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. ik M M KOCHAVIAH 1988 fr • . i; 5r ; 8 J ™o W fc£ h jjf : s 22 T2t) vyft) [i; rt? b ns n : r-T n 1 ? j » ,£ pt W ,v? f -.a rvyvo rvtp t)p innj vi rvtsy iW £ nnSs n :rn; iV? rep? f 1 ? rnnt h?p W ? ru? 1 ? ft. ? " j ; ' p s ? , v ? v v nb ?Xriv % Cl ' 0 :UW L ? Jn i i rn i ni Mjriy ; v ' TJB S T £V ' iT rn? w s £ O) l n: r a 83 :l • M pYJ Throughout our four years in Stern College, many people have labeled us as " Stern Girls. " After all, we do go to Stern College for Women. We should consider ourselves lucky young women, since we will all be graduating with an outstanding degree of knowledge. The theme of Aishet Chayil, that we have chosen, is very apropos. Even though we might not realize it at this point, the women of Stern College will emulate many of the women of valor that have been known to us in the past. A few of the women of valor who were outstanding in our eyes were: Sarah Shnerer; the Imahot; Golda Meir; Avital Sharansky and Nechama Leibowitz. Although it might seem abstract to compare the women of Stern College to these women of valor, it is really very tangible. It is our hope that we will be able to apply the knowledge which our Rabbis and teachers have given us to the lives we will lead in the future. We hope that with G-d ' s help, our studies of Kashrut, Taharat Hamishpacha, Psychology, English . . . , will guide us to the right path of life. It is with what we have learned from our faculty and friends, that we will emulate the past women of valor. We, the women of Stern College, shall be the future Neshei Chayil. Dear Seniors, — no, too typical Hey you guys! — no, too informal To the graduating class of Stern College for Women, 1988 — no too wordy . O.K. — Since starting these letters is always the hardest part, we ' ll just get straight to the point. As we write this letter we ' ve discovered that we are in the season of the " lasts " — Our last registration, our last chagiga, our last set of exams, our last meal in the caf, our last elevator ride, etc. Suddenly, every- thing is viewed in terms of that one day in June — our graduation. We find ourselves having mixed feelings — excitement, melancholy (come on, admit it), and perhaps slight apprehension about taking that step out into the world as a " fully matriculated senior. " Now comes the part where we tell you that there ' s nothing to worry about — after all, we ' ve gotten a solid education here at Stern, we ' ve completed our requirements for our majors (we did — didn ' t we?), and taken our exit exams; what could we possibly be concerned about, right? WRONG!! Stern College was merely a stepping stone for us in the " University of Life. " Although we might not realize it, our person- alities, outlooks and values have been somewhat influenced during our stay here. Our true test is yet to be passed — can we apply what we ' ve been taught within the four walls of a classroom to our lives after Stern? As Jewish women we will constantly be challenged as well as judged both in the working world, and in our communities. How will we present ourselves? Will we be role models or will we be passive followers? We the Editors, after almost a year of hard work hope that this yearbook serves not only as a reminder of our past college years, but also as a reminder of our future responsibilities as Stern College graduates. Dear Seniors ' 88, GOOD LUCK!! Yeshiva University " ? " - of me preside at October 25, 1987 2 Marcheshvan 5748 Dear Stern Graduates: Please accept my warmest congratulations upon your graduation from Stern College for Women. I hope you will always regard Stern College for Women, and indeed all Yeshiva University, as your second home. Aishet Chayil, the theme of your yearbook, is a rather elastic encomium. It has been variously defined at different times and in varied environments. But three common denominators give this famous honorific a sense of stability since it was first uttered at the end of Mishlei and they are no less vibrant and compelling today than then. These three can best be described by a mnemonic which makes use of the three Hebrew letters of Chayil: Chessed, Love; Yirah, Piety; and Lekach, Teaching. Solomon ' s Aishet Chayil exemplified all three, including the last. She taught her children by example. Education, both learning and teaching, is a womanly and as well a manly task. Stern has always encouraged these gualities in its students, and it is both appropriate and felicitous that you have chosen Aishet Chayil as your theme. I bid you farewell in the firm confidence that these teachings will always serve as ideals for each of you. Yeshiva will indeed be well served by its Stern alumnae if such are their aspirations. Good luck! Cordially yours, NORMAN LAMM President E S H 1 V STERN COLLEGE FOR WOMEN 245 LEXINGTON AVENUE NEW YORK, NY. 10016-4699 (212)340-7700 UNIVERSITY Office of the Dean Dear Graduates, The college years are a time of extensive personal and intellectual growth, a time for students to clarify and solidify commitments and goals. Upon graduation these values evolve into a personal lifestyle. Although our alumnae have chosen a multitude of direc- tions, they have traditionally been variations on a common theme. Our strength as a college and our strength as a people has always been related to this common denomina- tor — the desire of our women to accept the challenge of communicating a vibrant Torah Judaism to future generations. In the home, in the community, and in the workplace the Stern College graduate has succeeded ably in this role. All the rest is commentary. I wish you much success in following this tradition. May you go from strength to strength in all your endeavors. Sincerely, £—- Karen Bacon Dean Dear Graduates of 1988, Our sincere good wishes are with you as you graduate from Stern College and continue to go forward. It is our hope that your experiences here and the knowledge you have gained will serve as firm foundations for the future. We are confident tht the Tora U ' Mada philosophy in which you have been immersed, and its continued pursuit and exploration, will contribute toward the building of solid families, challenging careers and meaningful involve- ment within the community. This is an awesome task, yet you have before you as a guide the external role model, the exemplar par excellence who achieves these lofty goals and to whom all lift their voices in praise. She is the •$ " " - -et the theme of your yearbook . To the degree that you emulate her qualities will you be success- ful. To the degree that Stern College has imparted her values and stressed their significance will we have been successful. To be industrious and enterprising; to be strong yet sensitive; to reach out with compassion to those le ss fortunate; to create security and respect for one ' s household while maintaining self respect; to clothe oneself in grace and honor; to speak wisely and with reason; to love and be faithful with no expectation of compensation — all this and more is to be a " Woman of Valor " . Use your faculties well, as we know you will, and we will delight in your praise. However, may your greatest tribute derive from your good deeds. May they be so meritorious and of such outstanding quality that they, your deeds, be your greatest praise. i ' ' - ««» nifT 1 ! To the Class of 1988, It is a real pleasure to extend my congratulations to the first graduating class of the Sy Syms School of Business, your achievements in a rigorous curriculum combining Jewish studies, Liberal Arts and professional Accounting is a source of great pride to the administration and faculty of the School. You are well prepared to attain maximum achievements in your chosen profession, coupled with a real dedication to your communities, a reflection of the unique program provided for you at Yeshiva University. As someone once put it, " Education is not given solely for the purpose of earning a living; it ' s learning what to do with a living after you earn it that counts. " Every good wish! Sincerely , Michael Sckiff itk Dear Graduates, U N I V E R S 1 ' Congratulations on your graduation from Stern College for Women. You have immersed yourselves in intensive study for the past four years. With a solid foundation of Torah U-Mada, you must now prepare for the next phase of your lives. The traditional siyyum formulation offered at the conclusion of the study of a Talmudic tractate revolves around two themes. We thank the Almighty for allowing us to be among those who see the value of study, and we pray that He will grant us the ability to continue to study and to be able to put into practice all that we have learned. I can think of no more appropriate wish for the Class of 1988. That which you have accomplished here should be seen as but the beginning. May you take the Torah, the knowledge, the values that you received here and, through continued study, use these gifts to the benefit of yourselves, your families, Klal Yisrael, and the world at large. Sincerely yours, Dr. Ephraim Kanarfogel Y E S H I V STERN COLLEGE FOR WOMEN 245 LEXINGTON AVENUE NEW YORK. NY 10016-4699 (212)340-7700 U N I V E R S 1 T Y Dear Graduates Judaism stresses the idea that a human being is a messenger and a tool of the Eternal One; that his or her talents and personal charms do not belong to him or her alone, but were given to him or her to be shared with others. The wisdom of the sages, the qualities of leadership of an individual, are special gifts of G-d that must not be permitted to go to waste, but should be used by the recipient of these blessings, for the good and welfare of the community. As Stern College students you have acquired many new talents and have admirably demonstrated your unlimited capabilities. May G-d grant you the ability to use these qualities of leadership and divine wisdom that you possess for the good and welfare of the Jewish community and the world at large. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a mazel tov upon your graduation and to offer you a blessing for a future life filled with happiness and success. Respectfully yours. (MfljL. Rabbi Tzvi Flaum 10 FACULTY FACULTY FACULTY FACULTY FACULTY [ © Y Dr. H. Babich Biology Dr. J. Bacon Psychology Mr. Noyes Bartholomew Music Mrs. Peryl Bedziner Office Mrs. Rivka Behar Early Childhood Education Rabbi Saul Berman Judiac Studies Dr. Berstein Bible Dr. Ruth Bevan Political Science Dr. L. Blau Chemistry Dr. M. Breban Computers Ms. Zelda Braun Student Services Rabbi Breuer Bible Dr. De Sanlis explains. Dr. A. Brudowski Biology Mrs. Cohen Hebrew Mr. A. Colchamiro Accounting Dr. M. Dalezman Math Dr. J. De Santis Biology Professor H. Dubitsky Hebrew Dr. Paul Eidelberg Political Science Dr. S. Eidelberg Judiac Studies Ms. Rina Elisha Mr. Josh Ehlich Speech Mrs. Cherie Felger Dr. Lewis Feldman Latin Rabbi Tzvi Flaum Judiac Studies Rabbi M. Fulda Judiac Studies Dr. S. Gaon Judaic Studies Mr. Aryeh Gold Mrs. Glick Registrar ' s Office Professor S. Gardner Art Mrs. Clare Grabie Library Ms. Sarah Leah Gross Library Dr. M. Grosof Education Dr. J. Gurock Judiac Studies Rabbi Avi Weiss discusses. Professor L. Hatrary English Dr. M. Havazelet Hebrew Dr. M. Hecht Political Science Dr. J. Honigwachs Accounting Professor D. Hornug Accounting Dr. A. Horowitz Economics Dean Ira Jaskoll Sy Syms School of Business Rabbi M Kahn Judidc Studies Rabbi Ephraim Kanarfogel Judiac Studies Dr. H. Kosak Hebrew Mr. Sam Klein Cafeteria Mrs. Klein Cafeteria Dr. Pauline Kra French Dr. A. Krakowski French Dr. J. Krausz Accounting Drama, Speech 13 Dr. S Longer Sociology Ms. Phyllis Lebow Dr. A. Lebow Computers Professor Aisik Leibovitch Computers Ms. Lieberman Registrar Dr. A Levine Economics Mrs Michelle Levine Bible Dr. E. Levy Music Professor E. Lubetski Library Mr. Sam Mandlebaum Maintenance Ms. March Biology Lab Hours spent in the Library Rabbi Elihu Marcus Bible Rabbi Pesach Oratz Bible Ms. Amy Page English Dr. M Perlman Psychology Professor J. Pinter Accounting Dr. C. Raffel Judaic Studies 14 Dr. Julian Roberts Education Ms. Joan Root Art Ms. L. Rose English Mrs. E. Roshwalb Hebrew Mrs. F. Safran Judaic Studies Dr. Susan Sandy Education Dr. M. Schiff Sy Syms School of Business Professor Penina Schram Speech Dr. M. Schulman Accounting Dr. D. Shatz Philosophy c p PHOTOS NOT AVAILABLE Ms. Bashkowitz — PED. Prof. T. Barry — PED, Ms. S. Berrin — PED. Ms. K. Cogane — PED, Dr. J. Datskovsky — MAT, Ms. J. Fusco — PED. Dr. D. Goldstein — HIS, Ms. R. Gribetz- Laytner — PED. Mr. J. Javitt — COM, Ms. R. Redding-Jones — PED. Dr. S. Kaufman, Ms. E. Kellman — YID. Dr. P. Leonhard — SOC, Prof. M. Levin — PHI, Ms. T. Lichtenstein — ART, Dr. E. Reyes-Mayer — PSY, Dr. S. Nemer- son — PHI, Rabbi Y. Neuberger — JUD, Ms. A. Page — ENG, Rabbi I. Paretzsky — JUD, Ms. S. Rais — PED, Mrs. S. Reichwald — ENG, Dr. J. Reiner — JHI, Ms. K. Rice — PSY. Ms. E. Sagerman — MAT, Dr. E. Sar — PED, Dr. E. Shrecker — HIS, Prof. J. Shevlin — PED, Ms. S. Sidenberg — PED, Dr. J. Silverman — ECO. Dr. H. Soloveitchik — JHI, Mrs. A. Stern — SPE, Ms. S. Titkin — BIB, Mrs. S. Volk — PED, Mr. J. Wheba — SEM, Dr. A. Weishaus — ST A. H jE lo - T Rabbi A Schurin Judiac Studies Dr. C. Silver English Dr. M. Silver Speech Dorothy Simon Registrar Office Dr. M. Sokolow Jewish Education Ms. Melita Steiner Mr. Ivan Tillem Speech Mrs. Tukell Secretary Dr. M. Weidhorn English Ms. L. Williams History Mrs. D. Weiner-Pack Judaic Studies Rabbi Avi Weiss Judiac Studies 15 STERN COLLEGE FOR WOMEN 245 LEXINGTON AVENUE. NEW YORK, N.Y. 10016-4699 (212)340-7715-6 Office of Student Services December 1, 1987 Dear Women of the Class of ' 88, It gives me great pleasure to wish you congratulations as you join the ranks of Stern College for Women Alumnae. While at Stern College for Women, you have grown and developed within an outstand- ing Torah and academic environment. You have had the opportunities to be challenged and stimulated within this environment — to grow spiritually and intellectually. You could have spent your college years solely involved in intellectual and religious pursuits and could have been satisfied, but you weren ' t! You chose to participate fully in our Stern College for Women community. You valued the importance of student life and of being involved in creating ways to meet the interests and needs of our diverse student population beyond the classroom. Throughout your years at Stern College for Women, you have assumed responsibility for enriching your student life on campus — eagerly, creatively and purposefully. You can well recall the shiurim, the wide range of lectures, the drama productions, the chagigot, the rallies on behalf of Jewish causes and so much more. I feel confident that this commitment to our Stern College for Women community has begun to prepare you to assume your place as Jewish women within the Jewish and general communities. Wherever you go and whatever career choices you make, I am certain that you will be aware of the needs of your community. Armed with your commit- ment to Torah and with your fine secular education, you will be able to meet the chal- lenges of your new worlds. The Office of Student Services staff joins me in wishing the Hatzlachah Rabbah in all your future endeavors. Sincerely, Mrs. Zelda Braun Director Office of Student Services June 1988 — Sivan 5748 Dear Classmates. In searching for an appropriate message, I tried to think of something which would be meaningful not only for the present, but for the future when you will look through the pages of this yearbook. And so, I ask you an important question, Mah shemecha, what is your name? No doubt you remember that when Yaakov wrestled with the angel, and it turned toward morning, he asked the angel to bless him. When the angel said to Yaakov let me go; he replied, " I shall not let you go unless you bless me. " To which the angel asked Mah shemecha? What is your name? As we leave Yeshiva University, the blessing being bestowed upon us is one of Ma shemecha. There is a remarkable midrash on Vayakel which states: " A man is called by three names, one by which his parents call him, one by which others call him, and one which he calls himself. " " One by which his parents call him " We are first of all called by the name our parents have given us. A Hebrew name was given to describe our essence and true nature. Our parents, because of their love for us and our tradition, labored long and hard to make our names true to them and to our ancestors. They sent us to yeshiva. an atmosphere that would imbue our bodies and souls with Torah, and they prayed that a Jewish education would yield us a good name. " One by which others call him " Ever since we were little children we were conscious of others outside our family circle. We learned to be aware of our neighbors, our friends, and those not so friendly. There came a time when what they thought of us became all-important. If we failed at a sporting match or an academic competition, we were embarrassed. We were afraid they would think less of us. We learned to do things that we did not like in order to earn the respect of others. We derived satisfaction from the acclaim and high regard others had for us. We have spent much energy, you and I. in keeping the name others call us, unblemished; we will continue to do so for the rest of our lives. Now let us consider the 1st part of the midrash. " And one which he calls himself " Perhaps we have been so busy with our first two names that we haven ' t given consideration to our last name. In the final analysis, each one of us is an individual and we have to be true to ourselves. We must ask ourselves a series of soul-searching questions in order to find the fulfillment of our last name. Do we like what we are, what we have done, and what we plan to do? When we look in the mirror of our conscience do we see goodness and truth or do we cover the mirror so as not to see the imperfections? Are we secure in the knowledge that we can truly respect and like ourselves? No none can answer for another, each person must find his own way and his own interpretation of Ma shemecha. As we embark on the next phase or our lives, we can feel confident that our education at Stern College has given us the tools with which to the meet the chall enges of our three names. This is the blessing that Yeshiva University has given us for eternity. May you go from strength to strength. With best wishes, uomsl in WE Elaine H. Witty | President SCWSC 1987-1988 June 1988 — Sivan 5748 Dear Fellow Graduates: Only four years ago, although it seems like just yesterday, we grouped together in Koch Auditorium during the freshman orientation. Fresh new faces and strangers to each other, none of us knew what to expect or what Stern College had in store for us. There was no conceivable way to imagine how much we were to grow — emotionally and intellectually. Each year has been filled with exciting chagigot, lectures, concerts, basketball games and tennis matches, grams and sales. Through these events we learned to work together towards one specific goal — making Stern College a better place for us and for future generations. As senior class president, I have tried to create a sense of unity among the students and foster school spirit through senior class- sponsored events. The strangers of Koch Auditorium have become the closest of friends. Senior dinner symbolizes the culminaton of four years of hard work . I hope that our joining together for one last night before graduation did not mark the end, but a beginning of a wonderful future for all of us Stern College has given us so much; we have four solid years upon which to base the rest of our lives. We do not say goodbye to you, but we thank you for what you have given us Best of luck to all of you. Fondly yours, C tL Annie R. Richter Senior Class President 17 rrvvn 18 19 20 21 In modes of dress and in lifestyle, the char- acter of the Stern College student is shaped by her unique address. Part of the initiation rite of every Stern student is to become an ingredient in the great New York melting pot — trading in Southern drawls for Brooklyn ac- cents, and California beaches for A trains. In the fine print of the Stern College diploma is the Associate of Arts in the street smarts of becoming a fast talking, fast walking New Yorker. We come to Stern College determined to go places (from Macy ' s to the Met), aspire to reach lofty heights (from the Empire State Building to the Mariott), and take advan- tage of every opportunity that comes our way (from Gap sales to Great American dis- counts). The city never sleeps — nor to the residents of Brookdale Hall. We ' re too busy spreading the news that we ' re here to stay, and determined to announce that WE LOVE NEW YORK (and especially living in the fash- ionable Murry Hill section of Mid-town Man- hattan.) -THIRTY-FOURTH STREET- P b " ' ; v H • i J. " V: ■ M M Bi THIRTY-FOURTH STREET Dorm £ife 26 m in E ERVE The Official Newspaper of Stern College for Women • Yeshiva University New Strides for Athletic Dept. ,,otc co s r es, eiits: The fy £r Support for Equal Status Chanukah Concert Draws Biggest Crowd • In ' Oft I Don ' t Dump on Stern 69 ,5 S et Library Renovations In Progrc E D v i feS „. Milners Market Business Booms at Mita - SCW Team rK enn « Team WtasW87 Uff T ° A Strong St Wtapionskip Talent Nite Draws Unexpectedly Large Crowd Plans SetJgB 11 - „ i Thoir Trio to Russia S CW Students Tell of Theu 1 " P " 1 + ° ♦ o . O NAME MAJOR MINOR: EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: QUOTE: MOST ADMIRED WOMAN: Alana A. Abramowitz Psychology WYUR special assistant to the station man- ager ' 86- ' 87; Psych club ' 85- ' 88; Observer Layout ' 85- ' 86; TAC member ' 85- ' 86; Com- pusci ' 84- ' 85; Got married betore gradu- ation; The poor man is not he who is without a cent but he who is without a dream. She-Ra(He-man ' s sister) 32 Deborah G. Achriche Political Science Member — SSSJ: Staff writer — Observer; Dean ' s list; s$ha ht-ie io " vee ti -,yy Clara Adest Marketing Sephardic club; Advertisement club; Busi- ness club; 33 Aviva Kahane Adler Computer Science TAC treasurer; Dean ' s list; Computer soci- ety; Roth scholarship; Regents scholarship Sherrill Allen Accounting Freshman class Vice President; Sophomore class Vice President; Model U.N. convention; Project Dorot; Accounting Society memPer; Peat Marwick Prepro; Senior class secretary; Dean ' s List ' 84- ' 88 Our dreams are limited only Py how far our thoughts will take us. My Mom 34 35 Amy L. Barenholtz Art History Design Associate Art Editor of Besamim, Treasurer of Fine Arts Society, Dean ' s List Chairperson of Calligraphy Workshop Pnina Baumgarten Judaic Studies 36 Shira Berezin Accounting Dean ' s List — ' 85- ' 87, President Accounting Society ' 87- ' 88, Vice president Accounting Society ' 86- ' 87 " You don ' t get a second chance to make a first im pression. " Prof. J Pinter 37 Accounting Freshman Orientation Advisor, Accounting Society Fund raiser, Business Editor — year- book. Assistant Business Director WYUR " Man ' s limitations are self imposed. " My mother RoAnna Bienstock Accounting Accounting Society, Big Sister, Yearbook Staff My Grandmothers and my Mother 38 - Leah Bluth Business Deborah Miriam Chesir Pre-Health Science Minor: English SSSJ, President of Med-Sci; Vice President of Sigma Delta Rho; Alpha Epsilon Delta; J.P.S.Y. " Knowledge is proud that he has learned so much. Wisdom is humble that he knows no more. " — William Cowper (Winter Walk at Noon) Mother 39 Naomi A. Cohen Art History Fine Arts Dramatic Society, Economic Society, DJ WYUR ' 85- ' 86, Associate Music Director WYUR ' 85- ' 86, lota Beta Sigma Honor Soci- ety, Fine Arts Society ' 87- ' 88, Public Rela- tions SCWSC ' 87- ' 88, Graphics — Observer ' 87- ' 88 " Perhaps after a time you will find that hav- ing is not always as pleasing as wanting. It is not logical but it is often true. " Spock My mother — Susan Cohen -4 Rachel Cohen 40 Photographer for yearbook, Marketing soci- ety Member, Speech Arts Forum Member SSSJ Committee, Big Sister, Israel Affairs Committee, TAC Publicity Committee " This is the time to remember cause it will not last forever, these are the days to hold on to cuz we won ' t although we ' ll want to. " — Billy Joel Mother Joy Lynn Devor Psychology Max Stern Scholar, Member Dramatic Soci- ety ' 84- ' 85, Member Marketing Society ' 85- ' 86, Member Psych Club ' 86- ' 87 " Don ' t dream it, Be it! " My Mother 41 Judith Michal Ehrlich Joint Program BA Marketing Az- rielli Jewish Education President of Marketing Society, Treasurer of Marketing Society, Revitalized School Store — Milner ' s Market, Co-President Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry, Dean ' s List My Mother Yocheved Michal Engel- berg Judaic Studies Shaped TAC floor representative, Kashrus Commit- tee Head, Associate Member of Torah U ' Mada Think Tank, Judaic Studies Club, Dean ' s List 42 Health Services Dean ' s List, TAC representative, Big Sister, TAC Tzedakah Committee, Dorm Counselor Lainie Feeler Speech Pathology Business Editor of Yearbook — Kochavia ' 88; TAC representative; Dean ' s List " True happiness comes when you can look at yourself and like what you see. " My Mom 43 Esther G. Feigenbaum Biology Dean ' s List; SSSJ; Sigma Delta Rho Honors Sci- ence Research Society " Never let your schooling interfere with your education. " — Mark Twain Renee Stacy Fischberger Psychology WYUR DJ; Big Sister; SSSJ; Volunteer Commu- nity Aid; TAC " A truly mature person is someone who is totally unafraid to be immature. " My Mother — Hannah Fischberger 44 Hannah Sara Frish Elementary Education Minor: Psychology Pre Health and Science Club; Education So- ciety; Yearbook Layout Editor; TAC Repre- sentative; Swim Team; NCSY Advisor and Administrative Assistant " Time is a handful of sand. The tighter you grasp it, the faster it runs through your fin- gers. But if you caress it, it will leave in its wake memories of its gentle flow, rather than the roughness of its stones. " 45 Rena Gang Speech Pathology Annette Gnatt Psychology Minor: Philosophy Dean ' s List; Editor-in-Chief — Kochavia; Psy- chology Club President; Yeshiva High School Seminar; TLS; Jewish Public School Youth; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities " Experiment to me is everyone I meet. " — Emily Dickenson My Mom 46 Sarah Goldblatt Marketing Big Sister; Photographer tor Yearbook; Mar- keting Society; SSSJ Committee; Israel Af- fairs Committee Mother 47 48 Bella Joy Hellman Political Science TAC; House Manager of SCDC; Stern Col- lege Service Award; Dean ' s List; Big Sister; Student Hostess; President of Speech Arts Forum; Academic Standards Committee " The gem cannot be polished without fric- tion. Nor a man perfected without trials. " — Chinese Proverb Mv Mother 49 Toxa Holtzer Judaic Studies -:: Wendy Horvitz Psychology Minor: Sociology Chairman of Speech Arts Forum; Co-Chair- man of Sounding Board " What you are is G-d ' s gift to you, what you make of yourself is your gift to G-d. " My Mom Sarah Brooke Ivaner Economics Finance Minor: Psychology Finance Society; Psychology Club; Political Science Club " The L-rd is nigh onto all them that call upon Him, to all that call upon Him in truth. " Psalms 145:18 My Mother w 51 Dena Jaffe Biology Donna Marlene Josephs Speech Communication and Jewish Education Organized Postcard Campaign for SSSJ; Dean ' s List; Help on Student Weekly News- paper — Binah Yetaira " And they who are wise shall shine like the firmament; and they who turn many to righ- teousness like the stars forever and ever. " Daniel 12:3 My Mother — Ronnie Kaye 52 Geelit Kanner Health Services TAC representative; Bnei Akiva Advisor for High School and College Students; Dean ' s List ' 85, ' 87 My Mother 53 Deborah Katsman English 54 Michele Katz Mathematics Computer Science Dean ' s List; Compusci President ' 87- ' 88; Compusci Secretary ' 86- ' 87; Layout Editor of Observer ' 86- ' 87; Belkin Scholar " Anything good in life is either illegal, immoral or fattening. " — Murphy ' s Law Jani Kind Political Science Big Sister; J. P. Dunner Political Science Soci- ety; Founder and President of Debate Soci- ety; Sounding Board " He who hesitates is run over. " Right ES 55 Laurie Knapel Kirschner Economics Business Big Sister; TAC Member " For the creature and the intelligent soul, the doors of the world stand open. " My Mom 1 I m • • J % 5 u V 1 9r 9 liana Kopmar Political Science 56 Esther Koren Accounting Dean ' s List All Semesters; Business Editor — Kochavia; Active Member Accounting Soci- ety; Freshman Orientation Advisor; Yeshiva Leadership Seminar " A friend is a present you give yourself. " My Mom Beth Debra Kosowsky Early Childhood Education Dean ' s List; TAC Floor Representative; Edu- cation Society; NCSY N.Y. Regional Advisor My Mother — Myrna Kosowsky 57 Linda Gail Kramer Political Science Dean ' s List; Basketball Team; Political Sci- ence Society; Drama Society; TAC Repre- sentative " What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies with- in us. " — Anonymous My Mother — Betty Kramer 58 Dore Kreisler Accounting Accounting Society; Business Society; Year- book Photographer; SSSJ; Israel Affairs Com- mittee; Photography Club; Chorale Ensem- ble " Our memories of yesterday will last a life- time, we ' ll take the best, forget the rest and someday we ' ll find these are the best of times. " — STYX My Grandmother O ' H Rona Left Education Chagiga Committee; Yearbook Commit- tee; Ernes Committee; Bikur Cholim Commit- tee; Kashrus Committee 59 Amalea Malka Lepow Marketing Dean ' s List; Marketing Society; Student Council Bus Coordinator; Milner ' s Market; Career and Development Lecture Series Publicity Chairman; NCSY New England; JPSY " It is only with the heart that one can see; what is essential is invisible to the eye. " — The Fox TAC Floor Representative; Political Science Society; Basketball Team Manager; Business Manager — Yearbook; Psychology Club; Student Hostess; Big Sister; President ' s Fan Club " Common Sense is not so Common. " Karen Liss Dena Penn Rena Zelefsky Sandy Appel Martha Washington 60 Sheri Sue Leventhal Psychology Psychology Club; WYUR DJ; Member of Al- PAC ' 86; SSSJ; Sigma Delta Roe Honor Soci- ety; NCSY Regional Advisor; NCSY Educa- tional Assistant; Dean ' s List with Honors; Re- ceived Award from Knesset in Israel for Outstanding Volunteer Work in a Hospital My Mother 61 Leah Maimon Marketing Dean ' s List ' 86- ' 87; Milner ' s Market ' 87- " Do you want a chopping bag? " My Mother Rachel Mandel English Communications Minors: Music and Political Science Editor-in-Chief Observer; President of Joseph P. Dunner Political Science Society; President of Sophomore Class; Associate News Editor — Observer; News Editor — Observer; Dean ' s List; Aishel Honor Society; Stern Col- lege Dramatic Society — Cast Member; Fencing Intramurals — First Place; Big Sister; Delegate to Model United Nations " And you write, but that doesn ' t make you a writer, either, right? Huh? Well! " — Tracy " Seascape with Sharks and Dancer. " — Don Nigra " In your choice is your talent. " — Stella Adler My Mother 62 Meryl Markowitz Accounting Dean ' s List ' 85- ' 87; Accounting Society Sec- retary; Compusci; Business Society; Photog- raphy CluP; Dorm Food Service Committee; AMIT Board " The great thing in this world is not so much where we stand as in which direction we ' re going. " — Goethe Binah Miller Marketing Marketing Society Vice President; Milner ' s Market Coordinator; Dean ' s List; Joint Busi- ness Society " It you can imagine it You can achieve it If you can dream it You can become it. " — William Arthur Ward My Bubbie — Sara Sheva Miller 63 Robin Miller Judaic Studies Dean ' s List; Junior Class Senator; School Choir; Bikur Cholim; Tzedakah Committee; Yeshiva Seminar; TLS; JPSY; NCSY — Sea- board Region " It makes all the difference whether one sees darkness through the light or brightness through the shadows. " 64 Sharon Sue Miller Advertising Design Fine Arts Corresponding Secretary of Student Coun- cil; Arts Graphics Editor of the Observer; Food Dorm Services Board; Drama Society; Fine Arts Society; Student Hostess; AMIT Board; Photography Club; Junior Class Sec- retary; Big Sister; Compusci; Student Direc- tory Committee " It is not the doing of things that is difficult. What is difficult is getting in the right mood to do them. " — Constantine Birancusi My Mother — Rhoda Miller Sheri Lynn Moskovitz Psychology NCSY New Jersey Junior and Senior Advisor; HASC Summer Program; TAC Loshon Hora Committee " Shallow Brooks are Noisy. " My Mother 65 Blair Constance Muss Speech Pathology TAC Ritual Committee; Speech Arts Forum; N.C.S.Y. Junior Chapter Advisor 1987-1988 (New Jersey); Regional N.C.S.Y. New Jersey Advisor " Friendship makes the path a little Pit smoother. " My mother Iris Nay Political Science Sephardic CluP (president); Political Science Society (secretary); WYUR disc jockey; Pre- Law Society; Dean ' s List; Dorm Counselor: Model United Nations " It is not money, nor is it mere intellect, that governs the world; It is moral character, and intellect associated with moral excellence. " My Mother 66 Wendy Anne Nussbaum Fashion Buying and Merchandis- ing Minor; Psychology Fine Arts Society; Psychology Club; Sy Syms Business Society Deena Sarah Penn English Advertising Poli Sci Society; Student Hostess; Milner ' s Market Coordinator; Marketing Society; Blood Drive Coordinator; SSSJ; Basketball Manager; Senior Senator " Will the future ever arrive? Should we con- tinue to look upward? Is the light we can see in the sky one of those which will presently be extinguished? The ideal is terrifying to be- hold, lost as it is in the depths, small, isolated, a pin point, brilliant but threatened on all sides by the dark forces that surround it; nev- ertheless, no more in danger than a star in the Jaws of the clouds. " Victor Hugo Mary Todd Lincoln 67 Benay Perlman Accounting Chairperson of Accounting dinner; Out- standing Delegate to University of Pennsyl- vania Model United Nations; Chairperson of Freshman Orientation; Treasurer of Political Science Society; Active member of Ac- counting Society Amy Berenholtz Anne Pittinsky Jewish Studies TAC; Tzedakah Committee; Chagiga Com- mittee; Choveret Committee Linda Pittinsky 68 Rachel Pomerance Political Science Student Council Vice President, Dramatic Society President; TAC Chevruta Kesher Re- presentative; Big Sister; Academic Affairs Committee; Library Committee " What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies with- in us. " My Mother Tova Radinsky Biology Minor: History Chairperson of Centennial Celebration; Member of Medical Science Society; mem- ber of SSSJ " When things go wrong as they sometimes will, when the road you are trudging is all uphill, when the funds are low and the debts are high, and you want to smile, but you have to sigh, when care is pressing down a bit, rest if you wish but never quit. " Lang- ston Hughes Golda Meir 69 Mazal Nadia Rahabi Accounting Active member in Accounting Society " Either we all hang together or we will surely hang seoarately. " Robin Ellen Reece Occupational Therapy New York Health Services Corps Scholarship; Dorm Counselor; Israel Affairs Committee; SSSJ Political Action Committee; Prehealth Club; Psychology Club; Student Council Floor Representative; Guidance Commit- tee; Admissions Committee; Supervisor of Beit Midrash; Big Sister My Mother — Rhoda L. Reece 70 Jessica Reemer Business Anne Rachel Richter Elementary Education TAC Floor Representative; Vice President Ju- nior Class; Business Manager of the Observ- er; Secretary of the Education Club; Senior Class President; Dean ' s List; Big Sister " To dream the impossible dream. To reach the unreachable star. " My Mother 71 Arlene Sue Richter Marketing Fashion Merchandis- ing Dean ' s List; active member of the Marketing Society, Economics and Finance Society; Chairman of the first annual Sy Syms School of Business Dinner; Art Editor of Kochavia ' 88; Photography staff; Big Sister, member of SSSJ Dora Richter Blimi Richtman Judaic Studies 72 Esther Rosenberg English Communications Mother — Miriam Rosenberg Rebecca Rosenberg Marketing President of Business Society; Co-President of Marketing Society; reinstituted Milner ' s Market; Fine Arts Society; Big Sister, Ac- counting Society; SSSJ; chorale ensemble; Student Host; N.C.S.Y. advisor; Dean ' s List " To live your life in your own way ... to reach for the goals that you have set for yourself ... to be the you that you want to be — that is success. " 73 Renee Rosenblatt Psychology Senior Class Vice President; Executive Sec- retary of WYUR; Israel Independence Day Committee " Every wise woman buildeth her house. " Sheila Mashiah Sharon Renee Rubin Economics Business Dean ' s List ' 86, ' 87; Secretary of Marketing Society; Political Science member Do animal crackers feel pain when you bite their heads off? Matt Gronening Mom 74 G. Accounting Aishel Honor Society; Dean ' s List; Vice Presi- dent and Secretary of the Accounting Soci- ety; Recording Secretary of Student Coun- cil; Junior Class Treasurer; Basketball Team; President of the Photography Society; Fresh- man and Sophomore Class Senator; Dorm Food Services Committee; Yeshiva High School Seminar Advisor; R.K. Club; Yearbook Staff Mom " There is no speed limit on the pursuit of excellence " 75 Elaine P. Salczer Marketing Advertising Communications " It was only you and me. We were young wild and free. " Bryan Adams Devora Samber Computer Science TAC; Big Sister; Dean ' s List My Mother 76 Shoshana Samson Fashion Merchandising Market- ing SSSJ: TAC; Tzedakah Committee I I I ' t ' Wt ' " ■ fir- ■„ ' •.,.- Yosifa Saxe Early Childhood Education Resident Advisor; Education Society; Jewish Early Childhood Association Scholarship " Bring up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it. " My Mom — Bunnie Saxe 11 Erica Schoonmaker Judaic Studies Philosophy Hamevaser Observer; Besamim; TAC; Torah U ' Mada Project Bruria Ariella Schreiber Political Science Feature Editor ot Observer; Assistant News Editor; Harvard Model U.N. " Experience is not what happens to you; It is what you do with what happens to you. " Aldous Huxley 78 Deborah Schwartz Speech Pathology Yonina Segal Judaic Studies 79 Sara Silberman English Communications Minor: History Samuel Belkin Scholar; Dean ' s List; Proof Copy Editor of the Observer; Besamim Staff; Business Society; Copy Editor of Yearbook " Lean on me, when you ' re not strong ' cause I ' ll be your friend, I ' ll help you carry on . . , It won ' t be long, till I ' m going to need some- body to lean on. " My Mother, Mrs. Sylvia F. Silberman 80 81 Shira Spolter English Communications Marketing Society; Staff Writer of the Ob- server; Chairman of the Chanukah Concert; Layout Editor of Besamin ' 88 Grandmother, Mrs. Yehudis Frieman Esther Sutton Early Childhood Education Vice President of Education Society; Big Sis- ter " He who hesitates is lost — or run over, right J " " If I were Joe, where would I go ... " My Mother, Lily Sutton 82 I Rachel S. Turk Political Science Dean ' s List ' 85- ' 86, ' 86- ' 87 My Mother 83 Michelle Walles Psychology Minor: Economics Dean ' s List; Secretary of SSSJ; Secretary of Psychology Board; Big Sister; TAC Represen- tative; member of Israel ' s Affairs Committee " What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies with- in us. " Ralph Waldo Emerson Stacy Elise Weiss Education Calendar Committee; Senior Class Treasur- er; Co-Treasurer of the Education Society; Stern Coordinator WYUR; Executive Secre- tary ' 86- ' 87; WYUR Disc Jockey; lota Beta Sigma Honor Society; Junior of the Year; Stu- dent Council ' 86- ' 87; Co- Chairman of Big Sister Little Sister ' 86- ' 87 " All the miles of a hard road are worth a moment of true happiness. " My Grandmothers 84 ! - •Q-ftfeefc I • BkM MA ' ShBI ■ m m ■ h M j j ' ,, h ■ ■+ z ■ » 775S S3 Elaine Hope Witty Political Science President SCWSC ' 87- ' 88; President of Junior class 1986-87; V.P, Club Canada; V.P. Soci- ology Club; Treasurer EMES; WYUR; SCDS; J. P. Dunner Political Science Society; Securi- ty Advisory Committee; Big Sister; Associate Editor Student Directory; The Observer; TAC; Compusci Speaks; Awards for Exemplary Service to the Student Council and SCW 1985, 1987 " Truth, when witty, is the wittiest of all things. " Julius Charles Hare and Augustus William Hare, Guesses at Truth, Series I Mother 85 Rachel Wohlgemuth Business Photo Editor; President of Economics and Business Society; Member of Marketing Soci- ety; Member of Fine Arts Society; Dean ' s List " It is better to have loved and lost, and got- ten several thousand dollars worth of dinners and jewelry, then never to have loved at all. " Phina Tova Zemel Judaic Studies " I get by with the help of Hashem. " My Mother and Miriam Smith 86 Name: Sterotypical Stern Woman Major: Pre-Wed. Expected De- gree: Y.U.S.C.W.S.S.B.M.R.S. Activities and Honors: Dean ' s Shidduch List, Y.U. Library fixture (5th floor), Van Commit- tee, Door Decorating Committee, Hachno- sos Kallah Head Fundraiser, Ring Around the Kallah Club, " Kiruv, " Diamond Appraisal Drive, Tu B ' av Chagiga Committee Quote: " I am woman hear me roar ... " Favorite Movie: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Most Admired woman: MaBell V S OQb. jni " " t jG 87 SENIOR CLASS ELECTIONS Rachel Mandel and Elaine Witty have been chosen by the graduating class of 1988 to receive the Nathaniel L. Remes Memorial Award, established by the class of 1978, for personality, character and service rendered to the school. Rachel, hailing from Brooklyn, NY, has been involved in college activities since her freshman year when she was a reporter for the college newspaper, The Observer. During her sophomore year, she was elected president of the sophomore class in addition to receiving the position of associate news editor of The Observer. Rachel played the part of Angustias in the Stern College Dramatics Society ' s Spring production of " The House of Bernardo Alba " during her junior year, while holding the position of president of the Joseph P. Dunner Political Science Society and new editor of The Observer. As a senior, Rachel was elected editor-in-chief of The Observer and also starred as Sganarelle in SCDS ' production of Moliere ' s " The Physician In Spite of Himself. " Elaine Witty, originally from Silver Spring, MD, has served Stern College in many capacities. She has worked on the college ' s raaio station WYUR in the capacity of a disc-jockey and news-caster. Elaine was also involved with the student newspaper The Observer by reporting and proofreading. In her junior year, Elaine was elected president of the junior class. She had previously served as vice-president of the sociology club. In her senior year, Elaine was elected president of the Stern College Student Council. Sharon Kramer was chosen by the seniors of 1988 to be the recipient of the Lisa Wachtenheim Memorial Award, given in recognition of good character and service to Stern College. Sharon graduated from Central High School and Michlala before coming to Stern, where she has majored in Judaic Studies. Sharon is the leader of the Bikur Cholim club at Stern, which includes visiting the neighborhood ' s elderly. Dr. Shatz came to Yeshiva University five years ago, as a teacher of philosophy and mentor to Max Stern Scholars. Dr, Shatz had resigned from an establishea philosophy department to help build the dep artment at YU. Rabbi Zvi Flaum and Dr. David Shatz have been elected as this year ' s senior class professors. Rabbi Flaum, Mashgiach Ruchani at Stern, received semicha from the Rabbi Isaac Eichanan Theological Seminary. He has been teaching at SCW for eight years, and has been chosen as a senior professor for three. 1_ •! n- " CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS • . - - KOCHAVIA 1988 Kochavia I9SS staff — Annette Gnatt, Tom Swift, (publisher), Rona Leff, L ' via Sieradski, Sharon Miller, Sandy Appel (bottom row) Marta Lesser, Dore Kriesler, Lanie Feder Rona Leff Layout Editor Cindy Dear Photography Staff Arelne Richter Art Staff Sandy Appel S Annette Gnatt Editors in Chief 90 Sharon Miller § Art 5 Photography Editors Editors-ln-Chief Sandy Appel § Annette Gnatt Layout Editors Rena Gang Rona Leff Staff: Shushu Benhamu Business Editors: Lanie Feder Esther Koren Chanu Benhamu Staff: Marta Lesser Roanna Bienstock Michelle Walles Photography Editors.- Rachel Wolgemuth Dore Kreisler Staff: Tamar Bar-Chama Cindy Dear Sara Goldblatt Humor Editor: Art Editors: L ' via Sieradski Sharon Miller Copy Editor: Sara Silverman Dore Kreisler Photography 91 LUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS ACADEMIC STANDARDS ACCOUNTING FINE ARTS DRAMA ■ i LUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS ri :lubs clubs clubs clubs clubs clubs clubs club COMPU-SCI FIRESQUAD 3UIDE TO THE PERPLEXED MARKETING :lubs clubs clubs clubs clubs clubs clubs club 93 LUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS MED-SCI PHOTOGRAPHY OBSERVER POLI-SCI LUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS 94 LUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUB 1 ' • w w v PRE-LAW PSYCHOLOGY SEPHARDIC SHIDUCH LUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUB: 95 HUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUB! SIGMA DELTA RHO SIMON SEZ STUDENT COUNCIL TAC ILUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS CLUBS 96 r 3 E HN " Let Our People Go! " was the slogan chanted as thousands of American Jews as well as non Jews raised their voices in support of Soviet Jews. Individuals from various human rights organiza- tions as well as important political congressmen spoke on behalf of the plight of Soviet Jewery, stress- ing the importance of our con- tinuous fight for their freedom. Children, adults and grandpar- ents joined in the singing of he- brew songs further demonstrating the Jewish unity which is the key to the continuous survival of the Jewish people in America, Russia and around the world. This March, the student lead- ers of SCW and YC were privi- sged to meet and dine with Jatan Scharansky. Dinner was ollowed by a brief question and jnswer period. This gave stu- ients the opportunity to gain in- ight into the life of a Refusnik, its rials, tribulations, and ironically, 1 strengthening of character, ewish values, and beliefs. 97 STERN COLLEGE MEN AND THEIR IMPRESSIONS 024 CAFETERIA CLASS OF ' 88 99 THE NEW YORK TIMES. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 19 Why Girls ' Schools Remain Necessary By Rachel Phillips Belash FARMINGTON, Conn. As Deerfield Academy, follow- ing Lawrenceville, departs from its traditional mission of single-sex education for Poys, I, like others involved in girls ' schools, am saddened that few voices were apparently raised to defend a mission I cannot help comparing to our own. (1) Advocates of single-sex edu- cation for girls are enthusiastic defend- ers of the cause. We feel validated ev- ery day in our classrooms dormitories, (2) councils of student government, (3) science and computer laPoratories and yearbook editing offices. (4) We see growth, developing self-esteem, individuality (5) and leadership all around us. It is not that good co-educational schools cannot offer girls these things; it is that girls ' schools do so consistently. We are a fail-safe producer of first- class citizenship for girls in a world in which they are not guaranteed this op- portunity elsewhere. We, like the wom- en ' s colleges, provide not only " equal opportunity, but every opportunity, " to quote Dr. Nannerl Keohane, the president of Wellesley College. A colleague of mine described a vi- gnette in her all-girls kindergarten class: A small girl surveyed the room, arms akimbo and sized up the situation. ' Thank heavens, " she said, " No boys in the block corner. " No, there aren ' t. She won ' t have to establish her right to build with blocks (6) just as later on she won ' t have to elbow her way to the computer terminals or perhaps feel out of place spending extra time in the physics lab. Her voice will be heard in class, her opinion sought — on every topic — (7)and taken seriously. Whatever the athletic facilities, (8) they are for her alone. Moreover, leadership roles are more available: Girls get experience in managing radio stations, editing stu- dent newspapers and literary maga- zines, heading the debate and math- ematics teams — all without having to fight for a place in the sun, because sex stereotyping does not complicate life in the school. Since failure is less threatening, risk- taking becomes more bearable. (9) For example, like many girls ' schools we have a wonderful dance program, (10)but our dancers don ' t have to care if they don ' t have figures like the mod- els in Seventeen magazine (11) — and few teen-agers do. Like most people, they come in various shapes and sizes yet they know no one will laugh at them or make disparaging remarks. So they learn to carry themselves with poise and grace, (12) to be proud of their bodies — and stand a chance of becoming good dancers besides. Relationships can flourish, (13) both among peers and between students and adults. Communication with teachers and other adults is open and warm. Friendships grow strong and last long into adult life, (14) as I have ob- served time and again by watching the alumnae of women ' s schools and colleges network and support each other in myriad ways. All this creates a learning and teaching atmosphere that is almost tangible: Our classrooms are lively, exciting places. (15) A gra- duate, finishing her sophomore year at a major New England (formerly all- male) college, visited Miss Porter ' s School last summer. She and I had known each other somewhat, had talked during her years with us but had never discussed the roles and expec- tations of women as such. She and her friends were fighting for better health services for women (16) at her college and were frustrated with their lack of progress. They were not being heard, she said. People were not taking them seriously. She talked about the climate of the classrooms, which she found alienating ( 1 7) and the effort she felt she must continually make to claim her equal place. The intensity and warmth of the conversation sur- prised me. " I wanted to talk to you, " she said. " I knew you ' d understand. " That solidarity and that strength is what a women ' s single-sex school or college can provide. We are sorry that Lawrenceville, and now Deerfield, did not feel that they could raise their voices in support of their historic educational environ- ments. This is not a judgment — it is a sentiment — because women ' s schools, like women ' s colleges, find their mission constantly validated. (18) lUQUfV Ours is a co-educational world (19) — no doubt about it — and single-sex education needs its defenders, (20) promoters, (21) believers (22) and pro- selytizers (23). Yes, some people think girls ' schools are anachronisms, but they succeed, better than most peo- ple realize, and remain necessary in a world where men and women still do not work eaually together as profes- sionals. (24) 101 ' : IfiK iWM9)l 7IEllll fihlrtWkWk THE STRANGE CASE OF Boyfriend ? IIVM I !H SHE WANTS A WEDDING RING! SHE NEEDS AN ENGAGEMENT R BUT RIGHT NOW. SHELLS " You Should Have Called! ' p l the door, t gfglM (suitable for strangling) 1 103 Directory Mana V Mramowit;. OM East 13th Street. Brooklyn. M 11230. 713 692 3996 Jul) S CVtvrjh V Archiche. 6-1 38l08ihSirecl.Api.D-l6. Forest Hills MY 11375 " IS 263-3343. pcll 27 Clara AdeSt. v Carlos Soublethe Res Jardin Los Procures 844. v enezuda. 5S2 52-OOM. January 6 A,iva kahane Adler. " 5 06 194th Street. Hushing. NY 11366. " IS 464 -2333. Jul) " Shernll Mien. 22-106 Pardenne Street. Woodland Hills. CA 91364. SIS " 03 1435. February 18. Sand Sara Appel. 1345 Fa, one Street. Teaneck. NJ 0 " 666. 30 S36- " 205. November 9. Tamar Bar Chama. 66 Dekoven Cl„ Brooklyn. NY 11230. " IS 358-4514. Ma, 16. Shira Berezin. 2415 East 26th Street. Brooklyn. NY 11235. " IS " 69 4364. March 7. Amy I. Barenholtz. 130 U est Vlaple Avenue. Monsey. NY 10952. 9M 352 440 " . January 20. Chanu Benhamu. I " c 10 North East S Court. North Miami Beach. FL 33165. (305 653-5133. March 13. Miriam Berger. 136 20 -1st Road. Flushing. NY 1136 " . " IS " 93 1339. August 30. Roanna Bicnstock. 12 Overbrook Parkwat. Overbrook Hills. PA 19151. 215 642 4369. April 30. Deborah Miriam Chesir. 1015 Greenfield Road. Woodmere. NY 11598. .5161 569 " 053. March 2 " Naomi A. Cohen. 1513 Yak Place. Merrick. NY 11566. J-6774, November 15 Cindy Dear. 3 CeHer Road. Edison. NJ 0881 " . ] 3907. December » Joy lynn Pcvor. 631 Hicksvile Road. Wert Lawrence. NY 1 691. I VI6. October 30. Judith Michal Fhrlich. 913 Clintwood Drive. Silvrr Spring. MD 30903. 301 649 2259. June 36 Yocheved Michal Engel berg. H60 Granada Place. Far Rockawav. NY 11691. " IS: 33 " 4956, April 19 104 Nadia Fayazi. 2S325 Tavistock. Southtield. Ml 4S035. 313 356 " 9 " 0. February 3. Lainie Feder. 26- Ardmore Avenue. Staten Island. NY 10314. (718) 698-5736. August 3. Esther G. Feigenbaum. 11529 Lovejoy Street. Silver Spring. MP 20902. (301) 681-3929. December 2 " . Renee Stacy Fischberger. 311 Dennis Avenue. Oceanside. NY 11572. (516) 766-K239. July 13. Susan Beth Fischer. 240 Park Avenue. Passaic. NJ 07055. (301) 471-3082. December 18. Hannah Sara Fnsch. 506 Conant Street. Hillside. NJ 07055. (201) 289-1463. September 13. Annette Gnatt. 1098 East 17th Street. Brooklyn. NY 11230. (718) 338-6282. June 22. Sarah Goldblatt. 8 Cellar Road. Edison. NJ 08817. (301) 572-1712. December 3. Susan Goldfarb. 1101 Willowbrook Road. Staten Island. NY 10314. (718) 494-7424. June 20. Cheryl Goldmeier. 2386 Berwick. Boulevard. Columbus. OH 43209. November 13. Bella-Joy Hellman. 512 North St. Clair Street. Pittsburgh. PA 15306. 412. 361-7061. July 22. Shan Hornestay. 11603 Fulham Street. Silver Spring. MD 30902. 1301) 649-4413. March 5. Wendy Horvttz. 365 Tara Drive. Pittsburgh. PA 15336. (412) 655-4641. July I. Sarah Brooke Ivaner. 9653 19th Street SW. Calgary. Alberta T3V 4C2 October 6. Donna Marlene Josephs, 16 ketch Street. Unit HI, Manna Del Rey. CA 90293. (313; 305-3655. November 9. Gecln kanner, KM Knollwood Drive. Nc» Haven. CI 06515. (303) 397-0179. January 30. Michelle Kali. 38 1 Garden Street. Fast Meadow. NY 11554. 1 516, 483 4544. September 38. Jam kind. 548 Croyden Road. Elmonl. NY 11003. (516, 43 1 6898. March 30. • knapel kirschner. 930 East 7th Street. Brooklyn. NY 11330. (718) 434-5334. May 7. Esther Koren. 915 East 7th Street. Brooklyn. NY 11230. (718) 434-1769. November 16. Beth Pebra kosowsky. 511 Church Hill Road. Fairlield. CT 06432. (303) 374-6443. September 10. Linda Gail Kramer. 1209 Edgevale Road. Silver Spring. MD 30910. (301) 585-8080. January 27. Sharon R. kramer. 316 South Dwight Place. Engelwood. NJ 07631. (201) 871-3709. April 24. Dore kreisler, 1037 East 4th Street. Brooklyn. NY 11230. (718) 252-7336. December II. Rona Left. 78 Wiltshire Road. Scarsdale. NY 10583. (914) 723-0990. September 25. Amalea Malka Lepow. 1700 Circo del Cielo. El Cajon, CA 92030. (619) 442-5697. June 30. Maria Ann Lesser. 25789 Southwood, Southfield. Ml 48075. (313) 557-3908. April 26. Sheri Sue Leventhal. 105 Judwin Avenue Ext.. New Haven. CT 06515. (303) 397-4910. February 38. Leah Maimon. 5524 So. Morgan. Seattle. WA 98118. (306) 722-6869. July 28. Rachel Mandel. 915 East 17th Street. Apt. 220. Brooklyn. NY 11230. (718) 338-4570. July 22. Meryl Markowilz, 375 West 96th Street. New York. NY 10035. (212) 662-5081. July 29. Binah Miller. 232 Nether- wood Cr.. Hampstead. Quebec. Can- ada H3X 3X3. (514) 483-5342. September Robin Miller. 5 Birchard Avenue. Staten Island. NY 10314. (718) 761 3618. Pecember 10. Sharon Sue Miller. 381 Westwood Road. Woodmerc. NY 11598. (5161 374-7971. July 23. 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NY 11561 (516) 889-0382 Natalio Mellul 7 Rue Ben-Oualid Tetouan. Morocco (08) 439-026 Samuel Mellul J Rue Ben-Oualid Tetouan, Morocco (08) 439-026 Marc Mendelson 2347 Seven Pines Dr St Louis. MO 63146 (314) 567-1673 Jeff Minsky 7304 Authon Dallas. TX 75248 (214) 233-8775 Faridoz Mirharoon 198-05 McLaughlin Ave Mollis. NY 11423 (718) 479-6750 Stuart Morduchowitz 3 Crown Rd Monsey. NY 10952 (914) 356-5031 Ronnie Morris 734 Winthrop Rd Teaneck. NJ 07666 (201) 836-0734 Shimon Moshavi 573 Grand St Apt D-306 New York. NY 10002 (212) 982-4983 Howard Muehlgay 4600-I4th Ave Brooklyn. NY 11219 (718) 436-8784 Jack Nahon C Alcade Lopez Casero 7 Madrid. Spain 28027 (341) 403-1789 Moshe Nahon C Alcade Lopez Casero 7 Madrid. Spain 28027 (341) 403-1789 Mitchell Nathanson 672 Wildwood Rd W Hempstead. NY 11552 (516) 481-7762 Jay Neustadter 3819 E Antisdale Cleveland Heights. OH 44118 (216) 923-948 Mike Newman 82-35 Beverly Rd Kew Gardens. NY 11415 (718) 849-2404 Ray Newman 82-35 Beverly Rd Kew Gardens. 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Canada H3x3a5 (514) 488-6218 Thomas Samuels 14 Rosemary Ln Toronto. Canada M5P-3E8 (416) 485-3535 Zev Samuels 5670 Walnut Gr PI Memphis. TN 38119 (901) 683-0694 Gerson Schapiro 3725 Henry Hudson Pkwy Riverdale. NY 10463 (212) 549-3931 Martin Schlackman 304 Verona Ave Elizabeth. NJ 07208 (201) 355-6032 Daniel Schwartz 35 Timberlane Dr Downsview, Ontario M3hlj3 (416) 633-7981 Fred Schwartz 2000 Linwood Ave l6y Fort Lee. NJ 07024 (201) 461-5099 Philip Schwartz 25 Dwight Drive Ocean. NJ 07712 (201) 531-1687 Philip Schwartz 6323 N Lawndale Chicago. IL 60559 (312) 588-1699 Dov Schwell 610 Arbuckle Ave Woodmere. NY 11598 (516) 295-1829 Daniel Shimoff 5800 Stuart Ave Baltimore. MD 21215 (301) 664-2462 Josh Shoshan 495 W 187th St New York. NY 10033 (212) 928-7822 Jonathan Silber 1048 E 9th St Brooklyn. NY 11230 (718) 951-7020 Benjy Silver 262 Central Park W New York. NY 10024 (212) 787-2248 42 Auerbach Lane Lawrence. NY 11559 (516) 569-2761 Ivan Silverman 777 Mount Moriah Rd Memphis. TN 38117 (901) 685-0788 Alan Simon 9708 NW I5lh St Penbrole Pines. FL (305) 432-1131 Mordechai Simpson 469 Lisa Ln W Hempstead, NY 11552 (516) 486-5430 Arnold Singer 160 Justin PI Mountainside. NJ 07092 (201) 233-2380 Jay Soble 5505 E Custer PI Denver. CO 80222 (303) 321-4034 Gabe Sosne 1575 Knob Hill Dr Atlanta. GA 30329 (404) 636-7291 Brian Spern 2107 Wallace Ave Bronx. NY 10462 (212) 823-2676 Ari Steinberg 6307 Lincoln Ave Baltimore. MD 21209 (301) 358-0474 Gary Steinmetz 2607 E llth St Brooklyn, NY 11235 (718) 891-5296 Ari Stern 975 E 9th St Brooklyn. NY 11230 (718) 253-0354 Jay Stochinsky 16416-99 A Ave Edmonton. Canada T5POK2 (403) 484-8338 Lawrence Stroll 5617 Chamberland Crescent Montreal. Canada H4WLW5 (514) 488-8964 Stev i Tan Mai 2818 W 8th St Brooklyn. NY 11224 (718) 372-5593 Lawrence Teitelman 186 Ormond St Albany. NY 12208 (518) 438-1701 Aaron Tischwell II Lisa Lane New City. NY 10956 (914) 638-0666 Ari Waxman 2526 Bayswaler Ave Far Rockaway. NY 11691 (718) 471-9046 Kenneth Waxman 72-22 137th St Flushing. NY 11367 (718) 261-0766 Yosef Weinstock 128 Colinson Blvd Downsview. Ontai M3H3C7 (416) 636-0393 Jeff Weisberg 7 Caroline Ave Elmont. NY 11003 (516) 872-8583 Leonard Weiss 5725 N Bernard Chicago. IL 60659 (312) 588-0510 Steven Weiss 844 Jefferson St Woodmere. NY 11598 (516) 295-1565 Zev Weiss 4500 University Pkwy University Hts. OH 44118 (216) 382-8048 Michael Weiner 136 Coolidge St Brookline. MA 02146 (617) 232-9083 Chaim Wietschner 27 W 86th St New York. NY 10024 (212) 877-5115 Robert Wind 99a W Maple Ave Monsey. NY (914) 356-3608 Harvey Winkler 67-44 Harrow St Forest Hills. NY 11375 (718) 263-1096 Leeor Yaish 441 Foster Ave Brooklyn. NY 11230 (718) 435-0705 Michael Yalkut 12 Springbrook Rd Spring Valley. NY 10977 (914) 352-5589 Chanoch Yeres 2245 Bronxwood Ave Bronx. NY 10469 (212) 652-7120 Gilead Yosher 405 Beach 128th St Belle Harbor. NY 11694 (718) 634-2986 Jay Zachter 1041 Willowbrook Rd Staten Island. NY 10314 (718) 761-3775 Eric Zaiman 833 Central Ave 4M Far Rockaway. NY 11691 (718) 337-5758 Daniel Zeldman 115 E 87th St New York. NY 10128 (212) 410-0207 Jerry Zeitchick 1365 E 56th St Brooklyn. NY 11234 (718) 531-8819 Robert Zeitz 91 Manuel Dr Dollard des Ormeaux. Que- bec H9A2M4 (514) 684-7676 Gary Zier 800 N Ocean Dr Hollywood. FL 33019 (305) 989-3361 Mark Ziering 33 Lewis PI New Rochelle. NY 10804 (914) 632-1258 Mark Zomick 1364 Milford Terr Teaneck. NJ 07666 (201) 836-5359 105 sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss s sasssssssssssss Yeshiva University Undergradua te Senior Classes CORDIALLY INVITE YOU TO OUR ANNUAL SENIOR DINNER Wednesday Evening, the First of June Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Eight Reception at eight o ' clock ASTOR BALLROOM New York Marriott Marquis 1535 Broadway at 47th Street Couvert $60.00 -SCW Per Person Couvert$40.00-YC R.S.V.P. YC Benji Silver M820 SCW liana Kopmar Br 19B Please Respond by May 2 with Payment 5SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS5 " Hey — I didn ' t know you ' re graduating this year! " was an ex- pression heard throughout the Mariott Marquis hotel on the night of June 1st, 1988. As seniors paraded to the smor- gasPord in the latest formal wear, excitement, anticipation and the most severe cases of " senioritis ' filled the room. Throughout the dinner, the seniors honored their own classmates who were presented with various awards for their achievement. In addition to hearing Divrei Torah and an interesting twist on the words " Stern College for Wom- en, " we were entertained as well. A realistic (?) reenactment of a " typical " Thursday night was shown on video. Judging by the laughter, it was evident that many seniors identified with it! Chocolate cake followed by a slide show completed the even- ing, and seniors ' 88 left with heightened emotions as they an- ticipated the next day ' s gradu- ation.!!!!!!!!!!! »88 107 ATTENTION ' SENIORS! " Hand in Senior Dinner response cards as soon as possible to ensure seating preferences- To liana Kopmar, I9B % f 0 A ' - " v 0 3 w JM tiV ' . " iW k- l » - k V k 1 K ' 1 s Si t kv V f r M " 4 . ■ tan SB f jk 109 Commencement Exercises to be Held at Avery Fischer Hall ysj YESHIVA UNIVERSITY 57th Annual Commencement Thursday, June 2, 1988 Lincoln Center ' s Avery Fisher Hall Broadway and 64th Street New York City STUDENT Ticket of Admission INSTRUCTIONS: Please arrive at Avery Fisher Hall no later than 8:30 am with this ticket of admission. Enter through the main entrance in front of the fountains. Proceed up left stairs to the First Tier (2nd Floor). Undergraduates proceed to East side (right) and Graduate students proceed down corridor for academic attire and final instructions. The procession will then form. »88 VIDEO CAMERAS. MOTION PICTURE CAMERAS AND RECORDING EQUIPMENT MAI ' NOT BE USED IN AVERY EISHER HALL ■ " • " m Y E S H I V i UNIVERSITY m AWARDS AND HONORS Stern College for Women Amerkjn institute ofCheini! Award for excellence in Chci Nojn:irdthts year Marcie Leak Yonina Segal Wendy Zlerler Art Department Aware in Art Amy Barenholtz Professor Daniel Bloc Award (established bi Mrs. II I Feldman) I ' m Jacob Hluital Memorial (established bv Mrs I). for excellence " in Behavioral Sciences Annette Gnatt Bnai ion Award for excellence in Hebreu Tamar Bar Chama Economics Depart! for Excellence in E Rachel Wohlgemuth Education Department Award lor leadership and excellence in Education Beth Debra Kosowsky Hannah Frish Mr. and Mrs. H.I Feldman Award for excellence in Life Sciences Esther Felgenbaum Malka Fishhaut Memorial Award (established by Rabbi and Mrs. Earl Ftshhaut) for excellence in Jewish Studies Anne Plttlnsky Abe Fleishaker Memorial Award for excellence in Jewish History- Yocheved Engelberg Esther Fleishaker Memorial Award for excellence in Bible Tova Radinsky Sol and Sarah Fnedland Memorial Award ' established by Mr and Mrs. Arthur Friedland) for excellence in Modern Hebrew Literature Rena Kamlnetzky Herman Gerufsky Memorial Award for excellence in Jewish History Miriam Berger Benjamin H and Jennie Hammer Memorial Award for excellence in Political Science Ariella Schrieber Rachel Turk Professor Laurel Hat vary Award for Creative Writing Karen Beth Liss Sarah T Hcrschfus Memorial Award ' established by Dr. and Mrs. Morris Epstein ) for excellence in English Wendy Zlerler History Department Award for Excellence in History Elaine Witty Ida Lamport Hurewitz Memorial Award for excellence in the Social Sciences Blna Miller Sit van it Wlener-Avnear Ida Lamport Hurewitz Memorial Award for excellence in the Natural Sciences Deborah Cheslr Professor Moses L Isaacs Memorial Award for excellence in Chemistry No award this year Sadie and Arthur Lamport Memorial Award for excellence in Jewish Ethics Deborah Cheslr Jacob and Katie Lashin Memorial Award (established by Mr and Mrs. Arthur Friedland) for creativity in the Biological Sciences Denajaffe Rabbi Chaim Levine Memorial Award for excellence in Jewish Studies Sharon Rlchter Morris Lipton Memorial Award (established by Mr. and Mrs. H.I. Feldman) for excellence in Foreign Languages Helen Friedrich McGrao. Hill Book Company Award for Service to the Chemistry Department Orlle Levy Marcia Pearlstein Memorial Award for excellence in Hebraic Studies Sharon Kramer Professor Nathaniel L Remes Memorial Award (established by the Class of 1978) for a senior chosen for character, personality, and service rendered to the School Rachel Mandel Elaine Witty Jerome Robbins Memorial Award for the best original short story Sharon Herzfeld Joseph Rosenberg Memorial Award (established by his sister and brother in law Livia and Sidney Turkel) for excellence in Jewish Studies and Jewish Ethics Erica Schoonmaker Edward A Rothman Memorial Award (established by the Henry, Bertha, and Edward Rothman Foundation) for the best essay on the theme of Issues in Orthodox Judaism in Practice Erica Schoonmaker Shanl Goldsmith Gilda R.S Silverman Memorial Award (established by her family and friends Phyllis Gordon Solomon Memorial Award for excellence in Pre Law Studies liana Kopmar Ariella Schrieber Stern College Alumnae Association Award for service to the College and academic achievement Sharon Herzfeld Lisa Wachtenheim Memorial Award for character and service Sharon Kramer Wall Street Journal Award for excellence In Economics Sharon Rubin Women ' s Branch of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America Award for excellence in Jewish Studies Ethel Greenstone Max Stern Scholars Pnlna Baumgarten Miriam Esther Berger Deborah Miriam Chesl Joy Lynn Devor Yocheved Michal Engelberg Ethel Lynn Greenstone Marcie E. Lenk Debra Lynne Samber Ariella Esther Schrelber Yonina Victoria Segal Wendy Ilene Zlerler Dr. Samuel Belkin Undergraduate Scholars Esther Gtael Felgenbaum Shani L. Goldsmith James Slnar School of General Jewish Studltt Gabriel Sosnc | jj Breuct College til Hebraic Studies Marc Silver Mlchele Rcnee Katz Tova Radinsky Erica Schoonmaker Valedictorians Stern College for Women Wendy Zlerler stern College lor Women Rebecc Ivry Department ufjudalc studies Yonina Segal Deborah Ann Schwartz Sara Menl Silberman Ycsluva Program Mazer School ofTalmudk Studies l li.tki.o Koenlgsberg 112 113 Frani Stein LET US REMEMBER Let us Now Remember and never forget a girl from Ohio, a girl we had met Her name Frani Stein — an Ed. major was she hardworking and conscientious, a teacher to be Not just a classmate, but a friend to us, loo wanting to help out. whatever she could do Although words never justify — Frani — her style remember her character, remember her smile So come June 2nd, our long awaited ddte let us remember Frani, with love from, the class of — Elaine Salczer New to each other, yet friends from the start No longer lonely, rarely seen apart Both from Ohio with accents — Best friends New classes, new people, new fashions, new trends Frani — a best friend, a sister, a real inspiration Caring and comforting, there for me in any situation We shared laughter, we shared tears Growing all the closer, together overcoming our fears Accomplishments, disappointments, dates and more fun Inside jokes, nicknames — Oh, how we laughed a ton Beautiful, intelligent, sentimental — all in one Considerate, patient, conscientious — just to name some Most of all. your love and your care so special to me Now remains in my heart as an endless memory After 3 great years, what do I say to Frani and " E " now apart? I can only say " Thank-You " Best Friend, for I love you eternally from the bottom of my heart. " To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the sun ... " " A time to be bom ... " When Frani came into our lives she brought us all happiness, good times to re- member — a friend we could all count on. " A time to laugh ... " When she laughed she lit up the whole world with joy. Even when she became ill she was still able to laugh and bring happiness to family and friends. " A time to embrace ... " She embraced us in many ways; a phys- ical hug, a touch on the shoulder, a handful of words, her special smile. She touched ev- erything and everyone with love. " A time to love ... " Anything that was important to us was im- portant to Frani. She expressed her love in many ways to so many different people. She loved and respected each person for who they were. Everyone who knew Frani knew the deep love that she felt for her family. Her family was everything to her, and she expressed her love for them to everyone she knew. She put her heart and soul into her ' ' coolers " (her niece and nephews), and she found so much joy in their achievements. This joy was not limited to her niece and nephews but extended to all children. It was this love that made her choose early-child- hood education. " A time to weep ... " Oh how we loved her too . . . People around the world showed their love in her time of need; through prayer, tzedakah, learning in her Zchus, and some through tears. " A time to die ... " Everyone is put in this world for a purpose. In Frani ' s short time with us she touched more people in more ways than some people ever accomplish. We thank God for the time we were blessed with her. We will carry with us throughout our lives the wonderful memo- ries we have of Frani. " In good times and bad times I ' ll be on your side forever more That ' s what friends are for " All My Love Always, " E " -laine 114 tit » » • » . -fe -y . CTCE RASll RE £rcE RAGU RE £TCE RAGU RE aUE RA U RE MSiE ASmiE - £ . ' " ♦ The Final Testimony of the 1988 Senior by Ariella Schreiber Farewell. Farewell! a word that must be, and hath been a sound which makes us linger — yet, tare- well! Lord Byron The last official issue of The Ob- server 1987-88 is the appropriate place for the final testimony of the 1988 Senior. The word " gradu- ation " to those anxiously and not so anxiously awaiting that fateful day in June, evokes a series of feelings and memories. Inevitably, the questioned Senior sighs and then responds, " Well its been a good four years, but it ' s time to move on ... " SO WHAT WAS IT LIKE WHEN . . . The consensus among the inter- viewed graduates was that from the aesthetics to the academics, Stern College has been in flux dur- ing the last four years. " When we first came, " says one senior, " there was uproar over the painting of the Stern College library pink and bur- gundy. The classic comment was whether or not they painted the up- town campus blue. Now, the school building has become (in re- sponse?!) a painter ' s palette. " As far as lounging goes . . . Stern seniors remember when the Or- ange Lounge was the nice lounge . . . and when the wicker chairs and grey carpeting first arrived in the Front Lounge, making it the new place to be. Another notable addi- tion to the University is the student lounge in the school building. Per- fect for in between class naps or catching the Oprah Winfrey show, the lounge has managed to keep in pace with the times since it is now open hours parallel to those of the Stern Library. Speaking of the library . . . Sen- iors have followed the ongoing lit- erary dispute to its (almost, but not quite yet) fruition. Many of them having assiduously followed The Observer refrain of " the boys are getting a swimming pool and a gym SO WHERE IS OUR LIBRARY. " Of course, we did get the vending caf (where is it, anyway?) which is now to be sacrificed for the aforemen- tioned cause. A library subtopic has been: the growing Stern Dormitory Beis Me- drash, equipped with everything from morning minyan to Tehillim sessions. In the spirit of expansion, there has been talk of a room swap between the " don ' t open that win- dow " First Floor Study Hall (conve- niently located next door to Milner ' s Market) and the Beis Me- drash. Since a Stern College creed is " a sound mind in a sound body, " the exercise room must be men- tioned. Enough said. TRANSPORTATION The Senior remembers the prolif- eration of vans between the up- town and downtown campuses, as well as the threatened cancella- tion of the service. Even more fond- ly recalled, is the Stern Library Van which ran rain or shine, full or emp- ty, from Stern College to Brookdale Hall. Two minutes walking — ten minutes by car. Recently, subsi- dized transportation has expand- ed to include trips abroad. From trips to behind the Iron Curtain, to summer tours of Italy, Stern stu- dents are on the move. ACADEMICS Everyone interviewed agreed that the academic opportunities offered to the Stern student have increased and improved in the last four years. Credit was unanimous- ly attributed to pressure exerted by both students and faculty. The his- tory, philosophy, biology and computer departments were cited by a majority of students as being among those departments most improved. Deserving of an honor- able mention is the addition of a new computer room, which has brought Stem into the computer word processor age. (A suggested technological innovation for the dormitory has been an answering machine for each dorm room.) An- other deservedly praised aca- demic institution, is the visiting pro- fessors who have added diversity to the Stern curriculum. THEMES No 1988 graduate could ignore certain themes propelling the Col- Reflections As I turn the knob, I notice the marks scratched into the paint of the door near the lock. I must have rammed my ID card into that lock countless times, trying to get it open. Both me and my ID looked pretty tired at graduation. As the door swings open, I get my first glance. It ' s sort of psychedel- ic, the light from the sunless sky bounces from offwhite walls to striped gray mattresses. It looks pretty calm, until my eyes are blinded by the one yellow wall — the " accent " wall that was painted the color of a school bus. We asked the paint- ers, " This is just a base, you ' re painting over this, right? " I head for the window first — a massive view of Manhat- tan. The Pan-Am building in the distance, the 24 hour deli across the street. Looking down at the blue awning, I can see the van pulling up, and the girls crowding around, as my roommate ' s blind date steps out nervously. I can hear the strains of " Ode Yeshama " as the happy couple steps out of their car. The concrete under the awning was always lit- tered with glittering confetti. I can see the heads which always peeked out below, at the circus elephants which streamed in a line down 34th Street, and at the cars which screamed down after the Mets won the World Series. My eyes turn to bare walls. There can ' t be anything this depressing. I laughed and cried when I took those memories off that wall. The picture sketched by the old man in Central Park, the telegrams sent by roommates, friends, and more than friends, the flag from the Israel Day parade, and the birthday cards from my twenty-first birthday. It ' s easy tol categorize the cards. The flowery ones about maturity and! achievement are from relatives; the cards with beer cans on the front and lewd suggestions inside are from friends — and more than friends. The picture frames sat on the desk. Mom and Dad in the heart shaped frame. When school got rough and I got homesick I ' d kiss the picture. It never solved any problems, but it did make me feel better. Next to it is my " brag book " on my niece. My roommates used to get awfully guiet when I talked about Frayda. They must have been speechless. The shelf above it held my schoolbooks, the always important thesaurus, and the absolutely vital collection of " Gui des. " |l The latter showed the most wear and tear. 116 I ege ' s recent history. We were srivileged to be present for the In- auguration of the Sy Syms Business school, which made us all more ' educated consumers. " As under- graduates, we were barraged by Centennial paper plates, napkins and the eternally present Centen- nial tray. As recently as last year, Stern students were taught to think n a " tank " and the infinite ways of 3est synthesizing Torah and Ma- dah. Changing times means the changing of the guards . . . from Mrs. Zuroff to Mrs. Braun; from the fteichs ' to the Kupfermans ' ; from Professors on and off Sabbaticals; and others who will be sorely missed . . . AND OF COURSE THE GRADUATES " As Seniors we have moved, " says one graduate, " from being undecided to mostly decided. Se- riously, we should be proud of our peers who are taking interesting and diverse steps towards their fu- ture. " For some graduates, the next several years will be spent in professional schools of law, busi- ness or medicine. Others are pur- suing doctoral degrees in philos- ophy, English, psychology ... in Universities ranging from Brandeis to Princeton to Ferkauf. Then there are the Stern Women entering the work force in marketing, account- ing and teaching positions. EXCERPTED QUOTES FROM THE GRADUATE So how do we feel right now . . . Elated, bittersweet. Reassured that some things will never change, like crowded elevators and bran muf- fins for breakfast. These last four years have been frustrating and enriching. Four years? You mean two and a half. I ' ll miss not being able to talk in the library. Actually, right now all I ' m thinking about is trying to find a summer job. Four years is a long time to be in one place — but its been a relatively good long time . . . AU REVOIR Stern College, its been a true experience. The kitchen was usually graced in the morning with the signs of last night ' s snack — probably eaten only two hours before. The remains included two cookies of a box of the Entemann ' s Chocolate Chip sort, and empty Diet Coke cans — always Diet Coke. I walk back to the radiator, and sit on the floor with my back against it. As I drink in the emptiness like cool water, my mind is flooded with memories of this room, when it was alive. There were those times when we poured out our hearts to each other — dancing in after a good date and sitting on my roommates comforter, reporting the demanded details till 3:00 AM. There were times when we got sick of each other, and needed to c url up in our own beds with home- work, leaving the room in a tense sort of silence. The door slams open and shatters my reverie. A girl walks in — they get younger all the time. She drags an overstuffed khaki duffle bag into the room, and gives me a bewildered look. I stand up slowly and stare out the window once more. She must be in the wrong room. Showers Sharon Herzfeld Lately Dianna had been going to quite a number of showers. It seemed like everyone in her senior class was getting married, pregnant, a new apartment or some combination of the three. Six engagements in one week While she actually liked a few of the guys, she wondered how her friends made the decision with such certainty. " I can ' t decide what I should wear in the morning — I should know the kind of guy I want to spend my life with? " she thought Such life changes seemed overwhelming, even from a distance: pick- ing color schemes, hunting for closet-sized condos. matching up levolor blinds. Locked in her bathroom after each shower, Dianna would sit on the bathroom sink, pluck out a few eyebrows and breathe a sign of relief at having escaped the madness of pre-nuptial preparations. All she wanted was a little freedom, some time to experiment, " By the time you change your tune it will be too late. " Karen warned. " Don ' t you know there are ten gorgeous women for every eligible man??? " Karen ' s words drifted to her through the perfumed crowd in Blooming- dales ' Bridal Registry Shopping for shower gifts had become a ritual. On this stifling afternoon, in between the Villeroy and Boch and Wedgewood displays, Dianna glimpsed her dream china: Royal Doulton ivory with an azure border laced in gold threads. At once Dianna saw herself at the head of an Irish linen clothed table, china flanked on either side with shell patterned Christofle silver and two Rosenthal crystal gob- lets. The man at the other end was smiling at their guests: a professor of Chinese literature, a prominent feminist attorney, a member of the Israeli cabinet. Dianna. Queen of the Castle — her castle with Royal Doulton china and Rosenthal crystal and a tall green eyed, straight nosed lover with sandy curly hair. Her King. But where was he? Certainly not sifting through Bloomingdales. He ' d probably be out playing tennis. White shorts moving gracefully across the courts like a pro. Or bronzed muscu- lar arms emerging from green scrubs, performing colon surgery. A middle-aged saleswoman led Dianna to the lavendar screened computer which at the flick of a button conjured up lists of china, silver and crystal " I ' m Linda, your personal shopper " the woman said. " When are you getting married? " " July, " Dianna replied with a straight face, wondering if Linda would look for a ring " We just decided two nights ago. " " Well congratulations. You ' ve made the right choice by coming to register at Bloomingdales . . . have you seen anything you are interested in yet? " Actually, there was a really great looking guy on the second floor, Dianna thinks. Instead she says: " I ' ve decided on Carlisle by Royal Doul- ton for dinnerware, could you suggest a crystal pattern and some flat- ware? " " Well, you don ' t really want anything to clash ... I recommend a simple yet striking set of goblets for wine and water by Baccarat ... in the showcase over here . . . very elegant yet they won ' t make your table appear too busy ... " I can ' t believe I ' m listening to this. " Christofle is the best silverware you can buy. " Linda thrusts a fork into Dianna ' s hand. " Feel its richness. A fork you can be proud of. Not like some of the popular plastic handled Mikasa flatware Can I really go through with this? Any second someone I know will pop up and blow my act. " Matching napkin rings are an essential feature of every well-dressed table. These are also by Christofle and will add that extra touch ... " " You know what, Linda? I think I ' ll register the china and goblets and come back with my fiance to pick the flatware since he should have a say too. " " An excellent idea, although you really do have superb taste it ' s really wonderful to see young couples investing in traditional good- quality tableware. " I ' m going to throw up " In the meantime, your file will be waiting so anyone who comes by be able to make a purchase ... " Is she paid to be pushy? " Here is my card . . we look forward to seeing you again soon. Dianna walked slowly to the escalators, watching everything pass by in her descent: couture clothes, oriental lamps, leather sofas. Marriage is not about Bloomingdales. I could work for these things without having to get married. And circling through the revolving doors she felt better than she had for weeks. Through the charade, a huge weight was lifted. Dianna feels incredibly relieved. Relieved because deep down she knows that she is not yet ready. Sy Syms School of Business AWARDS AND HONORS Joseph Herbst Award for Excellence in Ac- counting Alexandra Agress Harry R. Mancher Award for Excellence in Accounting RoAnna Bienstock Henry Brout Award for Scholarship and Ser- vice in Accounting Shira Berezin Dean ' s Award for Scholastic Achievement in Accounting Marilyn Kohn Mildred Schlessberg Accounting Society Award for Outstanding Service BENAY PERLMAN MSAS Honorable Mention for Scholarship ESTHER KOREN MSAS Honorable Mention for Service CHANA BENHAMU SHERRILL ALLEN Bernard A. Brown Award for Excellence in a Business Related Subject Rachel Wohlgemuth Dean ' s Award for Excellence in Business Studies Leah Bluth Dean ' s Award for Service and Character in Business Studies Rebecca Rosenberg M mMLr 120 m A CD YW© m 121 nn 77 e Official Newspaper of Stern College for Women • Yeshiva University Governing Board Rachel Mehler, Editor-in-chief Amy Mehlerr, Assistant Editor Deena Yellin, News Editor Ariella Schreiber, Features Editor Joan P. Weiner, Editorial page Editor Annabelle Fernandez, Sports Editor Miriam Simpson, Sports Editor Sara Silberman, Proof Copy Editor Sharon Miller, Arts Graphics Editor Annabelle Fernandez, Photography Editor Penina Blazer, Layout Editor Ronnie Klar, Managing Editor Congratulations to the Graduates of the 1987 — 1988 Class 122 MAZEL TOY! TO LINDA KRAMER FROM I MOM. DAD, LARRY, MIRIAM. JOSH, MEIR, DAVID, MALKE. YIT2CHAK, MARGARET, YAAKOV, BU8I, ZEIDI, STAN AMD FREDDY. 123 Good Luck To Sheri Moskovitz We love you Keep us proud Mom, Dad and Eric 124 Congratulations to our beloved Beth Bebra Kosowsky " He in whom the spirit of mankind finds pleasure, in him the spirit of the All-Present finds pleasure ... Myrna and Seymour Kosowsky Sara, Ira and David Rose Kosowsky and Ethyle Krentzman 125 (Dazel Cov to our Sandy Sara: s jn a« . tii 8tv ' dfao oeo P ' fSfc j £« " CDaq God c ive you the strength to continue in the ' Path of Sarah, " Hivka, Rachel, £eah " ' Be J-fappy " £ove, (Dommy, ' Daddy, Jonathan Tlanny ' Poppy Grandma = 126 To our darling Sherill on your graduation Wishing you much bracha and Harzlacha in the future " Many daughters have done valiantly, but thou excellest them all. " (Proverbs 31:29) All our love, Mom Dad and Brian 111 127 TO OUR DAUGHTER, SISTER, SISTER-IN-LAW, AUNT AND DODA BRA CHA BRENDA MAZEL TOV AND THE BEST OF WISHES FOR ALL YOUR FUTURE ENDEAVORS. MAY ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE. With lots and lots of love, Mommy and Daddy Kitty and Asher Sinai and Kavtsael Karen and Mark Ian Rachel and Zvi Shlomo 128 Dear Rona, We wish to thank you — for the happy years you ' ve brought us. — for the joy and pride youve always made us feel. — for your unique sweetness. — for your great inner strength and piety. — for your outstanding accomplishments , and — for the deep LOVE that we share with you. Our heartiest MAZEL TOV goes out to you dear Rona, on your college graduation. Continue to be a source of great pride to yourself and to us all. Best wishes too, to the entire Stern graduating class of 1988. Love from Mom and Dad liana and Adam Bubby Goldie and Zeyde Mac ET Bubby 129 130 Congrats ro the class of 88. MAZEL TOV Robin (Ruchie) Reece Ali V ' hatzlichi Love Always Ema Pommy Debi and Howie Grandma Wirh fondesr of memories of my beloved Father David 5. Reece z " L Ruchie 131 MAZEL TOV To our wonderful Daughter, Sister, Aunt SHARON All our love, Mom and Dad Gary, Geoffrey, Alan, Aliza, Talia 132 Mazel Tov to Wendy Horvitz May your future be filled with all the Nachas and happiness that you have brought to all of us. Love, Mom and Dad Marvin and Marty Uncle Lee and Aunt Trudy Uncle Bob and Aunt Ester 133 CONGRATULATIONS DONNA WE LOVE YOU Mom, Dad, and Ira 134 MAZEL TOV to our dear Robin and all the graduates. May Hashem bless you with health, happiness and success. We hope you will continue on the path of the Torah as well as be- ing a source of Nachas to the entire family. We are very proud of you! All our love, Mommy, Daddy, and Yali 135 % Dearest Sara, In your future may you have an abundance of Love, joy and happiness you have given us in your past MAZEL TOV VE HATZLACHA Love, Mom, Mindy, Zelig, Fraida, Rachel, Reuven, Moshe, Aunt Ida, Aunt Eva and Uncle Sam, Aunt Ettie and Uncle Maurice. v- J 136 (fc Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to our darling daughter Wendy Anne Nussbaum upon her graduation with all our love Mom, Dad, Edie and Mark and Amanda, Grandma Lea and Grandpa Benjamin Book 137 138 139 To oivr dear friend Sherrill Allen and Mazel Tov from the Hepner family in Los Angeles 140 Dear Rosanna, Through wisdom is a house built, and by understanding is it established; and by knowledge are the chambers filled with all precious and pleasant riches. Proverbs 24.3-4 Through your torah education, you have gained the knowl- edge and wisdom to be successful. Remember the moral and ethical teachings in the Torah as you pursue your goals. Congratulations on your graduation from Stern. We are proud of you. Mom Mom Bi en stock Grandma Sylvia and Grandpa Natie Kurtzer Mom, Dad, Micah, Seth and Judah 141 To our dearest Sharon, May the happiness you brought us until now be endowed upon you in th e future. You will always be a source o pride to us. Hatzlacha Rabba! Love, Mom Grandma - Dad Grandpa David Babi Ari Ziedi Danie 142 Mommy, Daddy, Shlomo, Yitzchack, Freyda, c 3 Q CD C 3 Congratulations to Yocheved and her classmates §- on their graduation. ? Love, The Gantze Mishpacha N O =r Q O CD M CD - O Aunt Claire, Grandma, Uncle Mike, Uncle Stevie, Zippy, Yisroel. 143 To our sisrer Sracy To my sisrer Juli e and brorher Darry Even though you hove been our of Thanks for always being rhere even rown so long, we love and miss you all when I ' m nor rhere wirh you. 1 love you rhe rime. borh. Good luck in rhe furure in wharever you do. Love always, Love always, Sracy Barry and Julie To Mom and Dad To our daughrer Sracy Who would ever believe rhar 1 Ir seems like yesrerday. You were a would acrually make ir Through all of classroom srudenr and now you will be rhis our here. 1 know I ' m a survivor and ir a reacher yourself. is you 1 have ro rhank. We love you very much. You are 1 love you borh very much. always in our hearrs. Love always Love always, and Mom and Dad forever Sracy 144 s To our dear daughter and grandaughter ARIELLA MAZEL TOV and Best of Luck Always WE LOVE YOU! Bobie Gitel, Bobie Amy, Daddy, Mommy, Lisa, Moshe, Davy. 145 In Honor of LAINIE FEDER and the Graduating Class of 88 Security Title and Guaranty Company 300 East 40th Stroot, Now York, Now York 10016 (212)661-5010 A Helmsley Company 146 MAZEL TOV to Jani Kind (Dee Dee) May your life be filled with good health and happiness. We are so proud of you. All our love, Mom, Dad, Randi, Warren, Barry and Scott To my wife Jani, Mazel Tov on your graduation. You ' ve made me very proud. I love you always, Arthur Mazel Tov to our daughter, Jani For a happy and successful future. Love, Mom, Dad, Eleanor, Sharon, Richard, Sherry, and Lisa. 147 With joy and gratitude to the Almighty we congratulate our daughter and sister ELAINE HOPE WITTY and the class of I9SS " there are only two lasting bequests we can give our chil- dren one is roots, the other wings. " Roots to anchor them to their family, their people, and their precious heritage. and wings to permit them to soar as far as they can dream. Rachel and Avraham Witty Emily, Arnie and Allison Cheryl 148 To our darling daughter Bella-Joy and the class of $$ may you always reach beyond your next milestone. And with G-d ' s blessings for good health, happiness and prosperity in your future. Love, Mom £ Dad In loving memory Bubbie Saidie Bella Chil Szklinski We would have been very proud of you. In honor of our daughter Bella-Joy in loving memory of our dear sister Sara Weledniger from: Mom Dad, Uncle David, Tzippi family, and Zevik family. Congratulations and love to Bella-Joy Love Uncle Don, Aunt Miriam family Uncle Abe, Aunt Lisa family 149 Rachel Say " Stern " Say " Kochavia " By any light you are a star to us Law offices of Jonathan David Bachrach 300 Madison Avenue New York, New York 10017 (212) 883-0030 General Legal Practice Featuring: R. Mandel To our dearest Esther 150 TO OUR DEAREST ESTHER We ' re very proud of you. Mabrook and best of luck in the future. Love, Mom, Dad, Rachelle and David 151 The Stern College Student Council wishes the graduating class of 1988 The best of luck in all their future endeavors 1987-1988 SCWSC EXECUTIVE BOARD Elaine Witty — President Rachel Pomerantz — Vice President Sharon Miller — Corresponding Secretary Leath Bluth — Treasurer — Recording Secretary 152 Mazel Tov to our dear Amy we are so proud of your accomplishments may your future be bright, happy and fulfilling. Congratulations to your fellow graduates! Love, Mom and Dad, Michael and Randi, Melissa and Eric, Debbie, Freddy and Stuart 153 MAZEL TOV MALKA LEPOW on your graduation from Stern College with love from your family Mommy and Daddy, Heidi, Gramdma, Aunt Toni, Uncle Ralph, Joseph, Ben Elana 154 MAZEL TOV to Judy and the class of ' 88 We wish you happiness, love and everything good. We ' re very proud of you. Love, Mommy, Dadd, Omi, Shooshy, Aaron, Daniel and Elana. 155 156 MAZEL TOV to BINAH Love, Bonnie Heshie Shertz Elissa Michael % To our daughter sister BINAH We are proud of you! With much love, Anita David Miller Grandma Saba Robin, Elly, Avi, Sara 157 158 159 Congratulations to Esther, From Rosbro Sportswear and Doren Girl Coat Co. David Rosenberg — President Yitzchak Rosenberg — Vice President Bernard Rosenberg — Treasurer Mordechal Rosenberg — Secretary Mazel Tov Ester upon your graduation from college. We are all very proud of you. We wish you happiness and success in the future. We hope to continue to Shep Nachas from you. Love, Baba, Apu, Daddy, Mommy, Danny, and Gabi 160 To Joy, Mazel Tov and much love to the best wife any man could hope for I ' m very proud of you Love David 161 Maze I Tov to our Darling Daughter ANNE Upon Her Graduation Mom and Dad Jonathan and Harold Pittinsky 162 Mazel Tov to Laurie May you always be a source of nachus to the family. We are proud of your past achievements and wish you luck with your future endeavors. May Hashem grant you all your wishes for now and forever more. Best wishes and love always, Mom, Dad, Jason and Grandma, Your proud husband Mitch and The Kirschner Family 163 To our daughter sister NflDIP ITIazel Tov on your graduation We are very proud of you! (Tlom, Dad, Nadar, Kourash Darioosh Congratulations to the class of 1988 Jnillon I. Jflus8 PROFESSIONAL ENGINEER, PLANNER •LICENSED SURVEYOR 4-16 FOURTH STREET FAIR LAWN. N J. 07410 ( 2o« ) 797-8615 164 M ZCL TOV N1D BCST WISH€S TO OUR DWJGHTCR row you hCHieue success, HCN.TH MD HNWCSS, in m. YOUR CNDCIWORS. COMGRMUMIOnS TO MY GRNDDNJGHT€R RP CH€L TURK on thc occasion Of HCR GRhDUMlON. BCST WISHCS FOR MUCH HhPPINCSS N.WIWS. LOUC, GRMDMh GLIZMCTH RCIMHhRD 165 To our dear daughter and sister With pleasure and pride we recognize your accomplishments thus far. It is our hope and blessings for a better future, higher achievements and success in all of your future endeavors. i , NV fcalc ( fcwfc t •vr Dear Mom, Dad and all of my wonderful brothers. All that I have learned and acquired through these years would have been impossible without the precious love, support and caring you all gave me. I LOVE YOU! IRIS 166 Mazel Tov, Wendy! We love you, Mom Dad, Sharon Alan, Randi Richard, Berui Larry, Abby, Tali, Joshi etc. . . . 167 Mazel Tov to our daughter and sister REBECCA We wish you the best of everything. Always! Love, Abba, Imma, Ariel, Miriam, Shulamit and Chaiim Dovid Rosenberg To our dear Annette Mazel Tov and congratulations upon your graduation. May it be the beginning of more great things to come. With pride, joy, and love, our hopes for you are happiness, good health and s uccess always. Mom and Dad, David, Sharon and Dan 168 ■ r Mazel Tov Renee On this your graduation! May your life be filled with Mazel, happiness always and success. Love always, Mom, Nahum Larry Dear Meryl, Congratulations on this major event in your life. May all your dreams come true. Remember, " Climb high, climb far, your goal the sky, your aim the star. " We are so proud of you. Love, Mommy, Alison Aaron J V ■ r Mazel Tov to GEELIT KANNER from her family Abba Ima Dov Chumi Shlomo, Meryl Oren Yonatan Yaacov Mazel Tov to our baby sister SHOSHANA We are so proud of you! From your brothers, Alan and Danny in London J V. 169 ■ r Mazel Tov Rachel on your graduation. May your future be filled with health and happiness. We are proud of your scholastic achievements, and you are a special young woman. Rachel Mandel You are numero uno, always and forever. Know how much you are loved. Aim for the top. The world is yours. Mazel Tov Mommy, Bubby Rivka, Shayne, Rebecca, Isaac, Elke To Annie, The most precious possession in the world. We wish you all life ' s best always. Congratulations! With all our love, Mom, Dad, Nana, Robbie § Grace J V ■ r Best Wishes to Meryl and the graduating class of 1988 from PERSONAL CAPITAL MANAGEMENT INC. Financial Planning Advisor Y11 East 42nd Street Suite 1004 New York, New York 10168 212-972-0056 Gary D. Ambrose Norman A. Dawidowicz J K_ 170 ■ r Mazel Tov % Best Wishes to our dear daughter-in-law and sister-in-law Joy Lynn Good luck and continued success. We are very proud of you. Lots of love, Mommy, Tatti, Rayle % Shimshon, Deena S Yidel, Toby § Baila SHOSHANA SAMSON Your grandparents in Copenhagen, Denmark, are very proud of you and wish you Bracha V ' Hatzlacha Rabba Farfar and Farmur Samson J V " N r In honor of LANINE FEDER Precise ceres Abstract Corp. 1055 Saw Mill River Road Ardsley, New York 10502 914-963-7200 Leonard Feder — Principal Dearest Debbie, Mazel Tov to you and the class of ' %%. Wishing you much health % happiness always. Love, Mom % Dad Vicki Sarah § Aaron Rachel Grandma Sarab § Grandma Victoria J V 171 We wish our darling niece SHERRILL ANDREA ALLEN all the very best life has to offer. Mazel Tov, Sherrill Fond Love, Uncle Barry, Auntie Rainah, Stuart, Richard and Melanie Dear Cheryl, Good Luck and Best Wishes in the future Love, Mom and Dad Goldmeier 172 Dear Debbie, Mazel Tov on your graduation! May you go Michayil El Chayil We love you so very much! Mom, Dad, Adam, Josh, Aaron Sara ' Best to At dass ow ' 88 I.J.MORRIS.C JEWISH FUNERAL DIRECTORS SINCE 1888 • Brooklyn (718) 377-8610 • Greater Miami (305)944-3445 • Queens (718)377-8610 1895 Fioteush Ave., nr. Kings H ' way . F t. Lauderdale (305)564-0899 • Bronx (212)406-3311 N ScS™ • Deerfield Beach ( 305 ' 272 - 072 2 • Manhattan (212) 406-331 1 • Suffolk (516) 499-6060 Delra y Beach (305) 272-0722 • Westchester (914) 632-0235 21 E. Deer Park Road. Dix Hills • W. Palm Beach (305) 655-5105 • Hearing Impaired TTY (718) 377-3292 I.J. MORRIS is a registered service mark owned by I.J. Morris, Inc. ISAAC J. MORRIS JOSEPH M. MORRIS ' BENJAMIN B. MORRIS ALLEN E. MORRIS JOEL F. MORRIS GERTRUDE MORRIS KENNETH R. KORNHAUSER JEROME C. BARTH HOWARD C. KOTKIN FRED MILSTEIN MYRON JUROW ANDREW ROSENTHAL DOUGLAS WEITZ ERIC P. ZWEIG •Deceased 173 Co Our ' Dearest £eah, CDay your CUAZ JbL Always be COU With much love, CDommy and ' Daddy, ' Bubby Charnowitz S imicha, Dov and CDiriam To Our Granddaughter ESTHER SUTTON We are so proud of you. Good luck on your graduation. May you achieve all your goals. Love, Grandma and Grandpa 174 Congratulations SHOSHANA SAMSON With love and best wishes for continued success. Dad Chia Tamar Daniella Aviva, we are so proud of you. Mom, Dad, Ira § Alex Aviva, you continue to bring the springtime in our lives. Love, Rebecca and Michael. May you go from strength to strength in fulfilling your dreams. Love, Sheala Kendal § family. I know Aviva, a cute baby to a beautiful £ sensitive young lady. Syd Polansky. To dear Aviva. Mazel Tov on being a graduate. Love from Aunt Evelyn and Uncle Max. To my dear niece Aviva, my love and good wishes alw ays. Aunt Selma. Aviva, you have been a constant source of pride and joy to your family. We wish you good things always. Love, Aunt Lillian and Uncle Nat. Aviva, to a wonderful young woman. Love Stella and Dave. Aviva, Mazel Tov and Best Wishes always! Paula § Joe Brecher. Wishing you a life of Abundant Victories § Inspirational Virtues Always. With love, cousin Ira. 175 Dear Uvia, For this you need a degree? Congratulations and Congradulations, Love Yehudal, Debbie Tova Mozel Tov to our dear Rachel and her graduating class. We are very proud of you. May Hashem bless you with good health and happiness in the years ahead. Love, Dad, Mom, Miriam Turk 176 In honor of our daughter Joy Lynn. We are very proud of you, Joy. We love you and wish you and your husband a fulfilling future. " A thing of beauty is OUR joy forever. " Your parents and family Helen, Sol, Larry, Cathy David, Audry Yaakov, Ezra Ari Best of luck to SHERI LEVENTHAL WITH OUR COMPLIMENTS New Haven, Connecticut 177 r To My Dearest Debbie, MAZEL TOV! Wishing you continued health and happiness in the future. 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May you always follow in the ways of Torah, fulfilling the Mitzvos of Hashem and may he grant you a life filled with health and happiness. Love, Mom and Dad 179 Good Luck to SUSAN FISCHER Barbara and Sandy Sterman To our daughter SUSAN FISCHER Love Mom and Dad Best Wishes to SUSAN FISCHER Noah Peggy Gurock Esti. Eli. Joshua. Vonan Mazel Tov to Renee and all grandchildren Oma Opa To Renee It ' s just the beginning! Love always. Robert (212)964-0277 (201)837-5481 NEUMAN g ROSENBLATT. P.A. Certified Public Accountants 141 Ayers Court Teaneck. N.J. 07666 JERUSALEM PIZZA in Teaneck Pizza — Falafel — Vegetable Salad Under Strict Rabbinical Supervision 496 Cedar Lane Teaneck, N.J. 07666r ITZHAK and DOV 836-20 836-2165 AVENUE J HEALTH FOODS 14 Avenue J Brooklyn. New York 230 Mazel Tov £ Best Wishes to CINDY DEAR upon graduating from Stern College Love your grandparents Mr. 6 Mrs. Sol Dear My wife Alana made me buy this adl Jack Abromowitz Yeshiva College 1987 In honor of SHERRILL ALLEN We love you Uncle Ital. Auntie Diane and Lynne Mazel Tov With great pride and joy to our U SHARON Love Grandma 6 Grandpa Custom Needlepoints (516) 883 1931 for any occasion Marilyn The Mad Needlepoint isl and Seamstress Custom sewing Bridal and Mother of the bride Free Delivery Open 7 Days a Week ,-ounl Health 6 B PASTEUR PHARMACY 10 Park Pharmaey Inc. 10 Park Avenue orner of 34lh and Park Avenue N.V.. N.Y. 10016 Leon Tarasenko. RPH Ste Aids 683-383 With our compliments K 6 C GIFTS CARDS 64 East 34th St. N.Y.C. 10016 212 686-6491 Cards. Books. Gifts. Candy. Albums Plush Animals. Gift Wrap Party Goods 180 To Cheryl with Best Wishes May this be just a small sign of what can be accomplished in the future. I love you. 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Congrats Love Shimpy To Mazal Rahabi, We congratulate you on your upcoming graduation and wish you much health, happiness and success. Love Mark, Flora. Lee g Donald Bienstock longratulalions and Best Wishes To a Wonderful Young Lady HANNAH FRISH Elieser 6 Moshe Furg ACE LOCKSMITH COMPANY 53 BROWN AVENUE SPRINGFIELD, NEW JERSEY 0708 182 f To my dear friend Mazal Rahabi Congratulations on your upcoming graduation. May your hopes and dreams come true. Love, David Evan Jaffe Congratulations and The Best of Luck to Rebecca Rosenberg and her classmates Where Fine Dining is Never Trivial Under OK Supervision — Cholov Yisroel 325 Fifth Avenue. New York NY 10016 UQ) 6S6-5330 Congratulations to our niece Sharon — may your future be as bright as your smile R.P.J.C. extends best wishes to in honor of her graduation from SCW THE JEWISH W 2405 Mercer Avenue West Palm Beach. Florida 33401 Dear Blaire — from boom boom to woodburne, from A to M P to Z. Thanks for always being there for me. I ' m really going to miss you next year — 1 love youll Valerie Rachelle SoBo To Sharon. Rachel Annie the other 3 A of the awesome foursome — DON ' T leave me!! Mazel Tov guys — you ' re the best! Love, Peshl Mazel Tov to my otber graduate roomies — Meryl and Roanna. Love Penina P.S. 1 get 8:30 Dear Lanie, We are so proud of you and all that you have accomplished. May happiness and success follow you as you continue to reach your goals. Hatzlacha Rabah! Love, Mom, Dad, Yanky § Bruce 183 Congratulations to our dear daughter MICHELLE With joy, with pride but mostly with love, we wish you health, happiness and the fulfillment of all your dreams Love, Mom Dad Grandma Buby Zaydee 184 ALLTHEBEST FROM THE BEST IN TESTPREE STANLEY H. KAPLAN EDUCATIONAL CENTER LTD IS THE BIGGEST AND BEST TEST PREP ORGANIZATION IN THE WORLD COURSES IN: SSAT. PSAT SAT, ACHIEVEMENTS, ACT, GMAT, GRE, GRE BIO, GRE PSYCH, LSAT, INTRO TO LAW SCHOOL, BAR REVIEW MCAT, DAT, TOEFL, NATIONAL MEDICAL BOARDS, MSKP, FMGMS, FLEX, NCLEX-RN, CGFNS, NATIONAL DENTAL BOARDS, CPA, , | NTE, SPEED ' READING, AND MORE. STANLEY H.KAPIAN EDUCATIONAL CENTER LTD. KAPLAN Manhattan 212 977-8200 Staten Island 718 979-1122 Queens 718 261-9400 Nassau 516 248-1134 Brooklyn 718 336-5300 Westchester 914 948-7801 MAZEL TOV ANNETTE On your graduation Love, Tante Angie 185 Harvey Goldberg Martin Bodner A Culinary Celebration 120 WEST 41st STREET (212) 840-8810 NEW YORK, N.Y. 10036 Giatt Kosher MAZEL TOV TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF " 88 " 186 (Tlazel Tov and Best Wishes to the 1988 Graduating Class. ffluch Hatzlacha in all you do Fondly, Ivan L. Tillem 187 To my dear parents, I could have never made it this far without the love and support you have both given me. I hope I have made you proud. From all mv heart, your loving daughter, Arlene Sue Richter To all the faculty and administration that have given us guidance and knowledge — Yasher Koach! FROM THE 1988 SENIOR CLASS 9

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