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STERN COLLEGE KOCHAVIAH mMi Rabbi feraslWUfJer r .:■■: . ;:■■ ■ ' ■ ' ■ ' ,■■■ Kochaviah ' 87 Stern College for Women It is not for you to complete the work, ,10 7 rDS DIl TvJ? S7 but neither are you free to desist from it; ; H OO 7 2111 pilll J3 HnN S7l Sayings of the fathers 2=21 JcO . ' p J G ?nd Felicia: Rebecca, are you awake? Rebecca: Oh no. is it that time again? Felicia: Vup, it ' s time! Rebecca: The letter? Felicia: TONIGHT Rebecca: But what are we going to write about? Felicia: Well. I want it to be something meaningful . . . Rebecca: but funny. Felicia: and we should add a few words of Torah. Rebecca: and of course it has to have our special touch! Felicia: Ok. let ' s get started. Rebecca: To begin, we should thank Rachel. Shani, and Sharon for layout. They did a great job; there ' s no doubt. Naomi and Lisa for their figures, and Donna for her candid pictures. Felicia: Ellie for her funny wit and Shira for her ingen- ious lit. Rebecca: Marsha for her magic keys and all the rest of the committeesl Felicia: What ' s next? Rebecca: Let ' s talk about our good times and our fond memories. Felicia: You mean the two a.m. singing and dancing in the street. " Mazel Tov. Mazel Tovl " And the walks across the street, and the walks across the street, and the walks across the street. Rebecca: And what about the all-nighters we put in? Fdiciai U ith the non-stop munchies (from the walks across the street Rebecca Leading us to the Jane Fonda workout in the new exercise room. Felicia Jld returning to the sporadically hot or cold showers. Rebecca Don ' l forget about our favorite — those wonderfully, always working elevators! Bui sen ousl . the school really has grown with the vending cafe, the student lounge, and the new Stern gym the purple one. the one we ' re allowed to use). Felicia: So how do we finish up this letter? Rebecca: Well, we need to reflect on the experiences and education Y.U. has given us in preparing us for our roles as Jewish women . . . Felicia: . . . and how we ' ve explored academic pur- suits encompassing our traditional values . . . Rebecca: . . . while still meeting the challenges of the modern world. Felicia: (Whew, we made it through the serious part!) Boy. I ' m sure going to miss it here. Rebecca: It ' s been a couple of wonderful years: how do we leave it all behind? Felicia: Hey. what about some Divrai Torah? Rebecca: Ok, how about this — " In the beginning. 100 years ago, Bernard Revel founded Yeshiva Univer- sity. A few days later, Bernard thought to himself, ' In today ' s modern, Torah-U-Mada world, when ev- eryone is looking for equal rights, I have to estab- lish an institution for the women. ' So on the sixth day, Bernard created Stern College for Women. The rest is history. " Felicia: Not bad, Rebecca. Now let ' s just wish every- one " Hatzlachah Raba " . Wishing you the best and brightest of it all Love, UUO-u. o- M Li -. P.S. We want to say a special thanks to: Mrs. Zuroff — for her patience I6E and I6B — for putting up with it all David and Steven — for all their participation and of course, Mark! Bt Yeshiva University o « of the President October 22, 1986 TO THE STERN COLLEGE CLASS OF 1987: I offer my warmest congratulations to you, students of the first Stern College for Women graduating class of the second century in the life of Yeshiva University. You enter a world that is considerably different from the one which existed when you began your educational careers as first graders. And it is at least equally different from the one which will confront your children when they begin going to school. The old truism remains unimpeachable: Flux is the law of life, change is ubiquitous. But all through these social vicissitudes, technological changes, and cultural transformations, you will be armed, as a result of the dual education you received at Stern College, with both the ability to accommodate constant changes and the talent for identifying and adhering to that which is changeless, eternal, and enduring in life. The Madda you learned here will equip you to ride the crests of change. The Torah will be the faithful and un- changing star which will guide you unerringly wherever fate takes you. May the Almighty grant that you find health, longevity, success, meaning, and creativity in the homes you will build and the careers you will pursue, and that you always return to your alma mater prepared to share your time, talent, and substance with those who follow you at Stern College for Women. Good luck! Cordially yours. NORMAN LAMM President 500 West 185th Street, New York, NY. 10033 • ( 212 ) 960-5280 1-4- FOODS-DELI GROCERIES Mk. De KING OF IMPORTED BEER ELI C T OF FOODS . LINE OF GROCERIES IWY n w? BUT ISRAEL IS HOME! _« FACULTY STERN COLLEGE FOR WOMEN r.3 Dear Graduate . November I " . li S6 Ovet the yean Stern College tor Women has boon setting its sights ever higher and us reach ever larthcr We can all nghtlv be proud that our Jewish Studies program, the foundation ol our educational mission, has 3n intellectual vigor that engages the searching mind and soul, that our general studies curriculum truly focuses on the central and pivotal concerns ol Western Civilization, that our career tracks provide the incisive skills needed tor achievement in the professions. However to grow from this position of strength toward greater goals requires careful thought, planning and above all the setting ot priorities. We truly hope we can count on you. our graduates, to help with this task. Similarlv I feel |ustU proud ot vour personal accomplishments. As a group you are well educated and articulate. More importantly you have internalized the values of our heritage and have demonstrated in word and deed your respect for learning and your deep concern for vour fellow man. However what was relatively easy to achieve in the confines ot our College mav not be so easily maintained in a changing world. If I were to offer mv advice to vou at this critical time it would be to set your priorities carelullv Choose goals worth attaining. Fight battles worth winning. Spend your precious time on meaningful activities and with meaningful people. Improve yourself and improve the world. This is a formidable task, but then you are a talented group of On behalf of the faculty and staff I wish you much success. May you go from strength to strength in all your undertakings. Sincerely, £J £ -- ; ■■ ' ..-■. -.. -. ■ ' .. . ■ " ■ •. iO Dear Graduates. As Yeshiva University, after one hundred years of existence, continues to progress from strength to strength. Stern College women are proclaiming a desire for unparalleled standards of academic excellence. Although much praise has been forthcoming as those goals are being realized, much criticism has been levelled, almost arbitrarily, against administrators, faculty and fellow students for tolerating anything less than excellence. Such criticism often merely veils an unwillingness on the part of an individual to extend herself and 10 invest the energies required to attain excellence. To shift the blame is to deny one ' s responsibility. During the past four years you have grown and matured. Vou have had the opportunity to be challenged — to investigate issues, research theories and to probe inner truths stripped of their facades. In an environment of Torah education and practice you have progressed in your observance of mitzvot. n- ■ • l 3f iU 9y Ipj (f The mitzvot were given to " purify " Israel. Through your heightened levels of observance vou have improved your qualities, strengthened your character and developed greater self control. It is our hope that the keen awareness and self- discipline vou have acquired will ensure that you continually strive toward greater heights, for introspection and real growth result in the internal development of standards Standards that are met and maintained, not because they are imposed from without, but because they emanate from Within May you set lor yourselves high tand.irds of academic achievement, community responsibility, personal behavior and Integrity and. above all. have the courage and determination to pursue them " Ah. but a man ' s reach should exceed his grasp, or ■ he iven i, -I • Sim erely. hfw STERN COLLEGE FOR WOMEN 245 LEXINGTON AVENUE NEW YORK, NY 10016-4699 (2 12)340-7700 v,,. UNIViBSlT V Dear Graduates, It is with a deep sense of pride and great pleasure that I congratulate you upon your graduation from Stern College for Women. You have experienced first-hand a curriculum of Torah u-Mada which has hopefully impacted upon your minds and upon your lives. More important than the intellectual growth that you have achieved here is the continued development that I trust you will experience in the years ahead. The Jewish Studies faculty has taught you how to study Jewish texts and how these texts are relevant and meaningful to you as Jewish women. It is up to you to take these postulates and methodologies and use them as productively as you can. Set aside time to study each day, each week as you pursue your chosen professions and personal goals. Share your knowledge with others. Above all. bear in mind the Mishnaic dictum: " Ehad ha-marbeh ve-ehad ha-mam ' it u-bilvad she-yekhavein libbo la- shamayim. " Sincerely yours, Rabbi Ephraim Kanarfogel Chairman, Department of Jewish Studies Y E S H I V STERN COLLEGE FOR WOMEN 245 LEXINGTON AVENUE NEW YORK, NY 10016-4699 1212)340-7700 Dear Graduates We find in the Torah a Posuk which describes our forefather Avrohom Avinu. It states (Gen. 24:l) " And Avrohom grew old and came into days and G-d blessed him with everything. " The question that is posed is, how is one blessed with everything in this world? To answer this question the Yalkut Shimoni (Gen. I03) quotes a Posuk from Proverbs (31:25) " Strength and dignity are her clothing and she laugheth at the time to come " . The Yalkut interprets the verse " and her clothing " as " zeh levusho shel Torah " as referring to the mantle of learning, the garments of knowledge. What the Yalkut is teaching us is that what kept Avrohom Avinu young, what enabled him to feel blessing with everything in creation was his unbelievable dedication to learning Torah. It was his thirst for the word of G-d that enabled him to continuously grow spiritually. It was this type of constructive activity that allowed him to fully appreciate both G-d and man ' s respective roles in creation and the maintenance of the world to the point that everything in this world had meaning and significance for him and ultimate blessing. It is this unique Abrahamic tradition that has spearheaded Yeshiva University ' s first hundred years of unbelievable achievement and it is this tradition that will allow it to flourish in the future as well. As graduates of Stern College you have been handed on a silver platter this legacy of Avrohom Avinu. You have been taught by great Torah Scholars both how to analyze the intricacies of our Torah as well as how to apply them to your daily life in our society. It is my hope and fervent prayer that you will utilize this knowledge in a constructive and challenging fashion on both a personal and communal level so that you will likewise derive blessing from everything in creation. Wishing you much Mazel. Brocha, and success in all your future endeavors, I remain. Respectfully yours. m Rabbi Tzvi Flaum F A C u L T Y . Mrs. Glick Office of Dean ir Goldstein Histor - " -, Mrs R Goldstein Sociology Dr. M. Grosof Education Dr. J. Gurock Judaic Studies Dr A Krakowtkl i rench Mr. D. Lederman Math Dr. J. Roberts Education 23 Mrs. E. Roshwalb Hebrew Dr. S. S.vd Prof. P. Schram Education Speech H Livia Registrar ' s Office 25 This pas - is in memory of our beloved friend and classmate Frani Stein. The articles below were written by her close friends who wanted to share a little bit of Frani with each of us. May the memory of her warm smiles, her giving nature, and her true sincerity continue to live on in OUT hearts. ta JM J f-DH-Uj l d-S b( .thm;: tker b i Mama, ud .1 time lo ererj purpose under the sun ... " " X time lo be born ... U b,n I rjni ,am, ml., nur Hrcs she brought us all happiness. Rood limes to remember — a friend we ...uld jll count on " X lime to laugh ... " Wben sh. laughed she lii up the whole world with jo . Kien when she became ill she was still able to Uu h and bring happim-ss i.. famil and friends. " X lime lo embrace New to each other, yet friends from the start No longer lonely, rarely seen apart she embraced us in mjv »ji :j phvsical hug. a touch on the shoulder, a handful of words, her special Both from Ohio with accents — best friends smiU sh, Icuihtd tlfjytaiaf and euTMinc with hue. " lime 10 k»e . . . " Vmihing that «i. imporlani hi us was important lo Irani. She expressed her loiein many ways to so mini Mortal people. sh Imed and respected each person for who they were. |..r»..n, «» I rani knew ihe deep line lhat she fell for her family. Her family was everything lo her. and she expressed her lou- for ihem to everyone she knew. be put her heart and soul inlo her " cooler. " iher niece and ncphewsi, and she found so much joy in ibeir achievements. I his jov was nol limited to her niece and newphews but extended to all children. Il »a- this l.m lhai made her choose early -childhood education. lime in »cep Oh how M lo .d her loo . . . People around Ihe world showed Ihcir lore in her time of need; through prixr. t idAah. learning in her thus, and some through tears. " X time lo die ... m ie pui in this vsnrld for .1 [ MUput t. In I rani ' s shorl lime with us she touched more people in ihan some people era accomplish. Wr thank (..k) for ih. nm. we MR blessed wiih her. We will cam with us throughout our lives Ihe wonderful menvifii. m hju of I r.un New classes, new people, new fashions, new trends Frani — a best friend, a sister, a real inspiration Caring and comforting, there for me in any situation We shared laughter, we shared tears ( rowing all the closer, together overcoming our fears Accomplishments, disappointments, dales and more fun Inside jokes, nicknames — oh. how we laughled a ton Beautiful, intelligent, sentimental — all in one Considerate, patient, conscientious — just to name some Most of all — your lo e and your care so special to me Now remains in my heart as an endless memory After three great years — what do I say to Krani and " E " now apart? I can only sa " Ihank-Nou " best friend, for I hue you eternally from (he bottom of my heart! All my Love Always, " E " -laine frani ' I . m,u »m so erv special, and so htTJ loud. Vm were sn soft in our " s « go down life ' s lonesome highway manner. vei w, strong in w.ur faith and determination. I urwhing ou said and seems the hardest thing to do did " as filled " ith , are and Im, x ,,„ „,.,, vll siting and warm, and so much fun to ' s ' " fi n l a friend or two be -,ih lhat helping hand SoDMODC who understands Wi helped each other through M rnu. h. and had so ,,rv ni.ins good limes When VOO feel you ' re losi vour way lotrlbrr V» r,re» clover and clover each day. 0« friendship wmi the lighl of mv Vou ' re gol someone there to sav life and tbe ernlrr of mv being , nu wr, Id. t» si (in nil am on. e 011I1I ever ask I II show ou . . . s..l Mill. N.IV HI, ! lhal our friendship was nol a malli r of proximity, for il Iran- Saj il logelher . . . ee ended epacr and ibe phssit al dislan. • I.1....11 ai Mi.,1 was Ml onlv w hen miu s av h for ilw.ivs " ■ rtf in I tacinaall ind I «j in r» Our friendship, our lore, and our I ionel Richie Mrs In, on «. for always. jihI forever 1 ime Mm. 1 rani ' l . for .ilw.ns and forever. IX . . ., InolC p 1 o ' nd - i-af " p j iy n " p On May 12 Yeshiva College ' s Commentator printed a beautiful poem in memory of our dear friend Scott Satran. With Jakob Goldstein ' s permission, we have reprinted it so we can remember what a good and loving friend Scott was to us all. " Hello Ball! " I can hear him now, standing up in the Queens College Cafeteria doing his best Ed Norton. This is just one of the many ways I remember my friend. Scott Satran, the bravest person I have ever met, lost his battle to cancer on March 25th. If the cure for cancer was sheer guts and strength, not only would Scott have won, but he would have had enough left over for every cancer patient in the world. The Satrans ' relationship with each other is a very rare occurrence. I ' ve never seen a boy who loved his family quite as much as Scott, and I ' ve never seen a family love back, quite like the Satrans did. Anyone who knows them, knows exactly what I mean when I say they deserved one another. So Wednesday night (actually early morning), I found myself sitting in the near empty Beis Midrash, wondering what Scott was doing now. I think we all knew that Scott was on such a level that he went straight to heaven, but I was curious as to what was happening there. So in my mind, I traveled up to heaven, and with the help of Hashem, this is what I saw. The Trumpets were blown and the lights had turned bright it was like no other time up in heaven that night The word spread quickly and soon everyone knew it had finally come it was finally true It was heard by the sun and the stars and the moon that the " miracle boy " would be arriving here soon Then the voice heard throughout shook the walls and the floor it was the voice of Hashem that made the thunderous roar " He will be here tonight so let us prepare because time ' s running short we ' ve not a moment to spare " And so all of the angels began to move fast for they knew that tonight was to be a big blast And they all worked so hard because never before had a boy such as this ever walked through that door And so now it was time for this boy to appear this brave, fearless boy whom the world held so dear Then the moment had come with not a voice to be heard all noise had vanished not a sound, not a word Than all of a sudden the door moved ajar and if you looked really hard you could see from afar. For what appeared to be small just continued to grow and in just a few moments we would finally know Just who was this boy of just twenty years who created on earth an ocean of tears And then in a flash he came into sight and as he stepped through the door the room filled with light And behold there he stood with a smile so wide that the hidden elation we could no longer hide The cheers burst out as did dancing and song he had finally come for the wait was so long He was lifted up high and carried atop with the cheers growing louder it seemed it never would stop And then all of a sudden the angels divided and an aisle of angels for Scott, was provided All at once it grew silent as he started his stride towards the throne of Hashem where his destiny lied He ascended the steps and for the first time we ' ve known a miraculous sight; Hashem arose from his throne Then all throughout heaven the voice of Hashem could be heard it was gentle and soft as he spoke every word " I am proud to announce and I ' m happy to say that our newest of angels has come here today " " And they ' ll know throughout heaven and they ' ll know throughout earth that this day of the angels was the day of your birth " " So from now till forever I would like to declare that " The Angel of Courage " shall be the title you wear " " And now you ' ll be given I will not take credit for this poem, I will only acknowledge the fact that through this poem, Hashem used e as a Shaliach, to grant Scott, the Angel of Courage, his wish. With Love Jakob Goldstein any wish you desire and this wish shall be granted no matter what it requires " Then everything stopped and as heaven grew still he stated his wish which Hashem would fulfill " If there could just be a way from way up here above to send down a message for my family I love " " I would like them to know that I ' m happy up here I now live with Hashem so you have nothing to fear " I am perfectly fine so please no more tears and for now just remember our memory years " " For I ' ll see you again and it won ' t be too long the Mashiach will come so you have to stay strong " " And I ' d like you to know our times I will treasure oh I miss you so much I will love you forever " So as he looked down from heaven in a moment he knew for the Angel of Courage saw his wish had come true 27 Iii retrospection on our vears at Stern College, it seems like it was just yesterday thai we were naive freshmen. We were fresh to life in the " big City " , and to the demands ol college life. Our choice to come to Morn makes a statement about who we are and the way we wish to lead our lives. The Stern College student is unique. She is someone desirous to help others through her knowledge of Judaism and of the world. May our li es reflect this, and be filled with the positive attri- butes ol Torah U ' Mada. which we learned during our academic careers. These intellectual and spiritual standards will be of great benefit and service to us as we pursue our careers and build our families. The contribution of the faculty and administration toward our growth and development is greatlv appreciated and will be carried with us throughout our lives. I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a hearty Mazal Tovon graduation and much luck with all future endeavours. Leslie Binder Senior Class President S6- ' 87 SENIORS R N COLLEGE JUDI ADLER nmrp rrn MAJOR: SPEECH PATHOLOGY STUDENT COUNCIL RECORDING SECRETARY. CAPTAIN Oh THfc BASKETBALL TEAM, CAPTAIN OF THE TENNIS TEAM. TREASURER OE THE PRE-HEALTH SOCIETY. PHOTOGRAPHY SOCIETY. BLOOD DRIVE, DEAN ' S LIST. SENATE. STUDENT HOST. YESHIVA SEMINAR. T.L.S. SEMINAR. K.C., W HO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES. STACY SUZANNE ALEVY mar MAJOR: ECONOMICS MINOR: SPEECH JUNIOR CLASS PRESIDENT. STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT. LIMOR ARIEL MAJOR: ACCOUNTING I Ml S PRI 5IDI NT 1986 87, ACCOUNTING SOCII H, Dl UN ' S i is I 1985 86 RE NA AZAR MAJOR: SOCIAL WORK HEAD OF ADMISSIONS COMMITTEE, DORM COUNSELOR, NCSY. F G BAND MAN WA O ?.- A7DA C STUDIES PSYCHOLOGY TAC CHAIRPERSON, OBSERVER — STAFF WRITER, STUDENT HOST, BELKIN SCHOLAR. " U £ MUS7 " DFS KE 7 " 0 ? S£ WITHOUT THOUGHT OF SHINING. " — RAV SHRAGA SILVERSTEIN BUNIA BASTOMSKI W 4. 0 ?.- PSKCHCUOGK POLITICAL SCIENCE CLUB ELISE BLYTHE BAY UK MAJOR: ACCOUNTING DEAN ' S LIST. CHAIRMAN OF ACCOUNTING SOCIETY SPEAKER SERIES. " ■Off EVER ACTION THERE IS AN EQUAL REACTION — DON ' T EXPECT TO CHANuE SOMEONE AND REMAIN UNCHANGED )OURSELE " -- M. SCHLOSS VICTORIA R BEDER frn MAJOR: ADVERTISING DESIGN .top p ' n t ' -k T Dyj y " T,B3 " n t 11 ! t ' k iy T yT vi oyit ? y a rt 7 d y t i » » a .Tny ? ,, 1 Vyow bd ,1 j I 11 " ' jx-n s SARAH BENDELSTEIN rpn mtr W WOfc ECONOMICS ICONOUICS SOCII n. ACCOUNIINC SOCII n, 1 Rkl IINo SOCIETY, PR! HI M IH SOCII M MIMI BENGIO MAJOR: BUSINESS MARKETING HONORS DEAN ' S LIST, SEPHARDIC CLUB, MARKETING SOCIETY. " AS WE ARE. SO WE DO: AND AS WE DO, SO IS DONE TO US: WE ARE THE BUILDERS FUTURE. " DEBRA BROOKE BERGER MAJOR-. BIOLOGY KOCHAVIAH — YEARBOOK STAFF, JOINT ISRAEL PROGRAM, BLOOD DRIVE, BIG SISTER, BIOLOGY CLUB, PRE-MED SOCIETY, DR. BURDOWSKI FAN CLUB. ' TO BE NOBODY — BUT YOURSELF IN A WORLD THAT IS DOING ITS BEST NIGHT AND DA Y. TO MAKE YOU EVERYBODY ELSE — MEANS TO FIGHT THE HARDEST BA TTLES WHICH ANY HUMAN BEING COULD FIGHT. " — E.E. CUMMINGS SHARON SIEGEL BERGER MAJOR: MARKETING BUSINESS DEAN ' S LIST, ECONOMICS SOCIETY, TREASURER, MARKETING SOCIETY, ACCOUNTING SOCIETY. " fix-in ' jDa -ra-iyn ian 7 ' n " DEBORAH SUE BERNSTEIN MAJOR: BIOL CO MAX STERN SCHOLAR. kARATE CLUB — PRESIDENT, " THE SOUNDING BOARD " LITERARY MAGAZINE OF SPEECH ARTS FORUM — EDITOR; PRE-HEALTH SCIENCES HONOR SOCIETY — VICE-PRESIDENT. •V )OU THINK IT. U ANT IT. DREAM IT. THE ITS REAL. YOU ARE WHAT YOU FEEL " - JOSEPH ANP THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR PRE AMCC AT SHULAMIT SUE-ELLEN BIENENFELD MAJOR: POLITICAL SCIENCE DEBATING CLUB. POLITICAL SCIENCE SOCIETY. DEAN ' S LIST. ANTI-CULT AND MISSIONARY CLUB. YEHUDIS BIENENFELD MA JOR PS ) CHOI OG JUDA IC S TUDIES TAC. STUDENT HOST. ISRAEL REPRESENTATIVE FOR YESHIVA UNIVERSITY. TLS. NCSY. HOME HOSPITALITY. -:-k - s o; iai s o: ins ti s p k t nariK ' ja " " S s 1? s 1 03 J K " 1313 1 ' 1 S P IJ ' K-1 ( i " o! n en ni ;k ' ?-id ) a lOW rHA? DEPENDS OS v SPECIFIC FACTOR. WIU CEASl ONCl nil FA( FOR VO IC CIR I XSTS mil II II DOES HOI DEPi V ON A SPECIFIC I ACTOR. IT WILL NEVER ( w PKKEI u 07W LESLIE JOY BINDER MAJOR: BIOLOGY SENIOR CLASS PRESIDENT, TRACK TEAM, PRE-HEALTH SCIENCE SOCIETY, UJA REPRESENTATIVE, A.Z.Y.F. REPRESENTATIVE, Y.U. — ISRAEL REPRESENTATIVE, BIG SISTER, STUDENT HOST, KIRUV, BIOLOGY CLUB, MED-SCI SOCIETY, ATHLETIC ADVISORY COMMITTEE, ALPHA EPSILON DELTA HONOR SOCIETY " WHEN YOU HAVE TO MAKE A DECISION IT IS BETTER TO MAKE THE WRONG DECISION THAN NO DECISION AT ALL, FOR WHEN YOU MAKE A RIGHT DECISION IT MAKES UP FOR ALL THE WRONG DECISIONS YOU HA VE MADE. " — RUSS BERRIE i I ROCHELLE BLUMENFELD ?m MAJOR-. ADVERTISING DESIGN KOCHAVIAH ART STAFF, FOUNDER OF CULTURE SOCIETY CLUB, SUMA CUM LAUDE, TENNIS TEAM, LITERARY ART JOURNAL STAFF, PARSONS PROGRAM. 7 DONT TRY TO DANCE BETTER THAN ANYBODY ELSE. I ONL Y TRY TO DANCE BETTER THAN MYSELF. " — MIKHAIL BARYSHNOKOV SURI BODEK MAJOR: BUSINESS ECONOMICS ACCOUNTING SOCIETY, MARKETING SOCIETY, ECONOMICS SOCIETY. SURI BETH BOMZER MAJOR: SPEECH COMMUNICATION DISORDERS BASKETBALL TEAM MANAGER. VESHIVA SEMINAR ADVISOR. R.K. CLUB. PHOTOGRAPHS SOCIETY — VICE-PRESIDENT. PAC MANIAC. SPEECH PATHOLOGY SOCIETY — VICE-PRESIDENT. DEANS LIST. STUDENT HOST. V. I.G.I. L.. YEARBOOK. WHO ' S WHO IN I6E. » R C tR lt N WtRUtR MCir IP J HI H o ONI St ATCR BLUTARSK) SIL VIA BORENSTEIN jtpt MAJOR: ADVERTISING DESIGN PRE-MED CLUB — TREASURER. OBSERVER STAFE — PUBLICITY COMMITTEE SHIR A BETH BORSTEIN MAJOR. SHAPED EDUCA TIONAL PS) CHOL OG HID. PI AVS 1 1ST. MAM 01 ' I.I. N.C.S Y . I MCI Y CHI1PH00D PROGRAM. " mn nnova ni , n v ? n nj mxo ' ( a V o i a a o n i ' n ) lion nK s a y-iKn ail hi:d d ' tdod n ' lin 1 " cnr i ys im Kin »a it ircy n K 3 ' , d lm ( n T ' 1 ? pivot) ESTHER ROBIN BOYLAN miss -inon MAJOR: ENGLISH COMMUNICATIONS ■BESAMIM " — LITERARY ART MAGAZINE —EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, OBSERVER — EDITORIAL ASSISTANT AND STAFF, BIG SISTER, STUDENT ADVISOR DURING ORIENTATION, DEAN ' S LIST. " Vn-i:? , ytkV i in ' JN, i in ' jkp Dipc dV (aVo-iio 7 on j ' i ) PAUL A BRONSTEIN ?DJ» M UO ?.- PHILOSOPHY DEAN ' S LIST, SSSJ, TAC REPRESENTATIVE, AIPAC. " LIFE CAN ONL Y BE UNDERSTOOD BACKWARDS: BUT IT MUST BE LIVED FORWARDS. ' KIERKEGAARD NAOMI BUCHEN rrnss man: M JO ?. COMPUTER SCIENCE COMPUSCI — VICE-PRESIDENT, " COMPUSCI SPEAKS " — SCW COORDINATOR, " COMPUSCI SPEAKS " — PROOF EDITOR, DEAN ' S LIST, BIG SISTER. " THERE IS NO TREASURE LIKE FRIENDS. " SHARON ELIZABETH CABLE mv MAJOR: ART HISTORY ADVERTISING DESIGN TAC. JPSY. YEARBOOK. DRAMA SOCIETY. LITE ISNT MEANT TO Bt EAS) 7 " " MEANT TO BE LITE. — JAMES MICHNER SHUNIE CAMILLE mtMW MAJOR. ADVERTISING DESIGN MINOR: PSYCHOLOGY NEW ENGLAND REGION N.C.S.Y. ADVISOR, SSSJ, BALLOON LAUNCH COMMITTEE. YACHAD. SCW ' S REPRESENTATIVE AT THE STUDENT LEADERSHIP COUNCIL, DEAN ' S LIST. Pi OPl I Rt GARD U AS WHA T WE HAVE BEEN, WE REGARD OURSEL VES AS WHA T WE K OUl D llkt TO BE - ONL Y GD REGARDS US AS WHA T WE ARE. " — RA V SHRAGA SILVERSTEIN SUSAN CAREY MAJOR: EDLICA TION MAS S U KCH SHOULD EXCEED HIS GRASP OR WHAT ' S hi WEN FOR? " JOHN HOI I DEBBY CHUTTER mi:n MAJOR: PSYCHOLOGY DRAMA SOCIETY PHOTOGRAPHER, TENNIS TEAM — CAPTAIN, PHOTOGRAPHY COMMITTEE " TAKE A CHANCE! ALL LIFE IS A CHANCE. THE MAN WHO GOES FURTHEST IS GENERALL Y THE ONE WHO IS WILLING TO DO AND DARE. " DONNA MARNIE DOLITSKY ktd mian n w MAJOR: ART PHOTOGRAPHY PUBLICITY DIRECTOR WYUR, DISC JOCKEY WYUR, PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR OF KOCHAVIAH 1987. BARBARA RUTH FARKAS MAJOR: BIOLOGY VOLUNTEER AMBULANCE. PRE-MED HONORS, ARTS SOCIETY, WYUR, OARD, PRE-HEALTH CLUB BOARD, DR. BURDOWSKI FAN CLUB, AEQ AT BINGHAMTON, EQUESTRIAN CLUB. " IF YOU LOVE SOMETHING. SET IT FREE. IF IT COMES BACK TO YOU. IT ' S YOURS. IF IT DOESN ' T, IT WAS NEVER MEANT TO BE. " SARAH FARKAS MAJOR: MARKETING MARKETING SOCIETY PUBLIC RELATIONS. TAG. FELICIA RAE FEDER MAJOR: GENERAL ILLUSTRATION AND FINE ARTS KOCHAVIAH ' 87 EDITOR. BESAMIM — ART AND LITERARY MAGAZINE ART EDITOR. OBSERVER — CARTOONIST. WORKING WOMAN MAGAZINE ART INTERNSHIP. TAG — PUBLICITY COMMITTEE. BELKIN SCHOLAR. DEANS LIST. BIG SISTER. SSSJ. CHORAL ENSEMBLE, SKI CLUB. U 1UR - D.J.. FINE ARTS CLUB. FASHION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE. ISRAEL AFFAIRS CLUB. Y.U. ISRAEL REPRESENTATIVE. HO S VE HO AMONG AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES, MAGNA CUM I AUDE. U SHOULD VPKEdA II U HAT WE HAVE INSTEAC Of W ORR)IN6 ABOUT WHAT WE HA .t T. ANDENJO) WHAT IS BEFORE IT ISN ' T. " — TOM WILSON JILL FELDMAN MAJOR: EDUCA TION PS) CHOLOGY LISA FENAKEL ro?D rain MAJOR: ENGLISH LITERATURE SENIOR CLASS VICE-PRESIDENT, DEAN ' S LIST, Y.U. SEMINAR, BIKKUR CHOLIM, SENIOR CLASS BANQUET CHAIRMAN. RACHEL ELIZABETH FINKELSTEIN MA70 ?.- Ji D UC STUDIES PSYCHOLOGY TAC — KASHRUT COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN, TAC — PUBLICITY COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN, OBSERVER STAFF AND COPY EDITOR, DORM COUNSELOR, TORAH INSTITUTE, NCSY. SOMETIMES TO KEEP IT TOGETHER YOU ' VE GOT TO LEAVE IT ALONE. CHAGIT FLEISCHMAN mn PS ' S MAJOR: — POLITICAL-COMMUNICATION m DEAN ' S LIST, WYUR D.J., POLITICAL SCIENCE SOCIETY. " 7 ' 0Kn-nss2i nya , " m 11 SARAH FOGEL MAJOR: ACCOUNTING SIMA FOGEL NtTD MAJOR: ACCOUNTING SOVIET JEWRY. ACCOUNTING SOCIETY. DEAN ' S LIST. V- I JUDITH LEE FREUNDLICH MAJOR: ARJ ADVERTISING DESIGN deans lis i. rAC pubi icrn commii hi. spi ech arts k rum rum icm couvtn m. hi d waitress. rAC SECRETARY, designed I OGO I OR llll GRI M AMERICAN HI M HI BAR. WHO IS WISE? HI WHO LEARNS FROM EVER) MAN. AS IT IS SAID FROMAU WJ TEACHERS I GAINED WISDOM PIRKEIAVOTH " RACHEL G. FUCHS ?m MAJOR: BUSINESS ECONOMICS MARKETING SOCIETY, ACCOUNTING SOCIETY, BIKUR CHOLIM. MIRIAM GANZ anD MAJOR: JEWISH STUDIES DEAN ' S LIST, YEAR ABROAD IN ISRAEL, ACHI NITZOZ VOLUNTEER, BNEI AKIVA — MOSHAVA STAFF IN SUMMERS. A VIVA NAIRN GLASSER T 2 2H MAJOR: COMPUTER SCIENCE COMPUTER SCIENCE CLUB, STUDENT AFFILIATE TO ACM (ASSOCIATION FOR COMPUTER MACHINERY), DEAN ' S LIST, CARDINAL NEWSPAPER — BUSINESS EDITOR, ACADEMIC ADVISORY BOARD-MEMBER, THEATER CLUB AT SKAGIT VALLEY COLLEGE-MEMBER. " WHO IS WISE? HE WHO LEARNS FROM EVERY PERSON, AS IT IS STATED: FROM ALL THOSE WHO HAVE TAUGHT ME I HAVE GAINED WISDOM. " — PIRKEI AVOTH zm ii CINDY GLUCK rpmrp MAJOR: JUDAIC STUDIES HTD JUDAIC STUDIES CLUB PRESIDENT, TAC — CHAGIGA CHAIRMAN. TAC - FLOOR REPRESENTATIVE. ISRAEL AFFAIRS COMMITTEE — CHAIRMAN. DEANS LIST. PAMELA ROBIN GOLD nrao MAJOR: BUSINESS ECONOMICS TENNIS TEAM CAPTAIN - RECEIVED THE " ALL CONFERENCE AWARD " , BIG SISTER. ECONOMICS SOCIETY — TREASURER, COMPUTER SOCIETY, ACCOUNTING SOCIETY. ADMISSION SQUAD. TOVA MALKA GOLD rPTtrr MAJOR: JE WISH HIS TOR ) 1USIC TAC — PUBLICITY COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN. CHAMBER MUSIC ENSEMBLE. CHORALE ENSEMBLE. DEAN ' S LIST. BIG SISTER. THl MAN THAI HATH VO MUSIC IS HIMSEU SOU IS W1 MOVED WITH CONCORD Of SWEl t SOUNDS. tSFfl FOR TRI SONS STRATGl VS AND SPOILS SHAKESPI Rl MERCHANT 01 VENICI SUSAN GOLDFARB npan MAJOR: ACCOUNTING DEAN ' S LIST, ACCOUNTING SOCIETY — FUNDRAISING CHAIRMAN, YESHIVA SEMINAR, CANVASSING COMMITTEE, BIG SISTER. ADINA GOLDSTEIN MAJOR: JUDAIC STUDIES BELKIN SCHOLAR, TAC — YOM TOV CO-CHAIRMAN, GUIDE TO THE PERPLEXED — CO-EDITOR, STUDENT HOST, N.C.S.Y. LISA GOTTESMAN MAJOR: ECONOMICS OBSERVER — ASSOCIATE NEWS EDITOR, SENIOR SENATOR, TENNIS TEAM, BLOOD DRIVE COMMITTEE, DEAN ' S LIST, PRELAW SOCIETY, ECONOMICS SOCIETY. " niai onn 1 ? jmn 7; -inK K i-nsi 1 ? nsuVnn I ' y kV " DIA NE SUSA N GOTTLIEB MAJOR: PS) CHOL OGY MINOR: ART SENIOR SENATOR. BIG SISTER CHAIRMAN. PHOTOGRAPHS CLUB PRESIDENT. OBSERVER, SOCIETY FOR THE ARTS. YOM HAATZMAUT CELEBRATION COMMITTEE. K NOW THE PRICE OF SUCCESS . . . DEDICATION TO HARD WORK AND A REMITTING IV OTION TO THE THINGS )OU WANT TO SEE HAPPEN. " - FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT DEBBIE GRAD J1TH MAJOR-. ACCOUNTING ACCOUNTING SOCIETY. TREASURER. DEANS LIST, SSSJ. OU Will FI D. AS YOU LOOK RACK UPON YOUR LIFE. THAT THE MOMENTS THAT STAND OUT ARE THE MOMENTS WHEN YOU HAVE DONE THINGS FOR OTHERS. " — HENR) DRUMMOND SHARON JILL GRAD jnir MAJOR: BIOLOGY PRE MED SOCIETY. MNNERET DANCE TROUPE. CHAVIVA BETH GREENFIELD MAJOR: PSYCHOLOGY DRAMA SOCIETY, JUNIOR SENATOR, YEARBOOK STAFF, I6TH FLOOR HALL PATROL, TDD CLUB, BLOOD DRIVE, MILNER ' S MARKET, A.L. FAN CLUB. " ISHOP, THEREFORE I AM. " — MALLORY KEATON OF FAMILY TIES DEBRA GROSS MAJOR: PSYCHOLOGY PRE-HEALTH TENNIS TEAM, PRE-HEALTH CLUB, PSYCHOLOGY CLUB, BIG SISTER, THE NATIONAL DEAN ' S LIST. " BELIEVE IN THE MAGIC OF YOUR DREAMS. " SHARON LEIBOWITZ GROSS MAJOR: ACCOUNTING ACCOUNTING SOCIETY, TREASURER, DEAN ' S LIST, BLOOD DRIVE CAMPAIGN, N.C.S.Y. ADVISOR, BIG SISTER. " WHA T YOU ARE IS G-D ' S GIFT TO YOU: WHA T YOU MAKE OF YOURSELF IS YOUR GIFT TO G-D. " 4 MONICA GUTTMAN imtr rrn MAJOR: FINANCE PRELAW SOCIETY — PRESIDENT. CANVASSING COMMITTEE - CHAIRMAN. OBSERVER BUSINESS MANAGER, DEAN ' S LIST. ACCOUNTING SOCIETY, ECONOMICS SOCIETY. ACADEMIC GUIDANCE COMMITTEE. RIVKA HAGER MAJOR: JUDAIC STUDIES TAC CHAIRMAN Of- ROSH CHODESH COMMITTEE. TEACHER IN LINCOLN SQUARE StNOGOGUE. N.C.S.Y. — N.J. ADVISOR. w T»anK iVk- ' inv en 1 ??? iVnt " SHARON HALEVY mv MAJOR: ENGL ISH CO f 1L1NICA TIONS MINOR POLITICAL SCIENCE ARI HIS I OR) THE OBSERVER EDITOR. THE OBSERVER CULTURAL ARTS EDITOR. THE OBSI RVI R ART EDITOR. SOPHOMORE CLASS VICE PRESIDENT. MTI ARtDIN " WHOSE LIEE IS IT ANYWAY? " i " CHILDREN IN UNIEORM " SCDS PRODUCTIONS, SPEECH ARTS FORUM. ROSL YN B. HANFLING MAJOR.- ACCOUNTING DEAN ' S LIST, ACCOUNTING SOCIETY — PRESIDENT, TAC — TREASURER, CANVASSING COMMITTEE — CHAIRPERSON, YESHIVA SEMINAR ADVISOR, BIG SISTER. SHARON FREEMAN HEFTLER I rpTim mm MAJOR: MATHEMATICS TAC, PROJECT EZRA, JEWISH STUDIES CLUB, CHAVRUSA KESHER COMMITTEE, MATH CLUB. - -. SURI HEFTLER MAJOR: BUSINESS MINOR: COMPUTER SCIENCE COMPUTER SCIENCE SOCIETY, WYUR, MARKETING SOCIETY — VICE- PRESIDENT, DEAN ' S LIST, TAC. DIN V V t a Tin Vn " -121 VsV a- ' Vdd Tin bKI nj?7 1 V 7 ' NW DTK " lV J " ' Klff " Dipo iV | ' Kr Til V 7 ' xi ( ' t piE3 hi:k) DASI HIESIGER nny nonn A M . Off: P cTHO . OG V PSYCHOLOGY CLUB. WYUR, D.J., BIG SISTbR. ADMISSIONS COMMITTEE, STUPtNT HOST. ASSISTANT HEAD 01- YESHIVA SEMINAR. TLS. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB. YEARBOOK TYPING STAEh TZEPEkAH COMMITTEE. AMIT. SENIOR CLASS TREASURER. ' THE) SAY THAT THESE ARE NOT THE BEST Oh TIMES BUT THE) RE THE ONLY TIMES I ' VE EVER KNOWN. " - BILLY JOEL TIF FAME ANN HIRT MAJOR: PSYCHOLOGY PRE-HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY CLUB. ECONOMICS SOCIETY, BLOOD DRIVE. TENNIS II W1. KOCHAVIAH LAYOUT STAFF, YESHIVA SEMINAR ADVISOR, ADMISSIONS — STUDENT HOST. TOIM YOURUFl fN YOlBtOWN WAY... TO REACH FOR THE GOALS YOU HAVE SET tOR YOUKSEU TO BE THE YOU THAT YOU WANT TO BE..THAT IS SUCCESS. " MICHELLE HOROWITZ MAJOR. ECONOMICS SCDS, TENNIS TEAM. WYUR REMEMBER mi f ' ASi i n i i mi msi i. n i-u iuiuri n rn rv LESLIE FA Y HUBERMAN mw MAJOR: JUDAIC STUDIES TAC, JUDAIC STUDIES CLUB, DEAN ' S LIST. DEENA PRESS KAHANE MAJOR.- JUDAIC STUDIES MINOR: ENGLISH DEAN ' S LIST, FRESHMAN CLASS SENATOR, STUDENT COUNCIL RECORDING SECRETARY, PUBLICITY COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN, YESHIVA SEMINARS. DEBORAH BETH KANE min MAJOR: PSYCHOLOGY DEAN ' S LIST, WHO ' S WHO IN COLLEGE STUDENTS, BIG SISTER, PHI ETA SIGMA ATHLETIC PHYSICAL EDUCATION ADVISORY COMMITTEE. " I ' LL NEVER SEE ALL THE PLACES OR READ ALL THE BOOKS, BUT FORTUNATELY, THEY RE NOT ALL RECOMMENDED. " BARBARA KAPLAN MAJOR.- PSYCHOLOGY PS ' iCHOLOG 1 ! CLUB CHA VA KA 11 nin MAJOR: ADVERTISING DESIGN COSTUMING FOR DRAMA SOCIETY. BIG SISTER. SOPHOMORE CLASS - TREASURER. OBSERVER LAYOUT STAFF. SENIOR CLASS VICE-PRESIDENT, FINE ARTS SOCIETY. STUDENT COUNCIL PR. KOCHAVIAH — ART LAYOUT STAFF. MIND p E KA TZ nrroo MA JOR A C COLIN TING ACCOUNTING SOCIETY SECRETARY. CANVASSING COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN. FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE. ACCOUNTING TUTORIAL PROGRAM. ACADEMIC GUIDANCE COMMITTEE. DEAN ' S LIST. " nmjo jnj -i:k p Vy p in: " JACQUELINE KA TZENSTEIN MAJOR: BIOLOGY PRE-HEALTH PRE-HEALTH CLUB VICE-PRESIDENT, SPEECH ARTS FORUM SECRETARY, ALPHA EPSILON DELTA HONOR SOCIETY MEMBER, GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY TRACK TEAM COACH CAPTAIN, BIG SISTER, VARSITY LETTER, COACHES AWARD FOR CROSS COUNTRY TRACK TEAM, DR. BURDOWSKI FAN CLUB. " LAUGHTER IS THE SHOCK ABSORBER OF ALL LIFES CURVES AND TURNS. " TOVA RIVKIN KESTENBAUM MAJOR: SPEECH PATHOLOGY STUDENT COUNCIL SECRETARY, DEAN ' S LIST, BASKETBALL TEAM, YU MICHLALAH REPRESENTATIVE IN ISRAEL, ACADEMIC STANDARDS COMMITTEE, ISRAEL AFFAIRS COMMITTEE, FRESHMAN CLASS TREASURER. " IF YOU CHOOSE NOT TO DECIDE. YOU STILL HAVE MADE A CHOICE. " RUSH RIVKA KLEIN MAJOR: ENGLISH WYUR " SO IT GOES. " SHAM KLINE MAN MAJOR: COMPUTER GRAPHICS kOCHAVIAH — LAYOUT bDITOR. BESAMIM - ASSOCIATE ART EDITOR. BLOOD DRIVE CAPTAIN. BESAMIM. U II N TtRTAIN THI NOTION THA T ME NttD SUPPORT H OTHtRS Lt$$ AND LtSS IN OUR MATURITY BUT THAT Xt TRULt NttD THtIR PRtftNCt MORt MARIL YN KOHN MAJOR: ACCOUNTING SCW SC TREASURER. DEAN ' S LIST. ACCOUNTING SOCIETY, BIG SISTER. (■ iSn m • n ' - ) " :Tyo iica ' 3:m mioa ' iV CINDY KOPS MAJOR: ENGLISH COMMUNICATIONS JOINT PROGRAM E.I.T. I u roUR mu ihisk 101 WH THINK 01 i iK)ini o )OU dOT HtCAUSt )OU « STILl m hiri TOMORROW mil YOUR DREAMS i ) Oi CA1 UVtNS PAMELA KORN ?n$» MAJOR: PSYCHOLOGY CHEVRUTA KESHER COMMITTEE. DEAN ' S LIST. SHARON E. KORN yrw MAJOR: ACCOUNTING ACCOUNTING SOCIETY. DEAN ' S LIST. BIG SISTER. ' JUST FOR THE ONE OF IT. JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT, JUST FOR THE TASTE OF IT, DIET COKE. " LEE JEWEL KORNBLUTH MAJOR: ACCOUNTING ACCOUNTING SOCIETY, ECONOMICS SOCIETY PRESIDENT. DEAN ' S LIST, VARSITY TENNIS TEAM, BASKETBALL INTRAMURALS, BIG SISTER, STUDENT HOSTESS, WILDLIFE SOCIETY MEMBER. " VALUE THE FRIEND WHO FOR ME FINDS TIME ON HIS CALENDAR, BUT I CHERISH THE FRIEND WHO FOR ME DOES NOT EVEN CONSUL T HIS CALENDAR. " RITA ELLEN KRINITZ MAJOR: EDUCA TION DEANS LIST. EDUCATION CLUB. POLITICAL SCIENCE CLUB. RACHEL JUDITH KRONISCH rp-nm ?m M WO ?: JEWISH STUDIES Israel M-EMRS COMMITTEE — CO-CHAIRMAN. YESHIVA SEMINAR. TLS. SENIOR CLA.SS SECRETARY. BIKUR CHOLIM COMMITTEE — CO- CHAIRMAN. CHANEY KULA run MAJOR: ACCOUNTING DEANS LIST. ACCOUNTING SOCIETY MEMBER. ftEMEMBBtONl THING LWAYS Bl HAPP ND NEVER LOSI IT.BECAUSl HAPPINESS IS I hi I VSTENCl 01 mi MICHELE CARYN LADDIN Ittntra ana MAJOR: MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS TAC TEHILLIM COMMITTEE. PUBLICITY COMMITTEE. MARKETING SOCIETY. TO BE ALL THAT YOU CAN BE YOU MUST DREAM OF BEING MORE. RACHEL LANDAU MAJOR: ENGLISH LITERATURE FEATURES EDITOR — THE OBSERVER, LAYOUT EDITOR — KOCHAVIAH, ASSOCIATE FEATURES EDITOR — THE OBSERVER, CHAIRMAN — PUBLICITY COMMITTEE — SCWSC, YESHIVA SEMINAR ADVISOR, BIG SISTER, DEANS LIST. MONICA LAUFER + nniifi MAJOR: PRE-HEAL TH SCIENCE DEAN ' S LIST MARCIE LENK MAJOR: MATH JUDAIC STUDIES MAX STERN SCHOLAR; TAC SHIURIM SHULAMIS LICHSTEIN WWW MAJOR: JUDAIC STUDIES HTD EDITOR OF " BINAH YTEIRA, " SSSJ COMMITTEE. TYPIST EDITOR FOR PARSHA SHEET. WYUR. TAC COMMITTEE — BIKUR CHOLIM. TZEDAKA. CHAVRUTA KESHER tSHABBATON COORDINATOR), DEANS LIST. r »3 " ipa r-tn 712: nni o- ' pi K ■» b Kia inr nV MALKY LICHTER MA JOR: PS V CHOL OG Y KfcSHER CHAVRUSA. PSYCHOLOGY CLUB Wi All HAVl 11 l US WHA1 it Rl if ui i i nvuw 10 0 1 Sin CI US il VERSTEIN ._ AL YSSA JOY LIFSHUL TZ MAJOR: PSYCHOLOGY TENNIS TEAM, PSYCHOLOGICAL COUNSELOR FOR STUDENT PROBLEMS. SHIR A JUDITH LOOKSTEIN rpTim nTff MAJOR: ENGLISH SUPERVISORY ON YESHIVA SEMINAR, LITERARY EDITOR — KOCHAVIAH, LITERARY EDITOR — BESAMIM, PHOTOGRAPHY SOCIETY, R.K. CLUB, OBSERVER. SO MANY FACES IN AND OUT OF MY LIFE, SOME WILL LAST, SOME WILL JUST BE NOW AND THEN, LIFE IS A SERIES OF HELLOS AND GOODBYES I ' M AFRAID IVS TIME FOR GOODBYE AGAIN. (BILL Y JOEL ) LIORA SIMHA MASLIAH MAJOR: MARKETING BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION MARKETING SOCIETY, SEPHARADIC CLUB. .. REBECCA MA Y MAJOR: ART JUDIC STUDIES MARA PROGRM TREASURER DRAMATICS SOCIETY. COMMITTEE HEAP - STUDENT REPRESENTATION ON ACADEMIC AND STUDENT AFFAIRS PROGRAM COORDINATOR CENTRAL EAST NCSY, ASSISTANT TO AND THE INTERVIEW. THE WISE WILL HEAR AND WILL INCREASE HIS KNOWLEDGE. AND THE MAN OF UNDERSTANDING VI ILL OBTAIN WISE COUNSELS (PROVERBS 1,5) " ' j ' s nD-n □ " ■St ' i-i 1 ' nmrK ok " L YNN DENISE MILLER nan MAJOR: ENGLISH COMMUNICATIONS MINOR: ART HISTORY OBSERVER. CULTURAL ARTS EDITOR. BLOOD DRIVE COMMITTEE. DEANS LIST. VIGIL.. WHO ' S WHO IN I6E. PHOTOGRAPHY SOCIETY PUBLICITY COORDINATOR. NOTHING ' S OVER UNTIL WE DECIDE IT IS. SENATOR BLUT1RSK) DEBBYCHAYA RYCHIK MIT NICK MAJOR: HIS J OR) FOUNDER ANDPRESIDINT I OR I II I 01 I Ml MM MITNICk LAN CLUB BAKUCHHASHl i. m YERTZEH HASHl w • ' m HARAH, BLI EYES HAKAH LEAH MEZISTRANO MAJOR: MARKETING BIG SISTER, SECRETARY OF MARKETING SOCIETY, SEPHARDIC CLUB, PRESIDENT VAZIAS INC. OH MY I FORGOT TO GET MARRIED (VICTOR VAZIO FOUNDER OF VAZIAS INC.) REN A MEZISTRANO MAJOR: PSYCHOLOGY SECRETARY PSYCHOLOGY CLUB, BIG SISTER, WYUR. OH MY G-D I FORGOT TO GET A JOB. (VICKI VAZIA FOUNDER OF VAZIA INC.) CAROLINE PEYSER MAJOR JUDAIC STUDIES MINOR PSYCHOLOG) fig I TAC, KIRUV, DORMITORY COUNSELOR. " EVERY PERSON SHOULD HA VE TWO SLIPS OF PAPER IN HIS POCKET. ON ONE SHOULD BE WRITTEN: THE WORLD WAS CREATED FOR ME: AND ON THE OTHER 7 AM BUT DUST AND ASHES. ' A PERSON HAS TO HAVE THE WISDOM TO READ EACH SLIP IN THE PROPER TIME. " (SIMCHAS YISROEL ) Vktj ' y x " ? -j in ' jk I ' nn »3Ko Dips bo SHARON PFEIFFER MAJOR: ART DESIGN BbLKIN SCHOLAR. DEAN ' S LIST. JPSY. BESAMIM. FINE ARTS SOCIETY. COMPUSCI, SSSJ. PHYSICS SOCIETY. , . I MIRIAM RABINOWITZ ana MAJOR: COMPUTER SCIENCE COMPUTBt SCIENCE SOCIETY PUBLICITY CHAIRMAN. VICE PRESIDENT. PRESIDENT. BIG SISTER PROGRAM. SEPHARDIC CLUB MEMBER. OBSERVER — LAYOUT STAEF. BLOOD DRIVE HOOR CAPTAIN. PLAN S LIST. DRAMA SOCIETY — CANDLELIT CAFE COMMITTEE. DIRECTOR 01 OPERATIONS. SCHOOL PLAY BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS. FENCING INTRAMURAL CHAMP 1U DIRECTORY COMMITTEE. CANVASSING COMMITTEE. AISHEL HONOR SOCIETY. STUDENT REPRESENTATIVE ON THE BOARD OF ACADEMIC STANDARDS. OPEN HOUSE HOSTESS. IE TOW t HUH I CASTLES IN THE AIR )OUR WORK NEEP NOT BE LOST rUT FOUNDATIONS USPER THEM. YES, TOUCAN. )OU CAS ALWAYS BETTER YOUR BEST. " mat i " ? sin w 2 71 »ini »ian i 1 ? napi ,m -jV nna rwj , noi m u»mt j a y =• 1 m " v i ; n duk p n b ) BARBARA BETH RASKIN MAJOR: OCCUPATIONAL THE RAP) WYUR BUSINESS STAFF. DRAMATICS SOCIET COSTUMING. TAC. ADMISSIONS COMMITTLI. JUNIOR CLASS TREASURER. JPSY. TENNIS CAPTAIN. TKUl FRIENDSHIP MULTIPLIES nil GOODINLIFl AND DIVIDES ITS EVILS. TO UNO ONE n i mil nd m i riMi sood fortune, to keep him. a blessing bai iasar GRACIAH I OTTO ESI SSCHIMt KAREN REICHMAN run MAJOR: COMPUTER SCIENCE TAC — B1KKUR CHOLIM CO-CHAIRMAN, DEAN ' S LIST, COMPUSC1. REN A RESNICK miss MAJOR: PSYCHOLOGY MINOR: BUSINESS DEAN ' S LIST, CHORAL ENSEMBLE, SSSJ, JPSY, DIRECTOR OF CHANUKA CHAGIGA CHOIR. " mi it 7 " k mn dk " SHARON ESTHER RICHTER nnDK mar MAJOR.- JUDAIC STUDIES SOVIET JEWRY CLUB, TORAH ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE, JUDAIC STUDIES CLUB, NCSY. " nax2 " |i2yh ljaV -itidi " DAWN JENNIFER (SPEC TOR) RIVLIN MAJOR: SOCIOLOGY RANDYL D. ROSE AN M UO ?.- ENGLISH SCDS — " WHOSE LIFE IS IT ANYWAY. " l f ? A W ROSENBERG D HD M UOft PSYCHOLOGY MINOR: ENGLISH DRAMA CLUB ' 85. CHORUS. BIG SISTER. PSYCHOLOGY CLUB. NCSY ADVISOR. (DOOR DECORATING CO 1 1IITH . SSSJ. ( ' D) DEBORAH ROSENTHAL MAJOR: BIOLOGY MINOR: JUDAIC STUDIES DEAN ' S LIST, DORM COUNSELOR, PROJECT DOROT, ISS, JR. CLASS SENATOR, NCSY, PRE HEALTH SOCIETY, PROOF EDITOR — OBSERVOR. " mm 1 ? j:npQi ninin nK nrnK ■ M ELIZABETH ROSZLER MAJOR: COMPUTERS MINOR: ECONOMICS BASKETBALL TEAM, BINA YETARAH COPY TYPESETTER, BNEI AKIVA, COMPUSCI MEMBER. i M (fc pis rn K ■ p n £ ) ■» 3K 3i , » ? ' a " »V ' ik 7 ' N dk ; iais " ' na ' K I ' tdj? sb dkt jk no " »oxyV JULIE ROTH MAJOR: PSYCHOLOGY AND JEWISH EDUCATION GOT MARRIED JUNE 86, TAC MEMBER, EMES CLUB VICE PRESIDENT, NCSY, JPSY LEADER. " EACH NEW DAY PROVIDES MORE PAST TO LEARN FROM. CREA TING A MORE CONFIDENT PERSON TO BUILD A NEW FUTURE WITH. NEW HOPES AND NEW DREAMS. " REBECCA ROTHCHILD MAJOR: ACCOUNTING MEMBER ACCOUNTING SOCIETY. CO-CHAIRPERSON - ACCOUNTING SOCIETY PINNbR — 1987, BIG SISTER. " IUSI SOTONL) ALL THE MAINS I HAVE. BUT ALL I CAN BORROW " UOOPffOU WILSON AMY BETH RUBIN mn MAJOR: PRE ENGINEERING BIG SISTER 6 CHAIRMAN ' 85, OBSERVER — ASSISTANT TO THE EDITOR. WRITER. COLUMNIST. SOPHOMORE CLASS PRESIDENT. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB. YOM HAATZMAUT CELEBRATION COMMITTEE. MAX STERN SCHOLAR. HONOR ROLL - DEAN ' S LIST. CANVASSING COMMITTEE. SO M S API L N TURES COULD HAPPEN TOPA Y SO MANY SONGS WE FORGOT TO PLA Y SO n t DREAMS SWINGING OUT Of THE BLUE LET EM COME TRUE. FOREVER YOUNG. " ALPHAULLE DIN A CHERYL SAXE rrn nn MAJOR: ENGLISH COMMUNICATIONS MAX STIRN SCHOLAR. EMfcS. ANTI MISSIONARY ANTI-CULT CLUB. BIG SISTER, PHONATHONS LOR ADMISSIONS. VALEDICTORIAN. " 1 1 : d i v -i nanm " BETH SCHIOWITZ nsna MAJOR: PSYCHOLOGY PRE HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY CLUB, PRE-HEALTH SOCIETY, ECONOMICS SOCIETY — VICE PRESIDENT, ADMISSIONS COMMITTEE, BIG SISTER, TZEDAKAH COMMITTEE, TAC, MACHON GOLD — YU REPRESENTATIVE STUDENT HOST, KOCHAVIAH — PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF, YESHIVA SEMINAR TLS, AMIT. ' WHAT YOU ARE IS G-D ' S GIFT TO YOU. WHAT YOU MAKE OF YOURSELF IS YOUR GIFT TO G-D. " REN A B. SCHMEL TZ nm MAJOR: MATHEMATICS, ECONOMICS DEAN ' S LIST, MATH CLUB PRESIDENT, BIG SISTER, MEMBER ECONOMICS SOCIETY. NANCY SCHONHAUT miss rrro MAJOR: JUDAIC STUDIES — HTD BELKIN SCHOLAR, JUDAIC STUDIES CLUB, WRESTLING TEAM — PRESIDENT, PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB, GIRL SCOUT TROOPLEADER, ALPHA PIE DELTA GAMMA SORORITY PRESIDENT. REN A BETH SCHUBERT MAJOR: FASHION MERCHANDISING PRESIDENT OF MARKETING SOCIETY. MEMBER OF SSSJ SOCIETY. ACTIVE MEMBER OF BNEI AKIVA ' TO BE NOBOP) BUT MYSELF IN 4 WORLP « HIGH IS DOING ITS BEST SIGHT AND DA TO MAKE ME EVERYONE ELSE MEANS TO FIGHT THE HARDEST BATTLE WHICH AN) HUMAN CAN FIGHT AND NEVER STOr FIGHTING. " SUSAN MICHELLE SCHUL TZ MAJOR: PSYCHOLOGY BASH I SCHWEITZER MAJOR PS ) CHOI OG ) MINOR: ENGL ISH L I TERA TURE DEAN ' S LIST. PSYCHOLOGY CLUB PRESENT. YESHIVA SEMINAR. ALISSA SEEWALD MAJOR: JUDAIC STUDIES DEAN ' S LIST, AIPAC LIASON. " IF YOU WISH TO STRIVE FOR PEACE OF SOUL AND PLEASURE. THEN BELIEVE. IF YOU WISH TO BE A DEVOTEE OF TRUTH. THEN INQUIRE ... " — NIETZSCHE STEPHANIE SELESNY nan miss MAJOR: INTERIOR DESIGN DEAN ' S LIST, OBSERVER — ART EDITOR, BIG SISTER, SSJ, N.C.S.Y. ADVISOR, TAC REPRESENTATIVE, DOOR DECORATING COMMITTEE. " NO ONE IS EVER GOOD ENOUGH. WE CAN AL WA YS BETTER OUR BEST. " (i;t nn3T) " mp:T ' n ins Tii-in ox ■ 3 n:: k t V ' ns. kV MARIANNE SEVERIN m one MAJOR: BIOLOGY RUNNING TEAM, PRE-HEALTH SCIENCE CLUB. IF YOUCANKEEP YOUR HEAD WHEN ALL ABOUT YOU ARE LOSING THEIRS AND BLAMING IT ON YOU, IF YOU CAN TRUST YOURSELF WHEN ALL MEN DOUBT YOU. BUT MAKE ALLOWANCE FOR THEIR DOUBTING TOO, IF YOU CAN WAIT AND NOT BE TIRED BY WAIT- ING, OR BEING LIED ABOUT, DON ' T DEAL IN LIES, OR BEING HA TED. DON ' T GIVE WA Y TO HATING. AND YET DON ' T LOOK TOO GOOD, NOR TALK TOO WISE: YOURS IS THE EARTH AND EVERYTHING THAT ' S IN IT. AND — WHICH IS MORE — YOU ' LL BE A MAN. MY SONI RUDYARD KIPLING NITZA SHILONI MAJOR: JUDAIC STUDIES HTD MINOR: BUSINESS TAG — TZEDAKAH COMMITTEE. ACCOUNTING SOCIETY, JUDAIC STUDIES CLUB. YEARBOOK LAYOUT. CHANTZIE SHEMTOV man MAJOR: ENGLISH COMMUNICATIONS WROTE FOR THE OBSERVER. CO-EDITED TAG ' S YOM TOV GHOVERET. R N VOM TOV OUTREACH BOOTHS. VICE-PRESIDENT OF SPEECH ARTS FORUM. MAX STERN SCHOLAR. MARSHA SHLUKER ntrND MA JOR: BIOL OG ) MINOR: PHIL OSOPH ) KOCHAVIAH TYPING EDITOR. DEAN ' S LIST. TAG TZEDEKAH COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN. FOOD SERVICES COMMITTEE - CHAIRMAN. DORMITOR COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN, PRE-HEALTH SCIENCI SOCII n MED-SGI SKRLTARV DR. BURDOWSKI FAN CLUB. TAMAR SIEGAL -ion W- ; 1 MAJOR: PSYCHOLOGY FRESHMAN CLASS — SECRETARY, ISRAEL AFFAIRS COMMITTEE - PRESIDENT, DEAN ' S LIST. j , H i H ELLEN GAIL SILBER i-dht nnDK MAJOR: ELEMENTARY EDUCATION COMEDY EDITOR KOCHAVIAH CHORAL ENSEMBLE, DRAMATICS JS 3 SOCIETY, JUNIOR CLASS SECRETARY, CHAIRPERSON SENIOR DINNER " THE MOST WASTED DAY IS THAT IN WHICH WE HAVE NOT LAUGHED. " — CHAMFORT tO.VV SARA SILVERMAN rnv MAJOR: PSYCHOLOGY AND JUDAIC STUDIES BELKIN SCHOLAR, HEAD OF TAC YOM TOV COMMITTEE, EDITOR OF MOADIM LE SIMCHA. NAOMI L YNN SKOLNICK ns 1 ? nana MAJOR: MARKETING CUM LAUDE. DORM COMMITTEE. BLOOD DRIVE. WYUR BUSINESS MANAGER. D.J.. SCWSC — CORRESPONDING SECRETARY. MARKETING SOCIETY — TREASURER. ADMISSIONS STUDENT COORDINATOR. YEARBOOK. BUSINESS EDITOR, BASKETBALL TEAM — CAPT — MVP — 1986. TENNIS TEAM. BIG SISTER, FRESHMAN ORIENTATION COORDINATOR. STUDENT HOST, JPSY. AMIT, YESHIVA SEMINAR ADVISOR. WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES UNIVERSITIES. " FAME IS FLEETING. POPULARtT IS A CCIDENT, UOME) TAKES WINiSS . . PUT CHARACTER E DURE$. " RUCHIE SLADOWSKY MAJOR: PSYCHOLOGY B- SKETB LL TEAVt — MANAGER. YESHIVA SEMINAR. R.K. CLUB, DEANS LIST. PHOTOGRAPHY SOCIETY — VICE-PRESIDENT. PSYCHOLOGY CLUB. BLOOD DRIVE. METS FAN. OBSERVER. V.I.G.I.L.. YEARBOOK. PAC MANIAC. STUDENT HOST. WHO ' S WHO IN I6E. U HA T ? Ol ER ? MP CU SA ) OVER? . V ATCR RLUIARfK) rvr - y DOREET BATYA SLASKY MAJOR-. BIOLOG) POLITICAL SCIENCE SOCIETY VICI PRESIDEN1 ' 86 ' 87. MODEL U.N. AT HARVARD 1986. HEAD FEMALE DELEGATE AT MODEL U.N. HARVARD 1987, SURN PLAY 1985. BLOOD DRIVE CAPTAIN 1986. PRI HI M IH HONOR SOCIETY. DEAN ' S LIST. I YOU WILL n IT IS NO LEGEND THEODORE HERZl " aim 1 1 i ' k i i -i r on " LISA JOY SORSCHER ■ MAJOR: PSYCHOLOGY KOCHAVIAH — BUSINESS EDITOR, DEAN ' S LIST, JPSY, YESHIVA SEMINAR — ASSISTANT HEAD, BLOOD DRIVE. TAC, STUDENT HOST, PSYCHOLOGY CLUB. " SUCCESS LIES NOT IN BEING YOUR BEST. BUT IN DOING YOUR BEST. " LAURA JEAN SOSKIN MAJOR: ART ADVERTISING DESIGN MINOR: JUDAIC STUDIES FRESHMAN CLASS — VICE-PRESIDENT, BESAMIM SISTER, SCW OPEN HOUSE, EMES. LAYOUT EDITOR, BIG ■TRIENDS ARE LIKE MELONS. SHALL I TELL YOU WHY? TO FIND ONE GOOD. YOU MUST A HUNDRED TRY. " — CLAUDE MERMET ' LIFE IS AN ENDLESS PROCESS OF SELF-DISCOVERY. " — JOHN GARDNER MINDY SPEISER ana MAJOR: BUSINESS ECONOMICS SOCIETY, PRE-HEALTH SOCIETY, TENNIS TEAM. " NOTHING MATTERS WHEN YOU ' RE IN LOVE WITH A JERSEY GIRLII " — BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN MAXINE SPIEGLER MAJOR: PHILOSOPHY PRE -HEALTH DEAN ' S LIST. PRE-HEALTH SOCIETY. TAC. science " WHAT MATTER IS IT? " PHILOSOPHY. " WHAT DOES IT MATTER? " - RAV SHRAGA SIL VERSTEIN TORAH: THE END OF THE MATTER. WHEN ALL IS SAIP ANP PONE - FEAR OP ANP KEEP HIS COMMANPMENTS FOR THA T IS THE V, HOLE PUT) Of MAN. " kl 0 SOLOMON SARAH ALII A SPOLTER MAJOR: BIOLOGY TAC. DEAN ' S LIST. PRE-MED HONOR SOCIETY. REBECCA CAROL STAIMAN mn . MAJOR PSYCHOLOG) KOCHAVIAH I DITOR IN CHII I . STUDENT HOSTESS. SSSJ, DEAN ' S LIST. UNO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES. JPSY. EMES. V. I.C.I. L.. WHO ' S WHO IN l(M. JOKER ' S WILD. Wl 00 Wl SUBS TODA) nil WOOD, mi PLEASURE, THl POWEROI TOMORROW... mi YEARS TEACH MUCH WHICH THl DAYS NEVER KNOV RALPH H UDO EMERSON TO MY DEAREST ROOMMATES H VO. ' ' SINAIOR HIUJARSk) »f SARA STEIN rms:s mar MAJOR-. ENGLISH DEAN ' S LIST, THE OBSERVER — ASSOCIATE FEATURES EDITOR, BESAMIM — FINE ARTS JOURNAL OF SCW — LITERARY EDITOR, TAC, CO-EDITOR OF BINAH YETARAH. CARE N HOPE STERNBERG mn htb MAJOR. PSYCHOLOGY STERN CHOIR, BLOOD DRIVE — CAPTAIN, JANE FONDA WORKOUT PARTICIPANT, DRAMA SOCIETY, MUSICAL ATTENDANT. ■■CORRECTION DOES MUCH, BUT ENCOURAGEMENT DOES MORE. " — GOETHE REVA STRAUCH nan MAJOR: COMMUNICATION DISORDERS (SPEECH) OBSERVER, PHOTOGRAPHY SOCIETY — SECRETARY, SPEECH PATHOLOGY SOCIETY — PRESIDENT, TALI, AREEVA CLUB, V.I.G.I.L., DEAN ' S LIST, BELKIN SCHOLAR, WHO ' S WHO IN I6E. WAS IT OVER WHEN THE GERMANS BOMBED PEARL HARBOR? — SENATOR BLUTARSKY DEBBIE NUSSBAUM STRIKS AAJOR. JUDAIC STUDIES STEPHANIE L YNN TAUB MAJOR: JUDAIC STUDIES CHt RU VkfcSHER COMMITTEE — CHAIRMAN, TORAH ACTIVITIES COUNCIL. PRE-MED SOCIETY. BINAH YTEIRAH. BIG SISTER. BLOOD DRIVE. YEARBOOK COMMITTEE. MAX STERN SCHOLAR. DEAN ' S LIST. ASP N THE £ P THELCVE YOU TAKE IS E£UAL TO THE LOVE OU VIAAf. ' — THE BEATLES ZIP OR AH TOKA YER mis: MAJOR.- PSYCHOLOG PSYCHOLOGY CLUB PRESIDENT, TAC PARSHAT HASHAVUA COMMITTEE. I1NNIS TE AM. 1 » A BLANCHE VANN MAJOR: JOINT BA MSW WYUR, TAC — ROSH CHODESH-TEHILLIM-BIKKUR CHOLIM COMMITTEE, DORMITORY COMMITTEE. Y.U. TORAH LEADERSHIP SEMINAR, SCW DRAMATICS SOCIETY, DEAN ' S LIST, WYUR HONOR SOCIETY. THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THINGS IN THE WORLD ARE NOT SEEN OR TOUCHED THEY ARE FELT WITH THE HEART. SHARONA VOGEL MAJOR: EDUCATION JUDAIC STUDIES DEAN ' S LIST, BELKIN SCHOLAR. MICHELLE WEINER D MAJOR-. ELEMENTARY EDUCA TION MINOR: PSYCHOL OGY TAC — TEHILLIM COMMITTEE, TZEDEKAH DRIVE, EDUCATION CLUB, PSYCHOLOGY CLUB, BASKETBALL TEAM, VOLLEYBALL TEAM, SWIMMING, POLITICAL SCIENCE SOCIETY, EMES, SSSJ. " A MAN ' S HEART DECIDES THE WA Y BUT (ONL Y) HASHEM ALLOWS HIM TO ATTAIN THE GOAL. " " nya pa ' m -id-it n:?rr dtn ay (o; 1 ' o »Vw») KAREN JEANETTE WEINMAN n pan ?m MAJOR: RUSINESS FASHION MERCHANDISING MINOR: PSYCHOLOGY MARKETING SOCIETY. PRE-HEALTH SCIENCE SOCIETY. DEANS LIST. " AND JUDGE ALL MEN FA VCRABL . " ELAINE ROSE WEINREICH M4. 0 ?: BUSINESS ECONOMICS SOCIETY. ACCOUNTING SOCIETY. MARKETING SOCIETY. BIG SISTER. YEARBOOK STAFE. ADINA WEISS MAJOR: COMPUTER SCIENCE MINOR: ECONOMICS BASKETBALL TEAM. GUIDE TO THE PERPLEXED - EDITOR. DEANS LIST. N.C.S.Y. ADVISOR. COMPUSCI. uw COULD KPPRECLATl ihi GRANDEUR IN ONI ATOMOI HBBOD) hi WOULD m ASHAMED NOI TOBi GREA1 RA SHRAGA H lR TtlN DENA RIVKA WEISS npan nm MAJOR: COMPUTER SCIENCE MINOR: ART BELKIN SCHOLARS AWARD, DEAN ' S LIST, COMPUTER SCIENCE SOCIETY - TREASURER, COMPUTER ROOM OPERATOR, BIG SISTER, BLOOD DRIVE, TAC FLOOR REPRESENTATIVE, SENIOR DINNER COMMITTEE, B ' NEI AKIVA. " YOU ONL Y LIVE ONCE BUT IF YOU LIVE RIGHT, ONCE IS ENOUGH. " — ANONYMOUS ESTHER WEISS nnDK MAJOR: MARKETING BUSINESS ISRAEL AFFAIRS COMMITTEE — PRESIDENT, A.Z.Y.F., REPRESENTATIVE CULTURAL AFFAIRS COMMITTEE, CHAIRPERSON INTERCOLLEGIATE COMMITTEE, SEPHARDIC CLUB, DRAMATICS SOCIETY, OBSERVER COLUMNIST, TENNIS TEAM, WYUR — D.J., MARKETING SOCIETY, STUDENT HOSTESS, BIG SISTER, MERIT AWARD FOR SERVICES TO STUDENT COUNCIL. " THE PURPOSE OF LIFE IS NOT TO BE HAPPY. THE PURPOSE OF LIFE IS TO MATTER, TO BE PRODUCTIVE, AND TO HAVE IT MAKE SOME DIFFERENCE THAT YOU LIVE AT ALL. HAPPINESS IN THE ANCIENT NOBLE VERSE MEANS SELF-FULFILLMENT AND IS GIVEN ONL Y TO THOSE WHO USE TO THE FULLEST WHATEVER TALENTS G-D, OR FATE OR LUCK HAS BESTOWED UPON THEM. " SITVANIT WIENER-AVNEAR nwiD MAJOR: MARKETING FASHION MERCHANDISING EL AN A RACHEL WOLK MAJOR: SPEECH PATHOLOGY — COMMUNICATION DISORDERS DRAMA SOCIETY — ASSISTANT STAGE MANAGER. WYUR. YEARBOOK. BIG SISTER. TDD CLUB. BLOOD DRIVE. JOINT-ISRAEL PROGRAM. A.L. FAN CLUB. " YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE. BUT IF YOU LIVE RIGHT. ONCE IS ENOUGH. " RENA ZELEFSKY ■?m npan MAJOR: BIOLOGY MUSIC SOU YC CHAMBER MUSIC ENSEMBLE. WYUR — BUSINESS MANAGER. W YUR D.J.. CHAGIGA COMMITTEE. DEANS LIST. WENDY ILENE ZIERLER MAJOR: ENGLISH LITERATURE WRITING MINOR: VISUAL ART MAX STERN SCHOLAR. BASKETBALL TEAM. BESAMIM - LITERARY EDITOR. OBSERVER OP ED. HAMEVASER ASSOCIATE EDITOR. di Adler Paula Bronstein Tova Gold Barbara Kaplan Shira Lookstein Dina Saxe Maxine Spiegler Broadway 266 Columbia Terrace 10 Roosevelt Ave. 1048 Reads Lane 993 Park Ave. 3435 Giles Place 5727 Redding Ave. wrence. NY 11559 Paramus. NJ 07652 West Orange. NJ 07052 Far Rockway. NY 11691 New York. NY 10028 Bronx. NY 10463 Memphis. TN 38119 cy Alevy Naomi Buchen Susan Goldfarb Chava Katz Liora Masliah Beth Schiowitz Sarah Spoiler 30 Locust Ave. 145 Wellington Rd. HOi Willowbrook Rd. 807 Glen Drive 64 Beaumont Cr. 969 E. 9th St. 604 Sisson St. ng Beach. CA 90S0? Buffalo. NY 14216 Staten Island. NY 10314 Woodmere. NY 11598 Yonkers. NY 10710 Brooklyn. NY 11230 Silver Spring. MD 20902 nor Ariel Sharon Cable Adina Goldstein Mindee Katz Rebecca May Rena Schmeltz Rebecca Staiman ' -04 72 Ave. 3905 Dogwood Dr. II Oak St. 1659 48th St. 6400 Beacon St. 3 Miriam Lane 135 Grampian Blvd. ishmg. NY 11367 Greensboro. NC 27410 Binghamton. NY 13905 Brooklyn. NY 11204 Pittsburgh. PA 15217 Monsey. NY 10952 Williamsport. PA 17701 na Azar Shunie Camille Lisa Gottesman Jacqueline Katzenstein Leah Mezistrano Nancy Schonhaut Sarah Stem Rhinecliff Dr. 12 Crown Heights Cr. 1113 Doughty Blvd. 330 Fairview Ave. 5352 So. Kenyon 16 Exeter Road 26420 Harding Chester. NY I46IS Thornhill. Ont. Canada Lawrence. NY 11559 Paramus. NJ 07652 Seattle. WA 98118 Jersey City. NJ 07305 Oak Park. Ml 48237 igi Bandman Susan Carey Diane Gottlieb Tova Kestenbaum Rena Mezistrano Rena Schubert Caren Sternberg East 95 St. 223 Trailtop Ct. 130 N. Fuller Ave. 1 Opatut Court 5352 So. Kenyon 3567 Severin 360 Mayfield Ave. ooklyn. NY 11236 Chesterfield. MO. 63107 Los Angeles. CA 90036 Edison. NJ 08817 Seattle. WA 98118 Cleveland. Ohio 44118 Elkins Park. PA 19117 nia Bastomski Debby Chutter Debbie Grad Rivka Klein Lynn Miller Susan Schultz Reva Strauch 5 No. Ogen Dr. 1121 Doughty Blvd. 707 Arnold St. 1 Eller Road 2875 Fairgreen Dr. 38 Norfolk St. 3105 Sheridan Ave. s Angeles. CA 9C036 Lawrence. NY 11559 Philadelphia. PA I9III Edison. NJ 08817 Miami Beach. FL 33140 Bergenfield. NJ Miami Beach. FL 33140 se Bayuk Donna Dolitsky Sharon Grad Shani Klineman Debby Motnick Bashi Schweitzer Debbie Strtks 00 Lee Ct. 1333 East 104th St. 707 Arnold St. 2416 Beachwood Blvd. 5118 14th Ave. 33 President St. 66-22 Fleet St. Itimore. MD 2I20S Brooklyn. NY 11236 Philadelphia. PA 19111 Beachwood. Ohio 44122 Brooklyn. NY 11219 Staten Island. NY 10314 Forest Hills. NY 11375 Gloria Beder Barbara Farkas Chaviva Greenfield Marilyn Kohn Caroline Peyser Alissa Seewald Stephanie Taub 951 Lake Shore Blvd. 625 Cortlandt Ave. 9040 Samoset Trail 672 East 82 St. 36 Blake Rd. 1045 E. 7th St. 37-B Adler Place It. = 3I4B Mamaroneck. NY 10543 Skokie. III. 60076 Brooklyn. NY 11236 Brookline. MA 02146 Brooklyn. NY 11230 Bronx. NY 10475 did. Ohio 44123 Sarah Farkas Debra Gross Cindy Kops Sharon Pfeiffer Stephanie Selesny Ziporah Tokayer rah Bendelstein 199 Warwick Ave. 1355 N.E. 171 St. 230 Old Lancaster Rd. 22 Niles Place 22633 Shevington 23 Devonshire Terr. West 44th St. Staten Island. NY 10314 N. Miami Beach. FL 33162 Merion. PA 19066 Staten Island, NY 10314 Southfield. Ml 48034 West Orange. NJ 07052 yonne. NJ 07002 Felicia Feder Sharon Gross Pamela Korn Miriam Rabinowitz Marianne Severin Blanche Vann mi Bengio 344 Briar Place 144-40 75th Ave. 143-14 Willets Point Blvd. 27 Soren St. 124 Devoe Ave. 13-35 Henrietta Ct. -14 S3rd Ave. Apt. 2A Woodmere. NY 11598 Kew Gardens Hills. NY 11367 Flushing. NY 11357 Staten Island. NY 10314 Yonkers. NY 10705 Fairlawn. NJ 07410 w Gardens. NY 11415 Jill Feldman Monica Gunman Sharon Korn Barbara Raskin Nitza Shiloni Sharona Vogel bra Berger 2069 East 37 St. 1324 54th St. 5121 S. Myrtle 37 Curtis Ave. 927 E. 12th St. 1170 Sussex Rd. -02 Park Lane South Brooklyn. NY 11234 Brooklyn. NY 11219 Seattle. WA 98118 West Orange. NJ 07052 Brooklyn. NY 11230 Teaneck. NJ 07666 w Gardens. NY 11418 Lisa Fenakel Rivka Hager Lee Kornbluth Karen Reichman Chantzie Shemtov Michelle Weiner aron Berger 48 Markwood Rd. 9 Kupperman Lane 3660 North 45th Ave. 144-50 68th Ave. 434 S. 42nd St. HOI King Corey Dr. -56 Jewel Ave. Forest Hills. NY 11375 Monsey. NY 10952 Hollywood. FL 33021 Flushing. NY 11367 Philadelphia. PA 19104 St. Louis. MO 63146 shing. NY 11367 Rachel Finkelstein Sharon Halevy Rita Krinitz Rena Resnick Marsha Shluker Karen Weinman borah Bernstein 5535 56th Ave. So. 708 North Crescent Dr. 133 East Linden Ave. 770 Ocean Parkway 1137 Waterview St. 15615 Jeanette January Walk Seattle. WA 98118 Beverly Hills. CA 90210 Englewood. NJ 07361 Brooklyn. NY 11230 Far Rockway. NY 11691 Southfield. Mich. 48075 ng Beach. NY 11561 Chagit Fleischman Roslyn Hanfling Rachel Kronisch Sharon Richter Tamar Siegal Elaine Weinreich ulamit Bienenfield 505 Elmwood Ave. 1215 East 73 St. 1298 Dickerson Rd. 475 West 186th St. 25 Mountain Ave. 5731 Ashbriar Ave. 0 48th St. Brooklyn. NY 11230 Brooklyn. NY 11234 Teaneck. NJ 07666 New York. NY 10033 Monsey. NY 10952 Memphis. TN 38119 ooklyn. NY 11219 Sarah Fogel Sharon Heftier Chaney Kula Dawn Rivlin Ellen Silber Adina Weiss hudis Bienenfeld 6 Dalewood Drive 325 Newgate Rd. 3 South Circle 31 Torresdale Dr. 3595 Harvey RD. 139 Ash St. 47 Stantord Ave. Suffern. NY 10901 Langhorne. PA 19047 Woodbridge. NJ 07095 Richboro. PA 18954 Cleveland Hts. Ohio 44118 Bruckton. MA 02401 Louis. MO 63130 Sima Fogel Suri Heftier Michell Laddin Randyl Rosean Sara Silverman Deena Weiss slie Binder 771 Caffrey Ave. 31 Rechov Harav Frank 2211 Braigg St. 5 Beacon Lane 5 Zeissner Lane 4055 Henry Hudson Pkwy. East Evesham Ave. Far Rockway. NY 11631 Bayit Vegan. Jerusalem. Brooklyn. NY 11229 Brigontine. NJ Spring Valley. NY 10977 Riverdale. NY 10471 orhees. NJ 08043 Judith Freundlich Israel 96385 Rachel Landau Miriam Rosenberg Naomi Skolnick Esther Weis chelle Blumenfeld 2579 Fish Ave. Dasi Hiesiger 1309 Somerset Rd. 454 Washington St. 33 E. Henrietta Ave. P.O. Box 414 Carlton Rd. Bronx. NY 10469 1082 East 24 St. Teaneck, NJ 07666 Brookline. MA 02146 Oceanside. NY 11572 Latham. NY 12110 Jnsey. NY 10952 Brooklyn. NY 11210 ri Bodek 4 Virginia St. r Rockway. NY 11691 Rachel Fuchs 503 Reads Lane West Lawrence. NY 11691 Tiffame Hirt 420 Doheny Rd. Beverly Hills. CA 90210 Monica La ufer 153 Onslow Place Kew Gardens. NY 11415 Deborah Rosenthal 24129 Pierce Southfield. Mich. 48075 Ruchie Sladowsky 28 Dartmouth St. Forest Hills. NY 11375 Sitvanit Wiener 2631 Cahbri Lane Carlsbad. CA 92COS ri Bomzer 3 East 5th St. ooklyn. NY 11230 Miriam Ganz 144-27 68th Ave. Flushing. NY 11367 Michelle Horowitz II Woodsorrel Lane East Northport. NY 11731 Marcie Lenk 500 Reis Ave. Teaneck. NJ 07666 Elizabeth Roszler 1064 So. LaJolla Los Angeles. CA 90035 Doreet Slasky 6521 Darlington Rd. Pittsburgh. PA 15217 Elana Wolk IS Daisy Lane Commack. NY 11725 via Borenstein 33 Sulton.Place shing. NY 11365 Aviva Glasser 619 Montgomery St. Brooklyn. NY 11225 Leslie Huberman 35-4900 Cartier St. Vancouver. B.C. VGM4H2 Shulamis Lichtstein 887 Colonia Rd. Elizabeth. NJ 07208 Julie Roth 70-35 153rd St. Flushing. NY 11367 Lisa Sorscher ICH4 E. 7 St. Brooklyn. NY 11230 Rena Zelefsky 652 Winthrop Rd. Teaneck. NJ 07666 ira Borstein 5 West ISGlh St. Cindy Gluck 653 Church Ave. Deena Kahane 443 East Penn St. Malky Lichter 3457 Prarie Ave. Rebecca Rothchild 9 Mellon Ave. Laura Soskin 8 Jill Lane Wendy Zierler 93 Peckham Ave. w York. NY 10033 Woodmere. NY 11598 Long Beach. NY 11561 Miami Beach. FL 33140 West Orange. NJ 07052 Monsey. NY 10952 Willowdale. Ontario H2R2V4 trier Boylan Pamela Gold Deborah Kane Alyssa Lifshultz Amy Rubin Mindy Speiser Van Nostrand Ave. 510 Avenue J 985 N.E. 176 St. 3748 Prairie Ave. 6721 N. St. Louis Ave. 41 Hampton Court glewood. NJ 07631 Brooklyn. NY 11230 N. Miami Beach. FL. 33162 Miami Beach. FL 33140 Lincolnwood. IL 60645 Bergenfield. NJ 07621 83 V to ffBV 1 T r -» ; ; s ' 11 1 ■ .-■« CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES S f E R N COLLEGE S3 Felicia Feder Editor-in-chief Rebecca Staiman Editor-in-chief KOCHAVIAH 1987 Editors-in-chief: Felicia Feder Rebecca Staiman Layout Editor Shani Klineman Sharon Cable Rachel Landau Photography Editor Donna Dolitsky Business Managers: Naomi Skolnick Lisa Sorscher Typing til it or Marsha Shluker Corned) l ditor I Hie Sllber I iter. Mure Suit Shlra Lookstein Wl A [ Iho Silber Layout editors; Rachel Landau, Shame klineman. KOCHAVIAH M 1987 fDEtfl Shira Lookstein 87 1 HANI KAH 1 0N( 1 Kl m • ' V I, IHAM t N IHIII) II MM 1 aegdJOj - Finally graduation is hore. Our goals are beginning to take the form of realities. The long awaited moment in whieh we will step out into " the world " has arrived. Along with this move eomes a responsibility to the mem- bers of the society in which we live. Our Avot recog- nized this responsibility and are therefore called " ye- sharim " . or upright, according to the Netziv in his intro- duction to Sefer Bereishit. They merited this name because they respected all men. regardless of their reli- gious beliefs. Sefer Bereishit is named Sefer Ha Yashar. after this important character trait, because it is this trait which ensures the existence of the world. As graduates of Stern College, may we continue to live lives that reflect these goals, instilled in us by our institution. PRESIDEN1 Faigi Banderman VICl rxi IP[NI Caroline Peyser SECRl TAR) Judith Freundlich ik ' l SURER rXviva Kahane M THE OBSERVER W ■ The Official Newspaper of Stern College for Women • eshiva University Volume -48. number 6 TD3 Nissan 8. 5747 MEDSCI Sponsors Nuclear Arms Symposium Executive Board Sharon Halevy Editor -In-Chief Rachel Mandel Rachel Landau News Editor Features Editor Ariella Schreiber Sara Stein Associate News Editor Associate Features Editor Erica Schoonmaker Wendy Zierler Op- Ed Op-Ed Lynn Miller Esther Boylan Cultural Arts Editor Editorial Assistant Dr. Judith Neaman Sara Kosowsky Facultv - d isor Editorial Consultant Technical Board Michele katz Rachel Finkelstein Lavout Editor Copy Editor Stephanie Selesny Debbie Rosenthal Art Editor Proof Editor Rachel Sladov»sk Annie Richter Photograph , Editor Business Manager Writ ng Staff Sharon Feder. Nechama Goldman. Jessica Goldsmith. Ethel Greenstone. Aliza Herzberg. Sharon Herzfeld. Miriam Kwal- wasser. Shira Lookst en . Racht ■1 Pomerance. Blimi Richtman. Re- becca Rosenberg. D •hi i Rosenthal. Miriam Segal. Yonina Segal. r Ika Shidman Layout Staff Penina Blazer. L ianc Gottlieb. Chava katz. Miriam Kwalwasser, Miriam Rabinowitz, • nella Sc ireiber Art Staff 1 dicia feder Business Staff Dina Saxe Elected Valedictorian E23R23HI U! BESAMIMDTOB3 Ghostly You smiled at me yesterday I mean really smiled when I told you that the ghost in Hamlet was really Hamlet himself. I felt your smile the whole day and when I closed the light to sleep it lit the whole room. I think I may read some more. But tell me one more thing before I see you in my dreams. Are you a ghost yourself? For you slip through my fingers whenever I get near. Rabbi acrylic on canvas 24 " X 30 " Sharon Pfeiffer Tiger acrylic on canvas 36 " X 54 " Felicia Feder Esther Boylan Editor-in-chief Felicia Feder Wendy Zierler Art Editor Literary Editor Shani Kliineman Shira Lookstein Assoc. Art Editor Assoc. Literary Editor Laura Soskin Arlene Antman Layout Editor Assoc. Layout Editor Sharon Herzfeld Editorial Assistant Staff Naomi Buchen, Nadia Feyazi Sara Silberman, Barbara Kaplan. Met ' .• oach). bottom I 10R Naomi Skolnlck (capt). Judl Adler (capi I inda Kramei ' r.i row Sarah May, Sharon Koplon, Dena Bcphj r.i Ruttncr. lov.i Rivkin. Rcna Rlvfcln, tern Stacked Nava Well, " OK TEAM MtUKLRt Naomi Skolnick (capt.) Judi Viler (capt.) fova Rivkm LADY MACS 1987 93 DRAMATICS SOCIETY Executive Governing Board — SCDS President — Rachel Pomerance Vice President — Sharon Cable Treasurer — Rebecca May House Manager — Barbara Cohen Secretary — Sharon Kesselman Faculty Advisor — Peninnah Schram MARCH 26, 29, 31 , APRIL 1 2 AT 8:00 P, M. ON SATURDAY, MARCH 28 AT 9:00 P. M. The House ofBernarda Alba Servant PENINA BLAZER Poncia SUSAN FISCHER Bernarda MIRIAM RABINOWITZ Angustias RACHEL MANDEL Amelia ALIZA HERZBERG Adela ELANA BANK Martirio JORDANA MARGOLIN Magdelina NECHAMA GOLDMAN Maria Josefa DINA NAJMAN Prudencia MIRIAM ROSENBERG 93 im " i " " mm T rtl A m w J CLUBS AND W EDUCATION CLUB MARKETING SOCIETY SPEECH ARTS FORUM TENNIS TEAM ACCOUNTING SOCIETY : : ACTIVITIES POLITICAL SCIENCE CLUB TRACK TEAM PSYCHOLOGY CLUB WYUR ISREAL AFFAIRS CLUB 95 PRE-HEAL TH SCIENCE EMES STUDENT SENATE CLUBS AND ADMISSIONS SSSJ COMPUTER SCIENCE ACTIVITIES DORM COUNSELORS 91 STERN DORM (sung to the tune of Country Road by John Denver) la Minos t heaven 34th Street 50 List where VII. and Stern girls meet. All alone here on a Thursday night. Oh r. Cosby will you hear my plight. Chorus Oh Stern Dorm where I roam Oli Stern dorm is my home. New " lork City, down from Macy ' s, Oh Stern dorm is my home. Life is great here gotta catch the train On my way to Y.U. where I ' m gonna meet my man. Out the window I hear voiees from outside, I listen to that singing for the groom and the bride. Starting to get hungry I need to get some food. Have to go through the crowd, gosh I ' m really not in the mood. I chorus Got my sweatpants and my makeup ' s on just so, All I need is my pearls and I am set to go. Waited hours tor the elevator, it ' s finally on my floor, Girls screaming there ' s no room, as I watch the closing door. chorus.) Guess I ' ll just stay in my old room tonight, U I A. with me so I will be alright. I ' ll talk on the phone and on my bed I ' ll wait. For m roomies to come and tell me about their dates. choi rtttirsda) mght is over, I made it through my first one. i hat b,M. . in fact I had some fun. I think I m gonna like il here. Stern College is for me. tad it I get unhappy, I ' M hustle over to Macy ' s! The office lost your records you can ' t get into class, You ' re bored with all the learning you just want to pass. You ' re sitting in the same seat for an hour and a half, you ' re stomache starts to grumble so you head for the caf. Standing in line, it ' s really getting tough, you survey all the food and it ' s all tomato stuff. You settle for a muffin ' ' cuz that is all you saw, and then you start to eat it and you realize it ' s raw. You search for your friends but the Mechitzahs are in the way, They say there might even be some plants on them one day. My day at Stern College has been a hectic one, Thank goodness it ' s finally over and all my work is done. I ' ll miss the fun at Stern when I graduate in May, but I know the thing I won ' t miss, is the gross tuna souffle. Kelly % Shelly went to Delicious — Deli because they wanted to be fed. But when they got there the cupboards were bare so they went to Food Emporium instead. Shari, Shari, quite contrary How does your wardrobe grow? With credit cards and personal checks and 10 Benettons all in row. Rub a dub dub I jump into the tub I need to take a shower or I ' ll die but hot H20 ' s not the norm especially in the dorm so all I can do is cry. Hickory Dickory Dock What time is it on the clock? It ' s 7:30, here comes the van hop on to search for a man Hickory Dickory Dock. Millions ol immigrants ■ir lying in Sow ork at the turn ol the XMi con turs possessed dr eomi for better five Onewa Bernard Revel who as pared for even more He envisioned the Form llonol VeshivaUnlversI l . for secular and roll gious studies lo be com- bined inlo a curriculum to meet the needs ot the Jewish people seeking to adopt and contribute to their new homeland Revels vision became a realits in eshiva Uni vertlt) He was Presi dem ol Veahtva from us beginning in ISSp until ii i death In 1940 and guided it to internation al prominence one dollar stamp hon oring Dr. Bernard Revel, scholar and educator, was issued on Septem- ber «, 1986 in New York Cits The dedication ceremony was held in koch auditorium. The stamp was issued in con junction with the Cen tennial ol Yeshtva Uni- versity. NEW YORK. N.Y. 10001 — » too A tribute was payed to Mrs. Esther Zur- off. Director of Student Services, on Wednesday, April 29th who will be retir- ing in June after 30 years of devoted ser- vice in Stern. The cocktail reception, sponsored by the Stern College Alumnae Association was held in Koch auditorium. Mrs. Zuroff was presented with bound volumes of letters from students and fam- ily and friends, a collage of photos from her thirty years at Stern and a friendship quilt from the student clubs, activities and administration. v umwersitV st« 1 T%M m0 r £Ji ' m 101 Y E S H I V A L ' N I V E R 5 I T Y YESHIVA COLLEGE STERN COLLEGE FOR WOMEN CLASS OF 1987 cordially invites you to attend the ANNUAL SENIOR DINNER Wednesday evening, May twenty-seventh Nineteen hundred and eighty-seven Reception 6:30 p.m. • Vista International Hotel Three World Trade Center New York, New York R.S.V.P. by May 6 with payment Couvert $45.00 per person $50.00 per guest k?: 1 1 ;HJ 103 1 r : AWARDS AND HONORS Stern College for Women Bernard A Brown Award (established by Edith and Harold E. Kohn) for excellence in Business related subjects SHERY1 HEFTLER Education Department Award for leadership and excellence in Education RITA KRINITZ Education Department Award for professional growth in Education MICHELLE WEINER Mr. and Mrs. H.I. Feldman Award for excellence in Life Sciences DEBORAH BERNSTEIN Lawrence P. Fischer Memorial Award for the best paper in Hebrew on some aspect of Jewish History ELKA SCHMIDMAN Malka Fishhaut Memorial Award (established by Rabbi and Mrs. Earl Fishhaut) for excellence in Jewish Studies SHANI GOLDSMITH CHANTZIE SHEMTOV Abe Fleishaker Memorial Award for excellence in Jewish History SHARON STERN Esther Fleishaker Memorial Award for excellence in Bible CAROLINE PEYSER Sol and Sarah Friedland Memorial Award (established by Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Friedland) for excellence in Modern Hebrew Literature SHULAMIS LICHSTEIN Herman Gerofsky Memorial Award for excellence in Jewish History RIVKA HAGER Benjamin H and Jennie Hammer Memorial Award for excellence in Political Science SHULAMIT BIENENFELD Professor Laurel Hatvary Award for Creative Writing NAOMI LEVINE Joseph Herbst Award for excellence in Accounting ELISE BAYUK Sarah T. Herschfus Memorial Award (established by Dr. and Mrs. Morris Epstein) for excellence in English RACHEL S. LANDAU Ida Lamport Hurewitz Memorial Award for excellence in Marketing KAREN WEINMAN Ida Lamport Hurewitz Memorial Award for excellence in Psychology TAMAR SIEGEL Professor Moses L. Isaacs Memorial Award for excellence in Chemistry DEBORAH BERNSTEIN Sadie an d Arthur Lamport Memorial Award for excellence in Jewish Ethics FAIGI BANDMAN Jacob and Katie Lashin Memorial Award (established by Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Friedland) for creativity in the Biological Sciences MIRIAM BERGER Rabbi Chaim Levine Memorial Award for excellence in Jewish Studies CYNTHIA GLUCK Morris Lipton Memorial Award (established by Mr. and Mrs. H.I. Feldman) for excellence in Communication Disorders REVA STRAUCH Dean David Mirsky Faculty Memorial Award for the best paper by a senior Marcia Pearlstein Memorial Award for excellence in Hebraic Studies MARCIE LENK Professor Nathaniel L. Remes Memorial Award (established by the Class of 1978) for a senior chosen for character, personality, and service rendered to the School STACY ALEVY Jerome Robbins Memorial Award (given by Rabbi Herman J. Zwillenberg ' 43) for the best original short storv WENDY ZIERLER Joseph Rosenberg Memorial Award (established by his sister and brother in law Livia and Sidney Turkel) for excellence in Jewish Studies and Jewish Ethics SHARONA VOGEL Edward A. Rothman Memorial Award (estab- lished by the Henry, Bertha, and Edward Rothman Foundation) for the best essay on the theme of Issues in Orthodox Judaism in Practice WENDY ZIERLER Fannie and Asher Scharfstein Memorial Award for the best essay on the subject of gemilat hesed No award this year Yeshiva University Mildred Schlessberg Accounting Society Alumnae Award for service in Accounting ROSLYN HANFLING Constance Schwartzappel Memorial Award for excellence in Psychology SUSAN SILVERMAN Gilda R.S. Silverman Memorial Award (established by her family and friends) for excellence in English Communications ESTHER BOYLAN CHANTZIE SHEMTOV Phyllis Gordon Solomon Memorial Award for excellence in Pre Law Studies SHULAMIT BIENENFELD MONICA GUTTMAN Stern College Alumnae Association Award for service to the College and academic achievement SHARON HALEVY DINA C. SAXE Lisa Wachtenheim Memorial Award for character and service FAIGI BANDMAN Wall Street Journal Award for excellence in Economics MONICA GUTTMAN Women ' s Branch of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America Award for excellence in Jewish Studies STEPHANIE TAUB Max Stern Scholars DEBORAH BERNSTEIN DINA C. SAXE CHANTZIE SHEMTOV STEPHANIE TAUB Dr. Samuel Belkin Undergraduate Scholars FAIGI BANDMAN FELICIA FEDER SHANI GOLDSMITH ADINA GOLDSTEIN SHARON PFEIFFER SUSAN SILVERMAN REVA STRAUCH SHARONA VOGEL 107 109 The Senior Class officers take great pride and pleasure in wishing all our classmates in future endeavors. nfs President — LESLIE BINDER Vice President — LISA FENAKEL Treasurer — DASI HIESIGER Secretary - RACHEL KRONISCH HO The Stern College Student Council wishes the graduating class of 1987 the best of luck in all their future endeavors. 1986-1987 SCWSC Executive Board: Stacy Alevy — President Ethel Greenstone — Vice-President Marilyn Kohn — Treasurer Tova Rivkin — Corresponding Sec. Deena Press — Recording Sec. MAZAL TOV to the GRADUATING SENIORS. TAC wishes to thank all of you who helped us over the years. Faigi Bandman — President Caroline Peyser — Vice-President Aviva Kahane — Treasurer Judy Freundlich — Secretary Q THE OBSERVER The Official Newspaper of Stern College for Women • Yeshiva University Wishes a Mazal Tov to the graduates of 1987. 113 To the Editor-in-Chief: It seems like only yesterday the " Stern " " Marathon " of educational pursuits made their " commencement " and now you have become a " FIT ' " Working Woman " . Congrats to the finest sister — daughter — friend a person can have. FELICIA, we ' re all proud! Love, Mom, Dad, Jeff and Mark Feder and Bubby IM To Our Dearest REBECCA May your graduation be a stepping stone to success and may happiness follow you wherever you go, SAMEL TO V AND BEST WISHES All our love, Mom Dad and family 115 1 - Fsutique On u ' P Brooklyn, NY ■ Q2X Best wishes Judy F. — Elsig Family Congratulations Stephanie tde ii Love Renoe i Clem Maze! lot u elnei Q Ken on her parole from Rachel. Jay, Michael i Don Pear Stephanie with .ill our love and much success in the future. Love Han nali Bella Jo) :• A to Aviva Glasser and Stephanie Tauh David S. Stern ASK mi K51 FOR LESS! This room is rented no vacancy 1 Ours truly. S 6 D I am prtviledged to be Paula Bronstein ' s grandmother Francis Feldman Pear Rena Mazel Tov Best Wishes Dr. 6 Mrs. Spero £ Family Maze! rot to our wonderful niece PASI Rabbi and Mrs. E. Neiss MAZE TOV 4 Hi 4 GLASSER To Zipp i l- ' PP 1 Thanks (or being the best roommates ever love. Tov a MAZEL TOV to my " Big Sis " — Moishe Dear liorj and Mimi. College wouldn ' t have been the same without vou Love, Limor Best wishes to our dear Friend AVIVA GLASSER Mr. S Mrs. Michael Pruxman Pear Marianne. Much happiness and love. I ' ll miss you. Linda Mazel Tov to Aviva Glasser Hatzlacha Rabbah! Pear Mimi - 1 wish ou much success and happiness. Love. Linda Congratulations to the best sister in the world. Aviva Glasser Love. Lorna Maze! Tov BLUM A From a Friend To my dearest friends. Limor S Mimi Thanks for being there when 1 needed you. Love always. Liora Mazel Tov Judy f. Schneider FamiK Mazel Tov To Aviva Glasser Hatzlacha Rabbah! Machon Chana School Pear Shifra — Mazel and best wishes From Friends Greetings from G 1 Bakery Main Street Flushing Good Luck From the gang at Ihe Pott Direct Mail Rebecca — It has been a heck of a year, thanks for always being there through thick and thin — and of course thanks for the yearbook help too. Wishing you only the best ' cuz baby you deserve it! Love ya. Felicia Kaneho Discount IX A bast 34th St. NY NY 10016 Ret Park t lev. Aves. lov Hlum.i ou are a vcrv special graduate. Love. The Werners A well wisher and admirer 01 fhulsmk Uchtttin tOVI Cousin. Kef me Jill P.i.i VjUll I Rrn.n for « ler 1 making her into an insider f lof putting up with all the e«tra». letpeciallv lili 1 thank IK 9 ; a PWQOtJ l£ltf J JH ft g ufb .A 3 0 • JJ vfi it J6f °AW H AifP To Cindy Mazel Tov on your graduation your life is a true reflection of all you have learned, we are enormously proud of you. May Hashem grant you a long life filled with happiness, good health and rewards of teaching. Mom, Dad and Barry and Grandma Uncle Ivan, Aunt Phyllis, Uncle Jackie, Aunt Susan, Uncle Bobby, Aunt Rita, Danny, Richie, Jonathan, Kenny, Debbie, Vanessa, Jennifer, Elliot § Brian 117 J im 119 120 Mazel Tov on your graduation TOVA Love, Uncle Herschel, Aunt Shirley, Gershon, Shmuel, Chaya-Bracha. Elisheva. Nechama, Benjamin-Zev Abigail and Miriam 121 12 123 To our dearest MARIL YN Mazel Tov on your graduation. We are all very proud of you and wish you happiness and success always. Love, Mom, Dad, and Barry Goldie, Avishai and Nitzah Shari and Amnon BEST WISHES and ALL OUR LOVE TO DIANE Love, Mom, Dad § David 1:4 125 TC-a ' Jhiucha and r1atz(adia to our pride Sjjou rvn rxn t ' Wltk PHUCk- l0VO MOMAAy OvutDADD 7 LRA and FEN N KEITH andeiL A rt introducincj JACWN SALl your Aunts X Uncles Arnold L Sue Alfred Paul Miltiz ' Raphael Marsha. Charles L ill an and all uour cZousCns Arnold I. Korman. Esq. L ' CEMSEO REAL ESTATE BROKER 61 24 220 S ' -if • B " vH N V 11364 (7181 225 9102 SHEARMW LEHMAN BROTH I R Shsnon Ltfma Brotim nc 105 10 Queens 8MJ fores M s. NY 11375 718 S20 6350 1 800 348 3489 (dm ol NY Sue) Cdebmtc uournext bAazaLHov with a handwritten K6TUB3H by Raphael Posvuzr POiro Halachic integrity — Inspired, illiuimhitiow V 3 253-7922. 136 127 128 Congratulations and best wishes To Our Granddaughter SHARON BARBARA PFEIFFER upon her graduation! The family is very proud of you! Mazel Tov! THE GOLDBERG FAMILY Mazel Tov To Our Dear Granddaughter SHARON Oma and Opa PFEIFFER 129 130 In honor of my granddaughter TOVA LEAH RIVKIN Mazal, Brachah. Hatzlocha Always. Love, Bobby Rivkin Mazal Tov to Our Dear granddaughter TOVA LEAH RIVKIN on this momentous occasion Love, Bobby and Zeidy Bulka Jerusalem May Tomorrow bring all your dreams and aspirations. Love, Mom SHALOM BRONSTEIN $n ¥ttfoae and ' .JSrtuvf ' tteuedp 212-532-5232 RARTONK 172 MADISON AVENUE DAK I V IND NEW VQRK NiY |00|6 LI-HEN ENTERPRISE INC. FINE CHOCOLATE • CANDY • NUTS • GIFTS GREETING CARDS Our best wishes to STEPHANIE L. TAUB May you enjoy good health, happiness and contentment Hilda and Simmy — Shirley and Robert To my dear STEPHANIE Congratulations! I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH! Grandma Ida A ma chere. STEPHANIE FELICITATIONS! Je t ' aime beaucoup. Grandma Nini To AMY RUBIN, With all our love. A wonderful granddaughter we ' re always proud of. Grannie and Gramps Dearest SHULAMIS. Congratulations on your graduation. Much success in your future and may you always be happy. Grandma and Grandpa Uncle George, Aunt Charlotte, Jeffrey, Sharon, Stuart and Donna Mazal Tov MICHELLE. We ' re proud of your successes. Love, Mom, Dad, Maxine, and Miriam SIMS FOOD STORE open 24 hours 10% discount on sandwiches for students ■■CM £,s -ns-j nfi - Bluma, Hudi, Sharon, Shulamis, and Stephanie, We ' ve really made it! Love, Michelle Congratulations to the leader Lovely LEAH Love, Sam and Lenore To A Wonderful Niece RENA Congratulations — You deserve the best. Love Always, Aunt Chana Leah 131 Mazel Tov to our precious Wife, Daughter, Daughter-in-Law, Sister, and Sister-in-Law JULIE on her graduation. 7) G(T » f Aif cft w r- With all our love, Heshy, Mom, Baruch, the Shver and Shviger, Aliza, Yoni, Mark, Sara, Michael, Jeremy Scott, Beth, Bobby, and Buby 132 To our dearest dUNIA, May you continue to be a constant source of Naches to the Rebbe Shlita and your family All our love, Totty, Mommy, Issy and Etty, Simmy and Shaya, Chaim and Marcia, Shea and Ariella, Rivky and Baruch, Usher, Basya, Sara and Shifra 133 134 Best wishes and hearty Mazal Tov to TOVA LEAH RIVKIN Love, Mom, Dad, David, Rena, Zev and Shira Congratulations FAI6I upon your graduation May your grasp always exceed your reach as you continue to be a source of pride to us all With Love, Zaidy and Bubby Bressler, Mommy, Dov Rivka, Shani and Avi 135 r Mazel Tov To our Dear Daughter, Granddaughter, Sister and Aunt NAOMI BUCHEN on her graduation The Buchen and Aronoff families i 136 ELANA WOLK Best wishes for continued growth and success, SHALOM UVRACHA Compliments of the daily minyan Tzedaka fund Ira S. Schwartz, Treasurer Commack Jewish Center 83 Shirley Court Commack, NX 11725 Rabbi William Berman, Cantor and Principal Leon Wolk, President Herbert Keiles 137 rf To our dear daughter MARIANNE, You are young and fresh and have your whole life ahead of you. We wish you all the happiness, opportunity, and luck anyone can have. We ' re proud of you! Love, Papa and Maman 138 139 IV 141 142 MAZEL TOV to LAURA SOSKIN and the centennial class Bnai Jeshurun Synagogue Monsey, New York 143 =N CONGRATULATIONS to RENA MEZISTRANO Love always, Mom and Dad To My Dearest Sun, d ' lnr May this point in your life be the start of all your ambitions. May Hashem grant you all your heart ' s desires and happiness in all your endeavors. Love, Nathan P.S. The light at the end of the tunnel isn ' t always an oncoming train. 144 FROM YERUSHALAYIM WITH LOVE To SURI HEFTLER From Shlomo, Shifra, Rachel, David, Miriam, Mor- dechai, Gittel, Naama, Bat Sheva and Mommy and Daddy To SHARON MIRIAM (SIEGEL) BERGER Mazel Tov on your marriage to David in June 1986 and your graduation from Stern College in January 1987. We have always been extremely proud of your exceptional academic achievements. With Love, Mom S Dad Siegal Your husband David David, Jeremy and Ariel Mom S Dad Berger 145 Chairn and the entire Scharf Family 146 147 148 p - Mazel Tov and l(P [j J to our daughter HUDI and the Class of ' 87 Rabbi and Mrs. J. Bienenfeld Shami, Saralea, Bracha Tova Dena Chana, Yaakov Mosheh P SURI small name BIG POTENTIAL Lots of luck in life. Love, Rachel Adina So special u are R eally 1 ndespenseable As My Best Friend P " O ihfs-; i To Our Darling Daughter REV A on her graduation We are very proud of you!! You have always been a source of pride in our lives. We love you very much Mommy, Daddy, Yehoshua, Sheva and Bubi § a?, To my sister, RACHEL May your years be filled with joy and achieve- ment. Love always, J J to our beloved niece and cousin ELANA WOLK Aunt Vera, Uncle Zevulon and cousins, Barry, Esq. of N.Y. Dr. Pesach of Jerusalem w % 5 Mazel Tov to our daughter CAREN STERNBERG and lots of luck in your future endeavors. Love Always, Mom and Dad 149 AVIV A GLASSER on the occasion of your distinguished achievement, all our best wishes for success and happiness. Applied Intelligence Systems, Inc. New York, ISLY. 151 td MAZEL TOV and WARMEST CONGRATULATIONS to DIANE GOTTLIEB May your graduation from Stern College be the foundation for a wonderful, happy and successful future. May you always continue to be a source of much nachas to your dear parents. Joseph and Hana Kornwasser and Helena and Laizer i?: MAZEL TOV To our dear daughter LYNN We wish you success and happiness always. Mom, Dad and Karen MAZEL TOV to AMY RUBIN to you and your classmates upon your graduation. You have brought us pride, joy and happi- ness from the day you were born, and may you continue to do so in the years to come. Love, Abba, Imma, Uri, Rina and Yael 153 e£ IH We offered you the best and you were blessed with the wisdom to understand and appreciate it. Mazel Tov MICHELLE From kindergarten to HASC, high school at HANC, a year at Machon Gold and ultimately a graduate of Yeshiva University, your secu- lar studies have provided you with the nec- essary knowledge. Your study of Torah has and forever will be an inspiration, enabling you to understand and apply that knowledge successfully. You will always be a source of pride and happiness for your loving family. MOM, DAD, Kenny, and DANIEL HOROWITZ 155 156 To our dear BASHI SCHWEITZER you have carried us with you as you have risen from strength to strength. Grandma Mom and Dad Yaffa 157 158 159 160 Mazel Tov to DEBBIE KANE on her graduation, and to Yeshiva University on its one hun- dredth anniversary. May you go from strength to strength. Parents: Murray and Marcia Kane Brother and family: David, llene and Yehonatan Sister: Atara Grandparents: Anna and Aharon Sauransky Milton Kane 161 In honor of our eldest daughter LISA SORSCHER on this monumental achievement May you always walk in the pathway of To- rah and Derech Eretz. May all your dreams be fulfilled and as you enter your chosen field, may Hashern always be with you. Mom and Dad Alan, Amy, Michelle, Randi and your grandmothers Jennie Sorscher Charlotte Gross v_ ie: 163 » ( ' Gj WE ARE DELIGHTED TO WELCOME THE SCW CLASS OF ' 87 TO OUR ASSOCIATION STERN COLLEGE ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION EXECUTIVE BOARD Honorary President Corresponding Secretary . Recording Secretary Treasurer . . Arlette Loeser ' 82 Mona Montal ' 83 Sandra Quinn ' 77 Deina Shapiro ' 75 Karen Strauss ' 84 Gilda Hockbaum ' 63 . Leah Kalish ' 69 Ginger Socol ' 59 OFFICE OF UNIVERSITY ALUMNI AFFAIRS Dv. E. Yechiel Simon Director Toby Weiss, Assistant Director (2 2) 960-5373 164 165 II Mazel Tov to RUCHIE SLADOWSKY Super daughter, granddaughter, sister, and aunt V c may your future be filled with the joy and nachat you give to those who love you! 166 167 In honor of RACHEL LANDAU We love you and are so proud of your achievements. Mom, Dad S Jay - IcS Loving congratulations to onrdauahU) Leslie Jou JBfitder on ner aratiurfiiofr r Tne woHdiswaUma jorijow $o dtp out and Ynak uourymrk Ijour orchid parents, Jk ard rs.%k4 9$inder 169 r Pear Mark. I can ' t imagine what it all would be like without you. It seems as if I ' ll never be able to thank you enough for it all, but I ' ll sure try — Forever £ Always, Felicia i % ( To our granddaughter JACQUELINE " good luck in your future. " Grandma S Grandpa V_ " Dear REBECCA, True friendship multiplies the good in life and divides its evils. To find one real friend in a lifetime is good fortune-, To keep him, a blessing. Baltasar Gracian « Otta Eisen Schmell Love, Bobbi 170 17! 173 Mazel Tov To Our Darling SUSAN with love from Grandma Mom, Dad, Ellen § Brian Aunt Ronee, Kevin, Steven § Michelle Aunt Maria, Uncle Marty, Jeffrey, Debra § Mitchell 173 Mazel-Tov and much Hatzlacha to our precious ELAN A loving daughter, sister, sister-in-law § aunt May you continue to shine! from: Cantor § Mrs. Leon Wolk Eli, Michal, Yonaton, Akiva S Gavy Cantor Jeffrey S Sharynn Wolk i§ Aaron m BLUMA VANN, a precious flower in the garden of life; May you continue to be the source of nachas you always have been. May Hashem grant you the strength to continue to reach out to others in Torah and love. May Hashem grant you Bracha and Hatzlacha in all your future endeavors. MAZEL TO VII We love you very much. Love from Mommy § Daddy Yitzchak, Yaakov, Sora Rivka § Yosef, Devorah Malka, Binyomin Moshe § Goldy Zayda, Grandpas and the entire Mishpacha 175 re 177 178 179 l.iufj li:ol To upon sour graduation tnd be l wishes lor a hap p and Successful tulure I am ver) proud ol ou Love, Richard I, T n HUCI Wc love You Carol. Howie. Jared. and Rachel 180 181 To BOBBI, the dearest daughter, sister and friend a family ever had. You have always filled our hearts with great pleasure and pride in every way. Mazel Tov on your graduation from Stern and good luck with your master ' s program at NYU and your graduation next year. Your Loving Family, Mom and Dad, Herb and Renee and Jeffrey Raskin is: Mordechai, dad; Chaiki, mom; Yehoshua, oldest brother-, Leah, oldest sis- ter; Eric, brother-in-law; Sarah, No, 2 sister; Micah, younger brother; Rachel, No. 3 sister; Shana, No. 4 sister, together wish REBECCA and the rest of the Torah Scholars graduating Stern College The Class of 5747 All of Hashem ' s blessings THE MAY FAMILY 183 184 185 186 v % To RENA with love upon your graduation we are delighted with your achievement. Our hopes for you are always high you always live up to our expectations. We are proud of you look forward to sharing in your excitement for the future. With G-d ' s blessing our love, Mom, Dad, Steven, Michele, Scot, Lindsay Pamela To my Dear REN A I hope to share in many more of your accom plishments. I ' m very proud of your success. Mazel Tov! Love, Dovid 187 Mazel Tov to our dear daughter JUDITH LEE on her graduation We are proud of your great achievements. Love, your family Rabbi § Mrs. Charles Freundlich Sharon, Samson £ Jessica 188 To our dear CHANEY You have given all of us Nachas and brought us much pride joy. Your friendliness, warmth and smile have always been outstanding characteristics. May these special qualities, combined with the beauty of Torah, continue to be your guide through life. All our Love, Mom Dad Enie Navah Pearl, Dovid Tzvi Miriam Avi Nachman 189 W (1 Mazel Tov | to our dear KAREN watch out world — here she comes. Love, Mom, Stuart and Lisa R eichman Bobie and Zeide Caplan i r To SHIFRA with Love, and in ail our future undertakings. Love, Sholomo m All our love and Best Wishes to RENA Schmeltz on her graduation from Stern College Mom, Dad, Jonathan, Benjy, and Joey V KOSHER DELIGHT where food is always delicious and delightful 1365 Broadway NYC, 10018 % W M fa? J Dearest DASI, Congratulations and best wishes Love Always, Your 1 Clown g % Mazel Tov to our niece YE HUD IS BIENENFELD with all our love, Paula, Steven, Jennifer, Adam Nelly and Noah Gopin i ? J 191 v BEST WISHES to JACQUELINE KA TZENSTEIN Paramis ' shining star 1alke and Narby Wartelsky w v r v 6. Used video games Junk Boxes, 45 RPM Golden Oldies, CD Records top selection Eastern Distributors 500 N. 12th St. Philadelphia, PA 19123 215-627-1000 Mazel Tov to CAREN STERNBERG v. MAZEL TOV to " our Gem " TIE FAN IE Love Always, Mom, Dad, and al MAZEL TOV MIRIAM wishing you much happiness and hatzlacha in your future. With Love, Ema, Abba, Ariel, Rebecca, Shulamit and Chaim David V. 192 193 194 195 I Mazel Tov to MINDY we ' re very proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad Elisa £ Jonathon Mazel Tov LITTLE LULU (the future Mrs. Ashendorf) and the whole Adler family Love, Tante Elaine, Uncle Hymie, Chayaleh, Morty, Zev, Shelly Anne, Shalom, Benjy, Malkie Josh, Zahava, Avi Sruly 197 jl Dearest Hudi, | ' " 5j i G - ' ? jvicj fih let _aij Love, Jslan " v? = Mom J) 198 To Felicia, My Editor-in-Chief , n w$ mis ni3-i " " t t - • t : " : Mazel Tov and best wishes to you and your classmates. May all your hopes and dreams for the future come true, and may you continue to be a source of pride for your families, friends and f t ffo With all my love, Mark 199 !t xc ■■ Ill ' " Mil : FOR WOMEN IIVERSIJY . .

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