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Florida State Historical Society Archives Stetson University 3 4369 00479771 X LSD -17 H 935 Cop, . J v-- - DO FR 10V 4 195 1 OTREIVOVE )M LIBRARY This book must not be taken fro the Library building. Wftl I HI IE HATTER published by THE MI I •f STEISC 7 UF 1VERSITY 1933 t € pyri|ht IRMA CHAPPELL EDITOR E.M ALRICH BU INE M IMACER I ex lihn FO WEti whic thi a metO c f th plea ©f © cur have 1 are t© come, 3©©k bhinq ycu . i i i J happy day , effort Four Fh e ©ebtcatton To I clin Jcveph Hi nd red a a tcken of cur incere appreciation f cr ki unu ual ability and ve tvat al it y, and fcr hi unvelfi h life cf service tc mankind, we affectionately dedicate thi vclurne cf The Hatter Eieht .Vi ' iir I Eleven To : y Students: have heard stressed the important i health; the importune untrammelled by l reji oiling your emotions so During your college course you building up a healthy body and kecpin. developing the mind till it works smooth ) and superstition; and the imparlance of cont they may function normally. These things are basic in seeking an education for character and ser They continue to be so after graduation. It tvill take you yean to your minds tcith useful knowledge, to cultivate your wills till they I vour ioayivard impulses under control, but such should be your aim. In the pursuit of truth beep an open mind; in the strife for u character, beep the conscience clear; in the effort to purchase the a glories of the higher life make yourselves serve ideals daily. Growth and enrichment depend on practice, on aiming at prope and on constant strenuous effort. The students of Stetson are indu into the company of scholars who value worth-while things, ;eho do hide behind masks or serve idols, so I shall be zvatching you to sec von succeed. Affectionately, Lincoln lln.i.n, ■ o) dice that fill ring oals eted .., . Administrative Officers Charles S. Farriss, D.D. G. Prentice Carson, A.M., LL.D ' ice President I ' run of College of Liberal . Irts Mary Trimble Lowry, A.M. Lewis H. Tribble, I.I..M. Olga Bowex, A.M. Dean of Women Dean of College of Law Assistant to the Dean C. B. Rosa Registrar I hirlc The Faculty Professors, Associate Professors, and Assistant Professors Robert I. Allen, M.S. Associate Professor of Engineering and Physics I Ulil! A. C VRPENTER, LI.. II. Professor of Law G. Prentice Carson, A.M.. LL.I). Lean and Professor of History and Political Science Richard I- ' .. Clark, Ph.D. Librarian and Professor of Sociology Job F. Conn, I ' m. I . Professor of Chemistry William E. Duckwitz, Mus.D. Professor of Music Boyi e I " . Ezell, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology and Education Ch vrles S. F kkiss, D.D % Vice-President and Professor of . Indent Languages Donald F i lkner, A.B. tssociate Professor o Uathetuatic ( Charles A. Fisher, Ph.] . Professor of Business Administratio and Economics Harry I ' . Fluhart Professor of Fine Arts Jennis W. I ' m ii. .1.1). Professor of Law Harry C. Garwood, Th.M. Professor of Philosophy and Bible Warren S. Gordis, Ph.D. Professor of English Luther 11. Grice, D.I). . Issoeiale Professor of Bible John J. Kindred, LL.B., M.I). Professor of Law Curtis M. Lowry, M.E. Professor of Engineering Herbert R. McQuillan, U.S. Professor of Physical Education Ora P. Seward, Ph.D. Emeritus Professor of Modern Languages Ii im. (. ' . Stover, M.O. Professor of Public Speaking Harry L. Taylor, Ph.] . Associate Professor of Philosophy Lewis H. Tribble, LL.M. Dean of College of Law and Professor of Latv Charles B. Vance, Ph.D. Professor of Biology George I 7 .. Ganiere . Issislanl Professor in the Plastic Ails Paul R. Geddes Assistant Professor in Local Music Annie Nadine Holden, I ' m. I ' .. Assistant Professor in German and English Harry S. Winters. .M. Assistant Professor of English Lei ii rers axd Instructors E 1 1. F. Beach Instructor in Secretarial Work I )A in I ' .LM HSHEAR, LL.B. Lecturer. Appellate Procedure Veronk Davis Instructor in Public School Music Rosa Lee Gaut, Mrs.B. Instructor in Music Julia 1. Hale, A.B. Instructor in Phvsical Education and Health l-KAM i A. II .M MOND Lam Librarian and Instructor in Legal Bibliography KnvH ELL S. BUSHNEl I. M IRION P. C VRSON M i -, C ( !onr vi ii, A.B Alma R. Farriss Mary M. Hendrn ks, A.B. Instructor in French Mahlon S. McGreggor, LL.B. Instructor in Law Ella C Kindred, .B. Lecturer in Fine . Iris Mary E. Lowry. A.M. Instructor in English I. ii v Ann Xi.iii.kti. A.B. Instructor in Spanish and French Pail E. Raymond, J.D.. S.J.I). Instruc tor in I.a:e Miriam Wayt. M.S. Instructor in Physical Education and Health Asms i wis to the Faculty Emmet C. Feasel Berth M. Fisher Bertha W. Fluhart S. 1 1 i;rikt Kennedy, Louis II. M ryin Faustene B. Tow . A.B. L a Baker Wel ii, Mus.B. A.M. Willie Dee Wuhan. A.B, Student Body Officers ?n .... ' Seward Salv vge . Vkc-Presid •ill . l (ldred Carl . . . Ti casurer Nineteen Postgraduates E. Little Mary C. Conrath Mary Hendricks Picture Rocks, Pa. DeLand, Fla. Edon. Ohio A.B., Bucknell University A.B., Marietta College A.B., Denison University Francis 1 1. Thomas Hollister, Fla. A.B., Stetson University ( irs Adams Faustene Town Willie D. Willian South Boston. Va. Charlotte. Midi. Jacksonville, Fla. A.B., Presbyterian College A.B., Stetson University A. 1 ' ... Stetson University Ttventy-One Senior Class Officers Russell Brown, President Betty Foard, Vice-President Ruth Hale, Secretary Henry T. Bass, Treasurer l wenty-Two 1 1 Y. u T. Bass A i Ikeechobce Candidate for BS. Degree Treas. i lass, 3; Treas I lass, 4; Pres. Stetson Engineering Society, 4. Never lei it be said that women bother " Chobee, " for he ' s a man anions men. Main I ' .a i n i H A Sorrenti i c ' andidate for . l.B. I ' . Vice Pres ' lass, 2, Studenl Council, I; vlosf Popular ' Girl, 2 ; Homecoming Sponsor, 2 ; V W V. 1, 2. She ' s really " a most unconventional lass, " but we like her to be, because vou -re. it ' s Mary. Elizabeth Brooks i A l Clermont i andidate for . I.B. Degree Brenau College, 1, 2; Pi Kappa Sigma; Cor. Secy. Sigma Upha Phi, 4: I latter Staff, 3. Bettj i- a friendly little girl with a great big heart and a car that ' s read to take vou anywhere. -Th,,: Russell Brown i X 1 )el .and Candidate- for A.B. Degree Pres. Class, 4; Chaplain Sigma Xn. 4; (llee Club, 4: Orchestra, 1, 3, 4; Mgr. Orchestra, 4: Band. 1. 4; Mgr. Band. 4; Stetson Players, 4. Russ is the fellow generally known as " the life of the party, " and rightly, for oh, what a way with the women ! Julia Mae Burton AAA Del. and Candidate for A.B. Degree Lipscomb College, 1 ; Glee Club. 1, 4; Treas. Glee Club. 1. Judy is a composite bundle of energy, good nature and wit wrapped up in a very attractive pack- age Mildred Cari 5 A DeLand Candidate for A.B. Degree Flint Junior College, 1; I ' i Kappa Sigma; Torch ami Scroll: Treas. Student Body, 4: Yice -Pres. Sigma Alpha Phi, 3, 4: Vice- Pres. Pi Kappa Sium. i. 2; Treas. Pi Kappa Sigma. Ci: Pres. Pi Kappa Sigma, 4; Secy. Torch and Scroll. 4: Pres. Torch and Scroll, 4. She ' s one of those likeable little girls that do great big things in a big way. llii Midge. We ' re backing her full force, sure that she ' ll reach the top. 7 teen I y- Four In Mae ( i m i w it. ii i I lunnelli in ( ' andidate for . . ' . ' e Florida State College for Women, 1. 2, 3; Phi Beta, 4; Glee Club, 4. Ida Mae lias been with us onlj a short while, but .ilit. nl thai " come-hither-look " and its match- less smile have won for her an indispensable phut- among us. JOH N ( nl V VRD i Del. ami c andidate for B.S. Degree Gamma Sigma Epsilon ; Marion Institute, I, _ ' . Hatter Staff, 4: Recorder Gamma Siijina Ep- silon, 4 ; Football, .i ; Boxing, 3. John has a host of assets, among them a remark- able powei of selection— perhaps ' tis because oi his " fair choice, " Inn more than likelj 1 1 i — " choice nf the fair. " 1-RiiN iREEKMORE AAA Brooksville Candidate for . LB. Degree Florida State College for Women, 1. 2: Vice- Pres Studenl ( .muni, 4; Glee Club, 4: Marshal, Delta Delta Delta, 4; Homecoming Sponsor, 3 We ' ve found when " Red " could spare her for a moment thai Verona is realh a jollj good sport and nice in hive around. Twenty-Five Mae I )aniel Mi mre Haven Candidate for BS. Degree Torch anil Scroll; (lamina Sigma Epsilon; Stu- dent Council, 2. 3, 4; Orchestra, 2, 3; Librarian nf ( Irchestra, 3 : Secy. Torch and Scroll, 4; Vice- Pres. Y. W. A., 2, 3, 4; Secy. B. S. l , 3, 4. Sweet, sincere, courteous, with a quiet reserve we all admire — that ' s Mae. David Dyer 5 X Miami Beach Candidate for LL.B. Degree Ohio State University. 1. 2, 3, 4; Phi Delta Phi. David came among us a gentleman of courtesy and friendliness that stamped him at once as a likeahle fellow. M vry 1 Iarris Ezell II B 4 DeLand Candidate for A.B. Degree Theta Alpha Phi; tensor Pi Beta Phi. 2; Secy. Pi Beta Phi. 3; Yice-Pres. Pi Beta Phi. 4; Hat- ter Staff. 4; Homecoming Com., 4; Tennis, 2, 3, 4; Archery, 3; " S " Club, 3. 4: Class Mgr. W. A. A., 3. 4; (dee Club, 1; Choral Group, 1: Stetson Players, 1, 2, 3. 4; Yice-Pres. Theta Alpha Phi, 4; May Queen, 4. Charm, poise, stateliness — all we could ask for in a queen. iventy-Six Betty Foard II B l DeLand t andidate for . . ' . Degi i e scv. Class, 2; Treas. Class, 3; Vice Pres. Class, 4; Hatter Staff, 3 ; Censor Pi Beta Phi,2; Secy. Pi Beta Phi, 3; Pres. Pi Beta I ' lii, 4; Tennis, 3, 4; Archery, 3, 4; Glee Club, 1 ; Y. W. A.. 1, 2, 3, 4. verybody knows Bettj ; everybody loves Bett) « hat more can be said I ). i i vce Fields i X Lexington, l . Candidate fur . .. • ' . Degree Sigma Xu Phi; (Jniv. of Ky., 1; Transylvania College, - ' ; Pres, Class, .! ; Editor-in-Chief Hat- ter, 3; Band, 3, 4; Pres. Band, . ' : Orchestra, .1 4. warm, friendly greeting with a cheerful word and a winning smile — who else but Wally? John S. Gill A 2 I I VI. and ( andidate for B.S. Degree Knox College, 1; Vice-Pres. Delta Sigma Phi, 4; Stetson Engineering Society, 3. 4; Stacj goes about his way with an air of pre. c- cupation, hut it ' s jusl a bluff he ' s nut that wa at all. Tuvnh John Iorzeman Hull, Iowa Candidate for A.B. Degree University of Iowa. 1. 2; Basketball, 3, 4. ihnnie is truly our ladies ' man, with the build of a god and a personality that attracts every- II. LARD HALDEMAN 2 N Ybungstown, Ohio Candidate for A.B. Degree Shepherd Junior College, 1, 2; Basketball, 3, 4; Football, 3; Tennis. 4. Buddy is our all-round boy — a jolly good sport with both man and maid. Ruth Hale A S a New Smyrna Candidate for A.B. Degree Phi Beta; Pi Kappa Sigma: Secy. Class, 4; Cor- respondent Alpha i Delta, 3; Vice-Pres. Alpha Xi Delta, 3; Delegate to Alpha Xi Delta Na- tional Convention, 3; Stetson Players. 1, 2. 3; Homecoming Com., ,5. 4; Glee Club, 4: Choral Group 2; V. W. C. A.. 1; V. W. A., 4; Pres. Pan-Hellenic, 3; Hatter Staff, 3, 4. Ruth is one of those remarkable people who can do a dozen things at once and pull through with a smiling face and a couple of A ' s. Twenty-Eight i I II II I) J VCOBSEN AAA Ft. Pierce ( andidate for .B. De Phi Beta; Pi Kappa Sigma; Rec Secy. Delta Delta Delta, 4; Rec. Se i Phi Beta, Secy. Phi Beta. 3; Vice Pres. Phi Beta, 4; Rec. Secy. Pi Kappa Sigma, 2; Cor. Secy. Pi Kappa Sigma, 3; Keeper of Vrchives Pi Kappa 4; Glee Club, 1, 3; Y. W. .. 4. With a sweel cliarm and pleasing reserve, Jakey goes about licr own little way— but nol alone! Myrtle McClelland Lakeland C andidate for ■ l.B. I ' Florida State College for Women, 1, - ' . 3; Pi Kappa Sigma; (.Ice Club, 4; Vice-Pres. B. S. I ' .. 4 ; 1 lomecoming ( lorn., 4. " When a feller needs a friend " to --hare his troubles or p. share h i fun, Myrtle i always right there. James McKenney II K l Lake Monroe ( andidate fur . l.B. Degree Oxford Fellowship; Chaplain I ' i Kappa Phi, _ ' . .1 4. Secy. Oxford Fellowship, .? ; Vice-Pres Ox- ford Fellowship, 4: Hatter Staff. 4. If there ' s something to Ik- done, count m Jimmie to he read} to help — especially if there ' s a wo- man concerned. .v.-ii y-.Vmc Virginia MacKenzie ASA Tampa Candidate for A.B. Degree Pres. Alpha Xi Delta, 4; Vice-Pres. Alpha Xi Delia. 3; Soc. Chairman Alpha Xi Delta, 2; Play Production Class, 1; Treas. Pan-Hellenic, 4: Homecoming Sponsor, 3. ( ne can ' t help liking a sirl like Virginia (espe- cially one " Bus " ), for she has the attributes of an attractive personality. Jean .Moore Lake Helen Candidate for A.B. Degree Jean, when she lets you know her. has that clever frish wit that is irresistible. I. WlNFIELD MOSLEY, JR. A i Tavares Candidate for A.B. Degree Football, 1. 2, 3, 4; Basketball. 1, 2. 3. 4; Cap- tain Football Team. 4; Vice-Pres. Delta Sigma Phi, 4: Secy. Delta Sigma Phi. 2: Most Versa- tile Man, 4. Most- spent four years on our campus with ath- letics for his goal, then he switched to scholar- ship ami has proved a winner in both. Thirty I II KI ES . ( SB( IRNE II K I iiKililla Candidate for LL.B. Degree Phi Alpha Delta; Treas. Pi Kappa Phi, 3: Archon Pi Kappa Phi, 4; Treas. Phi Alpha Delta, 3; Justice Phi Alpha Delta, 4; Football, 1 ; Glee Club, 1; Band, 1; Stetson Players, 1; Sheriff of Moot ( ' our!. 4. Charlie is one of " ur promising lawyers. He be- gan his career bj convicting Governor Sholtz and lien ' s wishing him as much success with future trials. I lui LICE I I. PlOTTS 1 Findlay, 1 t i Candidate for . l.B. Degree Ohio State University, 1, 2; Football, .5. 4: Wrestling, 3. 1 1 ' Bud tackles all Ins troubles the waj he tackles men on the yrid. he ' ll win our cheers right on. Sew vrd T. Salvage A T !- t . ish icti ' ii. ( hio Candidate for B.S. Degree Washington ami Jefferson College, 1; Vice-Pres. Student Body, 4; Myr. Basketball, 4; Football, 2. 3, 4; Boxing, .i ; Vice-Pres. Engineering So- ciety, 4; M " st Representative Man. 4. A scholar, an athlete, a man of mam friends Seed is rightly called " most representative. " Thirty-One Betty Spell z X E Titusville Candidate for A.B. Degree Pres. Zeta Chi Epsilon, 4; Treas. Zeta Chi Epsi- lon, 2; Vice-Pres. Pi Gamma Mn, 4; Y. W. A.. 2. 1 1 ' you ' re looking for someone with plenty of ef- ficiency and ability, Betty will fill the bill. Fb . k K. Spencer I [annacroix, X. Y. Candidate for B.S. Degree Torch and Scroll; Pi Gamma Mu; Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Grand Alchemist Gamma Sigma Epsi- lon, 4. Frank keeps his dry wit tucked away in reserve, but it ' s all the more pungent when he lets it escape: He ' s headed for success, we ' re sure. I )( iri n ii v Tre i t.i i, AHA Lake Helen Candidate for .l.B. Degree Florida State Colleege for Women, 1; Theta Al- pha Phi; Secy. Theta Alpha Phi, 4; Stetson Players, 2, 3, 4. Dot, a great little actress, has a certain sparkle and vivacih that one can ' t forget. Thirty-Two Winifred I v m bli n i A Candidate for . I.B. Degree Pres, Student Council, 4; Vice-Pres. Student Council, 3; Editor-in-Chiel Hatter, .5; Ties. Sigma lplia Phi, 3; Chaplain Sigma Mpha Phi, _ ' ; Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 4. Vice Pres, Orchestra, 3; Pres. Y. W, A, 3; Vice Pres. B. S. U., 1, 2, 3; Most Pleasing Personality, 3. When you find a jollj smile and contagious good humor coupled with an amazing amount of ef- ficiency, you know you ' ve found Winnie. 111! l l s I ' . RI. i . I K. A T - ( Irlando Candidate for LL.B. Degree Sigma ' u Phi ; iolf, 4. im ' s nonchalant demeanor hides the active, di- agnosing brain which brings logic in coherence with law. I ln Ki S. W VRNER I Irange ( ' ity Candidate for LL.B. Degree When aggressiveness is added to personality and i cheerful outlook it ' s bound to equal success. Thirty-Three Albert D. Woodle II K Jacksonville Candidate for LL.B. Degree Here is an analytical man who speaks few words, Imt writes mam when the occasions arise. Robert Renwicic, Cuba, X. Y. Candidate for A.B. Degree Union College, 1, 2; Theta Alpha Phi; Stetson Plavers, 3, 4: Intercollegiate Debating, 4; Pres. The ' ta Alpha Phi, 4. master of moods is our actor Bob — we laugh, lose and cry with him as a hundred different people, Imt like him best as his own individual self. rEORGE LlXDER A i ( )cala Candidate for B.S. Degree I ' reas. Delta Sigma Phi, 1, 2. .i ; Hatter Staff. 1. Generous, good natured, and likeable — perhaps it ' s the borne influence. Thirty-1 ' ' in- T " ? QJJ Thirly-Fhi Junior Class Officers I V K rOWNSEND President Bet Kramer Vice-President Geraldine Farrar Secretary Robert Sandles Treasurer M jftlemorp of Eicijarb j$. ©abis tofjom toe fjelb in fngfj esteem anb for tofjom toe felt a beep affection . . . Becember 21, 1932 luth .Meredith Ai.ricii ( den wood Elizabeth Brown AAA Del -and Abigail Ch vpman AAA Staten Island. X. Y. Irma Chappell Miami Sallie Mae Edwards 2 A Vero Beach Geraldine Earrar 2 A Miami LOVETTE ElELD AAA Del. and lii rnice Fisher Del .and Kenneth Freem n 2 X I eLand |. Davis ' Iodd ri II K ]• Quincv Ellen Gustafson II li l ( Ireen Cove Springs fosEPH Hendricks II K Montverde Dorothy Hodil AAA Sebring Aberdeen [ohnson A = " a St. Petersburg hir y- ' iue Let Kramer AAA Lake Wales Margaret Maxfield I ' ots lam, N. Y. S. Colquitt Pardee Avon Park Am irew Preston Lincoln. 111. ( Jrace Safriet AAA Gatliff, Ky. | ACK TOWNSEND 2 N Lake Wales auline Wilson A E A Red Line, Pa. ©pIWlIlMf Fortv-One Sophomore Class Officers ; R . K )RTMAN President Marjorie Hammer Vice President Audrey Johnson Secretary ( Ieorge Farmer Treasurer Forty-Two Ei 1 m:ki ii Adams II B Mayo Routh Boisch II B Daytona Beach Watts Bracev II K 4 Asheville, X. C. Cornelius Christiancy Daytona I ' .each Martha Clayton 11 15 1 Lakeland i Ieorge A. DeCottes II k 1 Jacksonville Betty Dreka 1 )il. and Virgin] Einsei II li ' ! DeLand Boyce F. Ezeli II K J DeLand Forty- 1 Ik.-. George C. Farmer n K Clearwater Mary Louise Foard n B t DeLand I I RRY E. G WI.nRl) 5 N Eustis J uk D. Greene Chicago. 111. Irene M. Haas n B Tampa Marjorie Hammer n b DeLand Ethel Hirt Osteen Ii ' i.if.t Hope S A $ Hocoria Audrey Johnson AHA Grand Marai-. Minn. Forty-Four Leslie Iohnson 2 N i Irancl Marais, .Minn. iRi.l K [RBI II R Mnuni Dora Alice Lee i A l DeLand liiii.x D. .Marsh X Detroit, Mich. ANNE-EMILINE ( (VERSTREET facksonville I )ON I ' ll ll.LII ' S 2 X Daytona Beach I CK ). Phillips 2 X racksonville ( ' 11 vrles K. Re wis B K Tampa An it Robi nson New York, X. Y. Forty-Fh Vernelle Shackelford 5 A $ Hicoria ( Ieorge K. Straus A T A Youngst i n, hio Sidney H. Taylor a 5 Del. and Etter Turner 5 A Williston Edith Van AAA DeLand Lois Whidden AAA Kissimmee Louise D. Wilson n b Crescent City Aileen Worth AHA Pontiac, 111. Norma Yates Kev West Forlv-Sljt ir©§Mfifii@3a I , " I -Sr: en Freshmen Officers Sara Wilson President Richard Simpson Vice President Florence Findlayson Secretary Roy Tew Treasurer -High I Charles F. Allen i Tampa Alberta M. Axtel II B Jacksonville Thomas E. Baldw i s II K l Vero Beach T. A. Bass, Jr. a i ! ' .ill. ikee Maurk e Bran i le Mt ' Mina. Pa. Dorothy Broadlsext icala Lillian Brown AAA Lake Cit) M ary Ann Bri AHA Ft. Lauderdale ' I OREN( E BROWNLEE AAA ( liattaii ' » iga, Trim El I EN BURKLEY II B Daytona Beach Forty-Nine ] k iiiRii-: Carpenter AHA Miami Beach Elizabeth Ch urch i A ( Irlando Helen May Christian II B Jacksonville I I VRI ill) I ASSLER A i $ Hawthorne, X. V. How kd M. Day UK I ' unta iorda Frances Dorsey AAA I [omestead Teresa Edwards Z A t Vero Beach ■ ' [ i (RENCE F] NDLAY ' Si IX n b ( Ireenville Nancy Felt AAA Del. and M ARGARET HOOKER II B I i hosen Fifty Dorothy Keene AAA Miami Bee VV. Kirk i N I .eesburg Sarah Ki.kfkkf.k AAA Miami Doris K.w k AAA Detroit, Mich. Pauline McFarland S A Vero Beach R n mi a Meal St. Augustine L. P. Nichols i N Daytona Beach Thomas B. )wen: II K I ( keechobee Polly Robbins II B Panama City H T.I Shuler II B ' ! facksonville Fifty-One Richard Simpson A S Ft. Lauderdale Irene Smiley AAA Pierson Elizabeth Stover n b $ DeLand Roy E. Tew n k j Ft. Myers Douglas A. Tower A 5 Homestead ( ,i (irce A. West A 5 Flomestead Sara Wilson II B Miami fULIUS A. YY UDZKE 5 N DesPlaines, III. Fifty-Two Delta Sigma Phi Founded al College City of Mew York, December 10, 1899 Alpha Chi Chapter Established 1898; Founded 1925 Nile Green and While Flower: White Carnation Mi!!!! Ullo Lewis II. Tribble ( II U ' TI.K MEMBERS Is I ' X . i I 1ATK Robert I 1 U 1 1 I »i maid Faulknei In Universit. m hves Frank Adams II. T. Bass Tom C. Blalock Robert Burns hick I luren I rank I trtman I lorace i ulbertson Wallace Foard Stacej Gill George Lindner Winfield Moslev Sidney I a) d n Donald ral ' botl Rodnej I hui sb; Francis Reaves Edward Berger Richard ildi so Richard Simpson I louglass 1 1 iw n Reginald Farr Phillip Wrighl Bonar Law Frank Smith I lei ' i ge I liamond Wilson Mobley Len ( I. (wens 1 U 1 1 Wesl i ttis inson fames Mather Harold V Das lei Fifty-Fit Pi Beta Phi Colors: Wine and Silver Bin Founded at Monmouth College, 1867 Florida Chapter Established January 30. 1913 l ' " i i (wee : ] ' ine Carnation CHAPTER MEMBERS In Facultate Annie Nadine Holden 1 u-t i l r oard Mary Harris Ezell Ellen Gustafson In Universitate ACTIVES Ruth Boisch Martha Clayton Elizabeth Adams Virginia Einsel Marjorie Hammer I ieorgia Kirby Marv Louise Foard Alberta Axtell Ellen Burkley I leli-n May Christian Florence Findlayson Margaret Hooker Irene Haas Pollv Robbins Evelyn Shuler Betty Stover Louise Wilson Sara Wilson Fifty-Six First Row Georgia Kirby, Marj II. Ezell, Bettj Foard, Ellen Gustafson, ir inia Einsel. Second Row Ruth Boisch, Marj Louise Foard, Elizabeth Adams, Martha Claytoni Marjorie Hammer. Third Row Margaret Hooker, Ellen Burkley, Louise Wilson, Alberta Axtell, Evelyn Shuler, Sara Wilson, Fourth Row [rene Haas. Helen Maj Christian, I ' . ' lh Robbins, Florence Findlayson, Bert) Stover, ' ifh-St Sigma Nh Founded at Virginia Military Institute, January 1. 1869 D.lta .Mu Chapter Established 1913 Colors: Black. While and Gold Flower: White l CHAPTER MIMI ' .I RS In Facultate Louis Marvin Jack Phillips Meredith Alrich Lester Shebel Joe Check Bob Sandles Sid Singleton In Universitate ACTI I - Fred Brassard Clyatt Broward John Colvard Wallace Fields 1 .eslie Johnson Don Phillips John Ruzzo Jack Tow nsend John Socash Russell Brown Ilollice II. Plotts Charles Allen Richard Inghram Bee Kirk Kenneth Freeman Jack Marsh I tarrj I laylord Edward Knittle Sheldon Yates L. P. Nichols ( Jordon McCalla 1.1 Dovell FiY j ' ighl First Row .lark Phillips, Leslie Johnson, Russell Brown, John Marsh. Sei ond Row Meredith Alrich, John Colvard, Mother Brown, Donald Phillips, Wallace Fields Third Row Bee. Kirk. II. II. Platts, Charles Allen, .lark Townsend. Foi in fi Riiw Willard Haldeman, I.. P Nichols, Julius Wudzke, Kenneth Freeman, l- ' if ' ly- .Vine Delta Delta Delta Founded at Boston University, Thanksgiving Eve, 1888 Alpha Delta Founded May 17. 1913 ( rs: Silver, Gold and Blue Flower: Pansy l.n ette Fields Faustene Town Bet Kramer CHAPTER MEMBERS In Universitate ACTIVES Gail Chapman Verona Creekmore lulia Burton Betty Brown Alfhild Jacobsen Lois Wliidden Dorothy Keene Frances Dorsey Florence Brownlee Nancy Felt PLEDGES Edith Van Doris Knaak Grace Safriet Mary Conrath Lillian Brown Louise Dickson Dorothy Hodil Xarcille Logan Betty Zane Wilson First Row Faustene Town, Bettj Brown, Lovette Fields, Gail Chapman, Verona Creekmore. Si cond Row Bet Kranur. Alfhild Jacobsen, Julia Burton, Lois Whidden, .Kan Little, Third Row Sarah Klefeker, Marx Conrath, Florence Brownlee, Dorothj Keene, Nancj Felt, Lillian Brown Fourth Row Grace Safriet, Edith Van, Frances Dorsey, Irene Smiley, Dorothy rlodil, Doris KnaaV Sixty-One Alpha Xi Delta Founded at 1. milliard College, 1893 ( tmega Chapter Established May 31, C rs: Light and Dark Blue and Cold Flower: Pink Ros Virginia MacKenzi Ruth Hale Aberdeen Johns m Louise Royall Marjoric CHAPTER MEMBERS In Facultate Mary Tribble Lowry Olga Bowen In Universitate actives Mary Battle Willie Dee Willian Frances Alexander Elizabeth Alexander PLEDGES Carpenter Man iiii I ' .i Aileen Worth Audrey Juhns. m Dorothy Treadwe Pauline Wilson Sixty-Two Row Ruth Male, Virginia MacKenzie, Aberdeen Johnson, Willie Dee Williai Sei ond Row Dorothj Treadwell, Marj Battle, Vudrej John Third Ri v Aileen Worth, Marjorie Carpenter, Man nn Brown, Pauline Wilson Sixty-Thr Sigwa Alpha Phi Founded at John ]!. Stetson University, January 11, 1926 Colors: Mulberry Green and Wine Flower: Violet and Ophelia Rose Winifred Tumblin Geraldine Farrar Mildred Carl Ida Mae Cocowitch Pauline McFarland Juliette Hope CHAPTER MEMBERS l. Universitate ACTIVES Sallie Mae Edwards Bettv Brooks Vernelle Shackleford PLEDGES Teresa Edwards Myrtle McClelland Vloisq Williams Etter Turner Margaret Gibbi Alice Lee Avaryee Collier Annabel Eord Elizabeth Church First Row Geraldine Farrar, Winifred Tumblin, Mildred Carl. Vernelle Shackleford. Sk ond Row Sallie y M Edwards, Bett Brooks, Alice Lee, Ida Mae Cocowitch. Third Row Juliette Hope, Pauline McFarland, Teresa Edwards, Elizabeth Church, Etter Turne Sixly-Fivi Pi Kappa Phi Founded at the College of Charleston, 1904 Chi Chapter Established 1921 Colors: Cold and While Flower: Red Rose I ins Adams Joe Burkhalter William Davis George DeCotte Boyce Ezell Harry ( ole Howard Bateso R. B. Hall Thomas Baldwi I II M ' TKR MEMBERS In Facultate William E. Duckwil Chan Johnson i lus i iarnson I a is Goddard Joe Hendricks Kill Jennings ( h. nil ' s Martin Jame In (Jniversitate l TIVES Charles i isborne atts Brace) Kempis Carpenter I tennis larroll Richard Elton fohn I la nesworth Raymond Ware All.url W lie Anion Underbill William Elton McKenney PJ I h Sheldon Lindse Bill Lovetl Eldon McCloud Rudolph Nelson Thomas h ens Donald Horton Travis Petrey Reginald I lammond Robert McKibben George Farmer Joe Pecelunas Leslie Shepherd I lilton Shoemaker Roi Tew Sixty-Six Stray Greeks Ellen Ainsworth A X u A orthwestern I r niversity l i ber i Ren vvn k I ' ttioil C I ' lli-iir Thomas Barton II K f ' niversity of Florida l ii i;i i s K. Re es B k University of Florida David Dyer i X Ohio Slate University Sew ri S vlv vge T n Washington and Jefferson University Justice Hanna II K T Lafayetti ( allege Gei irgi Si raus A T A ' ilno State I niversity Robert Lockei A T n University of Florida I mom vs vri ow A T v. University of Florida Sixty-Seven The Order of Torch and Scroll Honoran Scholarship and Leadership Fraternity Founded January 14. 1926 Colors: Crimson and old Hold CHAPTER MEMBERS I Fai cltate I r. ( harlcs S Farriss I (onald Faulkner ( Uga Bowen Willie Dee illiai I austene Tow n Robert Burns Mildred Carl Mae 1 (aniel Universitate i rus i Iressev Robert Dell Dorothj Hodil Bernit e 1 ishei Be( Kramer Bruce Webster 1 ovette Fields Sixty-Nine Pi Kappa Sigma National Pedagogical Sorority Founded at Michigan State Teachers ' College. 1894 Alpha Theta Chapter Established May. 1929 Colors: Turquoise and Gold Flower: Forget-me-not Vlildred Carl Bettv Brooks Gail Chapman Edith Van Sara Wilson Myrtle McClelland CHAPTER MEMBERS ACTIVES Dorothy Hodil Betty Brown Bernice Fisher TLEDGES Alice Lee Mary Hendricks Florence Brownlee Margaret Max field Pauline Wilson Alfhild Jacobsen Aberdeen Johnson Eloise 1 1 ill Lucy Dent Smith Ruth Hale Violet Felker Phi Beta Professional Fraternitj of Music and Dramatic Art Founded at Northwestern University, 1912 Eta Chapter Established December 20, 1912 Colors: Violet anil Gold I ' | owek : It ' .in Rose ( f-IAPTER MEMBERS In I ■ ii i i 1 1 Eva Baker W elsh eronica I lavis Man Tribble Lown Willi.- Dee W Mian Bel Kramer Eaustene Town Mfliil.l Jacobsen Vlarie Hershej Ruth Hale Elizabeth Alexander I N UNIVERS1 I ill 1,1a Mae Cocowitch Dorothy Keene Vlarjoi ii- ( larpenter iiin--l- ' .iniliiu- i (verstreel i trace Safriet Vlarj ( onrath I ii esa Edwards Eleanor Wilkinson Annabel Ford Irene Smile} N . .iin.i N ates .v,-.-,-ii v- ' " .- Glee Club First Row : E. Burkley, M. Brown, E. Adams, [.. Whidden, A. Ford, L. Shepherd,. M. Con- rath, W. Foard, M. Hammer, C. Johnson, P. Prevatt, D. Keene, M. Foard, I. Hass, P. Robbins. Second Row: M. Hendricks, F. Brownlee, V. Creekmore, D. Broadbent, N. Yates, J. Town- send, B. Ezell, A. Preston, J. McKenney, C. Reaves, H. Wellman, A. Overstreet, S. Klefeker, G. Safriet, D. Knaak, A. Axtell. Third Row: E. Church, I. Smilev, R. Boisch, K. Hale. M. Clayton, R. Tew, T. Bass, T. Argo, K. Hubbard, H. Bateson, K. Freeman. G. Kirby, E. Shuler, M. McClelland, L. Wilson. Fourth Row: L. Brown, F. Dorsey, 1. Coco witch. P. McFarland, A. West. C. Cressy, J Goddard. R. I ' .aum. K. Hall, H. Shoemaker, K. Martin, J. Little, M. Carpenter, X. Felt, C. Anders. OFFICERS Wallace Foard President Mary Conrath Vice-President Marjorie Hammer Secretary Leslie Shepherd Business Manager Chan Johnson Director I ventv-Two Gamma Sigma Epsilon Honorary Chemical Fraternity Founded at Davidson College, 1919 Beta Beta Chapter Established May 14. 1932 Colors: Blue ami White From I i Kh.iii Kenneth Freeman, Kempis Carpenter, Gerald Pay, Joseph Pecelunas, I),. I l Conn, John Colvard, Frank Spencer, Meredith Alrich, Mac Daniel. Not in picture, Frances Alexander. IFFICERS ■rank Spencer Grand Alchemist John Coi w Recorder ( Ier i.ii Pay Visor Dr, J. F. Conn Faculty Adviser Meredith Alrich Sargeant at Arms [oseph Pecelunas . . . Electron of the Black Guard Set rulv-Tlin Pan-Hellenic Council FIRST Kou Georgia Kirliy, Bet Kramer, Virginia MacKenzie Second Row Geraldine Iarrar, Ellen Gustafson, Lovette Fields Third Row Audre Johnson, Sallie Mae Edwards. OFFICERS Georgia Kirbv President S vllie Mae Edwards . Lovette Fields . . . Virginia M vcKenzie Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Seventy-Four Student Government Council I- ii;- 1 Row Winifred Tumblin, Verona Creekmore, Aberdeen Johnson Second Rov Ellen Gustafson, Mar Daniel, Vernelle Shackelford. Third Row Ruth Boisch, Ellen Burkley. ( IFFICERS Winifred Tumblin President Verona Creekmore Vice-President Ellen Gustafson Secretary Aberdeen Johnson Treasurer S,-;rnly-i : i: [rma Chappell Editor in Chief Meredith Alricii Business Manager The Hatter Staff [ohn Colvard Assistant Business Manager James McKenney Advertising Manager Gail Chapman in Editor Ruth Half. Circulation Manager Mary Harris Ezei.i Class Editor GEORGE Straus Men ' s Athletic Editor Elizabeth Martin Women ' s Athletic Editor Davis Goddard Fraternity Editor Sidney Taylor Editor, Comic Section Georgia Kirby Feature Editor Vernei.i.e Shackelford Snapshot Editor Seventy-Seven Baptist Student Union Council Preston Sellers Pres. B. S. U. Etter Turner Pres. V. W. A. Allen West Pres.B. Y.P. U. OFFICERS Sallie Mae Edwards First Vice President Margaret Harper Second Vice President Winifred Tumblin Third Vice President Bruce Webster Third Vice President Mae Daniei Secretary Yernelle Shackelford Corresponding Secretary Grace Safriet Treasurer James Parrish Reporter Evelyn Shuler Pianist Leslie Shepherd Clwristcr Seventy-Eight 01CT Mc ui: : a Stetson i indeed fortunate in having such a man as " Coach Mac " i as he is affectionately called by his many followers). The numerous football and basket- ball teams he has coached while ai Stetson have gained him South-wide recog- nition. I IN ten-year record at the Matter institute is envied by many coaches at larger universities whose team- have met defeat at the hands of his machine- like aggregate ms. " Coach " would be worth two or three times his salary even if he just Stayed on the campus and did nothing, due to his great influence with the boys; he is truly a moulder of men. Eighty-Ont Assistant Coaches John " Romance " Socash, after displaying his prowess as an athlete for three years at Stetson, returned this year to his Alma Mater to continue his serv- ice for her. The linesmen developed by Socash this year are an excellent ex- ample of his ability as a coach. Harold " Marty " Martin is rendering valuable services as end coach. " Marty " instills in his flankmen the never-say-die spirit that always wins. Winfield " Mose " Mosley, being fully familiar with the McQuillan system, was called upon to instruct the ball-carrying candidates. This he did in fine style, and coupled with a few original ideas, Mosley passes on to the varsity many fine transporters of the pigskin. Mosley and Socash combined their instructive talents to turn out also a bril- liant I ' .aln I latter basketball team. Eighty-Two IUti 9 f 6 Ha fv 1 L 11 ' ' ' fr l3 i dm i «» A if Future Hatters Due to a change iii the system of directing athletics at Stetson, there was no varsity football team this year. All efforts were concentrated on the thirty-odd candidates for fresh- man football. These candidates were rounded into excellent form bj Coach McQuillan and !ns assistants, meeting a part of the tentative varsitj schedule, [ " he record of the Bab) Hatters against much heavier and more experienced trams was reallj one to " rite home about These same opponents know thej have much to look forward to next year with these boys competing cm the varsity. Even team the Frosh encountered outweighed them bj fifteen or twentj pounds t the man, and the manner in which thej coped with the situation you maj see below : Stetson Stetson Stetson M ' Ml, Georgia Stati 1 I.I. Ih i ' i sh i 1 ' .1 1 1 1 stand Laki lai Eiahty-Thr, L. II. Cruce, End " Hoot " is a valuable asset to any team, possessing ex- cellent blocking ability and a wonderful football head. Tommy Lawrence, Tackle This rangy lad from Chapel Hill upheld his side of the line well, displaying unparalleled d e f en s i e ability. Carlton Paul, End " Preacher " p I a y e d a bang-up name at end and showed w on d e r f u 1 im- provement at the end of the season. He will hear watch- ing next year. Spot " Weaver, t dis- possessed with the heart of a Trojan coupled with a world of football eiise. Spot proved an in- valuable man at center. We will have tci go a long waj to find a leader like Spot. itf W Dick Inghram, Tackle Win. can forget that sixty-yard run of I lick ' s in the Iglethorpe ga m e? Keep playing that head ' s- up football, Dick. Eighty-Four Bon Lockett, Halfback " Pop, " one of the most vicious tacklers seen on I [ullej field, w as a con- stant tlmm iii the enemy ' s flesh. I te is an answer to any coach ' s prayer for a real back field man. Knittle, Schemer, Quarterbacks Eddie Knittle (holding the hall) and Mitch Schemer (kicking) di- vided the field general ' s duties. Eddie matched his 140 pounds with uncannj fo itball judgment to out- wit all defenses Mitch was ol the triple threat arietj and his deception worried the opponents 1 1 msiderably. Jmn Haynesworth, Guard Jack i. in dish it as well as take it. I le played a SU- perior brand of hall .ill sea sen and really showed ho« the guard position should he played. " Bo Owens, Fullback lock at " Bogus " ami .Mill ran tell that he gave tooth an.l nail for the cause A punt to suicide corner »as ins specialty. " Bogus " always comes through. Ja k I i winxn. Guard .lark was a demon on de- fense, and played heads up hall all year. You will hear more from this I ' alatka Panther. Eighty-Fix Jim Hansford, Halfback " Grits " could realh take it and like it w hen it came to football contact. He de- lights in throwing that Georgia hip into the oppo- nents. ii fONl The " Mulberry Flash " hit his stride in the Parris Is- land game when he con- ducted a march of his own that terminated in a touch- down. With this M.hi m ' s experience, Jones should really go places next fall. Harry Wansker, Halfback Injuries kept this lad from displaying his best abilities. Better luck next vear. Ham. Charlie Allen, Tackle " Beef " is unusually fast for a man of his size. This coupled with his . ither assets will make him a valuable man for the varsitx. I I I)D01 K •:» John M kRTiN, Tackle Marty became known as tile " ploughboj tackle " and Has line of the mainstays ol that I latter line. We thank Jacksonville for " llarpo. " He posseses all the qualities that a flank- man should have. Eighty-Six • in irgi Straus . n iseph ( heck ( o-( ' aptains EASKET3EALL F.iilhly-St; ,-n Varsity Basketball The Hatters closed a very successful season, winning thirteen and losing six games. Inexperience played havoc in a majority of the games, but toward the end of the season, the hoys were beginning to find themselves. Florida, with one of the greatest teams in years, damaged the Hatters ' aspirations to a Florida championship. The majority of the games were played on foreign courts, only one game was lost at home. Stetson was given credit at the S. I. A. A. tourney for being the best drilled and coached team seen at that annual affair, but inexperience proved their undoing S1.-1 .M1 Stetsi M Stetson Stetson Stetson Stetson Stetson Stetson Stetson Stet -mi Stetson Stetson st etson Stetson Stetson Stetson Stetson Stetson Stetson i ni. in. I., i lollegians -i irlando Collegians -Atwater Kent -Southwestei 11 Centenary . -Louisville Polj Mississ i Teai bii -Mercer . -Albany Y . —Mercer -South Georgia Te; Citadel -Parris Island -Charleston Tennessee Polj Eighty-Eight ( iORZEMAN, ( Ciller Injuries marred John ' s senior year, but he was the sam( depend- able player when he was able. The Hatters " ill certainly miss him next year. Nelson, Forward Rudj gave a remarkable ac- 1 1 nnt of himself, this, liis first year on the varsity. Watch this boj step again next year. I I u.ukm.w. Foi U 01 d We hope that somebod) on next year ' s varsitj can develop a pair of lungs like Buddy ' s, for we will mi-.-, his « hoops and yells on the court. Buddj played a bang-up game at forward all year, being " defense man extraordinary. " The I latters bid farewell this this valuable man. ( , , 1 r.i ' l 1 1. in • . a sophomore this j i ar, started the season with a willing- ness to learn and gradually ac- quired the in., -.11. self-confi- dence t i put him across. I le has developed into a real varsity man iml sh«uld •-: " great next year. Eighly-Nint Elton, Guard Dick showed promise this year, and with more experience should prove tn be an excellent man. Ruzzo, Forward Steadiness marked Joe ' s ap- pearance when he was called on this year. We want to hear more from you, next season. Joe. Strauss, Guard " Bubbles " played the same con- sistent brand of ball which char- acterized his play last year. As a ball-handler and dribbler his class hasn ' t been equalled in the South, and bis basketball sense equals that of a coach. (11 11 K. Forward Joe u.i-. high-point man for the season. He can really handle llimseli as few his size can. I le lias a st} le all his own and knn«s basketball backwards, and is remarkable at keeping up a team ' s spirit., Guard b the curtain was rung down " ii the I hitter ' s season this year, the) lost a valuable cog in their machine. The " C,ary Flash " reallj went tn town this ear. Ninety athletic: Ninety-One " S " Club Club is an organization for the ,1 left t.i right they are Gerald arris F.zell. Aberdeen Johnson is W. A. A. Officers officers are: Bernice Fishi i Aberdeen Johnso Martha Clayton Virginia Catherine Howarth Set i leraldlne Parrar . . .Tun V. Shackelford, Sophomo Doris Knaak Freshn Senior ' Mass Manage! . Junior Class Managei Sophoi e Class Mgi Freshm " lasa Manager or Cla or Cla: .. Clas an ria s Cheer Leader Vice-President and Treasurer iCity Mar,..;., Harris Ezell . !th Martin . Louise Foard Stover - • • s i Iheer Leader Cheer Leader s Cheer Leader Kinety-Tzco Ninety-Three ' inet ' -Four rtN POPULARITY Yrii.-M -M VRY I [arris Ezei May Queen Vinety I ight i M vi Cocowi rcH .l (n ' of Honor iEORGE STRAl S Most Popular Man Umdrcd 1 ! ,1 ■ I w I ' OARD Iosi Popular Girl One Hundred On BOYCE EZELL Most Attractive Man • )m Hundred 7 wo Ellen i lusi vfson losi . Utrat I One H XT r ' ■ Si: akii S u v r.i-: Most A ' , presentative Man i Aberdeen ) " n Most Representative Girl Que Hundred Fh; Sidnev Taylor Most Intellectual Man Hundred Six Louise Royal Musi Intellectual Girl ( n - Hundred I ' ; ■■ Hundred Eight Pi Beta Phi I ' ll, ' lluiltlrfil .Villi- One Hundred Ten SAND PILE CLUB " HOMECOMING WOODMAN SPARE THAT TREE OUR PRESIDENT DIGNITY PERSONIFIED AH READY TO TAKE OFF ( hi,- II Delta Delta Delta M i ' fiS L T Ljj -J f »r Hundred Twelve THE BATTER It is nut the purpose of this little volume to picture the glamorous and beautiful events of your college career, but it is our desire to have your friends remember you as you really are, therefore, we have pre- sented all the dirt we could find. Vol. 1. No. 1 Firsi . I. as i . vxd ( ) ia Issue Copyrighted i ? i i There are those who may wish to right the cop3 i One llumir, i Thirteen We fondly dedicate this the first issue of The Batter to the untiring efforts of our beloved advisor and comforter Shorty Professor of Furnace-tending and Plumbing Ohc Hundred Fourteen Campus Views We hope thai our presentation of these favorite old campus scenes will recall to your mind the happiest moments of your college life. he grounds at the rear of Chaudoin — espe- cial!) familiar to freshmen uirl-. Spacious entrance to Stetson Hall ( after 1(1 ■• ' clock ) The up-bringing and the down-fall of many a co-ed. luxurious dating parlors which i eerj popular. One Hundred Fifteen Classes We can present onlj a limited portion of the classes, but these people are in a class by themselves and arc worthy of considerable notoriety. Case studj used in Dr. Clark ' s course in criminology. Two cents re- ward if returned to any girls ' dor- mitorv. Class in Mob Psychology ■V )lic Speaking Class. A rare specimen of genus homo found in the Engineering School Preparatorj Clas Firemen ' s Class, " ' Ray, fellers, the girls dorm is on fire. " (hi,- Hundred Sixteen Athletics Perfect Form in I rop-Kicking I he Mightj Del ottes Anna Virumque nteen Fraternities The local chapter of Sigma Xu ..! the judges in the suite, so they pledge hunting-ground. The football team is playing football when they reach mental house is called " Monte Carlo. " Bob Sandles is is that he was born hue one night and has Phillips is the power in the Sigma Nu ehapt always manhandling women in Elizabeth Hall. the oldest national on the ' t worry about obeying the ousy with Sigma N ho the tpus The mptls. They claim unci half ws. Illinois is their favorite but they will probably quit e know that the Sigma Nu sleep; look— his only excuse catch up on his sleep. Jack A Is Charli Allc best " Is there a ladj present 1 Say, what ' s wrong will i you; we are the Tri-I Jelts. " The Tn-I lots of sex appeal— say the Tri-Delts. The Tri-I ■ cits arc verj sophist i cated— they sa • has he er bei n a cop of tea spilled in n ie chapter. The pledges ride flu-. ugh town in a y. and make eves at all the football players. The acti ves are either mai ried or engaged i ir ' ii ive. Their chapter is the proud possessi ir of the most musical laugh 01 t the campu s. 1 Is is president of the chapter and she is all ths t her name i tnplies. In 1930 she ma. istic remark i ul the underclass-men v loch thej will never f( irget. r nfortunately thei ing ahotii Lovie i " criticize at present. ( ' lit- Hundred Eighteen J51 The PI I ' ll iw remind one of Noah ' s Ark there is at learn on everything (except a man) In the chaptei Martha Clayton Furnishes the pep. Virginia Elnsel looks after the true love Interest and Polls Robblns the multiple love Interest Marjorle (Kattlaha) Hammer is thi scholarship and ii pera prima donna and Georgia Kirby furnishes the executive .,i ,iitv. Mite Foard keeps the athletics up to standard and Sara Wilson furnishes the demureness, while Vlberta xi .11 furnishes the wit. The PI Phis think thej are esi tally brilliant when II comes !• writing papers before pledging-, They think that thej are brilliant anywaj (thi technical name for this is del The Pi Phis think they have s 6 1 chapter, but thej think It is bettei than II reallj Is, When the PI Phis « being incubated In Chaudoin, thej thought thai the Trl Delta were very naughty ;ii Is ,1 l„ • T i ' of Dell iase, demi ..ui by Brlghfs ,li replenish the earth Their house looked unconscious or won Their president , PI Phi, Aside fron , Sigma Phi began .. ntla praecox, PI Bel Ipi .i •I ' h, any by ce in 1808 and thej 1 n-consclous and, well id, blue-eyed I 1 1 1 the president and or have become hardened to su mi Alpha Tau ' imega and :i •I ' ll. sli. an, I the boom, tlnues t flourish and .in,... I.., iii. v nevet pledge anj that won ' t taki Hi,-, had „ g i, ' in 1920 iii. ' present i iter Is either I, well, thej don ' t keep three solas to pul vlctrola records ■ ■ " DOJ Who IS awfully shy. Ill- is i-razy aljoul a brunette pledge, ii i ,,i the chapter, after going strong tot things .,s moons and Trl-Delts The house is kept in ,, .in, i :, riii Kappa Tau. ' Ph.- campus is kept in • " , uproar bj ti " Is keeping the Delta Sis One Hundred ' iiir ivii bit of worry when .11 as the " Blonde ' i.l Mia . ? We hope it Alpha Phis are a darn g 1 hunch; in fact, they Kive the nationals .|uit mes to pledging. The classiest dresser on the campus is a member, a s. 1 " What we want t,, know is who rides in the beautiful Connecticu a ramShackelford. Aii in all. this chapter is not the hunch of S A. 1 ' . ' some people think they mm SiSp ' H 7W flftmm Ijj mv Jl Tip- Pi Kaps also have what they rail ., fraternity. Joe " Politics " Hendricks is nil per ■ ■ i i 1 of it and young Psychology Ezell, Jr., is most of the rest. They live between the M M house and Conrad, so they ate not responsible for their .-.111.11111 a chapt 1 ruling prohibits intoxicants in the house — One of the brothers tells us that they ate planning to build a J10, parage next summer. Th.-y kept a phone in the house all through the depression in hopes that they would get a call. Once a Tri-Delt .li.l call, but she jusl wanted them to take a message oyer to the Sigma No house. The I i Kaps go in for rushing an. I politics in a big way an. I once in a while they gel .. good office or a good pledge. In November the PI Kap house looks like a marine recruiting station ■I ' ll.- ri Kaps .-i basketball practice dodging their creditors. Their house is . lee,, rate. 1 in rare style (by rare we mean not well .lone. They also go in for in a bin way, but it lakes i .. of their best men to keep time with a certain freshman pledge ..f another fraternity. Most of tin- teachers started in life as Alpha Xis and most ..1 the present Alpha X.s started in life as Alpha Xis before they were old enough to protect themselves. They would have .. I chapter if they could gel about thirty good girls and persuade some f the present members not to return next year, in spite ..1 this, s [ the sisters act as ir they ha, 1 a real sororitj •lb. ' , are pretty t.»..l sports s itimos. They receive more than their share of political offices by being called a sorority. The Alpha Xis are i " .. Intellectual and sophistical us poor mortals- and as r.o- light humor . " 1 in a , iliege annual, why, ib.-v wouldn ' l even hay.- their picture on this pay... .hi hu Hundred Twenty The l ' i chaptei ol I Totta Traj holds throe meetings dal tilte The; h biggeel graft on the campus, but thej ire too dumb to kno« II Thej also Bel ,,i ,,„, male In Chaudoln. George Unney Is Hie high and mighty Keeper ..r the Door, and with thai Simon-Legree countenance, he watches to Bee thai you don ' l walk: out with i igar or ■ pitcher " f milk. Jlmmie Parish Is the Bxh bul then who wouldn ' t b pouring six glasses ol watei overj meal Eoi Sallle Mae Edwards and Irma Chappell i partii ularlj •■ nl al toting | I ordei s. The Bluckolutz chapter ol the royal Ordei ol the Putj was instigated al Stetson In the spring ol 1932. Thi« order, which is international!) infa old The members are bound together by an Im oath n, •■. • i to .- ei k ktvltz Thi n t,, pay. no rules to keep, and no meetings to attend. (Everything le Irregular.) It is. in f:., t. ,. perfect or- ganization where n., brother or sister Is " ' is.- dim another Chan Johnson holds the exhausttv Ice • •( Royal Fungputztr. Virginia Binsel is Royal B Bill Jennings, Royal Schlutz, and Georgia Kirby, Royal Schwack, Othei of - are those ■ Long Schnore R I ' .. ii. ,n , Grand Si hnei i I Indn a Preston I lliuh Schn h ( Adams), High Schneazel (Cyrus Creasy), Grand Si hmai k I U ls W hidden), al hers pr equal Importam ■ On Hundred Twenlx-ont Features Most of these features are bad, but the poor boy can ' t help it. Algernon P. Simmons Most Saintly Self-appointed missionary from Georgia to Stetson. For his untiring efforts to sup- press the vice of not wearing socks, we nominate him for the Hall of Fame. 1-1 k J. Zilch Biggest Bolshevist For his untiring efforts in behalf of the World Revolution at Stetson and his devo- tion to the Third International and Irene Haas ' s red head, we nominate him to the I I all of Fame. Samuel Butz, Jr. Most Nertz With due apologies to our herd of absent- minded profs we nominate Sam Butz as the nertiest guy at Stetson. He thinks that Martha Clayton is a proof of Mendal ' s law rather than H : 0. Sandy MacTkll Biggest Gambler Member of the Fta Alpha Poker ( " lull, the Darktown Crapshooters Society, and man- ager of the lottery that bets whether Dr. Farriss or Georgia Kirby will stand up first in chapel. One Hundred Twenty-two Popularity he results ni our recent popularit contest. I In- is an accurate vote, bei no one was allowed to politic for himself (he wouldn ' t want to.). Max i What- No Lif Buoj ? ) Best Dressed also tiggest Heart-breaker Most All-round Most Poetic Most Lonesome One Hundred Twenty-three The Calendar Sept. 1. Mysterious packages ar- rive from Balfour ' s. Sept. 13. Frat men arrive. to a gaping crowd of freshmen from — the Dean only knows where. Sept. IS. Most of the money in town is taken in by Mr. Rosa. The rest is rapidly changing hands at a poker classic at a frat house. Sept. hi. Ten innocent, unsuspecting rats find l ' i Kap pit on their coats. Sept. 17. The Sigma Nus and Delta Sigs finally yet rid of some pledge pins. Sept. 18. A rat is caught on the main drag wearing a Sigma N ' u. Helta Sig and Pi Kap pledge pin. Sept. 21. A football player is called on in cla ss. The prof apologizes. Sept. 2i. Sorority rushing starts. Sept. 23-Oct. 3. All Pan-Hellenic rules are broken. Oct. 3. Pledge Day. Some sororities are disappointed. Pledges will he disappointed later. Oct. 14. Dr. (iordis caught a student putting a " C " in Spenser. Oct. 29. Homecoming. Gov. Sholtz guest of honor. Joe Hendricks student mayor. Stetson beats Oglethorpe 13-0. Nov. 11. Armistice Day. Stetson beats Parris Island Ma- rines 13-7. Nov. 14. Everybody sober again. Dec. 1. Engineers organize. Cboo-choo. )ec. 21. School closed because of scarlet rashes. House ll parties in sway in all frat houses until wee snia ' hours. Jan. 4. School re-opens. The Stetson Players present " The Would-Be I mi- One Hundred Twenty-four The Calendar Jan. 17. Peals of laughter emanated from Stetson Hall lause unknow n bul guessed at. fan 17-19. Cramming daze. Jan. 19-24. Days of agon) fan. 24. Exams m er. Jan. 26. Phi Beta presents pledges in a recital. [Feb. 3. The racket in public speaking class was an org; recital — Martha Clayton telling about her appendicit operation. Feb. 6. Man) prominent figures are seen at Forum lectures and at the beach. Feb Phi Beta presents William Harmes in a piano recital eb. 8. M. M. house changed it name. Since Straus Haldeman and (luck moved in they had to call it Min- isters and Morons. Feb. 9. I r. Hullej recites a hymn in chapel. Reason — iv hymn hunks. Feb. l.i. Animal battle between the or- chestra and the Stetson Players he- cause p| " the fact that a combination curtain puller and piccolo player was unable to he at two places at once. Feb. 14. Stetson Players present " I ' .c- yond the I h ri, i in. " Feb. 16. Straus and Buddy start aes- thetic dancing class for men. Feb. 17. Ministerial student had an idea. It died of solitary confinement. Feb. - ' it. Seventeen students fail to wake up at end of Forum. eb, 24 The Music i lepartmenl pn scuts " The Mikado. " One Hundred Twenty-fit The Calendar Irl.. 25. Most of Stetson students cut classes to journey to Daytona to see Sir Malcolm Campbell break the speed records at 212 miles per hour. Stu- dent Body President. Bobby Burns, tries to thumb ride with Sir Malcolm at end of third mile. Mar. 1. Spring is unofficially Poetry appears on the campus. Mar. 3. Delta Sig cabaret supper. Mar. -1. The Blue Lake Regatta and the Cassadaga Pilgrimage divide the stu- dents ' attention. Mar, " . An antique exhibit in the show cases of Sampson Library. A football player passes an exam. Mar. .S. Football player flunks for cheating. Chauodin serenaded. Xo. cas- ualties. Mar. ' ' -10. Stetson Players present " The Eloise Chimes. " Mar. 12. busines Spring is still here. Cupid ' s is picking up. Note picture. Mar. 13. Very far-away looks in a cer- tain couple ' s eyes as a result of vows ( at church I last night. People that jump out of boats at Blue Lake have to send their trou- mt ti i the cleaner ' s. M; " . 15. A certain smiling Pi Kap lught in the shrubber ai Chaudoin. Mar. 16. Phi Beta presents Mix Young Marochess in a recital. Mar. 17. The chemistry class ' s home brew is ready for consumption. Kem- pis and Meredith appointed official testers. Mar. IS. A certain blond prof, gets sunburned. Mar. 1 ' ). Stetson Daytona. debate Mar. 20. Third floor of Stetson Hall goes red-headed. One Hundred Twenty-six The Calendar Vlar. 21. The engineers finallj win From the " Shj ster " law j ers. Somebody stole the Pi Kap ice cream. Mar. 11- Studenl Council approves transportation by air " Air you goin ' mj way? " Vlar. Hi. " A man gave us these bags of oranges, we didn ' t know where thej came from. " Vlar _ ' 4. Unknown pugilistic talent re- vealed as Vai sitj ties the Frosh 0-0. Mar. 25. Stetson loses to (J. of Ida. in tennis. Stetson is host t " tbr high school academic contest. Upperclass- men decide that there an- dumber things than freshmen. A n- musical and congenial initiation held at the I ' elta Sig house. Mar, 26. Fraternitj Sunday. Mar. 17. Seed Salvage lias a week end visitor fur another week. Another triangle. I.M 28. New Student Council in- stalled. Mar. .ill. Animal goes t " press -It ' s lime. We look fonvard ■ : pril I. pril 7. Stetson Players present " Out- ward Bound. " Vpr. 14. No Easter vacation. May 5. Delta Sigma Phi Sailor ' s Brawl. onder it ' it will be the traditional ii i. ni Max 25-29. Exams. Ma .5(1. Manj seniors pare the floor and sweat blood while Miss Bowen prepares il»- grades to see if thej urad uate. Maj 28, Baccalaureate Sunday. May . ' (I. " Mose " finallj graduates and tin ' rest , it ' the ( lass of ' 33 becomes a memorj . - QAIIOM ,i i tne Hundred Tu ' ttil THE END One Hundred Twenty-eight THE BARNETT NATIONAL BANK ik A Florida Landmark " Tampa Drug Company WHOLESALE Manufacturers and distrib- utors of Allen ' s Poinsettia Drug Products. Quality, highest grade. For Sale at your Drug Store. Louis M. Folsom Sales RADIO Service Radio Is My 127 So. Blvd. Phone 127-J One Hundred Twenty-nine DeLand DREKA ' S Since 187K Florida THE " HOME " STOKE Where Sletsoniles will find everything — " To wear l(i eat to use " G. A. DREKA , CO. Student ' s Supplies TYPEWRITERS NOTE-BOOKS STATIONERY The ALLEN WHITE CO. DeLAND CAPS, GOWNS and HOODS For All Degrees The country ' s largest maker " t Academic Costumes. Write for samples of materials and for prices. Sole Depositm i oi the Intercollegiate Bureau oi Academi ostume COTRELL AND LEONARD Estab. 1832 Albany, N. Y. MAKE Your Room Komfy RADIO-- the Modern Necessity BRANDON ELECTRIC COMPANY North Boulevard One Hundred Thirty ANNOUNCING NEW ENCYCLOPEDIC DIGEST OK FLORIDA REPORTS To be complete in 15 Handv Volumes i ols. 1 and 2 now read] i Kept constant!) to date by Cumulative Pocket Parts, making it a li fetime 1 )igest. Prepublication prici $125.00, delivered. Descriptive circular, showing specimen pagi s, mailed i m request. JOHN M. ELLIOTT Florida Representative THE HARRISON COMPANY LAW BOOK PUBLISHERS Atlanta. Georgia Compliments of the Sparks DeLand Theatres T e Athens and Dreka Court House Pharmacy, Inc. THE STORE OF PERSONAL SERI I 118 W. Indiana Avenue DeLAND, FLORIDA PHONE 5 FOARD ' S LADIES ' AND CHILDREN ' S READY - TO - WEAR Millinery, Hosiery, Corsets, Brassieres, Lingerie One Hundred Thirty-one The Home of Stetson University =4 " The Athens of Florida " A City of Homes. In the heart of the citrus belt. Hunting in the wooded uplands. Golf on DeLand ' s sporty courses. Fishing in the famous St. Johns River. Civic and Business Center of a fertile farm country. For Further Information Write THE DE LAND CHAMBER OF COMMERCE One Hundred Thirtv-tw now buys a STETSON o STETSON Price alone means nothing in buying a hat. Price and quality must be considered together. And Stetson Hats, although much lower in price, are just as fine, just as sturdy, just as distinguished as ever in their history. Stetson Hats are beautifully crafted of fine fur felt. They will hold their shape through long wear — in all sorts of weather. OTHER STETSONS $7, $10 AND UP JOHN B. STETSON COMPANY Philadelphia One Hundred Thirty-three Compliments PARAMOUNT STUDIOS WINTER PARK. FLA. Compliments WHITE STUDIOS NEW YORK ENGRAVINGS BY Wrigley Engraving Company ORLANDO, FLORIDA One Hundred Thirty-four s WAW fl AW WWV fE()%terpriivtia§a J W %,4 I I fun i WMMMflMftMMAfl.vwWA OlW u HOTEL COLLEGE ARMS DeLand, Florida A Winter Home for Discriminating People Beautiful Location Elevator, Steam Heat Unexcelled Golf Course White Service Throughout One Hundred Thirty-six

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