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Kochaviah FOR RELEASE: SEPTEMBER 1954 The nation ' s first Jewish sponsored lib- eral arts college for women will open Tuesday, September 14th, with a pilot class of fifty drawn from seven states, it was announced today by Dr. Samuel Bel- kin, president of Yeshiva University. Stern College for Women, which be- comes the twelfth division of Yeshiva University, America ' s first university un- der Jewish auspices,, is housed in the former Packard Junior College building on the southeast corner of Lexington Ave- nue and 35th Street (253 Lexington Avenue). The establishment of the school was made possible through an initial gift of $5(X),000 from Max Stern, president of Hartz Mountain Products and prominent New York City communal leader. Although the school has been literally inundated with applications, it was re- solved to insure the successful devel- opment of the school ' s program and phi- losophy. Dr. Belkin explained. The incoming class includes students from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, Michigan, Florida and Pennsylvania. With 25 classrooms, students ' lounges, an auditorium, and other school facilities, the property is at present ideally suited for the operation of a college. Dr. Belkin declared. However, renovations are being made to construct chemistry, biology, and physics laboratories for programs in the sciences and to meet an eventual enroll- ment of 500. iiii i||i FOR RELEASE: SEPTEMBER 1979 After twenty-five years Stern College has earned an enviable reputation in its educational programs, services and extra- curricular activities designed to meet the needs of the students enrolled in its dual program. Presently, Stern College offers a variety of programs leading to degrees of Bach- elor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, and Bachelor of Education. In addition, as part of a Bachelor of Science program, a student can spend the first two years at Beth Israel Medical Center, in order to be- come a registered nurse, and the remain- ing two years at Stern College. It is also possible for a student to arrange a major- from advertising to physical education. She may design her major to suit her own interests. Stern College for Women has vindi- cated the vision of its founding fathers and remains a growing, ever-developing institution for Jewish and secular education. f s m sm ssmm This year marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of Stern College. With this in mind, the graduates would be honored to dedicate this yearbook to the founder of our institution, Mr. Max Stern. Mr. Stern ' s gift was made in memory of his parents, Ema- nuel and Caroline Stern, to advance Jewish American higher education. We, the graduates, would like to express our gratitude and admiration at this time to Mr. Max Stern for making this all possible. With Our Fondest Wishes, Graduating Class of 1980 PRESENTED ON THE OCCASION OF THE DEDICATION OF THE NEW CLASSROOM BUILDING AT THE MIDTOWN CENTER OF YESHIVA UNIVERSITY TO MAX STERN FOUNDER OF STERN COLLEGE FOR WOMEN WITHOUT WHOSE GENEROSITY AND BENEFACTION THIS PROJECT WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE. S " »n ' ?! ' ?« t-3 SEPTEMBER 27.1970 MESSAGE FOR KOCHAVIAH 1980 FROM MR. MAX STERN It is with great pleasure that I extend warmest greetings to the 1980 graduates of Stern College for Women. I am deeply honored that the yearbook staff has chosen to dedicate this Kochavish to me. Graduating during the 25th anniversary year of the College, you have participated constructively in the continued development of alma mater. As new opportunities in law, medicine, the physical sciences and other fields open to today ' s woman college graduate, she can play an increas- ingly vital role in the general community and experience ever greater personal fulfillment. Stern College has contributed immeasurably to your growth whatever your career goals. In addition to the knowledge acquired in liberal arts study, the College has offered you a unique opportunity for spiritual development. Here the rich treasures of Judaism and the arts and sciences of Western civ- ilization are perpetuated in one program. Stern College concentrates on the moral purposes of human knowledge while researching the mysteries of the universe, seeking a better understanding of the world in which we have been placed, attempting to achieve a greater appreciation of the lives and destinies of the people among whom we live. In your various roles in the professions, and as guardians of our Torah traditions in the home and community, you will find the years spent at Stern College taking on ever greater significance. I have abiding faith that you will utilize your education for continued growth and service, and extend my very best wishes for the future. Sincerely, Max Stern MAJOR LANDMARKS IN STERN COLLEGE FOR WOMEN ' S HISTORY SEPTEMBER 1954 MAY 19-JUNE 19, 1958 MAY 22, 1958 JUNE 19, 1958 ■ ' ' ' OCTOBER 1959 DECEMBER 1964 SEPTEMBER 1965 MARCH 26, 1969 SEPTEMBER 27, 1970 SEPTEMBER 1971 SEPTEMBER 1977 Stern College for Women opens at 253 Lexington Avenue with 33 students— the nation ' s first liberal arts college for women under Jewish auspices. The School is established through an initial grant of $500,000 by Max Stern. Mayor Robert Wagner declares " Stern College Month. " Eleanor Roosevelt has a " Fireside Chat " with the graduating class. First commencement of Stern College for Women. Twenty-six students receive degrees, A 10-year, $70,000,000 Blueprint for the Sixties development program announced. It includes classroom and residence facilities for Stern College for Women. Police station on 35th St. is sought for Stern College. $4,000,000 hotel-apartment structure at 50 East 34th Street becomes dormitory of Stern College for Women. Groundbreaking ceremonies are held for new 11-story classroom-administration building at 245 Lexington Avenue, Midtown Center, for Stern College for Women. Classroom-administration building is dedicated at Stern College for Women. Stern College Senate established to provide students participation in University goverance together with administration, faculty, and alumnae; range of authority is generally similar to that of Yeshiva College. Stern CoUege for Women begins Beit Midrash Program, enabling students at any level to study the original rabbinic texts, using the traditional combination of lectures and individualized group study. YESHIVA UNIVERSITY 5D0 WEST 1B5TH STREET NEW YORK, N. Y. 1DD33 OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT September 19, 1979 To the Class of 1980: You have the special privilege of graduating from Stern College for Women dur- ing its most significant anniversary in its young life: its 25 th anniversary. As I write these words, it occurs to me that you are all younger than the school itself and therefore can hardly be expected to appreciate the novelty that it repre- sents and the imagination and creativity that went into its founding. Stern is a school that ought not to be taken for granted and its singular contribution should not be underestimated. You now take your places in the ranks of its alumnae armed, I trust, with that special loyalty to the school and commitment to its values that derives from the spe- cial character of this year ' s celebration. May you achieve success in all your undertakings, and bring glory to your alma mater, to Torah, to Israel, and to our country. Cordially yours, NORMAN LAMM President STERN COLLEGE FOR WOMEN OFFICE OF THE DEAN YESHIVA UNIVERSITY I am very happy to extend my best wishes to you, the class of 1980, and to join with you in a celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Stern College for Women. A celebration it truly is, for we can all be justly proud of the pioneering distance this college has covered in its first quarter century. In many ways your experiences at Stern College have been different, your studies more demanding and innovative, than those of the graduates of the 50 ' s, 60 ' s and 70 ' s whom you now join as fellow alumnae. Yet despite these differences, there are some fundamental values that bind us together. Many of these values I clearly asso- ciate with the unique individual who has been the inspiration for Stern College and its benefactor these many years, Mr. Max Stern. These values-extraordinary dig- nity, service to one ' s people and community, love of learning and culture, com- mitment to quality-represent the common denominator of our varied experiences and our guidelines for the future. May you go from strength to strength in all your undertakings. p - S ■ r 1 w 1 E t 1 ' ' " " K f ' .-j vV, . mm IX nn Wmkk m Editor-in-Chief Audrey Katz Co-Editor July Ochs Hebrew Editor Ruth Solomon Literary Editor Dvora Abramson News Editor Rachel RosenbergI Photography and Art Editor Rena Mescheloff Bell Ass ' t Photography and Art Editor Joan Phillipson Copy Editor Beatrice Cyperstein Business Manager Joanee Klein Dear Classmates, Working on this yearbook shook me out of a slumber I had been in for my few years here. The more I got involved, the more I found myself caring about it all. Just as I was preparing to wrap up four years of indifference, I got stuck caring. A dif- ficuh emotion for one who is used to playing an observatory role. Thank you for exposing me to it. Love, Ruthie Copy Editors Sarah Fastman and Esther Isaacs Editor-in-Chief Ruthie Peyser Editor and Co-Editor Ruthie Peyser and Esther Isaacs Art Editor Linda Green Literary Editor Nina Feld E= M ■M ■ -IP Hr fi P Jm m ijLf J HI 1.1 Photography Editors Andria Warmflash and Rachelle Nashofer Business Managers Rosa Chodosh and Judy Rudoler rx 4i9 S N b 1 » . ' ' -- . __f s„. JUDAIC STUDIES " Who occupies himself with Torah for its own sake makes the world worthwhile ... He is called a lover of God and man. " Mishna Dean J. Rabinowitz Mr, H. Dubitsky-HEBR Dr. S. Eidelberg-|. HIST Dr. J. Feinstein-HEBR Rabbi Fulda-I.S. m ' " ' W: J H y B l JUp b Lj J C? - MMM , ■■1 Dr. S. Gaon— ).S. Mrs. Greer— J. S. Dr. J. Gurock-). HIST Rabbi M. Sokolow-J.S. Rabbi A. Weiss-J.S. Mrs. Shulman-J.S. HUMANITIES " History ' s lessons are no more enlightening than the wisdom of those who interpret them. " David Schonbrum Dean R. Ackerman Mr. R. Cantor- Art Prof. S. Gardner-Art Dr. Goldstein-Hist. Dr. L. Grossman— Hist. Prof. L. Hatvary— Eng. Dr. L. Keating-Spch. Mrs. N. Knopka— Span. Dr. A. Krakowski— French Ms. C. Tang-Cuadrado-Span. Dr. M. Weidhorn— Eng. Mr. A. Zucker— Philo SCIENCES " The sciences are pearls strung on a cord of faith. " Mishle Yehoshua Mr. M. Altman— Bio. Dr. Blau— Chem. Mr. Chiapetto— Bio. Mrs. C Dobin— Chem. Dr. F. Goodman— Bio. Mr. Martin-Chem. Mrs. E. Orlian— Chem. Dr. C. Patl-Math Dr. P. Posen— Physics Dr. N. Rosenfeld-Math Dr. S. Rosoff-Bio. Dr. R. Weisbrod-Chem. SOCIAL SCIENCES " A lawyer who has not studied economics and sociology is very apt to become a public enemy. " Brandeis Dean Berger Dr. I. Belmont— Psych. Dr. R. Bevan-Poli. Sci. Prof I Bick-Sor Ms. M. Cymerman— Phys. Ed. Dr. B. Frank-Soc. Dr. M. Crosof-Ed Dr. M. Hetht-Poh Si i Dr A. Hershkowitz-Psych. Dr. M. Leventhal— Eco. Dr. M. Perlman— Psych. Dr. E. Sar- Health Dr. S. Sardy-Ed. r " " -7 5 ' %. ••»«■ X JSSSSES Dr. N. Stillman-Ed. Prof. A. Tauber-Phys. Ed. LIBRARY " Spend your money on good books and you ' ll find its equiva- lent in gold of intelligence. " immanuel, Mahberot Mrs. Malamud Mrs. Neiman CAFETERIA Mr. Mrs. Klein Renee Mrs. Sussman Ignatz Selma OFFICE Mrs. Click Sa Ms. Salson Mrs. Turkel Mrs. Winters DORMITORY Rabbi Mrs. Reich Mrs. Milner The students of Stern College take pride in the depth and warmth of their relationship with the fac- ulty. It was not an overnight phe- nomena. The feeling which was engendered between faculty and students justified ail the time and effort expended in achieving it. It was a two-way street. Teachers invited students to their homes and had them meet and associate with their families. Students who lived in the same communities with teach- ers, commuted together, ate to- gether, and discussed personal, family matters. We seniors of Stern College are grateful for the four years of friend- ship we have enjoyed with our teachers and shall always treasure the memory of their graciousness. " I have never felt salvation in nature. I love cities above al Michelangelo BASKIN - nOBBINS ICE CREAM . iiMMiPff .««i r K ! 1 a r::; G i i«j ( «=H ta SENIORS lu w ntjy K Ailene Akawie Psychology Dean ' s List, Dorm Counselor, Registration Aide )n mm Rachel Anolick Psychology " Bye Now " nana Pnina Arbesfeld j JL Political Science ■ ■ m Rochel Ausubel Psychology Dean ' s List, Chevrat Aiiyah Toranit, Registration Aide " Some people are too tired to give you a smile; give them one of yours as none need a smile so much, as he who has no more to give. " mm fifCi B. Lisa Bennett English Philosophy English Internship Program, Observer; Cultural Arts Staff Philosophy XXXIX-B: Introduction to C-d. Confrontation with the creator of the universe through informal lectures and field trips from " Spring Bulletin " by Woody Allen m nan Harriet Bloomberg Political Science History Political Science Society, Historical Society, Biology Club, Observer: Typing Editor, Chrug Aliyah, Big Sister napv fijwi M M ■ Zi i ..ji Rosa Jacqueline Chodosh N|iJ!l)!Mpi,. e Psychology Kochaviah; Assistant Business Manager, Observer; K 1 Typing Staff, SAF, Big Sister " Learn from yesterday. Live for today, Believe in tomorrow " Anonymous 1 :-: ' = ' ' ' ifti lt i ' ' l " ' - 1 % - ■ t 7ii ia Brenda Diamond Biology Big Sister, Biology Club, Dean ' s List, U)A, SAF, TAC " n n WKT Debra Chaya Dresher ludaic Studies Dean ' s List, TAC: Kashrut Committee Chairperson, Observer: Staff, ClubCanada, Chug Aliyah Modeh Ani Lefanecha i f " yt BI n naiu m ( Shari Thea Ehrman English Literature Senior Class; Secretary, Observer, Solas " Parting is all we know of heaven, And all we need of hell. " Emily Dickinson t ' ' i fl k_ V 1 1 1 L. ' i, fijiffiw mw Sarah Susan Fastman Mathematics Big Sister, Registration Aide, Yearbook; Layout Editor, Volleyball Intramurals, Open House Representative; Math Major njfi Nina Susan Feld History Philosophy Historical Society; President, Perspective; Editor, Philosophical Society: President, Kochaviah; Literary Editor, Dean ' s List, TAC, SAP, Intramurals; Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Fencing Patience. Patience Patience. n n Raizie Fendel Judiac Studies TAC, Chug Aliyah; Chairwoman " Now, here, you see it lakes all the running you can do to l eep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run twice as fast as that! " t ) m Mindeleah Filler Judaic Studies Education TAC, Chug Aliyah, Chevrat Aliyah Toranit " The conclusion of the matter in which ever ' thing is included is; Fear G-d, and keep His commandments; for this is the whole duty of man. " Koheleth; 12:13 inn fii ' iii Ruthie Ganger Sociology Sociology Club, SAF Elissa Alaine Geduld Political Science Pre-Law Society; President, Senior Senator, Admission Committee, Election Committee, Intramurals; Co- Chairwoman, Registration Aide The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway. nl Cheryl Gniwesch Political Science Dean ' s List, Pre-Law Honor Society riK fll Risa Linda Goldstein Sociology Chairperson Sociology Club, Big Sister, Student Ad- missions Council iniff tiJn K Etana Sara Gordon Judaic Studies HN Linda Green Fine Arts Observer; Art, Typing Staff, Publicity Committee, Elec- tions Committee, Registration Aide, Big Sister, Tour Guide Whatever C-d does, it shall be forever: nothing can be added to it, nor anything taken from it. That which is, already has been; and that w hich is to be has already been, and only Cod can find the fleeting moment. Kohelet 3:14 m tii n aii Joy Anne Gris English Observer; Feature Editor, Reporter, Big Sister " ... I feel the capacity to care is the thing which gives life its deep- est significance. " n yjiw Marian Gross Art History, Fashion Merchandising SAF; Symposiums; Coordinator, U)A; Chairperson, Observer; Writing Statf, Student Leadership Mission to Isreal It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye. The Little Prince na i Dinah Halpern Biology Biology Club, Dean ' s List, Blood Drive, Registration Aide True wisdom is to l now winat is worth knowing and to do wliat is best worth doing.— Humphrey mw 1111 Mindy Sara Heller Psychology WYUR, Floor Chairman, Senate, UJA; Chairman, Elec- tions Committee As long as 1 want, I have reason for Living. Satisfaction is death. - Bernard Shaw nail Beverly Heyman Judaic Studies Observer; Typing Editor, Big Sister, Bikur Choiim You will find, as you look back upon your life, that the moments that stand out are the moments when you have done things for others. H. Drummond fi9 n na Beth Sharon Hoch Finance Philosophy Dean ' s List, Economics Club; Chairwoman, Econom- ics Journal; Editor, Philosophical Society; Coordinator, Student Council; Recording Secretary, Senior Class;. Vice President, Observer; Staff, Open House; Advisor, YC-SCW Shabbaton; Chairwoman, Floor Chairwo- man; Coordinator, YC-SCW Accounting Society, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities Colleges " Strive for perfection, but settle for excellence. " Fred Danzig fijfi na an Aviva Ghana Horovitz Judaic Studies SAF; Member, Make-up Chairwoman, Big Sister If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it ' s be- cause he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears however measured or far away. Jin iriDK Esther Ruth Isaacs Elementary Education French Kochaviah; Co-Editor, Lay-Out; Co-Editor, Tennis In- tramurals; Chairperson, SCW Tennis Team, Dean ' s List All that is gold does not glitter. Not all those who wander are lost; The old that is strong does not wither. Deep roots are not reached by the frost. ).R. Tolkein " The Lord of the Rings " nan Arlene Jucker English Literature laai wii Penny Joy Kaganoff English Observer; Eeatures Editor, News Features Staff, Dorm Counselor, Dean ' s List, National Dean ' s List, Belkin Scholar, Big Sister, Floor Chairwoman, SAF My heart is warm with the friends I make, And better friends I ' ll not be knowing; Yet there isn ' t a train I wouldn ' t take, No matter where it ' s going. Edna St. Vincent Millay nanx Adena Kalish Sociology fi iin Judy Miller Kalish Business Finance Observer; Business Editor, Typing Editor, Freshman Class; Vice President, Junior Class; President, Big Sis- ter, Who ' s Who in American Universities and Coihge There ' s nothing worth the wear of winning but laughter and the ove of friends. nji ffi nil!? Sara Jane Kaplan Psychology History Dorm Counselor, TAC, Tzeduka Chairwoman, Bikur Cholim Committee, Parsha Hashavua; Chairwoman, Chabad Club, Observer; Features Editor, Big Sister, Psychology Club, Sociology Club, Historical Society. " For they are our life and the length of our days; We will meditate on them day and night. " — Liturgy— il ft Cheryl Katz Judaic Studis J fii iN Ellen Kaufman Political Science Senate, Harvard Model U.N., Observer; Exchange Edi- tor, Undergraduate Council of Y.U. Pre-Law Society; President, Political Science Society; Vice President, Polis; Research Editor, Political Science Department; Senior Assistant, Dean ' s List, National Dean ' s List, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges I think. Therefore I am.— Descartes — X w . Km jtf Annie Kelman Sociology Project Ezra, Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry, Chev- rat Aliyah Toranit, Sociology Club Cod grant me the sernity to accept the things I cannot change, cour- age to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference. - Unknown— noin Hadasa Klavan ,, - i- : Communication Disorders Dean ' s List, TAC; Seforim Drive, Mezuzot Drive, Tour Guide, Remedial Speech Program, Mobilization for Israel Rabban Shimon ben Gamliel said: By virtue of three things does the world endure: truth, justice and peace. -Pirkei Avot 1:18- fia w fisia Bonnie Kletter Judaic Studies Observer; Typing Staff, Senior Class; Treasurer, Stu- dent Court Justice, Registration Aide, Big Sister GOODBYE STERN-HELLO WORLD! njtfiii? indK Esther Susan Shoshana Koreen " Estie " Sephardic Studies Hebraic )udaic Studies Registration Aide, Big Sister, SAF, Social Activities Club, DAF Yomi; Correspondent, Student Struggle for Soviet lewry, Observer; Nevi ' s Staff, TAC, French Club, Yavneh; Vice President, Club Canada; Chairwoman, Sephardic Students Activities Club; Chairwoman, Li- brary Committee. " Busy yourself as much as possible with the study of divine things, not to know them merely, but, to do them; and when you close the book, look round you, look within you, to see if your hand can translate into deed something you have learned. " Moses of Evreux France, 1920 n A Joy Gila Koreen Judaic Studies UJA; Chairwoman, Yavneh Magazine; Co-Editor, Har- vard University Model U.N. " If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget. " Psalm CXXXVIII, 5 V r n ' ai m iiu Karen Shulamit Bendheim Levine Political Science History History Club " mw » ir l ( Sandi Lipshitz H Ak, , | judaic Studies Art m F M r H Few things are harder to put up with than the annoyance of a good V H 1 " H flnw Miriam Maltz I Chemistry f«k m , : P -H na ii iiftfiJ Jacki Michele Mann Psychology Registration Aide, Big Sister, Observer, Project Ezra, (JACY), Admissions Council; Chairwoman " Let us become more than we are . . . all that we long to be . . , ev- erything we are capable of being . . . And then let us long to exceed what we have become. " -Anonymous m Naomi Mark Judaic Studies English Literature Aishel Honor Society, World Jewry Club-S.S.S.J.; Co- Chairperson, Observer; Feature Staff, Big Sister, TAC, Project Ezra " Though we travel the world to find the beautiful, We must carry it with us, or we find it not. " -Ralph Waldo Emerson n n iffi miai Deborah Susan Melman Chemistry Science Club, Dramatics Society, Observer; Exchange Editor, Writer, WYUR, Dean ' s List, Big Sister, Registra- tion Aide, Sports Club; Intramurals, SAP, Computer Society Don ' t say things. What you are stands over you the while and thun- ders so that 1 cannot hear what you say to the contrary. — Emerson, Social Arms e% ' 7 ju n a Barbara G. Michael y - Km English } Observer; Contributor, Copy Proof Editor, Executive Editor, SAP; Productions Spring 77, 78, Registration Aide, Big Sister, U)A; Pund-Raiser, Speeches for Stern 1 " Man ' s reach must exceed his grasp, or what ' s a heaven for? " — Robert Browning i ■ 1 1 r «k; Betsy Anne Mondshein fiifi finin Judith Eve Moseson Biology Pre-Med Blood Drive; Chairwoman, TAC, Yavneh, Science Club, SAF, Observer; Staff, Big Sister, Registration Aide The Torah is a tree of life to those who tal e hold of it. It ' s ways are ways of pleasantness, and all its paths are peace. Political Science Freshman Class; President, Sophomore Senator, Stu- dent Council; Vice President, President, Dean ' s List, Pre-Law Society; President, WYUR; D.)., Engineer, As- sistant Coordinator, YCDS; pianist " Greasepaint " , " Pippin " , " Man of La Mancha " , Harvard Model U.N.; Delegate, Political Science Society, Presidential Plan- ning Commission, Middle States Evaluation Steering Committee, Torah Tours; Chairperson, Stern Coor- dinator, Polls; Managing Editor, Admissions Com- mittee, Aishel Honor Society " Let a man be overthrown ten thousand times, still must he rise again do battle. The Enchanter may confuse the outcome, but the effort, sir, remains sublime. " Don Quixote in " Man of La Mancha " N nn hi Rachelle Nashofer Accounting, HTD Computers, English Observer; Feature Staff, Photography Staff, Intra- murals; Bowling, Basketball, Volleyball, TAC; Chair- person, Parsha Committee, Yavney; President, Assis.- V.P. Regional Coordinator of Yavneh National Exec. Bd., Big Sister, Registration Aide, Student Council; Treasurer, Economics Club; Chairperson, Accounting Society; Board Member, Dean ' s List, Chug Aliyah, Who ' s Who, Blood Drive Committee The Fear was like the cold winter morning when all would be lost from the eyes of tomorrow. Just not your neighbor until you come into his place. — Pirkei Avot Wm |. M J K ■■« j s JJ - iB 1 w ' nu ' K Itta Mindy Orbach Psychology naiu Toby Orbach Fashion Merchandising mil? Nina Young Orenstein Education Big Sister, Observer; Typing Staff He who does not increase his knowledge decreases it.-Pirl ei Avot vais-na Bat-Sheva Vegh Pava Biology Observer; Contributor, Solos, Biology Club, Science Club, Dean ' s List " When an irresistable force Meets an immovable object Stick to it Something has got to give Maybe you ' ll get tired. " —Anonymous t u nam Sharron Perin Sociology SAF, Sociology Club; Chairperson It ' s really a wonder that I haven ' t dropped all my ideals, because they seem so absurd and impossible to carry out. Yet I keep them because in spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart. -Anne Frank m Ruthie Peyser Psychology History Kochaviah; Editor, SCW Basketball Team, SCW Tennis Team, Intramural Tennis Team " It is an absolute perfection ... to know how ... to get the very most out of one ' s own individuality. " —Michel de Montaigne IflDN Medea Rizinashvili English Art N;»V flllK Lexa Nanette Rosean English Communications Speech Arts SAP; " Mad Women of Chaillot " , " Uncommon Women " , and " The Night of January 16th " , Oral Inter- pretation Festivals, Observer; Managing Editor, Copy Editor, Columnist Emeritus, WYUR; D.J., English Club; Chairperson " Now the serpent was more SUBTLE than any animal of the field. " T in i ifi llene Ruth Rosen Sociology Social Work TLS, Yavneh, Observer; Typing Staff, Sociology Club, Big Sister, Registration Aide, Blood Drive, Admissions, TAC, Floor Chairperson Cod grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. The courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. fini Varda Joyce Rosenfeld Judaic Studies Senate, Sophomore Class; President, Student Court, Intramurals; Basketball Team Big Sister, Observer If only I may grow firmer, simpler, quieter, warmer. Wi )m Sheindy Rosenzweig Judaic Studies Big Sister, TAC Cod has told you what is good; and what is it that he seeks of you? Only to act justly, to love loyalty, and to walk humbly before Cod. -Micah, 6:8 W- nin srr Cheryl Ann Ruben English Communications Big Sister; Chairwoman, Observer; News Editor, Assis- tant News Editor, Writer Hitch your wagon to a star. -Ralph Waldo Emerson yp y n:ijnsi» Dale Allison Rubin Elementary Education Big Sister I believe the children are our future Teach them well and let them lead the way. —Michael Masser, Linda Creed { kr-j .. ■; Judith Rudoler Mathematics Kochaviah; Business Manager, Junior Class; Treasurer, Observer; Typing, Lay-Out, Floor Chairwoman, TAC, Middle States Student Self Study Committee, Big Sis- ter, Dean ' s List, Aishel Honor Society, National Dean ' s List, Who ' s Who Among Students in American Univer- sities and Colleges Look not with your eyes For they see only limitations. Rather seek with understanding And you will find much more. — Jospeh Mychel Prudhomme fll llf Shira Weinberg Schreier English Communications Observer; Assistant Features Editor, News Editor, Is- raeli Correspondent, Solas; Assistant Editor " I ' d rather learn from one bird how to sing than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance. " — e.e. cummings m Rhonda Schwartz Sociology Soviet Jewry Club, Israel Affairs Committee, Freshman Class; Treasurer, Sophomore Class; Secretary, Chug Aliyah B ' shanah ha-ba-ha b ' Yerusalem " nun Deborah Silverman Sociology Judaic Studies L B Sociology Club, Tephilla Committee; Chairwoman j w- l The whole world is likened to a very narrow bridge. And the main thing is not to fear at all. BHj v " B ml ' - vanj-na nj ' t Deana Wynne Simon History Yavneh, Historical Society Don ' t give up until you make your dream reality. in N ni a Erica Fran Smith Chemistry Science Club; Chairwoman, Big Sister, Blood Drive, Chairwoman, Registration Aide ri Deena Steinhorn Sociology Sometimes I think my head is so big It ' s so tull of dreams US ' ?!: WvH %iJ 1 1 Malka Steinmetz WW 4 i ff KJk ' If m E :| 1 English H Science Club | Im Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood. —Marie Curie il ' i.£{ ' - Z |L Mi |v mill Deborah Stern Judaic Studies Registration Aide, Big Sister, Soviet Jewry Club, TAC, TLS, Dean ' s List Yesterday is already a dream, and tomorrow is only a dream. But today, well-lived, makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of fiope. nu i Gitta Stern English Communications History Senate; Chairwoman, Observer; Cultural Arts Editor, Special Projects Editor, Solas; Editor-in-Chief, English Club; Chairwoman, Curriculum Review Committee; Chairwoman, Big Sister, Historical Society, SAF; " The Night of January 16th. " ma n Hinda Stein Sociology riN fia n Malka Leah Stiefel Biology Dean ' s List, Student Court, Chief Justice, Elections Committee; Chairperson, Big Sister, Middle States Evaluation Committee, Observer; Staff what lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters com- pared to what lies within us. -Ralph Waldo Emerson fiiiif fiiiit Sharon Susman Judaic Studies Sociology Sociology Club, Floor Chairperson, TAC; Co- Chairperson I do not seek to follow In the footsteps of the men of old. I seek the things they sought.-Basho nri: nan Ann Tennenberg English Communications Dean ' s List, Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges, National Dean ' s List, Aishel Society, Ob- server; Editor-in-Chief, Student Council; Recording Secretary, English Club, Big Sister Hold fast to your dreams for through them you are able to fly.- Anonymous fi iifii «va Heidi Linda Tenzer English Communications Observer; Features Editor, Managing Editor, Ashes and Sparks; Assistant Editor, English Club, Big Sister Friendship, compounded of esteem and love, derives from one its tenderness and its permanence from the other.-Samuel Johnson naiy Toby Urman Sociology Sociology Club, TAC, Chug Aliyah; Chairwoman, Chevrat Aliyah Toranit nvi Eleanor Volf Pre-Med ncn naiu Andria Elizabeth W rmflash English Literature Philosophy English Club, Kochaviah; Photography Editor, SAP, Chug Aliyah, Admission Committee, TAC, Big Sister " Books are lighthouses erected in the great sea of time. " fiai j Tova M. Wohl Communications Disorders Psychology Dean ' s List, Observer; Reporter, Club Canada; Coor- dinator, Speech Pathology Club, Chug Aliyah If we could first know where we are, and whitfier we are ending, we could better judge what to do, and how to do it.— Abraham Lincoln Sharon Zanger Biology sew Tennis Team, SCW Basketball Team, murals; Tennis, Basketball, SCWSC; Treasurer Intra- " Grown ups love figures. When you tell them that you have made a new friend they never ask you any questions about essential matters. They never ask you ' what does his voice sound like? What games does he love best? Does he collect butterflies? ' Instead, they de- mand: ' How old is he? How many brothers has he? How much does he weigh? How much money does his father make? ' -Only from fig- ures do they think they have learned anything about him. " Antoine de Saint Exupery Le Petit Prince E w ' Jp " " L , fll f Roselle Socol Zaret i [y Biology Junior Class; Vice President, Observer; Typing Editor, Floor Chairwoman; Chairwoman, Dean ' s List, Aishel Society, Belkin Scholar, Who ' s Who in American Uni- versities and Colleges, Big Sister • 1 must pass through this world but once. Any good, therefore that 1 can do or any kindness that 1 can show to any human being. Let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it, For 1 shall not pass this way again.-Etlenne De Grollet -1 I 4Sf A r • tf - . , ' ' v NewYorkTelephone Manhattan 1979-80 Area Code 212 in JBPH " j BF wR i ' i -J ' • vWn H P - «l — ;- ' ' v K W H l 1 Hilt: : ■ J B ' ' ■■ . • ' ' - . i;! H DIRECTORY ■ ,. :. ' . ...,_...- : Ailene Akawie 48 Delaware Ave. W. Long Branch, N.|. 07764 Rochel Ausubel 225 Ft. Washington Ave. N.Y., N.Y. 10032 212-591-6416 Harriet Bloomberg 85 W. Cedarview Ave. Staten Island, N.Y. 10306 212-987-5184 Brenda Diamond 34 Paerdegat 8th St. Brooklyn N.Y. 11236 212-763-8529 Lisa Bennet 71-10 Yellowstone Blvd. Forest Hills, N.Y. 11375 212-261-7497 Rosa Chodosh 40 Powell Terr. Bridgeport, Conn. 203-367-30% Pnina Arbesfeld 82-05 Abingdon Rd. New Gardens, N.Y. 11415 212-849-6777 Flori Birns Deborah Deitsch 597 Sandhill Rd. Wanlaugh, N.Y. 11793 516-PEL-4557 Debra Dresher 4690 90 Vezina St. Montreal, Quevec H3W1 B8 514-739-5065 Shari Ehrman 10 Baldwin Ct. Spring Valley, N.Y. 10977 Sarah Fastman 17 Eddy Street Staten Island, N.Y. 10301 212-273-8476 Mindeleah Filler 5852 Hudson Rd. Montreal, Quebec H35265 514-738-5078 Ellssa Ceduld 2192 S. Belvoir Cleveland, Ohio 44116 216-381-6014 Nina Feld 205 Center Street Williston Pk., N.Y. 11596 516-741-8085 Ruth Ganger 340 N. Poinsettia PI. Los Angeles, CA. c)0036 Cheryl Cniwesch 68-15 W. Farm Acres Cincinnati, Ohio 45236 513-351-0220 Raizie Fendel 475 Lisa Lane W. Hempstead, N.Y.1 1552 516-483-3536 Vicki Garfinkel 130 South Croft Los Angeles, CA 90048 213-651-3916 Anne Coldin 529 Colonade Rd. W. Hempstead, N.Y. 11552 516-489-9121 Barbara Goldman 250 County Line Rd. Huntington Valley, Pa. 19006 215-947-5825 Linda Green 21-42 Clintonville St. Whitestone, N.Y. 11357 212-746-0493 Dinah Halpern 2090 Barnes Ave. Bronx, N.Y. 10462 212-931-5237 Risa Goldstein 1400 E. 46 St. B ' klyn, N.Y. Joy Gris 1300 Carolyn Dr. N.E. Atlanta, CA 30329 404-633-9560 Mindy Heller 5225 Alton Rd. Miami Beach, Fla. 33140 Etana Gordon 566 SundeHand Rd. Teaneck, N.). 07666 201-836-4191 Marian Cross 915 Jewett Ave. Staten Island, N.Y. 10314 212-448-1825 )oyce Herman 4-28 Bryant PI. Fairlawn, N.). 07410 201-791-1323 Lori Herman 1758 Redwood Terr. N.W. Washington D.C 20012 202-726-5122 Aviva Horovitz 590 Deloraine Ave. Toronto, Ontario M5M2C7 416-787-1065 Arlene )ucl er 102-10 66 Raod Forest Hills, N.Y. 11376 21 2-275-2299 Beverly Heyman 47 Howard St. Patchogue, N.Y. 11772 516-475-5916 Esther Isaacs 44 Forest Ave. Bangor, Maine 04401 207-945-5940 Penny Kaganoff 2901 W. Greenleaf Ave. Chicago, Illinois 60645 312-274-9034 Beth Hoch 500A Grand St. N.Y., N.Y. 10002 212-982-6720 Gail Isakow 10 Barksdale Ave. Downsview, Ontario M3H4S3 Adena Kalish 2722 Cold Spring Road Far Rockaway, N.Y. 11619 )udy Kalish 99-06 67th St. Forest Hills, N.Y. 11375 212-897-1431 Ellen Kaufman 2202 Tilghman St. Allentown, PA. 18104 215-435-4218 Sara Kaplan 22 Orchard Rd. W. Long Branch, N.|. 07764 Annie Kelman 15629 leanette Southfield, Michigan 48075 313-557-85% Monique Knopf P.O.B. 5058 Anaheim, CA. 92804 714-586-4327 Cheryl Katz 1 Florence Rd. Bloomfield, Ct. 06002 203-242-1017 Hadasa Klavan 7930 14th St. N.W. Washington D.C. 20012 Mindy Kofman 910 Ave. ) B ' klyn, N.Y. 112.30 Estie Koreen 1 Darrow Ct. Greenlawn, N.Y. 11740 516-757-8339 Sandi Lipshitz 6907 Wilderton Ave. Montreal, Quebec H35-2M4 Naomi Mark 3755 Henry Hudson Pkwy. Riverdale, N.Y. 10463 )oy Koreen 1 Darrow Ct. Greenlawn, N.Y. 11740 516-757-8339 Miriam Maltz 640 Wyoming Ave. Elizabeth, N.). 07208 Deborah Melman 11 Sweetbriar Lane Levittown, PA. 19055 215-949-1189 Karen Levin 3901 Independence Ave. Riverdale, N.Y. 212-548-2038 )acki Mann 4255 N. University Dr. Sunrise, Fla. Apt 303 305-742-8249 Barbara Michael 7910 Milbury Rd. Baltimore, MD. 21207 Betsy Mondshein 31 Carlyle Rd. W. Hartford, Ct. 06117 203-232-9114 Rochelle Nashofer 1019 Dickens St. Far Rockaway, N.Y. 11691 Nina Orenstein 213 Bennet Ave. Apt. 6A N.Y., N.Y. 10040 Ruthie Peyser 357 Bunker Dr. Oceanside, N.Y. 11572 516-766-8894 )udy Moseson 299 North St. New Hyde Park, N.Y. 11040 516-741-5544 Itta Mindy Orbach 319 Schuylkill Street Harrisburg, Pa. 07110 Bat-Sheva Pava 12008 Depue Ave. Philadelphia, PA. 19116 Medea Rizinashvili 108-50 62nd Dr. Forest Hills, N.Y. 11375 212-897-2695 Chani Moskowitz 291 Joicey Blvd. Toronto, Canada M5M2V81 416-781-8184 Toby Orbach 0-35 Plaza Rd. Fairlawn, N.I. 07410 Sharron Perin 1341 Dickerson Rd. Teaneck, N.). 07666 201-833-1586 Lexa Rosean 518 E. 80th St, N.Y.C. 10021 Ilene Rosen 59 Fairfield Rd. Yonl ers, N.Y. 10705 Cheryl Ruben 1808 Clendon PI. Cincinnati, Ohio 45237 513-531-3419 Evelyn Sarota 41 Hamilton Ave. Lynn, Mass. 01902 61 7-598-4865 Varda Rosenfeld 110 Draper Lane Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. 10522 914-693-4290 Dale Rubin 216 Sanhican Dr. Trenton, N.|. 08618 609-667-3195 Shira Schreier 83-52 Talbot St. Apt. 3H Kew Gardens, N.Y. 11415 212-849-1495 Sheindy Rosenzweig 228 Colony St. W. Hempstead, N.Y. Judy Rudoler 22 Coach Lane Cherry Hill, N.). 08002 609-667-3195 Rhonda Schvi artz 125 Coif Dr. Woodmere, N.Y. 11581 Deborah Silverman 5217 Berryman Ave. Calver City, CA. 90230 213-391-2026 Hinda Stein 135 Park Ave Passak, N.). 07055 Deborah Stern 1 Lynhave Ct. Monsey, N.Y. 10952 914-356-1504 Deana Simon 1890 Peirce Rd. Hofman Estates, III. 60195 312-885-2441 Deana Steinhorn Gitta Stern 16 Garden Ct. Far Rockaway, N.Y. 11691 212-471-3404 € » % Erica Smith Malka Steinmetz Malka Stiefel 2322 Babylon Tpke. 1320 52nd St. 15 Roosevelt Ave. Merrick, Av N.Y. 11566 B ' klyn, N.Y. 11219 W. Orange, N.). 07052 516-868-0018 212-436-2153 201-731-2557 Sharon Susman 1320 Princeton Rd. Teaneck, N.J. 07666 201-833-0716 Toby Urman 5790 Rumbrandt Ave. 409 Cote St. Luc, Quebec 514-481-9213 Tova Wohl 3160 Kent Ave. Montreal, Quebec Ann Tennenberg 17 Forge Lane Cherry Hill, N.). 609-779-7544 Eleanor Volf Sharon Zanger 211-06 67th Ave. Bayside, N.Y. 11364 212-321-4058 Heidi Tenzer 99 E. 4th St. N.Y., N.Y. 10003 212-GR5-1071 Andria Warmflash 80 New England Dr. Stamford, CT. 06903 203-329-9148 STUDENT COUNCIL " The office of government is not to con- fer happiness, but to give men opportunity to work out happiness for themselves. " Being an officer of the executive board of Student Council, this sentiment can be eas- ily understood. Student Council gives the women of Stern College such an opportu- nity; the opportunity to join as a coopera- tive community, rich in resources that will lead to success and the attainment of goals. Taking advantage of this opportunity through Student Council and its clubs, as a united student body, will ultimately result in the working out of a common happiness. A happiness that will accompany the stu- de nts throughout their college years and hopefully, future years as well. Rochelle Nashofer-Tres., Cheryl Schindler-Sect., Elise Slutsky-Exec. Sect., Betsy Mon- dshein— Pres., Julie Beyer— V. Pres. TtiCOB C ' Editor-in-Chief Citta Stern, Abby Fodiman, Cheryl Rubin, Penny Kaganoff, Heidi Tenzer, Annie Tennenberg, Barbara Michaels SUBJECT: THE OBSERVER What: The Official Newspaper Where: Stern College for Women When: Monthly Why: To inform Who: Students How: By providing information and reporting on events relevant to the SCW student body and by raising impor- tant issues for their consideration; and by providing interesting articles relevant to the SCW student body as Jewish Women; and by providing a forum for students to express their opinions on these matters:— through news, features culture articles, editorials, columns and letters to the editor. For example: Feature a Teacher, From the Editor ' s Desk, From the President ' s Desk, Ticking with Tac, Dorm-ez View, The Children ' s Hour, The Israeli Women Soldiers-A Unique Class, Programs of Study in Israel, Columnist Emeritus, The Outside Observer, Jewish Medical Ethics, A Student ' s Response to the Faculty Union, Bulletin Board, Yiddish Proposal Debated, The Jewish Connection, Bookends, B.S. offered for Accounting, NLN Requires Exam for BSN, Truth-in-Testing Law Effects You, Core Curriculum Found Faculty, 56 Credits Defeats Good Purpose, Letters to the Editor, Awaited Catalog on Its Way, Basketball Team Begins Practice, Court Justices Appointed at SC Meet- ing, Mobil Oil Recruits at YU, Method in Stoppard ' s Madness, Secretaries Vote Pro Union, Reflections on Orienta- tion, At Your Service, Machzor Discussed at First TAC Lecture, A Visit to Dachau, A World of Culture, and many more . . . Miriam Maltz, Maria Silver, Cheryl Rubin, Abby Fodiman, Penny Kaganoff, Ellen Bart, Annie Tennenberg, Phyllis Dubinsky, Amy Schwartz, Citta Stern, Barbara Michaels, Jill Stamler, Heidi Tenzer, Abigail Klein if p. Cheryl Ehrenreich, Aliza Twersky, Elissa Ceduld, Susan Harris, Citta Stern, Bayla Friedman SPEECH ARTS FORUM Mada Silver Bev Moskowitz Michelle Schwartz Sandy Kahn Sally Skolnick Shari Dash Janet Greenhut Daryl Gruber Robin Shrader Marcia Lustig Louise Yanofsky Linda Ostrow Debby Cohen Lexa Rosean Bonnie Kletter, Shari Ehrman, Beth Hoch, Adina Kalish o F F I C E R S JUNIOR CLASS FRESHMAN CLASS Sally Skolnick, Sandy Lemberger, Maria Silver, Ethel Miller Dona Chanofsky, Varda Isinoff, Eva Lichter ACCOUNTING-ECO SOCIETY CLUB HOUR-Julie Beyer Rochelle Nashofer, Shula Cohen, Shirley Levy, Ann Rosner, Beth Hoch, Lisa Slovin BLOOD DRIVE ELECTIONS-Malka Steifel Lori Herman, Maria Sherman, Abby Fodiman, Phylis Dubitinsky, )udy Moseson CLUB CANADA Tova Wohl, Mindeleah Filler, Aviva Horovitz, Esther Koreen, Debbie Dresher, )udy Koppel, Maria Sherman, Tobi Urman, Chani Moskowitz BEIT MEDRASH Elisheva Rosenbaum, Joyce Lempe Heisiger, Sheindy Rosenzweig 4 PI ENGLISH CLUB Renee Jucker, Linda Shneirson, Malkie Steinmetz, Andria Warmflash, Vicki Carfin- kel, Shira Schreir, Shari Ehrman, Heidi Ten- zer, Lexa Rosean TAG Sheindy Rosenzweig, Hadassah Klaven, Joyce Lempel, Judy Sha- piro, Leeba Clark, Debbie Dre- sher, Sherri Sussman, Debbie Seiden u A Riva Kranzler, Brenda Diamond Ricki Tokayer Marian Cross WORLD JEWRY Lexa Rosean, Lisa Korman, Sandy Kahn, Julie Beyer, Michelle Schwartz, Joyce Lempel, Meryl Dominitz CHUG ALIYAH Adina Sullum, Mindy Filler, Evelyn Sarota, Esther Abelow, Toby Ur- man, Etana Gordon, Penny Kaga- noff, Ann Golden, Raizie Fendel, Bev Moskowltz Bayla Freldman, Rochelle Nash- over, )udy Witty, )udy Moseson, Lisa Slovin, Paula Nemeth Y A V N E H SEPHARDIC CLUB Lea Ghatan, Rifka Ghatan, Peggy Sinkoe, Nancy Israel, Shirley Levy, Esther Koreen, Shula Cohen SCIENCE CLUB )udy Moseson, Sandy Lemberger, Erica Smith, Ruth Wolinitz, Shani Silbermintz, Naomi Krupka, Paula Nemeth Nina Feld Andria Warmtlash Beth Hoch P H I L O C L U B HISTORICAL SOCIETY Sharon Zanger Nina Feld Karen Levine Aliza Twersky Peninah Segal Ella Leffler Adina Sullum Ailene Akawie Adriane Stein Sharon Efroymson Sara Kaplan Janet Klein Karen Fleischer Rachael Lichstein Penny Kaganoff Andria Warmflash Hadassah Goodman Judith Rudoler Ellen Kaufman c DORM U N S E L O R S I FLOOR CHAIRWOMEN Ellen Bart, Ellen Feder, Abby Fodiman, Judy Witty, Marcy Zwecker, Niomi Schulman, Beth Hoch, Paula Nemeth SPORTS FIGURES The word athletics was almost invisible in the Stern College curriculum until 1978, when the first intramural bas- ketball game was pla ed. With the advice of the Director of Athletics, Professor Tauber, Stern College ' s first physi- cal education major, Sharon Markowitz, helped the program expand into basketball, tennis, volleyball, fencing and bowling. In the following year, 1979, a more challenging idea was proposed by Professor Tauber, it was to have a varsity team in basketball and tennis. Both varsity teams played against Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. Over one hundred fans came to view the momentous basketball game on March 11, 1979. The final Score of the game was 40-21, not a bad showing for the first time around. On April 25th, Yeshiva College and Stern College played Pratt Institute in tennis. Although we both were defeated, it will inspire us to continue this program for years to come. This year, due to the efforts of Dean Bacon and Professor Tauber, and with Yeshiva Uni- versity ' s recognition of Title 1 (equal opportu- nity for women in sports), we were able to ac- quire funds for the basketball team. With twelve players and a rented gym, the team is ready for business. As we approach Stern College for Women ' s silver anniversary, we have come a long way as far as athletics are concerned. Sharon Markowitz and Professor Tauber Stern College— Adieu Years have come and passed away And time has taken its fill Yet the memory of each bustling day Will remain with us still Teachers, deans, friends we made Lessons we learned, things we have seen During our four years, each its part has played To elevate our sights and make our vision keen " Torah U Mada " was not just a phrase Nor " chesed " a word of limited meaning For us, they are a way of life to fill our days With getting, while we are giving So Hail, dear College We salute you! You have filled our hearts with love— our minds with knowledge Farewell, dear school, your daughters, shall miss you. A real fruit Come up and see me sometime Group Therapy Glee club Cover-Up works wonders That ' s all folks! You ' d better call me back, boy!! Poisoned them again! %-- ' " - ' r " ' I Way of Life Flu epidemic strikes Tk T X ' :3=. MAZAL- to the 19 from the year— Ruthie Peyser Esther Isaacs Sarah Fastman Judith Rudoler TOV class of 80 book staff: Andria Warmflash Nina Feld Rosa Chodosh ' vn- x • x r l yuroT orb :inb ;ii -ww " ) o - iibn r b ) ■an ' i 7ir 3i d w jTD:)n MAZAL-TOV BARBIE May you continue to make us proud. Love, Ellis and Annie To our daughter Linda, Mazal-Tov on your graduation. May you have much luck and happiness in the future. Love from Mom, Dad, Bev, Alex, Ellen and Danny. MAZAL-TOV on your graduation- SHIRA! Love, Grandma and Riva MAZAL-TOV SHIRA Love, Mom, Dad, Leah, Barry, Rivka, Avi, Zev, An, Shabsi, Benji, Dovy. CONGRATULATIONS KAREN From: Mommy, Daddy, Judy, Jacky, Debbi, Aviva, Phillip, Edna, Billy and their spouses and their children To my dear parents, Thanks for making it all possible. Adena MAZAL-TOV TO DINAH HALPERN UPON HER GRADUATION, FROM YOUNG ISRAEL OF PELHAM PARKWAY To DZS-MAZAL-TOV Love, Robert DEAR DEBI, Mazal-Tov upon your graduation. You ' re the best! Rivkie )osh Wishing good luck and happiness to the senior class of 1980. —Sam Mandelbaum — Dear L.B. -Congratulations and Best Wishes Love you always: B.B. FOR STERN COLLEGE STUDENTS 10°o DISCOUNT- ESTHER ' S KOSHER DAIRY RESTAURANT shomer shabbos-cholov yisroel 165 Madison Ave N.Y., N.Y. open till 8 p.m. Deer Cheryl, Us all would like to wisheth thou the goodest for the future. Luv, Bernie and Snallie Dear Cheryl, Good luck in the future. Love, Linda, Steve, Terry and )on. IN MEMORY OF RIVKAH KIMBALL from the PAVA family Congratulations Brenda! You finally made it you number one mechel. Best wishes always! Sheila and Monique IN MEMORY OF: PHYLLIS GORDON SOLOMON STERN COLLEGE 72 FOUNDER OF SENATE OUTSTANDING FRIEND AND STUDENT AND EXEMPLARY HUMAN BEING FROM THE FORMER STERN STUDENTS AND ALUMNAE OF: TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA CONGRATULATIONS MINDY HELLER FOR A MIRACULOUS FEAT, " YOUR GRADUATION. " LOVE, NETTIE, STANLEY, LOLA, ANNETTE, MYRON, PAUL, STEVEN, JONATHAN, CONCHITA MAZAL-TOV to our daughter ARLEEN May the future bring a life in which the desires of your heart shal be fulfilled. With all our love, Mom, Dad, Rene, Bubeh and Sadie Y E A TOBY! FROM THOSE WHO LOVE YOU GITTA, Wishing you happiness and joy, good health and the best of luck, but wishing you also a tender heart, a forgiving soul, a compassionate nature, and a moment to watch a flower grow, a x bird fly, and to hear the sound of the music that comes from within. Abbie-Lydia-Naomi-Malkie-Chezkie - With love MAZAL-TOV and pride May your life be filled with love to and best only with the greatest of GITTA wishes for joys and triumphs. Good a wonderful health, happiness and luck Good luck, happiness, mazal-tov, and brocha. future! should always It is the desire to wish you from the whole From: come your way. Uncle Barry mishpacha. Tante Libby Love always, To further your future goals and progress. Aby and Uncle Eizig Tante Clara 1 hese are our prayers. And how and forever we wish you success. Love, your Mama and your brother Hersdhel Miriam MAZAL-TOV GITTA! May good health, happiness, luck. success and love always be with you. May your future be a bright star shining only the best upon you. Our love always: Dorothy, Robert, Avi, Meir, J.J. MAZAL-TOV and BEST WISHES for success and happiness in the future, to our daughter and sister Malka and the other graduates. Mr. Mrs. Ludwig Stiefel, Aaron and Esther MAZAL-TOV to JOY and the class of 1980 on their graduation. Love, The Gris Family Mazal-Tov to our daughter ADENA upon your graduation and forthcoming marriage, Love, Mom Dad " Kol Hakavode " to V.D. on her graduation 532-0578 725-9053 MARTHA ' S HAIR DESIGN LTD. 2nd floor 45 E. 34th St. Discount to Stern students only " Looks like we made it " CHERYL KATZ DEAR LISA MAZAL-TOV ON YOUR GRADUATION Love, Mommy, Daddy and David Bracha V ' hatzlacha to JUDY MILLER from Mother, Dad and family Uncle Sam and Aunt Li! Uncle Marvin and Aunt Tammy Best of luck To our Mazal-Tov to in all your daughter To our very own nurse, Toby future endeavors. JOYCE, sccountant, 3ncl on her graduation. With all our Mom, Dad Mazal-Tov " Shalom Noam Girl " . love. Love, Luck and love Steve, Dad and alw ays D. A., D. A., D. A., Mommy, Daddy, Eli Miriam, Crandmom Gerry Mom Saul Joni Grandpop Nat, Grandma Leah Congratulations Monique! A mazal mit a glick on your graduation. Success always to our mechel number two. Love, Sheila (mechel number three) and Brenda. To my wonderful parents: " CHILDREN LEARN WHAT THEY LIVE " Thanks for the example! Love JUDY TO PNINA MAZAL-TOV and BEST WISHES in all your future endeavors. Mr. Mrs. Human Arbesfeld Benjy, Michelle and David TO ALL MY FRIENDS, Thanks for making it all worthwhile! Luv, ESTHER In honor of my parents, Mr. Mrs. Chodosh, Two very special people. Thanks for all your love, guidance and patience. With love, ROSA R: MOM, DAD, RAY, DAVID, GLORIA, THANKS, Love, Sarah J.B. It was fun. Thanks. Love, me (S.S.F.) BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF ' 80 from NINA FEED AND HER c FAMILY o N G R A MOM T Y U L DAD, A T 1 to the 1 ' c c THANKS! O 1 CIdSS of LOVE, s 1980 A.E.W. RU Mazal-Tove to our daughter FRAMED PRINTS LITHOGRAPHS o JACKI MICHELE Z 1 Chatter ( ee Co,, 9nc. I u. jj Art For The Budget Decorator n upon her graduation. K Prints, Lithos and Oils Best of luck. h- For Home, Office a Institutions (n We love you. 397 5TH AVENUE U N YORK. N, Y, 10016 MU 5-9077 | (BET. 36TH a 37th ST.) MU 3-1671 Mom Dad GREETING FROM THE STERN COLLEGE EYE DOCTOR Congratulations Monique May your family " SEE " much nachas. Joel Arbisser M.D. OPTHALMIC SURGEON IS Park Ave. N.Y., N.Y. 10016 212-532-1064 JERUSALEM II KOSHER ISRAELI BEAD RE-STRINGING APPRAISALS PIZZA FALAFEL ENGRAVING ISRAELI and AMERICAN JACK POLIVY EujeLe.z PLATTERS and SANDWICHES EXPERT WATCH REPAIRING Mon-Thurs 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Fri- 7:30 a.m. to sundown 103 EAST 34TH STREET OPEN SUNDAY NEW YORK. N Y 10016 LEXINGTON 2-2480 Under Vaad Harabonim of Flatbush 1349 Broadway, NYC 947-6422 SARA JANE: Wishing you all the happiness and success you deserve. Your adoring Nana Grandpa To my parents- Thanking you for a life of love and understanding- SARA JANE MAZAL-TOV AND BEST WISHES TO MONIQUE AND BRENDA ON THEIR GRADUATION. SUCCESS AND NACHAS ALWAYS! loseph Itzkowitz International Contact Lens Labs Inc. 200 East 33rd St. New York, N.Y. 10016 CONTACT LENS SPECIALISTS SARA JANE- Wishing you joy and success in all your endeavors. We ' re proud of you, Your Loving Parents Congratulations to NINA and the senior class Love, Mr. Mrs. Martin Young F R O M Best of luck, happiness and all good things to our accountant for your endeavors and hard work that youVe done to yourself and others. We are proud of you! MOM DAD M E D E A congratulations to the class of 1980 RIZINASHVILI Congratulations to the . Class of 1980 from MOSHE PEKING 40 West 37th St. New York, New York 10018 Mazal-Tov and best wishes to BREWS DINAH HALPERN upon her graduation. Love, FATHER, MOTHER MEYER, TZIPPI 156 E. 34th St. New York, N.Y. 10016 and SARAH Tel: 889-3369 AUTHENTIC Olde English iilden IfiH). batter dipped filel of fish and crunchyXtiips (French Fries) Authentic English Recip. sCorner of 32nd Street B vay NY. [50 1-- 1 9 goffer Expires A ug25. SHOMER SHABBOS • UNDER SUPERVISION OF 0J . LAB! OPEIM 10:45 A.M. TO 8 P.M. SUNDAY TO FRIDA AI prices not indudng Itt Limit 1 per customer Mazal-Tov to ILENE and the class of 1980 From the Rosen Family Leonard, Joan Debra Susan Greco Shoe Repair Quality Repairs Shoe Shines 197 Madison Ave-opp B. Altmans N.Y., N.Y. 10016 Dear Family, Thanks for all you ' ve given me. With all my love, ILENE Dearest Lexa— Mazal-Tov upon your graduation. We wish you much success and good luck in the future and we are sure you will continue to be the source of nachas that you already are. Your loving family- Poppa, Granny, Mommy, Jacqueline, Jory, Randyl, Fred and Ash. Mazal-Tov to our daughter, Naomi. May you bring light to the world with your knowledge of Torah and " maasim tovim " . May that light shine upon you and help you in all that you do. All our love, your proud parents— Dr. Mrs. Morty Mark Johathan and Debbie Independence Savings Bank Salutes Stern College! Congratulations to the graduating class of 1980! INDEPENDENCE SAVINGS BANK 130 COURT STREET BROOKLYN, NEW YORK 11202 Independence Savings Bank corner Lexington and 34th St. Dear Ruthie, We have watched you proudly through the years. Hope you continue to succeed as you have in all your fu- ture endeavors. Wishing you mazal, With all our love, Mom, Dad, Sara, Jerry, Ruthie Amiad Congratulations to the class of 1980! Barton ' s Candy Corporation New York. Lugano, Switzerland MAZAL-TOV from your friends and neighbors at p cu. G d EMPIRE STATE BUILDING NEW YORK. N. Y. 10001 Dear Sandi, We are so proud of you at graduation. And of your hard work and dedication. We know you ' ll get right out there And show the world your stuff; We ' ll always be behind you Always full of love. m ' m raw [rmib nauw Imma, Abba Harriet Lipshitz To our darling daughter and sister, May you continue to spread happiness and cheer throughout your life. Dad, Mom, Hillel, Duv-Mindy (and Sharon) In pride and affection to my dear granddaughter RAIZIE FENDEL, Rabbi Moses ). Feldman. All your loving aunts and uncles join in congratulating our dear niece: Eliot Bernard Feldman Lilian Ray Schermer Lionel Z. Feldman Trude B. Feldman Rabbi David M. Aviva Esther Alex Ross Feldman Rabbi Zecharia Molly Louis Chavie Fendel Schatz Congratulations to CHERYL GNIWESCH upon the occasion of her graduation, from the group at the ROSELAWN PHARMACY Mazal-Tov ELLEN Mom, Dad, Ivy, Marvin, Danny Gail To Our Darling Sherri n ' ::ini " yv with all our love. Mommy Daddy Bubby Grandma Eddie, Mickey, Yehuda, Pia and Stu To our Ruthie, Best of Luck All our love, Mom Dad Renee Eli Miriam Josh Dovie Dena To our dear SARAH, Mazal-Tov and Hatzlacha Love, Mom, Dad, David, Gloria and Rachel Dear Brenda, Congratulations and lots of luck always. To our dear daughter Brenda, Mazal-Tov upon your graduation. We wish you and To my Kallah whom 1 love so much, may this be a continuation of our many happy times together. Jonathan many happy and healthy years All my love, Jonathan together in the future. V Love always, onl 1 ln " 7 Mom and Dad RfllMRZ TTa-ins- -OT- Sends best wishes to its student teachers To our dear daughter MONIQUE, Congratulations on your Success in your future endeavors! Much happiness in your future years with Debra Dresher Mindeleah Filler graduation. May your life be filled with success and happiness always. We Jonathan! Love, are all very proud of you! Love, Dennis, Anna, Michelle and Brett Papa, Mom, Michel, Cherie Simone and Simcha To our priceless PENNY Who has brought so much joy and nachas to our hearts and pride to our family. Mommy and Daddy Aleta Roni, Eli, Leana Bubie Kaganoff Grammie Chamedes Congratulations And Best Wishes Telephone By Appointment To 212-435-0220 Only MALKA STEINMETZ upon her graduation May her life continue to be filled Dr. Thomas Steinmetz with success, health, and happiness. Practice of Optometry 1320 52nd Street With Much Love, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11219 Yitzy, Tommy, Aba, Ima, and Primary Eye Care Your Parents from Vienna Visual Therapy Contact Lenses Mazal-Tov Our best wishes to you Debi, to our daughter upon your graduation. May your life be filled with RACHEL ANOLICK Mazal-Tov to Malka on your graduation Joshua Proschan happiness and success. From your new family, Naomi Gene Anolick, Kathy, Barbara and We love you always. David The Stern Family and Baba Dear Deana, CONGRATULATIONS! Congratulations It is with pride and joy that Deana! on your graduation! Mazal-Tov to you. we congratulate our wonderful daughter Uncle Bernie and Love Aunt Evelyn con- Aunt Milly BETH SHARON HOCH gratulate you on your graduation. Lots of health and good luck! Uncle Marvin Shimanovsky upon her graduation. Love, Mom and Dad One Hour Service No E.tro Cherge • Pick Up Delivery Plan) on Premises AMITY CLEANERS AND TAILORS EDMUND NOWAK. Owner Cleaning Dyeing Pressing and Alterations OUR LOVE Complete Laundry Service Furs Cleaned. Glared Relined - Cold Storage and BEST WISHES MU 3-5 55 103 EAST 34th STREET 7:30 A.M. fo 6:30 P.M. Bet. Park Lexington Avos. for your Sat. 7:30 A.M. to 6 P.M. New York, N.Y. 10016 HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL FUTURE. Love, BEAD RE:-STRINGINC3 APPRAISALS Mom, Dad, Andrea and Terry ENGRAVING JACK POLIVY Jdl 7£.Li.Z EXPERT WATCH REPAIRING I03 EAST 34TH STREET NEWYORK. N.Y. loots LEXINGTON 2 - 2480 Mazal-Tov Rochel On Your Graduation Love, Kalman Abba, Imma, Hillei, David, Mom, Dad, Rivka, Neil, Yocheved, Judah, Nesanel, And all the rest of our families MAZAL-TOV, DALE! May success crown every effort, May joy fill your every day; May you find perfect fulfillment. May God ever point the way! All our love. Mommy Daddy Linda Michael and Paul Mazal-Tov to To our dear niece our granddaughter Annie Kelman, Annie Kelman. Congratulations on your graduation. We wish you much Good luck in success in your the future. future endeavors. Love, Uncle Abe With Love, Grandma Grandpa Aunt Jean To my granddaughter DEBORAH To Etana and the class of ' 80 With Love, and to the class of ' 80 May you have a future that holds Good Luck. happiness, success and good health. Macy and Hadassah Gordon, best wishes. Shira, Uri and Yechiel Mrs. Alta Nechama Newman Mazal-Tov and Best Wishes upon the graduation of my friend ' s daughter- Mindeleah. Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Green Montreal, Quebec Canada Dear Bat-Sheva, wild flowers, sunflower seeds and you together blind my world. all my love, Daniel P.S. mazel-tov on our graduations Mazal-Tov and losts of love to our daughter and sister, Bat-Sheva, on her graduation. Mr. and Mrs. Sol Vegh and Family Congratulations to the Rebbetzin-Mindeieah, upon her graduation. Good Luck! Imperial Travels Service Montreal, Quebec, Canada David Miller Aaron ' s Parkway Wines and Liquors 1020 Pennington Road Trenton, New Jersey (609) 883-3330 Free Wrapping Drive up Parking Success, Good Health and Love to Beth Hoch lanice, Alan and David Blumenthal, Shaindy and Michael Gross Mazal-Tov and best wishes to our dear Mindeleah upon her graduation. May graduation day be a beginning to a wonderful future. Good Luck on all your endeavors. Love, Mommy, Daddy, Andre, Shelley, Cindy, Debbie and Saritte Warmest Greetings to our favorite niece, Beth. Rabbi Dr. Mrs. Hoch Mazal-Tov and Best Wishes to Rachel Anolick. Mom Dad, Ruth, Sara and David " It is a good omen when the first baby is a daughter ' Talmud: Baba Bathra Love, Mom Abba Isaacs Congratulations Es Congratulations to With all our love. Esther Isaacs upon her graduation. Yaacov Shifra Mazal-Tov, Yosef Eastland Woolen Sharona and Mills Kenneth I MAZEL-TOV To Our Favorite Graduate JUDY RUDOLER With Love, Mommy Daddy Simone Stuart Oma Opa Mutti Tante Lu Uncle Max Tante Anne Jackie, Marvin Amy Ronnie Chuck Dear Rosa, CONGRATULATIONS AND Wishing you the best of BEST WISHES TO THE luck in the future and all CLASS OF 1980 the happiness in the world! Mr. Mrs. Martin Ruben All our love. Mom Dad Irv Ruby C c H CtRP. T o uaTvOrv c. e 2. .. c, ,. The Fairfield County Chapter of Yeshiva University Women extend best wishes to Rosa Chodosh on the occasion of her graduation from Stern College. in honor of my parents- Two very special people! Thanks for your love, support and understanding. With all my love, Rosa TO ETANA: The best senior roommate three dumb sophs could have. Mazel-Tov and Much Luck. With Love, Lisa, Reva, and Rivka Sa,e To our grandaughter Malka, CONGRATULATIONS Mazel-Tov and Best Wishes to our daughter for much future success. DEBORAH With Love, and her classmates. Grandma and Grandpa Mr. And Mrs. Samuel H. Melman Devoted Effervescent Ambitious Noble Active These words barely describe the Deana We alt love and care for. Her concern for children has led her to get a masters in history so that she can instill in them the values of our culture. Deana Is not one for surface relation- ships. It has always been important to her to establish a deep bond between herself and her friends. She is one that always has time for others. Her open mind enables her to deal on an equal level with everyone. Her growth has been also the growth of our family. Deana ' s devotion to the family has strengthened us. Her years at Stern College have firmly established her Jewish beliefs and her love for Judaism. It is not enough to say we love her for our feelings for her go beyond that. How can we express the joy all of us are feeling at the culmination of her college years, and the beginning of the rest of her life? Certainly not with mere words. We hope our future actions toward her will express all our feelings of joy and pride. Congratulations to Deana and the best of luck on all your future endeavors. Love, Mom, Dad, Michele and Lana Simon To our dear ITTA MINDY, Congratulations on this very special occasion. We wish you success and happiness in everything you choose to do in your lifetime. With all our love, Mom and Dad, Binyamin, Bubby Toby and Bubby Rosie To our dear niece and cousin, ITTA MINDY, Mazal-Tov upon your graduation. May your future years be full of nachas. Love, Mr. Mrs. 1. Mermelstein Family Mr. Mrs. W. Kimmel Family Mr. Mrs. S. Mermelstein Family Mr. Mrs. M. Orbach Family Mr. A. Orbach Mr. Mrs. |. Lambert Family To my lovely wife Rachel, My love and Best Wishes are with you today and always. Tzvi Anolick bbSv lxiV " iV,eS nA " So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see, So long lives this, and this gives life to thee. TO LISA Mazal-Tov wishes from the East Coast and West Coast " Ya ' done us proud " Mom and Dad Leslie and Devorah Chaskel, Ellie, and Sorelle Allen and Judy Naftali, Chayelle, and ? Suri and Michael Moti Mazal-Tov to HEIDI on all of her achievements. With Much Love, Mommy, Daddy and Jeff. Jerusalem II Kosher Pizza and Felafel, American and Israeli plates and sandwiches, Mazal-Tov and Congratulations We cater to all occasions-at the best. to our dear daughter and sister Under the Vaad Harabonim of Flatbush Ann Tennenberg 1349 Broadway Cor. W. 36th St. upon her graduation. Tel (212) 947-6422 Mom and Dad Jerusalem II Eddie and Ari Fishbaum Steven and Rena Congratulations to Harriet Bloomberq and the rest of the class of 1980. May all your dreams be fulfilled. Donald and MoIIie Bloomberg Sharon Mark Dora Eisenstein Raye Bloomberg The Margolis Family Mazal-Tov To A Great Person. Love Uncle Burt, cousins Sharon Reid My dear Grandaughter Deana,May your special day in everyway be all you hoped it would be, and may your life continue in happiness and joy, Mazal-Tov, Grandmother Sarah Shima- novsky To my Grandaughter Deana, Mazal-Tov on your graduation and good luck in your future endeavors. Love, Grandmother Pearl Simon Dear Deana, Much luck and happiness in your future! Love, Uncle Mel, Aunt Rhoda, Susan and Keith Dear Deana, Even though we ' ve gone through some very hard and trying times our love has been strengthened by our experiences. It ' s hard to thank you for all the help you ' ve given me in my moments of need, as well as the moments of joy you share with me. I ' m proud of you and 1 Love YOU! Love, Your sister Michele Good Health and Best Wishes The Preventive Dental Shoppe Pasteur Pharmacy (The New Age Drug Store) 10 Park Avenue (opp. the dorm.) To my parents— " As the twig is bent, so the tree is inclined, " with love and thanx, Annie Best Wishes Bonne Cleaners, Ltd. 56 E. 34 St. N.Y.C. Mazal-Tov to my dear grandaughter Betsy . . . With memories of yesterday. With Wishes for today. With love always. Grandma To my sweet Deana Wynne, from so close and so far, with a view of a vision that is as bright as a star. Love, Cabe Mazel Tov and Best Wishes to the 1979-1980 Graduating Class from the Observer Staff of 1979-1980 The Stern College Student Council wishes the Class of 1980 the best of luck in all their future endeavors! SCWSC Governing Board President Betsy Mondshein Vice President Julie Beyer Corresponding Secretary Elise Slutsky Recording Secretary Cheryl Shindler Treasurer Rochell Noshofer ...Ihn min wun ki.. Congratulations to NINA SUSAN FELD To: Esther Susan Shoshana, " Never be in too much of a hurry, to see the blueness of the sky . . ., to smell the fragrance of the flowers . . ., to taste the sweetness of God ' s Fruit . . ., to fee! the love of a dear one . . . " Hazlahah Rabah and Mazal Tov!! With respect and admiration, We are, Joseph, Grace, Joy, Roger, Amy, David, Naomi, Moshe, Elana, Gila, Doron, Salim, Hadassah, Yehuda, Matti, Gila, Eliyahu, Shoshana, Dalia, Batya Zippora, Miriam, Keren, Shiri, Eli-Or, and all your other Israeli Friends and cousins, including Rabbi M. Mitchell Serels and his dear wife, Ruth. To my dear niece Esther Susan Shoshana, " The glory of our people is not in the wars we have won, the edifices we have built or even the never-ending commitment to aid those less fortunate than us. It is instead in our dedica- tion to teaching our children the ways of Torah and providing them the opportunity to fully understand our traditions and customs. " Your Loving Uncle Gilbert, Aunt Bess, Michael and Glenda, Kenneth and Francine, Allan, Roger, Robert, and the entire Canadian clan. Congratulations MARIAN May you always continue to be a source of pride to us. We wish you mazal and bracha and everything good that life has to offer. We love you! Dad, Mom and Diane P.S. Congratulations Ruthie on a job well done. Mazal Tov to my grandaughter Andria! Love, Grandpa Lou Good Luck L ' il Wiggs! Love, Dad, Mom, Al and Marylin, Ron and Doris, and Valerie Dear Andria, " Our days are scrolls: write on them what you want to be remembered for. Mazal Tov! Love, Grandma Jean and Grandpa Joe Dear Mom and Dad, 1 don ' t know if I ' ll ever be able to repay you for the education you ' ve given to me. But, b ' erzrat Hashem I ' ll give at least the same to your grandchildren. Thanks so much. With love, Sheindy To Rosa Chodosh Congratulations and best Wishes: Uncle Louis Aunt Riva Cousin Manny LAMSTONS your friendly neighbor Congratulations to HADASA KLAVAN from her most ardent admirers. MOM and DAD CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1980 BERNARD SIMON, CLU 655 Third Avenue New York, N.Y. 10017 The Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States. New York. N Y. I - " '

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