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' A EX L I B R I S COPYRIGHT, 193 2 Winifred Tumblin Edifor-iii-CLiief Joseph E. Hendricks Acting Business Manai er Raymond Ware Business Manager The HATTER Published by the Annual Staff of STETSON UNIVERSITY DcLiind, Florida 1 3 2 iSMpi ■■ ■Mi|()y W !j jT ' . ' ' S ' " " • ahi ii-aun PBiairiSt LIUCOLH KULLElti3 OKIEIIKJ To Uy students: It iB a pleasure to me to aend you this greeting, rour cooperation In the work of the Dnlveralty haa made poeelbli • cooperation in tne WorK OI line umveraii-y imu mauo yijoo u v high etandara of etllclenoy attained In eenolarehlp, conduct . ..«. T i» anr) haB put StstBon on the map. laltefl me grateful to tnlnk of your devotion .1 things. However short any of us may fall le striving Is always there. And one ' s moral of your pood use of your ooportunltl On the unaiD wi v« p«v- — -- I have always predicted that larger flelde and will come to you. As to gifts, use or lose Is .» ; ,..».,. . no one can escape the working of that law. You are ueln , on heeltn or achievement, unless we r ay the orloe pnd meet condltlona on which they rest. Owe more I ' :1 " «P,) ' ° ' ' ' " " wlBdlnt (or you that lite may yield Its cnolcest SlesBlngs Page 12 (linr u axiiu ' ■ H;kyii ,f Pase I.? (5I|r dit1 t The Faculty ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS « ' ;V Lincoln Hulley, Ph.D. Carl S. Farriss, D.D. Presiilent uiul Profmor of Ancient Languages G. Prentice Carson, LL.D. Dean and Professor of History ami Political Lewis H. Tribble, LL.M. I of College of Law ami Professor of Lau Mary Tribble Lowry, A.M. in of Women an,! Instructor in LngliJ, C. B. Rosa Registrar Olga Bowen, A.M. Assistant to the Dean PROFESSORS, ASSOCIATE PROFESSORS Robert I. Allen, M.S. Associate Professor of Engineering ami Physics Jacob A. Carpenter, B.S. Associate Professor of Lau Richard E. Clark, Ph.D. Professor of Sociology and Librarian John F. Conn, Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry William E. Duckwitz, Mus.D. Professor of Music Boyce F. Ezell, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology and Education Donald Faulkner, A.B. Associate Professor of Mathematics Charles A. Fisher, Ph.D. Professor of Business Administration and Economics Harry Davis Fluhart Professor of Fine Arts Jennis W. Futch, LL.B. Associate Professor of Law Harry C; Garwood, Th.M. Professor of Philosophy and Bible . and ASSISTANT PROFESSORS Warren S. Cordis, Ph.D. Professor of English Luther B. Grice Associate Professor of Bible John Joseph Kindred, M.D. Professor of Law Curtis M. Lowry, M.E. Professor uf Engineering Herbert R. McQuillan, B.S. Professor of Physical Education Raymond J. Miller, Ph.D. Professor of Biology Ora Philander Seward, Ph.D. Professor of Modern Languages Irving C. Stover, M.O., Litt.D. Professor of Public Sfieaking Harry L. Taylor, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Philosophy Charles B. Vance, M.S. Professor of Mathematics George E. Ganiere Assistant Professor in Plastic Arts Paul R. Geddes Assistant Professor in Vocal Music LECTURERS AND Veronica Davis, Mus.B. Instructor in Public School Music Mary Stewart Howarth, LL.B. Lecturer on Domestic Relations Ella Cramer Kindred, A.B. Lecturer in Fine Arts Marion Powell Carson Instructor in Domestic Science Marion Louise Coutts, A.B. Instructor in Secretarial Work Alma Richardson Farriss Instructor in Domestic Art Ethel M. Fishi:r instr ctor Bertha Weeks Fluhart Uislrnctor in Art Rosa Lee Gaut, Mus.B. Instructor in Music INSTRUCTORS Julia Gamewell Hale Assistant in Physical Education Francis Alton Hammond Law Librarian Annii Nadine Holden, Ph.B. Instructor in Languages Louis H. Marvin Instructor in Violin MaHLON S. MfCiREGOR, A.B. Instructor in Law Miriam Wayt, B.S. Assistant in Physical Education Eva B. Welch, Mus.B. Instructor in Pipe Organ Willie Dee Willian, A.B. Instructor in Expression Harry S. Winters, A.B. Instructor in English H ' ' ' I Page 14 abr iliattrr Alumni Association, 193 2 Olca BoviiN Chan Johnson OFFICERS John Duss, Jr., ' 10 Vreaidcitt Judge P. C. Albritton, ' 22 Vice-President Olga Bowen, ' 18 Secretary Wm. S. Fielding, ' 24 Treasurer Chan Johnson, ' 28 Executive Secretary Irma Chappell Assistant Secretary BOARD OF GOVERNORS Judge Edith Atkinson, ' 22 W. J. Skinner, ' 16 Jerome E. Wideman, ' 14 Robert P. Stout, ' 12 S. Bryan Jennings, ' 16 Judge Ira Hutchison, ' 05 Mrs. John G. Leonardy, ' 16 Robert C. Davis, ' 22 A. Y. Milam, ' 12 Louis Snedigar, ' 14 John D. Harris, ' 19 The Alumni Association of John B. Stetson University was incorporated under the laws of the State of Florida in November, 1930. Judge Ollie Edmunds served as President until the first election, when Governor Doyle Carlton was elected to serve as first President. At the annual meeting in the fall of 1931, John Duss, Jr., was elected President and immediately began to perfect the organization by appointing a committee to select an Executive Secretary who would work full time for the betterment of the Association. Chan Johnson was chosen to act as Executive Secretary, and he began work on December 15. With the splendid co-operation of the officers. Board of Governors, and many loyal alumni, he is busily engaged in setting up the Alumni OfHce, forming local units, and publishing the Stetson Alumnus. The Classes of ' 87, ' 92, ' 97, ' 02, ' 07, and so on every five years will have their Class Reunion this year at Homecoming time. All classes meet for reunions every five years from the date of their graduation. A permanent endowment fund will be built up through class subscriptions and legacies, the proceeds of which will be used for the betterment of our Alma Mater. n Page 15 iShi iS tttr Student Body Officers Osborne Stagey Vraidcnt Marcaret Gibbs Virr-Trcsiilnif Caroi YN Martin Sen (■ dry Gi ADYs Powell Trrasiircr f-fW Page i6 OUaasfB ■f; ttPi- Senior Class Officers Gerald Barker President II K 4 Whitehall, New York CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE " lluw iii ghty and how greet a lord is he. " Allegheny University, ' 28; Thiel University, ' 29; President of Class, ' 31, ' 32; Student Manager Football, ' 3 1 ; Archon Pi Kappa Phi, ' 32; Green and VC ' hite Key. Donna Van Dyne Vice-President HBO Troy, Pennsylvania CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE " And rirhe she tias in plesaiint though and uerk. " National Park Seminary, ' 29, ' 3 0; Vice-Presi- dent Pi Beta Phi, ' 3 2; Pan-Hellenic, ' 32; Vice-President Class, ' 3 2. Eleanor Spoiford Secretary 5 A Miami, Florida candidate for B.S. DEGREE " fclau ' ship wel koiidc she laugh mid chatter. " Most Collegiate, ' 30; Basket-ball, ' 30; Vice- President Sigma Alpha Phi, ' 3 1 ; Tennis, ' 3 1 ; Y. W. A., ' 3 0, ' 31; Football Sponsor, ' 31; Tennis Instructor, ' 32; Senior Class Man- ager W. A. A., ' 32. Marie Diaz Treasurer :• A ' I ' Tampa, llorida CANDIDATI I or B.S. DEGREE r- Pane i8 w i|i r Zi iiiV I Senior Class Claribel Brandon Seville, Florida CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE " VV ' i lukkcs ciirllcd, as they were layd in prcsse. " B.iskct-b.ill, ' 28, ' 29; Tennis, ' 28, ' 29; Or- chestra, ' 30, ' 32. El.lSABLTH BrANNON 1 1 n ti Hialc.ili, Florida CANDIDATE I OR A.B. DIX.REE " A fair jiersouc ami strong, and yong of age, And fill of honour and of ciirteiaye. " University of Georgia, ' 29, ' 30; Pi Kappa Sigma; Pi Gamma Mu; Treasurer Junior Class, ' 31; Treasurer Pi Beta Phi, ' 3 2; Vice- President Pi Kappa Sigma, ' 32; Vice-Presi- dent Pan-Hellenic, ' 32; Vice-President Pi Gamma Mu, ' 32; Student Assistant in Phys- ical Education Department, ' 3 2; Recorder of Points In V. A. A., ' 32. Mar arei, Brantley X V V Clermont, Florida candidate for A.B. DEGREE " Blythc lias hir spirit and sinyling hir cycn. " MiLNER ErITTAIN A :i ' h Jacksonville, Florida candidate for A.B. DEGRI 1 " Sy " ,!;) ' " , ' ; ' ' bf " " » ' fintying al he day. " Oxford Fellowship; Band, ' 29, ' 3 0, ' 31, ' 3 2; Orchestra, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31, ' 32; Director of Orchestra, ' 31; Vice-President Junior Class, ' 31; B. S. U. Council, ' 31, ' 32; Tennis, ' 31, ' 32; Glee Club, ' 30, ' 32; President of Glee Club, ' 3 2. Pane ig (iiiii? tut Senior Class William Lyman Brown 2 N DeLand, Florida CANDIDATE 1 OR A.B. DLGREE " He was of pcrsoiic ami of t ciitillesse, Anil of dhcrccioiin and of hardynesse. " Torch and Scroll; Band, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31, ' 32; Orchestra, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31, ' 32; Manager Or- chestra, ' 32; Theta Alpha Phi; Treasurer Theta Alpha Phi, ' 32; Vice-President Chem- ical Club, ' 32. Madaline Childers Pikeville, Kentucky CANDIDATE I OR A.B. DEGREE " She lyied in joy and in feliritee. " University of Indiana; Pi Kappa Sigma Pledge; Glee Club, ' 32. Margaret Coehlo :i A Highland, New York candidate I OR A.B. DEGREE " For she was as fayr as is the rose in May. " Connecticut College for Women, ' 29, ' 30; Pi Kappa Sigma; Secretary Pi Kappa Sigma, ' 3 2. Byron Cull 1 1 K ! ' Owenton, Kentucky ( ANDIDATL 1 or A.Ii. 1)1 GREE " Noivher so bisy a man as be there nas, And yet he semed bisier than he was. " University of Kentucky, ' 29; Basket-ball, ' 31; Glee Club, ' 30, ' 32. W Page 20 li ollfp atUt Senior Class Dorothy Dyir ' 1 ' M Muskogee, Oklahoma CANDIDATE TOR A.B. DEGREE " That of l.iir iiayli " ;- ' ' " syitijilc and coy Hir grc fcs uoth tias but h Scintc Liiy- " University of Tennessee, ' 29, ' 3 0, ' 31; Pi Kappa Sigma, ' 32. Pauline Ellis AAA DcLand, Florida candidate I or m.a. decree " Swcctc was hir loys. ami swce c her inaiiiiere. " A.B., Weslcyan College. Clyde Flowers DeLand, Florida CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE " Ami v,liully woLIc lie leariie, ami nlmlly teche. " Stetson Chemical Society. Mada Fraser. Lake Wales, Florida CANDIDATE FOR LL.B. DEGREE " Wei aiii ht lias she in bookes of laive. " Basket-ball, ' 28; Y. W. C. A., ' 28; Play- crafters ' Club, ' 28; Associate Editor of Camp us Chat, ' 29; Y. W. A., ' 28, ' 29; Cabinet of Symphony Orchestra, ' 29, ' 30; Pi Kappa Sigma; Phi Delta Delta; Secretary of Sigma Alpha Phi, ' 3 0; Secretary of Pi Kappa Sigma, ' 3 0; Student Council, ' 30; Hatter Staff, ' 3 0, ' 3 1; President Pi Kappa Sigma, ' 31, ' 32; Treasurer Pan-Ffellenic, ' 31; Secretary Pan-Hellenic, ' 32; Treasurer Sigma Alpha Phi, ' 3 2; Priestess, Phi Delta Delta, ' 32. Senior Class Mary Gibbs 2 A DeLand, Florida CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE " This, lady bath much of diicrccioiiii. " Glee Club, ' 2S, ' 29, ' }(), ' 32; Vice-President Sigma Alpha Piii, ' 29; Secretary Sigma Alpha Phi, ' 3 2; W. A. A. Margaret Gibbs 2 A DeLand, Florida CANDIDATE I-OR A.B. DEGREE " And sikcrly she was of y rctc disport And fill plcsaiint and amyahlc of port. " Y. W. A., ' 28, ' 29; Playcrafters ' Club, ' 28; Secretary Sigma Alpha Phi, ' 3 0; Theta Al- pha Phi; Torch and Scroll; President W. A. A., ' 3 2; Secretary Theta Alpha Phi, ' 3 2; Vice-President Torch and Scroll, ' 3 2; Pliy Production, ' 29, ' 30; President Sigma Alpha I hi, ' 3 1; Vice-President Student Body, ' 32. ViNciNT Gould 2 N DeLand, Florida CANDIDATE I OR B.S. IHGRrE " A seiiicly man our Viiiunt iciis ii l ndlc. " Torch and Scroll; Theta Alpli Phi; Pi Gamma Mu; Tennis, ' 29. Nina I5i i i.i: Green II It ' ! St. Petersburg, I lorida CANDMJA IE 1 OK 1)1 (.Kl I " A hfltrc hcLwvrd woinnniu uii miuhcrc known. " Theta Alpha Phi; Torch and Scroll; Pi Kappa Sigma; Class Secretary, ' 30, ' 31; Stu- dent Council, ' 29; Treasurer Student Coun- cil, ' 30; Vice-President Student Council, ' 31; President Student Council, ' 32; President Pan-Hellenic, ' 30; Best All-Round Girl, ' 30; I ' rcsidcnl i ' i Ik-la Phi, ' 3 1, ' 32; Historian Thcla Alpha Phi, ' 32; I ' .dltor Ma run, ' 3 1. ' ■r b I Page 22 Senior Class Julia Hall Spartanburg, South Carolina CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE " • ' ;( II cl kuude she write from hir cora e. To make hir gon forth on pilgrimage. " Russell Sage School of Physical Education; University of Colorado; George Pc.ibody College; Instructor in Physical Educ.ition, ' 31, ' 32. G. Clark He} i rin K vk Conneautville, Pennsylvania CANDIDATE I OR B.S. DEGREE " A Ih-ttre felawe shoiilil man nought find. " Allegheny University, ' 2 9; Ohio Wesley an University, ' 30; Basket-ball, ' 3 1; Green and White Key. Alfreda Helseth ZX E Vero Beach, Florida candidate for B.S. degree " Fayre was hir mien and stately hir port. " Y. W. C. A., ' 28, ' 29; Pi Gamma Mu; Y. V. A., ' 3 1. Aubrey Martin Coleman, Florida candidate for A.B. di:gree " All that he seytl iias in forme and refer- ence, And short ami cjiiy ;, and fill of hy sen- tence. " Oxford Fellowship Treasurer, ' 32; Torch and Scroll. I ' ageJi sii atuv Senior Class Carolyn Martin AAA B.utow, Florida CANDIDATE 1 OR A. IS. DEGREE " Fill ucl j jc ioottg the service liyvyiie EutniUil ill hir nose ful semely. " Phi Beta; Secretary Delta Delta Delta, ' 30; Vice-President Delta Delta Delta, ' 31; Presi- dent Phi Beta, ' 31, ' 32; Secretary Student Body, ' 32; Chaplain Delta Delta Delta, ' 32. CoRiNA Martin AAA Amityville, Long Island CANDIDATE 1-OR A.B. DEGREE " S )c was so charitable and so pitoiis She uiilcle ueejie if that she sait} h a iiioiis Kaiiv ht ill a trappe, if it were ileed or hieJde. " Cedar Crest College, ' 2 9, ' 3 0; Phi Beta; Vice-President Phi Beta, ' 31. Fred Mills DeLeon Springs, Florida CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE ' Fill was his cora e of In ' is l.i emprise. " Robert Morris :i N DeLand, Florida CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE " Of his stature he ivas of eveiie leir the And icoiiderl ac ire, and of ; yeet streiii lhe. " Sigma Nil Marshal, ' 32; Basket-ball, ' 30, ' 3 1, ' 32; Krucible Klub, ' 29; Stetson Chemical Society; (ilee Club. r ' r. ' k}- •-H-mw ' Page 24 Slji falter Senior Class John J. Miri s DeLand, Morid.i CANDIDATE I OR A.Ii. 1)1 GRFF " That first be wr( »l}tc ami aflcniarih he tiiif htc. " Pleasant Hill Academy; University of Flor- ida. John Nelson B K Ryegate, Vermont CANDIDATE I OR B.S. DEGRE E " Foii ct not JoLui, the i ciitil man. " Middleburg, ' 28, ' 29; President Chemical Society, ' 3 2; Glee Club. Margaret Ogdek AAA Madisonville, Kentucky candidate 1 or a.b. degree " Curteys she was, discreet, and dcbunaire. " University of Indiana, ' 29; Historian Delta Delta Delta, ' 3 2. Leo C. Orendain Iloilo, Philippines candidate i or a.b. degree " A goode man there lias of religiuun. " Oxford Fellowship; President Tennis Club, " 31, ' 3 2; Student Volunteer Band; B. S. U. Council; Football, ' 30; Art Fditor Hatter, ' 32; President Oxford Fellowship, ' 32. u. Page 25 ».♦• ■ .♦ Senior Class Ruth Osgood AHA Duxbury, Massachusetts CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE " Of stiidie took she nioosfe hecile. " Torch and Scroll; Vice-President Orchestra, ' 29; President Orchestra, ' 30, ' 31, ' 32; Secre- tary Alpha Xi Delta, ' 30, ' 3 2; Secretary Stu- dent Council, ' 32; Treasurer Y. W. A., ' 30; Annual Staff, ' 3 0. Gladys Powell X E Orlando, Florida CANDUIAII I OR A.B. Dl (.RLE " So wise mill rypr uonlcs baJilc she Ami jiiniicnii ' iifz of so i n ' e equ ' itec. " Phi Delta Delta; Y. W. C. A., ' 29; Y. W. A., ' 29, ' 30, ' 31; President Non-Fraternity C rganization, ' 3 0; Secretary to Dr. HuUey, ' 30, ' 31, ' 32; Torch and Scroll, ' 31, ' 32; President Zeta Chi Epsilon, ' 31, ' 3 2; Presi- dent Junior Class, ' 31; City Clerk at Honic- Coniing, ' 31; Hatter Staff, ' 3 2; Treasurer Student Body, ' 3 2. JaMLS PURCLLI II K ] ' Tampa, Florida candidate for A.B. DEGREE " He was a verray piirfif ent ' il kiiyt ht. " Torch and Scroll; Pi Gamma Mu; Kruciblc Klub; Annual Staff, ' 3 2. Jay Sfiullr B K Hosford, Morida CANDIDA I 1 rOR 1 1 .11. Dl (.RLL " Discreet be uas, ami of ,i, ' mi7 rerereiire, (■ seined siiiih. hhe iroiJes iiere so wise. " University of Morida, ' 2S, ' 29, ' 30; Phi Alpha Delta; Alpha Kappa Psi. r- ' . ' . ' .jw " -. 1 Page 26 Senior Class Paulini; Sowers AHA Miami, Florida CANDiDATI, 1 OR A.Ii. 1)1 GRI 1 " Of rciiicilics uf luic she knew pcr-ilhiniirc For she coiulc of that art the oUlc ilaiiiirc. " Florida State College for Women, ' 29, ' 3 0; Thcta Alpha Phi; Secretary Alpha Xi Delta, ' 32; Play Production, ' 31, ' 32; Student Council, ' 32. Daniel Spoi eord 4 ri I Miami, Florida CANDIDATE FOR B.S. DEGREE " H ' isc rcso;is he spake fill solempnly. " University of Miami, ' 27, ' 2 8; Case School, ' 31; Orchestra, ' 32; Band, ' 32. Faustene Tovc n AAA DeLand, Florida CANDIDATE 1 OR DEGREE " hir is hinh beaiitee withoiiteii pride Yuiithe withoiiten green-head or folly. " Torch and Scroll; Phi Beta; Pi Gamma Mu; Glee Club, ' 28; Secretary Delta Delta Delta, ' 29; Flistorian Phi Beta, ' 3 0; Chaplain Phi Beta, ' 30; Clerk of Torch and Scroll, ' 31; Vice-President Pi Gamma Mu, ' 3 1 ; Hatter Staff, ' 31, ' 32; City Hostess at Homecom- ing, ' 31; Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 30, ' 31; Vice-President Phi Beta, ' 3 2; President Delta Delta Delta, ' 31, ' 32; President Pi Gamma Mu, ' 3 2. Ray Ulmer II K (I ' Palm Harbor, Florida CANDIDATE 1 OR 1,1 .B. DEGREE " lie lias of lawc expert ami iiirioiis. " Phi Alpha Delta; Secretary Pi Kappa Phi, ' 31; Historian Pi Kappa Phi, ' 3 2; Clerk Phi Alpha Delta, ' 3 2. Piiiir il QIIfF llcttt r Senior Class Esther Wellman ZXE Oneida, New York CANDIDATE 1 OR A.B. DEGREE " Hir worclcs fill of plaanncc and hublesse. " Basket-ball, ' 3 0, ' 31; Vice-President Zeta Chi Epsilon, ' 31; Y. W. A., ' 31, ' 32; Dia- mond Ball, ' 3 1 ; Treasurer Zeta Chi Epsilon, ' 32. Viola Wellman ZX E Oneida, New York CANDIDATE 1 OR A.B. DEGREE " A quiet mayden and fid of wisdoine. " Basket-ball, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31; Diamond Ball, ' 31; Secretary Zeta Chi Epsilon, ' 31, ' 32; Y. W. A., ' 31, ' 32; Pi Gamma Mu, ' 32. Virginia Willis II B Williston, Florida CANDIDATE FOR A.B. DEGREE " So u ' ommanly, so benigne, and so meeke. " Brenau College, ' 29, ' 3 0; Student Council, ' 2. Maxine Young II B Sanford, Florida ( ANDIDAIT I OK A. 11. DEGREE " And she nus a joly oodc fclawe. " Rollins College, ' 28; Student Council, ' 30. p?w c Page: SI} i att r Senior Class Oscar Zachary ii X Jacksonville, Illinois CANDIDATE FOR LL.B. DEGREE " His foys was dcepe, his thoit; bts were mygbty. " Torch and Scroll; Recorder Sigma Nu, ' 3 2; Phi Alpha Delta; Band, ' 29; Basket-ball, ' 29. Frances Hunter AHA Jasper, Florida candidate por a.b. decree " Hir eyeii tivyukled in hir hcail aryght As dooii the starves in the frosty nyght. " Florida State College for Women, ' 29; Theta Alpha Phi; Secretary Alpha Xi Delta, ' 31; Play Production, ' 30, ' 31, ' 32; Most Dra- matic Girl, ' 31; Treasurer Theta Alpha Phi, ' 31; Chaplain Alpha Xi Delta, ' 32; Student Council, ' 31. John Urich IT K J Biwabik, Minnesota candidate for b.s. degree " He won by strenghte and for hise hye rcnoun. " Virginia Junior College, ' 29, ' 30; Football, ' 3 1, ' 32; Basket-ball, ' 31, ' 32; Captain Bas- ket-ball Team, ' 3 2. Eugene T. Vining Tampa, Florida candidate for a.b. degree " Bi7;y,i, " " ' he ii ' as and wonder dilit ent. " University of Florida, ' 29, ' 3 0, ' 31; Oxford Fellowship, ' 3 2. Ksararrrr Page 29 ■ 6 v I Junior Class Harold S. Martin Presulciit UK Swampscott, Mass. Elizabeth Alverson AAA Sarasota, Fla. Mary Battle A H A Sorrento, Fla. Russell Brow n DeLand, Fla. James Clark Winter Garden, Fla. Verona Creekmore AAA Brooksville, Fla. Ruin 1 Iai i AHA New Smyrna, Ma. Robert Sandles Vice-President Gary, Ind. Josephine Ayres Brooksville, Fla. Betty Brooks : A 4 Clermont, Fla. Mildred Carl i A 4 DeLand, Fla. John Colvard i; N Greenwood, Miss. Mary I Iakris Ezei.l II B ' l DeLand, Fla. Page 30 a Junior Class Cathirine How ARTfr DeLand, Fl,i. Ali Hiin Jacobsen AAA Fort Pierce, Fla. Virginia MacKhnzie A HA Tampa, Fla. Ena Hurley Winter Garden, Fla. Lois Kramer AAA Lake Wales, Fla. Charles Osborne II K f Umatilla, Fla. Fred Smith S N Winter Garden, Fla. Betty Spell ZXE Titusvilie, Fl... Raymond Ware ir K Mayo, Fla. Beatrice; Merkhoeer St. Petersburg, Fla. Robert Renwick Cuba, New York Marie Smith II B Miami, Fla. WiNU RED TUMBLIN := A Tampa, Fla. Page 31 4: ®i) utuv Sophomore Class Jack Tow nslnd Presiilcit 2 N Lake Wales, Fla. Sallie Mae Edwards Edw ard Berger Vicc-Presidciif Treasurer :S A AS Vero Beach, Fla. Hawthorne, N. Y. LovETTi; Fields Secretary AAA Lexington, Ky. E. M. Alrich Clayton C. Barrett 2 N i- N Glenwood, Fla. W ' atcrbury, Conn. Frances Alexander AHA DeLand, Fla. Mrs. G. W. Brandon DeLand, Fla. Elizabeth Brown AAA DeLand, Fla. C. Clyatt Broward 2 N Jacksonville, Fla. Joe Burckhalter Abigail Chapman II K AAA Eustis, Fla. New York, N. Y. Mary Alice Cahoon Jacksonville, Fla. Gertrude Cook Davis Godard 2 A n K DeLand, Fla. Quincy, Fla. Geraldine Farrar 2 A Miami, Fla. Ellen Gustaison Jane Hershey II H I AAA Green Cove Springs, Fla. ( anton, Ohio Joseph E. Hindricks 11 K l ' DeLand, Fla. |W,AW ' ' Page 32 ®It att r Sophomore Class William (innings II K I Barre, Vt. Helen Jewett AAA DeLand, Fla. Elizabeth Kramer AAA Lake Wales, Fla. Aberdeen Johnson AHA St. Petersburg, Fla. Elizabeth Martin Voncilll Mlrcer DeLand, Fla. AAA DeLand, Fla. Evelyn May AAA West Palm Beach, Fla. PoLi Y Nason Stephen C. Pardee AAA Avon Park, Fla. Erie, Penn. Virginia Noggle A HA Edwardsville, 111. Jack Phillips i; N Jacksonville, Fla. Chas. S. Rohde 2 N DeLand, Fla. Emma Louise Riedinger AHA Sebring, Fla. Elizabeth Scarlett Helen Seed 1 1 B Z X E DeLand, Fla. Daytona Beach, Fla. Charlene Scott ii A Vero Beach, Fla. Sidney Singleton 2N DcsPlaines, 111. Lucille Young 2X E Lake City, Fla. Mary Steviakt DeLand, Fla. Page 33 - ' : ■ ' V i» i ' rMMvm ' f I Freshman Class BoYCE EzELL Hazel X ' alker President Secretary IT K I AHA DeLand, Fla., Fla. Georgia Kirby Treasurer Mt. Dora, Ma. Elizabeth Adams Marie Baker H H 1 Clearwater, Fla. Mayo, Fla. Elizabeth Alexander AHA DeLand, Fla. Ruth Baker Ruth Boisch XE II B Seville, Fla. Daytona Beach, Fla. Ercell Zion, BiSHIP 111. M ARY CaRSW EI L AAA Tampa, I ' l i. Virginia Colbert AH A DeLand, Fla. Mary C II H Bucyrus, A TON l ' Ohio Martha Clay ion Chirie Coley IMi |. II Hc| Lakeland, Ma. Lake Worth, Fla. Virginia Einsm.i, II H l DeLand, Fla. Page 34 l tiTf OIIjP f attpr Freshman Class Martha Ewart n H Miami, Fla. Marjorii Hammer II H DcLand, Fla. Virginia Hamilton Leesburg, Fla. Juliet Hope 2 A ! Hicoria, Fla. Audrey Johnson . HA Cjrand Marais, Minn. Mary Howarth DeLand, Fla. Leslie Johnson 2 N Grand Marais, Minn. Alice Lee Orlando, Fla. Albert Kelley AS Avon Park, Fla. Lillian Litwin 2 . I Umatilla, Fla. Margaret Campbell AAA Orlando, Ma. Nancy Mitchell AAA DeLand, I ' la. Frances Phillips AAA Jacksonville, Fla. Donald Phillips 2 N Daytona Beach, Fla. Winiered Pyle ZXE DeLand, Fla. Page 35 ®ij vituv Freshman Class Betty Robinson AAA DeLand, Fla. Louise Royall AHA DeLand, Fla. Ethel Rogers Lynne, Florida A. Sanzo Madrid, Spain Charles H. Shoemaker II K Daytona Beach, I Li. Vernelle Shackelford 2 A Hicoria, Fla. Helen Tucker ZX E Darien, Fla. Edith Van AAA DeLand, Fla. Etter Turner 5 A l Williston, Fla. WiNM REB Van Busk rk Louise Webster AHA Lecsburg, Fla. Syracuse, N. Y. [amis Tisti rman II K ' ! Umatilla, Fla. Lois W ' iiiddin AAA Kissimmce, Ma. Ethel Whittemore Miami, Fla. AiLEEN Worth AHA Pontiac, 111. C vv mj _ l Page ,?6 (PrgantzattouB oiitr utt Y Pi Beta Phi Founded at Moinnoiilh College, 1S67 Florida Chapter Established January iO, 191 i Colors: Wine and Silier Blue Flower: Wine Carnation Nena Belle Green Betty Brannon Marie Smith Elinor Whipple Helen Hoovlr Georgia Kirby Mary Louise I ' oaru CHAPTER MEMBERS IN FACULTATE Annie Nadine Holden IN universitate Betty Foard Mary Harris Ezell Donna Van Dyne PLEDGES Virginia Einsel Mary Caton Ei.izaulth Adams Mariiia Clayton CllLRIE COI.EY Betty Scarlett Ellen Gustafson Maxine Young Martha Esvart Marjorie Hammer Virginia Willis Betty Thomas Pane 38 SI) att r lursl Roil.- Ntnj Belle Green, Betty Brannoii, Donni Vui Dyne, Mjxine Vounj;. Marie Smith Saoii,! Rou Mary Harris Hzell, Betty Scarlett, Ellen Gustafson, Marjorie Hammer Thinl Rou Virginia Einsel, Virginia Willis, Georgia Kirby, Ruth Boisch luiiith Row Elizabeth Adams, Martha Kwart, Mary Caton. Martha Clayton, Cheric Colev Page 30 ®I|r iJ ntUr Sigma Nu Foiiiuh ' J at yir; inia Military Institute, Jainiary 1, IS69 Delta Mil Chapter EstaMisbeil 79 3 Colors: Black, White ami Gold Flower: White Rose Ja k I ' hu 1 II " ) Osborne Stacy Oscar Zachary Vincent Gould Jack Townsend John Socash CHAPTER MEMBERS IN universitate Robert Sandles Clyatt Broward Robert Morris Wallace Fields Leslie Johnson Donald I ' hii lips Clayton Barrett Sidney Singleton William Brown Joseph Check Lester Shebel Dow Woodward Donald Starkweather Russri L BuowN Fri;d Smith Horace Jonah Harry Gaylord Ciiariis Rhodi- John Coi vard Julius Wudzkl Jack Green HOILICE Pi OTTS E. M. AiRK II Will ARD I IaLDEMAN vi„ik ' «w;r _JlI Page 40 {E t fatter First Kow Clyatt Browjrci, William Brown, Vincent Gould, Oscar Zacliary, Clayton Barrett, Donald Phi SnoiiJ Row Leslie Johnson, Osborne Stacy, Jack Phillips, Robert Sandles, Fred Smith ThiiJ Row Charles Rhode, Russell Brown, John Colvard, K. M. Alrich, Robert Morris, Sidney Sinsletor Pane 41 (51fF atUr js Delta Delta Delta Founded at Bos oii U nil crsity, T mnksi ii iiii Ere, ISH Alpha Delta hounded May 17, 191} CoioRs: ' Oilier. Gold and Blue FiowER: Pansy Faustene Town CoRiNA Martin Carolyn Martin Poi I Y Nason CHAPTER MEMBERS IN universitate Helen Jewett Lois Kramer Elizabeth Kramer Evelyn May Jane Hershey LovETTE Fields Margaret Ogden Voncille Mercer Elizabeth Brown Verona Creekmore Elizabeth Ai.verson Adelaide McIntire Margaret Campbell Betty Robinson Edith Van Pauline Ellis All hii.d Jacobsen FkaN I S Pi III 1 IPS Gail Chapman Lois Whidden Mary Carsweli. Nancy Mitchell r ' r. w- ■ " m: Page J_ii ®ljp l|altfr J!E_ Vhst Roiv Gall Chjpman, Betty Alvcrson, r,dith Van, Frances Phillips, Lois Wlilddcn, Vcron.), LdIs Kr Sv.oml Row Jane Herslicy, l.ovcttc Fields, MarRarct O den, Helen Jewett, Corlna Martin, Faustene Town ThinI Row Carolyn Martin, Pauline Fills, Polly Nason. F.velyn May, Fll abetli Kramer, Betty Brown Vonellle Mercer, Nancy Mitchell, Mary Car-well, Betty Robuvon, Allhlld Jacobsen, Adelaide Mclnl Peggy Campbell PdfH- U ®If? ilatt r -4 jO_- Pi Kappa Phi FoiuiJcJ at the College of CLuirliston, 1904 C n Chapter Estahlishetl 1921 Colors: GoLl ami White Flower: ReJ Rose GtRALU Barker Raymond Ware William Jennings Ray Ulmer James McKinney William Gautier Byron Cull Louis Graves Kempis Carpenter Richard Elton Waits Bracey Charles Shoemakik James Testerman Dennis Carroll CHAPTER MEMBERS in facultate William E. Duckwitz in universitate Marvin Garrison Charles Osborne Albert Woodle William Davis Joseph Hendricks Harold Martin William Elton Travis Pi;trev pledges Austin Hiers Bowman Pace Ransi t)RD Seiaw Jt)HN Urkii Rudolph Nelson Donald Horton Davis Godard Stanley Bumby Boyce Ezell George Farmer Chandler Sharon Joseph Burckhalter James Purcell RoBi ' RT Dell Joseph Pix.calunas Ai.ixandek Dompe Lavi RN Wildeson Curry Jones Shi 1 DON I.indsey Page 44 XL H 5IIf? flatter Firsl Row Harold Martin, Rill Jennings, R..y Ulmcr, Joe Burckliaher SeconJ Ron Charles Osborne, James Purcell ThirJ Roir Byron Cull, Gerald Barker, Joseph Hendrieks, C:urry Jones, Raymond Ware haiiilh RoK Davis Godard, Hilton Shoemaker, John Urich, James Testerman, Boyce Kzcil Page 45 ■ — Tsr — ga i- Sllf fatter Alpha Xi Delta Foiiinhil at Lombard C( Uf; i iS ' i Omc a Chapter Fita ' lished May n, 191} Colors: Lr lit and Dark Blue and Gold Flower: P ' nik Rt Olga Bowen CHAPTER MEMBERS in facultate Mary Tribble Low ry Isabel Remsen Willie Dee Wili.ian Frances Hunter Pauiini Sowers ViiK.iNiA MacKi;nzif. in universitate Aberdeen Johnson Emma Louise Riedinger Virginia Nogcle Ruth Osgood Ruth Hale Mary Hatiie Doiu) 1 1 1 Y Treadwell Hazel Walker WiNiiRii) Van IkiSKiKK Aii.EEN Worth Louisi ROYAI I. Audrey Johnson Francis Alexander ELIZAHrTII Ai 1 XANIIIK ' TVr Page 46 H ®Ijp Sfattpr Emma Lou Riedlnger, Virginia Nogglc, Rutli Osgood, Virginia MacKcnzic, Ruth llak- SecmJ Rem Pauline Sowers, Aberdeen ,|,)hnson, Willie Dee Willian, Frances Hunter ThinI Rou Elizabeth Alexander, Hazel X ' alker I-o,nlh Rnu Ailcen Worth, Audrey Johnson, Vfinitred Van li.isiiirk, Louise Royall, Frances Alexande di - S iikd Page 47 Slf ntt1 t Sigma Alpha Phi Fuitiidtd at fo jii B. Stetson Uniienity, Jtiiniary II, 1926 Colors: Mnlhrnx Gn ' iii iiinl " iiic Flower: Y ' lolct iiinl Ophcl ' ni Rose Winifred Tumblin Eleanor Spom ord Marie Diaz CHAPTER MEMBERS IN univi;rsitate Elva Diaz Margaret Gibbs Mary Gibus Mada Eraser Charlene Scott Sallie Mae Edwards Mildred Carl PLEDGES Vernelle Shackelford Cii rtrudi Cook Judith Hope Hi i rv Brooks Saidel Dovpling Ell man Iiiwin CilRAI.DINE EaRRAR Mar(;ari:t Coi mo EtTI R TlIRNIR ir " ' W Page i - " - SIj]? i atUx FirU Roic Charlene Scott, Geraldiiic, S.illic Mai; Edwards, Mildred Carl, Betty Brooks S,-n„„l Rmr Margaret Gibbs, Winifred Tumblin, KIcaiior Spoftord, Margaret Coelllo, Mada Fraser, Mary Gibbs T jnJ Rou Gertrude Cook, Juliet Hope, Lillian Litwin, Vernelle Shackelford, Etter Tur 7 i i; - Page 40 c s-. iilljp l|att?r Delta Sigma Phi Foumlcd at C.oUcni- City of Ncic York. Dcccnihcr 10, I S99 Alpha Chi Chapter EstciNishal IS9)i; Voundcd 192) Colors: Nile Gran and White Flower: White Ciiniatioii Lewis Tribble Frank Adams Edward Bkrger Milncr Bkittain Robert Burns WaI LACE I ' OARD Wm.liam Hirshey CHAPTER MEMBERS IN EACULTATE Robert Allen in universitate James Hodges Albert Kelley George Lindner Horace: Culbertson Lewis Purvis W ' iNITI LD MoSLEY PLEDGES Tl lOM AS 1)1 AH)( K Walter Meyer Francis Reeves Donald Faulkner James Nemec Frank Ortman Frank Powell William Siioup Sidney Taylor Richard Wildeson Rodney Tiiursby William Tomyn Frank Smith 1 ' ..- ' . -. ' ' » ' ' t ' i - " " ' Page SO ®I| Ufatt r J Zeta Chi Epsilon AN OPEN FRATERNITY Foiiiiilcil at John B. Sfc soii Vii icrsi y, January 12, l ' -) l Colors: OrchnI, Grccii ami Silirr Flower: Orchid Sweet Pea Inst Row Viola Wcllman, Esther Vi ', Alfrcda Hdscth, Betty Spell, Gladys Powell Sfioinl Rote Helen Tucker, Helen Seed, Lucille Young, Winifred Pyle, Ruth Baker, Beth Vi ' ilkerson Page 51 E MM i --— ==Milk X: ..v: ' sif vitut Theta Alpha Phi Honorary Dramatic Vratcriiity Florh a Alpha Chapter EstaMnhcJ December, 1919 CHAPTER MEMBERS IN FACULTATH Dr. Lincoln Hullly Br. Charlis S. Farriss Miss Willie Dee Willian Mr. Lewis Tribble Mr. Isaac Bruce Dr. Irving Stover IN UNIVERSITATE William Brown Mary Harris Ezell Margaret Gibes Vincent Gould Nena Belle Green Frances EIunter N. B. O ' Kelley Marie Smith Pauline Sowers Dorothy Treadwell Thespians of Stetson are much pleased with the results obtained this year in their dramatic presentations. The play " Lilies of the Field " opened the season on October 9, 1931, in a manner which promised great things for 1931-32. This was followed by " The Drum Major, " a play written by Dr. Lincoln Hulley, and presented as a feature of the Homecoming Program, November 6, 1931. " Daddy Long Legs " was presented December 11, 1931, in a most pleasing manner. The following production, " The Rear Car, " given January 29, was a mystery play, and was accorded the honor of being our " road show " of the year. We were indeed proud of the realistic set prepared for it, and of the effects, weird and otherwise, achieved through the conveniences our new Assembly Hall affords. The next production was another play of Dr. Hulley ' s, a tragedy develop- ing the doctrine of predestination, entitled " The Potter ' s Wheel. " On the 17th of March James Barrie ' s delightfully quaint drama, " Quality Street, " was presented. The April play, " The Passing of the Third Floor Back, " was given successfully. The annual commencement play produced this year was " The Rivals, " the afternoon and evening performances of which brought the activities of Thespians for the year 1931-32 to a close with the satisfied feeling that their endeavors had not been without reward. |W.. ' .; y...- ' L ?i,1i.g— - Page 52 f% SI|i? i attrr Page 53 ®1][ Bfattpr The Order of Torch and Scroll Ihiiiorary Scliohirshi i iiiid Leadership l-uninlcd January 14, 1926 Colors: Cr ' ninvii ami Old Gold CHAPTER MEMBERS IN FACULTATE Dr. Chas. S. Farriss Olca Bowen Donald Eaulknlr WiLLiL Di;e Willjan Isaac Brucl: William Brown ViNCLNT Gould JaMI.S PURCI LL Auurly Mariin in univlrsitate Oscar Zachary Robert Burns Ruin ()s(,ooi) Gladys Powili. Faustene Town Nena Belle Green Makgarlt Gibbs Marie Smith MiLDiu 1) Caul 17 ■7S3S«5SCr Page 54 ±3i ®If llattFr i?: Phi Beta NATIONAL PROI-ESSIONAL FRATERNITY OF MUSIC AND DRAMATIC ART I ' oiiinhil at Noi bucs ciii Uiiiicruty, 1912 Ela Chapter Establidial Dcnm Hr 20, ! ' )12 Colors: Violet and Cold Flower: Ward Rose and Violet CHAPTER MEMBERS IN lACULTATE Eva Baklr Welsh Veronica Davis Mary Tribble Lowry Willie Dee Willian Isabel Rlmsen in univlrsitate Carolyn Martin Elizabeth Kramer Fausteni: Town Alfhild Jacobsen Margarek Brantley Marie Hershey Norma Yates Alce Curry PLEDGES Lois Wiiiddin ' • ' " - Corina Martin Verona Creekmore Page 55 SIl} jjfaiipi- y? ■ 1 V VICE-PCE IDENT PQE IDENT ECT. 6- TPEA JOHN NEL ON WILLIAM BQOWN CLYDE FLOWEI TET ON J. COLVAQD OCIETY . DQ. JOHN CONM AOVI OR. FdDIUNIIDffil]]) B31 TO PQOMOTE INITEQE " ! IN CHEMI TRY AND TO PREAD oodfellow;hip AMONG- CHEMI T F. DENCEIi J. uqiCK :C, HEFFI IN Q. MORQI jU .. Poge $6 ®h fatter Pi Kappa Sigma NATIONAL PEDAGOGICAL SORORITY Foiimlcil at Micbiiiaii Sfii c Teachers ' Colli v.c, I S94 Alp ia ThctaChal tn- Estahlnhcd May, l ' J29 Colors: Tiirqituisc and Gold Flow lk: Fort cZ-Mc-No and joinjuil CHAPTER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITATE Betty Brannon Margaret Coehlo Mada Eraser Nena Belle Green Alfhild Jacobsen Mildred Carl Mary Alice Cahoon Beatrice Markhofer Madalini Cmi 1)1 rs Aberdeen Johnson Helena Littlmield Elizabi HI Brow N DoROI ll ' i Dvi R Bernice Fisher Page 57 Slf ilatt r jfg Pi Gamma Mu NATIONAL SOCIAL SCIENCE FRATERNITY CHAPTER MEMBERS in facultate Dr. Lincoln Hulley Jennis W. Futch Dean G. Prentice Carson Harry C. Garwood Dr. Richard E. Clark Harriet Kennedy Dr. Chas. a. Fisher in univirsitate Town Vincent Gould Elisabeth Brannon Robert Burns Ai.ireda Helseth James Purci ll Viola Wi llman V«)V»1W» Page 58 ulijp Ifattpr jE. r l Page 50 ©Iff Ifattfr . Oxford Fellowship A FRATERNITY FOR MINISTERIAL STUDENTS CHAPTER MEMBERS Lincoln Hulley Charles S. Farrisg Leo C. Orendain Marshall Mines Mii.NER Brhtain Fred Smith James Clark Ai 111 K I Ki II I y IN eacultate in universitate Elbert Tyner Bruton Reynolds Weui! Brooks Jam IS M( Kinney Till ODOR E Jones Harry C. Garwood G. Prentice Carson Albert Carnett HuBiL Llmi.ey Aubrey Martin Preston Sellers Li si II Si ii imii kd Eu(;i:ne Vininc; r-w AW ' ■ m ' SIfp llatt r X Baptist Student Union Council OFFICERS Preston Sellers President Winifred Tumblin First Virr-Pii-s Ji-n George Linney ScroiiJ V cc-Prcsiilcn Bruton Reynolds Third Vicc-Prcsidcnf Khadra Culpepper Third Vice-President Sallie Mae Edwards Secretary Aileen Arthur Treasurer MEMBERS Ena Hurley Y. W. A. Representatiie Josephine Ayres B. Y. P. U. Represoitafiie Webb Brooks S. S. Rel resetitative Li.o Orendain Oxford Fellouship Re present tit iie Milner Brittain Chorister Hubel Lemley Ort anist Marie Baker Reporter Page 6i ■f -= -f ®Iff utUv JJL Student Government Council OFFICERS Nena Belle Green Prci ' nicut WiNII RED TUMBLIN ViCi ' -Plfsiilfn t Ruth Osgood Secretary Elizabeth Kramer Treasurer I ' lrsl Row Marie Smith, P.iulinc Sowi-rs, Virginia Willis, I.ois Kramer, Ncna lU-lle Green, Winifred Tumblin ScromI Row Ruth Osgood, Eli aheth Kramer, Klisabeth lirannon, Cieraldinc Farrar, Charlene Scott, Winifred Van Buskirk, Virxinia Colbert TEK p r - rfHf " Page 62 SII|p Ufatt r The Hatter Staff Winifred Tumblin Eilitor- ' m-Ch ' n-j Joseph E. Hendricks Acting Biisiiirss Manager Raymond Ware Business Munagcr Albert Kelley Associate lulitor William Jennings A li ertising Editor Ruth Hale Circulation Manager Faustene Town Class Editor Leo Orendain Art Editor Virginia MacKenzie Fraternity Editor Mary Alice Cahoon Cirls ' Athletic Editor Robert Sandles Boys ' Athletic EJitor Gladys Powell Organization Elditor Betty Brooks Feature Editor Betty Foard Snafishot Editor T- F ' aac 63 ArttuitirB (I U , jt« rtttrr Herbert R. McQuillan Coacb 1 T h! II 1 (,AU 1 n i M ARTY Martin Z ' n sh. » (( ; ( ' .(lai h A ssis iiii Coti rb James Tra r I AUK iiH ■;• Page 66 . ' iV ' -- ' i Sllfie l attpr Varsity Football Team S iiinliiii : Assistant Co.ich H. Schmit, H. Plotts, S. Salvage, Assistant Coach H. Martin, J. Socash, J. Check, J. Harriman, Coach H. R. McQuillan, D. Horton, E. Holder, K. Carpenter, W. Haldeman, Assistant Coach Gautier. ScalCil: J. Pecalunas, R. Thursby, H. Elastic, R. Wildeson, R. McKinney, J. Colvard, S. Lindsey, Captain W. Moscly, L. Shebel, T. Petrey, L. Graves, W. Elton, J. Urich, G. Pay, J. Nemec. October 3 October 1 1 . October 17 . October 24 November 7 November 1 1 November 20 November 27 Total . FOOTBALL SCHEDULE, 1931 Mercer Birmingham Southern Centenary . Citadel . . . Erskine . Millsaps . Southern South Georgia College 2 8 — Stetson 1 9 — Stetson 27 — Stetson 6 — Stetson 7 — Stetson 1 9 — Stetson — Stetson — Stetson 106 7 19 7 20 27 -W (Lift 2fattPr JE. Varsity Football Team Working under the double liandic.ip of numerous injuries .ind .1 torniid.iblc schedule, the football team did not show up so well on the scoreboard. However, it was a differ- ent story when it came to winning moral victories and the respect of opponents. In every game of the season Stetson outplayed her foes until the lack of reserve strength began to tell. It was very obvious that Stetson was much superior to teams in like Circumstances, as was proven in her easy victories over Erskine, Southern and South Georgia College. As a whole the team must be given much credit for the invincible spirit which en- abled them to hold such teams as Centenary and Mercer to low scores. The team functioned around such pivots as Socash, Captain Mosely and Urich, all three of them seniors who earned honorable mention on the All-S. I. A. A. Each individual showed the spirit of fight which goes to make up a great team and all exhibited excellent teamwork In defeat as well as victory. Coach McQuillan and his assistants deserve much credit for the way they moulded from comparatively green material a team for which Stetson should be justly proud. We feel that with the return of seasoned players for next fall McQuillan will have no trouble in picking a team which will lead the conference. Page 68 Lii (Ulfi ij UtUt •t?; Sttinditin: Buddy Seated: Winficld December 4 December 6 January 2 January 7 January 8 January 14 January 16 January 22 January 27 January 28 January 29 January 30 February 3 February 4 February 1 1 February 1 3 February 1 3 February 13 February 17 Varsity Basket-ball Team Haldeman, Horace Jonah, Bob Sandles, Joe Check, George Mosely, John Gorzeman, Capt. John Urich, Bob Morris, Bus BASKET-BALL SCHEDULE, 193 1-32 OrLindo . . . , Orlando .... University of Florida Citadel ... Citadel ... Southern ... Sears-Roebuck . Paris Island Marines J. E. Alliance . . C. Y. M. A. . . Citadel .... Paris Island Marines Howard .... Howard .... University of Georgl Rollins .... Rollins .... Rollins .... Southern 1 5 — Stetson 6— Stetson 2 5 — Stetson 29 — Stetson 24 — Stetson 2 5 — Stetson 24 — Stetson 1 5 — Stetson 24 — Stetson 3 1 — Stetson 22 — Stetson 2 — Stetson 1 5 — Stetson 16 — Stetson 27 — Stetson 1 5 — Stetson 6 — Stetson 1 6- — -Stetson 20 — Stetson Straus Shebel Total 375 (Eljp fatter Basket-ball John Urich Ciiptciiii and ForwartI Johnny has played his last game for Stetson and in the last two seasons has made a name for himself that wilt not only be remembered by his team-males but also by the op- ponents against whom he played. His accuracy in making field goals has brnuglit him the title of a " sharp shootin ' for- ward " and we know that the McQuillan-coached aggrega- tion will miss him. George Straus Guard Straussy, playing his first year on the team, held down a regular guard position. His accurate passing and basket shooting made him a threat to the best of his opponents. iMuch credit mut be given him for the success of the team as he was always giving his utmost. Joseph Check Forward Joe looked like a veteran this year and next year will be able to fill any position because of his versatility. Joe was a good floor man and his deception was very baffling to his opponents and with his return next year he should be one of the most valuable on the squad. " WlNFIELD MOSELY Guard Mose could always be depended ,.n when the going was the hardest to make a few baskets that would pull the game out of the fire. He is a Stetson product of whom we can feel proud. We will miss him next year and know that a man to f U his shoes will be hard to find. Roiii KT Morris Faruard liob is one of the best forwards that ever donned a Stetson uniform and is noted for the spirit of fight that it takes to make a team successful. Wc will miss him next year and only hope that Coach will find someone to fill his place. ' LlSTIR SuriiEL Fur ward bus did not pl.iy long on the team this year, because of an iniury he received during the football season. He will be b.ick with us next year and we wish him better luck. ' Not in picture. u ' Vf ' ' Page 70 ®ljp Ifattpr Basket-ball John Gorzeman Center John has one more year to wear the green and whi with his ability should be one o£ the best center Stetson has ever turned out as well as one of the best South. John ' s knack of tapping them in under the ,te and s that in the basket Robert Sandles Center Bob has one more year on the varsity and if he the spirit that he has shown this year will be an a: the team as well as a threat to the opponents. shows sset to WiLLARD HaLDEMAN Guard You ' ve heard of those dark horses — well, Buddy was the lan who was dark horse in the Georgia game — and what a lan! He is one important reason why Stetson should have lothcr championship team next year. ' ■ " William Tomyn Forward Bill was playing his first year on the team and Coach McQuillan is expecting big things from him next season. Bill was lacking in experience, but with what he gained this John Socash Guard Soakie. a veteran guard, has all the .lualities it takes make a real basket-ball player. His earnestness to play game has given him a trait that will make him a success life. We regret that he will not be with us next year. ' ' Horace Jonah Guard Jonah had a spirit that must be respected by the opponents and his own team-mates. He lacked the experience it takes to make a veteran ball player, but his never-say-die spirit soon helped him overcome his faults and we will be glad to see him in a uniform next ' ' Not in piciur ?T7 Page y I (Sl) l att r Freshman Basket-ball Team Standing: Coach " Doc " Johnson, Hariy Gaylord, Leon Rosengren, Al Dompe. Seatcil: Boyce Ezell, Jack Green, Rudy Nelson, Dick Elton, Don Phillips. ' .-CSf %. Boys ' Tennis Team Left to Right: Kenneth Irceman, Edward Hcrgcr, Dick Ellon, Milncr Rrlttain, Cap- tain Lewis Maxwell, Leo Orendain, Walter Meyer. r-- ' A J- ' ' Page 72 ®If % XXtx A Wrestling Team Bill G.iutlcr, Sheldon Lindsay, J., H. Plotts, Leon Rosen.i;rcn. Boxing Team S aiiil ii} : Dick Elton, " Red " Reeves, Donald Horton, Kenipis Carpenter, Laverne Wildeson, Coach Bill Gautier. Seated: Jack Green, Bill Elton, Travis Petrey, John Colvard, Dick Wildeson. [■ ■ ■Wf Page 73 Shr latter Tumbling Team Lcfi to Right: Helen Jcwett, M.iry Caton, Gcraldine Farrar, Cheric Colcy, Virginia Einsel; Virginia Colbert, Frances Alexander, Martha Clayton, Elizabeth Martin and Louise Webster. I Archery ,(• to Rig } : Virginia Einsel, Mary Louise Foard, Elizabeth Alexander and Frances Phillips. I ' -AW rrTT r " Page 74 n ®Ij fattier Jl Women ' s Athletic Association Standing: Elizabeth Martin, Sophomore Class Manager; Mary Louise Foard, I ' reshman Class Manager; Margaret Gibbs, President; Eleanor SpofFord, Senior Class Manager; Bernice Fisher, Publication Manager Sophomore Class and Sophomore Cheer Leader. Seated: Mary Caton, Freshman Cheer Leader; Geraldine Farrar, Vice-President; Betty Brannon, Secretary and Recorder of Points; Martha Ewart, Treasurer. Not in picture, Mary Harris Ezell, Junior Class Manager, and Nena Belle Green, Senior Cheer Leader. Girls ' Tennis Team Standin; : Winifred Pyie, Ruth Osgood, Mary Alice Cahoon, (lertrude Cook and Esther Lahmer. Si ' alid: Bernice Fisher, Eileen Arthur and Judith Ordonez. Page 75 ®lTr liattpr ' s ©rCfeiJ II BOB OAK IE JE ' U •sii S Fr Pog? 76 3i xtnuB iiiln iattrr Mm Altraclivc Wallace Foard Corina Martin Page 78 Slj %....:t m LJl Robert Sandles Mos I ' lipiilar Elizabeth Kramer. Page 79 jjjlj ' f -nrr M.n I ' l.tlUN- ' , , , V Vi ' iNii nil) Tl miu in |a( K PlIIILIPS r i nrrrrr- c ■ PSiJfB® Page 80 Slj Ifatt r Most liitcUcchtal Osborne Stacy Gladys Powell Page 8i SUf aiii V Most Versatile WiNFlELD MOSELY MARGARET GiBBS Afja: . •:- y.AVW v73Tn Page 82 A If Sllfj? 1!|att r AIos Rcpnscii ii nf I rcshiinii Marie Baker Sidney Taylor WF Page 83 Q ht latter THEQE ' i (ROMANCE AIIJ iM 4i ' ' " " SM ' " _A. Page 84 m}t i|att r k f. Page 85 Pas WHEUE ' fLIB KAPPA DOY COUT Page S; Sllf vi. .r Pagf S . , i Mf IF v t X-l ' ■ .!i STETSON HATS pay big dividends I WEST in a Stetson ami yon will leci ' ivi ' rich ilividcTiils in style, satisfai-tinn and I ' li- liani ' i ' il a|i|iearance. STKTSON MATS aiv srriarl liats for smart |]i ' o|iU ' who know liiiw iin|iortant it is for them to look their best. They know tliat the liat proelaims the man — that a Stetson is worth what they pay for it, and more. There ' .s nothinfi; to compare with a Stetson — no matter how von look at it. JOHN B. STETSON COMPANY Philadelphia Pii:j.c 89 HOTEL COLLEGE ARMS De land, FLORIDA A Winter Home for Dkcr ' niiiiiatiii People i 1 i i BEAUTIFUL LOCATION ELEVATOR, STEAM HEAT UNEXCELLED GOLF COURSE 1 i i i WHITE SERVICE THROUGHOUT .•.........—..................................— ............. 4 ' (i.i;,M)n The CITY of De LAND " THE ATHENS OF FLORIDA " Congratulates the Graduating Class of 1932. of Stetson University ' i7.t;r 1)1 1 1 DeLuxe Laundry and Hon Agency, Inc. Dry Cleaners DEPENDABLE INSUKAKICE SERVICE i 1 i 111 DRY CLEANING OUR LICENSED REAL ESTATE SPECIALTY BROKER North Delaware Avenue 1 i 1 i 1 ill 11 North Boulevard PHONE 347 De land :: FLORIDA i STUDENTS t J. P. ALLEN FURNITURE COMPANY 1 ill Hoiiic of Dcpciiilcihic Goods TWO GOOD PLACES 50 years in l iisiiu ' ss ami still goinj strong. — to 0 — STETSON AND McCRORY ' S GOHN DYKES, INC. Mci ' s Wear 1 1 i 1 i i McCrory ' s 5 lo Famous for their made-to- Cent Store mcasurc suits I . ......... .-.—.............., Va ic COMPLIMENTS —OF— Harper ' s Cafeteria 1 1 i THE PLACE WHERE OLD MAN HARPER HAS PLENTY OF GOOD THINGS TO EAT. • COMPLIMENTS —OF— Sparks De Land Theatres f 1 -f The Dreka The Athens f f f Devoted to preseutii } the best eiitertiiiinueiit for your pleasure. F. N. DeHUY SON 111 JcHc ' lcis and Silrcrsuiifbs Since 1873 1 ATHENS BARBER SHOP Modern and Sanitary ; Skilled Barbers A. E. " jAfK " Coitns, I ' ropiietor l.!4 NORTH BOULEVARD CONDON ' S CAFE Juicy Steaks Nice place. We are ready to serve. THE ALLEN-WHITE CO., Inc. Students ' Supplies ( Stationery : Typewriters ( Note Books a pleasure to serve you. • ' I ' .i- ' i ' y.! 1 De land hotel ACREE ' S, INC. 1 Sditii Hiin.KVAKii De Land. Ki.a. l)K l.ANM, Kl.A. PllOXE 408 Kestiiitrniit Goodyear Tires and Tubes j ElKOI ' EAN (IK AMKIUCAN TlAX 1 Exide Battery Service BiiL ' k : Steam Heated. European Rates: $1..30 aiiil up. Always Open. Tlione IllJO. Road Service Opposite Post OHiee ( C. O. LYNCH 1 ( laytona lUcarl) Nmus 3)ourual 1 14-1 East In.liana Avenue ' ' ' i 1 I ' UONE 41!1-J An in.lepend. ' ut. Iiunie owned, eoinplete .laily that lilK every rei|uireinent of read- [ Satisfaction Guaranteed .■rs and ad erlis,-rs in X ' olnsia County. De Land Bureau 1 Used Furniture for Sale " . luiliana . venue 1 Pleases Us to Seri ' e Yoii. ( ' . . 1. Uei ' icr .1. 1,. Dallon THE COURT HOUSE 1 TOUCHTON DRUG CO. PHARMACY 1 7 ' Ae Hi.nill Store W. Indiana . venue lu ar tlie ( ourt Iloiise ' lllE I ' LACK W ' llEltE STI ' IIENI ' S ] ] S. lilvd. and V. N ' ew Y.irU Avenue (; AT 11 EI! 1- ' (IU j Drinks, Lunch and Fun 1 I ' ik.m; 71 1)K Lanm, Fi.a. Kay .lohn-on Sid. Siniileton j ( 1 1 KKKVK HOWAKl) i ( WRIGHT KLKCrKlC CO. 1 s ' lATiDM ' .nv. airrs m ikxhxx (iKM-ntM. i:i.i:cri!ic Xew L.icaliiin: HI.-, W . In.lJMna , .nue Xoiii ' ii Hori.EVAiti) 1 B A R R ' S ! vol. I .SIA I ' llAKMAC [ ) , ' )■ aoons. o7 o ,v ANN iiosiinn ' si:i; icr: wirii a smii.i-: rii.,ne HIS 1 1 IS N ' . lidll.EVAlill De l.AMi l ' ' i. iniiiA l I ' a i;,- 1)4 D E Q U A C y In the production of fine j books, or for that matter, I fine printing of any sort there must be an adequacy Offiics and Store O I Understanding and experience to plan and inter- pret «Of workers who have mastered their crafts « Of materials of the bestquality«And of modern equipment and exact skill in its direction. « « « These sales and service offices and this manu- facturing plant are evidences of an inflexible rule that adequacy must be maintained at « « « FOOTE DAVIES COMPANY ATLANTA PRODUCERS OF FINE ANNUALS BOOKLETS CATALOGS GEORGIA Manufacturing; Plant Thi Barnett National Bank " A Florida Landmark " Hull, Landis and Whitehair ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELLORS AT LAW De Land, Florida Piciifiii tn ill All State a ml Vcdcral Courts ARTHUR LANE AGENCY, Inc. Insurance : Real Estate Surety Bonds , WixmUmihI Uniili ' v nd : I ' liniii ' :. 1 5 Olilcsl liisiiiam-i. AfifMcy in iilu ia ( .iiiiilw Estiihlislied 1.SS2. ' THE I STAFF OF THE HATTER j llcppcs llKit V.MI live |llcMSC(l Nvitll tllc IC- | iill of c ' ni rt t,, LMTciiiu- niiuiy dli- t -t:i(lc mtkI inddui-c IliU l.nnl . ( nw to ( t lolin 1!. Sii ' t on 1 iiiMTsjiy next yi-ar I anil lirin;: your fi ' icnils. | Page ' J7

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