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3 ,) :rtiz- ' JOHN B. STETSON UNIVERSITY DE LAND, FLORIDA Copyright 19 3 7 Margaret Lois Champ Edito T ' in ■ Chief Lloyd C . Pawley Business Manager DEDICATION WARREN STONE GORDIS Lover of learning, star to youth and age, Your task has been to add your increment Of shaping truths to life ' s rich nutriment Garnered in books. With alchemy of sage And independent mind you disengage Beauty imprisoned deep in words, content To live a life of contemplation spent On fundamental values. On the page Of lasting memory your gift commands Illumined splendor. Mirrored in the lives Of youth your love of learning will beget In after age a radiance that survives The buffetings of time. Your record stands Secure, an enviable coronet. — Charles G. Smith. Dr. Gordis FOREWORD JL n n the 1937 edition of " The Hatter " the annual staff has attempted to reflect the growth and prosperity of Stetson. The motif throughout is the St. Johns River uhich may uell symbolize the quali- ties found in the university of beauty, peace, and progress. TABLE OF CONTENTS Book I. University. Views 1 I in i nist rat ion Book II. Classes. Seniors Juniors Soph o in o res Freshmen Book III. Features. Snapshots Advertising Book IV. Athletics. Book V. Fraternities. O rga n izu t ions Margaret Lois Champ Editor-in-Chief Z. all those who have assisted in making possible the publica- tion of this book we wish to express our thanks and appreciation. Lloyd C. Pawley Business Manager S ,f V • ■■ » If 4 " » j i ' i JT T ' ■■ti } ' m ? iillll ' KH tx II II ' mi iTMnit " ! ' " ' i » f»- II « B« 1 I « Kin! Is II i T II ■ Lliiil iKJ I upm 1 - mWmwmWmmWM Administration THE PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE Each Year Brings Greater Progress for Stetson. This year is no exception. The enrollment is the largest in the history of the Institution. Material improvements have heen made. More are heing made day by day. The ideals of scholarship, culture, Christian character are being upheld. Trustees, faculty, students, alumni, friends are cooperating to make Stetson greater and finer. Students are preparing to meet America ' s supreme need — an educated, courageous, honest. Christian leadership in every phase of life. Thus Stetson continues to fulfill the dream of the founders who gave the motto " Pro Deo et Veritate. " Sincerely, W. S. ALLEN, President. •4 16 $ - Dean Emeritus J. Prentice Carson a.m.. LL.D. I ice President Charles Sherwood Farri D.D., LL.D. Dean of the University Charles G. Smith A.M.. PH.D. OFFICERS OF THE ADMINISTRATION Lewis H. Tribbi.e «» jg A.B.. LL.M. Dean of the College of Robert C. Cotner a.m. Dean of Men k - 17 ) - »1alde Emma King a.m. Dean of Women I9» ' 1 i Eb£ jt -A Olga Bowen a.m. Registrar 1 1 H ) 4 v 1 1 FACULTY Robert Ivey Allen, Ph.D. Professor of Physics Willis Nissley Baer, Ph.D Assistant Professor of Business Administration and Economics Sue McEachren Bean, B.S. Instructor in Education and Psychology Hermine Booth, A.B. Instructor in Secretarial Science Nelle Burch Campbell, A.M. Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education. Director of Physical Education for Women Richard Elijah Clark, Ph.D. Professor of Sociology Warren Cassius Cowell, B.S. Professor of Health and Physical Education Veronica Davis, Mus.B. Instructor in Public School Music Lorena Eaddy Dinning, B.M. Instructor in Journalism William Edward Duckwitz Mus.D. Professor of Music Iola Kay Eastburn, Ph.D. Professor of Modern Foreign Languages Boyce Fowler Ezell, Ph.D. Professor of Education and Psychology " " w Charles Adam Fisher, Ph.D. Professor of Business Administration and Economics ■4 is !§►.■ F A r L L T Y Ethel M. Fisher Instructor in Piano George Chester Freeman. B.S. Assistant Director of Athletics Head Coach of Basketball Jennis . Fltch. .11). Professor of Laic and Laic Librarian Harry Crawford Garwood. Ph.D. Professor of Bible and Philosophy Harold Milne Giffin. B. A.. Mus.B., MA. Professor of Voice Arthur J. Graham. B.Mus. Professor of Piano. Organ and Theory Sara Edith Harvey, A.M. Assistant Professor of Fine Arts Annie Nadene Holden. Ph.B.. A.M. Assistant Professor of English Henry Strobel Jacobs. LL.B. Associate Professor of Lau Carl H. Johnson. M.A. Superintendent of Conrad Hall and Director of Intramurals Mrs. Rockwell Johnson Assistant Dean of W omen and Housekeeper Plaltl s I. Lipsey. Jr.. A.B. Professor of Journalism and Director of Publicity Mary Tribble Lowry. A.M. Instructor in English -■4 19 ; FACULTY Curtis Milton Lowry, M.E. Professor of Engineering Louis Harold Marvin Instructor in Violin Mary Stewart McCurdie. B.S. Instructor in Secretarial Science Lucy Ann . eblett. A.B. Instructor in Spanish John Sterling .Neblett, A.B. Assistant Instructor in Business Administration Robert W. Severance. M.A. and B.S. in L.S. Librarian and Professor of Library Science Cornelia Marshall Smith. Ph.D. Professor of Biology Sara E. Stake. A.B. Assistant Instructor in Physical Education Frances Clabaugh Thornton. A.B. Instructor in French Etter M. Turner, A.B. Assistant Dean of Women Charles Blount Vance, Ph.D. Professor of Geology and Geography Willie Dee Willian, A.M. Instructor in English and Speech Al Harry Sunderland Winters. A.M. Assistant Professor of History and Political Science ■■■•§( 20 )§► xv " Lawrence Haddock, President STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Martha McConnell. Secretary Suzanne Penney, Vice President Helen May Christian, Treasurer Ernest A. Ball DeLand, Fla. M.A. Mrs. Sue Bean DeLand, Fla. M.A. Malcolm Day Oviedo, Fla. M.A. Quinton Hodges Hinesville, Ga. M.S. Gordon Reeves DeLand, Fla. M.A. Sara Staff St. Petersburg, Fla. M.A. Mrs. Laura Watson DeLand, Fla. M.A. MASTER STUDENTS -4 24 f Seniors . SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President, George Brown, DeLanrl, Fla. Sigma Nu Vice President, Ruth Murphy, Daytona Beach, Fla. Alpha Xi Delta Secretary, Helen Spaulding, DeLand, Fla. Pi Beta Phi Treasurer, Floanna Burrows, New Smyrna, Fla. Zeta Tau Alpha hJ 26 fr- HELEN MAY CHRISTIAN A student who was always prepared with her work and never shirked an assignment. A friend who was ever loyal to her associates, never cross nor faultfinding. A daughter devoted to her mother and ambitious to be eminently worthy of the sacrifices made for her. A leader in student life with a rare gift of drawing followers and pointing them to higher and greater endeavors. A sorority sister whose activities aided in building and elevating the character of every fellow member. She was true to herself, her ideals and her God. Alderman, Edna Louise Lakeland, Fla. A.B. Zeta Tau Alpha Pan Hellenic ' 34, ' 35; Editor of " Hatter " ' 34, Staff ' 35, ' 36; B. S. U. Council ' 34, ' 35, ' 36; University S. S. Secretary ' 34; Reporter Circula- tion Manager, ' 35; Secty. Green Hatters ' 34; Art Club ' 36; Pi Kappa Sigma ' 36; Interfraternity Council ' 35, ' 36; Homecoming Committee ' 34, ' 35; May Day ' 33, ' 35, ' 36; Y. W. A. Reporter ' 34; Glee Club ' 33. Allen, Edward Frederick West Palm Beach, Fla. LL.B. Transfer U. of Fla.; Fencing Team ' 32, ' 33; Lynn S. Nichols Fencing Trophy ' 32, ' 33; Intramural Board ' 33; Sheriff of Moot Court ' 36; President of Junior Law Class ' 36; Clerk of Phi Alpha Delta ' 37; City Attorney for Homecoming ' 36. Andrews, Marjorie Katharine, Mus.B Springfield, Mass. A.B. Pi Beta Phi Mu Omega Xi ' 37; Editor-in-Chief of " Stetson Reporter " ' 37. Barber, Samuel St. Cloud, Fla. Freshman Football; Varsity Football ' 35, ' 36, ' 37; Treasurer of " S " Club ' 37; Conrad Council ' 36; " All Little Four " ' 37; Captain Tampa Came. - { 28 Black, Harry Edwin St. Petersburg, Fla. LL.B. Glee Club " 36. " 37: Bus. Mgr. of Glee Club ' 37; Quartette " 36. ' 37 Treasurer Senior Law Class ' 37; Vice Justice Phi Alpha Delta " 37 (it Manager for Homecoming ' 36; Mystic Krewe ' 37. BoUTERSE. M. J., II Orlando, Fla. A.B. Pi Kappa Phi Transfer U. of Fla.; Glee Club ' 34; Band ' 35, ' 36, ' 37; Ministerial Association ' 36, 37; Kappa Kappa Psi ' 36, ' 37; Theta Alpha Phi ' 36, ' 37: Mu Omega Xi ' 37: " Hatter " ' Staff ' 37: Mystic Krewe. BOYTE, MaRVADENE Leesburg, Fla. Glee Club ' 34, ' 35; Pi Kappa Sigma ' 35. ' 36. ' 37; Secty. Mu Phi ' 35 ' 36, ' 37; Torch and Scroll ' 36, ' 37; The Honor ' 37. Bridge . Winston Thomas Jacksonville, Fla. Freshman Football: Varsity Football ' 35. ' 36, ' 3 7: Captain of the Florida Game ' 37: Vice President of " S " (dub ' 37: Engineering So- ciety ' 34. - 20 } Brown, George R. DeLand, Fla. B.S. Sigma Nu Gamma Sigma Epsilon ' 36, ' 37; Golf Team ' 37; Glee Club ' 34, ' 35, ' 37 ; Senior Class President ' 37. Burrows, Floanna Helen New Smyrna, Fla. A.B. Zeta Tau Alpha Orchestra ' 34, ' 35, ' 36, ' 37; Band ' 34, ' 35, ' 36, ' 37; Secretary Zeta Tau Alpha 37; The Honor ' 37; May Queen ' 37; Treasurer Senior Class ' 37; Little Theatre Orchestra ' 34, ' 35, ' 36, ' 37. Carlton, Mrs. Doyle A. B. Cocoa, Fla. Florida State College for Women; Glee Club ' 35, ' 36, ' 37. Carlton, Doyle Ivan Cocoa, Fla. Transfer from U. of Fla.; Chancellor of Sigma Nu Phi. -4 30 )§►.- •Christian, Helen May Jacksonville, Fla. LL.B. Pi Beta Phi Y. W. A. ' 33, ' 34; Chairman ' 34; Secty. Pi Beta Phi ' 34; Historian and Censor Pi Beta Phi ' 35; W. A. A. ' 34; May Day ' 35; Vice Presi- dent of The Honor ' 35; Viee President of Pi Beta Phi ' 36; Treasurer of Junior Law Class ' 36; Executive Council of Pi Beta Phi ' 36; Vice President of Pi Beta Phi ' 37; Vice President of The Honor ' 37; Vice President of Student Government ' 37; Treasurer of Student Body ' 37. Clakk, Mary Stewart Daytona Beach, Fla. Transfer from Florida State College for Women; W. A. A. ' 36, ' 37. Combs, Clement Wildwood, Fla. B.S. Foothall ' 34, ' 36; Intramural Manager for Conrad Hall ' 37. Cudmore, John Herbert Virginia, Minn. B.S. Sigma Nu Captain of Freshman Football Team ' 33; Varsity Football Team ' 35, ' 36, 37; Honorary Captain ' 36; Monitor Conrad Hall ' 36, ' 37; All Little Four Conference Team ' 35, ' 36; Sergeant-at-Arnis of " S " Club ' 37. 4 31 } . Dassler. Harold A. Hawthorne, N. Y. B.S. Delta Sigma Phi Tennis Team ' 31, ' 35, ' 37: Secretary Delta Sigma Phi: Intramural Minor Sports Manager; Intramural Delta Sigma Phi Manager. Davis, Barbara Jane DeLand, Fla. Orchestra ' 34, ' 35, ' 36. ' 37: Little Theatre Orchestra ' 34, ' 35, ' 36. ' 37: Torch and Scroll ' 36, ' 37; The Honor ' 37; W. A. A. ' 34, ' 35, ' 36; Mu Phi ' 36. ' 37. Faulkner. Richard DeLand, Fla. Hand ' 34, ' 35, ' 36, ' 37: Principal Musician " 37: Symphony (Jrche tra ' 34. ' 35. ' 36. ' 37: Glee Cluh ' 34; Opera Company ' 34; Kappa Kappa Psi ' 36, ' 37: Mad Hatter- ' 35, ' 36, ' 37. .t Folds, Joseph Longwood, Fla. President Ministerial Association ' 35, ' 36: Trea.-urer Student Bod: ' 35: Trea-urer B. S. U. Council ' 34, ' 35, ' 36; Intramural Manager ' 37 •§( 32 jgi Fuller, Dorothy Langford DeLand, Fla. A.B. Alpha Xi Delta Treasurer Alpha Xi Delta ' 35; Secretary ' 36, ' 36, ' 37; W. A. A. ' 34, ' 35; Interfraternity ' 37 ; Torch and Scroll ouneil ' 37. Greenlaw, Alton Whitman St. Petersburg, Fla. Transfer St. Petersburg Junior College; Ministerial Association ' 37; B. S. U. Council ' 37; S. S. Superintendent ' 37; Debate Team ' 37; In- trainurals ' 37. Haddock, Lawrence Page Jacksonville, Fla. Student Body President ' 37; Most Popular Boy ' 37; Theta Alpha Phi ' 36, ' 37, Treasurer ' 37 ; Correspondent Sigma Nu Phi ' 37 ; Foot- ball ' 33, ' 34, ' 36; Basket Ball ' 33, ' 34; Officer of Senior Law Class ' 37; Sponsor ' s Homecoming Escort ' 35, ' 37; Mystic Krewe ' 37. Haines, Dorothy Elizabeth DeLand, Fla. MUS.B. Pi Beta Phi Glee Club ' 34, ' 35, ' 36, ' 37; Manager of Women ' s Glee Club ' 37; Pan Hellenic ' 37; Editor of " Hatter " ' 36; Phi Beta ' 36, ' 37, Vice Presi- dent ' 37; Executive Council ' 35, ' 36. ■4 33 p Hall, Richard B. DeLand, Fla. A.B. Pi Kappa Phi Head Cheer Leader ' 34, ' 35, ' 36; President of Pi kappa Phi ' 36; Treasurer of Pi Kappa Phi ' 34, ' 35; Glee Club ' 33; Mystic krewe ' 35: ' 36, ' 37; Annual Staff ' 36. Hoolehan, Marian Frances Daytona Beach, Fla. Glee Club ' 34; W. A. A. ' 34; Dramatics ' 35, ' 36, ' 37; Y. W. A. ' 37: Secretary-Treasurer " The Honor " ' 37. Japour, Margaret Joan St. Petersburg, Fla. A.B. Alpha Xi Delta Transfer from St. Petersburg Junior College; ' 37. Honor Council Secretary ' 36; Class Treasurer ' 34; Class Secretary ' 35, ' 36; Dramatic Glub ' 34, " 35, ' 36; Circulation Manager for School Paper ' 34; Circu- lation Manager for School Publication ' 35 ; Interfraternity Council Secretary ' 35, ' 36; Student Government Award Received in ' 36. Kitching, Eugene Leesburg, Fla. A.B. Glee Club ' 34, ' 35, ' 36, ' 37. ■4 34 } Leonard, George W. Hastings, Fla. B.S. Delta Sigma Plii Treasurer Delta Sigma Phi ' 34, ' 35, President ' 36, Vice President ' 37; President Junior Class ' 36; Member of Interfraternity Council ' 36; " Hatter " Staff ' 37; Mystic Krewe ' 37; Treasurer B. S. U. Council ' 37. • Lewis, Mary Elizabeth Lawrenceville, 111. Dame Club, French Club Vice President; Y. W. C. A. Lineage Clul Glee Club, Art Club, Peggy Minton Group, Tennis Club. Loomis, Mary Esther Jersey City, N. J. A.B. Transfer from John Marshall College of Law, Jersey City, N. J. MacCalla, Gordon F. Winter Haven, Fla. LL.B. Sigma Nu Marshal Phi Alpha Delta; Second Mate Mystic Krewe ' 37: Football ' 32, ' 33, ' 34, ' 35; Basket Ball ' 32, ' 33; Freshman Football Coach ' 36; President of " S " Club ' 37. " 4 35 }; McConnell, Martha H. Jacksonville, Fla. B.S. Alpha Xi Delta Secy. Freshman Class ' 34; Girl ' s Trio ' 34; Stetson Opera Co. ' 34; Secy. Women ' s Student Government ' 35; Vice President Junior Class ' 36; Treasurer Interfraternity Council ' 36; Treasurer Pan-Hellenic ' 37; Secy. Student Body ' 37; The Honor ' 35, ' 36, ' 37, President ' 37; Gamma Sigma Epsilon ' 36, ' 37, Secy-Treas. ' 37; Clerk Torch and Scroll ' 37; Vice President Alpha Xi Delta ' 36; Member Glee Club " 34, ' 35. ' 36. McKae, Cornelia C. Sanford, Fla. a.b. Alpha Xi Delta Glee lluh ' 34; Symphony Orchestra ' 34; Stetson Opera Co. ' 34; Cheer Leader ' 36; Theta Alpha Phi ' 36, ' 37; Dramatics ' 34, ' 35, ' 36, ' 37. Martin, Alton G. DeLancl, Fla. B.S. President Beasley Rutledge B. Y. P. U. ' 34; President DeLand Group B. Y. P. U. ' 34, ' 36; Vice President Seminole Association B. Y. P. U. ' 36, ' 37. Martin, James B. DeLancl, Fla. Varsity Football ' 34, ' 35, ' 36; Freshman Football ' 33; Basket Ball ' 34. -4 36 }■ - Mi ion. . Jennings Bastings, Fla. A.B. Pi Kappa Phi G ' re Club ' 34, " 35, " 36; Ministerial Association " 34. ' 35. ' 36, " 37; 15. -. I.i ,,uiii il " 36. President " 37; Varsity Debate Team ' 36: Inter- fraternity Council ' 37: Chaplain I ' i Kappa Phi " 36: Secy. Men ' s Council " 37. Mires, Bess ie Fay DeLand, Fla. A.B. Alpha Xi Delta President Alpha Xi Delta " 36. " 3 7: Treasurer Junior Cla?? " 36: Who ' . Who in American College and University " 36: The Honor " 37: " Hat- ter " .-taff " 36: Business Manager of Handbook ' 36; Pan-Hellenic Council ' 36: Interfraternitv Council ' 36. " 37: Campus Queen " 37: Glee i luh ' 34. MOSELEY, M U REEN R. DeLand, Fla. Glee Clul. " 34: May Dax A.B. " 31: Spons ,r Football Came 3.) Murphy, Rith F. Daytona Beach, Fla. MUS.B. Alpha Xi Delta Women ' s Student Governmenl ' 34: Orchestra " 34: Glee Club ' 34. ' 35, ' 36. .37: Accompanist ' 33: Phi Beta. President " 37: Vice President Alpha Xi Delta ' 37: Vice President Senior Cla:-- ' 37: Little Theatre Orchestra " 37: Archery Team ' 37. -- { 37 fc Nichols, Perry A. Timpson, Texas LL.B. Pi Kappa Phi Transfer Marshall Junior College; Football ' 34, ' 35, 36; Secretary " S " Club ' 37; Phi Alpha Delta; Arehon of Pi Kappa Phi ' 37; Vice President of Senior Law (Mass ' 37; Mystic Krewe ' 37. Orcutt, Roberta Orlando, Fla. MUS.B. Alpha Xi Delta Clee Club ' 34, ' 35, ' 36, ' 37; Student Leader ' 35, ' 36, ' 37; Business Manager ' 34; Trio ' 34, ' 36; Sextette ' 35, ' 37; Torch and Scroll ' 37; Corresponding Secretary of Alpha Xi Delta ' 37. Osborne, M. Claudia Umatilla, Fla. A.B. Zeta Tau Alpha Zeta Tau Alpha Treasurer ' 35, ' 36, President ' 37; Pi Kappa Sigma President ' 35, ' 36; Keeper of Archives ' 37; Student Government, Sec- retary ' 36, ' 37, President ' 37; Pan-Hellenic ' 37; The Honor ' 37; Y. W. A. ' 34, ' 35; W. A. A. ' 34. Pardue, Dorothy Elizabeth DeLand, Fla. A.B. Transfer from State Teacher ' s College, Johnson City, Tennessee. ■4 38 } Peeples, Carroll Bentley, A.B. Valdosta, Ga. Georgia Slate College for Women, Dramatic Club; Glee Club Staff; W. A. A. ' 37; Director of May Day Fete ' 37. Paper Penney, Susanne Elizabeth DeLand, Fla. A.B. Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Corresponding Secretary ' 35, Reporter ' 35, Presi- dent ' 36; " Hatter " Staff ' 35, ' 36; Pan-Hellenic ' 36; Secretary Junior Class ' 36; Society Editor " Reporter " ' 36: Interfraternity Council ' 36; Vice President Student Body ' 37; The Honor ' 37; Deans List ' 37. Rummell, Grace Christine Cocoa, Fla. B.s. Beta Phi Alpha Transfer Florida State College for Women Ryerson, Clifford Marten DeLand, Fla. B.s. Band Letter Man ' 34, ' 35, ' 36; Kappa Kappa Psi ' 36, ' 37; Theta Alpha Phi ' 36, ' 37; Mu Phi ' 37; Stetson Engineering Society ' 34, ' 35, ' 36; Technical Director Little Theatre ' 35, ' 36, ' 37; Stetson Radio Spe- cialist ' 35, ' 36, ' 37. -4 39 j»- Sample, Kathleen DeLand, Fla. . . . ' 34, ' 3.5. ' 36, ' 37. Treasurer " 3 " ). President 3T; The Honor ' 37; Most Athletic Girl ' 36. ' 37. Sawyer, Suzanne DeLand, Fla. Glee Club ' 34, ' 35, ' 36, ' 37: . . . ' 37; Pi Kappa Sigma ' 36, ' 37 Vice President Pi Kappa Sigma ' 37: Mu Omega Xi ' 37. Simpson, Richard Pitt Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. B.S. Delta Sigma Phi Engineering Society; Mystic Krewe. Spaulding, Helen F. DeLand, Fla. A.B. Pi Beta I ' lii Glee Club ' 34; Vice President l ' i Beta Phi ' 35, President ' 36; The Honor ' 37; Torch and Scroll ' 36, ' 37, Vice President ' 37; City Hostess Homecoming ' 37: President Pan-Hellenic ' 37; " Hatter " Staff ' 36; Secretarj Senior Class ' 37: Maj Daj ' 31. ' 35; Dean ' s List ' 36. -:.j HI :- Stemper, William Herman Sanford, Fla. I [ntramura] Sports ' 34, ' 35 President ' 37. ' 36, ' 37: Gamma Sigma Epsilon ' lift, ' 37 Si i.i.ivan, Julia Lillian Homestead, Fla. Transfer from Horida State College for Women. Taylor, Sidney Howard, A.B. DeLand, Fla. LL.B. Delta Sigma Phi Most Representative Freshman ' 32; Cheer Leader ' 32, ' 33, ' 34; Head Cheer Leader ' 33; Most Intellectual ' 33; " Hatter " Staff ' 33, ' 3-1; Theta Alpha Phi ' 34; Toreh and Scroll ' 35; Phi Alpha Delta ' 36; President Delta Sigma Phi ' 35. ' 36; Chancellor Toreh and Scroll ' 35, ' 37; Presi- dent Senior Class ' 35; Justice Phi Alpha Delta ' 36; Debating Team ' 35; Athenian Dehate Prize ' 36; Interfraternity Council ' 35, ' 36, ' 37, President ' 36; Men ' s Fraternity Council ' 37. Walker, Barry S. Park Ridge, 111. B.S. Delta Tau Delta Tran fer ahash College; French Club ' 34, 35 ; Cerman Club ' 34; Glee Club ' 34, ' 35; Symphony Orchestra ' 34, ' 35; Asst. Director ' 35; President Sophomore Clas ; Hand ' 34. ' 35, ' 36, ' 37; Orchestra ' 36, ' 37; Little Theatre Orchestra ' 36, ' 37; Mad Hatters ' 36, ' 37. - §| 41 }• ■ Weeks, Carl Harnden Chelsea, Mich. A.B. Delta Sigma Phi Transfer U. of Michigan; Stetson Player?; Theta Alpha Phi; Presi- dent Delta Sigma Phi ' 37; President Theta Alpha Phi ' 37; President of Men ' s Council ' 37; Business Manager Stetson Players. Wright. Philip H. Titusville, Fla. LL.B. Honieroming Mayor ' 37. Settlors Not Photographed Blankenbaker, Doris Elizabeth DeLand, Fla. A.B. Carlton, Vassar Benjamin Cocoa, Fla. LL.B. Fallkner, Esther DeLand, Fla. A.B. Faulkner, Mildred Lickett DeLand, Fla. A.B. Funderblrke, Elizabeth a.b. Yolnce, Clarence E. Foley, Ala. A.B. i 42 }■ •• ' i Sites Juniors JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President, Richard Branham, Indianapolis, Ind. Pi Kappa Phi Vice President, Rlth Bartlett, West Palm Beach, Fla. Alpha Xi Delta Secretary, Anne Gollmck, Vero Beach, Fla. Zeta Tau Alpha Treasurer. Lanora Ingram. Jasper, Fla. Delta Delta Delta •4 44 )§•»- .1 I I O It CLASS Abbott, Norman. Law Adams. Robert Amison. John Badger. Elizabeth Baker. Elsie L. Baker. Marjorie Baker. Mary Lol. Laic Ball. Dorothy Lakeland. Ha. DeLand. Fla. DeLand. Fla. Parkeryburg. W. Ya. Greenville. S. C. Clearwater. Fla. Clearwater. Fla. St. Petersburg. Fla. Zeta Tau Alp Bennett. Norman BlSSETT. KaTHERINE Delta Delta Delta Daytona Beach. Fla. Harrod»bur£. Kv. -4 45 )j- JUNIOR CLASS otts, Truman DeLand, Fla. rown, Mary Pi Beta Phi DeLand, Fla. Bushnell, Robert, Law Sigma Nu Cacni, Raymond Pi Kappa Phi Virginia, Minn. Pittsburgh, Pa. Carpenter, Royce DeLand, Fla. Champ, Margaret Mt. Dora, Fla. Alpha Xi Delta Clonts, J. Emmett Oakland, Fla. Colbert, Helen Sanford, Fla. Cudmore, Douglas L. Virginia, Minn. Dassler, Harold A. Hawthorn, N. Y. Delta Sigma Phi - • { 46 JUNIOR CLASS Dean, Lucile Eustis, Fla. Delta Delta Delta Dede, Doris Apopka, Fla. Dickson, James Yonngstown, Ohio Sigma Nu Decatur, 111. Doolan, Paul Dowling, Mariam Dlke, Estelle St. Petersburg, Fla. Tampa, Fla. Alpha Xi Delta Edge, Findley Eriksen, Ohse Albany, Ga. Orange City, Fla. Faircloth, Neal, Law Pi Kappa Phi Frison, Donald Quincy, Fla. DeLand, Fla. 4 47 }■ - k JUNIOR CLASS Furlong, Edward Gardner, Sadie Rae Morgantown, W. Va. St. Petersburg, Fla. Pi Beta Phi Graham, Dorothy Hall, Bennett DeLand, Fla. Mt. Dora, Fla. Hall, Fayette Hammer, Lola Pi Beta Phi Mt. Dora, Fla. DeLand, Fla. Harnage, Clyde Hartseield, Lawrence Lake Monroe, Fla. Eastman, Ga. Hawkins, Ann Gainesville, Fla. Delta Delta Delta Hazlett, Curry Springfield, 111. -4 48 f JUNIOR CLASS Henderson, Lowell Heney, John J. Bedford, Intl. DeLand, Fla. Hill, Vernon New Smyrna, Fla. Holland, Robert, Law Miami Beach, Fla. Delta Sigma Phi Hooker, Dorothy Chosen, Fla. Pi Beta Phi Houghton, William Mulberry, Fla. Hudson, Mary Titusville, Fla. Zeta Tau Alpha Johnson, Albert, Law Smithport, Pa. Kappa Alpha Kenton, Gaylord, Law Lake Worth, Fla. Pi Kappa Phi Kirkland, Thomas Tulsa, Okla Pi Kappa Phi 4 49 fr- JUNIOR CLASS Knight, Landis Vero Beacli, Fla. Delta Sigma Phi Knox, Reed DeLand, Fla. Delta Sigma Phi Kummer. Theresa Christine Winter Park, Fla. Lang, David St. Cloud, Fla. Delta Sigma Phi Laufer. Paul Locke. Durwood Miami, Fla. Ponce de Leon, Fla. Lord, Mary Ellen Orlando, Fla. Pi Beta Phi McCary, Margie DeLand, Fla. McLaughlin, Alice Dayton, Ohio Delta Delta Delta McLeod. Eldon, Imh Apalachioola, Fla. JUNIOR CLASS Martin, Katherine Apopka, Fla. Delta Delta Delta Meeks, Valjean Ocilla, Ga. Pi Kappa Phi Merritt, Ruth Panama City, Fk Zeta Tau Alpha Miley, Kathryn Newton, Miss Minehart, Frank Morrow, Fuzabeth Ann Youngstown, Ohio Shreveport, Fa. Mountain, Julian Pierson, Fla. Nelson, Edward, Law DeLand, Fla. Oaks, Harrison Greenville, Fla. Offutt, Richard Chicago, 111. Sigma Nu i 51 }:,- JUNIOR CLASS Ogilvie, Frances DeLand, Fla. Pi Beta Phi Pawley, Lloyd C. DeLand, Fla. Pi Kappa Phi Pizzo, Anthony Tampa, Fla. Pope. Stella Lacoochee, Fla. Zeta Tau Alpha Powe, Robert, Law DeLand, Fla. Sigma Nu Riley. Henry Sparta, Ky. Russell. Woodrow DeLand, Fla. Sage, Ora George DeLand, Fla. Sample. Wm. Raymond DeLand, Fla. Delta Sigma Phi Schurr, George DeLand, Fla. Delta Sigma Phi { 52 )§►- J I I O II CLASS Shepard. Evelyn Sheppard. C. R. M.. Law Delta Sigma Phi New Orleans. La. DeLan.l. Ha. Simms, Richard Slaughter. William Snelling , James Stevens. C. Jeanette Strickland. Froay Taylor. Lolise Thornton. Natalie Underhill. Elmore ){ 53 ) Columbus. Ohio Paola. Ela. Leesburg. Fla. Orlando. Fla. S " " - J Starke. Fla. ero Beach. Fla. Potter Valley, I al. Barher ille. Fla. JUNIOR CLASS Warren. Wm. Edward. Laic South Hill, Va. Webb. Helene DeLand, Fla. Alpha Xi Delta Webster. J. Allen St. Cloud, Fla. West, Mary Elizabeth Otter Creek, Fla. Wilson, Hughes, Law New York, N. Y. Sigma Nu Wongrey, Paul, Law Okeechobee, Fla. Woodfill, James Sigma Nu Greensburg, Ind. Wooten, Frances Daytona Beach, Fla. Zeta Tau Alpha i NG, Bernice Young, Robert, Law Lake City, Fla. Lake Monroe, Fla. Pi Kappa Phi €| 54 fa - HEP . ? m$s£ Sophomores SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President, Lyndol Warren, Miami, Fla. Delta Sigma Phi Vice President, Kathleen Mercer, DeLand, Fla. Delta Delta Delta Secretary, Josephine Osborne, Umatilla, Fla. Zeta Tan Alpha Treasurer, Jane McCarty, Mt. Dora, Fla. Pi Beta Phi -4 56 }: - SOPHOMORE CLASS Adcock, Robert St. Petersburg, Fla. Sigma I u Anderson. Raleigh Titusville, Fla. Anderson. Robert, Law Park Ridge, 111. Sigma Nu Archer, Ruth Arrincton, Edith Baxter, Mary Okeechobee, Fla. Tavares, Fla. Arcadia, Fla. Bennett, Alzada Center Harbor, N. H. Delta Delta Delta Booth, Carmen Avon Park, Fla. Delta Delta Delta Booth, Gordon St. Petersburg, Fla. Booth, James St. Petersburg, Fla. Boyles, Clifford Callahan, Fla. Brandon, Mary Louise Lake Helen, Fla. Brantley, Clovts Mt. Dora, Fla. Brooking, Mary Emma Gainesville, Fla. Broward, Sidney Jacksonville, Fla. Sigma Nu Brownell, Daphne DeLand, Fla. Zeta Tau Alpha Burkhard, Corinne Orlando, Fla. Burton, Mavis DeLand, Fla. Delta Delta Delta 57 }• •- SOPHOMORE CLASS Bushnell, Pearl Butler, Charles Byrd, La Verne DeLand, Fla. Montverde, Fla. Jacksonville, Fla. Pi Beta Phi Gazer, Marvel DeLand, Fla. Ceely, William, Law DeLand, Fla. Pi Kappa Phi Cobb, Charles Miami, Fla. Delta Sigma Phi Cobb, Tom, Law Daytona Beach, Fla. Coen, Mary Avon Park, Fla. Compton, Jack Orlando, Fla. Delta Sigma Phi Conley, Mary Evelyn Paintsville, Ky. Delta Delta Delta Cooper, James Titusville, Fla. Pi Kappa Phi Craig, Raymond DeLand, Fla. Crawford, Grady, Law DeLand, Fla. Crosby, Willa Mae Citra, Fla. Pi Beta Phi Culp, Margaret Elizabeth DeLand, Fla. Darden, Woodrow Titusville, Fla. Davidson, James Orlando, Fla. Dams, Mar.jorie Pi Beta Phi Miami, Fla. -4 58 }; SOPHOMORE CLASS Davis R. Antoinette DeLand, Fla. Davis, Stanley Wolcott, Kansas Sigma Nu De BlOIS, Ruth Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Dekle, Hal Marianna, Fla. Pi Kappa Phi DeLorenzi, Joe Clearwater, Fla. Sigma Nu Dentler, Ruth DeLand, Fla. Dorrance, Eloise DeLand, Fla. Dossey, James Sanford, Fla. Durrance, Brents Avon Park, Fla. Durrance, Rodney, Law Avon Park, Fla. Edwards, Margueret DeLand, Fla. Ezell. Carroll DeLand, Fla. Pi Kappa Phi Farrar, Cornelia L. DeLand, Fla. Fearnley, Joe, Law Lake Worth, Fla. Finkell, J. Wendell Daytona Beach, Fla. Fitzgerald, Frederick C. Law Daytona Beach, Fla. Pi Kappa Phi Fletcher, Jean Foy, Joseph -4 59 }! - Lake Helen, Fla. Greensboro, N. C. Sigma Nu BP - SOPHOMORE CLASS Freeman, Ruth DeLand, Fla. Gaddis, Mary Louise Miami, Fla. Geneau, Marie Chicago, 111. Zeta Tau Alpha Gifford, Helen A. DeLand, Fla. Gifford, La Verne I. DeLand, Fla. GlLMORE, Sarafrance Orlando, Fla. Gillespie, Graham Tavares, Fla. Godbold, David H. Gifford, Fla. Delta Sigma Phi Gore, Jack Oak Park, 111. Sigma Nu GOWER, Jean Mt. Vernon, Ohio Alpha Xi Delta Grajvberry, Robert Gaffney, S. C. Gressanc, Harry DeLand, Fla. Delta Sigma Phi II VLL, X . T., Jr. Leeshurg, Fla. Pi Kappa Phi II USPER, H VRMOIN Pierson, Fla. II OLDER, Frances Arcadia, Fla. Hi LBERT, Carl New Smyrna, Fla. Pi Kappa Phi Hull, Fredrick Danbury, Conn. Hi mmel, Hi hi Philadelphia, Pa. Zeta Tau Alpha 4 ' • ; » SOPHOMORE CLASS Humphreys, Thomas Youngstown, 0. Hunter, Ward Jasper, Fla. Pi Kappa Phi Hutchinson, Margret Bonifay, Florida Jelks, Kathryn Lakeland, Florida Alpha Xi Delta Jerger, Harry St. Petersburg, Fla. Johnson, Helen DeLand, Fla. Delta Delta Delta Jones, Joseph Cottondale, Fla. Jones, Winston Cumberland, Md. Delta Sigma Phi Kesler, Marion Umatilla, Fla. Krause, June Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Alpha Xi Delta Lawry, Jeannette Valdosta, Virginia Pi Beta Phi Lewis, Elizabeth May Lake Placid, Fla. Linson, Elizabeth Sarah DeLand, Fla. Linsoim, Robert, Law DeLand, Fla. Sigma Nu Loomis, Emily P. Avon Park, Fla. Pi Beta Phi Lovvery, Harris Stuart, Fla. Sigma Nu Lumpkin, Jimmie Jacksonville, Fla. McCall, John Madison, Fla. ■ { 61 ) - SOPHOMORE CLASS McClelland, George Sanford, Fla. Pi Kappa Phi McEntire, Paul, Law Dade City, Fla. Delta Sigma Phi MacMillan, Neil Orange City, Fla. Machen, Myra W. DeLand, Fla. Delta Delta Delta Madden, Doris Eagle Lake, Fla. Zeta Tau Alpha Mason, Ed Lee Miami, Fla. Delta Sigma Phi Masse y. Jean Orlando, Fla. Macey, Hlgh Sebring, Fla. Mays, Marjorie C. Washington, D. C. Meadows, James Ocala, Fla. Delta Sigma Phi MlDDLETON, Elwyn, Lair Pomona, Fla. Pi Kappa Phi Miller, Arvil Lakeland. Fla. Miller. Fred Ponee de Leon. Fla. DeLand, Fla. Morris. Roberta Delta Delta Delta Moscrip, George Chicago, 111. Sigma Nu Newett, Harry Nichols, George Nigels, Roberta Leesburg, Fla. Jacksonville. Fla. Dunedin, Fla. - 4 62 |» SOPHOMORE CLASS Odum, Ralph, Law Lakeland, Fla. Olliff, Frances Wauchula, Fla. Zeta Tan Alpha Olliphant, Harvey Jacksonville. Fla. Sigma Nu Orum, Ruth Pittsburgh, Pa. Pi Beta Phi Owens, Mildred Umatilla, Fla. Parker, Oscar New Smyrna, Fla. Sigma Nu Parsons, Jane DeLand, Fla. Pendercast, Philip Miami, Fla. Perkins, Ella May Williston, Fla. Phenicie, Russell, Law Montgomery, Mich. Pridgeon, Verdie Lou Arcadia, Fla. Raidle, Roy, Law Lake Worth, Fla. Sigma Nu Randall, Elaine Louise Daytona Beach, Fla. Rehbaum, Alfred W., Jr. Mt. Dora, Fla. Rigcio, Bennie Tampa, Fla. Robertson, Arthur, Law Jacksonville, Fla. Robinson, Lloyd Daytona Beach, Fla. Rosecrans, Constance Blairstown, N. J. Delta Delta Delta SOPHOMORE CLASS Ross, Prudence Williston, Fla. Zeta Tau Alpha Rowe. Wilton Orlando, Fla. Sigma Nu Ryan. Stewart Youngstown, Ohio Sandlin, Leon, Law Jasper, Fla. Pi Kappa Phi Sandusky. Elizabeth Arcadia, Fla Sapp, Effie Lee Arcadia, Fla. Sawyer, Betty Jane DeLand, Fla. Zeta Tau Alpha Schick, George DeLand, Fla. Sigma Nu Schroeder. Francis Ryan, Iowa Delta Sigma Phi Scurlock, Robert Lynn Haven, Fla. Seashole, John Jacksonville. Fla. Pi Kappa Phi Smith. Alice DeLand, Fla. Pi Beta Phi Smith, Francis DeLand. Fla. Smith, Millard Pensacola, Fla. Solomon, William H., Law. Jacksonville. Fla. Sigma Nu Southerland, James Wauchula, Fla. Spear. Lester Coshocton, Ohio Sterzexbach. Joy Dayton, Ohio Pi Beta Phi Stoltenberc, Helen Belle Glade, Ha. Pi Beta Phi -Hg( )4 fa SOPIIOMOKE CLASS Stone. James Bristol. Va. Sigma N u c» rz» Stonecipher, Melton Miami. Fla. Delta Sigma Phi Strickland. Edwin Lake Wales, Fla. Pi Kappa Phi Strong. Donald Jacksonville, Fla. Sigma Nil Am SWANSON, (,l STAV Jacksom ille, Fla. Talton. ( Catherine Apopka. Fla. Delta Delt! i Delta Thacker. Lois Kissiminee. Fla. Pi Beta Phi Todaro, Henry Turner, Vernon Newark, X. J Homestead. Fla Sigma Xu Vann, Harold Miami, Fla. Walker. Christine Sarasota, Fla. WaSHBURNE, Carlotta Ormond. Fla. Alpha Xi Delta Webber. Elnice Eustis. Fla. Wells. Mae Elizabeth Mt. Olivet , Ky. Wilson, Fred Miami. Fla. Delta Sigma Phi Wilson. William Jaeksonville, Fla. Winn, Josephine Miami. , Fla Pi Beta Phi Wolfe, Alice Ft. Lamlenlale. Fla. Alpha Xi Delta York. Dorothy Pahokee. Fla. - §{ 65 )§ •■ a r o K A P H Freshmen FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President, Oliver J. Taylor, Bristol, Va. Sigma Nu ice President, Rosemary Ohler, Dayton, Ohio Delta Delta Delta Secretary, FRANCES (ioE, Lakeland, Fla. Treasurer, MaRJORIE LaNIER, Ocala, Fla. Pi Beta Phi g[ 68 };. FRESHMAN CLASS Adair, Emily Jacksonville, Fla. Zeta Tan Alpha AhleRS, Grace Dayton, Ohio Pi Beta Phi Alexander, Betty Lou Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Delta Delta Delta Alexander, Harriet DeLand, Fla. Anderson, Fa ye Miami, Fla. Pi Beta Phi Ancell, Roy Miami, Fla. Delta Sigma Phi Ansley, Ann Decatur, Ga. Delta Delta Delta Anz, Elena Endicott, N. Y. Delta Delta Delta Arnold, Lynwood Jacksonville, Fla. Pi Kappa Phi Auvil, Mary Dade City, Fla. Delta Delta Delta Baker, Leo Pierson, Fla. Baldwin, Arthur DeLand, Fla. Delta Sigma Phi Barnett, Marvin Jacksonville, Fla. Barnhill, Willis DeLeon, Fla. Barrow, Louis Pensacola, Fla. Bass, Helen Daytona Beach, Fla. Pi Beta Phi Bass, Lucile Kissimmee, Fla. Beckley, Carlton Jacksonville, Fla. Sigma Nu Blount, Barbara DeLand, Fla. Bobbitt, Lewis Leesburg, Fla. Sigma Nu Bolten, Elinor West Palm Beach, Fla. Alpha Xi Delta Bradshaw, Donald DeLand, Fla. Brendel, Rudolph Brookyln, N. Y. Delta Sigma Phi Brockett, Ann Titusville, Fla. Zeta Tau Alpha Broome, Alene DeLand, Fla. Brown, Fred Lake Worth, Fla. Pi Kappa Phi Brown, Jane DeLand, Fla. Brown, John Tampa, Fla. Delta Sigma Phi Brown, Mildred Asheville, N. C. Alpha Xi Delta Burns, Mary Kay Dayton, Oliio Delta Delta Delta Burrow. Arthur New Smyrna, Fla. Pi Kappa Phi Byrd. Valois Mt. Olive, Mass. ■•■$ 69 )§«■ " - FRESH MAX CLASS Calkins, Joy Vero Beach, Fla. Zeta Tau Alpha Cantrill, Martha DeLand, Fla. Carlton, Leffie Wauchula, Fla. Cato, Thomas Alachua, Fla. Sigma Nu Chambers, Nora Plant City, Fla. Cheatham, Lynwood Jacksonville, Fla. Pi Kappa Phi Cicero, John Tampa, Fla. Clark, Sarah St. Petersburg, Fla. Delta Delta Delta Clonts, Charles Oviedo, Fla. Clow, Jeanette Coshocton, Ohio Delta Delta Delta Copeland, Fred Miami, Fla. Pi Kappa Phi Copenhaver, Samuel Bristol, Va. Sigma Nu Cox, Thomas Craig. William Crevasse, Mary Crowther, Frederick Montverde, Fla. DeLand, Fla. Jacksonville, Fla. Providence, R. I. Delta Sigma Phi Cunningham, Ernest Raleigh, N. C. Darst. Russell Dayton, Ohio Delta Sigma Phi Davis, Frank Oakfield, Ga. Denham. William Bartow, Fla. Dunn, Harriet Floral City, Fla. Dunstan, Ruby Leesburg, Fla. Edwards, Charlotte Orlando, Fla. Edwards, Jack Crystal Beach, Canada Elliott, John Lake Worth, Fla. Everts, Barbara Lake Worth, Fla. Feld, Rita Miami, Fla. Ferguson. Emmett DeLand Fla Ford, Nelson Orange City, Fla. Frazier, Fontaine DeLand, Fla. Fllford, Jessie Orlando, Fla. Caddis, Jonellen Miami, Fla. Delta Delta Delta • :{ 70 }■ ■- FRESH MAX CLASS Gause, Virginia Little Rock, Ark. Delta Delta Delta Gee, Joyce Wyandotte, Mich. Gilbert, Clarice Dade City, Fla. Glover, M r.jorie Vero Beach, Fla. Goulding, Tiielma Eustis, Fla. Grant, BlLLYE Frances Big Spring, Texas Zeta Tau Alpha Griffin, Charles Falmouth, Fla. Griffith, William DeLand, Fla. Grimball, Marguerite Sanford, Fla. Delta Delta Delta Hall, Althea Citra, Fla. Hall, Hal DeLand, Fla. Hammond, Frances St. Petersburg, Fla. Hancock, Marie Eustis, Fla. Handley, Emmaline Holopaw, Fla. Alpha Xi Delta Hansell, Leo Kissimmee, Fla. Delta Sigma Phi Harris, Marguerite Leesburg, Fla. Harvey, Marguerite Williston, Fla. Zeta Tau Alpha Henderson, Frank Benson Springs, Fla. Hill, Joseph Vero Beach, Ha. Hodges, Doris Jacksonville, Fla. Holder, Brunell DeLand, Fla. Hoyle, William Ft. Pierce, Fla. Hudcens, Helen DeLand, Fla. Huie, Edward Babson Park, Fla. Humphries, Frances Jacksonville, Fla. Huntsberry, Mary Winchester, Va. Pi Beta Phi Jameson, Sarah E. Wabasso, Fla. Zeta Tau Alpha Jensen, Marjorie Miami, Fla. Alpha Xi Delta Johns, Floy Johnson, Doris Karkeet, Lois Karns, Robert Pompano, Fla. Umatilla, Fla. Miami, Fla. DeLand, Fla. 71 } ■- FRESHMAN CLASS Karr, Anna DeLand, Fla. Kennedy. Eloise High Springs, Fla. Zeta Tail Alpha Kicklichter, Robert Port Orange, Fla. Kies, Elizabeth Elkhart, Ind. Alpha Xi Delta Kipp, Gordon DeLand, Fla. Knabb, Eloise Macclenny, Fla. Knight, Mary Ellen Vero Beach, Fla. Alpha Xi Delta Knight, Daphne . Vero Beach, Fla. Alpha Xi Delta Knorr, J. Francis Miami, Fla. KoRT, Joe West Palm Beach, Fla. Lang, Andrew St. Cloud, Fla. Larkin, Rhoda Dade City, Fla. Delta Delta Delta Larweth. Elizabeth DeLand, Fla. Latimer, Hugh Asheville, N. C. Lavender, Whitney Altoona, Fla. Lincoln, Pearle Kingwood, W. Va. Lipscomb, Imogene Perry, Fla. Locke, Hope Sarasota, Fla. Delta Delta Delta Lockwood, Franklin DeLand, Fla. Lovelace. William DeLand, Fla. Lunsford, JlLES Vero Beach, Fla. McClire, Marjorie Vero Beach, Fla. Delta Delta Delta McConnell, Dorothy Chattanooga, Term. Delta Delta Delta McCullough, Ralph Oak Hill, Fla. McDaniel, Lola McGavock, Margaret McGavock, Mary MacMillan. George New Smyrna, Fla. Columbia, Tenn. Columbia, Tenn. Lakewood, N. J. MacShea, John Rochester, N. Y. Magenheim, Milton New York, N. Y. Maier, H. Paul Griffin, Ind. Pi Kappi Phi Marsh, Frederick Waynesville, N. C. Delta Sigma Phi -Hg| 72 } I It : Ml MAX CLASS Martin, Hamilton DeLand, Fla. M URTIN, INEZ DeLand. Fla. Martin, Kathleen Monticello, Fla. Zeta Tan Alpha MARTINO, Angelo Tampa. Fla. MASSET, jOT Orlando. Fla. Delta Delta Delta Mathis, Alex Dothan, Ala. MATHIS, JEAXETTE Dotlian. Ala. Merkhofer. I a St. Petersburg, Fla. Metcalf. Martha Ocala, Fla Delta Delta Delta Minarik, Joe Sanford, Fla. Moore, Alice Laurel, Neb. Moores. William Holopaw, Fla. Delta Sigma Phi Morris. Warren T. Winter Haven, Fla. MoSLET, Fr (.k Tavares, Fla. Mollton. Rlby Cross City, Fla. Nicholson. Elizabeth DeLand, Fla. Norwood. Call Titusville. Fla. O ' Dell. James . Oxford. Fla. Sipna u Ootholt. Helen DeLand, Fla. Osborn. Ruth Dade City, Fla. Osgood. Martha Duxburv. Mass. Alpha Xi Delta Owens, Fred DeLand. Fla. Palmer. Ethel Sanford. Fla. Parker. Harri Montfiomerv, Ala. Parker. Thomas Eustis. Fla. Payne. Joe DeLand. Fla. Perret. Mildred DeLand. Fla. Delta Delta Delta PlETSCHKER. H AROLD ArniOIlk, X. Y. Delta Sijima Phi Pitkin. Martha Safety Harbor. Fla. Pollock, Lois Davtona Beach. Fla. Alpha Xi Delta Polski. Joseph Eveleth. Minn. Sigma Nn Pope. Dorothy Sanford. Fla. Pi Beta Phi - 73 | - FRESH MAX CLASS Preston, Lillian Preston, Thelma Price, James Prince, Orrin Orlando, Fla. Orlando, Fla. New York, N. Y. Jacksonville, Fla. Sigma Nu Remington, Tom Orlando, Fla. Roberts. Roy Lake Wales, Fla. Robinson, Elizabeth Sarasota, Fla. Zeta Tau Alpha Rockey, Doris Sanford, Fla. Rovve, Kathleen St. Petersburg, Fla. Rowland, Jean Daytona Beach, Fla. Delta Delta Delta Rummell, Richard Cocoa, Fla. Sauls, Richard West Palm Beach, Fla. Delta Sigma Phi Sawyer, Clifford DeLand, Fla. Sawyer, J. D. Middletown, Ohio Schaefer, Vincent Indianapolis, Ind. Pi Kappa Phi Schneider, Dorothy DeLand, Fla. Scott, Dan Ft. Pierce, Fla. Delta Sigma Phi Sessoms, Martha Cogdell, Ga. Pi Beta Phi Shelton, James Roy Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Delta Sigma Phi Shuler, Arthur Hosford, Fla. Delta Sigma Phi Simms, Marguerite Tavares, Fla. Slaughter, Henry Paola, Fla. Smith, Lanier Daytona Beach, Fla. Pi Kappa Phi Smith, Jean Mt. Dora, Fla. Delta Delta Delta Smith, Norma Emporia, Fla. Smith, Wallace DeLand, Fla. Snyder. Jack Beaver, Pa. Delta Sigma Phi Snyder, Winifred DeLand, Fla. Socash, Mary Struthers, Ohio Spaulding, Virginia Coral Cables, Fla. Stafford, Ralph Orange City, Fla. Stewart, Lamont DeLand, Fla. -4S{ 74 % FRESHMAN CLASS Sullivan, Rondo Taylor. Lois TkASLKT, WlLBUR Tedder. William ngma u Frostproof, Fla. DeLand, Fla. Miami. Fla. DeLand. Fla. Thei rer. Lydia Grantwood, N. J. Alpha Xi Delta Thompkins. Milbry Wildwood, Fla. Ticker. Helen Jacksonville. Fla. Alpha Xi Delta Tvmchyk. Marion DeLand. Fla. Vance. James DeLand. Fla. Varney, Kathleen Fastis, Fla. Varni M. Eleanor Pensacola, Fla. Alpha Xi Delta WadHAMS, Mary Davtona Beach. Fla. Wager. William Titusville, Fla. Walker, Helen Selma. Ohio Alpha Xi Delta Walker. Lois Homestead. Fla. Walkup, Edwin Mcintosh. Fla. Walters. Hugh Jacksonville. Fla. Weaver. Robert Jacksonville, Fla. Sigma Nu Webb. Relda Auburndale, Fla. Weimert. Rhoda Buffalo. N. Y. Alpha Xi Delta Wells. Mary Frances DeLand. Fla. Wells. Matryd Arcadia. Fla. Delta Delta Delta We.ngate. Pauline Rome. N. Y. Wente. Jane Cincinnati. Ohio Delta Delta Delta Westphal. Marie Jacksonville. Fla. White. Katherlne Sanford. Fla. Delta Delta Delta Williams, Jack Williams, Fla. Willis. Dorothy Longvood. Fla. Wilson. Wilborn Okeechobee. Fla. Wolfe. Billy St. Petersburg. Fla. Wood. Charles Miami. Fla. Pi Kappa Phi Wright. Betty DeLand. Fla. Tim •4 75 £-- i I J SPECIAL STUDENTS Adams, Archie Fowler DeLand, Fla. Franklin, Samuel Henry Atlanta, Ga. Golding, Helene R. DeLand, Fla. Lipscomb, Frank M. Perry, Fla. McLarty, Sara Maxine Daytona Beach, Fla. Pi Beta Phi Neblett, John DeLand, Fla. Delta Sigma Phi Pyne, Grafton Bernardsville, N. J. Reeves, Margaret C. DeLand, Fla. Schick, August Loomis DeLand, Fla. Sigma Nu Sherman, Lyle Bernard DeLand, Fla. Smiley, Doris Minnewaska, N. Y. Spearman, Mary Harper Habana, Cuba -4 76 f mr : $H 3d lit ft ' ) : , I s w m 14 I 1 1 ■ 1 ■ iLw j ■ 1 S 11:1 fi ' ; 8if t I. Bessie Faye Mires Campus Queen Richard R. Rranham Most Attractive Boy Jane McCarty Most Attractive Girl Lawrence Haddock Most Popular Boy Ruth Eloise Bartlett Most Popular Girl Tom Kikkland Most Athletic Boy Kathleen Sample Most Athletic Girl Edward Furlong, Jh. Most Versatile Boy Alice McLaughlin Most Versatile Girl Sidney Taylor Most Intellectual Boy .i 9f Harbara Davis Most Intellectual Girl I ' himp Wright Home ' Coming Mayor I Helen Spaulding Home-Coming Hostess Floanna Burrows May Queen Snapshots Homecoming and goings on — That ' s Tony, folks, not Cab Calloway — The hand flees before the Bear Wallow aggregation, who take the prize in the undress parade — Those who believe in evolution will be disappointed to know this isn ' t a case in point, merely the deco- orating committee — Fair females on floats — Pi Phi ' s and Tri Delts with tired smiles I all except Tubby " ! — And the freshmen express their opinion of their present status I it ought not to be so bad according to the second picture — Oh for the life of the convict! I - :( 94 ( - Yr Bande in lull " Swing " — Bolton " takes off " on the " Beach of Bali Bali " , ami Dean Smith almost does from the grandstand Wchcry (or is it leap- frog? I becomes the fad of football players— The reviewing stand and Ike is unsuccessfully contra- dicted -Warren illustrates what it is to he a foot- hall hero— These Pi Kaps rest their " hrains " after copping scholastic hon- ors for the hoys ' frats — His Honor the Mayor land what makes it hon- orable) — Haddock and Schaefer don ' t show prop- er appreciation. After all it ' s not every day they get to be a Homecoming sponsor rt II, ligbt in the window for ee W illy inkey, or what have you. -•$ 95 } ■■ Largo. Death, elr. feels sorry for Woods — This is what " Burns " ' em up — Kelly doing the " Rum- ba " — Tarzan Weeks ex- plains how it ' s done, or the secret of his success, while Dazzler tries it out — Seems to he the wrong technique, Greenlaw — Preachers at play — Fur- long on the way to Chau- doin accompanied by Andy ' s ghost — The presi- dent sleeps between fire- crackers — Treachery lurks in the hushes when the Snapshot Ed. goes native. -Hg| 96 }! •• The Tri Dell moon and stars make a perfect set- ting for the work of " Cupid " Moores (oooh, these Delta Sigs! )— Come out of those hushes, Nurs- ey, somebody needs an aspirin — Diana! ?l — Morris demonstrates " chair leading " — Pi Kaps wallop Delta Sigs — Co- eds occupy " Stetson An- nex " — ■ ;. c. k. " (lui- more at work, properly chaperoned — Striek get- ting a few pointers — Ye Staff worrying about the rest of the staff. ( Annuals make you look like that, beware! t — Dan ' l Boone comes to Stetson — Fresh- man take Kenyon ' s advice on the best place to study astronomy — Miller he- roines languid. -4 97 £♦• Popular Prof? in peculiar poses — Tom at it again — Two more reasons Stet- son ' s more popular than Gainesville — Go get ' em, Brockett, you don ' t want to miss any — " He was a gay caballero " Tony and our Helen — She can Troy baton — Warren ' s tech- nique — Prof. Giffin " gif- fen " us a glare — Dekle greets the dawn — The hand follows Montgom- ery. Who wouldn ' t: ' — What, two-hour parking with no night watchmen? — Stetson brand of undi- vided attention. ■■ I 98 ; - Family groups! Poppa Jeaelc and the boys — Doc, Troy and Harris ad- vertise Conrad ' s motto ( frame of firecrackers to he donated by freshmen 1 — Andy, how could you M hold out on us? — Sunny, the human Hy — Spec does- n ' t really own that car — Rummel two-timing — Dr. Karris and Pres. Allen, popularity winners — Stet- son buses know where to stop — Hubba. the dog! — Bessie Faye being a BWOC— Mose must have gotten a letter — Doc likes fan dancing too — hen Profs take to driving trucks on the side we be- lieve that " everybody ' s truckin ' " . •4 99 K L-ty- ' .V-y.. Cupid ' s dart comes from Chaudoin way (or maybe it ' s Honey ' s " form " that does it). Hall and Marty- leave the children at home — Five Generations of Alpha Xi ' s. Find the great great grandma — Peeples and McCary dodge the candid camera — The Stetson Family makes Peanuts hold his own head, Vi ongrey look- ed grave, and Sunbeam looked for support — MAMMY! — Branham shows ' em how it ' s done — Left to right, barn, horse, Lois, horse again — Perry is sure the Pi kaps won the game - Doc just doesn ' t know. ••■ { 100 } Advertisements The CITY of DELAND offers CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS of STETSON UNIVERSITY 1937 ARTHUR C. HATCH Mayor • GRANT BLY City Manager O F. N. DeHUY S. B. WILSON CARL N. MILLER W. O. LAHRMAN Commissioners ' The Athens of Florida ' 4 102 j» MANY YEARS AGO WE were reminded that our quality was always uniform, our prices right and our reputation for fair dealing beyond question. Today these same attri ' butes are uppermost m our mind when we are planning and producing Printing Engraving Lithographing in the most Modern and Best Equipped plant in the Southeast . . specializing in Genuine Chromium Steel Engraved Graduation and Wedding Invitations and Announcements as well as Social and Business Stationery. -v This Issue 0 The Hatter X C t Was Produced in Our Plant Jl C TheH. W. B.DREW COMPANY 22-30 West Bay Street JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -3 103 fa J. F. ALLEN FURNITURE CO., Inc. 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Rooms $1.50 Up • The Place for Parents and Students to Meet South Boulevard Telephone 660 WESTINGHOUSE REFRIGERATORS . RANGES WATER HEATERS FRIERSON ' S 324 North Boulevard Phone 23 " That ' s Me " Represented by GERALD E. FRIERSON DE LAND, FLORIDA ■4 106 }; •- Compliments of Conrad Lumber Company DeLAND, FLORIDA F. N. DeHUY Jewelers and Si Iver smiths SINCE 1873 Our Congratulations and Best Wishes to the . . . Graduating Class of 1937 F. H. HAMMER, Agent STANDARD OIL CO. Logue Brothers 209 N. Boulevard DeLAND Growers Shippers FANCY FRUITS EXPRESS shipments of GIFT BOXES INSURANCE HON AGENCY, Inc 220 N. BOULEVARD Phone 455 -• { 107 Jit- BRANDON ELECTRIC COMPANY 108 E. NEW YORK AVENUE PHONE 536 NORGE APPLIANCES R. C. A. RADIOS DESK LAMPS Modern Electric Store C. J. BRANDON, Prop. •■«§( 108 )§►.•- Passport to Smartness by STETSON J or knocking about the country over a Spring week-end, there ' s no brighter choice than this new Stetson with its bound edge, wide-sweeping brim with " pie-crust " ripples. Wear it with top coat or sport clothes. Stetson Hats At Stores That Lead in Style K 109 )§ - THE BARNETT NATIONAL BANK " A Florida Landmark JACKSONVILLE . DE LAND . AVON PARK ST. AUGUSTINE . FT. LAUDERDALE COCOA Member Federal Reserve System and F. D. I. C. BEST WISHES TO STETSON UNIVERSITY AND ITS ACHIEVEMENTS The 1937 Hatter is Bound m a Gore Newspapers Gen uine Kings Kraft Cover VOLUSIA COUNTY DAYTONA BEACH SUN - RECORD NEW SMYRNA DAILY NEWS DE LAND SUN -NEWS - { 110 }:«• For HEALTH ' S Sa e USE BOOKER ' S Milk and Ice Cream IT ' S PASTEURIZED COURTEOUS SERVICE PROMPT DELIVERY 309 South Florida Avenue PHONE 583 UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT HUBERT H. JACOBS PROPRIETOR -4 111 )§•-- COMPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES OF FRIENDS Compliments of McCRORTS 5c 6? 10c STORE HEADQUARTERS FOR STUDENT SUPPLIES VISIT OUR STORE DAILY Compliments of DREKA S DEPARTMENT STORE SINCE 1878 STETSON ' S FAVORITE SHOPPING PLACE PHONE 400 DELAND, FLORIDA ■ .} 112 } - COMPLIMENTS OF Acree Motor Co., Inc. + DE LAND, FLORIDA The Court House Pharmacy, Inc. " The Store of Personal Service " JNear the Court House HEADQUARTERS FOR STETSON STUDENTS C. M. Geiger, Proprietor Telephone 5 HOTEL LEXINGTON Open All Tear COMMERCIAL AND TOURIST Frank A. Robertson Proprietor DE LAND, FLORIDA " THE " Cafeteria 2 10 North Boulevard W. BROWN JEACLE DE LAND, FLORIDA Gohn D Dykes MEN ' S SHOP FAMOUS FOR GOOD MADE-TO-MEASURE SUITS The Vogue SMART READY-TO-WEAR FOR DISTINCTIVE TASTE We Are Agents for " GAGE " HATS • Mrs. Sarah Ceely 102 No. Boulevard 113 18h- AND NOW- ' TIS A MATTER OF RECORD: This, the 1937 Edition of The Hatter " , is now a record of which we ' re proud, of friendships made, and of promises fulfilled. To the University - the Student Body and the Members of the Staff, we extend our sood wishes. It has been an honor and a privilege to work with you. TAMPA PHOTO-ENGRAVING COMPANY, INC. 109 W. ZACK STREET TAMPA, FLORIDA Hats Off to " THE HATTER " Our ' Motto : The Reading Man is The Leading Man ' ' ' Compliments of • A FRIEND We can supply any boo in print • BAPTIST BOOK STORE 216 W. Church St. Jacksonville, Fla. GOING FORWARD We congratulate Stetson on the compk ' tion of the current Academic Year. • Gas We sincerely wish good fortune to the Gradual • ing Class of 1937. • We trust that we may Electricity have the opportunity to continue to serve as we have in the past. FLORIDA PL JBLIC SERVICE CO. ■Mgj 115 )§►• FEASEL Paint and Glass Shop Paints and Glass 111 West Rich Ave. DE LAND, FLORIDA COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND LOG CABIN BARBECUE OPEN ALL NIGHT Sandwiches . Barbecues . Drin s CURB SERVICE EVERYTHING FOR THE HOME AND EACH MEMBER OF THE FAMILY E3g8Sa » JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA DeRolph Diner OPEN ALL NIGHT ONE MILE NORTH OF YOU SANDWICHES . CHILI Volusia Pharmacy " Service with a Smile " Telephone 108 DE LAND, FLORIDA -4 H6 )3 " McCormick Lumber Co. of De Land Phone 330 DE LAND, FLORIDA R. C. BUSHNELL R. S. BL ' SHNELL Bushnell 5? Bushnell MUSIC SHOP The Home of the Wurlitzer Piano EVERYTHING IN MUSIC FOR THE PROFESSIONAL AND AMATEUR • We Know Your Needs 214 N. Boulevard DELAND, FLORIDA r- Own YourjHome . ... In Florida C. H. SMITH REALTOR . RENTALS . INSURANCE Telephone 51 DE LAND, FLORIDA E. K. JONES CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER Telephone 513 ' J DE LAND -4 117 )§►- DELUXE LAUNDRY Hobnob with your Friends and at the DRY CLEANERS HOB-NOB Student Wfor a Specialty Sandwiches - Drinks SO. BLVD. DELAND North Delaware Ave. Phone 347 Across from Ball Park Compliments of V. T. BARR A FRIEND Dry Goods, Notions and Hosiery 118 N. Boulevard DeLand, Florida Compliments of FUGLE ' S DAIRY DE LAND, FLORIDA -4 118 )3» Compliments of A FRIEND Stetsonites: We offer our best wishes as you are leaving Stetson this year. When visiting your Alma Mater in future years drop in again to say hello. W. S. Allen Co. THE BUSY DRUGGISTS A HAPPY PLACE TO RECEIVE A LIBERAL EDUCATION JOHN B. STETSON UNIVERSITY DeLand, Florida LIBERAL ARTS LAW MUSIC 4g( 11 9 f AUTOGRAPHS -4 120 } - jj IV { I " N M r Coach Brady Cowell Director of Athletics Head Football Coach Coach " Chet " Freeman Assistant Director of Athletics Head Basket Ball Coach MEN ' S ATHLETIC COACHES Dick Fromhart Director of Physical Education Carl " Doc " Johnson Director of Intramurals Gordon McCalla Freshman Football Coach ' ■■ I ! u w aw i VARSITY SQUAD Stetson ' s 1936 Varsity Squad, composed largely of a group of Sophomores, did not fare any too well on the gridiron last Fall. The score hooks show that the Hatters won only two contests, tied one, and lost five. The Green and White machine registered victories over South Georgia Teacher ' s College, and Oglethorpe; defeats came at the hands of Florida, Tampa, Frskine, Rollins and Miami: a tie was gained with Union. Lack of experience was the greatest handicap that Coaches Warren " Brady " Cowell and Chet Freeman had to encounter. With only six members of this year ' s team to be lost by graduation and with much good material to come up from a great Freshman team, the Hatters are bound to make a creditable showing next Fall. SEASON ' S RECORD Stetson 12 Georgia State Stetson Florida 32 Stetson Tampa 6 Stetson 6 Erskine 12 Stetson ft Miami 20 Stetson 7 Union 7 Stetson 13 Oglethorpe 7 Stetson Rollins 13 •4 124 } •■ r ■ c? o m ' ft FRESH MAN SQUAD Last Fall. Stetson was represented by one of the greatest Freshman football teams in the history of the Institution. The Baby Hatters hatl little difficulty in annexing the Florida State Championship title as games were won over the Freshman teams of Rollins. Tampa and Florida. In an early season game, .Miami held the green shirted yearlings to a 0-0 tie. The win over Florida was the first victory ever gained by a Baby Hatter team against the young Alligators, and incidentally the game marked the first defeat suffered by a University of Florida Freshman team during the last four years. Much credit for the success of the team should be given to Coach Gordon McCalla, who proved bimself to be a master coach in developing the fine squad. THE SCHEDULE Stetson Miami Stetson 7 Rollins Stetson 26 Tampa 6 Stetson 14 Florida 6 4 125 )§ ■ 4 126 }; ••■- fl U ■ 127 fe- 4 128 } • •v ttFTTAC 3 r i - §j 129 ;: VARSITY BASKET BALL State champions! That ' s the title that Stetson ' s varsity basket hall team is the proud posses- sor of for the 19.36-37 season. The Hatters earned the State crown by twice de- feating the University of Tampa and by gaining an even split in two games with the University of Florida. The green and white cagers ended the season with fourteen wins and eight losses, a much better showing than Hatter fans had hoped for at the start of the season. Our alumni coach, " Chet " Freeman, in his second year at the helm of Stet- son ' s varsity basket ball activities, started a tough schedule with an inexperi- enced squad and finished the season with one of the best small college teams in the South. THE SCHEDULE Sparks 15 Stetson 42 Mercer 36 Stetson 28 Wofford 31 Stetson 29 Wofford 29 Stetson 34 Sparks 36 Stetson 40 Emory and Henry 36 Stetson 41 Emorv and Henry 29 Stetson 31 Florida 32 Stetson 34 Cohens 39 Stetson 38 Union College 40 Stetson 21 Union College 43 Stetson 47 Newberry 24 Stetson 28 Erskine 23 Stetson 27 Wofford 34 Stetson 35 Presbvterian 19 Stetson 16 South ' Georgia 33 Stetson 28 Millsaps College 24 Stetson 38 Millsaps College 33 Stetson 31 Florida 40 Stetson 33 Tampa 18 Stetson 19 Cohens 24 . Stetson 33 Tampa 27 Stetson 29 -4 130 fc- s i FRESHMAN BASKET BALL SQUAD Coach " Brady " Cowell had a small squad with which to work. As a whole the season ' s record did not come up to expectations, yet " Brady " discovered some able material in Shaefer, Wood, Smith, and Mathis. These boys will strengthen the Varsity for the coming year. The Freshmen defeated many- strong high school squads by large margins. Players Not Photographed Vincent Schaefer Lanier Smith ■4 131 ]g» - } 132 |§» ' tL STETSON ?? • • CLUB The Club was organized in the Pall of 1936, for the pur- pose of promoting and developing fair play anil sportsmanlike conduct; for treating a more fri endly spirit and understanding between the athletes and other students of the Universitj : for instilling in its members a desire to attain the highest type of scholarship and to promote the welfare of Stetson University in every possible way. Officers President I ice President Gordon McCalla Winston Bridges Sergeant-at-Arms Secretary 1 ' reasurer John Cudmore Perry Nichols .Sam Barber .Jlemlters Robert Anderson ii lard Anderson Dick Branham Charles Butler Raymond Cacni Em me it Clonts Br dy Cow ell James Dickson Pall Doolen Rodney Duhrance Findi.ey Edge Chet Freeman Edward Furlong Carl Johnson Tom Kirkland David Lang James Martin Frank Minehart Stewart Ryan Gus Swanson Li NDOL V RHEN Paul onchey Other Lettei ' Men Charles Cobb Don Prison Hall Goduoi.t Ed Mason George McClelland -«g| 138 p- I lit ■ ' . ' Mil III. lis MANAGERS: Director Johnson Major Sports Pawley Minor Sports Dassler Recorder Solomon Sigma Nu Gore I ' i Kaps Younc Conrad Combs Ministers Folds Stetson Snellincs Delta Sigs Dassler ft inner of Ping Pong Sigma Nu Cowart, If mih. i-.. Gore ft inner of Horseshoe Delta Sigs Moores and Schurr If inner of Touch Football Pi Kappa Phi Younc, Smith, Cheatham, Arnold, Schaefer, Woods, Cacni I) inner of Handball Stetson Hall If inner of Basket Ball and Volley Ball Delta Simula Plii ■ { 134 {« Golf Team Robert Anderson, George Brown, James Stone, Joseph DeLorenzi Tennis Team George Schurr, David Godbold, Vernon Turn er, Jack Gore, Harris Lowery, Harold Dassler. Robert Linson, Tom Kirkland Nelle Burch Campbell Director of Physical Education for Women WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC COACHES Sara Staff Instructor of Physical Education Carrol Peeples Assistant Instructor of Physical Education and Teacher of Dance Kathleen Sample Assistant Instructor of Physical Education 4 136 WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Officers Kathleen Sample President Mary Ellen Lord Vice President Roberta Morris Secretary June Krause Treasurer Lois Thacker Recorder of Points The purpose of the W. A. A. is not only to develop good sportsmanship, leadership, and physical skills, but also to further soeial aims and attitudes among the girls of Stetson University. The organization does not center its attention upon a few who are outstanding in athletics, but encourages all who have an interest in sports to participate in an intramural program. Seven shields of wood and bronze representing basket ball, volley ball, base- ball, badminton, ping-pong, archery and tennis are to be awarded to the sorority or non-fraternity team that excells in the respective sports. A cup will be received by the girl who has proven to be the best all around athlete. Graftin Pyne has graciously given a loving cup that is to be presented each year to the winner of the horse show. The W. A. A. has initiated a high school play day that will become an annual event. By living up to a set standard and passing many tests, so earning requisite points a girl may become eligible for membership into the " S " club. -4 137 } •■ The omen ' s Physical education department has heen making great strides forward under tile en- thusiastic guidance of the competent staff. All phases of sports, hoth in- door and outdoor, are stressed and on several occasions the girls have publicly exhibited their skill in archery, basket ball, swimming, badmin- ton, tennis, ping pong, and field hockey. Inter est has been stimulated through field meets, the annual May Day Festival, and W. A. A. -4 138 $ t ' Secretary Alice McLaughlin President William Solomon Vice President Jane McCarty Treasurer Betty Jane Sawyer INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES Fuller Mires Jelks Hawkins Martin Crosby Lord Alderman Osborne Knox Taylor Weeks Faircloth Hulbert Minton Raidle Wilson J ff " Wttm President Carl Weeks Vice President George Leonard Secretary Reed Knox Treasurer Landis Knight Historian James Meadows DELTA SIGMA PHI Founded at College City of New York, 1899 Alpha Chi Chapter Established 1898; Founded 1925 Colors — Nile Green and White Flower — White Carnation Dr. Robert Allen Donald Faulkner Roy Angel Russell Darst Harold Dassler Jack Compton Leroy Elledge Harry Gressang Landis Knight Reed Knox CHAPTER MEMRERS In Facilitate Dr. Harry Garwood John Neblett Lewis Tribble In Umiversitate George Leonard Paul McEntire James Meadows John Neblett Harold Pietschker William Sample Arthur Schuler George Schurr C. R. M. Sheppard Richard Simpson William Stonecipher Sidney Taylor Walter Taylor Carl Weeks Fred Wilson Paul Wongrey Richard Baldwin Leslie Biggs John Brown Ralph Brendell Leffie Carlton Charles Cobb Fred Crowther Pledges Hall Godbold Leo Hansel Winston Jones David Lang Ed Mason William Moores Call Norwood Richard Sauls Francis Schroder Dan Scott Roy Shelton Jack Snyder Lyndol Warren •••■si 142 }§■••• Roy Angel Jack Compton Rt ssell Darst Harold Dasslek Harold Gressanc Paul McEntire John Neblett Harold Pietschker William Sample Arthur Schller George Schlrr C. R. M. Sheppard m k th 143 i Richard Simpson ■ William Stonecipher ' = ( t H Sidney Taylor | , A. i ll A ' ■ I A ( m f ■ Fred Wj Pall W [LSON ONCREY i , n «•»• : f r Archc Pkrry Nichols Treasurer Robert Young Secretary Carl Hllbert P I KAPPA PHI Founded at the College of Charleston, 1904 Chi Chapter Established 1921 Colors — Gold and White Flower— Red Rose Dr. W. E. Duckwitz M. J. Bot TERSE Richard Branham Raymond Cagm William Ceely James Cooper Malcolm Day Carroll Ezell Ltnwood Arnold Fred Brown Arthur Burrows Lyptwood Cheatham CHAPTER MEMBERS In Facilitate Carl Johnson Harold Giffin 7»i Universitate Neal Faircloth Fred Fitzgerald R. B. Hall Carl Hulbert Ward Hunter Gaylord Kenyon Hill Lewis Pledges Tom Kirkland George McClelland Valjean Meeks Elwyn Middleton J. D. Sawyer Chester Freeman Pall Maier Jennings Minton Perry Nichols Lloyd Paw ley Leon Sandlin John Seashole Robert Young Vincent Schaefer Lanier Smith Edwin Strickland Charles Wood -4_ 144 }l« Richard Braniiam Raymond Cagni William Ceely James Cooper Malcolm Day Carrol Ezell Neal Faircloth Fredrick Fitzgerald R. B. Hall Gaylord Ken yon Jennings Minton John Seashole m. j. bolterse Thomas Kirkland Paul Maier Winston Briih.f.s Ltnwood Arnold Fred Brown Arthur Burrows Lynwood Cheatham Fred Copeland Troy Hall George McClelland Elwin Middleton Vincent Schaefer Lamer Smith Edwin Strickland Charles Wood i ■4 145 }• •- Commander William Solomon L . Commander Royal K utile Sentinel Hughes ilson Marshal Joe De Lorenzi Chaplain James Stone G M A N IT Founded at Virginia Military Institute 1869 Delta Mu Chapter Established 1913 Colors — Black, White and Gold Flower — White Rose CHAPTER MEMBERS lit Favultate Louis Marvin Norman Abbott Robert Adcock Carlton Beckley Sidney Broward George Brown Cecil Cowart John Cudmore Joe DeLoren .i Jack Gore Robert Anderson Lewis Bobbitt Robert Bushnell Tam Cato s. t. copenhaver Douglas Cudmore In I nivevsitate Edwin Gustafson Robert Linson Gordon McCalla George Moscrip Lalris Nichols Richard Uffutt Robert Powe Roy Raidle Pledges Stanley Davis James Dickson Joe Foy William Harris Harris Lowery Wilton Rowe August Schick George Schick William Solomon James Stone Oliver Taylor Robert Weaver Hughes Wilson James Woodfill James O ' Deu. Harvey Olliphant Joe Polski Orrin Prince Donald Strong Vernon Turner ■4 146 )§►•- ; 14: ► Norman Abbott Robert Adcock Sidney Broward Geor(;e Brown John Cidmore L - cy o 4 i.- k k Robert Linson Gordon McCalla George Moscrip Richard Offutt Wilton Rowe August Schick George .Schick Oliver Taylor Robert Weaver James Woodfii k Secretary Katherine Jelks m President Bessie Faye Mires Vice President Ruth Murphy Treasurer Lois Pollock ALPHA XI DELTA Founded at Lombard College 1888 Omega Chapter Established May 31, 1917 Colors — Double Blue and Gold Flower — Killarnev Rose Olga Bo wen Kith E. Bartlett Mildred Brow Henriette Bin w i Peggy Champ Estelle Duke Dorothy Fuller Virginia Cifein Jean Cower Elinor Bolton Emm w.i e Handily Mabjorie Jensen CHAPTER MEMBERS In Facilitate Mary Tribble Lowry W ii.i.ik Dee Willian In L nil ersilate Margaret Japour I vthryn Jelks Daphne Knight Mary Ella Knight J i ne Krause Martha McConnell ( iORNELIA McR E Bessie Faye Mires Pledges Elizabeth Kies Martha Osgood Rlth Murphy Roberta Orcutt Lois Pollock Lydia Theurer Helen Walker Carlotta Washburn Helene Webb Alice Wolfe Helen Tucker Eleanor Varnum Rhoda Weimert ■4 148 } - Ruth E. Bartlett Elinor Bolten Mildred Brown Peggy Champ Estelle Duke Dorothy Fuller Virginia Giffin Jean Gower Emmaline Handley Margaret Japour Elizabeth Kies Daphne Knight Mary Ella Knight June Krause Martha McConnell Roberta Orcutt Martha Osgood Lydia Theurer Helen Tucker Eleanor Varnum Helen Walker Carlotta Washburn Helene Webb Rhoda Weimert Willie Dee Willian Alice Wolfe 149 }i Secretary Roberta Morris President Alice McLaughlin I ice President Alzada Bennett Treasurer Carmen Booth J te DELTA DELTA DELTA Founded at Boston University 1888 Alpha Delta Chapter Established May 17, 1913 Colors — Silver, Gold and Blue Flower — Pansv Curtis C. Horn CHAPTER MEMBERS In Facilitate Sara Staff Betty Lou Alexander Elena Anz Mary Auvil Alzada Bennett Katherine Bissett Carmen Booth Mavis Burton Sarah E. Clark Jeanette Clow Mary Evelyn Conlei Lucille Dean In Universitate Jonellen Caddis Mary Louise Caddis Ann Hawkins Marguerite Hayes Lanora Ingram Helen Johnson Myra Machen Amy Massey Jean Massey - Katherine Martin Marjorie McClure Alice McLaughlin Kathleen Mercer Martha Metcalf Roberta Morris Rosemary Ohler Susanne Penney Mildred Perret Constance Rosecrans Jean Smith Katherine Talton Ann Ansley Mary Kay Bi h s Mildred Eudaly Virginia Cause Pledges Peggy Grimball Esther Hick Rhoda Jay Larkin Hope Locke Dorothy McConnell Gene Rowland Matryd Wells Jane Wente Katherine White ]{ 150 p Betty Lou Alexander Ann Ansley Lee Anz Mary Ai ml Katherine Bissett Mary Kay Burns Mavis Burton Sarah Elizabeth Clark Jeanette Clow Mary Evelyn Conlet Lucille Dean Jonellen Caddis Virginia Cause Pegcy Grimball Anne Hawkins Lanora Ingram Helen Johnson Rhoda Jay Larkin Hope Locke Myra Machen Katherine Martin Amy Massey Marjorie McClure Katherine Mercer Martha Metcalf Rosemary Ohler Susanne Penney Mildred Perret Constance Rosecrans Gene Rowland Jean Smith Katherine Talton Matryd Wells Jane Wente Kitty White -4 151 } ■- Secretary Jank McCarty President Dorothy Hooker i e President Prances Ocilvie Treasurer Mary Brown P I BETA PHI Colors- Founded at Monmouth College, 1867 Florida Chapter Established January 30, 1913 Vine and Silver Blue Flower — Wine Carnation CHAPTER MEMBERS Nelle Campbell Marjorie Andrews Wilma Broward Mary Brown La Verne Byrd Helen May Christian Willa Mae Crosby Marjorie Davis Sadie Rae Gardner " Deceased In Facilitate In Umivevsitate Dorothy Haines Lola Hammer Dorothy Hooker Mary K. Huntsberry Marjorie Lanier Patsy Loomis Mary Ellen Lord Jane McCarty Annie Nadine H olden Frances Ogilvie Ruth Orum Dorothy Pope Martha Sessoms Alice Smith Helen Spallding Helen Stoltenberg Lois Th acker Grace Ahlers Faye Anderson Pledges Helen Bass Barbara Hurd Barbara Moore •■»:} 132 } ■ Grace Ami us Faye Amikiisiin Helen Bass Wilma Broward La Verne Byrd Nelle Campbell Helen May Christi Willa Mae Crosby Marjorie Davis Sadie Rae Gardner Dorothy Haines Lola Hammer Mary K. Huntsberry Marjorie Lanier Patsy Loomis Mary Ellen Lord Ruth Orum Dorothy Lope Martha Sessoms Alice Smith Helen Spalilding Joy Sterzenback Helen Stoltenberi Lois Thacker Josephine Winn L53 } Secretary Floanna Burrows President (Ilaudia Osborne f ice President Anne Goixnick Treasurer Mary Hudson ZETA TAU ALPHA Founded at Virginia State Normal 1898 Beta Psi Chapter Established October 12, 19.34 Colors — Turquoise Blue and Steel Grey FLOWER — White I iulet Etter Turner Emily Adair Edna Alderman Dorothy Ball Ann Brockett Daphne Brownell Floanna Burrows Marie Geneau Lucille Bass Ruth Collette Tony Davis CHAPTER MEMBERS In Facilitate In Universitate Anne Gollnick Mary Hudson Ruth Hummel Elizabeth Jamison Eloise Kennedy Doris Madden Ruth Merritt Pledges Marjorie Glover Billye Frances Grant Marguerite Harvey Mrs. Sue Bean Evelyn Olliff Claudia Osborne Josephine Osborne Stella Pope Betty Robinson Betty Jane Sawyer Frances Wooten Joy Johns Prudence Ros s Virginia Spaulding -4 154 } - Edna Alderman Emily Adair Dorothy Ball Mrs. Sue Bean Ann Brockltt Daphne Brownell Joy Ann Calkins Marie Geneal Billye Frances Grant Margaret Harper M UtCUERiTE Harvey Rl ' TH Hi MMEL Elizabeth Jamison Eloise Kennedy Doris Madden Kathleen Martin Ruth Merritt Evelyn Olliff Jo Osborne Stella Pope Elizabeth Robinson Pri dence Ross Betty Jane Sawyer Frances Wooten , L55 , P A N-H E L L E N I C COUNCIL President Vice President Helen Spaulding Stella Pope Secretary Treasurer Roberta Morris Martha McConnell Dorothy Haines REPRESENTATIVES Alice McLaughlin Claudia Osborne Alice Wolfe , " ' mot .3 2 ■f ' i j- ' j - - - i - 5- " : Organizations President Claudia Osborne Vice President Helen Mae Christian WOMEN ' S STUDENT GOVERNMENT Secretary Anne Gollnick Serjeant-at-Arms SARAFRANCE GlLMORE Treasurer Dorothy Hooker Re present at ive-at-Lar fie Alice McLaughlin Sophomore Representative Freshman Representative Alzada Bennett Sara Elizabeth Clark -4f 153 fa r Members Sidney Taylor Helen Spauldinc Martha McConnell Albert Johnson Barbara Davis Dorothy Fuller Marvadine Boyte Willie Dee Willian Peggy Champ Robert Adams Truman Botts Roberta Orcutt Frances Ogilvie THE ORDER OF TORCH AMI SCROLL Honorary Society of Scholarship and Leadership Founded January 14, 1926 Colors — Crimson and Old Gold Officers Chancellor Sidney Taylor t ice Chancellor Helen Spaulding Clerk Martha McConnell Master of Exchequer Albert Johnson Keeper of the Seal Barbara Davis Reporter Dorothy Fuller Hauliers Xot Photographed Lloyd C. Pauley Lola Hammer -4 159 )l A ife A M t IP X ■• Werribers Mar.jurie Andrews Elizabeth Badger Ernest Ball M. J. Bouterse Thomas Cobb Lucille Dean Mrs. Sue Bean Nelle Campbell Veronica Davis Dr. Harry C. Garwood Dr. Charles Vance Mr. Harry Winters Doris Dede Findley Edge Helene Golding Valjean Meeks Suzanne Sawyer Sara Staff M U OMEGA National Scholarship Fraternity Beta Chapter Established in 1933 Colors — Black and Red X I President I ice President Secretary Treasurer Officers Helene Golding Mrs. Sue Bean Nelle Campbell Winifred Pyle Members Not Photographed William Bauman John J. Heney Winifred Pyle -4 160 £«• . Ruth Bartlett Alzada Bennett Marvadine Boyte Floanna Burrows Peggy Champ Helen May Christian - Barbara Davis Ann Gollnick Lola Hammer Dorothy Hooker Marian Hoolehan Martha McConnell Ruth Merritt Bessie Fa ye Mires Alice McLaughlin Frances Ogilvie Claudia Osborne Susanne Penney Kathleen Sample Helen Spaulding HE HONOR Founded at Stetson University 1934 Officers President Martha McConnell Vice President Helen May Christian Secretary and Treasurer Marl n Hoolehan 4 161 Members Neal Faircloth Gaylord Kenyon Gordon McCalla Pall Wongrey Lawrence Haddock R.B.Hall Albert Johnson George Leonard Anthony Pizzo C. R. M. Sheppard Richard Simpson William Solomon Hughes Wilson MYSTIC K R E W K Officers Captain First Man- Second Mate Third Mate ' Seal Faircloth Gaylord Kenton Gordon McCalla Pall Wongrey Members Not Photographed Norman Abbott Richard Branham John Xeblett Harry Black M. J. Bouterse Perry Nichols Edward Furlong - 4 162 ♦ SIGMA XI " PHI Men ' s Legal Fraternity Founded at the National University School of Law in 1902 John Marshall Chapter Established April 23, 1915 Colors — Purple and Gold Flower — White Carnation Faculty Dr. Janice W. Futch Officers Chancellor Doyle Carlton Vice Chancellor Albert W. Johnson Master of Rolls Gaylord Kenyon Treasurer Norman Abbott Members Robert Bushnell William Fraser Frank Lipscomb Vassar Carlton Lawrence Haddock C. R. M. Sheppard Thomas Cobb Robert Linson Huches Wilson Pledges Joseph Fearnley Ralph Odum Arthur Robertson Paul McIntyre William Harris -4{ 163 - Members Mrs. Sue Bean Marvadine Boyte Doris Dede Helene Goldinc Lanora Ingram Betty Linson Frances Ogilvie Claudia Osborne Suzanne Sawyer Elizabeth Sandusky Pledges Edna Alderman Daphne Brownell Antoinette Davis Anne Gilmore Dorothy Ball Helen Colbert Sarafrance Gilmore Doris Johnson Marian Kessler Marjorie McCary Kathleen Sample Helene Webb Marjorie Mays Mildred Owens Alice Smith Frances Wooti PI KAPPA SIGMA National Educational Sorority Founded in Ypsilante, Michigan, in 1894 Alpha Theta Chapter Established in 1929 Colors — Turquoise and Gold Flower — Forget-Me-Not and Jonquil Officers President Frances Ogilvie Vice President Doris Dede Corresponding Secretary Elizabeth Sandusky Recording Secretary Lanora Ingram Treasurer Betty Linson -4 164 )3— 1 ;sr «Gf] 4 Members Norman Abbott Mrs. Sue Bean Dr. C. A. Fisher Richard Fromhart Helene Golding AnnGollnick Albert Johnson Christine Kummer Paul McEntire John Neblett Lloyd C. Pawley Margaret Reeves Woodrow Russell George Schurr Paul Wongrey Members Xot Pliotog ra phed Winifred Pyle PI GAMMA M U National Honorary Social Science Society Founded at Southwestern College in 1924 Florida Gamma Chapter Established in 1929 Officers President John Neblett Vice President Paul Wongrey Secretary and Treasurer Dr. C. A. Fisher -% 165 fa- 4 !» ft THETA ALPHA PHI Honorary Dramatic Fraternity Florida Alpha Chapter Installed December, 1919 Publication — " The Cue " Colors — Purple and White Officers President Carl Weeks Vice President VIRGINIA GiFFIN Secretary Sidney Taylor Treasurer Lawrence Haddock. Historian Paul McEntire Faculty Advisor Willie Dee Willian Memhers Ruth Bartlett M. J. Bouterse Cornelia McRae H. Malcolm Day Gaylord Kenyon Clifford Ryerson Lola Hammer Alice McLauchlin Laura Watson Faculty Dr. Charles Farriss Prof. Henry Jacobs Dr. Irvtnc C. Stover Prof. Donald Faulkner Prof. Louis Marvin Dean Lewis Tribble Play Schedule 1936-1937 Kleptomania October 15, 16 (Mark Mel ford) Cyrano de Bergerac November 12, 13 (Homecoming Play) (Edmond Rostand) The Servant in the House December 11, 12 (Charles Iiann Kennedy) The Dover Road February 12, 13 (A. A. Milne) Children of the Moon March 12, 13 (Martin Flavin) Ladies of the Jury April 16, 17 (Fred Ballard) Comic Opera May 7, 8 King Lear June 5 (William Shakespeare) -4 166 } ■- ■4 167 } °- RlCHARI) Faulkner Clifford M. Ryerson Thomas Parker KAPPA KAPPA P S I National Honorary Band Fraternity Founded at Oklahoma State College 1919 Alpha Xi Chapter Established May 10, 1935 Colors — Blue and W hite Flower — Red Carnation Officers President Louis H. Marvin I ice President ARTHUR B. ROBERTSON Secretary James H. Snellings Treasurer Lester K. Spear Editor M. J. Bouterse Members Lowell E. Lawrence S. Thomas P. Gaylord Henderson Hartsfield Humphries Kenyon Ora O. Richard Fred Arthur Thomas Sage Simms Rrown Burrows Morris Members Not Pictured William Mashburn Lauris P. Nichols Oscar C. Parker Harry Parker Robert Weaver ■4 168 fy» PHI BETA National Professional Fraternity of Music and Dramatic Art Founded at Northwestern University 1912 Eta Chapter Established December 20, 1912 Colors — J ' iolet and Gold Flowers — Ward Rose and J ' iolet Officers President Ruth Murphy Vice President Dorothy Haines Secretary Jane McCarty Treasurer Josephine Osborne Members Ruth Murphy Dorothy Haines Jane McCarty Josephine Osborne Roberta Xigels Veronica Dams Lucy Ann Xeblett -«S{ 169 )°e— Double Trio Eleanor Varnum Henrietta Bryant Roberta Orcutt Rhoda Weimert Quartette Harry Black James Woodfill Double Trio Sadie Rae Gardner Ruth Bartlett Accompanist Jane McCarty Director — Harold Milne Giffin Quartette Thomas Parker Norman Bennett » » « v « paw l| l| l| i ' i £ { A I u JOHN B. STETSON UNIVERSITY GLEE CLUB Student Leaders Roberta Orcutt, Carl Hulbert Managers Dorothy Haines, Harry E. Black Publicity Managers Josephine Osborne, Findley Edge Accompanist Jane Claire McCarty Personnel WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB First Sopranos Ruth Archer CoRINE BuRKHARD Henriette Bryant LoRENA DlNNING Ohse Eriksen Ruth Freeman Jean Gower Ruth Hummel Virginia Humphries k.atherine martin Suzanne Sawyer Norma Smith First Tenors Robert Adams Harry E. Black Eugene Kitching Hamilton Martin Second Tenors Robert Adcock Raymond Cagni Gordon Booth Mary Spearman Eleanor Varnum Helen Walker Second Sopranos Faye Anderson Frances Coe W illa Mae Crosby Ruth Ruby Dunstan Goulding Dorothy Haines Marie Hancock Elizabeth Jameson Eloise Kennedy Ruth Merritt Ruth Murphy Elizabeth Nicholson Helen Oothout Lois Pollock First Altos Marjorie Andrews Alma Carlton Kathuyn Jelks Eloise Knabb Pearle Lincoln Lola Fae McDaniei. MEN ' S GLEE CLUB Edward Furlong Ben Hall Fayette Hall Carl Hulbert John McCall Roy Roberts Francis Schroeder James Southerland Wilbur Wilson Charles Wood James Woodfill Baritones Carroll Ezell Thomas Kirki.and James Lumpkin Edward Mason Robert Powe Grafton Pyne Lyle Sherman James Snellings Donald Strong Josephine Osborne Martha Osgood Winifred Schneider Rhoda Weimert Frances Wooten Second Altos Ruth Bartlett Antoinette Davis Sadie Rae Gardner Marian Kessler Roberta Orcutt Elizabeth Sandusky Hazel Shireman Virginia Skacgs Basses Raleigh Anderson Norman Bennett George Brown Findley Edce Jennings Minton Thomas Parker Hughes Wilson Billy Wolfe Robert Wood ■•■•§{ 171 j THE STETSON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Conductor William H. Bailey Personnel First Violins Mariam Faulkner Concert Master Barbara Davis Louis Marvin Daniel Gannin Roberta Neigels Gertrude Speck Second Violins Ray Craig Verna Baer Daphne Brownell Charles Huber Judith Wendgate Violas Aileen Worth Lowell Henderson Robert I. Allen Virginia Lennox Cellos Rossie C. Allen Veronica Davis Jean Botts Lydia Theurer James Mulholland Double Basses Thomas Humphries Lester Spear Oscar Parker Flutes Floanna Burrows Pansy Caldwell Oboes Donna Barton Lawrence Hartsfield Clarinets Richard Simms Joseph Polski Bassoons Robert Halsey Robert W. Severance Horns Robert Bushnell Arthur Burrows Trumpets Richard Faulkner Thomas Parker Trombones Harry Parker Barry Walker Thomas Morris Percussion John J. Heney -• ${ 172 } ■■- STETSOX UNIVERSITY BAND Director Louis H. Mara in Drum Major Horace Bills Guest Drum Major Helen Montgomery Manager Gaylord C. Ken yon Harriett H. Alexander Raleigh D. Anderson- Helen Bass Lewis M. Bobbitt Gordon Booth James Booth Donald Bradshaw Fred T. Brown Daphne M. Brownell Arthur Burrows Floanna Burrows John E. Cicero Raymond Craig Ruby Dunstan Margaret E. Edwards Richard Faulkner Robt. G. Gillespie Marie E. Hancock Band Members Lawrence S. Hartsfield Lowell E. Henderson- John J. Hknky Thomas Hi mphreys Saras E.Jameson Landis F. Knight George W. MacMillan Neal E. MacMillan Moultrie D. Magenheim Willi am M vsrburn W. Thomas Morris J AMES R. MULHOLLAND Laurel P. Nichols Elizabeth Nicholson Roberta T. Nicels Harry L. Parker Oscar C. Parker Thomas M. Parker Joe N. Polski Stella V. Pope Robt. L. Powe Arthur Robertson Oh a G. S ge, Jr. Geo. E. Schick Henry Selick Richard Sim MS J imes H. Sneluncs Lester K. Spear Robert Stafford M vi» M. Wadhams Barry Walker Richard V. Weaver Pansy Caldwell Barr vr Davis Richard R. McEmber Richard Bushnell - 173 js - ■ Norman Bennel Alton Greenlaw Durwood Locke Gordon Reeves M. J. Bouterse Clou- Brantley Malcolm Day Findley Edge Wendell Finkle Joe Folds Samuel Franklin Charles Griffin Bennett Hall Fayette Hall Harmon Harper Joe Jones Robert Klcklighter William Lavender Jiles Lunsford John McCall Ralph McCullough Arvll Miller Jennings Minton George Nichols Harrison Oaks James Southerland Hugh Walters J. Allen Webster William Wilson Harry Wilson William Wolfe Clarence Younce STETSON MINISTERIAL STUDENTS ASSOCIATION President Leo Roberts Vice President James Southerland Secretary and Treasurer Durwood Locke Reporter JOHN G. McCaLL Chorister Findley Edge Devotional Chairman Fayette Hall Statistician William Wilson -•€{ 174 )3t BAPTIST STUDENT UNION COUNCIL Officers President JENNINGS MlNTON First I ice President FlNDLEY Edge Second lice President Ruth Merritt Third I ice President William Wilson Secretary EUNICE Webber Treasurer George Leonard Music Chairman Josephine Osborne B. T. U. Representative Millard Smith Y. W. A. Representative Edith Arrington Town Representative BetTYE JaNE SaWTER Vesper Chairman Jeanette Stevens Publicity Chairman Edna Alderman Sunday School Representative Alton Greenlaw Student Advisor Margaret Harper Members Xot Photographed Ministerial Representative Leo Roberts - ( 175 J§6— THE HATTERS ART CLUB Officers President Mrs. Dorothy Graham Vice President Doris Dede Secretary Jean Gower Art Chairman Thelma Preston Treasurer Betty Jane Sawyer Reporter Sarafrance Gilmore Sponsor Edith Harvey Emily Adair Faye Anderson Ann Ansley Edna Alderman Lee Anz Elsie Baker Dorothy Ball Members Mrs. Brandon Mary Emma Brooking Helen Colbert Ruth DeBlois Doris Dede Estelle Duke Jean Fletcher Sarafrance Gilmore Mrs. Graham Helene Golding Edith Harvey Anne Hawkins Jackie Jennings -Hg{ 176 fr- STETSON DEBATERS LlARMON Harper and Ralph Odum started off the debate season with a win over Dartmouth College. The year witnessed an increased interest in forensic activ- ities in which approximately twenty-five students received training in class and collegiate contests. jara E. Clark. Mary Elizabeth Simpson. June Krause, and Lydla Thelrer made a fine beginning in the South Atlantic Tournament in South Carolina. Gordon Kipp and Arthur Baldwin demonstrated their careful study of the problem of " wealth conscription in war-time " in freshman debates with the Uni- versity of Florida and Florida Southern. A. new feature of the work included speaking before and encouraging debate in Florida high schools. Alton Greenlaw. David Molthrop, Ralph Odum. Wilton Rowe. Lydla Thelrer. Harmon Harper, Henry Todaro assisted in pro- grams at Orlando. Sanford. Pierson. and DeLand. Mr. Olliphant was a con- scientious worker all year and assisted as judge in several high school contests. 1 he Athenian Club awarded Ralph Odum the annual twenty-five dollar prize. The Freshman Prize, given by a former debater, is determined in May. Li yd la. Thelrer won first place in impromptu speaking at the South Atlantic Tournament and along with Mr. Harper represented Stetson in the annual de- bate with Rollins before the Daytona Beach Forum. 1 he season concluded with a Freshman Florida trip, and the varsity attend- ing the Southern Association Tournament in Nashville. Tennessee. - ( it: ) — STETSON REPORTER The staff of the Stetson Reporter has had charge of publication of the University newspaper, under supervision of Plantius I. Lipsey, Jr., professor of journalism. The weekly journal is printed by the Stetson Press. The 33 issues of the Reporter for the session 1936-37 constitute a contemporary record of campus activities, with occasional news of former students in other places. Staff Marjorie Andrews C. R. M. Sheppard Mary Hudson Jack Gore Grady Crawford Editor Busint ' ss Manager Society Editor Sports Editor Advertising Solicitor Staff Reporters Ed Mason, Stewart Ryan. Merrell Poole, Harold Vann -4 178 fa THE " HATTEH STAFF ' school annual is funny. The school get? all the fame: The printers get all the mone : And the editors get all the blame. " Marjorte Andrews Faculty Advisor PLAL TILS I. LlPSEY Editor-in-Chief Peggy Champ Business Manager and Co-Editor Lloyd C. Pawley Assistant Editor Hlches Wilson Assistant Business Manager Neal Faircloth Class Editors, June Kbause, Marie Ceneai Feature Editor Edna i.iiik h Snapshot Editor M. J. Boi terse Advertising Manager J. D. Sawyeb F aternit Editors Men ' s Sports Editor Pall Tongrey If omen ' s Snorts Editor MtRY Ellen Lord { George Leonard ' I Alice McLaughlin Organizations Editor Alice Wolfe Art Editor Jean Fletcher Student Photographer Frank Knorr -4 179 }§«•- AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS ' ■? :{ f - M

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