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r JQ i Gift of Editor iax Staff U 3 CI his book must not be taken from e Library building. So Haute ®. 5 tnnn A man mho hears the finest qualities thai an Alma fflater roulb lonk for in a trur son. His life is full of surh rxemularu. arhiriie- meuts. the latest being appointed to position of (Chief -Uustire of Supreme (Court anb that of IFeberal -Dubge. that true inspiration is beriueb from a stttbu, of it. His ibrals are our ibeals. anb uu the Ifuniur (Class of 1931. affertinnateltj bebirate this uolume of dbe Hatter to him. ov Wv, tlir Annual g taff of 1931, iiaur rnorauorrd to Iraur an tntox of tlir many happu, mrmorirs ano jogniiB rrrollrrtions of tlir past tlirrr ijrara. 3Ir liop? tliat in tlir fitturr tlirsr pagra will or a aonrrr of joy ano inspiration to gnu, ano that yon man. feel again tlir spirit of onr orar Alma illatrr. 3J. 1. S . 1. fHra. 31. IB. Gkppn. £ ponaor for Editor iHiiis Utryima Jlrrh. $pati0ar fur iUusitiras JHanagre Nena Srllr (Srrrn Efiitnr-itt-(£l|trf Sam S. Hiuurll iBusturBB fHaiiayrr Administration Message from President Hulley A LIBERAL education is more to be desired than gold. To have it is to have a priceless possession. There is nothing in the whole world to compare with it. An education means the drawing out, and the developing, of the powers and gifts bestowed upon us by our Creator. It is called liberal, because the word means to free. Hence, a liberal educa- tion is one that sets us free. It sets us free from ignorance, superstition, fear, vice, wicked impulses, vain conceits and many other things. A liberal education introduces us to a new world. It inducts into us a kingdom of truth and light and life. The kingdom of God is within us. It has neither latitude nor longitude, but is of the spirit. Poverty and wealth are to be measured not by earthly possessions, such as stocks and bonds, but by spiritual attainments and possessions of the soul. Education puts us in possession of the elaborated experiences of the race. This it does quickly. Up the slopes of learning men of the ages have climbed by slow- degrees. We obtain the records without the sweat they had. Education brings Plato to our study, Phidias to adorn our homes with art, Aristotle to commune with us about science. Homer to sing to us, Paul to preach to us, Jesus to love us and save us. Year after year the procession of students passes through the classrooms at Stetson. They are imbued with the spirit of study, work, and self-sacrifice, and go out to minister to others. Eew of the Stetson men and women have failed. They cannot fail, if they earn out the teaching given to them. The students who have gotten up this book will soon be gone, but they are leaving good records and standards for others, and I am very proud of them and of our alumni scattered all over the state. — Lincoln Hulley. Dr. Lincoln H l i i i President n Stiisdn I niversity Charles S. Farriss ice-President .Mrs. Curtis Lowry ) (in a! If omen C. Prentice Carson Dm n of School Ci ifford Rosa Olga Ruth Bom i n Bursar Registrar HOARD OF TRUSTEES foHN B. Stetson, |r., D.C.L., President Philadelphia, Pa. H. B. Stevens, Vice-President Del. and. Fla. Prank R. Osborne, Secretary Del. an. i. I i. Lincoln Hulley, Ph.D., Treasurer DeLand, Fla. Frederick P. Beaver Dayton, Ohm Frank Bentley Tampa. Fla. Rev. C. M. Brittain, D.D Jacksonville 1 Doyle E. Carlton, LL.D., Governor of Florida .... Tallahassee, Fla. Fred N. Conrad Daytona Beach, Fla. Rev. Claude W. Duke, D.D Tampa, Fla. John I.. Edwards Ocala, Fla. D. U. Fletcher, U. S. Senator Washington, D. C Rev. W. A. Hobson, D.D. St. Petersburg, Fla. Robert Shailor Holmes, Litt.D Daytona Beach, Fla. E. L. Hon Daytona, Fla. S. V. Hough Tallahassee, Fla. S. Bryan [ennings Jacksonville, Fla. Rev. W. L. C. Mahon, D.D Jacksonville, Fla. I !i rd L. Mkki.i: Del. ami. Fla. O. K. Reaves Tampa. Fla. G. Henry Stetson San Fernando Calif. |ohn B. Stetson, 111 Cambridge, Mass. Rev. J. L. White, D.D Miami. Fla. S. A. Wood Washington, D. C. The Faculty Liberal Arts £S G. P. Carson, A.B., LL.D. l, ' d» ond Professor History and Political Science Mary E. Lower y, A.M., Ph.B. Instructor in English ). P. Seward, Ph.D., A.B., LL.B. Professor of Modem Languages H. L. Taylor, Ph.D., B.D., A.B. Professor of Philosophy C. B. Vance, M.S., B.S. Professor of Mathematics C. A. Fisher, Ph.D., A. B. Professor of Business Administration Marion Coutts, A. P.. Instructor in Secretarial Work Anne Kanner Assistant in Physical Education Harry S. Winters, A.B. Instructor in English L. B. Grice, A.B., B.D. Associate Professor of Bible Anne Holden, Ph.B.. A.M. Instructor in Languages C. M. Lowry, MX, B.S. Professor of Engineering Isabel Remson, A. B. Assistant in IP E. Julia Hale Assistant in Physical Education W. S. CiiikUis. Ph.D., A.M., A.B. Professor of English C. S. Farriss, A.B., D.D.. LL.D. Professor of . Indent Languages B. F. Ezell, Ph.D., A.B. Professor of Psychology and Education R. E. Clakk, PhD., A.B. Professor and Librarian R. I. Allen, M.S.. B.S. Associate Professor of Engineering and Physics R. J. Miller. Ph.D., M.S., B.S. Professor of Biology Nina Strong, B.S. Assistant in H. E. Miriam YYayt Assistant in Physical Education The Faculty Law Jennis W. Futch . Issistant Professor 0 Law B.A., Yale University, [913; LL.B., Yale University. K115 : Graduate Work in De- partment of Education, Yale University. Francis Alson Hammond Law Librarian Admitted t practice law in both State and Federal Courts in the State of Massa- chusetts. Active practice there for twelve years. Jacob Amos Carpenter Issoi iate Pi 0 1 ssor of Law B.S., Kingswoml College, 1911; LL.R., Stetson I ' nivcr-ity, 1918. Ll IS H I RNDON Tribble Professor of Lazv and Pain of College Law L.L.M.. Yale University, 1926; VI ' .. Columbia College, [912; LL.B., Stetson University, mi 5. Four months graduate work in France, igig. Maui. on Spensor McGregor Instructor in ;; ' A.I ' .., Cumberland University, [916; Grad- uate Study in Columbia University, [920- K)_ ' j. Municipal Judge of DeLand, [926. John JOSEPH KjNDRED Profi M.D., University of Louisville, 1889; LL.B.. Stetson University, 10m; Honorary Graduate Student in Mental Disease, Uni- versitj of Scotland, 1891. The Faculty Dra natics [rving C. Stover Professor in Public Speaking M.O., B.O., Susquehanna University ; Litt.D., Stetson University; draduate of Kings ' School of Oratory in 1902; Advanced Study in Expression and Dramatics at Emerson College of Oratory and Columbia School of Expression; Director of Outdoor Presentations of Shakespearean Plays at Winona Lake, Indiana Chautauqua During the Past Ten Seasons ; Member of Drama League of America, and National President of Theta Alpha Phi, National Honorary Dramatic Fraternity. Marie Pedigo Assistant Instructor in Public Speaking A.B., Stetson University, [928; Instructor in Expression ; Student at Bush Conserva- tory of Music and Dramatic Art, Chicago. Illinois. The Faculty Music Pall R. Geddes Professor in Voice Studied Piano, Organ ;m I Voice in Toledo, Ohio; Studied Voice for Two Years Under Perry Averell. New York City; Studied Voice for Five Years in Florence, li.ilw Under Isidoro Braggiatti and Fran- cesco Cortisi. Francis .M. Mahoney Instructor in Public School Music M.B., Stetson, 1025; Studied Voice With Madame Rowland. Rosa Lee Gaut Instructor of Music MR. Universitj of Illinois; Studied Piano with Louise Krutsch, Knoxville. William Edward Duckwitz Director Music Department M.B., Bucknell University; Graduate Chicago Musical College, [900; Studied Under Marlin Krause and Richard Hof- mann, Leipzig and Herman Khun. Munich, Germany. Ethel M. Fisher Instructor in Piano Studied Piano Theory and Harmonj al the Metropolitan School of Music. Indian- apolis, Indiana; Graduate of the Progressive Si ries Piano Normal Course. Roswell S. B I CI IN 1:1.1. Professor of Wind Insh mi Eva Baker Wei ch Instructor in Organ M.B., Posl Graduate Work Brenau Con- servatory; Studied Organ at Chautauqua, Rossi k G. Allen Instructor Stringed Instruments FACULTY CARSON % BOWEN 4 MCGREGOR 1 HAMMOND MRS. CARSON X» PEDiGO COUTT5 STRONG CARPENTER Student Body Officers L ' h ri ii Booth President !liz HLTII Willi ELM Secretary M i ■ ri i, Olse n u , President Hi i n I • i (.1 ss i . isurei Postgraduates Harriet Kennedy William Pixley El.OISE LlGHTFOOT A.B. A.B. A.B. Brooklyn, N. Y. DeLand, Fla. Miami, Fla. Louise Ellis Nina Strong Isabel Remsen A.B. B.S. A.B. Candidate for B.M. Chautauqua, N. . Brooklyn, N. Y. DeLand, Fla. a a A AAA G ladys Marian Alrich A.B. Glenwood, Fla. nttnra Charles E. Booth Daytona, b lorida I.1..R. DEGREE II K ; (-) A I ; Orchestra, " 27, ' 28, ' - ' ; Business Manager Orchestra, ' _ ;, ' 28; Band, ' 28, ' 29; Football, ' 27, ' 28; Treasurer Theta Alpha Phi. ' 30, ' 31 ; President Bible Class. ' 31 ; President Student Body, ' 31 ; Voted Most Popular Boy in School, ' 30; Voted Must Dramatic Boy in School, ' 31. ■ ' . » Actor! We can tell. In character parts does he excell; 1 or young eon Charlie be We often wonder just Which face is he. " Gilvert Vincent Betschick West Palm Beach, Florida b.s. degri 1 1 1 K Archon Pi Kappa Phi, ' 30, ' 31; Chaplain Pi Kappa Phi, ' - ' ' I. ' 30; F. V D. Club, ' 29, ' 30. " ' Gil ' s ' got the style and the wardrobe that few evci reach, We sometimes wonder if sweaters in I ' alm Beach. " Mrs. Rosie C. Ai ii Del. and, Florida A.M. DEGRI I 2 A ; ' I ' li Instructor Stringed Instruments; Celloist in Symphony Orchestra; Composer Numer- ous Musical Scores. " . eomposer of music is she. bid OCtil ' e in her fraternity. We ' re glad she COtnes to US this year. For she has brought I s all good 1 heei Isaac Hewins Bruce Garrettsville, Ohio B.S. DEGREE Ki; ®A$ Football, ' 28, ' 29 ; Torch and Scroll, ' 30, ' 31, Treasurer, ' 31 ; Business Manager Theta Alpha Phi, ' 31 : Business Manager Hatter, ' 30, " Isaac has a car we all admire. And lot ' s of frat pins Thai girls acquire. " William Ward Brunner Duke Center, Pennsylvania B.S. DEGREE There once was a fellow named Brunner, Of him there is many a rumor — He ne ' er will be late, For at any rate ' His airplane will get there much sooner. " Wallace Wesley Canfield East Canaan, Connecticut B.S. DEGREE " God gave us all a talent. So He made Wesley an electrician. " Ethelyn Dorm Winter Park. Florida B.S. DEGREE HB ; HK5 Senior Representative Student Council, ' 30; Annual Staff. ' 31; Sponsor Homecom- ing Game, ' 31; House President Stetson Hall, ' 31. " Her Pepsodent smile Has caught a sale — And ' Shorty ' Ives is on her trail. " Betty Dm glass Augusta, Georgia B.S. DICK I i 1 1 li 30. Treasurer Phi Beta Phi, ' 31 Student Body, ' ,51 : rlee ( ' lub, " To a cup of frankness . In J a cup of 1 heer Season well with friendliness — Delicious, ' cause she ' s dear. " Treasurer HORACE J. Culbertson Leivistown, Pennsylvania Treasurer Delta Sigma Phi, ' 29; Vice President I elta Sigma Phi, ' 50 : Freshman Football; Glee Club, ' - ;. ' 28, ' 29. of manner And ,1 gracious way, Just the type of fellow You ' d like to meet each day. " Cecil Wilbur Grant Daytona Beach. Florida LL.B. DEGREE n K ; i A A Vice-President Alpha Delta, ' 31 ; F. A. D. Club; Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 29, ' 30; Hatter Staff, ' 30, Circulation Manager, ' 28, ' 29. " Up and down the street he goes In his little Ford Coupe — ll ' e wonder will he try his luck On the Beach some day. " Edward Stanley Ferguson DeLand, Florida B.S. DEGREE n K Mercer University, ' 28, ' 29; Treasurer Junior Class, ' 29, ' 30; Secretary Pi Kappa Phi. ' 29, ' 30: Fraternity Basket-ball, ' 29, ' 30, ' 31. " What e ' er he did zuas Pour with so much rase, In him alone ' twas Natural to please. " Mabel Ellis Miami. Florida B.S. DEGREE riK2 ■Mabel is a quiet girl And one we all adore. She and her roommate get aloi, He guess she doesn ' t snore. " .Margaret Ellen Gilbert Orange City. Florida B.S. DEGREE II K 2 " Quiet as a mouse Busy as a bee, Whatever you may ask of her, She ' ll never disagree. " Josephine M. Hill Athens. Ohio A.B. DEGREE AHA; II KS University of Miami. " Quiet, agreeable, sweet and There ' s none better at tenuis Zero D. Giles Umatilla, Florida I.I..B. DEGREE iN;HK;2N$; M Glee Club, ' - ' 7. ' 28, ' 29; Orchestra, ' 27, ' 28, ' - ' u ; University Quartette, ' - ' 7. ' 28 I Southern College, ' 26. " ' Zip ' s ' motto is ' wine, women, and song, ' But even at that for a Tri Deli he ' s strong. " Donald J. Hillman Meadville , Pen n sylvan ia B.S. DEGREE K " Sparkling brown eyes Not imisy one bit But when you get him started He ' s plenty of wit. " Samuel Boyce Howell Ocala, Florida B.S. DEGREE n K$ Southern College, ' 28; Duke University, ' 27, ' 28; Business Manager Hatter, ' 31, " Here ' s to our business manager true We all take off our hats to you .1 ' hello there ' in your business way 1 las made us like you more each dux. " Willie Mae Hamilton Newberry, Florida B.M. DEGREE B; IIK2 Clarinet in Orchestra, ' 29, ' 30; Florida State College for Women, ' 28, ' 29. " Up and down the seales she goes lu her sernades — We ' d be lost without Willie Mae. For she the harmony aids. " Halbert S. Ives Lake City, Florida LL.B. DEGREE " He ' s a Unit- way about him I luit is very, very dear . I pleasant way that makes Folks glad to have him n Herbert Carl Johnson Gary, Indiana B.S. DEGREE II K I ; II I ' M Football, ' 30; Assistant Basket-ball 1 oach ' .?[ : Varsity Club; Sport Editor Hatter, ' 29. " J mighty tine fellow -Is ' Doc ' he ' s better known But somehow he doesn ' t seem the same Since his I ' i Phi girl has Wilna May Jennings Middleburg, Florida a.b. degree fib V. W. C. A., ' 28, ' 29; Football Sponsor, 29. ' Wilna hns a good word For every one she ' s met ll ' e siiv lhal she ' s i good sport, " One of lite best yet. " Earl Alfred Jenkinson Sheldon. Iowa LL.B. DEGREE 1 1 K J ; A A Football, ' - ' 8. ' 29: Basket-ball, ' 28, ' 29; Basket-ball Captain, ' 29 ; Archon Pi Kappa Phi, ' 30; Member Student Body Executive Council, ' 31. " Why is DeLand Hall Always on his mind? We knozv if you investigate, There his girl you ' ll And. " William Charles Kaleel, Ph.B. Torrington, Connecticut LL.B. DEGREE A2 Football, ' 27. -j8: Basket-ball. ' 2;. Baseball, ' 27, ' 28. " Goes with a Kappa Alpha Theta, Drives a roadster too. Fczo people are so lucky I ' m telling you. " Anne Helen Kanner Sanford, Florida ' Small of statue And large of heart — But tehen it comes to dancing She does her part. " Wesley Charles Larson Brooks on. Pennsylvania B.S. DEGREE A2 Football, ' 26, ' 27, ' 28, ' 30; Basket-ball, ' 26, ' 27; Baseball, ' 26, ' -»;. ' 28, ' 30; House Man- ager Krucible Klub, ' - ' 6, ' _ ;. ' 28, Secretary ' 28; Track Team, ' 26, ' -7, ' 28; Diamond Ball Team, ' 27, ' 28. " 7 V(f m Mv 31 every one For he ' s surely lots of fun — In football he ' s a shark And in this world he ' ll make his murk. " (_ ' n ri is Adams Li ckii DeLand, Florida 1.I..B. DEGREE A5 ; AA;®A ; SH Secretary Phi Alpha Delta; President Theta Alpha Phi; Clerk Moot Court; Foot- ball, ' 27. " Lucky in love and name you see. That ' s where he has it on you and me. " Sadye Saunders Langston Lake Wales, Florida B.S. DEGR] 1 AAA Y. W. C. A., ' 30; Secretarj of Senior (lav-, ' 30; Recording Secretary of Delta Delta Delta, ' 30 ; Southern College, ' -7. ' 28. " Sadye is a fickle girl Or so we have been told, She loved two men ivithin ten days- How rery. eery bold. " Virgii. Hubei. Lemley Miami. Florida B.M. DEGREE Oxford Fellowship; Glee Club, 3°- " Lemley plays the organ With vigor, nerve and vim, In fact he ' s quite and Orchestra, I ' m sure you all know him. •Oh Pshaw. ' " William Lewis Mux Shadyside, Ohio LL.B. DEGREE A i i ; A t ; f A A Football, ' 27, ' 28, ' 29, Captain, ' 29: Bas- ket-ball, ' 27, ' 28, ' 29, Captain Freshman, ' 26 ; Assistant Coach Football, ' 30 : Letter- men ' s Club, ' 27, ' 28, ' 29 : Secretary Phi Alpha Delta, ' 28, Vice-President, ' 28, Pre-i- dent, ' 30. " Bill excels in all the sports, He ' s there at every game: Besides being head of the Athletics, lie ' s way ivith women that ' s famed. " M R(, ri: 1 Mitchell Coleman, Florida A.B. DEGREE A g A ; © A Pan-Hellenic Vice-President, " 31 : Feature Section Hatter, ' 30: (Most Beautiful); V. W. C. A. Member, ' 27, ' 28, ' 29. ' 30, ' 31. " Margaret is a beauty Who ' s not at all vain, When she figures There is a big gain. " Daniel Robert Montgomery Hazleton, Pennsylvania U.S. DEGREE II K Ohio State University; House Manager of Pi Kappa Plii, ' 27, ' 28, Secretary, ' 27. " 28, ' 29, ' 30; Historian, ' 30, ' 31 : Drum Major of Stetson Band, ' 28, ' 29; Manager of Stet- son Band, " 28, ' 29, ' 30; Inter-Mural Basket- ball, ' 29, ' 30. " Cheerful . active, yet reserved, That ' s ' Bob. ' " Nat ( VKellei , H.S. Jacksonville. • lorida LL.B. DEGREE A 2. t ; (-) A J ; I A A Basket-ball, ' 28; Football, ' 24, ' 25, ' 26, ' 27. " Were all the world a stage, Then every girl mould plan To be his leading lady, Were he the leading man. " Merle Grant Olson Duluth, Minnesota LL.B. DEGREE S N ; 2: N 1 1 Vice President of Student Body, ' 30, ' 31 Chairman of Executive Council, ' 30, ' 31. " We ' ll call him quite a Combination Of clever cracks end education — . brilliant lawyer he will be Just marl- my word, You wait and see. " A.B.. Delphine D. Rasco Tucson. Arizona LL.B DEGREE AX; I A A ; A $ University of Arizona. ' Out from the state where ' Men Our Delphine hails — With that ami Stetson to back We ' re sure he ' ll nez ' er fail. " Met rry Lee Richardson Alt. Sterling, Kentucky B.S. DEGREE n ki Secretary Krucible Kluh, ' 30, Vice-Presi- dent, ' 31 ' . " Jolly and sensible. Short anil bright. Never extreme. But always just right Vera E. Strollo Miami. Florida a.b. degree 1 B; IE K 5 Member of Symphony Orchestra, ' 27, ' 28, ' _ . ' 30, ' 31; Soloist, ' 27, ' 28, ' 29; Member of String Quartette, ' 27, ' 28, ' 29; V. W. C. : Corresponding Secretary Phi Beta, ' 28; Keeper of Archives of Pi Kappa Sigma, ' 30; Basket-ball, ' 27, ' 28. " t ' ern Strollo knows just the way To coax that violin and make it play " Row IN Detroit a Salton . Michigan Fr VNCl S II I .tint iZEl Si . ' or,, 1 1.1 ik ia A.B. DEGREE n i A.B. 1 II IEGR1 1 K . 6 G i . .1 . h ind S I; " i W. C in i Ri poi iii mnor Essaj " Over her Rowena Is this g . .? ,■ us croll, ' 30, ' 31 ; Orchestra, ' 30, A.. ' 28, ' - " !. ' 30, ' 3] . l " " l . ' 31 ; I- i rst Place in Thurber ( ' ontest, ' 35. little note book bends her bi irl a reporter, i m ' . ' and how. ' " Secretary oi Pi Y. W. A., ' 31. es . omes .iml sits 1 n .III that (In- 1 She always 5ig lllislt second asks her seems to know. " Richard Fri i i RICK S DeLand, Florida rOVER A.B. Dl GR] 1 T( ' 33, ' 28, rch and Scroll, ' 30, ' 31 ; Orchestra, ' 28, ' 29; Krucible (Club, : B 29, ' 30, ' 28. and. ' 28, ' 29, ■31 ; Tennis, " Torch unit Scroll, Inind . Orchestra, and l Now 1 ask you, Just u-hat can ' t 1 ' .■■ hum too- ver iIik ' " Frances Schrier Inilianola. Iowa B..M. DEGREE AAA Simpson College, r, 2, 3; Play Production Class, ' 31. " Twinkling eyes, dancing feet. Small but mighty, quite complete. " Janna Tucker Bradenton, Florida LL.B. DEGREE AAA; } A A Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College, ' 26, ' 27 ; Secretary Student Council, ' 30 ; Cor- responding Secretary, ' o; House President Stetson Hall. ' 30; Y. W. C. A., ' 28, ' 29, ' 30; Executive Council of Student Body, ' 29, ' 30. " Janna is reliable. To Tri Pelt she ' s true. Just another reason why Our faith is placed in you. " Thomas Carrol Welshinger Duluth, Minnesota b.s. degree n K4 Football, ' 28. ' 29, ' 30: Basket-ball, ' 28, ' 29, ' 30, Captain, ' 29; President Senior Class, ' 31 ; Freshman Coach, ' 31 ; Pi Kappa Phi Arclion, ' 30. " From ' sleepy town ' Minnesota ( ur ' Spike ' was sent. We are uo-,c introducing The Senior President. " Willie Dee Wid i Jacksonville, I lorida A.B. DEGREE AHA; S M ; (-) A I President Student Government, ' 31 ; Class Treasurer, ' 31; Alpha Xi Delta Secretary, ' -• i, Vice-President, ' .10, ' 31 ; Torch and Scroll, ' .in, ' 31, Vice-President, ' 31; Theta l|iha Phi Secret ary, ' . i ; Phi Beta Secre- tary, ' _■(). Treasurer, ' 30; President Fresh- man Commission, ' 28; Y. W, V : Y. V. V Treasurer, ' 29, Secretary, ' 30; Plaj Production Clas ; Representative to Student Government Convention in Greensboro, X. I , ' 30; Expression Certificate, ' .ii : Popular itv Election, ' 31; (Most Representative Girl). " Willie Dee is a dramatic star II lion, we all enjoy. Brilliantly she acts her pari. Whether girl or hoy. " I-.ll HI III W ' ll HELM St. Petersburg, I lorida B.S. DEGREE II li l Y. W. ( ' . A. ' 28, ' 29; Sponsoi rlome coming Game, ' 29, ' 30; Vice-Presideni Jun- ior (. ' l.i , ' in 11 , President Senior Class, ' 3] . Vice-President Pi Beta Phi, ' .ii : Secre- tary Pan-Hellenic, ' 31 ; Pan-Hellenic Repre- sentative, ' 30; Secretary Student Body, ' 31. " ' .- , int. I ' igor, ami I ' itality, She ' s thai thing called ' personality. ' " Blanche Shirley Welshinger D ninth. Minnesota B.S. DEGREE AAA " line ' s to flu- girl who Can dance and recite. I ' ll say we ' ve all missed Her at Stetson Hall eaeh night. " II, dward Sidney Warner Orange City. Honda B.S. DEGREE $2 H Tin Lif c ' s vorld ' s no better if we Wi no longer if we hurry. " dlimtDra Junior Officers Gladys Powell President MlLNER BRITTAIN ice-President w Belle Green Seeretttry Hetty Brannon Treasurer Betty Brannon II B ' l ' Miami, Fla. Mil. MR BRI II IN A ' i 1 J,ii ksonville, h In. I m i. Brooks il K I ' m m in .M nun , I ' rnn. Vn ii wi I.. Brown DeLand, Fla. M VRG RI I Bk rVE Clermont, I In. Byron Cull II K I Owenton, Ay. M rc. ri.i Caelho Highland, N. Y. George Cheeni 2 x Cincinnati, Ohio Leneta Cox . X E Hastings, Fla. M i Daniels Moore Haven. Fla. Saidke Bowling St Petersburg, Fla. Oldrich Dolney 2 N Struthers. Ohio Marie Diaz 2 A Tampa, Fla. Mada Fraser ( LAW ) 5 A S Lake Wales, Fla Nena Belle Green nB$ St. Petersburg, Fla. Margaret Gibbs 2 A DeLand, Fla. William Gautier UK St. Petersburg, Fla. Marie Hershev Titusville, Fla- Alfreda Helseth z x i: ero Beach, Fla. Fr wl ' ks Hi n i i R AHA Jasper, Fla. REDGNALD Hammond II K Lake ( ' , ' ;■; ' ( . . } . Julia Hale Spartanburg, S. C. Carolyn Martin AAA Bartow, I In. CORINA M RI IN AAA Mel bo ur lie. Ha. Kathryn McKennev I lust inns. Illl. WlNFIELD MOSLEY A 2 Tavares, Fla. Ruth Osgood AHA Duxbury, Muss. Margaret Ogden AAA Madisonville, Ky. Gladys Powell ZXE Orlando, Fla. Pauline Sowers AHA Miami. Fla. Eleanor Spofford S A Miami. Fla. M vrtha Ann Smith AAA Tulsa. Okla. Faustine Town AAA Charlotte. Mich. R Y Ulmer n k $ Palm Harbor. Fla. Donna Van Dyne II B Trow Penn. Christine Wiebe ZXE St. Petersburg, Fla. " ■- npliontnrrfi Sophomore Officers Gerald Barker President Mary Battle Vice-President Betty Foard Secretary ISEPHINE AYRES Miami, I- In. Ger vld H rki.r II K I Whitehall, N. Y. M m H iri.i. AHA Sorrento, Fla. Louise Beasley II B ' I ' Hartsville, S. C. M m Blow i rs Ocala, Via. H. Rlssel Brown DcVaml. Fla. M r Lot ise Brown AAA Lake City. Via. Addie Cartledge ITB Cri m i at City, Via. William B. Cocke, Jr. Stony (In i k. la. i vlie Cm m: II H ' l- I Vial call. Fla. 1. cm.w M. Ckissi A ?• i Avon, III. Carmon E. Don i dson Titusville, Via. M KY H KKIS I II I II H-l V), Valid. Via. Wallace Foard ( LAW) A2 DeLand. Fla. Betty Foard DeLand, Fla. Wallace Fields (law) 2 N Lexington, K . Frances Hildreth AHA New Smyrna, Fla. Ruth Hale AHA New Smyrna, Fla. Judson A. Hasseltine n k Miami Fla. Hazel Hook AHA Ho m est cad. Fla Dorothy Hodil Sebrinv, tin. Jane Anne Horning Lake Helen, Fla. Catherine S. Howarth DeLand, Fla. Esther Hughey Z X E San) ord. Fla. Ena Hurley IF inter Garden. Ha Roderick (). Jones site Bradenton, Fla. Page SS A] I ' ll III) J U «)l!S(i Fort I ' n ra . I ' hi. V KENN ARD i A l Jacksonville, I In. Lois Kramer AAA Lake Wales, Fla. ( il ORG] LlNDNJ R A i l Ocala, Fla. Hi in Lybass AAA I a in pa. Fla. H.AROI l M RI l II l l Swampscott, Muss. Hi: ITRICE Ml RKIHII I R St. Petersburg, Fla. Virgin] M icKenzii AHA Tampa, Fla. Loi im McGinnis II B LaGrange, III. Chari.ks Osborne (law) li K i I until In. Fla Dorothy Seweli i A -I ' DeLand, Fin. Chandler H. Sh k 1 1 K I Sanford, Fin. ; I ll SlMONSON AHA Quincy, III. Marie Smith n b Miami, Fla. Osborne Stacey 2. X DeLand, Fla. M rv Stewart n B ) ninth. Minn. Queechv Stewart AHA Orlando, Fla. Marjorie Sweeting Miami, Fla. Dorothy Treadwell A = A Lake Helen. Fla. Winifred Tumblin i A Tampa, Ha. Raymond Ware Mayrj, Fla. Virginia Watson nB Miami. Fla. WlLMA WlLHELM ITB St. Peters inn;. Fla. Rachel Winn AHA Del ray Beach, Fla. Lois Wright DeLand. Fla. Leftie Zimmerman n K St. Petersburg, Fla. jFrealjmpn Freshman Officers Pete Tatum President Elizabeth Kramer Vice-President Jack Townsend Treasurer Aberdine Johnson Secretary M irg ki i Anderson Pit rson, ' In. Betty Sue Atu ii i. TTB West Palm Beach, Fla. J i Barr Mm mi, Fla. Edw ru Berger DeLand. Fla. Rose Eliz vbj i h Brown AAA DeLand, Fla. AI yr Brown AAA Boulim; Green, Ay. Dunning Bright Sarasota, tin. Edith Blanton AHA Perry, Fla. Bennie Rose Brooks Montezuma, Ga. Jack Brenni A i J Clawson, Mich. Khadra Culpeppj r Geneva, Fla. Idell Carpenter AAA Center Hill, Fla. Virginia Cow art AAA DeLand, Fla. Ele vnor C m eron Sanford, Fla. Helen DuPont M mrtii . I In. Aline Ellis AHA Saguache, Colo. Geraldine Farr r Miami. Fla. Lovette Fields AAA Lexington. I y. H i:i. Ferguson i A DeLand, Fla. J. H. Griffin n K J Bartow, Fla. Dorothy Girdwood Baltimore . Md. Ellen Gustafson iib Green Cove Springs. I ' la. William Hershey A :• F Canton. Ohio Louise Haller Erie, Pen na. Jane Hershey AAA Canton. Ohio Robert Hickey 5 X Charlotte. Mich. Aberdine Johnson A HA St. Petersburg. Fla. Helen Jewett AAA Sioux Falls. S. Dakota Reba Jones AAA Acadia, h la. Lois Johnson Altoona. h la. I.ii vbeth Kramer AAA Lake Wales, Fla. Florence Li cki AHA Monterey, Ala. S i.ii i: M w- Edwards i Vero Beach, Fla. Voncille Mercer AAA DeLand, Fla. W i ter Meyer a %Q Hackensack, N. J. Evelyn M h AAA Minim. Hit. Flora McKay Ocala, Fla. Ritadelle Murphy AHA Lake Worth. Fla. X ' lRGINI NoGGLE A HA Edwardsville, III. Judith ( )rdon i 1 1 miliums. Central-America Jack Phillips N Jacksonville, Fla. I. ol tsi Perciv l AAA Clermont, Fla. Evelyn Parrish AAA DeLand, Fla. Emm v Louise Reidingi r AHA Si bring, Fla. Betty Scarlett II B DeLand, Fla. Hugh Stuart A5$ Stuart. Fla. Helen Seed Z X E Daytona Beach, t la. Ruth eda Stark AHA Tampa. Fla. Goldie Schauberger I ' unta Gorda, Fla. Ch arlene Scott 5 A i Vera Beach. Fla. Anne Smith DeKalb, 111. Donald Talbot A i i Homestead, Fla. Anne Thiot AAA Jacksonville, £ la. Lillian Turnquist DeLand. Fla. Tack Townsend 2 X Lake Wales, Fla. Martha Warren Hartivell, Ga. William Edward Warren South Hill. Fla. Lucii.e Young ZXE Lake City. Fla. Marshall Gordon Mines Miami, Fla. Margaret Zoll AAA Miami, Ila. I- 1 Bill Gautier (lap tain iFnotball Athletic Assistant Coaches Spike Freshman Bill Mox Varsity I wish to express my gratitude to the faculty, the student body and, to the innumerable friends who have made life ' s journey sweeter by their friendship and encouragement. The future of athletics is more in the hands of those who teach it than those who play it. It is of no consequence how many pames are won or lost; how impressive the iithletic position of the institution; hew well the coach is able to teach; he is a failure as a coach if he d ts not exert a positive influence for good on the characters of his players. " For when the Great Scorer comes To write against your name. He writes, not that yon ' icon or lost. But hoic yon played the name. " Coach McQuillan. Robert R. McQuillan Hun Coach Varsity Football Team Back Row Coach McQuillan, Donald Hortan, John Socash, James Clark, Oldrich Dolney, Albert Kish, Fred Hewett, Winfield Mosley, Asst. Coach Bill Mox. Front Row lames Nemic, Harold Schmit, John Urick, Joseph Ruzzo, Bill Gautier, Travis Pitrey, Bus Schebal, Wesley Larson, Kenneth Smith. Sept. 20 . 13 — Stetson 7 Oct. 5 . . . Norman Park Institute — Stetson 38 Oct. 16 . . . Millsaps — Stetson 13 Oct. 20 . . Centenary 9 — Stetson Nov. 1 . . . St. Petersburg Jr. College — Stetson 58 Nov. 7 . . Nov. 22 . 33 — Stetson 0— Stetson 52 Nov. 29 . . Miami — Stetson 19 Points S CORED -Stetson 189 ( Bill) Wild m (! vutier Captain, Guard Ml will regret the passing of Captain Gautier. An athlete, a scholar and a gentleman. His leadership .in the field gave the team the necessarj confidence in carrying out their work with earnestness. An exceptionally tine blocker in running interference, and an impenetrable man on the defense. He has never been out on the sidelines with an injury, no matter him tough the opposition. Oldrich Dolney Quarterback " Oats " has made many an opposing team wonder how he " sails " along so fast Ml the halfbacks want to know the secret of obtaining such accuracy in his passing. While he is not baffling opponents with his own threats he is keeping them baffled with his signal calling Harold Schmidt Tackle This is Beaver ' s last year. In the past two seasons he has made a name for himself that will be long remembered by his opponents, as well as all toot lull tans. His work in the line has been of the verj best, and we regret that he will not he hack next season. WlNFIELD MoSLEY Fullback Mosley can always he depended on to make the tew yards that count when they are most needed. He has a sixth sense that always leads him to the right hole on line bucks, and where the play is coming when he is . in the defense. D()X AID HORTAX Tackle Dolly was one of our main stays in the line. He was a hard charger, a good blocker, and a demon on the defense. Dolly has two more years and the team can be assured of one good tackle for that length of time. Travis (Red) Pitrey Quarterback This fleet-footed sophomore has showed great pos- sibilities. He can carry the ball like a veteran, slipping, slicing, side stepping and twisting at just the right moment. He not only runs the ball, but runs the team, at quarterback, with remarkable clear- headed strategy. Joseph Ruzzo Guard For a fast interference man, Joe is hard to beat. The way he blocked the secondary defensive men was a credit to any guard. On the defense, when a yard was made through his territory, you ma be sure the ball carrier knew how he made it, and it wasn ' t easy. Joe ' s charging and tackling were of the best. Fred Hewitt Halfback Freddy has the possibility of a general utility man, because of bis versatility. He is a good blocker, tackier, line plunger, and pass receiver. Fred has two more years to plav, and with his natural ability and experience he should do big tilings. John SoCASH ( ' . liter Soakie is a wonderful center. His passes to the backs were always accurate and sure. 1 1 i ability t open holes is remarkable, and the linemen could al- ways feel safe when Soakie was backing them up. knowing he would stop the opposing plays on the line of scrimmage. John L ' rick End John is on of the reasons whj no long gains were made around end this season. He is a hard tackier and blocker, a good pas- receiver, and is always cool headed in the play. Bus Sheb i. Halfback Shebal is one of our most valuable backs. His blocking ability was responsible for many of the gains made by the ball carriers last fall. Bus is also a deadly tackier and a good defender against the forward pass. James Cl rk End " Lamb Chops, " although lacking experience, was always giving all he had in the game. Me has shown ability as a pas-, receiver and a g 1 defensive man. Jim i- expected to do lag things in the next two years Alfred Kish Fullback Al has smothered many an ambitious back ' s hopes of making a gain through the line by stopping them before they started. Al can make a weak line look strong if the occasion demands it. Al is also an excellent ground gainer by his pile driving force in line bucking. Kenneth Smith End and Center Red is an accurate ball passer, and is in every play. His ability in a new position was shown when lie was shifted to end. When a good center or end is needed we can always call on Red. " Red " Wesley Larson Guard Red has played his last game for Stetson. He was a valuable man and we regret to see him go. Red was always at the right place at the right time, smearing the opponents ' plays and helping our backs gain ground. James Nimec Guard Jiimuie hails from the Windy City and is as tough as any of his gangster friends. With his broad grin and fighting spirit Jimmie is due a great deal of credit for the success of the last season. ' Hill William Whitman Tackle Bill is one of our best linemen. Although handi- capped by the lack of weight, he was always to be relied upon to make holes for the ball carriers, and plug them up on the defense. Harold Martin End Charlie is one of the best ends that ever donned the Green and White. He was in every play, both on the defense and offense, giving his all for the team. The team suffered a great loss when he was ruled in- eligible, as he was the nucleus for many plays. Carl ( Doc) Johnson Co a 1)1 laskrt-lall Varsity Basket-Ball Team Left to Right Harold Johnson, Bus Shebal, Clark Heftrin, John Socash, Winfield Mosley, Robert Sandals, John Harriman, Kenneth Smith, Robert Morris, John L " rick, James Sweeney. SCHEDULE Stetson 33 — Jacksonville 8 Stetson 45 — Orlando 1(1 Stetson 32 — Freshmen 26 Stetson 35 — Cohen 4-0 Stetson 37 — Georgia State College .... 35 Stetson 37 — Columbus, Ga 30 Stetson 26 — Mercer 30 Stetson 25 — Mercer 32 Stetson 33- Stetson 20- Stetson 39- Stetson 20- Stetson 36- -Cohen .... -Southern -Vero Beach -Ft. Lauderdale -I m ersity ot Mnmi 27 21 15 25 16 Stetson 36 — Howard College IS Stetson 30 — Howard College 29 Stetson 48 — Orlando 20 Stetson 38 — University of Miami IS Stetson 46 — Southern 23 Wo 616 1 3 — Lost 423 Freshman Basket-Bull Team Back Row Carl Geltz, Horace Jonah, Joseph Check, Hill Tomyn, Kempis, Carpenter, Henry Blastic. Front Row Goldie Schauberger, Charles Richardson, Ralph Harper, Martin Londergon Wi Elton, Coach Welshinger. SCHEDULE Stetson 36 — Crescent City Stetson 32 — DeLand Allstars Stetson 26 — Orlando Industrial Stetson 36 — St. Augustine . Stetson 28 — Mt. Verde Stetson 44 — Leesburg Industrial Stetson 26 — Leesburg Industrial Stetson 30 — Daytona Industrial 6 26 3d 24 14 20 32 35 258 1S7 Girls ' Basket-Bail Team Standing Sadie Dowling, Eleanor Spofford, Lois Johnson, Beatrice Merkhoffer, Viola Wellman, Margaret Zoll. A neeling Esther Wellman, Leneta Cox, Margaret Anderson, Jewell Tyndall, Louise Haller. Sitting Mae Daniel, Khadra Culpepper, Geraldine Farrar, Ruth Osgood. In Basket-ball the Sophomores won a default game from the Juniors, but were beaten by the Freshmen. The Juniors rallied, but lost in a good game to the Freshmen who now have the first place. Laurels go to Virginia Cowart Geraldine Farrar, Marjorie Harper, Margaret Anderson, Kathryne Symington, Elizabeth Martin and Margaret Zoll. Coach W u i i ilttunr Sports Boxing Te am Coach Al Kish, Bob Hick Left to Right Carroll Porter, Dolh Dick Wildeson. Hortcn, Elbert Tvner, Boxing is a new sport in Stetson, but one which promises to be very popular. Although there have been no inter-collegiate matches yet, several are planned with the various schools. The boxers have worked hard this season ami by what has been seen of their exhibitions, some first class matches can be anticipated in the near future. Wrestling Team Left to Right Coach Kill Mox, Kill Gautier, John Monti, Joe Pecalunis, Jun Nemic, Bud Plotts, Beaver Schmidt. Much interest has been shown in wrestling since it has been started at Stetson. The matches provided tor the fans, in between halves at the basket-ball games, have been verj interesting and enjoyable. With the hard work of Coach Mox and co-opera- tion of the wrestlers, a first rate team should be produced in the near future. Tennis Team Left to Right Alaifa Fraser, Kathryn McKinney, Eleanor Spofford, Gladys Powell, Alfreda Helseth, Christine Wiehe, Mary Harris Ezell, Dorothy Hodil, Leneta Cox, Ruth Osgood, Betty Foard, Betty Brannon, Mae Daniel, Hetty Spell, Winifred Timblin, Harriet Kennedy. Physical Education for women is new on the campus, with required classes for Freshmen, elective ones for upperclassmen and intramural sports for all. For the all-year sport, tennis holds sway. With the Junior team, composed of Fleanor Spofford and Mae Daniel, taking first place, the Freshman team, with Bernice Fisher and Kathryne Symington second, and the Sophomore team, of Mary Harris Ezell and Betty Foard third. In the singles, Jo Hill represents the Seniors, Eleanor Spofford Juniors, Betty Foard Sophomores, and Bernice Fisher Freshmen. V Social Fraternities Stray Greeks K. (). Jones, i n E Maryland .ll lm Chapter Johns Hopkins I niversitj BALTIMORE, Ml . Ray Di.mi i, K i Beta Beta Chapter University of Richmond RICHMOND, VA. Bud Bruce, k i Gamma A i Chapter Dennison College GRANVILLE, OHIO " Shorty " Ives, K i Delta Delta Chapter University of Florida GAINESVILLE, FLA. Mr. Windsor. K Alpha Phi Chapter Bucknell Universit) lewisburg, pa. Tim Warlow, a t Alpha Omega Chapter University of Florida GAINESVILLE, FLA. Seward T. Salvage, a T i Alpha Pi Chapter Washington and Jefferson WASHINGTON, PA. G. Clark Heffrin, i k i» Pi Beta Chapter Alleghany College MEADVILLE, PA. Don HlLLM VN, ' I ' K l ' Pi Beta Chapter Alleghanj College meadville, pa. Boyd Hildebrand, a Florida Chapter University of Florida GAINESVILLE, FLA. Del I). R vsco, a Arizona (Ampler Arizona University TUCSON, RI . M vrg ri i Brantley, m Rho (Ampler Florida State College for Women I l.l. ll SSI I . FL . Mrs. Vinola Sala Woodward, ZT Theta Chaptei Bethany College bethany, w. va. Louise Hoxie, k © Beta u (Ample r Florida State College for Women t ILL h ssi:i:. FL . K ri. ( iol i i . © X Alpha Delta Chapter Purdue University L FAYET1 E, INIi. LeRo ' i I ' ll i ds. K T Kappa Chapter University of Kentuckj LEXINGTON, lO . Gene Stevi ns, A Georgia Gam ma Chapter Mercer Universit) l WON, GA. Ai. Kish, i E Illinois Delta (Ampler Milliken Universitj DECATUR, ILL. D. L. Sh n on, A T A Chi Chapter Kenj no College (. WIHII R. OHIO |. Sill II K. B K Alpha Lambda (Ampler Universitj of Florida G INi SVII I I . FL . ( lEORGE K RI I . II K Alpha Eta Chapter I niversitj of Florida G IN I SVII I I , FL . fcti. ■Mf m ■i.A ' i Sigma Nu Founded at Virginia Military Institute, January 1, 1869 Delta Mu Chapter Established 1913 Colors: Black, White and Gold Flower: White Rose CHAPTER MEMBERS ; I niii rsitate James H. Sweeny George W. Cheney John Soc.ash Robert Vincent W. Gould John F. Stone Robert Morris Harold Johnson Joseph J. Ruzzo Jack Town send Jack Phillips Robert Hickey Wallace Fields Fred Brassard Merle T. Olson Osborne Stacy Rush A. Sanborn W. Dow Woodward Oldrich A. Dolney Jack Harriman Oscar Zachary Zero Giles Richard Sen dicki.r Pledges Charles Wesley Linton George W. Chi n Oldrich A. Dolney Merle T. Olson W l I ICE Fll I DS Zera Giles Robert 1 1 icki ■ ( )SI 1K I S I NO J VCK I ' llll I [PS I ck Tom m d Delta Sigma Phi Founded at College City of New York, December 10, 1899 Alpha Chi Chapter Established 1898; Founded 1925 Colors: Nile Green and White Flower: White Carnation CHAPTER MEMBERS ; Facilitate Lewis Tribble Nathaniel O ' Kelley Tyrus Norwood Horace Culbertson George Lindner Lachlan Crissey Jack Duren Wallace Foard Wesley Larson Lewis Purvis Milner Brittain Jack Brennan Frank St. Louis Fred Reilley In Unit Pledges Robert Allen Winfield Mosley William Mox Charles Luckii; William Kaleel Kenneth Smith William Hershey Fred Hewitt Hugh Stuart Richard Wilderson Edward Berger Kermit Tyndall Dunning Bright Carol Porter Nat. i i ' Kei i i William Kai EEL WlNFIELD MOSLEY William I [ershey 1 [OR i E CULBERTSO] W M.I.At K FO VRD William Mox I I i i . i i S i i i; I i ri orce Lindner I ' ll VRl I - Lie KIE l.l.u k|i BERGER Lachi Crissev MlLNI l; Til: I )l MM. I ' .KIl.ll I Ja( K Bri NNAN Pi Kappa Phi Founded at The College of Charleston, 1904 Chi Chapter Established 1921 Colors: Gold and White Gilbert Betschick Ray E. Ulmer Charles Osborne Byron Cull Edward Feroi si Lewis Grayes Marvin Garrison- Earl Jenkinson William Gautier Harry Richardson Charles Booth Alonzo Tatum Edward Norfleet William Elton William Jennings Amory Underhill J. T. Smith Jess Mathis Ralph Barnett CHAPTER MEMBERS In Facilitate Prof. Duckwitz In I niversitate Carl H. Johnson Robert Montgomery Fulton McKinney Chandler Sharon Walter Wilcox Albert Woodle judson hasseltine Raymond Ware Pledges Sam Howell D. E. Zimmerman- William Kerch un e Alvin Conley Max Richter James Griffin Henry Elastic In I ' rbe Lawrence Bernard C. P. Tatum William E. Brown- George Clark Paul Farrington Flower: Red Rose Joe H. Fi.eishel Ch rles Robinson Reginald Hammond Carrol Welshinger Cecil Grant Gerald Barker William Duckwitz E. L. Bridges William Davis Lee Scott Donald Horton Travis Pitrey Harold Martin Thomas How le Cii rles Richardson Harry Rhodes C. H. Campbell Clayton Cedrington Major W. G. Lowe Carl H. Johnson, Edward Ferguson, Judson Hasseltine, Byron Cull, Raymond Wari Carrol Welshincer, Robert Montgomery, Charles Osborne, Chandler Sharon, CECI! ( . K X 1 Gilbert Betschick, William Duckwitz, Earl Jenkinson Gerald Barker, II rri Rk h vrdson, R y E. Ulmer, Reginald Hammond, James G I E. Zimmerman, Sam Howell, Charles Booth, William Gai her, Harold Martine Phi Beta Phi Founded at Monmouth College, 1867 Florida Chapter Established January 30, 1913 Colors: Wine and Silver Blue F LOWER: [fine Carnation CHAPTER MEMBERS In Facilitate Annie Nadine Holden Nina Belle Green Elizabeth Wilhelm Natalie Cllxl Marie Smith Betty Sue Atwell Betty Scarlett M vbel Brooks Rebecca Stew vrt Ruby Jackson Mrs. Ray Jorden ; Universitate Betty Douglas Virginia Watson Louise Beasley Pledges Ethelyn Dorm an Betty Brannon W ' lI.MA W ' lLHELM In Urbe Mrs. Helen Rhodes Mrs. Kirk Gunby Dorothy Dutton Ruth Foard Mary Harris Ezell Betty Foard Louise McGinnis Wilna Jennings Ellen Gustofson Mary Stewart Addie Cartledge Mrs. Larry Bernard Virginia Stewart Mrs. Malcom Dykes , _ M u Harris Ezell Louise McGinnis Betty Brannon linn Foard Ethelyn Dorman Donna w Dyne Wilna Jennings Bettv Scarlett Addie Cartledge Louise Beasley Elizabeth Wilhelw Nena Belle Green Natalii Clune Virginia Watson Marie Smith Beth Dougi v- Mary Stewart Beth Sui Vtweli Mabel Br vs Wilma Wilhelw Elli Delta Delta Delta Founded at Boston University Thanksgiving Ev Alpha Delta Founded May 17. 1913 Colors: Silver, Gold and Blue CHAPTER MEMBERS ;; ( niversitate Mary Louise Brown 1888 Flower: Pe, Eaustene Town Carolyx Martin Sadye Langston Elizabeth Lybass Elizabeth Brown Myra Brown Idell Carpenter Virginia Cowart Louise Ellis Lovette Fields Dorothy Fearington Blanche Mercer Mrs. Leo Fugle Mrs. George Clark Lurlayne Mercer Eois Kramer Margaret Ogden Polly Nason Pledges Jane Hershey Helen Jewett Reba Jones Elizabeth Kramer Corina Martin In Urbe Mrs. Paul Booker Mrs. Robert Walters Mrs. R. A. Sanborn Mary Walters Mrs. Gaii.breath Frances Schrier Martha Ann Smith Janna Tucker Shirley Welshinger Evelyn May Voncelle Mercer Evelyn Parish Louise Percival Anne Thiot Margaret Zoll Mrs. Tod Smith Mrs. Tyrus Norwood (Catherine Walters Mrs. Ed. Burton Lois Kramer Margarei Ogden Mary L, Brown Frances Schrier Jani Hershey M. Smith S. Welshinger Virginia Cowari Myra Brown Louisi Ellis Evelyn May V. Mercer Betti Lybass Carolyn Martin Faustine Town Sadyi Langston Janna [ " ucker Louise Percivai Reba Jones Helen Jeweti Elizabeth Brown Margaret Zoll Evelyn Parish i Thiot Lovette Fields Corina Martin Elizabeth Kramer [deli Carpenter Alpha Xi Delta Founded at Lombard College, 1893 Omega Chapter Established May 31, 1917 COLOR: Light and Dark Blue and Gold Olga Bow ex Willie Dee Willian M vrgaret Mitchell Isabel Remsen Mary Battle Edith B la n ton- Virginia Noggle Rutheda Stark Hi l I.AII SlMONSON Mar ' s Reese Royal Mrs. David Tuten Mrs. H. A. Shubiger Mrs. Horace Allen Mrs. Fred Owens CHAPTER MEMBERS ; Facultatt Marie Pedigo ; ( niversitate Rlth Hale Frances Hiidreth Hazel Hook Virginia McKen .ie Rachel Winn Pledges Pal line Sowers Josephine Hill Emma Louise Reidinger In I Wbe Helen McLeod Margaret Quigley Mildred Luckette Mrs. Colin Stout Flower: Pink Rose Mrs. Curtis Lowry Dorothy Treadwell Frances Hunter Queechy Stewart Rlth Osgocd Aline Ellis Ritadelle Murphy Aberdeen Johnson Florence Luckie Mrs. Louis Tribble Mrs. Horase Culbertson M rjorie Stith Mildred Stith Mrs. Charles Tatum Queechy Stewart Ruth Osgood Hazei II Dos i Treadwell Frances Hildreth Kith Hale Mary Battle Margarei Mitcheli I ' m mm Sowers Beulah Simonson Virginia McKenzie Willie D. Willian Isabel Remsen Rachei Winn Frances Hi nter Alini Ellis Edith Blanton Aberdeen Johnson [osephine Hill Virginia Noggle Emma L. Reidinger Rutheda Stark Ritadelle Murphey Florenci I Sigma Alpha Phi Founded at John B. Stetson University, January 11, 1926 Colors: Mulberry Green and (fine Flower: Violet and Ophelia Rose CHAPTER MEMBERS ; I ' niii rsitate Elva Diaz Marie Diaz Nada Fraser Margaret Gibbs Pledges Mrs. Rossie C. Allen- Mildred Carl Sally Mae Edwards Emily Kernard Dorothy Skwell Eleanor Spofford Winifred Tumblin Hazel Ferguson Jane Horning Charlene Scott Marjorie Sweeting Dorothy Seweli Eli noh Spofford Mk-. Rossii ni Salli Mae Edwards Em ii Ki vrd M n Fraser Marie I iw Margaret Gibbs Winifred Ii mblin II ii Ferguson Marjorii Sweeting Jam- Horning Charlene Scott •I Zeta Chi Epsilon An Open-Fraternity Founded at John B. Stetson University, January 12, 1931 Colors: Orchid, Green and Stiver Flower: Orchid Sweet Pea CHAPTER MEMBERS officers Gladys Poweli • • President Esther Wellman Vice-President Harriet Kennedy Secretary Betty Spell Treasurer Lexeta Cox Staff Representative Christine Wiehe . . . Ref. Student Body Conned M EMBERS Helen Seed Viola Wellman Alfreda Helseth Loucille Young Hon ot m ary Ft -a tei nities The Order of Torch and Scroll Hon. irary Scholarship and Leadership Founded January 14, 1926 Colors : Crimson and Old Gold Dr. Charl is S. Karris. Faculty Advisor CHAPTER MEMBERS In Facilitate Dr. Karris ( )lga How en M rii Pi i In { niversitate Dick Stover Willie Dee Wu u El.O ISE LlGHTFOOT Row IN S l ION Bud Bruce Faeni ii. Fei i ( )scar X vch ry Pledges Margaret Gibbs KATHRYNE McKlNNEI Faustene Tow i Mae Daniel James Purcell Ruth ( )sgood Aubrey Martin Him, Brown Nena Belle Gre i n Gladys Pow bi i Page 1 Phi Beta National Professional Fraternity of Music and Dramatic Art Founded at Northwestern University, c 2 Eta Chapter Established December 20. 1912 Colors: Violet and Gold Flower: Ward Rose and Violet CHAPTER MEMBERS In Facilitate Eva Barker Welsh Marie Pedico Mrs. Curtis Lowry Francis Mahoney { niversitate Martha Ann Smith Isabel Remsen Willie Mae Hamilton Vera Strollo Alfhii.d Jacobson Faustene Towne Carolyn Martin Willie Dee Willian Pledges Edith Blanton Elizabeth Kramer Myra Brown Frances Schrier Marie Hershey Christine Wiehe Hazel Hook Margaree Brantley ; ( rbe Mrs. Reed Morrison Mrs. Phillip Buck Mrs. E. F. Adams Mrs. Louis Tribble Mrs. H. Calloy Anna Van Ness Mrs. Malcom Dykes Stella Stauffer Helen Vagel I ' M mini: ToWNE VERA StROLLO Uiiiii- M. II win ion Margaree Brantlei Edith Blanton Martha nn Smith Willie D. Willian Carolyn Martin [sabei Remsen Alfhild Jacobson Marie Hershey Myra Brown Hazel II .. Elizabeth Kramer Christini Wiebi Pi Sigma Phi Woman ' s Professional Fraternity Florida Alpha Chapter Colors: Maroon and Silver Flower: Red Rose CHAPTER MEMBERS In Universitate Nina Strong Saidee Dowling Majorie Sweeting Marie Diaz Rowena Salton Virginia Cowart Margaret Anderson Pledges Lillian Turnqlist Helen Du Point Helen Crenshaw Helen McCloud Id Richardson In Vrbt Evelyn Gailbreath Cynthia McDonald Erma Purvis Patronesses Mrs. Marian Douglass Mrs. Nick lit M nn Diaz S nn-K 1 )uu i [NG M l;i; i;i I in I Rowena Salton is Strong VIRGIN) Cow VRT M irjorie Sv I In i hi Point l.II II w Turnquist Pi Kappa Sigma National Pedagogical Sorority Originated at Michigan State Teacher ' s College, 1S94 Alpha Theta Chapter Established May. 1029 Colors: Turquoise and Gold Flower: Forget-Me-Not and Jonquil CHAPTER MEMBERSHIP In Facilitate Frances Mahoney Faculty . Liz isors Dr. B. F. Ezell In I r niversitate Frani es Mahoney Mary Blowers Mildred Carl Mada Fraser Dorothy Hodil Vi ra Strollo Harriet Kennedy Alfhild Jacobsom Pledges Eloisb Lightf ' Kathryne McKinney Hazel Sellei k Betty Brannon Marcaret Coelho Khadra Culpepper l i (. kf.t Gilbert Nena Belle Green Frances Hinter Virginia Morris 1 tOROTHY SEWELL Henriette Smith Mabel Ellis Josephine Hill Miriam Wayt Virginia Willis Willie Mae Hamilton Flora McKay Evelyn May Ethel ' s n 1 orm an Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity The David Brewer Chapter Installed April 2, L915 CHAPTER MEMBERSHIP Active Members William Lewis Mox Cei ii- Grant (_ ' h VRLES I.i i Ml Earl A. J in kinson Will i m ( I a i tiki; R w E. Ulmer Fredrick Brassard I -, Shuler Charles ( Isu irne Pledgei i i I ' Ki i.i i I low Woodward Tyrus Norwood John Green Charles E. Booi h ( )SC k Z { II u I mi -. Su m n Wall m e Fo ird Theta Alpha Phi Honorary Dramatic Fraternity Florida Alpha Chapter Established December, 1919 CHAPTER MEMBERS In Facilitate Dr. Lincoln Hii.ijv Mr. Lewis Tribble Dr. Charles S. Farriss Dr. Irving Stover Marie Pedigo In ( niversitate Charles Booth Charles Luckie Fred Brassard Lurlayne Mercer Bid Bruce Margaret Mitchell Faenella Fell William Mox Margaret Gibbs N. B. O ' Kelley Frances Hunter Willie Dee Willi ax William Brown Nena Belle Green The feature of the year 1930-31 which most delighted the members of Theta Alpha Phi and those interested in dramatics at Stetson was the opening of the new Assembly Hall, with the staging facilities which it affords. Appropriate effects in scenery, lighting and sound were made possible by more adequate equipment, and the dreams of all Thespians for twenty years were realized. On November 20 and 21, 1930, as a feature of the Homecoming program, the new building was opened to the public, presenting " Apollo and the Muses, " by Dr. Lincoln Hulley, as the first play to grace its boards. On October 10, 1930, the beginning of the school, " The Swan, " was produced by the Stetson players at the University Auditorium. This was followed by " Grumpy, " on October 30. the last play to he given on the old stage. After " Apollo and the Muses " came " Three Wise Fools, " the feature play of the vear. This comedy was presented at the Assembly Hall of the University on January 30, playing a return engagement n February 6, and at the Chautauqua at the Key- ' stone Heights on February 20. Finally, on March 11, the Stetson players entertained the State Convention of the D. A. R. with the same " Three Wise Fools. " A recent drama by Milne, " A Perfect Alibi, " was presented in April, followed by three one-act plays. The Shakespearean play, " The Merchant of Venice, " given at Commencement at an afternoon and evening performance, ended the year ' s program. Theta Alpha Phi has achieved a theatrical season of distinction and success. Charlie Luckie Willie Dee Willian Charlie B a M K(. RK1 1 ilBBS Buo B Margarei Mm him William Mux Frances Hunter Nat O ' Kelley Nena Belle Green The Stetson Players Assembly Hall Ha S ar St. Mary Magdalene J« i (Prgamzatums Student Government OFFICERS Willie Dee Willian President Nena Belle Green Vice-President Janna Tucker Secretary Emily Kernard Treasurer MEMBERS Ethelyn Dorman Senior House President FAE DaNIEI Junior House President MARIE Smith Sophomore House President Elizabeth Kramer Freshman House President Frances Hunter Representative at Large Kathryxe McKlNNEY .... Junior Representative MARY Battle .... Sophomore Representative Reba Jones . . . Freshman Representative Pan- Hellenic ■ Count il OFFICERS Martha Ann Smith President Margaret Mitcheli Vice-President Elizabeth Wilhelm Secretary M d Fraser I ' r » " % MEMBERS i Belle Green Natalie Clunj Winifred Tumblin Faustine Towni Hazel Hook Margaret Mitchell M rth Ann Smith Elizabeth Wilhelmn Mada Fraser SWEETING -isms. M £ KINNEY- pres. DANIEL-vpres DGWLING-sect. COX POWELL EDWARDS TUMBLIN LIBRARIAN CIRCLE LEADED. CIRCLE LEADED. PERSONAL SERVICE CHAIRMAN And they that be ifise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars forever and ever. — Daniel 12 :J. Stetson PI (i vers Orchestra OFFICERS Milner Brittain Director Ruth (Osgood P resident MF.MBERS Milker Brittain Donald Starkweather Vera Strollo Winifred Tumblin Lois Worth Walter Myres Charlie Richardson Donald Talbert Walter Smith Louis Talbot Bill Brown- Gordon Salton John Monti Virginia Chowing Alfred Boatman Ruth Osgood Kathrvne McKinney Mrs. E. B. Welsh Row en a Salton M i Daniel I) i.i s Jon is Elizabeth Jones The Hatter Staff Nena Belle Green Editor-in-Chief Sam B. Howell Business Manager Dunning Bright Advertising Manager Faustene Towne Circulation Manager Leneta Cox Snap-Shot Editor Mada Fraser Feature Editor Bill Gautier Athletic Editor Nina Strong Picture Editor Ruth Osgood Activity Editor Ethelyn Dorman Class Editor •pnyularittj Virginia V a i son Most Beautiful Cirl Earl Jenkinson Most Handsomt Boy W ' ll III I )[ I Wll.l.lAN ■MW Representative Girl Carrol Wei shinger Most Representative Boy Mar ' s B rn i Must Popular Girl ?1 I I J wi i s Sweeny Most Populai Boj Marie Smith Most Intellectual Girl SBORN I S I 0 Most Intellectual Boy l ' R INCES H l NTER Most Dramatic Girl Ch irlie Booth Most Dramatic Bo O BOY!! MAY QUEEN ™ . SPONSORS DELTA . i DELTA JkDELTA Mi I BIRDS OF A FEATHER " iSm mamammmimKgiBmmmm STRAY - GDEtKS a JONES S-TT.E »4w WO0DWAQ.D , Z.T.A ft. GOET2 WAG LOW - AT.ft BHUCE K.I. 9 DENHAM g K.l. I 71 HtLLMAN - HEFFMN IVES KZ. WINOSOR HILOE BRAND AX SALVAGE ATil KbwttiBtmmtB F.QS ' $4 ®Qm4 - $Q4 ® $ $® $ ® f •$ $ $ ' $ $ • r$$ ilhouette Sketi hed at the v by the Setting Sun I Ministerial Students interested in avoiding the dangers of delay and eager to prepare for their largest usefulness in Christ ' s service in a university - type of Seminary, where central location, cosmopoli- tan student body, beautiful campus, world- famous faculty, Christian scholarship, spiritual depth, missi.nary zeal, love of truth, world prestige, etc., may be had at moderate rates, slould write at once to THE SOUTHERN BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY DR. JOHN R. SAMPEY, President LOUISVILLE, : KENTUCKY : 2p? Sx$ Sx£3x8xSx8«SxSk8 $ $ $ $ kO ' A CgVi D?? " CSV " ■ f f students : : TWO GOOD PLACES : j — TO GO — | STETSON AND McCRORY ' S | | i I • " SW McCRORVS 5 10 CENT STORE I b S CoronA TTie Personal Writing Machine The best portable typewriter for home and school use. Sold on Easy Terms The Allen- White Co. De Land Florida I Page i H STETSON OPENS SEPTEMBER 9— ON TIME AND FULL BLAST STETSON UNIVERSITY LINCOLN HULLEY, Ph.D., Litt.D., LL.D., President YOUR BAPTIST SCHOOL Christian Preparation Power, Success 1. The College of Liberal Arts DEPARTMENTS Ancient Languages Modern Languages English Language and Literature Engineering and Physica Biology and Geology Chemistry Mathematics and Astronomy History and Political Science Philosophy and the Bible Psychology and Education Public Speaking and Speech Arts Business Administration The Fine Arts Music, Vocal and Instrumental Physical Education 2. The College of Law Page 14G rsv nf s. t f DeL an r Tlw Athens of Florida " One of the Great Educational Centers « of the South » One of DeLand ' s picturesque s attend the tri-weekly band concerts A Word to Parents: Why not enjoy the com- panionship m your sons and daughters in Stetson University by spending the winter yourself in He Land? Here yen will And con- genial friends, pleasant QOm s, charming residen- tial hotels, churches, i lubs, all kinds of entertainment tor winter visitors, splen- did schools for the younger children. You will find yourself growing young « ith your family in the care free, scenerj city of lie Land For illustrated brochure of De Land write CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. Dept. 15 ;2 j ?x£ Sx8xSxSx8 Page I 17 WHY- «asHi GIRLS- Lfik LEAVE- v HOME- f HOTEL COLLEGE ARMS De Land, Florida A inter Home for Discriminating People BEAUTIFUL LOCATION ELEVATOR, STEAM HEAT j UNEXCELLED GOLF COURSE White Service Throughout Si 2 i Page 149 . ; " ILL ALWAYS BE IN LOVE WITH YOU " " TRULY I OCT m m ■ Lr iH ' ALWAYS SWEETER THAN SWEET " " love: you so much " Jr pl fe« M WE MAKE A PEACH OF A PAIR " MY FATE IS IN YOUR HANDS r V A I H I N T ' YOU DAR.UN ' " SWEETHEART OF HY STUDENT DAYS GRAND " girl of my dreams " got a feeling for you " ST MUST BE LOVE " YOU ' RE THE ONE I CARE FOR ' _ j?4 3 TELL ME NOW THAT YOU LOVE ME " YES SIR, THATS MY BABY ' " THREE UTTLE WORDS ■f6 » s s «xs 3 3xexsxsxsxexs« THE BARNETT NATIONAL BANK " A Florida Landmark " f WATTS HARDWARE AND FURNITURE CO. Thirty-eight Years in De Land HARDWARE :: PLUMBING :: FURNITURE SPORTING GOODS 135-137 N. BOULEVARD PHONE 180 Page 152 tgfc- 31 • ? ' e exs e exs 3xs SH 3 s s 3 r ) . De LAND DREKAS Since 1878 ! FLORIDA THE ' HOME " STORE WHERE STETSONITES WILL FIND EVERYTHING— " TO WEAR. TO EAT, TO USE " G. A. DREKA and CO. to Pauline Sowers: " Oh. look at the poor old man all bent over with rheumatism. " Mosley: " Rheumatism me eye! It ' s Jack coming back from a ride in a rumble seat. " HON AGENCY, Inc. STETSON STUDENTS! MEET AT LOG CABIN N. Boulevard The Home of Good Eats We ' re Here to Serve You. Every college student finds an at- mosphere of friendliness throughout our place. De Land Eustis INSURANCE Licensed Real Estate Broker 220 N. Boulevard PHONE 45 5 De Land Florida Page 153 f K s ? SK 3 e 3 3Kexe » s 3x» 5 r - ?scs STETSON . • ♦ HATS ■ THE " EYES " HAVE IT! Feminine eyes! How quickly they appraise a fellow! Just a flick of the eye and every detail from hat band to toe tip is registered —and the result catalogued. No army officer at Saturday inspection was ever more keenly critical. Most of those appraising glances start with the hat — and happy is the head which wears a Stetson ! Its dignified style; its air of " belonging " ; its tradition of quality, proclaim to the world that here is a man who knows how to choose his hats ' JOHN B. STETSON COMPANY tiality fur fell ornt, silk top luiis. opei n ' s hats for town, travel .i " ,( sporti Pagre i i i t •(p a fr$ mQ $ Q $ S m • ttfgjj laytnna !?arlj Nnus-Slntmtal DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA Every Week-day Evening and Sunday Morning KEEPING VOLUSIA INFORMED Volusians want to know what is going on in the world and particularly in their own county. The News-Journal is a fearlessly independent, home-owned Volusia County publication that completely fills this requirement. Associated Press News of the World: Special correspondents at every im- portant event in Florida, De Land. New Smyrna and at every center in Volusia County, concentrates in one first-class newspaper all facts of general and social interest to all Volusians. Delivered by carrier on routes in Daytona Beach, De Land, New Smyrna and vicinities; by mail elsewhere. The main edition of The News-Journal is available about 5 o ' clock every week-day and on Sunday morning. Subscription Rates for U. S. A. Payable in Advance By Mail or Carrier Route Sunday by Mail 1 Year $8.00 2 Years $5.50 6 Months 4.25 1 Year 3.00 3 Months 2.25 G Months 1.75 1 Month 85 3 Months 1.00 Single Copies, Daily 5c, Sunday 7c. Postage 3c additional. k t % ? Hull, Landis Whitehair Attorneys and Counsellors at Law De Land, Florida Reeve Howard The Store of a Thousand Gifts STETSON Stationery, Pennants, Stickers, Books, Lending Library 146 N. Woodland Boulevard 9 Chaudain Hall ' s Version: One man ' s meat is another man ' s croquette. Practicing in All States and Federal Courts All Stetson Students Eat and Drink at " HILLS " 1100 Main Street Daytona Beach, Florida c y A D E Q U In the production of fine books, or for that matter, fine printing of any sort there must be an adequacy Ol Offices and Stori Understanding and experience to plan and inter- pret « Of workers who have mastered their crafts « Of materials of the best quality « And of modern equipment and exact skill in its direction. « « « These sales and service offices and this manu- facturing plant are evidences of an inflexible rule that adequacy must be maintained at « « « FOOTE DAVIES COMPANY ATLANTA PRODUCERS OF FINE ANNUALS BOOKLETS CATALOGS GEORGIA Manufacturing Plant ■rg j •- M sxsx$xexs sxsxsxsxsxe $xex?x ullje SeUattu mt Nana Ir auu. iflnnua Leading daily newspaper reaching the prosperous farmers, citrus, fern and bulb growers of West Volusia County, residents and tourists of DeLand and students of John B. Stetson University. Published Every Business Afternoon c ? Qba ® ®m ® $$ frfri ' kv :; « cgvs s --so®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®®® ' • K r . COMPLIMENTS OF YOUR FAVORITE THEATRE THE Devoted to Presenting the Best Entertainment for Your Pleasure e £(! a - £ ; SERVICE DRY CLEANERS II E. INDIANA AVENUE DeLAXD. FLORIDA PHONE 419-J CLEANING PRESSING DYEING LADIES ' APPAREL LADIES ' HATS CLEANED LADIES ' GLOVES CLEANED MENS CLOTHES MEN ' S FELT HATS CLEANED MEN ' S CAPS CLEANED We do our own cleaning and finishing in " in own sanitary plant here in DeLand. Si i- Us {limit Our Special Club Prices for Services to University Students. PHONE 4 III ,1 SERVICE DRY CLEANERS ii | ? Arthur Lane Agency, Inc. Insurance Real Estate Surety Bonds N. Woodland Boulevard TEL. 515 Oldest Insurance Agency f in Volusia County Established 1882 ) ( : t i " It Pleases Us to Please You " Touchton Drug Company Successor to Fisher Drug Co. The J Xatl Store PHONE 71 Cor. S. Boulevard and W. New York Avenue De Land Florida Q • Virginia: " And will you love me as much as this when we are married ? " Jenkinson: " How can you doubt me? You know I ' ve always liked married women best. " i I f COMPLIMENTS The PUTNAM Fireproof Strictly Modern 125 Rooms and Baths Assemblies and Banquets EXACTING SERVICE J. M. STITH Home Furnishings — and — Funeral Director Dn Land Florida Night ) Day Phone 56 Sunday 386-J Holiday ) _ty J9„ Page 160 •CSV i-Q 4 ®®®®$ ®®Q $®®®®® 4$fl ;: £ - ZqPz f If 9 I De LAND HOTEL I COMPLIMENTS HARPER ' S CAFETERIA COME AND SEE US y Q Tourists and Commercial De Land : Florida I PHONE 660 STEAM HEATED j Open III ) ear I ■COi i C sS):i f CSV « s ; " ? % STETSON STUDENTS After Swims and Dances i: i AT— WHITE HOUSE CAFE II, Vevei Closi Horn, Cooking at Popular Prices 808 Main St. : Pen. Side ) Daytona Beach, l ' l.i. ' . : % f I CO Ul ' l.l UEXTS— THE TULIP ( ' M E TO S E E US. ' . $ ic(2i -ji . . i e $Kex$xs SKi-. c sS ii THE ADVERTISERS of This Annual Have Supported Us. ' . Let ' s support them by giving them I our patronage. • : SAM B . HOWII I • Business Manager ' . iO» c i9:« «:2 j cOii p ■ , ■ 161 Autographs

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