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KOCHAVIAH 1983 i ■ _... $mm muM m T Jeginr lings One Man ' s Dream Stern College for Women Srern College: 1 — New building; 2 — Original building,- 3 — Groundbreaking, Max Srern is 2nd from righr, (YUPPO; 4— Brookdale Hall, dormirory; 5— Max Srern Z " L 2 Dedicarion Max Stern- A Shining Star Close friends of Max Srern expressed feelings of disbelief or rhe rime of his dearh. Ir seemed, rhey sad, os if a mon of his srarure could never die. For rhree and a half years we, rhe class of 1983, passed rhrough rhe doors of STERN college olrhough we all recognized rhe magnirude of his generosiry, very few of us undersrood rhar rhere was a face rhar be- longed ro rhe name. His dearh in May 1982, shocked rhe Yeshiva Universiry communiry, bur Srern srudenrs were even more profoundly effecred. We began ro undersrand rhar he was rhe impelling force which opened rhe doors of our educarion. Max Srern had a dream; he envisioned a place .where women could re- ceive borh o Jewish and a secular educarion. There were few Jewish leaders who recognized rhis need os early os he did, and even fewer were willing ro meer rhe challenge and rake ac- rion, bur Max Srern was nor only a dreamer, he was a crearor, a man of inregriry and kindness. Max Srern nor only supplied rhe means for women ro learn how ro be good Jews, bur he was also an example ro leorn from. He loved all people and rhe lisr of borh groups and individuals whom he helped financially exemplifies his diver- siry. Despire rhe facr rhar SCW is only one of many causes ro which rhe Srern family has conrribured, we feel special. Mr. Srern was nor only rhe bene- facror of Srern College for Women, bur he was also our school parriarch When talking abour Srern College, he would ofren refer ro rhe sru- denr body as " my girls " , and he would " shep na- chas " when he heard of Srern women who upon rerurning ro rheir communiries, began ro reach orhers abour Ju- daism. The college has ad- vanced in leaps and bounds. Srern women are becoming nurses, artists, lawyers, and edu- cators. We have gone beyond Max Srern ' s original dreams, bur his inirial vision remains as rhe key which was rhe imperus for our accom- plishmenrs. We, rhe class of 1983, dedicare our yearbook ro Max Srern. His efforts have enabled us ro gain a unique rype of knowledge. We have acquired rhe means ro arrempr rhe fusion of our Jewish and secular worlds. As graduares of Srern College for Women, we will all carry on Max Srern ' s name whenever we menrion our alma marer. Success in our furure endeavors will pay rribure ro his memory and will exhibit our appreciarion for his dreams. Dedicarion 3 For all these things ... As rhe college exper- ience draws ro o close, one often feels rhe need ro evaluate, rhe experiences and emorions which shaped rhese impressionable years. It be- gins to seem as if in four years rhe whole world changed. Though ir is rrue rhar our macrocosm has been alrered somewhar, ro guore Thoreau, " Things do nor change. Ve change " . The classics we have read and rhe museums we have dis- covered are nor new ; our perspectives are. These new ourlooks will aid us in our arremprs ro synrhesize all facers of our educarion. We have been exposed ro different ideas and rhe results are a wide range of priorities. Jerusalem is where our minds and hearrs lie, bur we have spenr rhe last few years on 04rh srreer. The dichoromy emerges when we are forced ro decide be- tween the two Should we attend a rally for Israel ' s safety or go ro the job interview which is rhe chance of a lifetime? We are leaving Stern affected by the changes which evolved in both our macrocosm and mi- crocosm. Whether posirive or negarive rhey have all conrribured ro our growrh and develop- menr and will remain as living memories wirhin us — rhe milesrones of our college years. 1— Bool-shelves in rhe library; 2— The New York City skyline sunset; 3— Mayor Ed Koch; 4— Pacman; 5— Dr. Ed Levy, Debby Fernandez and Renee Edelman work rhrough a musical piece; 6— The Pan Am building as seen from Pork Avenue,- and 34rh street; 7 — The Korel, Hanukah 1982; 8— Marina Bekherman purs finishing rouches on a painting. 4 For all rhese I For oil rhese 5 6 Guards Please watch for me ... As we survey the historical events of our heritage we find that we are shaped by the actions of our ancestors. How a people srrived with such determinorion to pre- serve the integrity of the Torah, notwithstanding any hardships, is a feat beyond belief. Till this day we have been fortunately blessed with pious scholars who instill within us this need to safe- guard the Torah which ultimately protects the people of Israel. As has been said by one of our sages: " More than the Jews have protected the Torah, the Torah has protected the Jews. The pictures above are demonstrative of the various ways in which God has given us direction. At the Stern dormitory, we have guards around the clock to ensure our safety against any " prowlers " . We hove directional signals on every street cor- ner which prevent us from going the wrong w ay. On a more important, spiritual, level we have scholars who expound words of Torah to ensure rhar we do not stray from the right path. What we are today is merely the past deeply rooted within us, and these values must be guarded in order for us to advance and achieve new heights. 1_5CW library; 2— Traffic policeman, 34rh Srreer who guards our safery as we cross srreers; 3 — Signs, corner of 34rh Srreer which help direcr us ; 4— Pav Soloveirchik delivering a shiur. (YUPPO; 5— Sofer in Yeshiva Universiry library working on a Sefer Torah. (YUPPO; 6— Kalanir, flower of Israel; 7— Tzahal soldiers gerring ready for morning prayers, Syrian border, 1973. Guards 7 The honey and the thorns . . . Honey and rhorns represent rhe extremes of life, while both emanate from natural sources. Honey is sweet and pleasant; thorns rip at our very being and are often obstacles in our paths. Our lives are filled with both. Nuclear activity is destroying our eco- logical environment while it is also achieving great scientific discoveries. Nature itself is full of beauty as well as harmful rhorns. New York City has been a place where we have reaped rhe fruits of knowledge, and enjoyed pleasanr cul- ture experiences, while it has also been the site of demonstrations. Lastly, there is Jerusalem, rhe city which received nine tenths of the world ' s beau- ty bur yet is one of the major sore poinrs of contention in Arab-Israeli relations. 1 — A rose among rhe rhorns,- 2 — Proresr againsr Pope Paul ' s and Yasir Arafar ' s meering — Seprember, 1982; 3 — Jerusalem, foreground — Mounr of Olives cemerery, and Old Ciry ; 4 — The neon lighrs of Broadway; 5 — Rally againsr nudear radiation; 6 — An " okerz " , rhorn. |VATICAN: XF YOU WANT To KEdO Ni5 E PEACEMAKERS RECOGNIZE ISRAELI 8 Honey 6 Thorns ppipn9jnBbnn.% HoneyG Thorns 9 ( cj I v ' ... " 10 Dirrer Sweer The bitter and the sweet. . . For some, life is a birrer pill, while for orhers ir is " a piece of coke " , and for mosr life is a combination of borh. We have experienced the feelings of exaltation when peace seems imminent, and horror when those grandiose plans seem ro have failed miser- ably. Life is full of lows and highs, and rears and laughter. We may nor always be pleased with rhe events of rhe past, bur rhe furure remains unformed and awairs our new ideas. 1 — Vicrim of Zion Square bomb blasr, July, 1975; 2 — Anwar Sadar and Menachem Begin side-by-side, November, 1977; 3 — New York Ciry homeless man; 4 — Prayers of hope and anguish inserred in Korel walls, 5 — Engagemenr parry for Reva Pinrer and Yumi Dorgen, December, 1982. Dirrer Sweer 11 For All These Things . . . 12 College Life 1 — A consranr companion of all IS majors; 2 — Madeline Wald, 3 — Rhonda Reininger and Susan Harris rake a break from studying,- 4 — Mrs. Klein and Ignarz; 5 — Francie Feuer on her way from school. College Life 13 1 — Marcy Zwecker, Joyce Klien and Yocheved Pachino rackle rhe New York Times crossword puzzle; 2 Teacher, Norman Davidowirz and srudenr, 3 — Meryl Small working on enrrance mural. 14 College Life College Life 15 16 College Life Messages 17 In Mem© O: Dr. David Mirsky Dr. David Mirsky will always be remem- bered ar Srern College. Dr. Mirsky was dean of Srern from 1968 ro 1975. He firsr joined rhe YU faculty in 1948. In 1953 he was named As- sisranr Professor of He- brew and English in 1962, and professor of English in 1966. He served as Dean of Ad- missions from 1963-1968. Following his rerm as SCW dean, he was ap- pointed Acring Vice President for Academic Affairs. Such diverse contributions as Dr. Mirsky made to edu- cation in the secular as well as rhe Jewish world are rare. He had creared and developed numerous educarional radio and television series over rhe last 20 years, and had served in such capaaries as Secrerary of rhe Council of Higher Education Institutions of New York, Executive board member of rhe American Associarion for Jewish Education, evaluator for Middle States Association, to name but just a few of his professional associations. Dr. Mirsky had also been involved in writing and pub- lishing numerous articles and papers for both English and Hebrew publications. Dr. Mirsky received his 3.A. from Yeshiva College in 1942 and was ordained ar RETS in 1945. He pursued his graduate studies in English and Hebrew lirerarure ar Co- lumbia, NYU, and ar rhe Oxford Center for post graduare studies in England as a scholar-in-residence. Dr. Mirsky was a 7rh generation Jerusalemire, born in rhor city in 1921. He will truly be missed. In Loving Memory of our friend who loved and lived the ways of the Torah " In one sense there is no death. The life of a soul on earth lasts beyond his departure. You will always feel that life touching yours, that voice speaking to you, that spirit looking out of other eyes, talking to you in the familiar things he touched, worked with, loved as familiar friends. He lives on in your life and in the lives of all others that knew him. " " The memory of the righteous is for a blessing. " (Proverbs 10:7 ' Lisa Wachrenheim 18 Messages Norman Lamm President To The Graduates of Srern College for Women: I am pleased ro offer my warmest congratulations and Mazal Tov wishes to students of the class of 1983. I trust that the years you spent with us have been happy and informative ones. Of all schools of Yeshiva University, Stern College has probably made the most significant educational advances these past several years. You are fortunate that you were here to benefit from them. I hope and pray that as you build your families, pursue your vocations or avocations, and assert leadership in the community, you will always reme mber fondly your education, teachers, and fellow students at Stern. May the devoted efforts of the faculty in educating you in both Torah and Madda be fully justified by the success you will achieve in bringing many others into the felicitous circle of Torah. Cordially yours, Norman Lamm President Messages 19 1 W5 ] - r f ■ i 7 KAREN DACON DEAN Insrirurions wirh long histories ond short memories often subscribe to the attitude that there is little comfort in change. By contrast, Stern College, a youth among schools, with a keen memory born our of an awareness of its mission, has made change one of its hallmarks. This has been manifest from the extraordinary moment in 1954 when the college was created through the revolutionary vision and generosity of Mr. Max Stern (a " h), to the day four years ago when rhe faculty adopted a new Core Curriculum in the Jewish Studies. We — rhe students, faculty, alumnae and administration, have nor shied away from debating the value of new directions in education and new standards for personal development. These debates have led to majors in computer sciences and accounting, revised graduation requirements which place more emphasis on rhe individual ' s active choice of courses, expanded internship opporruniries in rhe business world, and new adminisrrative procedures of which rhe most notable example is on-line computer regisrrarion. Srudenr leaders in rhe Srudenr Council, the Senate, rhe Academic Srandards and Curriculum Committees have had major roles in affecring rhese changes. This model of shared leadership is a source of pride and grarification ro our college communiry, and, we believe, prepares our graduates well for rhe give and take required for crearive leadership roles in rhe furure. You, rhe graduares of 1983 have received your educarion in rhis dynamic environmenr. Bur, nor all change is hearrening. This last year we lost the builder and stalwarr supporrer of Srern College for Women, rhe man whose consranr caring could be felr in every corner of our home — Mr. Max Srern. I am rold rhar even during his business trips our of rown or our of the country, Mr. Srern would call in daily ro see if his help was needed or rhe College or ar rhe Uni- versity. May his love of learning and his personal inregriry remain forever our inspiration. On behalf of rhe faculry and sraff of Srern College for Women, I wish you much success. May you go from srrengrh ro strengrh in all your undertakings. 20 Messages ETHEL ORLIAN ASSISTANT DEAN Congratulations and sinceresr wishes for a brighr future to each of you. It must be with mixed emotions that you approach graduation from Stern College. The regret of leaving a secure environment and the anxiety of approaching the unknown, must mingle with the excitement of forging ahead to advance career goals and establish roots within Jewish communities. You may feel assured and confident that you have received the best of preparations for what lies ahead. Dy choosing Stern College you hove made a statement as to the priorities that will guide you in establishing future lifestyles. You have elected to become members of a community committed to our people and its heritage. You will face many a challenge bur rise to the occasion with strength os you maintain respect for G-d, for self and for fellow man. It is to meet these challenges that, ot Stern, painstaking efforts have been made to encourage you to develop intellectually and spiritually. The desire to understand, to acquire knowledge and to reason, with mankind as the beneficiary, should ever be a goal as you stride forward. As you continue to learn and to grow, may your expanding body of knowledge enhance your understanding of G-d and all that He created, for this is the meaning of Torah U ' Mada Ta ' alenah V ' Tizlachna! Messages 21 YOCHEVED GRUNBERGER EDITOR To my fellow Graduates: Senior year evokes birrersweer feelings. Four years of prepara- tion for rhe big world have flown by and now ir is rime ro emerge from our familiar environment and accomplish rhe goals for which we have prepared. We, rhe class of 1983, are luckier than pre- vious graduating classes. It was during our college years that the faculty began ro recognize rhe new needs of Jewish women, and the revised curriculum reflects this recognirion. Although we initially fought the Jewish Studies Core program, we now realize how beneficial ir is. The variety of courses has given us rhe opporruniry ro study Judaica as equally in-depth as secular studies; requirement changes have allowed us ro diversify our course of study. Doth changes have upgraded our educarion and enabled us ro encounrer many areas of learning. The quesrion is: " Where do we go from here? " When asked whar he rhoughr rhe purpose of srudy was, George Herberr Palmer replied: " That ' s what education means — to be able to do what you ' ve never done before. " We are an amazing bunch of women; we will be nurses, arrisr, wnrers, accounranrs, teachers, and soon-ro-be doctors, lawyers, hisronans, etc. — the opporruniries ore limitless. Finally the Jewish community has begun to appreciate the tension we confronr when attempting to synthesize career goals and Jewish values. The job is nor easy, but we have been prepared ro meer rhe challenge. With Sincere Wishes for a Drighr Furure, T 22 Messages JUDfllG Dr. G. Appel Dr. M. Bernstein Rabbi Blau Prof. H. Dubitsky Rabbi S. Berman Dr. J. Feinstein Dr. A. Levy-Feldblum Rabbi T. Flaum 32 Dr. J. Gurock Rabbi K. Hain Dr. M. Havazelet Prof. H. Kamri 24 Foculry ?n Rabbi E. Kanarfogel Dr. W. Orenstein Rabbi F. Shonfeld Rabbi A. Shurin STUDIES Prof. H. Kosak Dr. C. Raffel Rabbi E. Labaton Dr. J. Reiner Rabbi A. Metzger w ) ,W Ms. E. Roshwalb Rabbi A. Weiss Faculry 25 •HUMANITIES Dr. Louis F eld man Mr. Fiszman Prof. S. Gardner Dr. D. Goldstein Mrs. R. Greenfield Prof. L. Hat vary Dr. L. Keating Ms. N. Knopka Dr. A. Krakowski Mr. R. Meyers Dr. J. Neiman Prof. P. Schram Prof. E. Levy Prof. C. 5 7ver Dr. M. Silver 26 Faculry SEJEIfIL SGIENEES Mrs. R. Behar Dr. B. Blank Prof. A. Levine Dr. M. Perlman Prof. J. Pinter Dr. A. Rabinowitz Faculry 27 Prof. J. Roberts Dr. S. Sardy Prof. A. Tauber Ms. S. Volk Prof. N. Schlessberg Dr. Ira Belmont Mr. P. Wilner 28 Foculry SGIENGES Mr. M. Alt man Dr. M. Dalezman Dean K. Bacon Mrs. C. Dobin Ms. £ fiarf Ms. A. H rs i Dr. . Leibovitch Dr. F. Goodman Maggie Ms. H. Ma tula m m Mrs. E. Orlian Mr. Pine Dr. P. Posen Dr. B. Rosoff Foculry 29 OFFICE W ... The Dean Karen Bacon Li via Turkel Isabelle Balsam The Registrar Esther Reich Phyllis Silver Mindy Filler Student Services The Dorm R E I C H F A M I L ) m Esther Zuroff - ' MM Pauline Winter Margo Marks 30 Faculry LIBRARY ■ Libby Neiman Mrs. Strausser Mrs. Blatt MfllNTENflNEE AND SEEURITY We ore dedicating this box to MRS. MILNEP, Thank you so much for all that you do. Sam Mandelbaum Juanita Lorenzi Leon A. Friesheim Faculry 31 EflFETERIfl Mr. Sam Klein Mrs. Sam Klein Ignatz One of the many supporters Mrs. Sussman £ Renee 32 Cafererio EDUCATION— Sara Frager 5 Sheila Sidenberg TAC — Robin Tover OBSERVER— Editor Esther Stiefel BLOOD DRIVE— Tammy Seidmann Photographers — Shari Kohn 34 Clubs ECONOMICS— Laura Eschwege DRAMATIC SOCIETY- Marcy Yondorf WYUR RADIO— Amy Greenzweig • ' ■ :N;- ife ' S hii y FM f f 1 ACCOUNTING— Debbie Reichman CLUB CANADA— Julie Shafron Clubs 35 SW74S? ty WRS Otl fto i?M£Tr o« erf7iz ?z e Ms 4 36 5miles co»»«»r " v sc a, X° b- W Non-Majors ToraU W Evacuation of Ya mi V rO %J Dress CoaeWbatP c ° ot | g , IV° § % ! Case Pending SPS-A, Graduating sHl ■§. F f ' ot-i ' " wrenstein Sit-In £©Q %,. r ' s $f, . Shows Outrage S fe » ' nnter System Nu?I ProgramInstltuted« » Rea g " an C£ 38 Living »■■»■■■■■ !■■■•■■■■ : M«MI» | II « " ' » ' IMIMMH 11 ,«. »•«■ " « ■MIErHMMI tfcflWlilWjQ -Jl •■■« ' ■■£• «P» I nisi sn JyJM. 1 B PC m — friends, friends, friends, we wilt a ways be w 40 Living The next best thing to being there . . Living 41 QUICK WEIGHT LOSS CENTERS He ' s my bodyguard! 42 Life or Srern " What roasrer oven, Mrs. Milner? " We ' ve gor a long nighr ahead of us Genrlemen prefer Hanes Anorher Haagen Dazs?! mighr as well speak ro you girls in Chinese. " Good ro rhe lasr drop Life ar Srern 43 44 Life or Srern 46 Senior Dinner Graduarion 47 48 Graduarion Mono Allen tttCJNO STERN COLLEGE FOR WOMEN of Yeshivo Universiry, YC, four years— NO SLEEP ' . . Loads of FUN Agenr " M " , no GAS, SHOPPING, CHHS, Shabbarons— DUDE RANCH— SKI RETREATS— NO SLEEP ' — LSS— NCSY (AD— SCW ' s Offices of rhe Dean, Srudenr Services and rhe Regisrrar— SCWREGIS, SCWSC— Presidency— NO SLEEP!! ' — YU Development: Four years— GREAT FRIENDS— SPECIAL PEOPLE, NEW OLD EXPERIENCES . MUCH rhanks and LOVE ro: MOMDADGRAMJEN,- aJud, J LL; . . . dkb, co, mrs . . . z, w, r, d, Ms. filler, my bowling pals, rhe coach, is, and mrs. r. To Reens a special nore mbf — wwabf: To my New old Friends especially dr. dr. b, yally, mims, and ely — reb w K, dina dahn — rhanks for rhe help, supporr, fun in rhe pasr, presenr, furure . . . Graduarion day — " We ' ve made ir! " . . . Sriil NO SLEEP! " Bur who cares because we ' ve gor rhe memories . . . " 7b accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe. " Anatole France Maria Ann Bachner Major — Psychology, Profession — Social Work, Exrra- curricular acriviries — Daskerball ream ' ' Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them bur I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead. " Anonymous 50 Seniors Cheryl Renee Barash rtm Founding member of Nursing Organizarion (SWOSO, RN, Vice-Presidenr of SWOSC . . . Nurses Nores— ' Reduce Srress ' , . . . SCD5 " On rhe Nighr of January Sixreenrh " . . . Dean ' s Lisr . . . World Traveller ' ' Dererminarion is a grear virrue. Ir leads ro Qchievemenr and success. " Deborah Ann Barenholtz Educarion major . . . Psychology minor, educarion club . . . dean ' s lisr . . . blood drive " Learn from yesrerday, live for roday, and hope for Tomorrow . " Seniors 51 Esther Domzer VTWC Business ediror — Kochovioh . . Accounring major Treasurer — Accounring sociery ... Dig Sisrer Regisrrarion Aid . . Baskerball Aid . . . Dean ' s Lisr . . . Volleyball Inrramurals ' ' Knowledge is gained by learning,- rrusr by doubr, skill by practice, and love by love " Thomas Szasz Lee Borck n zb rvn Dean ' s Lisr . Presidenr — Compurer Science Sociery, Treasurer — Senior closs ... Big Sisrer . . . Floor Chairperson . . . Tzedakah commirree . . Srudenr courr . . Elecnons commirree ' If a man does nor keep pace with his companions, perhaps ir is because he hears a different drummer. Ler him step ro rhe music which he hears however measured or far away. " H.D. Thoreau 52 Seniors Sandi Ellen Braiterman English Communicarions major . . . ambirion: Public Relations Execurive . . . SAF member 1979-80 . . SCDS " Ten Lirrle Indians " : . . . Erhel Rogers — 1980 . . . Talmida ar Machon Gold — 1980-81 . . Srem College Choir: Soprano I — 1981-82, Secrion Representative 1981- 82 . . . 7rh floor represenrarive— 1981-82 . . WYUR: Hebrew Music D.J.: The Baltimore Connection — 1981- 83, News Anchorwoman — 1983, Associare Board Member: Publiciry Direcror — 1981-82, Governing Board member: Business Direcror 1982-83 . Publiciry Award — May 1982 . . . Besr Girl ' s Hebrew Music Show: The Balrimore Connecrion (May 1982) . . . lore Bera Sigma . . . Upsilon Kappa Pho . . . Srudenr Hosr Chairperson 1982-83 . . . Admissions Phonarhon — 1982 . . NCSY Advisor 1979-82 ... Ben Zakai Honor Sooery . . Ezra Lighrman Honor Sociery . . . Ann Lander ' s srand-in . . . Goal: Learn how nor ro ger burnrll . . . Dipsey Du-wops Chocolate Du-d-nonurs—MMM 1 . . . J P. . . . 568-4700 . . . Jingles . . . Israel . . . Give my regards ro Broadway . . . It ' s mamash been great!! " o ■» own n n n ysn V d ? nyi jet bzb " Ruth Brenner h m Dean ' s list ... Big Sisrer . . . Education club . . . Blood drive committee . . . Major: Economics . . . Minor: Sociology , -iin -|V mpi ,2-1 " p ncy " " niDT rp 1 ? O-lXn ' " 7 3 TIN J 1 ' 1 HI Seniors 53 Annie Charlop ran xypn Observer — News ediror . . . Polise — Ediror . . . Poliriscope — writer . Dramatic Soaery — " The Young and rhe Fair " . . . Polirical Science Soaery — Vice- Presidenr . Harvard Model U.N. . . . Srudenr Admissions Council . . . Tour guide . . . Dean ' s lisr " The grearesr gift is rhe gift of life and rhe greoresr sin is ro rerurn ir unopened " Shari Dash rmrn kiw Design major . . Belkin Scholar . . . Dean ' s Lisr . . , Erz Chaim NCSY advisor . . SCDS — " Uncommon Women " and orhers . . . Susie Friend . . . " Sharfmans " — 80-81 ... Dig Sisrer . , , Designed " leebi D ' Mizrach " Mural . The Haven or 8E . . Kochavia Layour. ' You ' ve gor ro ger up every morning wirh a smile on your face, and show rhe world oil rhe love in your hearr. " Carol King 54 Seniors Renee Ellen Edelmon nwK Srudenr Council Executive Board — Vice President . . . Srudenr Council Junior Class — Treasurer . . . The Observer— Circularing ediror, 1981-82, Arr Ediror— 1982- 83 . . . SCDS " The Young and rhe Fair " . . . WYUP,— Disc Jockey and engineer . . . Pianisr — Srern College Chamber Music group . . . Dean ' s lisr . . . Aishel Honor Sociery . . . Yeshiva Seminar Advisor . . . Economics Club . . . Pre-Law sociery " Ir is nor in doing whar you like, bur in liking whar you do. " James Dome , Mindy Fuchs Eisenman rtaSo TAC member . . . Israel Affairs Commirree ... I gave a pinr of myself in rhe ' 81- ' 82 Blood Drives (commirree member) . . . NCSY advisor . . . Educarion club . . . Ambirion: M.H.L. and Aliyah " A smile enriches rhose who receive wirhour making poorer rhose who give; ir rakes bur a momenr, bur rhe memory of ir somerimes lasrs forever. " Seniors 55 Varda Ekstein rmr Political Science major . Vice Presidenr — Pre-Law sociery . . . Poli-Sci debating ream . . . Chairman of publiciry — Senior class . . . Reporter for both Hebrew and English newspapers Sarah Elzayat Sephardic club 56 Semors AHzq Epstein nn nvbp Biology major . . . Dormirory counselor . . . Recording Secrerary of SCWSC . . . Science club — President . . . Doskerboll ream . . . Observer . . Open House . . Admissions ... Dig Sisrer . . TAC . . Sifrei Chachamenu " We moke a living by whar we get, bur we make a life by whor we give. " Debra Fernandez mm Psychology major yearbook copy editor . . . SCW rennis ream . . NCSY advisor ... Dig Sisrer . . . Senior Dinner Commirree Seniors 57 Annie Rebecca Fialkoff Co-chairman — Israel Affairs Commirree Dig Sisrer . Srern Representative in Israel T ' chiya . . Ezra Volunteer . . Kochaviah Calligrapher . Major: Speech Parhology ' 7 must feel cerroin that not only at rhe momenr of my deorh shall I be able to account for the time I have lived; I ought to be ready at every momenr of my life to confront myself and say — This is what I ' ve done " Yonatan Neranyahu Helene J. Fishhaut ran? ro-o Major in Judaic studies and nutrition (joint program with Hunter College) . career in Nutritional counseling , . . part-time Hebrew school teacher . . . fan of the Rambam . NCSY advisor . . . active in TAC . . . Chairwoman of rzedokoh committee ... Dig Sister at Freshman Retreat Jazzercise 1982-1983 . . . liason for Freeda vitamins " o ■ J s 3B " nac n V 58 Ads Sara Beth Frager Education major . . . Psychology minor . . . Founder and Co-chairperson of rhe Educarion club . . . yearbook sraff . . . major supporter of Dell Telephone Co. . . . Basketball ream . . . volleyball inrramurals . . . Phonarhon ... I love singing and playing piano and guirar. Special interests,- spending money, going to Broadway shows, theaters, museums, spending money, and spending more money. " i nsT-n di ; .■pn ,mo ntyi y 1 2 mc Rivka Fredman Biology major Ads 59 Lee Frankel Judy M. Fox JVTKV Economics sociery . TAC . Belkin Scholar awordee NCSY Cenrral Easr region — advisor . . JPSY advisor ar Bronx science . Favorire roommares (in no special order): Robin, Lisa, Jackie and Tamar 60 Seniors Tammy Sand Friedman mm ran? Education major . . . Psychology minor . . . Interests.- Teaching children, Music, Travel, Swimming, Horseback riding, David " To be what we ore and ro become what we are capable of becoming is the only end of life. " Shelley Risa Frier English Crearive wriring major . . . Dean ' s Lisr . . . Srudenr hosr . . . Delkin Scholar ' s Day (workshop leader) . . Phone-a-rhon . . . Choir . . . SCDS — " Pageanr " . . . Speech Arrs Forum . . . First Place — Impromptu Speech conresr . . . Observer — Proof staff. Copy staff, Newswrirer . . . (Founder) SCW English society . . , Academic Standards Committee . . Permanent resident of 801 . , . Amateur juggler . . . Professional dillerenre . . . Ambition: " A room of one ' s own, " in Israel " The more faithfully you listen ro rhe voice wirhin you, rhe berrer you will hear whar is sounding outside. And only he who lisrens can speak. Is this the starring point of rhe road towards rhe union of your rwo dreams — ro be allowed in clariry of mind ro mirror life and in purity of hearr ro mold it? " Dag Hammarskjold Seniors 61 1 - ■fi- MiiaJM IB ■ Briendy Garson nryna Regisrrarion Aide . phonarhon . . TAC Dikur Cholim — chairman Esther Gold ■mo Israel Affairs commirree . . . Speech Parhology club ... 3rd floor aerobics . . . SCD5 . . . Blood Drive — Regisrranon Aide . . . T ' chiya volunreer . . . Derh ' s roommare uk , " P 1 n nsr Dip a VdV " t: ' y-iN 1 ? -pin 62 Seniors Peggy Goldner iriVK hip ) English Communicarions major . , . Psychology minor . . Dean ' s Lisr . . . manager and buyer of srudenr srore . . . Senior class publiciry commirree . . . Observer layout sraff . . . Speech Arrs Forum . . . Regisrrarion aide ... Dig Sisrer . . . YU Israel newslerrer correspondent C80- ' 8D . . . Debe ' s roommare . . . Club Cleveland . . . 3rd Floor Frozen Yogurr club . . . racquerball . . . calligraphy . . . crochering ' let us be what we are and speak what we Think and in all things keep ourselves loyal ro truth and the sacred professions of friendship. " [Er P Pr Vf c: w P -V £ i Deborah Eve Goldstein rtm mm Chabad club— ' 81- ' 82 . . . TAC— ' 82- ' 83 . . . Sovier Jewry commirree — ' 82- ' 83 . . . Israel Affairs commirree— ' 82- ' 83 . . . Projecr Ezra— ' 82- ' 83 -Toiy o iyn ann nc? " ?tt? by " " ? y i , n m a y n b y , m l n n ' ? y IlIK 13K ' J7TD) " D ' lOTl 111 " 7 231 Seniors 63 Joyce Grill Blood Drive commirree . . . WYUTVD.J. . . . Observer — wriring staff . . . Projecr Doror-voiunreer . . Dean ' s Lisr . . . presently working ar Narional Foundarion for Jewish Culrure . . Speech Arrs Forum . . Besr Roommore ' 7 know you believe you undersrond whor you rhink I said, bur I am nor sure you realize rhor whor you heord is nor whor I meanr. " Elise Ilene Gropper nnox Hunrer College: MS — Nursing Adminisrrarion " To live your life in your own way . . . To reach for rhe goals you have ser for yourself ... To be rhe you rhor you wanr ro be . . . Thar is success. " 64 Seniors Gila Gross Judaic Studies major Yocheved B. Grunberger Judaic Studies major . . . Phonarhon . . . Y.U. represenrarive in Israel . . . JACY volunteer ... Dig Sisrer Observer — rypisr newswrirer . . . Who ' s who in American Universities . . . Israel Affairs Committee . Thanks to all my roomares, especailly Annie and her replacement. " If everything seems ro be going well, you ' ve obviously overlooked something " Murphy ' s Low Seniors 65 Susan Harris Chorus . Compurer Science club . Falashan Jewry . Sophomore senaror — 1979 . . . S.5.S.J. . . . Tzedakah drive for Cambodian relief . . . Volunreer work " The imporranr thing is nor ro stop questioning. " Albert Einstein Naomi Marsha Holland Indusrrial Psychology and Marketing major . . . Dormitory Improvemenr Commirree . Fund Raising commirree . Dig sisrer . . . Srudenr Council Supporter — Hoagie buyer, Dagel buyer, Donur buyer, Cookie buyer, Egg Roll buyer, ere. . . Holder of rhe record for raffle ricker selling . . . Switchboard operator trainer . . . Can (too) often be heatd saying, " What midterm??!! ' " " Winner of the Crammer-of-rhe- Year award from 1979-1980 . . Staunch supporter of Ma Dell . Is reputed to be Ralph Lauren ' s rop salesperson . . Matchmaker . . . Nighrowl . . Loves rhe " Philings " in Barron ' s N.C. the 5.H. " There never seems ro be enough time ro do the things you wont ro do once you find them " Jim Croce 66 Seniors Varda " Vee " Ismailoff rrm Vice President of rhe Freshman class . . . Basketball ream . . . Inrramural volleyball— chairman . . Accounting sociery . . . Accounring major . . . Dean ' s Lisr. ' 7 wish I could srand on o busy corner, hot in hand and beg people ro throw me all their wasted hours. " Bernard Derenson Nancy Sarine Israel run nw Dean ' s Lisr . . . Psi Chi Narional Honor sociery— Vice Presidenr, YU choprer . Observer— Phorography ediror Big Sisrer— Chairperson . . . Sephardic club Psychology club . . . Tzedakah commirree . . . Elecnons commirree . - . Kochaviah— photographer . . AMIC volunreer, member of rhe 5habbar— cafeteria crew . and anything else I mighr have forgorren . . Ambition: To be able to do anything I feel like doing at the time I feel like doing it. " ip na nosri :vcj iriT ' K " , na " iV 1 ? nxi-i o " ike " pin " " inu pa ' ViB Seniors 67 Natalie Laura Jacobs Biology major . . . " Uncommon Women and Orhers " — props manager . . WYUF engineer . . . " Pageanr " — Mimi Larson ... Dig Sisrer . . . Roommate of Navoh, Fran, Sally, Sharon, Sheri, Sandi and Shan . . . avid supporrer of NY Telephone Co. . . . switchboard operaror — who ' s Marc Fleming ' . . Mounr Sinai coordinaror . . . owner of besr windows ro view 34rh srreer " acriviries " . . . fan of " Rocky Horror " and " The Exorcisr " . . . Nomi VeNomi, Mo Irchen Hayom? . . . loves devil dogs . . . child prodigy . . . donated B + blood six rimes . . . whar happens afrer graduarion? . . advocares unemploymenr and food sramps . . . firm believer in a Billy Joel song . . . Endocrinology fan, " became a grandmorher before experiencing rhejoys and pains of morherhood " . . razor blade in hair, righr Sylvia? . . . Whar abour rhe family jewel, rool and insrrumenr? . , . Financially unsrable due ro Pac Man . Is ir an arari computer system or just o storage cose ' . . . " irs rhe little things in life that moke me happy " . . . Loves NYC and rhe 5.H. . (see Naomi Holland) " Education is whar remains when we have forgorren all rhor we have been raughr. " George Savile Halifax Leah Kahn rtxb History major . . . assistant features editor of Observer . . . Proof ediror of rhe Observer . . . Active in rhe Entenmen ' s Club (each week sample a new variety) . . . Parr-time engineer for WYUR, in freshman year . . . The only girl with more brothers sisters than rhe Brady Bunch. ' ' Experience is a wonderful rhing. Ir enables you ro recognize a misroke when you moke ir again. " ' ' An oprimisr is someone who rells you ro cheer up when rhings are going his way. " 68 Seniors Lisa Kirschner Psychology major Adina Ruth Klein Psychology major — Special Educarion . . . Jewish Studies cerrificare . . . Layour sraff in yearbook . . . Dorm Floor Represenrarive ... Dig Sisrer . . . Psych club Member of Chevrar Aliyah Toronir . . . Organizer of Senior Rerrear Weekend . . . organized Freshman Blind Dare Parry . . Dmim Teacher ' If we hope ro live norjusr from momenr to momenr, bur in rrue consciousness of our exisrence, rhen our grearesr need and mosr difficult ochievemenr is ro find meaning in our lives. " Bruno Derrelheim Seniors 69 Shari Kohn Junior class Presidenr . member of Israel Affairs Commirree . Library commirree .Dig Sisrer . . . Yeshiva University Seminar advisor . . . Chairman of Economics sociery . . . Kochaviah — Photography ediror . Senior Senaror " There is no skill in easy sailing when the skies are clear and blue. There is no joy in merely doing, things rhar anyone can do. Bur rhere is great satisfaction that is mighty sweet to rake, when you reach a destination that you said you couldn ' t make. " Debby Korn rt f mm Biology major . TAC . Science club . . . Israel Affairs 70 Seniors Sheila Kovalsky SCDS— Lighring design for " Young b Fair " , " Cry Havoc " , " Pogeanr " , " Women in Whire " . - . Historian for Dramaric Society ... Dig Sisrer " We are young bur ger ir oil before our rime. " Joe Jackson Lisa M. Krater rrxS Dramarics sociery . . . Speech club . . . Blood drive . Volunreer or New York University Medical Cenrer . . . Inreresr in Fine Arrs . . . Dean ' s Lisr " You only live once, bur if you live righr, once is enough. " Seniors 71 Navah Kula . 7TK3 Major — Judaic Studies Susan Landau ran? Jewish Studies major . . . chairman — Sovier Jewry . SCDS — presidenr 72 5eniors Esti Lapp VlOJC Psychology major , , . Ambirion: Child Psychologist . . Exrra Curricular: Baskerball Team . . . The Gang . . . Volleyball Inrramurals . . . Psychology Club . . . USY . . Israel Affairs Commirree . Dean ' s List If I am nor for myself who is for me? And if I am only for myself whor am I? And if nor now, when? Pirkei Avor Annette Belinda Lebowitz rcro rrjrr Kochaviah — Proof ediror . , , Science club — secretary Senior class Publiciry commirree — member . . . Chevrar Aliyah Toranir — member . . . NCSY advisor . . . Dean ' s Lisr . . . Ambirion: Occuparional rherapisr " Whor we rruly and earnesrly aspire ro be, rhor in some sense we are. The mere ospirarion, by changing rhe frame of rhe mind, for rhe momenr realizes itself. " Anna Jameson Seniors 73 Michale Liberman Hisrory major . . . Observer OP-ED ediror . . Dean ' s Lisr . . . Harvard Model U.N. . . . English sociery . . . Dnei Akiva . . . Hachsharar Golan, Kvurzar Yavne . Hach Der, Oror . . Garin Golan-Rayur? . . . Makhela . Hisrory club . . 5.A.F. Speech Conresr organizer NY. Times campus rep . . Commenrary enrhusiasr . . . rends ro ger losr in book srores . . rhe haven ar 8E . . . never ler schooling ger in rhe way of your educarion (rhanks, Twain) . . . uropian socialisr ar hearr nanVa mnsi " nm Vnn-nK •» " 7 ncy t» osyi n: -p jnun sin ' 3 vf ,1 n ' n-ns tiidtt ' ? ' • n m cyV n3 yacj-ncK irna n c D ' pn fyab (n»-T»:n cn-m) " ntn cn ' 3 vnas Cindy Luster rTOK Governing Board of Pre-Law sociery . . . Poli-Sci club — chairman of publiciry . . . Dean ' s Lisr 74 Seniors Lois Mayers Major — Nursing Jm »- si i " J L ■ ■ tm m u Anna Ostro Major — Economics - . . Minor — Hisrory Seniors 75 Yocheved Pachino Dean ' s Lisr . . . Secrerory of Srudenr Council . . . Srudenr Representative on Curriculum Commirree . . Polirical Science Sociery . , . Pre-Law society ... Dig Sister , . Student Host . . Room 6D " If you con imagine it, you con achieve ir. If you can dream ir, you can become ir. " William Arrhur Ward Ronni Lynn Pasternak !?m rrpr» One generation after . . . special education . . . Deaas List . . . Kochaviah . . Blood drive . . . Liretarure Traveling , . music . . theatre . . . Israel , J??_CJ Van im 1 1 C " iibl pnnxB riKT x i ■ a ■ p V k n ns (i-a 1 nVnp) " dinh b-j nr »d 76 Seniors Revo Ellen Pinter rtpan Junior class V.P. . . . Seminar advisor ... Dig sisrer . Regisrrarion aide . . . Daskerball ream . . . Economics sociery . . . 3rd floor Aerobics club " Life con only be understood backwards, bur only lived forwards. " Kierkegaard Davida Pomerantz Wtfav ,TTTT Major — Educarion Seniors 77 Hindy Rabinowitz SCDs — ' The Pageant " . . . Arrending Fashion Insrirure of Technology . . . majoring in advertising design . . . ambition: ro be a design editor on " Vogue. " " What was an bur a world in which ro imprison for a momenr rhe shining elusive elemenr which is life irself — life hurrying past us and running away, too strong ro stop, too sweer ro lose " Willa Corrher Penina Hirsch- Rabinowitz Dnei Akiva . Adverrising and design major " To be whar we are, and ro become whar we are capable of becoming, is rhe only end of life. " Robert Louis Stevenson 78 Seniors Debra Fay Reichman Presidenr — Accounring sociery . . . Vice-Presidenr — Accounring sociery . . . Economics club . . . Inrramural volleyball ream . . . Dean ' s lisr . . . SCDS — " Pageanr " Rhonda Joy Reininger mng f rn Major: biology . . . Observer— Assisranr ro rhe Ediror Elecrions commirree . . . Big Sisrer . . . Observer — Phorography ediror . . . Science club . . . Publiciry commirree ' Whor lies behind us and whar lies before us are riny morrers compared ro whar lies wirhin us. " Ralph Waldo Emerson Seniors 79 Miriam Rachel Rosenberg Arr ediror — Kochoviah . . . Speech arrs Forum . . . Basketball ream . . . Dean ' s Lisr . . F.I.T. shurrle . . knirring club . Degas, Renoir, and Rodin admirer . . MMA burron collecror ... Big Sisrer . . N.C.5.Y, advisor . . Who ' s Who among srudenrs in American Universiries . . . " Empry Garden " by Elron John in memory of John Lennon . . . One wish — Direcr line ro Chicago ' ' If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors ro live rhe life which he has imagined, he will meer with a success unexpected in common hours- " Henry David Thoreau Rachelle Rosenberg Dorm counselor of Floors 19 and 20 . Dean ' s Lisr . . . Roommate ro Shani, Sherri and Devorah — rhey sure were lucky!!! " If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall nor live in vain; If I can ease one life from aching, or cool one pain, or help one fainting robin unto his nest again, I shall not live in vain. " Emily Dickinson 80 Seniors Laurie Rosenthal nr Devorah Rosner mm Psychology major . . . Psychology club . . . Psy Chi narional honor sociery . . . Dnei Akiva . . . Rachelle ' s roommare " Happiness is rhe only good. The rime ro be happy is now, rhe place ro be happy is here, rhe way ro be happy is ro make orhers so. " Adverrising design major . . . baskerball ream . . . phorography sraff — Kochaviah " Champion rhe righr ro be yourself, dare ro be differenr and ro ser your own porrern live your own life and follow your own srar. " unknown aurhor Seniors 81 Sora Rivka Roth Senior class president .Dig Sisrer Publicity commirree . . . Psychology club . Observer — Assisronr ro rhe ediror, Layour sraff . . Avid museum goer . . Took advantage of Lincoln Cenrer and Carnegie Hall . . . Psychology major . . . Aspiring lawyer tik mini mxo " i J , d " (, ll 7£ o) " idiq mm in D 1, n " p7i Simone Rudoler rrarr rrrrar English major — long live rhe liberal arrs . . . no, nor all English majors aspire ro be reachers . . . Senior class V.P. . Observer Layour ediror . , . Laundry every Sunday - . . near nur . . oprimisr . . . Shabbar program coordinator . . . Admissions Council . . . Sophomore class treasurer , Commission on Jewish leadership . . . grearesr aspiration, long, straight hair . . . Basketball . . . Observer sraff . Floor chairman . , , Spell whar? ... I lefr my heorr in rhe alcove of 15A . . . Firm believer in Levi ' s jeans . . Remember: Smiling is happy, feels looks nice and doesn ' t cost anything! ' 7 am an incurable romantic. I believe in hope, dreams and decency. I believe in love, renderness and kindness. I believe in mankind. " 82 Seniors Shoshanna Rachel Schiff im rtww Major: Psychology — Speech Porhology Minor: Speech . . . Psychology club . . . Israel Affairs Commirree . . . Kochaviah sraff . . . srudenr hosr program . . . Yeshiva seminar . , . Blood drive . . . Chevrar Aliyah Toranir . . . Jazzercise . . . Basketball ream . . . Srern choir . . . Dean ' s lisr ,-nDbn " 7oy n k bnaon k 1 ? qk " LN-1T5? t,3 r s) " n-iynn ?ay Vmcn Faith Katz Schwartz im pro English Communicarion major inrernship program ... Big sisrer Communications . Polirical Science society " Forsake nor an old friend; for rhe new is nor comparable ro him " a new friend is as a new wine, when it is old, thou sholr drink ir with pleasure. " Ecdesnases Seniors 83 Suzanne Beth Schwartz Dig sisrer . . . Regisrrarion aide SCW Science club chairperson . . Dean ' s lisr . Biology major ' ' If we keep or something long enough, something will come of it; ond in all probability the reason that we keep at it long enough is that the something that will come of it already exisrs in germinal form and Is forcing itself on to fruition. " Shroga Silversrein raw Tina Senders rait? Major — Communicarion Disorders 84 Seniors life! in vv ' ®M , ' Ora Shapiro mt c Major — English lirerarure Julie Shafron mrv r bb W Y.U.R. . . . Club Canada liason . . . dorm counselor Dean ' s lisr . . . inrramural volleyball . . . Ambirion-. Physician ' s associare ' G-d said ir, I believe ir, and rhar serrles ir! " Seniors 85 Amy Ruth Sholiton Freshman class senaror . . . Polirical science sociery special evenrs coordinaror Polirical science sociery Treasurer . . . Chairman — Srern College Senare . . . Observer . . . Dig Sisrer . . Member: Poli Sci sociery and Pre-Law sociery . . . Harvard Model UN delegarion ' The reasonable man seete ro adapr himself ro rhe world. The unreasonable man seete ro adapr rhe world ro himself. Therefore, all progress depends upon rhe unreasonable man. " George Bernard Shaw Sheila Sidenberg rtvn wv Educarion major . . Baskerball ream — caprain . . . Educanon club . . . Dean ' s Lisr ' ' Reach for a dream, reach for a srar, reach for rhe brighresr rhing you are — You ' ll be amazed by whor you can be! " 86 Seniors Mindy Silverman Major — Psychology Chavie Sladowsky mrr Fashion Insrirure of Technology . . . Jazzercize Pac-Maniac . . . Ambirion: Adverrising Designer . . . " I love rhe nighr life " . . . firm believer in sleeping lore . . . and in gerring ro class lore " You only live once, bur if you live righr, once is enough. " Seniors 87 Goldo Smilchensky Biology major , Freshman orienranon — chairperson . . . Dig sisrer . Regisrrarion aide Observer — Proof staff . . . Yeshiva Seminar advisor Parrerning . , AF5I voiunreer , . Dean ' s list . Who ' s who among srudenrs in American Universiries . . . Senior class bagel salesman . . . Voiunreer ar De llevue . . . Space coder " Dare ro be different. " Fran Ellen Smith Compurer science major ... Dig sisrer . . . Ticker service Chairperson . WYUR D.J. — " The Dalrimore Connecrion " . , WYUR governing board — Srem College coordinoror . . Memories of Srem: Twilight Zone: nee, nee . . Vamba . . " Ain Echenanee " . . . punk rejects . . sp. bailer . . " Goin ' back ro Baltimore, " Okaii " . . . philosophical discussions . . . . " Ohmigod " . . . " rorally-fer sure " . . . Room 7G — Chasya, Naralai and Fraan eh! " Jerusalem nyic ' 1 ■ " 7 rfM n- ma ' n • t y 88 Seniors Karen Stern Renee Bonnie Stern Secretary of Senare . . . VYUR . , . Dean ' s lisr . . . American Chemical sociery . . . Who ' s who among srudenrs of American universities ' To be what we ore, and ro become whar we are capable of becoming is rhe only end of life. " Roberr Louis Stevenson rrrr Major— Psychology Seniors 89 Esther Stiefel Dean ' s list . . . Who ' s who in American Universiries Observer — Ediror-in-chief . . . Accounring sociery — V.P. . . . Elecrions commirree — chairman . . Dia sisrer ' ' -p ' 3 V S a ' DP -pan 17. id ' m " Sally Lee Stone Chemisrry major . . , WYUR . . . Osberver — Managing ediror . . . choir K7 m b S3? on 1 ?! , n n » 3 m 3 ' " ? n n ' sis " (n:K7 ' ?od) ni 73Nn 90 Seniors Renee Paula Strauss English Lirerarure major . . . Dean ' s lisr . . . Observer — Disrriburing ediror, wriring sraff, layour sraff ... Dig sisrer . . . Parrerning . . . firm believer in Yekka power " He does nor believe rhar does nor live according ro his belief. " Thomas Fuller Sharon Hope Sturm rr rr Educarion major . . . U.J. A. chairperson . . . Educarion club . . . Dormirory commirree ' You can complain because roses have thorns, or you con be grareful because rhorns hove roses. " Seniors 91 Robin Beth Tover Delkin Scholar Dean ' s lisr . . Torah Acnviries Commirree — chairperson . . Floor chairperson . . . Dig sisrer , . Srudenr hosr . . . Psychology major " D ' i ' . 1 ? inVi , ' npy brine; na " ( n np , »b?-i) Barbara Elizabeth Ungar rrlro fans nrxi Polirical Science sociery — presidenr . . Harvard Model Unired Narions — Head Delegare ... Dig sisrer , . . Regisrrarion aide . . . srudenr hosr commirree . . avid supporrer of rhe New York Telephone company . . N.C S Y advisor J PS Y club leader . Legal Aide inrern . . Legal assisranr . . . Ambirion: lawyer in a social work relared field , nan oy tdh nciyc " a bo " " a 7 t y J3 i 7 to 92 Seniors Mindy Devorah Voroba mm bnw Dean ' s lisr . . . Observer — Managing ediror . . . Elecrion commirree . . . Educarion club . . . Publiciry commirree ... Dig sisrer . . . Regisrrarion aide . . . Torch Acriviries Commirree . . . Educarion major ' If rhou lockesr knowledge, whor host rhou acquired? If rhou acquiresr knowledge, whar dosr rhou lock? " Damidbar Robbo Chaya Wagner Kiruv commirree . . . Dikur Cholim . . . Kashrur . . . Rosh Chodesh . . . Dean ' s lisr . . . Dreuer ' s seminary " □ ■ 3E HD ' •» not ' 37 " Seniors 93 Madeline Wald Nursing . . Observer reporrer To Mom and Dad: Thank you for continually giving me rhe support and love rhar has helped me conquer yer another day G-d bless you. " Have foirh in yourself and in your own abilities. Be glad rhar you ore who you are, bur srrive ro grow. Life is becoming. Life is a journey " Rena Weinberger Psych Ed major . . . alphabet . . kippor . . . Bowling team . . dorm counselot . . Ml. A. . . . Sharfman ' s . , . Shalom . . tutoring . . . NYU. Emetgency . . . 9C. 94 Seniots Beth Anne Weiner rrra Psychology and Hisrory major . . . Srern College Dramatics sociery . . . Phorographer of Kochaviah . . . YU seminar advisor . . . T ' chiya volunteer . . . Israel Affairs commirree . . . Blood drive . . . 3rd floor aerobics club . . . Esther ' s roommare " Take rime ro live because rhe world has so much ro give. " Sharon Pasternak Winiarz T.L.5. . . . Yeshiva seminar . . . N.C.5.Y. . . - Torah Acriviries Commirree Seniors 95 Marcy Zwecker Srudenr Council Treasurer 1982-84 . . . Transporranon Co-ordinaror 1981-82 . . . Sophomore class Treasurer 1980-81 . . . Floor represenrarive 1979-80 . . Unired Jewish Appeal Campus Campaign Soliciror 1979-80 . . . Observer Layour Sraff 1979-82 .Dig Sisrer 1981-83 . New Jersey NCSY Advisor 1981-83 " Fulfill His will as you would your own will, so rhar He may fulfill your will as rhough ir were His will, " Pirkei Avor Chavi Zwickler Psychology major nrio mrr Psychology club . . . Psychi Narional Honor Sociery ' ' Ir is chonce rhor makes brothers, bur hearr rhar makes friends. " 96 Seniors T ff •« „ r £ t 2; Congratulations to our darling daughter Hindy W e wish you the best of luck always and may all of your dreams come true. Your Loving Parents With Love, Mom, Dad, Frady and Avi, Sari and Naavi D ' vora Wishing our wonderful daughter, sister, aunt CHAYA WAGNER a bright, healthy, and fulfilling future. To Our Dear CHAVIE MAZAL TOV WE ' RE PROUD OF YOU! LOVE, IMA ABBA Big Wheels 3006 AVENUE L BROOKLYN. NY 11210 Bicycles 377-4982 Sales Service ' Repairs To my MINDY We did it! Love, your Barry The Masmid Governing Board would like to wish Mazel Tov to our editor-in-chief Yumi B. Reva Pinter on their forthcoming marriage. J J J K. 98 Ads Mazel Tov to our dear LEE and the rest of the graduates Love, Mom, Dad, Laurie, Alan, Lon, Poppy, Nanny, the rest of the Borck ' s Stein ' s and Zieger ' s Ads 99 In honor of our beloved daughter-in-law Tammy Sand Friedman Mazal Tov Rabbi and Mrs. M.S. Friedman Dear Mom and Dad I Love You Debra The 1982-83 Governing Board of Yeshiva University Radio WYUR-S2 AM, wishes Hatzlacha Rabah to the Stern College Senior Class. u m Mazal Tov to our dearest Devorah May success and happiness always be with you. Love. Mom, Abba, Moshe, « Gitty Congratulations to our daughter Marcy Love, Mumsie and Popsie To my Princess Hindy, Don ' t give up your dreams. Find them. cherish them, and never let them go. for in yo dreams are my dreams Happy Graduation I love you — Kenny Mazel Tov Nancy Love the Mehlmans: Daddy, Mommy, Tevie and Betsy. Pesach, Moshe. Surah, Zevi, Faygah and Miriam 100 Ads Dear Natalie, Where have the years gone? You have filled them all with joy and dedication. May the wisdom you have acquired open doors to a bigger and glorious future. May you reach the goals you have set for yourself and bring us much Yiddishe nachas. Love Always, Mom Dad Mazel Tov to our Daughter, Sister, and Aunt Beth May all your future endeavors be successful and happy. All our love, Mom and Dad Phyllis, Michael, Nehama, Nitza, and Yoni Mark, Hedy, and Chana Debra, Jay, and Yehuda Ads 101 GOLD Congratulations to MONA my oldest grandchild who has always made me happy and proud. Keep up the good work. and To the ' 83 Groduofing Class — good luck in each of your future endeavors. Love, Grandma Belle GOLD To SARA BETH, Congratulations to you on your graduation. Love and best wishes to you always, Bill Ads 103 To Our Dearest DEBBIE Who has always filled our hearts with pride and joy. May you and your classmates go on to even greater heights and continue to be loving sources of true yiddishe nachas. Love, Mom, Dad, Amy Stuie Vs= 104 Ads To Our Dearest Daughter MARLA We wish you a hearty Mazel Tov upon your graduation. You have brought us pride, joy and happiness from the day you were born, and may you continue to do so in the years to come. With never ending love and devotion, Your Loving Parents Ads 105 SILVER Congratulations and Best Wishes to Lee Frankel on her graduation. From, Northern Illinois Management, Inc. v v 106 Ads Dear Michale, May this be only the beginning of a long happy and productive life. Love, Ph IONE MU 9-3629 BONNE CLEANERS, ltd. For Quality a Service 56 East 34th Street Bet. park Madi SON AVES. w LL1AM KREMER NEW YORK. N. Y . ioois (212) 929-6476 GEFENS KOSHER DAIRY RESTAURANT SAM 297 ■ 7th AVENUE NAT AT 27tti ST_ N.Y.C. Rachelle — Mazel Tov from Aunt Mindy Congratulations to Varda Vegetarian Menu Natural Cafe 6 1 1 SECOND AVENUE Vegetarian Menu BETWEEN 33 34 ST. NYC- 100 16-2 12-684-9637 TAKE OUT DELIVERY MENU Best Wishes and much luck to Sora Rivka Roth from Scher Fabrics Debbie, Mazel Tov to you, our only granddaughter, on your graduation f rom Stern. Grandma Grandpa Ads 107 From Th PURITY - QUALITY - FLAVOR Vhere : ' .eigm Kosher Sale anks S Knockwurst Bologna - Corned Beel - Pastrami - Fresh Daily ! - (U.S. Inspected Passed by Department of Agriculture - Est. 8488) J 108 Ads Congratulations to ESTHER STIEFEL Upon her graduation. Mazel Tov Mommy Daddy Grandma Abby Aaron and Malka Sammy With love to SHANI on her hatzlacha. Mom and Dad Jerry and Beth Jonathan and David Ads 109 mr» o OX Congratulations to my granddaughter. Debbie who lights up my life with her sparkle, love, and beauty within and without. Edna Horn - " -- ;= Compliments o« ' .v; Manufactures Hanover Trust 34th St. at Madison Willie Jinks, Man 481-0641 We make your money worth more. K C Gifts Cards Cards — Books — Gifts Plush Animals, Gift Wrap Pu To the dawta, LAURIE, who has made our lives full of fun and nachas. We wish her all the mazel that our love holds. Love, Mom Dad In Loving Memory of Phyllis S.Pearl by her parents. Jack Anne Pearl Mazel Tov to Renee Stern from: Patti, Yaacov, Rivky, Mendy and Yoni 110 Ads In honor of our beloved daughter, sister, and granddaughter ROBIN who has always been a great source of pride and nachas to us. We love her and wish her all the good things in life that she truly deserves. With all our love, Sheila and Larry Tover Steve, Chuck, and Gigi Grandma Sylvia Goodfriend and Grandma Sylvia Tover Ads 111 to JUDY FOX To the Class of ' 83 Mazel Tov NATALIE Rabbi Sky Hebrew Book Store Maplewood, N.J. LAURIE All the luck always! Delicious Deli 53 E. 34 St. N Y.C. 10016 Dear Laurie, ' And they said it couldn ' t be done. Congratulations, With much love, Daniel Dearest REMEE Wishing you all the best in your future plans. Stay Happy! All our love. Cousins Motti Evey Congratulations MARCY on your graduation. Best Wishes for the future. Love, Melinda Bruce Best Wishes to Renee— SCW ' 83 and Eric— YU ' 84 From. Mr. Mrs. Luther Strauss SHEILA, The finest kind of friendship is between people who expect a great deal of each other but never ask it. Eileen Mazel Tov to RENEE EDELMAN Mazel Tov NATALIE Larry Geller Attorney at Law Maplewood, N.J. Congratulations LAURIE All the tuck! Lewis Kaye Liquor Wine LTD. 60 E. 34 St. N.Y.C. To My Dearest Granddaughter Laurie, May you be happy all your life. Love you, Bub Mazel Tov to G.B. I ' ll miss you. Love, S.B. To Debbie, My only Granddaughter Mazel Tov on your graduation from Stern. Grandma Ray Congratulations to the 1983 Graduating Stern Seniors. Midtown Deli 14 E. 34 St.— NYC 889-1825 Free Delivery OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 112 Ads To Our Dear Granddaughter TAMMY FRIEDMAN Our Heartiest Congratulations and Best Wishes for great achievements. May she go from strength to strength. Vn is V?7D Bertha and Meyer Sand Montreal-Miami Ads 113 To live your life your own way To reach for the goals you set for yourself To be the you that you want to be That is the true meaning of success All our Love to the most successful person we know SIMONE Mommy Daddy Judy Stuart Oma Opa Mutti Tante Lu Uncle Max Tante Anne Tante Lola Uncle Maurice 114 Ads To our dear niece Esther Mazal Tov upon your graduation. All our love and very best wishes for health, happiness, and success in all your endeavors. Uncle Heshy and Aunt Sarah, Yehuda, Esther Chana, and Sholie To our beautiful Mazel Tov to sister future Shifra Pasternak sister in law Winiarz MARLA, on the occasion of her Mazel Tov upon your graduation. We have always been so proud of graduation. you, and wish you a future filled Mordechai with only happiness. Andrew We love you. Phil your loving brothers and Ari sister in laws, Mom and Dad Larry t Hildy, Michael, and Margie Ads 115 Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Rosenberg Gary and Zada wish MIRIAM success in all her future endeavors and a lot of Mazel on her forthcoming marriage to Marvin. 116 Ads 3 uper daughter and sister! ±1 appy graduation! ± graduate at last! l amaz — look out! KJur pride and joy! Ill ew horizons! With Love, Mom and Sis Ads 117 Mazel Tov To Our Granddaughter CHAVE Love, Poppy Grandma Congratulations RACHELLE and the entire class of ' 83 Love, Aunt Marlene, Sheryl Jay To My Favorite Sister, REVA Love, Suri Mazel Tov NATALIE on your graduation, A friend NANCY, Me Too, even more now, Pesach MARCY— Surprise! You Graduated! Congratulations Warren Zwecker Rachelle, Best Wishes and Good Luck. Love, Grandmom Compliments of BUHNER REALTY To My Dearest, Darling, Sister, GOLDA Happy Graduation! Love you lots, B-Z Mazel Tov NATALIE Dr ' s. Fischelb erg and Pomeranz DDS Millburn N.J. To My Dearest LAURIE, I Love You Always. Love, Eli Congratulations to our Aunt MARCY upon your graduation. Love, Adam Michael and Alison Michelle Congratulations to Madeline E. Wald R.N., B.S. From the Wald and Weiner Families Compliments of 998-0800 0801 Meal Mart 1920 AVENUE M BROOKLYN, NY 11230 118 Ads YOCHEVED At graduation you leave one world and take your first steps into a new one. We are proud to congratulate you on your past successes, and hope the future holds only fulfillment and happiness for you and Nathan. Mazel Tov! Love, Mommy and Daddy = Ads 119 v Congratulations to our granddaughter and niece Sheila Kovalsky Wishing you health, happiness, and success always. Uncle Moshe and Aunt Sema Menora and family 120 Ads Mazel Tov to our darling Mindy Fuchs Eisentnan and her sister graduates. We wish you happiness and continued success With all our love, Barry Mom and Dad Fuchs Mom and Dad Eisenman Zade Don Fuchs Bubby Ruth and Zade Jerry Damesek Grandma Sylvia Schreiber Gershy, Sharon, Moshe David, Lois and Jody, Judy and Alan Tzippy and Yaakov Ads 121 , Love and Best Wishes to Our daughter and sister, LEE, upon her graduation. ' May she grow from strength to strength. " Love, Dad Mom Phyllis Fred Ina and Ariella 122 Ads fr To Our Beloved Daughter, Granddaughter, and sister nrx? Sm Tammy Sand Friedman You have blessed us with infinite happiness and brought us great pride, Mazel Tov on your graduation Mom, Dad, Shelly, Dovid, Karen, Brian, Tiva, and Bubby Besner j Ads 123 % To our sweet CHAVI MAZEL TOV on her graduation Mom and Dad Tsvi Meir Aviva Chana Shira Zehava Love from Grandmothers Fannie Hirshaut Joel, Don Feige Tsvi and Regina Schmur Uncle Yashar and Aunt Perie Dovid Mordechai Aliza Bracha Navon Yaakov Tamar Rachel Leah Yafa SHALOM KOSHER PIZZA ISRAELI FALAFEL under strict rabbinical supervision CHALAV ISRAEL 1000-6th Avenue (corner of 37th street — manhattan) 730-0008 Mazel Tov to Sara Beth o-rxr D ' pkf rjx aw iowa p xjyo)i We Love You! Yehuda and Tzipora Sori, Rafael, Mordechai, and Shalom Yonnoson Dovid 124 Ads Gold Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to our dear daughter and sister ADINA upon your graduation. May your future bring success and happiness in all your endeavors. Love, Mom, Dad, Simone, Marc, and Karen Klein Quality Mens ' and Womens ' Wear MAYFIELD CO., INC. HOSIERY— LINGERIE — UNDERWEAR ARNOLD KLEIN 303 GRAND STREET NEW YORK, N.Y. 10002 TEL 226-6627 Ads 125 126 Ads CONGRATULATIONS Nazal Tov and to Best Wishes to NANCY SARINE Annie Fialkoff ISRAEL upon her graduation. We wish you much on her graduation success and happiness Love, in your future. Dad, Mom, Grandma, Dan, Michael, and With Love, Sammy Jo Mom and Dad Mazel Tov to 15E — i Congratulations to Mutt, Jeff, Albert, Renee, Sharon. May all your wishes come true Devorah Rosner from Love ya always, Susan " Mazal Tov Congregation Sons of Israel Lula Haddie 1 Yonkers, N.Y. Haue a Happy Love Always, Tu Hermano Felipe " " Congratulations to I To Susan Harris and the Senior Class SARA BETH FR AGER " Looks like you made it! " Love Always, Mom Dad " i Mazel Tov — Congratulations best wishes j Love, for a wonderful future to Dan, the Music Man CHANI LEBOWITZ Love, Mom, Dad, and Ira Ads 127 It is with pride and joy that we congratulate our wonderful daughter Rhonda Joy Reininger upon her graduation We wish you much success and good luck in the future and may you continue to be the source of nachas that you already are. All our Love, Mommy, Daddy, Leah and Goldie tov Rhonda mazel-tov Rhonda mazel-tov Rhonda mazel-tov Rhonda mazel-tov Mazal-tov to our lovely granddaughter, Rhonda May your life be filled wifh the greatest of joys and triumphs. Good health, happiness, and luck should always come your way. Love, Safta and Zaidi Mazal-tov and Best Wishes to our dear granddaughter Rhonda Wishing you joy and success in all your endeavors. We ' re proud of you. With love, Grandma and Grandpa 128 Ads Mazel Tov and Bracha to our darling MINDY D. VOROBA upon two wonderful occasions. Graduation from Stern College and forthcoming marriage to Alan Floumanhaft All our love, Mom, Dad, Nomi, Yosef, and Shira Chashi and Michael Klein Dr. and Mrs. Melvin Floumanhaft Philip and Alan Bobi and Zaidi Tenzer Aunty Hindy and Uncle Kevy Goldis David, Mindy, and Bentzion Ads 129 To my darling wife TAMMY You are the valedictorian of my heart. Mazel Tov. I love You! David 130 Ads Mazal Tov and Best Wishes to SHULAMIT KOVALSKY on her graduation from Stern College. You have always been so dear to us. Now, our hearts are filled with pride and nachas as we watch you graduate. May you always always have success, happiness, and most of all, MAZAL as you go forth into the world on your own. Love, Mom, Dad, Rochel and Elchanon -f- JU " .-X™- %»• " Congratulations to FRAN Mazel Tov on your graduation Wishing you much success and love Mom, Dad, Sander Nanny Aunt Phyllis Aunt Janet, Uncle Harry, Steve and Bonnie Aunt Fanny and Uncle Izzy Aunt Ethel and Uncle Stanley To my loving parents Thank you . . . for all you have given me. I love you so much! VARDA 132 Ads Mazal Tov Esther on your graduation and best of luck in all your endeavors. The Fishers, Kagans, Langartens, Perlmans, Schloss ' s, and Alice Thelma Dear Sara Beth, Thanks for always being there — You ' re the best ' ' play partner " ever. I Love You! always, Deena Joy Mazel Tov Rena Weinberg and all the graduates From her family Greetings and best wishes to our talented Editor-n-Chief the former Yocheved Grunberger- now Mrs. Lindenbaum — Jerome Ella Willig To our Zeeseh Neshama, Golda Nechama our precious F.B. who fills our life with glee. May the One Above grant you hatzlocho and Mazel Tov! Mom and Dad Ads 133 ( j, Congratulations to our daughter and sister LEAH upon the happy occasion of her graduation from college. Love, Mom and Dad Natan, Chana, Zalman, Shira, Yosef, Deneal, Rachel, and Meira 134 Ads To our darling daughter RUTH Yasher Koach upon your graduation. May you always have good health, good luck, and happiness. Love, Mommy, Daddy, and Gail Best Wishes For Continued Success to CHERYL BARASH c fazru Uaqoda jwl5. 330 Seventh Avenue NEW YORK. NY lOOOl (212) 695 1916 Fashion Show Maul. Frontier Hotel 3200 las vegas blvd. s. las vegas. nev. (702) 731-2002-3 (702) 734-0699 Ads 135 To Rivka, Mazel Tov to a beloved daughter, sister, niece, and cousin. May you and Yumi continue to shine in our family constellation. Judy Pinter Suri, Boomie, and Rena Menachem Sidney and Sarah Winter Rabbi Mrs. Kalmon Winter Rabbi Mrs. Aaron Winter Rabbi Mrs. Yisrael Becker Toni Alfred Schabes Chaya Ephraim To Debbie, The most wonderful daughter in the world. Mazel Tov on your graduation from Stern College. Mom and Dad Congratulations to our wonderful sister and aunt CHAVIE We Love You!! Esther and Herby Leby, David, and Adina Rayla and Benjy Leba and Chani " Mazel Tov Sheila — We ' re all very proud of you!! " Mom Sharyl and Ben M.H. Lamston Variety Stores Always Friendly Always Serving In honor of the Lapp Family 136 Ads To Our Daughter Renee, Congratulations and best Mazel Tov Wishes to you upon your graduation on June 9, 1983 and on your forthcoming marriage to Avromy Fein on June 24, 1983 With Love Always Mom, Dad, Stewart, Dale-Mindy Alyssa Edelman To our dear Esther, Wishing you a lifetime of dreams fulfilled. May you go from strength to strength. All our love, Mom and Dad Ettie, Paul, Ayelet Rachel, Joel, Tzippy Josh, Meshulam, Suri and the rest of the family 138 Ads e u r w isb Mazal Tov To o Amy With pride, we recognize your accomplishments, and we look forward to your continued health, happiness, and success in all of your endeavors. " Sometimes we don ' t realize how much strength we have inside until we need to use it. Then we often surprise ourselves and everyone around us with our inner resources of determination and good cheer. " All of our love, Your Family Mazal Tov Yocheved We are proud of your achievements and we wish you success in law school, and beyond . . . Much love from Bubby and Zadie P. Dina Chananel Bubby and Zadie D. Chava and Mom and Dad Tova and Zev Aharon Ads 139 ' Mazel Tov to Rena Weinberg and to All of the Graduates " Rachelle — You ' ve brought your dreams down to earth and are climbing up with them. We ' re so proud of you Congratulations! Love, Mom, Dad, Stuart, and Gail To our granddaughter, Natalie, Mazel Tov and best wishes on your graduation. May you be a source of nachas to your family. Love, Your Grandparents Congratulations to our future Debra Fay Reichman Esther F. Bomzer Varda Ismailoff Esther Stiefel 140 Ads To our one and only Sara Beth Maze I Tov! We are very proud of you and your many achievements in New York and at Stern College. We Love You! Mom and Dad Barry and David Bruce and Kaylee Grandma Rena Aunt Audrey Uncle Harry and Aunt Ida Dear Sh •an We hope that you will continue to bring us as much nachas in the future as you did in the past. Love, Mom, Dad, Goldie, Barry, Marilyn To Parents so special; I ' ve got your picture in my wallet and some pictures in my mind. Where has all the time gone?!! You always took care of the mounting phone bills, plane tickets, and tuitions. Love never dies although at times it fades before the pressing cares of daily life. Aside from my costly education which has taken me across the globe, you ' ve given me something more precious than the diploma for which we ' ve worked so hard. I ' m speaking of your priceless love, patience, and understanding. It ' s been a long haul, but through it all you ' ve taught me, that I ' m young enough to hope, old enough to know, and wise enough to try. All my Love and Respect Mazal Tov 8C Best Wishes to Annie Fialkoff upon graduating Love, Mom and Dad Ben Kay and Nikah David Hennie, Dani, Shira, Michael, liana Shifra Shlomo, Yossi, Avi and Akiva Dearest Sandi With all of our lore and affection we share in your simcha of graduating Stern College. Now go out and conquer the world. We are all so proud of you. Mazel Tov, Mom and Dad Linda and Bonnie Stuart and Lita Gena, Jessica, and Amy Kira and Tom and Jeremy 142 Ads Mazel Tov to our favorite President, You ' ve made us very proud. Wishing you only the best now and in the future. Love, Mom, Dad, and Jennifer And . . . Congratulations to the entire 1983 Graduating Class You ore cordially invired ro arrend rhe 25rh reunion of rhe class of 1983 ro be held on June 9, 2008 ar rhe Koch Audirorium locared ar 245 Lexingron Ave. N.Y., New York 10016 Guesr Speaker Prof. Derzalel Reich Please make your reservations by June 9, 2007 144 The End of rhe Beginnings

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