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m W? ' i r 11 %,i ' : ' ' ' ' t .■m Uo - ! li (bl C 4 1 SiuX-yy ih vi ( ' -- . x Jlr. THE HATTER yearbook or JOHN I. STETSON LINIVERSITY UclUana, 1 loriaa Uorothca (_ ' arson, cclitor r . Kicnard Ipaiawin, business manager F orevvor d I ne traJilion, prescnl, and luliire, o a iinivcrsilv are lounucd upon Ihe characlci- ol ihc worK done py ils jradiiates. For il is only ey this oulv ' ara iiianilestation ol the ideals, standards, and Iraininc; promulgated therein tnat the value ol our institution to society can be measured. [hcrclore, the most worthy contribution to our Uni ' ersicy hv the alumni is the high quality ol their work wherever they may be placed. [I, through these pages, vc ha ' e portrayed this outstanding contribution to the pres= ent and luture ol our University, v ' c will ha ' e achieved our purpose. lJ ' 2 dication lo our alumni = in rccocjnilion of ihc otilslandin con = IrioLilions Incy are making lo tnc present ana liiture aevelop= mcnt o our Uinivc rsits ' tnroujn Lne nigh character o their work, wherever they may be. on tents Book I y aniinislrotion Book II College ol LiUi-dl Arts f oo III College ol Li-ivv ?,oo IV Scnool ol A uisic Book V ITcaturcs Pcauty Scclion Snapsnols Book VI AlMelics Book VII Org mini-ilions rrjleriiilics Mr. Doyle E. Carlton A prominent lawyer in both Florida and the South, Mr. Doyle E. Carlton has achieved a lar{;e measure of success by his venture into politics. As governor of Florida from 1929 to 1933, Mr. Carlton has indicated his capabilities in being a good leader. After graduating from Stetson University he did graduate work at the University of t ' hicago, and at Columbia. He began his law practise in Tampa, Florida, in 191.5. He married Miss Nell Ray of Tampa. They have three children. In 1917 Mr. Carlton was elected to the state senate for a period of two years. Following this position in polities he became City Attorney for Tampa, and then entered the race for governor- ship in which he was successful. Mr. Carlton is listed in the Who ' s Who. He is an active member of the Masons and the .Shrine, the Knights of Pythias, the Moose, the Elks, and the Kiwanis Club. BOOK ADMINISTRATION William Sims Allen, a.m. I ' lI.D.. LL.D. I ' resiileni of the I ' niversity Tlie President ' s M essage The session 1939-40 has been high in achievements. The scholarship record is higher than ever before. Scholarship, next to the development of Christian character, is the primary business of the University. Students continue to give their best efforts toward the attainment of high standards in every school, department and activity. Student government has been stronger than in any previous year. An honor system has been ajiprovcd and is in process of development. The faculty members arc outstanding Christian scholars. Twenty-six of them have the Doctor of I ' liildsopli) degree or its cfiuivalcnl. Ten are members of Phi Beta Kaj)pa. Seven- teen of the twenty di ' jiartmcnts in the (College of Arts and Sciences are headed by men and women with the Doctor ' s degree. .Social, ciilliiral and religious ideals are ever stressed. Thus Stetson continues to go forward. i take this opportunity to extend greetings and good wishes to the student body and to the Stetson family everywhere. Sincerely, William Sims Alien, President . % HON KDWARDS BOLTON BRITTAIN WEST ALLEN BAILEY IIOBSON EDMUNDS BAGGETT JENNINGS CARLTON STETSON Poard of I rtistees John B. Stetson, Jr., D.C.L., President Philadelphia, Pa. E. L. Hon, Vice-President DeLand, Fla. Houfih West. M.D., Secretary DeLand, Fla. William Sims Allen. Ph.D.. Treas. Edward L. Mickle. Asst. Sec. DeLand, Fla. DeLand. Fla. B. B. Baggetl Daytona Beach, Fla. Rev. C. M. Brittain. D.D. Jacksonville. Fla. Mrs. Alfred I. duPonl Jacksonville, Fla. Rev. W. A. Hobson, D.D. Si. Petersburg, Fla. Elkanah B. Hulley, D. Eng Pittsburgh, Pa. G. Henry Stetson San Fernando, Cal. Hugh West. M.D. DeLand, Fla. F. N. K. Bailey Sebring, Fla. Theodore C. Brooks DeLand, Fla. J. OUie Edmunds Jacksonville, Fla. Robert Shailor Holmes. Litt.D. Daytona Beach, Fla. S. Bryan Jennings Jacksonville, Fla. John B. Stetson, HI Philadelphia, Pa. Rev. J. L. White. D.D. Miami, Fla. Rev. C. H. Bolton, D.D. West Palm Beach, Fla. Doyle E. Carlton. LL.D. Tampa, Fla. John L. Edwards Ocala, Fla. S. V. Hough Tallahassee, Fla. O. K. Reeves Tampa. Fla. H. B. Stevens DeLand, Fla. S. A. Wood Kdnor. Md. OFFICERS of ADMINISTRATION i;. PRENTICE CARSON, A.M., LL.D. Dtan Emeritus (:IIARLE.S G. SMITH, A.M., Ph.D. I ean uf the University I.OLA B. McCOLLOUGH, A.M. l).-an (if ' ..nien ol.GA BOWEN, A.M. Registrar •Wt ff %■ V V- CLIFFORD B. ROSA i;()I ' .i:kt watson severance, a.m., b.s. I jlirarian ▲ H MARY AXTELL BAILEY, A.M. Director nf Publicity HELEN LOUISE BATSON, B. S. Dietitian ETTER McTEER TURNER. A.M. Assistant Dean of Women BARBARA ROWE, A.B. Assistant to the Dean of Women EDGELLE HENRY, A.B., R.N. Nurse CHARLES R. M. SIIEPPARD. JR. Manager of the University Press and Purchasing Agent STUDENT GOVERNMENT OFFICERS President : Vice President: Secretary : Treasurer : Freshman Representative: Hal Dekle Robert Harnett Helen Honks Bearden (jinninfj Horace Bills Gadi Lawton Mildred Brown Sarah Elizabeth Stetson Student Bar Association John Cherry Tom Kirkland Richard Sauls Wallace Smith Music School Robert McEmber Richard Feasel Barbara Reden Rhoda Weimert Robert Blount The sliideiil f overnment bodies on the campus have shown a progressive func- tion under the new constitution which was drawn up last year. Specified standing committees have been named this year to take care of Orientation Weelc, the rules and procedure of elections, and extra-curricular activities. A social committee was also named. :ind this group met with the faculty to plan such entertaintnents as the Sadie Hawkins Frolic. Under the new constitution of the student government the Liberal Arts ( dlege for the first time separated from the Music and Law schools to elect its own officers, and a student executive conuiiillce was formed of ihc jjresidents of each of the three colleges, as well as the head of the student bod). Lnder the new constitution of the student government the students have exercised more freedom of expression, and more cooperation has been affected between the pupils, the officers, and the administration. The student government has been active in acquiring funds for a swimming pool. An honor system was also discussed, and a vole given to accept such a system in the future if investigation by an honor system conmiitte(- would find it practicable. Dr. D. J. Uocl ocker The present liead of the Department of Sociology at William and Mary College, Dr. Daniel J. Blocker is a well-known edncator and theologist. Since graduating from the Stetson Academy in 190,5. Prof. Blocker ' s life has been spent in enriching the educational and spiritual outlook of others. Dr. Blocker was a member of the .Stetson faculty from 1913 initil 1920. The university conferred upon him the honorary degree of D.D. in 1917. From 1920 to 1922, Dr. Blocker was pastor of the Williamsburg, Virginia, Baptist Church, and part time professor at William and Mary College. For two years following these positions he served as President of .Shorter College in Rome, Georgia. In 1924 he accepted a professorship at Furnian University in Greenville, South Carolina, where he taught until 1930 when he took the chair of sociology at William and Mary College. Dr. Blocker is a member of the Virginia Associa- tion of Social Science, the American Sociological Society, Phi Beta Kappa, Omicron Delta Kappa, Delta Theta Kai. Delta Signii Phi, a Mason, and an Oddfellow. BOOK II COLLEGE of LIBERAL ARTS FACULTY COLLEGE of LIBERAL ARTS Art SARA EDITH HARVEY. A.M. Professor oj Art BiWc and Philosophy HARRY C:RAWF0RD (lARWOOD. Ph.D. I ' ruiessur oj liihle HARRY LEROY TAYLOR. Pli.D. Assor. Professor of Philosoiihy Business dminislration CHARLES ADAM FISIH:R. PIi.D. Professor oj Business Aihninislroltnii KLSSELL C. LARCO-NL Ph.D. I ' rofessor oj liusiness Atlminislralion WH.LIS MSSLEY BAER, Ph.D. Professor oj Economics C. ADDISON HICKMAN, A.M. Instructor in Business Administration r CHARLES G. SMITH. Ph.D. Professor oj English WARREN STONE CORDIS, Ph.D Professor oj English LOLA B. McCOLLOUGH, A.M. Dean of Women ANNIE NADINE HOLDEN, A.M. Assl. Professor of English MAUDE EMMA KING. A.M. Assl. Professor of English MARY TKIBBl.E LOWRY, A.M. Instructor in English DEE WILLIAM McENTIRE, A. l Instructor in English EDITH MAY MERRILL, A.M. Instructor in English (classical LcJiiguages BENSON WILLIS DAVIS. Ph.D. Professor of Classical Languages BOYCE FOWLER EZELL, Ph.D. Professor of Education and Psychol- ogy SUE MrEACHERN BURN.S, A.M. Asst. Professor of Education and Psychology ROBERT WATSON SEVERANCE, A.M. Librarian and Professor of Library Science CAMILLIA MANSON, A.M. Reference Librarian CHARLOTTE ANNETTE SMITH, A.M. Library Assistant FOY LINEBERRY Cataloguer lOLA KAY EASTBURN, Ph.D. Professor of German DORIS KINC ARJONA, Ph.D. Professor of Spanish FRANCES CLABAIK;!! THORNTON, Ph.D. I ' rnjessor of French HOWARD LAMOUREAUX BATE.SON, A.M. Assl. Professor of French iistoiy and J ocicil bcicnce C. PRENTICE CAR.SON,. A.M. M..I). Professor of History RICHARD ELIJAH CLARK, Ph.D. I ' ro lessor of Sociology t.l()H(.K LEIGHTON LaFUZE, Ph.D. I ' inirss,ir of History and Political Si irnrr HARRY SUNDERLAND WINTERS, A.M. Assoc. Professor of History and Polit- ical Science Ed iNalurai Science and atnematics ROBERT IVEY ALLEN, Ph.D. Professor of Physics JOHN FERGUSON CONN, Ph. D. Professor of Chemistry CORNELIA MARSCIIALL SMITH. Ph.D. Professor of Biology CHARLES BLOUNT VANCE, Ph.D. Professor of Geology and Geography DONALD FAULKNER, Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics ucalion WARREN CASSIUS COWELL, B.S. Professor of Health and Physical Education WALTER NICHOLSON CLEMONS, B.S. Instructor in Health and Physical Education CARL HERBERT JOHN.SON, A..M. Instructor in Health and Physical Education hysical Uuiication Vv omen NELLE BURCH CAMPBELL, A.M. Asst. Professor of Health and Physical Education SARA ELSIE STAFF, A.M. Instructor in Health and Physical Education Secretarial science MARY STEWART McCURDIE, B.S. Asst. Professor of Secretarial Science ELLA MAE WALKER, A.B. Asst. Professor of Secretarial Science Speech IRVING C. STOVER, M.O., Liit.D. Professor of Speech DEE WILLIAM McENTIRE Irislniclnr in Speech 5tall IDA R. CUNNINGHAM Secretary to the Bursar DALLAS PARTIN Secretary to the Registrar GRADUATE STUDENTS BELSER, ALICE W. Columbia, S, C. FURLONG, EDWARD C, JR. Morgantown. W. a. IIOLCll, JOSEPHINE . DeLantI, Florida ROWE. BARBARA J. Hillsdale, Midi. GIFFIN, VIRGIWA E. DeLand, Florida WEBBER, EUNICE L. Tampa, Florida " She HATTER PFXIAL STUDENTS Tup Roiv, Left In Righl : BATTLE. HELEN L. DeLand. Florida BEVSLE ' i. . L RTHA L. Orlandi " , Florida Second Kuw. Lett la Kii;lil: BOOTH. GORDON St. Petersburg, Florida CLARK. HALLMAN Tampa, Florida BLOUNT, BARBARA DeLand, Florida •:hlhardt. Si. Louis. EVERTS, .SHIRLEE Lake orlh, Florida (;RAI1AM, DOROTHY U. DeLand, Florida .lOHNSON, ARTIUR Jaeksonville, Florida FLETCHER, JEAN Lake Helen, Florida HICKMAN, C. ADDISON. .IK. DeLand. Florida MORRIS, DeLand. (;eorge Missouri ROBERTA Florida Third Row, l.clt l„ Rinhl: M- WELL l Z I.. ORCLTT, F. ROBERTA RANDALL, E. LOUISE Miami Florida DeLand, Florida Daylona Beach, Florida 0(;iLVIE, FRANCES M. OSBURN, MARY M. REYNOLDS, LETITIA DeLand, Florida Dade City, Florida DeLand, Florida hiiirlh How. I.cjl In Riiiht: .ST. lOll.V, MAR(,IJER1TE M. .STAFF, SARA ELSIE WALLDORF, O. JEAN DeLand, Florida DeLand, Florida Sarasota, Florida SCIIARER, WALTER B. JR. STEWART, MILDRED C. Adrian, Mirhipan Melbourne, Florida Mr. R. J. Loncrstrcct At present the supervising principal of the Seabreeze High School in Daytona Beach, Florida, Prof. R. .1. Longstreet is one of the foremost educational leaders and naturalists in the state. A graduate of Stetson University in 1913, the activities of Prof. Longstreet have been absorbing and of unusual note. During the World War he enlisted in the First Officers ' Training Camp at Ft. McPherson, Georgia, and saw fourteen months of service overseas as lieutenant of the field artillery in the 82nd Division. Following the Armistice, Prof. Longstreet attended Cambridge University in England. Since 1920 he has held his present position in the Daytona Beach public schools. He is also a member and past president of the Florida Educational Association, and life member of the National Educational Association. Prof. Longstreet has been editor of the Florida Maturalist since 1927, author of Bird Study in Florida, and co-author of Stories oj Florida. He is a fellow in the American Association for the Advancement of Science, member of the Society of Colonial Wars and the Sons of the American Revolution, a Rotarian, and a member of Phi Alpha Delta, Pi Kappa Phi, and Kappa Delta Pi. •ENIORS benior l lass wlliccrs A. RICHARD BALDWIN PRESIDENT LYDIA A. THEURER VICE-PRESIDENT HELEN E. BASS SECRETARY MARJORIE McCLURE TREASURER seniors A ost Like ' ) lo biiccccd A. Richard Baldwin and Sarah Elizabeth Clark were awarded this honor by a vote of the Senior Class in view of their achievements duriiiii the |)ast four years. SENIORS The seniors have i)Mie to the h)n ;( ' d-for climax lo il all liaccahuircale. class da . and graduation. Time foi iIkmii liim ' - the lasl pajje of a heclii- happx cha])ter and (jpens a new one. For us. «hi niiiaiti licliind. ihcrc is. in llie [la es ol their chapter, ihe challenf e of iheir i()Mstru( li c xcars here upi ii llie cainpus, Il is for us to write luir Jiages as nobly as the have urillc ii theirs. SENIOR CLASS ALCOCK, BARBARA Miami Beach, Fla. B.S. Pi Beta Phi ALEXANDER, HARRIET H. DeLand. Fla. A.B. The Order of Torch and Scroll. Sec. Treas. 4; The Honor 4; Pi Gamma Mu 4; Freshman Adviser 3; Vice Pres. of Town Council of Women ' s Student Gov. 3; Volunteer Band 3, 4, Vice Pres. 4; Delegate National F.M.F. 4; Band 1; Honor Roll 3. 4; Dean ' s List 4; Interna- tional Relations Club 4; Intra- murals 1. 2. 3. ANGELL, ROY B. Miami Springs, Fla. B.S. Delta Sigma Phi Gamma Sigma Epsilon 3, 4; Beta Key 3, 4, Pres. 4; Der . ' tiidenten Verein 4. BALDWIN, A. RICHARD Palmyra, Mich. B.S. Delta Sigma Phi Mil Society; Phi Society: Business Manager of Hatter 3, 4; Gamma Sigma Epsilon 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4; Pres. of Junior Class 3; Pres. of .Senior Class 4; Der Studenten erein 3, 4, Sec. 4; Mystic Krewe 3, 4, Second Mate 4; Varsity Debater 2, 3; Who ' s Who Among .Students in Amer. Colleges Universities 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3. 4: Dean ' s List 3, 4; Idonliniierl Below) BARNETT, M. ROBERT Jacksonville. Fla. A.B. Phi Society 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 2: Stetsonian 2, 3, Editor 3: Mu Omega Xi 3, 4; Pi Ganmia Mn 3, 4; Mystic Krewe 3, 4; Editor of Stetson Reporter 4; ice- Pres. of Student Body 4. H RT()1„ MARTHA I.. Warsaw, Ind. A.B. Transfer Northern State Teachers College 2: Michigan State College 3. B SS. IIEI.EX K. Davtona Beach. Fla. A.B. Pi Beta Phi Band 1; ice Pres. Soph. Class 2; Stetsonian 2; Pres. Pi Beta Phi 3: Panhellenic Council 3, 4, Vice Pres. 4; Sec. Junior Class 3; Freshman Advisor 3, 4; The Honor 3, 4; Art Club 4; Sec. Senior Class 4; Vice Pres. of Stevens Hall 4; Halter Staff 4. BERRY. T. l.YNDEN Ml. OIi et. Kv. A. R. BALDWIN iConi) Interfralernity Coimcil 2, 3, 4; Newton Club 4: Blue Book of Amer. I ' niversity Men 4; Freshman Advisor 4; Social Committee 4: .Sec. 2, Trea. 3, Pres. 4 of Delta Sigma Phi: Pi Kappa Delta 3, 4, Vice Pres. 3. Pres. 4: Senior Boy Most Likely to Succeed; Sigma Pi Sigma 4. " She HATT BEVERIDGE.JEANNETTE A. St. Petersburg. Fla. Alpha Xi Delta A.B. Transfer St. Petersburg Junior College 3; Temple University 4; Glee Club 4; Radio Chorus 4. BOLTON. MARION M. .• (•ranlon. Penn. B.S. Transfer Wharton Extension School of U. of Penn. 3; Stetson Newman Club 4; Pi Kappa Sigma 3, 4; Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4; International Relations (;lub 3, 4: Commerce Club 4; W.A.A. 3: Hatter Staff 3; Stetson Reporter 4; Honor Roll 3, 4; Dean ' s List 3, 4. BRACEY, DA ID V. Asheville, N. C. A.B. Theta Alpha Phi 2, 3. 4, Pres. 4; Glee Club 4; Le Cercle Francais 4. BROWN, MILDRED E. Asheville, N. C. A.B. Alpha Xi Delta Beta Key 2, 3, 4; Liberal Arts Sec. 4; Interfraternity Council 3, 4, Vice Pres. 4; W.A.A. 1, 4; Art Club 4; Hatter Staff 4; Cheer Leader 2, 3, 4; The Honor 4; Who ' s Who in Amer. Colleges Universities; Honor Roll 4; Most Popular Girl 4; ice Pres. of Alpha Xi Delta 4. liKOWNKI.L, DAI ' llNK MAY Del.and, Fla. A.B. Zela Tau Alpha Pi Kappa Sigma 1, 4; Art Club 3; Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4, Vice Pres. 4; Stetson Reporter 1; Band 1; .Symphony Orchestra 1, 3; Little Theatre Plays 1, 4. CARTER, LOUISE li. Sanford, Fla. A.B. Honor Roll 2, 3; Dean ' s List 2, 3: Sigma Delta Pi 3, 4; Mu Omega Xi 3, 4; Volunteer Band 4. {Continued from Right) CLARK, SARAH ELIZABETH 4; Liberal Arts Trea. 4; Pi Kappa Delta 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres. 4; Theta Alpha Phi 3, 4; Pi Kappa .Sigma 3; French Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4; The Honor 3, 4; Freshman Advisor CHEATHAM, LYNWOOI) J. Jacksonville, Fla. B.S. Pi Kappa Phi Freshman Advisor 4; " S " (.llub 2, 3, 4; Freshman football 1; Varsity football 2, 3, 4, Captain 4. 2, 3, 4; Peace (Jlub 1, 2, 3, Pres. 1, 2; Varsity Debater 1, 2, 3; International Relations (;lub 2, 3, 4; Standards Com- millee 4; State B.S.U. Council 2. CLARK, SARAH ELIZABETH St. Petersburg, Fla. A.B. Delta Delta Delta B.S.U. Council 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres. 3, 4; Y.W.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 2; Life .Service Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 2; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Dean ' s List 3, 4; Mu Omega Xi 3, 4, Pres. 4; Stet- sonian 1; Hatter Staff 3; W. A. A. 1, 2; Woman ' s Student Council; Sen ior Girl Most Likely to Succeed; Who ' s Who in Amer. (Colleges Uuiver- siliis 4; Homecoming Hostess Continued to Left) SENIOR CLASS CLOW, JEANETTE Coshocton, Ohio A.B. Delta Delta Delta W.A.A. 1, 2; Y. W. A. 1; Le Cercle Francais 2, 3, 4, Trea. 4; Beta Key 2, 3, 4; Mii Omega Xi 3, 4, Sec. 4; Hatter Staff 2; Sec. of Delta Delta Delta 4; International Relations Chih 3,4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 4; Dean ' s List 3. CUNNINGHAM, E. BEARDEN Raleigh, N. C. B.S. Theta Alpha Phi 3, 4: Cheer Leader 2, 3, 4, Head Cheer Leader 4: Der Stndenten Verein 3, 4: Gamma .Sigma Epsilon 3, 4; Associate member of Beta Key 4: Trea. Student Body 4; Freshman Advisor 4. DAR.ST, RUSSELL P.. JR. Lake Worth, Fla. A.B. Delta Sigma Phi Inter-fraternity Council 3; " S " Club 2. 3, 4. Sec. 4; Varsity football 2, 3, 4; Freshman football 1: International Re- lation.s Club 4: Swimming team 3. 4. DOWLING. MARY MARTHA St. Petersburg, Fla. A.B. Zeta Tau Alpha Transfer St. Petersburg Junior College 3; W.A.A. 3, 4; Art Club 3, 4; Stetson Reporter 4; International Relations Club 4; Y.W.A. 3. FARR, THEODORE II. Pensacola, Fla. JR. Freshman Adviser 4; .A.ssociate Member of Beta Key 4: Le Cercle Francais 4; Glee Club 2. (;1FP ' 0RD, LaVERNE 1. DeLand, Fla, B.S. Beta Key 3, 4. Sec. 4; Pi Kap- pa Sigma pledge 4; W..A.A. 1, 2: Intramurals 1, 2, 4; Honor Roll 1, 3. GLONER, MARJORIE E. Vero Beach. Fla. A.B. Zeta Tau . lpha Pi Kappa Sigma 3. 4: Inter- national Relations Club 3. 4: Pi Gamma -Mn 3, 4; Le Cercle Francais 4; W.A.A. 1, 2, 4: Sec. of Zeta Tau Alpha 4. GREEN, W. HAROLD St. .Augustine, Fla. A.B. Transfer Brewlon-Parker Junior College 3; Pres. of B.S.I. Council 4; Ministerial Associ- ation 3, 4: Pi Gamma Mu 1: .Mystic Kre«e 4: Freshinan Advisor 4. ' She HATTER GRIFFIN. CHARLES A., JR. Falmouth. Fla. A.B. Ministerial Association 1. 2, 3. 4; B.S.U. Council 3, 4: Life Service Band 2, 3, 4; Pres. 4; Freshman Debater 1. GRIFFITH, WILLIAM H. DeLand, Fla. B..S. Delta Sigma Phi HALL. HAL H. DeLand. Fla. B.S. Sigma Nu Theta Alpha Phi 3, 4; Glee Club 4; Stetson Players 1, 2. HAMMOND, FRANCES E. St. Petersburg, Fla. A.B. Zeta Tau Alpha Pi Kappa Sigma 3, 4; W.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Trea. 2; Vice Pres. 3; The Honor 3, 4, Trea. 4; Beta Key 2, 3, 4, Sec. Trea. 2, 3; Vice Pres. Junior Class 3; Y. W. A. L 2, 3, Trea. 2, Sec. 3; Blazer Club 4; Honor Roll 3; Le Cercle Francais 4; Women ' s Student Government 3; Pres. of Stevens Hall 3; Inter-fraternity Council 4; Pres. Zeta Tau Alpha 4. II WDI.KV, F, EMMALINE llolopaw, Fla. A.B. Alpha .Xi Delta W.A.A. 1; Homecoming Spon- sor 1; Trea. Jimior Class 3; Freshman Advisor 3, 4; Hatter Staff 3, 4; The Honor 3, 4, Pres. 4; Panhcllenic Council 3, 4; Pres. 4; Sec. Stevens Hall 4; Who ' s Who in Amer. Colleges Universities. HAVES, AKNOLD K., JR. Pernambuco, Brazil B.S. HICK, E.STHER M. Eustis, Fla B.S. Drlia Delta Delta II()I)(;ES, DORIS .S. Jacksonville, Fla. A.B. SENIOR C LASS HOOKS, HELEN VIRGINIA Lakeland, Fla. A.B. Transfer Cox College 2, College Park 3; Freshman Advisor 4; Little Theatre Plays 3, 4; Who ' s Who in Amer. Colleges Universities; Vice Pres. Acting Pres. Women ' s Student Government 4; Pi Kappa Sigma 2, Pres. 4; The Honor 3, 4. Vice Pres. 4; The Order of Torch and l croll 3; Vice Chancellor 4: Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Dean ' s List 3, 4; Inlernational Relations Club 4. HUIE, EDWARD LEE Winter Haven, Fla. B.S. Commerce Club 1. 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Advisor 4; Honor Roll 2. 3: Little Theatre Plays 3. 4. JOHNSON, DORIS M. Leesburg, Fla. A.B. Pi Kappa .Sigma 1, 2: Glee Club 2, 3; Art Club 2: Life Service Band 2, 3; The Honor 3, 4; y.W.A. Pres. 3; Women ' s Student Government Pres. 4; Freshman Advisor 3, 4; B.S.U. Council 3; Who ' s Who in Amer. Colleges Universities. KARNS, ROBERT E. DeLand, Fla. B.S. Pi Kappa Phi Freshman football 1; Intra- murals 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll 2, 4; Commerce Club 3, 4; Trea. Pi Kappa Phi 3. KA1E. ROY c;.. JR. DeLand, Fla. B.S. Phi Kappa Sigma Transfer Northwestern Univer- sity 2, George Washington University 3. KICKI.IGIITER, R. W., JR. Port Orange, Fla. B.S. Ministerial Association 1, 2. 3, 4, Pres. 4; Intramurals 1. 2, 3, 4; Freshman basketball 1: Debate Team 2; B.S.U. Council 4. K1. S1:Y. ROY E. Si. Petersburg. Fla. B.S. Sigma Nu Interfraternity Council Pres. 4; Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Puhllcitv Man Alpha Delta 4. KIPP. GORDON E. DeLand. Fla. A.B. Debate team 1, 2, 3. 4: Lilllc 3, 4, Theatre I, 2; Pi Kappa Delia 3, 4: Peace Club 2, 3: Stetson ger 3; Phi Reporter 2, 3. 4; Managing Editor 2: Sletsonian 2. 4. " She HATTER KNIGHT MARY ELLA ero Beach. Ha. B.S. Alpha Xi Deha W.A.A. L: Commerce Chib 3, 4, Sec. 4: Interfraternity Council 1: Sec. Trea. Holmes HaU 2; Sec. Alpha Xi Delta 3, 4. KNIGHT, N. DAPHNE Vero Beach, Fla. B.S. Alpha Xi Delta W.A.A. 1, 2, 3; Intramiirals 1, 2, 3: B.S.LI. Council 2: Life Service Band 2; Hatter Staff 3; Stetson Reporter 3; Commerce Club 4; Sec. Trea. Holmes Hall 4. KNORR, J. FRANCIS. JR. Miami, Fla. B.S. Hatter Staff 1; Who ' s Who in .Anier. Colleges Universities: Theta Alpha Phi 2, 3, 4: Mystic Krewe 3, 4; Commerce Club 4; Newton Club 4; Fla. Academy of Sciences 4. LATLMER. HUGH F.. JR. . sheville, N. C. B.S. Delta Sigma Phi Hatter Staff 1: Stetson Re- porter 1, 2, 3,; Stetson Players 1, 2: Stetson Radio Players 3, 4; Theta Alpha Phi 3, 4, Pres. 4; Sigma Pi . ' igma 3, 4, Pres. 4; Freshman Advisor 4; One of Ten Most Outstand- ing Seniors. L i: DER. w. wihtm; ' ! LEWIS, 1EL I.MI.E, IIOWARI) Ahoona. Fla. St. Petersburg, hla. Of Land. Fla. A.B. B.S. A.B. Transfer St. Pi ' li-rsliiirg . Iiinior liri lislcriai Associalion College 4; Ne«i„n Club 1 ; Life i,-. ■ Pres. 3. .Service Band 1. (Continued from Riahl) Who ' s Who in Amer. Colleges Universilies; Trea. of Senior Clus-. McCLURE, MARJORIE J. ero Beach. Fla. A.B. Delia Delta Delia Pres. Freshman Girls 1 ; Phi .Society 1; Vice Pres. B.S.U. Ccumcil 2: Delta Delta Delta Trea. 3, Pres. 4; Torch and Scroll 3, 4, Pres. 4: Theta Alpha Phi 3, 4, Vice Pres. 4; The Honor 3, 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4; Dean ' s List 3; Pan- hellenic Council 3, 4; Inter- fraternity Council 3; Freshman Advisor 3, 4; Homecoming Sponsor 3; Beta Key 3, 4; (Continued to I. ell) SENIOR C LASS McCONNELL, DOROTHY L. Chaltanooga. Tenn. A.B. Delta Delta Delta W.A.A. 1: Y.W.A. 1; Peace Club 2; Hatter Staff 3; Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4; Pi Kappa Sigma 3, 4, Vice Pres. 4; Trea. Delta Delta Delta 4; The Honor 4; Homecoming Sponsor 4; International Relations Club 3, Pres. 4; Le Cercle Francais 3, 4, Sec. 4. McCUTCHEON, M. L. St. Petersburg, Fla. A.B. Zeta Tau Alpha W.A.A. 3, 4; Le Cercle Francais 3, 4; Honor Roll 4; Trea. Zeta Tau Alpha 4. MAGENHEIM, MILTON D. New York, N. Y. A.B. Band 1; Stetsonian 2; Intra- murals 1, 4; Varsity Swimming Team 4; Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4; Mystic Krewe 3, 4. MANDEVILLE, ESTHER R. St. Petersburg, Fla. A.B. Transfer St. Petersburg Junior College; Dean ' s List 1, 2, 3; German Club 1, 2, 3; French Club 3; Phi Alpha Phi 2: Reviewer ' s Club 1, 2, 3; Wooden Horse 1; Sci-Malh 1, 2, 3,; Sec. Sci-Math Club 2, 3; Chorus 1, 2, 3; Gamma Sigma Epsilon 4; Beta Key 4; Press Club 4: Stetson Reporter 4; Circulation Man- ager, Stetson Reporter 4; La Franciade 4: Honor Roll 4. MANDEVILLE, JANET, F. St. Petersburg, Fla. A.B. Transfer St. Petersburg Junior College: Dean ' s List 1, 2, 3; German ( lub 1, 2, 3: French Club 3: Phi Alpha Phi 3; Reviewer ' s Club 1. 2, 3; Scl- Malh Club 1, 2, 3; Chorus 1, 2, 3: College Singers 3; Gam- ma Sigma Epsilon 4; Beta Key 4; Press Club 4; Stetson Re- porter 4; La Franciade 4. MARTIN. . INEZ DcLand, Fla. B.S. Intrauuirals 1, 2: Connuerce Club 3, 4; Vice Pres. 4; Mu Omega Xi 3, 4, Trea. 4; Pi Kappa .Sigma 3, 4; Town Council of Women ' s Student Government 3, 4; Vice Pres. 4; Freshman Advisor. l RTINO. ANGELO C. Tampa. Fla. B.S. MATIIIS, ALEX E.. JK. Dothau, Ala. B.S. Delta Sigma Phi Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4; Intra- murals 1, 2, 3, 4; Freshman basketball: Varsilv basketball 3, 4; " .S " Club 3. ' 4: Baseball 1, 2, 3: Freshman 4: Honor Roll 4; Delta Sii;uia Phi Trea. 3, ice Pres. 4. " She HATTER METCALF. MARTHA DeLand. Fla. B.S. Delta Delta Delta Transfer Bowling Green College iif Cttmmerce 2; .A.A. 1; V.W.A. 1: Little Theatre Plavs 1. MINEHART. FRANK Yiuinastown, Ohio MORRIS. W. THOMAS Winter Haven. Fla. B.S. Kappa Kappa Psi 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3. Pres. 4; Honor Roll 2, 3; Symphony Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 2, 3, Captain 4; Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4; Director Red Cross Water Carnival; Mystic Krewe 4; Commerce Club 4; International Relations Club 4; Little Symphony 4; Swim- ming Team 4; Who ' s Who in Amer. Colleges Universities. OLSON, RUTH MARGARET Colorado Springs, Colo. B.S. Transfer Colorado State College 3; Gamma Sigma Epsilon 3; Glee Club 3, 4. W.A.A. Chib 2, Woman Club 4 •BIKN, KITH K. Dade City, Fla. B.S. L 2. 3. 4; Aquatic , .3. 4: Blazer Club 4; •- " S " Club 1, 2, 3; Art I ' VRMLKY, CHARLES C. Hutchinson, Kan. A.B. Varsity football 3. 4; Varsity basketball 3, 4; Beta Key 3, 4: Mystic Krewe 4: " S " Club 3, t: Si;;ma Pi Sij;ma 4. PKESTO , LILLIAN E. Orlando, Fla. A.B. l|,h. Delta Phi 3, Pi 3, 4; Thela 4. PRE.STON, TIIELMA D. Orlando, Fla. A.B. The Honor 3, 4, Sec, 4; .Sigma Delta Pi 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3; Pi Kappa Sigma 2, 3, 4; Trea. 4; Art Club L 2, 3, 4, Pres. 2, 3, 4; Stetson Reporter 3; Hatter Staff 1, 3, 4; Town Council of Women ' s Student Government 4; Freshman Ad- visor 4; Dean ' s List 3; Honor Roll 3; Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Presbyterian Student Council 2, 3, 4; Scroll and Key 4. SENIOR CLASS PYNE, GRAFTON H.. JR. Bernardsville, N. J. A.B. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Key Member; Stetson Reporter 2, 3, 4: Freshman Advisor 4: Trea. Kappa Iii 2. ROBERTSON. A. B.. JR. Jacksonvill e. Fla B.S. Ki ippa Kappa Psi i 1, 2, 3, Sec. 1, Vice Pres. 2: Band 1, 2, 3; ! y niph, 1 No inv Orches Phi ]. 2 tra 1. 2; Sill- ROBINSON, ELIZABETH Sarasota. Fla. A.B. Zeta Tail Alpha International Relations Club 3, 4; The Honor 4; W.A.A. 1, 2. 3, 4; Interfraternity Council Sec. 4; Mu Omega Xi 4: Episcopal Student Fellowship 3. 4: Le Cercle Francais 1, 1 .;. 1. Tn-a. 3. ROWE, KATHLEEN St. Petersburg, Fla. A.B. B.S.U. Council 2, 3. 4: Art Club 3, 4; International Rela- tions Club 4; W.A.A. I, 2, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4: Blazer Club 4. Pres. 4; The Honor 4: Si,.|.,„, K,.| ROWLAND, GENE N. Daytona Beach, Fla. A.B. Delta Delta Delta W.A.A. 1, 2; Y.W.A. 1; Art Club 2, 3, 4, Sec. Trea. 4; International Relations Club 1, 2, 3, 4, ice Pres. 3, 4. SCHAEFER, VINCENT A. Indianapolis, Ind. B.S. Pi Kappa Phi Captain Freshman football; Captain Freshman basketball; •Most Athletic 2, 4; " S " Club 2, 3, 4; Mystic Krewe 4; Pres. Pi Kappa Phi 4; Blue Book of Amer. University Men: Captain arsitv basketball 4: Most ahiabl,- ' football plaver 2. SMITH, D. MERCK Decatur, Ga. A.B. .STOUDE.WHRE. TRL ETT Del.and. Fla. B.S. Pi Kappa Phi ' She HATTER THEURER. LYDIA A. Grantwood. N. J. A.B. Alpha Xi Delta Editor Stetson Reporter 2; Stetsonian 1, 2, 3: Symphony Orchestra 1; Pres. Alpha Xi Delta 4: Most Outstanding Freshman Girl 1 : Best Fresh- man Debater 1 ; Most Versatile Woman 2. 3, 4: Varsity Debate 1. 2. 3. 4; Pi Kappa Delta Sec. Trea. 3: Theta Alpha Phi 3, 4; The Honor 3, 4; Dean ' s List 3. 4: Freshman Advisor 4 ; ice Pres. Senior Class, Who ' s Who in Amer. Colleges l nixersities 3. 4. VANCE. JAMES L. DeLand, Fla. A.B. Delta Sigma Phi . " tetsim Reporter 2. 3: Inlra- miiraU 2. .-i : Pi Gamma Mm 4: s,.,. D.lia V,. 1,1,1 I ' lii I. WALKER, LOIS A. Lakeland, Fla. B.S. W.A.A. 1, 2; Y.W.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: B.S.U. Council 2, 3, 4, Sec. 2, 4; Blazer Club 4; Newton Club 3, 4, Pres. 4; Freshman Advisor 4: olunteer Band 4: Inlernational Relations Club 4. WALKUP, EDWIN F. Mrlnt-.sH. Fla. I!.S. WEHB, KKI.DA A. Auburndale, Fla. A.B. Sigma Delia Pi 3, 4. WIElli:, HELEN P. St. Petersburg, Fla. A.B. Transfer St. Petersburg Jimior College 3. WOOD ALL, BETTY A. Bradenton, Fla. A.B. Transfer Lawrence College 4. NOT PICTIIRED BOLTON, ELINOR L. Dallas. Texas A.B. Alpha Xi Delta DEN 1 1 AM, WILLIAM O. Bartow, Fla. A.B. HILL, JOSEPH W. Vero Beach, Fla. A.B. MARTIN, HAMILTON B. DeLand, Fla. A.B. STONE. JAMES A. Bristol, Va. A.B. WOLFE, BILLY, N. St. Petersburg, Fla. A.B. ipoll SENIOR SCANSION The present senior class was lender of years anil experience «lien fir l it rmharknl college life and ' the campus course. ' .... Conrad Hall was still prelly much of a liarii. with iron heds that went down like canoes in the middle .... Maude Emma King was the dean of women, and the Chaudoin parlors had new drapes .... Hal Dekle was working in the bookstore, and selling the hoys on the idea of buying Stetson bracelets to send to the girls back home .... The Commons building had just opened, and the students marveled at the softness of the furniture in the lounge .... Billy Wolfe was looting the sax in the band, and still in a single state .... Charlie Griffin wore a ten gallon hat, which was the custom back in his hometown of Falmouth .... Lydia Theurer, Sarah Elizabeth Clark, Dick Baldwin, and Robert Barnett rated the academic honors of Phi Society .... Dean Robert Cotner taught American history, and co-eds tussled for front scats in his classes .... The Stetsonian was born, with every suggestion for a title from Chapeau to Nightcap .... Professors competed with the voice and piano students giving out from the third floor of Elizabeth Hall .... Mickey Magenheim began his long career of concocting sandwiches in the Grille .... Frank Knorr was selected by the Mystic Krewe as the most representative freshman boy .... Lanier Smith dated a different girl every night of the week, and was all adither by each new one he met. The corridors of the boys ' dorms re-echoed with his " I ' ll .String Along With You, " a popular time of the day .... imtil .... limed shagged into their sophomore year when Ccmrad Mall turned its face around, and even innerspring mattresses were installed .... Bob Barnett began writing the Christian Campus for the Stetson Reporter .... Senorita Neblelt. the Spanish teacher, sliowed a fondness for pageants and red evening gowns .... The Chaudoin parlors echoed with the gentle laughter of guests at the teas given by the new dean of women, Lola B. McCoUough, from Alabama .... Gene Rowland and several other girls converted soap bubble pipes to other uses, and were laid low for a time .... Hugh Latimer was repairing radios in his spare time .... Emmaline Handley sat every noon clutching hands with Emmett Clouts on the bench by the Commons door .... Gordon Kipp was the self-styled heel of the class, and proclaiined himself the poet laureate of Stetson — even then .... Theda Johnson was delving into the private life of ghosts at Cass- adaga as a hobby .... Girls went riding after seven in the eve, and were being strenuously reprimanded for it .... Mary Ella Knight and Harry Jerger had a diet of each other for breakfast, dinner, and supper e eryday .... until their .lunior year .... when every . Stetsonite. both past and present, was turned on their ear by the Hatter stampede over the Florida Gators to the tune of a 16-14 score. Florida Rats were so drunk with despair that dinks were acquired from their knobs by the score . . . Thelma Preston won an art prize in a Florida exhibit, and put her head in salt water to reduce the swelling .... James Vance had to live down the rumors of a two-year-old butcherknife episode brought up by a freshie girl .... The Big Apple was a major craze, but a sore trial .... Lois Walker ' s interest in J. L. Green, and vice versa, began to be more than a chemical friendship .... Roy Kaye was celebrating 6 or 7 anniversaries as a grocery boy .... Robert Kicklighter, president of the .Ministerial .Association, was mistaken as one of the library fixtures one day, and nearly sal on .... Lydia Theurer added to her acting, playwriting, schola.stic, editing, literary, set designing, debating prestige by putting words to timeful Hall melodies .... Various students nursed along the swimming pool scheme with indiialions that il would be dedicated by the children of the present students .... One of the numbers presented at the May Day program was entitled " The Dance of the Liver Pills " .... until finally they came to their .... Senior year .... and Russell Darst bought a pair of binoculars that his lady fair might better watch him adorn the Hatter bench .... One of the wits in Dr. Vance ' s geography class said, " The Firth of Forth, and a Fifth of Scotch. " .... .Merch Smith doodled for the Reporter with all the finesse of a Bud Fisher .... Professor Hickman won the mud-pie eating contest at the Sadie Hawkins Frolic, tho the Law Clubs bets were placed on Professor Brown who modestly admitted afterwa ' ' ds that he had ealen three pies for supper .... Gordon Kipp wrote the Open Forum for the college paper .... Bearden Cunningham and Phyllis Brown were in the dative case all year .... And although we hate to say good-bye to the Seniors we suppose it ' s just as well they go by graduation as by less orthodox methods. i T May mo Mr. Toastmaster, dear, dear, friends and the class of 1940. How ten years have flown but I always say, or don ' t 1. that the thing that makes time fly is the spur of the moment. I must say I was surprised to be asked to make this report on the class of 1940 but 1 always say that the female of the speeches is more deadly than the male. Now for the report. As far as I have been able to count, these figures are for day before yesterday, the class of 1940 in 10 years has had 453 offsprings, of these 207 are female and the rest evenly divided between male and neuter. Two millionaires, 3 ditch diggers. 12 filling station owners, 4 movie stars, 1 business man, 10 gold diggers and chorus girls, 3 day labors I work during the day) 1 bachelor (1 don ' t see how he escaped) 2 housewives, 1 lawyer, 1 part time doctor, 40 teachers ithis includes jiu jitsu and boxing) 12 clerks, 1 skywriter. I also have, or don ' t I, some more definite reports of the class of 1940. I should say that 1 am very sorry that the president of the class of 1940 is not with us, that body over there belongs to his stand in. Mr. A. R. Baldwin could not be with us this evening because he is in Paris giving the French Prime minister of FOREIGN Affairs a demonstration of his now famous hair tonic. " Baldwin will win the Bald " . I am sure all of you remember how he discovered it, you know the art studio was just above the lab in those days and one day we smelt this terrible stuff and when we got downstairs we found Dear Richard, as we used to call him, had made a big mistake and had spilt the mistake on the floor and had grown a bear rug on the floor all except lor the head and the tail. Like the good fellow he is he sent a bottle of it to Dr. Allen. Oh, it just seems like yesterday that we went to chapel and found Dr. Allen there with the Allen beam, the Allen salute and an Einstein hair cut. One of the millionaires of the class of 1940 is Mr. Joseph W. Hill wh ' 1 am sure all of you know made his money in the manufacture of Fuzzy uzzv Blankets for Little Wee Tootles Wooties. I had an occasion, the last time I was in New York, to see the Mandeville sisters, Janet and Esther, in their latest production. 1 understand, and this is just boarding house rumor of course, that - Ir. G. E. Kipp wrote the musical comedy for the girls, in case you haven ' t heard it is called, " Tall, Dark, and Rancid " . Which reminds me, have any of you read Gordon ' s new book? I have and it is perfectly marvelous how a person can put so much of themselves in their work. I oflened wondered when we were in school why they didn ' t call him " He of the dangling shirt " . The book is called " I Object, or Shouldn ' t I " . Grafton 11. Pyne, Jr. is back on the campus again. Well I remember the work Mr. Pyne did for the swimming pool. Have all of you teen over to see the pool? It is perfectly marvelous, I went over there to see it, took five years to build it, when I got over there it was full of those young things, 1 put my toe in — and got it wet, last evening I went over to or in and when I got in the water got out. Speaking of rounds doesn ' t Stetson look lovely after all these years. Elizabeth is so dignified you just couldn ' t call her Lizz or Betty any more. I just love the escalator. But somehow every tims I go up in the things somebody puts a nut in the works. I understand Ruth E. Osburn has given up horses, there arj so few left, I remember seeing one last week in a circus, well she has gone in for musical comedy pictures in color. She is a coloratura sophrano. Mr. James ance has 5 kids, lovely children, but I just don ' t know what nursery rhymes are coming to. Yesterday one of Mr. Nance ' s little girls came up to me and said, have you heard this one, and I said no, well she said it goes like this. Mary had a little goat, the goat had halitosis. And every place that Mary went, The people held their noses. Speaking of children you should see Magenheim ' s gang, I don ' t know how many he has. Well, I remember how he used to talk about the second World War, it was on in 1940 you know, I have always said the German ' s got treated pretty hard, but you can ' t blame any of the nations, all that is left of Germany is a place 7 by 3 where they buried Hitler. Nobody wants that land. Mary Ella Knight is giving up her bookkeeping job. you know girls get wrong figure when they add. Billy Wolfe has a lovely church, 33 people. But 1 have a friend, who has a friend who was told by that friend ' s friend that Billy is about to have his fifth wife. A. E. .Mathis, Jr. is the only prof, of the class of 19tU. He is doing very nicely. I met his wife the other day. She said she is having a terrible time with him. Why she said just the other day he came home without the car, oh yes, they have a car, of course most everybody uses an aeroplane these days, well she said, where is the car dear, and he said I don ' t know, she said well you took it, he .said oh, 1 wondered where the man had gone to who gave me the lift this morning. Helen Ho iks is a hat designer and doing very well. As you can see by this new creation, she makes hats for children and other people. Esther Hick has become a very famous gardner. 1 asked her the other day what was the new garden plot and she said it was a plan of bugs worms to eat m everything. Edward Huie is famous, I don ' t know what for? I saw him in Chicago last year, you should see his bald head, but I always say, or don ' t I, that successful men are generally bald, because they come out on top. Frances Hammond is selling toothless tooth brushes all over the country. I met her a few weeks ago in a hotel in Fort Christmas. They gave me room 13 and when I went up there I found Frances Hammond there. For three days she had been sitting on her suitcases, 1 asked her why, and she pointed to a sign. THINK, have you left anything? Frank J. Knorr has a star. She is the daughter of Mr. Mrs. V. A. Schaefer. A lovely child only 8 years old. Little .Vlarjorie looks just like her mother. Her new picture is " Mother told me not to but 1 think I will " . .Sarah Elizabeth Clark has a perfectly lovely bootblack co. This is a paid ad. Robert Barnett is doing wonderful as a cook in the N. Y. Hotel. Which reminds me you should try Elizabeth Jameson ' s dutch cook, you know wouldn ' t you? The former Relda Ann Webb couldn ' t come this year she just had triplets two weeks ago. Mildred Brown had a perfectly lovely dry cleaning establishment, she says it is only hard work in spots. Hugh Latimer is doing fine at what ever he is doing. Yesterday I saw him in the commons building. He had a banana in front of him and was making the most awful faces at it: I asked him what he was doing, he said he was just crying to get the banana so he could cat it, I said why the face? Well he said you scare the banana, and grab it as it jumps out of its skin. I said I have a better one. Y(UI just call a banana yellow and it will want to fight so it will take off its jacket. Well I have more to report but I must stop but 1 always say, or don ' l I, thai the way to break the ice is to make a few cracks. I hope we gel together for anoihcr 10 years as easily as this. So I end but 1 always say, or don ' t I, that my face is my fortune — it runs into a nice round figure. Siibmilted by LILLIAN PRESTON Mr. Arlhur P. M cor An eiluoatur versed in ilic fit-Ids nf music, lilcralure, and matlienialics, a traveler, a leetnrer, and a writer, are the diverse acliievenienls of Arllinr P. Moor. Receiving his B.S. degree from Stetson University in 1919, Mr. Moor was honored with a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford University in England. After taking honors in theology at Oxford, he traveled much in Europe and the Far East, followed by four years of executive work for the YMCA, arrang- ing faculty and student conferences, and speaking and conducting forums. . ' Vfter this .Mr. .Moor taught at various universities and delivered summer courses in music and Oriental literature. He has done research and writing on special projects for the National Recreation Association, the Brooklyn Museum, New York Public Library, and the Metropolitan Museum. .Some of his publications include The Library-Museum oj Music and Dance, a section on music in A. D. Danzig ' s Music in American Life and the International Encyclopedia of Music and Musicians, and articles on American libraries in Grove ' s Dictionary of Music and Musicians, and Musical America. " She HATTER Class Offic icers WERWAGE WILLIAMSON JENNINGS Pr esldcnl Vice I ' ri ' sulenl Secretary Treasurer WESLEY ZUBER CHARLOTTE WERWAGE iJLLlAN WILLIAMSON LELA MAY JENNINGS JUNIOR CLASS ALBKITTON, J. M.. JR. AMORY, RUBY Plant City, Fla. Newport News, Va. ANDERSON, R. W. ARNOLD, LYNWOOD F. BAER, VICTOR L. Fairpurt, N. Y. Jacksonville, Fla. DeLand, Fla. BEA.SLEY, MARY Bl.UEMKE, JOHN A. BRADFORD. MARY BRANT. RALPH E. CATES, EVELYN Orlancl.., Fla. Oak Park. 111. St. Peicrsliurf;, Fla. Ciimherland. Mil. .SanforiL Fla. i3he HATTER 19 4 CLONTS. C. ROY, JR. Oviedo, Fla. DAVIS, BILL M. Leesburg, Fla. DAVIS, MARY LOU Chicago, 111. FORD. Vt. RALPH Orange City, Fla. FORMBY, AGNES Eiistis, Fla. ' ' T : .T f U f FRY, EUGE.NE W., JR. CAUGIIAN, ROBERT II. GREENE, JESSE L. Rydal, Pa. IiuiianaiMilis, Inil. Avon Park, Fla. GRIFFIN, RUBER H DeLand, Fla. GRUBBS, LILLIAN St. Augustine, Fla. JUNIOR CLASS HANCOCK. EMILY HARVARD, J. WYMAN HEEBNER, R. S., JR. HERRING, W. ALVIS Aubiirndale, Fla. Live Oak, Fla. Lansdale, Pa. New .Smyrna Beach, Fla. HOUGH, JOE W. Lake Helen, Fla. ? f HOYT. DONNA DeLand, Fla. HUNT, JOHN W. Lakeland, Fla. HliTTON. PHYLLIS JENNING.S, LELA MAY Winter Haven. Fla. Doctors Inlet, Fla. JORDAN. RAY DeLand, Fla. ' She HATTER 19 4 KEATHLEY. DAISY KUMMER. CHARLES 0. LAWTON, GADI L. Brooksville, Fla. Winter Park. Fla. Orlando, Fla. LEONARD, PHYLLIS LOVELACE, Wm. E. Hastings, Fla. DeLand, Fla. f ' " 2 « TfT : W L , l , iNELL DeLand, Fla. iVkCALL, G. W., JR. i kGINNE.S, ELIZABETH MASSE ' l, CAROLYN High Springs, Fla. Lakeland, Fla. Marianna, Fla. i lERt:ER. DeLand, ERIiN Fla. JUNIOR CLASS MERRITT, L. IRVING MOORE, ROBERT A. Panama City, Fla. Temuco, Chile MORRLS, JEAN Daytona Beach, Fla NOWLIN, RUTH Lakeland, Fla. PENNINGTON, J. ANN Inilianapolis, Ind. KEE.- E, JO ROSS, CHARLES T., JR. RLIZ, HORTENSIA RLfMMELL, R. W., JR. SAMPLE, ROBERT S. DeLand. Fla. Berkley, W. Va. Santa Clara, Cuba Cocoa, Fla. DeLand, Fla. " She HATTER I O 4 SHAW, JANE Indianapolis. Inii. IMMONS. ALVIN L. SMITH, E. LANIER SMITH. E. FRANCIS STAFFORD, RALPH S. Oak Hill. Fla. Daytona Beach. Fla. Glenwood. Fla. Orange City, Fla. ' ( rt ' c M STIER. JOAN Kernandina. Fla. .STOLL, CHARMION Long Island, N. Y. TRIESTE, VIRGINIA WAGNER, BURREL . Miami, Fla. Erie. Pa. k WERWAGE, C. Eustis, Fla. JUNIOR C L A S S WHITNEY, JOHN M. Wn.LlAMSON. LILLIAN WOOD, MARGARET WOODWARD. OZELLO Altonna. Fla. Lake City, Fla. DeLand, Fla. DeLand. Fla. DereD laiy = = Dere Diary — I am now established in collich to get edjucated and as Roosow or Kathalene Norris or one of the immortal bards sed, to be or not to bee is the queschun. Since I ' m having to pay for this I gess 111 benifite by it all. I herd of a campis coarse today and I guess 111 investegat that and see if I ' ll take that for my niager which is the topic you ta ke the most off. This is whot they call orientashun weak around here and it sure is — it leaves me so weak anyhow and I can hardly wait until chrismus vacashun to see wat my new boy friend will give me. Dere Diary, I ' ll just have to let you in on a secrete. I mad a blunder today Someone asked me what kind of skool this was and I said it was a parokial skool and they looked funny and walked away and I found out that I had sed this was a religious skool. How terrible. Dere Diary — This is called rash weak. All the weaks around here have specel names and that is one of them. Anyhow, the for sorrorities on campus must all be wanteng me to pay them ten dollars becaus they all bring little cards around for me to sign so that I can go out with one of the girls and be taken places. I gess 111 get inishiated any dav now. Last weak 1 got registered in the libery and there I met a hole bunch of kinds and stood in line for for hours waiting to have the dean ' s rubber stamp stampped on my card. 1 found out 1 had to take a coarse in theem righting and dere diary I don ' t want to becaus its such a waist of time becaus I allready have such a freedom of riting vocaluarry. Even mother says she cant tell what I ' ll say next. Anyhow 1 couldn ' t get out of tacking the coarse. Dere Diary — I don ' t hafe to go but to hafe my classes becaus of the new cut sistem. oh glory unto the most high. I saw my english teecher todoy about my theems and I told her what I thot of her way of gradding my papers and she got made and called me an iliterate and I told her I was not ether that she culd look on the New York birth files and see for herself and that shut her up. I went out ridding las night and when I got out of the care the dean rod by and saw me get out and she talked to me this mourning, about it and I told her if she didn ' t stop piking on me I ' d tell her what all we did wich was going to the show and getting a cheex sandwich and chokolat soda. She looked kina shocking and she didn ' t say anything. I guess 1 like her alright except that she isn ' t my type. She tolde me I had ])otentialities and now I ' m worried becaus the doctor told me I was alright. Derest darling Diary — Today was Homecoming and I met a boy from off somewhere and now I ' m in luve. He sed that if Id rite him that he would send me a pin. Homecoming was grate and I liked it except that it was to hote to ware my fur coat and I wore it any- way and my dress ran. Sara Elizabeth Clark and Ed Mason were the hostesses and look so nice. We lost the footbald game but thats all right becaus Fred is going to send me a pin. I saw the play what Every Woman Noes but Sir James Berry and I found out that every woman noes that her husband is really dumb and is always fikle. And the play was so good and my heart just terned over when I saw Steve Reed and fell in love with him. Also I saw Lydia Thorough and liiought she looked awful but someone sed she was supposed to but I can ' t see why. Dere Diar Ward lluiiliT had a b;ili ! (ice. Dl ] cl lis cute. Frc l sent me my pin and it cam today but 1 guess I took him too literal. I ' , not in love anymore becaus the pin was silver fasted to a pease of paper wich said button up your lip on it. Their all doges and I ' m heartbroken. I ' m reformed. I ' m going to study becaus the D-list cam out and I got on it six times and I may get cent home. I bought me some new floes and now I ' m happy becaus new clos always make me. Also I bought some new bookes today but all the words arc spdcd bad and I can ' l icad llicm very well, its a pity becaus they are so prell . Dr. LeUnJ F. Carlton A prominent surgeon recognized among medical leaders in his field of activity. Dr. Leiand F. Carlton has advanced much in humanitarian work. After graduating from Stetson University, he continued his work at Rush Medical College in Chicago. Illinois. Since 1915 he has been practising in Tampa, Florida. Dr. Carlton has been past president of the Hillsboro County Medical Society, and associated with the Florida State Medical Society, the American Medical Association, the .Souiheastern Surgical Congress, the American College of Surgeons, and ihe Founders Group of the American Board of Surgery. He is a member of the Kiwanis Club and past president of the Tampa Club, immediate past lieutenant governor of the south- western division of the Kiwanis, and a member of the Shrine. SOPHOMORES " She HATTER v_ lass Officers THACKER HILL ROLLINS BUCHANAN President Vice President Secretary Treasurer FRANK BUCHANAN RUSSELL THACKER DICKIE ROLLINS MARY HELEN HILL c m u lu ML i ■ (, ;| Ji IK )l ) l r ' " " _ U J) J First Row, Left to Right: Second Row, Lejt to Right: ACKERMAN, J. WINFIELD Oswego, N. Y. ARNOLD, T. PATRICK Winter Garden. Fla. BAILEY, IDA FEE BRANDIES, CLAIRE Jacksonville, Fla. Callahan, Fla. AINSWORTH, MARIANN Aurora, 111. AULT, MARJORIE E. Ilialeah, Fla. BATESON, LOUISE E. BROWN, MARY ANN DeLand, Fla. Naranja, Fla. ANDERSON, THOMAS F. Port Huron, Mich. BACON, LOIS H. Clearwater, Fla. BOTTS, D. JEAN BROWN, PHYLLIS W. DeLand, Fla. DeLand, Fla. Third Row, Lejt to Right: l-;,urih Row. Lejt to Right: BUCHANAN, FRANK M. Miami Beach, Fla. BUR(;.MAN. DOROTHY Daytona Beach, Fla. LOU ClIESSER, ROBERT L. St. Petersburg, Fla. COLEMAN. CLYDE B Tulsa, Okla. HUNGER, M. LOUISE Lake Helen, Fla. BURRELL. ANN R. Jacksonville, Fla. CLEMENT, NELSON Harlem, Mont. CONTE, MARt Tampa. Fla. ItllRGER. MARIAN E. Dayton, Ohio GATE, MARGARET E. DeLand, Fla. COLE. ROSA M. Philadelphia, Miss. COOKE, FRED M. West Orange. N. J. ' iShe HATTER First Row, Left to Right: Second Row, Left to Right: COTTER. MILDRED E. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. CRKST. HELEN B. Lahore, Va. DAIL, G. EDWARD, JR. Philadelphia, Penn. DRIGGER.S, HELEN G. DeLand, Fla. COVEY, ALLAN D. Daytona Beach, Fla. CROWELL, ROBERT W. Utica, N. Y. DAVl.s ELIZABETH NOEL Rockledge, Fla. DUNN, DOROTHY Daytona Beach, Fla. CR.4WF0RD, RENA F. DeLand. Fla. CULPEPPER. JAMES D.. Jacksonville, Fla. JR. DeMOTSLS. KATHERINE M. Osteen. FIh. DYAL, IVA Homestead, Fla. Third Row, Left to Right: EDWARD.S, BES.SIE MAE Gainesville, P ' la. EVANS, VIRGINIA W. Beckley, W. Va. FINNEY, M. JEAN DeLand, Fla. FI.SHER, M. ELIZABETH DeLand, Fla. FORD, L. ELIZABETH Lakeland, Fla. FOY, MARGARET M. Tampa, Fla. Fourth Row, Left to Right: FRESHWATER, JANETTE St. Petershiirn, Fla. FRINK, BET ' IY Lake Wales, Fla. GAUSE, MARY E. Tarpon Springs, Fla. GILLILAND, BETTIE LEE DeLand, Fla. (;IRARDEAU, Wm. M., JR. DeLand, Fla. GOLDEN, JAMES R. Leesburg, Florida SOPHOMORE CLASS First Row, Left lo Right: (;OLSNER, CAROLYN E. CrestwiMxl, N. Y. (iORDON, MARY Orlando, Fla. GRAHAM, VANCE P., JR. Bristol, Tenn. GREEN, CARROLL H. DeLand, Fla. GREEN, FLORENCE V. Plant City, Fla. HILL, MARY HELEN Miami Beach, Fla. Second Row, Left lo Right: HILLMAN. ELEANOR Orlando, Fla. IIITTINGER, LE.STER D. Cincinnati, Ohio HODGE.S, MARGARET S. New Port Richey, Fla. HODNETT, MARY K. Winter Haven, Fla. HOUGHTON, EDNA M. Mulberry, Fla. HOWARD. C. L.. JR. Melbourne. Fla. ThinI Row. Left lo Right: IIOWE.S, HELEN C. Jamestown, N. Y. HUGHES, EDWIN E. Utica, N. Y. HUS.SEY, RAYMOND W. Lake Villa, HI. INMAN, FRANCES H. Lake Winnemissett, Fla. JOHNSON, HARRYETTE P. Brunswick, Ga. JOHNSON, LOIS Jacksonville, Fla. Fourth Hiiw. LeU to Right: JOHNSON. MARY ' WILEY Orlando, Fla. JONE. , CECIL P. Lakeland, Fla. JONE.S, JOHN G. Jacksonville, Fla. KERR. KATHERINE E. Lakewood, Ohio KIEHL, FRED E. West Palm Beach, Fla KING, BERTA MAE Miami, Fla. " She HATTER First Row, Left to Right: KNIGHT. FFL NCIS A. Bloiintstown, Fla. KURTZ. JOHN H. Fort Myers, Fla. L. ' XKE. WILLIAM R. I.oushnian. Fla. LAMB. W. EUGENE .lacksonville, Fla. LANDRESS. SYLVA M. Daytona Beach, Fla. LEE. MARY E. .Miami, Fla. Second Row, Left to Right: LLOYD, M. GENE Kennett, Mu. LOOMIS, JOSEPHINE M. Jersey City, N. J. LOVELES.S. DOROTHY Ml. Dora. Fla. JR. LUMPKIN, R. F.. DeLantl, Fla. LYNN, JOHN D., JR. Fort Myers, Fla. LYTLE, ANN L. Weirsdale, Fla. 1A.A Tlunl How. I.rll l„ Kitih t: l-ouilli Kow. I.rll hi Riithl: McCLENKN, WII.LLWl .Springfield, Ohio 1). M(I)ONAI.I), MARZEE K. Plant City, Fla. McGARKAII, M. FRANCES Del, ami, Fla. MAGAHA, MADELINE 1 h ' orl Myers, Fla. McCLURE, LOUISE A. Vero Beach, Fla. McPOWELL, NOAH L., Fla. MeNEFF, BETTY JEAN Fl. Lauderdale, Fla. MAGGARD. D. CELESTI DeLand. Fla. .McCORD, BLANGHE Avon Park, Fla. McELMURRAY, HELEN J. Augusta, Ga. MeNEFF, JOE C. Fl. Lauderdale, Fla. mag(;ard, luella ii. Del.and, Fla. SOPHOMORE CLASS Firsl Row, Left to Right: MAHAFFEY. PIERRE R., JR. HpLand. Fla. MARTIN, l.II A Pelhani, Ga. MATHIS. HKLEN J. Tampa. Fla. MAULL, NADIA Orlando, Fla. MAY, EDWARD ().. .IR. Trenton, Fla. MILLER, I. MAURICE DeLand, Fla. Second Row, Left to Right: MILLER, LOUISE W. Daytona Beach, Fla. MILLER, STANTON M. Rochester, N. Y. MINARIK, H. JOE Sanford, Fla. MIRES, NELL F. DeLand, Fla. .MOBLEY. SARA ELLEN Lake Helen. Fla. MORGAN, MARY LYNN Jacksonville. Fla. Third Row, Left to Right: Kuiirlh Row, Left to Right: MKl ' Z, CECELIA , . DeLand, Fla. NICHOLSON. MARY DeLand. Fla. ELLEN PADULA, JOSEPH F. New York, N. Y. PAYNE, MARGARET L. Darlington Heights, a .MllR, LAURETTA K. Orlando, Fla. NIX, SYDNEY J.. JR. Sanford, Fla. PARISH. BETTY ANNE DeLand. Fla. PHILLIPS. ELAINE M. Richmond Hill. N. Y. NIGHOl-S. II. LUELLA Ft. Landerdale, Fla. NOBLE, RICHARD S. Columbus, Ohio PASTEUR. POLLY Ocala, Fla. POOL. FLORENCE C. Clermont, Fla. " She HATTER 9 4 First Rou; Left to Right: POWELL, GWENDOLYN DeLand, Fla. POWELL. VONCILE DeLand, Fla. PREER, JACK Dayonta Beach, Fla. PRESTON, HAROLD F.. JR. Melrose, Fla. RATLIFF, MILDRED G. Sanford, Fla. REARDON, D. KATHRYN Ocala, Fla. Second Rotv, Left to Right: REHBAUM. MARY LOUISE Mt. Dora, Fla. RICE, ROBBINS E. Hollywood, Fla. ROBERTS, DOROTHY E. New Smyrna Beach, Fla. ROBINSON, PRISCILLA Homestead, Fla. ROLLINS, DOROTHY DICK Jacksonville, Fla. ROSEBERRY, HENRY A. Grand Rapids, Mich. Third Row, Left to Right: ROSENBLUM, BETTY Daytona Beach, Fla. RO.SSETTER, NANCY J. Sanford, Fla. SCHAEFER, WILBUR M. Bradley Beach, N. J. .SCARBOROUGH, VIRGINIA D. Lakeland, Fla. siEG, K. DELi(;irr DeLand, Fla. SMITH, BENJAMIN 1).. Utica, N. Y. JK. Fourth Row, Lejt to Right: SMITH, E. FRANCIS Glenwood, Fla. SMITH, FRANK S. DeLand, Fla. SMITH, MARY EI.IZABK ' I Daylona Beach, Fla. SPANIER, ALLEN B. Miami, Fla. .STAGEY, VINCENT T. Utica, N. Y. STEVEN.S, CATHERINE M. Iladdonfield, N. J. SOPHOMORE CLASS First Row, Left to Right: STRICKLAND, WILLIAM C. Bowling Green, Fla. THACKER, RUSSELL S. Kissimmee, Fla. THOMPSON, F. ELIZABETH Daytona Beach, Fla. TOMPKINS. LEONARD G. DelanH, Fla. TRULUCK, CECELIA E. Sanford, Fla. TURNER, JOHN M. Homestead, Fla. Second Row, Left to Right: TURRENTINE, WILLIAM M. Mt. Dora, Fla. VINALL, ARLENE P. Daytona Beach, Fla. VOSS, RAY O. LeSiieiir, Minn. WALDEN, MIRIAM K. Plant City, Fla. WATSON, CATHERINE M. Pi inta Gorda, Fla. WELSH, MARY ELIZABETH Miami, Fla. WEST, ALFRED P. DeLand, Fla. YEARGIN, BENJAMIN A. DeLand, Fla. Uere Uiary = = con L Dere Diary. There was a dehal here which was between Oxford, a eoUieh in England which I would like to go to becaus the people speak so beautiful and are always having tea and cake, and Stetson. Vance Graham was on the team and so was Lydia Thorough. I ' m getting ejucated more every day and I ' m lerning losts now. I learned a lot how to right a tempaper today — oh boy. My english teecher asked me today a dumb question. She asked me what a preposition was and she shoudl know any modern girl knows that. I thought she shouldn ' t ask such questions in class but far he it from me to let her think I didn ' t know so I told her it was when a man who didn ' t have any asked you up to see his etchings and she sputtered and realized what she had asked and backed right out of it and gave me all the blame, Dere Diary. There was an Innerfraternity dance today but 1 didn ' t go because 1 didn ' t have a new dress or a date. 1 am crushed. Today is Sadie Hawkins Da) . dear diary, and we are going to chase after our men and I ' m going to chase after Emit Peter becaus he can ' t run any faster than I can and becaus he is intelectule. We are going to the dance on me and I ' m going to ware a yellow bow in the bake and a purpul hate and a corn cob pipe like the hies. I ' ll bet everybody will look at me then. No budy could resist my personality then. Der Diary : The Glee Club sang the Messiah and My English teacher said I was improving in my gramaticle corectness which makes me trill. The Messiah was lovely and I fell asleep to the tune of the Anvil Corns. I ' m working hard on my biology. 1 cut up my frog today but I threw it out because it had a lot of dirt in it and then Dr. Smith got made and told me that wasn ' t dirt, it was supposed to be there just as if I didn ' t know dirt when I saw it. Dear Diary : Tonight I feel holy because I just came home from the Christmas play called " Family Portrait " and the family was the family of Jesus. It was wonderfull and I just loved it so much and then after the play all the lights were out of Chaudion and the candles were burning in all the windows. And then the chimes played all kinds of Christmas songs and 1 felt so beautiful. Gollv. I love Stetson. Dear Diary : Peace on earth is gone for me. Exams have started. I herd some of the girls talking about riling notes on their fingenales but 1 have not any so I guess 1 just won ' t do thai. I took one of those staying awake pills last night and now I can ' t even hold up my head. I took another pills and it only made me worse. Miss Henry says its because I really didn ' t out to have taken them because they are a dope. I know what happens lo dope fiends and I ' m scared now. Dear Diary: I ' m furi(jus. I just fore a brand new pair of stockings on Billy ' s frat pin! He was hel|)ing me down from off the toj) of the car at the air port and I raked his pin — but not sufficiently to rake it off of him. Now, no one but you, dear diary, believed my explanation. I like you, dear diary, because you believe anything 1 tell you, which is more than I can say for the rest of the people. r. Harry S. Winters One iif till ' liest known educators and historians in Florida. Professor Harry S. Winters lias amply justified his mission in life by winning the admiration of all students who have ronie under his influence. A graduate of the Stetson Academy in 1890 and the College in 1896, Professor Winters began his teach- ing career in high school. From 1900 to 1920 he was a partner in a prosperous wholesale paper business in Jacksonville, Florida, but he eventually returned to DeLaiid, where in 1927 he started teaching at his Alma Mater. Instructing such varied subjects as English, geometry, and astronomy. Professor Winters finally limited his field to American History, in which he is a recognized authority in the state. In 1901 Professor Winters married Mabel W. Allen of Del.and, and they have one son, Allen. Professor Winters was director of the Florida Historical Society in 1938-39, and vice president of the Florida Library Association in 1939. He has been active in church work all his life. He is a member of the Florida Historical Society and the Southern Historical .Society. A Stetson he belonged to Pi Gamma Mn, Mu Omega Xi. and Delta Sigma Pi. Professor Winters is the oldest living graduate of the university. FRESHMEN me HATTER Class Off, icers JENNINGS SLATON JENNINGS MACHEN President Vice President Secretary Treasurer ERNEST MACHEN GEORGE SLATON DOROTHY JENNINGS BRYAN JENNINGS 1 I he Freshman " Gosh, I ' m excited. I ' ve jusi met my roommate, and is she cute! And now I ' m goins to Freshman Talent Night. I hope that boy I heard practising, sings. Cliris soinelxidy Chris Napoli . . . Why doesn ' t Bill (I think I ' ll like him) come? " Oh, I ' m all hot and bothered. There were seivn lines at registration today anil I didn ' t know what to do or anything. I didn ' t know getting an education was so hard. " There goes Barb White. Where have I seen her before? Freshman girls " meeting, and she was elected president. Guess I ' ll congratulate her — Oh, Bar-rb. " The freshman float is coming around the corner- isn ' t Homecoming great ' : ' (especially with Billy). And Liberty Jennings herself — arm tired, Dot? " What ' s this- four exams in two days? It ' s impossible! I won ' t live, I ' ll never be the same again. Why didn ' t I study my lessons? " It ' s Wednesday, and here ' s my Reporter, courtesy of Finmett Peter. I.emnie see - I ' rosh flasketltall Team Chumps. And George Slaton won his tennis match 6-3, 61, 6-4. " People and what they remind you of: Jeanne Vance and everything pretty and smart; Fdith Bass and everything athletic and capable; .Stetson student and everything friendly and fun. " It ' s almost time to start packing to go home (how can I tell Billy good-bye?) Now I ' m getting sentimental, but it ' s been a great life being a freshman! " FRESHMAN CLASS First Row, Lejt In Rifihl: ADAMS, EDITH M. ALLEN, FRANK C, JR. ALLEN, ROBERT C. ANDERSON, S. HELEN AUSTIN, WANDA M. AYCOCK, CAROLINE BABCOCK, HOWARD C, JR. Second Row, Lejt to Right: BAILEY, PATRICIA M. BALDWIN, JAMES O. BARNES, ROBERT W. BARNEY, JAMES BA.SS, EDITH E. BATTS, ESTELLE C. BAUER, ANN S. f f f?s r ns f gsk M riur.l KoH. I.ejt to Right: BELL, ELOUISE Fourth Row, Left to Right: BERGER. .MEI.MN W HEAN. WU.MAM 1 (; BELLAH, J. MARJORIE BENNETT, PAULINE BLACK, DON H. BEASLKY. 1 K(; KKr liKl.LUM, DOROTHY K. BENSON, K. ELIZABETH BLACK, W. EDWARD BEESON, 1 in 1:1.1 Mil ' Til liKNNETT. CON.STAiNCK 11. BENTON. TIH:RES J. BLANTON. BEN ERLY " She HATTER First Row, Left to Right: BOUTWELL. ROBERT Second Row, Left to Right: BROADWAY, BETTY M. BLOUNT, B. MERLE BOWEN, ELIZABETH L. BRANCH, GARLAND J., JR. BROOKS, HARRY BOHNERT, MILDRED L. BOYD, ANN BRANON. ELIZABETH A. BROWN, WILBUR L. BONDS. MELBA L. BRANCH, F. WILLETTA BRENNAN, WILLIAM P. BURDINE. JAMES T.. IH, s f m n tr " 9 f- 77,( ( « " H ' . , - l„ Right: (J.AI)IN, LEWIS A. l-ourth Row, Ml 1,1 Riiihl : coi RLNcrroN, leon HL ' ITORKK, JOSEPH .S. CLARKE, RACHEL M. COBB, SAMUEL H.. JR. CRISSEY. WILLIAM CAPE, BIJRNEE (J. ARK, H{(;iNL C. COI ' IKLD. ANNIK L. ciiorr. KOMKRi- w. CARLTON. MARY K. CLARSON. EVELYN J. COOPER. MARY L KC KEI ' CROSS, JOHN ). FRESHMAN CLASS Tap Row, Lejt to Right: CURLIN, ESTHER M. DANIEL, JOHN S. DeBELLA. AGATHA A. DENMARK, M. CAMILLE DRAKE, VIRGINIA ANN G. DOUGLAS, RICHARD D. DUDLEY, FRANK M. Second Row, Left to Right: DURHAM, JOSEPH K., JR. ELLIS, JEANETTE A. ESTES. ARTHUR J. FARR, WILMA D. FESSENDEN, S. R. FISHER, PAUL H. FREEBURC;. P. G. r a1 J? V Ak. k4iw i ,- " ) l ll C2 f Thin! Row. I.cit ,, R.ghl: l ' ' lii; ( II, lUMA J. G ARD.NKK. NORMA P. (;iBBOi S. DOROTHY H. GILES. RIGiL RU GORE, ETHEL M. GOULD, JOHN K. GOWER, HUGH T. roiiilh Row. I.eit to Right: (;RA KLY. HARRIS P. (;RAY, EDWARD E. GREENO. HARRY S. I.KOsS, II KK. ( II tfh:i HEARD, RITA A. ;krtrude K. -D. ABBIE J. franges a. " She HATTER h ' irsl Row, Left to Right : HILL, RITA M. Second Row, Lejt to Right: JACOB.S, SARAH E. lltDGES, ELIZABETH A. HISEY, G. iMARIE HUNTLEY, A. BRAXTON, JR. JENNINGS, DOROTHY HERNDON, ROBERT S. HOOKER, ELSIE A. HUSSEY, W. HOWLAND JOHNSON, BARBARA J. HIGGINBOTHAM, E. S., JR. HOYT, EDWIN R. JACOBS, HUBERT E. JOHNSON, MABEL J. k A mfMd til riiinl How. Lejt 10 Right: KAYE, WILBUR 1. •;-» Row. Lett to Hi ghr. LEHMAN. DAVID M. JONES, ROBERT E. KNAl ' l ' , I ' RANK A. I.ANDT, JULIA L LEWIS. JOHN KAGEY, SHIRLEY K. KNOTT, DOROTHY L. LATTO, KLIZABKTII LINZKL, MAH(;ARET 1). K LEE1., KI) KI) r. KNOX. EDrill S. LA ' i. l•:K Ks is. l.ll ' SCOMH, j ' AMKI.A J. FRESHMAN CLASS Top Row, Left la Righl: LONGING, JESSIE B. LYNN, DAVID R. LYNN, KITTY JEAN McCALL, JOROTHY McCLELLAN, NOVICE M. McCORMICK, HELEN DORIS McEACHERN, A. MARION Second Row, Left to Right: MacLEAN, FLORA GENE McQLJIDDY, WINSTON C. MACHEN. ERNEST W.. JR. MAHON, M. LUCILLE MATHIS, WILLIAM S. MAUGANS, F. E. MAXWELL. W. G. B, ' ■ ' 2irJ Third Row, Left to Righl: MOCK, MARY R. l- ' ,„uih Row, Left to Righl: MYERS, noROTin MERCER, THOMAS L. MOORE, CONSTANCE W. MORRISON, VIRGINIA NAFF, WILLIAM II. MERRILL, MARION D. MORGAN, BETTY LEE MOSLER. MAX NELSON. CI IKK l MITCHELL, ROBERT R. MORRISON, LULA MAE MOTT, nOKOTIIV C, NORMAN. JEAN " She HATTER Top Row, Lett to Riglil: OCLETREE, EVELYN H. Second Row, Left to Right: PARKER, GORDON L NORTH, B. ERNESTINE ORNSTEIN, DOROTHY J. OWEN, THERON J. PARSONS, CARL S. ODU.M, RUTH M. OSBURN, ORIAN W. OYER, EDNA W. PATTERSON, MARJORIE OCDEN, D. PATRICIA OUTLER, JASON C, JR. PABLO, DORIS E. PELTER, JOSEPH M. Tllinl Kall. I.rjl la Right: PKKCI AL, HKI.KN K. PERKEY, JOHN 1., PETERSON, VAONA I ' OKTEI!. i;, i;lv ii, ' ' A: ATI ' . HI HV !■;, PlIM , CAR!. F., JR. RAM ' O, EDITH E. I ' „i,ilh Hon. I.rll In Right: i!i :ii HT. i. i.iDK RITTKNIIOUSK, W. II.. JR. ROBINSON, VERA C. RODDA, TIIEODOKK A. RONE, CHARLES C. ROSENBERRY, W. WARD ROS.S, PAULINE FRESHMAN CLASS " " op Rniv, Lejt to Right : {OWLAND, ERNEST L, ,IK. lUTLEDGE, AARON L. 5ABIN, A. MARILYN ST. ONGE, JOYCE J. SAMUELS, ELAINE C. SANDERSON, P. V., JR. SANni ' SKY. KXTIIRYN Second Row, Left to Right SEYMOUR, YVONNE E. .SHIVER, HELEN W. SI.ATON, GEORGE C. SLAUSON, F. LORRAINE SMILEY, T. M., JR. SMITH, BETTY LOUISE SPAULDING. R. C. JR. Thinl Row. I.rll l„ Right: 5PERR1NG, DA 11) H. SPINKS, ANNE M. STAFFORO. BETTU ' . RUTH .STALLING, GORDON A. STEFFENS, HARRIET . L STOVER, CAROL E. STULTS. RALPH F. I ' oiirth Row, Lejt to Right: THOMPSON, PATSY TILTON, L RY BLANCHE TOWN LEY, WALTER B.. JR. TRAWK;K, DOROTHY .- TREADWAY, MARY C TUCKER. UNIS TURNER. WILLIAM U ' Dhe HATTER 19 4 Tn;, Row, Leit to Right: TYLER, EARL ANCE, JEANNE M. WALDEN. DONA VE WALKER, SELENA E. WARE, ELMER W. WATSON, FRANK B., JR. WEAVER, W. EDWARD. JR. Second Row. LeII to Right: WEBBER, JOYCE M. WEIGEL, DORIS WELCH, MARTHA E. WENDELL, WILLIAM N. WERWAGE, JAMES T. WHITE, BARBARA WHITE, JACK A. H ij ' O , % - 1 -. ' A k. h.Atk Third Row, Ml to Right: WILKIN.S, MELVIN . WM.SON, CHARLES C. hoiirlh Row, Left to Right WHITESELL, IVIE.NNE WILLIAMSON, ROBERT H. WINBURN, ALICE WOOD, BETTY WHITMAN, EVERETT P. WILLI.S, MARJORH ' ; W. WOOTEN, DEAN ' I oinette oy A ' targery Vv illis 43 " Hello, Marie, Sally, Diana. Am 1 late? You should ' ve gone on and eaten anywa) . Gosh! Have I been in a rush! 1 just got out of the beauty parlor. Say, they have the most wonderful new hairdresser there. Henri his name is, and he ' s cute! He did my hair — personally — isn ' t it grand! " ' " Yes, its lovely, ' Toinette " . . . " Very nice " ... " I like it very much, ' Toinette " . " How ' s Bob? And what happened to that air castle you and he were building? " " But of course You would be interested. Diane " . " He ' s just fine, 1 guess. I really haven ' t seen him much lately. The air castle? Ohhh — I found out his mother expected to move in, too. You should see her! Seventy, silver-haired, doesn ' t smoke, doesn ' t play bridge, doesn ' t drive a car, and never says a word! A regular " Whistler " . Lord, she ' d bore me to death! And what would my friends think? It just isn ' t being done, my dear! ... I really don ' t believe I ' ll order . . . I ' m going to skip lunch — it took me half an hour to get this veil on right " . " New, isn ' t it. " Toinette? " " But of course, Marie. From Sally Victor ' s. I simph adore her creations, don ' t you? " " Well, if you must know, she ' s a little too expensive for me, ' Toinette. But Bloomingdale ' s are having a sale . . . and such bargains! You ' ll simply swoon when you see the dress I got for practically nothing. " " I imagine it would have to be, Sally. I must say you look like it. Your hair really looks terrible and your shoes are simply filthy. And one button ' s off your dress, too, dear. " " How ' s Bob ' s art work coming. " Toinette? " " Oh, he ' s still painting a rosy future. Marie — but try and sell that! Really, and then he gets angry because I run bills! Well, however does he expect me to dress? Like a ten-cent-store clerk? I just can ' t see why he must be so unreasonable. He even resents Dad ' s giving me an allowance! Dad offered him one, too. but he got peeved and turned him down flat! Silly boy! Why should he work when Dad has enough for all of us? Well, he ' ll get over it. " " Jane finally married Steve Moss, ' Toinette. Aren ' t you glad? " " Did she, Marie? I guess she was getting rather panicky. She ' s pretty old, you know. She says she ' s only twenty-seven, but she looks at least thirty-two! Naturally she married him for his money — he ' s forty if he ' s a day and has no " oomph " at all. When he puts his hand on his hip. it looks like he ' s leaning on a shelf. You know, when they were engaged, he gave her the loveliest old ring — a perfectly huge diamond with a curse on it. Seems a shame to waste it on Jane; she ' s so plain! " " How did your housekeeping venture turn out, ' Toinette? Still keeping it up? " " Heavens no, Diana! Really I don ' t know how to live without at least three servants! You know I told you I was going to make a pound cake? I did. and Bob said it gave him indigestion! That ' s gratitude for you. I pounded it for hours! Oh guess what ! There was another one of those crank letters in the mail today. The Vanity Shoppe wants to know when I ' m going to pay my bill! Isn ' t that funny? I just never can remember unimportant little things like that! Besides, I don ' t like Pierre any more. Don ' t you think he ' s tiresome, always agreeing with every- thing? " " Well, ' Toinette. a yes-man always has a negative personality. " " Well, Sally! How cute! Where did you read that ? I never can remember the cute things I read. Say hasn ' t Rodney Claire been hanging around ou lately? I hear he asked you for a late date at the Stork Club the other night and you refused. Why, for heaven ' s sakes? He ' s got loads of filthy lucre and dances divinely! " " Oh — he ' s slimy — in his mind, I mean — I don ' t like him. and told him I never went t)Ut when I should be coming in. He had the nerve to suggest that he ' d buy me a diamond if I ' d be nice to him! " " Oh. don ' t be old-fashioned, Sally! You can always liorrow money on a good diamond. " " Yes, ' Toinette, but a wedding ring ' s the best security. By the way. how ' d you like the Townes party last night? " " Oh, terribly dull. Sally. I feel marvelous this morning. Notice m new dress? Oh, 1 nnist rush! I promised Elaine to meet her for bridge and then on to Joe ' s for cocktails. Realh. you girls are getting dull. on ha en " t told me a thing! 1 guess you don " t get around as much after Nou ' re older, though. " B)e. dears. See ou tomorrow for luiuh. Rilz Tower? Boring, but I ' ll be there. " IJcvQ iJiary = = con t. Dear Diary : The Stetson Players presented. " Our Town " by Thornton Wilder and he was wilder than ever. Why he made those poor people do everything without eve a spoon to eat with. Anyhow, it was a good play and the dead graveyard scene was the best of all. Dr. Stover was in it and he was good. He is one of those teachers that don ' t agree with whoever it was that said that those that could do and those that can ' t teach. One of these days Dr. Allen is going to forget to come to chapel and then hell get his last cut. One more and he is autamatically suspended from his duties at school. You, dear diary, can ' t known how much we like to sing the doxology but even better is when we " send the light ' with the bass, a bit off but still all right. It ' s a two to t hree hit. Dear Diary : The Pi Kapps gave a dance tonighl whidi ihey consider the best dance given on the campus this year. Of course I wouldn ' t dispute their word but 1 liked Sadie Hawkins Day best because 1 could dance all the time then and at the Pi Kap dance 1 only danced with three boys, but that ' s better than usual because I usually don ' t go at all. However I am getting a liberal education because tonight 1 learned how to use the boxers upper-cut. 1 tried il on Jimmy and boy, did it work. I drove him home.—- straight home. Now if onh it had been — Dear Diar) ; Jerry doesn ' t know it but I heard him say that he thought Barbara Rowe was the cutest femme on this campus. I ' ll bet I get a box of candy out of that. Dear Diary : Tonight 1 saw you cant take it with you and believe me Fm glad. That family nearly drove me crazy, Imagine letting a nigger be so familiar with you. But gee, the girl got a swell man. Maybe this democracy isn ' t such a bad idea after all but I ' m not going to be the one to start it. Dear Diary: Here we are into March and I ' m not out of my Febuwary slump yet. Prof. Griffin gave a recital and those songs of his just melted me. He is so cute that if he didn ' t have that wife and the baby and if he had a little more money and a Cadalac instead of a Plymouth and if had been a Sigma Nu I would have fallen for him and asked him to come up and see me some time soon because I wouldn ' t let any grass grow under my feet because he would be the catch of the year. Dear Diary : Today while 1 was in the hash house something so funny happened. One of (he boys came whizzing down the isle between the tallies and crashed into a table with his cartload of dishes and turned them over. It made such a noise that the glass of water I was holding got so jarred by the disturbance of the air waves (physics 203 I that it spiled all over me. And then of course 1 was imbara.ssed at all the damp- ness on my dress and all over the floor but not nearly so inibarrassed as the poor boy. Dear Diar) : Skid Weimert gave a recital tonight and she wore a bluish taffetla dress and an orchid. I ihink but never having been very close to an orchid I really wouldn ' t be sure. Anyhow, the way she sang Danny Boy was enough to nearly finish me. It re- minds me so much of Dan that I used to know until last year when he told me I was a trump and I wasn ' t going to stand to be called names and so I told him so and he got mad. Anyhow, Skid was simply devine and the audience sat so still thai it was quite a contract to most of the audiences at Stetson. on. Bert Fisli A diplomat and a public spirited citizen is the position the Honorable Bert Fish holds today. The present American minister to Egypt and Saudi- Arabia, Judge Fish has capably handled public offices for over thirty years. A graduate from Stetson LIniversity in 1902, Bert Fish was president of his law class. While practising the law profession, Mr. Fish was elected Reading Secretary of the State Senate. Thereafter he became Superintendent of the Public Schools in Volusia County, and later the Solicitor for the Volusia County Criminal Court. Following these positions Bert Fish was the Volusia County Criminal Judge for eight years. In 1933 Judge Fish was appointed to his present position, and in 1935 the honorary degree of Doctor of Law was conferred upon him by Stetson University. In 1937 Hon. Fish was appointed by President Roosevelt as the delegate from the United States to the conference in Montreux. Switzerland, for Revision of the Capitulatory Regime in Egypt. Bert Fish is Honorary Life Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Florida Junior Chamber of Commerce, a Kiwanis, Odd Fellow, Elk, Mason, Shriner. and alumnus of the Sigma Nu and Phi . lpha Delta fraternities. BOOK COLLEGE of LAW PAUL EVERETT RAYMOND LL.M., S.J.D. Dean ..f the Cdlesie c.f Law and Professor of Law. I he btetson C olicqe or L aw The College of Law sihool in Florida. The first carries this statement: if John B. .Stetson University is the oldest law catalot; of the College of Law, published in 1900, " By reason of repeated requests from prominent members of the bar and from many others, the College of Law of the John B. Stetson University will be opened October 2n(l, 1900. With no law school in the State of Florida, with the number of young men in the State who desire to study law and the number who, on account of their own health or that of their friends, are attracted southward by our genial winter climate, it is believed there is room here to build up a prosperous srhoid. In this atlcmpl, we most earnestly ask for the hearty co-operation of every uii-uiber of ihe bar in the State. " The expectations of those who foimded the College of Law have been realized. The College of Law is fully accredited, and through high admission requirements, rigorous scholarship standards, and carefully planned courses, together with a legal aid clinic and law club competitions, every effort is made to develop lawyers who will recognize and fulfill their professional and citizenship responsibilities. FOX LENOIR JACKSON WILSON RAYMOND CHEATHAM i acuity of the College of Law PALL E KRETT RAYMOND. LL.AL. S. J. D. Dean of the College of Law ami Pmjessor oj Law CLALDE HILDING BROWN, J.S.D. Professor oj Imui LEONARD J. CURTIS, J.S. Professor of HENRY J. FOX, LL.B.. LL.M.. S.J.D. Professor of Law NIELL S. JACKSON, LL.B. Instructor of Law JAMES JEFFERSON LENOIR, Ph.D.. LL.M. Professor of Law JAMES ROBERT WILSON, Jur. Sr. D. Professor of Law OVEDA CHEATHAM Secretary to the Dean, Lilirarian jvenior i las ss ' resilient WARD IIIINTER llce-Presiilenl BOB SCURLOCK Secretary F.D STRICKLAND Treasurer HARRY NEWETT . ' imior (_lass ' resident CARL TEAGUE lice-President DICK SAULS Secretary CARLOTTA WASHBURNE Treasurer .„_ JAMES DYSON rresnman Olass President HAROLD CLARK lire-President DOROTHEA CLARSON Secrelarv VERNON TURNER Treasurer ANGELO MARTINO . . Sr! ' SENIOR LAW Sig; BEATTIE, G. R., JR. Si. Petersburg, Fla. I.L.B. Sigma Nil Nil Phi 1,1. 1.2. X BOIRE, HAROLD A. DeLand, Fla. LL.B. Sigma Nil Phi Alpha Delia L2, L3. BUSCHMAN, ALBERT E. Daytona Beach, Fla. LL.B. Phi Alpha Delta L.3 CHERRY, JOHN F. Center Hill, Fla. LL.B. Phi Kappa Phi Justice Phi Alpha Delta L3; President of Stetson Law .School Assoc. L3; President Junior Law Class L2; Law ( ' liib Winner L2; Mystic Krewe L2, L3. CLONTS, J. EMMETT, JR. Oakland, Fla. LL.B. Phi Alpha Delta L2, L3 arsitv F.M.ihall 1.1, L2; " S ' CluK I.I. 1,2, L3. DEKLE, II Al, P. Mariaiiiia, Fla. LL.B. President Sliidenl Bodv L3; Clerk Phi Alpha Delta L3: Mystic Krewe L3; " Who ' s Who " L3; Law Club Winner L2, L3; Treasurer Freshman Law Class LI; Most Popular Boy L3; Charter Member and Grand-Exalted Ruler of Tootie Fruties L2, L3. HINTER, W. WARD Jasper. V i. LL.B. Pi Kappa Phi Interfraternity Council LL L2, L3: Warden, Treasurer, Pres- ident Pi Kappa Phi A2, LL L2; Captain Mystic Krewe L3: " Who ' s Who " L3; Vice-Justice Phi Alpha Delta L3; Freshman . Vdvisor L3; Feature Section Hatter L2; Rules and Pro- cedure Committee L3; Pres- ident .Senior Law Class; Char- ter Member and 2nd. Grand- Exalted Ruler of Tootie Fruties L2, L3. KIRKL.VND, THOMAS E. Tulsa, Oklahoma LL.B. Pi Kappa Phi Phi Alpha Delta , rchon Pi Kappa Phi L3: Vice-President I, a w School .■ ssoc. L3; arsity Football. Basketball, Tennis LL L2. L3: Law Club Winner L2, L3; Most Athletic Boy , 2: Mce-Pres- ident " S " Club L2: Halter .Staff L2; Warden Mystic Krewe L3; Torch Bearer Touiic Fruties L2, L3. he HATTER LOWERY. HARRIS R.. JR. Stuart. Fla. LL.B. Sigma Nil Varsity Football. Tennis LI, L2, L3; Phi Alpha Delta: " S " Club MacMILLAN, NEII. E. DeLand, Fla. LL.B. Treasurer Phi . lpha Delta L.3: Sheriff Moot Court L2; Law School Editor of Hatter LL L2. L3; Chairman Rules and Procedure Committee L3; Stet- son Reporter L2, L3: Band . 2; Secretary Freshman Law Class LI; Stover Theatre Plays A2, L2; Freshman Advisor L3: Intramurals; Charter Member and 3rd Grand-Exalted Ruler of Tootie Fruties L2, L3. NEWETT, HARRY T. Leesburg, Fla. LL.B. Treasurer Junior Law Class L2; Secretary Senior Law Class L3; Clerk Moot Court L2: Marshall Phi Alpha Delta L3; Mystic Krewe L3; Tennis L3; Intramurals: Dean ' s List LI, L2; L3: Order of Scroll and Key L3; Law Club Winner L2: Charter Member and Chief Scribe of Tootie Fruties L2, L3 ROWE. J. WILTON Orlando, Fla. LL.B. Sigma Nu Debate Team Al, A2: Inter- fraternity Council LI, L2: Mystic Krewe A3, LL L2, L3; Commander, Chaplain, Sigma Nu LI, L2; President Student Body L2: Phi Alpha Delta LI; " Who ' s Who " L2, L3; Pres- ident Men ' s Council. SCI RLOCK. ROBERT A. Lynn lla en, Fla. LL.B. Delta Sigma Phi Transfer Ohio .State Univ. A2; Secretary, Editor - Historian Delta Sigma Phi LI, L2; Warden, Treasurer .Sigma Nu Phi L2, L3; Vice-President .Senior Law Class 1.3; Intra- MMirals LI, 1,2, L.i. .sTRI :KI. M), EDWIN E. Miami. Fla. LL.B. Phi Kappa Phi Warden, Intramural Manager Pi Kappa Phi L2; Vice-Pres- ident Freshman Law Class LI ; .Secretary Junior Law Class L2; Law Club Winner L2; Treasurer .Senior Law Class L3; Intramurals LI,L2, L3; Charier •Member and Keeper of Ar- chives of Tootie Fruties L2, L3. .STK().N(;. DONALD l. Jack.sonville, Fla. LL.B. .Sigma Nil President Freshman Class AL Freshman Football Al; Cheer- leader LI, 1,2, 1,3; (;iee Club A2, 1,1; Reconler, Commander .Sigma Nu L2, L:i. JUNIOR LAW CAZER, MAR AL DeLand. Florida CICERO. JOHN Tampa, Florida IKSHAW, LAWRENCE Burlington, Virginia FEGUSON, MAC DeLand, Florida KINSEY. ROY E. St. Petersburg. Florida MASON, ED Miami, Florida .. 0 . f . fT f NELSON, JAMES Daylniia Reacli. Florida SAULS, RICHARD Wf l I ' alm B. ' a.h. Florid; SHLILER. ARTHUR Tallahassee, Florida TEAGUE, CARL DeLand, Florida VANN, HAROLD Miami Beach, Florida WASH BURNE, CARLOTTA Ormond, Florida he HATTER 19 4 FRESHMAN LAW BARKSTROM, F. A. L. CARRY, WILLIAM L. CLARK. HAROLD R. CLARSON, E. DOROTHEA Jamestown, New York Milton, Wisconsin Jacksonville. Florida Jacksonville. Florida 4 r d M J A ■ M% i DYSON, JAMES II. .Sanford. Florida HALL. W. TROY. JR. MARTINO, ANGELO C. SMITH, WALLACE R. Lecsburg, Florida ' I ' anipa. l ' ' lori la DeLand, Florida TURNER, VERNON Homestead. Florida Mr. JoL J. Heney Recognized as a leading American bandmaster, John J. Heney " s record as a musician is nolable. A graduate of Stetson University in 1939, Mr. Heney at the present time directs the university band as well as the DeLand High School Senior Band and Junior Band. He has had ten compositions published by the Fillmore Music House, Cincinnati, Ohio; the W.F.L. Drum Ciouipany. Chicago, Illinois; and the Barnhouse Publishing Company, Oskaloosa, Iowa. Mr. Heney has been elected as president of the Florida Bandmasters Association for the third con.secutive year. He is chairman of the National Percussion Committee, and a member of the .American Bandmasters Association and the Board of Control of the National Scho(d Band Association. This year he has been a judge at the stale high-school Ijaud contest of Georgia in .Milledgeville, and the Mississippi state contest in Jackson. He successfully conducted the Florida state contest in Miami, and the Eighth Regional contest of the national high. school band associations at West Palm Beach. BOOK IV SCHOOL of MUSIC WILLIAM EDWARD DUCKWITZ, Mus. D. Director oj the School of Music I ' roiessor of Piano he S tetson Sch CO I 01 V lusic The Stetson, each year for the past five or six years, has made the statement, and truthfully, that " Stetson is going forward " ; and that the School of Music is keeping step with the other schools and colleges of the Ifniversity. In fact, we sometimes think that we get a skip or so ahead of the others. Perhaps we are wrong, but it is true that this year our graduates are a fine group of well-trained musicians. Our orchestras, (ilcc (lluhs, and Bands are larger and well trained. We have added three excellent musicians to our faculty and have increased our activities in every way. We have given more recitals, concerts, one more Oratorio, and a more difficult opera than in the past. Our Concert Course included more fine artists, and our students and faculty appeared in recital before more clubs throughout the state. Members of the faculty have been elo!cled to fill prominent offices in state and national music organi alions. and we have had nalionaily known musicians visit our campus, conduct oiii iiiii ic organi alimis. jccturr In ||i( classes, conduct conferences with the la ult . Yes, Ml SWAN BAILEY TESTI GRAHAM IRWIN IIENICY FISHER HALL ORCUTT CIEFIN Dl ' CKWITZ 1)A LS WORTH AAiisic School raciilly WILLIAM EDWARD DUCKWITZ, Miis.D. Director of the School of Music and Proiessor oi Piano WILLIAM HORACE BAILEY, A.B.. M.M. Professor of I iolin and Theory HAROLD MILNE GIKFIN, A.B., Miis.B., A.M. Professor of Voice ARTHUR J. (;RAHAM, Mus.B., a.a.(;.o. Professor of Piano and Or an VERONICA DAVIS. Mns.B., A.M. Instrnclor in Public School Music JOHN J. HENEY. Miis.B. Director of the Band, Instructor of Wind and Percussion Instruments (;lenn d. swan, Mus.b., m.m. Instructor of Violin and Theory JEAN ROGERS Instructor in Harp aileen worth Asst. Inslrnitor in Violin. Viola, and Ensemble LUCY DUNCAN HALL. A.B. Instructor in Ihili rozc-Enrh thmi{ ETHEL M. FISHER Instructor in Piano M DKI,I K n{ lN Instructor in Piano EOLO TE.STI. A.B. Instructor in Cello " She HATTER ARCHER. RUTH E. Malone. Fliirida B.M. May Day Court 1: W.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Radio Chorus 2, 4; Life Service Band 4. CLARK. F. ROSEMARY Holly Hill, Florida B.M. Phi Beta 4; Der Studenten Verein 3, 4; Symphony Orches- tra 2, 3, 4; Soloist 4; Honor Roll 2, 3; Dean ' s List 4. DAVIS, ANTOINETTE DeLand, Florida B.M. Zeta Tau Alpha Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4; Manager of Women ' s Glee Club 4; Radio Chorus 4; Pi Kappa Sigma 2, 3, 4, Keeper of Archives 2; Secretary 3, 4; Vice President of Zeta Tau Alpha 4; The Honor 3, 4; Art Club 3, 4; Secretary and Treasurer of Music School 3; Interfraternity Council 4; Freshman Advisor 3. 4; Town Girl ' s Student Council. Treasurer 3. Pres- ident 4. GOLDING, HELENE S. Lakeland, Florida B.M. Transfer Florida Southern 2 Phi Beta 2, 3, 4, President 4 Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Soloist Radio Chorus; Opera Leads 2. 3, 4; French Club 4. I WIK licll Zf li Hela 4. i ' nd 2. [irfral SON, SARAH K. le (iiade, Fh.rida B.M. ■ta Tau Alpha 1 t; ;iee Club 1, 2. iiblicity Manager 4: I: Radio Chorus 3, 4; ■rnily Council 3, 4; W.A.A. 1. 2. KENNEDY. EI.OISE R. Ilif;h .Springs, Florida B.M. Ziia Tan Alpha (;lce Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Traveling Squad 2, 3, 4; Treasurer Soph- omore (;lass 2; Panhcllcnic Council 3, 4, Secretary 4; Historian of Zeta Tau Apha 4; Freshman Adivsor 2, .3: The Honor, 4. NICHOLSON. EI.IZMiKril I. DeLand. Floiid:i B.M. Band 1, 3, 4; 2, 3, Club 1. WKIMERT, RIIODA I " . Buffalo, New York B.M. Alpha Xi Delta Treasurer of Music School 4; (;iee Clid) 1, 2, 3, 4; Soloist, Student Leader 4; Girl ' s Trio 1, 2, 3, 4; Mixed Quartet 3, 4; Radio Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Opera Leads 1, 2, 3, 4; Drama- tics 2, 3, 4; Chorister for Alpha Xi Delta 2, 3, 4; The Honor 4; Officer B. S. U. 2; Officer Y. W.A. 2. M U S I C ARNOLD. FRANCES BIRD, BETTE BOOTH. GORDON GUSHING, W. S., JR. Dayton. Tennessee Port Washington, N. Y. St. Petersburg, Florida OrmontI, Florida DONALDSON, B. Daytona Beach, Fla. FRICK, VIRGINIA LEE MeEMBER, R. R. ROHDE, ANN DOLORES SMITH. JANE LEY ll..ineslead, Florida DeLand, Fhirida Beresford, Florida Orlando, Florida WADE, MILDRED T. Leeshiirg, Florida " She HATTER ARKLEY, FRANCES S. BERCER. DONALD E. Miami. Florida DeLaiul, Florida FEASEL, DICK M. DeLand, Florida BOSTICK. MARY E. WaiK-liiila, Florida DICKERT, MILDRED E. Davtniia, Florida 11 AWN, HORACE C, JR. New Smyrna Beach, Fla. IIOLMAN, DORRIS II. HUNTER, BARBARA J. St. Augustine, Florida Live Oak, Florida SOPHOMORE M U S ! C PARKER, BONNIE I. Bradenton, Floriila PEDEN. BARBARA ANN Dallav. Trxa- SAMONDS, LeVONDE Cliarlotle. Norlli Carolina STEWART, PAUL II. Owosso, Michigan SMITH. S. A.. .IR. DeLand, Florida " She HATTER 1040 HMAN MUSI BLniNT. ROBERT M. BUCKLES. JOHNNIE CAUSIER, JOHN F. FALLS. ROBERT H. FOSTER, MARION M. m M ■ £ I iiiim p ... ' • ' amm iiiiiii m mimwrnimmg i im rT Cji FUnil. KI.IZAHKTU A. GETZEN, K. S. HOWELL, ELIZABETH HUNTER. MYRTIS C. KELLEY, ALMA LEE FRESHMAN At U S I C KIGHT, MARY F. KLINE, MARY ELLEN LORD. OLIVE MrMTIIW. RCHIE Y. MATTHEWS, W. j., JR. klk kk MILLIGAN, DORIS JO MORRI. ' ON, PAUL M. NAPOLI. CHRIS OWENS, JAMES B. PRINCE, GLORIA " She HATTER 19 4 REAVES. MARGARET P. ROGY. JEAN L. SIMPSON. HARRIET E. SMITH. KATHERINE L. SMITH, MARY F. Vi.DK.s. DORA R, ARNUM, .SYBIL A. WELDEN, E. ANNE WYNNS, W. CLIFFORD ZORNES, BETTY LEE btetson Llnivcrsily pand J()Hi J. IIKM: . Din ' vio, GRAHAM SELICK. Assi. Dindor OFFICERS Drum Major Tom Morris Gordon Booth Tom Parker Robert McEmber Robert Chesser CLARINETS Dirk Feasel Kalberine Smith Frances Inman Palsy Thompson Donald Barger ALTO CLARINET Ih.rare Hawn ■ances McCarrah Captain 1st Lieutenant 2nd Lieutenant - Top Sergeant Sergeant William Ciisliing Isi Cdipural Bardwell Donaldson Corporal S. A. Smith, Jr ._ Corporal Dick Feasel „ . Corporal Francis Smith . Corporal PERSONNEL CORNETS Gordon Booth Mary Ellen Kline John Ooss James Burdine Robert Herndon Marion Foster Robert Falls William Girardeau Elizabeth Nicholson PERCUSSION S. A. Sniilh, Jr. Robert Blount Allan Covey Pierre Mahaffcy Dorothy Molt Selena Walker Harlo Polk BASS CLARINET Mary Ellen Nicholson BARITONE Paul Morrison TENOR SAXOPHONE Maurice Miller ALTO SAXOPHONE Francis Smith FRENCH HORNS William dishing Tom Morris SOUSAPHONES Robert Chesser David Seabloom Barducll Donaldson Edith Adams Graham Selick Doris Milligan Robert McEmber Dorris Holman TROMBONES Harriet Simpson Elizabeth Howell Jean Norman s Symphony Urches tetson symphony estra WILLIAM H. BAILEY. Comluctor William Ciisliing Biinnif Parker _ .. OFFICERS Tom Morris President ... Vice-President Kobert McEmber Secretary Horace Hawn Librarian Assl. Librarian FIR.ST VIOLINS Mildred Wade, ciincertmislress Verna Baer Horace Hawn Wilbur Kaye George Slalon SECOND VIOLINS Annie Rossiter Donald Barjier Garland Brancb Nancy Rossetter .Marjorie Willis VIOLAS Aileen Worth Virginia Lennox Bonnie Parker PERSONNEL CELLOS Jean Bolts Rosemary Clark Veronica Davis William Mathis DOUBLE BASSES Robert Chesser Eolo Testi II HI ' l.c onde Samonds FLUTES Doris Milligan Olive Lord OBOES Robert McEmber Dorris Holman CLARINETS Dick Feasel Katherine Smith BASSOONS Bardwell Donaldsoi Edith Adams FRENCH HORNS Thomas Morris William Cnshing TRUMPETS Sara Staff Mary Ellen Kline Marion Foster TUBA David Seabloom PERCUSSION S. A. Smith, .Ir. lioberl Blount Jtetson lUittle Symphony Urchestra GLENN D. SWAN, Conducior OFFICERS Robert McEmber, President — Business Manager William Gushing, Vice-President — Publicity Manager Katlierine Smith, Secretary Mildred Wade, Treasurer Horace Hawn. Librarian PERSONNEL, VIOLINS Verna Baer Horace Hawn Wilbur Kaye George Slaton Mildred Wade IOLAS Bonnie Parker Aileen Worth CELLO Jean Bolts STRING BASS Robert Chesser FLUTE (rraliam Selick OBOLS Uorris Holman Robert McEmber CLARINETS Dick Feasel Katherine Smith BASSOON Bardwell Donaldson HORNS William Gushing Thomas Morris TRUMPET Sara Staff PERCUSSION Robert Blount Slclson Glee Cliilo HAROLD MILNK GIFFIN, Director ROBFRTA ORCUTT, Asst. Director F F I C F R S Women ' s Clnlj Tom Parker _ l.eatler Rhoda Weimert Leader Kdwartl Fnrlong --- Bus. Mgr. Antoinette Davis __ Bus. Mgr. Crafton Pyne Puhlicily Mgr. Elizaheth Jameson Puhlicily Mgr. C H R U .S FIRST SOPRANOS SECOND SOPRANOS FIRSr ALTOS SECOND ALTOS Frances Arkley Marion Ainsworth Frances Arnold Wanda Austin Ann Baner Bette Bird Mary E. Boslick Annie Cofield Jeannetle Beveridge Evelyn Clarson Margaret Foy Antoinette Davis Mary Bradford Mary I.ou Davis Virginia Frick Mildred Dickert Ann Biirrell Katharine Getzen Phyllis Hutlon Barhara Hunter i:iizal)elli Futch Myrtis Hunter Nell Mires Sarah Jacobs llelene (;olding I.ela May Jennings Mary Mock Caroline Massev Kli abetli Jameson Eloise Kennedy Elizal.elh Nicholson Eli aheili Mc(;innes Dorothy Jennings Mary Frances Kighl Ruth Olson Thelma Preston Alma Kelley Helen Mathis Ruhy Prevail (;ioria Prince Helen MeFlmurray Belly Anne Parish Jean Rogy Louise Randall Barliara I ' eden Dolores Rohde Jane Smith Elizaheth Sandusky Margaret Reaves Anne .Spinks Virginia Trieste Virginia Scarborough Dorothy Roberts Eunice Wehher Elizaheth Welden Peggy Wood Mary Frances Smith Barhara White Rhoda Weim.rl Syliil Varniim Bi ' lty orn s TKNORS Hal Hall BASSES Archie McMillan (;ordon Booth William Mathews Rohert Allen Paul Mcurisiui John Cansier Winston McOuiddy J. M. Alhrilton Orian Osburn Harold Clark Chris Napoli Roherts Falls (iraflou Pyiu ' Kdward Furlong Alvis Herring Frank Smith James (iolden Charles Howard Paul Stewart Hugh Cower Williaui McClenen Clifh.rd Wynns Mr. F,-.,iL J. WiJc man An tniinent Fliirida altorncy. Frank J. Widenian has had an eventful career holh in the army, and in politics. After graduating from Stetson University Mr. Wideman attended the First Officers ' Training Camp at Ft. McPherson, Georgia, and served as First Lieutenant in the United States Army throughout the World War. In consequent years he has held the commission of Major in the Officers ' Reserve Corps, and has been a former ici-( ' ommandcr of the Jacksonville Post of the American Legion. While a pratlising barrister, Mr. Wideman was appointed State Attorney from 1920 lo 192-1-, and named by President Roosevelt as Assistant United States Attorney General in 1933. lie was also a member of the Florida State Board of Control from 1929 lo 1933. In 1920 .Mr. Wideman married Miss Pattie Holmes of Jacksonville, Florida. They have three children. Mr. Wideman has been a MK inler of the City Council if Jacksonville, Florida, and associated with ariiins Masonic bodies and the Shrine. At Stetson University he was a member cif the Sigma Nil. fir-l f ' ommandir cif the Delta Mm (Ihaplcr. and a mcndier " I I ' i Mplia Delia, (lie iialinrial la« fralcrnity. BOOK V FEATURES t,A. V - ' " Ui " " ' ' " ' " A Tic " ' " " ' ' .c e,. • «)p - S.M- , y ' uv tA NV - FEATURED Lyai ' A.. I heiirer__Hers is a world of glamor- ized work. Indomitable, Lydia carries through her plans in spile of frequent opposition. Strong willed, a perfec- tionist, she is expected to accomplish great things by all who know her. Her dreams carry her far as one by one she puts them into practice and makes of them tangible parts of her personality and achievements. In describing Lydia it is especially appropriate that one should quote a master playwright. Sir James Barrie, in his statement " Charm is a sort of bloom on a woman " for Lydia fairly blossoms forth with charm. But it is the voice that carries the personality home. The deep, rich huskiness, the warmth and glow of Lydia ' s voice has been the major cause — that coupled with her astonishingly quick and clear perception —for her success in debate, and in the Little Theatre. Dick lpalclwin_ Business-like to say the least Dick has been business manager of the M. TTER for two years and has made a great success of it, too. In fact, Dick has convinced Stetson that he can manage any- thing, even the Delta Sigs. Majoring in chemistry, Dick turns student now and then to visit the lab and to spend long hours watching things boil. Friendly in a quiet impresnmptuous manner. Dick has become one of the best known campus figures. A student of applied psychology with neither teacher nor text bonk, he vull always have his way whenever he wants it. baran Lu-abctn C larl _ " Sweet, simple, de- mure, and altogether lovely, " could be said of .Sarah Lib for her world is one of love and kindness for fellow sufferers. Her effervescence, her fun and laughter can only be equaled by her ability to be in the midst of complex and amusing situations. Life buzzes around her and under her capable if small hand, confusion melts into a rather unsettled peace. For four years Sarah Lib has struggled to bring to this campus a love for something higher, something she herself is continually striving for. It seems to be Sarah Lib ' s determination to continue this religious training. rielen riooks l;2lCn I iOCKb — gjjg knows all the campus personages just a little better than anyone else for she is Dr. Allen ' s secretaiy, next to Miss Horn, and what he doesn ' t know, she can tell him. Known as the " walking chamber of commerce " , Helen takes every opportunity to expound on the beauties of Lakeland. Fun-loving, sincere, generous, and definitely likeable, she laughingly declares her.self to be cut out to be a secretary but we know better; she ' ll be a debater yet. .She practices continually just to heai herself talk, and on she goes for hours on hours of amusing, rollicking nonsensical informal debate with anyone wh i is talkative enough to encourage her. Which can ride best, Helen, a knock-kneed or a bowlegged cow- ard ELintCr aliant is the uord Ward. He walked weakly up the steps of Elizabeth Hall one day after Ward Jr. arrived in October. It seems hardly possible or fair that the most handsome man on the entire campus is so definitely ineligible. Ward belongs to Phyllis and to politics; and speaking of politics just naturally brings to mind Ward ' s campaigning ability in school elections. All he lacks is the traditional cigar, . ' o serious, so thoughtful, yet ready to laugh and joke, Ward is one of the most outstanding seniors of the year. MarjOriC AlcClurC _ variug the pe- culiar air of a pixie, the diminutive Marjorie in her strangely wise way for her few years pulls the heart- strings of all who truly know her. .Although at times a trifle, shall we sav " sharply familiar " . Marjorie is a favorite on campus. With a toss of her little head, a shake of her shoulders she trips ahead, her eye set on the goal to which she is striving. Life has been kind to Marjorie, yet she is not a " spoiled brat " , but a worker, a helper, and a friend. More need not he said; her popularity speaks for itself. Kobert Darnett _ The esteemed and august editor of the REPORTER, along with his seeing-eye dog, Katje, takes in all the sights. The news office will forever remember him as he has left an indelible scar on the desk, he sat on it so much. Confident, medita- tive, resourceful, the world revolving about him is a serious, contemplative one. .And yet, laughter rings through the high, thick walls of solemnity. Work is the penalty of staying awake and Bob seldom sleeps. Mildred Br • r ' vVIl — Vivacious, carefree, full of fun, " her actions speak as loud as her words " . With gaiety and yet solemn purpose, she has for the last four years lent herself to the campus atmosphere. At limes, however, she is silent, meditative, and strangely gentle. But not for long; her physical energy is gathering and gathering like great tempestuous clouds and suddenly away she runs, a laughing, joking, merry, happy little imp who is known to all as " Brownie " . rltLlgh l atimcr _, quiet unsuspecting Hugh is always into something. Yet, somehow he always crawls out unharmed. A determined man to say the most, a decided man to say the least. Hugh possesses a rather dry sense of humor; so dry that it is hard to decipher as anything but sarcasm. If Hugh could be called aloof, he could also be described as a true friend to those who hold that honor of friendship which he bestows upon a very few of his hundreds of acquaintances. Hugh is one of the few who can pick and choose. IPllaL Uekle_ Honorable president of the student body, is " Devoted to law but not to order " , to quote Hal himself. A perfect Supreme Court judge could not tell a poorer joke and still get a laugh. Hal declares himself to be practical, to be living in a world of sensibility. Perhaps he is; maybe that ' s why he ' s so refreshingly different. Fun-loving Hal is practical, however, for he is a practical joker. Don ' t hold it against him; he is also a serious, deep thinker — when he has to be. As -Mayor of Dogpatch, Hal created a lasting niche for himself in " them howls of memorie " . Even to the squeaky falsetto which he was a week in gaining and a week in losing, could not do away with the pompousness of the mayor presiding over the annual " Saddie Hawkins Day " . JnloraCe IPills _ One " preacher hoy " who doesn ' t look down his nose at anyone — not even Horsey! Being kind and sympathetic in a strangely dependable manner, he is friend of every person on the campus. He is often, however, too outspoken for his own good, but his smile smooths over his mistaken glibness and peace reigns supreme. He is generally known to the girls, fresh- men and seniors alike, as " big Brother " and is proud of the honor. Einmalinc Handlex __ p ond, aristocratic Emmaline is known to all on campus as " the pretty brunette who won the beauty contest " . A good person to have around, a casual observer of all campus doings, and an active member of many, Enuny has held a place which cannot be quickly filled. Around her gather a few close friends, yet her circle of intimates is even smaller, for Eunnaline does not welc une intimacy but is rather distant, ceol, and imper.simal. On the surface gay and cheerful, underneath she seems to be calm, still, and shadowed. I BEAUTY clcclca by FIRST PLACK riclcn Dass Erin M ercer Polly P y asteur QUEENS Irvinq INlLiricK SECOND PLACE KJorothy Jennings or xncc C ' rccn Nell Atircs p o T 1. headed toward 2. — the great white way 3. and Gwen ignores it all ■J. lost one Miit 5. ha -h house 6. preparation 7. camera-shy 8. contentment 9. solitude 10. flat tire U. across the street 12. missing link 1.3. science 14. face the music 15. hashers 16. affectation 17. beauty on parade 18. debating is such fun! I ' ). does he snow what it ' s about 20. her gypsy sweetheart 21. editor ' s favorite picture 22. a push over 23. chorines 24. fine attached 2.). hangover 26. direct hit 27. slacked 28. short-stops 29. only after ten girls 30. tri-delt heaven 31. cute! 32. lady beware 33. seriously speaking 34. co-ed 3,S. chump 36. it ' s just a pose 37. hey — look ! 38. corner on the party- boys I. another miss 6. sweet sue ]I. trio I. ' ), still striving 18. let us in on it 2. SOUR- liiiKl she lias j. picture girl 4. renewal 7. chums 8. lofty heights 9. hotspot 12. yiiniphy yell leatler 13. smile, ray 16. pigtails 19. first prize 20. posed for, we het 5. masquerade 10. a room with a view 14. try-delts 17. four of a kind 21. inside track r .%P imAINBOW FAMrLY ORCHCSTR f jC8¥0R AND MRS. Wll ■ ' » " = = - ' ' " 1. as a frestiman 5. friendly ovrMurr y. picliiifil willi prexy l. ' {. saturdav nit;lil 2. thoughts of vann A. chapel hour 1(1. il didn ' t get away 14. together, and «hal have you 3. woodie-books-sue 7. chastisement 11. look at the hirdie 4. tony ' s girls 8. from my souvenirs 12. rear guard 15. line-up 1 1. han- an,l liniind 5. sudden interest 9. 1 do - like me 1.1. play house 17. over somebody else ' s shoulder 2. instigator 6. come on! Dr. Allen 10. another face 14. corney stuff 18. ilogpatch goes to school 3. typical 7. Daisy Mae ■ they say 11. chasing made legitimate 1.5. jam 19. called a " frolic " 4. (ini- tnci many 8. dogpalchers 12. questing 16. graiul march 20. crackers Ckl Wai Lc cii5!n Now a (1,1. mil in tlie Cliinese army, Cliik Wai Leiign is one of the mosi interesting graduates of Stetson University. Chik Wai Leugn came from (.hina to the United Slates at the age of twelve. When he landed at the port of Seattle, Washington, he knew no word of the English language. Not a half dozeii years later his college essays were selected as the best specimens of English in the freshman class. After receiving his A.B. degree from Stetson University in 1923, Chik Wai Leugn worked and obtained his master ' s degree from Columbia University. The day after his graduation he married a young Chinese woman who had also received her master ' s degree the following day. They have four children. Since returning to China, Chik Wai Leugn has been foreign minister to the governor of Canton, China, and a liason officer between English speaking and Chinese .speaking people in his division of the army. This well-known Chinese officer was recognized as a fine historian at Stetson University. He was born of Christian parents, and spoke at churches about DeLand. In the years since his graduation. Chik ai Leugn has often sent his best wishes to Stetson University for its advanienienl. BOOK VI ATHLETIC; Uere IjJiary = = con t. Dear Diary: Just because the Music School is called the best in the south we have to have a lot of music programs and this one was given by Evelyn Swarthout, a cousin to her cousin the singer, Gladys Swarthout. She was so good that I listened for a while but then I got up and left but as I was going by the window I heard her playing and so I stood outside and listened to her until she was finished. It would have been more comfortable inside but the night was so lovely that 1 had a good time with Harris too. Dear Diary : I hear that the Stetsonian is not a literary triumph but at last it has been published by the kids on the board they call the dictatorial board. Now I know what happened to my diary which I thought I had lost. It had been stolen, that ' s what. Dear Diary : The " Bohemian Girl " was given by the Glee Club and it was so funny when the gun didn ' t go off in time to kill the man before he died, and when the pistol was thrown down it bounced back again. Gee, it was a swell evening. We had fun watching the opera and trying to guess why and what it was all about. Dear Diary: I ' m going to have to move back out in town. Crawling in dormitory windows is so hard on the stockings and when they lock the doors at eleven how can they expect you to get in unless you come in through the windows. Last night I came home about one and the window was locked and I had to wake up the girl in the next room and when she let me in I found out that I had gotten the president of the woman ' s council out of her bed instead of the girl that rooms with her. She was mad too and I ' ll bet she gets me campused for this Friday night for it too. Dear Diary: Today we had a battle in a student meeting and we threw out the honor system. That ' s okay by me because I don ' t like the idea of having it so you have to write your own termpapers. Also, I have a date to the Law School Day through no fault of the boy ' s. I just wanted to be seen at a place where there would be so many eligible men and see if I could take my pick. Dear Diary: My roommate went to the Junior-senior banquet and she looked beautiful. Some day I ' m going to be a Junior and then I can go too and then I can wear my new dress. I can hardly wait. I guess I ' ll go to summer school and try to get to be a junior faster. Dearest, dearest Diary : Oh 1 had fun tonight. I went to the one act plays put on by the playwriting class and it was really funny. Lillian Preston put on one play that was so cute but the audience couldn ' t get all the lines trying to make them out above the laughing. It went over so big. But even better than that was the impromptu dramas given by the class. They ail looked so duniii and so scared and like they didn t know what to do next which they didn ' t but it went off all right and was so cute. It just thought it was adorable. Dear Diary: The May Fete has been given and I am crushed. I was not chosen to be a freshman adviser for next year and why I don ' t see, I don ' t drink or chew gum and I am always being talked to by the dean which means that she likes me lots or else she wouldn ' t want me to come in and talk to her. I guess it is because of the four d ' s I got and the one C. Miss Boweri said that I cduldirt come back next year, may be that ' s it. Dear Diary : The year is over and I have to go home and get some education over the summer because I didn ' t get any here except to learn to spel. Varsity jports ii he Ooach caches WARREN CASSIUS COWELL. Athletic Director and Head Football Coach Few universities can boast an athletic director of Brady Coweirs caliber. With the rare ability always to put on the field a colorful football team and with his never-ending attempt to build character as well as bodies. Coach Cowell has won a place in the heart of every Stetsonite. WALTER NICHOLSON CLEMONS. Basketball Coach and Assistant Football Coach A newcomer to Stetson this year. Ben demons has demonstrated his basketball magic by winning the Little Four championship. His squad, a thorough work- manlike product, lost oid one game to a Florida S. I. A. A. rival. FOOTBALL The seasons record: Stetson — Florida 21, at Gainesville Stetson 19 — South Georgia 0, at home Stetson 7 — Rollins 27, at home Stetson 12 — Presbyterian 12, at Clinton, S. C. Stetson 14 — Erskine 7, at home Stetson — Tampa 0, at Tampa Stetson — Newberry 20. at home Stetson 13 — Oglethorpe 20, at Atlanta. Ga. Stetson 14 — Wofford 7, at Daytona Beach Stetson 7 — Rollins 27. at Orlando Coach Brady Cowell began the football season with a small squad with little reserve strength. The squad surprised football followers with sparkling victories over South Georgia State Teachers College, Erskine and Wofford, and well earned ties with a strong Presbyterian squad and the Ihiiversity of Tampa. STETSON 0— FLORIDA 21, at Gainesville Recognizing that the odds were decidedly against them, a small squad of Hatters travelled to Gainesville and bravely attempted to repeat last year ' s great victory over the Gators. Fighting spirit did not overbalance their lack of offensive power, and the Halters went down 21-0. STETSON 19— SOUTH GEORGIA 0, at home A radical shift in the lineup gave Stetson a scoring ))unch in the season ' s second game, enabling the Hatters to down South Georgia Teachers " College 19-0. The hard-charging Stetson linesmen, who held the heavy Teachers at bay, were praised for playing a great part in the Stetson victory. STETSON 7— ROLLINS 27, at home Revived somewhat by their show of offensive strength against .South (Georgia State, the Hatters were nevertheless dazzled by the rollicking Tars, with their tricky reverses and spinner plays. Coach Cowell attempted to match speed for speed, but the final verdict was: Stetson 7, Rollins 27. STETSON 12— PRESBYTERIAN 12. at Clinton. S. C. The Hatters showed a deiided improvement in offensive spirit and ground gaining technique when they battled a favored Presbyterian squad to a 12-12 tie on the Blue Stockings ' home field. The full squad of 24 players traveled to South Carolina by bus. accompanied l the coaches and Manager Robert Crowell. STETSON 14 ERSKINE 7. at iiome Led by Tailback Ed May and Wingback Troy Hall, the Hatters produced a strong running attack to defeat the Erskine Seceders. The Hatter line, responding to Coach Ben demons ' instructions, opened up gaps in the enemy forward wall. STETSON 0— Tampa 0. at Tampa A goodly ccntigent of Stetson students were in Tampa to lend moral support to the Hatter gridmen in their 0-0 tie with the Spartans of Tampa University. Victory was in striking distance several times, but fumbles and lack of offensive strength kept the team from crossing the double line. STETSON 0— NEWBERRY 20, at home The Stetson squad, crippled by the 0-0 tie with Tampa, were no match for a heavy and smartly-coached Newberry eleven. The 20-0 defeat was before a capacity Homecoming throng. The defeat failed, however, to mare a successful Homecoming celebration in which the entire campus took part. STETSON 13— OGLETHORPE 20. at Atlanta Playing beneath overcast skies in Atlanta, the Hatters were edged by a fast Oglethorpe eleven which swept the Stetsonites off their feet during the early minutes of the game. Although they settled down in the second half, the Stetson team was never able to match the Petrels ' score. STETSON 14— WOFFORD 7. at Daytona Beach Before a large group of loyal Volusians, The Hatters turned on the power in the first and third periods to down Wofford 14-7. Again the Hatters showed spurts of brilliant backfield power, with Ed May and " Sputter " Smith leading the attack. STETSON 7— ROLLINS 27. at Orlando This picturesque and dramatic struggle between two collegiate rivals was brilliantly fought from start to finish. A huge Stetson contingent went wild when the Hatters scored in the second period to lead 7-6 at halftime. The tricky Tars came back strong in the second half, however, and scored three touchdowns for a 27-7 victory. K ss; - 47 ' ' • S 9 40 fflPa, 4f 1939 Hatter Squad No. Na 45 Arnold, Lynwood 37 Brant, Ralph 32 Buchanan, Frank 23 Cheatham, Lyn 35 Darst, Russell 42 Gaughan, Robert 21 Golden, James 41 Green, Carroll 36 Hall, Trov 48 Harvard, Wyman 44 Herring, Alvis 47 Hughes, Edwin 22 l.amb. Gene 27 Lawlon, (;a(li 40 McDerniijit, l.duis 43 McDonell, Walt 29 May, Edward 38 Parmley, Cliff 31 Sauls. Richard 24 Smilh, lien 20 Smith, Lanier 46 Stacey, inceni 39 Vann, Harold 26 Wagner, Burel Height 6 ' 1 " S ' ll " S ' ll " 5 ' 8 " 5 ' 9 " 5 ' 9 " 5 ' 9 " 5 ' U " 6 ' 61 " 5 ' 9 " 6 ' 2 " 6 ' S ' ll " 6 ' 1 " .5 ' 11 " 6 ' 6 ' 2 " 5 ' 7 " 5 " 7 " 5 ' 7 " S ' ll " 6 ' 2 " 5 ' 10 " Weight on squad 185 205 170 160 185 180 150 190 195 190 180 190 180 175 190 195 170 178 180 165 150 185 215 178 Home Town Jacksonville Cumberland, Md. . Miami Beach Jacksonville Dayton, Ohio Indianapolis Leesburg DeLand Leesburg Live Oak New Smyrna Beach Utica, N. Y. Jacksonville Orlando Morganlown, W. Va. Uululh, Minn. Trenton, Kla. Hutchinson, Kan. W. Palm Beach Utica, N. Y. Daylona Beacli Utica. N. Y. Miami Krie, I ' cnua. ■ I. J BASKETBALL Boasting a smooth-playing team but failing to reach top form until late in the season. Coach Ben demons ' Green and White basketball squad enjoyed a brilliant season against inter-state rivals. They won the Little Pour S. 1. A. A. Championship, losing only one game to a Little Four rival. The squad ' s record shows four consecutive wins over Miami, two over Tampa and Southern, and one over Rollins. A single loss to the Tars marred their perfect record. A road trip through the Carolines in ulii( h llic team lost three games out of four by a one-point margin, marred the team ' s out-of-state record, but they bounced right back to win five out of their next six state contests. Green and White sweaters bearing the coveted " S " were awarded the folliiwing eight members of the Hatter squad: Vincent Schaefer; captain and high point man in all but two games; Harold Vann, center; Alex Mathis, guard; Jimmy Golden, forward; Lanier Smith, forward; Gene Lamb, guard; Cliff Parmley, guard; and Bob Sample, alternate center. Schaefer. hailed by coaches and players as the best basketball player in the state, was elected captain of the 1940 Hatters after they had won their final game of the season with Rollins. GOLDEN LAMB CLLMONS SCHAEFER L TH1S SMITH PAKMLEY VANN SAMPLE Varsity Basl etl?all THE SEASON ' S RECORD Stetson 4L Wofford 58, al home Stetson 32, Wofford 38, at home Stetson 33, Miami 29, al Miami Stetson 39, Miami 27. at Miami Stetson 42, Tampa 32, at home Stetson 24, Erskine 28, at home Stetson 29, Erskine 32, at home Stetson 37, Rollins 4L at home Stetson 34, Southern 20, at home Stetson 30, Florida 42. at home Stetson 38, Preshyterian 39, at Clinton, S. C. Stetson 29, Erskine 32. al Due West. S. C. .Stetson .S2, Newberry 53, al Newberry, S. C. .Stetson 21, Wofford 32, at Spartanburg, S. C. Stetson 48, Miami 43, at hnuie .Stetson 46, Miami 37, al home Stetson 2.3, Florida 47, al (Jainesville Stetson 2.S. Southern 22. al Lakeland .■ tetson 57, Tampa 28, al Tampa Stetson 40, Rollins 33, al Orlando TURNER T ennis THE SEASON ' S RECORD Stetson 0 Mianii 6 Stetson 0— Florida ) Stetson 5 -Rollins I Stetson 6 — Daytona Tmnis (lliili 3 Stetson 0— Florida ) Stetson -Georgia 7 Stetson Clemson 7 Stetson 4 — Mercer ' Stetson 3 — Mississippi (:rilli-f:c 4 Led by curlyliBired Billy Davis of Lecslmrg. playing a " suicide " schedule of the Soulh ' s mightiest teams, the Stetson tennis team came up fully to expectations and defeated a number of favored teams, among ibcm IVIc rccr and fiolliiis. relaying valiantly throughoiil the sc Ray Hussey, Vernon Turner. floN (iloiils )n U(re Tdrii Ki (1 llarrv Newell. ■klai Harold Smith. cancer lUcadcrs NICHOLS CUNNINCII l HKoW CICKKO ROBINSON KOKI) STAKFOKII KUMMELI, OWEN PELTEK MORRIS CLARKE f l ' ■ ' ImiM jwimminc; team n tram Lira Left to Right: Is W mners • KAPPA PHI- SOFT HALL VINCENT SCHAEFER BOB NORTHRIDGE JOE HILL ED STRICKLAND CLYDE COLEMAN TRUETT STOUDENMIRE HARRY NEWETT LYNWOOD CHEATHAM Left to Right: DELTA SIGMA PHI— VOLLEYBALL BOB SCURLOCK RUSSELL THACKER VERNON TURNER ALEX MATHIS GLENN PAYNE DICK BALDWIN Left to Right: SIGMA NU— BADMINTON JACK BLUEMKE DONALD STRONG RAY HUSSEY Left to Right: SIGMA AT ' ' ay; pong RAY MUSSEY VANCE (;raha i ' KAPPA PHI TOrCH FOOT PALL ED STRICKLAND BOB NORTHRIDGE VINCENT SCHAEFER TRIIETT STOUDENMIRE CLYDE COLEMAN IIARR ' l NEWETT JOE MILL ' KAPPA PHI BASKETBALL ED STRICKLAND FRANK FOLTZ TRUETT STOUDENMIRE CLYDE COLEMAN HARRY NEWETT JOE HILL SIGMA NU HORSESHOES JOHN GOULD DONALD STRONG RAY HUSSEY STETSOy HALL-HANDBALL EDWARD GRAY MICKEY MAGEMIKIM freshman iootball FRESHMAN SQU AD ROSTER OF 1939 Towr 13 Heatherly, Kenneth B 175 Saluda, N. C. 17 Healherly, Vance T 220 Saluda, N. C. 14 Rotlip, Fredereck B 165 DeLeon Springs 10 Parker, Gordy E 165 Daytona Beach 14 Brennan, William E 165 Daytona Beach 68 Foltz, Frank C 175 Detroit. Mich. 61 Coleman, Clyde E 175 Tulsa, Okla. 72 Daniels, John T 195 Jacksonville 6 Keith. Hank C 185 Orlando 71 Wendell. William G 210 Keyser, W. Va. 27 Onller, Jason G 160 Jacksonville 48 Wilson, Charles G 180 Indianapolis, Ind. 30 BonHvell. Ted B 155 Jacksonville 1 Baldwin, James B 150 Vero Beach 29 Higginhotham, Shelhy B 145 DeLand 16 Tyler, Earl B 160 Keyser, W. Va. 65 Carlton, Milton B 170 Daytona Beach 12 Sperrinfi, David E 170 Live Oak .■)K Lehman. David T 200 West Palm Beach 11 IK SEASON ' S RECORD Bahy Hatlers 21— Daytona Hi-Hats 0, at Daytona Baby Halters -Miami Frosh 8, at Miami Bahy Halters 7 Rollins Frosh 13, at Lakeland Bahy Hatters Flori la Frosh 47, at Ciainesville Baby Hatters 13 Rollins Frosh 7, at home I rid.r Coa.h Tojii KiiklandV liilela;;e, ihe Fn-hman fnoil.all sipiad «enl ihroiigli a siiceessfnl season an l gave a great deal of enconragejneni fur llie 1910 varsity scpuid. A fast baekfield and stubborn, bard-charging line kept rival teams on ilirir toes. F res h man Paskctball THE SEASON ' S RECORD Sletson 28— Bolles 13 Sletson 43— Si. Paul 28 Stetson 42 — West Palm Beach 20 Stetson 29 -West Palm Beach 27 Stetson 49 — Palatka Azaleas 46 Stetson 38 -Palatka Azaleas 26 Stetson 24 — Milwaukee Barons 28 Stetson 30— Blue Ridge School 13 Stetson 62 — Crescent City 32 Stetson 40 — Daytona 27 Stetson 43 — Lacrosse 24 I A. A. U. Tourney) Stetson 38 — Henderson 26 (A. A. U. Tourney) Stetson 47— Sebring Martins 40 (A. A. U. tourney) Coach Brady CowelTs sparkling Freshman haskethall squad went through the most brilliant season in recent years. Winning nine out of 10 games during the course of the regular season, the squad finished in ihc finals of tlie state A. A. I ' , tournament, and was declared state co-champions. The squad was tall and well-tempered. A luindier of the freshman players will add considerably to varsity strength next year. Freshman players named for numerals are Carl Punz. Everett Whitman, Bob Barnes, Bob Jones, Bryan Jennings, Frank Foltz, Eddie Kalecl. and Cliarles ( Bonehead ) Wilson. " S " Clul. Founded in 1936 to increase the development of sportsmanship and to promote athleli achievement, the " S " Club membership is restricted to men winning varsity letters. OFFICERS Trov Mall - President Tom Kirkland Vice-President Russell Durst Secretary Harold Vann Treasurer Lvnwood Armdd Sergeant-at-Arms MKMHKRS Lvnvvcod Arnold Ralph Brant l,ynw iod Cheat ham Bob Crowell Russell Darst R(d)ert Gauphan fiaroll Green Wynian Harvard Kd Hughes (,ene I.amli (;adi I.:nMnn Waller Mcnonnell Kd Mason Alex Mathis Clifford Parmley Dick Sauls Vincent Schaefer Ben Smith I.anier Smith Vincent Slacey Harold Vann Burrcl Wagner Women s Oports STAFF CAMPBELL HICK NELLE BLRCH CAMPBELL Dirfi di uj l ' h si {i Kihiralion jor If omen SARA ELSIE STAFF Assi:ifant Dirertor ■;sTiiKR HICK liistnictor ill I ' Insiiiil Ethuiilion W1S5 — S£ rch en Golf ovvlinc Pin P, S l ' S orsc schack PaskctUII I cnnis baseball .i--ii- i» " r. ' ' -C K- ' .J - " ♦♦•-- ' i- " - • ti.-= l -a. -= - - ' i X omen ' s Amlctic Association OFFICKKS l.illiaji (;inljl)s President Clairi ' Biuiulies Viee-PreskleiU Mar ll.lrii Hill Recording Secretary Hilly RdljiiiMin Corresponding Secretary Durotliy Burgnian Treasurer Kathle.i, |{,,«c Historian I ' al Oydcii - Puljlicity Cliairman Mary l.ynn Morgan - Recorder of Points Sue Rohinson Clieir Leader Tlir W A lias liecn ruiininn (roni one a.livilv to an.illier lliis yar. ' I ' lie inlraninral program lias been fuller tlian . ' ver .4 inteivsting con.pelilion among llie teams, vmiI, liowling 1)0X hockey horseshoes and handl.all as additional games on the program. Second semester fonnd the W A A l.iisily working on three special activities of entertainment: firsi came the annna Slets.,n.Rollins Sports Day on March 9th, «ilh a Chinese motif carried out in decorations aiid olans ' the following week end, March 16th, a rather imnsiial ■(.omic Slrip Play Day was held or Ihe high s,lio.,l girls, the annual program for enl, rlaining the girls of nearhy high schools: and the most important event was on April 12th and l. ' ith «hen llic .in Annual All Mate Sports Day met at Stetson for a ' Swing and Sway ' good lim. ' , all ..I the colleges and univers.lies o| Florida heing represented at the Sports Day. L awTcncG B crnard A l.iilliaiU .nliHl a.ul an .anicst govrrnmriU cfficial i- ll»- cli.l,,n „l l,a«r.-iKc- .1. B.riiai.l. As As islanl On.-ial Counsel .,f ll.e Treasury Department in Wasliingtun. I). C. Mr. Bernard has supervision oyer all Ihe Treasury DepannienI lefjislalive aelivilies. Graduating third highest in Ihe Stetson Law School in 1926, he had an oiilstanding scholastic record as well as ahilily in the athletic fields of footliall and basketball. After practising la« in Florida for seven years, Mr. Bernard took a legal position in the N R A., now dissolved, and later accepted work as Special Assistant to the General Counsel of the Treasury where he made a survey of the legislative activities of the various bureaus and divisions and made recommenda- tions which result.-d in a number of important changes in the organization of the Treasury ' s Legal Division. In the fall of 1937 Mr. Bernard was detailed to the Bureau ' of Internal Revenue to handle the legal aspects of the re- organization of Mr. Morgenthau-s " Decentralization Plan of Federal tax administration. In 1938 he was appointed to his present position. Air. Bernard is a member of the bar of the Florida Supreme Court, tb. Lnited States District Court for tbr Snutli.-rn District of Florida, and the Supreme (.ourt of the United Stales. BOOK VH ORGANIZATIONS I ;. -. " ? P fj - ft r.i o f f? o " n cs - liirliar.l Baldwin K..ImiI Haincll llnra..- Bills Jnlin Clicriy Hal D kle Richard Feasel Vance (irahani A |xslic Krevvc OKFICKRS FIRST Sl ' MICSTKI! Waid llunlct __ _ Captain Gadi Lavvton First Mate Richard Baldwin Second Mate Ed Mason Boatswain Milton Magenheim - Master of Arms OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER (Jadi l.awhin Captain K.l Mason First Mate Tom Morris Second Male Harold C;recri Boalswain Tom Kirkland lasl,T .d ' Arms MKMBKKS Harold Crceii Ed Mason |{ol irl lleilinir Robert McEmher Ward llimtir Tom Morris Tom Kirkland Harry Ncwetl I ' Vank Knorr Clifford Parndey Cadi Lawlon Wilton Houe Milton Magenhcim iriccnl Scliacfer a f f n CY k. Jm jl A 1a a J McCOI.I.OliCIl II ANDI.K ' l|(K)KS PKKSTON Vlcxanilrr Bass Broun Clark Clarsoii J„li„s,„i .Ionian Kcnnrdy McCltire McCoiiio-ll Roue- Siiiitli Tli.iiror Tiinii-r Walk»T IIAMMOM) Clou Davis .Irnniii! l,,rri- l ' .-iiiiint;lon R..I,iM-. a lllMlr .• W ,l,l,rr Woi]„rrl Williams TlieH oner Honorary Leailersliip Organization for Women OFFICERS Emmaline Handley President Helen Hot ks Vice-President Thelma Preslon Secretary Frances H imn.nnd Treasurer Dean 1. da B. McColl.oifih MEMBERS Faeulty Advisor Harriet Alexander Lela May Jennings Kathleen Rowe Helen Bass Doris Johnson Jane Smith Mildred Brown Ray Jordan Lydia Theiirer Sarah Elizabeth Clark Eloise Kennedy Etier Tnrner Dorothea Clarson Marjorie McClure Lois Walker Jeanelte Clow Dorothy McConnell Carlotta Washhnrne Antoinette Davis Jean Morris Eunice Frances Hammond Jnlia Ann Penninglr n RlH.da Weimerl Ennnaline Handley Thelma Preston Lillian Williamson Helen Hooks Betty Rohinson (lark McChire An!i,-ll Barnelt Carler Clai Houks Morris Rollins,,,! R, Mrxan.lri Jordan Wel,l,cr wrucr 01 the Scroll and iKc S(liolar-lii|i Honorary OKI ' ICKRS Sarah lai aljflli Clark ___ President Marjorie MeCliire Vice-President Inez Martin Secretary Ilarrii l Aloxatnler ' I ' reasiirer Harriet Alexander Roy Angell Robert Barnell Louise B. Carter Sarah Elizaheth Clark Dorothea Clarscjn MEMBERS Jeanetle Clow Agnes Formhy Helen Hooks Ray Jordan Marjorie MeCliirt Ini ' z Marlin Jean Morris Thelma Pr.-slon Klizahelh Roiiinson Marie Hortensia Ruiz l.ydia Theurer Kiniiee Wehlier Hooks (;ifr..rci J A L i Ak. I McConnell Glover Davis Hammond Preston Hillman Bolton Martin Formby Rollins n Kappa Sigma Nalioiial Kchii-aliniial Sorirty OFFICERS Helen Hooks President Dnrolliy McConnell Vice-President Anldinclle Davis Secretary Tliclnia Preston Treasurer Mari.oi Bohun Antoinette Davis Agnes Formby LaXi-rne Cifford MEMBERS Marjorie (ilover Frances Hammond Helen Hooks Eleanor Hillman Inez Martin Dorothy McConnell Tlielma Preston Dickie Rollins -iA ..i Ci K ?! e ' Ar 0i Baldwin Barnett Rowf McCollough Ti rner Bass Beasley Bills Bolts Brandies Burrell Cheatham Cairk, H. Clark, S. E. Clarson Cunningham Davis Dekle Farr fVase! Formby Foy Furlong Golden Green Grubbs Hall llammoiid Ilanco llandley Hill Hooks Hiiie Hunter Jennings Johnson J. rdan Kennedy Kirkla Latimer Lawton MacMillan McClure Martin Mason Mires Morris Pennington Prestc Pyne Robinson Smith Spanier Strickland Theurer Vinall Waike Whitney Willian rzsiman clvisors i9:V)Ai) DEAN l.OU li. MeCOLI.Ol ' GH ETTER TURNER liAHIiARA ROWE WOMEN ;! •; A ' Helen Bass Mary Beasley Doris Johnson A. Ricliard Baldwin Troy Hall Leia May Jennings Robert Barncll Edward lliiie Jean Bolls Ray Jordan Horace Bills Ward Hunter riaire Brandies Eloise Kennedy Lynwood (jheal lam Tom Kirkland Ann Burrell Inez Martin Harold Clark Hugh Latimer Sarah Klizabelh Cla rk Jean Morris Bearden Cunni igham Gadi La u Ion Dorothea Clarson Nell Mires Hal Dekle Neil MarMilUiTi Antoinette Davis Marjorie McCliiro T. 11. Farr. Jr. Ed Mason A(!nes Formby Mar(;aret Fov Lillian (;riil bs Frances Hammond Thelma Preston Richard Feasel Grafton Pyne Julia Ann I ' ennlu lon Edward C. Fur ong, Jr. Allen Spanier Belly Robinson James Golden Bill .Strickland Jane Smith llarnld (Urrn jack Whitney Fmily llaneoek Lydia Thenrer Knimaline llamlley Lois Walker Helen llook Lillian Williarus,,,, Mary Helen Hill Arl.,1,- i„all Clarson Johnson )( omcn ' s Student Oovernment Association COUNCIT, l)ori .1. .111. -on lV iilrnt llclin llooUs Vice-President jiilla nu Pennington Secretary Doroihra Clarwin Treasurer Ellir Turner Faculty Advisor 15 ill. I« ill La« tun MM t A tf MlflHii llniun KiiiMY Burner Kniiiiisi.ii ;lai ..n Davis Ih ml Jmniiigs .Ionian IInmI.t Kirklandl -McCliiri- Matliis Alinaiick l ' i-nniiit;lnii Siiiilli ■riinm-r Craliam InterrratGrnil) ' ' Loiincil OFFICERS Riiy Kinsey - President MiUlrtd Bniwn Vice-President Betty Robinson Secretary Marian Burger Treasurer REPRESENTATIVES .11 phi, i Delhi Drill, Drill, Drill, I ' i Itrlil I ' hi Mildred Brown Marjoric McCliirc Marian BiirRir I.ela May .lenninys Julia Ann Pennington Dorothea Clarson I.ydia Theurer Jane Sniilli Ray Jordan ' .eta Till, Alfiliii Delia Si ;m(i Phi Pi Kappa Phi Antoinette Davis Richard Baldwin Ward Hunter Francis Hammond Alex Mathis Tom Kirkland Betty R(d)inson Harry Minarick Cadi Lawlim Sigma Nu Vance (irahain Roy Kinsey Donald Slrons WILLIAMSON BASS WEK ' A(;E HILLMAN McCLURE POWELL ILANDLEY KENNEDY Fan = lli ' 2: ' lcnic (_ OLincil OEFICERS Emmaline Hanillr President Helen Bass Vice-President Eloise Kennedy Secretary Marjorie I Icf:liin- Treasurer Dean Lnla B. M(( .lloU l, Ea.nlty Advisor REPRESENTATIVES Alpha Xi Delia Deln, Delia Delia Emmaline Ifandley Eleanor Hillnian Marjorie MeCliire Cliarloiir Werwage ' ( Hcia I ' hi Zeitt Tail Alpha Helen Bass Gwendolyn Powell Eloise Kennedy Lillian Williamson Mm. c o c» L ' i y ' A Latimer Bracey Theurer McEnlire Clark Weimert McCliire Holder Bateson PresliPii Jennings Faulkner (iunninfiliam Knorr Giffin Hall McDonald Stover 1 heta lpha Honorary Dramatic Fraternity Colors— Purple and White Mplia Chapter Established December, 9 ' ) Publication — " The Cue " OFFICERS Hufjh Latimer Marjorie McChire Lillian Preslcm Bearden (iunnin han Hal Hall Mrs. Dee McEnlire President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Historian Faculty Advisor David Bracey Sarah Elizabeth Clark Bearden Cunninghain Hal Hall Brunelle Holder Lela May Jennings MEMBERS Frank Knorr Hugh Latimer Marjorie McClure Marzee McDonald Lillian Preslcm Mrs. Irving C. Slov Lydia Theurer Rhoda Weimert Mr. Howard Bateson Dr. Donald Faulkner Prof. Harold M. Giffin Mrs. Dee McEntire Dr. Irving C. Slover Can ' l Takf II With Y,.u " Acl III " Our T(i»n " Act III btover Little I hcatre Til EAT . living C. (lia Tlipiirrr rao- Hills M. li.r iin ' ll ' lluKIc Kh: STAFF FOR 19V)A0 u cr Direcldi- Business Manager Teclinirian 1 Technician r Manager if Equipment Mrs. Dec McEntire I ' rank Knorr erniin Sanderson Jack Whitney Donna Hoyt Daviil Bracey Assistant Directn Electriciai) Stage Crev Stage ( Secri-lar House Manag I ' l.AV SCIIEDUEE FOR 193 ' W0 Ocloher 14 — Three Workshop Plays, student direction Noveniher 9, 10 — Homeconiing. " What Every Woman Knows " , by Sir James Barrie December 13, 14 — " Family Portrait " by Coffee and Cowen February 9. 10. 12. 20- " Our Toun ' " b Thornton Wilder March 1. 2— " You Can ' t Take It ith ou " b Hart and Kaufman April 13— Four Workshop Plays, student direction April 20— Four Work-hop Plays, student direction April 27- Experimental Theatre, six original plays June I C.unuencemeul Play, " T»o (ientlemen of erona " . by William Shakespeare Phi Alplia Delta Law Fraternity Da i(l J. Bi-e»ei- Chapter rounded in 19]3 l-onndfd in Colors — Purple and Gold John F. Cherry Ward W. Ilunler Hal P. Dekle Harry T. NeHcit OFFICERS _. Justice Vice Justice _ _ Clerk Marshall (;ri K MI ' .MBFRS llaiold l!..lrr John Cherr Hal Dekle Larry DeShaw Ward Hunter Luke Kaleel Tom Kirkland Neil MacMillan Edwin Mason Harry Newell Wilton Rowe John Sherman Carl Teague LEDCES LeUoy Barkslrom Albert Bnschman John Cicero Harold Clark Marva! Ca .er James Dyson Mac Ferguson Roy Kinsey Angelo Marti no James Nelson Wallace Smith Crnon Turner Donald Strong IlliNTER DEKLE MacMIIXAN i?fS, CHERRY ■■■If ' 1» f W0 - " f- » ' ' T SUm- ' NEWETT HARKSTROM MOIRE HUSCHMAN o o " M aMX m t ii ' CICERO CI.ARK. CAZER CLONTS ' S»r ' DYSON I ' ERGUSOiN KINSEY KIKKLWI) LOWERY MASON NELSON ROWE SMITH STRONG TEAGUE Tl RNER s I Bass Braslty Bird Brooks Iti ro»n BiMgnian ClaiM.n. K. Cotter Dyscm Fisher Freebnrg Ci ■i{| " i!li llanilley Jnl,n r„ Kicklightrr Kn..rr McChire Ia, Iill;in M:i iliaffc y Mniris Pa-lr,,, Ppnninglon I ' l lillip. P )well Prtsi. ,M Si ' ■ ' A Smilh Slii-i- Niiiall Tlic 1940 Halter Oorolhca Clarsoii Kdilor Belle Bird Mn-ic School A. Kirliard Balil»i.i liiisiiic s Manager Jane Smilli lii ic School Mrs. Mary A. Bailey Fat ' iilly Advisor MiUlred Broun Senior Class Drli lit Sicf; Associate Kditor Joan Slier Louise Mcdiurc Junior Class l;li ahHh Fisher Associate Kilitor Sophoinore Class TlK-liria I ' ri-ston An Kditor Kvelyn fllarson Kreshinan Class i;iain.- Pliillip Assistant Art Editor Phyllis Freehuig Freshman Class VVilliain (.riffill. Advertising Manager Roherl Kieklighler Men ' s Sports Pi.rrr Mahaffiv Phoiograi.hv Knnnetl Pelcr Men ' s Sports Marry Hrooks Pli..l..;;ra|,liv Dorothy Biirgman - Woman ' s Sporls I ' Vank Knorr Pliol,,;:ia|.li l ' (dly Pasteur Fraternities Julia Anil Prniiirijilori Organizations KiMMialine Mandley Sororities J.-an Morris ssi»lanl Organizations Ihl.n Bass Feannvs,1 Coll,-, AssislanI Organizations I.ois Johnson Snapshols Mary B.asl.y Faiijllv llrM ' Viiiall J-vpin;. .-il MacMillan School (.u.ndnlvn Pourll | inlnienis Jimmy Dyson l,a« Sihool Heehner Kipp McClure s tctsonian Stiiilcnl Literary Puljlicatiim Purpose— The Stetsonian is a publication designed to encourage the development of literary talent among students in fields not usually covered in the university newspaper, and to provide practical training in eilitiirial activities. H.ilinl ll.rlin.T Kditor-in-Cliief lliiiMicll I ' eli-r Bu ine Manager KDirORIAI. STAFF llarr Brooks llordoii Kipp Kli al.elh Fi her l.oui-e M.Clurr DehglU Sieg FACl l.TY ADMSORS Dr. Dcuiald Faulkner !i. C. AchliMin Hickman Dr. C L.cightou LaFuze n D Barnel I Mobley Crissey Ogden Heebner Sieg Maiuleville. E. Sniilli. M. he btctson Kcporle Member As oeialed (.(illet;iule Press A weekly iNeHspapc-r |.iil.liNlicil liy llii ' Mmlcjils ol jiiliii I!. Slelsoii I Iniversil . iimlc i ■.pims irslii|i i.f ihr l)i|)arliiif rit ul .liMinialism. I ' liiiinl hy ili,- Slclsmi I liiiversily TrcM,. |{.,l,eil I ' .arrull Koberl lleelMwi Delight SieiJ Sara Ellen Mnliley KDIIOKI l. STM ' I ' Kilih.r I ' al Ot di ' ii . eus K.lih.f .Society Edllur Feature E litcir Mirvk Siiiilli Williairi (:ri M-y laiy Axlell Uailcy Kxchani; Slafl C Advertising Facnltv y Kdilor artounist Manager Advisor Mary Beasley Marion Bolton Bob Chcsser Mary (limli- Billy Davis l.airv Dirk STAII ' WKIIKHS Kay Kiir (;„rdM„ Ki|,|. Neil MaeMillaii Janet Mandeville Marion Merrill (.rallori I ' vn.- Joy Reese Kathleen Rowe Elaine Samuels Pat Trieste Fred Wilson Trieste Sieg Faulkner E. Mandevillt- Fislur .1. Mandeville Reese Chesser I ' elir Ki|i|) Mubley Banietl Bailey Heebner Beasley I he l[ ress C lub The Press C. u ) was or{;anizeii in Mareli uf lliis year t(i pruiiKite the cause of joiiriialistie endeavor on and off the campus anil Ut prii ide a idub for both faculty members and students interested in the field of Journalism. OFFICERS Mary Axtell Bailey President Robert Barnett Vice-President Sara Ellen Mobley _ Secretary-Treasurer larv xlrll Bailey Kcdjcrl liaruett Mary Beasley Robert Chesser Elizabeth Fislier MEMBERS Robert Heebner, Jr. Gordon Kipp Esther Mandeville Janet Mandeville Sara Ellen Nbd.lev Emmetl Peter Joy Reese Delight Sieg Pat Trieste HONORARY MEMBERS Dr. Donald Faulkner Mr. C. R. M. Slieppard. Jr. Lvdia Theurer C ' d s Ep amma Jigma upsuon Honorary Chemi itry Fraternily Hounded In 1932 Colors Black and ' liitr OFFICERS A. Richard Baldwin Crand Alchemist Rnth M. Olson Recorder Bearden Cunningham , Visor Dr. John F. Conn Faculty Advisor Roy Angell A. Richard Baldwin Bearden Cunningham Esther Mandeville MEMBERS Janet Mandeville Harry Joe Minarik Ruth Olson Lillian Williamson Ncvvlon Clul- Honorary Mathematics Society Founded 1928 Colors-lnfra Red and Ultra Violet OFFICERS Lois Walker Piv-idcnt A. Ed Hayes icc-Prcsidcul Lillian Williamson - - Secretary Elizabeth McGinnes . Treasurer Dr. Donald Faulkner Facultv Advisor Peter Barnhart A. Richard Baldwin Jean Bolts Hallman C!lark A. Ed Hayes Frank Knorr Melva Lewis R(jhert Lumpkin Eli .aheth McGinnes MEMBERS Stanton Miller Harry Minarik Sydney Nix Robhins Rice Ernest Smith (Miarmion Stoll Russell Thacker Leonard Tompkins Lois Walker Lillian W ' illiamstm Fred Wilson Dr. R. L Allen Dr. John F. Conn Dr. Donald Faulkner Dr. Russell Larcom Prof. Curtis Lowry Dr. C. B. Vance Siqma t i J ignia llorioiaiy Phy.sic.s .Society Fourulcd in 1921 l|ilia lola Chapter Established in 19.37 OFFICERS Hugh l.atimcr - i ' rcsidcnt Peter Barnhart .Secretary-Treasurer Dr. K. L Allen Faculty Advisor VI EM HERS Dr. R. I. Allen Peter Maridiart Dr. Donald Faulkner Hugh l.alimer Dr. C. i;. aii( ANGELL BALDWIN CUNNINGHAM MANDEMLLE, E. MWnKMII.E. .1, MINARIK OLSON WILLIAMSON BARNHART BOTTS r o o f " CLARK HAYES KNORR LEWIS LUMPKIN McGINNES NIX RICE SMITH STOLE THACKER TOMPKINS WALKER LATIMER ALLEN CONN FAULKNER LARCOM LOWRY VANCE ff f trnp M A tl -f Angell Brown Clo« GiffonI llanniiun.! II ilk Mandexili, .J anileville. E. Parinlfv Ppnninj;ton II F Randall Tompkins eta |Vey irary Bi(jlot;y Organization lunded Septen l)t-r 1937 Turner Weld,.-i Color — Ilenx globin Red and CIdor.ipliyll (;rf.-n Flower -Rose Li! t u Rifihi: Roy Angell Mildred Brown Jeanetle Clow UVerne (;ifford OFFICKUS Roy Angell President Marjorie McChire ice-President LaVerne Gifford Secretary Esther Hick Treasurer Dr. Cornelia M. Smith .- Faculty Advisor MKMBKKS Frances Ijaiinnoiul Esther Hick Janet Mandeville Esther Mandeville Cliflord Parmley nn IVni.inglon Randall il Tompkins 1 Turnej- Wehher ) .j c o ,o ai r Alexandrr (;l(iver (Jrcen LaFiize Hooks Magenheim Brownell McConnell Marlino Matlii Barnc-lt Holioii Morris ance Walkup PiG am ma II National Social Science Honor Society Fonnded at Southern College in 1924 Florida C.ainnia Cliapler. KslaMislied in IV.M OFFICERS Milton D. Magenheim -- President Daphne Brownell - Vice-President Dr. G. Leighton La Fuze Secretary-Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS Harriet Alexander Marjorie Glover Alex Mathis Rohert Barnetl Harold Green W. Thomas Morris Marion Bolton Helen Hooks James Vance George Ehlhardt Dorothy McConnell Edwin Walkup Edward Furlong Angelo Marti no FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Willi. N. Baer Dr. Charles A. Fisher Dr. Russell C. I.arcon, Mr. Huwar l Bateson Dr. Harry C. Garwood Mrs. Dee McEntire Mrs. Sue Burns Mr. C. Addison Hickman Prof. Robt. W. Severance Dean G. Prentice Carson Miss Curtis Horn Dr. Frances C. Thornton Dr. R. E. Clark Mr. Carl H. Johnson Miss Etter Turner Dr. lola K. Easthurn Dr. G. Leighton LaFuze Prof. Harry S. Winters y fr f r r o n Heney Smith, S. A. Covey Blount Ciishing Morris McEnil.rr Booth Bunhnr Donaldson Smith, F. C iicsscr Hawn tvapjDa JNappa li si National ilonorary Band Fraternity Konndcd at Oklahoma Slate College in 1919 l|.li,i i ChaiilcT KMahlislu ' d in n.Ti-inhcr. Vl: ' ,: C( Blur and Whit.- Fluuer Ked Carnation IIKI ' ICKKS W . Thonias Morris _. I ' rcsidcnl ihouias Parker iccl ' rrMdcnl Kohrrt McKmhrr Secretary Richard Feasel Treasurer S. A. Smith Editor-Sentinel iiohrri 111. .out (,ord..n B....1I1 J. T. Bnrdine. Jr. Bohert Chesser Allan C.ivey William Cushing MFMBFRS liardu. ' ll l)..riaMsoji ll..ra . Ila»n Mr. .lolm ,1. Ilcney Koherl McKniher VV. ' I ' lnimas Morri. , Th..inas Parker Ki.har.l Kcasel (.rahani Seli.k S. A, Sniilh Fraiiiis Sniilh Davis C.l.lin. Krick Fulcli ■ ' ■•il™ Reaves rkl, Parker. I!. Wad.- Iliinlcr. B. .lames.. n h .-ff Rolide Samouds Scarbormigh PL Beta Naliiinal Professional fraternity of iMiisie. Drama, ami tlie Dance F.iiin.jecl at Nortlmestern Universily J912 I ' ta Cliapler Eslablislied in Dcccml)er l ' 21 Colors — Violet and Gold Flower — Rose OFFICFR.S Helene C;olding President Frances Arkley Vice-President Bonnie Parker Secretary Mildred Wade Treasurer LeVonde .Samonds Historian Barbara Hunter Alumnae Secretary Dolores Rohde Doorkeeper eronica Davis _ Faculty Advisor (;lark Dirkcrl Vlilliiian Niel„.ls..n ;milh. J. arnMm PRE.STO DRIGGKRS Hatter Art Club OFFICERS Thelma Preston President Helen Driggers icePrpsident Gene Rowland Secretary-Treasurer Elaine Phillips Social Chairman Louise Bateson Report er Miss Edith Harvey -- Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Miss Edilh llarv, Lillian Preston Helen Driggers Gene Rowland Elaine Phillips Marjorie Aull Caroline Aycock Ida Fee Bailey Helen Bass Martha Beasley Ann Bauer Florence Branch Phyllis Brown Mary Conte Mildred Cotter Aniolnellc Davis Mary Martha Do ' Florence Green Mary Katherinc I Nell Lynn Ann Lytic Nadia Maiill Erin Mercer Louise Miller Doris Milllgau Lauretta Iiiir Luella Ni.linU Ruth Oshiirn Julia Ann I ' eiiiii Kathleen Rowe Mary Louise Rrli Cecilia Truhuk jean Walldorf Cliarlnth- Wirwaj ling .mIm. ' II A lilt Ay,o,k BaiK ' v Bass Bf •asley Bmm.t Bran.l , Hrnwii Conte Cotter Davis Duwling Gn-in lln.ln.ll Lynn Lytic Maiill Mercer Millci Milliyan liiir Nichols Osburn I ' lniiiuLihiri !!..«(■ Rchljaiim Truhirk Wall.lort Tt ' erwage f ?. -tr ' i f , 1 f! f c tl K A Stover Baldwin Clark Clarson Barkstrom Cicero Clark Graham Kipp Lawton Lewis Martin Theurer Fi Kappa iJelta OFFICERS Richard Baldwin President Sarah Elizabeth Clark Vice-President Dorothea Clarson - Secretary-Treasurer Dr. Irving C. Stover Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Richard Baldwin Sarah Elizabeth Clark Gadi Lawton LeRoy Barkstrom Dorothea Clarson John Lewis John Cicero Vance Graham Lila Martin Harold Clark Gordon Kipp Lydia Theurer DeL ate C. Addisdn Hickman, ynnlhfiil teaclipr if the business aflminislraliim department who ha- seen keen debating experience himself as a student in college several years ago, has brought . ' tetson University ' s young speakers through a year of lively competition. The debates included meets with schools in Florida, a trip to the Pi Kappa Delta tournament in Knoxville, Tennessee, and an international debate on the campus with Oxford University. .MR. HICKMAN, Debate Coach Lydia Theurer and ance Graham upheld the affirmative side of the issue of American isolation against the touring debaters from Oxford Univer- sity in front of a record crowd in the Elizabeth Hall auditorium on November twenty-third. Both speakers put up a convincing argument against the two gentlemen from England in the first intrrnali(-nal debalc held al the university. Gadi Law ton ami Nance (Jraham, both veteran speakers, did admirable work at the national Pi Kappa Delta tournament along with John Lewis, who, in his first year at Stetson University, shows remarkable ability and promise for future material in speaking. All three boys did fine work in ihc lournament which was held in Knoxville. Trnnessee, March twenty-fifth to ihirlieth. Elizabeth Fisher. Irma French, and Arlene inall all turned in fine performances in debates with Florida universities which met at Stetson last October. Irma French and Ruby . mory debated with a team from the University of Vermont in . pril, and each participant shows promise for future debate contests. it ' " ' ' sTXFFORD McCONNELL lUa It ran dad ranciaae Fuunded .il Slctson linivei ily, January 6, I ' JSS Sarah E. Clark Ralph Stafford Dorothy McConner Jeanette Clow President Vice-President ._ Secretary . . Treasurer Editli Adams Lois Bacon Patricia Bailey Mary Beasley Alice Belser Ann Bauer Oavifi Bracey Elizabeth Branon Ann Burrell Evelyn Gates Louis Champeau Rachel Clark Dnrnthea Clarson Iildn-d C.tter MEMBERS George Ehlhardt T. H. Farr Marjorie Glover Helene Golding Lucy Hall Frances Hammond Brunelle Holder Elsie Hooker Mary Wiley Johnson Ray Jordan William Lake Sylva Landress Josepliinc Loomis Lorraine McCuthec Esther Mandeville Janet Mandeville Lila Martin Erin Mercer Mary Mock Constance Moore Elaine Phillips Voncile Powell Elizabeth Robinsoi Nancy Rossetter Hortensia Ruiz Jane Shaw Ozello Woodward Dr. Frances C. Thornton i» » 1 jii. ! i; liiitf I Of 4 Bmrell (M.ldillR Moore Bactui Gates llainnicind MoChiiv Phillips lUlll.N (Ihanipfau IloKIrr McCl.UhfO l ' ..»ell BrasliN Clark lliH,l.,r Man,l(nill -. E. Rossetler Arjuna Kui Marlirio Smith, W. Baleson F:astburn Foster Winters Carter Conle Hodges, D. Moore Morris, T. Napoli Preston, L on, •. Robinson N ' aldes Washburne bigma IJeita fi National Spanish Honorary Fraternity Colors R.-(l and Cold Alpha Ka| pa Chapter Flower-Red Carnulion OFFICERS Hortcnsia Hiiiz President Angelo Martino Vice-President Mr. Howard lialeson Treasurer iJr. Uoris King Arjona Faculty Advisor Webb p fsfy Clark Rutland McConn •11 M, irri liu Ion LaFu e Alexaiuler Baer BeasLy Biirgman Clark Clow Cotter Darst Denliam DMulinf! Dyal Evan- F„r,nl,y Glover Green Hooks Howes lloyl Lewis McCliire McDuiiald MerctT Murris Robinson Rowe Ruiz Walker International Relations dub The International Relations (Jhib was organized to interest the students of Stetson University in all phases of the inter-relation between and among nations. This was accomplished through the presentation of speakers who are leaders in the history, publicity, and economics of international affairs. OFFICERS Dorothy McConnell President Gene Rowland Vice-President Jean Morris Recording Secretary Harold Clark Treasurer .Marion Bolton Corresponding Secretary Dr. G. Leighton LaFuze Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Harriet Alexander .Mary Martha Dowling John Lewis ictor Baer Iva Dyal Louise McClure Mary Beasley (;eorge Ehlhardt Marzee .McDonald Horace Bills irginia Evans Erin Mercer Dorothy Lou Burgman Agnes Formby Thomas Morris Sarah Elizabeth Clark Marjorie Glover Elizabeth Robinson Jeanette Clow Florence Green Kathleen Rowe Mildred Cotter Helen Hooks Hortensia Ruiz Russell Darst Helen Howes Lois Walker William Denham Donna Hoyt P a r% A Am Alliritton Hillman Loveless GruW.s Kiinimer Payne 1 1 in. Lan-om Bluunl tioltnii Ci-iffilli Karns Kiiight, D. Knnri Maiill Meiritt Mmris btetson v ommerce Club KuHiul,.,! ill May, ia!7 I ' nrpdsc Til priimiiti- si Imiarshii): In laiililalr iimlait uitli ihi- iniiiincirial unilil; and In sliiniilali ' iliM-iissiiin ami innsli iirliM ' ihiiikin in tlir lirM of n.niniiri i- ami liiisincss ll. ' clnuT Lovelace Smith, H. OFFICERS i:.l«ai.l lliiie - Presiilent inez Mailin ii-c-l ' rosiilcnt Mary Klla Kni(;lil Seirelary- ' l ' ieasiirer s tetson Plazer r Club Activities of the Year Chrysanlherniim sale at Homecoming Green Derby Carnival. March 30th OFFICERS Kathleen Rowe _ - President Esther Hick Vice-President Lillian (iriilp|) _ Secretary Rnlh Oshiirn Treasurer Lois Walker Social Director Frances Hainniond Finance Director Charmioii Sloll ___ Publicity Director Miss Ncllc Campbell ... ... Facnlty Member Miss Sara Slaff ■a illly Member Cm ' ' ( m C o r 1 . o P rsc MA ' -H fMLkMit U . m aI J Car«oo(l Kickligliter l.ylle Yeargin Criffin Ainol.l Lavfiulrr HilU Bur.lim- Estes (;r,-en ll..u li llunl llcrriiit; l. isU Lynn McDowfll Spmins Strickland Slu ' plieni Ware Wliilney A linistcrial ssodation OFFICERS Kobfit Kicklighter President Howard Lylle — _. ' ice-Presidenl Billy Wolfe _ Secretary Ben Yeargin Treasurer Charles Griffin Devotional Chairman Patrick Arnold Activity Chairman Whitney Lavender Recorder Dr. II. C. Garwood Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Patrick Arnold Joe W. Hough Noah McDowell George Avent John Hunt Wilson Shepherd llnraci- Bills Robert Kicklighter David Sperring J. T. Burdinc, Jr. Alvis Herring William Strickland Oorge Ehlhardl Whitney Lavender Elmer Ware Arthur Estes John Lewis John Whitney Harold Green David Lynn Billy Wolfe Charles Griffin Howard l.ylle Ben Yeargin (Jieeii, H. Clark Massey Greene, J. L. Walker Garwood Hunt Griffin, H. Rowe Webber Peden Albrilton Howard Brandies Kicklifihter Griffin, C. Moore Morris paptist btudent nion C OLincil The B. S. U. Council is a group of leaders for the Baptist Student Union organized to provide the connecting link between the student and his church. The Baptist Student Union sponsors all campus Baptist organizations, vespers, special Thanksgiving and Easter services, evangelistic week, student programs in home churches at Christmas, the Florida Baptist Student Convention, a Florida B. .S. U. council retreat, and a southwide Baptist student summer conference at Ridgecrest, North Carolina. OFFICERS Harold Green . President Sarah Elizabeth Clark Vice-President Carolyn Massey Second Vice-President J. H. Greene Third Vice-President Lois Walker Secretary John Hunt — _ _ - Treasurer Kathleen Rowe Publicity Chairman Hubert Griffin Publicity Chairman Eunice Webber _ Baptist Student Representative Barbara Peden Music Chairman J. M. Alhritton, Baptist Training Union Director Charles Howard Sunday School Superintendent Claire Brandies Y. W. A. President Robert Kicklighter Ministerial President Charles Griffin Life Service Band President Robert Moore Volunteer Band President Jean Morris Vesper Chairman Dr. H. C. Garwood Faculty Advisor Dr. D. H. Hall, Jr _ Pastor Hamilton Martin Town Representative Life JctA ' icc DancI OFFICERS Charles Griffin _. President Charles Griffin Mary Cunle Vice-President Carolyn Massey Helen Malhis _ _„ Secretary Helen Mathis Mary Lee Treasurer Mary Lee Berta Mae Kin Program Chiiirman Mary Conte Melva Lewis MEMBERS Sarah Elizabeth Clark Emily Hancock Berta Mae King Kathleen Rovve D.iris V olLinlcer Band OFFICERS Robert Moore President Robert Moore Harriet Alexander Vice-President Louise Carter J. L. Greene Secretary-Treasurer Lois Walker Eunice Webber Devotional Chairman Harriet Alexander Miss Edgelle Henry Sponsor J. L. Greene Eunice Webber Gertrude Hare Dorothy Myers Eloise Bell Alma Kelley The Volunteer Band i made i nf ihosc siudi-nl uhn lia e voliiiiteerecl for foreign mission service. Its purpose is lo create a misionary spirit on the campus and to provide fellowship for those who have volunteered in this service. The group is a member of the Foreign Mission Fellowship, a national intcrdcnoiniualional organizaticui. CTt T» ' De Bella Biihun Cotter Burger Cooke Gauglian Mru . St. Onge Pool Newman C OFFICERS Louis Mc.Dernioii Agatha De Bella Marion Bnlinn LID President . Vice-President Secretary Ruiz Mildred Colter _ Treasurer MEMBERS Marian Burger Eleanor Hillnian Jame Nelson Louis Cliampeaii Edward Kalrel Carol r..oi Fred C.r.kc Luke Kaleel llorit nsia Kui Jnlm niffley Angelo Marlino Joyce St. ()ng ' Hol.rri Caufilian Nadia Maull Mnrr. 1 Vlagner Join. (m.uI.I Cecelia Mriiz utographs Francis P. Whiteh air As a lawyer and a fi{;iire in pulilics, Francis P. Whilehair has had a successful career in his home state of Florida. A graduate of Stetson University in 1921, he was admitted to the Florida Bar at the age of twenty. After serving as a law clerk for five years, he was taken into partnership with Fish, Landis, and Hull, one of the recognized law firms of the state. Mr. Whitehair has served as attorney for county, school, and municipal units for sixteen years, and as special Assistant Attorney General of the United States. He is president of the Volusia County Bar Association and a member of the Florida and American Bar Associations. He is associated with the American Legion, Elks, Masonic lodges— Morocco Temple, Shrine, Royal Order of .lesters. and the DeLand and Florida Chambers of Commerce. At Stetson he was a member of the Sigma Nu and Phi Alpha Delta fraternities, and he has been named in the first edition of Who ' s Who Among Young Men of America. FRATERNITIES Alplia Xi Delta Founded at Lombard College, 1893 Omega Chapter Established May. 1917 Colors— Double Blue and Gold Flower-Killarney Rose Olga Bowen Mary Tribble I.i CHAPTER MEMBERS In h ' nriiltn c Dee ' W ' illiain McEnlire Rob.i-ta Oniitt Aileen Worlli Paidine Bennell Jean Beveridge Bette Bird Elinor Bolton Mildred Bro«n Phyllis Brown Margaret Cate Mary Lon Davis Dorothy Gibbons Rita Gross IN UNIVERSITATE Emnialine Handley Eleanor Hillman Lela May Jennings Dorotliy Jennings Daphne Knight Mary Ella Knight Betty Lalto Nell Lynn Blanche McCord Mary Lou Mahon Nadia Maull Doris Milligan Betly Anne Parrisli Margaret Payne Jean Rogy Dickie Rollins Mary Frances Smith Lydia Theurer Carlolta Washburne Rhoda W ' eimrrt Elizabeth Wclden Margaret Barbe Betty Anne Branon PLEDGES Dorothy Campbell Evelyn Porter Gloria Prince Edith Raffo Doris Weigel OFFICERS [ ' res„l -n,. I.VDIA TIIEIRER I ii e-l ' residcnt, Mll.DKKI) BROWN Srrrclnry, MARY ELLA KNIGHT Treasurer, ELINOR BOLTON THEURER BROWN, M. KNIGHT, M. E. BENNETT BEVERIDGE BIRD BRANON BROWN, P. GATE CAMPBELL DAVIS GIBBONS GROSS HANDLEY HILLMAN JENNINGS. D. JENNINGS. L. KNIGHT, D. LATTO LYNN MAHON MAULL McCORD MILLIGAN PARRISH PAYNE PORTER PRINCE RAFFO ROGY ROLLINS SMITH WASHBIIRNE WEIGAL WEIMERT WELDEN Delta Delta Delta Founded at Boston University, 1888 Alpha Delia Chapter Established May. 1913 Colors— Silver. Gold, and Bin Flower — Pansy CHAPTKR MEMBERS IN FACULTATE Curtis Horn Sara Staff Edith Adams Mariann Ainsvvorth Patty Bailey Edith Bass Dorothy Lou Burgman Ann Burrell Sarah Elizabeth Clark Jeanette Clow Mimi Cotter Iva Dyal Virginia Evans Margaret Foy IN UNIVERSITATE Elizabeth Futch Florence Green Barbara Hunter Kay Kerr Jessie Beth Longino Ann Lytle Ernestine Maugans Martha Metcalf Jean Morris Louise McClure Marjorie McClure Dorothy McConnell Helen Doris McCormick Frances McGarrah Julia Ann Pennington Helen Percival Gene Rowland Pat Ruiz Jane Shaw Jane Smith Miriam Walden Charlotte Werwage OFFICERS ' resilient, MARJORH " , M.CI.IRE I ' ire-Presiilenl, KRiN u:rckh JEANETTE CLOW Treasurer, DOROTHY MrCONNELL McCLURE, M. MERCER CLOW McCONNELL ADAMS AINSWORTII BAILEY BASS BATESOIN BURGMAN BURRELL CLARK COTTER DYAL EVANS FOY FUTCH GREEN GRUBBS HATFIELD HUNTER HICK KERR LONGINO LYTLE MAUGANS METCALF MORRIS McCLURE, L. McCORMICK McDonald McGARRAH pennington percival PREVATT ROWLAND RUIZ SHAW SMITH STEVENS WALDEN. D. WALDEN. M. WERWAGE WHITESELL A A A A A Pi Beta Plii Foimtied at Monmouth College, 1867 Florida Alpha Chapter Established January. 1913 Colors — Wine and Silver Blue Flower — Wine Carnation (,II FTKR MEMBF.RS LN FACLILTATE -Nelle Burch Campbell Annie Nadine Holden Barl)ara lcnck Marjorie Anlt Lois Bacon Helen Bass Willetta Branch Marian Burger Evelyn Cates Virginia Clark Evelvn Clarson IN UNIVERSITATE Phyllis Freeburg Norma (Gardner Mary Helen Hill Frances Inman Mary Wylie Johnson Ray Jordan Constance Moore Betty McNeff L.Miclla Nichols Frances Ogilvie (Gwendolyn Powell Voncille Powell Dorothy Roberts Belty Smith Mildred Stewart Cecelia Trnlnck Barbara White ' LEDCES Caroline Aycock Constance Bennett Teeter Richarl era Robinson Joyce Si. Onge OFFICERS l ',l,;,l. POl.l.Y PASTEIIR I i,,:l ' r. ' si,h ' nl. JOAN STIK.K I.OIllSE MIM.ER DOROTHEA CLARSON PASTEUR STIER MILLER CLARSON, D. ALCOCK AULT AYCOCK BACON BASS BENNETT BRANCH BURGER GATES CLARK CLARSON, E. FREEBURG GARDNER HILL INMAN JOHNSON JORDAN MOORE McNEFF NICHOLS OGILVIE POWELL, G. POWELL, . ROBERTS ROBINSON SMITH STEWART ST. ONGE TRULUCK WHITE r»r» D eta lau A l pha Fiiundetl at irginia Statt- Normal College Beta Psi Chapter Established October. 1934 Colors — Turquoise Blue and Steel Gray Flower — Wine Carnation CHAPTER MEMBERS IN FACULTATE Sue McEachern Burns Etter Turner Ann Bauer Mary Beasley Mary Elizabeth Bostiek Ann Boyd Daphne Brownell Betty Davis IN UNIVERSITATE Mary Martha Dowling Marjorie Glover Caroline Golsner Phyllis Mutton Elizabeth Jameson Eloise Kennedy PLEDGES Mary Mock Elizabeth McGinnes Elaine Phillips Elizabeth Robinson Lillian Williamson Margaret Wood Mary Beeson Merle Blount Jeanette Ellis Kila Hill Sarah Jacobs Kitly Jean Lynn Novice McClellen Betty Lee Morgan Doris Pablo OFFICERS ' resilient, FRANCES HAMMOND I iie-l ' resiilent, ANTOINKITK l) IS SeiTfltiry, MARJORIE (;i.O ER Treasurer, LORRAINE McCUTCIlEON HAMMOND DAVIS CLOVER McCUTCHEON BAUER BEASLEY BEESON BOSTICK BOYD BROWNELL DAVIS DOWLING GOLSNER HUTTON JAMESON JOHNSON KENNEDY LYNN MORGAN MOCK McGINNES PHILLIPS ROBINSON ROSS SANDUSKY SCARBOROUGH WILLIAMSON WOO D L Ad Jk. Delta Sigma Phi Founded at City College of New York, 1899 Alpha Chi Chapter Established 1925 Colors — Nile Green and White Flower — White Carnation Robert I. Allen Willis N. Baer Roy Angell Victor Baer A. Richard Baldv Harry Brooks Nelson Clement Allan Covey Russell Darst Sidney Fessenden John Cross Ed Cooper Ed Dail Barrett Day William Girardean Ed Hovt CHAPTER MEMBERS IN FACULTATE DtmaUi Faulkner IN UNIVERSITATE Viilliam Griffith Luke Kaleel Francis Knight Hugh Latimer. Jr. Alex Malhis Harry Minarik Robert Scurlock Arthur Shuler PLEDGES Pierre Mahaffey Ed Mason Irving Merritt Paul Morrison Carl Purtz Glenn Payne Harry tJarwood C. R. M. Sheppard William Smith Russell Slillvvcll Russell Thacker William Turrentine James L. Vance Donald Watson Wesley Zuber Mel Page Ward Rosenberry Dick Sauls Frances Smith Vernon Turner Everett Whitman OFFICERS I ' resident, A. RICHARD BALDWIN VUe-fresidenl, ALEX MATlllS JAMES L. VANCE WILLIAM (;K1FFIT1I BALDWIN MATHIS ANCE GRIFFITH I • f BROOKS ANGELL BAER CLEMEN1 COVEY DAIL FESSENDEN GIRARDEAU MAHAFFEY MASON MINARIK f (f , 1 - r PAYNE PURTZ KOSENBERRY SAULS SHMLER SCURLOCK STILLWELL ' i I r- — f - " i, " - i THACKER TURNER TURRENTINE kititMtkiM Pi Kappa Fhi Fi)iinde(i at the College of Charleston, 1904 Chi Chapter Established 1921 Colors — Gold and White Flower — Red Rose Howard Bateson W. E. Diitkwitz Howard Babcock Lynwood Cheatham John Cherry Robert Crowell Billy Davis Mac Ferguson Robert Gaughan Hugh Gower CHAPTER MEMBERS IN FACULTATE IN UNIVERSITATE Wyman Harvard Ed Hughes Ward Hunter John Jones Robert Karns Thomas Kirkland John Kurtz (iadi Lawton PLEDGES Harold Giffin Carl Johnson Waller McDonnell, Jr. James Nelson Robert Northridge Vincent Schaefer Benny Smith Lanier Smith Truett Stoudenmire Ed Strickland James Baldwin Rnlx-rl Barnes Ted Bi.utwell Bill Brennan John Daniel Frank Foltz Harris (;ravely Bryan Jennings OFFICERS Arrhon, INCENT SCHAEFF.R Seirelary, TRUKTT STOI DKWHKK Earnest Maclien Corden Parker Joe Pelter Fritz Roche Wallace Smith Sam Stone Earl Tyler Charles Wilson T ciisiirfr, ROBERT GAUGHAN JOHN KURTZ 5CHAEFER STOUDENMIRE GAUGHAN KURTZ BOUTWELL BRENNAN CHEATHAM CHERRY CROWELL DANIEL DAVIS FERGUSON GOWER GRAVELY f r ! C ' ' HARVARD HUGHES HUNTER JONES KARNS KIRKLAND LAWTON MAC HEN NELSON PELTER (f f SMITH SMITH ' e " 5W «;- STRICKLAND TYLER WILSON i " ? biqma INu Fiiiiiuled at irginia Mililaiy liistitiile, 1869 IVlia ln Chapler K-tahlUlu-.l 1913 Colors — Black, White and Gold Flower — While Rose Robert Anderson Tom Anderson Lynwood Arnold Gladstone Beattie Jack Bluemke Harold Boire Frank Buchanan James Culpepper Eugene Fry John Gould Jack Causier Don Hastings Robert Jones CHAPTER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITATE Vance Graham (iarroll Green Hal Hall Ray Hussey Fred Kiehle Roy Kinsey Harris Lowery Grover McCall Joe McNeff Ed New PLEDGES Ed Kaleel Albeit Marliri Leroy New Henry Roseberry Charles Ross Wilton Rowe George Slaton Donald Strong James Stone Hondo Sullivan Carl Teague Harold Vann Gerald Williams Bill Morton Waller Scharer OFFICERS Commander, DON M.I) STli()N(; , . Comnmmk-r, VANCE CKAIIAM KOV KINSI. deceaM-.l ' 4 Kentnh FRANK BliCHANAN S,;,li,u-I. TOM ANDERSON Cluiplmn, JACK BI.UEMKE Marshal, LYNWOOD ARNOLD STRONG GRAHAM BUCHANAN KINSEY ANDERSON BLUEMKE ARNOLD ANDERSON BEATTIE BOIRE J -l ' »J, , Js c ' f7r CAUSIER CULPEPPER FRY GOULD GREEN HALL HUSSEY JONES KIEHLE LOWERY MARTIN McCALL McNEFF FREER ROSEBERRY ROSS ROWE SLATON TEAGUE VANN , f % ii T) i8 cmorMm ■RoWr)- ■flixlcreot) Vsov iB. i mjc ■] ' r 3i)l " Ia. VeiljoriK •RoWrh - liaiJor f)olwcs, UH. Vpprcciation The staff of llip 1940 HATTER takes this opnortimitx to thank the following for their constructive criticism and skilled guidance. Mrs. Mary Bailey, our farult ad isor. for her suggestions, interest, and never failing support. The DeLand Photo Co. for their effort to achieve the hest; and Mr. Hindery for being always on the job. The Tampa Photo Engraving Co. — Mr. Meyer for his hours of discussion and work. The Gulf .Stale Printing Corp. — Mr. Rieker for his concern that things be just right. There are. too. many students who. although the are not on iiiv staff, have willingly helped whenever there was a deadline lo be met. Also. I wish to thank all those unfortunate people who have listened to talk of HATTER all year long. We also thank those firms who. through their advertisements, make this book possible. To the staff for their cooperation, creative and tireless effort 1 say sincerely, ' " Thank vou so muih " . Dorothea Clarson Editor of the HATTER. 1940 ( dvertiseiTi en ts Congratulations and Best Wishes To the Class of 1940 Uuval Jev elry Company ALL OVER FLORIDA • • FOUNTAIN ' S • • The DeLAND SUN NEWS A Gore Newspaper " Florida ' s Finest Small City Newspaper " e are grateful for and proud of the privi- lege of having served the faculty and student i.ody of STETSON UNIVERSITY for more than thirty-seven ears. with the finest that the best markets of the world offer in Oiiiilitr Men ' s Wear, Clothing and Men ' s and Women ' s Fine Footwear • ® FOUNTAIN ' S • • Compliments oj A FRIEND Photographer for the " HATTER " for 1940 DeLand Photo GEO. L. HINDERY Proprietor Portrait and Commercial Photographers KODAK FINISHING 222 North Boulevard DeLand, Florida zyi P out iviili a STETSON — and you ' re stepping out with the greatest name in hats. Whether you select one of the new Stetson Specials at $5 or a Stclson of a higher grade, you may be certain of its authentic style, its depcrKlal l( ' qualif . and you ' ll he pleased wilh the wav it wears. JOHN B. STETSON COMPANY rilll.ADKl.l ' lllA Ni; ' YORK LONDON I ' ARIS Coiuf liiiieiit!, oj HULL, LANDIS £ WHITEHAIR ATTORNEYS AT LAW DeLand, Florida BUSINESS MEN:— The Orlando Linen Towel Suppl) Co.. is a Florida Corporation, it is owned and operated by Floridians, who maintain a sizable pay roll, pay heavy Taxes, take active interest in promoting local institutions and jirojects. patronize local industry and merchants. Kvery dollar received is spent in the territory served, encouraging local business, giving employment and assisting those in distress. Our objective is to make Florida a more desirable place in which to live. We are the only Linen Towel Supply Co.. servicing this community that can truthfully make the above assertions; obviously money spent with us benefits Florida: money sent out of the state hardly, if ever, returns. For i|ualit merchandise, well laundered: — Patronize THE ORLANDO LINEN 8C TOWEL SUPPLY CO. THE BARNETT NATIONAL BANK " Florida Ijiiid iiarf, ' ' Jacksonville l)cL;iiul Avon Park Cocoa St. Augustine Ft. Lauderdale Member Federal Reserre S slem and h. IK I. (■. FIRST STATE BANK OF DeLAND AN ACCOUNT WITH THIS FRIENDLY BANK ENTITLES YOU TO THE BEST IN SERVICE, SECURITY AND PERSONAL ATTENTION Member i l the Feilenil Deiiiiait Insurnnre C.orporulion Compliments of CONRAD LUMBER CO. DeLaiid. Florida F. N. DeHuy S Jewelers and Silversmiths Since 1873 on DeLand Florida Betlu d1 AN EXCLUSIVE SHOP FOR WOMEN " tetscHS Golnc joh.waw Not only is Stetson University as a wliole living up to Dr. Allen ' s far-flung motto, also its sons and daughters are finding notable stations in the traffic of the 2()th Ceiilury. The Graduating Glass of 1910 is welcomed into the world they ' ll make by the fLORIDA PUBLIC SEWIG (OMDANY 1 ne City or JJeLand OFFERS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF STETSON UNIVERSITY 1940 Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1940 F. H. Hammer, Agent Standard Oil Co. DELUX LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS StiidiMil Work A Specialty Phone 347 NORTH DELAWARE AVENUE THE CAFETERIA 210 Noilli limilcvaid V. Bkown Jkaclk Fl.iiida Insurance HON AGENCY, INC 220 (Mlll iJoulcvard Phone 455 Best Wishes lo Stetson Dniversiti] SUNHINE DRY CLEANERS 140 New York Ave. Phone 20 DeLaiid, Florida Service Our First Thought (Compliments oj SOUTHLAND BAKERY DeLaiul E. K. JONES Contractor 8C Builder Phone 513 DeLand Florida Compliments of HARRY P. LEU, Inc. Dealers: BUILDERS ' HARDWARE CONTRACTORS ' EQUIPMENT PACKING HOUSE and MILL SUPPLIES HARDWARE Orlando. Florida HOTEL COLLEGE ARMS and GOLF COURSE Thkodore C. RiuxiKS. Prop Compliments of FUGLES DAIRY DeLand, Florida PHONE 32 STITH - GRIFFITFi Funeral Home Deland ..... Florida Brandon Electric Co. 108 E. NEW YORK AVE. Phone 536 NORCE APPLIANCES AIR CONDITIONING IIEATINC; R. C. A. RADIOS DESK LAMPS C. J. Rl!A JI)()N, Prop. DcLaiidV Vlddciii Klecliic Sloie i SSg l m LS rS . % " ; .ujE-SB IIjI ' te,ij, . , ij. r--v.» ' l s ' m ' M f f k " : , . v 1 — i K0 2M ' -P ' i fii ' i ' ' X The I9AO " HATTER " reflects the quality of engravings made by the TAMPA PHOTO ENGRAVING CO, inc. ARTISTS ENGRAVERS TAMPA, FLORIDA mrestone I ON ESTOP SERVltE 324 North Boulevard JAS. A. ALLEN Phone 228 W estiiiulioLisf Refrigerators • Radios • Ranges ♦ lAfN ' FRIERSON ' S ' ' Represented by Gerald E. Frierson DeLand, Florida DAY PHONE 62 J. E. SUMMERHILL Phone 490 Allen -Summerhill Funeral Home Established 1877 FUNERAL DIRECTORS REAL AMBULANCE SERVICE 109 E. New York Avenue DeLand Ikank ijou: MERCHANTS AND BUSINESS MEN OF DELAND FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND COOPEIiATION T w Adverlisiiifji lujl A. I{. BAl.l) vl am) W. H. OiiriiiTii For Health ' s Sake FEASEL USE PAINT and GLASS SHOP BOOKER ' S Paints M (ilass Dealers for Milk and Ice Cream PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS CO. Ill W. Rieh Ave . . . DeLand It ' s Pasleuiiz( rl Courleous Service Best Wishes From Prompt Dplivor V. 1. BARR 300 S iiilli Fl(.rida : DR GOODS NOriONS HOSIERY HiBKRT H. Jacobs 11, ' ! North Boulevard Proprietor DeLand Florida ORANGE BELT PHARMACY 200 NORTH BOULEVARD COMPLETE DRUG AND FOUNTAIN SERVICE We Deliver Phone 555 C.oinpUmciits of — Our Best Wishes to the Graduates of HAY- A -TAMPA STETSON UNIVERSITY Cigar Co. for 1940 CIGARS — CANDIES — W. A. ALLEN COMPANY CONFECTIONS " ((■ busy ilruggisis Coinpliiiieiils of A Friend Hotel Putnam DeLaiurs Firppriiof Holel West New York Ave. DeLand Coca-Cola Bottling Co. C.omplimciils of 1 ne Sparks 1 neatres IN DELAND Athens Theatre Dreka Theatre Florida ' s Foremost All- Year Hotel Near Daytona Deacn HOTEL RIVIERA New and Fireproof. Radio and Fan in Every Room. Golf Links. Free Sports: Artesian Swimming Pool 72 degrees. Warm in Winter. Cool in Summer, with Sand Beach, Umbrellas and Beach Chairs, Tennis. Badminton, Ping Pong, Croquet, Horseshoe, Shuffleboard. Billiards. Dancing. Rooms with Running Water from $1.00 Regular Rooms with Bath from $1.50 New Dp Luxe North Wing (1938) from 12.50 Monte Carlo Grill. 3 Meals Daily from $1.30 Congratulations — GRADUATES OF 1940 DeLand Chamber of Commerce W. W. WOLFF L. A. PERKINS Pre.-iideiil Trensiuer PAl L E. RAYMOND VV. 0. LAHRMAN 1 ire-PiPsidfiil Secretary McCrory ' s 5 lOc Store Headquarters for Student Supplies II THE COURT HOUSE PHARMACY, INC. fhe Store of Personal Service Head(piarters for Stetson Students VISIT 01 R STORE DAIEY (]. M. (Jeijjer. Proprietor Phone 5 STIDENT SUPPLIES NOTE ROOKS STATIONERY ( ' ompliiiienls of FOUNTAIN PENS I ' orlnlAe Typewriters " Pile Students ' RENTALS REPAIRS Now Sho|)ping Center " ALLEN- WHITE COMPANY ' ■) (III Are Always Ifelroilie. " J. C PENNEY CO.

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