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STERN COLLEGE F YESHIVA UNIVI x m T ' B H H gL- JB EMB k r ? k2im | Sagged . — - ■ ' 21 r «• i w m ' 1 ]th t n it ■fe— r „» USJVE.S! KOCHAVIAH 1985 Students struggling to understand a text, learning skills which will carry them through years to come ... A desk piled high with syllabi, course schedules, CORE listings, etc ... A passing comment in class which surprises students, once again indicating a wide scope of knowledge and understanding . . . " Come in " through a door always open to students . . . The development and implementa- tion of the CORE program ... A patient listener offering coffee and insights, ready to help sort out a problem ... A phone constantly ringing . . . Searching for a new instruc- tor or course to further challenge the students . . . Danc- ing eyes and a quick smile when making a point in class . . . Images of Rabbi Berman. We the senior class of 1 985, dedicate Kochaviah 1 985 to Rabbi Saul Berman. Few people are as committed to women ' s Jewish education as Rabbi Berman, and even fewer have done as much to better the quality of that education. His constant devotion to the women of Stern College has gained him our respect, love, and admiration. Thank you, Rabbi Berman. In September of 1954, Stern College opened its doors to twenty- eight girls who would become the guides for every future class. Over the next four years, they would lay the foundation of our school and pursue areas previously unex- plored. In his address to the 1958 graduating class, Dr. Samuel Belkin wrote: " Just a few years ago the seed of a momentous idea was plant- ed — the idea of creating a liberal arts college under Jewish sponsor- ship to give to young Jewish women everywhere an education in the pre- cious traditions and principles of Ju- daism, as well as in academic sub- jects. " Over the past twenty-seven years, this " momentous idea " has sprout- ed from seed to fruit. From the day of its inception, Stern College has grown and developed into a school which enhances the life of a Jewish woman while allowing her to grow academically and religiously. In 1954, the college consisted of twenty-five classrooms, an audito- rium and limited facilities. The sci- ence labs were only in the early stages of construction, and there was no official dormitory; instead, the girls occupied several floors in various local hotels. The program of courses offered at Stern covered merely the basic areas of study, as there were only twenty-nine mem- bers on the teaching staff. Tuition was only $780 for the entire school year. Highlights of the earlier years included the visit of Eleanor Roose- velt for a fireside chat with the 1957 senior class. Over the years, the student body grew to such proportions that a new school building was necessary; in 1968, the student body threatened a strike in order to obtain a new build- ing. On March 26, 1969, a ground- breaking ceremony was held for the present eleven story classroom ad- ministration building at 245 Lexing- ton Avenue. Along with enrollment, the breadth of academic offerings expanded steadily, as students pre- pared to take their places in a vari- ety of professions and vocations. However, expansion extended to other areas as well, for, as Dr. Belkin stated, " The function of a college is to discover the individual ' s capacity for growth, to bring out one ' s abili- ties and aid in realizing them to the full. This involves more than devel- oping a mechanical aptitude to fill a job. It goes beyond mere memoriza- tion of facts. It involves develop- ment of a mature understanding, the development of heart and mind, the adoption of an ethic, a set of values on which to pattern one ' s life. " Taking Dr. Belkin ' s words to heart, students sought to broaden their con- cerns and apply their values in settings as divergent as Stern College affairs and the realm of foreign relations. In 1971, for example, the Stern College Senate was established to facilitate stu- dent participation in university gover- nance together with administration and faculty. The years were filled with picketing, as when, concerned over na- tional policy, the student body joined in the Vietnam moratorium and in pro- tests against American involvement in Cambodia. Students also became aware of the plight of Soviet Jews and rallied in Foley Square. " Learn from yesterday, live for today, believe in tomorrow ... " Today, Stern College remains com- mitted, and continues to be character- ized by steady growth. As befits a school whose faculty has grown from an original twenty-nine members to ap- proximately one hundred and twenty- five, the Stern of 1985 offers its stu- dents a much wider array of majors. Whereas the 1958 graduating class of twenty-six was dominated by Educa- tion majors followed closely by English and Psychology majors, the 1984 class of one hundred and thirty girls was far more varied. In addition to the tradi- tional favorites, this class included a healthy representation in majors once rare on the campus of a women ' s col- lege, such as Economics, Accounting, Computer Science, and the innovative " shaped major " . Renovations are constantly being made both in the school building and in the dormitory. The cafeteria, the study halls, and the dormitory lounge have all been redecorated. A new student lounge in the school building was dedi- cated in February 1985. Of course, tu- ition has managed to keep pace with Stern ' s dynamic growth, jumping from 1958 ' s $780 to 1985 ' s $6,230. Through it all, Stern has remained true to its intended purpose. As a 1979 press release declared, " Stern College has vindicated the vision of its found- ing fathers and remains a growing, ever developing institution for Jewish and secular education. " Thanks to the efforts of our predecessors, and goals which they strove to realize, our gradu- ating class can be, in turn, a guide for future classes. Just as the girls of 1958 wrote in their yearbook, we too, " look toward the future with our spirits high " . We, the graduates of 1985, will do our best to continue the chain be- gun twenty-seven years ago. fc 1 1 ' 10 IWY 11 Yeshiva Universit) 7 office r J the President TO THE STERN COLLEGE CLASS OF 1985: My congratulations to you are enhanced by the fact that you are being graduated as the last class of the first century of Yeshiva University ' s existence. As such, you carry with you a significant and sacred " baggage " of history, Torah, culture, and communal experience and aspiration. Our founders were in touch with the vital and historic Jewry of Eastern Europe and, through them, with the entire, unbroken chain of Jewish history and tradition. During the last hundred years, Yeshiva has succeeded in extending that sacred chain in a new, radically different environment — that of the modern age and the democratic, pluralistic, technological society of America. And Stern College for Women represents one of the latest and most significant links in the chain: More than a quarter century of woman ' s high education in all realms and disciplines, including and especially Torah. With the awareness of such distinguished contributions, I know you will proceed to build your families, careers, and communities on the highest levels of achievement and according to the most exacting standards. Good luck! Cordially yours, NORMAN LAMM President L2 STERN COLLEGE FOR WOMEN YESHIVA UNIVERSITY 245 lonnglon Avenuo Now York. NY 10016 (212) 481 0587 Dear Graduates, On behalf of the faculty and staff of Stern College for Women I extend enthusiastic congratu- lations to you. The years you have spent at the college have been a time of growth for all of us. As you have chosen courses and majors, the faculty and administration have responded by expanding departments and developing new career tracks. As you have struggled to define and refine your goals, we have deliberated the basic components of our unique educational mission. Together we have built a stronger Stern College, and you leave now having gained a truly remarkable education. In the years ahead you will inevitably face certain conflicts, for the challenges facing the woman who has been educated both generally and Jewishly are enormous. On the one hand, you have the ability to compete successfully in the world of work. On the other hand, you have accepted the Jewish imperative to build a home, raise a family, and thereby ensure Jewish survival. You have also been nourished by the daily study of Torah, and for many of you that study will continue even as you leave us now. I am confident you will set your future priorities based on the values you have internalized at Stern College. With such a course, I know you will view the future as filled with opportunities rather than frustrations. May you go from strength to strength in all your undertakings. Sincerely, Karen Bacon 13 STERN COLLE6E FOR WOMEN YESHIVA UNIVERSITY 10016 1212) 481 0587 It is with great pleasure and a deep sense of pride that I wish you mazal tov upon your graduation from Stern College. The educational process in our college may be described as symbiotic. We teach, instruct and guide, but we cherish above all the responsiveness, participa- tion and growth of our students. The credo of Stern College, which I trust you will bring to bear in all your future endeavors, is Torah U-mada. As a parting message, let me offer a formulation of R. Israel Salanter and others concerning the dual aspects inherent in the precept of Torah study. This mizvah contains two components: The first is Limmud ha-Torah, the act of dedicated study, of simply devoting time and effort to learn. Even if one does not achieve full comprehension of the material under scrutiny, he or she has fulfilled this dimension of Torah study by virtue of having made the effort and put in the time. At the same time, one must strive for Yedi ' at ha-Torah, for a comprehensive intellectual and spiritual mastery of the subject matter at hand. Yedi ' at ha-Torah is inextricably linked with the development of yirat-ha-Shem, of true reverence for God and for His Torah. We hope that you have acquired the desire and the discipline during your stay at Stern College, to undertake Limmud-ha-Torah on your own or with others as often as possible. You have been afforded the methodological tools, the breadth of knowledge and the ability to translate these dimensions into a formula for the creation of personal and societal ethics, all of which are necessary in order to achieve true Yedi ' at ha-Torah. Each one of you brings to this world unique qualities and talents which can enhance your life and the lives of others. It is up to you to use them wisely. May you continue to be a source of pride to your alma mater, your families and Klal Yisrael. Sincerely yours, Rabbi Ephraim Kanarfogel Chairman, Dept. of Jewish Studies 16 STERN COLLEGE FOR WOMEN 1 v ) YESHIVA UNIVERSITY 245 Lexington Avenue New York. NY 10016 (212) 481 -0562-3.5 OFFICE OF STUDENT SERVICES To The Stern College Class Of 1 985: It is a privilege to extend my best wishes of Mazel Tov to the Stern College graduating class of 1 985. For the last quarter of a century I have seen classes of aspiring, young women enter and leave. As the college grew and developed with its expanded offerings both in Jewish Studies and in the Arts and Sciences, so has our student body grown both quantitatively. While these curricula remain the foundations and core of our academic structure, we have not been oblivious to the need for our students to be prepared to enter the job market in the fields of accounting, computers, engineering, nursing and occupational therapy. Thus, we are striving to educate our young women along the idealistic lines of Torah learning and observance and at the same time to contribute to the practical aspects of our society. William J. Bennett, the former head of the National Endownment for Humanities and the newly appointed Secretary of Education, recently charged that many colleges " are not delivering on their promises. " He even went so far as to say that " if his own child would come to him and ask him for $50,000 to go into business instead of spending it on college tuition, he would consider it very seriously. " In fact, the latest report of the Association of American Colleges indicated that college curricula are in disarray and that the baccalaureate degree can be meaningless. I am happy to state that such scathing criticism does not apply to Stern College, where we are ever conscious of our aims and purposes and leave no stone unturned in our quest to make students better intellectually and morally. We feel that there is an additional dimension from which you have benefitted — our concern for each and every student and an environment of warmth and intimacy that is possible only in a college such as ours. Armed with Jewish knowledge, and the culture of Western Civilization, and motivated by a commitment to the ideals of Torah U ' MADAH, we are confident that you will make worthy contributions to both the Jewish and general communities. Sincerely yours, Mrs. Esther Zuroff 17 STERN FOR COLLEGE WOMEN =1 p [ J L FACULTY Security Guard Cafeteria Sammy Klein Chana Klein Ignatz David Renee Smerker Library Prof. Edith Lubetski Suri Kufeld Cheri Feiger Libby Neiman Laboratory Technicians Maggie Mr. Martin Mrs. Victory Maintenance Sam Mandelbaum Worker fV ' WI 20 Office of the Dean Dean K. Bacon Mrs. E. Orlian Mrs. Turkel Ms. I. Balsam Dorothy Simmons Office of the Registrar Mrs. E. Reich Mrs. M. Goldstein Mrs. P. Silver Mrs. R. Glick Student Services Mrs. E. Zuroff Mrs. P. Winters Mrs. A. Buchwald 21 Dr. G. Appel — J. Philo. Rabbi S. Berman — J.S. Dr. M. Bernstein — Bible Rabbi Bomzer — J.S. ■ 41 Rabbi S. Carmy — Bible Prof. H. Dubitsky — Hebrew JUDAIC Dr. S. Eidelberg — J. Hist. Rabbi B. Elon — J.S. Dr. J. Feinstein — Bible 22 STUDIES Rabbi T. Flaum — J.S. Rabbi B. Freundel — Bible Dr. J. Gurock — J. Hist. Dr. M. Havazelet — Bible Rabbi M. Kahn — J.S. Rabbi K. Hain — J.S. Prof. H. Kamri — Hebrew Rabbi E. Kanarfogel — J. Hist. Rabbi M. Fulda — J.S. 23 Dr. W. Orenstein — Bible Rabbi A. Metzger — J.S. Ms. H. Kosak — Hebrew Dr. C. Raffel — J. Philo. Rabbi Y. Neuburger — J.S. Mrs. E. Lapian — Bible Rabbi P. Oratz — Bible Dr. A. Levy-Feldblum — Bible Dr. J. Reiner — J. Hist. JUDAIC 24 Wm Jlwl Mrs. E. Roshwalb — Hebrew Dr. S. Roth — J. Philo. Dr. D. Shatz — Philo. STUDIES Rabbi F. Shonfeld — J.S. v :.-:■.-: m® Mrs. R. Shulman — J.S. Rabbi A. Shurin — Bible Mr. D. Sykes — Bible Rabbi A. Weiss — J.S. Rabbi M. Willig — J.S. 25 HUMANITIES f tfAKfti ,. Mrs. R. Behar — Education Mrs. G. Fishman — Yiddish Mrs. A. Hirsch — Nursing Dr. N. Cahen-Knopka — Spanish Prof. S. Gardner — Art - Dr. L. Keating — Speech Dr. L. Feldman — Latin Prof. L. Hatvary — English Dr. A. Krakowski — French 26 Dr. P. Leonard-Spark — Soc. Ms. H. Matula — Nursing Dr. J. Roberts — English Dr. C. Silver — English Dr. E. Levy — Music Mr. R. Myers — Music Dr. S. Sardy — Education Dr. M. Silver — Speech Ms. T. Lichtenstein — Art Dr. J. Neaman — English Prof. P. Schram — Speech Dr. M. Weidhorn — English 27 SCIENCES J Dr. L. Blau — Chem. Prof. S. Feld — Account. 28 Mrs. E. Orlian — Chem. Mr. E. Teitz — Comp. 29 SOCIAL SCIENCES Mr. G. Ambrose — Econ. Dr. R. Bevan — Poli. Sci. Mrs. T. Gafni — Health Ed. Dr. J. Bacon — Psych. Dr. B. Blank — Poli. Sci. Dr. D. Goldstein — Hist. Dr. I. Belmont — Psych. Mr. N. Davidowicz — Econ. Dr. M. Grosof — Stats. 30 Ok Dr. L. Grossman — Hist. Mr. B. Klein — Psych. Dr. M. Perlman — Psych. Prof. S. Tauber — Soc. Dr. M. Hecht — Poli. Sci. Dr. S. Langer — Soc. Mr. J. Szamania — Econ. Mr. N. Tilson — Health Ed. Dr. A. Hershkowitz — Psych. Dr. A. Levine — Econ. Prof. A. Tauber — Health Mrs. S. Volk — Health Ed. Ed. 31 STERN FOR COLLEGE WOMEN H GRADUATES VICTORIA GADOL ACRICHE BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS OBSERVER - Cultural Arts Editor, News Writer, Speech Arts Forum — President, Student Host If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; If you can dream it, you can become it. William Arthur Ward SUSAN ADAMSON BIOLOGY Big Sister, Dean ' s List, Floor Chairperson, KOCHAVIAH - Photography Staff ILANA RACHEL AHARON ACCOUNTING Accounting Society-Sales Manager, Big Sister, TAC, Yeshiva Seminar RUTHIE AKERMAN PSYCHOLOGY SHARI APPLEMAN NURSING Blood Drive, Dean ' s List, SCCIB, SCDS, SNOSC - President, Student Nurses Organization — Treasurer, Yeshiva DYS Seminar TOVA AUERBACH PSYCHOLOGY Bnei Akiva, Dean ' s List The crisis of yesterday is the joke of tomorrow. H.G. Wells 37 AIMEE AZOSE ECONOMICS Choir, Sephardic Club HILDA BALAKHANE PSYCHOLOGY Psychology Club, Sephardic Club Climb every mountain, ford every stream, follow every rainbow, ' til you find your dream. DAWN BENDER ENGLISH LITERATURE Big Sister, Choral Ensemble, English Society, OBSERVER PALOMA BENHAMU PSYCHOLOGY Foreign Student Society, Psychology Club, Sephardic Club Cuando os separeis do un amigo no sufrais, porque lo que mas amais en el se aclarara en su ausencia, como la montana es mas clara desde el llano para el montanes. Kahlil Gibran LISA BERMAN JUDAIC STUDIES Minor: History Basketball Team, Dean ' s List, NCSY Happiness is the by-product of an effort to make someone else happy. Gretta Brooker Palmer TEHILLAH BLECH ACCOUNTING Accounting Society, Belkin Scholar, Big Sister, Canvassing Committee, SCDS, Economic Society, Orientation Committee 39 YAEL ZIONA BLECH PSYCHOLOGY Minor: Judaic Studies Big Sister, Blood Drive — Chairperson, Dean ' s list, OBSERVER, SCCIB, SCDS, Yeshiva Seminar ADINA BLOOM JUDAIC STUDIES EDUCATION MICHELLE BOKOR EDUCATION GEILA BETH BOTWINICK CHEMISTRY PRE-HEALTH Minor: Psychology Dean ' s List, Freshman Chemistry Award, Pre-Health Club, Soviet Jewry Society — Vice President, TAC MICHELLE BRANDER ACCOUNTING Accounting Society-Treasurer, Athletic ' s Committee- Chairperson, Junior Class — President, Senior Class — President, TLS, Yeshiva Seminar Friendship is the only thing in the world concerning the usefulness of which all mankind are agreed. Cicero DARA LYNN BRODIE ENGLISH LITERATURE Dance Troupe, Dean ' s List, Tennis Team. Doubt wisely. Donne 41 BATYA BUCHBINDER BIOLOGY Big Sister, Dean ' s List, Student Court — Senior Justice PHYLLIS ROSENBERG COLMAN PSYCHOLOGY Psychology Club, TAC CALI DAAR JUDAIC STUDIES Belkin Scholar, Dean ' s List, Student Host, TAC KARYN DIRNFELD BIOLOGY Club Canada - President, Dean ' s List, KOCHAVIAH, OBSERVER, Publicity Committee, Speech Arts Forum Vice President, Student Host There ' s so much left to know, and I ' m on the road to find out. Cat Stevens SARAH DOBIN JUDAIC STUDIES Basketball, Volleyball Intramurals, Belkin Scholar, Dean ' s List, TAC ELLEN C. DULKEN PSYCHOLOGY Big Sister, Blood Drive, Bowling Team — Captain What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. Ralph Waldo Emerson 43 SHERYL DUMAN PSYCHOLOGY Dean ' s List, Education Committee, Psychology Committee, TAC The language of friendship is not words but meanings. Thoreau DEBORAH ANNE DYCKMAN PSYCHOLOGY Dean ' s List, Psychology Club + RENA MATNA EICHELBERG ACCOUNTING JUDAIC STUDIES Accounting Society — Alumnae Affairs, Big Sister, Dean ' s List, OBSERVER - Layout, Student Host ADLE VEGH ELSTEIN ECONOMICS Dormitory Committee, Political Science Society, Soviet Jewry Society — Vice-President Mg m MIRIAM LEAH EPSTEIN EDUCATION Minor: Music Basketball Team, Bowling Intramurals, Bar-Ilan University — Stern Representative, Bar-Ilan Soviet Jewry Committee, Choir, Education Club, HASC, NCSY, Neve Yerushalayim — Stern Representative, OBSERVER, Pianist MM ' » MELANIE MADELAINE FABER COMPUTER SCIENCE " L Minor: Math Big Sister, Harvard Model United Nations — Award Recipient, Machon Gold — Stern Representative, Political Science Society, Vice-President, Senior Class — Vice- President, TAC Reach for the stars and nothing less. K_ ± i M 45 w m DRAIZY FEDER PSYCHOLOGY Dean ' s List, Psychology Club. DIANE FELDMAN ENGLISH COMMUNICATIONS Big Sister, Belkin Scholar, Dean ' s List, OBSERVER - News Editor, Associate Features Editor, Associate Editor, Editor- in-Chief, Student Court Justice, WAA Society. All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. EMILIE FETIK ACCOUNTING Accounting — Alumnae Affairs, Accounting Society. DEBRA LYNN FISCH ENGLISH COMMUNICATIONS Dean ' s List, English Society, OBSERVER Writer, Sounding Board, TAC. News Editor, VIDA FREEDMAN PSYCHOLOGY KOCHAVIAH - Editor-in-Chief, Psychology Club - President, Big Sister, Dean ' s List, Belkin Scholar, Y.U. Ambassador — Michlalah, NCSY, AISHEL Honor Society, Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. What are the aims which are at the same time duties? They are the perfecting of ourselves and the happiness of others. Emmanuel Kant GLORIA MIRIAM FRIELING PSYCHOLOGY Big Sister, Blood Drive, Bulletin Board Chairperson, Dean ' s List, OBSERVER, Psychology Club, Student Directory. Human life is like a game of dice; If you don ' t get the throw you want, you must make the best of the throw you get. Terence Adelphoe 47 BARBARA GIDALI COMPUTER SCIENCE Minor: Math Belkin Scholar, CompuSci Speaks — News Editor, Assistant Editor, Computer Science Society — Vice-President, President, Dean ' s List. ESTHER GLAUBACH BIOLOGY ROBYN GODIS ACCOUNTING Accounting Society, Basketball Team Happiness is a by-product of an effort to make someone else happy. ADINA BRINIE GOLDBERG POLITICAL SCIENCE Soviet Jewry Society — Chairperson DONNA L. GOLDSTEIN JUDAIC STUDIES PHILOSOPHY Bikur Cholim, Belkin Scholar, Project Dirshu, TAC, TLS SARAH GOLDSTEIN COMPUTER SCIENCE Big Sister, Computer Science Society, Dean ' s List, KOCHAVIAH - Layout Editor, NCSY, Running Club, SCDS, TLS The only way to have a friend is to be one. Emerson 49 LAUREN ELYSE GREENBAUM ECONOMICS Economics Society — President, KOCHAVIAH — Photography Editor, OBSERVER - Proof Editor Life is short; Art is long; Experience is difficult. SHARON BETH GREENBERG PSYCHOLOGY Big Sister, Dean ' s List, Canvassing Committee, Floor Representative, Junior Class — Secretary, Psychology Club - Secretary, Sophomore Class — Secretary, Student Directory Think of the past, live in the present, dream of the future. ROCHEL JUDITH GROSS BIOLOGY Minor: English Belkin Scholar, Dean ' s List, Curriculum Committee - Student Representative, OBSERVER - Staff Writer, Associate Features Editor, Features Editor, Foreign Correspondent, Op-Ed Editor Still ' round the corner there may wait, A new road or a secret gate, And though we pass them by today, Tomorrow we may come this way. J.R.R. Tolkien ELENE ANNE GUTMAN CHEMISTRY Minor: Math Belkin Scholar, Big Sister, Dean ' s List, Honors Research — Chemistry, KOCHAVIAH - Photography, Registration Aid, American Chemical Society Award in Analytical Chemistry God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to tell the difference. PEARL ESTHER GUTMAN COMPUTER SCIENCE COMPUSCI SPEAKS - layout, staff, Computer Science Society — Treasurer, SCDS GILA HALPERN ACCOUNTING Basketball Team — Captain, Big Sister, Accounting Society, Dean ' s List, Harvard Model United Nations — Delegation Chairperson, KOCHAVIAH — Business Editor, Student Court — Associate Justice 51 GILA HARTSTEIN PSYCHOLOGY HAMASHKIF - Stern Editor, Sophomore Class V.P., OBSERVER - Staff Writer, Dean ' s List, PSI CHI President Y.U. Chapter, Varsity Tennis Team, Big Sister, Belkin Scholar, WYUR. A fluid is something that can flow. Halliday and Resnick FUNDAMENTALS OF PHYSICS JOY HELFER EDUCATION Education Society, Tennis Team, Tzedakah Committee, Big Sister, Blood Drive. To have a friend you have to be a friend. DALYA BATSHEVA HERTZBERG ADVERTISING MERCHANDISING Design Publicity Committee, OBSERVER, Photography Club, Junior Class Treasurer, Big Sister. To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe. Anatole France NANCI HILLER JUDAIC STUDIES TAC, NCSY, Dean ' s List, Choral Ensemble. AVIVA BRACHA JACOB ACCOUNTING Dean ' s List, Accounting Society, Big Sister. I may not be perfectly wise, perfectly witty, or perfectly wonderful, but I ' m always perfectly me. SHARON FUCHS JACOBOWITZ ENGLISH COMMUNICATIONS Political Science Society, Harvard Model U.N., Dean ' s List, Yeshiva Seminar, TLS. Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it will achieve. Dream great dreams and make them come true. 53 CARRIE JUDAS ART Basketball Team, KOCHAVIAH - Art Editor. LESLIE CHERYL KALCHMAN COMMUNICATIONS PSYCHOLOGY Chorus, Dean ' s List. Yesterday ' s memories may sparkle and gleam — tomorrow is still but a dream . . . HINDY KALISH PSYCHOLOGY Senior Class Treasurer, Dean ' s List, Belkin Scholar, Psychology Club. . VmKbaj van nan -tyi ' iiyaa »am» »»pVK DONNA KATZ BUSINESS Big Sister, Economics Society, KOCHAVIAH — Business Manager, Athletics Club, Tzedakah Committee. To have a friend you have to be a friend. LEE R. KATZ PSYCHOLOGY Dramatics Society, Dean ' s List. ROCHELLE LEE KIRSCHBAUM PSYCHOLOGY SCDS, Psychology Club, Blood Drive, Big Sister. To become wise one must wish to have certain experiences and run, as it were, in their gaping jaws. This, of course, is very dangerous; many a wise guy has been swallowed. Friedrich Nietzsche 55 GILAH ESTHER KLEIN ELEMENTARY EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION TAC, Education Club — President, Big Sister, Project Ezra, N.Y. Times Representative. ESTHER KNOBEL COMPUTER SCIENCE Dean ' s list, Belkin Scholar, Computer Science Society, S.C.W. Computer Center — Operator. 1 ■Lt . n B M HELENE KORN EDUCATION Education Club, Israel Affairs Committee, Sheirut Leumi, NCSY Chapter Advisor. One who doesn ' t believe in miracles in every day life isn ' t a realist. David Ben Gurion RACHEL LANDAU FASHION DESIGN Dean ' s List — SCDS — Costume Design. You can ' t always get what you want but if you try sometimes you just might, you get what you need. Mick Jagger CHAYA MIRIAM LEFRAK PSYCHOLOGY TAC, Psychology Club, Dean ' s List, Belkin Scho lar. ma »nn Vki iVwa -pby a ' an vian " nan »n MONICA LEIFER ECONOMICS BUSINESS KOCH A VI AH — Business Manager, Big Sister, Economics Club, Dean ' s List, Athletics Club, Blood Drive. To have a friend you have to be a friend. 57 ILANA OFFER LENT ENGLISH Big Sister, SCDS, Political Science Society, Harvard Model U.N., OBSERVER, Dean ' s List. REVITAL LEVIN ACCOUNTING Accounting Society — President, V.P., Secretary, SCDS — Hostess, Sales Manager, Big Sister, Advisor — Synogogue Youth Group, Dean ' s List. You can ' t always get what you want, but if you try something you might just find — you get what you need. NAOMI LIBERMAN BIOLOGY Science Club, Israel Affairs Committee, OBSERVER, Tennis Team, Dean ' s List. tfh RENEE LIBERMAN JUDAIC STUDIES Big Sister, Cultural Affairs Committee, Tennis Team, Directory Committee, TAC. ELAINE LIKER EDUCATION Tzedakah Committee, Education Society, Big Sister, Athletics Club. To have a friend, you have to be a friend. CINDY TINA LISTHAUS PRE-HEALTH SCIENCES KOCHAVIAH — layout editor, Junior Senator, Sophomore Class Treasurer, Big Sister, Deans List, Murray Baumel Award for Jewish Philosophy. The best and the most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart. 59 LEAH LORING ECONOMICS ANITA SUSAN LOWENBERG PSYCHOLOGY CARON LULINSKI JUDAIC STUDIES Admissions Committee, Education Club. It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye. JOY MALKA ENGLISH JUDAIC STUDIES You ' ve got to wake up every mornin ' with a smile on your face and show the world all the love in your heart . . . you will find, yes you will, that you ' re as beautiful as you feel. Carole King CHANNAH MANDELBAUM JUDAIC STUDIES SUSAN ANN MANDELBAUM BIOLOGY PRE-HEALTH SCIENCE ■1 ■Krl Dean ' s List, Student Council Secretary, Sophomore Class President, Freshman Senator, Admissions Committee, Choir, Pre-Health Science Club, Belkin Scholar, the W.A.A. Society. 61 LENORE MEZISTRANO COMPUTER SCIENCE Computer Science Society, Sephardic Club. ANNA MONAHEMI PRE-HEALTH SCIENCE Speech Arts Forum, Sephardic Club, Volleyball Team, Basketball Team, Pre-Health Honor Society. IT fl H L ' " 1 ilL C i I Ssal JS DEBORAH NAIMARK ADVERTISING DESIGN Foreign Students Club — V.P., Sephardic Club, Publicity Design Committee — Chairperson. Caminante, son tus huellas, el camino y nada mas, Caminante, no hay camino, se hace camino al andar. Antonio Machado JODI ANN NICHTBERGER PSYCHOLOGY Minor: Biology Blind date, Atlantic City trips, Menorah sales, Big Sister, Tzedakah drives, Tennis Team, Psychology Club, Engineering Club, Bikkur Cholim, Hospital Volunteer, KOCHAVIAH - Photography. If through all the madness we should stick together we ' re safe and sound, the world ' s just inside-out and upside-down. B.S. ORA DAWN NORDLICHT PSYCHOLOGY SCDS — Properties Manager, SCDS — Treasurer, Blood Drive, Dean ' s List, Yeshiva Seminar, SCCIB. EDYTHE NUSSBAUM ACCOUNTING Dean ' s List, SCDS - Actress, SCDS - President, V.P., and Historian; Student Council — Treasurer, Belkin Scholar, Academic Standing Committee, Student Court — Associate Justice, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. If you will it — it is no dream. Theodore Herzel .mm it 7 »k - ixnn ok 63 SUSAN OSTRY COMPUTER SCIENCE Minor: Math Dean ' s List, Computer Science Society, Student Directory — Chairman, Registration Aid, SCW Computer Center — Head Operator, Computer Science Lab Instructor. A smile is the shortest distance between two people. SHULAMIT ADINAH PESSIN JUDAIC STUDIES ,ms» q jb T3D2 n-TKn ?a nK Vapo »in JAN PION ACCOUNTING Student Council Vice President, Accounting Society — Secretary, Chairman Freshman Orientation, Chairman Election Committee, OBSERVER, Big Sister, Economics Society, SCDS, Dean ' s List. Kr ' A tal KUfl u 1 WW r S j± ■• • DAWN POSNER JUDAIC STUDIES TAC, Senate OBSERVER, Student Host, Speech Arts Forum, JPSY, Yeshiva Seminar, TLS, Big Sister, NCSY. Rivers belong where they can ramble, Eagles belong where they can fly, I ' ve got to be where my spirit can run free, Gotta find my corner of the sky. SHARNA S. PROTTAS BUSINESS MARKETING Student Host, Cafeteria Committee, Photography Club, Cultural Affairs Club, Floor Chairperson, ABSURDER EXTENTION - Editor. Life is an endless process of self-discovery. John Gardner LAURA SUSAN PRUZANSKY PSYCHOLOGY YCDS Usherette, Co-Chairman Student Directory, Psychology Club, Student Hostess, Big Sister. 65 ESTI RABINOWITZ JUDAIC STUDIES NCSY, Big Sister, TAC - Chairman. LINDA Ktil99 JEWISH HISTORY EMES - President. The meadows of my mind extend only as far as the forests of my dreams. T.C. ELISA M. RICHTER JUDAIC STUDIES Yeshiva Seminar, TLS - AHA, NCSY. MIRIAM L. LEVY ROTHMAN ELEMENTARY EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION Head Waitress, Education Club, Admissions Office. If the seeds of happiness are planted with committment and hard work only love will grow. NAOMI RUTH RUDOFF PRE-HEALTH SCIENCE Minor: Philosophy Senior Senator, TAC, Pre-Health Science Club, Big Sister, Student Hostess, Bnei Akiva, Belkin Scholar, Dean ' s List. maKsn mia n laaa ' ya n»n -ry 1 ? .run in m -i»y la ' wip y-y aiwV MB m 1 • rl PHILYSS SAMUELS NURSING Pep-Squad Captain, Nurses Student Organization, N.Y.C. Health Exposition Fair, OBSERVER. All the darkness can ' t extinguish a single candle, yet one candle can illuminate all its darkness. H. Hazaz, Diary of Hannah Senesh. 67 KAREN SAND PSYCHOLOGY Psychology Club, Admissions Committee Chairman, Curriculum Committee Chairman, Athletics Club, Blood Drive. A man ' s reach should exceed his grasp, or what ' s a heaven for? Robert Browning TAMMY SCHONFELD JUDAIC STUDIES NCSY, JPSY. Some say it ' s holding on that makes you strong; others say it ' s letting go. SHANI SCHREIBER JUDAIC STUDIES JUDY SCHUSTER ACCOUNTING Accounting Society, Accounting Society Fund Raising Committee — Chairman, Student Directory Committee, Canvassing Committee, Entertainment Committee — Chairman. GAYLE SELESNY PSYCHOLOGY TAC — Kashrut Committee, Israeli Affairs Committee, CAT — Yeshiva High School Outreach — Chairman. Never before have we had so little time in which to do so much. Franklin Roosevelt LINDA SENDERS BIOLOGY KOCHAVIAH - Editor-in-Chief, Student Council Recording Secretary, Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges, Dean ' s List, Belkin Scholar. 69 LISA YAFFI SHAPIRO POLITICAL SCIENCE Y.U. Ambassador - Machon Gold, Harvard Model U.N. Political Science Society — President, Senior Class Secretary, Dean ' s List, Computer Society, Canvassing Committee, Big Sister, Orientation Committee. MONA BRENDA SHIMOFF PSYCHOLOGY Political Science Society — Secretary Treasurer. ■ - MMlMY MM ROSIE SHYKER SOCIOLOGY Publicity Committee, NCSY, Big Sister. Sister. That ' s what education means — to be able to do what you ' ve never done before. F HELEN SIEGEL JUDAIC STUDIES NCSY One thing of the Lord I have desired that I will seek after, that I will dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord and to inquire in his temple. Va n maa »naw wpaR nmx n nna ' nVttw nn« .i a ' na Tpa n n oyaa rum 1 ? »»n ' » ' KAREN SIGEL ECONOMICS Minor: Philosophy SCWSC - Vice President, AISHEL - Honor Society, Harvard Model U.N., Economics Society, Yeshiva Seminar, Dean ' s List. BLmfc NAOMI SILVER O w o»a-nyna 71113 iwk tit ij»k-31B otk oyon nK ,iriK p riD iwk ht Kin ;i ?w yswno .,% 71 HELEN SIMON ENGLISH TAC - Parshat Hashavua, NCSY - Chapter Advisor, Dean ' s list. Knowledge once gained, casts a light beyond its own immediate boundaries. SHAUNA RAE SINGER ACCOUNTING Minor: Economics Freshman Class Vice President, Sophomore Class Senator, Who ' s Who, Big Sister, Junior Class Vice President, Accounting Society — Treasurer, Accounting Society Dinner — Charman. Though nothing can bring back the hour of splendour in the grass; Of glory in the flower; We will grieve not, rather find strength in what remains behind. William Wordsworth DEBBIE SLADOWSKY PSYCHOLOGY SCDS — Properties Manager, Secretary; Blood Drive, Psychology Club — Secretary, Dean ' s List, Yeshiva Seminar, JFC — President. MICHELLE EI.YSE SMALL PRE - MED Canvassing Committee — Chairman, Co-Chairman, Psychology Club, Computer Science Club, Physics Lab Technician, Dean ' s List, Belkin Scholar, AECOM Honors Program — Biomedical Research, University of Pennsylvania Model U.N. I value the friend who for me finds time on his calendar, but I ch erish the friend who for me does not even consult his calendar. PAULA-NAOMI SMALL PRE-HEALTH SCIENCE BIOLOGY Choir, Big Sister, Dean ' s List, Jogging Club, Science Club. CAROL ROBIN STAMLER ENGLISH COMMUNICATIONS Belkin Scholar, Dean ' s List, OBSERVER, SCDS - Actress. .Vkiv yikV iVin »jk " |Vin ' jkw cnpo VaV i OTao jam m 73 W a s ■?. SB • N- J | ■ ' t ' MINDA ANN STEEN ADVERTISING DESIGN OBSERVER - Layout, SCDS. In the long run the pessimist may be proved right, but the optimist has a better time a trip. ALISSA MICHELLE STEINBERG PSYCHOLOGY SCDS - Technical V.P., Psychology Club, Blood Drive, Big Sister. What a long strange trip it ' s been. The Grateful Dead. .mya «poa ' aam niton ' a ? LISA STERN SOCIOLOGY TAC, Bikkur Cholim, Big Sister, TLS, Yeshiva Seminar. ,van nnown m ' n ? n ?nj mxo MELODY SCHWARTZ SULTAN f I JUDAIC STUDIES ENGLISH Dean ' s List, OBSERVER, Political Science Club, NCSY, TLS. |ni f M y am snisn omn nxn i3 an ,-10 71 Tl» , ? , ? yiewV , ' DwnVi fanb ua ' ba " •tioVn -m Va nK ■ " »p 7 1 ,m»y , ? ' i -now ? .mnKi T»nmn RUTH BATSHEVA TENDLER BIOLOGY BIOLOGY PRE-HEALTH SCIENCE Minor: Philosophy Senate, TAC, Science Society, Political Science Society, Admissions Committee, NCSY, Belkin Scholar, Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Medical Honor Society, Dean ' s List, TLS. What you are is God ' s gift to you. What you make of yourself is your gift to God. DEENA JOY THOMAS ART HISTORY 75 JUDITH SUSAN URBACH ENGLISH COMMUNICATIONS Admissions Committee, Big Sister, Club Canada, Evaluations Committee, Fan Clubs — Chairperson, OBSERVER, Sounding Board — Editor, Speech Arts Forum — President, Student Court — Junior Justice, SCW Student Council President To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe. Anatole France SUZANNE JOY VAN AMERONGEN BIOLOGY PRE-MEDICINE Alpha Epsilon Delta — Pre-Medicine Honor Society Member, Basketball Team, Tennis Team, Dean ' s List, Health Science Club — President, SCDS — Secretary NOMI VOROBA COMPUTER SCIENCE Minor: Mathematics Belkin Scholar, Aishel Honor Society, Computer Science Society — Vice-President, Dean ' s List, Elections Committee - Chairperson, OBSERVER — Managing Editor, Valedictorian BARBARA WAGNER POLITICAL SOCIOLOGY BUSINESS Swimming Team, Tennis Team Foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. Emerson RACHEL WARD INTERIOR DESIGN Blood Drive, SCCIB, SCDS — Costume Coordinator, Secretary, President, SSSJ, TLS D. CHANA WEGLEIN JUDAIC STUDIES NURSING Blood Drive 77 DEBORAH WEISBLATT COMPUTER SCIENCE MARILYN MIRIAM WERMUT PSYCHOLOGY HTD Big Sister, Dean ' s List, Pschology Club, TAC EDEN WOFSEY BIOLOGY Big Sister, Dean ' s List, OBSERVER - Photography Editor, Reporter, Photography Committee, Pre-Medicine Club, TAC I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like them, Sam I am. Dr. Seuss DENA LISA WOLFSET BIOLOGY Minor: Psychology Big Sister, Blood Drive — Captain, NCSY, Health Science Club, Psychology Club, Purim Chanukah Chagiga Coordinator, TAC Strangers are friends you have never met. TAMMY WOLINETZ PSYCHOLOGY Big Sister, Freshman Orientation, Psychology Club, Publicity Committee, Senior Dinner — Chairperson, Student Directory Time goes by so fast and people change directions. J.D. SUSAN BETH YELLIN SPEECH COMMUNICATIONS 79 MICHELLE ZIERLER ENGLISH MARILYN ZIMBALIST ENGLISH HISTORY Daf Yomi-Stem Coordinator, Headwaitress, WAA Society, WYUR - Associate Publicity Director This bridge will only take you halfway there To those mysterious lands you long to see . . . But this bridge will only take you halfway there The last few steps you ' ll have to take alone. Shel Silverstein 80 ROBIN ZUCKER BIOLOGY Dean ' s List, Pre-Health Science Club, Big Sister, Psychology Club. JUDITH ZURAVIN JUDAIC STUDIES Big Sister, Floor Repr esentative, NCSY, OBSERVER - Assistant to Editor, Paul M. Gans Scholarship, WAA Society 81 STERN FOR COLLEGE WOMEN ■ —3 I— c i i i | i CLUBS KOCHAVIAH 1985 Vida Freedman Linda Senders Editors-in-chief In ° k Sarah Goldstein Cindy Listhaus Layout Editors Id hi Gila Halpern Monica Leifer Donna Katz Business Editors Lauren Greenbaum Photography Editor Carrie Judas Art Editor Vida Freedman I ■■■■ Linda Senders Sarah Goldstein Cindy Listhaus Gila Halpern Malki Leifer Donna Katz Lauren Greenbaum Carrie Judas 84 85 THE OBSERVER Executive Board Sara Kosowsky Editor-in-Chief Esthi Zeffren Alyssa Edelman News Editor Features Editor Rachel Mandel Rachel Landau Associate News Editor Associate Features Editor Sharon Halevy Francine Ziv Cultural Arts Editor Op-Ed Editor Batya Spirn Editorial Assistant Diane Feldman Editorial Consultant Technical Board Deena Schram Rena Leibovich Layout Editor Copy Editor Stephanie Selesney Annette Meyer Art Editor Typing Editor Photography Monica Gutman Business Manager Writing Staff Faigi Bandman, Tzippy Bernstein, Debbie Fisch, Rochel Gross, Gila Ha lpern, Sharon Herzfeld, Margaret Kramer, Devorah Lichstein, Susie Ostry, Rona Rashbaum, Amy Rubin, Chaya Stein Layout Staff Ora Carmi, Judith Freundich, Karen Gold- berg, Naomi Goldblatt, Miriam Hartholz, Miriam Kabakow, Shulamis Lichstein, Lilli Mandel Proof Staff Esther Kaufman, Susie Ostry, Debbie Ro- senthal, Elaine Witty Photography Staff Miriam Weiss Advisor Dr. Judith Neaman 86 The Gingerbread Lady Dramatics Society STERN COLLEGE DRAMATIC SOCIETY ' VANITIES MAY 1-5, 1983 — Til ■no children in uniform , THE EFFECT OF GAMMA RAYS ON MAN-IN-THE-MOON MARIGOLDS Freshman Class Board Pres. — Joyce Eschwege; Vice Pres. — Sherrill Allen-, Sec. — Aviva Applemaru Tres. — Ethel Greenstone; Senator — Sophomore Class Board Pres. — Amy Rubin; Vice Pres. — Sharon Halevy; Sec. — Shifra Cohen-, Tres. — Chava Katz-, Senator — Judi Adler. Executive Board Pres. — Judith Urbach-, Vice Pres. — Jan Pion; Tres. — Edythe Nussbaum; Corres. Sec. — Shulamit Glaubach; Record. Sec. — Susan Mandelbaum. Senior Class Board Pres. — Michelle Branden Vice Pres. — Melanie Faber-, Sec. — Lisa Shapiro; Senator — Russi Tendler. Junior Class Board Pres. — Elana Goldscheider-, Vice Pres. — Rochelle Block; Sec. — Jordana Blech. Speech Arts Forum Economics Society Accounting Society Curriculum Committee Computer Science Society E M E S Political Science Society 92 Health Sciences Society STERN FOR i SENIOR DINNER COLLEGE WOMEN ■ —3 I— E 1 i GRADUATION Ljs.i.nL ' ja C.oL ' ls. e. czitcxa Col.Le.cjs. fox vl ' omcn Cla.i.1. of 1085 coxdiaLLtj uou. to attend the. crrnnuai zbsni.ox J innst ' A £.dri£5.G.a.Lf, Jmuis. fifth zhin.s.ts.e.n and e,iqhtu -five ■zJXs-ceutlon 6:30 h.m, J-incoLn hqua.xs. njnaaoqus 200 cTrm.i.iE.ida.m. c rvs-nue, c.uj Hjoxk City, £i tuj ( yozk Ljusizt S30.OC fit.1 pezion ccr . c.n .iP. by aVltxij 1$ with payment Oammy ' WoLir.ciz - !Bj?4 f - 68q- 48z SClj Skolnlck - z ' U.70S ■ 027- ' 650 Awards and Honors Accounting Department Award for service and character in Accounting JAN PION American Institute of Chemists Award for excellence in Chemistry ELENE A. GUTMAN Miriam Araten Memorial Award for excellence in Bible LINDA SENDERS Professor Daniel Block Memorial Award (established by Mr. and Mrs. H.J. Feldman) for excellence in Computer Sciences NOMI VOROBA Jacob Bluttal Memorial Award (established by Mrs. Dora Bluttal) for excellence in Behavioral Sciences GILA HARTSTEIN Bnai Zion Award excellence in Hebrew MARILYN M. WERHUT Henry Brour Award for scholarship and service in Accounting AVIVA B. JACOB Economics Department Award for excellence in economics MONICA LEIFER Education Department Award for leadership and excellence in Education GILAH E. KLEIN Education Department Award for professional growth in Education HELENE KORN Mr. and Mrs. H.J. Feldman Award for excellence in Life Sciences RUTH TENDLER Malka Fishhaut Memorial Award (established by Rabbi and Mrs. Earl Fishhaut) for excellence in Jewish Education SARAH DOBIN Abe Fleishaker Memorial Award for excellence in Jewish History CALI DAAR Esther Fleishaker Memorial Award for excellence in Bible LISA S. BERMAN Sol and Sarah Friedland Memorial Award (established by Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Friedland) for excellence in Modern Hebrew Literature VICTORIA G. ACRICHE Herman Cerofsky Memorial Award for excellence in Jewish History JENNIFER L. BARNETT Benjamin H. Hammer Memorial Award for excellence in Political Science ADINA GOLDBERG LISA SHAPIRO Joseph Herbst Award for excellence in Accounting EDYTHE D. NUSSBAUM Sarah T. Herschfus Memorial Award (established by Dr. and Mrs. Morris Epstein) for excellence in English MICHELLE ZIERLER History Department Award for excellence in History MARILYN ZIMBALIST Ida Lamport Hurewitz Memorial Award for excellence in Natural Sciences SUZANNE J. VAN AMERONGEN Ida Lamport Hurewitz Memorial Award for excellence in Philosophy DONNA L. GOLDSTEIN Moses L. Isaacs Memorial Award for excellence in Chemistry ELENE A. GUTMAN Sadie and Arthur Lamport Memorial Award for excellence in Jewish Ethics RUTH TENDLER Jacob and Katie Lashin Memorial Award (established by Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Friedland) for creativity in the Biological Sciences ROBIN ZUCKER Rabbi Chaim Levine Memorial Award for excellence in Jewish Studies DAWN POSNER Morris Lipton Memorial Award (established by Mr. and Mrs. H.J. Feldman) for excellence in Art CHERYL SCHWARTZ Dean David Mirsky Faculty Memorial Award for the best paper by a senior DARA LYNN BRODIE Marcia Pearlstein Memorial Award for excellence in Hebraic Studies NAOMI RUDOFF Nathaniel L. Remes Memorial Award (established by the Class of 1 978) for a senior chosen for character, personality. and service rendered to the school JAN PION Constance Schwartzappel Memorial Award for excellence in English Communication DEBRA FISCH Gilda R.S. Silverman Memorial Award (established by her family and friends) for excellence in Pre-Law Studies MICHELE ZIERLER Stern College Alumnae Association Award for service to the College and academic achievement JUDITH S. URBACH Lisa Wachtenheim Memorial Award for character and service USA STERN Wall Street Journal Award for excellence in Economics DONNA KATZ Women ' s Branch of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America Award for excellence in Jewish Studies SUSANNAH M. SCHREIBER Yeshiua University Mildred Schlessberg Accounting Society Alumnae Award for service in Accounting REVITAL LEVIN SHAUNA R. SINGER 99 100 101 1985 1985 FIFTY-FOURTH ANNUAL COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES Thursday, June 6, 1985 Main Center Amsterdam Avenue and 185th Street New York City (Please be in your seat by 10:30 a.m.) ADMIT ONE — GUEST OF STUDENT In case of rain, the Exercises will be held in the Nathan Lamport Auditorium, 2540 Amsterdam Avenue (at 186th Street). ft 4 ' i 103 104 105 Graduate Directory Victoria Gadol Achriche 2 Leo Street. Bel-Air III. Makati. Metro Manila. Philippines 3117 3 25 63 Susan Adamson Dillon Road, rd »3 Box 253 A. Monticello. N.Y. 12701 2 18 liana Rachel Aharon 110-11 70th Rd. Forest Hills. N.Y. 11375 7 10 64 Ruthie Akerman 2908 Roscomore Rd. Los Angeles. CA 90024 Shari Appleman 51 Carlton Road Monsey. N.Y. 10952 6 5 63 Tova Auerbach 3604 Clarks Lane Balto. MD. 21215 10 4 63 Aimee Azose 5813 51st Ave. S. Seattle. WA 98118 4 4 63 Hilda Balakhane 1417 Pearl Street Santa Monica. CA. 90405 6 20 63 Dawn Bender 5 23 62 Paloma Benhamu Av Cesar Vallejo 578 Lince Limaly Peru 6 15 Lisa Berman 3 Brookshire Dr. Cedar Grove. NJ. 07009 1 4 64 Tehillah Blech 290 9th Avenue »6F New York. N.Y. 10001 7 24 64 Yael Ziona Blech 180 E Waukena Ave. Oceanside. N.Y. 1 1572 2 18 64 Adina Bloom 17220 N.E. 12 Ave. N.M.B.. Fla. 33162 1 14 65 Michelle Bokor 6153 North St. Chicago. 111. 60659 Geila Beth Botwlnlck 382 Garfield Ave. West Hempstead. N.Y 11552 9 14 64 Michelle Brander 144-32 70th Ave. Flushing. N.Y. 11367 11 16 63 Dara Lynn Brodie 34 Mountain Ave. Monsey. N.Y. 10952 10 26 64 Batya Buchbinder 2069-82 Street Brooklyn. N.Y. 11214 3 7 64 Phyllis Rosenberg Colman 1675 E. 18 St. Apt. A6 Brooklyn, N.Y. 11229 11 8 64 Sheryl Jane Cytryn 9513 Midwood Rd. Silver Spring. Maryland 20910 8 17 62 Cali Daar 1029 Gipson St. Far Rockaway, N.Y. 11691 5 30 64 Karyn Dirnfeld 493 Fairlawn Ave. Toronto. Ontario, Canada 8 27 63 Sarah Dobin 1411 Bay 28th Street Far Rockaway, N.Y. 11691 9 9 64 Ellen C. Dulken 262 Central Park West New York. N.Y. 10029 10 1 63 Sheryl Duman 6230 E. Cedar Ave. Denver, Colorado 80224 3 26 63 Deborah Dyckman 135-04 73 Terrace Flushing, N.Y. 11367 6 16 64 Rena Eichelberg 1327 Woodland Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio 45237 3 14 63 Adle Vegh Elstein 12008 Depue Ave. Phlla.. Penna. 19116 9 18 64 Miriam Leah Epstein 1032 West 77th St. N. Dr. Indianapolis, Indiana 46260 10 6 62 Melanie Faber 8747 Bay Parkway Brooklyn, N.Y. 11214 7 26 63 Dralzy Feder 108-56 67th Drive Forest Hills, N.Y. 11375 7 27 64 Diane Feldman 6625 W. Farm Acres Dr Cincinnati, Ohio 45237 3 19 63 Emllle Fetlk 86-10 Eliot Ave. RegoPark. NY 11374 1 31 Debra Fisch 419 Evergreen Ave. Bradley Beach, N.J. 07720 4 16 63 Vida Freedman 15 Overhill Road Monsey, N.Y. 10952 10 9 64 Gloria Frieling 1244 E. 69th St. Brooklyn. N.Y. 11234 5 12 63 Barbara Gidali 700 Columbus Ave. New York, N.Y. 10025 3 26 65 Robyn Godis 46 Jackson Court Fords, N.J. 08863 1 25 64 Adina Goldberg 51 Country Drive Plainview, N.Y. 11803 9 22 64 Donna Goldstein 67-24 179th Street Flushing. N.Y. 11365 10 15 63 Sarah Goldstein 147-22 77th Road Flushing, N.Y. 11367 2 24 65 Lauren Greenbaum 195 Bailey Road Fairfield, Ct. 06430 7 20 64 Sharon Greenberg 241 Sheraden Ave. Staten Island, N.Y. 10314 12 23 63 Rochel Gross 3647 Grosvenor Rd. Cleveland Heights. Ohio 44118 2 11 65 Elene Gutman 5707 N. Christiana Ave. Chicago. II. 60659 6 11 63 Pearl Gutman 120-17 Dreizer Loop Bronx, N.Y. 10475 11 18 63 Gila Halpern 1007 South Belgrade Road Silver Spring, Maryland 20902 5 4 Gila Hartsteln 66 Overlook Terr. New York, N.Y. 10040 6 28 64 Joy Heller 18 Vincent Court Stamlord, Conn. 7 21 63 Dalya Hertzberg 570 Sunderland Rd. Teaneck, N.J. 07666 10 29 63 24-D Westgate Rd. Teaneck. N.J. 07666 Aviva B. Jacob 405 Ave I Brooklyn. N.Y. 11230 6 2 65 Sharon Fuchs Jacobowitz 679 Wildweed Rd. West Hempstead, N.Y. 11552 1 6 64 Carrie Judas 591 Grenville Avenue Teaneck, N.J. 07666 3 31 64 Leslie Kalchman 1145 N.E. 176 St. North Miami Beach, Florida 33 10 19 62 Hindy Kalish 2722 Cold Spring Road Far Rockaway, N.Y. 11691 11 28 Donna Katz 4910-15 Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 11219 9 29 63 Lee Katz 1654 50 Street Brooklyn, N.Y. 11204 4 16 65 Rochelle Kirshbaum 68-03 Clyde St. Forest Hills, N.Y. 11375 9 23 63 Gilah Klein 1458 S. Beverwil Dr. Los Angeles, Ca. 90035 7 14 63 Esther Knobel 1103 E. 22 St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 11210 4 30 Helcnc Korn 72 Highview Rd. Monsey, N.Y. 10952 11 17 63 Rachel Landau 140 West End Ave. New York, N.Y. 10023 9 14 64 Chaya Lefrak 2240 Edgemere Ave. Far Rockaway, N.Y. 11691 11 5 64 Monica Leller 517 Reads Lane Far Rockaway, N.Y. 11691 1 2 liana Ofer Lent 811 New York Ave. Apt. 909 Brooklyn. N.Y. 11203 6 17 64 Revital Levin 360 North Laurel Ave. Los Angeles, Calif. 90048 7 16 63 106 Naomi Liberman 35 Sutton Place Lawrence, N.Y. 11559 1 22 11 22 63 Elaine Liker 278 B 141 St. Belle Harbor, N.Y. 11694 12 15 64 Cindy Listhaus 2044 Pearson Street Brooklyn, New York 11234 3 25 Anita Lowenberg 21730 Potomac, Southfield, Michigan 48076 8 14 63 Caron Lulinski 22 Blake Ave. Cranford, N.J. 07016 7 27 63 Dawn Posner 5467 Collingwood Cove Memphis, Tenn. 38119 7 7 Sharna Prottas 178 W. Thames St. Norwich, C.T. 06360 12 19 63 Laura Pruzansky 10 Kuperman Lane Monsey, N.Y. 10952 10 17 64 Esti Rabinowitz 804 E. 8 St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 11230 6 6 63 Linda Reiss 27 Smolley Dr. Monsey, N.Y. 10952 5 5 64 Elisa Richter 144-19 76 Ave. Flushing, N.Y. 11367 2 15 65 Rosie Shyker 13-40 Sperber Road Fair Lawn, N.J. 07410 4 21 63 Helen Siege] 17 Ft. George Hill New York, N.Y. 10040 10 4 65 Karen Sigel 5691 Sycamore Grove Memphis, Tenn. 38119 8 9 64 Helen Simon 248 Van Nostrand Ave. Englewood, N.J. 07631 11 13 63 Shauna Singer 7302 Woodcrest Ave. Phila., Penna. 19151 5 23 63 Debbie Sladowsky 78 Dartmouth St. Forest Hills, N.Y. 11375 10 30 64 Nomi Voroba 97 Nassan Ave. Atlantic Beach, N.Y. 11509 3 22 65 Barbara Wagner 550 Oak Dr. Far Rockaway, N.Y. 11691 4 13 64 Rachel Ward 220 W. 93 St. New York, N.Y. 10025 4 3 64 Chana Weglein 7 Windsor Rd. Brookline, Ma. 02146 7 18 63 Marilyn Wermut 531V4 No. Spaulding Ave. Los Angeles. Ca. 90036 9 12 63 Eden Wofsey 3368 S. Ulster Ct. Denver, CO. 80231 10 8 63 Joy Malka Miriam Rothman Michelle Small Dena Wolfset 8011 Third Ave. 75-06 Kissena Blvd. 1E 265 W. 81 St. 116 Brick Church Rd. No. Bergen, N.J. 07047 Flushing, N.Y. 11367 New York, N.Y. 10024 Spring Valley, N.Y. 10977 4 15 64 2 27 63 11 12 64 2 6 64 Susan Mandelbaum Naomi Rudoff Paula Small Tammy Wolinetz 7811 Querida Lane 490 E. 17 St. 4 David Ct. 14 Cloverdale Lane Dallas, Texas 75248 Brooklyn, N.Y. 11226 Monsey, N.Y. 10952 Monsey, N.Y. 10952 9 12 63 5 12 64 4 25 65 11 22 64 Lenore Mezistrano Philyss Samuels Carol Stamler Susan Yellin 5352 So. Kenyon POB 7000 8 McCord Dr. 303 Lawndale Seattle, Wa. 98118 Metairie, Louisiana 70010 Newburgh, N.Y. 12550 Aurora, 11. 60506 5 20 63 8 14 10 22 64 2 27 63 Anna Monahemi Karen Sand Minda Steen Marilyn Zimbalist 175-20 Wexford Terr. Apt. 9X 2185 Meridian Ave. 140 Princeton Rd. 7548 Gannon Jamaica Estate, N.Y. 11432 M.B., Fla. 33139 Elizabeth, N.J. 07208 St. Louis, Mo. 63130 8 23 64 4 28 64 2 23 64 11 14 63 Deborah Naimark Tammy Schonfeld Alissa Steinberg Robin Zucker Cra. 56 80-81 (9) 70-41 153 St. 35 E. Olive St. 10001 Rudnick Ave. Barranquilla, Colombia Flushing, N.Y. 11367 Long Beach, N.Y. 11561 Chatsworth, Calif. 91311 1 28 65 10 19 63 4 16 65 6 25 65 Jodi Nichtberger Shani Schreiber Lisa Stern Judith Zuravin 4-27 Second St. 17266 Shervilla PI. 2 24 64 2270 Van Rensselau Dr. Fair Lawn, N.J. 07410 Southfield, Mi. 48075 Schenectady, N.Y. 12309 4 30 63 12 15 64 Melody Sultan 1478 W. Terrace Circle Apt. 4 2 17 63 Ora Nordlicht Judy Schuster Teaneck, N.J. 07666 255 West Beach St. 699 W. 239 St. 6 6 63 Long Beach, N.Y. 11561 Riverdale, N.Y. 10463 Ruth Tendler 12 26 64 12 19 63 4 Cloverdale Lane Edythe Nussbaum Gayle Selesny Monsey, N.Y. 10952 1 Rolling Hill Lane 22633 Shevington 7 1 64 Lawrence, N.Y. 11559 Southfield, Mi. 48034 Deena Thomas 3 17 65 6 3 64 5400 Pecan Grove Lane Susan Ostry Linda Senders Memphis, Tenn. 38119 5424 Arlington Ave. 3607 Severn Rd. 11 5 62 Riverdale, N.Y. 10471 Cleve. Hts., O.H. 44118 Judith Urbach 8 21 64 7 14 16 Montressor Dr. Shulamit Pessin Lisa Yaffi Shapiro Willowdale, Ontario M2P1Z1 Canada 3 Rechov Harav Unterman 97 W. Maple Ave. 5 26 63 Gilo, Jerusalem, Israel Monsey, N.Y. 10952 11 9 64 3 25 65 Suzanne Van Amerongen 168 W. 86 St. Jan Pion Mona Shimoff New York, N.Y. 10024 16 Laurie Lane 4488 Prairie Ave. 12 29 64 Monsey, N.Y. 10952 Miami Beach, Fla. 33140 12 3 64 9 4 63 I 107 STERN FOR - ] L i I ! i COLLEGE WOMEN M ADS TO MY BELOVED REVITAL IN LOVING MEMORY OF OUR FATHER yx vnK-ri7 r nn MAY WE FOLLOW IN HIS RIGHTEOUS WAYS TO BUILD A btf- in r tfJ jrrn FOREVER YOURS, 112 • (fc THE GOVERNING BOARD OF THE STERN COLLEGE DRAMATICS SOCIETY CONGRATULATES THE GRADUATING CLASS RACHEL WARD ORA NORDLICHT PRESIDENT TREASURER ANNETTE MEYER DEBBIE SLADOWSKY VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY MINDA STEEN EDYTHE NUSSBAUM TECHNICAL HISTORIAN VICE PRESIDENT v v y 113 r MAZEL TOV TO SARAH GOLDSTEIN AS THE YOUNGEST, YOU NOW ROUND OUT THE COLLEGE SCENE FOR THIS GENERATION OF GOLDSTEINS. MAY YOU ALWAYS GO M ' CHAYIL LE-CHAYIL. LOVE, MOMMY DADDY, RIVKA SAUL, NECHAMA, SHULAMIT, YONATAN, GAVRIEL, HARRIS, HANNAH PEARL JONATHAN, MEIR SIMCHA AARON DAVID, MARSHA, LEAH KIVIE. 1 J)J 114 (fc CONGRATULATIONS AND MAZEL TOV TO SUZANNE JOY VAN AMERONGEN MAY YOU HAVE MUCH SUCCESS IN THE YEARS TO COME. MOTHER DAD ROBERT HOWELL AND THE ENTIRE FAMILY. m 115 t BEST WISHES AND MAZEL TOV TO SHARI MAY YOU HAVE MUCH HAZLACHA IN YOUR FUTURE ENDEAVORS. MAY ALL YOUR DREAMS BE FULFILLED. WE ARE ALL VERY PROUD OF YOU, MOMMY DADDY KAREN MOTTIE TAMMY DAVID AVIVA MINDI TOVA ELANA 116 { MAZEL TOV TO ELAINE LIKER AND YOSSIE FARBER UPON THEIR GRADUATION MAY THEIR FUTURE BE BLESSED WITH MAZAL, GOOD HEALTH AND HAPPINESS. } 117 r MAZEL TOV TO OUR DEAR DAUGHTER AND SISTER ESTIE KNOBEL UPON HER GRADUATION MAY WE SEE MUCH NACHAS FROM HER AND MAY SHE HAVE MUCH SUCCESS IN HER FUTURE ENDEAVORS. LOVE ALWAYS, MOM DAD SHARON JEFF DENA ABIE S 118 TO OUR SISTER AND DAUGHTER ALLISA MAY YOUR LIFE BE FILLED WITH AS MUCH HAPPINESS AND JOY AS YOU HAVE BROUGHT TO OURS. ALL OUR LOVE, MOMMY DADDY ROBIN PHIL EILEEN SHAUL ERIC ADAM 9 119 r ALYSSA ACCESSORIES 389 FIFTH AVENUE SUITE 912 NEW YORK CITY WISHES THE BEST OF LUCK AND CONTINUED SUCCESS TO TEHILLAH BLECH OUR ACE SALES REP. v. 120 TO OUR DEAR SHELLEY MAZEL TOV UPON YOUR GRADUATION, WE LOVE YOU AND ARE VERY PROUD OF YOU " LEARNING MAKETH YOUNG MEN TEMPERATE, IS THE COMFORT OF OLD AGE, STANDING FOR WEALTH WITH POVERTY, AND SERVING AS AN ORNAMENT TO RICHES. " - CICERO LOVE, MOM, DAD MARK V v 121 (fc MAZEL TOV TO OUR DAUGHTER, GRANDDAUGHTER SISTER AND AUNT SHARON FUCHS JACOBOWITZ WITH OUR LOVE FOREVER MAY ALL YOUR DREAMS BE FULFILLED TOGETHER WITH DAVID MOM DAD ZADE DON FUCHS BUBBY RUTH ZADE JERRY GERSHY, MINDY BARRY AVI, MOSHE v- 122 ifc TO JUDY SCHUSTER A VERY SPECIAL DAUGHTER AND SISTER WE ARE VERY PROUD OF YOU AND YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS. WITH ALL OUR LOVE, MOM, DAD AND BRENDA v v g ) 123 to WISHES FOR SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS FROM THE STERN COLLEGE STUDENT COUNCIL 1984-1985 EXECUTIVE BOARD: JUDITH S. URBACH, PRESIDENT JAN PION, VICE-PRESIDENT EDYTHE NUSSBAUM, TREASURER SUSAN MANDLEBAUM, RECORDING SECRETARY SHARON GLAUBACH, CORRESPONDING SECRETARY V J)J 124 (fc MEMORANDUM TO: MONA SHIMOFF FROM: MOMMY and DADDY - WITH LOVE - ON CERTAIN MILESTONE OCCASSIONS, ONE MUST FORMALLY STATE WHAT YOU KNOW IS ALWAYS IN OUR HEARTS. A COLLEGE GRADUATION IS ONE OF THOSE TIMES. THEREFORE, WE WANT TO FORMALLY SAY TO YOU: MAZEL TOVH GOOD LUCK!! MAY GOOD FORTUNE FOREVER BE WITH YOU AND MAY YOU ALWAYS GIVE US YIDDISHE NACHAS. CONFIRMED AND AGREED TO: YOUR BROTHER, WARREN. YOUR SISTER, LISA. l " 9 ) 125 == IN HONOR OF VICKI AND THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1985 WITH LOVE AND BEST WISHES, MOM, DADDY SARAH, DEBBIE, RACHEL GRANDMA VICTORIA ACRICHE and GRANDMA SARAH GADOL i 126 fc DEAREST LISA YOU ARE A VERY SPECIAL PERSON LISA STERN WHO HAS EXCITED US WITH HER PRESENCE. MAY YOU CONTINUE TO BRING YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY HAPPINESS AND NACHAS IN ALL YOUR FUTURE GOALS. WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU AND ALL YOUR ACHIEVE- MENTS. LOVE, MOM MARTY, MICHAEL, AVIVA, DENA, GRANDMA GRANDPA, BEN BETH, AUNT SHERYL UNCLE TED, JONATHAN, ILONA, DAVID, HARRY, ANNE STEVE, JEFFREY 127 ir IN HONOR OF YAFFI SHAPIRO THE ULTIMATE IN DAUGHTER, SISTER, NEICE AND GRANDDAUGHTER YOU HAVE MADE US SO PROUD. ABA EMA GAVRIEL, AY ALA, YARON GRANDPA SHAPIRO UNCLE DANNY AUNT VIVIAN MICHAEL, ADAM, EYTAN - GRANDMA GRANDPA CHILL 1 ) 128 WE ALL LOVE AND WISH CHAYA (HELENE) KORN MUCH SUCCESS AT THE TIME OF HER GRADUATION FROM STERN COLLEGE. MOM, DAD, CHARLES NANCY IRA, TAUBE BRACHA POP KORN GRANDMA KORN GRANDMA GOLDING GRANDPA GOLDING P.S. PLEASE DON ' T CHANGE YOUR NAME AGAIN! 129 t MAZEL TOV AND WARMEST WISHES TO OUR DARLING, CARON ROCHELLE UPON HER GRADUATION CARON - WE ARE PROUD OF ALL YOU HAVE ACCOM- PLISHED, ALL THAT YOU HAVE BECOME, AND ALL THAT WE KNOW THAT YOU WILL BE IN THE FUTURE. WE LOVE YOU - MOM, DAD, PEARIA, JODY and SHERI. Vd 130 ( it DEAR HINDY, MAZEL TOV ON YOUR GRADUATION! MAY ALL YOUR FUTURE DREAMS COME TRUE. WE LOVE YOU! MOM DAD GRANDMA GRANDPA JUDY, JAY URI ADENA, DAVID ELANA MALKI % 131 132 IN HONOR OF THE MARRIAGE OF " MOSHE CALI ORENBUCH " LOVE, MONICA ALLISON MORHAIM v y (fr DEAR PAULA-NAOMI CONGRATULATIONS ON RECEIVING YOUR DIPLOMA - YOU ' RE NO LONGER A HIGH SCHOOL DROPOUT! MAZEL TOV AND MABROOK WE ' RE ALL VERY PROUD OF YOU! LOVE, IMA, ABBA, MERYL, STEVE, TZVI and MAMA BETTY l " J ) 133 r TO THE CLASS OF 1985 - CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO OUR NEWEST MEMBERS OF THE STERN COLLEGE ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION. JOIN OUR NEW " YOUNG ALUMS " DIVISION. SCAA PAULA FROM, PRESIDENT (212) 960-5373 SCIENCE HALL 317 v- 134 RUSSI: CONGRATULATIONS TO A DAUGHTER AND SISTER WHO HAS ALWAYS BEEN A JOY TO US. MAY YOU ALWAYS FIND FAVOR IN THE EYES OF GOD AND MAN. - THE TENDLERS 9 135 (fc CONGRATULATIONS TO LENORE MEZISTRANO BEST OF LUCK! LOVE, MOM DAD SAM, RENA LEAH v- 136 MAZEL TOV TO OUR FAVORITE, YOUNGEST DAUGHTER AND ADORED LITTLE SISTER CAROL STAMLER WE ARE SO PROUD THAT YOU HAVE REACHED THIS MILESTONE IN YOUR LIFE AND KNOW YOU WILL CONTINUE TO BRING US JOY. MOM DAD, JILL, RICHARD AND GAIL M ) 137 MAZAL TOV AND BEST WISHES TO AIMEE AZOSE AND ALL HER GRADUATING CLASSMATES. | MOM, DAD, JACK, SOL YOSSI 1 138 ■ MOM, DAD, JACK, SOL YOSSI DEAR ORA, MAZEL TOV UPON YOUR GRADUATION. THE BEST IS YET TO COME. LOVE, MOMMY, DADDY, CHAIM MEIR % 139 (fc IN HONOR OF OUR BELOVED TAMMY MAY YOUR ENTHUSIASM AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF THE PAST BE EXCEEDED ONLY BY YOUR SUCCESSES IN THE FUTURE. WITH MUCH PRIDE AND JOY MOM DAD RENA, ATARA, ARON V V 140 A ROSIE TRUE FRIENDS ARE FOREVER WITH LOVE, YOUR FRIEND V V — = 141 r MAZEL TOV TO RENEE NAOMI LIBERMAN FROM MOM, DAD, SHARON v. 142 MAZEL TOV TO OUR DEAR DAUGHTER, GRAND- DAUGHTER, SISTER, AUNT DEBBIE MAY YOU CONTINUE TO BRING US NACHAS AS YOU ALWAYS HAVE! MUCH LOVE, IMA ABBA, ESTHER HERBIE, GRANDMA POPPY, RAYLA BENJY, CHAVIE RUCHIE, SHAULLY DEBBIE, LEBY, LEBA, DOVI, CHANI, ADENA, MOSHE, ELANA. I 143 ■ h WE ARE ALWAYS HAPPY TO SUPPORT AND ENCOURAGE YOUNG JEWISH LIVES. IN MEMORY OF HERBERT SCHWARTZ Z ' L s. s. INDUSTRIES, INC. v. 144 MAZEL TOV TO DEBORAH! LOVE, MOM DAD, JUDY REUBEN, GRANDMA ' S DOLL CELE, GRANDPA DAVE. WE ARE ALL SO PROUD OF YOU! 145 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO KAREN SIGEL FROM, AUNT UNCLE ANN MARCUS ROSENBERG, HELLEN WILLY WAKS, RUTHY STEVEN ROSENBERG, MARGOT RANDY PULITZER, LIZZY ROSENBERG, SHELLY ROSENBERG. v 146 fc MAZEL TOV TO OUR DAUGHTER, GRANDDAUGHTER, AND SISTER JAN PION UPON YOUR GRADUATION. WE ARE VERY PROUD OF YOU. MAY HASHEM GRANT YOU SUCCESS AND HATZLACHAH IN ALL YOUR FUTURE ENDEAVORS. MAY YOU CONTINUE TO BE A SOURCE OF NACHAS TO US ALL. LOVE, MOM DAD, PAULA GRANDMA BEA. 147 MAZEL TOV AND BEST WISHES TO OUR DAUGHTER SISTER, ELENE WE ARE VERY PROUD OF YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND WE WISH HER MUCH SUCCESS IN ALL HER FUTURE ENDEAVORS. LOVE, MOM, DAD, MARK MIRIAM. v- 148 MAZEL TOV TO OUR DAUGHTER SISTER KAREN SIGEL MAY YOUR FUTURE ALWAYS BE FILLED WITH HAPPINESS. LOVE, MOM, DAD, KENNY. 149 150 CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR GRADUATION ELLEN DULKEN YOUR PARENTS DIANE 1 } ) J % CONGRATULATIONS AND MUCH LOVE RACHEL FROM YOUR PROUD PARENTS, AND JULIE DAVE 151 (fc CONGRATULATIONS LISA ON A JOB WELL DONE! LOVE, MOM, DAD, LEWIS V } ' ) 152 (fc MAZEL TOV MALKI A MILESTONE ON THE ROAD OF LIFE WITH HATZLACHA AND BRACHA AS YOUR GUIDEPOSTS. LOVE, MOM DAD, CHANI SHIMIE, MORDECHAI YONI 153 SISTER, COUSIN, DAUGHTER - GRAND HATZLACHA AND MAZEL AT YOUR COMMAND ACCOUNTING MAJOR - YOUR GOAL ATTAINED UNDERGRADUATE YOU NO LONGER REMAIN NOW IT IS TIME TO START ANEW ALWAYS KNOWING HOW MUCH WE LOVE YOU -pi wj hyy ran nnSsrr LOVE, MOMMY DADDY TZIPPY ARON RENEE, STEVEN EPHRAIM BUBBIE UNCLE DAVID AUNT CYNA AVIGAIL MOSHE LEIB CHAYA ROCHEL HIRSCH EPHRAIM 154 (fc MAZEL TOV TO OUR DEAR DAUGHTER AND SISTER REVITAL WE ARE PROUD OF ALL YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS MAY YOUR FUTURE BE FILLED WITH SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS AND MAY YOU ALWAYS BE A SOURCE OF GREAT NACHAS TO US ALL. rTxnm -p™ wSarm hir WITH ALL OUR LOVE, EMA, ABA, MEIR RIVKALE l " jl) 155 (fc rrssm nrrjns n® MAZEL TOV TO MY EYSHES CHAYIL LEAH KATZ BERNSTEIN ON HER GRADUATION. LOVE, MICHAEL 156 (fc WE ARE PROUD OF OUR BEAUTIFUL GRADUATE LEAH KATZ BERNSTEIN jLIV Vr£ bm bn Vrrt his DAD MOM, ROOKIE HESHY FAMILY, BUZZY BAILA FAMILY, NISSY CHAYA SARA FAMILY V N =J J 157 (fc DEAR EDIE, IN YEARS TO COME, WHEN YOU ' LL GAZE THROUGH YOUR YEARBOOK, REMEMBER HOW PROUD OF YOU YOUR FAMILY WAS FOR ALL YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS. WITH BEST WISHES FOR YOUR CONTINUED HEALTH, HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS IN THE FUTURE. DAD, MOM, WENDY AMANDA 158 (fc TO OUR SUSIE, ONLY A STUDENT OF THE TORAH CAN ATTEST TO THE REAL FREEDOM SHE EXPERIENCES BY STUDYING THE TORAH. IT GIVES HER A SENSE OF FREEDOM AND SECURI- TY, UNAFFECTED BY THE CIRCUMSTANCES OF THE WORLD AND THE EVIL INCLINATION. DAD, MOM, STEVEN GOLDA, MALA, JACK, MAYDA, MONICA w 9 159 % 2iv brb WITH DEEP LOVE AND GREAT PRIDE WE CONGRATULATE OUR PRECIOUS DAUGHTER MARILYN MIRIAM IN HONOR OF HER GRADUATION FROM STERN COLLEGE MAY YOU GO FROM STRENGTH TO STRENGTH. WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOUR CONTINUING DEEDS OF LOVING KINDNESS. MAY YOU ALWAYS BE A SOURCE OF YIDDISH NACHAS TO US AND CONTINUE TO ACHIEVE LOVE, HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS ALONG THE PATH OF LIFE. WITH MUCH LOVE, YOUR LOVING PARENTS PEARL SAM WERMUT. v JJ ) 160 TO ROCHEL twwH arwvbi vvh ,13-1:61 rmvb oiWSi a " th rMjobi nKuisb n mbi WITH BEST WISHES FROM, MR. MRS. SAMUEL GROSS RABBI MRS. IRWIN MORDECAI GROSS SORAH BAYLA TOVA NECHAMA DR. MRS. JOSHUA DAVID GROSS HILLEL SHLOMO, DEENA, MAYER NATHAN DR. MRS. DANIEL BEHAR MOSHE MRS. JEANETTE SELTZER DR. MRS. LYON MANDELCORN % 161 fc TO OUR DEAR LINDA TOVA (THE NAME SAYS IT ALL) REISS MAY ALL YOUR CAUSES CONTINUE TO BE JUST ONES. MAY HASHEM GRANT YOU JOY AND SUCCESS IN ALL THAT YOU DO. LOVE, MOMMY DADDY, WENDY JONATHAN, GRANDMA GRANDPA HALPERN. nnSsm rrira rtSvM wste ' -r -]dii 1 v- 162 fc A SPECIAL CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR BELOVED DAUGHTER KAREN ON HER GRADUATION MAY SUCCESS, GOOD HEALTH AND HAPPINESS FOLLOW YOU THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. WITH MUCH LOVE, MOM DAD, SHELLY DAVID, TAMMY, DAVID DANIEL, BRIAN, TIVA, MICHAEL, BUBBY BESNER, BUBBY ZAIDY SAND. % 163 i, = MAZEL TOV TO OUR DEAREST NOMI VOROBA WE ARE EXTREMELY PROUD OF YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS, SO CONTINUE TO STRIVE FOR THE BEST. MAY YOU ALWAYS BE A SOURCE OF NACHAS TO ALL OF US! MUCH LOVE, MOTHER DAD, YOSEF SHIRA, CHASHI MICHAEL KLEIN, MINDY ALAN FLOUMANHAFT, BOBI ZAIDI TENZER, AUNTY HINDY UNCLE KEVY GOLDIS, DAVID, MINDY BENTZION. 164 fr y TO OUR DEAREST MICHELLE: YOU HAVE TOUCHED AND LIT UP THE LIVES OF ALL THOSE WHO KNOW YOU. MAY YOU CONTINUE TO DO SO FOR ALL THOSE WHO HAVE NOT YET FOUND OUT WHAT A TRULY SPECIAL AND UNIQUE PERSON YOU ARE. ALL OUR LOVE AND BLESSINGS FOR FUTURE SUCCESS, MOM, ELLIOT, FRANCIS, SCOTT, ROSS THE CREW, VIV, DAN " DER KINDER " , ALL THE OTHER LOONIES. 165 = N MAZEL TOV TO OUR PRECIOUS GRADUATE DEBORAH ANNE MAY SHE CONTINUE TO BE A SOURCE OF NACHAS AND JOY TO THE ENTIRE FAMILY. MR. MRS. MOSES DYCKMAN MR. MRS. JACOB DYCKMAN EZRA, DANIEL, JOSHUA, JONATHAN v — J j ) 166 fc MAZEL TOV JUDY URBACH AND THE GRADUATES OF 1985 LOVE, BUBIE ZAIDE, UNCLE JERRY AUNTIE FLO, RUTH, DAVID, LISA, ANDY, UNCLE MIKE, AUNT MARIS CHARLES, MOM DAD, DEBBIE TAMMY, . . . ROBERT CHARLES. 167 r KOSHER DELIGHT WISHES A MAZEL TOV TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1985. SPECIAL CONGRATULATIONS TO THE KOSHER DELIGHT GANG. D.K. J.H. E.L. I 168 (fc CONGRATULATIONS JOY UPON YOUR GRADUATION WE WISH YOU CONTINUED SUCCESS AND ALL THE HAPPINESS IN THE WORLD. WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU - LOVE, MOM DAD, CINDY, BRUCE, JORDANA, JONATHAN, KENNY, GRANDMA PAPA. vvv ty 169 MAZEL TOV TO OUR DARLING EDYTHE DAWN! WE WISH YOU A LIFE FILLED WITH GOOD HEALTH, GREAT HAPPINESS AND MUCH SUCCESS. YOUR PROUD GRANDPARENTS AUNTS, UNCLES, COUSINS. V } ' J 170 dr " MY CHILD BE WISE AND GLADDEN MY HEART " PROVERBS 27:11 BEST WISHES TO OUR SHANI AND THE ENTIRE CLASS OF 1985. BERT RITA SCHREIBER ty 171 MAZEL TOV TO OUR DAUGHTER BATYA ON YOUR GRADUATION WE WISH YOU LOTS OF LUCK AND HAPPINESS IN YOUR FUTURE ENDEAVORS. LOVE, MOM, DAD, TUVIE, RAIZEL, SHAINDEL, SHALOM, ESTHER, MOSHE DAVID V ty 172 (fc " WE START FRESH EVERYDAY " FREE DELIVERY 685-7117 2 PARK AVE. THIS LOCATION IS KOSHER UNDER STRICT RABBINIC SUPERVISION % 173 r yv nvirv boj whsni Sir CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR DAUGHTER AND SISTER GLORIA UPON HER GRADUATION MAY YOUR FUTURE BE FILLED WITH AS MUCH JOY AND HAPPINESS AS YOU ' VE GIVEN US ALL THESE YEARS. WITH ALL OUR LOVE, MOM, DAD, JEFF (AECOM ' 85), GRANDMA, AUNT ROSE BEST WISHES TO OUR SON, JEFFREY, UPON HIS GRADUATION FROM ALBERT EINSTEIN COLLEGE OF MEDICINE. tl i ) 174 =% TO OUR PRECIOUS DAUGHTER AND SISTER VIDA JUST CANNOT REFRAIN FROM THANKING YOU FOR GIVING US SO MUCH ' NACHAS ' . MAY YOUR FUTURE BE BLESSED WITH HEALTH, HAPPINES S, SUCCESS AND LONGEVITY WITH OUR TORAH CONTINUING TO BE YOUR GUIDING LIGHT. LOVE, MOMMY, DADDY, MICHAEL. V 175 MAZEL TOV TO MY LITTLE GIRL, ADLE. LOVE, DADDY SARAH DOBIN WITH GREAT PRIDE, WE CONGRATULATE YOU AND WISH YOU A LIFE OF JOY, FULFILLMENT, AND THE REALIZATION OF ALL YOUR POTENTIAL. LOVE, MOM, DAD, JAY, PATTI ELI 176 MAZEL TOV TO OUR DARLING DAUGHTER AND SISTER ILANA UPON HER GRADUATION. WE WISH YOU ALL THE LUCK, HEALTH, AND HAPPINESS IN THE FUTURE. LOVE, AMI, YIGAL, MANNY, RAPHAEL JOY, NATHAN FRANCINE, YOUR LOVING PARENTS GABRIEL SHOSHANA AHARON. OUR VERY BEST TO ONE OF OUR VERY BEST NAOMI RUTH RUDOFF FROM, MOMMY DADDY SURIE BOB, SIMA, HERMAN ALISSA, SHONIE CHUCKY, JOSHUA. 177 CONGRATULATIONS TO KAREN SIGEL FROM THE DAVID ROSENBERG FAMILY IN DALLAS. 178 TO OUR DEAR DAUGHTER AND SISTER DRAIZY HAPPY GRADUATION! WE ARE VERY PROUD OF YOU AND HOPE THAT YOU WILL DO AS WELL IN THE FUTURE AS YOU HAVE IN THE PAST. MAY YOUR LIFE BE FILLED WITH MANY OCCASIONS OF ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND HAPPINESS. LOVE, MOM, DAD, LIVIA, IRA, AVI 179 MAZEL TOV TO LISA STERN A BEAUTIFUL PERSON IN EVERY WAY A WONDERFUL DAUGHTER AND A DEVOTED SISTER. MAY THE FUTURE BRING YOU MUCH HAPPINESS, GOOD HEALTH AND FULFILLMENT OF ALL YOUR DESIRES. WE ARE ALL VERY PROUD OF YOU. ALL OUR LOVE ALWAYS, DADDY, CAROL, MICHAEL, AVIVA, DENA, LAINIE, CHERYL, JAY. DEAR CARRIE, GOOD LUCK AND BEST WISHES FROM THE GANG AT 18 INTERNATIONAL LTD. 180 TO BARBARA, MAY YOUR ENTHUSIASM AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS IN THE PAST BE EXCEEDED ONLY BY YOUR SUCCESS IN THE FUTURE. WE LOVE YOU! MOM, DAD, HINDY TO BARBARA SUSIE, DON ' T BE DISMAYED AT GOODBYES. A FAREWELL IS NECESSARY BEFORE YOU CAN MEET AGAIN. AND MEETING AGAIN, AFTER MOMENTS OF LIFETIME, IS CERTAIN FOR THOSE WHO ARE FRIENDS. WITH LOVE, EDDY, ELIYAHU, ELLIOT, GLEN, LESLIE, MIKE, NAFTOLI, RONNY YITZ YOSSIE 181 MAZEL TOV AND BEST WISHES TO OUR DEAR DAUGHTER DONNA AND THE CLASS OF ' 85. MAY YOU AND YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS CONTINUE TO BE A SOURCE OF PRIDE AND NACHAS TO THE WHOLE FAMILY. MOM, DAD ILAN CHICAGO YERUSHALAYIM MAZEL TOV TQ SUSAN BETH YELLIN LOVE AND WISHES FOR A WONDERFUL HAPPY FUTURE. BROADWAY APPLIANCE FURNITURE CO. 16 NORTH BROADWAY AURORA, ILLINOIS 60505 HEADQUARTERS FOR 220 VOLT APPLIANCES EVELYN LARRY YELLIN . GRANDMOTHER DOROTHEA YELLIN LINDA, DOV, SHARON, JERRY, JUDY, EDDY, DEENA 182 GAIL ROBIN HALPERN, SWEET GARNER GREAT WISDOM, A GO GO FORTH, FIND FAIR FREEDOM, GOLD GATEWAYS BE NARROW INSIDE DARK CAVES WANDER, W . INTENSLY THOUGH SHINING, W INTERPRET CAST SHADOWS, REF INSIGHT, INNER LIGHTING, THE LONG VOYAGE, A DREAMLAND, 1 LADDERS SOAR SKYWARD, PEF LIGHTS BRIGHT THE NIGHT TIME, LOVE OF THE LANDSCAPE, OU] A LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS, FOR ADVICE FROM A BROTHER, LIFI A STAGE, A BRIDGE CROSSING, Y ALWAYS WE LOVE YOU, LIFE ' S SISTER, COME NEAR SPEL TO HEAR A WIDE WORLD TO STEER THIS BRIDGE BEAR NO FEAR. HILST DAY HAS BEGUN ' E SEE NOT THE SUN LECT LIFE ' S BLIND RUN BRIDGE THUS IS WON. ' HE SUN SETS, BUT STILL fCHANCE AND UNTIL WHOLE HEARTS HOPE TO FILL R PEOPLE, THE HILL. DARK IS THE DAY £ ' S REAL, LEAD THE PLAY ET FEAR NOT THE WAY LIGHT SHINES A RAY. LOVE, DAD, MOM EITAN. TO OUR LOVELY GRANDDAUGHTER TAMMY YOU ALWAYS MAKE US VERY PROUD OF YOU. LOVE, BOBBY ZEIDY FEIN 183 MAZEL TOV TO ADINA GOLDBERG AND HER GRADUATING CLASS. COMPLIMENTS OF ROBERT V. SCHAUER, ESQ. 17 ACADEMY ST. NEWARK, N.J. MAZEL TOV AND GOOD LUCK TO ADINA GOLDBERG UPON YOUR COLLEGE GRADUATION MILLER PLATT COUNSELLORS AT LAW 35 CHURCH STREET PATERSON, NEW JERSEY 07505 ALBERT PLATT AREA CODE 201 278-5600 184 CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR GRANDDAUGHTER, CHANA, AND HER CLASSMATES UPON THEIR GRADUATION. LOVE, OMA GRANDPA. TO ALL THOSE WHO FINALLY MADE IT: MOOKIE - G.T.G.P.P.E.S.A.D. MALKIE - N.L.N.M.Y.B.M.T.M. ROCKY - T.F.D.D.F.T.W.D.B.S.G. M M - WAA COWGIRL - MP RM. EX. 38 - W. SOCIETY RM. 6B - WUV VU RABBIT - I.L.Y.L. MOM DAD - THANKS A LOT LOVE YA ITS BEEN FOUR YEARS OF P.I.T.Z. LOVE YOU ALL, POOKIE, MAR, REB- BETZIN JO KAR, YOU MAKE ME SO PROUD. I LOVE YOU. MICHAEL WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT I WOULD SEE THE DAY WHEN MY DEAR WIFE, FINALLY GOT HER. B.A. . . . BUT ALTHOUGH IT OFT ' SEEMS THAT THE SARCASM ' S LOUDER, YOU KNOW THAT DEEP DOWN I COULDN ' T BE PROUDER! MAZEL TOV TO MY WONDERFUL WIFE, DEB. 185 186 CONGRATULATIONS AIMEE AND jiv h rtt l MAZEL TOV KITTEN LOVE, MOM, DAD, STEVEN STEPHANIE, MICHAEL JOEY C arol you are so apecial in the life of the young and the old, A lways there to, lend a helping hand as a soldier so bold. R egardless of what exam you have the following day, O pportunity to help out arises and you always say " OK " . L ove is an aspect that seems to pass so easy from you, S tomachs turn because your words are as precious as jewels T ogether we have shared many good times, A tlantic, Pacific, over clouds and through the winter chimes, M agnum Opus has brought merry times during times of depres- sion, L iving on Kosher Delight and J II, however, seem more like obsession. E verytime we ' re apart it seems as though it ' s not clever, R emember, that I care and adore you forever and ever! Love, Stuart CONGRATULATIONS TO ANITA LOWENBERG WITH LOVE, MOMMY FRIEDMAN, DADDY FRIEDMAN HUBBY-TO-BE PHONE MU 9-3629 BONNE CLEANERS, Ltd. for Quality Service 56 East 34-th street bet. Park Madison aves. william kremer new york. n. y. iooi6 187 TO: THE W.A.A. SOCIETY: Di, Deena Feld-a-man, Mooky, Kick in the side, Mar, Pooky, Rebbitzen Jo and Wictor, Mir, Mir-Mir, Mirmy, and " Marcus Arellius " Sus, Dr. Mandelbaum, and Hershey Bar, " Vat vill ve do vith Malkie? " Love, Jude, Muchkin, Yudy, Furball. Ju-Ju bees, Doodles Mazel Tov ADLE Best of everything. Love, Mom Dad Elstein Mazel Tov To Our Daughter and Sister ANITA On Your Achievements Love, Carol Martin Lowenberg Cheryl Sandra To Our Daughter and Sister DALYA May Your Graduation Day Be The Commencement of a Continued Series of Upward Steps to Success. We Are Very Proud of You. Love, Mother Daddy Adena Abbe, Yosef Shoshana Hadar Harris To Our Dear Niece and Cousin DALYA HERTZBERG Mazel Tov and Best Wishes on Your Graduation May You Succeed in all of Your Endeavors. Aunt Phyllis Uncle Arthur Linda. Susan, Stephen Aunt Chava Uncle Azriel Elie, David. Tova Aunt Chassie Uncle Josh Mark, David. Mindy Josh, Gila, Elimelech Talia Aunt Zelda Tzippe. Sara. Nechama ADINA, Congratulations and Much Good Luck in All Your Future Endeavors. May You Always Have Much Success. Stanley D. Goldman P.C. Dearest JODI, May All Your Hopes Be Realized And All Your Dreams Come True In A Future That ' s Filled With All the Things We Wish For You. Mazel Tov! Love, Rivky Mitchell Best Wishes To Our Dear Niece And Cousin DONNA GOLDSTEIN Upon Her Graduation. May You Continue To Bring Joy And Nachas To The Entire Family. ° Miriam Banker : Perel Banker Dovid Batsheva Schnell 188 J1121 l AO roiju jO jll Dear Myfaci, To My Favorite Nurse — I Can ' t Wait To Play Doctor. Love, Siggy Dearest CARRIE, With All Our Best Wishes For A Bright And Great Future. May You Be Successful In All Your Endeavors. With All Our Love, Mom, Dad, Danny Reva Mazel Tov On Your Graduation, DAWN POSNER! We ' re Very Proud Of Your Many Achievements! Love, Mom, Daddy, Steven, Dvora Murray To Our Wonderful Daughter JUDY And Her Lovely Terrific Friends. We Are Very Proud Of The Class Of ' 85. Mazel Tov Love, Mom, Dad, Sheryl, Larry Carol, Debbie, Donny, Jason Ariel. We All Love You! Pasteur Pharmacy ' sui geeris ' Isidore Farber, M.S., Consulting Pharmacist " Your Health Is Our Main Concern " 10 Park Avenue at 34th Street New York, N.Y. 10016 - Tel. 683-3838 189 Dear VIDA, Thanks For The Potato Chips, Late Night Phone Calls, Popcorn, Shoulder To Cry On, Kosher Delight Food, And The Sympathetic Ear. We Love You, Leah Ruchie P.S. Sorry We Can ' t Be Your Roommates Much Longer, But The Extra Bedroom Is For You. Best Wishes To Our Dearest JODI For A Great Future Of Happiness Aunt Anita, Uncle Jack Cousins Bram, Shari, Marc, Gigl Riva Best Wishes To GILAH KLEIN From, Rowena Morris Harary VIDA (My Good Influence), " In Dreams Begin Responsibilities " (Delmore Schwartz) Much Love, David Best Wishes To SHARNA PROTTAS Shafner ' s Furniture Grotton, Conn. Congratulations To Our Graduate Niece And Cousin AIMEE DALYA HERT2BERG With Pride And Great Expectations For Your Future. Congratulations And Mazel Tov On Your Graduation. Drs. Boaz Eva Kahana Jeff, Mike Mrs. Frost Uncle Dave, Aunt Ellen Leslie Mazel Tov And Best Wishes To AIMEE AZOSE Novia Ke Te Veamos. Nona Papu Best Wishes And Congratulations To AIMEE AZOSE On Her Graduation. Morris Jewel Capeluto A .Jk. AlMEE LOU . . We Love You J J Congratulations On Your Graduation, AIMEE We Are All Very Proud Of You. Love, Uncle Al, Aunt Eileen Elana Your Graduation. We With You A Bright. Healthy And Happy Future. All Our Love. Uncle Yltz, Auntie Selma Moshe To Out Dear Niece And Cousin AIMEE We Salute You As You Graduate From Stern And Enter The School Of Lite. We Are Confident That Aj You Excelled In The Former So Too In The Latter. With Our Love. Uncle Mike. Aunty Bonnie. Cousins Yaakov Melra In Honor Of My Granddaughter GAYLE SELESNY Mrs. Herman K. Cohen Dear ROSIE, Wishing You All The Luck In The World. Hoping That The " Lucky Thursday " Is On Its Way! Love, Sabelmisayo Mazel Tov To Our Niece SUSAN MANDELBAUM You. Good Luck In Medical School. 190 To Our SUSAN lazel Tov Upon Your Graduation! We Are Very Proud 01 You! All Our Love, Mommy Daddy Carol, Mark Michael Best Wishes Chef Michael ' s Enterprises Spring Valley, N.Y. Distributors of Kosher Parve Gourmet Cakes, Hor ' s Dourves, Soup Bases, Gravies Etc. ■ T.KSTKK ] . TATiOFI Congratulations To Our Daughter DEBORAH WEISBLATT Fanny Irving Weisblatt Best Wishes To My Dear Granddaughter DONNA GOLDSTEIN Love, Bobbie Good Luck, Meyers Saxon And Cole 50 Court Street Brooklyn, N.Y. 11201 Suite 502 Congratulations To CARON LULINSKI Upon Her Graduation From Stern College. Mazel Tov To SHARNA And The Graduates Of 1985. Thank You To The Dedicated Teachers Of Stern College. Naomi Samuel Prottas The Frank DeRuvo Family Congratulates EDEN WOFSEY And Her Class. WW jts jnp l Mazel Tov To The Class Of 1985 i To AD1NA GOLDBERG Fr JULES SHANK 191 Mazel Tov To Baracuda: We Thought You ' d Never Swim This Far. Love, DK, SK, RK. SK, JB, SH. In Loving Gratitude: For Four Years Of Delightful, Most Meaningful Association Of Our Most Precious Granddaughter. GILAH ESTHER KLEIN, With Faculty And Students At Stern. Mazel Tov To Our Daughter MARILYN ZIMBALIST, On Her Engagement And Graduation. Mom Dad To MELANIE, May All Your Goals Be Attained, And All Of Your Dreams Be Realized. Love Always, Mom Lance " R. C ross Vegetarian and ' Vain ' ■Restaurant, Inc. Mazel Tov And Good Luck To Our Dear Daughter And Sister ADINA B. GOLDBERG Love, Mom, Dad Sam Fifth Avenue GIFTS CARDS EMPIRE STATE BUILDING 350 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK. NY 10118 Congratulations Class Of ' 85 EAST SIDf Congratulations Class Of ' 85 I HSO ' I IN r HEALTH BEAUTY AIDS K C GIFTS CARDS 64 East 34th St., N.Y.C. 10016 Phone: 686-6491 Cards, Books, Gifts, Candy, Albums Plush Animals, Gift Wrap Party Goods MANDEL ' S IN BORO PARK MENS AND BOYS CLOTHING PAR EXCELLENCE eGEM MINE 192 To NAOMI RUDOFF Good Luck And Love, Tiron Grandma Goldie To- GILAH KELIN We Are Very Proud Of Yo aivbns Mom Dad Best Wishes And mi rmSsrr To RENA EICHELBERG On Her Graduation. From Her Parents, Grandparents And Brother. To Our Beloved Daughter AVIVA BRACHA JACOB Upon Her Graduation. Love, Mommy Daddy Shalom Asher u trrun d D mnn p riwivo " D i- narrKU rtnbsru ADINA Best Wishes And Congratulations For Continued Suc- cess Robert L. Cohen, Esq. Mir — Couldn ' t Have Done It Without You. Thanks! G.E.K. Bertha A. Berman, M.S.W., C.S.W., W.S.S.W. ' 83 Don ' t Know How You Did It! Congratulations ROSIE. Love Always, Us. Mazel Tov To ADINA GOLDBERG — Weinstock O ' malley, P.A. Best Of Luck To SHULAMIT PESSIN From Israel Gift. All The Best To SHULAMIT PESSIN From S. Rabinowitz Sons. Mazel Tov From: Beth Israel Sisterhood, Schenectady, N.Y. Jacob ' s Ladder Glatt Kosher Restaurant. Cedarhurst, Long Is- land. (516) 569-3373 Good Luck, ADINA GOLDBERG, In Your Future — Norman Bluestone, P.C. ADLE, You ' re The Best, Love, Ushie Mazel Tov To AVIVA BRACHA On Her Graduation — Saba, Sabta Babi. Best Wishes To SHULAMIT PESSIN From Mr. Mrs. Nathan Kurtz. Best Of Wishes To SHULAMIT PESSIN From Mr. Mrs. Dave Stein. Mazel Tov Grandchildren. Love, Grandma. We Made It MARILYN, Smiling All The Way ' s. Love, RO- CHEL. Best Wishes To MELANIE, Love, Aunt Ursula. Mazel Tov To MARILYN ZIMBAL1ST. Love, Uncle Sidney Aunt Mollie. Mazel Tov To MARILYN. Love, Victor. Mazel Tov To MARILYN ZIMBALIST. Love, Mr. Mrs. Urecki. In Memory Of Jacob B. Strum. From His Sister, Jean Sklar. Dear CAROL, You Look Marvelous! Neal. Congratulations To SHARNA And The Class Of 1985! Love, Nancy Prague Family. Mazel Tov To Melody Schwartz Sultan. Congratulations To AVIVA B. JACOB, Israel Glatt Kosher Meat, 4907 13th Ave., Brooklyn. Mazel Tov On Your Graduation, MIRIAM. Love, Mom Dad, Donny Gayle Epstein. 193 r i ' : STERN COLLEGE Fl YESHIVA UNIVE ftwm S WOMEN ISITY

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