dale Melching 4. Frank Foltz 5. James Golden 6. Robert Barnes 7. Walter Purtz 8. Bryan Jennings 9. Kenneth Purtz SCHEDULE Stetson 38 Jax. Nav. Air Base 32 Stetson 85 Southern College 23 Stetson 50 Orlando Air Base 42 Stetson 38 Florida Pipe Line 49 Stetson 47 Miami University 42 Stetson 42 Miami University 34 Stetson 63 Orlando Air Base 49 Stetson 27 Jax. Nav. Air Base 31 Stetson 62 Southern College 32 Stetson 77 Tampa University 35 Stetson 85 Tampa University 17 Stetson 44 Miami University 37 Stetson 36 Miami University 40 m r TENNIS i. Gene Head 2. James Golden 3. Kenneth Pu(tz 4. " Wally " Purt7 5. Bob Brown 6. Carl Purtz INTRAMURAL INTRAMURAL MANAGERS 1. FRANK WHEELER . . Comad Hall 2. HERMAN TURNAGE . Stetson Hall 3. DONALD WATSON . Delta Si 9 ma Phi 4. MAX STAMPER . General Marker 5. MARION REED .... Ministers 6. TED BOUTWELL . . Pi Kappa Phi 1. " Cuddles " Furlong 2. He-man Turnage FOOTBALL PI KAPPA PHI Ftont row, left to light: 1. WALTER PURTZ 2. KENNETH PURTZ 3. WILBUR CLONTS 4. CALVIN WILLIAMS 5. BOB COSIER 6. DICK STANIER 7. CARL PURTZ Back row, left to right: 1. DEKLE DeLOACH 2. JAMES GOLDEN 3 TED BOUTWELL A. " BO " WINKENWERDER 74 VOLLEYBALL PREACHERS Second row, left to nght: GLENN PAYNE T. R. MIMS MAURICE FAIN J. L. GREENE LAVERGNE MIXON DAVID SPERRING Front row: ELMER WARE JOHN LEWIS BILLY STRICKLAND CHRIS NAPOLI • " I BASKETBALL PI KAPPA PHI Front row, left to right: BOB COSIER " BO " WINKENWERDER DICK STANIER TED BOUTWELL Second row: WILBUR CLONTS " WALLy PURT7 KENNETH PURTZ CALVIN WILLIAMS PING PONG SIGMA NU BOB BROWN JIMMY KICKER T ATHLETIC DIRECTORS To Stetson ' s athletic directors goes the credit for the greatly increased interest and activity in mtra- murals. Under their expert guidance the program has developed from a mere incidental into a domi- nant feature of our activity. Each individual is more owa-e of the benefit of athletic fitness than ever before. The program includes not only individual sports, such as golf and tennis, but also team sports like volleyball, football and basketball, which develop team spirit and self-control. So to you — our leaders and advisers — we express our appreciation. COACH COWELL Men ' s Intramurals SARA STAFF Women ' s Intramurals Front row, left to right: E. BENNETT, WHITE, WARREN, PASTEUR, C. BENNETT, ESTABROOK P. BEN- NETT. . . Second row: GARDNER, KRAMER, R, BFNNETT. OLIVER, SHONE, COVERSTON. . . Third row CASTAGNET, STOWE, FREEDLAND, HILL, EDWARDS, HISEY. . . . Fourth row: SEDWICK, POPE VICKERY M. PAYNE, DAVIS, BETHEA, MITCHELL. . . . BACK ROW: CANNON, CARLTON, TALLANT HUDGINS, M. SMITH, KERSEY. WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Women ' s Athletic Association is an organization for all college women; it not only fosters partici- pation in sports, but also offers opportunity for fellowship in social activities. It is not necessary for a girl to be atheltic to join W. A. A., for any girl who wants to have a good time and get the most out of her college course will find a welcome place in W. A. A. Marjorle Ault Betty Jo Barnes Constance Bennett Edith Bennett Pauline Bennett Roberta Bennett Deloris Bcthca Ann Boyd Louise Brown Jane Bryan Carolyn Buck B • ■ 1 1 y Ann Cannon Georgine Castagnet Man, tta Chilli Dclphene Coverston Bette Dav.s Jean Douglas Mary Carlton OFFICERS POLLY PASTEUR President DORIS WARREN Vice-President CONSTANCE BENNETT . . . Recording Secretary DOT McWHORTER . . . Corresponding Secretary DOT ESTABROOK Treasurer PAULINE BENNETT Recorder of Points RUTH WHITE Publicity Manager ESTHER HICK Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Annette Edwards Mae Martin Dorothy Estabrook Dorothy McWhorter Grace Fearing Leta Mitchell Elaine Freedland Mary Mock Norma Gardner Luclla Nichols Bookie Geissingcr Oliver Jeanne Garrard Betty Jane Parkins Carolyn Golsner Dorothy Parkins Rosemary Hefty Polly Pasteur Marie H Margaret P I Edna Houghton Terry F Brooks Hudgins Pat I Jnhnsen Janice Phillips Manor I Dot Pope Margaret Kersey Betty Powers Adelaide Key Mary Louise Rchbaum Betsy Kramer Rogers Eunice Lipscy Emma Sedwick June Shone Betty Smiley Gerry Smith Mary Frances Smith Joyce Stocrk Carolyn Tallant Marys, Janice V Doris X ■ Barbara White Ruth White Doris Williams Mary Winker., Volcott Phyllis Freeburg Mary Helen H.ll Phyllis Brown Dorothv Jennings WOMEN ' S BOWLING DORIS WARREN DOROTHY ESTABROOK ACTIVITY COACHES DOROTHY ESTABROOK . . Basketb CONSTANCE BENNETT .... Golf DOROTHY McWHORTER . . . Archery PAULINE BENNETT Softba ELAINE FREEDLAND Riflery JEAN DOUGLAS Tennis DORIS WARREN Chairman (Not in picture.) RUTH WHITE Hockey DOROTHY JENNINGS .... Bowling CHEER LEADING SQUAD LOU NICHOLS MARY ANN KIRPATRICK BETTY JEAN KIRPATRICK RUTH WHITE INTRAMURALS ARCHERY Zeta Tau Alpha CAROLINE TALLANT ANNETTE WOLCOTT INTRAMURAL MANAGERS . T CONSTANCE BENNETT . PAULINE BENNETT . . . DOROTHY ESTABROOK . (Not in JEAN TRIGG .... [IB . AZA . Deksioma . . AAA M ii ii mMln Ri fJw5 a SIX-MEMBER HOCKEY TEAM Ocksioma DORIS WARREN ■ Half Bad CLAIRE BRANDIES . . . Half Bad DOROTHY ESTABROOK . R. Forward RUTH WHITE .... L Forward DELPHENE COVERSTON . . . Guard MARY JAMESON . . . . Center (Not In pic:u.c.) JEAN SHAW . . . . Every year at Stetson there are some students who are resularly outstanding and it is a custom of the Hatter to honor them in the Feature Section. This year, as usual, the majority of our features are seniors, but a few well-known juniors are included in the section. Ten of these students have been elected by the votes of the entire Student Body, and therefore they are the popular choice for their roles. The two most intellectual seniors were picked from their records in the registrar ' s office and so there can be no doubt as to their validity. In addition to the regular features we have in- cluded some group pictures of the students who are listed in " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. " Students prominent enough io be entered in that national publication should also be recognized on their home campus. We conclude the feature section with a few pages of snapshots which, since they are voluntary contributions of the students themselves, give a composite picture of the informal life taking place on the campus. MOST VERSATILE JA ES RA Msev GOtoen NANCY JA ,UiAM C 01 us STRICKLAND MOST INTELLECTUAL BEST LOOKING twty MOST LIKELy TO SUCCEED MOST ATHLETIC CONSTANCE H . BENNETT CARL F. Z, » ARV R- °° K f mmy MOST POPULAR SYDNEY NIX— Most Outstanding Chemist in Sophomore Class of 1940, President of Gamma Sigma Epsilon, President of Newton Club, Member of Der Deutsche Verein, President of Senior Class and Delta Sigma Phi. VERNON TURNER— Law School; Charter Member and Past President of Beta Key, President of Delta Sigma Phi, Vice-President of Phi Alpha Delta, HATTER Staff, Mystic Krewe, " S " Club. EDWARD DAIL— School of Business; Pi Gamma Mu, Com- merce Club, Press Club, Secretary of Theta Alpha Phi, Stetson ' s Student Government, REPORTER Staff, Re- corder of Sigma Nu, Vice-President of Senior Class. JOHN LEWIS— Ministerial Student; Varsity Debate Team, Phi Society, President of International Relations Club, Mystic Krewe, Vice-President of State Baptist Student Union and President of the Campus Organization, President of Pi Kappa Delta. WILLIAM STRICKLAND— Ministerial Student; President of Ministerial Association, Vice-President of the Stu- dent Body, Member of Scroll and Key, International Relations Club, Phi Society, Der Deutsche Verein, History Club, Past Captain of Ministerial Intramurals. HAROLD CLARK— Law School; President of Student Bar Association, Vice-President of Peace Club, Vice-Presi- dent of Pi Kappa Delta, Member of Phi Alpha Delta, Key Member of Glee Club, Instructor in Swimming, Life-Saving and First Aid. JAMES GOLDEN — President of the Student Body, Captain of Mystic Krewe, Manager of Men ' s Glee Club, Var- sity Football Team, " S " Club, Pi Kappa Phi, Fresh- man Adviser, President of Junior Class Last Year. WHO ' S IN AMERICAN AND CC WHO JNIVERSITIES LEGES MARY LOU DAVIS— Past President of Der Deutsche V. rein, Stetson ' s Radio Chorus, Women ' s Council, International Relations Club, Pan-Hellenic Council, Alpha Xi Delta, President of The Honor. DOROTHy LOU BURGMAN— Member of The Honor, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Blazer Club, Phi Society, Editor of Stetson REPORTER, Vice-President of Press Club, STETSONIAN and HATTER Staffs, Vice-President of Der Deutsche Verein, Delta Delta Delta. ELEANOR HILLMAN— President of Alpha X, Delta, Vice- President of Commerce Club and Newman Club. Member of The Honor, Pi Gamma Mu, Pi Kappa Sigma, Women ' s Council, Inter-Fraternity Council, Pan-Hellenic Council. NANCy ROSSETTER— Member of The Honor, President of Women ' s Council, Phi Society, La Franciade, Vice- President of Baptist Student Union Council, Scroll and Key, Treasurer of Student Body, Vice-President of Theta Alpha Phi, Stetson Religious Council, Pi Kappa Sigma, Dean ' s List. MARGARET LINZEL— HATTER Staff, Women ' s Council, Stetson Religious Council, International Relations Club, Pi Beta Phi, Wesley Fellowship, Art Club, Young Women ' s Association, President of Stevens Hall, Women ' s Athletic Association. POLLY PASTEUR— School of Business; HATTER Staff, President of Women ' s Athletic Association, Former President of Pi Beta Phi, Inter-Fraternity Council, Blazer Club, Commerce Club, Pi Gamma Mu, Vice- President of The Honor. Stetson REPORTER Staff, Secretary of School of Business. FRANCES McGARRAH— Former Stetson Drum Major, Phi Society, The Honor, Commerce Club, Vice-President of Pan-Hellenic Council and Pi Gamma Mu, Delta Delta Delta. :; From the Psychological Po.nt of c— ' iiii T n — u a r 92 1. Li ' l Abner— Yoo-hoo! 2. Thus Stetson goes forward. 3. Man • hunt. 4. Wrong-way Corrigan. 5. Glory Halleluiah. t. Who would have thought it of P 8. If I had the wings of 9. Beast o ' Burden. 10. Be right there darling! 11. Dean ' s list. 12. It ' s Monday night. Rats! 13. Si 14. Dangerous curves. 15. What ' s that you ' re studying, boys Getting An Insight Pl in IP raSfij tfefi a jSSL H 1. " Ladies Night " . 2. Fast talkin ' 3. Woodman spare that block! 4. Sign here please. 5. Oh yes, he has! 6. Sing for your salary! 7. Five till erght. Go the line! ?. Glamor pants. 10. Dixie Dix. 11. Forlorn freshmen. 12. The man who came to dinne 13. Oh promise me. 14. Love is blind! 15. A blushing Baptist Bride. Family Carnage ■aLVWOr C a V .i • .-, The extra-curricular activities of a student are of- te n as necessary as the classroom work because they train the individual in social adjustments. For all the information in the world will not make one a good citizen if he does not know how to apply it. Stetson has combined adaptation with the formal side of education in the effort to make useful citi- zens of its students. Therefore, it has sponsored approximately fifty organizations on the campus. Although a number of these are local most of them are chapters of national honorary fraternities which keep up the high standard of scholarship and leader- ship. Each organization stresses one particular field and honors those students who excell in it. However, two organizations on the campus en- courage the development of the all-round individual. The Honor and The Mystic Krewe include in their numbers the outstanding leaders of every field of campus activity. These groups instigate much of the extra curricular activity at Stetson. In recogni- tion of their achievement we place them first in this section. Stetson Commons T. Patrick Arnold Garland M. Branch, Jr Harold R. Clark Richard M. Feasel MEMBERS James R. Golden John H. Kurtz John L. Lewis Sydney J. Nix, Jr. Carl F. Purtz, Jr. William C. Strickland Vernon W. Turner William Clifford Wynns The Mystic Krewe, honorary and leadership fra- ternity for men, successfully planned, fostered, and co-ordinated the Red Cross war fund drive on the campus in co-operation with the local Red Cross chapter and special committees. Be- cause of the war situation, the Krewe, which directs Stetson ' s annual Home-coming program, altered the old Home-coming plans and instead fostered the first observance of Founder ' s Day. The Mystic Krewe recognizes and encourages scholarship and leadership by inviting each year into its membership such men as it deems worthy of the honor, and also by presenting annually a plaque to the most outstanding freshman boy. Arthur J. Estes Horace C. Hawn PLEDGES Fred E. Kiehle Angelo Martino William S. Mathis Frank B. Watson 98 $ DAVIS PASTEUR McGARRAH BURRELL BOTTS BURGMAN CLARSON FISHER FUTCH HILLMAN McCLURE MIRES PAYNE PHILLIPS REAVES ROSSETTER THE HONOR HONORARY LEADERSHIP ORGANIZATION FOR WOMEN Established in 1935 Colors: Green, White, and Yellow Flower: White Lily OFFICERS MARY LOU DAVIS President POLLY PASTEUR Vice-President FRANCES McGARRAH Secretary ANN BURRELL Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS Jean Botts Margaret Foy Polly Pasteur Dot Lou Burgman Elizabeth Futch Nell Mires Ann Burrell Eleanor Hillman Margaret Payne Dorothea Clarson Louise McClure Elaine Phillips Mary Lou Davis Frances McGarrah Margaret Reaves Elizabeth Fisher Mary Mock Nancy Ross. •• Thclma Fiske FACULTY MEMBERS Lydia Theurer Etter Turner Eunice Webber Each year The Honor presents an award to the outstanding freshman girl. This year The Honor is beginning the custom of presenting an award at commencement to the outstanding senior woman — the one who has done the most for her school. Other activities this year have been the selling of tickets for the Red Cross Capers and the sponsoring of Sunday afternoon coffees for Stetson students. 4 t STRICKLAND BRANCH KAYE CLARSON LEWIS FEASEL ROSSETTER FISHER SMITH PETERSON JONES WATSON THE ORDER OF THE SCROLL AND KEY HONORARY SCHOLARSHIP AND LEADERSHIP SOCIETY Founded in March, 1940 Colors: Purple and Gold Flower: Purple Iris The purpose of the Order of the Scroll and Key is to recognize and further scholarship and leadership on the campus of J. B. Stetson University. Its members are chosen from the upper tenth division of the junior and senior classes. This year the minimum scholastic average for any member in the organization is 2.5 (B). OFFICERS WILLIAM STRICKLAND President MARGARET PAYNE Vrce-President DOROTHY LOVFLESS Secretary VAONA PETERSON Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS Garland Branch Wilbur Kaye Nancy Rossetti I Dorothea Clarson John Lewis Betty Smith Richard Feasel Dorothy Loveless William Strickland Paul Fisher Margaret Payne Frank Watson Cecil Jones Vaona Peterson FACULTY MEMBERS Mrs. Sue Burns Dr. Warren Gordis Dr. C. B. Vance Miss Veronica Davis Dr. G. L. LaFuze Eunice Webber £ $£ WOMEN ' S STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION OFFICERS NANCY ROSSETTER President CLAIRE BRANDIES Vice-President ELIZABETH FUTCH Secretary MARY MOCK Treasurer ELEANOR HILLMAN Sergeant-at-Arms MARY HELEN HILL Representative-at-Large JANE REESE Sophomore Representative ROSA MAUD COLE Stevens Hall Representative TOWN COUNCIL OFFICERS MARION MERRILL President CLAIRE BUMGARNER Secretary JEAN DOUGLAS Vice-President LOUISE BROWN Treasurer 101 Left to right: LEHMAN, BURDINE, TURNER, NIX, DAIL, DICKINSON, AVENT, LEW:S. GOLDEN, GARDNER, DeLOACH, ROSSETTER, DYAL, REESE, GOLSNER, PASTEUR, MOCK, MERRILL, STRANGE, DAVIS, PAYNE, AMIDON, HILLMAN. FRESHMAN ADVISORS Betty Jane Amidon Marjorie Ault George J. Avent Mary Elizabeth Bosticlc Garland M, Branch Claire Brandies J. T. Burdme Marian Burger Dorothy Lou Burgman Ann Burrell G. Edward Dail Betty Davis Mary Lou Davis G. Dekle DeLoach Fred O. Dickinson Dorothy Dunn Iva Dyal Richard Feasel Margaret Foy Futch Harvey A. Gardner James R. Golden Carolyn Golsner Mary Gordon Robert D. Henry Mary Helen Hill Eleanor H Frances Inman Dorothy Jennings Berta Mae King John H. Kurtz David M . _ John M. Lewis Margaret Linzel Dorothy Loveless Jane McClenagan Marion McEachern Marion Merrill Maurice Miller Doris Milligan Mary Mock Luella Nichols Sydney J. Nix Polly Pasteur Margaret Payne Voncile Powell Margaret Reaves Jane Reese Mary Louise Rehbaurr Nancy Rossetter Anita Schroeder George C. Slaton Betty Smith Ann Spinks Esther Strange William C. Strickland Vernon Turner Katherine Ward Frank B. Watson Elizabeth Welden PI GAMMA MU NATIONAL SOCIAL SCIENCE HONOR SOCIETY Colors: Blue and White Flower: Blue and White Cineraria Florida Gamma Chapter Established in February, 1929 The purpose of Pi Gamma Mu is the inculcation of ideals of scholarship, and social service in the study of all social problems. It attempts to send out from this university young men and women imbued with social idealism, trained in scientific thought, and encouraged to help others to be scientific in their thinking on all social questions. To this end, various men and women have been asked to speak at our meetings on subjects related to the field of social science. Social hours after meetings are enjoyed together. Candidates for membership are carefully selected from the students of social science. OFFICERS MARGARET PAYNE President NELL MIRES V MRS. JOSEPHINE HOLCH Secretary-Treasure. ACTIVE MEMBERS Avent Eleanor Hillman Ernest M Polly Pasteur Elaine Phillips Edward Dail Josephine Holch Angelo Martino Margaret Payne Kathryn Reardon Jean Finny Cecil Jones Frances McGarrah Vaona Peterson Frank V. Margaret Foy John Kurtz Nell ' ■ ' FACULTY MEMBERS Robert Barnett Dr. lola Eastbum Dr. H. C. Garwood Dr. G. L. Lai Dr. Frances Thornton Mrs. Sue Burns George Ehlhardt Miss Curtis Horn Dr. R. C. Larcom Miss Etter Ti Dean Prentice Carson Dr. C. A. I Carl Johnson Mrs. ! Prof. H S Winters Dr. R. E. Clark Edward Furlong s Ways iar e fs Is Next Theatre Production Cast .it orfc on Hilariom Comedy; Hubet Griffin Will Pui lull- Rok- Campus Stars Expected To Shine In Hellman ' s Absorbing Drama Stover Theatre Will Present " The I ittle Pons " ThunjOay tad Fridkj Evening, at Eight OVIock THE STOVER THEATER Present in 1941-1942 Season October II Workshop Plays October 30, 3 1 . . . .The Man Who Came To Dinner by Geoige Kaufman and Moss Hart November 20, 2 1 . . . The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde December 18 .... The Christmas Carol bv Charles Dickens February 6, 7 Two Plays by Barrie, Founder ' s Day February 19, 20 . . . Charley ' s Aunt by Brandon Thomas March 12, 13 .... The Little Foxes by Lillian Herman April 18, 25 Intramural Plays May 8 Experimental Theatre May 30 The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare SENTS PLAY ORROW NIGHT HI Stilwell s Leading Part UUNp I9?n uuuLuiii; iiiui u u VER DRAWING ROOM COMEDY Stillwell Performs Capably Howca hhI Rowettcr Shin.- Anders Cast As Regina In The Little boxes iMIman May To Be AND THETA ALPHA PH FLORIDA ALPHA CHAPTER WMes IMPORT, ls w. 20-21 p ■ a " jiu1 " . Golden CHRISTMAS CAROL TO BE PRESENTED TWICE TOMORROW JOHN KURTZ NANCY ROSSETTER EDWARD DAIL FRED KIEHLE As As As As President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer tie Plays Presented For Oder ' s Day Audience " ll..- 1 tvelvt Pound Look " and " An Old Lad) Showa Hci Medals " Provide Good Entertainment ' V By Hiabeth Fish - - .xrCl ■? SS2L wu «nc I FRESHMAN TALENT DISPLAYED FOR UPPFRCLASSMEN . 5- I rt»h Perform at «a|S ,V V Uttle rheatre . S S V NI A A FORENSIC SEASON The season began with work on the N. A. T. S. question of federal labor regulation, which the entire squad debated. At the State Practice Meet, held here for the fifth time, Dickinson and Turnage represented Stetson in extemp; Lewis in after-dinner speaking; and Lewis, Clark, French, Hartman, Reid, Castagnet, Dyson and Lay in debate. The next project of the squad was the study of the Pi Kappa Delta question of world fed- eration. Debating this topic, John Lewis, Irma French, Bruce Reid and Harold Clark journeyed to Vero Beach on January 16 to debate before the Rotary Club and its guests. Augmented by Summerlin, Moore, and Matousek, a group of the squad set to work on the question of Pan-Americanism and the Good Neighbor Policy, and participated in Gainesville on March 2 1 in the district meet of the National Extempore-Discussion Contest. On March 23, we refurbished our labor question for a meeting with the gentlemen from the University of Florida, on the campus. Final reward for the year ' s work was attend- ance at the Congress of Human Relations, sponsored March 25-27 in Atlanta by the Southern Association of Teachers of Speech. A departure this year in forensic work was the establishment of the Stetson University Speakers ' Bureau, which sent out speakers, debaters, plays, and readers all over the state. Approximately thirty engagements were filled this first year. LEWIS FRENCH CLARK DeLOACH PI KAPPA DELTA NATIONAL HONORARY FORENSIC FRATERNITY Florida Beta Chapter Established 1938 OFFICERS JOHN LEWIS President HAROLD CLARK Vice-President IRMA FRENCH isurei MEMBERS Harold Clark Irma I Irving C. Stover Dorothea Clarson John I Lydia A. Thi PLEDGES Delcle DeLoach Doris Hartman Btui i ACTI VITI ES On December 6, Pi Kappa Delta sponsored the Fifth Annual State Practice Forensic Tournament, at which the University of Florida, Florida Southern, St. Petersburg Junior College, and Rollins were present. The season was closed with an intramural debate tournament, a tradition inaugu- rated last year. BARNETT BOSTICK BURGMAN DAIL DYSON ESTES FISHER GOULD HILLMAN VINCENT STETSON PRESS CLUB OFFICERS SARA ELLEN BARNETT President DOROTHY LOU BURGMAN Vice-President THELMA FISKE Secretary MARY A. BAILEY Advisor HONORARY MEMBERS Hugh McEniry Lydia Theurer Robert Barnett Sara Ellen Barnett Mary Elizabeth Bostick Dorothy Lou Burgman Edward Dail Oleda Dyson Arthur Estes Elizabeth Fisher Thelma Fiske John Gould Ruth Hillman Aubrey Vincent Purpose: For the betterment of journalism both on and off the campus, in the better- ment and improvement of members in the profession and in the perpetuation of journalistic activity at Stetson. The club is semi-professional in nature. Projects: Journalism Institute. Founded: March I I, 1940. THE STETSON REPORTER The Truth Shall Make You Free " The STETSON REPORTER was founded in 1936. It is published weekly by the students of John B. Stetson University during the school year under the direction of the Department of Jour- nalism. The newspaper is printed at the Univer- sity Press on the campus. STAFF DOROTHY LOU BURGMAN . Editor-in-Chief G. EDWARD DAIL . . . Associate Editor HARRIS GRAVELY News Editor BETTY POWERS Feature Editor ROBERT H. BROWN .... Sports Editor BUSINESS STAFF CECIL CRISSEY .... General Mana g er ARTHUR ESTES . . . Advertising Manager BYRON BOND .... Circulation Manager CECIL JONES Bookkeeper NEWS WRITERS FLONNIE ANDERS SARA CARVER BOOTS GURRY MARIE HISEY BARBARA HUNTER BOB LEE PAMELA LIPSCOMB BILLY MITCHELL JEAN TRIGG JAMES SMITH EMMY VAN HEUSEN NATALIE TRUE GORDON WILLIAMSON AUBREY VINCENT FEATURE WRITERS ANN BURRELL ELIZABETH FISHER JOHN GOULD MARION McEACHERN cree Mclaughlin BOB LEEK DAIL, POWERS. Ltft to nqhf GOULD BROWN, JONES, BOND, HILLMAN, HISEY CAR- VER VAN HEUSEN, ' TRIGG, BURRELL, McLAUGHLIN, ANDERSON, FISHER, BURGMAN, " ' Left to right: HUNTER NELSON, HILLMAN, ESTES, KNOX, ANDER- SON, WILLIAMSON. THE STETSONIAN Founded in 1936 The purpose of the STETSONIAN is to further creative expression on the campus as well as to entertain the students with the literary talent that has been assembled from the work of students in the University. STAFF ELIZABETH FISHER Editor AUBREY VINCENT Business Manager DR. HUGH McENIRY Faculty Advisor ASSOCIATES Virginia Agett Mary Gordon Billy Mitchell George Avent Marie Hisey Lctitia Reynolds Pauline Bennett Elsie Hooker Ralph Matouselc Oleda Dyson MARION MERRILL Editor-in-Chie HATTER BOND, MERRILL, STILWELL, TURNER, KNOX, ANDERSON. The 1942 Stetson HATTER has two main rea- sons for existing. The first is to give both the students and the University a permanent record of this year ' s personnel, student body, and ac- tivities. The second aim is to develop in each mem- ber of the staff qualities of self-reliance, original- ity, thoroughness, and competence, which are necessary not only in producing a good yearbook, but also, in living a useful life. The staff offers this HATTER to the students in the hope that it will prove a pleasant reminder of their Alma Mater, and of the college year of 1941-42. EDITORIAL STAFE MARION MERRILL Editor ii ANN BAUER Associate Editor ESTHER KIPP Associate Editor GARLAND HAYES Assistant Editor ANGELO MARTINO Law Department ELIZABETH FUTCH Mus.c Department CAROLYN GOLSNER Senior Class HELEN ANDERSON Junior Class BETTY POWERS Sophomore Class DELPHENE COVERSTON Freshman Class BYRON BOND Faculty Editor ELIZABETH FISHER Art Ed.tor ELANE PHILLIPS Art Editor VAONA PETERSON Organizations MARIE HISEY Organizations CHARLOTTE KNOX Organizations RUSSELL STILWELL Fraternities MAX STAMPER Athletics DOT ESTABROOK Women ' s Intramurals RUTH HILLMAN Snapshots CLAIRE BUMGARNER Snapshots DOT JENNINGS BUSINESS STAFF VERNON TURNER Business Manager SYDNEY NIX Assc il Manager DONALD WATSON Advertising Manager First row, left to right: DAIL, HILLMAN, McGARRAH, FINNEY. . . . Second row: ANDERSON BROWN FOY, FREEDLAND, HOUGHTON. . . . Third row: JONES KEOSKIE, LOVELESS, McCLENAN, MIRES. . . . Fourth row: NICHOLSON, PASTEUR, PAYNE, STILWELL, STRANGE. THE COMMERCE CLUB Founded in May, 1937 The Purpose of the Commerce Club is to pro- limited to those students in the School of Busi- mote scholarship, to facilitate contact with the ness who have a high scholastic standing and commercial world, and to stimulate discussion whose ability in their chosen field meets a rigid and constructive thinking in the field of com- standard, merce and business. Entrance to the club is OFFICERS EDWARD DAIL President ELEANOR HILLMAN Vice-President FRANCES McGARRAH Secretary JEAN FINNEY Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS Russell Anderson Elaine Freedland Dorothy Loveless Polly Pasteur Frances Brown Eleanor Hillman William McClenan Margaret Payne Edward Dail Edna Houghton Frances McGarrah Russell Stilwell Jean Finney Cecil Jones Nell Mires Esther Strange Margaret Foy Charlie Keoskic Mary Ellen Nicholson FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. W. N. Baer Dr. C. A. Fisher E. C. Furlong Dr. R. C. Larcom II Will 1 First row left to right: CRAWFORD, HOOKER, CROSS, STEFFENS, ALDEN. . . . Second row: DOUGLAS, GOLDEN GREENE, HILL, KESMODEL. . . . Third row: LEWIS, PADULA, PHILLIPS, SPANIER, SPAULDINGS. . . . Fourth row: SPINKS, STRICKLAND, TRAWICK, TURNER, WEBBER. BETA KEY HONORARY BIOLOGY ORGANIZATION Founded September, 1937 Colors: Hemoglobin Red and Chlorophyll Green Flower: Rose The purpose of this organization is to create and stimulate an interest in the several fields of biological research. OFFICERS RENA CRAWFORD President ELSIE HOOKER Vice-President JOHN CROSS Secretary HARRIET STEFFENS Treasurer DOROTHY FULLER Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Bill Alden J. L G Joe Padula Ha " Rena Crawford Mary Helen Hill Elaine Phillips William Strickland John Cross Elsie Hooler Allan Soanier Dorothy T ' I Bob Douglas Karl Kesmodel Ray Spauldmgs Verne Jimmie Golden Ralph Lewis Ann Spinls Joyce Webber THE NEWTON CLUB HONORARY MATHEMATICS SOCIETY MEMBERS Wilbur I. Kaye Garland M. Branch, Jr. Dorothy Jean Botts Sydney J. Nix, Jr. Paul Fisher Carl Purtz Betty Smith ASSOCIATES William R. Lake Robert S. Herndon Raymond Spauldlng Robbins Rice Lula Mae Morrison Mary Carlton Rena Crawford FACULTY Dr. Donald Faulkner Mr. Curtis Lowry Dr. Vance OFFICERS SYDNEY J. NIX, JR. President PAUL FISHER Vice-President BETTY SMITH Secretary DOROTHY JEAN BOTTS Treasurer CARL PURTZ Marshall COLORS— Infra Red and Ultra Violet Date Established on this Campus— 1932 The purpose of the Newton Club is to promote the interest of mathematics among students. This is done by the giving of reports of work in mathematics at monthly meetings to which the public is invited. SIGMA PI SIGMA PHYSICS HONOR SOCIETY Alpha lota Chapter OFFICERS ROBBINS RICE President JEAN BOTTS Secretary DR. R. I. ALLEN Treasurer and Chapter Adviser MEMBERS Garland Branch Paul Fisher Dr. Donald Faulkner Dr. C. B. Vance Wilbur Kaye Local Chapter Established May 10, 1939. Sigma Pi Sigma is the National honor society in those who have displayed marked ability in phy- the field of physics. It is one of the associated so- sics; (4) To popularize interest in physics in the gen- cieties of the American Association for the ad- eral collegiate public, vancement of science. Candidates for membership are selected from ad- The objects of the society are: ( I ) To serve as a vanced-course, graduate and upper-class students, means of awarding distinction to students having faculty members and qualified alumni. Primary high scholarship and promise of achievement in qualifications include high scholarship, manifest in- physics; (2) To promote student interest in research terest in physics and promise of achievement in ex- and the advanced study of the subject; (3) To en- tending the boundaries of human knowledge, courage a professional spirit and friendship among GAMMA SIGMA EPSILON Beta Beta Chapter NATIONAL HONORARY CHEMICAL FRATERNITY MEMBERS Wilbur I. Kaye William R. Lake Harriet Steffcns Ray O. Voss Garland M. Branch, Jr. Dorothy Lou Busman John D. Cross Sydney J. Nix, Jr. Dr. John F. Conn, Faculty Adviser OFFICERS SYDNEY J. NIX, JR Grand Alchemist WILLIAM R. LAKE Visor DOROTHY LOU BURGMAN Recorder WILBUR I. KAYE Electron of The Black Arts COLORS— Black and White Date Established on this Campus— 1932 Beta Beta Chapter of Gamma Sigma Epsilon attended its biennial convention this year at Brenau College, Gainesville, Ga. This organization was founded in order to advance the importance of chemistry. ALLEN BOTTS BRANCH BURGMAN CARLTON CONN CRAWFORD CROSS FAULKNER FISHER HERNDON KAYE LAKE LOWRY MORRISON NIX PURTZ RICE SMITH SPAULDING VANCE STEFFENS VOSS dk o m Kk Jk SL Jk KAPPA KAPPA PSI NATIONAL HONORARy BAND FRATERNITy Founded in 1919— Alpha Xi Chapter Established in December, 1935 Colors: Blue and White Flower: Red Carnatcon DICK FEASEL . HORACE HAWN OFFICERS President ROBERT HERNDON . . . . . . Vice-President J. T. BURDINE . . . JOHN J. HENEy Advi: Secretary Treasurer INMAN SMITH AMIDON HONORARy MEMBER CAPTAIN WILLIAM F. SANTLEMAN, Director of U. S. Ma MEMBERS Donald Barge J. T. Burdine Robert Herndon Dick Feasel Horace Haw This organization is dedicated to the cause of better music on Stetson ' s campus, and to promote the best interests of the University band. Its membership is composed of bandsmen who have proven their worthiness over a period of time. Alpha Xi chapter has planned and sponsored band trips throughout the state for Stetson ' s band. DELTA GAMMA PH Col. Maroon and Silver Flower: Wine Rose Honorary Member in Faculty— JOHN J. HENEY OFFICERS FRANCES INMAN President KATHERINE SMITH Vice-President DORIS HOLMAN Recording Secretary MARy ELLEN NICHOLSON . . Corresponding Secretary OLIVE LORD Treasurer ELIZABETH HOWELL Editor DONNA SMITH Historian Betty Jane Amidon Dons Holman Elizabeth Howell ACTIVES Frances Inman Olive Lord Ruth Lois Maxwell Donna Smith Mary Ellen Nicholson Harriet Simpson Katherine Smith Martha Durrance PLEDGES Ruth Durrance Anita Schroedcr Dixie Vance )elta Gamma Phi works in conjunction with Kappa Kappa Psi in upholding the ligh standards of the Stetson Band. This year the organization was granted a charter, making it the first National somen ' s band fraternity in existence. HOLMAN NICHOLSON SMITH PHI BETA FRATERNITY Colors: Violet and Gold Motto: Einai mallon i be rather than to seer Finesthi, to be. " Phi Beta is a national professional fraternity of music, drama, and the dance. Etc Chapter was established in 1921 and has progressed to the point of national recogni- tion in receiving the gavel as the most outstanding chapter in the organization ir the year 1940. OFFICERS VERONICA DAVIS Advisor BARBARA HUNTER President MARGARET REAVES Vice-President MILDRED DICKERT Recording Secretary JEAN ROGY Treasurer FRANCES ARKLEY Corresponding Secretary BARBARA PEDEN Historian DORIS MILLIGAN Doorkeeper ACTIVE MEMBERS Fiances Aril. , Jean Botts Mildred Dickert Elizabeth Futch Ruth Hillman Barbara Hunter Olive Lord Doris Miiligan Barbara Peden Margaret Reaves Bessie Rhodes PLEDGES Jean Rogy Donna Smith Katherine Smith Helen Tennille Doris Williams Verna Baer Anita Schroeder Helen Bennett Terry Wagner Alma Keiley Elizabeth Welden Ruth Durrance Martha Durrance Ellen Marcum Vance 1 First row, left to right: DURRANCE, FUTCH, LORD. . . . Second row: MARCUM, MILLIGAN. SCHROE- DER. . . . Third row: D. SMITH, K. SMITH, WELDEN. 117 First row, left to right: WATSON, PETERSON, VALDES, LEHMAN, ARJONA. . . . Second row: BACON, BUR. RELL, CASTEGNET, FINNEY, FRENCH. . . . Third row: GARRISON, GIBBONS, HERPEL, LEE, LOVELESS. . . . Fourth row: MOORE, NAPOLI, STAMPER, TURNER, WHITE. Colors: Red and Gold Alpha Kappa Chapter of SIGMA DELTA PI NATIONAL SPANISH FRATERNITY Founded in 1937 Flower: Red Carnation The purpose of Sigma Delta Pi is to stimulate interest in the language and countries of Spanish- speaking peoples, and to foster friendly relations and a co-operative spirit between the nations of Hispanic speech and those of the English Ian- Let us go forward under the influence of Spain. " guage. Alpha Kappa chapter has had for its major activities this year: characteristic entertain- ments of important Hispanic celebrations, visits to historical Spanish sites, and the entertaining of the Florida Spanish Teachers ' Convention. OFFICERS FRANK WATSON VAONA PETERSON DORA VALDES . DAVID LEHMAN . DORIS K. ARJONA President . Vice-President Secretary ■ Treasurer Faculty Advisor ACTIVE ME Lois Bacon Ann Burrell Georgina Castegnet Jean Finney Irma French George Ehlhardt Rosemary Garr Dorothy Gibbo William Herpe Mary Lee David Lehman FACULTY Fiske M B E R S Dorothy Loveless Ann Moore Angelo Martino Chris Napoli Vaona Peterson MEMBERS Eunice Webber Max Stamper William Turner Dora Valdes Frank Watson Ruth White Harry Winters ght. NAPOLI, POWELL, CASTEGNET THORNTON REAVES KING McWHORTER, POWERS, JENNINGS, BUMGARNER MOORE. . JOHNSON, PHILLIPS, HOOKER, BAUER, MOCK, TURNER. LA FRANCIADE OFFICERS ELSIE HOOKER President ELAINE PHILLIPS Vice-President LOIS JOHNSON Secretary LOIS BACON Treasurer Lois Bacon Ida Fee Bailey Tod Brown Claire Burr.garner Georgina Castegnet Rachel Clarke Virginia Chamberlin Elsie Hooker MEMBERS Dorothy Jennings Lois Johnson Marion Kelley Berta Mac King Esther Kipp Dorothy McWhorter Mary Mock Anne Moore Chris Napoli Elaine Phillips Betty Powers Voncile Powell Margaret Reaves Paul Stewart William Turner George Ehlhardt HONORARY MEMBERS Major Thornton Dr. Frances C. Thornton La Franciade is composed of advanced students in French. Our forma 1 purpose is " to encourage an interest in the language, the customs, and the literature of France outside of the classroom. " We try to provide an informal atmosphere in which the student may join in the conversation and improve his spoken French. The first semester we did this with a series of supper meetings climaxed by the Christmas party, with menu and program in French. THE STETSON BLAZER CLU OFFICERS DOROTHY ESTABROOK President CONNIE BENNETT Vice-President DORIS WARREN Secretary MARY LOUISE REHBAUM Treasurer Connie Bennett Pauline Bennett Claire Brandies Dot Lou Burgma MEMBERS Dorothy Estabroolc Esther Hicks Mary Helen Hill Polly Pasteur Mary Louise Rehbaun Sara Staff Doris Warren The Stetson Blazer Club was founded on May 24, 1939, in the Cummings Gymna- sium by seven girls who had won their letter " S " for leadership in the athletic field. Membership to the Stetson Blazer Club is based on leadership, scholarship and athletic ability. Students may earn their blazer only after they have completed at least two years of college work. " PILOTS OF STETSON ' CARL PARSONS JOE PELTER BOB LEWIS, Instructor TED BOUTWELL •SKIPPER " EICHHOLZ MARION REED WALLACE SMILEY GENE HEAD " SLUGGER " BLACK MERRILL SMITH ' Skyward ' THE HATTER ' S ART CLUB OFFICERS ELAINE PHILLIPS President BETTY SMILEY Vice-President MARY LEE Secretary-Treasurer MISS EDITH HARVEY Faculty Advisor First row, left to right: REHBAUM, LEE, HARVEY, PHILLIPS, SMILEY, WIDDERSHEIM. . . . Second row: DAVI WOLCOTT, HISEY, McLAUGHLIN, BAILEY, NICHOLS, STOWE. . . . Third row: LINZELL, AULT, BROWN, TRL EDWARDS, MOBLEY. . . . Fourth row: McWHORTER, BAUER, PETERSON, SCHELLIG. Marjori Ida Fe Ann B Janet I Phyllis Carolyr The pur Stetson friendsh e Ault e Baile oose of the Hatter ' s Art Club is to promote the interest of art on the campus of John B. University and to create a sincere love of beauty, an appreciation of art, and a spirit of p and co-operation among its members. Rosa Cole Martha Davis Annette Edwards Dorothy Gibbons Edith Harvey Marie Hisey MEMBERS Mary Lee Margaret Linzell Mary Mobley Mary Mock Marion McEachern Cree McLaughlin Dorothy McWhorter Louella Nichols Vaona Peterson Elaine Phillips Mary Louise Rehbai Betty Schellig Betty Sm.ley Evelyn Stowe Natalie True Dorothy Widdershe Annette Wolcott THE HISTORY CLUB Colors: Madonna Red and Blue Founded in April, 1941 Flower: Red Rose The purpose of the organization is to stimulate interest in the field of history. The major activities have been the reviewing of books and current literature by its members; the sponsoring of a lecture by Dr. L. A. Warren, distinguished author and recognized authority on the life of Abraham Lincoln; uand the petitioning to become a chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, the national honorary history fraternity. This c hapter at Stetson will be installed in the spring of 1942. OFFICERS EARNEST MACHEN President MARY GORDON Vice-President DAVID LEHMAN Secretary-Treasurer GEORGE EHLHARDT Faculty Advisor MEMBERS George Avent George Ehlhardt Mary Gordon Cecil Jones Dr. G. L. LaFuze David Lehman Earnest Machen Vaona Peterson Barbara Rowe Wilson Spahn Russell Stilwell William Strickland Frank Watson Prof. H. S. Winters Front row, left to right: COOPER, STRICKLAND, NAPOLI, GARWOOD. . . . Seconi ESTES, AVENT, WARE. . . . Third row: ARNOLD, LEWIS, MIXON, TOMBERLIN HILL, SPAHN, FAIN, MIMS. HUNTER. Fourth row: GREENE, MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION The Ministerial Association was organized into its present form in 1939. Its activities are many and varied. The major ones during this year have been: The holding of services in the DeLand Band Shell every Saturday night that weather conditions would permit, visiting and working in the city jail, and fostering Stetson Day programs in various churches throughout the state. The fundamental work of the association is to help churches. Several members are regular pastors of churches; others supply in churches when the pastors are absent. Members also assist churches in Sunday School and choir work. OFFICERS WILLIAM STRICKLAND President AARON RUTLEDGE Vice-President J. T. BURDINE Secretary EDWARD COOPER Treasurer PATRICK ARNOLD Statistician JOHN LEWIS Parliamentarian ARTHUR ESTES Devotional Chairman GEORGE AVENT Activities Chairman MARION REED Intramural Chairman ELMER WARE Intramural Chairman DEAN H. C. GARWOOD .... Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Patrick Arnold Harry Atkinson George Avent J. T. Burdin, Edward Cooper Arthur Estes Maurice Fain J. L. Greene Ben Haddox Pat Hill Joe Hough Hal Hunter John Lewis Forrest May Daniel Me} T. R. Mims Lavergne Muon Chris Napoll Marion Reed Alvin Robinson Aaron Rutledge David Spearing Wilson Spahn William Strickland Jimmy Tomberlm Elmer Ware Robert Wheatly LEWIS ROSSETTER KING ARNOD BRANDIES LEE BRANCH BURDINE NAPOLI TRAWICK AVENT REAVES STRICKLAND MATHIS GREENE DICKERT HUNTER ZORNES BAPTIST STUDENT UNION COUNCIL The Baptist Student Union is the organization which co-ordinates the religious activities of the Baptist students of a school and a community, serving as the connecting link between the stu- dent and his church. A student becomes a mem- ber of the B. S. U. when he joins a Baptist church in the college center, a Baptist Sunday School, Training Union, Y. W. A., or any other recognized unit organization. The B. S. U. Council is a group of students elected from the B. S. U. at large to serve as the executive board in charge of the OFF JOHN LEWIS President NANCY ROSSETTER Vice-President BERTA MAE KING Second Vice-President PATRICK ARNOLD Third Vice-President CLAIRE BRANDIES Secretary EDWARD COOPER Treasurer MARY LEE, GARLAND BRANCH . . Publicity Chairmen J. T. BURDINE .... Baptist Student Representative CHRIS NAPOLI Music Chairman DOROTHY TRAWICK .... Training Union Director various activities. This year the B. S. U. has spon- sored all campus Baptist organizations, vespers, student programs in churches at Christmas, the State B. S. U. convention at Tampa, the State B. S. U. Council Retreat, and south-wide Baptist student summer conference at Ridgecrest, N. C. Two of the outstanding activities this year have been the Baptist Student House and the collec- tion of old clothes from students for needy chil- dren in the community. I CER S GEORGE AVENT .... Sunday School Superintendent MARGARET REAVES Y. W. A. President WILLIAM STRICKLAND ...... Ministerial President HELEN MATHIS Life Service Band President J. L. GREENE Volunteer Band President MILDRED DICKERT, HAL HUNTER . . Vesper Chairmen DEAN H. C. GARWOOD Faculty Advisor REV. R. GRADY SNOWDEN Pastor BETTY LEE ZORNES Town Representative irst row, left to right: STAMPER, BARNES, WHEELER, MILLER, MACHEN, BRANON DICKINSON CASTEGNET. . . Second row: KURTZ, ANDERSON, DYAL, BURGER, PETERSON, MERRITT. . . . Third row: LEHMAN, WATSON, FOY, MERRILL, FRENCH, BROWN. . . . Fourth row: LEWIS, STRICKLAND, DYAL DeLOACH. NTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB OFFICERS DEKLE DeLOACH WILLIAM STRICKLAND Vice-President IVA DYAL Secretary PEGGY LINZEL .... Corresponding Secretary JOHN LEWIS Program Chairman WILLIAM STRICKLAND Membership Committee BETTY ANNE BRANON Publicity DR. LA FUZE, PROF. EHLHARDT Faculty Advisers Purpose: To acquaint the students of Stetson University with condi- tions of the world, and to promote interests in these conditions. MEMBERS Russ Anderson Bob Barnes Betty Anne Branon Mary Ann Brown Phyllis Brown J. T. Marian Burger Ann Burrell Georgina Castagnct Mary Lou Davis Dekle DeLoach Bud Dickinson Iva Dyal Virginia Evans Margaret Foy Irma French Edith Knox John Kurtz David L. ■ John Lewis Peggy Linzel Bill Mrl Ernest Machen Marion Merrill Daniel M Maurice Miller Doris Milligan Vaona Peterson ■ wcrs Max Stamper Bill Strickland Frank Watson Frank V. PHI ALPHA DELTA Founded in 1888 Dav.d J. Brewer Chapter Founded in 1915 Colors: Purple and White OFFICERS ANGELO MARTINO Justice VERNON TURNER V.ce-Justice HAROLD CLARK ... Clerk AUBREY VINCENT Treasurer FRED KIEHLE, JR. Marshal The purpose of this Fraternity shall be to form a strong bond among the members of the different classes at the various law schools; to form a strong link between the schools and their students; to establish a widespread exchange for the interchange of business, information, and matters of common interest to the members of this Frater- nity; to promote social and intellectual intercourse among its members; to aid the development of fraternal and brotherly sentiments; to cultivate e closer bond of friendship and the attainment of a higher and broader culture than that afforded by the regular college course; and to foster, under the influence of intimate friendship, those principles that tend to form a higher type of manhood. ACTIVE MEMBERS Francis X. Carmody Ronald Y. Stillman Aubrey Vincent Harold Clark A. C. Martino Vernon Turner Frank J. Thompson, Jr. Thomas F. Lambert Arthur Shuler Fred Kiehle F. A. LeRoy Barkstrom PLEDGES Leroy New Maurice Miller Deklc DeLoach Ivan Yenetchi Edward New Jonn Kurtz ACTIVITIES Reception at the beginning of the school year for the purpose of introducing the freshman law students to the faculty and other law students. A party honoring the initiation of Dean Thomas F. Lambert. A farewell boat ride party to our distinguished Justice, Ronald Y. Stillman, and our beloved brother, Dean Thomas F. Lambert. THE STETSON UNIVERSITY DEFENSE COUNCIL Established May 8, 1941 OFFICERS PRESIDENT W. S. ALLEN ® CARL H. JOHNSON GRAFTON H. PYNE Deputy Chairman Co-ordinator-Secretary EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE DR. HARRY GARWOOD Curricula and Assembly MR. HAROLD M. GIFFIN Extra-Curricula Activities MR. EDWARD FURLONG Emergency Safety Precaution MR. WARREN COWELL Physical Education ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY Dr. Robert Allen Edgclh H Mr. William Bailey Miss Curtis Horn Mr. Elmer Barnett Dr. Roy Howes Mr. Robert Barnett Dr. Russell Larcom Dr. John F. Conn Mr. Curtis Lowery Mr. Warren Cowell Dr. Leighton LaFuze Dr. William Duckwitz Mr. Hugh McEniry Dr. Boyce Ezell Miss Barbara Rowc Dr. Charles Fisher Miss Sara Staff Mr. Edward Furlong Dr. Irving Stover Mr. Harold Giffin Miss Etter Turner Mr. Arthur Graham Mr. Vernon Turner Mr. John Heney Dr. Charles Vance Mr. Harry Winters STUDENT COMMITTEE Robert Barries Lois Johnson Annette Bolton Fre d Kiehle Claire Brandies John Kurtz Edward Dail John Lewis Grace Fearing Mary Mock Dick Fcascl Lula Mac Morrison Elizabeth Futch Jan,- James Golden Nancy Ros Marilee Harper Max Stamper William Herpel William Strickland Mary Helen Hill H.-rman Turnage Eleanor Hillman Brooks Walker Marie H Don Watson 127 © © © © © I. M T w 1, M- -k il BURGER BURGMAN BURRELL DAVIS DOUGLAS GOLSNER HILLMAN JENNINGS KIEHLE KURTZ REHBAUM SMITH SHULER STAFFORD TURNER INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL OFFICERS FRED KIEHLE President VERNON TURNER Vice-President MARIAN BURGER Secretary ELEANOR HILLMAN Treasurer MEMBERS Alpha Xi Delta Pi Beta Phi Mary Lou Davis Marian Burger Eleanor Hillman Jean Douglas Dot Jennings Betty Smith Delta Delta Delta Pi Kappa Phi Barbara Burgman Bob Barnes Ann Burrell John Kurtz Elizabeth Futch Ralph Stafford Delta Sigma Phi Sigma Nu Sydney Nix Harvey Gardner Arthur Shuler Fn d Kiehle Vernon Turner Aubrey Vincent Zeta Tau Alpha Carolyn Golsm r Mary Mock Mary Louise Rchbaum FUTCH MOCK VINCENT wRLLmUm FOY DAVIS BURGER MILLIGAN REHBAUM SMITH PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL OFFICERS MARY MOCK President MARGARET FOY Vicc-Prcs.dcnt MARY LOU DAVIS • • Secretary MARIAN BURGER . . ■ ■ Treasurer BARBARA ROWE Advisor MEMBERS Alpha Xi Delta Pi Beta Phi Mary Lou Davis Burger Doris M.llrgan Smith Delta Delta Delta Zeta Tau Alpha Margaret Foy Mary Mock H. I. n Doris McCormick Mary Louise Rchbaum 129 ALPHA DEKSIOMA Founded at John B. Stetson University May, 1940 Colors: Hunter Green and Gold Flower: Talisman Rose Motto: " For Friendship and Understandinq " PETERSON KAGEY TYRE MERRILL COVERSTON OFFICERS VAONA PETERSON President MARION MERRILL Vice-President DELPHENE COVERSTON . . Recording Secretary MARY LEE .... Corresponding Secretary SHIRLEY KAGEY Treasurer ESTHER KIPP Historian LOUEELLE TYRE Chaplain HELEN CLEMONS .... Sergeant-at-Arms The purpose of Alpha Deksioma is to promote dem- ocratic friendship and understanding among its members; to broaden the social, cultural, political, athletic, and religious life of the members and to assist them in every way possible. All women in Stetson University who are not affiliated with a national social organization may become members. Betty Adkins Claire Brandies Dorothy Jean Brandon Frances Brown Claire Bumgarncr Marv Carlton Sara Martha Cheney Helen demons Dclphinc Coverston Dorothy Estabrook Margie Esthus Sara Forehand JoGoodin Ma Louh Ha Edna Houghtc MEMBERS Mary Jameson Edith Johnsen Shirley Kagey Alma Kcllcy Cordelia Kendrick Gladys Key Berta Mae King Esther Kipp Ettie Koon Mary Lee Dorothy Lockett Dorothy Martin Helen Martin Mae Martin Helen Mathis Lillian McClcrr Marion Merrill Mavcra Mock Lula Ma •■ Pete.: Janice Phillips Mary Pittman Mildred Ratliff Kathryn Reardon Joyce Roland Nancy Rossetter Sara Rowlet Jeanne Shaw Margaret Tread LoubelleTyre Ruth White Adkrns Brand! Bumgarr Carlton Cheney Estabrook Esthus Forehand Goodin £ Q Johnscn Kelley Kendnck Keys King Lockett Martin, D. Martin, H. Martm, M. Mathis McClemcnt Mock Morrison Phillrps Ratliff Reardon Roland Rossctte Rowlet Tread. White fiao i Armory the well-known features of college life are the social sororities and fraternities. To them belong much of the glamor and excitement that makes campus life att ' active, and their extra-curricula activities greatly supplement the social program of the college. Stetson boasts as many as four national sororities and three national fraternities, and, therefore, it is easy to see why they often list among their mem- bers a large number of the leading men and women on the campus. It is conversely easy to see why so many of their members become outstanding figures, especially since these groups foster friendly compe- tition and rivalry, not only in the social and scholastic fields, but also in all college intramurals. These Greek letter organizations offer no greater benefits to their members than the assurance of comradeship within the group and the training pro- vided by their social functions. The subsequent abil- ity to be socially at ease not only makes the student respected and admired on the campus, but also gives him a confidence that will not fail him when he is faced with more important and exacting situations in the world outside. Hulley Tower ALPHA XI DELTA Founded at Lombard College in 1894 Omega Chapter Established in May, 1917 Colors: Double Blue and Golo Flower: Killarne Y Rose OFFICERS ELEANOR HILLMAN Pres.dent DOROTHY JENNINGS Vice-President ELIZABETH WELDEN Treasurer PHYLLIS BROWN Recording Secretary MARGARET PAYNE Corresponding Secretary CHAPTER MEMBERS Olga Bowen IN FACULTATE Mary Tribble Lowry Dee William McEntii Lydia Theurer IN UNIVERSITATE Flonme Anders Pauline Bennett Annette Bolton Elizabeth Anne Branc Phyllis Brown Mary Lou Davis Eleanor Hillman Ruth Hillman Carolyn Howes Dorothy Jennings Lois Johnson Cree McLaughlin Dens Milligan Betty Jane Parkins Betty Powers Margaret Reaves Jean Rogy Anita Schroeder Margaret Payne Ma ' y Frances Smith Patricia Sweet Frances Twitty Elizabeth Welden Doris Williams Dorothy Gibbons Edith Bennett Ellen Marcum Phyllis Mitchell Ji anne Neely PLEDGES Agnes Paulk Joyce Stoerk Ruby Wagner Mary Winkenwerder E. HILLMAN JENNINGS WELDEN BROWN ANDERS E BENNETT P BENNETT BOLTON BRANON DAVIS GIBBONS R. HILLMAN HOWES JOHNSON Mc LAUGHLIN £ © f a Flf) MARCUM » MILLIGAN ZA p NEELY p i PARKINS w PAULK i a i PAYNE i s i POWERS ■ REAVES ROGY SCHROEDER ' " SMITH STOERK i SWEET Twiny WAGNER WILLIAMS WINKENWERDER DELTA DELTA DELTA Founded in 1888, at Boston University, Boston, Mass. Alpha Delta Chapter Established in May, 1913 Gold and Blue Pansy OFFICERS MARGARET FOY President KATHRYN WARD Vice-President ELIZABETH FUTCH Secretary DOROTHY LOU BURGMAN Treasurer CHAPTER MEMBERS IN FACULTATE IN UNIVERSITATE Eleanor Bass Barbara Burgman Dorothy Lou Burgman Ann Burrell Iva Dyal Dyal Oleda Dyson Virginia Evans Margaret Foy Elizabeth Futch Helen Harper Barbara Hunter Jessie Beth Longino Sibyl Lytle Jane McClenagan Louise McClure Helen Dons McCon Frances McGarrah B.:tte Mclrvin Nell Mires Elizabeth Pippin Barbara Whitehurst Helen Rogers Ann Spinks Jean T„gg Natalie Trm Allene Twining Miriam Walden Kathryn Ward Barbar Black Sara Carver PLEDGES Jeanni tte McArthur Marion McEachem Edith Tresher Emily Van Heusen FOY WARD FUTCH D BURGMAN BASS BLACK B BURGMAN BURRELL CARVER I. DYAL N DYAL DYSON EVANS HARPER HUNTER LONGINO LYTLE McARTHUR McCLENAGAN McCLURE McCORMICK McEACHERN McGARRAH MclRVIN MIRES PIPPIN ROGERS SHONE SPINKS TRESHER TRIGG TRUE TWINING VAN HEUSEN WALDEN WHITEHURSI kTmk M PI BETA PHI Founded April 28, 1867. at Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois Florida Alpha Chapter Established January 30, 1913 Colors: Wine and Silver Bill Flower: Wine Carnation OFFICERS First Semester MARIAN BURGER President VONCILE POWELL Vice-President POLLY PASTEUR Treasurer BETTY SMITH Recording Secretary PHYLLIS FREEBURG .... Corresponding Secretary Second Semester BETTY SMITH President BARBARA WHITE Vice-President NORMA GARDNER Treasurer MARY MOBLEY Recording Secretary DONNA SMITH Corresponding Secretary CHAPTER MEMBERS IN FACULTATE Annie Holden IN UNIVERSITATE ACTIVE Betty Jane Amidon Marjorie Ault Lois Bacon Verna Baer Constance Bennett Louise Brown Sally Brown Carolyn Buck Marion Burger Jean Douglas Annette Edwards Phyllis Freeburg Elaine Freedland Norma Gardner Mary Helen Hill Frances Inman Marian Kelley Adelaide Key Edith Knox Betsy Kramer Margaret Linze Mary Mobley Louella Nicholi Helen Oliver Polly Pasteur Voncile Powell Pat Peifer Betty Smiley Betty Smith Donna Smith Evelyn Stowe Barbara White Roberta Bennett Grace Fearing Jean Garrard Mary Geissinge PLEDGES Tei Maryse Tyre BURGER POWELL PASTEUR B. SMITH AMIDON AULT BACON BAER C. BENNETT R. BENNETT L. BROWN S. BROWN BUCK DOUGLAS EDWARDS FEARING FREEBURG FREEDLUND GARDNER GARRARD GEISSINGER HILL INMAN KELLEy KEY KNOX KRAMER LINZEL MOBLEY NICHOLS OLIVER PAYNE PEIFER SMILEY D. SMITH STOWE TYRE WHITE A £ ■■ £8 £3°$ ZETA TAU ALPHA Founded October 15, 1898, at Virginia State Normal School, Farmville, Virginia Beta Psi Chapter Established in October, 1934 Colors: Turquoise Blue and Gray Flower: W OFFICERS MARY LOUISE REHBAUM President MARY MOCK Vice-President CAROLYN GOLSNER Secretary RACHEL CLARKE Treasurer CHAPTER MEMBERS N FACULTATE Sue Burns Francis Thornton IN UNIVERSITATE Ann Bauer Mary Elizabeth Bostick Ann Boyd Rachel Clarke Elizabeth Dav Martha Davis Mane Hisey Sylvia Jones Mary Mock Betty Jean Parfitt Elaine Phillips Rosamond Pope Mary Louise Rehbaum Dorothy Widdersheim Carolyn Golsner PLEDGES Virginia Agett Betty Ann Cannon Shirley Coen Martha Durrance Ruth Durrance Andre Hauerbach Rosemary Hefty Brooks Hudgms Elsie Hooker Marjorie Kersey Leta Mitchell Carolyn Tallant Ann, tt. Wolcott 1W ft ;® AGETT BAUER BOSTICK BOYD CANNON COEN DAVIS, E. DAVIS, M. DURRANCE, M. DURRANCE, R HAUERBACH HEFTY HISEY HUDGINS HOOKER JONES KERSEY MITCHELL PARFITT PHILLIPS I (1 ft oo |V 4| € $ WIDDERSHEIM DELTA SIGMA PHI The Fraternity Was Founded at the City College of New York, December 10, 1899 Alpha Chi Chapter Was Established in 1925 Colors: Nile Green and White Flower: White Carnation The primary duty of our Fraternity is the support of the University in its effort to give the members the education and training they desire; and to instill a love of country and of our country ' s flag, reverence for the Deity and for religion, and regard for the truth. OFFICERS VERNON TURNER President KARL KESMODEL Vice-President HARRY SNYDER Secretary RUSSELL STILWELL Treasurer MEMBERS IN FACULTATE Dr. R.I.Allen Dean Harry C. Garwood Dr. Donald Faulkner Mr. Vernon Turner Dr. Willis N.Baer IN UNIVERSITATE J. C. Bradley Andrew Knox Fred Roethke Russell Stilwell John Cross William Lake Arthur Shulcr Vernon Turner Wilson Haynes Clifton Loveland Wallace Smiley William Turrentme Robert Henry Sydney Nix Richard Smith Donald Watson Karl Kesmodel James Owens Harry Snyder PLEDGES Garland Branch Harry Brownlee Harold Clark Harold Ficquette Joseph Padula Chester Kazmierczak George Kclley Edward Maxwell Sam Martino Jesse Stone Our Mascot Alpha Chi (AX) 142 TURNER KESMODEL STILWELL SNYDER BRANCH BROWNLEE BRADLEY CLARK CROSS FICQUETTE HAYNES HENRY KAZMIERCZAK KNOX LAKE LOVELAND MARTINO NIX OWENS PADULA ROETHKE SHULER SMILEY SMITH STONE TURRENTINE WATSON ikite iii L PI KAPPA PHI Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity was founded at the College of Charleston, on Decem- ber 10, 1904, by Simon Fogurty, Lawcrence Mixson, and Andrew Kroeg. The local chapter, Chi, was chartered at Stetson University in 1 9? I . Approxi- mately 300 men have been initiated into the brotherhood through this chapter since then. Though organized in the deep south and steeped in the southern traditions of chivalry and hospitality. Pi Kappa Phi has extended, since its founding, to include colleges throughout the nation. Red Rose Color: Motto: " Nothing shall te Gold and White us asunder. " CHAPTER MEMBERS IN FACULTATE Carl Johnson Harold Giffin W. E. Duckwitz IN UNI John Kurtz Harris Gravely Ralph Stafford James Golden Delcle DeLoach Dennis McNamara Robert Northridge William Herpel William Kent Bryan Jennings Ferris Smith Winston McQuiddy VERSITATE Dav.d M. Gardne Robert Barnes Hugh Gower James Nelson William Ray Charles DeFoor Wallace Smith Ted Boutwell Johnny Jones Ernest Machen J. T. Burdme Calvin Williams Wilbur Eichholz First Semester JOHN H. KURTZ Archon HUGH T. GOWER Treasurer ROBERT BARNES Secretary ERNEST MACHEN Historian J. T. BURDINE, JR. Chaplain TED BOUTWELL Warden OFFICERS Second Semester JOHN H. KURTZ Archon HUGH T. GOWER Treasurer HARRIS P. GRAVELY . ... Secretary ERNEST MACHEN Historian DAVID M. GARDNER Chaplain BRYAN JENNINGS, JR Warden PLEDGES Robert Baker Frank Foltz Robert Parks Robert Cosier Walter Purtz Lewis Cladm James Smith WilberClonts Lyle Gillespie Marion Reid Carl Purtz Everett Dix Cliff Wynns Ray Voss DickStanicr Bill Mathis Garland Hayes KURTZ GOWER BARNES MACH EN BAKER BOUTWELL BURDINE CLONT5 COSIER DcFOOR DcLOACH DIX EICHHOLZ GARDNER GILLESPIE GOLDEN GRAVELY HERPEL JENNINGS JONES McNAMARA McQUIDDY MATHIS NELSON C. PURTZ W PURTZ RAY REID J. SMITH M. SMITH STAFFORD STANIER WYNNS FRED KIEHIE EDWARD DAIL, JR. SIGMA N U The Legion of Honor JOHN GOULD FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE, 1869 Delta Mu Chapter Established 1913 Colors: Black, White and Gold Flower: White Rose " To believe in a life of love, To walk in the way of honor, and to serve in the light of truth. " This is the life, the way, and the light, this is the creed of our fraternity. OFFICERS FRED KIEHLE Commander THOMAS ANDERSON Lieutenant Commander EDWARD DAIL, JR. Recorder JOHN GOULD Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS Thomas Anderson Russell Anderson Robert Brown, Jr. Gordon Carlson John Causier G. Edward Dail, Jr Alv.n Fuller Harvey Gardner, . John Gould Charles Keoskie Fred Kiehle, Jr. James Knight, Jr. William McClenen Harry McCollum Frank McDonald R. Dale Melchmg Council Miller, Jr. William Mitchell Hugh Murphy, Jr. Edward New, Jr. Leroy New George Slaton Ralph Matousck Leslie Maxwell, Jr. Richard Saurbrun Henry Sorenson William Tribblc Frank Thompson C. Aubrey Vincent, Jr. George Whitehurst, Jr. O. Gordon Williamson James Withers Jack Ziegler PLEDGE James Kicker R ANDERSON SL£ r ▲ ▲ a THOMPSON WHITEHURST WILLIAMSON The dictionary defines advertising as " calling public attention to a th ' ng, especially by emphasizing its good points in order to arouse a desire to purchase or invest " . But not so with the advertising in The Hatter. Instead, it is the means by which our merchant friends say thank-you, and goodby for the Summer to the undergraduates, and wish every senior Godspeed as he goes into the future. We don ' t need to be reminded that what they have to sell is good; we all know that. We don ' t have to be told that they are our friends; but it is nice to know that they are willing to co-operate in creating this permanent record of the year. It is also nice to know the source of some of the basic supplies that the University uses. But, more than anything else, these pages are here to keep us aware of the many merchant-friends that we have made while we have been in Stetson. The City of DeLand and DeLand Chamber of Commerce offer Congratulations To The Graduating Class of JOHN B. STETSON UNIVERSITY DELAND is situated in the rolling hills of central Florida, 1 10 miles south of Jacksonville, with the picturesque St. Johns River on the west and the Atlantic Ocean 22 miles to the east. Being cen- trally located, practically every point of interest in the state may be visited within one day ' s drive. During the winter months, there is scarcely a day that the sun does not shine, sending forth its ultra-violet rays to bring new life to growing things. Children grow strong and sun-tanned, and older people add years to their span of life. Gentle trade winds blowing across the peninsula make an ideal year- ' round climate — cool in summer and warm in winter. DeLand is a beautiful city, appealing to those of educational and cultural background. It is a friendly city — a city you will like. For further information about DeLand, please write the CHAMBER OF COMMERCE DeLAND FLORIDA FIRST STATE BANK OF DeLAND An Account With This Friendly Bank Entitles You to the Best in Service. Security and Personal Attention Member nj the Federal Deposit Insuranct Corporation Congratulations and Best Wishes To the Class of 1942 DUVAL JEWELRY COMPANY ALL OVER FLORIDA BRANDON ELECTRIC CO. IDS E. NEW YORK AVE. Phone 536 NORGE APPLIANCES AIR CONDI HONING HEATING ZENITH RADIOS Dl k I VMPS C. J. Brandon, Prop. De-Land ' s Modern Electric Store STETSON HATS Have Character Take am Stetson — there ' s something about it besides its quality and meticulous workmanship. A Stetson has character .... you respect it, others respect it. When you wear a STETSON, you know it ' s authentic in style ami that it will give you the service you have a right to expect. JOHN B. STETSON COMPANY Philadelphia Complimenti oj The Students ' Shopping Center ' J. C. PENNEY CO. V. M. FOUNTAIN CO. Central Florida ' s Hdest and Finest Store DeLand Fl ORID ORANGE BELT PHARMACY 200 NOR Til BOULEVARD COMPLETE DRUG AND FOUNTAIN SERVICE We Deliver — Phone 555 Compliments of FLORIDA STATE THEATRES IN Di.LAND Athens Theatre Dreka Theatre WE OFFER OUR CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS AND OUR SINCERE APPRECIATION AS OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR THIS ANNUAL. TOOLEY-MYRON STUDIOS " Foremost Photographers in the South " STITH - GRIFFITH Funeral Home DeLand Florida Our Best Wishes to the Graduati SI 1 I SON UNIVERSITY for 1942 W. A. ALLEN COMPANY " The ) ' ( ! Druggists " JAS. A. ALLEN DAY PHONE J. E. SUMMERHILL Phone 228 62 Phone 490 ALLEN-SUMMERHILL FUNERAL HOME Established 1877 FUNERAL DIRECTORS REAL AMBULANCE SERVICE 109 E. New York Avenue DeLand McCRORVS 5 10c STORE Headquarters tor Student Supplies VISIT OUR STORK DAILY The Court House Pharmacy Tht Start of Personal Service Headquarters tor Stetson Students C. M. Geiger, Proprietor Phone 5 STUDENT SUPPLIES Note Hooks Stationer) FOUNTAIN PENS Portable Typi writers Rentals Repairs ALLEN-WHITE COMPANY " You Are dlwayi II elcome Boosting for Stetson Universiti HOTEL PUTNAM DeLand ' s Fireproof Hotel West New York Ave. 155 F. N. DeHUY SON Jewelers and Silversmiths Since 1873 DeLand Florid } ou Can Always Shop at SEARS and Save SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. South Boulevard DeLAND Th ey Say You ' re Never Too Old To Learn ' Every ear when a new class enters Stetson, I ' m right with them and stick around until they graduate and then begin the cycle again. But mind you, I like being a college boy, and 1 hope to keep right on attending dear old Stetson until I ' m too old to learn, which I know will be never. Good luck, graduates, and best wishes for every happiness in the coming years. And, by the way, please don ' t forget your old school mate and PUBLIC SERVICE Servant .... Reddy Kilowatt CZ7 Florida PUBLIC SERVICE Company FRIERSON ' S FIRESTONE WESTINGHOUSE Phone 23 Refrigerators — Radios Ranges Phone 23 that ' s me ( )wner that ' s me 230 North Boulevard GERALD E. FRIERSON DeLand, Florida Trade with ORLANDO LINEN TOWEL si PPLY ( W h y ? Because it was the first to service Linens to Central Florida Because it is a Florida Corporation Because it is the only Linen Supplj servicing Central Florida that is owned and operated by I ' loridians Because with its affiliates it maintains one of the largest payrolls in the State Everj dollar received is spent in Florida Anyway it is the neighborl} thing to do and ue guarantee to please win ORLANDO LINEN TOWEL SUPPLY CO. Phone 5861 THE BLOSSOM SHOP Corsages Bouquets 206 N. Boi LEVARD Phone 424 Bushnell Bushnell Music Shop Home of the Mathushek Wurlitzer Pianos THE BARN ETT NATIONAL BANK " . Florida Landmark " Jacksonville Del. and Yvon Park Cocoa St. Augustine Ft, Lauderdale Member Federal Reservi System and 1. P. 1. C. CONDON ' S DELUXE LAUNDRY RESTAURANT AND Established August 9, 1924 DRY CLEANERS " WE SERVE THE BEST ONLY " Our Steaks are as Tender as a Mother ' s Love We Appreciate the Patronage of the Students During the Year PHONE 347 DeLand, Florida North Delaware Avenue ATHENS LAUNDRY Compliments AND of DRY CLEANERS DOMINICK ' S You Tried the Rest A " ore Try the Best RESTAURANT Phone 443-J DeLaxd, Florida THIRST ASKS DRIN NOTHING (CCtlii MORE l _ DeLAND V£ COCA-COLA OtH BOTTLING IN BOTTLES J . • C O M P I. 1 M E N T S F FUGLE ' S DAIRY I) e L AND, F 1. () R I I) A PHONE M • wnwuocBs mmm co. 115 -119 L U C K I E STREET G E O R G SUCCESSFUL ANNUALS Require the services of experienced and expert craftsmen, trained in every detail of the processes of creating • planning layout and design ' typesetting •printing lithographing and binding ... Through- out half a century this company has pioneered in the production of the highest type of printing . . . Our services include a special college annual sales and service organization ... Abundant equipment «modern and complete... Prices representing maximum in value FOOTE DAVIES PRINTING •LITHOGRAPHING -ENGRAVING ATLANTA 160

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