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THE HATTER Edited hy DcligK. Sicg Business Aianager Harr .Alinariu .Jolin B. Stetson University CopN write 11)41 FOREWORD 1 he oA 1 1 t R starr presents to you llie 194 ' annual or Jonn 1j. Stetson I Jniversity. Tor 57 ' e ars this institution has stood ror high qucilitN sehouirsliip, achievement, ana moral eonchicl. I lie 194 ' HA 1 1 Cl has heen eonstruetecl to sho ' w ihe progress made in the dexelopment of the individual and in the institution in ijceordance with the general aims and (jhjcctives or Hie Universiiy. CONTENTS Book 1 Administration Book II College of Liberal Arts Book III College of Business Administration Book IV College of Law Book V College of Music Book VI Athletics Book VII Features Book VIII Organizations DEDICATION In apprcciiifioii or all slic lias done in ncnalr or tlic Univcrsily and or each student, in gratitude ror tnc nclp and inspiration she has given to this small world during the past four years, we, the ri A i 1 tK staff of 1941. cleclieate (his hook to I lie I )eiin of W omen lola 15. Me(oll.uH.,h Situated in Central Florida, twenty-five miles from the Atlantic Ocean, Stetson University stands, stalwart in her ideals, strong in her conviction that the individual comes first. That this conviction may be carried out fully, the enrollment of the University is limited to eight hundred. The excellent faculty leaders encourage, and guide the development of each student, thus strengthening the boy and girl of today into the man and woman of tomorrow. BOOK I ADMINISTRATION BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF JOHN B. STETSON UNIVERSl FY J.iliii li. Stetson. Jr.. D. C. L.. I ' lesideiit K. L. Hon. Vice-President I Jr. Hugh West, Secretary William Sims Allen, Ph. D., ' i ' reasurer Edward L. Mickle B. B. Baggett F. N. K. Bailey C. H. Bolton. D. D. C. M. Brittain. U. D. Theodore C. Brooks Doyle K. Carlton, LL. D. Mrs. Alfred I. diiPoiil J. OUie Kdinun(l John L. I ' .dwards W. A. Ilohson. D. D. S. V. Hough Elkanah B.Hulley, D. Eng. S. Bryan Jennings L. A. Perkins, Jr. (). K. Reaves ( . Henry Stetson John B. .Stetson, III J. L. White. D. D. Philadelphia. Pa. DeLand, Fla. DeLand, Fla. DeLand. Fla. DeLand, Fla. Daytona Beach, Fla. Sehring. Fla. Dallas, Texas Jacksonville, Fla. Da tona Beach, Fla. Tampa, Fla. Jacksonville, Fla. Jacksonville, Fla. Ocala, Fla. Si. Petersburg. Fla. Tallahassee, F la. Pittsburgh, Pa. Jacksonville, Fla. DeLand, Fla. Tampa, Fla. San Fernando, Cal. Philadelphia, Pa. Miami, Fla. THE PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE rlic session lt)i|0-IC)41 lias been tKc best in Stetson s liistoiy. Tlie great spirit of Stetson is growing. Students are talking a genuine interest in tlie ideals ai the Institu- tion. Tlie student government idea is progressing. I lie lionor svstem is at work. Interest in scKolarsliip Is in- creasing steadily. More and more Stetson is being reeognized as one ol- the leading universities ot the Soutli. Slie is living up to tlie lour words tliat best describe ber work: scbolarsbip, culture. Cbristian char- acter. Tbe young men and women wbo graduate this year will join tbe thousands of alumni who are occupy- ing positions of leadership and (rust throughout llorida and the nation. Thus Stetson continues to go forward. I take this opportunitN to extend greetings and best bes to tbe student boclv and (o tbe Stetson family WIS evervwhcre Sincerely. WILLIAM SIMS ALLEN President ol the L niversltv (;. PRENTICE CARSON. A.M. LLU. Dean Emeritus BENSON W. DAMS. Ph. D. Dean f llie ( iiiveisit EOLA 15. iVkCOLLOl GH. A.M. Dean f Women OLGA BOWE . A.M. Resislrar OFFICERS OF CLIFFORD B. ROSA Bursar r « 4, CHARLOTTE A. SMITH, A.M. l i} rariari M. ROBERT BARNETT, A. B. Director of Publicity THELMA D. PRESTON, A.B. Assistant Director of Publifitx CURTIS CHARLTON HORN Secretary to the President HELEN LOUISE BATSON. B.S. Dietitian ETTER McTEER TURNER, A.M. Associate Dean of Women Director of Religious Activit) ADMINISTRATION BARBARA ROW E. A.B. Assistant to the Dean of W omen EDGELLE HENRY. A.B.. R.N. Nurse CHARLES R. M. SHEPPARD. JR. Manager of the University Press and Purchasing Agent « . LAWTON GRAHAM MASSEY SAULS WATSON CLARK LAWTON FEASEL McEMBER WADE BOOTH THE STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Every student on the Stetson campus plays a vital part in the association. Student Government has been functioning on this campus. Those students at the helm are chosen by the student liody and from the student body at large. Next year another group representing the newly created School of Business Administration will lake its |)lace along with: LIBERAL ARTS COLLEGE President Gadi Lawlon Vice-President Vance Graham Secretary -Treasurer Carolyn Massey STETSON LAW ASSOCIATION Presidc nl Richard Sauls Vice-President ' Tom Watson Secretary Harold ( lark ' Treasurer (Judi Lawlon SCHOOL OF MUSIC President Richard Feasci Vice-President Roiierl M( Kiiibcr Secretary Mildred Wade Treasurer Gordon Booth BOOK II THE COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS ■ VL ' V ' - ' ' HP J K. . l iMl ■Sr GRADUATE STUDENTS ESTHER MANDEVILLE JANET MANDEVILLE BARBARA ROWE LYDIA A. THEURER B.S.. Stetson Univ. B.S.. Stetson Univ. A.B., Hillsdale College. Mich. A.B. Stetson Univ. 1940 1940 1935 1940 SPECIAL STUDENTS EFFIE NORTHUP DeLand. Florida LETITIA REYNOLDS DeLand. Florida ERNEST SOUTHWARD SARAH STAFF DeLand, Florida MARGARET STOLE New York. New York ALLEEN TEAGUE DeLand. Florida THELMA PRESTON Orlando. Florida a ; FACULTY ART Sarah Edith Harvey, A.M. Professor of Art BIBLE AND PHILOSOPHY Harr) Crawford Garwood, Ph.D. Professor of Bible Harry Leroy Taylor. Ph.D. I not pictured I Associate Professor of Philosophy CLASSICAL LANGUAGES Benson W. Davis. Ph.D. Professor of Classical Languages FOREIGN LANGUAGES Dr. Doris Arjona. Ph.D. Professor of Spanish Dr. Iota Eastburn. Ph.D. Professor of German Dr. Frances Thornlon. Ph.D. Professor of French EDUCATION Boyce Fowler Ezell. Ph.D. Professor of Education and Psychology Sue McEachern Burns, A.M. Assl. Professor of Education and Psychology ENGINEERING Curtis Milton Lowry, M.E. Professor of Engineering ENGLISH W. Hugh McEniry, Jr., Ph. D. Head of the English Department Warren Stone Cordis. Ph.D. Professor of English Annie Nadine Holden, A.M. Asst. Professor of English Maude Emma King, A.M. Asst. Professor of English Mar Tribble Lowry, A.M. I not pictured I Instructor in English Dee Willian McEntire. A.M. Asst. Professor of English and Speech Edith Ma Merrill. A.M. Instructor in English HISTORY AND SOCIAL SCIENCE G. Prentice Carson. A.M., LL.D. Professor of History (not pictured) Richard Elijah Clark. Ph.D. Professor of Sociology George Leighton LaFuze, Ph.D. Prof, of History and Political Science George Ehlhardt. A.M. Professor of History Harry Sunderland Winters, A.M. Assoc. Professor of History and Political Science LIBRARY SCIENCE Charlotte Annette Smith. A.M. Librarian Camilla Manson, A.M.. B.S. in L.S. Reference and Circulation Martha Fo Lineberry, A.B. Cataloser NATURAL SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS Robert Ive Allen, Ph.D. Professor of Physics John Ferguson Conn, Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry Harvey E. Savely, Ph.D. Professor of Biology ( not pictured ) Donald Faulkner, Ph. D. Professor of Mathematics PHYSICAL EDUCATION FOR MEN Warren Cassius Cowell. B.S. Professor of Health and Physicial Education Walter Nicholson demons. B.S. Instructor in Health and Physical Education (not pictured) Carl Herbert Johnson. A.M. Instructor in Health and Plnsical Education PHYSICAL EDUCATION FOR WOMEN Nelle Campbell Morris, A.M. Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education Sara l ' :isie Staff, A.M. Instructor in Health and I ' Insical E(hicali(iii SPEECH irving C. Stover, M.O., Lilt. D. Professor of S])eech Willie Dee Willian McEntire Assistant Professor of Speech STAFF Ida R. Cunningham Secretary to the Bursar Inez Martin Secretary to the Registrar Eunice Webber .Secretary to Dian of I iiiversilv Class of 1941 ' ». pv AMORY. RUBY Newport News, Virginia Transfer Chowan Junior College. Murfreesboro, N. C. 3; Vice-Pres. Holmes Hall 4: Freshman Rules Conunittee 4; I. R. C. 3. 4; Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4; Dean ' s List 3, 4; Honor Roll 3, 4; Scroll and Key 4; Varsity Debate Team 4. BAER. VICTOR DeLand. Florida Deha Sigma Phi. Sergeant at Arms 4; Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4. Pres. 4; I. R. C. 3. 4. President 4; Der Studenten Verein 2, 3, 4. Vice-Pres. 3; Stetson Religious Council 4. Vice-Pres. 4; Presbyterian .Student Union 4. President 4; Band and Orchestra 3; Freshman Advisor 4: History Club 4: Honor Roll 3: Little Theatre 4. BARNHART. PETER DeLand, Florida Sigma Pi Sigma 2, 3. 4, Secretary 3, President 4; Newton Club 3. 4, President 4; Honor Roll 2, 3, 4; Scroll and Key 4; Signal Corps 2. 3, 4. KKASLEY, MARY G. (Cleveland. Ohio Press Club 3. 4; Hatter Staff 3, 4; Reporter Staff 3, 4; Stetsonian Board 4; Freshman Advisor 3; International Relations Club 3, 4; History Club 4; W. A. A. 1; Art Club 4: Dexioma 4; French Club 2; La Franciade 3, 4; Presbyterian Student I niori 1. 2. Pres. 1, Vice-Pres. 4; Stetson Religious Council, Secl ' y 4. nii.i.s. HORACE R. Sarasota, Florida Homecoming Ma or 4: Pres. College of Lib. Arts 3: Who " s Who 3, 4; Mystic Krewe 3. 4. (iaptain 4; Little Theatre 1. 3, 4; Thela Alpha I ' lii 4; Sunday School Supt. 1: B. T. I . Director 2: B. S. U. I. 2, 3, 4. Pres. 3: Student Advi.sor 4; Stale President 4; Ministerial Association 1, 2. 3. 4; Drum Major I niv. Band 1, 2, 3; Kappa Kappa Psi 2, 3. Pres. 2; Member Executive (Committee of Stud. Gov ' t Ass ' n.; Kulf ' s and Procedure Committee; Board of Gov ' t Non-Frat Party 3; Vice-Pres. Fla. Sind. Gov ' t Ass ' n.: Freshman Advisor 3. 4: I. R. C. 3, 4; Co-founder of All-Campus Party 4. BRADFORD. MARY ELIZABETH St. Petersburg, Florida Transfer St. Petersburg Junior College 3; Glee Club 3; Stetson Players 3, 4; Art Club 4; Appointment Manager of " HATTER " 4. BRANT, RALPH E. Cumberland, Maryland Varsity Football 3, 4; Varsity Basketball 3, Junior College, W. Va. 4; Intramurals 3, 4; Transfer BUCHANAN, FRANK M ALONE Miami Beach, Florida Transfer Georgia School of Technology, Sigma Nu, past officer; Pres. Soph Class 2, Vice-Pres. Senior Class 4; Pres. of Lib. Arts School 4; Interfraternity Council. Mystic Krevve. " S " Club. Varsity Football. Letterman 3, 4: Freshman Advisor 4; Freshman Rules Committee 3, 4; Who ' s Who 4. GATES, EVELYN Sanford. Florida Pi Beta Phi; Chairman of activities 2; Historian 3; May Day 1; French Club 1; La Francaide 2. 3. 4: Art Club 3; Vice-Pres. Holmes ' Hall 3; Little Theatre ( dancing I 1. 2. 3. CLARK. HALLMAN Tampa. Florida Y. W. A. 1; W. A. A. 1; Dexioma 3, 4; Newton Club 3, 4; Secretary Stetson Astronomical Society 4; Treasurer 4. CONTE. MARY Tampa. Florida W. A. A. 2; Reporter Staff 3; Life Service Band 2. 3. 4: Vice-President 3 Hatters Art Club 3. 4. Reporter 4: Hatter Staff 4; Sigma Delta Pi 3. 4. Reporter 4 Gamma Mu 4; Scroll and Key 4; Theta Gamma Epsilon 4; Honor Roll 2. 3. 4 Baptist Student Union 2, 3. 4, Publicity 4; Baptist Student Union Council 4. COTTER. MIMI Ft. Lauderdale. Florida Transfer Arlington Hall. Washington. D. C. 2; Delta Delta Delta: W. A. A. 2: French Club 2. 3. 4; Hatter Staff 3: Art Club 3, 4; Newman Club 3. 4. Treasurer 3. Secretar 4: International Relations Club 3. 4. CULPEPPER, JAMES D. Jacksonville. Florida Freshman Law Class, President 3. 4; Sigma Nu. Assistant Treasurer and Scribe 3. 4: House Manager of Fraternity 3. 4. (.MGHAN, ROBERT Indianapolis, Indiana FORMBY, AGiNES Eustis. Florida Y. W. A. 2. 3. 4: Dpv..tional Chairman 3. Vice-Pn-sid.nt 1; W. A. A. 2, 3; Pi Kappa Sigma 2. 3. 4; Halter Art Club 2; International R -laliotis Club 3, 4. Corrcs|)onding Sect ' y 4: Scroll and Key 3. 4. President 4; Woman ' s Sludcnl Council 4; The Honor 4: Who ' s Who 1: Dexioma 3. 4; Chairman Ritual Coinmiltee 4: Week End Activities Conimitti-c I: Freshman Advisor 3, 4: Honor Roll 2. 3. ► ,-,i« ' a ' GRIFFIN, HUBER DeLand. Florida Transfer College of William and Mary 3; Men ' s Glee Club 2: Chapel Choir 2; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Recorder 2; Stetson Glee Club 1: Honor Roll 1, 3. 4; Dean ' s List 4; Little Theatre L 2. 4: Theta Alpha Phi 4; Freshman Adivsor 4; Stray Greek Club 4, Sect ' y 4; Inter-Fraternity Council 4; International Relations Club 4. ,l HALL, HORTENCIA R. DeLand, Florida Delta Delta Delta; W. A. A. 1; Y. W. A. 1; Sigma Seha Pi 2. 3. 4. President 3, 4; La Franciade 2, 3, 4; Scroll and Key 3, 4; Sect ' y 4; International Relations Club 3, 4, Vice-President 4: Newman Club 3. 4; Honor 4; Honor Roll 3: Home- coming Sponsor 1, 2. HERRING, ALVIS New Smyrna Beach, Florida Football 3, 4: Glee Club 3. 4: Ministerial Association 3. 4; Union 4: Sunday School Superintendent 4. Baptist Student HOLDER. BRUNELLE DeLand. Florida Pete ' l ' ' ' ' ™ ' ' " " ' ' ' ■ ' " ' ' " ' ' - ■ ' - ■ ' " ' " ■ ' ' ' l ' ' ' " f " ' ' ! 3- -i- Historian 4: Mav Da HOWES. HELEN Jamestown. N. Y. Transfer Alfred Iniversity 3: International Relations Club 3. 4, Sect ' y 4- History Club 3. 4. President 4: Stetsonian 4: Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4; Scroll and Key 4.- Honor Roll 3: Deans List 3. HOYT. DONNA DeLand. Florida Debate Club 1, 2; Little Theatre 1. 2. 3; W. A. A. 1: History Club 3. 4; International Relations Club 3, 4. HUNT. JOHN WILSON Lakeland. Florida Ministerial Association. B. S. U. Council 3. B. S. U. Sect ' y 3; History Club; Classical Club. 4. Treasurer 3. Sect ' y 4; State HUTTON. PHYLLIS Winter Haven. Florida Zeta Tau Alpha. Guard 3. Sect ' y 4: Glee Club 3. 4: Orchestra 1: Y. W. W. A. A. 1, 2; Art Club 1; Freshman Advisor 4. A. 1: JKNNINGS. LELA MAY Doctor ' s Inlet. Florida Alpha Xi Delta. Sect ' y 4; Theta Alpha Phi 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Glee Club 1. 2. 3; Freshman Advisor 2, 3, 4: Honor Roll; Football Sponsor; Art Club; The Honor; Inter-Fraternity Council 3. 4; Secretary of Junior Class; Social Committee 3; Who ' s Who 4. JOHNSON, HARRYETTE Brunswick, Georfjia JORDAN. RAY DeLand. Florida Pi Beta Phi. Vice-President 2. President 2; Tlieta Alpha Phi 3. 4: The HonDi 3, 4; Scroll and Key 3, 4, Vice-President 4; French Club 2, 3. 4. President 4; Freshman Advisor 3, 4; Secretary of Senior Class; Dean ' s List 3. KIEHLE. FRED E. JR. West Palm Beach. Florida Transfer Palm Beach Junior College 3; Sigma Nu, Recorder and Reporter 4 German Club 4; Theta Alpha Phi 4; Pi Alpha Delta 4; Stetson Players 3. 4 Freshman Advisor 4; Freshman Law Class, Sect ' y 4; Inter-Fraternity Council 4 Extra Curricular Activities Committee 4: Sadie Hawkins Committee 4: Intramurals 3. 4. KING. CHEVALIER DeLand. Florida LOOMIS, JOSEPHINE Jersey City. N. J. French Club 1. 2. 3. 4. International Relations Club 2. Corresponding Sectv 2: Newman Club 3. 4: Hatter Staff 4: Riflerv Club 4. LYNN, NELL Orlando, Florida Alpha Xi Delta, Social Chairman 3; W. A. A. 1, 2; French Club 2; Art Club 3. 4: Little Theatre 2. 3. 4; Student Red Cross Roll Call, Chairman 4: Episcopal Stiidcnl Fellowship 2. 3, 4. rv» ' ■ McDonald, marzee Plant City, Florida Transfer Brenau College. Gainesville. Georgia, 2; Tau Sigma I; International Relations Club 1; Workshop Plays 1: Delta Delta Delta, Marshall 3; Rush Chairman 3. President 4: The Honor 4: Theta Alpha Phi 3, 4. Sect ' y 4; Pan-Hellenic 4. Sect ' v 4; Freshman Advisor 4; International Relations Club. McDONELL. WALTER Minneapolis, Minnesota Pi Kappa Phi; Senior Clas 1; Varsity Football 2. 3. 4. President: " S " Club. Sect ' y; Freshman Football McGINNES, ELIZABETH Lakeland, Florida Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Radio Chorus 3, 4; Traveling Squad 2. 3. 4; Newton Club 3. 4, Treasurer 3, 4; Zela Tau Alpha 1, 2, 3, 4, Guard 4; W. A. A. 1. 2. Song Leader 2; Y. W. A. 1. 2. Song Leader 2; Phi Beta 4. MASSEY, CAROLYN Jefferson, Georgia t t c Who ' s Who 4; B. S. U. Council 3, 4; Glee Club 3. 4; President Life Service Hand. The Honor 4; Secretary Student Body 4. MAY. EDWAIil) Trenton. Florida Transfer Universil of Florida 2; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Varsity Football 3. 4; " S " Club 3. 4; Organizer of Stray Greek Club 4. President 4. MERCER. ERIN DeLand. Florida Delta Delta Delta. Rush Captain 3. Vice-President 3, 4; W. A. A. 1; Y. W. A. 1 : French Club 3. 4: Hatter Art Club 3. 4: International Relations Club 3, 4; Publicity Manager 4. MORRIS. REBECCA JEAN Daytona Beach, Florida Transfer State College for Women 2; Delta Delta Delta. Chaplain 3: Scholar- ship Chairman 4: The Honor 3. 4. Vice-President 4; Scroll and Key 3, 4; Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4, Vice-President 4; B. S. U. Council 3, 4, Vesper Chairman 3, Vice-President 4; Associate Director of Baptist Training Union 2; Glee Club 2; Y. W. A. 2, 3, 4; Hatter Staff 3: Sub-Chairman of Youth Conference; Who ' s Who 4; International Relations Club: Honor Roll 2. 3. 4: Freshman Advisor 3. 4. NOWLIN. RUTH Lakeland. Florida Transfer Florida Southern 2 2. 3; Badminton Manager 2: Blazer B. S. L. Council 1; W. A. A. 2. 3; Intramurals Club 4. Treasurer 4: Glee Club 4. PENNINGTON. JULIA ANN Indianapolis. Indiana Delta Delta Delta. Officer 2. 3, Secretary 4; President Pledge Class 4; Who ' s Who 4; The Honor 3, 4. Sect ' y 4: Women ' s Student Government 3. 4. Sect ' y 3. President 4; Beta Key 3. 4; Art Club 3. 4, Sect ' y-Treas. 4; Homecoming Hostess 4: Homecoming Sponsor 3: Hatter Staff 4: Ten Most Beautiful Women 4; Freshman Advisor 3, 4; Freshman Council, Inter-Fraternity Council 3, 4; Theta Gamma Epsilon: Junior-Senior Banquet Committee. POWELL. GWENDOLYN DeLand. Florida Pi Beta Phi. President 4. Vice-President 3: The Hor Club 3. 4: Freshman Advisor 4: President of Pan Helleni Theta Alpha Phi 4. u 4: W. A. A. I: Historv 4: Littile Theatre 2. 3. 4: REESE. JOY DeLand, Florida Editor of Stetsonian 4; Associate Editor " Reporter " ' 4: Fashion Editor " Reporter " 3; Press Club 3, 4; Secretary 4: Alpha Dexioma 4, Vice-President 4; W. A. A. 1; Art Club 2; Reporter Model in Artists and Models Show 2; Mav Dav Fete 2. ROBINSON, SUE Homestead, Florida Transfer Florida College for Women, Tallahassee 3; Pi Beta Phi; Blazer Club 3, 4; W. A. A. 3, 4. President 4. Song Leader 3, 4; Vice-President Stevens Hall 4; President Physical Education Majors 4: Ping Pong Club 4: Varsity Hockey Team 3. 4; Cheer Leader 3. 4. ROSS. CHARLES T.. JR. Berkley. West Virginia Transfer from V. P. I.; Sigma Nu, Reporter and Recorder 3; Pi Gannna Mu; Dean ' s List 4; Treasurer Freshman Law Class 4; Most Intellectual Boy 4. SAMPLE, ROBERT Uaytona Beach. Floiidii SCARBOROl GH. VIR(;iMA DELI. Lakeland, Florida Zeta Tau Alpha, Historian 4; i hi Beta 3, 4, Treasurer 4; Pi Gamma Mu 4; Scroll and Key 4; International Relations Club 3, 4; History Club 3, 4; Glee Club 3. 4: Radio Chorus 4: Dean ' s List 3: Honor H..11 3. SHAW. VERA JANE Indianapolis. Indiana Transfer Stephens Junior College 3; Phi Phi Phi 1. % President 2; French Club 1. 2: Delta Delta Delta. Corres. Sect ' y 4; W. A. A. 3, 4; Y. W. A. 3, 4; La Franciade 3. 4: Honor Roll 1. 2. 3. [ SIMMONS. ALVIN Oakhill, Florida SMITH. ELLIOT LANIER Daytona Beach. Florida Pi Kappa Phi. Warden 4: Freshman Football 1; Varsity Football 2, 3. 4, Manager 4; A. A. U. All State Guard. Basketball 4; A. A. U. Sportsmanship Award 4; Assistant in Physical Education 2. 3. STAFFORD. RALPH S. Orange City. Florida Pi Kappa Phi; Band 1: La Franciade 3. 4, 3. Vice-President 4. Secretary 5; Theta Gamma Epsilon 4, 5. President 5; Swimming Team 3. 4. 5; Intranuirals 1, 2, 3, 4. 5; Assistant Instructor in French 5. 4. STOLE. CHARMION Woodmere. Long Island. New Vork W. A. A. 1. 2. 3: Y. W. A. . 2; Intramurals 1. 2. 3: Swinnning Manager 3: Red Cross Instructor 2. 3. 4: Blazer Club 2. 3: Publicity Manager 4: Newton Club 3. 4. TITCHNER. HELEN Cortland. New York Graduate of Cortland N. Y. State Normal School 1940, Transfer to Stetson 1940; Stray Greek Club 4, Treasurer; Presbyterian Student Assoc, Secretary 4. TOMPKINS, LEONARD D. DeLand. Florida Marshall of Newton Club; Electron of Black Arts; Treasurer Beta Key, Der Deutriche Verein; Manager of Bookstore. TRIESTE. VIRGINIA Miami. Florida Transfer student; Feature Writer; Swimming Team; Social Settlement Work; Soloist of Freshman Orchestra: Reporter Staff 3; Society Editor 4; Glee Club 3, 4: Press Club 3, 4; Little Theatre 4. OSS. RAY LcSueur. Minncsdia Transfer Hamiinc L iii ( ' rsil) . St. Paul 3; Pi Kappa Phi; Varsity Track 2; State Track Champion 2; Student Affiliate of American Chemical Society; Gamma .Sigma Epsilon; Honor Roll 4: Intramurals 2, 3, 4; Associate Member, Beta Key 4. V (;M:K, P.l KHI.L . Erie, Pennsylvania Freshman and Varsity Fo(itball. intramurals. WATSON, CATHERINE M. Punta Gorda. Florida WERWAGE, CHARLOTTE Eustis, Florida Delta Delta Delta; W. A. A. 1; Treasurer Sophomore Class; Vice-President Junior Class: Treasurer Senior Class; Secretary A. B. School; Pan Hellenic Council; Art Cluh. WHITEHURST. GEORGE Fort Myers. Florida WHITNEY. JOHN Altoona. Florida Ministerial Association 1. 2. 3. Treasurer 4: Freshmai Theatre 1. 2. 3. 4: Theta Aloha Phi 4. Advisor 2. 3. 4; Little WILLIAMSON. LILLIAN Lake City, Florida Zeta Tau Alpha, Rush Captain 3. President 4: i ' an-Helleiiic (Council 3, 4, Vice- President 4; .Newton Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3; Gamma Sigma Epsilon 3, 4, Secretary 4; Inter-Fraternity Council 3, 4, Secretary 4; Freshman Adyisor 3, 4; The Honor 2. 3. 4. Secretary 2. 3: Treasurer Junior Class. ■« OODWARD, OZELLO Mount Olive, North Caroline Beta Dexionia 4; President 4: Art Elditor of Hatter 1: German Club 4. Secretary 4: Art Club 4; Social Chairman 4. GREENE. J. L. Avon Park, Florida Ministerial Association 1. 2. 3. 4: President of B. S. U. Council: 1. R. C. Volunteer Band: Life Service Band. seniors not pictured McDowell, noah l. DeLand. Florida Ministerial Association 1, 2. 3, 4; Little Theatre 2. 3: B. S. U. Council. Class of 1942 ARNOLD. T. PATRICK Winter Garden. Florida AULT, MARJORIh: E. Hialeah. Florida BACON. LOIS H. Clearwater. Florida BAILEY. IDA FEE Jacksonville. Florida BLRGMAN. DOROTHY LOU Daytona Beach. Florida BURRELL. ANNE R. Jacksonville. Florida DAVIS. ELIZABETH N. Rockledge. Florida DAVIS. MARY LOl Chicago. Illinois DiMOTSIS, KATHERINE N. Osteen, Florida DICK. LAWRENCE W. Daytona Beach, Florida DYAL, IVA Homestead, Florida FISHER, M. ELIZABETH DeLand. Florida (;OLDEN, JAMES R. Leesburg. Florida GOLSNER, CAROLYiN E. Crestwood. New Jersey GORDEN, MARY Orlando, Florida JOHNSON. LOIS Jacksonville. Florida KING. BERTA MAE Miami. Florida LAKE. WILLIAM R. Louahman. Florida LAN DRESS, SYLVA Miami. Florida McCORD, BLANCHE Avon Park, Florida McCLURE. LOUISE A. Vero Beach. Florida McEMBER, ROBERT Walhalla, Michisan MILLER. I. MAURICE DeLand, Florida MINARIK, HARRY J. Sanford. Florida MOORE, ROBERT A. T. Temuco, Chile, South America NICHOLS. LUELLA Fort Lauderdale, Florida OD(J lEL, B. pe(;(;y Lakeland. Florida FADULA, JOSEPH R. New York. New York PAYNE, GLENN Longwood, Florida PHILLIPS, ELAINE M. Richmond Hill. .w York POWELL, VONCILE DeLand. Florida REARDON, D. KATHERINE Otala, Florida REHBALIM. MARY LOUISE Mount Dora, Florida ROSSETTER, NANCY J. Sanford Florida SIEG, K. DELIGHT DeLand, Florida STRICKLAND, WILLIAM C. Bowling Green, Florida THACKER, RUSSELL S. K. Kissinimep. Florida WETHERBY. FRANCES E. Da)t(iiia Beach. Florida WILLIAMS. DORIS E. Fori Pierce. Florida JUNIORS NOT PICTURED ARNOLD. JACK M. Oak Park, Illinois BROOKS, DORA SUE DeFiiniak Springs. Florida DUNN. DOROTHY E. Davtona Beach. Florida HOUGH, JOE W. Lake Helen. Florida LINZEL. MARGARET D. Washington, D. C. NEW. EDWARD F.. JR. Indianapolis. Indiana SMILEY. WALLACE B. Crescent City, Florida SPAIIN. WILSON G. Ilainillon. Ohio YEARGIN, BEN A. DeLand, Florida Class of 1943 BOYD. MARGARET ANN Lake Worth, Florida BRANCH. GARLAND M., JR. Plant City, Florida BRANDIKS, CLAIRK Callahai.. Flmida BRANON, Ki.iZAIiiri ' ll ANNl D.-I.and. Florida BFRDINK. .lAMFS T.. JR. Si. Frlrrshnrf;, Florida Bl RGER, MARIAN E. Davton, Ohio ADAMS, EDFI ' H M. DeLand, Florida ALLEN, ROBERT C. DeLand, Florida ANDERSON. S. HELEN Sanford, Florida AUSTIN, WANDA Miami, Florida AVENT. GEORGE Jacksonville, Florida BAILEY, PATRICIA M. DeLand, Florida BEASLEY, MARTHA Orlando, Florida BELL, ELOUISE Pensacola. Florida BENNETT. PAULINE Daylona Beach, Florida BLACK. DON H. Jacksonville. Florida BOTTS, D. JEAN DeLand. Florida BOUTWELL. TED ROBERT Jacksonville. Florida CARLTON, MARY K. Sparr, Florida CLARKE, RACHEL M. Millcin. New York CLARSON, EVELYN J. Jacksonville, Florida COLE, ROSA MAUDE I ' liilad. ' lphis, Miss, CRAWFORD, RENA DeLand, Florida CR1S.SEY, WILLIAM M, DeLand, Florida CRO.SS, JOHN D. DeLand, Florida DAY, DOROTHY Tampa, Floriila Del.OACH, CARTHA DEKLE (ilayton, Georgia DUDLEY, FRANK M. L. ' eshuri;, Florida DYSON, SARAH OLEDA Sanford, Florida EATON, RUTH Jacksonville, Florida ELLZEY, ELIZABETH L, Daytona Beach, Florida E.STABROOK, DOROTHY . Chicago, Illinois ESTES, ARTHUR J. Jacksonville, Florida FARR. WILMA DELL Pensacola. Florida FISHER. PAI L 11 DeLand. Florida FOLTZ, FRANK E. Detroit, .Michigan IllTTINGER, LESTER D. (linrinnati, Ohio UOLMAN, DORKIS HAl.K St. Augsline, Florida IIOOKEK, KLSIK ANNKirK Elushiii!;. Nev York HUNTER, WIM.IAM IIAI.I, Live Oak. Florida JAMES, I1KI M New Smyrna. Floriila JENNIN(;s, DOROTHY U. Doctors Inlet. Florida FRENCH. IRMA J. Jacksonville, Florida FRIEDSON, EDWARD M. .Miami Beach, Florida GARDNER, NORMA P. Tavares, Florida GARRETT. MARY LOU 0. Orlando, Florida GIBBONS, DOROTHY II. Montclair, New Jersey GROSS, RITA A. DeLand, Florida HARE, GERTRUDE E. Jacksonville, Florida HATFIELD, ABBIE J. West Palm Beach. Florida HERN DON, ROBERT S. Sanford. Florida HILL, MARY HELEN Miami Beach. Florida HILL, RITA M. Tiickahoe. Ne» York HISEY, GRACE MARIE Miami, Florida KAGEY, SHIRLEY E Miami, Florida KAYE, WILBER I DeLand. Florida K OTT. DOROTHY L ncl.aiid. Florida KNOX, EDITH S. DeLand, Florida LATTO, R. ELIZABETH .St. Petershiirs, Florida LEE, MARY E. Miami, Florida LEHMAN, DAVID M Palm Beach, Florida LEWIS, JOHN M Miami, Florida LIVELY, BETTY ANNE DeLand. Fl LONGINO, JESSIE BETH Bradenlon, Florida MACHEN. EKNKsr W .. JR. 1). 1(111.1. Florida 1 All F1••1•: . I ' lLKRK. J|{ Del.and. FL.rida MERRILL. MARION D. DeLand. FLuida SKYMOIJR, YVONNE E. Kansas Cily, Missouri SLATON, GE0R(;E C. West Palm Bcarh, Klcrida MILLER, STANTON M. Rochester, New York MOBLEY, MARY Jacksonville, Florida MOCK, MARY R. Phillipsburg, New Jerse MORRISON, LULA MAE Miami, Florida MYERS, DOROTHY Port Tampa, Florida NAFF, WILLIAM H. DeLand, Florida SMITH, BETTY LOUISE Sliiart, Flciiiila SMITH i:. FRANCIS GlcmviMwl, Florida SPANIER, ALLEN B Miami, Florida SPALILDING. RAYMOND C, JR DeLand, Florida SPERRING, DAVID H Live Oak, Florida SPINKS, ANNE M Leesbiirg, Florida STEFFENS. HARRIET M DeLand. Florida STONE, SAMUEL E.. JR DeLand, Florida SWEAT, HILDA M Tampa, Florida TOWNLEY, WALTER. .IR Pensacola, I ' lorii WALLACE, GERALDINE D. Coronado Beach, Florida WARD, KATHRYN L. est Palm Bead.. Florida WARREN. DORIS OInev. Illin..i- WAT. ON. FRANK Miami. Florida WHEELER. FRANK B. Oviedo, Florida WHITMAN. EVERETT P. Sarasota. Florida WILLIAMS. GERALD Paintsville, Kentucky MLLIS, MARJORIE DeLand, Florida WINBURN, ALICE Enterprise, Florida SOPHOMORES NOT PICTl ' RKD BEAN, WILLIAM DeLand, Florida BROWN, MARY ANN Naranja, Florida CAUSIER, JOHN F. West Palm Beach, Florida CHAMBERLAIN, VIRGINIA Crescent City, Florida CHAMPEAU, LOUIS F. West Hartford, Connecliciil ECHOLS, ELMER R. .Sanford, Florida FORD, ELIZABETH Lakeland, Florida FULLER, HEl.ENE E. DeLand, Florida CAUSE, MARY E. Tarpon Springs, Florida HEATHERLY, KENNETH S. Saluda, North f:arolina KALEEL, EDWARD F. Terrington, Clonnectiout KEISLING, FREDERICK C. Jacksonville, Florida LAMB, EIJ(;EI K Apalachicola. Florida LEWIS. RALPH HOWARD Pocono, Pennsylvania MERRITT. ELSIE Fori Pierce, Fli rida MEYHOEFER. DANIEL New York, New York MIDDLETON. DOROTHEA MAE Ponliac, Illinois NEW, LEROY K. Indianapolis, Indiana NIX, SIDNEY Sanford, Florida ODUM, RUTH Lakeland, Florida PAGE, MELVIN Muskegon, Michigan PERKEY, JOHN EVEN DeLand, Florida PURTZ, CARL F. .Sarasota, Florida RATLIFF, MILDRED Sanford, Florida RICE, ROBBINS Miami, Florida WARE, ELMER W. St. Andrews Bay. Florida WHITE. BARBARA Mt. Vern ui, Ohi.. WILSON. FRANCES C. Lakeland. Florida WILSON, FREDERICK DeLand, Florida Class of 1944 O D A x 4 ANDERSON, ,10 EVELYN Aiibiirndale, Florida ARNOLD, MARTHA Winter Garden, Florida BARNES, BETTY JO Jacksonville, Florida BENNETT, CONSTANCE H. Babson Park, Florida BENTLEY, G. GILBERT Winter Haven, Florida BIDA, FRANK South New Berlin, New York BREMEN, ARTHUR Sanford, Florida BRANCH, ELIZABETH Plant City, Florida BRANCH, WILLETTA Fort Lauderdale, Florida BROADHEAD, DORIS E. New Veron, New Jersey BROWN, MARY REGINA Baltimore, Md. BROWNLEE, HARRY G. Sanford, Florida BUMGARNER, CLAIRE E. DeLand, Florida BURCMAN, BARBARA JEAN Daytona Beach, Florida CLARK. JEFFERSON W. DeLand, Florida CLARK. JULIAN G. DeLand. Florida CLEMENTS, JANE P. Avon Park, Florida COOGLER, M. JANE Brooksville, Florida COOPER, EDGAR R. Fort Pierce, Florida COVERSTON, DELPHENE E. Bushnell, Florida CRAWFORD, ZOE C. Atlanta, Georgia DALE, GLEN DA L. Washington, D. C DaRIF, LAWRENCE Middlelon, Ohio DICKL SON, FRKI) ().. JR. West Palm Beach. Florida DOUGLAS, JEAN E. DeLand, Florida I)0U(;LAS, ROBERT A. DeLand, Florida EDWARD.S, RAYMOND A. I ' ensacola. Florida FORD, EMMA G. DeLand. Florida FORE, ROSS L. Losse, Texas FREDERICKS, ELIZABETH F. Port Orange, Florida GARDNER. DAVID M.. JR. St. PetiTshiirg, Florida GARRARD, JEANNE SUE Miami Beach, Florida HAFFIELD, JERRE J. Vero Beach, Florida IIAGAN, VIVIAN ELOIS Sanford, Florida HARKNESS. WILBER E. Tampa, Florida IIARTMAN, DORIS M. Daylona Beach, Florida IIAYNES, W. WILSON Winter Haven, Florida HENRY, ROBERT D. DeLand, Florida IIENSLEY, LOIS E. Tampa, Florida IIOWEY, MARY GRACE Howey, Florida JAGGERS, FLOYD R. Leesburg, Florida JAMESON, MARY KATHRYN Belle Glade, Florida KELLEY, MARION M. New York, New York KERZMAN. WARNER R. DeLand, Florida KESMODEL, KARL FREDERH:K. Birmingham, Alabama KIPP, ESTHER J. DeLand, Florida KIRK PATRICK, BETTY JEAN Jacksonville, Florida KIRK PATRICK. MARY ANN Jatksonviilc, Florida KNIGHT, WILLARD TAD Alachua, Florida LANCASTER, DOROTHY Daytona Beach, Florida CROWELL, LEE Daytona Beach. Florida LYNN, DAVID R. .Sarasota, Florida McGOWAN. HENRY F.. JR. Ovicda, Florida McI.EAN, DOROTin E. Dolling Park, Florida McWllORTER. DOROTHY J. Decalur, Georgia MADDEN, FRANCES B. Eagle Lake, Florida MARTIN, DOROTHY .M. Huntington, West Virginia .MATHER. .MARGARET ANN Fort Pierce. Florida MAXWELL. RUTH LOIS DeLand. Florida MIMS, THEODORE ROY Tampa, Florida MORROW. VIRGIM l. Miami Beach, Florida Ml IRHEAD. BRUCE Sanford. Florida MYERS, ALTON R. Eiislls, Florida NAPOLI, CHRIS Tampa, Florida NASSAU, IRENE A. Miami Beach, Florida OWENS, JAMES B. Tarpon Springs, Florida PALMER, MARY E. Orlando. Florida PALMER. RALPH W. Lake Como, Florida PARDEE, MARY RUTH Avon Park, Florida PARKER. GORDON M. Daytona Beach, Florida PELTER, JOSEPH M. Ludington, Michigan PFARR, CAROLYN E. Chillicothe, Ohio POPE, ROSAMOND A. Lacoochee. Florida POWERS. BETTY W. Tow son. Maryland PURTZ, WALTER L. Sarasota, Florida RAY, WILLIAM E. Sonth Charleston, West irginia REESE, JANE Jacksonville. Florida REID, MARION U. Lake Worth, Florida ROSEBOROUGH, MARGARET P. DeLand. Florida ROTH, B. AUSTIN Hastings. Florida ROWLETT. SARAH E. Bniupus Mills, Tennessee SAUNDERS. JOAN V. Miami Beach, Florida SEDWICK, EMMA L. Lacoochee, Florida SHAFFER, RAYMOND IL. IK. Pillsburgh. Pa. SHEAFFER. MARY E. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania S.MITH, F. MERRILL Daytona Beach, Florida SPOLTORE, ARTHUR P. (!uml)crland, Maryland STAMPER, MAX H. Middletown, Ohio STONE, BARBARA Bloomfield, New Jersey .STOWE, EVELYN A. .Sanford, Florida .STRAUB, PAUL F. Morgantown, West irginia .STUBBS, H. PATRICIA DeLand, Florida THAL, MER YN II. Miami Beach, Florida TWITTY, FRANCES M. West Palm Beach. Florida TYLER, EARL Keyser, West Virginia VICKERS, NANCY E. Tampa. Florida WACHSTETTER, PHYLLIS WW Hollywood, Florida WALKER. L RY FRANCES Miami. Florida WEST. MARY A. Mansfield, Pennsyvania WHEATLY, ROBERT P. Jacksonville, Florida WHITE, RUTH Dade Cily. Florida WIDDERSHEIM, DOROTHY I. Miami, Florida WOLCOTT. ANNETTE E. Daytona Beach, Florida FRESHMEN NOT PICTURED ALDEN, RAYMOND W., JR. Daytona Beach, Florida ANDERS, FLONNIE MAYE Jacksonville, Florida BECHWITH, ARTHUR 11.. JR. .Sanford, Florida BOWEN, DAN W. Miami, Florida BREWER, DICK THOMAS DeLand, Florida BUSH, ELIZABETH Tampa, Florida CINI, CLAUDIA San Francisco, California CLADIN, LEWIS A. Sarasota, Florida DAY, BARRETT E. Barneveld, Neu York CILLESPIE, DANIEL C. Daytona Beach. Florida GOTAAS, CLIFFORD W. Chicago, Illinois JENNINGS, BRYAN. JR. Doctor ' s Inlet, Florida JONES, JOHNNY J. DeLand, Florida LUNDQULST, EDITH M. Sanford. Florida LYTLE, SIBYL II. Weirsdalc. Florida MABRY. BARBARA Tampa. Florida MAY. FORREST Sanford. Florida MILLER. COUNCIL J., JR. Brielle, New Jersey ONEAL, DORIS 0. Tampa, Florida OUTLER, JASON CAKRV JR. Atlantic Beach, Florida PERLMAN, DAVID L. Utica, New York PREBOTH, ALLENE G. Witchila, Kansas PRATHER, WALTER W. Jacksonville, Florida ROSEBOROUGH, R. WILLIAM DeLand, Florida SANDERSON, VERNON. JR. DeLeon Springs, Florida SHADBURN, McADOO DeLand, Florida SMITH, MILTON H. Clearwater, Florida SMITH, JOHN R. DeLand. Florida SUMMERLIN, ROY Winter Haven, Florida TILLIS, JAMES B. DeLand. Florida TURNAGE, HERMAN L. Slarkc, Florida WALKER, JAMES BROOKS Eiistis, Florida WIGHT, ALICE C. Sanford, Florida WILLIAMSON. ROBERT II. I.akewood. Ohio CtuicQ abki BOOK III COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION FOREWORD The cstablishnienl of llie School of Business at Stetson l ' iiivir il in tin sprinj- of 1940 as a separate division of the University represents the fulfillment of oth- of the loiif standing aims of the present administration. The difference in objective as compared with ihuM- of oiher depart- ments of the Collepe of l.iheral Arts and the increasing size of IJii- i-nrollininl of ihr old Department of Business A(hninistralion makes this change a desiralile orn-. The present School with its two four-year programs emphasizing the need of a iidhiral l a( k ground and the theorectical as well as the practical side of business, and economic training, is a far cry from the Business Qdlege at the University in 18 ' J7. In the early days the Business College was a department and offered, according to the catalogue of 1897, " thoroughly practical courses in Bookkeeping, Shorthand. Banking, Auditing, and Penmanship. " It operated as does the commercial school of today, a student being permitted to enter at any time and to complete the course as quickly as he was able. The instruction was entirely individual and the facilities were divided into ten offices representing separate business offices in which the student was taught and practiced accounting. The University awarded a diploma but did not grant academic credit until 1907 when three hours credit was allowed for Bookkeeping and for ihc Shorthand course. In 1919 an enrichid course of study was offered leading to the degree of Hacliclm of Philosophy in Business Administration. In 1923 one such degree was conferred. The next major development came in 193.5 when the courses of study of the department of Business were divided into two full four year programs leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administrati(m and Bachelor of Science in Secretarial Science. It is out of this department that the present .School of Business emerged in the expectation of continued development and with the hope that it is destined to be one of the best of the university schools of business of the South. SinccrcW, m. R. ( . lAIUOM 1 K ,( , ■■ 4ti iJI • 1 ' 1 FACULIY RUSSKLL C. LARCOM. Pli. U. Professor of Business Adniinistratioii and Economics and Director of School of Business WILLIS NISSLEY BALK. f ' li. L). Professor of Eronoinics CHAI{LES ADAM FISHI:R. Ph. D. Professor of Business Administration MARY STEWART McCHRDlE, B. S. Professor of Secretarial Science ELLA MAE WALKER. A. M. Assistant Professor of .Secretarial Science Cluioalabk Class of 1941 ACKERMAN, J. WINFIELD Oswego. New York Syracuse University, Sigma Phi Epsiloii, Track, Chapel, Classical Club, Intramural Basketball; Stetson University. Transferred 3, Stray Greek Club 4. ALBRITTON. J. M., JR. Plant City, Florida ARNOLD. LYNWOOD Jacksonville, Florida Football 3; Freshman football 1; Baseball 1; Sigma Nu. Lt. Conmiander 4; Vice-President of Bus. Ad. School 4; " S " Club 3, 4. Sergeant at Arms 4. BLUEMKK. JOHN A. Oak Park, Illinois Transfer Oak Park Junior College 1. Sigma Nu 2, 3. 4, Chaplain 3. Marshall 1. Intramural 2, 3. Manager 4: Freshman Advisor 3, 4; Reporter Staff 4: Uitllc Theatre 4. BUNGER, M. LOUISE Lake Helen, Florida Commerce Club (Mi- ' CLONTS, CHARLES ROY. JR. Ovieda, Florida Tennis Team 3. 4: Conrad Hail Iiitramurais 1. 2. 3. 4. FORD, WILLIAM RALPH Orange City, Florida Swimmins Team 2. 3. 4: Intramurals 2. 3. 4; Bookstore 3. 4. FRY, ELIGENL Rydal, Pennsylvania Transfer from Lfniversity of Pennsylvania. Intramurals; Sigma Nu Social Fraternity. GRAHAM, VANCE Bristol, Tennessee Vice-President Student Body 4; Connnander of Sigma Nu 4; Lt. Commander 3: Marshall 3; Chaplain 2; President of School of Business 4; President of Pi Kappa Delta 4; Vice-President of Inter-Fraternity Council 4; Chairman of Swimming Pool Committee 3; Mystic Krewe 3, 4: Who ' s Who in American Colleges 4: Feature Editor of Reporter 2: Stetsonian Staff 2: Freshman Advisor 3. 4. GRl!BBS. LILLIAN ELIZABETH St. Augustine. Florida Delta Delta Delta: Intranuiral Manager 4: Intramurals 1. 2. 3. 4: Stet.son Connnerce Cluh 2. 3. 4. Publicity Manager 3; W. A. A. 2. 3. 4. President 4: Swinnning Pool Committee 3. 4; Freshman Advisor 3. 4: Stetson Blazer Cluh. Secretary 3. President 4; Y. W. A. 4: B. S. U. Council: Most Athletic Girl 3: The Honor 4; Hatter Art Club 4: International Relations Club 4. HANCOCK. EMILY SUSAN Auburndale. Florida W. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Y. W. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1. 2. 3, 4; Freshman Advisor 3. 4: Life Service Band 2, 3. 4; Dexioma 3, 4. HEEBNER, ROBERT S.. JR. Lansdale. Pennsylvania Reporter Staff . 2. 3. 4; News Editor 3; Sports Editor 2; Editor-in-Chief of Reporter 4; Mystic Krewe 3, 4. Secretary 4; Press Club 3, 4, President 4; Commerce Club 2. 3. 4. President 4; Editor of Stetsonian 3; Student-Faculty Library Com- mittee 4; Student-Faculty Social Committee 4; Sigma Nu; Honor Roll. KIMMER. CHARLES L. Winter Park. Florida Stetson Commerce Club 2, 3, 4; Conrad Hall Intramurals 1, 2. 3, 4. LKONAKD. i ' Ii LLIS Hastings. Florida Dexioma 3, 4; W. A. A. 2. 3. LOVELACE. WILLIAM i;. DcLand. Florida Stetson Players 1. 2; ' llicta Al|)ba Phi 3, 4; Commerce Club 2, 3, 4; Stetson Hiporler. Advertising Manager 3. McDERMOTT, LOUIS L. Morgantown, West Virginia Football 3, 4; " ' S " Club 3. 4: 4; Stetson Religious Council 4. cjeiit Newman Club 4: Commerce Club 2. 3. SAMPLE, ROBERT Daytona Beach. Florida Freshman football 1; Freshman Basketliall 1; Varsity Basketball 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2. 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; " S " Club 3, 4; Intramurals Manager of Conrad Hall 3. 4; Assistant Director of Intramurals 3. 4: Member of Reporter Staff 4. WELSH. MARY ELIZABETH Miami. Florida Transfer from Mary Washington College 3; Stetson Little Theatre 3. 4; Theta Alpha Phi 4; Phi Gamma Mu 4: Dexioma 4. President 4; Honor Roll 3; Wesleyan Fellowship 4, Secretary 4; Hatter Staff 4. WOOD. MARGARET DeLand. Florida Glee Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Radio Chorus 2. 3. 4: Zeta Tau Alpha 1. 2. 3. 4. Treasurer 4; Freshman Advisor 2. 4; Commerce Club 1. 2: Little Theatre 1. 2. 3: Operetta 1. 2. 3. 4. SENIORS NOT PICTURED DAVIS. WILLIAM MAC Leesburg. Florida Tennis Team 2. 3. 4: Tennis Club 3. 4: " S " Club 3. 4: Little Theatre 2. 3. 4: Intramurals 1. 2. 3. 4: Pi Kappa Phi Social Fraternity 1. 2. 3. 4: Commerce Club 3, 4; Glee Club 2, 3: Stetson Reporter Sports Editor 2. 3. CluioQlabki Class of 1942 I 5l. f ANDERSON. THOMAS R. Port Huron, Michigan CROWELL, ROBERT W. Utica. New York COOKE. FREU M. West Orange. New Jersey COOPER, EDWIN Madison. Florida BROWN, PHYLLIS W. DeLand. Florida DRIGGERS, HELEN G. DeLand, Florida HAWKINS. JOHN DEWEY Fairmont. West Virginia FINiNEV, M. JEAN DeLand. Florida FOY, MARGARE ' l ' M. Tampa, Florida EVANS, VIRGINIA M. Beckley, West Virginia HODGES, MARGARET S. New Port Richey. Florida HOUGHTON, EDNA M. Mulberry, Florida HUGHES, EDWIN Utica, New York INMAN, FRANCES H. DeLand, Florida JONES, CECIL P. Lakeland, Florida KURTZ, JOHN H. Fort Myers, Florida LOVELESS, DOROTHY Mount Dora. Florida McCLENEN. WILLIAM D. Springfield, Ohio McGARRAH. M. FRANCES DeLand. Florida MIRES, NELL F. DeLand, Florida M MURZ. CECELIA A. DeLand. Florida NICHOLSON. MARY ELLEN DeLand. Florida PASTEUR. POLLY Ocala, Florida PAYNE, MARGARET L. Darlington Heights. Virginia REESIL WILLIAM R. Daytona Beach, Florida SMITH, BENJAMIN D.. JR. Utica. New York STAGEY, VINCENT T. Utica. New York ff «• «? ' STEVENS, CATHERINE N. Haddonfield, New Jersey W ALDEN, MIRIAM K. Plant City. Florida Class of (945 BARBE, MARGARET K. Daytona Beach. Florida BARNES, ROBERT W. Jacksonville, Florida BRENNAN, WILLIAM P. Detroit, Michisan COFIELD, ANNIE LEE Newberry, Florida UAIL. EDWARD. JR. Philadelphia. Pennsylvania DeBELLA. AGATHA A. DeLand. Florida ELLZEY, L. ELIZABETH Daytona Beach. Florida FESSENDEN, SIDNEY R. Winter Haven. Florida FREEBURG, PHYLLIS Memphis, Tennessee GILLESPIE. J. LYLE South GharlstoM. West ir-jii GOILD, JOHN R. Stuart. Florida (;o i:r. Ill (;ii i. Mount Vernon. Oliiw HILLMAN. ELEANOR A. Orlando. Florida Ml NTLEV. BHAX ' IOX. Jl!. Siuiford. Florida IIAMLEY. CHARLES D. floral Gables. Florida HUTSON. WILLIAM R. Atlanta, Georgia JONES, ROBERT E. Jacksonville, Florida LIPSCOMB. PAMELA J. DeLand, Florida McEACHERN, A. MARION St. Petersburg, Florida MOSLER, MAX Palm Beach, Florida OGLETREE, EVELYN H. Eustis. Florida PERCIVAL, HELEN E. Clermont. Florida PREVATT. RUBY E. Tavares. Florida ROSS. PAULINE Wiiliston. Florida ,i. ST. ONGE. JOYCE J. Hobe Sound. Florida SANDUSKY. KATHERINE Arcadia. Florida SIMPSON. HARRIET E. DeLand. Florida STILWELL. RUSSELL D. King Ferry, New Y ' ork TURRENTINE, WILLIAM M. Mount Dora, Florida TY.SON, NORMA M. Hawthorne. Florida SOPHOMORES NOT PICTURED BANKS. JAMES P. High Springs. Florida BERGER. MELVIN W. Tampa. Florida MAUGANS. ERNESTINE Leesbiirg, Florida MURPHY. HUGH R. St. Petersburg. Florida PARSONS, CARL S. Zeph) rliills. Florida SARIN, A. MARILYN Port Byron, New York STALLINGS. GORDON A. DeLand. Florida TAYLOR. WILLIS B. Sarasota. Florida fBEGLOWN. BARBARA L. IJaytona Beach. Florida WILSON. CHARLES C. Indianapolis. Indiana I Class of 1944 f o WllDON. BETTY JANE Lakeland, Florida BELL, LUCINDA H. DeLand, Florida BOHNERT, MILDRED L. Miami, Florida BRINKLEY, WILLIAM J. Sliawneetown, Illinois BROWN, FRANCES E. Jacksonville, Florida CATE, MILDRED L. DeLand, Florida CHANDLER, FRANCES Reading, Massachusetts CLONTS, WILBER T. Oakland, Florida CLOWARD, PATRICIA L. Baljson Park, Florida DeFOOR, CHARLES W., JR. Fort Myers, Florida EICHOLZ, WILBUR H. Daytona Beach, Florida FOSTER, CATHERINE L. Jacksonville, Florida FREEDLUND, ELAINE M. Belle Clade, Florida GARDNER, HARVEY A., JR. Miami, Florida CEORCE, PAULINE K. llanta, Georgia IIENnERICll, M. VIRGINIA Si. Augustine, Florida KEOSKIE, CHARLES A. Miami Beach, Florida KEY, ADELAIDE C. Tangerine, Florida KLEIN, HARVEY R. Miami, l ' ' lnrida KNIGHT, LUCIA I. Palatka, Florida LIVIN(;OOD, MARY LOUISE .Stuart, Florida McNAMARA, DENNIS C. Orlando, Florida MKDLIN, MARTHA V. D. ' Lanrl, Florida MOTT, DOROTHY C Deluml. Flori la PARFITT. BirnY JEAN Jacksonville. Flurida I ' AKKINS, BETTY JANE Sarasota, Florida POND, RUTH N. Frostproof, Florida PRIEST, ROSALIE M. Madison, Florida RATHBUN, STANTON N. N. Hartford, Conn. REID, ANNIE BRUCE Palatka, Florida RODDA, THEODORE A. Palatka, Florida ROGERS, DOROTHY M. DeLand, Florida ROLAND, DORIS, A. DeLand, Florida ROLLINS, MARY STELLA Stuart, Florida RYAN, HELEN G. Palatka, Florida SIMMONS, WINNELLE Palatka, Florida SMITH, P. MARJORIE Arcadia, Florida SNYDER, HARRY E., JR. Cottekill, New York STRANGE, ESTHER L. Sanford, Florida STULTS, RALPH E. Jacksonville, Florida SULLIVAN. LOTTIE MAE Sliiarl. Florida H bt . flBk SWEET. PATRICIA J. Fort Wayne. Indiana TAYLOR, ANN LORRAINE LaBelle. Florida TRESHER. JEAN Davtona Beaili. Florida TYRE, LOUBELLE G. Putnam Hall. Florida WALKER, SELENA E. DeLand. Florida WILLIA.MS. CALMN 0. Bayard, Florida W II, I. JAMS. KAIIIKVN A. Palatka, Florida WINN, BARBARA W. DeLand. Florida FRESHMEN NOT PICTURED ANDERSON, RUSSELL E. Franklin, Indiana BROWN. ROBERT M.. JR. DeLand, Florida COEN, SHIRLEY J. Mount Dora, Florida ELLIOT. JEAN L. St. Petersburg. Florida ESTES, LEMAR Milton, Florida GRAVELY, HARRIS P. Millbrood. Florida HANCOCK, WILLIAM C. Park Kidge, Illinois HARPER, A. CLARKE DeLand, Florida HOWARD, BETTE JANE Fort Lauderdale, Florida McDonald, frank Miami, Florida MARSHALL, ELEANOR JANE Geneva, Florida MELCHING, R. DALE Miami, Florida MERRITT, ROBERT Panama City. Florida OGDEN, PATRICIA Cocoa, Florida PERRY, WILLIAM B. Langliornr, Pennsylvania RAFFO, EDITH E. Tampa, Florida SEHON, RU.SSELL l,awrcnce, Kansas SIZEMORE. (;E0RGE W. Apalacliicola, Fk.rida WEEKS, BARBARA DeLand, Florida WELLE.S, RICHAKl) 1). Arcadia. Florida WHITE, RON A I.. JR. Sjialloii,-. N.ulli Carolina Wll.l.lS. JAMES C. Ill Del. and. KL.rida BOOK IV COLLEGE OF LAW ORRWORD ' I ' he Stetson I ' riiversity Culle ie of Law is detlicalcd to llic liellcr adiiiiiiistratioii of justice amonf;; men. To this end the law faculty is endeavoring; to ;ive careful instruction in the various branches of the law, to keep constantly before the student the high idealism of the " nohle profession, " and to infuse into every student a burn- ing desire to promote justice, the true cornerstone of democracy and democratic institutions. The Law .School ' s purjjose is lo help evei sluderil liiid his imisl iisclu! place. When a school fails lo assist oung men and wnincn in fitting llieniscKes into society so that they may most efficiently serve humanity, it is nol fulfilling its solemn obligation to its students. I o nurse a student along through law school when he is not (|ualified, is no favor to him; it is a serious injustice. Unfortunately, mass production in education has caused the curriculum in many schools to he geared to the less able students. This deprives the competent student of something to which he is entitled, and at the same time misleads the less able one. The Stetson College of Law recognizes th( se obligations to llic piibli( and to the stude;it and is striving dilig ' nlly lo produce !aw ers who will niainlain llic- legal profession as a " noble profession. " I ' M II. I ' . RAYMOND Dca.. ,.l ( olio;.- ol l,.,u FACULTY CLAUDE HILDING BROWN. J.S.D. Professor of Law LEONARD G. CURTIS. .I.D. (Not pictured) Visiting Professor of Law JAME.S J. LENOIR. Ph.D. LL.M ( On leave I Prof essor of Law JAMES ROBERT WILSON. J.S.D. Professor of Law HENRY J. FOX, LL.M.. S.J.D. Associate Professor of Law THOMAS F. LAMBERT. JR.. B.C.L. Assistant Professor of Law NEILL S. JACKSON, LL.B. (Not pictured) Lecturer in Law OVEDA CHEATAM TAYLOR Law Librarian CiutcGlablii Class of 1941 ' mi -:.xi-m. GAZER. MARVAL L. DeLand. Florida A.B. Degree A4: Law Club Arguments A3, LI; Phi Alpha Delta. Officer LL L2: Interdominational Student L nion L2. L3; Legal Aid Clinic. Student Representative L2: Chaplain. Tootie Fruities L3. CICERO. JOHN Tampa. Florida Glee Club AL A2: Phi Kappa Delta: Phi Alpha Delta; Law Fraternity: Sect ' y-Treas. Florida Student Government Assn. L4; Sect ' y-Treas. of Fla. Inter- collegiate Press Ass ' n. L3: Freshman Law Club Winner A3. A4; Cheerleader A2. A4. L2: Acting Chairman of Not-Fraternity Party A4; Member of " S " Club; Fresh- Advisor L2, L3; Freshman Rules Committee L3. DE SHAW. LAWRENCE HOWARD Burlington, Vermont B.S. University of Vermont: Phi Delta Vermont); Phi Alpha Delta: Law Fraternity. Exalted Ruler of Tootie Fruilies L3. Theta: Pi Gannna Mu (Univ. of Vice-Justice L2. L3; Second Grand DYSON, JAMES H. Sanford. Florida Transfer of Univ. of Fla. A4; Mystic Krewe A4; Pres. of Fla. Intercollegiate Press Assn. LI. L2; Sect ' y-Treas. Fla. Student Gov ' t Ass ' n. A4; Sect ' y-Treas. of Fla. Intercollegiate Press Ass ' n. A4; Phi Alpha Delta: Legal Fraternity; Assoc-Ed. of Stetson Reporter. A4; Hatter .Staff A4; Jr. Class Treasurer A4: Sadie Hawkins Day Chairman A4: Swimming Pool Conmiittee A3. A4. L2; Member of Honor Code ( mmitlee L2; Board of Governors. All-(]ampus Party L3. FER(;USON, E. MAC DiLarid. Florida Pi Kappa Phi; President of Senior Law Class; I reas. I ' h Fraternity L3, Reporter L3; i enior Law Club ParlicipanI L3; Fruities L3. Alpha Delia; Historian of Lega Tootii K: HALL. TROY WESLEY. JR. Leesburg. Florida Pi Kappa Phi; Freshman Football 1; Varsity Football A2, A3, A4; Debate Team Al; Phi Alpha Delta: Legal Fraternitv: Freshman Advisor A4; " S " Club A2. A3. A4: Freshman Football Coarh LI. L2 ' . I kALEEL. LUKE R. Torrington, Connecticut Transfer of Univ. of Fla. A3: Phi Alpha Delta L2. L3: Newman Club L2. L3: Charter Member and Past Chaplain. Tootle Fruties LL L2. L3; Delta Sigma Phi. KINSEY, ROY EDWARD St. Petersburg. Florida Glee Club. Advertising manager LI; Inter-Fraternity Council President L2; Sigma Nu Fraternity. Treasurer L2. L3; Phi Alpha Delta L2. L3; Mystic Krewe L3; Chairman of Committee on Rules and Procedure L3: .Secretary Senior Class L3. NELSON. JAMES T.. II Daytona Beach. Florida Pres. Pi Kappa Phi L3. Treasurer L2; Inter- Fraternity Council L2. L3: Member of Newman Club L2. L3; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity; Freshman Advisor L3; Varsity Golf LI; Intramural Handball Winner LL L3; Marion Military In- stitute Transfer; Keeper of the Archives of Tootie Fruities L3. SAULS. RICHARD M. West Palm Beach. Florida Member of " S " Club A3. A4. LI. L2. Vice-Pres. L2: Delta Sigma Phi L2; Scroll and Key A3. A4; Freshman Football Al; Varsity Football A2. A3, A4: Officer of Law School A4. LI. L2; Pres. Stetson Bar Ass ' n. L2: Vice-Pres. Junior Law Class L2: Judge of " Ral Court " A3. A4. TEAGUE. CARL O. Utica, Ohio and DeLand. Florida Transfer Mt. Union College. Alliance. Ohio: Sigma Nu; Winner of Law School Competition LI; Phi Alpha Delta LI. L2, L3, Justice L3; Mystic Krewe L3; Last Grand Steward of Tootie Fruities LI. L2. L3. VANN, HAROLD Miami Beach, Florida Sigma Nu; Freshman Foothall Al; Varsity Football A2. A3, A4; Freshman Basketball Al; Varsity Basketball A2. A3. A4; Phi Alpha Delta; Law Fraternity " S " Club President LI; Senior Law Club participant; Assistant Freshman Coach L2. WASHBURNE, CARLOTTA Ormond Beach, Florida Alpha Xi Delta; Sigma Delta Pi; Pi Kappa Sigma, Vice-President LI; Beta Key; W. A. A., Treasurer L3; The Honor LI, L2. L3; Sect ' y of Junior Law Class L2; Vice-President of Senior Class L3; Horsemanship tr( |)hy winner A2; Hatter Staff A2; A.B. Stetson University LL WATSON, HUGIE TOM Waycross, Georgia Sigma Nu; Mercer liniversity L3; Stetson Arguments L2; Phi Al|)ha Delta; I-aw Fraternity, Ass ' n. L3. I niversity LI, L3; Law Club Vice-Pres. ; Stetson Student Mar Class of 1942 CLARK, HAROLD R. Jacksonville, Florida CLARSON. E. DOROTHEA Jacksonville, Florida MARTINO. ANGELO C. Tampa. Florida SHEPPARD, CHARLES R. M., JR. DeLand, Florida iii SHIILER. ARTHUR K. Tallahassee, Florida SMITH, WALLACE R. DeLand. Flf)rida TIRNER, VERNON W. Homestead, Florida Class of 194; h M JUNIORS NOT PICTURED CARMODY, FRANCIS DeLand, Florida STILLMAN. RONALD Dayona Beach. Florida FRESHMEN NOT PICTURED FOARD, THOMAS Hickory, N. C. THOMPSON, F. J. Sullivan. Ind. BUCHANAN, FRANK M. Miami Beach, Florida CULPEPPER, JAMES D.. JR. Jacksonville. Florida HOLCH. SAMUEL V. DeLand. Florida KIEHLE. FRED E.. JR. West Palm Beach. Florida LAWTON, L. CADI Orlando, Florida ROSS, CHARLES T., JR. DeLand. Florida SAXL, ERICH DeLand. Florida VINCENT, C. AUBREY, JR. Lvnchburs;, South Carolina WHITEHURST, GEORGE W., JR. Fort Myers. Florida BOOK V STETSON SCHOOL OF MUSIC FOREWORD When Dr. William Sims Allen. President, came to Stetson, he stated that he intended to have an outstanding music department in the University. An outstand- ing department soon developed, and grew to a School of Music, meeting in 1936 all requirements of the National Association of Schools of Music, the highest accrediting association for nmsic in this country. This year has been an active one. We have had more faculty and student recitals. Our concert course included two outstanding organizations, the United States Marine Band and the Westminster Choir. Our o|)eretla was written, orchestrated, and performed li our sludents and tlie tours made by the Glee Clubs and band brought iicu honors In llir organizations and to the School. We are jiroud of our fim- S iiiplii)ny Orchestra and Little Symphony. Both organizations have given exccllciil duKirls and llic nicmlicrs have appeared in small ensembles. Those of you who have attended siliool lliis Near know llie many other activities sponsored by the School of Music. To the graduates of the I niMTsits. we wish ou success and liappiness. W. l DUCKWITZ Diriclor FACULTY WILLIAM HORACE BAILEY. A.B., M.M. Professor of Violin and Theory HAROLD MILNE GIFFIN. A.B.. Mus.B., A.M. Professor of Voice ARTHIR J. GRAHAM. Mus.B. A.A.G.O. Professor of Piano and Organ VERONICA DAVIS, Mus.B. A.M. Instructor in Public School Music ETHEL M. FISHER Instructor in Piano LUCY DUNCAN HALL, B.S. Instructor in Eurythmics I Not pictured I JOHN J. HENEY. Mus.B. Director of the Band and Instruc- tor of Wind and Percussion In- struments MISS HELEN ALLINGER. Mus.B.. S.M.M. Instructor in Voice (;lenn d. swan. Mus.b.. m.m. Instructor in Violin and Theory I Not pictured I RUTH TAYLOR SWAN. A.B.. Mus.B.. M.M. Instructor in Piano ( Not pictured j AILEEN WORTH. A.B. Assistant Instructor in Violin and Piano Sof ranos Aco ta, Lillian Archer, Riilh Arlcley, Frances Bird, Bette Branch, Elizaht-lh Branon, Elizahetli Burrell, Anne Davis, Mary Lou Euga, Florence Flitch, Elizabeth Hancock, Emily Hillman, Ruth Jameson, Elizahetl Jennings, Dorothy Kelley, Alma Lancaster, Doroih Mabry, Barbara Mather, Margaret Nowlin, Rulh Parfitt, Belly Peden, Barbara Pope, Rosamond Preboth, Arlene Reaves, Margaret UNIVERSITY GLEE CLUBS OFFICERS Director Professor Harold L Giffin Assistant Director Helen Allinger Accompanist Jane Ley Smith MEN ' S GLEE CLUB Business Manager J. M. Albrilton, Jr. Publicity Manager Clifford Wynns Student Leader John Causier WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB Bii iii.—. Manager Frances Arkley I ' uIiIm ii Manager Elizabeth Jameson Slu.iriii i.a.ler ___ Barbara Peden Reid, Bruce Hunter, Barbara Robinson, Betty Jane Hutton, Phyllis Rohde, Dolores King, Berta Mae Shaw, Jane Kirkpatrick, Mary Smith, Mary Frances Massey, Carolyn Spinks, Anne McGinnes, Elizahelh Sloll, iMargaret Mires, Nell Stone, Barbara Mock, Mary Twitly, Frances Prince, Gloria Ward, Kalhryn Reese, Jane Rogy, Jean ,„, Sandusky, Kathryn , ■ w, , Scarborough, Virginia Austin, Wanda Tennille, Helen Bennett, Helen 7 1 , Virginia Bostick, Mary E. Valdes, Dora Brokaw, Marjorie Welden, Elizabeth Brown Frances Williams, Doris Cofield, Annie Lee ood, Margaret k i ' " ' ' iiT, " Zorn.s. Belly Lee Dickert, Mildred ' Foy, Margaret Frederick, Betty Tenors Frick, Virginia Causier, John Hjort, Sarah Clark, Harold Howard, Bette Collins, James Gower, Hugh McMillan, Archie McQuiddy, Winston Mims, T. R., Jr. Napoli, Chris Nelson, James Wheatly, Robert Basses Albritton, J. M., Jr. Allen, Robert Ellzey, Cecil Gardner, David M., J Herring, Alvis Hunter, Hal Mc(;ienen, Wm. MeDonell, James Osburn, Orian Parker, Gordon Parker, Turn Rice, Robbins Stewart, Paul Wescott, Almon Wynns, Clifford .r. B o STETSON UNIVERSITY BAND Season 1940-1941 JOHN ,1. HENEY, CondiKtor ROBERT R. MoEMBER. Assistant Conductor OFFICERS Thomas Parker Captain Robert R. McEmber 1st Lieutenant Frances McGarrali 2ntl Lieutenant Clarinets Oboes Bass Lucinder Bell Doris Holnian Robert Chesser Martha Durrance Ruth Lois Maxwell Carl Garrett Richard Feasel Robert McEmber Jerre Hatfield Saxophone Horace Hawn Hiissoons Maurice Miller Frances Inuian Mary Ellen Nickols„n Dorothy Rogers Edith Adams Bardvvell Donaldson Drnm.s Robert Blount Katherine Smith Horns Dorothy Molt Donna Smith Cornets William Cushinj; Helene Walker J. T. Burdine Mary Kline James Collins Cymbals John Cross Tromhonvs Peggy O ' Doniel Robert Feasel Elizabeth llouel] Robert llerndon Harriet Simpson Bell Lyre Thomas Parker Anita Schroeder Mary Walker FhlIVS Hari lanes Color Bearers Anuelta Wolcott Belly Amidon Alma Blatchford 01i e Lord Larcy Crowell Mary Jane Malloch Dora aides STETSON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Season 1940-1941 WILLIAM II. BAILEY, Condiicu.r OFFICERS William Ciisliing President Bardwell Donaldson . _ Vice-President Mildred Wade - - Secretary Horace llawn Librarian Violins Virginia Hughes Bassoons Mildred Wade William Mathis Edilh Adams Concert Mistresx Bardwell Donalds, Verna Baer Bass Donald Barger Harry Brownlee Horns Sarah Hjort R(d)ert Chesser William Cushing Kaye Mary Ellen Kline Mary Jane Mallocli Flutes Caroline Pfarr Olive Lord Trumpet Annie Rossiter Doris Milligan Kohert Feasel George Slalon Annella Waleott Betty Lou Turner Marjorie Willie Oboes Troml ones Violas Doris Holman Riilh Maxwell Larcy CroHcll Elizabeth u r Aileen Worlli Robert McEmher Anita Sihnirdei Horace llawn Anne Browning Clarinets Tuba Virginia Lennox Martha Diirrance Carl Garrett Cellos Richard Feasel Bessie Rhodes Percussion Jean Bolts Dorothy Rogers Robert Blount Frances Chandler Katherine Smith Donna Smith eroniea Davis IwH - 1 iiiiiiiiiiii illllillli STETSON LITTLE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA 1 iolins Flule Trumpet erna Baer Doris Millisan Gordon Booth Bessie Rhodes John Cross Annie Rossiter Oboe Robert Feasel George Slaton Mildred Wade Robert McEmber Doris Holman Trombone Violas Clarinet Leroy Growell Elizabeth Howell Horace Hawn Aileen Worth Richard Feasel Katherine Smith Anita Schroeder Cello Jean Botts Bassoon Edith Adams Bardwell Donaldson Percussion Robert Blount Donna Smith Double Bass Robert Chesser Horn William Gushing Piano Doris Milligan Robert Brownlee Mary Ellen Kline RETROSPECT When I was young, and perhaps a little foolish ... 1 voted . . . for forty years of retrospect ... I thought it would be the best sort of old age pension, and yet ... I never really dreamed it could be granted . . . and now, when by some queer quirk the bill has passed, I don ' t know- just how to retrospect so well. I wanted to think about the wonderful, beautiful things that marked my last year at college ... to think about each little thing maybe six or seven years . . . and yet somehow the things just won ' t get divided and stretch out like that . . . they all come crowding in together and then flit by fast ... so fast that 1 have to reach out quickly with my mind and grasp them before they get all tangled up again in one big pattern that isn ' t very clear . . . just sort of youth and fun and books and moss draped trees all mixed up together . . . may- be they go by so fast like that because that ' s the way the year went by . . . just floated right by ... so quickly we hardly realized that it could be gone . . . It seems only like yesterday that Freshman Orientation Week was beginning and the quaking freshmen mulled around looking lost. It ' s good to look back over the year ' s happenings now . . . the good things seem better and the bad things don ' t seem so bad. Memories are wonderful things . . . Freshmen Week seemed good ... it always seemed good . . . The campus came alive again and literally teemed with youth and brightness . . . Old students slapped each other on the backs ' til they were black and blue, and pumped each others ' hands fondly while recounting fantastic tales of summer doings. Frosh talent night was about the first thing on the program, Lydia Theurer acted as master of ceremonies and it was on Friday the thirteenth . . . On Monday Dr. Allen and May or Hatch welcomed new and old students to Stetson, and we sang the Alma Mater for the first time to the Freshmen. Dr. Davis, the newly appointed Dean, received a rousing cheer . . . The freshmen walked a little stiffly and sat down a little gingerly for a good while . . upper classmen wielded a mean board that year . . . Bob Barnett, Director of Publicity, and Katje flew to New York to appear on the " We, the People Hour " . . and soon September faded into October . . . Two squadrons of planes piloted by Stetson Aviators flew to Tampa for the annual gridiron battle . . . students went wild during the closest game of the year. The October political fervor ran high as campaign back-slappers devasted the campus, loud speakers blared forth and red hot jive put voters in the groove . . . everything was in the groove that year . . . Party leaders grinned around their gratis seegars as the results came in, Horace Bills and Julia Ann Pennington for Homecoming Mayor and Hostess. Came October 16, and every male student hied himself to the high school gymn to register for the first U. S. peacetime draft . . . And fittingly enough, the famous scarlet and blue clad U. S. Marine Band played two concerts in Elizabeth Hall that same day . . . November whirled in with a colorful home- coming and chrysanthemums, and the annual parade, and then Sadie Hawkins Day rose up and had to be taken care of . . . beards and pigtails flourished for weeks previous to the " Sadie Hawkins " opry. And the bang-up hoe down in Commings " Barn " was something to hold your sides over. The faculty skipped out on the pie-eating contest, and we found most of them down stairs with the apple cider ... On November 27 the weary freshmen won their tug-of-war with the upperclassmen and discarded their rat caps. The Stetson Reporter, under the editorship of Bob Heebner, came forth the same week with the Collegiate Digest. The Reporter got a first class rating that year . . . The Westminister Choir sang to a packed house . . . The Little Theatre production, " Stage Door " wowed capacity crowds at both performances and was ac- claimed the best play ever presented . . . Flonnie Anders was superb . . . The Stetsonian was presented to the student body and Mrs. Reynolds gave the staff a banquet . . . March breezed in with the startling announcement that Stetson had abandoned " inter- collegiate " Athletics . . . Headlines blazed on State Papers and the students and alumni reeled with the suddenness of it . . . came calm again and six weeks tests and April . . . Dean McCoUough was granted a year ' s leave of absence . . . elections loomed up in the distance . . . The Ladies ' . uxiliary presented the school with a sun dial . . . The Press Club sponsored Stetson ' s first Journalism Institute . . . Politics ran rampant again and would-be voters peered through streamers and drifts of confetti for a glimpse of their favorite candidates . . . students clutched free sweetheart roses and sucked on their election seegars as the returns came in . . . Golden for president . . . Popular Cadi Lawton conducted the installation service and presided over his last student body meeting closing it with a talk that brought a lump to the throat of every senior . . . Into May with the Dexlomas giving ihcir .South Sea Island fantasy parly in costume . . . Commencement came and went and Dr. .Mien ' s fairewell . . . and the Alma Mater ... 1 can hear it now . . . young voices lowered together " tenderly we greet thee . . . gather and bring tM thee gracious saluations " . . . Then the swelling forth proudly in ringing unison . . . " Hail .Mnia Mtter, dear " . . . Dear Alma Mater . . . historic old Stetson with its waving palm trees and tall pines . . . I ' m glad I ' ve got forty years for this . . . this retrospect. Class of 1941 ARCHER. RUTH Malone. Florida B.M. Glee Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Radio Chorus 2. 3. 4: Life Service Band 1, 2. 3. 4; May Dav Court 1: W. A. A. 1. 2. 3. 4: Y. W. A. 4; Dexioma 4: B. S. U. Reporter 4. BARGER, DONALD EDWARD Edgewood. Iowa B.M. Transfer St. Petersburg .lunior College; University Band 3; Stetson Symphony Orchestra 3, 4. BIRD. BETTE F ' ort Washington. New York B.M. Alpha Xi Delta Social Chairman 3, Vice-President 4; Ali)ha Xi DeUa; Glee Cliib I. 2. 3. 4; Traveling Squad 2, 3, 4; Phi Beta 1; W. A. A. 1. 2: Hatter Staff 3; Art Club 4; Freshman Advisor 4; Standards Committee 4. BOOTH. GORDON St. Petersburg, Florida B.M. Symphonic Band I, 2. 3. 4; Little Theatre 2, 3. 4; Symphony Orchestra 1. 2, 4; Glee Club 3; Colh ' ge Clubmen 2. 3; Homecoming Decoration (]onnnittee 4; Officer of University Band 2, 3, 4; Kajjpa Kajjpa Psi 2, 3, Secretary 4; Brass Choir 4: Kajjpa Mu 2. GUSHING, WILLIAM S. Ormond. Florida B.M. I ' niversity Band 1. 2, Officer 3, i; Symphony (Jrchestra I. 2, Vice-President 3. President 4; Little Theatre Orchestra 1. 2. 3. 4; Wood-wind Quintette 1, 2. 3; Ka))pa Kappa Psi 2, 3, Vice-President 4; College (Jlid)men 2, 3. DONALDSON. BARDWELL Daytona Beach, Florida B.M. I ' liiversity Band 1, 2, Officer 3, 4; Symphony Ochestra 1. 2. .3. 4: Little Theatre Orchestra 1, 2. 3. 4; Woodwind Ensemble 1. 2. 3; Kappa Mu 2; Kap])a Kappa Psi 2. 3, 4; College Clubmen 2. 3: Central Florida Svmphon Orchestra 3. N FRICK. VIRGINIA LEE Homestead. Florida B.M. Glee Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Phi Beta 2. 3. 4; Dexioma 3. 4. ROHDE. DOLORES Lake Beresford. Florida B.M. Stetsonian Staff 4; French Club 4: Phi Beta I, 2, 3. 4, Officer 3; Glee Club 3, 4, Traveling Squad 4; .S niphony Orchestra 1. 2; Little Symphony L 2; L ' niversity Band 1; Badminton Club 4; Supervisor of Freshman Piano Study 3, 4. JAMESON, SARAH ELIZABETH Belle Glade. Florida B.M. Zeta Tau Aloha Phi Beta 3, ' 4; Glee Club 1, 2, Officer 3. 4; Radio Chorus 3, 4; Inter-Fraternity Council 2, 3; Uni- versity Band L 2. 4; W. A. A. 1. 2; Y. W. A. 1; E.xecutive Committee of Student Body 4. SMITH. JANE LEY Orlando. Florida B. M. Delta Delta Delta Historian 3, Music Chairman 1. 2. 3. 4, Delia Delta Delta: Glee Club 1. 2, 3, 4; Accompanist for Glee Clubs and Radio Chorus 3, 4; Cheer Leader 1; Freshman Advisor 3, 4; Inter-Fraternity Council L 3. 4, Vice-President 2: Hatter Staff 3; The Honor 3, 4; Social Committee 4: Library Committee 4; Phi Beta 3. 4: One-Act Play L 2. 3; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. WADE. MILDRED Leesburg. Florida B.M. Honor Roll 1; University Band I. 2: Phi Beta 1. Treasurer 2. 3. Vice-President 3. Secretary 4; Symphony Orchestra 1. Officer 2, 3, 4: Little S mjihony 3, 4, Treasurer 3; Secretary of Music School 4. (jiuioch,abki Class of 1942 Ji lliL ARKLEY. FRANCES S. Miami. Florida HAWN. HORACE C. JR. New Sinvrna Beach. Florida BOSTICK. MARY ELIZABETH Tampa, Florida HUNTER. BARBARA J. Live Oak, Florida DICKERT. MILDRED E. Daytona Beach. Florida PEDEN, BARBARA Dallas. Tex. FEASEL. RICHARD VI. DeLand. Florida VVYNN.S. CLIFFORD Bushiicll. Florida % =f ' Class of 1943 BLOINT. KOBEHT H. DeLaiid. Florida 1 TTCH. liLlZABFTH A. Leeslnirs. Florida HJORT. SARAH L. Thoiiiasville. Georf!;ia KELLEY. ALMA L. St. Pplersliurs. Florida KLINE, MARY ELLEN DeLand. Florida LORD. OLIVE Sarasota. Florida M(MILLAN. ARCHIE Y. Tallahassee. Florifla MATHIS. WILLIAM S. ram|)a. Florida 1ILL1(;A . DORIS ,10 Orniond. Florida REAVES. MARGARET P. Miami. Florifla ROGY, JEAN L. West Palm Beach. Florida SMITH. KATHERINE L. DeLand. Florida .SMITH. MARY FRANCES Da) toiia Beach. Florida VALDES. DORA R. Tampa. Florida WELDEN. ELIZABETH ANN Jacksonville. Florida ZORNES. BETTY LEE OcLand. Florida Qutcciapki Class of 1944 ACOSTA, LILLIAN M. Jacksonville, Florida BAER. I:RNAL. DeLancl. Florida HENNET. HELEN M. Miami. Florida COLLINS. JAMES M. Lakeland. Florida DAMS. L. C. Avon I ' ark. Florida DURRANCE. MARTHA Seliriiiij. Florida i;i (;a. ilorence Florida CARRETI. CARL R. ( ' restview. Florida IIILLMAN, Rl TH A. Orlando. Florida HLGHES. N. LeJEUNE Oratific Heifihls. Florid, HUGHES. VIRGINIA R. Orange Heights, Florida McDONELL, JAMES A. Tamjia. Florida McGUIDDY. WINSTON Jacksonville, Florida MALLOCH. MARY JANE Panasoffkee. Florida MAXWELL. RUTH LOIS DeLand. Florida NELSON. JAMES Jacksonville. Florida RHODES. BESSIE A. Jacksonville. Florida SCHRADER. ANITA Daylona Beach. Florida MITH. DONA DeLand. Florida TENNILLE. HELEN I anipa. Florida Qutca apli BOOK VI ATHLETICS TO OUR COACHES Cowell, demons and Johnson who have faithfully worked in the past years to present us with a winning football and hasketball leaiii, we extend our sincere hope that some day they may again work with our students, trying to present Stetson with a winning team composed of gentlemen and spmlsnicii as well as fine athletes. AUSTIN ROTH, Sports Editor FOOTBALL SWAN SONG Stetson Univer?it) ' s fnolball team this ear wasn ' t exactly the greatest thing in the state but you could always depend on the hoys to be in there playing clean, hard football all the way. Our Homecoming game against the Tampa Spartans showed what the boys could really do. When the alumni came back home to see thoni pla thc |)la cd a brand ni ball lliat any follower would be proud of. It seemed as if the l)() s could make plentx of ground in mid-field but they lacked the punch inside the ten-yard line. In several cases the Hatters outgained their ojjponent by a wide margin but ended up on the short end of the score. Some da uc liope to again present a team that uill pla with tlie fine s|)irit of com|jctition that Stetson ' s teams have shown in the past. On the following pages space has been reserved for the boys to antogra|ili ihcir pictures. HATTER ACTION! v-s r. r, ; ;. 4 - CLEMONS HAWKINS PL RTZ BARNES FOLTZ SAMPLE REESE GOLDEN SMITH KALEEL LAMB JONES BASKETBALL STETSON 37 Presbyterian 33 STETSON 50 Newberry 40 STETSON 31 Presbyterian 33 STETSON 35 Wofford 38 STETSON 46 Miami 27 STETSON 34 Wofford 29 STETSON 51 Miami 41 STETSON 43 Presbyterian 38 STETSON 43 Southern 30 STETSON 44 Florida 51 STETSON 48 Rollins 32 STETSON 45 Southern 30 STETSON 32 Florida 36 STETSON 45 Wofford 25 STETSON 37 Union 38 STETSON 52 Wofford 31 STETSON 4. " ) Miami 40 STETSON 62 Rollins 31 STETSON 35 Miami 40 STETSON 36 Louisiana Normal 49 Getting away to a good start the first of the season, The Hatters continued their good work for the complete season of fourteen wins and six losses. Under the capable direction of Coach Ben demons, the Big Green Team was one of the most promising teams that has represented Stetson in several years. In Florida the Hatters were unusually brilliant in winning games from Southern, Rollins, and Miami but senior team from the University of Florida nosed the Green and White out in two games. Elected Captain of the 1941 Hatter squad was Dewey Hawkins, a newcomer to the Stetson cainpus who was more at home on the basketball court than in the dormitory. Those receiving letters were Bob Sample, Lanier Smith, Dewey Hawkins. Billv Reese. Eddie Kaleel. Frank Foltz. Carl Purtz, Jimmie Golden and Bob Barnes. 1 1 1 i HHr, mm PLRTZ BROWN RATHBURN SMITH SLATON CAPT. DAVIS TENNIS TEAM Stetson ' s greatest Tennis Team of all time rolled no a better record this year than has ever been made before. With 16 wins and . ' 5 defeats Stetson defeated some of the best tearns in the South inrliiding. Mercer. Wofford. Kurmati. Krskine, Davidson, Emory and H(iir . Tamjja and for tlie first lime in History the University of Florida. Led by Captain Billy Davis the i)o s placed stead . consistent tennis throughout llic cnlire season and rncril a world of praise for this greatest tennis )ear in the liistor) of Stetson University. INTRAMURAL MANAGERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Roth, Stetson Hall Johnson, Director Turnage, Pi Kappa Phi Thack er, Delta Sigma Phi Sample, Conrad Hall PING PONG and BADMINTON Sigma Nil Vincent Hancock BASKETBALL Delia Sigma Phi Merritt Clark Thacker Mahaffey Turner DIAMOND BALL Pi Kappa Plii Back Rdw Left to Right. Smith Ray Stamper Turnage Melching Front Row Left to Right: Packer Nelson DeLoach McDonald HAND BALL ' ; Kappa Phi Nelson McDonald V()LLL BALL A- 0 Sij ma Phi Payne I Ml iier 1 hacker Clark Merritt Mahaffe STAKI WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS 1 ennis Arch cry Daclminton Ijasketball Rifl erv Golf WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Mary Helen Hill President Robinson Vice-Pres. P. Bennett . Rec. Sec. Brandeis Cor. Sec. Hatfield Publicity Mgr. C. Bennett Recorder of Points Pasteur _ Treasurer Mary Frances Smith Joy St. Onge Jane Shaw Doris Warren Dot Estabrook Elaine Freedlund Pat Cloward Adelaide Key (Carolyn Golsnir Bette Davis Mary .Sue Rehbamn Margaret Payne Lois Hensley Dot McWhorter Vaone Peterson Irene Nassau Mary Shaeffer Ruth While Jean Douglas Mary Ann Kirkpatrick Pauline George Evelyn Stowe Dot Lou Burginan Lillian Grubbs Betty Anne Lively .Mary Mock Glenda Dak- Kitty Foster Anne Spinks Mary Treadway Emma Sedv ick Marge Ault Lou Nichols Jeanne Garrard Betty Parkins Norma Gardner Peggy Linzel Louise McClure Doris Hartnian Jesse Longino Betty Powere Ruby Prevatt Rosalie Priest Elizabeth Weldon Gloria Prince Dot Jennings Marion Kellcy Jean Tresher Barbara Bnrgnian larie llisey Mary Mobley Phyllis Frc.-burg Ann iJinieli Featured iliiiiiii; this ear was Sadie Hawkins l)a occk Vii jeatui es fUcsi Hikelv ic ucceea nCiace odli Clcnes jcimbu % Tiled Qnieiieciuai Cliades Kcsi t i Helen ncives ' ' KicUa ' i feasel lUod Uieaii lOe olizabeiU jkhe JfKt ■ Wi» " w :« m vl H ' i Sl v j h| ' w " ' ' B jr Tiled GiLUii Qames Ltclden ( onsiance oenneii lUcsi Ljaai l.awtcH L.eia iTiae Uenmnci j Homecomma Ulaijol ana Hciace oilli Qulia CltiH HeuttiHcicn Ga( ( i-aivion lUcd Pcbul a Qulia (Jinn Heyininaton " S " CLUB This year ' s " S " Club represents the last group of Varsity letters to be seen around the campus of Stetson for a long time. The Varsity " S ' Club represent the group of men who have given not only state but Soulhcrn teams stiff comijelitioii in the past. To the last of the " S " club we wish to sa that we ho])e that your chili will be as active in the near future as it has been in the past. 1. Slt-ady! One who laughs last laughs best. 2. Pepsoiieni At 3. Til the light one comes along 4. Only on Sadie Hawkins " Day. 10. " Forty-nine Mills From Home. " 11. Youngest Co-e l. 12. Oldest Co-ed Ou.ruie. I. ' ?. Intimati- (.lanrcs of lrii|Mirtaiil I ' lopl 11. " And Having Writ. M.jves On. " ' 1.5. Per Usual. 16. .Saturday Night Bridge Cluh. 17. Time Out. 18. Hurry, Please. 1. Piffy Final 2. Pdsetl F(.r No Doubt 3. The Thinker (llypucrite) 4. Ipana Smile. 5. The End ill i.u. 6. Peggy At Work. 7. En Masse A La Siover. 8. Robert Frost. 9. Tinielv. 11. Den of Iniquity. 12. Vm Nobodys Baliy. 13. Censored. 14. Stevens Hall Inmates. 15. Good Things Come in Small Packages. 16. Stetsons ' Pool. 17. Birds in a Gilded Cage. 18. Yokel Boy Makes Good. 19. Viind and Sand In Her Hair. 1. liplillr,! I.uok. 2. Fare $10.10. 3. Hen Session. 4. Maisie. 5. The Atlilelic Type. 6. Blessings (in Tliee I.itllc Man. 7. Oflen a Biidesmaitl- E.G.? 8. Lanilluhlicr. y. Bnnelied. 11. Awaitinn SaHii- lla«kins Day. 12. D " »lln ' . l. ' i. 01e la an l Wait for No Man M. On the .Shelf. l.S. A Bedtime .Story. 16. Tantalizer. 17. True I.ove. 18. New Improvenienls. - ?• 1. uuiif Rill I ' n.misi ■2. Ilnlsir. . ' 5. Slelsoii Spiiit. -1. Many L.ivps Ago. fi. Ti-i Dell Rlilzkrieg. 6. Lifry Siicii ' ty. 7. Chased an. I Pure. 8. A CroHil. J. IM. Adv. 10. Dimples. 11. Where ' s Ray? 12. When Yon and I Were Y( 13. Sweet, Simple, and Innoeenl. 14. In His Element. 15. Innocent Bystander. 16. Good While It Lasted. 17. Done With Mirrors. 18. Nose For News. 19. The End. 1. Infiiinial Olance. 2. Oomph! ■5. DdTiations Kinrlly Acceplc Pramil llea :n. 5. Contact, Please. 6. Stetson Influence. 7. Strange Tilings Do Happen. 8. I ln l 1. 9. Alpha Xis Come Clean. 10. Give a Man a lloi-r lie Can R 11. Drips— and We Dont Von. 12. Exam Worry. 13. Typical. U. Wi-h We Had a I ' iriiin ' of W lial Yon See. 1.-,. Hia watha II. If,. The Hi.lf and Heady Type. 17. Knil one. puij l«o. drop a slileh, feensored I BOOK VIII Where Students and Fatiilt meet on equal terms. ORGANIZATIONS FRATERNITIES , r o o MYS I IC KRHWE Founded in 1934 Colors — Red diid BUirk OFFICRK FIRST SFMF.STFR Ca|)tain Floiiicc Hills First Male _ Cadi Lawloii Second Mate Robert Heehner Boatswain Robert McEniber Master-Al-Arms Richard Feasel mi:mbfrs Horace R. Bills John Kurtz Frank M. Buchanan (ladi Lavvton James H. Dyson John Lewis Richard Feasel Robert McF.niber James Golden llaii J. Miriarik Vance P. Graham, Jr. Kicliard Sauls Robert S. Heebner, Jr. Carl ' league Fdwin v.. Hughes Vernon Turner Roy C. Kinsey CLARSON MORRIS PENNINGTON WILLIAMSON FORMBY GRUBBS HALL JENNINGS JORDAN MASSEY McDONALD POWELL SMITH THE HONOR Founded in 1935 Colors — Green-White-Y elloiv Flower — Lily Honorary Leadership Organization for Women OFFICERS President - Dorothea Clarson Vice-President Jean Morris Secretary Julia Ann Pennington Treasurer Lillian Williamson MEMBERS Dorothea Clarson Agnes Forniby Lillian Grubbs Horlensia Ruiz Hall Leia Mae Jennings Ray Jordan Caroline Massev Jean Morris Marzee McDonald Julia Ann Pennington Gwendolyn Powell Jane Smith Lillian Williamson 7 iifr J- JORDAN HALL CLARSON AMORY CONTE HOWES MARTIN MORRIS SCARBOROUGH WEBBER BATESON BARNETI " PRESTON McENTIRE ORDER OF THE SCROLL AND KEY Honorary Scholarship and Leadership Societ) Eoiiiidfd in March, 1940 Colors — Purple and Cold Flower- — Purple Iris OFFICERS President Agnes Forniby Vice-President Ray Jordan Secretary Hortensia Ruiz Hall Treasurer Dorothea Clarson MEMBERS Ruhy Amory Hortensia Ruiz 11; ill Richard Sauls Robert Barnett Helen Howes Virginia Scarborough Peter Barnhart Ray Jordan Eunice Webber Dorothea Clarson Inez Martin Howard Bateson Mary Conte Jean Morris Mrs. Paul McEntire Agnes Formby Thclina Preston l t € C naaAOI 0 o e ! - c, ff ' o " 1 . ,f3 Pl f f O RESHMAN ADVISORS WdMK.N Phyllis Hiitton Kathryn Sandusky Vance Graham Lela May Jennings Jane Smith lluber Griffin I ' allv Bailey Ray Jordan Delight Seig John Kurtz Betty Biiil Berta Mae King Ann Spinks (ladi Lawton Jean Bolts Betty Latto Lydia Theurer John Lewis Ann Boyd Peggy Linzel Lillian Williamson Harry Minarik Claire Brandies Carolyn Massey Peggy Wood James Nelson Ann Biirrel Lonise McCliire Arthur Shuler Dorothea Clarson Marzee McDonald MEN George Slaton Evelyn Clarson Marion Merrill William Strickland Betty Davis Nell Mires Jamie Alljrilton Russell Thacker Mary Lou Davis Mary Mock ' ictor Baer ernnn Turner Agnes Formby Jean Morris James Banks Harcilil ann Margaret P " oy P(dly Pasteur Horace Bills John Whitney Carolyn Golsner Jnlia Ann Pennington John Bhienike Kila Gross (;Kendnlyn Powell Frank Buchanan CHIEF ADVISORS Lillian Grnbljs Margaret Reaves John Cicero Dean McCoUough Kniily llaneocU Pauline Ross Richard Feasel Mary Helen Hill Nancy Rossetter James Golden Miss Etter Turner fl . J BRANDIES .; BALK AIIH[:S BOYD CLARSON FORMBY HILLMAN MERRILL MIRES PENNINGTON ROSSETTER WOMEN ' S STUDEN 1 GOVERNMENT ASSOC lAFION President Julia Ann Pennington Vice-President Dorothea Clarson Secretary Claire Brandies Treasurer Eleanor Hillnian Sergeant at Arms Nancy Rossetter Rep. at large ... Agnes Formliy S()|)li(iniore Rep. Ainic P.oxd TOWN COUNCIL President Nell Micrs Secretary Jean Bolts Social (]hairinan Marion Merrill Freshman Rep. Verna Baer THE HISTORY CLUB Founded in April. I ' Ml OFFICERS llclin llnwes _ _ — - President Mary (;iinte _ _ . Vice-President Virginia Scarlioroiigli Secretary and Treasurer Oiirge Ehlhardt Faculty Advisor MEMBERS icior Baer George Eldhardl ' irginia Scarlioroufili Helen Howes Bill Strickland Mrs. Merrill Mary Conte Professor Winters Mary Gordon Dr. G. L. LaFuze Mary Beasley PI GAMMA MU Founded in February. 1929 OFFICERS ii lor Baer President Jean Morris -- Vice-President Dr. G. L. LaFuze -. Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Ruby Amory FACULTY George Avent Robert Harnett Mary Conte Professor H. Bafeson Fred Cooke frs. Sue Burns Dorothy Dunn Dean Prentice Carson Margaret Foy Dr. R. E. Clark Huber Griffin Dr. lola Eastburn Josephine Holch George Ehlhardt Helen Howes Dr. C. A. Fisher Cecil Jones Edward Furlong Ray Jordan Dr. H. C. Garwood John Kurtz Miss Curtis Horn Angelo Marlino Carl Johnson Nell Mires Dr. R. C. Larcom Frances McGarrah Mrs. D. McEntire Polly Pasteur Dr. Frances Thornton Margaret Payne Miss Etter Turner Charles Ross Prof. H. S. Winters Virginia Scarborough Mary Elizabeth Welsh WILLIAiMSON DAVIS McDonald MOCK HILLMAN McGARRAH PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Gwendolyn Powell Lillian Williamson Marzee McDonald Eleanor Hillman ALPHA XI DKLTA Mary Lou Davis Eleanor Hillnian DELTA DELTA DELTA Marzee McDonald Frances McGarrah PI BETA PHI Marion Burj cr Gwendolyn Powell ZETA TAL ALPHA Mary Mock iJllian Williamson A GATE MINARIK KURTZ GRIFFIN McCORD THEURER SHULER THACKER LAWTON NELSON MAY WETHERBY McCLURE BURGER BUCHANAN DAVIS INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL ALPHA XI DELTA Margaret Gate Blanche McCord Lydia Theurer PI KAPPA PHI Jolni Kurtz Gadi Lawton James Nelson DELTA DELTA DELTA Louise McClure Marzee McDonald Jane Smith SIGMA NU Frank Buchanan Vance Graham Fred Kiehle DELTA SIGMA PHI Harry Minarik Arthur Shuler Russell Thacker STRAY GREEKS Huiser Griffin Edward May Frances Wetherby PI BETA PHI Marion Burger Dorothea Clarson Ra) Jordan ZETA TAU ALPHA Bette Davis Carohn Golsner Lillian Williamson McDonald smith clarson jordan graham kiehle golsner williamson a, O What A Life e 5 O O . o .V 5 STOVER LITTLE THEATRE STETSON PLAYERS 1940-41 SEASON October l The season was opened with a group of three one-act plays. Spreading the News. J he Hour-Glass, and Liter Relaxation, directed by members of Theta Alpha Phi and emplovin " novice players. f i October 31. November l-.Moliere-s School ior, tran lah.l bv llo»ar,l L. Bateson was presented with charm and grace for Homecoming audiences. November 21, 23— 5 oge Door by Kanfman and Ferber of veteran and initiate actors and was distinguished Stetson stage. ■ an admirable vehicle Flonnie .- ndeis " inti fo .duct a lars December 17-ln the spirit of Christmas William N. Guthrie ' s The Lord ' s Prayer was presented supplemented by a verse-speaking choir under the direction of Mrs. Paul McEntire. February 14, 15— George Bernard Shaw ' s famed fYgmalion highlight of the winter season. enacted by a seasonal cast, was imatic revue, an original production Pardon IJ March 6— Theta Alpha Phi presented its first dr Cupid by Howard Bateson and Lydia Theurer. -March 15--The Second Annual Men ' s Intramural Dramatic Contest was again w, h-lii lor their skit, Robmson Crusoe which triumphed over productions of Co Ministerial Association, Delta Sigma Phi, and Sigma Nu. XIarch 22-In the First Women ' s Intramural Dramatic Contest Alpha Xi Delta received fir.t zl-ta Ta " A ha " ' ' ' " " " ' ' " ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ° ' ' ' " ' ' ' " elta. Alpha Dexiomas. and April 23, 24-Tl.e birthday of William Shakespeare wa. celebrated by the presentation of a program of purple passages from well-known plays and songs and sonnets by tlie ver.e-speak n choir. ater which a bus. of Shakes peare was unveiled and placed in tt tLatrelobbv Conv pleting the celebration, the Roman tragedy, Coriolanus was presented. May 16,17 -Clifford Goldsmith ' s comedy. What A Life provided a hilarious closing for the season. In coordination " ' ih the class in radio speech and the Stetson Kadio Series of WMFJ, Daytona Beach, the Stetson Radio Guild was formed and presented a number of radio dramas, includiu " L ■ ' ■ ' " " c-M " " ' f! ' ' f , ' " " " ' ' « ' ■ " ' " . ■ ' ' ■• and Frost dramatize.l bv Nara FJIen Mobley and Mary Lou (larreli from ihc stnrv ol Delight .Sieg. 11 bv Pi iiad Ha Kappa I. The Irving C. Stover Dec McKnlirc ,A ' 0 g c AV X nSS § o O I ' q_ in " o o - o o . D o 3 % THETA ALPHA PHI HONORARY DRAMATIC FRATERNITY Florida Aljilia Chaplcr Fstahlished December, 1919 Colors — Piujili ' (111(1 li hilc Flower — Violet Presidenl Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Historian Faculh Ad is( r OPTICERS Lydia Theurer Leia May Jennings Marzee McDonald _ William Lovelace . Brunelle Holder Willie Dee McEntire MEMBERS Horace Bills Hulier Griffin Ra Jordan Fred Kiehle John Kurt Gwendohn Powell Nancy Rossetter Mary Elizabeth Welsh John Whitney Howard Bateson Dr. Donald Faulkner Prof. Harold M. Giffin Dr. Irving C. Stover Mrs. Irving C. Stover O " DEBATE During the 1940-41 debate work was under the direction of Dr. Irving C. Stover, with Lydia Theurer serving as coach. The varsity group was composed of Vance Graham, John Lewis, Ruby Amory, and Irma French. Graham and Lewis attended the Pi Kappa Delta Province Tournament, April 2-5, at Montevallo, Alabama. Lewis took first place in extemporaneous speaking and second in oratory, while Graham was a finalist in im- promtu speaking. The Stetson squad ranked third in debate, competing against leading colleges of the South. Amory and French represented Stetson at the Tournament of the Southern Association of Teachers of Speech at Birmingham April 1-5. In addition to very satisfactory work in debate, nn r took second in extemporaneous speaking and fourth in after-dinner speaking. This year, as heretofore. Stetson opened the debate season bv playing host to other colleges of the state at the Fourth Annual Florida Practise Tournament. November 15. John Lewis was ad- judged the best extemporaneous speaker, and Gadi Lawton represented Stetson in the non-competitive after-dinner speaking. Debating was non-decision in order to encourage untrained speakers to parti- cipate. Among Stetsons beginning debaters who ]3artici] ated in this meet, at the University of Florida March o. and in intra-squad debating through the year are: George Avent. Dekle De- Loach. Doris Hartman, Robert Henry, Harvey Klein. Sylva Landress. Forrest May. and Max Stamper. February 5 Stetson entertained debaters from Wheaton College and engaged in a dual debate with Amory, French, Graham, and Lewis parti- cipating for Stetson. New York University de- baters arrived March 7, and that afternoon Klein and Lewis debated then on the Pi Kappa Delta r|ucstion. An event of their visit was the presenta- lion of a letter of greeting from Mayor F. H. LaGuardia of New York City to Mayor A. C. Hatch of DeLand by Murray Gartner, manager of the N. Y. V. team. The debate season was formally dosed with an Oregon Plan debate on the S. A. T. S. question over radio station W. M.F.J. April 16. Amory, (jraham, Lewis and Klein were the speakers. As an extra-season s])ecial. Pi Kappa Delta spon- sored an intramural debate tournament with humor- ous topics May 2, ;i CL ARSON CLARK LEWIS THEURER PI KAPPA DELTA Florida Beta Chapter Established 1938 OFFICERS Vance Graham - President Gadi Lawton Vice-President Dorothea Clarson - Secretary-Treasurer John Lewis - Historian Dr. Irving C. Stover -.. — - — Faculty Advisor John Cicero Harold Clark Dorothea Clarson MEMBERS Lydia Theurer Vance Graham Gadi Lawton John Lewis Pi Kappa Delta menihers served as hosts when represent atives from the University of Florida, Florida Sonthern, St. Petersburg Junior College and Rollins visited the campus November 15 for the Fourth Annual Florida Practise Tournament. John Lewis distinguished himself as the outstanding extemporaneous speaker, and Gadi Lawton represented Stetson in the non competitive after-dinner speaking. John Lewis and Vance Graham distinguished themselves as Florida Betas delegates to the Pi Kappa Delta Province Tournament at Monlevallo, Alabama, April 2-5. Pi Kappa Delta at Stetson inaugurated what is to be an annual event — intramural debate tournament for novice men and women speakers. The topics were humorous and the tourna- ment hilarious. reesp: BARNETT FISHER MOBLEY BURGMAN HEEBNER SIEG MANDEVILLE CHESSER McENIRY SHEPPARD TRIESTE CRISSEY LANDRESS THEIIRER BEASLEY FAULKNER MANDEVILLE STETSON PRESS CLUB OFFICERS President Joy Reese Vice-President Sarah Ellen Mobley Secretary Ksllicr Maiideville Treasurer I ' at Trieste Social Chairinaii Mary Beasley Founded March 11, 1940 The Press Club is an honorary organi alion which recognizes stiidciils uhn :i r irvn (HilNlan ing in literary circles. It is semi-professional in nature and is dcdiculcd in I he iiKMuniiiiri i journalism both on and off the campus. MKMBKRS [ioherl FJarnctt Dorothy Burgman Bob ( hesscr Bill Crissey Dr. Donald Faulkner Klizahelb Fisher Bob lleebner Dr. Hugh .McKniry ylva I.andress Kslher .Mandeville .lanet Mandeville Tludnui I ' reston Sam Holch Delight .Seig Adelaide Key Mariorie Willis I ' LEDGE.S Mary Elizabeth Bostick EACULTY ADVISOR Edward Dail Mrs. Mary Axlell Bailey l-»» A O fS V J HEEBINER BURGMAN REESE BRANON ESTES EISHER HOLCH SAMPLE CHESSER BURGMAN LAN DRESS BEASLEY ' .rfi DALE CRISSEY ANDERSON BLUEMKE DAIL BOSTICK GARRARD MANDEVILLE MANDEVILLE Special 1() " The Hatter " HE STETSON REPORTER STAFF Robert Heeliiier. Jr. Dorothy Lou Burgman Joy Reese William M. Crissey Helen Anderson Arthur Estes Elizaheth Fisher Editor Associate Editor .„. News Editor Advertising Manager - Proofreader Circulation Manager Staff Cartoonist SPORTS WRITERS Sam Holch Bob Sample Jack Bluemke G. Edward Dail. Jr. SOCIETY WRITERS Adelaide Ke Glenda Dale STAFF WRITERS Mary Elizabeth Bostick Bob Chesser Barbara Burgman Sylva Landress Mary Beasley Jean Garrard Janet Mandeville Esther Mandeville REESE LANDRESS FISHER DR. McENIRY ROHDE HOWES BURGMAN BEASLEY MOBLEY STETSONIAN Founded in 1936 The Stetsonian, campus magazine, was originated by literary minded students to promote creative writing and literary activities on the campus. Editor-in-Chief Joy Reese Business Manager - Sylva Landress Art Editor , ., Elizabeth Fisher Poetry Editors Dolores Rohde, Helen Howes Prose Editors Dorothy Lou Burgman, Mary Beasley, Sarah Ellen Mobley Faculty Advisors - Dr. Hugh McEniry, Dr. G. Lcighton LaFuze. Dr. Donald Faulkner SIEG MINARIK MERRILL THACKER PHILLIPS FISHER WELSH BURRELL BENNETT HILLMAN MILLIGAN MacEACHERN McCLURE 0-DONIEL ROTH CONTE PREVATT LINZELL THE HATTER BEASLEV • BRADFORD DeBELLA Editor-in-Chief Delight Sieg Business Manager Harry Minarik Assistant Editor .- _ Marion Merrill Assistant Business Manager Russell Thacker Art Editor Elaine Phillips Assistant Art Editor Elizabeth Fisher College of Liberal Arts Seniors Mary Welsh Juniors and Sophomores Ann Burrell Freshmen _ Pauline Bennett College of Law Wallace Smith College of Music _ Eleanor Hillman, Doris Milligan College of Business Marion MacEachern Features Louise McClure Snap Shots Bonita O ' Doniel Sports - Austin Roth Organizations _. — - Mary Conte, Ruby Prevatt Fraternities Margaret Linzel Faculty Mary Beasley Secretary _ Agatha DeBella General Assistant _ Mary Bradford Faculty Advisor C. R. M. Shep])ard STAFFORD MAHAFFEY CON ' I ' E PENNINGTON AR ()LI) THin A GAMMA EPSILON Hdiuirary (ieology and Geography Society Founded in May 2, 1940 OFFIGERS l!al|.li Slaflonl Mary Conte Pierre Mahaffex - — President Vice-President Secretar and Treasurer MEMBERS Pat Arnold Julia Ann Penninstf f . C ( ' DAVIS BURGMAN WOODWARD FISHER EASTBURN BAER HARNHART BATESON BRANCH KAYE SMITH STRICKLAND THEIRER DER DEUTSCHE VEREIN OFFICERS Mary Lou Da is President Dorothy Lou Burgman Vice-President Ozello Woodward . - Secretary Paul Fisher Treasurer MEMBERS iclor Ikum Wilbur Kaye I ' clcr Ixii ' iihail Charlotte Smith Howard Baleson William Stricklatid (iarland Brancli Lydia Theurer FACULTY ADVISOR Dr. Easlburn BETA KEY OFFICERS President Vernon Turner Vice-President Dorothy Biirgman Secretary Elsie Hooker Treasurer L. T. Tompkins Colors — Haemoglolein Red and Chlorophyll Green Date of Founding 1937 MEMBERS J. L. Green Esther Mandeville Janet Mandeville Julia Ann Pennington Eunice Webber PLEDGES Elaine Phillips Harry Minarik GAMMA SIGMA EPSILON BETA BETA CHAPTER OFFICERS Grand Alchemist _ Harry Minarik Recorder __ Lillian Williamson Visor Sidney Nix Electron of the Black Arts L. G. Tompkins Colors — Black and White Honorary Chemistry Fraternity MEMBERS Esther Mandeville FACULTY Dorothy Burgman Janet Mandeville Dr. J. F. Conn William Lake Ray Voss NEWTON CLUB Not National 1 939 Colors — Injra Red and I! lira I ' iolct OFFICERS President Peter D. Barnharl Vice-President ...._ _ Sidney Nix Secretary . . L. Hallman Clark Treasurer ...-. M. Elizabeth McGinnes Marshal . Leonard G. Tompkins MEMBERS Lillian Williamson Dot Lou Burgman Peter D. Barnhart Leonard Tompkins Carl Purtz L. Hallman Clark Ward Rosenberry Charmian R. StoU PLEDGES Esther Mandeville M. Elizabeth McGinnes Betty Smith D. Jean Bolts Garland Branch FACULTY E. Francis Smith Paul Fisher Dr. Dcuiald Faiilkmr Sidney Nix Wilbur Kaye Dr. Curtis Louery ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER of SIGMA PI SIGMA Founded in 1921 President Vice-President .Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS Dr. Vance Dr. Donald Faulkner Peter Barnhart Bobbins Rice Francis Smith Dr. K. I. Allrn BARN HART BOTTS BURGMAN CLARK FISHER GREENE HOOKER KAYE E. MANDEVILLE J. MANDEVILLE MINARIK McGINNES NIX PENNINGTON PHILLIPS ROSENBERRY SMITH RICE STOLL TOMPKINS TURNER VOSS WEBBER WILLIAMSON BRANCH CONN ALLEN FAULKNER VANCE f D ,r x n IIKKMNER COOKF. jom:s MIKES LOVhXACi; FOV KLMMKR OGLETREE HILLMAN FINNEY Ki inz PASTKl R LOVELESS FREEBLRG MtDERMOTT PAYNE BUNGER GRIBHS M((;AKRAII sivinii COFIELI) IIOLGHTON 1 1ER]{ITT EARCOM in ■ T., iiiiulah ' li SI lilSON COA4MliJ CB CLUI3 Colors Red and hlark I ' lMinded in May, I ' J.iV ilii lar lu|j: lo farililulr cnnlaci uilh !li( conslriicliM- lliinkirif; in llir fi.-M ..I ,,,. OKFICKKS K..l..ri l|r,-|„„T Hill l.oM-lacc ICIranor Ililliiiari Don.thy l.oviless l,.iuis liiiriii. ' r nnic Cofi.-ld Fred Otokf Kd Dail Agatha I).- Bella Mariiari ' l Foy J can I ' iniicy I ' hyllis Fm-hiirg Lillian (;nild)s Kdna lliiiit hton MKMHKK.S Cecil Jones (iliailes Knnnni ' i ' Jolin Kurt . I.oiiis MelJeiinoll F ' rances McCJarrali Irviny Merrill Nell Mires Mary Fllen i,li.,lsoi, Kvelyn Ofil.lree l dly Paslenr rivial uorld: an. I iMoirn ' ss, I ' residrn ■Presidei, S Mrelar ' i ' l ' casni ' c Pefijiy I ' ayne Katliryn Sandnsky Harold .Smith IIONOKAKY MKMBFKS Dr. W. N. Harr Dr. C. A. Fi lnr Dr. H. C. Larconi I ' n.fesM.r Fnilun;; Hl NTER REAVES FRICK WADE SCARBOROl(,H DICKEKT ARKLEY ADAMS AUSTIN BOTTS FUTCH JAMESON LORD MILLIGAN I ' KDEN RHODE ROGY SMITH SMITH WILLIAMS DAVIS ETA CHAPTER OF PHI BEIA ERATEI NI lY OFFICERS Barbara Hunter Margaret Reaves - Virginia Frick — . Mildred Wade Virginia Scarborough Bonnie Parker Mildred Dickert Frances Arkley Veronica Davis President Vice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer Alumnae Secretary Historian Doorkeeper Faculty Advisor Edith Adams Frances Arkley Wanda Austin jean Botts Mildred Dickert Virginia Frick Elizabeth Futch MEMBERS Barbara Hunter Elizabeth Jameson Olive Lord Doris Milligan Barbara Peden Margaret Reaves Dolores Rhode Jean Rogy Virginia Scarborough Jane Smith Katherine Smith Mildred Wade Doris Williams •p • 1 Jl , C f " r 1 O 1 M McEMBER GUSHING BOOTH FEASEL GHESSER BLOUNT BURDINE DONALDSON HAWN PARKER SMITH HAFFIELD FEASEL GARRET ALPHA XI CHAPTER of KAI ' PA KAPPA PSI National HonoiaiN ISaiid Fraternity Founderl in 1919 — GhaptiT I ' lslahlishcd in December 193S Colors — Blue and While Flower — Red Canialion OFFICERS Robert R. McEmber President William S. Cushinf; Vice-President Gordon 0. Bootli Secretary Dick Feasel - Treasurer Robert Chesser Fdilor-SiMilinel llONOKAMY MEMBER Ca|)t. William F. Sanlicinan, Director I!. S. Marine Band MEMBERS Robert Blount Horace Hawn Jerry Haffield Gordon Booth Dick Feasel Robert Feasel J. T. Burdine, Jr. Robert R. McEnd)er Carl Garret Robert Chesser Thomas Parker William (lushing Francis Smith FACULTY Bardwell Donaldson John J. Heney ADAMS HOLMAN INMAN KLINE MOTT NICHOLSON SIMPSON SMITH WALKER AMIDON SCHRODER SMITH DELTA GAMMA PHI Honorary Band Fraternity for Women OFFICERS President Mary Ellen Nicholson Vice-President Frances Inman Secretary _ Dorris Holman Treasurer Selena Walker MEMBERS Edith Adams Dorris Holman Elizabeth Howell Frances Inman Mary Ellen Kline Olive Lord Dorothy Mott Mary Ellen Nichol Harriet Simpson Katherine Smith Selena Walker PLEDGES Betty Jane Amidon Anita Schroder Donna Smith FACULTY John J. Henev U ffTERS ART CLUB . Wanda Austin Mary Biadfi.rd Jane Coogler Mary Lee Jessie Longino Irene Nassau Carolyn Aycock Rosa Maude Cole Members Not I ' icI Nell Lynn Willetta Branch Ida Fee Bailey Mary Beasley -Mildred Cotter Zoe Crawford Anne Lytle Syble Lytle Bette Bird Emma Sedwick Lela Mae Jennings Charlotte Werwage Erin Mercer Annette Wolcott PHI ALPHA DELTA LAW FRATERNLLY Fouiuled in looB l)a i(l J. l5ie v(M Cliapli I ' dinuled in 1915 Colors — Purple and Gold OFFICERS Carl Teague Larry DeShaw Vernon Turner Mac Ferguson Marval Cazor Justice Vice-Justice Clerk Treasurer Marshall ACTIVF MEMBERS Marval Cazer John Cicero Larry DeShaw James Dyson Mac Ferguson Troy Hall Sam Holch Luke Kalccl Fred Kiehlc Roy Kinsey Angelo Martino James Nelson Charles Ross Wallace Smith Hubert StiHmaii Carl Teague Vernon Turner Auhrey Vincent Wals( Harold Clark James Cul])( ' |)|)cr (»adi Lawlon PLEDGES Harold Vann George Whilchurst Dick Sauls CAZER CLARK CULPEPPER CICERO DESHAW DYSON EERGUSON HALL HOLCH KALEEL KIEHLE KINSEY LAWTON MARTINO NELSON ROSS SALES SMITH RliTLEDGE TEAGUE TURNER VANN WATSON WIHTEHURST LA FRANCIADE Founded in 1935 Colors — Blue. Re l null While OFFICERS Ra Jordan Ann Burrell Ralph Stafford Treasurer Elsie Hooker Advisors Thornton and Bateson President Vice-President Secretary MEMBERS Kditli Adams Lois Bacon Patty Bailey Mary Beasley Elizabeth Brannon Evelyn Cates Louis Chanipeau Rachel Clarke Dorothea Clarson Minii Cotter George Ehlhardt Rita Gross Pat Hall Rita Hill Louise McClure Brunelle Holder Lois Johnson Sylva Landress Josephine Looniis Esther Mandeville Janet Mandeville Erin Mercer Mary Mock Elaine Phillips Voncille Powell Dolores Rohde Nancy Rossetter Jane Shaw Ozello Woodward William R. Turner .IORUA BLRRELL STAFFORD HOOKER THORNTON BATESON ADAMS BACON BAILEY BEASLEY BRANNON GATES CLARK CLARSON COTTER f EHLHARDT GROSS HALL HILL HOLDER JOHNSON LANDRESS LOOM IS MANDEVILLE, E.j MANDEVILLE,; ' mi:rger MOCK PHILLIPS POWELL ROHDE KOSSETTER SHAW WOODWARD McCLlRE ARJONA HALL MARTINO MOURE CONTE BATESON EASTBURN NAPOLl PRESTON VALDES WASHBURNE WEBBER WINTERS ALPHA KAPPA CHAPTER OF SIGMA DELTA PI National Span sh Fraternity Fouiiflcfl ill l W7 Colors Ufd and Gold Flower .. Ri ' ( Carnation President OFFICERS Pal Ruiz Hall Vice-PresifJoii Angclo Marliiio Secretary Rolicrt Moore Treasurci Howard Bateson I{i-|ii.ilcr lVlai CoMli- MEMBERS Wallace Smith ' I ' lielma Preston Carlotta Washburne i ' liiiiice Wcl)i)cr Chris Napoli FACULTY Dr. Doris K. Arjona i ' rof. Harry S. Winters Dr. iola Faslliurn SMITH LEWIS HALL HOWES FORMBY BAER BURGMAN MERCER REASLEV BILLS CLARK COTTER DYAL HOYT McCLURE MacDONALD MORRIS DAVIS FISHER ' OODWARn CORDON LINZEL SCARBOROrCH STRICKLAND BURDINE ARNOLD INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB President . Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Sect ' v Treasurer Program Chairman Publicity Chairman OFFICERS John Lewis Pat Ruiz Hall Helen Howes Agnes Forinb) Victor Baer Dorothy Burgman I rin Mercer Victor Baer Mary Beasley Horace Bills Dorothy Burgman Harold ' Clark Mildred Collcr Iva Dyal George Ehlhardt Virariuia Evans MEMBERS Agnes Formby Helen Howes Donna Hovt John Lewis Louise McClure Marzee McDonald Erin Mercer Jean Morris Pat Ruiz Hall Mary Lou Dayis Elizabeth Fisher Ozello Woodward Mary Gordon Margaret Linzel Virginia Scarl)oroi William Strickland J. T. Burdine Patrick Arnold STETSON BLAZER CLUB Founded May 19. 1939 Colors — Kelly Grefii and While Emblem — Chenille Letter " 5 " OFFICERS President __. - Lillian Grubbs Vice-President - - Charmion Stoll Secretary Claire Brandies Treasurer Ruth Nowlin Activities Director Polly Pasteur Publicity Manager . ..- Sue Robinson Historian Dot l.ou Burgman FarultN Advisors Mrs. Nelle Morris. Miss Sara Staff MEMBERS Claire Brandies Dot Lou Burgman Lillian Grubbs Mary Helen Hill Ruth Nowlin I ' olly Pasteur Sill ' Kiiliiiisoii Chaiiiiioii Sliil AC ' ilVITIKS OF ■rilF YKAK Chrvsantheniuni sale at Hoinccoming Green Derby Carnival in ihc Spring o p HUNT GREENE SPAHN MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Devotional Chairman Activity Chairman Recorder Parliamentarian Farult Advisor George Avent Horace Bills J. T. Burdine Edgar Cooper David Gardner J. L. Greene Alvis Herring MEMBERS Joe W. Hough John Lewis Howard Lytle T. R. Minis Chris Napoli Wilson Shepherd Wilson Spahii Patrick Arnold Ben Yeargin Aaron Rutledge Marion Reid _ Arthur Estes David Lynn Noah McDowell John Hunt Dr. II. C. Garwood David Sperring William Striikland Thomas Thompson Elmer Ware Robert Wheatly John W hitne f . n r o c a ■ 4ik il i. ii dfe HUNT MORRIS KING HALL ARKLEY CONTE HERRING REAVES MASSEY ALLEN LEWIS AUSTIN BILLS BAPTIST STUDENT UNION COUNCIL The 15. S. U. Council is a group of leaders in ihe Student L iiion organ- ized to provide the eoiniecting link between the student and his Church. (;RUnBS TRAWICK BRANDIES ARNOLD GARWOOD TURNER Colo r.s — Pill jil t ' mill H hilt ' OI ' FICKK.S President J. L. Greene President John Hunt First Vice-President Berla Mae King Second Vice-President Hal Hunter Third Vice-i ' residenl Jean Morris Secretary Lillian Grul)lis ' i ' reasurer Dorothy Trawick Vesper Chairman Nani ' y Rossetter Music Chairman Frances Arklej Puhlicity Director Marv Conle Sunday School Sn|i(i intcnc lent Alvis Herring H. ' ] " . U. Director Margaret Heaves Y. W. A. President Claire Brandcis Ministerial { ' resident Patrick Arnold Volunteer Band President Dorothy Myers Life Service Band f resid( •nt Carolyn Mas.sey Town Representative K. ' .hcrt Allen Baptist Student Reprcscnl; ;ilivc John Lewis Student Advisor liora.e Bills I ' aculty Advisor Dr. II. C. (;arwood Religious Counselor Miss Liter Turner Representative on Stetson ( iouncil Wanda Au.slin STETSON RELIGIOUS COUNCIL Founded May 1940 OFFICERS President - Margaret Linzel Vice-President Victor Baer Secretary Mary Beasley Treasurer Jolm Hunt The purpose of llu- Stetj ori Religious Council is to deepen Christian life on the Stetson campus through cooperation among the various (Icriominalions. MEMBERS Braxton Huntley Ann Boyd Wanda Austin Mary Beasley Margaret Linzel Victor Baer Carolyn Golsner John Hunt Louis McDerniol Fred Cooke ADVISORS Robert Micatlc Lucinda Bell Miss Etlcr Turner George Ehlhardt Maurice Miller .MASSEV LEE HANCOCK ARCHER CONTE KING LANCASTER LIFE SERVICE BAND STONE President __.__ Carolyn Massey Vice-President _ _ Marv Lee Secretary-Treasurer Emily Hancock MEMBERS Ruth Archer Mary Conte Barbara Stone Berta Mae King Dorothy Lancaster VOLUNTEER BAND President Vice-Presidei Secretary Treasurer Sponsor _.„ Dorothy M ers t Elouise Bell ,1. L. Greene Gertrude Hare Miss Edgelle Henry MEMBERS Robert Moore Alma Kelley Eunice Webber William S|Kihn I ' atrick Arnold Mar Jameson James Collins Harriet Alexander MYERS BELL GREENE IIAl ' vE HENRY ARNOLD COLLINS JAMESON KELLER MOORI-: SPAHN WEBBER BI r j k : A1 McDERMOTT COOKE CO ' n ' KR BURGER DEBELLA GOULD HILLMAN MRUZ STRAUB PADULA NEWMAN CLUB OFFICERS President L ouis McDermott Vice-President Fred Cooke Secretary Treasurer Mimi Cotter Marion Burger MEMBERS William Breimaii Louis Cham])eau Claudia Cini Agatha DeBella Lawrence Da Riff Wilber Eichkotz Bob Gauiihii John Gould Pat Ruiz Hall Eleanor Hillman Ruth Hillman Rita Hill Luke Kaleel Edward Kaleel arner Kerzmann Josephine Looinis Angelo MarliiKi Hugh Murphy Cecilia Mruz James Nelson Joe Padula Annie Rossiter Helen Ryan Arthur Spoltore Joyce St. Onge Paul Straub Burrell Wagner GALGHN ST. ONGE I illian Acosla Betty Jane Amidoii Ruth Archer Wanda Austin Mary Beasley Claire Bumgarner Delphine Coverston Dorothy Estabrook Agnes Formby Virginia Friek Claire Brandies Mary Gordon Emily Hancock Lois Hensley Virginia Hughes Mar y Jameson A diaioma President Vice-President Secretary Corresponder Treasurer Advisor Ozello Woodward Joy Reese Edna Houghton Delight Seig Alma Kelle Miss Barbara Rowe Mar l ' ' ,lliMi Klin )()rnth KiKilt IMullis l,..,,iKinl Mai) Lee Frances Madden Dorothy Martin Mary Palmer Marion Merrill Barbara I ' ihIcm Vaona I ' dcrson Issther Ki|)|) Carolyn Pfarr Nancy Rosscller Doris Warren Mary Elizabelb Marjorie Willis Welch STRAY GREEKS Founded 1941 MEMBERS Frances Wetherlj . Alpha Oniicron Pi. DePauw University. Helen Titchener. Clionion, Cortland State Normal. Louise Lazelle. Kappa Kappa, West Virginia University. Winfield Ackerman, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Syracuse University. Thomas Foard, Gamma Beta Chi. Lenoir Rhyne College. Ruber Griffin. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. College of William and Mary. Charles Hamly. Chi Phi. Georgia Tech. Fred Keisling, Phi Kappa Sigma, Vanderbilt University. Ed May. Jr., Sigma Phi Epsilon, University of Florida. Jack Arnold, Alpha Delta Phi, University of Illinois. Club Advisor: Edward Furlong, Jr., Sigma Phi Episilon, West Virginia University ALPHA XI DELTA Founded at Lombard College, 1894 Omega Chapter Established May, 1917 Color — Double Blue and Gold Flower — Killaruev Rose OFFICERS President Vice-President Recording Secretary ... Treasurer Corresponding Secretar Lydia Theurer Bette Bird Lela May Jennings ... Eleanor Hillman . Margaret Pavne CHAPTER MEMBERS IN FACULTATE Olga Bowen Mary Tribble Lowery Dee Willian McEniire Aileen Worth Margaret Barbe Pauline Bennett Bette Bird Rlizabeth Anne Branon Phyllis Brown Margaret Cate Frances Chandler Mary Lou Davis Dorothy Gibbons Rita Gross IN UNIVERSITATE Dorothy Jennings Lela May Jennings Harryette Johnson Belly Lalto Nell Lynn Blanche McCord Doris Milligan Margaret Payne Betty Powers Jean Rogy Anita Schroeder Mary Frances Smith Pat Sweet Lydia Theurer ( arlolta Washbnrnc Catherine Watson Elizabeth Weldon Doris Williams PLEDGES Flonnie Anders Betty Jatie F ' arkins Rosalie Priest Frances Twitty Nancy Vickers THEURER BIRD JENNINGS. L. HILLMAN PAYNE BARBE BENNETT BRANON BROWN GATE GHANDLER DAVIS GIBBONS GROSS HILLMAN, R. JENNINGS. D. JOHNSON LATTO LYNN McGORD MILLIGA PARKINS POWERS PRIEST PRINGE ROGY sghroedi:r SMITH sweet |; TWITTY VIGKKRS WASHBURNE WATSON WELDEN WILLIAMS ( (H DELTA DELTA DELTA Founded at Boston I niversily, I800 Alpha Delta Chapter Kstahlished May. 1913 Colors — Gold and Blue -Pansy President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer . . OFFICERS . Marzee McDonald Erin Mercer Julia Ann Pennington Margaret Fo CHAPTER MEMBERS Curtis Horn IN FACULTATE Sara Staff Edith Adams Patt Bailey Barhara Burgman Dorothy Lou Burgman Anne Bnrrell Mildred Cotter Iva Dyal Oleda Dyson Elizabeth Ellezy Virginia Evans Margaret Foy Elizabeth Futch Lillian Crubbs IN UNIVERSITATE Pat Hall Abbie Hatfield Barbara llunlci Jessie Beth Longino Ami L tle Jane Mc( lenagan Louise M(( lure Helen Doris McCortnick Marzee McDonald Frances McC.arrah Ernestine Maugans Erin Mercer Jean Morris Julia Ann Peiniington Helen Percival Ruby Prevatt Dorothy Rudasill Jane Shaw- Jane Smith Ann Spinks Catherine Stevens Miriam Walden Kathryn Ward ( ' harlolte Werwaac Betty Jf) Barnes Jane (ioogler PLEDGES Sibyl Lytic Jean Treshcr McDonald MERCER PENNINGTON FOY ADAMS BAILEY BARNES BURGMAN. B. BURGMAN, D. BURRELL COTTER DYAL DYSON EVANS FUTCH GRUBBS HALL HATFIELD HUNTER LONGING LYTLE, A. MtCLENAGAN McCLURE McCORMICK McGARRAH MORRIS PERCIVAL PREVATT RUDASILL SHAW SMITH SPINKS STEVENS TRESHER WALDEN WARD WERWAGE PI BETA PHI Founded al Monmouth College. lo67 Florida Alpha Chapter Established January. 1913 Colors — Winr and Silver Blue Flower — Wine Carualion OFFICERS President . Vice-President Recording Secretary Treasurer . Corresponding Secretary Gwendolyn Powell Marjorie Ault Voncille Powell Dorothea Clarsor Phyllis Freehurg CHAPTER MEMBERS -Nelle Campbell Mori IN FACULTATE Annie Nadine Holden Marjorie Ault Caroline Aycock Lois Bacon Verna Baer Willetta Branch Marian Burger Evelyn Cates Dorothea Clarson Evelyn Clarson Patricia Cloward Jean Douglas IN UNIVERSITATE Phyllis Freehurg Elaine Freedlund Norma (Gardner Pauline Gectrgc Mary Helen Hill Frances Inman Ray Jordon Marion KcUcy Adelaide Key Margaret Linzcl Mary Moblcy Louella Nichols Polly Pasteur Gwendolyn Powell Voncille Powell Sue Robinson Joan Saunders Betty Smith Donna Smith Joyce St. Onge Barbara White Jeanne ( arrar( Edith Knox peed(;es Virginia Morrow I ' A ' clvn Stowc 0 - -.v POWELL. G. AULT POWELL. V. CLARSON. U. FREEBURG AYCOCK BACON BAER BRANCH BURGER GATES CLARSON, E. CLOWARD DOUGLAS FREEDLUND GARDNER GEORGE GARRARD HILL INMAN JORDAN KELLEY KEY KNOX LINZEL MORROW NICHOLS PASTEUR ROBINSON SMITH. B. SMITH. D. ST. ONCE STOWE i i I V -?v } : - ZETA TAU ALPHA Founded at Virginia State Normal College Beta Psi Chapter Established October, 1934 Colors — Turquoise Blue and Gray Flower — White Violet OFFICERS President Lillian Williamson Vice-President _ Carolyn Golsner Secretary Phyllis Hutton Treasurer Margaret Wood CHAPTER MEMBERS Sue McEachern Burns IN FACULTATE Etter Turner Frances Clabaush Tlu)rnto Martha Beasley Mary E. Bostick Ann Boyd Ra( hel Clark Bctte Davis Carolyn Golsner IN UNIVERSITATE Marie Hisey Phyllis Hutton Elizabeth Jameson Eli abeth McCinnis Mary Mock Elaine Phillips Mary Louise H( libauin Kathryri Sanilusky Virginia Scarborough Lillian Williamson Margaret Wood Irene Nassau Annette Walcoll Doris Broadheac Shirley Coen Zoe Oawford Kathryn Foster PLE1)(;ES Elsie Hooker Betty Lively Mary Lou Livingood Dorothy McWhorter Betty Parlill Marjorie Sjnilli Mary Frances Walke WILLIAMSO GOLSNER FlUTTON WOOD BEASLEY BROADHEAD BOSTICK BOYD CLARKE CRAWFORD DAVIS FOSTER HISEY HOOKER JAMESON LIVELY McGINNIS McWHORTER NASSAU PARFITT PHILLIPS SANDUSKY SCARBOROUGH SMITH WALCOTT DELTA SIGMA PHI Founded at City College of New York, 1899 Alpha Chi Chapter Established 1925 Colors — Nile Green and White Flower — White Carnation OFFICERS President Arthur Shuler Vice-President ___. Harry Minarik Secretary — — _ Russell Stillwell Treasurer .— Russell Thacker CHAPTER MEMBERS Robert I. Allen Willis N. Baer IN FACULTATE Donald Faulkner Harry Garwood C. R. M. Sheppard Victor Baer John Brown John Cross Sidney Fessenden Wilson Haynes l{ol)erl Henry Karl Kesmodel IN UNIVERSITATE Pierre Mahaffey Irving Merritt Harry Minarik Warfl Rosenberry Arthur Shulcr Harry Snyder Harold Sniilh Francis Smith Russell Stillwell Russell Thacker James Tillis D.mald Watson (iarland Branch William Brinkley Harry Brownlce Jefferson Clark Julian Clark PLEDGES Raymond Edwards Cecil Ellzey Warner Kerzmann Mack MacCalluni Sidney Nix William Parry Carl I ' urtz Dick Saids EvcrctI Wliilmaii SHULER STILLWELL TH ACKER BAER BRANCH BRINKLEY BROWN LEE CLARK CLARK CROSS EDWARDS FESSENDEN HAYNES HENRY KESMODEL KERZMANN MAHAFFEY MERRITT NIX ROSENBERRY SAULS SMITH SNYDER TURNER n CN WATSON WHITMAN - fl kM M PI KAPPA PHI Founded al ihe College of Charleston. 1004 Chi Chapter Established 1921 Colors — Gold and White Flower — Red Rose OFFICERS President Robert Gaughan Treasurer _ John Kurtz Secretary Ben Smith Chaplain Vincent Stacey Historian _ Ed Hughes CHAPTER MEMBERS Howard Bateson W. E. Duckwitz IN FACIILTATE Harold Giffin Carl Johnson Robert Barnes Ted Boutwell J. T. Burdiiie Robert Crowell William Davis Mac Ferguson Robert Gaughan IN UNIVERSITATE Hugh Gower Harris Graverly Troy Hall i ' .d Hughes John Kurtz Gadi Lawton Earnest Machen Walter McDonnell James Nelson Lanier Smith Vincent Stacey Ralph Stafford Sam Stone Charles DeFoor Dekle DeLoach Ed Friedson Frank Foltz David Gardner Lyle (jillespie James Golden Jerrie Haffield PLEDGES Dewey Hawkins Brian Jennings John Jones Harvey Klein Gene Lamb Winston McQuiddv Jim Nelson Gordon Parker Jo. ' Pcllcr William Ray Merrill Smith Max Stam|)er Herman Turnage May Voss (;aughan KURTZ SMITH. B. STACY HUGHES BARNES BOUTWELL BURDINE CROWELL DeFOOR DeLOACH FERGUSON FRIEDSON FOLTZ GILLESPH ' ; GOWER GOLDEN HAFFIELD HAWKINS HALL KLEIN LAWTON MACHEN McDonnell McQUIDDY NELSON NELSON PELTER RAY SMITH, L. SMITH. M. STAFFORD STAMPER STONE VOSS mk s ■ Ai 1 - CTf r ; O B , f ,o c . SIGMA NU Founded at Virginia Military Institute. 1869 Delta Mu Chapter Established 1913 Col -lilwl.: While d Gold Flower — White Rose OFFICERS Commander Lt. Commander Recorder Treasurer Sentinel Vance Graham Lynwood Arnold Fred Kiehle - Roy Kinsey John Gould CHAPTER MEMBERS Tom Anderson i ynwood Arnold Jack Bluemke Dick Brewer I ' Vank Buchanan Jack Causier James Cul|)e|)|)er Edward Dail Eugene Fry Harvey Gardner John Gould IN UNIVERSITATE Vance Graham Carroll (Jrcen William Hancock Robert Heebner Sam Holch Charles Keoskie Roy Kinsey Harris Lowcry William McC ' lcnncn James Mc(Jowaii (;crald Williams Council Miller Hugh Murphy Edward New Leroy New Charles Ross George Slaton Carl Teague William Tribble Harold Vann Aubrey Vincent Thonuis Watson peei)(;es James (liillins Roln-rl Ilutson B..ImtI J(,ncs James Knight GRAHAM ARNOLD KIEHLE KINSEY GOULD ANDERSON BLUEMKE BUCHANAN COLLINS CULPEPPER BAIL FRY GARDNER HEEBNER HOLCH HUTSON JONES KEOSKH ' . LOWERS McCLENNEN McGOWAN MURPHY ROSS SLATON TEAGUE WATSON WILLIAMS VANN VINCENT ' i ' ■ i 1 rnKKLsm Clutcc abh ADVERTISEMENTS THE DeLAND SUN NEWS A Gore Newspaper ■Florida ' s Finest Daily For a Town of Equal Size ' ' t ' Lank Paitillc lUcicis 128 So. Boulevard CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH FOt STAIN ' S Exclusive Dealer for Stetson Hats in DeLand We are grateful for and proud of the privilege of having served the faeulty and student body of STETSON UNIVERSITY for more than thirty-eight years, with the finest that the best markets of the world offer in Quality Men ' s Wear, Clothing and Men ' s and Women ' s Fine Footwear lOT NTAIN ' S ( mitplinx ' iils of — HAV-A-TAMPA Cigar Co. Cigars — Candies — Confections Our Best Wishes to the (Graduates of STETSON UNIVERSITY for 1941 W. A. ALLEN COMPANY ' " Thf Busy Druggisls ' DELUX LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS (■ a|)pr( ' (iate the patronage of llic sliidcnls during the year. PHONE 347 Norlh Delaware Avenue Specify The SCHOOL SUPPLIES ■ () ■ .SV ( ' (1 ) mil Diiilri %e STETSON " PL I cf Clme ' iica s jaco ' iiie Hat Millions of men are wearing the Stetson " Playboy " . No wonder, when you consider its informal yet smart lines, its light weight and comfort. Your hatter has the " Playboy " in new colorings . . . pleasing shades that harmonize or contrast with the rest of your apparel. Ask him to show you America ' s favorite hat — you ' ll like it. JOHN B. STETSON, COMPANY PHILADELPHIA FIRST STATE BANK OF DeLAND ANi.ACCOUNT WITH THIS FRIENDLY BANK ENTITLES YOU TO THE BEST IN SERVICE. SECURITY AND PERSONAL ATTENTION : 4 .■ ■■: ' Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Congratulations and Best Wishes To the Class of 1941 iJuval Je elry Company ALL OVER FLORIDA Trade with ORLANDO LINEN 8C TOWEL SUPPLY CO. WKy? Because it was the first to service Linens to Central Florida Because it is a Florida Corporation Because it is the only Linen Supply servicing Central Florida that is owned and operated by Floridians Because with its affiliates it maintains one ol tiic larjicst payrolls in the State Every dollar received is spent in Florida Anyway it is the neighborly thing to do and we guaranlco to please om ORLANDO LINEN TOWEL SUPPLY CO. Phone 5861 Remember . . Poor light can cause eye strain which is as tiring as hard physical work. But you can really relax when the light is right. I. E. S. lamps give the proper soft, glare- less light for every seeing task. Light condition the I. E. S. way and have better light for better sight. Ill College — At Home In Business Sight Is Precious — Light is Cheap Light Condition Now! Florida PUBLIC SERVICE Companq DURAFILM Uiirafilm is tiie toughest washable iiilerior finish on the market. Ideal for walls and woodwork. Pastel shades in gloss, semi-gloss and flat finishes. Virtuallv stain iiroof. M. O. Huck Paint Co. Jacksonville — Miami Florida Clark Lewis Co. Jacksonville and Miami. Florida Wholesale Food Suppliers Hotels — Restaurants — Institutions Distributors " PLEE-ZING " Brand Oualit FcKid I ' riidii(i While iu DeLand Shop at SEARS and Save Sears, l oebuck and (o. 108 So. Woodland Blvd. DeLAND McCrory ' s 5 £k IOc THE COURT HOUSE Store PHARMACY Headquarters The Store oj Personal Service for Student Supplies Headquarters for Stetson Students VISIT OUR STORE DAILY C. M. Geiger, Proprietor Phone 5 STUDENT SUPPLIES Note Books Stationery ComiAimenls oj FOUNTAIN PENS Portable Typewriters " The Students ' Shopping Center " Rentals Repairs ALLEN- WHITE COMPANY J. C PENNEY CO. " You Are Always Welcome " Coinplimenis oj 1 ne Sparks 1 neatres IN DeLAND Athens Theatre — Dreka Theatre ORANGE BELT PHARAAACY 200 NORTH BOULEVARD COMPLETE DRUG AND FOUNTAIN SERVICE We Deliver — Phone 555 Brandon Electric Co. 108 E. NEW YORK AVE. Phone 536 NORGE APPLIANCES AIR CONDITIONING HEATING ZENITH RADIOS DESK LAMPS C. J. Brandon, Prop. DeLand ' s Modern Electric Store FRIERSON ' S .. ' ' ! ' V - V 7ir«$fonci ONESTOP; SERVICE 3|irestone f (}rt AND » » Westinghouse Refrigerators — Radios — Ranges Phone 23 Owner Phone 23 that ' s me GERALD E. FRIERSON that ' s me 324 North Boulevard DeLand. Florida i lie Uitv or UeLand Recognizes STKFSON UNIVERSIT : AS 1. The chief contrilnitor to its cuhural Hfe 2. One of the thief sources of its economic existence, AND Reaffirms the comnuinit) " s responsibility of building and maintaining the most favorable environment for the continued growth and development of this great institution of higher learning. DeLAND THE CAFETERIA 210 North Boulevard W. Brown Jeacle FLORIDA F. N. DeHuy c Son Jewelers and Silversmiths Since 1873 DeLand I ' lorid;: Insurance HON AGENCY, INC. 220 Norlli Boulevard Phone 455 THE BARNETT NATIONAL BANK " A Flon ' ila Landmark " Jacksonville DeLand Avon Park Coco St. Augustine Ft. Lauderdale Member Federal Reserve System and F. D. I. C. (Compliments oj FLiGLE ' S DAIRY DeLand, Florida PHONE 32 STITH- GRIFFITH Funeral Home DeLand ..... Florida Compliments of S. E. STONE Volusia County Sheriff VOLUSIA MIRROR . . . . . Oldest Newspaper in the County Published by Tropical Publishing Co., Inc. Thirst asks nothing more Compliments G. HOMER SMITH Volusia Count Tax Assessor Compliments of I. WALTER HAWKINS Circuit Court Clerk BOOSTING FOR STETSON U NIVERSITY HOTEL PUTNAM DeLand ' s Fireproof Hotel West New York Ave. JAS. A. ALLEN Phone 228 DAY PHONE 62 J. K. Sl ' MMERHlLL Phone 490 Allen-Summerhill Funeral Home Kslalilishefi ll!77 FUNERAL DIRECTORS REAL AMRLiLANCE SERVICE 100 E. New York Avenue l) ' l,:nHl

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