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STERN COLLEGE F YESHIVA UNIVl • A , t » : J i W k. . YESHIVA UNIVERSITY 500 WEST 185TH STREET NEW YORK, N. Y. 10033 To Our New Stern Alumnae: I offer you my warmest Mazal Tov greetings as you conclude your studies at Stern College for Women, and enter the ini- tial phases of " Life after Stern. " You are fortunate to have been at Stern during a period of academic growth and intellectual excitement. The improve- ments at Stern during the past three or four years are by now sufficiently well known and well documented to require no further elaboration. But it is good to celebrate creative achievements, and so to inspire each other towards even greater accomplishments in the future. May your " life after Stern " be one in which the Torah and the Madda which you have learned here at Stern will succeed in transforming your own personal lives, in forming your careers, and enhancing your homes and families. You will always be cherished by us — your alma mater, the faculties, the administration — and you will always be welcome to come back " home " to visit, reminisce, advise, and help. May Hashem be with you in all your undertakings! Cordially yours, President STERN COLLEGE FOR WOMEN YESHIVA UNIVERSITY 245 LMir»BtonAv»no« N»w York, NY. 10016 (212)481-0587 These days, attending a college has become essen- tially commonplace and without great signifi- cance. A typical student might transfer from school to school without developing roots or edu- cational coherence. This description does not fit the Stern College woman. More often than not, your having chosen this college represents the logical next step in a clear educational plan — to study in depth the pre- cious heritage of the Jewish people and to build bridges between that heritage and Western civil- ization. This is a tall order and really requires much more than four years of study. For precisely this reason our curricula have placed enormous em- phasis on the development of skills needed for a life-time of learning. The Class of 1984 takes with it the respect and friendship of the entire Stern College community. We trust that in the years ahead, as you build fam- ilies, develop careers, and exercise community leadership, you will look back warmly on your ex- perience here. On behalf of the faculty and staff I wish you great success. May you go from strength to strength in all your undertakings. CiJc ' V STERN COLLEGE FOR WOMEN YESHIVA UNIVERSITY 245 Lexington Avenue New York, N.Y. 10016 (212)481-0587 Dear Graduates, When you entered Stern College a fleeting few years ago, I had the oppor- tunity to address you at an Orientation session and to share with you the goals which the Jewish Studies faculty desired to help you achieve during your stay at Stern College. It is my sincere hope that you achieved much of that growth, both in the area of the expansion and deepening of your Jewish knowledge and in the area of your religious and spiritual develop- ment. Now upon your departure from the sacred halls of this vibrant Torah institution, I appreciate the opportunity to wish you well in your future endeavors and to share with you some thoughts about the many years, please God, which lie before you. Continued religious growth will not just happen by itself; it will take con- certed effort on your part. As life gets ever busier as you establish your- selves in your families and your careers, try to integrate the following suggestions into your lives: 7. Set aside daily time for the study of Torah. The skills and knowledge which you have achieved will atrophy if they are not used and further developed. Even fifteen minutes of daily study, privately or with a chav- rusa, will enrich your existence. 2. At least once every week, perhaps during Shabbat, do a Cheshbon Ha- Nefesh. Pay particular attention to your ethical condition and the integrity of the relationships which you have established with other people. 3. Seek out ways to serve the community within which you live. As Jews we cannot live in isolation from the community, and the strength of a commu- nity is dependent upon the voluntary efforts of its members. In all you do, strive to achieve that critical Divine command, " Kedoshim Ti ' hiyu " . May God be with you. Sincerely, Rabbi Saul J. Berman Chairman, Dep ' t of Jewish Studies ,V. 4. .- MENACHEM BEGIN We, the Senior Class of 1984, dedicate Kocha- viah ' 84 to Menahem Begin, a leader of our time. As he completes his duties, so too, we reach the close of an era in our lives. Every indi- vidual has the inate potential to accomplish great things. Mr. Begin represents that potential within us all. During his youth, the Jewish State was merely an abstract concept. Mr. Begin eventually helped turn this ideal in to a reality. As Prime Minister of Israel, he strove to achieve what was previously unattainable, peace with Egypt. His devotion manifested itself not only political- ly, but religiously as well. Mr. Begin would not compromise his religious conviction under any circumstances. While examined with much scrutiny, he carried out his beliefs and always kept his goals in sight. His courage and vigor were always kept intact by his wife, Aliza. A pil- lar of strength, Aliza helped her husband to be optimistic and vibrant through most turbulent times. Mencahem Begin represents our past and is an inspiration to our future. His fervent commit- ment will always encourage our unyielding strength, our belief in Eretz Yisrael. mm td ' 1 ST I .lis. ;S .fct :3S1 AROUND : ?- v 1 ■ r - ■: I o F F I C F O F T H F Dean K. Bacon f. !• -X- Rabbi S. Berman Mrs. E. Orlian Mrs. L. Turkcl Ms. I. Balson o F S T U D F N T Mrs. P. Winter sr %Q 4 _ Mrs. E. Zuroff o F F I C Mrs. E. Reich LIBRARY Prof. E. Lu bet ski Ms. H. Samberg ' tf «l sift Mrs. L. Neiman Ms. L. Stram Mrs. E. Strasser Dr. G. Appel Prof. H. Dubitsky Rabbi T. Flaum Rabbi 5. Berman Dr. M. Bernstein Dr. S. Eidelberg Rabbi B. Elon Rabbi Bomzer Dr. J. Feinstein d MM A Rabbi T. Fulda Dr. J. Gurock Dr. M. Havazelet mmF ftwmi mil Dr. J. Reiner Mrs. E. Roshwalb Miss A. Ross DID YOU DO YOUR HOMEWORK ? Dr. S. Roth 21 Rabbi J.J. Schacter Rabbi F. Schonfeld Mrs. R. Shulman ACCOUNTING A v. Prof. J. Pintei x Prof. S. Feld Prof. N. Schlessbcrg ART Prof. S. Gardner Ms. T. Lichtenstein I Mrs. Z. Weichbrod Rabbi A. Weiss Rabbi M. Willig BIOLOGY Mr. M. Altman Dr. F. Goodman Dr. B. Faber Dr. B. Rosoff CHEMISTRY Dr. L. Blau rtttil Mrs. E. Orlian COMPUTER SCIENCE Miss C. Bleich L Mr. A. Grund Mr. B. Koplon j fi 4 Dr. A. Lebovitch Dr. A. Lebow Dr. A. Levine Mr. N. Dawidowicz Mr. J. Szmania EDUCA TION Mrs. R. Behar Dr. M. Grosof Dr. R. Hendlin Dr. 5. Sardy ENGLISH Prof. L. Hatvary Ms. L. Kuslansky Dr. J. Neaman Dr. C. Silver Dr. M. Weidhorn Mr. J. Whitford Dr. H. Toledano 26 H E A L T H D U c A I I Prof. A. Tauber Mrs. S. Volk HISTORY Mrs. T. Yablonski Dr. D. Goldstein MATH Dr. M. Dalezman NURSING Dr. C. Patt Mrs. A. Hirsch Prof. H. Ma tula MUSIC Dr. E. Levy Mr. R. Myers r " W 4 tf Pro . P. Posen PHYSICS Dr. A. Petersen POLITICAL SCIENCE 1- r Dr. P. Sevan Dr. g. 6 jnA; Dr. M. Hecht PRE-HEALTH SCIENCES ADVISER Dr. S. Lazar PSYCHOLOGY Dr. I. Belmont Dr. A. Hershkowitz Dr. B. Gerson Dr. M. Perlman SOCIOLOGY Dr. Z. Edelstein Dr. S. Langer r ' rul. P. Schram Dr. M. Silver tk Dr. L. Keating s p E E C H Mr. J. Welter THE " CAF Mrs. Klein THE " DORM " The Reichs Mr. 5. Mandelbaum The Guards Mr. " Sammy " Klein Dorm Counselors Mrs. Milner Juanita Mrs. Victory t- ' -i ' .... II- r • ►I it . A ¥ ' i — tn | y p Learning is finding out what you already know Doing is demonstrating that you know it. Teaching is reminding others that they know just as well as you You are led through your lifetime le inner learning creature, e playful spiritual being that is your real self. without also being given the power to make it true. You may have to work for it, however. Don ' t turn away from possible futures before you ' re certain you don ' t have anything to learn from them. You ' re always free to change your mind and choose a different future, or a different past. B r « V Be vi rFRni IN THE From Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach STERN COLLEGE FOR WOMEN YESHIVA UNIVERSITY 245 Lex. nc ' on Avenue , New York, NY. 10016 (212)481-0587 November 21, 1933 ,9 Honorable Men ah em Begin May v e first extend to you the greetings ana the salutations of the graduating class cf Stern College For Women of Yeshiva University As Literary Editors of the Stern College Yearbook of 1984, may we introduce the sentiments of the graduating seniors to you. The students of Stern College lo34 are fully committed to the loftly icesls :: traditional Judaism. They have been imbued with an Anavat Yisraei , with a love ior the State of Israel and the leer 1 e :: Israel. " any of us have spent a year- cf study in various institut :; • ighsr learning in Israel. • z arc fully cognizant and appreciative of the caliber and vitality of your leadership. As Prime Minister, conducting the affairs of Israel through most turbulent times, you inspired both the people in Israel as .veil as Jews throughout the world with a seal, enthusiasi price an- spirit of religi :us conviction. Cur graduating class has, therefore, unanimously decided to say Thank you to you, honorable Sir, and to oedicate our yearbook to you at i all that you represent. It would be most appreciated if you would acknowledge this intention of :■-,::- . itn a greeting that we may include in cur publication. . ' e pray for your welfare and for your good health. We look forward t: rearing from you soon. Respectfully yours , = in r Amy A eig 16 PRIME MINISTER ' S BUREAU Jerusalem December 16, 1983, Ms. Amy Greenzweig Literary Editors Kochaviah 1984 Stern College for Women Yeshiva University 245 Lexinoton Avenue, NEW YORK, N.Y. 10016, U.S.A. TIN TN17 n v i l n l i ilte IMil mi 11011 187 .in n ' ij7r. code ai£r»3 tiiit. PRIME MINISTERS OFFICE JERUSALEM-ISRAEC Ms. Amy Gree " C " »i " Stern Colleqe for Uomen Yeshiva University 24b Lexinnton Avenue, ICUlo 999 NEU Y0HK U.S.A. «Wnna ■ " £„■■ iB7 in n " ' " xW i..B wn ' ..PRIME MINISTERS OFfCE JERUSAIEM-.ISRA " . Dear Friends, Menachem Begin was pleased to receive your letter of November 21, and he has asked me to thank you for the warm sentiments that you conveyed. He of course recognizes the role of the Yeshiva University, and the importance of its educational facilities. He was touched by your decision to dedicate your yearbook to him. Mr. Begin ' s vision of the future was expressed in the Rosh Hashanah Message he addressed to the Jewish people several months ago: " Let us now apply ourselves to the tasks of strengthening our people that resides in the Land. We must strive for greater unity of purpose within the diversity of opinion in our democratic society. Let us combine all our forces into one strong nation - veterans and newcomers, Sephardim and Ashkenazim, city dwellers and the farming community, religious or non-observant. We are all part of this great ancient and renewed House of Israel . " And our brethren in the free world should know that the greatest contribution they can make to the Israel they love is to come here and share in its development and its upbuilding. " Strengthened in numbers, in spirit and in resolve we shall ensure that our beloved Eretz Israel will endure, will flourish and will shine for all generations to come. " We wish you success with your publication and your future endeavours. Sincer Z.H.HuA ' Adviser to the Minister CHERVt ■-■ ' -■ MINDY SUE AARENAU ADVERTISING DESIGN TAC, Design Publicity Committee— Chairman. KOCHAVIAH— art staff, OBSERVER, Sister, NCSY Advisor. nnnuo nrrra nbnj mam Tnn TANIA REBECCA ALTMAN EDUCATION Education Club, Milner ' s Market, Big Sister. Every human being is intended to have a character of his own; to be what no others are, and to do what no other can do. William Ellery Channing DEBBIE A TKIN ACCOUNTING Accounting Society, Dean ' s List. D ' nwn nnn jijji itit " 33 3 ABB Y BAER BIOLOGY Minor: PSYCHOLOGY Biology Club, Blood Drive, Volleyball Team. Within me lies the power to seize the hour and live my dreams. JENNIFER LAUREN BARNETT riN n«n BIOLOGY Minor: JUDAIC STUDIES Israel Affairs Committee, Basketball Team, Choir, TLS, Science Club. BEVERL Y MICHELLE BARR EDUCATION OBSERVER— Features Editor, Education Club— President, Milner ' s Market, Big Sisters- Chairperson, Blood Drive, Elections Committee, OBSERVER— Staff Writer. Failures are made only by those who fail to dare, not by those who dare to fail. JUDY LYNN BAUM npil KU ' N PSYCHOLOGY TAC, Channuka Chagiga 1983— Coordinator, NCSY Advisor. r |i ii33 ■anriDn " in in. uj ' uj nn n " 3n mui PSYCHOLOGY Psychology Club, Sephardic Club, TAC, Big Sister, Elections Committee, Basketball Team, Floor Chairman. We create our tomorrows by what we dream today. u- - MARINA BEKKERMAN ADVERTISING DESIGN Dean ' s List. NORA BENHAMU mil PSYCHOLOGY Foreign Students Club — Chairman, Psychology Club — President. The problems are to be solved. Freedom is to be tried. And as long as we have faith in our dreams, nothing happens just by chance. Los problemas son para solucionarios. La libertad para comprobarla. U en tanto tengamos fe en nuestros suenos, nada sucede por simple azar. Richard Back TAMAR RACHEL LE BERGER m inn PSYCHOLOGY J AC, Israel Affairs Committee, OBSERVER, Big Sister, Bikkur Cholim. 1N1J 12 1L1J4 1 33 EftlJjn " 33 ■3 " 33 Trio ' s N " 3 Tp ' JJHI JUDY HECHT BERMAN n ' -iin POLITICAL SCIENCE Minor: HISTORY Political Science Club— Treasurer, Senate, SCWSC, Senior Class— President, Big Sister. SIM A BERNSTEIN ENGLISH COMMUNICATIONS OBSERVER, Blood Drive, Big Sister, Art Club, Dean ' s List. Hold fast to dreams. For if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly. Langston Hughes A VIVA L YNN BISTRITZ SPEECH PA THOL OGY Speech Pathology Club, Varsity Volleyball. LET A BORCK PSYCHOLOGY Psychology Club, Big Sister, Registration Aid, Dirshu. Believing in a goal, Ending in success, Never forgetting memories, Journeys passing through our lives. Years flourishing on and on . . . JANET BRAMSON I EDUCATION KOCHAVIAH — Photography Editor, Education Club, Choir, Yeshiva Seminar Advisor, Basketball Team. inn ' s nam " aapi nail lihuj c al 3Uini nn ' inM nann £ LINDA BRAND run COMMUNICA TIONS SCDS, Political Science Society SHARON L YNN BRA VER Km COMMUNICATIONS DISORDERS Admissions Committ ee, Guidance Committee, Student Directory, Yeshiva Seminar Advisor, Big Sister, Dean ' s List. What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within SHARI GAIL CHAITOFF niUJIUl SOCIOLOGY WYUR, Junior Class Secretary, Senior Class V.P., OBSERVER, " Bagel Lady. " The door to friendship is unlocked with a smile! SHOSHANA CHAR LOP nJUIILU POLITICAL SCIENCE History Club— President, Political Science Society, WYUR, Dean ' s List. V P 1 JANET M. COHEN run PS YCHOL OG Y BUSINESS Scphardic Club, Political Science Society, Yolanda Benson Honor Society. DAPHNE DUBIN mm ENGLISH JUDAIC STUDIES Senior Senator, Art Club — President, English Society — Treasurer Advertising Manager, Pre-Law Society, Israel Affairs Committee, OBSERVER, J AC, Political Science Society, TLS, Dean ' s List. Learning is finding out what you already know. Doing is demonstrating that you know it. Teaching is reminding others that they know just as well as you. MASTl EBRANI COMPUTER SCIENCE Sephardic Club, TLS. Changes are part of growing. ESTIE EICHLER nnn 1J1DK JUDAIC STUDIES KOCHAVIAH — Business Manager, NCSY Advisor, Dean ' s List. ■ujuna. n JJsn ' n ' annnw ' 3 ' n -|njjjn I3T1 nn :|nN tt nniauinn ipnu iinn f ROBIN EISENMAN JUDAIC STUDIES HTD Blood Drive Chairperson, SOUNDING BOARD— Editor. Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly. DYNA EPHRAT SOCIAL WORK I expect to pass through life but once— If therefore, there be any kindness I can show, or any good thing I can do for any fellow being, let me do it now, and not defer or neglect it, as I shall not pass this way again. Penn DEENA HELENE EPSTEIN EDUCATION T C—T?edakah Chairwoman, OBSERVER— Editor-in-Chief, junior Class Senator, I duration Club, Dean ' s List. U herevet you arc it is your own friends who make your world. William James LAURA RACHEL ESCHWEGE rue ' s " Sm ECONOMICS SCWSC— Treasurer, Belkin Scholar, Economics Society— Chairman, Big Sister, Art Club, Dean ' s List. Our yesterdays follow us; they constitute our life, and they give character and force and meaning to our present deeds. Joseph Parker ALISA ROBIN FELDMAN PSYCHOLOGY WYUR, Psychology Club — V.P., YCDS, Dean ' s List. You only live once, but if you live right, once is enough. ESTHER MALKA FEUER HD n in ON POLITICAL SCIENCE Student Court, Curriculum Committee. FRANCIE FEUER mm? ECONOMICS Economics Club, Tennis Team, Dean ' s List. Meet the world half way with a smile. CHAVA FLESCHNER nin PSYCHOLOGY Psychology Club, Computer Society, Dean ' s List. MARIAN JOY FRIEDMAN D ' -IIJ ECONOMICS BUSINESS CHERYL FURER PSYCHOLOGY Big Sister. MALKIE GANCHROW JUDAIC STUDIES Science Club, Political Science Club, Blood Drive, Tennis Team, Admissions Committee, Athletic Committee, Big Sister, Dean ' s List. To have a friend you need to be a friend. LISA GANZ nmnN JUDAIC STUDIES SHIFRA ISAACS GARBER SPEECH COMMUNICATION Speech Arts Forum— President. I may not be perfectly wise, perfectly witty or perfectly wonderful, but I ' m always CHERYL JOY GINNS ni ' UI PSYCHOLOGY SCDS: Pageant, OBSERVER, Big Sister. It is better to have tried and failed than not to have tried at all. MINDY BASHKOWITZ GINSBERG ' nvn ni " ui JUDAIC STUDIES COMPUTER SCIENCE NCSY, Dean ' s List. ninni »iu TJUin yn " laun ran puni u qnna TAMAR L . GL A UBA CH inn BIOLOGY Science Club, Big Sister. And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly: What is essential is invisible to the eye. KAREN GOLDBERG maw COMPUTER SCIENCE Computer Science Society, NCSY Advisor, TLS, Dean ' s List. RENA GOLDSMITH JUDAIC STUDIES Jr. NCSY— Co-Director. LNm.LT UCUU iLNli U SHARI BETH GREENBERG mm n a n ENGLISH LITERATURE Political Science Society— President. If I am not for myself, who will be. If I am only for myself, what am I? SUZY GREENMAN mui ENGLISH COMMUNICATIONS Junior Class Senator, Speech Arts Forum, Choir, Big Sister, Dean ' s List. You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true. . ■ . , ' " : v- W } i m L Mv M r K i « tor " AMY L. GREENSWEIG Jl ' Tl lLU ENGLISH COMMUNICATIONS KOCHAVIAH— Literary Editor, WYUR—SCW Coordinator; News Director; D.J., Political Science Society, Photography Club, Dean ' s List, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. You are led through your lifetime by the inner learning creature, the playful spiritual being that is your real self. Richard Back; Illusions ELAINE PHYLLIS CRUBER 1J1QN ECONOMICS FREIDA HABBAZ ENGLISH COMMUNICATIONS SCDS — V.P., Actress— The Young and The Fair; Pageant, Alpha Psi Omega Honor Society, Big Sister, WYUR. ILISSA A. HENRY mujj 711 2 ' H ECONOMICS Athletics Committee— Chairperson, Economics Society — V.P., UJA Campaign, Pre-Law Society. Ml SIDY HERMAN NURSING RACHEL HERMAN JEWISH EDUCATION Education Club, Blood Drive, Intercollegiate Committee. For the children are my sisters and my brothers.Their laughter and their loveliness will clear a cloudy day and the song that I am singing is a prayer to the nonbelievers. Come and stand beside me, we will find a better way . , . John Denver LISA HORNESTAY HIRSCHHORN BIOLOGY SHERRI HOFSTADTER i-llU BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS KOCHAVIAH — Editor-in -Chief, SCDS— Treasurer, Actress— Cry Havoc; Women in White, Alpha Psi Omega Honor Society, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. REBECCA HOI TZMAN npn FINE ARTS WYUR ■xiN n N " 3i iniii ' I ' nun I ' DKH J1N ni ' Jim ' I ' HNn °3K MINDY HUPERT SPEECH COMMUNICATION DISORDERS Big Sister. inNip irtanna ' n mm anp ini-na, SARAH JACOBS mm ENGLISH LITERATURE English Society — President, SCDS JAN C. JEREMIAS rrn run BIOLOGY Science Club, Choir, Senate, Junior Class Treasurer, Dean ' s List. I ' m not ashamed to say, I hope it always will stay this way. ROSALIE JOSEPH nK 3 m ACCOUNTING Accounting Society — President, Junior Class President, OBSERVER — Business Editor. MIRIAM ROSENSTARK KAHN ■niJI D ' ln NURSING f " " 4 | uJffl r ? J ' J fcj 5 5 sH|P M Ik M ■ wP - ' mf HSfij ■ ' ' i i m 11 LESLIE KALCHMAN ■vn ni a COMMUNICA TIONS PSYCHOLOGY Choir, Dean ' s List. Sow for yourselves with charity, and reap with loving kindness. RACHEL KATZ ■am HISTORY Student Admissions Committee, Phonathon, History Club, TAC, Israel Affairs Committee, SCDS, Big Sister. □ ' " 3UJIT -|3UJN OK ■1 ' n 1 mum RUTH IE MAYERFELD KLACSBRUN ■nn GRAPHIC ART Big Sister. JOYCE KLEIN DIETETICS NUTRITION SCWSC— Secretary, UJA Chairperson, Big Sister. DEBBIE N. K OR MAN ECONOMICS Cultural Affairs Committee, Athletics Committee, Economics Society — Treasurer, Pre-Law Society, UJA. SHERI LEES A KRAVETSKY n ' on JUDAIC STUDIES Club Canada— President, OBSERVER, Floor Chairman, Choir, Big Sister. rnNiii mnn tua nun v:h1 uin n ' nujnT f LEORA NUSSBAUM KUKIN H t% 2 JUDAIC STUDIES Big Sister. .nnniio ' n ni najj ...niiis maa iKa I ' a , ' p a-Trim REBECCA KUPCHIK JUDAIC STUDIES HISTOR Y TLS, Dean ' s List. -rii TnifJJa maim LAURIE ILENE LATT nrrt ACCOUNTING JANE SARA LEIBOWITZ mm nnni- INDUSTRIAL PSYCHOLOGY ia -iujj " iiJ lairt in n-TNnuj im ■a a -man 1 rrtui np-uni ' a ' aani " iiua nnnn COMPUTER SCIENCE Senior Class Treasurer, Computer Science Society— V.P., Big Sister. We should appreciate what we have instead of worrying about what we haven ' t and enjoy what is before it isn ' t. Tom Wilson JODI STACEY LEVINE mm " au x POLITICAL SCIENCE Political Science Society— President, Dean ' s List. SONDRA GAIL LEVY ■auu mui BIOLOGY OBSERVER, Belkin Scholar, Big Sister. You ' ve got to wake up every morning with a smile on your face and show the world all the love in your heart. SYLVIA LICHTMAN mill BIOLOGY Biology Club, SCDS. Life is as it ought to be. f r " f i MICHELLE BETH LISTHAUS nuln rrra PRE-MED PS YCHOLOGY Aishel Honore Society, OBSERVER — Governing Board, TLS, Yeshiva Seminar, Sophomore Class President, Science Club — Chairman, Dorm Counselor, Dean ' s List. To accomplish great things, we must not only ace, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe. Anatole France REBECCA TOVA MANN IS ram npii PSYCHOLOGY Psychology Club— Chairman, UJA — Chairman, AZYF SCW Representative. Big Sister, Dean ' s List. CYNTHIA MICHEL E MARCH mis? BIOLOGY Blood Drive, Belkin Scholar, Dean ' s List. While watching the ordinary interplay of nature one can easily see G-d ' s miraculous handiwork. CAROL RUTH MARKS nn iron COMPUTER SCIENCE TAC SURI MILLER mm BUSINESS ECONOMICS Speech Arts Forum— Treasurer, Economics Club— President, OBSERVER— Business Manager, Yeshiva Seminar, Dean ' s List. An ounce of practice is generally worth more than a ton of theory. E.F. Schumacher NORA MOHEBBAN nil! COMPUTER SCIENCE Minor: MA TH Sephardic Club. MIRIAM NAIMAN PSYCHOLOGY JUDAIC STUDIES Psychology Club, SCDS. If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it. ._: RENA NAIMAN ENGLISH LITERATURE English Society, Yeshiva Seminar Advisor, Dean ' s List. LISA H. NEWMAN SPEECH PATHOLOGY Minor: MUSIC KOCHAVIAH — Editor-in-Chief, Photography Club, Jazz Ensemble, Chamber Ensemble, WYUR, Floor Chairman, KOCHAVIAH ' 82— Photography Editor, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, Student Host. ANNA EVA OSTRO mn mn BUSINESS TLS, Yeshiva Seminar Advisor, NCSY, Political Science Society, Economics Society, Choir, WYUR, Big Sister, UjA — Campaign Chairman. I shall pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again. LEE RABINOWITZ nrrt PSYCHOLOGY TAC, Student Host, Dean ' s List. Be neither frivolous nor sad. Be consistently in a happy mood with a pleasant facial expression. PENINA SHARON RABINOWITZ ADVERTISING DESIGN Words express not the private and intimate in man, but the universal and public. Rav Soloveitchik — The Lonely Man Of Faith. SHIFRA RA YMON mow JUDAIC STUDIES The dreams of childhood— it ' s airy fables; it ' s graceful, beautiful, humane, impossible adornments of the world beyond: so good to be believed in once, so good to be remembered when outgrown. Charles Dickens TOVA REINER nam ENGLISH KOCHAVIAH-t ferary Editor, DAT YOMI— Editor, SHTERN SCHTUSS— Editor, Big Sister— Chairperson, English Society, evaluations committee, Photography Club, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Youth is wasted on the young. George Bernard Shaw BONNIE ROBERMAN ■13 ECONOMICS PRE-LA W National Economics Honor Society, Dean ' s List. CHERYL ROCHWARGER mm n a n PSYCHOLOGY Psychology Club, Fencing Intermural, Big Sister, Dean ' s List. AVIV A ROSENBLUM SOCIOLOGY KOCHAVIAH — Layout Staff. LEAH BRENDA ROSMAN nr b BIOLOGY JUDAIC STUDIES Basketball Team, Big Sister, SOUNDING BOARD— Writing Staff. MIRIAM ROSNER ann COMPUTER SCIENCE Minor: MA TH Computer Science Society— Secretary, Israel Affairs Committee, Political Science Society, Dean ' s List. MA TTICE ESTHER RUBENSTEIN 1J1DN irninn JUDAIC STUDIES TAC, Dirshu, OBSERVER — Cultural Arts Editor, Cultural Affairs Committee— Co- Chairperson. Belkin Scholar, Sign Language Class Coordinator, Dean ' s List. niuLinn n ' Sn ipij umnn Wa ARLENE RENE SAMUEL ECONOMICS Economics Society, Omicron Delta Epsilon, UJA. Dean ' s List. Our purses shall be proud, our garments poor. For tis the mind that makes the body rich. Shakespeare SUZANNE TOVA SCHAPIRO PSYCHOLOGY TLS, Yeshiva Seminar, Psychology Club, NCSY Advisor, JPSY Advisor. Music is the medicine of a breaking heart. JUDITH ANN SCHEINER miiT nin BIOLOGY KOCHAVIA — Photography Editor, TAC, New York Times Representative, Dean ' s List. niN3 dIiloui mnnn " aa i ' toixw . . . . . .iniiinn ijin yvm k o. jiiilijiii MALKA SCHNEIDER nn ' m ELEMENT AR Y EDUCA TION SCWSC— Corresponding Secretary, Blood Drive, Speech Arts Forum, OBSERVER, Education Club, Outstanding Service Award. There is no final destination, only a continuing process of becoming. Verla Collins LINDA SCHONHAUT niiwiii nu ' N JUDAIC STUDIES ■aw -paii nuin inmn art wsi tt LARA DENA SCHWALB UJ " n JJD ' T P ?f-M£D e OiOCV Sc ence Club— President, Political Science Society— V. P., Israel Affairs Committee, TAC, Yeshiva Seminar Advisor, Big Sister, Student Host, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Dean ' s List. CHERYL SCHWARTZ run ILLUSTRATION ART KOCHAVIAH — Art Editor, Photography Club, Big Sister. If you give up your dream you die. TAMAR AVIV A SEIDEMANN inn EDUCATION Freshman Class President, Sophomore Class Secretary, Blood Drive Chairman, Education Clubs, Student Court, Big Sister, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, SCW Merltonus Service Award. I ' PT 1 3 m an ■□ Mjj ijj] 3 nun unn nin 1 tfi : ■ ■ ' ■2 B3HKS3 |H .t m DEBORAH SEIDEN mm ■au ' j CCOfN77NG MC, Students Admission Committee, OBSERVER, Big Sister, Dean ' s List. DEBORAH E. SIL VER mm PRE-ENGINEERING Dean ' s List. ALICE SILVERSTEIN miaa nn " 3ju PRE-ENGINEERING SCDS, YCDS, Jazz Ensemble, Choral Ensemble, WYUR, Computer Society, NCSY Advisor, Dean ' s List. Don ' t be dismayed at good-byes. A farewell is necessary before yo ' i can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends. RINA SIL VERSTEIN tl PSYCHOLOGY junior Class Secretary, Freshman Orientation Chairman, Psychology Club, Photography Club. Can ' t keep it in, can ' t keep it in, I got to let it out. Cat Stevens MICHEL LE LEE SLA VI N •aa ' n PSYCHOBIOLOGY Student Court — Chief Justice, Chamber Music Ensemble WYUR. MERYL JOY SMALL -IJ1DN ann BIOLOGY Minor: STUDIO ART KOCHAVIAH — Layout Editor, OBSERVER— Art Editor, NCSY, Dean ' s List. nnnKi. . .irmi mm MIRIAM RITA SOBOLOFSKY ann PSYCHOLOGY Psychology Club, TAC, Israel Affairs Committee, OBSERVER— Copy Editor, English Society, Guidance Committee, Admissions Committee, Dean ' s List. AMY SOLED u ' ltm COMPUTER SCIENCE Computer Science Society — Treasurer, Computer Room Operator, Political Science Society, OBSERVER, CAT, Yeshiva Seminar Advisor. The best and the most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart — Anonymous. 11HU 12 1UJJI rtl3 D ILin 33 ' DEBBIE R. SONENBUCK min BIOLOGY KOCHAVIAH — Assistant Editor, OBSERVER— Distribution Editor, Senior Class Secretary, SCDS — Treasurer, Science Club, Big Sister. Do not wish to be anything but what you are, and try to be that perfectly. St. Francis de Sales SUSAN STARK mil] HISTORY Minor: PSYCHOLOGY History Club, Political Science Club, J AC, Project Dorot, Jewish Association for College Youth. mn mini nnana nnnn rvn hjiiu ' d jj DODIE LEE STEPNER ■TIT ECONOMICS 7 AC, OBSERVER, Project Ezra. " 33 -i3n " 3i mm " iipn ijiniu ' 3 JUDI STERN nnn ir-iin 1 JUDAIC STUDIES Minor: HISTORY TLS, Yeshiva Seminar Advisor, Israel Affairs Committee— Chairman, OBSERVER, Big Sister, Dean ' s List. KAREN EMU Y STRAUSS -IJ1DN ELEMENTARY EDUCA TION Education Club — Co-Chairman, Big Sister, Academic Standard Committee. Follow your dreams and pursue them with courage for it is the pursuit of those dreams that makes life really worth living. Linda Moore SHIRA NECHAMA SUGARMAN nnni rn ' iu BIOLOGY No day ' s lost if it makes a memory ■n ' ii 1 in ■im-i ' loni nu in T I IVY DASH SUSMAN COMPUTER SCIENCE Computer Science Society. There are places I ' ll remember all my life . . . Some have gone and some remain. All these places had their moment with lovers and friends I still can recall: In my life I ' ve lived them all. John Lennon and Paul McCartney: In My Life. RUCHIE TAMBOR m mui JUDAIC STUDIES Dorm Counselor, Counterpoint 1983, NCSY Advisor, Supervisor Beit Midrash, Belkin Scholar, Dean ' s List. It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye. — The Little Prince BRENDA DEANE TIME ART Junior Class V.P. SCWSC— President, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universitites and Colleges. You can ' t always get what you want— but if you try real hard, you just might find you get what you need. nam ' s it dj SHARON D. TROY llllil FASHION MERCHANDISING BUSINESS SCDS—V.P., Set Design, KOCHAVIAH — Layout Staff. SHARON M. WAGSHAL D ' llJ -ri " iii PSYCHOLOGY Admissions Committee, Yeshiva Seminar Advisor, Big Sister, Art Club, Dean ' s List. If you smile at me, I will understand because that is something everyone, everywhere, does in the same language. JACQUELINE GENET WEINSTEIN m ' Ul PSYCHOLOGY Psychology Club, TLS, Yeshiva Seminar Advisor, Dean ' s List. You ' ve got to get up every morning, put a smile on your face and show the world all the love in your heart. Carol King SUZY WEISS niuiiuj COMPUTER SCIENCE OBSERVER— Layout Editor, Israel Affairs Committee, Computer Science Society, Dean ' s List. rriis | ' 3 ' ' m ia n aiuir dim 33 u:iu ' 3ujn MOlll S. WINTERMAN 713311 NURSING Student Nurse ' s Organization— President. D ' p itn nN.Liniiii 33n -i3 " r hid -linuj rman jiki nt D-rren 33 m 3 LINDA VLOSKYZACK BIOLOGY OBSERVER, Big Sister, Dean ' s List. The first thing to realize is that there are no easy solutions. Stanley Milgram YEDIDA SHULAMIT ZIMAND ivn ' aiuj ni ' T PSYCHOLOGY KOCHAVIAH — Business Manager, Photography Club, Psychology Club, Senior Dinner Committee, NCSY Advisor, Big Sister, Dean ' s List. Life is to be fortified by many friendships. To love and to be loved is the greatest happiness of existence. Sidney Smith ri s l9 9 5 a ■ j « •» -_ _ 1 c ■ 86 I •■ - ; ■ ' I I I , 87 STAFF Sherri Hofstadter EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Lisa Newman EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Debbie Sonenblick ASSISTANT EDITOR O Meryl Small ,-+ LAYOUT EDITOR Estie Eichler BUSINESS MANAGER A Yedida Zimand ' BUSINESS MANAGER V Cheryl Schwartz ART EDITOR Janet Bramson PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR HJudy Scheiner PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR Amy Creenzweig LITE RARY EDITOR LITERARY EDITOR A3 1 -v » ™ -3-T-vf STERN COLLEGE STUDENT COUNCIL YESHIVA UNIVERSITY 50Easl 341h S! . I New York, N Y 10016 (212) 696-0364 EXECUTIVE BOARD BRENDA D. TIME President KAREN J SIGEL Vice President LAURA R. ESCHWEGE Treasurer LINDA G. SENDERS Recording Secretary SHARON M. SCHNEIDER Corresponding Secretary A Student Council BOfS NOT IMPLY T. i. ENDORSEMENT MOVIES TO SEE AT STERN " kramfr V5 - RAME • MILNERS MARKET will be open at 700pm for you to buy your movie munchies ' «v full! Mmhmw this TiiiJusiuY «pm ... SHIERM SHTuSS iis ' ;: ; sS ' i !0, q ir oelflt In ■ THE OBSERVER The Official Newspaper of Stern College for Women • Yeshiva University •■ Janmry II, 1984 THE OBSERVER 245 Lexinglon Ave., New York, New York 10O16, 481-8882. Published by Stem College Student Council. The views expressed in unsigned columns are those ol THE OBSERVER only and do not necessarily rellect the opinions ol the stu- dent body, the faculty, or the administration ol Stem College Executive Board Deena Epstein Editor-in-Chief Diane Feldman News Editor Rochel Gross Foreign Correspondent Sima Bernstein Op-Ed Editor Beverly Barr Features Editor Sara Kosowsky Associate Features Editor Mattice Rubenstein Cultural Arts Editor Nomi Voroba Michelle Listhaus Miriam Sobolofsky Managing Editor Copy Editor Technical Board Suzy Weiss Meryl Small Layout Editor Art Editor Nana Ofer Proof Editor Suri Miller Business Manager EstherStietel Editor ' s Consultant Eden Wofsey Photography Editor Sheri Kravetsky Typing Editor Amy Soled Debbie Sonenblick Distribution Editor Writing Staff Vicki Acriche, Deborah Bernstein, Esther Boylan, Debbie Fisch, Sharlene Goldberg, Lauren Greenbaum, Margret Kramer, Devorah Lichstein, Jan Pion, Dawn Posner, Amy Rubin, Suzanne Van Amerongen Typing Staff Tamar Berger, Yael Blech, Karyn Dirnfeld, Sharlene Goldberg, Amy Greenzweig, Sherri Kravetsky, Annette Meyer, Malka Schneider, Debbie Selden, Linda Senders Layout Staff Charlotte Breslow, Daphne Dubin, Dalya Hertzberg, Sondra Levy, Deena Schramm, Minda Steen, Dodie Stepner Photography Staff Suri Davis, Nina Gortler Copy Staff Judy Lee Mindy Aarenau Proof Staff Suri Davis Art Staff Distribution Staff DRAMATIC SOCIETY EXECUTIVE GOVERNING BOARD-SCDS EDYTHE NU SSBAUM President SHARON TROY Vice President DEBBIE SONNENBLICK Treasurer ALISSA STEINBERG Technical Vice President SUZANNE VAN AMERONGEN Secretary ZAHAVA SOBLE Historian Written By Brian Clark December 14. 15. 17. 18. 19 1983 THE 23.-YU- PROGRAM THE KRAK IS BAC IN DOUBLE y ELI ANO NEIL KRAKAUER i oo-7 30 - R THE REBEL YELL ' Ul REAL DUBuHSK AND HARK 0ICrOST£ R S 30 -10 30 -H Id DMiD A2ERAD ' 0.30- II OO TEldiSH AFFAIRS OJ G-ERALD TANA EAI8A u ' THE HlDNiUfT ' RAYIBLEh ' w TOE IrROB AND J OSH KAPLAN 7 130 - 9 00 -S R PumPiNo iRort- STARRlNCr ilTZ SOLOMON AMD SHALOM MAHLER II 00 ' I 00 - R THE ifoct SOUND ' HI AOARK LeFKounr. ANO xaa f-hess REQUESTS AND DEDICATIONS T£- .: 5bg-V70CJ ANAZIN ROCK U AftlER KLEIN AND LrOLOSMlTH 6 00 -f 00 -H ixl YO£-L hoSKDttlTZ 2.00-1 30-BMY THE BEST OF BROADUI H " l SARA KOSOuISkY AND ROBYN SlNCrER -II JO-CLAS A 5 II30-IJ 30 ' SPORTS TALK ' BODOFF H UilOES K KATZ 12 So- a 30 - HESREul music oi i m Shlomo uottesaian ANO OAV D SCHUIAXLi (rOVERNING Board Surprise 10 00- 9:30 -II ' ' " STEVEN COHEN AM CrREENZUEIi AND ALICE SILVERSTflH ARE ' THE UPTOUlY M -IJt 30-SR •30-1 3V-CIAS 7. DO -10 00- H ' HOL Z MRAH UI SHLDAtO HYMAN AND YAKlR MUSIKAT • 3D ' VE G-INAH UJlTH NOAH ' FEATURING f 8J.-YU, UIYUR You.r ' rock H " RllACH RADIO STATION REQUESTS AND DEDICATIONS TEL S6f -V70O t LISTEN FOR PJ -NEWS RAP ' e.VERY Nltr YT AT lOO l KEY ' S.R R - soft Rock - Rock H sfi - HE8REDJ -SPuRTS CMS - euifir- C LASSlCAL SROADUJAY + INRiTTEA A ND EC IT ED 6 Y SAM LA ZEAOI. JITZ. ♦ TORAH ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE EVERY PERSON COUNT? IN THIS SPECIAL W3H Please giwj nanrws of cfin to Xra in 6P, A J in W,cr Ssnsh in SB. 0) Wrrt +t e names of -trie sto and his her moWier neme (preferably in hstxew.) U) Roase rcMy us when -the arm has r«of ered . Please join us even if you do nor have a personal reason -to say -rehillim. 5 M££ AFFAIRS COMMITTEE SOVIET JEWRY COMMITTEE B L O O D D R I V E C O M M I T T E E Give the Gift of Life. Give Blood. Pledge Card Uji Name Rnl Middle Street Addrcti Home Phone 1 CHy State Zip ° " mm ' ° ' On Dale Time 2nd Choke SCIENCE CLUB CLUB CANADA MILNER ' S MARKET SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS STUDENT COURT SPEECH ARTS FORUM ACCOUNTING SOCIETY ECONOMICS SOCIETY PSYCHOLOGY CLUB EDUCATION CLUB ENGLISH SOCIETY PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB w ' rrrf! ART CLUB r ' j. i STUDENT ADMISSIONS COMMITTEE PUBLICITY COMMITTEE ATHLETICS CLUB DORMITORY COMMITTEE COMPUTER SCIENCE CLUB SEPHARDIC CLUB CHANUKAH CHAGIGA Chanukah, the festival of lights, kindles a flame in all of us Amidst a time of persecution of our people and destruction otour temple, a miracle of light occurs. Although we have an obligation to remember this period of disruption, we must also celebrate our spiritual victory. At our annual Stern Cha- giga, we commemorated this miracle of light. UUQiUlh 102 r «, — ■ |b L Bi3 " .,L m Li i v l an cLflffi , " T ' « 103 Throughout the Torah, one sees numerous references to an indestructible bond between the Jewish People and their land. At the beginning of Bere- shit, Avraham is told to leave the place of his birth, the home of his family and to go to Israel where he will prosper and multiply. Ever since, the importance of the Jews dwelling in Eretz Yisrael becomes increasingly significant. Wher- ever the Jews have wandered, in the past, they have been persecuted. Yet, even during the worst of times, they dreamed of the redemption of Israel and of the return to their land. This aspiration and dream gave them the strength to overcome all difficulties and to survive every threat. Today, Israel is not in a state of complete cohesion. There are conflicts between those who are on opposite ends of the political spectrum and between religious and irreligious factions. However, one must understand that rooted in all of these conflicts is a common ideology and goal — the preservation of Israel as an existing home for Jewry. Although their means and actions are in a state of discord, their end hinges on the same concept of a homeland for our people. The uniqueness of the students at Stern College is that each is embued with a sense of identification with the Jewish peoplehood and nationhood. Our education is fused with a strong tie to the land of Israel and a developing empathy for our people. While placing emphasis on our love and regard for Israel and its existing problems, we are also constantly concerned with other detrimental social developments such as the suffering of Russian Jewry and Anti-Semitism in general. Not only do we deplore these hardships but also take measures against them in forms of petitions, rallies, demonstrations and charities. The Ahavat Yisrael of our Stern students is continually strength- ened with our religious education. Upon leaving Stern College, we are all going our separate ways in terms of locations, aspirations, and careers. Although we may be distant from one another, even geographically, we are unified by one idea: our love for Israel and for our people. No matter what our destinies might be, we all carry within us an Ahavat Yisrael that will always remain strong. We will, therefore, endure whatever is in store for us and will achieve the ultimate redemption to our homeland, Eretz Yisrael. It CHECK LIST: WHAT TO BRING TO STERN COLLEGE FOR WOMEN NEW YORKERS:— Mom ' s home cooked meals for the week (ending thursday night when they return home for Shabbat till Monday morning). — Bring enough clothes for a four day week. No change is necessary for basement washing machines (Mom takes care of that at home.) — Phone essential to speak with mom and dad every night. — A loud voice for elevator travel. — Their high school friends. — Their weekly allowance. — Daddy ' s secretary ' s phone number, (for typing papers.) — Weekly reservation for dinner with folks in the city. OUR-OF-TOWNERS— Entire wardrobe of Fall, Winter, Spring, clothing all at once. (Don ' t expect a lot of closet space). —Bring tickets to top of Empire State Building. — " Prescription " drugs to last throughout the year. — Push-bottom telephones for Spring MCI use. — Stationary Stamps. —Mace. — An accent. EARLY ADMISSION GIRLS:— Similac. — Grandma ' s blanket. —Smurf posters with matching comforter. — 2 dozen pairs argyle socks with denim skirts. —3 pair penny loafers, 2 pair sneakers. — A nasal whine. — Doggy posters. — Makeup for Thursday night blind date. — Blue looseleafs with sections for social studies, math, spelling . . . — Michael Jackson album poster combo. —Rubber bands and wax for braces — 2 pencils. — Guide to How To Write A College Paper and ML A handbook. s C Mindy Aarenau 4 1-72 Rys Terrace Fair Lawn, N.J. 07410 May 22, 1962 Abby Baer 31 Sherwood Lane Cedarhurst, N.Y. 11516 December 4, 1963 Tania Altman 856 Orienta Avenue Mamaroneck, N. Y. 10543 September 19, 1962 Debbie Atkin 66- 10 Thorton Place Forest Hills, N.Y. 11375 August 9, 1963 Jennifer Barnett 620 Madison Avenue West Hempstead, N.Y. 11552 August 9, 1963 Judy Baum 329 Shady Cove Memphis, Tenn May 28, 1962 Beverly Barr 7707 Tyson Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19111 December 21, 1962 Sara Beda 7441 Wayne Avenue Apt. 7G Miami Beach, Fla 33141 May 9, 1963 Marina Bekkerman 330 Wadsworth Avenue New York, N. Y. March 15, 1962 Nora Benhamu 293 East Waukena A venue Oceanside, N.Y. 11572 January 13, 1963 Tamar Berger 2717 North 2nd St. Harrisburg, PA 17110 July 16, 1962 Judy Hecht Berman 742-20 77 Road Flushing, N. Y. 1 1367 June 13, 1963 Sima Bernstein 64-52 Bell Blvd. Bayside, N.Y. 11364 November 18, 1963 Aviva Bistritz 2817 Prarie Avenue Miami Beach, Fla. 33140 March 17, 1963 Leta Borck 2412 North 51st St. Philadelphia, PA 19131 March 18, 1963 Janet Bramson 714 Hillsboro Drive Silver Spring, MD 20902 September 6, 1962 Linda Brand 275 Martin Avenue Staten Island, N.Y. 10314 March 22, 1963 Sharon Braver 3623 Clenoyle Avenue Baltimore, MD 21215 January 26, 1964 Sharon Chaitoff 3031 Bond Drive Merrick, N.Y. 11566 March 18, 1963 Shoshana Charlop 700 East Moshulo Pkwy S. Bronx, N. Y. 10458 February 22, 1964 Daphne Dubin 1326 Bay 25th St. FarRockaway, N.Y. 11691 June 28, 1963 Robin Eisenman 23 Mountain Avenue Monsey, N. Y. 10952 September 25, 1962 Masti Ebrani 703-25 68 Avenue Apt. 70 Forest Hills, N.Y. April 28, 1962 Janet Cohen 2485 East 7th St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 11235 January 8, 1962 Estie Eichler 246 Lloyd Lane Philadelphia, PA 19151 December 20, 1963 Deena Epstein 599 Columbia St. New Milford, N.J. 07646 July 24, 1962 Dyna Ephrat 6636 Drexel Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90048 May 30, 1963 Laura Eschwege 1003 Kenbrook Drive Silver Spring, MD 20902 April 7, 1964 Alisa Feldman 23 1 Knollwood Drive New Haven, CT July 19, 1963 Esther Feuer 3425 Lindbergh Avenue Oceanside, N. Y. 1 1572 January 24, 1963 Francie Feuer 27 Mountain Avenue Monsey, N. Y. 10952 December 16, 1962 Chava Fleschner 509 Meehan Avenue Far Rockaway, N.Y. 11691 June 24, 1963 Marian Friedman 11 Peach Tree Road Oak hurst, N.J. 17755 December 26, 1961 Cheryl Furer 194 Wilder St. Hillside, N.J. 17205 April 21, 1963 Malkie Ganchrow 12 Miriam Lane Monsey, N. Y. 10952 December 31, 1963 Lisa Ganz 144-27 68 Avenue Flushing, N.Y. 11367 May 3, 1963 Shifra Issacs Garber 44 Forest Avenue Bangor, Maine 04401 February 22, 1964 Cheryl Ginns 78540 Jeanette Southfield, Ml 48075 February 5, 1962 Tamar Glaubach 78-18 Uleigh Place Flushing, N.Y. 11367 October 3, 1963 Shari Greenberg 84 Dusk Drive New Rochelle, N. Y. 10804 February 21, 1964 Karen Goldberg 1073 Fast 8th St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 11230 November 28, 1962 Mindy Ginsberg 7734 Beach 9th St. Far Rockaway, N.Y. 11691 November 13, 1963 Suzy Greenman 374 Avenue I Brooklyn, N.Y. 11230 March 9, 1963 Rena Goldsmith 57-24 Cloverdale Blvd. Bayside, N.Y. 11364 September 27, 1963 Amy Greenzweig 4520 Post Avenue Miami Beach, Fla. 33140 February 12, 1964 Elaine Gruber 47 Ferris Avenue West Orange, N.J. 07052 January 25, 1962 Freida Habbaz 7677 Ocean Parkway Brooklyn, N.Y. 11223 January 7, 1963 llissa Henry 465 Links Drive East Oceanside, N.Y. 11572 September 21, 1963 Mindy Herman, R.N. 270 East Broadway New York, N. Y. 10002 March 29, 1961 Rachel Herman 2182 Barnes Avenue Bronx, N. Y. 10462 September 26, 1960 Lisa Hornestay Hirsrhhorn 11608 Fulhan St. Silver Spring, MD 20902 November 7, 1962 Sherri Hofstadter 5432 Woodman Avenue Van Nuys, CA 91401 October 16, 1962 Rebecca Holtzman 4701 -15th Avenue Brooklyn, N.Y. 11219 June 27, 1963 Mindy Hupert 1365 North Avenue Elizabeth, N.J. 07208 November 22, 1962 Sarah Jacobs 20 Tarleton Drive Charleston, S.C. September 5, 1961 Jan Jeremias 16 Craigmoor Road West Hartford, CT 06107 October 21, 1962 Miriam Rosenstark-Kahn 2700 Wallace Avenue Apt. 1C Bronx, N. Y. 10462 July 27, 1961 Leslie Kalchman 1145 N.E. 176 St. North Miami Beach, Fla. 33162 October 19, 1962 Rosalie Joseph 11730 Jamestown Dallas, TX 75230 January 26, 1962 Rachel Katz 704 Knollwood Drive New Haven, CT 06515 November 14, 1963 Ruthie Mayerfeld Klagsburn 1967 East 1st St. Brooklyn, N.Y. May 25, 1962 Joyce Klein 229 S. McCadden Place Los Angeles, CA 90004 June 19, 1962 Debbie Korman 4 Piper Drive Searingtown, N.Y. 11507 September 3, 1963 115 Sherri Kravetsky 3000 Bathurst St. Apt. 203 Toronto, Ontario M6B- 3B4 April 17, 1962 Leora Nussbaum-Kukin 99-45 67th Road Forest Hills, N.Y. 11375 October 13, 1963 Rebecca Kupchik 271 W. Olive St. Long Beach, N.Y. 11561 August 20, 1964 Laurie Latt 184 South Hudson St. Los Angeles, CA 90004 April 24, 1963 Jane Leibowitz 6225 Coldwater Cyn. North Hollywood, CA 91606 October 3, 1962 Karen Leifer 792 Summit St. Englewood, N.J. 0763 1 June 14, 1962 Jodi Levine 1315 Hey son Road Far Rockaway, N.Y. 11691 April 19, 1963 Sondra Levy 3384 Turf Road Oceanside, N.Y. 11572 September 25, 1963 Sylvia Lichtman 56 Fernboro Road Rochester, N.Y. 14618 October 27, 1961 116 Michelle Listhaus 2044 Pearson St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 11234 December 21, 1962 Rebecca Mannis 7724 Old Britton Road North Bellmore, N. Y. 11710 February 5, 1964 Cynthia March 4 Fulham Ct. Silver Spring, MD 20902 December 12, 1962 Carol Marks 5706 Bromley Lane Richmond, VA 23226 March 2, 1962 Suri Miller 7909 Cornell St. St. Louis, MO 63130 December 2, 1962 Miriam Naiman 66 A Woodbridge Avenue Highland Park, N.J. 08904 October 25, 1962 Rena Naiman 8010 Cornell St. St. Louis, MO 63130 May 27, 1963 Nora Mohebban July 25, 1962 Lisa Newman 6 Osborn Road Monti cello, N.Y. 12701 October 21, 1962 Anna Ostro 5745 Pinetree Drive Miami Beach, Fla. 33 140 January 8, 1964 Lee Rabinowitz 3570 Shannon Cleve Hts Cleveland, OH March 18, 1963 Shifra Raymon 7405 Westwood Lane Philadelphia, PA 19151 May 20, 1963 Penina Rabinowitz 7907 Avenue N Apt. 3E Brooklyn, NY 11230 April 30, 1961 Bonnie Roberman 7 Fair Lane Jericho, N.Y. 11753 May 23, 1963 Cheryl Rochwarger 744-55 76th Road Flushing, N.Y. 11367 April 4, 1964 Aviva Rosenblum 55 Knolls Crescent Apt. 2B Riverdale, N. Y. 10463 August 22, 1963 Leah Rosman 884 West End Avenue New York, N.Y. 10025 March 21, 1963 Miriam Rosner 750 Elvira Avenue FarRockaway, N.Y. 11691 April 21, 1963 Suzanne Schapiro 144-22 70th Avenue Flushing, N.Y. 11367 October 21, 1963 Mattice Rubenstein 7409 New Church St. Rah way, N.J. 07065 May 30, 1962 Judith Scheiner 2285 Bryn Mawr Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19131 June 20, 1963 Arlene Samuel 92 Sussex Road Bergen field, N.J. 07621 May 24, 1963 Linda Schonhaut 16 Exeter Road Jersey City, N.J. 07305 September 15, 1963 Lara Schwalb 774 Forest Drive Jericho, N.Y. 11751 December 5, 1964 Malka Schneider 733 Cleveland Avenue Elizabeth, N.J. 07208 November 8, 1962 Cheryl Schwartz 12 Ronald Drive Monsey, N. Y. 10952 April 5, 1963 Tamar Seidemann 65 North Ardmore Road Columbus, OH 43209 October 26, 1962 Deborah Seiden 30 Hampton Terrace Livingston, N.J. 07039 August 30, 1961 Deborah Silver 262 Central Park West New York, N. Y. 10024 April 3, 1964 Alice Silverstein 4 Tower Lane Monsey, N. Y. 10952 November 3, 1963 Rina Silverstein 805 Dickens St. Woodmere, N.Y. April 18, 1963 Michelle Slavin 7776 5. Crest Drive Los Angeles, CA 90035 January 17, 1962 Meryl Small 4 David Court Monsey, N. Y. 10952 March 14, 1964 Miriam Sobolofsky 3901 Independence Avenue Riverdale, N. Y. 10463 June 2, 1962 Amy Soled 7654 Buckingham Road Teaneck, N.J. 07666 November 12, 1962 Debbie Sonenblick 9306 Spicebush Road Philadelphia, PA 19115 January 6, 1963 Susan Stark 377 Avenue C Bayonne, N.J. 07002 February 2, 1963 Dodie Stepner 5427 Co Id water Cyn Van Nuys, CA 91401 November 1, 1962 Judi Stern 7 Lyn haven Ct. Monsey,N.Y. 10952 June 9, 1963 Karen Strauss 41-26 Erli Road Pair lawn, N.J. 07410 May 6, 1962 Ivy Susman 29 F Westgate Road Teaneck, N.J. 07666 September 18, 1962 Shira Sugarman 5749 Goodland Avenue N. Hollywood, CA 91607 June 24, 1963 Ruchie Tamber 7775 East 18th St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 11230 December 6, 1963 Brenda Time 70746 5f. Michael ' s Drive Dallas, TX 75230 April 9, 1963 Sharon Troy 11609 Gilson St. Silver Spring, MD 20902 April 24, 1963 Sharon Wagshal 347 Kell Avenue Staten Island, N.Y. 10314 January 23, 1963 Jacqueline Weinstein 8820 SW 87 St. Miami, Fla. 33173 September 5, 1962 Suzy Weiss 130 Revonah Avenue Stamford, CT 06905 August 9, 1963 Molly Winterman 24 Werner Pk Rochester, N. Y. 14620 March 21, 1961 Linda Vlosky Zack 7475 W. Terrace Circle Apt. 4 Teaneck, N.J. 07666 May 2, 1962 Yedida Zimand 171 Ambleside Lane St. Louis, MO 63141 February 3, 1963 ' J c: , i V - .— J|: ; ; I fl K APS I V j.; ; -A : - .,- ' V ■ ' ■■: . ' A ' T.i y r iV S ■ WISHES FOR SUCCESS HAPPINESS FROM THE STERN COLLEGE STUDENT COUNCIL 1983-84 EXECUTIVE BOARD: BRENDA TIME, PRESIDENT KAREN SIGEL, VICE-PRESIDENT LAURA ESCHWEGE, TREASURER LINDA SENDERS, RECORDING SECRETARY M ALKA SCHNEIDER, CORRESPONDING SECRETARY THE SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS TAKE GREAT PLEASURE IN WISHING ALL OUR CLASSMATES nnSa m 3iu Sria IN FUTURE YEARS JUDY HECHT BERMAN PRESIDENT SHARI CHAITOFF VICE-PRESIDENT DEBBIE SONENBLICK SECRETARY KAREN LEIFER TREASURER 125 TO OUR DEAREST JUDY Congratulations upon your graduation. May this be the beginning of a path to personal and professional growth fulfillment so that we, your family, can continue to share in your achievements. May we always enjoy you be proud of you as we are now. Love The Scheiner Clan: Mommy Daddy; Avi, Zippy Marty Uri, Devorah and Moishe, Yair and Bobbie Bookie, Sylvia Mendel, Chenchi, Leibie, Dassi, Uri. 126 MAZEL TOV TO OUR: □ Grea t-grandda ugh ter □ Granddaughter □ Daughter □ Sister □ Sister-in-law □ Daughter-in-law WIFE! JUDY HECHT BERMAN Bubby Jezer Bubby Zaidy Zimmerman Mommy, Daddy, Yossie, Estee Shira Mommy, Daddy, (Berman), Myra Ellie (And Especially) ZEV W iSttl V3S3 OtK Dear Suzy, In adhering to this Talmudic dictum, we are restricted in our praise of you. We think you are special. May your future undertakings be graced with the same successes you ' ve achieved up to now. Love always, MOM, DAD LARRY rmsn -ansr m-jps n honor of MALKIE GANCHROW upon her graduation. May she continue to be a source of pride to her family, friends, school community. Dr. Mrs. Man dell I. Ganchrow, ARI DOV ELLIOT DAVID. Kate Ganchrow Ann Jack Weinreb Maze I Tov to LISA From your parents, David Esther Homes tay, sisters Debra Shari, grandparents, Walter Regina Be r man 130 Dearest Robin, 17 years ago you entered Kindergarten — We ' re glad you finally made it to the First Grade! We ' re proud of the Best Judaic Studies Teacher Ever!! tirw nmtvK am tut Mommy Daddy Tante Carol Uncle Irv Mishpachat Eisenman z MAZEL TOV TO OUR DEAR NIECE AND COUSIN JOYCE KLEIN UPON HER GRADUATION MAY YOU SUCCEED IN ALL YOUR FUTURE ENDEAVORS LOVE, THE TREITEL FAMILY AUNT BARBARA, UNCLE STANLEY ELI, SUSIE, MOISHE, SHARI I DEAREST JOYCE, WE SHARE WITH YOU THE JOYS OF YOUR GRADUATION AND GIVE THANKS TO HASHEM FOR THE NACHAS YOU HAVE AND WILL GIVE US. JOY IS A SPIRIT OF THANKFULNESS WHICH WE EXPRESS TO THE ALMIGHTY FOR YOUR EDUCATIONAL AND SPIRITUAL GROWTH. MAY YOU ILLUMINATE OUR LIVES TOGETHER WITH YOUR SISTERS AND THE ENTIRE FAMILY. WITH ALL OUR LOVE. DADDY, MOMMY MINDY, DRAZIE, BLIMl. 133 To Our Wonderful Daughter Sister KAREN Congratulations On Your Achieving This Milestone. May Many Other Successes Follow Love From Us All MOM, DAD ALAN MAZEL TOV MINDY! MAY YOUR FUTURE BE EVEN BRIGHTER THAN YOUR PAST! WITH MUCH LOVE, MOM DAD (AARENAU) BRIAN JENIFER = Upon the Occasion of Their Graduation, the STERN COLLEGE DRAMATIC SOCIETY Applauds SHARON TROY— VICE PRESIDENT DEBBIE SONENBLICK— TREASURER and the CLASS of ' 84 On Their Fine Performances at Stern SCDS EXECUTIVE BOARD President Edythe Nussbaum Vice-President Sharon Troy Secretary Suzanne Van Amerongen Treasurer Debbie Sonenblick In Honor of Our Wonderful Daughter SHARON LYNN BRAVER Who is a Source of Pride and Joy to Her Family and the Jewish People Our Hopes are Fulfilled Through Your Achievements and Happiness. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU AND TO ALL OF THE GRADUATES. Love, Mommy and Daddy With Love and Pride We Wish Our Special LETA Continued Success Daddy, Mommy, Benjy, David, Mindy, Eliza, Shimona, Malkie, and Yudie MAZEL TOV MIRIAM Yechiel and Tzivl Moshe and Sara David and Brae ha Ephrayim!!! Avi and Mindy Aharon Geela Yitzchak Yona 139 r, " The only factor of production that is not subject to diminishing returns is knowledge " J. M. Clark GOOD LUCK ARLENE! 3 wwwViato •ujk A ESSbVlU Hi 1 H Hr .$. ' ■ p- It. i = Mom and Dad, Steven and Jacqueline Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand Samuel Mr. and Mrs. Fred Stern J) IL CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO BONNIE WE LOVE YOU VERY MUCH MOM, DAD, WENDY-JO, JAYNE, ALLISON and AMY 141 THE HOTSTADTER FAMILY IS EXTREMELY PROUD OF THEIR CHILDREN, ALL GRADUATING IN 1984 FROM THEIR RESPECTIVE SCHOOLS. DAVID A. HOFSTADTER Benjamin Cordozo School of Law Yeshiva University LAW REVIEW SHERRI L HOFSTADTER Stern College for Women Yeshiva University EDITOR OF YEARBOOK J ON I M. HOFSTADTER Emek Hebrew Academy North Hollywood, California EDITOR OF YEARBOOK NEED WE SAY MORE? OUR CUP RUNNETH OVER WE LOVE YOU ALL Agnes and Gene Hofstadter Grandmother Elizabeth Karmel Van Nuys, California J Nearest Wutydle, Wc all take great vnbe xx) your rr ar)£ aaorrwlish - riyvtyts, JTav £our future be Mich vvitf? 3orai) , r}arwipe arw 5ucces5. i USlH -Y ! N S33. Witt? a our love, Eour arcrto, brother tr sister ©erpie Sopta, 0avw arjd yei;r ifcr Slavir) MAZEL TOV to our daughter sister REBECCA MANNIS upon her graduation. Love, Mom Dad Grandma Jordy Russel Bonnie and Barry To DAPHNE DUBIN and the CLASS OF 1984 Congratulations a hearty Mazel Tov and Best Wishes on your graduation. May you continue to be a source of great pride and joy to us. With all our love, Mom, Dad, Bobby, Zvi, David Shaindee TO OUR PENINA SHARON WHO HAS ALWAYS BROUGHT US MUCH JOY ALL OUR LOVE, DAVID THE HIRSCH FAMILY THE RABINOWITZ FAMILY j ft MAZEL TOV to LAURIE upon her graduation from her loving family MOMMY, DADDY MIRIAM and SUSIE SHERRY, ALAN AND STEVIE FRAN, JACOB HEDY and NACHI MARK, PHILLIP DANIEL I i CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO OUR GRANDDAUGHTER BRENDA TIME FROM POP-POP AND MOM-MOM MARYON VICTOR W. RICHMAN DALLAS, TEXAS Js TO OUR DEAREST LINDA AS THE YEARS OF YOUR FORMAL EDUCATION SWIFTLY DRAW TO AN END, WE WISH YOU A FUTURE FILLED WITH HAPPINESS SUCCESS, AND THAT YOU BE GRANTED ALL OF YOUR FONDEST DREAMS OUR HEARTS ARE FILLED WITH LOVE FOR YOU, AND PRIDE IN YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS. MAY YOU CONTINUE TO GROW IS NEW DIRECTIONS AND SUCCEED IN ALL YOUR FUTURE ENDEAVORS. LOVE, MOM, DAD, DAVID, DANNY SUSAN = v CONGRATULATIONS BEST WISHES TO SOMEONE VERY SPECIAL AVIV A LOVE, MOMMY DADDY NINA CHUCK JULIE, MICHAEL, LIZA, JOEL, YONI, DANNY JAY MINDY MEIRA, TAMAR, RAFI NEAL NAOMI EVAN ESTEE STOOEE LISA z 750 TO MY DEAREST GRANDDAUGHTER JOYCE KLEIN MAZEL TOV ON YOUR GRADUATION MAY I ALWAYS BE AS PROUD OF YOU AS I AM TODAY May the road of life always lead you to joy and happiness LOVE, YOUR GREMMY PEARL MUNTER IN HONOR OF OUR DAUGHTER ELAINE CRUBER AND THE ENTIRE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1984. OUR SINCEREST CONGRATULATIONS FOR SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS IN THE FUTURE. LOVE, MOM, DAD, MICHAEL JEFFREY MAZEL TOV BEST WISHES RACHEL ON YOUR GRADUATION MAY ALL YOUR DREAMS BE FULFILLED WITH MUCH LOVE MOM AND DAD BRENDA DAREN AND MARK, LOS ANGELES NAAVA AND ASHER, CHEVRON, ISRAEL MAZEL TOV AND BEST WISHES TO SURI MILLER AND THE CLASS OF 1984 MR. AND MRS. YALE MILLER NEIL, ELI AND BETH ANNE MRS. ESTHER MILLER MR. AND MRS. MAX RESNICK SHARI BETH YOU ' VE COME A LONG WAY BABY ALL OUR LOVE MOM, DAD, AND BONNIE JILL 155 A HEARTY MAZEL TOV TO OUR TAMAR ON HER GRADUATION UPON HER ACCEPTANCE TO DENTAL SCHOOL AS SHE BEGINS A NEW PAGE IN HER BOOK OF LIFE MAY SHE CONTINUE TO BE A SOURCE OF PRIDE HAPPINESS TO US ALL. WITH LOVE, MOM, DAD BARUCH, ESTHER, SHULAMIT SIMEON, YON ATA N MAZEL TOV TO OUR DEAR NIECE JOYCE KLEIN MAY YOU SUCCEED IN ALL YOUR FUTURE ENDEAVORS. WE WISH YOU THE BEST OF LUCK AND HAPPINESS. WITH ALL OUR LOVE, UNCLE SHLOME, AUNT FRANCIS GRUER 157 MERYL WE ARE VERY PROUD OF YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND LOOK FORWARD TO A FUTURE FILLED WITH MORE OF THE SAME WITH LOVE, IMA, ABBA PAULA-NAOMI TZVI MAMA BETTY tr TO OUR DEAR DYNA CONGRATULATIONS MAZAL TOV ON YOUR GRADUATION. May you be blessed with the fulfillment of all your hopes and dreams, and may we continue to enjoy the love nachas you have been giving us. We wish you a future full in health, happiness, and success. WITH ALL OUR LOVE,, Your Parents Brother, Ruth, Yehuda, and Ze ' ev Ephrat Best Wishes to SONDRA May you be an everending source of nachas to your family. Mom Dad, Sherry, Sol, Dina Miriam Bonnie Benji CONGRATULATIONS TO SHARON WAGSHAL UPON HER GRADUATION FEDER, KASZOVITZ, ISAACSON WEBER, and SKALA Attorneys at Law Congra tula tions Matt ice and MAZAL TOV From your friends at the Towers Deaf-Blind Club Mazal Tov Good Wishes To My Lovely Granddaughter LINDA May your future be successful happy LOVE, Grandma Fanny TO SHARON BEST WISHES FOR A HAPPY AND SUCCESSFUL LIFE LOVE, Your Cousins — Judy Keevy Braver JUDY, Having a friend means, double the pleasure and half the sorrow. THANX, Harry MAZEL TOV TO SUSAN STARK ON THIS GREAT ACHIEVEMENT WE ARE ALL PROUD OF YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND HOPE THAT YOU WILL BE A SOURCE OF NACHAS TO US ALL AND AN INSPIRATION TO OUR PEOPLE, MAY YOU CONTINUE WITH YOUR AND THE FAMILY Mom Dad Brother Norman Yehuda, Leba, Don and Ari Sister Helen Brother Mark Sister Shirley Moshe all your good friends and coworkers at OMNI INTERNATIONAL 160 f? CHERYL GINNS Don ' t feel badly because all your friends are graduating and you still have one year to your masters. LOVE, Barbara Linda Deanne Joel Harry fr Our little girl has grown up, A woman she has become. We are very proud, dear Cheryl, Of the good work that you have done. LOVE, Mom Daddy To our beloved daughter KAREN EMIL Y on the occasion of her graduation. May you be blessed with fulfillment, contentment and glad heart. Your loving parents, Doris Alfred Strauss CONGRATULATIONS to our dear granddaughter KAREN EMIL Y on the occasion of your graduation. With our best wishes for your future. With love, Mr. Mrs. Eric Ruhr Mrs. Lilly Strauss San Francisco, California New York, New York TO OUR DEAREST RINA CONGRATULATIONS UPON YOUR GRADUATION! May our special qualities of charm humor and wit unlock the door of success and happiness throughout life. WITH LOVE PRIDE Mom, Dad, Yussy, Ira, Tamar and Zayde. J J DEAR DEBBIE May God bless keep you always, may your wishes all come true, may you always do for others, and let others do for you. May you build a ladder to the stars, and climb on every rung — and may you stay forever young. — Bob Dylan WITH ALL OUR LOVE, MOM, DAD, LORl MARK MAZEL TOV to ESTIE and her friends upon their graduation The Eichler Family DEAR BEBE— MAZEL TOV AND ALL THE BEST ON THE OCCASIONS OF— YOUR COLLEGE GRADUATION and YOUR FORTHCOMING MARRIAGE WE LOVE YOU, MOMMY AND DADDY = MAZEL TOV TO OUR DEAR RENA May You Always Be A Source Of Nachas To Us. Love, Mom, Dad Larry, Arnie and Grandma JJ To Our Dear Daughter JANET We wish you a Mazal Tov upon your graduation day. May it be the beginning of a brilliant prosperous future. We will always be proud of you. HAZAK ' VE EMATZ! Love, Mom Dad SHARON TAMMY TRUE FRIENDS ARE HARD TO COME BY THESE DAYS— BUT, YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! MAZEL TOV ON YOUR GRADUATION. WITH ALL OUR LOVE, YOUR ROOMATES ROBIN AND REVITAL Molly, Dodie, Judy Mindy, an Via you guys next year, e Always, Gilah BEVERLY BARR MAZEL TOV AND GOOD LUCK ON YOUR GRADUATION AUNT LEAH And UNCLE BERNIE Dear Tammy — Lots of Luck in the Future A brother MAZAL TOV TO SHARON TROY CONTINUE— FROM STRENGTH TO STRENGTH! WE LOVE YOU, Mom, Dad, Grandma, Michael, Joanna Rena, Chaim, Temima Yosh 766 Dear Miriam, MAZEL TOV! From Jack Madeline Jade Windows, INC. 1906 Flat bush Ave Brooklyn, NY 11210 rajft mama, Jnrtn rvma msti 767 IN HONOR OF SHERRI THE BEST EDITOR WE ARE PROUD OF YOU CONGRA TULA TIONS, THE BERGERS OF LOS ANGELES. J CONGRATULATIONS for Outstanding Work, TO THE BEST PRESIDENT THE STUDENT COUNCIL EVER HAD IN THE HISTORY OF STERN COLLEGE. An Admirer, Fred Time J MAZEL TOV TO " OUR " MALKA On Her Graduation BEST WISHES FOR A HAPPY And SUCCESSFUL FUTURE LOVE Mom and Dad Moshe, Debbie Avraham and Refoel and Tova Bubie SCHNEIDER CONGRATULATIONS TO THE STERN COLLEGE CLASS OF 1984 " Reach for the Stars " TRADITIONAL CONGREGATION EPHRAIM I. Z1MAND, RABBI CREVE COEUR, MISSOURI DEAR JODI, On this proud occasion, as our hearts swell with love pride, we look toward a future filled with promise opportunity for our daughter, Jodi. And, at this precious moment, the memory of all the hardships endured, of all the obstacles overcome, and of all the painful decisions made, blurs before us as we share the fulfillment of your dreams. We extend our hearty congratulations and loving best wishes to Jodi. Now is your moment. No matter which path you may choose, your influence commitment may profoundly change your life . . . ours. We are so very proud to be your parents. Mazel Tov — Love, Mom Dad = v CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR GIRLS PENNY LEE RABINOWITZ Ema Aba Rabinowitz JJ Congratulations YEDIDA ZIMAND-IM PLUS t — Mazel Tov to JANET BRAMSON Love, Bubie Zadie Andelman V 1 ? Mazel Tov to TANTE MARIAN from your nephew Adam Your Mudder Your Fudder Double Mazal Tov to you RENA On your graduation forthcoming marriage to Arnie. Aunt Naom Uncle Bernie The whole Mishpacha Our Best Wishes to a Lovely Graduate BEVERLY BARR From her friends, with love, the Bensadouns the Peltzmans TO MY DEAR KALLAH, RENA MAY WE HAVE MANY YEARS OF HAPPINESS TOGETHER. ALL MY LOVE, ARNIE J " THAT WHICH IS GOOD.. IS GOOD. " To Amos Moses: Truer words, never spoken. I know . . . As Nick would say " What are you e-volving to? " Though it isn ' t a Diplomat, it will be something semi-useful. YOUR TURKEYS, —AKA— Yafa David DEAR AMY CONGRATULATIONS UPON YOUR GRADUATION!! MUCH LUCK IN THE FUTURE! LOVE, MOM DAD RENEE GEDALIAH TOVA J ? To Our Darling ABBY MAZEL TOV! MAY ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE WE LOVE YOU, MOMMY DADDY MAZEL TOV TO JAN AND HER CLASSMATES WE LOVE YOU, MOM DAD LINNET ZEV MALKA CARY V TO OUR DEAR MA TTICE WE ARE VERY PROUD OF YOU AND WISH YOU GOOD HEALTH LOVE, HAPPINESS AND ACHIEVEMENT. MAY YOUR MAZAL MATCH YOUR MIDOS. WITH CONGRATULATIONS AND LOVE, Mom, Dad, Zev-Chaim and Babi Fay Uncle Nussy Tante Erika family Uncle Moshe Aunt Miriam family Tante Hilda Uncle Sid Aunt Yetty Uncle Sam Aunt Selma Uncle George Uncle Morris Aunt Pa u lie Tante Emily Cousins Bella Henry family Cousins Meyer Bertha family MAZAL TOV TO MY DEAR GRANDDAUGHTER AND COUSIN JOYCEKLEIN WHOM WE ARE VERY PROUD OF. MAY YOU CONTINUE TO BRING US YIDDISH NACHAS. BRACHA V ' HATSLACHA f Zaidi Klein and Bobby. CONG R A TULA TIONS JACKIE, You ' re on the right track ROFSON ASSOCIATES INC . o n arafc mm m FROM THE DEPTHS OF OUR HEART, WE WISH YOU A MAZAL TOV ACCOMPANIED WITH HEALTH, JOY, AND SUCCESS IN ALL YOUR FUTURE ENDEA VORS. LOVINGLY, Wirt )jmn UNCLE BEN, AUNT JUDY AND FAMILY BUBBIE UNCLE JAKE, AUNT TOBY, AND FAMIL Y AND OUR FAMILY IN ERETZ YISRAEL IN HONOR OF OUR DAUGHTER SISTER, LAURA RACHEL ON HER GRADUATION Wishing you much happiness and success in all your future endeavors. Mom, Dad and Joyce JUDY BAUM Mazel Tov to our cousin and Granddaughter. GO OUT INTO THE WORLD GIVE IT ALL YOU ' VE GOT. Love, Your Grandmas Grandpa Aunts Uncles cousins. DEAREST 6E, ' Tress On! Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence . . . " " MOUNTAINS OF ISRAEL, YOU SHALL SHOOT FORTH YOUR BRANCHES AND YIELD YOUR FRUIT TO MY PEOPLE OF ISRAEL, FOR THEY WILL SOON BE COMING. " TO JUDI, Our Leading Star in Kochavia — With Love, Mom, Dad, Rivkie, josh, Debi, Robert, Sharon, Faigi, Netanei, Yair to Suzy to From Your Family — Mom, Dad and Baba, Miriam, Gimpel, Chani and Devorah, Martha, Joel, Leah, Brae hie, Josh, and Leah TO MIRIAM ROSNER MAZEL TOV to a wonderful daughter and sister We wish you health, happiness success always. WITH ALL OUR LOVE, Mommy and Daddy Mitchel, Aviva Shalom , — MAZEL TO V TO MY GRANDDAUGHTER ESTIE ALFRED M. FRISCH CONGRA TULA TIONS to JODI BEST WISHES FROM ALL OF US— UPON YOUR GRADUATION, AND MAY YOU HA VE A VERY HAPPY AND SUCCESSFUL FUTURE. WECHSLER KRUMHUIZ, INC TO DODIE STEPNER Compliments of — jerry Molke Silverstein Congratulations to ABBY and the class of ' 84 MARTIN OBTEN MAZEL TOV BEST WISHES TO My Dear Niece TAMAR upon her Graduation upon her acceptance to Dental School With Love, Aunt Ethel To Beverly — WITH MUCH LOVE PRIDE MOM, DAD PAUL LOUIS AND AVI 1 DEAR MOLLY, Mazel Tov to you on your graduation from college. May your future be filled with good health happiness. All Our Love, Aunt Nettie and Uncle Burt HAPPY GRADUATION To Dodie Stepner YOU ' RE THE BEST! (Get Funky!) Love, Tova Gary These four major Kosher Poultry Brands are proudly distributed by PHILADELPHIA POULTRY TERMINA j 215—334-8900 (212) 575-8638 7 7 BOOTH 36A TO MIRIAM ROSENSTARK KAHN, R.N. RABBI ' S UURSE WITH A REAL hiESHOMA ALL MY LOVE, ELI 575-8904 J 0PEN 10 " 5 EL ROS JEWELRY COMPANY THE NEW YORK JEWELRY CENTER EL-LE ENTERPRISES Quality Judaica ELAZAR L. WADLER LEAH ROSMAN (212) 337-5219 (212) 663-9476 To Our Dear Karen, MAZAL TOV! We wish you lots of good health, happiness, good luck, and the best of everything— You deserve it! MAY ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE! With all our love, Mommy and Daddy fl mm L aX am ShariandAlan 1 |f 3TW 7J Harold I i r, Congratulations, SHIFRA and Best of Luck Always in Your Future Endeavors WITH ALL OUR LOVE, MOM AND jfOX MAX MAZEL TOV to MIRIAM AND THE CLASS OF 1984 LOVE, IMMA, ABBA, BUBBY ZVI TO OUR DEAREST MOLLY We wish you all the best upon your graduation and in the future. May you continue to go through life with the midos goals that you have achieved until now, and thereby, with the help of Hashem, you will be a source of continuing nachas to us Klal Yisroel. Love Always, Mommy, Grandpa Gary TO i BRENDA WITH DEEP PRIDE MOM RALPH MAZEL TOV TO OUR DAUGHTER DODIE STEPNER and to the graduating class of June 1984 Mr. Mrs. Jerome Stepner Van Nuys, California L TO MY FRIENDS WHO HA VE MADE MY COLLEGE YEARS SO SPECIAL WITH LOVE, SHIFRA i fc 1 TO OUR DAUGHTER SISTER JUDY Who has spent her first 21 years trying to make everyone happy— should continue spreading her sunshine to others— til 120 WE LOVE YOU, Mom, Dad, Scott, Suzanne, Lee, Shelby Jeff 1 DfAR RUCHIE, ana Vra Continue to suceed in whatever you wish for. We ' re so proud of you. WE LOVE YOU! THE HAVEN AT 8E CONGRATULATIONS to LEAH ROSMAN ZUCKER FAMIL Y IN HONOR OF MIRIAM RAMM NAIMAN WITH LOVE FROM HER FAMIL Y MAZEL TOVTO DODIE STEPNER FROM UNCLE AUNT RABBI MRS. MORTON L. GORDON LINDA VLOSKYZACK v 7:mn ]n tow fciYNi trpta ' J T y L HOME, MOM, SID MAR60T WITH ALL OUR LOVE AND BEST WISHES TO DEENA and ihe class of 1984 Mom, Dad, Sharon David ' Booby Chancha Zadie Joseph Epstein Booby Shirley Zadie Leonard Marcus Aunt Fran, Uncle Sam, Keren Rina Aunt Laura, Uncle Marty, Jeff Ben 1 c 1 Dear Yedida, Congratulations on graduating college! On making it through a very difficult year. 1 just can ' t help but think that the past will make our future years seem all the more special. Love you, Ephraim DEAR MIRIAM, MAZEL TOV! WE LOVE YOU! Love, Mommy Daddy Robby David Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to Our Daughter LISA— upon her graduation. May your future be bright happy, and may you achieve success in all your undertakings. Love, Mom Dad DEAR ruchie, aiuSm Continue to succeed in whatever you wish for. We ' re so proud of you. We Love You! The Haven at 8E DEAREST MICHELLE, What can 1 iayi You ' re been a a 1 roommate and, what ' s more, a Ml friend! Mazal Tov on all your accomplishments— I ' m proud of you! Proud . . . but not in the least bit surprised. Lots of Love, Karen TO JENNIFER BARNETT and her classmates from Uncle Murry, Aunt Milly, Cousin Mordechai Barnett Silver Spring, Maryland BONNE CLEANERS, Ltd. FOR QUALITY SERVICE 56 EAST 34TH STREET BET. PARK MADISON AVES. WILLIAM KREMER NEW YORK, N.Y. 10016 TO THE BEST PARENTS IN THE WORLD THANKS ij Love, Amos CONGRATULATIONS TO MICHELLE LISTHAUS WITH PRIDE IN YOUR A CCOMPL IS H MEN TS, CONFIDENCE IN YOUR FUTURE AND BOUNDLESS AFFECTION. Beverly and Harry Mark and Adam, Alan and Barbara, and Cindy I . , MAZEL TOV TO LEAH UPON HER GRADUATION With Much Love from the Wadler Family CONGRATULATIONS TO KAREN LEIFER Bedford Hotel SUCCESS TO OUR DEAR ESTIE Your Grandparents, Mr. Mrs. Samson Eichler Pride of the Farm Cholev Yisroel SlJ DELUXE Y ICE-CREAM )j CONGRATULATIONS AND MAZEL TOV To Our DAUGHTER SISTER MINDY MAY YOUR FUTURE BE FILLED WITH SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS MOM DAD FREIDA STEW RUTH FRED OUR BEST WISHES FOR A HAPPY FUTURE FROM THE GANG AT RCI COMPUTER GRAPHICS CONGRA TULA TIONS AND BEST WISHES To Our Dear Daughter and Sister JANET BRAMSON LOVE, MOM AND DAD HOWIE AND MICHAEL V fr J J TO MINDY ON THIS YOUR GRADUATION DAY MAY SUCCESS AND GOOD LUCK BE WITH YOU IN ALL YOUR ENDEAVORS COUSIN MONIA JAY SARNA MAZEL TOV TO OUR DEAR DAUGHTER, SISTER GRANDDAUGHTER SUZY SCHAPIRO BEST OF LUCK MUCH HAPPINESS IN ALL YOUR FUTURE ENDEAVORS. ALL OUR LOVE, Mom Dad Label Gail Grandma WELL WISHERS Mazal Tov to LISA CANZ, happy to share in your simcha. Love, Miriam Nachum. Mazal Tov to my darling granddaughter LISA Love, Congratulations to MARINA, compliments of MEAL MART. Bennett Grocery 4 Bennet Ave. WA3-7T40 BEVERLY BARR — Mazal Tov, Love, Aunt Claire Uncle Marty. Success and good luck to BEVERLY BARR. Mazal Tov to BEVERLY BARR from the Meistrich Family. Dear SHARON WAG, Congratulations good luck. Love, Steve Budow. Dan ' s Glatt Kosher Meat Delicatessen, Highland Park, N.J. Dearest BREN, Congrats! We love you more than beet, borscht, kisses, Dee Ree. Heartiest congratulations to LISA and JORDY from Bubie and Mario Congrats AUNTIE CHERYL— you made it Love, ]. Samuel May this be the beginning of a fruitful life for my granddaughter, CHERYL J. CINNS. KAREN C, You ' ve made my college years memorable. I couldn ' t have done it with out you and I ' m so very glad that I didn ' t. Lots of Love, Michelle. Congratulations to DEENA. Martin J. Marcus, AIA. JUDY, In spite of our differences Congrats. Love, Yaakov. TAMAR, Best wishes on your graduation, Nidan family. TAMMY, If you want something, it is a dream that you can mold into reality. I wish you success, you ' ve done it so far. Love, Sharon. Dear JANET, A true friend is a friend forever. I Love You Always, Sharon. To our neice, LEAH, Mazal Tov Aba Rivka. Dear Rachelle, The past 3 years have been very special. Looking forward to many more to come. Love, Sherri. Congratulations to SARA BEDA and the best of luck in all your future endeavors. WE MISS YOU!! LOVE, Dad, Mom, David, Ronny and Rachel Dearest TAMMY, j special gift from Cod to find a friend who Congratulations and Best of Luck All my love Always, Miriam To our Niece LEAH Mazal Tov— Aba Rivka l friend forever. Best Wishes to SARA BEDA Colusa International Corp. 485 Fifth Avenue New York, N.Y. 10017 1—212—490-0244 Moses Beda Frank Beda Leon Beda Estie, Robin, Suzy, Meryl, For the past two years I was fortunate enough to have great roommates as well as great friends. Thanx for all the wonderful memories. I will treasure them always. I love you guys! Debbie, Debra Jane SONONBLICK WE DID IT! EDITORS NOTE We would like to extend our special thanks to those people, without whom this yearbook would not be in your hands now: Our outstanding Kochaviah 1984 staff, (especially Aviva and Sharon). Tom Swift Lou Johnson at Herff Jones Yearbooks Ed, Mike Troy at Thornton Studios Mrs. Esther Zuroff Mrs. Pauline Winter SCWSC Our Families In the beginning we didn ' t quite know what we were getting ourselves into. But now, in the end, it is clear that this special experience has been an adventure that we will always remember. It has brought ser and given us memories of our Stern College years that will be eternalized in this publication. We hope that this yearbook means to you all that it means to us. Sincerely, Sherri Hofstadter Lisa Newman Editors-ln-Chief " And in the end the lo is equal to the love you makr " The Beatles ■— ■■_- — 9% ?m . ' . STERN COLLEGE ! YESH1VA UNI) f t r : iiH h f ' ' R WOMEN RSITY

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