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1938« THE HATTER »1938 JOHN B. STETSON UNIVERSITY DE LAND, FLORIDA m mm Copyright 19 3 8 MyraWilson Machen Editor-in-Chief Jack W. Gore Business Manager DEDICATION Scene: Time — 1938. Place — John B. Stetson University. Characters: IRVING C. STOVER — A man unique. He may laughingly call him- self " The Old Man, " because a spirit such as his is perennial, ever intensifying. He is an artist — a director in the fullest sense of that word. For thirty years he has built character, prompting youth and teaching it proper cues, shaping, and pointing up lives. But the climax lies within himself, in his powerful personality. In such a life there can be no denouement. CLASS OF 19 3 9 — A group grateful for the privilege of dedicat- ing their book to so noble a man. Dr. Stover FOREWORD i N PRESENTING THIS, the Hatter of 1938, we have sought to depict, in terms of modernistic art and photography, the old and estab- lished charm that is Stetson s, and to catch a fleeting glimpse of the modern American life in which Stetson men and women are pre- pared to take an active part. TABLE OF CONTENTS University Administration College of Law Seniors Juniors Freshmen College of Liberal Arts Seniors Juniors Sophomore Freshmen School of Music Features Snapshots Athletics Fraternities O rga n isa t ions Advertising This volume of the Hatter would never have heen possible without the willing cooperation of students, faculty, and organizations alike. We. the staff, express our appreciation to the many persons whose loyal support has enabled us to create this monument to the Class of Nineteen Thirty-eight. I 31 I : : ' S w.h«ltfikv— ,2Jl UNIVERSITY ADMINISTRATION THE PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE The Session 1937-38 has been the most successful in the history of the University. The enrollment reached the high mark of 832. The scholar- ship record has continued to improve. Students are giving their best for high achievement. The cultural ideals of the Institution are being stressed in every department and activity of the University. Christian character has ever been the ultimate goal of Stetson University. Students never lose sight of this goal and are striving daily to obtain it. On these founda- tions Stetson was built. On these foundations Stetson will always grow. I take this opportunity to extend greetings and good wishes to the Stetson Family everywhere. Sincerely. W. S. ALLEN, President. OFFICERS OF THE ADMINISTRATION Dean Emeritus J. Prentice Carson a.m., LL.D. Vice President Charles Sherwood Farriss D.D., LL.D Dean of the University (Iharles G. Smith A.M., PH.D. Lola B. McCollough Robert C. Cotner Olga Bowen a.m. a.m. a.m. Dean of Women Dean of Men Registrar OFFICERS OF THE STUDENT BOUY Richard B. Bkanham President Mary Ellen Lord Secretary Ruth Bartlett Vice President COLLEGE OF LAW LAW FACULTY Lewis H. Tkibble ll. m. Dean of the College of Law and Professor of Law Henry S. Jacobs LL.B. Associate Professor of Law iul E. Raymond S.J.D. Professor of Law Jenms Y. Futch Professor of Laic and Laic Librarian Attorney Hughes Wilson looks on skeptically as his opponent, Boh Young, with a gloating smirk on his face, attempts to probe the truth from witness Mary Lou Baker. Judge Dean Tribble, with gavel in hand, is pre- pared to halt any digressions from ethical court pro- cedure. These pseudo-attorneys base their cases upon statutes and precedents set by actual cases. They spend many hours in the Law Library, pictured above, applying the law to their case before presenting it in the moot court. SENIOR LAW T -H i= tV -H T t -t= 7 .Q =f n SENIOR CAW— Class Officers ELDON F. McLeod, President Apalacliicola, Florida Pi Kappa Phi Robekt Young, Vice President Lake Monroe, Florida Pi Kappa Phi CuRRAN Kelly. Treasurer Madison, Wisconsin Mary Lou Baker, Secretary Clearwater, Florida SENIOR LAW Abbott, Norman Charles Lakeland, Fla. LL.B. Sigma Nu Transfer Florida Southern College, ' 34; Business Manager " Southern " . ' 33; Vagabond Club, ' 33; Sigma Nu Phi, ' 35- ' 36. Vice-Chancellor, ' 36- ' 37, Chancellor, ' 37- ' 38; Mystic Krewe, ' 36- ' 37, Treasurer, ' 37- ' 38; Theta Alpha Phi, ' 37- ' 38; Pi Gamma Mu. ' 37 ' 38; Agony Quartette, " 37- ' 38; Editorial Board of Stetsonian, ' 36- ' 37. Baker, Mary Lou Clearwater, Fla. LL.B. Secretary Law Classes, ' 35- ' 36, ' 36- ' 37, ' 37- ' 38. Carsvvell, Robert McClean DeLantl, Fla. Sigma Phi Epsilon Transfer University of Richmond, ' 34, ' 35, ' 36, ' 37; Freshman Track, ' 33- ' 34; Varsity Track, ' 34- ' 35; Football, ' 35-36, ' 36- ' 37; Intramural Sports, ' 33- ' 34, ' 34- ' 35; Delta Theta Phi Legal Fraternity, MaeNiel Honorary Law Society; Secretary-Treasurer Intermediate Law Class; Senator, Student Government Association, ' 36- ' 37; Justice, Honor Court. ' 37: S. C. Mitchell Literary Society, ' 34- ' 35, ' 35- ' 36; Debate Club. ' 37- ' 38; Peace Club, ' 37- ' 38. Faircloth. J. Neal Quincy, Fla. 25 ' Pi Kappa Phi Transfer The Citadel, ' 31 and ' 32; Chaplin Pi Kappa Phi, ' 33-34 and ' 37- ' 38; Business Manager, ' 35- ' 36, Delegate National Convention, ' 36; Charter President Interfraternity Council, ' 35- ' 36, member ' 36- ' 37; Men ' s Council, ' 36- ' 37; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity, ' 35 ' 36. 36 ' - ' 37, Marshal, ' 37- ' 38; Mystic Krewe, ' 35- ' 36, ' 36- ' 37, ' 37- ' 38, Captain. ' 35-36; Business Manager " Hatter, " ' 35-36, Assistant Business Man- ager, ' 36- ' 37; Agony Quartette, ' 37- ' 38. T -H -f= -H i=f T T -T -R £ 3 B Johnson. Albert Walter Smethport, Pa. LL.B. Alpha Tau Omega Transfer University of Pennsylvania i n ' 34; President Pi Gamma Mu. ' 35; President Torch and Scroll, ' 38; Vice-Chancellor Sigma Nu Phi, ' 37; 1st Mate Mystic Krewe. ' 38; City Clerk Homecoming, ' 37: Assistant Instructor in Accounting, ' 35, ' 36, ' 37; Chief Justice Law • ' lass. " 36: Secretary Law Class. ' 37: Honor Roll and Dean ' s List. ' 35, ' 36, ' 37 and ' 38. ' Kelley, Curran Patrick Madison, Wis. Treasurer Senior Law Class, ' 38; Freshman Football, ' 35, ' 36, ' 37; Freshman Footliall Coach, ' 37: Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity. Ken yon, Gaylord Carter Lake Worth, Fla LL.B. Pi Kappa Phi Treasurer Theta Alpha Phi. ' 28, President, ' 29, Treasurer ' 37; Sergeant at Arms Sigma Nu Phi Legal Fraternity, ' 36, 2nd Vice-Chancellor, ' 37; 1st Mate Mystic Krewe, ' 36, Captain. ' 37; Kappa Kappa Psi; Manager University Band, ' 29, ' 35, ' 36, ' 37; Manager University Symphony Orchestra, ' 29: President Student Body. ' 29; Homecoming Mayor, ' 37. A. B. degree Marshal, ' 38 Linson, Robert Corwin Charlestown, W. Va. LL.B. Sigma Nu at Dartmouth: Treasurer Sigma Nu Phi Legal Fraternity, enl L I Is ' 37; Varsity Tennis. ' 36. 26 ' SENIOR LAW McLkod, Eldois K kki- Apalachicola. Fla. LL.B. President Senior Law Class. Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity. Pi Kappa Phi 3R: Warde Nelson. Edward J. Des Plainer 111. LL.B. Sigma rV u Treasurer Freshman Law Class. " Sh : Vice President Junior Law Class, ' 37; Treasurer Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity. ' 37: Winner ol Congressman Joe Hendricks Law Prize " 37: Dean ' s List. ' 38: Freshman Basket Ball. ' 33: Boxing ' 33: Intramural Lightweight Champion. ' 32. PlIEMCIE. Hi SSELL .1. Montgomery, Mich. Powe. Robert Lee DeLand, Fla. LL.B. Sigma tVu Sentinel of Sigma Nu. ' 38: Clerk Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternit . ' 37, ' 38: Historian Kappa Mu. ' 38: Stetson Band. ' 34. ' 35, ' 36, ' 37, Officer. " 38; Glee Cluh. ' 37: Sheriff Moot Court. ' 37; Little Theater ' 34, ' 35, ' 36, ' 37. ' 38. " 6s 27 ' T -H -f= -H -ft T T-Fr -R a =? R Smith, Hubert C. Tampa, Fla. LL.B. :-Justice Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity; Agony Quartette. Warren, William Edward South Hill, Va. LL.B. Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity, ' 38; President of Bible Class, ' 35, ' 36, ' 37; Music Director B. Y. P. U., ' 33; Young Democratic Club, ' 37; Stetson Band, ' 32; Boxing Squad, ' 35; Instructor of Swimming Team, ' 35. Woni.rey, Pall Okeechobee, Fla. LL.B. Dt ' lta Sigma I ' hi Vice President Delta Sigma Phi, ' 36; Chief Justice Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity, ' 37; Treasurer Mystic Krewe, ' 36, Secretary, ' 37, Captain ' 38; Vice President Pi Gamma Mu, ' 37; Clerk of Moot Court, ' 37; President Freshman Law Class, ' 36; Hatter Staff, ' 36; Agony Quartette; Sports Editor Stetson Beporter, ' 35, ' 36; Student Manager of Football Team, ' 35, ' 36; S Club, ' 37. Young, Robert Gardner Lake Monroe, Fla. LL.B. I ' i Kappa I ' hi Treasurer of Pi Kappa Phi, ' 37, Archon, ' 38; Intramural Manager, ' 37; Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity; Vice President Senior Law Class, ' 38; Interfraternity Council, ' 38; Men ' s Council, ' 38; Freshman Foot- ball, ' 33. 28 ' JUNIOR LAW THE HATTER 1 9 3 JUNIOR LAW— Class Officers Elwyn L. Middleton, President Pomona, Florida Pi Kappa Phi Robert L. Anderson, Vice President Park Ridge, Illinois Sigma ISu Fred Fitzgerald. Treasurer Daytona Beach, Florida Pi Kappa Phi Grady L. Crawford, Secretary DeLand, Florida -30 ' J U 7i I O R LAW C.LONTS, J. ElVIMETT Oakland, Fla. Cobb. Thomas T. Daytona Beach, Fla. Dlrrance, Rodney L. Avon Park, Fla. McEntire, Paul W. Dade City, Fla. Delta Sigma Phi THE HATTER 1 9 3 Raidle. Royal F. Lake Worth, Fla. Sigma Nit Rodgers, John B. Miami, Fla. Deltia Sigma Phi Wilson, A. Hughes New Rochelle, N. Y. Sigma Nit 3 21 FRESHMAN LAW THE HATTER 1 9 3 FRESHMAN LAW— Class Officers Tom Kirkland, President Tulsa, Oklahoma Pi Kappa Phi Edwin E. Strickland, Vice President Tampa, Florida Pi Kappa Phi Hal DEKLE, Treasurer Marianna. Florida Neil MacMillan, Secretary DeEand, Florida 34 FRESHMAN LAW Beattie, Gladstone R. St. Petersburg, Fla. Sigma Nu Boire, Harold A. Mooers, New York Ceely, William 1). DeLand, Fla. Pi Kniipit Phi Cherry, John F. Center Hill, Fla. I ' i Kiipixi Phi Fearnley, Joseph Lake Worth, Fla. THE HATTER 1 9 3 Harnage, Clyde E. Lake Monroe, Fla. Harris, William A. St. Petersburg, Fla. Sigma Nu Hunter, Ward Jasper, Fla. I ' i Kappa Phi Lowery, Harris R. Stuart, Fla. Sigma Nu Mason, Edward L. Miami, Fla. Di ' lta Sigma Phi -36 ' FRESHMAN LAW 3 7 Newktt, Harry T. Leeslmrg, Fla. Odum, Ralph E. Lakeland, Fla. Rowe, J. Wilton Orlando, Fla. Sigma ! u Shuler, Arthur Tallahassee, Fla. Delta Sigma I ' hi Slaughter, Wm. Randall Paola, Fla. THE HATTER 193 Solomon. William H. Jacksonville, Fla. Sigma Nu Strong, Donald M. Jacksonville, Fla. Sigma Nu 38 COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS LIBERAL ARTS FACULTY Robert I kv Allen, PhD. Professor of Physics Willis issley Baer. Ph.D. Associate Professor of Business Administration and Economics Howard Lamoureux Bateson. A.B. Instructor in French . Helen Louse Batson. B.S. Dietitian Sle Burns, B.S. Assistant Professor of Education and Psychology Nelle Blrch Campbell, A.M. Assistant Professor of Health and Education, and Director of Physical Education for IT omen Richard Elijah Clark. Ph.D. Professor of Sociology John Ferglson Conn, Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry Warren Cassius Cojyell. B.S. Professor of Health and Physical Education. Head Coach. Director of Athletics Lorena Eaddy Dinning. Mi s.B. Instructor in Journalism James H. Drake Library Assistant Iola Kay Eastblrn. Ph.D. Professor of Modern Foreign Languages Boyce Fowler E ell. Ph.D. Professor of Education and Psychology Charles Adam Fisher. Ph.D. Professor of Business Administration and Economics Jk LIBERAL ARTS FACULTY George Chester Freeman, B.S. Assistant Director of Athletics and Head Coach of Basketball Harry Crawford Garwood, Ph.D. Professor of Bible and Philosophy Warren Stone Gordis, Ph.D. Professor of English Sara Edith Harvey. A.M. Associate Professor of Fine Arts Edcelle Henry, A.B., R.N. Nurse Annie Nadine Holden, A.M. Assistant Professor of English Carl Herbert Johnson, A.M. Instructor in Health and Physical Education, Director of Intramural Athletics Ludie Harvey Johnson Assistant Dean of Women and Housekeeper Maude Emma King, A.M. Assistant Professor of English Plautus Iberus Lipsey, Jr., A.B. Professor of Journalism and Director of Publicity Curtis Milton Lowry, M.E. Professor of Engineering Mary Tribble Lowry, A.M. Instructor in English Mary Stewart McCurdie, B.S. Assistant Professor of Secretarial Science John Sterling Neblett, A.B. Instructor in Business Administration ' 42 ' LIBERAL ARTS FACULTY Lucy Ann Neblett. A.B. Instructor in Spanish Charles Shepp rd Manager of the University Press Cornelia Marschall Smith. Ph.D. Professor of Biology S ra Elsie Staff. A.B. Instructor in Health and Physical Education Ir inc. C. Stoi er. M.( ).. Litt.D. Professor of Public Speaking Etter McTeer Turner. A.M. Assistant Dean of U omen Charles Blount Vance. Ph.D. Professor of Geology and Geography Ella Mae Walker. A.B. Instructor in Secretarial Science Willie Dee Willian. A.M. Instructor in English and Speech Harry Sunderland Winters. A.M. Associate Professor of History and Political Science 43 MASTER STUDENTS Dorothy Fuller Virginia Giffin Gordon Reeves DeLand, Fla. DeLand, Fla. St. Petersburg, Fla. A.M. A.M. A.M. SPECIAL STUDENTS Barbara Blount Samuel Gaylord Dorothy Graham Aurelia Jordan DeLand, Fla. Lake Helen, Fla. Avon, South Dakota Trinidad, Br. W. Ind. ml m Pearl Mundell GraftonPyne Letitia Reynolds AucustSchick Henry Slaughter Laurel. Mi-s. Bernards ill.-. N. J. DeLand. Fla. DeLand. Fla. I ' aola. Fla. Delta Delta Delta Sigma ! u 44 ' SENIORS T -H -T H - T T -i= 43 Q 3 Q SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS George G. Schurr, President DeLand, Florida Delta Sigma Phi Anne M. Hawkins, Vice President Gainesville, Florida Delia Delta Delta Estelle R. Duke, Secretary Tampa, Florida Alpha Xi Delta Sadie Rae Gardner, Treasurer St. Petersburg, Florida Pi Beta I ' hi 46 SENIOR CLASS Adams, Robert MacColl Miami, Florida Transfer U. of Fh ' 38; Stetsonian IS ' 35; Glee Club d ' 37, ' 38; Pres ' 36, ' 37, ' 38; Editor of Reporter dent of Mu Phi ' 38. Amison. John Matheis DeLand, Florida Gamma Sigma Epsilon ' 36, ' 37, Grand Alchemist ' 37, ' 38; President of Der Deutsche Verein ' 37, ' 38. Badger, Elizabeth Anne Parkersburji, West Virginia B.S. Beta Theta Transfer Marietta College, Ohio ' 36; Mu Phi ' 38; Beta Key ' 38; Deutsche Verein ' 38; Gamma Sigma Epsilon ' 37, ' 38; Mu Omega ' 37, ' 38. Ball, Dorothy Rebecca St. Petersburg, Florida A.B. Zeta Tau Alpha Pi Kappa Sigma ' 37, ' 38; Publicity Director of Zeta Tau Alpha ' 38; Y. W. A. ' 37, ' 38; W. A. A. ' 38; Art Club ' 37. -47 T -H -f= -H -R T T -f= 7 .Q =i R Barnhart. David Hamilton DeLand. Florida A.B. Sigma Delta Pi Bartlett. Ruth Eloise West Palm Beach. Florida A.B. Alpha Xi Delta President of Alpha Xi Delta ' 38; Viee President of Student Body ' 38; Viee President of Junior Class ' 37; Theta Alpha Phi ' 35, ' 36, ' 37, ' 38; Interfraternitv Council ' 38; Pan Hellenie Council ' 38; B. S. U. Council ' 36; Glee Club ' 35, ' 36, ' 37, ' 38; Girl ' s Trio ' 35. ' 36, ' 37; Homecoming Sponsor ' 37: Most Popular Cirl ' 37; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities ' 38; The Honor ' 35, " 36, ' 37, ' 38. Bennet, Norman Davtona Beach, Florida Kappa Mu; Stetson Ministerial Student A: Quartet ' ' 37. sn.; Glee Club; Stetson Botts, Truman Arthur DeLand, Florida Mu Phi; Peace Club; Stetsunian: The Phi Society; The Mil SocietJ Chess Club; Sigma Pi Sigma. -4 SENIOR CLASS Branham. Richard B. Indianapolis. Indiana ' ■ Pi Kappa Phi Football Lelterman ' 36. ' 37. ' 38; Basket Ball Letterman " 3o. ' 37, ' 38; Captain Varsity Basket Ball ' 37: Beta key; Captain of Mystic Krewe; President of Junior Class ' 37; Member of " 5 " Club; Presi- dent of Student Body ' 38: ho ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Brown. Mary Walton DeLand. Florida A.B. Pi Beta Phi W. A. A.: Frenrh Club Bryant. Henrietta R. Miami, Florida A.B. Alpha Xi Delta Stetson Glee Club Blrdick. Margaret K. St. Petersburg. Florida A.B. Alpha Xi Delta Reporter Staff: Sigma Delta Pi: Der Deutsche Verein. 49 T -H - E -H -R T T -f= - .Q =9 R Champ, Margaret Lois Mount Dora, Florida A.B. Alpha Xi Delta President Phi Society ' 37, ' 38; Mu Society; Sergeant-at-Arms ' 36, ' 37, ' 38; Vice President Theta Alpha Phi ' 38; Clerk Torch and Scroll ' 38; President the Honor ' 38; Pi Gamma Mu: Editor-in-Chief of Hatter ' 37; Editor Alumni Association ' 38; Honor Roll ' 35, ' 36, ' 37, ' 38; Dean ' s List ' 37, ' 38; Glee Club ' 35; May Day ' 36, ' 37, Home- coming Committees ' 37, ' 38. Collette, Ruth Crescent City, Florida Transfer Montreal College ' 36; Maryville College ' 37; Student Coun- cil ' 36; Editor of Annual ' 36; Treasurer Sophomore Class. Crosby, Esther Citra, Florida A.B. Chi Omega Duke and Oglethorpe; Vice President Chi Omega; Sigma Delta Pi ' 38; Art Club ' 38. Dede. Doris M. Apopka, Florida Transfer Duke University ' 35; Duke Players ' 35; Y. W. C. A. ' 35; . A. A. ' 35; Pi Kappa Sigma, Treasurer. Vice President; Mu Omega Xi. Treasurer; Art Club, Vice President; Pi Gamma Mu; W. A. A. ' 36, ' 37; Deutsche Verein; Summer School at University of Heidelberg, Germany. 5 0 ' S E X I O R CLASS Dickson, James R. oungstown, Ohio B.S. The Hatter. Art Club. " 38: Thr " S " Club, Secretary, " 38. Dowling. Miriam Yerna St. Petersburg. Florida Zeta Tau Alpha Transfer St. Petersburg Junior College " 36: Mu Phi " 38: Y. W. A. ' 38: Greater B. S. U. Council ' 38. Duke. Estelle Bri ce Tampa. Florida a.b. Alpha Xi Delta Y. W. A. " 34: Glee Club " 34. ' 35. ' 37. ' 38: Art E.litor of Batter ' 35; B. S. I. Council " 35; Art Club ' 37. ' 38: Social Chairman Alpha Xi Delta " 37: Interfraternitv Council " 38: Secretary Senior Class ' 38. Edge. Findley B. Albany, Georgia Basket Ball ' 35. ' 36. ' 37; Glee Club. Assistant Business Manager " 36. Publicity Manager " 37: Treasurer Kappa Mu " 38: B. S. L. Council " 36. " 37. President ' 38: State B. S. U. Social Chairman " 36: Honor Roll " 35. " 37: Dean ' s List " 36: President Mu Omega Xi ' 38: Mystic Krewe " 38: Who " ? Who Among Students in American Colleges and I Diversities ' 38. ■ " •»• " S- T -H -F -M -F? T T -f= 7 .Q 3. R Ezell. Carroll Pall DeLand. Florida A.B. Pi Kappa Phi Chaplain Pi Kappa Phi ' 38: Historian Pi Kappa Phi " 37: Sigma Pi Sigma, Secretary " 38: Peace Club " 38: Biolosv Society " 38. Furlong, Edward (. ' .. Morgantown, West Virginia Football " 37. " 38: Kappa Mu " 38: Pi Gamma Mu " 38: The Mystic Krewe 38: Glee Club " 38: Stetson " S " Club " 38. Gardner. Sadie Rah St. Petersburg, Florida AM. Pi Beta Phi Transfer St. Petersburg Junior College " 37: The Honor " 38: Glee I lub " 37. ' 38: Tbeta Alpha Phi " 38: Women ' s Student Government ' 38: Trea-urer Senior Class ' 38. Gollnick. Anne Robertson Vero Beach. Florida Zela Tau Alpha Treasurer V. W. A. " 35; i r-lVc-idcnt Zcta Tau Alpha President Zeta Tau Alpha ' 38: Women ' s Student Government i oun- . U j-raracnt-at-Aniis " 3o. Secretar ' 37. Vice President " 38: The Honor ' 37. " 38: Pi Gamma Mu ' 37. 3S: Secretarj Commerce Club - rrtary Junior 1 la-- ' 37: Pi Kappa Sigma: Interfrati rnilv Council ' 38. S E X I O R C L A S S Gregory, 1 elliais St. Petersburg, Florida V.R. Pi Kappa Sigma 38; V. Hall, Bennett PRei m Mi. Dora, Florida Transfer William Jennings Bryan University, Dayton, reanessee; Stetson Ministerial Student Association ' 38; Volunteer Missionary Hoard " 38. Mm. Fatetti 1 o Mi. Dora, Florida « etson Ministerial Student Association Secretary 35; Chorister " 36, Devotional Chairman 3 , ; S: Glee Club " 35, o. Hammer, Lola Irene Del and, Florida HA Pi Beta I ' hi Phi Society; Pledge Supervisor Pi Beta Phi " 3T, Rush Captain " 36, Recording Secretary 38; Theta Upha Phi 7. Secretary ; S: 1 " li« Honor i8: Torch and Scroll, Keeper of the Seal J8; Pan Hellenic " :,S. 5 3 V T -H -f= -H -H T T -f= -H .Q =? R Hart, Georgena May Sanford, Florida — t Mu Society ' 35; Gamma Sigma Epsilon ' 37, ' 38; Deutsche Verein ' 37, ' 38. Hawkins, Anne Meredith Gainesville, Florida A.B. Delta Delta Delta Interfraternity Council ' 38; The Hatters Art Club ' 38. Hooker. Dorothy May Chosen, Florida A.B. l ' i Beta Phi Executive Council l ' i Beta Phi ' 35, Historian ' 36, President ' 37; Women ' s Student Government, Treasurer ' 36, President ' 38; The Honor ' 38. Houghton, William Howard Mulberry, Florida Sigma Nu Phi ' 38. 54 ' SENIOR CLASS Hutchison, Margaret Louisa Bonif ' av. Florida Transfer Florida State College for Women. " 36. Ingram. Lanora Jasper. Florida A.B. Delta Delta Delta Secretary Junior Class ' 37: Pi Kappa Sigma: The Hatter An Club: Women ' s Athletic Association; French Club. Johnson, Margaret Louise Umatilla. Florida A.B. Zeta Tau Alpha B. S. U. " 34. ' 35; Assistant Editor of Hatter ' 35; Manager Stetson Glee Club ' 35. member " 34. " 35, ' 38; Women ' s Athletic Association ' 35; President Y. TT. A. " 35: Sisma Alpha Phi " 34: Honor Roll ' 38. X Jones. Joseph Eugene Cottondale. Florida A.B. Stetson Ministerial Student Association. T -H -f= -H -F? T T -f= - .Q =t R Knox, Reed DeLand, Florida B.S. Delta Sigma Phi Mu Phi; Sigma Pi Sigma. Kummer, Theresa Christine Winter Park, Florida Mu Society ' 36; Pi Gamma Mu ' 37, ' 38, Vice President ' 38; Stetson Commerce Club ' 37, ' 38. Lang, David Frederick St. Cloud, Florida B.S. Delta Sigma Phi Freshman Football ' 34; Freshman Basket Ball ' 34; Intramurals ' 34, ' 35, ' 36, 37; Outstanding Intramural Athlete ' 36; Minor Intramural Games Director ' 38; " S " Club. JV Laufer, Paul H. Miami, Florida a.b. and u. .11. Piace Club; Stetson Reporter; Stetsonian. -56 SENIOR CLASS Lord, Mary Ellen Orlando, Florida A.B. ' . Beta Phi W. A. A. " 35, ' 36, ' 37, ' 38, Vire President ' 37, President ' 38; Woman ' s Sports Editor, Hatter ' 37; Theta Alpha Phi ' 37, ' 38; Dean ' s List ' 37; Honor Roll 38; The Honor ' 38; Interfraternity Council ' 37; Executive Council, Pi Beta Phi ' 37, Rush Captain ' 38, Pledge Cap- tain ' 38, Censor ' 36; Secretary of Student Body ' 38; May Day ' 37; Mil Omega Xi, Secretary ' 38. McCary, Marjorie Wilson DeLand, Florida Pi Kappa Sigma; The Hatters Art Cluh Beta Kev. W. A. A.; Fencing Cluh; MacDonouch, Margaret Eileen Jackso nville, Florida B. MUS. Phi Beta; Glee Cluh; Phi Society ' 34; Orches McLaughlin, Alice Bruce Dayton, Ohio A.B. Delta Delia Delta Glee Cluh ' 35; Secretary Delta Delta Delta ' 36, President ' 37; Vice President Sophomore Class; Woman ' s Student Council ' 36; Inter- fraternity Council ' 36, ' 38, Secretary ' 37; Theta Alpha Phi ' 36, ' 37, Vice President ' 38; Pan Hellenic ' 37, ' 38; The Honor ' 37, ' 38; Fra- ternity Editor of Hatter ' 37; Editorial Board of Stetsonian ' 37; " Most Versatile, " ' 37; Der Deutsche Verein ' 38; Homecoming Hostess ' 38. 5 7 ' r -h - = -H -Ff T T-f= - .Q R Martin, Katherine Barstow Apopka, Florida B. MUS. Delta Delta Delia Wesleyan Conservator) of Music, Macon, Georgia, ' 35; May Queen ' s Court ' 35; Treasurer, Freshman Class ' 35; Interfraternity Council; Glee Club ' 35, ' 36, " 37. ' 38; Radio Chorus; W. A. A. ' 36; May Festi- val " 37. Mears, Reba DeLand, Florida .Summer School at Wayne University. Detroit; University of Pennsyl- vania, Philadelphia; University of Delaware. Deutsehe Verein ' 38. Merritt, Ruth Annette Panama City, Florida B.S. Zela Tan Alpha Judson College, Marion. Alabama, ' 35, ' 36; Treasurer Zeta Tau Alpha ' 38; The Honor " 37. ' 38; Stetson Commerce Club ' 38; State B. S. U. Social Chairman " ' 17; li. S. U. Social Chairman ' 36; B. S. U. Secretary " 36; Y. W. A. Program Chairman ' 36; Associate Sunday School Super- intendent " 36: Glee Club ' 36. ' 37. ' 38; Vice President Baptist Training I nion ' 38. i(,ei.s. Roberta Torrei Diuifdiii, Florida Phi Beta ' 35, ' 36. ' 37. " 38. Historian ' 36, ' 37. Secretary-Treasurer " 38: Band ' 36, 37; Little Theater Orchestra ' 35, 36, ' 37, ' 38; Symphony Orchestra ' 35, ' 36, ' 37, ' 38; Assistant Concert Master, Symphony Or- chestra ' 36, ' 37; Concert Master ' 38; May Day ' 35; German Club ' 38. SENIOR CLASS Ogilme. Frances Mai DeLand. Florida A.B. Pi Beta Phi Pi Beta Phi Treasurer ' 36. ice Pre-ident ' 37: Pi Kappa Sigma Treasurer " 35, President " if.. " 37, " 38: W. A. A. ' 34: Phi Society Vice PreMdent ' 36: Mu Societj ' 33: Art Cluh ' 37: The Honor ' 37. ' 38, Vice President ' 33: Torch ami Scroll Vice President ' 38: Sigma Delta Pi Corresponding Secretary " 38: Beta Key ' 38: Stetsonian Staff " 37. Pawley. Lloyd C. DeLand. Florida Pi Kappa Phi President of Sophomore Class " 36: Hatter Business Manager ' 37: Mo Society ' 35: Torch and Scroll Trea?urer " 38: Pi Gamma Mu : Stetson Commerce Club President ' 38: Pi Kappa Phi Chaplain ' 36: Pi Kappa Phi Treasurer ' 37: Pi Kappa Phi Archon ' 38: Intramural Major Sports Manager " 36. " 37. " 38: Mystic Krewe " 38. Pizzo. Anthony P. Tampa, Florida A.B. Sit na Iota University of Florida Tran fer: Phi Alpha Delta: Mystic Krewe: Stetson Young Democrat? of Florida: Head Cheerleader " 35. ' 36: Coach of Cheerleading squad ' 37. Pope. Stella Virginia Lacoochee. Florida Zeta Tan Alpha tk Y. W. A. ' 35: Band ' 36. ' 37: Secretary Zeta Tau Alpha " 36: Treasurer Student Body ' 38. 5 9 r -h - = -H -Ff T T-f= a 3 a Russell, Woodrow Wiimferd DeLand, Florida B.S. Pi Gamma Mu ' 37, ' 38; Stetson Commerce Club ' 38. Sample, William Raymond Daytona Beach, Florida A.B. Delia Sigma Phi Glee Cluli 35 ' , ' 36; Delta Sigma Phi, Editor and Historian ' 37. Schurr, George G. DeLand, Florida Delta Sigma Phi Intramural Sports ' 36, ' 37, ' 38; Varsity Tennis Team ' 35, ' 36, ' 37, ' 38; Pi Gamma Mu; Stetson Commerce dull; President Senior Class ' 38; Captain Tennis Team ' 36; Delta Sigma Phi Treasurer ' 38. Snellings, James H. Leesburg, Florida Symphony Orchestra ' 35, ' 36; Stetson Band ' 35, ' 36, ' 37; Kappa Kappa Psi ' 36, 37, ' 38, Secretary 38; Intramural Manager of Stetson Hall ' 37; (dee Club 37, 38. 60 ' SENIOR CLASS Stevens, Clara Jeanetti Orlando, Florida Y. W. A. " 35. 36. " 37. " 38. President ' 35; B. S. U. Council ' 36, ' 37, ' 38, Vesper Chairman ' 36. ' 37, ' 38; Peace Club " 37. ' 38: Mu Omega i ' 38; Beta Key ' 38: Pi kappa Sigma ' 38. Strickland. Frow Woodrow Starke, Florida B.S. Delta Sigma Phi Freshman Football ' 3.S : Stetson Commerce Club ' 38; [ntramurals ' 36, ' 37, ' 38. Taylor. Louise Embree ero Beach, Florida A.B. Pi Held Phi Boston University, ' 35, ' 36. Taylor. Walter Frank DeLaud, Florida B.S. Delia Sigma Phi Mu Phi: Fencing Team ' 35, " 36. ' 37. ' 38: Stetson Engineering S;i ' 35, ' 36: Pall Bearer to Stetson Engineering Society ' 36. ' 3k 61 T -H - fr -H -H T T -F= -H 3 3 B Tolbert, Frank M. DeLand, Florida Webb, Helene Brockport, New York A.B. Alpha Xi Delia Pi Kappa Sigma; VT. A. A. ' 36, ' 37, ' 38; French Club ' 38. Webster, John Allen St. Cloud, Florida B.S. Sigma Pi Sigma. West, Mary Elizabeth Otter Creek, Florida •lorida State College for Women ' 35; Hatter An Club; W. A. A. Stett-on Commerce Club; French Cl ub. ... SENIOR CLASS Woodfilu James O. Greensburg, Indiana A.B. Sigma i .Miami University ' 3.S; kappa Mu; Theta Alpha 1 ' lii. Treasurer ' 38: Glee Club ' 36, ' 37, ' 38; Varsity Quartette. ' 37. ' 38. Wooten, Frances Alliene Daytona Beach, Florida A.B. Zeta Tau Alpha Glee Club, ' 37, " 38; Zeta Tau Alpha, Social Chairman, ' 37, ' 38, Rush Captain. ' 38: Y. W. A., Secretary, ' 37, Treasurer, ' 38: Pi kappa Sigma: Pi Gamma Mu. Young, Bermce Lake City, Florida A.B. Baptist Student Union Council 63- SENIORS NOT PHOTOGRAPHED Bushnell, Pearl C. DeLand, Florida Cudmore, Douglas L. Virginia, Minnesota Haldeman, Virginia DeLand, Florida Mathis, Annette Hastings, Florida ROSEBERRY, ELIZABETH DeLand, Florida 6 4 JUNIORS THE HATTER 1 9 3 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Jack W. Gore, President Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Sigma Nu Helen J. Stoltenberg, Vice President Belle Glade, Fla. Pi Beta Phi Kathryn Jelks, Secretary Lakeland, Fla. Alpha Xi Delta Josephine Osborne, Treasurer Umatilla, Fla. ' .eta Tau Alpha 6 6 1 U X I O R CLASS Anderson. Wilurd Archer. Ri th Park Ridge. 111. Malone. Fla. Arrington. Fdith Tavares . Fla. Bennett. Alzada c enter Harbor. . H. Delta Delta Delta Berry. Linden Mt. Olivet . Kv. Bills. Horace Sarasota. . Fla. Bis-et. Katherine Harroihhunr. . Kv. Delta Delta Delta Boyles. Clifford Callahan. F!a. Bracey. Dai id Brow nell. Daphne Aaheville, . C. DeLaml. r hi. (»: THE HATTER 1 9 3 Butler, Charles Butler, Doris Montverde, Fla. Live Oak, Fla. Delia Delta Delta Byrd, La Verne Jacksonville, Fla. Pi Beta Phi Cagni, Raymond Pittsburgh, Penn. Pi Ka jpa Phi (Carpenter, Royce DeLaiul, Fla. ( . a er, Marval DeLaiul, Fla. Cobb, Charles. Miami, Fla. Sigma Nu Coen, Mary Flizabeth Avon Park, Fla. Craig, Raymond Crosby, Wili.a Mae DeLaiul, Fla. Citra, Fla. -68- J U H I O R CLASS 6 9 Freeman, Ruth Geneau, Marie Gillespie, Graham Tavares, Fla Godbold, Hall Vero Beach, Fla Delta Sigma Phi THE HATTER 1 9 3 • - — - (»ore. Jack Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Sigma Vh GOWER, Jean Mt. Vernon, Ohio Alpha Xi Delta (»ressang, Harry Pottsville, Penn. Delta Sigma Phi | Griffith. John Iola, Kansas 1 ' i Kappa Phi Hall. Troy Pi Kappa Phi Hardy. Lawrence Leesburg, Fla. LaHarpe, Kan. ± A Harper. Harmon Pierson, Fla. Hartsfield. Lawrence Eastman, Ga. Hobbs. Frances New Smyrna, Fla. Alpha Omega Pi Holbrook, Margaret Orlando, Fla. JUNIOR CLASS Hudson, Mary . Titusville, Fla. Zeta Tau Alpha IIULBERT, CARL New Smyrna, Fla. Pi Kappa Phi Hummel, Ruth Philadelphia, Perm. Zeta Tan Alpha Jelks. Kathryn Lakeland. Fla. Alpha Xi Delia Jerger, Harry Johnson, Helen Delta Delta Delta St. Petersburg, Fla. Rome, Ga. KlNSEY, Roy St. Petersburg, Fla. Sigma I u Kinzy, Josephine Memphis, Tenn. Delta Delta Delta Krause, June Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Alpha Xi Delta Latham, Elsie Shadyside, Ohio THE HATTER 1 9 3 Lovvry, Jeannette Valdosta, Ga. Linson, Elizabeth Clarkstown, W. Va. Loomis, Patricia Avon Park, Fla. Pi Beta Phi Lumpkin, James Jacksonville, Fla. Pi Kappa Phi LuNSFORI), JlLES McCall, John Jacksonville, Fla. Madison, Fla. McCarty, Murray McCarty, Jane Auburndale, Fla. Boise, Idaho McClelland, George. Machen, Myra Sanford, Fla. DeLand, Fla. Delia Delta Delta JUNIOR CLASS Maier. Pail Griffin. Indiana 1 ' i ktii i i Phi Meeks, Yaljean Ooilla. Ga. Meservk, Eva St. Augustine, Miller. Arvel Lakeland. Fla. Ela. Morri . Roberta DeLand. Delta Delta Delta Newlin. Ri th Winona Lake. Ind Fla. iana Oaks. William Jacksonville. Offltt. Richard Chicago Sigma Nu Fla. . 111. Olliff. Evelyn Wauchula, Zeta Tan Alpha Olliphant. Harvey Jacksonville. Sigma Au Fla. Fla. 3- THE HATTER 1 9 3 Orum, Ruth Pittsburgh, Pa. I ' i Beta Phi Osborne, Josephine Umatilla, Fla. Zela Tau Alpha Parsons, Jane DeLand, Fla. Perkins, Ella May Williston, Fla. Randall. Louise Daytona Beach, Fla. Rehbaum Alfred Sinmu I u Mount Dora, Pensacola Williston, Williamson, T Arcadia, ha Fla. Roberts, Leo Ross, Pr udence , Fla Fla. Rubin, Sydney Sandusky, Elizabeth Zcin Tau Alp J. Y. Fla. 74 ' JUNIOR CLASS Sawyer. Betty Jatne DeLand . Fla. Zeta Tmt Alpha Schick. George Edward DeLand. 1 la. Sigma Xu Schneider. Dorothy DeLand. Fla. Skaggs, Virginia Miami, Fla. Delta Delta Delta Skeen. Eleanor Leesburg, Fla. Zeta Tau Alpha Smith. Alice DeLand. Fla. Pi Beta Phi Smith. Millard Pensacola. Fla. Soltherland. James Waiiclmla. Fla. Spear. Lester Staff. Rl ert Coshocton. Ohio St. Petershur;;. Fla. Pi Kappa Phi THE HATTER 1 9 3 Stoltenberc, Helen Belle Glade, Fla. Pi Beta Phi Stone, James Sigma Vi Bristol, Va. Stoudenmire, Truett DeLand, Fla. Pi Kappa Phi SwANSON, GuSTAV. Jacksonville, Fla. Taft, Jane Coriiwall-on-Hudson, N. Y. Talton, Catharine Apopka, Fla. Delta Delta Delta Thacker. Lois Kissinimee, Fla. Pi Beta Phi Todaro. Henry Newark, N. J. Turner, Vernon Vann, Harold Homestead, Fla. Miami Beach, Fla. 7 6 " JUNIOR CLASS Warner, Eleanor Warren, Lyndol Delia Sigma Phi Coleraine, Minn. Miami, Fla. Washburne, Carlotta Ormond, Fla. Alpha Xi Delta Webber, Eunice Eustis, Fla. Williams. Roger Wilson, Fred Miami, Fla. Miami, Fla. Delta Sigma I ' hi Wolfe, Alice Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Alpha Xi Delta Wood, Robert Greensburf:, Ind. Sigma IS ' u -77- AUTOGRAPHS SOPHOMORES THE HATTER 1 9 3 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Leffie M. Carlton, Jr., President Wauclmla, Fla. Delia Sigma Phi Helen E. Bass, Vice President Daytona Beach, Fla. Pi Beta Phi Betty Lou Alexander. Secretary Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Delia Delia Delia ELOISE R. Kennedy, Treasurer High Springs, Fla. Zela Tan Alpha -80 SOPHOMORE CLASS Adair. Emily Jacksonville. Fla. Zeta Tan Alpha Ahlers , Grace Dayton, Ohio Pi Beta Phi Alexais der. Betty Lou Ft. Lauderdali , Fla. Delta Delta Delta Alexander. Harriet DeLaiK 1. Fla. Allen. Wilton Greenville. S. C. Delta Sigma Phi Anders on. Raleich ' N ero Beacl , Fla. Arnole . Lynwood Jacksonvill e, Fla. Anz. Lee Endicott. N. Y. Delta Delta Delta Baldwin. Richard Palmyra, Mich. Delta Sigma Phi Barnett. Robert Jacksonville. Fla. Delta Sigma Phi Bass. Helen Davtona Beach, Fla. Pi Beta Phi Bird. Bette Port Washington, N. . Booth. Gordon Brockett. Ann St. Petershurj:. Fla. Titnsville. Fla. Zeta Tan Alpha Brown. Mildred Asheville, N. C. Alpha Xi Delta Bryce. Rlth Bryceville, Fla. Delta Delta Delta Carlton. Leffie Wauchula, Fla. Delta Sigma Phi Cheatham. Lynwood Jacksonville. Fla. Pi Kappa Phi 8 1 - THE HATTER 1 9 3 Cicero. John Tampa, Fla. Clark, Sarah Elizabeth, St. Petersburg, Fla. Delta Delta Delta CLOW, Jeanette Coshocton, Ohio Delta Delta Delta Coe, Frances Cook. George Lakeland, Fla. Jacksonville, Fla. Delta Sigma Phi Crawford. Jean Woodhaven, L. I., N. Y. Crevasse, Mary (.row. Sibyl Cunningham, Bearden Jacksonville, Fla. Macon, Ga. Raleigh, N. C Darst, Russell Dayton, Ohio Delta Sigma Phi Davis. Frank Oakfield, Ga. DeBlois, RlTH Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Dempsey, Inez Denham, William Dickson. Ann Waldo, Fla. Bartow, Fla. Orlando, Fla. Delta Delta Delia Edwards, Charlotte Ferguson, Mac Kinkei.l, Wendell Orlando, Fla DeLand, Fla. Daytona Beach, Fla. -82 SOPHOMORE CLASS Finney, Helen Ford, Nelson DeLand, Fla. Orange City, Fla. Delta Sigma Phi Fulford. Jesse Orlando, Fla. Delta Sigma Phi Gaddis, Jonellen Miami, Fla. Delta Delta Delta Glover, Makjorie ' Vero Beach, Fla. Zeta Tau Alpha GoLDING, Helene Lakeland, Fla. Griffin. ( Iharles Falmouth, Fla. Griffith, William DeLand, Fla. Delta Sigma Phi GuSTAFSO! , Edwin Green Cove Springs, Fla. Sigma Nu Hall. Hal DeLand, Fla. Hammond. Frances St. Petersburg, Fla. Handley, Emmaline Holopaw, Fla. Alph a Xi Delta Hick, Esti IER Eustis. ,Fla. Delta Delhi Delta Hill, Joseph Vero Beach, Fla. Hodges, Doris Jacksonville, Fla. Holder, Bri nei.i.e Hooks, Helen Huie, Edward DeLand, Fla. Lakeland, Fla. Bahson F ark, Fla. 83 THE HATTER 1 9 3 Jameson, Sarah Elizabeth, Belle Glade, Fla. Zeta Tau Alpha Jennings, Jackie Middleburg, Fla. Pi Beta Phi Jenson, Marjorie Miami, Fla. Alpha Xi Delta Johns, Floy Johnson. Doris Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Umatilla, Fla. Zeta Tan Alpha Johnson. Theda Jacksonville, Fla. Karns, Robert DeLand, Fla. Pi Kappa Phi Kennedy, Eloise High Springs, Fla. Zeta Tau Alpha Kicklighter. Robert Port Orange. Fla. Kipp, Gordon DeLand, Fla. Knight, Daphne Vero Beach, Fla. Alpha Xi Delta Knight, Mary Ella Vero Beach, Fla. Alpha Xi Delta Knorr, Francis Miami, Fla. Pi kai i a Phi Land, Lydia Apopka, Fla. Delta Delta Delta Fan ford. Kathryne Greenville, S. C. Lang, Andrew Latimer. Hugh Lavender, William St. Cloud, Fla. Asheville, N. C. Altoona, Fla. -84 SOPHOMORE CLASS Lincoln, Pearle Locke. Hope Kingwood, W. Va. Sarasota, Fla. Deltn Delta Delta Lockwood, Franklin DeLand, Fla. Lovelace, William DeLand, Fla. Lytle. Howard DeLand, Fla. McClure. Marjorie Vero Beach, Fla. Delta Delta Delta McConnell, Dorothy Chattanooga, Tenn. Delta Delta Delta McDonald. William Pelham, Ga. Magenheim. Milton New York. N. Y. Martin, Hamilton Martin, Inez Martino, Ancelo DeLand, Fla. DeLand, Fla. Tampa, Fla. MaSSEY, A.M1 Orlando, Fla. Delta Delta Delta Massey. Jean Orlando, Fla. Delta Delta Delta Mathis, Alex Dothan, Ala. Delta Sigma I ' hi Morris, Warren Moscrip, George Winter Haven. Fla. Chicago, 111. Sigma JVu eelands. Earl St. Petersburg, Fla. Pi Kappa Phi 85- THE HATTER 1 9 3 ££ Nicholson, Elizabeth Chicago, 111. Osburn, Ruth Dade City, Fla. Osgood. Martha Montverde, Fla. Parker, Harry Montgomery, Ala. Parker, Oscar New Smyrna, Fla. Perret. Mildred DeLand, Fla. Delta Delta Delta Plano, Evelyn Pless. Dorothy Pollock. Lois Kissimmee, Fla. Lyerly, Ga. Daytona Beach, Fla. Upha Xi Delta Polski. Joseph Eveleth, Minn. Sigma An Pope, Dorothy Sanford. Fla. Pi Beta Phi Poi rtless. Marja St. Petersburg, Fla. Preston, Lillian Preston, Thelma Price, Peggie Delta Delta Delta Prioleai . Chesley Orlando, Fla. Orlando, Fla. Miami, Fla. Eustis, Fla. Sarasota, Fla. Robinson, Elizabeth Zeta Tau Alpha Roue. Kathleen St. Petersburg, Fla. -8 6- SOPHOMORE CLASS Rowei.l. Francis Trenton, Fla. Pi Kappa Phi Sails. Richard West Palm Beach, Fla. Delia Sigma Phi Schaefer. VINCENT Indianapolis, Intl. Pi Kappa Phi Scott. Dan Fort Pierce, Fla. Delta Sigma Phi Seashole. Johnny Jacksonville, Fla. Pi Kappa Phi Selick. H. Graham Follansbee, W. Yu. Sheridan. Thomas Augusta, Ga. Simpson. Mary Elizabeth Mt. Dora, Fla. Sloan, Martha Dee McLeanshoro, 111. Smith. E. Lanier Davtona Beach, Fla Pi Kappa Phi Smith. Jean Delta Delta Delta Mt. Dora. Fla Smith. Wallace DeLand. Fla Stafford. Ralph Orange City, Fla Stonecipher. Melton Miami. Fla Delta Sign a Phi Strickland. Dorothy Enstis, Fla Taylor , Clinton DeLand, Fla Taylor . Lois DeLand, Fla Taylor . Oliver Sigma . u Bristol . Va C o 87 THE HATTER 1 9 3 Thelrer, Lydia Grantwood. N. J. Alpha Xi Delta Tompkins . Milbry Wildwood, Fla. Vance, James DeLand. Fla. Delta Sigma Phi YlSEL, Georcia Y lker. Helen Jamaica. L. I.. N. Y. South Charleston. Ohio Alpha Xi Delta Walker. Lois Homestead. Fla. alkip. Edwin v. all. v. oodrow Mcintosh. Fla. Shelby, N. C. Pi Kappa Phi Watson. H. Tom Waycross, Ga. Sigma Nu Weaver, Roberts Jacksonville, Fla. Sigma N u Webb. Relda Auhurndale, Fla. eimert. Rhoda Buffalo. N. Y. ilpha Xi Delta Wengate, I ' m link Wente. Jane Rome, N. Y. Cincinnati. Ohio Delta Delta Delta White, Catherine Sanford. Fla. Delta Delta Delta Winters, Frances Denver, Colorado Delta Delta Delta Wolfe, Billy St. Petershurjr. Fla. -8 8 ' FRESHMEN THE HATTER 19 3 8 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Gadi Lawton, President Orlando. Fla. Mabel Arthur, lice President Orlando, Fla. Harold Clark. Secretary Jacksonville, Fla. Hal Hunter, Treasurer Live Oak, Fla. -90 ' FRESHMAN CLASS Al.BRITTON, .1. M. Allen, Gkroe Plant City, Fla. DeLand, Fla. Si jima I u Allen, Gwendolyn Greenville. S. ( ' .. Amison, Rosemary Dayton, Ohio Delta Delia Delta Anderson, Robert Fairport, N. Y. Sigma Nu Ansley. Ann Decatur, Ga. Delta Delta Delta Aranco, Gloria St. Augustine, Fla. Armstrong, Betty Arnold, Frances Arrington, Thomas Arthi r. Mabel Baer, Victor Baker. Ester Baldwin, Jeanne Banks, Mildred Bartlett, Harold DeLand, Fla. Dayton, Tenn. Euetis, Fla. Orlando, Fla. DeLand, Fla. Pierson, Fla. Oak Hill, Fla. Sanford, Fla. West Palm Beach, Fla. Battle, Helen DeLand. Fla. Delta Delta Delta Bean, Whitney Homestead, Fla. Beasley, Joseph Beasley. Mary Betts, Edna Oviedo, Fla. Fort Lauderdale, Fla. DeLand, Fla. Beville, Margaret Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Alpha Xi Delta Rice, Eliza Pomona, Fla. Zeta Tan Alpha Blackaby, Charles Umatilla, Fla. Boyd, Harold Dayton, Ohio Sigma Nu Boyles, Muriel Callahan, , Fla. Bradshaw, Donald DeLand , Fla. Brady, Mary Umatilla , Fla. Brown, John, McKinley, Isle of Pines, Cuba Delta Sigma Phi Brown, Richard Cocoa, , Fla. Kappa Sigma Browning, Elizabeth Orlando. Fla. Pi Beta Phi Bryant, Lillan Miami. Fla. Alpha Xi Delta 91 - THE HATTER 19 3 8 Bunger, Mary Lake Helen, Fla. Bunker, Betty Lou Jacksonville, Fla. Delia Delta Delta Burns, Mary Kay Davton, Ohio Delta Delta Delta Caldwell, Pansey DeLand, Fla. Camp, Oscar DeLand, Fla Carey, Betty Miami Springs, Fla Delta Delta Delta Carlton, Coralie Cocoa, Ha Alpha Xi Delta Carlton, Doris DeLand, Fla Carlton, William Trenton. Fla Cassels, Lois Arcadia, Fla Delta Delta Delta Cate. Margaret DeLand. Fla Alpha Xi Delta Cates, Evelyn. Sanford, Fla Pi Beta Phi Cato. Tom Alachua, Fla. Sigma Nil Chesser, Bobert St. Petersburg, Fla. Clark, Harold Jacksonville, Fla. ( " lark, Louise Bartow, Fla. Clark. Patricia Stuart. Fla. Px Meta Phi Clarkson, Dorothea Jacksonville, Ha. Pi Beta Phi Clonts, Charles Oviedo, Fla. Close, Everett Coon, Zelma Cooper, Jane Cornell, Anna Carmel, N. Y. Charleston, W. Va. Orlando, Fla. Sanford, Ha. Pi Beta Phi Culpepper, James Jacksonville, Fla. Sigma l ti (ashing, William Davis, William Davis, Dorothy Orniond, Fla. Leesburg, Fla. Miami, Fla. Alpha Xi Delta deLoren .i, Joe South Bend, Ind. Sigma Vh Denham, Bobert Dewitt, Bobert Bartow, Fla. Cocoa, Fla. Pi Kappa Phi Donaldson. Bardwell Daytona Beach. Fla. Duret, Ju:k Canada Lake. Fla. -Q2 FRESHMAN CLASS Edwards. Gilbert DeLand. Fla. Estridge. Marian Pi Eller. Dora Zeta Farmer. Herbert Beta Tau I ' hi Alph Sanford Abington Goulds Flu. . Pa. Fla. Fay. Richard Smethport . Pa. Fidler. Rl ' TH Alph Ford. Lois a Xi Ft. Lauderdale Delta Lakeland. Fla. Fla. Ford. William Orange City Fla. Formby. TlDIE Eustis. Fla. Frick. Virginia Homestead Fla. Fry. Eugene Si Gallie. Margaret gma .Yii Rydal Latrobe . Pa. Pa. Gaylord. Winnifred Eustis. Fla. Gibbs. Margaret W abasso Fla. Gibeallt. Joe Orlando, Fla. Godfrey. Helen Bronson. Fla. Gonzalez. Cesar Tampa. Fla. Graham. Vance Si- Gray. Robert Delta Greene. Jesse una Vu Sigma PI Bristol. 1 Burt, i Avon Park. enn. [owa Fla. Gresham, Marvin Ashland. Miss. Griffin. Hlber W inter Haven. Fla. Griffin. Lawrence Tampa. Fla. Grlbbs. Lillian Si . Augustine. Fla. Glnby. Robert DeLand. Fla. Halbert. Gordon Lithia. Fla. Hall. Willie Ray St. Petersburg. Fla. Halstead. William Delia Sigma PI Lake Citv, i Fla. Hamrick. David Montieello. Fla. Hancock. Emily ubunidale. Fla. Hancock. Marie Eustis. Fla. Hargis, Willlam DeLand. Fla. 93 THE HATTER 1 9 3 Harman. Betty Jane State College, Pa. Harris, Allie Dothan, Ala. Zeta Tun Alpha Haskins, George Oak Park, 111. Pi ' Kappa Phi Heebner, Robert S., Jr. Lansdale, Pa. Heintzelman. Helen Hill. Doris Orlando, Fla. Cocoa, Fla. Pi Beta Phi Hobbs. Katherine Panama City, Ha. Alpha Xi Delta Hoenshel. Amy Port Mayaca, Fla. Hough, Joe Goshen, Ala. Hoyle. William Fort Pierce, Fla. Hoyt. Donna DeLand, Fla. Hunt, John Lakeland, Fla. Hunter, Phyllis Jasper, Fl a. Hunter, Hal Live Oak, Fla. Hussey, Raymond Lake Villa, 111. Sigma Nu Hutton, Phyllis Winter Haven, Fla. Zeta Tau Alpha Jahn. Helen Winter Haven, Fla. Jennings, Lela May " Jacksonville, Fla. Alpha Xi Delta Johnson, Maynard Smethport, Pa. Johnson, Willard Smethport, Pa. Jones, John Jacksonville, Fla. Pi Kappa Phi Jordan, Ray DeLand, Fla. Pi Beta Phi Keathley, Daisy Brooksville, Fla. Kilcore, Mildred Orlando, Fla. Knight, .low Detroit, Mich. Alpha Xi Delta Knox, Penelope DeLand, Fla. Pi Beta Phi Krueger, Walter Toledo, Ohio Kummer, Charles Winter Park, Fla. Lasseter, Clarissa Alpha Xi Delta Latham. Nell Pi Beta Phi Lawton, L. Gadi Leonard, Phyllis Miami, Fla. Miami, Fla. Orlando, Fla. Hastings, Fla. •94 FRESHMAK CLASS Lewis, E. Hope Mt. Pocono, Pa. Delia Delta Delta Liebmann, Jack Tampa, Fla. Delta Sigma Phi Little, Winifred New London, N. H. j Zeta Tail Alpha Loomis. Josephine Jersey City, N. J Lucas, Annie Lou Baldwin, Fla. Lundelius, Emmy Miami, Fla. Lynn, Eugene DeLand, Fla. Sigma Nu Lynn, Nell Orlando, Fla. Lytle, Ann Weirsdale, Fla. Delta Delta Delta McCall, Grover High Springs, Fla. Sigma Nu McCray, Martha College Corner, Ohio Alpha Xi Delta McDonell, Walter Duluth, Minn. Pi Kappa Phi McEmber, Robert Ludington, Mich. McGinnes, Martha Elizabeth, Lakeland. Fla. Zeta Tan Alpha MacLeod, Jean West Hartford, Conn. Zeta Tau Alpha McMuRRY, Jean Jacksonville, Fla. Pi Beta Phi Mann, Lester Kissimmee, Fla. Sigma Nu Martin, Harry Lenoir, N. C. Massey, Carolyn Mathis, Jeannette Marianna, Fla. Dothan, Ala. Meadows, J. Gerald Umatilla, Fla. Delta Sigma Phi Meisch, Constance Sanford, Fla. Pi Beta Phi Meneray, Mary Elva Lakeland, Fla. Mercer, Erin DeLand, Fla. Delta Delta Delta Merritt, Irving Mickle, Lauren Miller, Jane Delta Sigma Phi Mires, Corrie Lou Alpha Xi Delta Panama City, Fla. DeLand, Fla. Orlando, Fla. DeLand, Fla. DeLand, Fla. Moore. Barbara Pi Beta Phi Moore, Fontelle Jacksonville, Fla. Moore, Louise Miami. Fla. Moore, Robert Temuco, Chile, S. A. 95 THE HATTER 1 9 3 Moores, William Holopaw, Fla. Delta Sigma Phi Mosler, Max Palm Beach, Fla. Mundy, Raymond NoRDMANN. RUTH (VDell. James Oothout. Helen Ordonez. Betty Smethport, Pa. DeLand, Fla. Jacksonville, Fla. New York, N. Y. Honduras, C. A. Tavares, Fla. Pace. Marjorye Delta Delta Delta Parker. Bonnie Bradenton, Fla. Parker. Thomas Eustis. Fla. Patterson, Marion West Palm Beacli. Fla. Pennington, Julia Ann Indianapolis. Ind. Delta Delta Delta Phillips. Margaret Cleveland, Tenn. Alpha Xi Delta Pickett. Shirley Callahan, Fla. Plano. Earle Pope. Miriam Sigma Nu Kissimmee, Fla. Lacoochee, Fla. Powell. Gwendolyn DeLand. Florida Pi Beta Phi Powell. Jane Orlando, Fla. Pi Beta Phi Prince. Orrin Jacksonville, Fla. Sigma I u Proctor. Florence Orlando, Fla. Rapp. Betty Marie Rapp. Nettie Ann Reese. Joy " Richardson, George Darien, N. Y. Darien, N. Y. DeLand, Fla. Pasadena, Calif. Rich art, H rry Lexington, Ky. Sigma Nu Ritch. Betty DeLeon Springs, Fla. DeLand. Fla. Grand Rapids, Mich. Sigma Nu Sanford, Fla. Rohde. Dolores ROSEBERRY. HeNRY Rotlndo. John Rowland. Gene Daytona Beach. Fla. Delta Delta Delta Ruiz, Maria Hortensia Santa Clara, Cuba Delta Delta Delta Rummell, Richard Cocoa, Fla. 96 ' FRESHMAN CLASS Russell, Ralph Sapp. Alma Sawyer. Clifford Secard. Christian P. Kappa Sigma Simmons. Alvin Slalson. Lorraine Sloan. George Sigma Nu Smith, Harold Binghamton, N. Y. Ft. Myers. Fla. DeLand, Fla. Leonia, N. J. Oak Hill. Fla. Orlando. Fla. Ft. Pierce. Fla. Pensacola, Fla. Smith. Helen Bradenton, Fla. Delta Delta Delta Smith. Jane Orlando. Fla. Delta Delta Delta Smith. Farms Merrill Daytona Beach. Fla. I ' i Kappa Phi Smith, Sidney Overton. Texas Pi Kappa Phi Smith. Wesley Sayville. N. Y Delta Sigma Phi Smith. Will Ray Lakeland. Fla Smith. Wilson Sanford, Fla. Sol T1IERLAND. FREDERICK Waiicllllla. Fla. Spahn. Wilson Hamilton. Ohio Spurring. David Live Oak. Fla. Stallincs. Patricia DeLand. Fla. Stansfield. Della Hartford. C ionn. Alpha Xi Delta Stich. Frederick Sanford. Fla. Stoll, Charmion Woodmere, L. I., N. Y. Stronger. Bonnie Arcadia, Fla. Sullivan, Rondo C. Frostproof. Fla. Sigma Nh Swank. Howard Daytona Beach. Fla. Switzer. Mary Orlando. Fla. Talley, Lesley Tallahassee. Fla. Testerman. Alma Umatilla. Fla. Zeta Tan Alpha Thede, Glilda Law tey. , Fla. Thomas, Margaret Cambridge. Ohio Alpha Xi Delta Tibbals. Howard Mlnson Umatilla. Fla. Delta Sigma Phi Tomlinson, Harry Madison. Fla. 97- 9.1 £ L§: THE HATTER 1 9 3 Turner, A. J. Gainesville, Fla. Van Landingham, Mavis DeLand, Fla. Wade, Mildred Leesburg, Fla. Walters, Hlgh Gainesville, Fla. Warensford, Nora Orange City, Fla. Welsh. Betty Orlando, Fla. Werwace, Charlotte Eustis, Fla. Delia Delta Delta Wessman, Virginia Pierson, Fla. West, Alfred DeLand, Fla. Wheeler. Gwendolyn Fredericksburg, Va. Delta Delta Delta Whidden, Gwendolyn Kissimmee, Fla. Delta Delta Delta Whitmore, David Lake Placid, Fla. Whitmore, Patricia Lake Placid, Fla. Whitney, John Altoona, Fla. Wickersham, Carolyn Daytona Beach, Fla. Pi Beta Phi Williamson, Lillian Lake City, Fla. Wimberly, William Orange Springs, Fla. Wingate, Madge Orlando, Fla. Wood, Margaret Greensburg, Ind. Zeta Tau Alpha Woodward, Ozello Goldsboro, N. C. Wright, Bettye DeLand, Fla. Wright. Mahlon Sanford, Fla. Wynn, Earnest Lakeland, Fla. Delta Sigma Phi Yengling, Mary Miami, Fla. Zuber, Wesley Miami, Fla. IN MEMORIAM— Althea Hall •98 If ff;i 1 ■» ' ► » l WtJ ' ip-«+-+ SCHOOL OF MUSIC MUSIC FACULTY William Edward Duckvvitz, Mus. D. Director of School of Music and Professor of Music Harold Milne Giffin A. It., MLIS.B., M.A. Professor of I nice Roberta Orcutt MUS.B. Assistant Instructor of Voice Aileen Worth a.b. Assistant Instructor of t iolin William Horace Bailey A.R., M.M. Professor of I iolin and Theory Veronica Davis mus. B. Instructor in Public School Music 101- Hgjj W The Students and faculty of the School of Music are active in presenting the University to the people of Florida. Members of the faculty have given recitals at home and have appeared as soloists in many cities of the state, have officiated as judges in the more important musical contests, and hold high offices in State, District and National Music organizations. Chamber music, which has contributed to the development of the students and added interest in recitals, is in popular demand for club programs, at home and in other cities. The Stetson Glee Clubs, Orchestra, and Band all have had a most successful year. Each gave a home recital and cooperated in the presentation of radio broadcasts, the " Messiah " , and the opera " The Gondoliers " . The Glee Clubs and Band have given creditable performances in many of the larger cities of Florida. The new home for the School of Music, with its enlarged equip- ment and its increased faculty and student enrollment, gives evi- dence of continued development. % 102 STETSON I DIVERSITY BAND John J. Heney Harry Parker Horace Bills Lester Spear Carl Hi lbert Oscar Parker. Tom Parker. Tom Morris Harry L. Parker. H. Graham Selick Director Student Assistant Drum Major Captain Lieutenant Sergeants Corporals PERSONNEL Flutes H. Graham Selick. Pansy Caldwell Oboe Robert McEmber Bassoon Bvrdwell Don ildson Lawrence Hartsfield Patricia Vhitmore Sidney Rubin Marshall Arrincton J CK LlEBMANN Mildred Wade Cornets i ibl hl lbert Gordon Booth Tom Parker Ernest Wynn Elizabeth Nicholson French Hnrn William Cushing Tom Morris Trumbone Harry Parker Victor Baer Paul Decker Joe Gibeal lt Lewis Wright Raleigh Anderson Baritone Harry Mvrtin Lk-ter K.. Spear ( (scab i ' arker Robert Chesses Dolores Rohde David Whitmore Bell Lyre Graham Gillespie Saxophone Cesar Gonzalez 103- Henrietta Bryant Helen Walker Katherine Martin DOUBLE TRIO Jane McCarty Accompanist Ruth Bartlett Rhoda Weimert Sadie Rae Gardner II Midi. 11 GlFFIN QUARTET James Woodfili. Edward I ' i rlonc Norman Bennett 104 ' JOHN B. STETSON UNIVERSITY GLEE CLUB Jane McCarty, Carl Hulbert Student Leaders Josephine Osborne, Edward Furlong Managers Jean Gower. Hughes Wilson Publicity Managers Jane Claire McCarty, Ruth Newlin Accompanists Women ' s Glee Club First Sopranos Second Sopranos First Altos Gwendolyn Whidden „ . . . „ Margaret Wood Gwendolyn Allen Murial Boyles Frances Arnold Frances Wooten Ruth Archer Coralie Carlton Bette Bird Henrietta Bryant Frances Coe Ruth Dentler Second Alto Elisabeth Ford willa Mae Crosby. ., . . n ik Ruth Freeman [Catherine Hours s Ruth Bartlett Helene Goldinc Margaret Holbrook Virginia v rick Antoinette Davis Jean Gower Ruth Hummel Eloh«Knab._ Sadie Ra£ Gardner Elizabeth Jameson Doris Johnson Clarissa Lassiter Elizabeth McGinnes Lela Mae Jennincs Margaret Johnson Pearl Lincoln „ m N - [Catherine Martin Eloise Kennedy Jean McMurray Shellamcheese Mary Newman Josephine Kinzy Elizabeth Nicholson Ruth Newlin Marja Pourtless Margaret McDonough Josephine Osborne Roberta Orcutt Dee Sloan Ruth Merritt Martha Oscood Thelma Preston Helen Walker Helen Oothout Miriam Pope Elizabeth Sandusky Betty Welsh Lois Pollock Jane Smith Virginia Skagcs Virginia Wessman Margaret Thomas Rhoda Weimert Dorothy Strickland Men ' s Glee Club First Tenors Second Tenors Baritones James Snellincs u r Woodrow Wall Robert Adams John Cicero Harold Boyd Harold Clark Edward Furlong Robert DeWitt ass 5 Huber Griffin Carl Hulbert J. H. Farr Norman Bennett r , . T T Stanley Pranck J-indleyEdge Edwin Libby John Jones Hal Hunter Tom Parker Gerald Meadows James Lumpkin Roy Kinsey Earle Plano J. B. Rodcers Raymond Mundy Edward Mason Donald Stronc Henry Roseberry Fred Wilson Robert Powe Hughes Wilson Lyle Sherman James Woodfill Grafton Pyne Robert Wood -105 KAPPA M U Profi:ssor Bailey Norman Bennett Gordon Booth Edward Flrlonc Joe Gireallt Professor Giffin Carl Hulbert Carl Johnson Roy Kinsey James Lumpkin Gerald Meadows Harry Parker Grafton Pynk Geor ;e Richardson Graham Selick Hughes Wilson James oodfii.i. Carl Hulbert Edward Furlong Dr. Duckwitz Officers President Robert Powe . . Vice President GRAHAM SeLICK. Norman Bennett Secretary and Treasurer NOT PHOTOGRAPHED Stanley Franck Professor Graham Robert Powe Historian Program Chairman Lyle Sherman 106 ' KAPPA KAPPA PSI Howard Bateson Horace Bills Rorert Chesser Lawrence Hartsfield Gaylord Kenyon Robert McEmber Thomas Morris Thomas Parker Lester Spear J oies Spellings Lewis Wright National Honorary Band Fraternity Founded at Oklahoma State College 1919 Alpha Xi Chapter Established May 10, 1935 Colors— Blue and White Flower— Red Carnation Horace Bills Lawrence Hartsfield Officers President James Sneixings Vice President Lester Spear NOT PHOTOGRAPHED John J. Heney Secretary Treasurer -107 PHI BETA Bette Bird Veronica Davis Helene Golding Willie Kay Hall Elizabeth Jameson Jane McCarty Margaret McDonouch Ruth Nevvi.i Josephine Osborne Bonnie Parker Dolores Rohde Mildred Wade Roberta Nicels National Professional Fraternity of Music and Dramatic Art Founded at Northwestern University 1912 Eta Chapter Established December 20, 1912 Colors — Violet and (, ltl Flowers — Rose and Violet Jane McCarty Josephine Osborne Officers President Roberta Nicels Secretary and Treasurer ice Preside nt Veronica Davis Historian ■ 1 8 - Stetson Symphony Orchestra William H. Bailey Willie Ray Hall .Mildred Wade George Richardson Cesar Gonzalez, Lester Spear Conductor Secretary and Treasurer Librarian Manager Special Committee Members First Violins Willie Ray Hall Mildred Wade Cesar Gonzalez Roberta N ' icels Daniel Gainin Second f iolins Verm Baer M u y Brody Phyllis Hltton ILBEB KaYE First ] iolas Aileen Worth Bonnie Parker Lewis Wright Mrs. Lennox First Cellos George Richardson Veronica I) wis Jean Botts Rosemary Clark Bass I cols Lester Spear Oscar Parker Robert Chesser Clarinets Laurence Hartsfield Sidney Rubin Oboe Robert McEmber French Horns William Iushing Thomas Morris Flutes Graham Selick Pansy Caldwell Bassoons Bardw ell Don m.dson Dolores Rohde Trumpets Carl Hlxbert Gordon Booth Percussion Dolores Rohde Margaret McDonolgh Trombones Harry Parker Victor Baer Paul Decker 1 09 AUTOGRAPHS • s J. A EAT MAY QUEEN Sadie Jlae. fyaidhti m MOST POPULAR GIRL MOST ATTRACTIVE BOY jtichacd BcanUam MOST ATTRACTIVE GIRL « — — S MOST VERSATILE BOY g MOST VERSATILE GIRL 2 m ■ BEST DRESSED BOY £= g Hughe k ik t _ = BEST DRESSED GIRL Qcate Aldus y T MOST ATHLETIC BOY MOST ATHLETIC GIRL Robeda ttlocds H ■SsP HOMECOMING MAYOR HOMECOMING HOSTESS MOST INTELLECTUAL BOY MOST INTELLECTUAL GIRL C CAMPUS QUEEN 1 Kacy Hudson SNAPSHOTS Hoop:-, my dear! Truth is stranger than fiction Pride of their heart First door to your right A Star Is Born Law School Mufti Fifty! Do I hear fifty-one? The Man on the Street Room Sen ice — Their character is of the highest trip 130 Escaped Convict Noon hour rush Soixante-neuf-sed Maternal Instinct It ' s done with mirrors On Coca-Cola? Lettuce alone Who ' s the favorite I s:ot a million of ' em 131 No stoop, no squat, no squint It ' s Colossal! Docs Mary Kay love her ilolly V To have and to hold — Quit ISrajigin " ! ! Skeete from Valisahr — How main suckers, Doc ' Spring training for Central America Everything is lovely Jam .Session 13 2- Sing something simple The Ritz Brothers Love, Honor and stand straight And if I ' m elected — And that ' s how I added to my vocab- ulary He ' s off again Trial by Fury Intimate Glimpses of Famous People Ho, Hum — Spring is here Have a happy thought, Dallas 1 3 3 - Whistle while you v We ' re showing a lovely little model I want my Mama Frame-up Mrs. Powe sues for divor After Hours — Lytle, Jocko Truck on down I ' d like to do some make- A strapping invalid Delta Sig Humor What! No golf clubs Stand still while I hit you Frank I.enz and Co. - 1 3 4 AMBITION Swin a: out Grand Salon Say it isn ' t so — The easiest way to baer it That " :- catalogue stuff Kiddies ' Korner That ' s carrying a good thing too far Hypocrite Stop! You ' re slaughtering me 13 Sweet and High This is only the beginning That ' s Stetson Yumph In Memoriam Behind the eight hall — again — Call for Philip Morris- Just friends More Stetson Yumph Where ' d you borrow the hooks, Ed? 136 ATHLETICS ME S ATHLETIC COACHES Coach Brady Cowell Director of Athletics Head Football Coach Coach " Chet " Freeman Assistant Director of Athletic: Head Basket Hall Coach Ray Cacni Director of Physical Education Carl " Doc " Johnson Director of Intramnrals Rodney Dirrance Freshman Football Loach 13 0- TtMjHfrA VARSITY FOOTBALL Champs of " Little Four. " That is the title our football team of the 1937 season achieved. They earned the title by having the best percentage in a league composed of Stetson, Rollins, Tampa, and Miami. The Hatters, led by Captain Clouts, were successful in five of their nine contests, for Florida, Miami, Oglethorpe, and Erskine were the only teams that turned back our " gridiron heroes. " Some fine material, of which even greater tilings may be expected next year, was uncovered by Coaches " Brady " Cowell and " Chet " Freeman. Only five, members of this year ' s team will be lost through graduation, and with several prospects from the freshmen, plus several Junior College men, a bright season is in the making. SEASON ' S RECORD Florida 13 Stetson South Georgia Teachers Stetson 24 Tampa 12 Stetson 18 Erskine 14 Stetson 13 Miami 25. Stetson 13 Lenoir Rhyne 6 Stetson 20 Oglethorpe 10 Stetson Mississippi College 6 Stetson 14 Rollins 12 Stetson 15 140 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL The " Baby Hatters. " coached by Rodney Durrance. spent most of the season furnishing opposition for the varsity. Only two games were played, one with Miami, the other with Tampa. Both games ended in defeat for our boys, the former by a score of 44-18. tlie Litter. 12-0. Even though they had not the success of the freshman team of last year, thev did develop some brilliant material. Gaughan, Lawton. Hunter. Smith, Rowell. and McDonnell are a few names that we may expect to see on the arsitv roster. Rowell and McDonnell are perhaps the brightest hopes. W. C. CoweU, direc- tor of athletics and head football coach, is littler -known as " Brady " , hut is more often referred to as " Little Napoleon " by the team. Brady took over the great responsibility of coaching at Stetson during the school year of 1936. For the past three years his personality and capacity as head mentor have been re- sponsibe for the success he has made here. The prevailing aim anil ambi- tion of " Little Nappy " has been to point th ward. The success of his teams has been increas improved. He is held in the highest esteem and re of every football hoy and enthusiast, he is the fri everyone. CHI€€ HARDY FULL BACH Chester Freeman, who is the assistant football coach ami head basket ball coach is conceded the best and probably the greatest athlete in the history of Stetson. Chet took over his job here in 1936. He is an alumni of the class of ' 29 and is greatly respect- ed by bis classmates, as well as the en- tire student body of the University to- day. He has shown his ability a- basket ball coach by turning out winning teams for the past three years. Brady and Chet have worked side by side in overcoming the many handicaps which have con- fronted them. Chet is a keen student and an able teach- er of line play, and has a personality which is attractive to the players as well as to older persons. 1 4 3 ' Em me tt i-aptain and Clonts, quarter- back, showed great ability a- a field gen- eral and eommander of the -quad. Emmett finished a brilliant career this season but hi- name will go down a- one of the greatest quarter- bark- and eaptains known to Stetson, fie war- consistently one of the Hat- ter ' s greatest assets, and his -pint ol sportsmanship ami fair play will on our gridiron for year- to come Emmett is a junior in law school thii receive bis LL.B. in mid-semester of next year. Good luek and lot- ol success to yon, Emmett 4 tiMm JOHN GRIFFITH HALF ACK RUSS€L FULLBACK Vincent Schaefer, who is a sophomore tin- year, has dis- played unusual ability in the field of athlet- ics. If he continue , at the pace he has set for the past two years, and there is no reason why he should not, he will go down in the history of Stetson as one of its most outstanding and all-round athletes. Schaefer ' s end play on the gridiron was that of a star, as also was his play from the forward position on the hasket hall court. He was voted most valuable athlete for the past year and promises to retain the honor next year. 145- VARSITY BASKET BALL Another good year for " Chet " Freeman ! For the third season in a row Stetson has achieved an enviable record. Out of seventeen starts the green and white cagers were successful in thirteen. Revenge for three losses was gained when Florida, Tampa, and Wofford were beaten by large margins in return engagements. Next year should be one of our greatest, as only two members, Branham, a past Captain, and Cagni, both letter men, were lost through graduation. Several promising freshmen will step in, and of them we are expecting some fine basket ball. THE RECORD Wofford 24 Stetson 42 Wofford 28 Stetson 43 Florida 39 Stetson 27 Sparks 38 Stetson 57 Havana 35 Stetson 50 Havana 32 Stetson 62 Tampa 33 Stetson 29 Tampa 2. ' ! Stetson 26 College of Charleston 20 Stetson 34 Wofford 28 Stetson 42 Woflord 33 Stetson 31 Presbyterian College 34 Stetson 33 Tampa 20 Stetson 37 Florida 25 Stetson 42 College of Charleston 25 Stetson 34 (lollege of Charleston 18 Stetson 32 Union 33 Stetson 32 - 1 16 - FIIESHMAX BASKET BALL The Freshman team, under the tutorage of Coach " Brady " Cowell. turned in a rather fine record. Only two out of ten games were lost, those being to the strong " Sparks Theatre " cluh of Daytona Beach. The uncovering of three pros- pective varsity men in Bailes. Close, and Johnson was the high-light of the season. Much can he expected of them in the future varsity games. ■ Mm _ o ... .-. jL — .. Ml s- v ? ' s f i i s f ; »fC5? CLUK The men winning varsity letters are eligible for membership in this organi- zation. It was founded in 1936 for the purpose of developing fair play and sportsmanslike conduct, and of creating a more friendly spirit and understanding between the athletes and other students of the University. To achieve honors both athletically and scholastically and to promote the welfare of Stetson in every possible way is the ambition of every member. Officers illard Anderson President James Dickson Secretary Charles Butler Vice-President Emmett Clonts Treasurer Charles Cobb Sergeunt-ut-Arms Members Robert Anderson Fritz Drake Edward Mason Wii.lard Anderson James Dickson George McClelland Lynvvood Arnold Rodney ' Durrance Earl Neelands Richard Branham Donald Frison Royal Raidle Charles Butler Edward Furlong Stuart Ryan Raymond Cacni John Griffith Gus Swanson Lynvvood Cheatham Hall Godbold Vincent Schaefer Emmett Clonts Troy Hall Richard Sauls Charles Cobb Lawrence Hardy- Lyndol Warren DoUCLAS CuDMORE Thomas Kirkland David Lanc Paul Woncrey -149 Intramurals MANAGERS: Director Johnson Minor Sports Baldwin Pi Kappa Phi Cacni Sigma ll GUSTAFSON Stetson Hall A. Lang Conrad Hall Dickson Delta Sigma Phi D. Lang Ministers Kicklighter Stetson Hall Touch Football sullh n. a. lanc, Bailes, Close, Hayward, Lawton, Walkup Sigma Nu Horseshoes McMillan, Lou ry HUSSEY l ' i Kappa l ' hi Ping Pong Staff, Kirkland Delia Sigma Phi Tennis Wilson, Knox, Godbold Delta Sigma Phi VoolleyBaU FULFORD, StONECIPHER, Mathis, Sci rlock, D. Lang, Dardin Delta Sigma Phi Handball Dardin, D.Lanc, I this Delta Sigma Phi Basket Hall Shi i.i ii. M uhis Dardin I). Lv G. StONI i ll ' HER 150- Golf Team Harry Close; James Nelson; James Stone, Captain; Robert Anderson Walter Krleger Tennis Team Royce Carpenter. Harold Smith, George Schurr, Ernest Wynn Billy Davis, Harris Lowry, Captain Jack Gore WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC COACHES eli.e Birch Campbell Director of Physical Education for I? omen Sara Staff Instructor of Physical Education Officers of Women ' s Athletic Association Mii.bry Tompkins Secretary M rv Ellen Lord President Lois Thacker J ice President Frances Hammond Treasurer 152 WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Women ' s Athletic Association is an organization open to all girls of the University, regardless of actual athletic ability. Its purpose is to further social attitudes among the girls of Stetson University by developing good sportsman- ship and physical skills, by encouraging scholarship, and hy giving opportunity for leadership. The W. A. A. sponsors an extensive intramural program between sorority, dormitory, and independent teams. Competition is in soccer, hockey, tennis, basket ball, diamond ball, archery, ping pong, and badminton. At the end of the year the name of the group, or individual, winning in each of these sports is engraved on plaques which are the permanent possession of the athletic department. A gold loving cup is awarded to the girl who has been adjudged the best all-around athlete. Girls of the W. A. A. may receive a letter " S " by earning a certain number of points which are awarded on the basis of athletic participation, general activities, and scholarship. Because of the difficulty in fulfilling all the require- ments, this coveted letter is each year awarded to only a few girls. The W. A. A. annually sponsors a play day for the high schools of central Florida. The plan is to avoid any inter-school competition. This year the asso- ciation successfullv carried out a nautical play day with two teams of compe- tition, the Navy and the Marines. They were also hostesses to Rollins in the second year of a reciprocal play day arrangement with that college. Probably the most noteworthy achievement of the W. A. A. this year has been the initiation of a fund for a swimming pool for Stetson. The fund received an early boost by the generous contribution of Mrs. Letitia Reynolds, Stetson ' s oldest student, and has grown through special projects sponsored by the asso- ciation. The W. A. A. feels that with the aid of the student body they may reach their goal before the too-far distant future. 153 I ■HJUBHIHHHB Secretary Kathryn Jelks President Pai i McEntire I ' ice President Betty Jayne Sawyer Treasurer Anne Hawkins IXTER-FRATERXITY COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES RlthB rtlett Mary Ella Knight Alice McLaughlin JeanMassey JaneMcCarty Helen Stoltenberc AnneGollnick Stella Pope Richard Baldwin Arthir Shller rd Hi inter PmxMaier Robert Yoinc Edw ard Nelson Wilton Rowe Heches Wilson DELTA SIGMA PHI Reed Knox Vice President Richard Baldwin Secretary Arthur Shuler President George Schlrr Treasurer Harry Gressanc Sgt.-at-Arms Founded at College City of New York 1899 Alpha Chi Chapter Established 1925 Colors — Nile Green and White Flower — White Carnation Chapter Members In Facilitate Donald Faulkner Dr. Harry Garwood John Neblett Lewis Tribble Dr. Robert Allen In Universitate Wilton Allen Roy Ancel Richard Baldwin Robert Barnett John Brown Leffie Carlton George Cook Ri ssel Darst James Drake Nelson Ford Jessie Fulford Robert Gray William Griffith Hall Godbold Harry Gressanc William Halstead Gerald Jeffers Luke Kaleel Reed Knox I avid Lang Jack Liebman Alex Mathis Paul McEntire John Meadows Lauren Micki.e William Mookes Call Norwood Oscar Parker J. B. Rodgers William Sample Richard Sauls Dan Scott Arthur Sin leb Georce Schurr Robert Scurlock Wesley Smith Melton Stonecipher Frow Strickland Walter Taylor Monson Tibbals James Vance Lyndol Warren William Wk.iii.kv Fred Wilson Earnest Wynn Paul Woncrey 158- Allen Baldwin Barnett Brown Carlton Cook Darst Ford Fllford Gray Griffith Godbold Gressang Halstead Knox Lang LlEBMANN Math is McEntirf. Meadows MOORES Rodcers Sample Sauls Scott Shuler Schlrr Smith Stonecipher Strickland Taylor Vance Warren Wilson Wynn WoNGREY 159- p I KAPPA PHI Lloyd Pawley, Atrium Neal Fairci.oth Edwin Strickland Ward Hunter, Treasurer Chaplain II hi Jen Paul Maier, Secretary Earl Neelands, Historian Founded at the College of Charleston, 1904 Chi Chapter Established 1921 Colors — Gold and Whin Flower — Red Rose Chapter Members In Facilitate Howard Bateson W. E. Duckwitz Chester Freeman Harold M. Giffin Carl Johnson I ' ll II MID BRANH IM H i mono Cagni Robert Carns Lynwood Cheath 111 II. 1. 1 m Ceely John Cheery Tom Cobb I in rz l)n ,K Hum in l)i uni ( Iarroll Ezell In Universitate Neal Faircloth Fred Fitzgerald Robert Caughn John Griffith Troy Hall Bud Haskins Joi Hiii. ' . Mil. lll ' LBERT Mill III NTER John Jones Thomas Kirkland Frank Knorr W. Kiilcer Jimmy Lumpkin Pall Maier Walter McDonell J nnn Nelson Earl Neelands Lloyd Pawley Frances Howell Russert Staff Gus Swanson John Seashole Lanier Smith Edwin Strickland Robert Smith Aubrey Stoudenmire Truett Stoudenmire Woody ' Wall Robert Young I (ill- Branham Cagni Ceely Cheatham Cherry Clonts DeWitt Drake Ezell Fa ircloth Fitzgerald Griffith Hall Haskins Hulbert Hunter Jones Karns Kenyon KlRKLAND Knorr Maier McLeod mcdonell MlDDLETON Neelands Pawley ROWELL Schaefer Seashole Smith Smith Smith Staff Stoudenmire Strickland Wall Young ESI - o o ft ft ft ' P Q 161- G M N U Jack Gore Wilton Rowe Lt. Commander Edwin Gustafson Hughes Wilson Georce Schick Chaplain Alfred Rehbalm Marshal Commander Recorder Robert Powe Treasurer Sentinel CoLORS- Founded at Virginia .Military Institute, 1869 Delta Mu Chapter Established 1913 -Black, While and Gold Flower — White Rose Norman Abbott Gerof. Allen Robert Anderson Robert Anderson I.ynwood Arnold Gladstone Beattie Harold Boyd Sidney Broward Tam Cato Charles Cobb S. T. Copen HAVER James Culpepper Joe de Lorenzi Chapter Members In Facilitate Charles Sherwood F arris In Universitate Eugene Fry ' Jack Gore Vance Graham Edwin Gi st ifsois ill! m h rris Ray Hussey Roy KlNSETf Robert Linson H RHIs I.OWERY Ei gene Lynn- Lester Mann Grover McCali. George Moscrip Kiih w » Nelson Richard Offltt Harvey Olliphant Earl Plano Joe i Robert Po« i Ifiiiin Prin e Royal Raidi.e Alfred Rehbaum H hry Rich rt Henry Roseberry Wilton Rowe August Schick George Schick George Sloan William Solomon- James Stone Donald Stronc Rondo Sullivan Oliver Taylor Tom Watson Robert Weaver Hughes Wilson James Woodfill Robert Woods 162 Abbott Allen Anderson Anderson Beattie Boyd Gato Cobb Culpepper de Lorenzi Fry Gore Graham Gustafson Harris Hussey Kinsey Linson LOWERY Lynn Mann McCall Moscrip Nelson Offutt Olliphant Plano PoLSKI Powe Prince Raidle Reiibaum RlCHART Roseberry Rowe Schick Schick Sloan Solomon Stone Strong SuLLIVAf Taylor Watson Weaver Wilson Woodfill Woods 163- Kathryis Jelks Secretary Rlth Bartlett President Jean Gower Vice President Lois Pollock Treasurer ALPHA XI DELTA Founded at Lombard College, 1893 Omega Chapter Established May 31, 1917 Colors — Double Blue and Gold Flower — Killarney Rose Chapter Members Hi in Bartlett Peccy Beville Bette Bird Elinor Bolton Mildred Brown Henrietta Bin n i Lillian Bryxn i i mii.aret burdick I (ill Mil ( ! MILTON M Mil. MILT CATE M iRCAREi Champ In Facilitate Mary Thiiible Lowry Roberta Orcutt In I niversitate Dorothy Dayis Estelle Duke Ruth Fidler Dorothy Fuller Viri. im v Ciffim .II t I .OH III Emm mini H ndley K vtherine Hobbs Kathryn Jelks Lei.a May Jennings M mi. mini ,li NSI N Daphne Knicht Joan Knicht M miy Ella Knight June Krause Clarissa Lassiter Mvrtih McCray CoRRIE Lou Mirks Ruth Nordman I ' m Patterson M mil mii i Phillips Willie Dee Willian Lois Pollock Della Stansfield Lydia Theurer Margaret Thomas till I M.KER El i INOB Warner ( ' . irlotta Washburn Hei.ene Webb Rhoda Weimert Alice Wolfe Mary Yenglinc 164 Beville Brown Bryant Bryant Burdick Caklton Cate Champ Davis Duke Fidler Fuller Giffin Handley Hobbs Jennings Jensen Knight Knight Knight Krause Lassiter McCray Mires Phillips Stansfield Theurer Thomas Walker Washburn Webb Weimert Wolfe Yengling 0iv AO cw r e Roberta Morris Secretary Myra Machen President Alzada Bennett Vice President JONELLEN GADDIS Treasurer DELTA DELTA DELTA Colors Founded at Boston University, 1888 Alpha Delta Chapter Established May 17, 1913 - Silver. Gold and Blue Flower — Pansy Chapter Members Betty Lou Alexander rosem ry amisoh n nsley Lee Anz Helen Battle Vlzada Bennett Katherine Bisset Ruth Bryce Betty Lou Bunker Mary Kay Burns Doris Butler Betty Carey Lois Cassels In Facilitate Curtis Horn Sara Staff In Universitate Sara E. Clark Jean n ette Clow Ann Dickson Ann Hawkins Esther Hick Phyllis Hopper Lanora Incram Helen Johnson uhei.i Jordan Josephim kisz Lydia Land Hope Lew is Hope Locke Mary Lyons Ann Lytle Myra Machen [Catherine Martin Amy Masse y Jean Massey Marjorie McCli hi Dorothy McConnf.i.i. Alice McLaughlin Erin Merceb Roberta Morri: Pearl Mundeli. Marjorie Pace Julia Ann Pennington Mildred Perret Peccie Price Gene Rowland Pat Ruiz Vircinia Skacgs Helen Smith Jane Smith Jean Smith Katherine Talton Jane Wente Charlotte Werwace Gwendolyn Whidden Katherine White Frances Winters - 1 6 6 • Alexander Amison Ansley Anz Battle Bisset Bryce Bunker Burns Carey Cassels Clark Clow Dickson Hawkins Hick Ingram Johnson Kinzy Land Locke Lytle McClure McConnell McLaughlin Martin Massey Massey Mercer Mundell Pace Pennington Perret Price Rowland Ruiz Skaggs Smith Smith Smith Talton Wente ERWAGE WHEELER Whidden White Winters 167- Alice Smith Secretary Lois Thacker President Mary Brown Vice President Helen Stoltenberc Treasurer P I B E PHI Founded at Monmouth College, 1867 Florida Alpha Chapter Established January 30, 1913 Colors — Wine and Silver Blue Flower — Wine Carnation Chapter Members In Facilitate Nelle Campbell Annie Nadine Holden In Universitate Grace Ahlebs Helen Bass I kv Mrown Betty Browning LaVerne Bvrd EVELI v CATES Peggy Clark Dorothea Clarson n n Cornell Wii.i.a Mae Crosby Marian Estridce Sadie Rae Gardner Lola Hammer Doris Hill Dorothy Hooker Jackie Jennincs Ray Jordan Penelope Knox Nell Latham Patsy Loomis Mary Ellen Lord Florence Lytle Jane McCarty Jean McMurray Constance Meisch Barbara Moore Frances Ogilvie Ruth Orum Dorothy Pope Gwendolyn Powell Jane Powell Alice Smith Sara Smith Helen Stoltenberc Louise Taylor Lois Thacker Carolyn Wickersham 168 Ahlers Bass Browning Byrd Cates Clark Clarson Cornell Crosby Estridge Gardner Hammer Hill Hooker Jennings Jordan Knox Latham Loomis Lord McCarty McMurray Meisch Moore Ocilvie Orum Pope Powell Powell Taylor WlCKERSHAM 169- Betty Jayne Sawyer Secretary Anne Gollmck President Mary Hudson Vice President Ruth Merritt Treasurer ZETA T A U ALPHA Founded at Virginia State Normal, 1898 Beta Psi Chapter Established October 12, 1934 Colors — Turquoise Blue and Steel Grey Flower- -White ] iolet Chapter Members In Facilitate Ettkr Turner Mrs. Sue Bean In Universitate Emily Adair Dorothy Ball Eliza Bice Ann Brockett Daphne Brownell Sybil Crow n toinette Davis Miriam Dowlinc Dora Euler Anne Gollnick M Milk GeNEAU Marjorie Glover Allie F. Harris Mary Hudson buth hummell Phyllis Hutton Elizabeth Jameson Doris Johnson Margaret Johnson Eloise Kennedy Winnifred Little Buth Merritt Martha McGinnis Jane McLeod Evelyn Olliff Josephine Osborne Stella Pope Betty Bobinson Prudence Boss Elizabeth Sandusky Betty Jayne Sawyer Alma Testerman Marcaret Wood Frances Wooten 170 Adair Ball Bice Bruckett Brownell DOWLING Eller Geneal Glover Harris Hi MM ELL Hltton Jameson Johnson Johnson Kennedy Little MgGinnis McLeod Olliff Osborne Pope Robinson Ross Sandusky Sreen Testerman Wood Wooten 1 71 Secretary Alice Wolfe President Josephine Osborne Vice President Alice McLaughlin Treasurer Lola Hammer PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES Ruth Bartlett Evelyn Olliff Roberta Morris Lois Thacker ORGANIZATIONS WOMEN ' S STUDENT GOVERNMENT President Dorothy Hooker Vice President Anne Gollnick Secretary Sadie Rae Gardner •mphnmore Representative Dorothy Pope Treasurer Alice Wolfe Representative at Large Kathryn Jelks Sergeantrat-Arms Josephine Kinzy THE ORDER OF TORCH AMI SMC OBJ. Dorothy Fuller Albert Johnson Elizabeth Linson Jane McCarty Myra Machen Roberta Orcvtt Lloyd Pawley - Rlth Drum Frances Ocilvie George Schick Willie Dee William Lola Hammer Margaret Champ Honorary Society of Scholarship and Leadership Founded January 14. 1926 Colors — Crimson and Old Gold Officers Lloyd Pawley Frances Ocilvie Lola Hammer Margaret Champ Howard Bateson President ] ice President Keeper of the Seal Clerk Treasurer NOT PHOTOGRAPHED Howard Bateson 175 M JJ OMEGA X I Willard Anderson Margaret Culp Dorothy Graham Betty Jayne Sawyer Jeanette Stevens Lois Thacker Rocer Williams Alice Wolfe Findley Edce Elizabeth Badger Mary - Ellen Lord National Scholarship Fraternity Beta Chapter Established in 1933 Colors — Black and Red Officers Doris Dede Findley Edge President Elizabeth Badger I ice President Mary Ellen Lord Secretary Doris Dede Treasurer Dr. Allen National Officer Dr. Vanci National Advisor Faculty Members Mrs. Sue Hi kns Veronica Davis John Heney Mr. inters Nelle Campbell Dr. Harry Garwood Sara Stake NOT PHOTOGRAPHED (,l MAY SU ANSON Aileen Worth 176- H E m o o ei Marcaret Champ Frances Ocilvie Alzada Bennett Elizabeth Badger Rlth Bartlett Sadie Rae Gardner AnneGollnick Jean Gower Lola Hammer Dorothy Hooker Kathryn Jf.i.ks Myra Machen Josephine Osborne June Krause Elizabeth Linson J vnk Mi i : rty Alice McLaughlin Ruth Orum LoisThacker Founded at Stetson University in 1934 Officers Mary Ellen Lord Ruth Merritt Alice Wolfe Margaret Champ Frances Ogilvie Alzajja Bennett President . . Vice President Secretary-Treasurer 177- ' a-gfeSBri 3£h n r - 4th Mate ' WvAA " 7Un + A6-Cvtit fab Jj A h - 1rt . Co 6- ■ UjUyU - -ft dl ' fauUJZ. - W : - C VW% WUxzfr ™ 1W X:(jWo „ f 4 . fitutff yy. 4 £1 HATTER STAFF Myra Machen Editor-in-Chief Plautius Lipsey Faculty Advisor Jack Gore Business Manager Assistant Advertising Mgr. James Dickson Men ' s Sports Editor Raymond Cacni Women ' s Sports Editor Lois Thacker „ „.. Mary Kay Burns fraternity Editors , p. , c J I Donald strong Organizations Editor Carlotta Washburne In Editor Ozella Woodward NOT PHOTOGRAPHED - Advertising Manager Gordon Vann Assistant Editor Emmett Clonts Assistant Business Mgr. Willard Anderson | Neil MacMillan Class Editors Marjorie McClure [ Jeanette Clow Feature Editor Ruth Orum Student Photographer and Snapshot Editor Hugh Latimer 179 ' The Stetson Reporter A Weekly Newspaper published by the students of John B. Stetson University, DeLand, Florida, under the auspices of the Department of Journalism. Printed by the Stetson University Press. " e iMitU SUaii Make fau ?cee " Subscriptions for one school year (34 issues) $1.50. Price each copy 5c. Lydia A. Theurer Editor-in-Chief Gordon Kipp Managing Editor Grady Grawford Advertising Manager Professor Lipsey Faculty Advisor Jane Taft Feature Editor James Vance Sports Editor Henry Slaughter Managing Editor Marcaret Champ Alumni Editor Robert Adams News Editor Columnists Robert Barnett High Latimer Samuel Gaylord Harry G. Hall William Stonecipher Harmon Harper Betty Lou Alexander Jane Miller Theda Johnson Richard Offutt Reporters Elinor Bolton Stewart Ryan Margaret Burdick Frances Winters 1937 Memba 1938 Flssociafed GoUe iate Press 180 CoE Theubei Faulkner HvRPER Bracey Kinc Kipp BvKNUI Cordis Editorial Hoard: RoBERT M. ADAMS. FRANCES COE, HARMON HARPER. GOR- DON Kipp. June Krai se. Paul Laufer, Lydia Thelrer. Business Manager: Danid Bracey. Receiving Secretaries: Robert Barnett. Helen Bass. Faculty Advisors: Professob Donald Faulkner, Mi Maude Emma King. Dr. Warren Cordis. The Stetsonian is a literary magazine, published by the students of John B. Stetson University, containing the writings of students, faculty and alnmni of Stetson. 181 DAVID J. BREWER CHAPTER of PHI ALPHA DELTA LEGAL FRATERNITY Justice Paul Wongrey Vice-Justice Hubert Smith John Cherry EmMETT Clonts Grady Crawford Faircloth Ward Hunter Harris Lowery Faculty Members Dean L. H. Tribble Chester Freeman Founded in 1899 Active Membvt • James McElroy Ei.don McLeod Neal MacMillan El.WYN MlDDLETON Edw miii Nelson Robert Powe Clerk Robert Powe Marshal Neal Faircloth Royal Raidle Wilton Rowe John Sherman Randall Slaughter William Solomon Hubert Smith Aubrey Stoudi nmiri Anthony Pizzo Edward Warren Paul Wongrey Robert Young William Zachary Russell Phenecie I ' letlifvs Robert Anderson Fred Fitzgerald Thomas Kirkland Hal Demi: Li m Kaleei. Edward Mason Rodney Duhrance I ' at Kelly Harry Newett Arthur Shuler Fttvitlty Members Dean L. H. Tribble Chester Freeman J. li. Rodgeks Edward Strickland Donald Strong 182 Robert Anderson John Cherry Emmett Clonts Grady (Irwvford Hal Dekle Rodney Di rrance Neal Fairclotii Fred Fitzgerald Ward Hunter P t Kelly " Thomas Kirkland Hxrri- Lower ' s Edward Mason F.ldon McLeod Neil MacMillan Elwyn Middleton Edward Nelson Barry Newett Anthony Pizzo Robert Powe Royal Raidle .1. B. Rogers ii.ton Rowe Arthur Shi ler Randall Slaughter William Solomon Hi bep.t Smith Edward Strickland Donald Strong I- ,n RD W RREN Pall W ongrey Robert Young SIGMA NU PHI Norman Abbott Gladstone Beattie, Jr. Harold Boire William Ceely Thomas Cobii Joseph Fearnley Clyde Harnace William Harris Gaylobd Ken yon Robert Linson Pail McEntire William Houghton Albert Johnson Ralph Odlm Hughes Wilson Men ' s Legal Fraternity Founded at National University Sehool of Law in 1902 Jolin Marshall Chapter Established April 23, 1915 Colors — Purple and Gold Thomas Cobb Clyde A. Harnai.e Ralph E. Odum William H. Houghton Robert W. Frazier Arthur B. Robertson. Jr. Robert Scurlock Officers Flower — While Carnation Chancellor Vice Chancellor Second I ice Chancellor Master of Rolls Treasurer Correspondent Marshal Faculty Member Dr. Jenms W. Fetch NOT PHOTOGRAPHED Robert L. Callison Robert W. Frazier Arthur B. Robertson Robert Scurlock C. R. M. Sheppard. Jh. 184 It E K E (5 Oj? Dr. Smith Fuller Godbold Hammond Wolfe Turner Carlton Carpenter Asuncion Badger Branham Brown Cacni Hick KlRKLAND Clow Edwards Gaddis Go WEB Harper Perkins Randall LlNSON " McCary Morris OciLVIE Obum Williams Reeves Schick Stevens XTaSHBURNE Webber Honorary Biology Fraternity Established November. 1937 at John B. Stetson University Dorothy Filler Hall Godbold Frances Hammond Alice Wolfe Vernon Tlrner Dr. Cornelia M. Smith Ofjivet ' s President Vice President Serri ' tar -Treasurer Program Chairman Publicity Chairman Factdtv Advisor NOT PHOTOGRAPHED Donald Frison Sylvan McElroy 18. STETSON COMMERCE CLUB James Dickson Nelson Ford Ed Gustafson Edward Huie RoyKinsey Mary Ella Knight Christine Kummeh Patsy Loomis William Lovelace RuthMerritt Georce Moscrip Harvey Olliphant Sidney Rubin Woodrow Russell George Schurr Mary Elizabeth Simpson MillardSmith Lester Spear Iked Wilson Lloyd Pa wley heard Anderson AnneGollnick LydiaTheiker Officers Lloyd Pawley Willard Anderson Awe Gollnick Ltdia Theurer President f ice President Secretary Treasurer uT I ' IIo ' Km.KAI ' HKI) Thelma Chesman -18 6- STETSON DEBATERS HARMON HARPER GORDON KIPP OLIVER TAYLOR LYDIA THEURER DEANCOTNER DOROTHEA CLARSON H A R VE Y LLI P H ANT GEORGIA VISEL DONNA HOYT JANE TAFT RIC H A RD BALD W I N SARAH CLARK DOROTHY SCHNEIDER ROBERT CARSWELL GADI LAWTON JOHN CICERO LOBERT KICKLIGHTER HAROLD CLARK Harmon H. Harper Lydia A. Theurer Richard Baldwin Officers President Secretary Treasurer I ice President November 19 December 4 December 3-6 December 10 December 15 January 14 January 15 January 17 February 5 February 24 March 3 March 11 March 29 April 2 ,1 bj Stets S. C, Sarah Clark, Taft— mimerc , Baldwin Baldwin -Tuft. Harp, The Season First Annual Florida Practice Tournament Initi Dartmouth College, Baldwin — Harper. Strawberry Leaf Tournament at W inthrop Coll Theurer, Kipp — Lawton. DeLand Rotary Club, Harper — Theurer. Rollins College, before Winter Bark Chamber of C 14 Eustis Rotary Club and High School Demonstration Tuft — Theurer. Practice Tournament at Rollins College. Bard College, Columbia University, Baldwin — Harper — Lawton. Practice Tournament, General College of University of Florida. University of Pennsylvania, Harper — Tuft. University of Dayton at Pierson, Harper — Theurer. University of Florida, dual debate, S. Clark — Clarson, Lawton — Viscl. Southern Association of Teachers of Speech Tournament at Atlanta. S. (dark. — Clarson. Taft — Theurer. Grand Eastern Tournament at inthrop College, S. C, Baldwin— Harper, H. (dark — Olliphant. The highlights of the year include the petition for admission to Pi kappa Delta, national forensic organization. Miss Lydia Theurer was declared Dixie Champion Extemporizer and Impromptu Speaker because of five consecutive wins in these contests at inthrop College. While the following have not been active this year, we wish to recognize their previous serv- ices in debate: Huber Griffin, (dyde Hurnage, June krause, Louise Moore, Ralph Odum, il- ton Rowe, Mary Elizabeth Simpson, Henry Todaro and Martin Hiden. The Debate Club has grown in size and prestige, und welcomes to membership all those students who are interested ill improving themselves and increasing this reputation. April 187 DEK STIDEMEN VEKEIX ll-ON Edyi miiis Badcer 15 1 RDICK Kno I.INSIIN Mears IBNEB Founded at Stetson University Decem ber, 1937 Officers John Amison President Charlotte Edwards I ice Presid ent and Treasurer George Schick Secretary- Dr. Iola K. Eastri ii Members Faculty Advisor Eliz ibeth Badced Geobce n Bart i.i » McLaughlin I UtCAREI lil RDICK Rl i ii Kmi Ri ba Mears DoHls Dede Elizabeth Linson Pledges ElEANOH UtNKK Roy Ralph Hi -mm Mahtha Sloan 1 UiSHAIX hhim.iiin Stewabt Ryan GUSTAV Sw ANSON Lei t ii i klton VlRCINI Sh tecs Lviha Theirkr Km:) HI Nli.l LS NOT PHOTOGRAPHED Dit. Eastbubn Lillian Williamson i :: ;: - p I - A M M A M U Paul McEntirk Christine Kummer Dr. Fisher Norman Abbott Howard Bateson Margaret Champ Wood Darren Doris Dede James Dickson AnneGollnick Albert Johnson James Lumpkin Ruth Drum Lloyd Pawley Gordon Reeves Woodrow Russell GeorceSchurr Lester Spear Paul Woncrey Frances Wooten National Honorary Social Science Society Founded at Southwestern College in 1924 Florida Gamma Chapter Established in 1929 Paul McEntire Christine Kummer Officers President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Faculty Members Dr. Baer Dean Cotner Professor Neblett Professor Bateson Dr. Eastburn Miss Neblett Mrs. Burns Dr. Fisher Miss Turner Dean Carson Professor Flitch Miss Willian Dr. Clark Dr. Garwood Professor Johnson Professor Winters NOT PHOTOGRAPHED M VRGAREl Reeves Curtis Horn 189 ] )()■ haters = members ESTHER CROSBY CHARLIE GRIFFIN JANE PARSONS ANN ANSLEY LEE ANZ EONABETTS WILLA MAE CROSBY DORIS DEDE ESTELLEDUKE LANORA INGRAM J ACK I E J EN N I N GS DORISJOHNSON MARJA POURTLESS GENE ROWLAND DO ROTH Y SC H N El D E R ANN BROCKETT JEAN FLETCHER HELEN JOHNSON ALICE SMITH PEGGY CLARK MARIE GENEAU ELSIE LATHAM MILBRY TOMPKINS MARY CREVASSE MARJORIE GLOVER PEARL MUNDELL KITTY WHITE NOT PHOTOGRAPHED Ri tii DrBi.ois Rjtv Feld M rth Pipkin Elizabeth Rim bf.rri 191 Robert Adams John Amison Elizabeth Badger Richard Baldwin Truman Botts Newton Club T2E 1 ' ZE Sewton Club r2E Sewton Club June Krai si: rzE i ton Club Gamma Sigma Epsilon Honorary Chemical Fraternity Founded, 1926 Beta Beta Chapter, 1934 . ivion Chili Local Mathematics Club Founded, 1928 Sigma Pi Sigma Physics Honor Society Founded, 1921— Alpha Iota Chapter, 1937 Elizabeth Linson c2E Newton Club Mii.i. mid Smith Gustav Su i sh Neuton Club -19 2- Iv 1 MONO CHAIC Newton Club Pbofessoh Allen 1111 Neuron Club MlRHM DOWLINC Newton Club I IRROLL EzELL I .1 0RCI N Huu Reed Knox 2112 Newton (.lull Professor Conn Professor Fai i.kmr mi ei fon Club l TKK TaI LOR Men Ion Club -3 Eleanor ik hi r2B Professor Vanci sns wf Newton Club jrmk J., lLlen Webster Robert ood 2112 Newton Club 4 fcs: 193- PI KAPPA SIGMA Lanora Ingram Recording Secretary Frances Ocilvie, President Elizabeth Linson Treasurer Doris Dede, Vice ' resident National Educational Sorority Founded in Ypsilante, Michigan, in 1894 Alpha Theta Chapter Established in 1929 Colors— Turquoise and Gold Flower — Forget-Mc-Not and Jonquil Dorothy Bali. Daphne Brown ell Doris Dede Anne Gollnii k Art ire Members Lanora Ingram Elizabeth Linson Marjorie McCary Frances Ocii.vie M rth Osgood Elizabeth Sandi ski Alice Smith Carlotta WASHBURNE Frames Wooten Harriett Alexander Francis Coe Jean Gower Pledges Lillian Gregory Frances Hammond Helen Hooks Jeanette Stevens Doris Johnson Elsie Latham Annette Mathis -194- Harriett Alexander Dorothy Bali. Daphne Brownell Frances Coe Anne Gollnick. Jean Gower Lillian Gregory Frances Hammond Helen Hook Doris Johnson Elsie Latham Marjorie McC.ary Martha Oscood Elizabeth Sandusky Alice Smith Jeanette Stevens C.arlotta Washburne Frances Wooten -195 THETA ALPHA PHI Champ McEntire Hammeh WOODFILL BaHTLETT Honorary Dramatic Fraternity Florida Alpha Chapter Installed December, 1919 Publication — " The Cue " Colors — Purple and White Chapter Koll Paul McEntire President Margaret Champ Vice President Lola Hammer Secretary James Woodfill Treasurer Ruth Bartlett Historian Nokman Abbott David Bracy Sadie Rae Gardner Virginia Giffin Gayi.ord Kenyon Mary Ellen Lord James Lumpkin Alice McLaughlin Myra Machen Faculty Dr. Charles Farriss Professor Donald Faulkner Miss ii.lie Dee Willian Professor Henry Jacobs Dr. Irving Stover Professor Harold Giffin Dean Lewis Tribble I ' lti 1 Schedule for the Season Oct. 21 Work Shop Plays. Nov. 11-12 " The Bishop Misbehaves " by Frederick Jackson (Homecom ing Play). Dec. 10-11 " The Yellow Jacket, " Chinese Fantasy by Hazelton anil Dee. 16 ' ' The Birds ' Christmas Carol " by Kate Douglas Vi iggin. Jan. 14-15 " Pride and Prejudice, " founded on Jane Austen ' s novel, by Helen Jerome. Feb. 18-1 " " Mr. Pirn Passes By, " comedy by A. A. Milne. Mar. 11-12 " The Gondoliers. " comic opera by Gilbert and Sullivan. (Presented by the School of Music and The Players) April 8-9 " Dear Brutus, " fantasy by Sir James M. Barrie. pril 22 " The Terrible Meek. " drama h Charles Kann Kennedy. Maj 7 W o, k Shop Plays. June I " The Men Wive- of Windsor, " corned] bj William Shakespeare (Commencement Play). 196- ■ mm— — i n ii nii i nn m II I STAGE THETA ALPHA PHI v presents AN ALL-STAR CAST IN x VM , SIGMA DELTA P I David Barnhart Alice Wolfe Lois Thacker Lucy Ann Neblett Frances Ocilvie Alzada Bennett Margaret Burdick Esther Crosby Dorothy Fuller Ruth Orum Thelma Preston Carlotta Washburne Relda Ann Webb La Sociedad Nacional Hispanica Alpha Kappa Chapter Established May 30, 1937 Officers David Barnhart President Alice Wolfe Vice President Lois Thacker Recording Secretary Llcy Ann NEBLETT Treasurer and Sponsor Frances Ogilvie Corresponding Secretary Honorary Members Howard Batesom Robert Cotner John Neblett Alberta Bl SH Iola Kay Eastburn Harry Winters -198 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION COUNCIL President Kindley Edge Second I ice President Marjorie McClure Baptist Student Magazine Eunice Webber Music Chairman Josephine Osborne Vesper Chairman Jeanette Stevens Town Representative Betty Jayne Sawyer Life Service Band Representative Daphne Knicht ( olunteer Band Representative Bern ice Young Faculty Advisor Dr. H. C. Garwood 199 LIFE SERVICE BAND Sarah Elizabeth Clark Martha Osgood Doris Johnson Wesley Zliber Daphne Knicht Kathleen Rowe Charles Griffin Harvey Oi.liphant Carolyn Massey Mabel Arthur Eva Meserve Mary Crevasse Florence Proctor Officers Sarah Elizabeth Clark President Martha Osgood Vice President Doris Johnson Secretary-Treasurer Wesley Zuber Program Chairman Daphne Knight B. S. U. Representative Kathleen Rowe Tract Chairman Harvey Olliphant Associate Member 200 ' STETSON MINISTERIAL STUDENTS ASSOCIATION Horack Bills Findley Edge George Ehlhardt Wendell Finke ll Charles Griffin Samuel Gaylord Gordon Halberi Bennett Hall FayetteHall John Hunt Hal Hunter Joe Hough Joe Jones Robert Kicklichter Whitney Lavender Jiles Lunsford Howard Lytle John McCali. Leo Roberts Liddon Sheridan Will Ray Smith James Southerland Wilson Spahn David Spearinc Gordon Reeves Norman Bennett Hugh Walters Roger Williams A. J. Turner Billy J William Oakes A K Whitney rvel Miller Gordon Reeves Norman Bennett Hugh Walters A. J. Turner William Oakes Arvel Miller Officers President Vice President Secretary and Treasurer Devotional Chairman Reporter Secretary of Activities NOT PHOTOGRAPHED Thom is O ' Mara Harry ilson -201 m MOV-UNTEf j BAND ' " 7 Hall Younc Henry Jones Russell Perkins Alexander McCullouch Purpose: To create a real missionary spirit on the campus and to bring to- gether eacli life which has been called and surrendered to do any foreign missionary work, as the Lord leads. Aim: To know Him and to make Him known. Motto: Practice His presence. Scriptures: Isaiah 6:1-8, Acts 1:8; Matthew 28: 18-20, Romans 12: 1-6. Song: Ready. Officers: Sponsor — Edgelle Henry. President — Ren Hall. Vice President — J. L. Greene. Secretary-Treasurer — Ralph Russell. Music Chairman — Harriett Alexander. R. S. U. Representative — Rernice Young. Members: Ren Hall, J. L. Greene, Ralph Russell, Harriett Alexander, A. J. Turner, Rernice Young, Joe Jones, Ella May Perkins, Ralph McCullough. 202 ADVERTISING For HEALTHS Sake USE BOOKER ' S Milk a 11 f 1 lee Cream IT ' S PASTEURIZED COURTEOUS SERVICE PROMPT DELIVERY Us :I0» South Florida Avenue HI BERT II. JACOBS PROPRIETOR 2 4 - THE BARXETT NATIONAL BANK " A Florida Landmark " JACKSONVILLE DeLAND AVON PARK COCOA ST. AUGUSTINE FT. LAUDERDALE Member Federal Reserve System and F. D. I. C. The City of DeLand OFFERS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF STETSON U NIVERSIT Y 19 3 7 2 5 COMPLIMENTS OF HILL LANDIS WHITEHAIR Attorneys at Law DeLAND FLORIDA THANK YOU! MERCHANTS and BUSINESSMEN ior your SUPPORT and COOPERATION The Advertising Staff JACK CORE JAMES DICKSON CORDON VANN E. K. JONES CONTRACTOR and BUILDKR TELEPHONE 513 DeLAND 206 emoru o laDD O As you turn the pages of this book we hope that it may be the means of bringing forth memories of _ 7 friendships made ... of many happy hours spent. With the pass- ing of eaeli year we feel that these memories will become more and more cherished. It is a great pleasure to know that by furnishing the engravings for this book we have been given the priv- ilege of helping in the preservation of these memories. TAMPA PHOTO -ENGRAVING CO., Inc. ENGRAVERS ARTISTS • DESIGNERS " The South ' s Color Plate Headquarters " 207 Wm. H. Morgan Company Cafeteria Equipment 6lO W. Bay Street, Jacksonville, Pla. i i: si:l PAINT AND GLASS SHOP Paints Glass DEALERS FOR Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. Ill W. RICH AVE. DeLand, Florida Ui 2Jan Motel M. S. Howarth, Owner Open All Year STEAM HEAT MODERN BRICK Meals SOe I p - Rooms $1.30 Up THE PLACE FOR PARENTS AND STUDENTS TO MEET South Roulevard - Rhone 000 iiet Your TAPS Pineapple 9 Grapefruit • Orange Drinks in the Book Store Taps Mlottling Co. Rat tona Reach. Fla. GOI1 and DYKES MEN ' S SHOP Famous for MADE-TO-MEASURE SUITS Our Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1938 F. Bl. HAMMER, Agent STANDARD OIL CO. 2 08 ' £tep Out in (§tyk. . . STETSON There ' s plent y of style in the new Stetsons — whether you prefer the casual smartness of the snap brim tvpe, the freedom of the pork-pie tyrolean or the formality of the Homhurg. " Thoroughhred Colors " the latest style news in men ' s hats, is another smart Stetson origination. JOHN B. STETSON COMPANY Philadelphia 2 0 ' ) ' the " CAFETERIA 210 North Boulevard W. Brown Jeacle IleLand. Florida The Court House Pharmacy, Inc. The Store of Personal Service Near the Court House Headquarters for Stetson Students C. M. Geiger. Proprietor • Phone 5 Congratulations to STETSON UNIVERSITY • ELECTRIC • GAS • ICE FLORIDA PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY - 2 1 - BEST WISHES FROM V. T. It A II It Dry Hoods Notions Hosiery 118 North Boulevard - DeLand, Fla. • •FOUNTAIN ' S.. We are grateful for and proud of the privilege of having served the faculty and student body of STETSON UNIVERSITY for more than thirty-five years, with the finest that the best markets of the world offer in QUALITY MEN ' S WEAR, CLOTHING AND MEN ' S AND WOMEN ' S FINE FOOTWEAR DELUXE LAUNDRY AM) DRY CLEANERS Student Work a Specialty N. Delaware Ave. • Phone 347 • •FOUNTAIN ' S.. " Quality Has No Substitute " INSURANCE HON AGENCY INC. 220 N. BOULEVARD Phone 455 Compliments of DREKA ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Since 1878 STETSON ' S FAVORITE SHOPPING PLACE Phone 400 DeLand, Florida -2 11 ORANGE BELT PHARMACY 200 NORTH BOULEVARD COMPLETE DRUG AND FOUNTAIN SERVICE TT ' e Deliver 1 hone .5-5.5 Compliments of THE SPARKS THEATRES In DeLand ATHENS THEATRE DREKA THEATRE Compliments of 1 1 1 1 1 i hi Company of Del ' jttntl 2 1 2 COMPLIMENTS OF Best 11 ishes to Stetson University on its McCrory ' s 5 10c Store Growth and Achievements Headqua rters for Student Supplies m The DeLand Sun ews VISIT OUR STORE DAILY A Gore A euspaper THE VOGUE Stetson ites: Smart Ready-to-Wear We offer our Best Wishes as you for Distinctive Taste are leaving Stetson this year. WE ARE AGENTS FOR W hen visiting your Alma Mater in " Gage Hats future years, drop in again to say Mrs. Sarah Ceely - 102 N. Boulevard Hello. Frank Patillo • ( hrysler Plymouth W. A. Allen Company Packard CARS " the busy druggists " 13 J. F. ALLEN FURNITURE CO., INC. Home of Dependable Goods Since 1882 56 Years in ttusiness and Still € oing Strong FUNERAL DIRECTORS REAL AMRULANCE SERVICE Phones: 02 ■ 228 ■ 40 9 ■ 004 Compliments of oMi i 1 1 Miti it hk DeLand, Florida Student Supplies MM. I JK BROTHERS Note Books Stationery Fountain Pens Portable Typewriters Rentals Repairs 209 North Blvd. DeLand, Florida Allen -White Company " You are always welcome ' ' Growers and Shippers of Fancy fruits Gift Boxes Expressed Anywhere 2 1 4- BRANDON ELECTRIC CO. 108 EAST NEW YORK AVENUE Phone 536 Heating Air Conditioning Norge Appliances It. C A. Radios Desk Lamps DeLand ' s Modern Electric Store C. J. BRANDON, Proprietor - 2 1 5 - THE FRANCES SHOP Drosses • Coats • Hals • Hose • Lingerie Fashion Center of IPel.and Compliments of Riley ' s Store HeLand. Florida " Remember Hilei ' s II hen You are Home 1 1 es 1 1 noli o ttse Refrigerators • Radios • Ranges FRIERSOTV ' S .52 1 North Boui i utD Represented by GERALD E. FRIERSON DeLand, Florida 216- ANDERSON AND ANDERSON PMoteyiapUus STUDIO AND HOME PORTRAITURE COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA 1868 W. University Avenue ORLANDO. FLORIDA 388 N. Orange Avenue 17 AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS »■ ' .,:

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