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Stetson Qinii eftsitij Stetson Universit 3 4369 00462875 6 DO NOT REMOVE FROM LIBRARY THE HATTER Published by the Annual Staff of STETSON UNIVERSITY DE LAND, FLORIDA 1934 £ THE HATTER $5 DEDICATION To The Honorable Bert Fish UNITED STATES MINISTER TO EGYPT A man whom fellow citizens can look upon with sincere appreciation for his keen in- sight and understanding of human nature. - •»:{ 2 }: - THE H A T T I. R ft 4 » g£ THEHATTER COPYRIGHT Georgia Kirby, Editor Dennis Carroll, Business Manager -4 4 )» $£ THE HATTER J )» Elizabeth Hall " « . ' ,. ' m Sampson Library Women s Assembly jfej Hall Chaudoin Hall Hull ey Gym nasium THE HATTER 3n Jflemorp of JBr. Itncoln Jlullep whom we all loved and re- spected and whose loss will be greatly felt among those who knew him. Jtlap 3, I865==3tan.20, 1934 4 12 ►- THE HATTER Nk g( 1 3 THE HATTER CHARLES S. FARRISS, D.D. President -«§{ 14 | e¥ THE HATTER )$$ Administrative Officers G. Prentice Carson, A.M., LL.D., Dean of College of Liberal Arts Lewis H. Tribble, LL.M., Dean of College of Law Mary Tribble Lowry, A.M., Dean of Women C. B. Rosa, Registrar Olga Bowen, A.M. i i s ►- THE HATTER The Faculty PROFESSORS, ASSOCIATE PROFESSORS AND ASSISTANT PROFESSORS ROBERT I. ALLEN, M.S. Associate Professor of Engineering and Phys JACOB A. CARPENTER, LL.B. Professor of Late G. PRENTICE CARSON, A.M., LL.D. Dean and Professor of History and Poli ieal Se RICHARD E. CLARK, Ph.D. Librarian and Professor of Sociology JOHN F. CONN, Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry WILLIAM E. DUCKWITZ, Mus.D. Professor of Music BOYCE F. EZELL, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology and Education DONALD FAULKNER, A.B. Associate Professor of Mathematics CHARLES A. FISHER, Ph.D. Professor of Business Administration and Econi HARRY D. FLUHART Professor of Fine Arts JENNIS W. FUTCH, J.D. Professor of Law HARRY C. GARWOOD, Th.M. Professor of Philosophy and Bible WARREN S. GORDIS, Ph.D. Professor of English LUTHER B. GRICE, D.D. Associate Professor of Bible JOHN J. KINDRED, LL.B., M.D. Professor of Laic CURTIS M. LOWRY, M.E. Professor of Engineering HERBERT R. McQUILLAN, B.S. Professor of Physical Education IRVING C. STOVER, M.O. Professor of Public Speaking HARRY L. TAYLOR, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Philosophy LEWIS H. TRIBBLE, LL.M. Dean of College of Law and Professor of Law CHARLES B. VANCE, Ph.D. Professor of Biology GEORGE E. GANIERE Assistant Professor in the Plastic Arts ANNIE NADINE HOLDEN, Ph.B. Assistant Professor in German and English HARRY S. WINTERS, A.M. Assistant Professor of English LECTURERS AND INSTRUCTORS EVELYN F. BEACH Instructor in Secretarial Work VERONICA DAVIS Instructor in Public School Music ROSA LEE GAUT, Mus.B. Instructor in Music JULIA G. HALE, A.B. Instructor in Physical Education and Health FRANCIS A. HAMMOND w Librarian and Instructor in Legal Bibliography MARY E. LOWRY, A.M. Instrui lor in English LUCY ANN NEBLETT, A.B. Instructor in Spanish and French DAVID SCOLES, A.B. Assistant Instructor in Spanish LUCY MABEL TEBBETTS, A.B. Assistant Instructor in French MIRIAM WAYT, M.S. ist rue tor in Physical Education and Health ALMA R. FARRISS Instructor hi Home Economics MRS. JEANETTE ANNE BROOME Assistant Instructor in Home Economics ASSISTANTS TO THE FACULTY MARY C. CONRATH, A.B. BERTHA M. FISHER BERTHA W. FLUHART HARRIET KENNEDY, A.M. LOUIS H. MARVIN ERNEST RANO MARIE HERSHEY BEATRICE PRIESTER WILLIE DEE WILLIAN THOMAS REMINGTON MATTHEW SLATER -Hg( 1 6 )§►•■ e¥ THE HATTER •»:{ 1 7 f - - e¥ THE HATTER Student Body Officers Frank Adams President y. $ Blountstown CANDIDATE FOR LL.B. DEGREE Rat Master, 1; Vice-Pres. Delta Sigma Phi, 3; Pres. 4; Pres. Student Body, 6. Aberdeen Johnson Vice-President Ruth Boisch Secretary Sallie Mae Edwards Treasurer Vero Beach CANDIDATE FOX A.B. DEGREE Treas. Y. W. A., 1; Pan-Hellenic, 2; Vice- Pres. Soph. Class; Secy. B. S. U. Council, 2; Vice-Pres., 3; Vice-Pres. Student Coun- cil, 3; Treas., 4; Treas. Student Body. -■ $ 18 )§••- Classes T H I. MATTER fo Postgraduates Mildred Carl Dc Land A.B., Stetson University Andrew Preston Lincoln, III. A.B., Stetson University Bernice Seaver X, it York, N. Y. B.S., Maryland College for Women Lorna Simpson Ft. Lauderdale A.B., Stetson Universit] David Scoles Mable L. Tebbetts Dc Land Bern ick, Maine A.B., Parsons College A.B., Boston University Dorothy Treadwell Lake Helen A.B., Stetson University SIMPSON TEBBFTTS TklAlAVIIl SENIORS e¥ THE HATTER SENIOR CLASS AI I A I)I R Frances Alexander AHA Dc Land ( ANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Theta Alpha Phi, Secy., 4; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Mu Omega Xi. Edward Berger Hawthorne, . V. CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGR1 1 Delta Sigma Phi, Secy., 2; Pres., 4; Pres. Stetson Engineering Society, 4; Gamma Sigma Epsilon, 4; Tennis, 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Treasurer, 2; Class Pres., 4. Meredith Alrich n Glenwood CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Business Manager of Hatter, 3; Secy. Senior Class, 4. Elizabeth Brown AAA De Land CANDID I 1 lui A. it. in GRJ 1 Pi Kappa Sigma, Vice-Pres., 3; Mu Omega Xi; Vice-Pres. Delta Delta Helta. 3; Marshal, 2. ♦t- ' U. THE HATTER SENIOR CLASS i II I ' M CHAPPELL Gail Chapman AAA Staten Island, N. Y. CANDIDATE FOX A.B. DEGREE Mu Omega Xi; Art Editor of Hatter, 3; Pan Hellenic Rep., 4; Treasurer of Delta Delta Delta, 3, 4. Irma Chappell A 3 A Miami CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Northwestern U., 1; Editor-in-chief Hatter, 3; Y. W. A., 3; Pres. Mu Omega Xi, 4; Rep. Student Council, 4. Geraldine Farrar S A I Miami CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Girl ' s Band, 2; Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4 Tennis, 2; W. A. A., 2, 3, 4; S Cub, 3 Pres. Pan-Hellenic, 4; May Queen, 4 Pre:. Sigma Alpha Phi, 3, 4. Lovette Fields AAA Lexington, Ky. CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Torch and Scroll, 3,4; Theta Alpha Phi, 3; Pres. 4; Secy. Soph. Class; Pan- Hellenic, 3, 4; Pres. Delta Delta Delta, 3, 4. «sf 26 }; -■ e¥ THE HATTER SENIOR CLASS GUSTAI SON Bernige Fisher 2 A I De Land CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Pi Kappa Sigma, 2, 3, 4; Prcs., 4; Theta Alpha Phi, 3, 4; l ' i Gamma Mu, 3, 4; Torch and Scroll, 3, 4; W. A. A., 2, 3, 4; Stetson Players, 2, 3, 4; B. S. U.. Council, 3; Y. W. A., 1. Kenneth Freeman SN De Land CANDIDA IT I OR U.S. 1)1 GRJ i Gamma Sigma Epsilon, 4; Tennis, 1, 2, 3, 4; Captain, 4; Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Opera, 3, 4. Jefferson Davis Godard 1 1 K l Qtiincy CANDIDATE FOX A.B. DEGREE Antioch, I; Bank, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club, 2. Ellen Frances Gustafson ii n i Green Cot ■ • Springs ( ANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Recording Secy. Pi Beta Phi, 3; Student Council, 3, 4; Pan-Hellenic, 3, 4; I [ome Coming Hostess, 3, 4: Most Attractive, 3; Vice-Pres. Pi Beta Phi, 4. ' i 27 THE HATTER SENIOR CLASS JOHNSON Marie Hershey Orlando CANDIDATE FOX A.B. DEGREE Phi Beta National Professional Fraternity; Chimest, 3,4; Dean of De Land Hall, 4. Donald Horton n K$ Bedford CANDIDATE FOR. A.B. DEGREE Basketball, 1; Football, 1, 2, 3, 4; Box- ing, 1, 2, 3; Alt. Capt. Football, 3; Sec. Pi Kappa Phi. Dorothy Hodil AAA Sebring CANDIDATE FOX A.B. DEGREE Secy. Delta Delta Delta, 4; Pi Kappa Sigma, 2, 3, 4; Torch and Scroll, 4; W. A. A.; Pres. Girls ' Glee Club, 4. Aberdeen Johnson AHA St. Petersburg CANDIDATE FOX A.B. DEGREE Secy. Freshman Class, 1 ; Y. W. A., 2; W. A. A., 2, 3; S Club, 4; Secy. Student Bodv, 3; Pan-Hellenic Rep. 2, 4; Pres. Alpha Xi Delta, 4; Pi Kappa Sigma, 3,4; Theta Alpha Phi, 3, 4; Pi Gamma Mu, 3, 4; Most Representative Girl, 3; Mu Omega Xi, 4; Maid-of -Honor for May Day, 4. — | 28 }§►- e¥ THE HATTER SENIOR CLASS McKINM Y Carl Kersey Monticello ( WDIDATE l-0:i A.B. DEGREE Norman Junior College, 1; Association, 3,4; Secy., 3. Elizabeth Kramer AAA Lake Wales ( WDIDATE FOTl A.B. DEGREE Vice-Pres. Class, 1, 3; Student Council, 1, 2; Phi Beta, 2, 3, 4; Pres., 3; Pan Hellenic, 2, 3; Most Popular, 2; Torch and Scroll, 3, 4; Marshal, Delta Delta Delta, 4. George E. Linney Brooklj a, N. Y. CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Mu Omega Xi, Stetson Engineering Society. Kathryn Annis McKinney Hastings i WDIDA II UK A.B. Dl (,RI 1 Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 4; Secy. V. V. .. 2; Pies., 3; B. S. U., 2, 3; Torch and Scroll, Pi Kappa Sigma, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 2. 4 2? ► e K THE HATTER SENIOR CLASS Elizabeth Martin AAA De Land CANDIDATE FOI A.B. DEGREE Cheerleader, 2; " . A. A., 2, 3, 4; Glee Club, 3; Vice-Pres. V. A. A., 4. Travis Petrey 1 1 K i Arcadia CANDIDATE FOX A.B. DEGREE Jasketball, 1; Football, 1, 2, 3, 4; Boxing, 1, 2, 3; Warden Pi Kappa Phi, 4. Marshall Mines Lake Helen CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE Oxford Fellowship, 1, 2, 3, 4; Ordained to Baptist Ministry, 1931; Pastor Barber- ville, 2; Pastor Blake Memorial Baptist Church, Lake Helen, since 1933. Elsa Player AAA Be Land CANDIDATE FC» A.B. DEGREE ■4 3 )3e— e¥ THE HATTER SENIOR CLASS Grace Saeriet AAA Daytona Briu i CANDIDATE FOX A.B. D1(,K1 I Mu Omega Xi, Treas.; Orchestra; Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Opera; B. S. U., Treas.; Cumberland, 1,2; Eastern State Teachers Collge, 2. Walter E. Smith Kissimmee CANDIDATE FOI A.B. DI ( I I I Orchestra, 2, 3; Theta Alpha Phi, 3, 4; Band, 1, 2, 3, 4. Preston Sellers Wauchula CANDIDATE FOX A.B. HI GRJ I B. S. U. Council, 2; Pres. 2; Pres. Oxford Fellowship, 3; Pres. State B. S. U., 3; Mu Omega Xi, 4. Florence Soskis i ]•: Mulberry CANDID VII I OS .1S. Dl GRJ I Tallahassee, 1. 2; Hunter. 3; Southern, 3. «g(31 ! - THE HATTER SENIOR CLASS TOWNSEND Jack Townsend N Lake Wales CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE Treas. Freshman Class, 1; Pres. Class, 2, 3; Escort to Governor Sholtz, 3, 4. Robert Burns, A.B. Scran on, Penna. CANDIDATE FOR LL.B. DEGREE A.B. 1930, Stetson; Pi Gamma Mu; Phi Alpha Delta; Torch and Scroll; Psi Omega; University Band and Orchestra; Associate Editor Hatter, 4; Sheriff, Moot Court; Pres. Student Body, 5; Student Mayor, 6. Bruce Webster Leesburg CANDIDATE FOJl A.B. DEGREE Pres. B. S. U., 4; Torch and Scroll, 4; Pi Gamma Mu, 4; State B. S. U., Treas. 3. Wallace Foard AS$ Dc Land CANDIDATE FOR LL.B. DEGREE Phi Alpha Delta, 4; Glee Club, 1-6; Freshman Football; Hatter Staff; Most Attractive, 5; Student Mayor, 6; Tennis Team, 7; Krucible KJub, 2, 3. 4 32} - e¥ THE HATTER $b SENIOR CLASS III NDKIC ks HOWARTH Joseph Hendricks, A.B. IIK ' I- Dc Land CANDIDATE FOR LL.B. DEGREE Pres. Junior Class; Business Manager Hat- ter, 3; Pres. Senior Class; Pres. Student body, 4; Business Manager Hatter, S ; Student Mayor of DeLand, 6; Pres. Pi Kappa Phi, 5, 7; Justice of Phi Alpha Delta. Catherine Howarth 2: a i Dc Laud CANDIOMI I OR 1 L.13. DEGREE Pres. Phi Delta Delta, 2, 3, 4; W. A. A., 1, 2, 3, 4; Clerk Moot Court; Pi Gamma Mu. Sheldon Lindsey II K$ St. Petersburg CANDIDATE FOR LL.B. DI GRJ I Varsity Football, 1, 2, 3, 4; Wrestling, 2. Diamond Ball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball, 1, 2, 3. 4; Phi Alpha Delta. John Socasii 2: X Struthers, Ohio i yndida it: for 1 1 .h. in GRJ 1 football and Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; 1 1. Commander Sigma Nu, 3; Alternate Capt. football, 3; Freshman coach toot- ball and basketball S. -OM JUNIORS THE HATTER }$$ Junior Class Officers William Elton II K I President Mary Louise Foard n bo Secretary Alice Lee i A 1 Vice-President Elbert Tyner Treasurer sg( 3 6 f e¥, THE HATTER ? JUNIOR CLASS .LEXANDER BOISCH CARROLL EINSEL HAAS Elizabeth Alexander AHA Eloise Hill nii$ De Land Neiv Smyrna Ruth Boisch II B$ Daytona Beach Juliet Hope 2 A I Hicoria Dennis Carroll II K«I Lake Butler Georgia Kirbv n B4 Mt. Dura Virginia Einsel II B0 De Land Irene Haas Wilda Larson AAA Brookston, Pa. II B P Margaret Maxrield Tampa Potsdam, N. Y. HILL HOPE K1RBV LARSON MAXFIELD { 57 ! THE HATTER JUNIOR CLASS MERCER ORTMAN Chrystelle Mercer AAA De Land Frank Ortman AS D De Land Virginia Peek AAA Ocalu Josephine Price AAA Lake Wain Sidney Taylor A S$ De Land William Tomvn Winter Garden Etter Turner Williston Louise Wilson n b$ Crescent City Aileen Worth AHA De Land Jack Phillips SN Jackson i illc if 38 )• •- - .+ iS ¥. ■ SOPHOMORES THE HATTER Sophomore Class Officers SHULFR WILLIAMS HALL George Diamond Moise Williams A2$ S A I President Secretary Evelyn Shuler R. B. Hall n B D II K Vice-President Treasurer -Hg{40}3 .- THE HATTER ¥b SOPHOMORE CLASS ALDERMAN Willi BATESON BREWSTER |iu Edna Alderman 2 A «1 Lakeland Marjorie Carpenter AS Miami Bach Alberta Axtell n b i Jacksonville Ambrose Chalker Dunellon Howard Batcson 1 1 K I Dc Land Helen May Christian 1 1 B D Jackson i ill ■ Gracie Brewster 2 A I Mail I ■(•)•( (■ Ellen Burklcv Frances Clark n b i Tit its i ill i 1 n b i Daytona Beach Iris Daniel akeland CARPENTER CHALK HRISTIAN ( I i 4 1 } THE HATTER SOPHOMORE CLASS IORSE1 FELT I I MAY SON- HECHT HOOKER Frances Dorsev AAA Homestead Helen Horn n b d Day l una Beach Nancv Felt AAA Dc Land John Hvman N Miami Florence Finlayson n b$ Green idle Audrey Johnson AHA Grand Marais, Minn. Barbara Hecht De Land Margaret Hooker Chosen Doris Knaak AAA Detroit, Mich. Ed Knittle Des Plaines, III. HORN HYMAN JOHNSON KNAAK KNITTLF «§f 42 )jV THE HATTER fo SOPHOMORE CLASS I [elen Lawrence II I5 | ' Asheville, N. C. Narcilje Logan AAA ' Lakeland Pauline McFarland i; a i Day t oiia Beach Maxine McLarty II IS«I Daytuiiti Beach Dorothy Mayer Lakeland I en G. B. Owens . uh hi nit ale Virginia Morris II H I Kansas City, Mo. Rhoda Neel S . Augustine R.ilph Odum Lakeland James ParrMi Albany, Ga. Pauline Prevatt Palatka Dorothy Skillman 1 1 B $ Skillman, N. . H 43 |3» - THE HATTER SOPHOMORE CLASS THOMPSON Richard Simpson Ft. Lauderdale Rhett Smith ni($ Sanford Bette Stover nB$ Be Land Vivian Thompson Ut, Dora Edward Warren II K t South Hill, Va. Allen West AS$ Homestead Bettie Zane Wilson AAA New Kochelle, N. Y. Sara Wilson n b$ Miami Bernice Young Lake City Thomas Barton 1 1 K A Jacksonville John S. Duss, III New Smyrna Boyce Ezell n k i De Land •■•§( 44 fy - e THE HATTER SOPHOMORE CLASS Harry Gaylord Lyons Falls, N. V. Jack Greene Manito, III. Marjorie Hammer II B l De Land Colquitt Pardee. |r. A X A At mi Park Charles K. Reaves BK Tampa Thomas Teaslcy Canton, Ga. S{4J FRESHMEN THE HATTER Freshman Class Officers MC CONNE William Solomon S N President Martha McConnell AHA Secretary Virginia Skaggs AAA Vice-President Helen Colbert Treasurer gj 48 |§f - e¥ THE HATTER FRESHMAN CLASS BARTL II LD urn i i Daniel Bartfield u York. N. Y. Marvadene Bin te eesbitrg Wilma Broward II B I Jacksonville Evelyn Burhans 2 A I Umatilla Helen Collins A3 Lakeland Emily Cone Macclentt) BROU ' ARD BURH ns : : N Cecil Cowart N Dc Land Dorothy Fuller AS Dc Land Ruth Crooks Eitstis Elizabeth Donncll II B [ West Palm Beach Mable Dorothy A Miami Estelle Duke AH Tam[ t COM KI FULLER ( KOOKS DOXXELL THY :{ 49 f e¥ THE HATTER FRESHMAN CLASS EZELL FAIRCLOTH FORRESTER HAINES MALI M. HARRELL Mack Ezell n K D Sue Harrell AAA De Land Lakeland Neal Faircloth Quincy Louise Hickson AAA Sanford Catherine Forrester Sanford Vernon Hill II B I Dorothy Haines 1 1 B I Sanford Madeline Hale AAA Dc Land New Smyrna Ned Holland 1 1 K «I Blakeley, Ga. Juanita Holland AAA Lakeland Marjorie Harrell AHA Dorothy Hon 11 B$ Miami De Land HARRELL HICKSON HILL X. HOLLAND J. HOLLAND HON b( 5 } THE HATTER ¥5 FRESHMAN CLASS Catherine Hull Miami Ward Hunter II K l Jasper Frances Lee AAA Lakeland Mary Lou Logan A A Lakeland Lanora Ingram A S A Jasper William Lovctt II K I , Ypalachicola Paul James Lakeland Cornelia McRae AHA San ford Margaret Johnson Umatilla Quincv Masters 1 1 K I Leesburg Gertrude Belle Kipp II B D Day una Beach Clara Belle Matthews AHA St. Petersburg LOGAN LOVET1 MC III M: STE KS M. THE HATTER FRESHMAN CLASS Bessie Fave Mires AHA De Land Frances Moore Hartsville, S. C. Maureen Moseley 2A$ De Land Ruth Murphy nii$ ' Daytona Beach Gale Navlor AHA Camp Hill, Pa. Dorothy Nowling West Palm Beach Claudia Osborne Umatilla B. Jean Pat ton AHA jasper St. Pierre Poole II K$ Cross Anchor, S. C. Donald Scouten i: n Toledo, Oh o Charles R. M. Sheppard, Jr. Orange City Florence Shetter Eustis ■•«§{ 52 }e THE HATTI K )$b FRESHMAN CLASS SIMMONS SMITH SPAU1 DING I VI H,N fUU HIT! u I| | | sisc.N Geraldine Simmons n h i Titusville Mary Elizabeth Smith Ft. La ti Jc ril id e Helen Spaulding II B4 Dc Land John Talton Apopka Louella Tatum AAA Dc Land Nancv White AS Sanford Mabel Williamson AAA Lake Citj 4 »3 ! • Organizations THE HATTER Jtffe Delta Sigma Phi Founded .u College City of New York, December 10, 1899 Alpha Chi Chapter Established 1898; Founded 192 5 Colors: Nile Green and White Flow i b U bit, Carnation EDWARD BERGER, ROBERT BURNS, WALLACE FOARD, I RANK ORTM RICHARD SIMPSON, SIDNEY TAYLOR, BILL TOMYN, Al I 1 N I s 1 Lewis H. Tribblc CHAPTER MEMBERS IN FACULTATE Robert I. Allen Donald Faulkner Frank Adams Edward Berger Tom Blalock C. Robert Burns Osier Adams David Lang George Leonard IN UNIVERSITATE Actives James Mather Wallace Foard Frank H. Ortman Plciiges Richard Simpson J. B. Rodgers Allen West Paul Wongrey Sidney Taylor Rodney Thursbv William Toimn Richard Wildcson Phillip Wright John Talton George Diamond 1 5 7} - THE HATTER Pi Beta Phi Founded at Monmouth College, 1867 Florida Alpha Chapter Established January 30, 1913 Colors: Wine and Silver Blue Flower: Wine Carnation I ' III - " iii ! ' ■ in mi in hi m. in n hi VI 11 III Annie Holden Bernice Seaver Ellen Gustafson Ruth Boisch Virginia Einsel Mary Louise Foard Irene Haas Wilma Broward Frances Clark Elizabeth Donnell Florence Finlayson Dorothy Haines Dorothy Skillman CHAPTER MEMBERS IN FACULTATE IN UNIVERS1TATE Actives Marjorie Hammer Eloise Hill Georgia Kirby Alberta Axtell Louise Wilson Ellen Burkley Pledges Vernon Hill Dorothy Hon Gertrude Belle Kipp Helen Horn Helen Lawrence Betty Foard Helen May Christian Betty Dreka Margaret Hooker Evelyn Shuler Bette Stover Sara Wilson Helen Spaulding Maxine McLarty Virginia Morris Ruth Murphy Dorothy Nowling Gerry Simmons igj 5 8 )• ■ - e¥ THE HATTER ? First Row: Bernice Seavcr, Ellen Gustafson, Ruth Boisch, Virginia Einsel, Irene Haas Marjorie Hammer. Second Rove: Eloise Hill, Louise Wilson, Georgia Kirby, Alberta Axtell, Ellen Burklcy, Helen May Christian, Margaret Hooker. TiiiKD Row : Evelyn Shuler, Bette Stover, Sara Wilson, W ' ilma Broward, Frances Clark, Elizabeth Donnell, Florence Finlayson. FOURTH Row: Dorothy Haines, Vernon Hill, Dorothy Hon, Helen Horn, Gertrude Bell Kipp, Helen Lawrence, Maxine McLarty. In in Row: Virginia Morris, Ruth Murphy, Dorothy Nowling, Geraldine Simmons, Dorothy Skillman, Helen Spaulding. -i ?9 T THE HATTER Pi Kappa Phi Founded at the College of Charleston, 1904 Chi Chapter Established 1921 Colors: Gold and White Flower: Red Re CHAPTER MEMBERS IN FACULTATE William E. Duckwitz IN UNIVERSITATE Actives Gus Adams Gus Garrison Amory Un derhill Joe Burkhalter Davis Godard William Elton William Davis Joe Hendricks Donald Horton George DeCottes Bill Jennings Travis Petrey Bovce Ezell Harold Martin Howard Bateson R. B. Hall Bill Lovett Rhett Smith Mack Ezell Ned Holland Eldon McLoud Quincy Masters Pledges Robert Young William Dowda Edward Warren Ward Hunter Jack Haynesworth Hilton Shoemaker Elwin Middleton Watts Bracey Dennis Carroll •»§{ 60 fa--- (M THE HATTER nHBBH First Rove: R. B. H.ill, How.ird Bateson, Davis Godard. Second Row: Ned Holland, Bill Lovett, Gus Adams, Bill Elton, Boyce Ezell. Third Row: Mack Ezell, Joe Hendricks, Donald Horton, Quincv Masters, Travis Petrey. Fourth Row: Rhett Smith, Pierre Poole, Dennis Carroll, William Dowda, Ward Hunter. ■M 6 I |g» THE HATTER Delta Delta Delta Founded at Boston University, Thanksgiving Eve, 1888 Alpha Delta Founded May 17, 1913 Colors: Silier, Gold and Blue Flower: Pansy CHAPTER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITATE Elizabeth Brown Gail Chapman Lovette Fields Dorothy Hodil Actives Bet Kramer Grace Safriet Florence Brownlee Jacqueline Nahm Chrvstelle Mercer Josephine Price Nancy Felt Doris Knaak Betty Zane Wilson Ethel Clark Mabel Dorothy Frances Dorsey Madeline Hale Sue Harrell Louise Hickson Pledges Juanita Holland Isabel Holmes Frances Lee Mary Lou Logan Narcille Logan Elizabeth Martin Virginia Peek Suzanne Penney Elsie Player Virginia Skaggs Luella Tatum Mabel Williamson i 62 } e¥ THE HATTER ¥5 First Row: Betty Brown, Gail Chapman, Lovettc Fields, Dorothy Hodil, Bet Kramer, Grace Safrict. Second Row: Christelle Mercer, Jo Price, Nancy Felt, Doris Betty Zane Wilson. Third Row: I chel ( lark, Mable Dorothy, Fifi Dorsey, Madeline Hale, Sue Harrell. I 01 R in Ho» I ouise 1 [ickson, [uanita Holland, Frances Lee, Mary Lou Logan, Narcille I ogan. In in Row: Lib Brown. Virginia Peek, Elsie Player, Virginia Skaggs, Luclla Tatum, Mabel Vi ' ilb. •6) 63 f (M THE HATTER S§9 Sigma Nu Founded at Virginia Military Institute, January 1, 1869 Delta Mu Chapter Established 1913 Colors: Black, White ami Gold Flower: White Rose CHAPTER MEMBERS IN FACULTATE Louis Marvin E. M. Alrich K. Freeman G. Linney J. Townsend S. S. Wilson C. Broward J. Marsh O. P. Phillips H. Fisher G. F. McCalla IN UNIVERSITATE Art iies H. E. Gaylord L. Johnson D. Phillips C. F. Allen C. Cowart J. Hyman R. Ingram J. Ruzzo Pledges W. P. McKinnev R. W. Odum B. W. Kirk L. P. Nichol: H. Wilson J. Atwater R. Powe L. Spann W. Tyree J. Socash D. Scouten W. H. Solomon - - :{ 64 } d¥, THE HATTER Xk First Row : John Socash, Prof. Louis Marvin, Leslie Johnson, Meredith Alrich, Sumner Wihon. Second Row: Lawrence Spann, Jack Phillips, Mother Brown, Harry Gaylord, Kenneth Freeman. Third Row: Cecil Cowart, Bill Tyree, Jack Townsend, Clyatt Broward, George I. inner. Fourth Row : William Solomon, Ralph Odum, Gordon McCalla, Donald Scouten, John Hyman. ■if 6 5 f e¥ THE HATTER Alpha Xi Delta Founded at Lombard College, 1893 Omega Chapter Established May 31, 1917 Colors: Light and Dark Blue and Gold Flower: Pink Rose Olga Bowen Elizabeth Alexander Frances Alexander Mary Ann Brown Irma Chappell Mary D. Chatham Helen Collins Estelle Duke Dorothy L. Fuller Marjorie Harrell Lois Hunter CHAPTER MEMBERS IN FACULTATE Willie Dee Willian IN UNIVERSITATE Actives Marjorie Carpenter Aberdeen Johnson Pledges Lanora Ingram Martha McConnell Cornelia McRae Clara Belle Matthews Bessie Faye Mires Loui e Royall Gale Naylor Mary Tribble Lowry Audrey Johnson Dorothy Treadwell Aileen Worth Mildred Nickell Jean Patton Virginia Potter Virginia Potter Roberta Stahl Nancy White Pauline Wilson ' • 6( 66} - M THE HATTER y$b First Row: Elizabeth Alexander, Frances Alexander, Marjorie Carpenter, Aberdeen Johnson, Audrey Johnson. Second Row: Dorothy Treadwell, Aileen Worth, Irma Chappcll, Helen Collins, Estelle Duke. Third Row: Dorothy Fuller, Marjorie Harrell, Lanora Ingram, Martha McConnell, Cornelia McRae. Fourth Row: Clara Belle Matthews, Bessie Faye Mires, Gale Naylor, Joan I ' .iuun. Nancy White. — 4 67 f THE HATTER ¥5 Sigma Alpha Phi Founded at John B. Stetson University, January 11, 1926 Colors: Mulberry Great and Wine Flower: Violet and Ophelia Rnse Mildred Carl Alice Lee Sallie Mae Edwards Juliette Hope Gracie Brewster Bernice Fisher Catherine Howarth Edna Alderman CHAPTER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITATE Pmt Graduates Ac tii es Etter Turner Teresa Edwards Pledges Annabel Ford Avaryee Collier Evelyn Burhans Lorna Simpson Geraldine Farrar Pau ' ine McFarland Moise Williams Margaret Johnson Maureen Moseley Claudia Osborne Louise Chalker i 68 } - e¥ THE HATTER fr) Pan-Hellenic Council Ml First Row: Geraldine Farrar, Lovette Fields, Georgia Kirby, Ellen Gustafson. Second Row: Aberdeen Johnson, Gail Chapman, Sallie Mae Edwards. OFFICERS Geraldine Farrar ---------- President Abigaii Chapman -------- Vice-President Mak ' i Ann Brown ---------- Secretary Georgia Kirih ---__..___. Treasurer - 69 )■ c¥ THE HATTER 5 Theta Alpha Phi NATIONAL HONORARY DRAMATIC FRATERNTIY CHAPTER MEMBERS IN FACULTATE Dr. Irving C. Stover Prof. Lewis Tribble Miss Willie Dee Willian Dr. Charles Farriss Prof. Donald Faulkner Lovette Fields Aberdeen Johnsoi Frances Alexander Amory Underbill Bernice Fi her IN UNIVERSITATE Actives Walter Smith Lois Wright Dorothy Treadwell S. Colquitt Pardee Sidney Taylor Lorna Simpson Fred Brassard Louise Royal 1 Boyce Ezell Frank Ortman 4[ 70 f THE HATTER Jtffc Gamma Sigma Epsilon HONORARY CHEMICAL FRATERNITY Founded at Davidson College, 1919 Beta Beta Chapter Established May 14, 1932 Colors: Blue ,i i White From Left to Right: Edward Bergcr, Frances Alexander, Meredith Alrich, Joseph Peek, Kempis Carpenter, Dr. J. F. Conn, Dennis Carroll, Kenneth Freeman, Mary Howarth. OFFICERS Joseph Peck. --------- Grand Alchemist Frances Alexander --- ..--._ Recorder Kenneth Freeman ----------- Visor Dr. J. F. Conn -------- Faculty Adviser Meredith Alrich -------- Sargeamt , Arms Kempis Carpenter - - - Electron of the Black Guard ■ 7l)fr THE HATTER m Pi Kappa Sigma NATIONAL PEDAGOGICAL SORORITY Founded at Michigan State Teachers ' College, 1894 Alpha Theta Chapter Established Mrv, 1929 Colors: Turquoise and Gold Flower: forget-me-not CHAPTER MEMBERS Actwes Betty Brown Bernice Fisher Dorothy Hodil Kathryn McKinney Mildred Carl Eloise Hill Aberdeen Johnson Margaret Maxfield Pledges Dorothy Haines Doris Knaak Wilda Larson Alice Lee Claudia Osborne Jo Price - ■{ 71 jjj - M THE HATTER S§5 The Order of Torch and Scroll HONORARY SCHOLARSHIP AND LEADERSHIP 1 K A i I KXITY Founded J.inu.iry 14, 1926 Colors: Crnim u and ()IJ Gold CHAPTER MEMBERS IN FACULTA I i Dr. Charles S. Farris Donald Faulkner Olga Bowcn Willie Dee Willian IN UNIV1 RSITA1 1 Robert Burns Bernice Fisher Bruce Webster Lovette Fields MilJrcJ Carl (Catherine McKinnej I orna Simpson Dorochy Hodil Bel Kramer 73 } - THE HATTER Pi Gamma Mu HONORARY SOCIAL SCIENCE Founded at Southwestern College, 1924 Florida Gamma Chapter Established February, 1929 Colors: Blue iinj White Dr. Charles Fisher Dean G. Prentice Carson Bernice Fisher CHAPTER MEMBERS IN r ACULTATE Lucy Ann Neblett Jennis W. Futch IN UNIVERSITATE Ernest Rano Mildred Carl Dr. Richard E. Clark Willie Dee Willian Bruce Webster «§{74)§e» THE H A T T I R ) S Mu Omega Xi Founded at the University of 1 lorida, 1933 Beta t hapter I stablished [933 Harry ( Charles IS. Vance Frances Alexander Ruth Boisch 1 lizabeth Brown Aberdeen [ohnson CHAPTER MEMBERS IN FACULTAT1 Miriam W.m Harry S. Winters IN UNIX I RSI I A I I Andrew Preston Preston Sellers Dennis Carroll I hapman Veronica Davis Mar) mi i u h Preston happcil I inney Aileen Worth 4 s ) THE HATTER ¥9 $ 76 }: - ■»+ 6 1:5- - e¥ THE HATTER Stetson Symphony Orchestra The Stetson Symphony Orchestra, augmented by a group oi town musicians and pro- fessionals, played us heaviest season this year, including a municipal symphony series ot six programs and concert, in New Smyrna, Daytona and other nearby towns. A Stetson Players ' Orchestra chosen from this group aided in all the Theta Alpha Phi productions. On two occasions the orchestra gathered for social meetings and beach patties. The officers are: Vlronica Davis ----------- President An 1 1 n Worth --------- -Vice-President Floanna Burrows ---------- Librarian Phillip Caldvcxli ---------- Manager Emily Wheeler ---------- Secretary Marjorie Harrkli ------- Personnel Secretary Other student members were: Barbara Davis, Kathryn McKinncy, Gwendolyn Combs, Julianna Griffin, Clarabelle Matthews, Mary Preston, Leonard Powell, Clifford Ryerson, Quincy Masters, Elizabeth Alexander, Andrew Preston, Daniel Bartfield, Grace Safriet, Sheldon Yates, Richard Faulkner, Pauline Prevatt, Hope Dundas, Frank Litton, Cornelia McRae, Miriam Faulkner. The orchestra was under the direction of Professor Donald Faulkner. Professor Louis Marvin was assistant director and concert master. Mr. Marvin also had charge of the Stetson Players ' Orchestra and reorganized the Stetson Band after a lapse of three years, and played several engagements including the opening of the Lake Monroe Bridge. +1 77 )■ THE HATTER Baptist Student Union Council .a n ft | j|« M i± % i i» M ?• President B. S. U. - - - - - - - - Bruce Webster President Y. W. A. - - Etter Turner President B. Y. P. U. ------- - Allen West First Vice-President - - Sallie Mae Edwards Second Vice-President ------ Margaret Harper Third Vice-President ------- Preston Sellers Secretary ------------ Dot Hon Treasurer ----------- Grace Sai kh r Reporter ----------- James Parrish Pianist ----------- Pauline Prevatt Representative of Ministerial Association - - Elbert Tyner Representative of Sunday School ----- Malcolm Day 78 £«• - e¥ THE HATTI.R fo Student Government Council First Row: Aberdeen Johnson, Ellen Gustafson, Etter Turner, Sallie Edwards. Second Row : M.irjorie Carpenter, Irma Chappell, Dons Kn.i.ik, Ruth Murphy. OFFICERS President --------- Aberdeen Johnson Vice-President -------- Ellen Gustafson Secretary ----------- Etter Turm r Treasurer --------- Sallie Mai 1 n iu s THE HATTER Georgia Kirby Editor-in-Chief The Hatter Staff Alberta Axtell -------- Associate Editor Harry Gaylord ----- Assistant Business Manager Etter Turner - - - --__. Snapshot Editor Jack Greene -------- Advertising Manager Elizabeth Alexander - Woman ' s Athletic Editor GAYLORD ALEXANDI r ■••€{ 80 )§••■■ M THE HATTER $S5 I)i n is Carroi 1 Business Manager The Hatter Staff Sidni v Tai i or ---------- Comic Edit In i Dorset ----------- Art Edit Edward Knittli - - - - - Men ' s Athletit Edit I ' m i im Mel vrland ------- Class Edit Mack l ' i i i --------- Fraternity Edit TAYI OR DORS] " i KNII II I M( FARLAND - :4 s l Y Athletics dW THE HATTER Coach H. R. McQuillan Coach must be given the credit tor whipping a team composed almost entirely ot Sophomores into shape, physically and mentally to take on such strong teams as Florida, Oglethorpe, 1 ampa and Miami U., and for the good showing his varsity made. Coach ' s own individual psychology made for him many a game, and his tactics on and oft the held are nothing but clean and wholesome. When we consider McQuillian ' s ability we are assured that next year his team will make a good showing against such teams as Florida, Mercer, Georgia, etc. Good luck, Coach! Asst. Coach John Socash " Sokie " must be given much credit for the line plaj on our learn this past season. He also helped to develop the fre shman team, which had a very successful season. We can rest assured that these freshmen will know something about football next year after a year under " Sokie. " Asst. Coach Harold Martin " Marty " sees to it that the ends know what they ' re doing. Credit is due him lor the manner in which our ends conducted themselves this past season. W ' e are sur« that " Marty " has the makings of a tine coach. - ' { 8 5 } THE HATTER ¥5 Captain " Bi rv " Shebi 1 . Hal f-b ack— 1 65 lbs. This was " Bus ' " last year at id 1 ae clitr laxed his brilliant pi ay with som : beaul ifu 1 punt ing and blocking. Ai ay coach would be glad to have " Bus " on his team, foi -, besides being a great player he a fighting leader . 1 His loi ig punts sent many an opponent back de ep in his own territory, a nd his fine blockin 5 c leared the way to many a tc uchdown. His fin -■ play will be missed on ne :t year ' s v arsity. Co-Captain ' ' Dolly " Hi DRTON . T, ickle— -195 lbs. " Dolly " als played 1 .is last ye ar tor Stetson. " Dolly " h; id ill the req uisites of a great tackle. Big ' ami po ful, he cm ild " di sh It out ; ind take it! " " Doll) i ' as always in the ire busting up the opponents ' pla ys. He w as especial ly goo d at go- ing down e nd. :r punts .11 id nail. ng his ma n before he got star ted . " Dolly " is con sid ■red or ic of the best tackles c rer produc ed her Joe Peck, Tackle — 190 lbs. " Peck " played tackle and, teamed with Horton formed as good a combination as any coach could ask for. " Peck ' s " hard drives and blocking will be missed when next year ' s team trots on the field. They don ' t come much better than " Peck. " " Red " Petri v. Quarter-back— 1 50 lbs. " Red " was our brilliant quarter-back this year, and his long runs and fine open-field play will be missed next year. " Red ' s " specialty was get- ting out into the open and then out-footing the secondary. " Red ' s " fine play stamped him as one of the best backs in the State. Carpenter, End — 175 lbs. " Carp " also played his last game with us. " Carp " was a great defensive player and had few " peers " at this stage of the game. In the Florida and Miami games " Carp " showed the opposition by smashing them for many losses. . -=; ic :=- e THE HATTER 5 " Newt " LiNpsi y, Guard— I !S lbs. " Newt " was small bui rugged. His defensive play and his interference marks him .is .1 great little guard. " Newt " also played his last game for Stetson. J01 " Steve " Ruzzo, Guard— T70 lbs. " Steve ' s " brilliant blocking was Ins outstand- ing feature. Besides being able to dump the opposing back, he was quick .it diagnosing the play before it got started. An early-season injury kept us from hearing more about Joe. " Rod " Thursby, Guard— 170 lbs. " Rod ' s " fighting spirit and ability to ' un- charge his opponent made him a valuable asset to the team. His fine play on the defense and ability to lead the interference are the reasons why he will be missed so much next year. " Dick " WlLDESON, Full-back— ISO lbs. " Dick " was our hard-hitting full-back. Hi: favorite was spilling the opposition from his de- fensive full-back position. " Dick " is hard am rugged and could dish it out. His defensive plaj behind the line was always a high light in all tin games. " Dick " will be back for more next jreat " Red " I 1 ion, Quarter-back — IS 5 lbs. " Red " is the second of our brilliant quarter- backs. " Red ' s " speed and alertness mid. Hi dangerous to the opposition. " Red " was th best passer on the squad, and whenever the team ' .11 lack money that " Red " great passer " Red " will also be with vorking, yo vas in there 1 could bet yout Besides being .1 hat ball. " Red ' • :•{ 87 )■ - THE HATTER 5 " Sid " Singleton, End — 170 lbs " Sid " played great football this year. He of the best defe year. His specialty se seen this was smashing the interfer- ence to let some one else make the tackle. On the offensive very few tackles got past " Sid " and he was always in there fighting. Ken Louton, Full-back — 190 lbs. This is Ken ' s first year on the varsity and from all indications will win many a game for us before he ' s through. Ken ' s ability to smash through for first downs when only a few yards were needed, and to back up the line marks him as the " find " of the season. Ken is not only big but is very fast on his feet. " Spot " Weaver, Center— 170 lbs. " Spot " was our great " little " center. By his hard tackling, blocking, and fighting spirit, he was mentioned as one of the best centers in the South. " Spot " really deserves this honor as any one who has played with or against him will agree. " Spot " made very few bad passes, and his defense against passes was unsurpassed by any. " Mece " S . hi mir. Half-back— 175 lbs. " Mece " came up from last year ' s crack fresh- man team, and walked right into a regular berth on the varsity. " Mece " was high-point this year, and coupled with his ail-round ability will make him a marked man next year. " Mece " also had an educated toe, and won at least one game with that important extra point. " Boh " LockI-TT, Half-back — 170 lbs. " Bob ' s " all-round ability made him an im- portant cog in the team. Bob always kept up the spirit of the team. His fine blocking and tackling affords him a place with the stars. •${ 88 }[«■ THE HATTER Nfc " Bert " Slade, Half-back— 165 lbs. " Bert " was an excellent blocker, and when- ever given the chance to carry the ball did his share of ground -gaining. He was a smart de- fensive player, espec ially against passes. Very few were completed down Bert ' s way. " ' " " C Mini i. Tackle — 21 S lbs. " Joe " was the biggest man on the squad, but, nevertheless, could handle his weight to the best advantage of his tackle position. " Joe " was a stone-wall on the defense, and seldom missed his man on the offense. " Jimmy " Hansford, End — 17? lbs. At the start of the year Jimmy was playing in the backfield, but later found end to his lik- ing. Jimmy was playing great ball, until an injur; kept him out of the last few games. He ' ll " Preacher " Paul, End— 1 ss lbs. " Preacher " was light for an end. but made up for this with right. " Preacher " was the hardest man on the squad to keep out of the play. He was also very good at snaring passes. " Preacher " still has two more years left. " Harpo " Haddock, End — 170 lbs. " Harpo " was our great pass-receiver. Just throw them near him and he ' s sure to get them. " Harpo " was also very efficient in taking the opposing tackle out of the play. We ' ll hear more of " Harpo " in basketball. -+:■{ 89 )■ - e¥ THE HATTER ipy- i sw ' Orth, Guard — IS lbs. " Wimpy played " bang-up " football this year and is deserving of much praise. He was steady, and always gave a good account of him- self " Wimpy " has two more years, much to the sorrow of his opponents. " Jack " Diamond, Guard — 180 lbs. " Jack " was " Wimpy V running mate on the crack freshman team last year, and after fighting oft ' plenty of competition has proved himself a valuable man. " |ack " was always in every play, and seldom missed a tackle. " Rudy " Nelson, Guard — 175 lbs. " Rudy " was one of the fastest men on the squad, and used his speed to good advantage by getting out in front and knocking down the secondary. He was always in there messing up plays, or the first down under punts. Tom Lawrence, Tackle — 190 lbs. Tom was out most of the season with a bad ankle, but while he was in there gave a good account of himself. Big things are expected of Tom next year. " Mac " McCalla, Center— 170 lbs. " Mac " was quite unfortunate in that he didn ' t get to play more. What chance he had, he proved he knew what it was all about. " Mac " played a steady, hard, and alert gaame at center, but didn ' t play as much as he would have liked. rr Bo. Kfl s- ' Owens, Half-back— 175 lbs. e football this year, con- trick knee which kept him His punting was a valu- for many times he kicked n " Coffin Corner. " " Bogie " of great football ahead of " Bogus " played fir sidering that he had a from many practices, able asset to the team out of danger, or out has two more yea him if his knee doesn ' t give in. " Ed " Knittll, Quarter-back — 142 lbs. " Ed " played when the two " red-heads " weren ' t. Ed ' s ability in directing a team stamps him a promising back next year. Ed is a Sophomore and has two good years ahead of him. " Baby " Ingram, Tackle — 190 lbs. Dick had plenty of competition at tackle, but proved himself a very good man with his hard charging and vicious tackling. " Baby " will be a " find " next year, and hard to keep off the first ■ { 90 )§►•- THE HATTIR Basket Ball Team CRENCE, CAY LORD, SLADL, KM1 M I . STRAUSS, NELSON, WIIIMIR The varsity team this year claimed many sophomores hut .is they gained experience they gave -i good account in ever) game. After one disasterous trip, the team came back home and defeated such teams as the strong House oi David, and their arch state rival, Florida University. Considering that coach had only three veterans back he should be congratulated on the showing of this year ' s varsity, and everyone can expect to see a real scrappy and experienced team on the floor for S:ctson next year. Tennis Team ■ w PHILLIPS, rOMYN, M GARRAH, rEASLEY, BERGER, WILSON, I ri i i n Interest in tennis was unusually high this year, with twelve men reporting for the team. Six men were finally selected by a preliminary tournament. The six ranked in order named are: Freeman. Atwatcr. Berger, Ecfcler, McGarrah, Wilson. Prof. Winters gave them valuable assistance as coach and general advisoi and aided materially in turning out a suc- cessful team. -i 9i }. M THE HATTER ¥5 ' 4% Wbk Stover, Einsel, Alexander, Wilson, Price, Colbert, Fisher, Naylor, Oostdam, Martin, Farrar, Knaak. Women ' s Athletic Association W. A. A. OFFICERS President ---------- Geraldine Farrar Vice-President -------- Elizabeth Martin Secretary ---------- Matilda Oostdam Treasurer ---------- Helen Lawrence Publicity Manager --------- Doris Knaak Class Managers seniors juniors Catherine Howarth Virginia Einsel Bernice Fisher Elizabeth Alexander sophomores freshmen Bette Stover Gail Naylor Sara Wilson Helen Colbert »«8( 92 } ■ e¥ THE HATTER w$ ARCHERY GOLF The Woman ' s Athletic Association at Stetson has accomplished a great work in the three years that it has been on the campus. It offers varied activities to the young women. The major sports are tennis, archery, basketball, golf, and swimming. Among the minor sports are pingpong, handball, hockey, and shuffleboard. The interest is stimulated by the awards given among which are a loving cup, W. A. A. penants, and the archery awards. TENNIS BASKETBALL ■ 93 ) Features THE HATTI. R fcgg We are pleased to present on the following fourteen pages, pictures and names of Stetson ' s most outstanding students. These have been selected by secret ballot, the announce- ment of their selection being made in this, The 1934 Hatter. Stetson is proud of them, and trusts that they will maintain leadership throughout life. GEORGIA KIRBY Editor-in-Chief DENNIS CARROLL Business Manager -+-{97 .+ THE HATTER MARY LOUISE FOARD Most Popular 4{98 )§» - THE H A T T I R ¥9 WILLIAM TOMYN Most Popular ■{ 99 };♦ THE HATTER SALLIE MAE EDWARDS Most Attractive ■-i 100 }?«•■■ e¥ THE HATTER fo JAMES PARRISH Most Attractive ' { i o 1 } - THE HATTER RUTH BOISCH Most Kepresentath e i 102 $ d¥ THE HATTER PRESTON SELLERS Most Representative - - 103 )■ M THE HATTER CATHERINE HOWARTI Most Intellectual ■m|| 1 04 }§►•- e¥ THE HATTER Jtffc ROBERT BURNS Most Intellectual ■{ 105 } - THE HATTER ELLEN GUSTAFSON Campus Queen §{ 106 }{ e¥ THE HATTER GERALDINE FARRAR May Queen -ng( 107 f THE HATTER TRAVIS PETREY Most Athletic ■■ " { 108 }• •■■ THE HATTER JOSEPH HENDRICKS Most Prominent | 109 - e¥ THE HATTER ELLEN GUSTAFSON City Hostess — Homecoming -4110 }. ■ - THE HATTER fo WALLACE FOARD SI ltd cut Mayor — Homecoming -■{ 11 i i THE HATTER SNAPSHOTS - -■.{ 112 )gH- THE HATTER fo SNAPS! IOTS 4 in}. THE HATTER SNAPSHOTS •Hgj 114 }i e¥ THE H A T T I R SNAPSHOTS «6j 1 ! 5 f - THE HATTER Compliments of The SPARKS THEATRES IN DE LAND PRESENTING The Finest Screen and Stage Entertainment I STETSON THROUGH A KEYHOLE j Sept. 1-20. The season opens with the usual rushing tactics. The Pi Kaps try to pledge some unsuspecting freshman and the Sigma Nus try to take the Pi Kap pledges from ] them. During the general free-for-all the Delta Sigs got rid of one pledge pin. Sept. 13. School opens as usual except for a larger bunch of good-looking red-headed ( Chaudoinites. In the excitement Kirby and Sara Wilson also became red-headed either to strengthen their hold on certain young men or to rush the red-headed frosh into the Pi Phi fold. (It ' s a wonder it didn ' t scare them all Tri-Delt.) De Rolph ' s Diner Near the Campus " Where Sandwiches Are Bigger and Taste Better " YOU CAN ALWAYS MEET YOUR FRIENDS THERE INSURANCE HON-AGENCY, Inc. 220 N. BLVD. Phone 45 5 T II E H A T T I R The BARNETT NATIONAL BANK tr A Florida £andrnark " Sept. 25. About this time one of the aforementioned red-heads and [ohnn) Uw.uer took it rather seriously and began to mark up the library tables atrociously. Also .1 miniature Sigma Nu pledge tried to get an engagement ring to tit .1 tri-Delt pledge. Sept. 26. Delta Sig headquarters is moved to a bilious green Ford limousine. Sept. 27. Jack and Joe have a little political get together back of the Sigma Nu house. Sept. 30. Stetson journeys to Gainesville and releases all its supres ed desires except one. Oct. 6. After a gridiron introduction Middle Georgia College decides chat Sherman and Stetson have the same ideas. Brandon Electric Co. The House of Sen ice Phone 5 36 202 N. Blvd. RADIOS APPLIANCES STUDENTS ' SUPPLIES TYPEWRITERS NOTE-BOOKS STATIONERY The Allen- White Compan) DEl.AND e¥ THE HATTER The Court House Pharmacy INC. " The Store of Personal Service " NEAR THE COURT HOUSE Headquarters for Stetson Students We deliver from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Phone 5 C. M. Geiger, Prop. FRIERSONS No. 230 Phone 23 N. Blvd. That ' s Me fwutmt m± ONE-STOP SERVICE fj e J. F. ALLEN FURNITURE CO, Inc. HOME OF DEPENDABLE GOODS SINCE 1882 52 YEARS IN BUSINESS AND STILL GOING STRONG FUNERAL DIRECTORS REAL AMBULANCE SERVICE V. M. Fountain Co. | MENSWEAR— SHOES Thirty years of service in De Laud J V. M. Fountain J. C. Hurt Olin Martin j J. F. Tatum V. M. Fountain, jr. I I The Paramount Studios I Photographers for College Annuals ] I Represented by j J. Edward Stevenson 116 S. Orange Avenue j Orlando. Florida Hull, Landis and Whitehair ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELLORS AT LAW DE LAND, FLORIDA Practicing in All State and Federal Courts e¥ THE HATTER ft + Oct. 9. A political genius from several large Northern Universities introduces the Cosmopolitan Party on the campus. Learn about politics from Wilson. OCT. 13. Elections are held. The Democratic part) gets over two-thirds of the offices and the Independent-Cosmopolitan coalition the leavings. () l. 14. The battle ot the Amazons. To the victor belongs Wildeson. Oct. 20. Mayor ' s election. Someone is so excited that he can ' t read. Others make promises they can ' t keep. Nov. 9. Lest we forget, a beautiful sign is placed in front of Elizabeth Hall denoting the fact that this is STETSON U. Nov. 11. Homecoming. Another Delta Sig mayor. Another tri-Delt prize float. An- other football victory. This time over a so-called college at Lakeland. Another glorious d.w . Another Stetson governor. Another lesson in temperance by the old grads. Another headache. Nov. 14. Above mentioned sign appears at the cemetery denoting same tact. Nov. IS. Sign back again. Nov. 17. Sign appears in the belfrey. Serpent ' s Club dance. Nov. 20. Sign seen in front of Bray ' s Beer Parlor. Later at Pi Kap house and finally in West Florida. I)i i . 14-15. " A Eull House. " " You can come in but you can ' t get out. " We Don ' t Claim to be the Best Cleaners in Town But We Do Claim There Are NONE BETTER Let Us Prove If Phonf 69 5 141 E. N. Y. Ave. " Pete " Salter DELAND SUN-NEWS West Volusia County ' s Daily Newspaper 15c Weekly PHONE 651 STUDENTS TWO GOOD PLACES TO GO De Land, Florida Phone GOODYEAR TIRES TUBES EXIDE BATTERY SERVICE Ford Garage 1 19 So. Bi vd. W. M. Agree, jr. I STETSON and McCRORY ' S ! McCRORY ' S 5 10 Cent Store ACREE ' S INC. THE HATTER i I NEW " LIFE -TIME " ENCYCLOPEDIC DIGEST OF FLORIDA REPORTS To be complete in 1 5 Volumes Seven Volumes now ready bringing the alphabet through " Insurance " I J Sold on Convenient Terms J Price, Prospectu " , etc., mailed on request I I John M. Elliot Florida Representative 1 | THE HARRISON COMPANY LAW BOOK PUBLISHLRS H R ATLANTA, GEORGIA F. N. DeHuy Son Jewelers and Silversmiths Since 1873 WATTS HARDWARE FURNITURE CO. 42 YEARS IN DE LAND " Where Your Dollar Goes Further " Dec. 15. Pi Kappa Phi dance at Seabreeze Swim Club. A fancy diving act is presented by a certain popular co-ed and a member of the freshman football team. Dec. 16. Sigma Nu formal. Rho Dammit Rho reunion. Many remain that way until Xmas vacation. Dec. 20. Christmas vacation. No scarlet fever. Jan. 2. Back to loafing. Jan. 9. Ladders on Chaudoin. Jan. 18-23. Exams. Feb. 8. Tower climbers organize. Feb. 12. A long-eared hoofed quadruped was found to have spent the week-end in Eliz. Haall. Apparently he was not teaching for he had no M.A. at the time. Feb. 14. A piece of bedside masonry was found among the morons of Psychology class. Merely a conditioned reflex. Feb. 14. Duke and someone else find that Spring is here. Feb. 15. The Cradle Snatcher finds a new cradle. Feb. 16. Jimmie Parrish decides to become a mormon. Feb. 19. Prof. Willie, Dee Pepper, Willian has enrolled in a detective school to find out how to spy on young couples that skip forum, how to hide behind trees, how to check up on the people at Symphony concerts without being seen, how to prevent co-eds from enjoying life, how to enjoy mid-night escapades of her own, how to dodge bottles, etc. Feb. 21. A certain prof is accused of using Samson ' s lethal weapon. Mar. 27. The S. A. P.s have hopes. Also Hope and maybe some charity. THE HATTER i i HOTEL COLLEGE ARMS DE LAND, FLORIDA lA Winter Home J or Discriminating People Beautiful Location Elevator, Steam Heat Unexcelled Golf Course White Service Throughout ■— i I THE HATTER LET YOUR NEXT HAT BE A STETSON Give thought to your appearance — look the world in the eye — dress up and top off with a Stetson. Your hat is an important part of ensemble — it makes or mars the whole effect, wear the right hat and gain in self- confidence. There ' s no question about it — good judgment dictates that your next hat be a Stetson. JOHN B. STETSON COMPANY PHILADELPHIA THE HATTER 5 I DE LAND DREKA ' S Since 1878 FLORIDA l M THE " HOME " STORE Where Stetsonices will find everything— " To wear to cat to use " G. A. DREKA CO. Mar. 29. Lovic wears out her stockings, and Easter vacation begins. Aprii 2. Chaudoin dances at the Lido. April 3. Tomyn is in a period of transition. April 3. New Student Council stalled. Chaudoin bell missing. Chaudoin Belles seen dining and dancing. At the Country Club — Axtell, Finlayson, Skillman, Collins, Home, Hooker and Spaulding. Enjoying the beach and being enjoyed at the beach — Ruth Boisch, Mary Jane Foot, Ellen Gustafson, Bet Kramer, and Libby Donnell. Dancing at the Lido — Patton, Ingram, Corbett (Dink), Sue, Broward and Naylor. Back of the Library — Nowling, Mary Lou Tookie, Fifi, Flickson, Maxine, Shuler and Morris. On the sun-dial — Ezell and Wilson. April 5-6. " Ten Nights In a Bar Room. " Stetson ' s secrets revealed. Future .... Graduation. Will Wallace (Cradle-Snatcher) Foard graduate or isn ' t that what he came to school for. GOHN DYKES Inc. MEN ' S WEAR NEW SYTLES FIRST GOOD YEAR SHOE SHOP Cooper Brothers, Props. We Believe in Good Work. Good Service and Good Materials 107 S. Blvd. De I m g THEHATTER D ELAND " The Athens of Florida " Qreets the Graduating Class of Stetson University 1934 De Land Chamber of Commerce

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Stetson University - Hatter Yearbook (DeLand, FL) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


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