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I STERN COLLEGER YESHIVA UNNI T S»j Jf Wfj na a " ) f , naba P a 3ji ; i WH!JCija The Jewish people, time and again have been compared to stars. Our number, as promised to the Avot is ( " insert Art 9 " ), as vast as the stars in the heavens. Whenever one gazes upward at the stars, one inclines his face heavenward and directs his thoughts and prayers to G-d. But stars do more than twinkle in the heaven. They are more than indicators of direction, harbingers of morning, omens for good, portents for evil, or metaphors for the Jewish people. According to Maimonides, the stars and heavenly bodies each possess a soul and an intellect with which they are able to recognize and glorify their Creator. They have a self-awareness of their position and from this position serve G-d to the utmost of their ability. For this reason, the title KOCHAVIAH is very apropos for Stern College ' s yearbook. Just as the stars are aware of those who stand before and after them, we, as graduates of Stern College for Women in the year 1986, should be aware of those women who roamed the very halls, trod the very steps and occupied the very rooms we do now; and those who will come to fill the very spaces we will soon vacate. It is not easy to be a woman in this day and age, and to meet this challenge, Stern College provides a unique opportunity to iearn from a variety of many exciting and demanding disciplines and to incorporate Torah values at the same time. The idea of such an institution is one that looks fine on paper, but needs the participation of individuals to actualize it. For this reason, we would like to dedicate this issue of Kochaviah to Stern women — past, present, and future — to women who have demanded, and subsequently received and who will continue to demand and receive, a quality education in both Judaic and secular studies. As the recipients of such an education, we, together with those who have proceeded and will succeed us, will then, like the stars, be able to serve G-d with an increased self-awareness. r ' e.;ie ible. for sure NO later than Sept. Kochaviah 1986 Editors-in-chief: Esther Kaufman Deena Schramm Layout Editors: Debra Cohen Debbie Sutton Photography Editors: Suri Davis Miriam Weiss Business Managers: Leslie Baker Shulamit Glau- bach Lisa Lerer Art consultant: Naomi Talansky Staff: Linda Blank Suzette Fleischer Lilli Mandel As the dawn begins to break through the night sky while we frantically lay out ads. crop pictures, type copy and proof all of the above, it seems hard to believe that we have reached the end of what seemed to be. at least in the beginning, a herculean task. There were many times during the course of the year when we often wondered why we had voluntarily assumed the burden of producing a yearbook (the second time around for us both). In all honesty, we continue to wonder. However the sense of accomplishment that comes when reviewing the completed proofs compensates for much of the agony. As in any other endeavor, there were many people along the way that helped us tremendously, often providing the much needed inspiration to continue. ( " Don ' t tell me you ' re going to work on yearbook again. Won ' t it ever get done?!? " ) Yes, it finally is done, and while we can ' t thank the " multitudes " who helped in one way or another (those who got their pictures in on time, handed in their bio sheets early - and without prompting — , and those who not only brought in their allotment of ads but succeeded in financing this venture), there are a number of individuals who we would publicly like to thank: NAOMI — for doing the Hebrew calligraphy on such short notice, ERICA — for designing the artwork on page one at 2:00 in the morning, SHERI— for the d ' var Torah SARA — for use of THE OBSERVER room. ELANA — for her support, TOM VIDA — For showing us the ropes and convincing us that our mistakes were not that drastic, THE OFFICE STAFF — for their encouragement, OUR ROOMMATES — for putting up with the pre- deadline mess and intrusions by the entire senior class at one point or another, LARRY — for tolerating interrupted phone calls, Sundays spent on yearbook, and for helping us with the layout and the literary aspects of this book. «0 P r| ■ ' ■ ' H-. jnp ejew spd Yeshiva University office of the president November 5, 1985 MEMBERS OF THE STERN COLLEGE FOR WOMEN GRADUATING CLASS 1986 Please accept my warmest congratulations upon your graduation during this historic year of Yeshiva University ' s Centennial celebration. As you leave the University and the College, and attain more perspective, you will appreciate just how revolutionary Stern College is in the context of contemporary Jewish history. It was in the earlier part of this century that the Beth Jacob schools were inaugurated with the blessings of the sainted Chofetz Chayyim. This extraordinary advance in the Jewish education of women was not greeted with unanimous approbation, but it certainly triumphed — to the benefit of Jews throughout the world. Since then, the world has changed considerably. Women have broken into fields undreamed of heretofore, and have entered the world of the professions as the equals of men. Higher education is open to any woman of merit, no different from men. And here is where Stern College symbolizes the second important step in Jewish women ' s education in this century: the development of a liberal arts college which provides advanced education both in the humanities and sciences on the one side, and in Jewish studies on the other. We have every reason to be pleased with the achievement of our students. Your class in particular represents the beginning of the blossoming of Stern College in quality as well as in quantity. We hope that you will have, equally, every reason to be proud of your alma mater, as you come back to visit, to study and teach in it, to send your children and neighbors ' children here, and to support Stern with your substance and sentiment for years and years to come. Cordially yours, NL:is NORMAN LAMM President 500 West 185th Street, New York, N.Y. 10033 • (212) 960-5280 Dear (iradu.i- Stem I !oIlege rarely think of themselves as revolutionaries. Yet, since that day in lHM when this College opened it doors thanks to the generosity and : lr Mai Stern i.V ' Hi. we have Keen not only active participants hut true .1 movement that baa revolutionized the contours of Orthodox Judaism. This movement, the commitment of large numln-rs of women to in-depth Jewish irahip, baa brought new vitality to our people. In an age when women are ng their values and goals and often discarding traditional relationships, we md m» meaning to the words tural imeeha. The faculty and administration is very proud of your achievements and confident of your future directions. We look forward to your successes and to your continuing involvement with this College which will always be your home. .ou go from strength to strength in all your undertakings. Sincerely. Karen Bacon Dear Graduates, The term " women ' s education " is an oft used label void of meaning. It seems to attribute a unique quality and distinct approach to the education of women as opposed to the education of people in general. Is the desire to know, not a universal and natural inclination for all people of all ages? Woman ' s quest for knowledge has been no less intense than that of her fellow man. She has always sought to satisfy her intellectual curiosity, to grapple with philosophical concepts and to understand the secrets of nature. What is unique to the world of education, and broader in dimension, is not womi o ' a education but rather .Jewish education. It is Jewish education that explores worlds which remain untouched by society at large. Jewish education requires not only the pursuit of knowledge lis interminable questioning and delving, but a sensitivity and meticulous attention to ethical and moral behavior. The Torah provides a framework within which every aspect of life operates. At Stern College for Women you are fortunate to be the beneficiaries of a formal Jewish education that was previously unavailable on a higher level. You study in an environment where to know is not sufficient You have been taught not only to " learn " , but to " learn and to do " Learning should result in the fulfillment of mitzvol .md m positive actions thai are performed honestly, earnestly and I ' . Your success will be measured by the way in which son practice and apply what oii have learned, " I. el your SOU] know Torah then it will be a crown on your head. " ...ur continued search for knowledge combined wiih ;, commitment to I ..r, ih Values, I rown you Willi wi-dom May this fai lilt) ol making the- best use of knowledge, experience and understanding, benefit familj . ommunity and people. Sim erelj . Ethel Orlian Dear Graduates, Graduation is a time for celebration. It represents the culmination of your efforts and perseverance to complete the unique course of Torah u-Madda study at Stern College. Congratulations and good wishes are thus in order. But in the Jewish tradition, any completion of study, any siyyum, entails not only recognition for what has already transpired. It also includes a continuation, or a beginning anew of the scholarly process. Whether it is the beginning of another Talmudic tractate when one has been completed or the completion and beginning of the reading of the Torah on Simhat Torah, we do not rest on our laurels. The Jewish Studies Faculty has been proud to instruct you in the intricacies of Torah and Jewish Scholarship and to imbue you with teachings of morality and ethics which ought to accompany an intensive learning experience. We hope that what we have taught will be viewed by you as just the first step. Take the methodologies and the materials, the thoughts and the theories and use them well as you embark upon a new phase of study which will hopefully be a lifelong one. You may find that setting aside time to study or mustering the resolve necessary to concentrate on your studies will require great effort. Please do not despair! Remember instead the aphorism of the Amora R. Yizhak (Megillah 6b): " If a person says, I have expended effort and I have succeeded, believe him her. " It might not seem possible for that person to have been able to master that much Torah knowledge or to have really penetrated through to the core of a very difficult Torah concept. But if the student has put in great effort, the greatness of our Torah vouchsafes that no scholarly achievement is impossible. Dear Graduates, As you are about to leave the sacred walls of our Yeshiva I would like to share with you a very beautiful Torah thought expressed by the famous Spanish Talmudist and exegete Rav Isaac Arama, the author of the Akiedas Yitzchak. In the Biblical narrative dealing with the creation of woman we find that G-d gives her two names. The first name isha — teaches that woman was created from man (ish) and stresses the fact that like him she is capable of understanding and advancing in the intellectual and moral spheres just as the matriarchs, prophetesses and righteous women did throughout Jewish history. The second name Chaua — the mother of all living kind, alludes to the power of childbearing and to the responsibility of rearing children called motherhood. What Rav Arama is stressing in his exegetical comment is the technical definition of woman ' s unique double role and mission in life as it is depicted by the names she was given at the time of her creation. Stern College has given you the tools with which to accomplish both these missions. Through your exposure to intensive and sophisticated Torah analysis and methodology and your acquisition of yediat ha-torah you have been given the technical capability of continuing to learn Torah during your future years. This in turn will enable you to continuously grow intellectually and spiritually in your observance of Torah and mitzvos and to make an impact and contribution to society at large. Through the Jewish philosophy and theology courses you have taken you have been inculcated with an acute awareness of what it means to be a Jew and specifically a Jewish mother. A Jewish mother is the soul and inspiration of the Jewish home. It is she who will ultimately help determine her family ' s spiritual direction in life. Our Sages teach us that each generation is redeemed because of the righteous woman of that generation. It is my belief that you will be capable of personifying all that I have mentioned above and will in turn help the Jewish people of our generation experience this redemption. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you, the Class of 1986, continued bracha v ' hatzlocha in all your future endeavors. Sincerely, Rabbi Tzvi Flaum Sincerely, Rabbi Ephraim Kanarfogel administration Rabbi M Kahn Rabbi S Berman Rabbi T. Flaum JUDAIC Rabbi A Weiss Rabbi M Willlg Prof. H. Dubitsky RabO B Fretnde 10 Rabbi A Metzger Dr. M. Bernstein I Dr. M. Havazelet Rabbi P. Oratz Mrs. Lidovsky-Cohen STUDIES Dr. G. Appel Chemistry PROF P POSEN Physics DR. L. BLAU DR. J. DESANTIS DR B ROSOFF " In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous. " Aristotle Biology DEAN K. BACON I. J DR A BURDOWSK Chemistry mps c ooerj Chemistry MRS E ORLIAN English Music MS. A. PAGE DR. C. SILVER English " Literature is language charged with meaning. " DR. J. NEAMAN DR. M. WEIDHORN MR. SMYTH PROF. S. GARDNER Philosophy Art DR. D. SHATZ M W PROF S FELD Accounting % ..aft j t;t,., MR A COLCHAMIRO PROF P PINTER ' There is no accounting for tastes. ' Economics DR J SZAMANIA MR. N. DAWIDOWICZ DR A LEVINE " Human status ought not to depend upon the changing demands of the economic process. " William Temple Computer Science MR A LEIBOVITCH Man is stu the best computer of or MP • MS C BLEICH Political DR. R. BEVAN DR. M. HECHT " I tell you folks, all politics is applesauce. " Will Rogers Science DR. B. BLANK DR. S. LANGER DR. M. PERLMAN " Th e purpose of psychology is to give us a completely different idea of the things we know best. " Paul Valery Social Sciences f DR. J. BACON PROF. A. TAUBER " Don ' t let your schooling interfere with your education. " Mark Twain DR. D. DALEZMAN Math DR. M. GROSOF Education DR. J. ROBERTS Df. D. Goldstem Office of the Dean Dean K. Bacon Mrs. E. Orlian Mrs. L. Neiman Mrs. P. Silver Ms. D. Simons Library Marilyn Cherie Mrs. L. Turkel 17 " Caf " T Mr S Klein Mrs. S Klein Security Mr S Mandelbaum Office of Student Ms V. Kamensky rp r. Mrs F M er Mrs R G Ck Dorm Sema Mordechai Reich and family Mrs. Milner )ff he Registrar nt Services Nurse Ms. L. Newton Mrs. E. Zuroff Mrs. P. Winter Dr. E. Nulman 22 23 24 25 » ' 26 Stern College Try it. you ' l Ike it No entry without toll 28 t Student Council 1985-1986 Governing Board President: Elana Goldscheider Vice President: Naomi Kupchik Treasurer: Lori Pearl Corr. Secretary: Naomi Skolnick Rec. Secretary: Judy Adler TAC-5746 ififl 30 31 THE OBSERVER The OMicial Newspaper of Stern College for Women • Yeshiva University Toa Volume 47, Number 4 Kisle 21, 5746 32 President Vice President Treasurer Secretary Amy Gordon Annette Meyer Rochelle Block Zahava Soble Honor Society President Suri Bashkowitz 34 35 %VJ M Sk X. -J J ' ,Nj V 0 kf s P aO 3 0$ •3 at ' - $9 ge ! O Le 6 . io w1 C ,o ' cC S VJW NtJ« fc W N px pvo " G (V vfc 1V l tf V)Q ' A oe°r e ' SO ' S C , y0 o na € so ' « , o( % I IA J o$. - s £s tUOy M A j Oq : % Qn-; Qi Ho r ' ° ' M C •on V ' AH SU ff £? ' % SC 0S N 25 t. Go ' SestT t: » ' " fcn , Q ' O . °£te 39 j c % o® 1 :• ' .«. 3 - c -- c 1 ' - tf0» p D ( V G SO ' eiw- oc e o po , c ,o CO ' 50 ,e.o ' c© i tlf S » V ,vA cS W J0R- co ' s c ct,t ,eP -o« y e«o 40 LOto 9 m a J o$ C °H AS p or B ■ ? " s, S °£Nt C hr ' Cs B , ■ Itir. ' f V Qr w 1 ? y l Q M x J o$. Vq ilS H { u NOa , «A C °Mi ii J Qr ° e, re °m fee ' ® % a, ©?- O a ll ic3? : fsv L CHol, Q rr OQy Qc ' 6c ,0 ' A ' Of ' t , - o J C», Olv, •T K " y °O r , e °c ,. 41 a vvj M W £P M 6 G ' C° M 5 rf v s fcO sN Lc ' N S ° , S G 42 c JO, °TT£ » ?; Psy, I % °« oZ 6 G$L u °- B q „; b On, S »A a Oyy % Qto fe S » i«cs V ' bk ' hg u b , ' ' City. s Vch, o o, Sy if 0fc4 £} Ofi-. Q 9 Sfyfe £«tf. " W taS ' C ? ,,,. f e e fi %er C« r . 43 44 45 £ CO ' .V 4 0 N cP ,o rt G anoO S oC .e 90 jtfP so .e 1 ce S o « S- fcO x] S fp: 9 S c o ' ■ 5 « oo 6 «£P S ■S-feS " vM A ' t - P 0 A ° h v0 c 4to bU J 0$; $0$ 4c, • % ! °o Ul Oo .% °Qj c e - fy « ,». ' 6 nn, V$f e o ». K $ t fr s» A A o ; £te °GK $Q), ' ■Big %, ©a - ' f% 5 , fy= ■ e, W So, ' e y 47 a£ Q p w pz V co ( rjtl cs 60 c O o c ' s SO « © Jtf cO° ' l0 o9 50 c .e S S J t --.y: hei up 1 00 tf° jr9 e« of ,oc » Jffi .frto " od fd c 1 tea- V 6 -AC pi 01 o ' AN A W N ,« » " T £ ° , v TO® noPP y • ' .- Vf cn M A ° % •JO f p °un I. t V c % £i ° e, 30 - e a ( tyto Oa A l £ C c .%, «fc flty , ° th, r S ' V OQ k l9s 67t ? Q ' th .. © ■ u «cr eA Qfy ; " O g, A e Mfo 1 - fcs 49 ,o ■is w ov » c jc «. OL-O ©N -SK o° 5C nN C j ' Oe oo ' t az so 1 e W. ak MW X ?s NO " DVO ' G ce G $9 h c po fltfC c 50 P AU % " o N ®Qto ( ' GAj m ' 9r Qrr) J 0il °e A N. ■ . c «Vv Vq »k ?Qto CQg ?n ' " o. QJ ».■ 5 ), °o, e a :%. » 4fc O ?. G oza p sh C Q s o® :: Or , oe %i? ™? p ' e S SS».« 5-1 S s th IP C V S «y s o jd0 ■£:« « !?« ? o % tfV vl ' e .I c .o o p t rtffc ,o ( A 0 ' ,o 4 Ttf M rtSSas GO itf W ■ e0 V)C KJP It .. :• eo ' 52 s »Al A °BSS} " ' •SS! , c Ho L ? 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Cofy ipij? itor r ° c ' e ' enm- Y ' fa S? $$ tf ooo ' ,-•• co ' ,o SO c •- ' pec 3 w no ft K« .-. ? D© 5 : lOft . ■ PCM y C se c e ' sort D eO ' i po 1 StfC ' scve ' oce 50 c «£Z JO 3US w e tot re 3 it© 1 tna° « ' s? tf W n ' 0AG 1 o ,0 • Q S d 76 s C H A 4A T £ ■ ' 0S K 4 A C 5 A ' % 9r Q Or fer M A B 6l J o% : e o n 40. V£ Jp sy SL V; KOi } A C ta o y €5 Oty f 9 9 6 Oy ( °0 ©O A Or Us- J Q i " If s Mt r l ■Art sf Off ' HTO NSfr Q na, U ' ' City. ' On- List 11 P VAN jCP J C O e .-. ' : ' so G p o rsL ISe s VAN J ■ VAN Aj, Jt J ,si« a e d too ,,ten- uno 1 ; iet 1 s kOO tffl -V Lv rfl l0 oV r fcV Jt G £ N D DVO ' G ■otf , C oo ' AOQ $(JS sas? %G ft . °GK " " » 4 b . ' Qc " tar. NY- mm Ma °ty?.- ' % to O, «te j °0r f o c r fe ,; %x 1 1 " 0 ? ; p sy. A °HQ Gs H(Ji jQ Qn lOQy I List- - , • y Sy ch ok A °0K w-fe 7j, 79 tfS nN$ sS ,S ° .a O° eft 0 t NH S ?o tfp C0 0 P pip s v vP eV- pSK »5 e e £ iOW tv ' V vjtf eve .•• ' •• 6 S 6 ' • ' QO° c$cv i0 o A rtN o 5 .r»ro «? « Z K % « °3 ,,,c BO MAj, W, O ?. Ais hl •ei Ho, ts " XVS. £ SS k H£ AL v TH Q 7 ° Qr !» fcS i2 . , c ' : . 3Q 0 o, £ Of; 4s ®Qf A Or, 4 fo v fes c . % -• »Oo 5© 0i e Q ' A ' % Qr o , Stf Qy " Z? K ' e ,7 s Jo Qna s Q v, I .iid I will multiply thy seeds as the stars of the heaven. " Of , sway . (20 » 98f Miriam Ambalu Cohen 69-20 Ingram St Forest Hills, NY 11375 (718) 261-2299 saranoevo; 25C««onMe 639 8 (9AA)963- 9 fhery Cohen «56 Virginia Sf Paula S Edelcreek 98 Fieldstone Dr Springtield, NJ 07081 (201) 376-3283 (203 655 $P Was 1 " " " an, c ? , ■ " « VickY Fernandez 15 Mapu St Te t Aviv, Israel (03) 225-890 Suzette Fleischer 16951 NE 8th Place N Miami Beach, FL 33162 (305) 651-6136 saranf°9 e ). 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Ontario M2R163 M2R1G3 ' Canoda (416) 630-4161 Mindy Klein 229 S McCodden PI Los Angeles, CA 90004 (213) 938-7933 2odW Esther Koenigsberg ' 44-11 68 Road Hushing, NY 11367 (718) 261-0060 YosephaKopmat 4576 N Euclid Syion, OH f406 Sara Kosowsky 511 Church Hill Rd Fairfield, CT 06432 (203) 374-6442 [largaret Kramer 209 Edgevale Rd ilver Spring, MD 20910 ([301) 585-8080 Susan Kroopnick 53 Arrowwood Dr N Winnipeg, Manitoba R2V2R2 Canada (204) 338-7851 Bonni Leiber 706 Bergen SI Philadelphia, pa 191 h (215) 745-6767 Rena Leibovifch 13912-108 Ave Edmonton, Alberta Canada T5M 2E1 (403) 451-2015 Debbie Leibowitz 2055 Rockaway Pkwy 8D Brooklyn, NY 11236 (718) 531-1507 Us a Lerer 12 Oolcfie o-s Ra (° ) 455-9595 MssaLeidetman 24240 Motion (3 13) 548-9A« Sharon Levifz 533 Clubhouse Rd Woodmere, NY 11598 (516) 295-1057 Devorah Lichstein A87 Colonia Ra rt01- 354-7673 Lilli Mandel 25525 Filmore PI Southfield, Ml 48075 (313) 557-0890 •5552 ' ;» ' " oMa mon c r Annette Meyer 82-37 Langdale St New Hyde Park, NY 11040 (718) 347-7934 Liza Ness 13 Diskin St 30 Jerusalem, Israel 92473 (02) 662-620 ev- w«w»°rT. s «» Deborah Rackman 99-15 66th Ave MG Rego Park. 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NY 11367 (718) 969-3748 Mindy Speiser 41 Hampton Ct Bergenfield, NJ 07621 (201) 384-2976 Jacqueline Smigel 4 Sycamore Dr Great Neck, NY 11021 (516) 487-9897 E ' «a Spefn 2 °7VVa,,a CeAve W2) B23- 2676 Oe ovAO 4 Ba ' Va Spim 2 °0R»hAve f«en Solomon ;°8N A , tav sta 2 «)936-011 8 °° ' Chaya Stein 26420 Harding Oak Park, Ml 48237 (313) 544-7073 Debbie Sutton 445 Quentin Rd Brooklyn, NY 11223 (718) 336-1932 N ew y™ 6,hSf lC Sara Truzman Av Agustin Codazzi Edit Terrazas Apto 1-A1 San Bernardino Caracas Venezuela (58) (02) 52-86-70 Susan Ungar 3713 Stoney brook Ra (301) 655-0806 Jessica Weiss 40 Helena " » yonkers, NY 10710 E sinerle«.en Amy Zinnes 2444 N 54th St Philadelphia, PA 19131 (215) 477-0993 Francine Ziv 2606 Fair Oaks Lane Cincinnati, OH 45237 (513) 351-0909 13 fpBiro own tatts ipt n« rrnm el Eftath Berman who s takng odvantage of Stem ' s VVEAP (Very Very Early Admissions Program) and attending cotege wNe only eight years old She plans to finish her doctorate n Early Chidhood Development betore her Sweet Sixteen (2) On her first day at Stern, she found the Dean ' s office to be quite receptive (3) But she had a tttle trouble catching the eye of the registrar OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF BABES AND SUCKLINGS HAST THOU ORDAINED STERN (4) In lab, she found that she was not the smallest inhabitant of Stern. B8 (5) After an afternoon spent " shteiging away " in the Beit Medrash . . . she treated herself to a LARGE ice cream at Stern ' s favorite hang- out: Haagen Dazs. (7) The natives proved to be very friendly — explaining the intricacies of the CORE system . . . (8) and the proper procedures for side- stepping certain requirements. (9) Socializing in the library proved to be a blast HTi L % - Mm (10) though socializing over the phone was even more " stimulating. " (11) " Thursday night here I cornel! What a great way to end a week!! " 89 Pirkei Avot (Ethics of our Fa thers), the masechet (tractate) replete in Jewish aphorisms and transcendent values, cogently elucidates how a simple interchange of Torah has a cosmic effect on our proximity to our creator: (3:2) " When two people sit together and discuss words of Torah. the Shechina (presence) of G-d is with them, as it is said ' Those who feared G-d spoke to each other, and G-d listened . . . and in His presence a Sefer Zikaron (Book of Rememberance) was written ' " Mortal words of Torah are thus indelibly inscribed in the metaphoric Sefer Hazikaron of Hakadosh-Baruch — Hu. Surely the " imitato dei " principle compels us to imitate this precedent with words of Torah in our personal, tangible Sefer Hazikaron: The Kochaviah of Stern College! How appropriate it is that the theme of our yearbook celebrates the strides made in women ' s Torah learning and Torah living. This progress is evident both within the Stern microcosm and within the spectrum of Orthodox thought. To appreciate the historical development of the complex relationship between women and the Etz Hachayim (Tree of Life), we must trace its pendular motion from past to future. In our past lie the roots of the Efz Hachayim. embedded in Maasei Avofeinu. the deeds of our spiritual progenitors. Interestingly, Adin Steinsaltz ' s analysis of the character of Rivka Emenu portrays her challenges as surprisingly contemporary. Chazal (our rabbis) comment on Rivka ' s recorded genealogy, (Bereshit Rabbah 63:4): " The daughter of Betuel and the sister of Laban ' that her father was a ramai. a deceiver, and her brother was a ramai, yet she emerged a Tzadekef. a rose among thorns. " She came from a society immersed in decadence, an upbringing antithetical to Torah ideals, yet her Neshama remained untainted. When pregnancy proved excruciatingly painful, " Vafelech Lidrosh Ef Hashem " (Bereshit 25:23) she turned to the ' local Torah center ' of Shem and Ever and sought communication with Hashem. Rivka is the archtype of the independence and certainty necessary for survival. Whereas Eliezer asks Hashem for a sign to identify the ' proper girl, ' Rivka needs no assistance in recognizing " the man meditating in the field " as her future husband and alights from her camel. While a hesitant Lavan bids that Rivka wait " Yamin or Asor " before embarking with an unknown man to an unknown destiny, Rivka does not vaccillate and leaves promptly. Her acguaintance with a base human nature sharpened her ability to discern familiar flaws in her son, flaws unperceived by her sheltered husband. Yet Rivka aspires, and clings to her " Olah-Temimah " . she respects the bracha of a man who represents innate purity. Rivka attained spiritual elevation in less than optimal conditions, and it is this challenge which faces every graduate of Stern College and every member of Klal Yisroel. Moreover, according to the approach of the Baal Akedaf Yifzchok. the essence of the sin of the spies was their inability to meet this very challenge. The spies were unable to conclude the Masechet. the chapter of the supernatural, in their own development. They were nurtured by bread which fell from the heavens, they were guided by an Amud Haesh. a pillar of fire which brightened the darkness. They feared that a natural existence in Eretz Yisrael, where toil was necessary for bread, would not be a conducive environment " Lidrosh et Hashem. " The emphatic conclusion of the spies was " Lo nuchal la ' alot " (Bamidbar 13:31) — we cannot rise, we cannot elevate the state of our existence They perceived the physical and the spiritual as eternally dissident, two irreconcilable facets of life. Calev countered with " Aloh Naaleh. " suggesting a physical and spiritual rise. His approach was holistic, the physical must serve to enhance the spiritual and reflect its light. It is this simple, yet profound reality which has reverberated throughout our Stern experience. Today, when the vision of " Veler Banim al Avotam " (Malachi 3:24) is increasingly realized, we continue our guest for integration and holism. It is with infinite Hakarat Hatov (gratitude) that we thank Stern College for the fortification necessary to operate in the world of Rivka and the Meraglim (spies). We are grateful for the imparting of " Aloh. " the technical ana intellectual skills necessary for natural self-sufficiency, and for the " Naaiah. " for the inculcation of a standard of spiritual excellence. The Pesikta Zutra states " Whoever completes a masechet (chapter) must declare a holiday. " We rejoice at the culmination of this chapter of our lives. I fervently hope that our conclusion will resemble the philosophical extension of the poetic meter of the Akdamut prayer recited on Shavuot. This prayer is halmarked by the final word in each verse, which ends in a " fat. " followed by an Aleph. Let the c onclusion, the Taf of our Stern masechet catalyze an aleph — the commencement of a more advanced chapter, " Ve ' neiech Lidrosh Et Hashem. " Sheri Chasin 90 1 jsL. EL J " Well girls, let me tell you " You should txive seen how the rats reacted! ' ' On the count of three — STAB! " What do you think The quatfy ot the Stem cafeteria cmsine is truly remarkable Now do l get my money?l " | f i " What bracha should you make? ... Is the food fit for human consumption? " i ate there once And I ' ve been in bed since! ' " Oh no. Something jumped! " % 1 ' ' , 1 i — ..., f «rr : ' " I think I ' m starting my diet, NOW ' You can ' t be serious. ' of the food at Stern? " Give it to Malkie. She won ' t eat it. She hates everything. " " Statistically speaking, more girls gain weight during their stay in Stern due to eating snacks between meals, " " It ' s ' bottoms upl " 93 « « kl -y-1 Tl r | J rr ; ip tM f 2 %i " 1 : 3 jB In Memory Yitzchock Perlman n " jJ A fine human being whose life was guided by Torah values. His life was saturated with the teachings of Torah, which he absorbed all his life. Yitzchock was unanimously beloved, because he sought ways to help others fortunate enough to know him. He was an outstandhg bad chesed, and his fine and sweet personality endeared him to al those with whom he came in contact. " Yitzi " I walk into your room and you ' re not there I pick up your picture and at it I stare. I see a boy with a broad smile, A boy who lived tor such a short while. Why did you die at such a young age? Why are you part of the past, like a torn, dusty history page? We shared so many beautiful memories together, That at least will be between us forever. In Central Park West, biking we went, Those days are gone, I can ' t tell you what they meant. As a kid you taught me how to play ' catch, ' You taught me a lot about life, but now it ' s all past. I miss our long talks and walks, I miss your help, your kindness and your thoughts. Yitzi, you weren ' t just a brother, you were a friend, You were there when I needed you, upon you I would depend. The day you died, The heavens cried. The sky was cloudy and full of rain, Everyone indeed felt the loss and the pain. Yet today there ' s no more rain in the sky, But there are still plenty of tears in my eyes. I ask, " Can it be that you are dead? " Or is it some piece of imagination running through my head? Why is it if you ' re not here? I feel you ' re not far but so close and so near. Why in death do people achieve fame? A yeshiva will be named after you, but can life be the same? Yitzi, a boy so young, yet he touched everyone ' s life, A boy who was so caring and oh so bright! Now as older brother I will no longer have, Sometimes I feel angry, sometimes I feel sad. I remember the advice about school that you always gave me, I ' ll miss you at my graduation at which you won ' t be. People describe you as doing good for others, I don ' t know how many sisters had such a special brother. We enjoyed you for 26 years, You gave us good memories, but now we have tears. I remember when you saved an old woman ' s life, It doesn ' t seem fair that you ' re dead, just doesn ' t seem right. I thought that I would live To see your kids. I thought a father you would become, But now you won ' t be a father, grandfather or have a son. Oh, what more can I say? I hope Moshiach is on his way, I hope our lives will be filled with better and more meaningful days. Yitzi, you will forever be remembered in our hearts! On January 18, 1986, a special human being, David Kagan, died. He was 23 years old. At the time of his death, David, a graduate of the Ramaz School and The Johns Hopkins University, was a candidate for a Master of Arts degree in international relations at The Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies. He had hoped to go forward, said one of his professors, " armed with education and knowledge, " to pursue the cause of peace in a troubled world. David, as those who knew him will confirm, had an unfailing love for humanity, an extraordinary concern for his fellow man and an uncommon passion for peace. In the limited time allotted to him, David pursued, with all his energies, his undaunted desire to instill real peace in the hearts of all human beings. In his gentle, caring manner, he deeply touched and brought together many people throughout the world — people of different nationalities and diverse cultures and creeds — all of whom saw in David the spirit of his vision: that real peace could be achieved by opening and maintaining a dialogue among people, each relating to the other and each respecting the other ' s dignity and humanity. Shortly before his death, David said that while he did not know if he could change the world, he firmly believed he had the obligation to try. To perpetuate his noble ideal and his memory, David ' s family, friends and others whom he touched have created a lasting foundation which will bear his name. In his honor, they have established the David Kagan Foundation, dedicated to the fulfillment of his dream: the advancement of peace through furthering peaceful and beneficial relationships among people of different nationalities and faiths. ' Hillel says: Be of the Disciples of Aaron, loving peace and pursuing peace, loving your fellow man, and drawing them near to the Torah. " Mazel Tov to the Graduating Class of 1986 Torah Activities Council 5746 Esther Koenigsberg — Chairperson Chani Goldstein — Vice chairperson Rozzie Hanfling — Treasurer 99 The Kaufman Family congratulations ESTHER editor of her yearbook and the Class of ' 86 with wishes of success, good health happiness. Love, Mommy Daddy Gary Israel Sara Bubby Zaida A Generic Mazel Tov to DEENA SCHRAMM from Daddy, Mommy Debbie Rivky and Grandma -on putting together the yearbook -on getting engaged -on graduating college -on getting married Nota Bene.Some people are underachievers 101 ■+m Many daughters have done valiantly but you excel them all! Proverbs 31:29 Mazel Tov Elana on your graduation and much success in your future endeavors Abba, Emma Ahron, Jeremy, Hillel Safta B and Safta G and family 102 To our dearest Chani Mazel Tov on your graduation. You have always given us much happiness and nachas. We ' re very proud of you. All our love, Mommy, Daddy, Avi, Dena, Bobby and Walter 103 With love to LISA HAUSDORFF May your own happiness with your future be as full as the happiness you have always brought to us and the pride we have in you. And to you and all your classmates — B ' racha V ' hatzlacha in all your endeavors. With all our love, Mommy, Daddy Karen, Steven, Ayelet Tamar Mark, Gail Fanny Pinny To our very special graduate WENDY ANNE RHINE with joy, pride and much love — we extend to you our wishes for success and happiness. You deserve the best! Love always, Mommy, Daddy, Keith, Gregory Opa Omi Mayer Grandma Grandpa Rhine The Kurtz, Mehlman and Rhine Families 105 We are proud of our lovely daughter sister and aunt TAMAR EPSTEIN All our love Rabbi and Mrs. Joshua J. Epstein Yaffa Reena Aliza Kalman David and Micha 106 Dear Shulie, Mazel Tov on your graduation. May you continue to be a source of nachas to the entire mishpachah. Love, Zaida, Lewko Mommy, Daddy, Esther, Myron, Avi, Renee, Mayer, Tzvi Yaakov, Chava Rachel, Libby, Elon, Rochel Adina and Shlomo 107 To Margaret Mazel Tov on your graduation Love, Mommy Daddy Larry, Miriam, Josh, David, Linda, Yaakov and Freddy and congratulations to the Stern graduating class of ' 86 108 rtntyvz at So stt Sd d nrr Mazel Tov to our wonderful daughter sister AVIVA POLLAK and her whole graduating class. Love, Mommy, Daddy, Caryn and Avi Congrats Ora We love you very much! Always, your second family, the Jakubovics To our dear ORA Mazel Tov upon your graduation May you go S n Sjc S TT 3 We are all very proud of you! With love, Mommy and Abba Leah and Eddie Sharon and Avi Rochelle and Eli Rena Dear Ora, The quality of a special relationships is its ability not only to endure time and long distance but to grow in spite of these hindrances. Realizing that the future may have this in store we want you to know that we recognize the quality of this special closeness we share. Love, Eddie Leah Yakov, David, Menachem Esther Avrum Yeshaya To our Dearest LORI YOU MADE IT! We are proud of you. May you achieve all in life you set out, and know our love and best wishes are always with you. With all our love, Mommy, Daddy and Mindy With much pride and joy in our Naomi Or a Mazel Tov! A great daughter, sister, wife and mother Love, Ema and Aba Sara and Eli Mazel Tov to our daughter DEENA SCHRAMM editor of the yearbook, upon her graduation. Sidney Edith Rabinovich 111 Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to our dear niece and cousin KfflO □ upon her gradu ation B ' racha V ' hatzlacha in all your future endeavors. Love, Aunt Barbara, Uncle Stanley Eli, Susie, Moishe and Shah 113 To our daughter sister JACQUELINE We wish you all the luck and happiness forever. We love you! Mom, Dad, Jacob, Joseph, Victor Marie Lee Sharaby Sharon Joy Glaubach May all your dreams turn into reality May you be blessed and be successful in all your endeavors with love, Mommy, Daddy, Baruch, Kirsten, Esther, Moshe, Tamar, Hillel, Simeon Jonathan The Glaubach Tribe 115 Dearest Judy, We thank you for filling our lives with joy and pride. Your sensitivity, your warmth, your kindness and your love for life, are a part of your very special inner beauty felt by those who know and love you. May you always be guided by Torah ideals and may you continue to set the example of living the beautiful Torah way of life we all hold so dear. We wish you, together with your chatan Michael, a lifetime of good health and good fortune to be shared with family, friends and Klal Yisroel — Love, Mommy, Daddy Laurie, Joye Lisa Mazel Tov and all our love to our beautiful daughter BETH HALPERN President of her Senior Class upon her graduation with honor, and to the Class of ' 86 You have brought us much joy and Nachas. We love you very much. Mom and Dad ' 49 Neil ' 77 Judith and Risa Grandma and Grandpa Lifschitz Aunt Miriam and Uncle Joseph ' 61 Lifschitz Rachel, David, Daniel and Jonathan Aunt Esther and Uncle Sholom ' 59 Landsman Mark ' 86, Keith and Robin Aunt Esther Halpern Pnina Eli, Ruhama Elazar ' 77, Ariel and Ron Aunt Chanie ' 59 and Uncle David Edelman Stewart Dale Mindy, Renee ' 83 ' Avromie ' 83 and Alyssa ' 86 117 We love you 18TRBR Oh yes we do!! Bubby and Zayde Sharfman Bubby Koenigsberg Mommy and Abba Aunt Neshi and Uncle Lavee Uncle Shia Aunt Lea and Uncle Danny Aunt Debbie and Uncle Label Aunt Debbi and Uncle Alex Aunt Rocky and Uncle Robby Eli, Avrumi, Chana, Aliza, Akiva, and Shira and all the cousins Esther and Binyamin, Nechemia, Naomi, Yosef Yehuda, Tzvi, Sara and Shuli, Vered, Aliza, A.J., Rochel, Ariella, Moshe, Yaffa, Baruch, Gavriel, Shoshana, Yehoshua, Miriam, Tamar, Efraim, Eliezer, Sara, Daniella and Leora 118 TO OUR DEAREST Enlluliil Mazel Tov to a beloved daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece and cousin. Heartiest congratulations on your graduation. You have brought us so much nachas, pride and joy throughout your life. May you continue to go from success to success and enjoy mazel, good health, and happiness in the future. With everlasting love and devotion, Daddy and Mummy (Dr. Mrs. Leslie Mandel) Harleigh and Rocky Bobbi Raizel Sheinfeld Aunty Mary Ann Dr. Harold and Florence Glen Lisa and Howard Clyde and Maureen Paul, Floyd Professor Leslie and Joyce Field Jeff and Lynda Maurice and Mavis Mandel Robert Aunt Monica Youlis 119 120 With very special love to a special daughter, sister and granddaughter DEBORAH We wish you continued success, happiness and health in the years to come tv " im Mom Dad Grandma Isie Audrey, Shani Zev Grandma Rose 121 may your life be filled with HEALTH, HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS all our love, MOM, DAD AND ARI BUBBY SHAPIRO BUBBY AND ZAIDA WEISSMAN 122 123 Best wishes to AMY, our very special star, on achieving this wonderful milestone. As always, you bring us joy and pride — for all that you do and all that you are. We love you. Mom and Dad, Michael Debbie and David and Dasi 124 jrhy rtxt rrt ? y nuz j-hzi nsha Sy Through your good hearted deeds you shall surpass all MAZAL TOV AND BEST WISHES Lee Marsha Gross in all your endeavors From: Mommy, Stanley, Jonathan Reuven, Miriam, Burt, David, Michael 125 Congratulations Stern Graduates frorr Delicious Deli Phone MU 9 3629 BONNE CLEANERS, L.J. Fob o jal-ity Service 56 East 34th Street Get Park Mao. SO N AvES. WILLIAM KREMEB NEW YORK n v 10016 Best Wishes and Good Luok to the Class of 1986 Samson Bitensky FAB Industries, INC 200 Madison Ave New York, NY 10016 EAST SI0£ JOHN FARRELL DISCO UNT HEALTH BEAUTY AIDS 47 E«t 34th Sirrirt New York. NY 10016 686-3860 126 Shalom Kosher Pizza ISRAELI FALAFEL UnderQ Strict Supervision Naftaly Dahari 1000 • 6th Avenue Corner 37 St. New York, N.Y. 10014 ( J Strict Supervision Cholov Yisroel Open Sundays (212) 719-5999 BOYCHilCS KOSHER PIZZA PARLOUR I 19 West 45th St. New York. NY 10036 LARA ' S NAILS 58 E. 34 St (Madison-Park Ave) 1 Flight Up 689-9068 Manicure Pedicure New York City Body Waxing Skin Treatment FRANCHISED DEALERS FOR NATIONALLY FAMOUS APPLIANCES LWbu. Appl ance Inc. 1599 Lincoln Highway Edison. N.J 08817 Open Dai LY 10 AM - 9 P.M. TUE. and SAT. TILL 5 P.M. (201) 572-1212 The Great American Health Bar 2 Park Avenue (between 32nd 33rd St.) Free Delivery (212)685-7117 featuring: salads sandwiches quiches homemade soup and baked goods frozen yogurt and tofu steamed vegetables 20% Discount with YU identification this location under strict Rabbinical Supervision Mazel Tov to the St. Louis Connection " MY SERVICE IS YOUR CONVENIENCE " MURRAY ' S TRAVEL CENTRE OFFICE 314-426-6111 58 TOWN AND COUNTRY MALL ST. LOUIS, MO. 63114 siman-tov gems precious stones pearls amnon siman-tov Special on engagement i 15 West 47th Street New York, NY 10036 Suite 1202 (212) 921-8663 B R!ONS BONBONNIERE® NEW YORK- LUGANO, SWITZERLAND K ©Barton ' s fine chocolates fresh nuts, gifts, greeting cards jsher ice cream Frozen yogu 172 Madison Av New York. NY 10C (212) 532-5232 rts )16 127 IN HONOR OF au a m A©m @©@w©cw " Many daughters have done valiantly But thou excellest them all. " Proverbs 31:29 Myrna and Seymour Kosowsky Beth, Ira and David Rose Kosowsky and Ethyle Krentzman 128 Congratulations to our beloved Upon this outstanding achievement You have brought us abundant nachas n vstv (tin ft with affection your loving husband Alan Mom, Dad and Ruthy 129 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO OUR LOVELY DAUGHTER, SISTER, AUNT ALYSSA EDELMAN FROM: HER PARENTS — HER BROTHER and SISTER-IN-LAW — HER SISTER and BROTHER-IN-LAW — HER NIECE — HANNAH and DAVID EDELMAN STEWART and DALE-MINDY EDELMAN RENEE and AVROMY FEIN DAHLIA FEIN 131 133 Come fly EL AL . . . 134 Visit Israel this summer. With many thanks to our Stern Customers §8 cDniqDe " s utI | g$ AT T The right choice. Love and Best Wishes to our daughter, gra nddaughter, sister, cousin and aunt MIRIAM Who has always filled our hearts with pride and joy. May she grow from strength to strength. With love always, Mom, Dad, Isaac, Aaron, Rachel, Ruth, Malka, Naftoli, Jonathan, Grandma Rochelle . . . Roomies: Susie and Batya 136 Dear Chanita, We are very proud of you! rrrroS? mrcS rrmx rr bo 137 $0 ■ - - ' " 4 A i ' --. 4 ' % J Empire... Number OneFresh Kosher -Chicken! Pure, Clean and Lean! KOSHER Empire POULTRY When you choose fresh chicken, make sure it has the Empire red, white and blue identification clip ... it ' s your guarantee of a genuine Empire Kosher Chicken. If it doesn ' t have the " Empire Clip " don ' t buy it! The Guaranteed Kosher Chicken! mpirel 1 (800) EMPIRE-4 © I985 EMPIRE KOSHER POULTRY, INC Welcome to the Ranks of STERN COLLEGE ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION Leslie Adlcr Pnina Arbesfeld Dvorah Balsam Rachel Balsam Joanne Bane Ellen Bart Rebecca Berlin Judith Berkowitz Dorothy Berman Sharon Blumenthal Ardith Bondi Doina Bryskin Esther Chaitovsky Ruth Diamond Roberta Fishhaut Shani Frank Paula From Fredel Fruhman Sheila Ganchrow Mindy Ganz-Ribncr Debby Ginsberg Shulamith Goldstein Ruth Grebenau LIFE MEMBERS Francine Grcenberg Ilelene Greene Marilyn Gross Chaya Heuraan Peric Hirshaut Fayc Iloenig Gayc Hoffman Joann Hulkower Shifrah Jungrcis Rachel Kahan Robin Kahn Susan Kaplan Shira Kramer-Danziger Ruth Leibowltz Shirley Lcnier Shirley Levy Dorothy Lewis Gale Mark Marga Marx Gail Miller Renee Miller Mona Montal Marion Mullcr Arlene Neiditz Rachel Oppenheim Esther Press Sandra Quinn Arlinc Reinhard Judith Rosen June Rosenberg Cheryl Ruben Hope Salmansohn Toby Schlussel Susan Schulman Amy Schwartz Stephanie Selesny Anne Scnter Deannc Shapiro ITvyllis Shroot Naomi Simon Ginger Socol Roslyn Stein Claudia Toback Barbara Yasgur Sarah Zanger Margo Zcincl Miriam Zuckcrman Paula From Rachel Oppenheim Presidium 139 140 We congratulate our terrific graduate TZIPPI Her inspired pursuit of her studies and her thoughtful interest in people have made us all proud to be her family! Mazel Tov and Hatzlocha Love, Mommy Daddy Renee, Steven and Ephriam Shauna, Aron and Bubbie Uncle David, Aunt Cyna and family 141 Bracha V ' hatslacha, Love, Zaidi Klein and Bobby 143 rrayj rt i rt y z y no t ' ,f r -» 4rrr i tr May your life always be filled with good health, good fortune, and much happiness, and contentment. Thanks for the pleasure you have always given us. To our wonderful daughter, granddaughter and sister DEBBIE MORRIS From: Mom and Dad, Grandma I and Grandpa, Ron, Jeff, Dan and Shel I 144 Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to CHANA and the class of ' 86 upon your graduation. May you continue to be a source of nachas and joy. Love, Dr. Mrs. Allen Goldstein Shmuel, Dvora, Nechama Tova 145 To Susan: Congratulations on your graduation and lots of success in your future doings. Sincerely, Howard Ruderman MOHEGAN ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO, INC. P.O. Box 19 1821 E. Main Street Mohegan Lake, NY 10547 146 ' rt - " O-rr mm xxn rxty Mazel Tov to our wonderful daughter and sister JUDY We are all very proud of you and wish you happiness and success always Dad and Mom and Moshe Bamberger 147 Mazel Tov on your upcoming Graduation, for doing it your way and especially for just being yourself rtm rrn hx; n With great pride and love, Dad Mazel Tov to our niece and cousin Shifra Chiger May she be a source of pride to all her friends and family. Love, Aunt Bashi Uncle Bernie Cousins: Huda, Chaya, Avi Mashe and Shoshana Mazel Tov to our Daughter Shifra on her graduation May you continue to give us as much nachas in the future as you have until now. May your life be successful and may all your dreams come to beautiful realization. With lots of love, your parents, Rabbi Jacob and Eleanor Chiger My dearest Falene, Words cannot begin to express what I feel for you — love, pride and a degree of admiration that has no bounds. You have been able to achieve and overcome so mix h for one so young. You arc the first one in our family to strive for the scholastic heights and then to have successfully fulfilled your dreams. It leave me spee hless and swollen with pride. Hopefully your future plans will fall in place and you will receive and enjoy all thai life has to offei Lovingly yours, Dad Mazel Tov Best Wishes to Shifra Chiger for a bright future. We are very proud of you. Aunt Ida Uncle Irving Allerhand 148 To our beloved niece Shifra Chiger Congratulations and Best Wishes for a successful future. Aunt Helen and Uncle Fred Sternfels To my beautiful Kallah, Elan a Ungar Your many achievements make me very proud. May our life together be as deep and enduring as my love for you. Forever yours, Steven Mazel Tov Good Luck Michele Benjamin Rona Rashbaum Bonnie Lei be r Peshi Goldberg Sharlene Goldberg Congratulations and Best Wishes Or a Car mi upon your graduation. Wishing you much happiness and success in all your future endeavors. Mannie and Gladys Sal up Mazel Tov To Our Dear Niece Mindy Klein May you succeed in all your future endeavors. We wish you the best of luck and happiness. With all our love, Uncle Shlome and Aunt Francis Gruer 149 Dear Peshie, Bonnie, Michele, Rona, With a wish of b ' ra- cha for continued hatzlacha. Zevy and Estie Katz Mazel Bonnie Tov to our j ean We are so proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad, Renee, Suzanne, Sheryl, Dina and Muffin n Hfrno ORCHESTRR (TO SinQERS 1313 I 15th St., Brooklyn, N.Y. 11230 (718) 376-6122 Mazel Tov to the Class of ' 86 May this be the first of many mazel tovs that we can wish you! Meyer Abittan Jordan Hirsch Eli Kahn Jonathan Rimberg Bobby Shubowitz Avromy Weisberger Mike Sojoner Elly Zomick I ' ve finally made it through Four years of life at Stern Great times I had throughout But also I did learn Two people that know Helped through good and bad I ' d like to thank them both I love you Mom and Dad. ELISSA 150 Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to our beloved ELISSA upon her graduation from Stern College for Women from her parents: Cantor Mrs. Lawrence Spern brothers: David and Brian great aunt: Helen Feuer To our clearest Linda, May your life continue to be blessed with happiness and success. Mazel Tov! With all our love, Mom and Dad Mark, Sara and Grandma Dear Naomi Mazel Tov and continued success in all your future endeavors. Love, Sarah and Mord Mazel Tov MIRIAM upon her graduation Love, Mummy, Doc, Alan, Danny and Grandma Weiss 151 Mazel Tov to our dear daughter NAOMI GOLDBLATT May your future be filled with success and may the light of Torah always brighten your way. With all our love, Mom Dad To Our Dearest BATYA SPIRN Mazel Tov! May all your dreams come true! We love you, Mom, Dad and Nahum To our dear Daughter and Sister Susan to someone very special May you succeed in all that you set out to do and always remember that, " A smile enriches those who receive without making poorer those who give; it takes but a moment but the memory of it sometimes lasts forever. " With love always, Mom and Dad Evelyn, Veronica and roomies: Miriam Batya 152 With much love and great pride tv Sto to LESLIE D. BAKER from her family Mommy, Daddy and Kenny Grandma and Grandpa Uncle Martin, Aunt Gladys, Avi and Rebecca 153 154 Stern College Dramatics Society Congratulates the Class of 1986 on their graduation. Amy Gordon Annette Meyer Rochelle Block Zahava Soble Suri Bashkowitz President Vice President Treasurer Secretary Honor Society President 155 Stern College Student Council congratulates The Graduating Class of 1986 Thanks for helping to make our year a great success — we could not have done it without you! 1985-86 Executive Board Elana Goldscheider Naomi Kupchik Lori Pearl Naomi Skolnick Judy Adler President Vice President Treasurer Corr. Secretary Rec. Secretary The Station Manager and governing board of IWUMtam would like to congratulate the Seniors of 1986 and our graduating staff members. Good luck in the future! Rochelle Block Sara Kosowsky Sharon Levitz Aviva Pollak Elana Ungar Aviva Goldberg Lisa Lerer Nava Perlman Batya Spirn Fran Ziv 1986 Governing Board STATION MANAGER Howard T. Konig STERN COORDINATOR Aviva Pollak ENGINEER Jack Abramowitz BUSINESS MANAGER Sandi Appel PUBLICITY DIRECTOR David Azerad PROGRAM DIRECTOR Sheldon Gladstein EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Ram Roth MUSIC DIRECTOR Michelle Konig NEWS DIRECTOR Ira Press PUBLICITY DIRECTOR Nava Perlman 157 To a future producer AMY ZINNES Wishing you the best Success and all the rest Corrmjnicating through video Perhaps in a studio To continue the guest With your inimitable zest I LOVE YOU!! Your original producer, Mommy To LINDA BEST WISHES Moisha ' s Butchers To A viva Rosner Mazel Tov to a wonderful daughter, sister and aunt We wish you much health, happiness and success always! With Much Love, Mommy and Daddy Mitchel and Lydia Miriam, Motty and Daniel Tzvi Shalom MAZEL TOV ESTHER ZEFFREN and her classmates Fredman Families Peoria, III. St. Louis, Mo. 158 J Mazel Tov to Sheryl We are very proud of you! The Cohen Family DEBBIE SUTTON Mazel Tov and Hatzlacha Rabba We love you! Mom Dad Carole Neese Azose Sam Naomi Sutton Susan Sherman Frager Congratulations from Jerusalem II Broadway at 38th St. Bon Chance Yafati Kallah LJR 159 Dear Esther. Chaya and Sharon, Thanks for being the greatest roommates. The 4H Club will always be together! Good luck always. Love. Faigi Dear Nao. Mazai Tov on this milestone in your life. j?rrw fc rt nT ' h -or_w [fin Tf it-JV D Wi7? iTKO ry Alan Dear Elana, (TO Srpl | trr btp Congratulations on your graduation; ntt p Srpr jtO ' c b?p Mazal Tov on your engagement. Love always, Mom 8c Dad Tova, Roy 8c Gila Aharon 8c Donn Bubbi 8c Grandpa Dear Nava, Mazel Tov and heartfelt congratula- tions upon the happy occasion of your graduation from Stern College. May you be successful in all your future work and endeavors. Good Luck! Love, Abba, Ema 8c Atara Mazel Tov and Hatzlacha to our daughter and sister CHAYA PEARLS TEIN upon her graduation With much love and pride, Mom and dad Sara and Shua 160 JACKIE May you enjoy a long life of good health, happiness and success. Love, Mami-Dad-Kenny- Michael tm ■ :■% ' . ' i Buy Direct ■SXSZZS " ' FREE :...™, i 40% OFF .;;;-r.SSK, . mS £ 725-2133 Best Wishes to the Class of ' 86 Schulman Brothers 758 Lydig Ave. Bronx, NY 10462 Debbie, Congratulations and Best of luck on your graduation THE SUTTON FAMILY Dear Jackie, We are proud of you! Love, Oma-Opa-Grahma 161 Congratulations to the Class of 1986 Roadapple Sportswear, Inc 112 West 34th St. New York, NY 10120 162 Lots of luck to my granddaughter Shifra Chiger Stoopid!! I hope you will finally learn from your mistakes. Good luck in the future. B.S. (The Fulla Bulla Rebbe) Freeda vitamins, inc.© f m mm mm NO COAL TAR DYES NO ANIMAL STEARATES NO HARMFUL ADDITIVES NO PESTICIDES NO SULPHATES NO TABLET PRESERVATIVES NO STARCH NO SUGAR NO SALT FILLERS NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS PIONEERS IN VITAMINS SINCE 1928 36 East 41st Street, New York, NY. 10017 • (212) 685-4980 10% Discount to Stern Students To our dearest Sharon, Mazel Tov We wish you Health, Happiness and Success in all your future endeavors. May you continue to be a source of pride to your family and Kid Yisrael. With much love, Mom, Dad Robert, Sandy, and Steven Dear A VIVA, It is with the deepest feeling of love that we wish you a life of health and happiness predi- cated on Torah and Yirat Shamayim. May you continue to grow as a person and a scholar. Love, Bubba, Uncle Jake, Aunt Susan Michelle, Yehuda, Moshe, Shalom, Eli MAZEL TOV TO PESHIE, MICHELLE RONA AND BONNIE _ 163 MAZEL TOV TO OUR DAUGHTER AND SISTER AVIVA MAY YOU CONTINUE TO BE A SHINING LIGHT UPON THE JEWISH SCENE SAUL AND GLADYS MARK AND GARY GANCHROW Mazel Tov to Stanley and Karen Fireman on the birth of a baby daughter Meira Tova, our new granddaughter FvfChele, Congratulations and best wishes for success and happiness always. Love, Joan To a very special friend and roomate ORA You ' ve finoty mode it! Happy graduation. May al your dreams come true. Our friendship means a great deal to me — if you wouW only know now much I care Thanks for being you. I LOVE YOU ALWAYS. Suri In Honor Our Dear Niece SHIFRA ESTHER CHIGER Estelle and Albert Furst Peshi Congratulations! Mazel Tov! May you have the best in life. Love, Your family h Honor of LESLEM. HERNLY Al our love and best wishes for a bright and happy future Grandma Anna Aunt Jeanne Uncle Ed " To believe in God is to act as though one can change one ' s life and attitudes " Thanks AVIVA for strengthen- ing that notion in me and for insisting that I come here. More than happy to have switched. Wit h love. Shoshana TO OUR VERY DEAR NIECE LISA LERER For whom we hold a special place in our hearts Congratulations on your college graduation Helen and Jerry Silver Steven, Adena and Avi MAZEL TOV TO MIRIAM LEAH EPSTEIN on her graduation from Stern College 164 Dearest Falene CONGRATULATIONS! May you continue be- ing a source ot pride and na- chos to all your family and friends forever. Mazel Tov to our neice Shifra Chiger from her Aunt, uncle and cousins The Baum Family CONGRATULATIONS LESLIE Donald E. Hemly — Dockbuilder 72-46 Thursby Avenue Arverne, New York 11692 718-945-6850 Mazel Tov to Tante Esthi Zeffren the best aunt in the world We Love You. Eli and Rivka Polsky LESLIE MARTINE C ONGRATULATIONS You ' re a beautiful person. Love Mom MAZEL TOV SHIFRA CHIGER LOTS OF LOVE AUNT BETH, UNCLE BOB MICHELE AND ANDREA MAZEL TOV To our Sister SHIFRA On Her Graduation We wish you contin- ued success. Love, Simmie, Tzippy and Yosef To our very special daughter SHOSHANA JEDWAB May your hopes and aspirations be fulfilled. Love Congratulations, Mom, Daddy and Tante Dear Chan, Sur, Jes and Ny, Thanks for putting up with me this year. You guys are great. Take care much luck al- ways. Love, " Fa " , " Falne " or just plain Fa- lene Mazel Tov To Our Terrific Granddaughter Aviva We wish her much success in her future endeavors. Max and Gertrude Oestreich To our Carmi — ... WE LOVE YOU ANYWAY Deborah, Jordana, Menachem Shaena and Shimon Jakubovic Best Wishes Mazel Tov Suzette From Your Parents MAZEL TOV ESTHER! May you retain your enthusiasm and ideals throughout your life. We love you. Mom and Dad Zeffren 165 Mazel tov to Shifra Chiger — from Mr. Mrs. Richard Baum Congratulations SHIFRA — Love. Aunt Cecille. Uncle Bernie. Jeff, Reva Sheva Mazel Tov on your graduation, Shifra — Aunt Tzivie, Uncle Fred Boys Mazel Tov Esthi — Love, Joel Zeffren Mazel Tov Esthi — Love, Fay Zeffren Congrats to Jackie Klausner — from Kenly Manufacturing, Inc. Greetings from Dr. Hershel Rachelee (Brog) Sacks Family Mazel tov to the ' 86 Graduates — Dr. Lee Liora Weinberg, Ariella Sammy Good Luck to the ' 86 Graduates — Michael Deborah (Kamaras) Markowitz Mazel tov to Linda — Danny ' s Glatt Kosher Meat Market Dear Linda — Mazel Tov. Love, Aunt Diane and Uncle Irving Dear Linda, Mazel Tov! Love — Aunt Molly and Uncle Herbert " We love you Linda! " Judy Jeffrey Linda, Congratulations, — Dr. Choper Dear Linda — Good Luck. Aunt Mary and Uncle Lou Michele, May you have hatzlacha in all your endeavors. — Mrs. M. Lidsky Michele Benjamin, Congratulations and Good Luck. We love you. — The Caspis Mazel Tov and Good Luck, Michele. Love, the Gimbels Michele, Mazel tov and best wishes. — Dr. 8c Mrs. Sam Gaby Michele, Congratulations and wishes for continued success. — Mrs. Reba Benjamin Come buy phones at The Telephone Center, 10% discount for Stern students Mazel Tov to a wonderful granddaughter. All our love, Bubee Debbie Zadee Phil To our daughter, Dina Tobias Herman. We are very proud of you! Love, Mom Dad Dear Sara, Congratulations and good luck next year. Love, Ira Mazel tov to Miriam Weiss . Ronnie Baras upon their graduation. — Rabbi Pelouze Baras Devo — " Man! " You ' re finally out of this place. " Man! " Love, Shuli Yoel Keep stepping up in life Ame. — Love, Scott Kevin To my roommates in 7E, Good luck with all you hope for in the future. Love. Debra H. Suzette. " Trust the Process. " — Stan, Karen. Aliza, Michal, Romema Neila Meira Tova Mazel tov on your graduation Suzette. — Larry. Sharyn. Ranisa. Kalany, Raimy Rubin Best wishes. Stephanie — Steinberg Wolff Mazel tov Devorah. Love. Mummy Daddy Silverman Dear Sharon. Faigi Chaya or Faigi. Chaya Sharon or Chaya, Sharon Faigi. Just how great am I? Thanks for putting up with me. you are the Best (second only to me!) I ' ll miss you Love. Essy Esti Esther • ' , ' ! 2 JlK 3 " l " S IA Tl Ah when will this long weary day have end, . . . Long though it be, at last I see it gloome, And the bright evening star with golden creast Appeare out of the East. Fayre childe of beauty, glorious lampe of love That all the host of heaven in rankes doost lead, And guydest lovers through the nightes dread, How chearefully thou lookest from above, And seemst to laugh atweene thy twinkling light As joying in the sight Of these glad many which for joy doe sing That all the woods them answer and their echo ring. ' Epithalamian ' X 1 V STERN COLLEGI YESHIVA UN »mniumm » u i uM «B»gn;— niai . ' •.■ . || ■ « .... ■ ■ T ■

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